When September 2014 rolls around and you receive your answers to your 10Q questions, how do you think you'll feel? What do you think/hope might be different about your life and where you're at as a result of thinking about and answering these questions?

I think regardless of what happens, I will be in a very different place from where I am now. The ambiguity around my current personal and professional situations will be resolved one way or another. Of course, knowing how things go, I'll probably just be trading one set of ambiguities for another!

I hope I feel like I've grown. That I know who the 29 year old me is. Sometimes I worry i missed out on being who I am because I was too busy trying to figure out who I could be. I hope I'm still working at my job, that I've continued to develop a path in my career. I've grown and I'm shown respect. I hope that I'm one year closer to some clarity on whether or not camping is where I plan to spend my life. I wonder if Jason and will be engaged, though I'm not sure I'll be ready to be married. Maybe I will be? Time cna trick you sometimes and things happen before you know it, or later.

I think I'll feel a profound sense of nostalgia. I'll be in the "Real World" for the first time, and I feel like these questions will give me a good, if haunting, perspective on how differently I'll perceive the world then vs. when I was in college. I just hope I'm happy with the changes.

Amazed. I will be a better and stronger woman than I am now because this kind of introspection is always good for the soul.

I think I'll feel like I tried. I tried to write and sell a book about something that matters. I tried to start a company with a social benefit to help heal the planet and increase awareness. I tried to be a better husband and brother and son. To be more tolerant, more patient, more mindful, and more caring.

Perhaps I'll actually put make my personal life more of a priority than I have in the past decade. Work has dominated so much, but if I'm able to be a better, more efficient leader, then maybe I can free up my time to relax more, find new interests, and find romance.

I hope I will feel accomplished. I hope I will read my answers and feel like I am at a great place in my life and I have been able to navigate myself there. Last year I was unhappy during 10Q and this year I am in such a better place. I hope that trajectory continues and that I am at an even better, more confident place where I am happy about my life. I hope these answers will guide me towards what's important.

Very pleased that I have actually achieved some of what I set out to do this year. I may be slow, sometimes glacially so, I can get get some of these hard things done. As a result of thinking about and answering these questions, I am going to take more action and in the long term, I am going to be happier inside myself, and more connected to those around me and the world in general.

Last year I gave an answer that made me feel disappointed when I read it again. I don't want to let myself down, because I feel like I'm in the same position. But, at the same time, it was kind of amazing to see how far I've come mentally so it was kind of cool. as for next year, I have no idea. I hope I'll be happy. And I'll laugh. I want to come away next year and respect myself for all that I should've accomplished in that year, whatever it may be or regardless of how small it may seem.

Im afraid of being in the same place and have not moved forward at all. I have noticed that time is flying past me and I am not getting younger, I really dont want to feel I've wasted my life... so! hopfully I am wrong! Hopefully I will have persevered past the time & life management issues that plaque me. I hope to be in better health and I hope to be healthier all around for it.