Is there something that you wish you had done differently this past year? Alternatively, is there something you're especially proud of from this past year?

I wish I had participated differently ie more actively on Facebook. My relationship to Facebook has had me hiding -- no, cowering in a corner... and unfortunately, I had the same issue in 2010! It has just gotten deeper and more challenging now especially with the live feed on FB in realtime. What am I so afraid of? Why do I feel uncomfortable having people see who I am/ what I think/ how I feel?

I am especially proud of the way I have been able to handle situations that used to baffle me. I have dealt with various stressful experiences this year with grace and fortitude.

I'm extremely proud of the fact that I listened to my gut and canceled my wedding. I left a relationship that wasn't fulfilling and would have ended in even more regret had I let it linger longer.

I wish I had got out more. I tend to lapse into being at home - it's so easy. Going out in the world scares me a lot. I don't know why. I wish I wasn't so isolated and I know it's up to me to change that.

I wish I had handled my eating issues differently. I'd really liked to have lost this weight already, but instead I'm heavier than ever. I'm proud of keeping a 4.0, kind of. I'm undecided on where I stand on my grades this year, I'm still trying but I just don't know if I can still get all As. I've also become much better at talking to people which is amazing, it's unbelievable how much I didn't know socially.

I wish I'd kept in touch with friends more regularly. I have unwittingly let some friendships slide as I haven't invested in them. I've always been too "busy".

I wish I had been more organized with my time and helped my children gain time management skills. Mostly I wish I yelled less and was more patient.

I'm proud that I started a Maj group with 5 other friends. I feel like I'm continuing a sacred tradition!

I honestly wish I had been more proactive about moving onto another job. I remained very patient in my current role waiting for a promotion which had been hinted at, and now I am faced with imminent redundancy and no promotion/salary increase. It sucks. However, I am philosohical about these things and I do not believe life is a race, and I will operate at my own pace.

I wish I had been more healthy, and more brave. I wish that I had been more proactive, less complacent. I wish I had grabbed the bull/book/pen/paper/paintbrush/canvas/ladder/steering wheels/vitamins/yoga mat/running shoes/moment alone/windowsill/watering can by the horns.