Is there something (a person, a cause, an idea) that you want to investigate more fully in the coming year?

I want to see what contributions I can make to environmental conservation and to slow down the spread of digital surveillance infrastructure around the world. If I ever have kids, I want to do my part to make sure that they have a livable Earth and aren't being monitored all the time by The State and companies.

I'd like to see if I have the courage to give up on job hunting and be able to make ends meet as a self-employed consultant, despite the pandemic. I'm so very tired of settling for jobs that don't satisfy me and/or lay me off!

I'm still thinking about what I can do in memory of my infant daughter who passed away unexpectedly at just 7 months. We had a lot of resources to care for her, I'm sure there a lot many children who don't especially in India. It will be nice to do something that will touch lives in a positive way over the next year.

I want to learn more about my own racism and try to conquer it.

I want to explore more of how to raise anti-racist kids. That starts with my own education and self reflection arohnd how to be an anti-racist. I will finish the book, How to Be An Anti-racist, work with the consultant at work to evaluate our organizational role in advocating for anti-racist transportation policy and read Raising White Kids and talk to our daughter more about race and fairness. We will be enrolling her in K1 this year, do I will also have to explore more of how unfairly school resources are distributed and what values and hopes we have for her public school education. I also joined the RG parent listserve to have a community to explore raising the kids to be aware of their privileges and how to break cycles of oppression that we as white, wealthy people perpetuate.

I don't think I'll ever get to the point of ACAB, like some of our radical lefty friends in Philly, but I'm for sure interested in the idea of defunding the police and pursuing alternatives to policing.

I am happy to say that I have made strides towards the ares I mentioned in my answer from last year! I will continue to work on them during this year. I look forward to seeing where I am this time next year.

The two would be my own personal mindfulness practice. The second is to move forward with programs and services for former Alzheimer caregivers.

Spirituality. Again. I didn't do it last year but I said I wanted to. I guess other shit happened. But this is my year. Let's do it, babes.

I want to get a solid plan in place for pursuing my next phase of education. Decide if I will pursue mental health counseling, or else if I will pursue a higher level of dance education, and come up with a plan to get my masters/license/ABT certificate/CPYB training . . . something! I want to use this next year to figure out what my next chapter truly will be.

Investigate The Point for courses e.g. Massage and fitness. Vegetarianism. Increase my knowledge of Judaism from a Liberal viewpoint.


I think this upcoming year is going to be the fallout, the WTF just happened from the previous year. I'm just taking it one step at a time and making it through the trials of this year, but they will all haunt me going forward.

What does it look like to be a white, anti-racist parent? What does it look like to be a white, anti-racist parent who works as a teacher in a private school? How can I value more deeply the importance and vitality of rest in my every day? How might I bring mindfulness to my parenting and integrate my being as a parent into all the other realms in which I show up?

I'd like to investigate Northshore Recovery High School and adolescent addiction more fully in the coming year.

I want to learn a lot more about indigenous communities today and throughout history. The REAL story of how Canada and the US were settled and founded hasn't been taught to us, and I want to really understand: who lived here, where my city is now, two, three, four hundred years ago? What were their lives like, and why did they give this area up? What is the real story of this land? Our acknowledgements don't even scratch the surface of this.

With hopes and plans of starting a family, I want to better understand what it means to be a father and a positive male role model - from a Jewish perspective, as a supportive partner to my wife, and via conversations with loved ones - with full recognition that nothing can truly prepare me for that identity.

This is kind of boring, but I want to learn more about CAD, machining and finishing. I want to begin trying to sell some of my design/creations.

Inbox zero.

There are things I am concerned about, such as public education and its failings and what is being done to improve it, and how this generation of children has lost the ability to interact socially because of social media and screen-time dependency, but I don't know if "investigate" is the right term for that...I am very interested in seeing people who can effect positive change with these things do so in the coming year.

I'm starting to get involved in local racial justice group (SURJ). One of the ideas I've been exposed to there is a request to abstain from recreating on native lands during covid, and defining all rec areas in my state as native lands. That's a huge ask for me, and has begun a lot of discomfort, then bargaining ("well, what if I only ..."; "how many people really agree with this request? Maybe I don't have to follow it...), and a certain amount of grief at the loss of access to a way of spending time that feels deeper to my life than mere entertainment or recreation. It feels important to wrestle with the challenges. I recognize it's even a privilege to even agree/decide to comply with the request. Relative to what Indigenous communities have sacrificed, this is nothing. It's humbling to me to struggle with the ask so much. I feel weak in my ally-ship, and I thought I was better than that.

Her: Yes, but none I am willing to commit to, even on "paper." I still have to do the research on geriatric care that I didn't get to this past year. Him: Ha ha ha ha. Right now, I feel too overwhelmed to look at any additional causes. However, once things calm down, I hope, I want to investigate what can be done to provide more hours for eldercare. There has already been a push for universal child care. Why are we not also taking into account the need for eldercare to keep people, if not in their homes, at least in community centers that respect them and don't take away their sense of pride. Also, Although I think I am somewhat aware of political causes, social causes, and economic directions, I think I would be open to finding out more about what I can do regarding climate change. AND, the preservation of our water tables. A side note: We, in NYC, get our water from reservoirs that are upstate. We generally don't think about groundwater like they do in areas of TX and the Midwest and the Southwest. Where droughts are more of an issue. Further, I am concerned that the loss of forests in the west will contribute to more droughts in the plains states and the southern US. We have already had one Dust Bowl; we don't need another one. I think we need to deal with reforestation.

Robin Wall Kimmerer is my hero.

Best practices in community engagement; the foster care system


What does it feel like to be a whole person?

Continue reading anti-racist books. I’ve read three this year (How to Be an Anti-Racist, Barracoon, and Caste). I’d like to read more and do more to be an ally and an activist (taking my lead from those who are experiencing the racism directly).

As an advocate for women's advancement, my passion is to bring this knowledge of organizational climate, culture, and strategy to the table early on to prepare young women to enter the workforce successfully. I would like to study my Husband's Catholic point of view to encourage women to take up the role of Mother as a career focus. I would like to promote young men's responsibility to respect women and life through the removal of the pressure for young women to 'put out' and to adopt a 'keep it in your pants' philosophy to avoid the need for young women to even have to consider abortion.

Climate change.

I've found myself in an unexpected and unfortunate(?) position. I've been fine being single for many of my adult years, and happy when I'm in a relationship but not devastated when said relationship ends. I think it's good to be this way. But then again, I'm 32 now. I've learned in med school that anything over 35 is considered "advanced maternal age" for having children, and since I don't want to have kids while still in med school (or, honestly, residency if I can help it), I kind of have to start thinking about the fact that it's becoming increasingly likely that I won't have kids, ever. Sometimes I'm convinced that I don't want them. I like living for me, we have a population problem anyway--it'd be nice to have the freedom to just live how I want, maybe with a partner, maybe not. But I've always just.... kind of known I'll have kids. It's been a given. Things change, sure, but it's hard to let go of a given. Maybe I'll find my perfect partner this year, and we'll have some good times together, get married, I'll have kids in residency (it's really not that uncommon) and that'll be that. But if it doesn't happen (and "this year" is an awfully short window now that I've typed it out), this year or next year or at least sometime soon, I might have to give up on the idea of kids. And so maybe this year I can start to lean into that. Be okay with it. Reflect on the reasons I don't want to have them and make myself ready if I need to rely on them later. It sounds kind of depressing when I put it that way. And don't even get me started on my ability to find someone to love me anyway--I've already had the "if you were lovable you would have found someone already" conversation in my own head plenty of times. But if I use this year to love myself and my life and be okay without a partner, without kids.... maybe when I cross that "too late" line, wherever that ends up being, I can feel happy with the life I've lived and will keep living.

Talent Acquisition a long career at WeWork New York City

As I've long done, I expect to continue investigating my inner terrain more deeply. As I learn to love myself with increasing depth, I want it to flow more freely with others in the world.

Stoicism has always made sense to me, and has always been an interest that I’ve held just under the surface. I would love to investigate it and understand it more fully in the coming year, and find ways to apply those practices in my day-to-day life.

I want to continue to cultivate my own empathy as I relate to friends and family. I want to work toward greater personal authenticity, without apology. I want to further develop my creativity. I want to find a way to make further meaningful contributions to society.

Systemic racism and Thomas Merton.

Werner Erhard

RBG, since I am not very political, I would like to learn more about her life and all that she did for this country

How to best optimize our new virtual world, both business and personally. How to keep myself interested. Can P.I.E. be part of the answer?

I want to investigate my love of making art.

I'm proud of the start I've made in terms of my personal response to Black Lives Matters and climate change, but I think there's more I could do. I've just started a trial period as a Trustee of a local green organisation, and I'd like to keep that up. And I'd like to continue to decolonise my outlook and diversify my media consumption. I basically get all my news from the Guardian, and all my opinions from the New Yorker and New York Magazine. That's not to say I don't seek out dissenting opinions, but there are probably other media outlets I could patronise.

Black Lives Matter

Me. That seems selfish, but it's true. I want to know me, better. I want to explore what I want, more. Maybe I need to go back to therapy...

I want to more fully investigate Socialism and how that could be implemented into Amercian society/ Gov't to help our people.

Yes, I want to continue my work in DEIB - I want to become more educated on workplace diversity and inclusion in order to influence my workplace and my community. I'm also still interested in becoming an end of life doula.

Nothing in particular comes to mind right now; the church has been going into the community with it's support of the food bank. I think I am open to where God might take me in that direction.

No. I feel a stunning lack of curiousity and effort and motivation right now. However, this is does not feel like depression to me -- I just feel like I'm doing ok and accepting me and my family and doing well and focusing on here and now and really not wanting to get more involved into new things. People are adding me to political facebook groups, election volunteering, and I am declining. The most I can do is my job and my parenting and being a spouse and maybe, maybe me.

Maori sovreignty.

I've been growing in my anti-racism these past few months (and years), and I am committed to continuing to do this hard work for as long as it takes (which may be my whole life!).

i'd like to learn more and continue to grow about government and civic matters. i think i have a unique perspective and a voice that can really make a difference one day. i need to continually educate myself on these matters and be able to support my boss and our organization in conversations. most importantly, i need to be able to support women and black people and black women. it is not easy to be a black person in america but right now? lord. it's miserable. as a black woman who lives in alaska, a predominantly white state, it's so important to have a VOICE here.

All of the protests, the deaths of so many black people, it's been so painful. Learning about racial inequality, systemic racism, privilege is uncomfortable and I want to get real uncomfortable. I want to learn, and keep learning. And then unlearn, and keep unlearning.

the pain of being human in all the ways my creative and political bring me towards

I want to continue to build on investing in myself. I have worked hard in the past year to be my most authentic self and do what serves me, first and foremost. This year, as I continue to expand on this, I want to focus on my relationships and cultivate those that bring value and eliminate those that don't. This also includes exploring a long term romantic relationship.

Storytellers, pit bulls, small space gardening, pollinators, my Instapot, other cultures/faiths...always curious

The Zohar/Kabbalah. Dreams. Plants. Herbalism. Gardening/farming. Professionally putting myself out there more (website!)


For a while I have wanted to immerse myself more in the mental health advocacy space, and among the responsibilities I have this year, I hope I can make a little time for that. It's a cause that's important to me and close to my heart, and I want to take a more meaningful role in it overall and volunteer my time toward it.

I want to continue working to be anti-racist and to use the privilege and safety of my white body to elevate and celebrate BIPOC.

Not.... really? I feel like I should have some sort of goal for my intellectual development, but right now, just surviving is plenty.

I think I need to focus more on myself. What are my desires, opinions, feelings and dreams? How can I achieve, enjoy and experience life more fully?

Yoga.. I feel like this is a tradition I am stepping into but making my own. I want to be both critical and open-minded, both analytical and faithful. I want to look at how I personally could use yoga to bring a bit of healing into a world with so much pain.

I want to investigate a change of career or at least a supplemental one. Something caring. I have considered becoming a celebrant for funerals or weddings. I am interested in the ambulance service response centre too.

Judaism, lesbian history, witchcraft. Fun stuff.

I’m not quite sure. The things that come to mind are Civil Rights and building community. By building community I mean by starting with small pockets of people. Like bringing people together where they live. Having a sense of community in an apartment complex, or a neighborhood. Getting to know people and having community gardens. Looking out for and helping each other “just because you can!”

I think its about time I learn more about the political ideologies of the liberals and conservatives more thoroughly. Between the polarized political climate (due to the impending presidential election and the BLM movement sweeping the country) and having dated somebody with strong left leanings I feel more motivated to learn more about both sides now more than in the past.

I am pretty obsessed about eating healthy plant-based diet, especially following the advice of Dr Greger, I hope I will be able to put that into practise.

I'm considering taking Thomas McConkie's virtual class, Transformations of Faith. I have been avoiding the painful work of assessing and accepting where I stand relative to the religion I was raised in. I'd like to be more informed about climate change.

Keep finding a way to support racial and social justice. Keep finding me. Keep leaning into my creativity.

I want to continue learning more about politics. I feel that I actually learned a lot and got involved this past year and I want to continue that. Even when 🤞🏽Biden is elected there is still a lot of work to be done.

Racism. White privilege. Anti-racism.

Yes. Coaching as my passion! I've found out that is where my heart is, and I should be following it. But I'd like to investigate more fully how to implement it in my life. I will also keep figuring out myself and just go with the flow.

Myself. I don't think that's such a bad thing. First year of college, investigate myself for only my own sake. To discover who I am, what I can do, and what I want to do. I want to explore my creative side more. Which medium is my medium? I think with pandemic virtual theater I've discovered that I really like being in the brainstorming process,. Maybe I'll do more behind the scenes theater and enjoy that. Or explore my musical side, as I just took my first Music class and now I'm taking voice lessons. And explore Gov and Psych and comp sci and philosophy just for me, to figure out what I want.

I'd like to support more efforts regarding systemic racism and learn all I can to be a force for change.

Half of me wants to delve more deeply into politics. The other half wants to just run away screaming from politics. Pretty sure it'll be Door #1, though. On a more personal level (not that politics aren't personal--of course they are, plus it's not my profession, anyway, at least not yet), I'm still intrigued by the question of how the hell did we get here? I mean this as an ethnological, anthropological, cultural question, the answer to which, or more likely, answers or more questions, could point us to a better, more civilized future.

I want to learn more about the challenges that Jewish people face in today's society.

I want to delve deeper into healing and energy modalities and how I can bring them to others, as they've become, along with prayer and community, such an integral part in my healing and day to day coming into myself process.

Yup, how to save democracy... authoritarianism is on the rise & I'm not sure how we beat it back, but I'll keep trying to figure out how to stop its insidious crawl into the fabric of our society & government.

I want to explore the idea of living with more intention. Living with more simplicity.

I want to keep doing the work to be a better-informed, more active ally.

I have done more cooking than usual this COVID-19 season. I would like to do more cooking and baking. I would like to try out some new recipes. Maybe try some vegan recipes? I find my kids are happy when they see me cooking especially baking. I like happy children.

I want to take a good look at how I can keep my job but act more directly for what is good in the world.

Yes, I want to research more about the people in Africa to see what they need.

How to live and be social: adapt my “dream” based on covid realities

I want to be a better reader, a more prolific reader, and a better researcher so that I can write more historical perspective.

The future of the insurance business comes to mind. Technology is changing so much, and I feel a deep dive into the new currents of change in sector I've made a life-long career in would be timely.

My white bias and privilege How I can be better at teaching my kids to see things through an anti-racist lens. Would love to figure out how to help my husband along this path.

I have been wanting to create more personal connection, intentionally and ritual around the holidays. I realize that ritual is something that's important to me and I hope to find - with my community - ways and language to integrate this into the Jewish holidays that feel meaningful and spiritual to me.

Hmm. I would like to learn to identify the trees of this area better. After taking a class on trees with “River Dave” and walking with Rhonda I have learned a bit and would like to be better. I would like to throw better bowls. If clay class opens I will take another class

Professionally I would like to explore more training, whether it be trauma-focused, body-based modalities or something new. I feel confident I will continue to invest in myself as a professional. I would also like to read more.

I am an activist at heart. I want to fundraises for something I believe in. I want to get more involved in my community.

This year I began a journey to learn more about diversity and inclusion and I want to continue growing my skills in that area. I want to become a fierce advocate for all to feel safe and welcome wherever they are. I can practice this at work with the roles I have and by being an ally for my ALL of my coworkers. I want to continue studying about race and inequality and living by example for those around me. I am aware of the privilege I live with and I don't want that to be what people see about me.

Right at this moment, I am unexpectedly on a military history kick: I'm reading about the Cold War and listening to a podcast about the Iraq War. I think this comes from the uncertainty of the world today: maybe if I can gain an understanding of things that have already happened, I'll worry less about the ambiguity of everything happening now? Perhaps I'm also finding comfort in reading about times that were extremely stressful and uncertain, but because they were in the past, we already know how they resolved (more or less). This doesn't totally answer the question. I suppose my answer is that I have absolutely no idea what I'll be investigating over the course of the coming year. My goal is to remain curious and seek out good information on whatever topics catch my interest.

Deepening my spirituality and the writing of these authors: Maya Angelou, Thomas Merton, James Baldwin and Rainer Maria Rilke.

In the next year, using my current job, I'd like to continue learning about design thinking for social impact. Additionally, I would like to become a strong advocate for all things equality, diversity and inclusion, based on solid evidence.

Yesterday I went back to therapy for the first time in a few years. In theory it was to look into therapy for my daughter but the outcome of the session was that I probably need to put my own oxygen mask on first so I can support her. I will be investigating my relationship with my own emotions.

I’d like to figure out how to be more active in the community, in whatever I choose to define my community as. It’s been a coping mechanism to not get involved in things because I have the tendency to be too obsessive or take things too personally. The political situation is so fraught right now that I feel like I’ll get my head bitten off if I say the wrong thing. But there are real issues in the world right now, and I’d like to find a way to contribute in a positive way that I also feel comfortable with.

Doubling down on the farm. Bringing in some fruit trees, expanding the garden, more animals as well.

KINDRÊD meditation.

Zines and art swaps

I want to continue to reflect and act on my role in ending racial injustice

The idea that political echo chambers are actually harmful and that respectful, productive dialogue can happen between those who differ but who agree to engage with an open mind.

Can I get to know people in my world in a way that makes them feel important? I'm convinced my opinion doesn't matter to them, but could it -- in a good way?

After I'm done studying the Psalms of King David, I'd like to study Proverbs.

I want to search for joy, for kindness, for compassion in everyday life. To be content whatever my circumstance.

I would like to build my own portfolio website using the knowledge I learned on HTML, CSS and Javascript at Codecademy.

The thing I’ve been diving into as a result of the changes in the world is anti-racism work. I’ve been giving myself over to the state of being uncomfortable and if confronting my whiteness and the privilege that comes with that. I want to continue down this path and try to hold myself and others accountable for behavior that is not only racist but simply ignorant.

I’m planning to hang out with Marina and Chloe soon... I want to find out what’s up with them, and to see how someone’s popularity in middle school affects them in high school. I also wanna take a deep dove into film lighting, composition, focal lengths/lenses, as well as learning a lot more JavaScript.

I want to do something positive about racism. I want to help people understand that not being a racist and being an anti-racist are two completely different things.

I have continued to dedicate myself to working against racism. I am often overwhelmed, especially in the current political and health environment, but I am determined to continue to work on reaching people's hearts and to educate myself at every opportunity.

I want to investigate camping on BLM land and NFS land. How long can we actually do it, how easy is it to find a spot, how many places like that are near us? Van life, or camping, or hiking, are a big part of our plan for early retirement. This year I would like to try some of this stuff out.

My inquiry is about how capital can be liberated within institutions. It requires extensive learning, adoption of vocabulary, trust-building... and complete commitment to undoing systems of oppression, no matter how long it takes.

I would like to invest in and investigate my children more fully. I would like to hug them more and yell less. I need to invest in them and my relationship with them. They are at an age where they will remember and I want what they remember to be good.


Not really. I'm always researching ideas, from space exploration, the nature of mind/conciousness, to medical discoveries. Maybe I could curb this constant searching for knowledge. Would it help? I have given up trying to find clients and creating a buisness or doing any worthwhile emplyoment.

The Black experience.

I investigate too much already

Yes. How do normal citizens play a role for good and not for bad. How do you live your own life without forgetting about others.

I'd like to do more studying of Jewish texts. I would look for some kind of colloquium or seminar I could participate in.

This is the year of trying to address racial injustice. I'm still trying to figure out how to personally do that.

too late for this year, but perhaps volunteering to help with my local community in upcoming elections. will have to observe the fallout from interference in this november's presidential contest after the despicable call-to-arms for the "proud boys" to "monitor" the polling places.

Maybe stacey, if she is interested in being more open . I have to start thinking about fusing my ankle at some point, as It's becoming too painful

I'm doing more are more research and study in my own Judaism, and the ways that it has been expressed and lived historically. This includes my own reform tradition, but also the orthodoxy, folk Judaism, and the conservative Judaism of my ancestors.

I want to encourage leaders to actively address issues students grapple with including anxiety, depression and related issues.

My curiosity has a wide reach. One of the gifts at this stage in my life is the leisure to explore whatever captures my attention at the time. I’ve pulled books by Richard Wright, Ralph Ellis, Langston Hughes, Toni Morrison from my shelf...time to revisit. I would like to find the wisdom of perseverance in books by and about true heroes, those who found hope “in spite of.” I suppose I am searching for courage to keep on and some path forward. Suppose? No, I AM searching. How to be a planter of seeds of hope? Not the Sunny Brook Farm hope, but a fierce, vibrant muscular hope.

Same as last year. I think the time has come to study middot. I want to learn how to work together rather than work against - especially at my congregation.

i want to continue exploring making glass art! including with (islamic inspired) geometrical patterns, and judaica.

Yes...culturally responsive teaching, anti-racist education. Making both central in my classroom and helping to make them more central in my school and district.

Well, I think I'm going to have to get real into antifascism, unfortunately.

I want to continue learning more about Myasthenia Gravis. Also I want to spend more time with my grandchildren.

Yeah, me. I feel like I did a bunch of self-examination in my 20s and 30s, and that some of that information is out-of-date now. I want to be brave as I look at who and how I am and why. I also want to be gentle and kind and forgiving and compassionate. I want to hold myself in love.

I want to continue learning about Christianity and the new testament, and trinitarianism more specifically; I'd like to get back into learning about growth-based relationships; I'd enjoy finding alternate ways to reconnect to Judaism; and I want to continue investigating all sides of the political spectrum, including the far left and the conservative right.

I hope that Black Lives Matter will become less vilified and heard for what the issues truly are. Also related are prison reform and police defunding so that all citizens can have equal opportunity and law enforcement does not have to militarize to enforce the law.

Ah I kind of already went off about the political left. I'll say that I want to learn more about Boston! What are the local political candidates like? What is BC's relationship with the community? What activism is ongoing? Where do the nerds go to do their nerd things? Local theaters? Museums? Gasp...sports? ALL THESE THINGS! Get off your butt and go explore!


I guess it's going to come down to preserving democracy after the election and before Inauguration. And then, if Biden doesn't win, it's going to come down to fighting off fascism.

Child development. It's been amazing to watch my baby learn; it's like she goes to sleep one night and wakes up the next day with a new skill. Today she is talking in multisyllabic babbles, she can pull herself up to standing - she couldn't do those last week! As she becomes a toddler, what should I expect? How can I support her learning?

As an "old white guy", I want to be a better ally/advocate for people of color and any minority that threatens the white supremacists in our country and around the world. I am not a vocal "activist" but I can learn more about the plight of others and challenge any comments or opinions that serve to divide our country rather than unite it.

This idea of Anti Racism and Implicit Bias are two thoughts and movements that I really want to lean into this year - I want to be able to remove the inappropriate language from my vocabulary that makes others feel uncomfortable and under valued. I had an experience with a colleague during a conversation that I realized I was making my statement to him because he was black and that others on the call lived in Pittsburgh too and why wouldn't all of us have traveled over the specific bridge I was referring to since it was in the predominantly black neighborhood? I was driving over it everyday = so why wouldn't others - I think it is really important to be aware, look in the mirror, ask myself the hard questions and then proceed with caution -I have learned from other communities that I work directly with that if you ask questions from a place of wanting to learn and grow that no questions is inappropriate if framed and asked with curiosity and respect - also speaking your truth and stating I don't need you to respond but I want you to know... I think if more of us were aware of what we say, how we say it and how it can be terribly offensive to others we can go a long way in bridging the gaps that creates alienation and misunderstanding.

I will spend a lot of this year on my volunteer leadership role. While I long for personal time (reading, exploring, enjoying nature and friends and family) - I realize that many of my near-term opportunities for growth and fulfillment will need to be synergistic with my leadership efforts. So I'll investigate being a good leader and partner - in my volunteer effort, and other areas of life (e.g. family and friends and self-care). I'll seek good influences and practices that keep me rounded - including fitness, rest, healthy eating, meditation, reading and nature. I'll also focus on accomplishing efficiently - so I can both make a difference and have time for myself.

What it looks like to live with a more open-heart.

I want to investigate gifts of healing that some people seem to have.

I want to say Social Justice, but truthfully, I don't have a lot of energy to put toward this. I am tired of people treating others like they are worth less than themselves. I am also tired of being so bloody self absorbed. I want to understand nutritional supplements and how they impact the body. But that takes energy and I am not certain I have it yet.

My heart.

i guess abolition as a concept i want to keep diving deep into that, reading and listening and writing. i want to be able to defend the ideas to myself and to other people, to challenge them and to respond to challenges.

Selfcare. I hope to figure out something that re-energizes me. Right now I do know some things that can always make me happy, but starting/organizing them costs a lot of energy, too.

DSA baby, but specifically housing justice! i, myself, could be responsible for cherry creek being a place people can actually live. I should work on it!

I can't wait to get to know my son better! I hope that when I read these next year, he is walking and talking and so many interesting things happen with him.

I would like to see if I can quit my job and take a break for a year. But this could be very bad timing considering how hard it could be to find work as the economy is leveraging jobs.

Faith Christianity and budism Meditation yoga Inner peace I must grow my joy

I definitely want to explore how I fit in the acting business. I keep having this realization that I'm kind of dreading the return to normalcy, but I think it's because I don't have the desire to grind to death anymore. I need to find a better way to make the art I want to make and not kill myself in the process.

I pray that at this time next year, we are all answering to President Harris, former President Biden having realized he's too frail for the job and having happily passed the torch. But that too is outside my control. I want to feel I did all I could to help Biden get elected.

I still would like to get at least one essay published somewhere. This actually should be happening before the end of the year, in which case I want to keep the momentum going and keep writing and submitting. Maybe get back into fiction?

Yes. Always. Something: astrology A person: Jesus A cause: spirituality An idea: urban sustainable farming and agriculture to create conscious communities

I hope to study the book of Job with my colleagues this year.

In keeping with mindfulness, I want to do more writing in my field of research. Maybe at last a PhD?


I continue to investigate various spiritual teachings as I realize more and more that the Church really doesn't hold the same values that I do in many ways.

Equality I would like to know and better understand ways to help educate and bring awareness to people

Anti-racism. Not just with books and intent. But at work, in banking. Let's fucking go.

Tracy. Organizing.

I want to become much more knowledgeable about investments.

I and toying with the idea of trying to meditate using a Russian pyramid. The rationale part of me thinks it's crazy, but my good friend Ron is convinced from his practice.

I would like to invest more in racial inequity. I've ordered books from the local bookshop here in Tulsa - Fulton Street Books - to give me historical, cultural and political context on the issue. I've been silent on the issue because I only have hearsay to pull from or inform my view point. I'd like to take a more active role in generating more awareness on this issue.

I have become much more aware of how immersed I am in a white culture/environment/society and how very little integration, diversity exists in my world. I would like to entertain and engage in activities that are more diverse in nature, thought, etc. I need to step outside my comfort zone.

I have really gotten into the plight of the elephants in our world. I am learning as much as I can about what is being done around the world to help these amazing creatures. I would love to go to Africa and visit the Sheldrick Wildlife Trust and join in the work they do.

Yeah! Alternatives to policing seem really promising and I hope we can explore those programs further!

I'd like to find out more about becoming financially secure in the coming year. Getting out of debt and building credit.

Black history and culture - I've started to read and begin to recognise the racist foundations of the UK and other countries. I'll investigate further in the coming year.

I will be investigating the idea of buying land to start a mushroom farm, growing truffles that will take 10 years to harvest. I am interested in what's next, after this career and this job, what's next? Because I am not interested in more of the same.

I want to follow climate activism closely enough to feel well-prepared to make judgments about what kinds of activism and which groups are most worth supporting with my limited time/energy/money.

I want to investigate myself. I feel like this past year I have lost my identity, and I need to learn what my soul's essence is, as I have lost that knowledge.

Medieval society; the history of monarchs; Jews in the middle ages; yiddish

I'd like to look at black communities' treatment of mental health and how defunding police departments is being reallocated to that. What does and can that look like? Who is pushing for this? I want to align myself with those folks and help however I can. As someone who struggles with anxiety and has (painfully) felt it slow down my life, I hope that the younger generations can have better access to care, talk about it more freely and understand it better than I do. I'm 33 and just began understanding it in recent years!

I used to sit on the board for AJC Seattle, which was rewarding. I'd like to potentially welcome a similar opportunity into my life - a chance to lend expertise, time and heart - thought I'm not sure to what just yet.

How to live in a climate-changed world. How to actually do my job - to talk, to listen, to teach everyone I can about the world we are facing and activate the fuck out of them towards a better future.

Teaching adult literacy. Finishing and moving in to my apartment.

My answer is approximately the same as last year. A month or so ago I felt like I had a lot on my mind, so I made a grid of the things I needed to sort through. Short and long term. Personal and professional. And the Short term personal quadrant had a big question... What do I want? And I've thought about it a lot since then. And I don't have a single concrete answer of what I want. However, I know that I want to be happy. And I'd like to spend time with someone who makes me happy. And there are a lot of ways that could exist or evolve that I could be satisfied with. Some of which would be easier for me, some of which would probably be new and difficult for me. But a challenge isn't bad, or bad for me.


I would like to continue to educate myself on the systems in society that were intentionally created to oppress people of color. The best way to dismantle a system is to understand it. I want to read more about the unique and important stories of people of color and learn how they think that white people can and should step up to be allies. I want to support my friends and family with their own actions to be an agent of change and NEVER remain complacent with the poison within our society.

I want to learn more about Anne Braden and other examples of white anti-racism activists who I can talk about with my daughters.

ASL. Want to learn to use with my partner

Myself Also, podcasts.

I really want to reinvest in learning history and spend time productively and meaningfully with creative pursuits this year.

I'm kind of digging the organic gardening, simple, responsible living vibe. I think I may be ready to at least become a pescatarian.

I would like to continue what I talked about last year. I have increased my involvement with the National Space Society, but I would like to get to the point where I am doing my own research and writing papers on the topic of space settlement. I also want to further explore the idea of Space Based Solar Power, as the things I have learned recently about it make me feel that this is an important topic.

Teaching at college. Volunteering for Elizabeth Warren, particularly in getting the banking system to stop making so much profit from its customers in unfair ways.

I would like to become more knowledgeable and educated about politics (I think). This has been such a miserable four years. I have found myself unfamiliar with details of politicians' positions and acts and what they have actually DONE, rather than the hype. While I have great nervousness about it, and I'm not sure if this is something I can handles, it came to my mind when I read the question, so I wrote it down.

The case for taxation over charity

Police violence against Black youth.

Current events in general, and I'd like to be more politically knowledgeable.

Adoption. Language. Equality.

Climate change. Successful recycling

I was regularly and passionately involved in a healthcare consumer advocacy group for two years, and while I would love to return to that cause, I don’t think my time constraints are going to change at all over this next year.

Continue to learn about the etiology of racism/segregation and how to combat it

The crisis questions of today: immigration, healthcare, racism, human rights

I’m definitively drawn to those things in which I can feel an energetic charge. I wonder about GK and how much more will be revealed in this connection. I wonder about med school or nursing school and being of service to those with mental health challenges. I wonder about LA and the artworld. I wonder about inheritance and financial planning and money management. I wonder about loving relationships and friendships. I wonder about my dragon babies. I wonder about a home and a place to live. I wonder where I will live?

I'd like to further explore getting a FNP qualification or adding a PhD

I want to investigate actually making my living as a writer; being able to have my screenplays produced and actually do this full-time alongside some line producing. That means management and agents, and possibly a producing partner, but I think it's time that I actually be vulnerable and put myself out there a bit more. As Gilda said to me, the industry is hard enough without me beating myself up, and I have the personality to survive. So why not?

I’ve mused over the last year, since COVID and the #BLM protests, how I wished I was stronger through all of this. That I did MORE. How can I do MORE next year? How I can I stop making the least worst decision and instead make good ones that are good for others, for the WORLD, and not just me and my immediate context?

Not really. I have all I can do just to keep up on what is happening in our country and the rest of the world.

My religion. Also, Texas history.

More work with Lynette. More inner peace. To be more kind and patient.

Myself, I need to love myself more and then I can take better care of those around me.

Antiracist work, police abolition, and prison abolition. These ideas got a huge moment a few months ago, and I think it's important to continue learning about them and seeing what I can do to help.

Moving somewhere less at risk from climate change.

I want to investigate and participate more deeply in criminal justice reform. I'm learning there are so many systemic issues around criminal justice that often lead to more socially present social justice issues (i.e. police brutality). The issues we're fighting now are just the tip of the iceberg. I hope to apply my skills and expertise to solve problems in this area.

All of the books on my bookshelf! I have the collection that I want - I just need it to be in my head. I want to have a more regular schedule for studying and reading. -- P.S. Oh good Lord, I just scrolled down and saw this is the same answer I wrote to this question last year. Okay, so I missed the mark on this this year. May this be the year where I do better.


My answers from last year still apply! "I would like to learn more about The Work That Reconnects and Joanna Macy's writings. I want to do more singing in community as a vehicle for social change. I want to show up more fully as an activist and ally towards Tikkun Olam on all levels." I also want to get better on the ukulele, learn to drum and keep a rhythm, and show up for my teenager in ways that work for both of us.

I would like to continue with the idea of a caste system in Canada or the States and see how our history permeates through to today.

I want to learn some basic phrases in te re Maori.

Well, I've been focusing on anti-racism in the face of the death of George Floyd. I could certainly learn more about that. And I could also learn about self-care, saying "no" (haven't I been working on this for, oh, 72 years?).

I do want to invest in either the job prospect I have right now or another new job. I'd like to use some of the money we're saving up to go sailing next summer. It would be nice to travel more broadly in Canada and explore it, and to continue investing in relationships with friends here. I want to have some fucking people over for fucking dinner is that so much to ask.

Not really. I'd just like to put 2020 in my rearview mirror.

I would like to keep getting better at being an anti-racist.

I feel so fully steeped in trying to figure out how I can better work with my ADHD brain right now. I want to be able to focus it more on the things I love, but while still making sure all the other stuff gets done as well. Right now I'm working on trying to make small changes and setting up systems that will help me. I'd like to continue working on these because I feel they will be the thing to finally help, but it's going to take time to figure out what those small changes and systems that will be most helpful and actually stick actually are.

Black Lives Matter (the movement, not the organization) and the history of systemic racism

Definitely want to explore a world with Jakob and his kids in it, whatever way that is possible.

My daughter's emerging identity as a teen, an adoptee, and as a special needs sibling.

I wish there was. I am bored unfocused and don’t know where to proceed from this.

I want to volunteer for Biden. I just wouldn't forgive myself if Trump was in office for four more years. Its so hard to find the time but I just need to do it.

I want to become proficient in Spanish. Not such a big cause or idea, but important in my life. Becoming bi-lingual opens my world to many more places to choose to retire...be it Mexico, Spain or Costa Rico. It will also allow me to feel my comfortable in my new home, not feel like my partner always has to be with me to translate a conversation. It is hard to learn a new language at my age, but I am trying...poco a poco.

I want to get more involved in local left politics. To find a group of people I connect with on interests and values.

I want to invest more in myself again this coming year. I made a lot of progress, but I want to be sure that I am not diving too deeply into anything else until I make a bit more progress.

This year I will be investigating my newest grandchild and his parents.

I'd like to work more with the BLM movement. The systematic racism that exists in America is a big problem and we need to do something about it. I need to contribute as I can to the conversation and the correction of systematic racism in the US.

I want to take singing lessons. I also want to become more civically active.

I really miss being a professional creative. I would like to get back into graphic design, I miss it, it makes happy. We are looking into buying an iPad and using Procreate. I would like to possibly open an Etsy shop

I'm interested in volunteer work and would like to learn more about the types of volunteer work is available.


I think the person I want to investigate more fully, generously, thoughtfully, and compassionately is myself. I need to take better care of myself and pay attention to my needs and wants. I want to visualize and have a better, brighter, and more joyful life.

i want to investigate more fully this coming year the idea of building and sustaining healthy habits. i have periods where i am on the wagon and off the wagon but struggle with consistency. what does it take to be consistent?

I think continuing to expand my anti-racism work and reading is critical. As a country, we are having a centuries-late reckoning and I want to help usher in the fixes.

The idea of embracing my health issue, not trying to hide it, pretend it’s not there.

I feel so overwhelmed by my previous answers and feel the heavy in my heart. I can't imagine taking on anything else at this moment. It doesn't mean that I won't or can't, but I simply can't ask more of myself in this moment, at this time. I suspect it will be like this for quite a while...

Yes i would like to start investigate my mothers family. And after that my fathers..

Well, we didn't get into travel, art, fun...we still need to improve our quality of life. Both of us (Paul and I) need to lighten up and have more fun - how we define it, on our own terms. I also want to learn more about gardening and improve our yard, making it not only more beautiful but also better for the environment. That means expanding my pollinator garden, growing more food, sharing more with the neighbors and just making it better, more enjoyable, all year round.

How to raise antiracist kids.

I want to make more time for cooking and baking. I don't know if that's what this question means, but that is what I want. I want to be able to feed Josie lovely foods that I made for her from my heart.

So much depends on the results of the election-- whether we will be in defensive or offensive mode. But in either case, learning what I can do to contribute to the fight for climate justice feels like the priority.

Yes! I have a few: I want to continue learning about meditation and more specifically, spirituality. There are so many books to read! I want to continue to understand stoicism and read more about the philosophy from Ryan Holiday as well as the Stoics themselves I am interested in learning more about the Black experience in America - the civil rights era, the Civil War and its aftermath, slavery, etc. Many books to read here as well. I think these 3 capture my main interests right now.

My relationship with Andrew, and how I might fit in with him and Jane. Making space for myself, and my spirituality. Contemplating how I might actualize a reduced carbon footprint for myself and my community.

Judaism. I have been seeking a deeper spiritual practice. I have found comfort in remembering I am a child of God. I have found connection with my mom, who I miss so so so much, when I connect with Judaism and service. As well as art. I wish I found this connection when she was still alive. It is something we could have enjoyed together.

How can I inspire others to be nicer, kinder, gentler with one another?

Being Jewish! Being a feminist, being eco friendly, education

I'd like to try and gain a degree of financial independence so I don't have to work a 37 hour week. I've taken some steps towards that by paying off all of my credit cards, so I'd like to start making my money work much better for me.

Not sure about this one...tackling racism...

How to volunteer online - through reading partners or other orgs - I want to continue to help children get a better education and overcome hurdles to that.


I am looking forward to learning about the Colorado River as well the science, policy, law, and sociological dynamics involved in it's management. I hope next year I'll see ways that the river can function somewhat sustainably and possibilities for how I can contribute to that goal.

A cause. I want to get better about giving back to our community so that I can set a good example for my son. I want to volunteer in the coming year and I want to work to help the environment. The only way to fight the negativity I’m seeing in the world is to become something good.

The nature of grace.

I want to figure out a way to help my friend that plays beautiful inspirational music to become the star he should be.


I am working on the Diversity Committee at my school. I want to continue my work on including diverse authors and a broader look at history. There's always more to learn.

I am thinking about: my connection to Judaism, yoga, holistic health, and childbirth. I also want to investigate my commitment to justice, and how I can both be committed to justice and also prioritize my safety and health.

I have nearly 300 tabs open on my computers and phone. Yes.

I want to continue to work on the intersection of race, climate, poverty, and sex.

Democracy! Racial justice! Social justice! I am so frightened of where we are. Is this what some of the Germans felt in the 1930s/40s, that they were powerless in so many ways as a tsunami engulfed their country, led and spurred on by a corrupt political party, and thought that it couldn't really happen? Everything that Trump says and the Republicans back up sounds like a coup. Is a holocaust of some group always inevitable? I fear the answer.

I've been thinking about this for a while now, but I think I'd like to look into being an escort at the Charlotte women's clinic. They consistently have protesters outside, shaming the people who work there and the people who go there for help. I've been very lucky in that I've never had to make that choice, but I cannot stand for other women to be shamed for seeking health care for themselves. Especially with Roe v. Wade in jeopardy. My mother doesn't like the idea, but I feel like it's a way I can contribute in a meaningful way.

I want to continue to learn about anti-racism.

Tikkun olam with people who have been abused

I really want to learn more about Israeli history and politics. As a political liberal, I am quick to criticize and damn the actions of the Israeli government, often branding what I see as genocide. However, I don't understand the complexities of everything at play. I want to learn more of the plights of Israelis and Palestinians to understand why peace appears to be so difficult. I want to learn how to empathize with both peoples and support efforts for peace and equality for all from across the ocean in ways that work for respective parties.

Feminism movements, Movimento Democrático das Mulheres.

Buddhism and meditation.

I want to identify and integrate ways that I can be an active part of societal change in addressing social inequities. How can I integrate activism into my daily life, in balance with my current familial and community duties?

the idea of being more artistic

I want to investigate Jewish text more fully. I want to transform myself into a person who, when there is a lull or a crisis or a change, first thinks to study, learn, deepen. I want the act of studying text -- text that is still so mysterious for me -- to start to feel less like kryptonite and more like a strange but delicious elixir.

I would like to find a problem, reseach it, and try fix it.

hahahahaha i wanted to learn a foreign language that's hysterical. damn, i did nothing that i wanted to improve on.

I want to investigate trying on the idea of trust. Trusting that I have everything I need. Trusting that the projects for me will find me. I want to investigate sitting back in my chair and do my work and trust people will see it. Stop pushing.

What a liberated world looks like. I'm reaching for it right now and inspired by books like Confessions of the Fox and Parable of the Sower and The Dispossessed. This year I want to dig into thinking about what queer liberation means and Jewish liberation and how they are connected to other things. I want to start to understand what liberation means when you will always be the minority, and the planet will only survive if we make truly massive change, and what queer liberation looks like beyond just "normalizing" things. I want to understand how liberation and healing are the same.

My role as a white human in society. The things I don't see because of that. What it means to have a deep sense of community in Judaism that is (primarily) inherently white. How to reconcile my own sense, as a Jew, of being a minority, with the reality that the color of my skin doesn't automatically give away that status and in fact affords me many luxuries.

Myself. What really makes me tick when I let go of the hurt and chaos in my brain from painful experiences.

I'd like to complete my degree in Judaic Studies, wherever that takes me.

Facing retirement, so I need to investigate what the next part of my life will look like. But how do I plan in such an uncertain world?

read more philosophy.

Stories that change people, and how to write one.

Yes! A person: Kaplan A Cause: Reconstructionist Judaism An Idea: Reconstructing judaism I also want to get into the technical side of recording and making music. And learn how to write an academic article

09/25/2020 W3 ARTESIAN Products & Services Wine ~WEED~WELLNESS Mendicino~Humbolt~Trinity All 3 counties participate currently within these markets. CLEAN AIR, CLEAN WATER, CLEAN FOOD ~VACATION PLANET~ I dont know who's ear to bend that won't run when I mention weed. Never mind all the 🤫 seniors that like their medicinal canibas creams. WELLNESS is Trinity Cnty. Folks come here to regain a sense of themselves. Theres a Buddhist monetary , a Church everywhere, and a tremendous sense of sacred space and natures spiritual connection. We could be a place to come to, not just pass through. Gaining additional funding with the other 2 counties on board. There is free open source footage on YouTube via the international cyclists that come through here. Spoke at city council mtg last yr about "Goats clearing sides of road, got "the look" Asian man mentioned goats later in mtg...fast forward to a month ago. Saw goats in Shasta doing job. Though not here. Why? The town is for sale. Are the towns leaders waiting  for investors to do to here what was done to Branson MO? In one of my former lives I worked with Foote Cone& Belding Advertising in SF. Green Industry is happening and expanding we Trinity and E-TRIANGLE  should be able to benifit. BLUE ZONES Supported by National Geographic https://www.prnewswire.com/news-releases/pottawatomie-county-achieves-certified-blue-zones-community-status-301115983.html The Emerald Triangle should be able to get certified if Potoawanami OK is able to.

Honestly right now I want to do less investigating. Too much of this year I spent "investigating" covid, and politics, and one cause after another. I want the world to heal and I'll be apart of that. But I think I need to spend real time reconnecting with who I am instead of who I present to the world. I need to find a way to affect change more effectively while also not depleting myself.

How to help people feel more confident, less self-effacing, less self berating

My answer is exactly the same as last year - exploration of my creative side through more digital and film photography. We all have creative selves, and I need to express mine on a more regular basis. I've made some progress, but not enough, due to work and family pressures.

Quantum physics

MENTAL HEALTH has been my focus since 2018 and will continue to be my focus moving forward, as it it the foundation that America needs to be rebuilt on!

Caitrin !

In what ways do I deprioritize my own needs in order to please others? What adverse effects is this having on me?

I want to delve more into Indigenous thought/worldview, from a number of cultures. See what we can all learn from the people who have been custodians of the planet the longest.

Myself, my spirituality, my connection to my heritage and the traditions that are interwoven in the tangled roots under the ground I stand on...

I'd like to learn more about being involved with the community. Whether it's with people I share similar beliefs with, or just being involved in conversations to better understand causes (ex. social justice).

Kurt Vonnegut - everything I read of his is great, I want to know more about him. Charities which support immigration and kids in poverty I want to get back into volunteering.

I would like do know more about female health. Because of my PCOS and also because of my wish for children. I want to be prepared knowledge wise so that I will only have to deal with the emotional effects, which is quite enough to deal with anyway.

I want be a more observant Jew. I want to consistently observe shabbat. I really believe in the benefit of the rest time and setting aside a day to recharge. I always strive to learn more. I also am continually on a lifelong quest to learn more survival and homesteading type skill. Practical and useful things to be morsel reliant and sustainable. It really enjoyable to be able to do things myself and work with my hands. I also really want to dive into multi day backpacking and hiking trips. Nature is a great way to reset and recharge and its great exercise!

Same as last year - ME

Ruth Bader Ginsburg just died. In a commentary I recently heard, the commentator was talking about dissent - an act of speaking to future generations when it comes time to rethinking a situation. I want to explore the ways in which I still feel constrained, fearful about other's perceptions of me. I want to think more about dissent and how I concede to dominant thinking, especially when it's based on my perception or assumptions.

I want to get comfortable with how life is complicated. This summer was extremely tumultuous across the country. COVID soared, black and brown people died at the hands of the police, and now the West Coast is on fire. I dealt with exhaustion at work, fear of COVID, and eco anxiety. But I still had a really good summer. I get to ride my bike 2-3 times a week. My partner and I visit the mountains every weekend. I saw Yellowstone and Grand Teton National Park. I stayed connected with my friends, began to make new ones, and even adopted a puppy. Life will always have its chaos. I can still have a good time. That's okay. Both are true and valid. I think this is a good time to get comfortable with the blend.

Sustainability, myself, the city and country were I live, my home country.

I would like to be a better journaler. I haven’t had therapy in a while but I want to routinely process my thoughts and feelings in a journal. I’ve bought a Hobinichi for this purpose and I intend to stick with it.

My marriage. Build more depth, create more growth, more connection, hopefully come to a more common peaceful place. Hopefully build that strong foundation i have been wanting to build from the beginning.

My marriage! Also my professional needs and goals.

I don't think so. This year, I'm very much just trying to get by.

Brene Brown's teachings. Helping local mothers and children.

Judaism, butchness, transness

The cause I want to support more in the coming year is Jose Andres' World Central Kitchen. I think what he does is remarkable and needs so much support. the ideas I want to dig more into are the social justice issues this year has brought to the forefront. I want to do more listening and learning before making any decisions about how I might be able to help. I know that I will stumble and trip and fall and I have to have some grace around that, but the issues regarding Black Lives Matter and the other issues facing BIPOC need to be faced. This is not something that can be pushed aside as it has for so long in the past.

This coming year I'd like to investigate myself - what are my values, attributes, strengths and weaknesses. I spent so many years being a people pleaser and a chameleon that I'm not sure who I am. I want to investigate all of me - why I do what I do, think like I thinks and act like I act. It's going to be an adventure!

I am turning seventy in nine days time. I want to find a way to face up to my fears about aging.

Definitely. I need to get myself closer to Jessica Richards. I feel like she can help me get closer to where I want to be AND my MIL’s cousin’s son-in-law who is a photographer. If I could be a second shooter and learn and build skills...then the bullshit at work wouldn’t be as awful because I could afford to walk away.

How to get my children to connect more with the culture and traditions of my ancestors.

I want to investigate racial trauma, equity, and contemplative meditation. And how I can learn to facilitate others to find healing.

I would like to keep learning about racial justice and antiracism specifically. I'd like to become a better ally to people of color, both my educating myself and learning and also getting involved in this work in the workplace, in policy, and in public through protests and rallies.

Healing generational trauma, and learning more violets, asters and goldenrods!

I think I’ve said a lot of what I want to focus on already so I’ll add that I want to be able to investigate how I falter as a parent and how I can be better to my girls. We all make mistakes yes, but I want them to see how much I regret my past decisions, how much I acknowledge the harm I’ve done and how fervently I’ve taken to heart what kind of a parent they want me to be.

I woujld like to investigate a cure for covid-19 but I don't think I am smart enough

I want to dig into the anti-migraine diet that has been helping me. I'd like to dig into the tips and tricks and have a wider range of meals and snacks to choose from.

Lamroth Hakol

I've always liked photography. I just made some moves to upgrade my camera set up, and I would like to see if I could start sharing my photography work with people. Mostly, I want to bring high quality photography to situations where there is none. Maybe there is some other cause besides SDC that could use good photos.

I want to continue to learn and understand the history and ramifications of slavery and social class/caste dynamics in the us. I want to understand how we got to the extreme polarization that we have today and how we can take steps towards social healing. What is social healing? How does in manifest on different levels.

I want to continue to learn - I know I am not perfect and there is always more I can learn and respect of others' experiences. And I need to learn that it isn't always comfortable - that I am not always perfect.....and that there are times I need to shut up and let others share their experiences. I can be an ally and stand up and speak out!

I would like to investigate racial inequity more this year.

I want to have more personal time to process the details of my life, including clearing out clutter, and making space for me to see what comes up that I want to explore further.

Is Trump really as evil as they say? It would be really nice if it turned out to be overblown media hype. Cuz it looks like it's going to be another 4 years.

Always my own self, mind, heart, and soul. I will continue to work with the GrassRootsLaw Project, but it is difficult to see who exaggerates more. Sustainability, compost concepts, biodigestor, and different ways to grow things continually excite me. I would love to keep spreading concepts of global unity, forgiveness, openness, climate awareness, plants, dirt, renewal, love, relationships, and more. I never want to stop learning in those ways.

If the procedures are a success and I get pregnant, I would like to figure out what it means to be a mother to someone. I've been so focused on achieving something or other (getting pregnant, getting a job that won't lay me off), that I decided to put all of the specific details on the back burner. Once I get the job/baby, then I feel like I can zero in more on the specific goals that I have.

I want to get better at writing and video editing. I want to learn how to record a course or a seminar myself. I want to help keep the litter and trash from going into the ocean in my town.

I want to get back into volunteer counseling. My wife and I were volunteer grief counselors for a year, and I miss doing it. I miss helping those who need someone to listen and provide support. I’m considering finding a volunteer counseling position somewhere. I want to help those who are struggling with pain or grief.

I'm uncertain what cause or idea I want to pursue as I feel somewhat frozen by the pandemic. My personal cause of fitness and good nutrition for both of us of course remains important. Perhaps an idea for us to pursue is how we want to reconsider distribution of what remains of our estate after we are both dead. We currently endow a chair at a law school but we are reconsidering how we framed that chair's concentration as it had an LGBTQ-focus and some of it maybe be irrelevant but not with a new conservative supreme court justice joining, perhaps there will be a re-assault on gays & lesbian rights.

I am going to marry my best friend this year! It feels unthinkable to live my life without her, and I want nothing more than to keep growing our little life together. I don't think that marriage will change our relationship to a great extent, but I do wonder what the words 'my wife' will feel like in my mouth. 'Meine Frau'. This legal binding-together is just another way we commit to each other, and finding out exactly how that feels will have to wait for November.

I'm interested in the phrase, 'you vote with your money'. I'd like to look into ways to do this - banks that support renewables, super funds that aren't contributing to fossil fuels, fashion that is ethical and environmentally friendly.

Yes, I want to learn more about meditation, and a new language. And an exercise. And a new home.

I would like to explore the idea of starting my own part-time tutoring business someday.

The survival of democracy

Nothing springs to mind. Due to my job, I am focused about 2-3 weeks out (too many variables to plan too much father ahead). I am though, thinking about feeding the hungry. I heard a story on NPR about Jose Andres World Central Kitchen charity. It was an inspiring story and I feel like I should help out in some way.

I want to write my story (don't know quite what it is yet) and get better at the languages I dream of, and the music I love.

I signed up for masterclass. I want to grow my skills in the creative arts. I get a lot of pleasure from creating new art from nothing and I'd like to create more. I plan to look to several masters to learn new approaches, techniques, and perspectives.

No, I just want to get through it. And get through it well. Contentment is my goal, has been for some time, and I don't expect that to change soon if ever.

Economics. Housing, meaning the whole system that has that as a focus. Racial inequities. I have a position that allows me to act for change. I want to use it.

I'm sure there is and yet my mind is so consumed with the short term (the election in particular) that I can't think of anything.

Of course the answer to this should be yes, but right now I just want to crawl in a hole and protect myself. I guess the thing to investigate is how to protect our most vulnerable neighbors and humans at this terrible, terrible time (as well as protecting myself, but I also know I have a lot of privilege that I can spend first).

Maintaining my sense of self when I become a parent. Oh and gardening!

yes, I want to continue my work with changing how volumes food and related waste can be reduced. I will continue to pursue the work with homeless issues and work on new environmental products, animal rights and the likes. I also want to go deeper into my relationship with God!!!!

More so than ever before, I have come to terms with my mental health struggles and feel like I can be honest with them to the people I really care about. To be able to say, no I don't want to go to that gathering because of my anxiety or to admit when I am depressed and need help. I am seeing a new therapist (via Zoom) and not ashamed to admit that. If I want to start a family I have to start treating myself better and that starts with my mental state, because without energy and confidence I can't begin to worry about my weight or nutritional goals and I also know that eating better and getting exercise will help my emotional wellbeing just the same. I hope by the time I read these responses I feel less lost, less afraid, less alone; that I am in better shape (not going to assume that means weight loss necessarily) and moving forward with pregnancy planning and our future family.

Come on question 8! You know my vibe - www.willyouhelp.co.uk

All I can think of is going through ALL of what I have, fearlessly, and cut down to what would fit in my bedroom. It sounds and feels impossible. Alone I can’t. Do I trust enough to do this??? I intend to pursue a life of fighting white privilege - had not faced it at all till this year.

Is it weird to say rabbinical school? I really think I would do well there and enjoy it. Maybe it's a bit late to think of that, but I'm only 30. Maybe it's not too late. I should ask Rabbi Ora. Maybe I don't want the leadership role of being a rabbi, maybe I just want to study. I don't know yet.

I want to investigate contempt further and learn better how to fight it.

I want to do more work with refugees! Still unsure how to access that population, but working on it. I'm working on a lot of possibilities this fall (Syrian refugee outreach?) I hope by this time next year something has come to fruition.

I want to continue exploring myself, how I move in the world, & how I want to move in the world. I’d like to explore receiving the blessings & curses in our world & in our country with equanimity.

Flip the Senate

I want to know Randy as well and fully as I can. I also want to fully understand what my cancer is doing, and how to overcome it if possible.

I’d like to spend some time thinking about how to be at peace. After a tumultuous year, i want to practice and investigate in myself how to be more relaxed and calm. Acknowledging changes and stresses but allowing them to pass me by without disturbance

Nothing really comes to mind. I'm happy or maybe complacent. I'd like to meet people again when we put COVID behind us, but there's no one person that I could identify. I am more interested in woodworking, so maybe the idea of woodworking or an expert in the field would fit for this answer.

I want to do less, y'all.

Biden-Harris 2020

I want to continue to do the work on anti-racism. I want to listen. I want to study more on Arkansas and its history and my family tree. I want to explore cooking more.

I want to continue pursuing my education in antiracism, allyship, and advocacy for racial and social justice. I also just got interested in this organization that helps Syrian refugees, the Multifaith Alliance for Syrian Refugees. Just in case a year goes by and I forget.

I'd really love to explore my dependance on technology this year. So much of life is virtual right now - and I'm hoping that as time passes, I'm able to "unplug" some and live a simpler life, in the present here-and-now rather than virtual.

(My impulse has been to open each of my answers with "Oh gosh." That says a little something about how I've been feeling this year.) During the protests this summer Sarah and I both started reading and thinking and talking more seriously about law enforcement and the idea of "defunding the police." It was an eye-opener, and it was exciting to reconsider long-held beliefs in the face of compelling research. Vitale's The End of Police has been a good read, and I should check out some other titles too. I'd like to keep following this abolitionist thread, especially since it touches on so many other aspects of how to build a good and fair society, and is a major part of the American tragedies of racism and violence. Law enforcement is the last piece of the house left standing as civil society has been dismantled and sold for scrap during these last generations. Cops have been asked to do the work of social workers, teachers, medics, public health- and public transit workers in many cities and towns. They do the jobs more expensively, more violently/punitively, and far less effectively. It's time to rethink the role of police in this country.

I want to investigate my creativity more fully in the coming year and discover the "brand" or aesthetic I want to present to the world through my art. I want to investigate my role and responsibilities in music as an artist, performer, and supporter.

I know how helpful mindfulness and body work are in my life. I want to investigate bringing this work into my work with others around money. Not sure how....just putting one foot in front of the other! I am also talking to CNote this week. Perhaps this simple platform can be the beginning of bringing Impact investing into my practice.

There are many things that I wish to learn more about in the coming year from work related technologies to understanding how our country sunk into its current highly polarized state. I also want to learn more about how Trump got away with his many crimes and what type of laws can be instituted to diminish the chance of another Trump-like character doing the same. Finally, I would like to see if we can pass laws to improve overall government integrity.

My boyfriend, and creativity. And if I am being naïeve, and one of these two things fails me, I hope I can find comfort in the other one.

If I get into school I'm hoping to investigate the world of healthcare management a lot this year. Of course, I want to continue to investigate Emergency Management and potentially humanitarian work, trainings, certifications, etc. Personally, I'd love to get into an exercise thing - a dance class or boxing or something. I want to focus on meeting people and doing things I love my new city. Also, more podcasts.


The plight of the First Nations in Canada.

Figuring out how to get Australian citizenship is going to be my number one goal this year. As soon as the travel ban lifts I will be getting my one year visa and figured out from there.

How do happy people get and stay that way?

I want to become more skilled with green screen tech and make my therapy sessions more exciting for my students

I'd like to dedicate myself more to learning languages - work on my Spanish and relearn Danish.

I want to immerse myself further into Judaism this year. I take on little bits every year, but this year will be really evaluating for myself what works and what doesn't.

I'd like to learn more about Jesus, and the Blessed Virgin. Inviting them into my life has made me a kinder, better person. I would like to grow relationships with both of them.

Now is the time for fighting for the things I already believe in.

I want to become more consistent at daily meditation and improve my spiritual connection. I believe in its power, but have only had limited success in consistency. As I grow older, I need it more and more.

I want to continue pursuing homesteading skills and how to share them with others. I want to pursue permaculture also. I need to investigate how to combine my knowledge and skills to create a service that can provide an income for me as an entrepreneur and be more self-reliant for income.

I will continue to explore the roots of racism and, more importantly, the solutions to racism in our country and our world. I want to be more of an uplifter, a better advocate, and a better person around this issue than ever before.

I'd like Donald Trump to be investigated more fully in the coming year.

The possibility of doing counseling.

Me. I want to examine my beliefs, my motivations, and use that examination to govern my actions.

What is a solution we can all live with? How can we fix this so that there are no winners and no losers? Common good, collaborative solution, what works for everyone will also work for me. I can and will forgo my idea of perfection for that.

I can't think of a bloody person, cause or idea to investigate. I'm in limbo, because I don't know if life in this country will become so intolerable that we have to bolt. So I'll be investigating where we can go and how we can get there.

I want to focus on making things better for those less privileged than myself. I want to support those whom I care about. Everyone deserves to be respected and it’s our job to help.

I want to understand how to get our country back to being the United States, rather than the Divided States

Rights around birth and birth experiences that women go through. I'm finding it really eye opening even seeing my own antenatal group's responses to situations they've been in with their babies or bodies and how they seem to talk about it as if they are passive in the process. I wonder if they even know what their rights are. It feels like something I want to be more radical about and learn more about how to do that.

That loaded... selfishly I just want to be in my home cave painting but justice won’t get done there. I want to learn more about different ways to participate in making the world a more loving place

I would like to continue to engage in activities I enjoy that expand my physical, mental and spiritual well-being. I would also like to expand my knowledge and engagement with social justice issues.

Myself! My theory of change. My purpose of being in the world, my ways of relating to myself and others and being generative, creating beauty. This includes reading, therapy, and continuing to spend time with all of the amazing people I'm blessed to have in my life.

I want to really get into Tiny Living next year (for me)... what keeps coming at me though, is why it isn't bigger in South Africa .. for our people with no housing .. why can't we develop the cleverest little 'tiny house'. Eco, green, tiny.. but everything has multiple uses. So it's a true home for someone, but affordable. A bed, against a wall, a table that folds away, chairs that hang on the wall.. etc.

Just continue to learn and grow in my faith and to become more close with God.

Once I started reading again after several distracted months, in addition to poetry, I started exploring a variety of non-fiction books focused on spirituality, psychology, critical race theory, and philosophy. I have devoted my mornings to this type of reading. I am hoping that I can do this type of reading throughout the year. I think I bogged myself down with feeling like I needed to take notes, remember stuff, and basically make this reading count. But then I realized that was stopping me from reading, because it felt like work. So now I just have been enjoying my reading. Taking what I can and being ok with forgetting the rest. I am not going to worry about my field either. Instead, I am going to finish my novel and enjoy learning in the way I did in undergrad and grad school, just for the sheer joy of it.

I want to continue to explore social justice and issues of race. I've actually been inspired by my father, who at the age of 65 has made a huge effort to do "work" by reading and learning about racism. I want to be able to have discussions with him and learn about what I clearly was not taught.

I want to explore life in America more, specifically in EP. 9-5, free time in some evenings. Understand a bit more what feeling stable can feel like, but also being alone without kvutza to understand if that's positive for me.

In one word - College. What's worth the money, what isn't? what's worth the experience, what isn't? How else can it get paid for? What does she really want to study? I hope at some point over the near we can start to visit schools. I don't want her attending a university she hasn't stepped foot on. Is a gap year worth it? what would she even do during a gap year?

Buddhism. I keep coming back to it.

I want to learn more about modeling socialist values and explaining them to others. If I can teach them to others, I'll better understand how I can live my life by them.

After helping this past year with Operation Overflow, I remain more committed to helping the homeless in my community.

James Baldwin. I've seen quotes and essays on him more regularly and I like his writing style. There is something in how he describes racism that helps me articulate why it's wrong - he gives my feelings words.

I've been somewhat obsessed with the election and authoritarianism this year. This is somewhat related to the economics ideas I was interested in last year. I suppose once the primaries were over and Biden became the nominee outside the box thinking just died with a quiet little whimper. But there we are. For next year, maybe something meditative? I think where my mind goes will depend in part on what the hell happens with this election. I have a feeling that might spur me into some kind of action.

I want to investigate community dialogues more. I am so troubled by our society and I am fully aware that this is a long history of hate that has come more fully to light with the current administration but we need to heal as a society and with the JCRC work that I do, I want to help create opportunities where folks of different stripes can come together and break bread, can become part of each others lives and more fully feel that our society is a community.

I want to learn more about RBG, although I feel that I already know a lot about her. I’d like to emulate her and figure out what I can do to carry on her legacy.

I would like to watch more documentaries in general, so I am more aware of the world around me and the issues experienced by many people, and not just my local area. From those documentaries I hope to read more on those topics too.

Since 2017, I am still trying to recover and rediscover a sense of purpose and direction in my life. I recently joined this stock trading competition and I hope I can learn this well so that it can be a profitable source of income.

A corto plazo me gustaría investigar más sobre qué opciones tengo en Alemania para poder permanecer aquí. Lo más importante para mi es que lo que elija sea trascendente, que ayude a otras personas y a mi. Es por eso que la maestría no llama mi atención, aunque me gusta estudiar y aprender. El estar por 3 años dedicada a un tema que posiblemente me llevará a trabajar dando clases, no llama mi atención. Otra posible alternativa para desarrollar el siguiente año es buscar una especialidad, practicas universitarias, seminario, diplomado en el que pueda entrar y contenga en su mayoría practicas comunitarias. me gustaría trabajar en un organismo internacional. Tal vez sea posible encontrar voluntariados en instituciones importantes para mujeres y niños en Europa. Quiero seguir desarrollando la estabilidad emocional que el feminismo me a otorgado. Mi participación en ese tema ha incrementado con los años. Espero que el siguiente no sea una excepción, aunque en Marburg hay un instituto de estudios de genero, el idioma es una barrera por el momento. Seguiré buscando grupos de estudio por internet, de todos modos el mundo está funcionando a distancia. A qué persona quiero investigar el siguiente año? A mi misma. Como hace un año le dije a Rachel; necesito vivir cosas sola para poder encontrar mi camino. Por muchos momentos en mi vida, he logrado claridad en mis planes sólo a través de haber hecho una pausa para estar a solas y escucharme. Sé que al inicio de este viaje intenté conocer a una persona (Patrick). Y su presencia en mi vida ha podido ser compatible gracias a que él no está al 100% disponible para involucrarse en mi vida. Hace un par de días eso me dolía, pero ahora regresa a mi mente la necesidad de tener espacio. Confío en el orden en que funciona mi energía con los planes del universo, y yo haré mi parte del trabajo y el universo hará la suya. El siguiente año en estas fechas las cosas presentarán una forma mucho más definida.

Jordan Peterson. I have watched a few lectures of his, I find his thinking very straightforward

I investigate what I want already. Nothing stands out right now. After the election, I may consider how to oppose fascism more.

Canadian, New Caledonian or Argentinian Citizenship.

Investigate next year - immediate cause is standing in silent protest against the madness of the Trump administration. And idea is to write the play about All of a Kind Family - the idealization and the realities as one of the kids breaks rules etc. Investigate how to be calmer with Leigh - understand that she is not neurotypical and needs more guidance. My calm, patience. Increase patience this next year.

Abundance, forgiveness, acceptance, creativity, writing the truth I don't want to be known, and finally, leaving without anger and rancor, but trust in knowing that I'm leaving a mistake. One I created but still a mistake.

I want to make sure I spend time with Geffen and Naomi on individual levels. Being identical twins, with the same schedule, it's so easy to always spend time with both of them and give Itay a break, or vice versa. In fact, I often do think of them as part of a package - on the rare times I go out with one of them, I feel like it's somehow less special which is ridiculous. I want to really take the time to be with the girls one on one, even at this young age, develop their individual interests and what they like doing. I think it's important for our future relationship.

Mindfulness meditation and go on a Vippassana retreat.

I seek the next challenge in my career. I've worked in many areas, and I feel the next one is just around the corner waiting to present itself.

Oh yes that would be INELDA, International End Of Life Doula. This is a service that I would love to offer as a token of appreciation for life. I would also do it for free.

I want to continue learning about systemic racism and how to be anti-racist. I want to keep better understanding concepts related to climate change, and ecology, to better be able to instruct and be more knowledgeable in my field.

I am definitely still VERY interested in reading more about children's development - I imagine that will stay with me until Lou is a full-grown adult, because there are SO many different philosophies and things to learn. Right now I am also interested in getting pregnant a second time, and trying to structure my life around welcoming that possibility as well as thriving in my health as much as possible to get there.

I want to continue learning about how to be anti-racist, and how to dismantle systems of white supremacy from an intersectional lens.

I would love to find a meaningful hobby or try to help others.

How to restore our democracy and undue the damage Donal Trump has done to our country and the world. Whether or not Trump wines there will be a lot to heal. How can I contribute the that healing?

I'm doing my thesis on agritecture. Basically enhancing biodiversity and reducing food cost and waste by integrating agriculture into the urban, suburban and metropolitan built environments. I've already begun researching this topic but I am looking forward to devoting this year to developing it further.

How does one grow under conditions of great danger and privation?

Strengthening my spiritual life; connecting daily with prayer, meditation and my Inner Loving Parent; leaning into truth. I’ve made incredible changes in my life. Lost 80 lbs, and the healthiest (physically, emotionally, physically, financially) I’ve ever been. My relationships are stronger too. Now is time for continued action in community with others while prioritizing my recovery, family and living my values and purpose. I’ve been getting ready to take a stand. I’ll be moving, finally. Details still unknown and don’t matter right now. A change is coming.

I would like to keep getting to know myself better. Who am I deep down? What do I like to do when I'm not working or learning? What kinds of books do I like to read? What kinds of art do I miss doing? What types of writing fulfills me? What do I like to learn that isn't tied to my school work?

I want to pursue my interest in Humanistic Judaism. I think I can benefit much from Judaism despite my agnostic belief.

I’m focused on investing in my spiritual growth more fully in the coming year

I'd like to finish the biographies of Hamilton and Churchill that I've had sitting on my shelf for years.

Ruth Ginsburg Churchill

It has been suggested strongly that I work on 'assertiveness'. Apparently being a Karen does not come naturally to me. I am not too keen on the concept of assertiveness because I think of all the aggressive women that feel they are demanding their due....I am not of that mind. However, I will look at this, maybe substituting the 'finding my voice' theory instead. I have no intention of ever bulldozing my way through life. If I don't get my needs met, well I guess that happens sometimes.

I want to gain a better understanding of Zionism: its history, how it was interpreted by early adherents, how it’s come to be perceived as a dirty word by many progressives. I want to learn to navigate being progressive with being pro-Israel. Especially as we address racism and BLM, I want to be able to be an ally and stand up for my own self determination without feeling uncomfortable or somehow diminishing the importance of standing up for an overdue reckoning.

I'll keep following and funding "the Squad" of young progressive women, led by AOC, in the hopes they're the future of politics. It's the only chance we have to save America.

My usual answer has been no. However, I would like to spend more time thinking how we can eliminate the teacher's unions from this country. I can now see why so many successful people spend money on this as I think it is the most important cause for this country. My kids are going to be out of school by then but this is important for future of this country

First and foremost, I want to work to get Joe Biden elected President. I'm sick of Trump and his fascist tendencies. Trump is pathetic. He mishandled the Pandemic. He's encouraging Anti-semitism. He is destroying our democracy. I am going to spend the next month and a half working to make sure he is a single term president. I am going to keep learning about Palliative Care, sacred death, and mortality salience.

I am waiting -- a pause as things around me break down -- enjoying the chaos as I can. Learning new things: chanting, singing, drumming. New ideas from old philosophies -- the vibrations of the planet pouring through me and every other life form, feeling the interconnectedness, not just as a concept, but as a true experience! Yes, that is what I want to investigate!

Maybe Judaism. I've known for awhile that I am not Christian. Agnostic and atheist don't feel right either. I've skirted around Judaism for years. Maybe I need to do more than skirt.

Becoming a medical clown. I now know very viscerally how important laughter and support are when dealing with a terrible illness.

Becoming powerful.

Beside my dissertation topic, I think I want to investigate the idea of getting more involved in my community again. I feel like I've been not doing enough to support my black colleagues, friends, and just the people that I see and know. And Im not sure how. And I volley between giving money to the causes and trying to advocate for people who I know personally, and then seeing them say on social media, white friends you aren't doing enough. And I'm not sure what enough is, but I'm sure I could do more. So I want to investigate how to do more. Either I want to get better at interrupting situations, or being able to say hey I see this happening and Im not comfortable or something else.

I think the two areas that I want to investigate are areas I've already been working on...working on my personal biases and being more anti-racist and learning as much about the systemic issues that have gone on forever. I've read a lot and listened to many podcasts this year. So much to learn. So much to change. I also want to keep learning about media literacy and do my part to help promote it and help stem mis and disinformation.

About life cycles. I would like to finish my book of blessingways and closing cycles..

I would like to see what I can do locally to impact growth of our area positively. Kindness and compassion keep coming to my mind.

I have an idea- to make a change in education system - in Lithuania, maybe even in the world. I want to create a design studio for children, where they come and learn things about themselves, about the world, are safe and creative. So I am going to work towards this. Also I want to meet people who are good at design and learn from them. As well as other inspiring people. I am going to have the best team, who are passionate about the cause.

The business ideas I’ve been thinking about. For the Jewish pathwood class I’ve been working on the borrowing app idea. For the Agnes Scott Class I’ve been working on the idea, or rather Maya’s idea, of a handy service person coop. I don’t know how serious I am about really starting any idea given the place where I am at in life right now but even just investigating them more Fully would be cool. Social enterprise has long interested me and it’s cool that I’ve been able to investigate it more and make some progress on it this year. I hope to do more next year.

Volunteering. Giving back

I have been thinking about looking into how I can earn more money with the talents I have and the things I have been successful at, and along with that, I need to look into why this has been the case. I am not money motivated, and although I am a good money manager I do not think in abundance and I would like to.

Continue exploring how to be anti-racist and work for equal justice. Also work toward redistribution of policing funds to build the social support network.

I do want to read Emergent Strategy by adrienne marie brown. I also would like to read more of the many books that I have on my bookshelf. I want to spend less time on the internet/social media and more time with my nose in a book.

Honestly, nothing comes to mind. It’s like survival mode.

My baby! Parenthood! This one is so obvious! I am bringing a new person into the world some time in the next 2-4 weeks, and I am so excited to get to know him!!! And also to explore what it means for me to be a mom, to be a parent, how my identity will shift, and how it won't. Ha, I just read my answer from last year, which was also parenthood. Wish I'd done more investigation before now about the emotional aspects, not just the physical ones.

I have an idea to support individuals who are experiencing homelessness. I would like to set up showers in a public park, similar to what's available at a beach, or like a port-a-potty. Additionally, recently, I researched the numbers for people living below the poverty line in the US, and calculated that if every individual above the poverty line were to make a sandwich for themselves and one other person, there would be no hunger in the States. I am curious whether I can challenge myself to that first, and see if that is sustainable - make 1 sandwich per day for someone else, while also for me, and see what difference that can make. I would also like to form relationships with the individuals I share food with, to learn about their other needs.

I'm really not sure. Hoping that my knowledge of scripture increases and that I get through Revelation - that I have understanding of it.

As part of my doctoral program, I'm currently taking a graduate seminar on inclusive teaching. We're studying the pervasive effects of racism, sexism, colonialism, and other exclusionary practices on society in general and the field of music and music education in particular. I want to incorporate what I'm learning into my teaching going forward.

Besides the pandemic, this year also brought race and police brutality to the forefront. People have had enough of unarmed black people being killed by white cops. Obviously, I've never been racist, but I am beginning to fully understand systemic racism and white privilege. The school district offered 2 books for summer reading surrounding this topic and I read them both. I want to keep reading and learning more so I can be a better ally.

I want to investigate ways that I can participate in anti-racism. I want to read more broadly and deeply. I want to continue to write reflectively on a regular daily basis.

I want to learn more about Kabbalah and Buddhism and ways to integrate various spiritual paths.

I want to become an expert in conversion rate optimization. I want to learn from the best by working with the best. I want to learn how to do things the right way; work efficiently with finely honed workflows. I want to remove bottlenecks. I want to be able to identify useful information from data. I want to see recommendations tested and implemented. I want to work in an organization without fiefdoms and hierarchy. I want to experience another workplace culture. I want to see if working remotely by design can work.

I would like to learn more about the mind manipulations that have caused our country so much harm. There are groups who are investigating this and I hope to follow their progress. We need to heal and learn how to know what the truth is.

Jim. He’s an odd duck. But a sweet one. Want to work more on teaching. Mentoring. Got to get political again. And work on environmental issues.

Maybe beekeeping? I have a book on it, and just need to explore whether it's an option....

This is a good question and I wish I had a good answer. I'm pretty curious - if something catches my interest, I'll investigate it. Right now, though, I just want to learn how to do my own PhD well enough to keep my head above water.

I want to understand more about how I can improve society while being stuck in my own head. This election, I'm writing postcards to voters in swing states because it is a way to effect some change maybe, but also be bound by my aversion/anxiety toward putting myself out there. I'm hoping I could find more of these types of things I could do.

I want to expand that which I have in my arsenal and make all that I know and all whom I know more full

Hmmm...maybe energy healing. I'm not a true believer in energy healing--do we really have chakras that are spinning inside of us? Do we have auras? Can a reiki master really manipulate your body on a cellular level? I recently had an energy healing session with Giovanna (from my studio) and it was so relaxing, almost better than a massage. She said she realigned two or three of my chakras that were out of balance. I slept better than usual that night, as I recall. So...I am curious, and interested, and always seeking broader spiritual understanding. Perhaps energy healing is something to learn how to harness.

My lifelong love of classical music has only increased with the years. PBS has begun a second year of programs that explore individual composers, and I look forward to watching.

I want to spend time on myself. I've been in the service of others for such a long time.

Modern day slavery.

I would like to write a book about Post WWII American politics and the plotting of the American far-right.

I do. Conflict. I'd like to be able to handle it better. I am afraid of speaking up. I used to be able to do it so well and now I clam up so often. I'm afraid I'm going to stutter or blank out or not be able to say what I want to say. I'm so scared of people -- of incurring their wrath against me, of pissing people off. I am tired of being scared, being a mouse. And it's so fake too to pretend that everything is fine, that I agree. I want to learn how to handle conflict peacefully and bravely.

I want to spend more time understanding Embodied cognition and ho it can help humanity out of this self-centred slump. Are we connected or not? If so, how? What do our bodies tell us, how can we listen to them more? How can we change corporate metrics so that a better world and enhanced recycling is at the core of their KPI's.

Honestly, myself. I somehow have lost touch with myself to the point that I have to think hard to remember events from my own life. I think my inner child (however cliche this sounds) needs some healing to unlock parts of myself that I have closed off to myself for whatever reason. I think this will be good for my relationships, especially with family as well. So, I guess I want to explore more my own healing, boundaries and self-care.

In the next year, I would like to continue my journey towards inclusion. I want to better explore my biases and privileged behaviors that come from defining myself and my whiteness as the norm. I want to develop a habit of listening to others to fully understand where they are coming from without invalidating their experience. I want to participate in making this world a better place for everyone.

Over all of the years that I've done 10Q, the one project that is still unfinished is the business of being a better man. My weaknesses often drag me down. I'm an angry crank and I'm selfish. I look to Yom Kippur as a beginning in atoning for the wrongs I've committed in the course of my sixty-seven years. I hope to seek redemption by participating in the rebuilding of society after this troubled time in our country has passed.

Yes, but I haven’t narrowed my focus yet. I have 3 more days of work and then I will have time to be more specific. studying sociology, gardening, writing a commentary and/or a book for my grandkids, fixing up houses, investing, and more are on my mind currently.

I think I would like to more fully investigate myself -- the pandemic is really giving us a chance to be with ourselves more and experience that time. This might be my one moment to take a step back and get to know myself more fully.


No, I think I'll continue to let randomness guide my studies—something always turns up to interest me (a generalist), whether it's a friend's recommendation or a book my hand falls on irresistibly

I want to devote more of myself to expressing what I have to say through art.

I have been thinking a lot recently about how my curiosity has declined. I'm not sure what that's about - perhaps some of that is depression. But I will say that I do want to continue my exploration of antiracism and my role in it.

I tend to flit from idea to idea, especially in my writing. I've realized that I'm surrounded by very creative people, yet tend to distance myself from them, maybe because I don't feel "authentic" enough in my own creativity. So I want to pay more attention to the works of my creative friends in the coming year.

Yes, the cause of no profit, and looking deeper into the financial records of my company.

Honestly, the same as last year. I would love to get more involved in community based organizing. I recognize that that is unlikely given Covid though.

Hmm this an interesting theory. I feel like I have a lot of goals as far as investing more in myself and my future (house, look at job, work on my physical health for less pain). Introspection is critical so I guess I want to work on finding the balance between investing my energy in supporting myself in the present/doing necessary self care, while working towards a new/brighter future.

I want to investigate the recycling options in my community. I want to clear those three tires out of the creek, remove those beer cans from the fence row, and clean up my neighborhood, but am unclear on how to properly dispose of this garbage.

Simplicity. I hesitate to say minimalism because of how that term has been commercialized and "Instagram influencered" to death. With all the time at home and contemplating relocating—or fleeing—I realize that I have a fraught relationship with my belongings. I've been the repository, the safe-keeper of much of my family's stuff, and I don't think all of that is healthy.

I am going to continue with anti-racist reading and such. But in general I don't know what is coming in the next year. Election security and misinformation campaigns I feel will continue to be a big topic.

Besides the same as last year (herbalism and antiracism, especially with the kids), I would say to take it a step further by really learning about abolitionism (police, prisons, systems of oppression) and imagining and understanding what that would really look like in practice.

I want to read more by BIPOC about dismantling capitalism and to explore my feelings around privilege/oppression. I want to develop my own visual/three dimensional language that I use to express myself. I want to learn to design/drape/sew clothes.

I would like to determine how we can alter our current political system and how politicians get paid. I don't think anyone is happy that the Parliament has been out for months but only the support staff is feeling the economical pain. If people are going into politics to get rich, they are not qualified to help my country and my countrymates. If rich people go into politics, they don't understand real life and therefore cannot make reasonable choices. Therefore, the system must change.

Equity and Race. There is so much I don't know about the experience of others. I want to keep reading about how to expand my own awareness, both of mistakes I've made, and of systemic racism writ large. I am so lucky and so fortunate. I have a responsibility to stand with others, to stand with others being held down. This also fits with my goal of empathy, of caring for other people on a deeper level, and not just shrugging and returning to my own privileged life.

I want to do something that is almost anti-investigation -- I want to be in my garden more, and I want to make things grow. I want to learn more about gardening and be more purposeful about it, but I want to do more of it because it takes me out of my head and helps me cease investigating/thinking. I started gardening more as a result of covid, and discovered that when I am with my plants is one of the few times I am fully present, not in the future, not in the past, just with my plants. I want to grow that feeling this year.

I'm mostly hoping to investigate myself and my mortality. I'm not ill or told that I'm about die. But, I'm old enough to accept its inevitability.

Me gustaría ahondar más a profundidad sobre los procesos que ocurren en la producción de vinos y destilados, que es a lo que me estoy dedicando en la actualidad.

The thing I want to investigate more fully is the idea of understanding that there is always more than one story. To not buy in to one story about a person, place, culture or group. To understand that there is always a story we may not have considered and to have compassion and empathy for the stories that we do not hear. I think in this very divisive time, it is important to remember that every person and group is multifaceted. There is no one way of explaining or rationalizing a situation. We need to be open to other's stories, to take time to listen and to feel like we are being heard.

Climate change, internet privacy, goats as fire prevention, food scarcity, mental health services

Yes. Anti-racism. And. What financial wealth is like as an experience? And how does is blend with spiritual wealth? Wishes, desires, compassion, art, creation, all intermingling. How does societal growth, and awakening, coincide with the former(s) as well?

I want to support educational efforts for people of color, and for children in lesser represented neighborhoods. Part of the reason this country is failing is due to the ignorance that exists regarding how this country functions in history, government and economics, as well as how this country fits into the global picture. I know it is complicated, but every little bit helps. The educated youth of our country seem to be engaged in current events, but I'm not so sure there is a solid understanding of the whole system. This country created the adults we are dealing with now - we need to do better without the dogmatic influence of religions.

Yes, I would like to get more involved in lower-cost housing efforts. Affordable housing doesn't have to mean government sponsored housing projects, especially high-rises, but just non-luxury housing. Also, in Chicago at least, the property taxes are ridiculously high. Some other means of collecting revenue has to be instituted, in my opinion.

I want to invest more in the meaning and importance of prayer in my daily life and how that is express.

I want to continue to explore the systems of oppression that have hurt our society and better understand how we can rebuild these ‘values’ in a capitalist society.

I want to investigate a few things, but I think the biggest is letting go, not holding onto things so tight.

I want to continue to pursue my education in racism and to find my way as an anti-racist. I believe that white people, people of European-American descent, need to evaluate our own racism and need to lead the way in dismantling the systemic racism that poisons our country and causes the deaths of thousands of our Black brothers and sisters constantly. I have joined a white affinity group, Quaker, that is attempting to absorb, understand and act on the "ministry" of our Quaker brothers and sisters of color, basing our conversations on a Quaker epistle written by our Quaker brothers and sisters of color. I am in two book groups, one studying a Quaker history of our own racism and one studying Toni Morrison's masterpiece "Beloved." I have not discerned yet my next actions.

I’ve been intrigued by and explored the importance of and challenges to “connectedness” in my work and my life. This year, as I write towards my aspired book on connectedness, I want to delve more deeply into every aspect. Why is it so hard to achieve? What have been obstacles for me and others? Why is it so important? What are the benefits I and others receive from it? How does it work at every level: individually, within a family, a community, a workplace, a region, the world? I hope my insights will inspire a more equitably connected world.

After talking with Riley Ellie and Jacquelyn, I’d like to know more about child support and other state or county administered HHS programs — I feel like only knowing a lot about child welfare provides me with only part of the story of what needs to be abolished and how, because there are so many gov interventions that surveil families. I also want to investigate the City Council and DA election. And I'd like to figure out exactly how I can be helpful as a member of County Committee, now that I got here.

a simple answer to this complicated question is that I need to focus on what I do with my time going forward as I currently am rid of all baggage related to my previous working and social existence ... no office, no work in my practice, Covid delays with everything etc needs SERIOUS thought and contemplation and introspection ... who do I want to be ?

I’m into David Graeber’s oeuvre now and so excited. He has put on paper things I’ve known to be true - our society feels that jobs for the good of all shouldn’t be monetarily rewarded, but jobs when you are miserable should (see teachers vs middle management). I’m sad he passed this year, but he did leave behind a lot of great works. I’d like to continue to develop my anarchist view of how society can operate, and put some of that in place for myself.

Not really, other than increasing my understanding of Nichiren Buddhism.

Still want to explore a career change, possibly nursing. Figure out how to make the impact in perinatal world that I feel is my calling.

Buddhism. Started learning about this and mindfulness this past year, but didn't pursue it after a few months.

I want to continue to investigate and integrate better nutrition and fitness practice into my life.

Like many people I would love to own a piece of land big enough to grow my own food. To live independent from so many people and things I don't want to depend on. And I also know that pieces of land are getting more scarce and that especially living off grid means living with the community around you and that it is anything but easy to find the right people to live next to.

maybe investigating why my tendency to collect free stuff is so strong

Surfing! Horses! Sitting quietly alone and being content with that.

I think maybe remote work and communal living? What if I could live on a commune and work remotely at a marketing job by the time I'm 35 or 40? WHOA.

I am determined to be a voice for the Pangolins. These gentle creatures are the most poached animals on earth. It is a serious crime in the countries where they exist - Mostly in Asia as far west as India. I want to take up their cause because they a re not food. They are not medicine. And they are so endangered it is appalling. With enough effort and the internet, I think I can make a difference.

affordable, resilient, and sustainable housing for all. equal access to parks, beaches, and public lands. poetry and magic.

I'd like to find time to read all the books piling up on my nightstand. So many topics - white supremacy, slavery, racism, adolescence, LGBTQ history, and so much more! I never read anymore.

Finding ways to give voice to Mental Health Awareness

I would really like to get to know and grow a friendship with Dean Hart. I am fascinated by how little I know of him and intrigued to know more

Yogic sutras. Can I go over the philosophies on my own and have it be impactful? How can I incorporate Buddhism and yoga into my daily life, mentally and physically Frank: to work on and finish the book about Flup

The idea that I am enough and that I serve a purpose. Even if that purpose is just to love dance and pet kitties. Even the tiny cog in a machine is useful and important.

A person, a cause, an idea...? How about a language? I'd like to get better at conversational Hebrew. I'd like to investigate chiropractic care to see whether an adjustment to my spine might be helpful to my hip issues. I'd like to start getting more comfortable on the piano again. I'd like to climb over the mountain of "stuff" that has accumulated at 1666, and only threatens to grow when 255 is sold, and simplify and shed. These aren't people or causes -- but they're ideas that bounce around inside me and remind me that there are valuable ways to use my time in the year ahead.

The idea that we can put down our phones and media and live in the now ,,the moment ,the event ,the person that your with. I’ve put my phone in another room and it felt great! I’ve turned it off before bed and it’s has a calming feel to it. To step away and just take in, absorb the nature around and breathe in the present.

After I get organized after my move, I'd like to look into writing professionally

Audio and video production.

Living in a minimalist way. Reducing my consumption and growing my own vegetables.

At the moment, I'm finishing the final season of OITNB, and I'm very interested in how to help excons get back on their feet, and how to help detainees get the services and help they need, too. Surely I can't be the only person who thinks the entire visa system needs to be abolished full-stop, and not revised?

French language Marcel Proust Sex

I would really like to investigate abolition and communism more in the coming year. I want to level up my political education by reading the works of Angela Davis and James Baldwin in particular, as well as the book Pedagogy of the Oppressed. But I know there are more writers and texts I haven’t even discovered yet because this is still so new to me! But I know that abolition is the only just way forward from our current state, and I’m intrigued by communism as an antidote to capitalism’s harm. To that end I’m also curious about anarchy as a political ideology, and would just like to be informed of the other options besides what we’ve been told is available. I should probably firm up my understanding of socialism, but I feel like Bernie Sanders gave me a good introduction there back in 2016 :)

The idea that other people might be interested in what I write.

We're reading a book "Tiny Habits" for the wellness program at work. I'm curious.

I need to get a more thorough knowledge of American Indian art beyond painting.

Hard to think forward. I feel so held in suspended animation by the pandemic. I do want to spend more time with Lincoln and Harrison (my answer from last year) but don’t see a way to do that under current conditions. Just because we are tired of being careful doesn’t mean the virus is any less dangerous.

I, along with the rest of our half of the nation, am trying to get up to speed on the issues of being black in America. I like the phrase "America is an idea waiting to be born."

I want to investigate SMART Recovery and Refuge Recovery more in depth and truly see what works best for my recovery.

I am very interested in mathematics. I want to learn more about infinities and imaginary numbers like "the square root of -1". I love learning about cooking. I like collecting mid-century cookbooks and would like to cook a meal from them.

doing more artwork and thinking of myself as an artist

Understand systemic racism and how to do my part more fully. That might mean taking training, and doing the right things in my job to make change, (as possible in this mostly white community)

I want to learn how to be anti-racist. I haven't spent a lot of time around people of different ethnic and racial backgrounds than myself, and I need to learn about their experiences. I need to learn how I can best support their goals and movement without falling clumsily over my privilege. I want to keep learning how to "call out" racism, fatphobia, ableism, etc in educational and appropriate ways. I always worry about offending people or making things awkward, but maybe it's time to make things awkward.

I want to dive deeply into prayer. I will meet with Rabbi Lizzi and learn from her. On a completely different track, I am going to investigate what it will take to move to Mexico in case we need an escape plan.

Death midwifery. Witchcraft. Herbalism.

Manifestation Yoga

Buddhism. Not to convert but examine the similarities between my faith and those of the Buddha.

Personal finance and the FIRE movement

the meaning of literature, arts, and humanities in peoples' lives. I think it would be good to both investigate this and write about it.

Yes, I'm having trouble niching down with all of the things I want to learn! I think top of my list is individual and collective trauma. I really feel that it's the underlying piece to what holds me back AND what divides us at a societal level. As long as we are separate and in pain, we'll just keep inflicting our pain on one another.

Continuing to improve my anti-racism work is top of mind. Sure I need to prioritize my own survival in this challenging time, but I need to remember others have it much worse and include the broader community's needs and survival alongside mine and my family's.

I can't believe that last year, I wrote that I made a new friend who was locked up; I promised myself that I'd be careful, not rush anything, nor take anything seriously. I broke all of these promises as our "friendship" turned into something else. We just went too fast and he ended up lying to me the entire time. I want to investigate what happened and how I can heal and move on from this tragic relationship. I also want to see how I can remain strong and do something better for my life. I don't know what else to say.

Yes..my body

I'm doing a lot of research for my memoir - nothing in particular, but I'll be doing research on things like gender, work, and science.

Activist handicrafts Myself Mindfulness

I would like to know more about Native climate justice work, to figure out a way I can support it.

I really, really want to get to know my two grandchildren better. It is so hard being separated from them by over 2,000 miles.

The only thing on my mind is the cause of justice. I don't think investigate is what I want to do, though.

How to stop a coup.

I have become much more politically active. I think I could volunteer more. I things that seem to be triggering are anti racism, immigrant ion policies, and the environment. Maybe I can spend time in one of these areas.

I still feel the queer community sentiment from last year, but I think I’d like to continue exploring my environmentally self-conscious. I hope this spans from my day to day (gardening) to larger scale (researching and understanding governmental influences on climate change).

I already mentioned I'm taking private voice lessons on Zoom.

Writing: becoming a good one. Rilke. Living and enjoying each day.

White fragility and white supremacy. I'd like to be a more effective non-racist.

I'd like to read more poetry, especially by women of color. First of all, poetry is so different from what I'm drawn to, and the way I see people speak about it means there's something really layered to unpack. Anyone who writes poetry described as brave. I want to read it. Ingest it. Discuss it. Share it. Understand it.

Go deeper into talking about death as it is not discussed much. Think may have put a similar answer for another Q. Exploring this as may likely be living in Senior Community as one of the youngest residents.

No, though I would like to continue the political advocacy (teeny tiny steps) that I've started. I did become involved in a group called Future Now that does giving circles and it's helped me, especially with information.

Yes, how did the United States become so racist, was Britain ever this bad and how did they get through it?

Again, as a carryover from last year, I want to be clear about my next step and be on track to making it happened. I want to investigate the best place for me to live and what work I want to do next.

HMMMMM....something I haven't really thought about. I am passionate about a lot of things, but animals, veterans and the environment come to mind. I would like to get involved with Pets for Vets in some way this coming year.

LIZ GLAZER Kidding Kind of But also, like, actually.

I'm pulling back from looking into any cause or idea this year. I too often bump into the govt angles and this govt horrifies me on so many levels. I hope that Jan 21 will start the turn back to a civilized, kind, intelligent country. Maybe then I can open up to being more involved with my county.

Can't think of a thing.

Hunger in the local community. Also, get back to ESL teaching at the Canal if possible.

Same as last year and the year before: How I can best utilize my time to get out the votes for Democratic candidates in the locations where it will do the most good and be the most productive?

I want to move to the place where we will finish out our years. I want it to have the right energy for us.

Reading last year’s thoughts I was happy with my self how we handled the last few months at home until my father passing. As 4 months have passed what we thought could be possible to do with my mother like travelling or moving in with her, are no longer options as her temperament has changed too much making it impossible to move with her. My brother believes the time will come when we will need to move her to a nursing home, something she really is and will not be happy with. I just hope I can once again have the wisdom to make the right decision at the needed time

"Myself" feels like the obvious answer. But it's true - I can't really grow until I understand myself.

I am interested in where the Black Lives Matter movement heads, and whether that idea is expanded to include all people who are marginalized, including Jews. As much as I support #BLM as an example of the ending of systematic marginalization, I also remember few - if any - people rallying over the summer when prominent African-Americans from sports and entertainment...Nick Cannon, Desean Jackson, Stephen Jackson...posted social media messages that were either overtly or indirectly anti-semitic in nature.

Yes, I would like to know more about practical implementation of true socialism and Judaism. I think the two intertwine quite well.

Craftsmanship. Piety. Submissions to the will of God

I want to learn what my particular role is in this life in the years I have left that allow me to have an income without needing to work a job.

I would like to learn more about history, especially American history. I haven't really studied it since High School and I feel ignorant about a lot of things.

I would like to continue expanding what I know about Black history and culture. I'd like to relearn and learn more about resistance movements in the United States. I always want to learn more about art, and I'm hoping to read more contemporary literature from other countries. I'm also committed to having the 50+ books that I read in 2021 all be by women and/or BIPOC writers. It's the year of No White Dudes, and I'm wondering if it will feel different or not.

I want to continue learning about Black oppression and how to be antiracist.

Yes. I need to know more medieval animal stories, physiologus, and I want to study Paradoxology.

Shabbat as a platform to change the world

figuring out how to be a good manager at work and a good parent to my kid and a good spouse to my spouse at once, pandemic or no pandemic.

Yes, i want to explore the act of writing

A focus of mine this year is inclusion. What does it mean to be inclusive? To lead inclusively? To value difference? To be an advocate? And that last one is the hardest because it's about more than just what I might think - it's about working to make the world a better place.

Letting go. Reframing limiting beliefs. Living a life of abundance when it comes to romance and finances. I really want to rehash these parts of my mind, & I really want to build up a trust folder of how straight men show up in my life. I really want to learn how to trust men again.

Black Lives Matter and environmental justice, of course. This year has proved that racism, climate change, and their intersection are the two largest issues of our time, and we must fight every day to bring justice to this world.

I want to learn more, take on more study, and continue to examine myself.

Professionally-Attachment theory Personally- Mindfulness and Self Compassion and How to be an Anti-Racist

How to reach people regarding diversity such as Black Lives Matter.

The quick answer is that if we don't ALL take up the cause of saving our democracy, a lot of other concepts may soon be compromised (but that's only for the next six weeks. Longer term answers are that if I read more I would likely have more ideas...and if Tai Chi is a cause (me) I would like to pursue more of that.

I want to look at 4th generation warfare as a political strategy and who has used such a thin, if anyone. I don't like it but I am curious. I also want to look into giving rides to people with medical appointments.

Moral philosophy, specially moral contractualism.

I've been reading books about Kabalah and I intend to continue that study. There are also some other books having to do with Jewish studies that I find intriguing.

I feel "full up" when it comes to studying, investigating, pursuing. As I'm in the late stages of my career, it's most important to me to explore and challenge myself to be ever-better at my craft and commit more time to it than previous years.

Poets, because I've been writing more poetry, and living simply, not that I don't already do that, but to look at the spiritual aspects of it. Maybe look at broadening the pantheon of Goddesses I follow, and research more about Medusa, Persephone, all those women who got a bad rap.

Not really too much. I can say I've started consciously reading books. I have to tell myself it's important enough to read 20 pages a day, just that much, makes a big difference.

I’d like to learn how to do more handiwork. Now that I own a home, this will be so useful.

The most important thing I can do for myself--and ultimately for my family--is to figure out how to live fully while ensuring our safety. I don't want to live in fear, but I also think it's important to have a game plan in case the asshole is reelected.

More Judaism!

I want to understand how the Supreme Court works. I’d like to understand mindfulness perhaps. Maybe begin to write more and even submit an op Ed. However, there’s no overarching person/ cause/ idea that’s gripping me right now.

I think I am more concerned about getting past the pandemic, replacing the President, turning over the Senate and returning America to the country it should be. Getting people back to work and living in a friendly environment.

I want to investigate going to study patisserie in the coming year. I have doubts about it being a viable career option, but recently have come to the realisation that a lot of other people I know had very privileged childhoods and lives in comparison to me that lead to them being able to study and explore careers that they were interested in/for fun. I may be a little late to the game at almost 30, but if I believe I deserve happiness, I should invest in something that can help me achieve it.

I want to be the best artist on my team right now. I feel like if I give myself a year to really excel, I can do it. Also I would like to figure out how to manage my time so that when I have free time I am more productive, even if it is just to be able to play more.

Going back to school!! I am registered for my first class to build towards a degree in nutrition. It is going to be a slow drive towards it, but its something I need to follow through with.

The Bible.

Helping others discover and develop their God-given destiny

Business practices and the psychology associated with business. I also think I want to look into travelling more in the next year, specifically I want to look into possibly travelling to some different countries to experience different cultures.

Systems thinking

Tikkun Olam

I want to be more of an activist and advocate for women's sexual and reproductive rights. For many years I have tried to educate myself and speak freely about sexual health, contraception, and reproductive rights. However, I know I can do more especially with those in power, those who are our leaders in various branches of government serve an imminent threat to women's sexual health and reproductive rights. I have the privilege and responsibility to DO MORE! And so I will.

I want to think about learning Yiddish with Gail.

Making a freelance writing career, including self-publicization.


I have been investigating reparations, ending racism in one generation, BLM, I will continue to do this work, it feels vital, un-ignorable, present and continuing.

Ascension, spirituality, pendulums, intuition, spirit guides, mindfulness, meditation, reiki, past life regression, manifestation, and the human collective.

I'd like to get back into my Judaism. I love art and history and I'd like to continue educating myself on those topics.

Lola Mora, la otra mujer noble y libre.

I want to get better at reading and speaking Hebrew in the next year! (I just now realize that this answer is virtually identical to my answer from last year, so I guess I didn't make much headway on this in the past year, did I?)

Singing, particularly the Sing the North project. ASOC with my students. Nordic walking. "Doing nothing".

I just want to survive the next year as unscathed as possible. If that happens then I can try to be curious again but not until that comes to pass.

I need to learn how to be and do better with racial justice and equality issues and situations.

The idea of the law of attraction. It's been a curiosity to think that just by thinking of something, that it will happen. Life usually doesn't pan out like that but at this point, I'm will to open up to that idea.

Retirement options.

Nothing comes to mind; however, after the November election, there may be a lot for me to investigate. I fear if the current administration is reelected, I will no longer feel safe living in my own country. I will likely want to investigate living in another place at least until the end of the fascist dictatorship we are currently experiencing. I have never felt so much fear as I do now. It is too much like Nazi Germany prior to WWII and I pray that can't happen again, but who knows?

Institutional and personal racism.

I continue to want to invest in healthy aging and maintaining my resilience, my emotional intelligence, my mental faculties and my physical abilities.

Collaboration on creative projects, like playwrighting, using Zoom and other technologies that can be done remotely. How to have fun and interact with others from home would help me tremendously as a person with disabilities.

How to combat racism.

I would like to figure out how to be even more self-sufficient. Both in not having to rely on traditional work to make money, but also learn how to sustain our home without as much need for buying outside food and goods. We use too much plastic and other materials that are terrible for the environment and need to start taking care of this planet.

The development of the constitution. Shadow work.

This is a moment of change. Perhaps race, technology/algorithms/climate change. These might be long range themes with impact on humanity.

I want to read all the Rabbi Alan Lew books. I am very interested in Jewish meditation.

I want to understand WHY I do not allow abundance to flow to me in greater quantities and change that so I can live a more abundant life with more money, a better home, a better car, more travel and more time with friends and family. Additionally, I’m continuing to explore my relationship with Andrew and learn how our lives can come together, bringing us both the joy and fulfillment that we seek.

I want to examine a way to spend some money on myself once Dad's estate is settled. Joann gave me the most profound advice I ever got just today: I'm 68, the future is now. Invest the money in me, in something I will really enjoy RIGHT NOW. This is a new thought, a new behavior for me. I've always thought about the future and I had to be told - damn! It's here and now. So I have to really figure out what I want. We have savings. I'll be alright if I spend some money on me.

Last year I focused on meditating and praying. This year I have developed a regular meditation routine and I'm happy about that. It's only 10 minutes long, but I do it 6 days a week and really appreciate that time. I would like to meditate for longer or explore it further, but honestly, I don't see how I could find the time to do that and still do other things (exercising [including swimming that is meditative for me], walking with Maggie, reading books that have nothing to do with my work, baking) that are important to me. I haven't prayed much this year, and I would like to do it more over the next year. Perhaps setting aside a regular time to pray, even if only for a few minutes? As I finish my "year of gratitude" (2020!) perhaps 2021 could be a year of prayer.

Black Lives Matter and the idea of spending less on Police. Both broad areas that I can learn more about.

No. So much going on right now and have been "news" saturated.

I wonder what it says about me that my answer is still no. It's not that I'm intellectually uncurious, I'm currently content with the scope of my life. But my answer kind of makes me feel guilty of being a slacker. I'll have to think more about the question and my response in the coming year.

I'd like to continue to focus on being in the moment – appreciating each and every positive blessing, ability, experience, relationship, etc. To savour and be grateful for all of this – not just within myself but in the Presence of the One Who gives it all. I see a heart filled with gratitude as being the essence of having a heart for God. There’s been progress in this over the past year and I’d like to see that enhanced and perpetuated. It would still be nice to be able to explore Biblical Greek and/or Hebrew for the biblical nuances missed in English. This will depend on finances, good sources and sufficient time allocation. Would still like to complete a few courses in writing. Still haven’t given up on my "Touched by Him" series. Too much with #7? Will see; need to be balanced. I don’t want to lose the benefits of life’s retirement phase because of trying to jam in all the achievement and productivity not achieved in life’s “career” phase.

I hope we’re all still here next year. I’m legitimately concerned about a coup in November. The Democrats are the only ones who’ve shown any indication they don’t accept elections. They’re the ones burning things down. I am concerned for the fate of our country in a way I’ve never been. Democrats complain about Trump’s lack of decorum - I have yet to see anything resembling decorum out of them. They excuse it by saying Trump started it. They spread slander and blood libel constantly - the lies and misquotes are repeated over and over. Do they know how stupid they look to people who listened to the whole quote where they accuse him of calling white nationalists “good people” or all Mexicans rapists? Dumbasses. He said exactly the opposite, but they cherry pick and throw tantrums. Our economy was going great guns until the Covid nonsense. Now somehow Trump has killed 200k people. Seriously? What plan did the Dems have that would have saved more? Because over 2M people were projected to die. So I read that as he’s saved 1.8M people. They worship their politicians and don’t understand many people on the Right don’t. We aren’t looking to Trump as a savior or role model. He’s there to do a job and that’s protect our country from all threats foreign and domestic and help with growth. He’s done all that. But still the Left wants to burn it all down. Facts don’t matter. Breonna Taylor wasn’t in bed. It wasn’t a no knock warrant. There is no police conspiracy to kill all black people. Far more blacks are killed in Chicago on any given weekend by other blacks than are killed in a year by cops. But let’s ignore that. I’m short, I just hope we’re still here next year. I’m scared the idiots who think they’re brilliant are going to kill this golden goose because they think there’s something better out there.

I will become more fully invested in the work of the Native American Nursing Education Center and the issues this population faces in our region.

The hypocritical nature of politics. It is annoying and tiresome but fascinating at the same time.

I'm still interested in exploring what I want. I know more than I did a few years ago. I'm beginning to explore the possibility of creating my own mythology and expressing that in my artwork. I would tie into the my own rituals and spirituality, how those manifest and how I can share them with the world somehow. I'm in the process of looking inward now and concentrating on divining my own path before I can share that with others.

Is there a way to have a truly spiritual practice that can be shared and does not require that you leave your brain at the door? Does this practice help motivate people for activism with love? Will this be Jewish or not?


I'd like to fully embrace and investigate my interest in the labor movement, labor organizing, and my interest in the Bund. I call myself a neo-Bundist, but I don't know exactly what that means or entails. I know that I'm all for a culturally-Jewish, non-Zionist socialist labor organization that is accepting of secular Jews, but I'd like to take time to dive deeper and know more, perhaps partially in preparation for developing that expertise in grad school.

Moving back to the East coast.

BLM. I'd like to join Hastings RISE (Racial Inclusion and Social Equity), learn more and do more. I've been asleep all these years.

I would like to continue investigating anti-racism and climate change, as well as what we can do as activists to combat both of them.

Myself. I’d like to dedicate some time to exploring myself.

Myself ad a poet.

Well I’m on my way to moving forward in exploring a new role as consultant- and I’m anxious to see what comes out of that, and I’m working on my music- but I haven’t made much progress in finding some form of Jewish learning yet.

I want to continue to understand more fully how the hell we got here. Was Trump a culmination of where we were already headed - the fall of so many of our systems and ideals about democracy, or did his election really bring us to this brink? It will be interesting to read this in a year, from where ever we will be at that time - relieved and rebuilding or trapped in a nightmare dictatorship that most of us believed we were too good and too smart to ever have to experience.

The life and legacy of RBG

I feel like the easy answer is my role in Black Lives Matter, but I think beyond that, I need to generally investigate the way that I participate in social justice. I've talked about this a lot, but now that I'm not in school, I have a lot more time to define my actions and identity for myself and I think I need to work long and hard to sort that out. I don't know if that'll be a long thinking period or more of a series of small actions but I think it's incredibly worthwhile and important both personally and for my career.

I would like to fill in more of my time with volunteer work. I think I may be making a start now, but need to keep at it as the world changes in its needs for unpaid help. Maybe there is work I could do from home, or areas needing help where I am comfortable working but others may not be, so there is a need.

I'm currently taking an online class at the Vassar College Life Long Learning Institute on getting to know this area better. I expect to come out of it with many ideas about causes and activities I'll want to investigate more fully.

I want to honor RBG's life by learning more about her. Want to keep learning about ways to help in our community.

RAMBAM ( Rabbi Moshe ben Maimon)


Racial justice, environmental justice, women's rights. Really all the progressive causes because right now the US is a dumpster fire.

And a repeat, to some extent once again: MySQL, guitar, broader types of exercise, board games, reading/speaking Hebrew. Add to that: Spanish.

We ordered "Think Like a Monk" with the intention of working toward finding inner peace and purpose. My spouse and I plan to read it together.

I think I went to further investigate what it would take to become a female Cantor for my congregation.

Fly fishing...

Not that I can think of.

I'd like to learn more about the African American experience. I want to do what I can to understand and really embrace an anti-racist life.

I think I would say small business ownership /management if I can get that project off the ground. I think will have a lot to learn.

MIT's entrepreneur mentoring program. I've done some mentoring work, but could use more structure, guidelines, testimonials, case studies etc.

I’m always interested in reading new and admired writers. This is ingrained, and I have many interests, so there is always something to pursue.

The Zohar and Kabbalah.

How to be a good leader.

Last year: "Whether or not I have time in 2020 to be able to spend time on this quest is another matter." BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! Had six months of doing nothing to commit to investigating things. This coming year is dedicated to career. Whether it is my real estate license or broker's license (or both), I need to invest in myself and my well being.

My girlfriend as we prepare to commit the rest of our lives to each other. I’m also interested in discovering a cause I care enough about to take time to advocate for outside of work.


Yes - socialism. I plan to get involved with DSA and possibly Working Families Party. I'm looking for more ways to be accountable to my black neighbors, to learn more about how ingrained white supremacy is in our country, and how to change that. I also want to orient the focus of my work and passion towards early childhood.

I want to investigate orthodox judaism next year, as well as Jewish fiction books, socialism and anarchism, and making Aliyah.


Hmmmmm. A couple of things come to mind. First, I want to better understand and support changes to racism within the Jewish community. For many years I have been increasing my awareness of my privilege and systemic racism and yet I have never done that work within my community. I want to delve into that more this year. Another thing, related to synagogue life, is I want to engage young people in a project or something they care about through our synagogue. It's just a vague idea right now and I'd like to figure that out with a group of young people. Also, related to systemic racism, I have been learning more about decolonizing. And including decolonizing practises in my own life. It's incredible and challenging work that is so necessary. I need support to do it, I know. So I will continue to explore and look for resources to continue on this journey.

Well, I really like last year's answer. In fact, it seems I was ahead of the curve (I'm being facetious) in terms of the need to be an anti-racist. This year's events have brought to light the shitty treatment people of color have been living with for hundreds of years in this great melting pot of ours. George Floyd was a catalyst and since his death there have been others. I plan to continue to raise my consciousness and read more, participate more and strive to become a better version of myself in the coming year.

racial injustice; nice white parents

I want to keep learning and correcting where I am biased/racist/ignorant.

Same answer as last year: I would like to explore Shabbat - putting 1/7 of my life to a devoted time of concentrated spiritual practice and anti-capitalist relation to time still feels exciting. I did start to move in that direction last year, then stopped when COVID started and everything felt so urgent and fucked.

I want to investigate genetics more. I love helping people find their biological families and am pretty good at it.

My personal brand. Who i am as a person and professional.

I plan to understand stoicism better after the next year.

Money in politics. It's something that's been a back burner investigation this year already, but I'm really interested in it. From federal to local levels. Money talks, and it tends to be the reason so many politicians say what they say. I'm particularly interested in what money's doing for/against climate change. Recently learned that BP is behind the idea of a personal "carbon footprint." The trickery goes deep.

Just heard Hauser - a cellist - play. I'd never heard of him, and I want to listen to more of his music.

Since I am a yoga teacher, I would like to learn more about yoga philosophy, the science behind yoga, and trauma-informed yoga.

Yes, i want

What I would really like, is to be past this whole Trump era debacle, reading all of the expose books written by all those who have been afraid to speak up, as well as the sober reflections of actual historians. I think there is so much more going on that we don't even know about. Scary times.

No. All I want in the coming year is for my family to stay healthy, for my sons to know happiness, and for the Constitution and democracy to win the election.

Looking back, I have really been keeping up my reading of acclaimed modern novels, and have been really enjoying it; I didn't really follow through with the magic, however. Looking forward, I have begun a tutorial to learn to play piano, but haven't been diligent with keeping up. That is my goal for the coming year.

Judaism. Now that I'm here in Israel for the year, I want to take advantage of that. I've been going to the extra info sessions with the rabbi, I'm going to try a Chabad service on Yom Kippur, and I'm not embarrassed about actually caring about religion.

This coming year I am really going to pursue my psych degree. I’ve always toyed with the idea but it’s never left my mind. I have A lot of passion behind it and I think It’ll make me a more effective coach.

Insects. They are dying off. People are poisoning them. And they are essential to our food supply, plant life and a balanced ecosystem.

Yes! This year I began learning about and watching documentaries on, subscribing to YouTube channels about, and just generally loving the process of learning about Minimalism, Slow Living, and other types of Zen-based approaches to life and environment. I have learned things so far that have changed my views, helped me simplify my life and thoughts, and have, most importantly, made me feel more uplifted and genuinely happy. I hope to continue on this path. One of the channels to which I subscribe, Simple Happy Zen, has a mini-course that I have been contemplating. I am really only into doing things/investing in things involving "investigation" that bring me JOY in the MOMENT, as opposed to what it may bring down the line (hopefully more joy, though!).

A lot hinges on the presidential election. If I can simply worry about our moving out of this neighborhood, I expect to research other states. Maybe we will be able to consider traveling again.

I want to re connect with Judaism

I will continue to work for environmental and social justice as best I can. I hope that this current nightmare of President Trump ends and we can face our problems rationally and carefully. I think that is the worst part of our times...it is okay that we have problems, but being in a world where we don't attack them rationally just freaks me out. My mouth is dry, my sleep disrupted, joy muted. I wish there was a leader, I hope that someone emerges to get us out of this dilemma.

#BLM, advocating for trans rights and rights of the disabled community, speaking out for as many marginalized voices as possible.

Maybe this is really trivial, but I would like to learn more about Visible Mending. It's fixing worn and torn clothing or other textiles in a way that displays the mender's handiwork and artistry and preserves them instead of sending them to the stream of trash. It is also metaphorical for our own scars, both physical and emotional... how can we transform the marks of our injuries into beautiful memoirs?

More storytelling for healing

Yes - I want to lean into making yoga and wellness a big part of my life. I want to take my 200hr YTT & create rituals and routines that support my physical, mental and spiritual health.

My business idea(s). I have long believed that one thing missing from the world; belief in our individual potential and all the amazing things we accomplish and not just the big things. Yes it's great when we graduate from a class or get a new job or celebrate another birthday. Yet I think there is so much to celebrate in the day-to-day. So, my hope is to build a business around the idea of mini-celebrations. A quote that clearly summarizes this for me “Even mini-celebrations can plump up the positive emotions which make it easier to manage the daily challenges that cause major stress.” ~ Social psychology researcher Fred Bryant This will be my area of investigation until I can find a way to bring it to life.


I'd like to increase my knowledge of climate change and of the science behind it. I want to get a better sense of what drives climate change, what we need to do to control it, and where it stands in a geologic context. I also want to learn more history, because history is very cool and I don't spend enough time with it.

Is it bad for me to say not really? I think I want to just focus on being present with myself and just enjoy this new decade of my life... But if I want to investigate or learn more about anything, it will be to continue to learn about people's life stories and how their experiences have shaped them. Reading memoirs has been very enjoyable this year, and I'd like to continue with this.

The past few months, I've become really involved with the elections and volunteering with different campaigns. I hope in this coming year I'll continue to grow my passion for advocacy by volunteering with specific campaigns that interest me.

Black history

I want to do some more looking into what it would take to do a (non-hostile) takeover of my university's queer alumni network, and build it into a strong advocacy/mutual aid group. I know the people who currently run it are looking for successors, and now that I have a little more time, I'd like to start setting the groundwork for my ambitious plans to make sure no queer student at my alma matter goes unsupported.

For my own future . . . investing For my future as caretaker of (possibly multiple gens . . . ) . . . estate care, elder care, property management, etc.

My sister. Interestingly, I feel like the pandemic has made us grow further apart, which is the opposite of many people that are consistently in my life right now. She’s expecting too, and want to a supportive brother and uncle well before she is due.

I want to engage myself more in public service. I have joined the board at the shul I attend, but I would like to be in a more visible role in the nonprofit sector.

I did join the Theosophy Organization last fall and I have been pleased so far. I wish to continue this investigation more. Their basic premise is to search for the the truth or the truth as a person sees it. They dont promote any beliefs except to keep searching and they have a vast array of materials and courses to look into.


Simone Weil.

I want to delve deeper into racial justice. Really come to terms with my understanding of what my role as a white person should be. Ally, co-conspirator, priviledge traitor, what? Also to better understand why this topic seems so important to me. I also want to find an arena where I can interact with people of color.

Good question. My plate is fairly full as my part time retirement job has turned into a full time gig. If it wasn't for COVID not sure I would do the job but since we can't vacation, what else can I do?, PLUS the extra money allows us a great lifestyle without having to pull from retirement savings. The job keeps my mind active, is creative, pays well, and is virtually zero stress. That's no answer, but I owe it to the company 'I work for' to see my projects to fruition.

Media by marginalized groups, woman, bipoc, LGBT writers and filmmakers.

I want to be conversational in Hebrew and Yiddish, and have a basic understanding of how Anishinaabemowin works.

Happy Friday! We are on time with our curriculum edits for the Fall CIP, and I'm taking off for the Lost Coast tomorrow for some solo car camping and very excited. What I want to explore more of this coming year is: - More opportunities in nature. Planning some through hikes for next summer, such as the JMT. Diving into snowboarding this winter. And hopefully getting on the board of directors for BAWT so I can help others get out into nature more as well. - Strategic thinking. Both professionally and personally. - Overlanding. I've got a big 'ol truck and want to get the most out of it!


I've become aware that there is a significant Jewish black populations I knew nothing about. Though my City and community has very few black Jews, i'd like to know more. I also want to explore closer relationships with indigenous communities here.

A daily yoga practice for flexibility, strength, and calm.

I'm not really sure, it seems like a lot to take on another thing right now; I'll have to think about it.

I want to learn more about how to support teachers in uncovering their unconscious biases and changing their biased practices in the classroom.

I'd like to investigate my studio practice and the creative process in general. I need to get back in touch with the part of myself that took joy in making.

police abolition.

I had hoped to look into possible rewarding activities for myself, following my partial retirement at the end of February. Because of the pandemic, I have been unable to explore most of the things I had been considering. I truly hope that the situation will improve in the coming year, so that I will be able to do that exploration.

I'd like to evolve my relationship with David more fully this year, realizing that he may be just as scared as I am to get closer, which is a revelation to me. I always assume men are confident and unaffected by me; I totally downplay my possible impact on them.

I've reached out to First Nations groups hoping to be an ally. I've been doing some work with the UBI team and Parkdale Organize and the NDP and the school parent council . . .

I want to get into some kind of interesting volunteer work, work on improving my writing skills. I want to improve communication with others. Lastly, I want to help train Liz’s puppy Rex and be a very loving person.

Anti-racism studies. I’ve started with the book Me and White Supremacy by Layla Saad, which has been eye-opening, and I don’t want to let it drop. I’m doing the studies with a group, which is the way I stay committed.

Russian and Yiddish songs

Clothes making. Gardening/yardening including growing veg and salad, as well as different flowers, plants, and bulbs.

I want to learn more about the field of happiness and well-being, to expand on the foundation that I've started to create this past year. Specifically, learning more about and from the key people who are at the forefront of research, like Brene Brown.

In a word, yoga. To expound, the ideas and practices of self-care, holding space, respecting boundaries, honoring intention, and promoting peace.

I have loved all the time I have spent in nature over summer and early fall. I want to investigate what living a more outdoors life looks like even when it turns cold and icy- how can I continue to gain healing energy and connection through nature in all climates?

I want to have deeper conversations with my adult children.

I want to continue to work on meditation. It's become an on-again off-again skill for the past two years now, and I still want to try to make this a more regular practice for myself.

I want to start donating regularly to charity. I may have to make it a goal for next year. I also want to find and adopt new ways of avoiding using plastic.

I want to have an A1 right and Yamaha Virago

My cause in the coming year is to promote the strengthening of the family unit in communities of color. I want to see more focus on our history and teaching the unsanitized version of that history to our children so that they are never again damaged by the lies of our oppressors.

I want to post fanfiction on a TV fanfiction website. I have the stories already written, but they were posted on my group's Yahoo site. That's gone now. So, I need to look at posting them elsewhere. I would like to explore making multiple part music videos. Actually, I plan to do that fairly soon as I need it for a 'performance' and Xmas carols virtual singalong. It's a set of skills I'd like to develop some real expertise with.

More medieval art.

My teen’s educational needs.

How to connect to my HGA.

I really want to explore/investigate a career in teaching. This is something I’ve wanted to do, I think, most of my life

Writing World of education

what i can reasonably do to resist the rise of facism. so sad that this is necessary

I want to learn more about giving gifts.

Moving out of the country.

affinity with maggie ツ

Not totally new per se, but I have just begun dating and would like to continue exploring that further. I have only been on a few dates, but the intention is to actually meet someone for some semblance of a relationship... my first REAL poly experience. I haven't fallen in love or crushed out in a very long time and am curious what that feels like again... at my age! On the topic, I suppose much of my focus is about youthful pursuits (not turning back the clock). How do I continue to do things like dating and beauty, but adjust for age -- I don't like the expression "age appropriate," but yeah that. I don't feel ready to hang up feeling desired or sexy either!

healthier living habits- diet, exercise, meditation

I want to explore my potential in creating podcasts and other media.

I am all right all ready

Yes, myself. I really want to spend more time learning about what makes me who I am. I have a much better idea of myself now, and have done a lot of work this year (with therapists, a career coach AND a personal trainer) to work on the three main areas of my life that are most important to me (mental, spiritual/emotional and physical health) so I think I am in a good position to face 2021 head on!

Oh, I suppose I answered this in part yesterday with regards to wanting to start a soup kitchen/food pantry! I would similarly like to look into past examples of successful collective living situations in general.

I think I would like to better understand minimalism. I am overwhelmed by stuff and would like to see what it looks like to have less to live more.

Exercise that I enjoy. Atomic Habits. Judaism. Coziness. Sewing.

I want to investigate individuals that I want to aspire to be and collect their qualities that I want to emulate!

Mindfulness. volunteering.

White privilege, white supremacy, and how to be a better white ally to people of color

Interesting that a year ago I said I wanted to understand discrimination and hatred better. In the past year, Delta hosted Jim Lucas who brought MLK's words to life, there was George Floyd's murder and the BLM protests that followed (and I participated in) and yesterday I got the book "White Fragility". These are still topics that interest me and ones that I need to understand better, especially in terms of the lack of equity issues that impact my students.


I'd love to be able to try and do something for kids like the music/art/fun building

Treatment for Parental Alienation; educate and engage the court system

I would like to look more into how I can use my money to directly help people in the next year. I think direct giving is the most useful, but I don't feel good about how much I'm just giving to directly people who are begging to be helped in the last few months.

I would like to get my house in order so in case something happens to us my children will not be saddled with a mess. Instead they will just see the house they grew up in and hopefully that will generate pleasant and happy memories!

No. But an activity. White water kayaking! Want that to be my new hobby.


When it comes to my education, I have a few improvements that I want to see made. We submitted a list of demands back in the summer during the height of BLM that I don't think have been addressed. We also want to eliminate that intermarriage rule in the admissions/ordination policy, and we want to straighten out what our fourth year realistically will look like. Also, I want 5781 to be more about sustainability and doing the work at home. My book club and I want to do more to help with prison reform, too. Certainly a lot to tackle in one year.

Working as an advocate in some form. I think it's an interesting career avenue that I'd like to explore. If not, at least some charity based employment.

I would like to look into the possibilities of working with the youth from the tribal nations in SD. I read articles that continue to say that those in underrepresented/underserved areas will fall even farther behind due to the pandemic and limited access to technology and resources. It is SO important to "grow our own" and that can't be done without these things. That is my "cause/idea" in the coming year.

Black lives matter. I know that they do and I know that I can do more to help make sure black lives and experiences are honored and uphold. I've started reading more books by BIPOC, which I appreciate because it gives me a different perspective. The sadness that pervades, when I read so much about people growing up in poverty, a situation not of their own choosing, it's heartbreaking. (The elder care topic that I wanted to learn more about got started, and then had to be put on hold because of covid. So at some point I will get there...)

I am interested in continuing to investigate spirituality, well-being, health and fitness and how I can expose my work.

Yes! I'm interested in learning more about Astronomy and the stars. I spent a lot of time stargazing with my son in the spring and summer before he left for college and I miss those nights walking the dog with him and stopping for quick explanations from him about the planets and constellations.

I am going to read How to Be an Antiracist. And other books. It has belatedly occurred to me - or been brought home forcibly - that simply being 'not a racist' is maybe a nice thing, but it is hardly helping society as a whole - and it is more and more clear, that everybody can do something, to help society as a whole, even decrepit and boring me, is able to do something. So I am going to find something I can do, besides sit around and deplore things as they are. Deploring doesn't change anything.

is there neurology of curiosity? why are some curious and some not?

Racism -- learning so much about systemic racism this year and want to know how I can help this cause. Growing up in the 60's, I saw racism clearly, but assumed that it was eradicated with the civil rights act. Was I wrong! I see now how racism, and slavery in teh past affects individuals today. I want to be a force for change in this area.

No. I feel stretched so thin right now with my worries about the nation, my children, my businesses, my marriage, my health, and on and on. I really don't feel like I have the bandwidth to delve into something else right now. That said, I am investigating some mythologies more deeply as research for my next novel. Does that count? Does the constant self questioning about everything count?

I want to read all Dune (again). I will read along with my younger son 28 who has just discovered it. It's an interesting experience reading "old" books with the "children" . I want to read more Edward Abbey and contemporary women Nature Writers like Robin Wall Kimerer, Helen MacDonald I want to think more about TREE and build my relationship with him I want to build up my relationship with my little dog Frantzie.

Salmon fisheries and saving the orca baby!

Nothing that I can think of at the moment.

I'm really not sure. Online dating never happened. I didn't feel good enough about my unemployed self to put myself out there. I've been doing more politically because I am terrified of having another four years of Trump. I need to look into local politics more. Not to get involved but whom to support.

Writing. Activism. Spanish. Mimi

A mystical approach to God

I did not do the research I intended last yr for reno I'll need to do when I move; I will be able to make it happen next year because of the timeline of selling/moving (the research, not the reno likely.)

I want to read more nonfiction. Actively work on becoming anti-racist. Read more Jewish theology.

True love.

Sewing! I’m so cautiously excited about learning to sew. It’s thrilling to make things, and I love the feeling of using a vintage sewing machine, a well-made and loved piece of someone’s history. It’s given me something to look forward to and something to struggle with, to achieve in tiny bites, which I definitely need in my pandemic broth of sloth and antisocial tendencies!

I mean, if we're bugging out I'll likely need to learn a new language. If things go well I'll probably be looking into front end code, and different side projects.

My group, South Asians for Justice and Equity, is committed to doing our part to help tear down systemic racism. Which involves a lot of learning. Plus, there’s parenting I could stand to learn. Namely how to singlehandedly raise three teenaged boys during menopause without losing my mind.

how to give more money in a smarter, more effective way

I want to investigate myself more fully, who am I? what is my purpose in this journey? and the idea that I don't have to follow the path laid out by others to find my way into any dream.

There is no person, cause or idea that I want to investigate more fully in the coming year. I just want to be more in-touch with my Higher Power.

Perhaps how to take more entrepreneurial risks.

Human-natural relationships and the concept of ecology. It's becoming obvious that our entire worldview is broken, in that we've taken ourselve out of the natural world and objectified it in order to profit from it, and we're seeing the consequences of that worldview in catastrophic climate change. As a social scientist, how can I work to re-place humans within the concept of ecology in the truest sense of its Greek root: oikos, meaning “household,” “home,” or “place to live”?

I'm kind of involved in investigating the relationship between perception and reality. There are at least two different levels where a perception creates a reality: our every day experience and quantum physics. Apparently there is a connection between them, but I can't grasp it. I wish someone would help.

Not at this time

Staying to get DBT certification.

Saving our country from the radical right, Trump, the Republicans.

Climate change and what I can do to make a difference.

New job options Moving to Canada

Still working on fighting the world of dementia and how cruel of a disease it is to everyone affected by it. I changed careers because my husband became sick with FrontoTemporal Dementia and now I work as a manager of a dementia community. It is heartbreaking and rewarding. I couldn't dream of doing anything else now.

Learning a few stringed instruments (mandolin, guitar, bass, and ukelele). As well, continuing to improve my French speaking, reading and writing.

I want to learn how to fox hunt. I think it would be a lot of fun. Not literally hunt a fox of course, but do that sort of cross country riding.

I want to more fully investigate what I want to do professionally. I feel like I am in a moment of stasis. And while I was ok with that for a long time I no longer am. I need to move on. I need to find the things that make me click and that give me direction and purpose, but I need to do it without sacrificing my families needs which are so important and that is the hard part. I hope that by next year I am on a path to new professional opportunities.

I want to continue to learn what it means to live for myself and how that makes life better for others. This year, I discovered that I like myself. These feelings led to me setting boundaries, forced myself to stop feeling like I was always wrong, and allowed me to take credit for when I did something good. Here's to a year of justice, both externally and internally.

Further understanding systemic racism and my own biases.. Read books on the topic and have conversations.

I want to learn more about how to be equitable and racially/culturally sensitive in my classroom. I think I do an alright job, but I want to improve.

Who am I now that I am retired? Did my career truly define me? What comes next?

Living the last decades of life, options, focus, purpose, values and intensity and impact. These decades are a gift to be used and shared .

Mostly I want to work on improving my counseling skills. I have so much to learn!

I would like to understand why racial injustice is so widespread, even as these difficult times should be bringing us together.

I want to continue learning about racism and how I can be a better ally.

Anti-racism, and what actions can I take to make a difference, however small.

Black Lives Matter, and my overall commitment to social justice. I want to be sure I am an advocate for the right kind of change, in an intentional way. I know what I believe, but I need to find ways to act. What do I qualify as "enough"? Is it giving more money? Finding ways to change minds in my network of friends and family? Are there things I should do more of? I want to take more time to define my OWN beliefs and be sure I responsibly advocate for them.

I want to continue in contact with the people that I am getting to know through the Internet and social media such as Zoom and Google Meet and various mailing lists. And I would like to pare down my involvements in such groups, so that I can concentrate more on knowing the individuals rather than focusing on just "doing". I want to form and participate in COMMUNITY as an INDIVIDUAL among others, not as a worker bee.

I'm not too sure...I want to see if I'm safe enough to have the time to do that without worrying about myself, my friends, and my family trying to survive in the current political climate (both at home and aborad)

I want to find a way to volunteer/help the community after my youngest leaves for college. I won't be volunteering for their schools, etc. so I want to find something that will be fulfilling to me and benefit the community.

I'd like to get a better understanding of myself. What are my hope, dreams, motivations? What is it that I want to do and be?

I'd like to eat less meat. I enjoy vegetarian food and think from an ethical and environmental persective it's hard to argue that reducing meat consumption is a win win (and for health!). I listened to a podcast on the idea of OMD - one meal a day. The aim being to have one plant based meal a day. I don't think I'm ready to become vegetarian but OMD feels more than achievable.

I am already getting more involved in the broader group supporting tobacco control. And this because of Corona! It would have been very difficult for me to go from San Francisco to the prior in-person meetings in Contra Costa county. But since the shutdown I've been regularly attending the Zoom meetings. I was asked to provide a logo for my 30 year old organization for a Statewide lobbying effort. I used a silhouette of my brother as a little boy for this. Fitting tribute to an ER doc who died of purposeful poisoning, and who hated the tobacco companies.

I want to explore being present more - not missing the little parts of life as my boy grows up.

Two things. First is quality of life. Given that I am in 4th quarter with only so much time on the clock, I want to squeeze more quality into the quantity of minutes. Also I need to establish a more structured format for daily time with The Father.

I'll be "investigating" all the Jewish fiction agents/publishers in the US and Israel once I'm finished writing my novel Vasthi's Daughter!

I really cannot think of any person that I want to investigate more fully in the coming year, other than learning more about God and myself. I hope and pray that new people coming to my life as friends and that I have a new companion / husband come into my life so that I will not be alone and lonely. I would also like to form some sort of relationship with my Robinson half-brothers, and my hakf sister, Sheila's, daughter. However, I only want God's will in my life. I want God to close doors that need to be closed and open doors that need to be open.

I want to commit to myself. This sounds ridiculous but as a mom, wire, employee, I feel like so much of me is given away. Now that my parents and pseudo-parent is gone, the only person completely responsible for me is me. That means slowing down and not distracting myself by getting busier and busier.

the legitimacy of the current administration(potus) and how to prevent it's recurring.

Honestly, no. Ask me that question after the election.

I find the connection between prison reform and voting rights intriguing and want to learn more about it. I thought Florida was on the right track, but then they required the payment of fees and fines in full to restore voting rights. That is a significant obstacle to restoring voting rights and I want to find ways to make voting to accessible to those who have completed their sentences. I believe they deserve the rights of citizenship.

Things happen and change so quickly at the moment, I tend to react by learning more about them as I'm able and as questions/events arise. I've learned so much the last few years by having this philosophy, and I think it's been a good thing. Social awareness never stops finding new and more detailed learning and I want to be free to pick up what I want/need at any time, rather than stick myself to one or two specifics

yes, I want to investigate more how to build burnoutrecovery coaching services

Prison and police abolition, and the community/cultural structures that can make up for that. I already know I support it, but now I need to know it well enough to convince others.

Oil painting, crossfit,

I watched Ruth Bader Ginsburg's memorial service today. She was an icon for a progressive vision of society. I was moved to hear the highlights of a life well lived in the service of humanity and I would like to find out more about her.

Holy cow. So much. I want to empower all women. I want to help BIPOC women get the respect and humanity and equality and recognition they deserve. When it boils down to it, WOMEN are the answer. It's at the heart of all of the causes I believe in so fervently: reproductive justice, equal pay, representation in government and business, access to education. All of it.

I want to learn more about the disparity between the white people and the black people in this country. I need to make this better somehow in a small way with what I can do personally. It is a tragedy in this country for far too long.

Not really

Living more sustainably, including growing. Finding a way to become more embedded in the community. Keep investing time in my Grandma.

Perfecting my impulse to speak lashon hora Showing more love to my kids and husband

I’m very interested in teaching project management at UNC Greensboro. It would feel good to share what I have learned.