How would you like to improve yourself and your life next year? Is there a piece of advice or counsel you received in the past year that could guide you?

Stop talking and listen. Pay more attention to what someone else is saying rather than what I want to say next.

I'd like to have better control over my panic attacks

Share knowledge.. Lend support. Be a great example.

Don't over think every decision, be more spontaneous but at the same time have a plan and stick to it.

Be more me and stand up for myself. The advice: when investing in yourself, you can also invest more in friends and family.

I would like to be less stubborn and appreciate each day like its the last. I don't want to take people in my life for granted.

Take chances, make changes. I want to be the person with the drive and courage to do what they want and make it work.

I would like to settle in to a stable and healthy diet that acknowledges that I simply do not need to eat as much as I do...

Almost the same ideals as last year - get fitter by walking more and cycling a bit. Advice from the past - don't be too greedy.

I want to enjoy my family and not hide from them. I could accomplish that by quitting smoking. It allows me to isolate myself from my life instead of living it.

As my parents are aging I would like to be able to be more patient with them and not take there criticisms in a way that not only won't upset me so much but also to be able not to avoid seeing them much. I was told by others with elderly parents that that behavior is common snd I shouldn't take it so personal, easier said than done!

I am not sure whether the "right" piece of advice is "You have a right to be happy", or "You need to learn to love being mediocre."

Not particular to this year but the Serenity Prayer. I want to let go of the less important stuff and grab with all my gusto onto the significant parts! I'd like to use this more with my family since I do much better with friends.

I would like to actually have motivated myself to be healthier. I want to want to exercise and eat well and actually lose the weight I have been saying I will.

Be ME. Be BRAVE. Be BOLD. Don't be afraid to build meaningful relationships, partnerships, and friendships.

Nurture the victories, daily and accretive, substantial and small. It won't come all at once. It will come.

Need to lose just 25 pounds. It shouldn't be so hard! Doc says i wouldn't need high-bloodpressure medicine if i did. Isn't that motivation enough?

I would desperately like to lose about 30 pounds in weight and keep it off. I did lose weight last year but put it back on. It's making me feel and look old and tired and it's reducing my self confidence to zero. It's so hard when I'm in a sedentary job at home all the time and when I feel so worn out most of the time. I didn't get any advice on this, there are any number of fad diets and regimens going around. Most I can't follow because I'm vegetarian. Sounds like yet another excuse.

I'd like to be proud of myself instead of beating myself up. Cary Grant once said to Audrey Hepburn something like "You've got to learn to like yourself a little more." Good advice!!

Be a kinder, gentler, more Christian person. Pray, pray and pray again :)

I want to keep up the exercise routine I've started and get myself into better shape. I want to feel comfortable with my body again.

Make decisions out of beauty and compassion and not from fear. Remember this is all temporary. Do my best and don't be attached to outcome. Accept challenges, take action, stand up for what is right and good in the world and beyond the world. Invest the energy in constructive things.

I would like to be happier, after my travels this year i became happier but as I got stuck at home with nothing in particular to do I could feel this fading, I want to be able to maintain this over the coming years.

You should always aim to be a Hufflepuff.

I'd like to embrace patience! Patience with the kids, with traffic/bad drivers and people that aren't bright or just don't get it. Advise I hear regularly to follow: "let it go!" Words to live by :-)

I would like to focus more on my whole being and less on my work persona. More time reflecting, moving, playing and less time stressing and working. There are so many pieces of advice. I think the words and sentiments of Mary Oliver resonate with her deep connection to the natural world.

Take care of yourself. Eat. Stretch. Rest. Play. Yes, you have a lot to do. But if you don't take the time to care of yourself, you'll be unable to do them.

I would like to be more physically fit as I get older. I want to remain healthy and be able to continue to do as much as possible so I can be active with my friends and family. More yoga, more swimming, etc.

I'd like to start cooking and being more disciplined in my indulgences. I need to learn to say no sometimes, even to things I want to do or eat if I can't afford it monetarily or calorie-wise. People consistently tell me they believe that I can do anything I want to, I just need to commit to what I want, when I figure out what that is.

I want to switch jobs. I need to leave here and I know - and have known it - for a long time. Two pieces of advice I have received will help me. One, was from my friend who reminded me that ANY organization would be lucky to have me -- that I am smart, creative and experienced and why wouldnt a company want to hire me? In a word, I am in fact, desirable (which means I need to stop acting like the teenage girl I used to be!) The second piece of advice i actually gave myself -- I dont have to leave this job to go to THE job- the perfect, greatest next one. I can do something inbetween until I figure out what THE job is.

I would like to finally lose 60-70 lbs., eat better, keep exercising three or more times a week. I would also like to have accomplished more at work (which is a temporary research position now) and find a stable job, at a location where I can call home for at least a good number of years. I was told to do things that are good for my health, so I am trying to follow the path that will make me happy, and therefore more successful.

I would like to keep my mind more active, and challenge myself more generally. I don't want to get stuck in a job that bores me ever again! Life's too short. I think a good quote I've read along those lines is "This is your life. Do what you love and do it often. If you don't like something, change it."

I'd really like to be in grad school. In Costa Rica, the time didn't fly, but it didn't drag, because I was really present and engaged. I think as a counselor I can get that feeling every day, and that's become important to me. Time to get under way.

This is a hard one because without Pat I still believe there is going to be no improvement to my life.....BUT if I can be purposeful to make life better for others then that will be enough, has to be enough!

I would like to either enroll or research in more depth, for furthering my education. This could be part time college student or classes that I feel will benefit me in my current profession. I would also like to put money in my IRA, and make sure I am with the right financial planner. In addition, continue to find healthier ways to eat for myself and family (and follow through). I do not have one piece of advice that clicked with me from this past year. However, this question has me thinking!

Once again, getting into better shape....no new news or revelations, just have to do it. It's been so hard.

I would like to get outside more, and be more confident to say what I want rather than doing what others want all the time. I want to feel more confident talking to people and about going into new situations. The advice I have received from a book about anxiety is to 'do nothing' when I feel anxiety, to not worry about it and to just get on with doing normal stuff. I hope I can use this next year to control my anxiety and be a lot happier.

I would like to find my balance, balance of self, work, friends, and spirituality. Balance of self: creating the time for me, to gain in spirituality and taking time to exercise. Work: making sure that as much as I am giving to others through my counseling career that I both grow my practice while not over taxing myself and my time. Continue to reconnect with friends knowing that a support system is important and I need to make time for them as well. Spirituality: taking time to meditate, connect to the outdoors.

Improve my life by sticking to goals for better health (physical, mental, and emotional) Advice: If you stumble, get back up and keep trying. There is help available, just reach out. You need some time of quiet and peace to re-center yourself.

There are three ways I would like to improve. 1. Have a purpose in everything I do 2. Be in the moment 3. Be positive 4. Do 1. Have a purpose in everything I do, I just hate going to work and dilly dallying. Same when going home and doing nothing. Time is short, I don't want to waste it. I don't want to go into a situation without a purpose, because when life controls me, when I am not behind the steering wheel… Well, it's not great. When I come in and have a purpose and I drive (see, Incubus), thats great. 2. Be in the moment - I find myself always thinking about what I should be doing, or what other people are thinking, or anything but the true moment I in. I eat to quick (savor the food), I go to parties and go in a conversation but think about how I need to talk to other people (savor the conversation). I talk on the phone and think about how I should say goodbye… I want to be in the moment. 3. Be positive - I always think negatively. But as the seth Godin article goes, imagine success in advance instead of imagining failure. 4. Do - don't be perfect, just attack. If you fail okay, but best to just DO.

I would tell myself not to be so hard on myself. and tell myself not to stress out as much because, based on past experience, everything will work out.

Let things go. It's okay. Continue to take care of yourself, this is important. Don't like it? That's fine. Just do it anyway.

I am feeling very old these days because of health issues. My goal is two-fold. I want to accept that I AM indeed aging and then I want to age as gracefully as I can. I don't remember where I heard it, or who said it, but I want to be able to say, "I'm just walking through life with as much grace as possible."

I would like to take my marriage to a deeper place after 17 years. A deeper place of honesty, a deeper place of joy. A deeper place of Fear-Less-Ness. Advice: Remembering that focusing on my alignment of Nefesh w/my Nshama thru my Ruach is what aligns me w/Havayah. Alignment w/self & G*d will bring all the other parts of my life into alignment

Self improvement is not a strong suit for me. I would like to say enough procrastination. Just go do it. Master's degree??? Do it! Zumba, yoga, and dance classes, go for it. A better me. Hmmm???? What a concept.

I need to be more appreciative, and stop wishing... And remember, i could die in 1 second. Would i die happy? ~a 13 yr old girl

I hope to have less screen time by this time next year! I spend way too much time in front of a computer, on my tablet, on my iPhone, watching TV. I want to cut back on that and spend that time doing other things, like artistic things or family/friend time.

The advice I received is and need more work on in the next year is "Be happy". Here is the breakdown of its three intertwined aspects: - Allow myself of being happy, which I don't always do. My "oppositional" thinking, finding the dark side of everything or why things cannot be good, often prevents it. - Take account of my accomplishments. Instead of focusing on what have I done wrong, which I do, I need to acknowledge what I have done right. Instead of thinking what can go wrong, visualize what I want to accomplish and see it blooming and happening. - Be present and mindful. Being in the moment doesn't have to be hedonistic. It just means less focus on the past and the future would allow more joy in the present.

Remember the DBT thought processes - observe before acting! Thank about ramifications before taking steps - calm your emotional storm.

I want to be fit, get to a healthy weight, gain stamina and energy, take good care of my skin and hair, and be well groomed and healthy. I think there has just been too much advice and counsel -- I will listen to myself to make this happen. I know what's going on and what needs to be done.

Most definitely, quit smoking!! I would like to be free of this burden. I weigh about 220 right now and I am ready to feel and look better and have more energy.

I would like to learn to be less hard on myself. I think I cause a lot of stress in my life by setting expectations that nobody except myself has. I'm not talking about losing my ambition, but kicking myself over not hoovering this week is probably not essential. I'm sure that on my deathbed I won't be wishing I had cleaned the house more.

I want to have lost at least 100 pounds. As for advice, I'm just looking at all of those who have done it before me, and pushing to reach that goal, because I know it is possible. Also, I strive to remain positive about my body image, no matter what my weight is. When I am happy with myself, then I can truly have a healthy lifestyle.

I want to learn to support my eldest child without constantly being on him especially around food. I want to get on top of my visceral reactions to his changing body and odors. I want to be a positive force rather than negative. The advice of stay with it and keep it contained are what I will be working with all year!!

I would like to accept the life that I have. Whatever it is at the time, I want to embrace it for better or worse. It is the only life I will have! Even though I am not Christian, I keep wanting to say the serenity prayer.

I would like to cultivate a more persistently hopeful and positive outlook. This is in response to a number of influential persons and their comments, but primarily due to a remark made by a professor to me. He said, "you must bring your whole and best self to this process at every moment."

Professionally, I would like to move in a new direction. I'm not sure what and I am taking the time now to explore opportunities. I have been very lucky in my career and still have the desire to create and do something else. Two great pieces of advice that I have used over the years - Never say, "can't," always search for the solution or the alternative. This advice was given to me over 25 years ago by my first boss. The 2nd great piece of advice which I use is this - when you are struggling with a decision, don't make one. Pause and allow yourself to be more thoughtful about the decision and either you will make a decision or the universe will make it for you.

Be more focused , consisitent, intentional - DON'T SWEAT THE SMALL STUFF !

Not be so strident! Close my mouth and listen instead of talking/telling so much. Gentle, more loving, patient approach with the people I care about, and with myself.

Say yes to things and say no to the voice that tries to talk you out of it. The time is now.

Be the river. Don't fight upstream. It wastes your energy and gets you nowhere. I want to remember those words. It's hard. Life moves quickly and it's hard to keep up. I want to be more calm, more relaxed.

In addition to managing my health, I want to position myself financially for a solid retirement plan. There are only 5 more years left and I want to make sure I've set myself up for success. I need to stop wasting money.

Do not let anyone make you feel inferior without your consent, and also: "Do not wait for anyone's validation. Believe in each day you are given and live by the light of your dreams." -The Quiet Rabbit

I would like to become less afraid of just doing things by myself. I'm afraid to go outside by myself sometimes. I get this paralyzingly fear of others judging me. It's strange and it's holding me back from experiencing life and myself to it's fullest. I don't want to be afraid anymore and I want to become self-reliant.

I and everyone else are waiting for me to exercise my professional license. This year I feel and believe that I am ready to start a new practice. A ten year parenting sabbatical is a big ship to turn. There"s no stopping the forward movement and the pull of the currents. Pull. Hard to lee, feel the wind. Fly.

I want to react more rationally when Norm is uncooperative. I want to be able to question him about his reasons for his behavior instead of judging him with my perspectives! The best advice I can have is the idea of patience, taking time to think before reacting and remembering that my perspectives are only mind. They apply only to me, not to others. Being respectful of other perspectives is critical! I also think I should get back into my exercise program!

I want to do more for other people, I feel like I have spent the past year doing a lot of self gratifying things, and it has been great, but the good things in life are always more appreciated if they include others feeling good too and so I need to be more considerate, generous and charitable.

I would like to move closer towards an exit strategy for my company which I am confident I will do. That will allow me to get involved in aspects other than work (even though I love what I do and have had a most blessed career). One of the best pieces of advice I ever received was "give yourself permission to leave"

I will improve by getting out of my comfort zone, not being afraid of making mistakes, making mistakes and learning from them. The best piece of advice I got was to be myself. However, that is also the biggest obstacle! Get out of your comfort zone and expand your horizon!

Elegir todo lo que pueda y no hacer las cosas porque si

I want to become a stronger and more centered individual. As much as I love my insane all over the place ways, I need to learn how to take a step back and become more centered.

Another simple one. I want to be more organized and have a cleaner house. I also want to work on my acting skills. The helpful advice I received was work on your strengths because trying to do what you cannot do never worked before. I have a rare medical condition that causes non verbal learning disabilities so I am letting go of athletics drawing and other non skills

As ever, I'd like more balance between work and everything else. For me this means better integration because the two are so interwoven. Counsel received, embraced and then ignored that I need to revive: sticking with a daily spiritual practice.

Same old same old. Better balance, More Ftt, more exercise, Lose some weight, Healthier lifestyle all around, especially regarding stress and busy-ness.

Lighten up! This year I kept hearing from others that I seem serious, which surprises me because I don't think of myself that way, but actually, I do get caught up in a lot of worry, over thinking, and I tend to try to take care of everything and forget I can just let it go. I keep thinking, if I'm not having fun and enjoying something, why am I choosing to do it? Next year, I want to lighten up, take things as they come, let the harder stuff roll off my back, and learn from a place of acceptance and joy rather than pain and struggle.

There are a few things I hope I remember. The first one is "Challenge or torture: it is your choice" the second is "Remember that if we look within we never have to go without" and the final one is an old favorite "Clear mind peaceful mind, Peaceful speech loving speech, Loving heart clear heart" These are all quotations from favorite yoga teachers. I think to improve myself and my life, and to get to the places I want to go, I need only to remember these 3 quotations. Everything is breath.

Take a leap of faith to reach for moon and land among the stars. Become ever present to my humanity and unlock myself from fear.

I just want to continue to seek more, to give back to others and to the community, and to make time for leisure and love.

I want to be in a position where I do not feel so much stress in life. I want to have our home equity debt greatly reduced. I want to remain employed, doing something I love. I want my wife and I to sleep better at night and wake up refreshed. Advice: Be positive or be quiet; Stay in the Game; Fear is useless, Trust is what is needed.

You over-think things and under-do them. Stop hesitating so much or trying to figure out why this or why that. What about why not instead? Cheesy though it was the thing I saw on the telly lately of writing down all your worries on a piece of paper, drawing a line underneath, writing the end,turning to the next page, writing the exact opposite and and ripping or burning the original sheet and being left with the remainder is not bad at all. But the long and short of it is you limit yourself far too much with worries and then you worry on top of that when you feel you aren't managing anything. Often the thing you cope with is a much smaller problem than the way you cope with it.

I would like to become more accepting of the idea that if things are meant to be, they will happen and if not, I need to let it go. I want to focus on simplifying my life and not making it anxiety ridden and complicated. I know when I put this into practice, I feel happier!

Next year, I want to be working out and moving around on a daily basis with routine and motivation. It needs to be something that's just part of my daily life like getting up and eating breakfast; if I don't do it, I feel like my day is incomplete. I don't want to carry around this extra weight any more and its my responsibility to get rid of it. And I want that to happen before I have a family, need to be an example to them. Also - more relaxation and enjoying the little things, not so much worry and unnecessary fretting over things I have no control or impact with.

My life is a continual trying to improve, however there are pretty much nothing but roadblocks. I find that for myself to move forward to where I need to be and where I believe God wants me to be means praying and speaking out against these many roadblocks. I will continue to do, to speak and to pray for their destruction. It seems to improve myself means to be concerned solely with myself. So many others supposed concerns always amount to holding me down and back. I pray those people end up in the gutter, die in the gutter and eventually Burn in Hell. I don't seek to heal the world. Screw "the world" and its cowardly/bullying egomaniacal inhabitants.

I am going to use reminders to be organized and not forget important tasks. I have always rely on my memory to remember events and tasks. I realize that I forget some of them and its causes unnecessary stress, disappointment and financial costs.

Blah. I'd like to be reminded this time next year that I find (or at least found) questions like this a bit wanky and frankly annoying. This might be useful information if I've mellowed in a year's time (or indeed become even less tolerant).

I would like to advance myself financially. I would like to continue my search for purpose. And I would like to take up learning Spanish. If I can get these things in line, it will be easier for me to help others. I can help my family not have to worry about money, and I will be comfortable enough not to have to stress, and can return the favor.

I'd like to once again back away from some of the commitments I've made to peace/justice work, which always pulls me back in again whenever I manage to withdraw. As I get older I need more and more time and space between the various activities in my life and I get more easily overwhelmed by the need to go to too many meetings or spend time on too many projects. To live peacefully while staying open to bestowing love on my children, grandchildren, friends, and oversee my mentally ill brother's care, I need to leave plenty of space in my life for the activities that relax me--gardening and writing. My guiding words are what I wrote last year to this question.

Doing small things today that I will be thankful for tomorrow. A year from know, you will wish you started today.

Get better with my accountability. Do it now.

i would love to be more patient with my kids and loved ones over the next year. slowing down is the piece of advice that should help me get there!!

I would really like to be able to maintain my current level of fitness throughout the entire year. I would like to be more patient. On a physical front, I would like to feel less dizzy. I wouldn't mind weighing a little less. Health coaching has been really great for me. I hope I am able to keep it up.

Be here now.

Stay focused on helping yourself; once you have found stability - you can lift others on the raft. Until then - set high expectations for yourself - then achieve them and ask others to set high expectations for themselves as well. I would like to be able to fuel my vessel and consistently do this every morning with the sun rise. I know my passion and consistency can manifest anything I set my sights on.

I would like to improve work/life flexibility and balance. I tend to be at work early and leave late, sometimes when it's not even mission critical - not a great setup for a new baby! I received lots of advice on how to make this work, but I think the best came from my mom who said "Trust me - everything else will just seem less important".

I would like to continue on the path of more physical activity, especially fun activities. Over the past year I've tried to increase my cardio activities, and want to push myself more, whether biking, swimming, or mountain climbing. I'm 48, and in good shape, and hope to stay that way no matter what my age. Advice that I like is don't stop doing things just because you're getting older. My role models are active seniors, like my parents, who look much younger than many of their peers.

Slow down -- be aware of the world around and the world within. Allow that awareness to guide.

Accept yourself as is-no need to conform to social expectations. I write, make art, raise bees, and I love to make bread. Many people, usually women, find what I do and who I am confusing. Oddly, men think it is just fine. Anyway- don't be afraid to be yourself- not doing so is a big and terrible emotional burden.

I guess it's technically this year still, but I love what Eduardo said last night: you don't have to keep the new draft. I should make myself try radically different things with form without the pressure of any given draft having to be "right." The other big lesson of this year is that it's ok to reach out. Good, even. If what I need is reassurance, I can initiate a conversation rather than fretting. If what I need is help on a discreet task, there's almost certainly someone who'd be more than happy to lend a hand. Being independent is good, but especially if I'm going to keep giving to my friends and work and community the way I do, I need to allow them to give back without feeling like I've failed, or like I'm overstepping all the time. What's the worst thing that could happen if I just fire off an email?

I want to start moving. I feel like an old lazy cow. It has been a dream of mine to be able to run but I don't have the energy to do it. This year I want to get in shape and at least start by walking on the treadmill.

I would like to be healthier--less drinking and no more smoking.

The first thing that came to mind is make more money. I don't like that, but I want Katie to stay home and I want nice cars for us and to stay where we live. I don't know if this is right or not, but it's how I feel. Pastor Matt at my church said he always felt that God had more in store for us than we were experiencing. I want that.

I want to learn to control my speech. I talk first and then think about it later. I can be counted on to say the exactly wrong thing at the wrong time. I say too much. Then to make up for the stupid things I've just said, I say even more and make it worse. The most useful advice I got was from someone who told me "Don't go on and on."

More fluid, less rigid. More detached, less self-righteous. More self-assured, less arrogant.

I'd like to lose the weight I found over the last few years. I'd advise myself that weight-loss maintenance is harder than it seems. Additionally, I would go back and tell my younger self do not wait to find someone, get married and have children.

I want to learn to be calmer. To enjoy the simple things in life; to stop moving at 100 miles an hour in all directions. Most of all, I want to be able to pursue my art, without feeling guilty for not bringing in money!

I'd like to become more independent. And to start dancing and to express myself more creatively than before. Losing waight would also be nice. Doing something other than thinking about college would be awesome! No advice received...

Financial stability and career growth. I'm in a 6 year rut

I want to figure out what "retirement" means for me... is it finding meaningful volunteer work? If so, is it in the field of education or is it something else? Do I want to take lots of self-improvement classes? Learn more about the arts? What will my friendships look like? Is it okay to just spend an entire day napping? How do I quit worrying about the fact that my husband and I will not be getting a regular paycheck...I know we have our investments but it seems scary to actually use a fund that we've been concentrating on adding to for so many years. How do I do take advantage of this freedom that comes with a well thought out retirement without feeling like it's a test that I need to ace? I think that the best advice I got this year, may have come from a friend, a slightly younger man who retired several years ago but then died suddenly in January. He was an engineer and entrepreneur, not generally given to reflection, and decided to give me some advice about retirement, as did most of my friends. While most friends had been telling me how important it was to schedule myself intentionally so as to best use my time and "gifts" in retirement, he surprised me with his advice. He told me to go ahead and make those schedules and set up rules (spending some time giving back to my profession, some time with self improvement, etc.) But then, he said, feel free to break those rules and throw out the schedule. He said, "If you don't want to spend 20% of your time giving back to your profession, then quit doing that and give yourself that time to pad another area of your plan that you actually like." He had just developed a passion for photographing birds and flowers...surprising to those of us who knew him. He died at the age of 58 just a few weeks after that conversation. I hope I can figure out how to use his advice without over-thinking it.

I want to make more friends and contribute to a community (neighborhood, jewish or otherwise) more. The wise counsel I've received: don't hesitate to extend an invitation!

I'd like to follow my bliss. Accept it, and follow it. Let go of the societal terms of success. Find what success is for me, and be brave enough to live by that. That way, I will have a life I love.

For next year, I would like to: - taking at least 2 classes per semester toward my DPT program. - continue spending time with my close friends and maintaining relationships. - maintaining strong family relationships Advice: - stay in tune with yourself: check-in to see how you're feeling about situations, people you're surrounded by, relationships. Keep that light shining by nurturing it through self care and conscious choices.

I'd like to explore the things I enjoy, like take a class in interior design. Even if nothing comes of it, at least I'll have fun and learn more about something that interests me.

I would like to be able to communicate better and be more understanding of others - to judge less. One of the best pieces of advice that I've heard (not been given directly) is that none of us really know what battles others are fighting in their lives, so we deserve to be kind to each other.

i still want to declutter and purge for when we eventually have to downsize. this may not be for many years, but after seeing the reluctance of my elderly in-laws to get rid of things and suffer the consequences when they moved into a much smaller assisted living space, I evaluate everything that comes into the house now. it has to be disposable or essential.

I would like to be more confident in my abilities and also to know, deeply, that all is well.

I would like to spend less time on my butt in front of the TV and more doing things that enrich my life and the lives of others (like acting, painting, writing and giving back to the community.) I need to find a way to break out of inertia when it hits. And when I don't, to forgive myself for being human (the absolute best advice I ever received.)

I would like to improve my self-discipline in all areas. I know that when I get control of one area, it is a little easier to get a handle on other areas. Yesterday I started my exercise and meal plan at Curves and followed it. The meal part was time-consuming (including hours of menu planning and shopping on the weekend), and that forced me to evaluate my time for the day. I love the competition shows on the Food Network and Home & Garden, etc. so I stay up too late - resulting in being tired - plus I fall asleep in the chair just as the winner and eliminated people are announced. Last night I decided: No TV show is worth staying up for. Period.

I want to be able to take time for myself. I want to be able to go walk, run, do yoga, something. I feel so invested in my family and making sure all of those cogs are in all of the right places that I can feel myself getting neglected. And that doesn't make anyone happy. I end up feeling resentful and tired and angry... and that's just wasted energy.

Be more decisive with my career path. Get out alot more, do spontaneous exciting things. Know that time can heal what has happened in the past and to approach every day with hope and new outlook on life. Get a god damn boyfriend.

Do what makes you happy. Follow your heart. Love with everything you have. Be true to you. Don't settle for anything less than you deserve.

Id like to have more compassion for myself and be able to remember that I am OK, that my struggles have their sources, that it's one step at a time. I'm OK if I'm employed and no less OK if I'm unemployed. I'd also like to be kinder in time and content when I speak to my husband.

When it doesn't contradict your principles, sometimes it's easier to agree and go with the flow rather than disagreeing just for the sake of argument. Take work one day at a time, when frustrated remember that if you do the best you can you have no reason to feel you should be doing more. Don't close yourself up, share your frustrations with your friends and family. Good advice can come when and from whom you least expect it.

I seem to be answering the same question again and again, obviously because it is on my single-track mind.. Improve: to withstand, control and correct for my own self-destructive tendencies of depression, anxiety, panic. No, I haven't received any guidance or an eye-opening advice from any guru.

In the next year I need to learn to just sit down and do the work that has been presented to me. The past year has taught me that procrastination (which I have done in years past) is the absolute worst thing you can do for yourself and it leads to nowhere but trouble.

I would like to treat my body with the respect it deserves; it needs to take me into old age. I would like to be kind to myself, in the way I speak to myself in my head. I would like to nurture my relationship with my husband so that we may grow towards each other and not away from each other. I would like to challenge myself intellectually and not simply settle for the fact that someone told me I was bright when I was a grade schooler. The piece of advice: (from Sugar), Ask better questions.

I'd like to continue making more and more personal and professional connections.

Don't get ahead of yourself. Take each day on its own terms, in its own time. If I hadn't "left" my old job before actually leaving it, I would have an easier time now. Keep things simple and in the present, while taking steady action towards the future.

I would like to work on settling into my current schedule and cementing the good habits I'm developing. Some years are years of growth. This will a year of adjusting and settling in.

I think my life needs a complete new scenery. I would like to leave the city. buy a house with a backyard for my son. I can't stop thinking about the Bill Watterson comic. I'm done with the game and am convinced that there is a better way to live this life.

I would like to be healthier, thinner, read more, be better at my business, and more financially in control, i doubt any of that will happen. From prior years: Still fat reading slightly more finances not in control i was the SQL expert on 3rd, but irrelevant now No linux admin skills still

Eat slower, drink more water, workout outdoor, get more sun, meet more friends, take my work easier without loosing professional performance. Smile to strangers, start conversations, SHARE my ideas, laugh and cry, look into the eyes, be more spontaneous, be aware of cosmic coinsidences. Take life easier, after all it's just a life.

Well I'm in therapy and I'm constantly improving myself - or trying to. I'm hoping to be more honest and stand up for myself more. Put myself first instead of last - because that's the only way I'm ever going to be really happy with myself. I also want to work on getting out of debt and working towards moving in a few years.

What I value: Family My relationship Friends Patience Loyalty Honesty I would like to work on these things. I would love to become more patient and less jealous. I would like to become more confident in my relationship. I would like to focus on the relationships I have with my family and friends. I would also like to work hard. I feel that I haven't been a hard worker these past few months and I know I can do better than that. I don't know if there's a specific piece of advice I've received but I've certainly learned a lot this past year and I need to act on what I've learned.

I need to work on the things that I love, and not spend time on things (like iphone games!) that are just without meaning. Doesn't sound hard; I wish I understood a little better why I do so poorly at this.

I would like to learn more, read more experience more. I spend too much doing nothing and watching tv. Whereas I love learning and going places I just need to find motivation. I would also like to 'chill out' I take things too seriously and get too pranged out. I need to let things go.

I want to disarm people with kindness, even when kindness is not what I am receiving in return. Because eventually it will be!

More exercise. Less consumption. Someone told me, "God loves you. Love yourself."

I have come pretty far. I am much more organized. I seem to respect myself well enough to keep my home clean and tidy, which is a huge step. I would like this to extend to my body as well. I would like to lose weight and take better care of my body. I would like to work out because it feels good, not just for weight loss. I would like to eat well for the same reasons.

I have to try to make the most of life here in the city I'm in. Having lived for the previous year and a half in completely amazing places, I moved to a pretty boring, ugly, even dangerous city, because it was good for my job and also my relationship (it's my girlfriend's hometown). However, at times, the lack of safety and things to do got me down last year. This year I need to focus more on the things that I can do and stress less about the ones I can't.

I have a tendency to try to do too much. I need to realize that I cannot control everything, and I need to stop worrying about the things I cannot control and concentrate on situations and things that I can have a positive effect on.

I think Vito telling me to offer support if I want to be supported was probably the best advice I've received. Rather than focusing on what I want, I want to try to focus on what others need or want to put good things out there.

Not allow myself to slip into wasting my time by senselessly doing something that is not really gratifying. Also take care of the day's chores that day--so the next day starts clear. Advice: Be Here Now.

It would be a really good idea to get past feeling guilty asking family and friends for help. I asked two coworkers to be here for the first day of school and it made a huge difference. Of course, two weeks ago I decided to get over myself and impose on my in-laws, and that ended with the Great Skunk Battle.

Follów your dreams! I'd like to go to brazil and learn Portuguese. Also working as an affiliate full time so I can work from anywhere in the world.

I'd like to be more outgoing. Advice: Don't be afraid to branch out! Talk to people that you've never spoken to before! Try new things! Advice I was given: Be yourself!

Do more of the things that make me feel better about myself as a person and do less of the things that make me feel worse about myself as a person.

I would like to make some deeper connections and friendships around here. I have very good friends and a wonderful family, but they all live far away. My boyfriend broke up with me two days ago and my lack of a local support network has become obvious. He is the person who I am most close to, and while I have done a good job of branching out this past year, everyone else is just an acquaintance.

I would like to improve myself and my life this coming year by taking excellent care of my health. I would like to move more. My life is too sedentary and it would be good for me to be more active. I would like to eat more mindfully and not emotionally. I would like to be conscious of boundaries and not pursue relationships where my boundaries are not respected. I would like to walk away from a relationship even if I am deeply in love, if my boundaries are not respected. I would like to work hard and succeed in my new job. I would like to be innovative and creative at work and create amazing programmes that have never been done before. I would like to buy my own home and move somewhere I feel happy and safe and design it to reflect my personality. The advice I would like to follow is that I deserve more.

I'd like to be mire confidant & less self doubting, I would like to be able to forgive easier. And be okay with letting things go. To be able to trust in God completely.

I want to find activities that are just for me. Some of the ideas I have are, cake decorating, golf lessons, and maybe reading a book. I also want to continue to get healthy. Right now I am very excited about how I feel after having a good workout. It is exciting to see progress in my stamina and it's fun that I crave a hard workout. :)

I would like to continue to improve my health. I would like to continue jogging and participate in some 5K's because I think it's a great way to keep in shape and I really enjoyed when I was doing it. I just have to continue to work hard!

I want to be brave and vulnerable and honest and keep an open heart.

I want to put more of a focus on myself, to value my emotions, opinions, and desires as important. I often view emotions as pathological or as symptomatic of some error in thinking and that's just unrealistic and stupid. I'm going to let myself be angry and sad and hopefully excited. I just really want to enjoy the shit out of what I have and realize that I have A LOT going for me. I also want to progress- to improve myself, explore new creative endeavors, build on my talents, and pursue creative fulfillment. If I haven't started doing this by the time I'm reading this, maybe it's time to cut out weed for a little while and focus on creating.

I am going to return to running and I'm going to write my book. I am following the "just do it" advice that I've heard and even given many times. There is no time like now.

I would like to achieve better balance between my goals in life and my physical limitations. I would like to be more stable in my employment, more provident with my money, and more present for the people who matter. I would like to make significant steps toward finishing my master's degree. I would like to be able to pay my taxes!

Another question where my answer from last year is the same as this year. It makes me sad to think that in a years time, I made so little progress as to have the same goals. But I can only try try again. I read two qoutes this year that stuck with me in regards to my struggle with the scale, food, exercise: "If you want it bad enough you will find a way, if you don't you will find an excuse" ""30 days from now you will wish you started." I have a hard time eating healthy and getting my exercise in at the same, time. I want to achieve that this year. I want to look forward to my workout. I want to enjoy my salad or fruit. I want to know the importance of taking time out for me.

I want to advance in my career. For years, I've wanted to try this but kept myself back because I thought I "wasn't good enough". Now I am convinced that I can do it. I just need to learn how to do a few things but I know I have talent and determination. I've been learning over the past year that if you just persist with something, and not give up, it will eventually come to you. And, it seems that the universe provides opportunities for you to prove yourself. So, I hope that this time next year - I read this and get very proud that I made it finally happen.

I was told, and often tell myself, to do it now. Don't wait. Don't put it off. If you want to do it -- whatever it is -- do it now. There may never be a better time. And, just as important, if I don't want to do something I want to remember to check to see if I really must or if I have not thought about it and am doing it out of habit or a misplaced sense of obligation.

I want to focus my time, energies, and talents on building the business and life I want to lead in the long-term. This year, I have learned to verbalize (and in some cases, demand) what I want. There is no reward in being scared or too humble.

Eat more vegetables. Exercise.

stay in the moment. There is only this moment. Edna Mode: "I never look back, dahling. It distracts from the NOW." bwahahaha zen advice from a cartoon character! Love it.

Continue my weight loss journey. I have been slowly but surely taking off weight for the past five months by watching what I eat and upping my exercise. The advice that resonates with me is that dieting is not effective, but changes in my behavior will lead to meeting my goal.

I would like to lose some additional weight and become more physically active. I know this is key to longevity and to the best overall health, and I have made a lot of progress in the last year, but would like to get "fit" now.

Expand your social circle. Make the effort to spend time with people who have lives that compliment yours. Be like Mary J - no more DRAMA.

I would like to stick to my original guns of taking advantage of living in a beautiful area, and spend more time biking and hiking! There is a lot to be done around here to fix up the house, but we should take the time to explore - and we have the books to do it. We just need to get up and go for at least 1/2 day of the weekend!

Lessen my anxiety, worrying about things out of my control, missing out on experiences because of the what if's.. the piece of advice was to trust the Universe just a little more.. let go..

Stop griping. Positive spin on everything. Your journal is filled with what's wrong. Your stories about work are about what's wrong. You're the champion of collaboration and "yes, and," so talk about what everyone's doing right!

Instead of idly 'hearing' the voices in my head urging me to do the things that will help me - like eating with awareness of what I am shoving down my throat - and increasing the number of steps I take on the treadmill, instead of having to start again at a low number because I 'forgot' to do it for days and weeks at a time - not allowing the mess on my desk to re-accumulate after spending hours getting 'organized' - and not keep telling myself what a lazy slob I am.

Better focus. Daily meditation practice.

I would like to get physically fit and healthy. I would like to exercise regularly, lose some weight, and eat well enough that my colitis is not a problem. I think taking it one day at a time, being consistent, and having a goal are pieces of advice I have received in the past that could guide me.

I feel like my life is one endless self-improvement project, which is fine, because it means I am making the most of the journey. As with many of my other responses, I would like to continue building my life around people and relationships rather than work and stuff. Sometimes I feel like if I were to be hospitalized out here, there would be no one to come visit me. I need to make time for people if I want people to make time for me. I know for me it often means a lengthy drive or phone conversation when I'd prefer to be resting, but I trust that the trade off would be worth it.

I'd like to lose weight, everyone gives that advice. ;) 20 pounds would be ideal.

I would like to lose the fear and anxiety. Anxiety is caused by trying to control the future. Appreciate what you have.

I would have to say that this has been the most stressful and wonderful year of my life. I would like to improve on the wife part of my life. I believe that if I connect and treat my husband better then our lives will be even better this year. I tend to take all of my frustration and stress out on my husband. I need to find a new outlet.

Oh, I would like to read more books, write more responses, write short stories. I am exercising at capacity and feel really healthy that way, I love my friends and wish I spent more time with them, maybe making time for friends would be on this list. Joining the quilting group would be fun as well....

There are two main focus areas for me in the coming year: 1) Spiritual: continuing to work through ACIM, aiming toward daily dwelling in peace, love and forgiveness (that I hope will reap rewards in all areas of my life, especially in deepening intimacy with family and friends that I cherish); and 2) Physical: exercising every day, trying new activities to get me out and moving. Working on strength & flexibility, eating healthfully, feeling great! I hope that growth in both these areas will have far-reaching effects--not only on me, but on my relationships with loved ones, work, my home, etc. Big goal: more joy, more joy to share!

I would like to become more independent and not worry as much about what other people think and say. I am much too sensitive to what my friends have to say. Having more confidence and independence in myself will make me a stronger person. I need to listen to what others have to say, and then make my own decisions. The best advice is from the rabbi, to look at who you are and believe in yourself. A good attitude and outlook will go a long way toward improving myself over the next year. I need to know that I can do this, with or without a man in my life.

I need to better master my temper. Advice from a counsellor re: mindfulness techniques may help in this regard; it remains to be seen.

I want to not beat myself and my husband up (metaphorically) for what we're NOT doing. There's a voice in my head constantly feeling as if we should be doing more. So I try to remember advice I got when we moved, which is that we can only unpack one box at a time. That can be extended to the rest of life. I need to do what I'm doing fully and not be distracted by the myriad other things I feel I SHOULD be doing. My kids, my marriage, and my professional life will all benefit from more relaxed focus, if that makes sense.

After being on the road- the idea of owning a home has become much more appealing so I'd like to buy something (potentially to fix up) over the next year. The biggest advice I got is to not assume you have forever to make your dreams come true. Do everything that you want to do now (this came at a friend's funeral.) This was echoed in older people supporting me to explore and the sentiment of "I wish I did that when I was in my 20s."

This year, I would like to make a reputation for myself in my field. This means not only pushing myself at work, but also getting out there, meeting people and presenting my work. This is the first step in setting up my future career.

Stay present, celebrate my successes and embrace the emptiness and voids that naturally occur

I want to be more self-aware, both of how I communicate with others and with how I am feeling at any given moment. I think I've fallen into a pattern of neglecting myself, until I become so irritable that I take it out on those around me. I want to be kinder, gentler- to my family and to myself.

one thing i have noticed is that i default to a negative perspective. that was a shock. i am trying to stay awake to this pattern and check the default position. the wisdom that has been demonstrated this year has to do with being in LIFE right now. that is all we have really. to embrace what IS rather worry about what isn't. to make active choices in the moment based on grounded desire for the best for all.

I'd like to be better about trying to lose weight. I think this is critical to a whole bunch of different pieces of my life. I don't know about any specific advice that I've received in the last year to guide me, but getting on the MyFitnessPal app is helping--it's driving some of that accountability that I've been missing.

I would like to either commit fully to my relationship, or commit to end my relationship. I am with a wonderful man, but I cannot get all that I need/want from our relationship. I either must reconcile myself to that and embrace what we do have, or walk away. The space between is too painful for us both.

Yes. The best advice, which was unspoken, that I learned was to stay positive, even when things stink. I'd like to be able to get a lot of the work that needs to be done in the house finished. I'd also like to decrease my debt substantially. This is really going to be my focus so I can get me and my family back to normal. I need to practice patience, but everything is already moving in the right direction.

Get a good paying job and save money.

I'd like to become comfortable enough in my dating life to find something that could really be a significant relationship. I was told recently that by keeping my expectations low I am selling myself short and cheating myself out of finding what I really deserve. I am keeping those words with me moving forward and will think not just about what I'd like in the moment, but whether the guys I'm dating really deserve my time or not.

Be more honest with myself in regards to my goals, work ethic and abilities. Review everything weekly with my wife to stay on track.

I want to take more action. I tend to procrastinate and place myself second. I want to make myself first. A friend advised me to recognize the yin and yang, the male (assertive) and female (nurturing). I want more male energy to bring to fruition my manifestations.

I would like to not be working as much--or working smarter--and to have established a better work/life balance. I don't necessarily have to measure that in terms of a personal relationship (girlfriend, fiancee, etc) but in a sense that I am giving enough to my personal life as I have to my work life.

Stable my mind. Become MUCH less reactive. Be able to Pause and in that Pause find peace, comfort, quiet, stability, and ok ness ...

yes of course.I would like to work on my procrastination and my fear.Also emotinally I would like to improve myself emotionally and work on my decision taking

I want to paint every day improve my painting experiment with my painting and have a show in one year! Take care of myself everyday with exercise and eating a little less I want to get out of my head/out of my fear and not immobilize myself with not that makes knots and fear that a choice now might make me more vulnerable in the future/have that stop me My Dad said he was so sorry he waited to travel because when he had enough $ to do it he was too old and too sick

I want to strengthen my spiritual muscles by continuing my morning practice and to improve my physical health also by exercise and eating better. The best motto for me in the coming year is one I got from a FB friend -- a quotation from Rumi: Why are you acting so small? You are the universe in ecstatic motion!

Don't worry!! I hear it all the time and I really do try to not be so anxious and worry about every little thing. I hope that in this next year I can learn to let go and relax so that I can just enjoy life!

Humans were created with imperfections. There are imperfections in everyone and in everything and it is within those imperfections that we can find beauty. This was spoken in the sermon for Rosh Hashana at CBSD recently in regards to the torah portion we read for the New Year. It's the parshah where Sarah gives birth to Isaac and Hagar gives birth to Abraham's illegitimate son. These are imperfect people. We could so easily be our ancestors and they could so easily be us. Secondly, I was told by my husband that I need to be less concerned with whether I'm right or wrong and go with the flow a little more. I'm going to try and focus on that. Thirdly, I want to be healthy and make healthy choices so that when we do choose to have a baby, I'm as healthy as possible.

My sister-in-law has been suggesting to me for a long time that I need help. I am currently making an effort to do just that. I would like to be able to be friends with myself, and then maybe I could find some more friend, and be a better friend to those that I all ready have.

I suppose it's lame to say that at the age of 27 I'm utterly content with my life, especially when I'm sharing a basement apartment and have no significant other. But the truth is, I'm happy. I have friends. I have a place to live. I have just enough money to cover my expenses. The only changes and improvements I'd like to make are incremental. I'd like to be a better kayaker - rolling, surfing, and staying upright. I'd like to feel confident in my skills as a martial artist. (Heck, I'd like to be able to call myself a martial artist, instead of a dabbler.) I'd like to be more than competent at work: the kind of person who actually knows enough that people turn to me for help. I'd like to run a better time in whatever mud run I do, and I'd like it to be more challenging than the last one. But mostly, I think I'd like to do something that extends beyond myself. I'd like to do something that is for somebody else. And I wish I had some kind of guidance for this, because I have no idea where to start or what to do.

Be aware. Be purposeful. I want to feel like every day I'm living to the fullest - taking advantage of all opportunities for fun, activity, and connection. I want to feel like I am always doing what I want to do and enjoying myself along the way.

I have vowed to start managing my time more wisely. I haven't had an actually job to go to for a couple of years, and I find myself wasting enormous chunks of my day. Now that I'm in school, it's getting to be a problem, especially when taking online classes. I have instigated a daily calendar with details about my study time, reading time, even off time. I'll be very interested to see if I'm still following the schedule in a year's time.

I would like to be more active and be more positive about things. I would like to be in a job i love or possibly know what to do to get there. I need to stress less and laugh more because I'm still young so theirs no need worrying about money and silly things that don't matter or I can't change.

I really don't know how to answer this. I know I'm not perfect, but my life is very good right now. There isn't much I'd want to change.

I would like to shift my point of view to come from love instead of fear. Anxiety and a fear of failure, fear of death overshadows what's possible. To live in wonder far more often. Abraham Joshua Heschel "As civilization advances, the sense of wonder declines. Such decline is the an alarming symptom of our state of mind. Mankind will not perish for want of information, but only for want of appreciation.The beginning of happiness lies in the understanding that life without wonder is not worth living. What we like is not a will to believe, but a will to wonder."

Patience. More of it. Stop judging others or expecting others to be more than they are. they are doing the best they can in their circumstances. and if they aren't who am i to try to flog them to better, whatever better may be? they are as free as i to choose how fast, how slow, how much, how little. and i am free to create a calm space within me that is unaffected by what others do. don't reduce expectations of others- have no expectations of others.

I want to find greater balance between my professional responsibilities and personal/family needs.

Well certainly, my planned move to CO with mark will Make a huge difference in our lives. We need to be smart about executing it, but if we do it smartly, I think we will be SIGNIFICANTLY happier and share many more experiences. I think I'll be better in the relationship, because I will be happier within and with my life which I hope will see some expression in how we interact. I think removing some of this negativity that I feel living here in London will free me and encourage mr to have a healthier lifestyle and get and remain thin(ner).

I want to improve myself by being overall more thoughtful and kind - by following this advice: "Do the kindest things in the kindest way."

Figure out what you want and find a way to make it happen. I've been thinking about how you limit yourself to fulfil a certain image you or people around you created. You are more than that and amazing things come from trying new things. I want to create more, I want to focus more on myself and what makes me happy.

I want to live in an intentional way this year. I want to improve a lot of things about myself, following up on the progress that I've made this past year. I want to develop a regular exercise routine, focusing on walking my dog and being more active in general, and I want to be more responsible as an adult. I want to stick to a budget, keep my apartment in good order, and continuously check everything off of my various to do lists. Ideally, I don't want to overextend myself, but I want to be productive and effective in all that I do.

I'm determined not to be distracted from my ambitions any longer. I put them on hold for four years for a pretty girl, wanting to sort out the personal before going full steam ahead on the professional/public life. As always, the best advice I've had in recent years is from the label on a bottle of bleach: Stand upright in a cool place. My advice to anyone else, though, is: She might be very pretty, but don't be fooled. Jennifer's a cowardly, lying, manipulative cheat.

I want to be at peace with my body. This 37 year long war with myself has to end. I am aging. That's ok. I am a size 10/12. That's ok. I am happy with my life in so many other ways, this obsession supported by the insanity of our culture, is the dark spot in my life. I want it gone.

I want to appreciate the other people in my life more - be less wrapped up in my own head and issues. I want a better relationship with my wife.

Keep writing, running, and praying. (Best advice ever.) I don't know to where this will lead me or what improvement will come of it, but I feel confident that good things will happen.

Oh man. I would like to be more in touch with my food and eating and body shit. I want to make sure I slow down. I am good at remembering things sometimes and sometimes not so good. I would like to improve my self-awareness and my patience. I want to be less defensive. Not everyone is interested in getting something past me; some people want to just voice an opinion. My guiding piece of advice that I sometimes forget is: Traveler, there is no path. The path is made by walking.

Best advice I have gotten just scrolled past me - "if you want to walk, then walk. If you want to write, then write. Don't talk about it. Just do it." So I will walk, finish my mother's memoirs and organize my own papers.

This is the year I make friends with movement, exercise, getting in shape. This is the year of tennis and dancing. I want to do things that I enjoy that also support my health and wellness. This is also the year I would like to take ground on sleeping. I think the best advice I ever got was from Jeff Olson about taking little steps in the direction you want to go because you are either getting closer or farther away from your goal with each decision you make in life.

I want to be more present. Specifically, I'd like to cut down on gluten and up the exercise so that I have more energy to be present. (and more energy in general). My current goal is twice/week for exercise, which I'm half-making. I want to progress to exercising three times/week. Re: the gluten, I want to learn how to a) eat more bread-free meals, and b) learn to make gluten-free bread in the breadmaker. Sandwiches are so easy - how can the idea of the sandwich be altered so that it doesn't affect my blood sugar levels? Advice I've received (and documented here) comes from Erica: stop treating myself as a wounded child. I think I've achieved this goal, mostly; but I still have some passive-aggressive in me that I don't like, and I think it's related. Will talk with Erica about this and continue to figure out strategies against passive-aggressiveness.

To prepare myself to reenter the work world after staying home with my daughters for 15 years. Much has changed and much has stayed the same. What I need to rediscover is how to continually grow and improve while believing in myself and that I can be the professional that I once was. What advice have I received in the past year that will guide me? I'd say to trust within yourself that you are good enough for whatever may be out there.

I would like to be less impulsive and to take my time before acting. I would like to be able to sit back and trust that things will be OK rather than try to control or manipulate them somehow. I'd also like to learn to trust myself and not always rely on the advice of others.

Isn't this the same as yesterday? I'd like to move more, be more involved in the community.

Being myself.

It's the little things that make up the big things. Daily discipline and attention to detail to accomplish long-term goals. I want to take better care of my mind/body/soul because I think I will feel better, healthier, more beautiful in my skin.

Don't put anything off. Just get on with it. I want to be in charge of the events in my life more and stop just reacting to the events in my life.

My life is pretty angry right now and I would like to cure that and move on to a happier place. There are small but important fixes I am already taking and making and it is not as simple as I had hoped. It is hard to be proactive alone or when an obstacle will not move. I guess moving past it is the best answer.

I will not spiral out of control when one small thing come up. I can do whatever I put my mind to, I contain multitudes, and I am damn good at my job. Ask not for a lighter burden, but for broader shoulders. + All living things have shoulders.

I want to be a better listener: not interrupting people mid-sentence. I am often in too much of a hurry, pushing a conversation along and anticipating what the other person is about to say or means. I really to hear, process, and respond to what people say.

I'd like to develop a solid workout routine. Three times per week . . . either at-home elliptical, yoga class, zumba class, workout DVDs, or just straight arms and legs. But three times a week.

I would like to gain more confidence so that I can do things I want to do even if it puts me into unfamiliar situations. I took a large step forward by taking Arabic all by myself and even made two really good friends because of it. I need to do more of that. I need to stop letting my nerves hold me back.

Be more open. Don't always overthink stuff. Things could be quite nice, I doesn't have to be bad or hard or anything. Don't complain so much about yourself and others. Take things the ways they are. Meet new people and don't judge them because of their first appearance.

Next year, I would like to be more focused in what I do. I think this year, so often I'm doing 18 different things at once, and nothing gets done satisfactorily. All of this leads to me being unreliable, which I HATE being considered, but let's be honest, sometimes - I am. Dave Ramsey's "Gazelle Like Intensity" really painted a clear picture of what that focus looks like.

Reading the book Many lives, Many masters...has given me the push needed to concentrate on being more loving inward and out. Bringing more love to everything I do. Doing things that nurture my soul and help my spirit to always search for the light, no matter how dark things may seem...there is only love. "and in the end, the love you take is equal to the love you make." To my Jessie of blessed memory.

I am turning 62. I want to find the peace I feel in meditation in my life around me. In the field I love that I know exists within me...this I want to project to the outside. No more comparisons, I will continue to love myself as is, to take care of myself first, and then know that the peace and love I feel within myself will be found when I go out in the world. Nothing personal, with integrity, taking care of my business, with compassion for all.

Only do what you really want to do. You don't need more things in your life, you need more fun.

I hope to become more eco-conscious in the next year. I feel like we do a pretty good job as it is, but I'm increasingly concerned about climate change. Every bit helps, and hope to set an example for family and friends.

I want to continue to work toward inner peace. I've made strides to accept things as they are and live in the present moment. I want to allow people to be who they are without judgment and allow myself to be who I am without judgment. Right now means everything!

More self-discipline. Oy. Wish I had it!

I would like to be more prayerful. Sundays are great and all, but I'd like to bring something like Compline into my life on a more regular basis. I want to bring that focus and quiet back into my life. Realistically, this won't be every day. Three times a week? The advice and counsel I have is all from Sam. That prayer. Quiet. Study. etc. All make for a closer relationship with God.

I want to better practice what a friend of mine described to me as "radical self-care." It's easy for me to get caught up in trying to survive and forgetting that part of the equation is being good to myself. By this time next year, I want to have a good-enough job that will allow me to eat regularly (meals of healthy food), get medical care, and do other things that make sure I'm the best person I can be.

I'd like to take more advantage of my leisure time. I'd like to be less worried about work and money. I'd like to be in better shape. I'd like to have the house clean and stable. I'd like to be more satisfied artistically.

I would like to be a little more focused and goal oriented. Since I have stopped working, I find that time slips away without much to show for it. I need to set some priorities and persist in doing whatever is necessary to achieve some small, attainable goals.

"Just do it" is simple and sweet. "Decide" is shorter yet. Sometimes life is more complex than deciding to just do it. We need to understand, or at least see, what is living in our unconsciousness that is undermining the conscious directive we might "impose" on our lives-- often without it being fully conscious. So, to listen closely to the urging of our Spirit, which is aligned with God, to hear what is asked of us, to know that, in listening we are also receptive to the support of the spirit world in transforming ourselves and making ripe the conditions outside of ourselves to "just do it, Divinely."

I'd like to remove my attention from negative news and bellyaching -- and live more like an alien on a planet which is temporal ... readying myself for another world to come. Meantime, I desire to mind my diet and exercise more so, as I advance into my 7th decade of life I reduce or mitigate the need to depend on others.

the simplest thing I read on facebook in a year from now you'll wish you started a year ago for next year I wish for happiness, clarity and peace of mind to feel and connect always with my intentions and to be present in whatever I do

I would like to have acceptance of myself, peace of mind, and dedication to higher causes. I can have a lot of fun... but I want to dive deeper into my life path. I'm not sure what I want to do, but I can take steps along the way to find out. I want to prioritize self health, care, and commitment to serving the world through my strengths.

Working through my troubles and problems in order to become more happier and content with myself and my life. I know the only way is to face all these demons I have hiding in my closet. I think the best advice, or a downright opinion, was from my dear friend and from my boyfriend that I should go see a therapist. I hadn't realized how depressed I was and that it was not normal to feel this way all the time. Even though what they said to me was shocking and hurtful, I am forever grateful.

I'd like to have lost weight and be a happier person over all. I think the best, most encouraging thing I have heard this year is from my mom and my therapist: You deserve to be happy. I don't know if I quite believe it yet, but maybe I will by next year.

The more honest you are, the better you will feel. That means being honest with yourself-- accepting your faults, growing, being present.

I want to use the skills and abilities that God has given me to meet a need or fulfill a purpose. I have a plan ...but sometimes I let doubt and self-criticism impede my progress. I hope next year... when I read this...that I have moved forward and heeded the advice of those who have told me that I have a gift that should be shared.

I just want to continue to do what I'm doing in terms of making conscious, well-thought-out choices about how to spend my time. I also need to continue to work to build my network of mentors and friendly readers. On the personal front, I want to keep applying the same logic -- if I think carefully about what I am doing when and prioritize well, then I can't have regrets.

I would like to take better care of myself, my finances, my health, and my home. I would also like to begin transitioning from doing other people's theatre work to doing my own film work (and writing.) I need to find a way to stop being angry and overwhelmed so I want to double down on self care and self improvement. I don't give enough TO myself and then get angry and overwhelmed that I've run out of steam when people ask of me. Nurturing myself will, I think, make me a better healthier person, while giving me more strength with which to give to others. "Acknowledge" my successes is a piece of advice I would like to more intuitively put into practice.

I would like to start a romantic relationshp with someone special and compatible. I don't know who that person is, yet, so I would like to meet them as well. To do that, I need to start being more open and less afraid of what others think.

Losing weight, and getting a job. Same answer as 12 months ago.

BE MINDFUL every moment possible!

Banish all negative thoughts and replace them with positive creative thoughts.

I would like to exercise more, eat more healthy, and jog in a 5K or 10K run. I also need to get back into the habit of regular Bible reading times. My advice was remember how you used to feel after a good run or how you feel when you eat healthy foods, and try to keep that in your mind as you start building your improved habits. I also want to stop being negative and critical in my thinking. Try to be more positive!

I want to be healthy, in a clean house in a nice environment with friends. I hope to be able to enjoy this, so that my honours year is not filled with breakdowns and the uncomfortability I faced this year, being in an abusive household.

I would like to be stronger. Stronger at reining in my inner critic and instead praising success in my son. Stronger at hiding my emotions, which show so very plainly on my face, always. Stronger at moving away from anger when it grabs me so suddenly and shakes me. Stronger at saying no, when I should. At balancing my life, doing more for others, being a better person - an admirable person, a great employee and asset. To continue to earn the love of my friends and family.

Creative, artistic, alive Self is still knocking on the door of my heart. I want to let her into every corner of my existence--to shape and choose and tell new stories. Here's advice a successful, prolific, published writer gave to my 6th period sophomore English class today: "You can't write your way free from criticism." "Make artist friends." "Finish what you start." "Humor your obsessions." There were some other pieces too--do a little work every day, & write more. But I often tell myself these things. Have I been trying to flee criticism my whole life? My own advice to myself (and my students) is to "be messy." When we're incomplete, we're real.

Over the next year I want to improve myself and my life by finding a work-life balance. What this really means for me isn't just coming home "on-time" or not working "too much". What is means for me is that I am in control and dedicated at the right time, to the right people for the right reasons. It is being mindful that every choice is mine and even the choice of being "out of control" is a choice. I can use that option at the right time as well.

I want to focus on self-mastery. Not perfection (which is impossible) but simply making daily choices that allow me to be fully present, loving, patient and productive. In short, I want my best self to shine through. I want to be less human and more divine.

I'm learning two new languages: Chinese and R. The advice I'm taking with me is "you have to like your life: this will keep you motivated to keep doing well and improve it"

My only New Years resolution was to continue the journey of letting go, and that's still important to me. I suppose I got my biggest challenge in needing to let go of Andy -I should see that as a gift. I know I have so much good in my life right now: everything BUT a partner and family. I have to let go of that and understand that what I do have is more than enough.

I want to work on being more present in the moment and just enjoy each moment for what it is. Its something I've practiced in the past but have neglected. They say that all human misery is based on "why is a lily not an oak?" I waste time thinking, I'd rather be at this place, or I'd rather be doing this other thing. That kind of thinking is a waste of time and energy. This year, I'd like to let the present moment be what it is, and use my energies on something else to make my surroundings or my life better in some way.

Stay conscious and in your heart. Feed your soul. Love your tribe. Know your worth. Embrace the moment.

This coming year I want to quadruple the rate at which I take courageous actions and I want to surround myself with at least 6 (and up to 150) people, all of whom are also committed to engaging in continual courageous actions. John Beecher said: Strength is a matter of the made-up mind. So what I really want to do this coming year is a mensch zu zain and to make up my mind as to the moral environment in which I wish to live. In the process of improving my self and my life in the coming year I want to urge, to reinforce and to practice a higher standard than hitherto, in recent decades, of adherence to the law of the land and to the law of Jewish tradition. I desire to act to the best of my ability to strengthen the resolve, and the means, of the schools, the camps and the supplementary schools in my community, so that they can effectively transmit to my community's children the time-honored chesed Avraham, those compassionate actions in the tradition of Abraham the first patriarch, to a new generation of children which, I feel, is more in need of such teachings than any before, and in the process, to help raise the standards of ethical excellence not only for my self and my community but for my entire society, and indeed for all of mankind. What this demands of me, for my self, is that, even as I strive to find my place in the sun with security, recognition, and personal wealth, I commit to, stand up for and follow through on deliberately living a quiet life of moral rectitude. I feel a burning desire to reinstate for my son the matrix of moral moorings, such as "meh tor nisht (it's wrong to act that way)" "ez is nisht bekovidik (that's dishonorable behavior)" "by uns tut min nisht azay (we just don't do such things)" that teaches decency, sensitivity to others, respect for the law both of G-d and of man, both of neighbor and of visitor, and an instinctive recoil from exploiting the weakness or ignorance of others. In spite of the somewhat conflciting values espoused by my son, I intend to be true to my own self and organize, condition and strengthen the essential standard design of my brand - the entire set of abilities, attitudes, characteristics and traits of my identity - so as generally, decisively, conclusively and authoritatively to become acknowledged as someone and something that is absolutely reliable. But I can not think of any counsel I have ever received that could guide me. It is a venture into virgin territory for me.

I'd like to become someone who doesn't get so tossed by what other people think. The crazy thing is that I don't even think that such things bother me as much as they bother other people, yet the places where it does happen are STILL really tough, for me. What family thinks, what friends think--if someone gets upset with me, my mindset goes to, "I must have done something wrong." It's nuts and totally negates my power. I'm grateful that I'm at least conscious about it.

I want to be better.

Last year I became an actress and a runner; this year I will become a writer. A regular, diligent, productive writer. Whether or not I get published is irrelevant; I am doing this for my soul.

Someone once told me that in the second half of a man's life (I'm now 69), he should explore his artistic self, get involved with making music, and find a hobby that comes from his soul-place. That's what I want for myself in the next year. And, I would like not to limit myself with all of the old messages of "can't", "too old", or "not good enough". That's a tall order, but I believe I'm up for it. Interrupt those automatic "hot" thoughts, and get a more balanced view...good cognitive self-therapy.

I would like to re-integrate myself into a community again. These last few years have been an overwhelmingly solo journey, but it's time for that wandering to come to an end. I'd like to find a group of people whom I can relate to and who can relate to me, people who I can nurture and who can nurture me, in all aspects. Strangely, I think the best advice I got in this regard came from a swiss boy I shared a hostel room with, the night before the Tiberias marathon. We were talking about identity, and I was arguing that identity should be somewhat fluid, to allow people to adapt over time. He felt that identity should be rigid, to create dependable people that you can build relationships with. At first I didn't understand what he meant, but I do now: only once you know who you really are, and stop trying to deny it, that you can enter into relationships of mutual dignity.

lose weight am pre-diabetic

"All God really wants you to do is to love yourself."

To be more Torah observant. A friend of mine said, "You'll never regret that extra push !"

I want to be mindful of my speech and the power that my words have to shape the world around me. I want to ensure that I am painting the world in positive colors instead of splashing the world in negative hues of black soot. I want my speech (and other actions) to match the intention of my heart.

My body - I want to appreciate it and treat it better - exercise it, nourish it, not judge it. I either need to lose weight so I feel sexy, proud of my appearance or appreciate who I am right now. For too long I've been telling myself that I will do this - and I give it a half hearted effort - so I'm breaking this promise to myself over and over again - and putting off other things that are important to me until I get this how I want it. I want to be present more - appreciate my family, my friends, my home, my dog, my experiences. I want to slow down and have a relationship with myself instead of keeping such a frantic pace. I want to learn - read, try, do, experiment.

I would like to not worry too much about the future and the small things, i would really just want to enjoy life to the fullest. If I can do that, then I think I'll be pretty happy.

I'd like to be so on it that I never leave my shoes or my things around the house. I've actually been thinking of different things people have said to me that have really stuck and I think there are a few that jeremy said. "Don't wait for extraordinary opportunities, seize common occurrences and make them great" "I would love to explore that, can you make me the connection" "Really interesting can you tell me more about that" “ If you can measure it you can manage it. “ – Drucker

I can't keep letting my belief that I'm unoriginal or inspirationless or even ignorant of filmmaking keep me back from actually making a film or even a short video. I need to work on writing and film and doing it constantly instead of just making up excuses that I don't have the necessary means to do it.

"Don't just hear music. Listen to it. Live it. Hear it. See it. Taste the dissonance. Feel the passion." -Adapted from Dr. Clark's music Lecture Stop and smell the roses. Appreciate the beauty in life.

The best advice was " holding on to anger and resentment is like drinking poison and expecting the other person to die". Keeping that in mind, I want to be less jugmental in my relationships and accept people the way they are, not the way I wish they were.

I hope I cope with stress better. That I don't reveal my discontentment so much. That I grit my teeth less. That I approach things wisely and enthusiastically. That I can be more positive. That I can take things in stride. That I can envision the woman that I want to be and become that woman. That I can live up to my great potential and not allow myself to be bogged down by circumstance. That I can get out of my own way and achieve what I want. That I can be better.

I would like to lay down the burdens that I have put on myself. I would like to be nicer to myself. I hope to become more patient w/ my Mom as she ages. I would like to lose weight, both bodily and w/ the copious possessions I have. I am owned by my things. I would like to finally start my PhD. I don't think I've heard any new advice, but I agree w/ many of the sample answers scrolling past..."Don't talk about it, just do it." Above all, I really would like to be rid of this pain in my heart. I detest being sad.

I want my body to be healthier. I want to eat better and move more, be more active. I want my blog to begin to earn money for me.

I would like to improve my skills at self-management. I want to be able to make myself do the things I know that need to be done and kick my procrastination habits to the curb, once and for all!

I want to enjoy the moment more. Some things will get easier, some things will get harder, but this moment will only ever be here once. And no matter what is happening in my life, I need to patient and kind to myself. Thanks Viv.

There are so many ways I'd like to improve. I'd like to be more active and in better shape. I'd like to be more patient and cope with stress better. I want to find balance in my life, to be an equally good friend, partner, and daughter.

I want to be healthier. Physically, mentally, spiritually. Best piece of advice I can think of for all those things is what a therapist told me last year: "Let Joy be your compass."

Try to deal with my anxiety more and not just avoid things and hide. No advice, really. I know what to do, just don't know how.

I would like to control my anger, impatience, and outbursts, and not have my temper rub off on my child.

Every year I write the same thing. Every year, I do NOT do it. I suck at handling money. I suck with money. I make it... and then I spend it. So, this year, after 15 years married, we finally began a joint bank account. The wife agreed to handle it. So, I hope that helps me improve, as now I'll be on a budget she makes.

I would like to be more organized and efficient. No more procrastinating homework, no more long hours doing nothing but staring on the computer, no more putting off exercise because I'm too lazy. I think this would make my life a lot better and make me feel happier in general, so I hope I can do this.

I would like to be more like my dog Walter! I'd like to use every opportunity to play and have fun. I'd like to be able to forgive and forget quickly so that I can enjoy what's available to me. I'd like to cuddle up to the people I love and make sure they know I appreciate them.

Next year, I would like to not sell myself short. Until recently, I was not working to the full potential if my skill sets. As a Recruiter, I was working a job that many former Store Managers can do. I recently took the first steps to improving myself. I started working out and eating right, I went on an extravagant vacation, I quit my job that was pulling me down, and I moved to Philly to be with Bobby. Next steps: Nourish and respect the relationship we're building, continue to strengthen my body, and find a purpose for myself while I'm not yet a mother. By the way, I didn't calculate my resting heart rate properly the other day. I'm actually at 60, which is excellent, so my goal is to lower it so that it falls well into the athlete level. :0)

I would like to better organize my living space. I'm getting it under control slowly, but still have a long way to go. I'd like to be able to demonstrate proficiency with the course authoring software I am learning. And I'd like to put sufficient time into drawing to get my hand back and be confident once again.

I would like to eat healthier and do healthier activities. I would also like to put myself out there more. Right now, I'm kind of living in my bubble, although I've been making more of an effort the last few weeks. We'll see how that goes when the snow hits!!!

I want to have more things in my life that are not connected with anyone in my family, much as I love those few people who comprise my family. The past seven years have been the least independent of my life so far, and I don't like that. I need to do things on my own. "On my own" has always been my best way.

I would like me to be more upfront when I think someone is doing something that I do not appreciate. And I would like me to take more time to be present with my husband and children.Not just in the flesh, but with my full attention. And enjoy their presence.

I want to be clear of all outside influences .. in other words, I want to be, what Deepak Chopra calls Self-Referred .. where my guidance and nourishment comes from the Source within me, not from any external sources such as caffeine, tv, sugar, relationships, etc. I still plan on totally ENJOYING my relationships! I just want to be ruled by Spirit as opposed to these other 'quick fixes.' ☼

I've lost 10 pounds this past year--yes!--and would like to lose 10 more. I feel so much better being lighter, so I know I'll continue on this path. I'd also like to improve my living space so I could invite folks over again, which I haven't done in a long, long time. Once I begin, take that first step, I'm okay. I've shredded a lot of old papers I don't need anymore and given away stuff I no longer have use for. It's taking that first step that's difficult at times. No special advice but the book "The Kaizen Way" has been helpful in the past in getting out of my own way and beginning.

I would like to be happier. More content with my life and more open to meeting people. I would like to have a community and not feel so alone.

Be kind to yourself!

I'd like to be stronger, kinder, calmer. Advice I received: Be persistent w/o being annoying.

I would like to not let my anxiety get the best of me. I get too worked up over the dumbest things so I just need to relax more and not get stressed out so much.

Don't overbook, take time to enjoy what you choose to do. Pace yourself. More does not necessary mean better. Look around and appreciate what is in your grasp. Say I love you and mean it.

I need to seize opportunities, and be prepared to take risks. I'm sure I've received lots of useful advice in the past year, but I'm not very good at following advice - I'm very stubborn.

I'd like to be able to be happy outside of my circumstances. And I guess maybe happy is the wrong word, but to have a sense of peace and confidence beyond what's going on in my life. I struggled a lot with that this year, and became consequentially confused and lost whenever things weren't panning out the way I had anticipated. I want to be able to maintain a sense of calm even in times of struggle, to continue loving with abandon, and remain curious and in love with the world.

Be kind to yourself. You are enough. If you sit still and take what you need, the world won't collapse. Doing nothing is not a waste of time. Trust others, and enable them, rather than trying to do it all yourself. Don't let people get you down with their rubbish. Rise above. Let the heaviness and the panic fall like syrup down through your feet and let the ground soak it up. So many people love you. Bask in that love once in a while. You are good, talented, fun and blessed. You are kind. If you feel anything less, find people who will make you feel it and be around them. Forgive yourself for things you cannot help. Take joy in gratitude every day. Never miss the chance to spread joy, or tell people that you love them.

I would like to find new friendships or deepen acquaintances of women I don't know through dance or from college.


I really want to continue to work on my anxiety and emotional management. This year has been a whirlwind and I'm in a lot better place than I was last year, and I have matured a ton, but I want to keep that maturity and growth going forward. I want to do better at making sure I take time for self-care but also making sure I DO spend a lot of time staying on top of my school work, being responsible--I don't want to let so many things slide, I really want to get on top of my responsibilities and do a better job with them, without letting my anxiety take over. I made huge leaps personally last year, but this year I'd like to see the leaps being made in my professional life. I want to transfer over the things I learned about relationships and being an adult into the working world.

I would like to make an income doing something that I love and that I feel purposeful doing. I imagine this to be teaching my work and or making my work. A recent quote I recently read was "What if you were living up to your potential right now?" I can't get it out of my head. So maybe I don't have to be any better than where I am.

To be more open and honest with myself about myself. This includes not being afraid to like who and what I like, and to be more genuine with myself and others. Not that I have been a fraud, but that sometimes peace at any cost is not peace, but comes out later as worse chaos.

I am striving to be better at cherishing the joy of 'now' by letting go of worry more.

I'd like to be in love with my body, my self, taking care of myself, accepting and allowing, feeling the way I want to feel, having the experience I want to have, present and mindful and utterly in love with my life. Advice? Let go, surrender, when it rains let it rain, be present for yourself and for reality, trust yourself.

As part of preparing for what I hope will be a healthy & active pregnancy, I would like to reach my healthiest weight & top fitness level.

Learn more abut my craft, promote myself more, and be able to drop the bookshop and Jenny because my income is steady enough and I can spend a whole weekend with my beloved.

Enjoy and savor life as slowly and as peacefully as possible. We forget how to live once we stop appreciating the importance of this very moment.

I would like to save more and engage in business.

No surprises here! I need to be more physically active. Having a desk job and being of that certain age, I can see the changes visibly and they aren't good. It isn't about vanity (those who know me will laugh - no makeup or hair dye on me!) It is about feeling and being healthy.

Yes. I would like to be more focused on my work when I am working, and more present for other stuff when I am not working. This is based on advice that I got in a conference I attended in the summer. But in reality, these are things that I have learned many times before, but still need to practice. I started being much more disciplined about it, being strategic in the way I work and "play." For example, I close my email server when I work in the mornings. When I am with someone I care about, I try to put the phone far away from me. These small things can make such a difference. I hope I would be able to keep them up. " Excellence, then, is not an act, but a habit" (Aristotle)

I think I'm pretty much in the same place as I was last year in terms of the improvements I'm working for -- I have earned (a pittance) at writing this year but I want to sell my novel and stories and write more more more. And I'd love be be 20 pounds lighter next year at this time. Same, but I feel like I've taken myself in hand a little bit since returning from summer travels. I want to stick with it.

I hope to cultivate discipline. Discipline leads to being able to actually fulfill your dreams. Its the key to accomplishing everything you set out to accomplish, little by little, step by step. Also the more discipline you have in life, the less anxiety you have along the way.

I would like to live a conscious life. This means do what i say|plan to do and with prayer beforehand. Not live reactionary to life at the moment. Have clear boundaries that are biblically sound and that resonate with me (that i understand and believe in the whys and wherefores, otherwise things wont stick: they would just stay good intentions.) That my lifestyle be pleasing to God and that i am more obedient to His voice. That i am bold when i need to be and meek when i need to be. That wisdom and understanding dwell with me. That my family's Sabbath have clear beginning and end times with fasting from the world on the Sabbath. That i am involved w something to benefit my community at least 10% of my free time.

In the movie "Zombieland" one of the rules of survival is "Enjoy the little things." This year I'm going to try and do just that. Whether it's enjoying a a walk with the dog in the morning, the taste of a piece of chocolate or the smile from a stranger. I'm going to try to find joy in the every day.

I'd like to be more confident and assured. As I go into my fortieth year I don't think I've done too badly but think the best is yet to come.

I've read, listened to podcasts & friends on mindfulness - keeping mindfulness in my mind more of the time is my biggest goal for the coming year.

"you deserve to be in that lane as much as anyone!" a simple statement but something i will never forget. i put myself second to everyone, i hate to disappoint, i will do whatever it takes to make sure people are happy. time to put myself up where i belong. time to growl every once in a while.

Remember that I'll be treated as I'll let others treat me - and with this advice I want to work on my feminity. I would also like to get closer to God and become a generally better person - for example gain more patience for others that would mistake honesty with impertinence.


be proud of myself. avoid the people who make me feel down, without hurting them. breathe. love my family with all my heart.

The one thing that continually motivates me to get up and do something is a quote I saw at my gym: *No one has ever complained that they feel worse after a workout. I don't know the necessary truth from the quote but I do know I always have more pep in my step and am ready to take on the day.

Get healthier. I don't want to turn 40 and be a heart attack waiting to happen.

I would love to work less & have the time to enjoy life more. The best advice I've ever known is to enjoy each moment for you never know when it might be your last.

I guess, mostly what Booty said a couple Saturday’s ago. It’s strange, and I guess, I honestly believe that he felt prompted to say something – whether by my demeanor, or by his actual intuition – but he said something that I really needed to hear, something that truly seemed destined for me – he said that I should trust in myself, trust in life (in so many words) and believe in myself – that I would be okay and not to be worried about what I was so worrying about – being alone. I didn’t say anything and he continued to go on and on about what God was telling him to tell me and that I was loved and we are all loved – but it seemed so specific to what I was fearing so much since Dad died – that I’m alone, that I’m unlovable and that I’ll never have love. His friend piped in and called me a “sexy goddess” and Booty continued to use that term to describe me and the power I owned but also that I should recognize that I owned. So, yeah, that’s the one thing that has been such a destroying force for me this year – it’s taken up all my energy – this voice saying I’m not enough, that I’m worthless and for naught, that I’m taking up space, that I’m wasting space. And I would like to get my confidence back – I would like to not feel so acutely, painfully self-loathing and aware and distracted. I would like to just be back to this place where I can just be and can focus on gratitude for those around me and share in love instead of not only deflecting all love but feeling utterly self-destructive. I have progressed in that I’m not feeling so drastically enmeshed in destroying myself, but I still feel so low about myself. I have never really had this feeling before – even when I felt somewhat atheist, I felt like a child of God – a child of the world at least – I felt like I belonged – I sensed my place in the world even when I didn’t feel the most security and self-esteem, but now I just feel so lost – I don’t belong – I feel like where I do belong is in being a hermit – in a singles space of one…so yeah, that’s where I’d like to improve by next year – to get my groove and stride back.

I would like to keep up with my workout regime and keep eating healthy. I've been doing just above the minimum maintenance for myself (which has worked very well until recently), but I've noticed I'll need to do a bit more as I'm getting older.

I need to stop bemoaning the choices we have made in building a house and moving into the county, and just enjoy it for what it is. We will not go bankrupt or starve, so there is no point in making everyone around me miserable.

I need to pay attention to my fatigue level. I need to go to bed on time and take a nap if I don't get 9 hours of sleep.

Just as with question number 6 the only thing I want to see different in my life next year is being more financially stable because I just can't keep on like this.

When there is a moment you feel alone, helpless, and frustrated, remember that without loneliness, companionship is nonexistent, without a struggle comes no support, and without frustration comes no patience. Everything happens for a reason we will never know, so embrace the challenges and use them as a motivation to overcome our own difficulties and become better people because of it. Remember to pray even when exhaustion is upon you and your schedule is packed because 7 minutes to reflect on who you were, who you are, and who you want to be is essential for spiritual growth. If life is not going the way you want it to, take a breathe, take a step back, and look at it through another perspective. Study, learn, experience, and apply.

I want to follow Steven Pressfield's advice in his book Going Pro, which I read in the past year. To make commitments and stick to them. To set intentions and eliminate excuses. To embrace limitations and avoid distractions. Things like that.

I would like to improve myself by enjoying life more. Slow down. Say no. Try things out and see if I like them. Be patient and let my life unfold/evolve/bloom at its own pace. There is no reason to not totally enjoy and be fully present every moment of my existence. Everything is happening as it should. Life is a marathon. Sit back, find your pace, and enjoy the scenery. I asked my friends, and they had good feedback. Lila said to never give up on something without trying it first - give it a fair shot and fully commit before deciding it won't work. That made me a little naseous. Shira told me to appreciate the possibility of "no" - appreciate the space. Ashley told me to focus on work/life balance and not stress too much about dating. All good advice.

I have a plan for our finances. I hope I can force myself and my husband to stick with it to get out of stupid debt so that we can put the kids thru college - a better debt.

I want to lose 10kg and improve my fitness. I also want to become proficient at adaptive web design.

I want to worry less and just enjoy every day and every moment. I have always had a tendency to overthink things and I want to stop doing this.

I want to laugh more with my family. Spend lots of time outdoors. Keep honoring my boundaries around work. The best thing I learned this year has been mindfulness. And that has put me in just the right place very moment :)

I would like to be lighter of spirit, and not take things so seriously all the time. The phrase I would like to keep in front of me is "there is only today".

During tashlich it occurred to me that I want to be more humble. And realized that ironically I think in a lot of ways I am humble, but it's an unhealthy humble--it's insecurity or low self-esteem. And then I unconsciously overcorrect that by being too strong in expressing my opinion, or too certain of my own rightness. If I had a healthier relationship to being imperfect and fallible I could simple be humble and less self-assured in a good way. I could listen more. I could change more readily. I could be more flexible. I'd probably be less obnoxious!

I would like to be less lazy, be more organized. I'd like to excersise more

i would really like to get into better shape. My arms, abs, and legs need toning. I know this would have a huge impact on my overall health. The best advice I've received that could be put to use here is to block out even small amounts of time to exercise. Even if it's 10 minutes at a time.

I would like to live more in the moment and not think too far ahead. I think I have missed some beauty by not using the moment of now.

"Don't borrow worry," one of my patients at the chiropractic office today told me is a quote from her currently 89-year-old mother. Don't plan ahead for how things can go wrong. We can always get through this moment here, and we'll deal with the next one when we get to it. Stay present. That's what I want to focus on. Enjoy the moment or be sad in it, but be in it.

By recognizing my voice as my own. --- The Journey, by Mary Oliver: One day you finally knew what you had to do, and began, though the voices around you kept shouting their bad advice— though the whole house began to tremble and you felt the old tug at your ankles. "Mend my life!" each voice cried. But you didn't stop. You knew what you had to do, though the wind pried with its stiff fingers at the very foundations, though their melancholy was terrible. It was already late enough, and a wild night, and the road full of fallen branches and stones. But little by little, as you left their voices behind, the stars began to burn through the sheets of clouds, and there was a new voice which you slowly recognized as your own, that kept you company as you strode deeper and deeper into the world determined to do the only thing you could do— determined to save the only life you could save.

BE EXTRA EXTRA EXTRA mindful of my words. so careful. they create entire universes. words cause immense pain and loss. they also create new realities. dont turn over regrets in my head. focus on creating and healing. changing self. losing ego. I hope to learn more Hebrew and Yiddish. Aramaic. Talmud. To start applications processes ;-) immediately. To follow the wind when it pushes me, where dreams have been guiding me ever since. dont ignore, follow and lead all at once.

dont get hung up on the small stuff. let go of past hurt. move on. stay away from peole you don't like but if you need them put on the best face.

I want to spend more time and energy on things that enrich my life and contribute to me feeling good, and less time on things I am "supposed" to do.

Find strategies to use with ppl at work I don't agree with, and end up feeling angry and misunderstood! Possibly also change jobs, but I do need to learn strategies to manage this frustration. I want to feel confident speaking in public...that comes down to believing what I say and selling it to others. I'd like to create and maintain firm boundaries with my son and friends, so that I'm respected and not taken advantage of. I'd like to meditate, yoga and create every day...I'm on the path and that's great! Also spend less money...I think I needed to spoil myself, but I really do have more than enough and I'd like to pay off my mortgage faster

I want to be the best I can be. Smile. I want to set the best example I can...take care of myself the best I can, Be the best grandma I can be. Smile. My life is good, I have enough, I'm happy enough.

I would like to be happier next year. To take circumstances and choose to see them from the bright side, rather than anticipating a problem.

I would like to calmer and gentler. I would like to stop giving my kids unsolicited advice and not worry so much about them. They are grown adults.

I want to improve the way I communicate with those close to me in the next year- specifically, I want to learn to be more open with them in ways that are healthy. Sekani told me last night that it really stings when I tell him that I am holding stuff back from him. I don't want to sting the people closest to me by holding myself back from them.

I want to feel better about myself. I want to be more active, and invest time in at least one interest of my own.

Well, one of the sample answers is good: "Just do it! If you want to move, just move, If you want to walk, just walk. If you want to write, just write. Don't wait for better circumstances. Just do it, don't talk about it." I want to stop putting off things that make me happy, and stop seeing them as obligations. There are many ways of spending my time that I never regret, but the quotidian really gets in the way, and the daily routine of "get up, go to school, go home, make dinner, sleep" seems to keep me from doing what I actually want. I need to Just Do It more, with things that I like!

Take my Mussar learning from the past two years and make it a part of my moment-to-moment life. And - notice the moments when I am thinking differently, and G-d willing acting differently, because I have been given the gift of this learning.

I would like to be more mindful of how constructive I am with my time and how responsible I am. I consistently avoid work and responsibility and it gets me in trouble. If I were better with my time, I think I would be better with my life and be happier with my place in my life.

“Love isn't a state of perfect caring. It is an active noun like struggle. To love someone is to strive to accept that person exactly the way he or she is, right here and now.” -Fred Rogers. I absolutely need to focus on accepting people for who they are, and being way less judgmental.

I want to avoid being upset, worried or fixated on stupid little things. I want to be more focused on the big picture, on things I can change, not things or people that I can't. I want to spend more time on my own creative endeavors, not others' ideas.

Show up in your life. Do what you can with what you have from where you are. Visualize positive results. Expect miracles. Connect with the Universe. Act from integrity. Take care of yourself before you take care of others. Strengthen your boundaries. Believe in yourself.

I want to be physically more fit--at least I think I want this. I have stated it as a wish but not made it a priority for the past several years. So maybe what I really want is to be better about "walking the talk". As far as advice, two things really stand out for me: 1. We too often react not to what actually happened but the stories we build around what happens. Stop that. 2. Live more in the now as opposed to thinking once I get to this stage, then I will be happy or then I can start having fun, etc. Also let go of hurt from the past.

Get more in touch with my creative side, mystical side, spiritual side. Let myself have more fun and be willing to try new things.

Take the time to do things - move, experience and be brave. I'm can be cowardly, and I want to take on an adventure and be the kind of person I admire.

I would like to improve my work life balance. A friend of mine told me that no matter what, I should set the goal of leaving work by 6:30 or 7pm everyday. I can do this by creating events on my personal calendar. This is achievable by making events with friends, at the gym, or at home. Whatever they are, prioritize them and leave the office! My life outside of work is important!

I would like to work in a place where everyone gets along and no one hates me. I do not know how to make that happen. Advice: Be patient. Don't take things personally. Take time to make big decisions. Have someone edit things before they go public. Ask for advice. Lots of people have better ways of handling things than I do. Listen.

I want to love myself. Accept myself. Love who I am. Love myself enough to give me what I need - take care of my needs. Then I want to spread all the love pouring out of me to the world. I believe this will happen when I accept that I am messy. Messy Jessie. I will always have faults and will keep finding more things I want to make better within myself. I also need to focus more on the things that make me great. The world is messy and so am I. I kind of just want to get over it already and start enjoying the ride! The adventure is just beginning. I am so glad I found Gd. If I had to give myself some advice it would be to slow down a little and have some fun. I regret not having more fun - it's pretty much my only regret from the past year. I think it's the biggest mistake I continually make. Learn to find the fun. Keep walking through the fear. It gets easier the more I do it.

Don't settle. I want something more, and I think that's ok. I don't want to think about what is safe, or what is responsible. I want to take the risk and reap the rewards from doing so, not take the safe route by not even playing the game and leaving myself to the only viable destination: regret. No I am worth more than settling, and as such, I must take risks to improve myself

I would like to lose 30 lbs and appreciate myself more. I need to develop healthier eating habits and learn to take better care of my body. I believe I will feel better about myself when I lose the weight, and hopefully learn more about myself in the process.

I would like to improve myself and my life next year by being more in shape physically. I need more energy to play with my kids and to get things done around the house. I often feel sluggish and unmotivated.

I would like to sustain the weight loss I achieved this year and regain strength and range of motion in my injured ankle. Ultimately, I'd like to be able to maintain a daily walking program of 3-5 miles. The advice I think I have found most helpful is - "How do you eat an elephant? One bite at a time. "

Do it now. Act like Diana Nyad, my inspiration for the year and don't let anything stop you from doing your dream. Walk your walk. Talk your talk. Be you. No one else will be you for you. The time is now. With elder parents I realize I must really make the most of every minute.

I would really love to be able to learn to say "no" to some people. I find myself saying yes to things that I don't necessarily want to do, but can't stand telling people no. So learning how to do that would be great. I would also like to really just appreciate what I have more and live more in the moment instead of the internal negativity that I sometimes find myself fighting. I would like to feel comfortable with who I am and enjoy who I am more.

I would like to be more patient with myself, to be more grounded and aware of the present. I am here, now. I do not need to be anything more or less than I am right now. God is within in now and around me always.

I would like to excercise more and care more about my well being... I will not be so impulsive and quick in the mouth ....

I need to get myself into a position that I will be hired while in a doctoral program. Take stock of your talents and move forward.

I was given this mantra, which has really helped me address my bias towards action: "I can afford to pause, and I will be okay." At the same time, I read somewhere that sometimes we need to embody a behavior in order to create a belief. I like the contrast..

By giving myself more time to meditate, yoga practice, exercise travel and cultural experiences

Get in better shape , work more effectively , take better care of clothes , sew a little ,write and draw . I have been told I should study scripture more , will try , the worldly activities have such a strong pull.

I would like to make more money, travel more and have more time for a relationship. I read A Return to Love by Marianne Williamson and she says that fear can be replaced by love. So I am trying to understand that more and incorporate that that attitude into my life. I am trying to be more accepting of people and not get as angry as I have in the past.

Calm down!!! In tend. to be controlling, especially w my husband because the parkinsons has affected his cognition and i want him to be successful, so i do things for him when he struggles. I should be more patient and let him figure things out for himself. I hope this clinical study works.

I need to find a way to make myself more useful to the universe. I procrastinate and accomplish little.

I'm not sure if I can tie this back to a specific piece of advice that I was given, but I really want to work on being a friendlier and more open/welcoming person. I feel like I often put up a front of self-protection, but I want to become more comfortable with who I am and through that, really get to know more people and form lasting relationships. I want to be one of those people that a lot of people actually like because they are so friendly and cool. That sounds douchey but I'm serious.

I would like to improve my life by creating a steady exercise routine. Just do it?

Breathe. My annual review this year at work was generally good, but five or six times it came up that I could really benefit from taking a moment more to think before I act... and it's at least equally true, if not more so, in the rest of my life.

Don't be so critical of everyone and everything! Lighten up!

Well, I'd like to finally quit smoking. Hmm...I guess the best guidance I've had is to let go of everything because its all temporary. So perhaps I can finally let go of my addiction.

I would like to worry less and have more faith that that things will work or won't and that my actions will change things, but lying awake in the middle of the night won't

I would like to become more comfortable in my own skin, be better at admitting my mistakes and flaws, but also keep and increase my self-confidence. I currently consider myself a driven and confident person, but sometimes this leads to me taking myself too seriously. I want to be better at laughing at myself.

Next year, will be my sophomore year, and i would like to take more classes that appeal to me with great interest. I already have a few in mind that i would like to take so that is good. I have been given advice recently, mostly just to go strong, major in what I want, not what others want, and be smart and use the years of college to my benefit for my future.

I would like to donate to charity more. I hope to choose a charity to become a monthly donor to. I think it's important to give back. I do work for a charity, yes, but I can do more. I can make change.

I would yet again like to lose weight. I would also like to improve on my design skills, finally achieving the level of work I know I'm capable of.

Walk the Walk! If you want to do something, do it! YOLO! You are too young to wish you were a "Certain kind of person". Be that person! Keep Junior year in perspective girl. Focus on making time to slow down and really listen to people. You can learn a lot. No fake smiling and nodding. Hear what they are really saying. Be emotionally sensitive.

I want to beat back fear with a stick. I want to get a job. Bonus points if I can get a job I don't hate. Bigger bonus points if I can figure out how to make the self-sustained artist thing work. I want to move out of this apartment. I want to lose some weight and be less afraid of physical activity and my current inability to keep up. I want to eat healthier. I want to be less lonely. Sometimes I feel like I'm begging people to talk to me and I can't stand the neediness I feel. I want to know that I finally just got started instead of thinking about starting and then living the same dead-end life day in and day out.

I would like to continue down my "hippie" path of making homemade beauty items, not using chemicals, and clean eating. I think I've made a lot of progress in those areas, but it's still easy to cheat sometimes, especially with the food. I also hope to slowly start switching my kitchen over to paperless, plastic-less items. Looking to use glass storage containers and stainless steel or stoneware cooking and baking items. It's going to take time and money to do this, so I don't expect to be fully switched in a year, but at least be taking steps toward it.

be kind

Too often I berate myself in my head or I think thoughts that are negative and self-defeating. I want to improve my basic thinking and my confidence. I have tried affirmations and positive thinking but I keep falling back into my normal thinking mode. I know I am better than this.

I would like to be more confident with stepping into the role of helping women. I have received guidance with respect to changing from acting out of obligation to trusting and following my heart.

Know when to stop. Rephrased: Figure out how to know when to get off the train. Decide this in advance, and help out future you! Present you has already been frog-boiled into staying indefinitely in whatever shitty situation you're stuck in. This applies to jobs, relationships... fuck it. It applies to bad dates and awkward parties. It applies to sub-par sandwiches and unsolicited conversations with strangers and the extra appetizer you shouldn't have ordered in the first place. It applies to movies that start running thin on plot 35 minutes in. Think about when to leave, and when it's time, do it, and do it cleanly and directly. It's about "enough", and it's about "no", and it's about not having to write a longer but essentially identical answer to this question next year.

I always say I want to be more fit. And that's true. I am getting to an age where health is truly more important than appearance. I would like to be in better physical shape by this time next year, and I will remember to gauge my success by what I can do rather than what I look like.

By this time next year I would like for us to have settled into a new home and found a few of like mind to make friends with. That my books are getting out there in the world. I'd also like to get more involved with solar energy in some way.

I'd love to try to be a better Christian in my acts and especially my thoughts. I have great struggles with that personally, and although I've come to terms with how my faith is and how it works for me, I just need to work on making it stronger.

I would like to improve at time management. I procrastinate a lot, and that is really bad for a college student. I'm hoping to improve at that, otherwise I will really struggle.

I am still not happy with how I am with others. I feel love and sympathy but I have become more aware that I do not show it much. I close off.

I need to make an effort to change things. If I want to get in better physical shape, I need to exercise. If I want to meet people, I need to put myself out there. UPS doesn't deliver change to my door

This year I will need to just deal with moving on...being alone and figuring out what comes next for me in my life. and there are many, many resources to quote and draw from...part of what has led me to this precipice...this place in my journey. I am really ready. (though still a bit nervous)

I want to not let the little things get to me. I want to be able to speak my mind and not be afraid to do what I think is right. Be more assertive and allow myself to become who I truly want to be.

I would like to get back to exercising on a regular basis so that I can feel better!

Trust in God...with all of my heart...and lean not on my own understanding...acknowledge Him in all my ways and He will direct my path. This is one of my favorite scriptures and it helps for me to meditate on it continuously!! God has shown Himself in so many ways this year and His hand was so visible. I want to continue to recognize this...He sees our plans and makes them perfect. I truly look forward to a continued partnership. I also want to improve this concept by placing my shield of faith before me. God truly ministered to me through this scripture because despite my own thoughts, ways, or understanding, I need to realize His plan. I believe that when I am fighting the hardest for anything it is this moment I need to step back and let God take over.

I would work hard at my injury to compete healthily! I wanna get BIGGER ! Muscular and start looking somewhat like an elite athlete which means eating better than I do, A LOT better. I wanna be healthy again. Next year is my ast year of school so I wanna ensure that right fter school or even during my last semester, I am working.

Life is good right now. Life is great. I have everything I ever could have wanted. Just this evening, my wife asked me why I would want to be with her, as she was circling a bad mood. She stated that I always wanted everything. The implication, after the tumultuous past couple years wrenched by my affair and unstable after years of an unfulfilling marriage for us both, is that I always wanted a life with the mother of my children, somebody who gave me credibility as a member of the Jewish community and other communities to which I belong, somebody who was my sexual equal, and somebody who shared interests, activities and attraction. For so long, my wife and I did not have all this and we were unfulfilled, lost and lonely. This gaping absence laid the groundwork for my ultimate failure in pursuing an affair. But now I have all of this. Now I have ejected my mistress from my life and recentered on my wife and family. My wife and I have, after so many years, finally found each other. Over the past three months, we have found and become everything we ever could have wanted. Now I have everything. Now we have to work for strength and consistency, trust and respect. Those are things we will do as a couple, to improve ourselves. There is certainly plenty I need to do myself to correct the past and to rebuild the present and future, creating a trusting and safe relationship in which my wife feels comfortable enough to grow, just as she needs to do this for me. I do not however see these as improvements to myself over the coming year as the question asks, per se, but rather as ongoing growth with my wife and in the context of our family and its success. No improvement I can envision for myself has value outside of marital growth and the family context. None of this is to say that I have nothing that needs improvement. Quite to the contrary, I need to work on my work ethic, my grant writing and manuscript writing consistency, my running consistency, reading nightly to my children as time permits, spending less time on the internet and more time playing with the children, reading more books, doing more yard and house work, cooking more family meals, and so on. But all of this is in support of my major goal of continuing to partner with my wife to keep improving our already now-great marriage and family. To my wife's point, I have everything, and now I want to work to hold it and to grow it.

I just read something that is exactly what I need to remember as I enter this next year: "If God shuts a door, stop banging on it. Trust that whatever is behind it is not meant for you." I would like to trust God more and stop imposing my self-will on so many of the situations in my life. My life could be so serene and so joyful if I could fully take in this principle. My self-will and need to know the outcome impacts so many situations in my life (JL, my volunteer work, friendships) and can make me so very miserable. If I simply let go and trust God that things will happen the way they are supposed to, I will be so much happier. Another way I've heard it expressed is, "Things will be ok in the end. If things aren't ok, then it's not the end." I'm smiling and I'm grateful right now. I want to be smiling and grateful more in the coming year. I have no doubt that it will improve me and myself in the coming year.

I would like to be more reflective and less reactive. More meditation would get me there.

I would like to be anger free, have a lot of patience and love to offer

Minimize minimize Minimize -- and then be happy with what I have. Live simply.

I want to be more spiritual and connected to everyone and everything around me because I know this is what will bring m all of the abundance I want in my life. ****Don't be afraid to ask for help. Tina Roth Eisenberg 1. Love what you do 2. trust your intuition 3. If an opportunity scares you. you need to take it. 4. don't be a complainer. make things better or let go of them. 5. make time for side projects. 6. surround yourself w likeminded people 7. ignore haters 8. seek to inspire others

Trust yourself. I'm not sure if I received that advice so explicitly but it's something I have been coming around to and something that I want to work on this next year. When I feel something, think something, believe something, trust it. By me experiencing it, it is real and valid. I need to honor those moments and express them when fit. I have allowed myself to be walked on and I have talked myself out of feeling certain ways. I need to trust myself.

Along with getting into the best, healthiest physical condition that is possible for a 67 year old woman, I am ready to improve my inner mental health by finding a volunteer program to take part in. I keep getting messages in my horoscopes by that some type of spiritual growth is necessary for my personal development and happiness.

I want to be able to do what makes me happy, no one else. I'm sick of having negative energy and poisonous relationships in my life.

I would like to be able to get things done in time, without going into an anxiety spiral. The thing that helped me the most this year with that wasn't a piece of advice, it was my psychiatrist noticing that my medication regimen wasn't working, and pressing me to change medicine. This not only has made thinking and feeling and everything easier, it's also been a very stark example of why I need to tackle my problems, not let them fester.

I would like to be less anxious, more calm . To enjo y life more and to be more friendly. I would like to have more friends. I would like to have less in my house, to take out easily What I don't need ! T o cook more, and to spend more time with my family, my mother, my children, grand children and husband !!

I'd like to be more charitable and patient. I haven't received any counsel, but rather two graceful models of this behavior, in the form of two new friends, both wise women.

I want to put a bigger focus on being happy... We don't live forever, and I don't want to put off life until its convenient. I want to travel, and enjoy everything life has to offer... That also means better time management allowing time for this while keeping up my studies... I also read a quote, "don't fall in love with anyone that treats you like you're ordinary" and it's the truest I've read. I need to make sure the people in my life are people who appreciate what I have to offer, just as I do them. It's important that my relationships, particularly romantic make me happy, and that means feeling valued... If you're only going to be with one person, why settle for someone who settles for you? Why allow yourself to accept anything but what you truly want and deserve. I have to learn I deserve the love I offer to others.

Don't worry to much about repurcussions about specific jobs/career choices, just try something new and enjoy the adventure.

I would like to improve myself professionally and financially. I think the way my life is going at the moment, the changes I want to see in me are happening and I am happy about it. There is nothing as such happened in the past year.

I will continue to take basically all of the advice offered by Dear Sugar, including "be a warrior for love" and "be brave enough to break your own heart." I will also continue to try on the advice my mother often gives me: "There is no right or wrong. You just make a choice and live that out until it's time to make the next choice."

I would like to be more patient and not get angry so easily. I am becoming better at seeing myself when I am heading down the low road, and recovering afterwards but I would like to have more control over what I express even when angry feelings are surging up. What I have learnt this year is that the only moment that actually exists is the present moment. The past is a memory, the future a plan or daydream- just thoughts. The present moment is so important because it is the only time to get it right.

Find a passionate job. Be more assertive, take more initiative. Stop waiting around for something to happen. GO FOR IT. You're only 20 once

I would like to be less judgmental and more open to really listening to people and respecting differences in opinion. Just because someone has a radically different opinion than you doesn't mean they're wrong. It may just not be how you do things.

"It's just money. You'll make more." My grandfather used to say this all the time, and now my mother tells me all the time. I need to tell myself that - all the time. It's hard for everyone right now, but it will not be like this forever. I just need to remember that the things that matter don't cost money, and that everything will work out.

I would like to not allow myself to be stymied by others' behavior, attitudes, feelings, judgments. To allow myself to be fully alive as opposed to allowing shame, doubts, to get in the way of my living fully.

I need to exercise on a regular schedule. I would also like to be less sensitive, and even borderline paranoid. I would like to be more confident and secure about my social skills and ability to connect with others. The advise I have received is to be willing to take risks. I have also been told to give myself more time for human pleasures and not just work work work.

More confidence and independence, I always say the same things, but these are what I struggle with.

I just want to be happy. I want to wake up every morning with a reason to smile. I want my first thoughts ever day to be positive. I want to love myself!

I want to be better at controlling my temper and to not say things that I don't mean just to hurt people.

In the next year, I would like to have figured out a niche for myself in IT/Business, and begun working on knowing everything I can about it. Why? Because being a generalist doesn't quite work anymore. I still believe it's good to be well-rounded, but I also believe that there should be at least one thing one is very good at, as that would likely determine one's career path, and with focus and hardwork, make one an expert. With me, I don't think there's anything I'm VERY good at right now, but I want to figure out something I wouldn't mind doing for the rest of my career, and develop skills in it. According to Malcolm Gladwell, becoming an expert at something takes 10,000 hours of practice, so if I work at it for 8 hours everyday, it would take me about 3.5 years to become extremely good. Well, in that case I better get started very quickly.. Err... I've been thinking about a PhD since last week, and writing that up there has made me realize that the way to go might be to actually find a subject area I like, and learn all I possibly can about it. A PhD takes 3 years. Hmm. I hate school though, so this means I have to sit down and talk with the person who put this idea in my head.

I would like to trust myself more.

Talk more about what I'm doing and focus on outcomes rather than deliverables. I'm really enjoying my work at the moment and I want to make sure that it's translating into being useful.

Life changes, constantly. Sometimes for the better and sometimes for the worse. Deal with it, make the most of it, learn from it and if you can - enjoy it.

To be working less but earning more - hah - so that I am better able to help others achieve their dreams and goals. However I firmly believe that God (or the universe depending on your POV) owes me this much and its my time to receive.

I would like to improve my prayer life. In terms of seeing God's miracles, I read "pray like it depends on God, work like it depends on you." This is going to be my mantra for the next year.

I'd like to be more brave and outgoing. I've been told to "loosen up" which I hope to work on in order to achieve that. I'd like to take more opportunities and make the most of every moment. The world is beautiful and life is precious and I need to embrace that more.

Ask for forgiveness and be forgiving. Look for and appreciate the gift within each individual. Acknowledge them for it by word or deed.

I'd like to prepare myself for life outside of high school, enrole in a good Mechina that will help me enlist, but I suppose I'll just take life as it comes, like everyone else!

Who doesn't have a million things they want to improve. I wish I would stop picking at my skin but thats all I'll mention. No advice this year.

As noted in 6, lose the final forty. It is for my health. Go back to exercise. It is for my health. Spend more time in quiet. It is for my spiritual and mental health.

If I could send any piece of advice back, it would be to take the time to really think through what I wanted before committing myself to a path. I think the upcoming year will be incredibly busy between my job, my health, and whatever social life I can fit in between. That being said, I would like to set aside an hour or so every week to really think about the direction in which I want to take my life. Not to say I need to know exactly where I'm going to be in a decade, or that I need to slow down... But I want to know what I want to work towards and where I want to go.

I guess I will continue to remember that it's ok to be unhappy with where I am as long as I'm taking steps to get away from it. I'll keep my depression under control by remembering that I can be sad for no reason, and it won't last forever. And if I can't change my situation, I should change my perspective.

I'd like to improve my social life. Someone once told me to "spend time with people who inspire you," and I'm really trying to take that to heart. I don't have a ton of friends who I see on a regular basis who inspire me. I have friends who I socialize with, but there's no connection there. I want to find a way to fulfill my social needs but also be able to let go and have fun without overanalyzing everything I do. I also want to be confident in my gut, and follow my heart, and stop wasting time. Just trust!

I would like to run more regularly and worry less. My counsel would be to just schedule the first and do it first thing in the day, and that will take care of the second.

Health is at the top of my wish list--good health, which I don't feel I've had for the past year. I have to, have to, HAVE TO lose weight. The advice I'm going to try to apply was what my doctor told me about quitting smoking: "You have to truly want this for your own good." I quit smoking over 7 years ago. If I could succeed at that, I can succeed at this, too.

I would really like to grow professionally this year. I would also really like to have tackled all of my food issues and maybe even see if I can't work exercise into my daily routine somehow, but it'll come whenever it comes. I also just really want to do a lot of aa service. Maybe more commitments. More speaking. More sponsees. I want to grow my circle of sober women and hopefully sober queers.

Concentrate on what you've done well and on what you know to be right. The rest will fall into place.

The grass is not greener on the other side. Give energy to the things that present themselves in your life and give thanks for them for they will be your teachers and are gifts. Remember there is never a "right time for anything"

Establish a regular meditation practice. Enjoy it. Protect it. Take times daily to be mindful and relax in ways that promote physical and mental relaxation.

I want to eat healthier and more consistently. I have heard of the power of habit, and would like to establish some good habits that will help me meet my goals.

Oddly, perhaps, I get much of my inspiration from the lyrics of songs. John Mayer is a favorite of course. But there is a band called life in 24 frames that has a song with two phrases that have been meaningful this year. One is "life had a different plan" and the other is "you sink or you learn to swim."I can't do a lot of physical things, but I would like to continue to keep my mind sharp.

I want to be more positive and happy. I read an article on how our brains tend to remember the negative, and that happiness takes work, so I have been working very hard to be happy. Life keeps throwing me curve balls left and right but I remind myself that I can't control everything; the one thing I can control is me. My health counselor has suggested that I write a gratitude journal, everyday you are supposed to write 5-10 things you are grateful for from the previous day. I have been very good about this and it has helped me appreciate things more and it has helped me work towards being happy. By next year I want to be the happy person I am supposed to be. I don't know where that person went but she has been hiding for the past 10 years.

I would like to sign up for a Holocaust course. Or at least take some course through the temple. I think that I was most content when I was taking "Hebrew Plus" with Rabbi Michele. I so enjoyed the give and take with R. Michele and my classmates.

I'd like to take life one day at a time and not sweat all the crap that I can't control. I clench my teeth all the time when I'm concentrating and I need to stop. I'm gonna wear down my teeth! It concerns me. Just relax. I was never so uptight when I was younger. I'm not sure what it is about getting older that causes me to clench my teeth but really I need to stop, trust God. He's in control. I'd really like to lose weight.

I'd like to get my life under control and not feel overwhelmed all of the time. I've heard that it gets better after a few years teaching, so next year with a few years under my belt I'm hoping to be more in control. I think the best advice that I've received came my senior year of college. One of my advisors told me "do what you say you'll do." It's simple advice, but it's not as easy to carry out. It means being absolutely dedicated to reliability- and having the strength to say "no" more often than you would like.

"You don't believe you are worthy of love." My friend told me this last year at Burning Man. He could see that I guarded myself against closeness with others. He said I must convince myself I am worthy of love. To repeat it aloud many times a day. Write it in walls, notebooks, mirrors. I am still trying to understand this. I know I must be worthy of love, but I don't believe inwardly. I am worthy of love.

I want to be happy with what I do, rather than disappointed in what I haven't yet done. I think the classic phrase "just be" is what I'm aiming for; I hope to get there soon!

I just want to be a normal person. try to recover my self after this depression I'm suffering right now. I want to stop taking pills and be the girl I was before this.

I would like to improve myself by continuing to take classes- to eventually earn my degree. I also want spend more time with my children because time is so precious but there always seems to be so little of it.

I would like to read more and really work on my communication skills, I'd like to help those around me feel loved and appreciated. The best advice I ever got was to always own 100% of yourself.

"Stop believing all your bullshit and getting in your own way." "In 10 years, you'll spend more time regretting things you didn't do than things you did."

It would be great to stop being so violently suicidal and manic depressive. It's alienating to me and to those I love. I am not certain what can guide me here. I often wish I could rid myself of all hope and expectations but that just seems really sad and I'm resistant to it, much as it might help me. Seems like I'd become either perfect or a shadow of a human being.

I would like to stop setting goals for myself and just live life. I am always stressed about my goals and never actually feel like I've done anything special because I find them to be such a burden. I started grad school two years ago and maintained a 4.0 GPA but didn't feel like it was as challenging as I expected. I started running and did a half marathon but felt like I ran it too slow. I'm never content with my accomplishments. People just tell me to take life easy... I need to figure out how.

The best council I got was very recent: "Ask for help when you need help." I intend to do so.

I want to want find more answers inside myself. I am a good listener; frequently too good of a listener. I will talk to people and what they say sometimes has more sway than what I think, even when it's just a causal conservation with someone I don't know that well. I want my thoughts and feelings to have more weight than what others think or suggest.

I want to improve my relationship. I want to take a vacation. I want to get some patience back -- I feel like it's been spent down too far, and I'm not as able to buffer my responses to ... life.

Physical: I want to continue running and work on strengthening my entire body. In addition to continuing to run and train (first for a 5k this fall, hopefully a 10k by spring and a ½ marathon by next fall), I hope to do at least one of these: find a gym, take a kettlebell class, do more yoga, get a personal trainer. Emotional: I will continue going to therapy to have an outlet to channel and work through my frustrations to make me more emotionally available and more supportive of those around me. I hope be in a better place as far as work is concerned, and continue to be compassionate as I seek a divorce. And in light of falling in love again, I hope to be the best partner I can. Intellectual: I need to read, knit and play games more. I need to find additional opportunities for learning and create the opportunities if I don’t find them. And, I'd like to go to grad school.


I would like to eliminate some of the limiting beliefs that I impose upon myself in many area of my life. I CAN manage my time btwn work, social and family I CAN be in the best physical shape I would like to be. I CAN achieve my financial/career goals. I CAN be the best friend, husband, dad(I hope) that I am capable of. REMOVE all limiting beliefs - be the CAN not the CAN NOT in life!

I want to be the very best version of me I can be. I want to regain the confidence of being on my own, comfortable in my independence, and full of unrelenting excitement about forging ahead in my life.

I want to stay at this level of communication with Jens that we've just reached - not taking things personally, de-escalating upset, with both of us able to realize and state what's making us upset early on. I never want to get crazy upset again so that I start slamming doors, slapping walls, or throwing things. Those were bad days and I can see Jens has wounds from those. I hope that once I never go back there for a long time, he can also learn he doesn't have to flinch when I tense up. That's the saddest thing for me to see. I say NEVER AGAIN to those out-of-control feelings. Inspiration from the scrolling sample-answers: appreciating the beauty of enough! I am enough, I have enough, I do enough! And to impart that to Jens, too. As always, since the first year I have done these Qs, being able every day to answer the question: "What have you done today that you were proud of?" Listening ever more to my Inner Ner Tamid, my unwavering voice of love and support, who can talk me off of cliff edges and hold loving dialogues with me to move forward instead of hitting brick walls. My intrinsic source of cognitive therapy; I'm convinced it is the same thing. And learning to develop those dialogues even further so I can actually work through my opinions internally, without having to bounce them off friends, and so that I can tune in all the time, enough that it becomes an instinct. ADD-wise, I learned two really important things this year to put into practice: Dr Ahlers told me that one of the principles of CBT is telling myself not "my brain does not do that," but "I get there differently than the others," and finding new ways to get to the same result instead of assuming the worst and not trying. Such as long-term planning which I've always held as a lost cause. Another thing I heard in a seminar is this: I don't HAVE TO act on my impulses! Talk about an eye-opener and a forehead-slapper. Yeah, I never realized that before. I have the control! I can acknowledge impulses and even write them down without running off to do them. I want to work on that control more. I think that can be a massive key to not spending 15 hours online; I just tell myself, "I don't have to give in to this impulse!" What a revelation, a subtle exercise of control and a self-esteem booster. I'd like to get more into mindfulness, and stop being so tense in my back (through massage, better posture, and consciousness of how tense I am). Work more consciously on my "natural turnout" again, since if I get into more frequent massages they'll hurt less if I go in with less-tense muscles. I want to exercise more often, to support a meds-free life for at least the next year through trying, pregnancy, and nursing. And we circle back to the main topic again! Then... I want to be a great mama. I want to sing and I want to love & accept my kid(s); I want to try my utmost to enrich their lives without forcibly/unnecessarily/too early improving or redirecting them. I want them to have the best on their own terms... to know the balance between guiding them wisely and my own tunnel vision of what I think's best. I want to see the beauty of what they give and to learn, with them, when to ask for more and when to see it's enough. I want, with Jens, to provide an example of loving and constructive parents, and stable ones. So we have a little ways to go!

Carrying on with my degree - Sheakespeare this year; learning more about cosmology; reading; finding a way to work differently, so I am not stuck in a office I hate all day, but doing lots of different things and enjoying most of them. Just changing my lifestyle before it's too late! I suppose the best advice for that is many variations on the theme of 'every journey starts with a single step'.

I want to be living in Panorama, fitter, happier and healthier. Keep your eyes open and go with your instincts.

I'd like to make more work (writing or art). Probably can take the advice "The perfect is the enemy of the good" to make that realistic. I'd also like to work on less commercial/corporate/tv projects, and more film/art/music video. I think it will be hard to afford it, but I want to move in that direction. I should take the advice of most successful people to do what I enjoy. I'm pretty much mediocre at working on terrible projects, right now, but I've been good or maybe better at working on meaningful projects in the past.

I would like to be less anxious and BE myself more. When I'm anxious I realize the irrationality of it, but it's hard to shake the feeling. I saw my therapist last month and we are going to meet more often which is a path to better. Being myself more, means caring less what my husband or mother in law or mother think. When I turned forty last year, I said it was the year of "owning it", whatever IT is for me. I think what the translates is being genuine and silly and expressing myself in whatever manner I'd like. I guess I need to take my OWN advice.

Last year, I decided to work on embracing who I am, quirks and all, rather than actively working against them and forcing myself into situations that make me uncomfortable. I think this new year, I need to refine that a bit, to make sure I don't wallow in "I don't have to do that"ness as an excuse to avoid life and feelings, and yet--conversely--to make sure I am giving myself outs when participation is literally painful or detrimental to me. I'm not sure I've quite figured out that balance yet.

I suppose the answer is "let it be!" ... I have many dreams and visions for my life that I've given to the Universe ... and now I KNOW they are coming at the perfect time ... and I also know for myself "just do it!"


I want to be more organized and intentional about what I do. I want to work on focusing and being less scattered. To identify what my true interest are and to go forward. I also want to be more aware of the people I bring into my life and not let my therapy self overlap with friends.

I want to prioritize myself more, I want to prioritize laughing more, having more fun. All my personal work at The Ford Institute should remind me.

I want to work on being more patient, on being less self-involved and entitled. I was to think more about my privilege and how to hold that responsibly. I want to act more and theorize less - create some real change, real trouble.

In a yoga class I heard the most perfect mantra: "I am excellent; I am enough."

I want to get more organized. After my boyfriend moved it, we started going on occasional cleaning binges, and the apartment is so much nicer when it's clean - when there aren't dirty dishes and clothes and papers everywhere. It's just so hard to get motivated.

I would like to be less stressed out about everything. The regular everyday stress is eating into my relationships with my family and I want that to stop. I am hoping that by quitting my job, I'm able to just focus on exercising, finding the outside hobbies that keep me happy, and organizing our family to better enjoy our time together. My wife told me earlier this year that I am "more important to this family than the job I do." That really helped me put things into perspective to understand that my life isn't my work. And that the quality of our lives together could be vastly improved if I wasn't working. I am hoping - and betting on the fact - that she is right.

I desperately want to create a sacred space of my home, whether that home is here or at Grandma Dot's. I deserve better than this, Mike deserves better than this, and if we have a child, that sweet bebe deserves better than this. I want to fix up the things in my life that are nagging at me - get my car fixed, take care of the little details that always seem to fall through... The calm I seek can come through space to move in - not clutter to be suffocated by, meditation, and mindfulness. It will feel so, so, so good to downsize to the items that truly improve my life and discard the rest. It would do wonders for my self-esteem.

I wish to live more fully, e.g., in more moments, as embodied Divine Presence. The morning prayers remind me that G*d is coming alive again as me today, but in so many moments I forget this. What will happen when I learn to keep this awareness alive? My favorite rabbi, Zvi Ish-Shalom, said to me recently, "Just feel yourself as embodied Presence, take very good care of your body [because the body is where my particular fragment of Presence has a home!], and let the chips fall where they may." Yes! I think I'm up for this!!

I would like to stop shoving my foot in my mouth. How many times have I said something (I didn't like) only to be asked to do that same thing a few weeks/months later? Part of this is opening myself up to more experiences and saying "yes" to everything. Not only that, but when I have worked on said project, I have found I did enjoy learning about this topic!

I would like to give more attention to work that I love, I would like to continue to care for my own inner needs so that I don't become dysregulated when others don't meet them. My own therapist from last fall taught me many skills for reminding myself of my worth, for being grounded, which I wish to hold on to. I wish to be more creative.

Continue to try things that scare you. Sometimes the outcome can be disappointing, but it's better than not knowing at all. Befriend everyone and don't be scared to make the first move in any type of relationship. I mean so far this has worked pretty well. Strive for excellence and work hard, i'm tired of being the last one this year i'm going to be the best.

Work on expressing my stresses in more constructive ways then just internalizing everything.

I would like to not get bogged down in inessentials, not swerve or get distracted from my goals: to become healthier physically, to do good work artistically (& finish things!) and to be an all-round kinder, calmer, nicer, more giving person. Best advice is that you need different motivations & reinforcements--what works for a while might wear off. In a related way, I am learning to build many fences around my time and intentions, all to help me accomplish them.

"There is never a good time. So either regret going or regret not going." I'd like to push myself to continue to try new things and NOT let fear decide my fate. I'd like to continue to step out of my comfort zone and just be less afraid in general, trust more fear less. I'd also like to adjust my "bitchy resting face" so I look like a more pleasant person and less intimidating.

Get over it or get through it. Taking this slap in the face/wake up call for being more positive and just getting things done rather than worrying or complaining about it.

My new year's resolutions from this past year transformed my life: 1) Smile hard until it's genuine. 2) Don't let bad experiences make you bitter or cruel. 3) Say "yes" to anything that means you no harm. This made me more adventurous, outgoing, joyful, and kind. Everything is better than it ever was.

I would like to not only be grateful, but also happy.

It's all about the relationships . . . keep that in mind!

The advice is to take better care of myself, honor myself. Yep. Gonna do this.

I would like to better my ease of happiness. By that I mean enable myself to be happy and to coach myself to turn toward happiness instead of sourness when I identify those choices (because sometimes it is a choice). Through that, I would wish to become a more aware, of myself and others, to become better at engaging and leading a community. There are bits of advice here and there that I think will help me learn this but nothing in particular stands out.

I want to live a far more balanced life. I would like to invest more time in studying Torah and my spirituality. I would like to also spend more time with my family and 'me' time.......

take my jealousy and transform it into energy which may help me to make my dreams come true.

I would like to make sure that I visit AZ regularly to see my grandchild there and build a relationship with him/her. The other grandparents will be so much apart of his/her life that I don't want to be forgotten.

I would like to continue to stay active and fit as I see this as a key to being happy and to coping with the pressures of work and family life.

I want to change the world by producing a positive impact for those around me.

- practice loving kindness towards myself and others - be gentle with myself - forgive myself and laugh at my inabilities because they are few and part of life - speak fewer negative things about others or other situations - be an exchanger of bad for good

I want to forge real relationships, and stop living on the surface of things. Karen often assigns me the homework of "drinking people in." I think I should try to do that. Hopefully it'll make me less self conscious, less awkward, and more real.

I would like to get comfortable with my changing middle aged body. I have read a lot this year about how to talk in front of/to your daughters about body image. It is important to me that they be confident, so I need to model confidence.

I want to learn to be more patient and more 'zen' about work and my children and my house and my husband. The list coud keep going, but it's not about them. It's about me learning that there is a pace and to just let that pace be. I can't make it faster or slower, but to just enjoy it for what it is. I think the piece of advice that's going to guide me through this is to trust my gut. TRUST YOUR GUT! (I have to listen carefully, but I know it's there...)

I want to make my own choices. I no longer want to allow anyone and everyone to crush my boundaries. I want to take responsibility for my own life. I'd like others in my life to begin taking responsibility for their's too.

Breathe. Live life moment by moment, without judgment. I want to build my meditative practice.

clean myself of trapped emotions make loads of cash constantly by selling artwork and art installations

I want to do what I do for me and for no one else. I want to be comfortable and confident with myself.

As I'm turning 50 next year, I want to reach that milestone at my best. Eating right, exercising, destressing, making healthy choices for my body and mind and soul. In the second grade, my teacher Miss O'Brian had a sign taped over the wall clock, "time will pass - will you?" Time is going by anyway, why not make the absolute best of it? Why not treat myself fantastically? If I don't, who will? By being both strict, and forgiving, I know I'll be the best me.

My life is pretty good right now. If I added stuff, I feel like I'd have to take other stuff away, or cut down to make time for it. I'm thinking about the usual stuff like getting more sleep; improving my diet; hardening up by body to look and feel better about myself; getting a girlfriend (I'm working on it). I would like to learn a bit more Portuguese before going to Brazil next year, but I'm not prepared to sacrifice any of my time currently spent watching and reading and listening about the NFL. Trying to remember the best piece of advice I've received. It would probably not be personal to me but something I read in the daily Moodscope emails. I may come back to this...

I just need to focus on making better decisions and commit more fully to my health and fitness regimen. I don't need advice from anyone to know that I need to do these things. If my relationship with Greg ends, I know that before getting myself involved in another relationship I need to evaluate and think things through more clearly as not to end up between a rock and hard place like I am now! I need to start caring about myself as much as I care about others, and invest in my future more than the present.

I want to get much more physically fit. Not there isn't really a piece of advice, or counsel, except inner guidance.

Follow your intuition! Do the things you love. Allow yourself to love. Forgive and move on. Welcome spirituality.

I really want to figure out weight loss and how to be happy. I have to find the balance. Where is the in between. Everything that I try lately seems to get me down. I want to reach my goal weight 140, and stay there. A little less would be fine too, depending on how 140 lbs looks. I don't have any advice for myself, I just really hope I can figure it out. I hope I'm running too.

I'd like to be kinder, especially to my own family. It's so easy to let the day's frustrations with/ around the people who love you most.

first I would like to be even closer to God. I'd like to get into better shape for myself and I would like to get a better car then the one I have right now. Also I would like to save more money. The best advise I ever got was...to never ever walk away from God keep going no matter what!

Let life happen. Don't try to control every moment, and don't get upset when things don't go according to plan. Smile. Life is good. We are incredibly blessed. Don't sweat the details.

There are a million ways that I have in motion to improve myself this year. I want this year to be the year that I truly embrace judaism as part of myself. Things are changing positively in so many ways that I can barely keep up. I would love to learn to manage my time more effectively.

I would like to be more independant, and therefore, more relaxed and free. "Keep moving forward" That's the best advice for everything I want. Keep working for what you want. If you do so, every day you will be closer to the Finish line. Do not hesitate. Just keep moving forward.

I want to be more focused at work and in making music. I waste so much time on the internet instead of actually doing the things I want too. I can't remember anything in the past to guide me.

More empathy. More kindness. More generosity. Maybe also being on time more, and being more productive with my time. (Those last two are ever-present struggles.) More trying to put myself in others' shoes and truly serving them, "BP-style." (BP is a person I have known since I was little.)

I want to learn how to trust myself and trust the universe a little more. I want to be more honest with myself and with the people I interact with. I want to play with different habit patterns and try to be more mindful with my actions and words.

My mantra for the past year has been "good enough mother." Which is something we talked about in grad school in relation to therapy, being a "good enough mother" in terms of being a good enough therapist. But now I am in the position of literally being a "good enough" mother. I am trying to be good enough, knowing that I can't be perfect. IT IS SO HARD. So I just want to keep that in mind, to help anxiety stay away. Just need to be good enough. You are good enough.

Probably the best advice I've had this year came on Rosh HaShonah. The rabbi's message included the story about the big wave and the little wave headed for land. The big wave panics and tries to control the situation. The little wave doesn't panic because, she says, there are seven words that keep her from panicking. Those words "We are not waves, we are water." How can this guide me? I think that when I think about improving myself and my life, it all can seem overwhelming unless I realize what real influence is, how it's pervasive like water and not grand like the big wave. So I can let the best influences seep in and relish the improvements.

I would like to have a better handle of our finances and to continue working on simplifying and minimizing. My advice to myself would be "Breathe" and "Don't have anything in your life that doesn't make you happy or your surroundings more beautiful".

Be confident in your decisions. See them out to the end. Trust in your intelligence and when people say 'if you can't do it, no one can, or no one else could have'. Trust in people's faith in you and trust in your own faith in your self. Don't let your bank account dictate your self worth. Always be worth more than the figure in your bank account - because you are.

I would like to continue to focus on staying in the present and to work on "taking in the good" and being compassionate to myself.

I would like to be less frivolous, I would like to be more productive. I suppose the best counsel I've received on the latter front is that I am pretty awesome and when I touch creative ventures, those who know me do want to support me.

To learn to be happy and content. I met a dear new friend this year who explained how life is all about attitude. And, while we've heard that before, hearing it the way he explained it. It finally "clicked" We have a decision to make everyday. To be happy, or not.. I want to choose to be happy.

Be motivated to look for a new job and let my guard down with the person with whom I hope to be in a relationship. The related advice I received: remember that it is naturally human for anxiety to often trump sexuality. The related advice I give to myself: Be patient and forgiving with yourself but also honest.

I've come so far, but I've still got a road to climb before I get there. I've got to get financially better, possibly find a new love, become a bit more stable. But above all, I must remember that no matter how good I have it, never give up. I think it's all about that Steve Jobs quote: "Stay hungry. Stay foolish." And I'm going to never stop fighting.

I've lost 42lbs this year, and I want to keep that up. I'd like to be more presence in my interactions with others and more intentional in my responses. I want to be lovingly and authentically honest about what I think and feel when I'm with others, and less quiet. I don't know if this was specific counsel I received, but I did learn the hard way that it's best to say what you feel immediately. If you respond in a misleading way, even if you have the best intentions in doing so, the other person just becomes confused and hurt when you bring up your feelings later on. I hope to be more self-aware and open in these types of situation next year. I think that's a good goal.

The reason I decided to go ahead with yoga teacher training was less to do with being a yoga teacher and more to do with being a better parent. So far, the one area that really still eludes my me is when I am with my kids in everyday life. I would like to yell less, enjoy more, and let go of needing to always "get stuff done".

Staying positive and not being hugely affected by other people's attitudes is a constant struggle for me. I want to be in a place where I feel so confident, stable, and happy with myself that I don't absorb energies around me as easily. The best advice I got this year was from my Birthright tour guide Vivi. She preached so much self- love and self-trust. How loving yourself helps you love other people and love the right people for you. I want to continue to surround myself with people who enrich my life and support me for who i am.

stop being so judgmental, enjoy life, don't let anything kill a good mood, see things from others point of view, be more confident in yourself you were so confident this summer and the 3rd week back to school your self esteem is lowering, find out what makes you happy, do well in school, have fun, be spiritual, better friendships, love life

I would like to be more open to making friends. To not be so picky. To be more open and not so closed in and pent up. I want to be able to share feelings finally. More importantly I'd like to lose enough weight that I can prove to myself that I can love myself at any weight, but being healthy is priority number one. The piece of advice that shall guide me is that everything takes time, and that slow progress is better than fast unsustainable progress.

I want to embrace vulnerability.

I will be BOLD. I will try and fail and try again. I will remember that it really matters not at all what others think of me, but what I think of myself matters a hell of a lot. And for that reason, I will also cut myself a break. I will be compassionate and forgiving with myself, remembering that none of us are perfect -- and that it is our imperfections that make us... well, perfect. By releasing my self-judgement, I will also release all judgement I desire to have towards others. I will see their imperfections as clearly and lovingly as I see their gifts.

I would like to spend less time on the computer and more time reading. I used to love reading. I want to love reading again. A lot of people have told me to read things that aren't about social justice and are more about fun topics. I hope that works.

I would like to work on being more grateful for the little things. I've begun to do this in the past months or so, and really for the past year and more, but I'd like to continue to explicitly focus on what I am grateful for. One of my daily Great Work Provocations asked how I could push the number on my personal victimhood scale down. I would like to take that advice and keep working to be grateful, hoping that I will end up with a happier and more meaningful life.

I would like to devote enough time to each part of my life- relationships, work, activism, community, and family, and I would like to continue to improve my reliability to my commitments. It's all play and practice!

Same. Same as always. Just keep working out. Cut down on the swearing. I guess paymore attention , take time to notice things and become a better listen. I think if i can do that then i should be able to resolve any problems that come up. I want to excel at my new job. I think it is a good fit. I need to be more patient with people...like the "Shema" Listen!

I could stand to improve my work ethic, especially when it comes to doing things I don't want to do, whether it's working out or science homework. I'd also like to improve my people skills. I think I've certainly come a ways in that department, but there is still room for progress. There's a piece of advice on my bulletin board that reads, "When you meet someone new, treat that person as a friend." I think that mode of thinking could be instrumental in expanding my horizons, especially as I move onto a new world in college. It will be critical that I find the time and make the effort to make new friends, meet new people, and create for myself a successful network.

Come back to myself. Write, sing, play music. Live in the moment. Focus and focus and breath.

I would like to connect more genuinely with others. That doesn't just mean being nice to everyone (I can do that). It means this: Making eye contact. Being engaging and interested in others. Respecting myself as much as others. Setting boundaries. Giving in meaningful ways. Letting others give. Being vulnerable, open, and honest with the right people. Being brave enough to be direct and honest when needed. Being proactive. Nurturing those truly good friends. Letting go sometimes and expressing genuine feelings. As for advice. A great quote I say today was "“Set your life on fire. Seek those who fan your flames." - Rumi And one of those people is Cam Guest. His message to me before I left on this trip is amazing and I'm still trying to incorporate some it and I'm still struck by the genuineness of what he wrote: "Now you embark on a journey of adventure and discovery, especially one of self discovery. Please, protect that love of life and most importantly, that spark that makes you one of the most amazing people I've met. Guard it with all you have and be picky about who you let in there. I love you. Be safe. Enjoy this planet. Enjoy life. You're doing something most people can't (or won't). Go forth. You have Lots of love AND encouragement. <3"

Simplify -- get rid of stuff, "appreciate the beauty of 'enough'" (per another respondent), put more things in the hands of those who can use them, live with less, enjoy more....

Be yourself. Be true to who you are and don't be afraid of it. I often meld to others wishes. I really need to stop doing that. I think that if I spent more time being true to me, I would get better results. I also hope I take the time to email my friends back in the states on a regular basis. I am not good at that either. Those friendships are incredibly important to me and I need them. Oh and stay fit!! This time next year we should be starting to try to get pregnant. I will need to be healthy for that.

I wish there was, but the general consensus is it's not what you know but who you know. Hopefully with all this stuff I am doing something great will come out of it.

I would like to get into better shape and lose a few pounds. I am working on this by making time to take care of myself. I am starting this process by getting to the doctor and to the gym. I may need knee surgery to get up and running again. I am using my father, an avid marathoner and terrible patient, as an example of what not to do. He ignored his knee pain for years, and when it became impossible to ignore, the damage was beyond repair. He can no longer participate in his favorite activities. I don't want that to happen to me.

I need to exercise daily and practice some type of meditative reflection. Sometimes I am very hard on myself. I need to be gentler and accept myself as a loving person.

I need to find my own inner peace. I want to feel happy in my own skin, feel that I have and am enough just as I am and really believe that who I am is exactly who I'm supposed to be. I have many things I'd like to do to improve my life (exercise more, meditate daily, read, etc) but at the inner core of myself, I want to believe I am enough.

I want to be a calm and patient mother who allows her son room to dream, be and love life without anxiety, to the fullest.

Avoiding most bread and sugar would be a start. And simplifying what is around me would help me to be more impactful. I heard someone say, to "start from perfection", good advice, to be hopeful even if the situation I'm dealing with is a "perfect mess".

I'd like to stop seeking perfection, and be content with what is good enough.

I love the Sanskrit phrase "om namo narayani" which means "I surrender." I want to be less stressed out about the things I can't control. I need to control my anxiety and my "freak-outs" through my behavior and my actions. I want to work on improving the things I can control--my happiness, my relationships, my career growth--and stop worrying about the things that I can't. I also want to be more dedicated to my yoga practice!!! I'd like to be certified to teach before I'm 30, but the first step is establishing a regular practice and improving myself.

Just try. There are so many things that I never thought I could do so, I didn't try. Going to "try" this year. There is an intellectual challenge out there waiting for me to discover!

I want to be healthier. Not dieting, not sleeping more, not exercising like a maniac, but just all-round balanced healthy.

Focus on yourself. Love yourself. Be happy. Focus on the positive.

I want to really believe that I'm good enough right now, and from there try to improve parts of my life because it's good for me and not because I am this vortex of "not enough" that has to be compensated for. I kick ass right now! A piece of advice I received this year that I will hold close is something my best friend said when I was struggling will ill feelings toward my ex: you're both right. It doesn't matter if it's me and my ex, me and a workmate, me and Rush Limbaugh. I'm allowed to have my feelings but so is the other person and there's nothing I can do about it. It's a duality that has always been tough for me that I'm trying to integrate as I move forward.

Improving my relationships with my siblings and my father would be something I would like to work on this coming year. This will require stepping back and stop trying to solve their problems rather than just listening and being there for them. There is a sibling rivalry that is very difficult to overcome, and I think that as the eldest - I can best serve my younger siblings by helping them make their own decisions rather than telling them what my wise experience has taught me.

Getting my finances in order. Taking better care of my body. Letting go of perfection and the fear of failure so I can live a fuller, happier, healthier life.

I want to grow in believing I'm not going to fail at everything. I tend to assume that I'm going to either fail or at best never do anything of significance in my own life--just sort of be in it.

I have struggled with food issues in the past, which has a familial component to, which I am well aware of. I would like to feel more confident in how I eat, by slowing down and enjoying it. Also learning how and when to stop eating when I'm bored or for other emotional reasons. My advice to myself is to be PATIENT and KIND with myself.

Trust myself more. Believe in myself more. Don't try to emulate the people I admire -- emulate the very best Me I have ever been and can be.

At the risk of using too many cliches: "Life isn't about finding yourself, it's about creating yourself." and "What would you do if you knew you could not fail?"

The message that has come to me repeatedly this past year is to let go of attachments. I'm a hanger - on kind of person. I want my people close. I hate to let go of good moments, beautiful seasons, sentimental objects, even when there is no longer function or space for them. Time has marched on and places from childhood have fallen into disrepair or ruin. I don't want to let them go. I visited my hometown this summer and saw so much that has not been maintained. The town is smaller and kind of depressed. The locals seem apathetic. As I lamented about all these changes to a longtime friend, she said, "Don't think about how it was. That's gone. Just think about how it is now. Look at all the good stuff. Enjoy that." She was right. and that lesson can be utilized for the other attachments in my life. I am loosening my grip. I'm letting go and finding a great freedom in it.

Let it go. I hold on to things for long after they have lost their usefulness. I need to do a better job of just having things happen and then move on past them. This especially goes for making decisions. I need to make them, be happy with the one that I made and not obsess over alternative outcomes.

Take more walks. Keep in touch better and more consistently with friends. Be gentler and more positive with my children. Be more loving with my husband. Be more disciplined with my writing. Blog more. Share more. Seek new experiences. Do things that are hard. Accept my capacities for what they are and also try to stretch where I can (even when it seems awkward or painful at first).

I want to be more present in the present. Today is a gift. It is fleeting and only comes once.

Doing more things that I love, finding a good balance between duties and pleasure. And most of all, not being afraid of choosing to do what I really love for the rest of my life.

Celebrate others more!

I would like to tap into my creative side more often by doing more art/craft projects. I want to appreciate the beauty of of the life I have been given and to enjoy it more. I spend to much time running from one thing to another that all the beauty and wonder of Life gets lost in the shuffle. Advice to follow: "Slow down. Breathe. Enjoy Life. Be Creative. "

I would love to become more organized, but I'm also going to not worry so much about what others think. I'm going to not worry about the house being perfectly straight prior to inviting people in. I'm planning on backing off on some commitments so that I can just enjoy the time with my family.

Live in the present. And truly enjoy it, because before you know it, it will be the past. Stay present. Just be. Be yourself. Embrace it with everything you have. And don't pick on yourself. Believe. Have faith.Trust the process. Be a nice person, stop gossiping. Don't dwell on your problems, acknowledge the positives you have in your life. Listen to people, truly listen to them. Challenge yourself, challenge your beliefs, question - this is how you grow and your knowledge grows. Don't just accept. Step outside your comfort zone. You never know what you might achieve and how you might surprise yourself.

"Get out of your own way" is a good one! I've been floored by the enjoyment that has come from saying yes to a few new opportunities I wouldn't otherwise think twice about. "Fail hard, fail soon, then continue" is a similar one.

I want to be a good wife and good mother all while taking care of myself. I just need to not put myself last and then resent myself for doing it.

compassion, joy, relationship...trust in the unfolding and pray I meet it well

i'd like to have my very own pony next year! patience. been waiting 47yrs, a few more mnths or so, is do-able, obviously.

I'd like to be more kind to myself. I feel that if I could stop berating myself and be kinder to myself that life would be a lot easier for me. I am definitely nicer to everyone else than I am to myself and it takes a lot out of me to the point where I have barely anything left to give myself and much less to my boyfriend. I am tired of hurting.

Get out there. Go out and have a good time. Go out and exercise. Go out and meet people. Just get out.

Never be afraid of failure because everyone was an amateur once. I would like to improve my life in the sense that I can get to do Erasmus and live in Italy. I wpuld be so happy.

I want to let go of old grudges, to move forwards in my relationships with people with whom I've become stagnant. I have always felt that it was my prerogative to hold onto my memories, life, and moments, but holding on to these wrongs done does no one any good. I can be better; I can do better.

I would like to set specific goals for each important category ( relationships, money, spiritual, health, etc.) to feel on point and on purpose. Advice I will keep in mind: Have confidence in what I know and curiosity with what I don't know.

I would like to make exercise part of my regular routine again, and feel better about my body. I just need to get up and do it. I've done it before, so there's no reason why I can't do it again.

I would like to continue to not binge drink/party. I like being smoke-free, and I want to be in the best shape of my life - physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually.

I know who I am and what makes me happy. Now it's time to make the decisions that allow me to be that person and enjoy that happiness. It's time to get rid of habits that slow me down and distract me.

just embody myself as much as i can and be humble yet unapologetic and yeepppp

I would like to learn to be more patient.

I would like to allow fear to have less of an impact on my decisions. I will be graduating from college in the next year and I hope that if I find my dream job, I will take the plunge and go after it; regardless of the changes it will bring to my life!

I feel like my life is such a blank canvas to improve, and I think that's why I often feel so lost. Am I really grateful for what I have, or am I always waiting for when it's going to get better, when it's going to be better? I think next year I need to continue my quest to get quiet, meditate and create an environment of peace in the home so that I can hear more clearly God's voice guiding me and telling me what I should do when. I ache to clearly hear his vision for me. I'm desperate for answers. I lack patience.

I want to be better educated and better prepared to face my job. I just feel like the "new kid" in this world and... I am. I want to get more experience so I no longer feel like everyone is talking down to me. I want people to talk to me like peers also, not always mentors. I know I may be moving around a lot, but that's what it takes to get a broad base of experience.

Complain less. Do more. Stop stalling and procrastinating. Believe that I can make things happen. Believe that I'm just as smart as anybody else, and I can have influence in how the world works, not just play a part.

I would like to make a daily commitment to strenuous physical exercise and use the advice to just keep doing, even if it's failing, to just keep doing to make things happen.

Hmm...good question. I think I would like to live in the moment more and be ready to give up my plan for whatever God has in mind for me that day.

Not be so quick to anger. To live in the moment more. To not always think the grass is greener. I think I am doing significantly better with being present in the moment. I think being pregnant and now having our baby helped. Time is already flying, I want it to slow down now instead if always hoping it could speed up to get to the next big thing. I know that sooner than I think I will be sad the early days with Evie are gone. I am trying to work in my temper, it will be a life long battle.

I'd like to floss more. I promise myself that every year, but I don't do it? I'd like to spend less money too. And I'd like to be more successful at my job. The advice is "Opportunities look a lot like hard work." and always floss.

read more TOrah and moral/ethics and try to take that into consideration into actionS!!!

I want to be able to open up to the people around me and to stop lettin my pride get in the way when I need help. I was told that the people who love me will be willing to help me, and I need to start remembering this instead of trying to do everything alone.

In reviewing the potential harm I’ve caused others this past year, I came up with two things I’ll focus on in the coming year to help improve my relationships. The first is to eliminate gossip from my life, no more speculation on motives or needs, no more sharing stories out of turn or joking at another’s expense. The second is to stop complaining about other people, I do this too often disguised as venting and it’s useless. It doesn’t fix the problem or even make me feel better.

I always want to continue to work on myself. To me, my ultimate goal is to become the best me I can be. I don't ever believe you are ever truly done. There is always more you can do and learn to be a better human being. If I can learn something new about myself, what I am capable of, or how to deal with something I find difficult I will feel as though I accomplished something this year.

I would like to figure out how to manage my digetive problems which probably will involve reducing stress and taking better care of myself. If I could do that it would improve the current quality of my life. I want to stay healthy in general, continue to exercise and be active.

I'd like to bring a consistent sense of self discipline into my life - a way for my mind and soul to assert themselves with my physical being. I need to place myself under a "wholesome discipline" as mentioned in the Desiderata.

id like to practise being in the present moment, id like to develop more awareness of what is going on in my subconscious so i can catch myself before the thoughts create my actions. i dont want to be subconsciously, unmindfully, eating, smoking, drinking etc. raise my awareness and know whats going on in my mind more

I realized something massive a few weeks ago, that I tend to assume people have the same understanding of a problem that I do, and that I often attempt to explain my interpretation of the answer, without first establishing that we're talking about the same thing. I want to remember this, every day, all year. Ensuring that whoever I'm talking to or working with is operating on the same landscape, and with the same definitions, that I am.

I said this mostly in Question 6. But basically I just want to feel happy and balanced. Again I want to feel like I am a happy and productive person. I create my reality. I think I can do a lot to change my own attitude and self to act in a happy way and just continue with the great things I am doing and figure out how it all plays out in the story of my life! I want to be a happy, content, and productive person! I know I know, big goals. But as they say- Think Big!

"Don't give up; believe." Believe that you can write. Believe that you can change everything. Believe in yourself.

"For I know what I have planned for you,' says the LORD. 'I have plans to prosper you, not to harm you. I have plans to give you a future filled with hope." Jeremiah 29:11 I would really like to have my house paid off.

Get to know myself better. Accept who I am. Figure out what I am really good at. Accept others. They are who they are. Work with it!

I want to be totally in my integrity. To be my word. If I agree to do something. To do it. If I cannot then communicate immediately and create a new agreement I want to finish incomplete work. I want to experience the satisfaction of completing my work so that I can then give birth to more. I want to clean up my office space as well as my apartment. My intention is to be more consistently present to my space and my energy so that I effectively manage my use of time and energy in maintaining space which is clear of clutter. I imagine that feeling of relief and clarity. During this next year i envision moving forward in quantum leaps into my next phase of wonderful vibrant life.

To open up to more people feel comfoprtable in my own skin I think being true to who you are and to be concious of what you do and that there are always people to talk to its wether you take the leap trust someone and well i love passeneger \ LIFE IS FOR THE LIVING SO LIVE IT OR YOUR BETTER OFF DEAD :)

I would like to get into better shape -- lose some weight, increase muscle mass and flexibility. I am finally feeling less restricted because of serious injuries so I know I can do it!

Re-commit to fitness on a regular basis Improve diet and get rid of extra sugar Limit any alcohol to only one drink Learn Learn Learn You only live once, get busy LIVING!

Two areas - This is the year for self care. I have gotten into a good exercise routine for the last three weeks and should have no problem keeping a membership at LA Fitness. I also believe this is the year to get my eating and weight under control. The other area is getting back to something approaching earning enough to sustain myself.

I want my heart to be less hard. That seems vague, but I thought about it a lot during the Rosh HaShanah liturgy. I feel like I have a "heard heart" now--I am frustrated with dating and that colors my dating experiences; I am feeling bored at work, and that is making me irritable; I am annoyed by coworkers, which is making me cold towards them. I want to purposefully open my heart and make it warmer and more flexible.

That which doesn't kill you, makes you stronger. No matter how bad things for me are, there's always someone out there who has it worse, and I'll probably find out about it somehow. There's no place like home. I want to be stronger and more self assured. Maybe the above will help.

I would like to do more things that I LOVE to do. Not just be idle. Though Im not that idle. I want to go on more walks and do more active things. I want to find someone that makes me strive to be better, to challenge myself because I find them inspiring. I want to be stronger. Physically but more mentally.

I lost 40 pounds this past year, and I have quite a ways to go to reach my goal. I want to go to the gym more often. I want to get back on track keeping track of what I eat and how often I exercise.

I really want to get my financial house in order and be moving toward debt free

I really want to consistently make healthy choices -- exercise and food. It's like money in the bank as far as one's future goes.

I want to learn as much as I can about web development, without it making me a stress ball in the process. I have no idea how to do that.

I would like to lose weight , really cut back on drinking and develop more patience with life

I would like to be more directed, and more relaxed. Something that really resonated with me during the beginning of my job search was that I want to be more proactive rather than reactive, in pretty much everything. Create solutions rather than adopt them later. Or at least adopt early! :) I think if I continue to try to improve myself proactively, think about it proactively, and act on it that way, I will be happier. Also, creating beauty and helping others--by being better at my job, being a better sister, creating a space that is gemutlich, I will be happier. I just didn't realize adulthood was so much work--you have to figure out everything you want and THEN do it. There is no set syllabus.

I'd like to formally convert to Judaism. It's been getting there incrementally over many years of study, connection to the community, and 'practice' practice of mitzvot. There's always been a reasonable cause to delay. I think the reasons have been addressed well enough now to join the tribe. Time to put my money on the line for conversion school. I'd like to be a better daughter, but pray not to be tested too severely...

I think I need to work on being less judgmental of others and on stepping back to make room for other people. This is something I have always struggled with, but I will have the chance to practice this in a few new settings this year. Maybe this will be the year that sticks!

My goal is to have my Inner Authentic Self burst out of old confines, to take the reins and be the leader. There is no longer any illusion over this being done for me. I am the one.

I am going to improve my life immensely by becoming my own best friend, my own cheerleader, the sole provider if my self worth. I will no longer look outside of myself for validation - I am fantastic just as I am, just as I was born, just as my own baby was! I have nothing to apologize for anymore! Which means I am free to be my authentic self and to use all the energy that was tied up in being concerned with what others thought, to do new and creative and interesting and exciting things!!! Like love a beautiful man and raise a beautiful daughter.

After I take the LSAT and (hopefully) get a job for next year, I think a large part of my cognition for the coming year will focus around this idea of being "the spark" to others. I'm not exactly sure what that will look like, but I suspect it will mean that I'll be more spontaneous, more fun to be around, more of an enigma. These aren't easy changes, but I think they're key to me developing as a person.

The trainer in a course from work spoke about the progression from being unconsciously incompetent to becoming consciously competent. This way of looking at communication skills struck a chord with me and I hope to continue working my way towards becoming unconsciously competent. I hope to make improvements in both my personal and workplace communication. I read a book called "Out of the Nightmare." Part of the book discussed the idea of being more specific about feelings and what was causing them. The idea of trying to more accurately name my feelings seems to make me feel less bad at times.

I want to have more love and respect for myself, I want to be more observant and stop caring so much what other people will think. I want my life to be happier, full of meaning and love and surrounded by people who share my beliefs and those who respect them even if they don't share them. I don't want to be afraid of living the life I want to live. A quote that will help me through this year to guide me is, "Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate. Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure. It is our light, not our darkness that most frightens us. We ask ourselves, 'who am I to be brilliant, gorgeous, talented, fabulous?'Áctually, who are you not to be? You are a child of G-d."

I would like to be more invested in my work. I work hard, enjoy the children, but sometimes feel the futility. I am critical of all the silly programs the school has...golden tickets to improve behavior...I have to look beyond those things.

Focusing on my health, my husband's health, my family's health, and getting our lives in order financially.

I'd like to be able to laugh at the little things and take seriously the big things...to not waste energy on anger around small perceived slights or insignificant injustices...and focus instead on the deeper work of acting justly myself, treating others with kindness, patience, and an open heart...to listen with ears unclogged by prejudice, and speak with a mouth unspoiled by false certainty. I've received much good advice in the past year, but to let go of resentment and to get about writing the book of my life in the way I want it to be written...these words of advice, from a dear friend, will hopefully continue to guide me and inspire me, in the year ahead.

I will finish two more semesters in my university toward my bachelor degree in Business Administration, and I might graduate - it's up to my if I'd be able to take 15 credit hours each semester. In general, I'd make improvement in my education and knowledge. What guides me is the ambition to go future toward the success in my life.

I would like to be more connected with my path in life and my sense of what is right. I so readily give in to others simply because I am afraid of their anger or I don't feel I can clearly state how I feel that I am losing myself. There is no specific conversation I had with others that I recall with any detail, but I am inspired stories of persons who have been true to themselves and courageous as it relates to maintaining a sense of self while walking though adverse conditions. I want to be like that this year.

Say not, "I have found the truth," but rather, "I have found a truth." Say not, "I have found the path of the soul." Say rather, "I have met the soul walking upon my path." For the soul walks upon all paths. The soul walks not upon a line, neither does it grow like a reed. The soul unfolds itself like a lotus of countless petals. -Khalil Gibran I want to find a truth in the coming year. I want to stop viewing every passing month as so "high stakes." Every mistake is a hidden intention. How would it feel to believe this for a year?

Be present. People (including me) often are anxious about things that never happen.

I would love to get a better handle on how the behavior and actions of others effect me. I am still, even at 36, so susceptible to hurt caused by other people not being kind - and so many people are accidentally unkind so much of the time. My sensitivity to that causes me great distress, which can color how I am in my home, around my husband and daughter, and causes actual physical discomfort (stomach aches, heartaches). I would also like to focus on building community with other families - a lot of my loneliness the last few years stems from having to separate my childedness from my friendships because so many of our friends are child-free. that has come to a head this year, and it's time for us to find friends who have the shared language of parenting.

A difficult question to answer, because the verb I'd use is "should" rather than "want": Next year, I should be gentler to myself, I should be less comfortable in rigidity, more accepting of my wants. I should honor my wants - and thereby my needs - and I should embrace spontaneity.

Take a lot more action and less analysis and study. I know what to do, just have to do it!Get out of my hedonistic tendencies and do more of what I should do and less of what I want to do.

I would like to get move involved.

I would like to stop comparing myself to my peers. Who cares if they work there, or he is engaged to her, or if they are buying a house. I need to stop giving myself such a hard time, and learn to love myself! I could really do with self-love.. In terms of guidance, I find Justin Wise's works very guiding, especially in terms of freeing myself from the expectations of those around me. I'm hoping that this can continue...

I would like to bring more projects to completion and put them out into the world... just to see what happens. I want to find and use my voice more. While I can't think of a specific piece of advice or counsel that's guided me, my husband's constant unconditional (yet critical and analytical) support makes me feel safe to take risks.

I want to be happier with my portion. To see all the blessings in my life, rather than harping on the negative. I also want to try to achieve balance. Balance between baby and me, husband and me, work and me. Stop judging myself so harshly. we are so, so hard on ourselves.

I would like to improve my health in the next year by identifying my issues, mental and physical, and then actively doing something to resolve them. I spend way too much time and effort feeling less than 100% and it is such a waste. I think I have already made a significant move to improve my general well being and life, but I should continue to implement that same boldness and excitement throughout the year.

I'd like to be a more patient person with my kids. I find myself rushing them, or rushing their conversations, because it feels like it takes them forever to get anything done. Then I realize that they're kids and I'm being awful. One of the things that I can (and hope to do) is unplug when I'm home with them. No more constant checking of my phone for new emails or the board. Just having time with my kids should come first.

I would like to follow through with some of my more creative ideas and projects. Often I get tired and push these "non-essentials" off until later. If I could establish a routine around creativity, I think I would feel more productive and happier.

I would like to be more patient with my family, particularly my children. I would also like to be more appreciative of the little gentle moments, and not brush past them towards some goal, daily or otherwise.

Patience! I want to get where I need to be physically. I want to have confidence in myself because it reflects on everything I do and everyone around me. There is nothing like feeling good about yourself.

Partly it's the endless old things - more exercise, more discipline around the singing, piano-playing, yoga etc; but I would like to think I could be more relaxed with friends, have more time with them in an easy way.

The best piece of advice -- that is, advice that came at the right time in the right form -- came to me in a dire time from a children's song: "Never smile at a crocodile." So I know words of (what feels like) wisdom can arrive unexpectedly. Recently, I ran into this one which I'm still pondering: "You don't need an angel to call you to freedom; you only need to realize that you already are free." -- I'm not sure I completely understand what that's supposed to mean (what angel? what do angels have to do with freedom?), but there's something about it that won't let me go so I'll continue to puzzle about it. Perhaps when next year's 10Q rolls around I'll have it figured out.

I would like to make my home more "homey". I feel that cleaning, organizing, updating and decorating will not only make me enjoy living here much more, but will be a positive force in my relationships with my husband, kids, and friends. Stop procrastinating and just do it!

"Time heals everything" I would like to stay positive, not complain as much, and really give people the benefit of the doubt and try not to judge them.

I want to be more responsible with money and start getting out debt.

I would like to continue to be committed to working out and eating healthily, I don't expect that should change but I definitely want to continue it. I want to push myself harder to succeed-- meaning apply for more opportunities to further my future career. I want to be less guarded, and less naive. But most importantly I hope by next year I will have a better concept of "living in the moment". Goran once told me that "we only have the now" or something to that effect, and that's certainly something I could do more to appreciate. The present moment and how it makes me feel, rather than always thinking of "the next thing". Edited: I WANT TO STAND UP FOR MYSELF. I haven't gotten any direct, quotable advice other than different versions of "just do/say it" fuck the haters!

I want to improve my mind. The View, the way of a Boddhisattva, incorporating the Four Noble Thruths and the Eightfold Path. The Six Perfections and everything that makes Buddhism so beautiful for improving both ethics and behaviour. Therefore I want to have joined a sangha, or have found a mentor or guru. Compassion shall be my central value, inspired by the Dalai Lama.

I need to exercise more... I say that a lot. I suppose my last goal was to stop smoking and as of now that is the case. I think it's just about starting small, making a part of a regular routine- going for a walk when I've got some extra time. Saying yes :) Just begin a healthier person in general would be good. That's all!

My time is valuable- Sara and Michael taught me that this year. I need to make sure other people and myself are respecting that, and I will accomplish a lot more in life.

I would like to look more to myself for entertainment and love. I have often been the most depressed and alone during periods of uncertainty, and it's a shame. Time with myself shouldn't be a punishment, and I shouldn't rely on netflix to babysit me. I am pursuing being more creative and crafty. I love making handmade gifts for people, and it would be exciting to make that a bigger part of my life. Whether it's making cards and gift tags or lip balm and deodorant, I want to try to create a side business, etsy, farmer's market, green corner store, the freckled frog, or something else.

I want to continue losing weight and now also begin working on strength and muscle tone. I've finally found an approach that works for me, and the motivation and support I needed, and really if I want to have kids in the next few years I need to be in shape to keep up with them!

I think next year will be a transition period for me. I will go from always studying and being a top performer at school to working full-time. I hope that I remember to be the best at whatever it is I am doing. But I also hope to find something else to keep me busy. I hope I pick up a hobby or do something I've always wanted to do, for instance learn a different language. I don't want to stop my brain from working just because I graduated. To improve next year, I hope I don't just settle. I hope I strive to always be great.

I want to improve my motivation and faith in myself. If there's anything in the last few months that I've learned, it's that I'm good enough to follow my dreams. I want to remember that I'm good enough.

I would like to improve myself and my life by being in a real, intimate relationship. Since I have yet to experience this in my young adult life, and I'm moving closer to 30, I think its about time this happens. As much as I wish, and try to tell myself, that this isn't the one thing I want - it is. I hope this will improve my life by allowing me to better understand how to treat guys. This past year, I feel like I was so confused and such a bitch to guys. I'm ready to see if my cynical perceptions of guys can be challenged.

dont stop prcticing and never give up

I want to continue my education, learn a few new languages and get myself back to a state of physical fitness at a competitive level again.

Mainly losing my social anxieties and being more open to doing group activities with others. As for improving other areas of my life, I just this morning got a great piece of advice from my counselor. She said I should do one enjoyable thing for myself every day. Even if it's something I already do. But be in the moment and focus on the enjoyment. Great advice which I will try to put into daily practice.

I'd like to continue to build my creative work life of storytelling and performance. And in the process create a warm, people filled life in my nice new home where creativity is fostered and reigns supreme. A rich, warm, and friendly social life. My therapist suggested I start a blog to get my thoughts out there. I did but haven't posted much on it. I want to create an environment in my home that fosters writing and creativity. A friend suggested I have more dinner parties. More events. Happy hours. BBQ's. Anything like that. I have a lot of good creative friends in the same position as me. How do we get the work done and get it out there? I want to start a writing/creative/life/work group that meets at my house.

It's coming back to a different job. It's not that "new job = better life". It's that I need a job where I feel I am using my skills and talents! A job that puts me in collaboration w/ others to reach common goals. A job that's closer to home so that I can feel a little more peaceful around my commute and managing my time.

Look for my role when things go in a way other than I would like. Accept responsibility and forgive myself.

i want to be more clear. i want to be more kind and patient. with myself. i want to be more loving. to myself. when do i get forgiveness? when do i get to just chill out on all the things i haven't done or have done. i need a break from the harshness of my own thoughts.

Take risks and chances. I shouldn't always stay in my comfort zone. I was talking with my therapist and lots of friends and family, and they all seem to say the same thing. "you have a lot to offer"...so I should take a risk and show the world what I have to offer and not hide in the corner. But, I do need a safe space and a comfort zone and that should also be maintained as well.

It is actually a piece of counsel I gave to a friend and realized I need to apply it to my life as well. I am no longer a young person who needs mentoring and guidance to get to the next level of being a good person, good employee, and good family member. I am now at a point in life where I need to be that mentor to the next generation and to contribute at what ever level I can to my employer and to my family.

I'd like to have a nest egg started and a solid financial plan that allows our family to move off of my husband's family ranch and into our own home. We're so fortunate to be where we are right now, but their unhappiness and dysfunction is a slow seeping cloud that we continually have to process and sweep away. I want my daughter growing up around positivity and self-agency. I long for us to create our own reality and for each of us to be able to grow individually and together within the unique energy that the three of us create.

I think I would like to be at peace with myself and all that is around me. I need to be more active after Herbie comes home I would like to be an adv ocate for people, I think I am really good at it.

I like what another 10Qer said, don't wait for better circumstances. Just do it. Write that article, that poem, that book. Visit love and pray for that sick person, dying person, hurting person. Also just heard a sermon online Denise Goulet's "Turn your gaze to praise!" I would like to see strongholds fall!

I want to make sure that I continue to maintain a healthy lifestyle. I gained 20 pounds last year, and lost it all in 2013. I want to be able to feel healthy and happy throughout the rest of my senior year and when I get to college.

"Say what you do, do what you say" Or, in other words I want to keep all of the commitments that I make. There might be somethings that are impossible to keep because of circumstances but they should be few and far between.

I am already on my way to improving myself and hope to continue doing what I am doing for me. A friend said "the heart wants what it wants" and I hold on to that to help me remember that I need to take care of me too.

There are so many things I want to improve. I want dont want to waste time and do things tomorrow. I dont want to be the one who's always tired. I want to be active

Do not worry for the future. work work work, for as I work I see I get more lucky.

I want to be more confident about myself and my abilities. I've heard a lot this year about knowing my worth and standing my ground. I hope I do that!

"Do what you can, with what you have, where you are" is something I read earlier this year that's really stuck with me. It's an approach that could be the solution to so many of my challenges. Accepting myself, my circumstances, and my decisions is going to be so vital for me moving forward. In fact, I'm pretty sure it's the *only* way I can move forward. Stop the pressure and just live. Love myself.

I want to be a better mom and wife. I want to spend more time with my family and less time on my homework. I want to be more patient, less sharp, more loving, and more relaxed. I also want to do more Jewish learning, more praying, and talk more to God. I also want to be closer to my family.

I would like to improve my engagement with the things I have chosen to do -- improve my presence in each moment. If they aren't worth doing, I shouldn't do them. If they are worth doing, I should fully be there when I am doing them. Not being present is embedded in three habits: multitasking, rushing and worrying. I would like to break or greatly reduce these habits. (I am rushing right now, and eating!) The advice I want to keep in mind is to judge myself on how well I am Me, not on how well I am being someone else. Reb Zusia's tale.

It's a path I am already on but I want to continue to "Be, Do & Have". Which means BE others focused, DO the things you do when you're others focused and finally HAVE all the great stuff that comes with being OTHERS focused.

I get a good piece of advice or counsel almost every day, but do I remember any but the most recent? No. But, oh well. A few days ago, Gus took the Myers-Briggs test at school. Then we all did at home. I realized that the fact that other people have different personalities than me isn't personal, it's an opportunity to make it work. I don't have to get defensive because "nobody understands me." I can just pay attention. I can be like my cattle dog, Rocket. Keeping my eye on the next best thing to do and paying attention to the people around me because they're them, not because they're not me.

I want to spend more of time being in the moment instead of reliving the past and worrying about the future. I want to spend more time in the positive than mired in the negative. I want to cultivate more patience -toward myself and toward others. The best advice I heard this year was about overcoming resistance to making positive changes: So what? Do it anyway!

I want to use my time more wisely. I am highly respected at work, yet y life at home is a mess. I would like to live with less clutter, both places.

I'd like to continue improving myself the way I have. Learning about business, learning to deal with people better. Being myself. Believing in myself. Knowing my own value. The best piece of advice from last year: Don't be afraid. there is no point in worrying about things that might happen, they either will or won't. I'd also like to keep my house and car cleaner. I feel like that's a step towards adulthood I've been missing

Take care of myself. My work is stressful and it serves others. I cannot do it well if I don't serve myself first. I need to be healthy, I need to give care to myself.

I'd like to increase my self-discipline, when it comes to getting out the door with the kids on time, completing work in an efficient amount of time, and completing projects I start. I'd like to take the enthusiasm I have for starting new projects and transform that so that I more often complete them.

I have already felt the great power of discipline, and the awesomeness of being able to impose that on myself. I hope I can hold on to that, because I think it's the only way to reach my goals. Perseverance - and not forgetting to also be nice to myself. I try hard, I should't be to harsh.

The biggest thing that would improve my life is de-cluttering our house. It's a challenge because my husband is extremely sentimental and has a hard time getting rid of anything. I've become so disillusioned by the mess that I don't really try to make any improvements. We've all been taking some small steps recently and I need to keep going.

"this too shall pass" "i am enough" "the darkest moments have our biggest lessons" every moment is a new chance

Best pieces of advice from the past year: 1. Fake it till you make it. - Paige 2. Put her in a position where she feels comfortable making the first move. - Sandira 3. Freedom is more important than happiness. - Tom Robbins We'll see where that leads me.

I would like to be more positive and more adventurous. More trusting in The Universe. I don't want to keep talking about "someday", I just want to be able to trust in things enough to get off my a$$ and DO IT! No waiting around for the perfect moment because there will never be a perfect moment. I hope to get over the fear of failure associated with that.

I'd like to keep my mind active whilst I'm at home with the baby. I should read more and I'll like to write more. I think I need to make the time for creative exercises.

I would like to find some magical way of having a routine in a crazy life. I hope to get more sleep, and get up on time more often. David is fab, and I want him to still be there, and for us to be stronger than ever.

Be more open to experiences that are new and different. Take a risk!

I would like to be present more often, rather than thinking of everything I need to take care of. Enjoying the moment and appreciating it is something I can do better.

I would like to become more physically active. In the past year I have been dealing with some health issues related to my heart and my back so between that and everything else it has been a struggle to find a physical outlet that will lead to more gain than pain.

Intentionality. (and flexibility). Live on purpose.

Be more consistent about food and exercise and meditation. I think the piece about love yourself and just do it - which sadly is still hard for me

Done is better than perfect. (From LEAN IN by Sheryl Sandberg)

I haven't really received any advice this past year that jumps out of my mind. Most people (my parents) think I'm crazy. But I KNOW I'm on the right path. It's just not the time to set large goals. This is a time in my life for small goals, a time to reflect and restore and set old wrong things right, to straighten out the small and the neglected, and to come out on the other side lighter and filled with capacity: to listen, to love, to save, to savor, to give.

Be courageous when no one is watching.

I'd like to have more confidence in my instincts and self-awareness. Someone said to me a while ago, after seeing it repeatedly, that it must be hard sometimes to be someone who people attach and connect to so easily, because I can't give everything to everyone. He was right, and it was something I'd never thought abuot before - I always gave myself responsibility for everyone and felt I failed them when I simply didn't have enough. Even when they were being actively cruel. I want to be more aware of it, because it equip me better, it will cause less pain, and it will allow me to choose with mroe care who I allow in and how far, instead of trying to take everyone all the way and never managing it.

I live with more spiritual guidance in my life, more energy and use all my time in a worthwhile way (get clear on howI do spend my time and evaluate if Im using it in a way that I want or that is beneficial for my life and others. I better manage my finances so Im aware of how much I spend and am also able to save, so nothing goes to waste. In essence - less waste, more energy, more stillness, more joy. I also want to give more time and energy in the service of others this year. Ive received so much, my thought are now for how can I give to the world. "Accept yourself as you are."

I need to stop shutting myself down to others, but I a, not sure I am ready for that. Part of me enjoys being closed off and safe, and distant, though I know it can be unhealthy. I have to have some reason to want to overcome this, and my reason was lost this past year.

I have to be better in my health practices. I need to be more active and walk more and eat with more intentionality. I remember hearing that I am too sensitive, I need to accept the "fuck them all" mentality rather than having others dictate my actions.

Advice - stop letting your self doubt stop you from doing what you want. I let my doubt stop me from heading to college and now that I'm here, it really isn't that scary. Except for those wasps/bees. Terrifying. I've let my doubt about my self worth be crappy for a long time and I've been slowly cracking those walls down. I've let the doubt of being an adult hinder myself as well. I've long felt that I wasn't experienced enough or mature enough in all ways, and thinking back now, I've actually grown more in these past few months. Adults don't know everything, and while they can try to act like they do, we know they don't. Life is about experiencing things and discovering for yourself. I'll never know everything, nor will I get the chance to discover/experience everything, but I'll do my best to live and enjoy MY life.

"I am a perfect divine creation" that's not necessarily advice but nice to remember that I am and so is everyone else and it's a great thing to keep in mind as you move through life and interact with people. Also the phrase, "In God I move and breathe and have my being" has been a great calming thing preparing for scenes or working out or just any situation. I think the only thing I want to improve in myself and life is just to keep growing and loving and being open to that and to keep fulfilling my dharma to be refreshing.

Self trumps Society every time. Remember the seed germ. Make time to write. Enjoy being alone. Self improvement is a mentality. Grow into someone you love being.

I want to integrate physical, emotional, psychological, and spiritual wellbeing. The education I recently received at a health retreat was full of advice about how to live my live in a healthier way, and it all works. A mostly raw vegan diet -- unthinkable to me before -- is a major lifestyle change for the better that is already changing my life. It's been a very long time since I felt real change in myself, and it's wonderful to know it's still possible!

I'd like to feel more comfortable being single. Yes, this wasn't what I expected at 35 years old. Yes it's very scarey being alone fearing that I'll never meet someone like Daniel again. But if I can't be ok being on my own then how will I ever survive the rest of my life with a healthy state of mind? I also need to rebuild my confidence. I know that it will come through being in the right role for me.

I want to try to really find a better way to cope with my depressive episodes. People live with conditions like this, but I want to do more than just get by.

I would like to have better communication skills, calmness, understanding in an inter and intrapersonal manner. I would like to be lighter in spirit, but stronger in work.

Don't let fear and insecurity stop you from be present. Don't let it stop you from exercising or learning.

Honour my truth. I must focus on my breath and my well being. Being present and looking after my body always me to hear my truth and follow it... The energy flows between myself and the universe when I do this, releasing limiting thoughts and blockages of energy...

Stop stressing, start doing. Stop complaining, start enjoying. Stop caring, start being. I need to let go of all the bad things, and start opening up to the good things. So what if I can't do the dishes. So what if I didn't plan for that to happen, just let it! Do what I've always wanted to do, without questioning. Live life to the fullest. Love life. Love my loved ones without any trouble. Stop waiting for the right time, stop making excuses. Stop worrying about everything! I need to let go!

I need to be more sociable. I need to make new bridges between people... I want to become taller, I want to become fitter. Look, I hope you did something like this, future me, but it all just narrows down to: Have fun. Don't worry about it. And don't ever be stuck in your own head, crying about how lonely you THINK you are. It's all in your head. Smile. :)

'Do at least 2 hours of creative work every day'

I would like to be able to accept whatever happens in the next year. I want to be able to let go of fear, control, self-blame and expectations completely. I want to be fully present with whatever happens and have full trust that whatever it is, I will still thrive as a person. I've been thinking about something I heard a meditation teacher say recently: "Forgiveness is letting go of all hope for a better past".

I think I say the same things every year: improve my anger control, weight control, procrastination control (i.e. housekeeping and exercise). By this time next year, I'd like to have made a real, lasting difference for one thing. Too much stasis here. But which thing? What I'd love more than anything is to make more friends. I could say my gardening took a leap ahead this past year. With help from Greg, of course, the builder of garden boxes and hauler of dirt. My healthful cooking did, too. And my family ties, with our two Tours de South.

I want to be braver with new people, and new experiences. To learn to push my comfort zone out wider and wider, a little everyday. To believe that Irish saying that, "A stranger is just a friend you haven't met yet."

As always, I struggle in moments of frustration. Typically, if I could take a big picture view in the moment, these are minor nuisances, trifling annoyances. But I let myself get incredibly frustrated, and then I turn mean and petty and harsh, and I yell and I'm disrespectful and just mean. And it's almost always my husband (and occasionally my Dad, my Mom, my siblings, my mother-in-law) who bears the brunt of my wrath. As always, I hope to find concrete says to work on this and improve myself over the next year.

Most of it was already covered in Q6, but one particular thing I would like in order to improve myself is to gain more confidence and security in life. It's the only way I'll be able to mature and grow up enough, so that I'm ready for uni, work and all the other things life has to throw at me. My guidance would be the advice that two friends have been trying to in-still into me for the past year or so: calm down, slow down, relax. I'm constantly thinking, constantly doing, constantly worrying... and I realise now that it's nowhere near healthy. If I take the time to stop, think and deliberate, without the need to over-think situations, then perhaps I will be able to gain that confidence and security I want. We'll see.

Id like to do more yoga. I know this is a recurring theme. But i think its such an important thing, and even though I am working my body very hard, i need to find the time to treat my soul too. Also I want to be less reactive, in all fields, work, personal, family, etc...

I would like to communicate more confidently, and be my own advocate more effectively. One piece of advice that will help me is that "Life is not fair, and people are not fair. You must accept that. Don't let that change your own integrity, but understand that it is so."

I would like to be more creative. Have more time to create. One job instead of two would give me more time and energy to create. Mou's advice to me this year was to just do it now. It was in regards to submitting for a design team. Didn't make it but I'll try again and again. Keep trying, never stop creating art, this makes me happy.

Time management. It's always the time management that bites me. I don't have advice. Maybe it's time to start looking for it.

You know, I think I'll stick with last year's advice: "Pretend that your best friend is doing what you're doing right now. What would your advice to her be?" I still haven't managed that one.

I need to kill the quit in me. "Everybody that ever accomplished anything has one thing in common.They never quit." "Never give in.Never give up." "To hell and back." "People that don't care don't matter.They'll never have anything."

Advance my understanding of self and others and go back to school... again.

I want to manage my time better. I work with such amazing people and would like to model myself after each of them in some small ways. I want to really achieve a healthy work-life balance and be the best parent, partner, friend, and advocate I can be.

Please, please be kinder to yourself. Putting yourself first is not the same thing as being selfish. It's okay to push yourself to into situations where you can learn and grow. It's not okay to make yourself completely miserable. Your brain will eventually not be the enemy. Keep that thought present when you need it.

My brother told me something striking: it is not obvious to us as we go through life that we are beautiful or good for something, even if we truly are. It is, he says, our responsibility as friends and family members to tell each other those things so that we may discover them and believe in them. I think it is time for me to learn what is beautiful and good about me this year.

Feel more confident and comfortable at my job. I want to be in shape, and healthier. Happier than this year. I heard what I often hear: "Chant Nam Myoho Renge Kyo" to transfor your life ... it really has!!!!

I wish to be more loving and compassionate. understanding. I wish to become an inspiring figure for my RE students. I wish to inspire faith and instill in them and in my self the spark of reason and spirituality and the fine use of both.

Stay aware of how precious each moment of life must be. The life cycle exercise I was gifted this year guides me.

I want to continue to be comfortable and confident inmy own skin. My worst moment this year was when I acted as I thought I'd be expected to behave rather than just being myself.

I think it's the same I advice I've had before, be open, guileless, but thoughtful about what you want to do.

Hope to be more influential in my family and community.

I wish to improve my health and my body image I wish to improve my relationship with my self and others - go past the wall of pain, and re-emerge ready to let love in

I want to seriously work on my fear of intimacy.

The advice is: be engaged with life passionately. Art is my passion, so I want to start painting again. Just concentrate on that and not feel so conflicted about what to do. Not get distracted by others or other goals. Just start and see where it takes me. It might solve a lot of my happiness in other areas, and for sure, it will make me happier.

I keep thinking of the Sufi poet's words, come let us be friends for once, let us be lovers and loved ones, the earth will be left to no one. I really want to work on bein kind, to myself and to others. Part of that kindness is looking after myself, caring for myself, and my health and feeding my soul. And That encompasses my writing and my health, an my relationships with loved ones. And I want to be kind to others, to show love an empathy and fellow feeling , loving kindness.

More patience, more tolerance, more peace

be, just be

I would like to slow down my pace of living to better enjoy the blessings in this world. I am my own counsel--wish my grandmother was living so she could fulfill that role for me.

By staying true to myself and not letting other peoples wants and needs delay my vision. And by that I mean to get rid of the negative energy surrounding the things that I want and only let me do what other people want if it directs a balance. In other words, more being assertive and less being a doormat.

give up smoking - you'll feel better - said everyday by my mum

You are amazing just the way you are. You have absolutely amazing friends, a family that really cares about you, an abundant amazing experiences and incredibly many supporters. Take care of yourself in the best way possible - give the cells in your body a nice environment to take care of you. Honor your body with healthy foods and exercise, and always do everything as good as you can, that way you know you did your best, that's all you can do. Give lots of love, and recieve even more. And dreams don't work unless you do - hard work pays off. Keep on being great!

I want to pause more, smile at strangers automatically, apologize sooner, and complain less. I want to feel lighter.

My Rabbi said: "Life is noisy and it is good to learn to pray in the noise." This is a perfect challenge for me and one I will take on in the coming year. To me, it's about maintaining a sense of peace despite external circumstances and feeling a connection to spirit even in the noisy places and difficult times.

Don't let others control who you are. Who cares what they think. Be who you are and you will be happy.

This piece of advice: how you do anything is how you do everything. I am so disorganized, so unstructured, so unprepared - I want to change this. It's overwhelming to think about it, but I want to do it little by little and become just a little more organized and structured in how and when I do things.

Balance. A little bit at a time. Slow is good. Moderation is a good word for me. sigh.

you must be ready to live into change.

I would like to really learn work life balance, have more time for my girlfriend, family and friends. I would like to have more time to pursue non-work things like dancing, language, improv. I would also like to cook more and be healthier in general. Also, while I am thin, I'd like to be in shape, you know less soft. As for counsel, just fake it till you make it, which I think really means believe in yourself, you might not be able to do it now, but certainly you'll figure it out and be able to do it in time!

Be happy.

Self acceptance. I'm slowly learning it now. Accept what is and the direction we want to go. I want to listen more to what my heart is saying and quit worrying so much about what others think. It's about my family and me. We decide how we want to live.

I would like to remove my laziness and inhibition. It has prevented me from achieving a lot. I have a coworker I look up to - he's able to cram so much activity into his life, he achieves what I can only dream of achieving. I say all this knowing I most likely will not achieve it.

I want to stop yelling at my kids so much. I want to spend more quality time with them and help them problem solve. They need to learn the language for dealing with problems that will serve them later in life. Without the Holy Spirit, I'm just a mean, selfish person who loses her temper and wants to hit.

Even if the steps we take toward our goal to become nurses are small, we must never stop. I know that to complete this goal (or what portion of the goal we can realistically complete in a year) will empower us. And when we are done we will both have more income, job security and more quality time for family.

be open to love. be kind. be gracious. be thankful. you (I) have so much. from meditation 2012: let go of anger of "me me me"

Doing something small for someone has the potential to change their whole world. For example, smile more - a little effort can go a long way. Also - be INTERESTED, not INTERESTING

Stay in reality and try not to get carried away with the story line Have self compassion and compassion for itgers

I have done so much this last year to sustain my life. In the past year, just after turning 40, I have gone through cancer treatment and prophylactic surgeries in order to save my life. By this time next year I want to have a better sense of what my goals are for the next ten years. I want less fear and more joy.

I would like to maintain the focus to complete more personal art projects. Stand on my own to feet as a Man and take responsibility of my life. I also want to be in prime physical health by this time next year. I want to weigh a solid 190 pounds with cut muscles and flexibility.

I would like to be better about appreciating the little things. When there is so much going on it's really easy to just stop and enjoy the little moments and beauty that is all around you. But I would like to remind myself to take the time to enjoy these little moments, rather than just taking them for granted. I think this will make me into a more appreciative and thoughtful person, and help me find the beauty in everything.

My friend Estee said "stop making plans, start making decisions" I feel like I already am internalizing this-- what with the internship and me being so involved on campus and beyond. But just stop worrying about things and actually just go for them. Action! I can fill my life up to the brim. I also want to pray every single day. I have been doing well so far but making good habits and sticking to them is important. It's good for me to Daven. Writing is also good.

The biggest thing I want to improve is my health overall. I know that I need to loose weight to get to a healthy weight and bring my blood sugars down, but I also need to have my knees and back in good enough shape to exercise more. And I know the two are related. This year I have seen the result of not having the ability to see the doctors I need to see, and so with health care next year I will be able to correct that.

I would like to live more sustainable. This year has been a good improvement, with subscribing to Food Connect and the produce from my garden. I feel that living sustainably also improves my life by way of more exercise, better quality of food and more socialising.

Be patient and let things come to you, and have trust in others.

Procrastination is my Achilles heel. If I was to procrastinate less then I would do more, so what to do about procrastination rather than just putting action off? I need to work on becoming more mindful, not just monging in front of a laptop screen... or mobile phone or TV.

I would like to believe in my own innate goodness. I would like to improve my mindfulness practice. Some advice I have read is to practice. Simple repetition. Well maybe not so simple huh? I am reading Cheri Huber's most recent book about overcoming resistance to making changes. As far as believing in my own goodness. I need to be aware of the voices that tell me otherwise and find my inner mentor.

I would like to be able to stick to the plans for my life that I believe would make it better -- lose weight, become more fit, stop doing things that don't make me happy, be creative, stop caring what other people think, not take abuse from others in my life. The advice I can think of is that my mother told me to eat low fat. It doesn't jibe with my health philosophy, but I gained a lot recently, and I have to do something differently. My husband told me to not take on so many activities that I don't want to do. Maybe I will try those two simple approaches.

I would always like to be calmer and to influence those around me to be calmer. I hope to get closer to Alec and Liam. Alec because of the anger issue is keeping me emotionally at arms length. Liam is always keeping everyone emotionally at arms length!! I think I need to expect less and listen more. Try active listening Mom!

I've learnt a lot this year but I can't think of what specifically. I think just to relax more and 'go with it'. I need to not think so deeply and just enjoy life. Don't overthink it.

I want to use my powers for good instead of evil. An old roommate, 6 years ago, once looked at me and said "It would be amazing what you could accomplish if you used your powers for good instead of evil." This YK it was repeating in my head, and I really know that it was time to embrace it and take it to my soul. I cried when I told myself it was time, because I knew I was ready.

Just do it, don't talk about it - and don't procrastinate. Communicate more often and keep in touch with friends.

I was advised before YK to look at my life rather than to just escape into frantic activity. This helped me realize that I have held myself back from people,and to at least to try to understand my disconnections

With respect to the husband-acceptance question, I realized in the past week that I have done the same for my mother -- accepted that she is temperamentally different from me, and learned to enjoy her on her own terms. If I can do it for her, I can do it for him.

Continue rejecting carbs and processed foods. They are the devil. NO BREAD!

I just hope i've still found the strength to continue breathing. That's all i can hope for.

I think the biggest piece of advice I got this past year, was that I am a beautiful person. Next year, I will try to fully believe that, but also work a little harder to get in shape. I'm still not very happy with how I look, although it 's already much better than before. I conquered a severe eating disorder, but now I need to take care of my self confidence and my fitness. Don't focus on weight, focus on health!

Do it yourself. Life isn't just going to work itself out for you. You have to make choices, take risks, make things happen yourself.

Keep up some self care. Not try too hard to do things the right way. I can always rely on Rilke: "live the questions," and Fred "you and I live from internal drives," and "think and feel."

Be more able to love and accept love. The people around me give me counsel through their being.

I am such a people pleaser and a yes man. I do not mind because working to help other people has always been a part of my mission. But now, I hope that I can take this year to really focus on myself and not let my obligations to other people get in the way of that.

The true counsel I received is that I can't just want something, I need to create it - and I can do that by being open and honest with everyone around me. Sitting back and letting life slide by is no longer an option and the worst thing that could happen is everyone ends up happier ... so why be afraid of that outcome even if it requires massive amounts of change? Change is a hassle, change is frightening, but change is necessary to ensure you don't become stagnant. Life is too short to be a spectator; become a participant.

I'd like to stop smoking for good. I'd like to work on my physical health. I would love to be in better shape - something resembling upper body strength and defined pectoral muscles. I would like to actually ride my bike consistently. I would like to be writing every single day between now and next year. "Ever tried? Ever failed? No matter. Try again. Fail again. Fail better."

I want to get out of my head, communicate more, be myself more, and be more confident.

The advice I most want to follow is to put my work out there more and handle criticism constructively. I so often let fear and embarrassment hold me back, and I think my work suffers for it. I want to ask for feedback more often and get better at handling the negative.

I feel like I'm supposed to say that I want to write more. That's what I've always said, but I'm not sure if it's true anymore. I think I'm looking for something different now to give me a sense of purpose. I'd like to improve my life by finding what matters to me after all this. What still has meaning, what has value and joy in it, whether that's writing or something else, I'd like to find it.

I'd like to be more creative, and have more personal projects. Make the most of every opportunity, and make my own opportunities more.

I want to continue becoming more healthy and fit, and I want to increase my knowledge of Biblical Hebrew. I can't think of any particular pieces of advice/counsel that I received in the past year. But I have collected so many over the course of the decades of my life that continue to guide me. :-)

Over the next year I would like to improve my communication, time management, and organizational skills, as well as my discipline and diligence to do work when it is required. That being said, I want to improve my coordination and gaming skills as well ;) Lots and lots of advice - learning every day.

I need to decide where my life's going. I enjoy my life, but that doesn't mean I have any idea where it's going. Sorting out things with the GF on the other side of the world and deciding if I want to live my dream of living abroad and chase after her would be a massive start.

Meditate often, do yoga often, be kinder to myself, perfect sourdough. "Don't worry about doing the right thing, just do SOMETHING." And be kind to yourself.

"Let go"

Less money spent of 'stuff' to allow for more experiences--travel, workshops, retreats. No wise words to paraphrase here, but then my memory runs short sometimes.

I would like to get more confidence and be able to stick up for myself more. Good advice- pretty much everything my therapist tells me.

I hope to kill off the last of my formidable ego. I want to replace the residual negativity and cynicism from a long-gone self with the empowerment and hope that I currently enjoy, but perhaps do not express. I want to shape my outer behavior to reflect my inner personality.

I need to think about me and making me happy. At the end of the day making others happy is important, but only if I feel confident in how happy I am.

I'd like to continue to focus on E, and not let my "to do" list get in the way of enjoying every minute with her.

I'd love to stop being such a perfectionist. I want to go out, get wild, step outside of my comfort zone, maybe be a little irresponsible. I want to give myself the space to have new experiences and new ideas. I want to stop worrying.

I want to distress my life by engaging in distressing activities such as meditation and exercise and to make a plan to improve my life and carry it out.

My dad has really been helping me see that I need to keep my expectations at neutral. So every day I try to set the day to neutral and not think of it as a bad day or good day. That would be the best advice I have received in the past year. I want to improve my ability to make decisions. I want to figure out what I am passionate about and really devote myself to it so I feel like I have a purpose again

Working with Dr Salzman has made me realize the importance of keeping my strength if I want to age well, so I really want/need to keep working out with the same energy and enthusiasm that I have been.

Run faster. Improve my swimming and cycling. Be a good parent. Follow my heart to pursue new adventures.

I want to be at peace with my personal power. I hope to accept and love who I am and trust my intuition and reason to make my life and the world a better place. Do not be afraid any more!

I would like to feel more in control of my life, my health, my emotional well-being. I've been reminded so many times that it's just one step at a time. I need to focus on each piece of the puzzle, not give up because the puzzle isn't already complete.

I want to be able to motivate myself more directly. Right now, I have the right mindset of wanting to do my work early or work out right when I get home, but I don't actually do it. I want to be able to follow through with my pragmatic thoughts. I don't think that there is any specific piece of advice that could guide me, but I have been thinking about this ever since the summer.

I would like to become a happier person. I need to focus more on the big picture and less on the minute details (look at the forest, not the trees), and hopefully I'll be able to channel my energy into living the life I want.

Time to grow up. Time to stop fighting your age. When you do, you will be happier and things will come easier to you.

The only advice I keep being given is to be myself. And, while I've made an effort to figure out what that means, I don't really know how. I'm generally pretty satisfied with how things are going. Just get me some girl to love. That's the only thing I can do to improve what's going on. I guess more money would be nice, or winning the lottery. You know the basic impossible dreams.

Finding bliss within and without. Although I plan to move, I need to find that 'gypsy spirit' I have always had to forge ahead - even though I am in my 60's and still a single woman. Change has never frightened me, but has brought insight and clarity. I want that again.

I want to improve my life by continuing to create more balance... Last year I ran a marathon... That was a cool spiritual experience.... It was under the backdrop of a solar eclipse... I want to continue to pursue yoga, meditation, exercise, and a balanced diet (leaning towards vegan)... I would like to dedicate more time to writing, painting, reading, photography... I started making terrariums this year and that was very rewarding... I want to become more organized... I think the best advice is to pursue things that are meaningful while continuing to explore what is of interest and contains wisdom for me...

This answer is the same as #6. A couple of days ago, Heather posted a message by Wayne Dyer about simplifying one's life, only filling it with that which is life-affirming, keeping it simple, allow space for inspiration. Once again, I will call upon the energy of Kali, the destroyer/creator, the ferocious one.

Basically see Question 6, but I'll include my life philosophies. Successful people find a way; others find an excuse. (my paraphrasing) Never let your fear decide your fate. (Awolnation) You bring your own weather to the picnic. (Happiness Project - Harlan Coben) Start.

Get more sleep. Rest. Stop pushing. Trust in Divine timing.

My intention is to connect with the inner me that has been in hiding for so long. To open my heart completely and unconditionally to myself and others. To be willing to be vulnerable. To give up the notion of getting things "right" and "wrong" and know that the Universe will catch me anyway.

I would like to trust myself and decisions more. I often times question if I have made the right choice in life and this often takes away from the experience itself. I would like to live more by the mantra that I am doing what is right for me at this moment. Rather than spending time wishing I was doing something else or with someone else, either spend time focusing on what I am doing or who I am with or make concrete plans to change what I am doing or with whom I am spending my time.

I would like to take on more responsibility

I would like to have more confidence and be a better leader. Advice I have gotten is to take a deep breath and have no expectations, just be patient and enjoy the present wait the future will come shortly.

I guess it's ironic that on a site about the High Holy Days I feel a bit overreligious when quoting from the siddur, but: "For I desire love, and not sacrifice; knowledge of God, and not burnt offerings." I want to focus on love and loving myself and others as the path to being good, and not self-sacrifice and self-denial. I also want to incorporate a religious/spiritual dimension into my recovery from depression/anxiety, partly because I think this will help me TO recover. Alain de Boton's Religion for Atheists (a fabulous book) might be a good guide in how to use religion in practical ways for this non-atheist....

I want to stay more positive and less negative about things that I have no control over. I think I get all freaked out when things do not go my way. I want to work on being little more laid back and relaxed. I also need to work on being active regularly. I am so tired after work that I am lazy to do anything and it is so much easier just to sit in front of the TV. The advise is that I should do what makes me happy and believe in myself that I can accomplish things - Do not doubt yourself.

I'd like to carry on going to the gym, and eating more healthily. I'd like to stop my anxiety stopping me from doing things. I'd like to remember to choose happiness every day.

I want to begin preparing for retirement, six years out. There's Andy in my office who's working toward the same goal three years out. I watching her progress, she's a good friend and doesn't mind questions.

I'd like to do a better job with the little things - getting press releases out, promoting new events, reviewing documents waiting for review, etc. This means being more efficient with my time and doing a better job prioritizing issues. And, I'd like to do a better job of being a husband, which primarily means making more time for Joan and I. I realize the potential conflict that these two desires creates.

I would like to become more organised and more effective without losing what I believe to be the core of me.

I want to really work on getting back into weight watchers. I know I can be successful (again) if I prioritize myself and focus. I want to remember Jen telling me that I will never regret going to yoga.

I'm really working on body positivity - not trying to change my body to conform to unrealistic goals, but to love myself and honor my body for all the amazing things it can do. Not to diet, but to practice Health at Every Size, and to treat my body with care and respect.

I would like to be sleeping better. I would also like to learn how to support others while accepting whatever they are feeling as their emotion, and not taking it on myself.

Be Here Now. Let all the bullshit go.

I think the best best piece of advice I have ever received was from this elderly man in Starbucks. He said "Hang in there." 3 words have impacted my life over the past 3 years. I just have to remember that life does get better and I just need to keep building myself and making myself better. I would like to volunteer more and become more involved here like I was in Memphis. I'd like to move up in the companies I work for and just be a better friend.

I want to try to be less critical of others, and realize that everyone is not like me.

By being healthier - eating real foods and getting plenty of exercise.

I want to work on my confidence. As Su-lin asked, what about a part of me that could rub off on others?

I would like to be more calm and more at peace. One piece that guides is, you will get where you are going when you are supposed too. This can be metaphorically applied or literally.

I would like to improve our finances and finish the house so as to be ready for whatever happens.

I would like to enjoy and be fully alive in the moments I have. I am on a hard path that is very important to me, but the day by day grind is hard to get through. If I can remember to stay present and not always looking forward, I will have really lived, not just passed the time to get through this.

I want to figure out a career for myself. I want to feel like I am productive, and I want to be able to provide for the people I love.

I would like to lose the extra weight I re-gained this past year and get on a regular exercise plan, which involves healthy nutrition. I want to achieve a goal weight (range) and STAY THERE! The advice I received was to manage my time wisely and this is what I will do.

Here. This. Now.

Stop. Breathe. Reflect. Choose. This was the advice from Rabbi Ellen Lippman of Kolot Cheiyenu during Rosh Hashonah. It is excellent advice for me in many settings. In the next year, I want to deepen my relationship with my partner and step-son, through kindness, deep listening, and unconditional love. I want to continue exploring my thought leadership and interests on the intersections of healing and social change through writing, speaking, work shops and job exploration. I want to lean into the discomfort of not knowing. I want to draw on compassion for myself and others when the going gets tough, and roll with the punches.

I would like to find a kind of physical activity that I can regularly commit to that is good for my health and makes me feel better. I am at a good weight now but I know that I should actually exercise. I do a fair bit of power walking because I tend to run "just on time" or rushing to be early, but if I could find some practice with some kind of regiment or mindlessness that I can connect to that would likely do my body and spirit some good. And, unlike my new year's resolution about exercise, sex will not fulfill this requirement.

R.A. Salvatore, a fantasy writer, recently said on a podcast that if you want to pursue writing as a craft, then you need to write EVERY DAY. It doesn't matter if it's ten pages or a paragraph. You need to make a regular habit of it. If I really want to become a published author, I need to shove aside my feelings of intimidation and inadequacy and just write. Maybe my writing will be awkward and clumsy at first, but all things improve with time. I can only improve if I write frequently. With this in mind, I'm going to really make a better effort for National Novel Writing Month this year. I'm going to give it my all. I'm determined to write a 1500 word novel, this year.

Again, right now I'm going through major anxiety - sleepless nights, stress about what choices to make, have I made the right choices, is this all there is, is this what I want, should I be somewhere else, etc etc. I'd really like to feel that by this time next year I can say that I've grown, faced some fears, become more courageous and am able to feel confident in who I am, and comfortable with myself. I am not sure how to do that but I want to find some answers.

I can't say enough about how much keeping the house clean and getting rid of things has improved life for me and my family. However, it is difficult to get it all done. As a family, I think we need to think about how we can work together more to keep things clean and get household chores done.

I want to eat more healthily - definitely cutting down drastically on refined sugar, possibly cutting out wheat and dairy.

Improve myself - learn to take life on life's terms. Remember that I only have today. Yesterday is gone, tomorrow isn't here yet. Live in the now.

FOCUS. I need to buckle down and focus on my true goals, not on all the easy distractions (even day!job). Otherwise, I would like to learn French well enough to be conversant, and draw well enough to express myself adequately in that medium.

Similar to years before, I want to achieve better balance and more satisfaction in my day-to-day life in 5774. That's not to suggest that I'm unhappy or ungrateful -- far from it, but I'm seemingly forever disappointed by my habits (e.g., exercise) and productivity. I'd like to correct that. Encouragingly, I think the uncertain steps I'm taking toward figuring out what it is exactly that I need to be doing to make my various creative pursuits work with and for one another (rather than seeming like discrete commitments that are competing with one another) will help significantly. Time will tell!

Wow, I have to pass on this one I think. This last year has been about survival and loving my family as much as possible, navigating all sorts of white water rapids - both the good kind and the bad kind. Looking at sample answers, I might add my oft repeated goal - to be more proactive and less reactive. Home and work.

I need to be more self-motivated instead of waiting till the last minute and running out of time and feeling bad because I didn't accomplish more.

I would like to be more centered, more loving of myself. I would also like to clear out the flotsam and jetsam of my life and have my home be a welcoming place to spend time alone, with Alex, and with friends and family.

If I can listen to the still small voice inside me, I should be thinner and happier.

I don't know that it was advice I received from someone else at any point, but I've realized that money and stability over job satisfaction is not an acceptable trade. Do what you want. If it means you will be poor, reconcile that with yourself. Half the crap we think we need, we don't actually need. Over the next year I will focus on finding out what really makes me happy and working to hold onto it.

Continue to practice mindfulness, and let things be more. Move away from attachment to my preferences and move away from the urge to control "everything."

Honestly, as much as I think my life sucks, it really doesn't. I am so blessed to have an amazing mother, an amazing opportunity to study at a prestigious college, and get the chance to learn what I want. I think I want to improve "me" more than anything else. I want to be happy. And happy all the time. Not always lying to myself and others. I'd like to be in shape. I'd like to have a boyfriend. I want to be less dependent on my meds to keep me sane. I want be happy. The best advice I've ever gotten is "There's nothing you can't do." I apply that quote to every single thing I do. It's funny. I would always read about people's advice that they got from their parents or someone close to them, and I would always think "I wish my mom would pass down some advice", and I didn't realize it until a few months ago, that she has, every single day I've been with her. There is nothing I can't do.

I think it's time to get fit. I try and make excuses for myself as to why I am soft and why I don't have the body that I want. I need to realize that my body is my instrument as a yoga instructor and as an actress. I need to keep it tuned up. I would like to lose 20 pounds by New Years. Cardio is a must. I love the quote by Christina Sell about "you don't have to practice yoga everyday, but when you really need your practice, you are going to wish that you practiced every day." This will help me live a more fulfilling life.

I want to be self-sufficient. I want to eat better, sleep better, and have confidence that I can believe myself and those around me. past advice - consider whether what you are thinking is rational, or applicable to your situation.

I dunno where this comes from or who said this (Edit: Google says it was Karl Marx) but I saw it a couple weeks ago and I guess it's what resparked this feeling of self-worth and wanting to be more active about creating and finding my own happiness: "There comes a time in life when you have to let go of all the pointless drama and the people who create it and surround yourself with people who make you laugh so hard that you forget the bad and focus solely on the good. After all, life is too short to be anything but happy." Also, time heals. So even if things are shit now and I'm hurting, time will pass and with that time will come some sort of closure. I've just got to be sure to grab each and every opportunity for me and not for anyone else and give it my all. If I naively think that the simple act of allowing time to pass will make me happy then I'll be forever doomed to be unhappy. Happiness doesn't just happen. It won't just miraculously drop into your lap one day when you're needing it most. You have to work to find your happiness, and you have to put you first. Be kind to others, never intend to hurt or offend, but never let the opinions or thoughts of others decide what you do in your life. It's your life, not theirs and ultimately you're the one that has to live with your decisions.

I let myself sink into a sad and empty place for several months. I had to stop being a victim and realize that I'm the only person who is holding me back. I have to get involved with charity work to take myself out of this self-absorption. I also want to make the time to be creative. To sew and do crafts. I get into a real Zen place when I do that and it helps my mood overall. I need to join the gym with my husband. We both need more exercise.

Delayed gratification. Understand the joy and power behind WAITING. Trust and obey the Lord, even when I am impatient.

My advice to myself: Be open to the unexpected, continue to always explore and create. Don't stand too long where those paths diverge in the yellow wood. Take one path and, if I want to, loop around and take the other. Always remember that I am extraordinary.

I want to love myself, be happy with myself. I have serious body issue issues. I am working really hard at being happy with who I am and the way I look. One piece of advice that I was given this year and that has stuck with me is: if you don't love yourself, how can anyone love you. It is true, I see myself as a fat ugly creature and if I continue to see myself as that and out myself out in the world as that then everyone else will see me as that too.

Relax, pray and accept G-d's intervention...

Be here now. Be in the present. Bask in the moment. Realize that your time is limited and realize that you are limitless. I'd like to be less afraid and to do that I must practice being in the present. Put down the phone, the camera, the pen - stop trying to record and save the moment - live in it.

If I keep my sanity with three children and am able to make each one of them feel special and loved I think I will be doing pretty good.

"Tell the truth Gcin-Gcin." is the piece of advice I received this year and I would like to tell the truth in my entire conduct from now on and that includes even the body I choose to walk in.

I hope to have all the medical questions answered and all complications dealt with. Doctors recently found a growth in my pancreas. I'm really scared about it, especially since I'm only 22. I have been told that this could be a blessing in disguise, however, and I intend to treat it as such. I appreciate the gift of life and intend to live it fully.

"Fear gives you courage." Make any necessary changes to get what I want, need and deserve from this life.

I want to live more simply. Stop buying crap that clutters up my house and our closets because it's cute or it looks good on us. I want to buy because we need, not because we want.

Either finish the Phd or finish this slow suicide. Fucking decide.

I want to be better organized and I want to continue to do things and accomplish things. My experience with Burning Man this year showed me how happy I am when I'm accomplishing big things, and I want to continue the good habit.

I would like to be more knowledgeable about the finances...even though Really I wish I didn't Have to. Ignorance, what bliss it was! Letting Joe worry about all the nitty gritty details! I would like to reach a point of rest from the worry of it! But I guess those days may never come again. Being on guard about Everything may now be the rule for me. The hospice person said that people you least expect it from will be of help in ways you would not imagine...I need to leave myself open to such opportunities as may present,themselves ....

Keep myself healthy. Keep myself at a healthy weight, enough sleep, friends close, husband healthy, children happy and healthy. Advice? No. I don't get advice from anyone. I don't trust anyone enough to take advice from them. Except the one piece, "pay the mortgage first'. That way they can't take the house. Other than that, I never take advice from anyone else.

My one piece of advice is again, make it happen. Nothing will change if I don't work to make it happen. I would like to see things progress and move forwards. Moving out has been a great step, but I want to continue to move forwards in other aspects of my life too, like my job. I need a change, I just need to find/make that change.

Healthier, more active in my lifestyle. A bit thinner. The advice that its okay to not be absolutely full to bursting at every meal.

I want to push myself. I don't want to make excuses anymore. I want to regret less and exceed more. The only way to do this is to push past the negativity and just prove myself wrong.

Share more and don't keep everything to myself don't stay stuck. Make change. Move.

A lot of things are about to change for me in the next few months, and I want to make those major life decisions based on what will be the most fulfilling and emotionally nourishing for me, not on what would be the path of least resistance. I've already started on that road, but I want to make sure I don't fall back into making easy choices.

keep steady in the eye of the storm, keep the faith be still and know that God is working!! Never quit, see above where I am and expect miracles to happen and doors to open that others have said are impossible. I am the master of my destiny when I let God guide me!!!!

I hope to listen to myself most and not to others. I hope to remember all that my parents have provided for me and continue to be the best daughter that they could have asked for in my own unique way. And I hope to remember that I cannot just talk about giving but that I have to really make a life for myself where giving myself, my time, my energy is a priority. All the while I hope to ground myself in the people and environment that I love the most.

I would like to continue to improve my diet, especially when I get really busy at school. I would like to find a way to make exercise a healthy habit so I feel and look better. I would like to be dating or at least more actively involved in the dating world. I think the piece of counsel I keep receiving and have to figure out how to implement is to take care of myself - me before all else, work will still happen, shows will go on, people will understand.

I've always given advice rather than received it, if only I lived by my own words... I would like to improve my health, I'm concerned about my heart health and so I would like to eat healthier, exercise regularly and quit smoking.

I would like to stay active. I really like that I am going to the gym and running. I want to make running a part of my life, just like listening to music is. Something that I just cannot do without. "The only thing standing between me and the person I've always wanted to be, is me."

"Tadpoles become frogs whether they try or not."

I would like to get my house and my life to a place that isnt overwhelmed with clutter and procrastination. "How do you eat an elephant?" "How?" "One bite at a time!" yup

This year I would like to be more accepting of my body (and the bodies of others!). I was reminded at the Black Women's Life Balance and Wellness Conference this year that I must love and accept myself in order to take care of myself and meet my own needs. I want to cherish my younger self this year, the one who I had abandoned along with everyone else. I want to take better care of my body--through movement!--and let myself feel better and play.

I would always like to be more present, less reactive, less abrasive, less confrontational. I guess it would be, would you rather be right or be happy - -

I would like to appreciate myself more and criticize myself less. Self-criticism is a problem that creates other problems out of thin air.

I need to be a better timekeeper. I'm better now than I was even a few weeks ago as I finally have an app that helps keep me organized when I'm balancing multiple projects.

Each day is not a dress rehersal. Each day is a day of life and it is a gift. Life it to the fullest. Be your fullest potential and stop living and hiding in your room.

I want to be less concerned with being superwoman, and, rather, being okay with being the "good enough Maxine". Jesus, that's scary just to write.

I'm working with Leo McCloud who is teaching me to plan each day's work, to be consistent in what I do during the week and go after the big money. I hope to accomplish big things, and with his help and guidance, I believe I can. I'm also writing question 7 after the 10th question was due. I've hired Dana Brown, and I'm hoping she'll help me be a better business owner, boss and sales person. Onward and upward!!!

17.5 pounds down. run at lest one 5k. learn tanya for a deeper understanding of the psychology of the soul. more positive outlook. envision the positive.

My friend Heather saying, "Be thankful, whatever happens be thankful! Be happy, trust in God always." So many times my women friends say something that really guides my life. I have learned to listen to these gifts. I would also like to begin a healthy process of losing some weight. I cannot gain any more, this is enough.

Focus on others. Sleep better.

The best advice last year came from master Lu who said stay away from the bad, and turn to the good. This means that the bad is energy sapping, distraction, infectious. If like to improve myself by practicing love over judgement, acceptance over fear, joy over misery.

The usual. More exercise, better eating, more socializing, better sleeping.

To stay positive and not let anyone tell me that something is not achievable.

Same thing as every year since my mom died: be nicer to people.

I need to do more things in the artistic vein. I need to keep up with my conscious attitude toward the world and the environment and all the living things that inhabit this earth. I hope to become even better at this. I really want to explore feminism and become a better person.

I am currently working toward becoming physically fit. I've already made strides toward this goal, but there is much work left to be done. The reward is more energy to do all of the OTHER things I hope to accomplish. I do have others who have counseled/advised me, and who will continue to do so. One in particular...who encourages me always to be the best person I can be.

i should definitely try to be more outgoing so i can make more friends. become a better writer try to be less controlling/bossy

Get a fitness program, mabe including weights with my son now that he is beginning to be interested in this. Find a creative outlet and make something with my hands. Start somewhere and if you are having a problem starting, begin with the smallest task, way under what you want to achieve, just to be able to start. That speak then has the potential to grow.

Do a better job listening to those around me. Take the time to really focus on what's being said rather than waiting for my turn to speak. Speak less. Even when it's uncomfortable and I feel the need to fill up space with meaningless chatter, speak less, listen more. Prove I'm listening with my actions, show love through listening.

Believe even more in myself and continue to help others in need who are going through difficult situations..There is no bigger satisfaction than helping others in need...

I'd like to be less "busy." I used to be so good at savoring the moment, at finding and taking advantage of unique things going on in the city on weekends, of adventuring. Now I keep myself so "busy" with even my weekends so structured that I don't do as much of that, and my weeks tend all to look the same. I want to create memories again!

I want to consume less, reduce my spending/waste, and be grateful for the moment. I want to take advantage of everything that is handed to me and enjoy the present for what it's worth, not worrying about every detail of my future. The piece of advise to guide me is that I will get back what I put out in the world. So I need to remain positive and do my best, and then hopefully that love will be returned to me.

Trust yourself, believe in yourself. You've got good values, and a good heart, so follow your instincts. I want to be more open and follow my heart more honestly.

Be true to yourself, your heart, and your friends. If all these paths are the truth path, and not one twisted with lies, they should all align with one another perfectly. If they don't align, rethink and reevaluate. It's NEVER to late to turn things around.

I would like to grow professionally of course, however, more importantly I want to grow more on the personal level. This past year, I've discovered that I do deserve better things than what I've thought over the past years - my self-esteem has grown immensely in the past few months because I've started believing it. I'd like to continue on this path of growth.

I want to work on a few things as a parent of a toddler. I want to be less uptight when it's unnecessary to be so, and want to continue to work on striking a balance between being attentive and emotionally attuned while also holding my authority and following through. I have received wise counsel about the value of firm reliable limits and how one can pair these with love, as well to be gentle with myself as I strive to be a good parent.

be happy. be happy and feel lucky. try to take the small things in life as victories or happy, lucky moments. trying to be less cynical and less ready for things to fall apart so I can truly enjoy them in the moment.

I would like to internalize the notion that I am only responsible for my own life and should not get bogged down/distracted/overly worried about the situations my loved ones are in. A FTM explained that he cannot be concerned about his family's process in adjusting to his transition. He said he can only focus on himself. I want to generalize and really understand that this wisdom applies to my life as well.

More discipline and order. Better ability to stay calm in stressful situations and make more rational decisions with reduced influence of my emotions. Slower to anger. Fewer meltdowns. Manage my time better and reduce the amount of rushing I make myself do. Can't think of advice I've gotten right now.

The advice I received that I have tacked up every where at home and at work about being thankful for what you have, learning from others, being kind... This is very important for me to always remind myself and I try to look at these every day. So, continue to be kind, be thankful for what I do have, and don't compare myself to others.

Yes! Be more gentle with myself and my life. Make choices calmly and thoughtfully and then move ahead with confidence and enjoyment. I want to stop looking back and feeling guilt over what I did or did not do, stop looking forward with anxiety about what I need to do to be a 'success', and stop looking at where I am and thinking it is not enough. I have such a blessed life and I want to enjoy my talent and artistic life, not spend so much time worrying that it wont manifest into success. It already has and it will continue to. And my creativity is much richer when I enjoy the experience of creating!!

I want to be able to look at my life more rationally and be able to separate my anxieties from the facts of my life--good or bad--so that I can asses my life with more clarity and sanity.

"Do what you say you're going to do." This quote needs to be aimed at my habits and personal plans. I need to follow through with the elaborate and exquisitely set-up plans that I make because they really will improve my productivity and stress levels.

I would like to learn how to deal with stress better. I would like to be exercising again. I would like to be involved in some things where I feel at least somewhat fulfilled. I want to travel.

I would like to have cemented a morning practice or Sadhana. I think this is very very important for me moving into the next phase of my life in New York, adn in general for my health and spiritual development. ITs so hard! But vital. I guess a good piece of advice that I got in the last year is to start small and build up. This is important so that I can at least begin and not feel intimidated or overwhelmed. It is easier to maintain if its small.

Fail more, by trying more is still good advice. I think something like "love myself" or "be confident that others will love me", too. Particularly in dating, but in many other areas, too.

Be present in the moment, practice mindfulness. Be with the people I am with. Enjoy every moment and live it fully.