What is a fear that you have and how has it limited you? How do you plan on letting it go or overcoming it in the coming year?

I have a fear of public speaking. Speaking to strangers is difficult as well. It limits the simplest of tasks. I cannot get over the anxiety I have at school with this fear. I do not know if I can ever overcome it, but I wish that I could.

I fear the uncertainty of the manner in which I will grow old. I want to live a long, full life but am afraid of what might happen to my physical and mental health. In trying to be a good source of support for my 88 year old father I am learning more about how to grow old with grace and dignity and to understand that what will be, will be and that I will adapt.

Fear of failing. I think this fear limits me in more ways than I actually am aware of. I think it holds me back and limits my ability to take risks. I also believe that it adds to frustration and sadness if I mess up, which inevitably happens. I want to become more self confidence and have more self worth in the coming year.

A fear that I have is that I will disappoint my parents. I sometimes am worried to do something in fear that they will be upset or disappointed. I plan to make my own decisions in the coming year and thinking if they will make ME proud of myself not just worrying what my parents will think.

I had a fear of being alone and not finding that someone. However, I no longer have that fear. I will work on being open and honest with my partner and trusting him in all that we do together.

This isn't a fear, but it is something that limits me. I am very codependent. I latch onto one person instead of letting a bunch of people in. I just need to learn to trust more than one person in a group of friends and learn to be more adaptable to others' personalities.

Fear of not accomplishing enough. This year I'm saying good bye to incremental lists. Reminder notes are allowed. If other fun opportunities come up I don't want to feel guilty I'm not accomplishing what is on my list. Instead I want to enjoy life.

I'm afraid of bringing too much attention to myself. I would like to do more presentations and meetings at work, and spend more time studying and learning my craft so I can look for more opportunities to put myself out there more in a knowledgeable, confident way.

Fear of what will define my life when I finally stop working or lose my job. My job has been my life and I have been very successful, however it no longer offers the challenges or satisfaction it once did. Still I have been able to bury myself in my work at the sacrifice of having a strong group of women friends around me among other things. I have never had time for hobbies or pursuing personal interests and I want those things in my life. I'm going to try and put myself out more to others and stop making my work the central focus of my life.