What is a fear that you have and how has it limited you? Think about how you could overcome it this year.

Fears of loss of security, and, more, fears of exposure and failure -- who do you think you are? -- have kept me tied to conventional structures that keep me from realizing my full potential, for myself and for the world. I pray to find the external support, and the courage.

fear of spreading self too thin and failing to accomplish on slew of critical projects

Fear of commitment leading from a fear of rejection. It has often limited me in that any time I fear being rejected, either from a group or a guy or a work situation, I unintentionally put up barriers so that I reject first. So that I never have to deal with the pain again of being rejected by another. But ultimately, that is the worst rejection - the self-imposed loneliness. I would like to think that acknowledging it is the first step in overcoming it. And I think also just waking up every morning and saying risk risk risk. and then you are really alive. rejection or no rejection, you lived! And also, telling myself that I am a decent human being and that if i do something that causes what feels like rejection, it's not a rejection of my entire being. it is one situation. one situation in thousands every week. and for the most part i do pretty well. i would really love to overcome this fear by this time next year. i see a vision of myself standing at kol nidre with my future husband. we are side by side. i feel like a grown up beautiful woman, because i am one. and i feel loved, because i am loved. and i feel proud of the man next to me, because he is worthy of pride. And so am I. This vision makes me very happy.

Maybe it's the reserved goy genes of my mother co-mingling with the more outgoing side of my Jewish father, but while I'm very passionate about my opinions, my work, expressing myself through art, there is a side of me the fights equally as hard to hold this stuff back. That is afraid to put myself out there because of what other people might say or how I might be perceived by others or simply that whatever I do won't be good enough. A fear of failure, I guess. I think it really came into play when my studio's work began to get noticed and with that came attention and hence more pressure to produce great work. Well, to be honest, I don't know really. "Just take more risks! It's so easy!" Certainly being with people who DO take these risks would help. Being one of the quietest, least expressive people at the Reboot retreat I attended was a good test. I had to fight all my instinctual tendencies to retreat into myself. It was a good test, even if I failed miserably, I need more things like that. I'm hoping to take another fiction writing class where we have to read our work out loud in class. I am far from a good fiction writer yet and putting my flawed work out there for people to criticize would toughen me up, too.

I have a fear that Devon will struggle socially. Actually, I'm also afraid for Sophie, but that is much more abstract a fear. Devon is not struggling socially right now, but I am more and more worried about it. I know it comes from my own social struggles and I need to be careful not to teach him to care too much about other people's opinions. I even realized the other day that if I try to mold him too much to "fit in" I will be teaching him that I don't love and accept him exactly as he is. But I don't want to err too much on the other side either. Isn't that my role as a parent? I mean, isn't it my job *to* socialize him? I guess my fear really is about how my social struggles will affect him.

Fear of losing money has dogged me always. The best way to overcome it is to get really organized and to know exactly what I have and what our needs are.Information dissolve fear. Then one can work from knowledge and not from that illogical pit of the stomach feeling.

I have a fear that my mother will die (she had a heart attack and does not take care of herself), so I distance myself from her and am often cold and irritable with her, but it's because I love her and am afraid of loosing her, so I create distance now to cushion the blow for later. I know I will regret it.

i fear of my practice no longer being successful. it just keeps me from enjoying the slow times for fear that it will last. it hasnt in the past more than a few weeks, but i fear that each time it will. i need to trust that i can keep doing what i am doing and continue to be wildly successful! i also fear that i will get sick like my mom...and that i also will die when i am 60. its a tiny fear that i keep buried in my heart...i try not to think about it too much. it doesnt really limit me as it doesnt stop me from doing anything, but i dont like it and dont like to think about it and would very much like to not think have it. i think in general i just have to trust that i am completely taken care of by the universe and that i am very healthy.

I have a fear of going back to yoga class. This has limited me because I really need the time to myself and for my body. I need to find the time away from Z that does not provoke anxiety.

Fear of failure by doing more than I am capable of doing well. Limit my participation to things I can do and complete, and do well.

I have a fear of new situations (and rats). I always think I know how to do things and get thrown when I attempt a new task and find I cannot do it well immediately. ONce I panic it is hard to keep up a brave face and keep going. Anything I have done once I am unafraid to try again. I guess I must do everything I can think of so that, then, everything I do will be for the second (or more) time.

I fear losing my independence one day, from illness, old age, or injury. I fear losing my ability to think / reason / make decisions as I grow older. I fear being a burden to my sons in my old age. I fear the thought of a pain-filled injury or disease that would limit my ability to enjoy life or that would make me a burden to my sons. I need to pay more attention to diet / exercise / activities so that I limit risks to my well-being. (doing it all all "smarter" - limiting "risks" but not limiting "living" !)

not being prepared for when things go south. Lose my job and I'm not prepared to do it on my own. Get stuck with a huge bill and I can't pay it. My dog gets sick and there is no way to treat her. A family members die and I regret not having a better relationship with them.

I have a fear of commitment because the only serious relationship I've ever been in took a serious turn for the worst and was quite possibly the most emotionally painful experience I've been through. My trust in people and my self worth have both declined since I was essentially raped a little less than a year ago. These things have inhibited me from becoming very close with people without being bitter towards them or hyper critical. I think I just need to learn to understand that not everyone is selfish and not everyone is going to eventually let me down. I need to focus on the great people in my life and let them restore my hope. I need to continue forgiving unconditionally and trust more. The other thing is, I have a huge fear of speaking with people who I view as potentially more intelligent or knowledgeable than me. I'm not afraid that I'll feel stupid; I know I'm not. I just don't want to appear to be. I think I need to give my input (comical? critical? anything), whether it is in E314L or a photo meeting, regardless of the fact that it may undermine my intelligence.

I'm afraid of failure. It has limited me by keeping me in safe areas, especially in my career. I have been afraid to risk, even just a small amount and that has kept me back from what I really want to do. This year I'll try to take baby steps in putting myself out there, really what's the worst that can happen. I'm not going to die if no one buys my art.

Fear of failure. I can overcome it by dedicating myself entirely to my craft, practicing consistently, performing often, using mental downtime for physical activity and restfully intellectual pursuits an learning to use physical downtime for sleep. I've already begun removing some of the poisons and unnecessary distractions that rule my life. Now I must purge completely.

I have a fear of taking crazy risks. It's fine when everything is calculated and safe, however I get nervous making big emotional jumps. I have a fear of change: moving somewhere, a new partner...things that I can't fix easily. I need to just let go

I have a fear of being physically hurt in unfamiliar places or situations. I am shy in social situations because I'm afraid I'll be rejected. I am afraid that I'm not smart enough or skilled enough.

My main fear is that I'll get lazy and not reach my full potential. I'm working on staying busy and moving forward but I'm sure 2009 will bring more progress and new ideas to keep things moving.

I am scared of myself. I am scared of never reaching my goals. I need to live out my potential and be more disciplined.

I'm still scared of my father. I'm scared of losing my friends. I'm scared of spiders and dying and being trapped in a box, but not literally. I'm scared to do well, and I'm scared to do poorly. I'm scared of myself, and what I might do if I stopped making excuses. I'm scared to talk to new people without someone else around to help. I want to better accept myself and accept myself for who and what I am, and no longer be scared of that, and what I can do.

I fear that I will not be successful in life. To be successful I would have a job I love, a husband, and a family, and we would all be happy. I think this limits me because I'm so concerned about the future that it is hard to just make the best of what I have when i have it. I need to concentrate more on who I am now and being successful and happy now. The rest I can deal with as it comes, but actually being able to do that is much harder than it sounds. I've always been the kind of person who looks to the future, but if I continue to do that life will pass me by and I won't even notice. I'm so concerned about a happy ending that I forget that it is important to be happy in the moment. I'm not exactly sure how to do that, or else I would have done it by then. Hopefully I can figure it out before it's too late.

Fear of standing up for myself, fear of being honest with myself and with others, fear of being assertive. It's limited my ability to form solid and honest relationships with others, it's hurt others, it hurts my ability to be a good person and do my work and be a good mother. I'm outspoken, but there's a big difference between being outspoken and being honest. I've started by revealing things to people I care about, things that I erroneously have felt made me a bad person; I'm figuring out a way to separate the bad and hurtful things I've done in the past from the good person I want to believe, and want others to believe, I am.

I have afear that I won't be here next year and I'm afraid that I did not do all that I expected to do. I'll try to be the better person I know I can be. I'll miss my wife,children,grandchildren and the many people I call my friends.

I have the fear that when I get into my are of work, that I will not be able to adjust. What I mean is, my industry is in a constant change and I'm affraid that my design will get old fast. The only way to solve this is read and follow trends until i can make my own trends and what not, but it's not as easy to over come it. Limited Funding doesn't help and neither does the pressure. But i guess such is life.

I think I have a fear of being alone. I am always dating someone or in a relationship because I feel that life is better when shared with someone. But I tend to use relationships as a way to steer clear of making new friends, hanging out, going out to bars. I think that I feel that because I don't want to drink and get wasted that people won't think I'm that fun to hang out with or cool. I would like to work on going out and just having fun without the pressure of getting drunk. I would like to work on finding friends that will have fun with me and not pressure me to drink.

I am afraid of losing myself, and forgetting what really matters to me. I have too many walls up and people aren't able to get to know me. I have to deal with my individual insecurities by spending more time with myself and learning about myself.

Fear of being vulnerable. Past relationships, friendships, and my own insecurity keep me from allowing new people in and even create high standards for those already in. I distance myself, suppress my excitement, try not to get my hopes up, and simultaneously maintain low ones and a negative, pessimistic attitude towards life. I'm afraid to do the littlest things like express emotion towards my family - ask them how their day was, say thank you, say you're welcome, congratulate them on a new job, say happy birthday, hug them... How can I work on this? Good question. I guess baby steps...trying to "take it one day at a time"...one conversation at a time...one question at a time...slowly removing the layers that I bind tightly around my heart, one by one...cautiously letting my guard down, enough to let people in...to allow people to stay...I guess it's also going to involve getting hurt sometimes, getting shot down, getting rejected, of putting myself out there...it's going to take courage...my desire to change this will have to overpower my fear of everything else

i fear the institution in our neighborhood that has bullied people out of their homes in an attempt to expand. I fear having them do the same to us and having them damage the neighborhood as a whole. It has limited me because I have had to devote a lot of time to trying to fight their lies and deceptions so that we can retain the integrity of the neighborhood and it has taken too much of my attention. I am working on overcoming the limitations by collaborating with neighbors so that no single one of us has to feel like we are overwhelmed. This has also helped me meet new people and see new approaches to having a say as to what our neighborhood is about and how we want it to grow and change.

I definitely have a fear of letting people down. I'm getting better at standing up for myself but I think that fear is part of what causes me to get so worked up when something bothers me. It's easier for me to get angry at them and then "let them down" - almost as punishment...then it is for me to just say what I want and need for myself. I need to remember that I am never going to make everyone happy and there are times to consider others first but it's also important to take care of myself as well. I also have a fear of not seeming adequate or good enough - especially in Los Angeles. I think that sometimes, I don't let my personality shine through in the way it could and should simply because I don't feel seen and I feel like I'm not important. Relates directly back to not caring what other people think. In general, I need to stop thinking about/worrying about other people as much and just take care of my side of the street.

I have a fear of failure. So much so that it hinders new ventures and new things for me. I'm not sure that I could overcome it, but next year will be a year of risks. And new ventures.

I have a big fear of being alone for the rest of my life, and based on that fear, latching on to someone who is not good for me. I need to realise that being single is not the end of the world, nor is it a problem if it takes me a while to get back on the horse, and just allow myself to take the proper time to get myself in the position to handle another relationship properly

I am (sometimes)afraid the world may not break comfort of safety &familiarity and so, isn't interested in what I (those off conventional path) have to offer. The fear only limits me if I forget that my actions, thoughts, choices and responses must never be based on what was, or what is. That history is getting rewritten with every individual breaking past type, constructs and barriers. My tenacity, to pioneer in my field is of macro-universal importance, stretching beyond--any personal(internal/external rewards) I personally receive.

Im insecure, if thats a fear. For some reason or another I fear how people view me, that Im immature, boring, stupid even though I know that isnt the case. I think too much about situations and think about the negative so I never even try to pursue it. I never thought I would be this way, but returning from Europe made me hide in this shell and be very unsure of myself when I was hoping it would the exact opposite. I fear that when I graduate Ill get stuck waitressing, Ill waste my degree and have some mediocre job. I dont want that. I want to be successful, I want to be constantly moving forward. I need to get my ass in gear, to be proactive, confident in myself. etc.

Definitely flying. It's a huge limitation. Moreso than my fear of public speaking or my other little glitches. It's quite frustrating because I need to travel in order to be fulfilled. I've tried many small steps but I think I just need to be able to do it impulsively when I'm determined -- which is almost impossible to do. I'll consider hypnosis.

Confidence and caring what people think. I will try not to give a fuck. Not care about anyone else, and be selfish for once.

I fear being lied to, so in return it makes me paranoid in my most important relationships. It makes people think I don't trust them.

Good question !! I'm afraid to commit myself in a relationship and I'm fed up with it !! that's what I want to overcome this year. I have clues to find a solution. We'll see....

Being alone. Not getting into grad school. Never finding love again. It's limiting to think this way because time is the only way to know whether things will work out, and planning is crucial. To not plan is to accept these fears as reality.

not breaking through to the ideal self I have in mind arriving at a future I don't like learning to trust God rather than trust myself

I am afraid of becoming stale in my daily patterns and with whom I hang out with. I would like to constantly be exploring new people and places and am afraid that my routine will be become too dominant for any of those things to happen.

I have a fear of being left out. I need to learn to be able to stand alone and not be afraid that I will remain alone.

I have a fear of letting go of certain memories. Certain ones people should always keep, but they are still there because they are meant to be. Making oneself retain a memory is like chaining yourself down. I will always have the memories to come back to, but the past is the past, and nothing about it can be changed. I have to realize how to look forward and commit to a future instead of fear for my past.

i'm afraid to grow up and have to live on my own. i'm terrified i won't be able to get to college. i'm scared of what will happen when my mom leaves. i don't know how, but i'll overcome it. there's no choice.

I fear I won't get into the college of my choice. I also fear that I if I do not succeed (not just referring to college), I will not live up to the expectations of my parents and of my own. And I also fear I won't get the girl of my dreams, and I won't get laid. But that's another story.

I've encountered so many low moments this year in terms of my creativity and art. Whenever I'm at home, seeing how messy and cluttered the house and my room is just leads me to procrastinating and making excuses. As a result, I've not only barely churned out much art and illustrations, but I've envied other people who've been able to do so much in the span of a year. It really frustrates me. I seem to have this fear of not being able to accomplish things in an unideal or uninspiring environment. I really have to promise myself to work up the initiative to clean my room, make art as the inspiration hits, and finish all my unread books so that I can move on and be at my creative best.

I fear that I will never grow into the man I want to be. Overcoming this is two fold, the first is realistic expectation of who I want to be. Second is doing it.

i have the fear that i won't get a good job any more cause i have done more thn 10 job interviews and nothing happens...

I'm afraid of talking to new people and it's hard keeping in touch with my old friends because of college and location. This results in me being very lonely a great portion of the time. I hope I can learn how to feel comfortable with new people soon because I can't stand being this lonely.

I have a fear of failure which stops me from taking chances - I have started trying to overcome this by taking small risks in my life, hoping to build up to bigger endeavours. I also have a fear of offending people which means that I can find it difficult to be assertive in different situations - I have been reading a bit on assertiveness and will try to implement some of the suggestions in future.

I have the fear of not being able to overcome this economical crisis. I will work harder to get better income from my actual profession. And I will start to gain something also through drawing comics, that is may passion.

I have a fear of doing things alone and I'm quite limited by it. And I noticed that I blame it on other things like lack of language skills (I live in Vietnam) or not having my own transportation or being a homebody or not wanting to be ripped off b/c I don't speak the language. Once I gain confidence, I can go out and about on my own. But I need a lot of hand holding in the beginning. I'd like to reduce the handholding and get over the anxiety I feel about trying new things on my own.

Medo de vencer. Impede de seguir. Medo de gozar. Olhando de frente. Investigando. Com coragem.

I fear that no one will ever love me. I'm turning 19 and I haven't had my first kiss nor have i had a real relationship. I really believe it's my size. I need to lose weight.

My fear is that I'll fail. That I'm a failure. I've struggled with my career; establishing myself. Always had trouble fitting in in the workplace and in social arenas. I think I can overcome this by taking stock of what I have - being grateful for all that I have earned and been given. Then I need to move forward and take responsibility for my own destiny.

My fear of leaving my friends and family and things that are comfortable to me I know have held me back. I think it is holding me back from applying to other schools, I think that the fear of my mother and father not understanding what makes me happy is holding me back. I feel like they want me to just make a lot of money as a sucessfull architect, but my heart longs to just work and build with my hands-no matter how much I make. But at the same time, the lack of money I feel is also holding me back. The lifestyle I've adopted, and the things that I want to do sometimes I feel like I can only do these things and be happy with money. I haven't trusted that God knows what is happening, and that he will provide for me no matter how much money I have or don't. I'm scared to take the chance and step out of the box. i am scared that I will fail, and I am scared that I will never find the job that makes me happy.

I fear losing more people closest to me. I know that with time I will let go a bit more realizing that the heightened level of worry will shorten and increase stress in my life.

i am often scared of being alone, and it limits me because i will waste my time worrying about it. its ok to be alone, even though it makes me anxious sometimes. there are so many nice things you can be on your own. and do. i mean. i suppose i am also generally afraid of failing bigtime. like. in life. and ending up very stuck in my own personal problems and not making anything of myself. not that i am planning on that. but if it were to happen i would be crushed.

I am too scared to quit this job and find a new one. I can look for a new job and get a new job.

Fears. I sadly like my fears. I keep them close to my heart and don't want to let them go. there is the fraud fear. I don't believe that people see me in the same light as I see myself. I fear that people will really get to know me and find out I'm a fraud. Does this mean I don't try to get close to people. No, I don't think so. I don't think I push people away. Also, I afraid of being alone when I'm old. I could get myself out there more.

I am terribly afraid that people don't like me, that I'm not good enough. I could overcome it by learning to like myself more.

fear of being in a relationship. would it work for me as im always looking for new things. would love to be in a reltionship and then decide

Deciding on one fear is tough. I'm afraid of so many things. Mostly fear of the unknown. I complain that I'm not spontaneous. But the thought of doing something without a plan or knowing where I'm going doesn't necessarily scare the hell out of me but it weighs heavy on my mind. I let my physical limitations rule what I will do and not do. I feel like as I get older I get worse and worse about it. I feel like if I had more of a grasp on my physical self I'd be able to overcome some of those fears.

I'm afraid of committement because of all my relationships that went wrong. I can't really trust anyone I knew in the last year, but it's definitely not their fault, it's just me. I'm afraid of letting people in.

I am afraid of getting sick so that has limited me socially. I went out way less before Cory moved to DC and that caused me to make many friends. I can overcome this by somehow improving my immune system.

My fear is debilitating illness. I don't know whether I will face this challenge this year, but I want to make sure that neither I nor my partner have to face this. My fear is grounded in the recent diabetes diagnosis.

I have not found the tension between staying with someone who loves me his way and leaving to discover how difficult it is to love me mine. I think I finally understand some difference between self and other (and it's a fairly thin line if it exists at all) but I don't think I am here to live a life a service to one anyone who indulges their ego at my expense. Then I think about what I am here for, and it probably is a life of service. The question is, to whom? At what price? My mom said, I will love you but it will be my way and if you don't like it there's something wrong with you. I left home to get away from her brutality then married her twice. I live with a daily dose of emotional brutality and I can't tell if I'm too fussy or the world is just unkind. So I seek the middle ground and I have yet to find it. This year instead of figuring out how I will survive them, I intend to leave those others to the consequence of their own choices and make some that fully support me. Maybe it's time to let someone else decide if I am worth their trouble.

It's scary to fail. To talk to people. I realise that it is hard to keep up with people. To be open. I know that it has made it hard to connect, but I am working on it. I am seeking out people. It feels better already. I tell myself, people actually want to be around me. Don't blow things out of proportion.

I am absolutely paralyzed about fears of the economy and how financially I will make it day to day as well as secure my future. I am now trying to grow my business, and I do think that it will grow this year,but not fast enough.

A fear I have...I have so many! Where do I begin. One I am actually experiencing now is that I have sold out in my career and will be stuck teaching kids that do not want to learn till I retire. It sucks the life out of me and leaves no time to pursue my freelance career which was once a creative and thriving business. How do I overcome this? Trust God's got my back and will lead me when He's ready.

i have a fear of big change. i mean who doesn't, c'mon now... but really i have a fear of change (in the greater sense). it has limited me by making me stay in situations that are "comfortable" or "easy" because it's what i know. i envy my friends who just pack up and move or travel or do whatever their heart tells them. instead i get into a groove, a nice deep one too, and stay there. granted my groove is pretty cool but there's no denying that i'm in need of some major change. after having breakfast with Igor and his friends today i realized that there's so much i haveN'T done. here i am 25 years old acting like i have a mortgage to pay and kids to take care of! i need to be better at weighing the pros and cons, taking that deep breath and taking the next step. there's sooo much for me to see & do - and my fear of change is only going to hurt me unless i begin to really face it.

The fear that I have is that the McCain/Palin will win the election! It will limit our freedom, social justice , the environment and many other things. I can overcome this by working to help get Obama/Biden elected!

fear of leeping without looking be more sponteanous

I think I fear making a mistake, and as a result I am often reluctant to try things. Whether it is financial, social, or job related, I am often too hesitant to "take that leap". I am now seeing this in my children and am trying hard to encourage them to be a bit more willing to make mistakes, to try things. It may be too late for me, but I want to make sure my sons are more successful and more flexible than I have turned out to be

I have a fear of people up and leaving me. I don't really know why i have this fear, but it hinders me a lot, or at least i think that it does. It makes it extremely hard for me to get really close to someone because i always feel like i am one step away from losing them. This limited me in how close i could get with Maddie at a reasonable rate. I don't really know how to fix this, but hopefully getting close to someone in a relationship will help me trust people better. I also have a fear of not succeeding. This sucked this last year because i didn't even apply to a few positions in labs, and i never really tried at all to get a summer BME job.

fear of Susan's illness- it can only be overcome if she stabilzes-it can be reduced if other stresses can be reduced.

failure, and depending on others. i am very proud and hate to accept help becuase sometimes i think people thnk less of me because of it. also i don't like people thinking the only reason i have a job or can do soething is because of the shoulders of whom i stand on. i like to feel that i can stand on my own two feet.

getting older & not succeeding in my buisness. not doing enough in the world. not changing the world enough. how has it limited me...sometimes I make choices out of fear instead of love, I push myself too much, or if I relax at all I feel guilty. how can I overcome...being in the moment more, trusting that I am so enough in god's eyes and this present moment is all I need. breathing....

While I am incredibly gregarious, open, social person, I am often afraid of my own body. I am embarrassed to set myself free--to play sports, to fall down, to expose myself. I want to live in my own skin. I want to be okay with being a fool. In fact, I want to feel like being free is not "foolish."

I'm unable to provide a plausible response to this question.

I thind fear sometimes can be a driving force too. Having said that, I think the major "fear" or concern is the system in the world or the society we live in do not encourage ways of living which is deviating from the norm. In order not to be isolated, the individual to a certain extent have to behave in a way like a normal person lives, eg 10 to 20 years of education, 20 years of working life, cannot retire until one has enough savings according to the advice of a financial planner. The main fear is thus we do not know when we are going to die so the uncertainty is there. So the main solution is to live for the present moment, make good use of our time and enjoy a healthy lifestyle. Leave the worries behind and have the courage to face the future uncertainty.

My fear is hurting others, not being liked by all, and disappointing myself and my friends & family. I need to be more selfish. Look inside myself and try think about what is important to me.

i think the biggest fear i have is for the safety of my family. how i could overcome it? i think getting closer to god. meditating more. praying more.

Failing: has stopped me doing things. These days I probably take on too much to overcompensate. I should try and moderate and just have basic faith in myself without the need to prove myself.

I have two primary fears: about my own health and that of my loved ones, and about financial security.

Nothing comes to mind.

I have a fear of putting myself out there too much. It's a little bit of shyness. I little bit self-consciousness. A little bit of me not wanting to seem too arrogant. I need to learn to be a little bit arrogant and over-the-top in job interviews. It's ok to make a bang up first impression. You'll have the chance to cool it down later. And for god sakes, toot your own fucking horn, Taryn.

I fear being thought a clueless idiot. You'd think having gone through raising 4 teenagers, I'd have gotten over it by now, but not so. It has kept me from developing as a writer. Like everything else I've ever feared, I know the only way to overcome it is to allow the possibility that I--and others--find me a clueless idiot, and then move forward. Is that clueless, or what?

Have a fear of becoming my mother... it is a constant work in progress

My fear is not to have the control of everything so have to plan my life; taht's because i'm looking to much of my past and to my futere..and i'm not so concentrate to my present

I get panic attacks and it prevents me from being spontaneous with life. Apparently I just need to learn relaxation techniques but it's always easier said than done. I also fear that my husband says he love me but may either not mean it or one day come to not mean it.

I have a fear of failing - I find that sometimes, when doing exams, or in other situations, I have a tendency to reflect on what could happen if I do badly, and worry far too much about the consequences of failure rather than doing well. I think I could overcome this by focusing more on what I am doing at the time, and how I can do the best in the situation that I am in. I failed to get a PhD place this year, but now that I have been through that "failure" I feel that I have an opportunity to do better, and so I can use what I have learned this time around to not make the same mistakes next time around.

LEaving my family and school to go to israel and try and join the army. i need to make the right decision, taking into consideration not only myself, and than commit to it.

I have a fear of being homeless. It's true I worry about it alot. I stayed in shelters when I was 18 years old and it's affected my relationships. I constantly wait for "the bottom to fall out of everything I do." I could overcome it by trusting myself a little more and the life skills that I now have as an adult. It's sort of an unrealistic fear that blocks my perceptions.

My fear of people knowing everything about me. I know that the more open I am, the more joy I will spread and receive. I could overcome it by never withholding and withdrawing, never assuming that my problems and issues should be harbored in isolation. Maybe then I will find true love.

Being alone. I need to become more financially and familially independent.

I have fear that my "mental illnesses" will get worse and always plague me. My depression limits me in many ways. It steals my energy and joy. It makes it hard to read and concentrate. It makes me sad. I am going to try to practice reading more and hopefully make some strides in that area. I will also continue therapy and working on myself spiritually and through art in order to heal. My PTSD keeps me flooded with my past trauma. It gets triggered by situations in my relationships. I am going to work on trying to separate past and present and find ways to deal with the present situations so that I don't get sucked into past experiences. My binge eating disorder makes me miserable. I gain weight. I am out of control. I avoid dealing with the real painful issues because I hide in the food which limits my growth. I am going to work in therapy and 12-Step program to face this disorder and find new ways of coping with the underlying issues. I know to really work on these issues and the other mental health issues I have I need to do many things and consistently. I need to do therapy, medication, art, spiritual practice, self-help, acupuncture, Reiki, friendships, riding, training, and other things that take care of myself without harming myself.

I have no fear. I believe you make your fears come to pass, almost like a self fulfilling profecy. So I have taught myself never to be fearful of anyting... does not mean I am not cautious or concerned from time to time... but fear is not in my vocabulary!

I worry about losing my job which I love. I am actually hardly in any danger of that I must remember that everyone there really really loves me, that we do Good Things and that God is with us (and St Joseph the Worker too) Saying "The matter is in the hands of St Joseph the Worker " helped to stop worry-spirals too. Coz it's not just about what I do or don't do. There is a degree of arbitrary authority over which I have no control whatsoever. And even if it is used I still can answer and mobilise people and resources. And anyway No bastard will take from me what I have already done (in the place and for the people) and proven (in terms of my model) I must also remember that giving (and going the extra mile)returns itself 10X over and not to worry about doing favours for people or advancing them a few shekels If minor things things go wrong I will be forgiven on-the-spot. The kids will find solutions or I will find solutions to most things aswell

I have a fear of abandonment, and am overcome with the thought that Elliot might, chas v chalila get sick. I need to trust in Hashem. Everything is for the good. I am fearful of not having a nice place to live, but R Brafman's piece on this from the Observer puts that in context. Desire (lo sachmod) is a windy path that can take you away from a good path. I am pretty anxious most of the time. I need to focus on that this year. Get off the battlefield - there are no snipers on the roof.

I fear that I may never feel like any synagogue is "home" ever again. What I think I need to do is ride out the next 2 years as a "fringe" member and then, hopefully, my current shul will be home again.

i have a fear that i will be alone, that i would'n find anyone who will love me and i will love him.. This is my fear, i think i should believe in myself, and think that i deserv good things, and i deserve to be happy and have a happy life!

Fear, period. I am full of fears, insecurities, uncertainty. Some are my fault, some are because of my circumstances, which I have little control over. But it has crippled me greatly this and many other years. I am decided to take bold decisions. They could finish me off or they could get me out of this hole. Either way I win, either one is better than this status quo. I am ready to rise, I am ready to fall.

I'm afraid of the future I guess. I'm afraid of being rejected be it with friends or work or anything else. I guess the only way to overcome it is to face my fear and be prepared for rejection.

Missing out on something better. Living in the moment.

I have a fear of being hurt by other people which keeps me distant. I have made some progress this year and am now more confident and see that I can make personal statements without everyone judging me. I very much want to continue improving this area of my life.

Fears: Commitment/letting people close. Bugs/lizards. Being alone. Being afraid of being alone. Being too human. Not being human enough. Never falling in love. Falling in love. Losing more friends and family. Finances not being okay. Failure.

the fear of being rejected, it has not allowed me to reach my full potential. feeling vulnerable and allowing people to see who I really am stems from childhood and the verbal abuse i received from my parents

The only fear I have is about money, how to save e make it grow up.I think We, my husband and I need to adapted our style os life, but is very hard to do it

A fear that I have is being alone and never getting married, having a family, etc. It has limited me because I spend too much time and energy problem solving and manipulating my situation in life in order to accomplish this goal. I need to spend more time thinking about how to make myself more of a complete individual, and have a little faith that the rest will come.

I have a fear of commitment, especially regarding my relationship with Mike. I have a very intense fear that I will lose him and not have him in my life anymore. I have a fear that I will never be able to overcome this fear or have a strong, healthy, commited, positive romantic relationship. I have a fear of marriage and feeling limited, constricted, trapped. I have a fear that I will live in fear and not be able to consistently find ways to bring myself into the light. I have a fear that I will struggle with anxiety and depression my entire life. I think I can overcome the fear of losing Mike by jumping in and throwing myself into the relationship by making a big change, like moving to Boston. This way I can risk losing that which I am most afraid to lose and come out confident that I did the best thing I could do in the situation to reach a sense of clarity. I can also overcome this fear by finding ways to process my feelings more often rather than trying to ignore them, like through journaling. I just came inside from meditating out in the sunshine. I can overcome my fear of always being afraid by choosing activities whereby fear cannot be present to do them completely. By spending more time with myself, truly getting to know myself better - enjoying her company. Reading A New Earth and finding new perspectives. Always seeking out perspectives from others to keep me heading toward light.

That I will be alone, and it has limited me in the fact that I sometimes don't relax and enjoy and experience things as I'm too worried that it isn't going to last. I should overcome this by realising that I have been on my own before and can cope and actually became a stronger person because of it. I should just chill out

rejection, and heights

I am afraid of mediocrity. It has made me rush into and through things, thinking that if I am accomplishing them quickly, they will at least be accomplishments.

I have a fear of not having enough- not enough money, especially, not enough love, not enough resources within myself for my life and my family.

I tend to worry more about tomorrow than enjoy today. Old problem for many, but I fear the unknown and possible admission to my own shortcoming that could impact my family.

I have fear of success. I have so many ideas and a job/business I want to start and I know I can do it, but I am afraid to do it. I want another baby so badly but I am afraid of another miscarriage. I sam afraid of loosing another baby. I will try again though.

I fear that if i lose weight no one will want to date me still, and then i wont be able to blame the fat. I know i need to lose weight for my health, so i am going for it, but i am just not sure. I am also scared my face will deflate and be all wrinkly and i will look older than my age.

I have a fear of living up to my potential

My fear is talking in front of an audience. I want to overcome this by commiting to my toastmasters club where I want to challenge myself to think lineally.

I am afraid of not having attention. I am scared of not having a boyfriend that I love, or who loves me. I am extremely dependent on attention, and therefore I sometimes make decisions on company simply because I do not want to be alone. This is something I have been working on, and this year I intend to continue working on it. I want to do more things that I like and cultivate myself. Make decisions for myself, and not wait on others to make these decisions.

I probably have a deep fear of failure, or perhaps, more accurately, a deep fear of not being as successful as I envision that I could be. Although I also spend quite a lot of time alone, I think I also have a fear of being alone in a more cosmic way, which, I think, prevents me from really zoning in and focusing on projects I should get off the ground (i.e. a screenplay.) I am trying to overcome these fears in a way by taking some classes in the areas I'm afraid of failing in, which is helpful (i.e. writing). Also, I am going to do my best to not make as many unnecessary plans in order to "keep busy." I should very much to keep busy by writing on my computer, thank you very much. It's ok to spend Saturday night at home working. Even in a new place. Especially in a new place.

I have been very fearful of being a mother. I think this has limited my effectiveness in leading my daughter. I think I can over come this by trusting her more and expecting more from her. I think she will respond well to increased responsibility and independence.

I am afraid of not succeeding as a musician. It cripples my efforts in music by infesting everything I do with self-doubt. I don't give any project 100% because that way if it fails, at least I didn't try my hardest at it. I have had moderate success all my life without giving 100%. This year, I need to take that leap. I need to plan and execute a major effort with a recording and a composition project, and trust that I will have the success I have dreamed of.

I fear failure. I am so scared of failing at anything and everything I do. I am a perfectionist and worried that all my education has left me under prepared for practical application. I think I need to rely on my common sense and critical thinking. I can really truly do anything I set my mind to. I just need to remind myself of all that I am capable of doing. I fear being alone forever. I hate this time of life when all my friends are in serious relationships, settling down. I don't want to be alone forever and at the same time, I'm in no hurry to rush into anything. I don't understand why everyone wants to move so fast but their pace is leaving me behind...

fear of facing the truth.

fear of other peoples negative reactions toward me. feeling better about myself and refinding my self confidence is the first step to not caring what others think of me.