Is there something (a person, a cause, an idea) that you want to investigate more fully in the coming year?

I would like to read one (1) book. Get back to tarot/some witchy stuff Divest stuff and use money smartly for climate stuff It would be good to hike more too

I read that thrift stores have become completely oversaturated with donations in the past couple of years due to the popularity of Marie Kondo's decluttering bible. I'm sure that spending a year tethered to one's (potentially messy) home had something to do with it as well. But, I think the pandemic has also allowed many Americans some much needed reflection time which many used to determine what types of things, what types of experiences, and what types of people they want in their lives. So far, I've mostly thought about this from a materialistic perspective perhaps because I'm an artist who covets beautiful things and probably has too many of them to truly appreciate. Spending time culling and curating my collections has helped me to define some of the contours of my interests, to gain a new appreciation and curiosity for many of the things with which I am surrounding myself, and to propose a story about who I am through the space I call home. I hope to continue with the process of curation in other areas of my life. I'm learning a lot about minimalism, collecting behaviors, and storytelling through objects.

I want to know more about the history hidden by systemic racism and figure out how I can help make things better.

J: No. I mean, yes, but no. Me. I have to investigate me. I have to pick something to do. R: I feel more in the moment and in feeling more in the moment, I don't care what they are going to do next. I find that kind of sat. I feel relatively overwhelmed at work with the projects that we have. I have by my count three projects up in the air for various reasons and I don't feel they are getting support from management although they are needed and management has been clear that they are needed. there is a lot of preplanning that needs to be done for these and normally I would be all in for that and I don't feel like that now. I like planning and yet I don't feel the joy that I normally do for planning which also bums me out. I got my bike back. That's something that fills my adventurous needs but I can't think of anywhere...even if the pandemic was over...that I would really want to go. There are two places that are still on my bucket list. I haven't been to Nova Scotia yet. I haven't been out of the country yet. I haven't done the Pacific Coast. I am curious about Portland, about Vancouver, but I don't feel the joy that I would normally feel about planning a road trip. I see that I am probably going to have to get certified in Cisco one way or the other, but I don't feel any joys in th prospect of that. That bothers me. Curiousity generally brings me joy and I am not feeling it right now. So to answer the question, no. I can't think of anyone or anything, outside my sweet baboo, that I am curious about.

I'm not sure what I want to investigate, if anything. What I need to investigate, I think, is mindfulness? Being present? One of the first things I walked away with from ketamine therapy was that "be here now" is corny as shit, but also 100% true. And I'm still not great at it.

Letting go and accepting things I can't control

I want to investigate how I can give more of my time and my self to a good cause in the coming year, and in a way that feels sustainable and something I can share with my family in the future.

Taking my work more seriously, even if my work is unpaid. That means thinking of myself as a "real" writer and a "real" lawyer, even if I am not salaried as either. It means giving myself a room of my own, and putting my work priorities ahead of other people's needs. They can wait.

Well, relevant to how I answered last year - I DID read 'How to Be an AntiRacist'. And I also read Robert E Lee and Me, and In the Shadow of Statues, and a number of other books bearing on racism in the US, both as history and current reality. And I began researching my family on Ancestry - this is related, really - and I am coming to grips with the now KNOWN fact, that my ancestors (many of them) were slaveowners, once. Many of them. And I answered a question on Quora, about 'how would you feel IF', and it wasn't an 'IF' at all. It was cold historical fact. And my answer was - and is - I do not know how I am 'supposed' to feel. This is not even a 'me' problem. This is an AMERICAN problem, and we - all Americans, have abysmally failed to reckon with this, for centuries - certainly for over a century since the Civil War ended (a war in which I have ancestors on BOTH sides of that conflict). We had a chance in the 1870's, which was aborted by politics. We had a chance in the 1960's, which is - frankly - still being attacked, politically. I want to believe that it is mostly 'political', i.e., power-related, rather than existentially 'racist'. I want to believe that 'power' exploits 'racism' to maintain power, instead of the other way around. Perhaps I am completely mistaken. Bottom line, though: the war against dire inequity is not yet won. So - never mind what I 'feel'. What can I DO? Feelings are like 'thoughts and prayers'. They achieve NO CHANGE. Only actions produce change.

I want to take more control over my finances. I want to switch from Bank of America to a local credit union or just localish, less unethical bank. I want to look hard at my investment portfolio and do the work to make more ethical investments. If I'm going to have these advantages over other people, I had better use those for others' betterment. I can't keep contributing to Dow Chemical and other garbage companies. I want to invest in people who wouldn't normally be invested in.

I'd love to go build a skatepark again in Africa with Skate World Better. That'd combine my major passions of skating, photography, travel and making an impact. I'd also love to study more of Michael Singer's books.

Foraging. I would like to investigate CBCT further. I would like to see if I can help with Water Protectors. I would like to continue to attend WATER meditations online, and deepening with that community, which has wisdom that surprises me. Restorative Justice.

Water has been a recurring theme in my travels and experience of this past year, and I would like to explore the more far-reaching ramifications of the ongoing drought and water shortages in California. Locally, water is a constant concern in my work and limiting constraint impacting many related social justice issues-from affordable housing to education to income inequality. The proposal to build a desalination plant has been discussed for nearly 30 years with no significant progress to date. The Carmel River, a beautiful and historic natural waterway that supplies the fresh water we drink, is dry again this year through Palo Corona park, which affects wildlife, fish, and bird populations. On a larger scale, the impact of the drought on the Colorado River has been well-documented these past few months. But the implications on population growth in a huge part of the country, from the Front Range of Colorado to the desert cities of Las Vegas and Phoenix to the LA Basin, are far-reaching and still not be considered to their logical conclusion: too many people, not enough water. I would like to thoughtfully consider this problem in the context of the bigger issue of climate change, and help to develop solutions and design ideas that might address this on a micro level, one project at a time.

I’ve been saying for quite some time… that I want this to be the year of me. So, I want to focus on me. I want this to be the year of me.

Explored different career options. Maybe start my own business. School has become so competitive with the amount of people returning to school because of Covid. I have not been accepted to a Grad program yet. Have been applying for the last two years. Maybe that's also not in cards ?

I want to become the first (that I know of ) public health arborist... to learn about the intersection between trees and health... to learn to take care of trees and by extension all the environment around me.

I would like to investigate listening to myself and living life on my own terms instead of seeking validation from others and being concerned about what they think. Guiding questions such as "how does this feel?" and "what is my body craving?" can support.

How to combat fascism and prevent minority rule. I want to learn more about how advocates and government officials can work within and outside of institutions to ensure the will of the majority of voters gets implemented. What would it take to overcome the Electoral College and anti-democratic Senate?

No. I already investigate many things too fully. I would like to investigate them less fully.

I would like to throw better bowls. I would like to eat better and will talk to Jon about this. Other than those I can’t think of any specific thing I want to investigate.

I want to investigate what I believe is a continuation of my secret calling. I would like to be trained and become level three Reiki certified. I would like to be trained as a light worker and an energy worker to be able to do energy work like sal does with people on the massage table. I would also like to enter into some kind of an apprenticeship situation to become a shaman eventually. An experience where I would maybe travel somewhere either out of country, or within country to visit an actual Sharman. Then come back home and continue with the lesson for a period of time before going down again to the shaman to receive more instruction.

I want to delve into the connection of nature and well-being and its impact on our attitudes in business.

I want to get to know ME better from a lens of love. I want to learn, live and grow.

I want to sign up for this webinar that could enhance my writing (focus, project, and output) as well as help with my apocalyptical anxiety. I am afraid (of course!) to sign up, because it costs money, and my husband might be about to go on strike. I feel badly about spending money on myself when our financial future is uncertain. Yet, I feel this might be really helpful for me, in a self-help sort of way. So I think I'm going to do it! Thank you, 10Q for helping me talk this out.

I would like to continue to learn and become more involved in a variety of social justice issues. I would also like to take the time to notice and learn about the beauty of nature.

Yes, to find out if I can become a Canadian citizen. I read that if one of your parents was born in Canada, and a Canadian citizen, then the offspring can become a citizen, even if they were born in another Country. So I'm going to see if that is true, and now need to produce the documents to submit. If so, the can live in Canada without some type of visa

New approaches to meditation and mindfulness. The ones I've tried haven't worked for me, or I haven't allowed them to work. And new mental health tools in the form of cognitive behavioral therapy. Whatever ramshackle mental health defenses I've cobbled together over the years are no longer up to the task. I need some new metacognition.

I want to investigate who my ideal partner is and start doing the work to find them.

Two things. I think I need to bring children back into my life somehow. I spent so many of my adult years fully enmeshed in children’s lives and I miss it. And maybe this will end up being related, but…I want to do something more tangible to make the world a better place. Social justice has been so central to my life forever and ever and it’s moved away to the side now. I’m very proud of the do the work book club and I want to keep doing that. Reading all those books has had a profound effect on my view of the world. I want to think more about what racial justice and social justice looks like. How am I creating a just world? And of course I want to fight for the critical right for women to have power over their own bodies! Pro-choice cannot die.

Manifestation. It works for lots of people so why not me? And still…my cousin-in-law…& getting the husband’s YouTube channel up and running. We have to get some different revenue streams up and running because I’m done relying on education to pay our bills. Education doesn’t give a damn about us; time to quit giving it our all.

From last year: "Doubling down on the farm. Bringing in some fruit trees, expanding the garden, more animals as well." More of this. We got the fruit tress started, we got the garden going much better, I just want more of it all for us.

Writings of, e.g., Angela Davis, Assata Shakur, Herbert Marcuse; trans/queer Marxism, Black Marxism. Same as last year, as well!

I still want to deepen my knowledge and actions in antiracism and anti-white-supremacy work. I also want to see if I can get to know my dad better. I don't know how to foster that relationship, but I suspect I will need to ask him for help on this directly, and then try to work on it together. We might have another decade or two, but we might not. Time is running out.

I am learning about the Shmitah year and will continue to find ways to apply its concepts to my life throughout 5782

Confidence in my professional life.

I want to spend more time investigating myself - my likes and dislikes, my wants and needs, and what kind of person I really am. I feel like I've changed myself for the benefit of others for far too long, and now it's time to stabilize myself.

I actually think I'm going to take a year off. Last year, there was so much going on, with racial justice, inclusion/diversity that I deserve a small break. I'm not saying that I'm completely checking out, but I'm going to relax & just take in the information as it comes to me.

the history of the old Columbia Hampton plantation, which we live on (public street and park). Where were slaves buried? Could we find out and honor them? Of course, the ever-present non-existent Agnew family ancestry. Read more books, keep going consistently, even tho' I can't manage to read 20pp/day. Teaching part-time, still takes my time.

Yes, to change the world through education and storytelling

My instinct is to say no - to focus on myself and my family. I do enjoy the Jewish + environmental work that I've been doing. But as to investigate, to learn more about - no, not really. I just want to improve me and my family.

Teaching, celebrant work. Other ways of caring.

I would like to spend more time thinking about how I want to contribute to society in my 40s vs my 30s. What harmful things did I learn in my 30s that I should think about putting to rest as I enter my 40s?

Volunteering and maybe more tidying up/minimalism. Also improving my clothing style.

Our open relationship. It's been a work in progress. It's been tough, it's been interesting, it's been fun, it's been positive, it's been challenging. It's a long journey - so highlights. I expected, as Alex's first kiss, first everything, that at some point he'd want to have more experiences. About 5-6 years into our relationship, we started to do some playing together, first in Fort Lauderdale at a bathhouse, and then other places - Amsterdam, London, Mexico City. At times he also wanted to do some solo playing. That has been tough on me - jealousy, uncertainty, already feeling we don't connect as well as I wish. The pandemic was tough on us, was tough on all. When the vaccines came round, Alex wanted to explore. He also wanted just his whole life to change - again, not an uncommon experience - he wanted some liberation, some feeling of being alive, after being locked down. It's had some real bumps in the past six months, including a genuine conversation where Alex said we would both be better off if we separated. That shook me to my core. He said he was tired of feeling like he was the one making mistakes, that he was a piece of shit. It made me realize my "trying to improve our relationship" was failing. It wasn't just me - he has trouble communicating his deepest desires, so he goes for a little bit, then pushes it, then pushes, because if he asked for it all, he didn't think he'd get it. We're in a space where there are few boundaries at the moment. I think he needs the space to really feel unconstrained and see where it goes. I feel if I don't give this him, then he will indeed leave. So let's try it. In the past two weeks, I've discovered that Grindr is not only for the gym bodies. My profile has a shirtless pic, so it's all out there. And this 53 year old chubby guy is apparently a "Daddy Bear" to many young guys, many of them the thin, fit, beefy guys that I have always coveted. S0me definitely like the Daddy/Boy thing, and are really subservient - we've only texted but they want to please me, do what I tell them. It's strange and powerful and hot and an interesting exploration for me. In the past week, I finally started having solo experiences, and actually had 3 different ones this one week. My first was a Serbian-German, mid-30s, beefy, the sex was amazing. The second was a 23-year-old Romanian. Sharp, angular features, very thin, toned. He was very into me. The sex was fine, but not amazing. But again - some hot guy 30 years younger than me? And then the last was a 26 year old fit bisexual, visiting, who has these role play fantasies so I was a doctor giving him an exam, and needed to take a sperm sample. Amazing body, and I'm jerking him off and fingering his ass until he comes. Way hot, a bit strange - did I mention way hot? Then he dresses and I tell him to come back for another visit if he needs to. And then there's Dylan - 18 year old who will be attending BU in January - we've started chatting. He's a good guy. It's a slow burn - if he was here, we'd already have had time together, so it's this dance of not being too sexual, but also keeping up a boundary that I have a husband, I am not looking for a second relationship. He seems good with it; some things are clearly articulated from both sides, some things a bit murky. I would tend to think that this will burn out in some way before he actually arrives here, but I'm approaching everything with an open mind, open heart. It's been an interesting journey.

Yes. How to help those in need much more. Get it going with the plan to establish fund "One Thousand by the 1%" and get the funds to The Life You Can Save or HIAS.

I want to find out more about how to be a good ally to POC. I also want to be more organised and productive - I have got better and hopefully will continue to do so.

I want to continue to expand my use of photography for others. It took forever to justify buying a new camera to myself, and I've already used it in a bunch of situations to help nonprofits and brighten people's day. I want to edit the photos to be more than just snapshots though.

I want to consider the role of mentor and advocate: for myself~ how do I mentor and advocate for myself as I move forward into the next decade my life, my 70s. ~how do I mentor and advocate for the children I am supporting here in Oregon, with compassion, clarity and strength ~how do I mentor and advocate for my buddy boy, to help him grow in confidence, curiosity and connection. Explore my relationships with friends who are also aging, like myself~ experiencing loss, change, dislocation or spiritual growth.

Continue with attempts to see what I can enjoy and produce things I like Chabad - maybe a bit more ‘Specal’ sense Landmark

I want to investigate how I can become involved with supporting a woman's right to choose.

Cassini Space Program that launched on Oct 15 1997 and ended on Sep 15 2017

I want to investigate polyamory more in the coming year. I'd always practised non-monogamy in casual relationships, but it wasn't done intentionally nor selectively. Polyamory appeals to me as I want to meet more people with different stories and see how different personalities complement my own. It also seems to be a good tool to recognise that I have limited time and energy to expend on dating, so I must be discerning about whom I want to share it with. Finally, polyamory invites me to find a fluidity that I tend to find foreign and uncomfortable in my dating life. I appreciate order and certainty in my relationships; knowing what the intentions of the other person are, how they feel about me, where they want this to go. By choosing alternative relationships, I have to accept some level of discomfort, but it also opens me up to new possibilities and exploring the spectrum of human connection.

Investigate opportunities to volunteer in the community

This is silly, but I want to learn how to pull proper (and tasty) espresso shots.

Anthropology. Roman history. Read all the Shadowhunter series, some more classics. Maybe some continental philosophers, lol.

I want to invest in me. I want to feel good in my skin. I feel professionally successful right now and I want to feel happy when I look at myself or think about my life.

I want to really enjoy my time with Jon. He will only be four once. It is such a great age and he is turning into such a fantastic person. I hope that a vaccine for his age group is released soon so I can really start to enjoy the world with him.

Marcel Proust and writing in general.

Basic professional development. I came late to the traditional workforce, and I’m paying for that inexperience as I try to shift to another position. There’s something broken where I’m not seeing offers or second interviews, and I don’t understand what that is. If I can’t overcome those challenges in my current job hunts, I’m going to need to do some real work and study.

Nothing grandiose this year. I just need to investigate how to take over the lease here, fix the place up, and deal with the other apartment. The only other things I'd like to get back into is plants.

Yes, there are plenty of things actually. I would like to understand power and justice in the next year. How they are linked, related, what they mean and how justice can be achieved.

The notion of democracy being an endless meeting. I would like to engage more with people outside my bubble and find what we share.

I want to pursue what it takes to be a motivational speaker - a coach to others.

I want more people to think about the climate crisis and what it all means.

I would like to keep learning more about Judaism and Jewish life. I’ve learned a lot over the past few months, but I know I’ve only scratched the surface.

As always, learning more about how to become independent (less dependent) on government and other assistance.

I have no idea right now.

I will continue to learn more about systemic racism and how to fight it, both personally and professionally. I view this as a lifetime cause. I will also continue to fight climate change, even in small, incremental ways in my daily life.

Anti-Zionist Judaism. Not as an idea, but as my own practice.

Over the past year, I committed myself to finding a job in the climate technology space. I began this work by researching the climate, it’s effects on different industries and the technologies that are necessary to keep global warming below 1.5 degrees celsius. I’ve been reading a lot of news articles, research papers, books, newsletters and blogs on the climate cruise. Overall, I have found the inspiration I was seeking about discovering a new professional pursuit in my life. I’d like to continue this work over the coming year and narrow my focus into the parts of the climate crisis that most excite me and where I might be able to have the greatest impact.

Interesting. A year ago I wanted to know more about the enneagram. This year I think I’m heading into counseling and into inherited trauma, epigenetics, and healing.

I want to learn more about my conflict management style and become less avoidant.

I want to host a fundraiser pop-up restaurant for the Senate races. I keep saying I want to volunteer more and I really, really want to do it this year. I am now a permanent resident, so my level of comfort is much higher.

I’d like to investigate the possibility of going back to school to get a Master’s degree.

Creating space for people to create and come together. Build a community around creativity.

Perhaps Kaballah? I have always been intrigued by what it offers.

I would like to better explain myself in discussions with people. For instance when talking to an antiVaxer and recognizing you can only point them to appropriate info. What would that info look like. I know that only .edu and .gov are credible sources of information. All others have more bias and must be scrutinized more. When talking to a Trumper, what would the discussion be and how to turn the discussion to a civil discussion. Or something like that.

I'd like to investigate more about what divides us and why people believe what's not true. I know from experience that it's not stupidity. Some people don't trust anything classified as "mainstream" media. They don't trust information from the government. They don't trust scientists. Yet these same folks will believe what Rand PauI or some guy that puts up a personal webpage says. I don't understand why they think shady sources are actually more reliable or that crowdsourced info, like Tik Tok, is better than an actual expert in the field.

I want to continue learning about adoption and foster trauma, and to find ethical ways to support fosters without obstruction reunification with their families.

I wanna fall in love! I'd like to investigate the possibility of finding romantic love in my life. Other than that, I'd really like to get more rooted in climate activism, because our planet is dying!

I would love to better understand tweens, teens and young adults and their views and perspectives so that I can serve them and help them and those that work with them (educators, parents and myself) become smarter, healthier, more aware of the issues and willing to engage and discuss them with seriousness, reverence, respect and a sense of urgency.

I need to become closer to the founder of my new company. I need to get a better idea of what he wants, and also what he expects of me. I hope we can enjoy working with each other and, to the extent it's appropriate, become friends.

There are so many things I'd like to read and learn more about. I like to think I'll be focusing more on learning the ins and outs of the business of consumer product development, home textile retail & relationships, and scaling companies (and planning an exit?).

What I think may be a call to the diaconate

I want to investigate and learn to chant Torah (trope) more than I know, in the new year.

I want to become more aware of and knowledgeable about the influence social media algorithms have on my own life and on society. I'd like to be involved in finding healthy alternatives and ways to disrupt their influence

My ancestry--my ancestors. Both the ones I don't know and the ones I do--my papi and my Papa Oli and Mama Lidu. My Puerto Rican family. My sister and brother. The island. The culture.

Something I’ve been interested in recently is exploring how art might figure into my life. As a child I was always creative and imaginative, but I’ve long since let go any notion that art was available to me. I’d love to start challenging that notion and find ways to embrace art in my life - through drawing, painting, music, poetry, whatever!

To quote myself last year: "Just keep reading whatever comes your way, keep asking questions and most of all question yourself and your actions." She's wise.

A cause and an idea would be to partner with others to provide resources, services and employment opportunties to former Alzheimer's caregivers.

Buying a house close to my daughter and granddaughter.

Myself. I am feeling ready for the next step in my career and I don’t know what direction I want to go. It’s an employee’s market right now in terms of available jobs and it’s tempting to take advantage of that and look for a position with significantly better pay and maybe a little more responsibility. But I don’t know if I really care about the M-F grind enough. I certainly get value out of being engaged in projects and being part of something bigger, being able to actually improve people’s experiences in receiving services and also just in the workplace. But I waffle as far as how ambitious I feel. Grad school is very attractive, but difficult to financially justify given that I could get a big raise just by moving into a public sector job without a new degree.

I've been thinking (rethinking) a lot about forgiveness, shame, and trust lately, and I want to continue thinking about these things and letting them inform how I move through the world. I want to read more Alice Miller since she was so helpful this year and maybe Adrienne Rich.

I want to make progress on improving the land use planning in Washoe county and develop BDR's for the next legislative session.

My ancestors...

How do I want to connect to my Judaism as an adult? What is most meaningful for me? How do I want to pass on those values to the next generation at some point in the future?

Submission to the constraints of community -- releasing my need for independence & control, and accepting the constraints which come from a web of relationships.

Is there a way to solve misinformation and its proliferation? Is there a way we can get people to agree on a basic fact? Why are we suddenly so divided when in the past we could disagree on ideas but still agree on the difference between conspiracy and facts.

I'm still working on deepening my spiritual connection. I believe that's a process that will never end. I've learned more about James Baldwin and have greater respect for him, but I've let go of reading the work of the others. My new focus is my belief that nothing in the world will change for the better until every soul on Earth heals their trauma. This grows out of believing that every soul has experienced trauma and is compulsively acting out their trauma responses. Worldwide peace and love can't exist until the majority of the 8 billion souls here replace their trauma with healing. I'm now viewing racism, and every other "ism," as being trauma responses. As a result, I'm studying ways of healing trauma.

I would like to investigate myself more. I need to continue my journey on learning who I am and what I like and don't like and what I want out of this life. I have always put myself last, and it's time for me to put myself in the forefront and take care of her.

My brain in all its facts, facets, and flaws: to invest time into expanding my mind in whatever looks interesting, to re-find some creativity, to try and remember literally anything. Watch (and actually pay attention to) more movies. Draw absolute bullshit. Study something for fun. Maybe smoke less weed.

Off the top of my head—I'd like to get a better understanding of the science behind climate change, watch good films, utilize the YWCA Utah resources on racism, paint.

What are my boundaries? What are my priorities? What am I willing to suffer for???

Myself. Reading last years answer, I wanted to work on my Marriage. While we finally have started seeing a couples therapist, I don't know, part of me feels it's too late. What I am learning though, is that I need to be happy. So, I'd like to focus on myself, get back to my roots, get back to creating, get back to being motivated and excited.

I want to be more active in social justice work, in particular the #landback movement and reproductive justice for black and brown women.

In the coming year, I want to investigate why people enjoy art, so I can capitalize on that knowledge in my future creative endeavors.

I want to continue to look in to alternative modes of schooling. I'd love to be able to find a group of teachers who are sick of traditional models of schooling and form our own school, but I don't know what it would take to get there. Lots of funding/fundraising that I don't really know how to do.

I succeeded on this from last year - I am now a volunteer at the SES. I want to focus more on me and my happiness too.

Myself. My thoughts and ideas and desires. I'd like to spend more time reflecting, creating, pursuing things I've never really allowed myself to.

This is a tough one. I think that I want to spend some time with the Unitarian-Universalists along with Judaism. I like their social justice stance. I can't wait for COVID to be over so that people can be in the same space.

I would like to get more involved with the NAACP again. And maybe spend a little more time studying and getting to know me.

I want to learn more about Israel, and I want to learn to be a better and more courageous advocate for Israel.

Mindfulness I have just touched on it! I want to better understand it and be able to practice it more effectively

Myself. I have lost myself a bit in the last few years and need to come back to my values and my purpose and my goals.

Me, myself, and I. As selfish as that sounds, I think reinvesting in what I want to contribute to the world that would make me feel like I’m doing good for the world would be a massive step as I turn 35. Additionally, I think it would be a good development to show my daughter the importance of taking care of oneself and acting as a steward of one’s career.

Becoming chair of Governors for my daughters' old school. Give back to the community more than i do

I want to join the local temple and actually go to in-person services when I can and when it's possible with COVID restrictions. It's scary to join a new community, but I know at least two people already who go there and I know my husband will go with me if I ask him to. It could be a resource for me and a source of new friends and supports for all the life events to come. I keep using the COVID restrictions as an excuse to put it off for another week, but now that there have been in person or outdoor services, there's no more excuses. I will pay some dues and go to a service and just take it one day at a time.

I'll be diving into the women's lectionary this year - going to a lot of museums - and mostly exploring my own Self.

I would like to investigate more how I can best build a more inclusive Jewish future for all through my Hornstein classes.

I want to investigate in what kind of jobs in the field of psychology are available to me without having finished the degree yet.

A cause: to deepen my practice of yoga and the communication of it to others. An idea: the concept of love. A person: everyone I know already and those I have not yet met!

One of the ways I distract my chimp (see previous answer) when I'm feeling stressed or I can't sleep is to imagine a new life for myself. Increasingly, the new life I imagine involves moving to the Welsh coast, having an extensive vegetable garden, and making my living baking, cooking and crafting. So one of the entries on my 40 for 40 list is to create a business plan for such an enterprise. Let's be honest, it's probably not something I'm ever going to do. But I don't see any harm in putting a bit more flesh on the bones of this particular little fantasy. And who knows, maybe it's more achievable than I think! Also on my 40 for 40 was the idea of doing some kind of course, eg critical theory or film studies or creative writing. But I'm always exhausted after work, and weekends are so necessary for decompression, so I don't see that happening straight away. Maybe I can combine it with reading new authors - although I do find structure necessary to learning. We'll see.

Part time RV living. With my ability to work remotely, we should be able to travel more, see family more frequently, and act on the spur of the moment on a regular basis.

I'm in a havruta with a work colleague to understand the arts as part of the solidarity economy (check it: art.coop). We know this is study-into-action for us that will change how we use our positional power and how we shape the work of our organization. Huge.

I'm close question 8. I promise! The pieces are nearly in place... www.willyouhelp.co.uk

I would like to keep updated on the conditions in Rwanda and gorilla conservation in general. I will continue to support the Fossey Fund with great interest in their work on the Grauers gorillas especially. The situation in Congo and the people working as trackers and reasearchers are my heros. After having met Tara Stoinski and spent time with her in Rwanda has inspired me to do more and I look forward to seeing the Ellen DeGeneris center completed and continuing their mission.

I'd like to write a bit more about my history and where I come from. It's been a long time coming and with my parents getting older, I don't think I have a lot of time left.

Oh my god... when will I start to make /art.. art is so hard to do and I think about it a lot. write something. I must figure out a way to do that.

Nothing come to mind.

I'm still really interested in child development (lately been focusing on Montessori) - and pre/postnatal health issues, even more right now since I JUST delivered a baby vaginally and am trying to gather my pro/con thoughts on both methods of delivery. I also want to continue working on my professional education when it comes to fitness, performance and wellness - toward Tyler and my future human performance centre project!

I will be spending my time looking into what the world would be if the hypothesis of society entering the next 'dark ages' and how renewable energy and sustainability practices can help offset the actions of anti-facts people and colonialism by corporations, uber-rich, and overwhelmingly unjustifiably privileged (white evangelicals) people.

Ways to help immigrants.

My daughter! She is 12 now and i would love to learn more from her about what she loves and share that with her

volunteer travel gardening in local schools

I would love to continue my mindfulness practice. I was really good but as life as become more full, I haven’t been as good about setting aside time to meditate. Just a few moments a day would be great.

Schmitta year Sabbatical Use and love and honor all the teachers available to me

I wish I could find something creative to do from home that engages my hands and allows my mind to rest. I'm not sure what it is but I'm going to be as open as I can to finding it.


G-d. (This is really not a good time of year to put pressure on folks to come up with profundity in pursuit of entertainment - honestly, I have other stuff that needs doin')

I hope to find the safety and courage to reveal more of myself in my writing and my life in general. I've been on this journey for quite some time having started from a point where I never felt safe and had to protect myself always. So, I hope I will continue to be loving and gentle to myself in my quest to feel internally secure, connected to all parts of me. I believe from that place, I truly can help others also find a way to connect safely and lovingly with themselves and others.

I think pretty much every year I say Judaism and I kind of want to say it again, especially given how good it has been to tune into virtual services these high holy days. I am growing to like the rabbi, and the singing. I don't understand what is being sung, but the melodies linger after the service is being over and brighten up my days. However, I will actually proffer up the idea of the good life (or as I think of it, the meaningful life). What is the good life, to me, and how do I make changes in the life I have now so that I find myself living in a way I'll be pleased to look back on in my last moments? Now that R is out of my life, I have the opportunity to think about what this really means for me, and to make changes to bring my day to day life into a alignment with it. G-d I wish I had done this before I turned 35, but better late than never. P.S. I have an unfortunate crush on the guy the synagogue gets to play guitar and sing songs. Looks like D imprinted a taste for lanky men with pale skin, long faces, aquiline noses and floppy hair onto me. Good to know. Perhaps I will be lucky and have my own such man, one day.

Main: - Causes of ageing, life extension Other: - Electricity infrastructure/markets and trading in the UK. - How to swim properly - At this moment I vaguely think I might learn basic tourist Spanish. Interested to see how quickly I drop that idea!

Still need to investigate my own racism, but also want to understand more about systemic racism, which is surprising and shocking. Rabbi Lord Jonathan Sacks inspires me and I would like to study his work more. Other things to focus on: Elderhostel, arthritis management, tiny homes.

I'm so curious as to who LBC will be and what they will be like. I am also terrified of something going wrong during the pregnancy, so maybe there is a chance I will not meet this LBC.

different research ideas

For my work, I want to explore white accompaniment (as opposed to allyship) and showing up in an accountable way in antiracist work. I also want to explore further in organizational dynamics. I have often had these, or similar ones, on my list - so here they are again, for the very first time.

I really want to understand how I can make dietary changes to our family meals that will have an impact on climate change. And I want to help revolutionize recess for my kids and ensure they have time for play and eating.

I’d like to delve into Buddhism. It seems to be a spiritual practice that’s grounded in the well-being of the total person. It also seems to be beneficial whether practiced alone or in a group.

Environmental impact of our whole family.

I am working on renovating the yard which I think will further improve my mental health. I am learning more about plants and planning the design, I think this makes me more grounded. Better surroundings will make me healthier.

How could I align my design practice even more with my current values and interests—and the urgency of climate change, social change, working with more people I like and respect, the lot. I feel like I do better than most in this realm, but why not even more?

I continue with my battle and advocacy against the devastation of dementia. I would also like to look into more social action items connected with my temple.

My own damn self. I worry about everyone... and myself. Am I okay? Am I healthy? I need to look at that as well.

I would like to learn more about having difficult conversations with people and to be able to set boundaries better. I’d like to have a better school garden. I’d like to expand it. I’d like to improve my teaching too. And of course I’d like to learn more Spanish.

I still don't know what I should do in memory of my daughter. An old friend got in touch recently and she was going to plant trees and that has me thinking perhaps I can start a grove of trees in her memory.

Yes, I want to explore what I can do to move the needle on Global Warming response.

me. I need to build peace with me and my body going forward. I would like to figure out what I want, how I define success - what is truly best for me?

Working with students with developmental disabilities

I want to learn more about couples dealing with hearing loss. I hope to explore more about my role as the hearing partner and to find resources for us to navigate this difficult challenge together.

I want more time with my daughter in the coming year. Not more than when I was on maternity leave or even that much but more than since I went back to work.

I really want to focus on housing justice this coming year, since it is so salient in the Bay Area and San Francisco in particular. I cannot close my eyes and become blind to this devastating issue. In the wealthiest city in the wealthiest country in the world, we should not have such blatant poverty and homelessness on our streets. I also want to continue deepening my commitment to racial justice and equity.

In recent months, I started to casually make a bucket list of places I want to go and experiences I’d like to have. I’d like to spend some more time this year adding to this list and thinking about how I can make room in my life for some of these adventures while I am still young and healthy enough to do them.

Over all of the years that I've done 10Q, the one project that is still unfinished is the business of being a better man. My weaknesses often drag me down. I'm an angry crank and I'm selfish. I hope to seek redemption by participating in the rebuilding of society after this troubled time in our country has passed.

Yes, there is. I want to investigate me. I want to continue with therapy, with Torah study, with trying to look into my past and my fears, to try to find out why I do, and more importantly don't do, the things I should and would like to.

Making the granny unit a two of story passive house with minimum framing techniques. Where's the best place to live in Washington state.

get more educated on investing for our financial future.

Yes, she is wonderful.

I want to partner with Glen to really market my skills and have full control of my finances so that I am at no one's power plays. I want to build my reputation as a magic writer who is in demand. I want to keep spending time with Barb, especially at the pool...and of course, Alan.

The same that I wrote last year: I'd like to be more up to date on what is happening in the world and knowledgeable in politics.

I’m reading The Art of Dying Well and another book about de cluttering my life (The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up). I want to work on these two efforts as I retire and set up my golden years.

Myself and my professional dreams And Writing

Spirituality. Cultivating the knowledge and trust that there is something greater than me. That I can relinquish control.

I want to learn how to focus better and be a very efficient worker, and not be so distracted all the time. I want to paint more. I want to get into photography much more than I ever have. I want to create matte paintings... good enough to start applying for jobs in this field with confidence. I want to connect to my husband more and also have better sex. I want to transform my body into a fit and healthy strong woman. I want to communicate better with everyone.

It has to be climate change. I have to not only make my own green choices, but also figure out how to advocate loudly/put my money where my mouth is/be a part of a systemic shift toward a more sustainable future for our kids. (And everything I said last year - health care, political action, police regulation, etc).

I'd like to take a closer look at starting a blog site and making $ as a commercial online content writer. I'd also to take a look at participating in on-line sports betting

My own damn self.

You know, fundamentally I feel like we'll still be in COVID next year, and there's not a whole lot of investigating new persons happening. I've just started a fundraising class, so I'm excited about that. It feels like a really good direction for me career-wise, and like it will give me both skills and confidence.

I'm currently reading Resmaa Menakem's book about how racial trauma is stored in the body. I would like to continue to work on somatic awareness. I also want to explore more about what Jewish Joy could look like instead of the thread of pain and suffering and othering that feels too weighted in my experience of Judaism.

I’m going to meditate and see if it improves the way I get along with others and the way I focus. Even if it doesn’t change those areas, it’s the #1 prevention for dementia. The next 3 are sleep, exercise, and fish oil.

I want to play with my musical tastes and try to find new artists and genres to explore. I've been feeling bored with my music lately and think it would be good to branch out. On a different note, I'd like to spend more time learning about the origins of race/racism and gender/sexism and how those interact with our modern society, with an eye towards becoming a better white man and ally.

Politics will certainly be playing an important part of next year. I don’t want the republicans to suck us backwards in time like they did with the past president. I want to volunteer at the immigration center to help those who are less fortunate than I.

I can't really think of anything at the moment. I like the idea of considering retirement, but I think that's still a bit far off. I would like to be passionate about a cause again, as I once was about the issues and problems around homelessness. That has become such a political morass, though, that I don't seem to be drawn to it any longer. I did, however, see a story about someone who started a non-profit to benefit homeless folks and that piqued my interest. I guess I'm not really sure.

My own growth....personally, professionally...investigate includes growth.

Understanding the "why" behind modern orthodoxy.

This year has taught me to follow my curiosity and that if I am interested in something, to try it out. I have been making things with jesmonite, and making candles, weaving, trying out embroidery (embroidered portraits of Marta & Olivia!). As well as doing watercolour painting, drawing more, and this summer going all in on experimental baking! Plus just reading like crazy! So, including practicing my Challah braiding technique, and making more Jewish things, I would love to learn how to do intricate victorian/Korean icing on cakes. Obviously the real dream would be to study a course on it, but with Covid, etc, we'll see how feasible that is! Mainly I want to continue to fill my life with things that intrigue me and challenge me. To keep replacing the time I would have used in the past to clean or do boring things, with fun things that are exciting to learn!

A boyfriend

In the coming year, I would like to investigate myself. Why am I the way I am? What strategies help me navigate life’s experiences? What can I do to foster contentment within my family? Hopefully I will gain a better understanding to facilitate positive change on a personal level.

I listened to a Fresh Air podcast with Terri Gross interviewing a man who is/was a reporter who had discovered the power of a simple kind of meditation and had started a podcast. I'd like to explore that more, and start to integrate massage/restorative yoga and/or meditation more regularly into my life. Even if just I commit an hour to a class or such 2 nights a month. I need to explore my own care and restfulness. It's been a lifelong struggle but with the pandemic and mom's illness things have come so much to a head that it's not a choice anymore.

I want to get back to learning Swedish. I haven’t touched it in too long.


I want to think about meaning and joy as we move into our 60’s and beyond. What is a great life? What do we need to let go of? How do we finish life well?

I want to investigate alternative housing and moving in retirement.

I would say defending women's rights but that would involve trying to change the psyche of so many narrow minded people that i feel it is not worth it to my mental health.

Last year I had an answer that was about more fully engaging with what might be called Critical Race Theory, but instead of doing that work, I chose to focus on pleasure reading as an escape mechanism. I hope to find a better balance between reading for pleasure and reading to be challenged or reading to learn.

Myself. My own brain. Why I feel some ways and not others. Who I am. Whether this is via some kind of radical therapy or just a upped dose of journaling and introspection, I am this year's person, cause, and idea.

not really

myself. I have never been a goal setter or one of those "in 10 years I want to be..." people. At 66 I don't need to do that so much. But I want to figure out what is right for me. I have stepped back from volunteering, the joy is gone. I am stepping back from many people for the same reason. I need to find my joy again. I know that it will be in different places, and I have to look for it. actively look for it.

I would hope to continue pursuing the study of Judaism and especially get more in touch with my spiritual self.

I want to investigate myself, and my own potential, since I've been on a good road this year towards self-improvement, and I want to continue on that road. I want to understand myself better, improve myself, fulfill myself, use my powers as a human for good more than I am now. I want to see what happens if I continue to peel away the guilt, which is my default emotion. Who am I? Am I still good? Can I love myself? Will I mess up less and therefore have less to feel guilty about? How will I be different?

Judaism. Same as last year!

Right now it's a breath of fresh air who gives compliments that hit me right in my core... a hat-donning, man-bun-having-beacon of emotional intelligence whose eyes are a bed of comfort. Looking forward to getting to know him better and seeing what possibilities lay ahead.

My relationship

I want to get closer to God and learn more about Him...investigate the Bible an things of God more. This may sound selfish but it is also time I invest more in myself and investigate more fully things about myself.

I seem to be drawn to helping the homeless in creative ways. To brainstorm solutions.

I want to see if Braver Angels is a fit for my work against contempt.

I'd like to come to all Friday night services. I might try some Torah study. My spiritual absence has been a hole in my person. I want to begin to reconnect with something that's so important to me.

Nothing specific, other than knowing that I need to find a way to stop becoming increasingly nihilistic in the face of plague and political insanity.

I want to explore me more fully. Trying someone to share life with may not happen and I want to spend my remaining years in this world happy, not always just looking for someone to do fun things with to then be happy.

My biggest problem? Too many ideas/causes and not nearly enough time! I'm drawn to the Innocence Project, Esperanza, and anything involving equity access for kids and families. There's just so much need. And I suffer from the problem of wishing I'd gone into nonprofit work professionally a long time ago... I started an idea/project journal. It helps me stay focused on projects and ideas.

I want to meet my little son where he is and get to know the person he is becoming. I want to be the kind of mom he needs, not the kind of mom I imagine being or assume I'll be.

I want to learn still more about racism, and how we can change our society to one that is truly just, free from discrimination, and offering equal opportunities to all.

I definitely want to continue learning more about climate change and how I can combat it. And (for fun) I want to continue with the Prancing Pony Podcast, which has been a wonderfully positive thing in my life this past year.

plant based diet; eating 30+ different plants per week; find ways to help the Afghan refugees get to US and resettle

I want to understand why I am obsessed with real estate both in the "abstract" and personally. Why am I so focused on buying a house? Is that really important to me, and what would happen if I never did? I also want to find a great stories about summer camp.

I want to investigate death. Death and beyond, m more precisely. I want to investigate my intuition: The resonance I have identified that I can feel at times, but I have sacrificed to being “in the world,“ “in the working world.“ I want to investigate love as I have learned I had with Philip. And I want to investigate it in relationships; love as a real dynamic and not as a construct.

I don't have one at this time...maybe by September 2022, I will have found one.

I'm going to workshops and reading about inclusivity and would like to continue to explore how to change my role and do more to support others.

I'd like to become a more confident public speaker. I think that would really help me in a number of areas, including my career and interpersonal relationships. I had been going to Toastmasters, but the pandemic put a stop to that. I'd like to go again.

The 2020 answer remains good for 2021: MySQL, guitar, broader types of exercise, board games, reading/speaking Hebrew. Add to that: Spanish. Add learn more about Providence and Rhode Island

I hope to be able to find more Jewish members of my community, or community to be, with whom I can work on carceral reform.

I want to read more speculative fiction by black authors. I want to explore more afropunk, and read about what the world could be/have been like if the African continent had been allowe to rise, to grow, to thrive, rather than being endlessly exploited and kept down. I'm the whitest of the white, and I learn so much from this type of fiction. Learning what someone dreams a better - or even just a different - world could be shows so much about the world they live in or have lived in, day to day.

Indigenous solidarity My Jewish culture & familial history Examining my own biases (ex. white supremacy, internalized ableism etc.) Learning how to continue mutual aid work while focusing deeply on recovery from complex chronic illnesses

I would like to learn more about therapeutic poetry writing.

Saying "no" and people who are good at it. I have practiced setting boundaries a lot around covid, and Matt has been a huge support there. I still struggle with making reasonable requests if it will make people uncomfortable. I know this is conditioning but I haven't faced the fear of being received poorly.

I want to know more about how ADHD presents in adults and how to manage it with or without medication

I’m going to be involved in a short-term class/program, 8 weeks, once a week with assignments in between on the environment and climate change starting in 2 weeks. If it’s like previous classes I have taken through the same organization, I’ll learn a lot in a very short time period.

I want to try to find a spiritual community, and I want to trim away some pressures, some FOMA, and focus deeper on fewer people and fewer activities.

Same as last year - exploring my ancestry and understanding where the 10% Eastern European Jewish is coming from! I also want to investigate getting more spiritually engaged. These HHD services were there first services I’ve attended all year. I want to get back to a more routine of attending either over livestream or in-person.

✊🏿 blm. Trans support 🏳️‍⚧️

I did a little bit of volunteer work for the Jewish Family and Community Services to help Afghani refugees. I plan to donate a bicycle and volunteer again. Volunteering is a mitzvah with no monetary reward. The reward is giving of myself and time. I may work for the Democratic campaign forthe 2022 elections.

Maybe stepping up more. Offering what I know (about radical mental health ideas, see MadInAmerica.com HearingVoicesUSA.org and RethinkingPsychiatry.org) more widely. Is there any way to have an impact about the kids at the border?

I want to establish the first FASD Men's home for boys under the age of 25. I will continue to investigate how to do this.

Myself. For too long, I've let my thoughts claim my time and my energy so it's time I take that back. I want to learn to love myself too...not sure where I will start with that as I already have the passion part down, but I've realized this year that being passionate about hobbies I have is not enough for me to love myself so I need to discover what else I need to do this.

Find my true north

I want to deepen my Buddhist study and practices. I'll be doing my first (virtual) retreat soon, and taking the refuge vow.

Spanish - I am still working on that. These past few months have been about this idea of find a place to be once we retired. With the thought of retiring in my home, near what I have lived for decades, not a possibility due to visa issues, the thought turns abroad. Can we find a place in Mexico that might work. Do we want to go to England, Spain even Italy? It is fun to think about the possibilities - what does it look like to live abroad. Even living in a border city has challenges - from the simple need to have a US Ip address to login to get my email. The thought of moving even farther - not being able to cross is scary and exciting. But will be a fun investigation for the upcoming year.

Changing the way the beauty industry and small business think of themselves.

I recently discovered Yin yoga. I have always felt as though I 'should' do yoga to improve my health and flexibility but I would get easily frustrated and give up. From what I know about Yin so far, it is focussed on the activation, not on the form which is helping me let go of the need to be perfect at it and my body is feeling calmer and more flexible as a result. Over the coming year I want to learn more about it and build a daily practice that I can stick to.

I want to learn more about the impact humans are having on the environment. I believe this will happen because my daughter who is in college is learning this and she's sharing what she learns with me. This way, I'll be able to make more responsible choices.

I have a feeling that there will be more need for community led initiatives to help people vote in primaries and to get the health care they need, particularly people of color and women. I would like to get involved somehow in making sure that the oppressive policies that have come to be in recent years (and still are happening) do not destroy the fabric of this country.

Demisexuality, emotional connection, faith, art, movement, hope, Family.

I'd like to see what it takes to offer a 'Human Library' at the Three Hills Library. I heard about it and it sounds so very interesting. Instead of borrowing a book for 3 weeks, you borrow a person for 30 minutes. Just think of the things we can learn and the unity that, hopefully, will develop and flourish

I mentioned this in another question, but I really think this year is the year of respecting my own boundaries and limits. I came into third year already burned out from Step, and my first rotation didn't help. I'm on a rotation now that gives me a little more peace to rest, but I really need to lean into that. I want to be able to tell myself "enough" in all aspects of my life. When school burns me out, on difficult hikes, when eating... I think I need to tune in and figure out my enough. I'm smart, I can pick up on patterns. Now I need to use that skill to keep myself as healthy as possible. May Step2 dedicated be nowhere near like what Step1 was. May this year be full of learning and light. We'll see!

Volunteer: synagogue, maybe; food bank; library.

Positive views of environmental news and information, in the way Grist has been trying to open my eyes.

Arranging bells music for 6-7 ringers. I want to get better at making virtual choir videos.

There are many bands I'd like to take a deep dive into: Alicia Keys, Concrete Blonde, Shemekia Copeland, Sharon Jones, Gary Numan, Skating Polly...

I really want to think more deeply AND act on the topic of climate change. How can my household become more sustainable? What larger actions could I support as well? I want to do some deeper thinking around spiritual education for my son.

Um....no? Maybe by this time next year, I'll have an idea of what intrigued me this year, but right now, it's usually something that comes along later.

Voting rights Climate change Immigration I don't just want to investigate. I want to act, to be a part of the solution. These causes are at the top of my list.

Nope. I want to live by Less is More in the coming year, to BE more and DO less.

Volunteer work - maybe animal welfare related and/or social justice.

There are two things I plan on looking into: existing organizations that work with substance abuse / mental illness patients and their families, advocating for better treatment; and native plant gardening. The former is so I can move out of self-pity into (eventual) action mode, and the latter is to do my teeny, tiny part in the climate crisis.

the idea that fascinates me more than anything is how other normal thoughtful, non-crazy people can see the world so differently than the way I see it. My current ambition is to keeping growing an understanding of what middle ground exists between those people and myself.

I would like to invest in a personal 3D printer, perhaps if I have some fantasy success I will use winnings to buy myself one. I was gifted a 3D printer by a student with lots of PLA material (of various different colors). I enjoyed playing around with it, but it was not a very good model (it was free for a reason). However, it got me involved enough to want to keep exploring. I also have an unfinished project that requires a laser cutter, but I have been having trouble getting access to one. I will keep trying to do that, however.

Why we have so much trouble with too much clutter in our house.

If I can get motivated, yes. At this time, it’s overwhelming!


Understand my health better

Transgender representation in clinical trials. Minority representation in clinical trials.

Eating healthier and how to change my diet to do so on a consistent bases

I'd like to learn more about leadership in healthcare, and dealing with a less-than-ideal work environment.

Being a better connector and communicator. How to maintain self-care when working. Learn Spanish. Learn POCUS. Motivational interviewing.

I want to explore how to integrate being a contributing member of the community with teaching my son to enjoy it in his own way. This does not seem easy given how young he is and given the state of the pandemic, which is why I think it is a challenge worth grappling with in the coming year. It is vastly important to me and my husband that our child learn from an early age the importance of giving and how much it can enrich your own life, and also that each of us is called upon to contribute in all the ways that we can. I believe that a fully realized human being must be able to tend to the needs of creatures other than himself.

Queerness, mine and others.

I would like to look into really healing myself. I think so much of my life over the past decade has been focused on making sure nothing falls apart as opposed to thriving and becoming who I really want to be at the end of it all. I deserve to be happy, I deserve to forgive myself and be able to give myself the space to grow more into who I want to become.

Myself. My kids. My husband.

I would like to continue meditation and chanting and learning with Jewish scholars

I want to read more and drink less.

I'm starting to apply for grad programs in media studies, so, yes. that. lol. and as always the general concepts: "myself" and "how to make a difference"

Decarceration for people imprisoned for marijuana violations.

Same as last year: the intersection of race, climate, poverty, and sex. Support those organizations who are doing good work here, and put my body, time, and money on the line.

I would like to investigate how I progress with speaking engagements and presenting to the ad tech world.

How I should spend the rest of my one precious life

I am really enjoying learning about the startup ecosystem and I want to learn more so that I can be involved in decision making.

The idea of self-consciousness or conscious awareness, of being "in" the moment, being grateful for the moment. Far too often, I find at the end of a day that I have gone through the motions but I have not really lived my best life. Especially in covid conditions, working from home, not being out in society. Hours can pass where I'm not even sure what I accomplished, if anything. An example I found, the four practices for raising your consciousness: 1. Awaken. Become more aware of what is going on inside you, inside others and in the world around you. 2. Live mindfully. Consciously pay attention to your thoughts and feelings. 3. Set intention. Choose who you want to be and how you want to show up in the world. 4. Act consciously. Have a positive impact; be the best for the world rather than the best in the world.

I want to continue to work towards being an independent practitioner in acupuncture and understanding better the concepts associated with TCM so I can offer helpful services for patients/friends/family.

Joy can come from multiple sources. Focus on learning the prayers and pray 3 times a day!

I want to investigate if freelancing is going to be my long-term future. It has worked for me so far for the past 10 months, but I have also been leaning a little on my savings. I know I need to do a bit more work to replenish my savings, save for my tax return, pay into my pension, and still pay my way each month. Maybe I just need to accept that I should take the whole of August off. This was my most unproductive month so far this year. I probably also need a spend a bit more time with my Navigator workbook. I was using this last year before Christmas to help me think through some of my options. But then the freelance work took over and I stopped reflecting as much and just started working away at a few projects. I know in myself that I could have delivered some of these projects faster. I really do take my time. Maybe the nature of the work I'm doing isn't challenging me or inspiring me enough. But work life has certainly been easier since I left full-time employment. It has felt like less of a grind. It would be nice to have a bit more perspective and more of a plan than just coping month-to-month and seeing how things go. I'm not particularly proud of my recent record. I often don't have much to say when Fran's parents ask me about work on our weekly calls. But maybe that's just a reflection that there's more to life than work. I've looked at a few job descriptions but haven't really wanted to apply anywhere because I'm not sure I'm ready to be someone's employee. I like (and need) the freedom of being in charge of my time. Or maybe I've just become too lazy. Anyway, I'd be surprised if things weren't a bit clearer by this time next year.

Myself (and who they or she might be).

I've been afraid to invest on my own. So I'm actually attempting to do that now. Just starting with a little bit of money and see how it goes.

Education, women’s rights.

Myself and what I can contribute to the world, to the Jewish people within the circumstances I find myself in. "The only thing you take with you when you leave this world is the person you create through the choices that you make in dealing with the life Hashem gave you." - Chevi

The Grief Cast, coming soon...but really, pressing record and getting the content out there to people who need it. That is an extension of my personal mission to help others and its a disserve if I don't see it through.

I would like to do volunteer work to save voting rights. I have been frightened to do on-site volunteering, due to Covid. I'm sure that I can do something virtually because we must protect our right to vote.

I would love to feel comfortable with the discomfort of traveling and acting completely alone. And also kind with myself when I'm feeling the need for company.

I'm keeping my learning goals simple this year, since the first year of a baby's life is its own investigation. I'd like to investigate how other authors handle their writing / patenting balance. And ultimately I'd like to learn how to be a good mom - but that's a lifetime goal, not just a year.

Yes! Me and my own personal activism. I could be doing more in that arena. I'd specifically like to do more for indigenous communities.

How to live without depression during the end of the world? Of my marriage, potentially? Of my health? I live under the shadow of cancer, divorce, abandonment, pandemic, and the fall of our government. What's left to investigate?

I feel pulled in so many directions and it tends to leave me in a state of paralysis, so I've been thinking about this a lot. Causes that matter most to me: Saving our democracy The environment, especially the Great Lakes and water issues Reproductive freedom And at some point, I'd like to educate gun sellers/owners about their statistically-based suicide risks

I feel like I need to continue working on my management skills so that I shine in my role of Clinical Nutrition Manager.

I would like to practice more mindfulness, human rights activism, mutual aid and having better morning/evening routines.

I seem to be obsessed this year with redefining and reconstructing my professional role. After 28 years of leadership and administrative work, I am pivoting, and I am both excited and a bit scared of what that will mean. So I'm thinking a lot about that, exploring resources on late-career shifts, reflecting on what I want my work life to be like.

If I keep listing the same things, maybe I'll actually get around to them. I still want to learn more Jewish Philosophy. Here is my current to-be-read list: Heschel, Rav Shagar, Rabbi Sacks, Rav Soloveitchik


There are a couple of things. 1. Nichiren Buddhism 2. Photography

My children. I want to thoroughly enjoy the little people they are becoming at each stage.

Will want to invest more quality time with my true friends, and let go toxic people.

I’m studying my next level of counselling so bring on the learning about therapy! I’d like to do it and I am doing it.

I want to spend a lot more time learning about birth and becoming much more committed to my birth business.

Self love/care. Finding and spreading joy

I am knee-deep in trauma therapy. I still can’t quite believe I went down this path. I hope by next year I’ll have some of the answers that I’m so desperately seeking. I hope I’ll be utilizing that knowledge to build something better. I hope it will be easier to breathe and I will feel more comfortable in my own skin.

I'm in process of getting my Masters and I'm even more engaged with my work than ever. This year of immersive study has renewed my love for my work and I'm looking forward to continuing my education.

I want to explore why I feel so hollow and what can I do to fill the empty spaces? Why do I feel nothing when I open my siddur? Why do I waste time on small screens instead of engaging in hobbies, connecting with people, or exploring the inner life of the mind? What can I do to feel less nothingness and feel more somthingness?

I would like to reengage with my Judaism and explore what a connection to the religion that matches my progressive values looks like. I think I see it a bit in the community but not within my usual groups. The sexism, Israel extremists and lack of livable wages in the profession have turned me off Judaism, but I think there is a match somewhere.

I finally got the time to do something different. I just need to pick one. A new job, a new hobby, a new focus. I should.

I am going to continue learning more about my Irish heritage

Honestly, I'm pretty disappointed in how drastically volunteering has fallen off of my list of priorities. It used to be high up there, but over the past few years, it has dribbled less and less, to the point that now I don't do anything. I volunteered for People's Action leading up to the election this past year, and it was such a nice reminder of how good it feels to give back -- and how empowering it can feel to make a difference. I'd like to try to bring service back to the forefront of my mind and carve out time to explore new causes/volunteer spaces/etc.

SO many things, but I don't have the capacity now. I want to learn everything. Let's try to make it more concrete: -Chinese -Sewing -jewelry making -crochet -cooking -woodcarving I want to read and write more. Maybe practice some singing or something. I wish that I could feel like I was learning without a certificate or degree at the end. Stupid educational indoctrination.

Sure, but I can’t write about it. I’m after something fairly specific, and I’ll know it when I see it, and I haven’t seen it yet. Call it a calling. Call it a sign. Call it evolving. There is a larger way of thinking about (and directing) life, and I’m only sensing the movement, not yet orchestrating the flow. There were a few days there that I thought I found a loophole, but really, I just got lucky. Maybe. I’m investigating will to power, and I’m fascinated.

Yoga, ballet barre, rabbinical studies

I want to get my head around the new financial reality I find myself in. I want to ensure I tie up whatever projects I have before my term ends. I want a plan for the years when I am definitely not in office.

More of the same. The Ottoman Empire, Judaism, history...would like to travel

No, not really.

Art. I want to absorb it like I did dance. I want to breathe it live it with full expression. I want yo see what is inside that needs and wants to be expressed fully.

Same issue last year--how to bring about positive change in my community in regards to race relations.

I feel that everything revolves around me and my experience...I do want to investigate why I have become so fearful of joy and creative practices...I also feel like I should look outside myself but I am afraid of covid. I want to know why I am alone

Diversity. Equity and inclusion. I would also like to join affinity groups.

Going out in nature more. P and I are both so happy and enjoy it so much, every time we go on hikes we say we should do this more often and be more serious about it. The hiking season is starting here with lower temperatures arriving and making it possible to be in the woods without melting and I really want to see us take advantage of it.

I am determined to bring the plight of the Pangolins to as many as I can. They are the most poached animals on earth. They are poached for the scales which whole cultures regard as a curative folk remedy. The flesh is also eaten. THIS TO STOP!!!!. Saving the Pangolins is my project until the laws against poaching them are enforced and continued to have grave consequences for the criminals who do this in many countries where the animals exist. They are gentle, harmless animals - they are NOT predators (unless you. are ants or termites). They are mammals. They bear one baby at a time and they carry them on their backs for two years. They are NOT pets nor are they food or medicine. Stay tuned on my FB page.

Sexuality; in freedom and intensity.

Getting more involved with advocacy for health care reform m

I would like to learn more about the thought of theologian Pierre Teilhard de Chardin by attending some programs on his thought being given in this area. I would like to learn how to use a photo tripod, take videos with camera, and do night photography.

I'd like to help refugees from Afghanistan and I'd like to work on more political issues. Try to have an impact on policy. We need all the help we can get to safe our freedoms and promote a civil society as well as address climate change.

I want to invest in paying off my debt and just investing in myself. I am not sure if that means in education, in my appearances or what it would look like.

Provided my pregnancy goes well, by this time next year we'll have two children and one dog. I'd like to spend time really connecting with my family, bonding more with my toddler and helping my dog feel more secure and going on more dates with my husband before the newest family member arrives. I don't want to look back on this time and think that I missed "the wow of now" as Daniel Tiger says. My kiddo and I play together for almost an hour today - he was so happy to spend time with me, and it was such a joy to be in his presence, to see how his mind works. I never want to lose site of the wonderful person that he is as I go through my responsibilities as his mother or the mother of a newborn.

I want to keep working on learning to crochet and sew. I want to continue developing my tennis game. I want to keep working on music.

Books. I want to read more.

I wonder how we shall reweave the fabric of Life?

I would like to investigate opportunities for learning in small group settings, experimental machine embroidery and helping refugees by teaching English via Zoom on a volunteer basis.

I'm planning to volunteer as a math tutor this semester, just getting the paperwork in place. I want to continue working on having conversations with others about systemic racism. I am also very interested in what I can do regarding voter suppression and women's health issues (access to abortion, for one).

It occurred to me over Rosh Hashanah that my relationship to Judaism is mostly based on it supporting me in hard times. And that's great. But I don't have a good relationship with Jewish joy. I'd like to explore the possibilities of that. Where is my place in a joyous Jewish community?

I think that I need to explore my identity more as a person of color so that I can be more grounded in who I am. I try so hard to fit in to what other people want me to be, and I feel like I never fit in anywhere (I'm too much one thing or not enough another--usually the not enough, actually). It's time to better understand who *I* am, regardless of whether I "fit in" to someone else's expectations. And to remember that most of the time I'm probably making up those expectations of what I think other people think I should be.

well, I am a Private Investigator. And I investigate cold cases (i.e. Missing Persons & Unsolved Homicides), so, yes, I do very much want to dig deeper into my Cold Case Files, and resolve the problem and bring Justice to the family and friends of the victims!

I don’t like to think ahead too much. I always need to learn for work, and that’s fun. I always want to know everything.

I want to learn more about tantric Buddhism. I also want to do some geneology research.

Advanced curling strategy

I want to further investigate my dreams and desires for life. I want to find our more about our baby as he grows up and shows us more of himself.

Last year I said Buddhism but didn't do it. Hopefully I will get to go to Nepal in March and investigate that more.

I don't know yet.

I know that as I finish up remodeling and unpacking (finally) that I will need something to keep me occupied and interested. Hopefully, I can become more active and have the time to dedicate to increasing my strength and improving my health. So I think that would be what I'm looking towards

I absolutely want to continue investigating the ideas I listed last year (abolition, communism, socialism). I also really want to learn more about the Shmita year, as this is the first time I've ever heard about it! My beloved IKAR will offer learning opportunities all year about it and I look forward to diving in. I can tell that this rhythm of six years of activity followed by one year of rest will be something that stays with me all my life.

Lots, but right now what's coming to mind is about storytelling, becoming more connected to that over time.

The idea of a summer “Justice Bus” where defense attorneys would travel down south to handle misdemeanor cases in conjunction with local public defender offices. This has been my dream baby for awhile.

See Travelwriting (Q7) but more generally creativity would be good. Oo also spirituality (Qsomething). As I said before, I have no idea how or where. My joke about a Tai-Chi master was a joke but also idk could be a nice idea. (Remember we're *trying* things!) I. keeps saying we should do pottery in Taiwan and I totally agree. Maybe the secret to all these things is to find people to go with. Personal journeys don't have to be done alone!

Yes, there is something that I want to investigate more fully in the coming year. Doing the carnivore/ketovore food plan and decluttering and keeping my home clean and tidy. To help me feel free and unencumbered. I want my happiness and joy to come from within myself.

would like to investigate how to encourage more people to take the vaccine, or we will never move out of this awful time for too many globally-

I want to try to find places to volunteer with Zoe for pet therapy. I thought we would be working with more vulnerable populations, but due to the pandemic, I think we may have to try to find colleges or other places that could use a therapy dog as well.

I would like to find out more about the Rewilding movement. I am supporting a nature reserve in New Zealand that has reclaimed hundreds of hectares of land back to its natural state

Socialism. I think that it sounds pretty rad and seems like it could be a good way to go because I don't think that this capitalistic individualism we've got going on is going to be very progressive to the betterment of the human race. Any other options?

I want to find the ways that I can be of use in my community. I want to keep exploring ways that communities are built, improved, and increase their resiliency. And I want to understand where I might fit in that process.

Yes. I would like to explore women artists in history.

Onkelos and better sleep habits. I've read the Chumash, but I realize I should have started with Onkelos. I need to build my Torah knowledge from the base up, just like I need to build my mental health from the base up, starting with sleep.

Climate change. Patience. Productivity. Every day mythology. A higher purpose. My own podcast.

I want to explore using my technical and writing skills for health response. Hospitals are overwhelmed right now and I am looking into health technologies for assisting the front-liners. It feels like it's a meaningful use of my talents to the world at this time.

I want to make money from art, take what i'm learning as a carpenter and create beautiful furniture. Learn metal working. I think an important continuation of my personal development will be taking a closer look at what I want out of a partner, and being a tiny bit more careful to guard my emotions when approaching new potential in my relationships.

I'd like to read more in the coming year in a variety of topics. I think I default to more romance novels, but would like to make reading choices across more genres.

Yes. I would like to continue to explore energy healing (as we are doing in a Power of Eight group). In addition, to more intentionally continue to create groups of like-minded people -- building community; and "Aging and Sageing" -- working with elders as an elder to bring light into all corners, inner and outer. To be of service in this world in my own quietly active way and to inspire my groups to form their own groups -- to grow another movement!

I'd like to explore deeper my personal art work around loss, grief, well being, resiliency. How can this work help others? How can it help me if /as Joe's condition worsens? I am working with Linda's poems, do I keep on with that? How does it morph? How does my previous work evolve together with this work?

Well, I am already they type of person that if something interests me I have to find out all about it immediately. So I am sure I will keep doing that as thigs come up. One thing that will take time, that I have just started, is playing the violin. I have three antique violins that have been passed down from my relatives and now have landed with me. They need work. Lots of work. They are rough! So restoring them and learning how to play is going to take a bit of time. But I am up for it! I used to fiddle on them when I was little and really liked it. It felt natural and like I was close to my past family members. I look forward to learning how to care for and play these pieces of my family history.

I'm interested in learning dancing. I seem to be picking things up fairly quickly and it's nice to have something fun to think about for a change.

Myself, my dreams, my abilities, and what I'm CAPABLE of!!! I want to see what I can do, what I'm able to achieve. I want see what I can do in order to SUCCEED!!!

I would like to explore social justice more and the roll I can play to bring healing to the world.

Perseverance despite futility. I want to be confident in starting projects that may not work out, or not be complete in the time remaining to me. I want to plant trees even if I will never sit in their shade, and gardens even if they fall to weather and weeds. To be afraid and do it anyway. To doubt and do it anyway. To do it joyfully anyway, despite knowing it will be imperfect and fleeting.

Teaching seniors yoga and meditation. It’s been at the back of mind for a while.

NFTs! I really want to learn as much as possible about them and the web3 space! It just sounds so fascinating and creative.

I want to investigate my genealogy more this year. I have a couple brick walls I want to knock down!

I choose the same answer as last year, for my space in the world is the same. I seek the next challenge in my career. I've worked in many areas, and I feel the next one is just around the corner waiting to present itself.

I would like to further investigate and practice self-acceptance and love. Also having agency and being a creator.

Maybe volunteering. I so enjoyed working with my kindergarteners this year. Maybe I can push into the schools.

I want to focus on seeing things as less black and white; and being okay with the idea that most people are not all bad and not all good, they are a mix of both.

I want to find local opportunities to become more involved with, especially in the realm of mental health advocacy. It's really becoming more of a passion that I want to be more involved in.

Explore buddhist thought outside of those who consider themselves buddhist. For the ones I've encountered in this country, mostly Americans and other westerners, it is a religion and it's the trappings that are the draw...that and talking...all the feckin talking. Seems to be the opposite of the goal. How about a little cup of बकवास बंद करो।

Yes! Being a dominant. I've always enjoyed being on the sub side but a recent encounter with an old friend made me realize just how often people have seen a Domme in me. It hit me like a lightning bolt when I realized this friend had been asking this of me, for years, but that I had been to stupid to pick up the hints. I started reading books about it and bought beautiful latex outfits and whips. I'm nervous about it but very interested in bringing someone into that meditative flow through pain and submission. I've been talking about it to a lot of friends, great conversations. It feels like a late coming out, finally having found the queer niche that fits me. This coincides with the perimenopause. Instead of lamenting getting older I feel incredibly strong and want to show and share my strength and experience. In the middle ages I would have been burnt at the stake as a witch! Here and now I am free to pursue this to my heart's content. I also want to explore Bulgaria, my new home. Moving there in two months, the next step after nearly 6 years away from home.

To concentrate on my dog Frantzie more To be a bit more in touch with Central Synagogue, New York

For myself: Renaissance music. I am just beginning to enjoy my renaissance recorders. A lot to learn about playing them, and about ornamenting, performance style, and more. For my community: I’d like to be involved in rejuvenating our synagogue’s Chevra Kadisha. Even though I know a fair amount about Jewish practice around death and dying, this is an area where I could learn and grow while also making a contribution.

Retirement -- where to live, what to do. It's getting to feel more like an adventure, so I guess I really am ready.

I would like to be more involved in my comunity!

I'm exhausted, trying to keep up with my schedule, work, my daughter's schedule. I don't have the energy to learn new things. I just want to get better at the things I already do.

A cause, more about intersectionality in the Jewish world. An idea? my maps. I want to develop them both as an educational tool and a way of studying the text, I guess I want to research more on the ideas of data visualization to accomplish this. A person? Maybe I should look more into Rav Kook. Or Maimonides. Back to the classics. And/or Kaplan! Good ol' Morty Kaplan!

I want to continue with Talmud study...get back on track with it. I also want to deepen my Shabbat practices, building on what I have accomplished in the past six months.

The autonomous self Internal family systems Physical health and fitness Macrame

I am shifting in my career to focus on process management. This may sound lame to have a goal that is career-focused, but what I enjoy about it is that it makes sense to master that on all levels. I've enjoyed learning about project management and applying it to my personal life, so why not seek inspiration wherever it comes. The goal is to accomplish more by doing less--aka simplifying my life so I can fun more.

I want to study and acquire a better foundation in world history to understand global politics. I want to invest time to learn to play guitar and to sing.

Giving in less to fear becoming more the person I want to be

I’ve been investigating moving overseas and working in the UK. I’d like to do some more research and actually formulate a plan. Then I can move closer to my friends, experience working in a different area with a similar culture to the one I’m used to. It’ll hopefully afford more opportunities for travel as well! It’s going to be hard work and pretty expensive but I’m really excited at the possibility!

I want to learn to play the ancient musical instruments I've bought.

I already started my company with my brothers and sister. I want to explore working for myself, being my own boss and making a lot of money

Besides continuing to grow and focus on my business.. I really want to 'do' Tiny Living. Really get to build a tiny house.. see how it goes. And really see if I can build a small one that would resonate with people who need to house, say a family of four. With a home that offers everything that one needs, but is secure and affordable. I'll build mine and see where it takes me.

I want to greatly improve my French

More about reparations, social justice and JEDI work. I'm looking forward to serving on this committee with Brandeis Marin and continuing my work with the ARG 2.0 group. I also want to continue practicing my Italian and volunteering with the community. Looking forward to starting my work with Experience Corps (AARP).

1. Aikido; 2. theater and gymnastics for William; 3.Pilates for me or something to keep me in better alignment.

Once again the same as last year. Still seems unlikely due to Covid though unfortunately.

Judism And Chritianity How May I be Both Jewish and Chritian?

I want to see how Lev evolves. Additionally, I want to connect more fully with my heritage.

Open science, open democracy, open source, ...

I think I want to stay focused on the climate, and what I can do to help make the ongoing catastrophe less bad. I believe so strongly that we have to turn things around, and there seems to be a lot of movement in this space. I was thinking yesterday about how deep my environmentalism lies within me and my value system. I think it comes from my spiritual experiences in nature. There is some interesting overlap there for me that I'd like to explore more -- how the woods taught me to care about the planet. How my politics and spirituality fold together at that point.

There's an organization that fixes badly abandoned oil wells, and I'd like to get more involved with them. I'm not sure if I have the time though, so I need to put in more research.

I am looking into advanced Buddhist meditation techniques by studying some texts and considering whether to develop those skills with my teacher. I am also trying to determine what kind of long-term retreat I might do when I have the opportunity.

This might end up being a bit silly, but I actually want to look into National Guard chaplaincy just for the heck of it. Who knows? Maybe it could be a good step along the path.

Media literacy. What the answer to it is, how to better educate people to help them learn how to better evaluate the news they are taking in and not be suckered by liars and conspiracy theorists. Better cardiac health. In addition to Covid, we've lost too many friends and acquaintances to heart attack/sudden cardiac arrest. After almost losing my husband in the same way, and being sucker punched out of my obliviousness to it, I feel like there's got to be a way to better educate others. I live in fear that it's going to happen to so many more people I love and feel like I have an obligation to let others know.

MUSSAR. I have signed up for a class, so I guess I will know a bit more for sure. Really, I want to learn to play rhythm guitar by ear, but the path forward is not clear.

Adoption, specifically from foster care

Since I am still living in a covid-19 world I want to learn more about booster shots and variants and how to best navigate the world to stay well and healthy.

On a mundane level, I would like to continue with the study of astrology as well as keep up with my spiritual practice of meditation and general health regimen of weight training, clean eating, etc. I’ve also thought about chanting and incorporating that into my practice. I will continue to follow the divine intuitive guidance that is best to fulfill the soul. The dynamics of a most intimate relationship with my best friend is in transition and changing course and so I wonder how it will coming year will support and nurture its growth.

I just looked at my answers from last year, and it's the exact same, hah! Still communal living and remote work. Though I've taken tiny steps toward both, and am working 95% remote now and am working on an investigative mortgage pre-approval for some kind of multi-family housing in Boise. The idea is that it would be a "starter commune"

Continued discussion regarding major revision to core elements of our social contract, including education, nutrition, living wage, healthcare.

I'd love to learn Hebrew or another language.

The effect of daily gratitude-collecting on my mind and heart. It's something I started doing intermittently last year and more in earnest since this school year started. There's been so much research about it, and even without that compendium of data, it just seems like a healthy habit. In my thirty-plus years of life, I've never attempted something like this, and I wonder if it might be able to overturn the harm done by decades of self-criticism, negative self-talk, and low self esteem.

Carbon Offsets. Ways to leverage my philanthropy more. Ways to pool my funds with others to provide bridge loans and help nonprofits with real estate expenses (mortgage, moving, repairs etc)

Racism and how to be an anti-racist. Giving more in being an interdependent partner. Systems solutions to mental health problems. Civic engagement that works for me.

Equity in environmental and infrastructure issues! Specifically with EV chargers and solar infrastructure.

I want to use the intenet to sell some of the things I have that are valuable but I really don't need. I think they are too important/valuable to someone out there and should not just be sent to landfill.

Yes! I would like to do some more research into my Māori heritage - In December last year we finally received details on my nana's birth parents (their names) and were able to confirm which iwi (tribe) we come from. Now I would like to find out more about my culture & language, and whānau (family)

I'd like to explore more of Braver Angels to see how we can better listen to each other.

With the exception of the time when I was depressed (April and May) I have made this year, starting with Advent, 2020, a year of prayer. I have started most days with 10 minutes of meditation and followed the Episcopal Book of Common Prayer morning prayer template, including reading something from the Bible (a psalm or a reading, often suggested by the American Bible Society's daily reading). I speak and write my "Good Morning, God" prayers, including something that I am grateful for, something I am sorry for, and something that I ask God's help with (sometimes that is also prayers that God watch over, comfort, or particularly care for other people). I love this practice and I am so glad that I started it. This summer, I have felt my faith deepening, and I have had a greater sense of call to care for others and to "do small things with great love" (Mother Teresa). Right now (September 13th) I am feeling more peaceful than I have in a long time, despite the tumult in the world and in my job. Next year, I hope to further explore my spirituality and call at this moment, possibly through a church group that I hope to organize, possibly through service to an incarcerated person, possibly through care for and love of my family, friends, and students.

I have so many interests I can hardly keep track of myself. My key cause right now is learning the deeper psychological and sociological reasons for the National Meshugas of the moment. The surface complaints don't go away because it's not about that. I want to meet people at the deep needs they are expressing. On that level me can meet in Rumi's Field, a place we should all go from time to time.

Nothing comes to mind :(

I want to see what kind of man would compliment me. I also want to strive to look and feel better. I want to have better rating with friends, family, Co workers. I want to find out more of what Florida is ask about!!! I want to go travel USA and other countries.

Due to staying at home because of covid-19, I find that I've lost the ability to focus, I've become anxious and started some OCD on some things that are really unimportant. So my focus is to stopping stressing over nonsense, I'm already working on stopping OCD habits (they aren't too deeply ingrained) and I'm doing chores that require me to focus.

I continue to seek a greater understanding of what it means to be anti racist and live without bias. I never did follow up with the colleague that I felt I created a micro aggression with - that is on me - and I hope I can be better about recognizing and acknowledging when I was incorrect in my language. I do know that I wish to continue this exploration and where I can take it - I continue to serve on my company DEI group and often am called upon to facilitate and or create exciting, yet compelling sessions that can challenge and hopefully bring others to the table with a willingness to be open and learn what can or shouldn't be stated or said... regarding others - I still believe we are all just strangers that haven't been introduced yet - so if you are willing I am open!

Creativity and positivity in all their forms.

I truly don't know. I wish I had something more meaningful. I think I just want to continue learning. . . maybe find some time to write?

I want to investigate the art work of Vincent Van Gogh more fully in the following year. After visiting Arles and St. Remy de Provence in 2019, my curiousity in the artist has been piqued. And so has reading the letters that he wrote to his brother Theo.

Putting my money where my mouth is with certain causes. Supporting and loving Joshua 100% - never making room for any doubt about our marriage again. Myself - happiness, health, being my authentic self.

Yes! After a year of getting fitter and committing to more exercise, I think I have a good baseline to try to train for a triathlon. First step is getting onto the racing bike (face palm!) and finding a way to train to swim. I am looking into a lead that Ann from Pacer's shared with me about swimming at the Rose Bowl.

remodeling my home

Building my resume and doing service for the community.

Overall health: Mental, Physical, Spiritual, Financial

I really like my last year's answer - investing in healthy aging, maintaining my resilience, my emotional intelligence, my mental faculties and my physical abilities. Sounds great to me, let's do that more!

Starting a business, specifically growing micro greens! And I will also investigate investing.

My relationship with my body. I want to move from constantly critical, always trying to improve its size, shape, weight, etc., to truly grateful for everything my body has done for me and allowed and enabled me to do. I want to celebrate it at best and work toward neutrality at worst. What has caused me to have my current relationship with my body? And what can I do to ensure I help my children cultivate positive relationships with their bodies?

My partner. I want to know everything about them. I'm a little obsessed, it's fine, I can actually chill. I just really fucking love them and I want to know every single thing, every little motivation, just to know how I can make things better for them. I know I won't be able to know everything and I won't be able to give them a perfect life, but I can fucking try.

I would like to investigate my family's Jewish ancestry.

Last year's answer still stands. Refocusing and honing my skills to do work that un-polarizes. I will work with communities to find solutions we can all live with. Nobody wins and therefore no losers. Refocusing on the common good - from Me to We.

Yes, absolutely! So many things, including my wife's Eastern European lineage (we conducted a lot of research last year, but would love to break new ground in the next year), and how I can develop my artistic abilities (music and drawing) to not only enrich my own life but also to connect them with the idea of Tikun Olam so that I can make even a small difference in the lives of others.

Solutions to carbon reduction in the atmosphere, including nuclear power.

Social racial justice. I am sort of in progress. I have read two books about systemic racism and have two more. I am also taking an online class about biracial/multicultural identity. My grandchildren are biracial, and I want to understand the challenges they faces and be able to support them in practical ways. They are the absolute love and joy of my life, and I want them to live well in an increasingly mean and divisive world.

I would like to get involved with the Australian Refugee Centre as a volunteer. I feel so lucky to have the life that I have and would like to do something to assist refugees to make them feel welcome in our community.

No....just to look into myself, to see what I can do to improve my quality of life.

I want to investigate motherhood more filly.

Mindfulness, Pruning shrubs and small trees, vegan cooking.

Mutual aid. Justice. Small government meetings.

I want to learn more about "eco-grief." I am certainly grief stricken over what is happening with climate change, and it appears many others around the globe are feeling likewise. Can religious and spiritual communities help?

The idea I want to investigate more fully is how to achieve happiness or at least contentment.

I want to identify what "it" is - the thing that actually drives my interest, that I truly want to spend my time investigating and immersing myself in. I like having a focus, but currently feel myself a bit at loose ends, happier to spend my days drifting than in a pursuing something specific. If I can find that source of passion, it will set me on a road for satisfaction in the months and years ahead.

Big Brothers and Sisters, volunteering.

Two things: 1. I believe words and ideas can be so clear and simple that they're elegant. Along with this, when governments, businesses, and nonprofits use clear language, they provide greater access to the services people need when they need them. So, I plan to investigate this idea of language access and equity more fully. 2. Thinking of access, I have long thought about how many people lack access to things like better jobs, better grades, better health, etc. The solution then, is more access, right? I still believe much of that, but I also now recognize that we need to rethink what we're providing access to. Should we be trying to put people into the cycle of overwork under the guise of a better paying job? Should we be rethinking schools and grades completely rather than devising methods to shove more kids into the same pathological system of "achievement." Instead of providing more access to a sick system, can we investigate parts of the system that need to go away instead?

I want to investigate meditation and what it means for me to feel more present. Breathing in I calm my body, breathing out I smile, living in the present moment, it really is the perfect moment

I'm interested in photography. Looking forward to spending an hour a day in nature, learning how to capture what I see.

Intuitive eating and trauma recovery

Love as Freedom. Freedom as Love. Small scale regenerative "farming." How the regenerative garden I'm tending here will organically extend into community participation and service.


I want to want to investigate dating. Learning what healthy looks like in a relationship. Learn how to set and accept boundaries. Chill more inside my head. Be gentle with my anxiety.

I want to complete the Great Courses I signed up for this year- especially art appreciation and the writing course. I'd like to go to the Museum of Art more often- even if it's by myself. I have plans to join a meditation group with June. I hope I can get Rex to walk the neighborhood and NOT bark at other dogs and people when he is on his leash. I hope I can organize the house and get rid of the stuff I never use. I'd like to have a better idea of where we want to downsize. Right now it's wide open and I'm staring down a bottomless hole of choices.

I want to volunteer within my own community. I want to try to get up to date in modern biology

My answer to this this year is pretty much the same as last year. I want to get better at, and therefore investigate more fully, clothes making and gardening/yardening. I missed the blooming of most of the plants and call but one of the strawberries in Backyardia this year because I was in hospital for 6.5 weeks over the summer. Sad. I'd like to see the results and keep the plants alive next year.

Transcendal meditation

I hope to take increased advantage of the wealth of virtual classes, concerts and tours now available online. What a blessing for seniors like me and others with mobility issues.

The historical Jesus.

I want to talk to Simone (a friend) more. Not really investigate, but to learn more about her and to spend more time with her before she graduates.

Wow, this is a good question. I feel like IO am constantly doing this so I would say, yes, to all the things I'm already doing. But about something new? Yes, probably new things will come. I do feel that I want to be more dedicated to environmental concerns and to stop driving nearly as much. It feels so difficult to give up the convenience and autonomy of the car, but it really is such a drain on the environment and my personal money because I'm living so far out in the country now. If I can adapt to using the bus instead of driving, I will be very proud.

I want to explore creating loving environments for trans and non-binary young adults and teens. How can I cause their ability to live in the world free and accepted as themselves?

I'm still searching for myself. Now that we have moved I'd like to pursue how the real me can blossom in this new environment.

Yeah, me. Turns out, when I'm happy, I'm really happy. I can't wait to explore me.

Zero waste, home ownership, where do I want to work?

I'm still trying to understand better ways of organizing, of communicating within our collectives or organizations, how to hold each other accountable and how to carry the load of work collectively. I will keep reading what others have done and learned before us and also what's still missing from our struggles and organization processes.

I want a deeper understanding of God's presence as Infinite Substance in relation to Torah as a description of the nature-culture relationship and Israel as the Makom of the Eternal. It is my desire in the coming year to have written at least 2 articles as a set-up for a new book.

Being outside more. Sleeping more. Feeling less exhausted. Feeling less bogged down by my kids.

Alternative "life paths" other than working 40 hours per week, a house in the suburbs, retiring at 60+. Is there another way...?

I think I want to investigate the possibility of going back to school for MSW studies!

Figuring out how to parent in a way that's responsive and true. I've discovered that I really enjoy learning about the changes Zahava is going through, and what she's learning every day. I'm excited to dig into parenting books, newsletters, podcasts. It feels good to be motivated to dig into something in this way.


Before I answer this question; we had a very special day yesterday and week with our Philly family for our 50th wedding anniversary. The Rabbi did the renewal at the Temple via ZOOM with our children and grandchildren present with the added bonus of a video program of our lives together. Simply amazing. To answer the question, I’m signed up as a volunteer with Maricopa county and would like to help with the many opportunities however a lot of these are 4 - 8 hour commitments which at 72 years old - not sure I can tolerate standing for that long. Would consider volunteering at the Temple but with Jared still not at his program our schedules are based on respite availability. We’ll see.

Still writing. Afghanistan / Taliban Primary education

I want to connect with my grandparents more before they are gone! And want to investigate meditation a bit more

Not really. I am very curious to see how Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez 2.0 plays out.

Marantz’ book “Anti-Social

Not really. I'm at a place in life that I just want to make peace with what is and with all the ghosts of past things that still come back to swirl through my head and take me out of what is. I don't want to stir up a bunch of new stuff. Making peace stirs up enough dust of it's own. Making peace brings new lessons on it's own. Making peace moves us forward, empowers us with change. Making peace is investigating.

Working directly with incarcerated or post-release populations

Feeling inundated and overwhelmed by politics, covid, and personal challenges every minute of every day makes me feel more and more like I want to draw in instead of seeking out more. Similarly to last year, I feel as though it's a 'wrong' answer, but I also recognize it's not good for me to feel as though I'm supposed to be doing more when my instincts are telling me that in this regard less is healthier. So, no. No there isn't more I want to investigate more fully. Final answer.

Architecture and classes. Drawing (architectural)

Voiceover career. Medicare for All advocacy.

Reading my response from last year, I seem to think this is still a very worthy cause to spend more time one I have it. Getting rid of the Teachers Union in this country would be the greatest gift to future generations that anyone can ever do.

I'd like to try mindfulness, or meditation. My wife has been doing this daily, and has invited me to join her a few times. I've enjoyed it, and I know it takes some work, but I'd like to make more of a commitment. I usually don't have any trouble relaxing or falling asleep, but I think that active meditation could benefit me. Regarding last year's answer, I have been working at becoming an antiracist. Unfortunately, my new friend Eric W. didn't think I had gone far enough, and unfriended me IRL. So, I apparently have to keep working on that as well.

I would like to rediscover the joy in things I used to do for pleasure. Over the last few year, even pre-Covid, most of my hobbies have become burdensome or stress-inducing. I would like to see if I can find the fun in some of them again.

Ease, freedom from fear, travel, relaxation, socializing without concern about spreading or contracting infection... The coming year will be the first that both my husband and I will be retired. We just want to be able to do anything and everything we want to do. We are lucky to have a strong friendship and marriage, and have fared well in the context of spending all of our time together and very little time out in the world. But, we are ready to expand our activities and sphere of motion. Covid-19, will you let us safely do so???

Love and being open to more intimate romantic relationships. I started this a few weeks ago and it feels hard so far, but I do want to investigate myself in that space more fully in the coming year, to learn by doing what I am looking for in partnership and how to be vulnerable/open/make space.

I have joined the Sustainability Committee at my synagogue. And Rabbi Kook

I want to look more in to being whole foods/plant based this year. I'm already vegan and have been for 6 years, but I need to look after my health AND the animals AND the planet. Loving transition, welcoming it and the health and energy it will gift me.

I want to become an expert on yin/yang masculine/feminine and share my wisdom freely without fear.

I would like to be better at building self-care into my work day. I'm pretty good at disconnecting once I get home, but I need to be better at incorporating it at other times too. Instead of mindlessly scrolling social media on my phone at lunch, I want to try do some meditation or just sit in silence or with some relaxing music for a few minutes. I should eat lunch at my table instead of at my desk where my calendar and to-do lists can distract me. I also brought some tea in in case I need to take a few minutes in the afternoon to just sip some hot tea. But I need to actually make a plan to do these things regularly! I need to practice what I preach to the students.

Jewish history. I bought a few books this year but didn’t delve into them as much as I wanted to. I want to finish these books and sit with them and think about them and KNOW my history

Not specifically, but more museums! More art! More music!

I want to investigate mutual aid and land back efforts in the Hudson valley and Catskills.

I want to up the ante on my Spanish language learning. I want to explore prayer and meditation deeper. I want to explore how to work for environmental justice.

until March 31st, ITALY :) After? better urban gardening strategies. There are like 20 different insects destroying my produce right now.

Right now I'm very fixated on making my home more comfortable. There are several people who specialize in decluttering and organizing that I've just found. I'm pretty obsessed with this. Another thing I definitely want to delve into is painting in watercolors. I need a space to do this, so, decluttering will have to come first. It seems that so much of my life is on hold until I declutter...

My wife. She has changed so much, I would like to know the person that she has become better.

Yes! Want to get more into education in the arts. I want to keep learning French, maybe another language. I want to learn how to be in a committed romantic relationship. I want to learn how to be more int he present.

I want to invest in myself and healthy habits. My own needs are important and it deserve the most time and energy. I want to invest the time that it takes to feel good.

I want to be able to let myself fail. I think when I fail or look stupid or insane I feel like I'm showing that I'm inadequate. But no one is perfect, and failing doesn't mean I'm shitty. It just means I failed at something. I want to just let myself try new things and see what happens. So investigate everything that piques my interest without worrying too much.

I am having a hard time with this question. I want to pursue causes and ideas, but does that mean investigate more fully? Maybe...so.... I want to delve into and work toward completion of my marketing ideas. This is context for the goal of finishing my (first) book. I want to flesh out how marketing can become more personal and how better relationships will help everything from revenue to cause and purpose in a business. I want to continue to explore the idea of how I can use what I know about myself to build a better life, better relationships and contribute to a better world. And I want to explore my causes. What more can I do that I am not doing? I suspect the answer is quite a lot. But what? And I want to delve deeper into music and art (photography). Just keep learning. Just keep practicing.

Selling my business.

1. Watersports Kayaking is an obsession, but I'm also literally acquiring a boogie board and trying out UPBs. See also good old fashioned SWIMMING in the ACTUAL OCEAN. 2. Marketing/self-promotion I don't know if I can make a career out of all the art things, but it would be great if it could pay for itself, and it would be even better if I could get enough visibility to participate in digital and analog community as a participant/quasi-professional, rather than as a tourist/dilettant. 3. Philosophy Critical thinking is in short supply and I want to stay sharp. I definitely want to actually read some of my heftier tomes on analogy and language and consciousness, revisit some of the basics from college, and definitely dig deep into Aurelius. Throwing in some math here too, the Gödel connection is enough to put it in the same conceptual bucket and I have a Feeling it might scratch an itch I'm barely aware of.

I'd like to think more seriously about whether I'd like to have children. I'm on the fence more than I thought I would be, though leaning more towards having them.

Hahaha I could say Marie Kono, but her style is not for me. My work for the year IS, however, organizing, repairing and downsizing. Being confined to your home is an eye opening experience. I'll be anxious to compare my actual experience next (this word was originally mistyped as "nest." Coincidence?) fall with my grand hopes and plans.

Work wise, I wanna look into how digital is impacting heritage organisation's. What they're doing well and what can be improved. At work there's a lot of space there, and the biggest part is understanding the capabilities of what can be done. More training, more ideas.

The ability to have a full life even if you are unmarried

There's nothing new at the moment that comes to mind. I would simply like to continue on the various study paths I've already started.

Oh, I am obsessed with ancient history now. I'd like to know more about all the ancient civilizations, and see their art, and read their texts (if extant). I'd like a better sense of the development of human cultures, especially writing and literature.

I have taken an interest in the work of a psychiatrist named Iain McGilchrist. It seems to have implications for the book I am trying to write. He has this idea that we are handicapped socially by over reliance on left brain thinking but I have not read enough yet to know the whole point or how it might be confronted (my interest).

Data Analytics. I always had a passion for statistics and computers. I want to read 8 books this year for personal enjoyment as well. I know this is not a great number, but it is an obtainable goal to start with.

I'm still interested in exploring transcendental mediation and kabbalah. It's hard to do with my attention span and I am also in grad school - but those are just excuses.

I prefer the word "explore". Investigate sounds so, well, sterile and official and even officious. Sadly, there doesn't seem to be enough time to "fully" explore let alone "investigate" all that I find interesting.

Advocacy for NDPH and Psychedelics as medicine

Portraiture. Mixed media landscspe. Editing. Meditation.

Special Olympics in my area.

Discover my creativity, hobbies, things I've suppressed during my soon to be divorced status.

Running for local office. Sick of people playing politics for fringer members of the community instead of doing the right thing for the vast majority of the community.

Television production

I am on religion committee for our retirement community and want to get a religion class going with materiel. Also working on a program on concept of hope.

This question does not deserve an answer. You respond to your environment in real time. You don't get to plan what you're going to "investigate" in advance, certainly not at some point within a 12-month period. Even contemplating an answer to this question is an act of procrastination, because it's impossible for anyone who's reasonably engaged with the world to hold themselves to their answer.

Judaism is something I want to look more deeply into. I've felt drawn to it ever since someone from the local Reform shul came to my high school to teach my sociology class about the religion. That was about ten years ago now. I'm relieved I'm finally in a place where I feel safe enough to explore Judaism and am so excited to work with my rabbi after the High Holy Days.

No, not really. I wish there was.

A more domestic and calm love. Hebrew. Consistency in religious practice. Harm reduction both in the traditional sense and in my own life.

How to make each day more meaningful, so that when I hit the feathers at night, I will be able to tell myself, yep, that was a worthwhile day.

I think I would like to learn more about online education, but sometimes I don't really care. I am sure I will be doing a good bit of research on art and artists. I want to look into options for retirement, and options for health care when it becomes necessary.

My true deeper essence, my inner world! Also, how I may best contribute to the rest of the Universe!

BOB, of course. But Kristy. What is here backstory? why does she find me interesting?

How to better incorporate community into our Jewish lifestyle without making them feel second class.

I want to investigate what it means to be kind to myself. I have a hard time doing this, and for the sake of my survival, I need to learn.

Art and yoga -creating .. doing .. practicing..living.. being

This question is too challenging. I want to survive, to help others, to love my family.

The power of connection. Vulnerability, self-expression. E-commerce. Meditation, habits. I'd love to resume contact with Lauren, the love of my life.

What my career looks like. Do I want to produce shows? Do I want to sing at all? Do I want to begin looking for producer jobs? I don't know where I'm going, haha. But I'd like to be more intentional about it, rather than just accepting what life hands to me.

Same answer as last year: figure out how to be a good mom. Mainly my goal is to be able to find just the right balance between taking care of myself and making sure that Little Tochka will be taken care of as well. I'm not a caretaker by nature, so this isn't going to come easily to me. But I'm determined to do my best to be an attentive mom, who also makes sure to shower every day, gets as much sleep as possible, and takes time to go on fun outings.

Anything that will make think deeper, in more steps, in more dimensions without causing an overwhelming (a strong is acceptable) urge to hurt myself.

Lola Mora.

I want to investigate myself more fully. I am going to make a page asking for a kidney donor. I realize that part of my issue is that I don't think anyone would love me enough to donate to me, but I want to let that go.

Believe it or not, the answer is myself. I want to learn if I truly am capable of love again. Having lost my husband 26 months ago, and my fiance' just 2 days ago, my heart is shattered into a million tiny pieces.

The ins and outs of having a baby! Pregnancy, labor, raising a newborn. Also, starting a business! If not now, then when?

More vegetarian entrees!

Ah, this is a repeat. I have been doing well with reading, but poorly with magic & piano. I again would like to get back to them.

I'd say that I want to continue exploring Evo Psych and the work of Shan Guisinger as I've begun to collaborate with Michelle on some things. I'd love to do some writing in this realm- but not about theory, about practical applications in therapy and life.

I am tired of saying I want a hobby.... sigh I am glad to continue to read about how I can be a better person and think about how to control my tendency to be reactive. There is not really anything in terms of my learning that I want to focus on. I am not sure what that means. I really just want to be more well rounded and think about the last phase of my life

I want to learn more about new cancer treatments using the body's own immunological system in combination with other drugs, with custom viruses and with other treatments (like radiation). On another topic, I want to financially support women's right to choose, voter rights, and efforts to make the prior administration responsible for crimes they committed.

the people in the documentary films that i need to finish

Pickleball. Bread baking. Crochet wearables (especially sweaters). Staying fit after 70.

I still have an interest in success disparities in terms of race at colleges and that still interests me.

Strengthening my ability to provide spiritual care and mentoring.

No. Already overwhelmed with projects.

I would like to be able to trace the source of the bits of disinformation as to covid.

I want to look at charities to donate to. There are so many worthy places that are overshadowed by so many corrupt organizations. I love animals and have a heart for protecting them, so I want to delve deeply into organizations whose missions are for the betterment, protection, and survival of animals.

Educate myself about the big systems at play and how mu actions have a ripple effect (climate, general poor treatment of other humans due to race, gender, religious and political beliefs). What can I do to feel more empowered, not dis-empowered as I sometimes feel these days? It seems so overwhelming, but perhaps there are ways chip away, individually and collectively.

I want to know how to make the multiverse a place for reflection, change and to influence a more positive future.

Yes, how to best help the very poor people in this country(Ecuador) with limited funds and how and where to volunteer my services.

I will continue studying and practicing the philosophy of stoicism.

Autism and why there is such a strange air about it

My Self...the idea and possibility of living alone and working in a whole new situation.

I'll continue studying antisemitism. And continue reading about the oppression of women in the Muslim/Arab world. I may take the FAIR activist course, though I'm unsure if I'll be anything other than an armchair activist at this point in my life. I would like to be involved in activism, but there's no group I know of (nor individual allies) to join forces with. I don't know if it's possible that I join a group that I disagree on some fundamental principles in order to do the work I'd like to do (within that organization). And I hope to learn from my therapist new ways of dealing with emotions, conflicts, etc. That's pretty much ongoing.

Yes, I want to educate myself about prison abolition.

Hermeticism. Don Oscar’s Shamanic Mystery School. The Goddess in the Land of Sintra.

this is the first question I haven't had a clear answer to. But I guess maybe I would follow on from my answer to one of the previous questions and say 'self care' — but I mean this in the very broadest sense and I guess it could be more summarised as 'living a well rounded life'. How do I take care of my body? (Cooking better, exercise) How do I take care of my mind? (What brings me peace and rest? Creativity? Inspiration?) How do I take care of the space I live in? (Cleaning? Better habits? Acts of care for those I live with?) I feel like for so long I've been so strung out that a lot of this has fallen by the wayside, and I want to try and figure out what self-care and living a well rounded life looks like for me.

Volunteering for a food bank. Writing as a fulltime career. Serenity. Acceptance. Patience. Relationship.

I'd like to read more about ethical culture, and the idea of doing good without a particular religion.

I want to watch more news from Israel (we get I24 News here) to get a more well-rounded perspective on the state of Israel. While I will always be an advocate for Israel, that doesn't mean I agree/will agree with everything Israel does. I am proud live in the United States, but I clearly do not agree with everything the U.S does, either. A more nuanced view is an informed view.

I'd like to find more opportunities where I can make a contribution by teaching or training

Design Theory! I find it such an interesting way to approach creative thinking whether it’s related to my professional work or my life plans.

I have recently gotten back into Duolingo. I’d really like to keep it up to relearn the German I took when I was younger and perhaps explore some other languages as well.

Not one idea in particular. I am quite intrigued about the world in general and I realize how little I understand. I want to learn about how the world works in general. In particular hobbies I mostly want to start growing stuff, so I'll read extensively about small-plot gardening in the coming weeks. I am also interested in learning to restore all types of metal objects with the least amount of machinery possible.

I am recycling my answer from last year as it is still relevant and I till have progress to make: As an "old white guy", I want to be a better ally/advocate for people of color and any minority that threatens the white supremacists in our country and around the world. I am not a vocal "activist" but I can learn more about the plight of others and challenge any comments or opinions that serve to divide our country/world rather than unite it.

climate change

I’ve been asked to get support for translation services for CSE meetings I want to finish the Israel albums

Well, combining this question with last year's answer, I'd say I've had a visitation by the Shadow and it was NOT pleasant at all. So much for intellectualizing. So I'm still on the same path, explore the darkness, my soul's journey, etc. But also I want to explore my ability to talk about it in public settings. My Living Torah experience was so powerful, I'd like to do more holding forth as my wise woman self. Let my crone out more.

I’m still really into authoritarianism, but I’ve shifted to a more empathetic kind of meditation approach to reaching out to people who have gotten lost down Internet rabbit holes (like my parents). I’m hoping that some can be reached. Argumentation and logic simply doesn’t work. That’s not what the opening of their rabbit holes was about. It’s an emotional need that is scary to give up. So the emotional need has to be filled. I think some are finding ways to do this, but even most of the left is caught up in “being right” and just enjoy making a mockery of others far too much.

Writing practice. Amelia. Landscaping. Walking.

Love, healing from trauma, being a childhood cancer survivor, making art that comes from my heart and does appeal to me primarily. I want to learn more about Israel, more about making aliyah. Being part of a more traditional but queer-inclusive community. Learning about kibbutzim.

Yes... The enneagram and spiritually. And the brain over binge. I just love the idea of being in control of my body and that comes from my relationship with food and also my behaviours and motivation and how that can connect to my spiritual longings.

Learn more about Mental Wellness/health and organizations in which to be more involved.

I would like to dive deeper into my spirituality. I am coming to realize that there is some divine power or being. I don’t know if I would prescribe to the idea of a God or to the confines of a religion. But I do believe that there is something bigger than us; I’m just not quite sure yet what that is and how that would relate to my life.

Some new, awesome philosophy that includes mind and body health.

A return to music,art and theatre and travel

I would like to renew my spiritual connections. I have been engaged in mindless tarot recently, but I'd like to perhaps return to church in some way. I just wish I enjoyed the churches here in Texas more. Most of the religious scene is tied to socialization rather than spirituality, and that's not really what I want. Happy party churches that make you feel good.

ClimateHealers.com asserts that shutting down factory farming and reforesting those agricultural areas will make the biggest difference in halting global warming and healing the planet. Glen Merzer recently published a book called Food is Climate to spread that information.

I want to investigate a virtual Shul suggested in the Jewish exodus projet...something that is not woke. From their counting the omer for White privilege to reparations as a topic on YK..to people saying they are embarrassed of Israel, I often feel very out of place at my Shul in that I am NOT a liberal.

Lectures on repentance by Rav Lichtenshtein

I want to learn as much Torah as I can.

Again with the writing...

Yes. I want to investigate an indigenous teaching/path this next year, including plant medicines, and I want to investigate more writing as well.

How mindfulness can help deal with upset and how it can be integrated into selling

I want to bring live storytelling to CB. Did an event in Sioux City and made some connections that I think might make this possible. Continuing to attend dance classes and getting back into that just for flexibility and strength

Not particularly. There are many that I'm interested in, but I'm swamped with life. I'm treading water.

I'd like to engage with Citizen's Climate Lobby more, particularly their trainings around communication and disagreement.

I think I would like to explore the idea of a gratitude practice more and potentially engage in a gratitude practice. To be honest, I do not really know what that is, so when I am done typing this, I am going to do a little cursory research to get me closer to achieving what I am setting out to do in this answer.

In terms of the piano, I’m mad about a few of Scarlatti’s Sonatas, and if my hands cooperate, I hope to learn them. I want to reread The Overstory and continue to learn about the collective resonance,communal knowledge and communication between all living organisms.

I'm all in on being a communications trainer.

I want to look into prison chaplaincy as a career move and adoption as a future "change my entire life" move.

I am drawn again to running for office. Local to start. After the past Texas legislative session, where so many rights were curtailed, I'd like to try to make a difference. Another idea is getting the fuck out of this godforsaken state. I truly hate it here.

Internally, I'd like to continue exploring self-confidence. It is something I began to unlock last year after 37 years of existence, and I want to continue being mindful and engaging of this newly-found energy. Externally I want to continue exploring my awareness of others and particularly of the engrained biases we hold based on both controlled and subconscious experiences.

I need to rediscover who I am and how I am to serve God. I am still lost in who I use to be as my husband's wife. I loved being his wife. I need to sort through what is still going to be me moving forward, and what part of that identity it's ok to leave in my past.

Drawing and painting and sculpting and mixed media. I want to create.

I want to look more into ideas of mainstream feminity and the place for diverse feminity

I hope to explore my partner's body more and figure out what makes her tick (in a good way).

Judaism and Refugees

I would like to understand more fully the role that anger plays in my life and in the world in general. I have often been able to intellectualize my way into avoiding this experience, and it often lurks on the sidelines, waiting to emerge at any opportunity.

I want to investigate writing, especially nonfiction. I would like to begin writing the book I’ve been imagining as a dissertation. I want to figure out how to do the necessary research, how to structure such a book, and then I would like to see if I can write it. Then I’ll learn about how to find a publisher and all of those pieces. But I expect for this year, the writing is as far as I might get.

Nothing particularly comes to mind. I tend to see a bit of information and if it interests me, delve into it more deeply.

Last year I said I wanted to investigate dating and I did it big time. That said, I did not formulate any serious relationships or fall in love. In fact I just "broke up" one LD, semi-relationship yesterday that had gone on for over a year. Even in that year, the situationship DST never blossomed. So re this year's Q8, I'm going to take the next step in my poly evolution: 1) take a better look at my veil and the "I don't really want to get close" signals I put out... in dating and all connections; and 2) only agree to date people who have good relationship stats for me (my approach was scattershot last year). But wait, there's more! I also want to explore the history of infectious disease and pandemic-related health policy deeper in my work. It's nice I got the medical marijuana grant, but that subject matter is not a deep passion for me. HIV got me excited 30 years ago and drew me into public health. I'm still turned on by contagion.

Honestly, I don't know. I don't have the energy to really think that far and deep. Trying to do more than just survive seems a luxury most days. That being said, I'm attending the learning sessions provided by the Tri-Faith Initiative. Attending via Zoom has allowed me to spend minimal energy on learning more, as I don't need to expend physical energy to attend anything in person. My spoons are limited, and this is an important way I can conserve what spoons I do have.

I want to go where I am led and learn what I am meant to learn. However, related to what I wrote last year, I am continuing to collaborate with playwriting and producing virtual theater with the aim to be inclusive of those with disabilities and to amplify marginalized voices. To that end, I am continuing to learn about accessibility and related issues.

I've gotten interested in Reconstruction, so I may spend a little more time with that period of American history. I want to walk around my neighborhood a lot more & feel part of where I have lived for so many years without knowing nearly enough about its past, denizens, architecture, etc.

Honestly, nothing comes to mind immediately, which worries me as someone who considers herself to be a lifelong learner. I want to investigate New York more. I'm lucky to live in what is unequivocally the greatest place in the entire world, and after a long time dormant it's (slowly, hesitantly) starting to burst with life again. There are so many stones to overturn and hidden passageways to go through, I could investigate something new everyday and never get bored.

Not really. I just want to get through the coming year, as my sister and I navigate out elderly mother's shifting condition and tensions rise as the 2022 elections approach.

Not really a specific something. I would like to take some time to find something that I am truly passionate about. My job is not as fulfilling as I once found it to be.

I want to continue to explore what Judaism means to me, as a way of exploring what religion can mean to me. I want to explore what life as a Jew will look like for me, and what my relationship with God will become.

I want to explore so many things: extreme empathy, nonviolent communication, how to better foster community and connection, the potential of mushrooms in medecine and art and construction. I'm into humanity, growth, and the interconnections of life. All. of. it!

I would like to investigate myself and my relationship more. I’ve let these two very important people become bottom of the list.

Wearing a kippah. I thought maybe I wanted to fully cover my hair, connect with femininity and modesty. It took a moving prayer to feel ready to accept a kippah could be just as meaningful and feminine. I hope to explore this form of physically and spiritually connecting.

I want to investigate the idea of becoming a part-time realtor after I earn my California real estate salesperson license.

I’ve really learned a lot this past year about rest as well as continued to strive to learn more about disability justice and the experiences of BIPOC people. I would like to continue learning more about these topics and experiences.

My faith and what I can do or say or pass along to be a disciple and spread the word of God.

Birding. Climate change/resiliency planning.

Running my own business

I would like to know what it will take for this pandemic to be in the past. Too many people are dying, etc. and enough is enough. Get VACCINATED PEOPLE!!!

Building a public-facing professional reputation. Aka self-branding, self-marketing.

My spouse and I are looking to create a book for people with DID and the people who love them/care for them. There was so little research we we able to do when I was diagnosed, especially in regards to partners and integration. So we felt the responsibility for making that happen!

I want to figure out how to become more engaged in the community. Last year I served as an election judge, and I would like to continue to support voting rights and also work on childhood food insecurity.

I want to investigate being a host -- to either families visiting the hospital, or refugees.  

Yes, I want to continue to talk to happily retired people to find out how they spend their time.

I think it would be fun to look more into my family history.

Being a research lab assistant in micro.

No because I’m too tired 🤦🏽‍♀️😬

Execute MBA

I still want to make my boyfriend happier, even though he seems to be permanently wrapped around a bottle. I want to be more creative and have a tidy home and workspace.

I hope to find my way back to Talmud study. Also, I hope to dive deeper into art making.

I want to understand my role as an individual and part of a collective in combating climate change.

Properly focus on my friends and binding our lives together even more

Same as last year - ME 🌻


I want to start getting into music production a lot more than I have, I've always loved music and I think this will help me relax more.

I want to study the cause of procrastination. I would like to do this as a project, and I have fell victim to this more then I'd like to say. Or maybe, I'll do it tomorrow!

After a year and a half of the Covid Pandemic, I wonder how it really works... why do some people die and others do not. I want to understand the biological relationship between the immune system and health and the spiritual connection as well.


I am recommitting to reading at least 2 science books for not-scientists that will make me feel so incredibly small in space and time of the universe.

Me! I want to investigate me! I want to know me better and invest in my own happiness. I deserve that!

I want to learn more about positive leadership, and horizontal workspaces, so that I can avoid being an oppressive boss at my workplace.

Joan Kaufman and Diane Tiferet Lakein.

As an African-American, I would like to visit the counties, that my ancestors were listed as living. I would like to see the county records, and if they were enslaved...who owned them.

Judaism and programming

I am nothing if not consistent: still wanting for a queer community. At the same time, the pang is not as strong as previous years. Maybe that's time wearing me down, or maybe it's comfort in the social groups (aka my neighbors) which have grown this past year. More than this, being intentional about growing a diverse group in my life feels more significant to me. Additionally, I'm hoping to donate financially to organizations I believe in this year.

I love Bach’s music, but know very little about his life, so I would like to read a biography to learn more about the man behind the music.


The US Constitution

I would like to investigate myself fully this year and figure out who I really am and what I really like.

The idea of self-consciousness or conscious awareness, of being "in" the moment, being grateful for the moment. Far too often, I find at the end of a day that I have gone through the motions but I have not really lived my best life. Especially in covid conditions, working from home, not being out in society. Hours can pass where I'm not even sure what I accomplished, if anything. An example I found, the four practices for raising your consciousness: 1. Awaken. Become more aware of what is going on inside you, inside others and in the world around you. 2. Live mindfully. Consciously pay attention to your thoughts and feelings. 3. Set intention. Choose who you want to be and how you want to show up in the world. 4. Act consciously. Have a positive impact; be the best for the world rather than the best in the world.

The history of my neighborhood and the stories of the people that where born here, lived and worked here. And make a film documentary about it.

It’s ongoing really, but I am assessing all aspects of my professional life to determine what is still viable, what has potential, and what is no longer useful. In the early stages of my career twilight, it’s important to narrow my focus and to let go of that which is no longer fulfilling.

methods of stress reduction, particularly as it relates to my experience as an Autistic person

Yes, working for suicide prevention

Same as last year, I want to spend time on myself. I've been in the service of others for such a long time.