Have you had any particularly spiritual experiences this past year? How has this experience affected you? "Spiritual" can be broadly defined to include secular spiritual experiences: artistic, cultural, and so forth.

I was really awakened this year to the mortality of my parents and how they will not be around forever. I really hope by the time I read this next year that I take more time to document the knowledge and history my parents have of our history and to relish the 30+ years I still have with them!

Well this is a tough question because I consider all my experiences in life to be spiritual because that is the framework from which I view my life. I think perhaps the most spiritual thing to happen to me this year was coming to the realization that my waitressing job was my spiritual training. A training that was badly needed and so fulfilling once I understood what it was for. In truth I wasnt always up to being so self-motivated anddisciplined--my body was tired and sore at times, but I always tried, and I did a great job. I learned to be efficient, focused and to deal with people (and nto always their best side) on a constant basis. I learned that i could support myself and that I am an independent woman, capabable, disciplined and a leader. Thank you lord for taking such good care fo me. For the perfet opportunity to grow. I love you.

I remain connected to God through music. Sometimes when I am taking a walk, a song comes to mind and my whistle of it is strong and pleasing to me. It is powerfully spiritual. I associate certain songs with each of my parents--now passed-- and sometimes feel they are connecting with me when these tunes come into my head.

When I was in the Rockaways after hurricane sandy, my car got stuck in a giant pile of sand. I started to panic, I had no idea how to get out. All the sudden, out of no where, a group of people descended on my car and pushed me out. It happened so quickly, and all the sudden I was free. It was an amazing example of the power of community and everyone coming together. I won't forget that moment.

I am soo much closer to God because of the various difficult experiences that I am going through( moms death and divorce) ..This has helped me soo much to still have faith and know that things happen for a reason and happiness still does exist for me...

I have had many small spiritual experiences. Every day I am in awe and amazement of how beautiful nature is, how wonderful my daughter is, how everything seems to fit, how fantastic sex could be, how complex our world is... There have been years when I experienced God in BIG, memorable ways... but now I live my life with the small encounters of God... they are not as memorable, but no less enjoyable...

I have been spending many hours with a friend who has been getting chemo. Numbers are not looking good these days but the time with her has been a blessing. Also, after postponing CPE for a variety of reasons, I have finally just started a program. Am beginning to see patients. I will be immersed in spiritual work and am both excited and scared of it. I don't know how I will be after this. I hope to deepen my spiritual connection to God and to see if I still have a call for this work.

I don't know that I ever have spiritual experiences - but I do know that this year I've felt more compelled to write, like my stories are about to overflow. It's not spiritual, but it does feel like the pot is boiling over, like I can't keep it inside anymore, like the pressure is building. I feel some sense of this pretty often, but lately, it's felt more pronounced than ever.

Friday night Live services at Emmanuel - the music and beautiful tunes washing over me have brought the closest thing to spiritual. Particularly, my first time there, meeting the woman who was grieving for her husband, and holding her hand during Hashkiveinu .. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bUTiKtCS23c .. the song in which we were asked to channel our thoughts and strength toward those going through a particularly difficult time. It brought tears to my eyes thinking of her pain. This was by far my most spiritual moment ... the infusion of music with human connection.

Turning 30 was a spiritual moment. I turned 30 on day 4 of the inca trail trek on the day we reached Macchu Picchu. It was my mountain top moment where I realised that I had accomplished something that I had set out to do. This whole trip travelling by myself is one big spiritual moment where I am learning so many things about myself and constantly challenging myself and stepping outside of my comfort zones. The year of I as i like to call this year away is my spiritual coming of age journey.