Is there something that you wish you had done differently this past year? Alternatively, is there something you're especially proud of from this past year?

a. YEAH. I wouldn't have adopted a goddamn dog. b. YES! Myself! I'm only unlocking more power as time goes on. It is nice to see how much more I've evolved than the other B, who still sounds like an idiot a lot of the time. He can sound smart, too! But he still likes to be ridiculously verbose (using INCORRECT words AND saying them wrong) while swimming in vagueness because he hasn't gained the laser sharp wit and skill that I have. (haha...? No one will see this, right? I don't actually have that confidence I'm just... faking it until I make it. And it's WORKING. But also exhausting me.)

I wish I wouldn't have dated around as much because I already "knew" that there wasn't anybody in the city who would be a match. All of the possibilities ended up in small fights and Cold Wars. But that's the queer male world for ya. I'm proud, anyway, for dating so much because I keep learning new things about myself, and other people.

I started off the year struggling to connect with my manager as I started a new job I desperately needed to keep. Both financially, and to occupy my tired mind. She's a class A micromanager, with deep set insecurities and she had it out for me and my sass. I am proud of myself though for having found the nuggets of truth in her criticism and bettered myself drastically, not just on a career level but a personal one too. Through a lot of patience, and at times biting my tongue, we reached a friendship after starting off at polar opposite. Possibly one of the best compliments I received from such a difficult personality was praise for my ability to accept and adapt to constructive criticism. That's not to say I take her every remark as fact, but I am truly proud of myself for being able to check my ego and evaluate whether or not a feedback is accurate. It's not the work aspect that I pride myself on, it's the emotional maturity I managed to display. On some level, I think maybe my trauma didn't make me tougher but it seems to have thickened my skin enough for my to keep a level head in turbulent waters. There is the occasional moment where I wished I had used my time being single to breathe more. Hook up more and just form un-attachments as needed. I had the opportunity, I just couldn't bring myself to do it. Not out of shame, it almost felt like self preservation - my heart couldn't have handled it most likely and I most have known subconsciously. I always went home alone after dates, and stopped answering after the 2nd or 3rd time we met up. Maybe what I regret is not being free a bit longer while I was healthy emotionally, but the truth is I wouldn't trade what I have now for the world.

I wish I had gotten control my thoughts and reactions earlier. I don't know if I'm proud but I did pretty much all I could for my daughter who was born in January but left us unexpectedly in August.

I am proud of having followed through with Union. I am proud of the way I was showing up and continue to show up at the classes I teach. I try to bring my whole self and to love well. The fact that my students are amazing helps quite a bit, too. I would have delegated more time to studying French and sign language.

Yes. I really dropped some balls this year. Important things. I wish I was better prepared for the quarantine. I try to keep 90 days worth of food and medicine among other things stocked away... That may sound like a prepper, but my experience working as a contractor you never know when income will dry up, and we live in earthquake country. But you also have to refresh it occasionally I usually work though it and replace it when camping... but this last your a didn't go on nay trips, so in spring i began working through the supply, and replacing it had lingered on my to do list for about a month but I kept putting it off errands that at the time _seemed_ important. So as the pandemic began I was short on medication, food, cleaning supplies, and even emergency $. I'm usually so much better prepared, but lapsed when it counted. There's also the IRS issue. I was audited for 2016, and again, I delayed following up on it for things that _seemed_ pressing at the time but in retrospect the Audit was way more important. And in doing so, I missed some deadlines and made things worse. Similarly replacing my I-90. I started to go through that bureaucracy in feb, but set it aside with the onset of covid... which was foolish. I have filed now...and i still got it in before the deadline... but at this time it may be 9 months before they process my application. So I am without a greencard right now

It may have taken a pandemic, but my wife and I fulfilled a dream went tent camping this past summer, outside Grandfather Mountain in North Carolina and at Shenandoah National Park in Virginia. Despite uncooperative fires and persistent rain, we pitched our tents (with help setting up an overhead tarp), cooked our meals (peanut and sweet potato stew was the winner), and enjoyed nature's wonders with daily hikes and nightly star gazing (cloud permitting).

I wish we would have traveled more as time is so precious and we have lost at least a whole year of traveling with the pandemic. But I am so grateful that the whole family got to be together in Maui right as the pandemic was hitting and we could take solace and comfort with one another during that uncertain and chaotic time.

Differently - Not enough time with Loved ones (Talia, Eliana, Susanne, close friends, extended family) Proud - Positive morning talks with Eliana, Supporting Tal and Ellie in their lives, Building teams and accomplishing at KI

I wish I had been more proactive with my job search. I really didn't spend the kind of time I should have and I have a lot of regrets about that. That being said, I am incredibly proud of myself to pivot from job to job, with very little overlap. I'm proud of the fact that people are recommending me and thinking of me for work.

nothing different in the past year. Very proud of our covid response. we never closed. I find new sources to reinforce the supply chain.

I wish I had gone into the final year of my masters program more proactively. I've been panicking like my hair is on fire for weeks trying to balance a full time job, 3 classes, plus my internship with Boys to Men. I've been so severely depressed and struggling to show up at work and at home, and I know it has its toll on Hannah as well. I wish I had anticipated that I would struggle much more now to balance a too busy schedule than in the past and reduced my hours at work ahead of time. I am in the process of working it out with Xavi and Anna now, but I feel like I've been dropping the ball in ways that impact everyone around me. I know I need to be gracious with myself as well - I just want this time period to be over. Future Adam, I hope this time period is over for you. I hope you are done with your degree, have your licensure, and question mark on the job situation? I got some feedback recently about how I'm managing my time in grad school. Someone asked me if I'm telling myself that once I finish school I'll be able to relax a little more and not be so overworked (I am). He also asked if I was sure that when the time comes I won't have made such a lifestyle out of living that way that there is always another thing I'm waiting for. (I might) If this is still the case future Adam, please slow the fuck down. You need to savor your life, and after this year, I am sick of having to watch it pass me by. If you have the freedom to do otherwise, please use it.

I wish I'd spent all this extra time getting exercise. I'm a little ashamed of how much I sat on my rump. :(

I wish I had shown up for myself as much as I showed up in response to what other people wanted!

I’m proud of taking NYU classes, installing a sink, fixing up my backyard area and how resourceful I was during the pandemic.

Almost daily I wish I had not gone back to work. I didn’t realize how hard it would be after about 18 years out of the workforce.

Differently - I wish I had sought out understanding w/ my son much sooner vs working under a very false and misguided assumption. Proud of - I am continuing to grow and expand my individualization in positive ways - learning about what interests me and moving towards them...as simple as enjoying crossword puzzles in the evenings. I am also learning not to people please and am behaving such. It has been so freeing, especially w/ work. I don't wake up feeling burdened that I am watched all day - even as I work from home. I have also been off social media 99.99% of the time for 2 weeks now and it has been great for my mental and physical health. No set goal, just taking care of myself.

I am proud of my resilience. I'm still figuring out the best routine, especially having to WFH for almost a year now. Too often, my head feel cluttered and heartbreaks can distract me from performing at my best at work, but my grit helps me get to where I need to be. I owe my tough spirit lots! Also, it feels so good to have greater financial freedom now that I don't have CC debt

I am very positive about the work being done for our mission to help young women through this difficult time and to be building an independent practice of our own. Admittedly it's a challenging time to be simultaneously developing corporate work, but I feel confident that I know who my friends are and many have stepped up to help. For this, I am truly grateful. With my husband out of work now for 14 months, we have much stress and anxiety. I wish that I focused more on supporting our personal relationship during this time. I have not been good at that this year nor in years past.

I wish I had appreciated time with people more, made more time for people, reached out to people more while I had the chance before the virus.

Different? No. Proud? School/CRP.

I'm really proud of how I handled everything that happened with Title IX. That investigation really did span from Yom Kippur 5780 to Yom Kippur 5781, but in between I was able to balance prioritizing self care while also looking out for the safety of other women on campus. Although I didn't get the justice I hoped for and deserved, I know that I showed tremendous strength through my statement, response, and how I handled the case.

i'm down 40 pounds! a mix of kickboxing and lifestyle changes. i'm feeling so damn good about it.

I wish I been more organized about my daily activities, perhaps a few more goals would have become complete. On the other hand, no amount of organization could have helped me get through the lethargy from getting sick every three months and finally breaking my wrist. I suppose what I am most proud of has been my earnest attempt to stay mentally healthy, continue to add tools to my tool box, and although I have had sad days, I have avoided becoming depressed in what was one of my most physically difficult years.

I am not sure I could have done anything differently. Maybe I wish I'd handled things with Stephen differently. Maybe I wish I had handled drinking differently. I regret getting drunk and sucking Tim's dick in the bathroom while Stephen was just in the living room, already annoyed with me for jerking Tim off in front of him. I guess what I really regret is getting drunk to the point of blacking out because if I hadn't done that, then I would never have done what I did with Tim. But also... I didn't mind what I did with Tim so maybe one thing I really regret is not pushing back a little bit more on the "open relationship" constraints because these are real needs that I have and my needs are valid.

I wish, as I always do, that I had found a way to be more disciplined with food and activity. Too much of one, not enough of the other. I am proud that I keep fighting through and have yet to give up on myself or the world.

I wish I stayed on top of my classes, which is especially hard as it’s the same thing I wish I had done differently last year. I am proud of how well I’ve adapted to COVID-19 life and I’m also proud of my ability to feel emotions following Grandma’s death.

I wish I had been more politically active. I wish I had figured out what to do other than donate money to help flip the Senate, keep the Democrats in control of Congress and get rid of that moronic, murderous sociopath who currently lives in the White house. With RBG’s death yesterday –such a sad way to start the New Year – I’m feeling more driven to find a way that works for me to be more involved in the political process. There are still ~6 weeks left until Election Day. I’m proud that I showed resilience during the COVID lock down. For instance, physical exercise is really important to me, and with my gym closed, I quickly found alternatives – yoga at home daily, walking...

I wish I hadn't asked her to marry her. I'm proud of getting back into meditation and fitness

I made it a year with Red Cross and still haven’t gotten COVID. So that’s pretty neat. I wish I had handled some things better: like LeeRoy asking for a divorce and then changing his mind or every time I yelled at the kids.

I wish I would have stood my ground against my mom and stayed in Israel instead of coming back to the states when COVID started. I am especially proud of myself for living in a foreign country and figuring out a new game plan after I was forced to come home.

I wish I was more disciplined about exercise and journaling. I wish I’d called more people. And yet, I’ve loved the simplicity of my home routine. I’ve loved not having to spend money on new work clothes and makeup.

Of course, I wish I'd focused more on my writing. But I think I've accepted opportunities for change and growth, and I'm turning slowly back towards myself. The direction feels correct, the speed never satisfactory.

I need to stop gossiping and talking about other people. It is by far, the WORST habit that I have. I know I do it to make myself feel better, which only lasts for a few minutes (at best). It does not serve me - or anyone else, for that matter - so why do I continue to do it? I am proud of continuing with my morning and evening routines through this pandemic. I am happy to have found my groove working from home and have converted to someone who really enjoys working in my own space. I still feel connected to those that I need to be in touch with.

I wish I would have worked harder on my health and fitness before COVID, so it maybe wouldn't have been as much of a struggle during the stay-at-home order. On the flip side, my husband finally built me a chicken coop and bought some chicks! After more than a couple years talking about it, I'm finally a chicken momma! I'm so proud of how I have jumped in to something SO new for me and I can't wait to start collecting eggs from my own girls!

I wish I had been much less angry with my children. I wish I yelled less. I am proud of taking care of our home and making it a healthy environment with less stuff.

I wish I had done my job stuff differently. But I am very proud of myself for staying strong through quarantine and not having a job for 9 months.

Nothing comes to mind, really. I have wished we didn't buy the house, but now I'm rather neutral. I hope it doesn't turn into a regret again after our move.

I'm really proud of the state of my mental health, especially at work. My work situation this year is drastically different from last year. I feel psychologically safe with my team, I feel confident in the decisions I make, and I really love what I do. Total 180. And I'm very proud of that.

I don’t know that there is anything I could have done differently to finish the house and sell it earlier or to have traveled more. If I had booked the Spain trip for March, it probably wouldn’t have happened or I would have had to leave anyway. I was so stuck last year on the next step and now I feel like I am more clear-headed on that issue- just take the first step of selling the house and then figure out the rest.

Some things you have to live to get through them. Retiring is weird. All your life, the day is organized ether by you or your circumstances of the job. Now, the feeling you get from people is “When will you die”. It is an odd time of your life, the transition to retirement. Unless you have something to do... it is unsettling and boring. To be youthful... You must be useful!

I wish that i hadn't let the pandemic make me as crazy as it did. I wish that i kept positive and used the time more productively.

Spend more time with family and friends - I enjoyed life pretty much everyday

I wish I had stayed slowed down after Covid19 stopped. I wish I had identified the value of my time sooner, and given people longer working times. I wish I had kept dad out of his son's life more, rather than letting myself feel like I 'needed' the break, 'needed' the support, etc. Because it's rarely support or a break, it's almost always trauma.

I’m sure there are many things I could have done differently this year. But I will respond to what has made me proud. My work and my team, most of whom are new employees, have blossomed. We have housed many homeless persons, all with mental health issues, and provided some astonishing services to them.

No - I don't think there is something I wish I had done differently. I'm proud that I jumped in, right into the deep end on a lot of things, and just tried it out. Even though it has been messy. All of it.

The OKC Incident. I wish that I had had a better understanding of my own needs and desires at that time (and generally), and that I was better able to express them in a constructive way. I do wish I'd done it differently, but I am also satisfied with the outcome at this point. I hope and think that she feels some sense of closure on that experience at this point, but also it will remain an event in our history to revisit over the years... So, how would/could I have done it differently? Well, instead of acting on my curiosity impulse and creating a profile, I could have sat with that impulse and sought to understand it better. I could have taken THC less often at that time, gotten more in touch with my thoughts and feelings instead of trying to escape or avoid them, journaled (started/restarted journaling), figured out what I wanted to talk about with her, and open up that conversation. Among other things, the experience was a lesson on how and when to bring up what's on my mind.

Honestly, it's hard for me to think of something I wish I had done differently. I'm most proud of my new sobriety and my commitment to yoga and hiking.

I finished writing three plays even though theater is maybe dead.

I am proud that I got my mental health back on track and that I had enough time away from work to get it on track. It's so hard to keep yourself healthy inside and out when the doldrums of life get you down. Covid did actually work in my favor as horrible as that sounds.

I wish I would have believed in myself and in my goals more. I wish I would have had the courage and gumption to act and move toward with the things I wanted to do and accomplish.

There is always more that I wish I could/would have done. If I ever reach the point where I don't, it will be a sign of a lack of reflection and growth. Proud how we pivoted at the outset of the pandemic and how we actively served and created unity in the commUNITY via Meals for Heroes and other efforts. Also proud to have started Daf Yomi and to still be continuing and current.

This year I got to really see how my friendships and community showed up for me when I needed them. I know what it's like to struggle to find your people in a new place and I feel really proud of what it says about me to see what I've built around me. It gives me a feeling of safety and security in a world that currently seems to be barely functioning.

I wish I had trusted in myself to slow down and take care of those things most important to me vs. trying to be the problem solver for others. Due to trying to be a resource for others I often neglect my own priorities and accidents happen. Need to quiet down, slow down, listen and observe more, and trust my intuition more. Wait for the answer and solution to arise. Don't rush the "pizza delivery"! Many solutions arrive after rising and then being answered in a manner in which I have no control and ultimately may prove greater. I am proud of the fact that I have moved forward in deepening my understanding of the value of all life, the immobilizing nuances to grief, and the myriad of emotions surrounding "death". The realization that that which has life, does not die. A redo for some, another type of schooling in another place perhaps. There is solace in this. Freedom. The outer shell may crumble but the spirit, the light, the soul, the learning continues.

I've made mistakes but I wouldn't change them as I am learning to love myself despite not being perfect.

I wish I'd called Dad more. Definitely. There's always tomorrow, until there isn't.

If I could do this year over I would stay more in the moment.

I wish I had spent more time checking in with my kids at night. I started going to bed without checking in and it became a habbit. They are old enough to put themselves to bed but I still want to check in at the end of the day.

I am proud that I have been able to stay positive and adapt during the Covid-19 pandemic. I have tried to make the best of the situation and continue to create and engage people in my work.

I GOT SOBER THIS YEAR! Incredible. I didn't think this would ever be possible.

I wish I'd been more focused on being present for/with my family. I'm often distracted and tired from work and all I want to do is chill out. My mind is elsewhere instead of being in the present moment and giving the person I'm with my full undivided attention. Aside from having to wear a mask all day at work, life has not changed drastically for me during the pandemic.

On a concrete level, I wish I got a haircut on March 6th like I had planned. But on a more general level, I wish I had taken advantage of more opportunities to truly have fun before the pandemic started. I used to think that everything you did had to be in the purpose of being productive and improving your reputation, including what you did for recreation. I thought people who could let go and have fun were stupid and irresponsible, and I associated it with drinking and drugs. Now I know you need the feeling of fun in your life, and you can get this feeling in perfectly safe and legal ways. It’s harder, but not impossible, to find this kind of fun now, but when the pandemic ends I will try to find more opportunities to get this feeling even if it makes me look silly.

Obviously, given what we know now, I wish we had traveled more in 2019. I did alright with my February trip to Sweden, but Jenna wasn’t with me for that. I wish I had gone all the way up to my hometown for Christmas, instead of having a short weekend in Madison. I had assumed that my mom would be coming out to California in the spring, but that couldn’t happen.

Maybe build that fence earlier or build that bridge. I'm especially of all the farm things I learned this year. Tractor maintenance, building a fence for animals, getting ducks, and building a duck pond. All these things were completely new to me and we learned so, so much.

My ability to cope, to maneuver pain, to deal with loss and to have been able to build this relationship with myself that I could make it through a pandemic, a 16 hour flight, being rejected by my dream school while having an anxiety disorder. I think I have found myself this year in a true sense; rather I have begun the journey to finding myself this year. My flexibility to deal with "life happens" has made me so proud of myself this year.

I wish I had gotten better prepared for my MBA. I've hit the ground here in Berkeley and haven't found the time or headspace to determine what it is that I want to do with my time, and that has caused me to struggle a bit out of the gate (at least on the career front. Social and academic life is going well.)

I did it pretty damn well, considering COVID. I usually live by the "theme" I set for each year, but since mine was in pretty direct conflict with what the pandemic allowed for, I gave much more weight to the personal word I assign myself for each year. I ended up using two words, and they are helping me create a better life and a better me to share with the world.

I wish I had gotten my house painted and done some renovations before moving it. It will definitely be more difficult to accomplish this work now, but I HAD to get out of temporary housing!

Yes, I wish I would have started my job search for an education position in the spring instead of the summer. I made a good impression on several schools but did not start the school year employed (again). Yes, I'm proud of how ever much I was able to learn/accomplish in my assistant teacher job. The job description was pretty narrow but I contributed (with the lead teacher's permission) to enhancing the curriculum whenever there was an opportunity. I'm especially proud of the educational materials (flash cards, posters, hands-on learning materials) that I developed to aid my teaching and reinforce the lessons and comprehension. And now I have a digital portfolio (pictures of my materials) to showcase to schools I am applying to work in. I'm also proud of how I handled myself in courting R.S. In the end I overreached her interest level but overall I feel strongly about my decision to be consistent and direct about my interest from early on, to invest heavily of my time and attention, to make her feel special and make the meetings personal, to let myself feel and care, to risk getting hurt, and for trying to build something wit someone so different than I thought would make sense for me. Exercising characteristics such as flexibility, curiosity, non-judgmentalness, genuine respect, giving and caring, empathy, deep listening, and affectionate kissing and physical touch itself was a worthwhile experience even it really hurt when it fell short of winning her over (and wasn't reciprocated in a balanced way much of the time). I'm also proud that I am functioning somewhat reasonably without therapy. I stopped going when it became unsafe to do counseling in person. There is still much for me to work through in therapy at some point but I proved to myself that, most of the time, I could function and remain somewhat stable without it. I conducted a job search, networked, stayed in touch with my students a little bit, pursued a dating relationship, celebrated the Jewish holidays, stayed sane, did not drown in my loneliness, practiced baking, and stayed somewhat connected to my friends.

I wish I had started my Private Practice earlier, when I was less depressed. Habituated a trip to the art studio after work, in the middle of a sleepless night, when weather descended. Wrote more letters. AND I am holding my head above water.....sometimes it feels like barely, but notably not drowning. I did write, I am working on the private practice however slowly, I have written letters, painted, played the piano, loved and been loved. I have said yes to my lover and supported him through this crazy, scary, new adventure we are on and will see it through to whatever waits for us....

I worked very hard on the relationship with Robin, and made huge strides. In my opinion, my work saved the marriage. I moved into the shipping container in January, and stayed through March. It was so, so cold - but I stayed out there in order to stop fighting and preserve my health. The situation with Robin had me suicidal, and I knew I couldn’t let that continue, so I made the back half of the shipping container a little apartment and moved in there. I’m convinced that broke the cycle of our violent horrible behavior and saved us both from divorce, unemployment, or worse. I had just become so miserable, everyday was so unhappy for me, just waiting through resentment, rage, and fear. Now I jump through a whole bunch of hoops to try to keep us together, and Robin works hard on her behavior, but I don't necessarily feel safe. it's been about 4 months since we had a real fight and we are slowly healing, but I also feel that without constant monitoring and management the relationship could fall apart again at any time. It's no longer horrible but it isn't durable yet either and I very much feel like I have to constantly watch my back and manage and evaluate my behavior so that I don't end up in an awful place again. This makes me want a break from the relationship fairly often, makes me want to go get a hotel for a few days so I can just relax, or wish that the whole thing put less pressure on me. It was worth it - the bitter cold, sleeping under a heated blanket, heating frozen water to bathe, using a composting toilet and bathing out of a basin. I loved my little private space, I made it highly functional. Within just a couple days I had a bed, desk, shelves, my clothes moved, the whole shebang. For the first time in years, in those fiercely cold metal walls, I had peace, with no fighting, tension, or new rage. I could cry, and process, and just have some space. I had been hurting for so long and this relationship had been poisonous for so long that I cried and raged and processed and did therapy for hours and hours and that went on for weeks. The relationship had really damaged me, and I still feel like I live in a gauntlet that I haven't quite made it through. It gave me the space to start therapy, and to start dissecting the habits we had fallen into. It was the first time I really turned away from our fighting and chose something radically different - and stood up for myself. I accepted that whatever the cause, Robin and my interaction were part of the problem, and we had to be physically apart for the cycle to stop. I also took responsibility for the fact that I was allowing my relationship to affect my mental health and my employment and that it really shouldn't matter that much, my marriage shouldn't affect my life so much that it threatened it. Even though I loved Robin, it wasn't reasonable for my marriage to be so poisonous that it was threatening my life and yet have me stay in it. Even though I was cold, even though Robin didn’t understand, even though my contacts and drinking water froze and I had to just lay in bed all evening and morning if I wasn’t at work because it was 20 degrees outside of my blankets, I stayed out there until I was stable, until I could go a few minutes without obsessing and perseverating about our relationship. I lived - literally - on Ensure and tea, and lived that way for three months - and when I moved back in part -time we began to fight again and I moved right back out. It took weeks and months to get myself back off the ledge, and I think that behavior showed Robin that I was truly serious period it was a breakthrough when I told her that I was considering killing myself and that I had a plan. It was also a breakthrough when I had to stop my therapy for money and then had to start it back up again. When I did so the counseling sign up had the pre intake assessment to assess for suicidality. I failed it and the automatic assessment recommended I go to a hospital immediately. That's when I need things that really gotten out of hand. I killed it this year with all that. I worked so goddamn hard on our relationship, on myself, I’ve made so many changes and it’s really paid off. Robin and I still don't have a sex life. There's a lot of reasons for it, but basically she's unable to have an orgasm due to menopause and the delicacy of our relationship makes it hard to engage. We both kind of given up on that in our life which occasionally frustrates me, but most partners have to sacrifice something and if this is what I have to give up that's not such a great loss of some other things.

I'm proud of the work and love I gave to the company and production of The Little Mermaid in Yorktown. I'm proud of the group that I've kept going on Zoom, of all the many lessons we had this spring and summer, of all the dances we've learned, and of how I've seen the students progress despite the challenging situations they're learning in. I'm proud that I got to all the classes at Steps and BDC that I did, while I had the chance. I wish I had been able to stress less about the quality of my dancing and simply enjoy what was there to be enjoyed. I am working on that in my Zoom classes with Billy and Al and Nancy right now. Dancing as well as I can, because I can, and not letting it for one minute be about some kind of measuring stick. Reaching for the joy, again and again, and finding the way to unlock the things that are locking it out. I wish I'd been able to be less miserable while Jon was away on tour. But I also allow that I needed that misery. I needed to go through that and really feel what I was feeling. I needed to know that it was bad, to be apart. I needed to honor the badness I was going through.

Actually no, I did everything I wanted.

Before January 2020, when I stopped drinking, there's so much I wish I had done differently. I have always resisted the black and white idea that one thing alone can change your life - but sobriety has done that. The date of January 1, 2020 feels like a huge demarcation of who I was then, and who I know I can be now. I'm proud of getting accolades at work, and I'm proud that I can go to parties with my friends, stay sober, and have fun.

I am trying to be more creative. It is a source of real happiness to me when I set aside the time to do something artistic.

I am proud of myself for persevering through distance learning. Adjusting to a whole new style of teaching while fielding parents' anxiety (in the midst of a pandemic!) was exhausting and extremely difficult. I am proud of myself for growing through this process.

I guess I am most proud of the work I have done around the house decluttering and organizing. I am also proud of how I've stepped up to take care of my parents declining health by talking with their doctors. It is draining and exhausting, but their health is somewhat better since I stepped in.

Spoken more, feared less

I wish I had disciplined myself more with a daily schedule to work on my mom's project and my own business during quarantine so it would now be all done and rolling smoothly. I am specially proud of having developed a habit of meditating everyday and how beneficial it has been.

I wish I had been more aware of how my finances were impacted by COVID. I wish I had a better financial plan - leading to a better retirement plan.

I’m so proud of my American trip combining work and play and meeting so many old friends and really taking time for myself. I’m also incredibly proud of how I handled pregnancy and birth with Jacob.

I know this is weak - but I really wish I had packed more groceries from home on my last trip because the access to little things from home make being away easier. And I have run out of things that I planned to restock on trips in May, July, August, October.

I am extremely proud of the grace with which I have handled the past year. When my daughter is old enough to understand, I'm not even sure I'll be able to explain just how hard this has all been. "Once upon a time, when you were still growing in my belly, a great fire came to destroy our home. We had to flee across the water to New Zealand, where it was safe for Mama to breathe the air and for you to grow, and where the fire couldn't reach us. Everyone who could helped to put out the fires and to take care of their neighbors and all the animals who lost their homes and after a while, we were able to go home. But then Papa's job in Australia was finished, so we had to find a new place where Papa could work. We moved to a place called Germany, where the people speak a different language and all live close to each other and smoke too many cigarettes and aren't very nice to strangers. But Papa can speak German, and Mama a little too, so we came here so that you could grow up learning a new language and have a special experience that not many children get to have. But when we got to Germany, a terrible plague was sweeping through the whole world. It changed everyone's lives, and meant we had to be very careful not to get too close to any other people. This was very sad for Mama and Papa, because we love to spend time with people. When the day came for you to arrive, you were still too sleepy and too snuggly to come out. We waited and waited. Finally, the doctors said we had to get you out before anything bad happened, so we went to the hospital and Mama took some medicine and waited some more. The doctors made Papa leave because of the terrible plague, and so Mama was alone, waiting to meet you. Finally, the doctors realized that you were afraid and hurt, and so Mama had an emergency surgery to help you come out into the world. We both missed Papa very much, but after about a week he came to get us and take us home. Ever since then, the three of us have been waiting patiently together for the plague to go away, and for the doctors to create a medicine to fight it. Hopefully when I read this to you next year, everything will be different."

I wish I'd been able to make space to see the larger picture of my life, my choices. I still would like to be able to do this. I'm proud of my shift to a macrobiotic diet.

I wish I was able to have a better experience at the VA hospital where I worked as the coffee shop supervisor. My experience at the VA was a struggle. During a few months I got demoted, had rumors spread about me, lost a potential friend and got fired. 2019 started like shit but near the end things got a bit better. December 2019, I started my first front desk job at Hotel Indigo. I was proud of myself for finding this job and loved every bit of it. The guests were interesting as always, found mentors in my AGM and supervisor, and I was at a new hotel in the downtown Memphis area.

Differently... I wish I had been better at saving money but I'm proud of myself for using a budget app. I am proud of myself for getting my house.

Part of me wishes I went on the trip with my family to Indonesia, just knowing what I know now about when I might be able to travel again, and how long it took for me to see my parents for the first time this year. But I know that would have been stressful and not helped my state of mind in February. Something I’m proud of is wanting to learn more about local politics and taking steps to do so - learning about my Assembly District, running for county committee, shilling for local candidates - it felt productive even though I still have much to learn, and I have to be willing to keep giving energy to it.

I wish I'd worked on my book. I sat around too much and ate too many donuts. I hate the heat. AZ was not good for me.

I am especially proud of my transformation in my marriage. At the beginning of the pandemic, I had decided that I would move out, or get him to move out. In the process of it all, I saw where I could be responsible for not being open with my communication. I thought I was, but I wasn't. I got that 1) my husband and I can enjoy each other's company if I just give up resisting enjoying it! and 2) this choice to marry him was a good one, made 28 years ago, and it's okay to live with. I am proud of the transformation in me, and nothing about him had to change.

Taken better care of my plants!

This past year was pretty wild for Tim and I. We started out the year by heading to Florida with EHaras to work on a high speed rail going in from Cocoa Beach to Miami. We were working under Hoy and that went down hill fast! We weathered Rudi leaving the job in Feb., Hoy getting kicked off the job in June and Tim starting with HRS in Aug. Its been a good year, despite Covid for us.

It's difficult to think of doing anything differently this past year since it's been almost a full year of dealing with the pandemic. I am proud that I was able to get a promotion within the nonprofit that I work for within the first year of working there. I've enjoyed this new position and am glad for the opportunities it's provided for creative outlet.

I think I will always wish that I had a better relationship with my sister- she is a nut I don't know how to crack, or if it's possible, or if I'm looking at the situation the right way.

As I said last year, the person I supervise is difficult to get along with. A few months ago I completely lost my cool with him and had to tell my boss that I had used inappropriate language and behaved badly. It turned out fine but I really need to keep my emotional intelligence in check with him. We've each gotten better since then about de-escalating conflict with each other. I am proud of all I’ve done to become an ally of persons of color. I’ve participated in a few Black Lives Matter rallies and I’ve been reading a lot of relevant articles. I also participated in a 21-day racism challenge and read many of the materials. At work I’m part of a group trying to figure out how to promote anti-racism in schools.

I have been thinking recently about the balance of being truly honest with myself and others, and achieving my life goals.... I sometimes regret not being brutally honest.. I wonder if I am hiding, or avoiding my deep feelings for the sake of “progress”, albeit superficial. This answer has been left intentionally vague....

Yes, been more active and involved in my life.

I’m especially proud that I made the visit from California to the Midwest to spend time with my aging parents, even though the idea stressed me out for weeks, and even though it was indeed an ordeal on many levels.

I wish I had reached out more to friends and relatives during the current Covid epidemic to see how they're coping. I'm proud that I've been able to make up my own classes and run them online via Zoom. I'm also proud to be a very caring owner of a sweet female German Shepherd, whom I spend a lot of time with these days.

Gosh...I always come to this question and say yes, I don't believe that I want to go through a year and NOT think I should have done something differently. Generally, I feel like I'm on a better path. I am more patient with myself and others, a better husband and father, a better friend, and more successful in work, but what can't be improved?

I wish I had more more strides in lessening the voice(s) in my head that are negative and/or have a negative impact on me.

I’m proud of workshopping the issues around school this year. Neither online or in person seemed reasonable, so we found an education pod to have the best of both worlds. It’s restrictive, but safe.

I wish I had been a bit less cavalier in starting my new job; it may have made me more friends.

stop sleeping so much, but body seems to need to with sleeping pills. Not enough aerobic exercise. got through 3-4 huge recycle bins of old papers but need to do more, like go through a box every week each month so it does not seem so overwhelming. I am amazingly proud that I chanted Torah Genesis 14-16 for Rosh Hashanah 1st day both 2019 and 2020. Even though I do not read Hebrew or know vowels and trope hardly at all.

I answered this. It's Space Torah. I wished I had kept a clearer head and a more positive focus during the post...but I'm tremendously proud of the way it came out.

I wish I had more confidence or sought help sooner with respect to being overwhelmed at work. When meeting with Board Chair I did not stand up for myself. I am especially proud of several things this past year --- supporting my partner through her termination and proceeding with lawsuit and starting her own business; raising more $$ than ever for NPO I work for; completing the Pizza Oven and the celebration party!; supporting my parents during their medical crisis.

I would have been more true to what I wanted in a specific moment. I am proud of myself for sticking through the hard times in my current situation.

I'm proud of every so often putting my needs before the needs of everyone else. This has been something I've struggled with for a long time - and I've got a ways to go, but it feels like a much needed step in the right direction.

I wish we had gone on a trip at the winter holiday's last year, considering that we cannot this year. That feels a bit trivial but I miss traveling so much right now. I'm proud of how well we handled the beginning of the lock-down.

I wish I had protected my daughters' eyes more. In the past, I have been very strict and controlled about screen time but during the pandemic with working from home and homeschooling I allowed way more screen time and it has contributed to her becoming shortsighted and needing glasses.

Some days I wish I had done "more" during this COVID-19 shelter in place time. And then some days I'm proud of the fact that we have done yoga nearly every morning, and I've meditated for 150 days (so far) in 2020.

I wish I had been more patient and present, especially with our son, who was unexpectedly home from college from March through September. I found it difficult to find the proper balance between being the mom of the high school boy who we took to college last fall and the young man he has become. I value and honor my instincts as a mom, but need to let go a bit more and let life come to us a bit more fluidly.

When someone got abusive with me while firing me, I stood my ground and let it roll off my back. It helped cement for me how much I've grown beyond my childhood.

I wish I 'd gotten the kiln hooked up so that it was a working studio before the pandemic hit. Proud of all the personal growth this year. Hasn't been easy, but I have felt less stuck and paralyzed and anxious than in years past.

I wish I could have handled the Kari situation better. I don't like getting so angry that I lose myself in the moment.

I'm proud of losing 15 pounds and feeling better. This year, after years of trying, I'm finally getting it together. I rediscovered cooking at home, and I'm really enjoying it, the results show. I'm on less diabetes medication, and my blood pressure is under control.

As always, I wish I had moved more. Ha! No one else to blame. It is hard to focus on the “shoulds,” even the healthy ones, when you are upside down, thinking of even the most mundane activities in new, very conscious ways. I have shopped differently and only for the necessities. I’ve cooked more since we’re not eating out. I could have read more books, spent less time on the iPad. I found it difficult to focus on goals...just treading water, trying to stay afloat.

Most proud of: made the most out of a shitty coronavirus situation. Learned new skills, developed new hobbies, and rekindled childhood friendships. Need to work on: advocating for myself better at work

I have maintained my sobriety and become better at coping with everything that life throws at me. I am more peaceful and centred.

I’m battling depression on my own. It’s difficult, I have very sad days where I just want to cry.Fortunately have a wonderful husband who helped me through the sad times.

I wish I would have had more people over in the warmer weather. I feel good about how I adapted to the pandemic circumstances.

Yes. Once again I need to be very much more cognizant of my health, weight loss regular exercise. I try to do it. And sometimes fall off. The past six months have been particularly difficult with the onset of COVID-19 and I've actually lost weight. How the hell did I do that?. I am especially proud that I finally put all of my stories about my mother in a book. And I am now scary at all of the Jewish humor books and I would like to ride a Jewish joke of the day book with 365 Jewish jokes.

I wish I had spent more time with my mom because this was her last year and I am proud that the little time I spent with her was good for both of us. I’m also proud of the way I relate to my children and grandchildren to keep the harmony and the love flowing.

I wish I had joined job search roundtables earlier this year. I'm proud of my new granddaughter (born in March) and of her three year-old sister.

I would have focused on my family more then my job. I cant think of anything that stands out because I spent too much of my time working.

I wish I had not been so angry.

I'm really proud of my professional development. Something I wish I had done differently is somehow spend more time with my mom. She frustrates me in many ways, but I know she won't live forever and I want to spend as much time with her as possible while she's still here.

I'm proud of the progress I've made with my relationship with my son. We started him on some new medications that seem to be really supporting him with his ADHD/ODD diagnoses. He seems like he's feeling very secure and connected which makes me feel really proud of. I'm also really proud of myself for finally making the proclamation that I want to divorce my husband. I've been feeling invisible and resentful for years and not living my most authentic life sitting in the shadow of it. I'm really happy to have made the steps to leave the marriage behind me.

I am surprised by how well I have held up mentally. It took a pandemic to realize how happy and confident I have been in what I have accomplished in my life up until 2020.

I am proud of the fact that I had my first review article published in a peer-reviewed medical journal this year. I can now say I'm an author :-) The article is still being indexed, but soon it will be in PubMed.

I regret sending a letter to a neighbor offering sympathy after she experienced a racist attack. It was a short-sighted action that did nothing to actually address the harm caused to her and was more about me wanting to connect with her. I'm proud of surviving 6.5 months of sheltering in place with my family in decently good shape.

There were a couple of FB posts I regret. One was related to school and my reaction to their saying they wanted to go in person. I should have kept that to myself. I regret using profane language on a different fb post, in relation to trump. But it was how I felt. And still feel. Still, it surprised some people. Bad language doesn't really help anything. But it does help express yourself I suppose. I feel like I should have created more art during covid, quarantined as I was, with nothing to do. Why didn't I?

I wish I would've gotten more serious about my health as a whole. I am proud that I decided to go back to school.

I don't know if there's anything I wish I'd done differently this year. I'm really proud that I have picked up a lot of new hobbies- photography, skating- and also have spent more time on my other hobbies, like cooking and basketball. I'm proud that I have continued to spend time with all my friends from Hillbrook.

I wish I had prioratised better and looked after my health more. Also, focused more on the important things, spending more time with my family. But I’m also proud about how I started sewing again, fixing lots of things which had been waiting forever to be fixed, and about how, towards the end of the year I’m being more productive and conscious of my time and changing habits.

I wish I had taken better care of my body. I am proud of the fact that I pulled myself out of worst depression I have ever experienced.

I still can't manage my bedtime regularly. I'm proud of maintaining, though, in quarantine.

Nope. Never.

There are always things, no matter what the decision or context. I have no regrets overall, except for a few minor quibbles over things like investing in vehicles and pushing harder on our daughter, Ashley.

I think I did better than I expected myself to do this year. So I am very proud of myself for getting back into the workforce, and regaining my sense of self and esteem. I turned into myself for my needs and validation and my foundation has become uneasily shaken by others and their insecurities, projections, views, opinions, and fears. I just wish I would have started to save money earlier than I did, and I wish I took a leap of faith with my business earlier - but since there is no right or wrong time I think I am right one time with my endeavors. Not to mention I am also very proud that I had the courage to walk away from a dead-end toxic job (CityMD) even though I need the money because we all need a job, but I need peace of mind more than any check. Not to mention, I think doing so will catapult me into beginning my business, scared, unprepared, broke, and all.

I am very proud of getting my job at UCLA. I love this work. I know it's extremely hard but I believe in my ability to figure out how to make it sustainable. It is incredibly rewarding, even if it feels overwhelming at times right now. This is the beginning.

I've done a few small things to get out of my comfort zone. I started feeling more comfortable in water and now go for a dip every day. I went to the kibutz pub to meet new people.

Been more encouraging rather than critical of others. To focus on their progress rather than their mistakes and not to take things so personally. I’m proud of my Jewish journey and commitment to using my Judaism as source of personal improvement

I'd like to change how I interact with people - that means heading out of my comfort zone! I feel like I didn't get the most out of my friendships at Le Ski. I struggle in noisy settings, don't like being drunk - it's not me. And with my knees I couldn't ski much. I'll try and be more Janette 🙂

I am incredibly proud of my work in both She'arim and the PS 112 library. However, I wish I could find more balance so that I could be more present for Josie. On weekday evenings, I get it and I do the best I can and it is what it is. But on weekends, especially on Shabbat, I wish I could be more present with her - play with her, do fun things with her - and not be so tired and lethargic all the time.

I wish had not lowered myself to Jeff's level and remained in control of my emotions. I simply should have asked him to leave, and when he refused, walked away and called the police. He got the better of me. He's nothing more than an asshole, I'm better than that.

I wish I had made more of an effort to take care of my body and keep in touch with family. I am proud of the progress I have made at work over the past year

I'm proud of my work this past year. I applied for and was offered a promotion, and I successfully negotiated a significant pay bump. I stepped up and learned about the role while also initiating new new programs and webinars that received wide viewership, as well as high-profile viewership. I advocated for graduate students and was able to generate a new program for later-stage graduate students, helping support them financially and building their job prospects. And I did most of this during a global pandemic.

Would like to have been able to spend more time with family. Proud of my sons for being there for me.

Gosh. Plenty, I'm sure. It's funny how my instinct is to defend though - to say 'what me? No!' Life's challenges are many. Maybe a little more obviously so this year? And so a little gentleness, compassion, forgiveness is no bad thing - right? But life's gifts are multiple too - and it's purely ego that wants me to say 'no, nothing differently!' As Rabbi Josh reminded me this morning - every letter in Torah is independent of any other (no joined up handwriting!) and yet of course every letter and every word is equally essential and interdependent. As the saying goes "if I'm not for myself who will be? But if I'm only for myself, who am I?" And so - I suppose - it is this interdependence that I want to honour, increasingly. To show up, as fully as I can and am able. And to surrender, repeatedly - moving and acting in respect of the whole. "There is nothing as whole as a broken heart" I am glad that I become ever softer, ever more open to the river of life and the family of all things. And aware that I am still quite far downstream. "The soft overcomes the hard; the gentle overcomes the rigid. Everyone knows this is true, but few can put it into practice." - Tao Te Ching

It's hard to say what I would have done differently. If things hadn't gone the exact way they had, what would my life be like now? Would I have met my girlfriend? Our friends? Would I have the hobbies and interests I've picked up along the way? The lessons learned from hardships? There's so much I want to change about my life. So many regrets I hold from the past. But when I think about doing things differently... I can't. I believe G-d brought me here for a reason. My current situation, however scary, however tense and disastrous and depressing, has purpose in my life. Even if it's hard to see it some days. As for what I'm proud of... I've made so much unseen progress this year. Progress most others can't see, but I know in my heart. I've learned more about my disabilities and how to manage the symptoms. I've figured out what I want my career path to be. I've made the first steps towards independence, and possibly finally moving out of my parents' house. I've come into my identity as a lesbian and got together with a woman I care so deeply about. And, even if it feels like my life is in shambles thanks to this pandemic, it at least proves to me that I finally have the will to live again. I haven't seen it in so long, I wasn't sure I ever would. I'm proud of that. For me, that's a grand accomplishment.

This year, I wish I had been gentler to myself. Through the new therapist I began seeing last month, I'm realizing just how intensely negative and mean I can be to myself. The constant need to produce, to drive forward. I'm laughing that my response last year was in relation to my pride in managing work-related stress, etc. I think I'm realizing that I will always find something to "treadmill" about or I will use other means to distract from that sense of urgency but perhaps not a true release. Distance learning/the pandemic has also - of course - heightened stress points. That being said, in general, I wish I was gentler to myself, took breaks more often, and gave myself more hugs <3

I wish I could be more patient, loving and forgiving with my mother. For some reason I just have a block. She doesn't apologize or ask for forgiveness, but somehow I can get past that with other family members. With her I just get stuck and I tend to stay in that stuck place. It's disappointing. I am proud of the mother that I am trying to be to our daughter. I try to be present, engaged, attuned, empathic and fun. I know that sometimes I fall short, but generally I do feel like I work hard at being a good mom.

It falls under the category of attention: paying attention is such a critical part of creating a life that manages to flow, even when obstacles, emergencies, and other life disruptions occur. I wish I had paid more attention to keeping files, papers, time in order – not to mention paying attention to how often I stay in touch with those who matter. On the other hand, I am rather proud of the fact that despite my inclination to plow ahead on the project/deadline of the moment and catch up later, that I have finally been finding ways to take charge – and those ways are actually working. I think what turned the tide was that I chose to pay genuine attention to the issue and start to resolve it, rather than staying lost in the wilderness of overwhelm.

I am very proud of myself for using some of the extra time at home wisely by getting back into fitness and weightlifting. I used to be very active and then motherhood hit. I know many women are able to juggle both but with work, commuting, kids activities, homework, household responsibilities, and just generally trying to keep myself from not losing my mind, fitness fell to the wayside for the past 5 years. Working at home due to Covid has given me more hours in the day for myself. We have a gym in our basement so I am now back to weightlifting 6 days a week. I feel more energized, strong, and accomplished. I have a ways to go to be the shape I was several years ago but I so pleased I pushed myself to get back into it and take better care of myself.

I wish I had been more involved politically. I've been engaged in the national conversation about racial justice, but I always feel like there is more I could be doing. That being said, I am proud for staying true to my values and doing what I can. I'm proud of getting better at setting boundaries, and being more realistic about my capacity.

1 - wish I’d done differently: That I’d communicated more with my sister’s adult kids about my needs, not just my sister’s. 2 especially proud That I was really there for my sister, to the best of my ability That I let others do what I could not - at church springs to mind - with a minimum of guilt That I’ve taken Better care of myself, not Worse, and am much healthier n body

I wish I had done "life" differently - I'm not unhappy; but I'm quite dissatisfied with where I'm at in life, what life has brought me & how I've dealt with some obstacles/problems.

I'm very proud of the way I've helped the Phase umbrella to open up over a few others this year. The RCF kicked things off and greased the wheels early on and I'm proud of where that's got to.

I wish I had chosen my peace, my friends, my family, my lovers, over work. When will this end? I have said this every year since I started 10Q. I am especially proud that I was able to get moved into a place of my own. I have thought for years that this was outside my capabilities.

I'm proud of rolling with the evolving situation with the usual unflappability. If this was the test, I think I passed. But I know there will be more to come.

I have really begun to set my affairs in order, to clean out and get stories written down, to preserve relationships better. I am proud of that and also wish I had started earlier and was proceeding better.

I wish I had known that I was going to be in my house for so long. I would have said yes to so many more invitations. Such is life.. when this is over I will for sure be way more appreciative of invitations!

I don't know if I'd do something differently this year. I struggled a lot, made some funky decisions that I felt I regretted the next day, stalled a lot on my dreams for no known reason, and made some mistakes. But I think each difficulty taught me something I needed to know, or was at least an EXPERIENCE. Each one added richness and texture to my life, even if it felt negative at the time. What am I particularly proud of? Coming around to seeing my mental health more clearly and honestly, and getting help. That wasn't an easy decision to come to. My blinders were up, so those had to come down. And then I had to put aside some serious beliefs I had about medication and depression -- namely that medication is an easy way out, that depression is destructive and shameful, that I could yoga or meditate or self-improve my way out of it if I just tried harder (otherwise I was a failure), that wellness teachers can't be unwell, and that you have to be debilitated to have an issue worth bringing to a psychiatrist or GP for help. In fact, looking back at my symptoms and coping mechanisms and realising they WERE destructive over a long period of time was a gift to myself. Coping wasn't living. Seeing it that way was sad, but it was honest and allowed me to start gifting my happiness back to myself. Changing my beliefs, in a way, has started saving my life. Getting on medication has not been easy. The side effects have been a bit tumultuous and it's taking a lot of patience. It's still not steady or figured out. But for once in a long, long while, I wake up feeling alright, and that's the help I need and deserve. I've learned in the later part of this year that I deserve to be happy; that pleasure itself is valid and valuable enough to wish for, want and go get. That I was really, really suffering before this (and for a long while) not because I sucked, but because I needed more support and more tools given what my brain was born with and had gone through. I learned I didn't have to be in control of it all and fix it all by myself and was failing. That getting my brain chemistry better isn't a crutch, it just levels the playing field a bit so I can live the life I'm meant to. I loved the line in Untamed, where Glennon Doyle says there is no prize for She Who Suffer The Most. And if there is, she doesn't want it. I'm exceptionally proud of the step I took in this direction, and hope that all this leads to helping others take it if they need it, too.

I wish that during the earlier weeks of the quarantine being more patient and loving with my children, and played a little more with them instead of stressing out so much about them figuring out and completing their online learning. I am however proud of teaching myself how to use a sewing machine to sew masks for myself and my family.

The past year has been full of so many health struggles and work stress that I truly don’t think I could have done more than I have. I wish I could have had more time for theatre, and that our project had happened before we shut down, but in the end I truly did all that I could. But pride? Oh goodness do I have pride. Can I choose just one thing? Let’s say: my summer of self-exploration. I’m proud of all the steps I took to learn who I truly am, in a way I’ve never understood before. The books I read, the women’s groups I joined, the conversations I had with my family, the friends I pushed away and the ones I’ve let in. The communities I’ve formed. The connections I’ve made stronger. The health professionals I’ve consulted. The things I’ve written and the tears I’ve cried. I’m not done yet. Something amazing is coming - and I can’t wait to see what it has to say.

I am proud of my growth, my internal shift and my hitting send on a grad school application as a 55 year old. Take that! I don't think I would have done anything differently. And then there is smoking. I wouldn't have smoked.

I meant to be working at another job when school started. But I was comfortable and anxious and afraid. So I stayed. I said that it was the smart thing to do because of the pandemic - school budgets were going to take a hit and it was prudent to stay put...last in, first out. But things aren’t better. Things are worse. And I should have left. I’m looking for something else but now I’m stuck because contracts have been signed so another school system is out of the question. It will have to be something else. But when it comes, I’m gone. I have to go this time.

I wish I had stayed on top of my documentation more at my internship. Sometimes my perfectionism and anxiety lead me to engage in some pretty serious avoidance. That said, I’m proud of myself for the great strides I’ve taken toward a better work ethic.

I have a tendency to always look back and feel like I could have done better at a lot of my goals. I could have been more engaged in work, I could have worked harder towards my fitness and weight loss goals. I could have been more diligent with cleaning and organizing the house. I could have worked more deliberately on projects. On the other hand, I did stick with going to the gym and seeing a trainer for a whole year. I did A LOT of sorting through my belongings and letting go of things. There are some things I got rid of that I now wish I had not. It was a very difficult and emotional journey altogether. Ken and I did many, many things on our new home this past year. We are making this house our home together. It feels so wonderful and comfortable, like a real home.

I wish I had taken better care of myself. Up until the pandemic hit, I had done a good job of taking care of myself physically with my walking commute each day and dappling in other forms of exercise. I struggled all year with self-care types of activities while trying to balance school and work, friends and a romantic partner. The pandemic made some space for self-care, but a month into the pandemic I suffered an injury that kept me from most exercise. Despite being mostly healed, I didn't seek therapy to rebuild my strength. I've lost strength and lost flexibility and I've gained weight. I've also lost out on one of my favorite self-care activities, walking. It's hard to imagine correcting course on this before graduation, but I hope to take some steps in the right direction in the near future.

I think again... Things with MS. I wish we could have ended up as friends. I am glad with my decision of moving back to Denmark. It gave me a new perspective of Berlin and helped me build better friendships

I wish I would have tried to stay in therapy more consistently. I wish I would have been able to quit stalking people who don't want me in their life, and to not bother about a community that does not care about me.

Proud of learning to make mum's hot crossed buns in the early days of covid. Proud of the learning experiences I figured out how to create and the sense of community I tried to offer for my beloved second graders during remote learning in the spring. Proud of my school community and myself and my colleagues for launching our hybrid, in-person school year this August in a way that has felt safe and vibrant and exciting and positive. Proud of having a home and life Sara Jane wanted to come and share after her 4-months of lock down in her childhood home. And of being someone that A and family trust with the care of their teenage daughter while they are in MSP getting T's major health crisis sorted out.

I wish I had stayed focused on my health this ladt year, really last 8 months. I let the move and Covid throw everything off kilter. I am proud of the hiking I accomplished my last 6 months in Arizona. Doing a rim to rim at the Grand Canyon was an accomplishment. So was hiking Mt Humphreys in the snow and ice alone. Was so proud of myself.

I’m really proud of having used my time during covid. I spent it doing things that would have me grow as a person and it was easy with lulu because of the classes they offered. Done differently? My mind goes to my body. There is always more fitness more strength and faster legs. I did the best I could with who I was and I stand by that around my life.

The things I have worked hard on this year, they have been the exact things I needed to do to ready me for the writing work I need to do this coming year. The mother wound, dealing with my terror with my sister and her reactions, shifting my realization of how to respond to her...and others, and that I DON'T HAVE TO have them believe me or convince them of my "rightness." I know what I know. Let go of the hope they will understand or honor what I feel.

I wish I would’ve put more effort into decluttering and getting more organized. I am proud that I have kept in contact with family and friends.

I wish I had continued therapy and prioritized my mental health. I’m proud of my commitment to better my physical health.

I am hardly a perfect person, but not sure of anything I wish I had done differently over the past year. I am what I am (84 years old), and do not expect to change much in the time left to me.

I wish I had made more of just going out and enjoying being among people without worrying about the virus. I took it for granted that things would always be this way, but they weren't.

I’m proud that I made many connections with patient families during the quarantine. However I wish that I had figured out a better system for keeping in touch with them more regularly. I also wish I used my forced time at home more effectively. I spent too much time on my iPad with games and Facebook, too little time reading. But as I read reflections of what people’s goal were at the beginning of the shutdown vs what they actually accomplished, I see that just getting through the days may have been accomplishment enough.

It has occurred to me only over the last week that I wish our county or state had fostered a means for a collective contribution to addressing the pandemic. While there are many ways this could be done, the best idea I have at the moment is for everyone to dedicate 1 day a week to aiding in communal efforts in some way. This is no small ask as employer's would need to be on board. However, the positive effect such an action could bring- a sense of community, a stronger more caring citizenry, resources to truly tackle our basic needs, a means to grieve, struggle, and thrive together - could be amazing. I wish we as a country, and on my own, I would find a way to step back from pretending we can (or even should) go about business and our lives as normal while confined and isolated. This time in history feels like it needs to be embraced. We will all remember what we did or didn't do. I don't yet feel like I've found a meaningful way to endure.

I'm especially proud of moving. We made a very short-notice (under 24-hour decision) to try and buy a new house when a house we really liked came on the market. We hadn't been thinking about moving and went from seeing the place for sale on June 1 and emailing our realtor to putting in an offer the next day, going into the contract the following day, putting our house on the market a week after that, and moving on July 6! It was a big decision after having lived in the same home for 14 years, the longest I've lived anywhere. And of course huge financially. But it was definitely the right move. It took some courage, bravery, and a lot of hard work. And we're really happy about it!

I'm proud that I've been able to persevere in my work situation. I'm not fulfilled with what I am presently doing, probably because it is not taxing at all, but I do appreciate the opportunity to continue.

I am exceptionally proud of myself for finally telling Scott that I want a separation and for sticking to it rather than allowing myself to be talked out of it. I'm proud of myself for finally looking out for my own health and happiness and I'm proud for finally being able to face my guilt and reassure myself that even if I'm "hurting" him by my actions, I'm also nurturing myself.

I’m grateful that I was doing weekly chavruta with Mel. It meant that I could say that I was making the most of our last few months together and that she didn’t become somebody that I used to know before she took her life.

I'm not completely sure we should have sold the beach house at the start of a pandemic. We could have reversed course. The money is nice but there 's no traveling to be done and we have to hope it'll still be there when this and the national nightmare of Trump are over. As much as we love our home, it was nice (and yes privileged) to have a place of our own to escape to from time to time.

I wish I learned to drive right away, and not waited and am pushing it off. I wish I took the job I didn't really want, because so much relies on me having a job and are now just stuck. Although with that - I'm proud I said no to something I knew would not be right for me. That I said no to something that my gut was telling me I was wrong. I wish that I made sure there were certain pictures that didn't get taken at my wedding. I wish I danced with my dad and siblings - or that they didn't run away. I also know that it was not for me to worry about them, and they can choose what they partake in. I wish I forced myself to go outside more. To exercise more. To not be afraid of exercise. That I didn't lean into my fear and sadness.

I wish I had grown more vegetables. I'm proud I grew some.

A lot of things, really. I wish I had dealt with being cheated on and broken up with by a significant other better, I wish I saw the signs before it all came out. One thing I'm proud of is how much stronger I've become in my sense of self since I got over that. I'm not at all proud of how long that took, but I'm proud of how I was able to pick myself back up.

Smiled more and frowned less. I published 6 books to share God's love.

I don't know if I've ever felt like there's something I wish I could have done differently. I follow my intuition always, and things seem to work out the way they are supposed to. So no, I feel great about my decisions in the past year. I am always proud of my resilience and adaptability. I am working to be less rigid and structured in my approach to things.

I am proud of my children the most. Of course, I always think they can and should do better but realistically, they are wonderful kids and am proud of them as well as us for having to be able to raise them to be such good people

I am very proud of my reframing. The work I am doing with Robin, the calls by Tosha Silver, and my participation in IJS's Amukah have all shifted my outlook on myself and the business I am cultivating. I have not added new clients this year. In fact. I have lost a couple. This lack of growth has in fact energized me. It has given me license to bring my whole self to my work and to more clearly identify my tribe- it certainly could only help!

I wish I had the foresight to leave my job before it left me. Before the pandemic, I had a million options, but I decided to chose loyalty and thought it was reciprocated.

I wish I could have handled my exit from Foothills more gracefully. I did my best to always be respectful and kind to everyone, but I still managed to leave with at least three people there who hate me or at greatly dis like me. I know reality dictates that not everyone will always like you. This knowledge doesn’t prevent it from stinging and living in my heart as a deep regret. I am proud, however, that I was strong enough to walk away from an environment that was increasingly toxic. Doing that as self-preservation when I did not have my next job even lined up was something I was especially proud of because I believed in myself and knew that I would find a job.

I'd like to say that I wished I had dealt with the poor leadership at JFED differently, but in hindsight, there is nothing I could have done to change the eventual result. I'm especially proud of leaving that job. And incredibly thankfully to Alison for extending her support in a way that I felt I could take the leap to getaway. It was very much like being in an abusive relationship and to have a friend who understood my hesitation both professionally and privately and speak to me in a way that I felt no shame.... if only there were more people in the world like this.

I managed to pay all our bills and despite Etsy sales being almost gone due to Covid, the season 2 and new year special TV work magically appeared to fill the gap in our finances. I'm proud that I bought an iPad and have consistently been drawing on it. But if I am reading this next year and find I've stopped sketching, or I didn't move it forward into a side hustle, or something else meaningful and/ or productive/or financial (however small) I will be mad as hell with myself!

I wish I had the confidence in myself to fight for the pastry chef position. I'm proud of learning my worth and seeing that I am capable of being a head pastry chef.

I wish that I had been much more productive quilting-wise and made some completed works. I am proud of sticking with Ranae's course.

I´m learning to be independent of thought, of emotions, financially, driving my will to a specific direction. To be a grown up, finally. With its advantages of course.

After experiencing the beginning of the pandemic with total isolation, I am proud that I was able to handle it calmly and without undue stress. I remember at first it was so surreal. Liam was home from work and school, he was going to the store once a week for us with mask and gloves. The hardest was not seeing the grandkids or going to the zoo. I was proud that I exercised a lot, walked throughout the woods and down to the beach with the dogs. I decided to learn the types of trees in our woods by using the arbor day key. Read a lot. I'm truly a homebody though, so not too much to be proud of.

Part of me wishes that I worked a few more months before retiring, but part of me is glad I got out when I did. I'm proud of myself for leaving, rather than staying to work for people with questionable ethics. If I had known that my world of work was going to collapse, I would not have bought an expensive new car.

Per every years answer, I can push myself harder. I am growing up in many ways, and still able to enjoy some youth. I have made a difference in the family business and am starting to get a little more attention for my art/design

I wish I had stuck with running/walking. Currently I'm especially proud of how I am decluttering and getting rid of things that I don't REALLY love!!!!

Honestly, I am proud of how I have weathered the experience of this Coronavirus COVID19 stay at home time. I have generalized anxiety and I really feel that all my tools and coping mechanisms have helped me remain calm and grounded during this incredibly anxiety provoking and uncertain time. I feel like I am living the best quarantine life I possibly can by focusing on what I can control and doing a lot of self care and getting outside as much as possible.

I wish I had called my sister more often.

I think every year, I wish I was more deliberatively focused on my research--particularly around making tenure. Ive made great strides with changing some routines to positive effect. Yet I'm still prone to lapsing backwards. Most recently, I got an agenda system that I think finally fits my style. However my problem is continuing to be consistent with using it. I'm hopeful if I can find more success with structuring my life better, I could also be successful in other areas such as family.

I don’t want to use the word proud. However I do feel grateful that I’ve adjusted (for the most part) to the seclusion of this pandemic. Beyond that I feel I’ve moved forward a few steps in my ongoing inner search to be my most authentic self.

To be honest, if we take it back to the last few months of 2019.. I wish I would have enjoyed my time with Stijn more. I wish I had shown him more how grateful I was to be with him, eventhough I do not feel like I took him for granted. Furthermore I am happy with the way I have been doing the past year. I don't think I could have handled it better than I have. I don't think I would've wanted to. I am proud of how I picked myself back up! I do however hate it that i've ghosted people when I started chatting on datingapps before I was ready. That will stop.

It's depressing to say that my answer this year is almost identical to last year's. This tells me I really do need to find some sort of therapist or counselor to get me back on track to really enjoying life again.

I wish I would have kept up exercising better during the quarantine. I regret not doing more physically because now I can't do nearly as much as I could even a year ago.

I wish that I had invested more time in seeing friends in the past year, and had spent more time training. A part of me also wishes that I'd done the Krav teacher training with AJ, Mike, and Christian. But I'm proud of how much I've written, how much I've read, how even when I've gotten off track on my goals, I've forgiven myself and restarted, rather than letting shame or guilt keep me from trying again.

I've wasted most of this year, most of my entire life. I wish I had started my daily objectives system sooner. Reflect at 10:30 pm, decide on four objectives, time block the four objectives, and being mindful in my execution of the game plan. I'm proud of what occurred on Friday, July 10th, 2020.

I wish I had been less combative and defensive when talking to my parents. I wish I had met them more where they are instead of wishing them to be different. I wish I had practiced more acceptance. I am proud of some things I discovered about myself. An example is my fight with Stina where I discovered that I am a problem fixer and that I get drained because I assume people expect more from me than they do. I am proud I avoided less and showed up more. I am especially proud, however, of my progress with intuitive eating, of being more self-compassionate and making decisions based on my gut and my feelings rather than head and thoughts. I am proud that I was able to explore a more visceral, grounded, physical way of living and how I practiced to live less inside my head. I am also proud of my art.

I wish I had not sold my house.

I wish I would have had a deeper sense of self respect, knowing what I deserve and making choices accordingly, and I wish I would have reached out to my friends asking for their support and insights, being confident about their love and care for me. Learnings from this: Apparently, I don't always give myself what I deserve - this will improve. Also, you can love someone and still make the choice to let them go. No matter how challenging that may be.

I published a book and launched my own business. I’m pretty fucking proud of myself - although technically those happened last year - it’s time to get back to writing - it’s time...

I think I should have spent more time developing good habits at the beginning of the pandemic. Eating better, exercising more and drinking less. Several wasted months but I shouldn't be too hard on myself - we were all learning how to adjust and live in the new world.

This year, I am especially proud of where I am now--vet school. I have worked really hard for most of my life to get here, and now here I am. It is challenging and I am still learning how to balance the workload, but I'm here and I'm doing it. And I feel proud of that.

I wish I had been better about saving money. I'm gonna need a new car soon, plus I need to buy an airplane ticket for Christmas and need a full new deposit for moving to the downstairs apartment if I can.

I am proud of myself for stepping outside my comfort zone this year. Going to Israel by myself was something I never thought I'd feel comfortable doing, but ultimately it was incredibly rewarding. I've also started saying yes to more opportunities that I usually would have said no to, which has led me to learn so much and meet so many new people.

I am proud of my ability to cope in a particularly difficult situation and to rise above challenging mental health challenges. I do wish I had appreciated more of the time our family spent together for so long but I forgive myself given all the uncertainty of it all.

I wish I had been better about food: both eating better and thinking about it less. I’m proud of the way I’ve kept up with my 6am habit of morning pages journal and yoga.

I wish I had made more deliberate time for myself, including meditation, writing (started off well with this, but it petered out), and unstructured time to think.

I'm proud of our parenting.

I've really tried to put myself in the 'other's' shoes, to see the 'other' point of view, to be more compassionate and kinder in all situations. I think i've succeeded more often than failed, so there's a bit of pride.

Covid so overpowers all thoughts about what to be proud about. Work became harder, relationship became harder, family became harder. But despite this....as most people, I persevered. I can't say that I would have done anything differently. So much was dictated from the virus. But there was something that I am proud. Last October/November, I was given the task to get our offices remodeled. We had some funding. Although this wasn't my "job" so to speak, I took on the task. Over the next few months, I worked with a designer and we came up with a plan...We spent time trying to figure out how to do this with staff in their offices. Well...the virus hit, and suddenly we were all working remote. I spoke with the CEO and recommended to him that the time to do the project was when we were remote (not knowing that we are still remote). Over the months of April, May and June, I worked closely with the project team and we were able to complete the work by end of June. We are still remote, but slowly staff is wandering back in and setting up their offices in a new, beautiful workplace...and I feel proud.

The minute I started getting stimulus checks, I applied them to my credit card debt, and cut it in half. I wish I had the personal discipline to write every day, but building new routines from scratch, and functioning in a tighter orbit, hinders my creativity. I wind up with too much free time, and not much to show for it.

I wish I would have visited my family more. Since I am choosing to stay away when I see them I really feel the time passed since I was able to hang out with them and have a meal at their house. Now I’m really proud of applying to grad school. I am proud of taking the GRE and doing better.

I wish that I had worked on my friendships. As Covid becomes more permanent I feel abondoned by my friends.

I wish I had taken more time to read books during quarantine. I became really reliant on TV and my phone. I'm proud that I ended up getting in a food/workout routine that I'd wanted to return to, and I'm glad I finally decorated my apartment fully.

Still wished I could have found a way to deal with the wretched people I worked with. They will never be good humans. Alternatively, I learned that once I was no longer with the lifestyle department I felt better about myself, and knew it wasn't me that was the problem. There will always be small minded women who are intimidated by other women because are less secure of themselves and exert their nastiness for believed power.

I hope I had never fallen for my best friend. Had I kept my feelings to myself, we would still be friends. I've come a long way. I felt anxious and kinda wanted to run away or die, but now I feel more optimistic, I feel like I can handle the future, no matter what comes. I'm glad I chose to do therapy. It was the right thing to do.

I definitely think I am doing the best I can in a very difficult situation. I have been working on developing self compassion after years of holding myself to harsh and unrealistic expectations so while I'm sure there's much that I could have done differently, I am choosing to focus on the positives. My care of my dying grandmother and the weight I was able to lift from my mom by caring for her makes me feel proud as does the work I have been putting in to guide Riley lovingly through all the challenges of distance learning. In the last couple of weeks I've seen her confidence and independence grow and the meltdowns significantly decrease. It's almost starting to feel manageable. I also feel good about the activism I have been able to engage in while unemployed, especially my work to preserve funding for our public libraries.

I think there are lots of things that come to mind. Relating back to my 2019 answer, I still don't feel like I am pushing hard enough, or at least what is needed to maximize my life. I have gotten a lot better at it, but its a little crazy how much joy is robbed in my life through setting expectations of others. I also spent a lot of time during COVID watching TV instead of growing from a professional sense. Proud, the aforementioned engagement for sure, but I would say that I have continued to let people speak into my life. I have embraced the value in surrounding myself with solid people and leaning into them instead of having a front up.

I'm very proud of having lost 50 pounds slowly and steadily through weight watchers and for having started a very serious daily (minus shabbat and when I am sick like now) exercise routine. The exercising started when the pandemic hit. It felt like a way to stay grounded and to positively take control of my body when the world was so out of control. It's wonderful to feel muscles where I didn't know I had any and to really push myself. I am stronger and feel more comfortable in my body than I ever have.

I wish I could let go of outside affirmation for worthiness more often, I am happy to be writing more.

Nothing major. Maybe small decisions.

I wish I let myself enjoy life and be happy more. But it's a process. I'm still learning how to put myself out there and take risks, so when things started going well, I was skeptical. I am proud though, at how I have grown in terms of being myself and taking risks. I'm getting there, I'm working on it. I wish the future didn't scare like it did/ still does.

I regret that I didn't keep up with my diet and exercise last fall and winter, and it really was especially bad during the quarantine. I am very proud that I recommitted myself in May and I have lost everything I gained.

I wish I had been more gentle about expressing my frustration with a chronically ill and lonely friend.

I am proud of myself for keeping it together as I have dealt with my dog having cancer and spending so much time isolated from other people. I wish I had been more proactive about using the time to get other parts of my life together.

I wish I'd advocated for myself more professionally, but was too burnt out and worried that it would jeopardize me having a job at all.

I think I made some good steps this year, but they're all buried in this crisis fatigue. I can only hope that next year, I'm not like... "Oh, I wish I were back to that time." I'm proud that I haven't completely collapsed under the pressure of everything. I'm proud of the way that I have opened myself up and done scary things. I wish that I could have been better for Martin, and for Justin. I wish that I had been better with money. I wish I had emailed my mother-in-law more. Plenty of things I feel like I can improve on, but they are also all anxieties and I can only process that as fast as I am able.

I wish I had managed to clean up my house more. I wish I had managed to see a therapist. I wish I had found a way to go and visit my elderly relatives and give them all hugs. I'm proud though that I haven't lost it utterly in this pandemic. I'm proud that I learned to can Jelly and pickles and baked my first ever Challah from scratch for Rosh Hashanah. I'm proud that for the most part I feel like I'm doing what I can to keep my kids healthy and moderately happy.

'that i wish i had done differently'-the list is long. Pretty sure, tho, i mostly did the best i could at the time. Especially proud? several things, but all small and quiet.

I’m not sure about this one. I try to live without regrets or without looking back to much. I wish I’d started my Dutch lessons sooner. I put it off for so long thinking I was too busy, but I wish I’d made time for it so that when we moved out to where we live now (a bit more in the countryside with less English speakers) we would find things a bit easier.

at least I am still survived :)

We moved this fall, and prior to moving I sorted through my clothes, old photos, furniture and parted with thing I no longer could carry with me. It was emotional - especially the pictures - to revisit my “past lives”.

I am especially proud that I have stuck to my Spanish language studies like never before. In just 3 days I will have studied every day for 365 days. I never knew I had that in me! I have learned so much and am loving the process. I believe that someday — perhaps within the next year — I will be able to speak Spanish at a B2 level.

I'm especially proud of all the progress I've made in terms of tackling my limiting beliefs in therapy. I'm proud of how my friendships and romantic relationships have transformed because I've really put a lot of time and thought into self reflection. I'm super proud of how I dealt with my breakup with Richard & how much self love I showed myself. & I'm also proud of how I did that Flask project in 3 weeks and hit 100+ hours of coding in 20 days.

I should have not get a lawyer in my split with my partner and I should have just listened to frid an let everything ride out... Very proud of taking a vacation with my wife and coming back and making peace

I wish I’d been on my phone less. Been more present. Said yes more. Been less cynical, done more to impact the world and our society and fight fascism.

Spent Less

I do wish I had made more effort in setting up my online business EnchantKnits. I am so proud I got the nerve up to go into a coffee shop snd see if I could sell there and they agreed and I sold hats!!

There's a lot I wish that I did in the past year, but they all probably boil down to wishing I did one thing that would have influenced them all; believing in myself and my creative abilities. I know I want to pursue a life where I can do the creative things I love and get paid enough to do all of those things on a full-time (slash many different part-times) basis. But I never think that my work is good enough to be anything more than just dumb hobbies, or that they're anything I could turn into real money. So I never really try and instead keep looking for jobs that just sounds ok, that I know I could do, and that I'm not actually interested in.

I wish I had thrown my wife out of our home She is toxic Alt I am proud of me I have bred a rock for my kids

Differently: not taking Czarek to Tarnobrzeg but letting him die with me here in Clevedon. Be with him when he died.

There are lots of things I wish I did differently this year. With the advent of us being home all together, I feel like we missed an amazing opportunity as a family to get closer. Yes, we've all been around each other more often, but we haven't necessarily gotten closer. I feel like Mike and I are so tired at the end of the night that we really haven't embarked on good projects to all do together very much, or really taken advantage of the time. The only exception to this has been the garden. That was a project we all worked together to build, and we've somewhat maintained it together, but we could have done so much with the time that we had, and I feel like we kind of pissed it all away - it went so fast.

I have learned to give myself grace and that includes not wishing I had done things differently. I did the best that I could given the circumstances. I am especially proud that my drinking has slowed down significantly. Normally something so stressful would have made me drink more but that wasn't the case.

I wish that I'd spent more time preparing for my job search. I wish I'd asked for more responsibility doing development and communications to grow my skill set and diversify my background. This job search has been so frustrating. I'm grateful to have some part-time work, and wish that I had something more concrete. I know that there are more people than ever applying to jobs, but every new rejection feels more and more like it's me that they're rejecting instead of accepting someone with more experience and skills.

Wow, I have thought about my exit from RCAC virtually every day, and have prolly resolved it a dozen different ways, almost all positive. I have explored my motives, and I don't find anything malicious in my behaviour. I wanted to be chummy with my coworkers and was not professional enough, and talked to openly.

There was a point this year where I decided I needed to be more like Spenser - more and quickly responsive to my friends when they contacted me and asked for help or something. It would have been good to have started doing that sooner, and I'm still working on living up to it.

I wish I had taken better care of myself. I am proud to have survived the stress of this year, but I am feeling ashamed of my weight.

I am always struggling with my relationship with my son. Some things improved this year, esp in light of the pandemic and the ways I need to help him. We love each other but we still argue too often.

I wish I'd invested in lysol or toilet paper ;-). I'm proud of completing my novel and publishing it. There are always things I wish I'd done differently but I'm not going to beat myself up this time. This has been a tumultuous and crazy year.

I wish I had committed more time and energy to activism and philanthropy. Alternatively I’m really proud of my resilience in pursuing acting/singing.

I wish I had better coping skills. I didn't realize when this all started, how much being around people and having a support system meant to me. I am now starting the process of finding a professional to talk to but I should have done it months ago. In reality, I probably should have done it when my son was born, 18 months ago. I wish I knew how to process through everything that is happening in our world, in our country. I wish I could provide my children with a mom who didn't feel frazzled all the time and just feels like she is in survival mode.

I feel good about most of what I've done, decisions made. I feel proud of having taken Kirpal and Harmon on the 76-mile bike camping trek in the summer. It was fun and a great accomplish!

I am proud of the response that my friends and coworkers have had. Everyone I know has tried to make the world a better place by making sure they keep others safe. They have adapted without complaint and pulled together to make each others' lives less stressful. By being kind and thoughtful and just being better.

I wish I had learned to focus on myself earlier. I feel I would be a lot happier overall and not let my love life define me. I have grown a lot in that sense and am really happy with where I am now versus last year.

I wish we were more proactive in getting stuff done in the basement but the whole situation was a huge spirit breaker so I can’t be too upset with myself or my husband, it’s a tough situation. I think in light of the whole situation, we handled it really well and more importantly we didn’t grow apart or fight about the situation.

If I had know that this year would be dominated by a global pandemic that changed the very fabric of our lives...yes I would have done things differently. I would have gotten my apartment in New York fixed up quicker and nicer, and put a bit more emphasis into it knowing I'd be stuck here for so long! Something I'm really proud of from this year is how I've adapted to working virtually. It's been so hard being at SNP as we moved remote, but I took the challenge head on and feel like I've become an essential part of the company. At the beginning of the year, I would never have guessed I'd be embedded this deep in the company.

I’m proud of how hard I’ve worked and elated that it’s paying off with my grades but I’ve recently been reflecting if it’s worth draining all my energy over. Maybe I should have lived a little more. Maybe enjoyed being in Italy more. Yes, I’m here to study but I’m also here to live, right?

I wish I had been stronger-willed about taking time off from work and taking care of my self, particularly while working virtually. Since the pandemic, the workload is endless and the line between business hours and after hours has all but been erased.

Oh my gosh. There are so many things that I wish I had done differently. - I wish I had lost weight. - I wish I had gotten to bed earlier on nights when I stayed up late. - I wish I had been more thoughtful with Amy and remembered to be more vulnerable and less accusatory. - I wish I were better about not being resentful. I am much improved but there is still work to do. - I wish that I had been able to get along better with Russell on our trail building trip to Mt Rainier. - I wish we had not joined the Covenant Group at ERUUF and that when we quit, I had done so openly and not just didn’t show up. - I wish that I hadn’t cheated in Poker by looking at the bottom cards when picking up the cards to shuffle to see what someone had in a winning hand that hadn’t been called. I did stop but I feel ashamed. - I wish in poker that I didn’t let a couple of people get under my skin. There are some nasty people there, or rather there are people who say unkind things and I wish that it had not bothered me. Proud of: - Continuing to have improved relationship with Amy. - Improving my poker game, winning a number of games at bars, winning one tournament of BPO, winning ~$130 in BPO tournaments. - Reframing the picture of the Grossnickle family reunion with a frame found at the Scrap Exchange -- Having a successful winter garden for lettuce - Successfully growing beets and canning them. - Making mulberry jam. - Collecting thousands of pounds of railroad metal (though now it appears they can’t be recycled. - Building a lovely curved walkway around the R side of house and making it slanted correctly to drain properly. - Bicycling and walking on a regular basis. Often biking 43 miles. - Cleaning out Jessie’s street gutters. - Teaching Fit Swim Class - Giving Matt and Laura swim pointers. - I am very proud of my children. - Throwing some larger better pots. Ones I can use as cereal bowls.

I certainly wish I would take my body more seriously and exercise, be more active. I wish I would start to better prepare for my mortality/death and start getting rid of my no longer used belongings instead of accumulating more. I certainly should have written my will, and looked seriously at my financial realities.

Months ago, I said I would mail some photos to an elderly relative. I still haven't done it, and I feel bad about that. The relative could be dead now for all I know. I feel ashamed of myself.

At one point, I was feeling overwhelmed by the number of substitute requests, and wished I was better at saying no. Then the schools closed due to the virus, and all the pending jobs were gone. I appreciated the money, however, especially after losing that potential income. On the other hand, I am especially proud of learning new technology, including zoom and power point projection and hybrid worship. I had to lead the congregation through the pandemic, starting with virtual worship and going to hybrid. Huge learning curve, but did it.

There was a document check at work that I should’ve spent more time on. I was overwhelmed on other duties and let a couple of errors slip through that came back to bite me. It feels unfair the system left it to only me and not anyone of several other qualified people to catch it, but it so happens I’m the one closest to what got overlooked.

Proud of the way we have adjusted to our new reality. No more thinking “when things get back to normal...” but instead saying “OK, this is your life now, how can you best live it?”

Hmm. I don't know- I wish I had more daily motivation. I wish I could get more done.

I wish I had reduced scope when we moved to online classes and actually highly prioritized giving students timely feedback. I had the wherewithal to connect with students and give them feedback--there weren't that many students--but I spend my energies fretting and disorganized. Though on that note, I also wished I had acknowledged that the weirdness of the pandemic world was certainly weighing on me, too, even when I wasn't consciously feeling it.s

I'm proud of entertaining myself and using my time well by learning to code over quarentine. It's been a rough ride but I actually kept doing it for the past like 7 months and I've learned so much!

Wish I had visited eldest daughter in Florida when I had the chance. Have not seen her since our family vacation in Dec. Even without the pandemic, I haven't been doing a great job of going to see her and make sure she knows how much I love and care for her.

I am proud of the risk I took in leaving my job. I'm only sorry it took me so long! But it was the right time and ultimately landed me in the better place I'm in now. I'm also proud that our little family, including our adult kids, are all navigating this time of COVID as best as we can. We are proving to be a resilient bunch, though it's not easy, and we all have good days and bad days. I continue to wish I were doing more for others. Most of my energy is spent trying to hold it together for myself and our family, even as I recognize that our burdens are so much lighter than most peoples'. I would like to prioritize giving back to others; I don't do nearly enough of that.

I am proud of writing the script I have been too daunted to write for years.

I wish I had worked harder to connect in person with my people on the East coast after we moved here and before the pandemic hit and made that connection impossible. I am proud of the work I have done in my job, and the way I have integrated myself into my team. I do good work for them and feel very appreciated in return.

This year has been an exercise in not allowing myself to think about doing things differently. At every step of the last six months, Megan and I have had to make decisions for our family that we hoped were right and we have had to live with every consequence. I am proud of us for distilling what was important in our lives - the health of our family - and separating it from everything else that turned out to be less important.

Something I wish I had done differently this year would be spending more time learning how to cook. One thing I'm particularly proud of was the ability to pull off two weddings and love aspects about them both.

I wish I had taken better care of my physical health and worked harder on getting fit. I was dealing with an injury and in pain, yes; then I got pregnant and felt lousy, yes; but the real problem was scheduling and keeping myself accountable. I regret that after the baby was born I had trouble carrying her, that my back still feels creaky and my tendonitis is flaring up. On the other hand - I took a walk every day, I carried my own bags, I carried a baby for ten months and gave birth unmedicated and under my own power. Then the next day I got up and walked around. And I've started doing this MommaStrong program and it's really helping. So I'm proud of what I have done.

I still wish I had worked harder at getting on top of things. This is my perpetual struggle. I feel so disorganized all of the time.I feel like since mom died I feel more strongly that I don't want to inherit some of her bad habits of being disorganized or complaining about not liking the way things are but not changing it. Proud of myself for continuing to work on my relationship and the success of my practice.

I am especially proud that I have been able to reduce my spending (albeit slightly) so that I can pay my rent every month and also pay off one of three credit cards. I wish I had been more active but thanks Covid

It feels really refreshing to say that, no, there isn't anything that comes to mind that I wish I had done differently this last year. I think this speaks to how tuned in I have been to my feelings and decisions - I think I've been able to identify when things weren't going well and re-adjust as necessary. This is not to say that things have been easy, but I feel like I've been able to inventory misses as I go, and make necessary changes. I would say that I'm especially proud of how I have grown at work. I have really challenged myself to move my position forward, while also being realistically protective of my boundaries for the first time ever. And I've gotten a lot of really good work done, and positively impacted people at my organization. I feel respected, and I feel like I'm investing my energy into a lot of spaces that really support the museum but also help me develop skills. It feels really good to be able to say this.

I wish I had been more proactive getting my resume updated and looking for a different position in my field. I’m proud that I finally quit smoking four weeks ago.

I wish I'd done at least some of the things I always say I will do when there is time. I was home for weeks without much scheduled and didn't do any of them.

I'm continuing my interest in trying to create new recipes from natural things. I made Elderflower Tonic from my Elderberry bush and lemons. What fun! And how refreshing in the heat of the summer. I enjoyed giving some bottles away to friends and relatives.

This year has had such a surreal quality to it, time has lost meaning without the daily routines and cultural context of co-existing in society. I wish I had figured out earlier that this would continue throughout the year, that it would not be a temporary change, but a new reality that we had to adapt to. Time has been abundant this year, but productivity has been low, both under the misguided belief that normal was around the corner and that the situation was so dire that escaping the moment through diversion was the only palatable option.

I wish I had stood up for myself a bit more with certain people, though I feel I have been better at asking for things I need. It is usually the reverse, where I am too assertive (aggressive) or too passive. Perhaps I'm just finding the happy middle.

Back in third grade, our teacher used to give us these little certificates for doing something well, and they had "Something to Crow About!" with a lil rooster emblazoned across the top. So my Something to Crow About thing for this past year is that I was nominated for a Volunteer Achievement Award by my local United Way. Covid hit before we could have the actual awards ceremony, and I didn't wind up actually winning the award, but I felt really good about just being nominated. I don't usually do things for awards or recognition, so I didn't really think about what kind of honor I would be happy to receive. I was really caught by surprise by the nomination, mostly because I was just enjoying showing up for as many volunteer events that supported school kids in the county as I could. Getting some appreciation for that felt really great, but mostly I am happy that the kids benefited.

I wish I hadn't eaten so much. I say this every damn year. So sick of being fat and kvetching about my weight. I wish I hadn't been such a shit quarantine teacher. I wish I had had the guts to be honest about the stupid team I'm on. What I'm especially proud of this year? I don't know. I feel I don't have anything that I'm especially proud of. Well, a co-worker said that she loves that I'm so positive and kind. It felt so good to be seen like that. I'm also proud that I maintained our school garden this year. And you know what? I also went above and beyond to help a couple of my students over the summer and they graduated. It was in part due to me. So there.

I wish that I had not been as sneaky with my marijuana smoking. It has caused great tension between my partner and I, and while I don't let it stop me from helping out, I know that she looks at me differently and becomes much more judgemental of my actions when I am high. I am proud of successfully running an international competition through the National Space Society's Space Settlement Contest. I learned a lot about setting up the interface, running plagiarism checks, and assigning judges and trying to keep track of their progress. I will be doing that again this year, and this time I might even get paid (I did it as a volunteer last year).

I have survived so far. I am proud of this.

I wish I hadn't gotten drunk at Michael's work Christmas gathering. That sounds worse than it was. I didn't embarrass myself or anything....I just don't like being that intoxicated....even if no one else can tell, I just personally don't like the feeling or the hangover the next day. I enjoy alcohol, but don't want to drink to that extent ever again. I also wish I had talked to my OBGYN more about taking precautions against developing high blood pressure. Of course that's a hindsight is 20/20 kind of wish. I had no idea I was going to develop hypertension. Also, I wasn't pregnant when I got drunk at the Christmas gathering. I just realized it was strange to write about being drunk and then being pregnant. I am proud of myself for giving birth to a baby, going through the fear, the recovery, and choosing to take good care of myself in the postpartum period. I struggled with some intense anxiety during the pregnancy and postpartum. I was scared to have a c-section, scared of dying, scared of something happening to the baby. In the postpartum period I had to be proactive, ask for help, and advocate for myself while also being kind to myself. I feel happy with my choices.

This has been the hardest year of my life (two years, actually), without question. I'm proud to have been able to summon strength and centeredness I didn't know I had.

I'm proud of myself that I was able to find a new job outside of Smith's, though I do regret not taking my time to look and apply for things I wanted to do as opposed to doing it out of desperation. Money is still tight, and that concerns me with regards to my future with Maddie. I am particularly proud of myself for completing TSL Bootcamp successfully and for my continued striving towards improvement personally. I look forward to continuing this journey of improvement, as well as making greater strides towards a satisfying career, financial independence, and marriage.

Probably the usual, I should have gotten more exercise.

I wish I had saved more money. It has been a bizzaro year for sure but more money to have moved out of my sisters house sooner would have been helpful.

I'm proud that I hired Yukti Gupta, Dr. Ace of Space, to declutter my parents' hoard-filled apartment. I live here and it is blocking me from moving to my own apartment. She came 3 times in September and October 2019. Then I took a break for the high holidays. Then she was travelling. Then I got sick. Then the covid19 shutdown. But, I texted her in June and she came 3 times. I took another break for vacation and high holidays. I wish I had called her sooner last year. I wish I was done with this hoard.

With the aim of improvement in mind, I wish I had exercised more. I am unable to fit into several clothes.

I'm really proud that I've taken care of my body. I started with physical therapy, but then found that a particular physical trainer was really taking care of my needs, so I have continued to see him, even through Covid. No more back spasms, much more strength. One of my goals last year was to get in better shape and I actually did it. I may not end up a withering old lady after all.

I'm tremendously proud of my breakup recovery and my self-discovery and blossoming in the process. Do I wish I'd done anything differently? Nothing comes to mind. How can you regret how you handled an entirely unprecedented situation? I don't regret the time spent at home, I don't regret going back to DC. The part of me that regrets not taking the opportunity to throw myself in to mutual aid is the unrealistic part of me that doesn't know how to deal with balance and family and privilege.

I'm proud of getting through my cancer treatment so well and hopefully providing some inspiration to those I mentored and am currently mentoring through their treatment. I'm not sure where I got the physical and emotional strength to handle it so well. I had excellent medical care and personal support, which of course is the basis. I didn't wallow in self-pity or fear. I organized my life and routine around appointments and what my body and soul needed and that got me through it.

I wish I'd spent more energy trying to really build a relationship with my stepdaughter, so that we didn't feel as estranged and distant as we do now.

I wish I had kept up with yoga while working from home and kayaked more this summer. I'm proud of showing my art work at a local gallery and selling 4 paintings.

Bettter planning. Finishing strong at MAU

I wish I’d pushed myself harder at work earlier this year because the pandemic slowed me down even more. But I’m working on building up my own confidence and lessening my anxiety which will help me thrive. I just have to believe in myself and enjoy my off time to balance out the work boogeymen. I’m really proud of myself for taking the time to work on my anxiety. It’s overwhelming at times but I know the work will be worth it.

Do I wish I had done something differently this year? Not really. I'm sure I could have made better decisions sometimes. But I am done with berating myself for not doing the best thing every single time. I am embracing self care better than I ever have before, and that means lowering my expectations on myself to a more reasonable level. I won't apologize for finally putting myself first. It only took 45 years, natch.

I am especially proud of my handling of my own mental and emotional health over this past year. My therapist retired right around this time in 2019, and so until just about a month ago, I was not seeing a therapist. However, I was sensitive to my own needs for medication, my own ability to cope, and my own needs for forgiveness and time. When I was at a low point, I did let myself be there, but didn't beat myself up over it. I tried to keep up with medication as well as I could through it. When I got things back up to a better place, then I celebrated where I was. When I felt able to, I dialed back on medication and was really in a good and happy place for a long time. I'm starting back on meds again, but to focus on ADHD, rather than depression.

I kind of proud of how I have become a better cook and am making delicious food, also using the eggplants that I am growing this year, the tomatoes and the herbs. I'm rather proud that I decided to make things better between my sister and me as we navigated the death, funeral, burial of our mother. I wish I had visited my mother more frequently in the past year.

I am proud that I got out of a not so great employment situation and found a new position. I didn't put up with a lot of bullshit at my previous job.

I am so super proud to have pursued publication of my first collection of poetry, What I Should Have Said, forthcoming from Finishing Line Press. I'm proud I entered the MFA program at Western New England University and got almost a year in before my wife left for another job (back at wonderful Hampshire). I'm proud to be able to keep responding lovingly to Amy and Jamie, despite the ways they have treated me in the past. I cannot help but continue to wonder what I might have done differently to have managed to get Maggie visits with us. Should I not have dropped the case? It seemed like the best choice at the time, but now that Amber has broken all her offers to be in touch, I'm not as sure...

I am both proud - and looking to make changes - in my Sukkot observance. Last year, I invited friends to come in small numbers to share a meal in my tiny sukkah. THIS year, I hope to improve on the menu, so it is less taxing and I can relax more with my guests...if I have any, that is.

I'm proud for getting myself to start an art class and let my soul begin to heal from all the pain. I wish i used the lock-down ( round 1) better to learn to grow so once it was over i'd have gained from it. I'm proud of growing in my relationship with God and hope i can grow more in this coming year and realize hes always been there for me.

i should have been more aggressive with my physical therapy following my last back surgery, however my recovery is still happening albeit a little slower. tsk tsk

I'm proud that I took the time this year to be honest with myself about my feelings. I am trying to communicate with others about my feelings and I am taking baby steps in the right direction. I'm proud that I can start to take time for myself too, whether that is exercise, sleep, work, etc. I am trying to recognize when I need a break and take it.

I wish I had pressed forward on my bathroom remodel because I wish I could have taken a long soak during these difficult days...

I have a feeling these answers are all going to be pretty Theo centered. I'm very proud of being Theo's mom. It's been a lot to learn but I know he feels loved and cared for and that's what I'm here to do. Alternatively, something I wish I'd done differently.. if I'd known covid was coming, I would've hugged my friends and family a little tighter and a little longer the last time I saw them. Virtual meetings are great but they can't replace being in person with someone.

I can't think of anything that I wish that I had done differently. This year I am proud that I made the decision to have my back surgery. I recovered well and have little to no back pain.

I am proud about my decision do not stay in my job where I did not feel well. I am proud that I was courageous in this decision. I enjoy being home and learning new things. Well... it is scary sometimes as well as money are running out totally. I believe in myself and the Universe and I am sure those changes are only for the best.

Yes, there are a couple things I wish I had done differently this year. Some of why I didn't do more is due to the circumstances and also feeling so overwhelmed by the world. But the two things I wish I had done differently this past year are 1.) going outside more and 2.) not waiting so long for the pandemic to end before realizing it wasn't going to and then trying to figure out how to stay in contact with friends. For the first month I figured it would end before summer and I didn't really reach out to anyone. Also later after the pandemic really got rolling I didn't want to meet up with anyone even though it seems like everyone else is fine with it. It gives me anxiety and overwhelms me and makes it hard to enjoy being out with other people. Idk what the right answer is. I did the best I could, but I still wish I had done it differently. I also want to go outside more but executive functioning is hard and going outside seems to take a lot of it. I'm doing my best like I said. These are goals to work towards now instead of regrets.

I'm very proud of the work I have done in my new job - getting someone on my team promoted and helping turn another team around have both been sources of great pride. I wish that I had focused more on my marriage. While I felt personally fulfilled, I don't know that I devoted enough time to focus on our partnership, which was harder still once COVID descended.

I'm really proud of how we've handled the lockdown; no panic, no overreacting, just hunkering down and making sure we're taking care of ourselves and trying to help normalize safe behaviour (masks, hand-washing, social distancing, etc.) and trying to make sure that those folk who can't stop working are at least somewhat supported (paying our dog walkers to not come and walk our dogs, for instance). So far, it feels like we've weathered the storm pretty well. I only wish everyone had our opportunities and resources.

Body issue stuff. I've gotten softer with how I treat myself this year but there have still been moments of harshness and unkindness. I'm proud I have got better at asking for help/being aware that I should get help. Mostly in relation to my body and it's limits, but it is good to choose to ask Marta for help and then not have my body unable to do anything the day after. Hopefully next year I will be kinder to myself and even more accepting of help :)

I wish I had asked for more help when I needed it. I needed sleep so desperately, to the point my relationship with my husband was failing, but I didn't ask because I felt like he couldn't handle not sleeping. I needed help with the baby, but didn't ask neighbors because I didn't feel like I knew them that well. I didn't say I was overwhelmed at work because I felt like I was at risk of losing my job. Little did I know people were absolutely willing and able to help in whatever way they could.

I am proud of how I have managed the pandemic, including professionally and personally. I think I was able to take it seriously, hold many other people's evolving relationships to the pandemic, be clear scientifically and react with community spirit and safety without becoming too panic--y. I think I managed the anxiety of this time with aplomb. I think I kept and keep focus on the future, when this too passes.

I am most proud that in the past year I have adapted to major changes. I wasn't entirely sure at first that I could manage work from home and limited grocery/essential shopping trips. I have learned to plan shopping trips carefully. I have developed a lot of new skills for the WFH environment. If I could go back and change anything, I'd probably figure out better ways to connect with people. Isolation has led to mixed emotions, laziness and weight gain.

Finally succumbed to the fact that I am NOT a budget kind of gal. I just cannot get into the swing of it. Laziness? Maybe. Lack of control? Possibly. This past year was to be the year of budget making (and sticking to). Even though I tried, I'm happy with the knowledge that budgeting (in the normal sense) isn't for me and I've made adjustments to my spending habits.

I am proud of several things. I helped my son and his family finish restoring their 110 year old home home in CA. I am also pleased that after my wife passed, I was able to pick up and move. It did take two years but still I was decisive and made things happen.

I don't think there is anything I would have done differently this year. Let's get real, nothing any of us have done this year was planned after mid-March. All bets were off, all plans blown up. Maybe going into hibernation about mid-March would have been a good move, but no -- life still goes forward (or sideways). Things I'm proud of this year -- not letting the organization I run go into hibernation. I am proud of always looking forward, staying flexible, keeping us moving and staying true to our mission. Not planned, but carried out with purpose and meaning.

I can't think of any one big thing, but I definitely am noting some of the patterns that cause others and myself harm - judgment of other people, harshness/lack of kindness, inattentiveness, willingness to sit on the sidelines. That last one comes up in thinking about how I showed up during the incredible uprisings for racial justice this summer in response to the murder of George Floyd. I wish I had done more. In some ways though, that's about what would have felt better to me. Regardless - without setting myself up for failure by having too high expectations, I believe that I missed the mark more than I could have, that I could have reached for my better self more of the time this year.

I do not think there is anything I could have done differently this past year because of all the restrictions imposed by the COVID-19 pandemic. I am proud of the way my family and I have been acting responsibly about social distancing, hand washing, and wearing masks.

I wish I had gotten out more, lived a little. I was saving that for this year, but ultimately that didn't happen. I am, however, glad that I put so much work in this past year. I just hope it pays off.

I wish I had been stronger, more resilient, and just BETTER through this pandemic. I suppose most of us in places of privilege away from the front lines harbor this guilt. And, sure, I have family and employees and students that depend on me so I’m not sitting around being selfish and doing nothing. But, still, I thought I would be doing better by people, if not the world. It was exciting to have another exhbition of our work (and in Kentucky, no less!), and then have it indirectly give comfort to some of the students who saw it oncethe pandemic hit. I was glad my father, brother, and nephew could see it and learn a little about how my creative mind works.

I am proud I firmly found my voice and led some major initiatives in community outreach and Black Lives Matter. I was firm in my beliefs and respectful in discussions acknowledging different points of view.

No real regrets this year. The decisions made have been good. I suppose I'm proud of our Millwood business. We've rolled with the markets, and they've been up and down and, somehow, we've managed to match the right resource and log with the right market. While I suppose it is not an extremely challenging to run this business, what makes it so nice is that it not only draws on and makes use of a lifetime of experience, but also provides Jian and I with ample free time and income. What better things to have at one's disposal whilst being productive!

Differently - wish I had sought out companionship. Proud - staying in shape and healthy

I wish I had been more generous of my time/actions in the early weeks of the pandemic when I was scared. I didn't volunteer, for example, to grocery shop for other people because I was afraid if I got sick there would be no one to take care of me. I do feel good about all the ways I remotely helped my mom, and how I planned and hosted our extended family seder, which went really well.

I wish we had had the foresight to rent our house out for the fall and move somewhere where either the schools are open this fall or perhaps just somewhere beautiful and mild where we could have done remote learning in a different setting. I am proud and grateful that 6 months in, my kids are still clearly learning stuff, and that I still love them and my husband haha.

I wish I had been able to keep it together at my wedding. I got overwhelmed by the amount of people in my face and had to go to the bathroom or on a walk to keep from freaking out and crying. At least I learned that I need to work on putting up healthy boundaries!

I wish I hadn't been so reluctant to prioritize myself and my art.

Done differently? we walked in new territory this year - since march, anyway. When we say 'this past year,' I take that to mean since last September...things were rolling along from Sept to March, if I remember well. We travelled to New Zealand in Dec, we celebrated my and Rich's bdays in Feb and March, and visited T in late March in Madrid. Amelia and Noah in school - hard to remember them actually going to school in person. live. in real life. That seems like ages and ages ago. But something I had done differently from Sept to March? Nothing in particular stands out. There are small things in my dealings with Rich, but nothing unusual. So then let's look at March to present day - since pandemic hit. It was a new landscape and no one knew what we were doing. The guidelines were inconsistent, and scientists were learning about this disease as it was wiping people out. (FYI we are now at 200,000 deaths in the US.) I was very nervous and anxious about keeping us safe and healthy. I think my wish is that i kept any emotional response more contained, and been more forgiving of my family's take. But that was hard, bc I felt I was the most informed, and knew the data better than the rest. So hard to be forgiving when what they were doing looked like the wrong thing, based on what I was reading. I think, though, that going forward, a big lesson - not necessarily related to coronavirus or politics - is to take a moment to ground and center and get out of an emotional space before diving into any topic that might be controversial or about which we don't agree....and be comfortable in that disagreement. To not let that feeling overwhelm and make me agitated and angry or frustrated. Although I do get so frustrated bc I feel I am right!! And why don't they see it that way? But that is amateur. I need to step up to the next level in this endeavor. Stay calm in battle! Proud of? I am proud of my consistent meditation practice and my journaling. I have learned a lot from both, and seen that there is a place where i can be that is calm, balanced, with a wide "visual field" of what is around me. The journaling helps as an excellent outlet to get the jumk out of my head. I am also proud that I stepped up to take the Writer's Workshop - I love that! Really enjoying the step off the cliff into the unknown when I pick up the pen to start. Never know where it is going to lead, but the journey is really really fun. And proud I am doing some postcarding to reach voters to vote Dem or Indep - something to try to make a difference. I am going to step it up and do texting or phone banking next - after we take Noah to school. Gotta do more to get rid of idiot.

I am really, really proud of myself for taking professional leaps, by advocating for campaigns I believe in and by giving myself permission to look for other opportunities.

I am proud of seizing the opportunities I could to start helping people as soon as quarantine started. I think it was a coping mechanism--to feel like I had control over what was happening, but I'm glad I started volunteering at GCFD and signed up to be a Big Sister. However, I'm ashamed at my response to the increased activity of Black Lives Matter. I've been complicit for so long, and though I felt like I was going to make changes 6 years ago--the first turning where I realized my complicitness , I realized that I hadn't. I was energized in June, but my efforts in giving my money and time have waned, but their struggle has not. I have the privilege to ignore when I choose, and that's not ok. I still have some donations going, sure, but it's not enough. White people need to keep showing up, and I need to be better.

all my tools out of the basement

I am extremely proud of how well I did at kindness in the early days of the pandemic. Everyone was so mean. I lost the ability to be a "mom" to everyone around June. But got a good 6 months in. There isn't anything I would have done differently, but for a few conversations about racism that I didn't realize were about racism. I am re-learning to listen.

I wish I had been easier on myself. I spent so much time worrying about work, particularly on whether or not things were going well, even though everyone around me always reassured me that they were. My constant worrying stopped me both from fully enjoying the carefree pre-Covid world and being grateful for what I have in the current Covid world.

I am very proud that finally for my birthday April 2020, I made space for myself to start to write with the goal of it ultimately being a book on “connectedness” that I’ve thought about for a very long time. I’d made an initial stab at it in April 2016 and put about a month into working on it and then put it aside. Then in April 2018, I picked it back up and again only stuck with it for a month. During that time, based on my basic precis, I secured a Foreword by Nobel Peace Prize Laureate Archbishop Emeritus Desmond Tutu and commitments from 15 leaders in different sectors and regions to participate (written submissions and/or interviews). I’d felt badly for them that I had to respond to them a year later that it was taking me longer than expected. But it took a while before I could feel sorry for myself that I’d deprived me of doing something that was for me. As I wrote in question one, I found a place of joy to write from and it feels truly wonderful that I’m honoring it.

I wish I would have appliewd myself more to any and all tasks. I am the worse for it.

I took on a lot of new things between last September and this one, mostly work related. I have had to be strong and to speak my mind. I have had to deal with more angry people than I ever have in my life to date. I have not taken good care of my body and my mind but I think I have done the best I could under the circumstances. I don't often see it that way, only seeing my short comings. But maybe I am starting to see that the things I have fallen short with are goals I haven't been able to reach yet, but I still may when I have the energy for it.

I wish I had completed my HR certification. I think it may have helped obtain a good job; actually, with COVID, things are so much up in the air, that I don't think anyone could plan on "oh I wish I had done this last year."

I regret that I was unable to hold my tongue during disagreements with my ex. I hated the person I was becoming, it was so draining on who I was and everyone around me. I should have never spoken with such anger to a woman regardless of how badly she made us all feel or how untrustworthy she was...

I have been proud of myself and can't really think of any regrets. Covid offered a LOT of free time and a ton of time to reset and I am happy w/ how I spent my time. I learned a lot and accomplished a lot (kayaking, camping, gardening, grilling, online teaching, setting up the house, park days w/ the fam, noom, working w/ PLN and Slate, outreach for some private students, emptying out my harddrive, netflix, lifting weights, making my own iced tea) and I am very steadfast in my own growth mindset right now. I can't think of anything I'd change and I suppose I'm empowered by the limitations I've faced.

I wish I had sought help and treatment for my addictions earlier in the pandemic such that I didnt nearly put my job, family, and financial stability on the line like I did. Yet, I'm extremely proud of what I've accomplished thus far in treatment.

I'm proud that I got more comfortable cooking, and found an app to be my 'bouncer' for calendar meetings that, in the past, gave me no time and space to breathe.

I wish we'd gone to Europe earlier to see family and friends, but I was too afraid to go with an infant so young. In hindsight, she is such a great baby, it would have been so easy. Much easier than now with her running everywhere! I am proud of the fact that I have gotten into great shape and am back to my pre-pregnancy weight but with even more muscle. I also am now a manager- I got that promotion and I am SO happy about it.

I kinda wish I believe in myself better and get over feeling down because of doubt quicker than before. On the other side, I'm also proud that I still get going until today despite feeling unworthy, sometimes hopeless & powerless. I'm proud I still try to get better and keep going on my journey to be the better version of myself. I hope I won't stop getting better, even though it's only one step at a time.

Differently: not really. I’ve lost some weight and am continuing with that which feels good. Proud: we DID do an episode 2 of climbing the Salève this summer and it was tough as heck but very rewarding. We went with a colleague who in fact today is leaving Geneva to move to Singapore. Good memories.

In the week leading up to rosh hashana this year, I joined stewards from other unions to negotiate a new collective agreement with management. I am hugely proud of the fact that we were united around a long list of demands, most of which we got through. I am also proud that we have not taken no for an answer, and am taking the most contentious points to assisted negotiations.

I'm proud of how well the garden grew. I got out and tried something that I hadn't really done before and I grew a decent little plot. I learned several lessons from it (the biggest of which is *weed constantly*).

I wish I had spent more time exercising over the last year. I am not particularly proud of anything I’ve done over the last year, save surviving near death last April.

Sometimes I wish I had let him go earlier... maybe then my heart wouldn't ache as much. Maybe then my head wouldn't hurt from all the spinning in circles. Maybe a clean break would've set me free.

Changed my attitude to John and been more patient. And when he's using tools for to walk at same pace. Making chollah and trying to be more religious.

I wish we’d seen a couples counsellor sooner. After just one session, things have improved dramatically in my relationship and my husband is getting some support himself. I’m proud at how I’ve navigated the pandemic, taken care of myself, and kept up with my writing. I’m a quarter of the way through my manuscript and feeling more creatively fulfilled than I’ve ever been in my life.

I wish I wasn't so mean to Tom and impatient with the girls. I take my shortcomings and frustrations and punish Tom for them. I take out my personally issues when I see Tom struggling with them (whether he knows it or not) and lash out at him. It's not right and it brings negativity in the relationship. Same thing with the girls... If Gefen is being socially awkward, I recognize it as a weakness of mine and tell at her for it. Which is so wrong. Or if she gets dirty or spills after I warm her not too, I can really yell and I see it affects her. I see how she tells at Nogi - she is modeling the behavior she learned from me. I really wish I acted differently. Something I'm proud of was my maternity leave. I was really social and relaxed and happy. I did a great job during one on one time with Noga and an proud of that change from my first maternity leave.

So many things! I wish I didn't waste my time trying to force myself into a smaller body, but at the end of the day it made me who I am today. I want to become an intuitive eating dietician and spread messages about loving your body. I am proud that I am vegan ig, even if I wasn't always perfect with my veganism and still am not. Haha I just had an egg for lunch. I am proud that I have gotten better (from my depression) I am proud that I am more open with my feelings (even if that is still a work in progress) I am proud that I made some new friends and i am proud that most days I like myself.

I wish I had done more writing for publication and wasted less time on social media. However, in the wake of the new civil rights movement sparked by George Floyd's death, I am very proud to have moved my city from looking at small actions around policing that, in a suburb, would have been pro forma, to a deep dive into the large issues of housing and economic injustice. I am also proud that I encouraged four diverse women to run for office. I believe at least two will win, probably three, and the fourth hopefully in two years (if not this year)

I wish that I had not wasted so much energy on people that didn't deserve it. I made a point of moving on from a lot of counterproductive relationship over the past year. It took some personal strength and self-awareness to do that, but I am in a better place because of it.

I am really proud of how much educational content Jonah and I were able to provide our children when we were home with them alone from March-August. We may have exhausted ourselves in the process, but we enriched them more than I think I even realized at the time.

well, I wish I had my rotator cuff surgery in January, before covid19, and I would have able to play baseball this year. But, there was no way of knowing how serious the tear was, and no way to know a pandemic was coming.

I think my lack of personal boundaries really damages some relationships around me. As I get closer to people, it is important to reciprocate vulnerability. The way I divulge personal things is not a strength of mine – in particular thinking about Kelsey – but a lack of security in a sense of self.

This was a big year of accelerated growth. I am proud of how much I’ve learned and pushed myself in so many ways despite everything that’s been happening. We have put down roots and we are starting a family - this year is HUGE.

I wish I would have made more time for myself earlier in quarantine and not let work nearly burn me out. It would have helped me cope better and be a better person to my family. That said, I'm proud of how I held my business together and made aggressive moves to keep it sustainable and solid over the longer term.

I'm proud of regaining enough self confidence to drive my car again. That was a major thing for me to recover enough to drive by myself farther than 10 miles away!

I'm really proud of the AP Art History pass rate that I got (via my students). While it might be because of the curtailed test, I never gave up hope, and I got better results that I could have dreamed. It makes me confident that my endless hours staying late really paid off. I hope next year is as successful, but we'll see.

In the past year,I wish that my ability to my off debit was much more achieved. I am proud of the fact that I have been able to remain more connected to Gods leading in my life.

I'm SO proud of my growth this year. Holy shit, I've changed so much. I made a list of all the new things I did this year the other day and was genuinely taken aback by it all. New piercings, a tattoo, traveling to Scotland, road tripping with a friend, going backpacking for the first time. Starting reading and running again, painting, discovering new music, discovering an intense passion for hiking. Starting a new job, becoming head of a research team, etc. But also deeper things - grieving an immensely painful breakup, COMPLETELY changing my outlook on the world, falling in love again and meeting the person I'm going to marry, and more. I'm proud of myself for my continued vulnerability and for taking a crazy amount of leaps into the unknown. I'm proud of myself for celebrating both victories and failures, for loving both my strengths and weaknesses, and for living. I don't know if there's something I would necessarily have done differently because I'm really proud of the journey I've been on. I'm thankful for even the parts of that journey that didn't go well. I would perhaps just continue to push myself to do new things and to live without fear. And I would always encourage myself to love on my loved ones more deeply.

As I mentioned in #1, I am proud of traveling to the places I did last year. That was a big accomplishment for me on my own. Alternatively, I dont think I would of done too much differently. Not saying I am happy and joyous, but saying I didnt do anything to disappoint myself.

I think that I am proud of how I continued the deep, close-in work that I was forced to do last year. I got through a very rough year of chemotherapy and healing. I am continuing to heal and nurture the intense and deep gratitude I feel for each day, each hour and moment of life and health. I feel myself still standing at the threshold, all the time, wondering how many more minutes, hours and days are left to me. How will I spend them? Where and with whom? I've chosen very deliberately to be with the most important loved one (Val) and to let go of relationships that aren't healing or nurturing for me. I've chosen very deliberately to be where I need and want to be - right here, in our lovely and wild place in the woods. I have turned away from any sense of "whew, that's over" because I know there's nothing for me in that sort of magical thinking, all that will get me is self-deception and distraction from the most important work of my life, which is to be here now.

I am proud of my efforts to improve my physical fitness and overall health. The year before, I lost 30 pounds and this past year, I kept the weight off and increased my physical fitness activities. I am feeling as healthy as I have ever felt in my life. My blood pressure, blood sugar, kidney function, and cholesterol are all at good levels - no drugs necessary except for Atorvastatin for cholesterol.

I wish we had started having people over for backyard hangouts in May-June. I was so cautious. We started in late August and now September is so chilly already. It took me a long time to remember that seeing people IRL -- even if it's "superfluous" -- is very valuable to my mental health. (And even though I saw folks making that argument online I was like NAH not a thing/ not worth the risk, even though I wasn't particularly scared of us getting sick.)

I wish I had looked earlier and more intensely for a new job. Because I am not really happy in the job I got just in July. Due to Corona it has been difficult, because most companies didn't hire new staff at that time. Now more are hiring, so I guess I will make that change and look better/apply for more jobs, that I hopefully really like.

differently—i don’t know, i feel like im wired (personality? privilege? whatever ?) to justify that the way things are is the way it makes sense for them to be/to have been. but i also wonder if that’s just a psychological tool i use to minimize the pain that arises from the dissonance between what is and what might have been? but anyway. the first thing that came to mind was like, i wish i had moved out in february, moved into a co-op or something, because although now that sounds overwhelming, if that had already been what i was doing i think i can imagine myself into a really different space right now. which yeah i guess. feels kind of hard to think about because instead i spent 2 months just full of misery and then the next few fine but i wouldn’t say thriving. but—man what does that mean about what choices i should make right now? but how do i make them once i’m already in the groove that i’m in (not that it’s a good groove but it’s a groove)? am i going to fucking hate reading this a year from now? proud of—im proud of the work i did with the fellowship. like i really started and that first week i was like, i should quit because i don’t know what im doing and i don’t feel right getting paid for this and and and, and then… i paid attention and figured out what had to be done and built a (until now at least; we’ll see) self-sustaining team and infrastructure and just was on the ball all the time for 5 months. and i feel proud of that.

I wish that I had more confidence in myself in terms of my friendships, that I kept in touch with the people I love more faithfully. Alternatively, I am proud that I have pushed myself forward to move out of this house and into a new life. It is one of the hardest things I have ever done.

I wish I had been able to stick to my diet and lose a hundred pounds. I wish I had been motivated to go and get some exercise and be around people, however, that has not been allowed since March anyway. I wish I had somehow been able to go and visit my son but that's been impossible because when I finally got the money I had to spend it on upkeep for my house. I wish I had found a new church to fellowship in and feel at home at. I wish I had fasted and prayed more.

I am proud of how I continued to lead the CAC at the Stampede. I am also proud of how I think I handled the coronavirus and tried to support the different views in our family

I wish I had taken that writing course. I'm proud of the work I did to support the school community and my family during the pandemic. I'm proud of starting a garden.

I don't really have anything to be proud of. I didn't kill myself. I don't know if there's anything I wish I had done differently, either. At this point my choices are made for me. I just have to deal with the circumstances I'm in.

Wow....the "done differently" part is just not me. I live out loud ....sink or swim I'm out there. Proud? Well, proud that I do go all in. Like in question #1 I was fully out there trying dating again. I wanted to fully feel all the good and bad. I AM proud of how I graciously let that go when the other side stepped back. What else was I going to do? Run after him begging? I am honoring the space he requested and needs. It feels REALLY good to have opened the door and be ok. Just fully be ok. In my skin, in my words, in my actions. I'm proud that I was me.

There are always small things that I wish I had done differently. They're almost always about inadvertently making someone feel badly. At the ripe old age of 64, I have learned to avoid most, but not all, regrets. I am proud of many things from this year, but the two that spring to mind first are the evolution of my work. I finally feel like it's gotten to where I can comfortably promote it. The other is that I have not wavered in my work against racism. It is hard. I make mistakes. It's sometimes frustrating to try to work with other people, even though I love them so. But I am very proud of my ability to learn and to provide thoughtful environments for other learners.

I don’t have the relationship with my daughter-in-law that I hoped I would. I’ve tried very hard not to emulate my own mother-in-law. But it’s just been tough. It’s not a bad relationship, it’s just not the one I had envisioned. Since March, I’ve been working from home because of the pandemic. And I am extremely proud of how much I’ve been able to help my patients, working remotely. I feel like I actually have more influence with them now, than I did when I was in person in clinic.

5780 was supposed to be a year of healing or closure. Though it was for many personal reasons, the second half, 2020, sucked even before covid. I know I've turned internally. I'd like to find my way out, but I also recognize this is where I need to be. Parts of me wish I could have jumped into Zoom culture with both feet, but I also appreciate the need to exist in my small, personal circle. So, both wishing it was different, and not. Proud of recognizing my needs and not fully satisfied with where I am.

I wish I had been more outspoken about the things that don't make sense based on real hard factual data. I am sad that I did not know how to better present the facts so their eyes were opened and they felt swayed to see the facts for what they are...just facts. I feel bad that I simply chose to leave my friends with no truth.

I wish I had set obvious, clear, boundaries with my work colleagues. I guess I also wish I knew how to do that! Telling someone “actually, I’m not comfortable with that” or “This is what I’d like to see happen” could have been helpful many times.

I am incredibly proud of myself for figuring out ways to keep both my vulnerable elder partner and myself as healthy as possible, emotionally as well as physically, thru all this, even tho my work in Low Barrier/Harm Reduction housing has become more challenging (and dangerous) than it was before

I spent WAY too much money to see my best friend's favorite living artist. It was a ridiculous, embarrassing amount of money to spend and I will always be glad because it's the one show we will have gotten to see this year. I'm very proud that I made that choice for him. He would've thought it was too much money.

I kind of wish I had plowed ahead more on my dissertation and was "more done" by now, but as I get more and more surrenderey, I don't feel any shade of regret for where I am. I feel really solid about where I'm at. The only thing I perhaps regret is how much time I wasted being interested in S. in the fall. Still, I look at how things unfolded as they needed to, and I'm okay with it because I learned the lessons I needed to learn. I am especially proud of how I navigated my aloneness during the beginning of the pandemic and brought myself to a place of thriving. I am grateful that I follow my meditation teachers' directions so fully with a deep heart toward my own growth and that the fruit has been so incredibly delicious. I realize this has been a point on a path and not an end point. I am also really proud of the way I have used boundaries much more skillfully to nurture healthy connections.

I wish I had been less loose with my company and more quick to act when I saw something go awry with personnel. People are everything, and I let the wrong ones close and didn't do anything about it when I figured out the relationships had turned.

I am proud at having handled Covid the way I did. It is true that initially I was anxious, but I informed myself early and in an ongoing way, became a resource to others, wrote a paper for publication, and helped keep the extended family safe. I would like to be less reactive to threats, and more able to remain steadfast and determined to work hard to prevail.

I would have liked to take the search for the house with less expectations or more grounded ones. I kept repeating to myself that it would all work out and at the same time I had very high expectations or wishes for certain properties we looked at, and thus, very hard processes of letting go, of accepting that a particular property was not available for one reason or another.

Honestly, I am quite proud of how I went through the process of the last year. There were times I was tired and didn't want to keep trying, but I did. I put myself fully into my chanichimot, into my kvutza, into myself, into my decisions. It wasn't simple and it wasn't easy, and it certainly didn't feel great. But it was so powerful and true. I think I have always been good at listening to myself, but this year, I was asking questions that would completely overhaul who I am and where my life is going, and I did it wholeheartedly. I am still a bit in shock about where it ended, but I am very proud that I was willing to put myself into it fully and be completely honest with myself and those around me all throughout.

i am especially proud of how many things i thought i needed- but realized i dont... gym membership, uber, and how i began to prioritize something as simple as walking every day. i am also proud of how well i put together ilana's 10th birthday party and got her room ready for school. i am also really proud of how well she has adapted.

I wish I would have argued less with the kids and avoided conflict with them...nothing mattered that much that we argued about and I wish I kept my cool more. I was proud that I insisted that we all go on the Vietnam trip. That would have been a big one to miss

I made a choice this year to step down from some organizations and to step up and help others. The time and commitment really didn’t change but I felt like it was my choice rather than coercion.

I wish I had not gotten resentful when people did not show up for me like I thought they would/should have. I am proud of how I have shown up for those without being asked.

I think all of us have COVID related concerns, but I my life was not deeply impacted by it. I did start a new job in February which was supposed to have me working in the office full time (My prior role I worked from home 90% of the time) and COVID changed that completely. I am just very, very grateful that I can work from home, that myself (and my husband) were able to maintain our employment and support our family through out this time. My kids did transition to remote learning and that is a huge challenge, but this year (2020- 2021) seems to be a lot better structured than last year.

I wish I had recognized sooner that my daughter's spending & saving financial habits may never be like mine. I actively tried not to lecture too much, but my worry was getting the best of me internally for too long. I am especially proud of the way I've been speaking my truth and being authentic at work. I used to avoid conflict, but I am getting a lot of practice in saying what I think, with kindness and genuine honesty. My co-workers don't always like what I have to say, but I think they respect me for speaking out, and I definitely respect myself more and am very proud of myself!

I wish I had marketed myself more aggressively in the region this year. Then I would have been better able to serve the community now that the pandemic is in full swing. Zoom should have made things easier, but I'm still not reaching my audience.

I do not think there is anything I wish I had done last year but did not. i did spend much more time exercising daily than I have my entire life.

I don't know if I could have done anything differently this year. The choices I made weren't necessarily choices, so much as what was required to keep my family and me safe. I guess I could say that I'm pretty proud that I continue to get up and out of bed every morning, even though there were days where I wasn't sure if I could. I'm proud that I recognized the depression and listened to what my husband was telling me he saw in me and that I sought help with my doctor.

I'm pleased that I've kept up with counselling and the DBT program. I'm realizing that I'm not a quitter and that I am engaged in progressing to be the best person I can be. I always have been even when I didn't know how to [as it's explained to me now through therapy]. I've always tried to do my best with what I was given.

Not really. This year has felt so out of my control, so I'm controlling what I can. I waited three months before turning my guest room into an office, and another two months before getting a comfortable chair. I'm making the best and almost enjoying my new routines. I'm still exhausted. I should sleep more, read more, consume less TV. But I love my home. I love my deck. I love my garden. I love the fire pit, the projector for movies, the space I've created to welcome friends. Even in this shitshow of a pandemic.

I’m really glad I made the choice to leave Portland for awhile. It was a big leap for me, but it was an experience of following my intuition and really listening to the signals I was getting. Waiting for invitations and acting on them. Feeling the discomfort of really following my heart. Also taking note of what happens inside when I do that. So many of my decisions in the past have been based on what others wanted from me, and I would put those expectations before my own heart’s desire every time. I was afraid of saying no to people so I learned how to compromise myself, twist myself into the most amazing pretzels. I could stretch myself to be content with things, to find joy and connection, but the sense of fulfillment was elusive. It was a way for me to construct an airtight alibi for why I couldn’t do the work that was so scary to do. Now I’m finally listening. It’s impossible to feel peace if you ignore that core part of yourself. All the yoga and meditation in the world can not quell the yearning in your heart.

I honestly don't know. It seems like everything is pre-covid or post-covid. I wish I had gone to yoga more, because now it's gone. I know I'm lazy - I can always say I wish I'd done more, but I never seem to do it. But seeing last year's answer, and knowing that my granddaughter is now 6 months plus clean and sober, and I helped her - maybe I'm doing ok

I wish I didn't stress so much...but can't help myself from worrying.

I'm proud of myself for signing up for a class & somehow going along with the teacher's assessment that I could handle Norwegian III, when I'm pretty sure I would do better in II. It starts tonight, when I will find out if it was crazy. But I'm so determined to learn & speak this language that I'm willing to make a fool of myself.

I wish I had broken up with him sooner. I wish I had been more selfish, and gotten more pleasure. I am proud that I have been kind.

The thing I am proud of is again work related: we managed to transition from full office work to remote work without major problems. We were able to look after our people in a way that allowed us to give room for their individual circumstances and still delivered nearly everything we planned to. For the things at home I am mainly thankful in retrospect. The kids managed to go through the time at home admirably. We grown ups found a way to stay sane and I would say even got closer to each other again. It was hard but I feel like we did well.

Spend more time with my Grandkids

Yes! I wish I had maintained my exercise regime. I was doing very well in 2019 through June and had lost some weight. I was derailed in July last year when my Grandmother died and I have slowly slipped into bad habits. I have started this week to get back to the routine of exercise and low carb eating that helped me lose weight, control diabetes, and improve energy last year. Not much that I am proud of, but par for the course with me. Probably need to work on the whole self loathing thing :-).

It feels weird to celebrate anything personal when so many people have lost loved ones. But I'm really proud of myself for the following: 1. I graduated from SCC with an Associate in Arts degree with DISTINCTION!! 2. I accepted a new, great, wonderful job with a huge raise and I'm actually good at! I love that this job dropped into my lap and I knew it was the right thing to do. I feel so lucky! I wish I would have taken a picture of Evan, Din, and Erwin on Christmas Eve. Why didn't I?

When I look back at my responses from last year, I really feel that I fell short on one of my commitments/call-to-action - about following up more conscientiously and intentionally with friends and family I want to prioritize in relationship. I started doing it but I really feel like I fell short; even during COVID, I started doing it more diligently, but didn't follow through enough. I have practiced self-care AND I'm proud of the advancement in my physical healing from such a significant injury that happened weeks before HHD of last year.

I was in therapy for a short while the past year. I wish I put more energy and effort into finding a permanent therapist. As I lost my health insurance, I now need to find a new therapist. This is my next goal. I am especially proud of how proactive I have been over the past year. I have put so much time, effort, and work into building a new skill set and finding new opportunities. I am now working full time in adult ed, I volunteer on two ID teams, I have learned to teach online and I'm getting pretty skilled at it. I landed the job that gave us a place to settle (Albuquerque). I feel great right now.

Hmm. I'm going to be honest. Knowing myself I realize there is no point in wishing I would have done differently. When presented with the opportunity I often still do the same thing . . . And wishing that I had been a different person to have reacted differently in a situation, what's the point in that? I'm just happy that I am growing and changing and will hopefully gain wisdom and discernment to make the most loving and caring decisions for others and myself. I can't think of anything that I'm proud of from the past year. So, maybe I'm proud that I'm able to maintain some type humility in the midst of all the awesomeness that is me?

I wish I had not fallen into a slough of despond (which probably happened, in a deeper way, 10 years ago). I was literally unable to find anything good about myself, and felt deeply exhausted and uncreative last year, waiting for inspiration to strike again and give me a will to create, find some drive again. I wish I had been able to find God as my support, and not look to my small self to 'perk up' and figure things out alone. Not a real source of inspiration there, and going it alone is for the birds.

I wish that when I returned to Texas during the beginning of the pandemic I would have had more will power to turn from partying. I also wish I would have been more on top of building Seth up for the role of COO. While the time did produce some great result, I do feel if done in a different way the business relationship would have survived. I'm really proud of all of the werk I was able to get done for the business this year despite the pandemic. I'm proud for how I've taken more control of my life and the circumstances for which I find myself.

I am proud of starting therapy this year, and perhaps wish I had done it sooner. I can't believe how helpful it is to talk with someone about my parenting & anger struggles.

I can’t think of anything I would have done differently this year. I had some trips and concerts planned that didn’t work out due to Covid. I am especially proud that I got into a post graduate program at the University of Chicago earlier this year. Sadly, the class had just started when Covid hit, but I have just learned that the class will be offered online beginning in January 2021.

1) I wish I was able to show more patience with my mom 2) I'm proud of how much I've grown both professionally and personally. workwise, I was selected to attend a Comms Master Class at USC with esteemed microsoft colleagues from across the globe, and simultaneously chosen as the News Lead for Build 2020 - a very visible/exposure opportunity with leadership and comms team - both of which were great, fulfilling experiences.

I wish I had not freaked out about food and quarantine and Jayme, although I'm not sure how better I would have handled her obvious distancing from me. It was a reaction, not something I created out of nowhere. I really regret losing our friendship. But I'm really proud of how much hiking I've done since moving here. Even when it's ridiculously difficult, like Mt. Morrison yesterday, I finish. Also I'm absurdly proud of starting and keeping the fires going in my fireplace.

I tried to do things right this year. I wish I'd watched TV less and hiked and biked more. I wish I'd been better at sticking to a very low fat, mostly vegan, whole food diet. I wish I'd kept in better touch with relatives, close and far, like Les Medoff (z''l) and Anita Navon (who is 95). And my wife and kids. That is my wish.

I wish I had been smarter and more considerate about my private life and needs. On the other hand, I am proud of myself for standing up for my needs.

There are many things I wish I **could** have done differently (or at all!), as in, COVID didn't mess them up. But there isn't anything specific I regret doing the way it was done. As for being proud of something, I think it's the way I and my family have made the adjustment to actually being home with each other so much of the time. It could have been a mess. It wasn't.

I wish that I had taken my baby to meet more people prior to the pandemic. I still feel bad that so many people did not get a chance to meet him.

tackling my fear of work and my fear of my own abilities head-on

This really does feel like a year of lost opportunities. I keep asking "why didn't I do more before the pandemic?" and "why didn't I do more during it?" I don't know if I can name something I wish I had done differently because I've not given it much thought out of fear that it will be overwhelming if I do.

There have been a lot of moments this year when I've missed the mark with people that I have not been proud of, especially in social justice spaces as a White activist. I have been proud of myself for the way I've been able to pivot and restore relationships that I previously may have harmed. I've learned that acknowledging my faults and then making amends is the best way to restore peace and trust with people.

I accomplished what I had hoped to during deployment, and then some: PQS weapons qualifier, PSU pin (except PSU basic), scuba diving certification, and of course, utility coxswain is the big one.

I wish I had done the living transition with my husband differently, but ultimately, I’m proud of how things turned out. He was threatening divorce if I didn’t move in with him and we didn’t stay in his old apartment, and I caved, hoping that would solve our problems. It didn’t work. And it didn’t prevent violent yelling - that happened both at the old apartment and the new apartment - until I got mean and threatened to continue being truly mean for as long as necessary. I’m glad we are in a different place now, and I’m sad and glad that when he went low, I went lower. I’m glad because it brought us to a place where constructive conversation was truly a better option, but I’m sad that it took that action from me to get us there.

I am very proud of the accomplishments I have achieved at work this year. It was with little help or support - as noone in the company suspected that we would do so well - so we weren't on anyone's radar so to speak and I have even heard that some are saying we lost money on the biggest deal,but we didn't and we are moving into the next season with a bigger footprint and that was my goal from the beginning. I am also really proud of the new relationship I have cultivated this year - COVID has good for something and it was the opportunity to really build a strong foundation and love that is easy and simple!

I wish I had better hygiene. I am proud of having a compass which I didn't have last year.

I wish I'd changed jobs before the pandemic. I'm not sure I'll be able to leave my current work for almost another year.

I am proud of moving out of my comfort zone to interact with people face to face, again, and converse with groups of folks, even by way of visual communications platforms on the Internet. I still feel awkward with speaking spontaneously (i.e., not writing and revising what I want to say), I think I'll survive that. :-) In my mid-70s, now, I believe that I am beginning to enjoy experiences of community, rather than avoiding everyone.

Ugh so much. We pretend to know how things should have gone and maybe what transpired is exactly what was necessary for real transformation, for the tshuva practice we're undergoing now. Why do I write in the queen's formal we?? Anyhow, if I had known I would be quaranteed for three months with my family and I didn't have the obligation to be constantly online checking up on how other people are living their quaranteed lives, I would have devised several meditation retreats for myself and friends, I would have learned a new musical instrument (think harmonium), I would have ordered workout lounge pants from Amazon. Every day carried the momentum of the previous and gosh it's just hard to get off that hamster wheel of emotional monstrosity especially during a global crisis. Okay so on to the next questions. What am I proud of from this year. I'm proud of starting therapy up again and really delving into this new relationship and model as a possibility for creative and personal freedom, despite the egoic hangups of is this for me, I'd rather be doing anything but this etc etc. I'm breaking through every day and becoming more comfortable sharing my truth, my feelings, expressing my needs and recognizing what's going on inside me. That's an accomplishment in itself!

I wish I had applied to the Director of Humanities Advising positing at UW. I don't exactly know what happened but it definitely feels like a personal failure or courage or ambition. I spoke to Frank about applying and he said "Okay and I'll stay here," which felt to me like equal parts ultimatum and dare. I just don't want to separate our family, especially to opposites coasts. Is that so radical? I also think such a move would really push the needle of Frank and I's relationship: Best case scenario, we miss each other terribly. Worst case scenario, we don't. Anyhow, we talked to our therapist about the job and somehow landed on me NOT applying because if I was offered the position and had to decline it I would never forgive Frank. Now I think that no applying at all might have the same effect? Obviously, this pushes on the scar tissue of "we only move for Frank's career" and "Frank's career is the driving force in our lives. It would have been nice to get to the point where he said. "Apply, Catherine. I'll make something work in Seattle."

I wish I had been less enabling of my partner when he stopped working and encouraged him to secure a small income instead of living off his savings which are all but gone. That would have been a useful chunk of money for us. I am proud that I have kept a regular exercise routine and not gained the lockdown stone that I heard everyone talking about!

I am proud that I am trying something new with my job. It isn't easy to be 47 years old and trying a new field of work and being quite often very confused about what to do or how to do it. Asking for help can be exhausting, especially when it feels constant. I am a confident person and this experience has been humbling. But I am proud that I have learned to sit more in the discomfort and trust in myself that I can figure it out. To be more patient.

am specially proud for all the connections I have kept up and intensified over the past months even if by zoom. i am proud to have signed up to go back to school and to have used the downtime to better myself by leaning so many new things from painting to cooking, and most for the gift of time with my sons.

Not really. Of course, there is always opportunity to beat myself up for not being more patient with my mom. For not helping more but I truly am working to stay out of those places and ensure that I am making the commitment to patience in all other parts of my life. And when we reflect on how people have loved us following her death, we are resolving to be more intentional about sending cards, caring for people etc. And it's not like we didn't do it before - we just intend to ramp it up!!

I am really proud of putting together an amazing experience for my new girl scout troop this year, and kicking ass at cookie sales despite COVID making everything past march nearly untenable.

I mostly wish I was faster at getting my company started this past year. But the fact that I have been out on my own for over a year makes me extremely proud. I have learned so much and found so much more balance in my life by working for myself and establishing boundaries in my work vs life.

I wish I had devoted less time to feeling sorry for myself, and more time to achieving the practical tasks related to cleaning up/downsizing all of our possessions prior to our planned relocation and retirement.

I wish I took better care of my mental health. I let being comfortable overtake my physical and mental needs.

There are so many things I wish I had done differently, but I am also proud that I've adapted so much to the reality of Zoom and COVID--learning many new songs, getting better at the guitar, becoming (more) comfortable in the digital world, and remembering (too infrequently, but I'm getting there) to connect with friends.

I'm really proud of the fact that when the pandemic hit, I immersed myself in Overeaters Anonymous instead of finding comfort from the craziness in food. Now, I was slipping in sliding through it, but I didn't go full bore! I'm grateful for that.

I don't think I could have done anything differently, I handled everything in the best way I knew how. I am proud that I was able to prioritize my kids' education over everything else though, once we understood the impact of 10 weeks of e-learning this past spring. I was super dedicated to extend my childrens' learning into the summer and I feel like they are thriving in school this fall now because of it.

I resigned from my job that was unsatisfying, that felt harmful and not a match to my wants. I had some self-doubt that it took me from last August until March to find another job, but having that freedom let me participate in Dickens, and it all worked out swimmingly well in the end. In starting Dickens, I also met a new love interest, and have weathered the pandemic with this new love unfolding, which I am proud of. I have not completed my SCUBA training yet!

I wish I hadn’t jumped right into doing a second round of IVF once the first one failed. I should have given the supplements time to work, I should have done more research. I also should have changed doctors earlier than I did.

There are always times when I should have said something and didn't and when I shouldn't have said something and did. I am proud that I could help my daughter and son in law get some of their work done by holding Safta camp for the month of August for their three children. It was fun and took mymind off of the world. I shouldn't have responded to Max about Purim. I continue to be proud of my relationship with my children and in law children and siblings and nieces and nephews and grandchildren

Yes. I wish I hadn't screamed as much at my kids. I wish I hadn't screamed as much at my husband. I wish I hadn't threatened divorce. I am proud, overall, how we have managed to survive quarantine living with one another.

It's all pandemic related: I wish I had just gotten on a plane on Pesach - to see my dad one last time - though I don't know if they would've let me in the skilled nursing facility. I wish I would've followed through calling him and tried to get through - it was challenging to get ahold of him. The staff would ask me to call back in five minutes and then i'd get wrapped up in taking care of my toddler and I would remember hours later, it would be too late to call back. What I'm proud of is that I rose to the challenge of having to raise and educate and support my daughter while working at the same time. I almost went on parental leave b/c of the stress. but I got through it and now she's in school. My dad told me, months before he died, that I am a good mother. I am holding onto that. And actively bringing him and my mom into my daughter's life every day.

proud of so many things. proud of the way we all "pivotted". There's the word for the year!!! Proud of our amazing children Proud of the work we ultimately had to do and got to in order to clean out the old house for sale however hard it was to go through 60 years of cards, and letters, and stuff Especially proud of my work with Limmud NA. Proud of bringing the community together in person to review planning priorities - committee speed dating really worked

I’d wished that I’ve overcame my self-doubts and applied for the jobs earlier Then again, things might not happened this way if it weren’t for the journey taken to get there. However, I’m proud of the achievement and recognition given by my current workplace in such a short amount of time. Previously, I was being let go from my former workplace in the same amount of time. The whole incident signals to me that I’ve finally overcome the pain and learnt from the mistakes that cost me my job in the past. I’m proud of my ability to adapt and change, and most importantly to come back stronger after encountering failure.

I wish I had let my kids (and myself) off the hook more with Zoom learning. I wish I had let it be imperfect, and let them skip it. The stress of getting them online and monitoring their participation was energy not well spent.

I wish I had paced and planned the work on this big project at work differently. I feel far behind and backed into a corner now. I feel proud of how I'm showing up to myself, to my marriage, to my Mom, and to my friends.

I don't spend too much time thinking about what I could have done differently, except as it relates to what might come up. I find that it's the day by day present that I should focus on - being in now... The exception is if I have amends to make - then this type of reflection is good.

I wish I had finished and published a paper this past year. I could have set a deadline for myself and set aside more time, but I didn't. Now I am trying to finish things up without access to a lab. I have realized that some measurements should be revisited, and all I can do now is either wait until the lab reopens or submit the paper as it is. Either way, I could have avoided this by finishing sooner. Much like the previous year, though, I achieved a lot outside of that. I won my first nationally competed proposal as a PI, which is a really big deal. I am certainly very proud of myself for that, but I need to relish that more than I do.

I wish I had pushed myself during the beginning of Covid to not be lazy. I purchased a bike and thought I would ride to work but it just didn't happen. I did it maybe 15 times.

I wish I had more patient with people, situations in general. This is something I need to work with. It's not that I'm constantly impatient; I've been working on this and I've made considerable improvements, but sometimes I slip back into old behaviour.

I wish I had started the house remodel stuff faster, so that I could have sold this year. I really shot myself in the foot by waiting. I know that I was nervous about the pandemic, and about everything being unknown, but now I'm stuck in the house longer than I wanted to be. The positive is at least I did get the house done, so when the market comes back, I can buy something and sell the house. I just wish the timing of it had fell more in my favor.

I think this has been a pretty good year overall. I have maintained my sobriety. I've been very conscious of my interactions with my daughter. I don't helicopter parent my son. Respectful of my husband. So, I guess I'd say I'm proud of how the year has gone. Oh-almost forgot-my new job pays me more than I've ever made before.

I wish that I had navigated some of the challenges I encountered with solidarity team differently. I wish I gave Donna a phone call that one time to explain the consequence of derailing the selection process.

I wish that I had planned for the failure of the USPS to deliver my package a little bit better. I had a lot of things in there that I expected to get, and they didn't show up and now I'm flailing a little bit about it. It may not seem like much later, but not knowing about what stuff was in there is a big deal to me.

Mike and I are working hard on our marriage, for which I am grateful. I can't imagine going through the pandemic without the skills we have learned and that we are making part of our normal lives together. This shit is HARD and I am grateful to know the toolbox before the crisis.

My relationship with Rick is difficult for me. I tried initially to have it be light and it wears on me that I don't fill his expectations. I haven't figured out how to realign this to mutual advantage. I did the paperwork to Reduce my Property Taxes. 🙌

I wish I would have looked after my health and fitness more. I definitely ate differently and drank a lot more alcohol than I had before, and the weight gain that resulted is an obvious outcome of where my focus wasn't. I wish I had continued to meal plan and do weekly food prep so that we could have stayed in better shape. On the flip side of that, I'm especially proud of myself for getting really far outside my comfort zone. I'm pursuing a sports certification in Italian, I've paid for a high ticket (for me) mentorship because I have faith in both the program and my own ability to use the opportunity to move my business forward. I've learned a LOT of new technology that I've been avoiding and afraid of, and I've put myself out there even more. The result is that I now have a few paying clients, and I can feel the momentum building!

I wish I had made time to do little bits of exercise. I think that this is something that will become more and more important as I get older.

This past year, I am not sure. I feel like I accomplished so much, but I do feel like I could have spent more energy and time working on my health. I have stepped into a certain status quo, well embraced the new normal anyway where I am comfortable existing where I am, but I know I want to get further with my health goals. I also would have liked to work more on creative pursuits, but finishing an undergrad after 18 years of trying really stands out. It took a lot of energy, heart, and discipline, but I did it, and that really stands out.

I completed my Level 3 counselling course, while pregnant, while still working and while locked down in a global pandemic. I'm extremely proud of this and feel like this is a real achievement, especially as there was a point when it looked like I wouldn't be able to complete the course as they talked about moving the assessment to November, which would have made it impossible for me to complete (unless they let me do it with a newborn!) But it all worked out and I was able to complete the course in July as planned. It was a relief to know I've done this and I feel so positive about continuing my studies after a break for getting to know my baby.

Wish I could get more motivation to be inspired in the life I have, but without having paid huge sums of money for a sort of self-help con.

I asked my partner to marry me! I think I would have done it slightly differently - ideally been less nervous! - but I still like how it went overall.

I've been a member of a cycling club for nearly 4 years now, but only ridden regularly during my first year. I'm not confident socially and found it hard to keep turning up and having to get to know people. A year ago I gave myself an ultimatum - to go on a club ride then either ride regularly or leave (I felt guilty every week for not going!). A year on I've not looked back. I have a new group of friends, am fitter than I've ever been, and have recently become a ride leader. I feel proud!

Yes, losing the weight and exercising. I’m proud of being a good friend, brother and uncle.

I'm especially proud of beginning to teach at HackerU, learning Premiere Pro in order to teach it, and organizing myself around teaching a larger group than I had previously handled

I wish I had listened to / understood my partner a bit better when we first went into lockdown. I was so preoccupied with how I thought we should be coping - rather than how we actually were. But I'm proud of the way we supported one another in the end. And the fact that I managed to overcome my feelings of despair and lack of motivation to deliver at work (and be recognised for that resilience).

Ugh. I feel like it's been a real "nothing" year. I guess I wish I had travelled overseas last year maybe. Nick and I were supposed to go to South Korea and Hong Kong in May, but then COVID-19 hit, and obviously we had to cancel all of our plans. I haven't been overseas in over a decade, and maybe it's the thing that's been missing from my life that makes it whole? I feel more or less moderately satisfied by most things in my life, and I don't know if that's normal with growing up, or I'm not doing something right. I do think I need to go travelling though. Seek adventure, and all of that. There is some level of hilarity that after all of these years, anxious-ridden and refusing to even consider the idea of travel, that finally when I feel ready to conquer it, the entire globe is hit with a pandemic outbreak. As Alanis would say - isn't it ironic, don't ya think?

I am both unsettled but relieved that I did not change careers at this time. If I had, I may have been out of a job entirely, as the career I wanted is suffering immensely due to COVID-19. I am proud that I have managed to deal with this year as it is. I am not always happy about it, but I know there are so many people who have it worse. So I am very grateful that I have what I have.

I wish I had done the rescue of my son in Jenner differently. So sorry that I brought the wrong bike pump and that I didn't buy gas either time when i drove through Bodega. Getting into a relatinship with Mindy is the experience that brings me the most pride.

I’m especially proud of the forward progress I’ve made in my relationship with Spouse. I’m learning to love in a new and hopefully better way. There were tough times doing this work and I’m grateful for the outcomes. AND, I feel committed to continuing this work.

Even though my job has been very stressful and at times not very enjoyable. I feel like I was a very good supervisor to those under me.

I wish I had traveled more, though I'm very happy my wife and I took the trip to Hawaii. Who knows when we will get to travel like that again. Now I'm making a list of where we want to go when we can travel freely again.

I can't think of anything I would have done different knowing what i knew at the times i did everything. I am happy to have pulled off what I hope was a very successful Diana Initiative 2020 virtual event, and joined the board.

I'm proud of setting boundaries.

Now, knowing what happened starting in March, I would have really prioritized active, purposeful self-care. I would have gotten a haircut, a wax, a massage, a facial. I would have gone swimming, gone to a yoga class, made all the doctor's appointments that never seem to come off my to-do list. Now that doing anything outside the house is such an ordeal, I really wish I had prioritized it when it was much simpler to add to my calendar.

I wish that I had done a better job of making my life look how I want it to. I guess that's sort of an unrealistic thing to wish because nothing went as planned, but I wish I had spent less time feeling sorry for myself and like a victim of circumstance. I wish that I had been better able to accept that things had changed, and found a way to enjoy the little things. I feel like this goes for how I feel paralyzed by the enormity of the things that need to changed in the world as well; I need to spend less time feeling overwhelmed just accept that things are horrible, there are things I can do to help, and then do those things.

I am proud that i took some time out from guys and that i put some effort and focus on my professional goals.

I wish I spent more time with my mom. I’m glad I finished all of the final arrangements. I did it one month before she passed away. I am proud that I was able to give her a Jewish funeral.

Last fall, I made the difficult decision to quit the job that was making me miserable. I decided to go after my dream and finally pursue a job in the writing field, despite knowing I would likely never make as much money doing what I love. After two hard months of unemployment and questioning all of my choices, I finally got that call - I interviewed for a job as a reporter at my local newspaper and after waiting WEEKS for a response, I finally found out I had the job! I took more than a 30% pay cut, but my wonderful husband supported me every step of the way and we looked at our budget and decided that it was worth it for my emotional and psychological wellbeing. Three months into my new career, everything changed when the pandemic hit and everything got shut down. While I am still going into my office to work (because of terrible internet at home, mostly), so many of my articles are about the pandemic and its affects on every aspect of society. So many of my interviews are on the phone now and I often have to ask interviewees to send me their own photos because I have limited access to my subject matter, or for mine or their safety. Looking back, I am proud of myself for choosing to go after my dream job and I can see how much I have accomplished in such a short time. It's been less than a year (about 10 months) but I have published over 120 articles and have quite the portfolio now. I've gone outside my comfort zone and have grown and strengthened my skills as a writer. I've learned a ton about local government and about school board meetings and have watched so many speeches by the Virginia governor to keep up to date on what is going on with pandemic testing and COVID prevention guidance. This year has been SO HARD, but looking back and remembering that the year is not just what has happened since March, I am proud of my professional and personal grown in my career and for working so hard to maintain a separation between work and my home life. No matter what happens (our company has seen furloughs and layoffs already and we fear for our jobs often), I hope I can always look back on this time with pride in these accomplishments.

I’m especially proud of having known when to “jump ship” at my previous job. The timing turned out to be exceptionally good — the boss I feared betraying was about to be ousted anyway, and the new job would adapt far better to remote working when quarantine set in a short time later. The income boost has made a difficult time much easier.

I am proud of the home that Danit (my roommate) and I have made together. We put an incredible amount of love, care, space, listening, open-heartedness, and more into our space. Its meaning and importance to me continue to evolve and it brings me so much joy. The purpose with which she chooses to make her home inspires me.

More than anything, I wish that I had lived more on my own terms than deferring to the fears and wishes of others. The years are ticking away, and there should no longer be any barrier to fulfillment. I have the resources and time, but as a couple it’s necessary to dilute an experience to make it acceptable to both of us. I need to take my manhood out of the lockbox and speak to my wife about the need to get away and do my own thing occasionally, even if she’s fearful of being alone. Something I'm especially proud of is in this period of sequestration a newfound devotion to an oft repeated goal has emerged. It begins at 4 A.M. with a four mile walk followed by walking our dogs and then my wife and I do thirty minutes of exercise to improve general fitness and balance. In three months I've managed to drop fifteen pounds, lower my A1c and blood pressure, missing only a few days here and there in my regimen.

I am pleased that for most of the year I was able to stick to my planner schedule. So far, 2020 has not been a year for planning but I set personal goals, and The Hubster and I completed projects around the house. Managed not to get depressed by political stuff!

There are always things I wish I'd done differently. But I'm proud of handling a very difficult decision about college in the best we we could, and it's wonderful to watch my son grow during this time.

Although the year has been a difficult one, I am mainly comfortable with how I navigated it. The worst I can say is that I tried too hard to make people like me, and to build community. I misread the room, but in a very kindly and optimistic way.

I am really proud to have gotten a 98 in my class. I worked really hard on it and sometimes I felt totally overwhelmed, so to get that grade at the end was so satisfying!!

I wish I had been more authentic in my interactions with my son-by-relationship about how hard it is to have him living here. He lives with an emotional/mental disability that has stunted his maturity. He's 30yo. But it's like living with someone half that age.

I think I wish I had been more proactive in seeking out therapy. There have been a lot of tough times over the past year and I think I would have benefitted from going back to therapy sooner. I’m really proud of the way I’ve been getting a little more politically active. I’m proud of having phone banked for Biden multiple times over the past few weeks, since I often feel paralyzed trying to think about how to help improve the political situation.

I'm incredibly proud of the way that I handled the pandemic and staying home. I lowered expectations, prepare dabd bought all the school stuff, created weekly menus with 3 meals and snack each day, bought food weekly, cooked, baked fun things, bought a Nintendo, went in the swim spa... In a time of incredible uncertainty and anxiety, I controlled what I could control, and absolutely tried to make the best of life. It's hard at times (no babysitters, no friends, none of our usual dates, no self-care of massage/nails/brunch..). I'm prioritizing out mental health, and trying to make decisions based on that.

I wish I had saved a little more money before quitting my job, it wouldn't given us even more of a financial buffer until I was able to find a new job 4 months later. Having a bit more money would have alleviated some of the anxiety the situation caused much husband in particular. In saying that, the experience gave us the opportunity to learn a lot about each other, ourselves and our relationship with and perception of money. I am so very proud of finding the career direction that I wanted to go in and really working hard go network in the field and learn everything that I could. All of this work resulted in me not only getting a job (which I feel so incredibly grateful for in a time when getting a job is so difficult) but for getting exactly the kind of job I was aiming to get into, aligning with my career aspirations.

I wish I would have freed myself earlier from people who are not doing me well.

All the answers this year have been materially changed by the experience of the pandemic. It would have been a totally different answer pre-pandemic. At this point of time I am just grateful that me and my near and dear have made it thus far. Without any significant physical and mental adversities. I pray to God daily that we are able to make and live each day as it comes,

I wish I'd had the realization earlier that, for all those times that I've wished I could go back to high school and make different decisions, for all that I've thought to myself that I'm smarter and stronger now and would never sacrifice my autonomy and self-preservation on the altar of safety and comfort...I've repeated the same pattern with my work. I have stayed in an unhealthy and frankly abusive position because I am afraid that I will not be able to take care of myself. I have let my fear of uncertainty keep me stuck. Given another opportunity, I have protected myself no better than I did when I was sixteen. Apparently if you dress the same insecurity up in different clothes, I'll let it move in, over and over again.

I transitioned to a whole food plant based diet, mainly for personal health reasons, but I also happy to be reducing my footprint on the planet as a result.

I wish I would have found a way to use this time of social distancing to connect more with my spouse rather than pull away and socially distance myself from him. It feels like I’ve put up barriers as has he. I don’t know how to scale them and given the tension of these past few months I’m not sure I have the energy to try. It’s not that I want to separate (ok some days I do) but it’s more a case of being so weary that putting in any effort feels too much to ask.

I wish I would’ve enjoyed hanging out with my friends in LA more and begin around my family. And been more intentional with my time with my loved ones. I am proud that I have taken studying for the MCAT seriously and even though it’s just the completion of the first week I feel good about my progression and making it more of a priority and taking it day by day ..rather than week by week

I am proud of the way I have coped with the pandemic, particularly the way I have navigated the shift to virtual work, figured out the software and the video platform, learned how to make the virtual sessions effective, even with EMDR, been a soldier of therapy - keeping myself physically and mentally fit and able to function, been a beacon to clients and to myself, found purpose in my work, kept my spirits up somehow and just kept going, no matter what. On a personal note, I am proud that I have persisted with online dating, challenging as it has been, both before and during the pandemic, and that I am learning so much from it and sometimes even having a little fun.

I’m proud confronting chris about tinder and Instagram, not sure Im proud that were still together.

Getting into the routine of practising yoga was a balm both my body and mind. After a continuing pain in my heels in previous years (due to weight lifting, running, jumping, and what else), yoga helps me stretch and ease into my body without the rush of achieving or crushing more.

I’m proud that my FICO score is presently close to 800. Yay, me! This is a particularLy sweet accomplishment because I’ve been disabled since 2002.

I wish I had not wasted time! I knew a year ago that I was terminally ill, but I still have not done all the things I need to do b4 I pass. I can only hope that God grants me another few months of lucidity,

This year I'm proud of the steps I've taken to move my dissertations forward. I finished the concept paper. I formed the committee. I found the topic that fit. I got people on board with it. I like my topic and I think its going to lead to something good.

I wish I had connected with more people online- from 6FS course, but also locally. I also wish I had practiced emailing people more- supervisors, producers. However, I’m especially proud of the money and time I’ve invested into learning my craft and getting better. I’ve improved so much and it’s really paid off!

As any person who just moved in with their partner, I have regrets about how I’ve handled conflicts with Theo this past year. Living together for the first time presents challenges for any couple, let alone a couple that moved to a new city together right before a pandemic set in. Ultimately I think we’ve learned and grown a lot through our arguments, but I wish I had known how to better resolve our conflicts rather than parroting what I’ve heard my parents (especially my mother) do. Sometimes, when I’m angry or frustrated, I speak and I hear her voice—not mine. In conflict (with Theo or anyone else) I want to be sure to speak from my own truth and understanding of the situation, not anyone else’s.

I wish I had kept it together after Emily left. As I am now typing this from Brandywine hospitals EDU. I was so happy. I was finally living the life I had dreamed of and then I destroyed it per usual.

I wish I had gotten over my social anxiety and spent as much time as possible with friends. I wish I didn’t worry about who liked me or how much. Just assumed that I was enough for everyone and fun to everyone. I have so much fun when I am myself.

I wish I had spent every waking minute i had with my sister because now she’s gone

I wish I had cancelled Sansa's surgery when it was evident she was so strongly against it. I wish I had taken the Saturday flight to Nairobi with Squeaker and been ready to bribe someone to get in.

I wish I had spent more time reaching out to my friends. I am by nature a hermit, and I have been content with the unusual amount of solitude provided by the COVID-19 pandemic. I know, however, that many people I care about were not doing anywhere near as well during the worst months of the lockdowns, and I wish I had put more energy into trying to share a little of my mental wellness with them.

Similar to last year, I wish I took more initiative with my dating life as well as get-togethers with friends. The pandemic did add difficulty to both of these, but there were still ways I could've attacked both of these areas in my life.

I can't really think of any regrets that I am responsible for. I regret, or mourn the loss of trips, concerts, plays, SNL, etc. But none of that is because of anything I did. I don't regret anything within relationships that I've had or have. I guess I would say I'm proud that I have been exercising more than ever before and I didn't put on any weight from the pandemic.

I'm kind of neutral on both these questions - it's not that life has been perfect, but I don't think there's much I'd have done differently. Something of which I'm proud? Moving. Every single day since mid-March, I have been out in nature. Some days, hikes were very long, and some days not. But I think I'm treating myself better by doing this, and that's important.

I wish I would have stayed closer to my granddaughter during the shutdown. I could have called her more often. She was home alone way too much because her dad was working. I do not have anything significant that I am proud of. I feel I do what is necessary but rarely above and beyond.

I guess I wish I had been more adaptable through the pandemic. I had so much anxiety throughout this whole experience, about circumstances outside my control, about being holed up in the house, and I wish I had been more relaxed, I guess? Although it's sort of hard to imagine that being possible, and it's hard to be too upset about myself with anything related to the pandemic, especially my emotional state. I wish I had spent more time outdoors/camping over these last few months.

Hmm, I think I learned to listen to myself more. I wish I had learned to turn off the “noise” ear but now that I have I am so grateful to hear myself again. I know it will take constant effort but hopefully I can continue to grow in this area.

hmm things I wish I did differently - I would have of course loved to travel more when I had the chance, but I had tons of summer travel scheduled that I couldn’t have known wouldn’t happen. So I guess I would have liked to take more time off. In hindsight, I also didn’t need to study so hard for my licensing exam. I’m especially proud of myself for adjusting well to my job as a full time therapist in private practice - I started off afraid of the workload and potential impact of hearing so much trauma. I feel so lucky to be doing this work and embarking on year two with my wonderful, resilient, funny and thoughtful clients.

Yes. I lost about 18 pounds in 2/3 months, developed an eating disorder, and injured both of my elbow tendons. It is 100% a result of the pandemic, boredom, lack of stimulation, lack of any sort of project/school work/etc. I had nothing else to focus on. I am so sad for myself. I feel sad for the person I was then. I feel sad that i'm left to pick up the pieces now. I regret every instant I spent worrying and anxious about food instead of enjoying precious moments with my family. I can't describe how much regret I feel. I am left with the physical effects of my behavior daily. i have chronic pain in both of my arms. I count calories precisely even though my clothes are falling off me and then I eat like crazy on the weekends. Or maybe I just relax - who knows.

All the things I can think of are things I could not control. I wish I had not gotten sick last month with the not-COVID illness that I have not yet fully recovered from. I wish I had gotten more sleep all year! But of things I had a choice about, I would not change anything.

No. I have learned so much in the last year. I also am very proud of my recovery which allowed me to find a new job with coworkers that understand my disability. This week, my boss offered me a promotion and I’m ready to try new responsibilities.

I don't know

I wish I had been able to connect with every student that I had before the pandemic. I was able to work with most, but there were a few I could not reach.

While I think I am more relaxed in social situations and have deepened personal relationships, I think I am most proud of how well my cooking skills have developed. I can prep & cook most any vegetable and my soups and use of (particularly Indian) seasonings is really first rate! Karen & I are communicating better, but my insecurity is still getting in the way of increased intimacy.

I wish I had not been so slothful and procrastinating. The piles of papers everywhere, the projects left undone, my inability to say "no" still unchecked . . . my energy and will feel sapped by the dangers all around.

I'm especially proud of the camping and hiking Nady and I have been doing this year. We hiked Half-Dome. It was exhausting but I'm so happy we did it. We also just built a sleeper platform for the CR-V. Haven't taking it out camping yet because of the fires all over California. But we're very much looking forward to more camping. We have a general plant to retire and go see all the national parks. Taking these smaller hiking and camping steps feels like we're getting closer to our goal.

I can't think of anything I wish I'd done differently. But I'm proud of the Door Knob Project.

I'm proud of surviving lockdown as a single mother with 5 of my 6 kids home with me. I feel we all benefitted from the slower pace of life, it was like a reset for us.

I'm proud we have gotten through COVID so far without killing one another. I wish I had spent more time doing something useful - either for myself or for someone besides my spouse (he gets a great deal of my time and energy - and does thank me for it!). But I wish I'd started something so that a year later I could say - look what I learned!

I am proud of brokering a reconciliation between my brother and sister just a day an a half before her death. Then he died 5 weeks later. Just in time!

Differently? No. Not really. It was a year where I don't feel like I made a lot of choices because a lot of choices were made for me. From the pandemic and lockdown, to the protests against racial injustice, to the impotent fury of watching the GOP dismantle democracy - it all feels bigger than I am and too big to change. I would say this year has been characterized by a new level of powerlessness.

I feel like I addressed differently in my last post. I wish I'd been more empathetic, and more in tune with others. I can think of other times, too. I wish I had attended a George Floyd protest. I wish I had stood up and been counted for others. I am proud of how hard I've worked to get good at online teaching. Online teaching is hard, but I tried my best to learn how to do it well, and to reach out to our families often to communicate and connect. Our students deserve a great education, and I'm proud of how hard I worked to provide them with my best during a challenging time. I feel like this is how I leverage my value of learning. I learn, so that others can learn, too.

I wish I had gotten into more of an exercise routine, still hoping to do it. Alternatively I am proud of my Infinity work, work on anti-racism, and how our family has weathered this whole situation. We are so lucky

I'm especially proud that I finished my copyediting course! Now I just need to get my ass in gear and get some work in that space. Something I wish I'd done differently...God, I don't know. Knowing what I do now, I wish I'd visited my family more before March. The prospect of at least another year of extremely limited or nonexistent visits...hurts a lot. There's no winning either. The virus doesn't care if I miss my family. So if I do go, I'll spend the entire time I'm there, plus two weeks afterwards, low-key terrified that I'll get sick or get them sick.

Perhaps it would have been great to be a bit more focused so I am more prepared to obtain that new role when it presents itself. I'm proud of keeping positive in a challenging year. I am sad we didn't get to do the Oxfam challenge and wished I could have trained a bit more.

I wish I had been more comfortable in the unknown, I wish I hadn't pushed myself into decisions like taking a job I had a bad feeling about, and put less pressure on myself to do things I thought I "should" be doing. I'm proud of how I have handled the pandemic - a historic global event in modern human history. I haven't fallen apart, I haven't succumb to what could be the hardest parts of this time mentally. Instead, I've stayed resilient, I've tried to improve my inner strength and guidance. I tried to improve myself and in ways that I could from home, I've managed both the ups and downs of my life (losing my job, apt, not seeing family for almost a year) during this time, and my mom's logistics while she's out of the country.

I can't think of anything significant that I would have done differently this past year. I am continuing to grow at work and wish I had done a better job at managing my time and my team. This is a work in progress. As far as being proud of something, I am happy that I followed my heart when guiding my mom and brother through the process of my father's death. We had a chance to process his life together, with a backyard memorial (via Zoom), and spent time together like we had not done before.

This year I learned how to write. I published my first academic article in May 2020. It was not without some bumpy parts, but I practiced "atomic" writing meaning writing 20, 30 or 45 minutes everyday and got it done, accepted in a reputable journal and it was published! I also learned how to do it, partially by working with those editors and partially because I got a book which takes the reader from the beginning to the end process. It has been a lifelong career struggle, but I finally got it. I felt so embarrassed by my gaps in this area and now feel like I can do this aspect of my job. During COVID, I stopped my work for awhile and felt completely unable to write, but I have now decided to complete the novel I have been writing in my mind for over 10 years. I have been making my way through it, 30 minutes a day. I will finish it.

This past year involved Mike going to hospital in September and being released to my care - it's the major change for 5780 as he now lives with me - we did Doctor appointments together and surgery - and established a routine - I would not have done it differently and I think I can be pleased that I made peace with the changes without getting upset.

Very proud that my wife and I are closer than ever thru this COVID-19 situation. We have found amazing things to do together, we keep helping our family and found an amazing Synagogue to attend remotely.

Differently? No. I think we made the right calls. I guess with hindsight the kids could have done summer camp safely, but there was no way to know. I am proud that I have endured 2020 thus far.

I worked very hard on mindfulness this year. Nothing is perfect, and there’s more work to be done. But I can proudly stand and recognize how much work I’ve done.

At work, I should have been more diligent with staying focused and determined to fulfill my quota goals. I'm a digital artist, and the job I do requires me to move quickly and get a lot of work done. I slacked off too much, let distractions take me away, and my productivity went down. Now they are giving me a chance to prove to them I can do the work in a given amount of time, otherwise I am going to be let go.

Hmmm. Everything I wish I'd done differently has to do with the pandemic. I wish I'd stuck more to running. I wish I'd kept up on paperwork. Oh wait, I know. I wish I'd hugged my big kid every single time he came over because I didn't know that I wasn't going to get to hug him again for quite awhile.

I’m very happy with the Sabbath Girl’s offbeat run. The personal growth I’ve experienced with my artistry is fulfilling; freeing. And I feel as though I have shed a lot of internal conflict related to material desires, and spiritual growth. It seems to me now, the soul and the material world do intermingle, and always coexist.

I don't have any regrets. I have learned from past mistakes and am playing it very safe rn. I'm proud of my school work and finding my stride in balancing work, school and personal life. In all, I am proud of my continued tenacity and hope that I can keep it up as I move forward.

I’m proud of how my husband and I have been managing the COVID lockdown. From the start, the vulnerability of the elderly has been emphasized. Yet we have, I think, maintained a balance between staying safe and taking reasonable risk — to visit the grandkids,especially. A top priority.

I am especially proud of the Bias Bites campaign. It was inspirational to see the team come together around a new way of handling learning and development after a couple of years of feeling like they had simply lost doing courses the old way. Bite sized learning on a fully voluntary basis was the idea and the dialogue that followed was more than I could have anticipated.

I wish I haven't fucked up my job at the bank, but I don't miss that job. I wish I hadn't gone to work at Whole Pets. I wish I hadn't enrolled in welding school. I honestly don't feel like I have a single thing to be proud of.

I wish I had left the country thrme summer and set up camp in Israel, after obeying a strict quarantine! Its so rare that all of us have the opportunity to not go to work or school. Instead, we pretty much never left home which was an exercise difficult for our teen son.

I wish I hadn't enrolled in that 2000€ online Master's Course on the Creative Thought that I then found so boring to follow and I am now running the risk of abandoning. I really have to put the effort to find the way of completing it, so that I don't waste all that money which cost me a lot of work to earn.

No, i have had a good year. I think i have been a good support for Both of my sons in difficult times and inam proud of us

My responses from 2019 still stand with wishing I had done more of the things I do to be centered and healthy like exercise and meditations... but the truth is, I do those things, just not as a steady practice. And let's face it, let's face it, 2020 is here to destroy what was, challenge what is, and wreak havoc with what we thought we wanted and needed. If I had meditated full time and trained to run a marathon, it would still be a COVID struggle. So I'm proud to be relatively healthy in a year that has seen me holding down my particular job with a team, tasks, tempo and constraints that has been really beyond my comfort, health or happiness zone. Driven by my loyalty and care - but on the flip side by my pleasing and perfectionism - the situation I'm in has not been good for me or pleasing or perfect. So my goal is to pull back into my life and make sure MY life post-corporate world is ready to support me and my CREDO. Actually, that CREDO is something I am especially proud of - written at the end of 2019 from work I did at the Mindfulness Coaching School. GTW CREDO In a creative universe, my first responsibility is the creation of my own life. I strive to keep a strong body, clear mind and calm heart. I avoid whatever would reduce my physical and mental well-being. I live dynamically balanced toward the now, knowing what I do now creates the future I seek. I avoid anxious thoughts and feelings so I may employ and enjoy all my life offers me. I create meaningful relationships with those I love, for the sake of love, and to support our mutual peace and prosperity. I avoid wasting their time and energy, or letting them waste mine. I dedicate my life to words and work that sing beauty, hope and possibility to myself and others, as I design a financially and personally rewarding professional practice and also serve my community. I let myself be silently drawn by the strange pull of what I really love. I avoid being led astray by mindless fears. I respect the no-thing which sparks all things. I respect we’re all making it up as we go along. I remain confident and courageous in my creativity, and in my ability to help others find courage in theirs. I never stop looking for beauty, courage and creativity while I acknowledge the interplay of harmony and dissonance, light and shadow, in every corner of the universe. I am a vital spark on the spectrum of all things. I shine for myself and others, to lead the way home.

I don't think so. I think I did the best I could given the giant piles of crap in my way. There were a couple occasions where I was not the bigger person and chose to stake my claim and protect myself....and I think that was the right move even if it was not the kind move. I am proud of making it through epic waves of grief in a healthy way.

I’m really proud of my transition to stay at home mom in the wake of COVID, and my ability to conceive of my identity as separate from work and my value as a worker who can say yes. I can be a valuable person who says no. I am proud of the boundaries I set between work and parenting. It makes me really happy to look back on it.

I wish I had rethink leaving my job, and perhaps figured out how to do it more manageably. On the other hand, I’m so grateful to be with my family. And I’m really glad that we decided to pod with some neighbors when this all began, because I think it’s keeping us sane!!

I wish I hadn't pigged out and gained 100 lbs after working so hard to lose 250.

Ruth Bader Ginsburg died on Friday I wish I’d been more realistic about how much longer she could live. In retrospect, I’ve let other people do all the work and enjoyed the benefits.

I should've called grandmas more.

I wish I would have spoken my mind more often.

Focusing on the positive, I took a chance and quit a job I didn't feel was treating me as a valued employee and with respect as it pertained to the pandemic. It was hard to be out of work but instead of going for a corporate job, I searched for non-profits and found one that gave me an opportunity. Circumstances led me to be promoted quickly so reaffirms my belief that everything happens for a reason.

I am proud of my continuing efforts at learning no matter how frustrating my lessons can be. There is the deep appreciation toward my teacher and the profound love and care I feel for Ricky.

I can't really think of anything either way. The past year just seems like such a wash. I guess I wish I hadn't gained back all the weight and more that I worked so hard to lose last year. But I am proud that I seem to have developed a pretty good workout routine and hopefully one that will stick.

I wish I would have stayed at my own home during my cancer treatment. My mom and stepdad were amazing, and I'm forever grateful, but I needed more time in my own place.

If I could have, I would have spent more time with family. What I am proud of is my efforts to rebuild my public school teaching career that I had put on hold for 14 years since my oldest daughter was born. It feels good to have a career and purpose outside of my family. The kicker is that this year is like no other time in teaching. My hope is that we will get through this extraordinary year of teaching through COVID and find a way to bolster and reimagine our education system.

For brief moments, I wasn't fully stepped into my leadership . I assumed leaving space was the answer but in fact the moments were waiting for me. I felt so deeply proud of the moment I did step in, whether intentionally or organically. There were moments especially with our Swipe team where I felt like I channeled the power of the position and moment. I also proactivly put my leadership in moments where the world needed it and that gave me such confidence.

Proud that I kept working and didn’t take advantage of my employer or the system. Not sure what I would have done differently. Many things, nothing, I don’t know. Maybe taking my health more seriously earlier. Though I’m happy I started, no matter when it was.

I wish I had prioritized spending time with friends, collaborating with friends, and reaching out to potential friends and mentors.

I wish I had done what I set out to do. I wish I had caught myself when I started to slip in every area I was slipping in. I wish I had gotten out of my therapist relationship sooner. I am so proud of myself for quitting my job.

I am very proud of myself for going to Israel. It was more of a challenge that one might imagine -- I'm not great at living in a strange place -- and ended up being so rewarding. I wish that I had not had tom come home early, and I wish that I had not put off seeing a bunch of things that in the end I never got to see --but this is small in comparison to all I gained from being there and studying at Pardes.

We're in the last 10 days of September and yet this year doesn't feel that old because for 6 months we've been in lockdown. I'm not sure I'm proud of this, but I'm pleased that I could see I needed help with my mental health and therefore told HR at work and went to counselling. I'm not really sure if it helped, but it gave me a focus to bide my time while I recovered. I think it's probably given me some more tools to manage my mental health and understand what my negative thought patterns are. I have a lot of negative self-talk when I'm depressed. I also learned that one of the sources of my stress was lack of job satisfaction (not the other way around). I guess one of my regrets, and I suppose I was hamstrung by my depression, was not making a better go of the opportunity I had at work to create a new role for myself in the UX design team. I didn't grasp it with both hands and make it happen. When I spoke to people about it, I felt cringy - particularly a conversation I had with Luiza. I didn't like the way she was framing the role as she saw it from her perspective and that knocked me out. I could have been working with Ben E and Dave H with one of them as my line manager. And I've I'd got that sorted before lockdown, I might still be in that job now. As it is, I feel I've regressed and burned some bridges in my own team by asking for a new line manager and explaining why it was necessary. And the opportunity for the new role has been taken away again because the company is worried that there's not enough UX work anyway.

I think there are a few things I could point to which I would have liked to end differently, but I don’t think I would have wanted to do them differently. On the pride end of things, I feel pretty proud for completing grad school and landing a solid job during a pandemic. Although I’m just getting back to flexing my therapy muscles, I am really proud of the skills I’ve developed and choosing this path. Also in the recent (aka last week) past I made a glorious -almost vegetarian moussaka (with homemade farmers cheese) that simultaneously scooped me out of a funk, which I’d love to remind myself of this time next year.

I am especially proud of how Meg and I have handled lockdown/parenting in quarantine. I don't exactly know what I'd do differently... I'm actually in a good place but perhaps in a less disciplined/habit based place.

I have no regrets. I am proud of how I have faced my grief. Leaning into it. Writing my grief. Painting my grief. Mapping my grief. Doing the hard work of sorting out finances, preparing to sell the house if needed by lightning up the contents, taking care of so many things on my own -- the furnace, the gutters, the fence, the garden. The mice to be caught. The dead bird on the sidewalk. Embracing the suck. Being open to connection. Ongoing connection to my deceased wife. Connection to her family. Connection to friends old and new. Dedicating myself to discovering what I want. Protecting my boundaries. Working to become a better person.

I'm really proud that I got my new job, and that I'm settling into it in the weirdest possible circumstances. But mainly I would like to talk about the garden! When we first moved in, neither of us were particularly green fingered, although having a garden was definitely a selling point for us. I think we thought we'd probably end up getting someone in to relandscape it at some point, but it definitely never felt urgent. Instead, with all this free time and such lovely weather, we decided to do the work ourselves. We dug borders and planted shrubs, wild flowers and veg, and we've done pretty well! Loads of potatoes, loads of courgettes, some tomatoes on the way, and Chris's sunflowers won second place in the estate-wide competition. I'm really looking forward to what next year's garden is going to look like, and I feel so lucky that we've got such a lovely outdoor space to be in.

I’m proud of how I handled switching to a new school and a new grade. It was difficult, because the kids were different and the culture was different and the curriculum was different, but I made it work.

I wish I had been able to balance work and health better. Working 50-60 hours a week with a long commute is challenging. I need to get more exercise into my life amd need to plan my meals better as I am uncomfortably chubby. I want to lose 25 pounds before I turn 50. That gives me almost a year. I can do it if I eat more leafy greens and vegetables and less cheese and bread!

I chose to make a move to consolidate my family resources so that I was near my son and brothers family so as my mother died, I would be in a position to share "her way" to the younger people -- by living only a few blocks away, so not giving up independence by being nearby. It was the best decision I've made in my life.

I trusted the wrong person and still have to personally cope with the consequences. I really want to do it better this year: my aim is to listen to those people who are authentically there, all around.

I'm very proud that in the last year, I've continued to work on my photography. I really miss just walking around with my camera, but have continued to submit a weekly photo to the 52Frames project, even though many of them are taken in my back yard.

I am proud of the resilience I have shown in the face of great adversity and massive change I've been able to effect in our lives even under extremely difficult situations.

I wish I had taken the time in the spring and the summer to help Alexa maintain her academics rather than just focusing on letting the kids have fun and feel safe and secure. I kept thinking this was a short term thing, but here we are, 6 months later... I'm very proud that we have maintained a sense of normalcy, family, and fun for the kids during the difficult year though!

It was a journey and it unfolded in its own perfect timing. I wish I could love myself more and allow more abundance into my world. I struggle too much with guilt and hard work. I’m proud that I’m at least learning to love my self more and let go of the struggle, little by little.

I'm having a hard time thinking if something I'm proud of. I wish I'd had the strength to leave my husband when I discovered his betrayal. I feel weak and foolish.

I deeply regret the last conversation I had with my father before he passed away... I didn't realize it would be out last chance to talk together, and asked him about the most trivial things... The worse part is he wasn't even able to answer..... I am proud of how I was by his side untill his last moment... I am happy with the decisions we made as a family at that time.

I am proud of the way I approached my job search And the resulting mindset. I took advantage of every resource and opportunity that I discovered, and created many new pathways and possibilities for myself. Could I have done more? Absolutely. But the important thing for me was that I was able to remain positive, optimistic and keep going despite the lack of a final result, and I have opened new doors that didn’t exist a year ago.

Wish that I had done differently- be real, authentic with others. Not trying to brush off anxieties about the pandemic. Letting those walls down.

as always, wish I wouldve saved more, done more, tried harder at things rhat were important to me. Wish I would've spent more time with my sisters as time allowed. Little sis and I lost closeness but we are getting it back. Wish I eouldve found support for my insecurities sooner. I am proud for trying at work and applying for a supervisor position, even though I didn't get it. It showed boss man that I'm not content to just sit in my cubicle.

I do not seem to have any outstanding achievements this past year. Perhaps, I can be proud to say that my former students still take time to greet me and have a chat, as well as even inviting me to be their resource person.

In the past year I lost 30 pounds and kept it off. I also paid off my graduate school student loan. Both things feel like big accomplishments. Things I wish I'd done differently? Be more intentional about tending and nurturing my relationships. As a strong introvert, I live within my head much of the time and don't initiate connection as much as some of the people I care about the most need in order to feel valued, seen and loved.

I wish I had been clearer sooner about what I wanted. I wish I had accepted help earlier in my journey and let more people in.

Every year, I wish I had taken steps to get a better, less stressful, job. I'm proud of having saved money from my current job, and have paid off most of my student loan. I've paid my Visa credit cards in full every month now since 2017, which I'm also proud of.

I wish I had already learned how to love myself and be my own champion. That's what I would have done differently this year. On the other hand, I am very proud of my kind and loving behavior towards people I care about.

I am proud of the awareness and mindfulness I have developed around my mental health. I have a lot of anxiety and I used to not understand why. Thanks to therapy and meditation, I am in a much better space with my anxiety.

I'm so proud of myself for making a choice that was best for me and my family - by changing jobs to one where i get paid more and have better hours - even though doing so would let people down. So often I choose to stay in something because I don't want to hurt other people's feelings, make them sad, or let them down. For once, I did what was best for me even though it may cause discomfort to others. I tried to do it with grace and respect, but still - I put me first. If I don't, who will?

There are times when I wish I did not have an adversarial or score-based mindset in assessing other people. That said, I’m proud of my concerted effort to maintain and grow my relationships, even amidst the separation forced by the pandemic.

There's nothing I can pinpoint that I wish I would have done differently. But i do think that covid and having time taught me that there are many aspects of myself that had gotten lost and that i would like to do differently in the future. for example, listening to entire albums as a focus gives me joy. so does growing food and allowing myself to prioritize this. I did not get out into nature as much as usual, which is always a regret, but it was a year with so many barriers. I am proud of finishing to build the primary care PT course, which had been a 'dream thought' for years. So i'm very proud that it feels real.

No and maybe. I’m glad to be here with my 91 year old grandmother providing daily support and care for her well-being. And after thinking about it more, I am proud of the self-discipline that I’ve maintained in taking care of myself. I’m proud of my dedication to daily meditation and for the maintenance of my physical, mental, emotional and spiritual health. I have been more open to allowance and receiving from others instead of being ultra independent and /or always giving. I am glad to be moving in the direction of reciprocity and balance.

I don’t think there is anything that I would do differently. I am proud of buying a house and the things we’ve done to update it and make it our own.

I feel like I've taken on a second full time job with helping Dad. It goes pretty well most of the time.

I wish I had tackled each of my challenges faster. While many items resolve themselves or become revealed as irrelevant, starting projects, engaging contractors, and creating a lease agreement are not. Follow up question: Would I spend any more energy if I hit all items quickly (and dropping those that don't matter) than I do in worry, fear, and catch up by letting things go?

I wish I had started my attempt to return to the workforce after a (very) long break immediately after my husband quit working. I put it off in hopes that “it would all work out” and “get back to normal.” Bad idea—nothing normal anymore.

Different - established trust and routine with Leigh so we have a better relationship. How? One thing for me, one thing for you...deposits in emotional bank account. Proud - facilitating support group Organizing for Bernie

I feel good about my choices. I honestly think I've done a great job at staying safe, healthy, and sane during this pandemic. I'm taking good care of my family and students as well. We're going to be ok.

I wish I had established better eating habits. It's mostly about portion control.

My relationships are much stronger than they have ever been before. I reach out much more intentionally since physical proximity is not possible. I also value my time and build in transitions to my day. I plan my down time and pauses. I reflect and rest. Somehow everything fits. In some ways I’m doing much more than ever before while seldomely leaving the house, which has turned into a home. My plants are thriving and so are their people. This has not been idle time. I’ve gone deeper than ever before and doubled down on health and well-being.

Been more patient.

I should have started cleaning out my house last Fall in anticipation of selling it. I had to do a real rush job when I got back from Florida. On the other hand, I did not expect to have to stay in FL until the beginning of July. I am especially proud of he I jumped at renting a new apartment. That quick decision allowed me to also get a garage and storeroom right near the apartment. Also within 6 weeks I packed and moved out of a house I lived in for over 35 years.

I honestly can’t think of anything I’m overly regretful of this hear, but I’m proud of how on top of thing I’ve been despite the insanity of the world around me at the shifts in my life with a new baby. I feel like, despite the circumstances, I still have brought my A-Game and have done my best in big things like parenting and my marriage and small things like keeping up with laundry and making dinner.

As always, I wish we had saved more but I did get a new job! It's closer to home and while it doesn't pay much more, less in gas really helps. I actually have time at home after work, even if I work an insanely long shift.

I did what I did last year and there's little changing it. And I've learned from it. At least I hope I have. As for something I'm proud of. I'm writing more often, feeling creative, and it's even manifesting in my work realm, which is a delight. I've been asked by producers and directors to contribute, brainstorm and participate in creative conversations, from shorts, episodic series, and characters. And for me personally, I wrote a script for an animated short. Since January, I've revised it numerous times, built a team of producers, editors, storyboard artists and other artists. I've gotten back work from many of them and looking forward to seeing the short in reels rather than on the page or in segmented boards. I look forward to making this film available to the public within a couple years.

Overall I am ok with how I have handled all aspects of my life in the past year. Right now I am especially proud that I bought a bike and feel more comfortable each day to cruise around and hopefully work my way up to riding around Oakland as a mode of transport.

I wish I could figure out how to improve my mental health. I wish I was more patient and less shaming in my parenting. I am proud of the dress I sewed. I am proud of the two job interviews I had. I'm proud that I'm keeping my chin up (for the most part) and having self-compassion, despite injuries and mental health challenges.

I wish I had dedicated more time to writing. I wish I had kept my mental and emotional balance better so as to help my daughter through the chaotic year while also helping myself. I wish I hadn't let my unhappiness give me permission to be angry with my spouse.

I wish I had actually spent more time with my daughter. She shut herself off from the world, kived in books, and I let her. Alternatively, I became more outgoing. I still relish my private time, and fight aggressively for it, but I let others in. I reached out more. It wasn't forced, it just happened. And it has been amazing.

I wish I had started practicing Judaism sooner, spoke up to defend myself and others more often, and asserted myself more in general. • I'm very proud of the little ways I have bettered myself. Cooking more, painting more, studying more. Expanding my horizon!

I wish I had been less impatient with my father. I wish I had gotten him anything and everything he asked for without any argument or negotiation. I wish I had paid more attention. I wish I had called him more. I wish I hadn't acted like I'd have him forever and that I was waiting for the quarantine to end to spend actual, physical time with him.

I wish I had called Annie more on the phone. I wish I had saved more of the things she sent my way so that I'd have more of her handwriting.

I wish I hadn't rushed into the relationships I was in and hadn't take them so seriously to the point where I completely lost my sanity. I wish I would've just stayed friends with the prisoner I saw on TV and ended up reaching out to. I mean, we fell in love less than a month from corresponding with one another. I wish I wouldn't have gone so defensive and I wish I could've seen the warning signs earlier. I also wished that I had never accepted a relationship with a co-worker as it all ended up being a disaster and even abusive. Overall, I wish I would've slowed everything down on my part and put myself first. I can't believe that I REALLY let myself go from this past year. Everything that I worked for went to waste as I regained so much weight this past year. I just wish that I hadn't kept "dieting" and restricting myself, only to end up binging out of control. I wish I hadn't had such an abusive mindset when it came to food and my own body. I wish I could've learned to eat everything in moderation sooner. I'm completely DONE trying to make the Paleo and Whole30 diet/lifestyle "work" for me. Even though I struggled with an eating disorder earlier this past year, I snapped out of it (so to speak). So I decided to take a nutrition course to get myself educated, and BAM! I got my certificate in nutrition coaching. I'm SO proud of myself for "going back to school", even though the course was online. I've learned that I can accomplish ANYTHING that I set my mind to. I've also learned that other people's opinions of me are not my reality, no matter how "professional" they are; I went after what I wanted and accomplished something magnificent in my life. I finally completed the Whole30 diet in mid March to Mid April, just to try it out. I'm happy to say that I finally tried it out. Did I see results, yeah, somewhat. It made me realize that I NEVER want to eat like that again as a lifestyle. I love my cheese, damnit! It's never too late to turn your life around. I'm proud to say that on September 1st (a couple of weeks right before the DoYou10Q volt opened), I decided to stop binge eating and polluting my body with so much crap and decided to eat healthy using a VARIETY of foods. I'm already seeing results. I'm so PROUD of myself that I've started learn how to have a HEALTHY relationship with food. I'm also learning to love my body wholeheartedly. I wish I didn't take things so personally at work when it came to asshole customers, but I am proud of myself for standing up for myself every time I got harassed by male customers and male coworkers. Damn! I'm REALLY proud! I'm also proud that I didn't take crap from other female coworkers who tried to step over me. Yup, I'm finally learning to have my own voice.

Aggressively pursue a move to a different town for a more appropriate life in tune with who we are as people and family

I wish I had buckled down to decluttering/organizing so that I would be closer to being able to move back to my hometown.

I wish that I had worked less and had better boundaries with my kids. Not really proud of myself about anything this year.

My internships in Sberbank and UTG which I was combining with my education.

No. I don't wish I'd done anything significant differently. I spent 6 months pre-pandemic living my best "before" life and 6 months in pandemic living my best possible "pandemic" life. One example. We were frustrated trying to make Christmas plans with family and considered throwing in the towel and having a quiet no-travel no-extended-family celebration. But it was important to me that my kid get to spend time with family so we dealt with the nonsense (which included a hotel room due to a bathroom at my dad's home being under construction) and did a short but worthwhile road trip. We freaking nailed it.

I am very pleased with the results this year 2020. Looking forward to new year. I am proud of my oil painting "Moving Between the Molecules" 9-2019 and recieving an honorable mention at The Highland Art Gallery in Weaverville, CA after fire relocation. MBM was the 12th and last piece of my "Molecule" series. MBM was created on a discarded global map found outside at "The Red House" a local coffee shop. Like many of my paintings it speaks of the unseen felt. Currently it is on display at a local business. For further information: Cchaperon.art@gmail.com

It's hard to say as even if I didn't do it differently, the conclusion may have been the same.

I am happy how I handled most things related to the Pandemic, staying mostly sane, taking good care of myself, being there for my cat when he got deathly ill and really excited that I kept my plans to make Aliyah in 2020. Really glad I got to spend so much time outside and picked up bike riding and explored new parts of Chicago and somehow bonding with the city for the first real time. On the flip side, I wish I had done a better job sticking to Shabbat and davening, picking up morning minyan practices, NOT touching my stock portfolio or stressing about or placing such an emphasis on money, and been less uptight about theoretical germs. I also wish I had stuck to a better fitness regimen. I also regret being hard on myself about these things. As for pre-Pandemic, I'm really glad about my Jewish practice in the first half of the year finding a solid equilibrium of meaningful connection and solid community. Work is a big void, but it got me to the office and therefore to the gym and I did great work on form and core and strength. Happy about that.

Looking back the thing that comes to me is a lack of communication. I wish I would have assumed less, not taken things personally and talked to friends quicker when a problem arises. Often we are quick to make judgments and this leads into problems where non initially existed. I had trouble with this, in particular with COVID uncertainty and second guessing friends choices. I would say to my future self, if you are still dealing with this re read the 4 agreements!! It was so helpful in clearing the chaos in your head.

I am really proud of myself for creating new beginnings in a year which abounded with ends. I started rabbinical school less than 3 months after my mom died. There is nothing I am more proud of nor is there anything she would be more proud of me for doing.

I wish I had listened to my gut more and trusted my own instincts instead of assuming that other people knew me better. I think I could have avoided a lot of (self-inflicted emotional) pain and angst had I not asked other people to answer questions for me and give their opinions on a situation that I was in. I am starting to understand that I do know what is best for me, and that my friends underestimate my emotional strength, though that might be because I present myself as neurotic and anxious sometimes.

I felt fairly out of control, this year, but perhaps I should have narrowed my project focus in order to really get something accomplished. I am proud that I stayed somewhat busy, at least, and wasn’t in despair.

I still need to be nicer. Every year. Also I don't know if starting business school was a good idea. I guess we'll see.

I wish I had tried harder to find work back in the States and not come back to Japan. I know that either choice ends in regret and beating myself up, so I need to learn to accept the things I can't change and live with those decisions. I'm proud of getting through a semester of graduate school during a pandemic and dealing with living in Japan.

Engaged with the jobhunt sooner and more fully; embraced working out sooner and more fully.

I’m not going to spend time on regrets! Instead I’m going to be proud of the learning about Dementia from online studies. I’ve also become more familiar with social media this year!

There are two big incidents I'm regretful over this last year, and they both involve people pushing my boundaries and me allowing it. Lesson learned, for sure, although I wish I had been more aware of what was going on at the beginning of each relationship. I'm also especially proud of myself that I have walked away from several toxic connections. My past self wouldn't have done it so easily, and while it still wasn't easy, my wellbeing has improved dramatically. I'm also proud of myself for persevering and finding an amazing new job. There were so many applications and so many rejections, but I found the right place for me.

I honestly don't know what I would have done differently. It was a crappy year, but I was not alone in experiencing that. And I am not especially proud of anything that I did this past year. It was just so freaking blah at the best of times and truly awful at the worst.

Oh my goodness - I lost my patience with my little William too much. I was losing my mind that he just refused to do his distance learning or even get dressed in the morning. It's still going on - this isn't something from the past. And then when he's tired he won't go to bed, and I'm so so tired. And then I crack and yell and he is so sensitive and it hurts him deeply. What could I/can I do differently? Take care of myself first - do my meditation in the morning. Try to feel abundant and full. DO NOT PANIC. If he fails at school it doesn't matter. If I panic it does matter. We just have to get through this with love and abundance in our hearts. That said, I am extremely proud that I dove into distance learning so deeply and well. Both my kids didn't miss a single assignment and actually did extremely well in school during distance learning. I learned so much about them and especially developed a much deeper and better relationship with Ilan.

I wish I had been more patient, and more present to each moment. When things were moving too fast for me, to slow it down and get present in the moment. Especially proud of: MLK said if you can’t run, walk; if you can’t walk, crawl. I crawled.

What I wish I had done differently: wish I hadn't wasted a bunch of time studying for that FAA test that I wound up not being able to take due to a stupid technicality. Wish I was better able to cope with the stress of the pandemic - more exercise and meditation, less drinking, smoking, and overeating. :/. Not going to beat myself up over this. I was working a TON over the summer, and really didn't have much time for self-care, so was doubly stressed by 12-14 hour days. In this New Year I want to re-ground myself, start to take better care of my mind and body. Last regret: I wish I'd kept up with my motorcycle maintenance so I wouldn't have had catastrophic engine failure in Idaho. BOOOO! Something I'm proud of: My drone business did incredibly well, I continued to hone my skills, delivered great customer service, and as a result people seem really happy with my work and I'm in demand. No one's complaining about high prices now! I've earned SHIT TONS of money, which feels pretty awesome - shit tons by my own standards, maybe not by some wealthy person's standards, but whatever. For the first time in my life, I feel like I am succeeding in a grown-up career. It feels pretty great.

I have no regrets of anything, since this year not much has changed with the stay at home rules, for safety. I do have a regret that I haven't worked harder on cleaning my home, losing weight. I will make these my goals. And to always love my family and friends...met and unmet.

I wish I would kept to my standards in dating and not let myself fall for a guy that didn’t deserve it. No commitment, then no me. I should have trusted myself more and not been insecure and given myself more time to figure things out before doing it. I need to be more compassionate and nicer to myself, still not doing it very well. Learn from my previous mistakes and not repeat again finally. Remind myself that I can let go and be happier. Learn that I need to trust myself and be a trusting person and tell the truth or don’t sign up with people that you really don’t feel comfortable with their rules to begin with.

I am proud that I took my first-ever self-employed sabbatical and earned my TEFL credential. It wasn’t easy and I am unsure whether or how I’ll be able to teach abroad in pandemic times, but I am glad I invested the time and effort.

No. I have no regrets nor pride. Everything that I could have done, I did.

When I look back, I feel like I did what I needed to do to survive. And I feel like I've come out better on the other side. I really can't think of anything bigger than "I should have said that differently" that I'd alter. Even though my depression wasn't as bad this year as it had been, I wish I'd found The Happiness Lab sooner. I haven't really even gotten into it all that much, but just knowing that depression is so prevalent in motivated people and that there are small, manageable life changes I can make that are backed by science makes me feel more in control, whether I do them or not. It's made me look at the world differently. It was just a simple google search I hadn't tried before but I wish I'd looked for help like this sooner.

I'm proud of myself for how much I've deepened my Jewish practice since lockdown--I feel like I've learned so much and become much more in tune with what I need and enjoy, spiritually and as I learn. I've gotten so much more familiar with everything. I wish I'd been able to do the same with my writing--I feel like it's been a slow climb back to getting fluent in how I like to tell stories, so I guess I'm focusing on that now. I hope I can keep going with both.

I'm so, so proud of myself for several achievements this year. I made it through internship! I got a new position with MP that's much better fit for me, especially as I start out as a therapist. I graduated with my Master's of Counseling!!! I applied for and was offered an externship position- I'm two weeks in, and had a damn good week with clients. I successfully navigated the uncertainty of transitions in student to alumni, housing, and employment and had so much more capacity to hold and sit with the stress. I began a workout program in mid-July and have been more consistent with it than ever before. 2020 has been an awful year in so many ways and yet as I think back on it, I've had several huge personal achievements, and I'm so proud.

I wish I had listened more, encouraging others to find their own answers, rather than just sharing my own.

I wish I had taken training on working from home at the beginning of the shut down.

Not really. Nothing I could've done would prepare me for this moment. If anything, I wish I was less hard on myself during all of this. My endless self-criticism has only depleted me. It hasn't done anything to make me a better writer, teacher, or person.

I don't believe there's anything I would have done differently (maybe try to avoid my dog running into so I didn't break my hip) I proud of starting a professional theatre in my small mountain town.

I have answers to both parts of that. I wish I'd done a better job of doing social justice work this year, especially following the murder of George Floyd and others and in light of the fact that I didn't end up with a job this summer. That being said, I'm very proud of myself for filling my summer in a way that made me happy, even if it didn't do much else of significance. I made a hiking project for myself that kept me busy and was very cool, and I also volunteered a bit at the food bank. (That part did have some larger significance.)

I wish that I had worked harder and stuck to my goals, due to my lack of motivation I haven't achieved what I set for myself and it has delayed my plans for my future. I am happy with what I am doing but it is not what I desired to do and not what I plan to do for the rest of my life.

I'm pretty satisfied with the way I've been this year. There are small things- little disagreements and the like that I wish had gone differently, but all in all, I'm surprised and kind of proud that I've held up as well as I have, given all the things.

On January 1, 2020, I set 3 goals for myself. 1. To really see significant growth in do-over.me 2. To write my book, "Do Over.YOU" so I could publish in 2021 3. To travel to MX to visit Vero Covid took #3 out of possibiity. #1 is happening. #2, well it's not too late to start and that's what I need to do, right after I finish this LLI class

Nothing. I'm proud of my role in the community during Covid. I'm very proud of finally making some changes and building new habits: frugality, sober life, freelance, reading and cooking more, studying Chinese. Good changes triggered by a crisis.

Last year I lost my job and felt like I was at the bottom of a pit. Then I worked really hard and I got a new job that is interesting, engaging, and I even got to go on a trip to Vegas in January. When I lost my job last July I couldn't have imagined all the good things that were coming up for me.

Yes. I wish I had not trusted people I knew to be untrustworthy. It fucked us up. Not sure how we will recover. I am not proud of anything this year really. Overall it's been shitty and my reaction to the shit has been to hermit it. Which is what I'm supposed to do, but I've over done it.

I am proud of my relationships with my sons and my husband. I am proud that I kept healthy activities throughout the pandemic - including upping my cooking game. I wish I'd gotten the hell out of this country before it was too late.

I am proud that I stood up for myself and renegotiated my contract on my terms. I realize I don’t always take care of myself

We could have handled the expansion of our company better but I think we did okay considering covid and all. Proud of how we managed our staff relations and I have worked hard with my partner on our personal realationship. Covid put strain on everything

Something I wish I’ve done differently? Not really. I can only make decisions with info I have available at that time. I learn from it all... IF I pay attention. Proud of... I’ve gotten to that place in my life that I respect me. I know what I want and I won’t compromise my priorities. I met Ken and I’ve been truly myself with him from the beginning. And guess what ? He loves me, he gets a kick out of me, he wants me to be me. Proud that I did not compromise anything that has been important to me, I finally learned that lesson!!

I wish I had taken more trips before the lockdown. It seemed like we had so much time. I also wish I hadn't been so irritable at work, but a lot of that is out of my control. I wish I had not applied for a promotion that I didn't get, because that messed me up for weeks. A promotion to a position that I had already had, and I was told that I "wasn't sociable enough" to get the position. I'm broadly proud of how R and I managed to navigate this year without much conflict at all. We normally don't fight much, but we've been practically in the same room for long periods of time this year and we didn't fight. I think we have an excellent relationship.

I persevere. I am winning the litigation against my stepdaughter. Proud and glad.

I am working on developing a mindfulness practice and I wish that was something I had started before. I think with so much going on in the world we all need to have something that grounds us and helps us reach peace and some happiness. Jesse lent me a book called Fierce Heart by Spring Washam and in reading about her journey it has opened up something in me. Something that I want to explore more and try to connect with moving forward.

I wish I’d used lockdown to get fit and healthy instead of vegetating and comfort eating, but then I was still working from home five days a week, so didn’t really have anymore time than I did before lockdown!

Been more patient with people.

In terms of proud of or happy with—-after making our major move, getting our home and all the details of move accomplished—we are also learning to appreciate zoom and technology to keep connected with family and friends

No I don't wish to do something differently. I'm proud that I finished a course last year and also volunteered for a social cause.

I joined Write Away Retreat. It was a great experience and left me inspired to continue writing my novel until now. If there is something I should have done differently is how I manage my time and resources. I need to be more efficient with my time and my resources.

Should have not delayed my trip to the dentist for so long. Proud of overcoming my lifelong shameless procrastination habit.

Done differently... Not really apart from maybe really really really be grateful for the change of work pattern and make the most of it but I think I mostly did! I'm proud that I did Lithuanian every weekday morning for long enough to finish a whole app, and now that I'm working again that I've fitted in a slot to learn it with a tutor to accelerate my progress! Speaking to gma about getting a recipe for her dumplings was part of this!

What I'd do differently: get over my anxiety about making phone calls. It has arguably resulted in a root canal and a damaged credit rating at the very least. I'm proud of taking up sewing for the third or fourth time in my life. Every time I return to it, I improve, and sometime between the last attempt and the current one, I got good / patterns got better. COVID might have kicked my ass back into sewing for horribly practical mask-making purposes, but the low level accomplishment of making progress on a project has really been a confidence boost.

I am proud that I have continued to work on being more open, being honest about what I feel and need. My teamleader is very helpful in this regard as she asks for my needs and how she can assist very often.

I wish I had not accepted the enumerator job with the U.S. Census Bureau. The job was physically stressful due to the heat wave and some of the people I tried to interview were extremely rude to me.

This year I’m proud that I’ve started to use my voice with more confidence as it relates to social justice matters. I hope to continue growing in the strength of my convictions.

Differently? Not really. Maybe confront my colleague sooner. He was a prick and I avoided the confrontation. Proud? Trying to turn the corner from one year into another, from one cohort into another. I'm doing good work and I hope it continues. I am proud of the work that I can do sometimes. I'm glad I'm in a space to do it.

I wish I had been more active in gaining male friends. My life has become so much happier since opening up to other men.

Damn, I actually thin the one thing I would do differently would have been have more time for just myself, voice my needs in a relationship and LISTEN TO MY INTUITION WHEN IT COMES TO RED FLAGS. I am feeling proud of having performed live for the first time (Pole Play) and not burning out with working 7 days a week

I wish I had submitted my grad school applications earlier at the beginning of the year. I really had no excuse to stall and I think turning them in may so close to the deadline significantly limited my options and I can't help but be a little disappointed in myself. However, I did finally submit them and I got accepted to 3 colleges, not to mention selected for fellowship award. That's pretty huge for me and I even heard Cathy tell me that she's proud of me. That feels good.

Yes, I have been postponing a work I promised to do for a friend and I feel guulty about it yet there is something that stops me.

I'm proud of working more around the house, studying online, restarting knitting and making face masks. Our house looks so much better because I have had the time and decisiveness to do something about it. My husband is pretty passive about the house unless there is a problem with it. I am grateful for the time I have due to the coronavirus to do things I haven't normally had time to do.

I wish I’d know ln that my mental health was not quite right. I wish I’d appreciated how much Ben did for me. I wish I could have cared more for his happiness when it really mattered. I am proud of how much more In tune with my own needs and wants are now. I’m proud that I lost 50 lb.

I could have been more patient many times. I should have thought about my relationship with Suzy before moving in with her. I'm glad I left Raytheon even though there were challenges involved.

Oh yes. What to pick from that dazzling array? I managed to alienate all new people this year, chiefly through my cynicism, barely-sublimated impatience with small measures in a world requiring bigger ones, and freaking strangers out by trying to squelch my out-sized reactions to the sound of them chewing. This was supposed to be the year when Love Was The Answer, and it pretty much was, yay, but when it wasn't... it so really wasn't.

I wish everything was different this past year, that we could have traveled, seen family & friends, gone to camp and more. Yet, I’m proud of the resilience of our family. We’ve weathered this storm and are figuring out how to come through the other side more compassionate and more resilient. We have worked hard to help others throughout, those we know and those whom we don’t. I’m really proud of that and setting the example for my children.

Especially proud of getting what I long considered a dream job.

I wish I had trusted my instincts more, believed in myself, and not been hurt by thinking about what others think about me. I realized this year that I put a lot of pressure on myself to succeed and have done that since forever. I also realized this year that I have a little bit of imposter syndrome and I need to be more confident about whatever it is that I am doing because there will always be naysayers, people that are better than me, and others who are so confident in themselves they don't stop to ever consider whether they are wrong. I've mostly up until this point taken the opposite point and I still believe in being as introspective as possible, which takes some degree of outside perspective, but it also takes more trust in myself. Getting the text from Graham that was supposed to go to Brent during the Spring Pandemic at school was a tough blow even though I was always unsure about my friendship with Graham. The text accidentally coming to me confirmed what I had thought and made me realize that I shouldn't always be so open about my introspection and seeking feedback. Sometimes I just need to go with what I believe and in general, I have a lot of good things going for me and I can use those to my advantage in the future. As far as what I have done, I'm not sure because the pandemic was just such an emotional rollercoaster and I think it was fairly normal to feel pretty low at points as many people did. Being disappointed that I didn't accomplish any major projects while trying to work and take care of kids was something I've since come to terms with and I don't know that I would have done anything differently. I also spent months of really close individual time with Helena and really got to know her, this is something I'm proud of - not all dad's could drive 19 hours with a 3.5 year on their own during a pandemic (t0 go to VT).

I wish I had engaged with my peers more genuinely and bravely. The courage to seek belonging and have my needs met in the presence of others. I am proud of my ability to cope with immense loneliness during a global pandemic in the loneliest city in the world, embarking and surviving my first solo backpacking trip, and making the courageous step to move back home.

Not let the little things get me down. Life is good! 10 Fingers 10 Toes. Making it through the first 6 months of COVID.

Well, I keep thinking about whether I should have accepted one of the several job offers I received. Individually, each of them were the right decision. Turning down GT. Waiting on PFA. Turning down JCA. But collectively, it now looks silly that I could have had a full-time job during this pandemic nonsense. However, I am happy. And I'm happy with getting to continue working for Megan, getting to stay in Bloomington longer, getting to enjoy the beautiful nature in Indiana and spend more quality time with close friends like Susie, Ryan, Fatjona, Megan, and even Austin. So I guess this is all to say that I'm proud of myself for sticking to my values and sticking with my gut, even in the face of a difficult job market and what seemed to be irrational decisions.

I wish I had been more honest up front with Rabbi about how I felt having Shabbat Minyan taken away by a staff member, who I might add does not know the intricacies of a traditional service. Conversely, I finally faced our finances and got those under control

I wish I had set more boundaries early on in my relationship and delayed having my gf move in. I feel as though her depression is what rushed this and that it was my worries for her safety that put me in a space where I went along with the situation. I am proud that I have continued to manage life as a single mom. I don’t always balance work, life, kids, house, and relationship well but considering quarantine and how our lives have all changed, I think I’m doing ok.

I'm realizing now that working with my good friend in her business essentially killed our friendship. I still don't know for sure what happened, but she stopped wanting to socialize with me, and now I see posts from her hanging out with other women friends, glowing and saying how grateful she is for their close relationship. I am wondering what happened and why we didn't even talk about it. I am not sure talking about it would make any difference right now. But it still stings. I wish I could move on more easily, and not question whether it was something I did (she should have told me if so...) or whether I am capable of having good friendships that last. It's taken me a lot to process that some relationships simply end, and are not sustainable. I have left other friendships/relationships without any closure or discussion, so I try to keep this in mind. I am proud of the hard work I have done to come to understandings about myself and my needs. I have reached out for help, gone to therapy and taken classes. I do a lot of journaling. I have worked to change the tone of the life story I tell myself - from one that is full of blunders, betrayals, being swayed by others plans instead of making my own, lack of focus and lack of planning - to instead telling my story for the interesting, wide ranging experiences and adventures I have had. I've learned so much along the way and met wonderful people, have a wonderful child. I'm getting back in touch with my own sense of agency.

I don't think 2020 is a year for regret. It's a year of survival, adaptation, and getting through as best we can. Discovering more resiliency, pressing into the hard things, learning to respect my limits, to focus on what matters in the midst of balancing work, homeschooling, marriage, parenting, friendship, extended family. There is not a lot of time for regret and I think that is perfectly alright this year.

No and the closest thing to proud, for which I deserve a few crumbs of credit, is that after a couple of years of severe depression, my kid is functional and happy (or vice versa).

No, I don't wish I had done anything differently is my first answer. Which is only part of the answer. I am really proud of all the ways I have grown, loved, nourished, been present, taken care of myself and others, and feel very clear that I was doing my best at every moment. However, there is also the part of me that wishes I could have seen the pain I was causing my partner sooner, been more consistent in responding to friends, honored my own needs more, been honest about my ability to commit to things, communicated more clearly, softened around anger and the need to control things sooner, etc. I have a lot to ask forgiveness for. But those are also the exact things I have learned from that I believe are helping me become more and more the person I know I can be. More and more me. So perhaps those things I wish I could have done differently are also the very things that I am especially proud of. The way that I learned, changed, let go, grieved, experienced discomfort was more profound than any year thus far. I feel like I have grown exponentially more this year, and that doesn't mean I've been perfect, but it does mean I have a lot to be proud of.

I got a new job at Wildwood Tree Service. Cold called them and got the job.

I wish I had been more patient with my husband, more kind. It was so hard in the face of illness and fear, for both of us. On the other hand, we did the best we could. I was kind most of the time, and I took good care of him.

Getting through this time has been difficult, and I think I’m doing all right. Every day is a different challenge. Now, I am sad and upset about Ruth Bader Ginsberg’s passing. What will this mean for the election nd the Supreme Court?

My gut reaction to the first question is "No." I really embraced all that this year had to offer and did the best I could, always, with what was in front of me. I think that sometimes I take my relationship with Jen for granted (as well I should) but I would like to be kinder to her at times about things that I can sometimes be obnoxious about. I want to treat her as the good-hearted, incredible, unique person that she is and not expect her to be like me or get bitchy with her. I still will, but it's in writing here, so the intent is there ;). I am incredibly proud of the role I was granted as Head Mindset Coach and, while I had some imposter syndrome at first, I feel firmly that I earned it. I am also very proud of the way that Jen and I turned the COVID challenge into an opportunity to do some incredible work on our home and to strengthen our relationship all throughout.

I'm especially proud of the progress I've made toward releasing my grip on the picture I have of haw my kid's relationship with each other should be. It is not their job to be a certain way to complete my "perfect family" picture.

I wish that I had got my life in order by getting my house in order by making decisions about what is important to keep and what I should let go. I say I want to declutter my mind and my house but get lost in indecision and self-doubt. There is an imperitive to move and yet I stay rooted to the ground.

First of all I would have had my knee replacement done sooner. It was a piece of cake and so proud of myself I did it. The Golden’s helped me heal and we were fine. I don’t know what I would have done with my elderly mother though. I will always blame myself for putting her in a nursing home to have my surgery. She died in the home. I’ll struggle with that for the rest of my life.

I’m proud for being strong enough to step down from leadership. I had to do what was best for me, and not whether or not people would judge me.

I am still grappling with this. I wish I had not succumbed to despair and laziness with the pandemic. I have simply shut down, and I don't feel like doing much most of the time. I can feel myself getting soft. Any exertion, and I feel it the next day. I wish I had emailed my brother more last fall. There was so much that I like to think was understood between us, but I rarely expressed. He is gone, and the world feels more empty without him.

My wife and I have been having problems. She keeps bringing up the word "divorce". We have been married 36 years. I am trying to water the grass on our side of the fence. I don't want to quit this thing called marriage. I love her. I cannot say proud. It is a work in progress.

I wish I could let go of past hurts. It eats me up and wastes my precious time. I don't know how to let others know they have hurt me without making them feel bad.

I feel that despite what is happening in the world, I was more brave this year than I have been in a long time. Brave enough to realize that the” reality “ of what I thought was my life, is not. And the changes I had to go through this year really tested me. Helped me to overcome my fear of the unknown potential of my life. I am continuing to learn about me, myself and I. Not in a self absorbed way, but in a way that I hope will shape me better, help me to heal my inside wounds. I look forward

I wish I would have written down and journal about my spiritual experiences in the first year of being a mother. So many openings and state experiences I had, nursing in the dark, being immersed in unconditional love, having wounds and beliefs enlightened in ways I could not not see anymore and healing happened, how I was able to meet these parts in full surrender and utter love... Incredibly powerful. And what a miss that I didn't take the time to journal about them so I can share my experiences with other women and mothers.

There are things I wish I handled differently at the time, but also i wouldn’t change how I handled them or else I would have learnt from the lessons they taught me. I don’t regret them cause now I can reflect how I handled them and what I can do differently if those same situations were to arise. That’s where wisdom comes to play. However some lessons I don’t want to repeat. I don’t want to get involved with someone I have feelings for and they don’t feel the same. I love myself too much to get into a situation like that again, I’m proud of myself for walking away from Katie at the beginning of the year. I’m Very proud of myself for walking away from the fwb situation with Cayley when I did, it just shows I love myself too much to settle for anything less than what I want.

Nothing I would have done different. it was a proud moment when my oldest granddaughter did her bat mitzvah and mentioned in front of all family and friends that she will let her hair grow and donate it to a children with cancer charity that makes wigs for them. She mentioned she got inspired when she found out that I did the same while my daughter was pregnant and after she was born, due to the requirements it took me 2 years of letting my hair grow, well worth it!

I'm still very stuck and saddened and guilt-ridden about my secret binge drinking. Nearly 2 years of relapse. Life has rolled on in spite of it but it could have been better and brighter and more stable by far. On the plus side, I'm proud of finding a new job after my last role ended during lockdown. It's been hard learning a new job that is bigger than I was seeking. I need to be sharper now. I hope this work will help me turn the corner and steer me towards better self-care.

I wish I had started rabbinical school on a more confident note. It was really difficult to start this new program where it seemed as though I was already behind, but I feel like I spent too much time feeling sorry for myself and should have just committed myself to working harder instead of wanting it to get easier. I knew this program would be hard but I’ve been dreaming about it for so long and wasn’t expecting myself to struggle as much as I did. I hope in the coming year that I can continue to advocate up for myself, speak out, work hard, and go outside my comfort zone in order to achieve more personal growth. I also wish I had done more to advocate for black lives and to help people during the pandemic. But of course, it’s not too late.

We have both been very good to our bodies this year. My wife went through a pregnancy which was obviously very difficult, but she maintained a healthy respect for herself. I made sure to not overdo it, both with exercise and food and alcohol. I should still drink less beer and that's something I'm working on. I'm also proud that I rekindled my relationship with my dad, as well as created a new relationship with Judaism. Both of those things have really helped to bring my wife and I closer together.

I wish I was more spacious in receiving Joel's confession of betrayal, I wish his exploration of his need for safety and to be seen and heard hadn't felt like an indictment of me and that I was able to take his need in as an exploration instead of as a threat. I missed the mark in my reaction to him and am still feeling bruised in my self-reflection. I am proud of participating in the Medea project and preforming my part.

I wish I had gotten serious about losing any of the weight that makes me morbidly obese. I wish I had figured out how to get a job. Mostly, I wish I had found and stuck with a good therapist or figured out some other external aid so I would by now have taken steps towards making improvements. I used the pandemic as an excuse to remain stagnant in my life and as an excuse to not move forward with my divorce. I think my kid is bearing the brunt of this as I remain feeling stuck with her father until the pandemic emergency has waned, and not able to muster the energy to be living a good life in the meantime. I wish I had tossed my phone in the lake and never looked back. Okay, looking back at this ten days later, I have to give myself far more credit. I wish we had made a different decision before the pandemic (about living more cozily together) but I am proud of what I have done as a mom and daughter. I have sheltered my child from too much fear and anxiety and I have helped her stay sane and entertained without becoming reliant on screens, and I have watched her creativity and reading skill explode. She is content daily to be on her own, doing things of her own choosing, and that includes a lot of drawing, reading, and creating. I am here with her but she is becoming a very independent person. I am especially proud of this. I am proud that I am helping her gradually see that separating from her dad will be good for us all in many ways (yes, I know it will be extremely difficult too), without directly talking about divorce yet. I have been able to see and support my parents and get to a new normal (with the weather warm enough) of enjoying time with them with my kid. I am generally giving my husband space and remembering to treat him like an annoyed teenager who doesn't want to be here instead of like someone who wants to belong to a family. All of these have helped me keep my sanity and preserve my kid's childhood longer. I'm not so proud that I didn't use this time to work on my morbid obesity, but I am also going to give myself slack that I can't manage stress eating when all of my stressors have been multiplied, especially now that my husband has lost his job as of a few weeks ago.

No, I wouldn't have done anything differently. I am proud of how I handled my America's Got Talent audition even if it didn't get me where I wanted to go.

I wish I had divested myself of more of my belongings. I have too many things and don't need or use many of them. I am proud that I have developed the ability to work from home and stay healthy both physically and mentally during the Covid 19 Pandemic.

Yes and no. I think I generally wish I had been more decisive. That being said, it was literally deciding time when CoVid hit hard and took a lot of choices out of the running. Some things I should have maybe ended sooner, or not go on as long as they had. I am proud of how I handled myself when a social situation was going rather negatively for me. I had one relationship going the exact opposite of how the person and I had always discussed certain eventualities. And that hurt a lot, and led to a lot of misunderstandings in that friend group. I know that group of people will never know the whole truth, and that's ok. But I am proud that I took the chance on sharing my truth with them, damn the consequences. That I was able to put my words/beliefs into practice. That all I can do is control my reactions to my emtions. So I took it all into my heart, to find the answers to difficult questions: What is actually upsetting me? What do I lose in letting go? What do I gain in letting go? What do I want these people to know about me? What would the person everyone thinks I am actually do????...So I did that... And it really worked out better than I'd hoped. Not as I'd dreamed, but I felt the weight lifted. The situation has physically manifested into a knot on my right leg/glute/hamstring-And I felt it loosen that day. I am mourning the person they were with me, the times we had I will cherish, and the person they helped me find in myself will continue to grow. And I will continue to be their biggest support/love whatever-whne they are ready.

I'm really proud of what I've added, by teaching and loving. And I'm proud that my kids love me as much as they do. And I"m proud to be helping out at the Reeses. And I'm proud of the mother I am.

I think I helped guide my family's response to the COVID-19 pandemic and shutdown pretty well. It was a scary time, but I was watching the news and figured we were going to start seeing shortages and shutdowns in our area. We were pretty well prepared when things happened. I also suggested we start doing family game nights once a week as things shut down, which gave us something good to look forward to at the end of the week.

I wish that it had been I that had the guts to put an end to the bullying in the office, or even to just report it. A new woman hired was not wanted by our supervisor, she told everyone how upset she was that Terry would be joining us. So the 'mean girl' crew started in on her the day she started. She was talked down to, talked over, patronized - it was awful. Another co-worker went to the supervisor, yes the one that started it, and once it was a formal reporting, she had to act on it. It did not really get better, just more covert and Terry transferred out. I did not have the guts to go against the mean girls and I feel ashamed of this.

Keeping in touch with those I care about. With the pandemic, social interaction is curtailed and I have not done a great job of keeping in touch with some parts of my world. This was brutally brought home to me when a friend I seemed to have always been meaning to contact died suddenly and unexpectedly.

Honestly, Mom’s death and my dog’s death a month before that, followed very shortly by the pandemic have overridden many things I would’ve, should’ve, or could’ve chosen to do. Mom’s health deteriorated, looking back in hindsight beginning around this time of year before getting her cancer diagnosis in November. I don’t feel I have had much of a choice in anything. I don’t have any regrets

Honestly I can't think of anything right now. I am especially proud that I was able to pay off ALL of my credit cards within 5 months. The quarantine helped with that. I realized by staying in the house how much money I saved. I had to do more grocery shopping though. I also increased my savings account. I am finally at a point in my life where I feel have enough.

I wish I would have used my time more wisely when I was working from home. Read more books, exercised more, learned something new, worked on more projects. I do love my new home and the progress we have made to make it our oasis.

I am especially proud of my 2 daughters. One worked this summer as an intern at Iowa Legal Aid. It's been a delight to watch this very shy child mature into such a wonderful advocate for the underserved. My eldest daughter got married. My husband and I finally learned to butt out and let her make/find her own way.

It's hard to say. On one hand, I wish I had been able to share my true feelings earlier. On the other, I don't think I was even capable of sharing my feelings any earlier than I did -- I was growing and changing the entire time. I'm unhappy with how things ended but I don't know if I could have done any better than I did.

I suppose I am proud that (most of) the work with my parents estate is now finished. The house is empty & sold, legalities handled, past due taxes are finished, and many boxes of mementos, photos, etc. are now divided to those wanted them or tossed out. It was emotionally exhausting work, and nearly all of it done on my own. It’s a noble task, and quite honestly I’m relieved it’s finished and I think my parents would be proud of me too. My sister and I donated some of the estate money for a memorial bench at the zoo in our parents names. They loved the zoo, and it’s the same bench they had dedicated to the grandchildren... so we get to keep “their” bench a bit longer which I know would make them happy.

Learned to evolve and grow without hurting others.

I wish I had handed in my notice. OPS is so badly run it's ridiculous at times. I should have been braver and taken my chances. I am proud that I've registered for a Psychology masters. It's the first step in the escape plan.

Addressing diabetes earlier would have been better. Addressing my mental health needs with meds has felt calm and renewing, makes me happy. I am falling in love with my property. Finding a way to help Kelly with her teeth would have been better

I wish I had been better about pulling my socks up and finding work. I wish I had gotten work where I could get references from the clients proudly. I wish I had convinced my mother to get a passport last year.

The only real mistake I made was being too passive in my job. I don't think I made a mistake by staying, but I was too passive for too long. I have lacked self-confidence. Just like Joel Miller, if the good Lord gave me a chance to do it over, I'd do it the same way all over again. I don't feel a lot of pride.

I wish I would have been more conscious of the effort and time I put into relationships and who would be worth it or not. I am proud of my development to continue to be an empathetic person and sit back to listen and not come to a judgment.

If we had known that this pandemic would last so long, I would have planned projects to work on around the home and not have been so lazy. I did get a lot of the books in TBR pile done. My husband has stepped up to do all of the cooking and exploring and testing new recipes. Unfortunately it has almost impacted negatively our weight goals .

I am very proud that I made a decision about the direction I want to move in with my career. I feel grateful to have this clarity and to be moving forward on this journey by starting my course in Bristol.

I wish I had been more aware of needing to relax. I've done well in business.

I am proud of what I achieved at work at the Jewish Muaeum of Australia when COVID-19 struck . Pivoting to provide adult education with teachers from around the world .. inconceivable before . Zoom has made that possible and it has allowed us to stay connected and enriched . I am proud of the programming I set up

I wish I had taken the time to take care of myself more. I should have found a better therapist. I should have been more honest with myself about how I was really doing. I'm really proud that I have taken some steps to take care of myself. I got on medication, I allowed myself to be vulnerable again, and I'm getting my finances together.

Orgulho-me de ter concluído curso MBA e um curso de Pós-MBA. A forma diferente que teria feito seria mergulhar mais fundo no conhecimento, mas foi muito conteúdo e mesmo assim foi muito gratificante realizar.

I'm proud of myself for finally making the time and creating the space to write and record my original music at home. I wish that I hadn't stopped. Lately it's been hard getting back into it. I'm hoping it will be easier to finish my album now that I've at least gotten it started!

I do wish I had not counted on my father and his wife to show up at Christmas. It took a lot to prepare for their visit mentally and physically and I could have spent that time and energy differently. Luckily I had a back-up plan ready and the day turned out nice. He has not offered to come over since which is good. My takeaway from that day forward was to go to him. It's worked out much better and I'm less stressed. While I've had a few decent work experiences, I did not blow myself away with any accomplishments. I was proud of my COVID podcasts; those were pretty cool. But I'm more proud of my fitness level believe it or not! I keep pushing myself to swim, ride, even run faster and farther. I have been swimming for several years and had not been able to go very fast or far. I joined Orange Theory this year and started running for the first time ever! And COVID got me out doing some long distances on my bike. I even got a new bike! I feel like I keep getting stronger even at my age. I even stopped eating meat! Proud of that as well. Apparently last year I wrote that I was especially proud of my relationship with Kiki and that has not changed. Never will. Even in this challenging year our bond grows.

Lockdown has seen me shake up my exercise routine as I’ve been unable to go to the gym. PE with Joe every morning has helped kick start a change in my body and mindset. I’ve also restarted running through doing the couch 2 5 k with my friend as well as running solo. Even little things like getting on my bike to go to shops rather than waiting to do a big shop and driving there all help affect change.

Based on experience, my thoughts are so negative and often feel hopeless. I don't have an answer to this. The magnitude of this situation is overwhelming.

I wish I could be more loving with my family - I wish I would be better at expressing how much I love them. And I wish I could rally in the midst of COVID and do something really good and meaningful instead of just retreat into work and home related tasks.

I wish I stuck with running after all the half marathons were cancelled. I was so dedicated to it, and am proud of myself for that. I know I have the tools, and I know I know how to run.

I mostly kept my shit together during all of this madness this year and that's about as good of an accomplishment as I could hope for all things considered. Although, I did get back in shape through weight lifting and jogging. That's significant.

I wish I had been more physically active in the last six months. My body is really suffering from the quarantine.

I guess mainly I wish I had been more open to things in my first year of college. I really blocked myself from meeting people in SLE and in Faisan and I think I was just more guarded back then. But looking back, its hard to blame myself for anything that I dad. I was younger and naive and hadn't been through a pandemic among other things. I don't know that I regret anything, and I'm that I did have the experiences that I had because I think they are important to who I am now. I guess I wish that I had been more productive over the summer. Especially in terms of music and the bike, I wish I had spent more time with it. Now that I'm in school finding time to do those things is near impossible, and I don't know of a time in the near future where I'll have that much freedom with my time. But overall, I'm really proud of the way I opened up in college. I figured out so many new things that I like and that I didn't like and I'm happy I was able to be spontaneous and have fun. I was really worried about wasting my four years at Stanford, which seems ironic now, but it motivated me to really be open to crazy things.

I’m not sure there are regrets in terms of my behavior, but maybe I’m not looking carefully enough. I’m proud of my efforts—not always successful—to stay in relationship with people whose views are so different from mine. The chasm between my beliefs and those who follow QAnon, for example, is very wide. Yet, aspiring to be as good as my brother was at maintaining lifelong relationships with people he disagreed with politically, I have sought to understand others’ views rather to argue with them. And I refuse to jettison relationships over these issues. I do feel good about this effort.

I wish I have the courage to keep practicing being center of attention and taking risks around sharing in front of people. I’m proud of my storytelling class sharing and presenting in front of people!

I am especially proud that I sought the help of a mental health professional last year. Quarantine was really difficult for my mental health, and there was a group of counselors offering their services free of charge for six sessions. I waited longer than I should have, but I eventually got to a place that was bad enough to need non-urgent help, but not so bad that I was past the point where I cared enough to reach out (that's when even I begin to worry about myself, because the next step is my family worrying enough to suggest inpatient care). I want to have something to say for "something I wish I had done differently this past year", but I also think that it's important to have as few regrets as possible. That's a lot easier when you suffer from a mood disorder and you know that the only way to go is up. I don't wish I'd never had the mood disorder anymore; I'm just grateful that it doesn't affect me all of the time. I'm grateful that I know how it feels to *not* be in constant emotional pain.

I wish that I had made better use of the at-home time during the Covid lockdown.

Well, I guess I would have to put here our missing cat. Never taking her out of the house, that was a huge mistake on my part, specially not saying anything about not taking her out. Needless to say, she ran away and I'm a bit fearful we won't get her back.

There are lots of small things I wish I had done differently, mainly the way I reacted and responded to things and people. There are many things I am proud of, namely the way I responded to big challenges like being stood down from my job during the pandemic, my mum getting cancer, starting a new job then the real estate agent saying the owners were selling my house one month out from my lease ending - all in a two month period. Old me would have really freaked out about all these changes I couldn't control, but somehow I went with it and tried to flow with the universe instead of against it. It really helped.

I much prouder of the way I have changed my diet and I keep focusing on health rather than losing weight. I can lose more weight but being and staying healthy is much more important. Something I wish I could change. I wish I could have been more assertive about my philosophy of teaching and more courageous suing the research to follow best practices at work. I still have to work on standing up for myself and insisting that my ideas should be try out based on what the researchers show.

Maybe understanding the seriousness of the virus was something to be proud of. My whole family has remained safe. Trying to get everyone to be safe without telling anyone what to do is working I think. Since there was little to do, there was not much that could have been done differently. Quarantine is tough, but we have adjusted pretty well without being completely isolated.

Of course, I wish I had lost weight and kept it off. However, I am proud of the volunteer work I did - Reading Partners with Bob, the SacACT climate change committee, and 25 years as a Loaves and Fishes jail visitation volunteer. Wow.

My stepson died by suicide in August, a few days before his 33rd birthday. I will always wish I had done more to help him in his struggle with mental illness. A few days after his death, one of his friends told me, "you weren't his stepmom, you were his mom." She said she didn't know I wasn't his mom until years into knowing him, based on the way he talked about me. I was very touched by this, but I wish I had known while he was still alive! I knew he loved me, but he had a hard time expressing his feelings directly. I always strove to respect his boundaries as an adult, but I would have mothered him much harder if I had known how he felt.

Proud I’ve made it through MBC treatment

I think that this year has been so unfathomable and a lot of us have been in a strange state of survival mode. We're in this modern world - in the midst of a pandemic - with an insane saturation of information overload, trying to make decisions as best we can. I think that in this year, I've honestly tried to make the best decisions I can. I've been thoughtful in them, courageous in them, and rooted myself in them. I've left things that didn't feel right, I've moved and taken a big leap of faith. I've tried to focus on myself, and when it is difficult to do so, I've taken care of myself and forgiven myself. These are all things I am proud of. This year felt like rolling the dice over and over and I think it would be a shame to be disappointed in not staying the course I thought I might. Differently? Do we really have much choice right now? I think we continue to move forward. No looking back anymore.

Proud to get over 50 congregants to participate in the ADL No Place For Hate Walk last year, and support the Hands of Peace and Jewish Federation events.

The obvious answer would be that I wish that I had taken social interaction less for granted. I would have appreciated pancake day more if I’d known it was the last time we get to spend time together as a colleague group. I would’ve hugged people more.

I wish I had visited my Mom every week. Now with Covid i cannot see her as she had a stroke and a compromised immune system. My loss and great sadness

Very proud of all I’ve accomplished this past year . One of the biggest growrmrh spurts on a very long time

This past year, I wish I had taken more time to relax and have fun. I’ve been so focused on succeeding professionally and on my image that I think I missed some times that I could have been enjoying. I could have spent more nights at the bar, relaxed a bit... On the other side, I am proud of the increased focus I had on my physical health and well-being. Cancun really kick-started a new relationship with wellness for me. I was able to take time to sleep, to work out multiple times a week. I ate healthier and stopped drinking as much. I prioritized myself and I feel like I’ve finally found out how to balance self-care with my professional goals.

I wish I could've approached my algebra class at Penn differently. I ended up doing most of my work for it on Sundays and staying up super late. I could have spent more time getting to know Julia, the professor, or meeting other students. I'm trying to be generous with myself because I was applying to grad school and involved with several activities as well as trying to maintain a few important relationships. But I do look back on it and wish I could have treated is as more than something one does to look good on applications.

I wish I had kept in better touch with Jackson. I wish I had spent a bit more time on my flute, since I am now noticing deterioration in my physical abilities required for skillful playing. As I look at my calendar (which I had to do because everything before March SIP is a blur), I see that most of my dates and travel are related to maintaining relationships--with friends, family. I am happy about that (proud is not necessarily the word, but since I think of myself as self-indulgent there is an element of satisfaction there).

I wish I hadn't given in to COVID carb loading, but I also know I needed it to get through all this. I am especially proud of how I have weathered the pandemic while still finding ways to give back - swab testing, remote supervision of Isolation and Quarantine Centers, transporting stem cells, and keeping up the Free Little Pantry. Also BLM marches and educating myself to be more anti-racist.

I wish we waited on buying the house. Waited until things settled down, at least a half year. I think moving out here was a mistake, although the house is perfect it was unnecessary to move away from everyone and the kids school that they loved. I thought it would be easier, but it just isn't.

I wish I had taken better care of my physical well-being. All in all- having the vantage point of the end of my career- I have feelings of pride and appreciation for the way I conducted myself. I realize that these answers seem all-too self-satisfied and self-centered; but I think (I’d like to think) that this is simply a function of the uniqueness of this point in my life.

I am extremely proud to have produced and assisted directed Shakers all while being pregnant. It was a project that was scary and seemed like fear would always keep me from attempting it, but I found my bravery and took on the project. It was an incredible and wildly fulfilling experience. It sparked so much joy and inspiration for me and my life. I wish I relaxed more and worried less. I find myself too anxious about the past or future and not enjoying the present. In a constant state of "what should I be doing right now?" I want to be fully focused when it "on" time and fully disconnected and present when it is "off" time. I also want to listen more and also SLOW DOWN. Process thoughts, take time in conversations, don't interrupt. LET GO of nagging thoughts.

I wish I had been happier and more grateful for what I have. I'm proud, though, that I worked well with some excellent colleagues, that I was appreciated by them.

There is nothing that I could have done differently, but certainly wish this year had turned out differently!

I am so proud of myself for so many things. For not letting fear get the best for me. For trusting my intuition. For completing 200-hour yoga teacher training. For working from home and for getting over a breakup during a pandemic. For successfully attaining an entrepreneur visa to remain in France. For hustling and getting some clients just a couple weeks in. I'm generally just proud of myself.

I can't think of anything I would have done differently. And there's nothing I'm feeling especially proud of, either.

Reflecting on last year of being on the Hillel board made me proud of standing up for what I believed in and for the sake of others but also provided some lessons about other people and what they are/aren’t willing to stand up for as well as lessons about myself and how I can take that experience and learn from it so I’m less of the sacrificial spokesperson and better able to manage the politics and emotions of it all. I am particularly proud of the influential work I’ve done in my first year as CSO at Trinity. The feedback has been overwhelmingly positive and I am having an impact on the organization.

I wish I had sent in my passport renewal before the shut down. While this seems trivial on the surface, my un-renewed passport feels very symbolic to me at the moment. Not only can I not leave the country because of the pandemic, I can't leave because I don't have the proper documents. I have never before felt that I could not trust my government enough to send them in. I fear they will never return.

I am especially proud of all of the work I’ve done on the non-profit, including getting the program into a few different schools, writing a book, building a kick-ass team, and pursuing it 100%.

I always wish I’d eaten less and not eaten in the evening (I’m improving!). I wish I’d written more entries in my journal, especially my poetic bits. (It’s ok that they aren’t all gems) I’m super proud of the collaboration with Rubi in creating Letters from Heaven collage illustrations, happy to have returned to beading. I’m also proud to have learned to blow the shofar, a mitzvah I thought would be impossible to do!

I still need to better negotiate owning my days - which is what retirement really is. Sometimes a day just vanishes and it is suppertime. With the Covid I have had the precious gift of time. I need to pack more into my days.

Something I did well this past year is, even though I could have easily stayed on first shift, I went to second shift where all the new quality and welding personnel start. With a new manager who knew nothing about welding, and had not previously been a manager, I was also training him. It made sense to have the only CWI on the shift that had the least experienced welders and quality personnel. I could have sat back and taken it easy and not volunteered. Something I could have done differently is turned in two weeks notice much sooner, rather than continuing to put up with an ignorant narcissist boss, is go to HR or up the chain, rather than continuing to put up with absolute bologna slices for five months. Either way, we ended up moving closer to family, and finding less stressful employment that is four 10-hour days, rather than forced six 10-hour days with a nutso boss. Now we spend time with grandkids several times each week.

I think I've generally been OK this year. I probably wouldn't have fought so hard against home improvements, which I have been enjoying. Probably would have worked on being less hard-headed. I'm not super impressed with really anything I've done. I'm sure there's something out there to be proud of, but bupkis comes to mind. I did help the local chevra kadisha to write a virtual tahara service. That was fulfilling.

My anger is coming out and I am not managing it as well as I’d like to. My teaching in Covid-Kand has been great. Andrew gave me the best review I’ve ever had saying that he wants all teachers to see what I do. He said it is powerful instruction.

I wish we had done more fun things at holiday time. We stayed home, just the two of us. That's totally fine but now that we're having to stay home all the time I wish we had gone to more events while we could. I think that the moral of the story is to seize the day in whatever way is meaningful when opportunities arise. Use the fine china. Wear the pretty clothes. Stop washing dishes and dance when our song comes on. These are the moments I'm trying to embrace now.

So much control of my life has been taken away from me that I don't think there really is anything different I could have done. Nothing I'm really proud of this year since I haven't accomplished anything more than just living day to day.

Wish I'd stuck to the diets and lost weight so I could stop thinking about it and feel lighter, fitter.

I'm proud of standing up for myself professionally. I'm no longer the completely meek, people-pleasing yes-woman that got me to where I am.

I wish I quit smoking pot sooner.

I finally stopped taking the blame for everything. I had alcoholic parents that almost never supported me , so I grew up thinking every wrong , every problem was my fault. I’ve had problems with new management at work and can rationally see the situation and not absorb all the blame for the problems. I still need to work on advocating for myself in a constructive way.

I wish I had not felt sorry for myself all year which was crippling and I couldn't get any work done. I wish I had set a schedule for myself to work on my business. I am extremely proud of the community minded projects I did this year during the pandemic. So far: Making and giving away 450 masks and 150 headbands. Fundraising for front-line worker gift-bags and assembling and distributing. Organizing s kiddie Carnival and designing and making costumes for 3 kids. Making a fairy door map to help families entertain kids. Planning a Back to school party in the park for neighbourhood kids.

In the scheme of things, not being able to decluttter the house as much as might have been possible and make sure that our affairs are entirely in order, but that's pretty low-key stuff.

I would have tried harder to reach my son before he ended his life.

Spoken up to Sam sooner. Proud of going to the gym and staying active during covid. Doing exercise when I didn't want to but knew it would make me feel better

I wish that I had had the ability to appreciate everything I had, everything I did, everyone I knew , everyone I saw in the fullness of the moment

I'm proud of going back on meds. I wish that I had not gone off of them and found a way to get them sooner. It proved that I still needed them, but it was too rash of a decision to go off, it felt like the easier thing to do when in fact it led to things being much harder. I wonder what it would have felt like to go through that particular lockdown in a foreign land time without all of the crying and spiraling. Going off of them was an example of not standing up for myself but more so not valuing my needs, and being too afraid to ask for and or demand help, of not trusting myself and my instincts and just saying I can handle and or deserve whatever bad will come of this. That's sad. I deserve better just because I am.

We had a very good year and there's nothing significant I would have done differently. The move has worked out perfectly and being close to our son and grandkids has added much joy to our lives.

I wish I had chosen to be more intrinsically motivated this past year to do work relating to school and finding colleges. I think I could have done a lot better and worked a lot harder than I ended up doing. I am really proud that I had the confidence to run for president of my youth group. Now that I'm in the role, I realize that by working up the confidence to run, I created something that's really healthy for me, something that I really care about.

Nothing changed since last year and that's my biggest regret.

I wish I had made my physical wellness a priority I have managed to create a positive alternative life to cope during the pandemic

I'm proud of my first year as an AT. I really gained some confidence and good experiences working with team docs.

I started addressing my mental health seriously. I think this has helped a good deal, although I still have a long way to go.

I got my cat through multiple courses of anitbiotics, 84 days of FIP treatment, and surgery to remove a very large nasopharyngeal polyp. I don't know for sure yet whether he's going to be okay, especially since either he or our other cat threw up this morning, but I'm proud that I got through all of that with everything else going on.

There isn’t anything I could have changed. Wish I could have been by my dads side move, but I was dealing with a chronic illness. I’m proud of surviving this year with losing my mind. Going thru the steps of grief all the while dealing with my own chronic illness and pain.

No...I think the night it counted the most, I did exactly what I was supposed to do. The night my husband had his heart attack, he simply said he didn't feel well, and my first instinct was to do what anyone would do: suggest he rest and see how he feels in the morning. But within minutes, it seemed like more than just a stomach ache, so I suggested we go to the ER and a few minutes later, he agreed. Those decisions ultimately saved his life. Because if we'd waited and been home, the outcome would have been so much worse. So no, I don't wish I'd done that differently. And I'm proud of the changes we made in the wake of his surgery.

Proud of starting therapy - and I wish I had been more patient with my kids during lockdown

I am especially proud of how well I managed having the three kids in my small space for 3 months and I'm proud of myself for allowing myself to take a break from work. I am grateful that the kids wanted to and were able to be with me and that I could afford to not push at work. Otherwise, I do not regret the 6 mos I spent with Freddie, nor the almost 7 mos that I've spent with Oliver. I do, however, fervently hope that things work out with Marc. Long shot. My personal growth challenge is to manage this uncertainty.

With COVID so many things were out of our control. Some things I’d planned to do were impossible. As I stated in question 1, I donated a kidney. I was proud that I got “belled” - recognized by my community for my donation.

This year I spent time helping co-workers navigate job loss as we were all collectively being laid off. Some in leadership abandoned the office, stopped coming to work, and focused on their own fates. Other leaders stayed engaged, setting up mini job fairs, guest speakers, and networking field trips for affected workers. I decided which camp I wanted to be in. I feel good about that decision. When faced with these kinds of choices, I ask myself the question "which story would you rather be telling people 10 years from now?"

I wish I had been able to maintain political involvement and steam. There was so much going on, being the parent to a one-year-old, several new and big jobs, and I felt so emotionally overwhelmed that I said to myself, someone without these responsibilities can do this work. I don't need to do everything. But this is not that time - everyone needs to do everything that we can to fix our broken country. I want to have a time that I make political calls, whether its daily or weekly. I am going to codify it, and make it happen, so I don't even need to think about it.

I'm not sure I really have anything I'm particularly proud of, even though I show off a lot of the things I create (right now I'm in a series of "Black Beauty"-based unicorn designs) and I did teach a number of Cricut classes before the panicdemic shut everything down. I half wish I had realized in April that I could claim "fear of COVID" and not be penalized for it, and claim the additional government $600/week for another month or two to get us back on financial track, but since I'm not afraid of the virus, that would have been disingenuous.

I wish I was better at keeping my commitments to myself. I can set good intentions, but procrastinate. I find it hard to motivate myself to do things for myself.

I'm proud of myself for being strong enough and confident enough to leave the abuse and dysfunction of the Jewish education world behind, and save my sanity. It took years to recognize it, and years to get up the courage to leave. I didn't burn any bridges, either. So I guess I wish it hadn't come to that, but for my own mental health, this was the best choice.

Yes. No. I don't know. I'm, if not proud, fairly satisfied with my ability to adapt. To figure out how to get food and cook and bake and make up for the things we can't go out to do. To find more work that I can do from home. To get dressed, with lipstick, each day to start the day. To put one foot in front of the other. I have not always been kind. I've been harsh, in my thoughts, with the virus-deniers, with the conservative and repressive elements of our society, with the stupid. While it's easy to think harsh things and even wish and say harsh things, I suspect that many of those individuals are living inside a head filled with broken glass and I would wish for greater compassion while still maintaining boundaries. And I wish I'd accomplished more in the first quarter, before the world shut down.

I’m not proud of putting a lot of pressure on family, friends, and loved ones that I want to die everyday. Today is Sept 19th , 2020 and I feel numb about the idea. Not wanting it right now to a degree because I gotta study for my calc. Exam, would it be easier to let go, yeah. But do I like a challenge and need constant stimulation. Yeah. Do I feel like an office job is for me, yes and no. I want the money but I do want my wealth in happiness more. Maybe when I get to that point I’ll be happy about the idea. I’m not suicidal because of school or things that most like to bitch about. I just wish I hadn’t lost control of the one thing I know we all have, that’s ourselves, our mind, our bodies. We can decorate them, modify them in any fashion we choose, but when you loose a part of your body when it was healthy, functioning, and meant to be but all taken away cause of it not allowed to be your choice cause you’re a kid.....that breaks me. Your body was designed in a fashion that doesn’t feel like you cause you didn’t get those choices. Loosing my foreskin kills me EVERYDAY. It’s a mark that reminds me everyday that I was and STILL AM property to a past I wish to never look at again. Being abused by adults in my life cause I’m a kid that doesn’t know anything and when I look back I made all my descsions that supported family to such as degree that was an adult. It’s like I was BORN and adult. Never was a kid. That symbol of being circumcised and feeling my frenulum rub up against my shorts or my balls and it just an easy reminder that your past haunts you EVERYDAY. Nothing you can do to go back to help it, make it better and it drags you into the future. All that baggage or wanting better or looking for happiness doesn’t feel achievable cause i lost the one thing I feel like everyone has ultimate control over. That’s you. Your mind, your body your soul. When you take away those things in any body rights for any individual you change that person from that moment on. There’s no going back. Just like loosing a leg, an arm an eye a toe , whatever, it changes you forever. If I honestly didn’t have anything modified on me like that I’d be happy as can be because I know whatever I do is all me in my own body, mind and soul. Everything I can’t control is fine with me, but I just want the one thing that is a basic human right, it’s peace of mind in your own skin. I don’t think I’ll ever have that....even if I finish restoring I may not ever even be happy.... it’s just messed with me mentally so bad and hurts me every day. Everyone laughs or thinks it’s nothing or something I can just change. It’s like ask anyone who’s lost a loved one a body part and say yeah. What are you gonna do to change it and fix it. It’s like....the damage is done....it’s gone, forever. So yeah I can change with what’s left or ideas I can carry on into the future, but I still need to carry that big boulder of pain and suffering with me.... I just know I won’t ever let this pain go no matter how hard I try. It’s something people gotta live with knowing me. I gave warning shots metaphorically to everyone. Saying hey. I know you think it’s a joke or I’m just bitching about it but I just wish I had the singular base of knowing me....and it feels like I’ll never know me....that kills me.....one day I’ll prob end it all in all honesty. I remember being 4 or 5 in the back of my moms 750il BMW 1997, one of my favorite cars, sitting in the back with the BEST seats in a car ever, smelling that leather going around the 270* degree turn to the 73 (I’ve gone 140+mph on that freeway and it was amazing, that sense of death can happen at any moment makes me feel so happy....just letting go makes me happy....it’s like everything feels right in those moments.....deaths just a reward at the end of the day.....back to the story) and sitting in the back of that seat going around in that turn thinking....people only wanna live cause they get attached to things as time goes on. There’s no point to anything, there isn’t a god that loved me to give me just the basic thing of my body..... it’s all random, pointless and meaningless.(I wish I could say that now...but I kinda can’t... cause of what’s come of it now) but I still stand by that notion of you only wanna live cause you get attached to things around you. I just feel like I’ve never had that connection....the reason why is cause I can’t even connect with myself and my body.... I just lost that all since day 1....so it’s like my ego and desire for life was GONE immediately. Just doesn’t feel real at all. As much as I wanna connect with others and clanship and humanity, I just don’t feel like a human...... all that was modified to be something that others want. Not nature intended and I just lost that primal instinct..... to attach to an ego, to want to live, to feel something more than pain.....I smile the most cause every moment is pain. It’s just a little less during “happy moments.” I can’t ever attach to that ego to want to live, I just go through in hopes that maybe someone will read this and go wow, I wish we didn’t modify other humans to be in a certain trend or fashion....just let nature be nature....the most raw and pure form.... it’s like all those things were stripped away and I feel like a outline of who I am...my soul....what I feel like I coulda been....confident, happy in my own mind, in control, and wanting and READY to take action in really helping the world. But since I lost my body, i ponder everyday, why do I get up. What’s the point, y’all don’t listen, don’t care, and don’t understand. It’s just my own pain. It just makes me go, cool, ready to carry this Boulder, make you hold this pain of when I’m dead ? Cause I think that’s the only thing people will be able to understand and relate too about this pain. You carry the Boulder, I’m done carrying it. You do what you want with it. You thought it was a joke or something I can get over. You deal with it. Take action or don’t. I don’t care, you didn’t care, why should I. But at the same time, I feel like I was meant to carry this Boulder to help others....to be person speaking to up to a million on this issue like I have. I hope I’ve changed some peoples outlooks or life descsions for others peoples bodies....it’s insane that I even have to say making descsions for others peoples bodies for fun modifications or on some pseudo science that has no validation AT ALL, been disproven since the 1970s.....I respect all religions doing it cause that’s the universes call putting your soul in that body and meant for you, it comes with pride and love for the modification cause it’s part of your bloodline, it’s part of your ancestors. You have pride in that.....but for me, a person who wasn’t raised on religion, and done for health reasons. I feel VERY slighted and just feel like this was done to me out of ignorance and hate for ones self to fit into a society that DOES NOT GIVE ANY FUCKS about your own sexual organs at the end of the day cause they are ALL FUCKING WEIRD. There is no ideal that we all agree on. It’s all subjective. So the fact I lost all my own perspective of my body and I can’t make that decision, I know I’m just left with the one decision NO ONE can take away from me. That’s how I die. That’s the only control I have left now.... so when I do it, and youre reading this, you can’t say you weren’t warned or can’t say I didn’t try or didn’t care about you. Cause I do, always will, I’ve sacrifice more things than I’ve EVER wanted too just to not make that choice for you to be around. When the time comes, I have no regrets, only just look forward to not feeling anything, to show on the external how I always have felt on the internal. Dead nerve endings trying to feel something that you can’t then watching others get happiness while you sit and contemplate how you can finally turn off this and stop watching anyone feel comfortable on the basic body parts we should all appreciate and love. You want to honor me or have a thought run through your head about me. Remember. This can be prevented, easily, this pain, this horrible attitude towards life, the pain you now carry, all by any easy choice. Just let nature be nature, let an individual have freedom, have choice of their bodies, their minds, their souls. DO NOT REMOVE THE FORESKIN,ANY BODY PART, ANYTHING ON ANYONE, LET THEM HAVE THE CHOICE. You control that you’ve killed them INSTANTLY. Just like how I am, now in the ground or in the air. My anxiety comes from wanting to die, and I’m anxious everyday. I dream about killing my self, my happy place of constantly learning to let go. To not feel anything any more and turn it all off, that’s what makes me happy. To finally have the CHOICE to die, the one thing I have left. Tikkun Olam.

As always, I wish I'd written more, even though I wrote a lot! More than I once did, anyway. But on the whole I'm pretty proud of myself this year, especially for beginning to find success as a freelancer, and prioritizing my writing life.

I wish I hadn't turned to crappy food as an emotional/boredom crutch during the stay at home period and to deal with stress and anxiety. On the other hand, I'm proud of myself for keeping up with a good aerobic exercise regime during this time.

I'm ashamed about how cold and angry I've been around political work. I wish that I had brought energy, joy, and love to the work.

I am very proud of the amount of progress I have made in my physical and mental health in the past year. I am proud of the changes I have lobbied for in the way that Domestic violence cases are handled and how information is made available to domestic violence and sexual assault survivors. I am proud of the work that I did with Jade on domestic violence. I am proud of making the decision to start graduate school. I am proud of the ways that I have continued to bring people together in this time of isolation and quarantine.

I wish I had been more patient, slower to anger, less defensive, more trusting of others and myself.

I wish I worried less and spoke up more.

I wish I listened to the very quiet voice in my head rationally telling me 1)That I need to eat smaller portions, leave out carbohydrate heavy foods, and not eat a single grape before 1pm and after 8pm. 2) Redirect not shame my thinking when I think of past guys I am especially proud of helping Juli, finding a new roommate, continuing to have dialogue with my sister and friends. I am especially proud of not procrastinating doing laundry, doing essays!!!!

Despite the challenges of COVID-19, my year has gone surprisingly well so far, but in ways I would never have expected. When in-person yoga classes were banned in mid-March, I wish I had pursued more/better/different options to move my classes online (via Zoom or YouTube or some other platform). I started down that road, but my business partner and I had different opinions on how to move forward, and I feel like we lost some momentum in the beginning of the lockdown that we never really recovered from. I'm worried that our efforts now are too little, too late.

I am proud of helping The Rainbows write their song with Joe Reilly during the shelter in place order. I wish I had taken better care of myself during that time.

I wish I’d spent more time developing a reel and resume to apply for new jobs. I haven’t spent any time on it at all, despite adding major elements to my repertoire that I’m quite proud of. I’ve spent so much mental effort just getting to the next day... that I haven’t spent much time thinking about the days and weeks and months that come after.

I wish I could show more positive support for both my kids. I want them to know that I am so darn proud of both of them and all they have accomplished. I think they only see me as the mother who keeps pushing them. Something that I’m proud of this year is that I truly think that I am helping out at my husbands business and making a difference.

I dunno, I should have bought a good chair for working from home earlier. I wish I was more patient with my kids, and maybe did more adult zoom call socializing. Pretty isolated really.

I feel like this year we all just did the best we could to get through. I started the year very sick with pneumonia and the pandemic hit soon after. All of our travel plans were canceled and we strived to find happiness despite the lockdown. I guess I am proud of that.

I feel like I've done nothing I wanted to do, but actually, despite all the crappy stuff and chronic pain and terrible mental health... Every fortnight I have written a short story based on a prompt, and posted it. I have done that. And that is something I can be proud of myself for.

This is difficult, as many of my choices were hampered by the pandemic and lockdown. I think I’ve made good decisions (paying off more debt, trying to stay away from folks, using this time at home to work on internal issues). I am proud of myself for not giving in to fear (yet).

This year I’m especially proud of my coping during covid and unemployment. For many years I have needed and thrived on plans! What am I doing I’m 3 weeks? Where am I going on my next vacation? And the one after that? It kept my ever present, low level anxiety in check and kept me moving forward...or so I thought! I started CoVid already unemployed. Despite this we had a cheap vacation planned. It was early CoVid days and before the travel ban was official we decided to cancel our holiday. And then not plan another one. And no job. No job postings to which I could apply. Everything stopped. And I was okay. I was not consumed with anxiety. I wasn’t freaking out because we didn’t have at least one upcoming vacation planned. CoVid has done what no amount of therapy or meditation or mindfulness could ever do...it’s helped me be okay with not having plans. Really. I’m doing well. Yes, I’m getting itchy feet. But now we take a day, unplanned!, to go out if town. To hike or swim or explore. And that keeps me going.

I should have had a better flow of communication with my partner. I think that sometimes I heard what he was saying to me about his feelings and what he thought but I wasn’t receiving the message. I think I wasn’t trying hard enough to see his point of view and I regret that . I also think I need to listen to myself more, I’m very intuitive it’s really just my insecurities that make me second guess my instincts.

Done differently? Hmmm...lots of little things. Been more patient and positive. Especially with Jim. Been more encouraging and empathetic. Especially with Aaron. Been better at keeping my faith strong and not giving way to panic and fear. That's a big one. Remembered to surrender my control in all those contexts in which I don't have control. I would eventually wake up and remember, but in the meantime I wasted an awful lot of time, energy, sleep and heartbeats trapped in panic and fear. What am I proud of? Rather mention what I"m grateful for. So much!!!!

I wish I had been more patient with others. If there's one thing I know I have learned over the last year. Is that I have to get better at listening. This is my goal for 2020. I am most proud of having done two things. I fixed my eating habits, and lost 22 pounds just by eating better, having more green and less processed food. I didn't intentionally call it a diet. Because I had come to believe that my weight had settled at it's natural weight. I just changed behaviors mostly to reclaim some lost energy. Boy did I get energy! The better I felt about myself, the less I needed social media to affirm my existence and so I quit Facebook at last, and have been the most at peace with myself I've been in at least 10 years.

Although it took me a couple of weeks, I'm proud I finally realized the youngest child's withdrawal to the abrupt end of school in the spring was a coping mechanism. I didn't understand what she was doing and it frightened me, but when the switch flipped for me, I could see it began to flip for her, too. Instead of being angry at her for not addressing what was going on around her, I was able to just show her compassion and love - I hope she remembers the most that she was loved during that terrible and turbulent time.

I wish I had trusted God with the big issues - politics, etc.- and not worried about them so much. I'm proud slightly of sticking with the guitar and making some improvement. Classical guitar ain't easy!

Been a more patient person with my husband especially ! Not proud of anything in particular. Been a very quiet year.

I am proud that my relationships with my family have been good. In previous years there would probably always be an interchange I would regret but I think and hope I have learned to listen and not give advice all the time. I have a great family and they all seem happy to talk to me so there is nothing I wish was different.

I wish I'd exercised more and taken charge of what we eat and how much. I'm somewhat proud of the fact that I have built a new business.

I am extremely proud of myself for getting rid of my Facebook and deleting Instagram off my phone. I didn’t realize how terribly social media was affecting me until it was gone from my life. My only regret is not doing it earlier.

I wish that I had not let Misha go to Drexel last fall - that I had insisted on a GAP year. I wish that I had never dated Charlie last fall.

I wish I had continued to care for my health and stayed active and positive/hopeful during the months of Covid-19 quarantine and after my return home.

This is a hard one, nothing springs to mind for me... I think I always wish I worked harder and applied myself more. I feel generally unsuccessful and wish I could break out of the mindset that all I’m ever going to be is just able to support myself, that said, it just occurs to me that I’m very proud of getting my finances together and saving for the first time ever in my life. It has allayed a lot of anxiety.

I wish I had the courage to gone on a retreat "The transformation", because, probably I had found my real blocks and had had the opportunity to changed my life accordandly to my real purpose, mission... Right now, I still have my doughts about what I'm doing in my professional life

I graduated from college in the middle of a global pandemic, and achieved some of the best grades I got in all four years in the process thereof. I really, really could not be happier or more proud of myself for that, honestly.

I wish I could find a way to feel closer to other people. My family and friends tell me they love me and I know I love them but I feel as though I don't really know or understand them. I have tried to call or text them to keep up. With the pandemic, we no longer go out and about and reaching out necessitates being very purposeful, planning to meet ahead of time- outside or with masks. I wish I learned how to feel closer to people in a meaningful way- not superficially. What am I proud of? Being strong for my husband and daughter during the pandemic and maintaining my cool during stressful times. Continuing to be compassionate toward others to better understand where they are coming from.

I whish I had done many many things different, actually I whish to have a whole different life right now... And this feeling overwhelm me... I just hope I get the courage to change my life from now on, or it will be a very pathetic life mine. Nonetheless, I am proud of being still alive and of being companion of my mother in this Las path of hers

I wish I would have worked harder to be a better emotional/mental health support despite the physical distance, for the youth I support, in the early days of the pandemic. Especially when they were stuck under quarantine. I wish I had adapted faster. I'm proud of my language and culture learning related to my Jewish heritage, and I'm proud of prioritizing social justice in a way that I haven't been in recent years while I was focused on my own healing.

I wish that I didn't procrastinate with work and writing projects, and go so long between writing. I wish I had devoted more time to writing. I'm proud of learning to slow down and think things through, and make choices that are true to how I actually feel.

I started out 2020 by telling Byron I had feelings for him, getting politely rejected, and then leaving for Europe for 10 days. At the time I really wasn't sure if we could stay friends after that, or if it would even be a good idea. Now I'm very happy to say that we were able to weather that time and remain excellent friends; in fact, I'd say he's my best friend. We still text every day; we call each other when we're going through tough times and we handle disagreements respectfully and with abundant communication, all of which is pretty new for me (which is part of the reason I thought in the past that he had romantic feelings for me). Just this week we had a misunderstanding about some plans (he proposed cooking together, I thought he meant in person but actually he meant virtually) and I was frustrated and hurt enough to compose a message explaining why. An hour or two before I was going to send it, he called me to say he'd sensed I was angry about something and to talk it out! I relayed him the message, we talked on the phone about it and he apologized very sincerely. It was so rewarding and grown-up! I hadn't even suspected he knew I was mad. Our friendship has really evolved my understanding of what friendship can be. I'm so grateful for the security that we've built into our relationship and proud of how I've gotten so much more comfortable with being fully known by another person and with being honest with another person. I can definitely feel that this has made me a better friend to others and will ultimately make me a better romantic partner.

There's a lot I wish I could have done differently, but this year has been the epitome of "I am doing the best I can right now, and that is enough." it's been my mantra through the pandemic, my husband's injury and recovery, and everything else the year has thrown at me.

I wished I had pressed harder to address the issues in my relationship/marriage prior to getting pregnant. I'm especially proud of how much I've grown during all of the struggles in our relationship because I've finally started advocating for myself and setting boundaries.

I wish I had not self-criticized so much. That bad habit needed to change before I could find success in the good habits I wished to establish.

I wish I had taken my surgery recovery more seriously in the beginning but on the flip side of that I am crazy proud of how I was able to collect myself and recognize when I was struggling and be patient with myself. Taking a step back and giving myself grace is an essential component to growth!

It's easy to say that I wish I had gotten serious about my job search earlier, but at the same time COVID could have impacted me much differently. I definitely didn't expect to still be in Memphis at this point, and I do wish I could change that. I am proud that I continue to stand up for what I believe in, that I speak up and defend others, and that I live out my values. There is always more that I can do, and I am continually defining what my lane is, but I am proud of my principles.

Similar to last year, there are ways in which I could have advocated/cared for myself better and at the same time, I did what I was capable of. As a person with chronic illness, there is not a lot I can do. And many times my brain does not function well enough for me to identify and articulate what I need. I am very glad (don’t really like the word proud) that I quickly chose to get a Zoom account so that I could organize various interactions with various groups of people for various purposes.

I wish I had put more time into learning new things or expanding on things I already know. Like picking up a new language or revisiting a foreign language I've studied in the past, working on knitting projects that require stitches I haven't mastered yet, trying more advanced baking recipes, teaching myself guitar or piano, etc. My time on this planet is limited, I'm not getting any younger, and there are so many things I want to do (mundane things, really) that I keep putting off. I act like there will always be a tomorrow, but years are passing and I still haven't done these things. If I keep waiting, they will never happen. In that same line of thinking, I wish I had spent more time determining where I want my life to go because I feel so lost right now. I'm just drifting through life and I hate it, but I also don't know how to move forward. I basically feel stuck in this limbo.

Yes, I am proud of myself for setting boundaries with those close around me and for standing up for myself. It has been amazing and such a beautiful growth.

I am so proud of myself for finding a positive work situation. For years I let myself be bullied and underpaid. On January 2nd I sat a coffee shop and decided this was the year that all changes. I finally recognized my self-worth and am building a life I want. I think that will carry with me for a long time. I know with COVID my income can decrease, but I have still fought and powered through to prevent that from happening, while still trying to be level headed. I know if the worst happens I will bounce back because I have before.

I wish I'd worked harder to find a partner. Time is fleeting -- everything, everything, everything this past year makes that so very clear. I'm proud how I swivled to on-line teaching. I'm proud of the article I wrote. I'm very happy to have begun a professional reading/writing group. But I'm also feeling that this is the end of an era for me (hope not for the world), and I don't know what the next one is.

I wish I had spent a bit more time in North Cyprus, and explored more on my own. I am proud that I have worked so hard on my fitness level during lockdown and have built up my strength and endurance.

I trained for and ran the Monumental half, and my training runs were great- good mile times for me. I stop running regularly in the winter because of ice, and then Covid came. I started gym workouts and carried on doing those a few times a week at home. I was pleased with the strength training- I built muscle in my arms and my legs and backside definitely changed shape. But, my body looks best when I run, or I feel best with my body when I run. So, this is both a proud response (I have muscles in my arms! I saw muscles in my back!) and also a regret (I should lose some weight and skin down by 10lbs). I’ve also come to a place of mental well- being when it comes to my body- I am healthy, and I don’t feel regret about how my body has provided for me during this time. I can accept and like myself as I am. I can strive to be a little better, all of the time. And always, I can be grateful for my current state of ability- to walk, run, climb. These are things I don’t want to take for granted.

I always wish I were a more patient person. I wish I were more calm and collected around my husband, and I wish I had gotten to see my parents more often. I wish I had kept my cool when people annoyed me. I wish that I had meditated more. That said, I'm proud of where I have gone with my business. And I'm proud that we are considering moving somewhere and taking a big risk leaving the comfort zone of San Diego.

I am very proud of how far I've come since this time last year. I was finally getting back on my feet after a relationship tragedy, and I met my current boyfriend, and everything kind of turned around - I quit the jobs I didn't like, and got new jobs that I did like. I started writing music, and I finally made the move to NYC. There was never going to be a perfect time, but this felt right.

I wish I'd been healthier. I gained some weight! HOWEVER, I'm doing better now and have been doing lots of work on self-improvement - career and life coaches, therapy, exercise, meditation, journaling . . . and more goodness is ahead!

I’m proud of how well I’ve kept it together this year. My anxiety, and everyone else’s, is high due to the pandemic. But I’m proud that we managed to build some savings, try new recipes, attend needed medical appointments, and generally keep moving forward when all I want so often is to collapse and lock myself up at home for weeks on end.

I wish I had prioritized a silent retreat for myself earlier in the year. For writing and reflecting in anticipation of more compositions to be presented. I am proud of the fact that I managed to work up enough material to go into the recording studio with 2 different bass & drums, though it would also have been better if I had more original compositions ready to go.

If anything to be done differently, I might have been more demonstrative with my children and with GC, more lovingly demanding. I am proud of my work with others and with my own soul work. My practices have sustained me, helped me to remain optimistic in the face of loneliness and the rise of social anxiety and heaviness, helping others through this great portal of opportunity.

I wish I had been more present in my kids’ lives and done more with them over the summer. I am proud of taking the brave step of leaving my job.

I wish I had more wisely used the extra time with my family. Illness etc took away an opportunity to connect with them on a different level, and I regret being unable to overcome that. However, I'm so very thankful for being able to address underlying health problems in myself and my children without worrying about them missing school for appointments. I was finally able to get confirmation of disorders I suspected my son has had for about 5 years now, but hadn't previously been able to get testing for.

No, I'm done regretting things I do and don't do. That keeps me up at night, thinking about the past and how I screwed up my life. The past couple of weeks I'm proud that I am giving the Great Plates food to an old man who has no food. I hate passing the lovely salmon and tasty other dishes, but I can buy them any time if I want them. Which I will start doing - getting take out. I'm feeling more secure in doing that.

I am proud of learning how to take ownership and action this year. I thought I might sincerely lose my job at the beginning of the year. By keeping myself honest, level-headed, and calm, I helped get my company through an encryption attack, an acquisition, and the pandemic.

I'm sure there are countless things that I could have done better. I have spent most of my life feeling inadequate in all my roles. However, the older I get the more I hope to be a little easier on myself and others. We are also just human. Most of us struggling to do the best we can. I am proud that I finished Leadership Lancaster even in the mist of COVID. I am proud of my crazy COVID garden.....even the garden experiments that failed. I am proud of my bike ride this morning, even if it was only 11 miles. I'm proud I got up this morning and showed up for life. Right now that is an accomplishment.

No I don’t wish to have done anything different. I’m proud of the way I’ve handled this year. The old me didn’t have good coping mechanisms. I’ve worked really hard on becoming the best version of myself

I wish I had had the courage to break up with my partner sooner, though being long distance and then dealing with COVID-19 didn't exactly "hold" anything up in the traditional sense. I'm thrilled that I'm now doing what I want: living in a great apartment, in a major city, and embracing a new role at my work.

I am really proud of how I've built a community here in Delaware. I am content with my social life in a way I never was before, probably because I'm more self aware of how much of my life I've spent striving for things to be different than they are.

I wish I’d been able to find a less stressful job, one without kids.

I am especially proud of the transformation I've made to the back yard - from yard to yarden - Backyardia. I have turned it from a concrete oasis to a lovely place to relax, and I've done it all myself despite the odds with disability and major health issues/illnesses. There's still more I'd like to do, but there probably always will be now.

I am proud that with some help I was able to fix the rotten boards on my deck. It gave me the confidence to fix my back fence which is falling down. I haven't done it yet, but I just bought the materials and I think it will go fairly smoothly.

Something I could've done differently is savor everything I have because often when it's gone, it's gone. I often have trouble with this since I tend to think of myself first which I want to work on so I can get better. Something I am proud of is trying new things and trying to keep my grades up

I wish I had devoted more time to writing, but I also am glad that I did devote as much time as I did devote.

I wish I had been more organized and committed when the pandemic started. I feel like I really dropped the ball with making sure H. did his schoolwork. I am really proud that I got the job I wanted and changed the course of our life instead of sticking it out in a job that was unfulfilling.

No. Honestly, I'm doing the best I can and have no regrets. Rather, I have no intention of judging myself or my decisions. That said, I guess I'm pretty proud of the fact that I have managed so far so well. I haven't been perfectly serene and haven't always reacted perfectly, but I have done my best and keep trying harder. I have despaired, but I've recognized that I can find the positive. Because I'm not alone. I'm proud of my friendships and my ability to love.

There is not a glaring incident of which I look back upon in the last year and regret. There is, however, a consistent mismanagement of my anxiety at a low-grade level that usually resulted in me arguing with or being demeaning to people I love when my anxiety over COVID or finances or work spiked. Naturally, the one most often in the cross-hairs of my stupidity was my wife. I look back at that consistent, low-grade anxiety stupidity and wish I would have managed it better--been more in touch with what was actually going on inside of me in order to direct positive energy to my wife and the ones I love and not just flip shit when I get stressed out--taking advantage of her/their grace and patience.

Sadly, there are things I wish I had done differently with the wedding. Something very hard for me to accept. Still, overall it was a success. I wish things had DONE differently for me workwise. That is, I wish I was feeling confident, competent, etc and that I loved work. Not sure what I would have done differently. I'm proud of myself for sticking it out at the clinic and hostel for a year and a half, and a year, respectively. I left when it was the right time in my life, not out of panic, although I thought about it many times.

I wish I had found time to prioritize my own health and figured out how to do that from early on. I didn't see from the get-go how LONG social distancing would need to last and saw it as a temporary situation. I feel like I finally have a handle on this now, but it's still tenuous and in the intervenng 6 months, I've aged 10 years.

I’m proud of my garden - I really spent a lot of time growing vegetables from seed. But...I wish I had managed the time better so that I involved my children in that more and made more time for them

I wish I hadn't sat in front of my PC so much.

A student of mine recently shared he was potentially in trouble with the police. I wish I hadn't reacted in haste, adding my heightened level of concern to a situation that was already stressful for him. I will learn to be more patient and measured, and try to meet people with calm no matter the circumstances.

I wish I had seen the signs that Nick was using again, though to be honest I don't know if it would have made a difference. I thought he knew that I would be there for him if he wanted to get clean. He was so afraid I'd be disappointed that he had started using again - he admitted himself to the hospital back in April / May of this year (and lied to me about it, saying it was "heart issues," when it really was an attempt at detoxing). If he wanted to get clean I thought he knew I had his back. I have to keep thinking that it's not my fault. I didn't cause it (his addiction), I can't change it and I can't cure it. But I wish I had had another shot at helping him.

I wish that I had really taken a summer break this year (even with Covid). So many things have happened (births and deaths). I really need to slow down and enjoy every special moment before it’s too late. I am proud of how much more connected my family is. I am proud of the hard work we have all put in to maintain our own sanity and wellness. I’m proud I took the leap to return to school.

I am not really sure if there was something I wish had done differently this past year. I am actually proud of the fact that I got a lot done on my home remodel. All the bedrooms, closets, and bathrooms have been completed. All that is left is the open area up stairs, the kitchen and the garage.

Yes, I escaped an abusive relationship and moved country to start my life again. Life is definitely better.

I'm proud of how I made it through lockdown, living with someone I don't much like. I took surviving mentally seriously, researched best approach and followed it. Meditation, exercise, avoiding news, artistic creation, keeping social contacts via phone, finding zoom workshops, learning something new. And not getting into fights or sniping with him. I deserve a gold star.

I wish I had pushed for My Clinical hours to be signed off on. I worry won't complete it in a reasonable time. I wantto move forward.

I wish I had started and kept a journal this year. There have been so many wonderful events that I wish I had taken the time to reflect on, treasure and record. There have also been so many tragedies, and I think it would have been helpful and healing to reflect on those, too. Putting scattered thoughts to paper (not screen) has a way of shining a light on the details that may have been missed, gaining a different perspective, and appreciating the relationship between the event or thoughts recorded and other aspects of life. So maybe the thing to do is to make this the start of my new practice, so that next year, I won't have to look at this answer and feel the same pang of regret.

I don’t really think so. Maybe small things, but it has been a stunningly challenging year. I’m proud of how I have managed through the challenges. In particular, being able to shift from perfection to making to work when we had to start teaching online. I also think I’ve been a good colleague in these trying times. Interesting to read that last year my main regret was letting my anxiety control me. Still working on that, but definitely see progress.

Worked more on my relationship with my wife.

I wish I hadn’t taken the position I took at the dental group. It was a bad experience. It caused me too much stress and I brought that home to my family and used it against them. However, I am proud of the job I did while I was there. I am good at what I do.

I wish I would have used my quarantine time wisely. i wasted it, just like everything else. c'EST la vie... I don't recall anything good this year. Maybe next year will be better.

I am especially proud of how involved I’ve become with 12 step recovery from addiction and the fellowship. I feel for the first time like I am no longer isolated in this world but instead deeply connected in a meaningful way to a whole community of people who are actively working toward a spiritually centered existence.

Hugged more. Got a lot of studying done. Will continue this discipline, for me and to share with others.

I wish I could have had more faith in myself and in my business. I just couldn't visualize it succeeding. I couldn't see myself as leading a flock. I played small and ended up with small. I just couldn't "own" it like I thought I would have grown into. Every disappointment turned into a failure. I couldn't see past it and ultimately, that is what lead to the downward spiral and closure. Covid was a good excuse to express publicly and for me to hide behind.

I am especially proud of all of the scared, hurt and angry people I've been, who didn't quit, and who allowed me to finally kill the toxic shame.

Yes, I wish I had taken better care of my health and body through the covid times. I am proud that I quit a job where I was not valued, not paid enough, and I did not enjoy.

I wish that I was not so focused on completion of tasks and goals. We are in a GLOBAL PANDEMIC! I am proud though that I was able to pivot and adjust my business to offer virtual trainings rather than in person.

No, i moved the practice and it was an excellent idea bc we have new patients every day. Of this yes, I’m proud. Proud of having had the courage to move. Proud of going to swim until the lake gets colder (last year 10 degrees). Proud of pursuing my new passion of setting stones very soon.

I'm proud of how seriously I have been taking my mental health and how I have gotten better at loving and accepting myself and being kind to myself.

Have more patience, especially with wife. We ain’t getting younger, time to enjoy golden years with less bickering. Especially proud of providing financial security for family, sending 2 children to college and seeing them in stable relationships and careers. And of course Jared’s bravery and happiness. He will live with us forever.

I wish I had made more of lockdown. I was still working full time and very busy (covid response + year-end) which drained me of energy and frankly all I wanted to do on a Thursday at 6pm was get the hell away from the desk. However with a bit more discipline I could have made more of the opportunities that Port Helix might have provided; stay on track with the running and/or something else new.

I wished I could focus more on myself. Had the courage to pursue other opportunities. Other than finding a new partner, I don't think I'm really proud of anything that I've did.

I’m specially proud of not giving up even though things were difficult till I got to uni.

Been thinking about this question for a moment - Nothing really pops into my mind. THAT alone is something to be proud of!! I can usually find a deep regret or even a medium deep regret- but .. nothing!! Either I’m forgetting or I’m Proud , very proud , of my comportment this year. Yay me! I’ll reflect on one other huge accomplishment. I did finally, finally extract myself out of a 12 year relationship and so far -have managed to stay friends too ( which is important to me). I don’t know how close we will be as the months unwind into years but I do know that I will love and cherish the good we had together as well as continue to learn from and forgive us both for the truly nasty times we got into with each other.

I wish I had taken the extra time at home I was given to work on my house, particularly while my daughter was home with me. On the other hand, I think I have done pretty well with changing my eating habits toward more practicable and sustainable foods, including more fruits and vegetables, and really just eating less.

I wish I had realized early on that nothing I said or wrote changed the reality that Trump was President. Instead of reacting at each absurd comment or action by Trump I should focus my life on the positive attributes I wish Trump possessed.

I wish I had kept some opinions to myself this year. I have a big mouth and I know it. Maybe it’s created more distance with relationships and friendships. I have a hard time with this. I’m proud of taking charge of somethings in my mom’s house like getting her organized with her workshop in her patio. I’m proud of finishing the teacher training. I wish I would’ve been a little more Prepared For the sessions. I’m proud of staying in contact with family and friends.

I had two collages in two exhibits. On March 6, I showed "Fanciful Animals" at Hudson Guild. I also exhibited "Chaos/Crisis" in a virtual exhibit in Conn. Art Museum. I love both pictures.

I guess is that we were able to move to our new retirement community. Everything worked out as God had planned. Feel we are in the right place for aging.

I'm proud of the progress I've made when it comes to communicating. I'm not shutting down when I get upset and trying not to become defensive. I am also trying to do a better job listening.

Nothing I wish I'd done differently. What I am proud of is how I built (almost) daily long walks, and meditation, into my life since the start of the coronavirus lock-down. Having that structure, and those stress relieving activities, in my life, has helped me maintain equilibrium.

Yes. Had the courage to take the risk for the role I wanted vs taking the easy guaranteed thing. It made me miserable and ultimately is leading to the same outcome I feared. Being unemployed. I am proud of raising my hand and saying no to this job after three months of unhappiness.

I'm proud of making masks for people. I've personally made 3,000 masks so far to help people keep safe.

I feel like just getting through the year was something I'm especially proud of.

I wish I had spoken my mind when there was something that was really bothering me with a coworker more early on.

I've lived in anger and loss way to much this year. It's been grief caused by covid but I wrapped it around myself like a blanket instead of trying to move past it. I'm proud of the moments I've been able to shed the grief and be fully in a moment. Going to the zoo, the beach, the stars.

I wish I had asked for help and for what I needed earlier in my long haul experience of covid. I'm 3 days away from month 6 and it was only in the last few weeks that I asked someone for help with meals, healthy cooking provided with love and generosity for me and my well-being. By asking, I gave Beth the opportunity to say yes or no; and to give in a way that she loves offering her creative medicine to others. We're finding mutual exchange through her meals and my lending of books, care-taking of plants; our friendship. I release the loyalty, pride, code to doing everything on my own, being self-reliant in an unhelpful way that blocks others from being in relationship with me. I open to being in reciprocal relationship with others. I open to receiving. I open to giving to myself what I would so easily give to others.

I don't wish I'd done anything differently....and COVID opened up opportunities that made me especially proud. From being a local health expert on COVID to optimizing and enjoying (rather than complaining) about the social changes....its been an amazing year.

I am proud of my walking, of completing the NYC Subway Challenge--walking 245 miles in 13 weeks. Plus, I signed up for the next challenge--walking 315 miles in 26 weeks. I've gotten quicker, stronger, and a little more at peace with myself. I can even run about half of my walks.

I wish I had worked harder at being a good PhD student, I wish I had advocated for myself to get a mental health diagnosis, I wish I had worked harder to get a job, I wish I had moved out of Texas.

I wish I'd started getting serious about my time-management sooner and leaned into my business. I could have gotten a lot more done and would be in a better positon now. At the same time, I'm getting there, and fucking things up is part of the process, so I'm not exactly torn up over it. I'm really proud of how much internal work I've done. I'm proud of my shifting mindset, my increased willingness to show up and be seen (baby steps), and my willingness to do and say uncomfortable things. I'm proud that I've invested in coaching and Keep it up, me. We're going places.

I wish there was a way to connect with my mother in a real way, a loving way devoid of her abuse. I have struggled with forgiveness in this relationship this year, more so due to the pandemic and aging.

Yes more on myself. I’m always putting everyone else before me it’s good and bad.

I wish I’d been better about adapting and adopting a regular at-home workout routine. It would have gone a long way to relieving stress, building back strength and endurance, and improving my outlook and mental health overall.

This year I wish I hadn't let fear grip me so hard. There were a lot of moments I feel that I couldn't be present for because of the fear I was holding onto. However this year I am really proud of how I handled myself when there were some life disappointments. I think in the past I would have really held on to the disappointment, and this year I feel that I was able to accept what happened, and taken the next step as it came.

The virus has been the dominating fact of this year. I live in a 55 unit condominium. In the beginning of the year we had the CDC "recommendation" about masks printed on our bulletin board. Our Mayor went on to issue an executive order which dotted the i's and crossed the t's and made it clear that in homes greater than 1 unit anyone in common areas has to wear a mask. Anyone entering such a building had to wear a mask. I personally got my Trustees & Management to publish the Executive order in Spanish and English and so are we are all good.

I wish I had not spent so much energy worrying about attending a baby shower

I am proud to have found a NEW job, left a stressful old job, and I am 67 years old. Guess I chose the right field, teaching sociology is in high demand. So is criminal justice but I'm tired of people (and students) thinking you have to be an ex-cop or parole officer. No, it's about research. Researching the police, researching the whole unjust criminal "justice" system.

I am proud that I am hanging in this year, with gratitude. There are days things get to me, but I find when I turn outward to help others, it gives my life purpose. I am grateful for our family's health and the opportunity to spend more time with my adult sons, who don't live nearby.

i wish i had been more consistent with my breath work. i wish i had done more webinars. i wish i had let go of the real estate/airbnb idea sooner. i wish i had applied for my residence permit as entrepreneur sooner

I wish I had been able to keep my job.

I'm really happy I've stuck with therapy this year. I still don't think I realize how messed up my brain/perception can be. I gave it a try in college but never felt like I could connect with the counselor or there were so many stipulations it was more annoying to show up than was worth it. Doing therapy virtually is weird but at least my therapist and I have met IRL before. I'm proud that I'm relearning how to speak up for myself and to channel healthier emotions and responses instead of clamming up.

I wish I would've gone on more dates. I am proud of myself for quitting a job I hated and finding a job I love.

It has been hard to maintain the web of relationships I have this year, with social distancing and all the other responses to a pandemic. I wish I had stayed in better contact with friends that matter to me, who I might have seen before the pandemic. I am OK with letting go of some relationships that don't seem as important to me in this year, though there is some sadness in seeing people who were important to me at one time now move away from my life, and me from theirs. I have both regrets and a sense of pride about how I have invested in relationships this year. I also have formed some beautiful new relationships because of the pandemic circumstances that probably wouldn't have happened this way before the pandemic. And as sad as I am to see old relationships go, I am equally happy to have made room for some new ones to grow.

There's not really anything I wish I had done differently. I'm really proud of seeing my layoff from work coming and finding a new job with only a month out of work.

Nothing I could have done better, but one thing I am very proud of is my getting better and in particular getting to the bathroom alone

I really wish that I had left my friendship with Jacob on better terms. We were both feeling pretty fragile after I told him about my plans to go to rabbinical school and move out, but we had worked very hard to cull through our issues, examine where we could do better, and resolve to treat each other with kindness in our remaining months together. We planned to watch the end of Buffy the Vampire Slayer together, visit our favorite restaurant over the Easter weekend, and give each other farewell gifts before our lease was up at the end of April. But COVID threw a wrench in all that and canceled our plans. Instead, our last two weeks as roommates were spent locked up, scrolling through the news, and working on puzzles to pass the time. I was very frightened of the growing number of cases in the NYC area and felt the urge to leave before it got worse. Jake was set on staying and waiting out the infection rate until things got better. We tried to come up with a dozen different plans: "When we hear about X, we'll do Y" or "When the governor says this, then we'll leave." But after rumors of closing the borders and isolating the city circulated, I tapped out. I called my parents and begged them to rescue me, and I gave Jake little choice in the matter of whether to stay or go. We spent the last week barely speaking to each other. I packed, painted, and threw away my half of the apartment all by myself, afraid to ask for his help after putting him in such an awkward position: live in the apartment alone for another six weeks, or move out too. He decided to leave in the end, and even though I helped him move out, it didn't do much to mend that break in trust. And now, we hardly ever talk. When we do, it's forced and uncomfortable. I can't promise that this wouldn't have happened in time even if we'd been able to depart on the terms we had chosen, and Jake later admitted that he thought I'd done the right thing in motivating us to leave New York before the cases skyrocketed, but that doesn't mean I don't regret the way it all occurred. If I could go back, I would have tried to be totally clear from the first about my intentions to cut and run, and I would have tried to meet Jake in the middle with more kindness and less fear and guilt.

Only the things I resolved to do differently last year at this time but which still remain undone. What I'm especially proud of is that I've taken every opportunity to have a life even during the pandemic, especially doing remote theater and taking the time for online classes and podcasts. I'm also proud of getting involved politically, writing postcards, sending texts and volunteering at Planned Parenthood.

This has been a year where I have done very little, so it is hard to wish about something I would have done differently. I have been diligent in getting my house in order on a small basis. The overwhelming tasks of the physical house will not defeat me. The unexpected have stopped bothering me as much as they used to. I hate it, but I just go with the flow now. I am proud of myself for making a decision about staying here. It is the house Ken and I shared and I am not ready to leave it. The memories are still strong.

I’m proud of the way I manage to learn how to teach online and maximize the content I provide for my students. I wish I would’ve been consistent with an exercise program

Perhaps taken action more swiftly instead of playing the waiting game. It seems to have been a few years of waiting for the picture to change. What if there are no more years? What if 2020 and the pandemic was 'it'. I am proud of myself for managing to cope with the whole picture and continuing to cope with a now even worsening picture, but hang, there are many with a much worse picture..and we an only ask life how we can serve it better. To rise to make life better.. no matter what the picture.

Yes, rather than one week, I wish we had stayed the two full weeks in the Bahamas.

Yes, I spend too much time on my iPad. It borders on addiction, but it is also an outlet for distraction from monotony. I would like to be more present as a parent, wife, employee. I am proud of my daughter, her adaptability in this difficult time - adjusting to remote schooling, forging a deeper friendship in lieu of access to many friends. She has an unexpected resilience.

I wish I had spent more time with Dad.

I'm very proud about the progress I've made in managing my mental health and developing personally. I've been working really hard at that for the past few years, but especially in the last year I think I've progressed a lot and made my wellbeing a priority in a way that's enhanced my life and my ability to be there for others and contribute to society.

I find it kind of not useful to think about what I should've done differently. I have enough in the present to contend with and stay focused on. I find this question irritating. It's basically asking me to either regret something and conceive of an alternate realty or to congratulate myself. I feel like I wanna keep my eye on what needs my attention now. I see no value in this question.

I'm happy that I have been very open about my cancer; my life is much richer and more intense because I am sharing the journey.

I wouldn't have delayed joining Cathy Heller's program, Made To Do This. I worried that the program wouldn't be the right fit as I'm not business oriented. All I had was my writing. I shouldn't have needed a sign from the universe from persue this. I'm proud of the fact that I stuck with it over 12 weeks and it focused me into the mantra that my words are art.

I wish I had not gotten so angry over things, but rather to own my anger and not blame it on someone or thing and to take a break or walk to calm down and think things over. I'm proud that my body is deciding it's safer now to come out and 'feel' again. I suffer from PTSD.

I wish did more over the summer, but I am proud for completing the Nachshon Fellowship and volunteering for my camp.

I am especially proud of hanging in with work and with my lover through some very difficult times. I'm especially proud of being able to help my daughter and her spouse buy their first house. I wish I had taken better care of myself.

I wish I had taken better care of my body. Less drink, more exercise. I am proud of my regular meditation practice, of my commitment to my art.

I'm especially proud of being in a leadership position in my building, along with the Residents' Committee. We have been able to keep our residents safe from Covid-19, while keeping their spirits up.

I wish I hadn't gone to the nye party Dec 31. I wish I'd spent it with the person who matters. I'm glad I finally let go of harmful relationships and began putting more work into the healthy ones

I’m proud of the strides we’ve made on lowering our debt. I’m proud of the ways we have adapted to a crisis. If there is something I wish I had done differently, I think it’s give up on things that weren’t going to work out professionally. But I think I had to live through that to get to the right time to try something else.

I wish we did not go to Cape Code in July, we cut it short and we both did not feel well. Covid was part of it being unpleasant.

I wish I had taken advantage of the outdoors more. Gone camping more. Hiked more. Utilized my hammock more. Explored more on the weekend. Been even more ok with doing things on my own.

I mean. There are times I wish I had killed myself. But ultimately I don't tend towards regret. I do call into question my approach to human relationships, to friendship, but I am not likely to change much. Particularly not right now. I'm proud of some things, I've learned things at work and set about fixing some issues caused by my predecessor's negligence. I finished unpacking my apartment, that took 6 months but felt so Good to accomplish. Most of the year felt like a mad chase after things I felt I should have already gotten done.

Done differently? Maybe stuck to my diet better when we first went into quarantine. I had been doing so good, and felt good, and losing weight, but the more stress that was leveled with the way the world was looking in March of 2020...I really discovered that I do in fact in my feelings. I hate that this is true, but I am at least happy I do not drink my feelings, as I think that could be more detrimental.

In the last year I feel proud of how much and often I showed up for my friends and family. There were a lot of things - weddings, babies, death- but despite the distance I feel I still showed up and offered support and love. I think just being with people and sharing a meal or a coffee makes a world of difference.

I’m proud of finishing the Artists Way finally. Of learning to let go of emotional crutches during the quarantine period of time. I watch less YouTube and am able to stop reading after half an hour instead of spending hours ignoring my actual life. Learning to meal plan instead of bemoaning the state of things. It’s been difficult to keep patience or to maintain determined gladness. Overall I’m proud of myself for trying to cultivate what important not what’s easy.

I am proud that during COVID-19 that I stepped up to help out way more often at the local soup kitchen. Even though it’s forced me to do work later into the evening, which impinges on time with my family, I know that people need to eat. I am glad that I could help.

I was realllllly struggling at my job-an opportunity presented itself so rather continue suffering in the known, I changed to a completely new job in a completely new group...in my last year of work before retiring. I am proud of myself for being brave!

Very proud that I did a forest therapy training experience even though Covid19 has changed my plans around moving forward.

I don’t think I’d change anything this year. I’m especially proud of taking on weight loss and joining NoBS in May after gaining the COVID 15. I weigh less now than I have in at least 15 years, if not more. I’m down to 178.6 today. Goal weight is 153.0, to achieve by March 2021 and maintain for life.

Just trying to answer this question breaks my heart. I wish I had told others I loved them(I do in my prayers)but to have said the words out loud would have meant so much. This past year has been so difficult for all of us; i know it's a universal lesson and I'm studying and trying to learn and be the best I can through all the obstacles. I'm proud and grateful that I make it through another day....

I could say inviting Jim back, but ... If I hadn't of, I probably wouldn't be here right now. I'm proud that I followed the path that the Lord showed me.

Wish I got in better shape. The COVID lockdown made everything much worse

I'm proud of how much I've grown. I wish I had been better at setting boundaries and giving apologies earlier on.

I wish I had learned to be more calm and patient with my kids. I wish I started taking medication for mental issues sooner and I wish I had been better with finances. I am extremely proud of becoming a b-Corp, of adopting, of exercising more regularly, of cutting television out and reading more, of getting more politically involved, of becoming a better listener at work, of loving my family, of taking the leap to join a new church, of finishing my first year of school, and of trying to listen to the spirit better.

I wish I had socialized more in person, prior to the pandemic.

I'm really glad I decided to retire when I did. I tried to hang on, but the job was untenable. It turned out, it would have been worse if I had stayed after pandemic/shutdown. I feel new doors opening in this "new reality" of pandemic. I'm having a hard time thinking of something I would have done differently. I guess that's a good thing - no regrets. There's a lot of stuff I bought that I would rethink today.

Proud got thru all the medical Stuff.wish I had celebrated life more. Will do so this year. Became more aware in so many ways. Uncertainty about the future is ok. Health is important .people are key.

I wish Micael’s year would have ended differently. Likewise with Olivia’s first year of college. I wish I had said Yes to getting Rose before Olivia and Kelly got upset. I’m proud of how I have taken pretty good care of my health this year.

Differently: I wish I were more assertive with friends, meaning calling them more to check in, especially but not exclusively, during the pandemic. Proud that I crocheted sweaters for the first time and baked bread for the first time. Also proud that I told a story to a live audience!

I wish I had committed more time to climbing this year. When the quarantine was underway we installed a hang board and I've probably used that thing less than 10x in the last four months. When Mikey and I started the climbing clinic we improved drastically. It was inspiring. Then we went to the Bay Area and we lost our momentum. We're picking it up again by climbing at least every Tuesday with the BIPOC climbing group. It's been great to develop a sense of community at the gym. I've been really proud of cooking more Filipino food and sharing it friends in Tulsa. It's been great using our huge kitchen to make Filipino BBQ, pancit, lumpia and other dishes. Who knows if I'll pursue a side hustle. For now I'm enjoying having small, intimate meals with friends during COVID.

#COVID19 I'm proud of surviving. I'm especially proud of doing the work to finish the back patio space I started almost a decade ago then let languish after the end of the marriage. I knew I was going to need an outside escape from these walls, and I achieved that magnificently. I wish the depression hadn't completely tanked my creative energies, though. All of my in-flight projects remain almost exactly where they were in mid-March, untouched. I count the time I've spent in my Studio in the last six months in minutes, not hours and days. That makes me sad.

I am extremely proud of the progress I have made in my career. I feel that I am taken so seriously at work and make significant change everyday. I continue to receive opportunities and am trusted to do so much. I don't think I wish I did anything differently because I like to live my life with no regrets and just content or happiness with what exists.

There is nothing I would have done differently. I am incredibly proud that I graduated with my Masters of Social Work at 50. I feel like I am starting a completely new life, with purpose and something that will actually make a difference in my community. I also recognize the immense privilege that got me here. How many people can get a new degree and start a new career and do it all debt free and still have money in their savings account? Very few.

I am very proud that I’ve resisted temptation numerous times and stayed outside of the danger zone. An entire year sober. Even worked on my health. Much to work on, but I’m excited about this.

I'm extremely proud of the humility I've gained through my recovery this year. I feel like I've gained the ability to look at myself honestly and without judgment for the first time. Through this and my increased faith in a bigger picture and a Higher Power, I've been able to trust my intuition and choose what's right for me instead of choosing an objectively 'correct' decision.

I'm proud of myself for finally paying off all my debt this year. At 34, I'm debt-free for the first time as an adult. We have so much money now, just from NOT paying $500-$1500 a month to various banks. I didn't tell anyone, really, because it feels weird to brag on Facebook about that sort of thing, and doubly so during a pandemic and quarantine when so many people are out of work and living on the edge.

I think I made peace with the fact that fixing this house requires more time; we are still waiting for our first contractor to finish, for a new carpenter to begin, and for our painter to return. In the scheme of things, it doesn't matter when so many are suffering. I have contributed to BLM, food banks, etc. and even marched in a protest.

I wish I had done my relationship with Max differently. Better communication, less fear. I'm especially proud of earning 200k!

Yes. Made better relationship decision; returning was a big mistake that cost me time and money. Yes, proud that I wrote my first book The Missing of Me.

I'm proud and relieved that I finally learned to drive this year, and just in time, before everything was canceled. I got my license in late January, and I feel a great sense of self-efficacy now in being able to drive to many places: Shoprite, the library, the thrift store where I volunteer, the nail salon. I hope to finally graduate to driving to and from Brooklyn by myself by the end of this year.

Proud that I stuck with working for the past year even though I knew day 1 it wouldn't be the place for me. I worked to fund my future which I am happy and excited about. I wish I didn't feel so shitty the past year. It was hard with everything happening in the world and country as well as with my personal life and feeling stuck with my career, but I still wish I could've been more content with myself. I know I need to work on my confidence and that's still something I need to work on in 5781 fully and more wholeheartedly instead of just saying I will.

I wish I had more intentionally found joy with my wife, who I knew was dying.

I'm proud of the choices I've made during this pandemic. My priority has been to stay safe and healthy so that I am not a burden or a worry to my family and so that I don't impact others.

I PR'd in the marathon with a 2:52 at age 38!

This year I wish I had done more. I wish I had walked more, had more game nights before the shut down, read more and just lived more. Now lookinG back I spent way to much time sitting on the couch. I am especially proud that I was able to develop a good cinnamon roll recipe and I was able to share with friends.

I wish I had lost weight, but I don't know what I needed to do to lose weight. I think it fundamentally boils down to managing stress in other ways, and I genuinely don't know what I need to do to manage the stress in my life. It's not covid stress—or, well, covid stress is just on top of the other stress. I still had months of stress before the pandemic. And despite everyone saying that you can change your situations, can you really? Can you force someone to hire you? Can you change anything about a parent with dementia, when you're the only child?

I was less patient sometimes with my amazing wife than I could have been. I am very proud though, of how we have grown to love each other as close as we are to each other in the same home all day working both from home. Bitter sweet to be able to be together with my soulmate all day.

I wish we had gone on a honeymoon and prepared more for a newborn.

I wish I had exercised more/eaten less. But such is it ever. Oddly, I am at peace with my body more now than ever in my life. Why is that?

I’m very grateful I took a new job. It has been a huge blessing. I wish my birthday would have been better. Deb n I fight too easily, I need to let it roll off my past.

I spend a lot of time this year resenting work, obsessing about work, ruminating on how I wasn't being treated fairly and how stressed I was. I don't like the job but I'm unhappy about how much space I let it take up in my mind. It is very likely I didn't do as well as I could have on a big project - I didn't ask for support amd I got stuck in a freeze/react loop. However, I let that spin to a story about how I'm no good at this job and no good in general and I fed that story until it became really strong. I wish I could give myself more grace. I wish I could trust myself and love myself more. I am proud that I started the job search a few weeks ago though and I hope next year I will be in a better situation.

BCV - I probably should have found a way to save more money - worked a bit harder on SENTEXT, but it really wasn't going anywhere and I didn't enjoy it even though I invested a lot of time and energy and some money. ACV - I really didn't do anything exceptional, other than try to get through it, still am trying to get through it - VERY proud of my daughters and how they're handling all of this

I wish I had spent more time with my friends at school this past year. I was saving it all for the end of the year when I wouldn't have as much to do, but that was before the pandemic hit. Now I'm learning that I honestly can't take any day for granted. on the other hand. I am especially proud of all of my work from this past year. I got into NYU and the best program in the world for what I want to do, I finished an album, and I started a garden.

I wish I had traveled more and said yes to things more and hugged people more. Now that we are in the middle of a pandemic I wish I hadn’t taken things for granted. I now think of all the things I wish I could be doing and realize the need to be thankful in the moment for what I have.

I wish I learn to handle the stress of the pandemic better. I know my emotions were running high and it was felt by my children. I wish I could’ve found a better sense of calm.

This year I've finally overcome my productivity issues at work, which required a lot of work with my therapist. I'm still not the most productive person in my office, but I'm much more stable and I have stopped hating myself for occasional procrastination. I was worried that it would be affected by working from home during the pandemic, but after an initial adjustment period it actually went pretty well.

I wish I had pushed harder for us to take some kind of vacation this summer. Traveling anywhere is difficult, and being here -- at our old house, where we spend the summer -- has some vacation-like elements. I'm not working so terribly hard, either. Yet I feel worn down by the state of the world, and I regret not finding a way to just stop engaging -- with work, with news, even with other people -- for just a while. I'm pretty good at taking care of my physical and mental health on a day-to-day basis, but I could use a bigger break. I think that might have helped me feel stronger now.

I am proud of my part in bringing Toastmaster’s Youth Leadership Program to the 5 students at the Kimberton Waldorf School and proud of achieving Advanced Communicator Gold. I am proud of becoming a good friend with John Foster. I am proud of developing as a loving grandfather to our darling Martha.

I do not know that I would have done much different. Perhaps I should have abandoned bodywork and found full time employment. But I am stubborn in my desire to stay self-employed. Bodywork fascinates me. I started to study visceral mobilization and there is a whole new frontier of learning that I can dive into. After the mess that cranial work made of my brain, I am glad to find another direction I can move towards. I am proud of myself for not going to pieces this year. I have been diligent about seeing my new therapist and doing things to take care of myself so I can hold the center of the family.

If I could change ONE thing in the year, it would have been to get my parents (both!) on a plane out to Singapore WELL BEFORE the quarantine rules and lockdown hit - they could've been with us, and more importantly with Lou, in a place that is safer and more secure than where they are now. That said, I am especially proud of how we are raising our daughter so far - a testament to Lou's natural temperament of course, but also to the way that Tyler and I are vibing together as parents. We don't agree 100% on everything, but we are committed to giving Louise our full and honest best.

I am glad that I have started a regular quiet time

Something I wish I'd done differently, I'd say travel more but not doing that is a lot due to the pandemic. Proud of, my photography, I have kept it up, improved and even entered a local competition and was highlighted by the organisers.

Well since I've been at the ARC for 9 months, there wasn't much to do differently. I had been reflecting on my perspective on two occasions: witnessing a relapse narrative at a meeting after I had been sober for a year, and when Jesse, Booten and others graduated and bombed in a short time drunk and jobless. I do not went that to scare my from what I am convinced of: that a person can't avoid what his preferences are (with regard to anything, really) and feel that I've moved on from believing that substances have magic powers to do things (NOT cunning baffling powerful) It has been a big investment of time and I don't want to go back and start over ANYWHERE so it will be interesting to see where I'm at in a year. I say I'm gonna be fine.

I could have done with taking more time off. Everything has felt like a continual emergency that it's been hard to know the right time for doing that, and it's felt like a waste of holiday time, but I needed the break more than I realised. I guess I'm proud of how much I've worked on myself and confronted parts of myself that have caused me pain during the pandemic.

I am so proud of my running - again. In the last 12 months I've got a coach, and really stepped up my game. Even falling down the stairs at the end of last year, tearing my piriformis, didn't knock me off course for long. I started out aiming for a moonshot sub 4, 9:07 min/mil pace. I'm now working towards an 8:45 min/mil pace, based on the paces I'm achieving in training. I've also lost a few pounds in lockdown, basically because I can manage my food a bit better and I'm not eating out five times a week. I feel so much better, my clothes fit and I'm excited to go for a run, I want to see what else I can do!

I am especially proud of myself... I'm really fucking resilient. I'm also an amazing mom and did such a great job in the circumstances. I'm also crazy proud of my kids... how much they have grown and changed and evolved through this year. It has been a beautiful honour to witness. The only thing I may have done differently was to slow down even further and be more in each moment.

I wish I had done more to progress my work offering during the lockdown.

I wish I hadn't wasted the Garay endgame on Rá. I'm proud that I have so much money these days.

Todavía llevo en mi corazón el dolor que le causé a R por nuestra ruptura. Lo realicé de una manera muy abrupta, justo en el momento en que parecía que nuestra relación iba en su mejor momento. Ella resintió un poco de la explosión emocional que estaba viviendo, y aunque trate de explicarle, no fui lo suficientemente clara. También me hubiera gustado ser diferente con mi abuela durante la cuarentena. Mis acciones con ella fueron inestables en su mayoría. No tuve cuidado en ocultar mis días malos, ella me escuchó llorar muchas veces y estoy segura que eso la hacía sentir triste también. Hubo días en que me alejaba mucho de ella y estaba callada. Fue un momento duro, difícil de controlar cada día con la emoción que traía. Estoy muy orgullosa de no haberme destruido después de TODO lo que ocurrió en un par de meses. Orgullosa de haber perseverado en un sueño que parecía que no iba a cumplirse. Estoy orgullosa de mi por haber sido valiente, por escuchar a mi corazón. Este último año he estado en contacto conmigo misma. He escrito mucho en mis diarios y he buscado fuentes que nutran mi vida con las ideas afines de mi ser auténtico. Estoy orgullosa de ser fiel a mi y los valores que me ha dado mi familia. Estoy orgullosa de haber aprendido un nuevo idioma. Estoy orgullosa de haber aprendido a hacer las cosas con amor y agradecer constantemente por mi vida.

I wish I had realized the power of Virtual Tours earlier and started to create them sooner. I am especially proud of how I embraced the Butterfly Effect and how I took the leap of faith and became a part of something bigger than myself. I can't wait to see where the Virtual Tours will take me and where I will go with the personal development I am going through.

I wish I hadn't broken me knee!

I don’t think I should Have done something differently. I am pretty proud of myself for the past year. I really think I did the best that I was capable of. I changed and learned so much.

I am pleased with my weight loss, it really does mean I have more energy and am able to do more. I am also proud of my development as an artist and am enjoying finding more and more landscapes to work on and complete.

I wish I had seized my opportunities to go to museums, the theater, the zoo, see old friends we were temporarily near to, eat in the restaurants I'd meant to check out. I'm proud that in the face of lots of COVID misinformation, I knew how to find and follow the best advice available at the time.

Honestly, I would not change anything, and I don't have something that I am incredibly proud of. Maybe I am mediocre and happy with that.

This year has been one of second-guessing myself. I wish I hadn't done that as it leads to more and more doubt. So I am not going to wish anything different... Especially proud? Yes. My two children. Both have been recognised in modest but important ways for their work, they have become closer and mutually supportive to each other, and they are good, caring, kind, productive people, living sustainable and gaining wisdom.

Present me would have really thanked past me for getting started on my dissertation earlier. I had been thinking on it, but not making trackable progress, and here I am a year later with many blank pages ahead of me. Because I hadn't finished, let alone started, I was, I guess, stuck in my current location - a state I practically loathe in a climate that is inhospitable for me. But being "stuck" provided me with incomparable opportunities for shared creativity and inspiration in my performing life, which I would not trade for having my degree already. I will always cherish the experiences I had making my favorite music with people dear to me.

Getting through two semesters of PhD work (I guess 3 with the summer) was a big feat. I was fortunate to have a very supportive cohort, but I also recognize that I could have worked harder up front. It was difficult at times to stay on top of tasks, but I am very happy in the end that I have made it this far. I look back at the journey of what I have learned and the level of comfort I have started to develop in this program and realize how far I have come, maybe 15 months into it.

I wish I had followed through and learned how to sing Torah. I need to see if there is an update to the program I was using. I am proud that I have continued my weekly Democratic meetings - this year using Zoom. We are signed up for spots well into after The Election.

I wish I had been able to work our more in the middle of the pandemic. I was sheltered in place unable to go outside if not for groceries or essentials for two months and let some of my exercise routines go. I haven't set foot in a gym for 6 months now and trying to find a balance with running outside and training at home. But overall, I'm trying to be lenient with myself...it was such a difficult and confusing time, trying to find a new balance between working at home (which I have a very hard time doing), connecting with friends remotely and trying to remain sane during "house arrest". I'm just proud of being able to keeping sane and carrying on to keep work and life going despite the Covid-19 pandemic.

YES, I wish I had had more insight and been grounded enough to handle the problems in my marriage better, and be clearer about what was my own trauma versus the issues with my spouse. On the other hand, I am extremely proud of the very hard work I've done to finally get connected enough to my body to understand just how overstimulated and overwhelmed I walk around in the world, and work toward having compassion and accepting about myself how much space I truly need.


With everything going on right now, this is a very difficult question. There are always small things that we wish we could do differently, but I don't know that there are any that I would change greatly. One issue right now is that many of our options have been limited this year. I think there are some relationships that I could have handled better this year, both at work at personally, but I'm not sure at the moment how I could have handled them. The best I can do at this point is to try and be better going forward. For something that I'm proud of, I have to go to my weight. I've been well overweight most of my life, peaking a couple of years ago when I hit a weight of 263lbs (at least this was the heaviest that I remember seeing on the scale). Since then I've lost quite a bit, to the point where around 2 years ago I was down to 185. Earlier this year for any number of excuses that I could give my weight was back up to around 220lbs. In April when everything started to be shut down I made a decision to get back into a better place with my weight, and since then I've dropped about 25lbs to get down to the mid to low 190s. I'd still like to lose more and continue to get into better shape, but I'm proud of the fact that I made a decision to try and lose some weight and was fairly quickly able to execute on it.

Differently? Yeah... I wish I had spent more time with my family before the pandemic hit. Something I'm proud of? Putting one foot in front of the other and continuing to survive the day-to-day challenges that this year has provided

This year felt like survival. I was making the best decisions as I could. I guess if I think of 5780, not just 2020...I guess I wish I'd required some synchronous meetings of my English 101 class. When we transitioned online, I was doing my best to stay on top of my work, and the element of community-building dropped away. I think my students and I would have all benefitted from a required time to gather. I'm proud of myself for completing my MFA, and handling all these transitions with a sense of humor. This has been absolutely terrifying, all of this, and I've given myself time to grieve and feel scared and anxious. But for someone who struggles with transitions, I feel proud of my ability to adapt. I'm proud that I am working to find a local therapist, that I'm doing yoga teacher training, and that I'm prioritizing family at every opportunity.

Wished I had wised up sooner and got a diagnosis of ADHD earlier.

I wish that I hadn't spent so much money up front on a family trip to Egypt (before anyone had even heard of COVID-19)! That said, I am happy that I took most of my frustrations out on my running shoes and spent a good chunk of the quarantine period finding safe ways to grind out over 1,000 kilometres on early morning runs around our suburb.

I wish I would have recovered from losing my job sooner. I used to think the answer to this would be I wish I could have done something different to keep my job but it wasn’t a good fit. I needed to leave. I am so glad I did leave that toxic playground. The manager who I thought was supportive was toxic. I am proud I was able to move on and find my niche somewhere else. Making candles is fun, a lot of work, but fun for sure. I am proud that I have picked up more hobbies and have given some a rest like making cards. I got rid of a lot of craft stuff and move the candle making upstairs which makes it so much easier. And I am doing well selling candles at the store. I need to find more stores to shop the candles to. I think that will boost my morale even more.