Think about a major milestone that happened with your family in 2008. How has this affected you?

The death of my grandfather caused quite a lot of pain within my family, and it's marked the end of an era in my life, as my grandmother has developed cancer as well, which means that the house where they live next door will probably be sold quite soon, and someone else will be living there.

A major milestone that happened this last year was when my mom moved back into the house. All my senior year, she lived away from us in an apartment with my brother. The second week of this last year she moved back into the house with my dad. This has affected me a lot because even though my family is dysfunctional, it seems like I have a family back together again, and it really shows in my desire to actually go home again.

After not speaking with my father for 12 months, I decided to forgive and forget the pain he and his wife caused, and called to say hello to him and apologize for myself....as if I caused the problem. My motivation was from the Commandment ‘Honor thy mother and father.’ HE was glad to hear from me.

Papa Dick passed away a year ago. There has been no event more significant in our lives than this. His absence is felt like a hole in our hearts, not just on special occasions or holidays, but every day, in simple ways, like when I need to understand the best way to find a wall stud or estimate interest on a variable loan, or just want to chat about history and science and politics and the world, or hear his voice calling my children by name.

My son had his Bar Mitzvah. His hormones also kicked in, and he is much more of a force to be reckoned with around the home.

In 2008, the whole family on my dad's side came together for the first time in 30 years. Not all the cousins were present, however all the uncles and aunts were, and that's all that mattered for my grandma. It made me feel all warm and fuzzy inside. It was amazing to see everyone together.

My dad got a pacemaker put in! That scared the living crap out of me when I found out. He's doing fine, but being so far away during times like that really make me feel alienated and separate from those that love me.

My son has conquered some fears of crowds and new things. He has come so far in becoming a more confident person and this has made me extremely proud and happy!

I got divorced from my wife. I'm very happy now because I hated her so much. This had a vey big and sad impact on my loved children but all the hate between me and my ex-wife was ruining the life of our sons way worst then the actual separation.

My Dad's heart attack made me realize how far away I am from my family and how much I love and miss them. It has made me question whether I want to stay in the UK or move back home.

We've finally reached a point where we aren't worrying about money so much any more.

My mother changed jobs. She was with the same company for twenty-two years and it was probably one of the hardest decisions she's ever had to make.

The biggest milestone this year has definitely been my parents bankruptcy. While it (should have) helped me financial aid wise, it has been very incredibly hard to watch my parents go through the stress of it and still make the sacrifices they do to help the family.

My husband and I got married and that was a major test in getting along with family, practicing patience, and putting my selfish nature aside for the sake of others.

A long-term (5 yr) relationship has come to an end - how has this affected me? Not in a negative way. It's been a learning experience.

My dad started smoking again. It makes me upset cause he was doing so well for so long. Its cause the stock market and the economy suck and it is very stressful for him.

My mom realized her marriage is not worth it. My dad doesn't know it yet. It will affect us soon.

My wife and I found out we were going to have a baby. I don't know how, but this will definitely change life. No more selfish actions. Next year this time, we will have a six-month old.

My parents finally accepted my choice and chose to become a part of my life again. I feel like I am a part of my family, like I am accepted and that my whole life is celebrated.

Our apartment was broken into. We moved in with Logan's parents for a few months until we could rebuild and move into our own place again.

My mother had a nervous breakdown. It affected everything about me; witnessing her strength shape-shift into an extremely specific, unformed vulnerability; made me wonder about the lessons seemingly unkind events hold.

I realized how much my disease was affecting my entire family when I finally got diagnosed and went into surgery. It was difficult to see how much each person has suffered throughout the years because they felt that they could not help me.

My son had his first birthday, I remember sitting at the party and starring at my girlfriend being completely dissatisfied with the way our relationship was going. I've taken a hard day's night to think about what I really want and the only thing I can think of is how much more I would see my baby boy if we we're not together.

We bought our first home. It's put a bit more stress on to our finances and little on to our relationship but we communicate and love our home and most of all each other.

I finally communicated with my mom about the importance of my lesbianism and that I am with someone that currently makes me happy. This has allowed me to be more open and comfortable and honest with my family. It has also relieved a lot of the anxiety I feel when it comes to my family.

My father moved from home into a nursing home because of severe dementia. The family struggled not with the decision - it was an obvious choice - but dealing with his adjustment to living in a facility was hard.