What is a fear that you have and how has it limited you? How do you plan on letting it go or overcoming it in the coming year?

Fear of letting my wife down when it comes to money.  Fear of not making a difference and not leaving my mark on the world.

I have had the fear of asking for time to myself.  I always feel guilty that I am not spending time with my kids or my partner.  I need to learn that time alone will allow me to be with them more fully.

Fear of failure very often freezes me, causing me to fail.  Instead, I hope to simply jump in, fail, get up and jump in again.

My biggest fear is that the business wil collapse, putting at risk all I hold dear.  I don't think it's very likely, but it's my only real worry.  Fix it by keeping on keeping on.

I am claustrophobic and I'm not sure if I will ever be able to get over that fear. I will try to put myself in situations that make me realize that it is not necessary to fear close places.

I have a terrible fear of abandonment. I think if I feel stonger internally, I won't feel as threatened externally.

I fear my Dad will die before I get the funds to fly back home to see him; trying to work extra shifts to pay for the flight but the currently economy doesn't make that easy.

I set the same goal last year, but I must set it again. The fear of speaking. I want to be able to teach and present as I move forward with my career and I must overcome this insecurity. It will not happen without extreme effort on my part. Fear is so crippling.

I have a fear of being by myself in the dark. On random nights I get scared and my eyes are constantly darting everywhere. I usually can't fall asleep until my sister comes into the room. I'm fine when someone's in the room. I've been working on overcoming it by forcing myself to close my eyes and not open them until I fall asleep, no matter what I hear or what scary thoughts come to mind.

I fear getting sick, really sick. Being incapacitated in some way - becoming dependent. Staying healthy. Really making an overhaul in my and my families' health.

Failure. Or regret. But I end up cursing myself because I am so scared of regretting decisions that I don't make them or don't pursue opportunities and end up in the same place - regretting something.

I have a fear of making new friends. As an adult it's harder then when we were kids. I'm afraid people will reject me or already have enough friends. It has led me to be very introverted and never take a first step towards friendship.

I have a fear of my own homosexuality. It has limited me in that I'm not out - especially not to my family - and I have chosen celibacy rather than look for a partner. I do not feel that I'm currently in a place where I CAN overcome this fear.