When September 2021 rolls around and you receive your answers to your 10Q questions, how do you think you'll feel? What do you think/hope might be different about your life and where you're at as a result of thinking about and answering these questions?

I might just think I was sure being dramatic. Or I’ll be dead from COVID. Or I’ll finally decide I like my job or have another one I like better (or worse!).

I hope that I'll be feeling less insecure about my career, my relationship, and the future of the country. This is truly a terrifying time. I hope and pray that the coming election will bring some positive changes.

I think I'll feel good about the decisions I've made. Especially the tough decisions. I may not be doing what I'm today and that's ok. I may even not be doing much by way "work" actively and that's also ok. I do hope to be spending more time with my child and also more on things I really like doing (like badminton, perhaps even some golf). Last years wish was that - offspring 2.0 to be healthy. That unfortunately didn't happen.

(A lot of my predictions from last year came true!) I think I'll feel happy and proud. I think I'll realize that some of my goals were fulfilled in ways I can't currently expect or predict. I think I'll laugh lovingly at 2020-me. I hope I feel more confident about my body, more confident about money, more grounded in collectivist values, and more connected to my community.

It's hard to imagine how I'll feel in one month, let alone one year. Transition is always an auspicious time for thinking and answering these questions, and it seems that the entire world is in Mitzrayim, a narrow place. When the next year is written and sealed, to paraphrase the High Holiday prayers, through self-reflective writing (teshuva), connecting with the divine alone and with community (t'filah) and outward acts of loving-kindness with time, talent and treasure (tzedakah), I can ameliorate the harshness of this hand that has been dealt.

I hope the world and US are mostly back to normal, without Trump as a president and with movement toward social equality, and death to all white supremacists.

It will be interesting to see how life is post-pandemic one year from now because we are not out of it yet. When will life as we know it begin again? I hope that by the time a year has gone by all of this is a distant memory and we will have been living life to its fullest, or at least a close approximation of that, for some time. I also hope that some of my fears about aging have been put aside and that I am looking forward to many healthy years ahead of me.

I hope that I feel like I did after reading my answers this time, at first I laughed and thought about how absolutely crazy and uncertain this whole year has been, but then admired that I took the time to reflect on last year, because I definitely learned a lot and had a fun time writing and reading my reflections. It also made me realize just how wise and elegant I am sometimes or maybe I just find myself super relatable...LOL. I just hope that my reflections, positive energy and manifestations lead me to the best path forward for me in every way and that I truly see progress in my journey to discover myself and rewire my brain along the way.

I hope I’m much less worried about the state of the world and feel better about my place in repairing it. I hope I remember this moment as a really dark one - I didn’t write about it much, but I’m very scared about the election. The world feels very much on edge. This week was the debate when Trump called on white supremacists to stand by, and today we just learned early this morning that Trump has COVID. I almost wrote I hope he dies, but I really just hope that whatever needs to happen to restore a sense of peace and security is what happens. I hope things feel less chaotic and more predictable and more hopeful. They feel really dark right now. If they still feel dark, I hope I feel more clear about what I can do to build towards something better, and that I feel that I’m doing it.

It's not thinking about and answering these questions that will change me. I have a coach and I have accountability. That will change me.

When Sep 2020 comes around, I will look back at my 2020 answers and be relieved that I achieved what I said I would achieve. I hope that by speaking to myself so candidly, I let go even more of pretences, doubts, and fears that keep me from making the next leap creatively, and in my life. I know I have somethings to offer. And that I can acquire a lot of resources from them, and build the kind of life that will allow me to achieve other goals.

Her: I can imagine next year more poorly than usual. I cannot extrapolate from present data. Him: I hope that we will have begun a solid recovery. I fear that the recovery will not be as strong as I am hoping it will be right now. Recovery from both COVID 19 (treatment and vaccine) and the economy and our political situation and our ability to be empathetic to other people. I don't know how I will feel. Probably sad. Sad that we went through so much pain. And possibly stressed to be reminded about how much pain we were going through.

I'm so tired. And I'm afraid I'll fall asleep and not submit at this rate. Dear self, Next year check googlenote for the missing answers. Sincerely, Monica (3/10/20 @ 4:08am)

I hope I'll have a better grasp on "what my life is" here in Tennessee. I hope I'll have an inkling of a plan for my future. I hope I'll have a clearer picture of things to look forward to, and avenues I can pursue to enrich not only my life but also the lives of others. I hope I'll read these answers and feel I'm connecting with the seed of a blossom. I hope I'll smile back at myself and say, "you were still lost, but you trusted, and it made you trustworthy. That's why we're here."

I think I'll feel disappointed that my answers were so fucking uninsightful. I apologize to you, future Stephen. I apologize for not prioritizing my own personal growth at this time in my life and robbing you of a benchmark to measure your growth. Know that if you did put time aside to reflect on each of these questions, if you did spend any time at all this past year considering spirituality, learning the tarot, focusing on your health and fitness, or improving your well-being... if you did even a little of that this year, you are a success. I love you and I can't wait to be you. XOXO, Stephen

I hope that we will be out of COVID quarantine and able to be around other people. I hope that my answers next year will be more positive. I hope that I will attend a shul more in line with my feelings.

hopefully better than I do now

Feelings: maybe over reacted. Difference:to have achieved any goals that I wrote. To be in a better place spiritually, healthier and mentally.

I hope I'll have an answer on if I made the right choice in moving here and if I'm going to stay. I hope I made some progress on my depression and becoming a better person.

I’ll know so much more. Right now, there is a lot of mystery and fear about what the next weeks are going to mean for the world. Beyond that, the next several months are going to see more information about Coronavirus. By September of 2021, there could possibly be a cure. Life could be “back to normal”. I hope that this time and knowledge brings more stability and confidence in the world. I hope it brings less dread.

I really dont know. I think we are in such a weird place It feels so possible that all of the hopes and concerns of the current moment will mut points by this time next year. I hope there will still be possibility and I will be able to direct myself in a direction which feels exciting and rewarding. I worry that I will be dealing with an entirely different subsection of Maslow's pyramid in sept 21.

I hope I'll look back on a virus that's mostly gone...I hope things will look more like they used to and I hope I've accomplished the things I've spoken about here.

I seriously hope we are on the other side of the pandemic by then, and that I'll be awed remembering how hard this year was and how much growth and change I experienced amidst all the societal chaos. I hope I'll be feeling nourished by friendships, hopefully gathering in homes, and by doing work that feeds my spirit AND my bank account more than my 2020 work situation does.

Thats hard to imagine right now... so much seems up in the air right now. If i'm still here I hope we've weathered the pandemic, and its under control. I hope I feel like I ultimately handled it well. I hope i've been able to see my dad, or at least made arrangements to do so. I hope we all make it. I hope America is still a democracy. I hope we've made some real inroads on fighting climate change. Heavy Shit Ya'll

I just hope I'll have less of that very deep insecurity/feeling alone/frightened. I hope I'll have expanded the space inside of me to allow different things in and be less black/white. I have no idea what that would look like specifically but it might be moving in with other people again or just being more at peace with myself, which is more than good enough.

I think it will be a bit depressing to read about our Covid experience from this vantage point. I think we'll be in a resolution period by this time next year, and the moment we are in now is one of realizing how long we have to go. I hope I'll feel more reflective and less in it. I have found year to year it's wonderful to have a point in time capture of my thoughts. So much of what I write during 10q does end up coming to pass in its own way and own time.

I can’t wait to reread my responses in 2021! I am looking forward to comparing the amount of growth I’ve made. I hope by this time in 2021 I’ll be a homeowner, in a serious and committed relationship, and possible elevations/new opportunities in my career. If things don’t align I hope I will still be grateful and thankful for whenever happens in my life.

I have found this reflective process extremely helpful. Just doing this helps me to encourage others to understand the value of reflection, something that I was not good at myself in my youth. I am hopeful that by putting my intentions out there I will receive the energy to make them so. I visualize prosperity, a return to what is truly important, and peaceful life in the coming year.

I hope I am as at peace with myself as I feel now and midstream pursuing new goals and projects.

I think I will feel glad I filled out these answers, it will be instructive and interesting, to me. I hope that I've moved, helped artists with feedback. I hope I've managed to not be so focused on my self, had some restoration of faith in humanity, and done more to contribute to what is good and right.

I will welcome the answers at this time next year. I always find it very interesting to know what I was thinking a year ago. I hope that I will continue to be in good health as I am now (except for arthritis). I know I will continue to do the yoga and walking that helps me to stay healthy. I doubt if much will be different next year although you never know life can throw such zingers at you!

We BETTER not have Trump as our President omg Also hopefully the pandemic will be over by then I think I'll continue to feel lucky about how I was able to start out post-grad life compared to my peers I hope I'll be excited about where I will be ending up after my program is done. I'm excited to look back and feel proud of how much I let go of.

I'll probably feel exhausted. The exhaustion of September 2020 will probably come flooding back. I'm not sure I understand the second question.

I hope I’ll feel elated that my predictions didn’t come true and we’be managed to find an appropriate answer to all urgent issues

I hope our community will be safer from the coronavirus and that we will feel more connected to each other again. I hope I will feel a relief that the worst is over and that we can start to rebuild a community worth living in.

I hope that I'll smile and reflect on how far I've come, how far the world has come, and how long ago the pandemic feels.

if things keep going the way they are in my personal life, i think i'll be feeling pretty damn good and proud of myself. let's hope so!

I think I will feel like the year has been a whirlwind of events and emotions. These last 6 months have flown by faster than usual. I will feel grateful to have come through it. Hopefully not too beaten up. That no one we know was affected in an adverse way. I hope our lives will be more secure as a result of a proven vaccine that will help us if we get the virus. And oh yeah, it's an election year! G-d willing, my anticipated fears will not be as bad and our NEW President will be off to a good start at repairing the country.

I certainly hope that I feel relieved that such a collective and personally painful year is in the rear view mirror. I hope in 2021 I have experienced joy instead of hardship, and relaxation as well as the soaring satisfaction of accomplishments.

I look forward to reflecting back on the past 12 months. I think it is important to invest the time to do so - see how far I have come, how my thoughts have evolved, the goals that I have accomplished, and how much I have grown. I hope next September, I am in a place where I consistently live as my true authentic self, recognize my worth in all aspects of my life and I am in a happy, romantic, long-term relationship with someone who treats me the way I want and deserve to be treated.

If my hopes are realized both I and my country will be happier and more at peace...working toward honorable goals and proud of progress made. I will have had a passionate kiss, found my elusive life partner and the haters will be quelled.

I want to have more work I can share, and feel fond of but progressed beyond the person who wrote these answers.

I don't know how I'll feel. I learned this year so much about uncertainty and how little control we have and how meaningless planning is. I hope that I'll have a more stable living situation with folks I really trust, or live alone. If things are still remote, I hope I consider moving to a new city, perhaps Chicago. I hope I'll feel more settled and in control in a real way. I hope my anxiety and adhd are both better managed. I hope I have better study habits and can more easily take care of myself without sacrificing care for others. I hope to have stronger boundaries between personal life and school work and any actual work. I hope I'm able to be fully present for others and fully present for myself.

I hope that I will look at them and say "wow you overcame a lot this year". That I will say I did it - I found the job; I got an apartment; I have cats and a place that is my own. I hope that I will be looking forward to finishing my degree and then who knows what else. I hope things will be better not just for me but for society. I hope we have a vaccine for COVID and/or effective treatments and/or we know better how to stop the spread through better HVAC or other ways.

I think I'll feel like I want to shout back to my 2020/21 self, to explain that everything will be alright and that wonderful things are due to happen. I hope that at the time of reading this, my husband and I will be pregnant (or have a baby) and will be happy and financially secure. Ideally, my current job contract will be extended so that I will be eligible for maternity leave and have a great job to go back to. I hope that reading these questions will help to ground me and help me to remember to be humble in all that I do.

I hope I look back and am amazed at what leaps of faith I have taken and how they have revealed so much more than I expected. I don’t need radical explosions of change, I just hope I have softened and listened to others, to God. I hope I have quieted my fears and learned to turn from them.

Wow, that was a great year’

I think I'll feel good looking back, I hope so, I wrote "maybe a little nauseated" and then deleted it because I'm not trying to create that. I really hope I feel abundant and grateful and full with my life, and maybe secure about my career and abundant and sure I hope I have a deal with HBO and Judd Apatow wants to make my show and I got on a bunch of cool lists I've been jealous of in the past due to my album/special/whatever, and also I get that relationships matter most and love provides everything worthwhile. I just hope I'm more aware and also more joyful. I think/hope that's true in September 2021 and I certainly want to allow that to be true to the extent I'm able.

This year felt very depressing. I feel like I didn't do a good job. I was really hoping to do better by now. But it's freakishly the same.

We will hopefully have a new member of the family so I think that things will be very different. I hope that we get the grant I am applying for. I hope that the pregnancy and birth go well and our new little baby is not as exhausting as I fear. I hope that we have a new president and things are beginning to right themselves. I hope for more kindness in the world.

I hope that I feel like this time feels like a lifetime away, and that the year of the pandemic is far behind me. I hope that I have gone even deeper into my exploration of stress management and embodying healthy habits (mental, physical, emotional).

I may be in a relationship with someone who will remain interested in me beyond the superficial shit, I'm so sick of guys (nice or fuckboys) who aren't self aware enough to see my worth the way I do. Above all, I just hope I'll accomplish something big and pursue a creative side gig.

I hope I will be more comfortable with who I am and how I have lived my life.

I hope I feel different -- less depressed, less anxious. I will regret not giving each answer the thoughtful treatment it deserved. Maybe this year's round of questions will inspire me to be more reflective during the year to come.

I hope there will be a vaccine and I can dancce properly again.

I hope I will feel that I'm no longer as depressed and challenged by the state of the world; that I'll know what my current purpose is and energized by that purpose.

I'm hoping to see a timeline of my brain improving, my thought processes becoming more optimistic.

I hope I feel relieved and hopeful. I hope I feel experienced. I hope our marriage improves (I always hope this. I feel as though I am always working on this. I can always do more.) I hope my kids are full of social life and we are full of money (that won't happen) and we're getting ready for a bar mitzvah (that part will happen). I hope I feel more confident and stable and even peaceful and happy.

I hope I feel more free, less lost and that these things make more sense to me than they did today.

The future is so tenuous right now. So much hangs in the balance of the next few weeks, it's impossible to predict. I hope I will feel a sense of relief when I read these answers. I remain hopeful that I'll sell my business and that will also be a life changer for me. I appreciate answering these questions as they help me think about what I want and what's important to me, even though I'm not sure that I delve deeply enough. I never feel I have enough time to answer these questions, really. I also think projecting about what life may be like in a year depends on where I am right now and I'm not sure that's a good barometer. But it's nice thing to do, so I'll keep doing it.

I will probably feel sad and uneasy because it is currently a lower point in my life and I am hoping that this time next year, I will be in a great place mentally.

at the rate and speed with which things change these days my guess is as good as a guess. i will continue to hope, hope, and hope some more. we'll see.

I hope that I'll feel more content within myself, that I'll feel more like myself medically, and that we are living in a more normal way again.

i like doing these, and i like having more and more of a history. it feels like keeping track of something i think things will feel different after the election. everything is so insane (trump just got covid guh)

COVID times is such an unprecedented period, at least in my lifetime, that nothing will be the way we imagined. Unfortunately, I think the health challenge will still be relevant all of the nest year. There may be a big shift of many fields of work to remote models. I hope people will find more ways to get along better and support each other, especially in cities, where we are all affected by strangers' lifestyle decisions to minimize the spread of the contagion. Unfortunately, the polarized political climate (Presidential Election 2020) and the social climate (BLM, increased tension between racial, socioeconomic, and faith groups) make it all that much harder to work together for the common goal of reducing the public health threat as much as possible and working together to make the new reality as pleasant an alternative as possible.

I'm so different from who I was before my daughter was born, that I imagine it'll be much the same after my son comes along. Mother of two is a new and crazy challenge, and with challenges come opportunities. So I imagine quite a lot will be different about my perspective. I'm interested to see where the world will be at that time.

Either we're living in a democracy or we're living in a more violent dictatorship, so I'm using this as a space to remind myself that we keep going. I hope tomorrow the fight isn't as hard as today, every day.

I really don't know how to answer this. Futures have never felt so uncertain for me.

I'm pretty sure I won't remember anything I wrote so it will be interesting to know my thoughts at the time. I'm not one to keep a journal. I hope that some of my issues will have been resolved and that I can accomplish some of the goals I set for myself. I hope I'm in a better frame of mind, less anxiety.

Reprise, relief, and reinvigorated. I think I will have increased confidence to ask the bigger questions. I hope I will take more risks to try new things I have never thought of trying before. Perhaps I will be in a different place socially and linked up with important people making the important decisions.

I think I'll feel sad. There is a lot of hurt and struggle and fear and sickness and sadness in our world right now. I feel it myself and I feel it for others, and I think my answers right now reflect that. There is nothing "normal" about what we are living through right now. I'm realizing as I answer these 10Q questions that every time I'm asked to reflect on something "this year", I'm really just thinking about the last 7 months since Covid changed everything - I almost can't recall life before March 13, 2020. I hope by September 2021 we've returned to some sense of normalcy*, that I'll read my previous answers not only with sadness of what was but also with joy about how we've bounced back. *I think this will take a change in political leadership, getting the pandemic under control, a return to seeing people and going to work, policies to put us on the path to a more equitable and safe society...

I hope I'm happy. I truly hope I'll breathe a sigh of gratitude. Not just gratitude that I'm *breathing* (which I'll certainly feel, if I'm lucky enough to get there), but gratitude that things truly turned out much better than I could have imagined. I have this idea at the moment, with no firm contours, that many of the things I fret over right now will have resolved themselves. Work things, love things, existential things. I don't know. I'm not sure where I'll be with respect to all these questions, but I feel like I'll be in a new and happier chapter of peace and purpose and prosperity, and I hope the same for everyone.

I acknowledge that my responses are more negative than I'm used to being. The fact is I've experience great joy this past year along with some significant trials. My hope is that I move towards figuring out who I am in this new world, or at least use what I have learned to create a direction for myself.

I think my feelings will be driven by three things: 1) Who won the election 2) How bad is the economy 3) Where do I see hope

I honestly don't know what life's gonna be like. A lot is gonna change and I'm not gonna try to play it out or make predictions. Hopefully I'll feel proud of myself for doing this and for getting through another year. I hope over next year, I continue to grow. I hope I learn to be more connected and deep with myself, God, and nature.

May a vaccine prove effective a year from now with our economy and country recovering. I will be so grateful. I am deeply aware how fortunate we are to not be affected by the worst of it at this time. As last year: I'll be overwhelming grateful for what I wrote about the past year, that I've had Dan and Ricky with me. Because I reread past answers, I remember my goal of mindfulness and living with accountability. I've gone backwards there, although my living in the moment has been right on.

More at peace with myself and the world. More connected with the environment.

I think I will feel so excited! And touched. I am nostalgic like that. I hope that overall I continue to feel fortunate, loved, healthy and successful. I hope that those I care about are doing well. I hope we have a new president. Perhaps I will be more spiritually connected when I receive my answers.

I deeply and urgently hope that when I am looking back on these answers next year I’ll be much more optimistic and less frightened about dealing with all the forces that the world seems to have arrayed against us this year. I really hope I’ll be able to go back to thinking about personal growth and personal identity work without having to process all these huge new disruptions and threats to everyday life.

I hope I realize that I am making progress in stabilizing my mental health, creating wealth for myself, and living with ease. When I read my answers I will be grateful for the reflection.

I'm going to be incredibly proud. I've done so much this year and it's been such a good year--despite the pandemic. I am proud of who I am and where I'm going.

Well, reading last year's answer of complete despair, and knowing that in spite of that lack of hope my year turned out absolutely amazing (besides for Covid obviously), I have more hope for the upcoming year. I hope I'll feel proud, happy, and wholesome. I want it to be a year of self-exploration and acceptance. A year of kindness and freedom. A year of friendship and happiness. And a lot of learning, creativity, and growth. I'm excited.

I think I will feel curious. I hope I am feeling hopeful and strong. I hope to be feeling stable in my career and home life.

I want to be done with our journey to have a baby, whether we’ve been successful in having a biological child, working towards adoption, or decided to be child free. I want to be happy with whatever we’ve decision we’ve made, or at least on the road to be getting there. That is what I hope will be different in my life. I will also be getting ready to watch my sister get married, which I’m already excited about!

I will weigh around 180lbs and be comfortable in my body. I will also feel more energetic and enjoy my ways of eating. I will have a more rich dialogue with my body and what it likes, what makes it feel good/happy. I will be playing music daily. Play play play. It will be fun. I will have finished some musical projects. and masted a bunch of songs. I will have created teachings for lay people and therapists. I will have taught one class on spirituality and psychotherapy. I will feel creative and work and play will not feel different. It will be fun and it will serve.

That all depends on what happens with the election and Covid. With respect specifically to receiving these answers I don’t think I will feel one way or another. If I still weigh 185lbs and have not gotten along with Amy or have not improved my strength I will be disappointed in myself but that will occur before opening the answers.

I think I’ll feel relieved that I was able to change my answer this year about motherhood. I’ll be glad I did it so I can reflect on how far I’ve come in a year but maybe I’ll also be guilty that I haven’t acted on some things

I hope I'll feel more settled, more contented. Less anxious about what's upcoming and whether I'm living the 'good life'. This exercise has made me realised that I have a lot to be grateful for, but also that I need to be prepared to make changes and take risks. To put in more effort and be more optimistic. I hope my life will be richer in experiences, COVID-19 allowing but with the same love and connection.

I'd like to be a bit more at peace with what I have achieved with my life, personally and professionally.

I think I will have completely forgotten about the little spurts of minutes I spent tapping out these answers. I think I will feel they didn't capture the fullness, the beauty, the dread, the powerlessness or the mundanity of life as it was then. I hope that by the time I read these answers in 2021, I will be friendlier terms with life's fullness, beauty, dread, powerlessness and mundanity.

If the years are showing anything, it’s that there will be one question that will make me wish I’d answered very differently - or less honestly. I think looking at them year after year makes me feel like I’ve been in a colossal rut, and I’m beginning to fight my way free of that (fingers crossed for this next job interview) but also that my follow-through on personal growth isn’t great unless I give myself some accountability or specific goal to achieve. It can’t be nebulous wanting. So I need to do more goal setting with an eye to making more change.

I think I’ll feel good, like I’ve improved. That’s what I felt this year, and I think my drive will inspire me to be better all-around by this time next year. I don’t much like answering these questions, actually, but I do it anyways, so that future me can feel that sense of accomplishment.

I honestly have no idea. It's an election year. Everything always seems so hazy the day after the election when you're looking ahead. You can never guess. Especially after the 2016 election, all bets are off. So who knows. I could be mildly relieved and in a routine. I could be totally numb yet simultaneously suicidal because it's been a fifth year of the demon Cheeto.

I'm sure I'll feel I was being a little self-absorbed. But time capsules are cool, and the chance to interrogate experience, to document, to insert a pause, then return is a trip I look forward to.

I think I will feel grateful that I completed these questions, which can be challenging to write at the time but always nice to read a year later. I'm not sure what will be different in my life, though I hope I become less afraid of others' reactions to me and more confident in myself and my opinions.

I HOPE my fears about the election were unfounded!

Well, this year I felt disappointed until I saw that I got completely out of debt. I am disappointed that most of the things I said I'd do I didn't. I do realize I will need a plan to get what I want -- friends, an ability to deal with conflict, neatness, and weight. I need to write that down and set goals. I hope that for once I will have realized my goals. Seeing that time and time again I don't lose weight and I remain lonely, I see that I need to make a concentrated effort to improve my life.

I hope that I'll be happy with our new President (Biden), that I'll have a vaccination for Covid-19. I also hope that I'll be back to working out as I normally did pre-Covid, and I pray that our nation will start to heal.

I hope that we will have a vaccine and the COVID-19 pandemic is over and that I and those I love are still here to enjoy all that life has to offer. I am grateful to be living. Appreciative of the opportunity to reflect on my growth and learn from my failures and be open to new experiences.

I pray I will feel more hopeful, look on 2020 as a year of catalyst nudging us toward our better angels. As for my own life, I hope I will have lived my resolve to make a difference in ways I can and tended to my health to give me the vigor to do these things. I do not want to live my last best years in a morass of fear and sorrow. I still want to seize life, dance the dance of joy.

When I get the answers to 10q from previous years, I think I'll feel like life gets better every year. I hope the level of stuff around my home is less and the level of love is more.

I hope these are "New Years Resolutions" I'll keep.

I hope I feel relieved while reading my answers. I want to look back and say, "that was a shitty time but I made it through alive and well". I hope I'm in London while reading them, with my only stress stemming from school. I hope I pushed myself to try new things and to meet new people and to be the best version of myself I can possibly be so I can do my part and give back to society.

I think I'll feel amazement remembering how hard life was. Hopefully, I won't feel disappointment that it hasn't changed much.

Woooof. I hope I feel distance - I hope covid is far more settled, even if I don't necessarily believe it'll be all good by then. I hope I'll be living elsewhere, happily. I hope Trump is voted out && actually leaves. I hope myself and others are staying focused on love and connection and protection of the most vulnerable among us.

Well, this year was an improvement to 2018, so maybe I'll keep the string going. This whole thing is more like entertainment than an exercise in real spiritual growth, but hell... right now entertainment takes up a significant part of my life, so here y'go: BTW, asking me to predict how I'll feel in a year is not a serious request...

I'm really avoiding this question and the anxiety it's producing. I'll try to come back to it before the end of the week. I think I will feel thankful that I had the incredible opportunity last year to spend so much dedicated time with my family in Fall 2020. I hope that my life will continue in a new location, with a new job, surrounded by new amazing people. I hope I will be more grounded and even more focused on my goals and what is important in life as a result of answering these questions.

I'm hopeful. Hopeful to see a light at the end of the tunnel in concerns to the major things that have impacted by 2020 life: job security, COVID vaccine, family health (mental, emotional & physical,) the presidency and all of the political garble that goes with it.

I hope I can feel pleased that my house is lighter (less cluttered). These questions are one way of putting this goal out to the universe.

When September 2021 rolls around (HELLO FUTURE ME!), I have NO IDEA how I will feel. If COVID has taught me anything, it is that nothing can be written in stone. Life just doesn't work that way. There is so much that could or could not happen in the next year. I hope we have a new president, I hope we have a vaccine, ahhh! I hope so many things. My life? Maybe I won't be in this job, maybe I will be, who knows. I hope that I have more clarity around my boundaries and what I will and will not tolerate and that I act on that knowledge!

What's wild is I NEVER know how to feel each year and every time I look back at the answers I'm either surprised or accepting of what I see. It's quite cool to see how I've changed over the years and how different things become the priority, how world events I mentioned in the past are now a blip on the radar, etc. I love that each year I get to learn from the past and then set changes for the future.

I hope that I will want to reach out and hug myself and say, "Look, honey, it all worked out."

I'm not sure, but I think that I will be much more mature and not so angry all the time.

I hope I feel like I made progress since my period of stuckness with work, and that I don't feel the same sense of malaise about my work and career—that I have more sense of purpose than I did when I wrote these answers. I really hope I can look back at memories of the pandemic and see that the worst was then, and that it does not get much worse from here. I hope I have developed a healthy self-compassion and deepened my community engagement and self-learning. I hope I am easier on myself. I think that answering these questions has reminded me that I have a lot to offer and some unique talents that I can use to craft a life full of love, meaningful connection, and sparkling memories. I hope I can be more proactive in building this life.

I hope I feel good, and wise, when I read these answers again next year. Self reflection, and thinking about how the mind works, and how I can get out of my own way, will hopefully lead to more peace, love and joy in my life.

I hope to have achieved some of my goals, or improved in certain areas. I think I'll feel anxious and hopeful at the same time.

If I know myself, I know I will be and feel like a completely different person. The challenges, fears and hopes will surely be things I can't think of now. I feel I am in such a time of transition and I cannot imagine what lies ahead of me. It feels hopeful and scary and I despite that, I feel ready.

I hope I will do what I plan, that any changes are for the good, that my fears were not realized, and my hopes were fulfilled beyond my expectations.

I don't know how my life will change, and I honestly don't know how I hope my life will change... I hope to be less attached to my intentions actually. I don't think I'm very good at deciding what's important. I am actually petty and vain - I'm so susceptible to petty vain pursuits. But my higher self feels called to do more. And if my ego gets in the way of that work I'll surely ruin it. So I hope I step out of the way in fact. Observe more, record it, share my observations. Like a field scientist.

It was a complete joy to receive my 2019 10As this year. I remembered a moment of great optimism and hope and gratitude in my life. I hope that next year I'll have settled into my home (wherever that may be), completed my grieving for Janette, and I'll be making strides on the next chapter of my life.

Not surprised, I hope I will have moved on and can contribute more

I hope we are in a much better place in regards to Covid but also in the political landscape. We have a long way to go to build a community/nation of equity and peace. We have much to undo from the last 4 years and let us hope we get the chance to do this.

Proud and curious. I hope I will find that I have more confidence, I am living my best life. I'm more engaged in our country's democracy.

I just hope that we still have electricity, internet, and the personal freedoms to use this site, come 2021.

I know I'm in a depression right now. Hope to be out of that and actually care about stuff again.

I always hope that I'll feel better than I did in the previous year. I mean, hope is so necessary, especially when the past year has been so awful for so many people, and 2020/5780 has been absolutely awful. Part of it is COVID, the riots, the murder of George Floyd and Breonna Taylor, the skyrocketing unemployment, and rampant racism, ignorance, and overall awfulness of Trump's presidency. But the other part of it was my personal journey. I started out 5780 so hopefully, having just started my job at UConn Health and finding a boss that actually appreciated me and my work. I was tentatively happy, hopeful of a more positive future. And then things just... went downhill. It's interesting, because this year wasn't like 2011 or 2012, when things sucked so badly on a personal level, when Ben had a brain tumor and both of my grandfathers died within five months of each other, when I suffered from a crippling depression that affected every aspect of my life. Now... no one close to me has died, everyone's OK, and yet it's still lonely and surreal, and because of the stress of trying for kids, I'm stressed on a different level. So I hope that next year, things will be better. I hope that COVID will ease up and we'll be parents, or at least pregnant. I think that we'll have a long way to go in the next 12 months, and for the first time, I can't really visualize the next year. I used to be able to at least have an idea of how I wanted things to go and to visualize them, but this time, with everything changing so quickly and so often, I can't see more than a few days ahead. I've always been a bit of an anxious person and an anal one, always wanting to be in control of how things will go, but I can't do that this time. The things that are happening are completely outside of my control. OK, so there *are* things I can control, like losing weight, taking my thyroid medication regularly, and treating other people well, but I can't control what'll happen with COVID, whether Igor and I will have kids even after all of the fertility clinic procedures, or whether I'll get a permanent job in academia despite all of my efforts. So for now, I need to accept the idea of surrendering with grace to the Divine and allowing the things to happen that are supposed to be. Surrendering control gracefully is not one of my positive attributes, and it's one that I need to balance with the constant need to interfere and interject to make sure things go as *I* want. And it's an active decision that I will continue to need to make. This past Yom Kippur, I was Zooming in to BJ's services, and the rabbi's Nehilah sermon focused on what are our unique qualities that make us uniquely prepared for the Law. What is it about each of us that makes us able to study and follow the Law? But more broadly, what is our unique relationships with the Divine? Because Yom Kippur is about teshuvah, something that usually signifies 'repentance' but actually means "returning". How do we return to our true selves? It's an active decision to not commit the same sins as we did, a process of mindfulness and awareness of how we can improve ourselves and connect more closely to the Divine spark within us. So my question is, how do I return to my true self? How do I dismantle the barriers around my heart and allow my Divine spark to shine? Surrender with grace to those things that I cannot change, and focus on the things which I *can* change - i.e., teshuvah, the conscious and deliberate path towards returning to myself and preventing the same mistakes as the past. Maybe this is my true path for the upcoming year. So I don't know if this is hopeful or not, or maybe just proceeding with a completely uncharted course. I've always been cautious with my heart and erected barriers around it because it's so susceptible to being broken, and that makes me vulnerable, but I also think that my very vulnerability is part of my Divine spark. To draw this analogy forward, my heart is the Law and the Law is my heart. There are barriers around both, and both can be broken, but both can be mended and made stronger through love and compassion, rather than through anger and hatred. I just looked back at my response to this question from last year and am shaking my head at the vividness of how much, and how little, has changed in the past year. I remember how grateful I was to have a job, given how abruptly Einstein let me go and how panicked I was to find a new job in two months, and how being able to purchase the illustrated Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire was a sign for me that I was stable for the time being. When I preordered the illustrated version in March 2019, I had absolutely no idea that I'd be let go from my job, so it came as a bit of a shock, and that theme of quickly-changing events is still pertinent today. I can only proceed with the information I have now, since I don't have anything else to go on, and hope for the best.

I hope that when I see this year's answers next year that I will feel like that was a lifetime away. I hope that I will appreciate and maybe be pleasantly surprised by how wise and resilient I was. I would like to look at my life in real time and see how it was shaped, strengthened, and improved by the challenges of 2020. I am hoping that I see more compassion and empathy as a result.

i hope this pandemic changes many things for the better, including being grateful daily for the many blessings and advantages discovered during this time of quarantine and forced introspection due to the sheer lack of choices. i hope i can observe the political atmosphere with more detachment instead of feeling enraged and powerless about it, and hope i can forgive my relatives for drinking the kool-aid.

I will hopefully feel happy and relieved that the pandemic has passed (it has to be then, yes?). I think my life will be different as now I've taken the time to be introspective, and have documented these answers. Introspection is the first step in making your life better - so I hope it will be.

I hope i will show compassion to myself, see that some things do change, and some things are harder to change. I hope I will still be as committed to reflection, to progress, to relationships as I am today.

I think I will feel good about the difference I have made for myself and others. Also likely respectful of how I handled unknown challenges that are likely to arise during the year.

I hope to be able to reflect and see where I have achieved my goals, or made progress towards them. I think I will feel grateful to have captured my thoughts at a period in time, and satisfied about my growth.

I'll either feel victorious or exhausted from the many struggles of 2020. I hope to still be feeling blessed and continue to be surrounded by the love of my family.

Perhaps seeing how far I've come with my self-respect, belief.

I will be happier because Trump is gone. Biden HAS to win in order to save the world!

I think I'll feel discouraged, unless am successful at taking some constructive action, either with weight loss (to a healthy weight), with retirement planning, or with fixing some things in my condo.

My family will look different. Most if not all of my kids will be living away from home and I will be seeing my marriage in a new light. These questions give me a chance to put into words what is on my mind and tend to edit or modify when I speak them aloud. I hope my outlook is not so wary as it is right now.

I'll be fine (if I'm still alive and not dead of cancer)

I think I'll say, "Dang. You sure rushed the last few. Were you watching Schitt's Creek and eating chocolate before bed? Probably!" I think and hope that I'll be doing my damn thing more of the damn time. And that my ovary won't have exploded.

First of all, I hope I'm still here when September 2021 rolls around! These days, that's not a foregone conclusion. Not sure how to answer this question otherwise. I suppose that's setting the bar a bit low, but that's where I am right now.

I'm hoping for a complete career shift change to the farm.

I hope that at this time next year, our world, country, state, and community will be in a much better place than we are now. Today on Yom Kippur there are more fires in the north bay, including areas of the Napa Valley and Santa Rosa that have already been burned or evacuated during the past fire seasons. I fervently pray we have a new president who will address climate change, and I pray we have a safe and successful Covid vaccine along with treatments and an ant-viral. I pray that our world and our country has begun repairing and healing from everything the past year has brought on or amplified, including racism and social injustice.

I hope that I feel like me and my life have changed. I hope something surprises me.

I'll feel proud at how far I've come. I hope I am more authentic and expressed; more at ease and at joy; creating MORE and MORE. I think my life will just keep getting better and better and these questions will give me perspective for the magic and progress that occurs.

I hope the pandemic will be over, and that trump is no longer president. I hope to no longer be living in the city, but rather somewhere in the country or near the beach. I hope I am happy and content.

Wow I have no idea. This has been such a moment of uncertainty. Will we survive as a species another year? As a nation? Will climate change spare us? If I'm still here, I'll be stronger and more at peace.

I assume I will feel stuck and disappointed, that another year has gone by and I got too rooted in patterns, in work and minutiae to make the sorts of changes I think and talk and dream about. Maybe I will surprise myself, but sadly, I don't think I will.

I can't predict how I'll feel this year. But I want to look back and feel proud of myself, and I want to look back and think "that was a terrible time but I held up pretty well, all things considered." It's a modest goal, and yet, it is the goal I have. I still don't want 5779 to be the one bright year. I want this year to be part of a narrative that ends with years of contentment and fulfillment. I want 5779 to have been a true turning point for the good, setting my life on a course that makes me happy and not filled with regrets. I don't think I got as much out of these questions this year, possibly because I've already been doing so much self-reflection, and partly because this year feels so different, like a conversational derail that will eventually get back on track. Writing that, I realize that that's probably incorrect. There will be fundamental changes coming out of this time, and possibly they won't be good. But maybe they will be! But I should stop pretending that eventually things will go back to normal, and instead start thinking about building a life where this is normal. And accepting that the opportunities I thought I could come back to later are likely gone for good. But there will be new ones, and I hope that some of those I will take advantage of. So I suppose, despite all my reflections about how COVID hasn't fundamentally changed my life, the thing that answering these questions may have done for me is force me to confront the fact that it has.

The questions might seem naive. We are at the beginning of a pandemic, the beginning of the serious effects of climate change.

I hope everything goes according to plan,, and I am playing ball and enjoying life with Tricia.

Surprised. I'm good with however this goes. I can't wait to see what will happen for the next year.

Financial control; better relationships with my siblings; figuring how to be supportive and closer to my father in his waning years; learn to sit back and discuss/argue/agree with my older son.

Hopefully, I will feel relieved that this whole nightmare is over. No more pandemic. No more Trump. No more fascism. No more murders by police. No more racial hatred. No more people living in poverty. No more intolerence.

An optimist would say things will be improved. I no longer believe that. I think the virus (or mutation) will still be with us but more people around the world will have died and poverty is rampart. Depressed.... I hope my physical maladies will be greatly improved and some of my positive thoughts about life will return.

When I see these answers next year, I think I will feel that I can still relate to all these feelings and ideas, hopes and goals. I think I may also feel that I have made progress in all the ways I listed this year: being more brave and risking rejection, being open and vulnerable, staying healthy, continuing my learning in various subjects, staying close to my posse..... I think I will feel good about my growth and my conscious effort to progress in these ways. And, I am certain there will still be a long way to go! My life may be different in that, regardless of how society has morphed, I will be applying these new ways of being, no, I will be living these new ways of being - and that will likely be noticeable to those around me. That's ok! And I will feel whole and complete in my ways, even though there will still be continued growth ahead. But to have recognized all these areas of improvement, to have acknowledged them and to commit to making efforts to overcome them, is enormously helpful and I believe these questions helped make that commitment deeper, stronger, more profound.

It is hard to say how answering these questions is affecting the course of my life, as we are not reminded of them mid-year, or even quarterly. I think that would be an improvement. But I hope that next year I'll feel proud of myself for having made great progress on the Welcome book and a number of musical works. I expect to get more deeply into them this winter once the NIBRS and RIPA projects are completed and Kruti is focused on CommRouters and E911 Forms.

I hope the answers I've given will seem as far removed as the ones I gave the previous year.

My hope is that I feel that I laid the groundwork to have a truly successful 5781. I have done a lot of work to find a new job, begin therapy, and work on myself a lot the last 4-5 months - with more work to come about remaining successful in my new job, and leading a healthier lifestyle. I think I'll feel that this year was a personal turning point and I got around to doing a lot of what I have aspired to do in my life to be a better person.

I hope to feel excited. I hope that Rose is great. I hope that I am on a new professional adventure. I hope for more unity and love in the world.

We're all doing scenario planning. What are the possible futures that we will build? during and after the pandemic. Personally it's just time to go with the flow.

Hopefully relieved to have survived 2020 and most of 2021. Probably shock at the events that will have happened by then, we are in such strange days. Just because so few of us have lived through a pandemic such as the one we are experiencing and everything has changed so quickly. I hope that I am at that point feeling grateful, content and in a better place. Si se puede.

content. I will have either moved and upgraded my career prospects or I won't and I will have put more money away allowing me to walk away from working even sooner. I will have contributed to the security of my family by giving them a hand up to make their worlds better for themselves. And I will have taken the solitary time to evaluate what I want and more importantly why I want it.

I hope that I will be able to look back and see that this was a dark time but that the light is starting to shine. That we have a compassionate human being in the White House, that we are all not at risk of death, that people are starting to treat each other better. I hope that I remember, with the help of these questions, that I want to keep moving and that my burden is a little lighter.

I think it will trigger a flood of sense and emotional memories of what it's been like living through this pandemic. I think that it will hopefully reinvigorate me in terms of moving towards the goals and wishes and dreams that I've written about here, but it will also depress me when I inevitably feel like I haven't done that much in the year since writing about them.

I hope to experience the relief that a COVID vaccine would bring, and that if that occurs that I will have the courage and initiative to seize any opportunities I have for travel and other activities that will be more difficult for me as I age. I hope that I will have made one or more focused changes, especially with regard to being retired or setting a retirement date, and that I will remember to keep working for the civic good even if it seems we have weathered the immediate political crisis, and ESPECIALLY if it seems all is hopeless.

I hope to feel settled. I hope to not be living where I am currently living. I hope to feel more like myself. I hope to have a sense of togetherness and moving forward (as opposed to feeling stagnant). Maybe I'll be pregnant or have a kid?

I hope that I will not only see what in me needs to change, but I will have taken action to make those changes.

I hope to be slimmer and more focused on a goal, an outcome, an achievement. I hope to have the mental capacity and capability to focus and identify what is important to me.

I imagine that I may feel quite proud of the ways in which I acted based on intentions set this Sept; and, that at the same time, I may feel disappointed in ways that I didn’t. I will try to be compassionate to myself and rejoice about my growth rather than dwell on what I didn’t do (or even completely forgot about). I hope that my life will be more balanced, doing more of what I love and less of what causes me discomfort (literally pain in my neck and upper back where I hold stress tension). I also hope that, through my writing, I either will have a book on its way towards publication OR will be at peace if the book takes me six months longer (arriving Apr 2022 on my 70th birthday) OR have accepted my choice not to publish at all.

I’m just curious what condition the house will be in or if we decide to move out of this pit. I am also curious how different the world will be, if is really does change, post COVID. I will also be excited to see what habits I have built for myself to help me be who I need to be.

It is so absurdly hard to imagine what the future might look like. Sincerely, it’s like someone throwing 5 different puzzles in a pile, pulling out a piece and saying “what picture is this part of?” from across the room. Dog, I have no earthly idea.

I hope I'll be feeling balanced, no matter what comes with COVID and the election

I hope that a year from now we see more peace in the world and more hope. I pray that the virus is contained and a successful vaccine and/or treatment is available.

I hope we are no longer sheltering in place, socially distancing, remote learning, etc. I want to be able to connect with my community and hug my friends. I want the kids to get back to sports and socializing without masks. I hope millions of acres of CA aren't burning. I think I will feel the weight of this year when I receive these answers but I hope that I also feel the grounded resiliency I have been developing. I can sit in my pain and discomfort knowing this too shall pass. I can let go of my fears and connect with my higher power for guidance as challenges arise. I hope I will see evidence of more progress in breaking patterns of co-dependency in my relationships from Adam and the girls to mom, friendships and employment/activism. I believe I can be an ally to environmental and anti-racism movements and still be in a state of heightened personal peace and serenity regardless of the turmoil in the world around me if I keep doing the work. That is my hope.

5780 was supposed to be a year of healing and closure. In some ways it was, and I can see the good, but in so many others it was a dumpster fire. Covid just iced the cake. Still, there have been good moments. Times of togetherness as a family. Time spent alone with my brother, especially getting to watch the Islanders in the playoffs. Seeing my son off to Israel. These are moments likely would not have Had without covid. I hope that as we begin 5782 that I will be able to look back and see the wondrous and the good. I hope we’ll be settled in a new home. I expect we will be. There will be new possibilities and interesting futures to seek. I hope I’ll look to this year’s answers and be happy and proud that we made it through.

I hope that I can get past some of the mental barriers that made my goals for last year still unaccomplished by this year. It was a tad disappointing to see that some things that I had planned to have done are still on my list. Maybe I'll make better use of my time this year.

I hope I'll be proud of who I am, and I hope I'll be kind to myself if I don't agree with any of my answers at that point. I have absolutely no idea where I'll be or what I'll be doing or who I'll be with in September 2021, and as scary as that unknown is, it feels powerful. I am an empty vessel, and as long as I stick to my truth, and try to embody my truest, highest self daily, drop into my heart, and let go of my armor, I trust that I will be okay no matter what.

Since this is my first time doing 10Q, I am not sure how I will feel. Hopefully, the feelings of frustration and the difficulties during COVID-19 will be a distant memory and a blip from the past. I doubt it. I hope that I will still have a strong relationship, a new job, and the opportunity to travel. Those three things would be ideal.

This is such a good question. I'm interested to know what my relationships will look like at the time, although right now I don't know exactly what I'm hoping will change or stay the same. I hope I'm not too disillusioned with grad school and that if there's any loss of excitement, I can recapture it through reading some of my old words. I also hope they'll remind me how COVID has evolved, whether we're still living our day-to-day lives affected by it or not.

I can hardly even imagine what life will be like in September 2021. I hope that when I re-read 2020's answers I will be able to look back at these times from a distance, and marvel at what we went through. I hope we are not still in the midst of some part of this crisis a year from now.

2020 has shown me that I have NO idea what's going to happen. But I hope the pandemic is behind us, that Jason and I are married and thriving, that Trump is OUT, and that we as a country are on a path to healing and re-strengthening.

I hope I'll feel a lot better than I do now. The upcoming election is scary. I feel like someone on death row waiting for a pardon. I'm also hoping that Biden will win and the imposter will leave the White House without an incident or causing a civil war. Personally, I'm praying that I'm more stable physically and emotionally and that I'm feeling more joy on a daily basis. I also want to look back and see that I got a lot of writing done during the year.

I think I will once again realize that I am singularly obsessed with something. Each year I am... I want to believe that this will change something, but im not sure

We are at a tipping point politically. If all goes well with this election I expect to feel much relieved at this time next year. If it does not go well, I will be doing my best to avoid hopelessness and despair!

When September 2021 rolls around,I would like to Shout ,God with you by my side I made it through the Storm! I am more grounded in your word,and I am able to pursue your will for my life ,because you are a promise keeper. My daughter would have weathered the storm,and come out more than victorious . All my children,grandchildren,family and friends,would have a profound awareness for trusting in the Lord.

I'd like to think that all the things I've said I want to accomplish; being able to make money doing the things I love doing, getting to spend more time on my creative work and less of the boring stuff, figuring out how to manage life better with my ADHD, getting over my disproportionate fear that I'm always going to fail miserably and in front of people, etc, will all be things that I will make forward strides with in the next year. Unfortunately, I believe that I will be in a similar position and saying I want to change the same things because that's always what happens with me.

I think I'll feel pretty good. I think I'll feel professionally fulfilled, and I hope that I'll have found the reliable, loving, and supportive relationships that I want.

The world has changed so much from 9/19 to 9/20, I just can't imagine how things will look in 9/21. If some things play out on a macro level as I hope they will (I just cannot entirely suppress my optimism!), I hope I'll look back at the anger and pessimism I'm currently carrying with relief that those emotions have subsided.

I hope I will feel better and be a better person. I hope that my default setting will change from despairing to positive.

I think I will cringe at some of my answers but realize I am being honest with where I am in 2020. I am hoping things will be back to pre-covid in terms of travel, etc. I am hoping I will be closer to living a more authentic, fulfilling life and not just moving through the motions.

I believe my life will be about the same. I believe the Country's life will be much better under the guidance of Biden and Harris. I believe I will still be living in Stratford for one final year until Ronnie retires.

Shocked at how fast the year has gone by. Hope I will feel good about some of the progress I (and the world) has made.

I hope my grief over losing my father will be softer. I hope all the ugly, unpleasant jobs related to settling my dad's estate have been completed, I hope I am at a normal weight. I hope we have a different President. I hope an effective vaccine against Covid has been developed and allowed some normal activities to resume. I hope I can do some traveling. I hope my house has been emptied by at least 50% If half of those hopes comes true I will feel 100% better than I do right now.

I hope that I will be in a better place in terms of my health and that I will have made a transition in my career.

I'll feel interest and glee as I always do. What was in my brain a year ago?!? During THAT time?!? But will it have changed or will be simply be habituated? Who knows. I hope I have more regular sleep and exercise. The rest is cake. Which is about as privileged as one can be. For that I am grateful.

I hope I would feel better next year than this year. What a terrible year this has been. I Hope I dont have this hermit/solitude life going on that I am pursuing something that I feel has a purpose.

I hope I will feel great love and compassion for my former self, as well as immense gratitude for their guidance. I want to feel lighter in 2021. Safer, seen, vulnerable, held and to have my love accepted.

I think I'll be sad about this essentially lost year, but I hope the world will be in a better place so I can feel some sort of hope for the future. On the plus side, I achieved my goal of last year of having a steady job and a small place of my own for myself and Cheddar!

I hope next September I've addressed my fears and invested in the areas I've outlined in the 10Q questions. I understand life's other priorities get in the way but I have to build a mechanism/system to ground myself, calibrate to what my focus is. I have many - cooking and selling Filipino food, climbing (getting lead certified and climbing outdoors), solo backpacking and continuing to travel throughout the country (yay, Subaru!). I hope next year I have more clarity and confidence in my path forward. I hope I get to learn more about myself and find more joy in life.

I hope that I have evolved my mindfulness practice and that I am more successful at avoiding rumination and thoughts/feelings that are self defeating. I hope to spend less time in the past and future and live more contentedly in the present. I hope to be more emotionally, spiritually and intellectually healthy and to be a kinder, gentler person.

I hope that I will be able to look back and see that although it was a terrible year, Covid will be under control with a vaccine and our lives can be more normalized. I'm not confident that our societal issues will be resolved but hope there will begin to be some movement toward change. I think everyone's lives will be changed just by going through this pandemic and social unrest and that people may be able to come together and realize that we are all in this together as humans and we have to help each other to succeed.

I hope I am still looking at my new location/life with the joy I have now. I'm so glad to be here. I hope I still am.

me: it is always interesting to try to make a change. one change that came out of this reflecting exercise was to get to join the Cantare choir. Oh how wonderful it was, a regular Tuesday night bath in beauty of sound. jk: I hope i have found ways to be more flexible and focused. hope I can hope to a couple of areas that I did better

Parents will still enjoy living here in Florida. I will enjoy living in palm beach still. I will continue my teaching career in Palm beach schools at least. I want ELL for serving graders. I will have a better safer school. I will pass the math general knowledge test by the end of 2020. I will get my license for teaching in Florida!! I will fall in love and be in the right committed relationship that’s moving forward. I will meet my niece Erin Rose D. finally. My brother and his wife will enjoy being parents finally. They will be safe. My mom’s and grandma Zina health will get better by at least 30%. My relationship with family and friends will solidify greatly for the better! I will be at least twenty pounds lighter!!

I think I'm going to feel pretty depressed. I would like to hope that SOMETHING has improved in a year (at the very least, vaccination is in process even if I haven't gotten one by then), but I fear so strongly it will only be worse by a lot. I fear all the lost people, lost friends, stress making me a worse person, etc.

I worry about the presidential elections this year and what unrest will result no matter who wins. I hope that by this time next year, we will be as happy, healthy and financially stable as we are now.

I think I'll feel wistful. I hope I'll still be alive. I think September 2020 will either be the calm before the storm, or the time we fought back incredible tragedy.

I think I'll feel ready to see my emotions at such a challenging time. I hope that answering these questions has given me some clarity about moving forward in this Pandemic.

I hope I can look back and realize that things are slowly getting better from where they are now in Sept. 2020 at the time of me doing these. No major civil war, laws slowly changing to give people the rights and justice they deserve, I don't fear for my life or my friend's lives here as much as I do right now. I know nothing will change overnight, and we have a long road ahead...but something would be nice.

I hope that I will have reclaimed my capacity to create. I hope that I will have a clearer picture of my life post-divorce. I will always be pained by my daughter's rejection of Judaism and will always know I made a mistake (one that harmed me deeply) by marrying and having a child, but I also know it was the best decision at the time. So I hope that I will be more set on the vision and goals I have, less angry, less capacity to lie to myself or feel desperate for love, and safer in knowing that this time with them will be ending sooner rather than later. I hope I will be able to adjust to the reality of who I live with for the next five years while still pursuing beauty, hope, vision, and good work, and not giving in to anger and resignation. They do not rule - I do!

Oh, I so hope that we have a Democratic President and Senate, and a Covid vaccine. In that order, honestly. I hope that I’ll see my answers to these questions and feel gratitude that my country and democracy have survived.

Oh my word I hope life is different but in good ways, and that in-person events and travel exists again, and that Biden is president, and that the supreme court hasn't ruined everything, and that everything is NOT on fire. I wonder what our childcare situation will look like. I wonder where I'll be biking regularly. I hope I don't have to spend most of my workday sitting in this downstairs guest-room-turned-office anymore and can go to a cafe for part of the day to work just for the hell of it. I hope my kid has friends she can play with. I hope the list of Black folks killed by police isn't any longer, but I know it will be. I hope everyone isn't like "zomg 2021 dumpster fire haha amirite" because that version of reality is getting old.

I’d like to regard them as positive and giving hope.

I think I’ll feel surprised by all the things I am saying now as I read this a year later, and I hope that I will be further along in all of my goals by this time next year. I hope that taking the time to contemplate my experiences and create some goals will help me to stay on the path towards self-actualization.

I'm really striving not to feel so heartbroken about our nation, its 'leadership,' its direction ... RBG's death 10 days ago and my long-time as well as fresh concerns over the very fabric of our democracy are on my mind almost constantly. Trump's tax returns were released by the NYT today -- but it's hard to fell hopeful that any terrible fact, accurate exposure, or disgusting tweet will change anyone's mind about him. Praying for Nov 3 and a normal, professional, adult election outcome as well as election aftermath. [Sad that I even need to be concerned about aftermath, but "there you MAGA-have-it."] So I don't know how I'll think I'll feel in Sept 2021. But I think it will not differ greatly from how I feel Nov 4, 2020.

I hope that life will be more back to normal but that school will be better as a result of what we've learned. I hope that answering these questions, seeing the broken-recordness of my unrealized writing plans from year to year will kick my ass into making things happen this year. I hope I am feeling proud of my writing habits and my progress.

I hope I'll be feel that I am living more authentically in the ways I've outlined in these questions. This year has meant some strides in that direction. They are awkward, wary steps, so I hope my confidence will be greater and I'll continue to be able to stretch myself in new ways, trying to live into my gifts. I will be eager to see if I've had some successes along the way. I hope everyone's life will be different in that we will have learned to manage COVID and will have resumed more "normal" activities and interactions. This year has been so stressful and hard for all of us. Lastly, I hope the US has a new president and the divisiveness of the past four years will be beginning to heal.

The answers I wrote last year were pretty dark, yet not anything like what this year would be like in those terms. This time, I was very struck by things I'd forgotten, like Max's death/plane crash. I remembered him each day when I wore my badge, but I stopped wearing it once we started working from home. I think the horrific things this year -- some stemming from the past, like George Floyd's death and so many others -- and some from the future -- everyone wearing masks and thinking it's normal -- have just wiped some other memories clean. It's not necessarily perspective, but maybe the mind can only absorb so much horror. For the past few years, my predictions have broken my heart to reread.

I hope that my and Patrick's waiting will be over and we will have a treatment plan well underway towards a cure for whatever ails him. I see myself in a changed work situation, my private practice, part of that change if I have not yet left my current employment fully. We will have a new president and he will have cleaned house and put us to work in a new green economy. Women's rights will be assured with our right to choose fully intact. More justices will be added to the Supreme Court, to assure it fairly represents the American People. I will have energy again, the oppression I feel now will have lifted. My future will be visible with my way into retirement clear and present. We will be able to travel again, congregate again without fear of dying or affecting someone who then might die. America will once again secure a respected place amongst the nations. Much of this is wishful thinking and at a very foundational level, I feel a sea change.

I anticipate being pleased with what I’ve managed – and some regret with what I didn’t. I hope that I’ve lost enough of the “workaholic” tendency to be able to be generally secure in the unlikelihood of boredom. While not wanting to just lie down and be overwhelmed by the burdens of age, I do want to accept ageing as God’s will and not resent it or Him. This will be easier to bear if I haven’t squandered health. But in any case, I prefer the dignity of old age to the “cranky old man” as a future and will enlist Anne’s help to facilitate that. I thus need to be ever-open to suggestion and correction. Being old, this will take the continuous help of the Comforter.

I am extremely worried that my outlook in a year will be 1000% worse, assuming that Trump wins this next election. All that stands between current times and the Handmaids Tale coming true are a matter of months. I’m absolutely terrified. Everything else in this questionnaire will be trivial if that occurs.

I really, really hope we are not in the midst of the pandemic. I hope to feel more balanced and emotionally well. I hope to feel more peace, clarity, and purpose. I hope to feel physically stronger and more flexible. I hope to feel bold, inspired, and hopeful. I would love to feel proud of my country.

Please don't let that asshole be in charge anymore. Please don't let that asshole be in charge anymore. Please don't let that asshole be in charge anymore. Please don't let that asshole be in charge anymore. I hope that I will feel like I made good progress. I think I did this year, despite all the craziness. I hope I will feel happier and know more about myself and the world. I hope that the world changes.

I think my reaction will depend on how we as a planet have done at combating the pandemic. If we've done well, I might find my answers overly serious. If not, perhaps these answers will seem naive. I hope a year from now I will have found a meaningful way to give back to society on a regular basis, using some of the skills that make me who I am. Just like I said last year, it would be nice to have love on the horizon too.

I sure hope I'm wrong about the winter. I sure hope the political and social woes of the world will be less. I hope the US elections lead to major changes. I hope that the Israeli political system sees Netanyahu leaving the stage.

I hope I will be able to look back on a year of mindfulness, in which I recognise the value and meaning in most experiences. I hope I'll be happy and grateful for my life.

I hope I'll feel impressed at the changes I have made and how I have lived my life to its fullest. I hope I can be proud of where I am and the choices I've made.

No clue but I really PRAY that this pandemic is OVER, that we have a new president (PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE) and that America and the world is healing and rebuilding. I hope environmental collapse is being taken seriously at a policy and personal level in massive institutional changes. Personally, I pray we will be living in a space that is CLEAN, QUIET, NO POLLUTION, that we love, is beautiful, and that we can afford, where we have excellent community - Jewish, spiritual, social - and feel settled and grounded. No more weird night feelings!

I am hopeful that in September 2021 we've come up with a vaccination to COVID and have a new president, Biden, whose leadership brings us back to an age of enlightenment and educated scientific discoveries being what we follow.

As has happened for each year's 10Q that I've answered I wish to find that over this year that I've grown to be a better person in both hoped for and unexpected ways. I truly hope that all my family and friends are healthy and happy throughout the new year. I hope social equity becomes a priority and as well as fighting climate change. Becoming concious of my desires and changes I might make during this process is quite valuable to me.

Too deep for me to answer in the time left. Yes, I left 4 questions until tonight. Hey self, please do better next year.

I truly hope that we’ll be on the other side of this pandemic, or at least far enough along in fighting the virus that we be safely meeting in person once again with family, friends and coworkers. I also hope that we will emerge from all of this more grateful, more resilient, and more committed to addressing the systemic issues around racial and economic inequality that were exposed so clearly during the pandemic.

I hope I will feel less stressful and that the pandemic has at least been slowed to a crawl with a vaccine available.

I'm sure a year from now will be quite different - in ways I cannot possibly fathom - as a result of becoming a parent. I'll have a different perspective on the world, on my life and my place in it, on what I deem fulfilling to my core, my mind, my soul. I'll be appreciative I took the time to reflect on - and attempt to address - these important qs.

I hope I'll feel like last year's me was on the right track and starting to make positive changes. I hope that by thinking about these questions I'll have focused on what's really important and helped foster a growth mindset so that future me looks back and feels proud that I made the most of the time and opportunities that I had.

I hope that I am feeling relieved because Biden will have won the 2020 election and Trump will submit to a smooth transfer of power. Being that he has already said he won't, I am not sure that we will. N0r that he won't connive to steal the election. And if Biden and Harris win, America can start to recover as individuals, communities, and in the standing in the world of our country.

I really hope I'll feel relief that we survived a global pandemic not too much worse for the wear, but I'm not super optimistic that this will all be over, if I'm being honest. I hope I will feel more secure in my work, and that I'll have reached a point of financial and emotional stability there so that I can return to a more growth-focused mindset. It's always interesting to look back on last year's answers and reflect on the time that passed in between then and now.

I feel hopeful that we will implement some of what we have learned into our daily lives. I also hope we will have figured out how to see family and friends safely so we can have a celebratory Rosh Hashanah.

I want to look back and think that last year with Trump and COVID were for shit, but I made the best of it and now we're done with all that for a while, but NEVER FORGET how quickly things can go from good to bad and bad to worse.

Well I imagine life will be VERY different since we are a matter of weeks away from baby number 2! I’m hoping that I look more positively on my answers when I receive them next year. I had a lot of similar answers as last year, but this time I didn’t let that get me down. I’m hoping that I read my answers and that I am extremely proud of myself for my progress in this coming year.

Hopefully, grateful and more positive. I'm honestly not certain that we'll be in a very different place, public health-wise, but I sure hope that our government is being led by humans who put country before self.

I hope I will feel more peace within myself. I hope I see the person who is writing this today and feel compassion for the ways she was so hard on herself - and look tenderly upon the ignorance and delusion, with greater wisdom now. I hope I will be able to operate in the world with less self doubt, more self worth, less fear of what others think, more capacity for imperfection, more value of myself, less fear holding me back, more "going for it." I will find a way to spend more time dedicated to creative and spiritual life I will feel more spacious and peaceful and content

I hope I will be able to say I have in fact been kinder, nicer gentler and that I will be relieved that we have a new, competent president and the pandemic is under control. I hope my life is bigger again. I want to be less afraid to take risks that might result in failure or me looking like an idiot.

I hope I'll be in Norway. We pushed our planned OAT trip with the Hoffmans from Sept 2020 to Sept 2021 due to pandemic concerns back in June. I hope a safe, effective vaccine will be widely available enough to enable us to travel again, and I pray all four of us will still be healthy enough to enjoy the trip. At almost 64, I can no longer assume that. It is also possible that so much will have changed around me (disease, civil war, earthquake, financial ruin) that I'll wonder what in what world I thought about these questions.

I fear not too much will have changed due to the pandemic slowing down life's progress. But hopefully I'll feel that I've given life the best shot I can.

I hope I still have hope. It gets very small on some days, but it is still here.

I hope I feel proud of myself for the actions I've taken over the last year. I also hope my life looks completely differently than the life I have right now. This is what I hope I can read and resonate with in 2021: I am madly in passionate love with my best friend, going on adventures, sharing responsibilities, and working through trials. I am more successful than I even imagined. I am financially independent and have helped others become free too. I have helped my loved ones and become a better sister, daughter, and friend. I am a better partner than I was before.

Looking back on last year's answer, I am so proud of what I accomplished - My goals/aims last year were so specific. Not so much this year. A bit more amorphous. I hope I am less hopeless. I hope that we have a new president in the US and there is optimism in the world again. I hope that we are able to travel again. I hope my partner finds peace in his life. I hope that we are less divided, more loving and in a better space all along. I hope...

I will probably be too crazy busy to read them, as I was this year. But I can hope. I'm not looking for things to be different. They are changing fast enough. I really can't think of anything that I want to be different. Ok, more bike friendly roads and paths!

If Trump wins again, we can say goodbye to wildlife, nature, breathable air, civil rights, human rights, corporate regulation, scientific relevance, education, facts, and everyday freedoms we took for granted. If Biden wins, things will take a long time to be repaired and, unless we aggressively confront cult-like misinformation masquerading as "free speech", we'll have a civil war on our hands with a bunch of gun-worshipping, flag-obsessed, racist, sexist, homophobic knuckle-heads. However, my lovely lady and I will always have a home within one another, wherever we are, under whatever circumstances.

Life in a years time will be interesting to see how it evolved I always find that somehow my last year worries have sorted out ok so I look forward to next year

I think I'll feel like 2020 was a shitty year. I hope the pandemic will be over. I hope Biden will be president (or Kamal Harris, if Biden gets sick?). I hope I'll feel more settled here in New Zealand.

I hope to have a vaccine, a drug and and a rejuvenated society. The society which turns away from ignorance and prejudice and embraces knowledge and science, and tolerance. That will make me feel better. .. and the Evil Clown been gone from the White House as a prerequisite for that.

I'm always surprised. I have high hopes that we'll have a new president and I'll feel more hopeful about life in America.

I will feel badly because my answers are filled with anger, sorrow and resignation.

I HOPE COVID-19 WILL JUST BE A DISTANT MEMORY AND BAD DREAM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I hope V will be a clever, thriving toddler who still lets us sleep through the night. I hope that I will feel satisfied in my choices and life. I hope that those I love will be alive, happy and successful. I would love to have visited Europe again and be looking at how to move back to Switzerland. I hope 2021 brings a wonderful, exciting year to make up for everything 2020 was not.

I think I'll feel nostalgic, thankful and will continue to feel optimistic. I think a lot of things will look different but all will be my choosing

Like I’ve lived a lifetime in the last year, if not two. I don’t expect massive changes or progress with my own little insignifcant life, but I do hope that the incremental changes I seem to make every year (partially enabled by the 10Q prompts) continue.

I will be excited and probably think “oh I’m so smart.” I’ll laugh at myself and wonder what I was talking about with some things and then revel in the knowledge of others. Probably still thinking about the different ways that I can share all of this abundance.

If all goes as planned, I will be in Massachusetts or Vermont. If I get lucky I'll still be in Hawaii.

I’ll probably think ‘how cryptically you of answers but I get it, you had a lot on your shoulders and didn’t know which crossroads to act on’ I hope life will feel lighter- that navigating with intention is easier. I hope I’m happy- that I continue to keep my eye open to new avenues to elevate happiness.

I hope that I will have accomplished the goals and will be where I am appreciated and loved.

Life will be totally different come Sep 2021! I think I will be amazed at all the changes since then. I hope that the works situation would have improved, that earth is recovering a little more from the ravages of this year, and that I am feeling strong and confident and loving.

I'll feel glad that my life is as healthy and stable, as it is today. I hope I'll be further along in practicing the good stuff and keeping the negative at bay.

Hopefully relieved that Covid is mostly over. A sense of newfound freedom.

2020 has been a dumpster fire. It started really bad and has gone downhill from there. My greatest hope is the upcoming year will be infinitely better. It has to be. I hope my internal fears will quiet and something or someone will bring the ray of light so needed to reset myself and my psyche less bruised and battered. It may take a long time to heal.

Depending on things go with the election and US politics in general, my guess is I will feel either relief or sadness for myself at this point, not knowing what it is to come. I hope I feel some more stability (not necessarily in my life plan, but just for myself, personally). I also hope I am... happier? Calmer may be a better word. And that I have continued to gain confidence in general.

It's almost impossible to answer this because so much is unknown. Will the pandemic be over? Will I still be working from home? Will Trump still be our President? (God, please no!) Will our country be bettering itself or getting worse and worse? I hope things are in a better place in 2021.

I hope that I have enough distance from how painful things are right now with the intensity of the conflicts between family members, etc. that it's hard to remember viscerally how bad things were. I hope I can read my answers and remember how hard things were, but not feel it in the same way. I don't think COVID will be gone by then. I think there's a decent chance there's a vaccine by then. I don't know where it will be in the process. I think the kids will be in school. I hope that by answering these questions I was able to let go of some of the chaos in my head. I hope I have released something so that I can continue to move forward. I hope that I am spending less time in anger and resentment. I hope I am putting energy towards positive things and relationships in my life. I hope I am able to forgive, for my sake, if not for theirs.

I hope and pray that level of tranquility which I’ve experienced a lot of over the last year is at least equal to or greater than what I experience at these moments I have enjoyed the reflections and treasured moments of the memories that occur when I am in a peaceful state. I hope that those feelings I have when I’m content and ergo happy is Transmitted to those around me and that their lives have improved by the positive energy force that surrounds those of us who care about one another; send out nothing but love and work to nurture each other souls. This all may sound like a bunch of crap but I’ve come to realize That positive thoughts and energy are contagious. It’s like that button that says kindness is contagious. A good attitude and a positive attitude a vision that you’re always putting out positive energy and a smile that provides nourishment and makes life marvelous. Maybe that‘S is what it’s all about All of us working together to enjoy the sense of community, and the love and energy that comes out of that mantra. Aren’t we all looking for that happy place where we thrive and are energized. Life is good and sometimes you really good Dayenu

I'm having enough trouble dealing with today to think very far ahead.

Honestly I don't know. I'm still at the beginning, really, of my job, so hopefully I can look back on a year of good shit and be proud and count the milestones. I hope I feel more expert. I hope I feel more hopeful. I hope I feel more like my own teacher, my own guide, my own source of strength. I desperately hope that I find others to inspire and guide me too. I have this strange barrier which stops me from listening to people who aren't clearly terrified. Or who haven't been terrified, at some stage, or aren't living with an understanding that there is cause for terror. I hope that changes in some way. I hope there is less cause for terror, for one. I hope I am better at dealing with it.

I probably will not have changed that much. I'll probably be closer to the same place than not.

Everything feels really heavy right now, and it is hard to imagine how things will be in a year. It would be great to look back and see how far we have come and that we recovered from being on the brink of democracy falling apart. Or maybe California will be on fire and we will be in the middle of a civil war. I hope that whatever happens I continue my fight for social justice and inner peace as I can only control my own actions and how I want to show up in the world.

I hope to have decluttered. I hope to have lost some weight and improved my health. I hope the farm is more wildlife friendly. I hope we enjoy caravanning.

Gosh. I have no idea. I feel like I am in such a better place this year than I was when I wrote the last few years. Aside from the world burning around me, I feel pretty good about what the answers will look like!

Lord, that's a toughie. I can't yet picture December 2020, let alone September 2021. I hope I'll look back at these answers and shudder, remembering how dark it was before a new dawn started tentatively creeping in. I hope the arc will be bending toward justice, the world more peaceful, our country more caring. I hope I'll have a healthy family complete with the newest member of it, and will hug them tighter and be glad we made it through everything 2020 threw our way. I fear we'll still be fighting most of the same fights. Including, God forbid, the pandemic.

I hope that I'll have taken the opportunity to work on and improve the things that are challenging for me. I'd like to be re-energized with playing music. Focus on strengthening my marrage and family life. Stay physically, emotionally, and spiritually engaged.

I hope that the world is in a very different place in one year. If the pandemic is still ongoing I believe that life is going to be very dark. That said, my prediction last year was that I would be more resilient this year and despite all that has happened, I think I am. I hope to continue to grow that resource in myself over the next 12 months.

I hope I feel like I’ve overcome my negative attitude. I found something to focus on and I can move forward in a positive manner

Same as last year: encouraged by God’s faithfulness and answers to prayer.

I think I might feel embarrassed or shallow because in the scheme of things my worries/fears/hopes are minimal. But, I will also feel that a year went by and I will wish I had made more effort to accomplish my goals. On the other hand, writing about goals does make you think about them and I have made small changes over the past years doing this. The main thing I have changed is how I take care of myself. Diet and exercise are making a difference and hopefully I will be a healthier older person because of it. My kids want me to be young and healthy so that pushes me, too.

Impossible to know how things will be next year. I’m not sure much is resulting from answering these questions this year. I feel distracted by the fires, the politics, the climate catastrophes, and my new grandbaby. I am also in a very different place this year, having missed so much contact with my congregation, and most particularly, missing high holy day services and all that steady spiritual flow.

I think and hope I will be in a good and wise place is myself, accepting what is and/or changing what I want to/need to.

I hope I'm wrong about some of the things I've said. Hopefully we'll be on the other side of the Covid pandemic and things will be better for all of us. Answering these questions have forced me to think about things that I would generally just push off. Now that I've actually put into works what I feel, I'm curious to see how things are different next year.

I can't predict the future but I think I will feel proud in a way, as I have adapted to this lockdown life, kept my household running, cared for my pets, kept contact with friends. I think this time period, from now until next new year is an excellent time to be self-reflective though. I think/hope these questions each year bump up my self-awareness so that I can be more of a blessing to my small part of things.

I hope I will feel less upset about where America is headed due to Trump and his enablers. I hope our efforts to mobilize people for fairness and equity have made a difference. I hope these questions have given me more purpose in my personal life.

I hope I will be more attentive to the present moment and less distracted by my iPhone! I hope that through reading and contemplation I will be more tranquil and open-hearted. I hope that even if I haven’t achieved what I’ve set out to do, I will have compassion for myself and a renewed commitment. These questions came at an excellent time: these were the 10 days between Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur. They were a perfect time for reflection.

Same as last year: I hope I will feel blessed for what God has done for me and that he has allowed me to do to further His Kingdom. I hope I have lost the extra weight and that I am healthy and happy. That I have a Godly companion/husband, a wonderful church family, and more new friends. I hope I have good finances and a really good car and have been able to visit my son and others. I hope I am spiritually where I should be. I hope I will be healed, blessed, made whole, body soul and spirit. I hope my son and grandsons, and daughter-in-law are serving God and healed and delivered. I hope that God's will has been done in my life. Amen!

My answer was good last year. I hope I feel strong and bold. I hope I feel happy and free. I hope my beloved ones are safe and healthy. I am worried about what will transpire with this election. These questions are so personal. And as always, but more surfaced now than in some time for whose of us with skin, class, language, gender, sexuality, ability privilege, is the reality that the personal is political.

I know it will be sad to look back at this year's answers because right now the grief over losing my stepson is so new; he's only been gone a month as of yesterday. I hope I will have kept moving forward, knowing that while this grief process will be lifelong, it is possible to live a good life that integrates the grief within it. A spiritual teacher once said to me that grief wants to move. It's easy to get stuck in the pain, but allowing it to move through, walk beside you, and change over time is ultimately the better way.

I think I'll read this and feel grateful that I am past all the drama. I hope that I'll just be crazy in love and simply focused on taking steps forward to the life I want. No anxiety or fear or doubt.

I anticipate I'll be happy to receive my previous answers, and to see what I was thinking and feeling in 2020. I'm hoping that starting this process will help me to continue to think and focus on some of these issues throughout the year

It's so hard to know. What my life or the country or the world will look like. Last year I said that I hope I keep up the practices that allow me to reflect more readily, which I do feel like I've done more of. So I hope that I continue to have social-media-free/phone-free time to write, read, be in nature, move my body.

I have no idea how I will feel. My feeling will depend on what has happened in the eight months preceding September 2021. Most of the things that cause concern in 2020 are totally out of my control.

I think I will once again be surprised at where I was and where things I thought would be. I hope I have a more fruitful relationship with my daughter and Jakob. While we may still be feeling the effects of the pandemic, I think we will start seeing the light at the end of the tunnel.

I hope that September 2021 looks a lot different than September 2020 and that these answers will feel like a time capsule of a moment of crisis, obstacles, and change. I hope that I, as I have in years prior, enjoy these memories, realize that time passes, I can and do change, and hope and optimism can be expressed even in tough times.

I hope to feel proud of what this coming year has brought, what I've worked on for myself and for my community.

Given Covid and Trump, I have no idea what I will feel. I have no plans, no real dreams, other than to find and drink in the daily ease of living my life with Ryan, of sending my son to college, of taking care of myself and my heart and my body, and leaning into wonder wherever I can find it.

I hope we've put this pandemic and political circus behind us and justice prevails where justice is warranted. Living in a new city I have an opportunity to make new friends and choose where I make them. I realize that I just need to make more Jewish friends. Hopefully, I can accomplish that.

First, I hope the pandemic is over and that people all over the world are working to use the lessions of COVID-19 to make a better place for all of us. I hope I can continue to improve my photography and writing, I hope I'm able to get out more to cultural events and day trips.

I hope we won’t be sitting at the Gottliebs like we are now - with our home under an evacuation order. My son will have finished a year of college and I hope will have people around him that make him happy 😆

I hope we might be winding down with the pandemic. I hope we have a sane president next year, and a strong dem. Senate. I think I will be contemplating whether I will become a family via adoption, and may have taken some steps towards that. I hope I have.

I hope I'll feel relieved, grateful and hopeful. Relieved and grateful because I will have a new life, in my own place and my family will still be able to speak with one another. Grateful that I finally had the bravery to say what I needed to say and make the changes I needed to make.

I might giggle a little when I see my answers because this year has really changed my perspective about the unpredictable, and I'm sure I predicted my year somewhat wrong. :) I think by next year I'll be ready to set more ambitious goals again. If I can really be intentional about what I want my year to be like, and actually follow through on it, I'll be ready to do some explosive and exciting stuff again :) BUT I also wonder if maybe I will not set any ambitious goals that cause stress.... it's a crapshoot!

I hope i still think the same and that there are no drastic OR dramatic changes

With luck my life will be focused on the tech learning I should be doing professionally. Hopefully in person.

I think I will have forgotten about this. I hope my fears, plans, and goals are not the same. I hope this will also show me the small progress that I might not otherwise recognize.

I'm hoping that I will have put some of my intentions into practice. I'm hoping that I will have some compassion for myself if not everything turned out the way I wanted it to or intended it to.

I think I will feel accomplished, but exhausted. What I hope might be different about my life is that I might have stuck with the meditation and clocked many fewer hours being incredibly anxious.

When September 2021 rolls around, I hope you are happier. I hope you are on the way to living your dreams more than you are now, and I hope your life is richer. This is what I hope for you, future me.

I hope I still am proud of where I am in life and feel I’ve made good use of the year. I hope I am more confident and myself in every aspect of my life.

I hope putting thought into these questions and recording my feelings helps me find direction and see if I'm making any progress. This year I was surprised how consistent much of my sentiment has been for many years. I hope I'll reach new inner and spiritual places.

Well, I hope we'll be out of this pandemic... but I think I'll look back on this time and realize that it was special in its own twisted way. It caused me to grow and expand, and really begin to accept who I really am. I hope that I'll see this time as the fertilizer; yes, it's shit, but growth doesn't happen without a bit of it.

Now is the time to get existential. The election this year is substantial. I feel we have a dictator in the WH now and he won't go quietly. Could be a lot different about my life. I hope not but hope isn't a plan.

This year my life has just been on hold and I can't beat myself up about it this time because it was out of my control. I had to learn to sit with uncertainty and be okay living in the in between. These questions have helped me recognize repeatedly that we never know what's coming for us. We just need to show up and be open to where the universe takes us. Nothing will ever be what you expect.

That I can look at the answers and feel compassion for myself for the pain and hurt I've carried around for so many years. That I've forgiven myself for doing what I needed to do to survive. That I've learned how to let go of at least some of my anger. That I can honestly say that I'm a more at peace and open to love type of person. That I'm no longer running to the next thing, but learning to appreciate the present and the journey.

I hope beyond hope that life will have returned to some kind of normal. That will depend on a safe, effective vaccine and on a new president. If neither of those things happen, then life.will be much scarier and much sadder.

I hope I'll feel good, and that the year will have brought a share of pleasant surprises. 2020 (and 5780) certainly brought a number of distressing surprises.

I think I will be relieved that a lot of the misery and fear from 2020 will be history.. I'm not sure anything will be different as a result about thinking of these questions.

I hope I’ll think, “What the hell—why did I wait so long to be happy?” I hope nothing bad happens in my life that would cause me to look back and think, “Wow. Back then, I had no idea that [some bad thing] was about to happen.”

I think I'll be relieved I got through another year, will be curious as to my predictions, and whether I accomplished anything. Maybe I'll be living somewhere different at the Jewish New Year, if it is still fire season. I hope I'll be as vital and healthy as I am now, and that our ever changing, challenging world is beginning to show positive change. I like answering the questions since I'm an inconsistent journaler. Thank you for asking.

I really, really hope that I will view this year's me with compassion and gratitude. And that when I look back in a year, this will all feel like a bad dream.

I hope I’ll feel proud. Proud I stayed on WW, proud I was a better mom and wife and maybe a little less tired.

If I'm reading this in September 2021 my first feeling will be intense gratitude that I'm still here. It's not just the virus. I've reached an age when the passing of friends and acquaintances isn't uncommon. That said, I hope that in reading my answers I hope that my positive aspirations have met and my worst fears weren't realized.

I'll be excited to see my answers and check out my thoughts, feelings and predictions. I'm hoping to be further along in my recovery from BPD. I hope my family will be closer knit than we have been and I think we will be as I continue to change and grow. I'm hoping my example will be one my family will emulate - growth, progression, and self-awareness as well as preparation for whatever lies ahead.

I hope to be brighter, sunnier or noticing the sunny times more when they arrive. Less waiting, more engagement.

Zombies? It gets worse before it gets better.

Fall CIP launches in 3 weeks! Busy reviewing curriculum and planning Staff Training. Low numbers for this program are not a good sign, but we're going forward and will make it amazing for whoever signs up! After we launch Oct 19, I hope to go on some adventures to the desert: Death Valley with Rebs, Joshua Tree with a mancrew, and who knows what else! One year from now, I hope I feel solid and confident in whatever it is I am doing. In a new job making better money, stoked on myself and able to enjoy doing things on my own while being in relationships that are fulfilling and supportive. Confident enough in shibari to be able to be more experimental and better usher others in, with an outlet to practice salsa, and a MTB. I hope to have had difficult conversations to ask for what I want, and prioritize my needs for myself instead of bending to others. Practicing and embodying more humility.

I will be surprised at how negative I come out with this answers. And hopefully with the perspective that time gives us, I will be better. I hope I will leave behind those that don't bring joy to my life. That I will have my own place to share with friends. That I will get to see my family soon.

I hope that the everyday feels less catastrophic and we're working together to heal nationally our divisions and the injustices that we've done to people and the planet. I hope that I'll have had the chance to hug more loved ones.

Deepening gratitude, I hope I feel a little clearer on how I'm contributing to reparations to black Americans. I hope to feel like my marriage to JK is on deepening ground and not 6 feet under, that I've made steps towards simplifying my life (downsizing) and that I'm playing the piano and have mastered another piece besides "chopsticks"

I hope that I'm in a place where I am much more hopeful. I hope things are looking up. I hope there's not so much turmoil in our country and that I can go back to a life where the actions of the president aren't causing me to watch the news every single day. I hope chorus is singing again and kids are in school safely. I hope that I'm healthier and happier and can focus on things other than the dumpster fire 2020 has been.

Stronger and more conscientious person aware of time's passing and the importance of setting and reaching goals. Breaking down large tasks into smaller ones to make progress and understanding what works and what doesn't.

I will be nostalgic, but feel sober about the trials of 2020. I hope to improve myself.

I just want to be in the other side if this!

I would like To be happy with my choices and changes. Be a better person for others and for myself. Move to the countryside, live by the trees. Drive safely my car. Have a real family. Build a new project. Travel more. More focused on my goals.

I'm not sure if I things will have changed the way I've outlined.. I may be disappointed. Some of these changes are very very hard. Some will be influenced by things I don't control. I will have to keep my answers in front of me every day to make these changes. I will also have acknowledge the control I do have, and what I do with that is mine to own. But.. I commit to trying - to DO. Na'aseh v'nishmah.

I hope to have at least accomplished one of my goals that I have set forth. Hopefully I will be feeling better both physically and emotionally.

I hope that I will be able to read my 10Q from this year in a public space surrounded by people. I hope that I'll feel excited by a new administration that is showing the leadership capacity to heal the nation. I hope that I will feel energized and inspired by my studies and confident in my ability to make a significant contribution to the work of rabbinics. I hope that I will never take a hug for granted again.

I hope I don't look back and think my answers were glib, or naive. I would like to think I had grown over the year, and that I feel more secure within myself. I am content with my life and want to grow that, to challenge myself in healthy ways. I don't want or need any big changes.

I think I'll notice how preoccupied I was with work. That seems to have been the main theme of this year's answers. I hope I will be in a better situation at work: probably in a new job. I'll be quite surprised if I'm still at Torchbox. Similar to the way I set myself a deadline of asking Fran to marry me a few years ago, I seem to have set the clock ticking to quitting my job. It certainly something I keep thinking about and talking about. I hope I'll feel proud of myself for making a big life decision and that it turned out to be the right one. No regrets.

I think I will be shocked - I'm not as enthusiastic or motivated about setting/achieving goals, and life in general at the moment.. I think seeing my writings will make me realise that this "funk" I'm feeling was minor. It wasn't as huge as it felt back then. Life's pretty overwhelming, but I am always excited & forever grateful about the happiness & "little" moments that life has brought me and will continue to bring me.

I hope I will be doing something I love and earning enough money to follow my dreams. I hope I will have possibilities to be more often with my children and my mom, or even my parents and my brother. I believe that this day when I receive my written answers I am the person who befriended my fears and found ways to move on.

I will feel empowered. Facing my challenges head-on. I will close some chapters in my life and not let the past haunt me. I'll be curious about exploring life and the world. I'll have a spark in my eyes and this energy will be infectious in a way that I will move people and mountains!

I hope that I have made positive changes, that my family and friends are well and that i have spent my time wisely.

I hope I will be more at ease. Reading my past answers mostly makes me smile, since those problems seem so far away and either solved or forgotten about. Others that still linger of course make me feel a little bad, that I once again didn't reach my goals. I hope I will be married by then. That's my number one goal for the coming year. Also I would like to have a new job.

I hope in Sept 2021 we will be out of Quarantine with a new President and flipped Senate. Fingers crossed. I hope I will be more optimistic about this nations future. There are so many unknowns. Just take one day at a time.

More in touch with myself and my feelings Better able to recover from the down times. I hope I can actually begin to succeed at getting my physical health back to a more healthy place.

I hope relieved. That things did work out, that as a society we're more healthy, that we'll take lock downs more seriously, that we'll have better leadership. I really hope I have more hope for the future, we may be in for some dark days to come.

Prediction feels like an especially funny (funny ironic, not funny ha ha) effort this year. Like, there's just no way that September 2020 me saw this year coming - any of it: the joys, the losses, the fears, the isolation, the Zoom fatigue. What a strange game to try to guess at where we will be or who we will be or what we feel about our past selves and our previous thoughts in a year (or six months or even a month).

I think I will feel contented with life and engaged at the same time. I will see "what is was all for" when I look back at the ordeal we all went through this year.

It is hope that I can feel a sense of relief about it all knowing that we survived the horrible and are finally on the other side of it. I want to see our world finally repairing itself and kindness being a norm. I hope that’s where we’re at in a year, but we’ll see. Hope for the best but brace for the worst, I suppose.

I hope that I am factoring myself in as a person I am obligated to take care of, and someone that I want to give love and care and space to. I hope I have settled away from judging myself and toward doing things that make me feel alive, that make my cup full, that tend me toward things that fill my spiritual self. Singing lots, writing lots, doing work that reminds me I am talented and skilled, challenging myself to learn new skills a little bit every day.

I hope it, and all of 2020 is like a distant memory. I hope I can laugh at my melodramatic answers having had moved on, with some understanding of what is supposed to come next. Honestly, I don't know if we'll be in that same places we are now. E. may loose his job with the election. I may go back to work, O may be a full fledged "teenager", I can only pray we'll all be healthy. I'm just hoping to make it through intact and feeling as in love with my family as I do now.

I'm so happy to have this tool. I was about to do this on my own in a spreadsheet! However, It would be nice to have a halfway reminder of what we wrote. A wake-up reminder of, "hey, remember your hopes for the new year. How are you doing? Halfway, get on it!" I hope I am proud of my future self!

Further along, healthier, more grounded, more aware, more compassionate

I'm hoping, beyond hoping at this point, that we'll be on the other side of this pandemic, that we'll be on the other side of this terrible rise of fascism, that we'll have a new set of world leaders (including in the US) who are at least slightly less willing to kill us all for profits, that we'll have found a path towards justice and healing, and that I won't be suffering from an overload of existential dread. And I hope I can look back on these questions and see the hope, and feel good about overcoming the despair.

Haha, Covid sure makes me rethink the idea of having ANY idea of what will happen in the future. But here is a prayer: That next year I will be living in greater abundance, and my children will be better at doing their chores, and I will have found better outside help. Dear God - may we stay healthy at the very least, and may we purge more of our shit.

As I have said in the past few years: We are all in this together! I hope the world and especially America has opened its eyes to stop hating one another long enough to recognize we are all the same inside. Together we can choose to tackle big BIG issues and stop repeating all the petty ones or we can choose complacency. We are the caretakers of our planet and all who live on it including all plants and animals. We must do better to take care of the Earth and all species for many generations to come.

I hope I’m even more confident. I hope I am more secure in my future job and can still hang out with my friends! Maybe even have a relationship of some sort? I think I’ll feel contemplative. I’ll be at almost the halfway point of my 2nd to last semester of undergrad, so life will be so crazy!

How I feel will probably depend on whether or not we're still in a global pandemic. If we are, then I'm sure I will feel horror that another year has gone by and the world is still "stuck" - no matter what I may achieve, I worry I'd still feel stuck too. If we're not, then I reckon my 2020 answers will feel like a lifetime ago, maybe several lifetimes. Because I will gladly be putting this shit faaaar behind me the moment I'm able to. I'm not sure if answering these questions will change my life all that much. But I do think that, if a couple more years go by and I'm noticing a lot of repetition in my fears and my goals, then maybe I'll need to intervene in my own life and make some big changes.

Excited to see if I accomplished my goal of changing and improving over the year.

I think how I will feel depends on the election and the state of the nation, the state of our Pandemic and the climate. I am frankly rather frightened and not hopeful. Last year I wrote: I hope to be mindful, engaged, loving, fit and active in my community. So, may this year bring me the blessings of hope so that I may reach again for these goals. I especially hope to be a more loving person and for a greater amount of balance in my life. Shalom b'olam. Peace everywhere.

These questions are amazingly helpful. But in the middle of a pandemic, and with an election upon us whose results may cause people to leave the country (maybe even me), I can't get my mind around how I'll feel in a year. If I have a grandchild by then, it will be transformative and a whole new chapter in my life. Even if I get the cancer that just killed my brother and sister, I'll likely have 4-5 reasonably active years left, and would consider that a blessing.

More relaxed after a year of retirement!

I hope to have grown from my mistakes. I hope to be able to strengthen people and organizations to do the same and be empowered by doing so.

I hope I don't feel "Damn it, I've failed again!". For the last eighteen months I have gone for a weekly swim in the (sometimes very cold) ocean. It would be good if I could another thing in my life that shows that real change is possible.

I imagine I will have a LOT more to say about who I am as a parent. I hope that I have less to say about work drama and I feel settled in to a more integrated sense of self. I've been feeling these early weeks of our child's life that I am like one of those colorful doughnut stacking ring toys, and each ring is a part of my identity, but the rings are all spread out. I hope that I am feeling more stacked up next year.

I think I will feel nostalgic for having my baby be so fresh and new. I hope that Donald Trump is not president anymore and that Covid-19 seems like a thing of the past. I hope I can be a better father and husband.

I hope that there will be a vaccine and that life will be back to some sort of balance of community and travel and that we are no longer wearing masks anywhere and that all businesses are thriving and that we see the gifts of the COVID period of slowing down and not needing as much and connecting with your home and family more and things that matter

Hopefully relived the world is no longer like it was and we've made it into the recovery phase. I may be depressed nothing much has changed or things have gotten worse but I hope that isn't the case. I would like to think we will have had our wedding, not hopeful though, and i would like to hope i have lost weight and am less depressed, again not hopeful. Not sure there will be marked changes as a result of doing this, but i do like taking the chance to reflect as often i am just in gogogo mode

I how that a year from now I will be very comfortable and settled in my Cleo job. I also hope covidwork be a thing of the past. I've resigned myself to mask wearing for a long, long time. Also next year I'll have a grandbaby.

Hopefully by next year I'll have become better at the faith-filled resignation I'm now working towards. I will hopefully become more trusting and less anxiety-ridden. Less fearful. More calm. Less plagued by "what-if's" and middle-of-the-night panic attacks. Better at letting go. Better at realizing how much of life we cannot control. And better about not trying to control it! Hopefully by next year I'll also be out from under the landslide of "stuff" that has accumulated around here, and living more simply with less clutter around me. I believe that will help a lot. And hopefully, if Aaron has a good year, and he and Abby are thriving together, I'll be able to exhale, trust, and rejoice in their togetherness without the undercurrent of fear I feel now that something may happen to take apart their beautiful relationship. Perhaps I'll be able to be more trusting about that as well, and realize that they, too, are in G-d's wise, capable, strong, all-knowing, all-powerful hands. What good does it do for me to worry and cast doubts and concerns and negativity of any sort on their beautiful relationship? I'm going to start stopping that nonsense now, and perhaps by next year I'll have given it up for good. Whew... let's hope!

I pray to G-d that I will be able to read these while hanging out with friends. I hope that we're no longer in isolation, that a cure for covid or a vaccine at least has been found and is being widely used. I pray that we can look back on all the challenges of this year and be thankful we survived unscathed and marvel at the changes the new administration has wrought.

This has been one hell of a year. 2020 has hosted so much change and disruption, that life can’t help but change. But that seems to be standard for me. Luckily I’m fine with that. I don’t know how I might feel next year, but hopefully not with a sense of nostalgia.

I hope I can have more hope. Lately, I’ve been feeling hopeless about the future, about my relationships and, pretty much, stranded on a dead-end. I would like to face life with hope, feeling better about myself.

I hope next year brings changes again, but for the better, and that it feels like a lot of time has passed and this sh*tshow is like a distant memory.

I will hope and pray that covid-19 is a far and distant memory for all those affected.

It’s such a weird time right now, so I think an element of that will be pervasive throughout my reflections. I can see two paths: one where we are in the same (or worse) boat than we are already and the defeated feeling that rears its head will really buck upon reading these OR one where things are better and so I have that bliss of time, impermanent memory and happiness of knowing when things were worse. Whichever path, I think I’ll be happy to have still taken the time to reflect and parse through the weeds to speak some of my truths both with and without a Covid lens. And maybe some of these thoughts will kick my butt into gear.

I really, really hope that COVID is under control and we have a new President who is able to help make some of the changes our society & medical system needs. Personally, I'm probably going to look back at a bunch of reflection that I forgot I did, goals I wanted to achieve, things I wanted to learn, and realize that, yet again, I haven't done any of it. That feels really pessimistic right now--and very "well, why don't you do something about that?" but I'm just so mentally and emotionally tired from trying to exist that bettering myself or setting goals just feels so far out of my reach right now. I hope next year, I don't have this profound tiredness anymore.

I hope that I’ll be proud. I am already, and I have such a great hope that this time of deep grounding will be the starting point for massive growth. I feel like I’m building and planting a giant garden, and that once winter that has been my years of physical pain is finally over, it will be able to grow into something truly remarkable.

I hope that we will feel and, indeed, be safer. I hope that a vaccine will be in our lives. I hope that our political landscape has changed for the better. Personally, I hope for the same things I had hoped for this year - to be happy, to be settled, to be moving into the rest of my life with confidence and contentment.

Not sure if I'll feel any different personally. I'm insulated from COVID's financial & social consequences. Won't know til time passes if loved ones or more friends will get sick or die. I hope Mom hangs on to lucidity and away from the depths of Alzheimer's/dementia one more year? I expect to be more hopeful about the communmity & our country (with a new president & rational federal leadership, guidance & public service. I don't expect a romantic connection this year, with all the social distancing guidelines I value. However, I always find hope, small events or small social connections to look forward to and cherish.

I can’t possibly answer this question. I’m happy to admit that my life [a year from now] is a complete unknown. And if recent events have taught me anything, it’s that. What I wish is that I am enlightened enough to notice at the time, and enjoy.

I am a big fan of constant improvement, so I hope I will read my answers and be inspired to go even farther next time.

I’ll probably feel different combinations of emotions each day. Some answers will probably bring me joy with reminders of accomplishments or love, while others might feel heavy, making it feel a bit like someone is sitting on my chest. A year from now, I hope to feel a greater sense of stability, to feel like less of an imposter in my field. I hope to be more connected with myself. I hope to feel proud of the way I take care of my body. I hope to exceed my own expectations in areas I may be selling myself short. Overall, despite so many hopes for change or improvement, my biggest hope is for something to stay the same. I have been so fortunate that my friends, my family, and I have been in good health. I hope to be able to say the same next year —to still be surrounded with the love that sustained and nourished me through 2020/5780.

I think I'll feel satisfied, pleased and proud. I think my life will continue to unfold in a way that I am more deeply connected to myself and others and answering these, and other questions like these, support that evolution.

Oh, my goodness, I hope so much will be very different. I hope Biden will be in office as President, COVID-19 infections will be way down, and the country will be on a path toward healing. I know it won't be paradise, and none of the problems we're experiencing will disappear overnight or even in one year, but it could be so, so much better than it will be if Biden loses.

I hope I am feeling hopeful about my country. About the planet. About humanity. I hope I am looking back on covid and the election and the near-demise of our democracy and global warming and systemic racism and economic disparities as horrific nightmares. That we are rebuilding a better world.

There is so much left to be seen in our current time that I can't honestly guess how I will feel. What I hope is different is that meaningful progress towards diversity, inclusion, and intersectionality is seen across our society - including Black Lives Matter and other visible/non-visible minorities, Indigenous peoples, LGBTQ2IA+ peoples, etc. I hope Trump is not President for a second term, but I fear that he will be elected or refuse to leave office - Mussolini did the same and laid the way for WW2. I hope we are not living in the condo anymore, either renting or having bought something bigger and with a yard for our growing boys. I hope we will have space, literally and figuratively, to be the truest version of ourselves and realize our fullest potential without being worried about the state of our world. I hope we can be safe, free, and loved.

I think I will feel amazed at what I thought and say that was pretty silly or i remember that or most likely say wow I thought DIFFERENTLY! (and my punctuation is terrible.😋

I believe I'll be Joyously tickled daily by how good my life is and All I had to do was trust myself. Sometimes like Dorthy might feel when moving through those vibrations of OZ. Finding still the only thing WE have to do is BELIEVE... Just like in All the Books of Wisdom and the Spiritual ones, who's way to the Great Spirit is to believe and each other. I believe I'll get to see humanity take a large forward movement evolutionarily. I'm Very Excited! I believe my fellow journeyers will take the button of mutual love and respect for all life on our planet and the Universe.

I hope that my life is going to be radically different one year from now. I hope that my post-pandemic self will read these answers with compassion for my current self. Of course, I worry that we'll still be in the grips of the pandemic next year and rather than feeling compassion, future me will see all of this as hopelessly naïve.

I hope I will be much less anxious about the world and particularly the sad state America is in. I sincerely hope that Trump will no longer in the President and that the Democrats take back the Senate. I hope that Black Lives matter is a forever movement that that we see true racial equality in this country.I hope I will be vaccinated successfully from Covid 19 and be able to once again travel to Africa and back to our home in Italy. I hope to be able to hug friends and our grand daughter Wilder and be able to have friends and family inside our home once more.

I hope in Sept 2021 I'll feel as good or better than I felt today on this Kol Nidre Night 2020. Day 71 of my sobriety. I hope to have a loving partner if that's where life takes me. I want contentment and security in my job, my finances, my housing, my sobriety, and my love.

I'll be so much HAPPY then, I'd have forgotten this heavy burden then. all my trouble would be laid to rest then...

I think so many things will be completely unanticipated and this will all feel so distant. I hope I feel proud that I worked on the goals I’ve articulated here. I think I’ll be further along in a big professional and personal transition. I hope I am not afraid for my existence or my family’s existence.

I think I will feel grateful, and proud of myself for following through. I also think my life will be closer to what my heart truly desires for myself.

I hope I am preg or have a baby. If not I hope I have pursued why not? I also hope I have paid off 10k of debt

I hope I will be more relaxed and ready for retirement. That my house will be clean and uncluttered and my garden filled with vegetables and herbs. That we will be able to travel again and it will be easy to lock the front door and take off on a new adventure whenever I feel like it.

My hope is that COVID has been contained, that we have Biden as President, and that I will be in a better place mentally.

I think I'll feel relieved that this particular slice of life is in the past, but also unsurprised that the underlying causes are still with us.

Nostalgic for sure. I like reading where I was at the time. I hope for a good and sweet year and for life to be normal again. I hope to accomplish my goals and improve on the things that are long term goals of progress. Things that I always work at improving year after year, not really destination things, but works in progress.

I'm hopeful by September 2021, that this pandemic is fully behind us, and everyone can be fully resuming their lives. I'm hopeful I'll be able to travel out of the state to visit friends and family, and not have to quarantine or take a COVID test upon returning. Going through these questions has allowed me to put into perspective the aspects of my life I can control and can improve on.

I hope and pray that I deliver myself from this endless cycle of not taking care of things that need to be done. I hope I’ve accomplished something that I’m proud of, no matter how small. My goal is to make incremental changes that add up in the next 12 months to a normal life. I don’t even need exceptional! Just normal. Not embarrassing, not shameful. If I can do this in the next twelve months (mind you, it hasn’t happened in the last 6200 months) it will be the major accomplishment of my adult life.

I hope that I will look back and ready these answers and think "Wow, I can't believe we actually lived through a pandemic, it seems so long ago." I hope that this is a distant memory! But I hope that it will also be a relic of this very unique time in my life when, amidst the world burning and our country in a cold civil war and everything sort of going to shit, I have found this incredible peace in my life with Eric (and Khaleesi). And I'll think of how we began to build what will not be our very new marriage, how it will be our third High Holy Days together, and how many we have ahead of us. My greatest hope is that I continue on this path, that my life will continue to broaden and deepen, and that I can live it in a world that is closer to healing.

I hope I’ll feel relieved. I hope that 45 will be out of office and he will have been pushed out by a landslide. I would like to see him arrested but that might be a bridge too far. I hope that this country can turn itself around. Not have a conservative Supreme Court. Have a cure for the virus. Have some kind of long-term care and Medicare for all. I hope I will have figured out how much longer till retirement because I think the city might offer a package. My mom will be gone over a year it will be two years I don’t know how that’s going to be. My DIL still won’t speak to me. There seems that there is nothing I can do about that so I am not as concerned as I was previously.

September 2021 seems so far away but I’m sure it will be here before we know it. I’m hoping I’ll look back on this crazy time in the world and my life and realize how much better off we all are. I hope my life will be more settled and that reflecting on these questions/answers will make me realize how much I can grow in a year.

I've been wanting to journal since we've been in COVID lockdown, since March. I knew that this time would be historic and that maybe one day my kids or grandkids ask about it. Or that'd I'd forget how I felt. I know next year, I'll be glad I have these feelings to see in retrospect, especially if things are better. It'll be good to see that despite almost no hope, things worked out. When I see the answers, I guess I'll feel happy or sad depending on how things worked out. I think I have some specific dreams, goals, fears, and worries and if they go poorly I'll be disappointed in myself, and if they go well I'll be proud of myself.

When I will receive my answers, I hope that I will feel a sense of accomplishment when I read my answers. I hope I will be proud of myself for taking the time to think over and honestly answer these questions. I hope that I will be settled into a new job and really thinking about my priorities after one year post graduate school. I hope that I am working on my mental health and my spiritual life. I hope that I'm looking back on the past year as a time of growth, a time of real discernment.

Of course I am hoping that next year will be the one where I read my musings from the year before and feel the swell of pride that THIS time I implemented real change. I am going to work on a concrete plan, with steps and all so that my goals are more than just words and wishes.

In general, I’m happy w my life and my answers reflect that. Overall, if my life looks exactly the same a year from now, I won’t be all that disappointed. I hope to be better off financially, I hope to have a better job, and I may even hope for a move back to California. But I’m still quite happy and quite satisfied with my life. In a Fresh Air interview, Gloria Steinem spoke of being diagnosed with breast cancer and thinking “well if this is it, I’m satisfied with my life up till now”. I feel the same and feel blessed to feel that way. Perhaps we’ll be pregnant or close to it? Perhaps we’ll be moving? Or buying a house? The last few years have taught me that old John Lennon adage in a very real way, and because of that I feel arrogant or even silly making large grandiose plans. If we’re both able to just pursue life with no shitty hang ups I’ll be satisfied enough.

I hope I will feel proud of the progress I have made towards my goals and towards living life to the fullest every day. I think I will be living a life I feel I am choosing and finding joy in.

I hope I’ll feel proud of how much effort I have put and where it has taken me. I hope I’ll have my brand and a better and more challenging job that makes me develop and gaining new skills.

I hope that I'll feel more hope for this country and the world but I don't think things will be going in a different direction that quickly.

I hope that I will look back with relief that it is possible to observe and worship together as a community once more. I hope I will feel grateful to have healed more of the wounds of divorce and to have unburdened many parts of myself. I hope I will recognize that in these difficult times, I was doing the very best I could and that I will know that it was enough...that I am enough.

I really hope that I look back and see this year - 2020 - as the one that was finally the catalyst to get me moving and off on the track that I needed to be on. I saw a meme recently about black cats and how we think that they are unlucky but maybe they aren’t what is unlucky. Maybe the path we are on is unlucky and the black cat appears to change our feet. So maybe 2020 has been such a shorty year because it is time for us to move on from whatever it is that is holding us back. I seem to always say the same things. My memories in FB indicate that. 7 years ago, I was whinging about what I am feeling now. So maybe, hopefully in a year I’ll see this answers and be grateful for the changes they have wrought because I am so tired and overwhelmed.

I hope I am satisfied both professionally as an academic physician and personally as a partner in a new growing relationship.

I hope I feel wow survived the worst year in my life. I hope that Joe Biden is president and the Democrats have the majority in the House and Senate. That there is a vaccine for Covid and that we can live our lives more normally. I would love to be much more engaged in the outside world maybe more volunteering and a chance to develop more f.riends locally

I hope and pray with every ounce of my being that kindness will have returned and the monster will have been defeated. Otherwise, I hope I join the resistance and fight for a better day. The experiment of democracy is at risk. It sounds so dramatic and I actually thought it wasn't possible to destroy it from within... but it turns out greed and lust for power can threaten anything.

Don’t take on clients who drain you and don’t pay you. Make money at a fair price...know your worth. Is your practice even a thing? Have you made it past this burn out? Where are you? Is everyone ok? Clearly I have more questions for you than answers this year. I guess if I did have to give some shred of advice it would be; you are not alone. God loves you. Love is still your call, please never forget it.

I am hoping that I will feel relieved that the pandemic has come under control and I can travel again! I hope that I will be closer to a retirement plan for the future. As a result of thinking about these questions, I hope that I will more deeply consider my options for my future and be appreciative of every day I get to spend on this beautiful earth!

My hopes are really for the global community and not for myself specifically, though if my global wishes come true, my personal quality of life will be improved: I want Trump to have lost the election and be doing time for his numerous crimes. I want the climate crisis to be everyone's top goal and have some hope that we'll still be able to live here in 50 years. I want new policing policies in place so that people with guns are not the first people to show up at a non-violent emergency. I want police to be retrained to de-escalate dangerous situations before firing their weapons, and when they do fire their weapons, they should be aiming for non-lethal shots, such as in arms or legs.

I hope I will look back with relief, because the election and supreme court battle turned out ok, there wasn't a violent civil war, and the COVID pandemic abated enough for us to have a normal life again. Even 2 out of those would be good!

Who knows? A lot can change in a year, 2020 was certainly evidence of that. It will also be the 20th anniversary of 9/11 and as a New Yorker I wonder if I’ll finally be able to bring myself to visit the museum and memorial. I’ll also be celebrating 22 yrs of marriage. This reflection has been an interesting exercise but I don’t anticipate my life changing as a result of answering 10 questions.

I’m not sure how I will feel. My feelings are impacted by things going on in the world where I have little control. Several of my answers are tied to the outcome of the November 2020 elections, and my life will probably take different turns depending on how things turn out. I hope that I will have made great strides in boosting my confidence and that I lose my fear of trying new things that will improve my life and empower me.

I hope we have settled into a comfort level in our relationship and in the world. I really hope Biden is president and repair has begun on the awful state of our country.

Well, first I think we won't be Coronavirusing, but I hope we keep some of the slowing down and tending to ourselves more. I think I'll be feeling p0retty fulfilled, just like now, but in whatever next level growth comes my way. I want to continue working towards making myself ready for a relationship, and I hope by then I was able to feel close to someone who shares that goal. I'll be working on my masters and working on my coaching. Most importantly, I'll be living an abundant life filled with joy and wealth, just like today

I hope that Ill look back to this challenging time and say wow I’m so glad we got through that! We’re in a much better place now!

I am hoping the things will be different next year. I am hoping that my answers seem thoughtful. I'm hoping that I will get some kind of encouragement and reading the answers. Also I hope I have a job.

Matthew is going to be a year older, I’ll be a year wiser. I hope I’m more well rested, happier, back in shape. And maybe, in best case scenario, we’ll be expecting our second (and hopefully final) baby. I hope I’ve sorted out my issues with God and found peace somewhere in that journey. I hope I’m able to be high maintenance again and that I’m doing well in my career. I hope Jon and i are both healthy and still very much in love.

I hope I am calmer and more focused and know what Ivwant to accomplish especially as a Maker.

I hope I feel like I've done what I needed to to change the things that have been restricting me and exhausting me. I hope I can look back on this time with relief that it's over and understanding/compassion for the self-that-was, like I sometimes can on the traumas I've previously endured.

I want to feel inspired, proud, and accomplished- but I also imagine that I'll feel a little sad. Things are tense with my mom and I right now, and I know that sometimes I let my role as a wife fall to the bottom of my priorities. I think if I'm able to be more intentional in these areas I'll be living a life that I am relishing and thoroughly enjoying.

I hope I will have fundamentally grown as a person, and look back on most of my issues and feel like they don't matter.

I will be interested as to how I react. I hope I will have been able to see my kids in New York. I hope things won't feel so tentative as the present situation. I hope we will have started a better society than we have now. I hope compassion and love are the motivating factors for a great number of people. When we recognize that we are all created in the image of God. K'en yhi ratzon!

I don't know how I'll feel to be honest. I just HOPE that I don't feel sad/depressed/discouraged because that's how I'm feeling right now because of everything that has happened this year. I just HOPE that I'll be in a MUCH better place than I am right now. I know that it will still take at LEAST a year for me to heal and recover from all the trauma I've been through. I no longer want a life partner. I just hope that I can finally be at peace being single. And all I want is to finally succeed in everything that I do. I am happy to say that I finally have a job that I love and makes me happy as well. Only time will tell what happens from here.

Free, sad and hopefully stronger.

I will be approaching my 70th birthday and glad to have survived another year. I imagine that I will feel older, more easily tired, a bit more battered, a bit wiser. I will be coping with new circumstances (who knows what those may be) in ways that by now feel normal and natural to me. I hope that I may also feel calm and accepting.

I don’t want to predict how I’ll be feeling at a future date. It seems pointless. I hope I’m able to make progress with what matters to me.

I think that I'll feel refreshed and rejuvenated. I think I'll look back on this year as a year of exhaustion and overwhelmed anxiety. I hope that Trump will be a forgotten blip of dogshit that we stepped in.

Interestingly, my 10Q takeaway is that everything pretty much stays the same, but my thoughts this year were really different - I guess an interstate move and a pandemic all in one year does change you a bit. That said, I can't even imagine what September 2021 will look like. At this point, I just hope we're all still alive and living in a democracy. I *hope* the pandemic is effectively over and we can socialize and travel again. And I hope I start caring about something again instead of just being dead inside.

Will be proud of all I've learned, pushed thru, accepted, let go of, taken joy in. Will be ever more grateful for my ancestors, angels all who've guided me thru the year. I'd love to feel that I am at the right place, at the right time, in the right way, as is always the case, and seems more poignant this year.

I hope that reviewing my answers in the hopes and aspirations for what next year will bring continues to give me the confidence and fortitude to persevere through the struggles and challenges I'll face. My answers to this year's 10Q questions are full of optimism and hope. I only wish they spark those same feelings a year from now, because I know I'll need that encouragement no matter where I am in life.

I will think back to how uncertain 2020 was, and hopefully be pleased that the world has settled somewhat and the future is looking bright. I'll be proud of how I navigated the uncertainty of 2020 and helped to minimise the negative impact on those around me, particularly the kids who really had a pretty good time through it.

I'm concerned that I'll look back at these and see the same answers again. I just seem to be stuck in holding since we came to Texas. I'm ready to move one.

Honestly, I bet I will be excited to see how crazy my responses were. I usually am fascinated to see the differences and similarities in my mindset year to year. They are often not what I expect, but sometimes comforting when they are what I expected. It has been such a unique year, I almost feel like a different person after all that I've been through. I wonder whether or not there will be lasting effects from the trauma we have all suffered at this pandemic and response. I hope that next year I've grown to see beyond my current fears. I hope that my family is growing and is happy and healthy. I hope to surprise myself and prove stronger than I expected.

Life will be returned to near normalcy, will be able to spend quality with family and friends and travel.

This is one of the first years since I started 10Q that I look at last year's answers and feel I made some progress -- at least in my self-image. And I did make a little progress, with the notable exception of my writing and getting things published. Seeing a shrink was a good call, and it's helping. My domestic life is ok, though concerns for my partner's health and it's affect on me have been ramping up of late. But I have taken care of myself, and that feels like a bit of an accomplishment. As for my writing, I'm pretty sure I need a writing group to keep me doing new things -- I like editing so much more than the writing itself. I should have put that down earlier as a goal, but these times make any kind of group activity a bit tentative. But mainly, my current hopes and dreams are not even for myself but for our country. Politics. I'm so concerned about what will happen if the current administration stays in office. And this is an area in which -- even with a certain amount of political activity and voting myself (I'm proud to say I think I missed one primary in the forty-plus years I've been eligible to vote) -- I don't have much power. If things continue to go south -- COVID, wealth disparities, crazy conspiracy theory believers -- it will be difficult for me to peek my head out of my sheltered life and do any good after the election. I was deeply worried after the 2016 election -- and berating myself for not being more politically active -- but this is worse, even though I have done a few things with both my money and my time, because we know how truly amoral the man is, and how terrible his minions are. So I feel very little control and a lot of trepidation about how I might feel about anything next year at this time.

Last year, I was so sure. I could see the future quite clearly.... I should have known better. Life has a way of whacking you on the back of the head while you're carefully watching your front and sides for the usual trials, tribulations, and maturing experiences. So, the president's craziness and incompetence got crazier and more destructive throughout the year. Impeachment didn't 'teach him a lesson.' Instead, he no longer had to worry about any restrictions at all--he was invulnerable! Personally, it was quite eventful. I got the flu (I haven't had the flu in decades!! Not since before Stephen was born almost 34 years ago). Then I had cellulitis in my right leg and ended up hospitalized for a week. Lots and lots of infused antibiotics. At home, I recovered slowly. Finally, after a month of recovery I was ready to return to subbing! Yay! And the Governor closed the schools. They remained closed the rest of the semester, starting virtual learning for the last quarter. And I turned 70. So, what do I predict? Hell, I have no idea? I hope that I'll be in better shape, that we'll have a well distributed, effective and safe COVID-19 vaccine, and church will be happening once again. I want my life of a year ago back. Probably won't get it, things never return to quite what they were. Sometimes better, sometimes not. I've given up predicting.

Every year, I look forward to my answers and I don't think I'll be surprised by these. This is a sad, heavy, exhausting time. What I hope is different is that we will have a new president and government, we will be less divided and we won't be living in the shadow of a deadly pandemic. I hope that the parts of my old life that I miss so deeply (time with friends and working out) are back and I hope we remain healthy and that my husband continues his path to good health, too.

I don't even want to begin to guess as to how I'll feel. I mean right now I'm half expecting our nation to fall into a period of massive upheaval and unrest like nothing in my lifetime or we'll fall back into an uneasy truce where people will get lacksidasical again about the responsibilities of citizenship in a democracy. What I HOPE will be true is that I will be helping my youngest settle in (happily) to tenth grade and my oldest will be adjusting to living away from home in a college dorm. I hope I'm in a good place mentally and professionally. I hope my husband is achieving a decent work life balance and that he too is in a good place mentally and professionally. I hope our lives are productive, hopeful, and overall happy. I hope my fears are not true.

I hope I'm feeling better than now. I hope we have treatment for COVID-19. I hope I be grieving anyone else who has died.

I hope that I’m relieved. That Trump is long gone, that those who need it most are getting a vaccine and we are starting to recover, and that the economy is recovering too. That we are healing from the division of this administration. This is not direct to my life but hugely important.

Nope, after this year, predicting isn't a thing.

I'm not at all sure I want to answer them. They all seem to be about making changes I'm not interested, or rather don't have the energy to make.

Such a great question. I will feel strong, centered, and we will have moved to a place where we can stay.

I hope we're in a better place than we are now, and I pray that the pandemic will be over. I think I will look back on the way our lives changed and the way we look at the world and at how we treat each other.

I think I will feel sympathy for myself, for enduring such a trying time in the past year. I will also be proud of myself for having put some of this in writing, so plainly, to illustrate the hard work I have ahead of me. I hope my life will be in a different stage and that I will have taken decisive steps towards regaining physical and emotional health.

I am hoping for a skip of joy and a big grin. I am planning for a new year grounded in growing self-awareness; a sense of deep spiritual connection with husband, family, friends; a contentment in knowing that while I will always have lots of room to grow and change, I can actually be able to see that I have made progress in areas that matter.

I am so curious about the ways fatherhood will change me between this year and the next. I don't think it will fix all my many flaws, but I do think I will have a new relationship with time and with love and with family that will aid me in reaching some of my personal goals. I'm very glad to have this service. It is about the only thing I like about Reboot and all these other weird philanthropic efforts to throw money at Jews who don't need it, all for the sake of that strange empty term, "continuity." Maybe let's put that money toward bail funds or toward empowering people who actually need it. Philanthropy is fucked up and weird and antithetical to democracy. Anyway: a laykhtn tanis, everyone.

I hope to look back on a year of deeper, more meaningful relationships with friends and family. I would like to think I would be more secure in my close relationships and seeking deeper connection with more casual friends. Looking at last year's answers, I have been truly enjoying literature, but I should've known that a GOP Senate would acquit 45.

I think I'll feel proud of myself for answering them, and sad that I don't remember. Or maybe I'll give the same answers, and feel sad that I haven't grown. I hope I'll spend less time buying things and more time doing things.

Not sure. It depends on how and if anything changes in our world. Pandemics, climate change, politics.... I hope we'll all be in a better place.

I hope to hell I read this in a country run by a president with intelligence and kindness. I hope the Congress is working as one team, and not as two countries at war. I hope that civility returns, and common sense, and kindness, and that we make more progress in equal rights for all. I hope I have some sense of restored hope in the future, because the main result so far from answering these questions is to feel even more despair.

I think I will be amused. I hope I will be inspired. I think I will be wiser having been married for over a year. I hope to be better financially. I hope to be a more supportive wife. I hope these questions spur me on to greater change and encourage me to keep being a person open to new things and growth.

I think I'll feel scared. I don't think I will have a job. There are none to be had here in this tiny town. I hope I'm able to pursue my passions and make a living from the things I create. I want to continue to remember to be grateful for what I have.

All I have is hope. Hope that next year, I'll look back with relief that the world has changed. Hope that I kept my goals in mind and was able to focus my life.

This will be a year of of working on several community projects plus my art fun. AND continuing to call old friends and colleagues and start thinking about real time visits. Most importantly, we will be trying to live this year over again to actually do the travel and celebratory events - 50th anniversary, 75th birthday kid visits, family visits, foreign travel, our cabin, trailer travel, house projects and reviewing our life in stuff to lighten the load.

2019: “I always write about how I’m going to try this or that and I’m going to eat better or practice yoga more or become an instructor or learn the bass or drums and I’m going happier and healthier etc etc etc... that I’m going to figure this thing out and come out on the other side living my “best life”.... the truth is I’m going to be right back here next year with the same answers because I’m too tired or afraid to change things. Sad.” 2020: I hope I’m living in a nicer place. I hope Peekaboo and Lucky are still with me. I hope my Dad and sisters are still well. I hope I’m healthy and stronger. Becoming an instructor seems out of the question for now. I would like to not be slinging groceries anymore. I hope I’m strong enough to deal with whatever comes my way... I hope that I still have hope...

I'm hoping that I'll be able to more easily understand how I can achieve my dreams.

I'd like to be confident and productive. I'm already doing well at sticking to my goals and working tenaciously. I'd like to have these traits be part of my routine so intrinsically that it is second nature. That is is part of my character and personality.

I love hearing from my younger self. I love seeing what I’ve learned and how I grew. I hope that the world is in a better place. I hope that they’ve gained control over Covid and that we aren’t quarantined anymore. I pray that everyone is healthy and well (of body and mind).

I will have made tremendous growth and will have deep empathy for all that I struggle with right now. I will be proud that I didn't shy away from the hard, scary realities of our world right now, and that I stayed true to the spirit of tikkun olam, starting with what I can control.

I hope my partner and I are still together, and happy in that relationship. I hope my career is going well. I really hope the pandemic is over. I hope my finances are in order and we are able to plan some wonderful trips together. I hope mass movements of resistance have continued to gain momentum and power. I hope I'm able to have a conversation in Hebrew and/or Yiddish!

It all depends on what happens November 3, 2020. If I democracy stays strong and prevails life will be much better. I am concerned about the mental well-being of my friends who overconsume bad news. I hope that I look back at the year as a productive one where inspiration increases as well as expression.

I feel in limbo now and cannot predict how I will feel tomorrow, much less next year. I hope that I will learn to remain more in the present and appreciate what I have now, and not anticipate, neither positively not negatively, what will happen next. If I do as well as I can in the moment, that is all that I can ask for.

These questions allow me to dig deep into my soul with the intent to learn and grow from past experiences, mistakes and selfish desires. I am prayerful I am growing into a more selfless, patient, tolerant, giving and spirit filled human being.

I think I will be shaking my head at all of the crazy things that have happened and how much day to day life has changed. I hope I will feel positively about my own personal path, and expect to continue to build on the foundation for well-being that I started over this past year. I'm hoping that I will be supporting myself financially in ways that bring me satisfaction and fulfillment. I want to continue to see and discover possibility in new places for all aspects of my life. I want to be able to see myself as worthy of the good in life.

I'd like to feel excited about my child heading off to college and more financially responsible for my own bills. I'd like to have paid off my credit cards and be making better money at a job I enjoy. I hope to use these questions as part of my effort to make goals for myself, implement plans in order to achieve them and maintain commitment through challenging times when I am less motivated.

I think I'll be excited to see that this bright spot in 2020 existed!! I hope 2021 will feel at least a little lighter by September! These questions have been an unexpected blessing in that making adjustments to Covid and still going on living and think about life are very possible. I did 10Q in 2018 but not in 2019 because it was so stressful and my responsibilities were so overwhelming. It will be good to look back and see the challenges I faced and was willing to write about.

I am dearly hoping for 2 things: 1. Covid-19 will be under control through the use of vaccines and trearments. 2. Joe Biden will have been sitting in the Oval Office for almost a whole year.

This year is probably the hardest in my life to make this prediction. So much rests not on my own personal process, but rather on things outside of my control: the pandemic and the election. Regardless of the electoral result, the riven state of American politics will burn. But if things go well, there will still be democracy rather than violence in the streets or autocracy. If things go well, the pandemic will be approaching an end. Let us hope divine providence smiles upon all of us.

How I feel in September 2021 will depend on so much happening in the next few months. God willing, by then we will feel safe doing some of the activities I miss so much right now (eating in restaurants, getting a manicure, going to parties, flying on airplanes to visit friends and family). I pray that there’s a safe, viable vaccine by then which is available to everyone for free that allows us to feel safe moving freely once more. I also pray that the other virus plaguing our society—racism—is also being eradicated through defunding the police and investing directly in communities so that we all might feel more liberated. I hope against hope that we have a new president who can be held accountable and has some semblance of morals, unlike the current traitor in the White House. I think this year’s Elul and Teshuvah practices of reflection and internal accounting have continued the process of my Jewish transformation, which I began some years ago and see more results from every year. I hope that this yearly practice of deep reflection brings me closer to myself and God every time. And this is the year I finally read This Is Real and You Are Unprepared, which has been so heart-opening. I hope to incorporate the wisdom of that book and this awe-inspiring time of year into my day-to-day life moving forward.

Depressed; degree depends on the election.

I think my life will be peaceful - but not too peaceful. I'm hoping I'll spent a solid amount of my time, energy and intellect this year stirring up good trouble. At this point next year, I will probably have just finished up my master's project, and while I have no idea exactly what I'm going to learn about my family's settler history, I'm ready to find out. I know this is going to be work that I will be so deeply proud of. And I'll probably be engaged - hell, maybe I'll be married! Or maybe the pandemic will be just as bad or worse than it is now, and I'll still be living here with A, M & C (and I honestly wouldn't be sad about that; I like it here and living with this family has been so good for me - I know I'll be devastated to leave). Finally, at this point in my life, I am spending a lot of time thinking about my gratitude to the past versions of myself - the ones who were that much less prepared, that much weaker, that much less equipped than I am to fight the battles that allowed me to exist as I am today, but still, they fought. I have been imagining what it would feel like to be able to go back in time and thank those younger versions of myself, to let them know it all turned out okay - better than okay! - and give them a hug. So, to my future self reading these answers in 2021, who I know will exist because I will create her with my fights and joys and convictions this year, and who I trust will be more extraordinary than I could ever dream from where I stand today - "you're welcome."

I think I’ll feel reflective. It’s hard to imagine what anything will look like a year from now. Will we still be distancing? Will we be back in shul? I hope that my life will look different in many ways.

In September of 2021, I hope I will be feeling relief that 2020 is in the past, and that the country and locally we are beginning to see a shift back towards decency and protection of each other as a nation. I hope to be able to interact with a clinical population in a meaningful way, and be on the path toward making a difference in people's lives.

I hope I feel grateful for past me for looking towards the future hopeful and optimistic. I hope I feel happy and accomplished for taking even the smallest steps to any of my goals, and that I have enjoyed my 30th year as much as I could. I am hoping for a less anxious, happier and more positive Abi to be reading this! Also more Jewish baking/studies, Hanukkah, education! Meal with my love.

I hope I will feel satisfied that I will have moved in the directions in which I am now resolved to move.

I don't like predicting feelings, so the answer would be "I don't know". My hope is limited to the reality we're in. Hopefully the pandemic is under control, humans are behaving better, a different President is leading. I enjoyed the stimulation of answering the questions in the specific way they were presented, but I didn't feel that any of them were new ways of thinking for me.

I hope I feel like “whew, I made it through that mess!”

I have no idea. I hope I'll feel more hopeful, because this can feel so suffocating and anxiety-provoking at times. I hope we are not in a Civil War or post-Civil War. But I just. don't. know.

Writing my answers this year has been deeply emotional. I am scared of the future in a way that I have never been before. I hope that next year, I am less fearful and that the world looks like a better place. The world seems so small and pinched. Oddly, I am reminded of my Dad, who grew up in London after WWII. He talked about how people who didn't live there would talk about the city as a majestic place and yet he knew it as small, and dirty, and damaged as it tried for years to get out from under the Blitz, rationing, and the psychic wounds of the war. I think we are going to be living in that kind of era for some time. I would love to be wrong about this.

How I feel about myself all depends on what happens in politics & if we get rid of Trump & so much else that's wrong

I'm hoping to find a friend. Family is not enough for me. I hope my hopes get realized.

My hope is that September 2021 will be an open time with a COVID vaccine we can live with. And we can live life in person again. And yet I hope I will still be thoughtful about the questions here. Physically things will have changed but hopefully I'm still thinking of the big questions in ways that move me forward rather than have me throw up my hands in disgust. It will take a lifetime to figure out how to be in this world. I hope I have years to think on these questions and become a better person inch by inch.

I hope I’ll be happy, relaxed healthy and doing service.

I have no earthly idea. I hope for good news. I hope for hope. I hope to see productivity and growth. Always.

I hope and pray that we have elected Joe Biden to be our president and that the USA has recovered much of the damage done by the current idiot-in-chief. I also think we will have passed through the Covid-19 pandemic and, hopefully, will all have been vaccinated against it. I hope my life has gone back to a more normal state of activities with my friends and neighbors. And I will be eagerly looking forward to visiting my family in California and Arizona.

I hope I'll find myself as funny as I am evidently trying to be. I hope many things are actually the same next year.

I'll feel reminded, and a little bit like I'll be rediscovering it for the first time. I hope we're all healthier, still here, and still present in the moment.

I will reflect on the unique circumstances that have occurred this year. I hope that I will have been able to accomplish some positive goals.

I will think, “damn I’m a good writer I should do that more” What I want to be different? Life is awesome can’t think of a thing!

I hope that I will feel great. I hope that Joe Biden will be President, that the Donald Trump Shit Show will be closed down and out of the White House. I hope that the criminal activity going on in the White House will be investigated and those guilty of high crimes and misdemeanors will be held accountable.

Similar to last year, I don't expect my addressing these questions will change my life but this process is similar to New Year's resolutions and I hope I can progress toward improvement and completion of some of these goals. And, of course, ideally we will have somewhat conquered Covid 19, have a new president and can see the economy recovering.

I think I will look back at my questions and see a very specific place in time - Covid, grad school, turmoil in our country. Fall 2020 is a wild slice of life. I hope that the country is in a more stable place and I am in a more stable place in my life.

I hope that we will have survived and moved past the collective trauma of 2020.

I'm hoping to be more grounded, philosophical and clear-headed.

I hope I will feel amused, that I will feel it wasn't necessary to be so worries about certain things. I hope I will be in a better headspace, in therapy and in a nicer housing.

I hope I can look back on this as the awful year that is over and things are better. The biggest change I want to see is in the White House, I feel like life will be better with a more capable leader who doesn’t have dictator-like qualities.

I truly hope I will feel relieved that we made it through COVID alive and ok and everything is good.

I think I'll find this to be an interesting snapshot of the past. I hope that I'll feel that I've made some progress on the things I want to make progress on/improve, and I hope I'll feel better about the state of the world. (I have fairly limited confidence, however, especially on the second of those.) I hope that I'm in a good place still and that I feel happy and confident about what I'm doing. (I hope we'll be mostly out of the COVID pandemic by then, but that's a given at this point.)

I hope I’ll be more grounded, more grateful. Able to see more than the shitty moments. Life is large if you can be brave enough to embrace the good and bad at the same damn time

At this point, I just hope I am still alive to read them.

I hope that I have deeper inner peace, greater self love and FAITH in that ALL IS WELL, I am meant to thrive and all of my dreams are coming true. I want to be in a mind-set of ALWAYS EXPECTING GREAT THINGS. I WANT TO KNOW THAT I AM WORTHY OF ALL GREAT THINGS AND THAT MY DESIRES ARE PLANTED IN MY HEART AND ARE MEANT TO COME TRUE.

I suspect I won't want to look because either I won't want to remember the badness or I'll not want to remember how I thought things would get better.

If this year is anything to go by, I'll feel humbled by the change of perspective. I hope I'll believe more

I hope Trump is a non-entity. I hope the world is in a better place. I hope I feel safe in this country. I hope Leah and I are in a better place with child care and work balance. I hope I'm reflecting on the trauma of 2020 from a happier place. I hope I actually have time and energy to celebrate the High Holy Days.

I hope that I am more proactive in my self care and with my interactions with other people. I hope for better health, positivity in relationships, less stress, more comfort, and a healthier planet

In 12 months I hope I will feel optimistic for the world and the US, for Americans as a nation. Right now things are pretty bleak. I hope my life will have more personal growth and more learning. I hope I will look back on a spring and summer where we have taken some trips, either in the car or on the motorcycle. I hope we will be planning a plane trip to Europe to see son, and that I either will have already, or will soon have, the ability to leave husband long enough to visit my sibs. I should note that things have improved from September 2019 when I wrote in part that I needed more control. That is now in my sights and I have a taste. In fact, I am making some tentative strides in that direction, and it would appear I am nearing, if not exactly meeting, some of those milestones. Yay for me!

I hope I will feel relieved that Trump is no longer President and that the U.S. has re-joined vitally important treaties, e.g. climate and Iran nuclear deal. I think I will continue doing what I already do -- morning meditation, volunteering, enjoying nature. And may I continue to evolve into a kinder, less judgmental person.

I will feel so delighted, grateful, blissful and blessed!!! I do not yet know the nature of these questions or this program, but in a year from now or sooner I will be a Healthy, successful, happy and paid writer, supporting myself and thriving. I will be AT PEACE !!! I will be on the other side of ptsd and completely well. I will be contributing to the healing, upliftment and transformation of others and part of a positive, compassionate and worlds renowned community of love and light.

I'll be excited to see the answers to the questions next year. I hope that I will have moved on from my current job or that there's traction with my writing. And hopefully, I'll be able to travel again, even if it's only to domestic destinations.

I think I will be somewhere I am proud of. I have grown so much in the last year and it will be exciting to see how I’ve built upon that. I think my career will have stability and I will truly feel like an adult for the first time in my life. I hope I continue to put myself first and improve my mental health.

I think it will be less significant than last years, given that I had a deployment coming up last year

I sincerely hope that things are different twelve months from now. With a monumental election just over a month away, and the coronavirus pandemic occupying so much of 2020, it is my fervent hope that 2021 sees the backside of the lockdowns and restrictions of COVID-19, and a President, Congress, and Supreme Court ready and willing to move us toward justice and equality for all.

I think I may feel the same about a lot of my answers, although I hope that some things will be improved

Well I hope Trump is not in office. I hope we are past this Covid 19. I hope life is next to normal as normal can be after having a dictator. I also hope I have figured out my career whether I get a job I like or I retire early. I hope Jay gets his social security disability and I hope Nic doesn’t have a recurrence of cancer. This year has been hell on me and my family. And I see next year as a year of renewal and recovery. I hope we are all ok.

I hope my marriage is in better health. That I have found more time for my husband and vice versa

I hope I'll be reading them from a better place, mentally and geographically. I reread my answers just now, and they are all so sad and hopeless. I'm not editing them, though, because they are my truth right now, in the this horrible year. I hope in 2021 I will read this year's answers and 1) feel relief because things have gotten better, and 2) feel kindness toward myself for having been in such a dark place. I hope putting my fears and hopes "out there" with this exercise will be a mental/spiritual catalyst to move forward and regain some sense of agency over my own life.

I am really hoping that when I read the questions in 2021, that for the first time in a long time, my life will finally be very different. I trust it is a financially free one, as well as a more free life.. and one of finally having broken away from the 'stuckness' that it has been for the last 3 years. Certainly one of learning lessons.. but I trust that when I read this.. I shall be smiling from ear to ear.. and it is finally a new place and a new exciting beginning. I shall make it so. No matter what.

I'm hoping my art is in a better place. I also hope that the world is as well, but I held the same hope 4 years ago and I'm scared of what the next couple months will bring. A year from now I hope I will have less reason to be afraid and more reasons for joy.

Honestly I have no idea how I'll feel. I don't even know who I'll be by then - so much will have changed. I hope I can look back and be proud of how we've started raising our daughter. I hope I'm enrolled in my Level 4 counselling course. I obviously hope I'm writing more or have written more by then because I always hope that. I hope I like who I am next year.

by Sept. 2021, I think I'll still feel hopeful about the future. We have no learned that anything can change your plans, and the only thing that you have is your choices about how to react to any situation. If Trump wins a second term, I hope to be living in a new country, starting a new phase of life and new adventures. Whatever happen, I'll make choices with a foundation of more ethical thought than I did prior to this year.

Hopefully we will be back to life as somewhat normal, with kids back to school full time. We will have a vaccine that will protect against COVID. At the same time, we should use this to re-evaluate and make changes. More working from home, time with family, and not just going through the same motions.

So much will depend on how we have all come through the pandemic. I hope I will be back to a more normal life, free to travel and to be with family and friends. I hope I'll realize that I am a survivor as well as a member of the larger community!

This is a good year for this question lol. I think that I will feel much as I did this year reviewing 2019's answers - happy, excited, thoughtful, and proud of myself. I don't look back and lament anything, because everything happens as it is meant to happen. It's not a linear journey. I think that, despite my love affair with introversion this year, I will resume lots of social activities in balance, continue cultivating friendships that I have but not take on any new ones, be back at Zumba every day, no longer be blonde (if I'm anything LOL), take on another professional responsibility outside of copywriting and mindset coaching, be on some new medication, have traveled on a plane once, be drinking alcohol again but still not having coffee, do something notable with my interior design skill, and have a new amazing piece of technology that is a game changer for me. These are more thoughts than hopes, because I am really content right now and my main hopes are that everyone in my family and chosen family remains happy and healthy, I feel as good then inside as I do now, I am just a little calmer and less distracted with regard to internal energy, and Cinemark is fully open. I think it goes without saying that I hope for a COVID vaccine, accessibility thereof, and no matter who has won the election in November, everyone calming the F down aka "dialing down on outrage" LOL.

I hope I will feel more secure in what I'm doing -- happy as a mom, happy at school. I hope scotty is happy in his job. I think things will be A LOT different -- the world will be in a very different place, I think (I hope!) but also Susanna will probably be VERY different.

Content that my loved ones and I are past the pandemic and are content with our lives. I do hope Jared has a nee job and has moved east, in a relationship and has found genuine happiness. Hope Steve is working under his LLC and that I have found my community in this new location. And I pray beyond everything that Joe Biden has won the presidential race by a landslide.

I hope to feel more hopeful next year. I hope that come November we’ll elect a new president and in January the healing can begin. I’d like to think that next September we’ll be in our way to addressing critical issues, facing up to our national shortcomings and failings, working with scientists, lifting the fallen, raising the national discourse, being mensches that seek out and act to bring about the good. We’ve had four years of greed, selfishness, bullying, sexism, racism, hatred, anti intellectualism, and on. I’ve felt hopeless for so long. I pray that by next year that the current dread and pain will be transformed into action, into tikkun olam, into love and righteousness and courage and kindness and above all, hope.

I'm hopeful that I will feel more optimistic and purpose-driven. I'm hopeful that life will have a clearer direction and sense of security.

I do not think I will be too shocked considering my long term memory is superior to my short term memory. If I am to be in a better spot by then, I will see these and just be thankful for where I am at that point

I hope that we are back in school and life is somewhat back to normal, I hope that we are a kinder gentler more compassionate people having been through everything in 2020. But maybe we'll still be suffering from covet. Maybe this country will be just as messed up as ever, and maybe Putin will be even stronger. I hope not. I also hope that I have a more positive attitude and a more generally stable and taking better care of myself. But I say that every year don't I.

I hope next year I will have more positive answers. When politicians make their "state of the union (or state, or city..)" speech, they always have something to say that was achieved. Economy got better (whether I have anything to do with that or not), international relationships got better (if it's only with one country and the rest of the world hates us), we produced more of this or that (as if anyone cares)... I would like next year sound more like politician, but as a difference be honest..

Hopefully, I'll have done more than I planned for because I'm keeping expectations low. This year just doesn't seem like one where trying hard will do any good. We need to treat ourselves with extra kindness so I won't put pressure on myself.

I hope that I'll be feeling a little more secure, not that I'm feeling insecure now, but just a little bit surer of myself and my personal decisions. I hope I'll be feeling like I am making a difference in the ways I care about- with climate change and environmental issues, racial and social justice issues, and human rights. I hope that I will feel productive, and also more relaxed about my productivity. I hope I won't be feeling anxious often.

I really don't know. So much is in flux right now, it's hard to tell whether my answers and feelings now will be hopelessly naive, or pessimistic. Similarly, I find it almost impossible to plan more than a week or three in advance, so imagining what my life will be like this time next year is impossible.

I think I'll be disappointed. Change is hard at my age. I'm usually optimistic, but I dunno.

Unless I find the time to still think up some answers in the coming days, I'll feel a bit sad about how little I've written this year. I've only answered 3 questions at this point. As every other year, I might feel impressed by my level of English.

I honestly have no idea. Maybe I’ll think things were so bad and I’m glad they’re better now, maybe I’ll think I didn’t know how good I had it back then. In any case, I hope answering these questions gives me more of a framework to focus my thoughts and goals in the coming year.

I hope that we will be living in a Biden administration. I hope that hope and acceptance begin to rise again. I hope that COVID-19 has subsided, that we are all well and properly immunized. I hope that my daughter is safe, healthy, and happy. Here is to a good year, full of wellness and hope.

Hopefully I'm at a new chapter in life!

I can almost guarantee I'll be in a better place emotionally - if I can go downhill from traumatic global pandemic, something serious must have happened! I hope I can read these answers and look back on this time and see the ways I've grown and the things I've learned.

I think I will feel relieved that my worst fears did not materialize. I hope I will have landed a much more fulfilling job.

If, when Tishrei 5872 rolls around again, I am able to attend a synagogue in person, stand with my community, and hug my family and friends - dayenu! As for how I'll feel... I hope I'll still be hopeful. And that I'll take these days as a chance to cultivate hope either way. Looking back on what I hoped for this time last year, I see that this period of reflection did help set me on the right path. Like always, I fell off that path plenty, but these last ten days, the month leading to them, this year I have tried to find the path again and keep moving forward. Who knows what the world will look like a year from today. Things may be wonderful, things may be very bad indeed. I mightn't even be here to see it. But if I am, and to take a line from my own vidui, I hope that I'll look back on 5781 as a year of lessons and not regrets.

I can really see this going one of two ways. I think I will either feel enormous relief that things aren't as bleak as they've been this fall, that, while there are miles to go before we sleep, we can fight racism and climate change and create a more just, caring and equitable society through enormous effort; or, I may feel crushed by a fallen democracy, may be close to leaving America or learning to fight in new and scarier ways, may feel envy towards my past self and whatever slivers of hope she could still hold onto.

I hope I'll be feeling more hopeful and less anxious about the future in a year. I hope the election turns out the way this country needs it to, for the benefit of all its residents and citizens. I hope I'll be able to release this past year's anxiety and dread so that we can move forward hopefully into the future. I hope the experiences of this pandemic don't stunt my children's growth in any way - emotionally, academically, spiritually. I hope the world recognizes the most urgent questions and comes up with smart, timely answers for them, for the sake of all of us.

I wish to feel glad to be in another step of my life. A step with financial freedom and my own business running. I really don't think this answers will change anything, but I know, by experience, that what we wrote about some dreams, desires, wishes, will end happening sometime, and I will be glad to see if it will happen in a year from now.

I think if anything this year has made us all re evaluate what is important to us. Not surprisingly it is relationships with our family and friends and the people that we come into contact with. I have always endeavoured to be an open and honest person, one who will help when called upon and be an example to others. I also want to ensure I make the most out of opportunities in the life that I have left.

I hope I'll feel like quarantine and COVID-19 are a distant memory...

I think it will be a really cool transport back to this moment in time. I expect a lot of changes in the next year. I hope that the world will feel like a safer place. I hope we'll be able to travel. I hope that I will be clearly looking back at a trend of personal growth and that I'm taking more risks and doing what I want to do with my life.

I always try to think positive so I’m hoping that I’ll be in a better place. I hope we will be in our own place. In a more permanent home. Austin, Kohu and I and maybe some new fur babies. I hope we’re financially more stable and not dealing with a virus any longer but a better world who learned from the hardships that 2020 brought us.

I hope that I will have come closer to achieving my goals and can look at these questions with pride, rather than disappointment. I hope that things won't be so scary in the world anymore. I hope that looking at these questions will bring me back to my purpose and intention of I have strayed away.

My hope is that I’ll be a lot more optimistic about the world than I am now. My fear is that I’ll be more pessimistic. I’ll have been in my new home for just under a year by then and I hope to be loving my life in it. I also want to have completed and posted the pictures of my English cathedrals plus some other churches and cathedrals. I also want to be at 11 stone 7 lbs and 20% body fat. Just like I’ve been promising myself.

I hope that I and my loved ones will be alive a year from now. If we are, I will feel grateful. It would be nice to be vaccinated by then. My hopes are very simple.

Once again, I hope that there is a shift in thepolitical climate and that I feel that I am working together with others to look at our weaknesses, my weaknesses in the face and move forward with justice, peace and equity.

I am hoping that I will have proceeded through my retirement, house clearout, and move to my cottage-ready/excited for my next phase, God willing!

I think I'll be excited because by the time September rolls around, I know I will have forgotten the previous year's answers. It happens every year. It's almost like early Christmas. :D I hope my family, my friends and I will be doing great. And better than today. Come to think of it, there's hardly anything more one can wish for, is there?

I'm hoping life rolls back into normalcy again. Tourists are back, we can see my parents, I have another income, I'm calm. I want to feel stable again - that means having a job I love, regular income, the girls are happy and in a routine, Tom and I are getting along and have some passion and respect in our relationship and our families are healthy.

I'll remember how it was in September 2020. That it was a time out of time.

I will feel good, loved and happy. I feel that God loves me. I want all of my children to feel good, loved and happy.

I hope against hope that I'll feel like this is a moment in time that is long past, that my fears for the future of our country were unfounded, and that things are basically back to normal. I hope that if that's not the case I'm at least able to hold my head up high for the things that I've done to try to make it better.

Things have to get better, right? I know I'll feel like I jinxed the rest of 2020 with that comment, but I am truly scared of what the next few months and winter will hold. It's impossible for me to imagine what things will be like this time next year since so much has changed in just one year.

I’ll be struck by how year after year, my answer to the questions remain similar even though the challenges I face and the circumstances around me have changed - some dramatically, with Leaving my company job to strike it out on my own, 2 evacuations from the fires, the birth of 3 grandsons, now the pandemic, aging parents in decline..Havent i grown and evolved? I will feel discouraged and humbled. I’ve worked so hard on making changes in my life. But transformation requires facing the hard questions and taking bold steps to make changes. Though sometimes it starts with baby steps. While stress and anxiety impact my life in many ways, both visible and subtle, I also need to recognize how much more balance and space I’ve created in my life since 2017 when I first started answering these questions. Things are different this year.

I think/hope the good things in life stay the same; health, GRANDCHILDREN, Jared in a good place, kids doing well. My hope for improvements is our country’s political situation improves with a new president and this pandemic is over so we can get back to traveling, shopping, restaurants and faith activities in person. We miss our friends and extended family.

I'm hoping that going into 2021, life will be easier to manage and not as stressful. That i will have made progress towards my education and we will be working towards getting our own place. Im hoping stress levels and mental health will be on track for betterment. Im definitely hoping we have someone different in office and the country is on track to healing itself.

Hope we can get back to “normal”

I hope that September 2021 will show change, real change. In my life and in the world. There is little I can do to effect change in the world, except in my little corner. It is my hope that do-over.me will continue to grow and be able to serve many more people; that it's structure grows into a more traditional NPO; that it's services improve, that my face begins to fade as paid employees lead it into the future. It is my hope that I can spend more time and energy in writing and speaking my truths; that someone special will be a part of my life; that my relationship with my daughter and her husband will continue to be solid; that a grandchild will be in the picure.

Well, hoping that we are no longer living in a COVID-19 situation. Hope that life has a new normal. Hope to have lost weight and continue getting more exercise. Hope that we will be able to travel again. Don’t think anything will really change with Glen.

I really hope for some positive change. And some weight loss. I'm getting really quite porky with all this overeating and lack of exercise! But am very relieved Russ is feeding me and Mike is giving me lifts! These things take a huge weight off me .

I hope I will be happy and healthy and not worried about the state of our world as I am right now I hope we will have a turn for the better and that people will be working together to solve the issues that plague us covid- 19 , climate change, human rights, women's rights, black lives and brown lives matter, economic security for all, health care for all.

Considering as a whole, this year has been the craziest one globally in my lifetime, I would like to see a much more stable and peaceful time. There was so much insanity this year with the pandemic, politics, violence, on and on... that I would like to see a year with less. However, I do hope that much of the crazy stuff will open people's eyes to a better world. We need to eliminate racism and police/prison states and make a world where everyone is treated equally. I believe the rich people of the world are mostly responsible for the problems in the world. They aren't willing to change anything that would affect them or their income so we probably won't see change until there's a major revolution. Personally, I'd like to get back to the work I love or something new that can pay me well that I enjoy doing as much as the film work. Or the opposite: find a home somewhere much more rural/remote and find a simpler life that doesn't require the grind. I'd be happy either way. I think the second version here would be better for my daughter's health and future.

I hope I'll feel happily nostalgic. I hope that some of the things on my mind now will be resolved by this time next year, such that I will read the things I wrote about, smile, and appreciate that things are better.

It’s always funny to look back at myself. I do think it helps me to be insightful about my life. It can feel wistful and sad, or even surprising, to see these answers in one year. Some has been bittersweet and some has been really good. I would hope that good things had happened in the past year.

I hope I'm proud of myself for prioritizing more fun into my life, and look back on the way I ran around like a crazy person to get all the "stuff" done as a lesson learned.

I can only hope that my hopes for this year come to pass. I think I will wonder why in retrospect we thought this was so difficult to endure. I hope to feel relieved. I think my life will be even more family and friend oriented. I think answering the questions and reading those answers will make it more clear this time that those are the things that are important.

Hopefully COVID-19 will have receded, or a (safe) vaccine will have been created. Sometimes I imagine that the vaccine will mutate everyone and start the zombie apocalypse. Hopefully that's just from watching too many Sci-Fi shows. I hope that I'll have learnt to balance my work life and home life, and that Penny and I are still visiting my parents at the farm each week. Hopefully I've managed to do more to create a better world for Penny.

I so hope that we are heading into usual services in a communal setting

I think a lot of it will just be knowing appreciation. (and a little disappointed that it's not more telling like when I was younger haha). I don't think any of the things I've thought about this year will change much although I do hope some of these thoughts have been guiding principles. It's hard to say what I think might be different. I feel like I'm finally at a place where things can settle out for a while so aside from a more permanent job, I'd be perfectly content to still be right where I am now. My answers to these questions don't change my goals, just help me hone in on them so I hope they succeed in doing that.

I think I will feel a sense of mounting relief as we approach the end of 2021 under a newly elected president and gaze into a more optimistic 2022 with available vaccinations against COVID. I'm hoping i will have development a massive work around for my life which encourages more of a sense of daily fulfillment and accomplishment.

Oh, dear God, I hope I'll feel relief that the pandemic is behind us. It saddens me beyond words that it might not be. And I can't imagine what I'll feel looking back on the election and its aftermath.

I imagine I will feel incredibly DIFFERENT. As much as I do not believe COVID has impacted me dramatically, I'm sure that my worldview has shifted. I'm hoping by this time next year, the pandemic will be over whether it subsides or there's a vaccine. When I look at the questions, I want to feel like "holy shit! What a strange time that was!" Other than COVID, I don't expect major changes--we're not moving, we're both comfortable in our jobs, no more pets any time soon. But so much can't be predicted. We don't know if a parent's health could decline or our roof could cave in, for example. It would be nice if by next year universities started to hire again and I might have new job prospects. Or maybe my lazy-ass boss will quit and I can apply for his job. I could use some kind of career jump-start. As mentioned in other questions, I will continue to explore poly. I would love to meet someone serious by next year. I had also set intentions this year to find better ways to relax at night and continue to refine my diet; by next year I will be 115 lbs and well-rested LOL. I feel confident that, no matter what, Kiki and I will both continue to grow together, follow healthy pursuits, work on our house (new deck please!). Goddess-willing Puck will CTFD a bit and we will have a new president. That's about it!

Relieved that it was a less chaotic year. Pleased with my progress on my life's journey. Different next year - more feeling of accomplishment. Healthier, lower BMI, less stressed at work, less stressed at home.

Hopefully I feel like they're a time capsule on a time we have passed through. I want to let them remind me of what I was thinking and feeling right now and use that to motivate me, to reorient myself and make sure I'm on track. If the track I want to be on has changed, I want to make sure I think intentionally about that change and examine it and either correct or make peace with it.

I think that as I get older, things do not change that much from year to year. I am more set in my ways and while I do like to challenge myself to new things, like taking French on Babbel, I mostly continue to enjoy the same things that I know. I guess I hope I'll be surprised by something that happens!

This is the fun part of 10Q. I do not want to predict how I'll feel. Events happen, changes occur, feelings change, ideas evolve. That's what I hope -- that I (and everyone else) have evolved to a clearer, more compassionate and involved way of being: politically, socially, internally.

If I'm still alive, I'm sure I'll be feeling pretty good. 😀ACTUALLY, I'm disappointed in all the softball questions. Maybe I'll feel different next year, but I haven't found the questions that thought provoking.

I know I did the right thing about leaving behind Spain and re starting my life back in the UK which is where I belong. Life is going to be better for me. I get to see my kids growing up and that is what I want.

I have no idea, but I hope I will feel better than now.

I hope that I will feel more self confident that once I finish school I will be able to find a decent paying job in the area that I don’t mind.

So much hinges on the outcome of the election that it's hard to imagine what my mindset will be like this time next year. I hope that it will be possible to knock civic engagement a couple of notches down on the priority list, letting my family and my creative pursuits take a larger share of my attention.

This process certainly was thought provoking. Being a news addict, I will be TOO mindful of too much of the situation each day and yet I won't give it any thought in terms of the effect on me, other than my resolve to watch less of it. IT ALL DEPENDS ON NOVEMBER. If Trump wins, the United States of America is doomed.

A lot is going to depend on the results of the election, as far as how I'm going to feel next year. But I hope that reflection and repentance will help me to stay calm, focused and centered.

I hope that I will feel more hopeful. I hope that the universe that unfolded in the future is the one with the best possible outcome. The one that is kindest to individuals and the collective.

Life will surely be different in a year. I hope COVID-19 is largely under control. I hope we will have a president who is compassionate and caring for the people. I hope that I have done things that are important and that I am excited for each day. I don’t think that seeing answers to this year’s questions will affect me much. Maybe I will have the time and inclination to consider the questions deeper next year.

I'm HOPING I'll feel the way I felt a year after 9/11. Sort of understanding of how terrified I was, but able to put it in perspective and know that I (and we, as a country) had made it through it. I'm hoping I'll be looking back on the presidency of Donald Trump as a blip in Democracy and not the beginning of a dictatorship. I hope I'll have a new job, and maybe a new kind of job!

I hope my faith development program/regimen is now an automatic part of my daily life. I hope that travel is now open and we are open to take advantage. I hope I have figured out how to keep in our new granddaughter's life while still holding balance in ours.

I think I'll feel relieved that I got through the weirdness and stresses of 2020 (providing I do), which have largely been the focus of my answers. I hope I'll have built on some of the unexpected achievements of shielding that I hadn't believed I could do, and these questions have made me realise that I did them anyway.

If I get to September 2021, I will be extremely grateful to still be alive!!! I may choose to live a completely different Life! I hope to be living more in the wild.

I'll be looking forward to what I said the previous year, as I do every year doing 10Q. I love this! It's great to reflect upon my life, as it unfolds year after year. I think I will finally be bolder and less timid as a person, and I'll be healthier.

Relieved I hope - that a year has passed and this last 18 months has been survived and is now but a memory. We'll have put it behind us and moved forward, and be looking towards marriage and the rest of our lives together

I had hoped last year that by this time we would have a sense of the future. But with the election being in question from Republicans rigging of it, questioning of it, challenging it, anything to not have a free and fair election, we do not know if next year will be a return to sanity or a collapse into civil war. If the Republicans insist on stealing this election I think it will result in civil war or at least mass unrest and chaos. They seem unwilling to admit defeat and would rather destroy then nation than be reasonable, so who knows what will happen.

Hope that next year finds us optimistic about the country and better able to cope with the pandemic - perhaps even seeing a light at the end of the tunnel. I hope we are a more loving and caring country. I hope all family members will all still be healthy and happy and able to share in our mutual joys.

I think I'll feel proud. I think my view of myself and my relationships will be totally different. I think I'll be more self-sufficient in many ways.

Man, I hope I’m looking back saying wow how crazy was that time and thank God we are past it and doing so well! I hope when I look back at my answers I am proud of how far I’ve come.

At the moment I'm having difficulty guessing where I'm going to be next WEEK, much less next year. I hope like hell 45 isn't president still, and that life is .. livable. Right now I'm so, so scared.

I hope me, and all hmankind, will be resurging, soaring, enjouying life.

I hope I'll look back, and see that I've been able to be more comfortable at work, and more empathic at work and home.

I hope I’ll feel fit, healthy, and relieved that we got GOOD people in offices from City Council on up to President.

I feel like I'm more accepting of myself, my husband and, generally, what is. I do hope this level of contentment is with me, independent of circumstances that are outside of my control.

I’m hoping I’ll feel relieved to not be living under the corona umbrella that covers everything these days. On the other hand, we may just be facing a shitty new normal. As for the other answers, I think they’ll make sense and and I’ll be reminded of so much of what happened this year. I’m sure the year the will fly by as they seem to be doing these days. Part of me may feel disappointed about how little has changed and how few of my goals I accomplished but I’m working on putting less pressure on myself still. As for last year’s predictions, many were correct but we couldn’t have foreseen corona. Maya’s parents maybe wouldn’t be here possibly if corona hadn’t happened and misha would possibly be in daycare. We may still be talking about moving out of Atlanta but I doubt strongly that we will. Misha is almost walking but not quite, he certainly will be next year at this time. Helena and us will be crossing our fingers about her daycare chances. Maya’s parents may be gone and we may be listing our house for sale/or trying out being landlords again. Our new house may still be shifting despite the work we do in the current year to address the issue. My classes and students have been good again this year for the most part thus far, although it’s a little hard to tell as we’ve been online so far this whole time. I may be applying for new jobs but hopefully not during the school year as I can figure something out before we start.

Each of these questions has felt so much more weighty than they did any other year. This one just makes my heart heavy. Does that mean I'm a pessimist? What I hope and wish for most in the world is that my preoccupations have changed, from the destruction of my country and planet or my insecurity about my personal relationships, to things like my parents, the state of my chimneys, etc. In 2009/10, I made huge changes to my life and could look back to the previous year and feel proud of myself. In the last three, I made the biggest changes and accomplished a great deal, but I don't give myself the same kind of credit, possibly because I don't feel healthy and happy right now. I think ten years is too long to go without a real life improvement. I think it's about time to have another one of those. But, if things go badly in November, I don't know that I'll be able to think about anything else but fascism. My answer last year seems so beautifully naive. I desperately want to be back there, to that place of hope.

since they are hopeful prayers, my hope is that they will be answered. but most of all i want to know that biden is my president and that covid is gone.

Right now everything feels unknown. My hope and prayer is that some of this will be behind us and we will have gotten on with life and making the improvements we want. I have to believe that. I am utterly grateful for what I have and I can only hope that this country will come out of the depths and. move into peace and justice and hope.

I think I'll be happy that I'm enjoying my life, but still frustrated about the money situation. I'm hoping that I have an emergency fund and an investment fund so I can pursue my business ventures. I want to make change, and not just struggle with the same damn issues every year.

I really appreciate the opportunity to pause and reflect on what's most important in life, and try to do it often if not daily. I certainly express gratitude daily for the abundance of love, good health and opportunities in my life. I sincerely hope that our country and the world are in a much better place by next year at this time...a safer and more peaceful world for my children and grandchildren, and those who are still here.

I hope my answers from this year will appear "insightful" when I read them 12-months from now. I hope that next year at this time, the health fears regarding Covid-19 are diminished or eliminated. I hope that some of the changes I predicted this year regarding societal transformations will be "underway" 12 months from now.

I hope to be back at work with my colleagues at full strength and working on a project with enough fee to be sustainable and profitable. We'll have Joe Biden as president restoring USA's stature in the world and renewed trust in government ... ever so slowly. There will finally be a truth meter on all news reporting so that fake news is called out for what it is. Our family will be able to travel together again, perhaps with another family as well. It will be a joyous experience of a lifetime.

In one year I hope to be out shopping for myself, seeing friends for walks and lunches, continuing my daily exercise classes on zoom. Only one seems achievable. I hope to be able to cope with my usual triggers over minor issues. After more than a year of daily meditation helping, I hope. Maybe I'll be more generous with my money and time.

Give me an answer about November 3 and I'll tell you how I feel.

I honestly have no idea. I’m hopeful that the world may feel more “normal” in September 2021 but that’s not a foregone conclusion. With so many unknowns and so much anxiety about the future I really don’t know what I will feel. The only thing I’m pretty sure about is that nothing stays there same and everything is constantly changing, so when I read these answers next year I’ll probably be nostalgic, but I’m not sure if that nostalgia will be a wanting or a gratefulness that we’re not in the same moment of time anymore.

If things go as they have in the past, everything will still be the same, nothing will have changed. I need to find out where I'm stuck.

I really hope that we are financially stable and successful. I hope we are also happy.

I hope that things will feel more hopeful than now. Everything has been so awful globally since 2016, and 2020 was just catastrophic. We’re still under partial lockdown, wearing masks, worried about covid, mourning people dying (200,000 so far) with a total fucking disaster of a government. Everything just feels horrible. I hope that this time next year there is some hope.

Thankful to be alive! I hope that we have a new president, that our country is recovering from the losses and grief of the pandemic, and that we have become more respectful and tolerant of one another regardless of race, religion, sex, politics and/or beliefs.

I hope that we have by then returned to stable days in medical and historic terms, and that come what may I have lived the year in courage.

#COVID19 I would like to not still be living under pandemic lockdown protocols, but I will have adapted (have mostly adapted) if that remains the necessity. I will be in a very uncertain place if I haven't been able to resume more regular relationship interactions with my People, but by and large, I just want this whole pandemic to be over by then. It will be an extremely interesting thing is 2021 rolls around and NOTHING has changed.

Hoo boy! I hope I will have underestimated the power of the resistance. I hope, if I am sitting in a new home it will be because our house happened to sell and we are living someplace trying to figure out, among ALL the possibilities, where we might go and what we might do because we want to - not because we feel like we had to. It's so hard to imagine that things will be significantly better, but I believe that if they aren't, they will be intolerable.

I hope that our country is again hopeful following a change in leadership

I hope this traumatic and strange time will feel far in the past, and that the world will be a lot calmer, politically, epidemiologically, in terms of family, kind of like looking from the shore at the storm that roiled everything during the night and might have been a bad dream. I hope that I will have pruned some of my concerns and restored, or developed, a little bit of carefree space, and a little bit of faith in the justice of the universe, which is sorely shaken right now.

Easy. If tRump loses, I will probably still be celebrating. If he wins, I’ll probably still feel depressed and considering ways to get out of the country. I should be be financially better off as a result of getting out of some real estate partnerships, and I hope there is enough for me to start feeling more financially secure. If that is the case, and I can have a plan to be more generous with my donations, I should be feeling pretty good. Assuming tRump also loses and is relegated to the dustbin of history.

I have no idea, but I suspect I will feel positively. I currently feel very little personal agency, relative to being governed by circumstance and deus ex machina. If that changes, I'd like to look back on this and think of all the progress I've made as a result of becoming a... more unflinching sort of person. If it doesn't, I will *still* be a better version of myself despite tangible accomplishments; survival is its own kind of victory. I would like to be living a very different kind of life, somewhere entirely different, on my own ****ing terms.

I really hope we are seeing the end of this pandemic and dark times in our country. Our current president has destroyed the soul of America. For me personally, so much will depend on this upcoming election.

I'm hoping to have remained healthy, in remission if that exists. Again, I'm hoping to be employed, which does my mental state so much good. I'm hoping that my friends' lives will be on an upswing, that Shanna and Rebecca will be in a better place a year out from losing Irwin. I'm hoping that the world will be gentler and kinder, although I don't know if we can come back from the brink you're on.

I think I will have restarted golf and found a volunteer niche or niches. I just don't know how my answers to the questions will affect my thoughts and feelings. I should be stronger and more courageous during the coming year.

I honestly have no idea how I'll feel. I hope that we will be in a more stable place, in the world, the country, wherever. Just need some more stability. I hope I can look back with caring instead of like, wow if I only knew then what I know now.

I hope to be reminded of how precious life is in the middle of a pandemic and hope to hold that memory and feel the joy of the recovery as well.

I desperately hope that Trump is not president and that the US is back on course. So much damage has been done by a party that has only won the popular vote in one election in the last 40 years.

Boy, do I want to be hopeful, but the state of the world sure does not suggest that will be the case. In my dreams, Trump loses by enough that it is not a contested election, or at least such that it does not take forever for him to concede. My fear is that while we think things are bad now, we will look back on this time and wish for it. I pray there is a vaccine that is available for all by this time next year. I pray that the virus itself has receded. I pray there are advances in the BLM movement that feel like they are moving in the right direction. But it just so doesn't seem like that is going to happen. It all really depends on the election. When I read my answers next year it will be such a long long time from now. If there is one thing we've learned in the pandemic it is that time elongates in a way we never thought it could. Covid time is very long. March was 212 days. A year from now-- at this point in our history --is ten years from now. I hope when I read the answers I am filled with relief.

I hope I feel more confident about my choices, healthier (right now I have COVID) and secure about my son's situation. I really hope that we have changed our government and gotten back on track as a nation, but there is a dystopic alternative that I fear.

I can only pray that Donald Trump has crawled back into the hole from which he came. And that COVID quarantine is a distant memory. Please lord.

I’m in a good place right now so I think I will feel the same this time next year. My goal will be to be more organized than I am now.

Each year is the same: I want to do better. This year it's slightly different: I want to feel better. About myself. About the inherent goodness of (most) other people. About that I've tried my best to be good, as a person and in my profession.

I expect I'll still feel bruised and raw from the prior year. The virus, I believe, will still be affecting American lives. I don't think it will be any kind of "aha" moment, because I'll probably still be in the thick of it, and it dominates all my thinking. Time is kind of standing still and I doubt a year will feel like a year when I read these answers next September.

I pray: —Trump is defeated and sanity restored — I stay healthy —my children have moved forward in their lives in positive ways —progress is made in climate change and social justice

I hope I am living a less stressful new normal. I hope the election in Nov is a move towards progress and making fundamental changes to this country to help lift everyone up. I figure I will still be in my same town, job and home, and I sincerely hope my beloved Dragon is still here with me. I honestly hope it is all better than my bitter and paranoid self believes is coming.

Hopefully back on track to my broker's license (if not already obtained). Hopefully, an administration in the White House that isn't trying to divide the country and working towards healing. Hoping to have my own place or be able to afford this house by myself.

I hope that I will have committed myself to the items I have discussed. I hope I will be at peace, trust my intuition, more fulfillment personally and spiritually, and have improved family relationships.

I think I will be sad that I was in such a bad place emotionally. Will realizing how sad and hopeless I feel make me do something differently this year?

I am hoping to be able to see and hug my family in person

I can definitely tell you my predictions were inaccurate from last year. I don’t have any idea what I will feel next year. The pandemic has created such a sense of uncertainty. I’m just thankful for my healthy little girl and continued health of my partner. I fervently hope next year there will be a vaccine and we can at least be seeing our loved ones and can gather together with friends. I love having the ritual of these question every year since do have started. It definitely holds me accountable and either reinvigorates me if I forgot a goal, or it makes me laugh and shake my head about any concerns that seem so irrelevant now.

I think I'll probably scoff at my naivety. I don't know in what direction it'll be, but I feel confident there will be something that so completely throws a curveball that I don't recognize the hope or thought I had. I hope that I have a job, that I have to do these in the evenings on weekdays, that I've lost weight, and that I'm on the computer less and less. I hope that I have the courage of my convictions, even if I sense emotional danger near. I hope that I know where I'm going, even if I don't know how.

I think I will have a “wow” response I normally have. I hope I will have more clarity about my life and how to move through it, or a sense of calm and confidence even if not.

I hope Im still doing everything I’m doing now with some of the manifestations coming into frutation

Relieved. Living in the moment, always connected to Divine guidance. Enjoying what Is!

I just hope things are different in a better way. I hope we'll be at the tail end of this pandemic, and that next year, I'm not looking at these answers and scoffing the way we do now when we talk about how back in March, we thought we'd be back to normal by fall....

If I am still alive, I will be grateful. If I am beating the cancer successfully, I will be joyful. If I am making a life with Randy, I will be ecstatic.

Closer to Adonai, work on being a better frum Jew, and trust in Adonai, not people!

I do not expect it to be much different than now. COVID-19 has awaken us in some meaningful ways and I expect the pandemic to last thru 2021.

I'm hoping I will be freer and more full of hope. Everything in my life feels difficult and frustrating right now. I feel like there is no ease in my life...no place that isn't difficult or full or struggle. I am hoping that with all the work I'm doing right now, that will change as the year goes on. That I will find more joy in my life.

I think I will laugh at all the things that stressed me out at this point, 3 weeks before giving birth! I suspect my life will be completely different in every way, and I hope I am a good and happy mum with a good and happy family. That is really all I want from 2021.

I hope we have a new president. I hope the new supreme court justice will have been picked by this president. I hope that we come together and begin to build a fairer and more just society. I hope that we are done with the pandemic.

I will be in a different place. I can’t say today what will happen between now and then, I can’t plan it out. I don’t want to. The plan isn’t mine. What’s in store is full of change and and gratitude if I choose to remain open minded to every day.

I hope we have a fully Democratic federal government. I am afraid that this will be naive. I hope we can move to a post-pandemic society. I hope we find a good place to be. I hope to look back at this time, and feel good about what I did, how I survived. I wonder about being able to make choices, once we can live our lives fully again.

I have no idea. I hope I'll have resolved my living situation and that I'm happy in my home, whether it's here or elsewhere, with him or alone. I hope I'm fit and healthy - currently have fractured ankle - and writing and painting and living a social kind of a life, being useful in some way. This has made me think seriously about making changes, about not drifting through my last years feeling discontented with my situation and too scared to do anything

I hope to look back on the year with joy and wonder. I hope to honor my intentions and my past self with care and empathy and compassion and I hope to find that I've incorporated some of the things I had wondered about and dreamed of. I hope to find that Covid hasn't changed too much about my life and that everyone is happy and healthy and well. I hope I am happy then

Number one, I hope that the madness is over. I realize that fir many people these are trying times, but it's time to reclaim your life.

I've been doing this for a few years now, and I'm always delighted by the words I've written and the progress I've made. I hope this is the case again. I don't always achieve my goals, but I like that my aspirations and goals are solid and not unrealistic. I do hope and intend that our country will have turned a very sharp corner and that we are being led by truth tellers and great fighters for equality. That too seems realistic and within reach. I will vote come November. I hope you all do too!

I mean God willing there’s a Covid vaccine. And we live not in this building or this neighborhood. I hope we are much farther out of debt. I hope I feel relieved! Like, “wow, that pandemic was crazy hard, thank God none of us died and democracy was saved.” I hope I have a strong coaching practice. I hope the teen has started at a high school with academic success and good friends. I hope looking back at our first few years in this city feels like the mountains we crossed to reach the new good place.

I wrote the following in my journal that ended on July 8th 2020. What kind of person, woman would I be if I didn't feel like I had to keep it together all the time. If I allowed myself to feel--maybe I need to let go of discipline and try something else. Maybe my next journal will be one of poetry, art, femininity, emotion, connection and love, instead of logic, reason and dispassion. Exhaustion runs though my body and my thoughts are jangling. How will I meet the day and who will meet it? How can I step into the waters, let them wash over me, cleanse me of all the false starts and emerge anew?

I am hoping that I will feel relieved that we survived COVID and that we can now feel safe with our loved ones and friends. I am hoping that the US will have survived the 2020 election, that Joe Biden will be president, and that we can return to a society that is civil, respectful, and compassionate. I doubt answering these questions will cause any of those changes, but who knows?

I expect to be happier and more worry free but we'll see if I manufacture my own worry. I see my life as getting more stressful and problematic every year, every month starting the day I was born until now. I hope that won't be true this time next year.

Hopefully we won't be dealing with COVID anymore & the world will be back to normal.

Like everyone else, I am really hoping that by this time next year COVID 19 will be a thing of the past. Hopefully we will have a safe and effective vaccine, and people can go back to living their lives a bit more normally. I look forward to parties and hugs and travel and movies and concerts and eating out and being face-to-face with my students and colleagues. I hope I will feel relieved and appreciative. I also hope that I will have a very well behaved dog I love spending time with too. I hope Olivia will be enjoying living off campus in Columbus and that she is able to resume a more normal college experience too.

I hope I will be less exhausted, more resilient. More rigourous and hopeful. More malleable. Less hard.

I have no key to the future. I will have to wait for September 2021 to answer those questions.

I think I'll feel the same way I always do when reading my earlier journals - a rush of "Oh yeah, I remember that feeling" and great compassion for my former self going through hard things.

I hope I'll be different, more self directed and productive. I hope the pandemic will have abated and life can return to some semblance of normality. I hope my family will thrive. I hope our government will return to a more compassionate and educated leadership. But with my hope tempered by uncertainty, all I can do is put my drop in the bucket to affect change.

Oh gosh, what will this year bring? If we have Trump, Covid-19, a conservative senate & conservative courts I imagine I’ll feel deeply sad & frightened. If we have Biden, a vaccine that’s safe, a liberal senate & liberal courts I imagine I’ll feel hopeful. Either way a divided country is likely & that saddens me. And if we have a mixture of conservative & liberal hopefully I’ll feel hopeful!

I think and hope I'll feel grateful that Covid is over

I'm usually not surprised when I read my answers from the previous year. I usually think "oh- I did achieve that just as I hoped". This past year was a little different because of the pandemic but I hope not to take any plans too seriously. I do hope I will be very busy and active with volunteer work and will have improved my writing skills by next year. I hope the risk of pandemic will be minimal and we will feel safe traveling and expanding our horizons again.

I think I will feel happy and excited. I hope I have accomplished a lot of my plans/goals I am working towards. I hope life is still full of joy and happiness.

Verbatim a year ago, only now we are at a more dangerous and critical crossroad. I am despairing because I fear Trump will steal the election. Of course I hope we will have a legitimate vaccine and that the pandemic will be manageable, that people will be safe, and their primary needs be met, and that we can begin to rectify the damage.

I will wonder how many of the recent personal changes I've been writing about are still the case. It feels different now and I can't imagine going back to being high strung and anxious for future planning (holidays, housing, etc.). So I hope I'll still be calmer and clear-headed with a good sense of perspective. I hope I will be employed doing something that I love and that feeds me - body and soul! I hope I will be physically stronger and healthier. And I hope I am either very content with where we live right now or that we are living somewhere that works better for us.

I certainly hope we will not only have solutions for Covid, but that we’ve learned from this pandemic as to our priorities and values re humanity as a whole... racial justice, better health practices and climate change.

I would like to be more deliberate & less petty. To hang on to the bigger picture, the "it's not all about me" mindset. More patient. I do think (hope) that pausing to answer these Qs will be a step in that direction.

I think I will see consistent themes and understandings. I have been on this journey long enough to know that sometimes questions remain questions. And that's ok. The specifics might change but what I hope for is grace, wisdom, resiliency, patience for all that life brings. And self love.

I think I’ll feel sad because I will probably continue with some of the same lack of resolution due to covered. I think I’ll feel somewhat dismayed by the same mess of the world. And I hope I will be absolutely delighted that my concerns about the future of this country are not realize, that Trump is gone and somehow we’re holding on to this dream of democracy that we are still figuring out.

My answers from last year mimic exactly how I feel this year. I have come very close to finishing the project I began at the beginning of the year, despite my tendency to procrastinate on things I'm not completely confident about. I have plunged forward, assessed progress, reworked a great deal, and moved ahead. I hope by this time next year I will have finished the process and have submitted the work with confidence. The biggest hurdle to overcome is and has always been second guessing my abilities. By this time next year I would like to have killed that soft insidious voice with kindness.

I really pray that by next September life will once again be full and we won't be so restricted in what we do. I pray my responses to these questions next year will be "more normal." I hope that I'll be able to look at this year's answers and think, "Wow, we really made it through that." I really pray that we are not still thick in the midst of a pandemic. I pray that some move will have been made to unite us more as a nation. I pray the US is once again a country to be proud of.

I hope I'll feel accomplished and proud of where I've come this past year, despite all of the challenges that I'm bound to face.

I don’t know. This year has changed what is possible (the amount of bad things) in a year

It is my cherished wish that I will feel both hopeful and determined - that the world can change for the better and that I can contribute to that change. I hope to have a president in whom I have trust and for whom I have respect. There is so much damage done by four years of a cruel, corrupt and treasonous administration. Our nation is shamed and diminished. I hope that we will be well on the way toward living with this virus with more success and dying from it in fewer numbers.

Changed. Proud. Excited for how busy the holiday season is. Happy...very, very, very happy. That this time of reflection would serve as an opportunity for me to discover what should not have place in my life anymore and that because of these questions I took control of what could be the outcome next year.

I think I'll feel relieved and more excited about what I'm doing in life. I hope I will feel more secure about the important relationships in my life.

I will be curious about what I wrote and thought a year ago. Will appreciate the positive thoughts and feelings that I am having now.

I hope I'll feel relieved that all of the pain is over - the pain in my body, the pain for my country, the pain in my relationships. So many things will need to fall into place for this to happen, but I'm hopeful that this year will be a big year of change. I feel like 2020 was a stuck year - not too much growth or progress that I made on any front - if anything I feel like I've regressed. But sometimes you need to cut a plant back to allow it to fill out, and I'm hoping that's what 2021 will bring!

I think I'll feel good that I made it through this horrible year. I hope I'll be happy to be able to touch another human again and visit with other people without being scared, which will mean that COVID-19 is past us.

I think I will feel glad to be past this part of my life which is so tumultuous. Maybe I’ll look back on that and laugh next year, but right now it really does seem like im caught up in the chaos of moving to New York, adjusting to my new class schedule, getting to know my classmates, and the state of the world - including COVID, climate change, and the election. It’s possible that I might feel discouraged when I come back to these answers if the state of the world is equally as troubled next year. But hopefully I will have grown as a person and a future rabbi. I hope that I will feel more like a rabbinical student and less like a scared newbie. I hope I will feel established in New York and close with my classmates. I hope I will feel proud of the personal/spiritual/emotional/academic/professional progress I have made in the past year, as well as the work I have done to heal the world.

I hope I will have found a way to get the pieces of my life back that were severely cut by the pandemic. I want to have made peace with the situation I will be in and enjoy life. I too hope that the answers to the questions will help me remember what made life better in not so easy times.

I hope that things will be so different that I'll look back on my answers with nostalgia. I hope that I'll be more hopeful in general about life.

I am hoping that with an effective vaccine and maybe a new administration by September 2021 we will all be on the way to recovery. That the current instability will be gone and that I will feel settled and grounded again. I will hopefully have tenure and job security for life. My home renovations will be completed and I will feel at peace in my apartment. I will be able to see my friends again and enjoy the city. My lab will be staffed with enthusiastic and engaged your scientists doing amazing science.

I used to think I could speculate on these things but this year has shown me I really don't know anything. I have no idea where I'll be in mind body spirit in a year's time.

I hope I'm less tense and scared about the world. I hope we have a new president that doesn't make me cringe and want to cry every day. I think I will look back on the last year and be proud of what we worked through and how we survived. Basically, I'm looking to get through all of this with my soul and humanity intact.

I still feel that the best moments of this past year revolve around family and friends. As important as work might be to achieve other goals (mostly to exist), it is those family ties that matter the most. Becoming a grandparent (November 2020) is an exciting concept and I wonder where that will take me going forth.

I've thought of questions similar to these before, but I don't think I've ever really done something like this where I'll receive the answers a year later. I'm almost certain that by this time next year I'll have pretty much forgotten about the answers, and I think it will be really interesting to see my thoughts come back. I don't know if this will be the case, but I hope that I'll have made some changes to my life. All things considered, if I find myself in much the same situation at this time next year, I think I'll be quite disappointed with myself. Hopefully everything works out and a year from now I find myself in a better place in many ways.

I was hoping that this was going to feel like a more balanced and normal year. That clearly hasn't been the case. I hope that we are in a place where a new sense of normalcy is achieved by next September instead of this constant state of flux and new panics all the time. We are toying with the thought of trying for a third baby in the spring and I hope that the world is in a place where we feel safe to do that. I hope that our society really starts the work of healing--which truly means that I hope there is a new president who is peacefully transferred power. I hope that we are able to gather again, even in small numbers and I hope that we go into next year with a sense of hope and tranquility because that is not how I am entering 5781.

I am praying that all of the anguish and anxiety that I felt a year ago, will have subsided. I am praying that our country has moved forward since last year. I am hoping that I’ve kept my promises, in taking some steps towards bettering our country and this world.

I think I'll be sad. Sad that the 5780 year was a year of so much distance, animosity, anger, selfishness. I hope that next year we have made strides with the virus and returned to a sense of normalcy- it may still be with social distancing or maintaining better hygiene, but people returning to work, to school, play dates, etc. I also hope that I"m able to remember that I reconnected with people, I strengthened friendships that were just beginning.

In answering this question last year, I expressed a concern about feeling depressed if the political situation had not changed, and it looked like Trump might win again. Now what I have to say I feel is anger and anxiety, but not depression (at least not yet). I remain hopeful. When I look back on these answers next year I want the country to be in the middle of a Biden/Harris renewal. (the opposite would be an actual Civil War, which I cannot comprehend happening, but which I have to grudgingly admit is an actual possibility.) Perhaps I will look at these answers (and in my journals overall) as an overblown, anxiety driven response to a situation that managed to resolve itself. My theoretical position is always that stressing and being anxious are only of value when they inform future decisions and positive actions. I feel mostly powerless here, but I guess even my minor contributions (dollars and social discourse) are helpful.

I think by this time next year I will be surprised at the answers I’ve given. There inside of me lays a wide river of wisdom that I tap into but frequently doubt. I’ll be way ahead and I will feel aligned, hopeful and peaceful and hopefully more trusting of myself.

2020 changed everything, didn't it? I hope that I will be relieved that we have vaccines and treatments that are safe, effective, and readily available. In more mundane issues, I have made progress on the clutter in both my home and my life. Both are still full, but I'm better able to make decisions about them. By this time next year, I hope to have my living room redone. And I hope to continue to focus on meaningful work.

I hope have a new life

I hope the world is a different place, and the US is a different place, and we have either left or figured out a way to stay and feel good about it

My hope is that by sept 2021, COVID will be in the rear-view mirror. (Possible, right?) And I hope that we will feel that we’ve made it through a paradigm-shifting, life changing period of much ambiguity with grace and love. While we may not be able to expand our friendships, I hope that we will deepen relationships in our family and tight circle.

Well I hope that I will be living in Australia at that time, but I fear that I will be stuck here because of the travel ban. I'm going to think positively though and believe that I will be there. Hopefully I will feel a sense of relief as I read over the questions from 2020 and realize that I am no longer in that hell.

I hope I feel less anxious, less fearful, more releved and closer to think of my life trajectory as closer to legacy rather than survival.

I hope I feel more optimistic, and like I have moved towards some of my goals, and these aspects of my life, that I have really hoped would change for years now, have changed in a meaningful way, a real companion/relationship and new friendships especially.

I hope to be happier a year from now. Many of my answers were about finding acceptance. I recognize I cannot hold back a raging river, but I can hope to alter its course. If I am able to internalize this over the next year I will look back and be satisfied at how 5781 turned out.

I hope I'll have done what I wrote about in this questionnaire- became more confident and successful version on myself.

I hope we have a new president and vaccine for Covid. Maybe the world will start resuming normal life. There is so much uncertainty and anxiety these days, I hope it's significantly better in 12 months.

I think I will remember all of these feelings, and I hope I will be proud of how far I will have come. I hope to continue to develop answers to my questions, and I hope to be as sure in 1 year about my decision to be in the Philly area as I am today. I hope to have a strong Philly-based social circle, and I hope to still be reflective, honest with myself, and self aware. I hope to have new ideas of my next steps in continuing to build my life.

I sincerely hope Trump is voted out of office. If not, I will be deeply concerned about the state of my life and the lives of those I care about. These questions are as beneficial for the predictive qualities they hold as they are for the reflection they inspire.

I always look forward to 10Q. It's a journal that I'm good at remembering to write in. I hope in September 2021 I've actually followed through with some of my plans. Most years, my answers are the same, but with some improvement year to year.

I hope that I'll be well in my way toward a doctorate by then maybe even an acceptance letter in hand. I should be done with my second masters surely. I think I'll feel anxious and optimistic.

I'm hopeful that I, and the whole world, will be in a place of recovery and return to some of the ways of life that we enjoyed before COVID-19. I think my outlook on my career and family (spouse, kids, parents) will be more optimistic when this turbulent time has passed. I also hope I'll find I've achieved some of the goals I set in answering these questions.

What a trip it will be looking back at these experiences, once we're beyond them! I just hope we ARE beyond them by next year. Hope we don't look back and say, oh, you sweet summer child. You had no idea what you are in for.

I am practicing avoiding predicting my feelings in the future. I hope to have achieved a sense of financial stability (again). I think I will be living more 'authentically' (ouch- so overused)- that is, more honestly.

Hopefully I'll think with relief, "Wow, 2021 is so much better than 2020!" What will be different about my life. I really hope we have a new President. Otherwise, we are in for even darker days. The world may start coming together more if we have a new President. We may have leadership from someone with at least a shred of decency and honesty.I hope that my husband and I will have taken a vaccine for Covid-19 but I believe it will only be available to us MAYBE by Fall 2021. I hope that we are able to go on pilgrimage in June 2022. I hope that this debt we have left is paid off or nearly paid off. We may owe on a new vehicle for my husband. I hope that all our kids still have jobs and their families are intact. If possible, I hope our oldest daughter has found a healthy love relationship. If not, she will be okay and be more accomplished in sky diving. Not everyone has to be married. I hope that we are able to go on vacation as a family because covid will have dissapated.

I hope that participating in this program will help me to be more reflective and proactive about my goals and what I want to accomplish, as this is my 60th year, and there is more time behind me than going forward on this earth.

I hope that all my concern was from this year feel as distant as January.

I hope I’ve don’t the hard work of seeing how childhood neglect has shaped my life and that I’m able to see clearly the disfunction I endured so I may free myself from it, stop looking backwards and move forward on my intended, spiritually guided path. I want to be free of self harm & compulsive behaviors. My recovery journey has been hard and beautiful. I want to be FREE!

More at peace, less agitated all the time. Biden President, COVID-19 largely a thing of the past, and a new sense of routine / steady-state in our lives. Hoping continued practices in Jewish Mindfulness helps.

Hopefully as happy as this year, hopefully somewhere different in the pandemic, and have met some of my goals or be closer.

I fervently hope that Trump loses the election so that I will feel somewhat relieved of the all-pervasive anxiety that affects me in such a global way. Should that not happen, I believe I will be feeling even worse despair than I already do. It takes so much active work just to concentrate on my own little patch of influence and do what I can to improve lives.

I'm sure hoping the election changes the course of our nation. I'm sure hoping we get some normalcy back with family. I'm hoping that being a grandparent is in my future, but I'm not counting on it.

I'll be exactly 29 years old on 18th Sept. 2021. I think I'll feel amused at myself, how I thought in the past. I hope my life will be at least a little better, having to think and reflect these things. One thing I've learned about doing this 10Q is really taking the time to actually put events like this on my calendar. I discovered 10Q sometime last year after the event. I had forgotten about it until I saw on my calendar what I wrote. I'm glad I did.

I SURE AS HELL HOPE COVID IS SORTED. And that things are generally more hopeful (different president, world gets it act together). It's almost too much (and too painful) to hope for, but what else can we do?

I'll feel sad and nostalgic. but hopefully won't think of 2020 as the better times, because that would mean only worse times lie ahead. I hope I have different problems in the coming year.

I expect no change. This would be a relief.

In the last couple of years, when I look back at the previous year's answers, I feel empowered, because so much of what I set out to get done, gets done. I think the secret is in not taking on too much at a time, and being pleased with the small successes

EVERYTHING too uncertain to make a prediction: the election, my job, my marriage, my health.

I am cautiously optimistic that our country and lives will be in better shape I’m hoping the we get Trump out of office and he gets convicted of his crimes against humanity.

I hope I will be looking forward to retirement and hoping that the pressure of not working and having more time will make life easier.

I hope I'll have fewer days where I am depressed and more days when I am happy.

Hope springs eternal: I hope I'll be proud of the person I have become: healthier, less fearful, and someone who takes joy in all that life now has to offer. I want to be able to declare that retirement is a blessing, we made terrific choices, and my husband and I have never been happier.

I hope I feel surprised. I pray that life in America is much better than 9.20. I hope I am still fit and healthy. I hope I have returned some balance to my life. I pray my parents are still healthy and that we are enjoying an in-person social life.

I hope I will see progress in my life on all levels. Right now life seems like it has been on hold since March. I know it has not stopped, I just feel that way. This exercise has caused me to think about things more than I have in a long time.

I really like my answer from last year. I want to continue to grow into this place of being friends with my mortality and letting go of trying to drive, direct, or control myself or my life or anything else that is out of my control. To be in this place of healing and unfolding. If anything is different, that I feel more at peace with letting go, falling backwards into the great unknown, and connecting with all that is greater than myself.

The things I hope are different are out of my control: Donald Trump no longer president and the coronavirus under control so we can go back to a semi-normal life. I hope I can spend time with my grandsons again and I hope I have my anxiety around work somewhat subdued so that I can spend more time with the boys and other people in my life.

Hopefully, I will have furthered reduced my AAW caseload, and retire from the CHS board, and will have more time to read, play flute, write, further artistic activities such as painting and drawing, be with family (Martha), and generally have a better balance in my life.

God I hope we have dealt with Covid enough to be able to live carefully but not fearfully.

It's really impossible to say how I will feel in a year as we always think our mind of today is the same as the mind of yesterday and tomorrow which is foolish. I hope that life will not throw up any new challenges or unanticipated unhappiness and that I will have been able to teach more, sort my archives, read stories to my grandson and continue to prepare further to organize and downsize my material life to make my eventual inevitable transition out of this life easier for my daughter to navigate.

I hope I will feel more positive, more energetic, and more satisfied with how the world is coming together as a global society for positive change. I am an idealist, but I cannot give up hope. I hope reflecting on these questions will encourage me to continue a positive outlook and positive encouragement to others. Maybe I'll spend more time interacting with others and less time contemplating what "could be."

I'm not sure how I'll feel; I am supposed to leave for New Zealand in January and I think that it will change my life forever. If everything goes right, I'll know how to speak English well and I'll have a new family and new friends from all over the world. I will have started my last year of high school, and I know I'll miss it a lot

None of my hopes for last year came true and for the most part, that's fine. They seem very trivial now. I really, really hope that by September 2021, we'll be emerging from our coronavirus chrysalis and into a different world. That's almost the earliest I can pin my hopes and even that feels like too much. Pinning my hopes on any particular date or time seems like an exercise in futility. I don't even want to say we'll be entering "the new normal" b/c did people feel that way after the world wars ended? There was great joy and relief, but also a sense that life would never go back to what it was. Do people who have survived a devastating national disaster feel like they are in "the new normal" when life achieves some real sense of equilibrium again? Or do they just feel confused and numb? I'm not saying that to be flip, I really don't know. I'm very, very fortunate and I realize that. But for many people, life may go on and but it will be irrevocably changed. Family and loved ones gone, jobs gone, lives uprooted. Those people are going to need a lot of help and compassion. I *do* know I have a bottle of mead that I'm saving and I would like to save it for a party with friends/family somewhere on the other side of all this mess. Maybe I'll be drinking it by September '21, maybe not. But I feel the act of saving it is in itself, an act of hope.

I hope I feel RELIEVED that this crises is OVER! I'll be so happy when the ELECTION is over, no matter the outcome, but I really hope Trump kicks those democrats and their media to the curb. We'll have another baby boy in the Malkin/Westmiller family to celebrate. I keep writing about my determination to finish Vashti's Daughter and have it sent out for "real" publication, so I might have a sense of accomplishment that I achieved that. A good paying job would certainly change my life. I'd like to be less critical of myself, more forgiving of my past HUGE mistakes, disappointments and try really hard to focus on all the POSITIVE I have in my life and not on what I've lost these past 16 years. Been doing the 10Q for 10 years, very interesting to read the answers - see what's changed, see what's the same. The 10 days of the 10Q do fly faster every year!

that not much has changed.

i hope that Covid has been and gone, that my daughter has had her baby safely and that at least my wife has been with her, that we have made a decision on Australia, that my "new career" is more defined, that the world and its "leaders" have come to their senses, that my family is in a good place and that we all find some meaningfull meaning