What is a fear that you have and how has it limited you? Think about how you could overcome it this year.

I fear that I will never grow into the man I want to be. Overcoming this is two fold, the first is realistic expectation of who I want to be. Second is doing it.

I have a fear of being left out. I need to learn to be able to stand alone and not be afraid that I will remain alone.

I've encountered so many low moments this year in terms of my creativity and art. Whenever I'm at home, seeing how messy and cluttered the house and my room is just leads me to procrastinating and making excuses. As a result, I've not only barely churned out much art and illustrations, but I've envied other people who've been able to do so much in the span of a year.

I have a fear of people up and leaving me. I don't really know why I have this fear, but it hinders me a lot, or at least I think that it does. It makes it extremely hard for me to get really close to someone because I always feel like I am one step away from losing them.

Fears: Commitment/letting people close. Bugs/lizards. Being alone. Being afraid of being alone.

Being too human. Not being human enough. Never falling in love. Falling in love. Losing more friends and family. Finances not being okay. Failure.

While I am incredibly gregarious, open, social person, I am often afraid of my own body. I am embarrassed to set myself free--to play sports, to fall down, to expose myself. I want to live in my own skin. I want to be okay with being a fool. In fact, I want to feel like being free is not "foolish."

I get panic attacks and it prevents me from being spontaneous with life. Apparently I just need to learn relaxation techniques but it's always easier said than done. I also fear that my husband says he love me but may either not mean it or one day come to not mean it.

I'm still scared of my father. I'm scared of losing my friends. I'm scared of spiders and dying and being trapped in a box, but not literally. I'm scared to do well, and I'm scared to do poorly. I'm scared of myself, and what I might do if I stopped making excuses. I'm scared to talk to new people without someone else around to help. I want to better accept myself and accept myself for who and what I am, and no longer be scared of that, and what I can do.

I am afraid of getting sick so that has limited me socially.

Fears. I sadly like my fears. I keep them close to my heart and don't want to let them go.

I fear that no one will ever love me. I'm turning 19 and I haven't had my first kiss nor have I had a real relationship. I really believe it's my size. I need to lose weight.

I have a fear of going back to yoga class. This has limited me because I really need the time to myself and for my body.

I fear losing my independence one day, from illness, old age, or injury. I fear losing my ability to think / reason / make decisions as I grow older. I fear being a burden to my sons in my old age. I fear the thought of a pain-filled injury or disease that would limit my ability to enjoy life or that would make me a burden to my sons. I need to pay more attention to diet / exercise / activities so that I limit risks to my well-being. (doing it all all "smarter" - limiting "risks" but not limiting "living" !)

My binge eating disorder makes me miserable. I gain weight. I am out of control. I avoid dealing with the real painful issues because I hide in the food which limits my growth. I am going to work in therapy and 12-Step program to face this disorder and find new ways of coping with the underlying issues. I know to really work on these issues and the other mental health issues I have I need to do many things and consistently. I need to do therapy, medication, art, spiritual practice, self-help, acupuncture, Reiki, friendships, riding, training, and other things that take care of myself without harming myself.

I have a fear of commitment because the only serious relationship I've ever been in took a serious turn for the worst and was quite possibly the most emotionally painful experience I've been through. My trust in people and my self worth have both declined since I was essentially raped a little less than a year ago. These things have inhibited me from becoming very close with people without being bitter towards them or hypercritical.

The other thing is, I have a huge fear of speaking with people who I view as potentially more intelligent or knowledgeable than me. I'm not afraid that I'll feel stupid; I know I'm not. I just don't want to appear to be.

I have two primary fears: about my own health and that of my loved ones, and about financial security.

I have fear that my "mental illnesses" will get worse and always plague me. My depression limits me in many ways. It steals my energy and joy. It makes it hard to read and concentrate. It makes me sad. I am going to try to practice reading more and hopefully make some strides in that area. I will also continue therapy and working on myself spiritually and through art in order to heal. My PTSD keeps me flooded with my past trauma. It gets triggered by situations in my relationships. I am going to work on trying to separate past and present and find ways to deal with the present situations so that I don't get sucked into past experiences.

I have been very fearful of being a mother. I think this has limited my effectiveness in leading my daughter. I think I can over come this by trusting her more and expecting more from her. I think she will respond well to increased responsibility and independence.

I worry about losing my job which I love.

Leaving my family and school to go to Israel and try and join the army. I need to make the right decision, taking into consideration not only myself, and then commit to it.

I'm afraid of talking to new people and it's hard keeping in touch with my old friends because of college and location. This results in me being very lonely a great portion of the time. I hope I can learn how to feel comfortable with new people soon because I can't stand being this lonely.

I am extremely dependent on attention, and therefore I sometimes make decisions on company simply because I do not want to be alone. This is something I have been working on, and this year I intend to continue working on it. I want to do more things that I like and cultivate myself. Make decisions for myself, and not wait on others to make these decisions.

My fear is talking in front of an audience. I want to overcome this by committing to my toastmasters club where I want to challenge myself to think lineally.

The fear that I have is that the McCain/Palin will win the election! It will limit our freedom, social justice, the environment and many other things. I can overcome this by working to help get Obama/Biden elected!

I fear the institution in our neighborhood that has bullied people out of their homes in an attempt to expand. I fear having them do the same to us and having them damage the neighborhood as a whole.

Missing out on something better. Living in the moment.

My fear is debilitating illness. I don't know whether I will face this challenge this year, but I want to make sure that neither I nor my partner have to face this. My fear is grounded in the recent diabetes diagnosis.

I am afraid of mediocrity. It has made me rush into and through things, thinking that if I am accomplishing them quickly, they will at least be accomplishments.

Definitely flying. It's a huge limitation. More so than my fear of public speaking or my other little glitches. It's quite frustrating because I need to travel in order to be fulfilled. I've tried many small steps but I think I just need to be able to do it impulsively when I'm determined -- which is almost impossible to do. I'll consider hypnosis.

I tend to worry more about tomorrow than enjoy today.