Describe a significant experience that has happened in the past year. How did it affect you? Are you grateful? Relieved? Resentful? Inspired?

After trying and trying to get pregnant, I did! Now we have the most amazing, joyful, silly, expressive, beautiful little girl. It started with a huge surprise when she arrived so early, but after the first month of being in shock, it has just been total happiness and awe. Everything is different, more wonderful, more exhausting, more important.

I decided to join a startup company. I took the plunge and joined a company that is smaller than the department I used to be part of. It has been one heck of a learning experience so far, and I have found just how sheltered I had been in the work environment. I am really happy that I have taken on this challenge, and while the travel and the hours are rough, it is turning out to be a great ride! I am so happy that I had the confidence to do it!

I finished a year of service with AmeriCorps! It feels like a tremendous accomplishment...mostly because of how challenging it was for me. I feel very proud to have given back to my country, and become a stronger, braver, smarter, more compassionate version of my self throughout the process. 

Moved houses - mixed some good some bad. Lots of teething problems. It's good to have a home again.

I had an honest conversation with a friend about happiness. It sounds so simple, but something about the conversation completely changed my outlook on my own behavior. I would never have expected to have this conversation ever, let alone with this particular person. Something about it totally inspired me to be a happier and more open person.

I was finally promoted. I am grateful though I felt it was overdue. That said the level of responsibility has definitely increased so perhaps things really do happen in their own time.

I went to London and then Paris. It was amazing. Rose-colored glasses or not, I felt alive there. The world was my oyster. 

This past winter, I saw real loss in someone else's eyes for the first time. I wasn't close friends with this person, and was therefore surprised and confused for months about why this affected me so deeply. I think in the past few weeks, I've figured out the "why" a little bit better, and either way, I feel like this experience has certainly changed me as person. This also helped me figure out a little better (and certainly think about more!) what role the community or the people "on the auxiliary" should play in someone's time of need. 

I made more of an effort to live life as if I were a child...the discovery of trying something new that most people perhaps may take for granted. I took my brother around the city I now live in. Attended a rock concert. 

I went from extreme pain and not being able to walk to having had my hip replaced. I have such gratitude for the skill and technology that can make such a significant difference in one's life.