How would you like to improve yourself and your life next year? Is there a piece of advice or counsel you received in the past year that could guide you?

Be present in the moment, practice mindfulness. Be with the people I am with. Enjoy every moment and live it fully.

I would like to learn how to deal with stress better. I would like to be exercising again. I would like to be involved in some things where I feel at least somewhat fulfilled. I want to travel.

The advice I received that I have tacked up every where at home and at work about being thankful for what you have, learning from others, being kind... This is very important for me to always remind myself and I try to look at these every day. So, continue to be kind, be thankful for what I do have, and don't compare myself to others.

Yes! Be more gentle with myself and my life. Make choices calmly and thoughtfully and then move ahead with confidence and enjoyment. I want to stop looking back and feeling guilt over what I did or did not do, stop looking forward with anxiety about what I need to do to be a 'success', and stop looking at where I am and thinking it is not enough. I have such a blessed life and I want to enjoy my talent and artistic life, not spend so much time worrying that it wont manifest into success. It already has and it will continue to. And my creativity is much richer when I enjoy the experience of creating!!

be happy. be happy and feel lucky. try to take the small things in life as victories or happy, lucky moments. trying to be less cynical and less ready for things to fall apart so I can truly enjoy them in the moment.

I need to do more things in the artistic vein. I need to keep up with my conscious attitude toward the world and the environment and all the living things that inhabit this earth. I hope to become even better at this. I really want to explore feminism and become a better person.

To stay positive and not let anyone tell me that something is not achievable.

My friend Heather saying, "Be thankful, whatever happens be thankful! Be happy, trust in God always." So many times my women friends say something that really guides my life. I have learned to listen to these gifts. I would also like to begin a healthy process of losing some weight. I cannot gain any more, this is enough.

I would like to appreciate myself more and criticize myself less. Self-criticism is a problem that creates other problems out of thin air.

I've always given advice rather than received it, if only I lived by my own words... I would like to improve my health, I'm concerned about my heart health and so I would like to eat healthier, exercise regularly and quit smoking.