Is there something (a person, a cause, an idea) that you want to investigate more fully in the coming year?

Chipmunk, my career, and pole dance

Procrastination. Yet another year I am waiting until the last minute to write these answers. I would like to learn more about why this happens to the best intentioned among us.

More sports and physical activities. Rock climbing, skateboarding, snowboarding, basketball, baseball, boxing, martial arts, hiking, yoga. Mindfulness and meditation.

Definitely mindfulness. I downloaded the meditation app Waking Up after reading about it on a subreddit for anxiety. I was skeptical of trying meditation to help clear my mind because I thought all meditation people become monk-like gurus. After 20 days of trying it, I am fully on board. The app has already taught me many useful insights, and one of the top is that meditation isn't just for addressing whatever is stressful in the moment, it also delivers daily benefits. The reset of the mind that happens from meditation teaches you to treat thoughts and feelings as things that you can choose to think and feel. As someone who has felt helpless to play out dread, guilt, shame, etc. when overcome with them, this realization has been eye opening. I want to continue to practice meditation and mindfulness in my daily life, partly by meditating daily but also by implementing its lessons. I don't think I'm a monk-like guru yet, but I'm not afraid of becoming more like one.

I feel like I could write last year's answer all over again - I guess I have more exploring to do. Though, I do feel much more internally resourced than ever before - so I guess it's working. I do want to continue diving into anti-capitalism, to what it would be like to self-resource on a societal, systemic level. To fuck it all up with my business (explore profit sharing? co-op ownership? weird ways of paying people that are creative and aligned?) To divest from systems that are holding us back and to keep building life in a very queer, radical way that is local and centered and powerful. I don't know if we'll buy land or a house in this next year or not (but maybe! I'm open to it!) but either way, I want to move forward on that goal. Land in the forest and a house on Forest. ✨

I want to learn more about being an effective manager of myself and others. So far, I’ve realized how little I know how to do this. I’m in that valley of despair.

Still interested in Cerakoating, (finishing in general) - I'm proud that i took on and finished the Charismatic Metafauna patin and clear coating. I want to brush up on Machining, also CAD and 3d printing And Anti-racism


My queerness. I want to understand it more and more. Read about queerness, grow my queer community. Get involved. Flesh out that side of myself. WoowWoooO!

random items pinging in my brain but I'm going to wait until something grabs me like investigating Cassini did.

Promoting leadership confidence in younger people in the community. Discussing "rules of engagement" for people interested in creating community change. Creating sense of personal safety ala polyvagal as a foundation for conversation.

I want to explore myself better. Who am I when I am most myself?

I would like to resume meditating more regularly so that I can better know myself.

Retirement role models! How to sustain a happy balance of activity and relationship.

My Judaism. I want to dive headfirst into what it means to me to be Jewish, how to live and breathe a Jewish life in a way that feels real and right.

PSYCHEDELIC ASSISTED THERAPY. Whether that's microdosing on the sly (I'm in a country that doesn't support it), or participating in a study (Auckland's doing it!), or heading overseas for treatment, I'm investigating this over pharmaceutical-only-brain-management this coming year!

Hmm, this is the first question challenging me to answer, I'm not entirely sure... I suppose I could answer it in some way of learning more about work, developing some new skills. I feel like I'm on the verge on unlocking better organization around projects, keeping with the same decluttering theme in other parts of my life. How to make best use of time in the most efficient manner. Distilling - how's that for a concept?

I would like to know myself better and lean into whatever/whoever I truly am instead of bending my ways to please others. Boundaries, baby!

Yes - my own subversive fairytale that mixes traditional elements with contemporary politics

I want to keep growing in my mitzvah observance, meditation, and kabbalah.

Therapy. I wonder if I would benefit from it.

I would like to reach out to our indigenous community and form a bridge to work together on a project.

I want to explore different thinkers that I come across. I just read about Loren Eiseley, an anthropologist and science writer from Nebraska (while researching a story for a sermon. Apparently the famous "starfish story" was actually bastardized from a lyrical essay that he wrote). I got very curious about him and ordered an anthology of some of his writing. Like last year I was curious, and still am, about the theologian and paleontologist Pierre Teilhard de Chardin. I want to be inspired by these thinkers who combined science with either philosophy or theology. But their thought is not so simple and really deserves some careful reading and study. I've decided that "Curious" is my word for the year.

Lung Cancer connection Pranayama

I want to bring to life my childhood dream and vision of how I invisioned life and how the world would be like when I incarnated. I have worked so hard and intensely on my issues and past lives that I can finally feel again what my motivation was to come here onto this earth, what I want to install here and give back to people. My dream is that we all live harmonious, lovingly, with kindness and grace, be the best version of ourselves and inspire others to become themselves again.

Vegetarian practice that works for me

Yes. More about Gabor Maté, more about therapy approaches, understanding areas to research.

I want to check into places to vacation And have fun

Gratefully I’ve stepped up my political involvement just a little. I’m writing & mailing 200 Postcards to Swing States, up from last year’s 100. Also I signed up to deliver personalized notes to 100 neighbors. The earth is so in need of our attention in myriad ways. If I can choose one task, investigate it, & then complete it (or feel that I’ve made any tiny difference) that will feel supportive of our world & our country.

I want to investigate the idea of earning my money in a different way that suits me well, but is more stable and lucrative. I want to look to people and public personalities I find awe-inspiring to follow their example.

Well, in the greatest of ironies, the issue I identified last year -- climate change -- is about to become my life's work. And, I still remain very interested in the economics of climate change. Understanding how to make this a retail economic issue rather than one that only the very wealthy can afford to address is a key part of building a global movement with deep power. The other issue on my mind is about political polarization. I am genuinely curious about whether there is a solution to this global trend, though admittedly my biggest concern is about what to do here in the US. I worry that we are on a path to civil war, that people don't believe in facts, truth, elections or democracy. These issues, it seems to me, are at the base of what I think of as Maslow's "socio-political hierarchy of needs," and without them in place its tough to get to higher order issues like equity or justice. This threat may be as existential a crisis for us as Americans as climate change is.

Investigate Latinx history by reading books I've bought but not read yet. Especially books about activists, preparing to teach the next generation.

Moving to Europe/Germany.

Seeing as health is my priority atm, vagus nerve stimulation, dealing with adhd, mind-gut connection, and any updates on long-covid are most relevant right now. Maybe relearn the medicinal effects of plants (can I borrow a book from mum?) Is there such a thing as awakening spirituality in atheists? Something about consciousness perhaps? I could go back over my notes and focus on non-violent resistance. I should finally read 'this book will make you kinder' and y'know, try to become kinder.

Myself, my roots and family, my expression and art, and how it connects me to others.

Celebrant careers. Counselling.

This seems like a cop-out and possibly an answer from past Ashleigh but I would like to figure out what the fuck I am doing with myself. My bosses asked me this and yesterday I was speaking with someone from work and I just don't really have any direction. So I need to get one and have that be a goal I am working towards. Do I want to instruct adults? Do I want to do a masters? Where am I going? Who do I want to be? Obviously I have decided I want to be a mother and that will require energy at some point but for now it can't be the main focus, there is still space and time to work on myself and figure out what I want beyond that.

Yes, my own research work Collection of rare plants for preservation Studying effects of climate change jn California

I really really really love attachment theory and just hope I can continue to find ways to include it in more research opportunities.

i'm actively trying to get away from "causes." no i do not want to be a champion for a "cause." i want to be a better listener

In 5783 I intend to investigate more fully the question of what it means to live a Jewish life. Practically speaking, the Jewish faith provides a helpful structure. Wake up, be thankful, eat, be thankful, work, be thankful. There is so much wisdom in this rhythm. Wake up and pray. It sets the tone for the day. Be mindful of what I eat and be thankful. Ensure that the last words I utter each day are in prayer. Stay connected to the Holy One. More than that, however, the rhythm of the Jewish year provides a beautiful structure for internal exploration and personal care. Sukkot begins next weekend. It is time to revel in the harvest, whatever the harvest has been, and be thankful. It is time to slow down, prepare for shorter days ahead. Begin to quiet. Hannukah will follow. A season of darkness and perpetually having to turn on the lights -- trusting that longer days will return. Slowly that will give way to Tu B’Shvat and the early signs of spring before the arrival of Pesach and our annual recommitment to telling the story of who we are. I intend to be aware this year. Aware. Alive. Intentional.

What will it take for my musculature to truly relax so that I’m not always in an adrenaline-fired on-guard state of alertness waiting for something bad to happen? How can I deepen my practice of being present while being gentle on myself. I was deeply moved by what Thomas Hübl, host of Collective Trauma Summit “Creating a Global Community of Healing” said, “Trauma can be understood as ‘here is not good for me.’ Intelligent function to go away from traumatized part. So, conscious mind says, ‘be present’ but traumatized part says, ‘no, it’s not safe, it hurts.’ Unintegrated dispersion vs presence is choice; so, we must respect that, create environment where both can be present. Stop fragmentation between weakness and strength; accept ‘I can’t be where I am.’ We need to develop a sensitivity to respect that numbness, absence, dissociating are intelligent processes. But if I have feeling that’s bad then I double punish myself and maybe judge others. If we respect and create communities, where millions of people work deeply with both types of intelligence (incl all the absences in our lives, escaping conscious awareness what Jung calls collective unconscious.) Embracing those elements (incl repetition of trauma that don’t update or innovate themselves). Responsible and able to respond to a place that’s unable to respond.

I want to possibly start investigating and looking into the idea of starting a "side hustle" in the area of social media. The potential of creating money via Youtube, Instagram, and other platforms wants me to start creating ideas to create a page that can start small and eventually help me bring in an extra flow of cash.

I want to explore teaching as a next career.

I would like to investigate my relationships more. I think I may have said this previously, but due to recent changes in my life (moving back across the country, siblings starting college, evolving relationships with parents), right now feels like an opportunity to reevaluate how I want to move and interact with other people in the world. This is in relation to both pre-existing relationships as well as new ones, as I definitely will need to work on making new friends being in a new place. I know that for myself it takes time to share myself with others, and it is something I will have to push myself to do.

I just took the first steps to investigating nutrition and my relationship with food in a more formal, individualized capacity by meeting with a nutritionist. I am unable to tell what beautiful struggle may lay ahead but whatever comes I hope it is toward healing.

How to heal after trauma.

I would really love to investigate more forms of art in the coming year. There are so many mediums I want to work with. Wood, plaster, paint, drawing, macrame, and epoxy!!! So many things to learn!!!! I think about it everyday. Color theory, elements of art, contour line theory, composition… and the list goes on. I want it to be part of my daily life. Let’s see what I can do in a year.

I need to continue to become a better boater. I made good strides this year, and I'm proud of myself for it. There much more to learn, however, and I really should make the most out of the considerable investment I've made.

Ecology and climate activism. I've been able to learn a lot more over the past year from following the climate bill, but I want to know where we go from here and how I can play a part in helping the planet. I know some of the political stuff, but a lot less about the science and the efforts already out there.

A thing: I think I want to go deeper into my maps. To go deeper into the text, and start the visualisation of it all. In general, it would be data visualisation, to tell the story with images, but that the images are a story by themselves. That the image, and its creation process, present a new story to the viewer. A person: me. I want to keep enjoying the growing path I have been on for the last few months. To discover me in new situations. 

An idea: I want to learn how to lead. Right now it is just an idea, not even a concept.

I read a book called the Great Spiritual Migration that was very intriguing. I wonder if it can be applied to our church family? I would like to be able to express its ideas to others in my life.

A list, but I know it’s not possible to explore them all. I’m very concerned about our kids who are behind in their reading. My heart aches for kids who are troubled by despair but with no one to talk to. Coming of age in the 60s, I am livid about misogyny in all its forms. I’ve been angry but the reverse of Roe v Wade enrages me. Why are women’s bodies ruled by law while those of men are not?

My fertility... probably?

Idea from 7.5 Lessons on the Brain by Lisa Feldman Barrett: "With practice, you can make some automatic behaviors more likely than others and have more control over your future actions and experiences than you might think... More control means more responsibility. If your brain doesn't merely react to the world but actively predicts the world and even sculpts it's own wiring, then who breasts responsibility when you behave badly? You do. ... [Not that] people are to blame for tragedies in their lives or hardships that result... Saying that **Sometimes we're responsible for things not because they're our fault, but because we're the only ones who can change them.**

I noted this in a previous question, but I would like to investigate more of the history of our neighborhood with my kids. I think this is especially important as a white family that moved into a rapidly gentrifying community that used to be predominantly Black.

I want to investigate the Holy Gospel more fully and with a deeper understanding in the Orthodox faith.

I want to create an online course / courses because Passive income (eventually) Some meaningful work that Russ could do and it may bring us closer Might be fun It might be a channel for the creativity I've sorely neglected in the last year I realize it wouldn't work immediately, I may have to do 6 courses before I see any income. I think I could be good at doing it I like the idea of researching and organising the lessons.

In the next year, I want to investigate Judaism as full as I can. It is bringing so much goodness into my life and I am so grateful that conversion finally feels like an accessible possibility!! I've signed up for a couple of classes that will help guide my learning in a more directed way, which is so so helpful for my limited capacity and for... helping me learn what I don't know that I don't know. I'm talking to my Rabbi soon about exploring conversion, which is exciting and terrifying and just... fills me with Hope, which is something I've been struggling to hold onto with everything going on in my life and the world at large. Exploring Judaism makes me feel like I am Living again, rather than just existing. It feels like answers to lifelong questions. Like permission to Ask those questions, have those doubts. A framework to help me contextualise and flesh out, think about and live out the values I hold most dear. I love the cyclical nature of Jewish time. The ritual. The intentional space for rest. The stimming and rocking in prayer. The music—joyful and grieving and everything in between—in so many minor keys. Minor key music stirs my soul. The intentional space for feeling grief; the acknowledgement that grief is a Process, that grief doesn't just End. Judaism feeds my autistic, queer, disabled soul and I am so excited to continue to explore it in the coming year! ;;; <333

This is now two years in a row!! I have worked on some of this over the past year and it's such a multi faceted work in progress I would be remiss to not put it out there again! I feel like I should repeat what I said last year but it's all still true of my aspirations. I would still like to keep working on these things, I don't think they are a one year project and done, I think they are possibly life long endeavors. So I will add to the list to read more and to make more creative things with my hands. This is what I said last year: I want be a more observant Jew. I want to consistently observe shabbat. I really believe in the benefit of the rest time and setting aside a day to recharge. I always strive to learn more. I also am continually on a life long quest to learn more survival and homesteading skills. Practical and useful things to be more self-reliant and sustainable. It's really enjoyable to be able to do things myself and work with my hands. I also really want to dive into multi day backpacking and hiking trips. Nature is a great way to reset and recharge and its great exercise!

more more more on the refugee crisis --- seeing the problem as a solution --- and helping it happen

I'd like to learn more about me. Who I am when I'm doing well, not just who I am when I'm struggling. Who I am as a person who has value outside of my job.

Not particularly. I've got so much I've got to do that I'm not sure I'll have time for much else.

I’ve always been fascinated with queen elizabeth. Her leadership , her drive to serve country and family, her love of country and family…. And I’m such a changing world the past 70 years. I’m so intrigued to learn more about her and her reign as the world celebrates her life, and England’s New king takes over.

Gentle parenting, secure attachment, community, Judaism, feeling grounded, finding time for myself and my relationship amongst the craziness of parenting a baby.

I want to investigate the ideas that are in the many unread books on my bookshelf. These concepts range from disability justice, intersectional feminism, radical pedagogy, and racial equality. They all share a common denominator of dismantling white supremacy and unlearning internalized oppression to better myself and thus the world. I really want to step back into my childhood identity of being an avid reader and I know that study must precede action in areas like this.

The meaning of service as a way of spiritual development. But, actually the full experience of training the mind, body, and spirit.

I'd like to spend more time getting to know my mom and my daughter as people, as individuals, not just as my mom and my daughter. I have already started this endeavor and my heart is full.

I want to focus on what I CAN do, and be present in the here and now. I've become intensely focused on ageing - continually inventorying my physical and mental declines, and dreading those (inevitable?) downward spirals. I'd like to STOP focusing on what I'm losing and what I will lose, and focus instead on who I am now, and what I am able to do, and put aside the preoccupation with ageing and my fears of how those will impact me. I don't want to let my fears or my compromises define me. Everyone ages - if they're lucky.

Nothing specific. Anything I have the opportunity to learn more about. I just want to continue learning in a variety of ways, subjects and from a variety of people.

Equity and social-emotional learning. When I was in high school, I felt so alone. Even when people tried to help and show compassion and caring, I was frustrated because I felt like I couldn’t convey to them how I truly felt. I know I have students are out there in my classes who feel the same. I want to do more to let them know they are not alone and there are resources to help them deal with what they are feeling.

Perhaps investigate how we can do things more for good as a lawyer. How to fight horrible gun crime like Uvalde given Congress seems unable to do anything…how to fight for reproductive rights….how to finally do something with my law degree beyond bill or enrich some institutional customers.

I’ve been thinking about all kinds of things lately — especially the science of habits & of change, what drives us to be different. How do we compel ourselves to change BEFORE something forces us to? What is the mindset of someone who makes a huge life pivot without needing to — just because they want to? How can we stick with our efforts to change in the face of temptation to remain as we are, within our comfort zones? I look forward to exploring these ideas more this year & to trying to apply what I learn to my own efforts to be a better version of myself.

Keep donating to causes and politicians I want to invest in. I want to spend some time on the garden at my house, and to narrow down the items in my house.

La idea de negocio propio y la idea de una casa en la naturaleza

I'm going to continue to be curious how my relationship develops. One full year+ of long distance. He's being engulfed in work and "hasn't had time to miss me" but he takes the time to talk to me every day. Visits are still pretty uncertain though - after this weekend I won't be visiting again until I get a job offer. I think we're a good fit long-term but I just hope Ben will eventually come back here. Theoretically that is supposed to be the case with his job. Also I mentioned last year about my career progression - I would be curious about that but I'm too burnt out to care about that for next year. I just want to flourish career-wise, however I do it.

Activism and multiculturalism

I want to investigate my relationship with food. I had an eating disorder for over 2 decades, starting when I was 7 and not really ending until I was 28. I’ve gotten better. Learnt that my fat body is protecting me. It’s as good a body as any. And while I now know and believe my worth is not tired to my weight, my relationship with food is still not what I would like it to be. I would love to be able to eat cake and not mentally beat myself up (an improvement to physically punishing myself, but still not where I want to be). I would love to eat food I enjoy and thank myself for nourishing my body, genuinely be grateful for calories and my padding and the fat underneath my skin that protects me from the cold and bumps and doorknobs. I want to be grateful for taking up space in a world that tells women we must be small. That I must be delicate, and that depends on my size. I was never delicate, not at 250lbs, not at 100lbs, not even when I was 5 years old and genuinely tiny and didn’t worry about numbers on a scale. I want to not be excited when I lose weight and I want to not grieve my thinner body when I gain weight. It’s hard to love myself when society sends messages that my fat body is sinful and wasteful and greedy. But society says that about my womanhood, about my Jewishness, about my loudness and my brown heritage. I love those things about me, and I love fatness in other people. I want to love my own fatness. I’ve come to tolerate it and sometimes I get a glimpse in of what loving it would be like. I used to thirst for any love. Now I thirst for self love.

I'd like to delve into physics.

What is truly driving my desire to have sex with people I'm not married to, and will I be better off listening to it or trying to overcome it?

What it's like to be single.

I want to figure out how to help women struggling with the fall of Roe v Wade. Its heartbreaking and awful and devastating to be here.

My wife and our relationship. I am hoping that our new situation will give us the chance to hunker down together and be healthy and happy and get to know each other's souls a bit more

I want to learn more about where I live. I want to know more about the ocean and what lives in it and how to help keep it healthy. Also, about hurricanes. How they form, what drives them, what can be done to help prepare for them. I should have been a storm chaser. Lol

I want to learn to play chess.

Equality in all of it’s possibilities. It is clear that we do not all have the same chances but it is up to us and society to help many have as much chance for equality as possible.

In my work, I want to continue to explore the areas where I am building skill and experience, most notably on organizational dynamics and change. I'd like to sift through the myriad causes I care about and identify one to dig deeper in. And I want to do some learning about the vast world of the ocean.

Once my right thumb heals from my trapeziectomy, I would like to learn to draw, and perhaps take up painting.

Making a plan to meaningfully live into Shmitah seven years from now.

No. Or maybe me. I still fall into the cycle of over commitment and wanting to do too may things. Since Kat's death I am overwhelmed more quickly than before. I am getting much better at not signing up or committing to too many outside causes, but sometimes I start to slip down that road again. Its not that I don't care about causes and ideas and heck even politics. It's just that this early in my grieving, I don't have the capacity.

I want to continue exploring what it's like to be authentically ME. For the first time ever, I'm practicing expressing myself authentically in multiple spheres (e.g., with men I date, in my job, etc.) and learning that my fear of people abandoning me if I do this MAY happen (and has) but then those are not the right people for me or my life, and that it won't break me or destabilize me.

I want to try to study more. I have not been doing enough lately, and feel very estranged from my chosen religion. I believe it was Heschel who said, "When I pray I talk to God, when I study, God talks to me." I think that is true.


Me. Who am I now? What do I want to be doing now? What is important to me now? And how can I get it done in a way that I am also present for E and M?

As cheesy as it sounds, I want to investigate 'me' more fully. What do I look like independent and standalone? I've always been independent as in I can take care of myself, but for so long I've been one half of a couple, it's going to take some getting used to to be just one person. What do I like to do? What do I want to do that I couldn't do before? Not because I was being held back or discouraged, but there is always a compromise in a relationship. What you watch on TV, what you eat for dinner, where you go on holiday. Where do I want to go on holiday?

Jesus and Christianity. Although I am an atheist so much of the modern world I inhabit is built on this foundation and I would like to know more about it. What is valuable in Christianity when the supernatural and myth is stripped away. Also I'd like to be able to write a believable Christian person.

I want to explore the mind/ body connection and how that creates a better world for everyone.

My creativity & my fear of judgement.

Mental health issues in the transgender community.

I'd like to more fully investigate Judaism. I've now briefly used Sefaria a couple times, which has been great in expanding my learning. It's nice to be able to actually refer to the documents that guide the tradition as opposed to leaning on rabbis. It's born of a desire for both the knowledge and the practice. It is one thing to know how to build a house, and quite another to build one. Part of this also means celebrating Shabbat more and appreciating the other holidays as well. I would like to follow Jewish holidays, known and obscure, more closely so that I can learn about them as the year progresses.

Finally developing my own personal compost system? Becoming more environmentally friendly in my house again? Research how to clean more effectively/efficiently? (haha).

Federation, confederation, or some creative combination as a solution to Israel's occupation of Palestine.

My new hometown. I've been here for two years now and haven't really gone exploring. But as I have decided to say yes to things this year I plan to do some of that this coming year.

I'm in early days with the "1619 Project," which I expect will lead to more reading, further commitments to projects in town. I am also interested in exploring certain poets, a project I keep putting aside.

I want to more closely examine the work of Immanuel Kant. I want to become the person that does the right thing because it's the right thing to do.

I would like to work on my drawing and on my calligraphy. A cause? Maybe I can use the two to explore justice and equality? Maybe I can be ready for the Peace and Justice exhibit next June 2023?

I want to finish my perinatal mental health certificate to help more women and keep investing in my work with couples to be more effective

I would still like to learn a little bit more about housing justice, which I noted last year. I would also like to plug back into politics. I feel like I've stayed at a surface level the past year and only read NYTimes headlines and listened to Pod Save America. And I think that is partially because I don't want to get wrapped up in the negative and because I have the privilege to not worry about all of it. But I would like to safely and securely take time to reengage in politics more fully and take a deep dive the last month of the cycle so I can feel up to speed and invested in the upcoming election.

I want to find ways to be more balanced and well rounded... To be light and dark... To be selfish and selfless... To give and to take. Be like a pencil - color in gray and have the ability to erase and re-do if the wrong answer/mistake is made.

As I said in question 7 -- ancestral and collective (and individual trauma) and how it can be resolved in order to work within the chaos of the current environment. I am open to wherever this work takes me!

I'd like to develop a stronger relationship with the positive. Perhaps by trying affirmations, journaling or some other creative medium (pottery? drawing? painting?); and by documenting the happy and serene moments of my life to help myself to sink deeper into them and gradually feel more at home there.

proceed like i matter. live like i'm dying. waking up time now... prepare to die no longer indulging in these erroneous implanted beliefs that life is not to be trusted. rather: life is arranged to care for all that lives through an endless interdependent flow of energy and resources. (miki kashtan) Psalm 118:5-6 מִֽן־הַ֭מֵּצַ֥ר קָרָ֣אתִי יָּ֑הּ עָנָ֖נִי בַמֶּרְחָ֣ב יָֽהּ׃ ה׳ לִ֭י לֹ֣א אִירָ֑א מַה־יַּעֲשֶׂ֖ה לִ֣י אָדָֽם׃ Min hameitzar karati Ya Anani vamerchav Ya Adonai li lo Ira Ma yaaseh li adam i cry out from the narrow place I called Jah; And God answers me from the expansiveness place, God is for me, I do not fear; What can a human do to me? "Min Hameitzar" by Deborah Sacks Mintz with the Hadar Ensemble (4-01-2020) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EMe4-ggSkdY

Myself; my oxygen mask.

Clean energy! What can I do personally and professionally.

Im excited to continue learning and deepening my spiritual practice! Im hoping to hone in on tracking my lunar cycles and connecting witb the cosmos more generally. I also hope to explore more care practices like massage, reiki, acupuncture; and continue to explore low impact movement like yoga and pilates.

Yes. I want to investigate the near-future stability of food systems under climate change. I am at least interested in this. I want to finish reading Limits to Growth and then see if I can find a book more specifically on this topic.

Yes! I want to consider meditating more ---more than the 10 minute most days practice I now have. I want to read more. To spend some time each day, slowing down, not looking at my computer, but just thinking and /or reading. I want to explore art more--take more risks with my art and play with it more!

I would like to start a Well Circle of my own and to create a Rosh Chodesh practice that feels nurturing and connects me to other women, and hopefully other mothers.

Foster care and adoption Diabetes education What is population health!? Spending more time getting to know people from different backgrounds than me

I need to look into all the paperwork for retirement and into the Social Security quagmire. Fortunately, we are still investigating how to keep track parents in their nineties who are thousands of miles away. I tried to join a dementia study with Ely Lilly. My spouse is trying to figure out how to continue doing science he loves while retired.

Not particularly. I don’t have a lot of time outside of my kids and work. But I am OK with that right now.

I am studying towards my B’Mitzvah so I want to investigate my Parsha Vayikra

New investigations: 1) Brain function & energy - do I have narcolepsy? Sleep study? Memory loss? 2) hormones: Is there some way to temper my hormonal anxiety? 3) Family therapy/personal therapy/support for working through Fair Play deck; 4) I want to become more expert at Zoom meeting setup, and Doodle meeting planning. Ongoing Investigations: 1) Aikido; 2) skiing; 3) gymnastics and theater for younger son.

I have something like 20 books of psychology, science and selfhelp sitting by my bedside. I would like to get past page 30 in all of them.

I'm interested in investigating counseling/therapy more this year as a sort of wellness practice. I don't think I particularly need therapy, but it might improve my life so I kind of want to try it. Similarly to how we all try to exercise, sleep, and eat well to keep from getting physically sick, I think it might be a good idea to go to therapy to tackle mental issues before they start.

I think I would like to take a meditation retreat at some point. I want to get our house ready to sell or to continue to live in. If our house is ready, I want to find a good place to move.

I would like to serve the community in the upcoming year at TSE.

Learning is my life

Places to travel to in retirement. Maybe see if having a long term relationship is possible.

I want to fully commit to dating. I know I'm scared of getting assaulted again and/or murdered - but there are precautions to take that can make me feel safe. If I want to find my person I need to put myself out there - and eventually when I've settled down I'll want the fun memories of experimenting in my 20s

I want to explore living in the country. That might mean an hour commute to work, not being in the city and I would say not being around friends but I am already not around friends. I am so struck by the repeating theme in my answers and journaling of how much I love Nature, how much peace I find in it. I loved being on that farm in Colombia up in the mountains.

Writing I want to see where my writing can lead me. I want to learn. I want to experiment with different types. Blogs. Courses. Books. Fiction and nonfiction. IG. LinkedIn. Childhood trauma There is much left to uncover and heal. And I want to tackle it as I am quite sure it's the root of many issues. Might even be the root to burnout. I'd like to try it on my own first through books like becoming the one. Moving to the UK. As I might move with Luke to the UK at some point in the near (2y) or far future, I want to research what that would mean for me. I speak the language, that helps. But I want to really feel into the possibility and read up on immigrating to the UK. Also want to try and pick up on slang and sayings. And dialect. Connect more with people there. Friends. I want to keep my friends I have now (mostly Femke and Manon). But I am definitely looking into making new friends as well. Outside of work. Outside of Luke. Maybe with Manon.

Home ownership, finding a better car, finding work that feels fulfilling.

This is still hard for me. There are ideas people have put forward that I want to know more about, but all in the service of getting to be more myself more often. I may explore a coaching option for this. I also have so many causes. I want to pick one or a few and just do the work to help.

I want to more fully understand climate change and do more to lighten my footprint on the planet.

Writing, home design, bread baking, beauty

Parenting. Enough said. (More specifically: I want to learn a lot more about anti-diet-culture approaches to feeding children.)

Decide on a cause where I can regularly contribute more than $$

I would like very much to figure out a way I can actually contribute to the cause of pro-choice rights. It’s scary to think my adult daughter lives in a world and has fewer medical rights than I did.

I want to look into life coaching and/or ADHD coaching certification. I'd like to start playing piano again. I'd like to spend more time learning about how the patriarchy also negatively impacts men, and things we can do about it.

Helping kids who learn Differently find good colleges to meet their needs and help women get more fit after 40 & 50

I would like to get more engaged politically, especially voter registration and phone banking between now and the November election. I’d like to explore becoming a poll worker.

Me. I need to stop "investigating" my husband. It is good that I'm developing an understanding of him and what his behaviors, words and reactions are trying to tell me about what he is willing and capable of being/doing/showing up in the relationship. But it is time now for me to stop trying to figure out how to explain or make him understand. Instead I need to understand ME, and do what I need to do to take care of ME (and my kids, in an appropriate way).

Yes, I want to get more involved with TTCriders as a strong public transit system is such an important aspect of a healthy city!

No. I want to enjoy what is in front of me. I want to acknowledge what is evil and wrong and then let it go so that I can focus on the beauty and kindness that exists.

I want to continue learning how to be a good mom, who balances self-care with taking care of her kids. So far, I've been doing well with that because I have a part-time job, go on mom outings, get my nails done, and take time for other leisurely pursuits. Next year, as Gabby gets older, I'll do more fun stuff with her (like baking and playing games), and it'll come with different challenges than we've had with her as a baby. But hopefully, I'll continue to thrive.

I want to work on how I'm parenting to be more effective. I often feel like I push vaguely and get vague results. I'd like my kids to pick up more of my wife and my work ethic. It hasn't been happening.

I want to investigate volunteering more. Specifically, I for the first time looked at donating crocheted blankets and hats, friendship bracelets, and origami cranes to hospitals, and I really like the idea of using my time and my too large yarn collection for this cause.

Copy and paste the answer from last year: Essentialism. Not satisfying at all that I have not done anything about the one concept I said I wanted to investigate.

I want to become more involved in my community/ congregation. There are so many learning opportunities and social action activities to choose from. I want to choose one or two and jump in and see where it leads.

I am interested in learning more about the disability justice movement

I want to study this book (This Here Flesh) and be in discussion around it. I want to more deeply understand grief and fear (of death) -- as well as grace and how they are all connected.

The More Beautiful World Our Hearts Know Is Possible

I want to continue to think and read about forgiveness and shame, but also read and write more about empathy.

Of course, I can't do just one! Get more involved in voting rights. Continue my anti-racism learning. Revisit acceptance and adopt a mindset of generosity.

Continue my quest of learning all I can about the healthiest human diet. And ways to be able to spread the truth to others.

I’m interested in finding out more about human energy, it’s flow and how it can be influenced and healed through things such as crystals, reiki and qigong

I want to be more observant (and actually attend shul) this year so I want to research where to join.

I want to investigate self love and knowing my own worth. I have a lot to offer the world, but firstly I need to be at peace with myself.

Maybe a bit about healthier eating, and how to improve my lifestyle a bit. Only gettin' older, you know.

I'd like to get more involved in supporting progressive candidates for political office. We are at a crossroads in our democracy, and we could easily end up sliding toward autocracy and civil war. I'd like to look at some alternate streams of income such as investing in PM's, and stocks. I'd like to do more creative writing.

Podcasts, Vlogging, Blogging, I want to connect.

My Judaism! I miss it and it feels so deeply part of me. I want to join my reform/Kabbalah spiritual groups and find like minded people there.

I want to continue to work on my botanic art. I started taking classes this year and am really enjoying it.

I want to investigate the idea of friendship, romantic and sexual relationships and love and get a better understanding of what people think about those categorizations and how they were created and how they’ve served and not served communities in the past

Things to investigate come up almost daily for me and my wife. That's what the internet is for.

I want to explore dot art painting more as well as getting back into poetry and journaling. I want to read up on spirituality and mystic poets like Hafiz and Rumi.

I'd like to get more involved politically, really dig into gun control and women's rights.

I want to investigate earning my California property and casualty insurance license.

I would like to explore my gender more. More and more I feel myself identifying with a trans identity. I want to explore what that means to me and what it would mean to me to live that truth.

I want to investigate what it's like to be a single mom of color, coming out of an abusive relationship, for filipina women. I still and always want to explore that idea. I want to explore the idea of being free from needing to work a 40-hour week job and taking my kids around the world or through national parks.

I really can't think of a person, cause or idea that I want to investigate more fully in the coming year. I just want to live my life to its fullest. I am tired of getting into analysis paralysis.

I'm feeling old. At this stage of my life, I don't expect to explore new things. I will not turn away or ignore them as ideas, etc., cross my path, but I don't expect to seek out novelty. I expect to continue what I am already doing: music, some writing, exercise, healthy eating, working with the retired people's group at my church.

My dad.

I want to get more into magic and the introspection associated with it. I have a ton of ideas and my brain moves faster than I can effectively process all of them. Furthermore, I would like to address what I think is untreated ADHD, and potentially autism. These are some areas of personal growth I see myself exploring in the next 12 months.

Nothing specific. Do more history research about something that grabs my attention

I've been retired for three years now, but will soon be going back to work part-time. The money will be helpful, of course, but I feel that I still have something to offer. I miss working as a teacher. It wasn't always pleasant, but it was certainly fulfilling. I floated several sub applications with nearby districts and substitute at the district from which I retired.

I want to investigate the idea of my own behaviors. Specifically, why I tend to listen to people's advice and words. As I've always had trouble with following through on any changes that I try to make in attempting to improve my life.

I want to learn how to grow my own Food. I want to know how to protect myself when SHTF

I would love to figure out how to use my passion for activism to actually get involved in making change and helping people. Also, I want to continue following my curiosity, and creating things with my hands. I am going to continue my ceramics classes until the end of December, then save the money instead, for the wedding/move. Keep baking, drawing, reading, making Jesmonite and candles, gardening and growing food for us! I want to try and get a certificate in Spanish this year, but I don't know if they have them for the lower levels, so I will have to research. I want to practice more Jewish baking/cooking, and continue to find a stability in my identity that helps ground me in all areas of my life. Mainly just focus on nourishing myself, and to keep learning!

Nothing specific comes to mind, other than what I have already mentioned.

The history of my neighborhood and the stories of the people that where born here, lived and worked here. And make a film documentary about it.

I wrote a long ass answer to this and it didn't save. I wrote about how last year I said I wanted to more fully investigate "Love and being open to more intimate romantic relationships." I did that, and it was kind of brutal. At one point this year, in June, after B, M, A, T, G, B, C (too many! i know!) i felt like i had a wrecking ball tied around my waist and was brutally attacking myself or someone else with every turn. so i took a step back and am still sort of stepped-back. I don't know what i want to explore in the coming year. making space for love and dancing without throwing myself recklessly in, maybe.

I would like to work on enhancing the experience of students participating in the NSS Gerard K. O’Neill Space Settlement Contest (new name for this season). This starts with working on the website, followed by a concentrated social media campaign. I would also like to work on making the experience of the students attending ISDC more exciting and inspiring.

Law school; German

How to recover from early and repeated trauma without re-triggering it all.

Art therapy or creative light writing are two things that I am interested in I probably ought to revisit Photoshop and see if I could enjoy using that art form I really enjoy doing my Story Worth book and I have to find another vehicle to recapture the enjoyment I got out of putting that book together


I have been Methodist my whole life. The Methodist church is splitting. I'm clear that one is wrong for me (Global Methodism), but not sure if either is right. Is there a right place? Universal Unitarianism? Judaism? Buddhism? Do I want to belong any community of faith? Is there a "right" place for me that is also available in Gladewater? And that I am willing to devote time to?

I want to deepen my early learnings of Neuroscience to apply it to my daily life and improve my well-being.

Finding my way back to my empathetic self that is willing to listen and share.

I want to continue investigating motherhood. I want to know information about what my pregnancy will be like since I will be over 45 years old. I know everyone has a different experience. I just want to be prepared.

In the coming year, Advanced framing techniques merrit investigation for best design practices building my adu.

The body grows slowly and steadily, but the soul grows by leaps and bounds

Investigate if I want to do a big wedding or not, and how I want the wedding to look. I want us to explore what fits with our values most and how we want to express that in our wedding. I want it to be purpose driven, and have intention, but also have a lot of fun and be able to express together the community that has brought us together and been a part of our lives.


I want to understand how demonization works better. How people can be influenced by the media and not even know it. I really want to understand the Socratic method and critical thinking in general. I want to understand probability.

I'd like to get more into pattern making and learn how to do it properly. I'd also like to more thoroughly investigate the new area I'm living in. There's a lot to do and explore here, so I'd like to make the most of it. I also need to find new social groups and meet new friends.

I want to show up for Palestine more. I have caused harm in my Zionist activities as a youth, and it is on me to work constantly towards repair. The most beautiful service was given about this at Kolot during Tashlich, and it rings true to me. Until there is a free Palestine, I will not have done enough.

I am hoping that I can get more information about my relatives from Salantai, either from Paulius or from Regina. If I can't get their help, I will have to see if there is some other way to get at the information that is out there.

Maybe like how I can function in the international relations sphere while also disagreeing with a lot of what the UN does. Also like how to incorporate creativity into my everyday practices. Democratic socialism. The World Bank. Sound recording. Herman Hesse. Religion lol

So I've not done anything I set out to do last year. Are those things not that important to me? I would really like to go back to school.

Populism. How Democracy generates that crap and how it permeates every level of society, government, law enforcement agencies, armed forces and intelligence. How can I protect myself from that infectious mental malady?

I'd like to explore leadership in my community. I just got accepted to a board position for a local community nonprofit and would like to really start getting to know other leaders in my city so I can start networking and making a difference.

new career, braille bricks, "I Am Enough" movement

I want to be more involved in the Enough is Enough campaign. I want to join a trade union.

Non-binary Halachah!!! I'll be writing a teshuva about non-binary people and the practice of laying tefillin, but I hope this is the first of many teshuvot. I want to be a halachist, and to center my research around non-binary halachah!!! And I'm so excited!

I want to continue attending Torah Study to further my knowledge of and connection to Jewish history and teachings.

I would like to delve more into myself as a badass who doesn't seem as worried about what others think of me and doing what actually brings me joy. I want to be curious and follow whatever the universe puts in front of me. I would like to more fully step into my life as a professional artist and let go of the imposter syndrome thing I have going on.

Yes, myself. :)

Yeah, there's quite a lot. I've got a few Philip Larkin books queued up to read, including some of his prose and the biography by Andrew Motion, and his novel, "A Girl in Winter". There's also a radio series about him by Simon Armitage. Then there's my revived interest in F. Scott Fitzgerald and Ernest Hemingway. I'd like to read some more Hemingway and read the book I got about some of his physical objects: one of the books I bought at Shakespeare & Company in Paris on our minimoon. I'd also like to read a biography about Hemingway. And Fran has recommended a couple of books about the women in his life. There are also a couple of books about the 1920s: "Sylvia Beach and the Lost Generation" and "Up in the Old Hotel". That second one is on my list of books to read after Finals, so I should get round to it within the next year if I stick to my plan. I've turned left a bit this year, reading "The Communist Manifesto" and "Culture and Imperialism", plus Salman Rushdie, which make me think more about fairness in society and the legacy of empire and colonialism. There are a few other books on my list that will feed into that, including "The Cancer Stage of Capitalism". We had also been obsessed with Berlin. We were going to make that our next holiday, but then Fran decided she wanted a beach holiday more, so we prioritized that and went to the French Riviera at the end of the summer instead. But I would like to go back to Berlin and immerse myself in the wall and the culture and history surrounding it. It's fascinating. There's also the Holocaust memorial, which I've been wanting to see and experience for a while, ever since I saw it on TV. I'd also like to spend some more quality time with Fran's dad, Tom, and resume our weekly phone calls. He probably has bowel cancer, so I don't know how much longer he will be with us and what his quality of life will be like, but I want to make the most of the time he has left to give. We're going to see them this weekend.

I want to get more involved with migrant solidarity and the museum of homelessness. They are two causes that are very close to my heart.

How we can truly be sustainable as a society and species

I guess the same as last year; I want to prepare for retirement, which I think will involve really sitting down with a financial advisor to find out how much I can comfortably spend, and figure out a part time job if necessary.

At this stage I can't think of too much beyond my life, as selfish as that is. I often feel like that when in a new job. Every year I want to do more in regards to First Nations people, to learn, to be active, etc, but I struggle to make the next step. If my Mum visits later in the year to early next I'd like to really make time for her/us.

I would like to invest in myself this coming year, what t I like what I want to do with my extra time if I work less. This will be a big task as during the trip I realise I can't spend so much of my time either at home or with my husband as we r so different and too much time together drives me mad.

More Ross Greene! More of "the old me," who's able to share other people's orbits, instead of only pulling others into mine. More of finding who my kids WANT to be, instead of who I THINK they're becoming.


I think the answer has to be to walk the talk on First Nations solidarity. Read Talkin up to the White Woman. Read Another Day in the Colony. Really commit to this learning.

Bringing the kids to volunteering efforts. we want to develop empathy for Helena especially and we think this could help. I can’t think of a specific cause but I just want to remain active and continue to serve you the community. I’d like to try a garden again. I’d also like to try not using Spotify and Apple Music. They pay musicians so little. Owen told me about band camp at harvestivus so I’ll try giving that a shot.

I would like to work on my sense of self-esteem and confidence in relationships. I want to feel empowered and peaceful and that I am good enough. I am starting therapy this month and I am looking forward to doing this work.

Living in Brighton. Nichiren Buddhism Photography

(Here I find it hard to see last year's answer, since I did essentially nothing - read one or three articles.) I'd like to learn more about current day Guatemala, and be better connected there. Beyond just the bleak email newsletter. I'd also like to know if there is any way to reconnect to my Hebrew name.

I'm interested in understanding current mental health research and better options for treatment for our youngest child. I don't understand why our mental health care system is failing us so miserably. Changes need to be made urgently to address the crisis. How can I best help make that change happen?

I would like to expand my use of photography to help the community and others. I have a few projects that come up throughout the year by the by, but I think I could do more. And I know I would enjoy it. Recently, I've been getting shots of my friend's son when we go on hikes. She really appreciates that I give her cool photos of her kid having fun as he grows up. I do it because I wish someone took more photos of me and my siblings when we were crazy kids.

My own self worth, my own art and learning and growth... Whatever friends will come along with that, great. But I want to persue the Self more, in however selfless a way I can while still being selfish in a way that heals, not take on burdens of the world, not judge others for their faults or shortcomings, not apoint myself the holder of everyone else's pain or problems but let everyone handle their own things. And I'll handle me.

Myself and my career.

It’s interesting that nothing really fires me up right now. I feel like I used to be really motivated when I was younger but now I feel… eh about learning! I think if I start making reading fun again that might be a great start.

Yes. The Tarot. I want to both study the Tarot and create my own deck in 2023. The process of making tea from the tea plant. Continuing to read from my library. And continue to work towards my Native Plant Certification.

What I need to be a better person/Jew/father/husband/sibling/son.

Les principes de leadership. Je vois tellement de livres passer concernant la gestion, le leadership, et ça m'interpelle quand je les vois. Je devrais davantage lire à ce sujet. Ça me donnerait des outils et donc de la confiance dans mon travail, que j'adore.

I’d like to dig into EMDR more. I’ve only just begun and am seeing progress when using the approach in guided sessions. My therapist has mentioned the ability to use it alone. So far I haven’t seen quite the same results but think with practice and the right environment, I should be able to use that therapeutic tool on myself even when I’m alone.

I would like to continue investigating and understanding the Jewish social justice sector, including the unique challenges and opportunities facing the sector. It is an exciting time to be a Jewish social justice practitioner, so I am curious to understand how to navigate the challenges with polarization facing the sector to date.

I think these are the same as last year. Kids and social justice back into my life. More connection to the good. I also really really want to meditate! What will it take for it to take hold again?!!

I want to understand what went haywire inside of my body. What did the vaccine and medication do to me? How do I fix myself? How do I help save others from this path?

Family based retirement living where I have more support, and closer. This year has been difficult due to the liver issues and accompanying hospitalizations and medical visits. We are seeing the aging of our generation with its death count beginning to rise for those we know well. Lost focus on retirement things this year with the medical situation overtaking my time and brain power.

being more loving to my partner

Investigate more fully. I read this to mean more than just Googling something or even reading a Wikipedia page. Information is so readily available that it's hard to imagine that there's a topic I can't immediately learn more about if I want. But what that really means is that I can get a brief overview of anything. Or a skewed view influenced by Google. I can find out a little something without really learning enough to think critically or even intelligently about the topic. I'm an avid reader. I consume information. And there are topics that I have, over time, read more about and learned about more fully. But so often much of what I learn now is as much as I absorb from a single New York Times article, or a Wikipedia page, or a Google search. None of those are really enough. So this year what I really want is not based on a topic (or topics) that I can identify at this moment so much as the very fact that I want to investigate several things more fully -- more than a single Google search, Wikipedia page, or New York Times article. Whatever things I stumble across that pique my interest. And preferably not something work -related.

I would like to share my music in a healing way with others----by singing, and playing my harp and piano and helping others to make their own music in ways that bring them joy and healing.

No Boring, isn't it?

In the coming year I'm determined to devote myself more to writing and to my work in my MFA program. There are so many different ways to be a writer, and as I'm gaining confidence in my own voice and the types of projects that I want to work on, I know there are so many things that I can do to improve. Mainly, write more, write often, and then write more.

Myself. I honestly am having trouble understanding who I am, what I want, why I'm feeling things that confuse me utterly. I'm not used to not understanding all of this and to feel as if I cannot understand and comfort myself is leaving me with a sense of confusion and grief in which I feel mired all the time. Time to change! Time to get back to Abby and who she knows she is, inside and out.

I think I would like to continue to evolve as a human - less judgement, more joy, less anger, more acceptance, less pressure more pleasure, less isolation, more engagement. There are so many ways these goals can be achieved I just need to honor the time to get them done. I want more time on the mountain and less time in a car. I want to be retired and not grind so hard!

I would like to return to my piano learning and start voice lessons. I have been on a bit of a roll with fiction, though.

The meaning of spirituality and religion without a belief in an almighty deity.

I continue to be interested in somehow having the Roe v Wade decision re-visited. It was a travesty of justice to have it overturned, and the states that are embracing worse changes (looking at you Texas) should NOT be allowed to do what they are doing to affect (negatively) women's/men's health.

There are many thoughts of investigation that come and go. People, causes, ideas. In any moment my interests can wax and wane. It seems the one thing that has stayed consistent is my observation of these things. If something arises that I would want to investigate, I’d be more curious as to why. For example, I just applied to an 8 month spiritual exercises course through St. Ignatius that includes daily prayer and weekly spiritual direction. Why? I was seeking direction and was guided to it through meditation. Also, I find value in having a spiritual companion to discuss and share of the insight gained through living sober and practicing mindfulness. So perhaps I do wish to investigate the art of soulful connection with others. I would like to meet a person or person(s) who share similar spiritual and/or religious values who also choose to live a sober lifestyle.

Me, always me. I always want to learn more about myself because even after almost 33 years, there's still things I'm learning, relearning, and need to learn. It's all so dynamic, always changing, always growing.

Yes - the veil between the human and animal/plant world

There is a long list! …and finally I am in the place in my life to have the time to make a dent in it. Number one on the list is I to continue a genealogy search I began during the early stages of the pandemic, but had stopped because I didn’t have the energy to pursue the deeper dive that was calling me. I accidentally found out about an entire family of aunts, uncles and cousins on my father’s side that were kept a secret to my sister and me, and our first cousins. I have had to get over my disappointment that the rest of my family is pretty uninterested in knowing more than I have already uncovered. I have come to terms with knowing that future efforts will be primarily for my own need to learn and understand what caused the family rift and who are these 5 separate families we were kept apart from truly like….

I want to find alternative forms of exercise. I've been loving Pilates, starting belly dancing (yeah, you heard that right!). I want to write more and explore ways to develop a writing community. I can't believe it, but the senior center may be the way I go! I want to explore the Fierce over 50 gatherings. Will this be the thing that gets my nervous system to calm down? Will this be the thing that helps me breathe more deeply and freely? Will this be the thing that gets me out of pain?? Maybe!

Yes. Me. I've spent alot of my life looking to be inspired by someone or something else out there. I want this year to be spent looking inside myself to better understand who I am and who God wants me to be.

Imagining a new life. What would it look like? What do I WANT to have happen in my life? What will it take to make it happen?

Education. This is first time where committing year to guiding and teaching role in the Torah world. I hope, even if not my career to always being involved in Jewish education and helping people progress and connect closer to hashem and themselves. This is year where really placed in that role in a place built for growth and connection. I want to better understand my abilities to give, guide and educate and better understand how to do so

I feel like my standard answers are me, and my marriage. I would like to add, my son who is 13 and in 8th grade. He's definitely getting more independent, which is great! But before that happens, I want to make sure that we have a good relationship foundation that is not just me nagging. It takes some work. But hopefully it will be worth it.

I want to know more about how the world works. I want to learn about the sky, stars, sun and moon. I want to learn more about weather. I want to learn math. I want to explore more psychology and what makes people do what they do. I want to learn.

I just want to invest in myself. I want to be good to myself, do what is best for myself without guilt, without caring what others think. But even more, it would be nice to take care of myself with the encouragement of those who love me.

I would love to have something in mind, but this year I do not.

I know I don't need (can't afford the money or space in my house) to take up another craft, but I'm becoming fascinated with broom making. I love natural brooms - the fact that they are handmade from plants and also the many ways they can be decorated. I'd love to find a local broom maker or try my hand at making one myself.

Making a home into a good place to be.

Democracy, natch

I want to learn more about Wisconsin. I want to travel to more parts of the state (and the Upper Midwest in general). I want to see what sort of landscapes are here and how I can experience them, to see what the various cities and towns are like. I realized this past summer that I've only been to a relatively small portion of the state. There are good reasons for this, but now I want to see more of it.

Medicare baby - I can't believe I am at the age where I need to THINK about Medicare. How did I get this old? My challenge is that I am looking at Medicare in the US while contemplating insurance needs in Mexico. It seems easy and complicated. It is tops on my list to investigate this year.

Land management and stewardship.

I have spent my entire adult life working for non-profits, giving every waking moment to a worthy cause. It has burned me out. Is there life on the other side of a 501c3?

My self. Last year I explored business ventures. This year I'm doing it ! Hopefully next year, a small bud will appear on my personal growth.

Such an intriguing question and yet my answer is a mundane, 'no'. Or perhaps a qualified no. The person I want to 'investigate' although I wouldn't choose that word, is myself. I have stated before that my plan is to make myself a priority this year. By which I mean the activities and work that are meaningful to me, without wedging them into my time in small inconsequential bits because I've created false obligations to put others and their needs first. Sounds simple and yet... This time next year will tell how well I stick to my guns.

I have begun to make quilts that I want to make, to explore new designs of my own making (Ocean is the first of them) It doesn't matter anymore if I sell them, I have no delusions anymore of sales. But my art is most important to me.

my connection with my wife.

I want to investigate minimalism more this year. I truly have way too much stuff, and most of it I don’t even use. Books that I’ll “read someday” that sit haphazardly on my shelves. Clothing that I wish I could fit into but don’t, or hold on to because I paid for them and feel bad letting go even though they’re no longer my style. Craft supplies for hobbies I’ll never pursue actively. And so much digital clutter as well, that I feel overwhelmed at beginning the process to refine through gigabytes of files, and over 40,000 photos and videos (a lot of them junk!) and tons of unread emails and subscriptions that just continue to grow the number in my inbox. I subscribed to emails from a minimalist help group (I see the irony) and hope to incorporate their research and understanding of why we hold on to things, and how to let go in a healthy way and reduce. Marie Kondo is my idol, I have both her books, and I want to reread her them and then really go through the tidying up and letting go process once and for all. I want to feel order and peace of mind when I walk into my home, rather than overwhelm, chaos, and clutter. Especially living in a TINY apartment, reducing unnecessary clutter and things will help me make the most of the space I do have.

Myself...Yes, same answer as last year. I feel stalled on this question with concerns for my health. First half of the year my symptoms centered on my hands and feet being almost useless. On going is my mouth sores and as my hands and feet healed or completed the cycle of repair, my upper body rashes re occurred with a lesser vengeance than the state it was a year ago

I would like to spend some time with the Resistor Sisters, working for social justice. I also would like to find another couple of ways to be involved at my church.

Myself? Or at least what is still there if I am able to let go of my ego. I want to focus on groundedness and investigate this more. My goal is to stop reading about it but start doing it, or should I say ‘being it’. I think that is a big challenge!

I would like to explore spiritual sexuality. I've always been a sexual person (in a healthy way), but I am married to someone who fell into the typical "sex dies after marriage" trap. She has good reason, being a victim of abuse and trauma. We had a very active a sex life for the first few years, and I was not the one always initiating. I had no idea of the pain she had been carrying around. Things became very routine over the years, and then she encountered her perpetrators at a family function a few years ago. That brought up all of the trauma she experienced, and we have not been the same since. As a devoted spouse I am trying to be there for her as she works through this stuff, and I know this will be a long road (we are in couples therapy). I feel that if I can connect my sexuality with my spirituality on my own, I will not feel as deprived and will be doing something positive for myself. It may also be a way to reconnect with my wife in a different way.

I want to more fully investigate my own creativity. I want to see what that means to me now at this stage in my life. I have let creativity remain in my work only for so long--I want to reclaim it in my personal life.

Not that I can think of.

I really want to get involved in volunteering next year, especially around animals. I want to be able to divide up my time appropriately and set aside a couple of hours a month for volunteer opportunities. I would actually like to find a cause/volunteer opp that my husband and I can do together.

Yes. I want to write a memoire of my sister to be given to my nephew during this upcoming holiday season. This seems a daunting task at this moment. With help it will become a reality.

How to best support a large-scale operational team through a major transition. Also, gardening, again.

I want to explore how i want to spend the next five years. As I enter retirement there are so many opportunities and I'm trying to keep an open mind as I consider all that is in front of me.

I have wanted to create a pipeline to make elder care more accessible and understandable to everyone, but now as I walk this path with Jimmy I realize it isn't just eldercare, it is insurance in general that is a nightmare and surely there is a better way.

I want to make my second aliyah. I don't know how I could possibly pay for it, but I miss Israel so much, just seeing pictures of Israel can bring be to tears. And now that my dear friends have just made aliyah, it has left a big hole in my life here. And, I have never been afraid of antisemitism before, but I am now. I never thought I would say that, that I am afraid in my own country! I want to run away from it. But moving back to Israel is also moving toward something. A more complete Jewish life. More opportunities to learn. The only thing holding me back is money. I'd have to win a pretty big lottery to accomplish my dream!

Nothing comes to mind right now. There's so much "deep diving" on so many people that I feel there isn't much for me to explore personally. I do enjoy listening to music and if there's an artist I like, I'll go into their back catalogue and listen; or look out for them on tour in my area.

I want to look into crystals more. I’m very interested in their uses and properties.

God. Compassion. Kindness. Beauty.

My sexuality with Frank. Hope he gets the pill.

I want to learn a bit more about computers! Especially data visualization.

I would like to continue improving my data analytics capabilities

The person I want to investigate more fully this year is me. I’m still finding my true identity and I want to explore it more.

I want to keep learning Spanish.

Honing my intuition to grow into my full potential as a human being -- grounded, perceptive, helpful to those who seek my services. I will go where Spirit leads.

Exactly what I am doing now, invest more quality time with my true friends, and let go toxic people.

Read more Rambam!


I want to investigate Bo, and our relationship… explore by living curiously and communicating… not by dissecting

I'd like to read a James Baldwin nonfiction book. Perhaps The Fire Next Time. I'd like to understand labor unions better, and prison/police abolition too. So maybe a minimum of one book each about those things, too, and podcasts about them, too. I just want a leg to stand on while talking about these things and explaining to people why I support them. I also want to seriously consider what it would take to get a Master's degree and go into teaching, and if that's a direction I'd want to go in.

I've brought the balalaika down to uni. Let's not just have it for decoration please. I guess just in general I really want to learn how to relax and take real breaks. Sounds stupid given how little work I'm doing but I can't help but feel like I'd work better and more efficiently if when I actually stopped working, I did real relaxation (and if I also just threw my phone in a lake tbf..) - I want to try run this Dilettante society, I want to actually hang out with my friends, read books??? Maybe if I embrace things for their aesthetic value they will eventually become unconscious parts of my everyday life. (quite jazzed by how much of last year's things I explored, adventuring with people is so valid and lovely - grow with friends please)

I'd like to learn to be more politically active. I already vote, but I don't take it much further than that. I think it's time to work on the next step in being active.

From 2021: The idea of self-consciousness or conscious awareness, of being "in" the moment, being grateful for the moment. Far too often, I find at the end of a day that I have gone through the motions but I have not really lived my best life. Adding in 2022: prayer and daily devotion. Taking the time to stop and think of others, to pray for others, and committing to spending time with The Word, will help reach that greatly missed 2021 goal.

Yes, Rabbi Salanter, to whom I am distantly related. He is a founder of modern mussar. I have had his biography for ages and have not read it but will!

I would like to do more to limit my consumption. I feel like there is rarely a day that goes by where I am not spending money. I want to be a better global steward, and a better example to J that not all that is good in life can be purchased and that spending lots of money all the time is both frivolous and contributes to environmental degradation.

I want to learn more about the best ways to be a support person to my family members with cancer.

My daughter! She’s not even two weeks old, so there’s a lot to discover. There’s also me as a mom, which will be possibly even more interesting.

With the arrival of Naomi it seems natural to explore what grand parenting brings to my life, to discover this new little human, and how the relationship deepens mine with Lucie (and Jacob). The juxtaposition of Joe's illness and the birth of a child is intense emotional territory. Can all of this feed the continued exploration in my art work? It might be too raw, too soon.

Yes. How may we create more access to behavioral health (physical and mental) modification tools that would help stabilize and improve more of the population?

I would like to see whether I can locate additional information to my family's experiences during World War II. I've let so much time slip through my fingers that there are no living witnesses; however, there are other resources I can explore.

Yes I want to find ways to help women who need abortion services. I want to pursue creating activist quilts. My first step is taking the lettering class. Then designing my own project.

I want to fully investigate the history and culture of Ghana meaning the Ashanti, Akan and everything that consists of it. I believe it will add to my purpose and pursuit because I will have a better understanding and context of what has played a role in the person that I am today

I want to continue to support the struggle for reproductive justice and explore ways that people from our giving circle can plug in/volunteer.

Maybe the idea of pursuing “fun” more often? I was just watching a TED talk today about how oftentimes what we say is “fun” isn’t truly that. I want to try to have more moments of genuine fun.

I'm always doing a deep-dive into some current idea or issue. I'm not sure what it will be in the coming year. I just roll with the punches, of which there have been plenty.

Artisan bread making

I want to learn more about repentance and the possibility of repair

I've decided to volunteer at a local animal shelter. I just need to find a no-kill one.

I would like to volunteer at almost anything. I would like to find out more about grief and how it affects different people. I would like to study being a travel agent and help people with Parkinson’s and other disabilities get around to places.

Sadness and its connection to love

Native Sovereignty

i am currently enrolled in an antiracism class/group for PTs and I'm curious to see where that will take me. I think this class and crew will help me to stay committed to taking proactive action not just reactive action and I hope it's something that sticks. I would also really like to investigate growing mushrooms, just edible ones, in our back yard.

Humanistic judaism. How to be more spiritual, faithful, loving outside traditional Judaism. I would also like to take a class (painting, drawing). I'm very intimidated by this, which means I should do it.

shel maala. it's a queer talmud discussion group run by someone in my area (xava de cordova) that i actually learned about through a podcast (xai, how are you?) and, with my anxieties about leaving the house since even before the pandemic started, it feels. good. hopefully i can actually get up the courage to join!

Meditation, gardening.

How to take theory and put it into action! I would like to see how to get Jim Collins' ideas into the bloodstream of the corporation for which we work, rather than just in the handbook but absolutely contradicted by policy and practice. I would like to learn more about how to work with people in such a way that I can help them open up to change, rather than armor up and fight to stay the same. I would like to learn more about stage craft, acting, performance, transmission of feeling through story-telling. I would like to learn more about singing and acting and how to use that to deepen and enrich who I am onstage and off. I would like to learn more about direction and cultivation of performance. I would like to learn more about structuring and telling a story on the stage, from every angle.

I will be investigating myself as a middle-aged widow negotiating the world alone for the first time in my life; although I've been doing that most of this year already, since December 22, 2021. The differences between this year's answers and last year's answers are interesting. Next year's should be revealing.

I have been intensively studying Finnish in the past several months, after a several year hiatus of less-active learning. Next year's November I will have lived in Finland for 10 years. My goal is at least to pass the YKI test by then - YKI test is an evaluation of Finnish language skill, and one necessary step on the way to citizenship. Fluency, maybe? The main block is *listening* fluency. Even if I know all of the words that someone is using, I often do not understand in context.


I bought the book “Stamped From the Beginning,” which is about institutional racism in the U.S. I haven’t read it yet. I’m a little afraid to, because it probably will force me to get involved. I’m a timid person with a small, quiet life. So I want to investigate the book, and the real history of our country (because I have become aware that my education was based on a terrible mix of lies, ignorance, and apathy), and the possibility that I might be able to be something other than timid and safe. If I can convince myself to open the book.

There's nothing that would be a truly intellectual learning. Tonight friends talked about the series, "Only Murders in the Building," that's supposed to be really good. So, I'm interested in investigating that!

I want some answers about how to parent at a distance.

I want to investigate how to live the next few years of my life in a way that is supportive but not suffocating my children

Not really. I had no answers this year, not sure why. I hope I have some next year.

From last year - zero-waste and plastic-free are really good. I'm adding LGBTQIA+ allyship as my third pillar.

better investing and post death

I guess I’d like to investigate Spain. Some friends from Houston Vineyard invited Victor and I to come visit them in Valencia next summer. I can’t believe he wants to go. So I’m excited we can go to Spain

I want to do more studying of various authors' styles so I can more define mine. I'm getting ready to write my book which will pose the idea that if people around the globe collaborated on the various global issues, these issues could be solved. The real challenge is how do you get this done?

Environmental urban sustainability; top 100 american films; important take aways from the weekly Torah portion; and language of love; intentional parenting (?!?) and Rediscover music. Either way, continue to be curious but more important take time to go deeper. Reading nytimes still feels topical. Go deep with a book and stay committed to the end. If that doesn’t work, do long read articles.

I hate how hopeful last years answers always are.

what about god...?

Great question! I think the answer must be Stephen Sondheim.

I really should investigate buddhism. It's definitely a good way of life. I think I've probably said that before on past years and I think the reason I haven't is because I don't want to go to a temple not knowing anything and feeling stupid. I also don't want to sit on the floor on a cushion and meditate when all I want to do is sleep. But I will try and read more about it and bring in some practices into my life.

Last two years' answer still stands with this re-frame: Re-integrating that which is interdependent. Rather than undoing (impossible) or challenging (best way tp polarise), naming and nurturing what is connected. "Refocusing and honing my skills to do work that un-polarizes. I will work with communities to find solutions we can all live with. Nobody wins and therefore no losers. Refocusing on the common good - from Me to We."

I wanted to learn more about leadership in healthcare last year, and bought a bunch of books, this year I'd like to actually read them.

I need to understand the difference between "me" and "not me". In other words, I would like to get to a point where I can distinguish between my problems, challenges/shortcomings and those of others. And if they belong to others, I do not need to involve myself either mentally, emotionally, or intellectually.


There's nothing so important that I would dedicate a 10Q post to it. I will investigate anything interesting I find along the way!

I want to protect democracy from being destroyed by Trump and Trumpism

Alternative energy. In all its forms. I have solar now and my kids' grandfather has leased part of his land for windmills. We need to stop leaching our land.

I’ve been thinking a lot about the prayers we say in shul. I love the songs, but do I really believe what im saying? And if I don’t, does that change anything? Do I search for a different shul, or stop going, or if I do believe, should I radically change the way I live?

A skill. I want to expand my gardening capacity by getting better at starting plants from seed. I've been a total failure at this in the past, but too many things I want to eat are not available as plants.

Probably a deeper dive intonthe spirit of St. Francis and the Franciscan impact- very much yet to be fulfilled - in our world

I want to understand my own Karma - the challenges and complexities of my life and also the abiding aspiration I have always had for Spiritual Knowledge and Development. Ultimately I want to deepen my relationship with Christ.

I want to get more involved with gun control advocacy groups. And reproductive rights groups.

Investigate? Come to know better? Reveal something hidden away? I think I'm pretty self-aware. At 80 I'm also aware of losses--what used to be "easy-access" info, now takes more time. Words are much easier than names. When they don't re-emerge in a reasonable time, I'm resourceful enough to know how to retrieve them. I suppose I should look into, investigate, ways to sharpen my file retrieval.

Being part of my school PTA/being more involved in local community. Especially related to schools

The possibility that, on a macro level, more remote work will lead to job cuts and more outsourcing.

I would like to look more into how I can teach and share knowledge with others. Last year I had some opportunities to share things I know with others, in both recreational and professional settings, and it made me feel good. So I would like to find more opportunities to do this.

Starting a radio show about theatre & art, to teach & entertain the audience about the importance of The Arts. In a time when many don't understand all the benefits.

I would like to gain a better, deeper understanding of dyslexia. I feel this will help make me a better teacher and husband (my wife has dyslexia).

I want to get involved in volunteering where I feel I fit and am welcomed. It became just financial during the height of COVID so I am getting "out there"...a masked rider in a sea of those without.

Shalom Bayit offers services to women in abusive situations, and for women who have been abused as children. I need to look more deeply into the abuse that occurred in my life as a child. This will require more therapy, more help. It's not so much that I want to explore this issue, but that I must.

Much the same as last year, I am still sorting out what’s important and what’s not in my career. I’ve had a few experiences this last year that reminded me to be more discerning in my choice of performances. Those situations were a reminder that I need to still be more selective in what I say yes to.


An idea I have. To develop a well being and resilience program for young adults.

Other parts of the world. New foods, new things, new places. Peace. What makes relationships and friendships difficult. How do we teach others to be less angry.

Come Back to this: This is a flexible issue

Cutting down social media, it's 99% time wasted. Read more. Finish a few more projects. Dive into body vs soul.

Psychedelic therapy. I'm seeing the positive impact of 2+ years of therapy on my day-to-day but something I've learned is that I see to be getting in my own way and there are blockages present that prevent me from slowing down, being present in the moment, and truly feeling my emotions. I've been reading a lot about psychedelic therapy -- and even experienced a couple ayahuasca ceremonies in Peru -- and I think there's a lot of potential there to help unblock me and allow me to access those painful feelings and emotions. So my hope in the coming year is to lean into that a bit more, experience a couple guided journeys, and see if that helps me get to a better place in my life. Anna's warned me about bringing too much intensity to this process and rushing it along so I think it has to be very deliberate but I'll be happy if I've done more exploring along these lines by this time next year.

Writing the city book: why city governments are the ones that affect all of us the most and the ones that you can affect the most. Even as we descend into whatever hell we're going toward, that will continue to be true. So that's my priority.

I understand that the best opportunities, the most soul quenching connections and the greatest feelings of hope will come from investing time in other people. But it takes time and mental energy. If both were unlimited I would join a sports group (tennis, biking), religious community (Beth el), fund raising/tech networking (incubator, investment groups) and civic (sustainability trade group). Realistically I can probably sample a few this year but not join any regularly. But that’s a start….

Voting rights are on my mind. There is no way to fix any of the other things that need fixing if certain people are denied the right to vote.

I want to become a DV advocate I want to be the face of domestic violence survivors for men No one should endure being abused

The cause I want to share is volunteerism. I donate time to worthy causes. How do you convince retirees the importance to give back to their community, country and world. My friends think I am crazy to offer any time without pay.

AS I've expressed in previous 10Q answer sets, I'd like to gain competence in Hebrew and German this year. My Hebrew skills are passive - I can read Torah with comprehension but can have a conversation in Modern Hebrew. I've been visiting Germany several times per year. I've made progress learning the language but seem to forget what I've learned within months.

God, no; nothing comes to mind.

I've begun taking a class in pottery a couple of months ago, so I want to continue to learn to get better at it. I want to make functionally pleasing mugs, pots, jars, etc. Right now, I'm still getting the hang of throwing clay on a potter's wheel. It's so fun. Also, I want to get more into weight training more consistently. I even bought some weight lifting shoes! I want to get better at my form, and have been going to classes.

Gratitude. I’d like to really commit to showing it, marking it, recognizing it, and acknowledging it.

Well, this is a fairly timely question because there is an election coming up and while I tend to vote a party line (in part because in my state, I just want someone to know that we’re not all that other color, because they sure do act like theirs are the only opinions that count), I do want to be sure I’m not voting for some whacko who may be my party but whose positions I actually abhor. I also have already started volunteering at the synagogue library, and think I might have some useful insight - or at least good questions - as to the point of the library and the direction we should take.

I'm really interested in mentorship through UD and possibly Big Brother program. Until I found coaching and therapy I felt alone in my life journey. I find support along the way to be so valuable, I want to be able to give back.

I just want to keep my head above water meaning I want to keep up with what I’ve already started this past year. I want to continue volunteering at Integris and keep weaving mats for the homeless. I hope to keep up going to circuit training for weights and keep doing other exercises. I hope to enjoy my family and have some friends over for dinner. I hope to maintain the stability in my life. As I mentioned in a previous answer, I hope to handle any misfortunes with grace and wisdom.

I want to understand the process of buying a house, either by achieving that goal or just researching the process enough to feel confident that I understand how to do it and what my choices are to achieve it. I want to remain open-minded about how I achieve it, and I am willing to make sacrifices to get where I want to go.

trees ! I'm amazed by trees. I walk through the woods and I see these massive living creatures that create themselves out of thin air. I wrote a problem for the midterm in my class and the calculation shows that the amount of air needed to produce the mass of the General Sherman tree is equivalent to every human on earth holding 2500 1 L bottles of air. Trees are amazing

Right now I have enough on my plate just finding a permanent job.

In the coming year, I'd like to fully investigate owning a small consulting business, and project I embarked on during this past summer. That means establishing a balance between volunteer work and paid work for clients. It means learning a new set of business skills. It means staying creative and energized, upbeat and happy. As always, there are issues of life balance, and the hope for some exciting times and some "ah ha" enlightenment.

I’d like to explore the possibility of an enjoyable volunteer work - old age home, or deaf related org. , nursery school et.

I want to read more about alternatives to policing and incarceration, to know more about these topics and be able to speak about them in a more informed way.

Now that I've had one piece published by the Blue Dove Foundation, I want to write more. I enjoy writing. I've got no formal training, but I know what I like when I see it. Maybe it's time to revisit the holiday guides from years ago. They can be posted somewhere at our website.

Different dance practices, and deepen my understanding of myself through 5Rhythms and other movement meditations.

BRAC/brca 1 gene

I want to read more non-fiction, especially to get the perspectives of different people to me. I want to understand others' experiences.

I suppose I will continue with dealing with eco-grief. At the moment, I have no idea how I'll feel after the mid-term elections and what I will feel called to do.

Steel pans/steel pan drumming. My new local area. Crafting of many kinds.

I would like to investigate the licensing process not only thoroughly, but completely.

Serving on a nonprofit board in the area of Jewish spirituality/culture/history

The power of saying no and holding on to my boundaries. I want to see if the sense of guilt reduces over time.

Coming into my voice and my power to support my values and what I think counts - climate crisis, mainly.

SEO and backlinks


I'd like to figure out how to get back into the 929 project. I think there's a lot of global chaos and I need to ground myself in what I know of Judaism.

Hmm... Maybe I want to investigate freedom within constraints. These past few years I have been biding my time, waiting for Covid to resolve, or at least present less risk, before returning to the activities which my husband and I want to do (primarily travel). But I am starting to think that time of low risk is not going to come, at least for those of us in our age range. We may need to explore how we can meet our needs for stimulation, recreation, etc., in new ways.

Well, I didn’t do well with meditation, so I can try again. In talking to my friend Ken, who is learning Italian and always seems to be on a path to self-improvement, I feel like a slacker. I’ll commit to reading more non-fiction in general, and history and politics specifically.

Chris Burns & His Going Concerns

Art. I want to delve into self expression. I want to do embroideries and water colours and patchwork and crochet and poems and stories. Maybe even comedy. I want to experience art and make it and savour human creativity. the world is ending but damn humanity is beautiful, I want to enjoy that while I can

1) new music, especially the music my adult kids listen to 2) virtual server environments (get a little smarter every day about IT) 3) more poetry, especially the subversive stuff

I’m not particularly keen on any subject matter. Let’s see how this year turns out.

Positivity, truth, compassion, kindness, less complacency, less narrow kindness.

The communication techniques championed by Braver Angels can reduce the awful political polarization we have now. I may get more involved in their program, or use their philosophy in my own encounters.

I think the prospect of planning to “investigate” is weird. This feels like a filler question. It’s impossible to predict what will come about in the next year that will call for “investigation.”

The important thing for me is to decide not to try to take on a lot of causes at once. That said, where I seem to be heading toward is divesting myself of so much while keeping and living the core of me.

I want to explore a consulting business perhaps. I’d like to know more about 1900’s actresses.

Me. That may sound selfish; however, I find the more I come to know myself, the better I can serve others. I want to be in touch with what scares and thrills me in life, so I may give to others the hope to find themselves and bring out the best in themselves. I will embrace my LGBTQ+ self fully and express myself fully in all arenas of my life. If I lead with self love, I will give and get love. bell hooks has inspired me to lead with love.

I want to learn more acrylic and collage techniques and grow in my skill with Zentangle

A place. Rochester NY is going to be my new home. Learning the navigation, culture, finding new places and patterns with my love!

I need to help my wife go on our journey of meaning, as we are both in our final quarter of life. What is best for each other as life partners? How do we face the separation the end will bring our union?

Being happy by/with myself. Doing art. The skills it takes to be a lay leader. Kindness and gentleness.

Black Lives Matter, Indigenous People of America, DEIB.

And the answer from 2020 and 2021 is still good: MySQL, guitar, broader types of exercise, board games, reading/speaking Hebrew. Add to that: Spanish. Add learn more about Providence and Rhode Island

Last year I said I wanted to get to know the foster system better and that remains a goal for this year. Additionally I would like to immerse myself more in practices of healthy living using herbs.

Reproductive Justice.

Not really. My plate is pretty full. I just embraced the idea of feeding my dog raw food this week. One thing at a time, people.

Paying myself as a percentage of my collections instead of a flat monthly rate. I started paying myself in November of 2021 and I am ready to really compensate myself as I’d always planned to do. I also want to explore some kind of profit sharing in the business for my team members.

How great would it be to do more research about my family's history? Learning more about my family is fascinating to me, and I know there is more information to find.

Putting the finishing touches on the home reno and appliances - cleanup The garage

I would like to learn more about socialism and movements for free, universal health care and how I can be involved - both on a logistical level and on a capacity level.

No, I'm just tired. I want to get through this year's election, this Supreme Court session, whatever the MAGAs will do if/when Trump is arrested, etc. I would like to find more ways to tune out, to relax, and to find joy in things.

Learning about, working on and investing in sustainable solutions to our climate catastrophe. Exploring creative and already established methods for living and acting in ways that are alternative to, outside of, and subverting capitalist and white supremacist patriarchal structures.

protocol oriented programming. C pointers. work crap.

I would like to get invited to writer's conferences and the like to give talks on marketing and publicity for authors. I would also like to become an adjunct professor/instructor in a publishing program. Finally, I would like to be on the board of an organization.

I just read "God is Here" by Toba Spitzer, and I look forward to seeing which of the metaphors in it stick with me as way to feel spiritually connected. So far, what has really stuck with me has been 'God as water,' 'God as sound/music/touch,' and 'God as place.' I have continued to learn about Irish history, culture, and identity...I'm now reading 'We Don't Know Ourselves,' and listened to a lot of new (to me) Irish musicians over the summer.

I'd like to find out more about my great grandmother's parents and family. She has never spoken about them candidly and it's kind of odd.

Bringing together LGBTQIA+ in my broader communities for mentorship and support is a big issue I am working on this year. I also want to investigate a life with Arturo more.

Becoming closer to being carbon neutral. Reusable things - kitchen roll. Period pants. Vegan recipes and meat and dairy alternatives.

I want to learn more about teacher development and how to help people be better teachers

I would like to improve my Spanish, and I would like to understand how I could be active in my community, politically.

How to stay in the Awareness of the All and move through the upsets, the dregs, the mundane or the joys of my life simultaneously. How do I let go of my blocks to writing and just do it!

Relational Judaism

I want to learn more about different things I can do in how I design my clients’ experience of me and my practice.

I want to investigate how a person can get past years of abuse, because I have tried very hard to, and have only partly succeeded.

I would like to continue learning more about DEI work, especially in the day school arena I’d love to learn more about climate Justice and the actions we can take to improve our environment.,Stacy’s sermon was inspiring and I know I have a lothyijjg

My youngest son is volunteering for Hospice. His father died and was helped through the process by Hospice. I am so proud of him. He has taken the training and everything. I am also going to check on how I can help and volunteer for Hospice .

I was considering trying to join the board of a nonprofit. Looking for a small organization, perhaps in Queens. Not sure if I actually want to invest the time, but we'll see. Also, I ask David Maccar about the possibility of being hired full time with Free Range American. Benefits would be very nice. And I'm doing in-person tutoring this year with Reading partners. Working in South Jamaica. That should be exciting.

If my year ahead is anything like this year, there will be zero time for new Explorations! This year was keeping our heads above water…work and more work, only interrupted by taking care of mom. I’ve lost my drive to try 10000 new things! Growing flowers is the one new idea I have, and it’s already sounding like too much work!

Transition to adulthood for my autistic daughter - including but not limited to college, employment, living outside of the home with support. I would also really love to be more involved in advocating for the necessary systemic changes that are needed to support all of the above.

I want to investigate fertility options and hold them in tandem with my commitments to not contribute to oppressive systems and my commitments to repair harm to marginalized people (i.e. with a critical lens on current mainstream adoption practices and with a continued financial commitment to reparations in spite of the cost-prohibitive nature of surrogacy).

Melkite Christianity Trisagion in Greek Hilary Mantell Mark Twain

I want to look into Buddhism more this year. I'd like to see if it a belief system I can get behind.

Resilience, making Mental Health available and accessible for everyone. Find leaders and innovators, ie: exploring new technologies like AI which I saw at a wisdom 2.0 conference online this year for treating anxiety, depression and mood disorders. Emotional/ Social learning implemented in PreK- 12 Schools .

Need to do more that’s for sure. Semi Retirement gives me more time, I think my part time consulting gig might wind down. If it does I’ll have no excuses to give time to the Temple or a myriad of opportunities. Can’t be too committed to volunteering because there’s always Jared’s care when Elaine is unavailable, he’s sick, or weekends when we have him full time. Worth mentioning is getting Sandi volunteering, she has way too much downtime though she plays Mah Jong with her friends and lunch with cronies. I think if we want to keep our minds sharp being more busy volunteering is important.

I would like to identify and strengthen my connection to events and people from my life that can teach me to love this life, and this person that I am, and develope hopes for the future.

I want to re-learn the piano. Jim is gifting me with a new [new-to-me although 20+ years old] baby grand piano to take the place of the one that's been sitting in the music room gathering dust and badly out of tune. I realize I'll never be as good as I was back in 1970, when I graduated high school. But I can hopefully re-gain some of my abilities, and re-learn some of the pieces that brought me joy back then. Not sure I'll be doing scales and arpeggios, like Mrs. Finaeur made me do, although those would probably help. But it will be good for my manual dexterity and also help keep my brain active. And hopefully fun too. At nearly age 70, rediscovering past talents and passions is a good thing.

I'd like to focus my attention on gender equity, salary equity and identifying ways that I can change the culture in our Jewish community. I want to find solutions to protect employees, and look for best practices to engage and retain professionals in the Jewish community.

Grandparenting. I want to be a great grandparent. I want to be useful and meaningful to the child and their family. I have my natural instincts, but perhaps is would be useful to learn some techniques or information that would make me better at it.

I’m not sure how to answer this differently than any other year, which usually involves some variation of “fix myself.” I’m already obsessed enough with being a better writer and locking in new habits… but I’m not sure what I don’t know and what is new that I need to learn about. Therefore, I will begin reading outside my genre to learn more about writing. And yes, that includes romance and shit with dragons. Blech. (Not really a stretch of an answer, but whatever.)

Weird as it may seem, I want to investigate myself. I'm back in therapy after several years, and this time around I feel more motivated and conscious of the process. I want to work hard with my new therapist in a way I haven't done before, both for my sake and for my family's.

I'm going to remain politically engaged, especially concerning women's rights and the right to choose.

The idea of having a meditation/mindfulness/art/doing nothing camp here.

Parker Palmer - Quaker faith and practice

Whatever the universe serves up to me for investigation, I pay attention. I trust that all new subjects have something I may need.

Same as last year: working on winding down my career and cleaning up my clutter. I’d like to leave this life without leaving a mess for others to deal with.

I would like to get to know myself and my family better.

Cant really think of anything

As I wrote about in a prior answer, I want to start a grief support group at my therapy business. To be human is to know loss. To know loss is to experience grief, but I do not think that the American culture supports a healthy grieving process. I think that the culture expects people to "get on with it", whether one is grieving the loss of a loved one, a job, a relationship, one's health, one's youth, etc. I think that a lot of anxiety and depression has some foundation in loss.

I want to try to manifest a lot more .. use positive thinking. I also want to eat healthy and try to cure my lupus and inflammation naturally. I also will continue to grow my relationship with God whom I love and continue to receive blessings from. I'm happy to relearn so many things I forgot about during my years as a child through my son in Jewish day school.

Israel, Self Leadership, how to make friends, HESA

I would like to work on starting a Jewish business professionals network in my area. The thought is that if it is promulgated amongst synagogues, then being a member of one is your only real access. If you can improve your secular (professional) life through a religious affiliation portal, then it adds value to being a member. I wanted to do it before the pandemic, but shelter-in-place put an end to that.

More history of the world. Sometimes I think I'd like to learn about India, but then I realize how much I don't know about the US and Europe. I'm pretty good on Mexico and some countries in S. America. We'll see. I have the attention span of a fruit fly.

I want to see if I like rural living! I want to see how it feels to be somewhat remote. Is it calming? Scary? Lonely? Invigorating? Also I want to see what it's like not being a classroom teacher. How doe that feel? Does it feel fulfilling? Am I less stressed?

I am being more drawn in to trying to help prevent/fight against book banning. It has led me to want to know more about who is running for my local school boards.

Yes! Illustrating children's books.

Meditation. And more exercising.

Helping LBT youth. Whether it be with housing or just support.

There are always things to investigate... I've wanted to do SOMETHING with the Akedah for a long time, but just haven't (except for collecting resources and things that others have written!). The idea of mikveh in the wild, as opposed to a mikveh in a synagogue. I'm on a continual quest to learn more about Indigenous people in Canada.

I'd love to get a little more into quantum physics, Eckhart Tolle and get back to basics in design (grids/type) and apply that to new media (VR, AR, etc)

Now that my daughter is in college I would like to investigate ME/myself more. Who am I?? What dreams are still left? What ideas need to be fulfilled? Where are my talents? Once I figured that out I belief I am ready to investigate a cause other than myself.

I'd like to look more into the possibility of moving to a bigger space without leaving New York City. My partner loves the suburbs and I could never live there but we're thinking of having children so I'd like to give more thought into a forever home in a middle ground.

I want to investigate finding a hobby and getting more active in the coming year. Something that keeps me off my phone, out of the house, and hopefully spending more time with my husband.

I’d like to figure out what interest/passion I’d like to pursue in this next (retired/semi-retired) phase of life. My previous passions don’t seem to engage me as much as they used to, and I want to continue to learn and grow as I age. The ways I currently spend my time feel more like running out the clock than living a full and meaningful life.

Oh wow a toughie. I am always saying something here that bums me out the following year - is it ever enough to satisfy this hungry ghost? Is that the point? Well maybe don't think that this year, take the journey. I will have more time without the degree in progress, so maybe we'll explore these forever-true adventure spots. I want to investigate my body in motion, my voice as it travels, and the words I can make it travel from/over/to.

Becoming a mum

I want to get more involved in political justice, and work on writing and finishing the documentary I have been working on

I just learned that Goodwill sells Nazi memorabilia; mugs with Hitler’s face on them, swastikas, etc. I would like to look into this and see if there is a way that they can be stopped.

I met someone who I care for, but it's not going so good. I am hoping that it will be better soon.

I want to get more into spirituality feminine energy and body acceptance, confidence building. I got Tarot cards and book, I’m going to a few meetups and meeting to learn. I’m learning from my good friend Yvonne about the rest. I’m watching videos and going there 30 day challenge with Matthew Hussey. I’m listen daily to headspace, calm, my Apple watch, meditation on YouTube. Positive affirmations. Think good thought throughout the day. Do Marco Polo videos. Be true to myself and my needs. Don’t settle!!!

Who am I without my family? Who do I want to be? And what does that look like?

Yes - myself. I want to dig down deep and uproot some dysfunctions I've accumulated throughout my childhood and over the past few years. I realized last month that I've never really seriously addressed them, and always ended up chasing some form of addiction one after the other - women, alcohol, smoking, etc. So I want to learn and listen to myself and find healthy ways to deal with my anxieties, and dare I say it - love myself properly someday.


More fly fishing! Canoeing and camping? More reading for pleasure. Buy a house or condo, or townhome? Travel to Ireland??? Costa Rica? Find a better work/play balance, going part time at some point!

Two. I wrote about St. Julian of Norwich on Day 5. I read my highly abridged version of her primary work and started an eBook version. I had to abandoned it as too difficult to read in that format. I have not read for a while, so I will start from the beginning in my paper version. I want to more fully embrace her confidence and application of "All Shall Be Well." Second. A new book, "Breathing Under Water." I have found great help in the Al-Anon 12 Steps and working my program. A friend subscribed to a newsletter from a Catholic priest and periodically forwards one of his meditations if she thinks it fits me. This week she forwarded one in which he incorporated the first three Steps. As I read to the references, I saw this book: Breathing Under Water; Spirituality and the Twelve Steps. Because my life seems so chaotic with the disparate foci of caring for my father near the end of his life and caring my my grandchildren at the beginning of theirs, I need the hope and assurance that All Shall Be Well and the expansion of my 12 Step work toward serenity.

This is a slam dunk atm with plant medicines. Thus far I've had some misses and hits in my experiences but I like remaining open to what alternative, but more natural, forms of psychiatry can bring us. I will continue to straddle the line w Western medicines bc god know that is how I've made it this far in so many ways, but there's more out there. I am much more at this point in life about access into oneself as opposed to traveling to a bunch of places or sightseeing... again, there's a balance always, but been there done that.

I want to find some meaningful volunteer work to enrich my life after my retirement.

I will increase my efforts to decrease my personal ecological footprint.

I want to learn how to keep at the same weight.

Again, so many interests. Last year's is an ongoing quest. This coming year I would like to expand upon my current "ahas" on the connection/progression between human's seemingly opposing forces: genetically ingrained "me first" survival instinct and the vedantic notion that there's nothing to survive - that connection with the Holy is all that matters.

Doing more storytelling for healing

I have been working on a project these past few months (albeit slowly) where I contact every person-- or nearly every person -- in my phone book. I really enjoy this project because I feel it's allowed me to come to terms with who is in my life on purpose versus who is there simply out of inertia. I'm working towards not carrying so many ghosts around with me. I want my relationships and my engagements with friends and colleagues to be meaningful and to have deep content rather than to be ones of convenience.

I'm very interested in food healing to help people with the myriad of illnesses and diseases "out there." I will continue reading and researching to help my family and friends.

I hope I can learn more about Amira—who she is at age 12. For her first 4 years, when she was the first and only grandchild, I felt so deeply connected to her. Now she is in middle school and appropriately involved with her peers, school work, and activities. Even if I prioritize time to spend with her, I don’t know if she will be receptive to time with me. And their is an additional layer of complication since her parents are now sharing custody. I’m going to write her a letter or e-mail and ask her thoughts about staying more in touch.

I'm pretty sure that I'm about as mindful as I'm going to get given my addictions. (Maybe I could find/investigate the idea that those addictions are my mindfulness???) Reading has always been my best source of knowledge about others, causes, ideas and I continue to be inspired by it. Nothing specific recently, though. My causes remain the same - a government that is more involved in helping people than businesses, kindness in every area of life, education as the basis for a better society and the arts as crucial to humanity... It's pretty general but that's all I've got.

Sad to see that I set a goal last year that I didn’t accomplish — the 7-day allyship journey. This year I don’t want to add things to do. I’m trying to give myself less to do and just be in my life. I guess I want to explore what it is like to strive less — will life still feel meaningful?

I am full of ideas for the coming year, and need to be careful not to overcommit. If I fulfill my commitment to Mussar and the Democrats I'll be doing good.

I'm still hoping to get back to Talmud study -- I need a chevruta. Maybe Nanci -- we'll try. As for a person I am getting to know, I feel that that is myself after cancer -- a learning process.

I remain engaged by a core question: what would it mean for me to be a teacher, mentor, organizer, coach in contexts outside of the university? How could I use my strengths and remain engaged in alternative ways?

You know, this one is tricky, because in some way this is so wrapped up with school. I would like to investigate having more babysitters. :)

Maintaining or rekindling old friendships and certainly seeing the possibility of new friendships and new relationships in front of me. I spent two evenings with old high school friends at my 50+2 reunion - we graduated in 1970 - enough said... Many who were not friends, but acquaintances - even distant acquaintances, who, when we saw one another, hugged like long-lost buddies. Time has a funny way of deleting distance from people who once knew one another - not even well - to make them, well, friends or at least friendly. Popular kids I kind of knew hugged me like long lost besties. It was such an eye opener. I think the take away for me was that our way of deciding and figuring things out when we are young is through a very stilted and inaccurate lens. And maybe some of us cared too much about what others might think about us and so we don't try. We don't reach out. We are afraid. Afraid to be judged, afraid to make a fool of ourselves, afraid that we aren't as good as someone else, afraid that we have nothing to say - but maybe it's not about saying. Maybe it's really about listening. Maybe if we would stop the on-going erroneous chatter in our head and reach out in such a way that says, I'd like to get to know you. I think you are interesting and we might have something worthwhile to share with one another. In some ways I wish I could do it all over again, but then I really can - from this day forward, I could approach each person I meet with the expectation or anticipation that the person in front of me is worthwhile, worth getting to know, interesting, etc. And there is nothing stopping me from writing a note or two to folks who I knew, but are not really in my life any longer. I wonder what my life would be like this coming year if I decide to put this into practice. From loner to connector...

I am working on a new book of poetry and find myself fascinated by people who become allies in times of crisis who mostly disagree with one another but find they share values. I intend to have such figures traversing Walt Whitman’s America. I have already published four collections of poetry, and I think this will be my fifth.

I think the thing I may want to find time to explore is what my unique point of view is. I have had this sense that I want to write and speak but I’ve been waiting for what I have to say to present itself to me with neon lights. Maybe I need to do more active work to discern it. Or perhaps that is not my work this year.

Give in less to fear

I’d like to investigate further into the best way for me and my partner to permanently move to Europe.

Perhaps religion: how it influences people's lives even indirectly through secularization


I'd like to learn how to cook, to the extent that I'm no longer intimidated by it, and can make delicious and nutritious meals my kid loves. I'd also like us to find a system to make our home work for us - organized, efficient, beautiful - so that our house is a source of rest and not a source of stress. I'd like to learn how to toggle back and forth between mom brain and writer brain, so I can both write and parent more effectively, and investigate how other writer / moms do it. I would also like to more deeply investigate the daily rituals of Judaism, to build them into our family life. And I'd like to read more fiction for both edification and pleasure. I want to always be learning

Healing myself. Autism, OCD, trauma, grief, loss, relationships... I need healing from all of these things or around these things, and I'm eager to figure out the 'how' of that.

Vegan diet

Locate my cousins Chuck and Scott Zeleznik

Yes, many! But mostly myself.

me I want to see who i am if I am not a lawyer

This year I am going to begin every morning with reflection and journaling. I have done this most of my life but not every day. I think part of the challenges I have had over the past year, especially straying from the stoic path a bit, especially in the last few months, were in part because that path is difficult and needs to be top of mind. As I mentioned in the earlier question, I also want to explore my spiritual side. So my goal this year is to begin every morning with a reading in stoicism or philosophy and a short reading from something spiritual (such as Merton). After each reading I will briefly journal and form an implementation intention. I think that after doing this for a year, I am hoping to embrace each day with more awe, gratitude and focus.

I want to do some research into more cost savings through taxes for e.g., energy efficiency, senior lifestyle so I can continue to upgrade my home at a more reasonable/manageable price.

I want to spend more time exploring the effect of colonialism and patriarchy on my children and society

We humans have an opportunity, right now, to fully reconnect ourselves to All that is, to the Cosmic matrix of beingness, the ‘Central Sun,’ through the recovery of our innate heart intelligence. Through our hearts, our mini Suns, all the wisdom of Universal Intelligence (UI) flows. This UI flows throughout our bodies, in mystical, fluid, respiratory, thermal, and electrical forms. This UI radiates out from us, and if we are attuned to it, connects and communicates to all other radiant beings in our field, near and far as we broadcast our unique signals. These signals of connectivity contain everything we need to co-create the next phase of human evolution together! Can we loosen the grip of all our fears so we can take this big leap in sacred communion? This is what I seek to investigate with each and everyOne at this time. And so it is. And so it shall be. (This is a passage from my current writing.)

I don't know. I want to work on myself, my finances, and my home.

I want to investigate hyper local community climate resilience work in the coming year. Have been inspired by Margaret Wheatley and Trust the People concepts about serving your neighbours.