What is a fear that you have and how has it limited you? How do you plan on letting it go or overcoming it in the coming year?

Fear of failure, undoubtedly. Trying to remind myself (again and again) that my Plans B and C are really not that bad, and that I really have nothing to lose in the grand scheme of things - might as well swing for the fences.

I still have a fear of developing Alzheimer's. I need to stay healthy and proactive when it comes to what I am in control of. I hopefully will reach a place where I can live without worrying about it. Hopefully reading research will help put my worries behind me.

I have a fear of abandonment. This has lead me to have attachment issues and a great mistrust of my environment and others. This has greatly limited my experience to be loved and to love. I would like to let go of this fear. The fear of others that has kept me from fully experiencing myself and my life. This social anxiety. I would like to create more awareness about it, get some more help, and try to live more from the heart chakra. This also entails making sure that I take care of myself and maintain healthy boundaries when in NY. overall though, I want to cultivate a general feeling of safety in the world. That it is ok to be me and that I am wonderful and loved and have complete faith that I am safe.

I'm afraid having a child will throw my life out of balance. I fear losing my independence and having to trade my personal creative pursuits for raising a child. I'm afraid of making choices and sacrifices for 3 instead of 2. The fear is irrational. It's not really grounded in anything or anyone I actually know. And it's likely keeping me from the amazing life experience of fatherhood. I plan to overcome it by spending time with the many smart, young, creative fathers I know personally and learning how they balance it all and make it work.

I have a fear that I am not going to be and am not a success. That I am not using my talent and potential, I am not working hard enough, I am falling beyond and that I will never be a self sufficient artist. It has driven me, sure, but my drive will always be there. It has limited me by wasting my time and creative energy, by causing stress in my body and making me sick. By making other people aware of this anxiety and causing them to pull away, though they are attracted to the real me or though they are interested in my talent. I am already on my way to overcoming it. I will continue to make the choice to enjoy where I am. To, when I feel this way, meditate or play piano or write in my journal. To fill my life with art so that I remember that my boundless joy for creating and my God given and finely honed talent has already gotten and will continue to get me somewhere wonderful, exciting and THAT is success!

My fear of really screwing up always lurks in the background. It's what motivates me to keep it together. look presentable, think ahead. But it limits me from trying new things and thus missing out on some of life's richness. I do not have a plan to let this go....I do not know how to address this.

A fear that I have is disappointing my parents and it's hindered me in nearly all the aspects of my life. I've begun realizing that this is my life and I need to live it the way I want to. I'm in my mid-20s and I need to create the life I envision for myself. My parents may be disappointed, but it will be temporary and they will always love me despite my decisions.

Alas, (since last year) I haven't overcome my fears of being vulnerable, wanting and not being met, and/or being too much and being rejected for it. However, I can also see that I've made quite a bit of progress and am not as easily triggered or collapse as much when the fear arises. I want to work on trusting that I am loved and lovable more fully this coming year.

I have a fear of being alone forever. As I get older and more and more people find their spouse, I get more and more worried I won't find me. I do believe I will eventually, but it feels so hard. In the coming year, I will let it go by enjoying what I do have rather than harping on what I don't. By building a life I want to share with someone rather than looking for someone to fill the voids in my life. By being the best version of myself and therefore attracting people that want to be with me. I also have a fear of not being financially responsible. I will let it go in the coming year by spending consciously (both for my wallet and the world).

That I'm not good enough, that I'll fail. I will try to overcome this by trying new things that take me out of my comfort zone.