When September 2009 rolls around and you receive your answers to your 10Q questions, how do you think you'll feel? What do you think/hope might be different about your life and where you're at as a result of pondering these questions?

I hope that I will have at least made some change in my life, when things grind to a halt I always find myself becoming unhappy. I hope that what ever I decide to do I actually follow though with it.

I hope that I will be dating someone and have gotten over some of my commitment fears.

I also hope I'll have more control over my life - I won't be tempted by things I can't afford, food I shouldn't eat, or people I shouldn't be around.

I will have a new nephew--he was due to arrive into the world yesterday. I m so excited to have a new family member--to love a little baby.

I hope I'll feel more centered and comfortable in my own skin. I hope I'm on my own and finally independent. I hope I'm healing.

I hope I will know what I am going to do after high school or at least have an idea.

By then I will have been living in this new city for 14 months. I hope, by then, I will feel more grounded here--a little less lonely. I hope by then to have found a community, built a life for myself--at least a little more. I hope that I will be more settled at my new job, more clear about my research. I hope that I will be a better cook. I hope my family will be happy and healthy. I hope I will still know how loved, lovable, and lucky I am.

I'm hoping that I've learnt to approach life in a calmer way. I'm hoping that we would have started a family and that seeing the questions will make me realize how much has happened in that last year and how much I would have achieved and changed... hopefully for the better.

Absorb and commit to memory as many of the Baha'i Writings as possible, particularly the 'Hidden Words' of Baha'u'llah, what indeed would spiritual growth be like?

I think I'll feel stupid. I always feel that way when I look back at the things I write in the past. But I hope I don't pity myself. I also hope I am not alone. If I am successful, I'll feel proud of myself.

I have struggles, but in general life is good. I've realized through these questions that I am better at looking back then looking forward.

I hope and think that I will be making money from my creativity, from paintings, photography, and graphic design and I'll be comfortable doing it. I'll also be speaking fluent Spanish.

I hope that I'll be happier, and starting work on a PhD, or some form of further study.

I will give more to charity. If I give, I will receive.

Hopefully I will be a billionaire.

Mmmm, slightly embarrassed as I always am by these sorts of things - letters to yourself, old journals, etc. I hope that I can recognize the simple truth of my answers, and not get bogged down by negative feelings.

I think I will feel partly sad because I will reflect on how difficult this year has been on me - how much I have struggled personally and internally. I also think I will be proud at how far I have come - I will be able to see a width and depth to myself that I hadn't seen before.

I want to date someone seriously and begin to make life long commitments.

That I continue to stay present and not worry about the things that I have no control over. I hope that Matt and I will be a little more settled in. We have settled into our relationship so nicely this year - and by "settled", I don't mean it in the negative sense. I mean it in a comfortable sense...I would love to see that happen in our external lives as well. I hope that we will know where we want to live. And most importantly, that our baby is happy and healthy, and that we are a happy and healthy family.

I hope the introspection will lead me to be less selfish and more giving and considerate of others.

By that time I will have spent a year in Japan, with Adrian, hopefully. Learning Japanese. Loving him. Hopefully things will be ok with my family. I'm hoping i will be more open and less scared since I know that is important.

Maybe I'll laugh at how affected I am by those boys. I hope I am still friends with them both. But I hope I've managed to make a few other friends too. I hope maybe I've started doing more varied things in my life.

I hope I can laugh at my answers. I hope I'll be able to read my answers. I hope I'll be in a better mood than I have been.

I will be glad that I am still here I hope I will be more adjusted to the Stage of Life (empty-ish nest).

Things will happen in their own time. If I still haven't changed the things I wanted to change, there will at least be a process that I initiated to eventually get there.

I hope not to feel as defeated and fat as I do now.