Is there something that you wish you had done differently this past year? Alternatively, is there something you're especially proud of from this past year?

I am especially proud of aligning my life's passions with the work I do everyday. I prioritize my work as a dance artist, writer, and leader in my field in a way that allows me to learn and grow everyday. I wish I would have engaged more with the extraordinary natural and urban region in which I live. I am also constantly trying to invest more in my relationships with my family, urban tribe and partner.

I am proud of my house and cleaning things up. I wish I'd kept my apt. w/ Gloria to look at the plants.

I wish that i could have been more respectful to my parents. We would have gotten along much better and there would have been less fighting. I'm proud though that i'm learning how to correctly handle my problems so that i solve them more effectively

I am especially proud of becoming much more outgoing, also helping me both as a leader and as a person in everyday life. I interact with more people more freely and am overall happier. It was a large, hard, and long change, but well worth it in the end.

I am proud of the accomplishments that I have made at work. My dedication, ambition and drive have created a widow of opportunity that I hope to capture.

I really wish I had managed my time more effectively and that's something I really want to focus on in the coming year. It's so much more than not sleeping enough or not finishing my homework in time to thoroughly participate or succeed in my classes. It's about my entire life! I have this incredible, insatiable drive to accomplish as much as I can in terms of the social justice work I'm doing and every second I waste is a second I could be spending helping people and improving conditions. Learning to manage my time better is for me, but not only for me. It's a lot bigger than that. It's about learning to use my privilege to the best of my ability to make as much of a difference as I possibly can.

I was too quick to anger: with my husband, my children, myself. I need to be quicker to action rather than anger.

i wish i did my bankruptcy alot sooner but im glad i didnt because it worked out that it was best to wait, im very proud that im finally taking control of my debt

Dating, I wish I hadn't bothered dating guys that I had no intention of introducing to my family.

i'm proud of how i handled my sister's wedding. i feel like i was a great support to her. i'm also proud of i handled the continuing crisis in my marriage. i had just hoped i wouldn't have to this year....

i wish i had been a better wife. i wish i had made more time to cultivate my relationship. i wish i had been a better sister, daughter, granddaughter. i'm a pretty good mother at least!

i wish that i had made more of an effort to make non-jewish friends. i think that it led to me often being quite unhappy, and also made me upset about becoming narrow- as i believe i should be part of the big wide world! i think things are getting better though :)

I didn't lose weight as I had wanted to -- it's on the list again for next year......

I wish I had truly stuck to being a vegan. I know that I felt better while doing it. I'm not sure why I stopped other than it required planning.

I can't think of anything I would do differently this year. I'm proud of a lot of it.... most of it in fact.

I wish I was more social and outgoing, had more conversations with people and open my self up. I am proud that I went to AIPAC to represent what I believe in.

I think I am treating people better. Part of me wishes I had joined the Peace Corps. I wish my life was more settled.

I wish that I had saved up more money before giving birth to my daughter. I'm struggling to afford to survive now that she is here despite my partner working and providing for her nappies, I'm expected to pay for my half of things like car repairs and meals out and I'm having to dip further and further into my savings every month which means that I will have less of a deposit to provide when we do finally move out of this area. Obviously I am very proud of my daughter who I gave birth to three months ago. I'm proud of how I've coped with my life being turned upside down and how much patience I've got!

If there's anything I'd do differently is that I would have had more options when choosing a college rather than just the two that weren't arranged very well. I also wish that I would have had more confidence in myself. There were things I couldn't change, but I shouldn't have let them overpower me. I'm proud of all of my awards I received this year as well. Two lead roles in a show, a chance to go to a state competition and get great scores, a trophy, and going back to the Oregon Bach Festival on a full-ride scholarship. It's nice to feel supported by my music.

I WISH I'd worked harder at finding a job closer to home. My commute is horrendous and takes a lot of life energy out of me.

I wish I had been a better daughter, student, friend, and sister. I wish I had made better choices and I wish I hadnt done some of the things that I did.

I am proud of following through on my commitment to participate in the Susan G. Komen 3-day walk. I found out I was pregnant two months after registering for the walk. I was very tired during the first trimester of my pregnancy and was not able to keep up with my training schedule. When I began my second trimester, I was able to start training again and got into good enough shape to complete half of the walk - about 10 miles per day. I also camped with the rest of my team and raised the required $2,300. Much of the funds came from selling handmade items. I found the experience to be very rewarding, and I look forward to participating again next year.

I wish that I hadn't let myself get fired from Disney- it was a stupid mistake and I wish I had finished. On the other hand, I am so proud that I made it so far into it on my own and got to meet new people.

I'm proud I survived -- and didn't lose my sense of humor! It was year with many difficult moments, but things are turning around now. And I'm thankful for that.

I wish I had never agreed to work with that guy.

I wish I had put more energy into maintaining connections with family and old friends. I am proud of admitting to my anxieties and fears--of committing to openly addressing them.

I wish I could have not been so quick to judgement, quick to anger. I am proud of my 10th year having my own company. That's pretty awesome.

I was unhappy and stressed a lot over the last year. I reacted by letting myself eat bad stuff, sugar, alcohol, and I gained some weight which I now feel bad about. I wish I hadn't done it.

There is one thing i am very very proud of. I got into my first choice university to study Criminology and Forensic Science! It was very tough to get the grades i needed but i managed to get more than i needed!

1. Arrepentirme como tal no lo hago de nada, fueron también esas caídas las que me formaron durante este año, en verdad fueron oportunidades para aprender y mejorar :). Sí puedo anotar a cambio algunas cosas que aprendí, son cosas que parecen obvias, que nos rodean todo el tiempo y aún así no nos percatamos: Cuando voy por algo, hasta el fondo (sobre todo elecciones) No permitir que los demás jueguen con nuestras emociones (íbid) Poco a poco aprendo a tener más tacto a la hora de tomar las oportunidades, hacer las cosas en el momento preciso. Organizar mi tiempo mejor a mediano plazo, puesto que no había estudiado nada ni idop a muchas clases cuando llegaron los examenes del 50%. 2. Por otro lado, me siento orgulloso de como cada vez me atrevo a hacer más cosas y a salir de mi zona de comodidad, como haberme lanzado a la representación estudiantil, hablar frente a grandes públicos, entrar a alemán y sobre todo caerle a Natalia, jajaja claro que esto último me salió de una porque en verdad era una necesidad para seguir viviendo. Me siento orgullosos también del tacto que gane para manejar los problemas políticos internos del salón. También me siento orgulloso de haber mejorado mi capacidad de aprendizaje + en - tiempo :) . Por último me acompaña también ésa sensación en lo que tiene que ver con mi recuperación del pie, un nuevo surgir con bríos fulgurantes que me llenan de ímpetu.

Of course I have regrets but too few to mention :P I'm proud I got myself back into education and I'm proud that I plucked up the courage once more to ask the boy I liked out.

I wish I had spent less time drinking and gambling and more time living.

I regret that I didn't express my reservations about the cohousing group sooner and with greater clarity. And I am proud of myself for finally expressing all my reservations, and seeing the problems.

I wish that this past year I would have taken more time to work on my finances so that I could become debt free sooner than later. I am proud of myself for working on getting myself back into shape. It took a while after surgery to feel like I was up to it and starting the year off with a 5k was awesome!

I'm happy to say that I have no regrets from the past year! I'm very proud of my achievements at work over the last couple of months. My manager resigned and left the organisation abruptly, leaving me to deal with my first big external stakeholder project on my own. But I took on the challenge and succeeded in impressing many people for my efforts - getting an 11% pay increase as a result, which was a lovely surprise!

I wish that I had let other people play less of a role in my decision making.

I'm proud that I started down the road to taking better care of my body. I regret that I have spent so much money on "stuff". We can afford it, but it's momentary happiness.

I wish that I had taken school more seriously. I slacked and did not put forth any effort. Because of that I am already struggling in college. I also regret cheating on my ex-girlfriend with someone whom I had no feelings for. I need to learn to value other people's feelings more.

I wish I hadn't lost my virginity, drunk, on the wrong guy's futon.

yes, i wish i hadn't been such a dickhead to some people. However i am proud of my constant dedication as a madrich at my youth movement.

I wish I saved more money. Especially my tax return, I should have used it to pay off my credit card, but I blew through that money. I'm especially proud of my son. He has done pretty good with his life changing. He is playing soccer and is starting to enjoy it!

Yah, I feel as though I spent too much time on unimportant things and not nearly enough on the projects laid out for me to finish. I had the time and space to make some critical changes in my life, and I didn't use either to my best advantage. Still, I did accomplish some things I wanted to, and I positioned myself in my research to finish a major part of the book I am writing

Yes, I wish I could have been better at predicting and supporting the things my ex boss needed and wanted from me at work.

I wish I had spent more time in spiritual growth. I am especially proud that I read the Bhagavad GitA this past year.

I wish I had taken steps / asked for help to deal with my depression.

I am proud that I finally had the emotional courage to file for divorce. I had been putting it off because the act of filing would make real the end of my marriage and signal to me that I had failed at something. Although it was an amicable divorce, it was still very sad for me, but I am proud that I was able to set my emotions aside for a minute and do what needed to get done.

Yes I wish I had been more patient with myself.

I wish I would have found peace with my mother. I would like to believe that she and I can turn the page. That she can start to respect me and my family and conversely that I could start to not argue so much with her.

i wish i gave my all to GOD cos wat life presents now is pretty bad

This past year I stopped going to all my classes, mid-semester. I really wish I had stuck with it because now I'm not going to school at all. I'm just taking a break or so I keep telling myself. Alternatively, I'm especially proud of how I've handled my hard long distance relationship and the challenge of my new job, at which I'm excelling.

No! This year was great so far and last year ended perfectly.

I wish I had gone to London instead of coming home for Nic, I also wish I could re do a lot of that relationship in terms of dealing with him. I need to constantly remind myself that his demand for sex and change in me was not normal, it was not what I wanted from myself. I also wish I hadn't wasted so much time smoking pot when my Baila died and instead dealt with the emotions. Alternatively, I am so proud of myself for not smoking anymore and for moving on with my life. I am so proud of myself for my yoga abilities and for doing exercise every day. I am proud that I have started to use my brain, and most importantly, moved forward from my friends - Jemima, Hannah, Ben and Alex - and started to live in the real world. Although I love them, I need to be myself and myself is a healthy, young, vibrant, excitable girl. - or woman.

I wish I had traveled to Africa.

Getting a 2:1 degree made me proud. I wish that i'd worked harder on my marketing project but i'd probably do the same mistakes over again if i had the time over again, it's a vicious cycle

Wish I would have kept my husband away from Nancy. I'm proud I kept my weight at a healthy weight.

I wish I would have been more cautious about my relationship with Michael. All I have wanted for years and years is a serious relationship. I finally have something that has the potential to be serious (but after a year, we still haven't said I love you) and I don't want it. At 26, I am just now finding myself...a salaried job that I can support myself on, a career I love, a dog that makes my life infinitely better, close friends, generally feeling good about myself...and now I want to enjoy that all on my own. I am proud of almost everything I've done this past year...not only did I pass the praxis, I scored so high I received an excellence distinction. After all those stupid LSAT, ACT, SAT, GRE, etc tests that I took and didn't do well on, I have finally found what I AM good at doing. I finished my classes toward my license. I began using my resources to take care of someone else, my puppy. I drove all the way from my house to my parents in New Mexico...alone. 1600 miles each way. I love who I am becoming. I have a long way to go but I'm certainly getting there.

" I wish I had kept up with my friendships more instead of letting myself get caught up in everyday life." " I am proud that I was able to save 1/2 of almost every paycheck this year-as a freelancer that is not an easy task!!"

Wish I had been able to accept the role I discovered I had in my youngest son's life; just because it wasn't the one I thought I had I became ill and depressed. I know this is because of my background but still feel bad about it because he didn't and couldn't understand. This made things difficult for him and didn't help me move on.

I wish I never tried to have two different simultaneous relationships. I really hurt one person and that will forever haunt me. She is a beautiful soul and never deserved it. I definitely learned from my mistake - always being honest up front is the best way to go, no matter what you fear the other person will think. I'm extremely proud of my decision to live on a plant-based diet. I'm in the best shape of my life, and I feel great. I am confident I can continue this and make it work.

I wish I'd focused more on the positive and spent less time dwelling in the negative. My life is incredibly blessed, but I spend much more time complaining than I do rejoicing. I'm going to try to change that this year.

Honestly I can't find anything I could have done differently because I think last year was one of the most awesome I have ever had in my life. I am proud that I found time to be with my friends. I had lunches, I went out with them, I finaly had dinner with colleagues from high-school and it was really funny.

wish i worked harder in my thesis in the beginning of the year so i dont have to work so hard now!

I wish I had not gotten so stressed at times and therefore, was more fun to be around and nicer to my loved ones.

I was proud of the way that I allowed my students to teach me. I am finally moving my classroom from the model of "sage from the stage" to "guide from the side." The explosion of technology in the classroom is the portal that has allowed me to work on creating a space in which the collective brains of the 20 of us are more powerful and much more knowledgeable than the brains of the two teachers. I look forward to continuing to refine this model as the year goes on. I am also proud of the fact that so many of last years students seem genuinely excited to see me. I've never gotten this many hugs from former students. I think it shows that the model we began creating last year is a valuable one. The students appreciated being treated as respectful learners and respected teachers.

I wish i hadn't pissed money away. Can't change it, but if i could, I would have been more frugal

I wish I had been more confident in my L'Oreal interview, then perhaps I would've got the job - and been living in London doing my dream job! I wish I had put more effort in to my placement search and not just settled for this one in the Isle of Man. I am proud of how far I got in the recruitment process at L'Oreal though, and proud of getting a 2:1 in my second year!!

I wish I had focused on more important things. I am proud of my accomplishments and the lives I've impacted

I cannot really think of anything I would've done differently, I try to not regret anything I have ever done. I am very proud getting my driver's license! It was lots of work and practicing, but in the end, I made it! It's good to know what you can accomplish once you really try.

I wish I had taken my healthy journey more seriously earlier in the year, but I'm am super, extremely PROUD of how seriously I am taking it now. NOTHING is more important than my health.

Yeah - stooping to someone else's level just to get even. It wasn't worth it and the outcome was not was I expected. I wish I had stayed true to myself despite how hurt and angry I felt. I wish I followed my gut instinct more instead of questioning it. I'm proud of pursuing all the things I've ever wanted to. I'm proud of embracing myself and my heritage instead of running away from it. I'm proud of doing the big chop. I'm proud of my determination and how I've owned up to my words.

Differently - Taken care of my health, gone to the doctor more. Found insurance with a lower deductibe - ugh!! Proud - My kids and how the handle tough circumstances. I am always learning from them.

I really wish that I had not made my parents not trust me. I wish in that case that I had been a better daughter and had listened to them because it would not have gotten me in so much trouble after all. I am so proud of my academic accomplishments over the past year. I am so excited and nervous to go to college next year, but i will know that I earned it.

I am really happy with the last year. It was a real challenge and very dark and difficult at times but I am in a entirely different place, where I wanted to be.

I made a large purchase last year for my grandkids which was squandered by their mother. I should have waited for a situation with better control. I'm proud of my ability as a grandfather, I think I'm much better at it than I was as a father.

I wish I had been more responsible with money and bought less stuff. Maybe this will be the year I learn to live on a budget? I wish I had done some really big and important thing this year that I could point to with pride but it was just a regular year. Sometimes I wonder why we all feel the need to be extraordinary.

This year I wish I had been more outspoken at my job asking for what I feel I have deserved. That being said, I worked extra hard this year from taking over for my co-worker when she went on maternity leave to basically doing 5 jobs in one. And I was recognized for it all recently with a raise that I didn't even ask for. I'm also proud to be G-dmother to my new fabulous G-dson August Henry. I love him so much and couldn't be prouder of his mama for bringing him into this world with so much grace.

I am proud to have met Lana, began living a more healthy lifestyle by exercising and eating better.

I wish I could have been a better leader for my temple. I felt like we were putting out fires all the time and never had time to stand back and think about the future of our congregation. My proudest moment was finishing the congregation's 50th anniversary chuppah.

No, not really, even in spite of all the changes.

I told myself I was ready to fall in love again, and I've hidden from it every chance I've had. Run from it, really. Not great. Maybe next year. Although, 2011 isn't over yet.

I wish I had been more organized and productive with my time. I wish I had learnt the art of self-soothing and let go of a lot of negativity. I wish I had loved more and fought less. I am proud of finally launching my blog.

I wish I could have worked with my mother and brother more effectively to get to more financial security for my mother and less worry for me and my brother. My brother and I have taken some clear steps, and our mother has come along in some ways, but it is frustrating to us that she does not have an idea of how much money she has lost -- and continues to take inexplicable risks -- with a "friend" where they make decisions together but it is only her money that is invested. SO far, it has not crimped her basic lifestyle, and she has done just fine managing regular monthly expenses. It is a mystery and a source of worry.

Handled a certain relationship differently. Been more cautious, reserved, less trusting, set boundaries, learn more about the other person's intentions/expectations. More protective of myself. I'm proud of how I've been able to work out and get physically in shape and stay motivated. Completing a half marathon was exciting. I'm proud of my career, my friends and family who are supporting me and the opportunities available to me. I'm proud of being able to live life as I am. I love my apartment, job, friends, family, city/location, traveling, And possible significant other... I'm MOST proud of how i've been able to get my life back together, be independent, sufficient, successful, happy and healthy. I've never been more happy and at peace!

I wish I had continued with weight watchers and lost the last 20 pounds. I regret having lost 7 and then gained them back.

I wish I had finished my thesis while in Sri Lanka so that it wasn't still hanging over me now. I'm proud of the work that I've put into this degree and my relationship, how we have managed to move on from the crap of the exes to a better, more understanding place.

I wish I'd allowed God into my heart a little bit more. I wish I asked him more often how I could be of service. I'm proud I stayed abstinent from flour, sugar and quantities this past year.

Perhaps I wish that I had waited a bit longer to find another job instead of jumping into the very first thing that came along, only to find it to be nearly the same as the last one, but I just could NOT stand that place one second longer, and if I could do it over again, I would have done it anyway, it was either change jobs or suffer with high blood pressure heading for a nervous breakdown! I'm not really "proud" of anything I did since I really didn't do anything at all all year except get up, go to work, come home, watch TV and repeat. Maybe I'm proud that I finally bit the bullet and am making the effort at 100% to get back to my comfortable weight after letting it go for nearly 10 years and also signing up for the 13k 1/2 marathon in January - walking, when I tell people I'm training for it, they're really interested, although I don't think it's such a big deal to WALK, my kids think so, so I guess that's something.

Its always a struggle to find enough time to give back. With an older parent living far away, a wife and three children, t remains important to care for them and their needs, but to also find time to help others. I do volunteer work, but I wish I did just a little bit more

I wish I would have showed more patience with my children and husband when they pushed me to the limits. I am really proud that I finally started my blog and etsy shop.

I try not to beat myself up over mistakes I have made, but there were certainly plenty this year. I think the biggest thing has been my parenting; I would really like to be more present, mentally, when I'm with my daughter and try to get less frustrated when she is really trying my patience.

I really wish I didn't let fear stop me so much, and that I didn't procrastinate so much. I wish I could stay in the moment more and not project into the future and regress into the past so much. Alternatively, I am so proud of my children and the relationship I have with them - I find it hard to believe I helped nuture something so beautiful as they are, nothwithstanding all the difficult times - thank you.

For the past month, I have done some form of exercise each day. While I'm happy that I've started (and it seems to be sticking) I wish I would have started even sooner. I feel great! Which is what I guess I'm proud of - I have recommitted to self-care and am following through with exercise, healthy diet, leaving work early and with massage, hiking, camping, napping and acupuncture :)

I wish I took school more seriously. I'm glad I have a job as a receptionist now, but I think it would have been better for me if I could have actually continued with college and gotten my degree. I better go back to school!

I wish that I had created more connection with others and used that is an energizing awareness. I am proud of my time with my son and his mother and the opportunities I used to be of service to the community.

I wish I hadn't been so afraid of coming home. I love my apartment, but when I am here, I sometimes feel uneasy. Thoughts of needing to clean, organize and declutter come up and just sitting and being present is a challenge. This leads me to remember that I wish I had established a meditation practice. I say that "I meditate all the time" which is certainly true; my mind has been shaped by the various meditation experiences I have had. But, I know that if I meditate regularly, I will feel more connected to and engaged with myself. On the other hand, I have ventured out to try new experiences that have enhanced my humanness. Some of those things are: Alaska, kayaking in the Hudson, going to more events on my own without being afraid of being alone. I have also shown up for my parents and borne witness to their aging. I have worked in earnest to understand how I can be of service to them as they make their way toward the end of their lives. I have also detached more from my children, knowing that their love is constant and that I do not need to have it reinforced. I have cried more - about sadness I feel.

I finished my pre-reqs for nursing school! I'm very proud of this, and anticipate attending nursing school in the fall.

I wish I hadn't entered into the previous relationship I was in -- not because it resulted in emotional trauma, but moreso because I stopped listening to the visceral instinct that had kept me from doing so during the entire time he kept asking me for a serious relationship. It was the wrong place, wrong time, wrong person and shouldn't have happened out of respect for both parties. Conversely, I walked away from that experience truly understanding for the first time in my life that there is more than meets the eye. Everything is and many people are never what they seem and there are multiple sides to every story...everything is worth asking questions about and investigating further. Additionally, I learned to never settle for less than you believe yourself to be worth -- this was the most profound realization I've come to over the past year....it's been a long time coming.

I wished I could have showed more patience at times. I felt good bout helping my family when they needed someone there just to listen or call basically to pay attention a bit.

I'm proud of being able to bring a more positive attitude to life. I think that my effort to be more positive has scored me some points with lots of people and I really want to keep that going throughout the HSC year. I wish I didn't let myself get affected by certain things and continually let them affect my attitude - hopefully this year I can try and just be happy with what I have and let go what I cannot change.

I wish that I was honest with myself instead of pretending that everything is okay and normal. When I am not happy, I should be able to say it to the person closest to me even if there is fear I will get hurt.

I wish I had thought a little less about pleasing others and focus on pleasing myself. I would always be concerned about how others would perceive me and judge me when I really should be doing things a little bit more for myself. However, I am so proud of opening up and finding the best friends ever from a trip I went on to Israel. I was able to freely be myself with no fear of judgements and in turn I learned so much from the friendships I made.

I wish I had gotten my money back on my resume and found another company to write it-I really need to find a new job-one with more income, more challenges, more opportunity..and I have always thought my resume held me back. why can't I stand up for myself?

I wish i had been stronger and more committed to my own word in the aftermath of the end of my relationship. I wish i had followed my own rules and not engaged when i knew that it would keep me stuck. Conversely, I am proud that i was able to move forward, make a new life for myself and do a great job in my new role while feeling completely devastated, all the while getting stronger in myself.

There's always something I wish I had done differently. This year, particularly professionally, I need to do a better job of speaking up for my needs in a non-defensive, proactive way. I think I would be far happier, and more successful, professionally if I was able to conquer some of my fears of conflict. On the other hand, I am really proud of me and my husband for really being a team through some of our biggest challenges yet.

Im proud of reaching a high level in the two sports i love- golf and softball. After getting healthy I have been at the top of my golf game and lead our softball team to a top3 regular season and the elite 8 in the softball league. i hope to continue this success next year as well.

There are a handful of things I would have done differently this past year. The top of the list is staying relaxed during my job search. Instead of enjoying the much needed time off while I continued the job hunt, I worried about interviews, feared getting rejected, and cried along every step of the way. I wish I would have known something good was bound to come my way so that I could have relaxed during enjoyable moments such as holidays and family get togethers. Instead, I was constantly thinking about my state of unemployment. I am proud of my 25 pound weight loss. As a college student, the food pyramid consists of fast food and beer. This rapidly packed on pounds for me. Thanks to Myfitnesspal.com and motivation from my parents as well as boyfriend I am now a healthy weight and size with a healthy BMI.

I'm not sure how productive it is to regret our life's decisions. It's the failures that make us grow and teach us the lessons we learn. I can see how doing things differently may have changed outcomes, for good and for bad, but ultimately, it's our decisions which make us. I wish I could have found or searched better for a job. I need to be better about examining my life and my character to improve upon it. Changing myself is the most difficult task I will ever have. I am proud of the love I am creating with Derek. His affirmation of my love shows me that I have changed and have learned a few things about how to care about other people. I have grown into a person who knows how to love. I didn't know that about myself until now.

Done differently: I wish I had handled the ending of my relationship with my ex. When he left me I was in the middle of cancer treatment and was influenced by the meds and the grief/emotion of the illness and allowed him to string me along for months. If I had not been going through that, I think I would have left him when I found him cheating on me (right before starting chemo). I would not have kept seeing him for months. That sucked and made the experience more emotionally damaging that it had to be. Proud of: I am proud that I survived the Breast Cancer treatment I went through this year. There were days that I thought about ending my own life. I cried for days and weeks. All Day - every day. I look back on that time and almost feel like it wasn't me who went through that. So the fact that I survived is sometimes a wonder to me. I know I had some of the most wonderful friends supporting me and helping me through it. Coming to my house and doing my laundry..sitting with me while I cried about "him"..accepting and loving me even though I was just a shadow of the person they knew. I feel without them I may not have survived. But it was I who made the final decision to survive. In those dark nights when the tears flowed endlessly and all I wanted to do was fall asleep and not wake up. It was I who decided NOT to do what I wanted to..not to take my own life...and for this I am proud.

This has been a year of tremendous choice points. I wish I did not give away so much, materially, in my divorce mediation after giving away nearly everything else. I suppose I now know that what ever I gave was the exact price I had to pay to become me. I'm extremely proud of my personal and spiritual growth. This year has been part of an extraordinary test and each time I am able to experience actual change in the moment it's happening I remind myself of how far I've come.

Yes, i wish that i came out of my shell and got more involved in my schools drama club; ACT. I am invloved in it this year but it would have been great to be involved in it my first year of high school

Wish I'd done differently: I wish I'd been able to be more open and communicate more clearly with [J], allowing us to grow and deepen our relationship. Proud of: I'm proud of myself for having the courage to quit a job that was a terrible fit for me, and for not letting fear talk me into jumping into the next one I could get my hands on. For taking the time to rest, explore, and get to know myself. For practicing self-love.

I wish that I had been more proactive - not reactive - to all situations around me. I let life run me - not me run my life. Proud to say - I survived.

Yes, my decision on school. I regret choosing to come here. Especially after I finally found home. There is something that I'm maybe not proud of, but happy about. I graduated high school. I was Salutatorian. With all of the struggles and difficulties that I had to endure and overcome, I'm happy to be able to say that.

I wouldn't say taht there is something I would have done completely different. Only small things I think. Nothing special. But I'm pround of the things I changed within myself. I became way more self-confident the past year and I also think that I found some happiness in life again. I don't take this for granted after I was really down after my break-up. But I'm pretty happy again and this is something I'm proud of.

I am very proud of committing myself to loving my family and friends with a deeper emotion. I am also proud of opening my mind to new ways of seeing and being in the world both physical and spiritual. I would like to have listened more deeply to all my conversations with my loved ones, my friends and everyone with whom I engaged in an exchange of information, ideas, feelings and just being together.

I really can't think of anything I'd have done differently. About the only thing I regret is that I had to keep putting of my surgery, but that was out of my hands. I'd like to be recovered from a laminectomy rather than recovering from one, but oh well, that's life.

I really glad that I dated a particular person this past year. They taught me a lot about what I want in a relationship and what I need to work on, so I can make my next relationship more successful. He also taught me how to just relax and have fun in a relationship, but I'm also glad that it's over because, at the end of the day, we weren't right for each other, but we're still friends and that's good enough for me.

I wish I had been a more active participant in my life. I felt like this entire year has been in neutral. No how much I did, I felt like I was still two steps behind the person I wanted to be.

i am proud that i've grown. i've come to understand myself much better than i did in the past. i dont try nearly as hard to be strong, or pretend that things dont hurt or anger me. i confront difficult situations more frequently, and i've opened up a lot more. i'm much more fair to myself and other people.

I wish I had taken better care of my mental and physical health this past year. Things got challenging and I ate my way through the difficult times. Thankfully, I'm back on track.

I have been slacking on my schoolwork. To some extent I gave up trying this past year. This year I hope to get back on track, or else I'll never get to grad school.

I landed a great job. And my cake business is really catching steam. I sem to be positioned for success if I don't have a nervous breakdown first!

Generally, I wish that I had been able to find a balance between work and play. This year I have been working most of the time. I need to find a way to remain focused so that I have more free time. Shifting from time "off" to time"on", is a challenge. So , though I am pleased that I have pulled back from volunteering. I would like more focus at work so I just go play between work hours.

I wish I had finally learned to take myself out of intense, boiling-point situations with my mom, instead of staying in the same room until I blow a gasket. But as this happened on Erev Rosh Hashanah, it is foremost in my mind to make that a goal for this year and all subsequent years.

I am especially proud of the strength I have shown during my husband's treatments for cancer. I am not perfect, but I remained positive (if not always warm), polite (if not always effusive), and I feel he would not have done so well if it had not been for me. I wish I had kept myself in check, though - I have terrible self-control when I am tired, or feeling needy. I was about to say "I wish I had kept myself from shining so brightly when I should be more reserved" but then I saw the errors in that statement - I should be myself, and I should not hide my inner light from anyone. But equally, I shouldn't let the fun of witty banter let a person think they can do more. And how vain of me to think this at all? I wish I had shown more restraint.

I'm proud of the attention I've paid to building a new and lasting relationship with a wonderful woman. It has been effortless in an ironic sort of way, in spite of the conscious effort I've asserted to nurture the relationship.

Taken more deep breaths. Stayed true to my thoughts and on the high road as much as possible.

This year has been a year of completions for me, getting over a lost love, leaving my job of 13 years that I was not very happy in, stopped being angry about the past, and moving in a completely different career direction!

I'm proud of changing jobs, and going for something more (potentially) rewarding and less safe. So far it's worked out beautifully, and both quality of life and earning potential are both much higher than with the former job.

I really wish i stayed more positive.I let myself become a very negative, bitchy person.I wish i became nicer instead of meaner.I feel like im getting better though,so im happy

I wish I had been myself more this past year and not worried about others too much. I invested way too much time into solving my friends problems and in turn created way to much drama that I wish never had happened. I wish I had branched out and met new people more often instead of staying with the same group of friends almost all of who brought me down. I am proud that just recently I learned how to be myself and not care what other people think of me. I learned that people should like me for who I am and if they don't then they are not worth my time or my worry. I also learned that I should pick my battles and that some are not worth fighting and others I should give it my all. I am proud that I learned all this and that I will now have a happier life because of it.

I'm proud that I made the decision to change jobs. Less money for a job I love and feel appreciated for doing. I'm reminded everyday that I made the right choice.

I wish I hadn't lost sight of my dreams. Towards the end of last year, I was so focused and determined to apply to drama school, get onto a musical theatre programme and progress from there. Instead, I wasted the year playing second fiddle to my boyfriend and his dreams and now I'm here with him at university pursuing his dreams and me sitting here without much of a future. I know that I've left it too late now and it's going to be hard to let go of the burning passion I've had since childhood.

In this past year (and many before them), I wish I had continued to explore my artmaking potential and not been so damned afraid.

I always go overboard when it comes to respect and giving people credit for their past. Most of the time it has led to bad relationships where I am taken advantage of. This past year is a good example of this with some partners of mine in a business venture. However, it is this business venture that I am most proud of as well. I guess its about taking the good with the bad.

I'm very proud of my ability to continue to shape my life in the direction I want it to go, and now in the direction that "we" want it to go. I'm very proud of my growth as a communicative person, and about my growth as part of a partnership. I'm proud of becoming a real person, turning 30, feeling very, very comfortable in my skin. Also: overcoming financial problems, working through depression, moving across the country, and finally landing my "dream job". Yes!

I think the only thing I would have done differently is to have enjoyed the time away I had more - in Africa, away from the routine of everything. I would have soaked it all up more. I am particularly proud of keeping a positive attitude and really pushing myself this year harder on all fronts. I think being positive has really helped. A lot.

I wish I'd seen Grandma when I went home over the summer. That's my one regret, I think. I hope I have the opportunity to visit with her again.

I don't regret anything or wish I had done anything differently. I try to use each experience, bad or good, to guide me into my next. I am particularly proud of getting my first "adult" job, getting a one-bedroom apartment, and finally letting myself love someone without holding back.

Our entire community was affected by our river flooding and I wish I would have helped out more.

I wish I had found a better way to relate to my partner, without making him feel as though he was the one in the wrong.

I'm especially proud of how I have been able to support my partner as she obtains one of her life goals of getting a master's degree.

I wish I had been more confident in myself. Northwestern has this insanely competitive and intimidating environment and sometimes I let it get to me. I start to think I'm not good enough, or at least that most people are better than me. I wish I could have taken an honest look at myself in comparison with others and not felt like I had to push myself to be better than them. I want to be confident in my own merits, not in comparison with others. I know in my head that I have my own unique experiences that I bring to everything I do, but it's difficult to remember that those experiences are just as valid as the experiences of others.

I wish I had spent more time getting to know Jesus... and I'm proud of myself for being dedicated to school, thus far.

I wish I had acted with more lovingkindess to all people, but especially my wife.

I could have said no when asked to fly 3,000 miles to perform my friend John's funeral. I thought about saying no. I am glad I said yes. It made me wonder how many other things I have said no to. Sometimes you just have to say no one time, and people stop asking you to do things.

I wish I would have been easier on Panashe when I broke up with him. He was probably the most important thing in my life this past year and the cancelled trip triggered a lot of emotions that I didn't know how to deal with. I am learning a lot about how to interact with people. I am proud of how hard I worked this past year. I feel like I was incredibly reliable at work and made the best of my job. I wish I would have done a better job of making DC a home, but I definitely think I have learned a lesson from my year. Don't go somewhere you don't want to live. Be excited about the neighborhood you're going to live in. I didn't really workout- it would have been nice to have a better routine. I am so happy I was able to help support Aisha and to go to Cameroon.

Give more compliments.

I certainly wish I'd spent more time and energy on parenting. I cop out an awful lot about the number of things on the calendar that fragment the family -- lessons, clubs, activities -- but I haven't been that successful about carving out time to connect to my kids. Some small solid moments, but I don't know that they rely on me.

I had committed to reading the Bible cover to cover during my 30th year. I failed and I think that failure reflected a large moral failure throughout the year to live as I should and (at times) even a failure to continue aspiring to live by those principles

I am proud that I have been able to help and guide an old friend through the troubled waters of a difficult divorce. We had become estranged over the years but when she called, distraught and sad and at her wits' end, I was able to put aside the issues that had separated us and help her through a tough time. After all, the only way to "fix" the past is to put it all behind you (where it is anyway) and focus on NOW.

I wish I had given my boyfriend the opportunity to fix things when I first started doubting our relationship. Instead I kept it to myself and widened the distance between us. Now he wants to fix things, but I think I've already made up my mind.

I am extremely proud of the fact that we were able to pay off our mortgage earlier this year. I really should have had it paid off several years ago, but had been squandering all our money and getting into greater debt until I finally acknowldeged five years ago that I am an addict. Since then, my wife has taken over handling all the money. This has helped me to turn things around and work at paying off our debt. We still have an equity loan and will need it to eventually pay off an IRS audit. The money is there though when we need it. I feel very good about this. I have no real regrets about anything I've done during the past year. It has all been a great learning experience.

I wish I had taken more risks and worried less. Most of my anxiety about my choices is not only needless, it's counterproductive.

I always wish I could see my family more - they live in Ohio and I am in Michigan. I wish I could do that differently. I'm proud that my husband and I bought a new car outright. It feels good to have a reliable new car without any car payments.

I wish I'd gone outside more. Taken more walks, really enjoyed this beautiful place we live in. Whenever I get home from work, I always seem to have another to-do list to check off, things to accomplish, obligations to get "out of the way" before I can breathe. I need to breathe *first*. I'm pretty sure the rest of my life would benefit from the increased oxygen levels. But I am proud that I've continued writing on such a regular basis. I'm proud of my job, and everything I've accomplished there. I would say I'm proud of making it out here to Colorado and our lives taking off so quickly, but that has nothing to do with me and everything to do with God.

I wish I had managed my finances differently this year, and were more responsible financially. Otherwise, despite being unemployed and running out of cash, I do not regret anything I did that got me to this stage of my life.

I am especially proud of the time I've taken to get both myself and my husband more healthy and active. Also proud of the financial decisions I've made this year.

I wish I was more able to stay connected to my meta-values rather than get caught up in petty rivalries and jealousies. I am proud that I know who I am and what I value--but I get sometimes get bogged down in catering to what I perceive other people think about me and maintaining relationships that I find no true value in simply because I feel guilty.

I wish I had been honest with myself and my partner in my romantic relationship that wound up ending very badly because of the lack of communication. I wish I had gained the confidence I needed to bring up issues right away, and to not be afraid of fighting. That fear kept me quiet, and it all blew up and made things so much worse than they could have. It wound up breaking both of our hearts and if I had just been honest in the first place about how I felt, it would have been better. It's something I want to work on every day.

Taken better care of myself physically. Been more assertive in all kind of ways. But a strong year professionally.

I wish that I had actually tried my hardest in school, been a better person, and didn't let my problems get me down.

I wish I didnt ruin my past friendships they way I did

Everything that I have done has allowed me to learn something. The failures count just as much, or more, than the successes. So, no, I do not wish that I had done anything differently. I am proud of myself for being able to learn and rebound from perceived failures.

I wish that I had more faith in myself. I also wish that I had taken better care of myself, and was more present with my family. I let things affect me too deeply, and I wish I had taken a step back to say, "I am doing the right things." I didn't have as much confidence as I should have. I am proud of the fact that I overcame major hurdles--depression being one of them--and managed to get my own business off the ground. I am also proud of myself for stepping outside my comfort zone and running a 5k, and starting to practice hot yoga.

I wish that I had done a better job of watching all of the words coming from my mouth on all occasions. There is never, at any time, a point when I should just allow words to fall from my face without thought beforehand. I will be working on that this year. The continuing and developing love within my relationship with my special one.

I wish I hadn't spend so much of winter and spring socially isolating myself. I think that when I am sad it manifests itself very quietly, and I am slow to recognize it. Whatever my fears are of other people, I'm not the content hermit I often pretend to be.

I could say that I wish I had chosen a different career path at Intel, but thinking logically - the position I have now allows me to work from home. And if we are to move to Sisters while I'm still working for Intel, that will be a real plus (or at least feasible). Therefore, really, each path has its pluses and minuses. Plus: work from home possibilities. Minus: work under conditions where I really don't see a clear path to excel (since there is already a lead who will be here at least as long as me and no clear definition to 'my job').

I could say that I wish I handled things at work differently, but I don't know what I would have done different. I needed the time to realize things needed to change, to decide who I can and can't trust. I'm not even sure I regret giving myself several pretty bad cases of chemical burn. I'm proud that I finished a nearly 20k story. But it's not enough, not nearly enough. Time is ticking, and I'm losing more and more time to write, to leave something more than me. Something I can hand to those I love, those that love me, and say "see, I deserve your pride"

I am especially proud that less than a year after moving to a new town I feel very integrated into the culture, I have begun to create a niche for my business, made a number a good friends and created a safe place for my daughter. I wish I would be able to keep my daughter away from the TV a little more - I give in way to easy to that.

I'm right in the middle between those two questions. I am pleased that I did not give up working on my healing process...staying in weekly rehab, exercising at home, not using my pain as an excuse to stay home from work or social activities. But I don't feel proud of my choices because I simply could not bear the idea of the alternative. I was so depressed in spite of all the encouragement, activity and improvement over the past eight months -- surely I would have been seriously tempted with suicide had I given up. The strongest emotion I feel about this year is gratitude for all the people who were sensitive to the promptings in their hearts to pray for me. Amazing numbers of people prayed, and amazingly often. I am sure that is what carried me through this deep, dark valley and brought me back into the light. And I thank God for the introduction of an antidepressant three weeks ago, which stopped the runaway train, turned it around and it started it back on the right track.


Oh, both of course. Again I haven't exactly kept up with my physique. I wonder though, The obsession with being thin, it was helpful to indulge in it, and maybe it means I can let go of the obsession and self-judgement, and just aim to be healthy. Perhaps I wish I had done more stuff, acheived more things, been less lazy. But I have to say, I don't mind my lifestyle as lady of the Manor at 69 Marble Ave. I wish I had bad-mouthed people less, found ways to express my confusion at people's choices with less disdain. I am proud of all the work we've had done on our house, and I'm proud that the stress of it all and my desire for perfection (countered by my laziness) hasn't ruined my relationship with my wonderful Man Ally. I'm proud that he and I have the relationship we do, after 10 years of accompanying each other. I'm so glad that we can weather the times we don't love each other, and that we fall in love again, and that we haven't let any dewy eyed romanticism about how marriage is supposed to be get in the way of our quieter, greater and deeper love story.

i wish i'd not given in. instead of believing that i was worth more, i took what attention was being shown to me from him as worthy. i kick myself for not sticking to my resolve of the year before. i am proud that i had the nerve to go to "that" wedding alone.

I wish I had not let myself get so out of balance. It feels good to be taking steps to get back to my best, healthy self.

I'm especially proud that I'm finally here on the Islands with B. I'm proud I'm learning to stand up for myself and where I fit in. I'm proud that B and I are getting along so well, even though medical school is difficult. We're doing so well!!!! I'm proud of his good grades and great progress that he is making in school and the progress we're making as a couple.

I wish that I'd been better at sticking to my plan, this sounds so superficial but I wanted to lose weight, not a great deal of weight about 20lbs or so and I'd try for about a week, see no results then give up and then get depressed about how fat I was feeling. I'm now sat here (and this has been on my mind for the past month so I know it's bothering me) just thinking, why on earth didn't you just fucking get on with it and give up the bad food and move your arse and exercise? Perhaps this question has come at the right time to make me DO this! Proud of? Hmm I guess I'm proud of the fact that I learned how to run and can actually go for a run now (I can easily do 5km and I'd need to run regularly again to get up to the right fitness to do 10km), I find running as boring as hell though so I don't go often and now the weather is drawing closer and the cold draws in I won't kid myself in pretending I'll do it! The gym it is for me! I'm also proud of all of the work we've achieved on the house, we've done a hell of a lot on it and although there's a lot to go, it's stuff that's mostly cosmetic and not to our taste rather than OMG we need a ...

I wish I had been more persisting on selling my book and haven't given up so fast. Cause it's agood book.

I wish I would have told my mom a long time ago that I'm gay. I kind of told myself a couple of years ago that I wasn't going to come out to her until I had a reason to (i.e. I was in a really serious committed relationship.) I didn't really think about what it would be like for her learning that I was gay, had a girlfriend and that she was moving here all at the same time. So that I would have done differently. But - aside from that - I'm really proud of all of the leaps and bounds and accomplishments I've made in the last year. It's been a trying year - and a year full of changes - but I think it's all ended for the best. :)

I wish that I had been more outgoing, maybe a little bit more proative. I should have been more patient and understanding of those around me.

I have some situations that I have let go on too long rather than taking the time and inconvenience to deal with them. I didn't deal with things because "I don't have time." Now they are like mountains in front of me and I still have to deal with them. I am proud of myself for digging in and looking at myself honestly. Gaining self esteem by recognizing my skills and abilities. Knowing myself. Living up to my expectations and continuing to work on my goals. I am also proud that I am willing to be responsible for things, to be accountable and to not lay blame when I don't do something. Blame is my pet peeve!!!!

I wish I had gone to the beach this year. This issue is directly connected to the age of the car I drive, making me terrified of driving it anywhere. So I guess what I'm really wishing is that I'd have saved enough money to get a new car.

I would have liked to have been more disciplined. With a bit more planning I think I could take a great career to spectacular levels, but I'm lazy and get easily distracted.

Something I'm proud of: starting a Dining for Women chapter. It's a role I think I will continue to evolve in, and it's giving me the space to become more of an activist in a way that is comfortable for me. It's also good for me because, being unemployed, it's easy to feel like you're worthless, not contributing anything, etc... but this makes me feel like I'm still adding value to the world in some small way.

I wish I'd waited, you know, or something, before letting this charming man fuck me. Because that was all he was: charming. I wish I realized that before anything happened. I regret a lot of things. I wish I'd spent summer differently. I wish I traveled more, alone, instead of staying in one state with a bunch of annoying family. I wish I hadn't passed out from California weed at my first American house party. I wish I'd done Vegas differently, instead of just shopping and smoking. I wish I really tried to get a job I wanted instead of going for a "stepping stone." I regret a lot of things. I guess I'm proud of graduating from college. And getting all the job offers I got. And I'm proud of my bikram yoga adventures. And episodes of independence (commuting moments, opening my own bank account). I'm proud I was able to try out new things, go out more. Little things. Nothing big yet.

I wish I had spent more time trying to find a place to live that truly felt like home. My current house and neighborhood are not inspiring to me, and that lack of inspiration, coupled with the fact that I moved from a place that I absolutely loved, is making it harder to make the best of this place I'm in. I also wish I had produced more and better work for my two research jobs this summer, but I also realize that these tasks bring up long-term struggles of mine around focus and concentration. I am proud of having completed my first year of grad school and of how focused I am on my long-term career goals, and of how much I learned.

I wish I had given my husband a chance, and not just run away like I always do.

I wish that I swore less at my family and didn't feel feel so useless as a mother-- I can always do better. A few months ago, one of my teenaged sons asked me why I freeload off his dad (my husband and this child is one of many biological children between us.) I told him that I was and am needed here-- to take him to his charter school (he'd rather be in the local public school from where he got suspended!) and that I clean and take care of the house. I make lovely presents for all our extended family members. I make the best dinners that I can within our budget-- I could do none of this if I were working, and my children are not ones to help pick up the slack the times I have taken part-time gigs to help out friends to earn some money. But I swear and I cry a lot. I feel useless. This being said, I handled my son's suspension pretty well in that I got him working for a friend who is running for office so he was at least doing something worthwhile, and I get the kids to their schools and I shop and make the most of my husband's money. I guess I am doing a good job and "earning my keep"-- I just have a thankless job and an unappreciative audience! (I should probably put a dollar towards every time I want to swear and don't and splurge on getting myself a massage!)

Everything. I was emotionally broken, didn't trust and I was in a job I hated. I didn't invest effort in the things that would heal my soul. I don't know if it was the passing of time or just moving through the grief of disliking who I was that helped me change. I would love to be a better aunt to Richard & Chris's children Sienna and Shane. I wish I had invested time in myself instead to catering to everyone around me. I'm proud that I saved many lives, was honest and helpful to those who needed me, and made the choice to move away from boyfriend & family to do a job that I love. Trent and Dempsey I love you!

I'm not typically one for regrets, because I believe things happen a certain way for a reason, but I do wish somewhat that I had confronted my ex about his issues sooner, instead of glossing over them and pretending he was more stable than he is. However, I'm proud I put my foot down and left when it was obvious we were too far apart, despite my devastation over losing what I thought was the man I was going to marry. But doing so motivated me to finally get my photography business launched, so there's that blessing too. :)

I wish I had studied a bit harder on my gcse's so that I wouldve got an a* for maths, buy I'm especially proud that I've stopped having seizures!

I wish I would complain less. It pisses my boyfriend off and I sometimes hear just how annoying it is. I'm really proud of myself for stepping up and taking control of my future. I feel so much better and confident about my future.

I wish I had used my unemployment more productively. I should have enjoyed sleeping in, went for more walks, learned more photography and writing skills and donated my time more. Hopefully the experience will teach me to be more focused with my free time in the future,

I'm proud I quit my job to pursue writing. I'm disappointed that I didn't date more and didn't seem to give relationships a real go.

I'm proud of making a better effort to be attentive to my family, even though I would like to improve my patience! I'm also proud of the way I negotiated myself into a better position and title at my job. The actually act of asking for something I wanted and deserved was intimidating but it paid off so I feel inspired to be more confident in the future.

Something I wish I had done differently? Maybe be a bit less careless with money - but not really. I believe things work out and in my heart I know that our financial situation will drastically improve! On a positive note, I am proud that I am finally tackling my new training. Even though it is going to take 2 years, I am excited that it will lead me down the road to fulfillment and happiness for me.

As far as done differently, it's not related to the past year specifically. I wish Brian and I had separated much sooner. I am thankful though, that we had the courage to do it at all. Pride - filing the separation agreement. Getting tattoos that I've always wanted. Losing over 20 lbs. Growing my hair out. Dressing sexy. Forgiving Brian and forgiving myself. Getting the perfect therapist. Working on my relationship with my mom. Going for it and getting Cezanne.

Oy. The list of things I wish I'd done differently this past year is lengthy. I feel like I'm becoming somebody I don't really like. Not a terrible person, but the sort of person who simply doesn't care about certain things. I'm blessed with so many amazing friends and people who love me, but I often feel like I'm not nurturing those relationships like I should be. One of my goals for this year is to be a better friend. My friends are the ones who are going to stick around and I need to take care of them, so that they will take care of me when I need it.

Done differently-- not sure, can't think of anything at this moment. Since last October -- moved out of Bluebird, moved into San Nicholas, Zoe bouncing back and forth, Spence home for summer, worked summer school, paid debts, planned retirement, researched Fulbright and trips to Seattle and Portland... it' all good! Especially proud-- I am proud of the way my ex-husband and I have remained flexible and responsive for my daughter. I am proud of the financial progress I have made this year, paying off some debt and getting clear about future directions. I am proud of of having made it through the first terrible round of holidays away from our long time family home. I am proud of the new family order which is taking shape. I am especially proud of persevering, one day one week one month at a time. And as the prayer says, "..thank you god for all that you have given me that has led me to this sacred moment." And I am proud that I have kept joy in front of me, rising to meet, whenever I get the chance.

If there was one thing that I wish I had done differently over the past year would have been to better keep in touch with my long distance friends. Social media is not a good enough way of keeping in touch with some of the people that I have been closest to throughout my life. Alternatively, I am proud of finishing up my year at my job and not quitting, regardless of how unhappy I was there. I still gave it my best effort and I am proud of what I accomplished while I worked there.

I wish I had waited longer to have sex.

I wish I didn't go to work on the day of my mother-in-law's memorial service. I let my husband down and I didn't support him when he needed me. I am proud of my career growth in the last year. I have also started a new job that is less hectic and I am able to close the 'office door' at 5 o'clock more often.

I wish I hadn't kept something important from a close friend. I knew better, but I allowed her brother to convince me that it wasn't my place to tell her. Looking the other way for a year is the most dishonest thing I have ever done.

I don't know.I have always been constantly creative, walking with inquisitive wonder each day, being productive. But this year there was so much loss-- my father, his brother, my relationship. I might say that grieving got in the way of growth, that I did not really produce much this year, but I have spent a lifetime avoiding long-term grief. So maybe it was just my time.

I wish I had been better to my friends this year. I am especially proud of my family.

I wish I had stuck to my initial decision to decline the 'field trip' with my co-workers. I let peer pressure stampede me into going, I drank so much to quell my anxiety that I don't remember half the day. I don't think I did anything improper (or else I'd have been fired by now) but do wish I hadn't gone on the trip.

I am proud of the Dragons' Den project which I worked hard on and won! The students involved learned a great deal. I wish I had completed my MA but work committments meant it was just too hard to combine with my secondment.

I created my own website for my writing, self-published my first e-book (My Arms Are Shaped Like You), entered a script into a horror competition, and had a lovely summer.

I wish I'd starting working out sooner and harder. It's only been in the last two months that I've really made a massive difference to my health. I'm going to a personal trainer and although it's difficult and expensive, I'm going to be one of those fit, healthy people that everyone wished they were like. I don't want to be fat any more and if I'd started in January I'd probably be where I want to be.

There are lots of things that I wish I had done differently, as I am not very good at making decisions, so virtually everything I do - I always think what if.. I think I can be quite obsessive and a bit of a perfectionist, but I don't necessarily think this is a bad thing. If I had to decide on one thing, it would be my own healthcare. I wish I had maintained my weight from our wedding, instead of 'relaxing' too much. I should have taken more care on health & exercise when I was at a comfortable weight - and then it wouldn't be such a struggle now!

I wish that I wasn't an alcoholic. When I quit drinking, I stopped immediately, all at once, which I found out later was too quick. Medically, I should have stop gradually. Because of that I now have seizures which affect my short term memory. Later, probably later today, I will have completely forgotten that I answered this question. I am proud that I haven't let this get me down. I understand that this is a result of my own actions. Fortunately, I have the love and support of my wife to help me through it all. She says I'm a much better person.

I wish I'd been by my grandmother's side when she died so she wasn't alone... I wish I had made more of an effort with my brother so maybe he'd still be alive today. I wish I had done something differently in my marriage, even though I know that wouldn't have prevented it from ending... I am proud that I completed a triathlon! I am proud that I am surviving everything that life is throwing at me this year.

I wish that I had been able to do more to save my marriage. I cannot believe that after so long together we are now just about strangers and she is someone else's wife.

I'll start off by saying that I'm proud that I raised so much awareness for men's health issues, as well as money to support the efforts of the Movember Foundation. Additionally, I'm proud that I had the courage to make the leap into the realm of entrepreneurship, which coupled with a 3-week stint abroad -- my first real trip outside of the U.S. (Canada doesn't count). Alternatively, and often much easier to recall, I have regrets that I couldn't somehow figure out a way to win back the girl of my dreams (i.e., my high school sweetheart). I don't know that it was really anything that I had any control over, but it did seem -- in fleeting glimpses -- that the "us" of old was still there. I suspect that, in the end, there is just too much bad history in her mind for a relationship between us to have a legitimate shot at survival. And, just when I thought that she'd be back in my arms, she took a trip to the Rockies... Montana to be specific... and began to fall in love with another guy. Still, I can't help be happy for her (and jealous of her). She is in an amazing place, experiencing amazing adventures, and has, by all outward appearances, found someone that she cares about deeply and that, most importantly, seems to be treating her very well. How could I possibly fault any of that. Truth be told, I'm pretty proud of the way that things have worked out for me so far, too! Though, admittedly, there is a void in my heart which I'd like to see filled sooner rather than later. It has been a pretty lonely existence -- great friendships aside -- over these past few years. Though success in business would seemingly be the obvious wish for me at this junction, I'd much rather find success in love. I was raised in a manner that will always have me believing... all you need is love. After that, everything else will figure out a way to fall into place.

I wish I'd learn to cook better last year but this is being remedied this year. Moreover, I wish I had acted on my resolution to write. That did not happen. I hope to change that this year. I'm quite proud of picking up a new sport/discipline (karate) and achieving two belts during my year of training. I'm proud of my husband for achieving tenure this year and hope this brings him relief. I'm proudest of running the last 1.6 km of a marathon run that took place over 6 weeks with my daughter and of helping my son overcome his fear of cycling and helping transition into kindergarden.

I could go on about how I wish I could have done almost everything differently this past year, but I'm not going to. It's in the past and there's nothing I can do about it, except to move on, acknowledge it and learn from what I did. Will I make the same mistakes again? I might. But then again, I might not. We'll have to see. Alternatively, I'm awfully proud that I've started writing again. I just feel so much better about myself and the world around me if I'm writing at least a little bit each day. It'll never be award winning stuff, but that's okay. I can live with it as long as I'm writing _something._

Several things I wish I had done differently. I wish I had been a more loving wife to my husband. I wish I had been more involved in my horse farm business instead of trusting other people to take care of things. I'm proud that I've finally stepped up to get more involved in the horse farm and have finally persuaded my husband that we need more help to run things correctly.

I think whatever was happening with me was out of my control. May be I should have used a bit more courage in handling things, then the things would have been totally different. Things which I learned in difficult situations made me much more strong and better.

Something that I wish I had done differently last year would be to save money and have a place of my own or at least with only one other roommate, in a better area to live in. This year, I started living with my mother, which is nice, since I can save that money for next year.

I wish I had been more careful with my money. I've let it control me when I should be controlling IT. On the other hand, I'm proud that I've stuck to my intention of becoming a teacher. I've made my choice and I'm sticking with it.

I started the year planning to diet and exercise. I'm struggling to remain in my current size. I'm proud of the husband and father I've been this year.

i wish i would have let go of worrying so much about finding a new job. i feel good about how i took care of my mother when she went into the nursing home and on to medicaid.

I handled some difficult situations pretty well - with my sisters, and making a tough decision concerning Miss Kitty. I'm proud of the thought and maturity I showed there. I wish that I had saved more of my contract money! Remember how bad it feels to be overdrawn?!?! Stop doing that?!?!

I wish I would have said "no" to a lot of requests to do things for others & have focused more on my own business before big life changes didn't allow me to do that. I don't know if I will be able to now. I'm still hopeful, though.

I wish we had fired Andrew earlier than we did. I love how we trusted Hilberto and did our best to make the house as wonderful as possible for the next owners. I am especially proud of how Jim and I have been with each other during this very stressful year. I particularly like making lemonade out of the lemons! WE are moving to Grass Valley and making our retirement something more significant.

i don't often wish i'd done things differently; it's just not how i think about my life. but even if i did, my main process for living without regrets is living awake, fully conscious. this has been an exceptionally awake year for me. which is i guess the answer to the second part of the question. i guess if i'm proud of anything, it's being fully awake, conscious, and grateful.

I am proud of the way I have grown even more into a fearless individual and more importantly how I was able to build a support system here. What I ALWAYS wanted to! I have wanted that for myself the entire time I was in school!

I wish I had handled my money differently. I need to budget better. However, I'm proud of myself for my schoolwork and 3.7 GPA. Im getting through college proud.

I wish I would have done what I've said I'm going to do for so long and gotten my financial house together. There is no reason I should be in the bind I'm in (which is not nearly as bad as some). We live paycheck to paycheck, but as a commissioned professional, I have no guarantee when that next paycheck will come in. I need to pay off what little debt I have and make a plan for the future. I also need to focus and get my career back on track. There is no way I will still be in this space on September 29, 2012.

I wish I'd done more with the time I had off over the summer. It's been relaxing and a worthwhile change to be back home with my family, but the big gap between finishing my degree and starting grad school has been filled with nothing much other than a succession of little tasks and pottering about. Time is precious and I've felt frustrated that I haven't been more productive in the last few months.

I wish I had treated my dad with a little more grace and cooperation on his last morning at home. I wish I had not argued with him and used such sharp words when he asked to be taken off home hospice care and taken to the hospital. He was right. Under the circumstances, with his wife providing a constant stream of Alzheimer's fueled disruption, it was the absolutely the right thing to do. And yes, I was exhausted at the time, but it was his choice, his decision. Not mine. My argument only served to postpone his medicated comfort. My reluctance delayed his entry into a quiet, peaceful environment where he could breathe out his final hours tended by competent, caring professionals, where he could have a catheter and not have to endure the shame of having his son or daughter change his diaper.

I wish I would have kept on my debt plan better. And kept up with my eating plan in June because I would have lost all the weight by now.

I wish I had taken more architecture licensing exams. I am proud of taking on the role of conference chair for a Jewish learning organization.

taken more opportunities, too meet more people, and get more involved with my church

I wish I had been bolder and more active this year. A lot of things have slid due to inaction; the house, yard, weight, social life. It's like I've been on auto-pilot, waiting for something to shake me out of inaction. There isn't any big thing that I'm especially proud of. However, I helped a friend find a place to live when he was starting a new job. He found out he had the job on Saturday, and started that Monday. Hopefully by the time I get this next year things will have started to come together. It feels like everything is one step off, and I'm always one step behind. It's like life is leading me and not the other way around.

I don't have many regrets for what I've done this year. On the whole it's been a terrifically positive experience. There are only two things that I didn't do, which I wish I had done - gone to GIN's Dream Weekend in Nashville and start the affiliate program sooner - but I know that for both of these I was not ready, so I really can't regret not doing them. But I am proud of SO much that I have done this year. First and foremost I decided to do the hCG diet. To date I have lost 78 lbs! That's between June 15 and September 29. I have more to go but am confident that by the time I read these answers next year, I will have lost everything I need to lose. On May 1st, I started my website, www.paleodietnews.com that is educating people about their health and wellness choices and by promoting an extremely healthy lifestyle. This site will also make me a lot of $$$ in the coming years. It will be interesting to look back on this answer and reflect on what has happened in between. I am thrilled that I have totally engaged in the Global Information Network. This club has helped me achieve success and will continue to do so for the rest of my life. I am also proud that I have totally stopped watching TV. In May I made the decision to stop and I don't miss it at all. There is a lot more that I am proud to have accomplished. I will have to write them in a journal.

I wish I'd said "no" more often.

What do I wish I had done differently? I wish I hadn't agreed to be on the Vestry. It's so much time! I am proud of the quilts I've made, the art I've made, going back to school.

I'm proud that Laurie and I made the decision to move from Brooklyn to Colorado. It's been a huge life change and not without it's problems, but in total it's been the right decision.

I have no way of knowing. I did what I did. I have to believe that I made my choices from a wise intent and from the heart, even if they were somewhat ignorant at the time. And I'm not saying they were ignorant. Life can work with action; it cannot work with inaction. So I did what I did with all the love I could muster at the time and that makes me very proud of myself.

I'm glad that I finally got my act together as a scholar. Something seems to have clicked. I wish I had handled some things differently with my family, but I also don't know what I could have done that would have been of any use.

I wish I'd been more proactive about self-care and "finding myself". I feel like I let things get to a point where I just feel lost and confused and cynical, and now I'm forced to do a lot of thinking and brainstorming and self-assessment. If I had included more reflection in my everyday life long-term, perhaps I wouldn't feel so completely lacking in direction and stability. I'm proud of myself for taking the GREs (even if I didn't end up going to school this year), for picking up all of those babysitting jobs, and for finally being proactive about my health/mental state/state of the world.

I'm proud of losing weight and getting healthier. Most of all, I'm proud of myself for sticking with it and incorporating exercise into my new lifestyle. I'm happier and enjoy everything so much more.

I am proud of how I have proven myself at my job and stepped up to the plate and done whatever is needed to see projects through to completion. I wish that I could express myself better to my loved ones. Its not a single thing, but more a series of actions I've noticed about myself over time.

I wish I had been able to focus on a single project during my downtime this year. Idleness breeds distraction, and returning to the world of work makes it very difficult to move my projects forward.

Stayed consistently optimistic; pessimism gets me fucking NO WHERE, no matter how easy it is to have a pity party.

This year has been one of beautiful change for my husband and I. We have made lifestyle changes that have stuck. In the last year, we did our first triathlon. I have lost 12 pounds and gained self acceptance. I am proud of our actions in the last year.

I am proud of the fact that I didn't mope for my entire summer about my last boyfriend. I didn't let it bother me once I learned to let go, and because of that I was able to move on with my life and be happy.

I wish I would have spent more time at home with my son and not been in such a hurry to get back to work. I put so much value on my "work family" and didn't realize how quickly all of that would disappear. I am proud of deciding to leave that company to be closer and more connected with my family for a career that is not so intense, although there are days I miss feeling "important." I am proud of going out on a limb for this, not knowing what the future might hold or how we will be able to respond financially

I wish I kept up with my cross country running. I didn't run over the summer and now I am at the same place I was last year. I could have been so much better and made not only my coach, but made ME so proud.

I wish I had not been so hard on myself. Mid-year, I worried about not having enough work so within three weeks I got another client, but it added so much stress for various reasons. So, I'm proud that I stepped up to the plate, but I should have given myself more credit and cut myself more slack as I went through this change. In the end, I actually am on the road to having a successful freelance business and the future looks bright.

I wish I were able to be more accepting of where and how and when certain friends have showed up in my life. As hurt as I have felt, I need to give them space to be where they need to be. I wish I had more grace and forgiveness towards my husband.

I wish I had followed my heart instead of my Head.

I wish I had pushed myself to gain more confidence and listened to the people around me who were trying to give me confidence as well. On the other hand, I'm proud of myself for keeping in touch with friends from all over the country from different summer programs I do! I love them all so much, they mean so much to me, and they are my true friends.

I wish that I had signed up for a course or volunteered at a library, school, or retirement home. I spent too much time in front of my home computer surfing the web, playing JT's Blocks and listening to music.

I wish I had spent less money. I am proud of myself that I did make more than years past.

Sometimes I wish that I would not get annoyed by the small things. Also I sometimes waste precious time. I am proud of how I have maintained my faith and dealt with the perceived challenges in my life.

Actually, I don't wish anything different - it's actually been an amazing year. Perhaps I would've given my tattooist my phone number...instead of being all gurlie now and chickening out - but hey, what will be will be right...? I'm immensely proud I finished my fiction story - all 69 chapters :P I'm incredibly proud of all my paintings, sketches, and creativity. I think my skills are getting better, and I hope to be able to do something with this... I'm also especially proud of learning some basslines, composing a song, and writing many lyrics. It's been an epic year.

I have learned from the mistakes i have made. there have been plenty of ups and downs but i am proud of my hustle, of getting myself where i need to be, when i need to be there, and muddling through. I am proud of drawing the line with my health and fitness and getting myself back on track. And i am proud of my determination to get done with this degree i think i have put things in place to get where i am going.

I wish I had done a lot differently. Paid more attention to myself, my grades, and kept myself in track would have been something I wish I could have done as opposed to not doing it. I most importantly wish I hadn't let myself get in the way of doing things this past year. For this upcoming year I plan on going all out--living with no regrets to go back and do it all differently. I should have no shame in my actions and the decisions I make. I just wish I could have been more aware and closer to becoming self-fulfilled. Instead of taking 3 steps forward and 5 steps back, I want to take 5 full steps forward.

Paid more attention to improving my personal health. Cared for my Mom and Aunt during their final days; taking care of their estrates after passing.

I wish i hadn't gottenmyself involved in drama in my school. Im proud of how i overcame my health issues, though.

Nothing I wish I had done differently. And I'm proud of having chosen my own path, into uncharted territory. And I'm proud of finally having reached the point where I trust that even if I don't know where I'm going, I'll recognize it when I get there.

yes. I wish I had spent more time painting and less time worrying about all the band stuff. I also wish I had been more focused on my schoolwork to keep my certificate up to date... crunch time!... in the end though, I have faith in the fact that I'm right where I need to be learning the things I need to learn.

I wish I had lost more weight. I'm proud that I've learned to better control my impulsive nature.

I would not haven't taken the PPS job. I made All-Star Secretary for my elks district

Of course there are many small decisions I wish I could take back and do over again (like every time an opportunity comes up to throw in my two cents, I often refrain) but the ongoing thing I wish I did differently was to intentionally discipline myself to practice guitar daily.

I wish I had been less self conscious at my wedding ceremony. I was so concerned with how we looked that I didn't allow myself to be engaged in the moment fully. I'm proud that I took on this new job and played big. I held myself as a person who could handle this position and I did. By being an honest giving person. I wish I hadn't started to become so miserable.

I wish I had spent more time with my Mom before she passed away. It was hard being so far away from her. I'm proud of my job. I'm proud that I worked hard and got promoted and I'm glad I'm valued there.

Been more consistent with my mom. I'm very proud that I've opened my heart to love and stopped pretending that I didn't need it. I'm really proud of how I'm correcting long term failings - getting to work on time, exercising consistently, finishing work.

I wish I had not gained weight this past year . I"m proud now that I have making fitness and health a priority and taken the initiative to start an exercise program and eating healthier foods.

I would like to have been clearer with people on my expectations. I was brought up to manipulate people silently and then expect things to work out. All it has done is made me resentful and others confused. I am proud that I am not speaking in code any more.

I wish I had spoken up more when people were getting to me. I am all about the idea of having true friendships, and this year seemed to really make or break a lot of friendships that I thought were true, but in reality weren't. Alternatively, I'm proud that I developed a close-knit group of friends this summer that I know are true friends, and will always be there for me, no matter how far away they are.

I wish we had rolled more renovation money into our re-financed mortgage. I'm afraid the hit we took is going to take too long to emerge from. Alternately, I'm very pleased and proud of our new kitchen!

I wish we didn't work our dog Luna so hard. It turned out she had an issue with her back that we didn't know about and the training just made it worse. I'm especially proud of the way my freelance projects have been turning out. They're a little time consuming but they're nearly done and look great

No, every thing I done, I done convinced. Yes I am very proud of keeping my family

I wish I had gotten more done! Ha. That said, I am proud of all the progress I made this year. Especially mentally, with learning I have Adult ADD and then developing strategies to keep my mind more focused and on check. This discovery, my research and my productive struggles with my ADD have helped me to increase my awareness and progress immensely since the start of the year to the end.

I try not to regret anything. There are some different choices that I could have made, but then I wouldn't be exactly where I am right now. I'm very proud that I have become clear in my intentions and taken steps to pursue my passion. I also took control of my work situation and created an environment that supports me and fosters my growth.

I wish I was less emotional when it comes to work life. There have been a few times where I've let my feelings get in the way of doing a good job or handling something correctly. I also let myself get lazy if something is bothering me. I also wish I'd kept writing. I can't let that side of myself go - it affects everything I do.

i wish i were better able to 'let go'.

I wish I hadn't have gotten a C in calculus II. There is really no excuse. I simply never studied or did any homework, so it's incredible that I even passed. Even a minimal effort would have gotten me a much higher grade. Continually fucking up left and right due to sheer laziness. I need to get tested for ADD.

I wish I had been more careful about watching my wallet when using cash. Somehow a $100 bill disappeared. I don't know if it fell out, if I handed to a clerk not realizing the amount and took change for a $10, threw it out with expired coupons, or if, because I trustingly left my purse in the lounge area, it was one of the items stolen in the ladies room at work.

I wish I had let go of some pretty serious anger earlier. It's pretty much colored every aspect of family life this past year, and I'm working to change that. I'm especially proud of recognizing this, thought, and of working towards change to become a better wife, mother, and person in general.

I figured a way out of our family financial crisis...I formulated a plan, gathered support, and facilitated it through. It is not over yet but we are well on our way.

I wish I had completed my music project early in the year so that I would have had a jump at bringing in income before it was desperately needed. Similarly, I wish I had worked harder indoors during the poor weather months so that I could have enjoyed the summer instead of spending the best part indoors staring at a computer monitor wishing I were outside.

When deciding whether to throw a Bar Mitzvah party for my son or go on a family trip to Israel, I wish I had gotten in writing from my wife that this was an either/or proposition. Because now we're doing both!

Well... I'm more than proud... I'm thanful with God and Life, because I lived many awesome things around my life's purpose, around my job and my goals. Maybe the favor and grace of God is what makes me alive! Things to say thanks!: mmm... Común y Corriente, PLUS, my participation in CNLJ Guate, my Libro67, my family.

I wish I had been able to say no to the right things and yes to the more worthy things. In retrospect, this has caused me aggravation and made me lose my temper when I should not have. The one thing I am proud of is having been able to leave a relationship that was not healthy for either of us, and do so with both of us still being able to be friends and civil when we have to interact.

Fight less- love more. I often get worked up about things which i have no control over. Also, hopefully in the next year I will learn to enjoy life instead of constantly worrying about things which I cant control. For example... who worries about a wedding when they are not engaged yet :p

Yes I wish I had pursued finding full time employment much sooner but it seems after the fiasco with my consulting/coaching business that I became gun shy not only about work but just about myself. Again, it seems that something does occur immediately before I answer these questions and that's participating in the Rosalie Gould project. I hope that it does become a realized venture not only for the producers but for all of us here in America. Granted it wasn't the Holocaust but it was a dark time in America. As I've said, posting my participation on Facebook has brought mainly great feedback until one realizes that some don't say anything, because they feel it was correct. Justifying it on war, sad but true.

I wish I wouldn't panic and catastrophize about everything. I wish I could stop worrying about everything all the time. I'm especially proud that I got through this year and for the lessons I've learned along the way.

I wish I hadn't let my relationship drift away. Distance and lack of communication are posionous things and I wish I had seen past all that and been able to hold strong to someone so important in my life. I wish I'd taken more chances in my first year in LA, but I don't if I'd change that. I believe success comes when you're ready for it and now, I feel ready for it. 2011 has been a tough year for me - through faults of my own and circumstances beyond my control - but I feel sharper now. I feel like a confidence emerged from that hardship and there's value in that. Missing the most important person to ever enter my life is hard on a daily basis, but who knows what the future holds? We've learned from our communication mistakes and if distance were to change (and become less than 3,000 miles) maybe we could find our way back to each other. Love can surprise you like that.

Well, I'm mad at myself for missing Day 1's question. I didn't check my e-mail yesterday and that is very unlike me. So good going, Megan. But to answer the question, I don't really feel there's anything I wish I would have done differently this past year. I've done so many things that I'm proud of this year. Let me tell you about them.. 1. I'm really proud of myself for how I handled all the bullshit that was going on at my work (Ameret LLC. as if I could forget...) There was so much going on there that was morally wrong (disloyal and dishonest people) and I'm so glad that I was able to be there for Erica in this situation. We were both so screwed over in the situation and had we not put up with so much shit there together, I don't think we would have made it as long as we did. She is one of the most onwderful people I know. I'm getting choked up just thinking about it. I hated the job (at times...most of the time) but I'm so incredibly glad that I met Erica. 2. I'm so incredibly proud of everything Paige and I have been through together this past year. After reading my answers to last year's questions, I realized that we were in the midst of making plans to move to CA. How quickly things change. Neither of us is in CA right now. I'm in Missouri and she's in Kansas. Still close to home. We traveled to Pittsburgh and hung out on a movie set!!! I am so proud of that experience! We met famous people and got to watch a movie being filmed. We've grown together as people and she is a force to be reckoned with. She is one of the very few people in my life that will tell me to my face if I'm being a bitch. She tells it like it is and I love her so much for that. 3. I went on my very first date this year (actually it was last week) and I'm roud of myself for that. I'm not attracted t the guy, but I went out with him and it was no big deal. I still see him in the halls and on campus (he lives on my freaking floor, so yeah, that's terrific) and things aren't awkward or anything. I think he might still be interested in me, but he hasn't asked me out since, so...maybe not. I don't know, but I'm proud of myself for stepping so far out from my comfort zone and trying something new. 4. I'm also proud of myself for moving away from home and being a big girl. I've gone home twice, but both times it was because I was going to a concert, so I wasn't just going home for the sake f being home. I've adapted to my new environment, and still am, but I'm proud of myself to getting outside my comfort zone to meet people and try new things.

I am proud of the way I grew as a result of visiting a counselor. I feel that I developed important life skills of flexibility and willingness to let little things go. I'm also proud of the yoga, meditation, and prayer routine I've developed.

I wish I had done so many things differently on the movie I mentioned in my last answer. Mostly, I should have stood up for myself and not let myself be so intimidated by these guys. It was foolish indeed. I'm proud that I asked Katie to marry me! That's cool... I also learned how to snap while going backside on a wave while surfing. That's cool too...

I wish I would have handled some of the issues with the convention I was chairing differently, it would have been better for everyone and for my peace of mind, but with hindsite it is always easier to see things with clarity. On the flipside, I am proud of how I got us through a year of no fixed home and a difficult move and transition.

I wish I would have looked ahead at my finances more. I also feel as though I have begun to get very superficial. I feel as if a lot of my time is spent looking at fashion and fitness blogs. The other day I realized that if I spent as much time working out as I do looking at work out blogs, I would be really fit! With that said, there have been health issues that have kept me from achieving the same results I saw a couple of years ago. I do feel as though I have gone out and made more friends. I could always use more though. I got rid of cable TV, which has been nice, but I watch a lot of TV through the Internet and Netflix now. Though this is not nearly the same amount of shit that I used to watch.

I wish I had spent more time with Charlie alone. It's so hard to give all four kids individual attention, but now his first year is almost over and I've missed it.

I wish I had focused more on the career and person I want to create and gone for it full board!

I wish I had resisted the urge to get involved with Mike. I knew what I was getting in to, and just let him hurt me all over again. I should have listened to that old adage, "When somebody shows you who they are, believe them."

I wish I had been a better friend -- especially to those in need. I missed lots of opportunities to reach out and connect with others, because of my own tendency to withdraw when things get too busy and complicated. I used the Internet as a substitute for face-to-face meetings.

I wish I had been more proactive on my pet projects- I wanted to have published that book by now!

Pretty much everything? This past year has been rough at work, home, and socially.

I wish I'd exercised more during the winter and when I was first pregnant in the early spring. I was really stressed and exhausted, but I feel like it put me at a disadvantage the rest of the year. I guess there's no time like the present to start again!

I am beginning to teach again...just one class per semester. It is difficult because I haven't taught for four years, and my final year of teaching was orrible. I was in the beginning of a depression that became more severe each day. My students all passed because they hadn't learned anything anyway. I am working to do a good job now -- I used to be an excellent teacher. I've not hit that level yet, but hope to do so sometime during this year. I would like to not have any repeats of my emotions and behaviors from my difficult years. Unfortunately I have had some recently. I intend to have the strength to conquer those events and continually improving my coping with life and teaching.

I wish that I had been even more experimental than I had been. I am so proud that I have had the spine to do what I wanted so far. I'm working hard on my spirituality and creating beauty in my life instead of living like the usual wage slave...

Obviously having regrets is human nature. Of course I wish I could've done things differently this past year- yet I believe that everything happens for a reason even if that reason makes no sense. I do believe that people can create their own future but fate does play a role one way or another. For example: if you don't wear a helmet while riding a bike and fall, you are the one who created your own fate of falling. To answer the latter of the question, yes I am incredibly proud of many things I have done over the past year. But I am mainly proud of the fact that even when times became very tough for me (emotionally and academically) I still stayed strong and worked through it. I never gave up and now I am stronger and prouder than I have ever been.

Sigh, it's too early to really tell if I should have made my graduate school decision differently. My gut tells me I was not true to myself, but maybe I just need to give it more time .... Other than that, I am proud of my work on the marriage equality campaign, and proud of how effectively I took on and managed frightening responsibilities at SPI. I am also proud that I didn't waste my time in New York - I really experienced the city and although there is more I wish I could see, I do not have any real regrets. I am proud of the self-confident, quirky, actualized person I became while living there.

Again, I wish I had kept the wedding simpler and more to the point. On the other hand, I am really glad that we had a reception, as I did get to see a lot of people I don't see on a regular basis, but it would have been good to spend more time with them. Also, I'm proud that I did take the job at the Boys & Girls Club and didn't take a couple others I was offered because I knew I (probably) would end up not liking them. Alternatively, I wish that I had been more pro-active in seeking out jobs. But now I know which ones to look for.

I wish I had been more active this summer: volunteered or something to change someone's life. I sat on my bed most of the summer. I am SO PROUD that I have chosen to dive deeper into my faith this year. God is crazy present everywhere in my life and I'm glad I made the choice to acknowledge some music was inappropriate, that some actions or words I was doing/using were not Godly. I AM SO MUCH HAPPIER.

This past year i wish I had given more of an effort to...well, everything. i took the easy road many times, and although i did well in everything, i felt like a cop-out. Alternatively, I'm very proud of myself for sticking the things out that i did, and not just walking away when i had the chance.

Everyone has regrets to some degree but mine seem so trivial in comparison to someone who is dying, so I will not complain. I am very proud of myself for actually getting into a career that I thought about for a while but didn't dare venture into and it has turned into many a great opportunity. I am also loving every moment of being a mother to my beautiful four year old girl, we love spending time together: Reading, playing games, and doing arts and crafts. I wouldn't want it any other way.

The thing I wish I'd done differently is this: I wish I didn't fear so much, that I had the confidence in myself to grab what I wanted without worrying about all my flaws and shortcomings. Alternatively, I've pursued what I've wanted with more vigor, passion and dedication during this year than ever before. So I feel that I'm constantly getting better at what I want to get better at, but also seeing how I constantly need to improve and fight for something better. In other words, to be alive means to never be complacent.

I am really proud of keeping my son in good shape mentally. In the two years prior to this past year, he had had two five our surgeries reconstructing his feet and ankles due to a birth defect (clubb feet). Between surgery one and two, at age 11, school fell apart for him. He is incredibly bright but also has some learning differences that his school was unable to understand and basicalloy blamed him for these. So for the past year, I have tried to figure out how to bring him back to his happy, engaged, connected self while healing from the physical and emotional trauma's he has had to endure. He is doing really really well and I am proud of him and me for getting to where we are.

I wish I had faced my fears a little better this year, was less scared to say what I had to say and deal with the problems. Then again, I'm really proud that I re-learned the value of silence and listening to my intuition to tell me when to speak. I also feel really bad that I didn't follow through on my Rosh Hashanah commitment of donating more to charity and thinking less about myself. On the other hand, I am proud that I have become more aware of my finances, of the importance of budgeting, of buying savvy and smart, and I think once I get a grasp on that I think I'll be able to give much more.

I'm really proud of the work I did during spring semester as a Stage Manager. I'm not a group project person but I dealt with it and I made the most of my situation and I'm incredibly proud of the work and effort I put into my show. I entered the class scared and exited the class a stronger and better person because I accomplished something huge. I'm proud to say that I did that.

I wish I would have been less harsh on people, including myself. I realize that people aren't perfect and I'm not either. Although, I am really proud of how I try my hardest to do everything perfectly. Hopefully, I can find a balance between the two this year.

I wish I hadn't let the stress get me down so much and let the work load overwhelm me. But on the same hand I'm proud of how much I've accomplished and how well I did in school.

I wish I had told him my feelings early. We had an incredible summer together but now we're apart and I miss him more than anything or anyone. I've never felt this way before and it's tearing me apart everyday. I wish I had fought harder before I left to stay together instead of fighting after. I'm proud of myself this year. I have grown up a lot and have gained so much confidence in myself. Partly because of BBYO. Partly because of Evan. But also partly because I have learned that I can be myself and have friends and people will still like me. I am also proud of graduating high school and leaving KMR bbyo in a good place to pick up this year and to continue to grow.

I had to sever an old friendship from high school. This was caused because I didn't think three times about something that I posted to this person on Facebook...he had attempted to commit suicide about 10 years ago, and on his 40th birthday, I posted to his page that I was glad he was here to see it. He took this poorly, and decided to send me some fairly nasty messages, although I apologized and removed the post that offended him. Since he chose to continue to send me abusive messages instead of graciously accepting my apologies, I chose to cut off all contact with him. While this was simply symptomatic of the many years of our relationship, and some friends applauded me finally severing all ties to him, I do wish it hadn't come to that point.

I wish I would be more brave and happy the last year. Im proud that I face my problems to find my self and answer or not and to realize that I have to let it go everything...

Proud: This past year, I worked on the production of a 2012 challah calendar to honor one of my (alternative to a synagogue) group's members who regularly bakes and donates specialty challahs (in various shapes and configurations--such as a pharoah, a tree of life, and a dreidl) for our services. I was one of the founding members of the group in 1978 and am really proud that it is still going strong. Another group member designed the calendar. We have printed several dozen copies for group members and anyone else who would like one. It was a mitzvah many times over.

In the past year, I wish I'd been more grateful for my wonderful opportunities at my school. However, I am very proud of myself for trying to fix my relationship with my father (though unsuccessfully) and for my environmental work with Algalita and my debating. I am also happy about how hard I worked to make Distinguished Honor Roll.

As I get older, I find that I am less interested in dwelling on regrets over what I did or didn't do. I did what I did, presumably because it made sense to me at the time. Rarely do I learn from my mistakes - I learn more from successes. What am I proud of? I started designing repeat patterns and found a place to sell them. I'm looking for ways to enhance what is joyful in my life.

I need to learn how to soften some of my communication style, but my Irish roots and metro NYC combative style keep poking through. Conversely, I am proud to be in the job I have and hope to continue to be a leading change agent here.

I wish I'd been more engaged my senior year of high school, both academically and socially. I feel like I spent way too much time wasting my time on the internet. Because I spent so much time in front of a glowing screen, I finished my homework late every night, I was always tired at school, I didn't try as hard to interact with my peers, and there were certain academic subjects where I just stopped caring. Just to be clear, my senior year wasn't a total wipeout. I still did well in school and got into a good university that I've really loved being a part of so far, this school year. However, the fact still remains that I know that academically, I could've pushed myself so much harder than I did. Speaking as someone who likes to be challenged and (normally) strives to do her best, that bothers me. Socializing doesn't come easily to me, to say the least. I do try to make an effort to be a sociable person and make connections with other people. It's not easy, but I know I'm capable of doing it if I put my mind to it. I knew that last year, I was backsliding socially. I kept to myself and listened to my iPod more often than I was talking to other people. Disengaging from reality to spend more time on the internet was a massive mistake that I made last year, and I'm determined not to make that mistake again this year.

I am really proud that I ended a relationship that wasn't serving me and crushing my soul. I am certain that saying goodbye to that thing has created space for something different and more real in my life and also in his...

Do differently? Yes. Absolutely. I wish I could have been with my daughter more. It haunts me. It hurts me that I couldn't have been there for her. I know we all have choices, but I did not feel that there were any other workable options for me. I had to work, I had to learn this new career. I couldn't abandon my student loans- we wouldn't have survived had I not worked. But still, I wish I could have done better, found something with less hourly commitment and better pay so I could have engaged with her more. In the very least, I wish I would have realized earlier how badly I was struggling and gotten help so I could tune into her better. What am I proud of? I'm proud of becoming a mom, of putting someone else before me, and growing up that way. I'm proud that I have grown as an attorney, that I have grown stronger and a smidge more confident than were I was a year ago. I'm also proud that even though I don't get to be there like I want, I'm also confident no one else knows better what she needs than I do. I'm mom, and even though it's been the hardest, most gut wrenching thing I have ever done, I am proud that I get to be her mom.

I'm so proud I finished my dissertation prospectus AND won a couple of research awards to finish research in India this summer. It's easy to overlook these 'accomplishments' in my line of work, because it's expected that one will finish one's prospectus and win some sort of research grant, but actually living the experience was something much more than that, and I have every right to be proud of myself.

I applied for and got a new job within my same organizaton. It was a stretch for me, going from a place of comfort and predictability to an unfamiliar environment. I am proud of myself for taking the risk and not doing what was easy. I hope I did the right thing and don't look back with regret in a year!

I am proud of the risk I took in supervising a masters level social work intern, in taking on a new role, instructing someone, and managing conflicts and power struggles. I wish I had been able to not get so affected by my fathers impatience and woulda.coulda/shoulda attitude.

Health-wise, this has been a very hard year, so although I have all sorts of regrets about things not done I don't really see what I could have done differently. For a while there, I was experiencing major buyer's remorse: if I had known I was going to be so sick year, I wouldn't have bought a place and moved half-way through. But now that it looks like there might be a health resolution, I'm feeling better about this purchase. (I just wish it wouldn't take surgery to get me to a better place!) On the other hand, the fact that during this difficult year I was able to culminate a two-year apartment search by finding a great place is probably something I should give myself more credit for.

Amazingly, I have few regrets. I say "amazingly" because despite having few regrets, I'm not especially happy with my current situation. However, I do have pride. I am PROUD of my master's degree. I didn't realize just how proud that would make me. I didn't understand how meaningful that accomplishment would be. I mean, it took me five years to complete a three-year program; I had obstacles. But I did it. And I am proud of the volunteer work I do. I feel I truly am making a difference for the people I work with. I am proud that I helped save at least one life. I was so scared, but I was there for her. So, yeah. Proud. And not just proud, I think, but proud for the right reasons. One of my clients is wary of the word proud, because it can sound boastful. We decided that words like "accomplished" or "satisfied" are less tainted. Yes, I feel both of those.

I'm proud that I thought through a situation before making a decision. I did not rush head on into this situation, nor did I ignore making a decision. Typically, I would have lead with my emotions, instead of taking a moment and considering all of the options. It may sound like such a small thing but for me it was a shift in my way of being.

I wish I had paid more attention to exercsing, eating healthy and my weight. I realize now that I had time to get on the treadmill and I didn't use that time wisely.

I wish I had made time to visit w/ my aunt and uncle over the summer. There's no reason but my own selfishness w/ time to have not done so.

I wish I would have spent more time with my family. I just get trapped into the routine, I guess. But I am pretty proud of having been able to sing a solo in public. I thought my voice wouldn't come out but it did and my friends all thought I was very relaxed.

Well it is too early to tell, but I moved this year from a place we thought of as paradise back to a big city with all of its troubles. This is so that my daughter can have the big city experience before she goes off to college. She gave up her senior year in a High School and a great group of friends. I too gave up a great group of friends. So far it has been exciting without any real mishaps. I am proud of my gdaughter and how she has handled herself. I can tell that she has grown a tremendous amount. And she has still maintained a giving heart.

I think this year was pretty good, actually. I feel that I am communicating my needs and my concerns more clearly without getting tangled in the emotional web of them. Advancing this way personally as well as professionally. I wish I had been more organized, but that is nothing new... I need to make more time to spend with my friends. So many new babies, I need to see them more.

Not yet, it's been a good year... and I'm proud that I stuck with training for a marathon all on my own.

I wish I made greater strides in my career and health last year. I kind of fell off the exercise bandwagon & now need to get back on. I wish I had made more connections career-wise, but I did rip the scab off and have my first interview in 11 years. It was clunky and slightly embarrassing for me, but at least it showed me what my weaknesses are and reminded me of my strengths.

Easily--valentine's day. I had it in my head that Ilana wasn't the kind of girl who would swoon for flowers and chocolate, so I did very little. I bought a stupid card and made a stupid joke. I was thoughtless about dinner, bungled reservations, and flaked at the last minute because it was raining. I took a chance to make a girl feel wonderful and threw it away. It was a colossal failure. Colossal. Awful. I was in a position to do something spectacular and I did nothing. My intuition was this was when our relationship started to change, when she started to have doubts. Awful. I wish I could do that day again.

I wish I had taken the time to start writing my book. I have instead done very important and useful projects thus I do not have to feel guilty with what I am doing with my time yet I still have not started writing this book. A book that if I do not write I know I will regret.

I yelled at Solly once and it was scary for him. I felt horrible. I apologized right after I did it and Solly seemed OK. But still...I yelled at him. eck. My moods this year have felt so physical...perimenopausaal? I hope to work on my patience with Solly and beyond. What I am proud of is the work I am doing at Kaiser. I have slowly been building a relationship, my skills, my confidence and hopefully a future. thank you.

I wish I hadn't backslid on my eating habits. After my daughter was born and I was breastfeeding, I could be lax in my eating habits. It didn't matter because those calories were going to my milk production. 6.5 months later, however, I stopped breastfeeding but kept eating like before. I've actually gained 10+ pounds I fought so hard to lose after the birth. I'm disappointed in myself.

I wish I had been a better friend to some people. It's hard to see all the good in the world when life seems so bad, ergo I kept seeing all of the bad in people rather than the good. I was very proud of all that I did for my Youth Group chapter this past year. We made remarkable advancements and are now better than ever. It really was fantastic to see the fruits of my labor.

I wish I had gotten back together with Erin sooner. I do not regret the way things worked out- she and I are incredibly happy together- but I do regret that I was scared and aloof for so long. I also wish I had found somewhere other than Caleb's apartment to live. My friendship with him has suffered for it.

I think I should have dropped the honors program sooner than I did. I was doing it just to say that I accomplished it but in the long run, I didn't need it and I wasn't passionate about my topic. I would say I'm proud of getting to graduation, all of the Hillel stuff, and getting my first 'big girl' job.

I wish my wife and I made love more, and spent more time with each other rather than running around; I wish I spent more time with my parents, rather than running around. Running around pays the bills, and enriches our lives, but only as a side dish -- only when we spend time with each other do we really carry on and expand our family tradition.

I wish i had allowed myself to be the true me and be fully self expressed at all times, as well as sticking to regimens which i set for my self. Something i'm especially proud of was my ability to be my weird self when i was and be that person everyone, even those kids who aren't the coolest, liked and wanted to talk to. I didn't realize this until recently but my true self shines through my actions.

Something differently...maybe work a little harder at work instead of putting things off. I am working on that for this year...losing weight is another thing that I gave up on last year but this year is a different story. Especially proud of? Being in a show and stepping up to be more involved...really trying harder in the performances and people noticed. I was so amazed that I could put myself out there and perform even if I was nervous. Speaking dancing and singing all at once was a huge challenge sometimes it worked and sometimes it didn't but I did it and it was amazing!

There's nothing in particular I wish I had done differently, but in general, I wish I would have been less cynical of others. Less jealous. Less petty. Less gossipy. Less catty and spoiled. Less entitled. Less self-absorbed. Less obsessed with my weight. More grateful. More humble. More generous of spirit. More open. More trusting. More available. More inspired. More plugged in.

I wish I had taken better care of myself physically. I've spent so much time, energy, and resources buying a home and changing jobs, that I forgot that I'm still in the same body as before. Last year, on Yom Kippur, I promised G-d that I would take care of myself, that I would eat better and move more. Instead I followed the same old patterns and, surprise! found myself in the same place as before. I'm overweight, my back aches all the time, and I'm tired. I've relied on youth to tide me over, but as I move into my 30's, I know I can't do that anymore.

I wish I would have been a lot kinder to myself. I am proud of how AWESOME i am :)

Right now I am especially proud of sticking to and exceeding my training plan, which included health goals. I more than met those goals, lowering my heart risk from moderate to low, improving both cholesterol and blood sugar readings, and losing the next 10% of my weight. All by doing something hard and good, which also raised $2700 for breast cancer research and treatment. The fundraising was very challenging to me because it is so alien to my skills, marketing to friends and family. This is a year that I am very pleased with my choices and their success. I wish I had put a different system in place for handling house finances, because I failed miserably in dealing with the one that we have. This is something I need to do soon, because it is impacting my partner and I have been asked to get it together.

I wish I had negotiated my job contract more firmly. My company isn't treating me right, but I set them up to be able to exploit me.

I wish I had journaled more. Someday I'll wish I could remember all the exciting, interesting and just normal everyday things that happened this year.

I would have pushed harder to get my book edited. I want to get it published but I don't put forth the necessary effort to make that happen. I regret the months I've wasted just sitting on the book and not getting it edited (either myself or professionally).

I wish I didn't let the worst get to me and effect my attitude. I didn't win something because it wasnt ment to be. From that I've gained so much more

Tried harder in 5th year, getting such bad marks has ruined my university chances, unless I want to spend a few more years gaining the qualifications in college that I should have gotten if I put in the effort when I had the chance.

I wish I would have stood up to my ex-boyfriend more and created better boundaries. I'm especially proud of myself for creating the most amazing career.

I wish I could be more selective choosing the people around me, and stronger taking important decisions. In the other hand I'm proud of myself and happy to keep fighting to get what I want, I got the lesson.

While I am proud of how well I am handling this transition into the threshold of adulthood, I definitely should have better utilized my final year of freedom. I am learning very quickly that one's senior year is really more like your first year as an adult than your last year as a child. I should have spent less time dwelling on my weaknesses and more time appreciating the life that had previously been provided for me.

There is so much that I wish I had done differently. I wish I had spoken to my husband earlier about the concerns I was having with our marriage. I wish i had stopped the inappropriate conversations sooner instead of letting them get to a point of concern, maybe then I would have been able to keep a good friend. I wish i had been a more attentive parent. I wish that I had taken the time out for myself to make me happy. Proud of? I am proud that we have made progress on the house and are closer to being able to put it on the market. I am happy that I have found a career path that I love.

I wish I had trusted myself more and was more confident in my abilities. I also wish that I was more open this past year and met more people. I am proud of myself for realizing my mistakes of the past year and working to change them.

There's always something that I wish I had done differently. But you know what? That's always going to be the case with 20/20 hindsight. I can trust myself to know that I act(ed) in the way that I thought was best given the situation. And despite my best efforts, I am not omniscient. So I'll save the regrets for times that I *knew* going into the situation (or during) that I could do (or have done) better. However, I am totally still excited that I passed my qualifying exam! While I don't like making school milestones into "life milestones," I can say that finding out I passed was the first time I really began to see myself as being able to finish a PhD. And of course "proud of my growth as a person," yadda, yadda...

I wish I had believed my husband more often when he said that I have to take care of myself. And I wish I had not listened so much to my inner voice that I am not worth living and that I don't deserve a good meal and to be happy and that nobody loves me.

I never really wish I had done anything differently because part of living is not always picking the best decisions. I'm really proud of the way I handle things in life.

My grandmother passed away and I wish that I had spent more time with her and learning about my heritage. I am realizing that my heritage is important and most of it is gone now...

I wish I had taken the plunge into adulthood more seriously. I feel like I coasted through the year and didn't take much responsibility for being a contributing member of society. And I wish I had pursued and loved people more. Alternatively, I'm proud of the stability I've found. Not just in the tangible things like finances, career, etc... but in becoming more comfortable and secure in who I am. To remember that Jesus covers all my weaknesses & insecurities - that He is everything I'm not, and doesn't ask anything of me except to let him be those things for me - I find rest in that.

I wish I had been more open minded to new people, places, and things. On the other hand, I'm proud of the person I've become due to this past summer.

I wish I could navigate other people's egos better. And having said that, I am proud at how often I hold my tongue and don't enter into the fray - work and family both. Also, I'm proud of how well I have stepped up to support my mother.

I wish I had not incurred so much debt this year. I am proud that I have tried to become self sufficient regarding repairs and upkeep around my home.

Paid more attention to and reached out more to my wife. She and I are so busy with our professional work that we do not attend to working on our personal realtionship. As the years go by, marriage becomes routinized and can become less intimate; we have fallen into that, something I was only dimly aware of until recently and I wish I had started working on this earlier. I guess realizing it, even if somewhat delayed, is something to be proud of.

I wish I could learn to handle my guilt better. I've made decisions, and whether they are good or bad, they are done. I need to forgive myself for the bad ones, congratulate myself for the good ones and move on.

I wish that I had prioritized my life better and not allowed minutiae to overwhelm the things that are/should be most important.

I wish I had not been so hard on myself, and accepted my limitations better without judging myself.

I regret resigning from my Temples Board of Trustees as it was giving into the failures of the Board and myself. I need to find a way to move forward with my Temple Community in a fashion that satisfies not only the social aspects of it but also a greater spiritual environment for myself. Give in to the old or give up. Where is the positive in GIVE? Action has cut me off from my own clergy as he feels that I threatened his tenure. I guess I messed with his feelings. Let's think Teshuvah.

I wish that I had been realistic about my expectations about living with my flatmayes and living so far out of town. I am especially proud of beating depression that resurfaced for the 2nd time, over coming that and not only getting to a better state if mind but also achieve one of my dreams. Getting myself better allowed me to be able to get myself to America which is the fresh start I needed to maintain my happiness. (written after eating my first chick-fil-a In a mall!) ( writing this after eating my fiest chick-fil-a ina mall in FL!)

I'm proud of the fact that within 6 months i was working as a professional server in a restaurant that i really liked in New York City. After having tried managing dance studios, interning in theaters, working in sales, and looking fo other work doing event planning, I found a job that could support my artistic endeavors while also being a very good time. I'm proud of the fact that I can handle a big crowd at Cienfuegos, and I'm proud of the money I've made waiting tables, and I'm so happy to have the time during the day to run, dance, write, and learn Spanish. I landed my first waitressing gig at the Slaughtered Lamb in December, and by June I had graduated to a fancy cocktail bar. And the practice of serving people makes me more confident, while it also gives me plenty of material, and the friends I've made and have the bar are wonderful and hilarious people.

I wish that I had been better at budgeting and that I was further ahead on my getting out of debt plan. I am proud of my performance at work and that I have some goals in mind in that area for my future career goals as well, and that I am making progress in that area as well. I am also proud of my daughters and the progress that they are making as people.

Nothing really life changing. I do wish I kept my mouth shut more at work. I really learned that people will always protect themselves, which may mean they have to throw you under the bus. I sometimes wish I would protect myself more like they do. I'm not totally sure of anything that I am proud of. I am proud of the fact that I have kept my family and my love a priority - even if that meant staying at a job that I may not enjoy much anymore.

I wish I'd been more organized and worked harder to make the move from Glasgow to Dover simpler. And, I'm proud that I passed the NJ bar and got through the DE bar. Results for DE come out in a week, so I don't know if I passed, but I'm proud to simply have survived a 4th go at it.

Something I wish I had done differently this year is appreciating things more. Sometimes I took a lot of things for granted and I didn't realize how good I have had it. Time has been going by too quickly and I just need to stop for a little while and take it all in. Something that I'm proud of this year is becoming regional shlicha for the keystone mountain region in bbyo.

I wish that this past year I had not taken life so seriously. I held too many grudges and did not forgive easily. I also let the stress of everyday build up and negatively impact me. I know that I need to stop worrying about everything. Life isn't perfect, it's the flaws that make the best memories. On the other hand, I am proud of what I accomplished this past year. I am in the top academically in my class I have accomplished many goals in the sports I play. I hope that this new year brings more accomplishments and more memories.

I wish I could have been a better person, a better mother, a better wife. I wish I could have been more atencious to my own helath so I would be happier and not keeping blaming others for my mistakes.

I was able to take a significant chuck of time to spend with my family on vacation at the cabin this summer. It was probably the most time I've taken in a summer and it was great to nurture the relationship with my wife and kids at that wonderful setting.

I wish that I had not procrastinated so much when I was studying or just plain doing homework. My parents pay so much to send me to one of the most prestigious private schools in the area, and I feel like sometimes that their money is going to waste when I am not taking advantage of all of the opportunities I get to learn.

I wish I had worked just a little bit harder at school...and in life in general. I "rested on my laurels" I guess you could say, and I didn't push myself. This also goes for exercising and my internship. I am really proud of myself for sticking to my gut and staying with J and our relationship as a whole.

early this year i was in a writing group, lead by a best selling author, who claimed i had talent, and claimed i had more talent than anyone else in the group, and a bunch of other stuff that offended my logic but fed my ego. my ego got the best of me for months as i battered him about trying to get him to prove that what he said about my talent was true. i challenged him disrespectively. i wish i had just stepped out when my intuition began poking at me that something was awry. i'd like to believe i am more aware of that tendency than i was. I am proud that i have stepped out of what i once believed was the most enjoyable part of my life, because it no longer was congruent with who i want to be, who i am. i had the wherewithall to recognize it,a nd the strength to relinquish immense pleasure, because it simple was the right thing to do--goodness knows i didn't want to. and now i'm quietly, cautiously processing everythign that comes up, what it meant to me and why. yeah, rock on!

I am proud of the fact that I did not let myself fall apart due to my break up. I plowed forward and realized that too much time is spent trying to figure out what could have been done differently and more time should be spent on enjoying today. It is hard to always have this type of attitude but each day I have I feel great and I am proud that I can rise above things and enjoy life.

I wish I didn't left my processing course behind or abandon my thinkvitamin courses. Also I wish I didn't had such a bad feeling for the place I work at. I wish I meet Ayesha's husband in London, it broke my heart not to do it, I hope I can make it up. It's sad but nothing I've done is making me particularly proud this year. I should make sure next year I feel different, what would make me proud next year? Earning a scholarship? Making a spanish teaching course? Helping my mum with my sisters school fees?

I wish I had promoted my website more adamantly and not have given up so soon. Alternatively, I am especially proud that I have created an idea and it's never too late to continue. I'm also proud that I am living where I want to be and that I have taken control of my physical well being and have gotten rid of 11 kilos since the end of May. I am on a mission to get rid of another 10 kilos by the end of 2011.

I wish that I had not been so scared. I wished that I had embraced life and everything that it had to give me, without being afraid of what might happen. I wish I had been more excited and less scared. However, I am extremely proud of how I dealt with that fear and overcame it. I live each day to the fullest and I am truly aware of what scares, excites, ignites and inspires me. I have grown tremendously over the past year and I am especially proud of that.

I wish that I had made some choices differently, such as with the people I hung out with. On the same hand, I'm proud that I finally cut those ties and can move on

I wish I had gotten a different job when I first caught on that I might get laid off. But, I do enjoy the fact that I had a good summer.

I wish we had tackled the deep questions of childcare, work, and balance of responsibilities earlier. That was a tough one this year. But I am proud of us for tackling those questions eventually, and for figuring out a balance that seems to work. I'm proud of myself for taking on my first pulpit and, I think/hope/pray, doing a good job of beginning to meet those community needs without neglecting my own needs or those of my family.

No, I´m proud of myself and the things that I´ve done. It brings me to the situation I am now!

I wish I had maintained a more active lifestyle during my unemployment. I could have taken a class, or volunteered consistently... anything but mostly sit around as I did.

I wish I would have focused more on my career & life objectives. I am proud of the fact I started branching out into different crowds & i'm maturing .

i wish i would have not been scared to be myself when i got to college. i feel that i tried to fit in with the people i saw as "cool" at first but once i realized that i didn't actually want to be friends with them and become comfortable just being with the people i actually liked everything got better. i have to remember that what other people think of me isn't as important as what i think of myself and how i feel at the end of the day. something i am especially proud of is how easily i got accustom to college homework, tests, and time management.

This year, I wish that I was more open to others, and more friendly. I was only able to slightly reinforce my current friendships, but I wasn't able to make many new friendships.

I wish I had stayed on top of my budget and not made a stupid mistake with my finances! but that is small potatoes to the fact that I am insanely proud of everything this year. I travelled alone for the first time in my life. And I didn't die. I learned that I can take care of myself, by myself. I discovered new interests and hobbies that make me really excited that I don't think I would have discovered not being on my own. I have reconnected with friends and family who have shown me the meaning of both of those words.

I acted in a play for the first time. That was fun, to take on something that has always scared me- the audition!- it wasn't a big thing, but it made me feel good.

There is nothing I wish I had done differently this past year, because it's been a year of positive growth. Something I'm especially proud of doing is beginning to let go of my obsession with what I eat.

I am really proud of taking control of my physical and mental health. Everything is a journey. But this is one I am excited to be on. On the other hand, I always wish I had remembered to think before talking, or, really, before yelling.

I'm proud I had the courage to leave the army despite what pretty much everyone was telling me, which was to stay and, well, continue suffering, though that obviously isn't what they wanted for me, they just thought I could change my feeling 180 degrees by simply thinking positive or whatever.

Very proud I lost weight. Lots of weight. Differently? Not so much. Was a good year, mostly. Maybe that I'd stressed a little less and moved a little more.

I would have excercised more and done more community service and taken more classes and written more! I am really proud of how much I give to others in the way of unconditional love and acceptance and acts of kindness and I am always there for my friends and family.

I guess I wish I'd worked harder. Sometimes I think I coast through. But my kids seem like they're in a good place and I'm happy with that. I think my business is doing well. My marriage is strong. Our finances look good. I have a lot to be proud of.

I still am quick to bark and slow to love my wife and children. I really need to turn these two important item around. I'm proud of how my sales territory has performed this year in light of the slow economy.

I have been pondering this all morning and I can't really think of anything that I would have done differently this past year. It feels that most things just sort of fell into place. It was that or the fact that I just let things happen and lived more presently. There are small moments where I look back and wish I could have been a little nicer to my parents or a little more understanding to someone, but for the most part, I feel that I have been practicing and expressing kindness and compassion to all. I am proud of many things. I am mostly proud of who I have become. I am proud of my strength and newly found independence. I am also a proud college graduate with summa cum laude. When I was a Freshman, I sat in the Ball State University Theatre and Dance awards banquet that is held at the end of every school year, and I looked up to the seniors standing before me on stage as they were recognized for their accomplishments and hard work. As I sat there, I thought about how, one day, it would be me up there. I wanted to stand proudly before my peers and professors knowing that, I too, had accomplished all that I set my mind to do and more. This past May, I had that experience. As they called my name and recognized my achievements, I stood and looked out at the filled seats of University Theatre and I thought to myself, "I've done it." I am still doing it.

I wish I would have spent more time focusing on my physical well-being and exercising more. Also, that I would have stuck more to our yearly goals that we set in January - the fun stuff, like going camping and having a date night once a week. I kinda wish I'd had sex with my husband more. I'm especially proud of how I've continued to conduct myself in dramatic situations - not gossiping, not getting caught up in the drama, owning my responsibility but not taking the full blame. Also, that I've managed to work 4 jobs and not go crazy or grow resentful or take on an air of entitlement for being 'the breadwinner.' And that I've worked so hard to foster my close friendships.

I'm especially proud of my oldest Son who completed Graduate school abroad this past year.

I wish that, as my kids get older, that we had more of a habit of spending time together. I'd like it if we had a routine of doing more together in the house rather than all going to separate areas for the evening once we've had dinner. Feeling regretful over the quickness with which they are growing up and wish I could somehow slow down time.

I wish I would have worked harder to find an internship for the summer. I think a part of the problem is that I still didn't have a strong idea about what I wanted to do after college and what direction I wanted to take my career after college, and I guess during college too. Now I have stronger idea about what I want to do after I graduate from UMD so I can work harder to find a job/internship. Just in the past few days I've been considering becoming a librarian.

I wish I had focused my energy and attention on a lot of the projects I had planned to do. There are so many things I'm interested in accomplishing, and really want to explore some more creative ways to express myself. But I let other things take precedence, or give in to fatigue, even though I know that I'd get a lot of joy out of these projects.

I wish I hadn't gotten so anxious, given the "galoots" such power, and been kinder to those around me. I wish I wasn't such a control freak, needing everything done my way. I also wish I could be kinder to myself. On the other hand, I'm glad I still engage in the struggle, support my husband, am relatively kind to. Y mother-in-law, and told my sister how much I love her. I'm proud I remain in contact with my nieces, great-nieces, and great-nephews.

This past year, one of my best friends and I got into a huge fight. It didn't tarnish our relationship, but it definitely did some permanent damage. A lot of things built up to it, and I went off. I should've handled it better, and I don't really know what happened. It wasn't even like me to do something like that. In some ways, she deserved it. In others, she didn't. We're still good friends, but we're definitely not as close as we used to be. On the other hand, we are repairing our relationship piece by piece, so maybe one day things will be back to normal. In all, I could've handled the situation better.

This year, I wish I had spoken up for myself. Every year I think I get better at it, but the truth is, I never do it when it counts. I can speak up when it's time to make a decision about what takeout to order, or where I wanna go, but I let some one hurt me and did nothing about it.

I wish I had celebrated my birthday differently. I had a party which wasn't very well attended. I wanted to make a big deal about turning fifty -- but my friends didn't show up and it made me feel unimportant. Next time, I am going to focus on my closest peeps and doing something really meaningful.

i wish i had listened to myself more this past year. i had so much anxiety because i let other people create insecurities. trust and true to self-ness. i am proud of many things. planning an art exhibit, creating artistic projects, surviving an unhealthy relationship, reading my work aloud.

I wish I would've focused more on my weight and my grades like I promised myself I would have. On the other hand, im not really sure what I'm proud of doing. I did spend time with my family and explore the world a little more but I want more for myself. More things that I can't buy but have to earn.

I almost never said no. I am proud of that!!!! And I took chances and did whatever I wanted to do, no matter if I didn't have a partner in crime!

I wish I hadn't adhered so quickly and easily to the label that had put on me in the workplace. Going into a new job, in a new industry, I entered as a junior and have found it difficult to show that in fact I'm more capable in the business place than what was expected. Its almost like a ceiling is formed so people can only achieve up to a point. On the other hand, Ive learnt that I want more and feel I'm capable of more and so if/when the next move happens I will be ready to achieve my potential and not simply fulfil someone else's view of my potential. I also wish I was more decisive and new what I want. I know few things with conviction: 1 - The person I want to spend the rest of my life with. 2 - That I want a family and am excited about the chance to be a husband and father. 3 - That I enjoy helping people and don't like conflict. I know the fact that I don't like conflict hinders my assertiveness sometimes. I still have to understand that you can't please everyone always and that those closest to you are the most important. I think being married will help me to think more like this. Finally I have tendency to be lazy and this is a bad trait to have.

I think we can all improve; I don't know if I would have done things differently with the knowledge I had at the time, but with hindsight, I can improve on almost every aspect of my life. What I'm most proud of is my contribution s) to the local Jewish community, even though I'm not 100% comfortable in any one shul.

I can't think of anything that I wish I had done differently. Sure, that's probably lots of little things. I wish I wouldn't have gotten a speeding ticket in Spain that will now make going back to the country impossible. I wish I would have spent more time with my whole family. I wish we would have had less money in stocks as the market collapsed (again). But these are all little things. So, let me move on to things that I am most proud of. I'm most proud of both of my daughters. Erin for graduating in 4 years and having a good head on her shoulders. Brittany for becoming a housefellow and being a leader among her generation. I am also very proud of Nick for going out for Tennis as a junior when he had never played before. He was on the low JV team, but developed good relationships and a great attitude. I'm also proud of him for being the starting goalie on the soccer team. Max I'm most proud of for his reaction to getting cut from the soccer team. Instead of moping about it, he almost immediately decided if he couldn't play soccer, he'd go out for football. So, as a sophomore, having never played a down of organized football before, Max joined the JV football team and became their punter and kicker. I'm also proud of Max for continuing to try in school when he really doesn't like it. He may be trying for himself, but I think he is trying for Joan and I.

When I look back at this year, I awed by the lack of regrets. For the first time in my life, I slowed down so that I could listen deeply within myself, direct the patience that I offer others towards myself, and learn to view myself compassionately. For the first time in my life, I am proud of something that has not yet had any outward manifestations. I can value myself without needing those outdated external measures. And my entire Being responded to that nurturing in ways that I still cannot fully wrap my head around! Just this week, I experienced deep relaxation for the first time in 1.5 years, easy inspired improvisation at Stella's kirtan, and 2 days of balanced non-shenpa computer activity. I'm experiencing a depth of creativity, listening, understanding, insight, healing and integration beyond what I could imagine! And this is just the tip of the iceberg ... YEAH!

This past year I wish I hadn't regained the majority of weight I'd lost the previous year. Really frustrating to be 62 and still have these weight issues! I am proud of my consistent and continual bi-weekly weekend visits with and daily calls to my mother. There were and are times it gets tiring but I know she completely appreciates it and deserves the attention. I'm also proud that my two daughters never complain about my somewhat busy weekend schedules and are happy for the times we are able to spend together.

One night in March, I let M* into my life again - I got drunk, I got sloppy, and the crude result was guilt - that I had overstepped the bounds of friendship I had tried so hard to establish with him, and likewise had dug a deeper wound in myself. I got up the next morning and wrote a poem out of that despair. It was a persona poem in the voice of Judas Iscariot. In an act of truly amazing grace, 'The Disciple' became the first poem I've ever had published. I wish that I hadn't, for one final time, manipulated my relationship with the only person I've ever been in love with. I know that the best way to love him would have been to let him go, and I didn't possess the courage to do that. Regardless, I worked like hell on my writing. I didn't allow my circumstances affect that particular and strange obsession with language - I allowed it to become the substance through which I professed my longing and articulated my grief.

I wish I had been a better friend to those far away and those in particular need of TLC. I wish I had volunteered more of my time and my money. I wish I hadn't taken advantage of my cushy job, at which I can and do waste far to much time in pursuit of my own interests instead of those of my employer and clients. I am proud that I have become much better spouse material, of the relationship that my fiance and I have established, and of our treating each other well even in times of stress adn fatigue.

I wish I had just allowed my focus to be on me and my healing rather than try to do everything, which is my general policy. Regardless of my resistance I was open enough to realize that part of my healing was in letting go of the past. We retired a long time employee; an event way past due...made a trip home to bury the hatchet with my brothers, and allowed myself a much more attainable time limit to complete a goal I have been struggling with.

I wish I had listened to myself more. That little voice really knows what it is talking about. So also, I'm especially proud for actually finally listening to that voice and breaking up with my boyfriend, packing up my car, and moving to NYC.

I wish I hadn't let my eating get so out of control. And it really was. Ditto, not getting exercise as much. I'm not happy with myself about it -- a lot of work I did on it in the past feels moot now. Like this giant step I took was all an illusion because I went back to my old ways with such abandon. I'm proud of sticking with my writing and starting to get my novel out there.

I wish I had stepped forward more into the FlyLady routines. I have a feeling that this is what I need to pull my life together. I wish I'd had more courage to ask for the changes I need. I guess courage comes in tiny steps, and I find a bit more courage every year. But I'm very aware of limited time left in my life, and I want to have the life that's right for me before I lose my ability to enjoy it.

I wish that I would have taken care of my eating disorder. On the other hand, I am proud of my dad for taking care of his.

I wish I had paid closer attention to my friendships. I've been so busy with work and kids that I've let my support network unravel, assuming it would still be there for me when I needed it, but at the moment I'm not sure it is...and I need it.

I'd would have liked to done even more in my wine career, besides pushing myself to work just a little harder. I am proud of applying the lessons from the previous High Holy Days in my life and throughout the year.

I wish I would have gotten off the couch more instead of sitting and watching television. I will try my best to not the allow the television to rule my time.

I wish that I did not have the urge that made me wanting to start an affair. I am glad that i found a new job, lost my baby weight and working in the city.

As much as I enjoyed this past year, I wish that I could have really lived every moment to the fullest. I hope that I can learn to do that even better in the coming year. I am proud that through it all, I've been able to keep up with both a physical and a spiritual exercise program. And I hope I do it again!

Take care of my weight, I lost 30 pounds two years ago and allowed myself to eat bad things and have gained it all back. I am proud of the work I do at my job as Preschool Director, I impact the lives of children, parents and staff.

I wish i'd kept my morals high, that id been nicer to everyone, and that i'd stayed close to God.

I wish I had saved a small dog that I cared for in a professional capacity. She died. I knew she wasn't receiving proper care in her home life and didn't follow my instincts. Flip side, I followed my convictions and ideals in my personal relationships and it is paying off big time!

I own a House and learning to do things to it.

I wish I hadn't dated Jake. I'm proud of the fact that I've become a better person from BBYO.

I am super proud of getting into a big boarding school that changed my life and how I view everything. I love how I made a lot of new friends. I wish I could have worked harder in school and sports. I wish I could have worked harder to lose weight and be a better basketball player!

I wish my dad and I wouldn't have gotten into that huge fight when my mom was in the hospital. I wish my dad and I could figure out how to get along better. I wish Beth and I could communicate better when we are apart. I also wish I hadn't been so lazy last spring in one of my courses. It is going to come back and bite me. I'm proud of myself for going back to church for a little bit (even if that was part of last secular year, not hebrew year) so I could make a well informed decision not to go anymore. And I am proud that I have learned so much about other religions, even though it can be very scary.

I wish I had not reacted from fear so many times this past year, but I am proud that I have made progress in this area of my life. I know that I can only expect progress, not perfection.

I'm proud that we're still homeschooling. Sometimes it's hard to see the ultimate goal when it creeps by day by day, but I'm glad that this method is still working for us, and my kids are really growing into great people, partly because of how we educate them and how close we're able to be as a family. I wrote last year "to lose 20 lbs" as goal. I guess I can proud I haven't gained any weight, but I've not lost one pound since the last time I saw these questions. So not proud of that. People I know say I'm nice, but I think really mean things I would never say aloud all the time. That doesn't make me a nice person so I would like to think more positively and less negatively about people and things.

I'm sure there are plenty of things I wish I would have done differently this year, but the only one that comes to mind right now is NOT starting my workout routine sooner. I know, petty, but I think I would have lost a lot more weight if I would have gotten started sooner. Alternatively, I am especially proud that I finally did get started in March and happy that I have lost 30 lbs. in a really healthy way.

Actually no, I'm content with the last year, and proud of myself that I'm doing continuing education in health care. It was very hard decision but I'm glad and proud or myself :)

I wish I could let things go easily, and not let the little things get to me. I wish I could resolve the unsolvable. I wish I could change the world. I wish I could make every person in this world realize how valuable they are.

I am proud of the work I have done at my job. I received a promotion in the past year, and I rose to the challenge. I have high expectations of myself professionally, so to be able to sit back and feel a year's worth of success feels good. I wish I had read for pleasure more in the past year. Due to more work, too often I gave myself the right to veg after coming home, and I really wish I had taken that "me" time to read.

I wish I had not taken my anxiety out on my husband. I am proud of the steps I've taken to become independent and to get help for my neurotic issues.

I don't spend too much time lamenting the past, but in the last few weeks, I've felt a profound sense of heartbreak over how I left my relationship. I keep seeing his face in so much pain, begging me not to leave him. I knew it was the right thing to do, for me, for him. But it doesn't make the pain any less. I ran away, going to France and the east coast - diving headfirst into a new life. And though it was totally liberating and brought me back to the place where I knew I needed to get to again, I feel terrible having abandoned him like I did. It's all catching up with me now, 9 months later. I'm proud of being fearless enough to know that something bigger was out there for me. That I could leave the comfort and safety of the known for the unknown. I'll never be happy in a small box and I'm proud of myself for allowing the opportunities that got me to push the lid off.

I wish I had spent less time dwelling on the negative or bad things and remembered that positivity always wins out.

I wish I had been more frugal with my money. I have to slow down my spending. I have lost a lot of weight so I need a lot of things, but I could buy cheaper. The more money I spend on clothes, the less I have to spend on travel. I want to go to France next year. I am looking for a job to earn some extra money for travel.

I wish that I had figured out a way to have more family time this year, specifically a vacation or a trip to visit other relatives, all together. We enjoy each other so much when we are out of our everyday element, but the drudgery of daily life -- the homework, the housework, the errands, the household business, the carpooling and kids' activities -- can make us all a little short and disconnected. Next summer, we have already set aside family time and have put limits on the kids' camps and other activities to make sure it happens.

I wish I had believed in myself more. I sometimes have trouble seeing the potential others see in me. I need to be less perfectionist and more accepting of my own limitations and faults. "Imagine what I could accomplish if I couldn't fail?" (or wasn't afraid of failure!) I'm proud of myself for persevering in spite of the circumstances and pressing ahead toward the goal I have set for myself. I am getting close enough now to taste it and IT IS SWEET!

I am proud of how well I did with my schoolwork, finishing on time and with excellent grades. However, I wish I had given more attention to my husband. He's a saint for putting up with me.

It's been a fantastic year! I can't think of anything I'd have done differently. I am especially proud of my personal progression as an individual over the past year. I have really come into my own.

I'm proud of my first year academic success, proud of running the half marathon, proud of speaking a new language, however limitedly. I wish I hadn't hurt people, had been more myself, wasn't so introverted - could meet more people, made the decisions, the right ones, did more with my time, did less with my time, but mostly did more with my time.

I wish I hadn't been so careless with the way I express my feelings. I wish I hadn't said the words "I love you."

My husband and I are trying very hard to get out of debt. We have agreed that I will not retire until our debt is paid off and the house is paid for. We have written a plan, set up a special account to deposit my pay in, which will be the source of the payoff. We are making progress every month but we have allowed ourselves to spend money this year when we should have stayed more focused on the goal. We have had a wedding this year - our youngest daughter - and that has slowed down the plan but additionally, I have spent money that now will prevent us from meeting our planned timetable/goal. We have discussed this and, while disappointed, we have not been too hard on ourselves and we have adjusted the timeline again. What I wish I had done differently is stay focused on the laudable long term goal instead of giving into the short term satisfaction of new clothes, more material things, dinners out, etc. I know I need to strike a happy balance and perhaps the first timeline was unrealistic. I am especially proud this year of my daughters and their successful launch into married/families of their own lives. Both have wed and both appear to have made good matches. Our eldest daughter gave us a grandson this year. This is absolute joy. I am proud of my expanding family and the commitment we have made to be significant parts of each others' lives, to help each other in all ways possible, to choose to be together and to embrace the financial and emotional chaos that comes with those choices!

Proud- quit smoking for the last (finally!) time.

I wish I didn't lose patience with my children as easily as I have been. I know when I am reactionary, I am being a less than ideal role model of how to cope with adversity. As far as being proud, this past year, I finally had the courage to make a very difficult decision which I've known I needed to do for years. I am proud of the fact that I have been meditating daily and deepening my spiritual practice over the past month. There is an inner sense of peace and calm that is occurring and I notice that even though there are still plenty of "reasons" to react with judgement and impatience, I'm feeling more empowered and intuitively guided to respond in kinder more thoughtful ways.

Yes, I have regained my strength and ability to care for my home, not the old way, but with some minor adjustments. I returned to work rather quickly after surgery. Taking care of my home is like having some control over my life. Now, I have to concentrate on becoming gainfully employed in a job that I can enjoy.

Neither, really. I did the best I could, and didn't screw anything up too badly. Do I wish things could have been better? Yes. But I was lucky enough that nothing I did made anything worse.

I wish I had gone on the diet, but that's what I wish and then regret every year. I'm proud that I broke Facebook addiction! Also proud that I used the time to do something I had always wanted to do.

I wish I would have put more thought into what university to go to for my bachelors. The university I picked was not a good match for me, so now I have to wait until next fall in order to transfer.

If we could re-do past actions, we would fail to learn. I am proud of finding an amazing life-partner in Kate, a connection that began and continues to grow organically (and beautifully).

I wish I had put my friends and family first more often. I wish I'd spent more time working in our garden. I wish I could be less judgmental, less angry, less jealous, less resentful. I am however still proud of the strides I've made to build myself into the person I want to be and create the life I want to live. Taking action and responsibility may cure me of my resentments and jealousy.

I wish I would have moved more quickly on my dissertation work. I have delayed the taking of my comps by several months. I've been grinding away which feels like I'm just going through the movements at this time. Too many diversions as a way to procrastinate regarding my disappointment with my progress.

This past year is a blur. I was diagnosed with Breast Cancer August 10, 2010. Surgery September 2, 2010, and started chemo at the end of the month. Thank goodness I wasn't sick at all; just tired and mushy-headed. But truly, it all seems like a bad dream, and I just had to turn over my pillow, find a new position, and I'm really doing well. I think I handled the year pretty well. Thinking back...was there anything I could have done differently? Probably....most likely with work and staying organized...would have liked to have not made the math mistakes I made as I was going through chemo, as I think I've lost a large client due to my negligence. Perhaps that's the biggest thing I would have liked to have done differently. Alternatively, I am extremely proud of the way I handled my cancer treatment. My attitude has been amazing. Some people even said I was inspirational (don't quite know about that...). I had the opportunity to just "be", which is something I needed despirately. I am now feeling renewed and refreshed. Treatment is not over yet, but I'm feeling great.

I wish I had been more true to myself. I wish I had taken better care of myself. I am glad I got through another year.

I wish that I could have spent more time with my Frank. He had leukemia.

I'm pretty happy with the way this last year has gone, honestly it's been one of the best years of my life. The only thing I wish I had done differently is plucked up the courage to take a few more chances. Despite my positivity, I still struggle to just put myself out there and do something without worrying about the consequences.

I wish that I had communicated with friends and colleagues in a less hasty manner and been more patient. I'm especially proud of the path that my career is taking.

I'm proud that I took risks I wouldn't have normally taken, especially over the summer. Being spontaneous is just more fun. I wish I enjoyed things more, savored the moment, instead of always looking towards tomorrow.

I wish I'd been gentler with myself this past year. I'm quite proud of our ability to love each other through this year. In spite of all of the grief, and the turmoil that grief has stirred up in our hearts and minds, we have loved more deeply.

To review any decisions for the year I wish that I had moved out of my sister's earlier than I did. Yes, my aged mother had cancer and I'm very proud of how I was a support system to her and helped her through her illness.

I wish that I had followed through with several promises I made to myself. I wish I had been a better daughter and granddaughter. I wish I had had more sex. I wish I had quit my job.

I wish I had realized earlier that to be an excellent wife, I must always give all of myself to the relationship. I'm proud to finally be on the path that feels right to me.

I wish I had gone swimming more in our pool. I wait for it all year, then swim only sometimes. I wish I had spent more time really being with my husband.

This past year I wish I had not spent so much time on the wrong guys and letting the right ones go unnoticed. In this past year I am proud that I found amazing friends that will be in my heart for the rest of my life and who are always there for me.

I wish I hadn't let myself get embroiled in the situation that led to two women finishing with me even though I wasn't officially in a relationship with either of them. I wish I had been more honest with them, with my close friends and most of all with myself. I am proud of passing my driving test and of getting back into BMF after my injuries.

God, I wish I would learn to delay gratification and save money. Short-term, I usually get by, but I never save enough to make it easier down the road, or take trips. I really wish I did! It would have helped during the financial meltdowns in the last 12 months.

I wish I did not let my job get to me so badly and keep making me unhappy. I wish I was more proactive in trying to change things at my office. I am especially proud that I began volunteering at GOTR this fall, and that I am working at the Shul on the weekends. Both give me a sense of purpose and fulfillment. I am also proud of the fact I ran the Cherry Blossom and the Great Race. I like making goals and achieving them.

Yes, took better care of my health

No , have always done my best , and trusted God for the result , so am content . I have had a tremendous zest for life , my only regret is that I am getting older and need to slow down somewhat . I just got a new bicycle and am riding it to try to maintain my strength .One needs to be strong and healthy to have fun . One thing that makes me proud is that when I sang a solo of America the Beautiful on 911 everyone stood up in respect. Of course it was for America and not for me , but it made me feel good anyway . I was proud because I planted a few peanuts for the first time ,and they grew and were good.

I wish I had been better about staying in touch with family.

I wish I had looked after myself better, particularly over the summer. I especially wish I changed my diet earlier in the year. I am especially proud of having a really good start to my second year of teaching. It has been and is still very hard work, but it is unbelievably worth it.

I made the best Decisions available to me. The results, while not always ideal, I can live with.

I really wish that I made up with Lorrin earlier in the year would have made my life so much easier. Also I wish I had put kelly in her place a long time ago. That girl needs major help and I shouldn't have put up with her nonsense for so long. I'm proud of how perfect our wedding was. I'm proud that everything worked out so well, so much hard work, and it was all worth it.

Yes. Have more patience with others. YES!!!! Being matched with MARIO!!!!!!!! My service dog.

I wish I had been able to maintain more perspective during the end of the job hunt, during and running up to graduation. I was patient, and rational about it, but still had a tough time not continually comparing my situation with everyone else around me - even knowing full well they were different.

I am proud of how wonderful my two little girls are. Parenting is no easy task, yet I feel like I am doing a good job in providing them a happy, healthy childhood. On the same subject, I hope that the bullying that my oldest daughter was subjected to during the past year does not negatively affect her any more than it has.

I'm happy that I was able to maintain a very positive attitude throughout chemo. And especially pleased that I learned to slow down a bit & appreciate all the blessings in my life.

I wish I would have been a little stronger when needed, a little kinder all the time. Listened a little more. I'm proud that I am learning more all the time, being better at what I do. Now to be better at what I am.

I wish I had "put myself out there" more to meet someone, and not be as judgemental of those who seem interested in me.

I wish that I had not squandered so much of my summer away with hours and hours in front of the television and reading books that just wasted my time. As hard as I try, I can never reclaim the countless hours that I could have been using to finish my summer homework just a little more thoroughly or plan out some Judaic functions for my AZA chapter that I have less time to plan now. However, my year was full of accomplishments as well. I got my first job (as a camp counselor), was elected into my first position on the executive board in my BBYO chapter (something that I had tried to do multiple times in past years). I was accepted into my school's National Honor Society and at last became a confirmand at my synagogue. If there was one thing that I could change about the past year, it would be how well I used my time. We all think of the summer as a time of opportunity; unfortunately, we don't always think about what we will use it to do.

I don't believe in wishing the past was different because everything led me here. At the same time, I acknowledge areas I would like to improve on mostly surrounding staying more grounded and present, expressing grace and gratitude, and retaining a wisely accepting view of all that is and all that surrounds me. I'm proud of following my heart this year in all its new growth.

Hell yeah!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Shoulda done things a loooootttt differently in January...or maybe I shoulda changed things from August last year, and not gone out with him at all. I am glad that I have the new group of friends added to the old, I love hanging out with them. I guess the January incident made that happen.

Tried to be more optomistic and objective about my sons relationship with his fiance

I wish I had not thrown money onto the flaming piece of shit which is the Dodge Dynasty. I could've had half a Honda by now. Still living the American Dream from the crow's nest of a sinking ship....

I can't think of something big I wish I had done differently. But I have small regrets from the past year; maybe I said something too harshly, or was offensive, or made a bad joke. These are the things I tend to carry with me. I worry so much about saying the right thing that I often say something ridiculous, and I will obsess over it for days. Sometimes, even months later, I will feel the same feeling of awkwardness and regret, just from the memory. Also, as I reflected on my answers from last year, there was a place I did fail pretty epically, and that was in my goal to get to know my mom better. If anything, our communication is worse than ever. I am especially proud of the workout regimen that I started over the summer and have continued into the fall. I've been working hard at being healthier and I'm really proud of the progress I'm making. I've also been working hard at learning Espanol. I don't know that I'm really making progress, but I haven't given up, so I'm proud of that. Also, we paid off Matt's credit card this year and made huge dents in our debt, which is awesome.

I got tha Job! I got tha Girl!

I'm proud of how I've matured over the past year. I made a difficult decision and feel that I'm much stronger and a better person. I've never been more happy or at peace in my life before. I thank my friends and family for all their love and support.

I wish that I realized who I was and what I wanted rather than trying to be like someone else. Im proud of what I became. This past year I have changed so much!

I wish I had saved more money, and I wish I would have done more extracurriculars in school. I also wish I got better grades, even though I got good ones. I also wish that I could have been more active in bbyo. I did good for my first year in highschool, and I got into our schools show choir :D I now have a good relationship with my parents, and I also get free private voice lessons.

I wish I had been able to recognize my own weaknesses and faults. There was no way I was going to be able to complete the workload I gave myself and I knew that my reaction to this failure was very unproductive. My constant struggle in life has been to learn how to ask for help and, more importantly, admit that I need help. I wish I had done that.

I wish I had been more aggressive in my relationship with my ex. I don't mean bad aggressive, but taking control and speaking up for yourself aggressive. There are definitely parts of that relationship that I wish had gone differently, but it's over now and I'm so much happier. I love being single. I'm proud of myself for making it through senior year of college and graduating. I definitely didn't want to be in school anymore, but it seemed stupid to drop out when I only had 16 credits left. I stuck it out and even managed to graduate with honors. What a surprise that was!

1Been with my brother more 2 Spending time with my grandson

I wish I would have spent more time enjoying life, taking advantage of opportunities, and having fun this year.. It was filled with self inflicted stress, heartache, and depression. I am proud of myself for making huge changes and adressing my fears, faults, and mistakes.. I will never go back to where I was again. It's an uphill, exciting journey from here..

Let's begin with the positive: I'm really glad I've started involving students in my research. This makes me feel like a whole person and like I'm fulfilling part of my job--really, one of my LIFE GOALS. That's pretty neat. And onto the negative...I wish I'd turned that darn paper around...grrrrrrrr it's just haunting and taunting me right now!

This year has had a lot of challenges which have made me question what I have done with my life: my marriage, how I have raised my children, the choices I made in my career to have them. I also have significant health issues. Some days, I really don't want to get out of bed. So, I am proud that I do--I keep trying, for better or worse, to take care of myself and to make things work with my children, my husband. I go to work. I can still be a friend and be a good doctor, I can still make people laugh sometimes and be there for someone else. In the end, how much else matters?

I wish I hadn't let all the drama bother me. I wish I had known that it was going to be over, and I didn't need to do something so drastic to cope. I wish I had been nicer and not gossiped so much. On the other hand, I'm proud of some of the decisions I've made and the values I've kept- no drinking or smoking, my religion.

I always wish I were more patient, more loving to my nearest and dearest. I think I take them for granted, and that maybe they learned from me to take others for granted too. But I am also proud of the work I do to help others, both paid and unpaid, and for facilitating our dance team that won "Should I Quit My Day Job?". I am a very good facilitator, which is satisfying, but it also is a little like being "always a bridesmaid, never a bride". I wish I were more creative personally, I think that I often am just a good reflection of others.

I wish I hadn't spent time with people who make me feel like shit. I've learned, and I now know how to make better choices of friends and partners. On the other hand, I'm really proud of how much fun I've had. Whether in leadership positions or at work, with friends, or out partying, I've really let go and learned what's important. Being the best or trying the hardest isn't always what matters. You have to do what makes you happy along the way. It's not just about existing or succeeding, it's about living.

There's always something.. I wish I hadn't waited to leave my job and had the balls to step out into the big, bad world without security. I wish I had have waited and not pushed two girls away who were clearly not ready for my place in their lives. That said, I made some big shifts in my life this year, working flexibly, volunteering, doing what I love, for the right reasons and of that I am proud.

I've gotten angry at people for my own selfish reasons and have just reacted instead of slowing down and being more mindful. I'd like to contain my own feelings of displeasure or find ways to express them that aren't so off-putting, but more connecting with others. I'm proud of all the writing I've done this year--and continue to do.

Obviously I wish I hadn't driven that day. I wouldn't say I'm proud of it, but I am glad I got to spend time with my grandfather before he passed away and with family for his memorial.

I wish I'd made the effort and been brave enough to go to synagogue. Now I want to go and I can't, I am Jewish but I have no connection and no community; I'm not really sure if or how to continue this journey in the face of disapproval from my husband. I also wish I'd spent more time doing things I love: taking photographs; walking my dog; going to the beach. I'm proud that I spend so much time with two of my children, but I wish I could repair my relationship with my daughter who's gone to uni. I'm just not sure how to do that after what she's said and done.

I wish that I had tried harder in school last year. My grades dropped a lot from middle school and I went from an honors A student to a mediocre one. I'm trying to change my ways this year but do I have enough time to show colleges that I'm smarter than what shows up on my report cards?

I am proud tha t I am making more choices based on my needs now and feeling less bound by past choicrs

I wish I had followed my gut more. I'm proud of how hard I've worked this past year--starting a new career, tackling my debt and really getting my financial feet under my ground.

I wish that I'd taken a little bit more advantage of my unemployment time, but I did do a fair amount- graduate class (I should have taken 2), look for and got a job. I wish I'd volunteered more with the organizations that are doing the things I am passionate about (gender based violence, immigrants, things along that line). I am proud that I did get a job and I moved to a place (again) where I know no one. I am going to try to make the most of it here. I went to Haiti and I want to go back- I am making connections so that maybe I can.

I wish I had found more time for reading and learning to play the piano.

I wish I loved my husband better in ways he could see easier. We have been buried under the 4 generations we are taking care of...he is so wonderful and somehow I need him to know that. He thinks so little of himself and of all the people I have ever met he has so little reason to think poorly of himself. I wish he could see himself as I see him.

I wish I had spent more time with my wife and kids

I wish I would've stressed less. I exhausted so much of my emotional and mental energy worrying about too many things, and now I'm just completely burnt out. I'm proud that I learned to take risks and face my fears. I'm proud I developed bravery.

I am especially proud to have stayed in graduate school while building my business. I wish I had planned my daughter's summer differently. I think she needs a good old fashioned summer without the scheduled daily camp required by a working mom.

I wish I had had my "epiphany" (about needing to be my "truer" self, sooner... but I am am unwilling to spend much time even thinking about that because I see that as spending today's time and energy on something that is over and done with.... Moving on, I am glad I have reached this moment and have more moments to spend going in a new direction. I do regret spending hours watching movies that other people thought I needed to see and would really enjoy. I did learn that those people have no idea what I enjoy and what I value. I also regret allowing myself to become (once again) enmeshed in my adult-children's lives.

I wish I didn't let some people into my life in the last 12 months, but the people that I have grown close to, have been changing my life on the daily.

I am proud of how I handled my relationship. Between the lawsuit and his children being awful, I think we really drew alongside one another and opened up to each other instead of letting it divide us.

Something different that I wish I'd done? Not really...but something better....maybe. I have not been a great friend to some of my long-distance friends. I sometimes don't return phone calls quickly (if at all) and am not always available if they reach out to me. Yet I love them and think of them...I just don't act on my thoughts often enough.

I wish I hadn't 'eaten' my stress so much - very disappointed in how little control I've had over my personal self. I am still putting others in front of me and eating my emotions. *sigh*

I wish that I had looked into internships for last summer. I think that it would have been invaluable experience that it is now obvious that I need to get my foot in the door at any publishing company. I also wish I hadn't just stayed at the Arbor because it was so easy. I should have tried to find a job with office experience, so that I would have something besides customer service to put on my resume.

I started this year pretty depressed and had some pretty bad episodes in the first 4 months. I don't necessarily wish I had done something differently though, because I had to go through it to get where I am. I am proud that I decided to go to grad school and completely change the direction of my life, even though it's pretty scary. I'm also proud that I've now been doing yoga on average twice a week for about six months now. My body has never felt stronger. I can lift myself into a push up and hold it, I have core muscles that I never had even really understood or felt before. I'm still not losing weight, but I definitely feel so much stronger.

I wish I had started to make time to care for myself, so I could feel better & have more energy.

I wish I had put Hashem first more often. Especially during times when negativity is around and coming at me. I tend to just react instead of think then act.

I wish i had made more of an effort to keep in touch with my friends overseas - they are some of my closest friends and i don't want to lose contact with them. On the other hand, i'm really proud of how my wife and I have worked continuously on our marriage, and we have had an amazing first year.

I wish I had taken advantage of the fact that I own my company and have an incredibly flexible schedule. I wish I had taken a class, learned a new skill, meet new friends. On the other hand, I'm proud of the fact that my company has had another successful year despite the economy.

Yes, I wish I was able to be more patient with my children, my students and my husband

I wish I had really taken advantage of my time and spent that time figuring out who really mattered to me, instead of chasing after superficial things. Yet I am proud of myself for allowing a lot of change into my life and think it's made me better

I wish I had focussed more on a marketing plan while starting my business. However, proud that I a have learned from past mistakes and am persevering.

I am proud of the fact that in spite of our differences, I went to the hospital to support friends when a family member of theirs was dying. I didn't let petty things get in the way, and I feel good that I chose to be there in the only way that I could be. Given the chance, I would probably have not squandered so much time in useless pursuits. I waste a lot of time online in different forms, and that has led me to be less effective in areas that are more important to me.

I knew early on with Michelle that she was going to be a challenge to me. Knowing so much of her back story was flagged up early on by myself as being a potential problem. I wish I was more able to cope with this situation. I understand now that it may be a failing on my part but also when I'm matched with a strong, no nonsense woman, it will be difficult. I'm wrong to want her kept in a box for my pleasure alone, but I guess my insecurites desire exculsivity. She said she wanted to be 'owned' and I felt I was the man for the job. Seems like she didn't want to owned as much as I wanted to. Probably best not to google any future partners too much and hope they are not brodcasting their lives on flickr or equivalent. I coped with it from Emma because google wasn;t invented and she grasped where I was at early on and I guess she never presented me with any information I wouldn't like. Pretty smart really! So back to the question... Don't google your current partner!!!!!!!!!! Proud? Well I'm still here! Coping fairly well with the kids and the house. just about managing financially. Keeping down a day job. All the important stuff! Very proud actually! No trips to the doctors for any assistance. Oh, I skinny as fuck too! Wearing stretch fit t-shirts from Primark for fun and looking hot to trot in a 40-something kind of way. So Mike, you are doing well and coping admirably! Well done you!!!

I wished i'd gone on more holidays and saved more money. i was proud of how i presented at the CDEP conference in Alice Springs.

During Labor Day weekend, Caiti was acting just really ugly and selfish. Instead of speaking to her about it right away and letting her know how it hurt me, I did my usual thing of giving her the silent treatment. Before she left I thought we were ok but we weren't. She sent me a text after she got home saying she did not want to persue a friendship. So, my temper has once again affected another relationship. I know I'm not entirely to blame, but if I'd handled it better I might not have lost her. I'm proud that I quit smoking tobacco cigarettes. I am using an e-cigarette, which isn't much better but it's a start.

I wish I had maybe made a move with my life as I seem to be in a comfortable rut with little or no ambition to move out of it. I know it is me that has to make that change, but I am too comfortable. Maybe I will have by next year but I doubt it as my 10Q's of last year were filled with ambition and nothing came of it!!

I wish I could have controlled myself better. Self discipline is of the upmost importance. Sometimes I let my emotions get the better of me and I can let it influence how I talk to people. I am proud of the fact that I have remained strong in my stance of personal choices. I have remained right minded, I believe, and have encouraged others to do so as well.

I keep reminding myself I need to manage my work/life balance better. I really wish I could do this!

ive always been a firm believer that its our actions, ones that are both regrettable and that we are proud of that shape the people we are. so i dont wish there was anything i had done differently this year, not to say that there arent things i wish i had done differently in my life as a whole... this year has just been a good year all round! I am especially proud of how I have come from loosing faith in myself and my profession, having no desire to continue in the cocktail industry and really having lost my passion for what i loved the most, to being the best bartender i have ever been. this is largely due to the people im surrounded by and the environment im in.. but i thought i was done with it... and after giving it a second chance and re-applying myself, i have come out so far on top it blows my mind.. thats what im proud of, for putting the voices of doubters and fuckwits behind me and just doing what i know how to do best. its a philosophy that i will apply to many other situations in life from now on because i know it works.

I am so proud of how I always hold my head up high even in times of adversity and how I strive always to try harder at the things that are important to me. I wish that I handled situations with people differently. I could have been honest without being hurtful.

In the past year, there are several things I wish I would have done differently. I wish i spent more time studying in particular, however, because the semester ending my sophomore year was, in my eyes, less than what I am capable of. I wish I had spent more time studying, and less time being lazy and procrastinating. Remember, all it takes is that little bit of effort. Something I'm proud of from this past year is making the varsity basketball team as a sophomore. Starting the year on JV, I was determined to make my way up to the "big leagues." About half way through the year, I got to dress out and eventually earned my spot, becoming the sixth man on the team. I would like to keep the same mentality and tenacity that I went into this past season with, and sustain it to get the starting spot on the team this year.

When I lost my part-time job in June, I wish I would have followed through with my unemployment claims. I also was kicking myself for never claiming it after I left my previous employment. I wish I would have tried to save a little bit more money from my settlement from my accident. However, despite all the woes from money that I still worry over, I am especially proud to be completely debt free. It was amazing to feel that weight lifted off my shoulders after 12 years of having it hang over my head!

There are a number of things that I wish I had done differently this past year, but I'm not sure how realistic any of those wishes are. Mostly this year was about trying to achieve a little more self-awareness, and unfortunately that doesn't prevent mistakes at first, it only allows you to say, "Oh, I see. I get why that happens now." I've repeated a lot of past mistakes this year, but at least this time I can see they are things I help create and not just things that happen to me. I only hope that next year at this time I can say I'm proud of the changes I've made because of what I've learned this year.

I wish I would have been more blatantly honest with myself about my mismatched career. I don't belong where I work and I need to make a change. I can be too open minded and accepting and this year has been an example of the negative side effects of that perspective. If I had been more honest, maybe I could have started making a change sooner. I am proud of myself for joining a ski house and for moving apartments to a better living situation.

I wish I had been better about balancing my family goals with my career goals. My fear of being mommy-tracked drove me to an unhealthy balance. There will always be more work to be done, but she'll only be 3 for a few more months.

I wish I got some more clarity about my future and what I want to do regarding staying or leaving my job.

I wish I had been more present during the hours I have with my son. He's already ten, and it's going so quickly. However, things have improved for us since I left a bad work situation, and I find that I can more easily breathe and focus more on him and the incredible things he says.

I wish I had taken better care of my body, so that I wouldn't be in my current physical predicament. I wish I would have done acupuncture and yoga. I am now facing paying a co-payment of 6,000 and terrible emotional pain and time, and I really believe this is because I was too cheap financially and emotionally to make my health the absolute priority in my life. I'm proud that I finished my first book, but I wish I would have had the get-up-and-go to work on the editing. I also wish that I'd had the self-esteem to tear the book apart and make it the best it could be. Maybe this year.

I wish I had spent more time with my daughter. At the same time I'm proud of the intelligent, creative, independent and spirited person she's becoming.

I wish I had tried harder to find a new job.

I'm proud of the recovery I've made from the trauma & depression after my partner deserted me last year. I think I'm making progress toward getting back into LIFE again. I've lost the 25 pounds that'd sneaked up on me in the past 10 years, & feel better about myself. I'm still not getting out & taking risks like I did when I was younger....& before I gave my life over for 8 yrs to the man who turned out to be a sociopath. I'm still doing more sitting & waiting than I'd like to be, but I try to justify it by my health & money issues....still very poor & having found out that I've had HepC since 1968.....but proud that I've taken steps to start treatment next month. I need to get out & really go for getting a job, & have applied to a retraining program.

Looking back on this past year, I would have liked to have acknowledged all of the people I observed around me that I know / recognize but chose not to engage. I feel fortunate for being able to spot these opportunities, often before others, and yet I don't utilize this quality in a positive way. What I hope for myself is to do this differently starting today.

I wish I had been a better sister, and I wish I had been able to open myself up to love and closed myself off to the people that hurt me. With all else aside, I'm proud of the person I've become. I think I've become a better sister, friend, daughter, and citizen of the world. I am by no means perfect, but I'm doing the best I can.

This year I wish I would have lost the weight I said I wanted to lose. Within the next year I want to loose atleast 30 pounds and get healthy so I want to do whatever it takes and I want to go to college looking like a whole new person.

I wish I had been nicer to my sister the times we were together. I´m proud of myself for coming to Guatemala to live here alone for three months.

I really wish I had taken more risks in the past year, or at least more consistently. I try to do something adventurous every day, but sometimes it's much easier to get stuck in a rut and not try new things. Even though I was in my first year of college, there were times where I felt like I was gravitating towards the same types of activities and people that I would have in high school. Looking forward, I want to regularly push myself outside of my comfort zone, because I know it makes me a better person.

I can't believe I spent another year doing nothing about my weight. Time is passing me by and my lack of action in this area is so disappointing and so bad for my health. My self care skills are not very good. I don't know what it is going to take to wake me up and prod me into DOING what I KNOW to do.

I'm pretty fucking proud of myself this year. I graduated college (although I wish with a higher GPA, but such as it goes) and found a job within 3 months that I don't hate and had a lot of room for moving upwards or sidewards. Yeah. That's about it.

I wish I had been more trusting.

I got married and am ecstatic. I started a new job and am taking on a huge challenge. My work has been the best I've done to date and I'm enjoying a new level of responsibility and creativity.

I wished I hadn't regained the thirty pounds I just lost!! I am proud of the relationships I have and how they keep growing and getting better.

I wish I hadn't eaten so much so that I am now over 30lbs overweight.

First impressions. When I moved here I was nice for a little bit, then started acting like an ass. Honestly, there were some people who hated me. I did redeem myself though and I'm fine with everyone, so I guess that's something to be proud of. :)

June. I had a choice of two paths, a slower harder one, that would lead me to a better solution overall, or a quicker, easier path that would lead me to a less complete, less satisfactory result. You think I'm going to say I took the latter, but I took the former and the cost was too great.

I wish I would have appreciated my friends and family more. Many of my closest friends live far away and it is hard to keep in touch, but I don't know what keeps me from simply picking up the phone and calling to say hello. I never want to lose the friends I have now, because they are the most special people who provide me with so much laughter, insight, and inspiration. My family has always and will always be there for me and I don't thank my parents enough. I will strive to be appreciative for everything they have done for me in my life, which is offer me unconditional love, incredible life experiences, and the ability to live a happy, successful life. Completing my first year of college is something I am proud of. There is no "right" way to be happy in college, and I grew so much because of the experiences I had in the past year. The beginning of school was surprisingly rough for me and I am proud of how I overcame my anxieties and lack of confidence I experienced coming into school.

I am especially proud of my daughter's accomplishments in the past year - her first year at university

Something I wish I had done differently would definitely include growing a spine and not teaching the brutal 6am bootcamp classes all summer. I made a commitment and kept my word, but the "I'm doing the right thing" feeling was FAR outweighed by the "oh my god I am dying of sleep exhaustion" type of feeling. That being said, I am proud of myself for having never missed an am session, and that I can honestly say I brought my A game every early morning and gave it all I had. I'm also quite proud of the Fringe piece I created in Toronto. It helps that it was well received, but I'm just impressed with myself that I did it. I went, I had a week, I made choices, and I actually made a dance. It's a shame I didn't get to see it on stage, but what can ya do. Oh, and I'm also glad I actually ended up dancing. Yes my foot nearly exploded, and yikes I do not look fit in the tech rehearsal photos, but the people that I met at the Fringe (aka ARTISTS OH DEAR GOODNESS DO I LOVE OTHER ARTISTS) really made the experience fulfilling. I need to do that shit more often.

I am really proud of myself for coming out of my comfort zone and really being myself again over the summer. I was able to make friends and I really found the old me. I just wish that I found that girl sooner and that I was able to keep her spirit and personality alive once the summer ended.

I am proud of the way I handled myself at our son's wedding. It wasn't quite "Be there, be quiet, wear beige," but I kept my opinions to myself, was supportive when called for, and let the other stuff slide.

Ugh. I wish I had stayed on top of phone calls I needed to make. I so dislike talking on the phone but as a result of my procrastination, I now need to call people that I'm embarrassed to call. On the other hand, I'm proud of myself for working so hard with Don, painting the outside of our house. I didn't know I had it in me!

I wish I had dealt with my anxieties sooner rather than let them fester and build up to a point where I have really let myself down. I wish I knew how to save my relationship. I am especially proud of how much I have been part of Rachael's life. I am proud of Matthew's achievements in his attempts at entering the music industry.

I cant think of anything I wish I had done differently this past year. I've made plenty of mistakes along the way but everything has worked out in the end. I'm especially proud of obtaining the Operations Coordinator role with Red Cross an how well I performed in it. It was incredibly challenging and draining but I stuck at it. And that I am very proud of.

I wish I had found a way to do more with my time at home with my baby. Mat leave is no vacation, I learned to live in 20 minutes intervals, which means that not much beyond the necessary was done. The only thing I started doing regularly was watch French cooking at home, with Laura Calder in the early mornings (Thanks PVR!!), and that has not only motivated me to get in the kitchen for pleasure - as opposed to just putting meals on the table - it has reacquainted me with all the wonderful things I love about France. I am not particularly proud of anything. I did very well in my job, and it was not always an easy one.But there is a lot I wish I had done differently. At least I have done right by my son, I think, so perhaps this year, that was my job. So, to sum up, I did very well in the duties/responsibilities department, but not so well in the self fulfillment/personal growth department. Although motherhood unquestionably contributes to both fulfillement and growth, it is by nature entirely altruistic, selfless.

I wish I had seen my Dad once more before he died. I wish I'd had one last conversation with him in the hospital, when he knew he was dying. I wish I'd had one last chance to look him in the eye, to hold his hand, and to tell him I love him.

I am extremely proud of how myself and my husband have reshaped our life around the newest addition to our family. What we do is different but it doesn't feel like sacrifice it feels like growth. However, we lost my mother in law last May who was dear to me and this year on Mother's Day I didn't let my husband pamper me the way he wanted to. I didn't realize that that was part of his grief and I am sorry for how I acted. From this experience I also take that it is OK to let him take care of me sometimes. We all need that. This is also growth.

I really wish that I didn't get so overwhelmed by everything in my life this year. On the other hand, I'm proud that I achieved so much in all of my endeavors. I guess my tendency to over-work myself is a blessing and a curse.

I think I should have not been so scared about my husband's recovery. We had a lot of fights because he didn't, can't have anyone tell him what to do--or even suggest things. I wish I could have been sweeter in the face of all his woundedness. Stronger, funnier somehow. I believe I should have stood up to him though when he said he wanted to climb the ladder to trim the tree in the first place. I had a huge sense of dread beforehand. What I am especially proud of however, is how I WAS able to take care of everyone during the terrible months after the accident. From Memorial Day to Labor Day we struggled, but we also played, rested, prayed and read alot. Just to get through the hot, HOT summer. I am also proud that I finished my Through the Roof story. I let it drag on so long that it took almost 2 years... I am hoping to finish the Centurion's Faith in a quarter of the time... less! I am proud that I at least got in on the Fall Feasts and Holy Days in time this year. AND 10Q.

I suppose there are several little things. I regret not seeing a space shuttle launch, but delays made the timing impossible. I regret not acting earlier to mend a friendship that was greatly damaged, but I didn't know anything was truly amiss until too late. Overall, I'd say I am proud of the choices I made given the information I had, while my regrets stem from things beyond my control. I'm pretty happy with that!

Hmm, I wish I had been more consistent with my running, and wished I hadn't given into my sweet tooth so often, but I'm learning more that what I do with my body and to my body carries over psychologically and physically. I wish I hadn't let the boys that entered my life know I was interested in them too because it seems once they know they have the upper hand and blow me off. I have to learn the fine line between being vulnerable and open to being too available. Sometimes my confidence gets the better of me. But in the yay, proud column, my apartment is finally nice enough for company, and i have some money saved now, not alot, but at this time last year I had none so that is a plus. And I feel like my friendships have grown stronger in that past year and I'm really proud of all of them and grateful to have such quality people in my life.

I don't think there's anything I wish I would've done differently. Every time I reflect back on what I've done in the past few months or years, I'm always very proud of how much I've grown, and how much more mature I've become.

I am so proud that I put myself out in front of 750 teens and ran for an international board position.

What I wish I would have done differently... I wish I would have been a better wife this year. I was total crap at it and definitely caused my fair share of trouble in our now-ending marriage. I was depressed and hopeless and rather than fighting for my life, our marriage and our life together, I gave up. What I'm proud of... Fell in love again with the girl in the mirror and took charge of my present and future. I feel like I've been reborn. I have my work cut out for me, but I am grateful for and excited about the journey

I wish I'd been more forthright and thrown my weight a little more - gone to the union, got support, gone to the doctor, got signed off, applied for other jobs, confronted Allison, anything. But would it have made any difference? That's the real question.

i wish i hadn't pursued my raise at work so vehemently and had accepted the limits of my boss and the organization for which i work. it wouldn't have saved me a lot of wasted energy. it would have saved me knowing what i know now about how my boss really views me and my work. but - i guess that's what i needed to know in order to accept the limitations and decide my next move. i am proud of my willingness to venture out of my comfort zone - both in my personal life and work life. i'm in a marriage - something i never thought i'd be in - struggling a fair amount, but learning what it is to be a partner, to be a family. i am changed. at work, i am pushing myself to learn new skills in social media by taking classes online and off. i have been inspired to begin my own ventures - and the steps i have taken this year and will continue to take to make my professional life better make me proud.

There are many many things I wish I'd done differently. The main thing being, I wish I'd taken my income tax refund and retirement cashout and left the country for Scotland, rather than loan it out to those who are unreliable.

I am proud of the way that I have grown as a human being, learning to let go of past mistakes, and not being so hard on myself for the current ones. I hope to continue to grow in this way, as well as to gain more freedom from my shyness, which has crippled me in the past, but whose grip has loosened over the past year.

I wish I didnt spend so much time and pain wishing for what I knew wasnt mine. I wish I didnt get so upset and doubtful about Chris L.'s visit. Wasted energy

I wish I would have pushed myself harder at work. I am extremely proud of the way David and I handled our infertility. And choosing to be positive and believe that we would conceive.

I wish I could have been more proactive in some areas like professionally and in my personal life. And not be so complacent. But I am proud of how I have been able to "go with the flow" more and not worry as much.

I wish I had lived more lightly with myself. This past year, like most of my years, was very tiring--I tend to see each decision, each interaction, in very stark terms. I judge myself harshly, and this often leads to immobilization, or a deep sense of futility. I wish I had taken more time to be gentle.

Hunh. Well, I would have liked to have handled my work differently. I bugged my superiors for work when I didn't have any, then got a talking-to for not being busy. So I pointed out that I'd asked for work and was given none, and that didn't seem to go down very well. Now I have a hard time getting projects. I think I soured the milk. Proud of? Sadly, I can't pick any one thing out that I'm proud of. Maybe over the last month or so, I'm starting to regain control of our finances. We bought a new house last year about this time, but I didn't really adjust our spending to allow for the higher bills. We're not in a bad place financially, but we're not as well placed as we were before we moved. I've taken steps to get that back in line.

I wish that I had been more emotionally available to my partner and less withdrawn unto my mind or the computer. I do work on this but I have a long way to go. She deserves better from me. I need to make more of an intentional effort. On the other hand, I have been a lot more physically active, which is a good thing.

I wish I had become more serious about paving the way for a more secure future. I am proud that I am still a survivor.

I wish I had been able to be more patient with my children. I wish that I was quicker to use the tools that I know work, rather than yelling at them. I wish I responded more often with understanding and love, rather than frustration. I will do better in 5772.

Things i wish i woud have done taken more time for myself so I could be happier around children. slowed down and be thankful for moment. tell my kids and husband how great they make me feel. not been so hard on myself

I wish I had made studio shots to get signed for paid jobs. I wish I was more aggressive in my passion. I wish I had drawn on a continuous basis. I am glad I have taken such good care of my child. I am glad I keep trying to follow my dreams I am glad I support my BF in his dreams. I am glad I am expressing my truth voice.

i dont want to type it. but if i could go back in time and tell myself not to do anything, it would be to get close to gavin fry. he's a jealous psychopath who is seriously attempting to ruin my life. posting things on facebook etc, i wonder if by next year he will have stopped... But i AM proud of myself because of this year! i have had no confidence, for most of my life. Now, i have genuine confience, all gained from a shiny new set of friends and tgi fridays. I LOVE MY JOB. I LOVE THE PEOPLE I WORK WITH. I FUCKING LOVE ME! if i'm not like this next year, who fucked you over? this is the best i've ever felt, if i dont feel like this next year, i guess it was good while it lasted, its so much better walking through college saying hi to the friends that i have, because i have lots! its much more liberating looking at people than at the floor. xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

I would have worked out more and looked for a full time job at the beginning of the summer. I'm very proud of the fact that my band won the opening spot for the B.o.B. concert in Philly :)

I am especially proud of the way my husband and I have gone about our first year of marriage. It has been amazing, and rewarding, and challenging at time, but has been the best things that's ever happened to us!

One thing that I am proud of - but that I wish I could have held firmer to - was the goal of staying on a vegetarian diet. My daughter inspired us last year to go veggie, but I did fall off the wagon a few times. Part of me knew it was okay - that the world wasn't going to end if I ate a turkey sandwich. But I never felt good afterwards, physically or emotionally. I have become more vegetarian as the months go on, but now the holidays are here and that is always hard. I didn't eat the brisket last night and didn't feel bad about it, either! Not sure what's going to happen when Thanksgiving comes! My reasons for going veg are very much about animal rights - with health and environmentalism closely following. So, I do not feel good when I eat any kind of meat. But I find that when I think too much about it, I want it more and more and then I stray MORE often. So maybe a bite or two here and there is better for me in the long run. It's something I struggle with everyday, but overall I feel good about the choices. I hope that I stay strong this year and end up eating even less meat than the year before.

I wish I had not bought into this business. I would have been money ahead.

I wish I had been satisfied with my lot more,been happier about being a whomemaker.I wish I had been more assertive when dealing with people instead of trying to prove how much pressure I can withstand,been more decisive,more proactive and procrastinated less.Wish I listened to myself more and gone back home when I first wanted to.I wish I had spent more time with my children,listened to them more,appreciated them for who they were. I'm especially proud of the woman I have become,of taking that risk,knowing that I do not bow under pressure,am able to turn difficult situations around positively and have a sense of completion with all I do by always finishing what I've started.I love the way I have learnt to get to know people first and reserve judgement,am more tolerant,always learning from everyone I come into contact with. I love the way I have grown to appreciate my parents, siblings and extended family,loving them more and seeing myself through their eyes more.

No and No.This year sucked and I did a lot of stupid shit true.But,regrets and wishful thinking are for humans.You are not human! Freak for Life.

Spent money more wisely. Proud of restructuring my life at an age when most people are slipping into the retirement of aceptance.

I wish I had reached out to friends more, spend less time alone.

I wish I had really taken my grades seriously in school. At the end of eighth grade I just slacked off and I wish I had still been motivated to turn in assignments.

I wish I had been able to dig deep and find the internal organization which would allow me to accomplish all my tasks AND also take care of my body by exercising and getting enough sleep. I hope to read this next year having accomplished this.

Nothing really

I wish I were nicer to important people. And I am proud I had my first solo in my drama club <3

I moved across the Atlantic; alone and without knowing anyone. I had one of the best summers of my life. I couldn't have done this a year ago.

There is nothing I can think of that I wish I did differently. I am happy with the decisions I've made and accept any applicable consequences. I am really proud of the maturity I have shown in my current relationship. Although I sometimes give Andrew a hard time, I have been really accepting of his past and of who he is as a person. I realize that I love him for who he is and look at the big picture.

I am proud that I finally stood up for myself and found inner courage and strength to fix what was broken in my life. That being said, the results were not always positive, I was judgmental quickly and easily with other people, although I never shared these options with them. I also stressed about things I couldn't control for too long, but have leaned to let go a little more. I am proud to have found someone who loves me for who I am and love them the same way in return. I am happy I have found someone I want to share my life with who wants the same things I do.

Wish I had found a job by now - 4 mos of unemployment has not been a good time.

I am working with a group of 7 teens on a project that came out of a conversation I had with them. I am inspired by their enthusiasm and commitment to this event.

I'm torn because, on the one hand, I wish I had spent less time online and more with my husband, but on the other hand, the time spent online led to significant improvements in my writing and recognition in a national writing contest -- a development about which I'm just bursting with pride. What I've come to realize is that I need to better structure my time and spend my hours away from my husband doing my writing and spend my hours when he's home with him. My relationship to my work and my readers is very important, but deep down I know that nothing is more important to me than my relationship to and with my husband. In the coming year, I hope to achieve greater balance between the two.

Well, I completed that MPH to great fanfare. I'm glad I did AND participated in the graduation ceremonies with my mother. We all had a blast! Now if only I can get my prospectus proposal completed to I can move this PhD thing to its unnatural conclusion.

I wish that i didn't care so much about what others thought about me. on the other hand, i am so proud of myself for becoming vice president of my youth group..i have really learned how to be a good leader, and be myself.

I wish that I had been a better daughter to my mother. I wish I had put my heart and soul into everything I did. I am proud of the fact that I've kept my head held high and haven't let little things get me down.

I wish I had been more focused on my career and not spend so much time dilly dallying in my office. I also wish I had been more focused and conscious of my spending habits and tracked my income/expenses more closely.

I wish that I had made exercising more of a priority. I am an athlete and have been my whole life. I've played soccer and tennis in middle school, high school and college. Somewhere in the last several years, since my first job after college, I stopped making exercise important. It really changes how I feel, my mood and the way my body looks. I'm not over weight and I'm actually thinner than I was in college but it just doesn't feel as good. So I hope to do that more this year. I am very proud with my job this year. I went into a primarily clinical position with basically no clinical experience and I kicked ass. I built great relationships, I learned, I helped students and was part of a great team. I hope that this year will prove to be the same.

There are probably some things I wish I had done differently this past year, but I can't think of any which stand out at the moment. As far as something I am especially proud of, well first of all I try not to feel proud. Pride is not an emotion that I consider good. However I do feel good to have finally made three new shirts which I added to my line of shirts. I worked long and hard on them and managed to get them done locally. I've sold a few of each thus far. I'd love to figure out how to market my items and maybe that's what I need to figure out before next year. See my shirts and other items and information at my website: www.theleviteline.com

I wish I would have spent more time in G_ds word. I finally found my strength to stand up for myself.

I am really proud of leaving my old job, and getting out of something I was deeply unhappy with. I feel I have gained experience, confidence and a better understanding of how to enjoy work/life balance. I am really excited i now spend my days in a company that appreciates my hard work.

I wish that I had been a better friend at times. I seem to turn people off without meaning to. My attitude, my lack of 'private space', my inability to see things as conversation you shouldn't have. I'm open to everything, open about everything, but most people aren't. I really stuck my foot in my mouth, more than once. I could be specific, but I don't want to read this next year and get sad because it may not work out in my favor. I'm proud of the fact that I helped Matt to get a job. That I moved and set-up a new household. That we hosted our first family gathering, and it was a success.

Hmmm, I think I wish I had been nicer to my husband and to my mother this year. And maybe my mother-in-law, though she's quite a handful. Sometimes I struggle with feeling like I'm being hard on them, but at the same time I have lots of feelings that make it hard to fully accept them for who they are. My husband is a dedicated, sweet, funny, intelligent man. I want to appreciate him more but sometime feel like it's hard to so because he doesn't appreciate me as much as I'd like. My mom, where to begin. I'd like to be closer with her, and I'm really glad we're not arguing anymore. I guess this past year I wish I spoke or thought of her in more positive terms.

I wish that I had done better my last semester as undergraduate. I graduated, so that's what counts, but I know that I did not live up to my potential. However, I am really proud at how much I have grown up and how comfortable I have gotten with myself and with my relationship with my fiance. I have had a hard time trusting and I have been known to be controlling, this past year I have learned to let go of that (for the most part) and I am so much happier for it.

I wish I would have been better about taking care of myself (specifically, my body). My job consists of helping others to change certain health behaviors to lead a healthier life. I definitely believe in practicing what you preach, so I'm hoping this upcoming year is THE year that I finally am able to give my body the respect and care it deserves. I am proud of all of the hard work I did that led to my graduating with my masters and landing a job. It wasn't an easy process, but it was worth it and I'm so glad I pushed myself!

I wish I had settled partner differences earlier in the year. I am very proud of trying to take control of my life instead of waiting for everyone else this year.

I regret not organising my kitten Dory more when I moved out with Lenny. I'm really angry at Zena and Tom for not telling me that he was lost in the first place and then not looking for him or keeping me informed at all. I think he's probably dead and that makes me angry and really upset. I wish mum had taken him down to pop's house with her. I feel like I've betrayed him. There is a possibility that he's living with someone else now, but I don't think it's a very big possibility.

I am especially proud of the way I honored my father during the last 3 months of his life. I spent 2 weeks a month with him out of state. He was moved to be closer to me and my siblings 15 days before he passed away at age 98. They were the best 3 months of our lives as he watched his 3 children become friends. Many stories were shared among us with him and he shared many stories. Thank you Dad for the legacy you left us. We will honor you all the days of our lives.

I wish i would have tried harder in school and life in general. i've done my best but i know i could have tried a lot better

I would have liked to save more money. I was proud that I got a promotion at work, and also that I traveled to Europe alone and also made boundaries that my sister wouldn't be able to torment me.

One thing I've been working on all year—especially since taking up therapy again in January—is not taking my work so seriously. I want to take things like deadlines seriously, but I take other emotional entanglements—like relationships with coworkers, colleagues and publicists—too much to heart and it prevents me from keeping my eye on the prize. I have, however, become better at separating work and personal life in other areas, such as taking at least one dedicated weekend day off and using the money I do make from work to take trips in which I fully detach and recharge. I've started taking yoga and going back to therapy and that has helped me to focus on me.

I am especially proud of the work I have done to make a better home life for my wife. I have worked very hard to create a less toxic environment and am working on "not sweating the small stuff". I am proud of how we have handled a personal tragedy and made our relationship stronger when it had the potential to create a real conflict in out marriage.

As I did tashlich this evening, I was less interested in reflecting on my mistakes of the year prior. Instead, I want to move forward using those mistakes to deconstruct and make modified--perhaps even better!--decisions in 5772.

I wish I had been more patient with Dave as he was planning to ask for my hand in marriage and propose. I spent too much time stressing about if it was going to happen instead of just trusting that it would work out. I wish I had made better decisions in Israel.

i wish that this summer at camp i had not focused so much on the bad things and had made more friends, as well as have been more active this summer in north carolina, and while it is still not too late, i wish i had gotten more organized for school.

I wish I had spent more time appreciating what I had and looking at the big picture, rather than worrying myself over minute details. It is so easy to get caught up in the little things that we often don't take the time to step back from the situation and see things as they really are. I need to spend more time being grateful for the wonderful people and experiences in my life. I am especially proud of myself this year for the amazing friendships and relationships I have forged, and that I started opening up and showing people my true self. I feel that I have thrived in the situations I have been placed in (senior year, BBYO, the beginning of college) and I hope that I continue to be real and open with others, to make genuine and lasting friendships.

i wish that this past year i really applied myself and tried harder in school. I'm especially proud of how far i have come in basketball this past year i put a lot of time and effort into it and now I'm on my way to the Pan-American Maccabi games in Brazil its a huge honor and it will be a great experience.

I wish I had taken advantage of my free time better in the last year (especially before getting the new job and not HAVING much free time). Now I realise how lucky I was, and regret wasting a good amount of time doing... well... nothing.

Done more decluttering so I would have more time to do the things that nourish my soul

As last year, I wish I'd spent more time nurturing my relationships with friends and family. Between planning the wedding and managing Anne's depression and anxiety, I have found this past year both exhausting and isolating. At the same time, I am very proud at how far we have come together. In talking this week while we were in Rehoboth, we both hope to make a shift in our priorities, toward being with other people whose company we enjoy, and to nurturing our own relationship by engaging more in activities we like (rather than just treading water doing things we have to do).

I wish I had made more of an effort to be healthy and fit. I know there is still time to change, but it is always hard to look back and see time wasted. If I had kept up a good effort all year I would be at a healthier weight now.

I spent most of this past year consumed by the pain of my chronic health condition. I wish I had spent more time being more present for my wife and children. They were all so very good to me that I got lost in their caring attention. Chronic severe pain is no excuse for not being an attentive husband and father. The irony is that if they heard me saying this, they would be quick to dispel this thinking--comforting me and saying that I am very good to them. They are too good to me.

I have always wanted to have a book published, and although I didn't write the whole book, I wrote a chapter in a recently published preschool curriculum book.

There are things that I wish I had done differently. However, as I get older, I realize that everything becomes our path. Good things and bad things all lead us to where we are supposed to be. So for that reason, I accept what I did. I have faith that my choices are not mistakes. Anywhere I falter or succeed is part of my own personal personhood and accepting what has happened makes my life peaceful. Regrets feel heavy. When I have regrets I'm tired, stagnant, and lifeless. I just want to live lightly but deeply this coming year. I'm not proud, but most grateful for august 3, 2011.

I wish i was nice to people and i wish i would have just been me. Im expecially proud of how outgoing ive become

I wish I had spent more time with thise that mattered, in my final months as a college student, and less time writing resumes and applying for jobs.

I wish I had been in touch with Pat before she got ill. I felt uncomfortable about reaching out to her and now it doesn't matter ... I should have put her feelings ahead of mine and I wouldn't have this regret.

I am proud of myself for setting priorities and goals for myself each month. A part of this has to do with my "Happiness Group," which has helped me tremendously in thinking about myself and what my priorities are in life and what I want to improve upon. I am especially proud of myself for opening up and beginning a meaningful relationship. I have had numerous negative experiences with men/relationships over the last few years and it’s hard for me to open up and to fully trust. I guess when you meet the right person; it’s easier to do those things. Seeing almost all of my closest friends in healthy long-term relationships/marriages that are working out well led me to think about what I really want out of life and out of a relationship. My mom told me that I am the thing she is most proud of in this world and that G-d put her on this earth to raise me. I’ve been participating in weekly Jewish learning and the current topic is on feminism & spirituality. I’ve been thinking a lot lately about myself as a woman. I want a healthy, loving, marriage and to be a mother – this is the most important thing for my future and it’s important to realize the steps I need to take to get there. I recently did a “mandala” (a mandala is used for focusing attention of your aspirations, as a spiritual teaching tool, establishing a sacred space). The topic for the mandala I did is “relationship” and includes: infinite love, infinite peace, infinite companionship, and infinite friendship. I did this activity in my “Happiness Group” and a Rabbi who saw what I was doing told me that those 4 words were a part of a love bracha – I forget specifically what it is.. but it was nice that the words I chose had something to do with Judaism. So, I am proud of figuring out what I want in life in regards to a relationship and family and I feel like I am taking the right steps to get there, in my search for love, peace, companionship and friendship. I am in a relationship with a man who, while it’s still early on in the relationship, I can picture being a great husband and father one day. He has many qualities that I am looking for in a partner. He is so attentive, thoughtful, loving, caring, open, honest, communicative, handsome, and makes me feel like “I’m the only girl in the world” (thanks Rihanna!) I feel like I am on the way to opening myself up completely. I am proud of myself for being open to love and to my “happily ever after.”

Someting i know i wish i had done differen from last year, and i know this sounds a bit strange, but i wish I had made more guy friends. Last year i was starting high school, and i kept to my own little group of girls for the entire year. But this year, as a sophmore, i realized i hadn't expanded my horizon as much as i could have. I now wish i had a balance of genders in my life, but unfortunately, i will have to start this feat now. I have also talked to some of my friends about if, and they also agree. We just look at other groups of friends having fun with both genders, and my group of friends realized we missed out. However, something im very proud of from last year is joining BBYO. it is now a huge part of my life and i am happy to be a part of it. i even have more guy fridns in bbyo than in school!

I am proud that I led my first retreat to Italy this past year! It was an amazing experience and it gave me the confidence to continue doing these specialized retreats. I don't know what I would have done differently... except for a few things in detail that I can adjust, but those were experience that taught me so I don't know how I could have done without them.

I wish I stuck to my weight loss plan. My esteem is in the shitter because I am fatter than ever. It's sad to place so much importance on weight but I live in a city where looks are everything. Thankfully, intelligence counts here too!

In May of 2010 I completed my MFA in Creative Writing. For my thesis I wrote a novel. To be more precise, I wrote the last half in a 2 month span, finishing a week before it was due for my committee review. Cramming be damned, I won the Outstanding Thesis Award for Fiction. Since leaving grad school, I haven't looked or worked on basically any of my writing. Those seven sometimes ten hours a day I spent getting to know my characters, putting them in funny, sometimes painful situations had left me. Or I had left them. I miss that time, how they followed me into my dreams and told me what they wanted me to say. For the past year I have been stuck. Stagnant. I dreamed mostly about work, nightmares when busloads of hungry elderly people entered the restaurant I work, demanding food, but all the tables were dirty and the cooks were on smoke breaks, leaving patty melts and Reubens burning on the grill. This last year I lost myself as an artist. This is because, in part, I can't get around the idea of writing as being a self-indulgent process. No one is paying me to do this. No one could want to hear what I have to say. I beat myself for time wasted at school. I beat myself for not feeding this thing inside me that wants to speak. What a fucking mess. Recently, on advice from a friend, I took my novel, printed it out, and reread it. Cover to cover. I made notes on what it needs, what it wants, where I find it good. I found that I liked it, and that the world I had left was still there, waiting for me to polish it off, and make it better than I ever thought it could be. This is not part of the question, but needs to be addressed anyway. This year I will work (and that is the word, work) to allow myself the time and patience to foster the things in my life that make me happy and useful.

I wish I had not been as stuck on T and realized that A was a way better choice for me, so that me and him could have really tested our relationship and had more time to be with each other. On the other hand, I am proud of how I handled myself through the situation.

I wish i had confronted Adir. I wish i had handled dispute management. I wish i had felt comfortable in my own skin. I should never let people make me feel shit an inadequate for who I am. I have strong beliefs. I am smart. I am different smart to the people I know, but I am driven, determined passionate and have initiate. I need to believe in myself.

I wish I had not reacted so quickly to things. That I took more time to think things through, sticking with the commitment to wait at least 12 hours before I respond to what I am reacting to. I am proud of my contributions to the community through my work and school board. I am proud of my commitment to fitness and following through with training for the 3 Day walk.

Not that I am perfect, but I can not think of anything big that I would have done differently this past year. I am sure with a new baby lots of things will come up in the next year though. I am proud that I spoke up and stood my ground to change grade-levels. Even though 4th grade has it's challenges, I feel better equipped to deal with them.

I wish I tried harder with the things that require me to try. And I'm really proud of how I kept everything together so well while there was turmoil inside. Why turmoil? I've got it made but boy, I am hard on myself. Thank you Jen for pointing this out to me.

Well, I wish I hadn't messed around with ochem. By which I mean, either taken it seriously and actually studied and done well and not stressed myself to the point where opening the book gives me a mini anxiety attack, or just stopped taking it after the first quarter and not stressed myself to the point where opening the book gives me a mini anxiety attack. One or the other.

I wish that I didn't lose my temper. I know intellectually that this is bad for me and usually does not make a bit of difference to resolve the trigger situation. The anger I feel at being taken advantage of and disrespected has reached a boiling point. It may cost me a relationship but at this point my self respect calls out and I refuse to ignore it. The other party unfortunately thinks they are in the clear and it is totally in my mind. It may be a difficult year. What happens when you have an "fight" on Rosh Ha Shannah"? Do you start the year in a better place if you declare your value and take a stand?

I wish I had been more proactive about everything pain, weight, job search, etc. I am proud of some of the work I've done, my relationships, and especially my continued connection with Isaac and Ari.

I really wish I had not let my ex get under my skin so much and reduce me to such bad behavior as yelling back and upsetting my daughter. I regret letting his anger pollute my environment and take up so much of my energy. I am proud of picking myself up and moving forward after the fire. I am proud that I let myself cry and grieve, let others help me and also have focused more on the lemonade than the lemons.

I have really neglected my life this year- I have finally taken control - I have lost weight and am actually doing something every day. I spent too much of my time this year wasting time- hiding like a turtle in its shell. There is so much on my plate right now knowing which thing to address first can be difficult- but as with any problem just getting started is the only way to go. Do something every day. Problems won't go away by avoidance.

Honestly, I have few regrets. Although it was far from ideal or perfect, all unfortunate things have led to a better life. I'm proud of my consistant progress at work and that I'm coming into my own in design. Like Tony said that I'm finding my voice. I'm also proud of my relationship with Tyler and the opportunities I've had to express my love.

I wish I'd drunk less and slept more. Worked less and walked more. Cried less and written more. Ranted less and cooked more. I wish, in short, that I'd been able to get to a better balance in my life than I've thus far been able to achieve. On the other hand, I'm proud of myself for forging on through all the shit that the job has handed - and for taking the time for MYSELF to travel, visit, and create.

I am proud of the relationship I'm building with my children. My hope is that next year I'll be able to answer that I've also improved my relationship with my husband.

Something I'm not proud of, but do understand, is the vitriolic and bile-filled rant that I typed out after hearing that my baby would be born extremely premature, and the risks, complications, and problems associated with it. For two pages I wrote every hateful, jealous, angry, depressed, why us? thing that entered my head. Anyone with a disabled child would have hated me. Anyone with a healthy child would have hated me. I'm not proud of it, and I'm not proud that I've kept it, but I think I needed the release. I've never re-read it and don't ever want to until much much later, but I feel better knowing that all those feelings have been excised. That they exist somewhere, but are no longer a part of me. I felt, afterwards, much less angry and distraught about our situation, and am proud of my positive attitude since then, despite some trying circumstances. But I still regret those things that I thought. I've never been more ashamed of my feelings than when I spewed out on what I thought was unfair injustice. Nothing about our situation was unfair or unjust. It just was.

I am proud that we don't let Grey down when it comes to his education. We had him practice his reading and his math all summer long and it really helped him now that school is in.

This year I am proud that I have been more honest. I've stopped lying and started telling the truth. I've started to clean up messes that I've made with other people, and it feels wonderful. I have better relationships, and I'm more "in the game" in all areas of my life. I wish I had been more present at every moment and taken advantage of every opportunity that came my way. I wish I had been less annoyed and more open with my kids. I wish I had been more romantic. I wish I had connected more with my parents, and shown them more love.

I am especially proud of the fact I was a part of an bnai mitsvah group of 10 adults. We studied together Judiasm,history,calendar and hebrew. This past spring we completed our requirements and became the first bnai mitsvah of adults in the 150 years of our Temple.

my chronic lament is wishing I could pull my shit together and get into a linear thought bandwidth. more organized, more planful, more present... alas, this my curse. i compare my brain to a Stenson hat filled with little white mice, all trying to escape as I try to catch them and put them back.

I am proud of myself for managing my money better and making my money last over the summer. I was able to buy some things I really wanted because I saved and did better with my budget. I am not using any of my credit cards and I am doing better at paying off my debt. I am proud that I did not waste my summer but instead took my two master's classes.

I wish I was somehow able to put the past behind me and not hurt so much every single day.

One thing I would've liked to do differently is looking into the possibility of employment outside of my current field. I wish I gave myself more opportunities to expand my horizons and give my family somewhat of a better life. Not that I don't have a great life and a great job, but I guess the grass is always greener on the other side. I'm sure folks in other fields would love to be in mine, and I'm not sure if it's worth the risk to try something new in fear of losing out on a great thing.

I wish I had been less disparaging and judgemental, more tolerant and compassionate

It is here that I recognize and acknowledge the fact that I haven't always made the best or right decision in the moment - but this is where I'd like to take the time to celebrate one of my biggest achievements of the year: becoming passionately devoted to giving more. I give more recognition and appreciation to my family I give more thoughtfulness to my friendships, and listen more mindfully to my friends than ever before I give more patience and understanding to those cultures and beliefs that I may not agree with I give more time and share my gratitude with those less fortunate at my local community's soup kitchen I give more focus to schoolwork because I've created big dreams for myself and failure is not part of my plan I give more assistance to new students who can be aided through my college/abroad experiences I give more energy and commitment to practicing a new form of relaxation: yoga But most importantly, I give more hope to those in need by raising money and awareness, as I run my first half-marathon for a cause.

I am so proud of the fact that I delivered my son and had a home birth. I wasn't sure what would happen, but I was brave and went forward with such power and strength. It was such an amazing experience to wake up with my baby in my arms in my bed the very next day. I am also proud that my husband and I have not killed each other (so far). There have been lots of hard times and doubts and fears arising, but I am proud to say that 5.5 mths in we are actually fairly strong.

I try not to regret anything and therefore try to make the best decision the first time around. Granted that latter part doesn't always happen. What I'm most proud of, however, was also one of the best, if not the best, decision I've ever made. I decided just after Mother's Day that my father was never again to be allowed in my house. It's easier to interact with him when I don't expect him to be something he never wanted to be. The father part of him is not welcome in my life. I prefer to surround myself with good people who treat others with love and respect.

I'm not sure it's a matter of doing-over-differently, as of a general approach, you know? Like being more patient with myself, and with the parentals and with the bf, because being kinder gives us space and being kinder means fewer angry assumptions, and less angst.

Being in OA (related to Q1) I'm very proud of. I need to do more with prioritizing and sticking to a plan or a schedule, but otherwise, life is pretty good. I'm proud of myself for getting out of TU before it was "too late," but I do have regrets.

I wish I were more diligent in my studies. But compared with how I dealt with studies before, I'd say I'm a more responsible student now.

I'm very proud of myself for growing as a belly dancer and dedicating myself to the art form. I performed in a tribal fusion number and two drum solos this past year. Not only did I educate my friends and coworkers on a beautiful culture, I also found a sisterhood I never knew I was lacking. I wish I would have went to the doctor. Sure , I got my flu shot, saw the dentist, got new contacts, etc but I ignored the mystery that is my overall health. Despite eating healthier and working out regularly, I was tired, ached everywhere, and constantly battled with my stomach.

I wish I would have done more to lose weight this past year. I really didn't do much of anything. I'm ashamed of this fact since my weight really bothers me. I guess just not enough to really do anything about it. I am proud of the confirmation class that I taught back in the spring. I think the kids had a good time and they learned something as well.

I wish I spent more time acting instead of thinking and talking and waiting. I am often too frightened of what might happen or too lazy to get up and go. But I'm proud to say that I'm learning how to overcome those qualities about myself.

I wish that I had gotten over my depression from camp-sickness after I got fired so I could have more fully enjoyed my time at C.L.T.C 4 2011. I wish I had just gotten over it a lot quicker, I learned that I just have to roll with the punches, let go and move on. I'm really proud that I was able to held myself accountable for my actions.

I wish I had written more poetry, and surfed the web less. What does it matter that I'm up on current events? I didn't work on my soul (or for that matter, my waistline!) nearly enough!

i knew that my son would need my support to go to graduate school. i am blessed that it isn't an issue. my daughter has been having contractor issues with the house she bought. in a flash of lightening i realized i could help her as well. i attempt to act on the idea that i have received many blessings in my life. they only increase in power if i share them. it is the responsibility that accompanies the blessings

I wish I strived to find a more rewarding job. I mean I have a college degree qnd am working for chump change. I deserve and want better for my career. I have decided that following the environmental health science path, whivh may mean more schooling but hey it can onky get better, right?! I am very proud/happy that I took the plinge and moved away from my comfort zone in Minnesota! I have found love, myself and am strolling down th unknown path of parenthood. :) I am doing my own thing and am proud of it!

I am especially proud of how I prepared for and ultimately passed the FE (Fundamentals of Engineering) Exam. I demonstrated a lot of will power and determination in managing my time and prioritizing studying over going out with friends. I proved to myself that I am capable of periods of intense study while working full time so as to accomplish an important goal.

I am very proud that I have lost almost 20 pounds this year. I wish that I had spent less time complaining/procastinating on things that annoy me and wish instead that I did something to change my situation

I am proud of what I have accomplished as a leader. At first I was nervous because when I arrived at camp this summer, I was going to be a CIT for a cabin of girls. I got switched from Middlers to Juniors which I was somewhat happy about. When I met my girls, i really wanted to do a good job and I was afraid that if I messed up, then they wouldn't like me. Overall they loved me and it was the best two weeks of my life. I loved my campers and they made me smile all the time. being a leader and influence for these girls gave me confidence in myself and I surprised myself with exceeding my usual limits of what I could and could not do.

I wish I had separated more from my friend during our summer travels. Being with someone 24/7 can be tough and does not always make for the best relationships/conversations.

Not really. no regrets. I am proud of the fact that I maintain my daily 2 hour practice. Also proud and very grateful to have such wonderful relationships with my husband, my kids, my friends. Also have started to write articles on yoga for a newsletter which I enjoy very much.

I wish I hadn't gained back some of the weight I lost after being diagnosed several years back with type II diabetes...It's like I kept thinking to myself, you can get away with eating ___. Which might have been true, but this is the year where my a1c score rose instead of lowered or stayed the same. What I feel worst about is that I promised myself that I would NEVER gain back that weight that makes me feel...unhealthy and uninspired. Doing any sort of arts or crafts project makes me feel so alive! Sometimes I put off my creativity because I think there is something more important to do, but doing art is the thing I love doing. I went to a guerrilla art workshop and I'm going ape (ha, ha) making cork people and leaving them around town to be found. I attach a tag asking people to take a picture @ send it to an email address. I haven't received any pics yet but the cork people are finding new homes. Smile.

I wish I had signed Jazzy up for summer camp earlier. She would have enjoyed her summer more, and I would have been considerably more productive. However, we did drastically improve her swimming skills and comfort level, because we were at the pools four or five days a week. So, in retrospect, we did accomplish quite a bit this summer!

I am really proud that I was able to stay healthy this year. If I wished that anything was done differently, I would go crazy thinking about EVERYTHING. I just don't let myself get that swept up in what would have beens.

I am proud of how our family came together for the bar mitzvah, and as usual wish to do things with more intention and patience

I am proud that I have decided to pursue nursing assistant certification because some of my care giving skills could improve, yet others have sharpened significantly. Having CNA certification will also aid me to move forward in the healthcare field to eventually pursue a nursing degree. A nursing degree would enable me to deliver a more direct, more encompassing, higher level of care. When I hear that residents in assisted living( a department where I formerly worked) say that they miss me,I know that I am doing the right thing. One resident said that he preferred care from me because I am so careful and very professional. It meant so much to me to hear comments such as these. Presently I care for residents with dementia, which can be very challenging. I am glad that I have a patient disposition. I enjoy taking time with these residents. They need a gentle, unrushed approach. I keep in mind all the while that I am working with the frailest of the frail.

This past year, I wish I had gotten closer with my parents and sister. The rest of my family sees us as outcasts because we live very far away, and they treat us differently. I don't understand how a family can look at each other and be so judgmental. Alternatively, I am very proud of my football team that went 10-0 in the regular season. We worked our asses off in the offseason and won through dedication not by skill or talent. No one gave us any credit as usual, but that is what keeps us going to strive to be the best.

I wish we had gotten rid of our au pair as soon as we realized she brought negative energy into the household. In a way, I'm proud that we worked hard to try to make the best of things with her, but I think we need to focus on keeping things happy and healthy in the household for our kids, even if that means asking the au pair to move onto another home.

Even though I had been single a long time before I met my husband, he had certain things around our house that were in "his domain" and that he managed. They seemed complicated or foreign to me. This was one of the reasons it took so long to decide to leave our relationship. I had been dependent on him for 15 years and the world had changed greatly during that time. When he left, he took our laptop where we kept the business program. Rather than ask for his help, I ordered, downloaded and set up Quick Books in my tablet all by myself. I was terrified but slowly walked myself through the process. When the whole thing was done, I was amazed how relatively painless it was and actually easier than I had imagined it would be. I took over the yard work and needed to learn how to fill the week wacker with its special oil/gasoline mixture it requires. I read up on how to do it, went down and found the oil, mixed it with the gasoline and wacked weeds! Atta girl!

I wish I had gotten angry less and been less childish. My anger has a bad way of coming up, sometimes too often, and I wish that I would have been more relaxed this past year. Well, I got my own place, have been doing well in school and found a job after a long search so that made me very proud.

Last year I made a commitment to devote more time to the issue of hunger and food insecurity in our community. Unfortunately, I did not follow through on this. I will try to make this happen in the coming year.

I wish I had worked harder at getting rid of stuff. I really don't need all that is here in this apartment. I think if I could have worked harder at losing weight too that would have paid off. I suppose I wasn't ready. I am really proud of myself for getting my finances out of the crapper. Getting sidework and paying down my debt is the best Idea I have had in a while.

Just like last year, I really can't pinpoint any big regrets. I guess I just don't believe in regrets, I believe that everything happens for a reason. There have been many small mistakes, of course, but from them have come lessons I needed to learn (lesson learned: when a provider asks for an ambulance to take a patient to the hospital, they probably mean Fallon, not 911!) Ironically, though, I am often paralyzed by the fear of regret when trying to make decisions both small and large, and I was talking with a therapist about that this summer. So it's very interesting how that contrasts with the answer I've given here, which I do wholeheartedly believe. I guess I often fear the potential feeling of regret, but I rarely experience it in earnest.

I wish that, in my darkest times, I could reflect objectively on past dark times. When things go wrong, it feels like the world is crumbling under my feet and it's hard to remember it's only a matter of time before the sun will shine again. On that same note, when the sun was shining, I wish I had made plans and set aside reinforcements the dark times that are always sure to come.

I wish I would have reached out and kindled new friendships while digging up old ones when I had a chance. With all the major changes in my life this year, I really wish I had a best friend to confide in and share every juicy detail with. On the other hand, I am so proud of how far I've come this year. A job, a house, a fiance... it's quite a lot of accomplishments for a 23 year old.

K- I wouldn't have done anything differently. Proud if how much I've been able to earn and start saving. I- no regrets, just move on. Proud I didn't kill K the night we got stuck in waterchestnuts while kayaking. Proud I held a successful labor day BBQ with a new big girl grill. Proud to pull off a massive surprise honeymoon for friends. Proud to still have a job.

I wished that I concentrated more on me, and less on work.

I wish I had said "no" more often to work related things. I wish I had better balance and had held my staff more acccountable - even before this year. On the other hand we have accomplished a great deal. I am proud of setting a retirement date and working hard on the transition. I am proud of how much time I spend with my husband Ben, family and important friends, even with the busy, frantic schedule I usually keep.

I wish I wouldn't have reacted to stress so badly. There were several times where I completely broke down. It caused me to be depressed and have anxiety attacks. I hope that this next year, I can learn how to handle my emotions in a way that won't damage my self esteem.

This year has been a tough one, and I'm sure there are lots of thins I would have done differently, however, I'm actually more proud of the progress I've made in my personal life, moving forward in my relationship work,and also learning to speak my mind and heart more readily. It means more fights and conflict, but quicker resolutions and a more honest existence.

There really isn't anything from this past year I wish I had done differently. I don't tend to regret my choices. I'm proud of having become an out gay teen back in June as its allowed me to be myself more and now have a great boyfriend who I really care for.

I wish that I wasn't so hard on my self and realized all of the wonderful things in my life.

Last year I wish I had slept a little more, than I did, but I am proud of everything I did accomplish during the year and even the time I should have probably been sleeping but wasn't.

I am proud of managing not to be too angry with my sister or my husband; at least not as much as I used to be. I am proud to have hung in there long enough to be finally working out my relationships; at least some of them. I still wish I had been able to figure out some way to help my son be more independent...but maybe he is more independent than I realize.

I wish I had been a better/cleaner/more responsible roommate. And I wish I had been on time for work more often. However, I'm proud of how I handled my dating life, and I'm proud of turning my difficult experience with OCD in college into a Peer Counseling Training Initiative at my school.

I wish I had made more of an effort to make friends and expand my social life. I have lived here for almost 2 years and don't have a social network that I should. I like do things socially but sometimes I just feel too tired and don't make it a priority. I need to go to events that look interesting to me and be friendly. I am much happier around people than by myself.

This past year was chock full of difficult decisions and loads of procrastination over finalizing them. If I could do anything differently I suppose that making the most painful decision right away without dragging things out or hoping they would magically change would be my choice. That I did finally get around to making them is a good thing but I could have taken less time and caused less pain in the process.

Yes, I wish I hadn't tried to clean the windows and fallen into the koi pond and broken my leg. I wish I'd checked my voicemail and found out the event I was cleaning for was cancelled anyway! I should have listened to my husband and paid to have that done!

I wish I had figured out how to say no earlier. Not just in the trivial way of saying no when someone else asks you for something, but saying no to this idiotic inner voice demanding that I learn everything, do everything, be awesome at everything. It's impossible, but I spent a long-ass time trying.

I wish I had quit my job earlier. I was really unhappy there - profoundly unhappy with the way I was treated, and ashamed that I continued to put myself in that situation on a daily basis. On the other hand, if I had actually quit earlier, I may not have found my current job, which I really enjoy.

done differently? yes maybe enjoy life more by seeing rick when i wanted to...maybe no it was the way it should be! proud of? ME I AM....i am doing sooooo well. i love myself so much more and i want to beyond my wildest dreams and imagination.

I wish I had worked harder on all my school work; that I did not procrastinate, that I studied for my tests and actually tried to do well on my SATs and ACTs. Now that I'm currently applying to colleges I realized that I've dug myself into a rut that I cannot get out of because I did not give all the effort I should have.

I wish I had been more diligent about my health.

I'm proud of myself for learning to say no when I want to.

I wish I had been better at letting go of those who are hurtful to me, and don't care for me like I care for them- and trusting my gut on who I should have in my life and who I shouldn't. I'm proud of how much I've learned to be alone, and be happy alone, I think it will serve me well in the long run.

I'm really proud of how I figured out how to create the conditions for productivity. It has meant admitting that I am never going to be the sort of person who just works happily alone in my office. I have reached out and made connections with people throughout the university and managed to make a lot of progress in my work as a result. Of course, I still have demons to face and times when I am a lot less productive than I'd like to be. But I feel like I have such a better relationship to my work than I ever have before, and that has translated into a better relationship with myself.

I made many mistakes this year, but I think they were pretty typical of me. I wish I had found a way to make Gabriel happy - trapping him would have made him safe but not happy. I wish I had tried harder to communicate with friends - but I'm introverted, and it's so much effort for me, that I forgive this of myself. I wish I would have been more aware of bills, Leo's schooling and other details - but again, it is asking an elephant to be purple. I wish I called my nana more. I wish I could be a better daughter to my mom, but I also know it's going to be tough when we are so different. I will try to do these things better this year, and ask God to take care of Gabriel and to forgive me for letting him hurt himself. And call Nana more. I'm proud that Leo is such a wonderful boy and that I am part of him being that way. I am proud that I am able to do a good job at work, and have people who want me to work with them. I am proud that Northwestern accepted me into their program. I am proud that I have been able to keep my commitment to be a more content, healthier person by emulating people I admire - those who jog, my nana who exercised and always expanded her mind... I am proud that David is (finally) really proud of me. I hope God will help me to continue these paths and to make them stronger.

I feel like I've done pretty well to be true to myself, but maybe worry less about what people think and push myself more so in school and life in general. I just want to reach my potential. I'm proud of how hard I've worked and grown as a person, and hope that doesn't stop or even accelerates.

I wish I would have built a practice of daily meditation. It takes minimal time, you just have to remember to create the space. I've been saying this for years, but saying is not doing. I won't make any promises here because I know myself. Perhaps, though...perhaps something will change where I motivate myself to accomplish this task. I know what it could do for me, you'd think knowing the results would be incentive enough. I am proud of the fact that I had the courage to get back in to my relationship with Shelly. It wasn't easy to let go of the hurt and believe that the dynamics of the relationship could shift in an easier more positive direction. I have faced criticism from a few people around me, but I have also stood tall and taken responsibility for it being my choice. I wholeheartedly believe this is right and I am responsible for living in that. I acknowledge the possibility of being wrong and I must remain open to whatever the truth ends up being.

What's funny is that, no I don't have something deep and meaningful that I would want to change because I don't regret anything that I've done. It's in the past and I can't change it, so there's no point in wishing for a change. I think the only thing I really would have changed is forgetting my tote bag for that one weekend trip to Chicago. It had these important gifts that I had made for Darren Criss and my incredible mom drove us 10 hours from Canada, to Chicago for the weekend so I could see his concert and be in a flash mob for Darren personally. I honestly one hundred percent believe that if I brought my letters, that I would have actually had the opportunity to meet him and tell him what an incredible person he is and how much he's affected, changed and ultimately saved my life.

I finally let someone love me

I am very proud that husband and I finally confronting PTSD leftover from Katrina. I wish we would have recognized it earlier and got it under control sooner—but I'm proud we aren't ignoring it now that we see and understand it.

I wish I had been more assertive in telling my eldest child to stop taking charge of my life and telling me what I sholld/ should not be doing.

Found a better job.

Am proud that I got serious about exercise and proper diet. Am losing weight, feel and look better.

I really wish i had gotten a girlfriend when i had the chance, however i am very proud of my grades and athletic accomplishments (all A's and 3 sports, 2 varcity)

I'm reallt proud in all my family the way we stood next to our mum when she got cancer. I wish I wasn't servicing in the army at the time because I really wanted to be with her more. I'm really proud of my self for working hard and managed to juggling the army service, and helping and supporting mum, and having a relationship, and spend time with friends and family, and after all that I even managed to save enough money to make my dreams trip to New Zealand!!!

I am proud of the improvements I've made with my relationship with my parents. I have worked at being more open and honest with them and as a result, they have responded by being more accepting of me and my relationship.

This past year I reconnected, married and had a baby with a friend I have loved for 12 years. I learned how to live with someone and depend on them without losing my independence. He is the perfect fit for me. Lord knows I'm not an easy person to live with. I'm proud of the changes I've made within myself, for myself, because of my husband and his silent, steady support. This was one of most difficult, physically painful and most wonderful years.

I wish I took school more seriously. I knew how much it counted and I did not change my work ethics at all. I also wish I exanded my group of friends in school & kept in touch with friends that I have not spoken to in a while.

I wish I would of been more aggressive in finding a temple that is giving some sort of Judaism 101 classes. I am a little disappointed in how hard this is. I did very well not giving in to my former addiction AND handling life on life's terms.

It probably would have been better if I had better prepared for my move. While I'm happy I'm moved, I feel like I could have been more proactive in finding a job.

I am proud how I showed leadership and was able to take care of all my mother's affairs after her passing. I wanted her affairs to be done with respect and love. I took this role very seriously. I have a son with a mental illness. I wish I was smarter and had more confidence in helping to guide him for the future. He is 26 and this is quite difficult. It is very hard to juggle work, other children, a husband and him. I need to take it one day at a time and find happiness in each day. Trying to find a balance is very challenging. Need to work on this.

I wish I had used my time more productively. I wish I took better care of myself.

I wish that I took more time to contemplate life, and understand myself better. I'm glad that I was helpful to my parents this past year!

I wish I had cleaned up this mess my house is in. I am proud of being a help to my family during the medical problems experienced this year.

I wish I could have studied for chem better. Earlier this summer though, I am glad that I did many things that I wanted to do such as my first cosplay and pursued hobbies that I've wanted to do for a long time. I am also happy about my relationship and how much effort we have put into it for it to become this way :)

lived without procrastination.

I wish i took care of myself more. I wish i would've been able to see past sly remarks and comments. I'm proud that i was and am still myself. I thought being myself would not attract friends and it proved to do the opposite. I'm happy that people like me for me.

i wish i had done a lot of things differently this year. most of all, i wish that i had taken the family trip to hawaii into something better. i only cared about what i've visited and what i wanted to do next. i didn't care so much for what they wanted. i also just thought a lot about how it sucked to be with them rather than cherishing the moment. i did bring them hawaii but i wasn't able to deliver them the ultimate point of why i spent so much money on it--essentially having memories, good ones. i guess i can't force memorable events but i think i should have tried instead of being a party pooper. i'm proud of myself. right now. how i've changed so much from a year ago. my old self would NOT believe where i am now. the accomplishments, the drive, the motivation--it was all in me all along. but it didn't just come from me, it also came from my friends. when i was too scared to take that first step, they were right there with me. whether it was about the woes of work, fitness, or my relationship with God, they were there when it mattered. and it mattered a lot.

I wish I found a better way to communicate with my boy during hard times. I feel like we've lost trust because of how stressful things get. On the other hand, it just might be that we've done too much. Running 2 businesses, multiple animals, starting a new one and struggling with different workstyles will get people down, won't it? I'm struggling to find a way that we both can be satisfied with how our lives work together. He is all about info as needed and I'm all about knowing everything. It makes us well balanced, but I feel like sometimes simple communication is so hard to maintain. I come off as a bitchy taskmaster and if I say nothing and things don't happen it's my fault again. Alas - the differently. I need to find a way to make myself better to make us better. But will he want to as well?

I wish I had been a more patient and creative mom. I wish I hadn't had so many moments feeling frustrated because I felt like she was bothering me or not letting me get things done. I wish I hadn't let myself get caught up in so many of my own things, and instead focused on her things.

I wish that I spent more time investing in my marriage.

I wish I hadn't let other people's opinion of me take such a hold on my emotions. I'm proud to say I've learned to let most of that go. I'm my own best friend. While the words still hurt, I know there is no fear in what is real. I can take those opinions -- or I can leave them.

Bueno, simplemente me hubiera gustado estar menos presionada con la escuela, tener una mejor calificación y ayudar al maestro Margil con lo del servicio social Por otro lado, estoy muy orgullosa de la jornada de práctica del semestre pasado, porque la mejor recompensa que he tenido hasta ahorita es que mis alumnos aun me recuerdan y me reconocen.

My good friend Larry died suddenly in April this past year and I am especially proud of having thoroughly enjoyed the time we spent together in March. We laughed and cried and lived that week in Carolina to the fullest. I am proud of having evolved enough spiritually to have truly embraced those precious days we shared the month before he passed.

I wish I actually would stick to a budget and not be so awful with my finances. I regret not having savings, as now I am in debt, and don't need to be, if I had been, and were, financially responsible. I am proud I gave ample notice, and training, to my prior job. Many people were confused by what I was doing, but I needed to do that to feel like I had done what I could for my team.

I´m proud I could carry on ordinary life, working hard and making myself up even with a deep sadness inside.

been more honest about my marriage

Hell yes. Something? There are so many things, that I am especially proud of having done. But, the biggest thing, without a doubt, is learning to plan for less. Meaning, making time - lots of time - for no plans. Fit less in, and savor having more time for fewer things, has fundamentally changed me. It makes some people a little uncomfortable to not have plans, and yet somehow I've learned to not fill the voids with their expectations. What do YOU want to do? Don't just live your life checking the boxes of things to talk about. F that. For me, slow down and just be.

I wish I had been more physically active. I always seemed to find an excuse not to get moving, even though I knew I'd feel better if I did. I think I use the chronic pain as an excuse sometimes. While it legitimately slows me down, I also believe that the thing that makes it even harder to get going is the loneliness of having so much extra time on my hands. Having said all of that, I am most proud of my amazing trip this year. I entered and won a contest which enabled me to travel to NY, London, Israel and more. And I was so active and happy. I lost 60 pounds (most of which is still off) and feel like I can do anything if I put my mind to it. Now it's just a matter of practice. Going after get togethers with folks who are busy requires a lot of follow up. And the busier I am, the more I want to fill up my schedule. So keeping after friends and would-be friends is essential for my well being and for me to feel productive and KEEPS me OUT and ABOUT!

I am really trying to live in the moment. There is a Jewish saying form the Talmud. : What was, was." It has definitely been a challenging year and I hope I have grown from the experience. I am really trying to count my blessings. If I start thinking about what I could have done differently, then I am living in the past. I wish I had been more grounded this year and more faith in myself - something I will continually try to achieve.

I wish I had gotten on birth control after my second daughter was born. I believe that I would not be as stressed as I am right now, if I only had a toddler to care for. I am proud that I have been able to keep it together alone for the past few months. Having a newborn and toddler isn't that bad after all.

I am very proud that I finally stuck to my commitment to lose weight. What did I wish I had done differently this past year? Started my weight loss earlier!

I wish I could be the off-beat rebel that a young wide-eyed immigrant misfit dreamed of becoming. This year, in particular, among the list of regrets, is foregoing the chance to go to Rome. Getting tied down with a boy-man who barely half-heatedly loves/bears me. Making the same mistakes I make year after year. Selling out on my dream of the Literature degree the young misfit wanted. Pretending I want to be who I am, and pretending that life...will come together. Pretending that I am perfectly happy with all the mistakes that I've made, and accepting that I will continue to make them. I once used to say I don't regret anything...the Irony of the matter is that I don't regret the things that one would expect me to regret. But yes, I am especially proud of the fact that I can finally acknowledge, even if to myself, that I am a failure to myself.

I wish I would've worked harder. In school, on my guitar playing. Definitely wished I wouldn't have procrastinated so much. I am, dang squiggle puff, i am tired as a tootsie roll out of the grandmas purse, feeling old and tired. Should've trained myself to have a better sleeping schedule. Nothing that i'm too proud of. Turkey dinners and money

I'm happy with my decisions. I'm particularly happy with losing 40 pounds - intentionally.

I am quite proud of the team I pulled together at Active Minds. I'm proud of the ways I've continued to rise to the occasion there, whatever the occasion is, and I'm thrilled about the people I brought on board and now get to work with. I wish I had done more to hold on to time which always moves so fast - to mark seasons and cycles. I wish I'd gotten outside more - to the point and elsewhere - during lunch hours and at the start and end to the day. I wish I'd found a bit more energy for personal life things - whether creative projects, cleaning the house, managing money or having sex - wish I had and could figure out how to create time, space and energy for those things a bit more.

I would have called home more, listened to my parents more, not automatically assuming that they don't understand me. I would have given them a better opportunity to understand me, allowed myself to be more vulnerable, share my shortcomings, not just my successes. The amazing thing about parents is their capacity to love me despite how insufferable I am at times. I haven't always given them the chance. I would have spent more time trying to creatively love and serve my family and friends, and less time worrying about my limited time, energy, or finances. I never end up missing that extra dollar I spent, or that extra hour I lost of studying. I wish I had not been as concerned about appearing strong, appearing good, or appearing intelligent. I wish I had been more comfortable in my own skin, looking at my future potential instead of counting my sins of the past and letting them define me. It makes me so proud to watch the people around me grow and prosper. It makes me proud to watch my little brother and sister grow up to be such amazing individuals, who so passionately love God and man, and are each day discovering a way to make the world a better place. It makes me proud to watch my best friend marry the love of her life and land her dream job all in the span of a month, touching lives everywhere she goes. It makes me proud to watch a close friend blossom into a confident, beautiful woman, dedicated to caring for her mind, body, and soul, because she realizes she's worth it...she's happier than ever before, looks amazing, landed an awesome job, and has a renewed relationship with God. It makes me proud to watch my mother sort through her priorities and decide to leave her lucrative job next year to take up a more meaningful life calling that she's always dreamed of having. It makes me proud to watch my boyfriend plow through 2nd year of dental school, having overcome many obstacles to get there, and to see the man he has become in the 2 years we have spent apart, mature, trusting more, challenging me more.

I think I would've spent my summer doing more productive things, like I originally planned to. I ended up just wasting my time, like I do every summer, and I'm embarrassed of it. I wish I would've done everything I initially wanted to do instead of playing games. I guess the lesson is that I shouldn't waste any of my time anymore, not just over the summer but during my normal life as well.

I feel like it's sort of too early to say? The big choice of last year was law school... and I don't know if I made the right decision on where to go or not. I hope so. Perhaps I'll never know. We'll see in a few years whether or not I have a job, I suppose. :/ Maybe I wish I would have worked on my thesis a little harder. It's good, and I'm happy with it, but it was a lot of cramming and stressing right there at the end. Oh god, and last fall. I wish... I have no idea what I would change about last fall. But it was so terrible. I think I would have worked less. At the same time, now that it's over it was a good learning experience. Lol ok real talk, if I could have changed anything I would have spent less time spring semester reading Dragon Age porn. That's a good answer. And a true one. :P

I would have liked to spend more time with my kids. I am very grateful & thank Hashem that they turned so good .I am very proud of my grand daughter

I wish I'd been able to find the energy to live more healthily. Eating less 'bad' food (like chocolates) and doing more exercise would have had a positive effect of my weight loss.

I wish I had found a way to ask for or get more help parenting. I was always too short tempered. I also wish that I had realized that my irritable behavior is directly related to my UC and CD. I wish I had managed myself better -- gotten more sleep especially! Alternatively, I am proud that we are all still speaking to each other, and that I am now in a place where I am really trying to stop the criticism and start appreciating everyone more for everything that they actually are. Gratitude is my new attitude!

I try not to have many regrets in life but I do wish I would have lived more for myself this year and not for the satisfaction of family and friends. I am very proud of my maturity in the relationship department. I did not give up when it started to get "real" and I'm so happy because I've found the man of my dreams!

I wish I could have... never mind. It's ok to have regrets. Just don't linger on them.

I wish we had been better with our money. My husband and I have quite a lot of credit card debt to pay off because of our wedding and instead of buckling down to take care of it, we spent the summer having tons of friends and family up for most weekends. We went out all the time with people and spent money we knew we didn't have. Or money that was meant to be used later for groceries etc. I'm hoping in the next year we can turn this around get on track to being debt free.

Wish I had loved more intensely and appreciated more deeply. I am especially proud of my daughters and my dear friend Margaret.

I'm very proud of my son, who is starting to make some big decisions for himself and who is a pleasure to spend time with. It makes me so glad of all the time I have spent with him, over the years, getting to know him, as he still talks to me about important decisions, even as a teenager.

I can't tell which part of this question I'm answering. But I think (I think) that this year, I gave up on a quarter-century-long crush that's survived a failed marriage each and almost two decades of occasionally interrupted silence. I'm an atheist, and this is the one solitary detail in my life where I've always felt like there might be the smell of fate. She's lovely, and while we acknowledged to each other what we suspected we could have been to each other, neither of us was prepared to do anything to risk our kids' happiness, and so we stayed in relationships that were good enough. And then hers collapsed around her, and I stayed in mine anyway. And then she met someone else who's like me in so many ways (same age and height and career etc), and got engaged, and had another child, and got married. And I stupidly, belatedly, painfully, started working in earnest to get over this long, long sometime-mutual crush. So I say here that I've given her up, although I don't know whether that's actually true. And I don't know whether to feel proud of it, or to wish I'd done something different than I did.

I wish that I had not taken my ex-girlfriend for granted. I treated her assuming that she would put up with anything that I did, but I was wrong. However, I am proud of the time that we spent together, because she changed my life.

I am really proud of how I have managed to ingratiate myself into the whole Walthamstow scene. It takes me a lot to meet new people, and yet I now have a huge new circle of friends that I am extremely happy to spend time with!

Instead of looking backwards, I choose to look forward. I am proud that I have lost 41 lbs this year and have also begun to date again. I never thought I would date again after the end of my 8 yr relationship in 08. Happy to be back out there and hopeful that I will find my Beshert.

I wish I had been able to keep the weight that I lost off - instead of going back to my old eating habits, and putting it all back on in the space of 6 months.

I’m proud that I gain more and more confidence in myself in recent years. I was a shy person before, I often felt afraid in doing or initiating things. I don’t specifically remember when I began to be more confident, but I remember in taking lessons from my experience that if you’re sure that you’ll do nothing wrong or you’ll not going to hurt anybody by doing what you do then just do it. Be brave. It might be scary to take the initial step, but by the time you get through it you’ll be proud of yourself. Proud that you’re eventually able to conquer your own fear. So yes..I’m grateful that I become more confident as the years go by. I hope I develop a healthy confidence: not too proud, yet not too bashful.

I am especially proud for being able to stick to my once a week veggie meatless days to practice mindfulness and compassion two very imp values for happiness in Life I am now very proud that I have increased my official veggie meatless days to two days a week Mondays and Thursdays One day I hope to achieve veggie meatless 6 days of the week

I wish I'd found a way to let my father know how much he upset me without making everything awkward forever. I wish he weren't the way he is.

I wish I wouldn't have be too scared to try and not give up so easily. Nothing noteworthy this year.

I wish I had behaved differently in some social situations--been more direct and honest, and earlier in the relationship, rather than biding my time and growing resentful. I am perhaps more proud of myself than is seemly for pushing past the discomfort of a new situation and staying for the full week of a retreat that was transformational for me.

This year has been full of personal ups and downs. I wish that I had more often listened to my intuition and really thought about the way I was being treated and how I could have handled many situations in a more mature and appropriate manor. That being said, I have worked incredibly hard towards the end of the past year to really get my body in shape and improve my health and my physical appearance, I know I still have work to do, but I am proud of what I have accomplished thus far.

I cant say there is really something i had done differently. However I do wish that God played a bigger role in our lives. This is something i want to help my family fix. Alternatively, I am incredibly proud of the resolve my family has. The past few years have been difficult and we have been able to tackle anything together.

I wish I had focused more on University work rather than everything else in my life, even though, I am proud for passing all my courses and am finishing my first degree in a month and a half :)

I wish I hadn't let my emotions run how I behaved at certain times. I humiliated myself because of it and wish I had taken time to pause and think through what I was doing. And I am proud of the times that I was able to do so.

I wish I had played a more influential role in my smart and beautiful niece's life. She graduated from high school top of her class, but she decided to sit out a semester before pursuing a college degree, and was involved with an unmotivated boyfriend. She's promised me she will enroll in January. I am pround that I arranged a family trip to Alaska which was awesome. What a great time we had sharing this great adventure.

I'm proud of encouraging my wife to pursue a new job in a new city, and going through everything involved to make it happen.

I'm proud of how I've settled into the new job, it's a big change and I need to be much more committed to it than my previous job. I wish I could pay slightly more attention some times and try to reign in my responses to situations. Privately, I wish I could cope with my anxiety more.

I was fired from my job, and did not take it well. Instead of being pro-active, I fell into a sort of depression. I didn't push myself, maybe half expecting that a job would come to me. Instead of taking the opportunity to find a dream job, I let months pass until I was desperate. Besides the financial strain, I also hurt my relationship because I was sad and angry all the time, and it wasn't pleasant to be around me.

I wish I talked to that one girl more. I'm really proud of the fact that I had fun while I could...

Wow. Regret is something I try to avoid - there are always the "should haves, would haves, could haves" in life, but if we focus on these we miss the gift of the present. I am VERY proud of starting my own business this year, it's getting off the ground and I sometimes have to pinch myself that it's all real. What I wish I'd done differently in starting my business is to have been more confident at its onset and aggressive with my marketing so that more people would already know about my practice and be requesting to work with me!

I wish I had believed in myself. And I wish that I had been in my power. This was the first year that I really failed at something....and I let others' negativity get to me more than I ever have before. I wish I had used my resources and my support system and my faith not to take on what I couldn't handle, and to be honest with myself and others. Failure is a lesson, a gift. It showed me how to live in a more empowered way, acknowledging my strengths and weaknesses instead of trying to plow through and falling flat on my face. This year, I will believe in myself.

You know what... I really don't wish I had done anything differently. Looking back, every decision or important event triggered some sort of change or "enlightenment" on my part.. So, I'll say that I'm particularly proud that I've been able to view all my obstacles, struggles or upsets as potential lessons. I think I've come such a long way and grown so much and have really come to appreciate life, including its lessons... even the hard ones.

I am proud of continuing to practice the art of letting go. It is a continuing practice, not something that ends. The anger I have held toward a parent who abused and abandoned is slowly melting away, opening room for joy and appreciation for life. This would not have been possible without the daily practice of letting go. Generosity is letting go. The more I let go, the more generous I become.

I finished creating my website mostly from scratch. About a year ago, I had the chance to use a tool that would have greatly sped up the development process. I tried, but wasn't patient enough to work out how to get everything I wanted in that system. I wish I would have given myself a little more time, because it would have worked out better in the long run. That said, I have definitely learned from the experience, and in the end, I've still managed to launch the site. I don't believe in regret; next time, I'll know better, but I'm still learning and moving forward, and I'm a better person for each of my experiences, good or bad.

I wish I have studied harder for my exams! I cannot forget the moments I cried oh-so-badly for the first in my life, just for the sake of my results. But I thank God this year's been one that I forged wonderful friendships & built stronger relations with my pre-existing friends. Definitely, walking strong in the light of Christ as well.

I wish I had pursued establishing a healthy, personal life, taking better of myself. On the flip side, I have tried my best in my professional life... at times, my efforts seem to be unappreciated. Mary came by today to compliment me on my efforts with Pension. She told me that she would be very surprised if I did not receive an exceptional rating this year.

I wish I had remained vegetarian, and I wish I stayed in better shape physically. I struggle with all kinds of somatic symptoms, and I know a lot of it is emotional manifesting itself physically. I also know that if I take care of myself physically, I will be more emotionally grounded and less likely to have so many physical ailments. I want to be more mindful and take care of ME.

I wish I had read Dave Ramsey's "Total Money Makeover" in January instead of April. My AMEX would have been paid off by now. I am very glad that I read Ramsey's book and am seriously tackling my debt. I hope to be completely debt free (other than my mortgage) by November of next year. If so, it will be the first time I've been debt free since 1989.

Since I'm autistic, I know there are plenty of things I should have done differently. Unfortunately, I don't know what they are. I'm happy (if not proud) that my children are turning out well. My daughter is on course to a happy adulthood. My son is more challenging, but with help from his (private) school, he's progressing socially in addition to academically. I know some things about him won't change: he'll never come home talking about his friends unlike his friends. Still, he does have friends.

I'm especially proud of how much I stepped out of my comfort zone this past year. It was an intentional goal and I tried lots of new things I may not have otherwise. It's a great reminder that the real magic in life happens when you stretch yourself!

I wish I could have saved more money this year to give the kids the Christmas they deserve. Last year I blew a bunch of money, just because I wanted to. So I guess I'm saying I wish I hadn't have been so selfish. I'm very proud that I have finally talked myself into going to college. I know that I need to do this to have a better paying job, which will support my family. But it also betters me, by showing me that I can do anything I set my mind to, and that I accomplished such a task.

I'm really proud of the work I did to advance my writing this year. After so many years of feeling like I was a writer but not knowing where to concentrate my efforts, I discovered my genre - essays. I'd been blogging for years and didn't realize that my blog posts are just short essays that could be expanded upon and published! This was a major breakthrough for me, and has opened the door to a new period of creativity and productivity in my life. I am so glad I kept pushing through my doubts and fears and kept learning and writing and trying to move forward.

There is nothing I wish I'd done differently although I hope this past year has taught me to look into my options more before I make a choice.

I wish I would have been more careful with who I chose as friends. The reason why I say this is because I had friends in the past who took advantage of me, financially, and would like to learn from this mistake, hopefully.

I don't know. This is always a hard question for me. I wish maybe I had thought a little more about taking the job I did last March. I was so excited for it, but didn't take into consideration that since it was a new job, it was largely undefined. That's been tough on me, as has the lack of input as to how I'm doing. I like the job, and I find it challenging, but sometimes I think I was crazy.

I wish I had more self-discipline. I know the only way I can make changes in my life is if I make them happen. But I procrastinate. I waste time. I think dawdling and relaxing is good but not when you are avoiding something that feels challenging.

We should've gone to Paris from Venice for two or three days, and flown directly home from there. But it's okay that we didn't - we have something to do some time in the future! #FirstWorldProblem

Last spring, I created a big drama about my own issues while I was at a friend's house. I failed miserably to consider everyone else's feelings. I wish I had had the wisdom and patience to handle it differently. It has created what I perceive as a rift in our friendship, and I would like to mend that rift.

I wish that I could end my marriage. We are both so very unhappy and yet unwilling to take the leap of fear into a new future without each other. I wish I could change that.

I wish that I would have stayed closer to some friends. I wish that I would have enjoyed my senior year more fully. I wish that I would have figured out what to do with my life sooner. I was proud of myself for a lot. Ultimately I think I impressed myself this year.

I wish I had been able to love him better. I wish I didn't feel like breaking his heart was the only way to set mine free. I wish it hadn't been so hard. [I also wish I managed my money better.] I am proud of my academic success. I'm really happy that my parents recognized that as well.

Differently I would like to have spent my summer doing something productive rather than nothing (which is what I did). I'm proud of nothing I've done. As I type this I realise that. My entire life is so rubbish. I honestly can never see myself living a life on my own in a working environment.

I wish I would have traveled more this year. I barely did at all and that's not like me. I'm doing better with money and learning how to survive on my own, which has been difficult but not impossible to do. I want to be able to continue to do so, until I don't have to of course. Haha!

I learned so many valuable and pivotal lessons this past year; it was messy but I have no wish to have done anything different. I learned how to be true to what is in my heart — and to stop apologizing, fixing or enabling with regard to how other people respond to my corresponding actions.

I really wish I had given myself more space to breathe. I feel, now, as though my commitments (school, work, ra, etc.) have been really sapping up any hope to get "me time" I've also found that through the RA experience, my studies are taking a dive, and I'm far less focused.

Wish i would have trained harder, drank less, spent more time w/ Lovie... I'm proud of finding a new job that i love, completing Diamondman, and living a generally well balanced life..

This past year has been a huge struggle and transition for me, and I am actually quite proud of how I handled it. I also don't regret mistakes or experiences that I made while going through it all, so I dont wish I had done anything differently. This has been one of the most difficult years of my life because of the divorce and learning to adjust to adult life on my own for the first time. I am proud of how I pulled myself through in healthy, productive ways. I embraced the {"fake it til you make it{" philosophy, and it worked. But in general, there are still goals that I have that I have not achieved, so I could say that I wish I had put more effort into those goals. I wish that I had invested more energy into practicing guitar, and I wish that I had managed my money better.

I wish I had been more careful with money. I'm now also wishing, having just been dumped, that I'd not fallen in love. But I guess that has definitely been more fantastic than it has awful. I plan to work harder on my course this year, and I plan to make more friends, as I've become somewhat isolated. I'm very proud of my grades, and for getting my job :)

I wish that I had not detached from my horses the way I did. But it's done now and I cannot go back and change my actions. I accept what I did, but thus far it is my one true regret.

i wish i just let myself enjoy everything rather than be caught up in the little things and the things that stress me out. however, i am proud of the fact that by being caught up in everything i was able to learn more about myself and better myself through it.

My work performance was not the greatest this last year. Because the wedding planning and busy season occurred at the same time this year, I really don't feel like I committed enough time to work. I have started working on things to make me a more efficient worker and I think At the same time, I made it through a very stressful busy season at work while planning a budget wedding and handling many other obligations, so I am proud of that.

I wish I'd seen my mother for one more visit before she passed away suddenly. We never know how much time is left. On the positive side, I had the most wonderful conversation with Mom 2 weeks before she died. Dad was out running errands, and Mom was chatty and cheerful and full of good energy! We spoke for about an hour, and I heard more out of her that day than I had the entire year prior.

I am so happy I took the initiative to have a week-long silent retreat, which moved me along--a giant step--on my spiritual path.

This past year I was planning on getting more involved with community service or volunteering. With my current job I was unable to volunteer because my schedule was so random and I had to work so many nights. I miss being able to be involved, and so I wish that I could have found a way to volunteer over the past year. On the flip side, this past year I have really focused on my health, especially my physical endurance. I have been working out for now over a decade, but this year I really focused on specific challenges and researched and made my own workouts. I am in better shape than I have been in ever, and I enjoy hiking and other outdoor activities so much more now that I am not struggling to complete them.

I wish I had let go a little more. Trusted myself a bit more, which would have allowed me to give more space to my husband. On the flip side, we are working hard to keep working together as a team and support each other's needs.

I wish I spent more time with the people who matter, especially my grandfather who keeps coming in and out of illness and my father who's been diagnosed with cancer and starts chemotherapy soon. Also, I wish I had gotten my priorities straightened out between balancing school, family, and friends. At the same time, I'm proud that I've stood up and became more involved in my community, just wish I could've done it earlier because it feels so great.

I'm proud that I've held a steady job for a year, while taking six classes a semester and making the dean's list last Spring.

I wish we finished our Jewish Conversion.. We would have been fully converted as we heard the Shofar blow at Shul last Rosh Hashana.. I am proud that I have always been faithful to Nezzi and happy that we are still together.

I am going to procrastinate myself right into the grave. Do they let you take a couple of makeup exams even if the professor is dead 4 decades... or give part credit for handing a term paper 50 years in late.? I still dream about cramming the night before my french exam only to realize upon finally opening the text that it is written in incomprehensible french.

I wish I had been more proactive about my business. It has taken a back seat to all of the life drama. But my family and my friend and business partner depend on the business, so I need to re-energze it. On the other hand, I am proud of how I have navigated all the changes with my family. It has gone as smoothly as possible and I feel like my kids and I are in a good place right now.

Yeah, I think there's someone who I was a little too quick to judge and discard. I'm sorry about that Jimmie. I'm proud that I finally got my sister to read Harry Potter! I'm proud that I didn't die. I'm proud that I've at least admitted that I don't know who I am.

I'm still trying to decide if I wish I had taken off more time from work after my daughter's birth. I took of 5.5 months and then started a new job. I started part time (for 5 months) and then went to full time. I really miss hanging out with her - I'm crazy about her. At the same time, I don't think I'd be happy/satisfied being a full-time stay at home mom. I would have liked to take a year off, but the opportunity for this new job came when it did...so what could I do?

This past year has been filled with surprises and so far so good. There is really nothing much I would change. I am proud of my husband he has been an amazing person while I have been pregnant.

I am proud of the programs that I created to help others heal through the use of art expression. I am extremely proud of my kids and the way in which they conduct themselves in life. I don't have tons of regret regarding my own life, but I do wish I could spend less time feeling so completely overwhelmed with tasks.

I should have spent this last year grateful for the blessings in my life instead of envious for what I wish I had.

I wish I had spent more time focused on the wonderful things in my life and less time complaining about my job or other things that are less than perfect. I also wish I had spent more time expressing my appreciate for my husband and other loved ones. I am proud that these are both things I've been working on and think I am improving day by day.

Where do I even begin? I so terribly wish that I had gone about my freshman year of college with more confidence and gusto than I did. I found that in my fear of not being good/pretty/smart/funny enough, I became anti-social and began having panic attacks about leaving the room or going into public. It was truly scary and I cannot believe I wasted my time with being so afraid. I missed out on making new friends and experiencing new things. However, within the last two weeks of being back to school, I have attended almost every event and gone out to meet people. I hope that these risks pay off and that I am able to keep myself from falling back into that horrible pit of despair. To my future self: I hope you learned to live. Just in the moment; just in the now. I hope you didn't waste away being afraid this year.

I wish I had payed more attention to details in my relationship with my wife... I'm proud of my work as a photographer.

I wish I had finally started acting like an adult but, alas. Sometimes I think I will stop being perpetually disappointed in myself, but I don't see it happening anytime soon.

Very proud of how I organized and planned my son's Bar Mitzvah, how well it went, and the impact the event had on everyone.

I wish i would have been more courageous (i still do). i'm proud of myself for pushing outside of my comfort zone and taking risks, however i'd still like to push further.

Nothing to be proud of or maybe trying to adjust and accept my new living space qualifies. Differently? How about everything. I have become my father in the sense that I am bitter and not feeling loved or interested in socializing. I'm out of touch and not making much of an effort to change that. When I first moved in to this place I bitched and moaned and thought I couldn't handle it. I made that clear to anyone who would listen. I've calmed down a lot and am trying to make the best of it but I'm not sure if it's sincere. I'm embarrassed with what my life has come to and the depths I've reached. I don't think there any way out or up. I miss the Anchorage and my sane asylum.

I wish I hadn't let the opinions of others cause me to change my opinions or my actions. It's a habit I've found difficult to shake away, but at the same time I'm proud that I've started doing more things for me, rather than for someone else.

I wish i would have been happier at all times, even when that happiness was hard to find. If i had been happier during my semester at Gallatin it would have been easier to enjoy my time there and the brief opportunity I had given myself. I am proud that during the summer I was able to stop living my life as an outside observer and actually participate. Finally doing this made for an amazing summer with even better reprocussions that never would have happened otherwise

Some thing that I would have done differently is get more involved in the Jewish community. I wish that I went to the gym and ate more healthy and took care of myself. Something that I am especially proud of is the grades that I received specifically during my summer term at Drexel. I took two a little bit more difficult classes and I still managed to bring my gpa up to 3.58. Overall, I hope to have more fun and explore Philadelphia and the area next year. I love traveling and experience new things and what this wonderful city has to offer.

I think that I wish I had really made an effort to become closer to friends earlier. Friends like Tessa, who I didn't really get to know until the last two weeks of summer. Sure, it's hard to let go of friends that you've known for a long time, but to realize that you had a chance to have an awesome friendship, but kind of neglected it until the last minute, that's a different kind of hard.

This past year, I wish i coul dhave kept some of my close freindships instead of letting them get far apart. However, i met great new friends that I love, and am very thankful for!

I guess I wish I had gone about my grad school application/selection/audition process differently. I don't know if I just picked the wrong schools or the wrong repertoire, but not getting into a program, initially, was crushing. Now that I'm at new Mexico state, I'm sort of glad I decided to apply to other schools and sort of just wishing I had take. The year off so I could try again. Being in a program that doesn't make me happy has been very difficult so far and it's left me really missing all the things I loved at Millikin and also questioning what I really want to do. I'm really proud of my senior recital. It wasn't perfect and I was sick during it, but the feedback I got was really great and so encouraging. Leann telling me that my German diction was the best she'd heard at millikin and Terry being there just to support me and telling me that I might have what I takes if I just keep working and keep loving it and Cindy crying... It was just such a great way to end. Even just getting through the Berg and doing it well. That was a big accomplishment in itself because it truly is grad school level repertoire. It just made me realize how far I've come. It was quite inspiring.

Mine, is the same for both. This past year I spent a semester in Israel. I went with the expectation that I did not need the budget that was suggested for students. I only used about a fourth of the budget on entertainment and food. I wish that I had taken the time to make sure I could fully enjoy a semester abroad with the friends that I made. Even though I wish I had budgeted a bit differently for the semester abroad, I am truly proud of the accomplishment that was going abroad. I didn't start off with the money I needed, and so I worked and paid off the loan that I took while I was over in Israel. I sacraficed a bit of a social life, but I had no idea how much I was truly able to achieve and accomplish on my own.

There are always things that could have been done differently. In the past year, I wish that I would have put more effort into writing down my thoughts and journaling more often. Part of being able to express yourself and win over hearts and minds is knowing how to put your ideas into words. E.M. Forester wrote 'how can I know what I think until I see what I say.' This is exactly how I feel, until I can learn to express my thoughts eloquently in writing/print, it will be difficult to be successful in have any kind of dramatic impact on the world.

I am proud of the fact I am embracing both sides of myself - the light and the dark. I can see how my darkness serves a purpose in my growth. Avoiding it only makes things worse.

I'm extremely proud of the risks I've taken this year. Though they may not seem big to the outside eye, they are to me. I moved in with someone I didn't know, I studied for and aced the GRE, I'm taking steps towards applying to graduate school, I've tried to say "yes" to things that scare me, from hiking 14'ers to going to hockey games with new acquaintances. I think I've grown a TON, and I'm absolutely happier because of it. It's a rare day that I wake up unexcited to take on the day knowing that I can do EXACTLY what I want with my next 24 hours!

Done Differently: Taking time to make sure I took care of my body and worked out! Proud of: Cutting myself off from my dad, sticking to budget, passing calc

I wish that I could have become more involved in the "life" of my son's daycare. I was very proud of my High School Girl's Soccer team...we won the region that we are in and did very well in agianst the team that went on to win in the State.

God, the only thing I can think of is that damn speech from my English class. That was horrible. I wish I had done that in a different way. Forgetting it would be nice, too. I guess I'm proud of the quilt I'm making for Vivian. I've never made anything before, and it's looking so beautiful.

I wish I had spent more time studying Torah, studying Jewish practice and Hebrew, participating in the Jewish community here at our retirement community. But there is never enough time, it seems, when you are a primary caregiver, even in a wonderful retirement community. I do feel happy with relationships I have here however. I just wish I had time for everything I want to do...

I wish I'd been receptive earlier to the growth opportunities presented to me...however, I'm guessing I just wasn't "ready" for it until now. Conversely, I'm "exceptionally proud" of recognizing that need for growth.

I wish I'd been more proactive/assertive/had gone for the things I wanted a bit more than I did. I'm proud for not giving up and crawling back home like I was tempted to when things got bad. My life got a lot worse for the first half of the past year, and then improved significantly pretty quickly. I'm starting to feel like I might actually belong here - not forever, but I do think I'll be able to feel like I fit in here for a few years until it is time to move on. A year ago I didn't think that would ever be the case, and I'm proud that I made that happen.

I quit smoking not quite two weeks ago and wish I would have been strong enough to do this sooner. I am really, really proud of myself though - I never thought I would be able to let go of this addiction after 33 years of smoking. I was not born with a smoke in my mouth!

Wish I had done differently: Save any money at all. Proud of: Figuring out a way to survive without my husband's income, and still making our house payment-- so far.

I am proud of taking so many steps towards my well-being this year, such as: not bringing work home as much as possible, moving to a place near the beach, exercising more, eating healthier, writing more, & getting more creative. I guess I'm most proud of the fact that I travelled for my 40th birthday, even though my travel companion couldn't go anymore. I planned the trip at the very last minute, and it turned out fabulous. Also, I'm proud of the fact that I've lost 15-20 pounds so far in 2011.

I am proud of my kids.

I would have kept in touch better with my friend, Amy. And I wish I would have paid more attention to my dog.

Probably made a hiring mistake. Growth of the grandchildren.

I definitely wish I had managed my finances better this year. I've been working 7 days a week since last November and the only thing I have to show for it is a massive pile of debt. I can't quite figure out where all my money went. It's disheartening to see my bank account so low when I've been working so hard. It seems completely unfair but I guess I should just be grateful to have a job and for the things I do have. Alternatively, I am proud that I continue to be the person my friends turn to in times of need. My sister, my two best friends, I always seem to be the one who gets the teary phone calls and venting sessions. I love that my friends trust me enought to share their biggest accomplishments and biggest failures with me. I'm proud of the way I've handled some letdowns this year, not only for myself but for the people I love the most.

I wish I hadn't become so pessimistic. I used to be completely level-minded: I didn't see the challenge in anything, only the opportunity. Now I complain about so much, and it makes life much less enjoyable. I wish I could go back and stop myself from slowly transforming into someone I wish I weren't. On the other hand, I have become much more of a risk-taker. I volunteer in class all the time, I've joined clubs and organizations, and people don't seem as intimidating anymore. I've also taken on positions in an organization, of which I'm especially proud.

I hate to say "I wish" because I believe everything in life happens for a reason, but here it goes... I wished I had the foresight to closed down my business of 14 years and just looked for a job. In retrospect, hanging on to something that does not work just prolongs suffering and more indecisiveness. I'm happy I've made the decision and feel I have power to create my next adventure(s) while I'm on the financial mend. This lesson also helps me knowing that letting go is not bad; there is a sense of self respect when making the decision of letting go and accepting a renewal...this was a beautiful, learning and positive experience for me. I give my good attitude some credit for getting me here.

I wish that I would not have lost my friendship with my best friend. I can't forgive her totally for everything she did, but at the same time, I really wish it wouldn't have had to come to that. But I guess the moment I found out about what she was doing, I knew it was going to end badly for me no matter what. I am proud of who I have become and all that I have accomplished this year. Starting our own haunted house has been the most stressful thing that I have ever done, but it is also the most exciting and rewarding at the same time.

I'm really proud of the way that I left my job. Even though it wasn't the place I wanted to spend the rest of my life--in fact, I had some very very serious hostile feelings toward the place and my boss--I managed to leave very gently, and without any apparent hurt feelings. This is important because the way my former boss felt about a person's leaving could have real negative repercussions for the rest of the staff, and I'm glad I didn't add to their already difficult situation. And I have a window still open, a connections till there. In answer to the first question, I wish we'd been to see Aunt Mary Rita before she passed away. It wasn't possible; we wouldn't have been able to visit before Thanksgiving. But I would have liked the chance to say goodbye.

There are small things that I wish I had done differently. But on the grander scale there are few things that I feel like I wish I had done differently. One large thing would probably be to have sought medical help for my respiratory problems sooner. I let them compound until it was unbearable. But I could hardly put a finger on exactly what was going. I was also uninsured which put a damper on visiting a primary care doctor. I'm not a prideful sort of person so it's hard to admit to things I'm proud of for myself. I do though try to take some pride in the way I stepped and assisted my father in his last days and on into being the administrator of his estate. It was something that he asked me to do in his last few weeks with us. I was scared and stressed from everything going on. I had no hesitation though. All I wanted was to make my dad as happy as he could be. I knew he asked me for help because he saw something in me. I take pride in the fact that I didn't back down or refuse.

Last Monday I went skydiving. It was pretty scary, especially when we drove to the site to find a Cessna and a run-down barn were about all that was there to greet us. However, as soon as we got going the experience moved quickly and wasn't too terrifying, and it was a lot of fun. It's something that's been on my bucket list for a while and I'm just glad I followed though and crossed it off - felt like a good accomplishment!

I am especially proud of how strong I have been these past couple of months. I moved from my home town to Winston Salem in July. I am proud of have expecting I have been to the move and keeping strong in knowing that its only 4 years...and the best part of all, I GET TO COME HOME TO ROSS EVERY SINGLE NIGHT!!!! Life couldnt get better :)

I wish I didn't avoid dealing with money issues and college so much this past year. It kind of put me in a bad situation with my parents and stressed me out far too much. But I am really proud that I've graduated and am eligible to go to college because I could have very well fallen off the wagon and screwed up my life, and I didn't.

I wish I had not become sluty and hook up with all the guys i did. I wish i had learned how to deal with people differently. and treat them better. I wish I had cherished the things that I had more when I actually had them. I'm proud of how I learned and grew. I feel that I really tried and did things for the right reasons-- ya know?

Many days, I wish to be more patient with my children. I wish that I would not let my frustration show quite so often and remember that the the big boy is only three and that he has to learn everything. I am proud of how much my big boy is growing and I am proud that I try to be aware of what kind of mother I am to him. I also wish that I'd taken more time to be physical with my husband. He is an amazing man and my best friend and being physical makes him really feel my love. I plan to do that more in the coming year.

I wish I hadn't made bad romantic decisions based on spur of the moment desires. I'd spent so much time trying to learn how to be less cold and considered, but I went too far in the other direction. Ended up sleeping with a people who I knew would get attached, hurting people when I ended things, and complicating friendships with my general desire to just do whatever felt like the most fun at the moment.

I am especially proud of how my relationships with friends have deepened both for myself but also for my family. My daughter is growing up to be a wonderful little girl and I am excited for her future. I wish I can find ways to support my brother differently and I am not proud of my negative feelings about him.

Wish I'd acted more and re-acted a lot less.

Differently...of course, weight loss. Proud of....got out of a bad part time job at Antioch.

I am very proud of finally passing my driving test and being in a job that is the first step in my career

I was thrown in the deep end of managing a big project and I swam through enjoying also the growth pains.. I can't wait to see the end of it all.

I wish I had been a better girlfriend this year. It's been a tough year for us financially and mentally for me, and i've put a lot of the pressure on Michael. Every day I have the opportunity to change this, and honestly some days I just don't feel like it. That's unacceptable, and I'm going to change that. This past year, I'm really proud of myself for grabbing my life by the horns. I've started embracing healthy changes - both mentally and physically. I just hope I can keep this up and be ready for my wedding in 2013.

Each year I wish I would take better care of my health; eat properly, rest more, exercise regularly, enjoy more... I am especially proud of completing my first manuscript that is now being published and will be out within a few weeks. It took over 6 years to complete.

I'm proud of everything I do, I try to live my life without regrets. Everything I do makes me who I am.

I wish I had stood up for myself with my doctors and gotten the medication I needed over the summer. My state of mind went significantly downhill over the summer and my parenting and life in generally seriously suffered from it. I wish I hadn't taken so long to tell my doctor what I needed instead of letting her play around with medications. I am very proud of how I taught my son in the beginning of the year. January - May was amazing and he was learning hymns, memorizing scriptures and picking up things so fast. He wasn't plugged into the TV constantly and he was doing great. I am hoping to get back to that level of awesomeness again.

This year I don't think I wish I'd done something differently, it's been a powerful year. Well maybe I wouldn't have announced my departure from analysis so abruptly. I'm especially proud of going ahead to buy that house, of course, and then to have initated the reconciliation call to long term lover/ex-lover, lover, Anita. Both required courage, some humility,and faith in myself.

I wish I'd been more patient — with myself, with my partner .... Am I going to write this every year?

I wish I had listened to my husband when he was crying out to me for attention. I was so busy with work (volunteer and paid) as well as maintaining my friendships, I got angry at him for putting extra pressure on me. He was trying to tell me we were in trouble - but he isn't good at saying that kind of thing. I wish I had listened in a mindful way rather than from a place of defensiveness. However, now that we have been through therapy I am especially proud of how much I am listening and willing to change. I am also proud of how much work I am willing to commit to us as a couple as well as to myself. Even if it doesn't end up being enough and we break up, I am proud of myself.

I wish I had been a better wife and mom. Short-tempered, irritable, and mean is not who I want to be. I am proud of myself for stepping up to be a leader of MOPS, a group that has done so much toshow me the kind of wife, mother, and woman of God I want to be.

I wish that I had been more outgoing and willing to take chances. I am, however, proud that I didn't listen to rumors and chose to see others based on who they really are and not who other people say they are.

Everything that happened this year was perfect. I'm especially proud of the fact that I ran my first marathon and finished in 5.15!! My love for running has deepened and I can proudly say that I am a runner!

I wish I had succesfully quitted smoking. I am proud of how I handled my sister's passing.

I wish that I had been better about keeping in touch with the amazing friends I've made over the last few years, even going as far back as high school. Two of the people who I considered close friends in high school, Meghan and Jessica, got or are getting married this fall and we're not even close enough for me to be invited to their weddings. I'm really good at being a good friend to people when we are in the same place and sharing the same life experiences, but as soon as distance separates us I become somewhat distant. I need to work on maintaining my relationships with my old/current friends while also making new friends. At one point, I had a goal to call an old friend a week, just to catch up. Maybe I should reinstate that. Alternate and equally valid answer to something I wish I had done differently: I wish that I had not let myself get into my current relationship situation. Part of the reason I broke up with Harrison was because I wanted time to be single and learn to be independent instead of depending on a guy in my life. Instead I found myself with two great guys who are crazy about me and one who wants me to go back to dating him. I know that the last one isn't an option anymore. If it was, there would have been no reason for me to break up with him in the first place. Now if only I could fix the current situation without hurting either of the two amazing guys who are in it with me. I should have either been more firm in deciding whether or not I was ready to be in a relationship and I shouldn't have explored the feelings I have for both of them at the same time. Tony seems to be just about everything I am looking for and I can see us being a great couple together. I just can't seem to allow myself to commit to him when there are these feelings for Blake that came up in Mexico. Logically, it seems like it should be an easy decision, but it isn't and I am having trouble seeing a way to just decide. They are both great friends and it's kind of scary how well each of them understands me and how well we get along together. I've never been in this kind of situation before where I like two people like this...I have to make a decision soon or else I'm going to regret it, but making the decision is going to be difficult especially since I kind of have a deadline. Tony is going to give up if I go see Blake in LA, which seems kind of unfair, but understandable. I kind of just want to confirm how I feel about each of them to myself and that's really hard to do when one is 1556 miles away. Ugh. I am proud of how I've grown as a designer, even though most of what I've learned hasn't come from school. Tony has been an amazing mentor to me in this department. He keeps telling me that I am a good designer and that I can actually succeed in this field because I have good instincts and just lack experience. Without him it would be a lot harder to believe in myself. In my summer class, I was able to code an entire website pretty much on my own, writing all the HTML and CSS and tweaking it until it as exactly what I wanted. It kicked my butt and I didn't sleep a night or two, but I worked really hard and managed to succeed. My summer job has also really helped me grow and given me experience in the field of ux/ix design. People actually value my opinion and trust me enough to make design decisions about the products we're making. That must mean I'm decent at what I do, even if I don't have the self confidence to think that about myself most of the time. The fact that I was able to step up and take Laurie's place when she switched teams was a true test of my skills and I performed better than anyone on the team, including myself, expected.

I wish I had payed more attention in school. I wish I had realized that yes, not turning in one assignment won't kill you. But not turning in one assignment per week... that will. I should have been a lot more responsible this past year when it came to school and I hope that for the rest of this year I can keep up the work I'm doing now and get into a good college.

Very frustrated not to have been able to make the move to NYC. The economy sucks but I'm not giving up. I am SO anxious to be able to begin classes at the studio, and do another show in NY. Very proud of my work in 'The Scottish Play,' and am SO excited about the play I'm doing right now. The Scottish Play was an amazing experience, and I met a lot of wonderful people. :)

I wish I had not gone through an angry/depressed stage for so long in denial of my reduced circumstances. I took it out on a couple of good friends and lost them as a result. On the other hand, another dear friend of mine was going through a serious bout of brain cancer treatments and I went to stay with her at the rehab center and made sure she was comforted, and cared for until the treatments were over (successfully, thank goodness).

I gave up smoking but alas went back to it. I did not show enough determination

Well, I didn't save the answer I wrote yesterday, so here I am again. So many things I wish I had done differently! But for some reason this question does not bring me the pain of regret, maybe because the emphasis seems to be on the alternative, rather than the thing gone wrong. Still, one that haunts me is the Jay-Z I was working on all winter. It was a project I had taken on myself, because he has been a kind of hero to me, and because his memoir was so strong and original. Decoded. I loved reading and even writing about it, and I had a lot of opportunities to publish about it in interesting venues. But I let the anxiety of the process take over and abandoned it, thinking I was far from finished. I came upon it again recently and realized that it was paragraphs from completion, already funny and compelling and fully formed. Now it's really too late to publish something about a book that came out a year ago. I should have sent it to a friend--not Josh, but Lily or, better yet, Diana--to get some perspective and a vote of confidence to follow through. I also regret not keeping better track of my money. I went way over budget during the holidays and it took months to recover. I should have stuck to my Mint account and adjusted the budget, rather than abandoned it, when my needs and lifestyle changed. If I had managed my money better I would have felt stronger asking my mother to transfer the control of my account to me, once and for all. Hmmm... what else... I wish I had quit the gym earlier, I wish I had gone dancing more often, I wish I had remembered to put taps on the bottoms of new shoes so I didn't have to pay for expensive repairs later... I wish I had done hallucinogens over the summer. I wish I had stayed in closer touch with Jorie Graham. I wish I had kept a therapy journal. Do I wish that? I'm not sure. The regret is maybe not strong enough to begin one now! What am I proud of? I have been in very close touch with my parents, while at the same time fighting for my dignity and autonomy as a young adult. I've made wonderful friends in Cambridge. I've created opportunities to travel for myself--I took a risk and led a group of high school students through Catalonia, Spain, having never been a counselor and never been to Spain! It was a new kind of empowering to know that I could be a mother, deeply competent and generous with my energy, smart with directions and well-organized. The opposite of the stereotype I have of myself as an airy intellectual.

I wish I had said Yes to more of life's opportunities as God presented them to me. I feel good that I was able to volunteer my time helping others in my community.

I wish I had stuck to my diet. I lost 10lbs, was feeling good about myself and generally healthier. I stopped and gained 7 or so of it back. Ridiculous, is not like I can't do it, I'm just being lazy. Other than getting marked the is not something particular I am proof of this year.

I wish I hadn't frittered so much of my time away, surfing the Internet, doing things that don't, in fact, make me happier or smarter or better. It's not even all that relaxing for me -- and I end up staying up later to get my work done as a result.

I am very proud of the perseverance and patience I had this past school year. It was, most definitely, my toughest year, even worse than my first year of teaching. I'm quite surprised at the extent to which I was able to handle many of the things that happened with a grace and calm that I didn't know I had. I truly feel like my current life situation is a direct resultant-reward for the struggle I put in previously.

i wish i'd pushed a little harder with follow-through on some things - like a group i wanted to run, sticking to a vegan gf diet, moving faster with yoga therapy training, teaching. yet, i know it is serving me to move at the pace i'm moving, and i wouldn't change my experience. the wanting it to have been different is simply ego striving outcome focus, not true inner spirit wisdom.

I wish I had spent more time with my husband. It seems every year that passes there are more excuses to put off being alone together. These small things add up, you know. People always say they can't explain how their marriage failed. Well, I can. Even though my husband and I are still together, I really believe it can happen to anyone if they forget the small things. I am especially proud of my social networking presence. I laugh just from typing that! But the truth is, I feel I've used these resources to make the world a bit better instead of letting the net waste my time.

I've been especially proud of my cooking skills. I come from an Italian family and the primary focus on every occasion is food. Especially, mouth-watering, comfort food. So, when I got married I was determined to practice and perfect my cooking skills. So, a bunch of parties, dinners, picnics, family holidays through-out the year have demonstrated that my practice was definitely perfect.

I wish I had been more patient. More kind. Less frustrated and angry with things I have no control over. Some people call this...Zen? Sometimes it really is true that working overtime...working all the time ..isn't always worth it. Spending time with friends and family is important. Money is neccessary to get by, or to have things, but I remind myself to be thankful for the people and experiences that come my way in life. I am proud of the fact that I keep sticking it out in a VERY challenging profession...and that I am fighting to keep my integrity and positive spirit in spite of the negativity that is often surrounding me.

I wish I had taken more vacation and relaxed more this year. I was so focused on taking care of everyone else I did not provide myself with opportunities for renewal.

I haven't put as much energy and time as I (feel that) I should into trying to get my ankle repaired. I'm tending just to be fatalistic, and I hate fatalism. Wrong to indulge myself in it.

There are so many things that I would do differently. In hindsight it is so easy to see a better path. But I made my decisions with the information I had at the time. The only one I really regret is not putting my COBRA payments on autopay. I am really proud that I am finally dealing with the crap I was left with from my upbringing - it's about time. I also am eating healthy and exercising EVERY week.

trusting that there is no "right" or "wrong" if i am listening within and acting as best as i am able... no regrets.

On the one hand, there are many things that, looking back, I wished I had done differently this past year. On the other hand, I feel as though I was in so many ways just trying to stay emotionally and professionally afloat, that I'm not sure how able I was to in fact make different choices. The biggest category of regret, I suppose, has to do with how I spent and prioritized my time. This is hardly a new challenge for me, but one to which I continue to aspire to respond more effectively. Far too many of my decisions about how to spend my time determined by my [mis]perceptions of what others wanted of and needed from me, and far too little by what I wanted to be doing. And I am the worse for it. On the other hand, I am enormously proud of the discipline I learned and maintained this year in certain areas of my life. This was the year when I think I really began to overcome my need to respond reactively and reflexively to challenging situations, and instead learned to relinquish control of parts of my life over which I really never had all that much control to begin with (though I didn't realize that). I learned greater patience, greater restraint and greater equanimity and it has made me much stronger.

I wish I had worked harder in school and put more effort in as well as maintained m friendships better. However, I am extremely proud of my extracurricular accomplishments through community outreach!

I have lost my temper a few times and I wish I'd chosen my battles more carefully.

I wish I had spent more of my summer relaxing and catching up with friends. I still truly believe that I didn't learn to relax until college. Even now, I still have trouble thinking it's ok to slow down and enjoy life day by day rather than feeling like I have to check things off of some imaginary list.

I'm proud that I build a business that is successful enough to be sold! Not for anything I'll retire on, but I'm proud that I built a successful business.

No, there is nothing I wish I had done differently last year. I think a lot before I make life-changing decisions and that is what I did last year. I believe that things are meant to be no matter if they are 'good' or 'bad'. I am proud that I decided to start a new life in a new city and mostly proud that I made it happen!!

I wish I had been more aggressive with learning Japanese. I feel like it would have been an accomplishment to be at the N5 level. All my friends are going for various levels and I am not taking the JLPT. I do feel I did the right thing by giving up my application though to someone who has gotten serious about it. I am proud that I can say now despite the earthquake, typhoons, and floods, I have stayed in Japan and not fled. I am proud that I can say I have lived in a foreign country on my own for 7 months at this point and have traveled to so many neat places that a tourist would simply not get to see. Yet, I want to see more.

I think there are a lot of little things Id have like to have done different, but by and large, no regrets. I am proud of myself for learning to own my emotions, and to understand my own emotions etc. I think that its a good thing and I hope to keep working in that direction.

i wish over and over that i wasn't so short with Madeleine. Sometimes, since G has been born, she has even gotten swiped at. I hate it. That being said i'm not sure i could have done anything differently. i guess you just keep striving to be a better person.

I am trying to listen more and talk less. I am getting better, but still have some distance to go.

This past year, I felt that I slacked off a little bit on some of my responsibilities. I really wish that I had been proactive and not procrastinated. However, I am really proud of the relationships that I have made this year, as well as my leadership role in my youth group.

I wish I had made more progress with exercise, although I did much more than ever before in the pool, but still no weight loss. My appetite is as big as ever, even more so... my vice is food and indulgence, and I am disappointed in myself, but not yet in control. I am proud of the work we got done, and the relations we had with near and dear ones who departed this year.

I wish that I had been nicer to the people I decided I didn't need to be as close to this year. I also wish I had kept in contact with more people, I think I will learn to do that this year. I am really proud of my ability to adapt to a new environment and in particular, my increased challenge level. I responded well and learned to study well.

I wish that I had taken time to reach out to those I really care about. Instead, I allowed myself to make excuses for not doing so: "They're so busy", "They don't have time for me". I talked myself out of the intimacy and closeness I really need.

I wish I hadn't let my job affect my end of year vacation with my family. It really annoyed and irritated me to have split focus and not just enjoy what I was doing with my parents, my partner and my daughter. Although that annoyance helped me make a decision to prioritize my family and led my wife and I to start working towards having another kid.

I'm proud of my hard work under difficult circumstances in my job. Even though I don't think I was treated very well by my own management, I worked hard to be supportive and respectful of those in my team. I saved a number of people's jobs. Having said that, I still wish I could be a great boss more of the time, and especially have more patience

I wish I had gotten off my ass and lost weight, or at least hadn't gained as much as I did. I think I am especially proud of being married to such a wonderful man and trying to be the best wife I can be. He says I'm doing a great job at it ;)

I'm proud of my dedication to my solo performance work. And, I'm proud that I quit smoking. I'm proud that Dave's in Atlanta and I'm okay.

There was design subject that I was very interested but I did not know if I could excel in in. I had to learn new computation software within a short period of time. With the help from my friends and tutor, I manage to create a wonderful work that I am proud of. This experience of pursuing the things I like despite the risk gave a great sense of satisfaction and happiness. I feel that this is the philosophy of life that i would to live.

Dealt with interpersonal conflict in a more open manner. My passivity or difficulty raising issues with peers as they arise, contributes to greater tensions later. I am proud that I completed my M.A., a twenty year long goal.

I'm happy that I'm in therapy (once again!) with a great therapist who is helping me to move forward to the person I want to be. (though so far she's not helping with exercise or time for hiking... but I haven't lost hope.) Beginning to feel confident - long-term confident - in my work abilities and having reminder items and skills to reinforce my confidence and work habits is really amazing to me - I'm so glad that I've started down this path - I feel so much better about myself.

I am of my little boy.. he is such a wonderful little soul and makes every day so special for everyone around him... I am one lucky mommy. I don't think I would have done anything differently.. its generally been a good year!

i wish i had done differently at the Trial from my judgment, they would have given me more money, my whole salary - but i stoppe and gave up from being tired up.

I wish I had found more time to write this year. I wish I had found more time to spend with friends. I'm proud of surviving and continuing to teach and support my family. I'm glad I was able to accept the delicious food and other signs of love send from my work-mates while I was spending my days at the hospital with my husband.

Yes. I wish I had been a bit nicer, a bit more relaxed and funny. I'm too serious, a bit of a control freak and take out my stress on others, not good. I'm very proud of completing my first year at university with good grades however, and I look forward to the second year.

I am proud of how I cared for my partner while he was hospitalized for neck surgery. Once our dogs were being cared for & my child safely with her Dad, caring for my boyfriend was relatively easy to do. I think like caring for our children when they are sick, autopilot kicks in for many women and you can only hope & pray that your significant other will do the same for you if & when you are ever hospitalized. I really only left his bedside to use the bathroom, other than that, we went to the hospital together & left together. Now he is doing pretty well considering having a metal plate & screws in his neck!

I wish that the application process for my new job hadn't been so painful. Yes it was prolonged, yes they probably should have treated me better, yes it was incredibly stressful. But I feel like I let it get to me; like I could have reacted without being so negative. I took it very personally and had a hard time waiting without being unhappy and harsh to the people around me (especially Aaron)

I wish I had spent more time with my family, more time outside and more time reading, writing and drawing. Those things have all contributted to my major shift in happiness this year. I want to go to more sporting events, eat dinner with my family more, visit Mimi, Papa, and Melvis, call Gran Gladys more and play with Emmy more. I need to tell my mom I appreciate her more often and I'd like to get in less fights with her. Physical activity is so important to me now, I wish I had realized its power sooner. I want to go to sporting events with my mom and day, play a sport every season and be at peace with my level of fitness. Lastly, I want to learn to cook, be adventurous and try new things. I am proud of my ability to pick myself back up after falling down. I love the path I'm headed down now, and I love myself for finding it.

I wish I was more patient with the ones I love. I wish I snapped less at my husband and my mother. When I get stressed I often take it out on them. That it is not fair.

there are some things that happened with my partner's family that i wish i'd done differently - there's a huge rift there now and i wonder if I'd spoken up during their giant fight, if I could have cooled things down.

I don't wish that I had done anything differently, I don't believe in regrets and everything happens for a reason. I'm proud that I'm being a lot more sensible with money, and that I have managed to get out of my overdraft and stay out of it even while Chris and I travelled the world.

I wish I have not put so much energy into searching for a boyfriend. It has gotten in the way of me living my life for my own sake, and only hurt me along the way. I am not proud of this, because I know I should feel strong and secure in myself and my friendships. I do, to some extent, but I feel this void in my life.

I wished I would have taken it slowly with my boyfriend. I wished I did not realized he was the one so late in my life. I do not regret anything, just would like to change the outcome of my actions.

I wish I had started off the year with a new attitude- one where everyone was my friend. But I'm proud that I have changed that. And I'm very proud I started procrastinating less!

I'm proud that my son started school. I'm proud of the young man he's becoming. I had my second son this year, i was very reluctant with this as i felt i was not ready to do this BUT. I couldn't be happier with my family. OH most importantly. My family and i live together now. My girlfriend and my two sons, I see them every day! I feel job security. I feel valued in my position.

In the last year? No, not particularly. The only noteworthy things I've done this year are move in with my boyfriend and get a full-time job. Neither of which are something I'm particularly proud of - they're a natural progression of life, and subsequently, they are not something I wish I had done differently. They merely are. I do not even really have regrets with my grandpa's death. I probably spent more time with him over the last several years than the rest of his grandchildren combined, and I left my last memory of him as him smiling at the announcement that I was to have a full time job. I did not go see him again after he took a turn for the worst. He was a proud man, and he would have preferred the way that we last interacted. As do I.

I let go of my inhibitions and found someone who loves me.

I wish that I had the ability to let my boss not get to me as much as he does. He stresses me because he does not understand that my work IS important, which is why I've stayed with my school the past 3 years. Conversely, I'm glad that I finished my Master's degree and graduated. That shows my daughter that she can do anything she wants, plus my husband has been supportive through all of my endeavors.

I wish that I had built my relationship with my boyfriend a little stronger. But I am very proud that I ran an entire convention

In April I made a "surprise" journey back to my home country. After not being able to make it back for christmas due to horrible weather, it seemed like a fun idea to surprise select friends and family with my presence. unfortunately, parts of the week backfired and I wasn't able to spend as much time as I would have liked with the people I care about. in retrospect, it would have been better to let everyone know what the plan was. This would have avoided some stress and running around. However, the surprises that DID work out were amazing!

I wish I wouldn't have said, "I was a good friend. I'd rather be a good friend than have this book," over and over again. Maybe she wouldn't have stolen it then. I wish I wasn't such a hypocrite. I wish I didn't cut, starve, or feel the way I do. I wish my head was better. I'm proud that I've stuck by my friend, even if everyone else would have understood if I left her behind.

No. I wouldn't change a thing—and this has been the year of mistakes! But, I learned so incredibly much from them. I left a solid job for another, only to lose it in 6 months due to downsizing. Then I jumped headfirst into my own business, only to scrap that dream, not due to a lack of work but a lack of resources (I was losing my mind, family, and passion). Then I started teaching a college course for the first time (another dream come true) but with no preparation or departmental organization it became a disaster—however, I'm turning it around and the students are now responding positively. Finally, I landed a new job that I am completely overqualified for, but is a solid opportunity. I have yet to see where this will pan out, but at this point, I don't care. I don't care because I've learned to appreciate any situation life will throw my way, and now live in a very zen-like state of being. I live for the present. I am happy inside despite any outside chaos. From overworking, overeating, overestimating, miscalculating, biting off more than I could chew and dreaming too big...oh my God has this year been one of struggle and bravery and incredible leaps of faith. A year I never could have imagined. A year for the history book of my life. A year that flew by in a nanosecond. A year that made me miss out on every sunny day and every thing that used to give me joy in life. But I wouldn't trade it for the world. I have come out the other side a new person. A new, smart and confident person. I'll never look back. I feel like I am unstoppable now. That I can do and handle anything, because I am confident in myself. I've shed all of my previous skin, my poor self esteem, my defeating and repetitive negative thoughts, my shyness, my fears, and my immaturities. I'm a completely different person, and I like myself. I am me. 100%. For the first time. And forever to come. Mistakes make you smarter. Mistakes make you stronger. In fact, I hope to face as many new challenges and make as many new mistakes in the future. Here's to failure. Bring it on.

I am proud beyond words about how I managed the early stages of my relationship with Josh. I blundered quite a bit as I tried to find a dynamic that felt comfortable for me. What I'm most proud of is how effectively I managed my anxiety through meditation and reaching out to friends and mentors. I suffered and really learned from it quickly enough to salvage a potential relationship. I can see that the growth that took place for me never could have happened had I not let someone else get close to me. I let myself be vulnerable, struggled and grew in a way that enabled closer connection to another person. What is life about if not this? My only regret is that Josh suffered along with me. But maybe that's part of being close to someone.

I wish I had allowed myself to see the bigger picture this year. I was plauged by my job and did not understand the turmoil it had on my self. This year I was proud to take on challenges and live more thoughtfully.

Maybe not so differently, as I wish I had started writing my book. Alternately, I am so happy that I got married this past year.

I wish I hadn't gone to Ohio and wasted all that money and spit. I'm proud of Expired Nickel Valentine.

No I don't think so. Professionally things are pretty good and I don't think that I made any mistakes and personally in terms of my interactions with the family I think that while there are alsways small things that can be improved, in general, there is nothing that I really regret. Our relationships ar all pretty good and with Dena my wife, after almost 25 years, in my opinion we are as good as we have ever been and good and kind to each other in a way that i would have accepted and been proud of had I been offered a glimpse before our marriage. I think that I am proud of the fact that we are raising a family of good kids who I have reason to hope will take many of our values with htem as they pursue their own path. It sounds corny but it can't be taken for granted these days.

At the beginning of this year I set myself the goal of reading the Torah portion each week, but I did not meet this goal on many weeks. With Simchat Torah coming, I intend to renew my commitment to this goal. On a more mundane level, I am proud of how well I have managed the resolution of my dad's estate.

I wish I had been more sociable at work.

I would have managed the peri-menopause better; and I would have learned Quickbooks and Excel from a professional instead of trying to teach myself. I am proud of how much I have learned about running our new construction business and I enjoy the administration aspect of the company. I really love how close I have gotten to my father and sister since my step-mother has passed away.

I'm not sure how to answer, looking back there is always something I wish was different but I know everything was and is perfect for the moment it was so I guess not.as far as proud I am just forever grateful for the opportunities in my life, this is one amazing experience!!!

I am proud that i took a risk, and obliterated my obstacles to get a new teaching job.

I wish I hadn't fallen so hard for someone recently and scared them off. Meh.

I wish I had used my time better. This seems like a common wish of mine, but I don't every seem to get a handle on it. I'm not sure why, but I let my summers just pass me by, and generally I have very little to show for my time off. I work hard during the year, and I think somewhere deep down that that is all I have to do. Obviously, this isn't true. I don't get to rest for three months, just because I worked a lot during the other nine. This frustrates me, and I'd like to do better at spending my time.

There are a lot of trivial things I wish I had done differently, but those really aren't worth my attention at the moment. I suppose I wish I'd been a better friend, because a lot of mine have gone off to college and the ones that remain and I aren't that close anymore.

I wish that I had been able to take a difficult relationship challenge and be the best that I can be in a challenging situation. I wasn't always acting with integrity or with compassion. Alternatively, I did act with integrity at times that I thought I'd never be able to. I've been able to stand my ground without aggression but with truth and purpose. that has been a blessing.

I think I am happy with how I "handled things" this year... but as for pride, I can't say I've done anything of great importance. But I may just have a lapse of good memory. Perhaps when I look back on this, I'll scoff and remember something great I did.

I wish I would have better utilized my Spanish. From the onset of the trip my wife handled conversations and is now fluent while I struggle with intermediate level comprehension. The only difference was my reluctance to struggle through conversation. I'm elated that cut it all from my previous life and moved into a camper on the PanAm with my life partner. This will be a turning point in my life like nothing else I have experienced. 9 months into our 15 months and my brain has already been re-wired. You know it's a good year when you get married on the beach in Costa Rica and that isn't the biggest awesome thing that happened to you.

I wish I had finished all of my college application essays over the summer so I could be enjoying senior year much more. On another note, I'm proud I convinced my grandparents to keep the kitten I found right outside their house. I named her Nala. :) She's a handful, but I think we really saved her life since her ribs were showing.

I wish I kept in better contact with my children. I think about them all the time, but I find it really difficult to talk to them enough. I know that it really bothers at least two of them, but I just don't know how to do it with four of them in different places and my exhausting schedule. It's the same story every year. Truth is, I don't take care of myself any better than I take care of them. I am especially proud of them, though. They are all good hearted, loving souls, working hard toward their work and academic goals. We all love each other very much.

Have grown my business.

I wish I had begun to look into colleges earlier and began to prep myself earlier about looking for where to go. I stayed too closed minded for too long.

I wish I had not let so much time pass without seeing my good friend. I let my busy life and my avoidance of wanting to address some issues get in the way. I did what I needed to do at a time when I wanted to be selfish so I don't so much regret my choices as regret the pain that it caused her. I'm proud of the work that I did well this year and the care that I gave my dying uncle in his last days.

I wish that I could find more joy in every day and that I could let go of the things I cannot control. I'm proud of taking on a new project as a volunteer and helping an organization that has meant a lot to me.

I wish I could just tell people anything. I really wish I could be a hundred times more honest with people because even though the outcome might not be what you hopped for, at least you dont have to *hope* anymore. I wish i was a risk taker, and I wish I would evolve into one. I have the outlook i just never apply it. I am proud of the fact that I have found a place. Some friends, a group. It seems that as soon as I'm happy something happens and the group disbands, this group has stayed together and I'm proud to say im their friends!

I wish I'd been bolder. Tested my limits more, tried more things. I had an amazing year, but I spent much of it in my comfort zone. I wish I'd been brave enough to strike out from that, even if I may have failed a few times.

I've managed to lose a lot of weight! I started just after Pesach to try and slim down for my daughter's wedding. By the time it came round, the regime had made a big difference. Since then I have lost another stone. In Shul today so many people commented on how well I look. I feel really proud that I have had the self control and discipline it has taken

I wish I had started a physical fitness plan at the beginning of the summer. Although my heart wanted to hide, if I had pushed myself then I would be much further along this path now...

Done differently: maybe been more open, outgoing and friendly, talking to strangers etc. and not cared about how people might have reacted. Proud: having been able to support my mother a bit with her loss. Proud at having become a more observant Jew.

I wish I had been more involved in the social justice protest movement here in Israel. I also wish I put more effort into all the things I do and found time for other things I want to do. On the other hand, I'm extremely proud of my children and my students.

-I struggled with motivation to look for a job. I wanted to ask for help, yet I have difficulty with expressing of what is really going on in my life. I don't like people to feel sorry for me, I want to earn my way. I want to work harder this next year so I quit repeating those habits which have not worked for me in the past. -I wish I would have restocked my pond with koi and goldfish after Oscar died this last winter. -I moved forward by letting myself take the risk of failing by completing the application, taking the GRE test to get into graduate school and succeeding. I worked hard the first semester and did well. I am starting to find my way. -I regret that I did not spend more time listening to new music. -I could have watered my lawn more. -I should have gone to see my mother in Ohio. -I wanted to spend more time on replying to correspondence from friends that I have meant to get caught up on for a few years now. -Learned to forgive myself for not forgiving my father....forgiveness comes in different forms - in my way, I have forgiven my father by no longer wishing that the past had been different. I'm not sure "proud" correctly describes how I feel about this...but it's close. -

I wish I had written more over my summer break. It is getting closer and closer to the end of my college education and I don't have the work I wish I had to compile into a collection.

I wish I didn't rush into various relationships as soon as I had. I also wish I broke up with my ex much sooner than I did (and not wasted almost 2 years of misery). I am proud that I applied for the art teacher position at my job... I would have regretted it if I hadn't. And I got it! I am also proud I signed up for Team In Training through the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society to run the Nike Women's Marathon! Running has been such a healthy outlet for me. This is NOT my first and only marathon, this is just the beginning. AND I raised over $2400 to help find a cure for cancer... yeah no big deal...

I'm not sure there is anything I wish I did differently. I am proud of my work as a hospice chaplain and my incredible intuitive abilities. I am proud of my continued way I am learning and tweaking the music healing with patients.

I wish I would have been more careful with my money this past year. Learning about retirement and stocks and setting myself up for some savings now that I'm moving into a stage of my life where that is going to be more important. I am especially proud that I changed jobs - put myself and my abilities out there and let the universe know that I was looking for something to fulfill more of my needs and exploits more of my talents and, thus far, it has worked in my favor. I love working for Moishe House and can only hope it will continue to keep me on this path of Jewish communal work that I love.

I'm proud of getting into the habit of cooking for myself daily and getting out of the habit of eating out.

I wish that I didn't get involved with a specific person because he's had a terrible effect on me. I also wish I could have resolved the issues I had with my best friend, because I miss her a lot. I'm very proud of the hard work I did this year, the play that I directed, the plays that I was in, and obviously getting into college.

I wish I would of savored the moments in Peace Corps more and spent more time in my community, building relationships rather than focusing all my time and energy on my work. But alternatively, I'm also proud of myself for achieving a sense of balance with my life in Peace corps. That I finally realized that it's not all about the work, and that I made my own experience.

I wish that I had taken a different direction after leaving an administrative position, though my approach to life is always that even things we wish we hadn't done teach us something. I have a lifelong desire to achieve my doctorate degree. I will challenge myself to honor that desire this year. I am always proud of my husband and son. Pride in myself is difficult. I am grateful ~ to be as positive as I am; that I look for and acknowledge positive traits in others; and that I feel very blessed to be alive, healthy, with such wonderful friends and family.

I wish I had worked harder and finished my dissertation, rather than letting the process drag out.

Maybe it's just the state of mind I'm in right now, but I can't even remember anything I've done at all, whether proud of, regretful, or otherwise. I am extremely proud of my 1.5 year old daughter, S. I know that some of her super-smarts and brilliant personality is a credit to me. But sometimes I really don't feel like I've accomplished anything at all lately.

I wish I had learned more Torah. A rabbi I'm close to tells me that I just need to do five minutes a day, which seems like such a tiny amount but it's so hard! I find routine very, very tough, but I suppose that's something to work on this year. If I died tomorrow my biggest regret would be that I always pushed learning off to tomorrow, and that's something which is so easily changed.

I can't think of anything I wish I'd done differently. I don't spend a lot of time on regrets. Maybe I could have been slower to anger, and stayed out of family spats. I am very proud of the fact that I finished my first novel and saw it through to publication.

I wish I'd been more caring and less self-involved. I let family and friends suffer because of co-ording. I made selfish choices, because they were easier. I wish I focused less on how I'm perceived and more on how I AM. I'm proud that I made the plunge at inspirED and TFI. I'm proud that I am learning from my errors, and learning to fix my flaws and accept myself. Self-hatred does not lead to self improvement. That realisation has been crucial.

Yes, I wish I had lived my relationships with my family, with my friends and with my girlfriend in a different way. I wish I had sacrificed myself more, I had lived more outwardly, less self centered. I wish I had not thought as much about myself as I've done. I wish I had been more present in the lives of the ones around me, bringing Heaven to Earth. On the other hand I'm really thankful and joyful for the summer I spent at Ontario Pioneer Camp, I feel like serving there is the closest I've ever been to Heaven.

I wish that I hadn't been so open with my plans for having a child. In my quest to realistically go through this process I think that alot of other people wanted to go through it vicariously through me. I am glad that I am waiting- and I am glad that I started yoga teacher training.

I wish i had invested a larger portion into my Roth IRA account. However, because i didn't in the past year, i am happy to say that i am now.

I wish I'd been braver and less lost last year.

I wish my husband and I had found a way to spend more time together in this first full year of new parenthood.

I wish I'd put the time and energy into fixing my sleeping pattern instead of fighting my sleep most nights. It's a problem only I can solve but a stubbornness sets in and I wish I could've found the strength to overcome it. Hopefully this year!

I would have acted with more urgency getting a job. I helped my friends with their new business, and expected the project to take off this past year - but it did not happen. I misunderstood how this actions would affect the finances of my family. I am very proud of the way I have been able to be there for my wife and kids, and look forward to more time with them this year.

I wish that I would have studied more in school. Maybe if I did, then I would have gotten into math 7/8. I am proud that I got A's in every class but math.

I wish I didn't spend so much time upset about friends or lack thereof. However, I am proud of my growing ability to let go - especially in reference to a few particular 'friends' who would've upset me to no end last year but I'm getting better at not caring. I don't need that.

I wish I had had the discipline to not eat bread at Passover.

There is nothing I wish I would have done differently. I do not reflect on the could have should have would have's , ever. Everything I have done in my life is for a reason. Even if it did not work out the way I had anticipated, that is simply how it was supposed to work out in my life. It was simply a step in the bigger picture of my life. What I am proud of is where I have come emotionally and spiritually and financially. I have learned to take each day as it comes and understand that everything that happens is simply an experience that I was meant to have even if it does not seem clear to me at the time. I am so proud of my daughter and where she has come in her life and the special relationship that she and I have. There is nothing better and more satisfying than that. I am proud and happy with my life and where God has brought me. I am proud of where I am in my life.

I wish I had honored the requests of my family more. I was consistently home late, did not spend enough time with my kids and all the while did not make enough money. I am proud that I have three wonderful loving children and wife who loves me through thick and thin.

I’m proud of the way I’ve responded to being a grandfather. At first, two years ago, I really thought this would be an intrusion or a distraction, something I might enjoy when I was ready, but not yet. Instead I’ve discovered that life doesn’t wait for us to be “ready” for things; situations require a response, and we respond, ready or not. I’ve become more and more comfortable and even devoted to this new condition of “grandpahood.”

Oh yes! In between cancer and the insanity of August-September, I was an extra in the movie "Game Change." Can't wait to see it, but we have to wait until next year. As to doing things differently, I guess I wish I had stayed quit from smoking, but that was not the case. We'll try again. Otherwise, no, I was pretty happy with what I did, considering what was flung my way.

I wish that I studied more so that my GPA would be higher now. I wish I took dance classes during the year so I didn't gain that weird amount of weight that I did. I wish I hooked up with knuds. but I don't like looking back on my life with regret. Things happened the way they did for a reason, and everything was meant to be. I'm proud of my grades, the friendships I made, and the choices I've made.

I regret not being able to tell the people who are important to me that I love them. Wish I could be more proud of myself.

1) I did not exercise as regularly and consistently as I would have liked. I'm not in terrible shape, but too many weeks of the year, I failed to meet my target of either cardio or muscle work on 6 of 7 days. 2) More generally, but related to #1, I failed to create a consistent schedule that allows for good productivity. My sleep and waking times were too inconsistent to be habit forming and healthy, and I spent far too much time procrastinating or simply preoccupying myself with time-wasters (especially cruising the Internet). (Both of the two preceding failures, I can correct with ease...if I stick to my guns. The first step, I need to strive to wake at 5am every day and go to bed between 9:30-10pm every day, no exceptions.) 3) I still haven't figured out how best to systematically approach tzedekah. I'm beginning to work at this, and I hope it will become clear in the coming months.

I really wish I had tried harder to keep that friendship alive, because now that it's dying, I realize how fucking hard it's going to be without him. And not really, it's been a shitty year.

I wish that I had spent more time outside with my youngest daughter. Her summer was lost due to my health--again. And now my physical conditioning is atrophied to the point that I feel like an 80 year old man--twice my age! Instead of allowing this next year to continue in the same manner, I will follow my physical therapy program to the letter, push only hard enough to continue progression, and live life again as soon as I'm able. I will struggle and strive to be able and I will work at being active and paricipatory in her life.

I wish that I had appreciated my husband more this year. I wish we had spent less time fighting and more time having fun with each other. I am especially proud of how we parent together.

I am proud of getting some art done and into public view...I wish I had done more. I wish I was able to be closer to my mother, or to anyone.

I started working as a project coordinator for my university in January. I had very little training and a lot of other stuff on my plate, but I think I did an excellent job of inspiring the others working on the project to get excited and committed to making it a success. The extra time I was putting into tha job affected my ability to do my teaching job as well as I usually do, and I wish I had managed my resources better so I didn't make the mistakes I did. The same goes for the effort and energy I put into my own studies, and the learning I was able to do. I learned about my limits, though, and that there comes a point where I just can't perform in everything at a level I'm happy with.

Proud of completing my PhD. Wish I had more kid play time.

I live life always saying 'no regrets'. I can easily point out many areas in which I could improve: - allocating your time more effectively - taking more time out for yourself - taking more time out for your family, especially your sister - not always taking the driver's seat - delogating and allowing others to also drive - leaving less stress and pressure on yourself However to focus too much on the past year and to nit-pick has never done any justice - creative criticism is fine, but I never want to live like I wasted time or wasted opportunities. You know what your goals are, you know where you are going, and so what if you took a wrong turn for a few days, you're on track and still heading in the right direction and that is all that matters. For that you can be proud. Keep focused, know that your goals are long-term, and well done for not jumping for the short term prizes and keeping your eyes on the long term victory.

I would have liked to be more present in my dad's life

I wish I had gone down to Occupy Wall Street when I first heard about it, which was right at the start. I could have; I had the impulse; I was at that time not far from the city. Other commitments, and good ones, kept me from so doing... but I still wish I had been there.

I did one of the best things I have ever done in my life. I turned my rage against my birthmother into love. Quite proud of that. One of the very biggest achievements in my life.

I'm proud I started piano and stuck with surfing. I surfed every day in my christmas break. I went surfing every morning for 1 week. I could have surfed more. Also I have put on weight for not enough exercise. Besides those 2 groups of surfing I have barely exercised at all. I should have done more exercise: i have gone up at least one jeans size from 34 to 36.

I graduated high school! Although I never had a struggle with credits or passing classes, I never really enjoyed the company of my peers, due to personal health issues. It feels so amazing to have the right of passage and move on to a new chapter in my life!

I wish I didnt let myself go with food. I wish I didnt have lost contact with a great guy.

I've had a great year! I have a great relationship with a wonderful man, and we both take care to communicate and nurture that relationship. My grown kids are in good places with their careers and spouses. My formal working career ended on a high note, and now I'm working to make retirement as good.

I try really hard not to have any regrets, or rather I try to have the outlook that regrets are just not worth it. I usually feel like whatever I have done in the past is what led me to this very moment, and that if I had made different decisions, I would be in a different place. Whether that is good or bad or somewhere in between does not really matter in the end. What matters is that I learn from those situations that did not turn out so well (and those that did). All of that said, I feel as though I am continually learning, over and over again, what it means to treat myself well and to do well for myself. This mainly includes exercise and diet, but also has come to mean my mental outlook. I hope to continue learning about all of these things and more this year - never forgetting how I got there in the first place.

One of the things I wish I had done differently was breaking up with my ex-boyfriend. Despite all of his defects he is an amazing person and he sure deserved the best of me. I started dating another boy (my actual boyfriend) a few days ago and It was very hard to my ex to accept, of course...

I joined a synagogue for my spiritual health and a gym for my physical health. Both have ben wonderful resources for me.

I'm proud of the little things I did for me this year. Changing careers can be an extremely demoralizing process, so I made sure to spend more time laughing with my friends and family to keep my spirits up, and I took a trip to Ireland in January that changed my life.

i had an amazing year. i do wish that this year, just as every year, i had more foresight and more thoroughly thought about my future plans. im proud of graduating college, of going on an adventure to a foreign country, not doing what everyone else did and being independent.

I wish that I would have been better about eating healthier because I am overweight and have been for a very long time. I just don't have very much self control no matter how hard I try. I really wish I had gotten a hold of myself last year and just ate healthier. It's not that I am abnormally unhealthy, but with me and my body eating the same as my friends just wont work. It seems like such a minor thing but it is so important.

I wish I had stood up for myself more. Realised what things I want to do to make me happy and actually done those things. I wish I didnt think so much about trying to keep the people around me happy. I try so much to do this that I've realised it doesnt always make me happy.

It's all the same. I wish I had not moved away, but I'm proud that I did... Weird to have such conflicting emotions.

I really wish that I could have fostered a less confrontational environment with my boys in the home. Issues tend to escalate much faster than they ought and instead of a loving and nurturing environment, it becomes resentful and more "me" oriented than it should be. I do believe that we are raising two very intelligent and creative boys - and I am so proud of both of them. I just believe that I can do better to give them more.

I'm really proud of the fact that I've been able to maintain a Distinction Average at Uni. I've been doing so well because I've chosen subjects I enjoy and am passionate about, which makes it even better.

I wish I had started a yoga class this past year. I keep thinking of doing it and haven't taken the first step. I wish I had spent more time with my mom and gotten more involved in her health care. I am proud of the fact that I quit my job and took a lower paying part time job in a nonprofit. It is infinitely less stressful and more rewarding.

I don't think I would have done anything differently in the past year but I probably would have put more effort into things. Conversely, there is nothing I'm proud of either.

I wish I would've done almost everything differently, because right now I sit with so many regrets and errors on my chest. I'm near friendless and can't do anything right. On the other hand, I'm proud I'm still trying and still alive.

I wish I had spent more time trying to cultivate a social life, and meeting a partner. I am proud that I spent time on art, a long-neglected part of my soul.

I'm proud that I've done as well as I have in the first half of my MSIS program, especially given that this is the first serious academic endeavour in which I've engaged in about 15 years.

I wish I had had more confidence when I started my new position last year. I allowed myself to doubt and question so much that I had a hard time enjoying my first year in this particular program. I am proud of myself for how I have handled the start of this school year, back at the high school level. I definitely don't have it all figured out yet but I was willing to jump in with both feet.

I try not to look back and say I should have done this or that differently. There are many things I could have handled or done differently but it's useless and sometimes painful to think about things I can't change anyway. I live without regrets (or try to anyway). I am proud that I'm still fighting to be in vet school. I've proven to myself just how strong I can really be.

I wish I had been less critical of others and of myself. I wish I had not smoked so much or eaten so much. I wish I did not watch tv so much. I am especially proud of all the learning I have done this past year, of my helping my friends out a lot, of the efforts I have made to be satisfied with 'what is so' in my life.

I'm really proud of how I dealt with my roommate dating an ex-bf and him subsequently always being around. I'm also proud of how I dealt with the guy I dated in the Fall after our break up. I do wish the relationship could have lasted a little longer, but I never let him or our breakup get too much to me and always spoke up when I felt I needed to. I also do wish I enjoyed my Greek vacation a little better and wasn't so antsy to return to Israel.

I wish I had unloaded responsibilities SOONER that I no longer wanted. Less pressure, less guilt, and less e-mail is surely healthier!

I thought about this a lot, especially during Rosh Hashana, throwing bread into the river. I don't know if there's something I'd like to have done differently per se, as I feel like everything I'm unsure about was a learning experience. So, I guess I fulfilled my wish of doing them differently by making different decisions next time. I guess as far as proud...I'm proud in all that I've accomplished over the past year. I'm proud at how much I've dedicated to my job (something I learned to get better with at previous jobs). And..I guess...not necessarily doing anything different next year as much as continuing to be aware of the things I wish I was doing differently, and making those changes as they present themselves.

Accompanying my daughter through the admission process to attend pilot school and her succeeding in getting in.

I am proud of starting my CMA designation this past year. I completed the entrance exam and first year of the program. I wrote the case exam in August and feel really good about it. Fingers crossed the result will be positive and I will be able to complete the designation this year! I am glad I started this path right out of school and didn't wait.

My granddaughter and I are estranged. We had always been very close. I was there when she was born. I raised her as her mother pursued her career. She affirmed even as recently as last year that no one knew her as well or meant more to her than I. I knew as she grew up that I would occupy a smaller part in her life. I just thought that I would have some part in her life. That began changing more than a year and a half ago. I remarked on it to her. She responded that so many people wanted to be with her that she couldn't fit them all in. I asked if that meant I'd been cut from the list and received no response. Several times during the past year I've told her that I miss her and that it really hurts to not be in her life at all. I've asked for a meeting in person to discuss this but she does not follow up on it. I don't know what more to do. I've just let it be, trying to be patient. Other people say she will be back. I'm not so sure. Each passing week, month, creates a greater distance for me, emotionally. I'm not sure I can get past this. I told her that on probably our last phone conversation 6 months ago. What would I have done differently? Wow. I just don't know. I wish I 'd found some way to bridge this.

I wish I had been more supportive of my husband and offers different suggestions that were reasonable to him in order to help him sell his business and retire. I do not think that I have been as supportive as I could have been. I also wish I had made contact with my sister to see if we could start mending our relationship. The conflicts are still there, and I sense them each time we speak, especially when the conversation revolves around our parents and their life styles. I am proud of being healthy and coming out of major surgery as strongly as I did.

I wish I had more confidence in my true self instead of propping up the person everyone wants me to be. But for the first time I think I'm winning that battle.

I'm proud that I finally reorganized the School-I'm not so happy that the reorg hasn't "taken" the way I had planned. I'm not happy about working so many hours, but I am proud of starting a "real" yoga practice-10 sun salutations every morning, since April.

yes. I wish of had ended th bretings earlier with bret. The last few months were drawn out which I think broke his heart more and confused me more. I had to learn to be honest with me and let go of fear and guilt. I also wished I moved out earlier. It ended on a sour note. By the same token I need to learn that just because I don't do well living at home in the middle of my parents crazy doesn't make me a bad kid, but starving won't make me be a better child either.

I am proud of having gotten my dad to record some of his memories. Now I have his voice and what he thought was most important in his life to share with the rest of the family.

I am proud of how I have been open with my daughter about her new high school friends. Trying to balance freedom for her, with restricting her from potentially uncomfortable situations which I think she is too young for. She has gotten upset with me at times, so I am proud how I have held my ground.

I buwish I could be more honest with people. There is one particular lie that I always seem to tell people. I'm not sure why I do it. It's almost as though I feel like it will make me seem like a more interesting person and they will "like" me more. Its lame, I realize. And borderline pathetic too. Definitely something I need to work on from this point forward.

I wish I'd stood up for myself more and put myself out there more. Whilst my relationship with Jeremy was good it meant that I did go in to myself and sometimes I took more than I should have. I wish I'd have had more confidence in myself to have behaved differently - not let things pass by. I'm proud of my ability to have adjusted to university life. It was a huge change, I was scared, I'm still getting there but I've made a home in St Andrews. I've made a life for myself. I am independent-ish from my parents. I take care of myself. I've grown up.

I am very proud about Traveling the world solo this year. Especially driving around southern Africa for over 3 months in a 21 year old Nissan Sentra.

It's hard to say. I spent so much time gritting my teeth and just trying to survive and keep my family afloat that to look back and find regrets would just be beating myself up further. I failed on many fronts because I was so stressed out, and I only hope I either get better at dealing with poverty or we manage to scramble out of debt, and soon. I do wish I hadn't let my credit rating get so bad.

i wish i had eaten better and exercised more. but im proud of participating in the fuel study and learning how to eat better.

This past year I wish that I had not rushed into making decisions or assumptions without reflecting on them deeper. It's not worth dwelling on too much, but I blame it on my willingness to alway wear my heart on my sleeve. At times it has backfired on me but it has also helped me reach a state of self actualization that I am proud of. And the accolades begin.... This year I did something I thought I would never be capable of achieving. I was awarded a scholarship! :) I''l leave you on this note: I'm still growing as an individual and I am proud that I'm not afraid to be who I am or express myself. Creativity is the light of my soul and I plan to let my light shine bright! :)

I wished I had maintained my diet and exercise regime. I did so well until November/December and then lost it. Things really fell in the Spring and Summer when I was so unhappy. But I remember how great I felt back in November. Now I have to get back into it, if only to get through Elizabeth's wedding in January. I can't bear to be the older single dowdy overweight sister. I also wish I head dealt with the whole work/Anat situation differently - better. I don't know how or what exactly but I know that struggling with depression for eight months because of it isn't an experience I want to live through again.

I wish I had broken up with Mac in a nicer way and we were on speaking terms. I also wish that I had better study habits. I am proud of the progress I made over the course of the soccer season.

I wish I had gone to the Nevada Conservation Corps over the summer, before my mother past away. I'm not especially proud of much, although I have done a lot of things in this past year.

I wish I found a way to let go of my anger, resentment, sense of betrayal, and loneliness. I wish that when I went to the lakefront for Tashlich that I cast those toxic emotions away like the symbolic pieces of bread representing our sins and shortcomings. I know I need to make space for feelings of blessing and good, of community and connectedness. I failed at it last year and so far I am not off to a better start this year.

I wish I'd gotten a job that did not require me to buy a car. I'm not sure what I could have done differently on that one.

I am proud of how happy I am. There are some days that I do have to fake it, but for the most part, inside I am truly happy. I love my life. I love my family. I love my friends. I am proud of how far I have come since 6th grade. I am proud that there is nothing I can think of off the top of my head that I would have done differently, meaning nothing that I am in much distress about.

I wish I had studied harder for my SATs and in school.

I am especially proud that I have accomplished something on/in my answers from last year. I had said that I wanted to lose at least 35 pounds by this time this year. I have exceeded that and lost 41.6 as of yesterday morning. I am really proud that once I joined WW in January that I have kept it up and not given up. As for something I had done differently, I wish that my doctor hadn't told me that there was one more option to try regarding having a second child. She knew there was a time table and just told me that if I had kept going for one more month that she would have tried X. That upsets me greatly.

I wish i had started to use an ear piece on my phone .. there is so much evidence to suggest that it causes brain cancer, and yet as with so many health decisions, i wait till the damage is done. Id like to start using an ear piece. I am proud of the fact that i took control of what was painful n my life and have tried to resolve it. Started therapy has been difficult and im not sure of the benefits yet, but at least i am trying to save what is most dear to me. I am proud of the fact that we decided to travel more this year, and we have, there could have always been more but we set a goal and stuck to it !

The answer to both of these questions are closely related. I wish that I had put more effort into getting into graduate school- studying for the GRE, focusing on applications...actually applying to more than 2, totally out of my league schools. But given that I did not, and subsequently did not get into graduate school, I am proud of myself and my ability to adapt to the situation and find something that I enjoy doing to occupy myself in the times between schools. It's not been the easiest thing I've ever done, but I feel that it has been a great learning experience and will prove to have been well-worth my time.

I wish we had gotten going on our garden this year. I love the idea of having garden-fresh vegetables but we just didn't seem to get it together this year. I'm hoping we will next year, to save money, be simple, eat better, and steward the earth.

I should have put more effort into my applications for my career, it fell by the wayside because of everything else. I also should have put way more rime into my social life. I need to drop something.

I really wish that I'd gotten out of my house more, and made more of an effort to do things outside of work and my home. I used to have such an active social life, and since moving back to Texas it's been pretty dry. On a positive note, I'm really happy with the fact that I have now traveled outside the country on my own, and gotten to see things like the Kehlsteinhaus and Munich at Oktoberfest.

I have so many things I wish I could go back and do differently this past year...it's been a bad year and I should have stepped away from certain people earlier, I should have taken care of myself, i should have gotten help. Well I can't say I'm proud of much that has happened in 2011 beside just making it to the end of this year. I thought for a while I wouldn't, I didn't want to continue life if it was going to be the way it was this past year.

I wish I hadn't beat myself up so much when making mistakes and interacting with my boss at work. It caused so much heartache and pain, and things could've been much easier earlier if I had realized it was OK to make mistakes and that my boss was kind of crazy.

I wish I would have made more of an effort to get over my own feelings of weirdness when my father-in-law was dying. He was in the hospital sedated and seemed pretty out of it and I couldn't get myself to speak to him. I felt that it wasn't my place and that I should have taken a step back so that my husband, his brother, and my mother-in-law could feel like they were the ones that mattered. I have a feeling though that my father-in-law knew I was there and probably would have appreciated it had I held his hand and got over my own feelings of insecurity about it. There are many things I'm proud of this year thankfully. My husband and I got pregnant, my business is growing and I'm finally opening up my own commercial space, I called my nephews, niece, and sister more often like I said I would, and I've spent more time with my mom like I said I would, and was there for my husband, mother-in-law, and brother-in-law without any reservation or expectations when my father-in-law passed away.

I would have been brave enough to have been honest to myself and others. I ran myself into school loan trouble, but instead of dealing with it like an adult, I buried my head in the sand and made up lies to cover up my behavior. The lies have become more and more elaborate. It's seriously messing with my sense of self and impacting how I relate to others.

I'm proud that I rase my son as I do. showing him the right way to do things, say sorry thank you, love you. Teach him respect and have fun every day.

I don't think I regret a single thing. Nor can I say I'm especially proud of something. I'm focusing on living every day. On becoming a better person every day. On growing my angel wings a tad longer every day.

I wish I had come out sooner. I'm really glad I finally came out before college. I never realized how many people supported and cared for me. It was such a great experience and I feel so much happier and open now. I am free to be the person I am.

There are lots of things I could have done differently this year. And mostly I'm so proud of making it through this year. It was a hard year. (see number one!) But I feel that all the decisions, struggles, and triumphs are summarized in the happiness and love that my son has for me and the world he lives in.

I wish I had been less lazy -- I could have had much more discipline about school and work, and gotten more accomplished. I allowed myself to fall into the inertia of sloth instead of developing, continuing and capitalizing on the momentum of productivity. It's something I really want to change for the coming year.

I wish I had moved into a different apartment complex when I had the chance, instead of staying in my apartment building which is now being turned into a transitional facility for homeless veterans. I did not know what was going to be done with the building when I had a chance to move out, and I could not find an affordable place that looked better than where I live, so I accepted an apartment that was renovated in the same building I have lived in for five years, and I stayed. I wish I had left. I am especially proud of four things from the past year: I won the Consumer of the Year Award in October 2010 from the National Alliance on Mental Illness chapter in my county. I graduated with my A.A. degree after many years of struggling through illness to get to that point. I spoke at both the Southeast Institute on Homelessness and Supportive Housing and the Directions for Mental Health staff training day about my experiences with mental illness. I got accepted to USF, after initially being denied admission due to all the times I had to withdraw from classes because of my illness.

I wish I had interacted differently with my coworkers. I have a difficult time expressing when I disagree with someone, and I often end up taking on others' opinions and ideas as my own when I'm unsure or sometimes too open-minded about a topic or issue. My goal is to "get clear". Also I wish I had expressed my affection for a new friend in a different way. As a new romantic interest has entered my life, I don't really know how to behave, since I have been married for many years and my marriage is now over. I'm proud of realizing I was clinically depressed and making a move to start seeing a very good therapist has really helped me see my life more clearly.

I wish that I had been less reactive and angry with those I love, and had been able to come from a deeper place of love and compassion with them. When I have been able to do that even in difficult moments, it has made things so much more positive and joyful.

Yes. I should have stuck to my diet more. I should have been more consistent in everything I did. I have a very short attention span and have tried to improve it. Also, I waste too much time at work on personal matters, which is easy to do. I put in a full day's work, but I do fritter away time that could better be spent in study or other work-related tasks and not on Facebook, email and checking the news.

I wish I was more able to handle things without getting overwhelmed and then unproductive. If I just keep moving, I usually feel better and work things out. I think I am such a perfectionist in some ways, it hold me back from doing things as perfect as I would like. I need to be okay with just okay, but do it! I was proud of learning to kayak.

I haven't started to regret anything from this year yet, but I regret two things from last year. Both have totally changed my life, and not necessarily for the worse, but made a lot of extra work for me. I cut my hair short, which broke me free of a long-standing pattern but has been torture to grow back. I also stayed with a job I wasn't too sure of which means I am now going through the job searching process again, however I am much better equipped now. I'm proud I survived it all.

I wish I had worked harder to secure a whnp job. I feel like I didn't give it a real chance. But I am proud I had the guts to leave my last job. I was miserable. It was scary taking such a leap of faith but I made it through.

I'm proud that I got into university, and that I passed my first semester without letting anything awful happen to me.

I wish I was less fearful all around. But I am incredibly proud that I faced many of my fears and got through a lot of the editing phobia. Now, if I can stop dicking around with the last 30 lbs I need to loose and I'm in business.

I wish I had focused more on school, and less on my boyfriend of most of the year. But I am proud of how after the breakup, I really got my life straightened out.

I wish I'd followed through with all commitments i made to friends and family instead of flaking or putting things off like i tend to do.

I am proud of being able to spend time with my granddaughter, it is so very rewarding to me.

I wish I had finished my driver ed classes when I started. I have now gone so long without driving and I am scared that I will never actually learn how. I just need to take the initiative and learn how to drive.

I wish I'd had better motivation to move, get out, get more done this summer. I've let too many things go, especially related to my health...

I wish I had figured out my feelings in a more efficient way. I shouldn't have second guessed anything and just gone with my gut. It would have gotten me in a better place than i am now and it would have taught me to figure myself out better. Also, allowing myself to fully feel emotions is really important and I did not do it effectively this year. This year i really stepped up and went far beyond where i would have expected i did. I got Chapter N'siah and i honestly couldn't be any happier. Also, i feel as though i was really there for everyone who needed me to be.

No, nothing comes to mind.

i wish i hadnt made friend with anu she is a total luza and i h8 her also i wish i had moved to australia and also not taken computing and also not done dance and also i am proud of my gcse results so far

This past year I've felt very very grownup - being embroiled in a nasty and expensive legal case with my former employer through no direct fault of my own. It made me realise that I need to be a bit smarter at protecting myself and that the world isn't always good. My loyalty to colleagues (and friends) and my not wanting to believe that they would do anything stupid was a big mistake. I've now had my wake up call. Guess I'm luck it took this long for me to become a cynic in the world of business! In the proud stakes, I'm really proud of the work I've done on myself and how today in the face of total uncertainty in all aspects of my life I'm not especially worried or stressed. I'm taking it all in my stride and am willing to risk and step out of my comfort zone a lot more than is usual for me.

I'm proud of the changes I have made to improve my health. I'm not done, but every day it gets a little easier.

It is odd that although I am not a person happy with life and am a person that wish was different from the one that I am, there is nothing that I can think of that I wish I had done differently and there is also nothing of which I am especially proud. The irony is that I enjoy life when I am alone and when the world leave me alone and therefore don't want to change anything. For me, wants and pride are relative to the world - and I find the world uncomfortable.

I wish I had never had a certain friendship that had a devastating effect on my life. Having said that though it was that exact series of events that ensued that led me to some amazing opportunities this year. I think I'm most proud of the way I handled it.

I do not feel that there is anything I would have done differently not only this past year but in my past all together. The reason for this is all those experiences have brought me to this point in my life and made me the person I am now. I also am not especially proud of any thing that I have done this year. I think that this is not a good emotion and try to stay away from it.

I wish I didn't procrastinate so much. Ha - I'm filling out this question on Day 6 instead of Day 2. Sigh.

I wish I was better about how I handle and finances. Working on commission tends to be feast or famine, but I spend like it is always feast.... Which makes the famine rougher. Now, with a growing family, the way money is handled is even more important. Yet, I haven't gotten any better with it. I don't know what to do to fix it... Wait, I know ways I could, IE Write out a budget, but something prevents me from making the next step

I'll answer both - twice! 1) I am really proud that I started taking guitar lessons - I am enjoying it and challenged by it and just integrating it into my life. That said, I wish I practiced more! 2) I am proud every time I pick up the phone to call a congregant to follow up or say hell or check in - an "unexpected" call. That said, I really wish I did it much more and got to see sick and homebound people much more.

Time spent in the summer could be more productive. Good results in college.

I'm proud of the fact that I was able to embrace & move into a new life as a 1/2 time single mom after my wife left me last year and find myself saying yes to the unexpected arrival of a new love.

I really wish that I had gotten a real job sooner than what I did. I'm proud I did find a job eventually.

What's interesting about this question is I immediately focus on regret. This year I am incredibly proud of myself for finally moving away from my fathers influence. I had a couple of times when I was riddled with despair and almost 'went home' but they have passed and I am reasonably comfortable where I am.

It's minor thing in the scheme of life, but I wish I had been more careful when working with the production people on my clothing line. I've spent a lot of money and made some mistakes that I could have avoided. I trusted them too much. I am very proud that I've continued to be a good father and been available for my kids at their school, volunteered, etc.

I wish I had spent more time with my partner.

Wish I had taken up this "joy of living" thing earlier. Glad that I have now.

I feel that there are always things I wish I could have done differently. Having said that and realizing that perhaps I need assistance in doing so, I decided to seek out counseling. I hope that in doing so, I can learn to change behaviors in order to avoid that "I wish I did things differently" feeling and can be a more agreeable person to myself and those I care about dearly.

I'm proud of how well my new choir is doing. I've hired good people and chosen good music. They are inter-generational and singing beautifully. It's been very rewarding.

Yes to both questions

I am proud of myself for following through on my plans to go to Grad school. I applied, visited campuses, wrote the GREs, and made some very difficult choices. It would have been so easy to sat "no thanks" and just work my way up a latter. This is an educational goal I've had for a while and may open doors to pursuing a PhD. It is so important to me that I followed through on this.

I wish the economic situation would not make it so difficult to pursue my dreams and put my plants into action. I would like to say it is my responsibility to make it happen regardless of the situation, but the truth is a year can go by and seem wasted at the end through what seems to be no fault of my own. I wish I could say that did not deter me, be one of those doers you see on TV who overcome any difficulty no matter how strong and make their dreams a reality. Perhaps that will be the case next year.

I wish I had focused more on maintianing a healthy lifestyle and not gained so much weight. I just want to be healthy and feel comfortable in myself instead of yoyoing like a crazy person. I am proud that i got a new a job at a better salary in a down market.

This year I did the 29 Giving Challenge, and it showed me how many ways there are to give - stuff, time, food, cards, calling to say hi, etc. Plus, it helped me to be o.k. limiting how much I give.

Silly. I don't play this game much. I think that I may have been able to sell the house a little sooner had I enlisted the realtor earlier but who knows really. And unless it helps shape my decisions next time around, it really doesn't matter. To be happy with the outcome of a decision translates into just being happy. Things don't make me happy. I make me happy. I guess I am proud to have learned that but it didn't happen in the confines of any calendar and is still in progress. I regret nothing.

At the moment there's nothing I can think of that I wish I'd done differently, no point living in regret, but I am extremely proud of myself for getting out of a bad relationship. Ever since then I've been flourishing, literally and figuratively so go team me!

I am proud of the hard work I put into my garden this year. Unfortunately, the drought has decimated it. However, the most important trait of a true gardener is optimism, so as soon as the rains begin to fall again it's back to the soil!

I am especially proud of successfully completing and defending my undergraduate thesis on peacekeeping in the Democratic Republic of the Congo. It was a terrifying and stressful process to get it done, but it was such an incredible feeling to see my friends, family and professors learn from me. This past year, as in years before, when things get stressful and busy, I stop taking care of my body and my health. I wish that I had been able to prioritize my health and fitness better and it is something that I shall continue to work on.

I'm not really sure actually. I'm very proud of what I accomplished in my senior year of high school. I honestly think a lot of my views changed, but subtly in that they just made me grow as a person. I'm proud of One Acts, Phantom, getting into DePaul, graduating, the theme concert, being section leader, leading pep band, student assisting, and schol bowl. All pretty lame, but those things made this year for me.

I wish I had written a contract between my ex-roommate and I so that way I wouldn't be struggling as much finicially now. I wish I had saved more money and budgetted more. I am happy that I was able to co-write a lab manual for my university and that I feel more confortable with my choices in life.

really proud of our first Limmud conference.

I wish I'd had more energy and paid more attention to my garden on a daily basis. I'm proud, though, that I've done all I could with my health issues.

I wish I had reacted differently to my feelings of jealousy. I'm still learning to trust my boyfriend (who is a loving, devoted and upstanding gentleman), and trying to understand that he's not like every other man I've been with. I've treated his every move as a "warning sign" of something done to me in the past. It's not healthy for myself or for our relationship. In my mind, when I blow up at the suggestion that he drunkenly crash at a friend's house Saturday night in lieu of driving home, I'm protecting our relationship from future opportunities for infidelity. But in reality, I'm sabotaging what we have. What am I proud of? Working hard to create a party website and "brand" around Formal Fringe. I really love all of the tasks I've gotten to accomplish in making that site happen (things like food styling and photography) and I'm proud of how I've rallied myself to work hard at something that is, for right now, pretty much a hobby.

i wish i had been more generous of spirit and extended a hand of friendship to lionel. i do miss him as a friend even though i cant see ever being in a relationship with him again. if i ever get the chance again i will take it. if he rejects then it is on him and i will have no regrets. i am very proud of taking a trip out west to see friends all by myself. i took my bike and cycled in santa fe and denver. i want to do more of that.

Spent two weeks in France working with three colleagues and good friends. That was a great time. It's a fantastic privilege to spend the day talking with these people, making serious progress on the mathematical problems we study; then go off to dinner as just friends; and to end the day climbing upstairs to the spare bedroom. There is a great deal of trust and generosity being shown (especially by our host!) and it's wonderful to feel that the relationship supports that trust very easily.

Sometimes I wish I could go back to college. I wouldn't trade my baby or my boyfriend, but I miss the carelessness of it all. I miss my friends, and the things we used to do together. But I am proud that i made such a big decision on my own, and I am proud of the year I accomplished out at school at ASU. i am proud of who I am because of my new outlook on spirituality, and being, and I am proud of myself for sticking with commitments.

I wish I had spent more time with my husband and not so much with my cell phone. Or the computer. or on Facebook. I think this is pretty much the same thing that I wrote last year.

I wish I had spent more time on myself and not become so wrapped up in my failing marriage. I lost myself. And I am not proud of that. I am however proud that I stood tall and walked away in order to save myself.

No, as I do not live with regrets.

I wish I had studied harder in school...I don't wish that I'd had less fun, because the amount of fun was appropriate, however, I know I need to become more disciplined. That can be my Yom Kippur resolution or something.

I wish that I had put away more money in our savings, because this year is very slow for finding work.

I wish I had been a more compassionate and patient leader. I am working on it but when anxious, everything good seems to drop aside and I just get tight. I am proud of my partner and how brave he is.

I am especially proud of how I have been growing and handling my divorce and new relationship. There are a lot of things I would do differently, based on hindsight. But, I think what makes me proud is my ability to allow myself to make mistakes, and not have them overwhelm me. I've somehow learned that inadequacy, or failure isn;t a cause for negative feelings towards myself. And, boy, is life easier when I'm not putting a lot of energy into blaming myself for stuff, and then defending against that blame, and then trying to find a way to make it someone else's fault.

I truly wish that I wouldn't have gotten involved in someone else's business, whereas I would still be friends with them today. If I had kept my words to myself, then her and I would still be friends.

I am proud of taking the initiative (albeit belatedly) and making the commitment to losing weight on Tim Ferris's Slow Carb. It has definitely changed my outlook and the way I am considered. It feels good to hear from people who are pleased with the work I've done. I would like to stop getting exasperated and or angry with the girls. They are just kids.

I wasn't always the best housemate in the past year. I can be forgetful about things (say dishes) or careless about them (noise in the morning) in ways that bother others or come off disrespectfully even if not intended in that way. I need to be more conscious about those sorts of externalities, and less defensive when confronted with my own errors. I'm not great at handling information that I've done badly in a positive way: I either want to defend myself against any accusations, regardless of their veracity, or I get too down on myself and take the criticism too harshly when I should use the feedback productively instead. I would love to improve at this. I'm pretty proud of the way I handled grad school applications. I did not leave it all to the last minute, I did not stress too badly over it, and it did not keep me from enjoying everything else in life around that time. I really want to keep that sense of perspective in relation to my work in the future.

I wish I had let loose a little in high school. I was so uptight and I always tried to be perfect. Now that I'm in college I realize that it hardly matters what happened in high school. It doesn't matter who you were or what other people thought of you. I'm proud of how well I did and my accomplishments but I still wish I had known that high school is only one piece of the puzzle.

I wish I was more organized in the planning of big events -- I let another person take over cause it seemed easier - even tho I was afraid .. and then I left on a holiday .. Event was great for those that attended -- but not so good financially.

I wish I had not taken a trip with a certain friend. I need to start paying closer attention to the people in my life and keeping better company. I have some great friends and I need spend more time with them. Alternatively I am especially proud of myself for the social life I have developed for myself this year. I go out frequently, but not too much, and I feel like I have a life. Its a good feeling.

Every year it's the same thing. I wish I could figure out a way to not yell at my kids when I'm afraid. I say afraid b/c fear is the root of every other emotion that makes me yell. I'm glad for the times I've been able to keep my cool, and ashamed of how I've hurt them when I haven't been able to calm the fear. I won't blame it on being a single mom either. Because I know it is much deeper than that.

I wish I felt more power around authority figures. I continue to believe the scary ones can deprive me of my livelihood and security. I hate feeling so disempowered. I am especially proud of how I addressed negative feedback at work. I took the complaints seriously and continue to work very hard to meet expectations.

I am proud of getting all those book chapters and chapbook written and ready for publication. That was a lot of work. I cannot think of anything I would do differently. I do not tend to live in the past.

I wish that, during my last conversation with my husband, I had told him that I loved him. Our last conversation before he died was an argument. It was an argument about how I thought he needed to see a doctor because he was so sick, an argument that I don't regret... because he did need to go... but I regret that I didn't tell him I loved him. I will not get a chance to redo that, and it makes me sad. I am proud that I have been able to survive his loss and keep moving forward.

I wish I was able to visit my family more, and to be more present with them. I find it difficult to stay connected with my siblings in a real way. In fact, I wish I had stayed more connected with my friends also.

I am proud of how committed I have become to eating real, good food. My change to eating only humanely treated animals has not only made me feel better ethically but physically.

I took a risk and left a job that was no good for me, to work with a new company. The new job isn't in my field, I don't make more money and I lost some of the old perks. But my old boss was negative and it had begun to affect my personal life because I brought the negativity home. Now I'm "working to live" - not "living to work."

I wish I would have talked to the rabbi earlier about converting, frankly, and hassled him more about it. However, I am quite proud of the amount I learned anyway. I'm really glad (I wouldn't say "proud" per se) that I got into a good school, that I have resources to research things, that I write for New Voices and TribeVibe and PunkTorah and Flat Hat and that my own blog has 300 views a week SUPER PUMPED ABOUT THAT Basically, I'm glad that I seem to be falling into someplace, now I know some people etc. and hopefully I can do some good in the world, non-profitwise.

I wish I had been more proactive with my goals. It is so easy to put something off for just one more week. And then you've wasted so much time. I'm really proud of how I'm living my life right now. I feel like the way I live is getting closer to my values every day.

I am proud of the way my husband and I have worked together raising our little boy in his first year. At times though when I am tired I feel that I blow up and don't talk nicely to my husband - I could improve on that in the coming year.

I wish I had focused more on my career. I was very determined to get my CFP and a planning job, but have discontinued my career expansion since. I'm proud of getting ride of one of my major stresses..my roommate situation and living on my own.

I wish I would have quit Facebook, what a waste of time. On the other hand, I'm pretty proud of how well I'm learning to manage time regardless of Zuckerberg.

ummm - maybe taken George up on his offer to go to mediation AGAIN before our emergency hearing last summer - even though I had no trust this offer was made in good faith ... maybe have advocated for myself when with the judge despite the fact that she told us she didn't really want to hear from us ... sometimes you shouldn't just do what you are told ...

I feel as though I've made some contribution to CJ by having spent Shabbat or Yom Tov at nearly 30 Kehilot since December 2010. Becoming part fo the prayer community provides a unique, albiet biased sense of the Kehila. In some Kehilot, the prayer crowd is much more representative of the whole community than at others. I've learned a tremendous amont just by refecting on the range of dynamics among Kehilot. One thing htat has surprised me is that the correlation that I expected to find between the quaility of the communal prayer exepreince and the percentage of members who turn out, doesn't seem to exist. Claerly, other factors trump the actual quality of the communal prayer experience. I hope to gain som einsight to this over the course of 5772.

I am proud of my teaching efforts this past year, and my work to try to connect with a bunch of seventh graders at a "failing school," even the most difficult of the students. I can definitely say I did my best at that.

In my past I wish I had made a few better choices in my life. Personal live, idle time . I am proud that I finished college and I stayed in my degree area

I wish I had not given up on my novel. Well, it's not that simple. I jammed as hard as I could on it in October, November and half of December. But I somehow let myself panic and never slowed down enough to see what I was really doing. It was as if I thought I could get in under the wire. Then the fight went out of me and I began wasting time in the library. I haven't written on it since, although I did have a major realization about how to fix it. I am VERY proud of having surfaced from menopause or whatever it is that was dogging me. I don't care if I deserve the credit--I'm taking it. Over the summer, during weeks of actual R&R, I began to understand that what I am is actually fine. I began to feel glad to be alive. In a related event, I discovered that you don't have to train for a long bike ride in the mountains. It's nice if you can, but you can still get there either way as long as you go at your own pace. Doesn't sound earthshaking, but is.

Yes. I should have been stricter with my kids. I'm not particularly proud of anything except maybe taking classes on line and trying to be more positive about change or at least facing it head on and being maybe a tiny, tiny, tiny bit more proactive. I'm proud I paid off my student loan and the loan I took out to move.

I wish I'd done better my studies, and I've learned better to manage my stuff in order to become better.

I always feel that no mater how much time I spend with my kids... its never enough. They are growing up so fast. I wish had taken more time in the good weather months to be outdoors with them. Playing catch, teaching them to ride bikes, getting them into differnt sports or activities. I also wish I made more time to share pictures.

I wish I had been more assertive; throughout my life many if not most of my regrets have come down, one way or another, to my lack of assertiveness and not standing up for myself. That said, I have done it on a few notable occasions and as much as it has been at cost to me (anxiety, tummy aches etc) it makes me feel godo to do it. So, it is sort of perpetually on my "to-do" list. Or moer "to-do-more-of" list!

Too often I got absorbed into my own world. I was rude to strangers on the street, cutting off cars, pushing people out of the way, thinking I always had the right of way, always in a rush, and worst of all, judging people, walking around angry, taking the attention and not giving any. But at least I would sing e'er I went. I should have been more generous, giving people my time, attention, and caring. One thing I am proud of: My Mussar quote about generosity says that we don't often run into the streets saying, "There is a feast here! Come and eat!" I, however, do.

I could wish to have not been so depressed with all the death that's been happening around me for the last 5 years. But if that would mean wishing to feel indifferent about losing so many significant people in my life, then I'm cool with being depressed. Would this be something to be proud of?

There are always things you would like to do differently, and always things you are proud of. I am proud that in spite of being on the recieving end of some significant bullying I am using the experience to better my own sense of self and who I would like to be, but on the same note I wish I would not have allowed myself to participate in discussing this person with other people and getting caught up in the negativity, as this is not the kind of person I would like to be.

I wish that I had made more of an effort with my friends who had children this year. We're all quite busy, and it's becoming more and more difficult to make plans (and frankly, less compelling), but I think of my parents' friends and how they saw me grow up, and I want the same thing for my kids and my friends' kids. And there's only one place to start.

I wish I could have written about RC. I still am held back by some vicarious trauma-type experience. But I am proud that I have taken action elsewhere - applying to ANTS and ChIME, and deciding against the latter.

I have no regrets. I try very, very hard to live my life honestly and openly and not cause problems for myself or others. I'm very proud of that and while I'm FAR from perfect, I work at doing the right thing. It does seem to be effective in eliminating regrets.

I wish I had handled my job situation differently. I was quick to accept the first job that was offered and it's turned out to be a nightmare situation. Luckily, the beginning of the new year sees a new job for me. Alternatively, I'm especially proud of the way my sister, brother and I have become completely inseparable and closer than ever. It's unfortunate that it took tragedy to make it happen, but looking forward, it's nice to know that nothing in the world can break the strengthened bond.

I wish I'd gotten angry less, and snapped less, especially at my boyfriend. It really doesn't help. I'm proud of the way I handled it when my boyfriend called me because he was depressed and I was away helping my parents. I caught my first reaction of frustration (as much at my inability to help as anything) before I said anything. I handled it with empathy and I think I actually helped. I'm proud of the way I interact with my family, how I am committed and communicative and learning to initiate things.

I'm especially proud of the way I dove into life in my new city.

I wish I'd had more confidence in, and love for, myself. I have more today than yesterday though, and tomorrow maybe I'll have even more.

I am proud of my continuing work to be a better partner with J. I am trying to recognize my shortcomings, my need for control and grasping, and to loosen up. I am trying to listen better to her without responding, without an agenda.

I am very proud of getting a First in my degree. Although I only just scraped it and I know a lot of people could have done better if they had worked as hard as I had, it felt great to see that when I really worked for the top it was attainable.

I wish I had worked harder to foster my relationship with my roommate, Brittany. I missed out on much of the closeness we had Freshman year because of my busy lifestyle and her more "homebody" nature. Now that she's studying abroad in Argentina, I really regret not spending more time with her when she was sleeping in the bed next to me.

In a parallel universe, I dumped my boyfriend and cried out the the lonely feelings for 5 months. But the reality is that I stayed with him and headed towards all the feelings that came up about staying instead. I'm really proud of myself for paying attention to every little feeling that came up in the process and for having met those feelings with great attention from loved ones. I think I got both things - cried out some lonely feelings and had a boyfriend. I don't regret not breaking up with him, he's great.

I wish I had tried to be more optimistic. Now that I'm working on it, I realize just how much I missed out on in the last year.

I am so very proud of myself that I was able to go through the entire DBT course. I am also proud of how I have been handling Jake, my oppositional son, this past year. Things have been very hard but I have to say that I have been doing a pretty good job.

I wish that I had pushed harder to get involved and learn applicable skills as a library volunteer. I am, though, proud of the work I've done at my actual job. I pushed myself and found new projects and made sure that things actually got done, instead of just talked about.

nothing at all, just trying to learn from every experience

I wish I hadn't gotten a giant tattoo. I think I was looking for something and thought that would help but it was just a mistake that now I'm living with forever. I'm really proud of myself for seeking help for my depression for the first time in my life. I can't say it changed my life but I'm proud of myself for trying.

I wish I had started moving forward in my life a little sooner, but at the same time I'm proud of what I have done for myself this year. Applying for University, not falling apart when I didn't get in, pushing through my illness and finding a job, working, then applying for upgrading so that the next time I apply to University, I can make sure I get in.

I had a tennis injury and I really should have taken care of it right away, all tho I stayed positive about the way I was going about my healing process. I was proud that I listen to my body.

This past year has had a lot of changes for me... At times I wish that I had handled the relationship I was in differently, but looking back I realize that it was a learning curve and that now I know how to be going forward.

I wish that I had taken more concrete steps to my goals which were set in late 2010.

I always wish I had done things differently. Worked more, worked less, traveled to see family more, taken better care of myself, taken a class to continue learning. I'm very proud of my daughter and the type of mom that she is and continues to be.

I wish I'd expressed myself more. I hold back from writing and reaching out because I assume I don't have anything to say, or that no one really wants to hear whatever I (don't) have to say.

I wish I had been less financially dependent on my parents. And I hope to be able to make it up to them. I am proud of learning to lean on God first and other people second. And that I am good enough at my craft to make a legit career out of it.

I wish I had pushed to take more time off this summer. I had initially planned to take my family on an extended vacation to some of the national parks, but because of budget realities, we did not go. We could have reprioritized some of our spending to make this trip happen.

Less time spent wasted on computers fretting about not getting things done. More time outside and waiting until I could be really productive to get on a computer and isolate myself. I wish I would have written more letters. I've been a good friend. I'm proud of that.

I wish I would not have taken a volunteer role so seriously. I'm glad for the experience and for my contributions but I do wish I had not stressed out about it as much!

I have a pile of paperwork -- mainly income tax filings -- that I have not done and I wish I had the self-discipline to get it all out of the way. I am proud of how I have managed to weather economic difficulty and how I have been able to contribute to very complex projects (when I did have work) and thereby help to make the world a little better.

I wish I had approached my live-in boyfriend about issues I was having with him. I would rather have resolved these issues in a timely fashion rather than ultimately separating from him.

I'm proud of my A+ in psych! I didn't know I would like it so much. It gave me some insight into what I'm good at & how I work as a student.

Traveling is the best decision I have ever made. But I have to remember that my relationships with people are not expendable and that I have to work to make them grow beyond mere acquaintences.

I'm proud of a poem I wrote for my father in law before he died... I am glad other people read it to him, but I wish I had.

I kind of wish I had been more social over all in this past year. It has been kind of a strange year for me. The end of high school, the beginning of college. It's the longest I've ever been without a boyfriend. I tend to use my boyfriend as my main means of socialization, and this year I had to socialize with friends. I wish I had instigated more social situations, but social situations often give me anxiety. I am proud that I was able to survive without a boyfriend, though. I finally learned my lesson from the last guy I dated, and I raised my standards. I didn't give in to unworthy temptations or go out of my way to get attention from some stupid boy. It made me feel insecure and undesirable to not have guys falling all over me this year, but I am glad that I can handle being alone. Even if my coping mechanism is the internet.

I always wish I had done things better - been a better professional, been a harder worker, kept my temper and exasperation in check.

I never got back in touch with a friend after I returned to the area this year. He passed away on Rosh Hashanah. I will never have the chance to tell him goodbye.

Proud of my part in organising the funeral for Konstantin and Rima. I was the ONLY person who knew what to do and I did it. I supported Rima in her distress and hysterics and Colin in his bewilderment. I even brought flowers and argued with the Grave dudes from Hevre Kaddisha who were slack coz it was not a Jewish funeral. 3 people there - Rima, Rev Colin and me - c'est tout! I wish I had enjoyed the financial security the Social Security gave me without all the time fighting to regain My Former Self. Which in the ned I realised that I was not going to be able to do and that nobody expected me to. Though they do enjoy my recovery and seeing me eg on the bike they are happy with anything especially if I am happy too I guess. Then to get the "classification" on the kibbutz of not having to look for work and hear Yael and Riki say We don't you to put yourself under pressure, that's exactly what you don't need" was just so affirming. "Do things you enjoy doing from time to time" said Riki "that's the best thing for your health.

I wish that I could better manage money and my impulses to buy things. I wish I could learn once and for all that credit cards are the fucking devil and that I CANNOT be trusted with them. They are the source of all that is wrong in my life, and rather than make peace with that, I consistently find myself in the same bind. On the other hand, I think I am starting to gain some understanding and am making progress towards dealing with the problem.

Mhh do I wish to do something differently? No I don't think so. Maybe there are things which I had to do better, but I don't want to change them, because there took me to where I am now and I think this is really important. Maybe I had not learn for some test so few or so much but that's okay, too. Ok maybe to drink not that much in one evening, but I am proud, that I am getting better :)

Done differently- no Proud of- Taking on London!

I wish I had gone on Prozac earlier, but I'm delighted I went on it at all. Not only has is stabilized me from tumultuous mood swings, saved my husband untold amounts of stress and given my children a much saner mother, but it's actually made me feel incredibly, euphorically happy. I knew my life was very good - work I love, husband I love, kids I love, good friends, good health, with just a bit too much to do and not quite enough money - but I was at the mercy of my crazy chemistry. I don't think drugs are the answer for everyone, but for me, and at this time, it was important to find a safety valve and something that could keep my troubles in proportion, and this is it.

yes I wish I had pooped more and I am proud of my poops I made.

I'm sad that I've let the events of the past year really influence my marriage. I've been able to at least act, if not feel, strong and resilient on the outside. But, for some reason at home I have lost interest in improving and growing my marriage. I find myself becoming very resentful. I am proud of how I handled my mom's death. I was strong for my family and feel I helped everyone through the initial trauma . I am proud of getting a new job.

I wish that I had started a regular exercise program, consequently, I would like to institute that this year.

No, I am not one to regret decisions I have made, which means I make them carefully, deliberately. I am proud that, while supporting my brother in his crisis, I was able to shepherd the sale of my company to a close and to support my clients, adequately, at least.

I wish I had been more proactive about my health. I wish I had taken more control and lost more weight than I did. I hope to be proud of a healthier version of me this time next year. I am proud of making it through this year. It's been a tough year of adjusting to the many blessings in my life and I feel I have a handle on it.

I quit smoking pot. Sometimes I wish I didn't!

I wish I had the courage to say no. This action is bad for me and the people around me and the people involved in the situation. But I am selfish, and I cannot say no.

I wish I had taken our home improvements more seriously from the get-go, and instead of letting my husband lead I should have immediately determined my own thoughts and design ideas. I know a lot of our frustration with each other this year has been about dealing with his aunts house and our house simultaneously- and if I were more knowledgeable about design or about construction, I could have made more of the decisions and choices. On the other hand, then he wouldn't have felt like it was his renovation, too. And I'm delighted that we, together, have been rebuilding our home into a truly family home- one where we both can be happy and comfortable for years to come.

I have picked up painting again. I dont know what I was doing without it! It is such a part of me. I feel proud that I am putting my work out in the world. It can be scary, but I realize that I will never grow as an artist if I don't reveal myself/ my work to others.

Spent less money on silly shit

Same answer for both! I was laid off in February, and collected unemployment all summer. I spent the summer working out, sailing, and making new friends. It was a blast, and one of the best times of my life. I needed that time to focus on myself, and to just play. On the other hand, I wish I would have put some of that time into developing a business plan for myself and focusing on who I want to be professionally. I am able to work as a substitute teacher, which is all very easy and comfortable, but I'm far too intelligent, ambitious, creative, and talented to stay stuck there. I need raise myself to the next level, but first I need to figure out what it is that I want to do. I wish I would have stayed home more while I had the "free" income to focus on what that might be.

I am proud that I applied for and was accepted into a leadership program where I work. I am keeping up with the assignments, in spite of a difficult schedule. I feel I am making a more important contributions to my work, especially with the launch of a new consumer-oriented website.

This year has been so full... Glad that I have finally started running the week-end workshops with my friend that I always wanted to. Glad to be getting back into massage & doing healing more. It has been a good year. The children/young people are all growing and developing well...

I wish I had been more loving and honest with my feelings. I wish I had been more capable of making myself vulnerable, of asking for help, for showing that I am not perfect and that I am struggling. I did stop working at my profession which I have not enjoyed for more than 30 years but was afraid to end -- I wish I had done this sooner. But, it will enable to live my life differently, with fewer regrets.

I wish I wouldn't let me fear control me and stop me from going for what I really want in life.

There isn't anything that I wish I had done differently because everything is a part of my path of life and happens for a reason. I am really proud of my grades at the moment :-) and I am also proud that I have successfully gotten a few jobs this past year and have not flaked out or quit!

I'm proud of having made it through my postpartum depression. I'd like to say I wish I'd asked for help, but I also feel like no one would have been able to make it go away, or that I might have felt lesser having to rely on others' help. I suppose I need to learn how to maintain my sense of self and inner pride before letting my ego make decisions that affect my children. I don't know how to ask for help. I am not sure how to do this without feeling like I am using people. I don't know how to rely on people without feeling like I am taking advantage. And more importantly, without feeling indebted. I am so worried about feeling like I owe something massive to the person helping that I try never to ask. I also worry that if I HAD asked, no one would have said okay. I was terrified of being rejected. I am not proud of that, nor am i proud of a constant need to appear so strong. I feel I've become unrelenting, unapologetic and hard. I want so much to be better, and I have absolutely no idea how to go about this.

I like to do so many varied things, so I tend to rush from one gathering, event or plan to the next. I don't want to miss out on anything, or miss an opportunity, but in the end, I have little time to reflect, absorb, learn + grow from my experiences. I would love to give myself space to relax, enjoy + just be. I am very proud of the way I handled an altercation between neighboring kids. It started with hurt feelings + name calling between kids aged 4 to 10 years old. I mediated and was able to get them to understand how each of them felt, about being left out, yelled at or called a nasty name. I was able to get them to apologize to one another, really mean it, and within minutes were playing together very considerately. Months later they are all friends, and visit one another's houses regularly.

Differently? Been more honest and open. Not that I have lied or deceived, but I wish I had been more straightforward and also more receptive to let people in. More important though, I wish I had been better at taking care of my health, rather than neglect it. Proud of? I am proud of 'proving' myself at work.

That I could have handled myself differently at work. I don't come off as the most friendly or cheery person, and it is probably why most of my co-workers aren't friendly towards me. On the flip side, I am proud of myself on how I've handled and come to terms with my Asperger's. I still have a ways to go and certain transitions that need to be done, but I've made a start and there's no where to move except forward.

I really wish I could help others more. Their are so many people that need help and their are so many ways to help them. I also wish I would of figured out my teachers method for testing sooner. :) I m really proud that I m on board for my youth group.

I wish that I'd developed a calmer focus and dedicated attention to self and relationships, rather than getting so easily distracted and caught up in over-stimulation. Last year I committed to myself to engaging a meditation practice this year, and doing a 10 day silent meditation. While I did engage in a month of daily meditation through an online community and reading Sharon Sazlberg's wonderful book "Real Happiness," it did not continue beyond that month. And now that we are at the Holidays I am wondering how to really bring meditation in to my life in a real way. I recently heard someone describe the Jewish tradition of teshuva as being like meditation's focus on the breath. When you realize you have erred, you come back to your intention, without judgment. When you realize your focus has wandered, you come back to the breath.

I wish I had been a better, more direct friend to someone with whom my relationship has deteriorated - and that I'd generally kept in better touch with a few friends. I'm proud of the way I conducted my job, against a lot of odds, in a way that earned the respect of my staff (although there are moments I wish I'd handled differently with more foresight)...and I'm very proud of the quilt I made.

I'm especially proud of flying solo "cross country" in September. I would never have dreamed that my flying lessons would have brought me to that point.

I wish I had done more live performances with my band and yet I am incredibly proud of the work we've done and how we have grown and developed.

I wish I accomplished what I planned to do. I am a work in progress. I continue to focus on the positive. I am glad to have taken responsibility for what is mine and let go of what others try to impose. I am very proud of my sons and their accomplishments. If by there success we can judge ourselves as good parents, then I will accept that accolade!

I wish I had applied myself to everything I did, most specifically my classwork. I half assed, took the easy way out and avoided challenges when possible. I lacked the motivation and the drive to do anything beyond the bare minimum and when an opportunity presented itself to increase my grades or expand my knowledge, I simply let it pass and wrote it off as unnecessary. Over the past year I grew, a lot. I found within myself the strength to stick true to who I am and take pride in the fact that I am comfortable enough with who I am that I don't need a group of friends to remind me that I'm important. I took the initiative to make myself happy and to distance myself from people who didn't make me better off.

I wish I had been less closed and more willing to step out of my shell. I closed myself off from many potential opportunities as well as support from my religious community. I felt ashamed and unhappy and very stuck in both my work and my home lifes.

I wish I could find a better work/home balance, as when work is well the house is a mess and viceversa. I'm very proud of my relationship with my husband and how well we communicate to each other, and support each other.

I am proud that I am keeping on with my Mussar practice. It is subtly making a huge differnce in my life, one day at a time, one painful realization at a time.

I wish I had written more. I let so much of my growth this year go undocumented and I know I could continue to learn from the process, had I just taken more time to write it down.

I wish that I would have relaxed and had some fun instead of focusing on working harder and thinking I'm not good enough. Had I done that, I might have found more joy -- and maybe even improved more. Nonetheless, I'm incredibly proud of the time I spent there -- the courage it took just to start, to stand out in the crowd, to be a beginner. All of these things can be terrifying to people and prevent them from moving forward. I did it. I'm incredibly courageous, strong and tenacious. I'm also proud that I've realized I these things, that I made a profound connection this summer and that I continue to grow as a person.

I was interviewed for three jobs and offered all three. I'm proud that I can impress people so much. Also, Jens and I are finally (it seems) learning how to effectively talk to each other. I know I'm learning to deal with him. And I hope for the next year that he is also committed to making his own interactions with me more understanding and hopeful. I'm proud of having moved to Ghana and begun to adjust and I'm very happy to have started a wonderful and independent life for myself with a support network of friends and, just this week, a job with great benefits and a wide-ranging network. I am starting to ask critical questions regarding my future, everything from "tell me more details about this part of my contract" to "when do we get married?" Maybe I'm starting to settle down. In terms of doing differently: I turned down the "dreamer" job with the inspired colleagues, great cause, duties up my alley and low salary for the "practical" job with nice colleagues, highfalutin reputation, routine-but-doable duties, 3x the salary and health insurance. It's a 180 from my MO but I really was tired of depending on Jens's income and wanted to be independent, with a steady job that could take care of me. Esoko probably would have done that too on a local scale, but with the CHC I am so well taken care of. Part of me will always regret this choice because I did have such a great and inspiring five weeks at Esoko - but it is up to time to tell if those regrets will grow bigger as time passes. Two weeks in, I'm still happy I chose the way I did.

I wish I had been able to react better to the stresses that being a new house owner brings, to not let things get on top of me so much and to not have let so many petty things turn into arguements. I wish I could have been more relaxed about things like housework and invested more time into looking after myself, exploring my creativity, learning more new things. I wish I could be more patient, to stop myself from being irritated by things my partner does, to stop feeling like my respect for him is ebbing away. I wish I could stop myself from wishing that I could experience falling in love again. I am proud of some things though. I am proud of how our house is slowly becoming a home through my ideas and our hard work (I have learned a fair bit about DIY and gardening!) I am proud of something that a friend wrote about me the other day, after I'd sent her a little gift. She said 'I don't know how you manage to find time and caring and energy for all the things and people you have in your life' and went on to say I reminded her of someone who is a hero and inspiration to me; she said we share an ability to personally relate to high numbers of people and touch their lives. I don't know if this is true, but I know I have shared a lot of wonderful moments with friends and family this past year, and that I love deeply, am passionate and excited about many things (maybe too many), and take pleasure in the beauty of life that surrounds me each day. I am proud of that.

I wish I would have not let me eating go. I was doing so great when I first moved in with my fiance, then we just started eating out more and saving our bodies and money less.

Wish we would have planned out wedding sooner or told my parents about the engagement...

I wish I had been more honest with myself and would have said no to things that weren't good for me.

I wish I had written down all of the adventures, big and small, my husband and I shared exploring Los Angeles together in our free time. As well as all of the recipes I tried and their results. In the day to day it always seems like nothing is happing and we become so cynical about where we live and our creative lives. In reality we do, see and create so much. I am proud of the results of our melded creative efforts that are apparent in our meals and our beautiful home.

I wish I'd just stuck with school for the last three months and dealt with my problems after. I really wanted to graduate with my class. I am proud that I admitted I needed help and am seeking it out.

I am especially proud of transferring to a new (top-10) liberal arts college. This has been a gigantic change -- after two years at one school, I've had to adjust to a new environment, infiltrate new cliques, and join new activities. Despite entering late, I've found my new school to be welcoming and on balance quite rewarding.

I had a birthday party at my house and, because it's out of my character, a few of my friends decided it would be hilarious to get me very, very drunk. Apparently it was. When my parents came home I was in bed, fresh from the bathroom where I'd been throwing up. So many lovely people came to share the occasion and I ended up embarassing myself as much as I have ever done. Oops... On the other hand, this year I joined Youth2Youth, a helplie for young people, where the phones and e-mails are answered by young people. Not only is it the most worthwile thing I've ever done, not only have I met the most lovely bunch of people possibly anywhere, not only have I really seen and heard the difference I've made to people's lives; but it's just confirmed in my mind that listening and helping people is what I want to do with my life. I never, ever, want to be stuck behind a desk in the office all day. People are simply too exciting.

Part 1 Something I wish I had done differently... I'm not sure it's something I wish I had done differently, because I did it the way I did. What I wish is that I'd listened to my heart and my instinct and made different choices. But again, I'm not sure I could have, or I would have, wouldn't I? It's all about Flute, the little chicken that was. My new neighbors came with 3 chickens and a coop. After hearing how happy I was about it all, they brought me over, in a grocery bag, a little gray pullet who I named Flute. She was a Bantam, and as she and the other 4 young ones grew, she 'expanded' outward but her legs and body length stayed small. She was the last of the little ones. 3 of the others became chew toys for the puppies they also had. The 4th turned transgender, and she grew up to be a rooster (which aren't allowed in the city). 2 of the original three became too noisy and out of control for the family's last weeks of pregnancy, so they killed them as well as the rooster that had been a she-baby. I was thinking that Flute either had great karma, being the only one to survive, or lousy karma, losing all of her siblings, one by one. I got 2 bigger young chickens (thinking they'd be safe from the puppies) to join Flute, so she wouldn't be alone. At this point, Flute and I were very bonded. I would go and sit inside the fenced area, talking to her. She'd come up and sit on me. Once when I was talking to someone just outside the fence, she did what she'd never done before, and what had led to the demise of the other little ones, she jumped up on the fence and then onto my shoulder. I heard her clearly, "You're supposed to be inside with me. What are you doing out here?" But I wasn't listening as well as I thought. In fact, I didn't put it together that yes, like the others, she could climb outside to where the puppies often were free to play. I was still thinking that she'd stay inside, be smarter, only come out to see me. The next day, I saw her body just inside the basement door of the neighbors. At first I didn't think it was she. I thought it must be one of the new chickens. But she wasn't in the back. I couldn't get myself to go inside and look closer, but I could see it was Flute. I could see the feathers on the chickens feet, long and gray. I was grateful that she wasn't out in plain sight. I had to stretch to see her from my kitchen window. But a little later, the puppies brought her outside, their trophey, her middle torn apart. No longer just a chew toy, with Flute, the puppies graduated to being bird dogs, clearly having a taste for chicken. I cried. And cried. And wailed. My heart still hurts as I tell this story. I am grateful for having had her in my life. I am happy knowing that I could bond with a little chicken, something I'd never imagined. But I grieve for the loss of her. When I was finding a home for the 2 chickens I'd just added to the bunch, I regretted that I hadn't put all the pieces together before the puppies got Flute. I wished I'd found a home for her before they got her. That was my regret. Is my regret. But could I have made that choice? Apparently not. I wanted her close to me and didn't connect the dots, didn't look truthfully at the danger she was in. So, yes, I wish I'd done that differently. But I didn't. And I wouldn't change having had her in my life and in my heart. Dear Flute. Part 2 Something I'm especially proud of: I had been sitting on my couch a lot, this second year of unemployment, when I got a call from Q. I'd given his wife my name and phone number and told her that if I were still unempoyed when they opened their new store, I'd love to help them with getting it ready. 6 months later, he called. I spent the next weeks helping unpack boxes, bags and crates from India and Nepal. Then pricing the merchandize. Then helping out in the store, and with their sister's store in the market. For my friends, the first number of months was a gift from me, but really a gift to me as well. I watched as I worked really hard for nothing but good company, and as it turned out good karma. Both of them loved reminding me how hard I'd worked, and how being offered my 2 new paying jobs was a result of that good karma. I had so much fun helping them. Eventually, I asked if we could begin trading for hours watching the store, which we did. I now can trade for gifts of my friends and family. And I really loved being there. I am so grateful to them. More than I think they can know. They helped me see how hard I could work, just for the love of it. I know it was that work that helped me be where I am today, loving my 2 new jobs. I do miss them, though. I'm so busy and have barely seen them. Blessing to you both!

I am very proud of myself for pursuing my dream of writing/drawing a graphic (comics, not explicit) memoir. I'm proud of myself for speaking it out loud and for having the guts to attend the Center for Cartoon Studies. I'm proud of myself for being open to such a great learning experience. Next year i want to say I'm proud of myself for either completing or making huge strides toward completion of my book.

This past year, I would have loved my family more, and been less selfish. I hurt a lot of people I love, lost important people in my life, and can't shed my guilt. I have begun working on becoming a better person, and trying to repair the damage I caused in the hearts of those who loved and needed me in my worst of times. I hope that I will be able to fix things with everyone eventually, and learn to love myself again...or maybe even for the first time... "The easy part is changing. Convincing those who saw the monster you created, that is the hard part."

I am proud that even though my job ended - I made an impact on the lives of those kids. That some of the things I tried to teach them about honesty, integrity, compassion and tolerance of others sank through. I am proud that I can carry those lessons with me to teach other kids in other places.

I wish that I would've stuck to a healthier diet and that I would've been more active. I really wanted to work at becoming a vegetarian this year, but that is something I can work at for next year. Alternatively, I became more active with my passion about the environment and got involved in research on campus and also with the Sierra Club & the National Resources Defense Council.

I'm not sure if I had done anything differently this year. Last year I vowed to live a life without regrets. I have learned to value my life one day at a time. I despise regrets and worked hard to avoid them. I believe in 2011 I did so. I hope in 2012 I have the opportunity to continue that. This is my pride for the year. I truly can say, I lived every day of my life.

I'm proud that I have regained a certain strength of conviction which I found I had started lacking; a layering on top of who I am; a confidence in it. I am back on "the path" that I had wavered from. I am confident that everything will be okay.

I wish I had been more assertive about things I needed to take care of myself. My resolution for the next year is to ask for what I need in a diplomatic way.

Differently: I wish I had taken better care of myself and learned to say no earlier. I'm still adjusting to an influx of invites, but it's what I've always wanted since my relationship broke me down. And that I am proud of: accomplishing that swiftly. I can't believe I've rewired my brain into positive thinking. Just this January I was crumpled on the ground wanting to kill myself. And here I am, reveling in every moment!

I wish that I had done more Jewish things this past year. Gone to shul more. Done more for others. More charity, and volunteering. I wish that I would have been less selfish and done more things that have meaning.

I wish I hadn't started cutting. It wasn't worth it--long term it doesn't help at all and only makes things worse. I wish I had been more selective in choosing my friends...however I'm proud of using my struggles to help others, and of seeking the help I needed and opening up to those I learned I can trust, even though it was scary.

I am especially proud of my parenting skills. I feel that I'm very in tune with my daughter and that I'm doing the best that I can. However I haven't been the most affectionate or doting wife. I try to be supportive of my husband, but I do get frustrated and short with him, though I know that he has a lot on his plate. I take out my disappointment with his family on him, though I know that he can't control their behaviour. I am disappointed in myself that I didn't better prepare for returning to work. I should have spent some time on professional development before jumping back in. Now that I"m working and being a mom, it is so hard to find time to stay on top of things.

I did such a good job of saving money the whole year and then the past few weeks I have been spending with total abandon. I need to get that back in check.

I wish I had exercised. Lost weight, managed my money better. Id feel better about my future. I'm proud of how I have parented my kids.

I'm proud that I have stood my ground, and stood up to people in my life who sometimes have pushed me around. I am also proud that I have stuck to my guns and been compassionate and forgiving in other situations. I'm proud that I always stick to my gut.

I think I've grown alot the past year, especially in the way I mediate situations. Of course there is still plenty of room for improvement. I do wish that I could get back into an excersize routine. I need to continue to lose weight, hopefully to help myself feel better, but have a hard time just doing it! I would also like to go back to school. I am afraid of the time constraints and dedication it will take to move towards my Masters Degree.

Better self care. Proud of getting my youngest son back into the community.

I've been having a somewhat difficult time not regretting joining a recovery program for my eating disorder earlier in the year. I feel like that in certain ways the year was totally wasted. I don't think that this is the best thing for me - as it is not particularly helpful to regret things. However, the main thing is that I found a recovery program at some point during the year -- and am being successful and edging my way into a new life and way of living apart from binge eating. It's also possibly good to remember that positive life changes are good to make - and good to make as soon as possible -- because in the end, you will probably regret not doing them soon enough.

Reading through my responses the past few years, the answer remains the same. The only thing I would have done differently is to have been more physically active, especially more yoga. But I have had a wonderful year and I am proud that I let myself adventure.

I should have consume less TV, less unhealthy or sweet food, do more exercises and write at least three pages of my book each day. For a while I managed to stand up very early in the morning and that let me get all my things done in the morning. When I got lazy, I often missed to do a lot of important things because I slept longer. Today I know that all I did not finish before 10 o'clock in the morning, I will not finish over the whole day (or sometimes even over the following days).

This last year, I think I have begun to get a handle on the inner critic, and began to trust myself and the universe more. I'm not totally overcome it yet but It's a start.

I'm glad I found a passionate interest in yarnwork, which I've shared with Phoebe. I'm glad that I continued with therapy and am appreciating that moods and emotions are not real, but rather personal overlays I can affirmatively choose to use. I am glad that I now recognize that indignation can transmogrify into reason, by simply changing an exclamatory sentence or phrase into a declaration. I've made more friends than I've lost this year -- and while I still have a ways to go with juggling adult responsibilities, over all my daughter continues to thrive, and I am making progress.

I've made some new friends, and discovered a lot of great music. There's a lot of things I would want to have done differently, but I think things usually work out the way they do for a reason, so let's just let all of that stand.

I wish I had spent less time working and worrying about losing my job. It's counterproductive. The world has changed and my employer is behind the times. I'm nervous about starting my own business and haven't made the leap yet. I'm very happy that I finally found a diet that works for me. Not so much a diet -- more of a food lifestyle. I feel so much healthier on a grain-free diet, have lost 17 lbs. since March, and am no longer clinically overweight. It's amazing how much more energy I have, how it's so much easier to move around, how my joints don't hurt anymore. 12 lbs. more to goal weight, continuing to lose about a pound per month.

I wish I hadn’t continued to coddle my adult children who are in their early 20s. I love them but think I do too much for them. On the other hand, I’m proud that they are smart, clever, well-liked, and creative and some kind of way will make their mark on the world!

I wish I hadn't wasted three months studying for a UN exam. I wish I hadn't been so wimpy about what I want to do. I wish I had taken time to enjoy myself instead of being so scared every single second. I am proud that I went to Mexico. I am proud that I decided to apply for my MFA. I am proud that I am almost done with a first draft of my novel and that I am done with many other stories. I am proud about the businesses I am starting, even if they amount to nothing. I wish I had been a better girlfriend/fiancee/partner to my beloved. Sometimes I don't know if I do a good job of expressing how I feel about him, even as I fly around from one thing to another with his endless support. I wish i could have been as good to him as he was to me.

I wish I had remembered that staying busy is the key to my self worth. Winter time in Chicago can be a deathly season---and the past two years I've had little work during this already depressing time. I know that when I'm very busy with work, I'm satisfied. This was not the case and I wish I had pushed myself a bit in different directions to get new work. Alternatively, however, I am proud of the decisions I made this summer to get out of my comfort zone and travel and take new classes and meet new people. It has led to much artistic inspiration and soul saving.

I wish I had pushed past my fear of being in the way and flown to see my brother the second he told me he had cancer. There was only five weeks between his diagnosis and his death, and I blew it. Saying goodbye to him on the phone wasn't enough.

I'm proud of keeping my head above water, in every metaphorical sense of the phrase. That's enough. Catching that possum in my kitchen was pretty awesome, though. Never wait for a professional to do what an amateur can do for a $10 rental and a can of cat food.

I wish I had worked out more, and not worried so much. I'm proud of persevering through the financial crisis and keeping my practice open. I'm also proud of having successfully helped every patient I've had this past year.

I'm proud that I have cultivated a stronger relationship with my parents this year. I think that I have become better at accepting them for who they are and having more realistic expectations. On the other hand, I think there is room for me to work on my relationship with my brother over the coming year.

I've spent much of my life trying to make myself different/better/worth something and it hasn't worked. I think right now I'm learning to accept myself for who I am and be ok with that. I'm trying to not spend a lot of my time thinking I should never have been born, that I make the world a worse place just by existing, and that everything I do is wrong. So, no. I don't wish I had done things differently. I have always done the best I was able to and one of my goals is to stop being so hard on myself. I guess that's the thing I would be particularly proud of too-how hard I've worked to change some very difficult thought patterns. And how successful I've been so far with that.

I wish I had been more honest with myself about my feelings and intentions. I thought too much about what I wanted, and not enough about how that might affect the people I care about. I didn't express my feelings and thereby allowed people to operate on outdated assumptions.

I wish I had made more room for others to take leadership in my community. I learned this year that sometimes you need to be able to be comfortable with a void and sit in a vacuum of leadership for others to allow themselves to consider their own potential. Too often, I was uncomfortable with a moment of leadership "silence" and filled that silence too quickly.

I'm proud I got my degree, and that I was there for Chiara. I'm proud I did my best, as much as I could. I'm SO happy with how my friendships developed this year. I felt valued, on my own terms, for the first time, really. I wish I'd been better to my mum, my brother. I wish I'd gone to my Grandma's funeral. I wish I'd been less self-indulgent as far as feeling bad goes, and wallowed less. I wish I'd taken more risks, and lived more like a 22 year old. I wish I'd been less angry, less sad, less jealous, less insecure.

I wish I had yelled at my son less. I wish I had danced more. I wish I had adopted a healthier lifestyle, lost twenty pounds, and was healthier now. I wish I had kept up with a good friend of mine, whom I rarely speak to anymore.

I'm proud for getting through everything. I wish I could have taken a step back and known what I know now, but I guess that's contradictory because I wouldn't have learned from the experience.

I wish I hadn't told my aunt I would move in with her, and then move in with her. I lost a good friend in the process, and while I'm a little sad about it, I kind of feel a little relieved, too, for some reason. Maybe it's because it's one less thing to worry about? I mean, moving out of her house let me move into my grandparent's house, which let me come to China for the year. Without my grandparent's encouragement I wouldn't be in China.

I wish I had been more disciplined about my writing practice this past year. I feel like I let anything and everything distract me and consistently put my own creative work last on the priority list. I know that I can't get anywhere without a routine, but I can't seem to stick with one. I also wish that I had been better about keeping in contact with my friends and family and all those dear to me. I have been turned inwards so often this year, doing all sorts of personal work, and it feels like I have not done enough of the important outwards work of keeping relationships alive and growing. Maybe no one else noticed (or maybe they did), but *I* noticed. And I want to change that in the year to come.

I am incredibly proud of the fact that I have maintained a 4.0 GPA in my first year of graduate school. Also, I absolutely love my job as a Health Educator. I challenge myself everyday by writing curriculum, constantly learning, and working with teenagers. I have never been more proud of myself and I can keep it up.

I wish I hadn't quit working out after my trainer left for Colorado. I am glad I've worked on acquiring more art skills and contacts.

At times my focus and determination for achieving my goals has been deterred, mainly due to events that took a blow to my confidence. I sometimes let things get me down and it affects my focus. In future I aim to use these hurdles as motivation to try harder and persevere despite any setbacks.

i wish i had stayed in california instead of writing my exam..maybe things would have been different..maybe my husband would have not been brainwashed..i wish we could go back in the past but unfortunately thats not how things go.

I really wish I had cared about what exactly I wanted to do with my life last semester. Now that I have it all figured out, I know how hard it's going to be to try to move forward from here.

I wish I had taken more risks in pursuing significant others over the past year. Time and again, my fear of failure prevented me from trying to take a relationship to the next level, and I told myself I wasn't good enough so I wouldn't have the confidence to ask girls out. It was sad to see myself so emotionally lonely by the end of my freshman year.

Wish I had gotten off my ass sooner, in terms of getting into shape, meeting new people, eating right, focusing on work. I've let myself get way too distracted at times and didn't really focus in on the right things until after my hospital experience in June.

I wish I'd been more 100% present in the times I spent with my grandkids.

I wish that I had been more social. And that I never started drinking. I love it to much. Over spring break, I got really wasted and it felt so good to just exist, no feelings or anything and I loved it. And now I feel like I want that feeling again. I'm really proud that I finished pledging and that I finally moved out from under my parents. I got initiated and it felt good, I could finally just stop being required to be places and what not. And I moved out this summer, got a real job that I love and such. I love it to. So much more freedom.

Wish I had done differently: Wish I hadn't done that musical theater project. Felt SO out of place the entire time; my voice does NOT want to do that. The positive flip side is that it made me realize that what I really feel passionate about is working on my own music and singing in my own voice. Also wish I had stuck to my nutritional goals - some health issues were a result and now it is a challenge to get rid of those habits. Proud of: finally starting percussion lessons! It is hard work and very humbling but SO much fun and it is fun to feel progress in my playing.

During the month we were at the beach, even though I was working hard for the first two weeks, I got healthier. I took long bike rides, enjoying the uphill stretches that opened up to ocean views; I took long swims in the ocean and the ponds. I worked out hard but in beauty and while exploring a place I loved. And my colitis improved and I slept better and I went back to eating foods I thought I couldn't tolerate. But what I'm proud of is that when I came back to regular city life I kept on working out longer and harder, either outside - I haven't been into a gym in months - or doing yoga. And I'm still feeling much better than last year. I brought some of the vacation home with me.

I am proud of how much I networked this year and how quickly my efforts to find a job paid off. I would have liked to maintain that degree of involvement in my field once I started working.

I wish I had maintained more consistent communication with friends who do not live in close proximity. I wish I had offered more support to my sister who was frustrated with her graduate program mentor. I am proud of myself for acting on my professional interests and taking the bold step in accepting a presidential leadership role in a pharmacy school organization. Also, I am happy with myself for reaching out to professors for research and learning opportunities. I am proud of my professionalism and maturity in handling conflict in my personal and professional life.

A couple times when I've experienced another pier's success I am genuinely elated for them ...but sometimes I was so eager to share my excitement with/for them...I became a little inept at expressing it. Proud of finally getting my ass back to school and the journey it now has me on.

Done differently? Figured out that Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD) has a huge spike in women in perimenopause and that the old-school mainstream medicine messsage that it has to show up in childhood does not apply to women. I'm especially proud of the bidding war and book contract that I've got with Scribner for my first book, The Hormone Cure. Woot! Now, back to my research and new paradigm thinking about women, ADD and perimenopause...

Its funny, I am repeating my answer from last year, but I feel like this has already begun to change in the last month in the direction that I want it to. I wish I had taken better care of myself. I wish I would have done more yoga and exercised more, and eaten better. I am proud of starting to listen to my intuition more. With the Yosi thing I finally gave into my intuition (though maybe I was forced to given that my body just couldnt take it anymore), and the Alejo situation I also listened to it. I am still mastering the courage to act upon things in the way I hope to, but I am getting better at listening to myself and accepting myself. (Oh that said, I regret having neglected my intuition in the Moshik situation.... that was a step back, like 5 years ago....) I guess i am good at acknowledging things more? I just have to work on the implementing a little more.

Wish I had made more headway on de-cluttering my home.

I wish I had managed my finances better. I keep living in denial about what I need and how much money it takes to live my life. I end up struggling to do the things I've promised because I've blown money on something else. I've missed social events, haven't had health care, and have continually "borrowed" money from my (also struggling) mother. This needs to stop. I'm proud of the way I've excelled at my job. I entered a new industry and have been shown respect by people in high level positions. It only fuels me to work harder and keep moving up!

I'm proud that I was able to keep things together financially despite difficult market conditions and that I've been able to expand my client list for my consulting business. I regret my decision to purchase an investment property at an auction, which turned out to be more trouble than it was worth and had to be sold for a small loss. The worst part was that it eroded the trust of my wife in my investment skills, which has led to a lot of finger pointing and 2nd guessing.

There are many things I wished I had done differently and I have learned from them. However, overall, no huge regrets. I wish I had taken better care of myself and focused on what I needed to do for me and not just react and respond to everything coming at me. I have a hard time being proud. I don't even know how to think about that. I am proud of my work for the Avenues. It is one place I think I am making a difference.

I have survived so much this year: simply being here is a major achievement. But more than that, I have managed to achieve positive things during terrible times. In the past year, I have lived through a major natural disaster, and seen my job disappear, and had major illness in my family. I've also managed to conquer a phobia in order to get my driver's license, and find a new job and get a promotion, and started a new qualification.

I'm proud that I trained for and raised money for a Team in Training half marathon. There were so many bumps along the way-my coach quit, the training team fell apart, fundraising was a lot harder then I thought it would be, but at the end of it all, people surprised me and I surprised myself. I really didn't think I'd make my goals, but I did and it was wonderful.

I wish I had taken more time to recover from my surgery and not pushed myself to get back so soon. I am proud that I left my job after so many years of struggle, I am proud of my husband and our relationship and the future plans we are making.

I am slowly progressing with the writing of my book and achieving a product which I am proud of.

I wish I had been more social during my time in DC. I was so busy working and studying that I slept during my free time/breaks and didn't visit any of the Smithsonians or go inside the National Mall. I'm proud that I made the decision to do a semester off campus in DC and in Europe.

I should have become serious about starting my business. I'm learning how to swim!

I wish I had argued more strenuously for Sigwald, my grandmother's statue. I'm proud of everything else. I'm proud of my church and my friends and that I try to do good things. I guess I wish I had written more. I was proud of my convention speech.

I wish I could be more patient and involved in the care of my Mother. She was spending 3 months here and then 3 months at my sisters house. She needs so much daily care-I feel it is more than I am able to do right now. But my sister, whose health is not very good-is able to handle it. I think I am especially proud of getting involved in the community since my Mother left. I am proud of my part in caretaking for my husband, daughter and father in law.

I wish I had given up my job to spend more time with Pat but the truth is we didn't know time was so short. I am so proud of Pat, the man he was, the way he gave himself completely and with great humility. And I am proud of my children for how they loved and cherished their dad as he was dying.

I am so proud of my little girl. Every time I look at her I can only see love.

I wish I had learned more patience for my children. I love them dearly, my family. I struggle as a single parent -- for balance. Now, new disequilibrium. Learning to love them well, to accept them more. They need security, to not be judged. Being able communicate openly with my children and to know they feel truly at home is important.

I wish that all of the work that I had put into my part-time job were invested into something I can use into the future. Yet, I am especially proud to be someone that was relied upon on this part time job. And if I had to do something differently, it would be to take her requests for lunch faster, and to stop being afraid to get closer to her.

I have made a concerted effort to spend more time with my elderly mother, doing things together. She is in her late 80s, still in good health and as sharp mentally as ever, but I am aware that she may not be with us for many more years and am determined not to look back with regret, wishing that I had spent more quality time with her. She has been teaching me how to cook and bake all our favourite family recipes, so that I will be able to make them when she is no longer with us. I am also helping her to complete her personal memoir and our next task is to plan our own funerals!

I'm proud of myself for sticking to my original plans for my sabbatical, especially when that little voice in me was telling me that it was a waste of money to spend so much on it. Which really means that I don't believe that I deseve good things in my life. Differently, I wish that I didn't listen so much to tha little voice. Something to change in the coming year.

I wish I can approach my explanations of my expectations to my husband differently. Its seems when I try to ask questions or bring up things he takes it as criticism. I do not know how to not come across critical. I am proud of my effort at work. I find my new career enjoyable and it makes me want to work harder.

I do wish that I would have tried to mend the relationship with my mom this past year. She's obviously getting older and truly who knows how long she is going to live. It hurts that she's not a part of my life - but the phone email work both ways. The boy gets to see her once in a while, but that's not enough. Maybe this year we'll finally mend what is broken. I am proud of my son. He's certainly had a lot of adversity in his little life already and all of it undeserved. He's an amazing little boy and I can only hope that my life and my previous choices don't scar him forever.

I wish I had kept my promise of doing more for myself. I wish I had spent less time worrying about things and more doing. I wish I had invested more of my time into the people that really care about me. Nothing I'm especially proud about. I guess the fact that I still managed to honor almost all of my work commitments after the earthquake when so many others didn't or couldn't

Yes, wish I'd spoken up more for myself, in general. And, I'm embarrassed to note that I wish I'd gotten a second job, just as in last year's questions! I wish I'd gone ahead and had my condo painted, too, though I recognize that's a superficial thing.

I wish I had been even more committed to change. In that way I might been even further along my path of recovery from addiction.

I am proud of the jobs that I've applied for, but I wish that I was more confident in interviews.

I wish I had noticed more of what was happening around me and not been so focused and worried about business and money. I am proud of how my wife and kids have lived and acted this past year. I have seen growth and maturity in all of them.

I don't really like the first question. Because I don't have regrets. I have the results of choices I've made. I like the fact that I went to Iowa because of the fireflies (as opposed to some super faculty member, or the promise of glory). I would choose it again -- though I might have spent more of my time with people I think are awesome and brave. Okay, I wish I would have spent more time with Dana, Bryan, and Lori. I wish I would have taken more initiative to hang out with Tahlia. I don't regret the places I've gone. Rather, I regret leaving under such a bitter cloud of resentment -- which is my own fault for sticking it out longer than I should have. Alternately, I am proud of riding my bicycle across the entire state of Illinois all by myself, and having the wisdom and courage to break out of a bad situation.

I wish I had been more organized and done more activities and hobbies. But that's a chronic issue. I am proud of how hard I worked through recovery and rehab to insure that my hip replacement was successful, which it is. I am also proud that I have continued with physical exercise at a new location after the closing of the supervised program I attended for 3 years.

I wish I had put the effort into finding a lock to leave on the bridge of locks in Paris. It is the one thing I regret about my life changing journey this summer. I discovered the bridge and it's tradition too late to have brought one with me and felt too overwhelmed by trying to navigate through the city and the language to search for a place to buy one. Though I plan to make it back there and have a lock ready when I do, no one knows what the future holds. It could take years. Had I left it this summer, looking for the lock when I returned years from now (or perhaps when the members of my family visited in future) would make that experience richer.

Is there something I wish I'd done differently? That's such a hard question to answer today. I wish I wasn't getting divorced, I wish we could have figured out how to gap the bridge between us. But I can only ask so many times to come home. I'm sorry I fell apart when you left. I'm sorry I wasn't even stronger than I've been that you're leaving didn't tear me apart and your needing space didn't effect me so profoundly that I could have carried on as if there was the blip I hoped it would be. But I was a strong as I could be for as long as I could be and I couldn't hold on anymore, so I let you go. Isn't that the mantra, if you love something set it free. You're free. I'm left holding the bag. I really can't see how I could have done anything differently, it hurt too much to hang on. Converesly, I'm proud of the healing I've done so far. I'm proud of the way I've looked at the people and situations in my life and been able to assess what is the healthiest choice for me and my family. I'm proud of taking my kids on the road trip up to shasta. Not allowing this divorce to prevent me from giving my children a sense of exploration and adventure that was such a significant part of my childhood. And I'm proud that I am able to create a stable home for them. I'm not sure if they appreciate it now (they're kids, do they ever know to appreciate?) but I hope they feel a measure of security in this divorce. I think not putting the kids emotionally in the middle of this divorce mess is the best thing we've done this year. It's still hard and confusing for them, but I think they're in a good place (of course you never know what they'll say to their therapists when they're older). What I know is that I'm trying to be as open and straightforward with them as I can be about what is practically going on with me and mitchell, while still protecting their need for a loving and respectful relationship with their father.

I wish I had taken action to see a therapist when I was going through a hard time. I hope that I will follow through on this in the coming year so that I have a stronger support system for when I go through tough times in the future. I'm proud of myself for taking action in my job search when I was unhappy at work. I would be unhappy and in a dead end job if I hadn't left. It was the right choice, though sometimes it makes me nervous even now, months later.

I'm especially proud of my performance on the baseball field this year. Although I'm not the biggest or strongest kid and I certainly don't throw the fastest, I was able to use my head and stay calm and it produced very successful results at a higher level than I'd ever competed before.

i would not have done anything differently from the past year, sometimes i did stupid things and i have learnt from them, i have grown so much emotionally and as a person this past year and don't want to change any of that

I'm proud that I got up the courage to "invite myself" to join the Praise Team at church. It's definitely been a great experience for me spiritually. But I wish I had taken care of this cold/cough/whatever as soon as it appeared. It's definitely been around way too long, and it does affect my singing.

I can't really say. I don't regret anything really. I guess I wish I had spent more time trying to be happy instead of letting depression and worry eat me up. I'm proud that I made it through everything, and that somehow someway I'm on the right path.

I am especially proud that I did a better job of balancing my home and work life. It is not easy to want to have a successful career and at the same time strive to be a great parent. Being a great parent requires showing up even when you have no more energy. I am proud that I was able make the choices that allowed me to feel comfortable with my focus at home and at work.

I'm especially proud of planning our wedding! It was worth all the money, time, and effort. Everything was so much more amazing than I ever could have imagined. It was a beautiful day. I also know our friends and family contributed a lot to make it special. Still on a high over a month later! Wonder how long it will last.

Again .... it relates to My Mom; I'm proud of having helped Mama in her last years of Life. Sometimes my patience grew short, but I always loved her, and I know she knew this. I was her Health Care Advocate; I helped her - we all (4) girls helped her, as best as we were able to, under the circumstances. I sometimes wonder what Daddy would have thought of how Mom declined; what would he have thought of how we (The Girls) handled the situation. I hope he was understanding; we did the best we could - I did the best I could do.

I think I needed to have more of a balance of work and play. I seem to go in waves. I need to continue with that struggle. And spend time more time with my mother. I am proud of how I came out of the work chaos - it was incredibly stressful and challenging. While I still struggle with how to support my friends who lost their jobs. Acceptance that life is struggles and joys.

I cannot think of anything I wish I had done differently; everything has already happened, and it is in the past. I am happy with who I am right now, so I do not regret doing anything this past year. I am proud of the fact that I was able to raise enough money to go to Israel. This was one of the first things that I was so dedicated to that I KNEW I would make it work, and even in the face of adversity, I made it happen :)

I am proud of the way I have brought up my girls and they are raising their families. I am happy with my career direction and hope I will be able to make a difference. I would have loved to have the strenght to defy my husband and hire someone to finish our house. I hate living in the mess we are in.

I wish we had socked away more savings. Being unemployed in a large city, living off of one income has become too much to bear. On the another note, I am glad that I have finally completed my journey to become a teacher, no matter how much we have had to struggle along the way.

I finally " got up the courage" to have an exhibition of my paintings after a long hiatus. I am angry with myself for ( out of fear ) not becoming directly involved with a very important environmental/political issue

I wish that I didn't give so much of myself to other people. And the times that I did want for myself, I wish I hadn't felt guilty about it. I feel like I put a lot of other people before myself and that these people didn't realize how much of a sacrifice I made for them. And what's more is that they never would do the same thing for me.

I wish I took swimming lessons earlier. I just learned that I've been doing everything backwards. It's pretty much a metaphor for life: my stroke had no power, my kick was keeping me back and I was using techniques from the 90s. That about sums it up. On on the pride front -- who-hoo! I did a good job getting out of my comfort zone and it resulted in some real wins -- collaborations and growth and a new job and a new outlook. It's really a big deal. I think I can move forward at a better clip now with a refined stroke.

I wish I was motivated to cook more exciting, delicious dinners for my family. My husband is an amazing, gifted cook and makes it look so easy. I wish I carried my weight more in that department...

I'm proud of the work I did at my school's student advocacy group, and the extent to which I was involved in the leadership positions, namely in the activism and art departments. It was an amazing experience, and given the chance, I would do it over and over again. I wish I'd been less snide, and been proactive.

I am especially proud : * that I was ranked #2 in the Students' List in the previous school year. * that I was able to travel outside my country for the first time and alone at that. I wish that I had not bitten off more than I could chew this past first semester. I think I have so much on my plate that it's spilling off the edges.

I wish I had been more healthy, and more brave. I wish that I had been more proactive, less complacent. I wish I had grabbed the bull/book/pen/paper/paintbrush/canvas/ladder/steering wheels/vitamins/yoga mat/running shoes/moment alone/windowsill/watering can by the horns.

I wish I would have handled things differently with the girl Kevin cheated on me with. Yes, it takes two to tango, so to speak, but it wasn't all her fault. Kevin made her believe that he was in love with her. He played us both. I wish I didn't hold my grudge on her as long as I did & in turn, make her life awful. I am not that person. I let Kevin go with a free-pass but made sure she got NOTHING besides her now boyfriend. I am proud of the fact that I moved on. I am proud of the fact that I reached out & forgave her. I am proud that I moved away from my family & all that I knew. I am proud of who I am becoming.

I wished I would have been more honest with myself and with those around me. I avoid negative feelings like the plague and I always feel guilty about either expressing them or even standing up for myself when I have felt wronged. Part of me even wished I could have been a little braver in confronting people that continually seem to hurt me, including those who are very close to me. I am proud of the fact that I have gone through an extremely stressful year (death, disappointment, job changes) and I didn't touch a cigarette. I quit smoking around last Rosh Hashanah and though I have wanted to get near a cig and release that stress, I fought that urge. I began to write again, which is now my choice of a therapeutic medium.

I wish I had saved more money and read more books. I'm proud I got my first job, got into college and that I kept reguraly on volunteering!

As I made the decision to switch jobs - based on the fact that the old office didn't try hard enough to keep me - I wish I had handled myself in a more professional way. I can't let my emotions impact my workplace as I did with that past situation. I think I have learned from that experience and am proud of the way I am handling the insability and unknowns with this current position.

No regrets spring to mind. Or maybe one: not completing my Touch Europe Level 3 referee's exam sooner so that I could have been a Level 3 referee at the World Cup and would have been eligible for upgrade to Level 4. I had the take-home exam last September, but I didn't complete it until the eve of the tournament. I'd been so busy with work and social life that I just didn't have the time or the energy to fit it in. I meant to do it in my week off at the beginning of December (the deadline was supposed to be early December), but I was so exhausted, I spent most of that week in bed. I'm proud of how well I did at the World Cup. I think I finished in the top 40 referees, if the appointments to the final games meant anything (I'm not sure they do). That's a great achievement considering I had the lowest badge level. I also wish I went to bed earlier. I've got a terrible late-night habit, which makes getting up in the morning difficult. I find the habit hard to break because I get a second wind about this time at night (currently 21:47) and spend so much time on the internet.

I wish that I hadn't assumed that my husband would find a job and I wish that we hadn't rented an apartment that is beyond our means. I'm proud of myself for working hard and finding a job that is meaningful and challenging.

I wish I had done a better job with taking healthy actions to control my diabetes better, manage my migraines better, and accomplish my weight loss & exercise goals. I am proud that despite stumbling several times on my personal health & happiness goals, I kept getting back on track. Life is a circular journey, not a straight line.

Wish I managed my money better, but I've travelled a lot, so that's the flipside to it. The irony is that i work in finance and can't handle my cash to save my life. Proud? did my first half-marathon (two, actually) and went to Canada! I've been to about 20 countries and made my first trip to the great north. The interesting part is that I went to Vancouver and not even Ontario. Hopefully that'll change.

I definitely wish I would have stood up for myself more this past year. And also to have the confidence to be really decisive--make a choice and got for it. I am always afraid of what other people think, of how I would look. In the end, my fear, and anger at myself just built up inside, and it didn't help me or others around me. I'm very proud of becoming more active, and losing weight. Not so much the number on the scale b/c I refuse to weigh myself, but I know my clothes are looser, and I know what my body can accomplish. I have run 3 10K races (my 4th one is in 3 weeks!), and constantly try to eat healthier and be more aware of my body and what I put into it. I am surrounded by family members who constantly talk about their ailments. It's scary to think that one day my body will not be able to function like it used to, so I am trying to get healthier and take advantage of how young, able-bodied, and energetic I am, and be the best I can be. My body is the best instrument I know, and I don't want to waste it.

I have had several ideas that I have not acted on as much as I wish that I had in the past year. I have made steps on some of them, but I wish I had made more progress. But I am proud that I have started on them!

I wish I hadn't let my healthy habits slide from May through August. I had made some really steady progress, and I still am, but I can't help but think about where I could've been if I hadn't just let myself slide during the summer. However, I take a lot of solace in the fact that over the course of the past year, I've lost more than 30 pounds, I've lowered my resting heart rate, I've focused on nutrition and building healthy eating habits, and I'm finally starting to feel like the weight loss goals I ultimately want to achieve aren't so insurmountable after all.

I feel I am a better person; I undertook a year's psychotherapy from August 2010 to August 2011, and comng through this has made me accept myself for who I am.

I'm proud of my efforts with the SVA. I'm proud of myself for getting through a horror of a semester at a different campus with ridiculous weightings. If could've done something diferently this year i would have talked to my Grandma more. She's not here and more and I wish I could've known more about her life before I was born. I also wish that I had taken more photos of her and I together. Another thing I would have changed about my activities this year is that I would have made myself visit my Grandad in hospital more often. I also would made my opinion more known and not stayed as quiet as I have this past year.

I honestly wish I had been more proactive about moving onto another job. I remained very patient in my current role waiting for a promotion which had been hinted at, and now I am faced with imminent redundancy and no promotion/salary increase. It sucks. However, I am philosohical about these things and I do not believe life is a race, and I will operate at my own pace.

I don't know that I'm particularly proud of anything, other than perhaps successfully teaching the French IA and IB classes at school. I was so nervous about teaching true beginners and connecting with such young students, but it was really successful. I actually enjoyed the little ones (French IA) more than I did most of my other classes! In terms of something I wish I had done differently, I wish I had treated my boyfriend with a bit more kindness. He took such wonderful care of me and was so supportive when my mom passed away, and sometimes I can be really mean to him. I also think I take him for granted sometimes, inadvertently. I wish I could bottle up how much I love him and appreciate him, and then take doses of it when I'm in one of my angry phases. I think that a lot of my anger at G-d and the world at my mother's untimely death gets taken out on him. I wish I had been a better and more loving girlfriend. I also wish I had done a better job connecting with my friends and loved ones, rather than shutting off after mom died and disconnecting from people who were trying to reach out to me.

I wish my first Y--- email had been different. I was nervous, and angry, and afraid, and all emotional about it. But otherwise I'm proud of what I sent, on the whole.

I'm proud that I started a Maj group with 5 other friends. I feel like I'm continuing a sacred tradition!

I wish I had worked through my summer gallbladder illness and gotten more done with my honors thesis. Now I'm so stressed that I don't know how I'm going to make it to December in one piece. At the same time, I almost couldn't help but feel incapable of working at that time. I'm very proud that I have learned to treat my fiancé better. A few days ago, I couldn't call him my fiancé. Then he proposed, and I knew that we finally felt like we were in the right place to get married.

I wish I had been more organized with my time and helped my children gain time management skills. Mostly I wish I yelled less and was more patient.

I wish I stayed in Baltimore and not moved to NYC. I'm proud of becoming a father and taking a risk re: going into the real estate business and working on commission.

I'm extremely proud of myself for graduating with flying colors, successfully and safely roadtripping to Bonnaroo, working away from home for a month and going off to school. I wish I hadn't let myself stress so much over the dumb little stuff in my last year of high school.

I am proud of my family and appreciate that they let me live with them.

I wish I had not let my depression and resentment over some recent life-changing events take over my life. I wish I would have been able to cope better and been a more supportive wife to my husband who unexpectedly lost his job and has been out of work. I watched my son graduate from a top-rated college in May--a young man who had to overcome many obstacles growing up and whose ability I had underestimated. Watching him accept his diploma was so rewarding and fulfilling. As I watched him walk across that stage, I realized I had really done a good job as a mom and that he was as ready as he was ever going to be to go out into the world and make a life for himself. It was the first time ever that I patted myself on the back and thought 'I did my best,' and had raised a smart, wonderful, kind and sensitive young man.

I don't think I would have done too much differently. I'm proud of the job I did at work, where I made significant steps to improve my employer's customer service and save them money.

I wish I'd kept in touch with friends more regularly. I have unwittingly let some friendships slide as I haven't invested in them. I've always been too "busy".

I really wish I had saved more. That is a really tough thing for me and its now biting me in the butt because I have even less income and must maintain a similar cost of living. I am proud at the development my son emotionally and educationally. I owe that a lot to myself, his sitter and her family and my close family and friends.

I am proud of my gym attendance with my fellow teachers. I wish I had been a little more strict about my regimen, but am glad we made the effort period. I wish I had been more careful about my words. While I think my intentions were always good, you just can't take some things back.

I wish I had handled my eating issues differently. I'd really liked to have lost this weight already, but instead I'm heavier than ever. I'm proud of keeping a 4.0, kind of. I'm undecided on where I stand on my grades this year, I'm still trying but I just don't know if I can still get all As. I've also become much better at talking to people which is amazing, it's unbelievable how much I didn't know socially.

I was thinking this morning about how I could've created an opportunity for everyone to win at TRX. I could've given it a go... I'm proud (grateful) that I seem to have a little space to see. A little perspective when it comes to Grace or when it comes to my Mom... When Grace chooses not to spend the night, it occurs to me that the story might be a little bigger than "just me." And when it comes to my Mom (or Angela), it occurs to me that there is a core inside this human. There is a little girl, possibly as frightened and as scarred as the little boy that came walking out of the darkness in that session with Lori almost a year ago...

proud i got out of hell and feel able to live again. out of an abusive relationship, out of suicidal ideations daily. into living for a meaningful vision before i die: to transform death and dying culture from one of fear and avoidance to embrace and honoring. done differently: geez... 3 years now of barely working.... 'wasting' time and money... cd've finished the book and documentary on my experience of mom's dying... helped others, helped myself to live more satisfying, meaningful, pleasureful. but really done differently: loving myself no matter what. proceeding as if i matter and am needed. and knowing.. it's all ok bec it's part of the same thing. the self-doubt and self-hatred and the creative expressions of love and compassion are all the same humanity.

I wish that I had done a unit of CPE last year rather than this year. I am so glad to be doing it now, but a little overwhelmed with all the holidays!

I'm proud of my photographs! I've found a new style, and it has changed the way I view things in general. I could've been more friendly to some people this year... I could've smiled when I showed resentment.

I wish I had spent more time creating new cocktails and doing more original writing for my blog. At the same time, I started a lot of new projects including exercising, doing more reading, watching the best films of all time, and traveling. I've also, just recently started adding led prayers to my worship leading duties.

This was a year of difficult conversations with my wife and with close friends. I'm proud that I had the courage to have these conversations, but I wished I'd spent more time rehearsing before launching into them.

I wish I had got out more. I tend to lapse into being at home - it's so easy. Going out in the world scares me a lot. I don't know why. I wish I wasn't so isolated and I know it's up to me to change that.

I think this last year has gone just about as well as I could have wanted. the momenum of the house project has made it hard to have done anything differently, I'm proud that we exercised and got healthier this year, that was hard. I could have meditated more.

I wish I had taken more time for myself, my family and friends. With so many changes it is difficult to keep what matters at the top of my never-ending to-do list. I am proud that I realize that I need to make that change.

Well, I totally fucked more girls this past year than ever before. No shit, Sherlock?! But I would've done many things differently. Using condoms is one of them. Less drinking. Less partying. Less spending money like it's air. Less arguing with myself. More fitness, more cash, more music, ... So in fact, yeah buddy, I wish I'd done plenty of things differently...

I wish I had gotten my apartment into shape. However, I am really happy/proud that I moved out of the basement apartment and into a second floor.

I am especially proud of taking the high road when another family member's personal drama was imposed on a very significant event in my immediate family. While I was not able to do exactly what I wanted I was able to honor the principles with which I was raised and to move through the drama with dignity. It has motivated me to distance myself from other people's drama in the future and to preserve my own honor.

I wish I hadn't been so negligent with so much of my schoolwork. I say this every year and I have yet to improve, and this past fall semester was a particularly poor one. I've realized now that although my grades may not the most important thing, how I am perceived by professors I respect still matters. I don't want to leave a permenently bad impression on them. I have to do better. Alternatively, I am especially proud of getting my internship with The Daily Show this year. While I don't know if I worked especially harder than others to get it, whatever I have done up until now to earn it has clearly been worthwhile. It's strange, but because I've been aiming for it for so long, now that I finally have it I realize I now have to aim higher. I am not sure what my next specific goal will be, but I am proud to have taken something that for so long only seemed real inside my mind and made it a reality.

I'm extremely proud of the fact that I listened to my gut and canceled my wedding. I left a relationship that wasn't fulfilling and would have ended in even more regret had I let it linger longer. There's probably a lot of little things I wish I'd done differently this year, but I honestly can't say I'd change anything that happened to me in 2011 simply because of that one big thing I did that I'm so proud of.

I am especially proud of the way I have been able to handle situations that used to baffle me. I have dealt with various stressful experiences this year with grace and fortitude.

I wish I would have taken a risk earlier with my relationships. However, I am proud that I took the risk when I did and figured out that we could not be in a serious relationship at this point in our lives.

I wish I hadn't been so distracted. Between boys, texting, hanging out with friends, and facebook, I really let those things get in the way of more important things like family and school. With that being said, I am proud that I understood a problem in my life and was able to figure it out. Now I am trying to be a more balanced person.

I wish I had left my job at the non-profit much sooner. There are reasons I felt like it was safer/smarter to wait -- needing to make sure others were stepping up (I didn't want to be off of payroll and having to pick up the pieces) -- but it would feel much better to have had it all off of my plate sooner. AND I wish I had done a better job of leaving my job at the non-profit, of handing off aspects of my work, of being clearer about my role and others' roles as they shifted. I am proud of being a great mom! J is clearly very happy and I feel good about that. I still second guess myself a lot, and feel less than secure about how V sees me in my role as mom. But overall, I feel good and proud.

Wish I'd been a better sister - more flexible to those around me, more available of my deeper self; not the surface obvious ways in which I help others. I AM proud of how supportive I was to both my mom and sister this year in different ways. Work wise, I wish I had been more proactive about the sustainability of our organization, but proud of the projects and work I did accomplish. Especially proud of the ways in which my focus and intention have been able to align our work.

The past year has had many changes for me. I would not have done anything differently though. It has made me who I am right now and helped me grow and become a better person.

I wish I had participated differently ie more actively on Facebook. My relationship to Facebook has had me hiding -- no, cowering in a corner... and unfortunately, I had the same issue in 2010! It has just gotten deeper and more challenging now especially with the live feed on FB in realtime. What am I so afraid of? Why do I feel uncomfortable having people see who I am/ what I think/ how I feel?

I wish I could have taken steps back from situations I was in and thought through it more. I think I have been making strives toward being a better person, as I should, but I take things too personal, over analyze and become too emotionally involved in everything I do. Stepping back and catching a breath could help relationships, romantic and professional, and just my overall well being. It's hard to think of one specific thing, but I know that many situations I wish had turned out differently would have been different if I had done such reflection, so I think that is the general concept to work on.

I wish I had taken care of my health better. I discovered I have some form of acid reflux. It became evident during the worse possible time. I was graduating from my community college. I went to the ceremony (proud of myself!), but I definitely had a horrible week of stomach pain. I am proud that I am putting myself through University though, and that I am keeping my part time job with minimal complaining.

This year I'm proud of the fact that I managed to mostly keep my sanity @ my job, which on a daily basis drives me to distraction. I have a plan to move on by the end of the year, mostly fueled by the fact that I realized, today, that I am not going to ever be appreciated for who I am and what I can do. Anyway, I'm dealing, so that's a good thing. Alternatively, it might have been a good idea to insist that my boss accept my resignation letter. I feel like I keep learning the same lesson over and over. That dealing with difficult people is often impossible no matter how reasonable and positive I am.