Is there something that you wish you had done differently this past year? Alternatively, is there something you're especially proud of from this past year?

I wish I had spent less time logged into social media and more time logged into my family.

I wish I had dealt mire constructively with work issues instead of getting frustrated and grumpy.

I wish I had been more honest with my feelings and spoken from the heart rather than reacted based on what I was feeling. I wish I assumed the best more often, not the worst.

I realized that I am doing my best - in general - and that it is enough. I am still driven to improve myself (be a better daughter, be a better person, get to the damn gym!), but I realize that berating myself for my shortcomings is needless suffering without any real benefit (it depletes me instead of motivating me), so I am not doing it anymore.

I am still working on standing up for myself and defending my boundaries. I still let people take advantage for me because I feel like I owe them for some reason. I bend over backwards for the privilege of doing them favors. Looking back, I'm SO frustrated with myself.

Wish I'd learned to slow down more earlier in the year and really focussed harder on my health. However I'm super proud of how much I've grown as a person this year and for starting my own online business and feeling better generally

I really wish that I had found the courage to share my faith with my family and friends. I also wish I would have spent more time reading the Bible. I am proud of the time I have spent with my children and granddaughter. I feel like I have made good choices; spending time with them instead of working more or getting lost in nothing of import has made my life much happier.

It's been a year of flare up of a condition I have. I've had to spend too much time getting/staying well to be able to give attention elsewhere. I am proud that I manage.

I would have continued with therapy. I am proud of myself for not committing suicide.

Just like last year I could be true to myself. A lot of thing happend last year, some were nice, some a little less nice. But I don't think that I've done anything different. The things that happend have shaped me to my new self, if I think back to a couple of years I was such a different person then I'm now.

No regrets! I am proud of my growing ability to accept myself just the way I am. A good part of my inner chatter used to be judgmental and lacking in perspective. Now I catch those thoughts as they're happening and choose to tell myself a different story. I overflow with joy, light and creativity every day as I inspire those around me to do the same.

I am mostly a person who has the tendency to regret not having done things in the past. But I find that this year I've learned that it really ultimately doesn't matter, I'm where I am because of what I did or didn't do, and as far as this year- those things have led me to good places, and great people. I'm especially proud of myself for having the courage to start a blog, and say what I want out loud, trying to be less and less scared to actually demand things I deserve.

I wish I had trusted more... but it has been difficult. I'm not mentally sound... but I still need to try to learn to trust more.

Differently -Yes 3 things: 1. Be more supportive and active in planning for our wedding. I've taken a very comfortable backseat. 2. More active in doing trainings for development. 3. More structured in creating a training plan for myself for boxing and fitness.

Done differently: I should have been, and should be more patient with my Bonus daughter. She's doing so very well and all I can seem to do is find fault with her, or be impatient. I am working on it, but I suppose it takes time. Proud: I made it as a full member of the professional association for copywriters (the goal I set myself for this year). I also signed up to become an active member, by helping out as web editor. Also proud, but fairly fresh: I'm taking charge of my (professional) life again, after going more or less on autopilot for 2 years. I'm back, alive and kicking, emorional scars be damned.

Continued on the path to wellness and thought things through more and reached out to my husband more I am proud of losing weight and advocating for my health and for spending so much quality time with my son and for taking care of my husband

I'm really proud from this year for passing my algebra STAAR test. I worked really hard in my algebra class, I would always study for every test I had in that class . Even though in the beginning I would struggle a lot in equations.

I'm proud of the fact that even though I failed, a lot, I didn't give up, I didn't end it, I just found different things to define me, and this path proved to be, so far, very beneficial to me. I'm proud that I learnt a lot of new things, some of the things I was sure was never meant for me to learn.

I wish that I had learned how to be calmer, and not get freaked out by stimuli quite as fast, or think in black and white so much. Now I'm learning how to do that, or, like, have been for some time now, and it just would have helped all the other things I was trying to do. Proud of: -gaining perspective on so much- my work, classes, family, my own reactions to things. -keeping a slightly sane schedule/being more realistic with money. -No major political related breakdowns. -Somewhat positive presence in others lives -growing to take up my own space, be myself with pride.

I'm proud of the successful college visit trip I made with my son to Boston. It worked out well, we got along and had some fun, and he got a bit more excited to work on figuring out his path to college.

No regrets come to mind from the past year, but that's just because I can't remember any; which would mean that all things I regret doing, or regret doing in a certain way, were not of great importance. (Which is an achievement in itself, but does not mean I am perfect, not by a long shot.) Something I'm proud of from this past year - I've started learning German, and found that, apparently, I have a real talent for it. This is the first language I learn as an honest-to-god foreign language (English isn't my mother tongue, but my parents spoke it around the house as we were kids, so I'm sort of a half-native to it), with all the grammar rules and whatnot, and I actually find it quite fun.

I wish I would have tried harder to be who am i but not who people want me to be.I was more open with people.

I'm especially proud that I completed all my doctoral coursework!

I wish that we had done more to prepare our house to sell. It seems like there is never enough time or energy or money to work on the house, but it needs some work to prepare us to sell. There are so many aspects of it that it's overwhelming so we don't do much. But I think once mowing season is over, we will start working on it.

Great question. I don't believe in regretting things. Every "mistake" I've made has taught me a lesson. I'm proud that I'm starting to worry less about the future and live more fully in the present.

Yes followed the Lord closer and give myself to Him completly . Less worry, griping more understanding ,compassion and love for all! Yes, relationship with sweet Brynn my grand daughter!!

I wasted so much time this year. So many goals I had were not reached: clearing the house, exercising, and most importantly, rebuilding my relationship with HaShm and my Jewish community. Time dissolves so quickly, and then it is gone. I am relieved that it is a new year and I can try again...

Well, I wish I had been even more careful than I was on January 11, the morning after the ice storm that left my community looking like a skating rink. I almost made it: I slipped and fell half a block from work. Broke a hip and a shoulder. I'm especially proud of how I faced my recovery. I had excellent care and LOTS of help, but I managed to remain cheerful, grateful, and optimistic throughout. I don't think I ever descended into a "poor me" mentality, and I was so assiduous in my physical therapy that I got kicked out of residential rehab a week early: a physical therapy superstar!

I wish I changed my schedule on time because some of my teachers don't teach me right but i'm proud that some of them do

I lost my temper with my daughter Rebecca during her struggles looking out for her sons health concerns. I showed my inner strength that during some extremely difficult & challenging days, today I am blessed to be a father & grandfather to growing family. Displaying First my undying Love & Caring then support wherever possible.

I wish I had been more active and attentive to my back health before it got really bad. I wish I had been more focused on the creaks and pops in the times without great pain. After $1000 of chiropractor services I'm still not feeling good, and some days even feel bad, but I do feel stronger and realize the pops and creaks werent normal and I shouldn't have gotten accustomed to them.

I wish we had a dog.

I now live in Yarmouth ME and work at Pathways. 🤗✨I said a year ago we are moving to ME! 1 year later I live in ME. It was scary and it was exciting! I learned so much about myself. I found I could do job interviews and people wanted me for my skills! Amazing😎 I found that with faith in myself and positive attitude you can accomplish so much. I would have had more direct conversations with my husband about the move. I let him dictate the whole time the lack of conversations and communication about the move and him coming and getting a job here. I told him over and over again if he was moving with us he needed to be talking about how to transfer to here if he wanted the same job. Then literally he started after he committed with us to a place to live. Then says he can't move yet. No job😳😝 So where is he??????Still back in NH with a time limit on where he is staying and no plan B! With his part of the financial piece so needed for us to make it here😝 But!!! I will not let him bring me down any longer. He says he wants to be here so much with us but doesn't choose is over his exact job! Priorities! I feel I have really good ones

I'm proud of making it to the eleventh grade!

по-другому: мне нужно было позвонить Марине. горжусь: всю долгую зиму кормила птичек. делаю успехи в работе также.

something my attiudude and did my work good last year

I don't know that I wish I'd done anything differently. This year has been very good in terms of my personal life. Work has been stressful in places but on the whole, it's been enjoyable. I'm doing well in my relationships, people seem to understand sometimes I'm ill and I need help, and they're willing to provide that help. School has been an excellent experience, taking academically rigorous courses and excelling in them is something I've always wondered if I was capable of and now I know I am. I'm proud of how far I've come and what I've accomplished so far, but I know there's more work ahead and I'm looking forward to it.

I wish I didn't lose self-control of my fitness over the past 2 months, as Mum declined and I was trying to visit her more as Daddy was doing less. I've gained weight. I'm proud that I'm acting as DD Director at work, even if I don't have the title. My dedication to Woodlands has been noted and appreciated. My staff tell me they are glad I'm their supervisor.

I did reach out to Al, looking at last year's question, it didn't go well his response was extremely rude I argued back with him which is something in retrospect I wish I hadn't done I wish I hadn't fallen prey to that kind of anger and that kind of negative energy. I have had many moments this past year which I wish I had done differently and all relates to an intention I set earlier in the year. My intention is to breathe through things not to react not to get angry not to waste emotion to accept situations for what they are I have a reputation for angry short retorts to people when things get under my skin this is something I want to change I've been working on it but often times I trip and fall and then I'm regretful. I will continue to work on this so that I can look back at situations and be proud of the way I handled them instead of remorseful. This summer I went to many events by myself I'm proud of that that's a huge accomplishment I have more ahead of me that I want to plan and carry through such as traveling I've played it safe over the summer and done things alone close to home, now it's time to take the next step.

This year was a year of big changes, and in many ways I'm proud of the way I took them on. My decision to leave D.C. when I did was difficult, but I ultimately think I made the right choice, and am proud that I took the risk despite my hesitation. I think I was also kind to myself in handling the transition and allowed myself time to properly mourn what I had left behind, but have also started to embrace what's in front of me. I am proud that I allowed myself to fall for Eric even though I knew it would likely end in heartbreak, which it did. I wish I hadn't held on to the idea of him for as long as I did, but I allowed myself to feel my true feelings and express them, which was big for me. I have taken a few risks and pushed myself into the unknown, both in my career and personal life, which I am proud of. Two things I wish I had done differently, and plan to do better this year, are making the effort to see my grandparents and spend quality time with them in what are looking more like their final years, and taking more action against the rampant social injustices we are seeing every day. In many ways this past year has brought a new sense of insecurity about the future of the country, a feeling I never expected to feel. I want to be more aware of my privileges when it comes to experiencing such injustice, and act on behalf of those who can't or their actions alone aren't enough.

There are lots of things I wish I had done differently - I think that's part of the process, part of the challenge of being an adult.

In the first year on the job, I fell into a familiar pitfall. I spoke too often and too soon. When attacked, I became defensive. I would have been much better off echoing the criticisms to make sure people felt heard. I would have done well to say, "I'll get back to you after I have a chance to think things through." I am hopeful that this year I will rise up to a better version of myself. I am old enough to know better, and I must do better if I ever hope to inpire.

The past two years, I've talked about getting back into writing as a goal, and being disappointed in myself for not doing it. So this year, I'm not going to do that. I don't think there's anything I wish I'd done differently this past year. But there is something that I'm proud of, and that's how much I was there for my parents in the past year, obviously emotionally, and in some cases physically. I knew my parents weren't going to ask for help from me, so I just gave it. I'm grateful that I had the money and support from my job to be able to go to NY and be useful.

I wish I had been more focused and diligent about my post-graduation job search. I took a very laissez-faire attitude to the search and my interviews, telling myself things would work themselves out. The result was that I missed out on opportunities to work at places that I was excited about, and ended up taking a job out of fear at a company that I was not particularly excited about. I'm quite unhappy there -- I'm serving what feels like a jail sentence to finish my year. Overall, I wish I had taken matters more into my own hands with more determination, and worked harder to prepare for interviews. I hope to do better next time.

Somethig different that i have done is to go to school. Be better with others.

I am proud of the brochure for the office, I am glad that I reached out to Roy to invite him to the house - against my better judgment. Not so happy with the tension between Lisa and me -

something different that i have done is that i never put attention in geometry but anyway i pass the class because i pass the final test something that i want to do this year is pass all my classes and have good grades

I wish I hadn't ended up rushing through senior spring. I also wish I had done better in my interviews so I wouldn't be so anxious about my job. I'm especially proud that I ended up with the job I have and had a great first event.

I always wish I could have been more brave - more bold. I wish I could have breathed deeper and let go of external validation. I am extremely proud of my school work and the of my ability to reframe. I also was brave. I was brave this past year, and I did grow a ton. I sometimes just wish I was braver on a different level. But hey, there is always this year :D I am also proud of the friends we've made. We've really met some incredibly kind and thoughtful people who we love spending time with. I think that is something to definitely be proud of.

I wish that I had better handled the situation between myself, Drea, and Mohammed. While I think I am right to be uncomfortable and unhappy with their relationship, I think I could have been a bit more consistent with my stance. I was trying to accommodate their needs, but I wasn't truly in touch with my own feelings about the whole thing, which was a feeling of being disrespected and taken advantage of. I am proud of FINALLY getting my premiere first author publication through the entire process. I need these publications to improve my stock, and I get frustrated sometimes by the slow turn around times and the laborious process of responding to reviewers and editing proofs, but I managed to push all the way through it!

In this past year, I wish I had stayed with my commitment to aerobic exercise classes. I enjoy them and they help me in many ways. But after the election, I was literally off balance and so anxious that at times I couldn't leave the house. I'm returning in October.

Yes, it all comes back to so much busyness for me. I am a deacon and caught in the role of head of seasonal giving. I find it stressful to be in charge of so many things and this one I am ashamed to say I have not approached with anything close to joy- now this year again it is the thing that wakes me at 3.a.m. with the interminable list of what needs to be done and remembered. Yet I know that this is my part in my participation in the body of Christ and yet- it is not something that brings much joy or life to me. In January I go off deacons and how I look forward to that. I think I will take a sabbatical from volunteering. I guess if I were to go to something I feel proud of from last year- I went to Holland even though after the stress and the getting sick in Tampa during AP grading I was unsure I could do it. I loved it- the time with Ada and even the moments alone biking there- so much beauty I felt great joy! I am also proud of how hard I work on behalf of the ELL students. I feel I am respected as an advocate on their behalf and I speak up and step out of my comfort to advocate for them. I am also proud of how I through grace am able usually on a daily basis to love students to work hard to be a creative teacher and to work hard to gently help students at all levels to move up a level in their abilities. I feel I am a strong member of my department and good at behind the scenes supporting of those who work with me.

I wish I had fought harder for justice, even when I was scared of what I might lose. I have so much privilege, and so many blessings, but I haven't given of myself or my resources as much as I wish I have to make the world a better place, or supported causes that I believe in. Alternatively, I am really proud of the relationships I've built, personally, artistically, and professionally. I've made a lot of moves to build my community in all aspects of my life, and I've been so gratified to watch it grow.

I am trying to come to terms with my drinking too much wine I want to stop at 2 glasses but it is not working I can't seem to my brain doesn't have the switch to turn off my desire to stop drinking I feel guilty and physically not happy after Definitely want to handle it differently this year Tried to stop all together without sucess I will research it I am proud of myself for the more patience and loving self towards myself and others

I'm proud of the fact I've managed to get through a rough periods of work. Being truly tested. Gaining a bit of clarity and understanding what I do and don't want. I hope I have the courage to act on if

I am proud of maintaining my sanity and calm during our wedding planning and wedding day. I think our wedding went so smoothly and beautifully as a result of all of the work that I put into planning it. I am proud that I wasn't a bridezilla and that I took time to enjoy every minute of the day itself.

This past year, I wish I would have taken more chances on myself and my ideas. In several regards, I played it relatively safe. This is just my way of doing things. This year, I hope to build up that confidence, so next year, I can make those leaps for myself.

I wish I had had the courage to separate from Chris and take space. I wish I had stayed with Gustav in the nursery for a week. I wish I had done night time feedings differently but I didn't know any better and I struggled with exhaustion and doing it on my own anyway, it's a common issue, not permanent. I wish I had given goose more water in a sippy cup. I'm proud for pushing forward and trying to let my creativity leak out.

The only archiving I do is instagram, I wish I had a better system in place for archiving all the things that my kids say and do. I also wish I had a better journaling routine. This year I have been great about not giving a fuck about what people think and THAT has been amazing.

I wish I would have taken better care of my physical health, and worked harder to lose the 40 pounds I gained while I was in the hospital. I also wish I had put more work into finishing my house. I'm really proud of the way I've taken care of my mental health. Going through chemical dependency treatment, especially when I was convinced I didn't need it, was one of the best things I've ever done for myself. I'm much better at coping with stress and strong emotions, and I know how bad it feels when I use alcohol to try to cope long term.

I wish I had been stronger in my handling my double back surgery. I let it get me down in my spirit. I am especially proud of the changes I have made in my personality as I have aged. I'm not the person I was just a few years ago.

i wish i would have gotten a summer job. I upplied but i never got back with them.

I am proud of all the time I made for spontaneous adventure - alone and with friends & family. I wish I had found a rhythm to my everyday life when I was in the groove of work and also found a balance between this spontaneity and this rhythm that went more hand in hand - which would prevent some anxiety on my end.

Something I wish I had done differently is how I began my relationship. I wish I would’ve taken my time and not rushed, I also wish I would’ve made better decisions in the beginning.

I am proud of making a choice to leave Atlanta after school instead of wallowing in indecision. As a corollary, I spend time contemplating what other spaces would have opened up, but know that dwelling on alternative histories is a distraction from the present.

I think I did a lot this year to further my career, but maybe I could have focused on some things over others. Ultimately, though, I am very proud of the fact that I got involved in a few new projects that bode well for my job security. These projects are also helping me spread my wings and gain some independence from my postdoc supervisor, who I work with regularly. I need to distance myself from him just to gain more respect from my peers. I think all of this has also helped me become more organized and time efficient.

Should I have done things differently the past year? I don't know. Maybe. Maybe not. I don't have any regrets about the past year. My regrets go further. I wish I had chosen something different to study, maybe. I wish I had started working sooner. Or maybe not. I'm just happy with where I am and where I am going. I'm proud of my relationship. That it's going well. That I'm happy and not constantly worried about everything. We started living together very fast and it's hasn't proven to be a mistake. That's what I'm proud of. Smooth sailing. Smart fighting. Going the extra mile. Planning the future. Taking risks.

I've realized that i need to be more assertive and take better care of myself. I've realized i shouldn't chase toxic people. I've realized that i have a good set of great friends that don't live in dc, however, i am fortunate to work with people that have at least become casual acquaintances and treat me well. I'm proud that i am an aunt and of the relationship that i am building with my niece and nephew.

Stayed healthier during all the stress

Most of the best things in my life are outside my control. I'm proud of my bridesmaid experience, & the groomsmaid process so far. That's crazy honors I didn't expect. I'm crazy about my friends, proud of them all the time, & pleased with any time I find a way to do anything I think might at all contribute to their happiness. I'm proud to have been asked to help with a sensitive thing, & I'm proud of getting through some stressful stuff without feeling any shame or regret. I'm proud of myself for reaching out to people instead of bottling everything up inside myself. I think I continue to improve as a person at a reasonable rate, & as long as that remains true there's not much mental energy at all that I will spend wishing I'd done anything differently.

Yes, I cannot think of anything specifically off the top of my head but I am the type of person who often over thinks decisions after making them. I often regret what I did or want to go back and change it. This causes me to over think and worry but then I realize I cannot go back in time and I should be happy with my decisions. I learn to get over it and move on. Or even fix it in a positive way. It is not even just bad decisions it is decisions in general, it could be the simplest one. If i could change something I would change how much i worried and spent time stressing on little things that could have been easily solved. I feel I wasted time worrying when I could have used that time to have fun and be carefree. I am also proud of many things I accomplish, especially when I fight through anxiety. It makes me feel strong and like I can conquer anything.

I wish I had exercised more this past year. I was emotionally exhausted, so I retreated into myself, and didn't force myself to go walking or swimming. The mental retreat/refresh is definitely needed, so it's good that I allowed myself some time, yet I do wish i'd disciplined myself just a bit more. I don't think I'm especially proud of anything from this past year. I'm in a routine, which is not bad, but nothing remarkable.

Slept more. Parent better.

I wish I would have been less negative about/to those that are in my family. I am so negative and hateful towards them, and constantly ignore them. I have my core group, and the rest are just outliers that I have no patience for. In some situations, this is for good reason as they have wronged me and my family. But in some ways, I just do not feel like a good person for holding these grudges. I am working on slowly rekindling these relationships, accepting them for who they are, and not trying to change them to be who I want them to be. I am proud of graduating, speaking at graduation, doing research in Greece with Harvard, Letters to Soldiers and that it still has a future, having a full time job after graduation, traveling... lots to be grateful for. I am proud of myself for adjusting to this new life, and starting to thrive in it. I am proud of myself for using my spare time to help others. I know I have a lot to work on, but am proud of myself for what I have accomplished.

Both of these can be answered with the same situation, ironically. I wish I would have shut out my ex boyfriend the minute I found out he was cheating on me. But, because I harbor major abandonment issues, I let him stick around. There's a looming thought that "I'll never find anyone who loves me as much as him." Yes, even though he's a cheater. Now, for what I'm proud of: shutting him out in the last few months. I miss him every single day. I've never loved anyone like I've loved him, but the love is toxic, keeps me down, keeps him down and needed to be put to rest. In the last few months, I've never felt more free. I can be exactly who I want to be, sleep with whoever I want, question myself, question God, try new things, call up old lovers, get high and listen to music alone for hours, explore what it means to be alive and alone, revel in what's left of my youth. I have NO one to report to. No one to keep me "in line." No one to control my every move. It's just me and I'm starting to fall in love with myself. I hope that's a good thing.

I wish I'd been far more disciplined about my thesis! Eaten better. I wish I'd eaten better. I'm incredibly proud that I have pushed myself to date, and in a way that doesn't overwhelm me or hurt my confidence. I've become more open to just getting to know people without placing (too much) pressure or judgment on it. There's not necessarily something I'd do differently, but I often wonder whether I'm selfish. There's a nagging feeling that I could be more giving and generous with people if I were, myself, more fulfilled -- at the same time, I am as fulfilled as possible (right now), and .....I just wonder a lot about what it means to care for yourself and for others. Maybe we demonstrate selflessness when we are called upon to do so. I'm not even sure this makes sense -- but am trying harder this year to put more thought and honesty and detail into this process, rather than answer in some vague way in which I've really said nothing at all.

Proud that I found a job I like and didn't give up while searching. I also traveled by myself, like I wanted for so long and it was wonderful. I completed a writing workshop followed by producing 2 amateur open mic nights for spoken word, and performed. I wish I've had more courage in my personal relationships like I (permanently) have in other things.

I wish I would have taken time to plan a bit more instead of going with whatever comes but that comes with the price of not being present. So overall I'm happy with this year and excited to take some of my learnings of self creation into the next.

I wish I had simply chosen one thing and laser focused on it. Instead, I stalled in a dozen different directions at once.

I wish I had taken more of an effort to match the kindness that Andrew shows to me every day. And to say thank you and show gratitude for all of his kindness.

I wish I had made more and saved more money. I'm proud of working less than usual, though.

Quick answer, yes, always. (still focusing on the second, fault finding part of the question as a reflex) I'm still not sure I can make a plan and follow through, but I'm closer to that pinnacle of human productivity. I feel like I'm going into this year in a better place than I have for a long time. But pride? No. I took a medication that made me feel better. I've done a good job helping Gramma out through her various medical crises this year. There. If I actual answer the second part of the question, latch on to something to be proud of, that's it. Helped out Gramma in her declining years. Do better? The first, and inaccurate thing, that pops into my head is about executing. I should execute this or that better. But really I need to set better goals. I need to figure out what I should be working on, where the resources I have, if any, should be used. That's what I need, better goals....better practices? Are goals still to far out of reach? We'll see.

I proud of how I have gotten a bit more real with myself. I have learned to be more apologetically me, and to accept my flaws more often.

I wish I would have focused more on my own health and well being both physically and spiritually. I am proud that I have made a concerted effort to hover less over my children and maintain my own composure to be a better example for my kids.

I wish I had reached out for help about my emotional eating sooner. There were so many times that I said 'I'll be okay - this will be the last time - this won't affect me in the long run'. But it really began to chip away at me and I lost myself for some time. On the flip side, I finally took control and said enough is enough! I am incredibly proud of the changes I've made not only nutritionally but also in my lifestyle. I went from barely sleeping/working almost nonstop to finding time to relax, meditate, go hiking, have "me" time, and sleeping 7-8 hours. Pairing that with finally going vegan (after being vegetarian for 1.5 years), completely getting rid of sugar, processed food, and gluten, I finally feel like I'm rediscovering myself. There is still a long road ahead of healing my adrenal fatigue and getting back in shape but I'm finally on the road and enjoying every moment! It is never too late to make changes, to try something new - to give your body and mind what it needs, what it deserves, in whatever way you need it most.

I'm proud of the 'Positive Twitter' account I set up. It was on a whim, but posting on it is helping me to focuss on postitive things, and some of the tweets have been quite popular, which makes me feel good and hopfuly means the account is helping someone @coffee_posi

you know.. if I hadn't enrolled for that study, I wouldn't have had to go through all that mess. But, it would have always been one of those "what if"s.. so I am glad to have done it, even if it was a disaster.

I'm proud of finishing my law degree, but even more proud of travelling by myself for four months now.

I wish I would have gotten more serious about changing my eating and working out sooner. If I had done that I would be much further along - BUT - I am so proud of where I am, how hard I am working, how motivated and committed I have become. It makes me feel excited for the years to come.

I wish I could have figured my way through the mess I created of my former job. I'm left wondering if it was me or if it was actually as crazy as it felt. Proud? Finishing my MBA was pretty awesome but I'm more proud of running two half marathons and unlocking the utility of a shitty-first-draft-journal. It has helped me move forward in my new job.

I wish I had stayed focused on my weight loss goal...I gave up though and now I weigh more than ever.. I need to get back on track.

Wish I'd done differently: Spent less, walked more, drank less, slept more. Glad I: traveled more, ate less, laughed more, argued less.

Number one done differently: more kind words for patience more thoughtfulness. Next something I am proud of: with a lot of strength and prayer helped my two girls go into their senior year. Maintaied my sanity. Made it to yoga. Made it to the spring retreat and fall retreat at church. Joined Bible study!

I wish that I could have found a job with a company before I left the school district. I think I minimized the impact that this decision would have on my family. Even if I had found something part-time, it would have been better financially than what it ended up being with me being totally out of work and with no savings. I am especially proud of marrying Charlie. Not like I did it by myself. But I am glad that we have made it this far, with many obstacles in our way, and that we are still going strong. We both hold each other up, encourage each other to keep going, and we were like two teenagers when we found out we could get married earlier than next year. I am glad that we have made a formal commitment to each other so that now our friends and family can see how committed we are in our hearts. I am proud of our little family and how mature Katherine is about being our child and letting Charlie be her dad. She is so proud to have two dads, Charlie being the more instructive one. And she seems to be forgiving of us for our limitations and to enjoy us for who we are just as we love her for her just as she is. It is great to have a family that is wrapped around in love and is secure in that love from each other.

I wish I had said "no" more often to requests for mentorship. I believe that mentoring is an important part of my calling, but I reached my limit this year and, particularly in the past few months I have felt stretched and burned out. To the extent that committing to mentor someone is like committing to be their friend, I need to do a better job of (quoting Maria Popova quoting Seneca) of "passing judgement" and "pondering" before committing. I also need to be more careful not to expect that my mentees will become my friends; they cannot and should not, and I am lucky to have real friends and family who can commit to me. Perhaps one answer is in thinking about three layers of mentoring: people who I commit to over the long run, people who I advise as they come in and out of my life for "check ins" and short-term advising.

I’m proud of pushing myself to audition for all of the music ensembles and festivals that I auditioned for.

I wish I had communicated more clearly about why I didn't want to move back. Also more discussion on the alternatives to moving. I'm proud of my continuous effort to learn more and do more to eradicate racism and racist behavior.

I am proud of coming back from SE Asia, setting up life all over again and getting a great new job. It had not been as easy as I thought but I managed. I also got my travel weight down from 77 kg (this may of been a dodgy scale haha!) to 72 without even trying hard. 6 months into my job and I have already made 3 deals and have become a valued member of the team. I think I found a job I actually like now. I would definitely liked to of done it cheaper through because I am sat with £2,5k of debt on my credit card!!

I am proud of passing my classes this past year and staying in college. I am proud of not giving up on myself when i wanted to quit. I am glad i pushed through and had people by my side to guide me in the right direction.

I think I'm doing the best that I can, given my circumstances. I'm proud of how much I've lowered my daily dosage of antidepressants - I've gone from 150mg to 25mg since last autumn, managing it so I've suffered minimal side effects. I had been taking SSRIs for over 5 years, steadily increasing the dosage, and I became worried because I was reaching the upper limit of what is safe to prescribe, just to feel somewhat normal. I feel much more comfortable on a lower dosage, knowing that if I get worse, there is room to take more, but that if I get better there is a chance of coming off them completely.

I wish I had been gentler with my spouse. He is not a reflection of me and is not required to demonstrate interest or participate in my social activities. It isn't my job to educate him or choose his activities in an attempt to enrich his life. This only encourages resentment and secrecy. I'm especially proud that I have renewed and strengthened relationships with my daughters. This is difficult after years of separation and even estrangement at times.

I wish I had put myself out more in the Chicago community since moving here. I have probably 3 close friends, plus my boyfriend just moved here. I'm starting to hang out with coworkers more, but I still don't feel super tied down to this space. Maybe because I'm used to moving around so much, I haven't felt like I should try in case I move again? Maybe I'll take a class or pick up a hobby to meet new people.

I wish I had stood up got myself at my job and at my home this past year. I had to work and live with miserable people and I wish I had been more brave to call people out on their unfair words or actions. I wish I would have called more people out when they treated me badly or communicated with them when they hurt my feelings. By avoiding conflict I felt more affected by the unspoken injustices. Moving forward, what I learned is the amount of conflict you may have in a tough conversation is worth not having to walk on egg shells or ignore the ever growing elephant in the room. The uncomfortableness is not worth it! Share your feelings!

I should have worked harder earlier to address the organisational challenges at the NGO I've been working with; instead I let it grind me down until I quit. I should have had higher standards and tried some more creative things to fix it, sooner. On the other hand I'm proud of quitting and not just letting it keep going. I think I can find better ways to use my skills.

I'm proud of myself for making the road trip happen. It's something I've been wanting to do, and this year I fully committed to doing it and manifested it into reality. I would consider that a strong suit of mine: when I decide I'm going to do something, I do it. "Something I wish I'd done differently" is a nice way of phrasing the question, because I'm quite averse to the idea of regrets. I think I wish I hadn't been so hard on myself during the fall semester at UF. I put a lot of subconscious pressure on myself and had this idea that I was supposed to walk on campus and kick ass at everything (GCY said I'd be more ready!). I didn't give myself the leeway to just get situated in my surroundings and figure out what I want. Cause maybe I don't want to kick ass on campus. Maybe I just want to kick ass at being me.

I'm 82 years old and I went on a dream vacation to Alaska which has been on my bucket list for years.

I'm proud of my work achievements. I continue to write articles that are meaningful even got a praise from jr. Writing has become an activity that provides me with pleasure. I'm also proud of how I'm managing the work relationship which seems to affect me a bit less.

I wish I would have taken more time for myself and stood up for myself. I let people make decisions for my life due to my indecision.

I continue to wish I didn't react so quickly and sometimes so aggressively. For instance racing another driver who cuts me off even when my daughter is in the car. I want to learn to just take it slow and sage. I'm proud of dealing with my daughter better, staying calm during difficult conversations, although still have some I wish I had done better, but I'm getting there!

During this past year I wish I put more effort and time into my school work and did not focus on extracurricular activities and my social life as much. On the other hand, I am very proud of all my leadership achievements over the past year including speech and Debate historian, Lakewood leaders historian, STEEMY president, and the president of the chapter I opened at school of SADD.

Is there something I wish I had done differently? I don't know... I felt like I spent most of this year just doing whatever seemed doable at any given point in time. Are there *circumstances* I would have liked to turn out differently? Yes. I would've liked more financial stability, more time for writing, more travel, a better long-term housing arrangement (Summer in Mitte near Nordbahnhof was incredible, but moving back to Wilmersdorf has felt like a buzzkill; the room doesn't even feel like mine.), etc. But what else could I have done? Is there anything I'm proud of? I struggle with the word pride. But there are things I'm willing to say I'm happy about. For instance, I'm happy that I stuck with it and didn't give up on trying to get a work permit for freelancing, and that I asserted to the Ausländerbehörde that I was a "writer" as well as an editor. I'm happy that I invested in opportunities for fun (e.g., Austria, Spain, Portugal, Poland). I'm happy that I've learned more about how to speak up when dynamics with people are challenging to me in some way. I'm happy that I began reading tarot cards again, that I have taken at least some time to study German, and at least some time to do yoga. I've done a little more investing in myself, basically, and that is huge. I'm also happy that I've learned more about how to nurture myself in general. I used to allow myself only those things I felt I truly NEEDED. But this past year, I decided, I'll eat the cake, I'll have the sex, I'll take the trip, I'll purchase the $50 writing software, I'll buy the meat, I'll spring for the exotic fruit (e.g., pomegranate seeds). I no longer insist that I need to understand how something fits into the "bigger picture" of my future or to justify my choices with abject necessity before I will embrace, or even lean towards and reach for, the opportunities that excite my spirit. Like intimacy with a man I'm not sure of how fits into my future. Or foods that aren't strictly healthy or within-budget. In a sense, I've learned how to be nicer to myself. How to say "yes" to more of life's abundance and joy. When I have the means. It's been a very slow process. Germany helped me with this though, tremendously; I started noticing this change as soon as I arrived last September and people began giving me free treats: mango Ayran, steamed milk, red beet salad, Bounty candy bar, etc. etc. etc. In another life, Germany helped me understand abject need; in this life, Germany helps me free myself from those habits. I feel very blessed for all of this.

Done differently: paid attention to my finances Proud of: getting paid for #sketchnotes

My painting 'ByeBye Bees' was shown at the State Art Exhibit at the State Museum of PA in Harrisburgh. I am hoping the people who saw it felt some concern for the bees by my painting. Trying to have an effect on how we care for planet earth through my artwork continues to be my goal.

Looking at the answer I gave to this same question last year, I would answer slightly differently today. I still have a degree of regret over the breach in relationships my outspokeness on Facebook caused. But, I no longer feel the regret as strongly. My uncle whom contradicted my opinions so strongly has ended our social media connection. It was his choice and I am comfortable with his decision. I'm not sure what the status of our actual relationship is. That's distressing. Still, I am very independent minded and I won't be bullied by relative or stranger . I am proud that I didn't lash back at my uncle in the hurtful ways he lashed at me. I disagree with his worldview and I do want to forgive the hurt he caused in his reactions to my opinions . It is better to leave things rather distant than to make things worse. Although we will never be repair the breach unless there is a willingness to listen and respect from both of us.

I QUIT MY SECOND JOB!! Super-beyond proud of myself for that. I'm also kinda terrified that I may not be able to pay bills, but I can tackle that as/if it comes. I think my only regret is not getting over my break-up sooner, but honestly, I'm not sure that's something you can regret?

Yes, I wish I would have consistently drunk a lot of water and eaten plenty of protein and veggies every day without exception. I am super proud of really taken on meditating every day without much exception. It's uncomfortable and also bearing amazing fruit.

I kinda wish I'd had my shit together more. I'm not succesfully adulting. I'm not dealing with bureaucratic matters. I'm not taking care of my mental health. I'm not taking care of my physical health. I'm having a lot of fun and I'm writing more than ever before but I'm not functioning overly well. I wish I'd done that more. I mean. I'm 25 for fucks sake. Maybe just maybe it's time for me to get my shit together.

The biggest thing I wish I had done differently this year, and this is not solely this year, is to not have wasted so much time. Primarily this is online, and primarily on things like Facebook, but not completely. I understand that everybody needs "down time," but evening after evening wasted.

This year has been one of accepting myself as is and this is the biggest change I've accomplished in a very long time. Letting go of self doubt and trusting myself, my choices, and communicating more openly have been strengths I've begun to develop and I feel very good about this.

I wish I had weaned myself off of sleeping pills AND I wish I had developed healthier habits when it comes to my iPhone addiction. I am proud that I have been parenting more mindfully and losing my temper WAY less than I used to.

I dont have any feelings of "if only", although I realize that I wish it didn't take so much effort for me to be social.

No stand-out regrets or achievements. There were lots of small moments where I was proud of myself or wished I had handled things differently. I am most proud of the times where I stayed the course, paying attention and staying mindful and present through the ups and downs.

I've managed to lose 30 pounds and be healthier. I'm so proud of myself, but I fear getting off track and losing all of my progress I've made. That said, I'm thrilled with where I'm currently at in my life journey of fitness.

I wish I had chosen my words more carefully in certain situations, or at the very least kept certain thoughts and feelings to myself (in a journal, say, since the sentiments needed to be aired somehow). I am most proud of finally cultivating and maintaining a regular meditation practice. Life is far from perfect (and it never will be) but I'm starting to see and feel more space in my head and heart.

I could have developed more social connections. I am proud at staying at my job for close to a year and seeing what the future will bring.

There are lots of small things I wish I had done differently, but overall I had a good year! I'm very proud of getting my first full-time job and working my butt off!

Yeah! I wish I had taken corporate finance over the summer. Who knows what the future holds!

I am especially proud that we have been able to continue to pay off our Home Equity loan so much during the last year. We are only a few months away from paying the current balance in full. In addition, I am also proud that I have been able to excel in the work I do and continue my job for another year.

I think I have handled my layoff pretty well. I have at times faltered, but I've always managed to put myself back together fairly quickly. And things have worked out better than I expected.

I still wish that I had been more forgiving of my kids. I am better at this than I used to be, but I haven't gotten quite to where I want to be, yet. I also wish that I had just listened to myself more - to my body, my feelings, my gut. Today is the 1st day of Rosh Hashanah and I received an invitation from a friend to join her at temple (which I didn't anticipate doing). I listened to what my heart was telling me, and went with her instead of staying home and cleaning up from last night's dinner. I wish I had done more of that last year. Something to be proud of? Lots of little things (book, manuscripts, a few work awards), nothing especially big that I can think of right this minute.

I should had broke up with my ex-boyfriend earlier instead of giving him another chance. I am proud of taking so much care of my oldest cat, so he survived cancer and he is a lot better.

I wish I had cultivated less of a people pleasing attitude. Ultimately, the only person I can truly please is myself, and trying to garner external support is only leading to suffering.

I am proud of challenging myself through my junior and into the beginning of my senior year. I am learning amazing new concepts and histories and hechos, as well as how to ask for help and getting closer to being able to do more with such little time. I'm also proud of all the Jewish music I've made.

I'm proud that I've spoken up more at work about how burnt out I've been feeling. Things haven't really changed, but I didn't shy away from naming what's not working. That, in and of itself, is a huge step forward for me.

I'm not going to say that I wish I did better at work, because honestly I think I did better then work deserved. I wish I had been smarter about picking where I was working and what I was doing. But I can't be too upset about ending up in California either. I like it here. I feel comfortable. I'm really proud of the relationships I've formed this year. Moving across the country was (and is) really hard, but I've made friends and created a community that I love.

I wish I had been more focused in studying. I let myself check out way too early and am now paying the price with another delayed board exam. I know the determination and focus is in there somewhere it's just so hard to stay on it! I'm proud that I have put my relationship first, though. When I'm stressed out, sometimes I worry that I will regret it, but I know that in the long run it's the people around me that matter more than the books and school. I'm proud that I've been trying my best to act on this belief instead of what stress makes me want to do in the moment.

I wish I had stood up for myself professionally more and asked for help. I work so hard and even do a lot for my co-workers. I feel like I do so much for other people I don't have time to do what I care most about.

I wish I had performed better at my first job. There were many things I let slide because I just didn't care. The environment was not conducive to giving a shit that three of my grandparents had died, my anxiety and depression were the worst they'd ever been, my parents were in the final stage of their divorce, and even though I had a Master's, this was still my first full time job. I could have lived up to my potential so much more than I did... That being said, I'm especially proud of where all those awful things got me. I have a new job, a new apartment, a consistently wonderful roommate, my parents are both better off without the other, and I'm working through my grief. I signed up for a 5K (my first) for the end of October . I realized the dating apps were more effort than they were worth, so I quit those. My mantra through all this has just been: how can I make tomorrow better? Tomorrow has certainly been better, and I can only hope for this trend to continue. TLDR: I hit rock bottom, and now I feel like I'm on my way to becoming a champion swimmer.

I wish I had spent my 6 months of unemployment being more creative and working on my art, but of course, you're so consumed by anxiety and loneliness it's hard to concentrate on anything but the job search. I'm proud that I've stuck with my industry, and through my job search found some entrepreneurs who believed in me enough to invite me to join their startup as a design director.

I finally gave up smoking completely and properly. I'm very proud of that and I hope it's still going to be the case when I read this next year.

I'd like to have gone on one or two more dates with someone. But I know I'm exactly where I'm supposed to be. I learned a lot after dating Bruce and then realizing my mixed feelings about Rex. I am extremely proud of all my growth this past year. My serenity is greater than it's ever been. My sense of calm, boundaries, compassion, gratitude have increased greatly over the past year. I feel like I'm in a good place. And, I'd still like to be writing more.

Yes, I should procrastinate less, and dedicate myself more to videmaking. Proud? I keep more company to my husband and very slowly am reconnecting to friends.

I wish I had declined my advancement interview. AND it is the foundation for something getting worked out in the future. I cried through the whole interview. My mentor wasn't there and I heard everyone else's mentor was. Also, I felt ganged up on and my advancement was given contingent to me continuing to work with my mentor, even though I expressly stated I would not work with him or be in his presence any time soon. None of this was documented. I did it to give me freedom. I have that but there is unfinished business and I have created a scenario that will make handling that business the way I want, really challenging. I am proud I stood up for myself, spoke my truth and refuse to play the game just so I can achieve some title I really have no interest in using anyway. Also, there are so many other ways for me advance if I so choose in the future. I handled adversity by creating other opportunities for myself and kept my focus on my values and intentions: service, service, service. This is what I continue to do and will always do. I am now developing myself in ways I had given up on. I am pursuing a future I couldn't see for myself before this year.

I wish that I went with my gut more. I wish that I trusted myself and when I have an idea or a fleeting moment where there's something that I want to do, I don't think and I just DO IT. I'm trying to get better about it (going and doing things even if that means going by myself), but it isn't always easy. I need to remember that for the most part, nothing is that scary and even if whatever it is winds up sucking, it's not like I'm committing a lifetime to something. I'm good at coming up with ideas and thinking about stuff to do, but bad with actually doing it. I need to continue to work on changing that.

I wish I had meditated regulary. I wish I played more. I'm proud that I've become a better teacher and I feeli like I'm contributing to my students' lives in a meaningful way.

Been better husband and saved my marriage. Finding and doing Refuge Recovery.

I wish I had taken more time to relax and just enjoy. I would up very stressed and fell into some routines like meditation. I assumed I'd be able to continue once kids came into my life. Boy was I wrong.

I wish I had more patience with my kids. I know that they're children, and I know they're going through such major changes and discovering things about themselves and the world, but this whole year has been so dang loud I have wanted to scream most of the time.

I have - in the second half of this year - worked on putting myself and my work out there. I have art hanging in a public place, I am teaching an outdoor yoga class with over 80 people, I will be submitting a video (I let someone videotape me!) to TEDx Naperville to be a speaker. I have come out of my shell more, and for the most part it's all be positive. Scary but good.

After learning I suffer from insulin resistance, I have successfully lowered my blood sugar into normal range and lost 70 pounds. I am especially proud of myself for taking my health into my own hands and not waiting for a doctor to tell me what to do. One day while feeling rather dizzy I just decided to go out and buy a glucose meter and it changed my life. My blood sugar was high all the time, and had I never discovered that fact I would surely be diabetic by now. The weight just fell off while I was focusing on my blood sugar levels. It was quite an adjustment getting used to my new body and transitioning into new clothes every five minutes (my favorite store credit card is maxed out). Having watched my dad suffer from wasting syndrome as he died of cancer while I simultaneously dropped pounds, the drastic weight loss was disconcerting. I was so attuned to his weight loss as a bad thing, that it was difficult to remember that it was a good thing for me. I keep discovering bones I've never felt before and freaking out, making my husband touch the newly found lump or bumb as I panic about tumors, only to have my husband laugh and say "that's your rib, honey."

I wish I would've done a better job ALWAYS pulling my weight with the chores around the house. Specifically, I wish to be better during transitions coming back to normal life... always takes me a long time to get back to my normal chore list. I am proud that I really took the mental and physical time off the enjoy the pre/during/post wedding activities. I am proud how I managed to get a new and amazing role during that period as well

Done differently: I wish I had broken up with Zach sooner than I had. I wish I had set boundaries so that I could preserve my individuality in the relationship. I also wish I had been more proactive in my search for a job when I was leaving BBS. I wish I had taken more classes, and gotten more inspired when I was injured for months and couldn't climb. Proud of: I am proud of breaking up with Zach and telling him how I truly felt. I'm proud of telling BBS what I wanted in a job, and having had them make a new position for me. I'm proud of myself for not taking the job at the school, and pursuing a more unclear but hopefully more satisfying track. I'm proud of myself for not choosing to settle anymore, not in my self, not in my career, not in my relationships.

I wish I had called bullshit on Helen getting naked with Christian without prior discussion! I wish I'd been more present for Christian during Gege's passing, and less anxious. I am proud of how I've managed living together and how I've not been to Siberia for over a year.

Mostly, I'm satisfied, but there are still a few areas -- smoking, too much tv, and not knowing how to become closer to my sons without interfering (I'm afraid of being too much like my mom.)

I wish I had been more kind to my husband, as kind as I am to strangers. I am proud that I had two short stories published and proud that my adult sons ask me for all types of advice, including females and finances. I'm proud thatI've raised such incredibly selfless, sensitive men.

I wish I'd been more open and I wish I'd been more kind. I wish I'd thought more about my words and their impact before speaking or sending a message. I wish that I hadn't let knee-jerk reactions be the opinions I expressed, resulting in hurt feelings and apologies that I'm still not entirely sure that I deserve to have accepted.

After spending a year trying to save a marriage that didn't survive, I have spent a lot of this year just in mourning and trying to survive myself. I wish I had taken better care of myself, in every way. I comforted myself with food (with cooking and eating what I cooked), with booze, with endless TV. Well, I guess I numbed myself--not sure those are particularly comforting activities. I deprived myself of the things that truly comfort me: playing music, doing yoga and meditation, walking in nature. However, in the midst of that, I performed in a show, completed a leadership course, gave a presentation at a national conference, took a solo road trip, took on a new teaching position, separated my finances, and bought a house and moved into it by myself (well, with a very supportive agent). I also continued to be a mom to two teenage sons. The latter, though not as sexy as home buying, is the thing I am proud of, in that we have successfully moved through the separation process and all of the messy stuff associated with that without our kids feeling alienated or used as pawns. My boys are well adjusted and cheerful kids who fully support both of their parents and are handling the separation with grace and good nature. Of this, I am immensely proud.

Yes! paid more attention to my health, especially as i see how my parents health is suffering coz they did not take care and proper rest all these past years. I am proud that everyone in my family overcame a lot of personal and profession obstacles and survived without losing their spirit.

I wish I had actually taken the time to prioritize my spiritual, mental and physical health earlier in the year. I also wish I had been honest about how depressed and sad I was - with myself and with my friends and family. I'm very proud of finally finding a therapist and opening up a bit about my issues and also not giving up and finding ways to actually show self care and self compassion and being ok with not being ok.

I wish I had been more gentle with the people I love and given them more of my time instead of chasing my own goals.

Not really. This past year was a good one. I turned 40, started enjoying my job, and really think I gained some clarity on life. I'm very proud of how happily I went into my 40s and the clarity and calm I have.

I wish I had handled my car accident differently from the beginning. I'm too naive, too nice and too trusting and sometimes I need to just NOT give people the benefit of the doubt and get a little pushy. This wasn't my fault but I paid a high price. Alternatively, I'm so proud of myself for taking control of my health and getting rid of FIVE different medications! Its an embarrassment that I've allowed myself to be dependent on drugs for diabetes and other conditions for so long when with just small changes, I've made such a difference. With the big changes I continue to make, I WILL reverse this disease by March and maybe someday I won't need ANY medications. I will be strong and healthy!

I wish I was better at conveying how passionate I am about the things I care about in my life. My research and my relationships are both incredibly important to me and I pour a great deal of my time and self into both, but sometimes I feel like it might not be apparent to other people. Without that public testament, sometimes I feel like people I love can question it. I'm also very bad at accessing my feelings on things and communicating them effectively, so I wish I was better at that. I'm happy that I've gotten slightly better at communicating my thoughts and feelings in the past year, but I still have a lot of work to do.

I lost my job this year. I got severance, though, so I've really had some time to work on my own projects while looking for work that I really enjoy. That being said, I wish that I had taken even better advantage of the time I've had. More writing, more time at the beach, more time just doing things that I enjoyed.

I'm sure there are many things I coulda/shoulda...but really overall I feel like I did a lot of cool stuff!

I wish I had been more present at home. I am grateful for my career but find I can't keep up with my house and my family because of it. Retail is tough, and doesn't really have a finishing point each day. I need to learn to cut it off and come home. I am proud of the traveling I have done. I went to Paris, Cabo and did mini trips to see my family in FL. I took Busia to Veag for the first time, which was a blast, and had a Baby Moon with Caitlin there a few months later. It has felt like a good year of get always, and it's the first time I've prioritized anything like this.

This year I'm especially proud of myself for working hard to figure out what kind of person I want to be & what kind of future I want to have and to turn myself into that person & increase the likelihood of getting to that future. This ranges from thinking deeply about myself and my future, working on my Independent Concentration, taking advantage of Brown's resources and support to set myself up for the kind of post-college future that I want, figuring out what kind of rules and goals I want to set in my personal life (deep work, prioritizing sleep, quitting sugar, prioritizing friends, willingness to take things S/NC, etc.), and working on the relationships that matter to me (honesty, being upfront, etc.). I see all these things as offshoots of the same basic guiding goal (written above), and I'm very proud of myself for it in a deep, grounded, intense way.

I wish I had connected more with friends in Nashville before I left. There were a lot of people that made saying goodbye really hard, and I wish we could have spent more close time together before I left.

I wish I had not engaged with Steven, plain and simple. I'm VERY proud of my weight loss- it's the first time in my life I feel in charge of me and not giving the power over to food.

I finally quit a dead end job and made a career change. It wasn’t the smoothest transition or easy, but no risk, no reward.

I am especially proud of the fact that I started going to therapy. I've had anxiety my whole life, and it took me until I was almost 30 to finally give it a try. It was incredibly terrifying at first--until I realized it wasn't. Addressing all of my fears with a clinician has helped me more than any other method. I'm grateful that I've finally found a solution that works best for me to develop the coping skills I need in order to be successful. My only regret is not doing it sooner!

Around the time we were moving (March), Joe and I were getting into like, IRL facebook arguments about racism, whether feminism/the women's march was necessary. I really didn't like how spiteful and self righteous I felt during those conversations, and we've stopped sending each other political articles to incite heated discussions. This really helped us, and I feel like our relationship has come a long way. His feedback recently has been that I've been helpful advising him through the dating world. Career wise, I'm really glad I decided to move to Infosim. So far I've made it to Germany, Vegas, and San Francisco, all on the company's dime :) Pretty good so far! I wasn't able to get to 80 meetings (more like 40-50 maybe?) But I'm not worried about it, and I think they'll adjust my goals anyway. Plus I know Paul, Andrew, and everyone else love me, and job security is a great feeling. I'm confident I'll be able to make 6 figures by the time I'm 30, if that's even still a goal of mine (especially with Joe paying me $10k/year). Recently I started bartending for MC Harold and did some MRI studies with Ethan at UT and sent in saliva to a university to have my genome mapped....all pretty cool stuff. I also froze my credit report because of the equifax breach that was just announced a couple of weeks ago, so check back and see how that went....

I wish I was more focused and deligent with my studies. If I did, I would had a chance in getting a high distintion mark.

I wish that I had let myself feel more comfortable with not knowing the right answer, or not knowing what will happen in the future. When I look back at 1 year ago today, I see myself anxiously pondering so many what ifs: about my job, relationships, life in general. My life today would be almost unrecognizable to me from just a year ago. But it is absolutely better in (pretty much) every way. The biggest change for me was in learning to trust myself to deal with things when life throws shit my way. Making that change has made me a far better (and less anxious) person overall, and I see it seeping into every aspect of my life. I'm still far from perfect, of course, but I'm happy to be where I am today, not pining for some kind of far-off perfect future, or worrying about what might be.

I wish I spent more time on me and not work. I get caught up in wasted time and not building the life I want to create. I am proud I went to portland and achieved that goal. I learned so much and grew from that expedience. Putting myself in a strange city and taking 10 months to just grow and learn is one of the best things I've ever done.

Thinking about this past year, one thing that I'm proud of is my decision to fully focus on myself and my goals. I was with my previous boyfriend for around 2 years on and off and I feel as if I put too much time and energy into a relationship that just wasn't going to work out. There were multiple signs that were thrown my way but I choose to ignore them because I believed that I would be able to change the situation if I just stayed a little longer. Instead I stayed in the relationship and finally reached the point where I had to make a decision to stay and continue to go down this windy road or remove myself from the situation and focus on myself. I made the decision to focus on myself (school, working out, family, friends) and I have never felt happier. Its almost as if a huge weight has been lifted off of my shoulders. Even though its hard to balance two jobs, school, and taking care of myself.. I find it easier to focus on me rather than focusing on a situation I can't control. Hard work never goes unnoticed and I can't wait to see whats ahead!

I wish I'd loved my family better. I spent much of my year angry at my husband, angry at my kids, wishing for solitude. But I have s wonderful husband, and wonderfully kids. I was the problem. I wish I'd taken joy in the family I have.

I'm proud of all the self exploration I have done this year in better understanding myself as an introvert, exploring my strengths and focusing on them instead of fighting them and trying to be something I'm not.

I wouldn't want to change a thing about this year. I climbed the Kilimanjaro for charity and I'm pregnant with my fist baby (due in December). So this was a amazing year!

This past year, I wish that I had been way more consistent in working on the side hustle. I wish I had taken more advantage of my flexible work opportunity to work on my side hustle. Most of the time I just used it to relax or have fun, which is great, but the business can make that more sustainable. But I am proud that I started my work on it, and put myself out there. It was scary!! It IS scary!!

I wish I had planned better and studied more this year because I hoped I could obtain better academic results. I am proud of how I managed stressful situations though, how I manage to keep calm and try to find a way to solve problems.

I wish I had taken better care of my health, especially my diabetes.

I wish I’d pushed harder, done more to stop Trump being elected. I wish I’d gotten through to Chad so he might have talked people out of making the scene at the nomination.

I wish I had made JV Soccer freshman year but I am proud of jet boating and trying big adventure tower as well as being a leader and earning great grades.

I am proud of my growth in learning to set boundaries- as a sister, daughter, teacher, girlfriend and friend. I've made progress in finding a better balance between caring for the needs of others and my own well being.

The main thing I wish I had done differently is that I wish that I had spent more time with Mikey before he died. How could I have known he was going to die? Well, I truly didn't realize that things were as bad as they were, but I wish I could have at least given him the peace and comfort that he needed to feel the love and solace that he needed. I loved him so dearly and maybe things could have been different, maybe he could have fought harder. I don't know.

I wish I hadn't fallen hard and fast. I wish I had protected my heart. Because now I don't trust. I'm willing to put myself out there and accept dates, but I'm nervous about the follow up. I expect to not hear anything again. I don't know how many more first dates I can go on only to be disappointed, I don't get excited for second dates because I assume that will be the last date. I am proud that I continue to persevere. I have not given up. I show up to work. I get my butt to alchemy/CorePower. I don't eat the best, but every now and then I eat a salad. I am ready for a new year and a new beginning.

I wish I had made more time to visit my brother & sister as I lost them both this year. I had seen them both, but if knowing their time was short, I wish I had a hunch to see them ONE MORE TIME ....I miss them. they were great to me . I have been very happy to pick up the cooking duties even more this year, as Tricia & I did the whole 30 program , and it has worked out well. We are eating very healthy, and I have made a big effort to continue doing the cooking....Seems silly in a way, but I'm proud of it.

I wish I had been better at cleaning and tidying. I wish this every year, but these are tasks I simply despise. Having ADHD makes this a major challenge and I tend to avoid it at all costs. As I said in my answer to question 1, I am especially proud of this year's annual bat mitzvah anniversary sermon. And, I am also especially proud of my willingness to step in when needed to help my friends this year. I have been needed a lot. It's reciprocal. We help each other out.

I don't ever regret, so I opt for something I'm especially proud of: I've managed to maintain both my house & beach house on less than 1 full salary so that took a lot of budgeting, compromise, etc. WORTH IT!!

There are still certain situations that I avoid dealing with. Like trouble clients at work. I wish I could get over the avoidance. Something I am proud of... I also avoid money topics. Yesterday I took the first step and joined Dave Ramsey's FPU. I hope this is the change that will help me pay of my debt and start saving for better things. I am about $9k in credit card debt. I hope to be closer to freedom this time next year.

This past year, I wish I had not been so unaware of my spending and had kept close to me some of the security that my mother (and really, my father too) had blessed me with before her death. I was so foolish and now look around at things that I should not have done - money spent that shouldn't have been spent - but I know also that I'm dealing with grief. That the grief will be there for quite some time and I'm doing the best that I can at this moment. This past year, I'm proud of surviving the continuing pain of losing Mother. I wasn't sure I'd survive it, and in the first year I was in a fog and remember very, very little. But this second year without her has been somewhat a transformation of my life - I pledge to her to do more things, to live more, to love more, to be a better person and enjoy what life I have left to live. Tomorrow is not a certainty but I want to be the happiest I can and try to keep regret, fear, guilt, mistakes in the past. Hoping to have a great year in 2017.

1. Differently: * I wish I had not wasted to much of my money and really started saving. * Stood up for myself more with fake friends. 2: Proud of: * Enrolling in school and making it a priority. * Taking a trip to Niagara Falls. * Visiting my sister in California. * Taking the Job at Starbucks. * Working on my depression and anxiety. * Becoming thankful for living with my parents.

i ended my marriage. it was the hardest and most necessary thing i've ever done. i'm incredible grateful and relieved that its been a kind, loving, and respectful breakup. i ended things 10/29/2016, and moved out that day. i lived in tylee's apartment for a month, and then into my own little studio 12/1/2016. jennie and ellen came to visit for NYE - we went out to vertigo on 12/20/2016 and i had my first kiss (max - a hipster lawyer from la visiting friends for the holidays). it was fun and wonderful and lovely and sweet. i started dating in january - had the time of my life! and then i met alex - 1/28/2017. i'm currently feeling conflicted about my relationship with alex - and a voice is telling me that it isn't right and to end the relationship. i'm trying to figure out what that means - i still pay rent for my beloved studio, and my furniture is all there. i haven't spent the night there in several months though, and all my clothes and kitchen stuff is at alex's apartment. i need to decide if i renew my lease or not - so i'll make some decision by 11/1. i'm glad that i'm listening to myself, and not being afraid of doing what i think is right, even if its hard.

I am proud of my disciplined approach to my surgery recovery. I am also proud of my performance st depositions this year. I also feel good about maintaining friendships w Bruce, Bill and Barry.

Yes, but everything you do , you double bluff yourself. Think about it. Its all pre written. Life is like a Box of chocolates. Like it or hate it. I am proud of getting a job, but then í injured myself. I hope that í can get back on track.

I should have written some journal papers over the summer, but have ended up prioritising some other aspects of work. I've still worked hard and made progress in other areas, but next summer I hope I'll be better at planning in time for the writing!

I think this year has had a lot of learning for me personally and professionally. I have learned how to cope and feel through all of my emotions rather than be afraid of them. I think I have let a lot of things go and have worked through acceptance. Professionally, I exceeded my expectations through creating dashboards and changing forms in the database. I didn't think I could do it and proved myself wrong. I think I have more confidence and have learned how not to really care what people think and be ok with my decisions. I am not ruled (as much) by the "shoulds" as I used to be. I feel pretty free and content :)

I am so proud of buying my own home and moving into it. First, the buying part is the fulfillment of a long-time dream of mine. It was a leap of faith, in financial, social and mental aspects but I found the courage to do it. If I had stayed in the old apartment, I would have slowly died spiritually. Second, the aspect of moving singlehandedly was tough physically and emotionally. But I was able to find the humility to ask for help from friends and family and the support I received was so moving. Asking for help is a big deal for me. Finally, the idea that I could buy a home and thrive independently has changed my life. I realized how much I was depending on a man to make that happen for me. To "save" me. I didn't think I could do it on my own. But I did and it has freed me to look for the qualities that are truly important in finding a mate. One that unconditionally loves me, is emotionally available for a commitment and shares my same values. Of course, I have to be crazy about him too. But I don't need anyone to save me.

Right now I am proud of the support I am providing to various friends and family. Francois - financial and emotional; Tim - emotional and consulting; Tracey - emotional and consulting about work and family; Ron - projects and social; Mitch - housing, emotional and listening; Barb - friendship.; Mom - her heart attack and slowing down. While I desire to video Mom's talking about her life, I find it hard to support both her present and her past. I am not proud of it; but I just can't seem to do both. I also wish I could reach out to more friends in the Prescott area. The Oberlin trip really helped with that; however, most are very far away.

I wish I'd taken more time to just be in the moment and enjoy life more. I constantly feel a sense of urgency, that there is something I should be doing or taking care of, and I wish that I had just slowed down more to take things in as they were happening. My son is growing up so fast, and I want to be present for him. I also wish I had made self-care more of a priority. However, I also feel really proud of myself that I kept it all together this year, as a single parent, breadwinner, homeowner, and professional.

It's hard to go through life holding onto regrets. For the most part, I'm happy where I am so I don't want to beat myself up too much for anything I could've done differently in the past. Should I have drank less? Probably. Looked harder to find a new job? Maybe. Called my mom more? Definitely. There are always ways to improve -- and trust, a lot of times I do drive myself crazy wishing I could change my behaviors. But in the grand scheme of life they're fairly small regrets so for now I'll focus on how I can be better tomorrow. Am I proud of anything? Marathon training. And raising $1,600+ in the process to beat blood cancers. Definitely the biggest accomplishments of my life.

I'm proud of the weight I have lost this past year. Beginning January 9th I joined Weight Watchers and started eating healthier and am maintaining my 45 pound weight loss so far. As far as wishing I did something different I may have put off my knee surgery that has slowed me down so much.

I wish I had been a better daughter. As my parent's age and our relationship changes it's difficult to maneuver that shift with grace and patience. It is especially true when you feel squeezed between the needs of your children and the growing needs of aging parents.

1. I'm trying to be better. The deepest part of me believes in myself and wants to be better. But sometimes I have lost sight of that part of me. I have been careless about my body and physical health at times by binging, doing drugs, taking long breaks from working out. I want to try to try harder to put myself first and work to be healthy 2. I'm proud of putting myself first socially. I go out less and I have been taking it easy on myself. I'm enjoying my time with Michael. I'm starting to open up to my family about my past.

I wish I'd been more active in school during Spring semester of 2017. I'm proud that during Fall semester of 2017 I started in on the right foot and made a lot of new friends. I'm especially proud of getting so involved with SafeHalo.

I wish I had demanded the time and attention I was supposed to have received as a new hire in my first job as a dentist as well as trying harder, faster to ramp up and embrace the PDS platform so I could start feeling like I was succeeding at work faster. My transition was nightmareishly difficult and discouraging at times, and I can't help but think my life could have been easier if I'd done things differently.

After finishing grad school, I identified ~25 classmates who I wanted to make sure knew how much I appreciated them. To do so, I bought each of them a book as a gift, each one catered to their specific life situation or need. I wrote letters to each of them as well. I was proud of this because it took time to do (25 letters and books to buy total), and its something I committed to doing well in advance, but was worried I wouldn't follow through. I have struggled on follow through in the past, so am proud of myself. This will hopefully be something that will help me maintain contact and a strong relationship with these friends / classmates for years to come.

I got engaged, got 2 new jobs, got a cat, and started the process of opening my own business. I wish I took more time to visit my parents and call them. I want to be able to keep a tidy home instead of living in clutter

I don't think I could have or would want to have done anything differently. I feel like things are perfectly on track and that it's irrelevant what I do or don't do... everything is always working out for me. I'm proud of my homebirth and the amazing mom I'm being and for juggling everything the way that I do. I'm also proud of how far I have come spiritually and being settled in an interesting place with that. I wonder what's next.

I am proud of the fact that after having it on my list for several years, I finally got the spare room cleared and usable as a guest room and an office for me. No more spreading my work things on the kitchen table and leaving them there the duration of the semester or needing to clear space every time someone joins us for a meal. I'm sorry it was on the list so long, but I finally did it. I also made more progress on another dangling task of cleaning up my work office space. No more massive pile of paper spilling off book shelves. More fine sorting to do, but all the materials are together by course in file cabinet drawers.

I wish i had been more productive this year. every time i had intentions of studying more, working out more, and not procrastinating, i never followed through. im really disappointed by how i handled these issues. i had such great intentions but couldnt seem to follow through. I am proud of how much i have accomplished as far as getting involved. after freshmen year, i never thought i would be so involved on campus. now as vp of pfc, on eboard at the pfc, doing CCI clubs, doing Dance Marathon and raising a lot of money. i feel like im actually starting to make a difference on campus and in my life

I don't think there's anything I wish I would have done differently this year. I wish my job search was going to be easier, but I'm not sure how I could have changed that. I'm pretty proud that I graduated, but I also feel like it's been pretty anticlimactic. The thought of my $100K student loan repayment starting in November is certainly not helping.

I wish that I had put myself out there more. I try this every day and I'm just never satisfied in the long run. I am proud that I tried so many new things and enjoyed them like nfty

I wish I didn't give my friends a hard time or thought badly of them. Sometimes I get into this funky mood and the smallest thing makes me grouchy or my feelings get hurt and then I ignore their email or call. It is such childish behavior and I truly am trying to change my behavior and how I react to things.

I wish I had invested in more 1-1 time with my boys, especially my older. Reading, collaborating and exploring just with him. I love being in his presence and he knows it, but also need to start partnering to shift his focus to learning and study in a positive way. Am I too late? Have I let him down? Have I let my husband down? He's trusting me to navigate a lot of the academic side of our boys' growth. At the same time I am really just so, so proud of my growing sons and anything I can claim to have done to grow them. They are strong, they are happy, they explore the world with curiosity. They are loving. They are kind of spiritual! I see them in joy and am overwhelmed with pride.

I wish I would have eaten healthier, exercised and had more sex. If I had taken better care of myself- I would have more confidence and more intimacy in my relationship. I'm proud of working hard enough to take care of me and my unemployed boyfriend. This is my first year of financial independence- and although we are far from stability I am proud that I have got us through this year with a roof over our head and all our basic needs met (usually..)

I finished a book! A picture book. It's less than 1,000 words. BUT STILL. I did it! I finished it! It's done, it's got an agent, it's being shopped to publishers as I type. WOOHOO.

I wish I hadn't spent so much money and gotten even further into debt. Climbing out is going to be hard and will definitely hurt. I need to be a better financial manager. BUT, I don't want to be too hard on myself. I lost 51 pounds after setting my goal to lose 50 before 50. I went for a new job and promotion and changed my career for the better. I went on an international trip - ALONE - and had an amazing adventure. I changed my wardrobe to better reflect my new job and my personality. I spent more time with my youngest child at home, we traveled to the Caribbean together, jet skied, bobsledded and tried new foods. We had a mommy and son adventure that he will remember forever. I'm in debt up to my ears but I'll survive.

I wish I had 'insisted' that my cousin fire the contractor. Given him a choice of him or me. The whole project has been a nightmare. Almost finished. Not proud but pissed! Extremely pissed, it's like opposite world, whatever I say they do the opposite. Want to sell my share

I wish that I'd been more focused on my wife and children, and on my home life in general. It's been a tough year, but I've found a real solace, purpose and comfort in even the simplest moments at home. This year, I'd like to commit myself much more fully to these aspects of my life.

I wish I had started back to work an month later. The new job is great but I spent most of my three months off looking for a new job and didn't get the mental break I had hoped that I could get. The new job is so great that I doubt the people would've begrudge me that. My father said that we shouldn't use the word "proud." He said we should use "grateful," instead. Well, I'm especially grateful that I was able to stick around long enough to turn out the lights on the Obama administration at HUD. For that matter, I'm grateful I got the chance to turn out the lights on the Donovan administration at HUD. But that was a different year.

I wish I had been consistent with morning prayers.

There are so many things I would have done differently this past year. I would have been more patient, tolerant, and kinder to my family. Somehow I get overwhelmed by the daily issues and forget to see the bigger picture. I am proud of the effort and dedication I have given to my children in helping them achieve their goals. I am especially proud of the focus and help I have given Jared to try to help him get into college.

I wish I had done more to maintain some of my own health and wellbeing and not over-extended and alarmed myself with all of the turmoil in the world. I am trying to spend more time with my mother and be tender with my aunt but think I would have liked to devote more time to these people in my life. I am proud of my courage in speaking out politically and forming my activist group. I am proud of the relationship I have with my husband and my children but would love for them to become even more intimate/personal.

I ran 40 miles and raised $5,000. I wish I hadn't wasted so much time. Focused on the important things and not wasted so much TIME. Time. So finite. So fleeting. Yet here I am wasting it away Every Damn Day. Why?

I wish I had done most every day differently at work. I should have been on top of things and working instead of slacking off on reddit. but I didn't and I can only change things going forward not back. But knowing what I regret and actually making a change are proving very different indeed. Here's hoping I've listened to myself come 2018.

I wish I was more diligent about saving money, but it will be a good goal for this upcoming year. Additionally, I am proud of seeing a couple potential relationships through to a good point. I gave them enough time to see if there was something there, but when they were no longer working was able to end them and move in.

I'm proud of how hard I've worked both professionally and on my marriage. I feel as though I'm reaping the rewards from that work and continuing to work hard will continue to pay off

My wedding was this year, and there are a few things I wish I had done differently in preparing for it. We made a bit more of a ceremony of it than we really wanted to - we would have preferred a more casual and intimate party. It turned out feeling fairly performative. However, our family members appreciated it, and I'm certainly happy with the ultimate outcome. Sometimes I feel bummed out that this major life event wasn't exactly how I hoped it would be, but on reflection I know that it was just one simple day out of my life and I've had and will continue to have many wonderful shared experiences with my husband.

I can say I wish the accident wouldn't have happened but if it didn't, I wouldn't have made the decisions that I have made so far. I would've probably been comfortable at my previous job instead of thinking about my career long-term. It brought me and my now fiancé much closer as I was able to see how much he cares about me and was willing to take care of me when he didn't have to. Although my circle of friends has slimmed down, at least I feel relieved because sometimes drastic things need to happen for your own sanity. There were times that I questioned if I'm on the right path, and I still do. I think the difference now is that I'm 100% sure that my intentions are as pure in the moment and that's all I can go with. Tomorrow is not guaranteed and as intense as that sounds, I'd rather live today with my all, the live with doubt waiting for tomorrow.

I wish I would have set higher expectations of my son when he moved back into my house after college for the summer. I loved having him around and enjoyed being "Mom" again. I'm not sure I could've done it any other way frankly, but as I consider the question, that comes up: to have stepped aside and allow him to do more for himself. Challenging! I'm proud that I was able to go to my son's graduation, sit next to my ex-husband during the ceremony and feel genuine love, interest, and calm in his presence. We shared laughs, memories, inside jokes, and for that brief time, I was mindful of truly enjoying a familiar vibe, acknowledging that I've come a long way to forgiveness, after five difficult years shifting to our new family reality. I've been on a long, bumpy road to wholeness and peace, and that day, while challenging, was a personal success.

What I wish I did differently this past year, oversold myself to my new career. Incorporated healthy lifestyles (walking at least 30 min daily). As for what I am proud of, getting our puppy Magnus, being there for my father during his last few weeks when I could, becoming a nurse practitioner, having my mother proud of me, still married with my lifelong partner and being pregnant.

I wish that I had stood up for myself more (trusted myself/my intuition in group dynamic situations). I wish that I had taken more breaks only for myself while in grad school. I think that would have helped me have more perspective on the conflicts that I was facing. I am so proud of myself that my NSF GGRF proposal was selected for honorable mention.

I wish I had thrown away all the self doubt about making videos and just done it already. I wasted too much time instead of working hard. Sometimes I feel like I won't succeed or be great so why bother even starting? Other days I surprise myself by what I'm able to accomplish. I hope to have more days like the latter in my 30's. I'm proud that I followed my heart, faced my fears, and went to Japan. I left my whole life in Los Angeles to chase this dream and in return I received so much happiness, new friends, and my husband. It continues to be the best decision I've ever made.

Both are true. I am really proud of what I've been doing in the past 5 months. I've been living more intentionally, more healthily, and definitely more of the ideal life that I ultimately want to live. I have gained perspective and awareness and I've really begun to take care of myself in a way that I neglected for a long time beforehand. And that brings us to what I wish I'd done differently. In the beginning of this year I was in a really bad place. Granted, a lot of shitty things happened that put me there, but I still let my personal priorities and my self-care fall through the cracks. I am still disappointed in myself for letting it get as bad as it did. I am proud to have picked myself back up, which is arguably some of the hardest work a person will ever have to do, but I am reflective and aware of the fact that I let go in the first place. Moving forward I'll have to work harder to identify that kind of darkness before it becomes all-consuming- so that the pride that I feel now can be the rule rather than the happy exception.

I didn't stand up for my sister to our mom and lied thru omission. it was a selfish choice and i wish i had done things differently. it was something that was dumb and avoidable and caused hurt feelings when it didn't have to if it had been addressed honestly at the time. I feel badly about it even thoough i have apologized and I think she's forgiven me.

I really wish I could learn to manage money better. I don't know where it goes. I don't really spend it on big things, but seem to fritter it away. I also want to learn not to waste food. On the other hand, I have lost and maintained the 18 lb. loss, so that's something.

I wish I would of spent more time with my grandma and my dad before they passed away. I am happy that I reconnected with other members of my family.

I finally applied to PA school, although I'm self-conscious about my application because these programs are extremely competitive. Applying to multiple programs was also expensive, and I've already spent a lot of money out of pocket in the last few years trying to prep myself for this. As happy as I am to have the weight of the applications lifted off my shoulders, the waiting game is another hurdle in itself.

I wish I would have stopped trying so hard with the clique-y cohort group sooner and further strengthened my friendships with the actually good, nice, professional people in my grad program. Spending time worrying why people won't invite you out with them and what you can do differently to be accepted by them is SO high school, and I don't need to be dragged in to that immaturity and drama anymore.

I'm so proud of myself for finally recognizing my problem and quitting alcohol. Ten months down and the only thing I regret is not doing this sooner.

Overcoming the loss of my mother and job

I wish I had called my elected officials more often. It's easy to do and it makes a difference!

Really happy I did not get physically involved with Roary. But I did recognize his meth habit, Very happy I had the surgeries I needed, scar revisions,mand hernia and the odd blob in lip near nose. It is like a passage into a new level of confidence,M worthiness. This year I feel more adult, more self loving. It has taken a long time. I do wish I had upped the workouts this year, but surgery is not really compatible with that. I DO wish I had found my lawyer earlier, but it is not like I was not looking for her! Grateful I finally found her, and handled the rental problem correctly, legally. She also shed light on how to handle the broader situation, Melly as well as tenant. Very proud to have sold the house for $150K! Cleared $37,000! About to pick up the RV. Very happy with all this, and continued with therapy all year, so better handling me and Kell.

I wish I hadn't bought that stupid time share in Cancún, which was a lying scam. I'm especially proud that I bought the new fence and cut down all the overgrown vines and weeds so that it could be erected.

This year I was the bravest I've ever been. I relaxed, I took risks, I gave love at first sight a place in my heart. In return I've found my partner. We have forever to find out each other's secrets and quirks, adventure and struggle together. And we have our first child already, who is by far the very best little person I've ever known. It's been an amazing year.

I wish I would have prayed more and oesnt more time alone and in silence. I am partícula proud of getting my MSW

I'm proud of my efforts to spend quality time with Charlotte, and I'm proud of myself for getting her into a better school.

Be more honest with myself. To move outside by comfort zone.

This has been a dramatic year for me. A new city with my new (at the time) boyfriend, a new job, new friends, a brand new dog.. Today I am very happy. There are small things that I would like to have changed this year: maybe becoming more involved in my community, volunteering, spending more time learning Spanish and math, and more quilting. I don't know if there is anything I am extremely proud of from this year, necessarily. I made lots of changes, and I made them in stride. I am proud that I have finally set a new learning/career path for myself, and I am excited to see where it takes me.

Done differently - I surely wish I had sought help for my raging anxiety especially as it peaked in the summer. I feel so much better now. What am I proud of - my kids. But in terms of myself, I'm proud that I am owning more of my heath and getting the help and support.

I wish I had worked harder to build up my business.

I wish I had walked away from someone earlier... and that I had not settled for a relationship dynamic that I was unhappy with. It took me a while to sync up what I felt and what I was doing... even while miserable about the whole situation. I got caught up with feelings even though there weren't feelings... it was a weird situation. And the one person I did like and actually have feelings for... I wish I had slowed down a bit. I need to be more present in the moment but also evaluate whether the person is committed... and wish I had spoken up about things he said that bothered me instead of pushing it down. Just being more open and vocal in relationships... friendships, romantic, work and family.

Prayed more, taken the time to be silent

I really wish i had made more time for friends and family this year. I feel as if everything is rushed and nothing is or has been done well..i feel like i jave been absent from my friends even when I do see them. I am proud that i have done well with financial planning this year and that i have managed to stay afloat pretty well on mu salary alone.

I wished I stopped or at least limited wasting tears on stupid boys who don't deserve them. I am so proud, and incredibly grateful for my friends. The past three years have given me a chance to reconnect with them in a meaningful way, a way that makes them feel like extended family, and provide a sense of shared understanding and familiarity. I don't know what I'd do without them honestly. Joy, Glenda, Meg, Julie, Nina, Jenni, Leslie, etc.

Acted more on things that I need to get done.

I wish I would have made more solid relationships at inVentiv. I still have some friends, but it's the depth that isn't there. I'm very proud of going on my big vacation and getting a firm handle on all of my finances.

After 2 years of diet and working out and successfully losing weight and getting strong, about 3 months ago, I "let go". I want to regain the mental fortitude to fight back to it.

I wish I had learned more patience, incorporated more mindfulness and self care. I'm not too especially proud of anything, I don't think, but reflecting on the year I think I managed well. I can see a lot of room for improvement, but I can't think of any major failings.

Oh yes, I wish I excercised, took care of myself in a way that broke the long history I have with numbing out with food and now wine. There is something I'm afraid of in claiming that strength or power or sense of self. I remain passive. I shop. I reinforce my lack of worth. What am I proud of? My love of my wife and her beautiful self. Her strength, rock steadiness and unwavering belief in me.

I wish that I had known enough to watch my Ps and Qs with the clinical instructor I had last fall, as that went to hell in a hand basket. That said, I am really glad for the clinical placement I currently have, and I wouldn't have this position if it weren't for the bad experience last fall. So, there's that. I am also proud of myself for finishing about 1/2 to 3/4 of my culminating experience paper this summer. :) and, that I made it to Spark Ignite, the community event I wasn't sure I could make due to my knee injury. It felt really restorative to be there, even though it was a tight fit financially, and physically, to make it out, I am really glad I did it!

Yes! At this time last year, I was talking about making a career change from a negative work environment. Never did and it's still hostile. I also wish we had not sold my mom's home for her to live in assisted living. She could have remained in her home with a 24-hour nurse. Who knew that a normal social butterfly would become a recluse. And she wanted to make to move to be around people. I am proud that I got on a better eating plan and have gotten healthier. Only 10 lbs from my goal.

I don't wish I had done anything differently this past year. Frankly, I've spent far too much of my life reflecting on the past and wishing I had done things differently. I could make lists for days, maybe months. The irony, of course, is that every failing has resulted in my growth into the person I am today. I'll undoubtedly make a mistake in the next few hours and hopefully I'm better for it. There is a lot I am proud of when I reflect on the past year. I've dedicated myself to varying forms of self improvement. I've endeavored to become a better boyfriend, a healthier and more active human, a more loyal and honest friend and sibling. A reliable son. The biggest part of my life is Hannah Mills, a human I would believe was crafted by some higher power to be my perfect match. I am most proud of what we have created together. We likely already take for granted what has come so easy to us. It's remarkably easy to love her. It comes naturally, as if by impulse. I'm proud of the way we treat each other. I'm proud of how well we communicate. I'm especially proud at our ability to take care of each other, and deal with the challenges of long distance. We are perhaps most alike in our drive and ambition to achieve our goals, which ironically is the cause of our heartache as it requires us to live apart while we secure and word towards our shared future. I'm especially proud of her. She has taught me more about love in 2+ years than anything I've learned in my lifetime. I'm proud of our ability to talk about our feelings, fears, and future. I'm proud of how much kindness we show each other and the people that are important to us. I'm proud of the commitment we have made to each other. She was and remains my greatest source of pride and happiness.

I like the answer that was profiled ("everything")--not because I think I failed, but because I know I can and I want to be a better mother, friend, sister, daughter, social worker, neighbor. Specifically, I wish I had been more present for my children during times of fear and anger. I am very proud that I have paid for my ongoing divorce all on my own, and I am proud that I am not diminished by the extra work I have taken on to do so. Nor have I allowed anyone to suffer because my bucket is emptied, due to the energy devoted to defending myself from him----quite the opposite. I get stronger and kinder every day. I am proud that he was not able to take my children away from me, and proud of the strength and courage I have demonstrated. I am most proud and that I did NOT take any action to hurt him: I lived this year closely to my deepest values.

I wish I had worked more on my business plan, but I am Feeling good about my decisions thus far.

i am somewhat proud of and relieved that i pushed to get my mother's affairs (health, house, estate) settled in the time that i did, with little encouragement or appreciation from my brothers... still dealing with that. there was little collaboration or time to think about alternatives to any of my actions, since they were content to let me handle everything because i was the oldest and had the most free time; just plowed full speed ahead without allowing sentiment to get in my way, yet being considerate of my brothers' attachment to family and home.

I wish I had been more thoughtful, caring and loving in my relationship. I wasn't as respectful of Reed and I could have been, and it hurt both of us. I lashed out and acted immaturely out of fear and anger.

Something different.... I need to get off my fat ass and get to the GYM. I am staring down the big 40 and I am at least 80lbs over weight. Another something different is I wish I had been able to find different employment. Working for 3M has made for another very long year and too often do I take my frustration with my situation home with me. Especially proud of.... Always proud of my boy. He is a wonderful person. Caring, smart, loving, and always up for a Noah and Dad adventure. He is my best friend and I only hope I can live well enough to deserve someone so wonderful.

I wish I had been more self aware. I wish I had seen some of my ambivalence coming from a distance. I wish I had put more effort into my marriage when it still felt like a sustaining element of my life.

At the moment, I feel I should not have been born. But that doesn't concern the past year, does it? Otherwise, I might as well say I am proud of having studied modern Hebrew, having spoken a few words of Russian (which I haven't done in two decades), having tried to give psychological support to Bella, having organized the flamenco event at Moishe House... And of having more or less sorted out my relationship with Ármin... Although the latter involved establishing another relationship of a similar kind with Miki but I have already written about that in my first answer. To tell the truth, on the one hand, I feel totally worthless right now, thinking everyone else is better and better liked than me, on the other hand - as usual - I can't understand why there is no one there who would see and recognize my values, and I feel angry and desperate because of that. I simply do not understand - and I mean that literally - how a person can operate like Miki. It is really, really painful for me to experience this whole thing and to try to get free from it. Over the past hours, I've been thinking about who I should at least share my present despair with, and I came to think there is no one. When I was already shrieking in my head, I wrote a Facebook message to Emese saying I was feeling awful. It turned out she was at a concert, and, although she would have been ready to call me, I did not want that. I said it was already better now that I didn't have to keep it in my head. And maybe it was a bit better. At least, it shifted my attention a bit and that's also important.

I'm proud of saying 'yes' more. Experienced lots of things I wouldn't normally have and met some great new people who I now consider friends.

Done differently - I wish I leaned into trust and moved past the draw to be socially anxious or mistrusting. I have a propensity to falter or question the faith of my relationships - platonic, familial, romantic, and even professional. Past experiences and failures in relationships (due in part to my failure to communicate in addition to my relational counterpart's) have created a cause and effect connection in my brain between intimacy and disappointment. I wish I had not continually assumed the worst of those closest to me. My propensity to assume those closest to me were in some way resenting, or looking down on me created ripples of impact on all interactions and exchanges I had every day. I wish I had pushed myself beyond my uncomfortable bubble to trust, but also to stand up for myself. There were days that my insecurities caused me to freeze. My paralysis created a dynamic where my inactions felt like the only option: I must take the treatment I am given because it is all I am worth. I am proud that although I fell, I learned failure is not a permanent condition, but rather an interim state of being and the essential launching pad for growth.

Go with my gut and not believe everything a person says, actions definitely speak louder than words and believe them when those are showing more than what they're telling you. I am proud that I made a change to get a new job and start school again.

I wish I had found it in myself to be more patient with my partner, and to examine my own motivations for irritation. I'm proud of making positive steps towards better health.

I can't think of anything I'd have done differently. Maybe joined slimming world sooner? I'm proud that I moved away from a toxic relationship, not something I've always been good at but it needed to happen. I don't know that I handled it correctly but I moved away and am happy about that. Life is far too short to be in relationships that are hurting you.

This past year I wish I had gotten out of my head a little bit more and allowed myself to be more outgoing. I think I missed out on a lot of opportunities and relationships because stupid insecurities that didn't really exist. That being said, I am proud of how much I grew and how much I experienced and got out of my comfort zone. In terms of personal growth, I hope every year can be as successful as this past year has been.

I wish I would have started a job search earlier. I feel like I was making a lot of excuses not to move on. It's a lot of work to change jobs, but I can't face the fact that it's time to look forward and really go after what I want. But I am proud that I went forward in buying my own place. And I'm also so happy to have adopted my dog, who brings so much joy into my life!

All is done and I don't regret a thing. I'm proud that I'm fully in Africa living here. Led here by love, by the pursuit of conservation and focusing on making motivation an action.

I wish I had taken better care of myself this past year. I took up smoking again, and while trying to avoid upset stomach issues, I stopped eating the things I should and only ate things I wanted. Way too much sugar, too much alcohol, and not enough produce. My walking 10k steps per day goal has been going well, but not nearly enough of any other kind of exercise.

I wish I'd moved my ass earlier in the year. About everything. At every turn. Both with little things (like setting up dates and returning calls) and big things (like house projects and working on my financial situation). It's fascinating what I chose as a career (and how good I was at it) when I can't motivate myself until the gun is at my head. I'm proud that I've started doing more volunteering and keeping up with my reading. I've also followed through on a lot more artistic projects. (Yeah!)

Strangely, I can't really think of anything I wish I'd done differently. It's not as if everything has gone smoothly, but it all seemed to point to where I am now, which is in a good place. I'm especially proud of starting a new career!!

There are little things that come to mind, like trying to comment on social media and having it not sound like me; taking on a persona to sound witty, or jumping on the outrage bandwagon. But overall I cannot think of one thing that stands out. I'm not necessarily proud of the way I was working at my job around the time it was eliminated, but I wasn't able to see any other choices...I've actually had to deal with some very difficult choices this past year and managed to make them. I know that each choice I make I make to the best of my knowledge at the time. Sometimes things aren't clear, and something like a painful tooth infection causes a sense of vulnerability and lack of confidence when making a tough choice (ie. pull the tooth and save thousands of dollars, or chance a root canal/crown-that may still fail-to save the tooth...) Sometimes it's the wrong choice, however, guess what--there's always another chance to choose! Actually I just read over an old email to my husband when I had my job and it was full of vitriole for my coworkers. I said in my answer last year that I didn't let my boss under my skin as much. I did push back more, and I'm proud of that. But I was also angry and critical in a way that I'm not proud of. I don't want to be that person again. I apologized to my husband for his having to listen to me when I ranted about my job and coworkers. My daughter is a very sensitive and beautifully compassionate young woman and I think of her when I try to imagine being less judgemental.

I'm proud of sticking with my master's program and proud that I'm going to get that degree in November despite significant health challenges. I'm proud of being able to support my friends in times of trouble. I'm especially proud of helping J&A buy a house, of helping JE bury her mom, and of helping R pursue her Ph.D. Even if I seldom go outside my apartment due to disability, I feel like I'm able to have a positive effect in the world.

I got rid of about half my possessions and aggressively simplified my life.

I made my goal last year. So i got the free trip to Ojai from my work. I am very proud of that. And made over $100k! I am happy with my job. I love what I do. Not sure what I could have done better or regret. I am happy with my choices from last year. I also got to go to Hawaii and several fun trips as well Also we were fortunate to buy a house again and get a super interest rate. Despite our credit issues from the past.

I am worried that I am not in control of my time. I plan so much and so many things ahead that I feel it is impossible for me to live in the moment or embrace spontaneity. Next year I would like to allow more time to let life happen!

Not really anything that I can think of that I'd have done differently. I am really proud of getting involved at Giving Tree with the story series and the people I've met through that. It's been a wonderful way to perform without the commitment of doing a show.

I am proud that Steve and I have stuck to the ketogenic diet for over a year. For Steve, it means being off almost all of his diabetes medication. For me, it means losing 20 pounds and reducing inflammation. I still would like to work out more often, but the days are very busy right now. I was doing yoga during the summer, but there hasn't been any time in the fall so far. I've been able to do multi-day fasts and have resisted almost all temptations. I did have a night when I accidentally drank a full-sugar root beer, and felt awful as a result. We've really adapted, and it's been good. I'm glad I made it past the first three months.

Yes, a few things. I found the courage to ask for help from my Dad and from Uncle Tony. I also found the courage to allow the universe to have my back and keep my vibration up during a time when it wasn't the easiest thing to do!

I have worked pretty diligently on the piano in the past several months. My daughter works for an organization which has a superb recording studio, and they have allowed me the chance to record a 20 page Mozart Sonata which I have been working on for many years. I am almost ready with this plus a Chopin Nocturne, and two other pieces. It is a vanity project for sure, but I would like my granddaughters to have a link to my grandparents, who were musicians as well as teachers.

I wish I had been more diligent about studying for the CFP (Certified Financial Planner) exam. If I already had this designation, I would greatly increase my chances of landing a higher-paying job!

This year has presented many new challenges that I wasn't sure I was prepared for - I have had to go deep, ask questions, seek answers and discover new things. I started a new job that is challenging sometimes but not always - I had to create systems that keep me moving forward and successful. I have to remind myself that it is nothing I have done before so there aren't any right or wrong answers - I have to be open and willing to try things I haven't done before. It is hard and frustrating most of the time and finding the balance has been difficult - I can stay staring at the computer screen for hours hoping to get results - but I have to remind myself that stepping away and doing other things keeps me focused, sharp and successful!

Oh no, i am very proud of all I overcame and all I have reached this past year. Health: thanks to my super diet - 80% rough fruits and vegetable) I am never ill! Even my migraines are only one fourth of what they were 1-2 yrs ago! I sleep well without pills, I started to walk every other day... And professionally everything is perfect! My life is nearly perfect! I should be a little bit more ... disciplined for my household but everything comes at its right time.

I wish I'd been more organized, put in the "big rocks" first, and done more of the creative, adventurous, fun things.

What I am most proud of from this past year is the drive I dreamt of and fulfilled of sending relief supplies to Houston. I thought of starting a small drive but in the end sent 2 trucks and over $15,000 in gift cards and cash. Being able to help my community even just a bit is what I am most proud of right now.

I wish I would have taken more time, intentionally, for self-care. This includes more time just with Adam, with friends, and on my own. I think that it is easy to get trapped into certain ideas of what a "good mom" or "good partner" or "good worker," etc. looks like and to think that this does not include time off. Which, obviously, is ridiculous. But it is how it goes, particularly that first year of parenthood. I wish I had taken more time for me both that I asked for and that others asked if I wanted. I hope that it is something I can do a better job of this year and find a better sense of balance.

I wish I had continued practicing more actively. I wish I had been more active in my community and fostered my relationship with G-d and with others around me. I am proud of the personal progress I've made in terms of my mental illness and personal issues and interpersonal relationships! I've opened up, allowed myself to be more healthy and communicative

I wish I wouldn't have let myself go physically. Switching to a sedentary desk job completely changed my body and I didn't do enough to combat the physical consequences. If I could do it over, I would spend less time lamenting about my pudgy body and just go to the gym. I am proud of myself for quitting smoking. It's about damn time. I'm still surprised I did it so easily. I just woke up one morning and didn't want to smoke anymore. That makes me feel really strong.

Hmm...I'm not sure. It's funny, because I tend to be full of nostalgia, longing for the past, drifting into memories and projected What If futures...yet this question pauses me, offers an opportunity for a new kind of reflection. It's Rosh Hashanah today, so I'm just beginning to reflect on the past year, and I'm swirling around my Jewish identity. I'm proud of maintaining it and continuing to ask the tough questions of how to be Jewish without being Jewish, which is to say that I don't believe in God or circumcision or being kosher...but I love other kinds of Jewish traditions: the shofar, fasting for Yom Kippur, challah, Hannukah, Purim, Passover, the minor keys of prayers and music). I'm proud of raising my son with a Jewish identity even as we sort out together and separately what it even means to us. I hope to continue to re-open my heart to love. I don't know that shutting it down happened just this past year, but I do know that I would like a more intimate love and partnership in my life than what I currently have.

I'm really proud of the way my relationship works and has worked through challenges. I feel like we talk through tough times, support one another well and can generally read each other. I feel that this didn't come naturally at all times but is something that has grown over the months and is still growing. I hope that this is something I continually tend to. I hope to never be content with the way I am in our relationship so that I can always be striving for more or better. I want it to be a give and take, and remember that sometimes on person takes priority and it does balance out in the end.

I wish I would have taken things less serious and complained and gissipped less. I keep finding my initial fears are unfounded or proven to be a lot less than first felt. I am proud that I am watching less TV and I feel I have been more present for conversations.

I'm proud of returning to the gym and losing almost 20 pounds. Also making lifetime at weight watchers and maintaining the loss.

I feel I handled my divorce in the best way I could. I leaned into the pain and chose compassion (most of the time) to get through. And just as important, I made myself vulnerable by asking for help from friends and family (which wasn't easy in the beginning). Yes, I had my "sideways moments" which are basically emotional tornados that I had to weather, but I made it through alive by being honest with myself and accepting the truth about the marriage. I'm also proud of the fact that I took charge of the divorce by going to "divorce school" in LA County. I put in well over 100 hours of work (he put in like 2 hours), but I got want I wanted--my freedom-- without paying any mediator/lawyer fees. This whole unexpected but inevitable journey has made me a more compassionate person and, just as important, it made me realize that I am stronger than I thought. Now that the divorce is final, I'm currently in the process of trying to FULLY accept all of my self--the good, the shame and the imperfections. This is next leg of my journey...

I'm proud of the work I did in my course last year. Course evals for the spring were the best I've ever had. I have some mild regrets about how I engaged with Brian early on, but I'm also feeling very good about where we are now and glad to be working with him. I'm also proud of how I confronted some difficult issues such as my relationship with Gary. Like last year, I wish I'd used the summer to renew my mind and spirit a bit more. Had reading I intended to do and had planned to go through the meditation videos I bought and never touched. On the flip side, I feel really good about the frequent morning walks with Chris and our late afternoons in the garden with a glass of wine.

I wish I had been better able to navigate the Quicken environment. I had such high hopes when I was hired in- genuinely thought I'd found a place I could spend the next 5-10 years. But politics don't suit me well, and I ended up not knowing how to play my hand well. I wish I'd had a better head for machinations and dissembling. I would have fared better than I did. It was definitely a learning experience.

I wish I'd been more honest with myself earlier. It's hard to do that.

I wish that I had made more of an effort to enjoy my time off. I also wish that I did not rely on friends to fulfil my plans or not do something because I didn't have someone to go with. I am exceptionally proud of my accomplishments and growth this year. I have taken on a lot of new projects, including going back to school, joining a musical, having a new position and responsibilities at work, moving in with my sister, and being a wonderful aunt. I also have maintained a very high average in school. I am a wonderful aunt to my niece and I try to spread love and joy everywhere I go.

I wish I would have forced myself to save... even if it was just $25 a week. Just to get into the habit. It might have made moving and leaving my job a little easier. Alternatively, I am proud of myself for leaving my job. I am proud of believing in myself and my God enough to make that leap of faith and follow my heart. Even though it is tough financially right now, there are so many benefits and I know that my hard work and dedication now will pay off soon.

I wish that I had not taken other people's behavior so personally. Whether that is other drivers on the road, or people I actually know.

This past year I wish I had been more empathetic to my husband and kids (and others in general), specifically when they are not feeling well. With my husband he has a lot of physical ailments like headache, backache, and sometimes it is hard to understand and not feel like he is imagining it or that it is somehow his fault. But I have to remember he obviously in pain. With the kids I think I just get stressed out when they are sick or have a new illness or say something hurts - it is easy to shrug it off and not take every little complaint seriously but then when it turns out to be something real I feel bad. In general i need to do a better job of recognizing people's feelings and being there to listen and support.

I wish I hadn't forgot about myself and I wish I'd taken time to take care of myself and do things to make me happy and fulfilled instead of hoping for someone to take care of me or give me time for myself. I feel like I lost myself a bit in service to my family this past year.

Ok, so this guy I liked - I'm not sure if I still do - I think he liked me as well and was trying to make a move. I panicked and completely ignored it. I wish I hadn't hesitated and just gone with it. Now I'm pretty sure we'll be too busy to see each other and I can't help thinking what might have been.

I am disappointed with myself for being too serious and letting all the absurd, petty details of modern life get to me. I am disappointed that I am responding too quickly and too emotionally to these day-t0-day crises. I think my expectations are too high. I would like to rebuild my sense of humor and my sense of long-term perspective on these ups and downs and confusing, conflicting processing steps. The process madness is getting in the way of focusing on achieving my goals. Admittedly, retiring, moving across country and having my youngest child get engaged is a stimulating time. So perhaps I am being too hard on myself. But still, I wish I could laugh first, then use my anxiety to power up and fix the complications. After all, I do always fix things, exceptionally well, I might add.

I wish I had been kinder to my husband this year. We got to a really bad place where we were in a cycle of being plain mean. I became mean to my kids also. I have started to break this cycle but regret having been there to begin with.

Not that I can think of. I mean, I wasted some time on people who didn't matter, mostly guys who weren't very good romantic partners, but nothing too defining if it hadn't happened. However, I am very proud of the work I did in my co-op this past year. It has really helped me grow as a person and through it I was able to pay (almost) my entire way to study abroad this past summer. I also am proud of the advancements I've made in my mental health in my group sessions this past spring. The leaps and bounds that I grew really was defining and I am much more sure of myself now than ever.

I wish I had given more time to my spouse. We are so addicted to our phones that we found little time to spend with one another.

I wish that my actions followed my passion more seamlessly. There is a lot to do out there in the world. Somehow I rarely seem to be the one doing it. I wish I were more active, more consistently, repairing the world.

I am pretty happy with the way this past year has gone. I'll always wish I had lived more fully, with more love, more gratefulness, more kindness, and less selfishness. Always. I'm somewhat (only a little) proud of my performance at work. I think I've taken a tough position (have absolutely no idea what I'm doing) and made the most of it. I don't focus too much on regrets (or successes) from the past.

I wish I had been more positive with my son, being more empathic to his issues. I am proud of how well I cared for my kitty, regularly gave him his medicine and made his last year more comfortable.

I wish I cared about my college application process. I wish that I did the St. John's onsight to get a full scholarship. That is my biggest regret. Or not studying at all for any of my big tests. I also have the huge regret of not trying really hard my first month of school because I could have gotten salutatorian. Its hard for me to pick something that I am proud of because I have so many regrets that cloud my mind. Hmmm.... probably having such a high GPA that I was competing with Caitlin and Priya and Bismen for Salutatorian. It was a huge shock that my GPA was that high but I did it!

I wish I had taken better care of my body. It is always such a difficult thing for me to do. I am proud that this year I gave myself more time to rest, and less time to do things I didn't want to do. I'm getting better at saying Yes to what I want, and No to what I don't want.

I wish I would have focused more on eating healthy, being healthy, exercising consistently. Another year and I am still in the same position I was last year. I wish I had started taking more charge of the direction I am going......moving toward some goals (like learning Spanish) versus sitting and doing nothing. I wish I had stayed connected to more people, as opposed to ignoring friendships. Quite truthfully, I have very few Good Friends.

I am proud of myself for losing some weight and starting to be more active. Getting out more and experiencing so many free activities in my city. I don't have too many regrets. No time to waste now.

I wish I had stressed less about things and been more proactive and assertive in my work - advancing confidently, rather than in meagre fits and starts with so many self-recriminations. On the flipside, I have learned a ton about my own motivations and have gone through the long ebb and am now getting to the flow. This next year will refine that and add more tools to my repertoire. More accountability - more connection - more putting myself out there. More value - valuing myself, my work and my clients' value in the products I create. More being of service to the world by showing up and being authentically who I am, doing my work and being who I have always been, but didn't always step into.

I wish I would have tried to seek help when I needed, but I am glad for the people that I have talked to.

I wish I did a few things different as a wife and mother. We always few we can do better, but I think it drags you down more at certain times.

I can think of a hundred things I would have done differently every week. I've decided to not try and second guess myself any more. The thing I'm especially proud of is the work that Josiah and we did here in Clarksdale this summer. I'm looking forward to seeing what happens from all of this.

It's the ever present financial picture that I need to change. It's definitely infinitely better.. but loads of room to grow. Proud & grateful for loads of things this year.. proud of myself for stepping out when I wasn't sure I should. This next year from this time forward is the time to focus on what the true goals are... and 'gun' for them. To allow focus to be directed. Much better at a lot.. but still being busy in instead of busy on.. that's changing. Let's hope I've made good progress by the time I read this question/answer this time next year. So Goals, Prioritizing & Scheduling.. oh yes! Bring it on.

I wish I'd been able to change in the ways that my ex had asked, and I'm proud of the person I am that has continued to grow throughout my life. Proud that I regularly share the wondrous places I've been lucky enough to have in my life with others by leading a hiking group.

As in many previous years, I've spent a lot of time picking myself up after challenging Level 1 and Level 2 classes where I felt like the students were not enjoying themselves because I was pushing them too hard. Every time I found ways to take that and learn from it, and make the coming classes more engaging, inspiring, and rewarding, so that the hard work was interesting, satisfying, and fun. I need to start trusting myself, that this is what I do. That my classes are good. That sometimes the kids are going to struggle and it's not my fault and it's not even a bad thing. I should -- and absolutely will -- keep taking the temperature of the room, monitoring what they're getting out of it, holding them to a high standard, and pushing myself to bring challenges to them in an ever-more positive light. But I'd like to stop going to the place where my mood is dark and I'm battling insecurity. I'd like to stay more grounded in the place where I'm conscious that I'm doing what needs to be done. And when I slip from that place, I'd like to right myself not with despair but with determination and excitement for turning away from the less useful and toward the productive. I'm really proud of myself for overcoming what I saw as last year's central failings. I have come to a place where I really and truly trust my husband and do not feel at risk for doing so. If he betrays that trust I understand, in my heart, and that it will not be because I have failed in some way. I don't think he will do that but I also don't pretend to any sort of certainty on that front. I have let go of the need to be in control of that, to "prevent" it somehow, or to protect myself from it. He is wonderful and I trust him. It is amazing to be free to feel that, to invest in it, and to have truly let go of the worry. I did not realize I'd done that until now, reading these answers. I'm very proud of myself for that.

I'm such a good employee. I wish I were a better person. Apparently I feel no sense of responsibility to myself? I might be getting better at that, but: I am still horrible and don't want to stop, but at least I think more about stopping. I am lazy and do things half assed when its for me. Apparently I am not worth my own effort? Makes me wonder if I got that from my mom's feeling about herself or if that's a mom feeling. But I've always been this way, so my poor mother passed it to me? Oy. Definitely a family trait to want what I want, selfishly, or self-centeredly, as well. 2 different personality tests agree, I am a ISTJ. woo hoo

I'll do the "proud of". My Community Solar Farm is now up and running as of June. I am so excited. Each sunny day I say "cha-ching". When I get my Electric Bill, I am in the Black, not the Red. It is not just that I am saving money. My decision has resulted in taking pollution out of the atmosphere, mitigating global warming, to some degree making hurricane like Harvey and José and Maria less likely or less destructive. And did I mention that it cost me nothing? And if I move within my National Grid or Eversource area my credits come with me? And if I die, I can will my contract (20 years) to someone? And I could do this whether I owned or rented. :-)

This past year I wish I would have been more confindent. I've lost weight but I wish that I could have lost more This time last year I was at 230 and not I'm at 185-190 hopefully I will at least be in the 170s this time next year

I wish I had not stopped working out. I'm trying to work on my marriage and feel like I'm losing myself more by taking a break from my hobbies but it's hurt me more than I like to admit. I want to write next year that I am proud I went back to karate/gym/the old me.

There isn't anything that I can think of that I would want to do differently. Alternatively, there isn't anything remarkable that I've done this past year that I would say that I'm proud of doing either. I guess my actions have been steadily in the middle.

Many things... I'm proud of my ability to learn from my experiences and continually grow and change--even though I'm technically a senior citizen! Of course, in my heart I'm still a young whipper snapper...:)

I am dissappointed that our business has slacked off due to a newcomer agent in the area. I think if we had been more pro-active in our marketing--postcards--we might have been able to hold our own. I joined a choir, something I've dreamed of doing but have not had the opportunity until a month or so ago. I am enjoying being part of an accomplished group of musicians, and love hearing the sound of beautiful voices.

I wish I had worked harder to prepare playlists, practiced Ageless Grace and increased my availability in the community but am also proud of what I have accomplished and the good impact I have made

I wish I would have asserted my worth better in dating situation. I don't think I necessarily let anyone walk all over me, but I put up with behavior that ultimately didn't make me feel good about myself or how I perceived the person viewing me. I wish I would have been earnest doing what was best for me, specifically by not caring what others thought and not being fearful about expressing my needs or desires.

I feel good about my year. My brother and I have a positive relationship, my family is in a good place. I am glad that my husband and I made the decision to stop at one kid. My son is a blessing and I can't imagine having to share my attention with another blessing. He gets everything I have to give and I think we are both better for it.

I wish I had slept and relaxed more on the day my daughter was born. And the 1st of June. And I wish I were a person to relax and enjoy myself more overall. However, I'm proud for having slept the night just before the morning she was born - saving the energy for the labour. I can do it when I need, all in all.

I wish I would have taken a few more risks in the past year. I think I have been kind of stuck in a too-comfortable place - I wish I had been less reluctant to leave that place.

I always wish I had done more exercising and physical labor. I also wish I'd connected more with family and friends. BUT I visited my sister in Scotland for the first time! Hurray!

I wish I would have spent less time feeling anxious and depressed and sort of just wallowing in my emotions, and more time acknowledging my emotional needs and finding productive ways to address them. Then again, I am incredibly proud of how I sailed through the rocky times and that I let myself feel the depth of every single emotion, from despair, to loneliness, to anxiety. I am now familiar with my emotional range and can name everything I feel. While part of me knows now it didn't have to be as painful as I made it, I also know that I am more balanced now than before and that I am actually a lot more grounded and basically I know myself more now than before. I also see now how the hardest times are just temporary and that they are just as much a part of my life experience as the happy ones.

As a coach in a difficult situation 4 to 1 years ago, I coached 3 high schools in the same sport. The dynamics of the 3 public high schools was/is great! They hired 2 other coaches and last year I was the coach of just one high school AND what a difference! We had SO much fun! I was coaching and not managing people. The icing was when an athlete thanked me for all my hard work and appreciated me pushing them to do better.

I wish I would take my lifestyle habits more seriously. I wish I would eat healthy on a regular basis and excersize regularly. I see videos of people who turn their lives around w excersize and healthy eating and I feel jealous but like that is so far from my point of reference that it could never happen to me.

I wish I had more social gathering in my home with friends I'm happy to create tallisim and share the importance of wearing a tallit

Both. I'm really proud of eating well, exercising like crazy, and getting super fit in January - April. After I got hurt in May, I stopped all that and went right back to where I was before. Now that it's September, I'm determined to get past this wonky knee and get back where I was in the Spring...and beyond!

I always wish that I spent more time with my family and didn't waste it doing insignificant things. We got out of debt.

Wish i had spoken up more at village board meetgs, esp. with the Norsk Golf purchase. I'm glad i made decisions to travel more since i am able physically and financially. Hope to continue in years to come.

filing for divorce. Supporting Noah

Made and managed a much better budget. I'm proud that I paid off my car and helped pay shared bills for my family.

I wish I wouldn't have felt so stressed about moving. I am proud that we found and bought a house we will be in for many years in the area we wanted to be in.

I'm excited I got past my fear and started school.

I wish I had approached my mother's attempts to discuss my personal life more candidly and honestly, instead of brushing the conversations off.

I wish I had pushed my doctors harder about removing my pancreatic cyst, in hopes that it could have been removed before the cancer grew.

I'm proud that I've finally gotten a job where my skills are used. Its been a very hard search here in Houston. But I'm now in a position with some real responsibility and I'm happy about that.

I wish I had moved away from trying to sell real estate and into doing something more in line with my talents and interests. I hate being on. I hate trying to market myself to others. I need to redo my resume and focus on marketing my particular talents--research, editing, and writing--rather than trying to acquire a talent for selling that I lack and have no desire to develop. I feel like I'm wasting my life and missing my true calling.

Yes, I wish I had dealt with my cousin's anger and hostility in another manner. Perhaps the blessing was the incident confirmed who I began to believe her to be and serves as a warning to me about pursuing relationships on that side of my family. The problem being my desire to be accepted will never be anything other acceptance when I follow their agenda and the expectation of elevating their needs over mine.

I am especially proud of learning to market my online movement business. From not knowing anything about facebook ads, funnels, conversion rates, landing pages, to my first sales and I am a happy girl. I love learning and am learning how to link all the loose parts so I can sell my courses.

Neither: I'm neither proud, and although I could have done things better, I wasn't ready to do things differently than I did. Although it's over a year, my energy is still taken up with strands of mourning the loss of my husband of 55 years.

I wish I was doing something differently right now. Not undermining my present by being unable to let go of my past.

I am back to regular exercise, and it makes such a difference in my life. So proud of myself for sticking it out - it's now just something I do, not something to make a daily decision about. 3x a week, and that's just that. Love the energy, strength, and physical results it gives me.

I wish I had pushed myself to look for a new job sooner. I have known for months that I don't like what I am doing. I am allowing complacency, because it is easier to not be trying. It is easier to be at a job that I don't like than it is to find a new one. I am proud of the work I do each day even if I don't like it. But I want more for myself, and I hope that as this new year unfolds, that I put myself first and push for this newness.

No, nothing outstanding in either direction. Ha Ha, I just saw that my answer from last year is similar to what I was about to write now. I think, as a person who is generally quite happy with my life, I have very few regrets. At the same time, because I am relatively content, I have not been driven to do any spectacularly new or adventurous things. Silly or little things, maybe, like cutting my hair very short (briefly), or agreeing to go on a week-long, small catamaran cruise that I knew would not have been my own first choice, in order to make my husband (and sister) happy. But, no nothing dramatic.

I lost focus on networking and driving business and filling my pipeline. There were just periods of burnout that I let myself fall into. I must figure out a balance. I have made a positive effort in community outreach this year from company opportunities as well as community opportunities. I really feel like I'm actually helping people outside of my day to day job.

I wish I had taken more time to really relish my aloneness. I wish I had not stayed so long in a job I was bullied in and a relationship I was not nourished in. I'm proud of myself for writing regularly, entering therapy, being honest with others and for being tender to myself. I'm proud of carving out a space for myself and trying to find a home that's not defined by a person or a physical space.

It was my son's first year of school starting in Sept 2016. We chose to put him into the local kindergarten which was right around the corner from us, a five minute walk. We attended the meet-and-greet before starting, and then spent time getting to know the teacher. Still, by the middle of October it was up and down, and we often were struggling with getting him to get dressed and get to school without fighting. Despite the fact that he loves learning and is very curious, he repeatedly told us he wasn't learning anything there. Still, we could see that he was, since he was learning to read more and more and getting more of a chance to practice. It was a triumphant moment when he read "Go dog go" to me at night time around December. So, we forged on. It was clear that he was not clicking with his teacher, but he also didn't dislike her either. It just didn't seem to be a good fit. She would tell us he could be a handful, and the times when he would be particularly rude or snarky. Several times he was hitting other kids, but she would usually only say this is if it was multiple times in a day! We typically either heard nothing from her, or only when he was being naughty. We were trying to get him to talk more about what he liked or didn't like, but he wasn't very communicative. By early January things were still pretty rocky, he would tell us after coming home that he hated going and that he wanted to kill himself. This was a very tough thing to hear my 5 year old say, and difficult to know how seriously to take. After talking with a close friend who was studying to be a school counselor, she recommended that we talk to the school counselor at the Kkndergarten. We did so, and she included him in a small group of kids that met bi-weekly to talk about emotions. He told us he loved Ms. Ws group, and after 6-8 sessions the group concluded. Things improved after he attended this, but were still not amazing. At the end of the year we celebrated the finish of Kindergarten with a breakfast and I was able to attend several field trips, but I was disappointed that he never seemed thrilled to be going, and didn't seem to have any friends that he particularly enjoyed, even by the end of the year. Summer started and we took many family vacations and spent time with close friends. By early August we were asking him if he was excited about going back to school. He told us flat out that he wanted to attend the Greenhouse School (his afterschool program that also has a day-school component to it). We were hesitant since this would be an extra $5000/year. Still, looking back over the past school year, I was very nervous and disheartened to think about sending him back to the public school for 1st grade. I called the school on August 21st to see if they knew who his teacher and classmates would be, so that I could see if he would have any friends in his class and get to know the teacher before the start date of school on September 7. The administrator said there was no information. I was frustrated about this, especially since the lack of communication had been somewhat of a pattern over the course of the previous year. My husband and I let the Greenhouse School know that we were considering sending Ethan there full time, and applied for Scholarship money. We received funds that reduced the cost by 25% and this made the decision to send him to Greenhouse possible and also so much easier. What ultimately cinched our choice however, was the love that the 2 teachers of the school show for him on a daily basis and how much we can tell that they want him to learn and grow by academically and emotionally. Even though he can be challenging at times, hiding under the table, or being stubborn, they absolutely love and challenge him to learn and be curious. If I could do Kindergarten again, I would think long and hard about putting him into a classroom where he didn't know any other students, and I might have advocated earlier (in January) to switch classrooms. I am so glad that we made the choice to switch him to Greenhouse this year, and we'll continue to see where this journey takes us.

I'll start with the proud because really, it helps to remember what I'm proud of. I finished the first draft of my book. That's the big deal. I'm pretty happy with it with the usual caveats about how it needs a lot of work, a second draft, a third, and then ... who knows? I'm also rather stupidly proud of going through a lot of boxes with stuff from my childhood. It was fun too, and reminded me of the girl I used to be, which is both lovely and bittersweet. Slowly I make my way through my life's acquisitions -- images, letters, toys, mementos -- and even though it goes slowly, I make progress. I'm not proud of all the things I didn't do -- send the first novel out more, fix the short stories that do not sell, lose the weight, go to yoga... short attempts were made, but nothing ingrained as a habit. I spend way too much time on games and "learning" (aka clicking links) and political outrage. I know I need a new structure, but given the larger reality of my life with A, I have to carve it out, which makes the individual tasks that much less likely to be accomplished. Also -- and I'm not sure if this is something I am proud of or not -- I am working with my impatience with A about his physical limitations (and illness). Working to be more honest with him and set up boundaries about what I will and will not do to care for him. Good? Bad? There are conflicting messages for women about taking care of oneself vs. taking care of others.

There's two things I did that I'm (moderately) proud of; I say moderately, because I could have done each a little bit better. The first is work-related. I networked myself to a full-time job OUT of the ad industry. It's with a company that does research and strategic planning, similar to what I did at another job that I really liked. So far it's going okay. I know better than to count on anything, so I'm trying to save money and hang on for as long as I can. I guess I'm a bit shell-shocked after years of all those ups and downs. The one good thing I do know is that I'll survive, no matter what. The other thing I did that was good was make a sincere and welcome effort to connect with my daughter before she left for college. I think she would have wanted even more time alone with me, and I her, so that's where it could have been better. But I feel like we're on the path to a good, solid, "adult" - child relationship. She's awesome and I couldn't be prouder of her.

i wish i didn't spend so much time alone, but I could say that for the last 10 years. I am proud of my physical fitness and good diet. I am also proud that I have the fortitude to go through some very hard therapy to make myself a better person

Both are in the same world. I am proud of the work I've been doing. I've been getting a bunch of really great and interesting projects and I have had a hard time saying No to them. I have delivered some really great work that was praised by some very serious directors and production designers and it felt great. My latest project however, has begun to suffer because I am over-extended. I would have liked to have said no to a couple of the minor things. Overall though, work has been great.

I don’t think I would have done a single thing differently! I’m proud of getting a job where I have the potential to have a really good career, and of owning our own house. It’s such a big move especially for Lee and I love it! The house is great and I love living with Lee on own our again, I’m just really happy!

I wish I had my medical choices in place first. In younger days it was never an issue, but with age and multiply problems, I understand why people look to move someplace with good hospitals. I used to think that was weird. Thank heavens I don't need hospitals, but even finding the right Dr is harder that expected. We were hoping to travel out West this fall but decided not to go due to the new house. We can only hope that we can actually do it next year. I am proud that while having all 6 grandkids here with mothers and we all survived. Daughter in law was her usual Dr. Jekyll/Mrs. Hyde. Our sweet daughter was trying at times too. They raise the little ones different these days.

1. I wish I didn't obsess about the romantic part of my life. 2. I'm proud to have a proper job and ambition to make it a proper career. 3. Life is a balance and I hope next year I get a better handle on love and work.

I wish I had found a way to not spend so much time worrying about where this country is going and what the future holds. If there is concrete action to be taken that is one thing. But, if not, then worry and stress is just wasting time I don't get back. Need to be positive and grateful where ever possible.

I wish that I had started exercising earlier. I didn't for a long time because my ankle is still hurting (from Dec 2015) and I think I used that as an excuse. I recently started using the elliptical at work and it's been so great. I used my ankle (and feeling isolated) to avoid being active and I'm working to change that. I'm proud of starting to take better care of myself again!

I wish I had established my reputation differently at my new job. I'm especially proud of my move to NYC and my self-reflection/improvement efforts.

I wish I had worked on a portfolio sooner into my job search, and I wish I had "come to terms" with looking for jobs in UX sooner versus attempting to shift job functions. My dissatisfaction, and devaluing, of my experience and skills has been a hard thing to overcome but I'm working on it. Definitely feeling proud of coming out on the other side of this introspective career "journey".

Done differently - again, still working on my stress management and emotions. I am getting better with it though and not taking things as personally (thank G-d!). Proud of - I am very proud of me taking my financial debt into control -- Since Sept 2016 I have paid off 3 credit cards, and will complete one by the end of this year and the last credit card before May of 2018! I am only able to do this because Kota and I have been living together he's offered for me to not have to pay rent until I pay off the $15K of credit card debt I racked up before we got together. I am ever so grateful to him for this opportunity, which in turn will contribute to OUR future together.

I wish I had found more -- and more productive -- ways to stand up for justice in the face of all of the ugly, scary things happening in the public sphere, politically, in terms of policy, and in social relations. I have wrestled with a sense of doubt about whether anything I do can really make a difference, but also with depression over the state of things. I also just struggle to find time, but I recognize that this is a matter of my priorities. I want to figure out a better strategy for getting involved, but then also to follow through more actively.

I wish I had worked on personal skill development so once I started a job it would have been easier. Really proud of the impact I had on kids at Kelly's school.

I am proud that we started the adoption process when we did!

I wish our serious issues would have been better received and really considered . But in the end we did what we thought was the most loving thing to do - tell them the truth no matter the consequences. This is connected to an event I can be proud of. I also took care of my wife by protecting her from a life taking community. I am proud of that as well.

I wish I had handled my employment situation with more grace. I was bullied into illness from the stress. Now that the problem is behind me, I can see ways in which I might have been able to alleviate some of the pressure and not incur such great personal cost. In any case, I am happy and deeply grateful to be in a better situation now.

This past year, I wish I had exposed myself to knew experiences. I wish I had pushed myself out of my comfort zone more often. I am especially proud of my academic success from this past year, though, and I'm glad I was able to maintain good grades.

I could have worked harder to help Hillary Clinton get elected? It's hard to imagine I could have changed anything, but did I do everything I could? Have I done everything I could since to resist the rise of the Trumpocracy? I think I'm guilty of letting myself get too tired of the horror to keep thinking about it. An option I have, as a middle class white US citizen.

I wish things had happened differently, but I don't think there is anything I could have done to have made it farther along in the America's Got Talent competition. I am still proud of my effort!

I wish i would have spent more time with my mom. I still find it so hard to believe that she was gone. I was always too busy or too tired, or some other kind of excuse. It breaks my heart that she was alone with out me or my siblings when she died. I miss her so much. There is nothing that im really proud of this year. 2017 you have been a total a**hole.

I have been much more of a hot head with my kids than I ever thought I would be. These are not the memories I want my kids having of me and of their precious childhood. At the same time, I want them to be nicer, more considerate, and less entitled. Though I am sure there is a nicer, more considerate way for me to convey that then losing my shit all the time.

I would have helped my high school aged son handle his issues in school in a completely different way if I had it to do over-- I did not get involved early enough and I did not help him effectively champion his own issue with the class. I should have gotten him a tutor early on- to help him work one on one with the issues in his Bio Honors class. I am proud of how amazingly independent my oldest son has become- seeking out new and unusual experiences and trying to open his own doors in the technology and Microsoft worlds. I am also proud of how well Eli did with his summer job- showing how mature he is and how strong his work ethic is with everything he does.

I'm especially proud of where I've been at work. I got an ice promotion and my CEO respects and appreciates me and my work. As for doing differently- every year I want to drop more weight. I had a trainer till about June but he couldn't do nights anymore. So I haven't been to the gym in 4 months.

I'm really proud of all the artistic stuff I've started making in the process of overcoming art blocks and fears of being seen and heard online—especially lately. I think if I wanted to do anything differently, it would be to have tried to be a little less afraid existing, maybe. Not everyone has the energy to watch everything I do with the same scrutiny that maybe I exhibit towards myself (and certainly not the energy that my ex did, which I think is where a lot of my trauma regarding this is coming from). Also I think just taking more time for self reflection would be beneficial, haha. Just like how I'm doing now! I'm only on the second day, and in like... 15 minutes this has already been very helpful.

I wish I had a better financial position and was more effective at focusing and staying on a path to goals. I wish also that my partner was fit and healthy so we could plan adventures. She's been sick but is now getting better and this has made me quite stressed. We'll perhaps I allowed the stress of illness to affect me. I'd just like to be stress free, and for her to be illness free for a while so we can kick goals again together. On the otherhand, I have made daily meditation practice a ritual and am particularly proud of my comittment to this practice.

I wish I had put myself out there more. I'm an extroverted introvert. I love being alone, but then I get sad that I'm lonely. I need to leave my comfort zone and find ways to meet more people and expand my social circle. It's not at all in my wheel house but if I don't, I can only blame my loneliness on myself. I really hope a year from now, I will have grown past this.

I wish I had my eating under control - I wish I had my hatred of my ex under control. I wish I had gotten a better job. I wish I wasn't me.

Managed my medical leave from work - I wish I had planned more support to take care of financial record keeping, and donor relations. I am proud of my decision to have brain surgery, and how my family supported me during my recovery.

I wish I was more honest in my relationship. It's hard to tell someone how you really feel, and knowing it's going to break their heart. I'm really proud of how far I've come in my weight loss journey. I also feel like this time I'm taking the weigh off for good.

I wish I had done everything differently. I wish I had been more. I wish I had exercised more. I wish I had stretched daily. I wish I had taken more risks, more chances, tried harder, and rested less. I wish I had spent less time beating myself up and more time being happy. I wish I had more things that gave me hope.

I have learned a lot this year through my physical and mental trials. They have refined me in that they have given me the opportunity to choose how I will react, adapt, and accept my conditions. I have done more proactive, positive things to deal with my issues. I am seeing through different eyes as I study the gospel in relation to my trials etc. I have found extra strength this year. I feel like I've got a pretty good grip on accepting what is and learning that I can't wait for my circumstances to change. I need to chang them. I've learned to be more accountable this year😃

I wish I lost the weight even though I had an excuse from a pinched nerve that caused me from not exercising. It not really an excuse to not loss weight. But it was hard as I was depressed too. I am very proud of my daughter whom has realized that you have to watch your spending. I have seen it with my own eyes. I am very proud of her.

I'm proud that when my dad was so sick I dropped wveeything to go be there.

I wish I had seen Meme a little more, or talked to her more often. I would say that I wished I had faced my fears more and stepped more outside my comfort zone but that's hard to do when you don't have much of a comfort zone to begin with. I'm proud for continuing my fight against my anxieties, for always trying to get out every day, even if it's something small. There have been many times this year where I felt like I needed to just stop fighting but I haven't. I may have wavered a bit in my weakness, but I've never stopped. I'm proud of that.

Looking back at last year, when I said I wanted to cut back on my volunteering in particular area or two, I'm proud that I followed through with that and set limits then stuck to them, even under pressure. 10Q helped reinforce that for me. It was the right thing to do, to keep myself from being spread too thin, and to focus more on my child still at home, my health, my husband, his health, and our parents. I would say that I wish I had started focusing more on my health earlier, but I really couldn't do that until I resigned from some of the pro bono and volunteer work. Now I've started working on my health and even gotten my husband to share in some of my efforts, so this is all a win-win.

I wish my own health would have been more of a priority. This will continue to be my wish until I actually make substantiate and consistent changes. I wish that I would have handled the big blow-up with Leslie differently. It wasn't my best showing as a sister, or even a human being, but I do believe that it led to larger changes for the future. I wish I would have been more communicative with Mom about when the racial issues came up, rather than just running away and shutting down. The conversation is now happening, but it could have and should have started sooner. If I'm really honest, I wish that I would have been a better wife to Channing because I have this maybe magical thinking that if I had been better/done things differently, that it wouldn't have happened the way that it did...

I wish I'd have tried harder in my observance. I keep thinking about it and giving up quickly.

I wish that I had dedicated more time to school and grades and less to the phone and stupid tv shows. I probably could do that and still sleep the same amount!

This year, I met a lot of new people. A LOT. Starting out as an adult in the real work introduced me to an entirely new network of peers, friends, mentors, and role models. While I'm proud of the work and growth I accomplished this year, I do regret not making more of an effort to connect - truly connect - with those people who made such an impact on me this year. Some of these people I saw every day, or every week. And, yet, when the program concluded or my position ended or my opportunity passed, I realized that I had failed to let any of those people into my inner circle. I played my year like a game. I was genuine in my interactions, but still managed to make it through the year without making any new, lasting friendships or connections. I had a whole group I was working with all year, and when the program ended, they all left and I realized there wasn't a single person who I could count as a true friend. Message them with an idea or for a favor or with an opportunity, sure. But no one added to or expanded my personal circle. No one I feel like I could reach out to again just because or with no motivation other than friendship. And maybe they didn't feel this way about me, maybe they wouldn't mind an awkward request for friendship...but, looking back, I realize I never really let myself feel that spark. I never let myself connect. And how could I have made it through this full year, a year of new opportunities, of growth and experience, of networking and service...and not have made a single genuine connection? I consider myself a genuine person. How could I have made such a major mistake without even knowing it? The work that I did was an amazing experience that I wouldn't change for the world. But this - missing the human connections and relationships in such a pivotal, transformational time in my life - I wish I had done this differently.

Every year in the past years I wish I hadn't wasted my time. It runs so fast now. I wish I had spent less time online and more time with friends who made me laugh. I wish I had felt less stressed and less under pressure. I wish I had played more. I wish I had rested more. I wish I had loved more. Especially myself and especially without expectations and conditions. I wish I had not been so alone and I wish I knew how to change that. I wish I had met someone who would want to be with me. I wish... I wish I didn't feel death coming closer every second.

I wish I wouldn't give into temptation about asking people for money. I'm proud that I can recognize this fault now so I can work on it now.

Yes. Yes.

I wish I'd been more organized and was able to start my marketing program sooner. Also would have liked to plan a vacation with my wife.

I'm proud of making sure my son gets outside and has creative and sensory play times. I had a stressful few months while unemployed and I'm proud I got through it. I wish I hadn't passed up a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to go to Obama's White House for the events around 9/23/2016.

As my husband is declining in his struggle with ALS, I have been working less and staying home more....almost to the point where I am barely working. Still leaving the house for the gym and seeing friends occasionally. Very content to be where I am at. I wish that I had had the courage to give up my work altogether. This is truly a deeply felt decision for me to make....since working has been part of me for 50 years....and I like the feeling of being needed by the organization but in this case, I think ultimately I need to be home as long and as frequently as I can possibly be....to help my Bill on this journey.

I wish I'd been more assertive at the ER and in the ICU. I knew something was wrong and they weren't taking me seriously. It was a huge mental strain and took months of this year from me where I couldn't do anything but vomit up anything I ate and sleep. However this year I did get into college and I'm so proud of that! I've finally settled on a career that really suits me that'll allow me to take care of myself in the future that's actually in demand. I feel like I'm ready to start my life.

Yelled less often at my kids... a work in progress, and something that fluctuates, but it has been a tough year for parenting.

I was able to get my finances in order and apply for early retirement. I gave my employer 16 weeks notice in order for them to have ample time to find a replacement and had been updating information in my critical path as I had been moving through the various aspects of the business cycle. I was able to leave the place with a clear conscience.

I wish that I would've valued my relationship with my ex more and not have cheated on her.

I wish I had not put on 10 pounds. I am proud of the way my husband and I teamed up to work on his job application and interview process.

I wish I would of gotten out of the relationship earlier. I wish I worked harder at work at take it more serious. I'm glad I finally said goodbye to him. I'm glad I got through the school year. I'm happy about meeting new men and seeing if they are worth time because of going through dating coach. Paying off my car. Getting a new couch. Finally getting a puppy Diana in February 2.

I wish I had started taking control and acting on my plans sooner. I spent too much time thinking and not enough time doing. --- I am very proud of myself for having lost the weight I intended on losing. First fitness/health goal COMPLETE!!

I am especially proud of learning to ride a bike again at my age and I am so happy that I got into NKU and am taking a music class which I enjoy. I wish I had eaten less and exercise more.

I wish I had taken care of myself in a more productive way. Actively tried to find things to be passionate about and work towards, professionally and personally. I wish I was a more organized person. Someone who can schedule time to organize things I've wanted to get done in my house. Clear out my closet. Clear out my second bedroom, which has essentially become a storage room , and set up an office area. I am proud that I have started to meditate regularly. That's something I've wanted to do for a while and I can feel the difference in my day when I meditate. It sets a tone for my day which results in a calmer more productive or forgiving day.

No i tend to be the person to say it's done so let's move on... I'm proud of leaving my workplace after early 4 years - it was meant to happen this way... Im glad i broke away from that miserable time where i was unhappy and not looking forward to work.

Successfully moved my career and relationship along by taking on new challenges (critical investment risks and new business) which were further solidified by meaningful activities (Half Dome, Cuba, triathlon, Tough Mudder).

Well, I wish I had not tripped on those 8-pound weights and fallen and broken my wrist on May 11, 2017. I wish I'd listened to my body and rested that day but I was stubborn and went to barre class anyway - the big little accident that ruined my summer. I am expecially proud of the fact that I FINISHED MY MFA IN DRAMATIC WRITING AT NYU!!!!

I didn't get pregnant. We tried. We tried 6 times, which is all that insurance will pay for. It was a roller coaster of emotion and disappointment. I'm trying not to wish I had done things differently, we did the best we could - but it feels easy to second guess myself. They say you should be relaxed and stress free when you are trying to get pregnant - watching your mom die and then grieving her death probably doesn't meet that criteria. Should we have waited a while? I wasn't feeling particularly strong physically. I didn't do acupuncture. Did I ask the right questions? Is there anything else I could have done to have increased my chances of pregnancy? At the same time, I'm proud of us too. We found a sperm donor, we found a doctor, we did good research, we let ourselves take this risk and we tried. And we stayed connected and supportive of each other through it all.

I wish I had worked on my independence this year. I am so lucky to be in a great relationship, however I felt as if I lost a lot of my independence and slowly began depending on others for my happiness, rather than making it myself. I wish I had worked more on my mental health, instead of just immediately turning to others for advice, I suppose I could have sat down and really thought out my situations, and follow advice I would have given to another friend in my situation. I feel as if I can give good advice however I rarely follow my own advice. I am proud of myself for staying in shape and staying motivated at the gym. I am glad I found Crossfit Conquest and finally feel like I fit in more, while branching out to other members and building relationships. I am proud that I have started becoming more comfortable in this new place, because last year the first few months were tough transitioning from undergrad where all of my friends were, to Davie where I knew one person, my roommate. I am proud of myself for building up confidence to branch out and be friendlier to people, whether it is at the gym or at work. I hope I can continue to build confidence this upcoming year, and working on being more independent and not necessarily depending on other people for my happiness and well-being, but instead having it come from within.

I do believe that my answer here is very much similar to last years. I wish that I had stuck to keto like I had planned. I also said this last year :: I am going to be getting back on keto here soon. But this year my husband is going to be joining me. I think that since I have to help keep him on track that it will help keep me going.

I'm really proud of the personal work I've done for myself in helping me get to a more accepting version of myself. I guess I'm just starting to be okay with making mistakes and dealing with the results. What I'm really proud of this year is working at not making the same mistakes again. Or handle the results of a mistake better. (Overcommitting, reacting anxiously to a situation, procrastination.)

I wish i would have stood up for myself sooner. I am proud that i do not have to be so passive anymore with people who are always putting me down.

Recently had my first baby, very proud.

I am proud that I challenged my thoughts and beliefs. I looked critically at what was before me and came to my own conclusion. It was difficult and there were a number of existential crises involved, but I can say I truly believe what I believe - and I can explain to someone why.

I wish I spent less time inside my own head last year, but I'm proud of listening to myself and sticking to my instincts.

I'm especially proud that throughout 5777 I was consistently in the gym twice a week almost every week. That is major for me. I finally experienced what everyone talks about, my body actually missing and craving exercise. I am not mentioning my age because it's been a battle for a surprising number of years to arrive here. What would I have done differently? I would have been more assertive about spending time with a friend who died last week. I would have not cared so much whether it made her uncomfortable. I would have acted on the lessons I had learned from previous losses. But she seemed to be doing well with her chemo, continuing to live her life fully...until she wasn't. And then it was too late. When I get the nudge to call or write or visit, I need to ignore the denial that there's plenty more time and act on it.

I wish I had saved more money. I always wish I would save more money.... Nothing is more calming for me than financial security. Another year I have dropped the ball.. but that's okay, one day I will save enough to be comfortable. I am proud of really finding out who I am this year. I think I had been so lost for so long that I couldn't figure out who I wanted to be anymore. I am finally super confident with the person that I am and I am no longer concerned with pleasing or making other people comfortable.

Not really anything I'd do differently other than be more patient and that's something I'm constantly working on. Right speech. Right action.

I wish that I had saved more money instead of spending the little that I had earned on trivial treats. The older I get the more I realize the importance of financial planning and thinking about people other than myself. Spending money on gifts for family or my girlfriend make me very happy. Providing financial relief for those affected by hurricanes or flooding... that is worth more to me than a couple single origin coffees or a new pair of sunglasses. I'm very proud of staying sober for the past year. My sobriety date is 9/11. I won't pretend and say it was easy, but it was far easier than keeping up the charade that was my life in addiction and alcoholism. Decision making isn't any easier than it was, but I have some measure of relief knowing that I'm honest in all of my affairs and can face the hard choices life throws at me with some measure of rational thought.

I wish that I hadn't trust other people - especially men - so easily. Because I had been too trustworthy, I had put myself in very vulnerable situations. I wish that I hadn't been so emotionally dependent on other people. I've realized that I can't nor shouldn't rely on others for anything. I also wished that I focused more on my writing. Another year has passed, and I still haven't gotten much done. In some way, I feel that I have failed. I also wished that I had kept my commitments to reach my goals such as becoming fluent in Russian, stay fit, and maintaining my happiness. To be honest, I really don't like this question because I cannot change what has happened, and I really don't like to look back and stress about what I could've/should've/would've done differently. Yes, I have made mistakes, even the same mistakes over and over, but that's how I have learned to grow this past year. On the bright side, I'm EXTREMELY proud that I was able to travel on my own to different cities in Russia. I was able to take trains to Saint Petersburg and Nizhny Novgorod without any help from anyone. I didn't get lost nor did I even need to ask for directions. I'm extremely proud that I was able to do it all in a foreign language (Russian!). I've met some of the most amazing people along the way, and they have become good friends of mine. I've learned that the world isn't such a scary place and that there will always be good people wherever I go.

I wish I would have handled Breanna cheating on Mike differently. I don't know how, but I feel like I could have done better... I am proud of the honesty in my relationship with Johnathan.

I am proud that all the hard work I've done to learn how to balance my life and avoid extreme highs and lows has paid off. I'm happier, even joyful in my job, able to say yes and no appropriately to requests for my time or attention, comfortable with myself. I wish I'd done better treating my husband and son with more care, more sensitivity, more the way I'd like to be treated. My sarcastic tongue and cutting humor does damage, and I have done little to modify my behavior.

I deliberately avoid looking back .. I feel there is nothing beneficially about wishing to change something I can't. I am very invested in living in the moment and focusing on doing my best every day. So, the only real answer to this question for me is that I try to do my best to spread positive energy every day in all I encounter. Being proud is not a focus because I like to think with less ego I attract more blessings.

I wish I had better work-life balance, and that I could find a way to be guilt free when doing either one of those things.

I wish I would have enjoyed my summer more. I wish I would have gone on more bike rides, gardened more, had more adventures with my husband and my friends. Summer is my favorite time of year and I don't know why but I didn't fully embrace all of the fun things I enjoy so much about summer. This makes me a little nervous for the fall and upcoming winter, since I usually get sad around this time of year. I'll try to be more outgoing and bike more over the fall and winter, I think that helps me feel OK with life during the dark cold days.

I wish I had been less at the mercy of myself - I've had major food allergies for about 6 years now, and I've really started to despair about how limited they make my life, socially, for travel, etc. I need to keep trying to find solutions, but even if those don't appear, I need to find a way to live with how I am.

I’m very proud that I took a trip of a lifetime to Cuba. The trip gave me reflection to notice how great my life is now and will be for the foreseeable future. Now did I handle dipshit doctor correctly. I do not care as he was not a good person.

I finally gave myself a break. I am proud of this because, as a woman, mother, wife, business owner, I forget that I need to put myself first on occasion! First girlfriend vacation in 27 years... And it was an extraordinary gift of relaxation, soul strengthening and calm. Thank you.

I"m proud of myself for stepping out of my comfort zone this year. Currently, I'm writing this from a bedroom in Madrid, Spain. Being such a homebody, as well as having a fear of being alone, I never saw myself getting the chance to travel and explore new countries alone. But here I am, alone and loving every minute of it. I still talk to my family daily, I still get emotional, but I'm making it happen.

I wish I would have ran away alone. I wish I could have just been done with this all. nothing to be proud of this year. people around me do not see it but I do

I am particularly proud of two things from this past year. First, I am proud of converting to Judaism. I recently wrote a blog post that outlines why I feel that was an accomplishment to take pride in. To sum that up, converting to Judaism required deep self-reflection about who I am, what I believe, and who I want to be years down the road. It required me to have challenging conversations with my parents and close friends, but I found support and love from them where I had feared I might encounter skepticism and judgment. This past year I am also proud of getting in better physical shape by doing CrossFit, which I've now been at for 13 months. I'm proud of the things I can now do that I couldn't do a year ago, such as deadlifting more than my body weight, doing 20 inch box jumps, and making gains on other lifts. I was hopeful that by now I'd be able to do a pull-up, but I only have myself and my shoulder pain to blame for that. I haven't put in the time or effort to do that. But I am still proud of how much stronger, faster, and leaner I am. I love the friends I've made and the self-confidence I have gained. Doing CrossFit has inspired me to eat better and take better care of myself all around.

I wish I hadn't fought for a job I didn't like. It was a waste of my time, energy and good faith and did not help me or anyone. When petty bureaucrats, irrationality, bias and meanness prevail, it's time to get out. I should have seen the signs and accepted the karma of it.

I am usually such a harsh judge of myself. Surprisingly, however, looking back on my year I am proud of my choices. If I had to say one thing, I'd say I wish I could have found a way to cope with pain better. I know I was snappy and not nice to my now-fiancé. There were moments that the pain was so terrible, I was in survival mode. It only makes me more grateful for the man I'm going to marry. In times when my generosity of spirit was consumed by pain, he loved me through it and brought me to the other side. I also wish I had called my dad more. I talk to my mom almost daily. I tried calling him a few times and had great talks, but need to keep that up again. I am particularly proud of coping with the concussion as well as I have. I think it could have really destroyed me, but I didn't let it. There were days that it felt impossible, but by the grace of god, my family, my lover, I got through it. I held it together, made the right priorities, and got a new job in NYC with continuing symptoms.

In dozens of interactions with Kaen, I need to be more compassionate, thoughtful and fully present. At the same time, I think our communication is improving. Looking at last year's concern over time management, my cooking skills and meal planning is much improved and Karen's participation is a welcome help and provides needed variety. I take pride in my performance in the lead role in our musical, being a part of our community choir with our performance at the Festival, and my enjoyment of grandsons/family & friends.

Seen my Granchildren more!

I wish I had never tried to date the person that I dated. Read the situation wrong and learned that I have to be very careful about who I date. I am proud that I learned that.

I guess I'm proud of sticking it out at this crappy job long enough to finally qualify for the employer "match" to my retirement plan. And am proud of behaving better at work. Haven't yelled at anyone, no backtalk to my boss, no matter what idiotic things he says. One thing I wish I'd done was to go on some group bike rides. I didn't ride my bike at all this year, and am sorry about that. Oh, and I am proud of paying off my two Visa cards, even though I managed to charge them up again.

I am always hoping to make my food intake a priority, but love my chips. I am proud that I have found doctors in my new home town and am getting a baseline of my health

I'm grateful for the time I had with my Dad before he died. I'm glad he lived with us the past 7 years. I miss him so much already.

I wish I had spent less time worrying and fretrint about the outcomes of things. I am proud of being a compassionate and caring wife, mom, grandmother, sister and friend

I am still on the losing side of losing weight. I swear I do not eat much, my Fitbit cheers my constant steps, and I hit the gym regularly so I have a healthy heart in a plump tummy. Still have not figured this one, so that is a goal to complete for the next 10q. I am proud indeed of reaching the 50th wedding anniversary with my beloved wife. The five college fraternity brothers I met with at our college and Sigma Chi reunion were all still married to women we met on campus so many years ago and we all take that as a point of pride. Sure, my wife and I have had dramatic adversities which I would wish on no one, but we powered through. It was magical when my old buddy Tom and I could sing the serenade we gave her 51 years ago. I hope our next 50 go a little smoother, but I will take whatever comes.

I am proud that I took the bold step to start my own business enabling me to spend more time with my son before he left for college and enabling me to follow my passion.

I wish I would have difinitively closed my business as opposed to letting it fizzle. My apathy toward it seems weak and lazy.

I wish I had been more careful to start saving with the pay increase I received this year. It was too easy to be more aggressive with CC debt, spend more on other things, and that increase barely feels like one now... I am especially proud a lot lately. I'm living the life I want for the most part. Have lots of good (and scary) things happening (just found out I'm doing PechaKucha this winter!). I'm proud I am sticking with the motto of "stretch yourself" on the regular.

Yes. I didn’t treat one of my friends in a friendly way. We just kept throwing petty insults at each other until he sent a strongly worded text message. I really want to make up, but when I apologized, he used the apology against me. I really wish I treated him like, you know, a friend.

I wish I had taken more vacations. My wife and I have a tendency to use up our vacation time making obligatory trips to see our families, and it's no wonder we feel unfulfilled and exhausted at the end of the year - we've had no time to just go and relax and enjoy ourselves. It's not very healthy. I'm proud of the fact that we took the plunge and got married. Actually, I'm proud of my wife for taking the plunge since she never really wanted to get married until six years into our relationship. I'm proud of the way she worked through her issues with commitment and I'm proud of the way I provided her with the space to do that.

I wish I had somehow spent more time one on one with Alexander. He grew up so fast! I also wished I had put together how the Zoloft was effecting my memorization faster. I still don't have a good idea of how I acted during the show, but the results I could see weren't great, so I wish that had gone better. I'm proud of getting the help I needed. I'm proud that I went to a therapist, went on medication and found ways (okay, mostly the YMCA!) to help build a better life. This year was really really hard, and I survived it and even found times to thrive a bit. I managed to make it to all of my therapy appointments, do two plays back to back, start exercising, find a preschool for Amelia, a place for Alexander to get enrichment that also gave me an outlet and a break-- while improving my health and mothering. I mean....!

Again, I can't think of anything very significant that I wished I had done differently. I suppose I wish I was not as hard/controlling on my second child. I love him so dearly and can't help it (but I should). I also wish I could spend more time with my kids and not travel as much but I am doing the best I can in balancing this. It's funny as they don't seem to want to spend time with me at this age either.

This year, I am most proud of how I have really applied myself to my music and as a worship leader. I had been just doing the bare minimum of effort at my church, but I have added a lot of well-received additions to our weekly service. I feel like I am finally doing what I have been called to do for years. In respect to the music which I do at area senior facilities, I have made it a goal to have 24 different set lists which I can perform. This has required me to learn dozens of new songs. In fact, in September I learned 20(!) songs to my repertoire that I had never done before. I feel more engaged with my audience and the feedback has been amazing. Just today I did a set of 1970's singer-songwriters in the morning, and a set of Rat Pack songs in the afternoon. Both audiences had people who told me afterward that I was the best they had ever heard. So, I know I'm on the right track.

I could do a better job opening myself up to people on emotional and spiritual levels. I consider myself to be an emotional and spiritual person but I tend to keep things hidden, below the surface. This is true with relationships I have with family, friends, and people I work with. Alternatively, I'm proud of how I pushed myself physically to get into better shape through training, running, and working out at the gym.

I'm especially proud of the work I did this past year. Certainly, it wasn't all perfect. But I had a wonderful cohort of interns, and hired five amazing new ones. FreshFest was a success in its one way, as was this year's. And I think I'm a good influence on my Ruach board. And, of course, I've made some wonderful connections, and I adore my coworkers.

I wish I would have trusted my gut more about the feelings I had for him and the situation. I was either to careful and held back or too strong. I would have gone to my formal alone rather then bring someone who meant nothing to me just so I would feel better about going alone. Additionally, I wouldn’t have let him in my mind and heart again. I should have learned from the past year I was only being stringed along. He seems perfectly capable of making distance work with his new girlfriend. Maybe he didn’t want it to work for us so he made sure it wouldn’t. I’m especially proud in the confidence I see in myself. I lost it for a few years but I feel it coming back slowly. It feels incredible. Also congrats to me on the new job. I’m picking up on everything really quick and everyone is being so supportive. Feeling great.

Sometimes success is something you achieve quietly and this last year was the most successful I have ever had at work. My Licensee is aware of this and excited about it but the people I work with at the coal face have no idea and often criticise me for not working hard enough??? My regret is I did not share my success well enough at a local level. They got the money but they don't know just how well we did or how much hard work went into it.

I wish I had not caved into the pressure of divorce by taking the first job offer that came along. I have not been happy there; I have been abused, even, threatened and downtrodden, but I have been grown to conquer all that has been thrown at me since I started there.

I wish I put more effort into carving out time for photography! It is a passion and joyful avocation, and also, a nagging anxiety relative to organizing my work. I wish I had a better work flow which takes a bit more time during post processing. I am working slowly to put order to this chaos....sooner might have been better! I beat cancer and did it with dignity and the loving support of family, friends and strangers. I committed to the belief that I can only control my actions and attitudes and took charge of them throughout. It was a rich learning year with a great outcome. I have never lived a healthier life!

It is hard to regret things that you did not know at the time, but then again, there are things we are aware of and simply tell ourselves "later ... I know, I know." With respect to the latter, I wish I had been more disciplined and focused.

There is so much I wish I had done differently. I wish I had been more patient with my daughter, more consistent in caring for our home, and more mindful of my marriage. I have been hyper focused on work and my outside commitments, trying to heal the world, and my family sometimes got pushed to the side. I wish I had strived more for that always elusive balance.

I wish I had spent more time focusing inward on myself and working to find productive ways to be happy/happy ways to be productive. I got caught up in a lot of bad habit loops last year that I'm still slowly trying to extricate myself from now. I'm especially proud of the work I put into community-building this year, in trying to put my friends first and trying to make people welcome in spaces I felt ownership over. I'm not inherently the friendliest person (in the sense of being really bubbly), but creating open and fun spaces is important to me and I'm glad I had a big focus on that this past year. Always room for improvement, but good work was done :)

When #45 won the electoral college and, thus, became President of the Electoral College, my wife talked of joining anti-Trump groups. I knew that neither she nor I are about being against things, so much as we are being FOR positive happenings. We formed the Expecto Patronum (primarily northern CT and western MA) division of The Order of the Phoenix. We have organized and participated in many phone banks, email, text, and FB campaigns toward preserving our rights and liberty and promoting social justice. I am proud that we are not just sitting back and complaining; we are doing, and we are leading others in being active as well.

Asked for more and not accepted anything less than what i wanted. Despite my success I can't say that I'm proud of it.

I'm learning to speak up about injustice at work and bullying at home

I wish I had been more prepared for the 2nd opportunity I was given to work at one of my dream jobs. I really wanted to go back to what I loved. I am proud that I was at a lost when I started working on these databases. Now I can really fix them. I am proud to still have my mother with me and deciding to put family first.

There is nothing that I would do different and I am proud to go back to weight watchers to get a handle on my weight and health.

I'm going with the alternative question because I can't think of anything off hand that I would have done differently. But something I'm particularly proud of was applying for and winning the C. Farrell Research Scholarship to pay for an entire three quarters of school in exchange for doing faunal analysis on an archaeological site and possibly getting a paper published as an undergraduate. This research project could open a lot of doors for me.

I wish I'd done my literature review more formally and turned it into a publication.

The most painful things this year was my relationship with Holly. I am not sorry that I told her how I felt, that I felt neglected and that she was not honoring our agreement. I could have even said more ... I am said that our relationship was so fragile that one email ended it. I guess the thing I regret a little is trusting her and hoping for a relationship at all. I keep going over my part in my mind and I do feel comfortable with how I acted. It just stinks and I have a lot of resentment towards her and Jim. I am proud of how Max and I have handled all the cabin challenges with calm grace.

Because I believe nothing happens by chance everything happened to teach me something. There are some things I regret and something's that I might have gained deeper understanding from. My memory seems to fidget things more and more and I suppose the habits run deep. I wound like to stop being such a people pleased. Why want I remember to practice listening more and sharing less. It seems to be a compulsion really. There is no guarantee that my additional comments or sharing will add to any convetsatiin or enhance any rekatiinship. I just do it. Trying to fit in. But I feel it is all about me and I dont want to fill in the blanks. I suppose I am afraid to feel my feelings. I think as I speak. Suppose practice of silence and not sharing can be done by men. When see that I am doing it again. Just stop.

I wish I'd worked harder at actually trying to do some writing of my own to escape this hellish corporate existence.

Yes. Gotten my business back on.

I wish that I spent more time taking in what was around me and learning from it rather than complaining that everything was different than what I was used to.

I wish I had quit my job at the federal government before I felt trapped by the hiring freeze -- if I leave now, I can't be replaced. I wish I hadn't sent my teenage daughter to an intensive language immersion camp, which traumatized her. I wish I had invested the time to figure out how I can actually contribute to my community and society at large.

I wouldn't change anything. I know I did the best I could. I pray I can be a better person this next year. I am very proud that we made it to 25 years and celebrated it twice this year and that we have 4 others at 25 years also because of us.

I am really proud of making the decision to end my marriage. That may sound odd, but it's probably the best decision I've made for myself as an adult. It was violent and abusive at times and I realized that if I stayed I would just end up hating my husband. I don't want to carry hate around in my heart for anyone.

I wish I would have been more purposeful with my emotions. This was a rollercoaster of a year, and I wish I would have been able to keep my cool with those who got the best of me.

I wish that I had made more time for my mussar studies. I wanted to really get into it, but I felt pressed for time in my consulting job, and it never really came together. This is going to be my first and foremost action in the coming year.

yes, I am person who like to talk sometime talk when should not be talking. I proud that done well with my job.

This year I feel like I developed my own set of values separate from my family or any peer pressure. Maybe it was due to the election, a new job, or moving somewhere new. I figured out who I want to be, and what kind of person I want to be in the world. I know what I want my own world to look like. I'm proud of that.

I find that I'm doing very well at 'going with the flow'--not something that I'm proud of, per se, but i'm certainly happy about being in this groove. What could I have done differently this past year? Paid better attention to my loved ones--not Andrew and Adam, who get lots of love and attention, but Andie and Linnie, my favorite people in the world (other than Andrew and Adam and Cata and Brembo and Mila, our new extended family). New Year's resolution: Be more attentive to those you love while they are here to be loved.

I wish I had had more mental clarity to sort through and get rid of more of my stuff. We live in a small space and I know I would benefit in all areas of my life if I would process and let go of many things. I think I have finally turned a real corner in my battle with postpartum depression. I am thankful that I feel like I have the ability to heal and improve from here on out.

I stressed over college applications too much over the summer. The main problem was that I would wait for my anxiety to come to a boil to sit down and get busy. I lacked motivation but had a surplus of pressure; self-set due dates always loomed on the horizon, but I wouldn't let myself make any progress until it was nearly too late. It was in this way that I maximized stress and minimized productivity. I was in a limbo between relaxation and work, and I could never engage in one without the other seeping in at the periphery of my thoughts and mood. Whenever I plopped myself down in my chair with my laptop atop my lap and a game on its screen, I did so under the icy drip of prospective necessary effort expense. Whenever I creaked my bones onto the rigid non-reclining office chair at Mom’s desk with a to do list under my heavy palm and a screen under my heavy eyes, I did so under the warm, wet weight of sessile abandon and lethargy. If I touched one, I felt the other. The clock was ticking. I only had so many days left in my last summer, and I only had so many days before I needed to get that draft done. Upon looking back on this at first, I thought I should have made the most of my summer. But then I thought that maybe it would have been better if I had done all the work I needed to do in one solid stretch. Now I realize that what matters is the fact that doing something differently would have been better. I wasted my summer because I spent it worrying about things that needed to be done. I wasted my summer because I spent it lounging around, shunning the calendar. I wish I had committed to wasting my summer in only one way.

I wish I had raised my concerns about our last minister when I first encountered them. I'm very proud that I have not only kept the weight off but have lost a couple more pounds. Down to 125. Bought a size 6 shorts that fit perfectly!

I just wish I didn't procrastinate so much. I hate the house being messy but I also hate cleaning it.

I wish I went out with my wife more often this past year. The love is there, but we rarely make the time to go out. Money is an issue, but we've taken a few walks on the beach this summer and they were highlights. This year I want to do that more often. Just bring a sweatshirt!

I wish I would have spent less time in front of screens. And more time outside.

I would say that I wish I communicated better with Dylan, but I am so grateful for the lessons I learned from that experience. In Israel, I thought I might like this kid who was younger than me. I felt connected to him, and I didn't know why. But for lack of a more polite way of saying it, he ended up just really annoying me and grossing me out. He reminded me of my dad. Every bit of him bothered me. And he was so immature. And I ended up feeling no attraction to him. I should have told him; instead, I let him believe that his weird act of coming into my room is the reason I wanted nothing to do with him when that wasn't the case. Seeing him so torn up and miserable when I wasn't honest with him really impacted me. I saw how I sometimes could string people along without being open and communicative. I also wish I had advocated and stood up for myself more. I've had friends treat me like shit: Hunter, Hadar, Margaret, Luke. People who have said disgusting things to me. These are all people I've eliminated from my life without regret (besides Hunter but it's okay) and so I'm getting better in that I'm no longer taking their shit but I just wish I had marked a line so they knew they couldn't speak to me like that in the first place. Maybe I'm blaming myself for the way other people act towards me though. I don't know. I'm proud of how I'm trying to own things. I'm trying to improve. I'm trying to show up for friends. I'm trying to acknowledge my resentment for my mom. I'm trying to be a better friend- actually going to see Allison in Portland going to visit Jesse in San Fransisco. I know we have to show up for friends. I went to Jacob Morrison's bday when I wasn't feeling well. I'm proud I'm trying. I'm proud of how I'm trying to lose my fear around love. I can visualize myself loving someone. I can visualize someone loving me. I no longer think I'm unloveable until I fix myself. I'm proud of trying to reduce and diminish harmful thoughts that affect my energy and the way I carry myself in the world.

I have not put enough efforts into my relationship with my husband. I spend too much time using my iPad instead of paying more attention to him. We are not engaged with each other like we used to be. He watches tv and I use my iPad. I also have not spent as much time getting to know my Lord intimately. I need to spend more time with Him.

I am especially proud of passing my SHRM-CP exam. It took weeks of prep CNN classes and study, but I did it.

Ok, so I would have committed myself more. That probably doesn't make any sense, but I'm known to be a flake in pretty much all aspects of my life (school, relationships, tennis, temple) and I feel like if I committed myself I would have had a lot more experiences (good and bad). A part of me knows that my tendency to flake is just a personality thing, and it will probably never change, and another part of me knows that some of it is due to anxiety. In the new year, I would like to dive in head first to almost everything I encounter, or at least commit more to relationships with friends, boys, plans, tennis, school, and temple. It definitely will be scary, but it will be exciting and it's time to commit to college in the near future, so in the year 5578 I'm looking to improve this major flaw of mine.

Throughout the past year, I slowly experienced separation from my spouse that I recently walked away from. I truly tried to make it work because when things were good, they were good, but unfortunately, the bad was way worst, and I just wished that I would've walked away earlier! I am proud of myself for my strength and more importantly, I am so proud of my 16 year old son! He is there for me no matter what, and his love is unconditional! He is a strong spirited young man, he's polite, loving, giving, and has a super bright future ahead of him!

Always and forever I wish I would have figured out my finances when I got my new job. It would have made this summer a lot smarter instead of spending my money on whatever. Now I have to go back to struggling until next summer. I'm really disappointed in myself. I wish I had the guts to correct people on my pronouns. Or tell people how I feel about them.

One thing I wish I had done differently this past year is to find a job that follows my bliss. I'm especially proud of my mindfulness practice this past year. Being awakened is pure happiness.

Of course. The song about regret that always comes to me is the Dixie Chicks' "Top of the World". The religious referents may be different or absent, and hopefully we are are still getting out of our chairs, but the sense of longing to have done some things differently is always there. It has to be. It's the way we are.

Like I said last year, I feel like I live my life in regrets. I wish I put more effort into my relationship. That is probably the biggest. I am proud of birthing another giant, 10 lb baby!

I wish I would have been more intentional with the kids. With how our time was spent and how I show them that I love them. Alternatively I am so proud of myself for vbs and for the rest of the family participating as well.

I forgive you President Trump... I'm sorry I said I hated you. I'd rather forgive you for all your rude and thoughtless comments about race, gender, gender indentity, immigration, and religion. I forgive you not because you deserve it. I forgive you because that is what I'm called to do by our Creator. I will not harm, shame, or humiliate you through my thoughts, words, or actions. Instead, I will pray for you, America, and myself. You have reminded me to never forget Chesed, Kavod, or Emet for everyone, including you.

I wish I know how to socialize at the beginning of the last year and to know what to do in moments of crisis, also I wish I knew the woman of my dreams so i would be more decided to make aliyah, but things happen in the right moment. I’m proud that I have a real goal in my life, and that i have learned to be strong regardless the situation or the place where I’m right now.

More patience. More time. I am proud of my daughter, my husband, my work, and my yemple and blassed to be a part of all.

Everything regarding family I have been physically unwell and my family paid the price for my pain. I obviously wish I had been less reactionary and much more mindful of my actions. I have done nothing to be proud of. Most everything I ha e done was either out of anger, paranoia, or resentment .

Not really- I think I pushed myself to really work on some things. I pushed myself in a lot of ways and for the first time did so with a healthier, balanced approach. I guess I could have believed in myself more at certain times. And talked less shit, although I strive to only say something I'd be ok saying to the person. It helps me bring empathy into the picture. I'm proud of the above. Going to therapy, balancing my diet, volunteering, following through more on what I say I'll do (though I can and will get better at this).

I think I took a lot more time than I should to adjust my mental makeup and expectations when it comes to building my life after my relocation to Perth. I had a lot of feeling of being owed, of asking for a guarantee that it would work even when I know what I took on was a risk, of asking for reassurance before I sign up for things. When I should've known that I'm stronger than that, smarter than that and therefore a lot more courageous than I think I am. In some ways similar, however, I am especially proud this year that I'm not afraid to learn and re-learn. I listened to a lot of difficult feedback, especially from one person whose opinion matters the most to me - my partner. But I'm proud of him for always saying the true and honest thing even when he knows that it's not something I want to hear, and I'm proud that even when I refuse to listen to them at the beginning (we're blessed with the same level of pigheadedness when it comes to arguing), I always came to and I know that to learn means to accept that I am flawed and therefore I can and should make improvements.

I wish I had gotten more of my dissertation done! I am also proud of the progress I _have_ made on the dissertation -- the second time at the point in my academic career, and looking like we might finish this one! -- and I am proud of my direction with the topic. Here's to be COMPLETELY done by next Rosh Hashanah...and a project that is also publication-ready!

I am proud that I have become involved in Assistance League (AL). The volunteer opportunities are worthwhile and this year I will do more the the one program I did last year. Plus the women I met in the n ew members group from 2016-7 are a wonderful group and I enjoy the book group we have started.

I wish I had been able to confront people I did not agree with more often. I had lots of trouble with some of my coworkers this summer and I wish I had talked to them and made me realize I was a little more alpha then them and then talked to my group leader about how to be a better leader.

I am proud that I started my advocacy in Immigration Rights. I found going to Sacramento and voicing my opinions was eye opening. I found my passionate and sincere voice.

This year I found enough trust to retire from a tenured professorship that I stopped enjoying several years ago. I often come from a mindset of financial scarcity, so it was a challenge to walk away from a guaranteed salary and benefits and into a rather small retirement--many advised me to stay on for another few years, but I want to do other things before I cannot....

I wish I had pushed both Joseph and Samuel, Joseph to get a job and Samuel to enroll in school. Sigh. It’s hard to know how much to push and how much to let them flounder. They need to stand up on their own and cant expect me to be always lead them. R

I believe that everything happens for a reason. When I think back about what I should have done differently, I wish that I had taken a chance and had gone to my niece 's wedding in NY. But then, I still wonder if that was really in my best interest. I''m learning not look back and not to regret. No regrets- only lessons! I may try harder to attend the next family Simcha as I believe that life is about the accumulation of those special moments. I'm proud of the changes that I've made in my personal growth- particularly trusting that all is well.

I wish I had started my healthy lifestyle sooner then I did. I did not realize how much better I would feel. I am proud that I finally got my act together & started taking care of myself.

I wish I exercised more. It would have been nice to have actually started working out my arms before the tendinitis acted up again. Now I have to heal it before I start again.

The answer to both questions is no. Nothing major that I would have done differently and nothing that I feel especially proud of.

I wish I was more patient with those around me. But I'm very proud of my work both professionally & with Nathan!

I am proud of myself for losing 35 pounds this year. Slow and steady, no extreme diet craziness. Now to keep it off!

I wish that I had done more performing, but I think that also had to do with major fatigue from not realizing my medication wasn't working as well as it used to. I feel like I kind of sold myself out on that. I could also say I wish I hadn't fallen for Tim so quickly — but I don't know if I can control that. I feel things so deeply and that doesn't seem like something I should try to change.

I wish I had taken better care of my health, especially eating healthy and maintaining a better weight. Binge eating is my downfall. On the flip side, getting more than adequate exercise and having excellent cardiovascular health.

Even though a lot has happened this year, I can't really think of any major "decisions" I really made, per say, that weren't obvious or automatic. Nothing significant to regret. Most of the big things to be proud of (business, house, wife) happened before this year. One thing that would have been great to do differently is the angle and momentum of that leap from the trapeze to the tick-tock pillar on American Ninja Warrior so that I could have gone on to try some other obstacles.

Im proud of helping aftr hurricne harvey. I wish i could have done more. Maybe wth the red cross.

I sold my house this year and it was hard. I had no idea how attached I had become to my things. It took me forever to pack the things I needed and to sell and give away the rest. Each thing had a story. Giving a thing away felt like burning the book of the story of the thing.

I wish I had done a better job of strengthening relationships. I feel like there were some relationships I let slip away when I had no reason to let that happen. I think with moving back to Los Angeles, I was able to strengthen so many relationships, but let the ones created in Seattle fizzle away. I hope this year I can focus on rebuilding and creating new relationships.

I wish I had taken the time to think through situations concerning my children and possibly reacted differently.

I wish I had focused more on what is important to me. Whether it was school and my relationship with learning or my relationship with my family members, I think I let the stress overtake me and distracted me from who I really am. My break over the summer reignited my love of learning and my evolving relationship with my parents changed how I view my role in the family, but I need to work on avoiding letting these things slip given who I really am. I am proud of the risks I took- PAR elections, JCC PEI, strengthening my friendships at school, AMHSI. Even though not all of these endeavors ended up as successful as I was hoping, I am proud of the experiences I gained and the fact I was able to stretch myself.

I am proud of the way that I handled my chemotherapy. While I was in a lot of pain, I persevered through the joint pain, nausea and the fatigue until we were able to find a compound that worked with the least amount of side effects. Also, I'm very proud of the fact that I was able to handle the bone marrow biopsy under a local, and had much less pain than I thought that I had.

Losing weight. Huge accomplishment. Committing to eating healthy Committing to Synagogue. Growing in understanding Judaism

I'm sure there is, but nothing big enough to come easily to mind I guess. Usually it's interpersonal things, putting my foot in my mouth and such, so I guess just to make sure to think better before opening my mouth.

I wish I'd been kinder and more patient. I am not always very kind in my thoughts about people. I can be very judgmental and project my assumptions on to others. I am sorry I've been impatient with people, particularly the person I live with. I project my expectations on to him and am disappointed when he doesn't live up to them!!! I would like to stop expecting people to be who I want them to be and being critical and dissatisfied when they are themselves. It's not fair to them and sure as hell isnt fair to me. Just makes me unhappy.

I don't think there is much I would do over from this year. I am incredibly proud of myself for finally getting off my ass and taking a hard look at my eating/exercise habits. On January 20, I weighed 202 pounds at only 5'3". By September 20 (8 months later), I have lost 55 pounds and am still losing. I went from size 16 pants, which were tight and uncomfortable, to my current size 8, which are getting a little loose in the legs. Mostly I am proud of figuring out how to adjust my eating habits in a sustainable way that I am happy and able to maintain long-term. I am excited about my body again, I feel SO much better in my own skin, and I'm actually excited to buy clothes again! I'm especially excited to buy my wedding dress, and actually feel like I will be proud of what I look like on my wedding day next year.

Catch 22: I travelled a lot, which I'm glad about and enjoyed, but didn't save and plan for purchasing a home like I wanted and now feel behind.

I would have dated more, because at the moment I feel especially prone to rookie mistakes and I wish I weren't so rusty. I'm proud of the way I have cultivated relationships with my family this year. I am farther away from everyone than I have ever been and yet I do a much better job of keeping in touch with my sisters and parents. I actually enjoy talking to them and make a point of having regular phone calls. After years of rough relationships with my sisters, it's been nice to do some repairs. It's been difficult dealing with it and emotionally draining bit worth it.

I wish I hadn't studied abroad but on that program, I wish I'd taken fewer classes. I also wish that the last semester I was here, I'd been less busy, gone out more, tried to meet new people, etc. I'm proud of myself for prioritizing my mental health more this semester, including by turning off my phone for a day each week.

I wish I had asked for more money with the new job. I am proud of myself for getting out of the job I hated.

I don't really regret anything-- I think the choices I made were for the best-- maybe the fact that my emotional struggles hindered some experiences such as bcii But I have and am continuously dealing with it -- and truth be told I am so proud of myself for it and I feel like I am able to build on myself and be myself ❤️

It's a small thing. But I wish I had not injured my foot. Because the foot injury is causing all kinds of havoc in my life now! I can't walk or run for exercise, which is killing me.

There are so many things that I wish I had done this past year. I wish I had spoken my full truth in all the instances where I stayed silent and let the shame win. I wish I had opened myself up to vulnerability and expressed my utmost gratitude for the people who came into my life, because now they have rooted me deeper and lifted me higher than any amount of long-distance thankfulness could do justice. I wish I had spent my time at Monte Nido Vista more fully, appreciated every second of support, held onto every piece of newfound hope, and wrote down every conversation where it was the love that finally, finally, won. I wish I had showed my family that I loved them, more than words could ever express, more than my aching heart could ever say. I wish I had given myself more grace, found lasting proof of my inherent deservingness to be free of pain and suffering, felt gratitude when my body realized that death was not upon us. I wish I had written more poetry, I wish I had put more effort into the connections that undoubtedly tether me to this world, I wish I didn't have to begin the new year with no deeply authentic friendships in my heart. I wish I had filled my gaping holes with love and light. I wish I had become someone I could be proud of. Yet though there are many things I wish I would have done differently this year, I think the most important aspect of this is to hold onto both; to wish some things could have been different, AND to nevertheless still be proud of all the places where light shone from the dark. I am proud that I picked myself off of the hardwood floor where I expected to die, and flew myself to residential treatment. I am proud that it was by my own hand that I went from a vacant shell of an existence that prayed for death to living as a being in the world who feeds herself six times a day. I am proud that for the last year, not one feeding tube has been forced inside of me, and not once have I had my body restrained as I fought the most basic of sustenance. I am proud that this past year I have done countless things that I so wholeheartedly believed that I would never be alive to experience, and I am proud that I allowed myself enough compassion to feel that pride emanate warmth from the core of my being. I am proud of all the times I did speak my truth, all the times I fought against my very self to align all that I wanted to be with all I was in the moment. I am proud of the hope that I've nurtured, through loneliness and darkness and fear, and I am proud that for the first time in my life, getting there is one of the most sacred things inside of me. I am proud of the times where I am recognizable to myself. I am proud of the times when I sit, and breathe, and choose not to hurt. I am proud of the times when all I want is to be alive.

I wish I had spent more time enjoying my family or traveling. Im proud of the way I have built the beginnings of my new business.

I wish I had been a little more proactive in my scientific research and software development work this past year. However, I also recognize that it took a lot of time and energy to simply get familiar with the ins and outs of my new position, especially as I transitioned from working remotely part-time and dealt with being pregnant. It's less of a regret and more of something to be more mindful of when I dive back into my career post-parental-leave in 2018.

I wish I had quit my job. Alternatively, I am proud that I took up running this year and got into better shape.

I am really proud of choosing a new midwife and having an awesome and healthy pregnancy and child birth experience. I maintained my weight and health and overall it was a very chill and easy experience. I love the midwife practice and the whole transition went very smoothly. I could have stuck with the easy "known" but I wasn't happy with it in the past, they really let me down. So I'm glad I chose differently, according to what I knew I needed.

I wish I had been more patient with my mom the last time I saw her. I wish I had been kinder. I'm proud that I have learned to understand the significance and importance of each day, and that I strive to act with love and kindness towards all, especially my family and friends. I'm nowhere near perfect, but I do understand the importance.

I wish I had worked harder to be friendly and reach out to people this year, especially my sister. I wish I had spent less time worrying about grades and my interactions with other people and put more time into changing things.

um...... a difficult question. I suppose I wish I had dated more or something even though I hate dating. I wish I had spoken up more around men with men specifically Ron. But I am aware even now, I didn't call him today, and I have fear in thinking of calling him. I wish I could lighten up on myself around all of it. I am especially proud of BDE and PHI and so far the belle flower and of quitting....OH AND MY BLOG!

I think something I'm really proud of from this past year has been my commitment to taking care of my body, taking the harder classes and sticking to it. Individually, I don't always love many of the various exercises, but the overall experience leaves me feeling really empowered at the end of a class. And seeing the results of looking more toned and being in better shape, and of course losing 11 or 12 pounds gives a visual reminder of why this routine has become such an important part of who I am right now, along with the feeling of belonging I get when I am there.

What I am particularly proud of is that after being told by my boss that he had no confidence in my ability to do something, I took a class, wrote a plan and executed it with significant results, all within a three week period. I struggle with self-confidence issues, and this was a good reminder that I am capable and can learn and do whatever I set my mind to.

I’m very proud of graduating from college in 4 years. A lot of people told me they didn’t think I could because I changed my major a lot of times within the first two years and I wasn’t even sure myself if I would. But after 6 classes a semester and summer and winter corses the entire time at school I finally did it. Walking across the stage after my name was called was the best experience of my life I’ve never been happier to show myself I could do whatever I put my mind too.

I am glad that I made the choice to transfer to the Enterprise store. Although it has had some difficult times, personally I am happier here. I wish I had checked in more on Hannah while she was at school. Perhaps I would have become aware of the academic struggles she was having.

This year, I've incrementally built my site and blog and am surprised at how much I've done

Save more money. I always wish I had saved more money. After that, more social life. Working from home has cut back significantly on my human to human interactions.

I am proud of starting a business and with it bringing together neighbors and building community.

I wish I would have started my masters degree and quit my job sooner.

I am proud of (finally) getting a new job that is more aligned with my authentic self. I wish I had asked different questions of the NYPD police person who called me in the middle of the night to tell me about my son's accident.

A close friend of mine had a miscarriage. I wish I had been more present for her in the days and weeks afterward.

Lots of possible answers to this one. Retirement feels like it's working (after a week), so I wish I would have better planned to retire either when I did, or even earlier. The other possible answer is I wish I was a better person: a better husband and caregiver for Joan. She really needs someone that is non-judgmental, completely accepting, and understanding her sometimes indirect way of asking for something or making a decision. I snap at her when I shouldn't, because I think she's taking the side against me. She isn't normally, but she is pushing my buttons. I wish I had more patience and more empathy and understanding for her.

I have been thinking a lot about my responses and reactions to people/actions. I wish I could have stopped before I reacted to many people throughout the year. I will work on this. I am proud of some realizations I had this year. For instance, knowing that it is time for me to move out of my parents house, realizing I should become a doula instead of a midwife, and realizing that it is time to do my yoga teacher training. I recently realized that I should get back into giving therapy, and that I should follow my path and not the path of others. I am proud of myself for allowing myself to have this clarity. I felt relieved and like a weight had been lifted from my shoulders.

I wish I had seen the signs that my relationship with Landon wasn't working, and ended it sooner. Or admitted the signs, because I hid details of the relationship from my friends because I knew they'd tell me it was a bad idea. Had I trusted those gut instincts, I would have saved myself some time and money and heartache

Read more great books. I am happy with the way we have cultivated family culture and how much my children learned.

I wish I hadn't turned alcohol for support during times of physical pain or emotional emptiness. I wish I hadn't thought that Korrie and I could make it work. I wish I had resumed a sexual relationship with him; it just made it more difficult in the end. I wish I hadn't sunk so much into despondency that I was suicidal. I wish I had gone to a therapist. I wish I had left him sooner. I wish I hadn't offered up so much of myself for free at home and at work. I wish I had stood my ground with my dissertation idea. I wish I had believed in myself. I'm proud that I stopped drinking. I'm proud that I'm 90 days sober today. I'm proud that I'm living by myself, and am self-sufficient. I'm proud that I'm swimming again. I'm proud that I'm starting to walk/run and that I'm aiming for a half marathon in March. I'm proud that I'm beginning to stand on my own 2 feet. And proud that I'm balancing life with work. (Though, I admit that I probably need to work some more than I am currently.) I'm proud that I think I matter.

I am especially proud of how I handled Ken dying. I did everything that we had talked about through the years and made it so spiritual.

This year, my mom started dating a guy. It's been a new and exciting relationship for her, but throughout the first several months of their relationship I felt like she was ignoring me. Not purposefully, but she'd get so wrapped in her own life that I felt like she just kind of forgot about me. I let my resentment build to the point where we were just kind of co-existing for a while without any real communication between us. I didn't voice any of these resentments until July, and we didn't have a good conversation about it until the beginning of August- which was about three weeks before I left for college. I wish I hadn't let anger build, and instead confronted her before the problem got to the point where it did, and with enough time that we could have spent better time together before I left.

I( am very proud of my involvement in bringing the Ugandan Rabbi Gershom Sizomu to Philadelphia. I think it awakened a lot of people to the needs of Ugandan Jews and frankly to the existence of multi-racial Jews. For the first part, there is always some way you can do things better- listening more attentively to people and being aware of their concerns.

I was penny wise but pound foolish when I bought my new home. We discussed a storage room over the garage but my wife and I decided it would cost too much. In retrospect we are now paying more for the storage locker we need than the increase in the mortgage payment required for the storage room!

I'm proud I left a job in which I was unhappy. I'm proud I jumped to something new, despite fear.

There is not one single thing, but a series of many small things. I whish I was more patient with my children and not so quick to anger. That I worked on plans to get at the root of issues rather than living the same pattern over and over. At work I wish that I had offered to go deeper with people I support and provided support that was more meaningful and impactful. In general I feel I scratched the surface too much rather than fully diving into real solutions. I am proud that mostly my heart was in the right place, I had good intentions, and tried to move in the right direction; but overall didn't feed that I went far enough.

Especially proud of my meditation practice and how much attention I've given to it. Wish I'd spent less time talking and thinking about Jerod and wanting to "talk things through" with him. Wasted time but I needed to go through it and learn from it, no doubt.

I changed jobs this year, I hadn't realised what the impact would be on my previous company, they were really emotional about my resignation which I hadn't anticipated. Unfortunately, this emotion came out in a negative way, with them threatening not to let me accept another job for 6 months. They were obstinate about certain elements in my contract that they had previously been flexible about and it was a side of them I hadn't seen before. I didn't handle it particularly well and it led to things ending on a slightly sour note which didn't need to happen. I wish I had been more patient and understanding, I wish I hadn't reacted negatively to their emotion, I had a great 3.5 years with that company and there was no need for it to be tainted by the last two months.

There's a long list of things I wish I had done differently; too long. But above that, I'm proud of myself for not giving up, for outliving both the good days and the bad days... and also my depression. I'm still here... and still trying... so even though I wish things had been different, I am proud of myself for not giving up through all of the messy stuff.

I don't think there's anything I wish I had done differently this past year. I am proud I finally had the courage to part with my long-time companion, and, for the first time in my life of 64 years, live alone. I'm proud that I did it by moving across the country to a completely different life. The only thing I wish I had done differently to make this all better was to have saved money and made investments when I was younger, so that now I wouldn't be operating on such a shoestring. Ce'st la vie.

Nothing really different - Maybe quitting my job sooner! Taking care of my health, finally getting to a supplement regime, workout regime, and stress reduction all were huge - oh yes, alcohol reduction as well Proud of getting all that done!!! Proud at having possibly reversed the MS because of the above - certainly the Neurologist released me and the what I did different was those steps Feeling so very blessed and grateful. Services were wonderful today - the New Year, full of promise, hope, expansion and joy As I Turn, ReTurn, and Be Turned!!! HOW CAN IT GET BETTER THEN THIS

I can't think of anything I'd do differently in the past year, and that sounds arrogant. Certainly I should be able to find something. Maybe it's so minor that it doesn't register in my mind? Proud of? that's easier: - "Pushing" my son to be independent. He seems much happier making his own way. - Joining the local racing team as a driver. A dream since I was a kid. - Purchasing a house in a location where I can see us retiring. It's a team effort to live together.

I wish I had written down all the numbers on my phone. My phone locked up, and when I did a reset I lost all the numbers.

I'm proud that I am taking a chance and moving to a new place, to start a new job, after 18 years with the same company.

Yes, start school last year.

I wish I would have seen my dad one more time when I was up north, around where he lived, before he died. I wish I would have gone the extra few miles out of my way. I called while I was there. I thought I'd see him soon enough later on when we had planned to see each other in three weeks. Then he died in the time in-between. I wish I would have gone. I'd give anything to go back and have that opportunity once more. I'd go. I truly would. This past year (during Yom Kippur last year actually) I went to Seoul. It was my first time overseas and was truly an experience of a lifetime. I challenged myself to learn some basic phrases in Korean before going and I'm quite proud to say that I was able to master them before my arrival. They helped me quite a bit as I journeyed around on my own, walking and via subway. I truly enjoyed my time there and would love to go again and stay there longer - it's inspired me to learn more Korean as well..

I am proud of myself for pushing through life as hard as I can. Despite things coming up, individuals bringing me down, I am progressing and not looking back. In addition to that, I am having fun and taking the time to care about my personal happiness and experiencing life.

I wish I wouldn't have pushed my friends away. They were there for me all of middle school and now I thought that because I was in high school, I would find better friends. But I haven't, and I'm struggling to become close friends with anyone.

I think I'll always wish that I worked harder. Somehow it seems like I can keep pushing but feel like I haven't done enough or anything even. I wish I prioritized better. I'm especially proud of my relationship with Equinoz. I'm proud of the way we pursued the legislation and its success. I'm also proud of the relationship I have with relationships now. Not being obsessed with being in one. Feeling more ok with myself / needing another person to make me whole. It feels so great. I'm proud. I'd like to be more authentic and not feeling like i need to show off all the time tho.

This year, I wish I had given myself more time to rest between my departure from Asia after three years of living abroad and beginning my career in the USA for what seems to be the field I was meant to be in. By not allowing myself to settle down properly, I found myself overwhelmed by all these items that needed attending to but having no time to do so. I was adjusting to spaces I didn't take into account: my new role in my family life, the absence of some friends and the over eagerness of others, and all these bills. But my woes over money would've only grown had I not started the job when I did so that I am thankful for. All in all, its worked out in the end but not without compromising things. Its ultimately taught me the importance of prioritizing. What am I proud of? I am proud of the person I am after Asia and that I have my goals in sight and I am determined to see them brought into fruition. I am also proud of my relationships in life: with my significant other, my family, and all the friends I've made around the world. Even with my coworkers and the strangers I meet in the everyday: I am proud of the love and camaraderie that surrounds me.

I wish I had asked for extra staff help sooner on the project I have been working on. We got into a hole, and with extra help from colleagues, I may have avoided some difficult moments with the owner and contractor on my project. I was trying to be a hero. I need to stop trying to do that when it comes to my every day job. I need to save this behavior for a real crisis.

I wish I had spent more time simply enjoying my marriage. Often, we spend our time together running around and worrying. I'm guilty of becoming frustrated at lack of productivity and not appreciating or enjoying my spouse. This year, may I spend time listening, dating, and breathing easier with the love of my life.

I was promoted from a CPS to a CPS SUPERVISOR.

I am feeling much better today, but still weird. Crossfit helps, but this transition is much more rough than I can really describe to people. I used to be so popular in Trujillo, I knew cool people everywhere and wherever I would go out I'd run into people or make friends. I was doing wild and important stuff, people knew me. It is much different here, obviously. But it's difficult to get out there and try to make friends in Petaluma when one works on the weekends and has to get up early everyday. But that is ok, it is a blessing in disguise because I am in a very "focused" point in my life: I am focused on earning and saving money, improving myself, learning Danish, and getting myself set up for the future. I wish I would have done more little things to save money this past year. In Peru I was spending a lot, especially on partying...specifically on partying. I am proud of my exit from Peru. Although it was not as planned because of me getting "fired" weeks before my contract was over because I faked being sick while going to Denmark for Roskilde, I still felt pretty good with my closure and departure. I said goodbye to damn near everybody, I left with no real regrets. There are petty things like my mattress and depa deposit, but those fade away. I enjoyed my last month in Peru to the fullest, I did not hold anything back. I'm also especially proud of maintaining this beautiful thing with Trisse. "Relationship" doesn't sound right, because this is so much more. Long distance (Peru-Copenhagen: 10,844km // SanFran-Copenhagen: 8,779km) is challenging, but we've managed. Not only have we managed, but we have thrived.

Yes, I wish I had continued my political activism. After 11/8/16, I was angry. The March on Washington filled me with courage, resistance, & determination. Then I became frustrated & overwhelmed with all the issues that were happening on a daily basis: unskilled, inexperienced, bigoted people in high level government positions, a man leading the government who deserves no respect & is an embarrassment on a daily basis because of his stupidity. I found excuses not to drive the hour to events & activities. Instead, I used FaceBook to voice my opinions, presented research to substantiate my opinions, and realized no one cared except those that agreed with me. After Rosh Hashana service today, I'm going to ask my synagogue for options of service that might attract people like me - who don't work during the day or week so would be available to feed, support refugees, assist with administrative tasks, actively participate in resistance events. Maybe, like me, there are people in our community who would want to meet more on the east side rather than further west?

In this past year, I wish I had taken more time to focus on my own personal wellness--- whether through prayer, meditation, yoga, exercise or general self-care. I am very proud of the contributions I've made at work and that I was able to be successful given all of the struggles happening at home. I'm also very proud of my children and how they have thrived during a difficult year.

I wish that I had responded differently to L's absolutely horrendous behaviour and learned to temper my responses to her. It was not at all helpful to get so angry all the time, and I think it put stress on R and on our relationship. I wish I'd found it in me to let go instead of settling into an awful path of anger and then huge anxiety.

I wish I had done a better job managing my depression. I wish I'd sought out a diagnosis, continued with therapy, and been more diligent about maintaining good habits, like exercise, using my daylight lamp, and just plain leaving my room and socializing. I did a poor job keeping in touch with Maya, and lost out on lots of other social opportunities because I was isolating myself and trying to use television, carbs, and sleeping to replace all the ways I should have been spending my time.

I would have advocated for my personal health health with my doctor. I had an undetectable arterial bleed in my abdomen that was a slow leak, which lowered my hemoglobin. I had been slowly having my fatigue and whole body pain. After six months of asking for help from my doctor with no answers, I was rushed to the hospital to have two massive blood transfusions and spent 2 weeks in the hospital. I had a minor surgery to repair the issue and was back to work in 3 days. I spent 6-7 months with excruciating pain and being exhausted. I will never allow another doctor to not listen or take me seriously. The doctor diagnosed the problem was a Jewish and her partner in her practice is Muslim. I'm a Christian pastor. My health has fully restored along with my faith in humanity through those amazing women of faith.

I wish I would have handled the situation with my sister with more compassion. I'm proud of my daughter for pushing through so much adversity to be crawling and eating so well.

I wish I had been kinder to, and more tolerant of others - without making judgements about people I do not know. I also wish I had taken better care of myself and not taken all the wonderful things I have for granted, but I feel I am making progress on both these accounts - I am hopeful that I can continue moving forward on these issues.

I wish I'd not have vented feelings on various subjects to people I thought were friends. Simply put seeking affirmation in the wake of frustrating situation or topics really sheds light on who really is supportive of you. I tend to think others are like myself, regarding listening for support verses listening to find fault. I'm especially proud that I got my puppy!

Im very proud of accepting and addressing my addiction. There has always been something that was holding me back from being the person I felt I was meant to be. A barrier. A wall. Something I couldn't break through. It was lying to myself and not accepting who I was. I had to be perfect. I had to be a machine. A machine doesn't have faults. I couldn't have weaknesses or faults. Once I acknowledged my faults, the wall began to crumble. The wall is completely down, but I can see the other side now. One by one I am removing the bricks.

Super proud of some of the BIG public speaking challenges I took on this past year and the tremendous support Steve was in achieving them so successfully. One was leading an interfaith Passover Seder, another was marrying Anna and Dom. Both involved a tremendous amount of soul searching, one about faith and one about love and finding an honest expression of myself.

I wish that I could find a better work-life balance. I seem to continue to define myself by my work and have a very small life outside of my job. I tell myself that I work so much to keep my job, but is that really the truth? Particularly when I don't feel successful in it; why am I fighting so hard? I regret this aspect of my personality and it is a personality trait and not really a choice. I regret that I cannot fight this trait and that I fail to feel accomplished for the over 40 years I have given to my career and industry. Would a gold watch make me feel better? Nah....

I wish I had been more social. I do not feel like I have established a social life and I wish I had put more effort into making friends. I am proud of taking chances and go into unknown territories: going back to school and switching jobs.

Done differently - being more detached from outcomes , though I have gotten much better in practicing this. The other thing I can continue to do better on is less worrying about the future and fear of the unknown. Especially proud of - getting my oldest launched into college, which at many times, wasn't easy. Also the job that I did in the last seven years at my company. While bittersweet to leave, I believe I made an impression and am proud of the work the team and I did. Also proud of all the change that I've created for the better in the last year.

I'm especially proud of some of the recognitions I received during my graduation. I cannot believe that I achieved Phi Beta Kappa after being waitlisted at Brandeis or that I won awards for both of my majors and through the Dean's office at Brandeis. I feel extremely lucky to have received these recognitions and feel grateful for my college experience.

I'm proud that I am taking better care of my health this year. I do need to be consistent. I'm exercising more, but my eating habits are a work in progress.

Hmmmm.....I guess I don't have any specific regrets in terms of my behavior this past year. Overall, I wish I were a more considerate listener, especially with my son, and I wish I could be more consistent with meditation. I am proud of myself for selling my house and moving into a wonderful apartment in the city and for choosing smart and competent people to assist me in that stressful and overwhelming process. I guess I'm proud that I could choose change and begin the construction of a new phase of my life.

Fuck off, and fuck off proper. I don't even remember this year. I can barely count the times I've cried, or the nights I've slept, or the showers I took on the rare occasion I've forced myself to do so. What would I have done differently? Everything. But I knew I couldn't, this isn't a fucking book I can narrate and it comes out all well. I did the best I fucking can and that's that. What am I proud of? I'm not sure. These questions are about regret, are about sadness, they're FRAMED that way. I don't know what I'm proud of because it's so hard for me to feel pride right now. Because it's fleeting and flimsy and I usually forget how it feels once the moment has passed. Three months ago, I made a drink that the bartenders called "Delightful." Last week, someone said they're in love with me. I don't know what pride is right now, but that would be the closest. As for what I wish I had done differently? I wish I wasn't sick. But my decisions and actions were solid.

I landed my first job as a software developer! I have wanted this since I was 17 years old and joined the Army, telling my recruiter that I wanted to do "computer programming." (Hint to the recruiter: "Personnel Information Systems Management Specialist" is not computer programming, it is data entry. Asshole). There were some detours along the way, no doubt, and it's taken me 20 years, but I finally did it. I'm a software developer.

The woodpecker of my own inner critic spent scads of time this past year drilling me back into a very old and well learned silence. I found myself believing all over again the old stories I had learned, the "not good enough," the "you'll never get to where you wish to be," the "your history has the best of you and you can't outgrow your tattered past and its patterns." As a trauma survivor whose early life was dictated not just by conditions that tested my sense of what was true but by the manner in which all those around me wished me to participate in the lie as the only reality, I found myself this past year at the peak of a 20-year journey to reclaim fact. It is difficult to return to the simple task of claiming the facts of one's own life, one's own feelings, when all roads around you lead elsewhere, when the concerted efforts by a broken family and culture ask you to bury your wounds alongside theirs in lies, denial, silence. When that collective framework, in my case, a small Irish village, asks you to speak the common tongue of buried wounds in the place of our own lost tongue, it is near impossible to find one's way back to a language that sounds remotely like the truth of one's real inner and outer life. I found myself this past year back in the vernacular of my own smallness, the language designed to keep me disappeared. I say that I wish I had not spent so much time in this country of the lost this last year but the truth is I needed to go back. I needed to go right back. I had been making my way back there for 20 years. And then, I landed. In the darkness of it all. The death and dying of it all. The lost lives of it all. The disappeared. This is what happens when a collective psyche is disappeared as the Irish were. There is a wound bred into the DNA and even though many of my own people would poo-poo this very notion, I am a survivor of the kind of horizontal hostility that only a damaged nation can produce. So maybe I am not sorry at all that I landed back in the graveyard of my past. Maybe, I am just sad that healing of this magnitude is done on God's time, not mine, and that my forty days in the desert turned into 20 years. And this year was the one that tested me most. So, the very fact that I write this at all and have not lost myself to addictions to bury the pain, maybe this is its own triumph. And maybe this is the way healing and resurrection go, that you begin with regret and arrive at redemption. This is my truth as I know it today. The victory is in the speaking of it. Blessed be.

This last year pretty much did everything as they wanted to do things. I've no regrets about how I live my life in the last year. The little piddly things like I wish I would've exercised more art really a major wish. I finally got through what was a nine month process to publish a book. It had been a Valentine's Day gift for my wife. I totally underestimated all the fussing around in barriers to getting this done. I've yet to hold the finished copy in my hands but it is coming. For me it was an exercise in perseverance, and sustaining my drive. Now my challenges with other books to do the same thing now that I have a better handle on the whole process.

I wish I had practiced music more. I have spread myself a little thin with all of my activities in retirement life -- music, art, Spanish, writing, being a docent, seeing friends and family, political action. I know it is too much, but I love all of it and can't seem to give up anything.

Its the first year without my dad. The family has really come together stronger than ever. I often hear my dad when I am about to do or say something...he used to tell me to mind my own business! Lol. I hear him in my ear often smile I take my momala out to movies, outings....gets her out of the house, even though she's involved in her own clubs etc. I'm proud of how she is dealing with the loss of the love of her life💕 I go through the day being the best person I can be.

This year I wish I had handled money differently. I wish I had spent less every single time I said I would spend less. I wish I had gotten my tax stuff together. I wish I had done a budget and stuck to it. I wish I had worked harder at my job and done a better job of things. I wish I had been stronger t time management and working out and becoming all round the person I wanted to be. I still wish that

I wish I had taken better care of myself earlier this year. I was drinking too much instead of dealing with some very uncomfortable emotions. I put myself in risky situations and I'm very lucky that I was able to stop drinking and get my life back into balance. I am especially proud of myself for confronting my depression and seeking the help that I needed. I still get sad sometimes, but I have learned how to manage my emotions by meditating and surrounding myself with loved ones. I have also made an effort to focus on diet and exercise to help me manage the depression. So yeah, I'm proud of myself for taking the steps to make my mental health a priority again.

I wish I had been more willing to ask myself some hard questions about the business I've been trying to create. I feel like I've hit a wall repeatedly and I don't know if I should keep moving forward with this part of it or morph it to something else....

I would not change anything. I grow from each experience. I am proud of trying to do my best almost all the time.

I feel like I tell myself I always do the right thing, or at least the good thing, but I don't always take action. Like I saw someone at Hillel who was by himself. I wanted to say hi so he felt welcome, but I couldn't figure out how to approach him. And I haven't seen him there since. However, in the same respect, I have gotten much better. I take action more than I probably would have two years ago. Something changed going into my senior year of high school and onward. I still am one of the quiet kids in some situations, but I'm getting out there. I've come really far and I'm happy with where I am while I know there is room for improvement.

I wish I had used my "me" time more productively. I get so little time to myself that when I have a little pocket of time, I make grand plans and then end up playing Candy Crush and watching TV instead. I'm obviously really starved for quiet/rest time, but I feel like I've missed many chances to achieve things and get important things done (like go the doctor/PT, organize the house,etc). Now I have less and less time and regret not using the time I had more wisely.

For the last couple of years I felt frustrated and unsatisfied in my job but I also felt stuck there because of the salary and the awesome flexibility it gives me to balance being a mom. This year I finally decided to embrace that my identity doesn't have to focus primarily on my value as an employee and a mom. So, instead of beating myself up for not figuring out my next big career move, I opted to embrace my situation for what it is and grow and develop in other ways. I'm still not sure if it's the best choice and wonder if I'll regret not "leaning in" to a more challenging career choice, but for now it feels good to be reconnecting with more creative aspects of my personality such as crafting, redecorating the house, singing, volunteering at our local community theater, community building, etc.

I wish things were different between Sam and I. I asked him to be friends with me when the year started and he's been a terrible friend and a terrible ex. I wish I didn't think about and dwelt on it too much. I am proud of how far I've come in self-love and self-improvement. I can't count how many times I picked myself up from everything life throws at me. I've become more independent, more open, and I never thought that I could be this strong on my own and that I could dream these big dreams myself. Now to only push through with all this and take it a step further.

I wish I had been a better partner. I get distracted by my own stuff. I should be more involved. I think I give a lot, but maybe I only give to myself and think I give to others. I always feel like I am there to support everyones needs, and I want to take care of me as well and get frustrated when I do not. I also get frustrated when I am there for everyone, but not for myself. On the other hand, I do enjoy doing things that make me happy.

I'm proud that I worked hard and experienced a lot of new things, even if none of them went perfectly or lit my passion. Love, learning, labor. I put in more of myself than I ever have before.

I wish I had called to check in on my friend Patty after the last time I talked to her. She was upset and not feeling well, but I didn't know she would die just two weeks later.

I had hoped to get my private helicopter license before I came here but I still trust God in all this. I am especially proud or rather happy to see how God has been at work even before I got that life changing call. I am very happy to learn about the "courts of heaven" and how to approach HIS throne on legal matters in heaven and on earth. I am now understanding how to make sure I and my family are clean before Him and to confess before Him so I can make a request and not have back lash. I am so so grateful for House of David.

I wish I seized the moment more, gave myself the chance to enjoy life and be in the moment rather then constantly be afraid

I wish I had eaten more nutritious foods and exercised. I am proud of the work I’ve done in the resistance.

My Mother was my best friend, the dearest thing to me. When it became apparent that her health was failing, I made spending time with her my priority. I never, ever questioned that decision. I am very proud of myself for being able to make and stand by that decision. Those 6 months will remain the most precious days of my life.

I wouldn't do anything differently this past year. I am where I am and am going where I'm going.

I wish I would of started to take of my mental health sooner. Really dug down deep and got to know my self. But I'm starting that now so it something I am proud of.

I wish I had been more present with my family. I'm proud of finding strength in my vulnerability.

I wish I had found the courage and conviction in the real me many years ago. This past year, I started down the road to self awareness that gives me a sense of calm that I didn't know was possible. It isn't unshakeable though. It's hard. Hard as shit to stand on your own and say I don't want to do that because it doesn't align to who I am. It's hard to be alone in a crowd. I let fear and doubt creep in many times and backslid to old behaviors. I let other define what success looked like. I'm proud that I didn't stop moving forward though. I'm proud that I didn't stop trying. I'm proud that I continue to surprise myself. I'm proud that I am open to the possibility that life may not turn out anything like I expected or planned for, and will be better as a result of letting go of those expectations. I'm proud to say I love myself again.

This is probably the question that I carry with me through out the year. Although we cannot know what the year will bring, I try to do what I think is right and good in each situation, so as to have no regrets. We made the decision to have my husband's stem cell transplant at home. It was challenging in many ways, but we are all happy at how we handled it, and at the outcomes both grin a health perspective and a family perspective.

I'm proud of how I've managed money this year, even though I'm not where I want to be/not as disciplined as I need to be to reach my goals. I think I've set better boundaries in my relationships and understand more about the complications that co-dependency stir up. I'm more content and accepting of where I am in life right now. If I had some guarantee that I could at least maintain this, I'd be satisfied.

I have started making women friends. I went on a women’s trail running weekend and saw myself noticing area where one could make themselves not well liked. I also noticed the kindness of the women at the retreat. I am grateful, it shows me the work I’m doing with Pat is paying off. My saying “be thoughtful and kind.” This is very inspiring. Every day is another day to grow and observed. Follow Pat's advice listen more then you talk. Each time I finish a class I am really proud of myself. This past weekend making to the Summit. Out on the trails for 7 plus hours and being happy. Sticking with Maria and

This is a tough question, I don't know what I would have done differently. Sure I would like to say that I would have spent less on frivolous things, nights out with friends that ended subpar. I wish I had better kept promises I made myself, like to be happier during the times I can control it. To work out more because I should be taking better care of my body. To fulfill the promises I make people - like attending a certain event. But truly when I look back on this past year I have overcome, or at least tried to overcome, quite a lot. I have stayed in Los Angeles, paying for a life I cant afford, ignoring bills that require my attention. I have made it a point to be in my family's lives although I am in a different state. I talk to my sister every day and video chat with my nephew so that I am certain he knows my face. I have consistently put myself "out there" in the dating world even though I know I want different things than the people I've met. I have kept going even when I felt like I couldn't so I guess you could say one thing I'm proud of from this past year is that I am still fucking standing.

Almost everyday I wish that I treated my family better. I wish that I had more patience with my girls. I wish that I did not yell. I wish that I did not get so frustrated. I want to be the mom who lets their individuality and creativity and personalities shine. I'm constantly afraid that I'm crushing that by yelling at them to put their shoes on Right.Now! I wish that I was kinder to my husband. He is better to me than I am to him. I snap at him all the time and he doesn't deserve it. I do it when I'm mad, but I do it even when I'm not mad. It's like it's my nature to be that way, or hopefully just my habit. I love and value my family so much. I wish my words and actions showed them that more often than I think they do. It's not like I'm mean to them all the time. I tell them all I love them every day and I do think I show them all that in a lot of ways, but I still have a lot of work to do. I'm proud of where my career is right now. I think I'm entering into a phase of a good balance between home and work with reasonable flexibility and hopefully enough pay to support my husband's career change. He has supported me through some professional transition, especially after our second child. He has been so patient and supportive and I think I'm finally ready to be able to give that back by doing the same for him.

This past year, I wish I took more chances. I wish that I attempted to write the book that I wanted to publish. I wish that I wrote more. I wish that I took the time out to learn the cuisine of my ancestors. Alternatively, I am proud that I took a chance to follow my dreams and am still following them. I am also proud of myself for embarking on my first flight ever to my first ever vacation that lasted more than a weekend.

I wish I had learned how to relax better. I wish I had been able to take time to meditate, which many people I trust have suggested as the best way to reduce my core anxiety and one of the most important ways of taking care of myself and strengthening my foundation of health and energy.

I wish I would've gotten less frustrated when I procrastinated or couldn't do something, and I wish I was a stronger person, not as much physically, but emotionally, mentally, and socially. I wish I got off my phone less, and I'm always trying to stay more present and appreciate more. I'm proud of the ways that I have grown emotionally and how much I have matured from last year.

I wish I had studied for finals earlier gradually so I wouldn't be so stressed the week before finals.

I wish that I had spent a night on a beach, a night on a lake, a night in the mountains. I wish I had completed projects and not procrastinated. I am proud that I passed the NCC exam. I'm proud to have FINALLY learned that niceness matters.

I'm really proud of myself for stepping outside my comfort zone career-wise. I took a management promotion, I negotiated a higher salary for that job,I left that job when it didn't suit me, and took a better job for more pay and better benefits with a company that treats me much better.

Something I wish I'd differently? That's a big one. And the first that comes to mind is: I wish I had been able to sit with my sadness. There was a lot of sadness and a lot of loneliness in the past year. But instead of feeling it fully, I did the only thing that felt comfortable - I distracted myself. I watched TV. I ate my feelings. I filled myself in ways that were anything but attending to the actual sadness. I wish I had done that differently. And something I'm proud of? Well, I'm proud of myself for being brave. I chose to face this new home where I had no one, and I stuck with it. I did my best in the face of *a lot* of change. I did my best.

I wish I had been a little more carefree. I wish that the last few months before I left my old job, I'd spent taking more vacation and working less. I'm proud of the way I handled the end of my relationship. It was, and still is, so painful and lonely, but I tried to treat myself and my partner with love and integrity. I still miss him.

Yes.... perhaps. The joy of being home with our daughter is truly spectacular. However I wished I had developed my photography business a bit more and/or worked on my home business more. There are times when I miss interacting with adults. The business would also provide a break now and then from raising a baby.

I have travelled a lot this year, and I wish I had done it with less stuff. I'm currently in a hotel room in Tokyo with about 40 kg of luggage – admittedly I'm travelling for more than four weeks, but everywhere I've been they have laundry - and I just feel overburdened by the weight of what I have to lug around and also perhaps see that as a metaphor for the emotional baggage I'm carrying.

The thing I am most proud of and it is on going is losing weight. I know it was and is due to a health scare and it took that to get me into gear. But I am getting there.

I am especially proud of how I have greatly increased how much I exercise. For the last twelve months, since my daughter bought me a gym membership, I have been working out with weights twice a week [when not on book tour]. I can see how much stronger I am, and that my clothes fit better though I haven't lost any weight. In addition, I started playing Pokemon Go a year ago with my grandchildren, with the result that while they have dropped out, I have walked over 1000 miles [1732 kilometers actually] pursuing and eventually capturing, these imaginary creatures.

Proud to have become godfather to Madison Cooper.

As always, I wish I'd listened more & spoken less, exercised more and eaten less, loved more and grumbled less.

I've worked my honour's thesis in Psychology this year and I wish I'd been less stressed about it. I wish I'd worried less and spent from QT with my husband. But I'm proud I'm getting through and I've almost completed it.

Work life balance is very important. In the past year I would consider visiting with my friends and family more ofter. Spending time with the ones you love makes memories that you will cherish forever. Time passes and cannot be replaced, spend it wisely. I am proud of my accomplishments and advancements at work but the pendulum definitely has favored one side more than the other in past year.

I am slowly moving outside of my little world. I am doing more things without my family. It's nice to have things for me, but I miss spending all my extra time with them, too.

I wish I'd actually organised my final subjects out properly. Not the biggest disaster, but, very aggravating. I'm really proud of my Trimester 1 grades; 3 distinctions.

in lieu of some long term goals, my focus on certain businesss details and activities was not always crystal clear and in the correct and or appropriate areas at certain times ... it has made cleaning up and simplifying my life a lot more difficult ... however i am slowly realizing that no matter how much I think about it, that is how i have and probably will always operate .. certainly has its stress implications and risks ... must chuckle around this

While at my parents' home one day this past spring, a number of us were trying to explain to my father the mechanics of staging a fundraiser my nephew undertook as his bar mitzvah project. It was clear that my father, who once would have masterminded such a project, was no longer of the mental capacity to get his arms around the project. It was clear that the rest of the family expected him to be what he had always been, and both mocked him and excluded him from decision-making (in subtle ways) as a result. I tried to explain the workings of the fundraiser to him even more simply, and then when he still didn't get it, I fired off what I thought was an endearing, though clearly sarcastic, remark. In the past, he would have laughed along with the joke. At home as a kid is where I developed my sarcastic humor. It was practically currency in my family while I grew up. This time, though, my father seemed hurt by the remark. Instantly, I tried to cover my tracks and apologized for doing so. In that instant, I realized that my father was not the same person he had been in more ways than was evident on the surface. I wish that I had realized the changes in my father before I issued such a tone-deaf remark.

I think I've suffered unnecessarily in Perth this year. I've felt isolated, lonely, cut off, disengaged, un-present, helpless. I've felt that intensely, day after day, and worn it like a full-faced helmet. It's sucked the pleasure out of my skin. If I could have my time over again, I would have gone and got some help to break the spiral of unhappiness. I would have taken charge of the issue sooner, rather than letting it play me like a goddamn puppet all year. I would have given my effort to building resilience, which I rate myself very poorly on. But I'm very proud of where I am and what I've built for myself in the last year. I've built a beautiful home. I've paid off a lot of my mortgage. I've maintained my friendships with important people. I've run 3 or 4 half marathons - I'm a runner again. I'm moving forward on selling the properties with Daniel. And I'm in way way better shape now than I was 12 months ago, physically and mentally. That's taken a hell of a lot of change, hard work, bravery. I've come a long way.

I really would have liked for this to be the year that I quit my job. My life has improved immeasurably in every aspect except that one, I'm still stuck in a career I don't care about and am not particularly good at. However, I'm beginning to make concrete moves to get out, and appreciate the income while I begin saving more earnestly, so by this time next year I think things will have changed. I'm proud of myself for taking more control of my mental health and for actually taking the plunge and moving here, where it feels like my real life has begun.

I wish I spoke to my sister more. Death is rather sudden, so I feel we could've spoken more. I could've called more. I wish I would've called sooner after I had that dream about her dying. I know there's nothing I could've done to prevent her death. No phone call would've stopped staff oversight and negligence a continent away. Still.... As for what I'm proud of, going to Vietnam! I had fun. I rode on the back of motorbikes, ate street food, had lovely conversations with lovely people, observed life and drank lots of coffee. Oh! And sticking with the gym. I see and feel results. I'm happy to finally feel comfortable in my body again. I'll keep at it too, I want to build a healthy lifestyle for the long term.

This 10Q might sound a bit repetitive this time around, but when I look back at the last 12 months, I've been traveling for nearly half that amount of time and those experiences drastically changed where I'm at today. I'm proud of my ability to adapt and evolve as a human being. I traveled solo around Europe, I drove a scooter and crashed and picked myself back up. I learned how to scuba dive and surf. I'm proud of pretty much everything I've done. I've been challenged in every possible way and I always find a way to get through seemingly anything.

This past year I wish I had been more of an active agent in my emotions, rather than feeling like they controlled me. But I'm still proud of how I handed all the stressful and emotionally intense things that came my way this year. I definitely grew through all the feelings I had!

I wish I had been smart with my credit card! I only got that last year? Geez. I do this over-spending thing every damn time. I'm working on it, get that debt down girl. I'm proud that I've started improv classes. I'm proud that I'm recognized and working towards improvement at my work. I'm really really glad to be doing something comedy-related. I feel like I have good instincts and I'm excited to learn more about improv and team-building and group-mind. It's time to do some standup again though too, you know it girl.

I wish I had not committed myself so heavily. But having made those committments, I will do my best to honor them. I will also seek assistance in meeting these objectives. I do not have to do everything myself

I wish I had stood up to my (previous) manager this past year and told him I didn't think I was the best person to ask to lead a particular project. Instead, I was a people-pleaser and said ok, and ended up wallowing in stress and misery. I am learning that it is OK to stand up for myself at work and not to be intimidated by the management team. This is very challenging for me, and I hope to get better over time.

I came into a new job with a new company with a very different culture insufficiently humble. My inability to butt heads with the culture quietly led to great internal discontent and hostility toward the culture and those willing to live within it. Luckily I was called on my hostility, manifest as argumentativeness, by an caring boss and technical hierarchy and given the time and space to come to terms with the aspects of reality I could and could not change. I spent the last six months working on more productive ways to rail against the machine, how and where I thought it might have an impact and working through it where I thought I must. The changes in behavior have been noted and appreciated. When, I occasion, I fall back into old modes of behaving, mostly when I find my stress level above the nominal day to day, I am lucky to have co-works who will, some more gently than others, call me on it.

Again I wish I had been able to eat better and lose some weight ...... or a lot of weight. I am definitely eating healthier, I just need to eat less. I am proud of the fact that I road my first metric century and I am proud of the amount of cycling that I have been able to do this year. It has been a slow progression but it has been progress.

I wish I'd been able to be more compassionate with those I love and those I don't particularly like but was obligated to (in laws). I know I've been doing the best I can more or less with the energy I have but I see that I've fallen short of what I think I should have been managing. I've been so upset at things out of my control; our government. I've allowed it to suck up precious time and energy at a cost to my family and those I should have focused more efforts on. Compassion is hard. It's so much easier to be critical and judgemental than to be compassionate with those who annoy you, anger you, or whom you don't think highly of and yet, I think, it's necessary. How can I be someone who thinks we should follow the golden rule and try to create a more peaceful world if I don't force myself to try and be the person I think I should be in regards to my interactions with others as well as my inner thoughts and reactions to others?

I don't have many regrets from this past year. I am proud of myself. I think I am balancing my life pretty well. I am at least doing ok with my professional life. I think I am a good mother, partner, friend and relative. I continue to strive to do even better. Work on whatever relationship needs a little more TLC at the time, and continue to work on my health both physically and mentally. That is the best any of us can do in life.

I wish I'd continued networking once starting this new job. I also wish I'd been more serious about my budget earlier on to make sure I managed my debt effectively. I'm especially proud of myself though for moving forward in my life as an independent young adult--I've lived on my own for a year. I've fostered 4 amazing dogs and gotten them adopted. I've done a lot for myself this year!

I would have worked - possibly with assistance - on personal health and self discipline. My sleep patterns are abysmal and with easy electronic accesss to news and opinion, my sleep became more fragmented. It also meant that my energy levels to maintain an exercise routine were tested (didn't make a difference intellectually understanding this. Lethargy from election results, our marrages challenges, difficulty with moving projects and plans forward without mental angst - all were effected. On the plus side, we did move some things forward, trips and major house projects. While these were satisfying in the short term, the lack of personal fallback in terms of sleep, exercise and partner interactions darkened everything.

I will always wish I spent more time with my husband and was more compassionate to him, not understanding or perhaps not wanting to accept how quickly his cancer was spreading and how it was affecting him. I kept pushing him to do more, try harder, when the reality was that I couldn't accept what was happening.

I wish I had been able to get a handle on my worst habit. I wish I had been able to reach my brother in time to save his life.

I wish I had not had porch built. Took too much money. Now I'm strapped. I also wish I had walked away from B back in October. Would have saved me a lot of pain and stress. I need to trust my instincts, my gut. I knew something wasn't quite right-he kept changing his mind. And I didn't want to see it. I wanted companionship so badly. And there were too many big things that weren't right, so it's not likely it would have worked anyway.

I’m proud of how my public speaking abilities have grown in the past year.

I wish I'd spent less time at work paralyzed with anxiety, because it just made my feelings of being overwhelmed and unable to handle the job so much worse. I'm proud of myself for figuring out how to break the anxiety/paralysis/overwhelmed cycle at work, because I now feel much better about my job and myself and my abilities.

I climbed a mountain after overcoming great illness. Or perhaps I only changed my perspective of my relationship to the illness? I'm not sure, but whatever happened us working. May I continue to be fully integrated and vital, passionate.

I wish I had not started smoking again. I am very proud of my parenting skills, helping Nathan with grades and life goals, helping Keith with Nathan. Even Ted and I are getting along. I am proud of my willingness to seek counseling and medication for anxiety and depression. I am proud of my work with the counselor. I am proud I still have the same job with the same clients working more hours. I am proud of my life overall.

I wish that I would have moved forward with the divorce proceedings when I had the chance. I let it drag out longer than I should have, mainly due to finances and just a lack of caring. There never was a chance of reconciliation so it's not like I was holding out for that--I was just tired and didn't want to have to be the one to get the ball rolling. I also wish, as always, that I would have been more careful with my finances. I need to get myself on a budget and work towards paying off debts. I am especially proud of the personal strides I made in learning to love myself more and spend time alone. It is a miserable thing being alone with nobody to grow old with, but it is a damn fine thing to be able to go to a movie or lunch by yourself and enjoy the solitude.

I came back from a bad injury and gained a lot of perspective on the importance of family over work in my life

I'm particularly proud that the Rosie and Rafi series is coming together so well. By the end of Sukkot this year, we'll have seven books written. We have a fully developed world; it's lovely. The work ahead will be hard, but so pleased with where we are! I'm proud that I organized a seminar at the AJS. I'm proud that Helen and I are doing research together. And I'm proud that I'm stepping up in politics. On the other hand--I spend way too much time on facebook; it's a problem. I do not take care of my body as I should.

I am happy that in the past year I have been more intentional. I am more focused on others; thier needs and wants. I get great satisfaction from helping others achieve thier goals. I see similarities in all of our self doubt. It helps me to know that even the most successful people have insecurities.

I am SO proud of myself for quitting smoking. I used to think I was trapped on a prison of smoke, suffocating. I thought it controlled me. It's such an insidious drug. But I put it down. I took back my power. That is something I wish I had done differently in my negotiations for the position I ultimately did not get at work. I was not an effective self-advocate. Dear Katy of 2018, I cannot wait to meet you! Your life is going to be amazing!

If we had started the sale of our condo through our tourney rather than through our friends we would've been better. The cell would've gone through the lawyers would've been involved, and the stress would've been greatly diminished. We should have listen Listened to our minds rather than our hearts and our friend

Different: I wish I wouldn't spend so much of my life consumed with dating and relationships. The mental drain of them is unproductive. I feel like I am constantly falling into the quicksand. I hurt the ones who like me and fall for the ones that don't. I am so proud I haven't settled, but society makes not doing this so challenging. I wish I could give up on the pursuit and it will all fall in place. Proud: I am proud that I am helping others. I will never feel that I do enough, but helping others helps me. I am also especially proud that I am pursuing a personal brand and truly figuring out what my life mission is. I hope this continues to develop.

i wish i would not have agreed to go to rehab (for 39 days!) i thought my going would assuage my wife who wanted me to go but it made no difference

I’m proud that I graduated with a score that was enough to get into the course I’m so excited to start next year. I’m proud that I traveled to places most people will never go and especially not alone. I’m proud of how different and independent I feel after my trip. I’m proud that I overcame so many fears and grew so much as a person at camp in so many ways in my professional and personal life.

There is something always "wrong". Last year I filled this questioner, I wanted to learn enough to read Hebrew. Without understanding, just read... I suspect it was two years since I took that goal, and it did not happened. It is not even a question of that particular goal, but all the goals that I tend to take and not finish. One think I wish for the new year is to found something to be proud of when I'll answer the same question next year.

I'm proud of nothing new this year. I made no strides at home or work. I guess I'm proud of how my family has handled my mother's cancer. We all came together for her.

Oh so much. But I think the thing I am most proud of is learning to not let my mistakes define me.

Nothing I wish I had done differently. I'm proud that my husband and I got married this year.

I wish I had slept with a man this year, but still was never in a situation where It felt right. I think I've grown a deeper group of friends, and learned more about myself. Specifically learning what activities I really want to go to, saying no to some things that aren't a good fit for me. I also learned that while I like listening to and thinking about others emotions I struggle dealing with scary emotions with the person I'm actually feeling them for. Aka I didn't have a tough conversation with Anne about not wanting to use condoms and then eventually I left the relationship.

I wish I had agreed to go back on dialysis sooner, as my nephrologist had recommended. I was so afraid that I might have to spend 10-12 years on dialysis before I could find another kidney for a transplant that I ignored all the warnings my body was giving, and it finally just couldn't take it any more. I hurt myself and my family , especially my wife, badly in the process and am still recovering six months later. On the other hand, I'm very proud of the work I've been an instrumental part of in establishing a regional health information exchange which will improve healthcare for the most disenfranchised in northern California.

I will always remember an article about Yao Ming being inducted into the basketball hall of fame. Although injuries derailed his career, he said he would not change a thing. If you were to change any of the unfortunate things that happened to him, he would not be the person he is today. He likes who is today, so he moves forward. I think I will carry that with me for a long time. I showed real integrity with the way I rehabbed last Fall. The success of the team made me prouder than I had almost ever been. While I will always resent not playing, being a part of that group was special. I wish I had taken more Spanish classes because that would have been super useful to me now.

I wish I had not moved to San Mateo with my brother. I wish I had not reconnected with Lauren. I wish I had stayed longer in Portugal. I wish I had not contacted Makenzie. I wish I had not been so friendly with Alana--I would've avoided meeting Glen. I wish I would've immediately called the police on Glen.

It's rare for me to wish I'd done something differently. I believe that we all do the best we can in the circumstances we are in. It's easy to look back with hindsight and think how we could've done things differently but then who's to know if the outcome would've been any better... plus that's how we learn and grow by making mistakes. So I can't say there's anything I wish I'd done differently in the past year. Being a Mum has been hard and of course there are things I could've done differently - but there's a lot of trial and error in this parenting gig! No one does it perfectly yet most of us do it OK. There's a lot I'm proud of. I'm proud that I grew a human being in my tummy and gave birth to him. I'm proud that I've been able to breastfeed successfully. I'm proud that at six months old my son is happy and healthy, growing and developing well, and so beautifully attached to me and his Dad. I'm proud that I was able to admit that I wasn't coping emotionally for a while and that I got the help I needed. And I'm proud too that I was able to acknowledge that being a stay-at-home Mum doesn't meet all my needs... and that for me to be the best Mum I can actually means working and doing the job I love so I can feel useful and productive and use my brain and bring home some money to support my family. As well as enjoying the time I do have with my son.

I wish I was further along in my savings plan. I'm really proud about handling my own finances and negotiating a great salary though.

I felt proud when I was able to address my daughter's feelings one morning. It was near time to leave for school and she was very upset and not getting ready to go. I was able to avoid escalating the situation into a confrontation and instead provide the right kind of sympathy that let her resolve her feelings and willingly move forward with the morning. I felt like if I were that on the ball every time I'd be a really great parent.

I wish I paid more attention and tuned in more to my actual feelings around what was happening in my life. I never realized how much I try to numb my feelings, whether good or bad, and the adverse affect it has on my psyche. Alternatively, I am proud of my transformation and increased self awareness. The enhanced ability to know my values, purpose, and strengths is my greatest accomplishment to date, and is only getting stronger with each passing day.

The past year has been difficult to say the least. But I have found a voice that I didn't know was there. I spoke out about injustices, I spoke out about horrible treatment within a relationship....I spoke out and endured the consequences rather than suffering in silence. I guess I could say that I am proud of my resilience, of the my ability to continue the daily battles and survive them, of the ability to still be able to thrive.

I wish I would have taken a little more time to set myself up for success and listen to y mentors. I am doing much better now that I've taken some time to get myself organized both professionally and personally. It is a continual process for me to be organized - something I have never been very much of. I am especially proud of the work I've done professionally so far this year and I look forward to growing the program I am the director of. This should be a great new year and I look forward to the road ahead of me.

I do wish that I had started solving certain financial problems earlier this year. That's a no-brainer, but I get so stuck with finances. I have a panicked reaction whenever anything goes even slightly wrong, and I don't act. Things get much messier as a result.

I wish I had taken better care of my body. I had been going to the gym regularly and due to work have not had the chance. I am proud of the work I have done and my career strides.

I'm proud of where I am now. There have been several points throughout my life, including the past year, where I truly did not think I would be alive to see 22. I've been alive to see my 22nd birthday, graduate from Michigan, move to a new city, start a job I love, start new therapy, and I'm proud to have made it this far.

I wish I would have not spent so much time thinking about Charlie and getting over him. People and realtionships are like my center focus in life. But this one was ridiculous. Idk why I was so attached. I guess a good creative nonfiction writing piece came out of it, but like still. I need to chillax. Even today, on my way to school for student teaching, I was listening to "Sedona" by Houndmouth and Charlie popped into my head, I asked myself "does Charlie still like this song?" We dated for 3 months. I need to get over it. I just never got closure and I don't think I ever will. At least until it's years into the future and I've just forgotten about him. On the topic of relationships... I'm really proud of myself for going for my relationship with Jack. And for not putting pressure on it to be under a label. Especially at first. The Old Me would have panicked at the thought that I like a boy and I have kissed a boy but we have no "label" for what "this" is. After my breakup with Eric, I started embracing the gray areas of labels and the blurred lines of relationships. My fling with Nik (and Seth) (and Charlie sort of) helped me not just TRY for gray areas, but LIKE being in them. No pressure. No worries. OBVS I still worried, a lot. But for the most part, with Jack, I view it as a sort of tester ground. Where I try being honest, and open, and ugly-cry in front of him on Skype, and send snaps of me w/o makeup, and say things on FB messenger without reading over them first. It's all turned out well so far! It's done great things for us. We've also fought and it's gotten ugly and umcomfortable and awkward-silencey. But oh well,. that's part of making the good times better or some shit. idk. I'm trying not to think about it too much. There are things I worry about still... Like whether or not his lack of creativity will cause problems later down the road. But I'm trying to keep cool and just let it all play out. Being honest is a HUGE thing for me, and I've been sticking to it even when it's hard or shitty or ugly. Coming from a girl who was a major people-pleaser in high school, who never let hersel fully invest in anything for fear of getting hurt, etc. etc.... Honesty with this relationship is everything to me and has made me feel the happiest with myself I've felt yet. I don't know if Jack and I are "meant to be" (I think this more when we are apart, long distance, like we are again now). But who gives a shit? I love it now and he makes me happy-- sometimes in the most EXTREME sense of the word. I don't feel like I'm acting when I'm with him, and that is such a big thing for me. The end.

I wish I had not let Rick move back here after he got of jail the second time. I will be glad when he is gone. I know it will take some adjustment for him to be completely out of my life after 21 years but it is long over due and it will take a little while to get used to living by myself again but I will do it and be ok...it will be a relief to be on my own again. I am proud that I am getting my self-esteem back and that Rick has lost his control over me. I am proud of my weight loss. I am proud and thankful that I am in a loving relationship with Rodney. I am proud and thankful that I am growing in the Lord again and that it is with Rodney. And although I have not been to church for awhile because I didn't feel right going to church and living in this turmoil with Rick and at first sleeping together, I am proud that I know I will be going back to church soon and with the blessing of the Lord. I am proud I am learning to lean more on God.

I'm really proud of the self-care and pain management techniques I've put into practice. I feel that I'm a lot more comfortable and am changing old habits that were not beneficial.

I wish I had eaten better this year. I wish I had lost weight before the wedding, and I wish I'd especially em more nutritiously, made more food at home and not relied on restaurants/outside food so much while pregnant. The extra weight is not going to lose itself, and I know I would feel so much better, in so many ways, if I ate healthy food and made better choices.

I should've kissed Phillip David when he asked. I'm proud that I've let Eliott move on without being resentful. I'm proud that I'm genuinely happy that he is discovering himself.

I'm really proud of the fact that I went to Amsterdam this last year. Coming off my break up last year, I needed something to look forward to and something to plan so I bought round-trip tickets from SLC to Amsterdam and took TJ with me. It was such a fantastic trip. After arriving in Shipol, we went to Alkmaar, Den Helder, Den Haag, Utrecht, Brussels, Haarlem, and then Amsterdam. It was a fantastic trip and it was life changing. Maybe that's a bit dramatic but it seriously was. I struggled while I was there to speak Dutch, but I largely understood it and could read it which made the trip bearable. My favorite people to see were Roepers and the Jansens. I loved the old towns and the being in the European cultural. It seriously was an amazing trip and lets not forget coming home in business class on that airplane. I loved that trip and it was amazing.

I wish I yelled less. I wish I recognized sooner my need to leave teaching. I wish I told people when they were being inhumane to my needs. I wish I allowed myself to be closer to those I loved when I was struggling so much. I wish I spent more dad-daughter time with Drew. I wish I called my mom and dad more. I wish I could understand how little my work has to do with my worth. Despite these wishes I am so proud and grateful with how my family is doing with the changes in our lives. I love the relationship I have with Amanda, with Drew, with Reid. I love to watch Amanda with the kids. I am proud of her.

Even though I've made huge strides at trying to handle this, I wish that I handled my guilt better. So much of my life I feel guilty that I'm doing one activity vs. another - mom vs. work, work vs. mom, self vs. mom, mom vs. self. It's hard for me to stay present in the moment when I'm perseverating about the massive to do list I have in every area of my life.

I wish that I hadn't been so resistant to the help and support I was being offered to treat my anxiety and depression. I wish that I hadn't hurt the person most precious to me in the process. I only hurt him and myself even more.

Yes...I wish I had worked to get myself into some sort of a routine that allowed for me to be in better shape. I can only see roadblocks to being healthy as opposed to solutions and keep allowing myself to make excuses.

I am proud for saying "Yes" to more responsibilities and experiences, going out of my comfort zone. I do wish that I had been more bold in standing up for myself about my low wages.

I wish I had been more optimistic and positive. I spend so much time being negative and discouraged.

This is a tough question this year. I so wish that things had been a little different in the first few months after Hunter's birth, as the way that I felt (on and off) for the first six months was incredibly challenging, painful and hard on not just me, but those I love. As a result, I feel like I missed out on a lot of the joy that should have come with that time, and so did Mike. Mostly, I was just trying to survive, and keep my commitment to daily showers. But, I also think maybe those expectations are part of the problem -- that those months ARE hard and they are a lesson in enduring out of love. Maybe it's okay not to savor each moment, and perhaps releasing the expectation that I "should" be doing things is part of learning that comes from this whole parenthood thing. So, what I'd do differently is just to be in the moment -- whatever that moment was and however it felt and to worry less about what those feelings "meant" and whether they were "wrong". I am also proud. Prouder, perhaps, than I've ever been of myself, even with the struggle. I grew a baby. I endured his delivery. I sacrificed sleep and self to keep him safe and secure. I have nursed him for 8 months, including pumping in airports, closets and random conference rooms. I have gone back to work and still managed to do a damn good job. I've stayed a good friend. I've made my marriage a priority. The balance is never actually balanced, but none of the "big balls" have come crashing to the ground. My beloved baby is happy and healthy. My husband and I are a stronger team. I'm slowly finding space and time for me.

I wish I had worked harder in school this past year. I didn’t do my homework in a timely manner and I didn’t study enough or effectively for tests, and then my less than ideal grades made me feel very bad about myself despite/because of all of it being in my control. I also wish I had talked to and gotten to know my campers more than I did this summer. They are going to be my Leadership campers and I shouldn’t have wasted the precious time I had with them. I also wish that I hadn’t breached some boundaries with them to ensure we have a productive relationship next summer. I am proud of the trip I took to New York this past winter break. I was all alone most of the time and I saw everything I wanted to see and was very independent and I navigated meeting Alex and Jason’s friends pretty well.

I'm especially proud of my dating life this year. I am not scared of being alone, which means I hold partners to a higher standard of accountability without fear of repercussions. I met a lovely man this year, for whom I still have a great deal of respect... we are not together, by my choice, because he was unable to provide the support I need from a partner. Was I sad to let him go? Yes. Was it difficult? Yes. Am I ok? Absolutely. It turns out you will always get your heart broken at the end of a relationship... and your heart has the healing powers of WOLVERINE to recover. I have learned to be happy whether single, dating, or in love. I'm very proud of who I am this year.

I graduated with my BS, finally. Nineteen years after starting college, in fits and starts, I graduated. I'm both proud and not all proud—I always knew I could handle the academic part of it, it was my mental health that prevented it from being done a long time ago. It changes things, though, having that degree.

I'm proud of making it to another year, of not giving in to giving up on life. I'm saying this now, when I'm in a state of feeling fine. But I know, in retrospect, that this took a lot of work, and time, and learning to love myself. I'm still learning.

I am the executive director of a non profit and am passionate about the organization's mission. I am proud of what I do, my staff, and how successful we have become. But I have allowed my job to be so consuming that I neglect my family and friends. I don't see anyone as often as I want to. I also neglect myself. I don't engage in any of the hobbies I used to love, like knitting, jewelry making, or horseback riding. I don't exercise at all. I eat badly. I wish I had not allowed my work to become such a focus in my life. There is so more to life and I want to re-engage with family, friends, and most of all myself.

I wish that I had been more disciplined and devoted time to caring for my body physically. I miss working out daily and the restoration I get from being physically engaged in an activity. I am most proud of my ability to provide support for our business when we were struggling during the first quarter: my ability to take out a loan when it mattered kept us from going under, and even though the financial burden is heavy, it was worth it to be capable of moving forward.

Not really, for better or for worse, I cannot think of a singular large event I would have done differently. Given the information I had at the time and the opportunities laid out, I believe I've done everything in my power correctly.

I wish that I would have been more patient with Maya. She is such a sensitive soul and I want to hold that with love and compassion. I recognize that as her mother, I need to be the grownup and take the high road. I need to be a role model, I need to show her that even when she's not behaving well, that I still love her. With her being such a sensitive and an emotional soul, she intuits everything, and at times she misunderstands my actions. Just this morning, as I was saying goodbye to her at school, we had a difficult interaction. I feel awful. I pray I can do better this year, and that Maya feels my tremendous love for her. As I type this, I am tearing up.

I wish I had done better work at the Clinic. I feel like I did not make as much of a difference as I could have. I am especially proud of signing up for my ASL class. I was nervous about taking it with a bunch of strangers, but I've only had one class and I already have made a new friend!

Overall I am very happy with how this year went and there is nothing that I would have done differently. I am especially proud of the resiliency that I have found within myself this past year. Before the year began, I recently lost my job. The end of 2016 was difficult for me because I was not steady anymore. For the first half of 2017, I could count the number of days off I had on one hand. I had to work my butt off to make ends meet, but now I know that if something similar happens in the future I will be able to get through it.

I wish I had paid more attention to finances. I wish I had been able to help Thistle more. I wish I had been more committed to myself. To those things I promised I would get to. I wish I had engaged with more art. I was proud of how my daughter carried herself through her Sr. year. I was proud of my sons for graduating college.

I wish I had pushed myself harder to let go of the things that weren't for me. I'm very proud of the progress I made with my peace of mind.

I've been putting myself out there more and speaking up more. I'm proud of that. I am still trying to find a solid voice, but I'm on my way. Not much I wish I had done differently, just things that I wish were different. I don't want to worry so much in general. Anxiety has been tough to deal with, but I think I'm keeping it in check well. Pressing on...

I don't regret distancing myself from people on Facebook or making the decision to stop using it. I feel like it has helped me maintain a more positive attitude and has helped me be more assertive about my other interests. alternatively, I wish I had never distanced myself from pen paling because I really do love the deeper connections. sometimes, I feel like the people I know solely online are more supportive then my "Facebook friends" that I know in real life, I definitely have more of an online support system these days. I don't think I was really focusing on friendships that matter but I have learned to let go of things that do not serve or enlighten me. I regret also trying to do RCIA. trying to fit into that religious mold isn't who I am as a person but at least it lead me to seek out my own spirituality. I started my own tarot shop online this year. really glad I feel like I found a purpose again.

I wish I hadn't been so frightened of consequences in interacting with people. If I could go back I'd be myself more often. I also wish I'd taken more time to have fun.

Proud of how my partner and I stuck together through a year of being long distance. I think it has brought us closer together.

I wish I had approached life with more posivity and gratitude this past year. What I'm proud of is that I got a job and handled it. I paid down my debt and got back on my feet. I righted my ship.

The answer to both of these questions is the same. I am proud of myself for behaving more kindly, for gossiping less, for trying to see the full extent of a given situation instead of simply how it impacts me. At the same time, I wish I could keep those goals closer to the front of my head on a more regular basis. I wish that gossip was not my nature, for example. I am able to curb the impulse, but it takes effort and thought. It requires intention. I really hope that I can one day be a person who does not gossip because it is not my nature, rather than because I put effort into stopping myself.

I'm proud that I have sought out economical alternatives to exercise since cancelling my gym membership. I've taken up yoga and Zumba and people seems to think I have lost weight, my husband says I'm more toned. I'm proud that I have stuck through the process of moving my shul to share space with another shul in a neighboring town-despite several times seriously thinking I've had enough.

I grew closer to my brother.

I wish I'd paced myself better with my activism at the beginning of the year. I ended up with bad bronchitis and then had a long recovery, which kept me from attending some events (rallies and marches) I wantes to go to. I wish I had put more thought into longterm, because I burnt out early and we still have so much more time with this horrible administration.

I am certainly proud of my move to China- my commitment to myself and my life, my future and my integrity. i do wish I had cut ties with martin sooner(2 yrs ago) rather than continually hoping he meant the things he said and putting up with his less than committed behaviour. I am proud of my decision to put up with that no more- from anyone.

I wish I had realized quicker how unhappy I was in the position I was at work. Also I wish I had tackled it better instead of letting it get to me. I don't think the state is perfect now but at least I am a bit wiser

Gosh, if a year goes by that I don't wish I had done something differently...I wish that I stood up more and spoke more articulately and clearly to my parents. I find it frustrating that they still make me feel like I'm 8 when I'm 38.

I'm especially proud that this year, in my 40s, I finally (mostly) stopped caring about what others think and have made choices - parenting, personal, work - that feel right to me. My dad's #1 piece of wisdom "know who you are" finally fully resonated with me this year and it has brought me immense happiness and fulfillment.

I wish I had done better at being consistent with an exercise program. I start, then I stop ... over and over again. That is frustrating to me. I also wish I wouldn't torment myself so much about not working, and recognize how hard I've worked during the repairs and relocation and that entire process. I would like to be nicer to myself.

I am extremely proud of my second year of teaching. I feel like I really affected kids who needed an adult to care about them. I know I helped my students believe in themselves and gave them a place to be themselves. I could not be prouder of my work last year. I also was accepted to graduate school and began last month! This was a year I am extremely proud of.

I wish I could find a way to speak up for myself at work - still pretty gnarly. Not a lot of good days, but plenty of bad. Alternatively, we started mentoring a young boy named Travis - and I think that it might make a difference for him! Through Circle of Friends.

Proud that I could use FMLA to take three months off work to care for my mom who had stage four lung cancer.

I wish I hadn't played small this year and taken more initiative in my personal life and at work. I am SO PROUD of my self though for biking 4,000 miles. You damn champion.

Strangely I feel like I haven't actually done much. There are things I HAVEN'T done and those are all related to my relationship with my husband. I haven't told him my gripes, I haven't told him I considered a separation. Overall probably a good choice because that would have been jumping the gun a bit. I've worked through a few things mentally and emotionally and I hope I see the two of us in a different, more positive way now.

In some ways, I wish I'd been more aggressive about looking for another job. There are a lot of things to like about my current one—my coworkers, my boss, most of the job I do—but it's not a great place to build a career (and even if it were, I'm not sure it's the career I'd want) or work on saving for the future. But at the same time: I moved in with my boyfriend! I repaired my relationship with my sister! I side-hustled really hard this summer! I applied for one job that had a very intense interview process and feel like I did fairly well! I'm learning Spanish! I'm surviving bedbugs! So maybe I can wait on the job transition for a bit.

I am grateful and proud (shepp much nachus) that I was able to marshall mama strength, the universe and circle of ancestors to help get my son into the jazz program. To rise above my PTSD struggle through fierce prayer, inspired music and laser focus. To generate my energy, endurance and patience to be his unflagging roadie across the tristate area. To revel in the love of seeing him grow into his gifts.

I am extremely proud that I finished the 5 year long process of obtaining my LCSW. It was a long and arduous journey, but well worth it. Looking back on how I managed my tasks and time, I would have been more organized and taken certain steps earlier than I did. It is great that the process can take place at one's own pace, and I think I allowed myself to be a little more relaxed than I needed to be. I found out that I made mistakes in tracking hours as well as obtaining other necessary information at the last minute which made my approval take longer. I accomplished my goal and that is most important, but I also want to pursue my goals with excitement and energy in the future ensuring I am doing things the best to my ability; it's more about integrity than anything else.

I am proud of how I carried this little baby for 9 months. I am proud of all the beautiful places I took him: the women's march (to protest trump), to say goodbye to skip, to Joshua tree and anza borego desert, to California and floats down the Russian river, strolls in the redwoods, backpacking in point Reyes- camping and hiking 9-10 miles up and down the coastline cliffs, to Nova Scotia for hikes and moose hangouts in cape Breton highlands, up mountains and in lakes in the adirondacks and Catskills, and for plenty of ice cream trips:) I am proud of how I adapted to and settled into the aches and pains of pregnancy and my growing belly. I'm proud of the exercising and weight lifting I was able to keep up.

I'm proud of having successfully sold an old car and bought a new one for a good price. I'm proud of having successfully eliminated my debt by selling my home of 22 years and buying (with short-term help from family) a condo. I'm proud of deepening my relationships with Peter, Dan, Moshe, Jean, and Bob and made a new friendship with Lea. I'm not proud that I did almost nothing about the disastrous situations caused by the Trump and the Syrian regimes.

Every action has a reaction and if I could change things I would. The trouble is we can't know that doing something differently would have made any differences to the things that happened. What if, what if, what if, what if? Too much of that will drive you crazy, because every day you wake up and the past is the past.

I wish I'd been a little more relaxed about working. I went back before my disability was over and it didn't serve me so much. I'm proud that we were able to celebrate Lyon's birthday and donate so much stuff to charity. I'm proud of my ability to follow through and make the party happen despite being nine months pregnant. It was such a beautiful and joyous occasion.

I wish that I had made the college choice that was best for me with no regard for anyone else. I wish that I had been selfish. I am proud of the school I got into and I am proud of my accomplishments in all I have done.

I wish that I had been able to move forward from the breakup and moved on with my life and moved out of this city, where I don't know anyone. I am proud of the progress I've made toward getting my finances more in order - though still alot further to go.

For two years in a row, I'm pretty happy with almost all of my choices. I wish I had kept up with Couch 2 5k, but I am moving more in general thanks to puppy dog which is a good thing. I continue to do the best I can with what I have, and that is enough for me.

Differently - I wish I worked on myself more to understand that I can only be in control of myself and change from within. Sometimes I forget. Proud - I faced challenges head on both physical and mental and kept a smile on my face (most of the time) doing so. I am really proud of myself for that. I am hoping next year wont be as challenging.

I feel I fullfilled my goal of helping to make the world a better plce, but not the goal of growing personally every day. I hope to get back into creative photography in the coming year.

I wish I had found and accepted a volunteer position in the gap between jobs. I also wish I had started my clearing and cleaning project sooner after I became unemployed I am proud to have been more attentive, with corresponding improved results, in my music experiences, including guitar (2x/wk), dulcimer with the Sr Center, and bought my accordion. I am also proud of my positive demeanor in support of the many fellow employees who lost their job, even when I had similar negative feelings.

I wish I would have not returned to a bad relationship just because it was easy. I was out and now I'm back in and drowning and I don't know how to get out again. I'm proud of how I have turned my spending, saving and paying off my bills around. I finally have that all under control and on the right track

I wish I had been more on top of my finances this year. I should have quite a chunk of expenses coming back from this past year and I would like to invest it smartly, create a budget and goals for myself, and understand at a deeper level what all of this means. I would also like to budget “living on my own” expenses. Again. This is something I've been meaning to do for a while. I wish I had made a greater effort to pause my chaotic work life and reassessed where I am relative to my goals. I aspire to be more than I am right now, and while I did get the title change and raise last year, I don't think I demonstrated the skills necessary to even be at an “assistant manager” level—not that such a title exists “Assistant Creative Manager, Digital Design Manager” or something like that. I also wish that I was kinder to my grandmother—not that I'm mean to her, but I feel like she deserves so much more. I'm having trouble balancing the long work hours + commuting, household responsibilities, relationship time, and other social time. Being more strict/dilligent with timing tends to work. For example, I almost always make it to the gym on Monday nights. I just don't know if living my entire life in such a regimented way will make me happy. I'm proud of the fact that I feel like I’m able to see and process interpersonal situations with what seems to be a more holistic understanding than in past years. This is especially helpful in my relationship, but also with a recent friendship jealousy, and occasionally with my manager. It also came in handy with my mother, even in terms of remaining calmer and letting time pass before expressing my disappointment in a situation: having the items in the basement landing spewed into my room, which they (her/stepfather/"the guy" who installed the LED lights) somehow managed to unlock.

I wish I had managed my reactions to my boss differently. I was far too reactive and out of my skin for my good or anyone's. I am embarrassed by how far I let myself go into my scared-little-girl trauma. How much I reacted from that place and not a grown up one. I am proud of myself for leaving my alcoholic marriage. I have been eating my husband's drinking for 7 years. It is time for me to not live in trauma on a day to day basis. I want calm. Please bless me with calm. Xo

There is so much about this past year I would have done differently. In Tashlich, I realize that my lapses boiled down to four articulations: -- I thought myself greater than I was. -- I shied from being as great as I actually am. -- I served others at the expense of my own well-being. -- I failed to serve others when it mattered most. All of the many personal, professional, and artistic ways I committed these failures are haunting me right now.

I wish that I hadn't lost my job. But if I hadn't lost my job. I wouldn't have learned to open a business. I don't know that it would've been better had I don't things differently. My old job sucked. I'm proud that I turned my life around. Have a job making 6 figures, about to hire my first employee, bought my first car on my name and on a handshake, and am about to be engaged to a beautiful and vibrant young lady.

As for last year, nothing to both. However, I do wish I had been able to do things differently. It's that lack of choice thing.

I wish I had spent more time with my little cousins. They look up to me and they could benefit from a mentor figure separate from their parents. They're growing quickly and I'm missing it. I am proud of myself for going back to school and taking the steps necessary to secure a better future for myself.

No, I think for the first time ever I have felt the most comfortable I have ever felt about the decisions that I have made. I have been more honest than ever before to the majority of people that I spend time with and feel strongest about.

I'm really proud of myself for saying yes to a trip to Peru. I don't speak Spanish, I knew nothing about Peru or what I should try to fit in while there, or where to stay in Lima, or anything. My first instinct was to say "no"--I can't afford it, I can't take the time off, it's so far away, etc. But none of those were valid reasons so I simply said yes. The trip was with my daughter and we did have a few rough spots, but I planned everything and we stayed in a lovely apartment and I took photos and it was all one hell of an adventure.

I wish I had developed and used healthy means of coping with frustration or upset and that I could have a system that allowed me to have more healthy meals in my home in general for myself and my children. I wish that when I had an exchange student that I was more clear with my expections and yet I didn't know what I did not know. I am very proud of myself for building a space in my home in which I could house and exchange son from another country. Hans opened up my son and I to many new ways of seeing the world in general . We had a wonderful opportunity of connecting with others in a new country.

I wish I had been able to practice consistency in the way I parent, in my self care practice, and in setting boundaries. I wish I had acted sooner to improve all of those areas in my life. I am proud of the work I have done to end the cycle of the negative aspects of parenting that I experienced as a child. It is a continual struggle, and a work in progress, but I am committed to raising emotionally healthy and happy children into adults. I am proud that I am learning how to really take care of myself and parent myself in the ways that I need. I am learning to value myself enough to know my values, and where my boundaries lie, to know what is acceptable in my life and what isn't. And I'm working every day to be clear about my boundaries.

Yes, I am proud of myself for being able to step outside and pursue "my own way". I dare to go for experiences whose outcomes are open. I am trying to escape the "I like it-I like it not"-trap. In the sense of reacting on it by avoiding things perceived as unpleasant and running after pleasant ones. Instead, I try to view any outcome as an enriching experience. I am proud of trying to extend my comfort zone.

Ironically enough, I'm proud of myself for going through with everything. I'm glad I stood up for myself and said that I matter. Last year I was scared and worried that reaching out to my Uncles sowed seeds of doubt, but really it was a cry for help. Eventually I got up the courage to act. For that I am proud.

On a huge positive note I completed hiking the Tahoe Rim Trail ( around Lake Tahoe). This took three summers to complete! A huge accomplishment for me!

I wish I had spent more time on school this past year. I know if I had put in more effort, my grades would reflect that. Alternatively, I am proud of myself for working full time and taking 15 hours of classes and staying on top of everything!

What do I wish I would have done differently? Not really. Maybe... Helping the man I saw choking in his yard 2 nights ago. I froze, and he had people with him, so I didn't think I could help and kept on biking. But, what if I could have? Is he OK? I have decided that next time someone needs help, I will jump in without hesitation. Not have emailed that stuff to Bryan's ex. I'm not sure that it was constructive. I do know something needed to be said, but I don't think I did my best. I'm not sure how I could have best handled it, but I think that wasn't it. I wish I would have not turned off the garden hose, I would have more veggies by now. Proud of? TONS!!!!!! I started therapy this year and its totally helping me. I started working out and its totally helping me. I started controlling my drinking and anxiety, finally. I started a better job (ha! I keep saying that) that is SO CHILL that I can live my life and just BE. I have gotten closer to the boys and Bryan. I have taken care of my finances. I have gotten closer to knowing what I want out of this family situation. I have reconnected with friends and family. I went on great trips. I think I did FUCKING GREAT this year and am SO proud of myself and my decisions, work ethic, and determination.

I wish I had really allowed myself to rest and nurture myself like everyone tried to tell me to do when I first gave birth to Ella. I also wish I had pushed for more support at the beginning. But I'm really proud of how we've become such a beautiful team, Arnon and I, and of all of the choices we've made with Ella: baby led bottle feeding and baby led weaning, sleep training and baby asl, and all of the hiking and fun we've had. Everyone says Ella is such a happy and alert baby and I believe that it's not just because of her nature but because of how we've treated her like anyone else right from the start.

I wish I had taken better care of my health, and not procrastinated. Depression played a huge part in that, and in my health issues, overall,but I wish I could have taken better care. I am proud of my emancipation, and about how I've taken steps to free myself from the hell and prison. I am proud that I have claimed myself for myself, once again, and I am proud and excited to continue on with my story and my narrative.

I'm finally making changes to my health. I wish I had done this sooner. I'm eating properly, trying to get more rest and taking time to do nothing. It is actually giving me more time to think, helping clarify things and increasing my motivation for building my side business. This is what I'm both proud of and what I wish I'd done differently sooner. I am worth it. I deserve to be healthy and happy.

This year has been financially demanding with a new born baby, hospital bills and medical complications. I wish I was more organized with a financial plan and saving options. However, I am proud of setting certain goals to make large contributions to my hospital bills, local temple and new car payment. I was able to pay off some of these large debits with no interest charges. For this next year I can push myself to make new choices and be more organized especially since I have a realistic understanding of new baby expenses. I also would like to plan and save for a potential family trip to Costa Rica this summer in June!

Regrets, I have a few. I wish I have been listening more to my body and my mind. They know what they are doing/feeling. I wish I perhaps was more careful when choosing graduate school. I wish I was lying less and meditating more. I am proud of myself - I am proud I am trying to improve every day, striving to be better.

Not so much in doing something differently, but I do have a few things that I am proud of. Being able to pull my credit up and finally being in a financial spot where I am able to buy renters insurance. I was always uncomfortable not having it and knowing the consequences if something were to happen. Its a great feeling to be excelling at some of the adulting type stuff. especially since I have been an adult for quite a while.

Done differently? Been intentional, every day, and most moments. I am working on a more intentional, more fulfilling life. Not just filling time with facebook, etc, not seeking escape. Do I do it well? Nah. Isn't that what life's journey is about?

I regret losing my temper too often to my beloved partner. I pick fights over stupid stuff like small political disagreements. I don't do enough around the house & garden & he does the chores like a responsible, loving man. I'm so lucky but I need to step up, despite my illness.

I wish that I had been able to talk to my dad more before he passed away in February. It was difficult, because he was in a nursing home and didn't have a phone in his room. But if I had thought about it more, I could have had one of my siblings or nieces bring their cellphones to him so that we could talk. I feel very ashamed that I didn't make more effort to talk to him. I will always miss how he answered the phone when he knew I was calling... "Hey Texas" he would say.

no, believe it or not I love my life right now as it is! i may not have the latest tech stuff or the most expensive. i may not have the best job n the world or the largest home, but my life is perfect. I've got my mom, grandson and my cousin is going to move in with us soon so our little family will get a little bigger! And Family is everything!! Life is good to me !

I wish I had the ability to manage my money better long-term. If I had started taking care of my financial life last January, I would be in such a better place right now. My debt and inability to stop spending makes me physically sick. I'm proud of asking MK not to contact me anymore until he knows what he wants. It was and is devastating to lose your best friend.

My life is such a wild ride, I don't know how it would be different if I had done anything different. Amazing things seem to happen to me out of the blue, and I don't know if my actions have caused them to happen. There is nothing that I can think I should have done differently, and I am proud of everything. That is a good sign!

I'm proud that three months after I had open heart surgery, Bob and I went on our scheduled trip to Tanzania. While the safari in the Serengeti and Ngorogoro Crater were amazing, I was especially moved by the Masai students, teachers, and families we met as we worked on construction and tree planting projects at the Mungere School in Mto wa Mbu.

I wish I had been more challenging to Zach and not let him bully me. I am really proud that Theo and I moved in together. It has been wonderful, except the Confluct with Zach, I have opened myself up to a wonderful man. I've taken a chance and I am happy!

I wish that I had helped my first Wise Aging group transition from a facilitated group to a peer led group. In order to do this, I would have needed to delay starting another group. Now that I have had the experience of meeting with a group beyond the initial 8 sessions, I have a clearer idea of how I might help a group to continue on their own. On a personal note, I wish I had paid more attention to the intrinsic value of goods and experiences and less attention to the monetary costs.

I wish I had visited Ed before he died. I don't want to make that mistake again. I want to see those I love and care about -- to stay in touch. It's easy to let that slip -- life is busy, I'm introvert, etc etc. But I commit to changing this.

I'm very proud of the job I have chosen to work in. I feel like I do really good work as a social worker, and that I really am making a difference by being where I am. That's all I really want! As far as different... I would have finished writing the thank you letters after graduation! I really wanted to do that, and I just didn't take the time to. In the future, that's something I want to try to do every time I leave somewhere.

Made more time to do things slowly - have less on my plate and do it well Raising $900k from JJF - big skill set boost for me.

I wish I had been more aggressive about job hunting once I knew that I was going to need to move on from my current position. I had a decent amount of lead time, but every time I looked at job listings and applications and thought about networking, I put it aside to focus on the here and now. Sometimes, that was important (like when my daughter needed major support at school dealing with a difficult teacher), but other times I just didn't want to look to hard at the future because I was scared and tired. Now I'm still scared, but it's about different things.

I do not often have regrets, as I believe that everything happens for a reason. I know that sounds cliché, but it is a philosophy that has served me well. This perspective helps me stay agile and readily adapt to changing winds. But to be certain, I took stock of the past year, and I did not think of anything I would do differently. In reflection, there is something that I am very proud of. I have fought my weight for much of my life, and twice in the past seven years, I was able to drop over 100 pounds, with medical assistance, and put the weight back on after the medical assistance ended. Starting in November 2016, I weighed 280 pounds, and decided to take a different approach to improving my health. For six weeks, I focused intensely on yoga and strength training to kick off this project. I would have continued to go that intensely, but one of my many weight-related medical issues stopped me in my tracks. I have idiopathic intracranial hypertension and did not realize that exercise intolerance was one of the symptoms. This setback was temporary, as I was determined to find a reasonable way to continue with yoga and strength training. Ever since that incident, I have been working out just once a week, or once every other week. This keeps the spinal fluid pressure from building up, and is effective enough to continue to see progress. This weight loss has been completely different from the two prior times. I have built a massive amount of muscle for a woman, and in a relatively short period of time. Currently, I weigh 220 pounds, and am wearing a size 14. The last time I wore a size 14 was three years ago, when I weighed 170. With 50 pounds different, in the same size, I am assuming that I’ve lost the size equivalent of 110 pounds, and gained 50 pounds of muscle. Size wise, I am now where I have reached twice before. My intent is to keep going until I am very fit, and I will be in the best shape of my adult life by my 45th birthday next summer. I am very proud that I have made this radical change to my health by listening to my own body and not relying on dangerous fads. I have not been dieting, but changing my eating habits for good. After two decades of struggle, I finally figured out what works for me!

I wish I had started therapy sooner.. I am fearful that I have damaged people/relationships around me. AT this point only time will tell.

I wish we had proceeded directly to our level 2 Sommeliers exam and certificate. You get rusty with time!

I would have kept quiet about my previous supervisor until I thought I had another position. I would have spoken up to defend myself. It was a real struggle being unemployed for half the year but in the big picture I left a job in an office where the culture was cutthroat, disfunctional, and where favoritism got you promoted instead of the actual value of your work. But it is okay, I am happier despite having no saving left and no benefits. I know I am a better person for it.

Almost a repeat of last year! We still haven't played enough tennis nor started to dance on a regular basis. However, from planning and executing on our Chinese New Years trip to working on our house remodel, things could not have gone better. I'm proud of Jian and I going through the year with the house under remodel/construction and not being either torn apart by that and carrying a level-headed attitude towards inadequate workmanship and project setbacks. This has enabled us to take it slow and let the project develop into something of quality without hammering it out too fast. It hard not to mention our kids too. We're so proud of them making good, solid choices in their lives and working and playing hard too.

I wish I could tell when I am getting angry about something and why I get angry. And if I have the right to be angry or it's just because of something petty and stupid. Then - if it's actually something justified, being appropriately assertive. I am usually glad I've kept my mouth shut because the perceived offense ends up not being actually true. On the other hand, I don't want people to think I'll accept any treatment or that they have actually lost respect for me because I am quiet when I should have spoken up. All my life I've had trouble with this. Not wanting to be confrontational and hurt someone but wanting to be honest and set my own limits with others. To avoid the destructive feelings of anger and resentment. The anger gets in the way of me feeling love and compassion for others. My husband says it's not a matter of if my anger is valid or not but if my actions can make any positive changes. And if not, then let go of it. Feel the anger and understand why I am angry and if anything I do would help. If not- let it go.

I regret that I didn't better organize my time and accomplish some goals like scanning photos and finishing my book for the family However, I was pleased when I realized that I do tend to live one day at a time, and I try to enjoy and appreciate whatever the day brings

I wish I had been a little less selfish in all my relationships this past year. I sometimes forget to give people space and make things too much about me. I did more annoying other people this year than being a friend.

I left my job of 12 years last fall. I'm proud of taking time off to reset and to attend to the needs of my youngest child, a teen who was experiencing a time of profound struggle. It's now time for me to reenter the job market. I'm a little anxious but also excited about this next phase in my life. If I could have done it differently, I would have laid the foundation differently for my reentry into the job market. I was resistant to even thinking about my career for a period of time.

I don't think there is anything I wish I had done differently, however I wish I would have known or figured out a lot of things years earlier. I am really proud that I am expanding my horizons and doing a better job of living my dreams.

Wished I had actually established the discipline of meditation. Another year gone and it is still an intention and not a habit.

No, nothing that I wish I had done differently this past year. Maybe, I wish I had followed through on connecting with people when I thought about connecting with them. I'm proud of the consistent writing I've done. This is a project I've procrastinated on, and so it's good to see the project going forward.

I am extremely proud of the fact that I started a new job this past year as president of a foundation. It was a lot of work and time, but I feel I put my whole heart and soul into it and that we made great headway and landed in a pretty spectacular place. I of course had moments of doubt, but because my family, and my husband in particular is so supportive, I made it and believe in what I'm doing as my life's work.

I am especially proud that my skill for teaching myself complicated things enabled me to get a good job and a promotion. A friend recommended me for a temporary administrative assistant position and I was extremely grateful for the opportunity after a year of searching post-grad school. After really diving into learning the ropes and teaching my self how to use the finance software there, I was highly praised by my boss for getting a bunch of things done that had been long overdue at the office. It was then that she lamented that the current bookkeeper was dropping the ball and asked if I was interested in the position. Of course, I was interested! However, there was a requirement that I quickly get an advanced certification in the use of our finance software, meaning that I would have to become an expert on it in 2 months. It was hard and frustrating at times, but I got my certification in a month and a half. For my efforts, I got lots of praise, a new job, and a big raise.

I feel like I'm going to come up with a better answer later, but right now I'm drawing a blank. I'm proud of maintaining: I'm maintaining a balanced life between work, parenting, marriage, and friends. I continue to exercise. I grew a garden again this year. We continue to do small home improvement projects. We continue to make traveling and being outdoors a priority. We continue to save for retirement. I don't feel like there were any huge successes or huge disappointments. Things are pretty even keel!

It was a difficult year because of the overlapping health and relationship crises. I'm not sure what I could have done differently. I needed to fight to survive. Thinking about what my suicide might do to my kids kept me in the fight. My sisters were my crutches and my son Bruce helped me build the bridge to survival... I'm very proud of surviving and the support I got from my friends and family. See my Mayo Clinic email to them.

Two things bad happened in relationships and I don't know how else to meet it? One - the step sisters insisted on telling me how my mother took off a piece of jewelery before she died - they weren't there - I was there 24/7 fir 4 days - ni such action! I refused to talk to them since. My brotherinlaw says two weeks ago that he is mift with The Jews because they whine on about the Holocaust. "Don't they know other people died? And what about my rights as a southerner - my statues are being removed." How does one respond? I withdraw.

I really wish I had focused more on studying in Chinese than anything else; it was a very hard class for me these past three years. I also wish I didn't stress out so much. I'm especially proud of how I branched out to people and fell in love with history again.

I wish I had started taking better care of myself earlier. Reading my answers from last year was in many ways disheartening. A lot of what I knew then, I didn't implement. And now I'm a year deeper into the ache of it all. But I am making changes. Finally. So that is good.

What I maybe should have done: Die. Proud of: Quit working for a toxic alcoholic pathological narcissist.

I wish I'd done more graphics programming this year. I got distracted by looking for a new job as my old company died, but I really wanted to get better at graphics and game programming for me. It's something I've always had an interest in, and it was a project I wanted to work on, but I let it slip by the wayside. I've been doing little bits in the evenings after work nowadays, though, and I hope it'll help me improve in the future.

Both: I wish I'd been more fiscally responsible during the 'semester off' and I'm paying for that quite literally now. I think I should have also spent more time going to museums and getting out rather than buying stuff and staying at home. However: I'm proud of myself for becoming more of an activist, I'm proud of myself for graduating and getting a residency, and I think I've grown a lot in the past year.

I feel that I wasted so much time. I procrastinate, I de-stress my veging out. And I can't do that anymore. I have serious responsibilities. And my own paralysis pains me and shames me. I am trying to think of Rosh Hashanah as a kick in the butt to do my work. Because life is short as hell. And I need to use my time creating worthwhile work and art as much as possible before G-d decides I'm done.

I'm proud of standing up for muself and believing in me first!

I am proud of earning my masters degree. There was blood and sweat and tears--so many tears-- that went into it. But also some smiles. I don't think I ever want to do that again. I'm more proud of the realization that I made this spring about work/life balance. I learned the HARD way that there are things in my life that are more important than good grades, more important than landing the best fellowship, more important than doing my best all the time. Things like my marriage, my sanity, my friendships. It was a hard earned lesson, but one that I don't think I will forget anytime soon.

I keep trying to stop drinking. The most that I've gone on the wagon for is just over a month. I wish that the first time that I stopped, I hadn't gone back.

Having retired in 2016 and moved across the country to a place totally unknown to me, there is a lot I wish I had done differently. They say leaving a job, selling a house or moving is very stressful. I did all that in three months. I wish I had taken more time before moving. I needed time to simply adjust to my new state of retirement. I put too much pressure on myself to get this done NOW. So, I am still unpacking. 15 months after the move. I have gotten three rooms remodeled to make the new house work for my spouse and me. And I still feel stressed. However, I have been making time for myself to explore my new hometown. I am taking classes in ceramics and woodworking - actually built a table. Learning to relax and pursue activities that I have always been interested in is working. I am still stressed, but less so. And that is very good.

I am especially proud of the work I have done with Jason in helping him begin his recovery from opiate addiction. he is now over 6 months clean, but more importantly he has embarked on a discovery of his spirit that I hope serves him well the rest of his life. It has made me so much more aware of my own tenuous hold on a spiritual connection and the interaction we have weekly is of more benefit to me than to him I think.

I am especially proud that I took a chance and went for LA Fellows! I'm proud that I applied and got a spot. It's been a big self-esteem boost for me. It's also been good for my boys to see they can get their stuff together without me. I'm really excited to see where it takes me. I hope I can find a job that gives me purpose beyond my family.

The same as last year- I wish I reacted better to the academic disappointments of the past year, and I wish I had saved more aggressively and drank less.

I wish I had been more patient with the kids. I have been so worn down and tired this year, (turns out it's because I have cancer, but only found that out a few weeks ago) my fuse has been short and I have been more snippy and sarcastic than ever. They deserve better.

I'm proud of my ability to produce a weekend event and a show. I have the ability to bring a vision to life, which makes me happy.

I'm glad I've been able to help out legally with a non-profit that can lower arctic temperatures by 3 degrees. My experience was a real help for them to potentially get the funding for this project. As a mom to 3 children, this is a very important issue. Also, I was able to push the City into removing a Prop 65 carcinogen from acres of children's playing fields. Some have already developed cancer, but this change should help many others.

Yes I wish I had been less of a coward.

I am proud and thankful for a lot this past year.....I am really proud of myself for overcoming my long standing fear of flying, part of understanding trauma and anxiety I have been holding and working through that. I am proud of sticking with it, with my job and of making my own change. I am proud of building good relationships with my children and modelling that a single parent can be awesome. Having that open heartedness to show the difficult emotions as well as the good ones and to sit with it all. And the little things....making a fab cake, tackling my garden, renovating some furniture and just laughing a lot. There is nothing I would have done differently....the good the bad and the whatever have all added up to where I am today and I'm good with that.

I do wish I had taken up a different job offer this time last year, although that would not necessarily have been a perfect outcome either.

For the first one- umm, maybe not. There was this one time when my dad said something that hurt me and I found it biased, unfair and wanted to talk to him about it. Even though I tried I couldn't communicate as vulnerably and directly as I would've liked to. What I'm proud of- just being and living everyday; being a medium sometimes when I can come from that empty space

My relationship with Rama could have gone better this last year. If I had gotten more focus on my house and hired more people to help me and giving away more things I like would probably look better right now and feel better to me. Completion of mom's bathroom and bedroom is very gratifying. Alternatively the lack of completion on the outside is quite embarrassing.

Done differently: I wish I had done more hands on training at iCrossing when I worked there. The company is filled with bright people who are very knowledgable. I feel I could have used this time to be more constructive. Proud of: Please we took the plunge and went travelling. We have put this off for years and to finally commit and go has been incredible. It would have been easy to leave it but now was the perfect time.

Well. I have gained too much weight. I probably should have watched my diet more carefully and exercised more

I am proud of the care I provided my patients. I wish I had followed up with the artist I had met over the summer.

I am content with my past year. Nothing terrible happened to me/my loved ones personally, but nothing really outstanding happened either. The past year was, for the first time in a long time, one in which I felt a level of stability. And for that I am proud.

I wish I had tackled more of the decluttering of my condo (I am chronically disorganized) both in order to be in a more restful environment and since I have delayed starting most retirement activities until I had gotten a "liveable" condo.

I tried to work in insurance claims again, for the same reason that I worked in claims before - the wolves were at the door. And, although in retrospect it comes as no surprise, the results were largely the same. Einstein suggested that to expect anything else would be crazy. The problem, for me, is the dissonance between the stated goals (caring for the client in a time of need) and the the profit-driven environment in which to provide that care. For example, the company doesn't want the interaction with the client to sound scripted, but provides scripts for client interaction, for reasons of efficiency and regulatory compliance. A second example would be that the company wants to hear expressions of empathy, a subjective state of communication, and has developed way to measure the expression of empathy quantitatively. As a genuinely empathetic person, I should avoid working in a pseudo-empathetic environment. Lesson learned. I hope.

I wish I had done more to help elect Hillary Clinton, and spoken out more on her behalf instead of letting the Bernie Bros push me (and all of us) underground.

I wish I had taken a bike trip. I wish my boyfriend would want to spend more time with me. I wish Carolyn wouldfi d a job she loves. I am always proud of my daughter

The prompt at a recent poetry group meeting was the line: "Everything I do is a little bit wrong." Another writer has said, "I regret everything." I am sorting through these feelings in my life. The older I get, the more past I have...past is most of my life now. But it really isn't where I want to dwell. I want to find a way to wake every day facing east, and a way every evening to face west with a sense of gratitude. It isn't pride I feel that I have heard some great stories this year simply by opening the door to sharing. A friend says I "collect people." It's their stories I collect. I love passing them on in the poetry I write. The feeling I would have the subjects of these poems express is what the prisoner said in seeing his first poem in print: "I exist!"

I am proud of myself for finally moving on from a job. Not because the company was closing, but because I finally acknowledged it's about me and what I need. I miss my co workers they were amazing people. But to be busy and productive again is an amazing feeling.

In the moment I don't live with regrets, but in looking back over the past year, I have many. I continue to deal with my health issues poorly, often sabotaging the good that I do. But I am very proud of the progress I have made: meeting weekly with a personal trainer and making one, two or three additional visits to the gym weekly.

I wish I could have curbed my spending as I am now in debt on my credit cards. i anticipated making more money and I spent it before I made it. I didn't get to start working of the ON office until later in the year. I am not working at paying off my credit card. I am working at not spending so much and also purging some of the things I no longer need for extra money. I am very proud of how hard I have working at my new job. I feel like I am learning and adapting quickly. I am really proud of how well I did in my macewan summer course. (A-) Best I have done in a course yet.

I'm really proud of my decision to move to squirrel hill and do whats right for my mental health. It isn't an ideal housing situation (though nothing is), but I know that I would be miserable living alone in Oakland. I'm also proud that I am becoming better at stepping back from family drama and trying to stay uninvolved. It is hard not to feel guilty that I cannot help them, and not to feel responsible for solving their problems. I know that I need to do what is best for me and taking care of myself, especially knowing that there is really nothing I can do to help them anyway. It isn't worth the emotional drain to get involved in their lives, especially knowing that it wouldn't make a difference anyway.

I am especially proud of how I chose to take my journey through cancer treatment. I battled some depression as I faced waking up sick everyday. Some of my treatment was dreadful and at times monotonous. I remained patient, determined and courageous no matter my treatment through my way.

I wish I had tried harder in ulpan. I could have learned more if I had studied instead of partying with my friends. That being said I'm proud of the fact that this year I haven't been taking so much shit. If I don't like something or it doesn't feel right, I leave. I still have room to grow but it's an improvement.

I am proud of going to Pembroke and bringing the Boomwhackers which evolved into the Whackadoodles and a weekly performance at Shabbat. The Boomwhackers looked like they could be fun, but I had no idea how to play them. But I wanted to give others the chance to play. Becca saw them, got three other JC's together - and created the group. They were excited, they did it on their own, they inspired me. That's what teaching should be about. Parenting and learning as well. I am becoming less sure of my ability to 'know and transmit' info through words, and becoming more comfortable/convinced that actions truly do speak louder.

I wish I had held onto my resolve to remember to not let go of God when I felt myself sinking. That my time spent with God was consistent for 365 days. I also wish I would have attended everything I made a commitment to. There isn't really anything I'm especially proud of at this point.

I often see my life and the lives around it as what they are. If I were to do this differently then I might not be who I am. That said I could say I wish I took care of myself better, turned inward more, stayed the course I set for myself. This year has been intense and overwhelming and some balls in the air had to be set down. I wish I had found a way to keep them up.

I'm actually very happy about where I am in my life this year. I'm on a fitness path that I can imagine for me to be a success, as long as I am consistent and faithful to it. I've learned to love myself more. I care deeply about my good relationships and have let the toxic ones fall away. And, I can tell the difference now between the two types. I'm learning to be more calm and think things through, have more clarity. I'm proud of all the new plants that I've been cultivating and creating a prettier environment at home. I do wish that I had done more painting and drawing, though!

I had a very formative year for work. I worked really hard and made a name for myself and many friendsat the workplace but I decided that in order for me to be happy and fulfilled in my career, I needed to leave the country and start a new path because the days were rolling into one another and there was little meaning in my day to day work. An opportunity arose to go abroad to work with a community in a role that is perfect for me. I made the call to leave the job to do this for a year and to begin the life I actually want to live. Things and goals don't happen right away but I do feel that I have rerouted and while it is hard to move and have new beginnings, it was the right path for my ultimate dreams and goals. In the back of my head, I do question if I should have stayed longer and see where the job led but I was very unhappy and I am working on trusting my heart and my decisions.

I wish I'd spent more time with my parents, especially my mum. You never know how quickly things can change. Mum is now very seriously ill, and less capable of having those conversations.

I wish that I had woken up every day and focused on my IPA's a lot better. I wish that I had not allowed external negativity to affect me to the depths that I had, and held me back in my journey, that was all on me, my choice to react to external input. I am also very proud of the fact that I have come out of the gloom stronger and brighter and realized that I am truly amazing, and I have had some incredibly awful experiences that have made me stronger and better able to help others in a way I could not have before being on that side of the experiences.

I wish I had taken a job offer that came my way. I would have hopefully thrived in the new environment. I am proud that I spoke up at work and that things are changing for the better.

I wish I'd researched the advertising and marketing component of writing further then had clearly outlined plan that started once the book went to editing.

I wish I had taken more time and effort for introspection and being still. I am especially proud of learning to experience mindful eating, and delighted and grateful to have a horse to love. I'm proud of my philanthropy.

I wish I was able to save more money and start therapy to focus on my personal emotional state.

There will always be certain things I wish I hadn't said or decisions I made at work that I wish I had done differently, but there is not one act that was so bad or that I didn't learn from that makes me wish I had done it differently. When I look back at the full year though, I wish I had been able to help Alex with her pain and feelings of worthlessness. I don't know how I could have done it, and I don't think I could have been more supportive or open to her, but it's also something I don't feel shame or guilt about anymore. I love that I say what I mean and do it often. I don't tend to keep strong opinions to myself ever. I am proud that I worked through a lot of my feelings about Alex's death, especially in Poland, and that Dave and I worked through a difficult time in our relationship in a healthy way, by admitting our feelings, recommitting to each other, and talking through strategies to move forward. It has made us stronger. In less substantial ways, I wish I had participated in the women's march, and done more exercise in general to feel and be healthier. I'm cool with how heavy I am, and what my body looks like, and I'm proud of that work, also.

There is one thing, in particular, that I'm most proud of from this past year: I feel really, deeply proud (not a particularly common or familiar feeling) of the ways I navigated the bout of sepsis and subsequent 9 day hospitalization while we were in Israel. I'm not entirely sure how, but I was able to muster my sense of humor and magnify my patience and tolerance in a practical, highly useful manner. In the past, I know that I had tended to function with and focus on the feelings of frustration, despair, anger at the loss of time and limitations (not so much the "unfairness" of the situation). While it was indeed true that the illness / hospitalization profoundly impacted our first trip to Israel in 33 years (not to mention the time we had longingly hoped to spend with Adam), somehow I tried to view this experience through a lense of humor and "adventure". I absolutely could not have done so without Marcy's unbelievable support and love. Nonetheless, this felt like a different, stronger side of myself -- and I am proud of that -- I'm still growing.

I wish I had invested more in myself. I was especially proud and honored to be "Mother of the Bride" for my only daughter's wedding.

I think I have been good at encouraging and comforting my students while I am successful at teaching them. I am proud they all passed their end-of-year exam with only one exception. That is a testimony to their work and mine, their dedication and mine. I am proud of this.

I wish I was better at time management. Also, I wish I was a morning person. I'll keep working on these 2 things all my life.

I found myself.

I am proud of my re-entry into the financial industry. The start in 2016 was ok was not without friction. 2017 wqas much better. I got personally involved in a strategic project and could excel. I showed passion and committment and used the project to broaden my network in the bank significantly. I am on good track. I also managed my long-distance relationship properly. We met every 2 months and the relationship is very stable. Its still challenge because it requires lots of energy and dedication. There is nothing specific i would have done differently last year. The situation with my daughter is still difficult and i would wish i could change that situation. The relationship with my son is stable but i would love to see him more.

There are many small-ish things that I wish I had done differently, but this year I'm choosing to focus on the positive things. I'm really proud of myself for taking a big step forwards in my (job) life by starting my yoga teacher training. It has taken a lot of inner strength to fight off my demons who have kept telling me that I don't deserve to have a fulfilling life and do things that I find meaningful and joyful. I still struggle but starting the training was a huge step for me and a step away from the corporate life.

I'm sure there are a ton of things to do differently, just none are coming to me at this moment. Maybe not deal with hurricane stress by eating comfort food. Maybe move my car before the hurricane to higher ground. But there was no way we could fathom how high the water would go. I wish there were a ton of things I had done differently in the past few years with Mia. When she moved in with Seth I was very grieved. Where did I lose her? When did she begin to stray from Jesus? How responsible am I? I guess I'm not too proud of that. Also Mark. He seems to be less and less social as he gets older. I took him to California and it seemed that he did ok. There were days when he didn't want to get out of bed. He's always on his iPhone watching videos. He says he's miserable. I asked him if he's depressed. He says no. I figured out that its because he doesn't have his own gaming laptop. He's been saving since his birthday, but its only $100. He needs $300. I need him to earn the money, but he doesn't feel capable to do much work. I believe for him it's a question of self-esteem. Knowing he's worthy and loved by God. I am proud of how he finally passed Alg 1 and half of Geometry. I put out a cry on FB for a tutor and got Lucy!!! She was PERFECT for Mark. Encouraging, excited and sweet. She brought his grade from a 33 to a 70. Barely passing is not what we are looking at. DOUBLING his average is the victory here.

I am proud that I went onto Facebook live presented some information to a group. It was safe and I learned a lot. And it was awesome because I did it. I am saying, "hi" to the skeptic and critic voices that want to keep me where I am. And I am saying back to them, "Thank you for your message, but I am ready to grow and expand. Your negativity no longer serves me. Thank you and you are free to go and be integrated back into me, as you are part of me." FACEBOOK LIVE! I did it.

I'm periods of how far I've come. I'm proud of how I have reached out to reconnect to family, to be the bigger person. But I wish I had spent less time alone. I wish I had engaged more, been less tired and made myself move more. Less t.v.. Less phone. Less work more time outside, more time reading, more time writing, reflecting, learning, teaching.

I wish I had saved more money from the tax return. I am proud of myself for going to the doctor and starting to deal with my anxiety and depression.

I would have handled a situation at my daughter's school differently. I have learned that while some situations call for a more aggressive response, many times diplomacy and relationship building will go way farther in getting the result I desire.

I am proud of the chance I took to go to Ghana. I move way out of my comfort zone and that taught me a lot. I can do and go anywhere my heart takes me now

I honestly don't think there's anything from this past year that I wish I had done differently. Not to say that I haven't made mistakes or had bad days, but none of them leave me with a sense of regret. It's been a learning experience, and all in all, the experiences of this past year brought me to where I am now. And there is nowhere I would rather be. I'm proud of all the chances I've taken. I'm proud of falling in love, and deserving the love of an incredible woman. And I'm proud to have lived up to my ideas of the person I want to be. When I graduated from MSU (Jan 2016), I got to give a speech as the student honoree of the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences. I spoke about how I would like my peers and myself to define what it means to be successful. I concluded it thusly: The greatest thing that I’ve learned in my time here is that “success” by any other definition is meaningless unless it stems from a sincere commitment to one’s humanity. None of us are disillusioned to the harsh realities of the world that exists for us out there. That being so, I think that is a lesson that we need to focus on now more than ever. No matter what direction my life may take after today, I do so with a promise - to myself, my mentors, and to you that my ability to look unto others as empathetically as she saw me will always be my foremost priority for judging my own success. And with that, I’d like to conclude by saying the greatest thank you of all, of my life, to the incredible and dedicated Dr. Jessica Restaino. She showed me what it means to be great. But much more importantly, she showed me what it means to be good. And those are priorities I hope you will all take with you – as will I. Thank you. I'm proud to look back at this past year and know that the decisions I made and chances I took have been aligned with the priorities that I advocated then. It means they were not just the empty words that people fan out for college graduations. I expressed a personal philosophy to honour Jess, my greatest mentor, and it is deeply inspiring for me to look inward and realize that I have done everything I can to live that tribute. Even when it was painful, confusing, inconvenient, and scary it still occurred to me as the most natural and inevitable course for me to take. That tells me that I truly believe in it. I know that I make her proud, and that makes me proud because she is someone that I deeply admire.

I do wish I had done some things differently. I wish I had broken up with Nate years earlier. I wish I had spent more time with Ari and Nastja in my house. I wish I had been nicer to myself. I wish I had figured out its not exactly anxiety, its self-hatred. I wish I had learned to grieve less silently. I wish I had cried about the shooting somewhere where people could hug me. I wish I'd meditated more and listened to music all the time and sat in the sun. I wish I had kissed that girl at Paradiso. I wish I had let myself recover. From my ankle, from my blood infection, from the terror of the shooting, from Luke, from everything. I wish I had been there for Ashley more before we lived together. But, yes, I wish I had been nicer to myself. This is what I always will wish.

I wish I had navigated separating from my husband differently. The stress and anxiety I was feeling prevented me from communicating in a calm and grounded way. When I look back, it feels completely chaotic, and that doesn't feel good. I'm proud of negotiating the sale of my business. It was scary and confusing, intense, demanding,and enormously stressful.

I feel that I continue to focus on being mindful each day. I am proud that I have begun to work with the boys on being mindful as well. Especially for my nervous little man, Gabe.

I wish I had been more patient and understanding of Raleigh's journey to California. I know she's struggled. I put my standards—my way of doing things—on her, and that's not fair. I can be impatient. It's definitely something I'm working on.

I wish that I had not withdrawn from so many others. I am proud that I can take care of my 90+ year old mother at home, and still work full time. But that leaves little time for myself and socialization. I wish that I had let others in a bit more. I have not reached out to let friends know that I need help because I am hurt that they are not calling, emailing, reaching out to see if I need help. When I run into someone at the grocery store, no one wants to hear that life is difficult even though it's difficult and okay. And I judge people for not being willing to spend time wit someone who is old, frail and repeats herself.

In general I'm proud of myself this year. Proud of how I did in school, how I handled my relationship with Asaf.

Weirdly, I kind of wish I'd seen Henry again. I wish I could keep skating lessons up/go more often this semester Sometimes I wish I'd done more of the reading/paid more attention in class, when it would help clients. I could be a better Hotline Advocate too - less rote. More present.

I wish I had challenged myself more and took more risks.

I'm especially proud of my decision to quit my six figure job and take a gap year to travel the world. I am proud that I put my happiness over money, proving to myself that money can't buy happiness. I'm proud that I put myself way out of my comfort zone by backpacking solo throughout south america. I had an amazing trip and truly learned a lot about myself that I would not have otherwise. I feel like I can take on any country in the world now. And I know what I'm looking for in my next job to fulfill me.

In going through the most stressful 6 months of my life, I wish I could remember l be kinder to people. Something I have recently started doing which O am proud of is greeting the day with energy . Of taking a moment, clapping and exclaiming "another day!" with enthusiasm. Starting the day off that way has made it easier to bring joy to others...

I am especially proud of the way I accompanied my husband on his journey through open heart surgery. However, though it was stressful and more difficult as we were in Anchorage and the Kenai Peninsula during the coldest winter in four years, I felt totally supported by family and friends - I felt "held" which almost eliminated unnecessary anxiety and worry. It was hard work but I was greatly assisted by my sister-in-law in the first week after hospital discharge. We were a great team and when she left I felt I could handle the situation by myself.

I'm not sure. I immediately think of work and how I could have done things differently. Better. It was my first full year at this job and I definitely did a lot of learning. And now I feel much more equipped to do what I want to do. But also there is a lot of looking back and thinking, oh, now that I know what I know, I would have reached out to people this way instead, or I would have built a relationship with this person. Those things could have made it easier for me now. But I also think I did do a lot of those things and probably did more or less the best I could. I was probably resist or shy of some things, but I also pushed myself a lot. I've also realized I'm a very flexible and competent person. When I am given an opportunity or asked to do something, I do it as long as I don't have an huge objections. And I'm getting the sense others aren't as able to do that. So basically I want to balance that with also continuing to push myself and be a bit hard on myself.

I wish I had taken more ownership of my finances. I seem to forget that I'm in control here and that saving is and should be one of my priorities... I wish I were out of debt by now and had more of a cushion/savings.... I'm working on it. Today I really wanted a candle but didn't get it knowing I have a candle to finish first. It sounds small but for me, that's a lot of self control and delayed gratification. I did buy clothes at old navy afterward equaling about the same total as the candle, (ugh) but I figure clothes are more useful and I'm trying to buy things I can feel confident wearing.

I wish I had kept Rayna in EMJHS one more year. There probably would have been less pressure for everyone. That being said, it would have had its own challenges and the grass is always greener so I cannot beat myself up too much about it. I am look at everything as a learning experience and all of the mistakes I have made this year I have grown from.

I am proud of training for and completing the Camino. It was a physical and mental feat of endurance but the effort my friend and I put into training for the last 12 months really paid off and we were able to complete the walk without injury and without a single blister between the two of us. It has also inspired us to keep on training for other long distance walking holidays in the coming years.

I wish I practiced more grace with my husband. He is the rock of our family and there's so much more I could be doing to show my appreciation for him. We have two small children, and most days I make up the excuse that there's no time -- we're both tired all the time. To attempt to have an adult conversation is hard with one kid needing to be taken to the bathroom, another toddling toward some hazard. In this next year, I aim to be more conscious of showing my gratitude and love for my amazing husband. I was able to give birth to my second daughter naturally. I tried very hard with my first, but due to complications, needed an epidural and then landed in the ICU. This second time, even though we felt rushed in the preparations I tried very hard to work toward a healthy pregnancy and delivery for me and my daughter. It felt like a team effort. The day of, I had my team around me, my mom came to help and spend the day with us while I made sure my oldest daughter had everything she needed at home while we were away. I was able to labor completely at home leaning on my husband to get me through the contractions and delivered my daughter within an hour of arriving at the hospital. The entire day felt very redemptive.

I wish I had found a studio on a quieter street this past year instead of my current location. I also wish that I had thought about what I really needed in an apartment such as ample closet space. Yet, I am glad that I don’t have to make the long commute to work and that I can have a better work-life balance.

I'm proud of my resourcefulness. I find a way. I FIND A WAY! This works mostly for me but it can work against me because the way I find isn't always right. I wish I had decided on a move that we must make. It's time to live nearer to our children, but I don't want to move. For this, I can't find a way. Yet.

Only one thing? I could have been more organized in my volunteer synagogue work. I could have been more helpful in parenting with my spouse. I could have read more.

I wish I had save more money this past year and I wish I didn't behave in a promiscous way and I'm proud that I'm mpt promiscous anymore. And I'm very happy living with my girlfriend being faithful and respecting to one another

Differently- perhaps I would have gone to the PD- though I do believe it was fate that the accident happened. I do not yet know the reason but I did become much closer to David my husband which i wouldn't change. I am proud to continue with a positive outlook however grim things may seem. I am proud to be returning to work, however stressful and scary it may be.

I wish I hadn't broke down at work. I tried not to, I should have called in sick but I like what I do and felt responsible to be there to get the mounds of work done. I was so overwhelmed at the volume dumped on me when my co-worker was let go and all the work fell on me. I was told by my supervisor that management sees that breaking down as being incapable of handling my job. I am a capable and strong person and I am embarrassed that my emotions showed. I feel like it has marked me as weak in the eyes of management and I may miss being given advancement due to that. There is no understanding of the impact of extreme stress or your mental well-being. No wonder there are people going on stress leave in other areas of our unit!

Still not "there" enough when friends are sick or lose a spouse.

I have let my home meditation and yoga practice slip, especially when I most needed it. But I'm starting to get back on track. I'm letting other people guide me through a meditation or yoga practice on youtube. It is nice to just do it without having to think about it. I've started to walk/jog around my neighborhood as well.

I wish that I had loved myself more this year. It seems that despite the struggles I overcame in the past, and all of the evidence to the contrary, I still don't see myself as much of anything. I wonder what I have done with my life, how it's brought me to where I am, and if I even am where I want to be. Despite the fact that I know that people love me, I still seem utterly unable to love myself. The worst part of this, is that I seem to behave in ways to make this a reality that meets my fears. I wish that I had not fallen into this same trap that always seems to get to me.

This is ironic. I wanted to run for a student council position last academic year but didn't so because of an upcoming exchange program in Japan which is also something that I am proud about. Going to Japan in April is what keeps me motivated in this boring school semester. I am feeling FOMO on the student council this year because I am not part of that but it is getting bearable. I found a family in council that year and wanted to have another one this year but probably it is not for me.

I wish I had spent more of this year actually chasing my dreams, instead of dreaming about them. I know that God has given me some big dreams & He will walk them out with me. I just wish I had been brave enough to trust Him to get me through them. I am so proud of me for stepping back out & starting bible study back up. I was hurt the last time & hesitant, but I am so glad I listened to God instead of my emotions/doubts/fears. Jehovah Aman; indeed!

I dunno. I'm proud thatI stayed. Kind of ashamed of how hard it was. Proud that I left the job. Also not proud of how and how much that affected me.

I would like to have found more balance in my life in this past year. As newer freelancer I put work first as I had to create work for myself constantly. I felt that I saw less of friends, socialised less and went out less. My fun seemed to be part of my work and everyday so felt less of a need to find it on weekends. I would like to have a good balance of work, friends, social, fun and quiet time. I also felt that working too hard led to burn out and which led me into a few months period where I was not my best, felt disconnected from people and myself.

I am proud of the way I handled my husband's death. I brought him home with hospice services, gathered all his friends in to say their goodbyes, planned a funeral tailored to him, and made sure he was surrounded by music, love, and candlelight. He died a peaceful death, in his sleep, and was without pain. He deserved no less.

I wish I had worked so much harder on my health, my marriage, and my motherhood. These are all recurring themes for me every year during this exercise, yet I make no progress, or actually backslide. How depressing to have three years pass without doing any better, and in some cases doing worse. Why the hell don't I feel that fire? Why don't I push myself? On the positive side, I'm really proud of myself for running for co-chair of a university-wide volunteer committee -- and winning! All but one person voted for me, which was a huge boost to the ego. :) I've really enjoyed working with my co-chair, and I feel like we've made some real progress, in particularly difficult times.

Yes! And that’s exercising and becoming healthy i guess. I am never healthy. I eat vegies but i am never a health buff kind of person. I just wished i maintained my weighloss process last year since my weight dropped from 63kg to 54kg. That made me proud and made me realized that it is actually posibble.

I am honestly proud of all I have accomplished this pst year. Building a deck and my house as well as at my children's. Going on several trips with my wife. Getting in shape at the Y with my daughter... lots of "Honey Do" items. Joining the IBC.., all good stuff,,

I wish I hadn't been so afraid to talk to people. I guess I'm proud I eventually got over that mental block, but I wish I'd happened sooner.

Yes. I wish that I had taken my new relationship with an old flame much more slowly and had listened more than I talked and watched more than I acted. I came on too strongly. I was still more hurt from the last relationship of two years (and the one before that--ten years!) than I realized. I wish I had taken it more slowly. I am also proud that I got through the hard parts and started working on my house. I'm proud that I've been able to be more honest with myself about my own BS and act accordingly to be better. I'm happy that I'm not wasting money anymore on trying to help others who have fallen between the cracks. I'm proud of myself for learning who I am again. Getting my feet back underneath me... and bringing it from within. <3 I'm happy that I saw the eclipse and made some new friends. And I finally had a gigantic yard sale and got rid of over half the stuff in my garage that's been tagging along for the past 10-20 years. It feels GREAT. <3

There are a lot of things I wish I had done differently this year. I shouldn't have worked so hard at work, I should have studied harder and spent more time with my family. I am proud that I received a promotion, but I am quickly realizing it was probably a poor choice to accept it.

I apparently needed to plan my vacations better. I don't normally take vacation -- I just make long weekends sometimes and burn some of the rest on public service events or volunteering in emergency response (like last year's flood). But I've been with my company long enough to accrue a lot of vacation, and the policy changed recently so I can carry only a week into a new fiscal year. So I found myself trying to plan days off at the end of the year, when it's actually harder to get time off. So I may lose some hours at the end of the week. There are worse things, to be sure. Not complaining, just need to make a change.

I wish I could be more of a resource for my grandson. I seem, to him, as well as to myself, to only communicate my dismay at his isolation and immersion in electronic games. I understand the addiction, and a need for stimulation, but it seems so blatantly unhealthy. He's eating slightly healthier, but not enough to reassure this grandma of his survival. G-d, I love him

I wish I had taken the time to complete thank you cards to all who attended our very special day ,(our wedding) and thank each person individually.. I 'm working on a letter from our family describing all the wonderful things that we have been blessed with in the past year. I am so very proud of my daughter and the devotion she has displayed in her life. The magnificent young lady she's become and so much more..

I don't know. When I look back at the year, nothing stands out. I quit a bad job and got a better job. My family has had a good year, although perhaps uneventful. I guess the one thing I am proud of is my continued gratefulness for all I have. I look at my kids and know they are a treasure. I walk in the cool autumn air (a fleeting moment of time for Arizona) and let it bathe me in its freshness. I embrace my husband and think, wow, what an eventful 10 years--a marriage, children, a family. I'm lucky, and I want to treasure it.

I wish I had been more organized in school the past couple of semesters as I am this semester. However, I am really proud that I have moved out and learned how to make it on my own.

One thing that I wish I had done differently this past year is a bit difficult to put into words. I worked with AMIGOS in Mexico over the summer, and it was a very difficult, stressful, intense job. I felt like it was impossible to balance the work with self-care, and I always very on-edge and high strung when I entered community. Even though in a way this would be asking a lot of myself, I wish that I had done a better job of not snapping at my participants, making them feel guilty for not completing tasks, etc. I realize that this was a supervisor position and I had many responsibilities that I had to carry out, but I wish that I had more time to reflect on what were some of the "softer" things I wanted to accomplish than what was reflected in my weekly to-do list. I struggled a lot with trying to figure out what exactly to prioritize during the summer: I knew that the participants needed to complete their projects with their communities, that they needed to build relationships with youth and other community members, etc., but I also felt like it was unjust to focus so much on the participants when the goal of the program was not just about the participants' personal development, but about making an impact on the communities. There are many problems with this because, although it shouldn't be this way, this represented a conflict of interests. If my goal was 100% to help support the participants emotionally and do everything in my power to help them have a good experience, that would mean I would be spending my limited time in community essentially being their therapist, granted this already did happen with many of them anyways, and giving them a million strategies to help themselves cope, etc. It would also mean that I should have been more patient with them and not so set on them getting everything done to complete their projects with their communities. But instead of doing this, I was very focused on making sure that the experience was just as good for the communities as it was for the participants, especially because I always feel like one of the biggest problems with cultural exchange programs is that the volunteers always get so much more out of the experience than the communities they're living in do. I have gone through periods of time where I felt like this fact discredited cultural exchange, but I don't know, I feel like this can't stop you from traveling and meeting people from other cultures even if you will never be able to give back as much as you take away from the experience. Thus, it is really easy to criticize any cultural exchange program, but at the end of the day, I think I would argue that for the most part they can do more good than harm; granted this in not always the case, but it is important to continually strive toward the goal that "both parties are benefitting from the exchange, it is not just one-sided." I have been thinking about this framework a lot lately in my anthropology class since we recently learned about historical models of globalization and how there are many inequalities in it-- in other words, in many cases, the dominant, Western cultures are providing a great amount of the cultural flow that goes to "the global south," and there isn't that much going the other way around for many reasons. As a result of this awareness, it is important to recognize that any cultural exchange has the opportunity for the less dominant culture to share their values and circulate their own ideas and values into the whole, and although this doesn't happen often enough, it is a goal that we must all strive for-- increasing cultural understanding is moving away from historical models of the colonist mindset where the white westerners enter the scene and indoctrinate other societies, encouraging them/forcing them to assimilate to "the global north's" ideology. Today we must push ourselves to make globalization and this exchange of ideas a more even process. Although there are structural inequalities that prohibit this to be completely even, that doesn't mean that we shouldn't strive to open up the channel of ideas flowing from the less powerful cultures to the dominant ones. This analysis has the purpose of suggesting that cultural exchange is ultimately worth it, and that it isn't always highly effective in the previously explained way, and historically it hasn't been either, but we must take steps to making it more of an even, just process with equal representation and promotion from both sides of the exchange. SO how does this relate to my regrets from this past summer? Well, the participants were definitely getting more out of the exchange than their communities, but that is not necessarily as bad of a thing as I thought it was. As long as the participants were showing a willingness to learn about the local culture and engage with community members, they were doing a good job. At the end of the day, I fell that I had very high expectations for what I hoped my participants would accomplish while living in the communities that AMIGOS worked in, but my view of "accomplish" was ultimately a bit too lofty. I recognized that the participants were very young, many were quite immature, etc., and I kept thinking to myself during the summer that maybe, just maybe AMIGOS would be more successful in having its participants be true promoters of the organization's mission and vision if the participants were of 'higher caliber,' AKA more mature, have more cross-cultural competence, etc. There's no doubt that the participants could definitely use more training in this regard, and I did feel like some of them unfortunately did more harm than good (in my opinion, the most destructive way that the participants acted was with an attitude of apathy, since if they didn't care about people's customs, language, etc., all they did was reinforce the notion that the Americans coming to Mexico didn't need to concern themselves with these cultural nuances since they were "insignificant" on a more "global scale" due to the communities' lack of agency). I doubt that the participants actively felt this way, although this was the message they occasionally promoted. These outliers aside, however, most of the participants WERE indeed eager to learn, and they came with open minds and hearts. They weren't always the best at making friends, but many of them did leave feeling that they were leaving behind second families, and this had to be evidence of something. This being my third experience with AMIGOS, I can definitively say that one of the most poignant parts of the summer is the goodbye: the bittersweet reunion of the most impactful AND impacted people in the communities who too became participants in the AMIGOS experience. And let me tell you, it was not just the Americans going home who were sobbing. So now we come back to the question: where should my priorities have been this summer? In supporting the participants, or in making sure that the communities benefitted from the experience? I don't really have an answer for this, but I have realized now after deep reflection that these two groups of interests are not as mutually exclusive as I once thought them to be. In supporting the participants, one fosters the creation of a cultural exchange done right: one where both parties are benefitting from the experience, and one that allows for a holistic appreciation of the customs and history of each person in the picture. No, the participants are not the most skilled, experienced individuals, but AMIGOS isn't wrong when they say that every young person is capable of inspiring other youth to be catalysts for social change. At the heart of everything is compassion and understanding, which must be practiced by all sides of the exchange. Thus, I am left with one major regret-- I wish that I hadn't spent so much time torn between whether I wanted to spend my energy supporting the participants who I came to lack empathy for, or standing with the community members who I felt had been left out of the story time and time again throughout history; instead, I wish that I had taken on a more even empathy for everyone involved in the process, recognizing that limitations do not equate themselves to a lack of worth, and realizing that every part of an intercultural exchange is equally vital, just like the tires of a car-- you have to have all four to drive! Put more simply, I wish that I had been nicer to my participants.

I wish I had kept up with yoga. Taking care of Cary takes up a lot of time and I am gaining weight and loosing flexibility. Actually I haven't done much yoga since my wrist break. I wish I had kept up on my diary. I am proud of my work at the zoo, I am involved with the FOZ liaison committee as WCS at large and I am working to make WCS research more accessible to the volunteers. I love it!

So many - especially around my parenting of Freya How to support her in a way that's right for her I just don't get it right time after time Mostly she is forgiving but it shouldn't be that way round I'm the adult and I wish I knew how to be there for her but in a way that is right for me too Proud - yes of my work with JOHN Hawken very breve and different and boy it has paid dividend And of my ongoing work with Ari which after all these years finally appears to be not complete but having finished a big big chunk

I wish I had been able to let go of anger. Anger is very unhealthy to carry around.

Still taking care of my ultra-expensive pup. I'm starting to spend money with surprising pleasure. Would like to be able to hold my tongue when I am being funny with people who don't understand my humor. I try, but I like amusing myself. If they don't get it - "F" 'em. I'm my best friend.

I regret spending so much time in the delusion that others would fix my problems for me. I feel good about taking full responsibility for my life and well-being.

I am working on my internal processing of reactions to others...family and co-workers. It is always a work in progress for me, but I do wish that I could curb my initial reactions and do the reflecting FIRST. I truly want to embrace the concept that WE ARE ONE and therefore my intention is to understand that each person has their own unique personality that plays into their "quirkiness" that triggers my unhealthy responses. Internal work is very important to me. I know that with each opportunity I grow to a better understanding ... I just wish that I would get it instantaneously!

Understanding my worth professionally and personally. Not to undervalue the skills and experience I have worked hard to gain.

probably, I cannot think about what now. Answered questions on the stand very well. Persevered and had patience.

I wish that I would have had better control of my finances this year. I was unemployed for three months and used my entire savings and had to put things on my credit card in order to stay afloat. My husband was working but his paychecks don't cover all our bills - they barely cover his bills. I am back to working, but at $12.00 per hour I am still concerned about keeping up and trying to get ahead. I also wish that I had asked Tim better questions about his being offered a job in Colorado. It didn't come thru and I was very disappointed that we were unable to move to Colorado right after the wedding.

I wish I would have been able to say, "You go move. I'm staying here." The marriage would have been over but I'm not sure it'll survive the transition to a new place.

I have worked really really hard at work. It is just an ongoing thing, but I am proud of helping the people around me, and of doing my best.

I am proud to have had the nerve to buy our Easton house and I am excited about the future it represents. I am proud to have offered to help with the music at our new temple and wound up serving as cantor.

done differently... I could have, should have been more proactive with my children and some new friends in the community....I tend to wait for them to call....sometimes I feel like "what would I say?" so I tend to be passive. My desire for this year, is to be more proactive...and it will be a stretch...

I wish I was a little crazier in Colombia. I am especially proud of losing 50+ lbs.

Especially proud: I have stayed consistent with working on my recovery from my bone marrow transplant. My body gets stronger all the time.

I wish: - I had hit the lottery (might help if I played! - Helene were happier living in town I am particularly proud of - transitioning into this next stage of life so well (being actively engaged in things/people that matter while being less pressured to produce) - making family time, travel and R&R all priorities

There is a string of events that I definitely wish I could change-decisions made that I wish I hadn't done. But they were done so moving on is the goal, and making sure I continue to grow and be the best person I can be on my own and in my family is what matters.

I'm particularly proud of myself for all the work I put into applying to and preparing for rabbinical school. When I first started thinking about it, seven years ago, I thought there was no way I'd ever be able to achieve it. In the past year, I've really made a concerted effort to shore up the weaknesses in my skill set and fill in the holes left by my unusual autodidactic path. I placed into the upper level of most classes, which I found astonishing! I'm hanging in there so far, and learning a lot.

A few years ago, I underwent surgery on my left ankle. A big surgery, that almost had me killed because of a big blood cloth, traveling through my body. I made myself the promise that I would loose weight, travel more and enjoy life by enjoying the little things. I failed.

I'm very proud that I got a major promotion after just under 7 months of working here. It was very nice to get a great position with wonderful benefits working with such amazing people.

I wish I'd spent less time chatting to men who did not really want to get to know me. I wish I'd continued going to the fashion design classes. I wish I'd approached that pleasant girl and attempted to make a new friend. I managed to put my anxiety aside and finished my CV. I learnt to coexist with my parents without arguing. I started taking care of myself more.

Both; one from each column. And I hope that's true for everyone. I think it best not to talk details online, but suffice to say that there are many things I wish i could take back and do over again; knowing now what the consequences are or have been. All this being said, I'm also immensely proud of many things that I've managed to accomplish over the last year.

I'm proud of the way I've handled Sadie's death. I'm open about it, and have raised the awareness of stillborn babies. I have grieved, but am not letting the grief define who I am, and allow me to get into a run in my life. I remember her and honor her, but am not letting life get me down.

I wish I had applied for a new job. Now that I'm needing the change, the job isn't open.

Done differently: I wish I had worked harder to try to find a library job. I like my job at Hologic okay, but I am feeling like that opportunity to get a real library job is passing me by. Proud of: This has just been a really good year. I've been paying down my loans and working and doing the adult thing. And my boss said that I had a really good phone manner! I've been doing really great at work, actually. People like me and say that I'm going above and beyond. So that feels really good.

done differently: gotten more sleep new job - have been interviewing found a husband exercised more Especially proud of: going to NEFFA only child's college graduation & taking mom;went great being truer to self making breaks with people/things no longer helpful or positive improved health thru strict dietary allergy eating standing up for self at work

I am really proud that we became gardeners! Our vegetable garden is flourishing and it's so awesome to use your own home-grown food to cook with. We also have a great flower garden started out back and out front and I can't wait to add more to them. I used to think gardening would give me anxiety because I had no idea what I was doing, but it's actually been very relaxing. I really don't think there's too much I would have done differently, except maybe started looking for a different job sooner.

I handled my dad's death well. I was the only one present when he died and I feel grateful to have been there for him. I don't see that I could have done anything different. I participated in my very first 5K and loved it! I began working out on a regular basis, take long breaks from time to time, but get back to it too! I took more cooking classes and gotten more involved in learning more cooking techniques

I wish I would've saved more money in the past year and been in better shape to by a house

I don't know how to get the year back. I wish I knew how to find my slow-down button and not overreact to my husbands words. I wish I had insisted on couples counseling? I wish I had listened to the advice not to share my therapist. ? I wish I knew how to move forward.

I entered art pieces in two juried shows and had a piece accepted for both shows. I haven't shown any artwork in 30 years. That is pretty huge for me. I tried a new athletic pursuit - dragon boating. Why not? I'm glad I took that leap. I didn't make any progress with dating. That stinks.

Wish I’d done differently: tried a different communication tactic with my husband to really let him know how unhappy I was and that I was nearing the end of my love for him. I tried many different ways but maybe if I’d tried one more it could have worked before my love for him left. What I was proud of: I significantly reduced my angry responses to my 17 year old son and have transformed more into a coach for him. This is helping our relationship I think...looking for ways to support and encourage and bolster him and talk to him respectfully and with love.

Gone to theatre and done creative writing/journalling. I wish I had exercised more. Been more organised.

I am particularly proud of how I have handled my work / life balance this year. I made a commitment to start working with a trainer & I did. Although a little later in the year, I still did it. Additionally, I have really stepped up my game at work. Partially because I am more comfortable with my position now. After over 2 years with the company, I feel better about what I know & what I don't know. My colleagues are more respectful of my answers & opinions, as well as my customers. All in all, I feel much more accomplished in both.

I feel like this question is ALWAYS about health and wellness. I wanted to stick to a work out regime, here's to 39 and losing 40 by 40! That's the new goal. But I do feel like I have gotten a hold of my food cravings and now I just need to balance wine. I need to not come home after a bad day and have a glass that turns into a bottle. I need to find other outlets. Also, I need to embrace more vulnerability. It works, but then I put up blocks and end up curling back into my shell. Time to finally just let and let go!

I am very proud of my whole family, we agreed right after the election of Trump that we had to get ourselves to Washington DC for the Women's March the day after his inauguration. Even though it was logistically very challenging, expensive and the drive was both long, slow and somewhat harrowing, it was with out a doubt an event we will all remember as deeply bonding with one another and the 1.4 million people who were there, not to mention the millions around the WHOLE WORLD who were coming together in loving,peaceful protect that day to say UNITY and LOVE will always ultimately win out over divisiveness and FEAR. I am so proud of my daughters, they have both matured into caring, responsible citizens and I am proud to pass on the ancestral responsibility, TIKKUN OLAM as they become social activists as well.

Hmmm, that is a good question. I wish I'd followed through on more introspective things. I have a bunch of journals that I wished I'd starting using when I bought them. I realize there is no time like the present, but you know me, I like organic starts and stops. Maybe on October 1st I will start.

I wish that I had not taken the corporate job which I then felt compelled to leave six months later.

I wish I hadn't put so much on my AMEX card...I went a little spend happy and my savings account shows it! What I'm truly proud of is having the ka-ching to buy Adrienne's wedding dress and helping with the wedding deets. Also getting myself to UUFSB

I am especially proud of climbing Masada. It took me fighting being tired and all the people who told me that I couldn't do it.

One thing I am proud of but wish I I had worked on even more so this year was developing a workout routine. I had some really good stints this year but I'm disappointed that I've never been able to keep it consistent for more than 3-4 months at a time.

I think I'm mostly proud of that I tried very hard to give love and support to my parents and everyone else in the family. I'm very proud of how my children supported all of us as well. We were all so much more resilient and value driven and strong than I could have imagined

I think I have made tons of mistakes, but at the same time, they are not mistakes. Everything that I have experienced has taught me something. Everything that has occurred to me is necessary for me to learn and gain more from life. I do not have anything I wish I had done differently. I am especially proud of my ability to be independent and to be able to take care of myself. I want to be prepared for adulthood. It's strange to think I am legally an adult.

This question has had me stuck for days. There are things I could say I regret not having worked harder on, etc., but I'm trying to be more forgiving of myself and I think I did what I could given how I was feeling and what energy I had.

I'm very proud of my contribution to the math teaching at Central Elementary School where the scores on standardized testing at the end of the year showed great improvement. I'm proud Central wanted me to help again and of my relationship with the principal..a true leader. I'm proud UMSL wanted me back to teach STEM again. I did tell them I didn't want to go there on Thursday nights anymore and that's ok with them as long as I participate. That makes me feel affirmed. I'm also back at Ritenour with high school teachers and that seems to be going well. So it's being requested at these schools that keeps me busy but fulfilled. I'm proud of my relationship with my kids. I see them more often with more time available and truly enjoy their company. I think they enjoy ours too.

I wish I had finished my certification work by now. I am proud of my family and the time we have spent together.

I wish that I had used technology less as a distraction this year. When I feel bored or anxious I often go to instagram or facebook. What i'd like to do instead is read or listen to a podcast. It seems simple, but it's hard to break the habit of finding comfort in a quick immersion of online content. However, I don't want to take the quick or easy out anymore.

Save more money!!!

I always wish that I had been more organized, structured my time better, been more assertive in promoting my organization, and had exercised more and eaten less. Then I sigh and have thoughts about my whole life and its trajectory. Then I get back to work. I am especially proud of my kid's orchestra. Somehow, it became magical, and everyone became very close, and the graduates honored us, the teachers, and the parents validated all our work.

I'm super happy with how my delivery with David went and having his bris. This seems strange, but it was stressful and insane and a week of blur, but it's amazing to have done that. Alternatively, I wish that I had been more supportive of my sister in law when she announced that she was moving. It was really hard for me, and I made it more difficult than it needed to be on her.

I wish I could have gotten into school more. I've been very burnt out and felt generally intellectually unstimulated, so I just kind of phoned it in, which in turn made me feel...burnt out and intellectually unstimulated. I still got great grades (though nothing like my first year, when I was just excited to be in college and learn what I wanted to), but I really miss learning in a way that was deep and joyous. I feel like I have wasted much of college. I will exit with no friends gained and retaining very little of what I learned. I'll have a diploma and some work experience, but I wish I could have had some fun along the way. I'm not even sure what's fun for me. At the same time, I'm proud of the work I've put in. In the past year, I went from a subeditor to managing editor and now to editor-in-chief. I have much higher grades than I did in high school. By the end of this year, I will graduate, meaning I completed two majors and a minor in 4 years. I was an intern at my local NPR affiliate station. I have a lot to be proud of that came out of all this work, and in my final year of college, I only hope it will all pay off.

I am proud that I trusted myself and opened up a new shop I am proud that I tried something I have never done before

I wish that I had been more clear/transparent on my work contracts. Had I done this, I would have saved myself a lot of wasted time and energy on the dreads. That being said, i'm proud of all of the work that C1 and I have done to slowly build a lifelong career that we are proud of. I'm proud of how we've managed to make friends and gain admiration everywhere that we've been. I'm also proud of how i've been able to handle myself with grace and love throughout the end of this relationship.

definitely wish i had worked less and created my startup differently. lack of experience gives us experience, but sometimes i wish i already had experience... but then, again, experience costs money!! :-) proud to have survived and taken some time off to achieve some semblance of a work-life valance...

I wish I have done everything I possible could to accomplish my dreams. On the other hand, I'm very proud of how far I've come.

my crafting skills continue to grow, my ability to keep my house neat never does. I know that coming home to a clean organized house would be better. I just can't seem to manage it. I get close and then it all falls to shit again. I wish I could do that,

I'm proud that I've gone back to school finally and I'm doing so well. This is the best academic year I've had since the first grade, no joke. Part of the credit for that goes to the great environment I'm on at home and at my community college, but part of it is my own work too.

I wish i had regulated my emotions better. I wish i hadn't been so caught up with caring for Mon and dad so much. I'm glad to know that people were my priority. That all else did get set aside to care for my family. I am so very proud of my daughter for how she has lived her grandparents

Work has had its ups and downs this year, but perhaps that's the nature of starting a brand-new business in a foreign country. There are some missteps with the branding, the name, the locations, the staffing, and the business plan that I would've done WILDLY different - but live and learn, and be better next time. That said, work is ALSO what I'm most proud of this year - both the clients I've helped to find "your best self" (our slogan, which I still love) and the fact that I picked myself up, dusted myself off, and sought my own employment status and living situation after being shaken to my core only a month prior.

No. No, no. I don't wish for there to be something I have done differently. . . because. . . doing 'that thing' differently might have not gotten me to where I am now. I am grateful and thankful for everything that has happened. I can't bring back the past months and re-live them again. It's gone. Nothing can be done or changed about it, I can only focus on making the right decisions for the future. Ummm, I think I am proud of the fact that I am willing to be and stay and live positive(ly). I am willing to change, I am willing to ... grab the bull by the horns?(is that it?) and steer my life, thoughts in the right path. I am proud of myself for pushing through. For keeping my head up. I am proud of myself for fighting. And winning over depression!!!!

I wish I would have....No, nothing I wish I would have done differently. This was one of the toughest years of my life. I was finishing nursing school, working 2 jobs, and travelling 13 hours each way to spend time with my father who was dying of cancer. When I look back now, it seems surreal. I am thankful that I had the resources, and support to be able to do this. My wonderful husband was there with me holding my hand, driving, wiping tears. My work situation was flexible thanks to the people at both jobs. Mostly, I am proud that I was able to allow myself to go through the process. My dad passed in June and I am so heartbroken but I have a sense that it's going to be okay, that I am on the right path for healing and I am proud that I could trust myself and those around me during that insanely difficult time. Sometimes you just have to trust the process.

Finished putting windows in the house from tax money but blew a lot of it also.

I'm proud of our home. We have planted things that will become our beautiful garden.

I wish I'd worked differently. I think work is my biggest disappointment, my biggest regret. At some point, I stopped really caring about the institution (although I never stopped caring about the individuals). No matter how much we reframe it, I do feel like my work has been failure, and that's a pretty crappy way to feel.

I think I should have spent more time this year, and last year, thinking about what I want for my career. I've been doing what other people want me to do for so long, I've lost control of the narrative. What am I aiming for? What's next?

I could have done several things differently, but I think I handled most pretty well.

I wish I would have taken better care of myself both mentally and physically. I seem to always but myself last in the long list of things to do and I hate it. When I am busy, the first thing that goes is working out. I want to take this year to really increase my well being by getting healthy. I am proud of the career achievements I have made. Although work is a shit show at this point, I have really set myself up to be a reliable, knowledgeable worker and a leader within the office. I know what I am doing and I get shit done.

I wish I had been more patient and kinder with my mother when she quickly slipped into dementia. It was partly panic and denial and fear, but I wish I had behaved differently for the most part. I had no idea it would happen so quickly..what I would give to have more time with one of the two most precious people to me in the entire world.. Every year I regret that I wasn't kinder and more affectionate to my step daughters. This year, I do not and will not feel this way. They are older and are now responsible for their own behavior. One of them shows me affection and interacts with me, and I am always affectionate and engaged in kind. The other is rude and disrespectful and shows no interest in interaction and I will continue to do what is necessary and no more. They are old enough to know relationships are a two way street and you give what you get. I am more than happy to be there for them if they want me to be but they already have a mother and I have a daughter also.

I am proud that I am able to identify what I need through the work I have done in the past year. I am proud I am able to differentiate between my stuff and someone else's stuff. For example, when my brothers or my friends do not respond when I call or send missives, I will ask if there is anything getting in the way, but am not taking on all the responsibility. They have reasons that are not about who I am. Just because I need something from someone, doesn't mean they are able or willing to give it. Alternatively, I wish I had been more active in taking care of myself. My health is still at great risk due to weight gain and lack of exercise.

Wish I had done differently? I can't think of anything, I do try to logically think of everything I do, so I am making the right decision. Proud of taking the chance on Maine. Proud over how well Charles and Robert have turned out, even though they've done it all on their own. Proud I haven't thrown in the towel, quit my job, sold my house, and driven out into the unknown, not telling anyone where I went. I'm still here.

I'm especially proud of my tri-training this past year. I set myself new challenges and met them. I signed up for my first Olympic distance triathlon in Guelph, which meant I'd have to rent a car to haul my gear and travel the two hours to get there. I increased my training intensity and signed up for my second half-marathon the week before my tri, just to take the edge off (it made sense in my head when I registered...). I ended up sailing through the half marathon and improved my time from last year by 12 whole minutes, finishing in 2:11, maintaining a pace time of 6:15/km and a split of 6:07/km at the 11 km point. I finished in the top 20% of all athletes and was elated. My Olympic tri was perfect weather; the day was exciting and even though I pretty much ran/walked the entire 10km portion, I still finished in under 4 hours, which was my goal. Next time, I'll aim to improve that time. My sprint at Toronto Triathlon Festival was awesome and I ran my fastest sprint this season. Training has definitely paid off. I've shaved 10-15 minutes off each portion of the race and my finish time this year was spectacular for me - 1:33 (compared to 1:54 from previous years). I even managed to complete the 5k in 30 minutes, thanks to pushing and encouragement from (cousin) Jeff, who rode alongside me during most of the run. I'm really proud of myself for facing my fears in racing and pushing myself to go farther and do more. Now, I'm toying with the idea of doing more Olympic distances so I can prepare for a possible half-IM in another year or so. I tracked a friend's progress through her first full Ironman in Mont Tremblant this summer and I was so excited, you'd have thought it was MY race, so the idea of me signing up for a half is now in my brain and I may have to set myself up for meeting *that* challenge.

I wish I had stepped things up at work during the past year. I've had very productive times, but feel like I slacked off after some of them. Part of it is needing a bit of a break, and part of it is procrastination. I tend to do best under pressure, and when it isn't there I tend to back off a bit. One thing I'm proud of is the work my father and I did to raise $500,000 for my synagogue's cemetery. A lot of people doubted that we could pull it off, and we proved them wrong. While my father did most of the major soliciting, and my wife was a huge help with all the marketing and letters, I am happy with my role in the process.

Something I wish I'd done differently: practiced driving more (just started last weekend) Something I'm especially proud of: beginning a structured strength training regimen 💪and getting more relaxed and easy with my good choices

It is easy to rationalize my past behavior as intentional. The times when I have been lazy, or dragged my feet, or deferred decisions - I think the only person that is annoyed by that is myself. I have a long list of things I wish I could have done differently, yet it's not like I failed to do those things... For the most part, I did what I said I would do. I think what I could improve upon is the speed of which I do these things. I am more annoyed with myself when I over the process and delay a decision or delay work. What am I proud of from this past year? I was more intentional with work, my health, and my relationships. All of those things took work and time and I also look back on the year and feel good.

I am especially proud of the work i did to extract the themes from tons of notes and data. I wish I had been more forceful in preventing the consultant I worked with from delaying my start of analysis and not involving my committee in much more detailed analysis.

I wish I had exercised more. I am proud of how I have supported my kids through their transitions and general angst.

I wish I had made self care more of a priority. I am proud that I finally have a job I'm very interested in!

I wish I would have been quicker to act on my side business pursuits. I acted much more slowly than I should have out of a fear of failing or not doing things good enough.

I am working hard at finding my happiness again; doing what is best for me. Which is dramatically changing the roles with my currently relationships (friends & co-workers). There has been a few times I wish I would have handled the situation differently. More upfront and honest right away; without the fear of upsetting anyone.

I wish I had gotten more involved at local levels of politics and rallies. I can do more to become part of my community and spent more time devoted to others.

I wish I had not lost any days lost in my mind or worrying about things that are not core to my exploration of self. At my current state, I feel like a day without learning something new about myself is a day lost.

I am actually pretty happy with most of my actions in general this year. I wish I was more self-aware, less of a bull in a china shop - a better listener. That would make me a better husband, friend, father and teacher.

I wish I had taken more time to be patient with my children and spend more time with them. It's hard being a working mom--with a husband who travels over 200 days a year. I love my kids and I hate that they're growing up so fast. I wish that I could enjoy my time with them more.

Most days I wish that I had done lots of things differently - been more patient; been a better mom, wife, friend, sister, daughter, aunt; been more relaxed; been more kind; been more forgiving. Mostly I wish that I could just always be more kind to myself. I've got a lot on my plate and I feel that a little forgiveness and more self-love would be the most beneficial.

I wish I didn't drag my feet when it comes to trying new things. Experiences like A-Camp, working out, and going to shul were very rewarding. It takes me a while to get the courage and show up.

I think the obvious answer is advocated for causes I cared about more. I'm proud of how much I did, and I know that our current administration means that I'll need to do so even more in the future. That means beyond retweeting a comedian that has a good take on a topic. It means being active, donating money, protesting, raising awareness, reaching out to people. If the Trump administration has done one good thing, it's mobilized an entire generation of young people (like me) to get off their asses and give a shit about politics.

I wish I had written more in the past year, but its something I'll continue to work on this year. I'm proud I went for a professional development program and asked for a raise, those were 2 goals I had and I made them both happen.

I feel like I finished school up quite strongly, academically, but I always feel like I'm lacking socially. I'm struggling to keep in touch with my friends, and I often find myself preferring to watch TV than catch up with friends. I also had my first mini-relationship. I've always felt like I'm behind in that area (well, I am), so it was significant that the relationship even happened. But it was short (2 months), and while we've remained friends, looking back on that time, I don't really feel like it was much of a relationship. I am really glad I didn't lose them in my life, but I sometimes wish things had gone differently. That said, even if we didn't end things when I graduated, things wouldn't have worked out long-term anyway.

I'm proud of letting go and letting my husband break down some of my walls. It wasn't easy opening myself up to potential rejection and pain but ultimately was necessary. I wish I had been a better wife and partner at times this past year. I wish I hadn't given up so easily when things seemed impossible while pursuing a career change. There are several things I feel I got "wrong" over this past year but I'm hopeful next year will be better. Each year has been progressively better than the last.

I actually don't have any regrets from the past year. I am so proud of how my gratitude practice and independence has grown and flourished over the past year. I stopped listening to others and started following my intuition and it has made all the difference in the world. I also prioritized fitness and got back into running after a FOURTEEN YEAR break.

I wish I had spent more alone time with my husband. More time with just the two of us. Proud? I'm happy that I launched my first Children's interfaith spiritual book reaching children of all faiths entitled "The Prayer Box"

I am sorry that I did not ride my bike at all last year. This is a disappointment to me. I am especially proud that I made a pledge to go to Europe (for the first time!), and not only did I go, but I had a wonderful time, and I am ready to travel again.

I'm especially proud of the progress I've made in writing a memoir. While I've recently decided to change direction somewhat, I'm pleased that I committed and continued to work on it throughout the year, improving my skills.

I wish that I had taken more time for myself. I need to focus on my health and weight. I am getting older and good health is so precious. I have reduced the clutter in my home and threw away some things that were important to me in the past, but there is no room for the future. I felt good being able to do so

I wrote some poems that I like. I would have liked to have written more.

I wish I had been kinder to my husband and that when I was feeling stressed or annoyed I was able to articulate it better. And kept any bad thoughts I had to myself - there is never a good reason to talk badly about your spouse to other people. I was not a very good partner this year.

Wow. I just saw my answer from last year about wishing I had been more patient with my mother. This year, I was more patient with her, but only because things were so much harder for her. The goal is to be patient with everyone all the time, not just when they are diminished, or sick, or otherwise facing challenges.

I have finally learned to accept that there are "shades of grey" to any situation or question or issue, no matter how painful it may be to me. I can feel proud that I finally realized this, and am growing comfortable with this realization after a lifetime of "black and white" thinking.

I wish I had not spent the past 6 months obsessing over a boy. I haven't had a crush in years and this Spring, well I found myself in the midst of a major crush that was never going to go anywhere and took up a lot of my emotional headspace. I neglected my closest relationships here and I feel like I need to spend the next 6 months fixing that.

I think I am happy with the way I handle things in my life now. I am going through a tough time with my partner (again) and it feels like we are in this place together a lot. It is his stuff, not mine. I think I've been handling it well. He has emotional issues. I wish that boys were raised differently, to have smaller egos and to not get bent out of shape anytime someone makes a request or voices a need. Women are used to being criticized and given feedback. I guess I am feeling anti-man right now. I recently requested that my partner make a step-by-step plan, in writing, that he can refer to the next time he has an emotional outburst. I wish I had done that sooner. It was basically an ultimatum, but I said it much more gently and didnt use the word ultimatum. I had been afraid of losing him, but I now realize that if he wont change this one thing about himself, or find a better way to deal with the problem so that it doesnt affect me as harshly, then I should respect myself and not be with him. I am feeling pretty strong in that position at the moment. So I wish I had done that sooner.


I wish that I had been more capable of handling the stress of my job as a teacher. Because I was insufficiently stable, I got fired from my position and that directly lead to my suicide attempt. As much as I think it is for the best that it happened, because I was really unhappy in the classroom and I like my new job, I really wish that I could go back in time and apply my coping skills to that situation.

I wish I had accepted earlier that I wasn't supposed to do anything while I was on maternity leave, except care for my newborn and rest. I really wish I would have tried to nap whenever he napped! Alas. Here I am. Lesson learned. At the same time, I am especially proud that my husband and I have really integrated our son into our lives, and we haven't lost sight of ourselves as individuals or our lives as a couple.

I am thrilled that I have taken ground on food and exercise! I have lost over 20 pounds and feel like I have turned a corner that makes it impossible for me to be a couch potato, mindlessly eating! I play tennis 2-3 times a week and added yoga to the mix. My Fitbit had changed my life! I wish I would have done all this 25 years ago but at least I am on the right path now!

Was able to move my practice and renovate an office. Proud that I did not crumble from all the stress.

I still have a credit card balance and I would like to be more disciplined in paying that down. Sticking to a budget is hard and somehow I always convince myself that it's worth it but then regret the decision later. I wish I had more patience and could recognize that there is a future, whether or not I like it.

I wish I had not stopped working out at 9 Round. That made me feel so strong and so confident. I am especially proud of working through my past hurts with my family (in my ACOA group) - the really mucky deep ones. And I'm proud of pushing us out of the nest in our old comfort zone on Catalpa and into something wonderful and new on Tamarisk.

I'm somewhat disappointed that I didn't identify specific goals to reach I'm generally comfortable in my skin and in my place in life. But, that isn't the purpose of life, is it? I think I need to give myself credit for being the most physically active I have been in my life. I've been exercising, eating foods that nourish my body, and caring / loving my self.

I wish I had handled my bookkeeping business differently. I now know that having a business that is totally dependent on me staying on top of things isn't a good match. However, the way that things ended was really unfair to my client, and it was unfair for much too long. I am especially proud of how we handled our moving sale. It was very intense because of the time crunch. We made decisions to let go of objects with the vision of helping others and covering our expenses. We sold things for very little, and on the third day we gave everything away (while accepting donations for church). It was very freeing and fun to tell people, "Yes, free. If you want something, take it."

Yeah. So this year, I really wish that I had taken the time and effort to get into shape :(. Oh, and one thing that I am especially proud of is the two jobs at CBI. It's only September, but maybe I will be able to songlead more and more this year, especially since Nashir is starting...

I wish I had put down my old mailing address on my RMV paperwork instead of my new mailing address. The result was a complete headache that created a lot of transportation issues for me. But on the bright side, I figured out how to use public transportation to get to work and I feel more confident about riding the bus. I am also more grateful for having a car as well as the means to access my license when I need it in non-car situations.

I was frustrated with myself at times because I was bitter about the way I was treated as a first-year coach. I didn't feel supported by administration, in response to the harassment from the middle school principal. While I get justified in my feelings, I allowed it to color the rest of the year. I started to lose my desire to even be at the school, as both a coach and teacher. Conversely, I was proud of how hard I worked to find a new opportunity for myself in Arizona and make the move happen. I was diligent in my research of the schools where I applied, and I believe that helped me, especially in my interview without San Tan Foothills.

I wish I would have made more to play my guitar and improve my musical skills Very proud of how I Have developed my health care practice, how my staff accepts my vision of how we deliver our health care and how our patients are responding to the personal and authentic care we provide

I wish I didn't react in such a hot headed way when I hit against adversity at work. Looking back, I realize I took things too personally, and colored by my unhappiness there. As a consequence I think it was no surprise to anyone that I would resign, but at the same time I could have made my experience here a less stressful time. In contrast, I have been incredibly proud of the course I designed here, and the impact I have made on the students to think more socially conscious about their studies and their future careers. Their innovations really give me hope for the future; they are nothing short of inspiration to me and I find myself consistently glowing after every single class!

I wish I had better relationships with family and friends. My brother-in-law doesn't speak to me anymore. I don't speak to my sister or her husband right now. I wish I had taken care of my mother's house situation better instead of allowing the blind lead the blind. I am especially proud of my accomplishments at school, WRJ, EEA/NJEA/NEA, and RTPV.

I wish I'd not questioned myself so much - and not felt 'guilty' for being ill or internalized so much. Im proud of drawing a line and making some decisions that were based on my wants and needs first, and not secondary.

I'm proud of taking in foster dogs and their getting adopted. I'm proud of my project Sidelined getting a big producer attached based on my taste and instincts. I'm proud of a relationship I built with Claire, a woman with Cystic Fibrosis, to help promote her non profit and organization. I'm proud for not giving up at work when I feel like giving up. there are many things I wished i had done differently. sticking to any habit like waking up on time, writing, not letting fear paralyze me with my work, moving forward given difficulty, meditating more.

I am incredibly proud of how well the end of the school year went. My kids made a lot of growth, both academically and socially. My eval was very positive. It was gratifying because I'm a good teacher but admin goes out of their way not to recognize that.

Always things I wish I had done differently. I wish I was less reactive in general and specifically I wish I was calmer and less reactive verbally to my son.

To save up more and not spend on unnecessary items. I've moved from spending on alcohol to finding better activities to do - diving, riding with the boy's Yamaha R5 - a much healthier lifestyle given that i've been diagnosed with Hyperthyroid end 2016. The passion for diving has made me even volunteer in coral planting and maintenance this whole year that it's a personal achievement that i'm contributing to the ecosystem more or less with what i now love to do - diving.

I wish I had been more patient with myself.

Taken noticed I what I wrote last yet as it's the same this year. I'm in a rut, a deep one, and I feel trapped. I know what I need to do (move out) but unsure how to do it.

I'm proud of the money I've raised for Planned Parenthood by selling the hats that I knit. I think I've raised over $300 so far.

I wish that I had sometimes placed my own needs above the needs of others. That might sound selfish, but I have always put others first at the expense of my own health. Helping others is a wonderful thing, but not if it costs my own safety and wellbeing. I am proud that I made decent grades during the past year and committed myself to my activities. I am proud that I take the time to ensure that I am truly living and not just passing through life.

Looking at last years answer it in finance related in that I wish I had planned my finances better. The same could be true today but I have made two very big changes. 1) I'm no longer fearful of being in debt. 2) I have made an active choice to work harder and to stop putting things off to get the debt cleared. and 3) I'm staying up to date with my bookkeeping. All things I used to leave for the last minute I'm now working harder to be better at. I'm so proud of myself.

I wish I had loved myself more instead of beating myself up every step of the way. (most) steps of the way

The grandson I raised came out to me that he/she is transgender and has begun going through transition. I was stunned. Of course I still love and accep tthe person I've known, or thought I knew, since birth. At first my feelings were those of grief, the loss of a grandson. I've done my best over the year to be supportive, emotionally and financially, but part of me still questions whether this is real. This is a whole new culture with so many different values, identities and language. While I love him/her, I'm still very confused. I hope the next year helps me to achieve greater understanding.

I've been working really hard and I'm not getting straight A's but I'm pretty close. Honestly, this year has been a whirlwind of activity and the only thing that I can think that I could have done better is maybe be a bit less stoic. But at the moment, it doesn't seem like a very appealing idea. Putting up emotional barriers seems to have helped me avoid getting too involved in drama and kept the lames away. If I could do something differently, I guess I would like to have smoked less cigarettes but even that I'm not extremely resentful of.

I can't believe I'm saying this, but I really don't feel that I would have done anything differently this year. I feel so good that I took a leap of faith last year and quit my job. It made space for me to get back to my true self. I am a writer and I finally allowed myself to own that by going on retreat and beginning my book. I've never felt more grounded in what matters and in my identity as a writer and the fact that I am unique and don't need to fit a mold. AND that it is all about the actual process. All my life, I pined for validation, swimming in the punishing misery of the comparative mind. And by the grace of God, or turning 50, or being shown what matters. I do not feel that horrible, endless sense of striving. I am proud that I have stuck with my process of becoming. I have believed in myself in a new way and I have shown myself that believing is everything.

Again I wish I had been more compassionate really tuned into what is truly important to others. I wish I wouldn't have played so much FreeCell. I wish I could make myself go to bed earlier. I'm especially proud of the trip I made possible with my family this summer. I'm also really Proud of how I'm handling finances.

There are always things I wish I would have done differently. I wish I would have journaled more - recounted the things that happen during the day, my thoughts/feelings around them, what I'm thankful for, how I am feeling. I wish I would have been better at being in touch w friends and family and remembering birthdays and special moments. I wish I would have set more goals for myself so I had more of a sense of purpose. I wish I didn't worry about what people thought so much. I wish I didn't exchange sexually provocative texts with Jon. I wish I didn't think about him and care if he cared for me. I don't know that I am proud of this, but I am so thankful I went to DFW in January and was able to spend time with my mom. I wish I hadn't shown any frustration, but I'm glad I was there. I'm glad I spent those final nights in the hospital with her. I'm proud that I was able to get along with my dad in the immediate aftermath of my mom's passing. I don't know what I'm proud of. I'm proud of the person I am most of the time.

I don't think I would change this year. I am especially proud of writing letters, marching and continually speaking out for what I have felt was right. I am learning how to work with facts and not judge people just because we disagree.

Not been such a terrible person towards my gf.

I was given a chance at something wonderful, something that a number of people really aspire to, but I goofed it up completely. I wish I had grabbed the chance with both hands and made a success of it.

I wish that I wasn't so quick to judge people's intentions in a communication or interaction without first checking in with my intentions and mood. I should first seek to understand without any bias within me. It would avoid or avert many problems.

I deeply regret cutting ties with my brother over a petty argument we had. The argument carried on for days and ended up becoming an insult slinging match between us. It really fractured our relationship as we had been sharing a flat together immediately prior to This, and it all started over our disagreement on how we would both be moving on. I was looking at extra care accommodation and he was looking for more independence. We both have disabilities but we are going in opposite directions, with mine declining and his maturing. Some of the things we both said were extremely hurtful and weren't limited to each other. Our families became involved and our fight ended up not only breaking my relationship with him, but breaking his relationship with our dad and family. We have since reconciled, but he is still not on speaking terms with our dad and I feel this is my fault.

There were some people that I wish that I had trusted less than I actually did--such as my old landlord and old neighbor, who both decided to cheat me, as well as several clients who did the same, and a community leader who decided that getting rid of complainers was easier than fixing problems. Overall, though, I am very proud of one accomplishment of mine; I now know that I am capable of writing an epic story when I have good characters to work with. I've written half a million words for one story since November of last year, and people are enjoying it immensely.

I wish that I had connected more with my brother. I think I was better than I had been in the past, especially because I knew he wasn't talking to my mom, but I could have been there for him more and I could have made it to Louisiana for a visit. I am proud of how I keep going despite everything and I'm still trying to stay positive and focus on the good things in my life despite how crazy this year has been. I know that I am a strong person.

I wish I'd found a way to engage Kring.

Hmm. This is a tough one. I think I wish I had talked to Artie more about my job decision. I totally kept him out of the decision (which he told me to do) but I wish I had not. I wish I had called him when I was stressed about the decision. I am proud of the fact that I followed my gut and accepted the job at Rollins. I am proud of the fact that I graduated with a Masters in a subject area I am passionate about. I am proud of myself for living in love and not in fear.

I wish to kick ass statistics. I wish more open up to new opportunities and changes. I wish to be more confident to call me as an emotion researcher in the field. --- All are related to my career :) At least, I wish to keep myself joy and peace.

I wish I would have realized how fake some people are. I am proud of moving on and keeping a distance from those who are full of poison.

I wish I had worked on writing my fairy tale more - my creative writing has been neglected of late. I wish I had done more of it and got it off the ground. It is the best story I have ever written. I am proud of the way I have worked hard at other things though. I am especially proud of how I have been in my relationship with P. It is a relatively new relationship but we communicate honestly and we work through things well. I am also proud of a piece I wrote dealing with trauma from an ex boyfriend. It is the first time I have written about it and I felt brave writing it. It was extremely cathartic and it felt so necessary that it was actually overdue.

I always feel I should have done better in the way I cope with my daughter and her problems. I wish I had paid more attention to my physical health. I was especially proud of my garden this year.

Honestly, I think I am doing the best that I can. I am not particularly proud or disappointed in myself. I get up every day and put one foot in front of another. For now, that's a pretty major accomplishment. I don't really feel capable of asking any more of myself right now.

No. This year has gone as best it could. If only, I wish I had more control over my emotions. Mostly sadness and anxiety. I always feel much energy and life is wasted on these emotions and I feel no control over them, aside from meditation.

Nothing in particular, although I wish I had more time to dedicate to the law firm I am starting up. My "day job" takes up most of my time and energy.

I wish I would have prayed more. I am proud of my new job.

I'm proud of stretching a bit and finding a home for some of my thoughts and writing. Through a friend of a friend, I discovered a new web magazine whose mission statement and philosophy really matched with my own. I started to write as a columnist for the Parent Voice, this year, a website devoted to supporting multicultural interracial families. It was a great honor to send in some of my work and have the editor respond so positively. It validated the work I've done this year, to try to put more of my thoughts out on the page, in an effor to share the things that weigh on my heart, and hopefully pose some questions that might help other people in my situation in their lives as well. Also last school year, I felt bogged down by a particular class I'd been teaching at a daycare nearby. I loved the kids as well as the staff, but felt pulled to carve out more time to devote to writing, and potentially to acting. I didn't resume that class this year, and I'm hoping very much that I can use some of that extra time to write more and move forward in my creative pursuits: my novel, my one-woman show, my column for the new blog. I wish I could get ahead on meal planning. We do eat home cooked food at least 4 out of 7 days a week, but I think I could be doing a better job of bringing in more variety for my family.

Unfortunately, I feel like I'm stuck in the same pain that I was in last year. I wish I had been able to be different and more able to speak about my feelings and experiences in a way that would have allowed me to be supportive in my healing process. It is a little difficult to say that I wish I could have done it differently; really, I would have to be another person to have done it differently and realistically I know it's not fair to ask that of myself. Probably the biggest thing I could have done differently is to be easier on myself and not be my own worst critic. I have a hard time separating myself from the messages that I've heard from my family for my whole life, and I tend to jump in to be the first person critical of myself so that no one else can beat me to it. I know that it's something I need to change, but it's a very hard pattern to break.

I remain especially proud that I've maintained my daily morning/evening meditation practice; weekday exercise routine that includes cardio, stretching and weights (even tho the cardio is admittedly less rigorous than before); my RC/co-counseling commitment; my evening promenades and the photographs I take, where I capture what I find beautiful in the world around me. My photography is a way for me to savor beauty, and what's good in the world, something I can lose sight of during the ongoing crises of climate devastation, political nihilism, economic collapse for all but the .0001%.

This year I really stepped up and sent out application after application and the result was that I got a full time job. For so long I sent out applications, but there was a feeling deep down that it would never happen. This last year I shifted my thinking, in my bones I felt that I could change.

Surprising even to me.....there is nothing of this past year that I would have done differently. I am especially proud of keeping my mouth shut when I feel that I can react but not respond. This does not mean that I have been uncommunicative, but in a few situations I have limited communication to writing rather than speaking. Messes have been avoided, no major wreckage that comes to mind......

I guess that there is always *something* I'd done differently... I don't tend to dwell on things for very long (although I certainly think back on them afterwards at various times). I probably shouldn't have spent the night with a woman other than my girlfriend. For a couple of reasons... one: despite that my girlfriend and I have had a rather rocky time (it's a long and complicated story), we are enormously respectful of each other, so, I do feel I've betrayed her; two: I was completely taken aback by the other woman's over-the-top response to my wanting to cease contact with her after expressing my regrets.

I wish I would have known that I needed to work smarter not harder, and had the ambition to actually do either. I was feeling so victimized and lost, that I couldn't see the forest for the trees, and I just treaded water and never actually swam to shore. I also was caught up in what was the "right" decision as opposed to what decisions were right for me. I wish I would have gotten help sooner, my mental wellbeing was totally neglected. I am extremely proud of my resiliency. I am not allowing this transition to break me, I need to and want to learn from it.

This past year was financially difficult. I carried a lot of pressure and anxiety around for most of the year. I feel as if I am in a place to make decisions without the influence of fear or pressure. I have worked hard the past year to manage things in a way so that I can have the life that I want instead of getting into a position where I feel hopeless. I have not felt hopeless in a long time and this is very different for me. I am proud of the fact that I have had nominal success in creating the life that I want and deserve.

I'm very proud of the past year. I got out of my comfort zone, started dating again (very successfully), jumped into improv, completed the SDLA Institute. This year was about developing myself and rediscovering who I am, and so far it has pointed me in a better direction than i was last year.

I've managed to very nearly kick my binge eating disorder, which has been a job of work that I'm very proud of -- but also very resentful of, because I have wrested away a major comfort from myself. I would not have been able to do it if there weren't major medical complications to my continuing to binge eat. I beat myself up about this because I want to have some kind of less fraught relationship with food, and I also wish I had never gotten myself into the position where I now have diabetes and GERD and IBS and what-have-you, and now am about to have bariatric surgery, which is a terrifying and intensive process. So this isn't a regret about the past year specifically, so much as the past 40-mumble years. I'm coming around to an acceptance that the situation is complex; there aren't easy answers. Ice cream and cider donuts are delicious *and* refined sugar is pretty poisonous to me. Those are both true things. It's a dialectical tension, I guess, but it's one that makes me very sad.

I wish I had been more gentle with myself and stronger with other people. I wish I had forgiven myself for not knowing how to cope or be friends with some people as I mourned the loss of a friend to suicide. I wish I had asserted a boundary with a professional superior who mistreated me both professionally and personally. Conversely, I am proud of myself for growing into the wisdom that I do not need certain people as friends and that I am worthy of respect. I was able to distinguish between my value and others' ability to value me, and in so doing, I made brave choices personally and professionally!

I continue to try to be a more generous in warmth toward those for whom I have ambivalent feelings. At Rosh Hashanah services, I looked across the aisle at a woman who can be bitter and easily offended. I walked from my seat and went over to wish her Shana Tova. It is this kind of behavior that I like to do more of. I wouldn't say I am especially proud of that--but I am glad that I have become more aware of my own biases towards others who I perceive to be difficult in one way or another. It's the old..."act as if." And I felt good for having done that.

Hmm. I'm not really sure. I've been okay for the past year, I think. I don't really regret anything. I wish I had handled the break up with Kevin differently, but considering it was the first time I ever broke up with anyone, I wasn't really sure how to do it. It also didn't go the way I planned, and he didn't respond the way I hoped he would (i.e., have a conversation, rather than close up on me -- which I should have expected, considering that was one of the reasons for the conversation in the first place). I also really should have had a conversation with him sooner -- where are we going, what are we doing, who are you really... all important questions. I'm trying to do it better this time around. We'll see what happens. As for something I am proud of, I am proud of myself for finishing yoga teacher training! I am proud of myself for doing it! Because it was something that was 100% for me. I am also proud of all the traveling I have done this year, because it is something important to me. And I am proud of myself for putting myself first for once, listening to my instincts, and doing what I want to do. There's a magical kind of power there. I love it. I don't want to let it go. I'm surprised it took me this long to find it, because it's glorious.

I wish that I had either not moved in with my girlfriend or had the courage to stay deeply committed to her. I'm in a bland, aimless place right now and it hurts both her and myself. I'm proud that I skied so many new places and new types of terrain, also proud that I'm hiking and losing weight. I hope to keep exploring nature and quieting my soul.

I wish I hadn't had to go to treatment but I am incredibly proud of myself for going. I have sacrificed so much and I hope it pays off. It is really scary

I wish that I had been able to get myself into a rhythm of working out regularly. I can feel in my body that I am not as energetic or as focused as I believe that I am when I work out regularly. I have started to improve on that, but I need to build the ritual.

I'm proud I got paid to write for the first time in my life. It has been the most rewarding experience of my life, a literal dream come true.

I wish I'd paid closer attention... Why should I be proud if I've simply done the right thing?

I wish I had spent more time with my Grandma. She is 96 now and starting to lose her memory and mental sharpness. I don't have a good excuse for why I haven't seen her more--just that it has felt awkward for me to call or drop by so I haven't done it. I've been lazy and willing to see her at family events instead of making a little extra effort to make my own time with her.

I wish I had more confidence to be an independent mom. Instead I feel like I was worried that I was not doing a good enough job, or could not do a good enough job, so I often "handed" over my daughter to others instead of to myself. Only once she was a year old did I start to take control and enjoy it.

Yeah, becoming a mom. Very proud of.

The thing I'm especially proud of is definitely my successful job switch and the many job leads surrounding to it. The thing I wish to have done differently is not to sign up for London Weight Management. It's not only a huge sum of money spent, it was also a lot of time commitment with results I could easily have achieved at a much lower cost with better results at a gym like Fitness First.

I'm torn on the wishing I did something differently. I wish I had approached the making friends process a little differently although I'm not entirely sure how I would have done it differently. Plus I don't really feel like I can regret anything at this point because I've learned far too much about myself and life and the world. I'm proud that I have pulled myself through the darkness enough to be able to recognize that.

I am so proud of giving birth to Maggie unmedicated, with Tom and Megan by my side. I have struggled with anxiety over the past few years, and braving that really hard, painful, scary experience and staying calm through contractions, through the doubt that I could do it, through her being born blue and not breathing or moving -- I demonstrated a strength that I often have trouble owning. I AM strong. I have trouble standing in my strength sometimes. I wallow in my self doubt. But I did it, and I am so fucking proud.

I wish I had forged a stronger relationship with my grown daughter. Her drug use and shady lifestyle still bother me I guess. When she's not around, I promise myself to just accept her and then when she's here, it's too distracting. She seems to care about drugs more than me and it is hurtful. I just feel I should be able to handle this one better..but apparently not yet. I am proud of the spiritual growth I have gone through, it is a good journey.

I am proud that at the beginning of the year I was offered a very prestigious job. My experience,and interview abilities opened this door for me. I turned it down. Too many reasons to list but basically not enough money to make it worth the work to move and so forth. To have done something differently, I am not sure. I don't usually have regrets and I don't think I have any this year

YEs, I wish that I had learned how to deal with my past boss more productively. I wish that I could just let things roll off of me and that I wasn't so sensitive to criticism. I am glad and proud of being back in the classroom but also nervous since it takes me away from my family.

I wish I had started on my law school applications a bit earlier and been more proactive on asking for scholarships and such. Perhaps I would've been able to get a few more options, or get a bit more money, throughout the process. But really, I'm proud that I was able to make the decision I did and devote myself to squeezing what might've been a four-month application process into little more than three weeks. I look at where I am now, onto this next chapter of my new life, and I'm really glad that I was able to pull the trigger and not feel like I'm stuck another year in pre-professional limbo. More than anything, it reminds me that I have really good friends, mentors, and parents who were able to talk with me, give me good and necessary advice, and help me along through the application process. I guess I found, after so many years of striking out on my own and such (I'm still doing that now, in a way) that I do have a bunch of great friends who will do a lot for me. And that's great.

I am proud to have brought another beautiful child into the world this year. Now our family is complete. We know first hand how difficult raising a infant is and so this was a tough decision for me. I am glad we decided we are up for the challenge and that my first son will not get to be a big brother.

Last November (2016) "The boy got a job." with the plan to work one or two more years. My friends and wife are retiring 6/18 and I want to join them. I am proud to have a better attitude about working this past year in preparation for "retirement," which, I will really never do. I hope I can connect with an organization like Billions in Change as I transition.

I wish I had changed my job in the spring rather than delaying an inevitable change. I've just wasted 6 months.

Work - and career stuff generally - is a bit of a double edged sword. On the one hand, I'm really proud that I made a success of the year. On the other hand, I kind of wish I wasn't still here. On the one hand, I'm really proud that I got an interview for a Director of Development job! On the other hand, I really, really wish I'd got it... I am super motivated to find a new job right now and there are various options that I'm exploring, but equally I know I need to keep plugging away at the job I've already got - they say it can take a year to find a new job, and I want to prove that my successes last year weren't just flukes. In summary, I'm proud of what I've achieved, but I wish things had turned out differently with some of the jobs I applied for.

I wish I had taken the time from maternity leave to really find a new skill, and develop myself. I know moving isn't easy, let alone moving to a new country, but I feel very unaccomplished this year, and that I have only really managed to do life administration. Alternatively, I suppose I should be proud that I managed to pack up our house and move to Kenya, but it doesn't quite seem like enough.

like last year, I've not been vocal about the discrepancy in pay. And to make matters worse, my review and resulting half bonus were the last warning signs. I've taken it upon myself to create my own future. I'm not waiting for a posted job, I'm knocking on doors and making it known that I'm the person they need on their teams! Fingers crossed (still a little bit of magical thinking!)

As always I see things in my relationships that I could have done differently. always learning and that is okay. I am proud of myself for bicycling 150 miles in June to raise awareness and funding for childhood cancer research. I am especially proud of this because I had a knee replacement in January (with a repair in February because I split it open falling on ice), had the second knee replaced at the end of March, and was able to meet my mileage goal for the Great Cycle Challenge!

I wish I'd let myself rest more. I never let myself heal enough. I always say there will be time for that later when I finish school, but I'm worried now that I might burnout my flame before I get to my time to rest. And shouldn't I live a little while I work? I need to work on balance not push it off for later. Stay healthy, you can kill yourself (by working to death) later. But I also want to say I'm so proud of myself for figuring out boundaries this year. Go me! No! :D

Well, the usual stuff - I wish I hadn't held such an active grudge against BNC. I wish I had tried talking to C about my MC software instead of doing nothing with it. I wish I had exercised, I wish I had read more, I wish I had paid more attention to my finances, yada yada yada. I'm proud of the fact that I didn't take the easy way out and I really made an effort to make a change. I moved out of Laurel, I tried living downtown but didn't like it, and I found a house I liked and freaking BOUGHT IT. I'm glad that I got mom to help, because I wouldn't have been able to negotiate the price down. My biggest regret is the lawsuit. I loved M and she was more family than my sister ever was. We wasted hundreds of thousands of dolklkars because my sister is spiteful. I'm glad that she agreed to settle in the end, but it still was a horrible process and I wish I had just stood up for myself in 2015 when the whole thing started. I'm grateful that my mom has become a bigger part of my life in a positive way.

I wish I had the strength to stay away from toxic people. I pushed very hard to cut ties with someone who wasn't good for me and didn't appreciate me. However, when they showed the slightest effort to reconcile I fell back under his spell. I wish I had just stayed away.

One of my personal commitments this year was very simple: "Don't assume." So often we go into conversations and interactions and think we know what is going on, or think that we have some kind of understanding. For myself, just as often I am unsure but afraid to ask clarifying questions; I don't want to draw attention, to sound stupid, or to seem like I haven't been listening. So my goal was to push myself to ask those questions more often, and I would often also do it in the context of "This year, I'm really trying not to assume, so I just wanted to make sure. What you meant when you said X was Y, right?" I think it's really helped -- not just with individual situations, but with putting me in the habit of asking these types of questions on a regular basis. As to doing better .. I need to focus more on my job, and all that that entails. I've gotten lazy and complacent: I like what I do, where I work, and who I work with, but I can't stay here forever. I need to be making more, and I need to be moving, growing, and challenging myself, so that will probably be my focus going forward.

I wish that I had gotten out a bit more. Been more social. I wish that I could stop putting so much stock in feeling that I don't measure up, physically. I am very proud of my son and the strides he has made. I am very happy that I bought a new puppy into my life. I am very happy that I finally stopped flirting with Vegan and went all in, for the last four months.

in the last year I wish that I had spent more time looking at my problems--and figuring them out. I'm especially proud of the times in which I did so. I know as I continue to acknowledge and address these weaknesses and shortcomings i will become stronger and more determined and able to process new challenges with more and more ease.

Making me a priority has been (and probably always will be) a difficult issue for me. I am hoping to resolve outstanding responsibilities, and get comfortable with saying no from time to time.

I wish I could have been better at 'time management'. I realize that I have many more interests than I need and as a retired man, I have no time anchored obligations, still, I know that with better 'time management' I could have accomplished more of what I set out to do. I have discovered that impatience, savlahnut harsair, paradoxically, gets in my way. I make mistakes which need to be redone, and I take on too much at a time and forget much of it. "Make haste slowly" must become my new motto.

That's a hard question. Everyone has regrets; however, right now, I can't really think of one. I mean, spend more time with people who are no longer here is one thing that I will always regret turning down those lunches because I was too busy. I'm proud of my decision to change careers after 12 years in one field to something very different.

I got politically active. After the inauguration in January, I looked at my life and I said "I...have passing privilege. It's a terrible privilege. Fuck that, if all my friends are going to be hurt then I am hurting with them. If people in the future ask what I did in this era, I want to have an answer." My small prides are social - overcoming my anxiety to meet people, to ask political allies to take action. The biggest accomplishment is one I shared in - I wasn't the leader but my group got a proclamation supported by the majority of a city council and now it's on the books.

I am proud of the work I've been doing to try to overcome depression and get on with my life. I'm not there yet but I'm still working on it.

I wish I had persuit my dream of having Rainbow and Jness to the full extension, I just say i want things and then leave them hanging. I am proud of having been with my family in times of pain.

I would echo what I said last year, that I get incredible feedback from my students about how positively my class affected them. I am also exercising regularly - I wish I was more self-motivated. I am disappointed that I have not been able to control myself enough to take off some weight. I continue to work on it.

I wish I had been better at saving money this year. Somethings came up that required spending more cash than I would have cared to but I hope that once that's all settled I can get back to my budget again.

I am very proud of how I have advocated for my own needs this year. I insisted on finding a three-day-a-week preschool for my younger son, knowing that I could not progress in my career pivot without more childcare. I changed my doctor when I felt that the initial physician was inattentive and lacked compassion. I have coached my older son in taking on more household chores, and I've told my husband when I need him to help out more.

I really wish I would've done home improvements and had a successful garden. I had hoped to put up a lot of canned and dried food this year. I also wish I would've lost the weight I want to lose. I am proud of myself for getting a road bike and starting biking since I haven't been able to run. I am more proud for speaking up a lot more against hateful speech and standing up for social injustice.

I have another new cat this year too. Welcome Morgana! Also I'm currently improving my German and talkin a bit more French too. Maybe I would have quitted job a little bit earlier this year, but here I am taking the goods and the bads. This year I'm particurarly proud of the person I'm beginning to be.

I wish I had read more seriously. There's so much American history I wish I had attended to. And the classes I took at LLC made me want to study Frost again. And Shakespeare. I'm ashamed that serious reading seems harder now, where I used to devour work that illuminated an interest. But I read several books about Jane Austen this year, including two volumes of Bitch in a Bonnet, which I thoroughly loved.

taking on a new workout and eating regime in the last 6 months and rocking it.

I don't think about things like that. I am particularly proud of myself for making it through freshman year though and coming out stronger for it. I think the whole experience was incredible and I'm not sure any part of it could be separated though I'm sure there were small things that could have been done differently. Overall I'm very proud of myself.

I run an adult day care center for people with dementia. Last year, more than half of our clients left the program: some entered long term care facilities due to disease progression, some died, some moved away. I am proud of the way my program rebounded in client numbers, thanks to word of mouth and my own efforts to inform the community about the service. I am more proud that each individual client was kept safe and happy during the changes. It was not easy for me, physically and emotionally, because of the extra work and especially because I did not feel supported by my "superiors". Things relaxed with the departure of a toxic higher-up and the empowerment I gained from speaking up and asking for more help and more money, which eventually materialized.

Not really, I am feeling pretty confident about the choices I have made this year. I don't have a lot of regret, which is a nice feeling.

I'm proud of myself for really facing the darkness -- my personal fears, all of the scary shit from this terrible administration, my feelings of doubt and unworthiness and insecurity -- and slogging through it. This has been a heavy year, especially politically, and I'm usually one to turn away from any unpleasant emotions. But I feel proud of myself for not running away, for staying put, for breathing through the pain. I feel stronger in my convictions and have developed some very strong spiritual tools to foster resilience.

I wish I had handled some things differently. I don't really want to give details. I am really proud of my Bat Mitzvah though.

I wish I had been more aware of my surroundings/balance and not fallen in the bathtub.

I'm especially proud of the career transition I made this year. I really set out to make a change, planned it intentionally, socialized the change, and checked off each step on my list. I demonstrated a patience I hadn't seen in myself before. I was finally willing to play the long game and sit in a different uncomfortable situation while the process occurred. I even told the recruiter that I had never really wanted to work for a specific company until now, until this one. I wanted it. I hadn't wanted something like that in a long time either. I wish I had done a few things differently. In one situation, I lied to someone I cared about. In another situation, I thought I could build trust by telling people that I was capable. I gossiped and said things I shouldn't have.

My life, despite a continuous political humanitarian struggle, is fairly content. I don't have many recent regrets (although my distant past is thick with them), nor am I interested in shining my coat-buttons about anything. I guess it's good that I'm making slow arduous strides with my road rage. I'm still not in a compassionate place about the rampant displays of abject stupidity and selfishness in every lane on every road in every town in every state in every nation across the globe, but until education is free and somewhat compulsory, I'll just have to learn to be patient. I'm proud I've been keeping my damn mouth shut in the car.

Nothing directly comes to mind on either side of this question. I seem to have become allergic to the idea of wishing I had done something differently. For now anyway. It irritates me, the wasted energy in regret, I spent a lot of time feeling victimized by my own past decisions. Wishing you did something differently is like walking backwards on a treadmill. Why not just take a walk outside? Follow the natural progression of cycles; inevitably you'll have another chance to act differently, to break tradition with your habitual responses. Wishing you'd done something differently is like apologizing to yourself for not really having the courage to change. Along the same arc, feeling proud of myself seems misdirected. Patting myself on the back for a choice I made, is that any means to an end? 2017 has made me impatient with all forms of coddling. All my actions are connected; they support each other. To be vigilant with oneself so that one is always on the verge of something new, something renewed, but always as a fragment of the larger whole. I think humans are too proud and too wishful and that these emotions are to our detriment, as we are seeing overwhelmingly right now.

I dropped out of physical therapy and didnt track my food diet. I wish that I had continued to push myself to do those even when they hurt.

I wish I would have stood up to my friend, Sara, for the way she had been treating me and also to my boyfriend. The moving out from my old house was a difficult transition and made the strain on our friendship much worse. I feel as if her true colors came out since there was a noticeably lack of support and assistance from her. Instead of addressing how I was feeling hurt, I ended up not saying how I felt and being passive, which only led to more resentment and frustration. Alternatively, I'm really proud that I did decide to move out on my own, despite the fact that Josh and I were going through a rough patch and that I knew it would change things between Sara and I. I have never been happier living alone and my only regret is not doing this sooner.

I am very proud of how I am handling the difficulties of this year--keeping my body and mind and relationships healthy even as I am suffering a great deal inside. And I am especially proud of how I am reinventing myself at work, changing how I respond to the sloppy practices of my peers and underlings or the angry, narrow-minded, aggressive antics of our clients. I have not mastered this reinvention yet, but I can already see the subtle change in weather in the office and in our clients tickets.

I wish I had not gone back to #thatguy. It isn't that there is anything wrong with him, but that I know that every time I reach for him, I am reaching for empty calories that just do not do me any good. I feel emotionally hung over after I spend time with him, and heartbroken. I am especially proud of the strength and commitment it took for me to leave my career to embark on a path of my own, building a business, and seeing if I could manifest a shared vision with my colleague, partner, and friend.

Actually I think 2017 was as perfect a first year of retirement as I could ever ask for. The year ran hot and cold. I was traveling frenetically or peacefully still at home. I had to recognize my need for structure and created several temporary structures within the year. I am proud of the patience I showed myself. I did not rush I did not panic-- I acknowledged that the new pace has had its uncertain moments. I am struck by the extraordinary luxury that I have --the beautiful home I've created, the wonderful friendships I have, and the sweetness of my relationship with Bob. With time to reflect --precious becomes all the more.!

I went for a job in America, at work. I got to the final 6, and it was my first interview at the grade I'm above now. I'm so glad I went for it, I knew I gave it my best shot. Not being able to tell my partner about it was stressful, but it showed me that I am capable, and I'm really glad I put the effort in, and went for it. I'm proud of my self for getting to the interview stage, it was very competitive.

No. There will always be tiny regrets and hindsight is 20/20. I wish I had been braver (faster) and stronger (earlier). I'm very proud of my financial, spiritual, physical and mental growth. I've read more books this year than I've been able to in the past. I'm back into frequent meditation. I've been steady and diligent with my money. And I've made fitness and health a priority.

I am thankful because overall I have had a good year. I am especially proud I got to work in Africa for a couple of weeks in a project that can make a difference.


I'm really proud of how committed I've been to being honest with myself and others this year. Like, do I really want this, or am I just going along with it? And actually finding and creating safe spaces for me to say those things without fear of reprisal. It's been a new commitment lately since I realized just how bad I have been at it, and it's been really valuable.

I wish I did more travelling this year. Whether it is day hikes/trips or out of state excursions, I feel like I never let myself take a break and every year I want to be better at that, but somehow always come to the conclusion that it isn't a good time for a vacation.

The thing I wish I could do less is speak without fully thinking through the consequences. It sounds okay in my head but when it comes out it often sounds wrong, or offends people. Not sure of the cause.

I began a yoga practice this year and am especially proud of the progress I have made and the impact it has had on both my body and my spirit. I also recommitted to Weight Watchers with a goal of losing 45 pounds in one year. I wish I had been less selfish about Neal's devotion to running races.

I think I would have said, "No" more but in retrospect, I am not sure to what I would have said it. As for proud --- I am proud of how I project managed the hell out of clearing my parents' house for the new owners. Created the plan; enrolled help; executed the plan; house empty!

I wish I didn't let myself get surly when things got rough. My attitude made things much worse

I wish I had taken a break from school and not tried to do all the things. It nearly killed me. Now I'm taking a year off of school, and I'm still overwhelmed, but at least I feel like things are going to be possible.

I wish I had worked more on the relationships I have, especially as people have gotten ill and passed away over the years. I always wonder, "could I have spent more time with them? Did I get a chance to say how much I love them enough?" and things of that nature. Relationships are all we really have in this life. I am grateful for the things I have done to maintain safe, healthy boundaries though, in relationships. I get tired of being lied to and used and so on, sometimes I have to make choices to subject myself to that....but knowing in advance does eliminate the surprise factor at least! And sometimes, the other person does come around and makes amends. I love when that happens, and I hope I am not the "I told you so!" type when they do...I just want to love and accept them back into my life is all.

I wish I had prayed more, had more faith but I'm proud of the resilience and confidence I've gained.

There are probably a lot of things I wish I had done differently but I know that I wouldn't be who or where I am right now if I had. I'm proud of myself because I have made some changes to help better my social and personal life. I joined a boot camp gym and have been meal prepping and working out, I applied and have been approved to be a Big Sister and I joined Match and am dating (not doing amazing at this but a step forward is a step forward).

I wish I came forth with my filing of my petition for divorce immediately and I am proud of all of the transitions I made even in its unseamless moments.

I would have stayed at the first job I got here and not left for one I hated that I was stuck in for 7 months. But I'm proud of the job I have now and it was all worth it.

Since discovering my calling in life -- Yoga Teacher -- in the last 1 to 2 years I am very proud to finally have found myself doing something that makes my heart sing, even at this late stage of my life (Mid 50s!). I am still exploring how I am best able to share myself as a Yoga and Meditation teacher with the world, and am enjoying the ride this time instead of planning (or obsessing on) the endgame. I have taken multiple continuing workshops and accreditations and I think I am finally in the right niche for me.

Yes I wish I had taken my Head injury more seriously and taken more time off in the beginning.

I am really proud that I finished a course of study and didn't ask for extra time. It was exhausting but at least I can say that it has been completed. Hopefully, it will help my career.

There is very little that I wish I had done differently this year. My focus was on my family and my financial situation and job search. I should've asked for assistance earlier in the job hunt process - perhaps the resume coach at $125/hour for 3 hours really made the difference, who knows. I felt at such a loss and saw no progress. Sometimes I still feel like that. In the past year, I am especially proud of my family - we've gone from barely able to leave the house with 3 kids and 2 under 2 (14 months apart!) to able to know our limitations but expand our boundaries, too. My family is awesome.

I tend not to have too many regrets nowadays. There are times when I could have done things better at work; but I am quite influenced by my mood sometimes and I'm impatient with people. I also get really frustrated when I'm interrupted and I can't get into the flow and if there's too much noise and too many distractions around me. I am quite proud of how much my JavaScript knowledge has improved. It has become really useful in Google Tag Manager tracking. I feel like I understand it so much more and I love solving problems with JavaScript. I’m proud of the possibilities it has opened up for me.

I don't think so... Unfortunately. I wish I hadn't skipped 2016 10Q... A lot changed for me last year, and I think there were many things I was proud of, or wish had gone differently. In a day-to-day way, I'm proud of the work I do at my job. I feel valued and successful. I'm proud of my son as he grows and changes every day. But it hasn't felt like a year of growth and change. It has barely even felt like a year. Moving into the new house, taking on mortgage payments and utilities that are over 2/3 of my salary, managing my son who spends 70-90% of his time at my house, and staying afloat at a job that is mentally demanding (although doesn't require long hours! Phew!) just means that I'm always tired. And when I'm always tired, time just passes so quickly. So I guess that's the answer. I wish I had paid more attention to time passing, and not let so many things get swept away in it.

I wish that I had been smarter as a parent. But I always do. I am proud of the way I handled the death of my mom. I can't wait to get past the celebrity of the recent mourner and deal with it privately. Perhaps after Yom Kippur?

I wish i were more tolerant of my mom. I let her idiosyncrasies make me crazy. I'm proud that I took a risk and traded an easy job for a more challenging one.

I wish I had paid more attention to the 'whispers' that I definitely heard, and made better decisions concerning my health. Nothing I am especially proud of.

I wish I had taken more days to do nothing, to let the day inspire me. Polyamory requires lots of planning and sometimes I wish that I left more nights for solitude. I am really proud of how I have juggled seeing my friends, lovers, and important people in my life. I feel like I showed up for the people I love.

I am proud of myself to finally have the courage to say 'no' to a work colleague; to choose my happiness first and realize that their negativity is holding me back. I'm so much happier this year. You can only help someone for so long until it begins to suck you down with them.

I'm still trying to have a social life (as in dating.) But I am regularly going to dinner with friends. I'm going out to the theatre, to concerts, and to community events. I'm still trying to figure out a better way to engage with my far-flung friends than merely "liking" their Facebook posts. I am proud that I took the risk to leave a long-time, very familiar job for a new one. The challenges excite me, even as the things that could be done better frustrate me. But I've jumped in with both feet and am doing work that I am proud of. I am thankful to be in a field where I can make a difference in people's lives.

I tried to work for doctors last summer and it didn't work out. The three I worked for all turned out to be jerks of one kind or another. I guess I needed to get completely convinced that the medical field wasn't where I belonged, but it was kind of a hard lesson. One doctor had me interview his staff, then laid people off based on what I told him. Another had me sort through his "junk" office and throw things away for him. They had no idea what to do with my skills.

I wish that I made myself be more active and less upset during my time when I first moved to NY. I was just so sad and upset that I didn't push myself to move and to do new things, but I really should have. I should have tried to trust and rely on the new people that were in my life.

I'm proud of the progress I have made this year. My childhood was chaotic and dysfunctional but I have grown so much and am healing more every day.

I've been in a time of growth in terms of work, relationships and family issues and I think that I've let several important priorities fall by the wayside. I haven't been davening regularly, I've stopped going to the gym and I haven't been studying or reading serious books as much as I did in the past. Reflecting on what these things have in common, I guess that they're the activities that are most natural to me and bring out the best in me. I've been pretty healthy and more financially secure than I used to be, but I think I've perhaps mistaken doing okay with being my best self.

I wish this was the year I had figured out how to make my work work for me, instead of the other way around. I've had many nights at my office after 10 or 11 PM, trying to catch up from all of my time off and adventures. That has been the hardest part of this year. Trying to keep up at work while I've been playing so much. I am le tired. It's not good for me to stay so late, to have such an abnormal schedule. Taking better care of myself going forward is going to mean cracking down on my work/sleep schedule. I can't always work so hard and then play so hard. Balance! B A L A N C E

I don't really want to answer this question because I am aware that even if my choices don't turn out be what I expected them to be, I have to make the best of them. I also feel like thinking of how to change things that have happened has no point. Learning from them is very important, but wishing to have done them differently makes you regret life. I am specially proud of the amount of exercise I am now doing! around 4 hours per week.

I think this year was very good actually. There are things to improve, but it was a very good year overall. If I need to pick out one thing I'm proud of, it's probably having found more stability within myself. I feel quite positive about what I want to pursue now: I want to be a novelist and a policy maker, specialising in housing policy and housing markets. It was especially important to realise it was the right moment to start specialising, and that it is not necessary that you need to wait for the thing you like the most to come along, you can just choose something you like and go for it. Also, striving to meet formal standards imposed by a certain social environment, usually the one you're the most familiar with, is not necessarily the best way to go. You can play by your own rules and do better and be happier.

I wish i was kinder to my loves - my husband and daughter. Wish i didnt still have that kermel of deep deep sadness and anxiety that majes me lash out. Im proud of what i did for the hillary campaign and beyond. The friendships i made , the voice i raised. I feel less bullied more me. Im proud of my strengtg training ( physical- last years marathon! And recovery! Pt etc) but also emotional mental social justice political

I wish I had ended things with my ex sooner. I knew 6 months before we broke up that I wasn't happy but I wanted to it work so I stuck with it. I regret that now but live and learn

I'm really sad about the way I behaved in my relationship. I had love and didn't know how to. I think I'm figuring that out now. I'm proud I was honest with myself about my mistakes and that I have an example now for how to be a good, loving partner. It's also a new priority. I put myself and my work first and this caused tremendous pain. I don't think I will ever do that again.

This past year, back at my old job, I finally finished correcting a very serious mistake I had committed with the company's money. As the Contract Manager, it had been my job to review and facilitate the execution of all contracts between our company and our clients (various public agencies). In a period of great haste (and while I was dealing with several health issues of my own), I overlooked some omissions on a critical contract that ultimately locked up about $750,000 worth of accounts receivable -- meaning we were prevented from invoicing for and receiving three quarters of a million dollars, even though we had done the work. Due to the touchiness of the contract, the client agency's refusal to relax the contract maximum, and the increasing amount of responsibility that poured into my role and tied me up, the process of correcting that error and securing the suspended accounts receivable was one of the hardest projects I have ever, ever undertaken. But I succeeded. It took two years, but after presenting nine contract revisions, numerous production reports, countless staff change requests and countless more memoranda, the company realized every last dollar of the frozen money. I still can't believe I committed myself so successfully to such a complicated, ugly problem, and I'm so proud that I saw it through.

I am really proud of how much I got done in the yard this year. I created a couple new flower beds, and, so far, they're looking pretty good. There is something so satisfying about creating something lovely that should last a while. I love working with the plants, choosing which to put where, and I love seeing a flower bed tidied up and blooming. I love the smell of the soil and the slight achy feeling of muscles stressed just a little bit. I do wish I could figure out how to help my son. Stephen is really suffering--no college degree and a minimum wage job with very few hours. He's 31. He easily gets caught in depressing loops of mulling over wasted opportunities and a life that is very very far from satisfactory. He self medicates, but they inhibit his ability to do serious job searches. I wish I could have supported him better in college, way back when. If I could go back to things this year, I would have confronted him more deliberately to help him get out of his room to find work. Better work. Better paying work.

I'm proud that working with Victor I was able to create the space to welcome friends and family to our home many times in the past year. We hosted Thanksgiving, took in Victor's mom when she got very ill, managed all the stress of her hospice care happening right here in our home, and we also welcomed family for breakfasts on the patio. And backyard baseball with the Bradleys.

I went to B.C. but a acted like a immature nine year old but I met a LOT of new people that was fun i'm still very mad about trump and his new name is douche trump!

I started the year with a commitment to read the bible everyday and I let that fall by the wayside. I have been able to go to church almost every week.

I lose my temper with the children and my husband too easily over nonsense. I want to get a handle on it. Life is short. Too short and too precious to deface my kids' childhood and my marriage.

This year has been a big turning leaf for me. I am outwardly gay (to my friends and some family... working on the immediate family) conversely i am working on being closer with God than ever. I was getting very materialistic. None of that shit matters. Only the people around you and the ones you love. I doubled my income this year and took a jump on a business endeavor selling solar. I lost everything i built. But like muscle, you need to break it down before you get stronger. I need to give it some time. I'm proud of how my mindset has changed and that is worth all the money.

I would have gotten Bodie and ultrasound early on, instead of testing for Addison's. I don't know if it would have saved him, but maybe I wouldn't be so steeped in doubt about my decisions.

Feels difficult to be proud or regretful...like both give me too much credit for having control. That said... PRIDE: - I stayed so healthy, fit and active while pregnant. - I went through long labor without painkillers - I am breast-feeding Fiona - I resisted (with TONS of support from Dori/Andy/Scott) Kaiser's pressure to give Fiona antibiotics for 5 days. - Got CPS called on me - proud that I was so subversive! - Got Haas grant for Jewish Teens of Color

I'm proud of standing up for myself in the face of an awful situation with cold, cruel people. I kept my head held high and my morals intact, which was no easy feat. I'm also proud of myself for tackling the unknown, which for me was 2 months of travel. It would have been easier to just try to find a job, but I wanted to explore parts of myself I hadn't seen in many moons. As it turns out, I landed a great job a few weeks after I got back. I got everything I wanted, after seemingly losing it all (workwise). I do wish I hadn't put so much of the burden of my former job on my husband -- i vented too much, I think. I hope I can do a better job of keeping my work at work.

Similar to the first question and similar to previous answers. I'm proud that we successfully pulled off such a loving and joyous wedding and weekend celebration with family and friends. That said, I didn't have time (or didn't make time) to apply to new jobs, so my perpetual wish or hope for myself is that I work harder in the coming year to better meet my potential.

I wish that I were wise enough to prayer more for my two eldest daughters but they both moved out and I discovered what a Blessing it is to live alone never mind my financial challenges. For the first time I am totally at peace, loving myself, enjoying my own company and accepting my true self.

I don't like to wish things went differently in the past - Memories are never as accurate as they seem so regretting inaccurate recollections doesn't seem helpful. I do like to celebrate the wins though. I'm proud of working really hard on my 4-plex remodeling it, I'm proud of working hard on my duplex remodeling it. I'm proud of getting a promotion with a new company and increasing my salary by 60+ percent. I'm proud of understanding myself more and bouncing my perspective into the positive zone whenever it goes the other direction. I'm proud of having an awesome relationship with my wife and preparing for our little girl to be born.

I'm proud of the progress that I have made in my handling of my overall mental health. I'm also proud of the way that I have been able to start to accept this new weight that I have put on. Conversely, I wish that I didn't start to have to take the abilify as it caused the weight gain I'm currently struggling with.

I wish I had not spent so much time on video games. I play Sudoku, which touts itself as good for the mind. I find that it sort of relaxes me, in that it takes my attention off other things. But really, it takes my attention off other things. I'd like to give that attention and energy into habit that are better for my overall mind and body!! And once again, I'd like to be more engaged in a regular exercise routine!

I wish I didn't hold back with bringing forward my work. I have a pattern of reaching success and then pulling back. It creates so much unhappiness including financial challenges. However, in the last month or so I have really blossomed. I took risks, doing 2 Facebook lives imperfectly!!! I also allowed myself to be a lot more vulnerable in my blog writings.

nothing majorly significant, the path i took brought me here and right now i'm pointed in the right direction. not proud of any one thing, not regretful of anything either. perhaps taken more risks when they presented themselves. but there is time yet for that

Yes I wish I had pulled over during the time the CHP was flashing me rather that pay attention to my own inner voice taht said I don't feel like it and I am tired and I did not do anything wrong 2- I am sorry to have continued my habit of shop lifting 3- Proud to have lost 50 pounds 4- proud to finish the 12 steps in OA 5- Prou of my new job

I am extremely proud of my kidney donation for my brother. He is alive and well (God willing) and our families are stronger and happier as a result. I am also extremely proud I made the choice to return to work at Stanford. These are the people I love and cherish and want to give my best manager self to.

I wish I had worked harder for Democratic candidates-- that I had been more aware of how important local elections are as well as national. I'm proud that I got on the stick, if late, helping found an organization working to protect women's rights & support progressive women candidates. And I'm proud that I discarded a former! friend who turned out to be (or who had become) a Holocaust denier. He was a prestigious friend to have & someone I'd been close to for 20 years, so it was painful. But not difficult.

This is bigger than the last year, but I wish I’d saved more money in the last few years so I’d have more security now while I’m in between chapters in my life.

I wish I was more myself, doing what I want do do and especially saying what I want to say. I am very proud of my preparation for the half marathon in 2 weeks. I need to figure out how to be a friend again. I've lost it somewhere.

I wish I wouldn't have pulled away from my husband. I wish I wouldn't have stopped going to therapy. I wish I wouldn't have gotten Clarence or any of the cats. I'm proud of the fact that I survived.

I am especially proud that I completed my discernment process and entered seminary. The only thing I wish I had done differently was sent out graduation announcements for my youngest.

In terms of GMAT studying, I feel like I went in with too much confidence. Like, I could see myself too easily getting the score I wanted but I didn't spend enough time envisioning how I was going to do it. I think I would've done better if I studied longer rather than more intensely at the end. However, it saddens me how many projects I set aside in favor of the GMAT. In the past year I haven't gotten any closer to my goals in language learning, work skills learning, or working on the house. I hope for this next year that I'll be able to commit myself more to that. This past year I've done a good amount of freelance work. More regular than ever before. This is something that I'm proud of and it makes me feel justified for feeling that my writing skills are above average. However, it does make me question that I'm pursuing my non-strengths professionally. However, I'm hoping that ultimately it means that I'll be so well rounded that I'd be capable of any challenge/task given to me.

I wish I had become assertive sooner. I spent much of the year, and my life really, swallowing my pride and not standing up for myself. This year, something changed and I feel like all I do is advocate for change (to the point that I am beginning to feel obnoxious). Self-judgment aside, I am damn proud of finding my voice.

One part that I was pretty proud of was when I helped my Parents work around the house and give them A easier time doing work.

I wish I was nicer to my friends and family.

Honestly I wish I was more of myself this year, I tried to fit in, to change and I still don't feel like my self but the odd thing is that this person I'm trying to be to fit in is making me feel happy, its who I want to be, I know this seems kind of stupid but it make me happy seeing people like this version of me, I mean I have friends!!!

I am proud that I passed my grade 5 paino exam. I worked really hard staying up late. I am really grateful for my dad, mom and my paino teacher who stood by me the whole entire time. they also encouraged me and helped me practice when I a bump or two in my road.

Trusted my daughter less, maybe. I have many things I'm proud of, my nothing that stands out especially. I don't like to keep repeating myself, but the biggest thing I've done this year is a HUGE thing. I think it is well beyond the realm of being proud of it.

This year, I'm especially proud of how I've risen to challenges: I exceeded my own expectations at Barclays and became one of the top interns (having lunch with Anil, fielding multiple offers) even though I initially entered the summer with no experience/background, or self-confidence. Even at Columbia, in my Borderlands class with all PhD candidates where I feel the imposter syndrome the most strongly, I've received confirmation from the professors of my excellence in writing responses.

I wish I could have gone camping like my family and friends do every year, but since we went to Europe we couldn't go.

I wish I would have stopped wasting time playing on computer games, and focus more on education and learning and my future. I wish I had started to lose weight, I wish I had made more effort to battle depression.

I finally stopped giving a fuck about what other people thought about me, and asked my crush out. to my suprise she agreed, and it was quite a time. I only wish I had done it sooner.

Yes, I wish I hadn't overeaten. Jesus Christ, by my birthday I was 201 pounds. Now I'm 218. Aaarghh! I'm proud of having turned 50. I still feel young at heart and overall, I think my face looks alright. I'm happy that I have some restraint and wisdom now. The thing about being 50 is I can look back at the times when I've been an asshole and remember not to act like that again. I also wish I had cut down on caffeine. I'm scared of getting esophageal cancer because of my throat reflux. Now when I get up I'm coughing. When I laugh I cough. It's scary. I love coffee but surely I love life more, no? I'm proud that I've gotten to the point where I'm willing to date, well, kind of. I admit to myself that I do want a boyfriend.

I wish I had spent more time with my mother and had been a better daughter to her. I wish I had not coasted through every day like I was on autopilot. I am proud of the fact that I am in my Bible more this year than I have ever been before, learning about God and the history of the universe. I feel closer to God than I have been in years.

I turned 40 this year and for that I am much more grateful than proud. I was blessed enough to be granted 40 trips around the Sun. 14, 610 opportunities to carpe diem. Yeah, maybe there were sentences I could've rephrased and maybe a chore or two that didn't get done or a deadline that was missed but overall I'm content. Content with my quest of living life to the best of my ability. I've faltered but haven't failed...because I ain't done yet.

I am proud of the years I spent teaching Spanish. I retired in May and am grateful for the other teachers and the students that were a huge part of my life. There are always things I wish I had done differently. Look ahead, learn from the past. You can't change it.

I definitely wish I had been more organized. I also wish I had not been so afraid to let people into my life. I am proud of my professional growth this past year. I look forward to the opportunities and the year ahead.

I wish I hadn't gotten into a fight with my sister. I am proud of reading the Bible for the first time.

I wish I had spent more time paying attention to my finances & did more saving!!!!

Paid more attention to the signposts of my health Deciding that I want to share my life with another and let go of preconceiving ideas

When I walked in for the open interview sessions at my current job, I wish I would have inquired about a better job. However, I am proud I got the job and somewhat accomplished my goal of getting closer into the industry I want to be in.

I wish I had dedicated more time to myself, just for me - spending time in nature, with my music, in yoga or dance. I think I can do a better job of actively loving myself, and I think I need to start with spending more time consciously and purposefully alone.

I wished I had been nicer and more understanding towards myself when dealing with so many things at once. I'm very proud of the way I rose to the occasion of changing diapers and being a good father in the hospital and since.

I am proud to have done what I set out to do: move to another country and get a job and make a new life for me. But, maybe i spent too much money to do it. Money that i was counting on it to keep coming in and now it's not. I have always been very responsible financially, But this year even with a job I have been spending more than what I am earning. The sudden loss of supplementary income makes me feel guilty for my current spend-free lifestyle and makes me question if it was worth it.

I got high a few times when I was hanging out with Vic and I made videos high, with him and also without him, and I wish I had been sober; I got back together with Julia for 39 days even though I knew it wasn't going anywhere; I spent the time at Cody and Doug's wedding texting with Julia and I wish I had been more engaged with people around me; I left New York without letting Jenevieve and Doriane and Tracy know that specifically. I am proud of my resolve to move to LA and how I did the One on One LA trip and also decided to ask Karen out and committed to getting to know her and Us before I moved and wrote a pilot and have a reel and a full standup set and singing videos on YouTube

I wish I had turned up to work on time and organised my work day a bit better.

As always, I wish I'd beaten my eating disorder. Work in progress. I do have a lot of regrets right now, not specific to this year but the past several. In addition to the above, I wish I'd been able to date more without sabotaging myself...it's been harder than ever to even give people a chance, and that's not serving me too well. I wish I'd been more social/given people more chances even outside of dating. I've let the stigma of being a fat person in this world hold me back a lot - often because it is too painful sometimes to be around people when you never know when someone will say some shitty fatphobic stuff or shun or discriminate against me because of my size. I know other people will never stop being consciously or subconsciously terrible. So I need to become stronger and not let it affect me as much. To anyone who might be reading this - no, my losing weight is not the answer because even if I become skinny I won't forget my experience as a fat person. I also know from past experiences the comments get worse when I lose weight - either because people think I'm one of "them" and agree with their bigotry, or because they need to remind me that I'm still not thin - i.e. good enough. Not being dramatic here. This is the reality for a lot of us. So again - I can't make others change, I need to get stronger/harder/increase my ability to give no fucks.

I am especially proud of the way I prioritized my friendships this year. When me and Rodrigo broke up, I made a conscious effort to stop using my friends as placeholders for boyfriends. This made every relationship in my life more valued, intimate, fulfilling. I have not been in a relationship since I made this chance and I am very interested to see how I navigate a relationship with this new outlook.

I wish I had been more aggressive about the things I want; good things do not come to those who wait. We must go out and make them happen!

I still wish I had reached out to friends to hang out and chat more. I'm proud of how much I did it, I wish I had done it more. I wish I hadn't lost the trees for the leaves. I worked myself too hard on the nitty gritty details and lost out on real opportunities because of the work I was doing. I wish I hadn't been so hard on myself and my family and ultimately isolated myself from my friends.

I am proud of running a very large stressful event with great success. I am very embarrassed at being short and snippy with a client directly after the event. I wish I focused more on my son's world and worked harder to understand it.

I wish that I would have been a little smarter with my finances. A lot of the mistakes are around my finances. This credit card debt is scary. I’m nervous it will prevent me from getting this new job. It’s so much I’m not sure I will ever pay it down. I am proud that I was able to move to dc, I set a goal and I accomplished it.

I am proud of the fact that I have grown to have more compassion for myself, more forgiveness for my flaws rather than constantly being my own worst critic.

I have switched focus. I am for the first time on what lies on the other side of working life

I think I wish I had taken more time to take care of myself. I always forget that my body needs me too. More spas, more pampering and more time in the bath tub! As for my business goals, I work extremely hard and had a magazine call to interview me. I'm still a mess though. I always feel like a duck...paddling really fast underneath the surface!

I wish I had the desire to follow through on all those ideas I had with my friends and teammates. Such great ideas lost to time wasting and apathy. I am very proud of my efforts to promote a better world and the people I have connected with. (Though I wish I had done more, and had followed through.)

Yes. I wish I had found a job. I didn't even look really. And I wish I had travelled exotically. As for pride, beside the fact that I've been able to get into a beautiful relationship, nothing. I really did a lot of nothing, and that's not how I like to live. I feel bad about that.

My initial thought is to wish I'd taken less on, but then I wouldn't be where I am or have the opportunities I do. I'm proud of how I've engaged in work, but I do wish I'd found a way to be more vocal and forthright about my views on the systems we work in to those I work with, internally, internally and externally. I've often felt betrayed by my actions in work. On Tuesday nights we discuss changing the world, the broken state of affairs and how to affect change, and on every other day I feel like I've let the system happen to me. No longer.

like I said in question 1 im mostly proud of my album. As for things I would have done differently. I think maybe spending more time absorbing things in my environment and less time analyzing whether or not i'm in the right place or with the right people etc. Trying to live day by day, and concentrating on goals, allowing things and people to pass in and out of my life without worrying about how they're going to effect the future. Trying to see what I can right now that might get me closer to where I want to be (and letting go of the outcome) rather trying to predict the outcomes of my actions.

I am very proud of my ability to help kids that I work with by connecting them to resources that they didn't think of before. Even though I'm new to King County, I have familiarized with resources in the area and helped kids with their needs.

I wish I had gotten better at maintaining perspective on what is truly important. I'm proud that I've continued to rebuild my family and our lives together.

I'm proud of myself for prioritizing my health. I've just started physical therapy, I"ve been eating better (always working on that), and found yoga, spinning, walking, etc right upon moving here. I also found the co op, a doctor, and a psychiatrist. All of these things are good for me. I wish I'd handled the breakup with Ryan a little better, but I guess I've handled it better than I thought. It's just been a bit harder than I thought a 2 month break up would be! I also wish I'd been nicer to my mom. She just visited and I felt I was hard on her. I want to make sure to do that. Generally speaking, I wish I'd exercised more and cooked more.

This year I wish I got my finances in order earlier, spoken up on the job more... Can't think of anything I'm super proud of this year but it's not over.

This last March I ventured on a trip to Hawaii on my own and attended a book conference. I met and talked with several online acquaintances and explored the area on my own. I did not stay in the room and read as I am proned to do. I wish I had made more initiative to visit and maintain connections with friends in person. Spending time with friends is important to ensure you don't lose contact with them.

I feel proud of the way I handled tough situations this past year. I think I managed disappointments with as much grace as I could muster, and pushed myself to be my best self. I'm proud to have created a life for myself here in Seattle that's full and meaningful. I also wish I had been better about staying in touch with New York friends.

Been less of a loose cannon emotionally--been more mindful and less reactive

I wish I had been more grateful of the wonderful scenario that I had at my home on 1st Avenue. I was so quick to jump to something I thought was better without truly assessing how good I had it. I'm proud of how strong I was after Seumas overturned my life. I was sober the whole time, which I think made me more clear-headed and better poised to navigate the rough seas.

Maybe not differently, but I wished I was more jnvolved in EcoME this past year. Also I wish I would have found a proper job that I could have more... in the field I think. I am proud of myself of the way I was dealing with the whole Haytham Miriam story. I was really taking it as this inner process that I need to do and I feel proud of myswlf for lerting myswlf getting hert, ti be angry, and then ti tranaform it through gling to retreats and remwmbering what is important for me. And then ti communicate it and having the conversarions with both of them. And alai knowjng that I can let it go and bless them and still hold a bit of pain. Holdig the both together is also something I was walking qith in the oast year and happy for this process of constantly trying to accurate things ao they are not in contrast, rather then holding the both together, letting all just to be, instead of this is the opposite f one another. So if to sum it I am proude of practicing saying "and", rather then "but/or".

I wish I had applied to a certain job. I'm proud of the way I've committed myself to my business, athletics, spirituality, and creativity and the actions I've taken to balance it all.

Saved more. I was able to spend more time with friends and changed my eating habits to a more healthier way of living.

I wish I would've saved more and worked out more. Overall I'm pretty proud of making it thru my first year without my mom. It's still so difficult and hard but I feel like I've behaved in a way that would make my mother proud

Yes i wished i would of said no.im proud of my decision to not take anymore abuse.

this past year was good. i also made a decision to go back to school for more education.... Administration for a biblical college and also get some biblical classes too to take.

When I think about the word wish, I don't know how to respond. I wish I owned a house. I wish I would meet the love of my life. This year I wished I would have committed to my actions. I don't want to go back when my gut has already made up its mind. I am proud of a few things. I quit smoking cigarettes this year. I quit Toyota of Portland this year. I expanded Dirty Hands into a new market this year. I decided to be single and not give all my attention to desire this year.

I'm proud of the fact that I'm playing my violin once again after so many years I've joined a community orchestra and feel that I'm re Establishing music in my life

I wish I had spent more time running. So cliche'. But I am proud of my work at the school. I'm good at my job and look forward to ways that I can be even better.

I wish I had finally learned my lesson about money. I tend to spend it before I have it. So far it has worked out for me, but it causes undue stress when I do it. The universe keeps giving the opportunity to learn this lesson.

I'm especially proud of the way I've put myself first. I've always lived my life putting others first - family, friends, partners and work. That's not to say that's necessarily a bad thing, but I think I used to do it to the point where it was detrimental to myself. After a break-up from a long-term relationship, I needed some time to reflect. I'd just moved to a new city (with no family and friends in the same physical location), and started a brand new demanding job. I made my new job an excuse to bury my head in the sand and avoid dealing with my emotions. I discovered a 10-day silent meditation centre in Thailand that I wanted to attend, but given the short notice, was knocked back on my leave request. Ordinarily, I always put work first, so would have accepted that as is. However, I decided I was going to put myself first this time. I figured, in a year's time, no-one at work was going to talk about that incident where I didn't work hard enough and took that leave that was initially declined, whereas I would remember and potentially regret not going to the centre at that stage in my life. The worst that could happen is that my request gets knocked back again - no big loss. When I raised the leave subject again, explaining the reasons why I wanted to go, my work was completely understanding and everything went smoothly. I loved my work even more, for being so supportive and understanding, and I grew so much from those 10 days at the meditation centre. I'm also forever grateful that my experience at the centre has also led to meditation becoming an integral part of my life. It sounds like a minor thing, but it took me a lot of courage to do this. Now that I've done that once, it's definitely made it easier to do again. I've also learnt that there's nothing wrong with putting yourself first, so long as it's not for selfish purposes. You deserve it.

I'm really proud that I used my Fitbit to get control of my depression and my health. I've started making habits, good habits. Good choices about taking care of myself physically and emotionally

Yes. I told myself I was going to volunteer at the boys and girls club this year. I went to orientation, then I broke my arm and was out of commission for about 2 months. And then one thing led to another and I never made the time to go. In hindsight, I should have talked to my boss at work and ask for a half day of work once every couple weeks so that I could volunteer. I know they would have said yes. I feel ashamed. It's never too late to start though, so I hope I can start volunteering when I get back from the holidays next year. I'm proud that I said yes to being in a relationship. It all happened very quickly, but I think I needed that, or else I would have talked myself out of it. It may sound selfish, but I'm REALLY proud of myself. It's a big step for me. I'm also proud that I had a priorities shift this year (maybe that's why it was the right time for me to meet a guy?). Last year, I was in a very predictable pattern. Work, party, work, party. I worked hard, but I also partied a lot, and I felt like I accomplished nothing. This year I took more time off, tried to read more, stayed in more, started to apply to new jobs, etc. I feel like life is a big ship; it can take a long time to turn things around, but it's ok as long as you know you're going in the right direction. Maybe 2017 was the turning year, and 2018 will be when I'm heading straight down a new, but better, direction.

Set more specific goals and keep to a structured routine which seems to work for me. I'm proud of adjusting to my new job and helping contribute to something new. I'm proud of myself for having the attitude of continuous improvement - I always think I can do it better. I'm proud that I keep going to yoga and added meditation.

I'm proud that I kept my s*** together while pregnant with a two year old and four dogs

Not sure - I am proud I stood for the right thing even though it cost me personally - quite a bit - but I would do it again

There are always things that I wish I'd done differently, but this year, the trajectory of my life seems to be headed in a positive direction. Of course there are things I wish I could change, but on net, I've made a lot of positive changes that will help me address the things I want to improve upon.

I wish I'd spent less time this year succumbing to the temptation of negative energy and instead allowed myself to be more forgiving and, in turn, to be happier in the moment more often. I need to cut people more slack, including myself, and at least sometimes take things a bit less seriously. But I'm proud of in many ways finding my voice over the course of this past year. Difficult times personally and nationally have forced me to think a lot about who I am, what I bring and need, and what I can work on. I feel proud of how genuinely I've leaned in to the difficult work of self-critique.

I wish I'd finally slayed more of my personal dragons. I turned 33 this year, and wanted to finally be my own hero. Instead, I was faced with intense struggle around my health, my work, and my community. But I faced it and I won. And I keep doing great work at all my jobs/volunteer positions, and looking toward the new day. I need to do more - diversify my achievements - but my achievements are still amazing, and I'm proud every day.

I am proud of going to my sister's house for a WEEK to help her get over knee replacement surgery. I drove her to all her appointments and waited for her, and I got her stuff at the drug store and did her grocery shopping. It made me feel like I was doing a good thing. She is sometimes hard to get along with, and the very second day, I snapped at her for having the TV on 24/7. She shut it off after that, but was not happy with me about it. But overall, we really made it work, and actually had some fun!! I don't regret it a bit, and was so glad I went and helped her. I think it made us draw closer to one another. She also made a major effort before I came to have to clutter in her home to a minimum.

As always I wish that I had worked harder on losing weight, however, I am so proud of the work that I have accomplished with it so far. This time feels different as I am doing things slowly and focusing more on my health rather than just my weight and size. I am getting so strong and I am so proud of all the things it can do.

I am proud that when I finally arrived in the same state as my best friend, and found an apartment, and could barely move, and was so excited to see him, and the dates I'd said I might be up in his part of California he said actually I'm moving tomorrow, to Nebraska, like forever, and he said just Nebraska, didn't say her name, I'm proud that I paused, and I didn't curse, and I said "Well that escalated quickly. Or also very slowly, all things considered," and I didn't say anything I felt, and I didn't really ask anything he felt, and I didn't ask why he hadn't told me sooner, and I didn't say that I wished he wouldn't go, and I spoke to him like a bare fucking acquaintance and wished him well, and I did not drive up to say goodbye though I could have, we were close, I was fucking close, and he called the whole situation poetic, and it was, it was exactly like that fucking Richard Siken poem, and now I'm the dragon. OK, so I'm the dragon. I'll eat your trash and wish you the best, don't fucking call this poetic you fuck this is shit. Anyway so I'm proud of what I did and the way I behaved and I regret it wholly and completely with all my heart.

I am proud of my relationship with my daughter, our capacity to talk openly and disagree and our support for one another. I feel very guilty about not planning our trip to France more carefully and thoughtfully. I had understood her general intent and tried to respond to it. I did not hear her communications about her need for structure well and was caught unaware by my level of fatigue and the levels of sadness I experienced being back in France for the first time since my mother died.

I wish I left the Peabody Hotel earlier and on my own terms. I let them make me feel worthless and I was undervalued. But I was also at fault by looking for another job on their time. But I'm also happy I'm away from that toxic place and found two new jobs the week after. I got to work for AutoZone park and I'm currently working at a start-up restaurant called Mama Gaia.

I continue to struggle with samsara. I continue to struggle with reactivity. I continue to struggle with less-than-beneficial behavior. But I quit smoking, even socially, and have cut down on drinking!

Part of me wants to write that I wasted my whole year paralyzed in the grip of complacency, but that wouldn't be the whole truth. This past year has been a period of massive, grueling personal growth. I am proud of the person that I am becoming.

No praise, no blame.

This is a tricky one, I'm proud of recognising my own ability at work and pushing myself to go for a job I now love. And I'm proud of myself for making progress with my mental health. What would I do differently, the same as always, how I'm caring (or in this case not caring) for my body. I know that whilst some of my health issues are not weight and smoking related, others are. And I need to work on those. I regret not caring about myself more

I stopped going to therapy this year. I kept some of my realizations and made some new ones, despite the lack of intervention. One of my biggest stumbling blocks in life are my relationships with my family and overcoming procrastination to address areas of need in my life. With therapy, I think there's more growth I could have done in both areas. I am very proud of where I am in this current moment of family relationships and a bit fearful of what I've been neglecting in my personal affairs. { not driving or owning my growth }

Wish I’d taken my fitness a little more seriously. Proud to receive the love and support of so many whom I admire.

I've been working on a list: 1) Reaching out to friends in a more pro-active way; 2) Treading very, very mindfully with my grown daughter so she doesn't hand my head to me too often; 3) Being patient with my husband (we're both aging, but boooojk [my 5 1/2 year old grandson just got hold of the ipad!] but it annoys the hell out of me to watch him give ground, knowing that the same thing is happening to me as well. Have I earned a star this year? That's a definite maybe.

I wish I would have suggested therapy sooner for my family. I'm proud of starting my blog.

I'm especially proud of my job search process. I chose to do it in a thorough way which meant it took me a really long time to find a next step that was worth taking the leap. I reached out to lots of different people, did many informational interviews, googled tons of stuff, did a lot of internal work and reflecting, and was persistent even when I was impatient and frustrated. I even made time to meet with a potential future supervisor on a leisure trip to California to make sure it was the right fit for me (it wasn't). I can't say yet how my new job will unfold for me but I'm glad I was patient and found something with all of the potential to be a great fit.

Although my personal walk with God has improved, I long to get to the place where every breath is about glorifying the Holy God of Israel. I long to get up every morning excited to commune with God, and ready and eager to spend my day walking as my Lord and Savior walked, boldly, with only my Father's business on my mind!

I'll answer both of those. This past year, I wish I was on my phone less. I think I need to make an active attempt to stay off my phone in order to live a life that is more grounded in the present. I also feel that I will be more productive if I spend less time on my phone. I'm especially proud of all of the things I continue to accomplish--getting into grad school, writing a poetry thesis. This year, I feel like I am growing again, which is important to me. I am proud that I made the decision to continue with my thesis, intern at a school with a demographic that I am not used to, and I am proud that I pushed myself socially by moving in with a group of people much different than myself. I feel happy again.

I wish I had been an bit more focussed, it is something I struggle with still, I am trying to work towards finding ways to make that happen. I'm proud how open I have been with my people close to me. I have been vulnerable in ways I usually am not. It has been very eye opening and has shown me how I can be supportive and helpful to those I love.

If I could do anything differently this year, I would worry less about keeping the perfect schedule and being perfect at work and instead take the time to be present, be focused on the moment, and actually enjoy being with friends and the people I care about. But, I am also proud of all the work I have done and the ways in which I have supported friends and family. There is always room for improvement, but once I noticed that I was not prioritizing my relationships as much as I could have, I began to change that and I continue to work on it.

I am proud...to have structured my life to have "free" time available to respond to things that happen either in my immediate circle or my wider world. Example: translating a Death Certificate into English so his son in the US could fly to his funeral I wish I had realised how many people were supporting me when I FELT I was left alone to organise everything before the Sunday services at our church for 2 months

I'm proud to have survived this year. Period. Suffering was waaaaay worse than I ever imagined possible, and by allowing myself to go deeply into it, I learned that I truly love being alive in this life. No. Matter. What.

I wish I hadn’t started out the Jewish year in a state of dishonesty with myself. I regret building on that until around April. I need to work on getting past that, to a state where I’m able to be completely myself.

I wish I'd kept to myself more. I'm happy with what I've created and am creating, but that's not really something I can share.

I wish I'd established an exercise routine when I moved, and I wish I'd listened to my inner voice when considering food choices. I'm really unhappy about the weight I've gained this year. I'm proud of rebranding my business, working hard to learn new skills for it, and finally launching a service I've been thinking about for years!

I'm really proud of having taken a lot of risks professionally. What I'd have done differently is to really have not gotten involved in a few things at all.

I wished I had spent more time with my brothers. We have gradually grown apart over the years and do fewer things together now. I wished I could have taken better care of my wife and her physical and emotional condition. I'm proud that I was able to persevere despite tremendous hardship, stress and disappointment on the job front. I kept a positive attitude and didn't allow myself to sink into a depression.

I wish I would have shown more self control and been a better time manager. In some instances I'm proud of what I've accomplished professionally, but in others, I think with better time management, I could have done more. I also want to develop my employees better.

Yes, I wish I had treated my friends and family better. Calling my mom just to listen to her. Taken my medication. Called my brother once per week. Remained focused on others at xmas instead of in my self obsession and acting out in a way I knew was wrong against my family that loves and supports me unconditionally. Been honest with my sister about lagging on my payments. Faced IRS problem instead of procrastinating. Been more involved with my extended family. Worked a stronger program and been honest about meds. Confronted debts I owe to mom and mel. Grateful for my willingness to grow.

If I had to do last year over again I wouldn't worry so much I would just get up and do the things that need to get done instead of worrying about the outcomes of others that would have given me more clients better contracts and would have more peace of mind as a caregiver. When I'm proud of his that I sent forth and completed a certification program I've been wanting to do for a long time and I just did it

Work has been the issue this year. As a freelance it is sometimes hard. I would have explore other options, rather than just relying on that one client. And something I am really proud, is that a project that I was part for almost 3 years finally ended. The LEGOHouse is now open, and I was part of that! I visit the site not long ago, and I felt like a child, and like a proud father at the same time.

I wish I had eaten healthy all year instead of sporatically. I wish I had decluttered my house and shop. I wish I had been better about keeping in touch with friends and family I wish I had traveled more. I wish I had attended more meetings (City council and Blues club. I wish I had written more in my life story. I'm proud of the job I did with Nappers, the service dog I raised I'm proud of the work done as president of the service dog chapter. I'm proud of the work I've done in my yeard

spent more time with family. I am proud of the creative work i have accomplished.

I can’t think of anything significant that I wish I had done differently. I guess I am proud of the work that I have done with the mentor team and interventions, and I am happy with my growth in formal roles in the district (e.g. negotiating team and retreat planning) as well as soft skills like servant leadership and community building.

I think I'm repeating myself a lot in these questions 😂 Proud to be a mother. Proud of my resilient, strong, beautiful, clever, funny and energetic daughter. Proud of my hard working husband and his quiet strength, his humble and practical nature. Proud that we got through the toughest winter of our lives, and that our daughter is happy and healthy. Proud of our loving dog, who has been so patient with us. I wish that some of the things that we have come up against this last year hadn't happened, but I wouldn't have done anything differently. I know that we have done our best. ... I would have taken it easier in my pregnancy though if I knew it was going to end so badly. If I'm lucky enough to have a second child I won't make that mistake again. I was too proud there, wanting to be independent and show I was capable. So stupid looking back

I wish I had made more of an effort to get back in shape this year. I've been working slowly on my emotional and mental health but feel like I've failed at taking care of my body. I lack the energy to keep up with my partner and friends and hope that I take my health more seriously in 2018. That said, I'm particularly proud of the new and healthier relationship I've formed with my parents. I have really struggled to maintain a civil relationship with my mother over the last several years and I feel like we've gotten to a place that's more collegial and less hostile.

I wish I had spent more time with my family, and had more bonding time. I am very proud of the amount of time I've spent with friends that I don't normally hang out with

I wish I had been more understanding of Marina in the months before we fought. I could have let more things go, I wish I had. Overall I wish I had been more comfortable and happy just being. I wish I had put more time into my film when I had hours to be at school.

I tried very hard this year and as always not enough. I wish the communication and expectations in my company had been better, and I suppose in my family as well (they are intertwined). This was a hard year

I way overstepped healthy boundaries and kinda shamed a friend into doing something that they were really struggling with and did NOT need my junk puked onto them as they worked through something heartfelt and frightening. I apologized...at first my friend said "No it wasn't like that"...but as they shared...they finally did appreciate the apology. I asked how I could support them...G-d worked in mysterious ways.

Things I am proud of: I have overcome my fear of science and lack of time and become a certified citizen benthic water monitor. I also rode my bike 30 miles at an Augusta county bike day. We trained an adopted dog to be part of our family, although she was killed within the year by a wild animal. Things that I wish that I had done differently: Spend more time studying to be a junior naturalist and a junior rhythm guitar player.

I wish I was more patient with my big kid. I can instantly see the benefit when I'm doing it right- and itstantly see the effect on him when I don't.

Proud to have held things together to find a good job and move to a new state.

I wish I'd stuck to my Weight Watchers plan and taken better care of my body overall, more exercise. I wish I'd been more helpful at home. I'm proud of negotiating my first contract (as part of a team). I'm proud of how I handled work and the way I treated my students. I'm proud of how I raised my children.

I'm grateful to God for delivering me from fear this year. This has been a great year. Nothing comes to mind that I would do differently.

Stay in contact with family and friends more. Getting my sister to the doctor so she could receive the help she needed.

In December I found an apartment in Durham that I love and made it my own. I've been living here for 9 months now, which is the longest I've lived some place in a while. It brings me enormous joy. In March I agreed to assistant direct My Fair Lady which ended up being a really rough experience. Not just because my Dad's illness coincided with it, but because the director, Tyne, was super crazy and abusive. At this point, I know that every major depression I've had has always been preceded by working on some horrible artistic project and this was no exception. I felt obligated not to quit because I thought it represented an important professional stepping stone for me, but ended up doing it to my own detriment. The Spring was terrible for my mental health, April was a wash. It got so bad that I felt suicidal and ended up changing my medication and getting a new therapist down here. I'm grateful for both the new meds and new therapist because I think they've made a significant positive impact on my life and mental health, but I kind of wish I had the guts to quit the show instead of toughing it out.

Not applied for a third credit card, or waited until I thought I had the means to pay it down. Not started yoga until I knew I could pay.

I've been journaling today on Teshuvah and ways that I missed the mark. I wish I had been better at keeping in touch with people - sending cards that I buy, calling my sister and my Nonnie, actually following through on saying "we should hang out!". I wish that I had spoken up more in terms of racist comments. I wish I had been more realistic about what I can take on in terms of organizing/resistance/donations and had been more on top of things in that regard. I'm proud that I passed the LCSW exam, and mostly proud of the work I've done during my first year as a clinician. I'm proud that I pushed myself to get back out there in terms of dating/sex/relationships, even if things have been really up and down in that area.

I wish I had acted to improve my mental health earlier rather than later and so glad I have made real progress

I wish I'd spent a little less I'm proud of how I've stepped to help take care of my mom and encourage my sister

I've worked hard this past year to remain grounded, present and open-hearted despite everything that has happened. It has been a very hard year. In January I learned that I was pregnant with a baby who had Downs Syndrome and I chose to terminate that pregnancy because having a disabled brother is very difficult and I did not want to have a disabled child. I don't regret that decision but it still makes me very sad. I've worked hard to let go of all the feelings from that termination. I don't know if I have done that or if I ever will. In some ways, it still feels very raw and in other ways it feels like I have definitely let go of that experience. I'm not proud of it but I know it was the right thing to do and I forgive myself for making that decision.

I am proud of my learning curve. Although I wish I would have learned faster to be less self centered so that I could connect faster or better and had it less about ME. I look forward to continuing to work on this through the next year

In retrospect I wish I could have found a way to relieve the tension between my adult children. i am working on not interjecting myself. I have been moderately successful. I am trying . to keep my mouth shut and not be pressured to do something I don't want to do. In one incident where fault could be assigned To keep peace I have learned to excuse and move on. There was an affront but feelings were hurt, insult was taken but it was not a life or death situation simply poor behavior. Life is too short to hold a grudge. My regret is it may adversely effect my relationship with one of my children.

I did not ride my bike! I thought about riding my bike, I imagined riding my bike, I saw myself riding my bike and felt the wind through my hair. But this I never did, not once while the weather permitted. Perhaps I have been suffering from melancholy and this is probably true. The work of washing, pumping the tires, getting the bike ready to ride just seemed too much for me. I never got past it and the bike stayed on its stand in the garage. I thought about buying a new bike--one that did not need work--but I was too worried about spending the money-waiting for a sale, the right time-a sign that on this day at this time I should buy a new bicycle. But alas it did not come to pass and now it is the first day of Autumn. Alternatively I am proud of my commitment to yoga class. It is hard, it stretches me physically and emotionally and I continue to go, I can't miss it, I need it. It is hard to explain like continuing to write, attempt to write poetry, to make at least one painting a year. Again I know this is me in the grips of a pervasive melancholy that won't let me go--and yet I struggle through with divine breath, word, and wet paint on paper. The struggle is worth the effort it takes and I know in the end there will be a result I can't yet imagine...

Alissa= Navigate differently communicating around Cindy Michelle =. Proud of not focusing on what there is to worry about

I'm proud of myself for changing jobs. I was miserable for a long time. It's not perfect now but I feel like I can breathe. I feel like myself again. I wish that I had tried harder to talk to my Mom.

A lot of the last year was spent thinking about being 50. I turned 50 in September 2017 and I made a conscious decision to live differently. Some of this has worked really well and some hasn't. Two things that were particularly pleasing were that I started a Masters in Creative Writing and received a distinction. This led to reforming 'The Tea Set': a group of female creatives who come together to support each other to be successful. The second thing was that I focussed more on being with friends and doing things like theatre trips. This has been my sanity through a very difficult year with our house move and a huge contract at work that I cannot get wrong. I also started a mission of giving 50 women a book by a woman. That is a work in progress... Oh, I nearly forgot! I started singing again. This has been a revelation and I wish I'd done it sooner. I'm not bad and the act of singing just makes me feel better about myself :-)

I could always spend more time with Pru (as she licks my face). I love and am proud of the times when we road trip together. What a great traveling companion. I am so happy she's still alive.

Yes looked for a better job sooner making more money..not been so fearful of the future and not have wasted so much time with Jacob..letting my personal relationships/ take the forefront... instead of financial stability. What am I most proud of the day I left an oppressive relationship in my love life and my job and valued myself

i'm happy to report that i am pretty happy with my decision making process over the last year! i'm proud that i was able to commit to moving to spend more time with my family; uprooting and starting my social roots over again.

I am especially proud of the mom that I have become. Right after giving birth, I beat myself up a lot. It took some time but I started to trust myself and I feel like it has showed in Lillie and Is relationship. At times, I feel bad that I am not more fully present at the end of the day but overall I feel really good about out time together. I wish I could say the same about my days as a teacher. Each day I leave feeling like I made a whole bunch of mistakes. I spend my whole drive to get Lillie beating myself up and I feel my self talk in hyper speed which gets me even more anxious. I hope that in the next year I can try to work on that or realize a work environment or job that allows me to leave feeling more successful and less defeated.

I am proud of learning to take care of myself

I do wish I had lost some more weight but I am not going to let that get to me. It was another great year; full of surprises and Blessings.

I am proud of taking control of my health-- going to see a psychiatrist, making medical appointments and dental appointments, and gaining more agency in speaking up for myself at work. This is the first year, in as long as I can remember, that I can look back and feel proud of the progress I have made.

The past year is marked in my mind by a failure to be aware of those around me. I proceeded through my life blissfully ignorant to the struggles of others, frequently proclaiming that the world is so good to me and that I encounter no issues in my daily life. With the painfully self-centered worldview I possessed at the time, these proclamations were true. Revelations of recent months led to my recantation of these ideas. I realized that my life was far from flawless; I simply ignored the painful reality that surrounded me. My family and friends chose not to hurl their issues onto me, and I chose not to inquire. This proved to provide me with a cushioned existence, a life of unawareness. My transition from this lifestyle was gradual but painful, an experience similar to that of a child fearing the pain of ripping off a bandage to quickly. The child instead sits and watches as the adhesive tortuously peels away from their tender skin. I also watched as my reality was slowly torn away from me. I endured the strangely poetic pain that conceived healing; I was healed of my ignorance through the pain of losing my previous perspective. Things were far from perfect: my brother is in jail, my dog died, my parents are separating, and my friends find me to be unpleasantly harsh. In January, I naïvely believed that my brother would complete his drug rehabilitation program and lead a successful life while supporting his daughter. I trusted that God would grant Rocky enough life to travel with me to college. I thought that my parents would live under the same roof until they both passed away. I felt that all of my friends appreciated my dry sense of humor. None of my ideas were true, and, oddly, I believe this to be a good thing. As each of these ideals were torn from me, I grew mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. I know that I must be a leader for family members and friends who are struggling because I can now empathize with them. The stinging truths of my life serve as the motivation for my progress as a person. Continuing into adulthood guarded by my thin veil of ignorance would be disastrous. The bandage would be torn off so violently that it would cause a wound worse than the one it had previously shielded. Luckily, I will proceed into adulthood with exposure to reality and the ability to solve problems and live successfully. I do not regret learning the truth of my life, I regret not doing so earlier.

I am proud of how I managed everything this year. Jumping into caregiver mode with my husband and then his mother shortly after. Somehow orchestrating a move for her to be closer to us from packing, planning and physically moving her up north all the while making sure she was safe, keeping up with her therapies and care and finding her a place to land. Unfortunately, I have mixed thoughts on weather or not we did the right thing moving her here. She was supposed to be independent. She is far from it and it has been causing immense stress on me and my husband as we try to balance our new responsibilities. I am not sure how I could have handled it differently but I'm left now after a year+ of triage and caring for others in crisis finally exercising my own self-care. I neglected myself so long and now that the smoke has cleared its like everything has turned upside down. My loved ones are sick, my job is PT, my husbands job is now more time consuming so we are no longer 50/50 in home care. We also now have the equivalent of child to manage on a regular basis. I don't recognize my life and I'm struggling to find a balance with the new normal. I don't doubt that things will even out I just am still a whip lashed and dizzy and know this is going to take a while.

played more mandolin. second year in a row. gone out and been sassy a bit more. my professional self is not the same as my sassy dating self. I love that I made the mobile for Meg. I love that I helped the team to discuss communication. I love that I am starting to show my art. I Love that I am cooking pretty often and sharing healthy eating tips with people at work. I love that I helped out a bit with counseling after Harvey. I love that I am going up for certification. I love that I am writing this novel. May it continue may it continue may it continue to flow. Stephen King: "Writing a novel is like crossing the Atlantic alone in a bathtub." This is true. Patience, patience, patience, pay attention, steer well, and hold on for dear life.

I am especially proud of how I handled the transition moving home, going to Israel and starting clinic all in one week! I wish had less regret and focused on the positive more this past year.

I've been avoiding responsibilities that are going to bite me in the butt sooner or later and I wish I hadn't.

I lost out on what would have been a better apartment in which to live. I loved it, but I wanted to think about it. Turns out you can't do that in Vancouver, what with the crazy real estate and rental market. So where my daughter and I have ended up living is lovely inside, but incredibly noisy (trucks and cars and singing neighbours), smelly (smokers, both pot and cigarettes), and discouraging. So though I said I would never move again (I've moved 7 times in six years), I want to move again. Hopefully that will be my last...

I feel like I grew a lot in my teaching this year, and even received a Top Teacher Award from the Music Gallery/Steinway & Sons. I felt less sure in my parenting, and received a lot of eye rolls and deaf ears from Nina and Nigel. This made me boil a lot. I guess the obvious answer is I need more time-outs and willingness to be flexible.

I'm glad I left Prep for Success and that I was mentally prepared before our ridiculous meeting happened. If I hadn't been planning my escape already that would have been devastating.

I try to live my life with no regrets. When things didn't go exactly as planned, I like to remind myself that the decision I took that led me to where I am was exactly what I wanted at that specific point of my life. Do I reflect on things in hopes of becoming a better person? Of course, al the time. I'm proud of where I am right now. 4+ years in college and I finally get to work in my dream job. Is it hard? God yes, it's difficult. But I'm here, giving it my best. Doing more than surviving.

I am proud of shaving my head in November and stopping dying my hair. It was something I had considered doing for years. I felt conflicted from the moment I began dying my hair to cover my grey at age 24. The moment I shaved my head and stopped dying it, I instantly felt like I was living my truth (that I do have a significant amount of grey hair though I'm only 32) and I felt a huge relief. And I do get a lot of compliments on it. I wish no one made personal comments at all, but it is what it is. And I was worried ahead of time that people would stop calling me sweetie but that hasn't been the case!

I am proud of myself for being politically active and trying to be a good citizen. I have come to peace with my retirement and am filling my time with meaningful pursuits

I wish I hadn't stayed with my in-laws for extra time after Rosh Hashanah, and had gone straight to my parents' home instead. My mother was quite upset, especially because it was my parents' anniversary! So, I made a mistake, and I learned from it. This was actually technically this year (5778), but it happened before the 10Q vault closes!

There are a number of places where I could look back and say, "I could have done that differently". Each instance where I apply that concept, take the action that I think would be, maybe, a more higher self choice, I end up thinking about how that would affect the future I am in currently. In each case, I don't get to be in the present in which I am. With those altered choices, I end up in another reality where I don't know the true outcome of the altered choice. I like where I am now, I like where I am heading, and I am glad I made the choices I made. I'm proud of landing a job at the Blumenthal. I feel a lot of possibility.

I started running again - in an effort to improve my physical and mental wellbeing. I am proud that I got out and did this even on the days where I really didn't feel like it.

I’m proud of the fact that I finally made the LTO list AND I'm one belt level into my Kung-Fu classes. Both were really difficult and I'm happy I made it through so far. Now, even though it's just temporary, after two years I am teaching again! I’m doing fairly well... On the other hand, I wish I could have approached the family reunion we had in the summer better. I didn't know anyone, it was overwhelming, and I didn't say very much, which I don't think was very like me.

I am proud of letting go of people that were harmful for me and am proud of myself for being a good human being. I would have wanted to leave my job sooner but I think it was all meant to be this way so it's ok. I am also smoking less and taking much more care of me. I am a lot less stressed and am more hopeful in the future.

I feel that I would not be doing myself justice if I did not at some point talk about my personal failings during junior year during this reflection. My own mistakes caused me to abandon my studies, as well as anything else in my life that I considered not to be entertaining or gratifying. To an extent, this improved my day-to-day experience. I was happier in the moment, every moment. If I wasn’t happy, I would try to get out of the situation I was in, or ignore the things that were causing me discomfort and pain. Unfortunately, ignoring problems does not make them go away. In fact, almost all of the issues I was ignoring or pushing to the side slowly grew in scale, scope, and significance, until they became so threatening that I could no longer ignore them. Eventually, my negligence caught up with me. My grades dropped, my relationship with my family suffered, and I became depressed. I wish that I had not been such an idiot in dealing with the pressures of Junior year , and that I had been more responsible in my academic decisions.

Something different from the past year? As I was concluding my tenure in Connecticutt, I wish I'd wrapped up the work more assertively, with more energy, with more a sense of success. It was a mistake to agree to stay there as long as I did -- I was not their "solution" to a problem or series of problems. I was proud of the way I wrapped up the interim work in California. It was clean and I left the place in better shape than I found it -- and had some fun along the way!

I'm still proud of how far we've come. We're now approaching two years since we relocated and currently we're expecting our first child, have a fully funded emergency fund (i.e. six months worth of expenses) and plan on having enough saved for a down payment on a home by the early part of next year. We have accomplished so much together, built so much, that we marvel at it pretty much every day. It's thrilling to have been able to achieve everything we've wanted, and then some.

I still wish I had watched less TV and I am proud of myself for the writing I did --- I wish I had not wasted the summer feeling really sick and being afraid to have the surgery and go to a doctor for a relatively simple surgery --- sphyncteronomy

I am proud of continuing to grow my business. It's been more work than I thought it would be but I'm happy to keep moving forward. There's nothing I would have done differently, I am always willing to learn and change but I will not allow regret into my life.

I wish I had returned to work for a bit in June when Penny was squishier and less fun. I think it would have helped with my transition back. Additionally, I would have looked for professional help prior to going back, as opposed to scrambling to find it when I was starting to flounder. I am so proud of the daughter I am raising!

I am pleased with how we have transitioned from Flagstaff to Fayetteville. It was stressful, but also a relief. I think Jim and I both learned from our experience in Flagstaff and so appreciate what we have now much more.

Perhaps I would have wanted to learn more about how to organize as communities, as political associations... how to deal with this complex idea of organizing and taking actions together. Maybe getting more involved somehow... I am proud that I finished (I'm about to) my doula training, even if it required a lot of travel, investment and tiredness. It has been a learning experience at many levels.

I'm super proud of my commitment to self-care and being open to new ideas and possibilities in my life with Steph. I wish I had paid off more debt.

I wish I had lost weight and exercised more. I wish I had worked harder to find some meaningful political action.

I'm proud of my ability to show up as much as I could in "the eye of the storm" with Jewel and Lauren. I'm proud of myself for walking away from Don not because it was easy but because I knew. I followed by intuition rather than my sight. What I would have done differently? Nothing comes to mind.... All experiences I have or am growing from

I wish I found a FUCKING JOB!!! However, I did manage to visit Morocco for almost 2 months and built my French language skills. My Spanish is still a work in progress. Nothing I am especially proud of this year. Overall, kinda a bleh year.

This past year I reconnected with my Judaic background, becoming part of a Chabad community in my town. It has made me realize that I had been separated from a very vital and important part of my personal heritage.

I wish I had been more serious with my money this year, though that isn't something for just this year. I am entirely too smart and dream entirely too big to be spending money haphazardly like I do, and that really needs to change.

I have made giant amounts of progress in forgiveness. I wish I could have forgiven myself more. I also wish I could feel better about my physical body.

Sharing incredibly powerful experiences with the kids -- making time and shared moments the gift that they can be. For H, the trip to the Women's march, the experience of a roadtrip with a group of women and girls, participating in an event of global proportions -- her first big political event. Even the experience of getting lost -- scary while it happened, but a testament to how the girls (& I) used our heads (and the incredible helpfulness of a team of security guards.) For I, the trip to see the eclipse -- a last minute decision (that had been in the back of mind for a while); visiting with Aunt Pat and getting to know James; the excitement and wonder of all our experiences. But most of all, ACTING on the NEED to share experience, to say, "damn work and school, this is something we HAVE to do" and doing it. Q: Was driving 7.5 hours there and 7.5 miles back worth it? A: yes.

I wish I had stuck with ,y daily meditation practice. That's something I'd very much like to accomplish this year. I'm proud of the things I've accomplished at my current position at work.

I actually don't wish I'd done anything different this past year. Wow. When I sit here and think about that, it feels pretty amazing. Not that I accomplished anything huge, but it's just that the things I'd normally say I wish I'd done, I worked on those this year: eating right, working out consistently, travel, visiting friends/family, looking for a new job... I'm proud that I've lived how I want to live this past year. These little accomplishments that I've made makes me know that anything else I didn't get to (watching less tv, flossing my teeth more), I can get to this year!

I am proud I ran a marathon - I would maybe have tried to train a bit more but I am glad I did it

I am especially proud at how I have become more relaxed and less afraid in the past year. Given the climate in the country and the fear-mongering from politicians and citizens alike, I am especially proud that I have made the conscious choice to choose love, to live love as much as I possibly can, and to walk in confidence knowing that all is well. It has been a long road of healing for me to get to a place where I am not in fear all the time. I am grateful.

I wish I had communicated sooner/more effectively with my partner around my personal and professional needs and goals, and how I saw the future of our relationship in that context (and why). I am proud of giving up comfort for growth.

I quit smoking!

I wish I could appreciate Pete more. I wish I could trust Jamie and how he is choosing to live his life. I wish that I did not think about my weight so much. Feel more joy. More gratitude.

I do have a few regrets. but I'm forcing myself to not dwell on what I can not change. I can't keep being a masochist towards myself. I need to learn acceptance in order to move forward. to be able to have a clear mind to make better decisions and create better outcomes, to solve past mistakes, to be mindful to not repeat the past. I can't move to the next chapter if I keep rereading the same sentence..

I'm proud of my mum working hard to get a job that she really enjoys and making her life more meaningful to her. I'm also proud of myself for getting a job even though I thought my world had ended when I got kicked out of uni.

No. I have done a lot of remarkable things this past year but I am glad to say I am past living second-guessing myself. I make the choices that are the best ones at the time. Sub-optimal results are to be expected, and thus not to be feared or wished-away.

I really do not know. I would like to have a whole different life but then I think that for some reason I am like this now. On Sunday (today is Wednesday) my grandmother spoke rudely about my "sentimental situation" - you do not have pololo - I value the moment more but I could not react well. I do not think I'm particularly proud of anything, I do not remember the good things so well. less mine.

If only I had: Followed my instincts. Run for the hills. Let go of the need for a challenge. Found Shangri-La. Most of all, pushed toxic people to the wayside. I'm proud I: Pushed my physical limits. Ran for the trails. Recognized my self before others.

Nothing I'd do differently except maybe be more patient with myself and not crash diet. I'm proud of my patience in the face of Hiatham being gone so long.

Could I have done Anything different to affect the dismal outcome of the election? I feeel I tried, but seemed So Sure we would have Hillary by now... retrospect is Great, BUT... Maybe being even more suspicious of what seemed a guaranteed good thing? Would being negative have worked better? Negativity, and cynicism seem to have worked for the opposition; oh, and playing dirty! should I have resorted to That? I need to respect myself; so No thankyou...guess I'll stay the naive fool I've always Been... Hmm...proud? I Did get a couple of rooms painted, bit the bullet, went into savings, and I AM proud of myself, survived it, and pleased how it has turned out...

I am incredibly proud of my achievements in uni. It's great to be a high achiever in my assignments.

This past year I wish I had taken more time for myself. Used my vacation and sick time more. Participated in more self-care, and quiet down-time. I am really proud of the ways I have made more space for self-care by actively attending meditation retreats, going to my local meditation center, and going to community retreat spaces to reset. It took a lot of work to carve out the time, and set boundaries around my own needs to do so and I'm proud of myself for doing so.

I wish I had been more successful at letting go of defense mechanisms I've learned in the past that are no longer adaptive for my life as it is today. I'll be very proud if I can say I made progress on that this coming year.

I would like to have been more focused and centered...but I'll probably put that down every year! With four other family members (besides husband) living with us, distractions are constant. When I do have time to myself, I feel like I can't concentrate on what's most important during that quiet time. Learning to get along better with my daughter. We're so much alike that conflicts arise easily. And there's such a negative history. But God has healed in amazing ways and I'm so proud of her.

So glad that I took up running and tried yoga and got serious about my relationship with Mia. Glad to try kept, and the CFP classes. Glad to have tried new stuff like mascara and lipstick everyday. Willingness to prune out relationships that are unhealthy. Trying to take time out with just 'girl' friends was not a complete a disaster but not as satisfying as I hoped. Would like to figure out why - is it my distance? my lack of vulnerability? Trying to keep it real .... No apologizing, no qualifying and speaking my mind (after really listening).

I wish I had not lived in my feelings so much. I am not very proud of myself...

I've already talked about this, but something I'm especially proud of this past year, is getting my PhD, despite the entire world working against me. My experiment wasn't working, there was drama in my personal life (my sister, and the whole fiasco with Dave), moving, depression. And still, I did it! As for something I wish I did differently, I guess I would say I wish I took the time to take care of my mental health. My approach was basically to numb myself to all emotion, which was effective, but now I'm paying for it. Since defending my thesis in August, I've basically been spending the past month trying to get myself back on track. I was (and still am) very burnt out and moderately depressed. My productivity, both in the lab and in my hobbies, are suffering. I will recover, but it's going to take a long time.

I've wasted a year, I wish I would've launched my business earlier..during my training. Now that training is complete, all attention is on my business and it's overwhelming to not have the "student" label anymore.

I wish I achieved more of my goals. But I am proud of how I became more of myself during this year.

I wish I had studied differently this year. I feel like I tried to, but it did not work out as well as I had planned. I am especially proud that Gary and I both finished out studies this year. I am also especially proud that we bought a house! Living the Aussie dream in one of the most expensive housing markets in the world!

I don't think there's anything I wish I would've done differently this past year but as I said in the first question, I'm proud of myself for signing up for this marathon and sticking with the training plan. It didn't go exactly according to plan, but life doesn't go according to plan. I'm excited to see all the training and hard work pay off in a couple of days.

Again, I'm very happy I finally went back to school and finished my degree. I wish that I had been able to take more classes that I wanted to take versus classes I HAD to take but hopefully I will do that if/when I decide to go back to school.

Something I wish I had done differently this past year... I suppose there's always something. Still want to express my hurt from years ago with those who initiated a sequence of events - part of my healing - but I know it will come. Although, I am feeling some pressure over time - who knows how long all of us will be on earth - there's something about being ready that is slowing me down. Definitely fear based. Something I'm especially proud of this past year? Sure. I keep moving forward with my business, relationship with Mike keeps getting better and better. Awareness with kids and how I can show up better for them is in progress.

I wished I would of traveled to the places I wanted to visit, ie KC, Nova Scotia, New Zealand, Walla Walla, WA, any National Park and also Virginia to see my daughter. I fill I am stuck and dont venture out. Not sure if this is based on fear causing lack of initiative and procrastination. I am very disappointed in myself because of that inaction. I am proud that I am surviving here by myself and taking some risks that I didnt have to take. For instance, I went to a nudist resort this summer. I almost didnt go because what other people may think of me if I told them. I went. So proud that I overcame my inner self. It was so freeing to experience that. It confirmed my thoughts that I had many years ago. Would like to do that again.

I wish I had made a few more waves, rocked some boats a bit more intensely. My instincts are good ones, and it's okay to trust them; playing nice does not have to be my primary concern.

I'm especially proud of becoming a runner. I really like it. Forcing myself to stick with it until the goal of 5k allowed me to learn that I like it. It solves many of my goals at once: spend more time outside, move more, lose weight, meditate, and make more alone time for myself. One thing I would do differently is ease up on my kids a little. My patience with them has been very low and short, and I yell a lot. And after, I often catch myself and ask, was that really worth yelling over? If I even have to ask that, it's probably not. I need to let them be kids.

I am proud of the fact that I broke through writer's block and finished my book, Ledger of Tears. What I would have done differently: - Finances - not spent so much on entertainment. I'm learning to do all things in moderation.

After some very bad months, i'm doing better at getting through the bad times. it's easier now and i don't get off track as much. I wish I had kept up with meditation! Starting over now!

I wish I was more assertive, confident. I have been a nurse for over 30 years and still I feel as though this title does not fit me. After that many years of wearing that hat, I may as well claim it as my own. Wear it happily and be the best damn nurse I can be. I am proud that I went to see my children and actually am amazed that my trips to New Zealand and Pittsburgh actually happened. After my illness, no not after. My illness can be noted as before and during. There is still not an after. Anyway, my employment has been spotty since my illness and there actually is little money for that kind of travel and yet I was fortunate enough to take the trips. My kind husband, it was his doing. I am grateful for that. The thought of him knowing this would do my soul some good makes me so ingratiated to him.

I'm proud of how much I have grown personally, spiritually, and professionally.

I wish I had the guts to leave my hometown earlier. I am proud of having visited my ill aunt in Italy. Today she passed and having seen her for the last time has a special meaning now.

I wish that I had trained hard for the MR340 and had lost the weight that I said I was going to lose. I think that I would have done better. I made it 117 miles though. No one believed that I could and I did.

I'm proud that I pushed my PT to do Pilates for whole body strength building instead of just focusing on one body part at a time. Focus on one area just left other muscles weak & caused problems. I knew that was what I needed to really heal. And I'm glad that I essentially lost my spot in the Pilates class so I had to find a new instructor. Changing to work with Katie was a great step forward in my recovery. I'm proud I kept at it!

I am extremely proud of taking the leap of faith to leave my corporate job and take time to self-reflect and rediscover myself. After my divorce, I really needed to get back in touch/tune with me. Decide what still matters and what is no longer important. I couldn't do that adequately with the pressure and misery of an unfulfilling job. I had no idea what my next step would be but I knew I had to do something. Cutting out the dead weight that was my marriage/ex extended to my dead end job. It was scary but so necessary and I don't regret it for a second!!

Taken action, forced what I believed was right

I wish I’d tried harder to get my home de-cluttered. Maybe before the year is through I’ll make a good start on one of the rooms? I’m very proud of the fact that I gave up smoking cigarettes in February of 2017 Go me!!😊👍🏼

I wish I hadn't so wholeheartedly believed Hillary Clinton would win. The day after was pretty devastating. This presidency is devastating. I guess I could have planned my days a bit better, exercised more. Done more mommy socializing, used my energy more efficiently, especially while pregnant. But mostly I'm done wishing I could have done things better. I'm doing what I can and I'm proud of the way my hubby and I communicate and my communicating/negotiating skills in general. I'm loving writing and Asher and Ruby.

What could I have done differently? Nothing. I loved and lived my best life this year and I did it my way. Not my moms or Wayne’s or my directors or grandparents or dads but all my way. Of course there is always the inner desire to never settle, I realize I could have always worked a little smarter and been more organized and been kinder but I did this past year based on what made me happy and it worked.

There are things I should have done differently with the house situation, but in the spirit of moving forward - there are also a couple of things I’m especially proud of from this past year! I’ve gone and bought myself a car (with insurance and all!) and I’ve moved into my own place and kitted it out in a lovely, adult way. I’m proud of my little space, and even though it feels small at times, it’s my home and my place and purely me. It feels so good to be able to come home at the end of the day and do whatever I want however I want - I can cook meals for the week at 1am wearing no pants! I can blast podcasts all Sunday long! I can clean as much or as little as I deem necessary! Needless to say, I love living solo. I do fear that I’ll become all too comfortable with myself and the solitary lifestyle, but that’s an issue for future me. I feel like I’ve finally grown up and - even though it’s hard to figure out how - I’m really proud of that.

I wish I had had a greater capacity for self reflection. I realize that the lack I feel I had can be attributed to the circumstances in which I found myself, but the reality of it is that I hurt someone I care very much for as a result, and I don't think there's any going back from it. I truly believe that I'm returning to my self from the aberrant behavior of the last few years rather than finding the means to be a new person. I also truly believe that it will never matter enough to her to ask the question again, and that makes me sad.

Not much that i wish I'd done differently - I can't quite see how I could have done anything other than what I've done, as the year has been one of survival and not much more than that. So,I am proud of having survived the year.

I wish I had prepared my marriage more for the addition of a child because now we are struggling a lot. It's a constant battle and we need to communicate better. I am super proud that I got my A1C down to 5.3 during my pregnancy!

In the past year, I finally started taking care of myself physically again. I ran two 5Ks and a 10K, and I'm currently training for my first 15K in three weeks! It feels incredible to know I can put mind over matter.

I wish I had been nicer to my mom. She does literally everything for me without asking (and sometimes I wish she'd let go a little and let me fail on my own, but she is so helpful with the best of intentions). She is doing a masters program and definitely needs someone to vent to - I wish I had been there more for her. I wish I had been more present, too. Senior year was a blast, but I was constantly thinking to the next thing. That's necessary, obviously, but I want to find a better balance between the two. and not feel so needy.

Knowing what I know now what I would do differently is to listen more and practice mirroring what I heard, value other's POV more, and imagine what they are feeling even if I don't agree with their POV. Proud that I followed up and began the IMAGO facilitator training.

wish i hadn't lived with my son jonathan even for the short time that i did. it was a bad time for both of us. i'm proud that i had the confidence to send my manuscript to agents. all rejected but i did it.

I wish I had been more consistent with my "being healthy" practices - eating well, exercising consistently, and getting enough sleep, especially. I was doing really well and then, I just stopped. Time to recommit.

Spend. Less. Time. On. Your. Phone. And READ. LEARN. Use your time to add value to your person. I am proud that I realized I needed change in my daily life, especially professionally. And I am even more proud that I am taking steps to do that. Changing my responsibilities and schedule at work to give myself more time to introspect and educate. This is also a challenge. Now I need to learn to live with less, but it's the price to pay to work towards being more fulfilled.

I wish I had handled my relationship and eventual unraveling of the same relationship with my friend, kristin. I wish I had recognized sooner that she was experiencing a mental break and that it wasn't personal. I'm proud of the fact that I finished grad school, despite some extreme hardships at the beginning, including the death of my father and grandfather. And I'm proud of continually pursuing an area that I'm passionate about.

I'm definitely proud of finishing my degree (and with a 4.0, no less) but I wish it had not come at such a literal cost to myself and to Daniel. I could have tried much harder to find part-time work and could have started looking for a full-time job immediately after graduation. Instead, I have let my fear of failure guide my actions and put us into a precarious financial position; I wish we were starting this next chapter not deeply in debt, and I have no one to blame for that but myself.

I’m proud that I try hard to be a good person, that I am open and accepting in many situations (just not politically) and I’m grateful that I learned that clarification about myself.

I am proud of being present with Tom throughout his illness, decline, and hours before and after his death. I am especially proud of taking care of myself during this time--asking for help and letting others help me, practicing self-care, setting boundaries, and showing up for myself, always putting on my oxygen mask first.

I wish I had gone for things a little more and hesitated less. Sometimes I wouldn't go after something because I was worried about messing up but I think if I did go for it more I would be able to do a lot more.

thought before opening this question: "I'll make this one quick because I want to answer each question on the day I receive it" thought after opening this question: Jesus christ what the fuck. I'll just say this: The best way for me to be happy is to be kind to myself. To let myself feel the lows without beating myself up, so that I can also feel the highs when the good moments come. I wish that I had focused more on this over the past year and I hope that I can find more of it in the coming year. I'm proud that I haven't just collapsed into a pile of rubble. I'm figuring out what works for me and I'm using that to the best of my ability to build myself a better life. I wish I had known to put the brakes on and keep them on even when it was hard, and even when it seemed like it might be safe to ease off and go back into the flow of things. I'm proud that I've stuck with therapy and that I've been able to make some of the changes that are necessary for me to be happier, even when it hurts. I wish I had worked a little bit more on redirecting my thought patterns and my actions instead of just letting myself go. But I'm proud that I'm where I'm at right now, and I'm figuring it out. I hope I feel better in a year--but if I don't I'm not going to beat myself up about it.

this past year was hard - i think the decision to move balanced so many of the shitty pieces.

I wish I had believed in myself and my worth. I'm still working on that.

I am proud that I finally made an investment in myself by applying to graduate school - and furthermore, that I received an acceptance offer and financial scholarship from each institution I applied to. While the latter certainly reinforced and justified the former, I would like to think that even if I had not achieved aid offers across the board, I would be still be satisfied with the effort put forth in three excruciating GRE exams, many drafts of essays and resumes, and rehearsing interviews. Larger still, the process itself proved that I believed enough in myself and my future to take this leap of faith into the unknown. I am so excited to see where I end up landing!

There is always something I wish I had done differently. I wish I had done more for Lisa, although I did my best. I know I made her crazy at times being motherly. And on the flip side, I am proud of how hard I worked for Lisa, getting a hospice for her. I was proud and glad I was able to be the support in the background for her with that. I'm very proud of how hard Lisa and I worked to get to a nice, loving place in our relationship. I am very glad and honored I was there when she took her last breaths.

As is frequently the case, I wish I had been more goal-directed and made better use of my time, health, and youth. I am proud that I found the courage to gracefully separate from a job I had outgrown. I look forward to finding not only a healthier work environment, but also a real intellectual challenge and a meaningful sense of mission.

I wish I had remained strong and true to who I am. I so easily allow myself to be manipulated when I'm in relationships and become a person that I don't like being. I allowed my anxiety to control me too many times this year. But I am proud of the fact that I'm getting better at managing it. I'm thrilled that I've completed so many races this year, and found a love for running and hiking and mountain biking. I'm also proud of the fact that I'm actually reaching out to people and attempting to make friends.

Proud of the business we have created.