What is a fear that you have and how has it limited you? Think about how you could overcome it this year.

What is a fear that you have and how has it limited you? Think about how you could overcome it this year.

I am so fearful of my daughter dying. I know every parent has this fear, but I think about several times a day. It isn't healthy and I'm afraid I'm communicating anxiety to my precious girl, just as my mother did with me. I want to work on it in therapy and use CBT methods to dismiss these thoughts.

This fear that limits me to speak or even say nothing at all. I have had a speech impairment since I was in 1st grade. I studder when I speak sometimes. I noticed I do this when I get scared to say something. It's like my mind shuts down for a second or so. I must find the confidence in myself to overcome!

I have a fear of making the wrong choice or decision. Recently I've realized that the "wrong" decision does not exist, it's just a choice. One path or another. Each with their own set of consequences both good and bad. I want to become more confident in making educated choices. I also have a fear of water due to a trauma when I was younger.

I'm afraid to fly, but I still do it when necessary. I've had this fear for many years not just since 911. I guess could fly more often, or take a fear of flying class. I've read a book, but that only helped temporarily.

FOMO. Fear of Missing Out. It makes me too busy, doing too many things, over multi-tasking instead of settling into the depth of fewer, more carefully chosen things. I need to be more discerning about how I spend my time and prioritize who matters the most instead of spreading myself so thin.

I have a lot of fears. Fear of failure. Fear of success. Fear of terrorism. Fear of political upheaval, and economic collapse, fear of a watering down of our national dialogue and the fact that our country is inching towards fascism before our eyes. How can I overcome it this year? Smoke more weed. I guess the real answer is make a series of small steps that are a break from past behaviors and come at people and problems from a place of compassion FIRST.

I am so fearful of my daughter dying. I know every parent has this fear, but I think about several times a day. It isn't healthy and I'm afraid I'm communicating anxiety to my precious girl, just as my mother did with me. I want to work on it in therapy and use CBT methods to dismiss these thoughts.

I have a fear of being extraordinary. I think the reason I have this fear is because to reach my full potential, I have to put myself out there and undoubtedly will be up for scrutiny - and it is exposing myself that makes me uncomfortable, so often to avoid exposing myself, I keep out of the limelight or hold myself back. The answer: PUT YOURSELF OUT THERE! WHATEVER HAPPENS, HAPPENS! IF YOU FALL, PICK YOURSELF UP AND START AGAIN - BUT LEARN THE VALUABLE LESSON THAT IS TO BE LEARNT!

Fear of losing the love of my life has paralyzed me right now. It terrifies more than anything I have experienced before in my life as a result I am paralyzed and cannot move forward.

I am afraid of failing. It keeps me from taking risks. It keeps me from focusing. It keeps me always trying to cover all bases all the time. If I weren't so afraid of failing, I might make tougher choices to let some things go. That might let me relax and enjoy life more, and to succeed at the things that matter most to me, whatever they may turn out to be.

I have a fear that my ideas are not adequate or equal to other people's ideas. I tend not to always share my ideas, political, religious, etc. with other people around. I need to just make myself more vocal about my ideas.

I fear doctors. I need to get medical checks more often.

I do believe that it has to do with my piano playing. I have such baggage with it! And I feel my limitations so keenly that I have seldom really experienced the joy of playing, not to mention playing for other people. This will take real work. And a time commitment which is also hard.

My father has been dead for several years, but I still feel afraid that I'm not doing things that he would approve of, or working hard enough to meet his approval. This year I will be doing a lot of work to remind myself that I'm a very talented and capable person, and I don't need to worry about his approval more than my own.

I'm afraid that I will never meet anybody. That I will be single forever, or for most of my life. I'm afraid that I will be in this state of longing forever and that I won't get a chance to experience a romantic relationship - won't get a chance to have kids. I'm afraid that there is no such thing as the kind of love that I seek - at least from the outside world. I'm terrified of this situation going on and on and on.

I have a fear of mediocrity. Not failure. Mediocrity. There is a scene in the play "Amadeus" when Salieri, in the asylum, rails against Mozart for revealing Salieri's mediocrity.

I would like to overcome my fear of exercise, and figure out a way to get in better shape that I would actually enjoy.

I'm kind of terrified for my friends to know that I've been dating a boy. I've been an out lesbian for seven years, but then I developed a crush on a boy. It gets even more complicated because he's trans. If we continue dating, I'm going to have to eventually tell people. Maybe not the trans part, but definitely the boy part. As far as overcoming, I don't know that I'll have to necessarily overcome it if we stop dating. But more importantly, I need to be okay with myself, and okay with the fact that I might actually find myself attracted to men in the future. That's the real terrifying thought.

I have a fear of speaking up to my parents. I especially cannot talk to my mom, I feel like she does not understand me or truly care about me since she is so busy with my brother and his children. I am afraid that even if I do speak up, they won't listen, since my Dad has already done this. What's the point of talking if no one listens?

I have a fear of failure if I leave my comfort zone sometimes. This has limited my career prospects somewhat. I have a good, solid job, but I've worked for the same organization for over 15 years, and feel that it would be difficult to leave, while at the same time it is hurting my chances at bigger and better opportunities if I stay.

I'm afraid of damaging my sons with my own confusion about my place in the world, particularly in connection with my Jewish-ness. I am still grappling with the loss of cultural knowledge I inherited from my parents and I am very unhappy at the prospect of dumping the same vault of complexes on to the next generation. I am trying to find answers to my own nagging frustrations and resentments and places of sorrow, which I think is the only way I can help my sons.

My fear is that I will be chronically depressed. I am terrified that I am just one of those people that is never satisfied with anything, and is continually disappointed with life. I wasn't like that for a year, but when I was seriously depressed I was, and I'm afraid that's coming back. I need to be assured that I can beat this for good. Hearing that you have chronic depression, or worse, possible borderline personality disorder, is like getting a death sentence. In my opinion, anyway. It means that your life will never be happy, and then what's the point. That's why I am fully committed to finding a good therapist and doing as much therapy as it takes to make sure that I won't be like that. I'm not going to quit therapy, no matter what.

I fear not being able to expand our family. It limits me in everyway possible. Not sure how to overcome it, I just pray that we are able to achieve our dream of having a large biological family.

I fear that I will be in a relationship like my mom & dad's. They were never happy, and I want to live a life full of love and understanding.

My fear is that I am never going to find a new job and will have to move back in with my dad.

Failure. It limits me everyday. To overcome | Try.

I fear being poor and constantly worrying about money. I hate living like that, and I want to be able to get past it - both by making enough money to be comfortable, and by wanting less.

I think I am afraid of being intimate.. it's easier say single and to just say you can't meet someone you like than to let your guard down and let someone into your life and all your secrets..