What is a fear that you have and how has it limited you? How do you plan on letting it go or overcoming it in the coming year?

I have moments of social anxiety. I take on a lot of work that is outside my current skillet or comfort zone. This takes a lot of energy and makes me want to stay home and get back in my comfort zone after being outside of it for such a long period. I don't want to overcome it, but find ways to be more accepting of it. Also, trying to take it more into account in my freelance work so I have more space to pay attention to social gatherings. 

 I did a basic will, so now I don't have to fear that. I fear not having a good relationship in my last years of my life. I fear my physical limitations as I age. I fear not accomplishing a few things like writing a book before I die.

I fear not living up to my own potential as an intellectual and a creative person. I fear feeling like a dilettante. I plan to overcome it in the upcoming year by scheduling time for creativity and forcing myself to write and to finish what I start. 

 I am afraid of being alone. Right now I am allowing that fear to push me to be too busy. I want to let go of that and learn to enjoy my own company again. I will always be a social person, but I’d like to be happy without always requiring social stimulation.

 I fear that people won't like my ideas and I will feel rejected when they move on to the next idea. I'm going to think carefully about my suggestion, try to articulate clearly, and focus on the feeling of release with sharing my idea even if it isn't accepted. I would rather share the idea and it be rejected than keep it to myself. Also, the idea is not = me; my idea being rejected is not equal to me being rejected.