Is there something that you wish you had done differently this past year? Alternatively, is there something you're especially proud of from this past year?

I am proud of being present with Tom throughout his illness, decline, and hours before and after his death. I am especially proud of taking care of myself during this time--asking for help and letting others help me, practicing self-care, setting boundaries, and showing up for myself, always putting on my oxygen mask first.!

What could I have done differently? Nothing. I loved and lived my best life this year and I did it my way. Not my moms or Wayne’s or my directors or grandparents or dads but all my way. Of course there is always the inner desire to never settle, I realize I could have always worked a little smarter and been more organized and been kinder but I did this past year based on what made me happy and it worked.

I've wasted a year, I wish I would've launched my business earlier..during my training. Now that training is complete, all attention is on my business and it's overwhelming to not have the "student" label anymore.

I am extremely proud of taking the leap of faith to leave my corporate job and take time to self-reflect and rediscover myself. After my divorce, I really needed to get back in touch/tune with me. Decide what still matters and what is no longer important. I couldn't do that adequately with the pressure and misery of an unfulfilling job. I had no idea what my next step would be but I knew I had to do something. Cutting out the dead weight that was my marriage/ex extended to my dead end job. It was scary but so necessary and I don't regret it for a second!!

Perhaps I would have wanted to learn more about how to organize as communities, as political associations... how to deal with this complex idea of organizing and taking actions together. Maybe getting more involved somehow... I am proud that I finished (I'm about to) my doula training, even if it required a lot of travel, investment and tiredness. It has been a learning experience at many levels.