Is there something that you wish you had done differently this past year? Alternatively, is there something you're especially proud of from this past year?

I feel proud that I wrote my first "simple" sermon right from my gut, called "Braiding the Blues," talking about how to get through a day when everything is awful and it doesn't seem like anything we do makes us feel better or helps the world at all. It was short, I was so weak and unfocused I could barely write it, the concept was simple (inspired by Rabbi Hillel — do one thing for yourself, one thing for another person, and one thing for the world, if that's all you can do, and call it a day). It came from my true experience. It was a good conversation starter for people. Folks were moved and braided their own braids from their homes via Zoom. I felt proud I could help write and think through Jan 6 with the faith community I was serving. They helped me through it and I gave them space to think and talk about it, though my anxiety was spiking and my energy was at an all-time low. I felt incredibly lucky to be invited into Julia's CBCT course. I didn't know that I needed to extend compassion to myself at all, that extending that compassion would put me back in a place where I could meditate and put my feet on the ground. <3

I’m proud of how I’ve managed to stay relatively sane during this pandemic, and maintain a good relationship with my fiancé.

I wish I had been able to take more of an advantage of the non-social time. I still was working so I didn't get the same kind of down time as others. I know during that time there were other stressors and issues that wore us all down. We all felt it, but some didn't just deal with it, they used it as an excuse to excel. I wish I had done a bit more excelling. I am pretty proud of the weight I lost. The time I did spend doing self care. The way I did handle the situation in a positive non panicked way. I was able to stay rational and calm when the rest of the world seems to have lost its mind. It's pretty funny when staying rational and calm is a major accomplishment. But this was a weird year.

I'm especially proud of seizing a full hour (as opposed to the suggested 10-30 minutes!!) for the presentation portion of my dissertation defense and for saying everything I wanted to say, including what I was most afraid to say. Asking Dan-el Padilla Peralta to be one of my readers was one of the shrewdest things I did in terms of demonstrating the scholarly validity of my explicitly personal and political approach.

No. If I could have been less depressed, less anxious, less rebellious, I would have done so. I am getting better at talking with people to see if they are a fit for my whole life transformation business. I'm better at the tea game. I'm better at getting out of my wallow. I wish I was stronger and didn't wait for someone to heal and do their part to save me/us. Since writing this, I prioritized the experiences of Summer. Spent three days x 5 hours a day at the beach. Caught the biggest fish of my life. Such a rush. Showed my kids we can release to let grow since we weren't prepared to eat it. Used what was available as bait like the humuhumuhiuole someone speared and left on the beach. Fed the eels. Caught sand crabs. Created memories

I wish I hadn’t trusted people as much as I did and let them walk all over me, but I am especially proud that I have continued to push for mental health support even though I keep being let down

I’m proud of continuing to facilitate the ongoing Sacred Ground discussion for my group, despite cancer treatment.

I wish I had used some of my time while stuck at home during the pandemic more productively in terms of honing my passions for writing and music. But I am especially proud of changing the way I eat and cook and committing to losing weight an adopting a more healthy lifestyle.

Same as last year. My daughter really let me know how she felt unable to come to me about her problems. Definitely not proud of that. She had a new friend group this past summer who she spent all of her time with.

I wish I'd been easier on myself. I wish I'd taken a medical leave when I was encouraged to. I'm proud of getting through an incredibly difficult year. I'm proud of always trying, even when I could try more often to be gentler with myself.

I wish I had structured my daily routines better this year. I found myself really needing that stability and unable to find it at home, especially with the added chaos of Macy and Theo's tenuous relationship. In 5782 I would like to get into a better daily/weekly/monthly practice that sets me up for wellness and happiness. I am proud nonetheless of all that I accomplished even without a beneficial daily structure: the multiple panels I spoke on and talks I gave, the class I taught, the book chapter I wrote, the leadership fellowiship I completed, and the friends I made through it all. I am especially proud of how much I have grown in my communication skills this past year (despite losing plasticity in my brain from social isolation--that part has been way too real). Theo and I have gotten some intense practice with understanding each other this year, and despite the challenges I think we really have come through as stronger and more effective communicators.

I'm really proud that I quit my job! I prepped for it for a while, once I started actively dreading going to work and having bad dreams about work. I gave them an entire month's notice, and they didn't do anything with it besides saying I should stay without ever incentivizing me to do so. I was giddy to leave. It felt so good. I'm starting to become content with my post-quitting situation. Once I settle more into both of my jobs, I'll feel better. I wish I had started doing more official freelance editing stuff earlier in the year, but that's okay, it's not too late. I'm also really proud that I started volunteering. I spend almost 3 hours a week with really lovely people and helping an organization provide free stuff to people who need it. I really like it there.

I wish I had gone back to school over the pandemic. I could have worked from home for a year and gone to school online and at least made it a year into my masters degree. I'm most proud of learning to cook and experimenting with so many new recipes; sourdough bread, tons of Instant Pot dishes, muffins of all kids, etc etc. Now I'm eating healthier and learning to cook lower calorie, lower fat and that's another food journey.

I could have taken more time to zone out and be in nature, listening to nature and to myself. I'd have thought about getting myself checked for covid or being transparent with the risk before going to my therapy studies putting my friends at risk. I'm incredibly proud of my perseverance and my faith through the pandemic.

This year, I wish I had been more gentle in my marriage. This relationship is so central to my wellbeing and it deserves thoughtfulness. I am proud that we have both shown commitment to improving our marriage.

I wish I'd handled post partum depression differently and better. I wish I'd appreciated more the contributions that my spouse was making.

I wish I started therapy earlier. I feel like I'm finally working through things that have been issues forever.

I wish I had overcome my shyness. procrastination, and depression to call or write a note to those who live alone as I wish others had done for me.

Something different? We're still living in a semi-lockdown due to this pandemic, so there really isn't a lot I/we could've done differently. I'm happy that I was able to get the 3rd shot when it was approved for the vulnerable pop. That alone adds another layer of safety for me. I guess if we had a do-over, we would've sent our daughter back to in-person school. We discovered that she is not a remote learner & 1/2 way through the year, it was getting harder & harder for her to stay positive, connected & continue learning.

I wish I would have stopped caring about what others thought of my actions before, but I'm proud that I'm doing it now. I'm proud that I'm putting myself first now. I'm also proud of all the self-development exercises I've done and how far along I've come. I'm also proud that I took my writing seriously for once.

This was a year where I rested from work and it was a very unusual feeling. I worked very hard to get strong and healthy so I could enjoy the outdoors again. I am proud of myself. I prioritized my future.

I wish I would have saved more money.

Speed to health continues to challenge me. I'm finding new team members, some old ones, but in general, removing what doesn't serve comes easier than adding what helps.

I wish I spent more time increasing my physical health and strength. I'm very proud of how well I took care of my mental health.

I don't have any large things that I wish I had done differently. I am proud of jumping into the Summer Romance that I had. It freed me up to feel, to be and to care about someone without any restrictions. I could do that because I trusted the person to desire to continue; but not to expect it. Trust was the key. I am also proud that we continue with a connection; yet I am focused on my own priorities right now.

I'm trying to think if there was anything that I was in control of that I should've changed...nothing is ringing a bell yet. That's not to say that I didn't make any mistakes at all, I definitely did. But, that leads me to my next response: I am extremely proud of my decision making and growth this past year, really these past several years of growth. I seem to be learning from my past mistakes and from the mistakes of others too. I am proud of my deep empathy and compassion for the people around me, even though I might not always agree with them. I am proud of how I handle tougher situations and how I communicate openly with people and truly have only good intentions. Ah, wait, here it is, I remembered something that I wish I had done differently - I need to stop overthinking, or maybe just tone it down a few notches. It doesn't help the situation at hand and only makes me more stressed and more anxious about everything. It is something I've always naturally done, I think, but it really isn't helping me, so I think it's time to try to let go of that habit and re-learn how to submit to the universe sometimes and let the energy of the cosmos do its thing, cause it will continue to do that and the more I put good energies into the universe the more I will receive them back - plus, as I said: overthinking solves nothing. Back to what I was saying tho....I am really proud of my emotional and intellectual maturity. My rare ability to deeply empathize with people and connect with others, even those that are very different than me. I'm proud of my patience. And I'm proud of the voice of reason in my head that blinks and let's me know something I was thinking might not necessarily be the most rational, I'm proud of that inner voice that grounds me. I am slowly listening more and more to her and she is wise.

I was very disappointed when I got my answers this year because I thought I had not accomplished much of anything I set out to do from last year. Thankfully my husband sweetly smacked me upside the head and pointed out all the things we did and I did. I realized that I had been quite busy and perhaps some of my expectations were a bit too much for the goals I set. But, this is rather normal for me, I have a tendency to set the bar just out of reach or so high that it exhausts me and then I convince myself I have failed because I didn't do everything and exceed. If only I didn't have to sleep maybe I would get more done! I have to say, that I must be happy when I do think of the things I have managed to get accomplished and possibly I should reassess my goal making and stop being so hard on myself. I am sure I will over goal set anyway to some degree, its been a life long thing.

I wish I had gotten along with Amy better. I worked hard at it but my efforts just get beaten down sometimes. I have a hard time overcoming my hurt feelings when I feel repeatedly dismissed and pushed away. It's just hard. I am disappointed in my relations with Meg, my daughter-in-law. She is critical and I have not handled her seriousness and criticism well. I feel wary of her and would like not to. I guess I feel proud of winning a full ride to the BPO poker tournament in Vegas this October by winning a ~700 person online tournament. I feel proud of teaching my swimmers in Fit Swim to swim better. I feel proud of getting the Y to build a bigger building with more pool and gym space by questioning their plans for a smaller facility and by promising them $1,000,000 if they were to do so. This spurred a fundraising initiative that looks like it will raise the $7MM total needed. I am proud of getting my HR up to 173 on Jay's stationary bike. I'm proud of my garden growing lots of kale, S chard and tomatoes. I feel proud of designing the curved brick edge along the flower bed on the R side of our back yard, getting out the weeds, mixing in peat moss and growing lovely flowers for Jessie and Nick's wedding. I am proud of my kids. I am proud of getting exercise regularly though it has been an increase struggle of will this year.

Spent my unemployment money more wisely and saved some as well. Navigating my time at home and being more intentional with my rituals and meditations.

I wish I would have made believed in myself a bit more.. Fortunately I have so many supportive people around me that it hasn't affected my life negatively. I think that's one of the things I'm proud of. Being surrounded by people who really want to see me succeed and even when I'm doubting myself they're like... ma'am.. you know you always understand the assignment. Why you playing? One thing I'm super proud of is the fact that I have made soooo much progress unlearning negative, toxic behaviours that are unbecoming of the person I'm growing into. I'm working on emotional regulation, setting healthy boundaries and communicating efficiently and respectfully.

I wish I hadn't engaged in some lost causes. I wish I hadn't spent that month in SF. The resulting meltdown in June was too much of a... valuable learning experience to truly regret, but I do wish it had been a little less destructive, a little shorter, a little cheaper. THAT SAID, if I *hadn't* dug myself that hole and painfully crawled my way back out, who knows what my mental state would be right now; I could have had a change of heart about relocating again, I could have just delayed the inevitable and, worst case, had a painful meltdown *here*. I feel that miasma of regret, but I cannot in good conscience sign off on it. I think that just like last year, I absolutely did my best under unprecedented and horrific circumstances and... as long as it was indeed my sincere best effort, I have no choice but to congratulate myself; to allow myself a modicum of pride for how far I've come. The past decade of answers almost all express the same desire for A Change, for Some Actually Pretty Damn Specific Changes, and now here I am, Irrevocably Changed. The circumstantial damage is quite severe, but so is the healing and the inertia is ongoing and so many little boxes marooned in an endless famine of basic execution are now blissfully checked off and highlighted and noted in all the relevant ledgers.

I wish I had left social media earlier than I did. It did not connect me as much as I thought it did. At the same time, I wish I wrote more letters to people. I feel like that would have connected me more.

I am very proud of myself for dating again this year. Although very trying, I’m glad that I put myself out there and have met a few people and got my feet wet again. I’ve gained more experience, and I’m getting closer and closer to what and who I want. I wish I would’ve traveled more, but I think that will happen next year.

OK, well I don't have a lot of regrets it seems. Maybe I should have journaled a bit more or been a bit more creative in my time off? However, I think spending my time - really dedicating it - to learning French and picking up my guitar again, was worth it. Did I do everything I wanted to do? No! Did I learn a lot and work super hard? Yes! Did I learn that I still hold a routine when left to my own devices? Yes! If anything, this sort of flung me further into the idea of further study and research- perhaps a PhD. That, plus feeling like I'll never have any standing in theory without this - something that seems to come in the undergraduate or even high school level in other places of the world, we don't even have access to because it's not "job specific" or whatever. Anyway, I learned a bit about being more global while being in "confinement" (french accented here). I have my French tutor in Uganda, my language partner in Benin, my WhatsApp texting partner in Algeria, my YouTube crush I Telegram with sometimes in Geneva (what are these words), and many many many hopes to see some of them in person one day. If nothing else, they have taught me so much about being French and Francophone and (for some) African and how could I be anything less than proud of following this through in 2021?! Now, to get to a C1 level. 2022, here we come.

I wish I hadn't procrastinated photographing my big pregnant belly. I wish I had gone and said goodbye to Ellens body (I had the time, but not the energy to drive up there by myself - and only after it was too late, I found out my dad could've taken me).

Hmm, I both feel like I should be job searching more seriously right now and could've done more to keep my previous job, but also I'm proud of slowing down sometimes and not getting caught up in what I feel like I "should" be doing.

I wish I had seen my breakdown coming and avoided it or softened it. I guess that was impossible since I crashed because I wasn't connected to my feelings, either the emotional or physical ones. That was how I survived my childhood and not feeling deeply became my default position all my life. Back in January, when the Elders applied pressure in just the right way, my armor shattered. For the first time in my life I was able to access the feelings I never had with my memories. This led to more memories coming up and me seeing the people and events in my life from a whole new perspective. The good news is I was able to stand still and feel the pain. As a result I grew a lot in a short period of time. I stopped freezing and hiding and have been able to understand my past and change my reactions to events in my present life. I'm very proud of myself for standing up for myself and stopping people from pushing me to move in the directions they want me to go in. Instead, I've been able to confront others and say yes or no to the things they want me to do. I started asking myself, "Is this a healthy action to take?" and then I moved to, "Will doing this make me happy?" It began with me being able to tell Deb and Monica, "I'm not done," when they both insisted that I had to move on from my experiences with Jim. I'm now able to say either, "That's not what I want to do," or "This is what I want to do," without shame or guilt. This is a huge step that began when I remembered running away from acting classes when Judy Kerr told me, "You don't have enough colors in your palette." I felt ashamed of being so lacking and I ran away never to return to acting, which I'd loved. A couple of weeks ago I remembered that and suddenly realized that if something like that happened today I would take a deep breath and say, "Okay but can you help me gain more colors?" and I would have worked hard to grow as an actor. I believe a major part of this is no longer fearing failure as I used to. Everyone fails and failing just means I need to learn something new.

I'm proud of the accomplishments at work. Proud of the ways I have been a good friend, but I can always be better.

Proud of maintaining weight loss this year. I'm about 40 pounds down from 18 months ago. 2020 I did a great job at losing weight - hit 49 pounds (around 261), but it has crept up over 270, and I've now got it to around 270. That is 40 pounds from where I started in 2020, and 60 pounds from my alltime high. It was a combination of things - biking a lot, watching my portion sizes, starting a new injectable medication for diabetes which helped regulate my body's reaction to food to be more like a person without diabetes. I've been very proud of myself, and grateful. My A1c has dropped to a very good level.

I wish that I had improved my focus and my ability to work before the deadline is looming - it's been very stressful handing in academic work. I am quite proud of myself for doing some of it earlier. I also am proud for being offered two jobs in two days!

I wish I had managed to have Mum at home to die. I am proud at how well I have coped.

Not sure about doing things differently this past year. Maybe trying to focus more on a few things instead of trying to do too many things. Yes, I am proud of exercising regularly, trying to improve my Brain function, with the Brain project out of Austin TX. Traveling to Iceland alone. Evolving spiritually and even dating a few times.

I am proud of making my crocheted items for my e-shop. It started as a way to help with our finances, but I ran across my old notes from when I first learned to crochet and remembered that I had a whole business envisioned. Once forgotten, now I am finally making that vision a reality, and it's a wonderful feeling of accomplishment.

I am proud of the changes I have made. Moving out, navigating insurance, starting a new job. I have made a lot of changes and thrived in doing so.

Built that bridge. Other than that, I'm pretty proud of what we accomplished and what we learned this year. Next year is going to be amazing.

I wish I had done more documenting of our lives during the last year. I like to call myself a writer and a photographer but what have I been writing and photographing? Absolutely nothing. I know a great deal of that has to do with anxiety and depression and overwhelm but the truth is I just couldn’t make myself do it. I really want to change that this year. I was going good for a week or two earlier this month and then I got tired again. I suspect that the pressure of writing in the morning is too great for me right now and that I’m going to have to transition to writing in the evenings. And I’m going to have to focus on using my phone as my camera because after all, it is the camera that I will have with me. As for what I’m proud of…the work done on our house? Even though we haven’t done it & we’ve had it done. It’s been a commitment. There is still much to be done, and I’m glad we are in this journey. When we finally do get done, we are going to have a home to be proud of.

I still working on persevering on the path that I choose. To not easily give up, to be more patient, especially regarding my growth or long process to gain/achieve something. I am happy that I still have the courage to try again and keep going. I still find much resistance when I try to do things I should do to achieve what I wish for. But now I feel more at peace with it, and not using it to question whether the path I choose is really something I want. I still have the idea that if you like something you won't get tired of it. But realizing that it's not realistic, and then trying to make peace with the boredom, tiredness, laziness that surround what I think I like make me feel less guilty to persevere on the path I chose.

I wish I had taken more trips even if it meant traveling alone. I missed the ability to travel so much over the last 18+ months and I didn’t go as many places as I would have liked because I didn’t have people willing to travel with me. I’m proud of finishing my MBA this year. It was hard and I struggled and thrived and everything in between and now I’m done and I’m so fucking proud.

I wish I had made more progress on cleaning my parents' apartment (where I live), but I am proud of the progress I did make on it this year with Yukti. Since I hired her, she has come over 15 times! (That's at least 50 hours.) I wish I had been more persistent in following up connections of dating sites. I'm proud of my regular walks and taking all the vitamins I'm supposed to take to help my long-COVID recovery, but I wish I would be more consistent. I'm proud of doing my job! I'm proud of maintaining my friendships and connections over zoom, text, DM, and in person.

I'm not so sure. I think I could have been a lot more proactive about my career and learning new skills while in lockdown and having so much spare time as a result of COVID.

I’m proud that I’ve continued and built on my exercise routine. This is mainly in part to having the peloton but it’s really pushed me to do things outside of my comfort zone. Climbing Haleakala (virtually) after training for weeks has got to be up there as an odd but great goal to have achieved.

I wish I'd started my job search sooner and dedicated more time to it sooner, and I also wish I'd dedicated more time to taking to continuing education classes. However, I guess I'm proud of myself for starting and sticking with therapy (even though these days I'm questioning its value for me and how long I want to stick with it). I'm also proud of myself for starting a really consistent almost daily yoga practice.

I answered this question for the previous question but in terms of something that I am proud of is that I am proud of my ability to persevere in hard times and also for getting good grades in all of my classes (for the most part). I also wish that I had handled the IA internship situation better overall

I regret not taking advantage of my time at home to take better care of myself: sleep schedule, exercise, healthy eating. I know I was in crisis and struggling with depression and anxiety that I didn't get fully under control until fixing my meds in the late winter. So I forgive myself. But it is a regret. Such a missed opportunity.

I've been decluttering regularly! Started on my own, lost my inspiration so I got professional help. I have a clear vision of what I want and I'm not afraid to get rid of things. Actually I'm quite eager. Today I figured out my plan to redo my house - finally moving to the master bedroom and putting my hammock throne in my current room. So excited! Must admit that sometimes i feel like decluttering will take years but hopefully by the end of this year. Just gotta keep at it :)

I struggled a lot with routines, as I constantly do. Even after being vaccinated and thinking I would return to "life as before," I didn't quite do that. For example, I haven't been downtown a lot, still. It feels different, it feels weird, and I almost crave for that old routine. Perhaps in the next year--and as the children start to get vaccinated in the coming months--those routines will re-emerge, but in better form.

Yes-I feel as I did last year, that I wish I had done "more" during this COVID-19 shelter in place. But I'm also pleased that we were able to travel and that I was able to stay connected to my family and friends.

I don't really have a lot of things to be proud of. i'm ashamed of not trying more, but i've spent a lot of time paralyzed by anxiety. I recently got my citizenship so that's a great feeling. i really enjoyed. that. I'm hoping to be less paralyzed by anxiety next year or just from here on out so we'll see how that works.

No, I think I did the best I could to respond to all that was going on in my personal and professional life. I'm very proud of a positive pregnancy, giving birth, and of the type of mom I'm becoming. I am also proud of how I've contributed at work even during some really challenging circumstances.

I wish I had handled money better but I think that is a permanent issue. I am doing better than in past years, but can't seem to get to a comfortable position.

In the last year, my ex-husband has become more impaired, and my sons have been more upset by his decline and how much care they must offer to maintain him. I became more involved than I really had wanted to be in this situation. I think that I must feel guilty that this is all on my sons, and my involvement belies that I want to help/lessen their burden. I also have experience with caring for parents who are declining in their independence. I hope that in the future, I can emotionally set better boundaries between myself and the awful situation in which my ex-husband and his sons find themselves. This includes not asking about my ex-husband's current status, deflecting questions from others about him, and truly believing that I can be empathic to him as a person who is suffering without becoming emotionally engaged in the details.

I kinda wish I’d been more in tune with myself but on the other hand I’m just proud of getting thorugh a whole year of corona and uni.

I wish I had been more open to making connections with people. Too often I dismissed possible friendships based on our shared connection to an organization in which I no longer believe.

I guess there's always an element of hindsight in a question like this and, knowing what I know now, having lived through this last year and a half, there are definitely things I would have done differently at work. But I'm trying not to beat myself up about that and just use those learnings to inform what I'm going to do next. I'm proud that I have more or less kept up my exercise regime. I took up pilates a few months ago and I have exercised pretty consistently throughout the pandemic probably on average around 4-5 times a week. I'm also proud of myself for overcoming my slight fear and anxiety of going back to work, and standing my ground about how often I will physically be in work. I feel like I'm growing into my role a bit more, and that feels pretty good too. And finally - on our holiday to Wales this year we walked up (most of) Cader Idris, which we'd tried to do a few years before and had to give up because it was too late and we were poorly prepared. I felt guilty about it because I was the one who said we should stop, even though Chris later admitted that it was the right thing to have done. I was really worried I wouldn't be fit enough to do it but I managed it!

There is always more that I wish I could/would have done. If I ever reach the point where I don't, it will be a sign of a lack of reflection and growth. I have met with several religious and communal leaders about the rise of drugs, alcohol, anxiety and related issues and how teens and young adults are not being as honest with their parents and the adults in their lives as I think they should and how they do not view Judaism as relevant. To me if these issues are not addressed it will lead to major issues that will adversely impact the community at large and I will need to push harder and do more to bring up these key issues and have them actually addressed.

I am most proud of keeping my cool and maintaining a high degree of emotional stability in what was a very unstable year on so many different fronts (career, family, friends, health). I consistently did not panic, and made good choices and adhered to them.

I wish I'd sought a change in my dermatologist before my cancer progressed to such a degree that I needed major surgery. I'm proud that I made the decision to change doctors and did the surgery to remove the cancer growing on my scalp.

I wish I'd stuck with an exercise routine, taken charge of my life sooner, and made some financial changes. I'm proud of the way I changed my life, handled redundancy, reached out for support, studied courses and kept walking, tried running, supported friends, and kept checking in with Mum and Dad.

I'm proud of how much I learned with Adas Israel, Hadar, JTS and Hartman this year on top of dealing with pandemic, disability and poverty . It wasn't easy, but it was worth the effort. I'm also proud of my accomplishment in teaching the Torah Chevre for the past year without a chavruta, either physical or in the voice of a classic commentator (Rashi, Ibn Ezra)

I am proud of giving in to my depression. I've spent my adult life mending the wall that has kept me "safe" but I just didn't have the energy for it anymore. I couldn't muster up any enthusiasm for social activities, I didn't want to do my usual hobbies - mostly I numbed out, and then I gave in. I cried, I slept, and I reached out for help. I am getting the help I need now with a new PCP and a new dosage of an anti-depressant. I have hope for the first time in years that I won't have to live like this forever.

I'm very proud of the healing I've done this year - both physically and emotionally. I am a bad-ass.

We were talking about how it makes us feel a bit cringey to talk about being proud. Because there's the mortal sin part about pride. But there's arrogant pride, seeing oneself as separate and superior, and then there's personal pride in being the best version of yourself you can be. This idea of personal victory. That's the healthy version of pride. And I don't let myself have access to that when I criticize any proudness I might feel in myself, when I shut it down as egoic and antispiritual. Not good. Because I can't put being good, the way someone has laid out what good is, before being honest with myself. That is to reject discernment. Blind obedience to a dogma. I am proud actually of so many things, when I allow myself to say so. The things I said yes to that were hard. The things I said no to that were maybe even more hard. The things I stood up for, the things I apologized for. How I'm learning to manage money in a healthy way. A more honest relationship with money.

I wish I had spent more time learning something, creating something, working on something. I don’t feel like I’ve used the past year+ wisely. But I’ve been able to keep myself balanced and happy through this crazy time, so that’s something.

I wish I had been more diligent in becoming fitter. Lost 50 lbs during 2020 but gained 20 back in no time. It’s been a real struggle to find time and/or energy and motivation to exercise or practice yoga. That likely will not change as I’m still working two jobs. I cannot really think of anything I could particularly proud of. One day melts into the next. Work two shifts. Meal prep and sleep when I can.

I let go of people (Krista) places (my old apartment) and things (like memories of being raped by a man at age 15) that no longer serve me.

There are so many things I'm proud of in this past year it's really hard to know where to start! I hope things continue this way.

Considering the range of wild circumstances that I faced last year, I don't think there is much that I could have done better. The only thing that comes to mind would be working a bit harder to prioritize exercise even with the accessibility issues that I have been facing. I am proud to say that in the last year I have become very comfortable with my queer identity! I came out to my parents and have been living "Out" with the exception of my workplace.

I wish I had tackled all the paper in my office. And I wanted to get rid of more clutter. I needed to exercise more.

It's been a source of regret that I wasn't making more art in the months of isolation. Many people I've spoken to also confide that their creative output effectively stalled under lockdown. But commiseration doesn't make me regret it less. It has given me a deeper appreciation for how essential human interaction is to sparking creative flow. Also the role of experience: simply having a variety of experiences, whether those are sights and sounds, environments, conversations, and so on—all things which have been severely curtailed in the past 18 months—I now appreciate how vital these are to creative efforts.

I wish I worked out more. I wish I tried to figure out how to find a therapist. I wish I didn't get so angry. I wish I didn't feel so disconnected from the Jewish community still. I am proud that I was able to find a job - even if it's not my ideal job. I have a paycheck, that isn't half bad and because of that we were able to buy a home and move. I am proud of a side job I was also able to find - actually using my skills.

What a year to reflect on this question. Some things I did felt like Groundhogs Day. Same mistakes over and over. Same lessons smacking me in the face. I'm proud that I've identified areas in my life I want to develop (goal setting, painting, policy analysis...) and making tiny steps forward. I'm proud of being a loving partner and trying to make the pandemic as livable as possible to my friends/family/community near and far.

My initial instinct was to answer this question with “I wish I had done more”. More side projects, more ideas finished, more work done. And I’m realizing slowly as of late that I’VE DONE SO MUCH. WHY does it never feel like enough? Why do I feel like I always need to do a little bit more. When I described my hobbies recently, a friend asked me if I ever rested. I felt like I’d done SO MUCH resting. But now I’m slowly realizing that I don’t think I have. Maybe I’ve done enough. Maybe I can be proud of my accomplishments without having done EVERYTHING. EVERYTHING isn’t EVERYTHING.

I wish I had reached out more to people I encountered online who seemed like people I would want to connect with. I am very big on internet safety, but there is not such a huge disconnect between what people do on the internet and “real life” anymore. Obviously I should use my judgment, but I need to adjust to this.

R: My thoughts turn to work and specifically to this ICE project. I feel like I did ask for guidelines and jurisdictions. I did not get anything in writing. I wish I had been able to plan it out a little better. I hope I am not going to regret not being more annoying with Sylvia about not getting vaccinated. J: Is it always true that the closer the event seems to now the more likely it is to be included in the answers to 10Q? It surely seems that way to me. What I wish I had done differently in the past year vs what /could/ I have differently.... It all seems enmeshed in the morass that is depression. I am proud that R&I got our acts together to now live together because we get to see each other every day. I am proud of the fact that we made a plan and DID it, especially since it was so highly stressful, as moving normally is.

I am proud of how I, and we, have handled the pandemic. We have managed to reach out, to inspire, and to work with kindness and for justice. It is never enough, and we would also wish for the results to be greater yet, but we have done our best with concern for the suffering of others.

I wish I had spent less time on the computer and phone during the summer. I am proud that we survived online schooling. I didn't have much time to myself without kids around (which was both wonderful and not). I'm proud that I got my first job in 13 years! I'm proud that I was up for the adventure of moving abroad (though it didn't end up happening). I'm proud that I tried something new to help my mental health and I'm maybe functioning better than I ever have. I'm proud of the way we healed and reconnected after conflicts with the oldest child and how I'm committed to improving my parenting and reconsidering some of my boundaries and attitudes.

So, I'm proud that I went through with the competition and got as far as i did. I kind of regret that I couldn't get out of my head and out of the space I was in when I was doing the competition

Focus on me. I'm still overweight, eat poorly and generally am unhappy with myself and my life. It feels so insurmountable, especially now as we are in week 12 or 13 of the long 2021 Sydney lockdown.

I'm especially proud of finishing my first year of Psychology BSc. and of being sober for almost the entire year. And maybe finding some sort of middle ground between being sober and clean. Steady progress in workouts also very satisfying. Beautiful relationship with Otik. Wish I hadn't eaten so much.

“This past year” still feels like “2020” - the big shift. So I’m still wishing I’d allowed myself to not push things so hard; to embrace the slowness it brought, without anxiety. But anxiety was present, so perhaps I wish this (real) past year I had “allowed” it to be here, been a better friend to what it brought. What I’m proud of: pressing on. Just. Pressing. On.

I am really proud of how I am taking action steps to bring things that have been brewing in my being for a while now in reality. I am proud of the work I have done and am doing for launching the pearl works. I am proud to be starting my coaching program and career. It feels like I am stepping into a new phase of growth, learning and fun!

This year has been a masterclass for me in Giving Less Fucks. I have let go of so much of my perfectionism and I am so proud of this. This applies to my work, especially in the ways I hold space and lead spiritual experiences. I plan less and trust more. I no longer try to account for ALL the details-just the ones that are in alignment and feel good for me. The outcomes have been so touchingly positive! My clients and community members still tell me how meaningful the experiences that I facilitate are - maybe even more so now that I am prioritizing presence and the quality of the experience over the details of how to hold every piece in place. And this same philosophy has served me so well in my parenting. I am learning to let go of the impossible expectations put on me as a mother (often self-imposed) and just BE with my kid as much as I can in the moments that I can. Even if that means we eat pizza pockets and canned pineapple for dinner in bed, while watching a movie. (These are our favourite meals, actually.)

took two long-awaited trips to multiple national parks and wish i had insisted more on my preferred timing and scheduling: my husband is a Road Warrior (with spreadsheets) and i am a homebody-snail who favors more spontaneity.

I really wish that I had focused more on the relationships with my family. I feel so distant from them and I am not sure how to repair things. I wish that things were different than they are, that I had the knowledge and wisdom that I have now back when I made decisions that have impacted my life and future. I am proud of the nurse that I have become. I am compassionate and truly care for the well-being of my patients. I pray every day for guidance as I go to work. I pray that what I do truly makes a difference in the lives of those that I care for.

I am proud of being closer to God. I wish I had ben happier.

I am proud of kissing boys I proud of leaning into pleasure I am proud of staying alive

I actually can't think of one thing that I wish I had done differently. I think I've stayed really true to myself and had the right priorities, even in stressful situations (or when I don't hold myself to the high standards I used to - eating animals, Jewish practice, that one B in my last semester of grad school, ugh!). I think this confidence is partially due to my amazing boyfriend. He makes me feel like he has my back even when he is frustrated or disagrees with me, and he always owns up to his mistakes. Life and choices feel different when you aren't around someone who gaslights you anymore! I am not perfect, but he makes me feel like I am a good enough and have made good choices this year.

I am especially proud of being a working mother during a pandemic. It was most difficult at the beginning when we didn’t have day care. When she went back it was a huge relief and much, much easier but it was still difficult. Working from home, dealing with clients and the immigration system (even under Biden) was still so challenging. Navigating all of that plus being in a leadership role and managing people, messaging, keeping morale up, facilitating communication and cohesion in a virtual environment was so hard. I am proud of being able to do that. I wish that I had taken more off of my plate and other peoples plates sooner. I should have slowed down and assessed things earlier and asserted myself as a leader to tell management what is needed. Instead, I think I just pushed through. I really need to slow down more and pause, listen, reflect, examine, before making decisions. And realize that decisions are not just involved when doing things differently but also when you decide to keep things the same. Same thing at home. I wish I slowed down and appreciated all the moments. Even the tough ones. And slowing down makes it more likely that I will know what is needed in every moment. Rather than just responding reactively, impulsively. I think that is a way to make life less exhausting

Yes, I wish I had been more savvy when it came to navigating company politics - I give managers the benefit of the doubt too much, and I'm not selfish enough with my decisions

I wish I got psychiatric care sooner. But I also don't believe in regrets. The timing for me happened when it needed to, and that's important. As far as things I'm proud of, I'm proud that I got help. I'm proud to still be here. I'm proud I stopped smoking weed. I'm proud that I lost weight and am taking care of my body. I'm proud that I got through one of the hardest years of my life (at least career-wise and emotionally). I'm proud I got published in a selective af journal. I have a lot to celebrate.

I wish I had let go of the sadness and worry I have collected. I’ve spent so much time lost in the habit of being heartbroken

Always, but, with a persistence of the 2020 pandemic and racial justice reckoning, I'm finding confidence in my approach: listen 70% of the time, play (I'm a musician, so that means playing an instrument, communicating to other beings, and, well, playing with that cats) 30% of the time.

I am proud to have started my PhD program, to have earned all A's so far, and to have built my business. I am proud to have been better at communicating with other people, though the lack of easy access has made that endeavor a bit problematic.

I'm so proud of the way I admitted needing help with my mental health, and for the way I've been able to be vulnerable with family and friends about my journey with antidepressants. I'm so proud of how I've moved through the ups and downs of the past year.

I feel like I have grown a lot, and did not get overwhelmed in my grief. Instead, I feel the loss and sadness and keep moving forward.

I got through a lot, worked through a lot, learned to fail and bounce back, built an incredible relationship with an amazing woman and realised we could have an amazing life together, with trust and honesty at the heart of our relationship.

There are a lot of things that I wish I have done differently, but I didn’t know how to do them differently. And I’m still working on them. Like being somebody who yells. I’m getting better. I wish I communicated better but I’m working on it, and we’re gonna be working on it for a while. I am especially proud of the fact that I am working hard on those things. Adam is working on himself too. I am proud of myself for making the steps to continuing to try to be better. I couldn’t ask for more than that.

I wish I would’ve really paid attention to what I had and not have taken it for granted. Though I do appreciate that I have been able to fully express myself without worrying about what my family thinks. I also truly appreciate that they know what to expect and don’t call my ideas stupid. I’m actually listened to now.

I am ever so grateful and proud of my ability to hunker down and start a workout routine. I am so happy that I have been able to take control of my eating habits and shed the weight I have been carrying all of my life with very little muscle.

I wished I saved more money. I wish I had more time for myself.

I have some regret that I did not buy a house next to my cousin's when I had the money and it was for sale. On the other hand, I could not have made that decision at that time: I really wanted to build a project, and buying a house would have interfered with that process. Buying a house would have meant that I would not have learnt the lesson that later made me regret not buying the house. Seeing my answer from the year before: the fears that I had did not materialize, but it was close.

I just read my answer from last year. If I hadn't, I probably would have written the same thing again. I really didn't change. Ok, so maybe instead, what am I proud of? As hard as it has been, I am proud of stepping up to help my parents. Sometimes it has been hard on my family, and sometimes I wasn't very cheerful about it, but always I felt that I did my duty. When they needed me, I was there. I was at the hospital, telehealth doctor visits, in-person doctor visits, connecting with the hospice team, grocery store, farmers' market, Zupans, Nordstroms, bakeries, and beyond. I went where they needed me to go. I brought my Dad delicious treats that I made or bought. I balanced their checkbook. And partway through the year I even got to go into the house, so we started having a few meals together, watching a little TV. Sometimes Dad is engaged, sometimes he's not. I have tried to be of service and I proud of myself for knowing that that is what matters to me. I know that we may not have deep, profound conversations, but it matters most to me that I am able to bring him what he enjoys or at the very least things that make him comfortable. I have worked hard to make sure that I don't end up saying I should have done more. I am grateful for the time we've had and for what I have been able to do to support him during this time.

I wish I had been more bold in how I chose to spend my time. I don't regret being gentle with the fearful side of myself, since facing an unprecedented (in my lifetime) pandemic has been a unique challenge. But I spend so much time being afraid that I feel like I've lost the opportunity that time affords, looking back.

I am proud of being the best parent that I can be to my children; of being a good spouse to my partner; and of being a compassionate physician for my patients.

I am especially proud of my involvement in the 2020 elections. Deciding to volunteer and then work with NextGen America for the general election to turn out the youth vote was really meaningful and such a positive experience. Then dedicating my time and energy to the runoff in Georgia to help Jon Ossoff be elected to the Senate was such a fantastic professional and personal experience.

My biggest regret stems from the previous year- failure to assert myself with my doctor when he was unconcerned about my vaginal discharge. This came crashing down on me in December when my Stage 4 cancer was diagnosed. I am proud of how i handled the following 6 months- retaining control of my medical decisions, weighing the costs/benefits of each step, being an assertive participant, keeping my options open. Regardless of the outcome, i learned a lot about myself-when to assert, when to step back.

Being all alone in Tucson during the worst of Covid and being very hot in July, I traveled to Oakland to stay with my son and his family. We were a pod. It was a mentally and emotionally a good choice for me. I ended up staying for eight months. I most enjoyed bike rides with Tova my granddaughter.

I’m proud that I was able to be with people and their families as they approached their dying. Despite the pandemic and the restrictions imposed by it, despite the inability to visit certain places or people in person, I still reached out to our patients and their families. I visited fewer people in person, but saw some weekly, with extended visits. I reached out to others over the phone. I was also able to share the facilitation of a Zoom bereavement group. We learned that care did not always have to take place face to face and that presence for people in pain could still be powerful and helpful when it was virtual.

I wish I had taken more care with my money. I had fun buying stuff, but I really let impulse rule me. I didn't think about the future. But I was also trusting it. I bought art because I wanted it to be with me next year. I bought things because they would work for years. I could see the future with these things - this painting, that blender, these glamorous velvet chairs. For so many years, I bought cheap things. Not just because I was poor and that was what I could afford, but because I wouldn't hesitate to abandon them if I had to run away. I'm not running away from my painting of the sea. I don't have to flee anymore. I am here; I am safe. I invested in art because I know I won't have to pack a bag and run for my life.

I am proud of the efforts -- and the payoffs -- I made to stay connected even when distanced. I've been zooming every Tuesday with one of my closest friends for 18 months now and every few weeks with my cousins and others, and it's been amazing. This way, our conversations range from the quite ordinary (saw something good on Netflix) to the quite meaningful (aunt's condition has continued deteriorate and we fear the end is near), all in real time. However much part of me wishes that I never have to do it again, zooming has also enriched my life in unexpected and wonderful ways.

I wish I had not stayed as complacent in my job in the past year. I am definitely grateful to have a job but I need to learn to stand up for myself. I'm proud of myself for planning my DN trip and putting together a presentation for my employer. I am going for my dreams and I should be proud of that.

I wish I had the money to have purchased a home. I didn't, and am still figuring if I do now. What I'm proud of is making the decision to move to Portland and be with my family. Especially my Mom in her last months and days.

I wish I had put more effort into exercising and being in better shape. There hasn't been a very good excuse not to.

I am really proud of being finally able to get through to my partner about his over-working in the heat of the summer. This to the point of losing concentration and getting injured AGAIN for the fourth year in a row in the third week of August. That he is being a danger to himself and others. That he is unable to fulfil his other responsibilities eg to me both practically and emotionally for sure. We had a good discussion about it I am glad I got out ot my "spots" as much as I did. And that I got on to Earthing and breathing freshly-photo-synthesised oxygen under the House Tree I am wishing that I could have managed summer better but I cannot see how. Sometimes there is no solution to a situation. It's just an unsolvable thing and you just have to suffer

Done differently: spent more time decluttering. Proud of: buying my first car secondhand. Represents risk taking, learning new skills, trusting my judgement.

Different: been more proactive about my mental health from the start. Meditating, setting time aside for reading, etc. Proud: the support system I have built here since moving the Portland. Outside of family, I had largely relied on Richard and his friends for this in San Jose. In Portland, with Richard working from home, this has fallen to me- and it’s gone remarkably well!

I wish I hadn't turned to food so much for comfort. I'm very proud of myself for staying sober.

I wish I had been emotionally healthier in my work and romantic relationships. I know I have damaged my work relationships, and I need to make repairs. In my need to have a companion - to have LOVE - I turned away from the warning signs about my relationship - I chose to downplay or ignore them. I wish I had been emotionally healthier, so that my main relationships could have the respect and honor they deserve.

I wish I read more. I don’t want to be hard on myself for the time I think I *wasted* - I think we all need to remember this was an unprecedented pandemic. It’s ok if we all didn’t write novels or earn degrees this year. It’s truly ok. So, on the flip side, I’ll say that I’m proud of how much I read and learned and everything I did. I’m proud that I lit Shabbat candles every single Friday. I mostly sang the bracha. I don’t have anything near to a good signing voice, but I sang the prayer. And that made me happy.

I wish I hadn't retreated back into myself. I was making such strides at being social, and tried for a bit to keep it going. I did join a grief ministry at church, and am about to start a new group for people who have lost spouses and have school-aged kids. I'm proud of that.

I am proud of the way I have taken up photography, put a lot of energy into it, had the confidence to show it on IG, made a lot of new connections, and improved my skills. I learned about the IG universe, made friends, had crushes, bought a new phone, a new camera, a new computer, discovered street photography, learned new skills, started learning Lightroom, took an online class, am embarked on another... What an influx of new energy, what a positive addition to my life!

I’m proud of myself for surviving lockdown but I wish I had used my time more productively. I was able to help a lot of people but I wish I had done more.

I am proud of the village i created. Our little world- the way the parebts interact at girl scouts. I helped bring that! 💕 I wish i had been less afraid, more authentic, spoken my real truth-when proud, when ugly , when incomplete

I wish I’d used my phone less in front of my kids and been more present. Now that the days with them are waning - they both leave for college in just over a week - I regret not being with them more. I’m so proud of the work that I get to do at 10,000°. I know that my small way, I’m helping to change the world for the better for the people who need it the most, the ones who have really been suffering throughout this pandemic. My job is so relentless, and hard, but so meaningful.

I wish I had started applying to Graduate school earlier. AGAIN. I am deciding to make that my focus. I have had an interview with an old colleague from 30 years ago and he seams interested in hiring me to the point where i tried turning him down but he adjusted his offer. We shall see how this turns out in the next few says.

Again, the same issue as one of "time". I read my first answer… Which from last year talked about my health emergency drinking more water and losing weight. Just yesterday I had a meeting with the cardio nurse and what was her suggestion? Drink more water and lose weight. So I'm going to do that.

I am proud that I found a therapist and got help for my PTSD. I wish I had made more of a effort to learn German over the last year. Next year when I read this, I am going to be so fluent that I'll be able to translate it easily without looking up a single word.

I probably should be more proactive in connecting with my friends and family back home. My work is very heavily people-facing so I find myself seeking refuge in my downtime and avoiding online interactions, but unfortunately, these days that's where connections are made.

I wish I had made better use of time to address mental, digital and physical clutter. I’m proud of the progress made and hopeful that those accomplishments will be a foundation for continuing progress.

I'm proud that I've cleaned out the mouldy shelves from the garden shed and garage. They caused me heartache every time I saw them from last October onwards. I got new MDF shelves and painted them two coats on each side, 25 shelves, 100 sides. Both the garage and shed are now much nicer places to be. I'm currently trying to find a contractor to improve the ventilation in the garage. I'm worried that when the cold and wet weather returns, so will the mould. The garage is single-skin and not designed for storage. My house builder doesn't accept that there's a possible leak from the roof. I'm really proud of how much I've read this year. I've been trying to read a book a week since the beginning of January. So far I've read 48 books and we're in week 37. A lot of those books have been audiobooks on Audible. I've therefore listened to podcasts a lot less, but I don't miss them that much. Books feel like more of an achievement. I hope I continue that pace because it does feel like my mind is developing. I hope it sticks as a habit. I've learned a lot about feminism and "The Chimp Paradox" has really resonated with me.

I really wish I had I kept in touch with John. I totally ghosted him and regret it, but I was so unable to live fully due to depression. But, I very proud of myself for getting through this hard time, creating art almost everyday has been exceptionally helpful.

I did surprise a lot of people by getting hired for two different good jobs this year. Although I ended up getting canned from the first one for what felt like age related reasons, I was able after a few months to find an even better job with a bigger company. So things worked out.

When my Aunt died, and came home. I picked up covid, and brought it to my partner. I put her life at risk. I wish I had quarantined. I did test before I flew. I wore masks the whole time... but it didn't catch it, or i got sick right after. I wish I had taken more precautions. I wish i could take that back.

I’m so proud of how I’ve shown up in the past year. I’ve grown so much, healed so much, and connected so so much this year. The events of the year feel almost horrific when I look back on them as a list, but even as I come out from the haze of months of exhaustion and retraumatization, I can’t help seeing how the sum of those parts is that I’ve found - no, BUILT - the family I’ve longed for my entire life.

I wish I took more pictures of my pregnancy. It felt so isolating, to be pregnant in a pandemic. I missed out on so much and felt that I shouldn't be taking pictures. I felt like I was awkward pregnant and I wish I had just enjoyed my bump. I'm so proud of myself for keeping up with work and advancing in everything while still holding better boundaries with work.

I'm proud of my job hunt. The perfectionist in me wants to say that's something I wish I'd done differently, that I'd applied to three times as many positions, or that I hadn't settled for the first thing I was offered. But I'm proud that I found this, proud that I got it, and really proud that I did it on my own. And proud that next year when I begin my search again, I will have a really solid foundation to hopefully fall back on. I'm proud of my capstone project, too, and not just because we won, but I was proud about that too. I wish I had cared more. I wish I hadn't become numb to the news and had some empathy left when I read about terrible situations. But they just keep coming, and I know to expect it now, so I have no emotional investment left. I'm only 22 and I want a life and a career dedicated to furthering social justice. I miss that fire that makes me call my senators and knock on doors and register voters and donate to mutual aid. I'm hoping that spending this year with my feet in a river will help me find it again.

I wish I had changed my mindset/attitude about what I can accomplish sooner. I am proud that I am finally developing a positive mindset about what I need to accomplish.

I'm proud of making actual progress with my anger problem. Living with a husband instead of parents, and the way he loves me, has changed the game. I'm proud of my self-discipline as well. I've gone to church almost weekly. I finally started doing something at church, volunteering as a sunday school helper. This year was a year that prayers were answered. I'm proud of myself for working and going to school full time. As well as keeping a job for so long, setting boundaries and having real relationships with my coworkers. This is the first time I've been socially invested in a job that was long term. I was able to stand up to my boss and that has never happened before. I'm behaving like an adult at work. I'm not proud of: Sins from my tongue. I've said some bad things. Buying things I don't need, especially when I don't ask my husband first (lie by omission). Not pausing my podcast when I pray in the car. Laziness Selfishness, Putting myself before Tyler Being rude to or sassy with my mom or feeling awkward with her Procrastinating on the good things I should be doing like donating clothes and tithing because it's not convenient. That's a huge one. Swearing and being crass.

This past year I overcame a head injury and came out on top finishing my graduate degree (Got outstanding graduate award)

I wish I'd used this year to sort out more of my life. I feel that there's been a definite improvement - I used it to learn to cook better, and change jobs, but I wish I'd gotten my house buying journey started.

On the whole, no, I think the past year was what it needed to be. Of course there are little things, like I wish I had taken better care of my sleep or exercise or time management, but I'm ok with those just being long-term things to work on. I still feel bad for (slightly) overcharging that lady at work the other week, though, there was no reason for that. In terms of proud, I'm just proud of keeping on right now. We're wading through the swamp and it turns out it's bigger than we thought. But we keep trudging! And to not just sit down and cry too often is admirable edit: also journaling. i wish i had kept up with my paper journal better and not just writing on my phone!

i’m proud of my decision to resign from my job because it is an example of me trusting myself and my process. im also proud of surviving a pandemic year with my beautiful handsome family.

Wish I had been more open and expressed my feelings more with friends and family. I am proud of becoming a better listener without trying to "fix"it.

I have been in this job for nearly two years now, and in my first year as a real full-time reporter, I won 5 awards at the Virginia Press Association's annual writing contest. I won 3rd place for general news writing and 2nd place in combination photo/story for my coverage of the Black Lives Matter protest, 2nd place in editorial writing (my editor got 1st), 2nd for feature writing portfolio, 2nd for sports writing portfolio (my editor got 1st here too) and a shared 1st for general makeup and 1st for special section for our "Art is not Canceled" summer series as well as 1st for our 2020 County Guide. My editor and I also tied for first place in Virginia Farm Bureau's annual writing contest for our agricultural coverage throughout the year. It is definitely an affirmation to be recognized for excellence in the only thing I've ever felt good at, especially after a decade of thinking no one would ever pay me to write or that it would always be relegated to "hobby" status in the greater picture of my life. Although I may struggle daily with the stresses of the job and the pandemic world we live in, at least it seems as though I'm doing the best I can so far and getting good feedback!

I wish I'd handled my covid related anxiety with more grace relative to parenting. I know there are other parents who have FU*&ED up their kids in how they responded to this pandemic, but I think I could have done better. Though, I'm thankful my kids have spoken up and been honest in their feelings, too. It's been a tremendous exercise in learning, patience and consciousness.

I wish I'd invested less emotionally with Damien. I was so enamoured with how he was so direct about his intentions and expectations at the start, that it made me blind to all the ways his thoughts and actions didn't align. I thought since he had stated what he was looking for, we were bound to head in that direction. The excitement and security I felt from his initial clear communication prevented me from considering what I wanted - specifically with him - as things progressed and I got to know him better. The disappointment at ultimately being let down has however, given me an opportunity to reevaluate how I date. It felt like I was repeating the same cycle with different people, and my mistake is trusting people on their word. While the ability to communicate is important, showing up in the manner stated is more important, and I need to withhold my expectations until I see they align.

Glad we made the "leap" to enjoy the freedom from COVID-19 in May and through the summer. Restaurants, movies, and gathering with family and friends was great. A nice break before the Delta variant spread. The answer to my question from last year is that no, I don't spend any more energy by hitting items quickly than I spent in worry, fear, and catch-up when I was a worse procrastinator.

I am so proud of the way I supported my sister & my mom and the kids this year. Staying close with my sister, sending her money for massages and treats when she was having terrible PTSD, organizing the story times with Mama and the kiddos. So good for them - so good for me. I truly wish I had worked less. Stressed less. Taken better care of myself. Although I took great care of myself when I was out sick with my head.

I wish I would've hopped on that flight. I wish I would've seen my grandfather one more time before he passed. I wish I would've known. I wish he would've shared how bad it really was... I wish we had more time.

I'm proud of the EP I recorded and the quick work I've made on writing my next EP and LP. The progress I've made since July has been exceptional, but it's also in line with what I used to hope my adulthood would be like, back when I was a teenager. I still procrastinated too much in the first half of the year, and I smoked too much weed in the second half. I wish I'd re-learned how to focus earlier.

I wish I had been more honest with, and true to, myself and ended a relationship sooner; rather than trying to convince myself to want what she wanted.

I should have gotten more advice on how to handle beneficiaries, especially the difficult ones. I have kept up on blues jam performances and I think I have become more confident.

I wished I'd have done more. Read more books, create more artworks, cook and bake more, talk to friends and family more, more, more and more. At the same time, I have to acknowledge that I'm hitting my limits and that it's no longer possible to squeeze everything into this year. Perhaps, I'd wish to be able to have a clearer mind to see things for what it is and make better judgment call. Get more rest and make better decisions. Don't be afraid of losing things but don't lose yourself in the process. Still, I'm proud that I'm embracing more and more the discomfort that comes with uncertainty and changes.

I am glad that I was able to participate in zoom services at Temple Hatikvah, Bnai Israel, and Brotherhood. I am proud of doing the cemetery project and veterans shabbat

Wish I had contributed to less conflict, and had been able to better judge where my efforts were making. Change. Proud that I identified this and am acting on it.

I wish I had spent my pandemic, no car time, tidying and cleaning instead of devolving into entropy. I am especially proud that I managed to save enough money and improve my credit score so that I could finally buy a new car; a blue Subaru Crosstrek. I also refinanced my mortgage and saved a lot of money.

I wish that I had focused more on weight loss. It is such an ongoing and frustrating battle. I continuously start and stop. As I age each year, the struggle is tougher and tougher. Alternatively, I am proud of how I have managed my mental state & stress in relation to work. It seems that age is mellowing me some, and I am better able to handle the stresses and aggravations that come with my position at work.

I am really proud of putting in the work to get past my PTSD triggers and learn how to cope with new triggers. I am no longer as hypervigiliant and I feel confident I can tackle them going forward.

I wish that I had focused more on weight loss. It is such an ongoing and frustrating battle. I continuously start and stop. As I age each year, the struggle is tougher and tougher. Alternatively, I am proud of how I have managed my mental state & stress in relation to work. It seems that age is mellowing me some, and I am better able to handle the stresses and aggravations that come with my position at work.

I wish I had negotiated my salary when I had the chance. I feel like I could have gotten more money if I had tried and that's a little annoying. I'm really proud that I finally have a real job and hopefully today I am applying to grad school. I also took the LSAT this year so I'm moving in some sort of direction again which is exciting

I wish I was better at seeing things through, not procrastinating out of lazyness or fear.

I can't think of anything. I think I did the best I could.

I wish I controlled my impulses better. I'm proud of myself as a father-I'm learning this new kind of love and I want it to consume me. I'm proud that over the past year, I forced structure and productivity. Taking care of myself and becoming involved in life-affirming activities felt like I was living life the way it was meant to be.

I wish I hadn't been so damn lazy. There's no excuse for how lazy I am on a daily basis. Like the message in the book "The Story of Bees", I can always do more. I'm glad I show my husband my appreciation. I'm still learning how to stay out of my daughter's personal life. She's very sensitive. I am proud of her, especially since she's leaving her cocoon to find a better job. I didn't know she was so unhappy about her boss. I am happy that she found her husband. I remember so fondly our time with her as a child and wish she would change her mind about experiencing motherhood. It was the best choice I made to go to the Mikvah and get pregnant. I don't appreciate enough how lucky I was. I'm glad that I'm giving less unsolicited advice. The past two years, despite COVID, I've gotten closer with nephews and nieces.

I wish I had more spaciousness for my sister. She doesn't need me to tell her what I think. She needs a place to say how bad she feels, even if it sounds extreme to me or deflecting responsibility or whatever. Can I just listen and give her the space to settle? She'll figure it out.

I'm proud of the care Nelson and I provided to my mom, and proud of our celebration of her life. I wish that I had been more affectionate and connected with my mom at the end. Though I don't think she felt mistreated, I believe it would be comforting to me to think of sweet moments. I also give myself grace for being tapped out emotionally.

I wish I'd done a better job of appreciating college in the past year. I didn't appreciate it much because it was COVID college and therefore harder and restrictive, but it was also one of only four years I get here. I think I could've done more to enjoy it and find good things in it, even as I toughed through a challenging year.

Differently - I wish I had been better about eating healthier, I always bash on myself when I don't but I still do it anyways. I also wish I had gotten a new job rather than staying at one that gives me mental breakdowns but working on this now at least. Proud of- I'm proud of how I found something that I truly love and am constantly putting in efforts to continue to pursue it.

I wish I had not been so straightforward and opened when talking to Lori about anything concerning Rick. I wish I had just let nature take its course, so to speak, and have let her learned things about him on her own. I say this because I think she would probably stayed with Rick, at least longer. I wish when they split up that I had not gotten involved with Rick again and especially that I had not let him move in with me. After Lori and Rick and I had all made amends, I wish I had not betrayed Lori and Sister Doris' trust and that I had remained friends with them.

I wish I lost weight. I'm just cruising at the same place. I'm proud that I have a vibrant group of friends and even making new ones.

I dont know if I could have handled the pandemic isolation any better, but I cant say I know how I could have done it. I feel like i barely survived, and it isnt over yet. I am afraid I will never recover.

I wish I had not lost so much time doubting myself and putting others' needs ahead of my own. I wish I had asked for more and shared more. I am proud of what I have accomplished and what I have been able to do. I am gaining clarity on my vision and my purpose. I am proud that I have stayed committed to being more than I am even if I have not been able to fully execute it yet.

I wish I had taken some more time off work and invested more time in family

No regrets. As before, I feel like I (and we) are doing what we can given the circumstances. I also don't really feel proud of anything. We just survived. Maybe I should aim for something to be proud of next...

I have done good work and I have applied to take that Stupid fudging test. So, I'm proud of myself professionally. Personally, I could do So much better this has just been shit really. .That's what I wish was different.

In this past year, I was faced with the decision of walking away from my relationship with my fiance or getting married. I chose to marry him. I wish I'd chosen differently.

My Title IX case was RIGHT before Rosh Hashanah last year, and a lot of my traumas from college were still big parts of my life and thoughts. It's so interesting looking back at these answers because it made me realize how much I've healed from those things - slowly but surely. I'm very proud of that.

I wish I drank less. I wish I drew more. I worked more, though I'm not particularly proud. I'm content that I can focus on my art now.

I wished I had pushed past fear when it kept me from approaching new folks before COVID. I am especially proud that after breaking my wrist, during online learning, and by facing my low tech fears, I continued to tutor via Zoom.

I wish I could have gone to a mental health rehabilitation center when I was broken in December/January. I needed it then. I still need it. I am proud of surviving, for getting on, for making small steps in the fight to create a life I am happy with.

I'm especially proud of passing my nursing licensure exam with a newborn baby (not quite 6 weeks old!). Even in the midst of newborn chaos and fatigue (including a bout of mastitis or a virus that necessitated rescheduling my test, talk about stressful!), I steadfastly applied myself towards my personal goals and made a professional dream come true. This was particularly important to me as I struggled in the postpartum period to connect with aspects of myself beyond motherhood (I still struggle with this, but am finding it easier to strike a balance).

I wish I yelled at the kids less. I get stressed and I yell too much. It's not that I'm taking it out on them, it's more that I reach the end of my rope. I'm proud that my family isn't among the 1 in 350 adults who have died from Covid. I think that's because of luck and also because I'm a ridiculously paranoid person. (My parents feel the same way.)

I am proud that I was able to stay active during the past pandemic year. One thing I wish I would have done differently is taking more vacation!

Different? Yes... Many things. Like the way that I approached work/work search. Or going to the psychiatrist early. Something I am really proud? YES. Lots of things. My friendships in Berlin. How I went from "a guy I know" to "Roommate" to Friend then True friend and now we are like siblings. My Sister, my new found sister! I am proud of her, of our relationship and how awesome it is. I am also happy, rather than proud, with my T'shuva Journey. That includes both my reflections and the way I've been approaching my past mistakes. And the fact that I am accepting help, even if it is medication. To turn down the radios and turn on the lights inside my brain, but also to start doing the cleaning, the sorting that happens only with therapy and hard work.

Everything that happened made me who I am right this moment. And I love who I am right this moment. I'm so proud of who I've become. Strangely, who I've become doesn't feel like a big change - it feels familiar. A homecoming. Everyday I feel at home wherever I am.

If I could do time over again (which by nature we can't - we only know what we know, do what we can do): I would have meditated more, done more Turnaround Thoughts worksheets, made more clear distinctions between work and rejuvenation. I'm especially proud of that I got $75K for empathy work through CUT, and then convinced our new ED to spend that money on more or less what I'd raised it for. And proud that I was open to new configurations of what would make empathy tools easy and enticing for people to learn.

I wished we did less virtual classes over the summer and more unpacking…although we still would have been challenged to get much done with a puppy but I wish I made more of an attempt then because it is harder now with virtual school, behavior issues from our puppy and my husband struggling through medication changes for mental illness on medical leave….I guess hindsight 20/20. Something especially proud of…being able to laugh with my 8 year old daughter through it all…she is amazing and has the most insightful, positive perspectives and doesn’t get caught up with what hasn’t been done but focuses on how to make things better now and in the future.

I wish I had stayed on the dieting and exercise plan that I started in January and made it thorugh April with. I think I'm gonna get back on it after my parents leave, but it was working and I was feeling better, and less heavy. I'm proud that I tried a relationship this summer and tried to explain to a guy what it meant to be asexual. Even though it didn't work out, I think its the first time that I've really shared that with other people and tried to help them understand what it means. And I'm proud of myself that I was able to be like, ok that's fine if this isn't for you, but for the first time I felt like I was owning my identity

I wish I had kept up my activity time with my kids, walking etc. That went WAY down as the Pandemic Hush went away and we all got "back to normal." I am proud of quitting my current job, not because it was all bad but because I am proud that I am capable of making such a big career change at this stage in my life.

I suppose as always I wish I had written more of my book. But at the same time I think I’m being hard on myself. I was a full time new mum for the first time. It was so intense. And there was a pandemic. There was no respite, no relief, no break. I could not have spent more time with my daughter if I had tried and I am proud of how much of myself I have given to her. While I wish I had written more, I also know it’s not possible to have done that while being the kind of mother I am.

I wish I would have been able to stop Naomi from attacking Kathleen at Circle of Support. I only urged her to calm down, I did not realize that her anger was so great that she could assault someone from Circle of Support. If I could rewind… I would have gone with her to her home or if necessary I would have gone with her to Circle of Support. I can only pray that Naomi will not have to suffer unbearable consequences. She does need help managing her emotions, listening to points of view or true facts expressed by others, but she does not need criminal status and punishment. Can I help her? How? She is as intractable with me as with others. This is real! O Christ, help me to help Naomi - in every available opportunity

I wish I had done more to declutter my house. It has been such a struggle to overcome the overwhelm that erupts when I attempt to tackle it. I have just discovered Dana K. White, an expert at decluttering that speaks to my soul. She gets me. I finally feel that it's a job I can tackle.

I wish I had executed a more regular fitness routine. But I did a lot of creative projects and read and wrote more. Especially proud of an exercise to write Torah portion based haiku weekly. That is ongoing.

I wish I had followed through on our divorce My children hate her She is a user and always has other men on the side ans is always working outside instead of working on us or herself she has severe mental health issues

I'm so proud of getting myself a job in a foreign country! I'm proud that I didn't jump on the first offer and found myself something that was going to be a better fit.

Something I'm proud of for doing this past year is sticking with my fitness. I started working out from home and it was so incredibly difficult; but over the last few months, my strength, stamina, patience, and memory has improved incredibly.

I wish that I had spent more time learning about my grandfather. Whether it be little stories from his childhood, or little quips from his present day--I wish I had taken advantage of working from home and having more flexible time to be present with my grandfather as he isn't going to be around forever.

I think if I could have done something differently over the past year, I would have moved more quickly to accepting and expecting things will not operate "as normal" - to plan, instead, on work being crazy, and our kids being out of school, and the grocery store being out of what we need, and the kids getting sick. I wonder if I'd adjusted my expectations sooner, whether I would have experienced a lower level of stress when things went awry. At the same time, I'm so proud of how I've flexed over the past year. I've learned to parent and partner and work with things totally up in the air. I've figured out new ways to show up for my friends and family, and have been able to adapt while constantly facing new (and often urgent) expectations. I think I have modeled creating safety and consistency for my family within a constantly shifting landscape.

I'm proud of being pregnant and raising a toddler and having a full-time job and finishing my grad program. And of laboring alone in the hospital. And of pushing my daughter out in a single contraction. And of breastfeeding and surviving the sleep deprivation and not completing sucking at parenting a toddler. And of finding an awesome new job! And of surviving the summer with a toddler and infant by myself and actually enjoying a lot of it! I definitely have regrets about my ability to handle PPD/PPA and express that PPD/PPA to Greg. Ugh that was/is rough. But mostly I'm proud of this year.

I loved having been able to run charity events (multiple 5k's). I am proud that we did this as a way to support our community and as a way to stay fit and active.

Biggest regreat by far is that I missed my window for a Hot (Vaxxed) Girl Summer by giving in to anxiety about rejection before Delta came swinging back. That made it even more apparent that there's still a lot of work to do before I can push past that fear, which makes the prospect of ever actually getting back to trying to date feel even further away.

I alienated my son this last year by requiring him to get vaccinated to continue living with us. I wish I knew how to fix this. I love him dearly. On the positive side, I am happy that I have established an exercise routine - going to the Y Monday through Friday and reducing my carb intake. I have lost weight and am in much better shape.

I wish I had said no more often.

I am proud of the hard work I have done in therapy. I wish I had been able to move through the year with less fear and more love and self confidence.

I am especially proud of my ability to save money and buy my very first car. I am so proud of myself for being able to afford it, and maintaining it well. One thing I wish I did differently was spend less money. It took me a long time to gather the money I needed to buy my car, and I bought a lot of frivolous things along the way. I wish my retail therapy had been more in hand.

Nothing I wish I had done differently, no. I'm so proud of myself for allowing the mindshift to happen, to be brave, take the plunge and put myself out there. To trusting the process.

I wish I had seized the opportunity to travel a bit before the Delta variant hit the U.S., but I'm proud of how I've been handling the pandemic and keeping myself and my family safe.

I am proud that during covid times I strengthened relationships with friends and family and I am showing my love to people more. This is obviously very important to me because I said something similiar last year. I think years of holding past pain disappeared around 2019 and since then I have been growing into someone who can give love freely.

I wish I had read more and lost weight.

I wish I had been kinder to myself at times and found a way to believe new things about myself rather than the same old stories I tell myself.

I think about the ways in which I handled rejection this winter that was hard and not always perfect or clean, but I got through it and that says a lot and I feel good about that.

I do think I really botched this summer. I know it's not entirely my fault. With Taiwan plans up in the air had thought I'd be gone by August but ended up being around basically all summer but still did nothing. Knitting and Downton were fun and all but I am worried about this becoming a bit of a trend. It's not true that I have no interests passions or skills and there's no excuse for not taking advantage of the opportunities I have. Teach English, Get a Job, Build a CV(Ew), Actually go and see friends!!! I'm glad for the cute moments I've had this year but there was more time that I'm never getting back I really could be using...

Proud that I became closer to my daughter in the final year of her living at home. This is the best our relationship has been since she was a small child, and I am grateful for that.

Super proud of the changes I have made. I am really frustrated with myself for not getting another job and making more strides in my craft business but proud of the little steps I am making!

I wish I had signed up on the Obama exchange. And completed several other tasks/assignments/goals that need to be tended too. I was never good at "being a grown up," but I have definitely gotten worse. I guess what I'm proudest of is sticking with my blue-collar, physically demanding job.

I wish we hadn’t moved to Charlestown. Proud that I made our apartment homey and comfortable.

I wish I had known my spouse was autistic. I would have made very different choices with beginning a polyamorous lifestyle.

No regrets. Are there moments when I spoke out of frustration? Yes. But the fact that they're there reminds me that I'm a work in progress. I've been reading books to help me communicate better, and they've been helping me personally as well as professionally.

I wish I had listened more and talked less.

I regret getting drawn into gossip, and judging others. Sometimes it's easier to go along rather than to be the one who speaks out against it.

I wish I had sought help earlier, because I was in a lot of pain for too long. But I'm happy that I'm going through this process and working through feelings that I've repressed for a long time.

wished I'd done better= Managed my money better.. Proud of= The way i dont let peoples opinions of me affect me (Good or Bad) And how I don't get into conversationa or respond to texts when they are gossip and drama filled. I just look and swipe it away. Lifes too short, live your life doing what makes YOU happy! (Unless what makes you happy can land you in jail or prison then do the opposite;)

So many times I have found myself getting angry, falling into mania, and making it worse. Which just echoes so many times in my life where I take things to the next level for no reason. Having an answer and having access to treatment had been a blessing. Bipolar disorder (plus some naturally aggressive tendencies) has, and almost certainly remain, a curse. Three new rules: double check the reason; run your mouth smarter, not harder; stop trying to fight people.

Wished that I’d got on with de-cluttering & doing up our house during lockdown instead of having a lovely rest & enjoying time off. But also Proud that I’ve held down a very busy job & stuck it out for over a year xx 😁

There is everything, I wish I were more productive. I wish I had spent more time with my kid. I wish we saved more money. I wish I figured out how to fix my sex-life. I am proud of the work to be kinder

I wish I had been more thoughtful when selling our home. I'm proud of my ability to stay centered and still.

I wish I had taken my health more seriously and focused and losing weight so that getting pregnant was easier.

Something I would have done differently was focus on my grades more. I started to focus on them more towards the end of the year but really needed to in the beginning. Something I’m super proud of is the fact that I’m over a year clean from SH which is something I never thought was possible.

I wish I had taken a real vacation. I also wish I had told my husband how important a real vacation was to me, especially one where I didn't have to do all the planning. I didn't want to do anything huge (a week at the beach would have worked just fine), but I really wanted a break and to feel cared for.

I am proud that I continued to find ways to work out and maintain my weight loss despite the pandemic and lockdowns. I wish that I had spent more time sewing, quilting and creating and less time on email and the computer.

I learned, finally, that I cannot live Dan’s life for him. I can’t rescue him. I can be happy even though he is not. I may have done some things less than ideally as his mother when he was young, but now that he is 38, he has to move on from these complaints and focus on what I gave him that was good and healthy, or not. Either way, it’s his choice and not my problem.

I really wish I would have tried a little harder to get a higher paying job and left my current one. I'm biding my time and it's fine, but I think I could be somewhere better already.

I'm proud that I turned down the opportunity to become CEO of our organization, and recommended the person who we ended up hiring. She's a gem and has brought more energy and risk taking to us than I could have.

I wish I could have saved more money so I can get my knee replaced sooner.

There's nothing I would have done differently this year. I'm pleased that I have more of a handle on my issues and can bring that to the forefront to help me when things get tough. I'm not always successful implementing the things I've learned. I still move forward.

I'm proud to have been part of the vaccination effort, and holding firm with my nurse colleagues at work. Also proud of my work with the ILP, although I've been feeling the resource pull on myself

I wish I hadn't taken my health for granted, because now that I have been sick or recovering for close to 4 months, I appreciate it so much more. I feel for people who are chronically ill. Life is often so hard for people who don't fit the 'norm.' I am all the more cognizant of health and income inequality after having gone through this horrible experience.

I am trying not to live in the "should," even though there is always more I "should" be doing, even if it's only in my head. So I'm not going to dwell on what I wish I had done differently. Instead, I'm proud of how Blake and I have navigated a truly challenging and scary time. We are steady, we help each other process, and celebrate each other's wins. I have a deep appreciation for this partnership, even more so now that we're parenting together.

Always wish I would have been more patient, with myself and others. I'm proud that I have kept up my commitment to walking (almost) every day.

I don't know if there is specifically something I would do differently. Not mess up Jen's friendship with Maria -- I wish I could take that one back. Still, everything happens for a reason, right? And that led to me getting mental health help and really everything else that happened after.

I'm proud of my family and my marriage and how we're making it happen. I wish I had drank less and slept more. I wish I had been less judgemental about drinking so much in the pandemic and also more forgiving of myself for coping.

It's taken a while to learn how to live in 24/7 with my husband. I've had to learn how to not get upset or feel confined since I don't have my usual outlets & stimulations. Also, since I am a painter, I have had to totally restructure how I can do art in my small space since the studio associated with the university that I used was closed.

I wish had listened to my intuition over how I was feeling about work and stress. I'm now stuck in a life for the next several months where I'm perpetually stressed. I am proud of myself for beginning to speak up more for things I need and want. It is very hard for me to do that.

I feel I did the best I could to keep my head above water and to set my "escape plan".

Maybe this is wrong, but I’m pretty pleased with how I’ve done life over the past year. I’ve been good about exercising and staying healthy and keeping a mostly positive attitude. I’ve kept my moods more in control. Connor and I have been good. I’ve worked hard but also allowed myself to take mental breaks and give less of a fuck when it made sense. I always think I can do better in my relationship with E&E, and I keep trying. Perhaps I still don’t always have the best attitude (like at the belated Bach and shower), so I will keep trying to be better. Of course, there is all this shit going on now re: wedding invites that I think I’m in the right about. Maybe I’ll feel differently this time next year? I’m proud of how I handled the months leading up to our engagement. Sure, I wish I hadn’t been so crazy for those couple of months around the winter, when I was really starting to feel ready to get engaged and thought it would happen on every hike / every romantic moment / every perceived romantic moment. But after one too many disappointments and arguments, I put it out of my head. I stopped creating stories (I had gotten REALLY good at deciding THIS would be the perfect moment to get engaged because…). And then, when we actually DID get engaged, I hadn’t created a story of why that hike would be perfect - even though it would have been a great story that I totally could have made up if I tried! And because I had taught myself to put the stories out of my head, I was 100% surprised and shocked and ecstatic and all the right feelings. I’m so proud of that - it allowed me to truly be in the moment and have the most magical engagement that I never could have invented.

Lily has gone to live in Melbourne and it is too far away and I wish she’d come back. I wish she’d find a partner. I wish it would be a loving Jewish man. But just anyone now. I don’t want her to miss out, loving and being loved and having children. I’m proud that I’ve grown And managed Sugya Sistas. I’m proud of my beautiful children.

I am extremely proud of the fact that I have been able to use my experience and understanding of trauma to accompany, support and coach others who experienced trauma during the pandemic--BLM rallies, school board protests, grief over loss and illness...I can help others and redeem my trauma, making it serve a greater purpose.

I am not sure we really wish that we had done things differently. As a recent retiree, I am especially proud of my career and that I made a lot of valuable contributions in the course of my career. Now, in retirement I am cleaning out the machine I built and am disposing of it responsibly.

I wish I were more patient. But overall I’m very happy with me. I’ve lost 30 lbs and feel exhilarated. It’s a big mental feat.

All things considered, I think I handled this year pretty well. I was in significant emotional pain, in a new place without a strong support network, and taking on an enormous and challenging project -- and I made it through, kept the project going, and generally held it together.

I still have the Chronicles hanging over my head. If I could unlock the mystery of my procrastination and resistance, it would be a miracle. I am happy about how I have begun this ministry of mission integration and my interactions with the faculties at SHA and SNEP. I hope I am able to bring some structure to it in order to pass it on.

Working on myself, working out and therapy!!

I started therapy this year, and I've made real progress in using my voice and not just letting things pile up and fester inside me.

I wish I would have spent more time with myself. Meaning, going on vacation myself without feeling like I need to spend it with someone else. But I am also proud how I faced the challenges from this year: The abortion, the break-up, the divorce, the job situation... I am more and more striving to love myself for who I am. And I am proud of that

I managed to lose a significant amount of weight this year. At one point I was down about 70 pounds, now it's about 50. I wish I wouldn't have gained 20 pounds back but it is what it is at this point. I'm trying to find ways to prioritize self care in this shit show of a life we're living through right now.

I'm proud of my daughter, every second of every day ♥️ There are always times when I'm going to wish things had gone differently, but I wouldn't be who I am today if they had.

I wish I had kept fitter. But I am proud of being able to learn online, finish my most recent book, and get my kids through online schooling.

I'm proud that when I turned 30, I didn't freak out. I wrote a whole post on Facebook about it and I just felt really confident about the whole 30 thing. Not every day is like that... but in general, it's ok! I feel like I gain more confidence every year. Here is my post that I had written then---- As I step in to my thirties, I turn around and give a little wave, a little wink and smile to my twenties. I say thank you for getting me through such an important decade. Ten years of learning, of friendship, of growth, of SO many accomplishments. Ten years of working through tears of pain and joy to develop myself into the person I truly want to be. As I step into my thirties I look ahead. Am I exactly where I want to be in life? Not exactly. Do I wish things were a bit different? Yes, and who doesn't? Am I happy with myself and who I've become so far? YES! Am I looking forward to the amazing things G-d has in store for me in my thirties? YES!! I'm making the conscious decision to head in with confidence (which wow, I'm so glad I've built!), with self worth, and with excitement for whatever is in store for me. Good bye twenties.. its been so, so real. Bring it on, thirties. I have a good feeling about you. 🌏☀️✈🌝💖 Thank you SO MUCH to everyone who made this birthday extra special!! I have such awesome friends.

I suppose it would have been a good time to write again. Songs feel like they are close to the top. Would be good to pull them up

The worst thing I did this year was that I yelled at a kid on Hallowe'en. Our public health unit had asked people NOT to trick or treat as numbers were rising. They said if we buttoned down NOW maybe we could save the holidays. I could see people were refusing to button down. We kept our lights out. I didn't buy candy. A mom and kid were there. My husband said, "aww... he's cute, but we didn't buy candy." I said, "did you not see the news? Public health said to stay home." Then I went to my room and cried because I realized I wouldn't get to see my family over the holidays. And because that kid didn't deserve to get yelled at.

I wish I'd made more dedicated moves consistently rather than submit to despair. I wish I'd made more of my time off from the pandemic shut down rather than sit around in fear. But I am also proud of the wonderful friendships and connections I've built despite the shut down and isolation from others. I'm proud of my spiritual growth and my faith as it blossoms further along my journey.

I'd certainty change the events that preceded my long illness & recovery, but there's no way I could have anticipated that sequence of dominoes, so it doesn't feel helpful to dwell on it. I'm proud that we, my spouse and I, are surviving this year the best we can. And are surviving together, because we have each other.

I am especially proud of the work I have done with the Center for Mind Body Medicine!

I am proud to have started marathon training and long distance running! I feel this is a great change in 2021! Even with the pandemic, I am glad I can prioritize my fitness and get fit. I wish I had found a way to handle my emotional issues sooner - only recently do I feel I have a handle on my emotional instability. I needed to really focus and handle my mental health.

Same as the year before… and before that. I wish I was fit and feeling healthy. I still need to lose about 55lbs. I would like to be closer to 200-180 instead of 235. I just want to love and accept my body. But I don’t want to wake up hurting.

I wish that I would have decided to take a gap year/LOA sooner. I think that if I had, I would have been able to plan to do something more rewarding with the time I had. But I also feel like I can't blame myself because I really took the punches this year. I think I decided things when they needed to be decided and things just would have been different if I would have known I was going to take time off and even that I wasn't going to be back on campus for another year. I spent so much time thinking I was going to be back the next month and then the month after that and the month after that. I think I need to give myself credit for dealing with so much uncertainty for SUCH a long time. Even being here now feels false, like it's going to be taken away, like I can't let myself settle in and be happy because I spent the entire pandemic adapting to situations I didn't want to be in, but this IS where I want to be!! I'm here!! I'm here now!! I did it!!!! I made it through!! How do I accept that this is permanent? That I can and will be happy??

Last year I was having some appetite problems and I foolishly started drinking boost but I never read the label (my bad) and it had sugar and was part of the reason I put on weight. The other reason was my other regret, I binged on chocolate and chips for a couple of months due to stress. I finally started taking an anti-depressant and feel so much better. Unfortunately, weight goes on fast but come off slow, but I feel proud that I took control of my eating and actually have a lot more control over my cravings.

I wish I wouldn't of cared about what others thought of me or that I made assumptions that were not really accurate. I wish I had spent more time this past year with myself and with self acceptance. I do this now but it was a process, perhaps something that I wouldn't have even thought about in the past.

I’m proud of Rach. She absolutely SMASHED Phase gifting and has been amazing back at TJX. She’s still found time to be an awesome girlfriend too!

I learned to ride a bike, that's pretty good. And I'm now confident enough to ride in traffic, and haven't caused any accidents (yet).

I'm especially proud of the way I rose to the challenge of creating an engaging online learning experience for my sixth grade students, despite having had NO experience teaching on Zoom in my 25 years of teaching before the pandemic. I learned by watching video tutorials posted by other teachers, by collaborating with my colleagues, and by trial and error. I asked my students for feedback, and used it to improve my teaching, in the process modeling a growth mindset for them. Although I would never have chosen this experience, it taught me a lot of valuable lessons, and I'm proud of the way I met the challenges I faced - and proved that you CAN teach an "old dog" new tricks!

I had a lot of free time in the winter - not only were there limited options but I was also underemployed. I was having a hard time. And I know many people had the experience of wanting to do more - learn something, do more activism, be there for others - and I try and be gentle with myself about how little I did, given the mental health impacts of both the pandemic and underemployment. However, I also know that I felt even more terrible about sitting around watching too much tv and scrolling on my phone, and that if I had made slightly better/different choices I likely would have felt significantly better.

I wish I had just started getting out in my community on MY OWN once I was double-vaccinated instead of staying holed up in my house. I went out for things that my partner had planned but didn't take initiative by myself, and that disappointed my partner as I did not create novelty in the relationship nor did I tend to my own independence and hobbies.

This is a hard one because I feel like the concept of regret is not something I gain from interacting with strongly. That alone is great progress on my part. Choosing to look at the now instead of the past or future. This year has been about Josh and I wish I had spent more energy on that love and on shoring up his stores against the terrible. But not on a fundamentally bad way. I’ve learned about self care and this year and to prioritize and love myself when no one else can or even just because. It’s been an intense period of personal growth that I can’t believe I have done. My anger feels under control, easier to manipulate internally, and useful. I feel like I have tapped into the joy of my true self and it’s been a fantastic thing.

I wish that I had made healthier choices snd exercised more over this past year. I feel like my health has really declined sharply.

I cannot regret what I did and didn't do, as I say every year. But perhaps especially this year. If I do, the endless wonder of how this could all have been avoided will seep into the questioning cracks and cleave me apart. I did what I thought was best, I did what I could, I tried or could not. We're here now and nothing can be undone. I am proud that I am still going.

I always wish I can hold my cool better with T when she really pushes my limits. However, she is a wonderful child and did so well in school during a difficult year, which makes me a proud papa as I feel I have some hand in that.

I did the best I could with what I had. I couldn't have tried harder. On the other hand, I've moved three times in the last 12 months without completely losing my mind in the process. That's a hell of an accomplishment for a girl with OCD.

I wish I had watched a little bit less TV this year. I seem to have gotten into a groove after dinner. Turn on the TV. Watch something (News Hour, one of the cooking shows) and fall asleep. Then wake up after a few minutes and watch more TV (Netflix shows, Apple+, Shark Tank). Then, to sleep early or much later after doom scrolling. Blech!

I'm proud of myself for picking up steam writing again. I didn't get any of the projects finished that I wanted, but my health - mental and physical - has been terrible. So, writing the fortnightly prompts, and beginning a new book, are achievements I can be proud of. It makes me feel more like myself, again Also, I took up wood burning and leather crafting for fun! New hobbies that I really enjoy, and I've been working on dealing with my instinctual "I suck at this so I'm gonna stop" response to doing it. With my wife's help, of course.

I like that i maintained my weight and ate healthy, and would like to continue that trend.

Were there things I could have done differently at SLC that really would have made a difference? That would have been more faithful? IDK, but if there were, I wish I would have done that. Or moved to leave there sooner. Biggest regret at the moment: using Diane as an example, and not being clear enough for her. Especially proud: On the whole, how I responded to the SLC realities and difficulties. How I rebounded from open heart surgery - gratefully, prayerfully, enthusiastically.

I am proud that I stood up for myself and left that toxic job. I am also proud that I had the courage to start working the Steps again.

I took very good care of my patients, especially the ones in the nursing home. I did not take care of myself or my health, and did not get enough sleep any night of this yeaer.

I'm so, so proud of myself for moving out and breaking up with my ex. I am better on my own than living with somebody who makes me lonely when we're together. Secondly, proud of what I'm doing right now - leaving my job to travel and farm. Two more weeks of work! Also, SUPER PROUD OF THE GARDEN!!!

I showed up in my own life, even when I didn't want to.

I wish I had gotten help sooner. But, I finally did and I am so proud of myself for actually doing everything that I can to make sure I get to where I want to be mentally and physically. I have lost weight, I exercise, I eat better, I have a sleep routine, I don't nap, I volunteer, I'm taking my meds and I'm active in my life.

I am "proud" of not becoming too overwhelmed by the mountain of tasks presented by dad passing. I determined to tackle one at a time and I am on track. I seem to be a little less patient at work and I am not certain why. I want to address this attitude change. I have put my interactions with Rick aside. I am even less patient with that

I finally gathered the courage to retire from Atkins. Im not sure off I stayed too long at the dance, but I suspect that was the case. Regardless, I retired in June and am adjusting to a new way of living, that is accompanied by a deeper appreciation for all other elements off my existence.

I am particularly proud that I had the courage to request to do a program that was quite a bit different, strange, and doesn't exactly fit our usual programs at work. I was super excited when it was approved. And I had teens that made their parents drive across the parish to pick up the kit. It was a success and now I'm giving a presentation about it at a training for the state library.

I am proud that I spoke up about my workload and have a better work life balance this year.

I'm especially proud of actually getting an ED-specific therapist, and also for reaching out to see a psychiatrist after I noticed a huge dip in my mood from getting of anti-anxiety meds when pregnant. What I wish I had done differently is also related; I wish I had not stopped my anti-anxiety medication without first talking to a psychiatrist. It would have saved me a lot of heartache.

I am so proud of myself for buying a dental practice and leaving the job that I wasn't completely happy with.

I'm so proud I found the courage to leave. It was infinitely hard, but I think I saved both my spouse and myself by facing how bad things were and refusing to continue. I'm proud that I face the end of my marriage without bitterness. We are both good, loving people who could not sustain our marriage in the face of a string of added difficulties, most of which stemmed directly from the COVID pandemic. I'm proud that I face the new year with hope.

I wish I was not such an all-or-nothing personality, because I could have walked just a tiny bit and then built up to more each week. Instead I did what I did last year, and sat so much that my glutes have forgotten how to work. Instead my lower back muscles ache when I bend and stretch and move. I guess the main thing I am proud of is really all grace: it's the continuing presence of writing circles in my life. I am gathering quite an oeuvre which could be ready for publication in the not too distance future.

I'm so fucking proud of how I have handled my nomadism since Jan 28th 2021, wow. It's now September, Rosh Hashana time and I'm in Madrid. I'm so brave and just willing to go there and be and figure things out. I look around and I see so much co-dependence and staying in comfortable zones and I have been brave as hell. I'm changing my life and I'm excited as hell. It's hard now and i don't know how things will come together but I am bravely following my intuition.

I'm proud of myself for my radical self-love journey. It's been hard learning self-confidence again, regardless of what I look like. I'm so happy that I can now look in the mirror and love what I see again.

There are many things I wish I **could** have done differently this year, but very few things I wish I had. Mainly, I'm proud that I retain my health, my sanity, and most of my relationships, including my job. Compared to many, I am unscathed...but only by comparison.

I wish that I had been able to complete my second semester of graduate school. I also wish that I hadn’t tried to start graduate school, and then I wished that I’d paid attention to how much the pandemic was affecting me and my family and stopped earlier than I did. Overall, I applaud my bravery, both to start and stop graduate school.

I am proud of my courage through divorce. To navigate the process, have a great attorney, and do everything correctly. I lost the relationship of a man I cared for deeply.

Differently - not really. It's all part of the journey! Proud of how far I've come in my healing and personal development. Proud of my commitment to my business mastermind and that inspiring community of creators and business expanders. Proud to be vulnerable. Proud to practice more compassion for my kids, while also giving myself grace when I don't show up for them perfectly each time. Proud to giving space to what was and what's still to come. Excited for the future!

I wish that I could have been more social. My fear of getting Covid has kept me extremely isolated. Although I have had my 2 covid vaccines and just got my third vaccine, I am extremely hesitant around groups of people. I go to the supermarket at 6:30 AM to avoid crowds, do curbside pickup, drive thru to pick up medications, and chat with a few neighbors outside. I am especially proud that I have committed to attending Sabbath Services since last October. I am also proud that I am part of the Central Neighborhood. By attending weekly Sabbath Services and becoming a Neighbor has been extremely beneficial to my physical, mental, and spiritual health. It is truly a lifesaver and a blessing.

I wish I had spent less money, curbed my impulse spending. However, I am proud that I switched to a different psychiatrist and therapist. It was difficult, but the change in medication and therapy modality has made all the difference in the world.

I wish I'd moved through the divorce with my patience and grace. I was easily frustrated and frequently, I felt threatened. I tried to be kind, but there were definitely times that I joined the girls when they complained about their father. I'm proud of this new life. This house that I'm maintaining. The finances that I'm managing. The girls I'm parenting. My personal growth, understanding unhealthy relationship dynamics and extricating myself from them.

I wish I’d taken a more active role in my community, and really, my life! I know I can do a lot less since I’m so very disabled, but I can do more than I did. I wish I’d gotten rid of more STUFF! I’m proud of starting a correspondence back up that I’d neglected for a very long time. Now, we write letters and exchange them weekly (at least) and they are substantive- not fluff. It have changed my life considerably as I write daily and have purpose again. She means the world to me. We live over 3,000 miles apart but I feel we know each other very well. She SEES me.

yes i wish i had done more adventurous things this summer

Where to begin!? It'd be nice to be perfect (or maybe not...?), but I like everyone else I know, is far from such an ideal (which I purport is indefinable anyway). So I don't spend too much time reflecting, unless it leads to making amends where needed, or an improvement in my behavior... but I do try to leave myself open to correction.

Too often, I allowed my daily writing to lapse. I hope to be more faithful to it this year. I'm very proud of how I stayed connected to family & friends online as COVID prevented us from traveling to be with them.

Especially proud of how I transitioned to be Kylie’s mom (again) rather than feeling grouchy as I have lost being her travel partner and daily partner in interests via text/phone. Wish I would have done differently? Naw - except for perhaps getting a two dose vax rather than manipulating the system to get J&J early in AZ.

I wish I had kept in touch with my friends all over the place in a better way. In this coming year, I am implementing a system of how I reach out to people so that friendships don't slip through the cracks like they did over the past year.

I think I've personally done well with myself this year. Life has returned to some level of normalcy, and we've taken the opportunity to see J's family and my family. I've moved some mountains for my employer, hopefully setting myself up for a very comfortable future.

Proud of three things -- I lost eleven pounds (very slowly, but I did it, with help from Weight Watchers) and I did finally get a non-nursing home job. And I paid off my student loans late last year, on my 69th birthday.

I wish I had spent more of the lock down time building the network and skills that helps me change careers, learning more about solar, wind, and hydrogen infrastructure so I could pivot out of O&G faster. I am tired of being complicit in the destruction of my own healthy future. That said, I am proud of my ability to complete the skills upgrades I did do, and that I didn't put on any more than 5 pounds even though I was locked in my 500 sq ft apartment for 6 weeks.

The only thing I wish I have done differently from this past year was spend my time wisely and consciously. Often times, I can get lazy with myself and unfocus from what I truly inspire myself to be happy and fulfilled. I do believe having those moments alone with myself and out with others is a wonderful balance to have. I am really proud of the forgiveness I lend myself and how my growth mindset pushing me to achieve and thrive.

After working on my PhD for the last +6 years, I have decided that this is the end of the journey and I don’t want to stay in academia anymore. It was something that I’d worked for my whole life, and staying in academia is the logical path for most, which makes this decision hard to understand for some. Many people would give everything to be where I am at, but it’s not for me. And that's ok. Do I regret starting a PhD and not doing something different? A resounding no. I wouldn’t be who I am today had I made different choices. I am proud to have grown as a person and to have the courage to put my wellbeing first.

I wish I had done a better job of preparing to be absent for camp this summer, and keeping up with communication while I was there. I know I left a lot of loose ends hanging, and let people down along the way.

After going to the ER with symptoms of heart attack, learning that initial lab tests did not support my first assumption, I declined a hospital stay (in the midst of the Covid mess) and followed up myself by going through past health problems. I seem to have figured out (a) my past problems that were exacerbated by horrid and prolonged smoke in the air and a spike of allergic reactions due to drought conditions, and (b) took steps to modify my self (shorter hair.cut), and (c) change in routine: 2-3 showers a day without soap to get rid of pollen and smoke and change clothes after being out of doors. Feeling much better. Breathing more easily and my energy is has sprung back.

This doesn't seem significant in the bigger scheme of things, but I wish that I had departed my teaching job with more clarity. As Diana always said, "endings are important," and though it seems petty, I am still somewhat caught up in how there was no closure or farewell when I left for maternity leave, knowing I was not coming back the next year and having announced so to the boss as early as February 2020. I am content to be focused on home life and the kids now, though I do miss the community and the various kinds of fulfillment (and stress?) of the job there at the school. I (over) invested in my work identity and in that job for at least 6 or 7 of the 9 years teaching and in addition to all I gained from that commitment, I also developed somewhat of a codependent relationship on the workplace. Rather than resenting people for not recognizing my contributions and heart at the school when I departed, as they did for others who'd announced they were leaving, I'd like to focus on the way that I departed, as it might be something of a habit of mine. I dragged out the decision and reiterated how difficult it was to leave and showed some desperation when saying I hoped they'd have me back someday. Adding in that emotional plea probably made them want to be vague and say that I was kind of leaving but kind of not.

I am so proud of how much I have grown. I no longer view myself as a victim. I am an independent woman in charge of my future. I am figuring out what I love. I did a sprint triathlon and I loved it. I hope to continue to train for those and other events in the future. My future is bright.

I wish I had taken more time to read, or to enjoy quiet and solitude. I am still proud of driving again. I have driven myself to the beach, to the mountains, and to the farm, as well as in town. I feel like that part of my life is back to normal, at last.

If I had to have done something different, I would not have returned to my job. The stress of having to do so much, combined with the low threshold for mistakes doesn't make work a happy place. I'm especially proud that my book, "A Poetic Journey..." saw the light of day. It wasn't in the cards at the start of 2020, but it happened. I'm capable of doing big things.

I wish I had been more pro active about learning new hobbies, and looking into new business ventures! I’m proud that I learned more about my Māori heritage and nurtured stronger bonds with my whānau.

I wish I had worked harder at losing weight and getting healthy. I'm definitely proud of my granddaughters!

I am proud that I have gotten therapy.

yes, I wish I would have went with my gut instinct with my relationship. knew it wouldn't have worked from the beginning. He came with a lot of baggage and I wasn't ready for that. He couldn't hardly take care of himself. set boundaries!! I'm proud of the patience and all the hard work I put in to get me into a full time position and all the "no's" from interview and the hit to my ego was all worth it in the end.

My ability to quickly turn around and overcome adversity. It's a quality that those who know me well admire and see it as strength, resiliency.

I wish I'd yelled less. But really, I'm proud of how much I've grown in my ability to be present with my kids' uncomfortable emotions, and mine as well. To sit with them through anger, through disappointment, through deeply longing for things to be different. Sometimes, often, I still flood emotionally, but not always. Healing generational trauma is fucking hard work and fucking badass.

I wish that I could've cared for my father more than I was able. I was decent, kind and responsible, but was so exhausted, I wasn't able to give as much as I should have. God damn my siblings for not helping more, essentially waiting around for him to die so they could get his money. They have zero regrets, and sometimes when I think of them, I hate them so much my guts twist.

I wish I had exercised more over the last year. I am weak and out of shape. My life is full of clutter, and I'm unmotivated to clean it up. Not so much feeling sorry for myself as much as I'm just not really interested in doing things that should be healthy parts of a mature adult's existence... I am proud of a couple of things: Not catching COVID-19 and cooking every day (up until recently).

I'm so proud of the way I have been here for my family and especially my husband while he is struggling with his mental health. Sometimes it is so frustrating and hard when he is sad and down. I want to fix everything for him and make him happy again. But learning I can hold his pain or fix his problems, that I don't need to put my energy or time into that but what I need to do is just make sure he knows I care, try and have energy to be curious about what he is going through and also be strong enough to let him be sad and go on that journey. Holding on and loving someone who is struggling with their mental health and sti being able to say life is good, hard but good is something I am so proud of. Ive learned not to measure good by happiness but by a willingness to be kind, to encourage and to be with someone even when some of their pain and baggage us on the surface. Learning to care for each other when we both are learning to navigate our imperfections has been had but so good... I hope I also stay curious about my partner and willing to be curious about his pain and journey

I am not sure if I qualify as an artist but a big gallery has purchased a lot of my work twice now. I’m sort of floating in a middle zone of acknowledging that my work makes others as happy as it does me and slipping back into comfortable anonymity to avoid my inner devils. I can be very self critical.

Yeah that it was 2017 and not 2021, no

I'm proud of the relationships I have built and sustained over time, which this past year's circumstances have revealed. After the break up, there were so many friends and family that reached out to me just to offer support. My aunt called me every morning for the first two weeks just to make sure I was functioning. My mom came to deliver hot meals and listened to me as I tried to work through my own thoughts and feelings. My best friends flew in for a weekend just to be by my side, and it was truly the first time I had laughed in three weeks. Last weekend, I turned 30 years old and friends from across my last decade showed up to support me. I know that much of this is luck. But I do think some of this is because of the person that I have shaped up to be. And I feel proud of that.

I am proud that I have had two lovely visits with my in-laws after a decade and a half of horrible visits. I haven't figured out why it's so different when they visit on my turf vs. on neutral turf or me visiting them, but the difference is huge. It's like a completely different relationship. Ditto when we visited my BIL and SIL for a long-weekend in the Hamptons, where we were staying in the same house, taking our cues from them, and could "casually hang" in a way that's almost impossible in NYC or in the enforced imprisonment of the family country home. Both discoveries have been a revelation.

I would not have done anything differently. I am proud of knowing my worth and realizing that Yavneh was not the place for me. I am glad I picked up and moved myself to NY. I see the struggle but I am keeping strong trying to make it work out there.

Yes. I wish I had not been so worried about getting Covid. I basically only left the house to do errands for 14 months. As a result, I became paranoid about being around people and going out. One of my friends had all kinds of get togethers with family all over the country during the same period, and she never had an issue. And this was before the vaccine was even available. I lost a lot of opportunities to be social and live my life.

I wish that I was more consistent with setting aside time for the things that are important to me outside of work. I made a good start during shutdown but work rapidly encroached. Why am I so bad at this kind of self care?

I am really proud of my process regarding wanting to know more about my mother's history and not being able to ask her, to find a healthy, well-boundaried way to ask a toxic person. I did not give too much of myself away, but I also was not rigid - I found a sweet spot of vulnerability. Which ended up being especially poignant because that toxic person died soon after I found the courage to hold this process with them.

I wish I had done a better job of communicating my needs and boundaries to my partner. I feel lost in this relationship and that their needs, wants, and desires are the primary and only focus. As far as what I'm proud of, I'm proud of my work in tech and my first major release at a DSP. I can do anything and finally feel respected and paid my worth.

Taken more time out for homeschooling, less time focused on work and worrying about work.

I am proud of continuing to put myself out there in many realms, both professionally and romantically and especially by taking the leap to do "date of the month" with newer people in my life. Was super vulnerable and also empowering.

I took the time to reach out to people who were vulnerable and showed that I cared- helped them get vaccine appointments, share meals when able, and helped them in other ways as well.

I wish I had let myself be more comfortable about going out and being in the community in the brief window where it was safer. I also wish I was in an emotional place where I didn't fear being in public spaces right now. I am proud that my kids are still doing really well and I am being honest about where I am emotionally and I've shared that this is hard and a struggle.

I wish I spent more time having fun with my husband before he died. Being very cautious because of the pandemic kept us at home and mostly isolated.

This year has been tough for everyone. I am proud of how I kept my family strong and close to my friends. I am happy I found ways to have fun and to be social. I wish I had read more and maybe taken an online class or two.

I wish that I had taken advantage of my off-days the way I had planned to around this time last year. I wanted to go camp on my weekends and explore more nature. I didn't do that at all though. Weekends became total veg-fests where I just laid around all day long - I'd like to see that shift this year. I also wish I had spent more time cooking at home instead of ordering out. I enjoy cooking and am so proud to cook fresh, local, whole meals but get very lazy and overwhelmed by the process. I notice that when I'm feeling good I'm also willing to take care of myself and hope that I can develop better ways of staying up rather than falling into the down moments. I am proud of my commitment to supporting and improving the experience that staff has. I think that workplaces can be both enjoyable and equitable and I'm proud to be demanding that and creating that.

I can't think of anything now. I'm very happy that I spent so much time in Utah this past summer.

This one's a both/and. I wish I had done less work for my job during the pandemic; I went above and beyond and I don't think that was best for me, although I understand why I acted the way I did in pandemic times. I am proud that I adjusted my behavior when conditions changed, refocusing on my side hustle and my professional development, to chart a better path forward for myself.

I have been thinking a lot about my sister, and our estrangement. It has been 13 years since I have spoken with her, and although I've reached out, she hasn't made any attempts to reconcile. I'm unsure if I want to try again, or just let it go. It bothers me. I guess that what I wish I'd done differently is try harder this year, make more of an effort, send a letter, whatever. Something I'm proud of is our decision to leave our home and move to Washington. I'm really unhappy here. I waited and waited for my wife to be ready to move, and I'm glad that I was patient. I think that if I had pressed the issue, we would never have decided to go. Only 9 more months to go!

I guess I continue to struggle with the idea that I really don’t control much. I continue too much to believe that if I try harder, more often, be more convincing, etc., that it will change things. I continue to understand that I would be more satisfied if I let go more and accept things more but have a hard time doing more to accept that.

I have a hard time feeling proud of myself (having an impostor syndrome and trauma) but I do feel a sense of achievement when it comes to self improvement. One of my therapists told me in July, during our last session of the year, that she was really proud of me and all the progress I had done regarding my self-awareness, finding and respecting my own limits, identifying and managing my emotions. Then also just last week during an especially tough exchange with my brother I was able to realise how much progress I'd done with the help of therapy in the way I think about interpersonal problems and the way I'm able to handle certain social interactions.

This year, I am especially proud of the writing/scholarly projects I have been able to complete (or come close to completing), especially the podcast, the last which is inspiring me to do more with the topic.

I'm proud that I stayed the course - kept plugging away at my art despite all the distractions & reasons not to, mostly kept a cheerful positive attitude.

I am so proud of finally going on meds. Taking SSRIs has been life changing and has made it so clear to me just how much I needed to do it. My life is just so much better, lighter, happier as a result.

I wish I didn't had dropped out of college this year. I'm proud that I went after help due to my mental health but I think I took to long to find help and if I had it done sooner I wouldn't have needed to leave college.

I wish I had spent more time with my children. Ever since March 2020 my work life has become increasingly more demanding. I feel like I was able to bond well with my older son, who's 4.5, but mostly before COVID. My youngest son, who is almost 2, has less time with me. I wish that I had spent some of my time differently, but I will make up for it this year.

I wish I hadn't gotten divorced, at least the concept of divorce. I loved my ex, and I think I will always love and care for him, but I'm sure that staying married would have damaged my children. But I do wish I hadn't acted as a survivor and left the South, however, I couldn't do it financially without robbing my parents of everything they have. I wish I hadn't moved to my parents' home as a landing pad for my divorce. I wish I hadn't accepted a friend and her two kids into my home. I wish I hadn't assumed my place would be awesome with three more people in it. The only thing is that if I hadn't done any of those things, I wouldn't be divorced from an abuser, I wouldn't have my own place, I probably wouldn't be back in school, and I wouldn't have the non-abuse-related problems that I have right now: how to be a good student, good parent, how to have a clean house, how to be a good worker at my job, how to keep exercising, how to go to bed early.

1.more time with the dogs 2. My children’s continued growth as humans- each in own way

I'm really proud I published my book and transformed my grief into a means of helping others. But I wish I had worked more in advance to get the word out and publicize the book to appropriate markets. I'm proud my daughter and I had some therapy together and that I am building a better relationship with her. I have accepted that I have cannibinoid hyperemesis syndrome and have stopped smoking marijuana, but I miss it terrible and wish I were finding some other way to keep my libido strong.

I wish I had been more productive. But alternatively, I'm proud that I did "nothing" for the first time ever in my life. In reality, there IS no such thing as doing "nothing."

I am glad I co led an outreach campaign when the pandemic started. I am also grateful for my current student.

This is very recent, but it took me a big chunk of the year to make up my mind and do it. I finally upgraded my camera to something that works almost perfectly for me. For all the photos that I've taken for people and all the praise I've received for my photography, I still felt like a new camera would be wasted on me. It was surprising how much those negative thoughts held me back and kept me using an old broken camera. I've put my photography to good use twice already and I haven't even had the camera for 2 months yet. I am looking forward to making more people happy with my photos in the coming year.

I look back on some of my communications to staff at FPS with a sort of cringe. Not sure if I would have don it any differently. I don't like the way I handled certain staff issues, probably would have let others deal with the Hannah M situation. I wouldn't say I'm proud that I quit FPS, but I'm glad I did and I think it was the right call. Time will tell, though.

I'm really impressed with how well I have handled the pandemic, lockdown, adjusting to a different work environment (ie, from home): how I've effectively and successfully put daylight between my professional activities and my home life... all under the same roof. I have absolutely hit this Covid thing out of the ballpark. I'm really, really good at it. And I own that

“The soft overcomes the hard; the gentle overcomes the rigid. Everyone knows this is true, but few can put it into practice." - Tao Te Ching I can be quite pushy. Increasingly I realise that pushing stuff (in all the ways) is a lot of effort for minimal benefit. Instead it’s more fruitful to listen, open, take down the fences from around my heart, dare to trust (real courage!) and be patient, decent and gentle in all directions - including towards myself. An example? My ITB injury whilst training for the ultra, that didn’t need to happen. I knew I ought to work in as much as out and I avoided it. Something about marginalising my inner feminine perhaps? And that setback really impacted on my strength - in one way. Although not all: I can learn from it! Hopefully! Slow down to speed up etc...

I wish I was able to talk to my boyfriend about his increased smoking and drinking, especially the drinking. Last year I was angry about it, this year I have just resigned myself to it as inevitable. I realize every time I brought it up... tactfully, picking the moment carefully, it just made him defensive, (his response is always a variation on I drink too much and you are overweight, everyone has problems) and he actually was drinking and smoking more afterwards. He's getting red in the face and short tempered. Yet he is still amazingly healthy- although the thrombosis in his leg is a horrific colour. I still love him, and I want to stay with him- as long as I can stand it. I believe there will come a tipping point where he has changed so much I have to leave. I am already losing respect for him, and I feel that slipping into contempt. Alcoholics anonymous family group suggest that (in between saying bloody prayers) you can't help and shouldn't try- just keep up your own spirits, dress nicely, then wait for them to hit rock bottom. Then, and only then, help them if they ask for it. I don't think I can do that. It's like watching a train wreck in extreme slow motion. The difference between us is I know I'm fat, which the doctor said is due to the hypothyroidism, but I am eating more healthily and doing more exercise. You have to realise you are in a hole before you can climb out of it. On a more positive note- what an I proud of from the last year? Well, we survived the shooting, and I managed to pay all the bills. I stopped sketching- depressed and feeling pointless- but also tired due to all the other paid work. It's hard to get space to start something new when paying the bills takes all your energy. But I'm still hoping I can make the side hustle with fragrance and feathers work.

I am so proud of us making a decision and making it happen, which was moving. We needed a change. We were broke where we were living. It was getting expensive and we had so many bills. Now we are debt free except for the car and house and it's nice. I am looking for a job. I don't really need one but it would be nice to have one for the money and to be a part of something again and to travel. I miss travel so much. Traveling for work where everything is paid and I can enjoy myself. I wish we had paid more attention to the builder we chose. We worry about this house and the issues that it has. Will it be ok? Did we make a huge mistake? I think we should have paid more attention this time in buying a house.

I’m not so sure about this one. Regrets are a tough one for me. As much as I’ve had my ups and downs I don’t know if there could be any other way. I am proud of my turn—my decision to make my way into psychedelic-assisted therapy and psychotherapy, and get out of my corporate job. It suits my soul to work directly with others and it feels right. I will continue pursuing despite the rejections. Im proud of that. I am capable and can do anything I set my mind to.

I wish I put more effort into my thesis. This past year has really wore me down with the pandemic and the years of working and going to school full time have left me jaded. Since I was already working and making decent money, I didn't feel like my effort was appreciated at school and I really put in minimal effort because of it. I still graduated with honors but my portfolio isnt as impressive as it should be.

I wish I was more disciplined about digging into the why of my business and restructuring it. I am proud of how disciplined I was with daily exercising.

I would have pushed through COVID and created some small vacation. Instead I kept planning for a longer multi-week international trip, which was continuously delayed or canceled. Should have just done something simple to have a break from this crazy life.

I wish I could have accomplished more this year.

I wish I could have been more present and positively connected with my spouse and my kids. I felt so maxed out with everyone being in the house all the time. I work remotely so my work time felt invaded by their schooling. And because my spouse is still out of work, seeing him sitting on the couch day after day built resentment. I wasn't as available to him or as supportive as he needed because I just felt done. I'd get up, do an online exercise session, work, run the errands, cook, clean, and do it all again the next day and the day after. The kids did their online school. The spouse looked for work. And when they were done, they'd retreat to their spaces (and I'd stay up in my office) all on devices. I wish I could have found a way to overcome my burnout to be more positive and engaged – instead of escaping to a private space as often as I could. (I also wish they could have stepped up more.)

I wish I had paced myself initially instead of jumping into the next level physics course I couldn't handle and spending money I didn't have. I am proud that I pulled back, measured my expectations, and started from the ground up--high school level math class on up. That will be something awesome for me and future professors to look back on.

Well the annual answer is I wish I would lose weight and stop nighttime binge eating. And also patience especially with Sandi. Proud of seeing Jason and Adam become such mensch’s and loving spouses and dads. We set a good example and it seems to have worked. Love it when Jared smiles and is so content. We’ve given him a good life and he’s made a good life for us even with all his challenges. We’ll care for him till our dying breath.

"Proud" isn't the word, but I am so, SO glad that not only did I get to see my mom, sister, and niece this summer when they came to visit us - but shortly afterwards I made a snap decision to fly out to visit them a few weeks later. December 2019 had been the last time I'd seen them before that and it truly hurt; it was so wonderful to get to spend time with them both having a fun vacation, and then just "hanging out" and running errands. I'd missed them so much.

I am proud of how well I have able to look after Mum and make her life much better.

I don't think so, although I do sometimes rise to the bait when it comes to confrontation. I'm proud of how I've been dealing with myself and will continue to nurture myself.

I don't have any regrets from this year. I am definitely proud of the work I've done in therapy, which has helped me grow in all relationships: work, family, friends, intimate partner, etc. I think the work I've done on myself has led to all the current changes that are underway in my life, and even though it hurts to be in transition, I have to hold on to the recognition that whenever I establish a new, healthy boundary in my life, good things come from it and I need to be patient to reap the rewards.

No regrets come to mind. Proud to have finally learned how to drive before my 40th bday!

I wish I had started to take my mental and physical health more serious sooner. I think there were times over the past year that I was not well, or not in balance and alignment and looking back the year is much of a blur. I think this is because I was wading in my life. I wasn’t present. Yet I put myself under a tremendous amount of pressure and never stopped to recognize when I needed to be gentler and kinder to not only me but to those around me. I am proud that I’ve recognized this about myself and decided to do something about it

I wish I had started looking for a new job sooner when my hours were cut at the office, but in reality, it's hard to look when nobody was hiring. Now things are busier, so naturally, I want to find a new job ASAP. Alternatively, I am proud of the money I raised for the TDSC's Jewish summer camp fundraiser and bike ride so they can provide the camp experience to disadvantaged children. I rode 77.5 miles on 12.26.2021.

The winter of 2021 was the darkest of my life. The reality of my son's death in 2020, the craziness with my dad and his caregivers. I was miserable, my marriage was miserable. But I'm still here. We're still here. And somehow in the midst of it, I wrote my first book, which will be published this winter (supply chain, willing). I don't know how I pulled it off, but it's a dream come true!

I wish that I could hear ADONAI's warnings and cautions so that I could make positive, godly decisions

I should have done more to help myself deal with my anxiety Relocated to the west coast to support my wife, haven’t freaked out because of the smoke and fires

I developed increase confidence and skill in technology and public speaking. Two things that had previously unnerved me.

I suppose I could have done more for the business this year - Tyler has really amped up his focus on our future and investments, and I was more "status quo" when it came to my job/goals. I am, however, proud of the fact that I worked through my ENTIRE pregnancy this year (I have been pregnant EVERY DAY of 2021 thus far) and stayed active and well.

I wish I had been kinder to myself, and had been able to let myself rest without being consumed by anxiety. Please tell me you've mastered that by now?

I wish the results were different, but I don't know that I would've done anything differently. I do my best to make choices I can live with. I'm uncomfortable using the word proud. I'm surprised and grateful I can turn towards the most painful things and do the work to heal, even when I don't believe I will.

I wish I'd gone out for more walks, just be out in nature and ride my bike. I did begin to do yoga and meditate more often, not sure if I'll be able to keep that up with going back to work and a baby on the way, but its worth a shot I guess.

I wish I had found a way to assert my needs in this particularly challenging year.

Proud of the way we handled COVID particularly with the grandkids. I wish I had listened more to my true self and not worried about what others would think of me.

I wish, as usual, that I'd spend my time more productively. That I would go to FOPAL high value books and get them online for sale. That I'd visited Lenore and that I'd write people that I miss.

I started to follow We Are Together SF’s posts on Instagram, hoping that it would spur me to join them in helping the less fortunate during COVID. I never did. I wish I had risen to the occasion considering how relatively lucky I’ve been through this pandemic year-plus. Granted I had a design studio to keep afloat—financially and overall office morale—plus teach three courses teach remotely and keep my students going. That I got through that deluge, and with positive results to show for it, is some sort of small miracle methinks. I am proud of that.

There are things I wish were different, but I'm not sure I could have changed things. I wish I could have spent more time outside having adventures and exercising this summer, I wish my relationship with Ilan was better, I wish I could have spent more time reaching out to loved ones. But I had a few key goals I needed to achieve that were highest priority: my job, Ilan's bar mitzvah, household management. And these things I did do. I wish I could have spent more days free of dread and more deeply centered in conviction, faith and joy. But even that may just be a factor of my biology that I've done a remarkable job working through. I would say: I wish I were less triggered by Ilan's bad moods. I think if I could stay centered, remember not to freak out when he's late on non-compliant - I think that he would calm down too. And I think the solution is not about him, but about doing a better job caring for me, and letting him worry about himself.

I was brought up to believe that if you can do it yourself, you don't need to ask for help. There have been many times I have struggled, but not asked for help. I wish I had asked. things would have been completed sooner, I would have learned more in the process, from friends and colleagues. I would have learned not to feel shame for asking for help.

Oh, I'm sure there are many things that I wish I had done differently. I wish I could find away to not let myself get so upset or defensive with then things my mother says to me. I wish I could learn to take a breath before I "retaliate" with my words when what she says upsets me. It sounds strange but I am proud of the memorial service I was able to hold for my daughter Katherine. I'm proud of all the wonderful things that her friends said about her. I'm proud of being able to provide her a service that I believe she would have approved of. I'm almost glad that COVID forced me to delay her service and that we were able to have it on our terms.

I am REALLY proud of choosing to turn outward and cultivate empathy and compassion rather than judgment during the pandemic. It has been very hard, because people have been idiots and are all up in my grill and my rope is very short because we are living through a global fucking pandemic, but I am proud of trying hard to make the compassionate, kind, empathetic choice whenever I can. I wish I hadn't let the uncertainty about my job weigh on me so much, though. It contaminated a lot of my time, and M's time, and that was a colossal bummer.

I wish I had managed to stay in better touch with many friends and it is hard to explain, even to myself, why I failed so miserably. I have always mentioned the importance of "staying current" . So, I've given myself a failing grade. Every excuse is lamer than the one before: low energy, distraction or distractability, focus and time (too much time spent on researching recipes and preparing meals and not enough time keeping current even with myself!)

I'm insanely proud of the new floor I installed, which makes the house look SO MUCH BETTER. It was a ton of work, ripping up old carpet and all the rest, and it ruined my productive hours for WEEKS. But infinitely worthwhile in giving my heart a place I can live more happily and feel proud of. I am also proud of the catchment basin and the work I'm doing to help my yard be nicer, supporting the desert and its natives, the watershed, and a small battle fought against a terrible future. I hope I've done a second basin before this time next year, and maybe gotten bigger rain barrels and gutters installed. Raindrops: gotta catch 'em all. Differently? I wish I'd focused on my paintings more. Commissions overdue, and I have only so many more years left to be a Maker. The weight of obligations and expectations is weighing on me.

What can we do differently? Covid still dictates the patterns of our lives - mask up, wash hands, stay home. And stay home we did. And for me, stay home meant no vacation - no time off to regenerate - even if a little bit from work. Well - to be honest - I did take time off in November - but the reality is I worked so much that I maxxed out on my vacation -losing the time vs using the time. And with that, I have become tired, cranky, frankly close to burnout. I can tell because work doesn't stimulate me and my days off is about sleep. This week I did take off -after losing about 6 hours of vacation but it is hard to let go. I know this has to change. I wish I had taken off time more frequently during the year - and need to plan to use it vs lose it in the future.

During this past year I lost my father and went through a divorce. The process of becoming a single parent to my two young daughters was a learning curve. I am particularly proud of the family structure I've established, the customs and ceremonies we have built around every day tasks, and the warm and loving home environment that we have fostered. My daughters feel safe, loved, and happy in our home. I am proud of them, for they made it possible for me to do this.

I feel like I've been doing my best from a compromised position. Is it the best I could POSSIBLY do? No. Is it the best I could PRACTICALLY do? Probably. I keep coming back to learn and grow, and turn my mistakes into learning moments. I am proud of that.

Kept the house cleaner. Been nicer to my kids. Saved more money. Exercised more. Dyed my hair earlier. Been nicer to Yoel. Save the plant, typical things like that. Proud of: Completed school, worked at Hebrew school, TAed properly and learned to be a good grader. Got promoted at work and the demoted, haha. I did well in the podcast. Grew it and became more professional and recorded a ton of episodes.

I... I... I don't know how to be self reflective on this. It's all felt like crisis management, like basic coping. It's all felt like there were no alternatives, no choices, just through. I feel broken. I feel overwhelmed. Something different? Married wealthy? Had parents I could move in with who could have helped with child care? Been able to take a leave and not have to worry about money. There are no things I could have done differently in my actual real life. Also, proud? No, not proud, just tired, but sometime, far from now, I am going to feel damn proud about having made it through.

I am proud of the daughter I was able to be for my parents this year as my dad struggled through his illness. I am proud that I had the physical, emotional and mental strength to be there when they needed me most. On a separate note, I have developed a great workout routine and am stronger than I have been in a long, long time. I haven't missed more than 6 days in the last 6 months.

I wish I had used all the free time more productively. I think I've been depressed, at least that's my excuse. I still have unfinished stories that I'd like to wrap up. I would like to post my stories, too. I keep procrastinating.

I do not have many big-issue regrets from this past year. There are almost no big things that I wish I could do over or do differently. I am proud of the fact that I have not let a bad medical diagnosis change who I am. I have worked hard to put my personal feeling on the side and interact with people as usual with as much positivism and optimism as I always do. I am trying not to let a bad diagnosis, surgical changes, or drug treatments alter who I am. So far, I think I am successful at staying "true" to who I am.

I have some regret over buying so emotionally into our divisive political climate, but it’s so very hard to empathize with the worthy opposition when the issues surround the very foundations of democracy and the lie and death respond to the pandemic.

In the summer of 2020 I was so dedicated to prison abolition, and various mutual aid projects. It felt so good to be a part of something significant like that. But then as I started pursuing a lifelong dream to be on Broadway, that side of myself sort of went away. My focus shifted, and I don't think that's bad, especially at the start of this new journey, but I think that building community and working in some capacity with activists is a central part of my identity, and I wish I had done a better job of creating balance in that. There's just so much I want to do, and it doesn't feel like I have the time for it all. But I think it's going to be an important task for me to look at my life, and establish my priorities, and find some balance in all of that while still catering to my individual needs as a human being living in a deeply apocalyptic time.

I'm proud of myself for putting myself out there socially and romantically. I've been dating for fun and not taking anything too seriously which has been a delight

More exercise, less time in front of my PC.

I wish I had taken more time off. I wish I had better boundaries between work and home and I wish I knew more about who I am when I'm not at work. I want to know who I am when I rest. I'm super proud of my practice! It's grown and I've done good work through it. I paid off a bunch of student loans which was amazing. I have wonderful clients who I love to spend time with. I feel so authentic here in this space and I am thankful.

I should have exercised more and eaten better. I did lose a little weight, but I have hit a plateau (more like I'm not exercising or eating right). I have spent the first few months of retirement watching a lot of TV. Not the reason I retired, so I must get off my couch and do things.

I'm not sure if I should have accepted the first job I got - I think it was my only option and that I probably should of gotten it but I keep doubting my decision. I'm also really sad about moving away from London and not sure if it was the right choice. I think it was my only option but I wish I'd had the ability to choose.

Differently - I definitely wish I had listened to the voice in my head that told me not to take the new job, when I knew that R and I were falling apart. I knew I couldn't handle divorce and a lonely, difficult new gig at the same time. But I let M talk/shame me into it and it made a terrible time even more terrible. This is the second time she's talked me back on to a safe path that I ultimately came to regret. I really struggle to listen to my own inner voice sometimes, I so often give the confident views of others precedence and priority over my own. It frustrates me and I would like to change it, but I am not sure how. I'm on the fence about whether I wish I had done anything differently, in relation to R. There were times after things went sour that I was angry and hysterical, and I'm not proud of that at all. At the same time, I was reacting to the person I loved most abruptly swinging between stonewalling, defensiveness, insults, snappiness, silent treatment, blame, criticism, etc so I also forgive myself. I am only human and there is only so much I can take before I react like one. In some ways, I wish I had understood R more. If I had been able to step back and understand his avoidant tendencies, his fear of intimacy, his fear of losing control, his low self esteem, feelings of inadequacy, need for space etc... if I had been able to view those things with clarity and empathy, rather than through the prism of my own anxieties, maybe things would have ended differently between us. But at the same time, I could have understood that man better than Einstein understood physics, and it still wouldn't change the fact that he wasn't willing to do the work. It wouldn't have changed the fact that he is afraid to grow and change, or that he doesn't want to do emotional labour because it makes him feel inadequate and afraid that he'll be rejected and/or smothered. So I do wish I had done it differently because then maybe I would have been a better partner. At the same time, if I actually knew then all the stuff I know now about attachment theory and emotional anorexia, I probably would have left him years ago.

I wish I'd kept my job until the end of the semester. On one hand, I would have more money right now. But, quite possibly, I might have less had I not been forced to seek alternative income and be where I am now with two successful streams of income. I wish I'd kept in touch with certain friends more. I'm proud of taking the risks I did this year to maintain my integrity and am not regretful of the relationships I have left.

Something I wish I had done differently is how I left my last job. I quit quite abruptly, and I worry that I burned bridges that would have been beneficial to maintain. This is something that is incredibly challenging for me as I have an enormous fear of letting people down and often wait until the last minute to do things like this because of it. I wish this is something that I had been taught. Something I am proud of myself for is prioritizing my mental health and wellbeing more and saying no to things that aren't beneficial to me. I can be a people pleaser, and it's been great for me to practice shifting my priorities around to make sure I'm taking care of and protecting myself.

I wish that I had been more prepared for ISDC and to get both our ad for the Contest as well as the short interstitials showing off winners from this year’s contest. I was just too slow to get moving, and I did not anticipate how little help I was going to get from the “powers that be”. I am proud of my senior design team achieving flight. While I was disappointed we were not ready to fly by the DBF deadline, they did get a working, flying prototype and they did a very good final poster presentation. I’m not sure how much credit I can take for their success, but my expectations were low so them achieving this feels like a win and I will take a win when I can get it.

I do wish I had taken a bit better care of myself, in terms of not eating my feelings and being more active, but with what we were dealing with, I made it out okay. I'm proud for the way we've handled our relationship - we give each other space, listen, and support each other, even with our individual peculiar needs around pandemic living. We support each other and love each other, and I'm really lucky to have had such an amazing partner through all of this.

In some ways, yeah, there are things I wish had been different. I wish I hadn't had to go back on a mood stabilizer in my meds cocktail, wish I'd had better self control once I did so I didn't gain a bunch of pre-keto weight back. But honestly I'm not beating myself up about it too much; I need to be alive to lose the weight. I'm proud of finishing a lot of outstanding projects in my queue this year!

Proud of the kids for moving into their own place Proud of robert for moving back to st louis Proud of some weight loss Proud of our exercise program - riding and swimming

What might I have liked to have done differently? 2020 was such a weird year. I guess maybe I wish I had closed some deals, which would have meant working harder. It was so tough in my business last year. I'm actually proud of how calm, cool and overall happy I was, even having the kids in my small space for three months; having nowhere to go and nothing to do; navigating the relationship with Oliver; changing my workout habits so much. I think I'm a much calmer, happier person than I've been in the past. Reading last year's answer, I think i echo similar things. Things did not work out with Marc, however, which I'm not surprised by and am actually very grateful for. Seeing what it takes to really sustain a relationship, much less move in together, I know it never would have worked with him and there's no way I would have been happy with him. Good riddance.

I wish that I had been more patient as my husband's illness progressed. And, I'm proud that I sought emotional support for myself when I realized I was dealing with depression.

I would ask myself more often "What do I want". I would follow MY path more often. That is my true path. Following everyone else just kills who you want to be. What I'm proud of is realizing this year is to 'stay in the game' rather than weep and feeling left out.

I climbed Mt Washington. It took more than a decade of having this goal, and deprioritizing it, and then remembering it. It also took training, and endurance, and mental fortitude. I attempted it once in less-than-ideal weather, and then took the hiker shuttle down because I was so miserable - but I recognized my limits, and I did the right thing for me at the time. I also have my pride -- and went back a month later, wiser, stronger, and in better weather. I learned to love New England, and love hiking and planning trips to the mountains, and to rely on just myself to get there and back again.

I've called many of my decisions into question since September of last year, and yet the main thing I wish I'd done differently is find the the courage and motivation to get out more and to exercise or be active and engaged (walking, cycling, kayaking). I've struggled with my sensitivity to weather conditions and awkwardness in forging new relationships. I am, however, mostly pleased with the beauty of the garden.

I wished that I had booked myself a retreat, especially while my wife was also working from home. She could take care of the dog, etc., while I was gone. I also wish I had taken time to go fishing more. And to meet up with my brother more. What am I proud of? Managing to maintain a semblance of my music career against all odds (Covid, vax & mask deniers, etc.) And in that, recording and releasing my first trio recording.

I guess this answer is the same as 1. The one thing I wish I had done differently was taken up outside activities like horseback riding, learning to surf. I am proud of that I did a deep dive into my brain simply for the fun of it; reading, learning Yiddish, etc.

I wish I had spent less money on stuff. Amazon-mania was my automatic reaction to the confluence of my retirement and pandemic lockdown. I'm very happy about having committed to the major project of Vedanta Life Academy. It was a year of hard work with wonderful fruits. It was an unqualified success.

I managed to stop biting my nails, which has been a quest since I was...I dunno. Seven years old? I got a hypnotist to help me with it. It didn't work right away, but one day I realized I just didn't bite my nails anymore. It was sort of crazy. It feels like a small thing to be proud of, but I am proud anyway.

I wish I had given my kids less (or zero) unsolicited advice. They're getting to an age where they actually do ask for advice once in a while, and I think giving it when they don't want it is unnecessary for all of us. I'm proud of being a spiritual mentor to a woman who has many, many difficulties to overcome, and who is very different from me. It's a huge challenge for me, and it's helping me grow. I'm also proud that she asked me, of all people, to help her.

I would have liked to have prioritized Yoga and exercise more than I did. I keep thinking I will get to it when I catch up with all my other to-do's and so I don't get to it. In the next year I need to push myself more to do some form of exercise in the am. Since it's pretty much nothing right now, it will be nice to see if I make progress by next year.

I wish I had dedicated myself more to my faith, but I’m proud of the way I handled all the stuff that happened the past year

I feel like I tried really hard to prioritize my health this last year, while also finding balance. Daily mindfulness and movement has become non-negotiable. I'm proud of that. Part of me wishes I spent more of the free time we had in lockdowns on my art. But I also realize that just making it through the day under that kind of stress is a win.

I started anti-depressants in December of last year, and they've made a world of difference for me. It's hard to say I wish I'd done anything differently, or even that I'm proud of it, but I'm glad that I took the path toward medication when I was deeply struggling, and I'm glad I've given myself the space to adjust as needed. I feel less lonely, I have more energy, and I altogether feel more like myself. My answer last year was so focused on exercise - while I do value movement and exercise, I now see that as a) a way to treat/stave off depression and b) anxiety about my weight/body. I feel like both of those have ebbed now that I'm medicated, so I hope to build a healthier relationship to exercise that's focused on pleasure and health.

Oh, the question about regrets. This year my biggest regret is about the deteriorated state of my relationship with my son, and I have come to realize that our overall family dynamics are unhealthy. Our communication, or rather the lack thereof, has led to this state of affairs. In what we always considered a loving, mostly drama free family with unconditional love and support the rule, I have come to realize that we are all so unwilling to confront issues that we hide our feelings, mostly to our detriment in the long term. So I wish I had been more truthful about my feelings not just this year but for many years in the past. I wish we had considered family therapy earlier. I wish we had acknowledged that we need tools to deal with the issues that now have left me and my son in such an uncomfortable and unfortunate place.

I'm proud of how stimulated / educated we've kept the kids. I haven't been shy about admitting I never wanted to parent this much, but I feel as though we've done a good job. I guess I wish that we had expanded our pod earlier... But then again we closed off entirely and no one got sick. Maybe changing that wouldn't have been a good idea.

I'm really proud of how well I handled a pandemic pregnancy. It was hard but I committed to exercise and to self-care and to preparing for the birth I knew I wanted. I was really at peace with my body in a lot of ways, even as everything changed and hurt. I wish we hadn't had so many visitors after the baby was born. I understand the long distance from family and the separation of the pandemic and the timely roll-out of vaccines had a lot to do with the onslaught of guests, but it was really difficult having so many people come to stay while still coping with my postpartum body and a new baby.

I am very proud of myself and my family for working hard together to reach new heights together. I wish I had taken more time to spend with them.

I am proud that I didn’t give up on nursing. and I wish I had started to exercise regularly when trying to conceive. And I wish I had made time for lll when on maternity leave. And that i had prepared for going back to work more while pregnant and during maternity leave. And done more research into bed sharing and sleep when pregnant.

I’m proud of leaving my toxic work place. I wish I would have left sooner, but alas. I’m very proud of myself for choosing a new/extended(?) career path! I’m getting my science teaching license (soon)- starting the 2 prerequisites I’m missing this fall.

I wish I had taken more time to focus on my family and taken a vacation rather than living in fear. I also wish I had taken my mental and physical health more serious. It is crazy how easily it slips away.

I feel like i should have taken the Covid time off and taken the unemployment and all the extra money so i wouldn’t be so burnt out now. At times I’m proud that I’ve kept working and paying my bills. I’m proud of surviving.

I wish that I had been able to use my downtime at home more productively. I am working at home and felt like I could have done so much more. I am proud that a story that I wrote years ago was picked up and celebrated in various anthologies. It makes me think I should be writing even more.

A deeply buried part of me wishes I had stayed at my job at Americana and taken the COVID-19 unemployment benefits when it closed. Mostly because I was making a higher hourly rate, the unemployment benefits were also more than I'm still making at NAMT, and it was very difficult for me to motivate myself to get work done remotely especially in the early stages of the panny. I felt a lot of pressure to get work done, but also entertain an unemployed Derrick who I was spending all day every day with. My Macbook gave up early on, and it felt like a sign to stop trying so hard, but I pressed on and did what I had to do to get ahold of the NAMT laptop. I don't think it comes from the best intentions that I regret taking this job, and I'm not proud of the regret I feel, because this place sounded like such a golden opportunity in my extremely clique-y industry. There were benefits to holding this job too; it was easier to apply for apartments, I had something to do on the weekdays, and I gained a very unique type of access to what was happening in musical theatre across the country. That experience is something that nobody can take away from me. While my job is the first thing that comes to mind when asked about regret, the actual work that I did is what I think of when asked what I'm proud of. I'm proud that I pushed through my flightier tendencies, proud of the financial and technical knowledge I gained, and proud to be a part of this team of professionals working to keep NAMT relevant and beneficial to our community. It sounds complicated, but really what it comes down to is the fact that I took a risk taking this job at this salary, and that risk paid off in some ways and in others it really didn't.

I am proud that throughout the pandemic I met with friends to walk outside, masked, socially distant, then unmasked and vaccinated. I became more committed to my meditation practice and correspondingly more patient with others.

I wish I had done more swimming last year, but I am glad of how often I do swim. I wish I had known how bad the pandemic would get. If I knew I probably would NOT have gotten the vaccine. Just seems so weird the Agenda

Started being productive earlier. I'm proud of myself because I've started reading and doing some exercise.

This year has been less busy feeling than last, fewer new projects or lectures. I've been able to go hiking and backpacking, even while pregnant, and become more and more comfortable having Lupine off leash. I don't knee that there's anything I'd change, though I"m sure there are things I could have done better, times I could have been more productive, but I definitely feel more balanced this year, even though I've got a baby bump in front.

I wish I had accomplished more...finally mastered a musical instrument..learned new music...taken more online classes. I'm proud that I survived..I'm healthy and I manage to find joy most of the time

I decided to devote more time to moving my body and rebuilding my health through lifestyle changes. I've almost doubled my distance moving each day since the prior year, and have lost 10% of my body weight. But equally important, I have rediscovered the joy of reveling in the miracle of our bodies, seemingly simple yet marvelously complex. And I have rediscovered the small changes daily in the life we see outside our houses - the birds, the butterflies, the toads, the blossoms, the fallen leaves.

I think I would have set better boundaries earlier in a toxic friendship this year. The writing was on the wall early on that she wasn't respecting the (flimsy) boundaries that I had set and instead of holding my ground, I continued to try to make her feel better, placating her just enough to keep the friendship going. I ended up having to cut off contact completely because she just wasn't hearing me. I think she was also hurt that I wasn't the person she thought I was- someone who would be okay with her dictating the intensity and terms of our friendships. I learned a lot from this- that eventually, I listened to myself and that I have that in me, that not every friendship is meant to last, that it's okay for me to not be able to help a friend in need if that means doing things that feel emotionally unsafe for me. It's also probably better for everyone (especially pushy people!) if I'm upfront about what I'm willing to do from the beginning.

I wish I put down my phone a little bit more. I have found that comparison is the theif of joy, and it would have been much better to just live in the moment and not worry what others are up to.

I'm proud of myself for sticking with the difficult job search during the pandemic -14 months, 140+ applications, 15 interviews - and finally landing a job that, while perhaps not my dream job, is considerably less stressful than my last job of 6 years for how it treats and respects its employees.

It's so much more of the same thing as last year. I have made progress, but agonizingly slow. I need to really sharpen my focus and actions to get where I need to be faster. So much time was spend languishing and spending time on the internet to little benefit, when time away from the screens would have meant more time for other things - things that I wanted and needed to do instead of numbing myself with news and FB. I am proud that I've started to assert more boundaries and make more solid decisions. Those will serve me well going forward.

I am proud that I have finally started eating and exercising better. I discovered that I had high blood pressure and it seemed like a great incentive to loose weight. I changed my diet and began to be more serious about the nighttime fasting and it has worked! I lost almost 20 pounds since January and I am walking a few miles at least almost every day to get in shape for the gorilla trek. I have continued since getting home and Ron is also walking everyday! I think its finally hit that its now or never to get in shape for a healthier life. I pray that God keeps me strong and healthy to be a blessing to my children and grandchildren. I probably should have paid better attention to church and the food pantry this summer. It seems like we are floundering again and I regret not following up with the Pavs after they showed interest in coming back. I hope its not too late to help bring things together there, I do pray to God to guide us in his will for our little community and its mission. I hope with less traveling this fall to do more to help.

I wish I had put so much time into my work during this pandemic. Much of it was necessary; however, it left me so mentally and physically exhausted that I had no energy to focus on my goal of writing. On the flip side, I’m proud that I was able to maintain my Pilates practice and more consistently meditate.

I try to live my life without many regrets, so this question is difficult for me to answer. If I had to think of something, it would be how I balanced my life. Right now, and historically, I do not have a lot of balance in my life. I am very all-or-nothing and I live the domains of my life in this way too. I prioritized work and school and deprioritized my social relationships and taking care of myself. I wish I would have taken more time for myself, learned how to relax better, and recharged my batteries. This is something I am going to work especially hard on this year as my life continues to become more challenging.

I wish I had accomplished more to improve my Condo. There is so much work to be accomplished and I unfortunately over analyze the actions I want to undertake. Making a decision and proceeding is always the best answer. I am most proud of finally purchasing my own place after almost ten years of not owning property albeit it is a Condo.

I wish I would have rescued a dog, earlier in the pandemic. I kept thinking the pandemic would be over and I had several “trips” that I was planning. I finally rescued a Maltese 3 months ago and then I had to start a hybrid model for work last month. I love “the company” but worry when he spends the day at home alone. I’m really proud that I lost 9 pounds during the year I worked at home. So many people complained of gaining weight. I kept my structure of intermittent fasting going and was able to achieve a 9 pound weight loss. I feel so much healthier!

I wish I had told an ex who was veering towards stalking that I was cutting off contact before doing so. I'm proud of myself for keeping going with my business, for listening to my gut, for getting clear about a great many things, for slowing down, for paying attention.

Yes - used the time to adopt better health habits - instead we ate and drank our way through the pandemic, and exercise was low on the list. I'm proud that I found a new (and better) job. I've also started some better saving and investing habits.

It's been really hard to maintain relationship during the pandemic and strangly, it's been a little harder as we are now able to gather more easily. I wish I had worked harder on seeing more people more often.

I wish that I could have communicated better with my son. I am proud of the fact that I am working on this action.

I wish I could stop worrying, but it's just in my genes.

I’m proud I started therapy. I think it’s really making a difference. It’s making me a better family member.

I should have never allowed myself to get so close to burn out. I am proud of the fact that I have finally started to think and dream big.

I wish I Penny in a way that was more responsible. Everybody hates me. Alternatively, I found some good AA in Memphis.

I'm proud of having donated a kidney to a stranger this year. Very proud of insisting on living my values in this way, despite some external discouragement.

I wish I would have been less affected by the negative things people have said to me. It led to me talking/gossiping about them and them taking up even more space in my brain. I also have not been keeping in contact with people as much as I wanted to, but I haven't been able to snap out of it.

I wish I had taken the first offer on the condo for 399. Releasing the lantern with Lyla at the dock is one thing I'm especially proud of this past year.

Helping my son with down payment for new house

I have a hard time with regret. This question doesn’t ask about regret per se, but does challenge me to rethink what I may have (or have not) done. Regret has never made any sense to me. I make choices, and as Robert Frost so brilliantly put it “knowing how way leads on to way, I doubted I could ever go back.” So I really don’t think about what could have been or how I might have done things differently. The only think I can take from my past is learning how to do better in the future. So, if I had it to do again... I would have been less judgmental of people. I found myself in a number of situations where I placed my own judgement and assumptions on people where either they didn’t apply or they didn’t help. In one case, I even harshly rebuked a friend for participating in an unhealthy dynamic. I wasn’t wrong, per se, but me imposing that view caused a rift that will not ever be repaired. That rift would have happened some other way, but it did not have to come from my misguided judgement. What did I learn? I can’t truly help anyone until I fully and deeply listen and understand their own situation and needs, and I can see a situation from their point-of-view. This will make me pause next time and ask more questions, approach from curiosity and work to focus on their perspective. But I do take pride in my progress, so I am particularly proud of my writing, of which this exercise is a part. I write more. I let my feelings spill out on to the electronic page. I have revisited my love of writing poetry and have written at least ten poems in the past few months. I started to put down words on my first book, which has been an intent for many years. All of this is a start, but it’s the biggest step I needed to take: just get started. So I am proud of myself.

I wish I had gotten farther on my book project. But I’m proud I started it and that I continue it still.

I think I accomplished much in the year of COVID. It enabled me to spend more time and attention on my family and health. I am especially proud that I was able to plan and attend (in our backyard) our daughter's wedding with 25 of our favorite people. What a joy it was to have this intimate moment.

I wish I had embraced doing chores around the house more willingly. This has more to do with being giving to my husband, who hates mess, than with being unhappy with the way things are/look around here. I need to use my time better to do things that make him happy; I feel that I've been very selfish with my use of time.

I wish I expected less of myself, and given myself room to just be. I wish I was more kind with myself and reminded myself how much I'm doing and how often it is normal to feel the way I felt. I also am really proud of all that I did, but I was chasing invisible targets and responding to pressure that I put on myself, no one else.

I am proud that I went to Minnesota to try to help stop Line 3 and take a stand to keep fossil fuels in the ground. I would have liked to do more to address the climate crisis.

Sometimes I am nasty inside the family. Wish to prevent it in the future

I'm very proud of how far I came. I physically left a bad situation and I am working a lot to leave it psychologic and emotional too. I wish a lot of things were different, but I don't know if I would have done anything differently.

I seem to always wish I was more consistent; with exercise, yoga, prayer, eating less, I suppose the list can go on and on. At the same time I'm proud of what I was able to keep up with; family, reading, exploring new ideas and beliefs.

I wish I had learned from previous break ups that one broken heart is not the end of the world. It felt like I'd never find someone else like her but it turns out I found myself again without her. She didn't want me, she wanted her idea of me and I'm proud that that person is not who I am. I'm glad that I've been able to move on and commit myself to the things that matter and that I believe in; volunteering, Judaism, academia etc.

What I wished I had done differently: Stand up for myself at the moment when I was disrespected by other people. When I caught COVID last year during Thanksgiving and was quarantined last year at a hotel, alone, I began to question the integrity of Trader Joe’s as a company. I wish I could’ve stood up for myself when someone from the HR department disrespected me over the phone regarding my COVID pay situation. I was afraid of losing my job if I confronted her and demanded respect from her. But I learned that I don’t need to take shit like that from anyone anymore, not even someone who’s in a “higher” position of a company. After many years of feeling hurt by other people, I've tried reaching out to some of them and tried to confront them online by leaving them messages and letting hem know how much they've damaged me. I just wished that I could've learned to let go, forgive, and move on instead of chasing after people from my past in order to "heal". I also wished I could've stood up for myself against my roommate instead of cowardly being passive aggressive towards her in the end. But being old, senile, and extremely rude and even manipulative, my roommate wouldn't have understood where I was coming from. There was no other way to get through her after she cussed me out for trying to help her in certain situations. But I'm glad everything is over and that I'm back with my family for GOOD! What I'm PROUD of: I was sexually harassed by an older male co-worker at Trader Joe’s. I stood up for myself on the spot and reported his ass. I’m PROUD!!! I stopped caring what other people thought of me or that others saw me as an “enemy.” I learned to always put myself first. I also I emailed the CEO at Trader Joe’s and gave him feedback of my experience working there. I also reported the HR lady that was a total bitch and was mean to me over the phone. I’m PROUD that I spoke out. I finally quit Trader Joe’s and I DON’T regret it!!! But I’ll never set foot there again… I did try to give another co-worker my number after I quit, but he never called me back. I learned to not take rejection too personally and to just move on… I learned how to stand up for myself at a Walgreens store when a lady behind me said that she “forgot” something and rudely told me to hold her spot in line. I said I couldn’t guarantee that, and she got REALLY offended lol. I learned that I’m not responsible for other people’s thoughts/feelings/actions that that I don’t need to be bullied by other people, especially strangers, into doing or saying things that I don’t want to. My friendship with a conservative/republican friend finally ended. It was for the best as she said rude and ignorant things to me while I was quarantined at the hotel. It just shows how insecure some people are with their political beliefs and try to impose it on others. I also learned to set limits and boundaries on “friends” who take my life too personally and want to know too many personal details about my life for pathetic reasons. I finally stood my ground and set my limits and boundaries on her. I will ALWAYS put myself and my well-being over friendship. *Standing up for yourself is an ongoing PROCESS. Even though it was a mistake trying to move out from home, I'm still proud of myself for learning how to live independently, even if it was only for a little while. I made my own YouTube Channel!!! I decided to make a hobby singing songs, but I can't guarantee that I'll continue to make more videos. Only time will tell. I rejoined a staffing agency and received a temporary job assignment at an electric company. I’m extremely GRATEFUL for this opportunity. It really does feel GOOD to be back working in an office. I finally FIRED my therapist. Good riddance. I’ve learned to NEVER rely on anyone else ever again on an emotional level. I joined a writing club online and signed up for a writing class and got back into writing again!!! I’m proud of myself that I’m returning to express myself in this way. I hope I can continue to find myself and express my voice though words. I’m proud to say that I’ve FINALLY made friends my age!!! I’ve also changed my style of dress to a more modest and colorful look. NO MORE wearing all black!!! It’s time to literally brighten up my soul. I feel that my life his now going on the right path.

I'm proud of running the marathon! At multiple points it seems infeasible but I was able to take it at my own pace and finish the full course. It's one of the first times I really set a physical challenge out for myself in many years and I'm glad I mustered the discipline to accomplish it.

I wish I would have quit my job just a couple weeks earlier. I wish I wouldn’t have planned a 4 day Oregon vacation right after NY. I’m proud that I got on a plane twice this year.

I wish I didn't worry so much about all the details for my wedding. So many things didn't go as plan, but it was still the best day of my life. However, I am so proud I was able to manage the stress and plan an entire wedding. I was able make a beautiful day while seeing all of my friends and family together.

I’m proud of the work I’ve done on my body and the focus I’ve been able to give that. I wish a lot of things were different, but then again, I really don’t.

I'm proud that I stopped smoking cigarettes after 1 pack a day for about 55 years. What I wish I had done differently is not start again after 4 months - -

I wish I had prioritised exercise whilst working from home. But I am proud of how hard I’ve worked at this job.

No, I think I did everything the best way I could, considering the circumstances we all lived in, with Covid, the January 6th insurrection, the Delta variant emerging and climate change crises. The only exceptions would be that I could have kept more to a healthy, plant-based diet and exercised more. I am proud that I took on more responsibility at my job, in the wake of my manager and a key colleague leaving at the same time. In addition, I hired my first new Direct Report and formed a new team, in an area that is new to me.

I wish I had had the capacity to be more tender to myself and attentive towards other people. I tried, and had some moments that I felt like I lived that, but others where I let the worry rule me - about getting another job, about the state of the world, about the salvageability of anything. I might have been accurate in my assessment, but I wanted moments that could have been peaceful, or even beautiful.

I wish I had been braver sooner.

Yes! I wish I had left my job sooner, and spent more time making content and honing my art skills. I took too many breaks and failed to train my skills to open myself up to more creativity and opportunity. I’m really proud of going to California to visit Greg in spite of everything that’s been going on in both life and in the world and even though I didn’t get to do everything I wanted it was still an inspiring trip!

This has been a year of many small-to-medium sized successes, and many small-to-medium sized failures. That is normal, of course; this year the potential consequences of the latter just seemed so much higher. I have navigated them as well as I could most of the time, and with a decent degree of grace, and I reckon that's something to be proud of in the end

The decision to pack up and move across the country and sticking with it despite doubts and more challenges than anticipated, and more discomfort than expected but not letting that overwhelm.

I'm proud of how my family and managed through the pandemic. We are so fortunate to have a home, an abundance of food, community support, and good health. Even with the anxiety and depression caused by the pandemic, I feel fortunate to be at this point in my life right now.

I have survived and maintained my empathy, my dignity, and my hope. I'm deeply proud of the progress I've made to get past the patterns that haven't served me well recently and to figure out some very important things about myself. And I'm proud to be someone with a sustaining community and a commitment to mutual support and a great capacity for empathy even in crisis.

I'm proud of just surviving and doing my job well, having good relationships with my husband, kids, parents, family, and friends. Two kids has been a huge adjustment. My anxiety has been through the roof and compromised my quality of life. I have pushed forward, believed in myself, relied on God, allowed others to help me, let go of a lot of undue guilt, fought sometimes for each second. And not just to survive, but to enjoy all the wonderful blessings in my life. To live in the moment and treasure my kids and even nature. It's been a struggle, but I think I'm actually making good choices and thinking more and more in a way that is beneficial to myself and those around me. I'm proud of that because I've struggled for most of my life with negative thoughts, depression, etc. Motherhood has refined me by fire....along with a pandemic, working full time, and the country I live in becoming more and more of a place I don't recognize or like.

I really wish we didn't' get a dog. I hate saying that since I absolutely adore her - but it was a mistake. I had truly hoped it would help the family, would be good for us - and it has been in some ways - but Randy and I are built for freedom . It was one thing to be responsible for kids - another thing to be responsible to a dog.

What I wish I had done differently: The first six months or so of the self-imposed semi-lockdown (there was no real lockdown here) were scary—so many unknowns!—but also a real pause in the rat race. We scaled back to the essentials, took time to do some things differently, and it was good. Then, as the area raced prematurely back to business as usual, our gentler routines went by the wayside, even though we kept our exposure to the germy world very small. I don't know why, just that it gradually happened. I wish I had been more observant of the trend and defended the tentative effort to do "different" better.

I wish I could have changed the end of my visit with the kids. I understand their hurt, but I was judged, found guilty and "executed" on words someone else said. Yes, I'd been drinking and didn't think to come to their defense, but to have my own child tell me I'm never welcome in his home again was heartbreaking. On the other hand, just as Richard wanted me to do, I'm moving forward into a new relationship, and truly praying that Sandon and I can turn this budding relationship into a lasting one. He makes me smile, and laugh, and want to be alive again.

I am especially proud of leaving my office job and starting my own marketing company. I have people who have used my services and can vouch for my skills and my approach. Through hard work I have cultivated the self confidence I needed to make this leap. It's scary, it's exciting, but I wake up in the morning happy and proud to get to work again.

I wish that I could have traveled - but with Covid, that was not to be. I wish that I had volunteered more, but I was afraid to go work in a soup kitchen or other such place. I brought food after George Floyd, and I hate to admit it that although it felt like I was "doing good" I was afraid to be there. Now vaccinated, once I get a third, I want to do more again.

I wish I'd been faster to realize that I needed help to sort through my life goals so I could have gotten help sooner. But on the flipside, I'm proud of asking for help once I figured out that I needed it. I tend to think I can figure things out if I try hard enough, but this wasn't the case.

Yes, I would write my book about Spinoza. I didn't start yet. But I am proud about the research I partly .

I wish we had done a little more traveling in the brief period between the two weeks after my 2nd COVID shot (about April 15) and the surge of the delta variant in my area (late July). We weren't ready to get on a plane yet, and it gets really hot where we live (Texas), so after a trip to the county in West Texas with the best vaccination rate in the state in mid June, we decided we'd wait until early September (about now) to go anywhere again. Now we can't.

I wish I had taken more time for myself. I keep giving and giving...and it's not appreciated. I need me time.

The year was garbage. I struggled so much to just be a kind and compassionate human at home and I just don't think I succeeded. I craved (and still do) time alone away from my kids, partner and adult responsibilities. I am proud that I was able to focus on my own physical health and that I was able to take on a new job and spend the summer at camp

Actually, there is nothing I would have done differently. My family and I have been making different choices for our lives for roughly 6 or so years now. We have experiences, try to avoid buying "stuff", and really enjoy each other. Things can come and go but memories are forever.

Overall I feel relatively proud of the past year. Making it through quarantine with solid relationships of all sorts and starting a career as a therapist amidst everything is pretty wild when you think about it. I'm proud to have made a friend at a wedding a few months back now because it reminded me of my capability to do that when forming new relationships feels a little foreign. I'm happy to be healthy, though I maybe would have liked to have implemented a more consistent work out plan. I trust I'm doing what I feel I need to to take care of myself, but that good body feeling when utilizing movement feels missed.

I'm very proud to have resisted the covid fear madness and as much as possible succeeded in living life as I choose. Yes, there have been many obstacles, and many losses of friend, family and opportunity, but I'm proudly unvaxed and unafraid. And even more than that, I'm proud that both of my kids are aligned with my thinking on all things covid.

I am so Happy I took a chance on BOB. It's not just that she brings so much grace to my life, it's that she brings so much grace and kindness to the entire world. which I why I call privately call her Grace.

I am really proud of the 100-mile bike ride I did for my birthday. For most of my life, I never would have imagined myself doing that. It is quite an accomplishment in transformation.

I am proud of my leadership in my workplace and family. I wish I had been more engaged in supporting the needs of people who suffered.

I wish I had figured out how to help my daughter, Kate, in her struggle after her break up sooner. On the other hand, I feel like I might have been self-protective. I sometimes felt like she was on the event horizon of her personal black hole. Things are better now and I am feeling more generous since she has fewer demands on me now. I am proud at some of the cleverness and ingenuity that I and my husband and child, Reigh, used to film entertainments for the CTLB virtual fundraisers. Barista, The Musical was a massive endeavor for a 10 minute film but it was original and funny. I was in awe of Reigh's project management skills of which I was previously unaware. I am so happy that I took acting classes. I feel like I am building myself again both because of retirement and because of the pandemic. There are many personal things that I wish I had done differently during the pandemic. I wish I had exercised on a regular basis. I wish I hadn't sat so long and played games on my phone to the point that I became stiff, sore and hunched over with my scoliosis worsening and my height shrinking. I wish I had continued physical therapy for my back, taken walks, eaten just meals and not so many pieces of chocolate, not so many chips and crackers. I tried to allay my fear and anxiety with these mindless, self-defeating ways of "checking out." I wish I had had a better way to deal with anxiety. Eating and playing games left me motionless for long stretches of time and without the motivation to do other more needed or practical things - crafts, cleaning out closets and drawers, playing piano, taking a walk with my husband at 9 pm, writing my memoirs, making photo books of our life together. So many, many things to do that would have been good, interesting, and would have given me a more lasting pleasure. I hope that this coming year, I can look at my options more clearly and decide to do a particular thing rather than just doing what is easy and mind-numbing.

I baited a friend into asking me why I was mad and then I exploded at him. I wish I had approached it straightforward and taken responsibility for myself. My anger is reasonable, the way I expressed it was not reasonable.

I wish I'd recognised I was in a mental health meltdown in March, earlier than I did. I let some people down at work who really deserved better from me, because I was so messed up in the head at the time.

I wish I would've been more patient. If I would've known things would turn out as well as they have, I would've chilled out more and enjoyed the journey. I am proud that I didn't give up and instead did things that were spontaneous and adventurous. It's turned out to be a blessed and amazing year.

I wish I had been more assertive with certain colleagues. And I am so proud of how I cared for the mental health of all my students.

I wish I had gotten out more, rather than hunkering down so much. I did it out of fear of what was u known about the virus & now I know I could have been walking & in nature safely.

Take more time to enjoy freedom once lockdown restrictions eased. It was all too easy to remain indoors, watching tv and not get out there and experience things.

My 92-year-old mother moved to Arizona this year, even though neither my sister and I live there, and despite our entreaties not to do so. She declined quickly after arriving, and now we're in the process of trying to move her again so she can be near me. I don't know what either of us could have done differently to convince her not to move, but if there is anything that would have worked, I wish we had done it.

Yes. I wish I had stood up for myself sooner and had stronger boundaries in all situations that caused me stress - work, with a partner, etc. I wish I had trusted my instincts instead of trying to people please and accommodate other people's preferences. I wish I hadn't wasted so much energy arguing about conspiracy theories with someone who had no respect for me as a partner. Never again! I also wish that I hadn't tried to fix people so much and given shouty advice when I should have just listened. I'm proud that I did what I wanted (moving far, far away) even when everyone else thought it was crazy. I'm glad I moved so far away that it reduced the times I felt forced to explain myself to people. I'm glad I quit my toxic job after 4 months instead of years.

Meh. What’s done is done. I learned during the pandemic that cleaning my space wasn’t a matter of free time. Then again, if I had, I may have lost much more in our shed fire mid-August. I feel like I could have driven myself a bit harder in the past year, perhaps made some wiser financial and Adulting choices, and overall I’m pretty happy just to say the year flew by. I’m proud I didn’t implode. There were a few moments, to be certain, where an earlier version of me might have just lost it. The thing I keep reminding myself, is the trauma of the past two years is real, and significant. It was all too much to process, so there really is no point in trying to figure out if I was good or bad at surviving it. I lived, and most of my friends and family did, too. Most. That’s gotta be enough.

I'm proud of my daily drawing habit! It's beautiful. I've drawn a little drawing every single day for 6 months. It's very grounding and centering. I wish I'd eaten more vegetables, gone outside more, and moved my body more.

This was a very stressful year for me. There were so many changes in my life and big decisions that I needed to make. One thing that I really wish I had done better was controlling my anxiety more. It's a journey everyday to acknowledge how I feel and take steps to talk myself down in stressful situations. In actuality it's not when I am anxious that I am most disappointed in myself: it is when I let my anxiety cause a chain reaction where I verbally attack the ones I love. They do not deserve this. My goal this year is to learn to communicate more effectively so I can have better relationships with the people I love.

I always feel like I could have used my time more efficiently for work and house-related stuff. I could have written and published more than one paper given the extra time outside of the lab as a result of covid. BUT, I am proud of the fact that I did get a paper published, and I am in a better place than many of my colleagues. I also wish I had done a bit more for my health. I could have established a better exercise regimen. It's not that I didn't do anything, but I could have done more.

I continue to work on my reactions to things I don’t like hearing from others like comments about my weight or if I didn’t do something well.

I am proud of an art exhibit I had this year. The work I did was more personal than ever before and it opened up new avenues (I hope) in the way I approach my work. I engaged with the work for the reward of the experience rather than any hopes or expectations of financial renumeration or professional accolades. I was overjoyed by its reception from the intimate community that experienced it.

I feel like I finally started to get a handle on getting my house in shape. I had really let it go. I'm about 1/3 of the way through what I want to do to it to make it somewhere I can stand to live for another however many years. I have also begun to at least attempt to get a better grip on my health. I have seen a lot of doctors about a lot of things, and I still have questions, but I seem to be asking the right ones. So, we'll see.

I wish I had kept in touch with friends more. I let them drift, not calling often enough. I'm proud that I took care of my son for weeks during his recuperation from a crash. I worked so hard each day, but I kept up with what needed to be done. I stayed by myself in the house next to his, and I traveled alone home. Well done, Alice!

I'm especially proud of the way I have changed my lifestyle and pursued optimal health. Over the past 10 1/2 months I have shed 70 lbs. I have a health coach, a program for healthy eating and a virtual personal trainer. I feel so healthy and renewed! There is still more to go but this will be a totally sustained lifestyle. I only wish this program was around for me 35 years ago!

Back in December, we drove to bring holiday gifts to each of our grand nieces and nephews. A few hundred miles in one day with only some limited, socially-distanced, outdoor visiting but it was nice way to spread some cheer and feel some connection to family we hadn’t seen because of COVID.

I'm very proud that I was able to complete cycling the Chesapeake and Ohio Canal Path, though I wish I could have taken a couple more days, done more camping on the route!

I wish I hadn't made a mistake that killed my beloved dog. The entirety of my brain circles around this daily. But if I can put that aside, I feel like I've made good choices. I am proud of myself for deciding to do an MA and managing to persist with it through even the hardest times. I am proud of myself for taking a leap and quitting my job.

I feel like at one point I would have said I wished I had done everything differently. There were many dark moments. But who am I to say there wasn’t purpose there, or that by doing something else I’d be somewhere else or wouldn’t feel that suffering? I do wish I spoke my mind quicker and that I owned the space I take up and the thoughts/feelings I have. Maybe I wish I got out of the coffee shop by now. It’s a major source of anxiety and fear and I’m holding onto being here because I have no idea what comes next. It has taught and continues to teach me humility, patience, compassion. I am proud for showing up in these tough moments. I am proud for wanting to go within and always wanting to seek. I hope I never stop wanting to go deeper. Maybe I will become more ‘comfortable’ with always having more questions than answers.

I don't think I would have done anything differently this past year. It's been an incredibly challenging, but also fulfilling year - we got pregnant, got married, lost and acquired new jobs, have (hopefully soon) an mother joining our lives here in Israel...there is so much to be grateful for. I'm especially proud of how much my relationship with David has grown and developed and strengthened, due to many changes and challenges, and look especially forward to this continuing in the coming year.

Is there something I’d have done differently this past year? Strangely, I have no regrets. I’ve liquidated my whole carefully-curated life, thinking that I was so close to dying. Yet I’m still here, now completely out of resources. And still I have this breath. And this one. And this one. Every time I wake up, I am in awe to still be alive. So is there anything I’m especially proud of? Perhaps just this: I keep on living the grand experiment that is life. Aaaaahhhhh. Awe. Aaawww.

I wish I had managed my relationship with Laurie better and properly addressed my alcohol intake

I am proud that I lost around 30 pounds and brought my A1C down from 7.5 to 6.1. I wish I had kept it up and kept eating more consciously and losing more.

The thing I wish I had done differently last year is the way I managed my finances. I was little careless, ending with other people making use of my money to their advantage. I could have use online banking earlier. Its about being good to my self. I am proud of never giving up on my self and keep on asking how can I love, care and appreciate me.

I think I did the best I could this year, under very challenging circumstances. From a work perspective, dealing with covering 2 jobs, handling the stickiness of merger transition – I was not perfect, I could have been more patient and less controlling at times, but it was hard work. In home/life/relationship dealing with caregiving and grief was a lot – I am proud of myself for accepting help and seeking help so I could help Joe. I am also proud of taking good care of myself: I made time for art making, for art nurturing with my artist group, we both meditated regularly, I lost weight, ate well and exercised.

I’m proud of sticking up for myself, of using my voice and being more assertive both at work and personally. I can’t easily say nope and question when things are stupid or not right. I’m done taking any kind of shit from anyone.

I'm very proud of the many times and variety of ways I've been able to provide assistance to my family, friends, and professional contacts over the past year when so many have been challenged by both the pandemic and environmental issues--both emotionally and physically.

I think I've lived this year as well as could be expected. That feels odd to say, since I look at the world falling apart and there seems like nothing that I can do that makes any difference. The thing I am most grateful for is that I spent six weeks with my parents about a month before my father died. I was able to help my mother sort some things, spend time with my Dad in his last days, and witness my parents' deep love as they came to the end of 64 years of marriage. There were many other things that happened, but that one--I got that right and I will be grateful that I took the moment.

I can't see anything I COULD have done differently. Clearing my dad's house out and selling it was very hard for me. I've been down and depressed. Things have gradually, slowly improved but I still miss my dad I miss the house, I feel friendless though I am not, really. I'm proud that I managed to do everything that had to be done, though I had to do some things over. And over.

I wish I hadn't burned sooo many bridges, though it's not a strong regret. What I'm most proud of is actually telling people my truth, no matter how they may feel about it. I wish that action hadn't resulted in burned bridges, but that's what happens when you're true to yourself, sometimes.

I wish I had stayed on track with my Tribe100x personal growth activities. I'm especially proud of making time to hangout with my Mom, and muy friends.

I wish I had taken myself more seriously, my pain and overwhelm - and gotten help earlier.

I think I could plan more small gatherings with friends in my bubble. I have been lazy about making plans. I am the only one in my house that does this and I have decision fatigue Alternately I went on a retreat that was so wonderful. I almost pulled out of. So so happy I went, it was so healing

I am struggling this year professionally, not personally which is a shift - after being the number 1 sales person for the company last year I am barely breaking 2 million in sales and this has proven to be a very challenging thing I am always ok professionally and can work on the personal stuff - so this is new territory to tread. I wish that I would keep listening to my inner voice telling me it's time to go - this company isn't doing anything to keep me and I will now have my 4 boss in 3 years - so that says something. I am very proud of the personal growth I continue to make - i am happy in my relationship - happy for friends and family and ready to just settle into something a little less chaotic - I am down for challenging - I just need to feel supported and my partner in life does that for me. We have taken on the projects in my casa and they are beautiful because we do them together and that i am thankful for. we have a new home we are going to start getting ready and I am really excited about the challenge of the new space, the new journey and the new life we are building together.

I read this year that an apology followed by an explanation is not an apology. Several times B. would point out that I would apologize, and then try to explain/ defend myself. I want to learn how to apologize fully, without giving an explanation. And not to apologize - or to wait - if I am not feeling truly sorry.

I wish I would have spent a little less time holding on to the idealized version of someone and more time seeing them as is, fully. Looking back I know that that's a better way to love. I'm proud of myself for everything, really. I think my mistakes are good mistakes, as are my successes, all blending in to make me a richer, more in depth person.

I would have liked to have had more to show for my writing and creativity over the past year. While I have been much more consistent in my writing, and I continued for much of the year working on my short film (but not currently), I don't have a full script or document to move forward with. On the other hand, I helped get a feature film out into the world last year, and I was able to contribute in ways that are beyond my job description. I am grateful to be seen by my producer as someone capable of doing so much more. I intend to continue in that vein.

I am proud of how I have lead the team over the craziness of the last year. I wish I had done things better at working/divorcing with Tony Back

I wish I cooked more food for myself. I got lazy during the pandemic and stopped cooking meals from scratch, which made it difficult for me to maintain my nutrition goals.

As always, I wish that I had let my anger and disappointment with Misha 'go' in a more productive manner. With body, I wish I hadn't gained back the same weight that I had just lost. With work, I wish I had stood up for my own needs earlier and said I could never take on the 'third' job - this has damaged my self esteem and relationship with my job - resulting in my wanting to quit early.

I wish I had monitored what I ate more carefully. I allowed myself to be seduced by sugar. Again.

I am particularly proud of the initiative that I took to find and/or create new social situations, despite pandemic limitations. The lack of strong local friendships has been an ongoing sorrow, so it was important for me to do something to address it. I attended two outdoor gatherings in a park that enabled me to meet new people and resulted in two (so far) ongoing friendships. I also put together a gathering for residents of my apartment building that generated a friendlier living environment. And finally, I invited over a small group of people who mostly didn't know one another and created an experience that enhanced connectedness among the attendees. Not only did all of these things strengthen my local friendship ties, but they reinforced by sense of hope and agency, and reminded me that I can be a person that makes things happen.

I wish I was more productive, and not put off tasks. While dealing with Covid and isolating I put off projects let things go, and now regret my backlog, which seems never ending and overwhelming. Alternatively, I am proud of the fact that I became involved more with Torah Study, and learning to read Hebrew.

The thing that I wish I had done differently this year is recognize the signs of narcissism and abuse. I loved the man I was with at first, but I ignored all of the signs that suggested the love was just lust and that my life was just of benefit to him. Today, I’ve gotten myself into a position that I’ve endlessly worked hard on improving and while I’m thankful the relationship ended, I’m also thankful for the fact that it has provided me the courage to learn and use the experiences I’ve been through to move forward and find the happiness I know is deep down inside of me. I will find it, I’m sure of it.

I am especially proud of getting my new website up, getting new clients, and completing the first draft of 10 𝘛𝘩𝘪𝘯𝘨𝘴 𝘠𝘰𝘶𝘳 𝘚𝘰𝘶𝘭 𝘎𝘶𝘪𝘥𝘦𝘴 𝘞𝘢𝘯𝘵 𝘠𝘰𝘶 𝘵𝘰 𝘒𝘯𝘰𝘸.

I wish I had been able to focus on my Masters thesis when I had more time. I was lazy, said I didn't want to work so hard, and acted out of emotional discomfort with the subject material, rather than leaning into the challenge to address it. Now, I have less time, but still think my thesis needs to be written, will make a significant contribution to others. Will have to find the time and make the effort without excuses. I'm especially proud of stepping out of my comfort zone and applying for my dream job! When I was offered the job, I took a deep breath, accepted, and started, despite huge anxiety! Two months in, I've gotten nothing but positive feedback. I'm motivated to keep growing and exploring what is possible...

To be honest, I am really really proud of myself from this past year. I feel like I really grew leaps and bounds. July 2020, I took the big step to seek help for my depression and anxiety. From there there was a really positive snowball effect. I started looking at my physical state and how I just never felt healthy. I started investigating foods that were making me feel bad and eventually found gluten to be the culprit. Additionally, I committed to applying to graduate school. I took a big leap and applied to a PsyD program. In the meantime, I received so much support. I didn't get in that program but it lead me to Towson which seems like a really wonderful match for me. I am setting boundaries with friends and families and listening to myself more. It really was a magical year even though some parts of it were really really hard.

Let go of my own bull shit. 9 times out of 10 I let my own anxiety disrupt, ruin or cloud my present moment when there’s nothing to be anxious about. I create fear in my head through anticipation and always conquer it. Somehow never remembering that last time I conquered it. I just wish I hadn’t soured my own experience with stories in my head that are not necessarily true! Alternatively, I have pushed through a lot of that and shown up for myself and others every day. I’m proud of how even when my head is telling me gloom and doom, I have enough faith and hope to show up any way

No, because I love where I am right now, with this beautiful 12 day old baby asleep in my lap, and if I had done anything differently this past year we might not have ended up precisely here. I am awfully proud of how far we've come in order to be parents. I currently like I'm failing at so many aspects of parenthood, but I am so proud of this little boy. Maybe I should be prouder of myself for growing him.

I wish I hadn’t eaten so much. I got up to almost 250 pounds again! I’m especially proud that I went to Maine by myself for a few days. I drove there and back alone. I hiked in Acadia National Park and rented a bicycle. It was exhilarating.

I wish that had been more patient, understanding, and tuned-in to the needs of my family. Be a better father, husband/parents. I am proud of who my children have become as high school senior and freshman! I am also proud of losing weight and also getting things going to enjoy snowboarding!

I should have ended my relationship earlier. I didn't keep to my boundaries and needs and instead continued to pour energy into something where I knew I wasn't going to get what I wanted.

I think I always regret not working harder or doing more projects/ organising more things? I regret not working harder on my music and uni. Everything else I have no real regrets about. I'm proud of my journey of self love.

I've changed my therapy to a different method which I believe is opening many new doors for me. I'm proud of making this decision despite being worried about abandoning my previous therapy sessions.

I am proud for decisions I made, that I came back home, that I had courage look for help, started therapy and leave the relationship which was affecting me really badly. I wish I would find something for living, earning money and also that I would have more savings for starting new, but it’s not too bad, hopefully it will be enough for a new start.

I wish I'd just taken the chance and give to visit my mum in the UK desire Covid and my fear of getting it all good transmitting it to her or the children I work with. I wish I'd called her everyday instead of once or twice a week. Now she's gone and I'll never have that opportunity again. I wonder if she knew I loved her.

I really wish I would have ridden my bike more. I really want to do the AIDS Lifecycle ride again in 2022 but I KNOW I need to get on the bike now and continue through the winter. I am proud of the couple bike packing trips I did. I really need to get motivated to ride from here to Minneapolis.

I'm very proud of myself for signing up for dance lessons - it's something that's been at the back of my mind for years, but I finally decided to give it a try. Something I was scared to do. Something totally for me.

I wish I had limited conflicts with my sister about our mother's current and future needs. Even though I felt and still feel that pushback against the avalanche of anxieties--ranging from plausible concerns to complete flights of distressed fancy--that threatened to swamp our mother's clearly stated wishes to age in place--I still wish I could have, somehow, maintained more grace and patience in our conflicts. Happily enough, my sister's anxieties gradually wore themselves out. And my mother became a bit more amenable to addressing some of her concerns. And I no longer felt there was such a large gap in what my sister thought was best and what our mother felt she needed to remain happy and comfortable. And my sister has a heart that is unable to hold grudges. And so the conflict has eased. And yet, I still feel the weight of it. So--if I am honest--for my sake as much as for my sister, I just wish I had found a way to engage with more patience and grace.

I'm especially proud of being able to see my parents every two weeks or so during the pandemic. We made a big effort to visit as much and as safely as possible. I also feel proud that I was able to keep up my family connections, despite not being able to be in person. I zoomed mah jongg, family gatherings and reunions. I zoomed into meetings and continued my work on boards virtually. It was crazy covid year but I was able to volunteer and work at the preschool and help in the community.

Wish I never signed up with 2 Ladies Cleaning, the awful St Louis based cleaning service that abuses their employees and offers so little for the money with so many tasks they don't do! Proud of my financial literacy classes for the YwCA, the fact I got 2 of them translated to Spanish and the progress I'm making in connecting to possible spanish speaking students or volunteers and groups to present to. Also proud that NCJW loves the idea and we'll be extending classes to borrowers in our Healing Hearts Bank!

I am learning, slowly but surely, that the greatest act of kindness one can do for one's self is to love and accept yourself without reservation. Because of that, if there were regrets I had from 5781, it would not do for me to examine them. I'm looking forward now. And I'm proud of myself for making that shift -- or beginning to do so, at any rate -- from judgement to acceptance.

I wish I had paid more attention to what was still available during pandemic instead of bemoaning what was taken away during that time. Limiting my activities left me feeling unhappy, scared, drained. Had I used it as a chance to expand my repertoire of things to do, I’d have come out with some growth instead of feeling spent.

Hmmm. Um. Hm. I feel like I've been on a general losing streak - professionally and interpersonally. But I'm not sure, really, what I would have done differently... It all seems to be on some difficult but unavoidable course. Part of all the endings that have marked this past few years. - I would have communicated more sensitively with Olga before her death. I feel like I messed that up. - Proud of... the resilience I've shown - at times and imperfectly. Working the fallow ground. Considering it, thoughtfully - when I'm not avoiding it or trying to plant it with a bunch of stuff I bought in a sale. Turning up.

Yes - there will always be plenty of things I wish I had done differently - that's a sign that I'm continually learning and improving. But there is one thing that I did that I am ashamed of and horrified that I could have been that insensitive. In the process of trying to gently disconnect from a long term relationship, I acted thoughtlessly and undermined all the 'gently', really disrupting his wellbeing. While, to be honest, I am relieved that the relationship is complete, and the personal work both of us have done to learn from my mistake has been great, I would have been more proactive and direct in my communication with him. Maybe gently was for me, not for him, and I blew it. What am I especially proud of? I am proud of how I have used the above-mentioned incident to take a good look at my behaviours and habits and put myself back on a path of being more authentic and good - they do both go together!

We have one employee whom I wish I would have supervised differently. I haven't been successful in helping him grow in his role, and mostly I have been irritated at him. I am pretty proud, on the other hand, of the way I have grown out of my sadness about my son's departure from the family home and learned to support him differently (and less!). And also I am proud of how quickly and smoothly we moved from our old place into a new one.

I am in two minds. I believe I should have taken a deep dive and stayed in my relationship and tested in by living together but on the other hand I have broken free of SouthAfrica and now have to make my bed in a new environment. Not easy with Covid getting in teh way.

being here is australia, and in lockdown a huge percentage of the time, and being out of our comfort zone has made it quite difficult to formulate our way forward viz a viz our future place of abode and lifestyle ..... i guess therefore I could have been more proactive instead of going with the flow ... we did make the move however and afforded ourselves during this difficult time in the world the opportunity of seeing what life is like in oz

I wish I had paid more attention to my feelings regarding the relationships I was in. Not wasted my own time, and not let myself be hurt emotionally by things out of my control simply for the sake of physical affection. I'm proud that I made my adventures happen. I set aside time and money, and, with the relationships I have forged in my life, I was able to go to Alaska, and Texas, meet cool people, spend time with those important to me, and really feel like I wasn't wasting my youth.

It gets old after a while because I always wish I saved more, was more productive on cleaning. I wish I did a lot of things but there's no point dwelling so much because it just makes me more depressed. I survived and I'm still going, which given the pandemic is more than enough to be proud of.

Done differently ~ wow, this was quite a year and I think we are all doing the best we can. That said, I could have done more actively political ~ letter writing, calls, GOTV, Actions. I am preparing for the Revolution by upping my leadership skills, including song-leading and music. And trying to show up to do my work in the world. I am proud of the ways I've shown up. Proud of the commitment I've put towards learning and growing, and the hard conversations when I've had to.

I wish I was more open-minded since it would've made things a lot easier. I'm proud of myself for everything I got through this year. It for sure wasn't an easy one.

I wish I had done more writing. I'm proud I took the high road and stayed home to protect the community.

I was able to lose a lot of weight, but I gained back a whole bunch which made me feel very sad and guilty. On the other hand, I am proud I was clear and chose to leave the job I had in spite of not having work lined up because it was not healthy for me. For once, mental health came first!

I very proud that I tried online dating. I didn't meet anyone and don't think I ever will. But I've realized that succeeding and failing aren't important; it's the trying that's important.

I wish I showed my husband more love and attention and tolerance.

I’m proud of the work I have done at my new job - building trust, evaluating problems, coming home with solutions. It’s a leadership challenge I was ready for, and I feel like I’m having a positive impact.

I wish that I had worked harder at my friendships over the summer. None of them were damaged, but I didn't feel good about how much I neglected them. I wish that I had done a better job of recognizing the value of each of my friends.

Maybe give the camping supplies to my sister. I’m sure I will laugh at this next year if I still have these things and haven’t gone camping. I didn’t realize how happy I am that I’ve maintained a spiritual practice until reading my answers from last year. I’ve developed a staying power and longevity that continues to mature with time. It is an extreme privilege to live a life of devotion and dedication to the one with no name and with many names.

Done Differently - Spent more time understanding what my goal is and working towards it. Instead of just wasting time with stupid TV, video games, YT etc. Really want to contribute to mental health NGO, never made any effort towards it.

Somehow I have become estranged from my son. Part pandemic maybe part me. I wish I’d picked up the message and acted sooner

I wish I would of made my eating Healty more of a priority. I wish I would if made more effort towards friendships. I worked hard and grew a ton at work professionally. I put myself out of my comfort zone with case scheduling.

I wish I had done more community service/volunteering. I am proud of sticking it out at camp though.

There was little to have done differently since there was little to do. I continued to be safe, to work and to develop new friendships. I volunteered more and hope to be making a difference. As we were freed from some of the virus restrictions, I gave more time to others. Sometimes, too much time.

I am very happy that I spent as much time as I did with my mother before her death in March 2021. COVID lockdowns allowed me to work from her house for the last 6 months of her life and I also visited her on the weekends to prepare her food for the week and assist with other tasks around the house. I am also happy that I was with her when she died as I would have hated it if she had died alone in hospital.

I wish I had cried more. I wish I had set more boundaries this past year. I'm really proud that I lived. There are so many times and ways I couldn't have gone on. I needed this year. I need it to be over. I need to get life right more. I need to move on.

I wish I had been nicer to the new director when she had started the job, I hadn't realized how hard it was for her. I wish I was able to have more real, open, conversations with my youngest child.

I wished I had focused on family more. I wished I had appreciated the present moment more rather than worrying constantly. I know some worrying is appropriate, being a mother, but I was almost looking for something wrong at times. I wish I didn't obsess over things. I wish I was better at relaxing. I am proud of how confident I have become. I voice my opinion, I take risks and trust more, I hold myself accountable, I challenge myself and work to challenge others around me. I still wish I would stand up for myself more but I know I have made progress. I am proud for not limiting myself and going after what I want.

I wish I had been a better peace keeper between my mother and my sister-in-law. I should have been more aware of the goings on. However, I have my own life to live and cannot be everybody's daddy. They are adults and should behave like that! Also: I FINALLY GOT A JOB!!! The long years of waiting are finally over. The pandemic is clearing and soon I'll be signing the employment contract. What a relief, I tell you!

The boring side of me wishes that I had kept up on all of my on-going PT exercises so that my &%$@@ rotator cuffs didn't hurt right now. I wish I got outside more, in nature, especially on the water. I didn't GODDAMN FLOAT EVEN ONCE. Ya know, in all seriousness, I don't really want to focus on this one, as it is too easy to start listing all of the ways I failed to do all the things I always fail to do. So . . . I kept up with friendships, basically kept up with my home (managed to organize the work in my back yard so I now have a patio area and a fire pit area), fostered my relationship with my sons, worked hard, got new tattoos, started a new instrument, etc. I am proud of biking more than 1500 miles on my stationary bicycle hahaha. But, more than anything, I'm proud that I booked a trip to ITALY for me and my boys. Anyone who knows me knows how big a deal that is for me. No other experienced adults--just me, a 21 year old, and a 17 year old in Florence in the spring. If we get to go (f-ing covid).

Reached out to help a few more people Jewish none profit volunteers especially, Supporting Lone Soldiers

I'm not sure there's anything I could have done differently this past year, given the Covid restrictions and my general exhaustion and our collective depletion. I did my best. My classes went well, or well enough. I kept wishing I had exercised more, but I have chosen to forgive myself for not doing more. It was basically a blah year, but with a lot of survival!

I'm exceptionally proud of who I've become over this past year. I deepened who I am as a Jew, as an artist, as a family member, as a woman, and as myself. I am genuinely putting in work to put myself first. Even when its harder to go to synagogue instead of class, it is more fulfilling. When it is harder to work and a song than it is to go out, it is more enriching. When it is harder to prioritize my family over work, it brings more joy. When I don't hide away from my femininity and my sexuality, it is more challenging but more honest. And through all of the subsets of identity and am discovering what it means to be myself.

I wish I had saved more money.

One thing is that I wish I had spoken up about a decision that I knew was right but didn't press. I eventually all worked out but it was months of unnecessary ambiguity for the team. I am grateful that my parents survived COVID lock down and for the time I spent with my parents this year once COVID restrictions were lifted at their assisted living and memory care facility.

I think I handled last year pretty well. I stayed mostly together, worked on myself emotionally as well as physically. I think the only thing I wish I did different is maybe plan more time for my art but honestly, there's only so many hours in a day.

I’m proud of how I cared for my mother when she was dying. I was far from perfect, but I showed up, and I didn’t flinch at the really hard parts. I loved her the best I could as long as I could.

I am proud that I finally made the leap to add to my education. It was a huge move to quit my job and start my Post-Bacc for Speech and Language Pathology, but so far I am glad I did it. Especially as Covid continues. I am also happy that I have begun to see my family a lot more. I never regret it.

I don’t think there’s anything I’d do differently. I’m especially proud of myself for ending therapy when it was time to end it, and for finding a new therapist when I realized I still had work to do, but with someone different.

I am proud I am learning how to discover and listen to what I truly want and to sift through the ought tos and shoulds. I am growing so much in discerning my intuition and Holy Spirit. I’m hindsight, I don’t wish I had done anything differently because looking at my past year now I know it was all heading in a great direction! I guess I wish that I will worry less and not get so hung up about life when it feels not to be working well.

I wish I had done more creative writing.

I am very proud of the teacher I was during Covid. I felt a great responsibility to be a constant and safe harbor for my students. We created a classroom community where real relationships were created. My students learned and the data validated that they grew. On the other hand I wish my own children didn’t feel like I was always working. The year was one of great professional pride but it was taxing.

I loved how easy it was for us to social distance. We created new ways to communicate. We zoomed as a family, FaceTimed and grew even closer. My husband and I live a life of enough of everything. Enough relaxation, pleasure, & work. We did want a little more unexpected surprises for fun. We created a space on the balcony for relaxing and pleasure. We fed lovebirds, finches, and white tipped doves. We had music on the balcony. A hammock swing and a bed. Life was sweet for us. Even with the hardships of cancer and Covid, we were connected with our loved ones. There was an abundance of love and slowing down.

Lots. Not being more communicative in my relationship, dropping the ball on friends, not speaking up for help sooner. Taking a job I wasn’t in love with. With all that negative, I’ve been working on each one slowly as the new year came upon us. I’ve been doing a lot of reflection and working on finding ways to make me happier outside of work. Also started therapy and have been working on myself in that way.

I wish I had been more realistic about the massive undertaking involved in moving, and spent more time preparing, rather than avoiding what needed to be done. My procrastination resulted in additional stress (and bringing along stupid stuff that should have been dealt with).

I'm proud of the progress I've made with teaching myself to sew and make clothes. The trousers I've made have so far been pretty successful.

I'm proud of the way I handled the fiasco at Zufall. It was the only time in my life when I had a job that was so bad, I was hoping to get fired. I'm glad I decided to speak to HR and negotiate a separation agreement, where I would be able to get unemployment. It does suck that I won't get a good recommendation from them (especially because I was using them to get into the medical industry), but whatever. It's been wonderful to not have to deal with constantly ringing phones, Sonia's nagging, and patients who are stupid enough to write on the shiny part of the sign-in sheet.

I've hated this year so far- don't feel I've got anything right. Wish wish wish that I had got my self together and done some writing though

I wish that I had made healthier choices with eating and exercise, especially since I got my shots on February. I'm proud of the work I accomplished and the money I raised for work...but it's also very stressful and it's been at the expense.of my health.

I wish I had been more focused on finding steps forward instead of just being comfortable where I am. I hope that this year, I will be smarter and more driven to succeed. I am very proud of how much I’ve worked on myself as a person and pursued growth and greater understanding of who I am as a neurodiverse person and as a human in general.

I wish I’d spoken instead of walked away. I’m proud I chose peace. This is true simultaneously, so often last year.

I'm very proud of completing and defending my dissertation. Usually I have fits and starts of passion, but don't complete things. The topic I chose mattered so much to me that I was able to see it through the whole intellectual and emotional process!

Less work and screen and more attentive mama/wife/friend And I am proud of myself for spreading my wings a bit and advocating for myself at work (to no avail, but I still did it).

I wish I had made better use of all the free time in the pandemic. I did earn some money but I wish, for example, I had learned Spanish. I wasted too much time

I failed to declittered my home but I invested time in myself, meditation, bike riding, piano and most of all family.

Oh man, same answer as last year, which makes me feel like the gerbil running in the wheel, making the same mistakes. I do feel like I'm conscious of this, so I guess that is a step, but I need to implement a strategy to change the cycle. I see myself yelling at the girls, totally knowing the only reason I'm getting so heated is because I'm mad at myself or stressed out. Something I'm proud of... also on the parenting scale, I do try to bite my tongue more and let the girls go barefoot, be dirty, let down the craziness factor a bit. I do need to make a conscious effort though. And I'm very proud of my Hebrew and ability to jump into society more.

I'm proud of myself again this year. I set my mind to moving and I did it. I had moments a few weeks ago where I zoomed out in space and time and thought, "wow, my past and future selves would be so proud of me." I don't feel that way in this moment because I feel like everyone around me is in "higher level" jobs, making more money, getting married, buying houses, etc. And even though those aren't the things I've been working towards, I feel a little bit lost or competitive or inadequate or something (also, what have i been working towards? system reconstruction, broadly, i guess). Maybe I should have approached my job search differently when I was looking to move to Denver, but it did feel like the right move to get me here. I guess the past few weeks have brought up not wishing I'd done anything differently in the past year, but thinking about how things (my career, relationships) might be different if I'd done things differently the past five years. And still, I am trying to remember that feeling of being proud of myself.

I’m proud of myself for leaving him and getting my life back. I got stronger by showing myself that no man can bring me down. I got myself a new job and better place to live. I learned who will help me through tough times. I’m blessed with my good friend Amanda. Would I want to do anything different, just listen to myself, don’t give in to my goals and standards. I can’t give up on my standards ever again. I have to keep believing in the world and what life has in store for me. Only good, only goodness will come when I believe I deserve it!!!

I am proud of the new job I acquired. I think I worked very hard for several years to finally become a teacher. There were definitely times, especially when I was student teaching, that I did not want to keep trying. I even fantasized about becoming a bus driver. Did you know they get a free gym membership? Regardless, I finished the program and became certified. I am proud of myself. Also, the whole time, I kept trying my best to be a good dad. I hope I can continue that trend.

I don’t think so. I held a boundary regarding covid safety, and it cost me a friend. But I don’t think I would have been comfortable doing otherwise.

I sincerely wish that I had been just a bit more careful on that ATV and that the accident hadn't happened. But I am proud of how I've turned into this accident and focused on rehab, healing, getting stronger, getting the help I need. I hit rock bottom and have come a long ways back. I also really reached out to help my sister and her husband, and my brother to get the care they needed and to navigate the health care system. I think I really helped them.

I wish I had been kinder and more compassionate, particularly to my parents. I haven’t figured out how to do this while feeling so hurt and disconnected. It feels like when we are together we are going through motions rather than connecting. I care about them with all my heart. I know they feel the same but I truly think they wish I was a different person. I would like to be able to stop pretending things are alright and acknowledge everyone’s hurt and different perspectives. Maybe then we can find a way to enjoy, appreciate and be there for each other moving forward. I also wish I had found a way to hope, not just this year but for a very long time. I’m starting to notice more when people speak of hope in ways that that seem grounded in reality yet believing there might be something good and/or better.

Im proud of my commitment to joy, and to learning new things. I always have problems doing nothing or resting, and so this past year, to unlearn and combat that I have been learning to do new things that I am interested in. Such as, jesmonite, weaving, embroidery, gardening and experimenting with my baking. All of these things are singular focus tasks, while also allowing for meditation like focus and calmness. Some of them I have done before and others are new to me, but all are teaching me a lot about being accepting of failure, and about learning from mistakes. In addition to my anti anxiety medication it means that I am feeling a lot calmer that I did day-to-day last year, and am feeling happy with my life. I read an article about happiness where it said peak contentment is doing something you enjoy that is in some way challenging to you, but not so hard that you give up, not too easy that it is boring. And this is what I am focusing on and am proud of myself for making happiness and calm something I strive for and place importance on.

There are A TON of things I wish I had done differently this past year, but I'm *trying* not to dwell on them and to move forward, making better decisions for myself. I'm proud of myself for surviving, and doing as well as I am. Hoping to next year be able to say I'm thriving.

I had a baby! I wish I had been more consistent with working towards my hobbies and goals but I had a lot of stuff going on (like chronic pain and growing a baby and also a pandemic)

I'm proud of the way I communicate with Betsy, when I see her. I am her champion and guide through Dementia World. I wish I had tried to see more of her and communicate more with her. I'm proud of the way eric and I went (virtually) to counseling and got over a big hump in our marriage. I always wish I could hang on to the results more tightly. I'm proud of having made it so easy for Gus and Abe and Allie to move here. I'm proud of Eric for suggesting we get a puppy for Rocket to train before he moved to the next world. Hence, Dot.

I'm happy that I did not get ill. I m happy that at no time was I depressed, or feeling isolated. I love my own company. And I am happy with my art work. I would have liked to do more writing in my journal. I did not do any. I would have liked to throw out more papers.

I really can't think of anything I wish I had done differently. I'm pretty satisfied with how I am facing life, one day at a time. I have fewer regrets; I have few amends to make for current behavior. I do wish I had done more zazen. I could have taken a few more solitary motorcycle rides when everyone else was at home. I am proud of my jumping in with both feet on Impact Investing, Slow Money, and Marco's investment framework. That took courage, patience, and commitment. But, it was a year without a singular 'big achievement' other than getting vaccinated with the Pfizer vaccine.

There are always many things I wish I had done differently, especially in relation to my health. I've got a couple addictions going, nothing that is evident to an outside observer, but that makes it easier for me to stick with them like the old friends they are. I am proud of a few things -- the habit of exercise, at least basic cardio, I continue to read voraciously, and I am trying to give my relationship my all. I am proud of my kids. Always.

Some good and some regret. I can't seem to figure out the big questions: *Creativity (reclaim time from working) v. Safety (money for unseen risks, doctor bills, climate change) *Bravery and honesty v. peacemaker (should I be arguing about politics on social media?) *Income equality for everyone v. hording gold *Living simply v. slothfulness Driving a Prius v. eating takeout in Styrofoam

I still have not mastered the full utilization of my free time. I do not have to put in 10 to 12 hour days, yet still end many days with "to do" things undone. On the other hand, my family tells me I have become an exemplary Grandpa, with our first Grandchild born nearby, compared to the other 2 Grands who are across the nation in Oregon. I only saw them maybe twice a year.

I wish I hadn't confronted my daughter in law. This came about because of my desire to be honest with others. No good came of it. I learned you can't be honest with some people. They can't handle it. I hope I learned to accept people as they are and not expect too much from anyone. I am proud that I helped my daughter move and I took over Rex's care.

I'm proud of keeping going through covid at work, it's been tough and I've had no time off and coped with a lot of change!

I'm really proud of making my people a priority. I wish I had taken care of myself and my home better.

Is there anything that I wish that I'd done differently this past year? Since last Rosh Hoshana? I think of Zoom School - I could've cracked down harder on my kids! How horrible would that have been?! I could've worked harder at a job that didn't fit me -- I could've found time to exercise more and to make my family more fit or to argue with them less (they argue with me!) In general, yes, I could've been a better me, but could I have been an objectively much better me -- I really don't think so! Something I'm especially proud of this past year is not just pushing for my own mental health diagnosis but also listening to my son and helping him get a diagnosis for his physical discomfort and still enjoy his summer at sleepaway camp.

No. I feel I got through the year the best I could. I am proud of my work, of how we managed the house, of creating space to leave ATL and the integrity of my relationships.

Last year during virtual learning, there was time built in to every school day for PLCs to meet. Since I'm sort of a singleton, I was overlooked and no one really checked if I was in one or not. I was happy to skate by. But in retrospect, I wish I had joined the special ed PLC. I did attend meetings with them a few times a month, but I wasn't a part of the every day group. At the end of the year, I heard a lot of staff members talking about how grateful they were for their PLC and to have that human interaction with other staff once a day. It seemed like the PLCs became a support group for a really tough year. I also feel like it would have given me a chance to get to know the special ed teachers and new speech therapist better and for them to know me better. I feel like I kind of missed out on that opportunity. I am proud that I think I finally learned how to weight lift properly. I read Thinner, Leaner, Stronger which was a great guide for how to lift heavy and correctly. Even though I still don't have the textbook "defined muscles", I squatted 100 lbs last week and deadlifted 95! I'm focusing on being stronger, not skinnier.

There is something I wished I had done differently this past year. I wished that I could done a better job eating healthier, getting the carbs and sugar out of my diet and eating more carnivore. There is something that I am really proud of from this past year. I am using money more wisely to get my needs mets.

I'm most proud of two things: One, is that during the capital insurrection, I chose art and Torah study over attaching my attention to the tv in despair. A friend expressed an opinion about the event that I was not in agreement with. I was in a month long scholar in residence study with CSP featuring scholar Ariel Burger during that time, and I had learned about how to respectfully disagree with someone through the stories of our Hassidic master's. I bravely told my friend my disagreement, and shared my views about the event. She paused and said that she was impressed at my thoughts. She said she'd never considered an alternative opinion, and she had to go home and think about what had happened and her opinion of it, in light of new information. That's all one can ask for, in cases like that! I'm most proud of my choice to convert. To turn my outside to match my insides, and align them in the truth of my commitment to Judaism. She asani Yisrael!

I wish I had done more. More reading, writing, walking, playing guitar, drawing... I think sometimes the pandemic is overwhelming. I wish I had just forgotten about it and did more things.

I don't know if there is much I would have done differently this year. It would have probably benefitted me to ask to go back on anti-depressants sooner. But at least I recognised my need to speak to someone quicker than I did last time, which shows that my time spent going to therapy was worth it. I am glad that I've been proactive about things like that, including changing to a different medication which manages my physical health symptoms better.

I wish I had spent less time beating myself up for feeling -- upset, unexepectedly sad, nostalgic/fantasizing about someone I deemed unworthy of the brainspace, disappointed in my closest loved ones, or otherwise feeling my full range of human emotions. Instead of judging myself for feeling and then spiraling into a whole other secondary feeling, I wish I sat with and gave some compassion to these feelings before deciding to be done/move on from them.

I would’ve raised my hand to say I needed to move flat and go on a sick leave earlier. I would’ve stopped pushing and forcing myself into what was obviously not working. I also feel guilt for not doing more with my time off work but that’s my subconscious performance issues speaking. I’m glad I took the time off and didn’t rush going back to work because it gave me the space to realize I needed something new. I’m proud of going through with the acupuncture training. I’m proud of getting out of the house when I thought it would kill me. I’m proud of never giving up. Of fighting and looking for solutions and crying when I had to and seeing a psychologist. I’m proud of all the strength I’ve shown and of the vulnerability I’ve let myself fall into. I’m proud of surviving this year.

Gotten more childcare help so that I could get a break to prevent burnout and focus on personal issues towards career and self-growth.

In the past year I wish I've looked at myself better. I always feel like i'm not enough, and I keep comparing myself to others. This caused a lot of anxiety. I'm around that I was able to get through covid more easily than others, having it and seeing it.

I wish that I had been more articulate and proactive in being in an awesome marriage, rather than wishing it would be different or that I could get out. What does it mean to turn in?

I think that this past year I would've like to read more, and not merely articles or work related stuff, but books that have been waiting on my shelf! I'm proud of supporting friends and family in how they are taking the pandemic, be it with distance or sadness, frustration, stress, and just try to support and be present.

I would say as I almost always do, I wish I had exersized more and lost weight. That said, I read many books, and visited with my buddy boy, Evan, every week. I took walks in the neighborhood with Jack, taking in the gardens and flowers. I watched my hummingbirds and keep them fed. and as the garden came on, made many quart of kosher dill pickles.

I wish I had spent more time fixing my immediate surroundings. I spent a lot of time working on aspects of my consulting business and letting some "better" opportunities not get my full attention. At the time it seemed like the best thing to do, but the end results were not successful. I really should be selling items I have accumulated instead of writing proposals late into the night. I am proud of the fact that I started teaching part time at the community college. I also became a certified graph data base developer.

I'm proud of my bread baking skills. While it's become something of a cliche during the pandemic shelter-in-place era, refining my challah-baking skills and learning to make rustic, crusty sourdough loaves gives me great joy and pride. It's so delightful to see how much my friends and family anticipate and enjoy the loaves. While I have always loved to cook, I always felt like bread baking was too complicated and out of reach. It's now a valuable skill and enjoyable passtime.

Shouldn't we all be proud of getting through this last year? My family is safe and well and happy. My career is engaging. I feel proud, but mostly I feel very privileged and very grateful and relieved.

One of my coworkers lost her husband and I heard about it indirectly, so I didn’t say anything to her because I thought she must be a private person. But I should have said how sorry I was to hear it, which would have been kinder than pretending all was normal, and now it’s awkwardly late so I can’t fix it.

I’m proud of our strength and ability to do as little outside our bubbles. Work-home.

My preference would be to die. Barring that, I finally dropped a fairly significant amount of weight.

I don't really wish I'd done anything differently this year. I suppose I'd take back some of my behavior, especially my quickness to react and get into it with my 15-year old, but considering my flaws and imperfections, I don't have any specific regrets about this last chunk of time. Alternately I'm proud of getting through this year as well as I have. I moved to a new city in a pandemic and stayed creative and open. We've been through one of the most stressful years of our lives and other than going gray I'm not letting it get the better of me. I've started working here - maybe it's not a real job, but I'm not sure I want a real job right now. I've been getting more comfortable here and am learning my way around. I haven't made friends here yet, but I've been in regular contact with a supportive community. I'm excited about my partner's new position and I'm hopeful about the future for me and my family.

Feels like an awful thing to be proud of but I am proud of how I stepped up during the week mom was in the ICU. I helped dad keep track of what all of the doctors were saying and I kept Uncle Pat and the cousins (Barbara, Kitty, Cathy and Kit) in the loop. And when it was time to make a call, I think we made the right one, or at least the one mom would have wanted. When we gave her the Viking Funeral she wanted this weekend at the lake in Pennsylvania near the Illympics house, I almost started crying when I saw her hair. (Joey had taken it from her comb to use for the Viking Funeral.) I still feel like a big part of me is just empty. Her absence is so palpable.

I’d like to have more confidence and self love. I’d like to enjoy my life more. The best thing about this year was the summer spent with very dear family members and children. Their acceptance and love did wonders for me my self esteem.

I used the pandemic as an excuse to do my job poorly. Claiming that "building relationships" was more important than addressing specific IEP goals, I skated through my last year of work. I know full well that one does not exclude the other. I was intolerant and unkind to co-workers who were afraid of the vaccine and afraid of being near children. Alternatively - I am proud of the way I nurtured my relationship with my husband, my kids and my sisters. I upped my cooking game and took care of us well. I was a good dog mom too. Haha - just saw my answer from last year. Some of my proud moments are exactly the same!

In preparation for my current solo retreat outside of the city, work, and my day-to-day life, I went back and looked at my planner from 2021 thus far. My planner holds not just my plans, but my goals, what I have learned about myself and those around me, other reflections, and more. I have so much to be proud of from this year: navigating major responsibilities and transitions at work, executing a safe season of camp operations, getting together with friends more, getting out there and backpacking (!), learning to belay, being vulnerable to try new things (often alone), and more. I have reaped the benefits of my efforts: I have grown stronger in body and mind, doing what I enjoy and making time for it. I am proud of my growth as a person and look forward to making more strides in the year ahead.

Im proud, that I am still following m path to the giur, no matter all the obstacles and rejection. Fighting for it, relentlessly. It's taken its toll, but im still standing.

Wish that I had tried harder to get a new job or at least start a proper business. I wish also I'd trained a bit harder and worked a few more shifts. I have felt myself slipping into a bit of a dark hole of late and have really lost contact with so many people.

This past year, I wish I had made more headway on filmmaking, especially directing. I wish I had gone ahead and chosen an actor for Live The Game, finished the Purple Light film, etc. At the same time, though, I feel like there'll be plenty of time for me to direct in the future. I also wish I had done at least a little songwriting. On the other hand, though, I'm proud of what I have done, from code projects to the films I have worked on. Point of View was a great step in the right direction for me in terms of film.

Can I answer both questions with the same experience? Done differently - probably anything having to do with my siblings. Apparently, according to them, I can't do anything right. Proud of - being named Congregant of the Year and president of our local JFNA Network Community, in the same week.

I wish I’d been more self confident, but also I know that this time last year I was not confident at all. So I’m proud of how far I’ve come, even as I want to strive for more.

I am very proud of how I have finally gone back into fitness and learned to take care of myself. I still would have liked to be kinder and more patient with my kids, less stressed and spent more time with my husband but the latter does not depend on me only…

I did the best I could under extremely difficult circumstances, so mostly, no. There’s nothing I truly regret. I started a social media diet and I’d like to wean myself even more. I’m proud of how far I’ve come with that goal but I can do better, too. I got very close to finishing a book I wrote and illustrated. I’m really proud of that. I hope to finish it soon.

I wished I had been working a regular full-time job before the pandemic so that I would have had some income during the shutdown. I wish I had been more proactive with studying and acquiring a new skill set during the lockdown.

Gone home with the help I need but can’t seem to get!

I’m proud of supporting my kids through their lives, traumas, and triumphs; deepening the connection. I’m proud of my open-mindedness to supporting novel treatments and my own willingness to accept my role in the issues my kids have dealt with from their parents. I also helped move my ex across the country. I’m proud of what that says about acceptance and forgiveness, even though either choice to do it or not was a compromise. It is nice not to have the same regrets as last year. However, a much deeper and older regret was discussed on Q1.

I wish I could have more patience, at times, for my husband and daughter and, even myself. It was a very overwhelming year and I lost myself, at times. I also wish I hadn't been so hard on myself. I've been trying to control more this year than in years' past and it's been challenging. I'm proud of buying a house and moving with a one-year old during a pandemic and honestly, keeping (most) of my sanity. And, being a good mom, I think.

I wish I could find more joy in life generally. Even with the challenges presented by COVID, I had opportunities to be happier and I just found it difficult to let them in.

This year I worked hard on my health. I got stronger and lost a significant amount of weight. I intend to keep going on this trajectory. I wish I had tried harder to get Bill to work with me on his own health. I wish my hard work and journey had inspired him more. I wish I had known how to reach him, how to push harder without pushing him away. But there's no way I could have know how close he was to death. There's no way I could have know that something significant was wrong. Looking back hindsight is 20/20. God knew all. He respected Bill's free will. That means letting the consequences of his actions and choices play out. God could have done a miracle and saved him or prevented the heart attach. If fact maybe God did just that many times and we just didn't know. I will choose to continue to trust God. I have a Savior who knows what I'm going through. Jesus wept when Lazarus died even though Jesus knew He was about to resurrect Lazarus. Jesus still grieved. In HIM I find comfort, healing, and restoration.

I am proud that I chose myself. I am so proud of myself for everything I have accomplished. I am so proud of myself for doing everything I have done. There will always be things I wish I'd done differently but right now, I am just grateful.

Absolutely nothing comes to mind about doing something differently. I am in a really good place now, and all of my decisions and actions this past year have led up to it sooo... Maybe I can say that we should not have hired JEY for our deck project, but that all was well that ended well. Re pride, I egotistically feel pretty proud of so much from this year. I feel that I made strides in my physical and mental health that were new to me and still works in progress, but I learned so much about myself. I'm proud that my career has taken shape so well.

No, there is nothing I wish that I would have done differently. I am proud that I found ways to continue my work despite Corona and even improve it

No. I think everything panned out the way it needed to. And I’m proud I held on the way I did. I learned a lot from my mistakes and from everything that was thrown my way.

I'm proud that I prioritized my daughter's mental well being amidst a horrible time. I bent over backwards to make sure that the holidays proceeded and that she was able to see friends and have other "normal" childhood experiences as much as possible. It was exhausting, but I'm proud of my efforts.

I wish I did not jump so fast on moving to Detterbeck Wealth Management. It was a mistake. I learned a lesson and I hope I never go through that again. He was not a nice person at all!

I’m proud I put myself first, on my terms. I am more myself than I’ve been in a very long time. I stopped pretending for other people.

I'm proud that I can say I got my Covid-19 vacination!

Several of my friends have lost weight this year instead of gaining the Covid 10 or 15. On the plus side I do weigh the same as I did last year, so I suppose that's good! As co-president of Sisterhood, I have helped make sure that we have had activities, most via Zoom, to keep the women of our congregation involved. This week 5 of our board met at the Temple (all vaccinated and wearing masks) to put together bags of sweets, apples and a mini challah to give to congregants for a sweet New Year. Yay us!!

I wish I had made more use of my time during lockdown. I am proud of getting through the year and remaining calm for my surgery

I wish I had invested in fitness equipment. The gym was closed more than I expected, starting when COVID started, but continuing last winter. I had trouble getting exercise.

I am proud of both my ability to let some of my COVID anxieties go so that I can enjoy life more (such as meeting with friends, eating out, going to a movie) while at the same time sticking to my guns about what is safe (ie wearing a mask in stores and at the movies, trying not to go to crowded places) even while others don't.

No to both. It has truly been a remarkably self-involved year.

I wish I would have been more present, supportive, and patient with some of my coworkers and clients at my last job. I am proud of how I showed up and the folks I managed to help, given the circumstances of a very demanding job during a very demanding year.

I wish I would have interacted more during zoom classes and meetings. I am shy and felt uncomfortable talking and being seen in these situations I would have liked to have been a contributor to the group. It is my intention to be more interactive in the future. I am proud of the strengthened relationship that developed with my daughter during lockdown. We’ve always been close, and now our bond is stronger.

I wish I worked out more and smoked less pot. I think I would be farther along in my fitness goals if I made working out more a priority.

I am really glad that Phil and I have been spending a lot of time outside this past year. It was spurred by Covid and lack of other options, but quickly became a favorite activity. During the winter we did some great exploring and hiking in our area, and we visited friends on walks or sitting in the sunshine or wrapped in blankets. This summer we have done a number of camping trips, and I have also been out kayaking and cycling. All of our social life is outdoors, either in the sunshine or in the shade. I have been paying more attention to the surrounding natural world, and learning to pay better attention. These are some of my favorite parts of life.

Not proud of myself this past year. I started some bad habits, smoking too many cigars, reading bad news before bed, which gave me insomnia I am still battling, staying up too late in order to be so tired I would fall asleep, but I then am too tired to sleep. I have been in a very bad humor and simultaneously have stifled myself which causes outbursts of anger and pique. I wouldn't say I'm especially proud of it, but I have done battle to keep my family safe, cooking endlessly, cleaning endlessly, keeping up on covid, communicating this to my family (which they hate, but it has to be done) and generally behaving in a cautious manner to avoid getting covid or spreading covid. I don't think this is anything to be proud of, it's just being a good human.

I’m not sure. I wish I had had more energy this past year, but I’m not sure I could have done anything differently. I wish so had taken better care of my body. I am proud that with what energy I did have, I committed time and energy to promoting diversity, equity and inclusion.

I think I could have been more proactive about a job search--I just learned today that aid has run out--but I am proud of how much I accomplished this year: I finished my Sustainable Fashion Design Entrepreneurship certificate, I took classes in Project Management, social media marketing, and embarked in a journey of self-discovery through The Artist's Way. I'm proud that I have extricated myself from a scarcity mindset and am learning to embrace faith. Faith that the future will be better. Faith that I can judge all the opportunities before me and see what would be the best to help me achieve my goals.

I'm especially proud of how I've performed at work. Granted, this job I have is pretty easy, and doing decent work there is not that challenging, but it's still a solid ego boost to get a great review, a raise and a bonus. It helps me feel better about myself, which is always good. I have to take the good stuff where I can get it.

I think that things play out more or less the way they are supposed to, in their own time, so we can absorb the lessons in the ways we need to. That being said, I wish I had been able to help Mark in the ways he needs and can accept, rather than imposing my own ideas of right and wrong on him. I wish I could solve family problems without having to get angry. I am proud of getting my business back to normal, more or less, and that people continue to seek me out for the interesting work we can do together. I also braved the "internal work" class which is fascinating and definitely outside my comfort zone, but I did it anyway. I am also proud of myself for learning to meditate, setting better boundaries with difficult clients, and for keeping my head despite all the terrible world events of the past year.

Done differently? I had lots of time to put my house in order and did not. Proud? I recieved a letter from the daughters, where they expressed their love. It put tears in my eyes.

Can't think of anything I would have done differently. I am especially proud of the song I wrote to honor my dad who died from covid. I got to sing it before a large audience, and more performances coming up including the unveiling ceremony for my dad which is the Jewish ceremony where the headstone is revealed.

I wish I had been more disciplined with myself this year - especially in my diet and exercise routines. I pretty much know what a healthy diet looks like but too often I have made choices based on convenience or emotion rather than respecting and nourishing my body. I went on an extreme keto diet short term which was effective but I didn't commit to it or learn enough throughout the process to make it sustainable and I am still not sure what my journey forward with my body is.

I’m so proud of how the Power fam came together and ha does massive upheaval and change as a unit. We have been living out of suitcases for almost two months in several states and all with a puppy and a cat. We have made it only because of each other which is lovely.

I should have paid closer attention to the red flags of the relationship, rather than letting things go on as they did.

I’m proud of being more aware of my health by losing 50 pounds and starting to exercise regularly.

I wish I had been less intimidated by others. I still, unfortunately, am terribly influenced by so many wrong lessons learned years ago from my "mother" that hurt me in my day-to-day life. I am very proud of the long way I came in overcoming a lot of those sick and cruel teachings. I am also proud of being a good friend, good wife, and as good a mother as possible.

I'm really proud of myself for taking a hold of my mental health and seeking professional help and medication to help me see the good in the world when things seemed anything but good.

I need to declutter and catch up on some home repair projects. I got a lot out of volunteering for the vaccination clinics done by the Leon County Health Department and of qualifying and serving as a back-up poll worker during the 2020 elections. I hope to keep up with that and volunteer to give people rides to and from the doctor.

El año pasado me hubiese gustado haber hecho mas ejercicio. También me hubiese gustado salir de deudas. El año pasado inicie mi proceso de trabajar en misma. El año pasado empecé a conocerme un poco mas.

I wish I hadn't moved to Elizaville. and moved closer to they city. Proud that I still make some money in a bad year

after relocating to Ecuador I wish I would have used more time to learn Spanish so I could communicate better here!

I always have trouble with this question but I think there are a lot of things I’m proud of that I want to think about more. First, and most easily is just persevering until I got a job. But second and maybe in some ways more important is the ways that I’ve embraced self care. In college I really thought I had self care down and I feel like I have really realized how not true that was. This past year I have gotten into tea and candles, watching thunderstorms, reading fiction books that take me somewhere else and making time to go to the park. This certainly comes with the work-life balance I gained post college but I also put a lot of thought into how I could go about enriching my life and it feels like I’ve truly done that and I can’t wait to continue

I’m trying to give myself grace not to attempt to relive or re-litigate this past year. I’m proud of the fact that we all survived. It wasn’t always pretty, but we made it through. We lived through social isolation, worry, stress, grief. People talk about “flourishing,” “resilience,” “collective effervescence,” but that all seems very far away. Next year, I think I’ll feel differently. But this year, survival mode was the name of the game.

I am proud of navigating my intense grief in the year after Jareth's death. I am also proud of helping my kids navigate their grief. And I am proud of opening my heart to love and joy.

I wish I spoke to my friend more in the days leading up to her passing. She is very important to me and taught me important lessons about self love and courage. I miss her dearly and love her very much. I'm grateful for everything she's given to me and taught me and hold her memory close to my heart. (I also give her cat lots of love.)

I wish I hadn’t been so worried about my health. Not just COVID. I have several autoimmune conditions and one-by-one their existence in my body let fear take over, where I move from one worry to the next. When one condition seems under control, immediately another will pop up, like it’s waiting in the wings. But yesterday I had a good self heart-to-heart and I feel emotionally more at peace today. I believe in the body, mind, spirit connection, but this past year, I was in automatic pilot with worries and fear in the driver’s seat. My prayer is for Me to take back over!

I wish I had taken more initiative as a coworker, employee, and girlfriend. I could have been a happier person in general and supported those around me better. I'm proud that I decided to stay by my mother as she moves on to the next stage of her life.

I wish I could learn to pick my battles. It's something that I've never been particularly good at, but something that matters to others. I want to try and live closer to the standards I have internally.

Socially this past year has been quite difficult. Many friends I had before the pandemic are not friends anymore. They've cut me out, I've cut them out. I feel like my social barometer is impaired after all of this. I'm honestly not sure if it was for the best or was folly of hubris. I know that I do feel lonely. I'm not a fan of being alone much anymore. Something I'm proud of is doing well in my classes. I am basically pouring all my self into my classes now. Maybe that is the best thing in the long run, anyway.

I would have liked to be have stuck to the schedule I devised at the beginning of the year. Alternatively, I’m very proud of the songs I’ve written and the recordings in process:)

No regrets. Perhaps a better relationship with my parents would have been nice, but it is what it is. I can't make them love and accept me the way I am. I'm particularly proud of buying that home in Vredefort and helping so many previously destitute old people with accommodation and meals, a permanent retirement home - also for myself if needed. My own retirement and passive income and care home is thus sorted. so far, so good.

I had an encounter with an acquaintance from my high school days which I wish never happened but, I don’t regret. It brought an end to a long time acquaintanceship, in hindsight it’s stretching to say we were friends for over 40 years since we connected in the age of social media only after sporadic communication over time. I had a more awkward encounter with yet a different person on line that I do regret. Both incidences illustrate the ‘ falsehood’ of social media. Social media doesn’t necessarily bring people together meaningfully.

A year ago I was just starting my ICU rotation as a graduate nurse. I'm really proud of how far I've come this year and some of the things I've had to opportunity to learn about. I've assisted in intubations, I've learned about CRRT, I've completed all of my learning on time - if not early. It's been hard to work with the pandemic, and it's definitely taken its toll on my mental and physical health, but I'm still so proud of how far I've come.

I am proud of taking leadership positions and stepping out of my comfort zone to work for inclusion within my synagogue. One thing I wish I would have done differently is not letting personal relationships fizzle out

This year, I wish I was nicer to people and understood their problems more. I’m proud of how much I achieved.

I wish I had maintained my walking momentum. I put so many miles on myself last year and this year, just didn't have oomph. I was faster and stronger and this year not so much. Some of that may be due to Verzenio, but some of it is depression and blah.

I am proud of continuing with my Masters degree that I started through lockdown, proving I can still manage life when things are bit busier

I stayed alive another year. I have been married another year. I have my family. I really am not concerned about major wins at the moment, and can be content with cherishing the small victories that count.

Both have to do with Imagine Just. On the regret side, I wish I had not made a terrible and hurtful joke about “model minorities.” It was insensitive and careless and done out of an overwhelming desire to make people smile so I could feel more comfortable. I wish I had simply “practiced silence,” as I am working on. Conversely, I’m proud of my response in a session when someone gave me feedback on our language - I said thank you, resolved to fix it, and did. That person emailed weeks later to tell me is proven to her it was possible to work with “white women who are not combative.” I felt really proud of that.

As usual I wish I'd managed food, exercise, and relationships with my other better.

I'm proud of how I took care of my family. It was a true lens of how life is a circle. Taking care of my dying mom and, within the same couple of months, my twin preemie grandchildren, was in essence much the same. Love, patience, gentleness, sweetness. As far as done differently, I always wish I was a better wife, a more attentive partner. I always wish I was more patient. I wish I approached life with more equanimity. But I'm proud of how hard I'm trying.

This past year was a "lost year" in many ways. What I did mostly was "not much". For the first 10-12 months of the pandemic, I took long walks every day, did meditation, and read books. Those things helped me get through, and I am satisfied with that. For the past few months I have been less able to take those long walks, due to problems with my right calf and left knee, and that has been frustrating, but not something that was within my control.

I wish I had written more. I would like to have better command of how I spend my time, to increase my mindfulness in how I spend my time, even when I feel fatigued or unproductive.

I don't know of anything I would have done differently. I've been wanting ask for a raise but am a little intimidated by what my boss might say if I ask. But as I get nearer to retirement age, I need to be more proactive about this. Maybe one thing I wish I'd done differently is saved much more for college. Her tuition is ridiculous for a state school (although she is an out of state student). We're lucky because we have resources but it is maddening all the same. The inequity of a post secondary education in the US is so detrimental to our future.

I wish I had found a more successful way to meet others for a relationship. Proud of hiking 🥾

I found peace in being alone

I honored my desire to do what I wanted, rather than what I should.

The one thing I wish I had done differently this past year might be to have spent less money. I did a little too much shopping for my comfort level given that I had less coming in. On the flip side I’m also proud of how generous and mindful I was about sharing what I did have to help small businesses and send gifts to people.

I wish I hadn’t eaten so much of the wrong sort of stuff.

It's so hard to remember what a year even feels like any more. I wish I had spent less time focusing on our house and chores and more time focusing on enjoying Los Angeles and getting outside. At some point, in the past few months, I lost sight of that. I'm proud of how I've shown up for my people this year. With Otto's death, Sarah's Grandma dying, Hilary having a miscarriage, Rachel losing her mother-in law, Dana having surgery, Ava deciding to quit her job, Mikey working on his organization, Emily having another baby, I feel like I've lived up to how Koo described me once, which is that I prioritize my relationships and I show up for the people I love.

I wish I hadn't let the hard times I went through bring me down. I stopped exercising, I stopped reading and generally I stopped enjoying myself, because someone close to me decided to act like an asshole. I shouldn't let anyone's actions, even from the people I love, stop me from moving forward and achieve my dreams. I'm proud that I faced my biggest challenges yet with aplomb. I did not become desperate, I did not waste resources, and I focused myself on executing on the best available solutions. I believe I did the best with what I had.

I wish I had found a way to not have "brain zaps" when COVID news came (news of an exposure, usually). I would be terrified and worthless for an entire day. I wish I had come up with a solid game plan in the face of an exposure and/or positive case so I felt prepared and not "fight or flight" when this happened several times due to husband's work or daughter's daycare. Still working through this. I'm proud that I lost 25 pounds by eating more mindfully and taking control of some of my habits around food and movement.

Things I wish I did differently - push myself less at work and take more downtime. I also wish we had implemented a home security system sooner and been more vigilant before the break in. Something I’m proud of from the past year is getting back into therapy and committing to my own self care and growth. I am confident that people who matter to me know and feel my love and care for them.

No - I think I did my darndest. I do wish, like most people, I had used more of my free time to exercise and be healthier. But I've also accomplished a lot - I got a new job to leave one I hated and finally found a way back to College Comp, even if it's just online. We bought a house and I've done so much to make it ours and I love it. I'm proud of all of that.

I'd like to say that I wish I'd been more careful during last winter's COVID surge, because looking back, I think we were sometimes a bit reckless. But that's largely theoretical, because we and everyone we came into contact with remained healthy. But I regret the ways in which I was selfish and put old social habits and rules above good sense.

I wish I'd quit my job a lot sooner. I was very burnt out, and maybe it was just time to leave the profession.

I should have started looking for a therapist in January, when I started this new role at work. And I should have called pest control in right when I saw that first roach.

I am very proud that I stuck with Noom, and didn't give up. That I've lost 10 pounds and gotten way stronger. I can feel my muscles! I also didn't give up or beat myself up if I strayed from the plan. That is very new for me! I wish I had been more assertive and outgoing at work. That is something I wish I had done differently.

I am proud that I quit my job and am starting my own business.

I'm proud of buggering on. It's been paying off. In the "time of plague" context, I'd say the same. We've been doing our best and so far it's been enough.

Have more structure in my finances. Proud of choosing for myself. And for being able to push the brakes whenever I feel tired or overstimulated, something I wouldn’t have done before.

I wish I’d taken better care of my body. I’m not just talking about weight, though if im honest that’s part of it, I wish I’d been stricter with myself. Less self indulgent. Eaten healthier food and exercised more. I also wish I’d made more effort to reach out to friends and family just because I was thinking about them, rather than waiting for a specific “good reason” or forgetting altogether. I’m especially proud of myself for the way I’ve handled coming back to work. I’ve worked hard to keep my anxiety under control and it’s really paying off.

Basically, no different from last year. Find an eating plan and staying with it. I have been doing better since about June. I’m proud of being a good friend and brother.

I am really proud of how I have done well at my job. I have pushed through starting a new job as the pandemic began and really starting to excel at it and love it

I wish I had taken my kids to more excursions that they got to know their town better.

During the past year, I received a promotion at work. It was a brave step for me to apply for it and to then take the position, as I was unsure if I could handle the workload or not. Also during the past year, I got a handle on being on time for work. Throughout my entire life I've struggled with being on time, even to the point of receiving corrective discipline at work. So for me to completely change course and always be early is a major accomplishment. I'm super proud of this. I always say "I don't know what switch flipped, but I'm glad it did."

Reached out to friends more often.

I did complete a project I am proud of. I wish I'd taken the time to do more of the things I love, so I'd have even more to be proud of

I wish I had started saving money as soon as I started working, for the wedding especially, but for all of my goals. I would be 6 months ahead by now. I also wish I had paid off my credit cards already. I am proud of turning my life around. I am working now and although I don’t particularly like my job or even where I’m at, I am still doing better than I was.

It's not so much what I wish I had done differently, as it is what I wish I was ABLE to have done differently. Because my knees are so bad, I can't hike like I used to do, and because of COVID, we couldn't travel. However, I am proud that I went to an orthopedic doctor, have scheduled knee replacement surgery, have been faithful in my knee & hip exercises, and continue to bike and swim as an alternative to my beloved hiking.

I am proud that I have started running with the guys/dads. We've covered a lot of ground and started an awesome habit & bond. I just wish we had started sooner!

I would have been more committed to exercise this year. I rode the exercise bike consistently for a several months but not as often or for as long as I would have like. I would have also liked to have found some other form of exercise. The seated bike just didn't have the same impact as other regimes I have been on. I am proud of my pickle making this year. Such a dramatic improvement over last year. My full sours are freakin' awesome and I am hopeful my mustard pickles will be on the same level. The water locks have done wonders since I was never good at skimming and watching carefully for molds.

Nah, I've really tried my hardest. I wish that I'd asked for more help where I identified that I need it. Getting better at that, much much better, knowing we need each other.

I wish I had taken the risk to fly to a wedding in Texas. I am proud of having stepped up volunteer activites.

I am proud that my eating improvement has been consistent from this time last year. This has been a 45 year battle. I have finally won the war! I wish I had started exercising more sooner.

I got a good enough result for my university module. I feel both regret and pride over this. I regret that I didn’t manage to shake off my difficulties in really putting in the work I needed to research extra materials and analyse the texts I was discussing. I could have done better on this course. I’m also proud of how well I did. I’m on track to get a 2:1, and I would be thrilled with that.

I wish I had managed my anger, shame, and anxiety related to learning my job had been terminated with less emotion and fear. My reaction and need to process sapped so much energy and time—and took away from productive responses and outlets—and didn’t change the circumstances. I want to be understanding and gentle to myself but I also wish I could go back and convincingly say to myself all the things others did—you will land on your feet, you have so much love and support, etc.

All I have for myself this year is compassion. I don't want to give the part of me that regrets the reigns. If I were to do this year again, it would look different, but that's because of everything I learned this year from doing it exactly the way I did. I see the journey I took and it makes so much sense that I took it in this way, and honestly, I feel proud of how much I learned and changed and grew in such a short time. I have so much instinct towards compassion for myself that I think I didn't trust before. I'm proud of my relationship with Maya. I'm proud of the boundary I set with Larkin, and the journey I took to get there. I'm proud of myself for being so invested in learning, all year round.

I am proud of being more aware when I am stuck in a pattern of emotional constriction, and not driving my life from this place. It's not that I don't still get stuck, but I am seeing it more clearly for what it is when it happens---an old pattern, and a place I do not wish to dwell.

yes , got out more . proud of Earning Graduate Certificates in Biblical Studies. Jewish Culture and History. Archeology. from various Schools .Becoming An ordained minister.

differently? no. This past year was a year of endurance and doing what we had to do to avoid COVID. Proud of? somewhat. Have become more tolerant of the foibles of myself and others to some extent. Still have a long way to go, and less time every year.

I wish that I had gone back to CrossFit sooner than I did. They had to completely shut down, however when there was a limited opening, they had classes outdoors. I should have started back then. But, I am proud of my own progress so far, and I also began training for a half marathon earlier this year so I am proud of myself!

I wish I had refused to comply with the HOA to remove the garden. I am proud that my neighbors spoke for me even if to no avail.

So many things I could have done differently, but I am proud of how much I have achieved since I moved back to the UK.

I think I could have connected with my values and vision and helped move other people along with me. As a leader this feels important and needed right now. I'm trying but it's just difficult right now. I'm proud that my business is so far surviving this difficult time. But honestly, I'm sometimes wishing that I didn't have a business.

I wish I hadn't isolated myself so much. To have used zoom or FaceTime to stay in touch with friends and family. In the best of times, it's a stretch for me to reach out, and now I feel quite cut off. The introvert's dilemma. I am proud of the clinical work I have done with my patients, though. It's very comforting to know I've made a difference and helped them, not only with their individual issues, but also with the greater catastrophic traumas around all of us.

I wish I hadn’t stressed so much unnecessarily about getting the Portuguese residency visa! I am proud that I wrote a convincing letter to the SF consulate. I am proud that at our ages (74, 84) we took the risk and “jumped off the cliff” to settle in a new country where we don’t (yet) speak the language—and to have listened to inner guidance and now moved to Sintra from Evora.

I wish I had recognized sooner that the familiarity I felt in the US was just the racisim and sexism I grew up with in southern Kansas. On the other hand, I´m am glad that I had the opportunity to recognize and come to terms with that part of my heritage.

Nothing. I'm so proud I could give M&J the money support they needed for a beautiful wedding. Also, happy and proud to have had the arm lift and once again being in a place where I could afford it with no problem. I've kept my weight stable even through a Pandemic when other people struggle. I've done pretty well this past year.

I wish I had either not applied for pre-promotion or had the correct information so I would not have felt humiliated when they rejected me. I was told it was a review to provide feedback, but instead it was a final determination; they said I could not even apply again until next year. Ugh I'm still annoyed. After meeting with the chair of our dept, I said I would not be applying again. I have been turned down three times for advancement opportunities and I hope I've finally learned my lesson. That said, I'm super proud that I continue to move my career forward regardless of my "job." I got my first sponsored research grant this year and my first opportunity to act as PI. Plus, I published in the highest level publication in my field this year. I feel gratified that I do not need to be given direction in a traditional job-role structure in order to take initiative on my own.

I am proud about how much I have grown in this last year. Choosing courage and inviting brave space. Learning healthy confrontation which invites relationship. I imperfectly showed up every day to my hospital work choosing not to "be right" but to "get it right."

I wish I'd been kinder with my niece. I wish I'd been better able to connect during the time we were together this summer. We still have a special bond, and she knows how much I love her and how highly I think of her, and I know it's C-PTSD that makes me jump when she touches me and makes my head buzz until I have to leave and go some place quiet, I know it's that that makes me so uncharacteristically grumpy and snippy, but I feel so guilty, I feel so heartbroken. And my sister's family lives so far away, I don't know the next time I'll get to see her. All I can do is keep working to heal, so next time I can be more of what she needs me to be. I am also proud of the healing I've done so far, because I have worked HARD and it has been painful and difficult.

I wish I had started talk therapy sooner. I feel like I could be much farther along with the issues I'm trying to resolve if I had started sooner, been less resistant, been more aggressive with myself around reluctance and fear. It's all of a piece, isn't it? That pushing-off of things because of fear, or selfishness, or anxiety. And yet doing The Thing never gets any easier.

I am proud that I started a street WhatsApp group and we had Covid friendly summer gatherings in May and June as well as did seasonal windows in December with the same neighbours. I also ordered litter picking equipment from the council and have gone to the local park with my neighbours' children to pick up litter. This is all with a mindset to care more about the planet and each other in general, in the face of the climate crisis. I believe global system change is urgently needed but in parallel with local community cohesion, so that we're ready to implement changes.

I wish I had found a way to rise above the disappointments, frustrations, and seeming futility that was so present (especially at work) this past year. It hasn’t helped anything to become sad, lazy, and cynical.

No, wouldn't have really done anything differently. Have somewhat been in limbo... what with covid and all the changes in my life... was waiting for it all to change. And slowly but surely, yes it's all changing. Proud to have coped. Probably the lowest point... but continued to look up and hope and believe the shifts were the right shifts. Now key to thrive on the shift and live differently... really live.

I am proud that I was able to start from scratch and make an even better living after loosing my entire livelihood, home and business during pandemic. I wish I could have been less afraid and worried about it all.

Spent more time with friends proud of my social media accounts. Making friends and keeping it going

I wish I'd spent more time on the things that I know are valuable; less time scrolling, more time sleeping, connecting with people, outdoors. I don't blame myself particularly; I was pretty depressed (Along with the rest of the world). I'm proud that we took the risk of moving to Allentown, and of the work I did this year, supporting my colleagues.

I'm proud of myself for starting a nightly journaling habit, and continuing it since June. I've only missed one night. I wish I'd started it earlier, since June was after the transfer, the miscarriage, the D&C. I hope that it has helped me both access my emotions and become a better writer.

I'm proud of the fact that I have no real regrets about the past year. It hasn't been an easy year given the ever-changing world of COVID, but I think that I've actually navigated the uncertainties of that and employment quite well and have done a better job than I ever have at rolling with the punches, savoring the good, and trying to be mindful of it all. I could always work on being a better, more giving, more patient human, but that is a lifelong process

I wish I had taken a moment to put some kind of plan together for all the time I spent at home.

I mean. I don't think anything that weighs on me is something I could have significantly handled differently. That's the issue. I still would say I do not believe in regret. Anything I'm especially proud of? No. I've survived, but I am not proud of that. For every satisfactory accomplishment, there are a handful of things that I couldn't get done at all. Things that were surely simple, that anyone could do but I could not.

Proud of the care I took in making decision to move to CCRC. Proud the the pacing to prepare for the move. Proud of staying true to myself with COVID and doing only what felt safe.

I wish I had the courage to go after what I really wanted for my life, instead of accepting an opportunity out of fear - fear of COVID, fear of instability, of unemployment - which made my life difficult and took me away from my loved ones. At the same time this gave me the opportunity to get closer to Judaism and to learn more.

I’m disappointed that I didn’t take the time to learn to play piano. I’ve always said that that was something I would do in retirement and God knows this past year has had damn little work for me. I don’t feel I used my time productively. I’m surprised at how comfortable I was staying home and doing very little. My natural inclination seems to be that of a vegetable. Although on the flipside I’m incredibly proud of the action I’ve taken two weeks in my health and change my lifestyle.

Honestly, I wish I had been kinder to myself. I always hold myself to these impossible standards that no one can possibly reach. It's about time I take pride in the things I *have* done, and recognize achievement doesn't come by stretching yourself super thin, but by putting effort into the few things you do love.

I think I handled this year pretty good considering the challenges. I am especially proud of trying something new, hating it and stepping away from it.

Yes, I wish I had not acted out in fear in the beginning when the "covid" issue started--angry at those not wearing masks inside of stores--I felt this was rude and hurting the workers... the positive of this negative situation is that the confusion/anger forced me to seek another way to live through this journey and I went back to meditation and try not to judge and be thankful for each day.

I wish I'd handled my bootcamp differently. I wish I'd gotten out of my own head long enough to have a deeper understanding of tech. I wish I hadn't stopped looking for work when my friend and I decided to start a business. But, mostly no - I believe everything happens for a reason and I'm set up to do well. I'm proud of my personal growth and my dedication to the plan.

I wish I hadn't said yes to so many things. Part of me wishes I only did one internship and made money by getting a (not so relevant) part time job this past summer, but the other part of me knows I really did help my resume. I just hope it pans out well. I am very proud to have made the friends I have made and to have excelled in the grad program I am in, even though I don't always feel qualified in it.

I wish that I had started saving money earlier. It was difficult because of our pay cuts, but I wish I had done more in the latter half of 2020 to cut down on my expenses so that I would have had a better cushion going into my time of being unemployed. I know my parents don't mind chipping in every so often, and I am immensely grateful for their support, but I do wish I didn't have to rely on it. Also I wish I had gone to the podiatrist earlier so that my insurance would have covered my ankle braces. I really hate that my parents had to pay for those when it could have been prevented.

I wish that I had more patience with my wife and children. I would have taken a deeper breathe before reacting. I am especially proud of my wife and how she has come through this pandemic. She is a warrior and without her, our family would be very different. She is the organizer, planner, scheduler and so much more.

I’m proud and grateful regarding my hip replacement surgery. My son-in-law, a spine surgeon, advised me to “regard it as an investment,” and do my part to follow up with excercise afterwards. All went well, and I m actually swimming at the local Jewish Community Center- I’ve never been so “athletic”!

wish I could have made more people understand how to listen and understand each other without the divisiveness and political extremes we have all gone through I am proud of my friends and family for adhering to the safety standards recommended from the covid

I wish I had put more effort into my career. I’m still almost in the same rut as a year ago. Conversely, I’m very proud of launching my Zoomers to Boomers Improv virtual intergenerational, international classes. The program has been so impactful for the participants & has brought me much joy!

I wish I would have been more confident and would have trusted my instincts more. I am proud of not reacting negatively, letting things happen, and understanding there was a lesson for me to be learned. I am proud to see how invested and committed in becoming the better person I became.

There's not a lot I wish I would have done differently this year. I feel happy with the vast majority of my choices, but I wouldn't say proud...just...content. I'm tired of doing things to make myself proud; I want to start doing things to make myself content and fulfilled. I'm tired of living loudly. I want to live more quietly and purposely, to live in a way that brings me calm and peace rather than acclaim.

I wish I was more confident in myself and my body.

I wish I had traveled more within my capacity. There were safe locations in my country I could have visited. I declined to in order to spend time with my SO. We wound up arguing and fighting a lot because they were working from home, so I think we ultimately would have been happier with less than 100% time together.

Basically, I think I'm really proud that I managed to make it through lockdown and the pandemic in relatively reasonable shape.

With the world in chaos and people just loving to argue for the sake of arguing, I wish I had deleted my Facebook account sooner. I’m so tired of people thinking they have the right to know my personal business. It feels good to have deleted one social media account. I wasted so much time reading what people said and for what…I don’t really care. One thing I am proud of is how self aware I have been and have focused on my mental health more. I have also tried harder to be mindful and more understanding of others.

I wish I had not spent so much money and I really wish that I had put my bookkeeping and finances in order. I am really proud of the work I am trying to do to change my physical lifestyle to a more healthy one.

So proud of all I have done to support Jewish professionals. And how much I have been available for our children.

I am especially proud of surviving this year - Mom's death, selling a house, buying a house, moving, managing daughters and their emotions - It is a miracle that I'm alive at all.

same as last year; wish I would have saved more money. we put aside most of our stimulus check income so we will have money if/when we move out of Pat's house. I am proud of myself for going back to school even though I am unsure of the major I have chosen. I am proud of myself for standing up for myself more and speaking out when things bother me. I am pleased that my little sis and I have gotten our close relationship back==still difficult because she now has 2 kids she has to work around, but we are planning a sister trip and I am setting funds aside for that too!

been more involved with union/organizing/political stuff. I am proud of starting to read more political theory

There are lots of things I wish I'd done differently this past year, especially my health. This last year though I'm really proud that I took on a new opportunity and pushed to get up to speed and get involved quickly. I'm still learning but I am so enjoying the challenges.

Shut up more. Listened more--in all senses: to my body, to those scraps of common sense came from my normally untrustworthy emotions.... Used the wisdom gained from above to turn away, turn toward, tune out, tune into, and not turn back from what was helpful and harmful as appropriate.

I wish I had been more relaxed about my pregnancy, which made me feel frightened, sad, nervous. I wish I had the capacity to take it easier and with more joy and less anxiety. On the other hand, I am proud to have handled well the moment of the birth, and to have felt I could have climbed a mountain.

I wish I had started exercising to lose weight sooner. I am proud of having got through the pandemic safely, having helped people by making masks and having made a start to get fitter and healthier myself.

I am proud of my mental fortitude in the trying times of the year, my calm in the storm, my patience and trust in letting things unfold.

I'm very proud of the fact that I made the decision to pursue assessment for Autism Spectrum Disorder. It's not really like me to follow through on things, especially things that require a lot of logistics and are difficult, but it was something that became very important to me, and receiving a diagnosis was a very affirming event -- it helped me make more sense of my life up until that point, and it's helped me be ever more MYSELF as I move forward.

I’m glad that I found a better apartment. I’m glad that I’ve kept up with my fitness. I’m glad that I have a nice place to work and a positive relationship with my manager. I’m glad to have good relationships with my family

I wish I didn't get into a fight with our neighbours about the shared garden privileges durning lockdown. I'm proud that we moved into a new building.

Fighting for my headache disease. Advocacy for treatments, taking chances on alternative ideas

I really wish I made better choices with relationships and spoke up with what bothered me. Both with romantic and friend relationships. I should have not wait because I put the other person first- I should be the priority.

I was excited to take a year off of leading something and instead said yes to being the PTA president. It's a great role and I want to have it, but not yet. I still feel underwater quite often and this will just exacerbate that feeling... But - I am also going to answer what I am especially proud of - running Hood to Coast without a painful injury. It was so fun!

Well always - I wish I had wasted less time on social media and had read more.

Nothing much I could have done differently, but I am proud of going back to school to begin a new career.

I love the question and I can lean into both sides. I’m super proud of the way I sustained our family financially as a small business owner during Covid. Conversely, I have to get my work life balance in order because while I am sustaining my family financially I’m not having enough time to enjoy beautiful life!

I wish i didnt eat so much and did some exercise during my pandemic stay at home. I am proud: i accepted to paint my first canvas and shown that in a art exhibition; i draw several auto portraits; choose a house in serra algarvia to spend my holidays; talked with my mother about her near dementia so she gets some consciousness about it and goes to a doctor; take care of my mother´s dog so she didnt give her for adoption.

I wish I had sustained my yoga practice. More than three months of daily yoga made me stronger, happier and more settled. I am also proud of the fact that I started a yoga practice. I am proud of our business. It is not as productive as I had once hoped, but it is certainly sustaining us in ways beyond financial.

I wish I had gained financial freedom so I'm freer. I worked. I was earning, but a significant infusion would open other doors. Honestly, I think I did as well as I could with this past year, and I'm proud of that. I believe I'll be able to create more space in the next 12 months -- more and more integrity, more standing up for myself.

I wish I'd spent more time with Mum, lockdown be damned. I wish I'd made more of an effort with her last holiday, but I was so sad and burnt out that all I could do was be there with her. And that will have to be enough, but I don't ever want to make that mistake again. Spend the time with your family, your friends, say the things you feel. It'll always feel like too much but one day it'll never have been enough.

I wish I had taken care of my body more. Just leaving bed was hard some days, let alone exercising. I lost a lot of weight early on from not eating and have now gained some back, and it's been a giant stress the last 5-6 months. I've been at 2 unhealthy extremes combined with a lack of exercise, and it's wearing down on me mentally and physically. At the same time, I'm proud of my body for getting me through it all. It's complicated.

I wish I had managed my heritage differently. I received a nice amount of money from a family member who passed away. I spend all of it and now i wish had saved some of it. What I am proud of is me quiting the use of cannabis in February, after almost 30 years.

Thing I would have done differently is usually the same for me every year and as a new married woman I now have a partner to help with these and that is health and money. I need to get into better shape and take care of myself also to not spend but learn to save. Those I wish I had done more of that on the past year. The things I’m proud of is coming to the states and learning to drive

I wish I had used all of this pandemic time more productively. I did not exercise the discipline necessary to pursue my interests. Too many days of apathy disguised as self-care. Alternatively, I don't know if 'proud' is the word, but I'm very pleased that I was able to effectively comfort and ease the dying of an old friend.

I wish I had relied on Kaiser Permanente for a quicker diagnosis of my hip issue and Art's back issue, rather than messing about with the Banner system.

I am proud at how I got through the home-buying process. The market was insane this year, and everything had to be done very quickly. Specifically, I am proud that I fought my fear of confrontation and politely, but assertively, told one lender who had helped us through the offer process that we were not going to use his loan.

Glad I signed up to coach Xavier's baseball and did more than ever to help support the family. Can't think of anything I would have done differently.

I'm proud to have been invited to continue in my quite demanding job. I've loved seeing our grandchildren growing and feeling part of their lives

No- I’m so proud of everything I accomplished this year: 500 hr YTT, finishing a book, getting and staying pregnant!

I’m incredibly proud of myself for starting to set boundaries as a person and as a friend. It’s been a long, painful process, and there are certainly things I wish I had done differently, but I’m a better, happier person and that’s what matters.

Nothing I would change. I did my best all the time and had a rest when it was time to rest.

I wish I had gotten my nutrition under control sooner in the year. The full pandemic year was really very hard and hormonal imbalance from poor exercise and nutrition made my moods worse. My toddler was a lot to handle this year and I really wish I'd evened myself out sooner. I loved spending so much time with my kid. He's a joy in the world.

I wish I had spent more time with my sister. We didn't know she wouldn't have more time.

I am incredibly proud of the fact that I have lost nearly 50 lbs! I followed my daughter's example and started a plan that enabled me to lose this weight in a 6 month period and keep most of it off as I transition to a different plan. Totally life changing and I feel and look so very much better than I have in at least 20 years.

I’m really proud of how I’ve handled myself and my mental health during the pandemic over this last year. Honestly at the beginning I kind of expected my mental health to be rockier given the circumstances, but I’ve held up really well and in the moments where I wasn’t doing so well, I took good care of myself.

I wish I’d said ‘no’ more. At times, I stretched myself too thin, putting others’ needs or expectations— spoken or unspoken & assumed— before mine. I wish I’d put myself & my expectations first more often.

I wish I had spent less time watching television. Proud to have taken my mother to visit her sister and brother in law in Washington state.

I am especially proud that I stuck to a run training plan and completed a half marathon, running has turned into such a great hobby for me! I am also so proud that I've taken steps towards being healthier and losing weight. I'm not perfect, but this past year has allowed me to run and lift myself into a strong healthy body. I wish I would have cut back on alcohol consumption. Not only does it negatively effect training, but it doesn't put me in a great mental space.

I wish I could have made all the right and kind choices. I wish I had know what those choices were. But I am proud of all the changes I made and the love I have chosen.

I wish I had found more space for my marriage. In all the upheavals of the last year, I have worked so hard to keep my kids happy, learning, safe. I have eeked out some room here and there for self-care. I have spent entirely too much time on my phone, reading the news, following the COVID numbers. There has not been a lot of space left for my husband. Even the little outlets that we used to find as two working parents with two small kids -- the occasional date night, sometimes taking a day off together -- those feel out of reach. I still feel like I'm at capacity, like there just isn't space inside me to attend more fully. I hope that we, together, can find more space for each other this year.

Get more exercise. Too many nights at work and too much temptation to sleep another hour.

I wish that I had spent less time living vicariously through strangers online. This year, I have spent sometimes hours a day peering into the lives of people who were seemingly doing all the things I wish I were. Watching two random people fight about mask mandates or reading the comments of a cooking blog are not replacements for in person human interaction, but this year, as the virus has made seeing friends dangerous, this kind of voyeurism has often felt like a second best choice. I could have been more creative and intentional with how I used my time. I miss real people so much.

I wish I had not bought so many things - especially anything I did not really need. It is a habit that I do not love and I am going to transform it this year. The key things I am thinking of are the pictures (wow- okay peer pressure)and any non-fandom related or non-maker related trinkets or clothing. I have so much stuff and I can find what I need in what I already have most times. I am really proud of the parenting skills and self-care skills I have developed. I am holding strong (for the most part) to my core values and bending and flexing on everything else when needed.

I am proud of my continuing education - only 2 more courses and I will be done my post-secondary certificate! I wish I had taken more time to go camping and get outdoors with my husband this summer. It feels like time is speeding up and I am starting to feel a sense of desperation to do everything I haven't taken advantage of since we moved here.

I wish I had communicated better with my family and handled stress better. I am proud of my kids and family and how we dealt with this continued pandemic, quarantining and not having the freedom they used to. In spite if this, they are each thriving in their own ways.

There are many things that I wish I had done differently. I wish that I could be kinder at times. I can think of times when I could have approached Graham with more love and/or less annoyance/impatience. There are times when I am irritated with my husband, sometimes for an actual reason and other times from my own perception/meaning I make from his actions. I could clearly work on my interactions in this way. I want to be able to have space between my reaction and speaking. I am proud that we have started to raise Graham in the way that we feel best mirrors our values - including changing schools and starting him in religious school.

Can I have regrets? Is that okay? Let me go search PsychologyToday.com because the slogan "No regrets!" is pounding in my head. But there's so much regret as I find myself relearning lessons about personal boundaries and healthy communication. I regret not communicating my needs clearly with my last roommate. I regret not calling out my ex more on his dishonesty because it came to elude me, too. I regret calling my sister for help when I was panicked, knowing very well that if I was calm, I would have never expected her to be able to help me in that situation. I regret inviting my cousin to live with me, and I regret not kicking him out sooner when I was slapped in the face with his alcoholism. I'm proud, though. I'm proud for starting my Jewish women's Moon Circle and growing my faith in Hashem. I'm proud of acting as quickly as I could with my cousin and seeking help from Al Anon. I'm proud of cleaning up my finances, and stepping up to the plate to communicate my needs. It's better to swing at the pitch, then to not even come up to the plate. I find myself at a crossroads with my personal relationships. My work feels sorted, for once.

I think in many ways, 2021 was been a time of regrouping. I have been a part of difficult conversations and I have been able to stay present for them. I have connected with strangers like I would never had before. I like myself in those moments.

nope glad to be happy and having time with my family at home

I am proud of my commitment to moving my body more during quarantine. I am 10 miles away from completing 500 miles in 2021, I started a back health exercise program, and I'm feeling more flexible and stronger.

I wish I had managed to quit smoking. I'm very proud of lots of things: making my new freelance life work out, managing and financing the renovation of the courtyard home I found in the countryside, finally getting my finances in order, being more relaxed and happy. I'm debt free and can afford an expensive move back to Europe.

I'm especially proud of my decision to put family first-which turned out to be the best decision for my work as well. I have learned to focus on being present in the the moment and not stress so much over the future. Things are easier. It's amazing how they have just started to fall into place. Life is less effort and more joy.

I have dealt with ridiculous abuse from this job that I thought would be where I retired. I have also divested myself of it turning around and am taking my talents elsewhere. AND I am both purging my house and exercising.

Proud of? Yes...I'm proud that I've lost weight and am physically healthy. Proud that I cook dinner most nights during the week when I used to not. Proud to be surviving in a world that feels sad and scary and unknown. Wish I'd done differently? Sure...I wish I was braver and louder and spoke up more than I have.

The only thing I should have sooner was to fix my break wall problem, as I have lost more erosion because I waited too long. But, it's getting fixed now. I guess I am proud of my rehab , and I have had compliments from my Doctor and physical therapist on how well I have done.

Can't say there is anything I'd do differently since I really didn't do much of anything to begin with! I'm very proud that I FINISHED Vashti's Daughter by my PURIM deadline in Feb and that I finally managed to get my weight DOWN under 140 for the first time in over 3 years! 136 - 138 range.

I wish that I had not returned to drinking. I know that I cannot control myself, so I need to become sober once again. I hope by this time next year I will have achieved that.

I wish I had been more calm and not been so on edge about every little bump. I wish I had been kinder to Zach and not judged him so harshly. I'm proud of getting 2 jobs: Bravely and LifeLabs. I'm proud of the hard work and dedication I put into getting both of them.

Nothing significant that I wish I’d done differently. I think at this age I’m mostly at peace with who I am as a person. I’m proud of getting through the school year having done the best I can. A particularly proud moment was reading the find papers from my spring quarter students. The majority of them had taken significant learning from their time in the class. I felt proud to be part of a program that has such a positive impact on people who will be better managers and leaders because of this class.

I wish I spent more time with my dad. Because of COVID I lost 6 months with him.

The recognition for The Buckeye Flame, Ohio's only LGBTQ+ news and views platform that we created, has been amazing and humbling and awe-inspiring. We're doing something *important* here and we have to keep it going.

Done differently: not a lot, I try not to dwell too much on past mistakes. I suppose I'd try to be more patient and understanding with my eldest daughter. Proud of: My wife, for enduring a really hard year of sleepless nights and restricted days. My daughters for growing and generally being happy. Myself for being able to provide a safe and generous environment for them all.

I wish I had spent more time with Laddy before he passed- I tried but I feel like I could have been out more, especially if I knew I had so little time left.

I’m especially proud of wearying pandemic job change etc with marriage intact I wish I hadn’t reverted to childish emotional behaviour - I think i should know better than that by now but lessons till have to be learned again and again until the issues reside

I think I spent too much time mindlessly scrolling on Twitter this year. It started with real time updates on the election, and then on vaccines. It’s time for me to put myself back on 1 hour a day regiments. Something I’m proud of is my continued improvement in sleep, unaided by any medication. Additionally, I am proud of my performance at Salesforce one year in as I continue to learn and enjoy my work here.

I'm proud of holding on this year. That in itself is a pretty big accomplishment.

I’m most proud of how I’ve grown as a manager. I’m still learning, but I feel more confident and grounded at work than I ever thought possible, and the results have been so cool to see.

Oh I am so proud of how I've lived my life, truly. I hold it down. But probably the thing I'm most proud of is my mutual aid project. I decided early on that I needed a way to make it bigger and less despair-inducing, because last summer I was giving all my money away and it felt like throwing it down a dark bottomless pit of need. Now I'm over a year into it, and every week I raise around $400--sometimes it's a lot more, infrequently it's less--and I get it out to someone who really needs it. My numbers are sort of approximate because I don't know how much people in my network have contributed directly to our requester's cashlinks, but the current running total redistributed to people in our community who are struggling is $29,286.24. And I just did some math and since I added the "mutual aid" category to my spending tracking spreadsheet last June, I've personally given away $3254.26, an average of $203/month, even in months where my gross income was in the $2400 range. That's a huge change in my life and a really positive one. I've felt so much more abundance since I started doing this, too.

I wish I walked more and ate less junk food.

I wish I'd put my Covid time to better use - I think I'm wedded to being lazy when I have no specific plans or deadlines. But I'm proud of doing what I could politically, sending texts and postcards to ensure the liberal agenda. And I'm also proud that I donated my resources to those who needed them.

Getting stopped/frozen by people who annoy me/challenge me/etc. I’d like to be able to just keep going! I’m proud of deepening my relationship with my parents this year and keeping the lines of communication open.

I am proud to have worked on some personal issues and venture some deep life-changing decisions.

I wish I had worked out more especially just taking walks. I wish I had organized my house and gotten rid of stuff. It is not too late to start.

This past year for me was a re-set from G-d. It was so nice and quiet in my neighborhood for once. My dog and I took lots of walks and she helped me to have a reason to get up.

I am proud that I paid close attention all along to the proper sources (scientists, compilers of scientific information) and kept myself and my elderly mother safe during these years of the pandemic (so far, anyway). I wish I had known not to swim so many days per week after not having swum for the first shutdown 3-months+, because it gave me terrible tendonitis that has taken over a year to heal (still not all right). But, like with all my other minor health problems, I am grateful it is not worse and pray for all who suffer more to heal, also.

I'm really proud that I found a new job at an incredible company that really checks all of my boxes. I'm proud that I've invested in myself and continue to go to therapy regularly! I'm proud that I've made new friends!

I don't think there is anything I wish I had done differently. I mean, I could say that I wish I had visited my parents sooner, but at the same time, maybe it was the exact right time. I briefly entertained the idea that I wish I had done/could do more for my children, particularly my youngest who is at home due to disability. But sometimes DOING something is not the best way to go. Sometimes NOT doing is the best thing we can help. I am very happy (I don't like the word proud) that I was able to develop various online groups that provide community with an eye towards not creating extra stress. For example, while all the groups have a bit of a structure in place, we keep it flexible so we can hold space and create space as needed.

I wish I had spent less money on things and spent more time resting. That said, I am proud of the rest I did prioritize and the boundaries I set.

I don’t live with much regret. I understand why I have done things the way I have at the time. Something I’m proud of? Proud that I continue to fix up my home and pay my mortgage. The lamp post, the cobblestone blocks along the driveway, the back porch white lights… guess I’m proud of the things Ken has done for me!

Both. I always wish that I had more patience and more ability to deal with my own feelings of helplessness. I find that when I feel helpless is when I lose patience with my daughter. I am working on it. I am most proud of the transition we made because of her medical issues to me cooking every meal from scratch every day. It was a significant change in our daily lives, and I made it with grace (mostly!). My partner helped me see this as an accomplishment to be proud of. It requires a lot of meal planning, which I had never done before. We are eating healthier than ever, and spending less. I feel like this is something to be proud of.

I should have put more energy out into the world instead of retracting. I didn't focus as much on my art as I should have. It could have been the year that I pushed the boundaries and didn't. However, when the opportunity arose to take on challenges that were probably a bit beyond my comfort zone, I went ahead and accepted the challenge. Or the paycheck. It's a little hard to tease out the motivation there.

I wish I had spent more time learning how to discipline my toddler without yelling.

I wish I took a break from dating or attempting to. I’m proud of how consistent I’ve been with art even though I could have been more consistent & felt discouraged often I never gave up & been the most consistent I’ve ever been

Personal growth has been important to me this past year. I have struggled many years with family circumstances that were beyond my control. I have researched self care and engaged in some therapy sessions and feel much equipped for life now. I wish I had looked earlier!

I had weight loss surgery and have lost 80kgs. The hardest thing I have ever done and the only thing I am proud of for the past 12 months.

It has been a year since my marriage ended. It’s been a relief not to have to carry that weight any more. I am very proud of the way I have handled the separation. The kids have handled it great, and two households seems to be going ok.

I wish I had appreciated more the time spent for university, I’m proud I graduated but I wish I had chosen a different path.

It's hard to know what could've been different, given the restrictions on our life at the moment. I feel pretty trapped. Then again, making it through the newborn and infant phases without any outside help at all is worth being proud of. I want to believe that.