Is there something (a person, a cause, an idea) that you want to investigate more fully in the coming year?

I want to investigate why people believe in horoscopes and why I am one of them.

I just don't know. I thought I'd found something. It didn't go as I'd hoped. Now what?

Meditation. Writing poetry. Becoming better at communicating compassionately. My queer identity and my kinks. Me.

Cosmology, quantum physics, paleo anthropology

Hmmm. More writing conferences. More Christian apologetics. More learning another language.

Must, must investigate Democratic candidates for local, state and national elections. I promise to send the local ones money this week!

Elizabeth Warren or whoever gets the Democratic nomination!

Plant based eating lifestyle. Daniel ch1.

Shakira says to try everything!

I would like to connect more with self-compassion. I need to take care of myself more.

person: so many cause: survival skills primitive arts idea: be more in harmony, peaceful

I want to continue to figure out who I am and how to bring the best version of myself into the world.

"Me" was the first answer that came to mind, before all the polite, "right" things.

Causes: climate change, and how we could make just 3-4 changes that would have the most impact on our family carbon footprint. Ideas: 1) living abroad for a year (would need to act soon to do it before my little one's schooling would be too affected). 2) Becoming a keynote speaker on a work-related cause that matters to me. Maybe even an author?!

Personally: I still want to find local hiking groups, and maybe other social activities. I think we both would feel more satisfied if we had that element in our lives. Professionally: I will start looking for opportunities to network here in Italy as well as online with other coaches. I want to interact more with my online contacts to see how that helps drive my business, instead of hoping that they'll find me and want to hire me.

Zionism seems worth exploring more. I've been researching it for a couple months now for my formal dissertation research and it makes me bristle a bit, mostly because of things like Trump's assertion that Jews are disloyal if they vote Democrat and Israel's being implicated in that mess. I resent opinions being forced on me or anyone.


Mindfulness, Buddhism, Detachment. How? When? Right now I am back to meditating 3-10 minutes a day, maybe 3 days a week. Not enough. I want to find time to read and study these concepts. I want to find someone that resonates (Why not start with Tara Brach, who does resonate, and go from there?). Maybe I will go some Wednesday night to one of her meditations. At a minimum I need to at least put a reminder out there to listen to her Wed night events online. That's a baby step I can take. Read more Tara. Do her Wed night stuff virtually. Maybe do it in person.

I want to spend time researching the Democratic candidates for president. I’ve only had the time and energy to watch parts of each debate. Right now I’m leaning towards Elizabeth Warren, but that is mostly based on media reports and campaign ads. I want to really look into the policy statements of each candidate. I do know I don’t want to vote for an old white guy.

Never Again is Now - Jews fighting against the horrific conditions undocumented immigrants are held in, in the United States presently. Significant foster care reform still. Advocate on behalf of better education funding in my state - a once-in-a-generation education funding bill is up for debate right now in the legislature.

Over the next year, I hope to figure out how to be of service to my community. In the last place I lived, it was quite easy. They were starved for volunteers. But this new environment seems to have a fairly stable network of civil servants. So I'd like to figure out how to become useful and establish myself in that position over the coming year.

There is a delightful person, and I met her online through the friendly, well run website PatternReview.com. The members share sewing techniques and support each other's efforts in making garments. She's an American living abroad and we correspond frequently about our current projects. This new way of making friends is an absolute godsend for older people.

I would like to look into options for home improvement projects that will need to be done when I move--see who might be interested and good. I would like to find local people and have a better workplan set up.

I want to keep going to therapy with SD to gain a healthier view on my trauma. The epiphanies I’ve had this year about how trauma has affected me, and what really went on in my childhood, have been revolutionary and have affected every aspect of my life. I thought I had anxiety and depression, and this may be true, but the trauma mindset explains me to myself so much more robustly. I want to keep exploring this. I also want to keep talking about and learning how to have a healthier sex life, something I have always wanted but never known how to go about, these are probably connected. I’m really grateful to SD.

How to share my 'Messages from the Soul' oracle cards with as many people as possible. Learn about how to replicate them, create and market unique greeting cards to a wide audience (gift package to include customized oracle card + small stationary and envelope with the 'Messages from the Soul' log.

I want to figure out how to get an actual job in the music industry

I want to find what or who is going to make me happy content. I want to enjoy life to the fulliest not just day to day routine. I want to make memories I will forever remember and treasure. Step out of my comfort zone and try new things, new people, places. Recipe what I'm capable of.

How to adult... Mo goal is to learn more about investing, budgeting, saving, choosing credit cards, taxes, making large financial decisions and things of that nature. I as shift away from being financial dependent on my parents, these things are very important to learn!

I want to investigate other places in the context of what it might be like to live there. I don't know that we are going to move - but we talk about it all the time. Real life exploration is less stressful than armchair guessing.

Political candidates I suppose, though that feels a lot like trudging through mud. I believe I am called or compelled to study the divine and my relationship to that divinity. If my life has a purpose, it is to love. To love more deeply, more fully whenever I can or to love simply. This includes loving myself. Which starts with acceptance. It is so easy to judge. Much more of a challenge not to.

I want to help the planet. I want to further the growing movement in response to the climate crisis. I want to do my bit and spread the word.

Womens Spirituality. Developing an arts & crafts business.

I want to be more involved politically. I want to take time to support whatever candidate feels most appropriate in the lead up to the 2020 election and do more to help with voter registration, information, getting people to the polls than I did last time. I want to look at the outcome and be able to say regardless that I did my personal best to help bring it about rather than sitting back and expecting it all to turn out okay. Cause look how well that worked out last time.

Myself! I think the idea of me as a project, an evolving document of "the care and nourishment of moi" is becoming more attractive and interesting.

I want to explore narrative therapy to change how I think about things. I’d like to feel like less of a fraud. I want to find meaningful ways to get involved in the 2020 election. I want to figure out what I want to do when I retire.

No. Really. I think the greatest challenge and gift to myself would be not to investigate anything with my already overloaded brain and to just chill and do less... not physically but mentally. The concept of investigating more fully is something that I always have felt I MUST do and have done, so this is my new goal.

I would really like to investigate a Jewish Dementia Cafe here in the community or Dementia Friendly Jewish Service here in the community. It is both for socialization of the person with dementia and their loved ones/caregivers for all to be less lonely.

Myself and then everyone closest to me afterward. I've done a lot of reflection this year and I've also let go of a lot of people trying to maintain a closer more intimate community and tribe. I think the closer I get to myself the more I realize who's really good for me and who isn't.

Two things--1. More seriously making a living via writing/editing/consulting, 2. Moving towards a more plant-based diet, even I am not ready to become fully vegan.


Politics. With the upcoming election in 2020, I want to make sure I'm fully educated about the candidates.

Yes, I want to become an ADHD coach, so I want to spend a big part of next year taking the training and lesrning more.

I have registered our family for the first cohort of We Stories in 2020. I’m excited to gain practical tools to help my kids understand and talk about race in a productive way.

Graphic Design. Painting. Documentaries. Cooking. Moving. Yoga. Pottery. Interior Design. Photography. Fashion. Health. Wellness. Minimalism.

In the run-up to the presidential election in 2020, I will likely spend a fair bit of time learning more about whomever the eventual Democratic candidate is. I would also like to learn more about myself and exercise my imagination more.

Not really. Not giving into fear, but I'm not sure if that counts

Jay Michaelson's writings. Buddhism, Judaism, Yoga, Meditation, Music.

History. Activism. Education.

I’d like to further explore the criminal justice reform movement in this country including the affect addiction has in fueling many crimes that people are incarcerated for.

Story Medicine! I wonder if I would be able to help expand the program wherever I move? I would love this to become a reality!

An idea I want to investigate more fully are career opportunities outside of California, including international career opportunities. I plan to attend a talk on international career opportunities at the Commonwealth Club in San Francisco on Thursday, November 24 at 5:30 PM.

Yes, my NaNoWriMo project this year will be on women who typeset in Hebrew. Which was my answer last year, also. Time to get going!

Tai chi; parenting books; budgeting

Becoming a standardized patient for the Chaplain Education Program. More venues to tell stories. Having a clean office!

Public banks. This seems like a great way for local government to help address societal inequities.

Step 9. Finding a church.

The only work worth doing in the coming year is doing whatever I can to make sure Donald Trump is not re-elected in 2020. Nothing else really matters.

Minimalism; a simpler, cleaner, fresher, freer - yet richer - kind of life.

I honestly feel too tired today to contemplate taking on a new cause. I'd like to say I want to investigate "myself" more fully in the coming year but that seems egotistical. Okay, I will say I want to investigate the idea of reading more fiction this coming year. The idea being that all the non-fiction I read makes me feel like I'm doing homework all the time. I mean, I still love to learn new things but how about I give myself a break?

How to help get democrats get elected, both locally & nationally.

I want to be a better ally to people of color. I’m getting there but I need to keep talking about race so that I’m more comfortable with it. I want to read more by authors like Roxane Gay, Rachel Carole, Zora Neal Hurston, and Ijeoma Oluo so I can have both a better understanding of systemic issues and so I have the tools and vocabulary to talk about it with other people and be active in making change.

Environmental justice. German. Waiting worship.

Well I want to figure out we’re I want to go to college and what I want to do with my life. Also if I will be able to.

Nichiren Buddhism. I’ve been practicing for 26 years and I don’t fully understand it.

The Bible

There is nothing new, but I have lots of old, that is many books to read and projects to complete on my favorite lifetime interest, subjects, and topics: Family and Local History, Genealogy, and related. I especially want to further investigate and write a monograph on "Uncle" John Taylor musician, and songwriter of the Ad Lib's and Manhattan Transfer "Boy From New York City" fame; his life and his love for Ardella Redd and his relationship to the Redd/Johnson/Cooper/Ladd Family. After that I wish to write monographs on The Bidwell School, a long promised obligation. Then the survival story of my grandparents, Israel and Esther Shlomkowitz Brownfield, who fled Easter Europe in 1920, and left there extensive families who perished, but for four cousin who survived the ghettos and Concentration Camps in the Holocaust. I simply want to read and write, and enjoy these pursuits, again. Instead, wish a writers block that won't quit, and a lasting depression, now lifting, I waste hours on TV News and this Computer.

I want to really explore faith. I think it's been stolen from me in some ways. I want it back.

I want to continue to learn more about fantasy and sci-fi books written by women, and maybe try to learn a little more about Chicago and its history as well!

I would definitely like to see myself more fully engage in the queer community around me in the coming year. I think being done graduate school may help, and may force me to a little more. I’ve been thinking about losing the social aspects of my cohort once we’re done the program, so I anticipate a greater desire and space to investigate. I’m not sure exactly what or where, though I feel excited, albeit a little intimidated, about it.

Pros & cons of a 2nd CI, Programming ideas for our HLAA chapter, Vacation locations, both near & far for us, Dedcluttering and cleaning ideas for us, Ways to make communication with our family easier and more frequent, New meal ideas that are sick easy to prepare.

I am interested in expanding my horizons beyond the Ashkenormative definition of being Jewish that I have, up to now, perceived as the main way of being Jewish.

Action steps for my daily life to maintain and promote optimism for all children and coming generations - how they will have the power to create, even in the face of the damage their ancestors have done.

Starting to save for retirement. I'm already late to the game and I need to realize no one is going to help me. I need to do it myself.

I want to investigate Jewish jobs that would use my existing skills in a new way.

Growing more food. Growing/training plants for simple uses, rather cutting them down: chairs from live willows, hedges for fences, trees for shade and fruit. Planting plants that are happy with minimum care and water in the climate we have now rather than fighting to keep plants alive that are not happy here.

I am so caught up in my unhappiness that I can't see outside of myself.

I want to understand how the rule of law is maintained, is corrupted, is undermined by unconscious bias. How in a classroom, you make rules and even the teacher corrupts it in a matter of hours with exceptions.

I want to investigate my actual style more. I’ve been living in whatever seems like people want me to wear/live in, and it’s high time I figure out who I am and how I express that!

Having been inundated with messages about BLM and white privilege over the last three years, I want to learn more about how to change institutional structures that support discrimination in subtle ways. I need to understand the role of privilege in my life.

I want to do whatever I can to get someone other than Trump elected. Period.

I’ve been spending a lot of time in my new kayak on the bay. It is deepening my curiosity about the birds that live near the water. The ducks that nest in the reeds the great blue herons, snowy egrets, mergansers and of course the bald eagles. I am a guest now in their habitat and I would love to learn more about their migration patterns. I’d also like to know more about their territory Needs, dominance patterns and how many offspring they have each season.

Self compassion and Buddhist mindfulness. I have started this and it has been a shift that majorly has shifted my perspective on the world. I have a long way to go and want to keep digging into the ideas and meditations with the goal of having a healthy and resilient relationship with my feelings and the world.

Yes, myself

Social justice all around - to educate myself more deeply in this area. Same as last year. To commit myself more deeply to making change and helping those with less when I have so much.

The Israeli Palestinian conflict and the facts of what each side has done.

I want To investigate writing a children’s book and what I need to know to appeal to particular ages

Yes, the idea is minimalism. We are on the list for a Continuing Care Retirement Community, and our cottage for Independent living will be smaller than where we now live. Our target date is this year.

How to fully access the power I feel, while feeling doubt, or how to access faith in what I believe (e.g. that I can change the world; that all people deserve compassion because in every given moment we're all doing the best we know how / are able), while people close to me disagree seriously; i.e. how not to be too attached to outcome, via connectedness to the knowledge (thought?) that I'm in it, for the long haul.

Hannah Arendt Immigrant communities in Mexico Philosophy on the city, urban spaces as democratic creations Promoting right to identity

I'm copying last year's answer right here. My life is too full. I don't want to take on more investigation in anything unnecessary.

Yes. I am hoping to be more involved with the Chicago Coalition for the Homeless this coming year. I want to help move the cause forward in any way I can.

Bicycles. The fermentation process. Visual arts. Bruce Springsteen. Fruit trees. The nooks and crannies of the city I live in.

My husband and our long marriage. I want to appreciate and enjoy him more. Will seek opportunities for new experiences, say yes to time with him away from our kids and grandkids. Listen and ask questions to deepen our understanding of each other.

How to afford a house in California. HA. Peace, love, and understanding. A dozen elevator speeches on how those are the most important things there are. How to overthrow a fascist regime? Can't really land on this one.

I want to learn more about Israeli history. I've been living here long enough that I should know more about it.

Yes, ME! After 65 years of giving to my family, my kids, my business, etc. I have never devoted the time to really find out about ME! What truly makes me happy. What can I do to make this world a better place?

Strangely enough, I actually don't want to investigate more fully on myself. Every year, always say that I want to investigate on my strengths and weaknesses. However, I actually made a new friend (unfortunately, he's locked up...). I would like to get to know more about him and see how our friendship will grow. Yes, I know what I'm doing maybe dangerous, but I know how to be careful and to not rush anything nor take things seriously. Only time will tell what will happen next.

Goats. We need goats by the end of next year. That means we're going to need a fence. We're going to need a structure for them. We're going to need a portable electric fence so we can move them around the property. We're going to need to know how goats live and how we can accommodate that. Just like we got laser focussed on the move, we need to get laser focussed on goats. We can do this.

Vegan ism or at least giving up fish. Memoir writing

In the coming year I’d like to investigate Tara Brach’s Radical Acceptance program.

Anti-racism and ways to deconstruct the values that hold up white supremacy.

A future career. Maybe in psych field.

I want to investigate in the following year and until the rest of my life more in HaShem, my belief, my knowledge of Him and Shmuel, the single most important human being in my life.

How to stop bullying in schools. There are far too many children who are taking their own lives because the have been bullied at school, in the playground, on school busses. We must try to prevent any more senseless deaths.

I'd like to learn more about going plastic free and becoming more self-sufficient and sustainable.

Judaism. An actual relationship with my step-brother.

I would like to really delve into my new job and see what more I can make of it.

Being more outside

I'd like to investigate my dating life and be able to finally land in a loving lasting relationship with a woman. This has been a constant struggle for me, and now mentally feel like I'm in a position to take this head-on. Especially with me currently interacting with a lady who I share many common interests in.

I wanted to look into the Fridays for Future movement, Greta Thunberg and Extinction Rebellion. I am very concerned about the climate crisis and how people are reacting, or more importantly, not reacting to it.

idk, i've been looking at a lot of, like, communitybuilding/local government stuff and i really want to participate in building like a node on a mesh network but hoo boy and with what time lmao

I started about 8 months ago, but I really want to learn to speak Mandarin in the coming year.

I want to learn more about working with 6th graders and how to build solid relationships with them through my work teaching at Temple Sinai.

I want to learn more about podcasting in this upcoming year. Maybe blogging too but I’d like to start with podcasting definitely. I also think this could be the year I finally get in real shape. We’ll see how the next quarter goes.

Public speaking and presentation skills.

Jack Donovan. I’ve heard a lot of good stuff about masculinity and being effective

Baby-having! I went from being kind of half-half on babies, to all in. I'm hoping to get pregnant really soon, and I'm excited, finally, to see all the changes and new experiences in my life and in new life.

Making a habit to exercise and eat healthy.

I want to be more engaged and involved in the political sphere. This past year, I have often turned away when being approached by the issues going on because I'm so angry and upset - but instead of channeling my feelings inward, I want to actually make a difference and help change the vote.

I'd like to learn more about the power of the mind over health and outlook. Not sure where to research this.

All world religions. Meditation. How to be the best mother I can be

Ah, biology.

Right now I’m 100% focused on parenting this tiny perfect human. No emotional space for much else.

Getting rid of Trump, Cory Gardner, et.al.!!!

Life outside the market! For reals. We've backslid on this actually, in a big way. We have too many toys. We throw away too much food. We don't use tiny pieces of soap. This has got to change.

I’d like to find some affordable yoga and dance classes, so I can increase my level of physical activity.

Submission and giving up control sometimes. I think it could help me trust others.

I would like to do a lot more self-exploration this year than I did in years past. I might be able to say this for a while now, but really understanding who I am is a big deal for me. The repression of myself for so long for a while so exploring how I can be more me is still adeal.

There isn't a person, cause or idea I want to investigate more fully this year. This year I will concentrate on getting me as healthy as I can. I will concentrate on getting my husband as healthy as he can be. I will concentrate on loving my family. This is a self centered year and I am okay with that. Last year I learned how to save and budget better but this year the focus is on health.

Throughout the past year, I’ve been reading a lot about racism and the history of racism in this country. I’d like to explore this topic more, and learn to be anti-racist and a better citizen in general, speaking out against discrimination and injustice and bad behavior in general.

Data Justice My daughter

I want to revamp a couple of my classes - Radical Behaviorism and Experimental Analysis of Behavior. I'm fine with how they are now, but I want to see if there are any good updates to make with regards to the assigned readings and possibly the assignments.

The planet is actively dying and it's hard to think about anything else.

I want to explore non-binary gender expression. I want to try being more fluid with my gender — both more feminine and more masculine. More playful with my clothing and expression without giving any fucks. Maybe like playing with flavors, in which I combine sweet and savory in non-traditional ways.

Shabbat - putting 1/7 of my life to a devoted time of concentrated spiritual practice and anti-capitalist relation to time is exciting!

And a repeat, to some extent once again: MySQL, guitar, broader types of exercise, board games, reading/speaking Hebrew.

Yes. It is my desire to teach people who have step children to protect themselves before they become widowed. To teach singles to protect their assets before they marry. Have a living trust and make that the beneficiary of your assets. Put everything you own in the name of your individual living trust. Do not mingle your assets. Use a corporate trustee or a private fiduciary. Not a relative. Then, if you wish to give zadacha, you can give as much as you want, with nobody telling you what you can or cannot do.

Energy I am increasingly aware of the energetic layer of humanity, the environment and the interconnectedness of the universe. I am increasingly aware of my own energy - how it can be affected by outside influences such as news, technology, people - how I affect others and the environment around me when I am not aware of how I am projecting my own energy I want to be more in check with my place in the energetic universe. I want to work toward increased balance - how I watch what I take in and how I find the place where I can comfortably and joyously exude who I am without affecting the energy and boundaries of others in a negative way.

I want to read more Brazilian literature. I've been reading a lot ever since I learned how to read, it's just my passion. But I realized that I read almost only foreign books, which is kinda ridiculous because Brazilian literature is very rich and fantastic.

I want to look into grad programs and what would be involved in those and if it would be worth it. I also want to get more involved in social justice causes, through my temple and independent organizations too. I also wonder if those two desires will end up overlapping

Pottery. Piano playing. Meditation. Peacebuilding. Urban comprehensive plans.

Karen Kingston decluttering. Byron Katie loving what is. Yoga. More artistic stuff.

"Investigate" is such a serious, daunting kind of word. In the coming year I hope to investigate many people, places and things that catch my fancy.

Sustainability, music, love

The art of acting



Quite a few, actually. As I predicted last year, I've begun investigating all manner of volunteer activities. Next week I'll be attending an orientation/training session for prospective Planned Parenthood volunteers. I'm already volunteering in an elementary school library. I've had so many advantages, such good fortune, it's a pleasure to find ways to give back in general; it's great to learn what I can contribute to our new community.

Something productive to do in retirement


I'd like to investigate more fully about buying a home. Things to consider in terms of construction, tax benefits and estimated costs per month. The money I've spent on rent for the last six years could have easily been a down payment for a home. The idea of buying a home seems scary, foreign and overwhelming. I'm also tired of wasting money on rent.

The art of coffee, financial wellness, MYSELF, reconstructionist Judaism, color theory.

I failed pretty big on my goal of researching queerness, but I am planning on doing some of that in the next little bit so I can re-write a presentation for a college I'm traveling tomorrow. In the next year I want to research/investigate what it means to spark engagement. Both because it's what this new job is going to require, and because I want to think about the things I engage with. (side note: I'm also really hoping to become more present in the places/space I occupy) What's the difference between being involved and being engaged? How do we keep each other's attention? Things I hope to learn!

(Today, I am feeling very very down, so I hope the future me will be sympathetic to the lack of energy in this response) I feel that I need to be more environmentally friendly for the sake of our earth, so I hope I will have understood and taken some additional actions to reduce my use of the earth's resources and its destruction (for human occupation)

Elizabeth Warren. Preschool mom life. The meditation center nearby. Local pilates places.

Climate change and ecosocialism. The history of queer life in Canada. The ethics of self-care.

for sure. honest and authentic communication. healthy boundaries. regulating my nervous system. healing, fully. pursuing my dreams before I'm ready, even with my nervous system as it is. learning as I flow. trusting the process.

I want to learn more about different culture if I have time. maybe through cooking their cuisine or talking or traveling.

Inequality in NZ - specifically anything I can do to help out at Wiri Central School.

I want to think more about the world and politics and race and my place as a person who is a white liberal woman who came from a wealthy background. what is my job and how can i make the world a better place. simplify and complicate.

I want to convey to the world—my friends, colleagues—how important it is to have a trust, and what other things you need to handle the business of death. Life should be simpler, and keeping things in order is important. It’s hard enough emotionally to deal with the death of a loved one. It’s so much harder when you’re not prepared.

So glad there's real talk and traction about climate change this year. Let's keep that going!

I want to explore the idea of marriage and fatherhood more in the coming year. I don't know if anyone is ever "ready," but I am ready to figure it out with Laura.

I want to find a group of people to help me with my book. Mary G. will be one person. In the same way I want to become more educated about memoir styles and possibilities. I want to approach the project with deep understanding of what I am doing and why. "Telling the story" from a religious existential perspective

I believe I had listed in previous questions that I would very much like to expand by ideas in the realm of god and get more into meditation this year. Finding god is something that has driven people to do ridiculous things or inspiring things in the past and I hope that for me, it brings out the ladder. I also feel that this concept would tie into meditation somehow, so hopefully those things go hand in hand.

I am continuing on my journey to understand my place in the racism in our country. There is so much I don't understand. So much I can hardly believe is true about the part our government has played in creating/worsening this terrible plague. God help me dig deeper and take it personally.

There are a couple actually 1. My girlfriend 2. Sustainability 3. Mental health 4. My personal development

I want to investigate and invest in myself.

I’ve been learning Chinese for several weeks I’m on 102 day streak on Duolingo. I started it because I was watching Chinese shows, mostly romances, on Netflix. The grammar fascinated me and so I started to study it. Of course the only Chinese I know right now is my acupuncturist doctor saying. I’m just going to give it to the Lord and see if he wants me to ever use the Chinese. But for now it’s fun and interesting.

Eating locally and more meat-free meals. Consuming and wasting less. Black and white medium format film. Authentic, real, classic portraiture.

I want to look into environmental issues, not the typical ones. I want to investigate how i can encourage people to really make a difference, by living more simplistically. Water crisis is not that far away, and far out weights climate issues. I wonder what we can all do to be a little more self sufficient. Co-housing, Sharing More, Communities....

This is going to be a big year in politics, and I really really hope that we can get in a better President than Trump, who has ignored all the gun violence, and gotten rid of abortion clinics in many states, and lots of other awful acts.


How does one think about one’s personal life in the context of rapidly approaching mass extinction which may include Homo sapiens?

What do I want to do with the rest of my life? It's tough to figure that out, but I can't retire until I have a plan.

Honestly, I think the 2020 election and all this impeachment talk is going to be filling up much of my free brain space. I want to continue working with Seattle King County Clinic; Public Health Reserve Corps; UWSOM Admissions Committee; and Be the Match and work on recovering from the wreck that just totaled Princess Tesla last night....

hiring new Americans

There are some big changes happening in my life and for my family too, its hard to know where to begin, especially with young children the day to day is so relevant. Our son is turning three years old and he should begin Jewish education soon, more than just watching me light shabbes and holiday candles.

Can I say myself? I want to get to know myself better. Get more comfortable in my own skin. Lean into my instincts and see where that takes me

Content creation. Whether it is streaming or recording and uploading videos later, I want to make better use of my time gaming by creating what I hope to be entertaining videos.

Yes, I'd like to grow my own, medical cannabis. I can't rely on LP's for quality and it costs way too much to buy from them. How to get good seeds or clones is another issue. I want to do it all legally - no grey areas. I'm glad I live in Canada so I have this option.

Spirituality, vulnerability.

I would like to become more green in my daily life. Reduce plastic and buy more reusable items. Do more cooking from scratch and less packaged food.

I feel like in the coming year there will be continued focus on self care and myself. As each year passes, you get closer to your own truth.

I would like to look more into volunteer work with Beit T’Shuvah.

I want to investigate Extinction Rebellion in the next year - there's a local chapter and I'd like to go to one of their new member meetings and see how to get involved. I'd like to connect social justice, climate justice, and creative work.

In the upcoming year, I want to learn more about what it means to be a Jew on a spiritual level. As of right now, being a Jew means having a community that I will always have, but I want to learn the values. So far, I know of self-reflection, a good heart, and being slow to anger, but I want to learn and begin to exhibit the major Jewish values.

Psychadelics used for personal growth

I want to investigate my friendships more deeply in the next year.

I want to really look into what I can do to reduce the effects of climate change. This is a crisis and I know I'm not acting like it is.

I want to develop my knowledge in permaculture and biodynamic farming, as well as ecobuilding. I want to read more into soil regeneration.

Environmental concerns. I know I could be doing more.

I want to learn more about group dynamics, community organizing, transformative justice, liberation, and gardening.

I want to find ways everyone can help the environment. Global warming is very scary. We all need to do our part to help our planet.

I would like to keep talk with people with different backgrounds so understand more type of people and culture. I am also going listen to podcasts on different topic.

I’m always interested in my Jewish heritage. I know I will need to explore the disaster that is the presidency and the candidates for restoring its honor.

There are a couple of ideas I've played with in the past year that I'd like to possibly explore further: One is the idea of self talk. We (women, girls mostly, but even guys) talk so badly about ourselves and I would love to help find a way to change that. At the same time, as I keep working on recovering or even just dealing with my own abused past, I wonder what my next steps are

Doubling down on Warhol, Hofstadter, and Mark Manson. Better habit management ( specifically re: long term goals ) Meditation/all that crap

The idea of Tikun Olam and what I can do in my day to day (or in my life overall) to make the world better. Even if it's just small things, like being more understanding, then I should be working towards it.

I will be auditioning for America's got Talent for the 2nd time.

I’d like to look more at how my actions impact the environment. How small steps like bringing my own shopping bag, using a reusable water bottle, etc. can be implemented and sustained in my every day life. More importantly, I want to see how I can pass environmentally sustainable behaviors onto the children I work with. Although I see them for such a short time, I do believe we can make an impact. We have the luxury and privilege of working in some of the most beautiful areas of the world. It would be a shame if we did not do more to protect where we are. In addition, I would like to focus more on the people around me. I tend to focus and settle on one person (Youssef, Monday day off) that ends up letting me down. I almost always realize afterwards how many good people were reaching out the perimeters that I completely overlooked (JoJo, Sam, Chayma, AJ...) By the time I really try to forge a friendship, it’s usually too late. This year I commit myself to investing in people who are fully invested in me.

I would like to focus on giving back in some small way and getting involved with volunteering for some causes like new parents, refugee families, mental health, etc. I’ll know the right place to get involved when I see it.

I want to investigate in my dream, the history I discovered when I was 20 years old.

I would like to look into gardening and fixing up the yard. We want to go drought tolerant in our front yard, and need to learn what plants to put in and how to care for them. In the back yard we want to have some lawn for the grandkids, flowers out in the yard area, and container plants on the patio. Again, learning what works in our region and then following through are essential. My mother was an avid gardener. I missed that gene, somehow, but I have always loved flowers. Now that she's gone, it seems that trying my hand at gardening would be a good tribute to her. I just need to find a Yard Care for Dummies book.

Nothing new, but I want to keep investigating how to be even more zero-waste. I also want to keep working on being healthy and the way I think about and relate to food.

I want to go back to studying pain and how it impacts us daily. I want to be able to work with the statistics, poetry, and scholarly works to craft something to begin to explore my relationship with this undeniable part of living.

Research additional productivity tools (ex., Evernote). Goal: lessen friction in my daily life, both personally and professionally.

Continuing on my reflection from last year - I'd like to really spend some more time thinking about how to get past some of my blind spots, when it comes to racism/ableism/etc. I have tried to work on this but there is always far, far more to learn and do. I'd also like to reflect more on how to do this in a way that is sustainable and effective...

Breaking news: I'm not pregnant. Investigate more fully this year? Learning how to be uber-diplomatic while holding a position of power. I'm a person who prefers to spread power, but I'm finding myself with concentrated power of my peers--not of people I'm overseeing (students) but my peers. That is a weird position to be in. Honored they chose me but still weird.

The play!!!! Dad. Dad’s family’s History (PA trip). Rugby Player ;) still completely smitten right now with this amazing human. Myself!! Who am I if i am not practicing nursing in a clinic? Reclaim regular yoga practice

Lately I've been excited by Polish socialist patriots like Pilsudski, who understood multiculturalism as integral to their visions of nationalism; by Jewish socialist Zionists like Buber, who rejected ethno-nationalism while still insisted on a home in Palestine; by heterogeneous and relatively benign empires such as the Habsburg and Ottoman, where autonomy and cooperation held sway rather than the fanatical nationalism to which we've become habituated, to the point that to most, it seems natural and self-justifying. Most excitingly, I want to learn more about, and find out how best to support, the Joint List bloc of Arab Israeli parties, led by Ayman Odeh, which broke through in last month's election and picked up 13(+?) Knesset seats. Peace will not come from a transactional two-state solution from without, but from a visionary one-state solution, a state for all its people, from within. Israel can be reborn in the model of inclusive, multi-cultural patriotism. Or, better, in Buber's Zionism, a Zionism that loves God's creation and loathes nationalism.

Simple, daily things to be politically involved. I support Moms Demand Action. I send weekly email to my elected representatives. This time next year will be so stressful. How can I be prepared and useful?

I would like to explore better ways of expressing myself to others.

organizational psychology and whether it's something i actually want to pursue as a career.

I want to learn how to map the areas of my life that are working well onto the areas which are still challenges. What makes them easy? What makes them challenging?

I volunteer once a month in a shelter. I can do more. Let's double that. Also I will give some of my things away. There's a half-way house up the street. I'm going to see if they need help or some of our stuff.

I'm considering becoming more involved in the synagogue that I just joined. It's the first time in my life that I actually joined a synagogue, since I always just got a membership as a member of the senior staff. Now that I'm not there all the time, I might have an interest in actually doing something there for fun, and for meeting people.

Visual Communication as a Career option

Yes, I'd like to find either a group that I can volunteer for to plant trees to fight climate change effects OR start a tree nursery and planting group of my own. Also, I'd like to be more generous to people, sharing my time, giving to philanthropic organizations and teaching others.

At this moment, no. Yet I know that many things will come to me, and I'll investigate them.

Hebrew, Mussar, regular Torah study.

Ashkenazi pronunciation as a way of reconnecting to old roots, as well as what my ancestors' Jewish life, etc. may have been like and how that can inform or impact me.

I want to learn more about reducing my carbon footprint, and our country's.

For my novel, I need to think about what freedom is. I've always related to it in two ways: as independence, and as a feeling of flow. I yearn to breathe free . . . and what does that mean? How can I bring that flow into my life, as well as the independence, when both my mother and my child are dependent on me, and I am dependent on my principal for granting me tenure this year? If I don't even know what independence is, can I really know freedom?

Right now, I'm investigating "adulting". I love living in my first apartment off campus, and although the job search is exhausting, overwhelming, and incredibly stressful, it is making me exciting for what is to come. Having only 8 meals a week is allowing me to practice cooking like a real adult - all while paying for wifi and electricity! Wow! I wonder how good I will be at adulting while filling this out next year as a graduate in who-knows-where at who-knows-what-job.

I need to follow the path I have begun more in earnest this year and find more of my faith. I have had a few breakthrough moments this year and I need to be surely more open, perhaps even more involved, to letting faith become a leading dynamic in my life.

I'd like to learn more about myself; to stop distracting myself with so many peojects and ideas that I have time to understand who I really am.

I want to learn more about geography. This is a relatively new idea for me, but I really don't have much more than a passing knowledge of geography inside and outside the US. It really shows when we do crosswords. I want to have a better idea of where countries are, their sizes, major landforms and waterway. I may not be able to travel to a lot of these places, but I want to learn about them. I can only tell you where about half a dozen countries in Africa are, and there are so many island countries I can't place and don't know much about. Time to fix that.

I just want write as much music as I can. I want to write vocal music, which requires finding texts to set. That's one of my favorite things to do and I haven't done it in a long time. I will be choosing a topic for my dissertation document in the coming year. One interest of mine is the way classical music is funded in this country. There's a lot of misunderstanding and resentment around it among musicians. I think it would help our profession if we all had a better understanding of it.

I feel the need to investigate religion more broadly in order to select how to share spiritualism with my family in a way that I select (instead of the way being imposed by the grandparents).

Myself, I think. What do I love? What brings me joy? What brings me peace? Maybe strange that I don't know.

Yes. Ursula K. LeGuin. I have a feeling I missed the boat something terrible on her works and I want to make up for it. In the few words of hers that I've read thus far, she seems like another writer cut from similar cloth. I need to see other reflections of my mind in work. Also, I need to read Lidia Yuknavitch's works and stop avoiding them. I know why I'm avoiding them and it is a selfish reason.

I’d like to watch my IG workshops by the end of winter break to think more strategically about my consulting practice. Though I had hoped to have met with a financial planner last year, I do have a meeting with a one this Wednesday (Yom Kippur) and thus hope to make some wise financial decisions re: my savings accounts by March 2020.

Definitely my health, I have not put my health as a main priority and have had a few consequences. So far I haven't had any long term damage, but it will only be a matter of time before I will reach the point of no return. I have made incremental changes, but it is time to make a long-term commitment to my health. Other aspects of my life will benefit and I will be able to enjoy a long life.

Forgiveness and letting go. I always seem to come back to Forgiveness.

Landscape architecture. Imagineering. And classics. Also learn German.

I would like to learn more about The Work That Reconnects and Joanna Macy's writings. I want to do more singing in community as a vehicle for social change. I want to show up more fully as an activist and ally towards Tikkun Olam on all levels.

In the upcoming year I want to investigate social injustices around the world. I feel as if I am completely oblivious to all of them and I live in my own little happy bubble. Ignorance is bliss but I can't help but feel terrible everytime I overhear belittle snippet of some tragedy I had never heard of before.

I would like to understand better what it means to have a fully run business that supports your life instead of bringing it down. I'm currently at odds with my Booker Marc. He has ghosted me over the weekend for the 4th weekend in a row. Something's up and it's not okay. I've just posted a Booker ad on Craigslist. We'll see what happens next!

Family law, environmental law, land use law, criminal law. Shabbat. Mike. Safe streets activism.

I could be in a career transition, but I might not be. I have had this idea that I will take a couple months to sort this transition out; but I could see that I might take the whole school year of just flowing and seeing and wondering. In this sense, I may explore the depths of my wealth and passive income streams.

Coding (html, css, tailwind, Ruby).

Nothing that I can think of at the moment.

PRAYER and PRESENCE, both with myself and in my relationships.

How it feels to be a part of the leadership at First UU. What I might do when I “retire” from My work. Where else in this city To live.

Definitely Everett! It's exciting watching him grow and learn (however heartbreaking for me seeing him growing so fast, it's wonderful seeing him discover the world and learn what he can do). I hope to be the best mother and always encourage and support him. I've never been a mother to a human before, so this has been quite the experience. Bradley told me my instincts would just kick in. I didn't believe him, but he was spot on. Thank goodness, because we certainly don't have time for parenting classes! It's mindblowing seeing my instincts and the baby's instincts taking over. It's so cool that my body makes food for him and that he knows what to do to get the food. Incredible! Also, I hope to learn yarn crafting or languages. I seem to be on the couch a whole lot right now, and I should be using that time more wisely, instead of binge watching Downton Abbey and Shameless.

Meditation (myself) and mindfulness, Carnatic music. Really being more green. Fun outings with my kids. Dates with my husband. My own limitations and bravery.

My creative work. Yes yes yes, my creative work. Whatever it is. I want to be devoted to it, in service to it, humbly and powerfully walk with it, listen to it devotedly, listen to it, move with it, move what I can into the world. I want to not care if it's stupid or small or could never add up to anything. I want it to be free of the pressure. I want my creativity to be free of the fucking pressure to mean something and save me from the grind and save the Jews and the fucking Left from secularism and all that bullshit. I mean I want all that too because that's inside me and wants to move into the world, but I'm so fucking stuck. I just want to grease the wheels and feel more free and be in service to my creativity.

I want to investigate myself this year. I've wasted a lot of my life on others, causes, and external ideas. Need to focus internally and make some major changes.

I would like to be able to speak about Trump in more than the abstract. I can debate people about him, but I’m usually just responding to flaws in their logic and pointing out common knowledge aspects of his presidency. I would like to understand his policy and methodology more intimately in order to inform my vomiting and my discussions with others.

Menorah Charity Dementia Climate change

How can I make an impact? What do I want my impact to be? How can my skills intersect with helping the world in terms of climate justice, human rights and dignity and connection, homelessness, income inequality, gun violence, and getting Trump the hell out of office (and also healing/educating the people filled with hate/bigotry/violence/ignorance in this country). I feel really strongly about the earth and animals and plants and air and water and how I might help them. They give me so much - everything. How to give back other than enjoy them and make responsible choices for myself?

Micro lending ❤️

Thesis topic. I do not have a thesis topic for my Applied Research class.

Yoga please. I saw Ali McGraw speak recently and she said that she accounted for her last 25 years of well-being partly down to yoga. At age 80 she looked amazing, and it certainly was inspirational to see.

Oh goody, are there! There's the stack of letters my grandparents wrote from Indonesia in the 1930's, '40s and '50s, the tsack of letters from my dad while he was in Australia in the 1960s, there's my Mom's family's history that was not written down...

כן גרטה משהו היא מישהי בגיל שלנו שנלחמת להצלת האקלים

I want to get a Democrat into the White House in 2020. I like Elizabeth Warren, but any one of them will be better. In fact, pretty much anyone other than Trump would be better. He has to go. I'd like this to be the year he is impeached. I'd like to see strong federal gun legislation, but I don't think that will happen under this administration. I'd like to see the Dreamers, the DACA folks, become citizens.

I would love to say yes to this question, but I don't know how much additional free time I'll have aside from school to actually put effort into this. I'm fascinated by autoimmune diseases and where they stem from with relation to the stress response, and would love to read more about them, but I don't know if that's a realistic goal this early in my career with my given schedule.

I would like to further investigate who I am when my identity is not relational to anyone else's.

I would like to explore the idea of being more gentle in this next year. I think I have been doing an okay job of taking some good lessons from each of the different jobs that I’ve had and using what feedback I receive in each experience to grow as a person. It sort of feels to me like I’ve been a bit of a pendulum, swinging from one side of the line I’m aiming to walk to the other, overshooting the happy middle ground by just a little too much each time. I started out with not enough confidence in my diagnosis in Smyrna, and then in Devon I received feedback that I was too confident, to the point of being arrogant (by one patient, but still! perception is their reality!). I still seem to struggle with conveying feedback in a way where the recipient does not feel it is pejorative, so that is my goal for the next year. Even if it is no longer my tone, I don’t want to make people feel bad for making mistakes. I just want them to take ownership of them and work to correct them the next time. I am trying to strike the balance and be more like Dr. Cavel: high love, high expectations. To hold people accountable while still building them up as individuals. I think this means being gentler in my delivery, or even letting things go that are ultimately unimportant. We’ll see how this goes. If I can remember only one thing to help me accomplish this set of goals, it could probably be distilled down to this: “It’s chaos. Be kind.”

Focusing on getting my self through the next 3+ years until I retire. Convincing my wife I can retire when I want and that I am a changed person. Convince myself she is not really out for my demise and downfall.

Psychology - I find the explanations into how and why our brains work so fascinating! I always say Spanish, which I would still like to learn, but its difficult to find a reasonable course! Psychology I'd really like to learn more about.

My origins!

I would like to learn more about Peter Drucker and his teachings on leadership

I was just talking about this yesterday with my daughter - we were thinking of training our black golden-doodle into a therapy dog, so we can visit the local Children's Hospital. It's kind of a given, since he's hypoallergenic & absolutely LOVES people (other dogs, not so much - he doesn't even understand what they are.) So, it makes sense to share him with other kids. He's still just a puppy, so he's got to calm down a little, but I think it's something that we would all enjoy giving back to the community.

Gun violence

besides myself, dig deeper into the idea of millennial engagement and that process.

I want to extend my secular "no new books for myself" resolution to the Jewish year. I want to read the books I already have, and open myself up to new genres, worlds, and ideas. I'd love to read more classics and steep myself deeper in literary culture.

I want t - need to- focus in on minimalism, mindful -self-compassion, boundary-setting and personal peace. I intend to be fairly self-focused this year. My divorce is final, I am out of the military, and I will start a new job with financial stability this month. I need to not add anything to the equation and just allow things to settle in.

I would like to find out more about volunteering opportunities in the DC area. I feel like I am in a position where I am able to dedicate my time and energy, and I should be doing more of that.

Sé que me repito pero ya he avanzado este año: Anarquismo, futuro, poesía y modelos.

How can we live a less expensive life without having our kids feel like we are depriving them?

freedom within desire. releasing from expectations. acceptance of, and working with, desire openly. Because desire for the achievement of goals, wishes, wants, things, etc is within me, and can be useful to others and myself. And I would like my desires to serve and empower others.

I want to investigate how to make sustainability mainstream, how to become a thought leader and entrepreneur, and how to implement design thinking and circular economy this year. I'm very curious to push convention.

I've been reading a book about Nikola Tesla's life. He says that we need to look at the world through it's vibrations and frequencies. Now, there's an interesting study that you can destroy cancer cells through certain frequencies, and I find that to be so fascinating. I want to learn more about this stuff. And, like what I wrote last year, I want to keep learning about my own job and all the technical problem-solving and artistic tricks that I can. I need to keep learning some of the computer programs in-depth.

I want to get more involved politically. I'd like to be more knowledgeable about current events and political topics (i.e. climate change, gun violence, etc.)

What do I want my life to look like?

I'm not sure about a particular cause, though I'd like to see myself more actively involved in one over time. Person-wise, I'd like to continue to get to know my girlfriend even deeper as the basis of further imagining us spending the rest of our lives together.

Self improvement has to become my central theme--otherwise, nothing else will be possible.

My daughter. She's 9 and a half and is on an emotional roller coaster. Sometimes it feels like normal adolescent behavior, sometimes it feels like living on a psych ward. She's my twin, so it's easy for me to think that she thinks and believes just like I do - and maybe easy for her to think that way too when she's not openly rebelling against anything and everything I say. She's becoming her own person though and I want to better understand who she is.

I am getting a promotion in a few weeks and I will have about 15-20 employees to manage. I would like to learn how to be a good and effective leader. I want to approach my team in ways that are helpful and productive to be able to create a good work environment. I would like to learn ways to actually make work enjoyable and not dreadful. I want to seek out new and innovative ways of how to lead. I want to keep a professional approach, I am not looking to go in and try to be BFF's with my team, but I want them to feel valued, heard and appreciated as employees. I would also like to be able to maintain my personal privacy without being too impersonal and cold. I value my personal life privacy very much and I would like to keep it that way.

I really would love to learn more about managing my finances. I would also love to take up some more hobbies to improve my own self and my life around me (biking, more walking, cooking). I also want to create a deeper bond with my sister.

I want to stay committed to being creative. I just think it makes me a better person. That means writing, reading, making crafts for the house, etc.

I want to investigate my upcoming retirement and try to find affordable medical coverage.

More into mindfulness, and restorative actions

I have been offered a work in nutrition. Maybe Ill dedicate some time in this.

I want to learn more about native health care systems and the needs of those communities. I want to see if I can be involved in some productive way or if simply sitting back, listening, and observing is more appropriate.

I have just begun reading a chapter of the Mishnah daily and I will continue for the next year. I have in the last several years gone through the Tanakh doing a chapter every day. Up until now, I had only read the Chumash.

Dressage basics ..

My partner. We have been in our relationship for 18 months and I am looking forward to learning and growing with him as we journey our lives together.

I want to figure out what i want to do with my life. I know that's a big question, and I don't have to decide right now, but in one year, I hope I'm a little closer.

I am going to have to figure out how I can actually make a difference in politics this year. I am not happy about the direction our country has taken with an utter lack of compassion and an inability to realize that we all want the country to be better. I am not a subscriber to Machiavellian tendencies that seem regular to our representatives today.

how to make my choices work as my life goes from being split between 2 places (where I live/work and where my friends & family are) to being split between 3 places (work, blood family, & chosen family) with wants and needs getting more grey and being driven more by inclusion of others in my life than by my solo expectations

I would like to continue my involvement with the Chevra Kadisha and learn more about it.

I want to learn more about global warming (and that we still have options)

As I’m coming to terms with my trauma, I think i would like to become more of an advocate for women. I’m not sure what that looks like right now but I’d also like to use my training as a nurse. Maybe I could work at a clinic like planned parenthood or help with rape and trauma centers by accompanying women to the ER for rape kits. I don’t know yet but I’d like to help other women at their worst moments.

Mindfulness (MBTI) for depression.

Learning about the world around me and always educate myself about things I do not fully understand. Palestine and Israel being one of them and fully learning about everything to know and understand more

I would like to invest more time into my husband and to my daughter. It looks like we will remain a family of three for at least the next year, and I want to learn how to spend more time in the moment. Listening to them. Enjoying what they enjoy and being present. I also want to really leave no excuses when it comes to investing in myself. Gym. Actually spend the time to learn to meditate. And take my ideals about reusing, recycling and reducing to a level that makes me feel like I accomplished something.

Love ❤️⭐️

YOGA! I have a theme. I think it can cure all the ails...

There are many things I want to investigate this year - Christianity/other religions in general, the Enneagram, Jackson/Mississippi and its relationship to Chicago/Illinois - but overall, I want to investigate myself. I want to dive deep into why and who and what I am and how I can change for the best.

Judaism. I wasn't really raised in any particular religious tradition, but I was baptized (to please grandparents), and I attended Catholic schools. Catholicism was my only frame of reference for the first 18 years of my life, and then it all got very confusing. I tried different churches, but always struggled to resonate with the Christian story. Lately however, I have felt drawn towards Judaism. What little I know, I love; and I want to explore it further. Maybe I'll find the home I've been looking for - maybe I'll finally find my faith.

This is still hard to answer. Maybe I want to look more fully into alternative careers, possibly in the for-profit world? Not totally outside of public health but something that isn't research.

I want to investigate how to have boundaries in relationships and how to have a stronger relationship with myself.

I have recently started learning Latin on Duolingo and I'd really like to explore that further. I'm considering a masters in the classics, so taking Latin seriously and getting some groundwork in it this year would definitely be a huge boost.

This year I wanted to explore trying my hands at retail. Came up with 2 ideas for product lines (travel sets and magnesium oil). Actually, I wanted to try retail because I was reading this book, Ogilvy on Advertising, and wanted to try out the principles in the book. Anyway, I didn't get around to it - maybe I'll try before this year runs out. Next year, I want to understand the financial system in Canada - tax refunds, mutual funds, mortgages, etc. And then: a colleague showed me how he makes money trading forex - I haven't looked into it since last year but maybe I'll try again.

Maybe this is my year to get more politically engaged. With the presidential election looming and some more time on my hands, maybe I'll be able to get more involved in some causes I find important (immigration justice, gun control) so I can start feeling some agency and effectiveness again. And maybe start looking at ways to dip my toes in the workplace water.

Myself and in a connected sort of way, Hashem. I want to meet myself as I manifest today, who I am and what I project onto the world. I also want to better understand my connection to the higher power, to spirituality and better navigate the intentionality of my observance, the meaning behind my desire to connect with Hashem.

I would like to continue to move on my store and find ways to actually sell on a regular monthly basis. So I have to investigate how and where I will find these customers.

I have my own website but I lost interest in doing it. I don’t want to investigate anything right now.

I just love learning. In my new job, there is so much to learn about teaching Judaism, and teaching Hebrew in new ways.

PG licensure in Colorado. Other preschool / childcare options. Masters swim or other pre-work group exercise options. Snowshoeing!

Local Jewish community. I'm moving to a new city (and moving in with my non-Jewish boyfriend) and want to commit myself to finding Jewish community there and getting involved in a meaningful way.

So many things!

Real estate. If we determine over the coming year that we're staying put in Minneapolis, I'd love to consider buying a home. I have absolutely no idea where to start, so it would pay to start learning sooner rather than later.

I plan on investigating ME more fully this coming year, with the support and coaching from someone who's trained to help me figure out the answers that best align with my core values and what I believe.

This year, I'm feeling really guilty and moved by the climate protests that are symbolized by Greta Thunberg and the youth. So what I really want to investigate and start taking action on is reducing my carbon footprint, using less plastic, and like, understanding what I need to do besides vote for climate-friendly candidates.

I am very proud of having read a number of classic and important novels over this last year, and I hope to continue. My own art education could use more structure, but I enjoy sharing art galleries and experiences with Karen. Karen was kind enough to obtain magic lessons for me, but now I really have to (and WANT to) take the time to enjoy, learn & practice!

I want my husband to really know that I love him, to show him that I'm putting him and his needs at the forefront. (Not necessarily ahead of my own, but to show him that I care.) We all love knowing someone really cares about us.

Well, I would still go with my answers from last year: Financial literacy for girls. Teaching girls how to negotiate. Teaching women entrepreneurs how to charge more money. Recycling. How I can help the world with its global warming problem.... but I would also add, how can we waste less food? And maybe we should change recycling to be, how can I help the problem of recyclables ending up in landfills because there are no markets for them?

Myself! I came a long way this year, but I have much more to go. I need to invest in myself to invest in my children and everyone else I have a relationship with.


I would like to explore building adult friendships more closely. I have always been a little bad about making and keeping friends. I have a couple close friendships from childhood, but I have desired making adult relationships for a while now. Casual, classy, mature, interesting. I want to learn how to do that - make friends. My usual issue is I start out by meeting someone. I like them, we hang out, have fun, and then I meet their other friends. And I don't like them. Sometimes I don't like them so much I stop hanging out with that one original person altogether. I also don't like friends who analyze my life or try to influence my decisions - decisions I have made on my own that I am determined to be proud of. I know this will be a struggle for me, but I know that to have friends means to compromise on things and let certain things go. I have a friend whose partner I just met and we had a good time. I would live to investigate and explore that more.

I would like to be part of creating or implementing support and educational programs for children whose grandparents have Alzheimer’s, and grief support groups and services for caregivers who must ‘carry on’ after their loved one has died from Alzheimer’s.

It occurred to me a week or so ago that the project I have in mind theologically is related to what Descartes did with philosophy. It is time to move from metaphysics to epistemology. That is the modern turn and yet theology has resisted it for 300 years. As I have taken to saying: "God is the name of a feeling, not the cause of that feeling." This is the future of theology and so the future of religion.

I want to further explore how I can adjust my life to make a difference in supporting the battle against climate change.

Same as last year. A more intense connection with Judaism. And more art history.

Donald Trump's impeachment. I can think of nothing I want more.

Yes, helping to protect our planet's future, especially wildlife & wilderness.

I want to know more about sustainability and how I can help on my own by doing more than just recycling. I also want to explore my digestive system (lol) and figure out what makes it tick.

I want to investigate religion. I want to look more closely at my lack of faith, whether or not it is justified, and whether or not I feel comfortable participating in religious events. I want to look at the faith of others as well and how they combine it with a rational world. Finally, I want to look at faith generally and what it inspires people to do or not.

I wish to continue my path of self-growth. I want to continue to be more outgoing. I want to not let other people influence my decisions so much. I want to read more. I want to be a positive example to my children. I want to really, really know who I am.

the impeachment inquiry

I want to learn Hebrew! That isn't what you're asking, but that is what I want to investigate next year

I'd love to be able to investigate my family roots. So I guess the person would be me. Stories that I've heard (or thought I've heard) seem to not be the case any longer or are questionable. Whether or not I have time in 2020 to be able to spend time on this quest is another matter. I also want to explore my career options. Funny coming from a 53 yo. I would have thought I would be comfortably in a career by now. It's never too late to get the diploma. To learn new things. I'm not that old of a dog yet!


I want to better understand both politics and the environment. With the upcoming election, I think it will be imperative to have a better grasp on the state of politics in this country. And with everything going on with the environment, I want to know more about what I can reasonably do to move the needle. I know the recycling is a big problem in this country, and I would like to be able to do better in that area.

Climate change work

It’s going to be election year, which is both exciting and scary. I need to do a lot of research on the political candidates so I can be informed about current events in the United States and be able to have an informed opinion. I have been really shying away from reading the news, but this year I think it’s especially important for me to pay attention even when it’s uncomfortable, because that is how the world is.

Elizabeth Warren.

Brene Brown, always. Pema Chodron, always. I want to know more about neural plasticity and self-affirmation. I want to know more about self care and how to help others. I want to know more about dance, theater, and choreography, how to teach it, how to create it, how to produce it, how to grow it. I want to know more about white fragility and how to overcome it. I want to know more about respecting all people who have been marginalized, about how to recalibrate the world to stop marginalizing people. I want to know more about how to disagree with people, how to tell people they are wrong with love and compassion and how to counteract the terrible damage done by shame and punishment. I want to know more about how to help heal and I want to know more about how to stand in the face of something so wrong it actually appears to be evil and how to resist it without unwittingly making it worse.

single mothers and hunger. I miss women's issues in my work and want to pull them into my every day efforts because that gives me both passion and joy

I don't think it is about investigating at this point - I think it is true involvement. I have a few pieces - one is water. I want to work to help have it proclaimed a human right. Danger is fast approaching. I also want to work with Indigenous communities following their lead on water and helping get clean water to places that are shamefully without in this country.I also want to work on affordable housing in Toronto. To me, these are related on a systemic level.

this time next year we'll almost be to election day. i want to investigate how i can help getting trump and basically every other republican out of office. i have personal goals too, but this seems like a really important thing to give my spare time to. spare time after working & taking care of baby and also maybe being pregnant.

Climate change. I want to care for the planet much more consciously and fully. This planet is home to all the issues we want to solve, and it’s the source of life for every living creature and the foundation of every identity, business and endeavor that exists. It’s the single most important thing in the world - it is our world - and I want to unite with others and do my part to keep it healthy. There’s so much more to learn, and I want to be more curious and action-oriented.

Radical Acceptance.

Being a witch.

Meditation. Happiness.

I want to be selfish. I want to attract a partner who just drives me wild and is adventurous and creative and successful and sexy. I want to enjoy him while also being very grounded in myself, who I am, and my projects, and not letting my friends slip away. I want to be balanced in my selfishness because I want it all. Money fun creativity and love. I want to get in front of the camera a lot more this upcoming year. I'm ready.

My plans from last year to fully investigate yoga were sabotaged when my work stress caused my entire life to spiral out of control. Ironically, this when I could've used the benefits of yoga the most. I would like a do-over. I would also like to investigate making collage art.

Parenting/ motherhood

I want to investigate Judaism more fully and study the Talmud with a queer/feminist/trans lens.

I must build my confidence at coordination. I have skills, but I hold myself back with self-sabotaging behavior.

Nothing comes to mind.

I want to more deeply research the candidates running for office and go into the election season with a clear head about who I'm voting for and what it might mean for our people. I want to be sure that when I speak up, I'm evenly and well informed. I don't want to be a knee-jerk anything.

Climbing, indoor and outdoor. Get better at swimming. A vague interest in a cute Brit who is also into climbing. Get better in my job: writing, community management.

I want to continue my Hebrew language studies, and learning more about Jewish/ Israeli History.

I think I'd like to get better about talking about Racial Justice.. I want to read up on the ways I can understand racial injustice, mass incarceration, and my own privilege/internalized white supremacy so that I can talk about those more impactfully and meaningfully with my congregants.

I am working on looking more into childhood anxiety and how I can support A in becoming the most full, whole person she can be.

One thing I would really like to explore further in the upcoming year is understanding different types of people and cultures better. Orthodox Jewish people, minorities in the United States, Quakers--whoever with I have the opportunity to make a connection. Sometimes I feel as though I can be judgmental of people I don't know and I want to help myself overcome this behavior.

In the coming year I would like to look into better time management. Personal time management.

I have continued the work against racism that I had just begun a year ago. It gives my life meaning in ways that I couldn't have imagined. I am grateful that so much information and so many stories are being shared now. To be able to change someone's mind, first you must touch their heart.

Joy. I read "The Book of Joy" this summer/fall and it was really thought-provoking. I want to live in a way that makes me feel good about myself more of the time and makes me a better person. I think investigating and investing in myself is a very worthwhile aspiration. To that end, I also want to start saying no. I have had my years of yes, now it's time for me to say no and quit some things so that I can explore the interests that really excite me.

I'm hoping to become more vocal politically, to help ensure the upcoming presidential election restores some sense of normality to our government. It's time to stop being silent.

I would like to understand the philosophies, values and political thoughts of the leading candidates for Senate, House and President. I don’t want to make a mistake in my selections. I also want to identify a few charitable non-profits to focus my contributions on.

I'm currently reading a book about Vikings, so I think I would like to continue reading about different times/ cultures. I have been better about diversifying my reading this past year, but I want to continue to push myself to explore new genres.

Let me take on the idea of conflict resolution.

Cornwall, of course, and Cornish.

I'm not sure. Ongoing look into anti-racist education, and equitable grading practices, as well as developing IB topics into phenomena-based units that have more context (esp in 3/4).

In the coming year, if Bernie Sanders is still in the running, I would love to support him and join his cause in some way - more than just donations. I would also love to support the work around victims of DV and homelessness. These are complex issues which overwhelm and frighten me, but I find I have to feed myself to the fire that I fear much more.

I want to learn more about the anneagram and how to use my self-discovery to be a healthier version of myself. I want to investigate chaplaincy more thoroughly as I apply for Second Year Residencies. I want to have a better understanding of psychological theory and how that plays a role in Spiritual Care. I want to encourage people to reflect on their lives and what they will leave as a legacy.

I plan to find myself a good doctor this coming year. Ideally someone who is into functional medicine and who can deliver babies. 😁

I hope to learn more about the Presidential candidates and want to learn more about the eventual nominee.

Dietrich Bonhoeffer strikes me as someone to gain inspiration from and the little I’ve read about him makes me fan-girl him so much. Examining his life seem a worthwhile effort - not to be disappointed. 😊

Process building. I also want to look into being a SFDC multiplier, teaching Salesforce. Though in reality I am in transition right now so I need to allow openness to see what this new year brings.

Why (so many) people make bad decisions for themselves and for their environment.

Not that I can think of, which is part of my problem. I just don't seem to have curiosity about anything anymore. *sigh*


Myself. I want to challenge myself to become the first I know that I can be.

Climate change/ extinction rebellion activism.

I want to learn how to have a conversation. Like, how to talk to and interact with others. I'd love to learn how to ask the "right" questions, to start discussions and to fill awkward silences. I suck at this. I want to do better. In part, it's because I believe I'm not liked or likeable. The twisted circle of self-doubt. So I'd like to investigate how to be a conversationalist.

ME. I have spent my entire life being what I think others want/expect, or even worse - being what I think will bring me the least amount of ridicule, harassment and emotional distress. Therefore I am 33 and have no opinions or viewpoints, I tend to stand on the sidelines and out of sight. It is difficult to answer the questions "Who am I?" and "what is the most important thing about me"? I want to explore these questions. The fact that I'm gay cannot be the only unique thing about me anymore.

Judaism again. After studying it academically on my own this year, I have concluded that I'll never make sense of this yearning in my heart without making contact with an actual Jewish community. Which is pretty much impossible where I live now. The amazing thing is that life looks to be taking me to either the most Jewish city in my country, or a city overseas that has a very large Jewish community. I'm really scared, I'm scared I'll chicken out and this will be one of those things I wonder about for the rest of my life, I'm worried that I'll make contact and it will be terrible and I'll pretty much die of humiliation and my own ignorance, but I really hope that I can do this, because the longing in my heart won't go away.

I think it will be useful for me to learn about those who have a completely different perspective on the world and to get out of my own echo chamber. I have found some recommendations in a book I am currently reading and I think they will be a good starting point.

Having a developmentally-disabbled cousin whom I spend a lot of the week with, I certainly would like to look at too groups in which I know are working towards adding opportunity for these children to play sports and be active. This would definitely be the Braintree American Challenger Baseball League, which I am already pretty involved in, by also the Special Olympics. I have heard a lot of amazing things about the special olympics and how they teach special needs children how to bowl, play baseball, and even soccer. I believe that this is important because a lot of parents do not have time to take their special needs children to these types of events because I know they can be very time consuming and stressful situations. I know that this program has a large volunteer group specifically of high school sports teams who are often helping out at these events, allowing for more activities to take place each week. This is important because if there were not enough people volunteering for this program, the children would not be allowed to go to as many places, or participate in certain activities. This is one of the main reasons why I vaule the BC High education so highly. The school has put me in a great posistion to make conections but also taught me important morals such as giving back to the community. My main goal in life is to be happy and to achieve this goal I feel as though my happiness will be fufilled if I am able to do good with a lot of money. I understand that it is not important to necessarily be rich, and that I can still give back to these organizations with my time, but money helps every charity. I know that if I did not recieve a jesuit education I would not hold these values that I hold today, and I want to make sure that I stick to my plan in giving back to these two organizations that have done so much for my cousin and my family.

Not sure. I’d like to work on myself and creating better habits and being a better person. But investigating something fully this year? I really just want to investigate inwards and become at peace and work on my habits and lose weight.

I want to fully investigate myself in the coming year. Work towards being my most authentic self - standing in my truth. Speaking up for myself. Communicating my boundaries often and early. Defining the person that I am.

Not anything new, but I would like to continue with what I have started doing - being vegetarian at least 80% of the time, composting, using less plastic, using my money ethically.

I'd like to further investigate myself, my future husband, my purpose and how that will come to life, and my career/education (Masters/PhD journey).

This coming year, I want to investigate software architecture practices. I’d like to architect and execute at least two big projects (the audit database changes and REST refactor are fine), and start observing and taking notes on how they fare in the wild. Actually, I’d like to start taking notes on how all of my design ideas fare in the wild. How easy are they to manipulate, and how common is it to see bugs in them?

Counselling and therapy. I'm at the start of learning counselling skills and I'd like to keep exploring that, studying it and learning more about it.

I want to get to know my friends better.

My gender and what I want to do with it.

I'd like to investigate my Judaism more, as well as how I can be more educated on issues like global warming and politics. I want to also explore what it would be like if i didn't give everything I have to people? If I held back and protected myself a bit more.

I think I need to get more savvy as to how the VA system works. Dad's funding from them is a mystery to me.

Last year I said I actually wanted to live less examined life. I don't know if I did that or not but I think that moment has passed. I would like to investigate my identity as a star player (in my own life?) rather than seeking a supporting role... which is my comfort zone.

I want to cook more: both Grandma's recipes and recipes from Craig's family. Not only do I like to eat, but also these recipes are a part of our history. When Grandma is gone, nobody from my family will be making dolma, pate, tzimmes, chopped herring, and all that other yummy food. I don't want this legacy to disappear, so I plan on cooking some of those recipes (or at least writing them down).

I want to continue learning more about Judaism, and integrate more of it into my life. And the thought of conversion is definitely in the forefront of my mind.

I want to investigate a future career in social work or counseling. Preparing myself for that type of life and process. I want to investigate the same ideas I had last year as well: Meditation, self-reflection, gratitude, mindfulness and acceptance. Creating and choosing to be a happy, grateful person.

Nothing is really coming to mind right now. I guess being single for the first time in about 5 years definitely makes me feel like I want to investigate my own priorities fully in the coming year. Make decisions and find things out about myself that I wasn't able to do when I was working with a partner.

The Nintendo Store in Israel and why no one is reporting on it.

I want to investigate: - my passion. - my writing - my taste in music - read more - photography

I want to look more into Emily Dickinson. We watched a movie about her, where she was played by Molly Shannon. It actually made me like her and in highschool, I detested reading her poems, so this made me have a whole new outlook. I also want to look more into work I can do to help end the detentions at the border. It enrages me and I want it to end.

Me! It feels a bit silly or selfish to say but one thing I'm learning through therapy and my co-dependent recovery work is that I have been out of touch with my feelings, my needs and my wants for some time now. My focus has been on healing myself for the past several months which happily has had a positive ripple effect on my kids and larger community as the work I am doing is allowing me to show up and be present in a more impactful and authentic way. I know I need to continue this work in the coming year.

I would like to further investigate the idea of balance.

Myself! Always myself.

I want to finish my script. Which means investigating myself, my feelings, my past, my ideas about forgiveness. It also means researching script writing and how to get the script out in the world, and then made.

I want to continue to figure out what groceries and products are best. Eliminate more and more toxins from my daily life and lighten the load I place on my body.

Just myself

Not really. I've my hands full as it is right now.

I would like to sit more with racism and anti-racism work. There is no more important time to shape myself into an ally, to sit with my intersectionality and learn how to say "yes and" instead of "yes but" when my privilege is called out.

Everything! And myself. Yesterday I noticed that I don’t have a “thing”. Not one thing that I’m into more than the average person. Not one band, or scientific theory, animal, or country. I want to experiment until I find my thing.

I would like to learn more about cooking, perhaps taking a knife skills class.

I would like to get more involved In the local community and local issues

My new job. And my family and friends

I want to have read at least one of the books on my short list. I haven't been making time to read, and I feel like it will be helpful in my life if I read these books!

I’d like to explore how to use positional authority, how to motivate people for whom I have no supervisory oversight. How to be seen as the go-to person and be confident as such.

Yes, I will continue to support Pancan.org while they continue to fight Pancreatic Cancer.

how to raise a baby :)

Haha, it's so prosaic. Gluten free cooking. I love to cook, and Greg's newly diagnosed sensitivity to gluten has changed my relationship to my kitchen. I know very little about it, and I would like to try out and even develop new recipes. I will have to do some research, but I am a little wary of the groups the say that gluten is intrinsically evil. On the other hand, Greg really does suffer if he gets very much of it. And he doesn't even have the worst of it compared with people who have celiac disease that manifests internally. No way to know until you actually try. I know this is not a very lofty cause, idea, etc., but it is important to me. Much of my identify is wrapped up in my skills as a cook, baker, and decorator (the edible kind).

I think I would like to get more involved in homelessness. I have always been upset by it (as everyone should be!), but I think that my dad dying has brought it to the forefront of my mind. Every time I see someone who is homeless, I think of my dad. It is disgusting to me that we allow people to be without homes in this country.

Local community activism.

I think every year I say I'd like to know more about coffee and it's true. I gain incremental knowledge about it each year--both about the product and about the industry. I think I'm at a point where I could potentially be helping the industry by combining my research with my knowledge.

I hope other people investigate the president. I guess I want to know why other people are so afraid of him, like what he's got on them. It's really terrifying.

I want to be more involved politically. This is the most important election of my life. I need to be involved.

Further investigate color. COLOR. In my art. And teach my craft to my son, who seems to want to learn. This is nice.

Last year I wanted to look into a career change, and I decided to go back to college. This year I would like to continue on that path and learn enough about coding to get a job before school is out. I may have to learn on my own, since school is taking longer than I intended.

I would like to get more involved with Planned Parenthood, and I would like to do some real work to get Democrats elected in 2020. More than just slacktivism--I would like to figure out a way to make volunteer work a real part of my life.

This is the year to understand what is continuously ringing the alarms on the deck of the republic--if we can keep it--and stop the causes, instead of congratulating myself for the small efforts I make to mute the effects.

I want to fully understand what healthy relationships look and feel like. I haven't had the best models so it's been a growing process, but maybe this will be the year where I get a decent grip on it.

Yes. I want to investigate the potential for use of psychedelics in treating depression and other mental health challenges such as addiction and PTSD. For me personally I want to explore the merits and feasibility of pursuing a “portfolio” career, with income from multiple sources. Doing this could allow me to balance having sufficient income for my life, while being able to spend much more time on causes I care about and contributing positively to the world.

Educational stability for students in foster care. :)

I hope that I can build out some solid friendships with some of the guys from my Fall Kickball team.

I need more to set causes and ideas aside for a while. Instead, I might go through the video I bought on painting and set up the easel I purchased 12 years ago and have never used. There’s a photo of some persimmons I’d like to paint from. In these times, I would fare better getting out of my head more.

Rest. I want to investigate what it means to rest, to schedule time for rest, to recharge and regenerate and NOT feel guilty about it.

We are both interested in joining extinction rebellion. We feel that we are doing as much as we can on a personal level within our means, but that major action needs to come from a political level. I am committed to non-violent action and I like the idea of civil disobedience. I will start by donating to the cause, but we would like to take action too. It is so important to me that the world leaders understand that we cannot allow our home to die for the sake of profit & never-ending economic growth.

Unpacking internalized racism.

Oy. This might need to be, as much as possible, a year of me. I'm just a mess. Of course, that isn't really possible - the kids are going through major stuff, just like I am. Probably being affected more, really. But I need to find some way to occasionally take care of myself. Eat the fruit, as I always tell myself but never do.

I would like to continue reading broadly on issues that affect womxn, people of colour, and immigrants/refugees. Whether this is by reading non-fiction, fiction, poetry, essays, or anything else, I would like to learn more about ideas I maybe haven't thought that much about. I would like to keep reading books that I don't seek out myself, but are mentioned through things like book clubs - it keeps me reading things I might not have otherwise chosen for myself.

I want to get more into volunteering in organizations that fare young women centered. Having lived some life I’m grateful for all the mentors and supporters who helped me along the way. I’d love to share that.

The new me. I want to fully reshape my identity in the coming year.

My sexuality.


As a department chair, I want to investigate my role more fully in this year. I see my first year as an opportunity to get my feet wet, and see what can be improved in the department. In the future I hope to implement real change and progress in the department. This is my opportunity to see what direction I plan to go.

I want to commit more to finding other things that fill my "box". Music, volunteering, committees, etc. Right now I'm thinking about diving more in to music and trying to find ways to learn more theory AND sing more.

I'd like to continue the assessment on vegetarianism, and make more meaningful choices. I already avoid meat during the week, and have found that I am less likely to eat meat on the weekend now - it's less appetising. While I don't think I'll ever be vegan, I'd like to explore the options and avoid dairy where I can.

I really want to learn more about myself this year. I want to figure out what truly motivates me and what I want to do with my life. As this is my junior year, college is on the forefront of my mind, and I need to figure out who I am and what my purpose is, so that I can accurately display that to colleges in the coming year.

I'd like to start to explore Los Angeles, since I think I'll be spending some time there fore work.

I want to travel to India in the spring to attend a yoga teacher training course. It would be great to have another card up my sleeve and learn more about the spiritual/physical practice of yoga. I'm hoping to investigate this idea and make my dream a reality.

The population decrease in rural Europe- places in Spain, Portugal, and Italy are calling to me. I read several articles about this and find that I am attracted to go see about living in such towns where the only noise is bird song and nature. Where one can see the stars at night. Where the water is good to drink and perhaps not treated with chemicals.

In the coming year I want to dive deeper into music in a more left-brained, technical way... this means spending more time at home, practicing, reading music, taking lessons, and less time jamming/performing/playing intuitively.

During services for Rosh Hashana and then again today as I thought about my cause again, following in the footsteps of Joe Torre to create a safe place for kids going though troubles at the temple would be an awesome legacy for turning my lemons into lemonade.

The Environment! I am "green" in theory but I would like to further commit myself to being more conscious about my environmental impact especially with regard to waste.

I want to learn more about me. What makes me happy and tick? What is it that makes my time worth it? What should my priorities be?

I really need to start using my privilege and my voice to change some of the prejudices inherent to the Indian community. I would like to research a little more about inter-POC colorism and racism, so that I'm able to address it from a more informed perspective and provide more references when folx push back.

Want to continue Mussar study.

Of course, there is/are. I'm inquisitive by nature. Mostly though, I'd like to learn to integrate now into my consciousness.

Cause wise, I want to improve my environmental practices. I want to start composting and further reduce my plastic use and waste production, and investigate how I can make more sustainable food choices. I also want to investigate how I am in relationship with difficult people. I don't mean toxic people (such people don't need to be in my life), but people that I struggle with, whether it's because of political disagreements, annoyance at something they do, their way of behaving, or any other thing that may bother me but not actually threaten me.

Yoga, pilates (!!), fixing my lower back pain and getting into a feel-good workout routine and a body that I feel able and free in.

I’m toying with running for a seat on the Los Angeles school board. Selling my creative stuff on Etsy and/or other places. Residual income.

I definitely want to investigate tikun olam and the idea of making the world a better place all-around. I think this is definitely something I can achieve through a combination of inner work and outer work. I want to be a source of light for others and for the world. I want to show up when it matters most and practice regular acts of gratitude, kindness, giving, and volunteerism.

I'm going to push myself again on what I wrote last year, because I've continued to stay away from religion: I'm hoping to investigate and discover again religion and how/if it plays a role in my life. I've become really disenchanted with religion because of some of the hate I've experienced in recent years coming from mostly people who claim specific religions. That's really pushed me away, and I'd like to reconcile that or at least decide consciously to follow or not follow a specific dogma.

I’d like to become more fluent in understanding reiki within the world and how its used to benefit others... continue to learn and research

Gee. My husband and kids. Politics. Songwriting. Movie making. The usual creative stuff!

Buying a house and adopting kids.

spiritual growth - exploration meditation

Not that I can think of. What I want is to take the time I need to grieve my Mom and to spend time with my Dad, before Alzheimer's takes away his memory of me.

I want to know more about EVERYTHING!

I want to investigate my potential future identity in the world as a caregiver/fitness instructor. It is curious to me that while I'm in this training I find the topics to be coming naturally to myself.

I would like to read all the Psalms and also investigate make more artful art books... at least three.

I am still looking into how to better deploy our equity / wealth and will continue this during the coming year. I want to have a clear financial plan that takes into account all our assets and debt, and gives me confidence about what kind of life I'll be living in 25 years.

Moms Demand Action. I would like to be more involved and help with my local organization.

Chinese medicine!

I am not sure what I want to investigate more fully in the coming year. I am just trying to live on day at a time. I am trying to be in the here and now and enjoy the experience.

I want to learn more about what it means to be an adult who lives on her own—I want to go to more events, say yes to more things, go out more, take advantage of my options. I want to travel. I want to give time to creative expression. I want to do more Torah study and learn more Hebrew. I want to take a class on something this year. I want to build out my connections to this city through volunteering and donating and showing up.

I want to learn more about Abraham Joshua Heschel & Mordechai Kaplan. I think they're both incredible giants in modern Liberal Judaism, in two totally different ways. I'd also like to learn more about Israel. I'm not sure what about, but I know I need more.

What am I? Who am I? I want to know who I am inside, not just my personality.

Social justice causes, hunger in the community, creating a welcoming space in the synagogue community.

I would like to investigate ways I can work to help course correct our environmental crisis. I hope to investigate ways to be more therapeutic and supportive to my students, and bring more fun to the sessions. Finally, I hope to investigate new ways to connect Jewishly, including using the internet to stream services, Jewish podcasts, etc.

I want to be more involved in giving back to my community. They have done so much for me and I want to show my gratitude.

Climate change. Greta Thunberg I'd like to do something with this story I've been working on about my mom.

Planning for retirement, in order to feel like I still have purpose in life.

There's this website called catch a fire that lets you do creative volunteer work using their matching service. I really want to have the chance to practice all the design skills that I've learned. and I would love to do that by helping organizations that help people in the community. I want to make a serious attempt to complete projects through this service. Perhaps if I spend a year doing projects through the service I will feel confident in calling myself a real experienced designer!

I want to investigate medicine. Since I recently started taking medicine for “major depression” I want to understand what they’re doing to my brain and whether there’s a way to heal my brain rather than just make it feel better situationally.

I have not choice but to research and prepare to move my mother from her home into a facility. I probably should have done it this year as she would have received better care, but my dad was not ready. Her condition is deteriorating so I don’t think any of us have a choice.


Stories and traditions of judaism.

I'd like to explore more in the next year what it means to be single and not looking for a relationship. I want to really spend some time sitting with what my life would look like without a long term serious partner and how that path resonates with me.

Something that I want to investigate more fully in the coming year is how I can make my Judaism most meaningful to me and how I can apply this to my everyday life as well as to my interactions with others.

Who am I as a mother? How do I set an example for her or what it looks like to be a woman? A parent? How do I model my values to her? How can I show her how much I love her? How can I raise with the values that are important to me, and make sure she knows deep in her soul how deeply loved she is? These are the questions I’m sitting with this year.

I want to investigate LOVE and how to be in it, how to stay in it, how to have it. I want to make room for a person who wants LOVE, who wants to love and be loved by me, and who is open to full intimacy. I want to explore how to love myself in my work, and asking for what I need.

Marianne Williamson's campaign for President.

I'd like to see if I can work out how to position myself to go back to school. I think getting research grants is probably out of the question now (and living on student money in my 30s would suck anyway)... so perhaps I can find a way to square the circle and accomplish my dream of getting a PhD without going into penury?

Family. The relationship between antisemitism and Bolshevism. Marxism and psychology.

I’m continuing to be more involved with JFREJ and other social justice work.

Not really... unless Adam's college search counts, because I think that will consume all of my "investigative" energy this coming year.

I am going to continue learning more about Ireland, and integrating both my Irish and English heritages into my identity more fully and honestly

I want to more fully investigate myself this year, especially in terms of my relationships with others.

I want to investigate David more fully. Beyond him, I need to take my play ideas seriously and study dramatic structure and libretto structure.

Yes, I’d love to keep searching and learning about calligraphy and lettering.

Grad school! I'm interested in doing a low-residency creative writing MFA at some point, but I need to do more research and think seriously about whether the cost is worth it and if I have the self-discipline to work outside of a workshop-based program.

I want to dedicate more time to mom (I say, having not called her this weekend...) and to finding out how to help her. The time I invest I think will not be directly focused on getting her to admit that she is declining or that she needs some medical analysis and diagnosis, maybe also treatment. It will be just to connect and support her generally. But simultaneously, I need to do what I kept saying I'd do and didn't (and I'd like to explore what was holding me back), which is: contact her heart doctor and share my observations. Contact Phyllis and see what she thinks. Talk to Laura or others with family members who have had alzheimers -- or read books and articles -- to understand how they navigated these early stages.

I want to find out if anyone is seriously pursuing that plan to plant a trillion trees and possibly jump on that bandwagon.

I wabt to explore what makes me happy - rather than seeking outside sources for validation.

Foucault's Discipline and Punish

I want to learn more about climate change, so I can speak more authoritatively about it and so that I will be spurred to action. I would particularly like to learn more about POC led and indigenous led climate organizing, historically and in the present.


I wish to explore the pleasure of your breath.

I want to explore what I would be doing career wise if I could do anything. I want to reimagine my work life to be something I love doing and am excited to go do everyday.

I want to keep doing math. going further in math. broadening my horizons in math. challenging myself. actually following through on self learning, discipline. not just absorbing but applying knowledge: probability, statistics, data science, logic, algorithms, machine learning, linear algebra. understanding more math so I can use it intelligently, properly, cleverly to explore facts and data and answer all the little questions in the back of my brain in a clear and powerful way.

Probably genealogy again. I would love to learn more about astrology. I am really I recreated in that and how our signs tell us how we are. It’s a very interesting topic. I would also love to learn more about past lives, crystals and psychic abilities.

Nothing particular stands out. However, I miss planning a vacation. Learning all about a new country. It may be time for me to plan another trip.

Now that I'm back on the west coast I would like to get involved in some sort of community based organizing. I'm not sure what kind yet, but it's important to me to give back once I'm more settled.

Meditation and the idea of letting go of things I can’t control to gain acceptance of how things are.

Venture capital and blockchain technology. I'm starting a new professional chapter in my life and I have a lot to learn. I'm so excited to learn more about something completely unknown!

Science and math. Goal is to take an algebra fundamentals or geology class next year.

I no longer think there is a meaning for my life. I’m just a lucky accident that happened. I would like to investigate adult swimming classes because swimming could be an appealing exercise to me

I want to be better at being me, knowing who I am. I want to work on who I am as a person on this tiny planet.

Globally, culturally I'm feeling this anthropocene hard. I want to be more involved in cleaning up our mess. Making personal cultural and political progress. Research groups making progress. Specific issues I can help address locally. Where I can make a difference. Personally I'd like to get deeper into machining, and painting/finishing as well. Maybe taking classes again?

I would like to continue to investigate myself. I'm always learning new things from and about myself. I would also like to continue learning R and French. R seems incredibly useful. And French has been fun.

In the next year I'd like to know more about sustainability. I'd like to find truth about recycling and more about composting. I want to know what individual actions a person can take to really help climate change.

Complexity and creative problem solving in collective leadership. I want to understand the nodes that need to be played with in order to stimulate collective intelligence as well as concrete actions. I wish to find fruitful collaborations to understand deeper what it means to be in a group. How to have impact?

I want to spend more time investigating habits. I think they have the power to shape a lot of the causes I am passionate about and I am curious about how my environmental habits can shape the world around me.

My Christianity. I want to do more inductive studies and continue in the CBR series

I want to fully support the Democratic nominee, whomever it may be. Once they are named, then I'm going to campaign. We have to get that orange dictator out of office.

Last year's wish did not get realized, so I am putting that here: Yes, in addition to learning about hedonism's history I am interested in studying the path and timeline of liberalism itself, and getting a grasp on where we are in this social evolution--and why is it being fought against so vigorously at this point in time. Is it still Future Shock?

I want to work incorporate more mindfulness into my life. I know that I have already mentioned that in another question but it is very important to me. Specifically, I want to determine patterns of what makes me happy, stressed, anxious, and content. At some point in my life I lost sight of those things and over this coming year I would like to get that back.

I would still like to figure out how to do my own bookkeeping business. Or something that I can do from the camper that would bring in at least a little money. Something that in the future would help keep us afloat as we explore the world.

I have all of these books on my shelf right next to my desk. They are all books that I have because I think they're probably really good books. But I've read like two of them. I don't have a routine in my daily and weekly schedule right now to make time for reading. I want to make time for reading. Specifically, I want to read books about first century Judea (both Christian and Jewish communities), Bible commentary (like David Forhman), Talmud commentary (and work through some of the Hebrew and Aramaic), and critical race theory (Ibram X. Kendi.)

Yes, I would like to investigate my top presidential hopefuls this coming year. I know each of them on a high level from the basics I've read or seen and their performances in the debate. However, I haven't really deeply investigated my top 3's policy stances and nuances that distinguish them. So I would like to do that so that I can more fully articulate why I support a given candidate.

Innocence project

What emerges here, right now, this year, are the relationships that cause me the most frustration -- in my personal life and at work. I also see from my answers last year leading meetings with peers, whiteness, eating food that makes me feel good. Those are good to stick with! I am interested in continuing to respect and listen to my body, wherever pregnancy journey takes us.

Self-sufficiency, back to basics, off-grid options, homesteading.

The political process in general. I feel like, although I may have covered this in high school, I don't have a good grasp on how the 'system' is intended to work.

I want to continue to explore my passions and how I can make an impact in my personal and professional lives. I want to find a way to turn the things i am passionate about into a meaningful career and also educate others about these issues.

Yes... ME. I want to investigate more fully in MYSELF. ME ME ME. I want to be a bit more selfish! I want to be my own cheerleader! I want to SHINE. I LOVE ME.

Reiki, Coby’s Empower Disc, how to recycle better, if ailments can be cured with hypnotherapy, to still break my limited beliefs of being capable, and achieve more self development on self healing through hypnotherapy, to drive, to be a confident hypnotherapist & not feel fake (imposter syndrome) Want to crack loosing weight whilst feeding my husband what he loves lol as it’s always too yummy & fattening xx 😘

Explore my career options and what I want to do about them. What do I want to do and when do I want to start doing it? Dream big.

Oh.. so many! I want to learn how to make guitars. Electric guitars. I already know the theory. I just need to get to a place to work with wood and learn about the machines. I am starting with the electronics. I want to learn more about data visualization and anthropological methods. I want to learn more about my grandfather. About his life, who he was.

So many. Just need to begin.

I’d like to investigate more into how I can better Holocaust Education

To know for sure if I should continue trying to pursue something with Rom or not...

Cheaper health insurance. Ketamine and/or psilocybin for Chris. CBD for the whole family.

David Elliott's Breathwork. Meditation. Kundalini. Yoga.

Vegetarian cooking and Veganism Elizabeth Warren - time to get involved with her campaign

I think the concept of how abortion works in government, as well as gender issues, I'd like to seek the Lord on how to get involved and then take action.

I want to strengthen my political work, particularly with Ranked Choice Tennessee. I want to create a picture book that explains my life (or parts of it, e.g. DNC drama).

Since 2020 is an election year, I'd like to continue getting more involved politically. In the last year I started writing postcards and doing some voter registration, and I'd like to do more of that. I'd also like to try some canvassing because I think it has the potential to influence voters and hopefully make me feel more connected to people personally. I'd also like to figure out how to get friends and people my age more into all of this. Right now when I go to events it's all retiree-aged folks, and all white people. Am I just in the wrong groups? Why don't my friends ever want to come to these events with me?

Actively support the politics I believe in, social welfare and justice.

Negativity in an Asian household, or self-fulfillment. Probably the latter

Restorative justice. I believe in it but I want to be more fluent in its language and principles. Just today, Mickey sent me a workbook and I am excited to dig into it. I also want to finish reading The Revolution Starts at Home. I feel so strongly that no one is beyond redemption. That is a spiritual practice and a theological hill I stake my claim on. It is for me to grow my roots in that direction.

Im an avid learner and very curious, so this is a fundamental trait of my personality. Maybe I can get more involved in social and political issues.

Middot. I need to work on how I process life, and how to be more helpful and helped.

I'd like to say engage in a campaign (preferally Buttigiege or Warren), but I know I'll canvass and what's happening in the US is so depressing as to be crippling... I have more immediate control over is being vegan 4x a week. I can do that and no one else can dictate that or frustrate me on that point.

I have always been a staunch feminist and grad school brought social justice to the forefront of my perspective with everything. While I have always understood toxic masculinity and the ramifications on our society (mass shootings, intimate partner violence), I want to delve more deeply into this to have more understanding rather than always have anger toward the unequal power structure.

yes, I want to be more active with the adl. I joined two committees and definitely want to be more invested. U believe in the adl’s cause.

Balance. How to balance family and professional life. I would like to try to improve my focus and organizational skills so that I am able to achieve greater balance in both realms. Also I hope to investigate in helping to mentor people and help them grow in their career. I hope to be a good leader.

I want to be more involved with Arizona Jews for Justice and, specifically, the fight to restore dignity and humanity and human rights to migrants at our southern border.

This year I have not come across something that I want to investigate a little more.

Judaism, Christianity and Anthroposophy and coming to a better understanding and acceptance.

Every hot guy at the gym? Is this the sort of depth these questions are designed to extract? I don't know. I hate this question.

I would like to learn more about the members of SCOTUS.

Doing work that creates good. Living less in fear, more living in hope

I would like to investigate Quion and me. I would also like to continue to be involved in politics in any way I can.

I want to volunteer for whomever wins the Democratic primary. At best, I will go to swing states and knock on doors. If not, I will make phone calls.

I want to look more closely at some additional streams of income, such as blogging, investing in penny stocks, and in precious metals. I'd like to know more about Kamala Harris and whether she is truly qualified to be president. I want to start converting my ideas into stories that I can sell.

I want to investigate and study spiritual direction more. I want to write more memories.

The upcoming year is an election year, and that means there are many candidates I want to investigate more fully. Before the 2018 elections, I joined a neighborhood group to learn more about the local, state and federal candidates as well as the initiatives we were voting for. This conversation gave me a lot of insight into what I voted BEFORE I stepped into the ballot box. The group is already talking about the 2020 elections, especially important since CA has an early primary.

I think I want to investigate intentional living more. Not necessarily like a commune, but maybe! As I get older, I want to build intentional community and be better about devoting time and energy toward the right things.

Homeownership A more colorful closet

I want to understand the effect of the current wave of feminism on the unhappiness I perceive from feminists. Is being aware of injustice cause for unhappiness? Can I be a part of that movement or is my experience not valid because I am cis-appearing and white? What are the ideas/strategies that I would find more useful/productive for a broader set of disempowered people?

What do I want to do with (the rest of) my life. Art? Music? Zoology? :)

Meditation. Mindfulness. Observing my thoughts and not letting those wayward thoughts of depression or frustration control me.

Healing (myself, the world, these terrible divisions we've caused in our communities).

I want to immerse myself in serving my communities more than I already do. I want to create a Meditation Garden/Grotto complete with a full Labyrinth in a very underserved Urban area in an old but developing city that has a new narrative (Come back...) that only seems to serve a few, new citizens and denizens ...

Beauty, balance, minimalism

I'd like to double down on my study of stocisim and jewish mysticism. This is real and you are completely unprepared.

Again, what I want to investigate further is/are ideas and activities for my life in retirement. Exercise, creativity, relaxation, travel, de-cluttering, etc.

I want to be a part of a group of people who do similar things to what I do. I want to find my tribe. I have no idea what that is.

Tough question. If I had to answer this question last year, I would have answered right away : veganism, minimalism, sufism... But right now? I don't really know. Perhaps try to explore again these three things annd also Stoicism. I want to explore the human rights field and environmental issues in more details. I would admit that a part of me wants to explore where my relationship with my crush can go, even though he doesn't fit in my projects at all. A part of me wants to say : bad timing ; but who knows?

Maybe this is a sign of an area in my life that is seriously lacking. But for the second year in a row, I am coming up blank on this one. I even thought about entering something just to enter it. Like saying "yoga" or "the truth about our collapsing planet and environmental disaster" but neither of these is true. Maybe it's the question. Investigate more fully?

I would like to learn a more about forgiveness or at least how to get past the hurt.

doing less and enjoying life more by outsourcing or eliminating the things that do not give me any pleasure and are not critical to daily life. one thing i am contemplating giving up is hosting the thanksgiving family dinner... we'll see what the backlash might be come november.

I'd like to push myself to use my skills more. In particular, community organizing. This is the time for it.

Yes. How to help immigrant kids being held in detention without their parents. If not how to help their political cause, then perhaps how to help them directly.

Gardening? I've never had a green thumb, but the idea of having the food available and the positive effect it could have on my mental health makes me inclined to try anyway.

Yes. My illustrated children’s book. That is my main and most desired goal.

As my son grows up, I hope to get to know him better. I look forward to him learning to walk and talk!

I need to rally behind one of the Democratic candidates for president. The shitshow in Washington is a disgrace.

Exploring the idea of moving to a different city or another country. I arrived in Perth three years ago when Rahul has been here for four years, and I'm sensing his restlessness while I've just about built the foundation of my network and career here. It's a tug of war game where no one wins unless both of us reach an understanding of where we want to be and what we want together as a family.

I'd like to get better with cooking. I've been doing it a little more regularly, and getting a bit more intuitive, but I'd like to keep improving.

I want to learn more about how I can show up and be a force for good in the movements for racial justice and pushing against our white-dominant culture, and how to raise children that care about these issues as well.

Melantha Kat Eva KPL Chime and Jared The Dharma House

I have no idea, my work world has taken all the air out of my sails that I have no goals other than a change.

Honestly, I want to sleep more. I want to cook more. Back to basics this year.

what to do with Pam's ashes

I want to find out who I am? What I'm capable of?!

I'd like to get more politically involved, looking toward the 2020 elections. Whoever the Dem candidate for president will be, I'm there. Plus I'd like to know more/ do more for some of the key Senate races. Maybe my phone experience would come in handy.

The mandolin. This new love affair has got me so happy. Irish music, American folk, bluegrass, blues, jazz, classical violin repertoire... There are just so many places it can take me that I want to go. I really want to get good at this.

I think I need to keep learning about Judaism. There was a time when I thought I had done it - I was baal teshuva, I had committed, I was on the right side of the line. But I’ve realized that it really is a continual process, you’re always on the derech, and maybe I need to spend some more time really learning about my own traditions and background.

Definitely going green. While this is something I really should've actively started doing ages ago, and while most of the damage is irreversible, we can always work towards slowing it down.

Maybe participate in more protests against this god-awful administration

person: Martin Luther King. In February I visited his home in Atlanta and the family's foundation/museum. I picked up one of his books about organizing but haven't touched it since. cause: climate change and living sustainably in my own home idea: how to let go of identification with my professional identity, to be a more well-rounded person with a balanced life. I also want to read books on parenting.

Just one? LOLz, have you met me? Beauty. Spirit. Friendship. The Divine Feminine. Twirling. Hugs (metaphorical and otherwise) Poetry. MUSIC ALL THE TIME. Lots of woo-woo because I've leaned too much on the rational/left-brain and frankly, it's not that it's not correct, it's just not ENOUGH. Sharing. in summation, Stevie Nicks Energy.

The business world interests me. I don't know much about it. Maybe thats why it interests me. Our whole world revolves around business: people buy things and sell things and with that, our society is able to function. Every adult that I know who is in business all seem very successful and I want to be that. Successful. Raise a family, live in a nice home, and have a nice job. With a job in business, I think my future-self aspirations should be easily obtainable. This year I’m taking AP Economics which, despite it’s complexity and difficulty, I find the business world interesting. Last year in Ethics, I got to learn a lot about business ethics. Even though I’ve learned about these topics, I still don’t know as much abut the business world as I should. I’ve read Death of a Salesman which dives into the immorality of the business world, watch the Big Short which shows how those who invested big ended up basically getting, well, screwed, and have watched the documentary Fed Up which demonstrates how big food companies hoodwinked, and continue to deceive, society. I have learned a lot, but I want to learn more. I’ve never owned stocks. I’ve never been inside a business firm or have seen what those hardworking people in cubicles actually do. In college, I want to major in something business related; but, the business schools of most colleges are difficult to get into. It could be because most people genuinely think its interesting; but, I think its due to the fact that the most money is able to be obtained in that profession. This is true. To be blunt, this is also a reason why the business world interests me. Who doesn’t like making money? To get a head start for college, I want to start looking more into the business world by, maybe, buying a stock and talking to my parents friends in business. They seem like they know their stuff.

I would like to work more on being mindful, of being in the present. I spend a lot of time thinking about the future, which isn't bad-everyone needs to plan. But I also need to appreciate the present. Time flies by.

Environmental efforts I can take. This past year, I definitely started altering my lifestyle in small ways that do feel like a big difference (stasher bags, reusable bags to most stores, washing items out to recycle). But I know there is more that I can do. Who I am is the possibility of life, sustainability, and happiness. For all creatures and environments. Personally, I will bring bags with me every day in order to avoid paper or plastic bags from restaurants and stores. I will not use paper towels - only washable cloths. I will buy more of my clothing from thrift stores. On a bigger scale, I can become a stand for others taking on these lifestyle changes. REDUCE, REUSE.... recycling is a last resort.

I want to keep exploring community building and organizing, learning from others and doing it in the practice.

I would like to learn more of the science behind Multiple Myeloma so that I can understand Husband's treatment more readily. If (when) he goes into remission, I'd like to look more into advocating and fundraising around this.

Myself. Sounds odd to say. Selfish even? But...I don't really know who I am. Here I am, 37 years old, and I'm just figuring out who I am.

aahhhh same as last year! I AM composting now and about to use my first batch, but I need to build up my boxes and start working on growing my veggies! Your Answer 2018: Gardening and composting! Now that I own 19 acres, i'd really like to start gardening small crops like kale and tomatoes. I want my own compost pile as well.

I am deeply interested in re-discovering or building bridges between people. I see so much discord and people talking at cross purposes. No one seems to be heard. I see so much exhaustion with political and moral discourse, but as humans, we do not have the option to opt out. How can we find ways to re-enter dialogue instead of engaging in louder and increasingly polemic monologues? I am particularly interested in this as it relates to law enforcement, which inevitably pulls in issues of criminal justice, wealth and poverty, and race.

The idea of ideas. I'm over people and causes for now. I think maybe I want to just explore my ideas and ways to transform them into my art-levels.

I want to investigate my interests more fully -- I want to study. I want to read the books and do the work. I want to find mentors and minds that I want to comb and eyes I want to see through. Specific ideas? Self-help psychology. Attachment theory. Nutrition. Yoga and Yoga Therapy. Meditation. Sexuality. Relationship Anarchy. Women's worth, sacred femininity, and sisterhood. Systematic Oppression and privilege. Magic and Mystical ideas to stir my creative side. I want to come alive and be filled with exciting ideas to add new flavors to my artistic creations!

I have been thinking a great deal recently about the issues that teens grapple with these days as opposed to the issues that teens have faced in the past. I am really concerned about these issues and the health and well being of teens today and would really like to push my community- my kids school and my synagogue- to actively address these issues.

Myself. This situation with John has stirred up some things about myself that I didn't know were there. Anxiety. Feelings that my best is not good enough. The inability to control my emotions more times than I am comfortable with. I have always said that it is not what life throws you, it's how you handle it. I have been befuddled by how I have reacted to a lot this year. I have been unable to reconcile who I thought I was to how I have been behaving. I need to work towards inner peace so that it will come out in how I react to life's circumstances. This will take work.

Financial tools for low income people How social media can empower and spread good behavior Democracy

Not really. I want to continue loving my life as it is and hopefully find a way to make a bit more money and successfully reduce my debt.

Yes, I will be enrolling in a plant-based nutrition course to learn more about the benefits to the environment. I want to see where this additional information can take me: a new job, a new focus?

Not sure of anything in particular

I want to continue my studies of the scriptures and spend more time in intentional contemplation and prayer. Too many of my days are without any clear purpose/motivation.

I will be working on my physical and mental health more deliberately and consciously in the coming year, combining exercise and healthy eating with therapy, journaling and knowing I have my wonderful husband to rely on as I make some changes in my personal life.

I just want to get better in touch with the kind and meek side of myself. There are times where my abrasive, radical side is needed, but often I use it in ALL situations and just end up leading a very angry life.

Not sure. Maybe chartership, if it comes up? Beyond that, I think I need to investigate job options and what I want to do. Depending on what happens, I need to make some changes and be ready to adapt to change when I need to. Maybe investigating savings/mortgages might be on the cards, since I've started to create a credit history for myself. A lot will depend on timing and Brexit and jobs, but I have been considering opening a help to buy ISA so maybe that will be a thing to carry on with?

I want to investigate me. When I started this getting-professional-help-for-my-poor-mental- health ball rolling one of the many things I wrote in that first manic outpouring was under an ‘I’m Excited About’ heading in my planner and I wrote, “Being me again, maybe; maybe just figuring out who I am…I think I might like to meet me and make friends with her.” I do want that, very much. I’ve spent so much of my time wallowing in any and all bad feelings about myself that I feel like I pretty much totally lost sight of any rational perception of myself. I want to gain a better view of me. I want to know that good and the bad and trust that I’m not deciding what is good or bad because of what others are telling me or because of how they treat me, but rather because of what I genuinely think about myself and learn to let that guide how I treat me, and how I treat others.

I want to explore more. I want to meet someone new and completely different. I want to continue along the path I'm on now, and just broaden from there.

More about setting up a department and having direct reports. It would be good to prepare /before/ the pressure is on so I can execute and pivot if/when it happens.

Last year, I wrote that I wanted to meditate and pray more. Starting last spring, I have set a goal of meditating for 10 minutes a day, and I have mostly been successful with that. I don't pray or talk to God every day, though, and I would like to do that, perhaps while I am walking or biking outside. As I write this, I am looking outside my window at the most beautiful autumn light in the trees, and I feel God's presence close to me. In the long term, I'm finding myself increasingly interested in supporting those in prison or just released from prison, who society has cast out. I wonder if I am feeling a call to work in this way, but I have not discerned it yet.

Much the same as last year, but I was trying to do too much. I want to try to take a trip every month, if just for a weekend.


What makes me happy now? I feel like I will never be happy. I'm am not depressed just without motivation.

How I can best utilize my time to get out the votes for Democratic candidates in the locations where it will do the most good and be the most productive.

weight control, reading the books I ordered from thriftbooks all year. trying watercolor painting, adult coloring books for relaxation and focus and more yarn craft.

Living simpler so others might simply live. Renewable energy

The idea would be to paint in the style that I like...to follow the light...to be aware of and change a photo to be far more artistically pleasing. It is not deep, and may be frivolous. On the other hand, maybe I should take it one step further and not be so literal and follow the light in my life! I know nothing about how to interpret the bible or the talmud. I am going to see if there is another route I can take to get more knowledgeable. I am reading a book (Witness) that is about the classes and lessons that Elie Weisel taught and would like to investigate more of his philosophy and reasoning

My partner and my relationship with them. Climate change and how to use my voice for good. Trusting others and trusting myself.

Starting my own business.

So much energy has been put into exploitation, I would like to explore restorative practices. Ways of healing people, society and the environment.

Dialogue with people on the political right, to understand them, identify shared values and goals, and reduce sense of polarization, demonization, and separation.

I want to be more me - not who social media thinks I am or wants me to be. And I want to be more politically involved and active because it matters and the past few years have been such a dumpster fire.

Definitely want to delve more deeply into Buddhism!

Women and family as a unity as a potential solution for violence in schools.

I want to continue to live in a more environmentally sustainable way, continue to reduce our plastic waste and meat consumption.

Climate change. How am I going to radically change my life so I am not in climate denial? I don't know that lifestyle changes are worthwhile, but agitating for policy changes everywhere seems important. Get on it!

Jewish art! And ecosystems = )

The role mindfulness can play in my new life, in this new place. How to build community well.

I want to identify ways to build commitments for reducing fossil fuel use. How can we encourage our county government, local businesses and the community to see the urgency, to commit to taking responsibility, and to turn despair into hope-driven action? Each individual must work - both alone and in concert with others. We cannot stand by, or muddle along!

The answer for this is still increasing emotional intelligence and figuring out how I can use that to help improve people's lives. I want to see if there is a way to get involved with Yale's Center of Emotional Intelligence as well. I also want to begin to research van/tiny house living and start to plan for that lifestyle. I want to live sustainability, be able to travel and help others around the country and live tiny.

So many. My great hope is that I will be able to focus on one, two or three things, and stay with them, until I get somewhere. Learn Russian. Learn Spanish. Love Sasha, Tommy, Orion, Briet. Join in the No Coal in Richmond coalition. Help the Richmond schoolchildren with math and science (and maybe some writing and reading too, especially the language of emotion and truth beneath truth). Make friends with Sarah, and Renee. Others too maybe--people with a spiritual path and a hunger, some wisdom and some education. Learn to defer gratification long enough to finish one thing before jumping the track.

I want to investigate ways to be more observant and finding meaning and more Jewish ritual to create a more rooted life

I want to have a brilliant answer for this question, but I think when it comes down to it, the person and idea that I want to investigate more fully is me. I'm going a lot of things that I enjoy, that enrich me, that fulfill me, but there's still a but there. I want to take time to understand what is in that but, what are my impediments to my own fulfillment, joy, happiness, 100%. It's about contentment, balance and purpose.

Moving to Europe and working over seas as a business consultant

I’d like to explore my own privilege and prejudices so that I can get over them.

MEDITATION. RECOVERY FROM CO-DEPENDENCY. MY ANCESTORS. - Their names, their regions, their passions, their stories.

I'd like to get back to ~monthly date nights with my husband (and maybe a weekend getaway or two since we aren't doing a week-long trip in the next year!). The idea is to make time for us to connect on items beyond just logistics, child care, and meals. Our relationship is pretty great but I want to make sure it stays that way and even has the opportunity to grow and deepen. I've also stopped doing yoga in the last year, but that wasn't really a conscious decision. I almost always feel better when I do yoga weekly, but the time and expense and logistics was hard, so I let it slide. I haven't decided yet if that's something I want to prioritize getting back into in the coming year or not.

These are the years of investigating myself more fully, striving to know my wants in the present, uncluttered by the hurts of the present. This year, I will investigate my inner mother, the one that mothers me - or fails to - and consider how I might close the gap between her and my infant self.

I've been told by many people that I need to write a cookbook. I have been-more conscious of my experiments in the kitchen and making sure my recipes are simple enough for others to follow. I think I want to go the way of self publishing, so that is something that I will explore more in depth.

Elon Musk. That guy is great! Also, Bill Gates. Also a great guy. Learn from them, their vision, and their will.

I would like to explore how to participate in tikkun olam without politicizing the goals. I have accepted the role of Chair of our Social Action Committee, so, it's critical that I find a way to do this so that we can engage as many members as possible. With our current set up, we have alienated half the potential participants since the outgoing Co-chairs are very vocal about their politics.


Take time to write 5 thinks I’m thankful for, one happy memory and 5 minutes of quiet meditation everyday.

I want to become involved with solutions to the homelessness issues facing my communities. I am looking for tangible ways to donate time and resources to solutions for getting people off the streets. It is a very complex problem, but as a society, we can come up with multiple solutions. It can be overwhelming to find where to start but I'm committed to finding a way this year.

I want to fully launch my photography biz. I also want to dedicate myself to ensuring we don't have 4 more years of a Trump presidency.

I’d like to campaign for the democratic presidential candidate in PA in 2020. I can’t just donate money and sit back and hope or post useless shit on fb.

I want to investigate rural advocacy and rural revival - I am not alone in enjoying the simple life, but I also want my community to thrive. There must be a middle ground.

The idea of just being. Like without fitting ideas I may have received about what it means to be a (woman, worker, girlfriend, American, etc.). The idea that I can be whatever way I am (fat, thin, hippie, etc) and there’s nothing wrong with me.

Movimento democrático das mulheres. Women activism.

I’m going to repeat much of my answer from last year: I would like to continue learning about self-compassion and mindfulness, I would like to learn more about holistic nutrition and cook new things, I would like to learn to sew and how to use my sewing machine, I would like to feel more connected to Judaism in some way, I would like to get stronger and feel less body pain from work through strengthening my core and upper body. Also, I would like to continue the journey of investing more in my friendships and maybe make some new friends at work or elsewhere to build/tighten my community of support.

Good question! I wish I spent time focusing on a topic. Any topic. I'd just like to read fiction. I don't do enough of that.

I'd like to learn more about being an effective leader, especially at work.

I am so enjoying studying Public Administration. Really. I'd like to continue learning more about it.


Everything. I want to experience more of everything.

hmmmm, good one....I'd like to explore donating when I'd otherwise spend. I'd like to explore KIVA

I want to expand my time engaging in activities I already do that bring me joy (yoga, reading, volunteering, learning for pleasure) and explore new ways of bringing joy into my life.

I want to investigate more fully into classic books. For example, Jane Eyre, Pride and Prejudice, Oliver Twist, and more. These books are hard and difficult to understand, however, I feel like this is a great mind-opening.

More letting go and living imperfectly. What life will be like after I let go of my career Climate change

Always learning. My anxiety has caused me to be more curious around unspecific fears. I want to investigate my fortitude and occasional procrastination. I have made great strides in not overthinking. I want the ability to let things go, which I believe starts with not trying to figure out others' behavior.

Besides grad school lol. Climate change? I'm not sure how, but I think its important. Also healthy eating habits. I really really need to work on this.

My son. I am so looking forward to getting to know him! What will make him tick? What will make him happy? Will he care about books, or toy cars, or stuffed animals? Will he be quicker at talking, or at walking? Will he be a picky eater? (Ok, I know for a fact that he will. But will he be as picky as his father when it comes to vegetables?)

I want to dive deeper into a healthy lifestyle - diet for cancer prevention, exercise, meditation. I want to try yoga. I want to volunteer more, find something I'm passionate about. I want to try an improv class to develop my own instincts and self worth. I want to lean into being a better person socially - the more I shed my low self esteem, the more present I can be with others and listen more, do neighborly things, be a kinder human.

I want to reclaim my time and my energy. I’d like to explore ways of drawing useful boundaries and not getting swept away by other people.

Being financially comfortable. That’s none of those things but top of mind right now! And...Judaism. It’s time.

I am so overwhelmed with conservation, warming, faith in God and the defense of democracy in the Trump age that I am fully invested in investigation already. Havnt forgotten the book about Timmy which I really want to research. My colleague at the zoo, Henry tells me he is writing a history of gorillas in american zoos. Since I don't see him as doing anything like what I want to do, make it a personal story and a history of zoo changes, this should prod me to do this! We have a new director at the zoo, Priscilla, a bronx girl, I look forward to getting to know her.

I have recently made contact with someone that I might have a romantic and/or deep friendship connection to, I would like to see where that goes, I am hopeful. I also have recently been opened up to the idea of a new career in medicine, I will be exploring that further.

I'd like to focus on getting MeeBox back into my happy place. My start up was so much fun and for the past year it has given me nothing but anxiety. Mainly because its not doing so well and we've had some major set backs but we have such a good idea and such a great community that I would like to see/investigate how we can grow this amazing community of women more.

Typing - Efficiency and time management Accounting - Job knowledge Public speaking - Presentation and communication skills Leadership - Doing more for my team and being a better manager

This year I want to focus on art, especially Dutch/Flemish art, in order to prepare for our trip next summer. I have some library books, which is where I'll start. I also need to work on classroom management strategies [laugh face; cry face].

Myself. I have to learn more about who I am now.

I want to read or listen to a bit more of Malcolm Gladwell. I always enjoy his podcasts with Bill Simmons. I might start listening to audio books in the car - much as I love my NFL podcasts. Maybe I could start on that after the NFL season. I can just about keep up. I'd like to see if there's a role for me in the UX team at Torchbox. I feel like I need a change, but I want to make sure I'm doing more of the work I'm good at, not more of the work that makes me anxious and depressed. I want to be doing stuff, not talking and consulting and meta-working. So I want to dig into whether that's going to work for me. It would give me the opportunity to introduce more of the ideas from "Making Websites Win" into the company. I can be the evangelist. I need to take on a bit of risk and make a role for myself. I might not even have a line manager. Although I know who I'd want my line manager to be. Hi Dave Harris! I suspect things will be different at work this time next year. I hope so!

I want to be more green this time next year, I think being as vegetarian as possible would be good, definitely recycling a lot more, driving less, making small eco-friendly changes to the things I use and buy

I want to become more knowledgeable about Climate Change.

Pshaw. (As Laura Ingalls Wilder would say.) Nope. I'm just trying to survive here, and get better at being a decent person - that's challenge enough.

Yikes - same as last year. I want to volunteer somewhere. I would also like to get more into photography, and to spend as much time as possible with my dog.

I'm probably going to need to do some homework on the impeachment once it crashes and burns (I'm trying to positively jinx it).

Well I'm going to focus on myself and say that I really want to figure out how to stop sabotaging myself. Most important to me right now is developing a schedule for myself and sticking to it. Taking myself seriously. I respect everyone else but myself. And though I think there aren't any consequences when I don't follow my guidelines, in truth I'm the one who loses out.

Not particularly, unless you count parenthood. I want to do more crafts, read more, learn more Romanian, and grow a healthy baby human.

I want to help the democratic nominee defeat Trump. I would like to begin volunteering at the Women's prison here and take a more active role in our local community. I would like to re-learn how to play the piano.

I want to learn how to foster and maintain civility in conversations with individuals who have different political views. I think it is important for each of us to listen to that which is not familiar and that with which we disagree...in a safe and civil manner.

I would like to investigate how I can live more responsibly, buying fewer clothes, less plastic and so on.

I'd like to explore more of the convention scene in the Bay Area and to get back into cosplay. I've been in a slump since my move and have struggled to get motivated to work on my artwork. However, cosplay has always been an excellent way to meet and connect with like-minded people. I've joined a few meetups that go to such events, and I need to force myself to go to more.

I want that my mother would feel more happier and would take care of herself and I want to help her. Also I want to make a world to better place.

I want to explore philosophy and ethics further this year, and the movement of effective altruism as an extension of this.

Being in a postgrad program, I'm learning new things every day. Eventually, I will need to narrow them down into a dissertation, but for now I'm more interested in being open minded and willing to follow tangents where they might lead.

My dear friend from work I have a crush on?

I am very interested in the homeless. Politicians like to call it "affordable housing", but there are many reasons people are homeless. They cannot be painted with a broad brush. Maybe at the end of my research meet with people who want to help make things better.

Disability rights, accessibility advocacy, healing & releasing things (and people) that no longer serve me. Self-care.

Now that I know my issue is not IBS, I am working to figure out what I can and can't eat. Wheat and dairy are definite no-fly foods. I have been eating mostly whole foods, which is fine if a bit boring. But my kids are exhibiting signs of similar food sensitivities, and they are less eager to eat only whole foods. So I want to learn how to prepare delicious GF vegan dishes.

Travelling by train. I've travelled abroad much more in the past year than I ever have before, and this has been such a positive experience for so many reasons: it has given me some great shared experiences - delicious food and beautiful landscapes - and bonding moments with friends, it has broadened my outlook of the world and introduced me to other cultures, it has combatted my old depressive and anxious beliefs (that for some reason I should wait to enjoy the world, that spending my money on travelling with friends is somehow self-indulgent, that I can't cope with fitting travel around my work and I should 'rest' instead). However, this has also meant flying so much more than I ever have before, and this isn't compatible with my desire to reduce my personal negative impact on the environment. So I'm going to explore train travel across Europe and perhaps beyond, and engage more fully with the concept of 'slow travel'.

Politics, political life, good government. I would like people to value and believe in the usefulness of the US government again. How can I help?

When I sign up for certain volunteer opportunities, I want more of them to be for really helping the needy, more than what I do as a volunteer at present.

I want to invest in myself more. Me time New hobbies Explore new places Date around and maybe find [the] next [one]

We’ve been friends for a while now, but have recently made an amazing connection. He’s shy, quirky, and complex. I think there are road blocks currently, but I’m incredibly patient and entirely dedicated. I don’t think he realizes how kind, genuine, and thoughtful he is. He deserves good people, good relationships, and positivity in his life - and I’d like to have a hand in that. He means the world to me.

Disability justice

Oh, yes. But I believe that ship has sailed.

I want to investigate my own sexuality more.

I want to learn more about Getting Things Done (GTD) and see how this could be valuable in my client work and my own life.

I'd like to look more closely at Motley Fool and more actively trading. I need to do something to get my retirement fund balance up.

Yes! I want to explore what it means to be Jewish as a daily practice. I recently found a term, "progressive traditionalist", and I think that it really applies to us. I want to figure out what that means for us, and how we can bring our Judaism into our lives in a more integrated way. We're not Orthodox, and I don't see us going that way, but that doesn't mean we can't still be aware of all that our religion has to offer us.

How I can broaden myself professionally by pursuing the Things That Interest Me and Matter in the World, without waiting for someone to "give" me an opportunity.

I want to explore the idea of Judaism without boundaries.

I'd like to read more pro-level scripts. I'd like to learn a foreign language (just figure out which one. Portuguese makes the most sense. Spanish does, too.)

Myself. I want to continue to understand and get to know myself better and better each year. I’d like to continue to work on botany skills, I’d like to express myself creatively, I’d like to keep working on fitness and getting stronger

Care Coordination I would like to see Coordination among all players, social determinants of health; medical care; the justice system; and homeless services.

I want to investigate connection, building connection and repairing connection

I want to focus on my Jewish practice for this coming year. Finishing reading the Torah and digging more into Haftarah and other readings, learning about the traditions I never knew about growing up, finding more of my place in the community. Maybe joining the congregation properly?

Basically me. All the great things are out there - yoga, meditation, drinking water, cooking more, healthier choices etc!!!! But I think the thing that resonates most with me is decluttering and redecorating. It is a form of self care and one that will lead to feelings of peace and pride. Right now I have a clean and beautiful bedroom and it feels so good. And I am actively choosing to keep it that way. Bit by tiny bit by putting things away and staying on top of clutter. Changing old patterns and habits on a daily basis.

This question catches me off guard. I feel like I shut off my curiosity after exiting grad school this spring (and even then, my curiosity felt laser-focused and willful, as if it were a job). So I'm afraid the subject I pick is self-referential: what can I do on my own, without shellacking my bank account with therapy in NYC, to build up my self-esteem, turn around my attitude, and start bringing positive things into my life? I'll keep my mind open.

What I can do to further rights for the queer community as a whole, not just the parts that affect me.

My husband and myself Be environmentally friendly/adopting Finding an alternative to work on clinic...

Once I have all of that post-parting work drama sorted out, I will have to begin my portfolio. And commit to driving lessons. Shush—this year was a lot! In addition to last year's title motivator being Mel Robbins, this year's is Jen Sincero (You Are A Badass). The idea—working smarter and working differently. I'm turned off by a corporate office environment. I did my time there. Next! (I’m not putting it down or saying I will never do it. It's just something I actively want to avoid for the time being.)

Last year I said me, my marriage, and my job. This is still true. I'd also like to be able to prepare my children for their next steps - middle school and also kindergarten! And to get more financially stable (which goes with my marriage). I am grateful for the resources in time and space to have the chance to do so.

God myself hubby worth

Get my Hebrew reading more fluent and keep up in services.

Our puppy! I can’t wait to see what he’s like as he grows into a dog. He’s already cute as anything, but he’s chewing everything right now so that’s clouding his personality a little, so I would like to investigate that!


I am looking for a new organization to volunteer my time, energy and money. One that I have been committed to for more than 35 years has changed leadership and sadly no longer feel welcome. I hope an organization that helps homeless youth will be where I land.

With the United States already mired in yet another divisive presidential contest and Israeli citizens preparing for a possible third election this year, it is imperative to better understand how to bridge divides and learn how to converse with people with differences of opinion – friends and strangers. We don’t need to be in agreement with one another, but we must respect each other.

Same answer as last year. I want to learn more about Israel and present my findings to my office. It needs to be interesting and fun, yet balanced when it comes to discussing the Palestinian conflict.

Would like to see what becomes of Greta Thurnberg.

This past year, I went with my uncle on a dental mission to Nepal. I was changed by what I saw and experienced, but I also let myself slip back into my privileged life more easily than I should have. This coming year, I want to step up and investigate and support causes like this one more. I want to educate myself on the lives of people around the world and figure out how I can make a difference.

GO deeper into Kabbalah for sure. I just got a taste this year and it blew me wide open. I want to continue to study with Rav Doniel and open to other teachers. I also for the first time want to share the mystical teachings and spiritual Judaism with the Mt. Sinai confirmation class. I am committed to it already and need to learn more to be able to transmit it in an engaging thoughtful way.

I’ve started being more environmentally conscious lately. I think I spent a long while thinking it was either less important or just a waste of money. It didn’t seem to necessarily fit or be important. I think making little changes is more important, and I’m finding it easier to make them without thinking. Some of it does come from being in Weipa - you’ve got to plan what you’re buying if it’s online anyway. However I think this is really only a positive and it’s training me into better habits that are adding up positively.

I want to see changes happen on campus around how they deal with student mental health. I want all students to have access to the support and accommodations that I have been provided with by my faculty. UofT needs to step up and actually do something and kicking students out on a “mandate leave of absence” is not an option.

Connection. I want to devote myself to connection. I want to give of myself to others that deserve it, as much as possible. I want deep intimacy. I may not be able to have the constant, exhilarating connection I crave, but I want at least to find more moments of it.

I want to continue to learn more about all our political candidates. I want to get more invoiced in causes I believe in not just donate money, but take action and stand up for things. Maybe even go to DC and be part of a protest if needed.

Me? It's weird to say me, but I honestly think I'd really like to interrogate me a bit more. I used to be a lot more introspective, but I feel like I've stopped exploring myself and my mind, and I feel stagnant because of it. I feel like a consumer again, not a producer, not a thinker of thoughts or dreamer of dreams. In a lot of ways, I think I'd be a lot happier if I just spent more time in my own head, but in a good way.

As I continue to look for ways to stay in and grow in the cannabis industry, I would be interested in learning more about the social equity programs out there. One of the major inequities of the system is the way that legalization has proportionally left persons of color unable to take advantage of the spoils of the system due to the way marijuana laws were applied pre-legalization. Until that is addressed, then cannabis just becomes another way to perpetuate racial and class-based income inequality.

I would like to figure out how to be more involved politically without exhausting myself. The country is falling apart under Trump and I don’t know what to do other than vote.

I want to explore small moments of beauty. I want to try to see the little things, the good little things, rather than let all the sad stuff accumulate to the point that I feel buried in it.

I want to study the Bible more this year. An in-depth reading context of the time when the books were written as well as original words it was translated from.

I feel like it is urgently important to better understand fascism, white supremacist patriarchy, and propaganda.

I want to keep on being aware and involved in my access and knowledge of Israeli politics and what is going on there. Just keep on working with those who believe its a terrorist country because while there are two sides to every story, more people need to know that Israel isn't the occupying monstrosity the media makes it out to be.

Myself. Mindfulness and Ego work. Re-parenting. Healing from trauma. Letting go. Toni Morrison.

"Focus on the process; the speed will come." A bit of advice I received from a delivery driver in Portland. I get pretty wrapped up in how far or how quickly I am or am not progressing on a project. This can cause a downward spiral of negative energy, demotivation, slowed progress, or even a project going kaput. Running: I just need to focus on my body, on what I achieve in this next 20 minutes, on exercising today, this week. Work: I just need to focus on the pieces that bring the project to completion, and it will come together. Thinking about the whole thing freaks me out. Drawing: I just have to do it. It's the only way to get faster. Family illness: one day at a time, and before we know it, the chemo will be over.

In the next year I want to learn more about what I can do, as a Spanish-speaking person in Missouri, to support immigrants in our country. I particularly wonder what people who have learned Spanish in school can do to harness our language and cultural skills to make a difference.

The middle east history and current events

I want to open up the doors to look into what my purpose in the world is. I don't want to be afraid to think about it. Maybe I'm scared that I don't have one? That's not true. There is not just one purpose for me in this world decided by somebody else. I get to choose what I want to do with my life. I just need to have the courage to let myself dream and get there.

I would like to understand and get to know Theodore Roosevelt more than I do. I can do this with the Edmund Morris biographies, as well as the Ken Burns documentary about the Roosevelt family. Oh, and, of course, stoicism: continue to deepen my practice and read Epictetus and Seneca more thoroughly.

I want to continue my journey to learn more about and take actions towards undoing racism. I have so much more to learn about clean energy, renewables, energy storage, electric vehicles, energy efficiency, disposal of nuclear waste, climate activism, international climate negotiations... There's a lot out there but it's all so important and worth learning about. I want to continue to learn about my partner, as we keep deepening and settling into our relationship. I want to learn more about my parents as individuals, not just care-takers.

CLIMATE CHANGE! I really want to learn how I can lessen my impact on the environment, but also how regular people can agitate our local governments and big business to sit the fuck down and stop killing the planet. It's a big task, one I hope I don't feel too overwhelmed by, but also an important one, and one worth breaking down into other smaller projects/ideas/questions/etc.

I would like to read more in the upcoming year, particularly fiction. Brie got me a kindle for my birthday and I really love reading on it. I would like to read more fiction. I feel like I've had some opportunities to learn more about the craft of fiction in talking with Sarah at work. Like how characters are crafted and plot lines revealed. I would like to develop more discipline to really get to know good characters in literature.

Characters. I've never felt strong at creating them but I think I've just been unfocused. My John Wilkes Booth in laser tag? I mean come ON. Sociopathic Lindbergh? Hell yeah. So yeah. I'd like to research and write that more.

Intensive Jewish historical, linguistic, and Talmudic learning.

Think more about my impact on the world and how to lessen the negative and heighten the positive.

How can I better the world with my data talents

My idea for a 1 woman show about being woman in ones body when ones body doesnt cooperate with being a woman-- Also- gotta gotta gotta gotta volunteer/ be involved in the cause to get a Democrat in the Oval and a Democrat led senate.

I need to understand more about my wife and her motivations and consider where I want to take this relationship. She has hurt me deeply over the past year. Or perhaps, I should say, that I've allowed her to hurt me deeply and for that I should take responsibility.

I would like to establish ritual of spirituality and community as part of our weekly routine. I am still considering how to do this, but I believe a daily meditation will have a place in it. And scheduling in time with friends, regularly, will also be good for us. Buying a home somewhere, I intend to create community. I also need to investigate how to raise a child with morals without reverting to religion. How to create an ethical framework and delight in and reverence for the natural world? I can't be the first to have intended this for a child - there must be a book out there somewhere that I can interrogate while I consider establishment of my own Gaia cult.

home-buying. cooking healthy food for myself. home-making.

Yes, meditation and yoga.

I want to get my vocabulary back and reduce the amount of medication I take to mitigate the effects of brain drain.

I don't know what this would be really. I still want to spend time overseas. I'd like to investigate or actually work on a book. I started an outline, but there's more to go. I'm interested in investigating more about diversity in my organization and black culture and implicit bias.

I WANT TO INVESTIGATE MYSELF!!!!!!!!!!!!! I want to investigate my relationship with politics and organizing and words. I want to explore my relationship with Sunny and my relationship with food. I want to further my relationship with Sunny and my relationship with my body. I want to understand my rather more fully, and my sister, and brother. I want to learn more about my relationship with plants and the ocean.