Is there something (a person, a cause, an idea) that you want to investigate more fully in 2014?

Myself. Who am i? What should I be doing to change the world? And do it. Ive known my self for 20 years. It's about time to know more then a basic level

Whirling thoughts here...animal rescue, life coaching, holistic healing, professional organizations, charities (for the homeless, the aging, the mentally disabled). Just a sampling.

I am constantly worried about the change in our environment. I would like to better explore this question and have personal investment and involvement in the conversation about preparation for and survival of the changes at hand.

I wish to spend time writing out my religious and spiritual beliefs. I have my own very strong and clear ideas that I want to share. Perhaps it will inspire someone else!

I want to look more into peace relations in the Middle East. In Israel, it really hit me how much hate fuels our actions. I want to help turn that around, and look into how to do that.

I want to be a more well-read and educated person. Read the newspaper more. Understand issues. Spend Saturday afternoon in the park with a good book. I'd like to investigate life as I know it, turn all of my ideals on their head, and reinvent my theology and outlook on humanity for the better.

Hmm...my mom. Her childhood and life seems so foreign to me because she never speaks about it and that makes me sad. I know when I'm older I want my children to know what my life was like. If i learn about my mom's past I think I'll learn a lot about why she is the way she is today.

Myself. I want to learn more about what makes me happy and a more well-rounded person.

I am committed to finding a Jewish home for myself in New York City. I really miss the wonderful community I left behind at Vassar, and I feel ready to explore my options here at home until I find a good fit.

I want to find a way to fit volunteering into my life. And I think with the impending merger of my church and others in Detroit, I want to become more involved in that process.