Describe one thing you'd like to achieve by this time next year. Why is this important to you?

I want to finish my thesis - i feel like i need to prove to myself that I can be the researcher I want to be.

Well, I'm pregnant. So hopefully have a healthy baby and successfully parent them and care for them. It feels self explanatory why that would be important. :)

Get an estate plan in place. It’s important because life is uncertain. I’d also like to start seriously retirement planning.

I would like to have a daily yoga habit. This is important to me for my general health, my bone health, my flexibility and strength, and my peace of mind.

A real relationship. While I love seeing so many of my peers getting engaged and married, I wish I could reach that point in my life where the thought of a future lifelong partner is approaching.

I'd like to move alone. I've lived my whole life surrounded by people and would like to discover how far I could go on my own.

Travel more. To have visited London, including organising it and hopefully met friends

By this time next year I’d like to be moving forward with my degree. I think after this year I’ll be ready to leave Madrid (not forever, but until I achieve my degree).

I don't know. I am sort of done with setting goals. I never seem to achieve them, or I get this feeling of dread of looking back at how optimistic I was. I'd like to spend time with friends, eat good food, relax, go on holiday, write some stories that make me happy, sing some songs that make me connect, dance some dances that bring me joy. I want to have good conversations and see beautiful things. I want to spend time in nature. I don't want to achieve anything – I just want to be living.

I would like to have a home with a developing sense of community and social connections that will help stabilize me and provide the best health and wellness outcomes in my life.

Ughhh I want Replennabis to get funding and be in a better place. More stable. I want it to become something so I can hire someone to work for it and I can stay on in a founders role. Or...leave Abacus because it becomes a better option for me. I honestly don't have the answer but I'm excited to see what happens in a year!

I want to have let go of everything that doesn't serve me. Weight clutter mindless TV and Internet browsing. I feel as if I have filled my life with these things to the detriment of relationships and other experiences that might have been hiding amongst our all.

I would like to have healed my left hip. Important for obvious reasons.

For once I would like to make a resolution and keep it. Every year I "comit" to something and only the next year I remember what it was. How about finding a partner who would keep me honest about my commitment?

I want to be more established in my field and have presented at at least two conferences.

I wan't to be able to reflect and say that I am healthy. For me this is physically, mentally, emotionally and to an extent spiritually. I want to feel these things and I want to know who I am. It's important because in the last few years I feel as though I have lost my identity. I haven't established values and I haven't set goals. I want to be able to look at myself and know exactly who I am.

Well, my answer is the same as last year. I want to be a mother. We currently have 3 embryos waiting to be tested. I hope that they’re healthy, and that implantation works when we get to that part.

I'd like to have a full slate of volunteer activities in place -- Morse School, Planned Parenthood, PJ Library, Vassar Temple, et al. I'm hoping some of them will include reading aloud to kids, which I dearly love. Why is this important? Because I'm the child of my parents, for whom giving back to the community was both an obligation and a source of joy.

I'd like to have some job security. Right now, I just don't have any assurances that this time next year I will still be sitting in this chair and doing this work. At the very least, I need a raise, and I am gearing myself up to ask for one.

I had forgotten about my tearing up at Sarah's wedding talking to Jodie about how I don't know when I'll find my person. I think my real goal for this year is not about love, I want to see where things with Jeff go, but I'm more concerned about my family relationship and my ability to communicate.

By this time next year there is something that I would really like to accomplish. I would like to become a better skater and compete in higher levels.

I desperately need to get my anxiety level to a normal state. I have had endless trouble sleeping because of worries about the house, finances, and not being able to turn off my chatty brain. I don't want to go on medication, and at times resort to sleep aids, which are not a long term solution. I hope we can continue work on the house, as there are endless wiring problems which were unforeseen, and which stall progress .I hope to be more comfortable emotionally in the house.

I'd like to have my new house built. I've been farting around for a year & a half trying to get this project going & t's time to get it finished... or at least started.

I'd just like to feel like I have more stable and balanced life. Getting divorced, moving to a new home, leaving the military have all been difficult transitions. I am finally starting a new job that pays well and offers some stability. There are a few home improvements I'd like to make. Between time with my son, time with my partner, the gym, work, yoga, martial arts training, B.A.C.A and my spiritual practices, I'd like to be in a place where all get reasonable attention without spreading myself too thin.

Hmm... I guess I'd say "more of the same"! I'm on a good trajectory and I'd like to keep it up. So nothing new, but I'd like to have another year of continued my regular exercise routine, my regular Al Anon meeting attendance, keeping up my performance and satisfaction levels at work, maintaining my friend and family relationships, continuing to have nice travel adventures, continue to save money towards retirement. I'd like to achieve status quo! How blessed am I?!

Buy a home to invest in a home is part of the American dream and it gives a freedom from paying out money (rent) with nothing to show for it. It will also set a wonderful example for my children and grandchildren!

By next year I would like to have some peace with right direction or lack there of in college right now, it is a scary thought to look into the future. I see nothing, because I don’t know where I’m going. I have a goal, but it has nothing to do with University. There’s no specific way I can cheese it bowl for it is more like a life event that has to happen naturally over the course of at least by next year I would like to have found peace with right direction or lack there of in college. Right now, it is a scary thought to look into the future. I see nothing, because I don’t know where I’m going. I have a goal, but it has nothing to do with University. There’s no specific way I can cheese it bowl for it is more like a life event that has to happen naturally over the course of at least one year. I would like to have more direction in my daily activities, and know what I’m working towards at the end of the day.

By this time next year, I would like to go "independent" from Crimson and have my own business, possibly a website, with my college essay editing services. I am thrilled that I am having the experience with Crimson because I would have had no other way of getting this education, but (and it does remain to be seen in January how much $ I am able to accumulate in these months) I believe that I can do better financially and with time management by working on my own. I want to be able to continue working for Emmie and possibly seeing what other options arise, so being an independent mentor is my current goal, although I am very appreciative of Crimson.

Clarity in my heart. Financial stability. Abundant mindset, abundant life, abundance. Flowing both ways, and particularly into my bank account. Ease with money. Healthy relationship to money, to earning, to giving my gifts creatively, to being appreciated and paid for my work.

I would like to have a small garden. Seeing plants growing has given me so much joy. I want to feel like there is the possibility of growth all around me.

A manuscript, whether it gets published or not. This is important to me because it's been an itch in my brain for years upon years now and if I don't do it, then I'll feel I've failed myself and perhaps the people out there who could benefit from my POV and perspective on the issue that is so much a part of me it's like a separate person that shadows me 24/7. Can I shed it via writing it all out? Maybe. But if I don't try to shed it definitively via the only way I know how, then I'll never know if it can be shed forever to thus free me.

I would love to open an indoor tennis court business. It is a need where I live as there are people who want to play but weather is a factor.

I would love to go on another big trip, but feel guilty spending the money for it. The really big thing I would like to achieve is to move to a retirement home in Turlock - it's expensive so I don't know if I can afford it, but I'm going to try. It is important because even though I am still healthy I'm feeling like a burden to my children & I want to make new friends & keep busy, also I'm tired to cooking & cleaning.

I'd like to be more at home with the new pace of my life.

I would like to have the flower vase painting finished and would like to have decided whether I want to take a painting class. This is important because doing so will show my commitment to myself and my creativity. If I ask myself what I love to do, painting is toward the top but I rarely make time for it and I feel like I’m not very good. So if i can finish this picture I’ll have some objective evidence of whether I’m “good” enough in my eyes and I’ll be prioritizing something that is important to me.

I'm saying it again: I would like to have a solid draft of my screenplay (current working title is Forgiveness) by next year. I would like it ready to send out as a writing sample to find an agent, find a producer, find its way to being made into a film.

Solid, daily/weekly/monthly budgeting. I hate living paycheck to paycheck and I think/know that a budget will help in getting things paid off, paid on time. I don't know why I have such an aversion to budgeting. At 53 I cannot blame my parents for not teaching me that this is such an important part of adulting. I just hope that I've instilled in my son that budgeting will make his life so much more easier.

I want to be healthier and more active. Things have gone down hill health wise and I need to turn this around.

I want to be independent. For me that means living on my own, supporting myself, and owning and being able to drive a car. I'm tired of living in a toxic family situation, and I think I'll finally be able to get out within the year

Become a lawyer, and quash the imposter syndrome.

I have a number of professional goals that still need to be achieved and I hope that I'm able to achieve them in the next year. As with last year, this would allow me to be able to provide for my family in the long-term.

I would like to be working with a group of people, led by those in poverty, to create a movement of divestment and "enough" so that land and other resources are getting redistributed. I really believe that is this is "our salvation," the way to "Heaven on earth," and probably the only way for human beings to survive.

the updates and repairs to the 33-y.o.-house have been well under way, now almost completed... what a relief. currently working on postponed trips to the dentist for necessary work, and looking into more self-therapy for what i now believe is Complex PTSD due to emotional trauma in my upbringing. always something to improve. i also hope to outsource more disliked tasks as i age, to get accustomed to doing this seamlessly if i ever get physically incapacitated.

Have a charitable family foundation set up and making grants.

Slow down. I am 47 years old, and I am tired.

As of 4 days ago I am unemployed after nearly 10 years at the same company. I'm in the early stages of exploring if a home organizing consulting business is something I want to pursue. I am excited at the prospect of helping people with something I feel I'm good at and the flexibility I would be able to maintain by setting my own schedule. However I'm also daunted by setting up the structure and managing all the business logistics outside of the decluttering/organizing aspects that I feel comfortable with. If I move forward with this I need to commit to it fully and work to overcome my fear and resistance to the aspects that feel daunting to me. While things can and will always change, I would like to feel settled in whatever the next stage of my working life will look like by this time next year. This feels important for financial security and an overall sense of purpose and direction.

This is hard. Is this at the personal level? City? Country? So many choices. And so much of what I do in elected office is grinding away at big problems, little by little. So I'm going to go with my children's book stuff. I want to get those books finished and published. They are good and they need to be done.

Having better sex and more fun with Adam

I want to have a published essay, oped, article. I want to feel more confident that I have ideas to share with the world.

Pay off my credit card. I'm tired of being in debt, and I want to start contributing to my future instead of taking away from it.

Well, really the answer is "I want to get pregnant." (Before I turn 37!!) But that's not an achievement. The achievement would be to configure our lifestyle and context so that we're in a comfortable enough place for me to get pregnant.

Work promotion and pay raise.

While I don't yet have any paying clients, for all intents and purposes, my business is up and running. I want to have a roster of 15-20 clients by this time next year, and have completed at least 2 successful group coaching programs (meaning my clients got the results they wanted and I put some money in the bank!). My own health and eating battles are in a much better place this year and I'm hoping I can say that again in a year's time. I'd like to have lost my last 7 KG/15 pounds by the time I check in again, and have kept it off comfortably.

I have achieved some behavior changes it was hard for me to let go of. But I would like to be more prudent, especially with regard to the care of myself and others. By this time next year, I will have expected to mediate daily in an effort to afford the best of my ability.

I'd like to be happy where I am. Feel that my private life is thriving; not that I need to have tons of friends, but I'd love to have a few close people I could trust close to me. I'd love to open myself more to love and to being with another person, to sharing intimacy. Wake up every morning full of new energy. Lead a more observant lifestyle.

I would like to return to professional practice in my home state. I have worked years to rehabilitate myself and now I just need for the state to see that I am a strong, intelligent, capable safe practitioner. My profession is my livelihood, my pride and my joy.

I'd like to identify an opportunity for deeper Jewish learning. This is my treat to myself for my 40th birthday. I feel like my Jewish learning stagnated when I graduated from 8th grade. More sustained and meaningful learning could bring about more knowledge, more connection to Judaism, and a deeper relationship to G-d.

a new job a new job a new job a new job

I would like to have a plan for how and when I will be pregnant (or a plan that I won't be). Maybe we'll even be trying at that point! I want to have a better sense of any fertility challenges I might have, and what the path might look like for two moms.

I would like to use this year to build connections so that in a year (or two) I can go freelance / register myself as a company! I know that in order to do this I need a solid support system of friends and possible clients. I want to do this so I can live how I want to live - I.e flexible working, interesting workshops, interesting clients and problems to solve. I want to blog, to work with clients in sustainability, betterness, DESIGN FOR GOOD.

I'd like to achieve either a promotion (if possible) at my current job or a better job (or the ability to position myself for a better job) by this time next year. This is important because I am too young to have job stagnation!

I would like to be not in school. I am so tempted to keep going it is so core to my instincts that legitimate education will solve my feelings of inadequacy, but it just isn't true, it will never feel like enough. I don't need any more degrees or certificates to work on my emotional well being.

I would love for us to have our own place again, for my fella to have a full time job doing something he is happy with and for me to be in a higher position than I am now. I would love for us to not have to rely on family to get by daily. I would also love for us to be able to set a little money aside so we can take a trip. These are little things that are easily remedied if we put forth the effort, which lately we haven't been.

I would like to pay off my debts. I have been in debt for longer than I remember, and it is a source of considerable stress.

I want to take better care of myself. I let self-care fall below everything else I do to take care of others. I really need to take better care of myself.

By this time next year I want to have the financial stability to sustain myself for a least a year. I am always so stressed out about money and I don't know how I will ever have enough saved up to have kids or afford a house. I barely have enough to buy myself food on a regular basis. I also want have a clear idea and enough research done to begin my senior thesis. I want to feel confident in my academics and my personal life.

I would like to settle into my vulnerability with strength and confidence. More self-acceptance, less wild-eyed panic. This is important because, like Maslow said, the learning never stops.

I’d like to find a new approach to living my life. I have gotten into ruts and routines that prevent me from seeing all of the possibilities in front of me. I want to live the fullest life that I can, and I don’t feel like I’m achieving that now.

I will have a propensity to practice yoga without thinking about it. My mind, body, spirit will be aligned and I won't have to worry about stress, weight, happiness. I will just BE.

I want to have completed a marathon. I want to achieve this because in my 20s I would never have believed it possible

lâcher prise avec mon docteur, m en foutre

The most important thing for me in the next year is to work towards more financial stability. I want to continue to grow my business but I also seek out other opportunities as they present themselves.

Most of my goals are not one-and-done sorts of things. Most of all I would like to continue seeing my personal trainer twice per week. I've been seeing her since July (almost exactly three months!) and have been going twice per week for five weeks. This is the longest I've kept up any exercise routine and I really want to keep at it!

I would like to find a job that allows me the financial and time ability to travel. I would like to be able to financially live without using any of the money from the House sale unless it is to purchase a vehicle or a new home. I would like to be pregnant.

I have been saying this a lot over the years and it has taken a lot of time and energy on my part to be free from financial fear. I have stared to save and understand that sometimes we need to dip into our savings but its also important for me to have a healthy relationship with money and not let it control my mood or state of well being. It is important for me because the worry and stress that money causes isn't healthy. I know it only says one thing but I would also like to achieve more personal happiness within myself things like money, friends, family, relationships do affect my happiness and they all won't be around forever so it is important for my to have full control over my own happiness as I've not been completely happy for a very long time now.

I want to be on the second draft of my novel. I want my children's book completed and submitted to an agent or self-published. I want a career again, but this time doing something that calls me, not just a thing to do to make money.

I want to achieve health and get over this weird "you got a bleed somewhere causing you to be anemic" I want my energy back. My health has been on my mind and I am working with doctors on it...but I feel like I am on a treadmill but because I am so weak I don't even want to walk the darn thing. I keep pushing ahead because I remember what I was like when I had energy. This isn't depression this is my body.

As my parents age Into their late 70’s, I’d like to deepen and improve my relationship with each of them. Our family tends to maintain emotional distance and to keep conversations at a superficial level, a status quo I’d like to challenge to create more intimacy.

I would like to have finished the manuscript for my next book, which I am tentatively entitling The Bunker Book. This is important to me because it discusses the return of fascism in our society and how many of Americans, even some Americans in the Jewish community, are in denial about the potential dangers of this cultural shift. I am currently about two thirds through a very, very rough draft. I can only think that events during the next year may contribute new ideas to the book, given the divisive state of our politics at this moment.

To have visited Israel and prayed at the wall. To have immersed in the mikveh after chemo is finished

I want to have written a memoir. I'm not getting any younger. (76) And I want one last shot at putting on paper what I have been working on most of my adult life.

By this time next year, I'd like my credit card debt to be paid off and to be following a more responsible financial plan. This is important to me because I want to be a strong and empowered woman people can rely on.

I want to be alive. I'd like to thrive and not just survive. I feel smothered.

Less anxiety. Less hard on myself. Healthier and able to give more to my community. I guess that's three things. "Better at following rules" was not one of them.

By this time next year I would like to be fit and healthy and 125 pounds.

See my kids more often. Most of them live far away and time is precious

Estar mas consolidada en el trabajo y poder administrarme bien. Quizas hasta viviendo en otro lado pero siempre con tranquilidad y lindas companias Y siempre con pasaje en mano

I want to be recovered from my eating disorder. Not overeating, which was the old model. I now see that my disorder is trying to control my body, my eating, my metabolism, my appetite. All of this leads to restricting, which I still can't seem to let go of. I still have to manage my diabetes, but the addiction to cutting out an entire category of foods is still loud and very present. Food and my weight have been the #1 preoccupation of my life for 65 damned years! I want to lay it down. I want to stop giving it so much real estate in my head, so much energy, so much pain. It hasn't done me any good to worry about it, to obsess over my body shape. I want to stop hating myself before I die. I hope that the EDA approach will set me free. I want the rest of my life to be about more important things: spiritual growth, good literature, good friends, mental stimulation. Who gives a damn what the stupid scale says? That's not a measure of my worth. Looking at last year's list, I still am not reconciled with Matthew. I don't weigh what I wanted to weigh then, but I'm OK with that. I wrote about "being haunted by undone, unfinished, unreached desires." I am well on my way to dealing with that: getting rid of stuff, hiring help with housework, yard and repairs and finally having a plan to deal with that. So, one goal still not met, one goal dropped, and the third one started. Not bad.

Same as always - make progress in dating. But, also to continue to work at finding balance in all areas of my life.

I would like to be in better shape physically, and maybe to have finally done some much needed cosmetic work on my house.

I would like to actualize my creative passions of stand up comedy and writing...though none of my answers have been funny in the slightest. More so, depressing. I am holding myself back from giving myself fully to these passions, and I hope that by this time next year, I am not letting my fear of failure dictate my choices.

I would like to go back to weight watchers after the baby is born and continue to be successful. Before I got pregnant I was very successful for about 5 months. I lost almost 50 lbs., but more than that, I felt in control. I spent a lot of time dealing with food. I planned every meal and cooked all day Sunday. I am not sure how to modify what worked but still make it manageable with a baby and two other kids. I hope I look back at this and feel that I have found success with weight watchers that does not need to equal weight loss (though I hope it does), but that promotes me tracking and planning and making healthy choices.

One thing? How about two things. Or maybe 3. 1) feel fulfilled and accomplished in my work, knowing that my work is more than my job (and my job is more than my work). I guess my intended number 2 can then be rolled into 1 - to act on my values in our world in a significant way, rather than being too lazy/too busy to call elected officials, be involved in my town, work for the 2020 campaign, fight fascism, etc. 2/3) be more patient and present as a parent and partner and friend.

I’d like to have a better wardrobe and sense of makeup/hair style. I love beauty and have realized it’s a lot more than YouTube videos and fast fashion purchases at the mall. Looking good increases my confidence, helps people take me more seriously at work and improves my relationship. Taking care of myself reduces depression and generally mind me to live life to the fullest. It is also the first thing to go as I tend to prioritize work and cleaning and eating and general comfort more. It’s time to start investing time and money into my appearance!

Set up house for a semi permanent period. Portugal? Ecuador? Dubai? Canada? I want to hang on to my lover and incorporate him into my future.

Weight loss. For health. I’m not at all afraid of dying, but I see no need to rush it. I love my life!

I sound like a broken record but I have the same moderate goals as last year: try to relax sometimes and slow down. Try to experience Shabbat on a regular basis. Attend temple more and learn more about Judaism. It's important to me to feed my soul, which gets neglected in this hectic, crazy world we live in and we have to remember that there is more than just Ha Olam HaZe.

Job change. Or if that doesn’t happen, at least publish another story or two. I just don’t want to keep feeling like I am stalled professionally.

I have lost about ten pounds since April and I would like to lose another 10 pounds by April 2020, though 10/2020 would also be OK. This is important to me for health reasons.

I would like to go through with my plan to be divorced. Although everyone thinks that is a bad word, it is long overdue for me. I have not felt like I have been in a marriage for years, and need to get to a place where I can live my life in a positive way. The cliché "Life is Short" is very true. I had two people pass away this year, both under age 60. I don't want that to be me, without having felt like I lived a good life and was happy doing it.

I want to be able to be calm and serene around my kids and husband. To not feel the lack of ... attention, respect, appreciation, but when they give me love and gratitude. Also, I want to have let go of my strange relationship to food, which is linked to feeling a lack of support...

I would like to walk better and have more stamina for that. I will be 70 in March and I do not want to turn into an old lady. Hopefully my physical therapy will help with this goal.

I'd like to convert to Judaism.

By this time next year, I would like my consultancy to be running, perhaps with more clients than one. I'd also like to see about getting some of my photography published, maybe even look into having it displayed somewhere. I'm staying open to the possibility of it.

I’d like to be in a point in my career that feels like I’m moving forward - at the moment I feel like although I’m moving upwards, it’s not in a direction that I want to be going in. I’d love to be doing something more strategic, or something generally that excites me. I want to be able to see clear next steps that motivate me.

I will not be living in Chicago anymore. I will be somewhere sunny, with a beautifully lit apartment. (Plan right now is LA-area, could be Denver, could be Seattle temporarily, could be Cape Town, who knows!! But it won't be here.)

I feel ready to take the next step forward in my career. I recently had a professional help me revamp my resume, and I’ve refreshed my professional profile. I’ve applied for an internal director position, but whatever comes of that, within the next 12 months, I’d like to be in a more senior people leader position whether at my current employer or elsewhere. It’s important to me because I love what I do and the purpose my work gives me. I’ve held off on promotional opportunities for pregnancies and infants. Now I’m ready to move forward!

I'd like to find home. I can't stay where I indefinitely. Finding a place suitable to my desires--quiet, peaceful, not too close to anyone else, clean, comfortable, affordable--has proven to be challenging.

I would like to publish a new book. I feel my time running out, at least my creative time, & I want to demonstrate (to myself & to others as well) that I can still do the work.

Just one thing? I have goals this year. I want to get a truck, a better paying, steadier gig, finish a book or two, and enjoy my new life with a partner again. I would also like to travel, visit the ocean, maybe even Hawaii. I want to have a clear indication of what I can rely on my family for, and what I can't. I'd like to start living as if I'm going to easily coast past 54, and on to 72. I want to make more music. I want to achieve all this. Hope I do. Intentions set.

Buy my own home. Important as it is a life long dream and to build equity

I'd like to achieve a degree of financial stability where my income and outgo are balanced enough that I don't have to constantly dip into savings and I will be free of worrying about this matter on a daily basis. Of course with my fixed income not sure I can make this happen but I'm dreaming big.

Do I go for the cliched answer and say a marathon PR? 2:55? Maybe even... 2:50?

I would like to have moved to a job in which I can have a larger impact. I’m happy in my job right now but I have limited opportunity for advancement.

The design of the Accessory Dwelling Unit at my house is complete and construction has started. This is super important for our family. It will provide a rental property for us or a place for our children to live whenever they run into difficulty finding their own place. My wife and I can also move in there when we get really old and rent out the house which will pay for our living expenses.

I'd like to get rid of my stomach pouch. Yes, it's a bit shallow but I know it's causing embarrassment for my seven-year-old. His friends tell him I look pregnant. Obviously, losing the stomach weight would be great for my health, too. I don't like the way clothes fit and it's hard to find clothes that do fit. I have lots of jeans and pants in my closet I currently can't wear and I don't have a lot of cash right now for more.

In the last year, I’ve lost 100 pounds, moved across the country, gotten my family settled into our new home and our new community, and started graduate school. I’ve accomplished so much that I don’t know what my next line of goals even looks like. By this time next year? . . . Ah, I know. We need to take a real family vacation to an international destination. It’s time for my kids to venture beyond our home country. They all need passports and we need to go somewhere. Hopefully a Disney cruise as well as a true international destination. So that’s what we are working toward now. It’s important because I want them to see things that are different from their life experiences so far. New perspectives.

I want to feel secure in my ability to memorize, remember, and be flexible in situations. I know I can do it, I know I am capable of it, but I want to feel confident in it.

I really don't know. I feel like I just want to keep it together over whatever happens over the next year, especially with politics in the US, and the whole impeachment process. This country is heading downhill so fast; it seems like anything I, as an individual, could achieve is insignificant.

I will achieve dropping 20% of my body weight and therefore eliminating non-alcoholic fatty liver. This is important to me a. I do not want to need a transplant, b. I want to appreciate the gift of life and this body by taking care of it, and c. I want to be able to do more things than I can currently in this body.

Decluttering my home. Allowing for space in my house helps to alleviate the junk in my head

Get a job that makes a positive impact on the world and where I feel fulfilled. This is important to me because I have had too many extraordinary opportunities to not give back to this incredible world.

Lose 25 lbs. I got pretty depressed and anxious when I discovered that I could no longer live, literally, in the Mexican mountains. There was no other place I wanted to live. After moving to San Diego I just shut myself in my rental room and ate horribly. Back in Mexico on the beach and living alone in a studio. Lower weight is healthier for everyone. But for someone with only 1/3 of a heart, it's even more important!

A more sustainable living situation/less stress/more happiness. Wow I didn't read last years answer and it was very similar. Ha. I guess I didn't achieve it. I'm ready for the white picket fence life.

I need to figure out how to be less tired all of the time. I feel like I'm giving 80 - 85% to all of the things I'm doing, and would like to be more present in each thing. But look! I am doing the thing that I wanted to be doing last year!

I would like to have a better sense of who I am - to have a more reasonable expectation of what is possible.

By this time next year, I want to have a first draft of my novel done. Important because: 1) It's about time I put off writing a novel, and I'm glad to be underway; 2) It'll be set in the summer of either 2019 or 2020, and I want it to have a sense of immediacy.

I’d like to be able to focus on a task to completion without procrastinating. I feel like being unable to complete tasks makes me feel unaccomplished and like a failure, and then I lose the will to focus on my work and procrastinate, which makes me feel even more guilty. I want to stop this vicious cycle.

Finding my own home again. So I can look for another job, get on with my hobbies and see my friends again. I'm too far away from everything and everyone here, in the middle of nowhere.

I would like to be working somewhere else. Although I reached the point in my work where I've become comfortable with my tasks and new knowledge set, I don't love it. And I know, from changes that have happened at my employer over the past year, that nothing is going to change until at least 4 levels of management change. And that's just not going to happen. So if I want to be happier with my work, I have to find work elsewhere. Although I've determined it's not healthy to live for notoriety in my profession, I at least need to like my daily job! Loving it would be even better. I'm still wanting to lose weight and get organized. I finally paid off my last credit card this year, so that is a huge item I am proud to cross off my to-do list.

I think the one thing I want the most to achieve by this time next year is to be 50 lbs. lighter. I say this pretty much every year, and this year I even gained more weight. I want to be disciplined enough to take all of it off, finally. And be physically strong and look good in a mirror!

To begin a graduate school program that is meaningful for me: professionally, personally, and academically!

I would like to be happy helping others in a meaningful way in career. This is important to me because I want to feel purpose in my life.

Successfully debut my art in the coffee shop gallery. It's already scheduled, just need to bring it all together. It will be a huge growth opportunity for me to practice my skills in event planning, marketing myself, and putting myself out there, all of which I'm terrified.

I would like to commit myself to making more art. I want to draw more and to paint more. I need to express myself artistically and it has been squeezed out of my life too much.

I'd like to have a literary agent by next year. It would be a good step for my career and help me move towards a published book.

Could this be the year I finally get my weight under control? It would improve my energy level, my appearance, my blood pressure, my cholesterol levels, my flexibility, my feet, my ability to wear more fashionable (and maybe less expensive) clothing. I wouldn't hate so much to have my picture taken. I might feel more confident about riding a bike, wearing a bathing suit, going for a hike...

Finish that bloody novel because it's been dragging on for years like an albatross but I can't put it down till the story is told.

I would like to either have become involved with a volunteer organization, or have pursued other ways to expand my career/political interest goals.

I want to be back to exercising regularly and making what I put into my body a more conscious decision. I know I will feel healthier, have more energy, etc.

I’d like to still be off the pop, find some peace and have sorted out what I want to do with my life, particularly what I’m going to do with the horses. Because my health isn’t fantastic and I’m not getting any younger and I want to enjoy the rest of my life doing worthwhile things.

Tha same last year - new home at the countryside with lots of trees, eating what i plant, drawing in the nature, with my cats and new family.

Not being beholden to my sugar cravings

I hope to have created a list and done follow-up actions with developers to see if I can just sell my house that way rather than through an agent. It will save some $ and give me peace of mind that it's set up. If I don't get around to it or it doesn't work out, I can always go the real estate route.

I'd like to have figured out the county in Oregon we want to retire to and be looking for land. Or to own a manufactured home somewhere. We've decided that living very simply and growing our food is our best retirement plan. It would be very comforting to know we can stay where we are for the rest of our lives together.

I'd like to pay off my student debt! It's important to me because I would like to eventually start MAKING money instead of losing it. I'd like to have financial security regardless of what I do with my future, and I think paying off my debt is the most important step.

I’d like to have a relationship with my DIL. She does not like me because differences. I told her she needed to get a job, help with her dog, clean up after herself and get into therapy b/c her mom died when she was young. She screams & crys, I see my granddaughter is acting out the same way. My DIL says to my son that I am crazy and he just tired and broken down. I would like to help her and see my granddaughter b/c she uses her as leverage.

I would like to work on perspective in a few areas: 1) feeling gratitude without guilt that the other shoe will drop and that things can't go this well for this long. I need to deal with the issue when it arises and not let it encroach on the feelings of gratitude and the good things in my life. 2) if I make a mistake I need to own it and make restitution. I am okay at this part. What I need to get better about is letting go after I make the mistake and make restitution and not holding on to the feeling of dread, insecurity, and not let it turn into impostor syndrome. 3) Continue with the mini meditation of if there is nothing I can do to solve a problem in the moment. Writing it down, letting it go, and then coming back to it when I can address it as opposed to letting it override the moment when it comes into my head.

I'd like to achieve self-confidence in the work place. Fill up spaces, show up at more events. Take up space and not be afraid to, or ashamed of it. I'd also like to be as close to waste-free as I possibly can get.

By this time next year, I want all the credit cards paid off because being in credit card debt freaks me out very badly. Also I need to make a commitment to the 2020 election beyond voting and maybe being a poll worker, like doing text GOTV, I don't know.

Put our family life on a more secure footing by making time for us & worrying less. Self evident, really.

I want to manage my anxiety better and find ways to recharge and restore my equanimity. There often doesn't seem a place in my life to find such relief between work and family stresses.

I want to have a better handle on my fatigue, or at least a more sympathetic doctor. It's been the most disabling component of my health for a long time and I am tired of the symptoms, the lack of medical help for them, and the uselessness-focused depression spiral I end up in as a result of the whole mess.

Well, looking back, I did just OK on last year's goals. I did more retirement planning, the front steps were repaired, and I installed three new light fixtures in the front hall. Nothing much else in terms of home improvements, however. So, for next year, here goes: If I am fortunate enough to get promoted, which is looking pretty likely, I'd like to finally get to a point of having enough money to get through the year without dipping into investments. This would be a significant step to living within our means.

I would like to earn my Lean Six Sigma black belt, because the learning experience and tools gained will help me be a better project manager.

I would like to feel more like things are paying off. I’ve put a lot of effort into things like saving money and developing career skills, and I just kind of assumed that this would be recognized and I would be rewarded automatically for these. But I’ve realized that I have to work to have what I’ve developed be a benefit for me. I know there’s nothing I’m entitled to, and of course it’s possible that my circumstances will become worse. However, I would like to be able to benefit more from what I’ve worked to develop.

My documentary will have to be finished. Because I've worked on this for so many years, I want the final film baby to be born and to be seen and to move on to new projects.

I'd like to have graduated, gained some medical field experience, have a source of income, and a plan for medical school - whether or not that's still what I want to do. I want to have taken advantage of my gap year, practice the languages I know, and maybe try to travel a bit more. Who really knows what the future holds?

Career goals, as usual: I would like to feel like I've grown into my job, especially with the new title and pay raise. I want to feel both like I know what I'm doing, I have an appropriately full portfolio, including some new and/or expanded responsibilities, and that I have learned some new skills that will be useful to me moving forward.

I want to have a better idea about my career goal(s). Do I need to start applying to jobs more in my field? How do I go about testing out jobs/job options? This is important because a lot of what I am doing right now (current job, grad school) are about setting up for a good future, for dreams that I'm not even sure I have yet. So I want to make sure I'm still doing that and checking in with myself, rather than just falling into a rut of "this is familiar, so it can stay."

I would like to be an Enrolled Agent by this time next year. Hopefully much sooner than that. This is important to me because it will help me advance my career by being able to practice in front of the IRS (and having the letters after my name should get me a raise).

I would like to achieve personal growth. A feeling of confidence in my character. Because i want to be able to be truly myself no matter the influence around me.

This year was a humbling lesson that I can't plan to race certain events if I'm not healthy or healed. My running fitness is at an all-time low and I'm currently saving for expensive uninsured injections to treat my Achilles tear, so if I heal from that treatment, then I'll have to start again at square one for triathlon, just to ensure I don't continue to injure myself. By this time next year, I'd like to be at a point in therapy (or finished with this round) where I feel confident in my ability to make decisions that reflect healthy boundaries for me, particularly when it comes to men. I don't plan on revisiting the dating scene until I feel ready (or at least more energized) to get "back out there" and meet new people. After this latest heartbreak, even though it's been months since it happened, I still don't have the patience or emotional energy to deal with anyone else's feelings but mine (and the people I already love and respect). This is important to me because I want to break cycles of behaviour that lead me to experience the same heartbreak, disappointment and resentment over and over again, which ultimately result in lowered self-esteem for me. Essentially, I want to heal -- mentally, emotionally and physically by this point next year. Here's hoping.

I want to have felt integrated into the company. It's important for obvious reasons. Each day I feel more like an employee here, so I want to feel like I'm in a true position of managing projects.

By this time next year, I would like to have lost 10-30 pounds by reducing added sugar in my diet and eating more vegetables and whole foods. I want to find a way to do this in a sustainable way, where I'm not constantly feeling deprived and allow myself to indulge in treats and enjoy life, but also a way that improves my health and well-being. This is important because a healthy body will increase my chances of leading a healthy life and feeling my best. Plus I hate the way I look in photos and don't want to have to buy bigger clothes. I also hope that when I look back next year, I'll see that I have continued to make an effort to reduce my use of single-use plastic and generally reduce waste in my life. This is important because as humans we are stewards of the earth, and I want to reduce the pollution of our earth and oceans. Scenes from the documentary "A Plastic Ocean" showing animals suffering and even killed because they ingested plastic were truly sickening. I'm hoping some little changes over time help make a difference. Finally, I hope that at this time next year, I am still focused on experiencing gratitude on a daily basis. I think this will help me feel healthier in mind and body and appreciate life more.

Self-love. Oneness. Connection to the universe. This is important because it will enable me to live a more me to live in a more connected way and experience life more fully.

I'd really like to do some serious work on self-compassion and self-esteem, body acceptance, fast, acceptance, disability acceptance, etc. I kind of work on it when I have the time or inclination, but I need to work on it like a class or a study if I plan to benefit from it.

I want to lose 10 pounds and be more confident in my body image overall, in an effort to combat the massive amount of dysphoria I feel.

By this time next year I would like to re-establish myself as a teacher. I love teaching and I know I can find a way to be a great mom, wife, and return to my teaching career.

I want to be in a Ph.D. program. Right now I'm super amped about UMass and I hope I get in there and can go, but really by next year I just hope I'm in a program that's a good fit, wherever it is. With professors who inspire me and mentor me. With classmates I can learn from. In a city I can call home for the first half of my 30s. On a path that will get me where I want to go. I want to make the decision about school for the right reasons -- my values, goals, gut -- and not external gold stars.

expanded professional opportunities. a chance to help other communities that are also struggling to engage members organize and leave a paper footprint at current job

Over anything else, I’d like to be securely and happily in a therapy job. I want to start my career, have an income again, perhaps have some health benefits. I really want that full on independence and I want to be doing something I love.

I would love to develop a consistent workout routine! And feel more at ease with my daily habits/routine in general. I'm tired of feeling anxious about how I should be spending my time, and want exercise to be a seamless constant in my life for many reasons. I'd like to find a way to do my days so I'm not always wondering if I'm making the best use of my time and allows for both productivity, relaxation, socializing, and personal whimsy time!

Still greater balance :) I'd definitely like to maintain some closeness with the piano. AND, I'll have my tenure package in, so I'd like to say NO to some things. For example, I'd like to be done with the Topol project. TOTALLY. And, I'd love for the textbook to be published.

By next year, I hope to have my time organized so I have more time for learning and creativity - this includes redeveloping a photography practice and reading several books per month.

I'd like to feel more comfortable with down time----time that I can just digest all the information I have, or time I can marinate in new experiences. I'd really like to feel less like there is always something to do. I'm tired of feeling so busy and thus so unable to create new things.

Right now I am so opened, with no clear goals, that maybe the best answer now is that I want to master in serenity, acceptance and would like to feel that I am accomplishing my soul wishes. Writer, philosopher, teacher or perhaps engineer again. What ever is it I want to truly enjoy it.

I would like to publish my journalism in an actual (non-campus) newspaper, because it would be an incredibly validating step to further my career.

Maybe actually make progress this next summer on my career paths and experiment with one or two business ideas. This could mean doing research and learning more or starting a small side experiment somehow. I’d like to also work on house projects and feel better about home improvements. It may mean that Helena needs to stay in daycare or that Solomon and Rosa end up staying down here for the summer. This stuff is important to me because I’ve been thinking a lot about my career for a long time now and feel like I may be getting towards the end of my teaching career. I’m feeling ready for something new but change at this point is scarier. I may want to actually see a psychologist this year to help build my confidence and think more about what I want to do with my life.

Level up my professional status to better provide for my family.

Appear on Jeopardy!, compete, and win a few matches. I know I can do it and show others how vast my storehouse of knowledge is. I really think I can win a few hundred thousand dollars and that will always help us a lot Travel to see our daughter. Be another year closer to retirement.

Two things. They are both to do with plants. One is to eat an awful lot more of them -- I want to do away, far more than we have so far, with processed food. The other is to grow and nurture more plants in our home. Some of the latter we could eat and contribute to the former, but ultimately I think they are separate goals.

I'd like to be able to focus on the bigger picture at work instead of all of the administrative details. With other longtime leaders in my department looking toward retirement, I need the space to think about future directions and strategy instead of accounting codes and day-to-day budget questions.

I still want to continue getting closer to my sons. I also want to start writing another novel - I've been thinking about it a lot this year and will be disappointed in myself if I don't do it/

I'd like to have more control over my emotion eating. I'd like to have found a way to accept more open-heartedly the condition of my husband with dementia. I'd like to have found a way to be more of a force for social change.

Be FREE from a 12 year Toxic relationship. And by free I mean, not having one single impulse to reach out and connect. With no bitterness and no sadness and no negativity of any kind. Free from that too!! I’d like to be in a committed relationship with someone who is GOOD for me and GOOD to me and not depressed or mean or into drama. I’d like to be with a loving equal partner having the best time of our lives!

I'd like to have a better grasp on what I want to achieve in the future (even if its just 2-3 years out) and how I plan to get there. I feel like now I have ideas (be a homeowner, pay of student loans, be happy, lose weight) but no real plan for making them happen or timeline of when I want to achieve things by.

A position in which I can help the Democrats take over the White House. It's important because I have grandchildren and I want them to grow up in a world that is civil and takes democracy seriously.

I’d like to lose some weight by this time next year. I feel like as I gain more weight I feel more and more tired.

I want to have fully restored my health so that I can enjoy my new grandson!

I would like to increase the membership of my synagogue by about 20%.

To have made major changes in our behavior with regards to the climate emergency. E.g. using the car less, change energy supplier to a green energy supplier, less food waste/growing our own on an allotment.

Job job job. Same as last year. I don't feel like I'm anybody. I feel like I had a certain amount of prestige with what I used to be. Now, I'm nothing, nobody. I suppose that's self-centered and shallow, but it's true.

I’d like to share more love and kindness with the world. I would like to commit to praying for others at least five minutes each day as one way of putting love into the world. There is so much anger and fear in the world today, much of it justified. As a homebound disabled person, it is easy to get caught up in everything I can’t do. Prayer—actively connecting with the source of all love—is a loving act I can take in order to care for others.

Find a way to gain the freedom to be the fullest expression of myself, unconstrained by the expectations of the life and limits I have participated in building around myself.

I would like to achieve some more peace with my work. I'm not sure what that means but I'm not peaceful right now. I'm stressed and overwhelmed. I worked hard and long and now... I'm done I think? Something's gotta change.

I want to be able to relax at night more and sleep at a good time because sleep and relaxation are key!

I'd like to be at my goal weight and able to maintain it by this time next year, which also means I'd need to find a way of stress management that doesn't involve eating. I'm making good progress now, but I want to feel like I've accomplished my goal by next Rosh Hashanah!

Omitting or limiting my reliance on prescription medications.

It is funny that my answer from last year was about getting a new job. After getting this new job, everything that I wrote about not feeling content or living up to my potential is null and void. So far, with this new position, I do not feel useful or content at all. We'll see what happens from here. As far as what I would like to achieve, I think just being content with what I have. I think part of my feelings of unease over this past year stem from my feeling like I'm not anywhere near where I'm supposed to be at this point in my life. I need to focus on what I have and where I am rather than where I "should" be. I'm hoping to do a lot more reflection and renewal activities this year. Whether its yoga, retreats, etc. I'm just hoping to achieve a better understanding of myself and those around me.

I want to be in the best shape and health of my life. I’m getting older and I want to be full of life and energy. I don’t want to be barely getting through the day feeling crumby. I want to be the best physical version of myself.

A solo part in next year's Gilbert and Sullivan show, or some musical. It's important to me because I want to make the most of my talents.

I would like to see world peace achieved but that won't happen. I'd like to see bullying wiped out and that is one thing I can achieve when I see it by stepping in, hoping to defuse the situation and pointing how wrong it is and give examples of children committing suicide because they have been bullied.

A solid year of daily meditation and yoga. I’ve started well but can i sustain this? I think I’m putting in place lots of things that make it sustainable, but I know I get excited by novelty. Why important? Because I’m trying to heal and then grow my soul. Because I want to be present in my marriage and with my kids. Because I want insight, foresight, access to my own creativity and clarity about my life.

Better lighting in my home. Steady attendance in my aquatic arthritis workouts. Are these puny ambitions? That’s what happens in your 70s — except for Nancy Pelosi and Elizabeth Warren, of course.

by this time next year, i would like to have a new job. i do actually love my current job and i think i'm pretty good at it, but the low pay makes it challenging for me to care for myself (and my pet) in the ways i need. i would really like to have a new job so that i can better manage our needs as aging beings (human and cat).

I'd like to be able to do a free-standing headstand before my 70th birthday. This is important to me as it will reflect my continued growth in strength and balance due to my continued yoga practice. I'd also like to have worked out a new artistic focus as I feel as if I've lost my energy for my current work.

Finish a novel! I have always wanted to "be a writer". Now I realize the truth of it, so simple and so often repeated and yet I ignored it time and again. Want to be a writer? WRITE!

A better work-life balance. Because my job and my social life overlap so much, to the point where they are almost indistinguishable, I feel burnt out a lot of the time. I really love living in Moishe House and I want to keep doing it, but it no longer feels sustainable. And events that aren't mine oftentimes feel like networking. I want to be able to enjoy my friends and the community more and not have everything fun feel like work. And I want some free time back, especially on weekends.

I have recently started a private practice. I hope to have achieved by next October is that I am financially able to support myself. By starting this Private Practice has put an extreme amount of stress on my husband and my son but I do believe it will pay off it’s really important to me because I think that it’s necessary to be self-supporting all of my affairs . Not that all of my relationships I need to pay for everything but that I don’t have to rely on anybody else to pay for me. I also wholeheartedly believe that this is important for my son to see that women are strong and financially

I would like to have my office cleared of debris and organized by this time next year. We recently reconfigured "ownership" of our spare rooms, and I now have the office that was a junk room available to me for an office as well as space for my card-making. I have been chipping away at it, but it takes very little to get thrown into chaos because it still is a catch-all space. It is important to me because I want to do my office-type work, studying, and crafts in there to keep the dining table clear. It served as my office for so long, and any time we had people over I got into the swoop & scoop "clean-up" that created more piles that need to be gone through and sorted for shred or file. I want to be able to move between activities with clear surfaces so I don't create yet more disorganized piles, so I am able to find the particular things I need for a given task, and so I don't have to work out in the dining area. As always, anything around the house also hinges on others' cooperation, which is usually not forth-coming. So I will do what I can with MY things and try to enlist help.

I would like to be generating sufficient income from a range of different engagements to allow me to live a flexible life and spend a portion of my time doing things that I think can make a difference in the world.

I would like to plan an event to commemorate/learn about/protest the military industrial complex speech made by Eisenhower. I want to take action, but in my intellectual style. Not just planning a protest, but by learning, re-enacting, and maybe also protesting.

Making a documentary 'My Story'. This seems incredibly difficult but has prompted me to think about my life. It is training for helping the refugees to make a similar documentary, but I can see how it will help me, too.

I want to feel healthier. I can't stand exercise. I hate sweating. I loathe being out of breath. Yet, I need to do all of those things to be healthy. It's so frustrating how some people love exercise and to me it just sucks. I need to take control back around this issue.

I'd like to have a regular GTD practice going with a weekly review happening every week and a system in place that I can flow with from day to day, week to week, month to month. I also want to still have a beginner's mind around my GTD practice and have it be still as light and nimble as it is right now as I'm just getting started.

I want to better connect to my own body and work on letting go of tension and holding that is unnecessary. This will likely allow me to let go of things that arise in life that I do not need to grasp.

Become fluent in German and Bosnian !!! I would like to pass my GC1 or GC2 in German, and attend a Bosnian summer school. It is important because it's part of who I am, of my identity. I don't feel enough confident in my ability to communicate in Bosnian. I actually don't feel confident saying that I speak 'fluently' Bosnian because I don't feel it's the case. Same for German. I've been learning the language for years, and I have no excuses not to speak it.

I have still not had anything published. Largely because I haven't submitted anything. Therefore, one thing I would like to achieve is to get over my fear of rejection and just SUBMIT things. There WILL be rejections, but I can't get any acceptances if I don't TRY!

Be in a new job where I feel at home and secure.

To deepen my meditation practice - bringing the time to sit into meetings and learning sessions as well as davening on a more consistent basis. It’s important to me because I find that this practice centers me, allows me to work through things more quickly and easily, that I perseverate less and spend less time fretting.

Since we are now sleeping better with the baby I would like to appear normal in public :)

I'd like to become a parent. It's the most important decision of our lives - and I know it will be the hardest thing I ever do but I also know it will be the most amazing too

Go to New England to visit friends and go to the new museum in N Adams. Visit Cathy and Sam again. I would also like to have a really great garden in the summer with lettuce, tomatoes and yummy cucumbers. Meditate more. Continue working on Autobiography. Finish decluttering. Complete training to be a Death Doula.

I am totally letting go of setting any goals for next year. My experience this year with breast cancer has changed all that for me. My goal for next year is to be alive, present, grateful and thriving whatever has happened to me.

Get the house organized. I think the emotional state for our family would improve.

One thing I'd like to achieve by this time next year is to run one mile without stopping. It's important because I've never done it and it feel like with the fitness journey I've been on, it would be a concrete sign that I have worked hard to make my body better and stronger. I also think it'd be great to cross out the 0 on my 0.0 magnet and change it to a 1.

Well I did travel, not alone, with Joe to an overnight in the Adirondacks and then to Universal Studios in Orlando. the Adirondack trip was wonderful but I regret going as the lead up to it was conflict ridden and it triggered a warning light in me that I ignored. The trip to Orlando was a total compromise for me, I wanted the ocean, he wanted to see Harry Potter world. He promised a beach vacation this past summer which of course never materialized as many other plans we made before and after he ended us. I never traveled alone which was my intention. I will set this intention again for next summer, maybe Kripalu or possibly Mohonk Mountain House for a yoga weekend. Ellen has a recurrence of the cancer and has surgery Monday, I want to give her my one thing to achieve which is to have a full recovery and be in total remission by this time next year.

Be in better physical shape - cardio, weights / resistance training, stretching and flexibility. Why: live longer, feel better, maintain mobility as long as possible.

I would like to have more energy and feel healthier. This year my metabolism dropped and I gained 10 pounds out of nowhere. So hopefully I will be able to maintain a whole food plant based diet 80% of the time in order to get some improvement. So far so good (one week in).

I want to take trips AND have a savings account! I want to have a good future, but not at the expense of enjoying the present too.

I would like to involve more people in programming at the synagogue (of which I am president). Engagement in the community is rewarding in and of itself and sustains the community into the future.

I want to do a good documentaryy and it be seen in festivals, and that it may le us travel and get more work.

One achievement, by next year? I sincerely do not know. I achieve so much. Whatever I achieve, I'd love to do so in alignment, and with total surrender. With full care for my body. So the biggest achievement will be: achieving while caring for my nervous system, achieving in full health.

I want to have a year of normal blood pressure readings. This is important because I do not want to have a stroke.

I want to learn to sew. I've always loved the idea of sewing and have admired other people's fabrics and outfits, and I want a creative outlet. I knit, but for several years have been feeling uninspired by knitting. If I can sign up for enough classes, by this time next year I want to make pajama pants for everyone in my family!

Too old for anything terribly good. Leaves death.

I’d like my relationship with Peter to steady warmth and trust. At this point, we are still a little wary of each other, a little too sensitive and easy to bruise.

Reduce reactivity. Successful transition to semi-retirement, develop new interests,

By this time next year I hope to have a project that I've been promising myself that I would do completely finished and another well under way.

Finding someone to love as much as they love me. Becaise i crave support and affection

I would like to make strides in Community Development and Leadership.

Wow. I normally have lots of ideas for this one, but I drew a blank just now. I guess I don't have the vehicle I wanted from last year (but car transport is overrated) but I do have the house and something as close to a promotion with job security as someone in my position could ever hope for. Everyone in my family is happy and healthy which is so freaking great I can't even describe it, but it's so easy to take for granted. So I think I'm going to go out on a weird limb (for me) and say I want to be in a better spot financially. This feels weird to say because we are VERY financially privileged, but we aren't quite to the place where we can give or travel as much as I'd like. "Better spot" to me means being a month or more ahead in YNAB and contributing regularly to various long-term goals. Honestly it's important to me mostly because it's important to my husband.

Weeehell. By the next time I am writing my #6 answer next year, I will be 49, heading to 50. I h0pe I'm not setting myself up for epic disappointment in myself. As I sit here eating an enormous Mexi Meal (my horrible weakness), why would I think that just because I'm turning 50 I'll be able to become a totally different person? Anyway, here it is: - I want to stop worrying about people loving me, that I'm enough. - I want to stop worrying about being old. - But, that said, I want to feel healthier and more vibrant. - I want to do the things I love to do, unapologetically. I want to make time for these things. - And, I want to take myself seriously. Really. For once. The way others take me. That's it. No biggie.

I’d like to be registered for school again by this time next year. I want to find work that aligns better with my morals. I don’t know if that’s possible without at least a master’s degree.

I’d like to reinvest in my marriage and family. We spent this past year slogging through cancer treatment. By next year my daughter will be away at college and I’ll be an empty nester. I want to make this year all about my family

I would like to have a trip in the works. At least in the planning stages. An international trip preferred but domestic is fine too.

More consistent routine to be grounded and healthful; more internal anchoring and slowing.

By this time next year, I want to have a community of friends to cook for in my new city. I want to find others who feel comfortable joining me in my home, perhaps even on a whim. The sorts of friends who can come for a meal, and stay for hours laughing, talking, and simply enjoying life.

I would like to get back into writing. I have been much better about reading during the last year and a half, but that is something I used to enjoy that I no longer do, and I would someday like to write a book.

By this time next year, I will have competed on America's Got Talent. I certainly hope to do well & hope I can get as far as I can possibly get! This is important because I was born to express myself, & there is no bigger stage than AGT!

More visits to nature. And a better balance (if it’s at all possible) of the various activities I have going on. I like to be busy, but I’m starting to feel the limits in my old age... Speaking of which, I better have had a good party and taken a good trip for my 5oth birthday!

I want to be on the cusp of having no debt except for the mortgage.

I'd like to have an idea of what I want to do for my career and be taking steps to pursue it. I want to be able to move out and support myself, because I feel like it's important for my mental health and my personal growth.

I answer this stupid fucking question every year and every year I go back and have to reckon with the fact that the thing I want (which is always the same) doesn't come despite my best intentions and actions. So this year, I throw it back to The Infinite: What do you want for me? I'm fucking lost, so... show me.

I want to have a steady volunteer opportunity even if it’s only once a month. Volunteering and community service is so important to me and I miss how much I did it in college.

Well, medical bills meant I didn't make last year's goal of saving $1,000 emergency money, but our trip back east to Michelle's wedding is covered, so I got that half anyway. For next year, I'm going to settle for the $1,000 saved - but with my medical bills paid off, and with an increase in my HSA deduction so that in the future they won't hit me as hard.

Possibly get back into the workforce, but not in law. Could be teaching piano or science, or caring for children. Ultimately, I aspire to co-parent grandchildren with one or more of my adult children. I tried returning law this year, and could have paid off my house in under 2 years working 15hrs/week! But the pressure of a job that charges $500/hour is just too intense. And I honestly just don't personally care too much about it.

being ok and into my romantic partner. this is important to me because with the romance department of my life, i've been a bit too into fomo and it has made me a worse partner for others, and less happy personally

I think I am about to quit smoking in a few weeks. This has been a long time coming. I haven’t done this yet for many many reasons and I have not been ready before now. I hope I am ready now… But whatever this time next year brings, it’s all good. I’m going to keep doing my best no matter what. I am absolutely terrified of failure.

I want to feel like this house is something to be proud of. I need to feel like I'm ahead. That windows are sturdy, that it's aesthetically pleasing, that the roof is secure. I feel like I'm being crushed by the needs of this house, and I want to get on top of that.

More established business for my personal crafts, art and upcycle I want the satisfaction of creating and have it provide a livelihood

I would like to have started a foundation for stepmothers who are not widows or second widows yet to educate these women how to protect their money and invest it. From last year, "Peace and Justice. The start of stepmother's group(s) before they become widows so that there will be no money fighting"

Even though I achieved my goal of losing weight this year from 143 lbs to 105 lbs, I've developed an unhealthy mindset and perhaps even an eating disorder.... I don't know what to say. I want to remain 105 lbs, but there's a part of me that still wants to lose more weight as I have a deadly obsession with wanting a complete flat stomach. I keep going back and forth with deprivation/starvation and binge eating until I get numb. I know my patterns are unhealthy and it's taking over my life where I'm avoiding places and events where there is food... I'm already seeking professional help, and I just want to find a stable relationship with food and find peace with my body. I'm tired of the countless diets I've been on, failing them, blaming myself, and having abusive thoughts about myself. Only time will tell what will happen to me. I bought an online nutrition course so I can get a certificate as a nutrition coach. So I hope to achieve that by next year and start having clients I can help out and finally earn some money. But I know that I need to help myself first before I can help others.

To get my house better organized and my yard cleaned up . MY husband has been sick a lot this year and much has been neglected . He is somewhat better now Thank God but is still not able to do much .

I would like to have achieved a better understanding/plan for handing off the torch to the next generation of juvenile civil rights advocates. I know that I can only practice this type of law for this population at this pay rate and with this lack of time away for so long. But I don't want to give up on what I have started.

I don't want to set too high of expectations because I think that sets me up for failure. If I could think of one thing I would like to achieve by this time next year it would be either living not at home and/or working with kids full-time. This is important to me because I'm working really hard right now towards independence.

I would like to find a life partner.

I would like to spend this year with no goal other than to look around me and find new ideas, new or undeveloped talents, and new outlets for self-expression and communication with other people. I wonder what might come of feeling free to explore and free to succeed or fail, to like or not like, to find out more about what I can do.

By this time next year, I hope to find myself in a relationship, or at least having fun while dating. I've been out of the game for a year (until about a month ago) because I've been healing from an abusive relationship. I'm terrified to be vulnerable to another person, and have a lot of work to do on issues with trust, self-confidence, etc. But I'm actively working on it, because ultimately, I do want to spend time in the company of a guy who will be kind, and fun, and bring out the best in me. I know I deserve it!

Only one thing? Lol- well I’m going to describe more than one. 1) save money- self explanatory I think. Amount— at least 20 thousand yen. ( 2,000 USD) 2) Develop a routine where my reading and writing is a daily part of my life because this is an area that I’ve neglected- but it’s also a part of my life that has nurtured me. So I want to cultivate a lifestyle where reading and writing are interwoven in my daily routine and not something that I struggle to “ do” - which only creates more stress.

I'd like to get my weight down to 200 lbs. This is important to me as over the last few years I've almost gone back to my highest recorded weight. This was due to lack of exercise, lots of stress eating, and not taking diet into account. Over the last few months, I've started going to the gym again, I now utilize a food delivery service for dinners, and my stress has gone down mainly due a job change in July that was long overdue.

Get a better job. Today I was sitting at my desk and all of a sudden I just thought to myself "I am so over being yelled at all day." And then I thought about it more and I realized yes, yes it is. I am not happy with my job and I want to do something else. And that's scary and uncertain but it's what I need to do.

I hope that at this time next year that I have nurtured a stronger love for Yahweh’s Word, setting aside the things of this world.no gain is to be found in the time wasters. That my desire is increased for the things that bring Him honour.

I'd like to finally have resolved where I am going professionally/academically/job/school wise from here. I keep toying with the idea of returning to school for my Phd, or staying in Academic Admin positions and working up, or doing something totally different like teaching English overseas or going back into the medical field. It's important because I kinda feel like I am just skating by in a position/situation I really don't like or see a future in right now without any other plans; this causes me a lot of anxiety, and I spend so much time thinking and worrying about this.

We have to move in May so I hope that we'll both be in better paying jobs in a location where we can plan to own a home by next fall.

Get the NMJHS fellowship. Write the immigrant story through a cookbook like writing. Get my art into a show/gallery outside of NM. Yes, more than one- but that's me.

I would like to be happier. I would like to feel like I am doing something I want to do rather than things that I have to do or things that I do to distract me from what I have to do but don't want to. This is important to me because I only have one life and at the moment I feel like I am just moving through it with little enjoyment. I have purpose, but I am currently just making money to do what I want in the future. That isn't a way to live.

By this time next year, we will have all of our bills paid on time, and $1000 in an emergency fund. This will mean we are living as good stewards of God's generous provision.

Have more genuine human connections and thought provoking conversations. This will make me feel a lot better.

Sorry, I have to describe two. This year I will be working with others to develop a specialist consultancy/training to bring dissenting stakeholders together for shared solutions. By this time next year I would like to be able to tell at least one story of how it's been implemented. And, I want to be able to have grown enough produce to share/trade/feed my neighbours.

I would like to finish a draft of the novel I'm working on. It makes me happy, and I feel especially alive when I'm working on it. Also, it's the only thing I do that is completely for myself.

I want to be settled, which was my goal from last year. More financial stability, more routine, less chaos. This will help tremendously both financially and emotionally. I also want to play through my many I played board games! This will cultivate family time and allow us to connect and engage with each other!

more money better judgment grown up choices seeing the future planning for the future better relationships saying no to stuff that sabotages me not sabotaging myself at all not f'ing off as much! more smiling

I want to learn basic Hebrew. I grew up away from the Jewish community, I never knew any Jew kids, or even teens. It was basically me and my sister. As an adult I choose to get closer to the Jewish community. It is something that I never knew how much I missed until I started to have it. I'm meeting people and I'm studying the religion and the history and the culture. Hebrew is a big part of it but damn that language is hard but I want to speak it harder.

A feeling of calm acceptance. I feel like I am constantly waiting for the next achievement to feel ok, and calm, and enough. I want to figure out how to have that regardless of what I manage to achieve in a given hour/day/week/whenever.

You know what? Other than being a bit more financially solvent than I am now, I want to keep doing what I am already doing---spending quality time with my daughter, maintaining a healthy friendship with my ex husband, developing the folks at work. I am happy.

I want a certification beyond just a LinkedIn Learning faux-"certificate" maybe even join a related professional organization.

I want to move. I need to move forward, provide for my children, help them reach milestones and achieve greatness, overcome their loss. And I believe one way is to provide them a fresh start.

I want to have my first job as a nurse lined up! It will be the culmination of two years of school and many years of questioning what path would lead me to stability and satisfaction in this capitalist hellscape.

I'd like to write my fucking novel, because I keep saying I'm going to, and I keep not, and I really want to just do it and be done.

A new job that meets my top 3 priorities: 1. World-changing engaging work 2. Paid enough to support my family + benefits, especially a good health insurance policy 3. Leaves me time to spend with my family - either afternoons or summers.

I want to build my team at work so that we're at 50/50 parity in regards to gender. I feel that diversity in views reflects to strength in functionality, and while I have gotten the best candidates so far, I feel like I need to expand our team to include more midlevel and senior team members that don't look like me. It's my job as a manager and as a boss not just to hire someone for the sake of diversity, but to hire someone who has potential to succeed and surround them with allies that will aid in their success.

Oh boy. A year seems to fly by. I'll be half way in my school program. Crazy that I have that on my plate and surprisingly do-able. I trust in the reason and path that this additional piece of paper (advanced degree) will open. So, by this time next year. Continued satisfaction (Dayenu) with where I'm at, who I am, who my little amazing family is and the positive trajectory we have fought for. I can see the first few words of last year's answer peeking at me. Those desires remain unchanged....just a re-shaped perspective for enough. We have all we need. I believe in the love that stands behind me.....even if I can't see it. Even if it's not physically here right now. It's ok to dream again. We are strong, we are amazing. Powerful, kind and smart as we say. I am daily blown away by my sweet child's empathy and connection to the world and what she teaches me. So this time next year I'd like to be more like her. We continue to grow together in curiosity and zeal and hope and fun. This is important as it's the stuff of life. It's truly living. (it's past my bedtime...am I even making sense? : - )) Love my girl, love my dog...love me! Good job, Mama.

I would like to have chosen a major with which I am happy. Being directionless can be tough, so I look forward to narrowing my academic pursuits ever so slightly.

Well, I'd like to be in a steady relationship this time next year. It's important because I want someone to spend time with and share my deepest secrets with and have physical companionship with and be able to grow closer to God with for a long long time.

Currently promoted to Grad CRA,would love to have graduated into new role as CRA 1 on an oncology study or being a CRA 2!!! Maintain weight below 140, while traveling in new role,(so loose at least 15 lbs). All the while Celebrating the journey to completion with God! It is important for me to continue to grow in my career and push myself personally! So I don’t become stagnant as life is to short to waist time doing nothing or something that doesn’t challenge me to be better!

By this time next year I would like to be working as an ER nurse. I have not reached my full potential in my career. Im not sure if it's failure or success that I'm more afraid of haha. I have so much more to give and I will only be successful if I can continue to put one foot in front of the other everyday towards fullfilling that potential. Sharing my knowledge, my compassion, my life experiences, my humanness with others is a gift. The ability to assisst another human in need to be their healthiest emotional, physical and spiritual self is an honor and a privilege.

By this time next year, I want to have made my apartment a home. Right now, it's halfway between being mine and being generically "a home". While I feel like all my professional goals are going to happen, this one involves self care, and that's hard for me to do. I'm not in the business of loving myself. This is going to push me to do so.

I'd like to have my book published, or failing that, a few short stories, or failing that, my office organized and digitized, or failing that... I'd like to still be around and able to enjoy the bounty that is mine.

I would like to find my balance in life. I don't like my tendency to depression and anxiety. I acknowledge that I am very sensible, maybe even more than before but I hope to find a way to use it positively. It's a very abstract thing but that can have very concrete impacts.

Aw, is it a copout to say I want to be a mother? Because I WILL be, no matter what! If that's a copout answer, then I suppose by this time next year I would like to have hired at least one person for Peak Health - someone that I trust, can train and do entry-level nutrition, and that is actually growing our business.

At first, I wanted my answer to this question to be career related, as it was last year. (I just re-read my past answers to this question and 2017's was about grad school as well.) But I've realized that it doesn't matter. I'm even "farther" away now from actualizing any semblance of a career path, and that's ok. When I read this answer next year, I hope I am actively being kinder to myself. I've internalized that my value lies within myself and not what I output, and that has been life-changing for me. But I am still so self-critical and I want to be nicer to ME because I am all I have. I also hope I have figured out what kind of relationship I want to have with my mom, and have set clear boundaries with her, regardless of whether she chooses to accept them or not.

I don't want to keep writing "finish dissertation," but seriously finish this dissertation. Joe is going to be born in a few months and my director is going to retire within a few years. I want this second doctorate so I can be Dr Dr and hopefully be more marketable as a scholar.

Write a sequel to Aunt Jodies Guide to Evolution that is accepted for publication.

I could repeat last years (and the year before) answer regarding career status, but I don't want to focus on that anymore. I would like to be more balanced (mind/body/spirit). I've been taking steps throughout this year and feel a positive difference, but I still have a ways to go before I am at the place I want to be. To be healthier and more energetic - that's what I want to achieve.

I wish to have purified my neural systems of 99% of automated fear, as I have come to understand that fear imprisons me and keeps me from being my better self.

I want to have a healthier, more stable, and confident relationship with my body/my fitness routine.

By this time next year I’d like to figure out whether I should stay with this job or pursue another profession. I love my job and the opportunities it offers, but it’s not sustainable in the long-term. I’d like to have a clearer vision of where my place would be in the company, and if I quit, how I can pair my love for traveling and for children into something sustainable.

I'd like to adopt a greater attitude of loving kindness toward everyone and to engage in all aspects of my life with joy. I'd like to end all the disaster fantasy's I play out in my head, feeding into cortisol addiction and work on noticing the present moment. I tend to be reactive to stimuli and even though I have become aware of this and work differently my initial response is immediately reactionary and stress inducing. How does one change an automatic, pre-thought, feeling oriented response to stimuli? I don't know but I want to work on changing that part of myself.

More inner peace and serenity. My mind is non stop chatter. I feel I could be a little more honest with myself. I would like to be more comfortable in my own skin. It is important because I would like to be free and flexible. Better connection to my source. I would be happier and better handle and deal with things as they are. My life would have better outcomes.

Being closer to my family. More in contact with them. having peaceful rewarding life experiences. the bill gets passed.

By next year, I want parents here. I want to be sure I'm staying in Palm Beach schools for awhile. I want to pass the general knowledge exam for Florida by the end of the year. I want to save up to go to France finally! I want to pay off credit cards and some loans. I want to be in better shape mentally and physically. I want to be in a serious relationship that is actually going somewhere by the end of the year.

Nothing to achieve. Nothing to do. I’d like to continue to live in a state of being - ever present to each moment.

I would like to have gotten back into horseback riding, at least semi-regularly. I miss it, and it was such a big part of my life for nearly 20 years. I know it will be easier to do once I have a stable and reliable job in an office where I am happy and find fulfillment, so that is part of what I would like to achieve by this time next year, too.

I would love to find a partner for me to get away at times from this crazy life as single working father.

I'm setting a goal of getting to a cultural event or exhibit (not including movies) at least twice a month. This is important to me because I really enjoy going to museums and other events, and learn a lot when I do. But I often just don't seem to get to museums and events.

I want to have my license and be well on my way to geek certification possibly dbt certification. It's important that my health take a seat on ruling my life and I get back to being awesome.

I would like to grow in my understanding of God and His Word. This is important to me because I need God, I need to remain connected to Him. When I get off track life is empty and meaningless, a rhythmic doldrum - a useless grind. With Him is life and a fullness and enjoyment because when I'm with Him I'm becoming who I was created to be. The world and the flesh - you eat, you drink, it's over. Temporal and if you have things regularly, it can become like you need more and more of whatever it is to feel anything. But with God, there is a hunger that is satisfied and yet leaves you craving more, that is actually good for your body and your spirit. There is a peace that even when things aren't going your way, in your guts you know that God is sovereign and that at the end of the day no matter who wishes you bad, no matter what happens, that God is able to deliver and that nothing is going to come to you without His permission. When things are allowed, it is within measure and for your good. God is faithful and won't allow you to be tempted beyond what you can bear, though He does not tempt anyone. He is an ever present help in time of trouble and a refuge and mighty fortress in times of distress. I'm blessed to have Him in my life, that is why it is necessary to keep on putting Him first in life.

I would love to become a pediatric nurse, perhaps particularly in pediatric oncology. I have my first experience in the field at some point during this school term’s rotation. So far, I only have personal, anecdotal experience to go off of. So many nurses tell me that it’s a difficult field. I’m not always sure if they mean emotionally, technically, or both, but that doesn’t scare me away from the idea at all. I want to have as much impact as possible in my role as a nurse. I deeply agree that practice should go in order of promoting health, then preventing disease and hardship, then curing it, then treating, and finally managing & minimizing. Oncology is an interesting field: some cancers are truly preventable, but we don’t always know which ones and in which people. Sometimes, it’s just inevitable based on an individual’s physiology and genetics. Working in pediatric oncology seems like it will afford a plethora of room to help educate parents and children on what to do to help themselves as best they can, while working to let go of those stresses which they cannot control. I might feel intimidated in this role, but my personal experience will guide me and let me know that I do understand, and that I do know what I am talking about. My mom took the news very hard, and I was able to use that to our advantage. I realized that I could get us to travel abroad together, take trains and planes...to go places, do things, and experience moments we never would have been able to before I had leukemia. Together, we made it an experience of growth from pain into something more beautiful, which is what I believe life and experience is all about. I am very excited at the prospect of being in this role and making good of my experience for a more broad population.

Maintain the strives I've made in 2018-2019 related to physical strength, weight/food balance and overall health. While some things will be out of my control, I want to continue feeling strong and able to push off stress through exercise and endorphins.

Reduce existing tax bill by .5 and cap 1 totally. Peace of mind. Period.

I hope that I have gone on an international yoga retreat.

I'd like to be "living my best life" in whatever city I end up moving to (or staying in if Bloomington). I worked so hard to create a beautiful life for myself here in Bloomington over the last 2+ years. I love my apartment, I love my friends, I love my job. I'm sad that I'm going to be leaving what I worked so hard to build for myself and also sad that I'm going to have to start from scratch in a new city. I know it will be similar to being in Tel Aviv for the summer, which was even harder because I knew that whatever I invested I would be leaving again in 2.5 months. At least this time I will be in a city without an end date in mind (at least not right when I arrive). This is important to me because I find it essential to my happiness -- in fact it defines my happiness. "Living my best life" means that I am content with all that is around me and that I am doing, which for me is the definition of happiness.

I need to get my financial house in order. Someday, I will want to retire and it's coming faster than I realize.

I'd like to have written a textbook with Becky. It will be a place and space to put into externalized form many of the concepts and cool activities we've been working on for the past several years, and make them available to others. I honestly feel that the book would be a true benefit to others, so for once my anxiety about 'me' doing something new and big is less important than my excitement about the everyday value it could bring to many other people.

I'm about to embark on a new job which represents a pretty substantial lane change in my career. My new position is a very "on the ground" job directly serving others, where my current position is much more big picture. I would like to successfully make this transition and get to a point where I have some notable successes actually helping people.

There are so many little things. I want to have found a research lab I am happy and interested in. I want to have a good idea of the companies that interest me for co-op. I want to be on T or have had top surgery. I want to become closer to all of the new friends I have made. I want to have a better idea of the world. I want to be more educated in non-stem topics. I want to have a better president in office. The list just goes on, and on, and on....

By this time next year I would like to be at piece (at least somewhat) with where I’m at in life and stop overthinking things. I have plenty of time to do many things and I’d just like to feel like everything’s going to be okay by this time next year.

Release an iOS app. I need a sustained personal project that will encourage me to make more focused use of my free time.

I'd like to be out of debt a bit more. I know it won't all be gone, but hopefully we've made a dent.

Reaching 50 soon - need to discipline myself on a road to a better lifestyle hopefully resulting in better health

I feel like I have achieved last year's goal of regaining fitness. I feel so fit! I can deadlift 255 and do endless burpee box jumps. I do feel more balanced in food - but only because I gave up on the idea of trying to conform what's "normal" - eating everything in moderation. That just doesn't work for me! I've tried so many times but I am sensitive to that sugar addition. I'm on day 26 of no sugar/gluten and I feel amazing. I want to continue listening to my body and doing whats on MY OWN path, not what others think is best. By this time next year, I hope to feel like I belong in the crossfit community. Right now I have a bit of imposter syndrome. Maybe its because Honest isnt an affiliate and I feel like an outsider at BH, but I want to break into the community and be able to do more RX movements. Next year I hope to have kipping pull ups, HSPUs, and toes to bar! Those are all totally reasonable. And for the first time, IDGAF about my weight. I have totally recomped from last year. I weigh 186 today but look SO DIFFERENT from 186 in the past. Paisley weighs 170 and looks so different. Weight is a liar. I want to feel good in my skin and feel confident in my abilities - THAT'S my goal.

I want us to have goats on the farm. That's going to require a lot from us. We're going to need to fence the entire property. We're going to need to build a bridge to cross the creek. We're going to need some goats. We're going to need a paddock to keep them. It's going to be some work. But then we'll have goats! Goats to help mow the lawn! Goats for milk! Goat cheese!

I would still like to finish my book. Maybe learn an instrument. I feel as if there is more expression yet to be released from my heart, more work to be done on myself. I want to be happier, I think, but mainly I want to travel and grow and be myself unafraid of my own shortcomings.

I'd like to have my house in better shape. I'd like to see the carpet, and not just narrow walkways. It's overwhelming now, and pushes me to avoid doing things, instead if facing them all head on.

Every year it’s getting married and every year that doesn’t happen, so I don’t know how to keep hoping for that. I’ll have a year of doctoral work under my belt by next year, Lord willing. Finishing each step of this journey is a dream come true.

I would like to shift from much of my time being devoted to working on my physical, emotional, and mental health to maintaining those area and truly enjoying my retirement

I want to be caught up on rent and other bills. I want to be paying all of them on time, all the time. I want to be caught up on school work. I want to continuously be turning in A quality work on time. These are the two things I still struggle with that are important to me. I hate feeling like a fuck up when I fall behind.

Run a half marathon. I’ve spent the past 6-7 months dealing with chronic foot pain and I haven’t been able to go running at all. I love the feeling of running and being outdoors. I am desperate to get over this foot pain and start training again.

Get my children to be happy and healthy.

I want to be an exerciser to include my PT for scoliosis, weights to strengthen my muscles and bones, and something aerobic to strengthen my heart. (By October 2020)

Finish my opera! Hopefully 2 things will help: new composing teacher, stated due date of July 2020 (for semi-staged performance at Cambridge Science Festival in 2021) Important as it's a big part of the reason I started this new musical venture (career change), plus something I promised myself and others I would do, plus I've already put so much work into it that it would be frustrating to have to put it aside altogether.

Oh man, I'd love for the entire wedding to be planned and to go off as smoothly as it can! Even though we're just under a year out, it's a lot of work. I'm so excited to be married to M and to have a day of celebration and love with our family and friends. But wow, it is not easy.

The book still isn't done, so we will bump that forward. And I would also like to achieve a tidy and organized sewing/craft/office space.

I want to have an established routine for exercising, as well as my mornings and evenings. I hope this will help with my depression.

More abundant remuneration as a professional working actor, doing plays, film, television & streaming projects, commercials, voice overs... etc; all the ways a deeply and well commodified actor can become more prosperous artistically, and monetarily rewarded. It's important to me, because I love the doing of acting: it's fun, and I feel focused and purposeful while doing it.

I'd like to make a dent in the piles and piles of "stuff" in my house. This means taking care of not only my own and Larry's stuff but things belonging to Ben and Eli. If we're not going to move, at least I can make our home more habitable and easier for whoever (me or my husband) is left in it by his/herself. This is important because the amount of belongings we have is staggering: we've been in this home over 30 years. I'd also like to make some home improvements, including fixing the driveway and walkway.

I'd like to get to next year feeling secure in my new position. I have been working hard to make sure that I have fully prepared way ahead of time. Now to make sure that I am getting in my hours.

I would like to have a friend in the town in which I live. This sounds simple, but it isn't. I don't make friends easily and, having moved here, three years ago, I have found it very difficult. My small circle of friends are on the west coast while I am here, in NC. I do try. I'm active in my church and am taking art classes. I have acquaintances, but no friends. I do think it is possible to die of loneliness.

I want to feel like I'm actively choosing the spend my time on things that bring me joy. I've felt a lot like my activities are being buffeted by the needs of others (for lots of reasons, no surprise) but I want to be more intentional about my time and what it leads to.

I'd like to look back on the year and feel that I was present. That I was focused on being in every single day, that I didn't do too much looking back on the past or looking ahead to the future, but that I just enjoyed living.

I hope I have made significant progress toward completing my doctoral degree. I'm writing the orchestra piece for it now, and next year I will work on the written document. I'm hoping I can study for the candidacy exam over the summer and take it in the fall. It's important to me because this is my second stab at getting a doctorate, and I really want to do it expeditiously. It's hard because I'm teaching more than I should be, so I don't have as much time as I'd like for my own studies. I should probably reduce my teaching load next year. Either way, I will not drag it out or abandon it this time.

I would like to take control of my eating habits-- A constant refrain but an important one because I will be in better health. I know it is possible but I keep making excuses and throwing roadblocks in my way. I would like to lose 40 pounds by this time next year.

By this time next year I would like to feel that I am back on track both emotionally and financially. Right now I am in limbo financially paying for upkeep on our old house until it sells. This is a huge burden of stress right now. Sale of the house will allow me to move on in a direction independent of my married life. I will be able to reinvest the funds that are currently tied up in the house and hopefully make better financial choices moving forward. I think that being free of the house will also Free me emotionally as it is one more tie to the life that I used to share with my ex-husband.

My goal by next year is to focus on my health and see all the doctors I have been putting off for years. This is important because my health is a gift.

I close on my house later this month. I hope by this time next year, I will have truly settled into the house and made it a home. I hope to have been brave enough and healthy enough to start a family.

By this time next year I would like to have saved a deposit for a house / expanded my knowledge on astrology / been on one international holiday.

I would like to have incubated this blueberry to completion, but I know that is in God’s hands and not mine. Therefore, I would love to have identified an apartment to buy by this time next year.

I'd still like to tackle my bike anxiety, which I think also manifested when I skiied. I'd also like to finally lose the 10 pounds I regained after I lost a lot of weight after Jason and I broke up.

I'd like to feel good about what I'm doing. I realize this is a very broad goal, but it's all I can think of right now. I'm not sure that I'm doing the right thing. I feel underwhelmed by my college experience thus far, done with being in school for what's now my fourteenth consecutive year, and lonely in the Midwest with my girlfriend and family on the West Coast. I suppose that I want to feel comfortable with where I am. I want to be consistently confident that I'm doing the right thing in having a long-distance relationship. I want to take classes that I'm excited about. I want to be happier more often.

Calling our racism and bigotry with full confidence, rather than being embarrassed by putting someone on the back foot for such comments. A work in progress but I can't stand being a bystander any longer!

I would like to finish KonMari-ing our entire house, sooner rather than later. I would also like to have a will done and in place by this time next year.

I think it would be great to continue to learn at work...and challenge myself that way. Ugh. For the 100th time, I need to loose weight. But I would like to maybe take more fitness classes. I think about running again but also kick boxing. Who knows!?!

I would like to have a really strong footing in my job and fully understand my role and ability to create change. This is important to me as I get to know my organization better and get more comfortable in my role, and I truly believe this takes a full year.

I could list a million things that I want to have achieved by this time next year. I want to have lost the 15 lbs I've been carrying around. I want to have regulated my hormones. I want to be on a good sleep schedule. I want to be working out every day. I want to be in a new job. I want to be mentally happy with myself. But overall, if I had to choose one thing I'd say I just want to be significantly improved from where I am now, whatever that may be.

I want to be in a different city making it my home.

I'd like to be working as a lawyer. I knew I would have to find something post-articling and I think I have an offer lined up so I'm excited to grow my practice and my experience.

I’d like to be finally driving at last xx this will allow me to have greater independence & give me a chance to broaden my horizons on the job front. Also I’m retaking my hypnotherapy course so I would like to have made it as a part time career at least xx full time would be awesome 😎 xx I now have a venue I can use so we’ll go from here & we’ll see xx Thirdly it would be nice to get our house done & if I could find some fairy-dust to inspire my husband into action with the house & other things lol xx 😘

1. I want to close a PACE deal. This will be exciting and bring in much needed money and help my company survive. 2. I want to clean up the old files in my office and the unpacked boxes in my bedroom, and then move my office to my bedroom. It will be so freeing to let go of that which is no longer serving me, to live in order and beauty, to be nimble and ready to move if the need or opportunity arises, and to free up the extra room for income or space for Kenny.

To finally get a life. A social life. To have a purpose. It’s important because without it there’s no reason to exist

By this time next year I would like to have begun my path towards a certain career. I am about to graduate university and I feel like I am floating - my part-time job is in a wonderful company but it's dead-end, and I'm not making headway in my artistic pursuits, partially due to lack of time. I want to have decided where to focus my energy and have begun that process.

I would like travel to Israel and pray at the kotel. This is important to me as a new Jew - I've never been before and would like to experience and grow my connection to Israel, and thus my Judaism.

To be disciplined and living in organization.

At least one new scientific publication. Mostly to support colleagues I work with, Dustin in particular, but also for my own legacy. There aren't any other "big" accomplishments I have in mind right now.

Brush up on Torah Reading. It’s something I’d like to do occasionally at services.

Oh, I just touched on that with my spirituality question on Day 5. I want to live more in the moment, accepting what is, fearlessly not trying to control everything and everyone, not cringing beneath the shadow of potential failure, not avoiding all pain or discomfort (physical or emotional) and trusting that I have the strength to do so.

I'd like to be boat free. This isn't a goal forever, but this time next year, I'd love to be without any boats. Honestly, I'd even be ok with giving them away were it possible right now. It's expensive to be poor. Eventually I'd like to have a day sailer, and even more eventually I'd like to once again live on a boat. But the lifestyle we need right now doesn't have room in it for boats.

By this time next year, I would like to have started applying to Law Schools! Let's get that future!

I would like to be a support to my Mom and Sam as I show them love, optimism, and good humor. "Honor thy Father and thy Mother."

By this time next year I'd like to be financially independent and mostly out of debt so that I'm not living from paycheck to paycheck as much.

Trust in my unique creative flow, in the powerful impact on others of my unique art and confidence in pricing all the creative output I have to offer.

I would like to still be active in book club. Reading and writing played a huge role in making me who I am, and once I finished college I feel like I stopped reading. I felt one dimensional and uninteresting. Since joining the book club, I have motivation to read (even if I don't finish the books always) and that makes me feel connected to the world and other people. As my schedule becomes more demanding, I want to make sure I continue to read and I feel like staying active in book club will help me accomplish this.

2020 will bring a some big milestones to my family. Both the youngest and the oldest will graduate, one from high school the other, college. My nest will very likely be empty a year from now. As the saying goes, " God willing and the creek don't rise." I started a new job recently, which I did not see I was ready for a year ago. I do hope I have a new fence by next year and we have started our remodeling projects.

I want to feel better-about myself,about my son, about how I spend my time. I want to be more intentional about my choices. I want to be more supportive of Scott. I feel like this year is very personal- not about outside events. I just want to feel less blah

I would be SO deliriously happy to be rocking the socks off my spiritual empire!! :) Making enough $$ to live in financial abundance. Also, my love, I am SO friggin excited to meet you!!!!!!

By this time next year, I would like to be starting my freshman year of college at the university of my dreams. For me, going to college has always been a vision of escape from the life I have led thus far. In this distant vignette, I am far from everything I have ever known-- far from those I have only ever known. Finally, I am discovering the fundamentals of that which I am interested in: international affairs, linguistics, and sociology. All the while, I am living in my favorite city in the world-- Washington, D.C.-- joining the other “District-ers” on the precipice of change which is our capital city. Finally, I am almost there. My vision is so important to me because it has been the dream of a boy who has worked his whole life to be resourceful enough to provide himself all of which he desires, but has not yet been able to cash-in for his reward. For the majority of my life, I have been my greatest cheerleader, pushing myself through the thickets of a childhood and adolescence scorned by parents too desperate to harm each other to realize the harm they instilled upon their children. Despite it all, however, I continue to cheer on. The actualization of my college fantasy would both the beginning and end of my life as I know it. At last, I would be able to leave behind the goal of a persevering child and begin to live as I always imagined. Additionally, however, I would be in search of a new goal of which I do not know of yet. After achieving that which I strived so long for, what more is there to wish for? If I find out, I’ll let you know...

I want to make a change for the better, in one aspect of my life. I would like to lose weight, because I want to be healthy and be more consistently confident. I would like to revolutionize the music program, because I love it and want to see it succeed for years to come. I want to make progress in my relationship with my family, because I think family relations are important. I want to find a new way to connect to my Jewish identify, because without cmc, I need another outlet. If I can accomplish any one of these things, I would be happy.

I am hoping to become an EFT certified couples therapist. It's important to me to deepen my work with couples, and also as a reflection to me of my own competence, which I sometimes doubt.

I'd like to be able to say that I've made noticeable progress in how I respond to mistakes. When I get down on myself about not being good enough I miss out on opportunities to do the right thing.

I would like to be free from back pain! Because I say I believe in Spiritual Healing so it is about time to prove my faith!

Haluan päätyä tekemään vain 3-5 isoa asiakasta ja pois tilkkutäkkihommista, sillä sen myötä voin oppia asiakkaistani enemmän, tehdä itsestäni korvaamattoman, voin luoda strategisen suhteen asiakkaisiini ja vahvistaa sen, että mulla on tulevaisuudessakin töitä.

in a new house. making it home. lowkey hustle. getting to know my new landscape. making connections and building relationships. taking it slow. in it for the long haul. making things. making things. making things with my hands and heart.

I'd like to live together with my boyfriend and create a serene and calm environment in it. A place where we both feel relaxed and feel like home.

Be at target weight, I know I’ve said this a couple of times, if not more, but I need to do it for my health.

I’d like to have my mom’s finances in order as well as my own! A clean house with the help of a paid non-judgemental professional would really help! When things are in disarray, I feel less capable and there’s so much on my plate I’d rather feel like I’ve got this.

I noticed while I was on my recent 2 week vacation for my 70th birthday that I was committed to finding constant gratitude with pretty terrific success! I realized that one reason people who love to travel might do so to have a sense of connection to their gratitude. It might be that its more difficult in the midst of laundry etc. I’d like to come closer & closer to my gratitude in my day to day life in the coming year.

Lose the weight. Make the money. Have the perfectly decorated house. And the perfect garden. Deepen all my friendships. Read all the books. . . . Or maybe go to therapy and figure out how to let it all go?

I would like to feel fitter, stronger, and healthier so that I can model healthy behavior for my daughter and keep up with her better.

I'd like to do a lot of things but the thing that's always on my list is to lose weight. No matter what I wanna do losing weight/being thin is the thing I feel hinders me. I feel like being thin would solve more than half of my problems. I've had this wish since I was maybe 10 and maybe writing it down this year will make it come true?

By this time next year, I hope to have successfully completed my first year of rabbinical study. Along the way, I hope that I will develop and refine study habits that will make me a more diligent person. This is intertwined with being less electronically engaged, especially on Shabbat. This is important to me because, while I feel that my personality and temperament are already quite rabbinic, my base of established knowledge is not. This knowledge will not come to me miraculously by my sleeping with a book under the pillow, but rather by my turning more of my mind to the curiosity that is there when I get into study, and to allow the existence of that curiosity to spark different habits.

I would like to be engaged in work that inspires me, develops skills, earns respect, and pays the bills. This is important because i have been floundering for a few years, trying to find my professional self, and I feel lost again now that I've quit my teaching job. I know I am smart, capable, and I want to do the work that reflects and makes use of that. I want to earn a respectable salary, health benefits, and feel purposeful. I don't need or want my identity to be defined by my work, but I do want to feel like I'm doing something useful with my time and helping the world.

Enough individual therapy to make a good decision about if/whether to go to couples therapy. I'd like to have one or two chapters of my dissertation done(!). I guess I'd probably like to have Jesse potty trained (!) MORE TIME OUTSIDE. It feeds my soul, relaxes me, and makes me happy. Oh boy, it's going to be a busy year.

I'd like to be generating commissions on a near-monthly basis. This is important in order to sustain a reasonable living, while also paying down my debt; really I just want to put the money from commissions on my credit card.

I'd like to have achieved an ongoing (more frequent) self-connectedness, for/with an ongoing connectedness/presence with others that I can tap into / that I live. This is important for me to be as effective as I can be in the Work, and to experience as much joy or perhaps clarity as possible.

I want to finish writing a play and/or get some poetry published and/or get a short film made. It's important to me because I have talked for so long about writing and I'm secretly afraid that now that I have the chance to actually put my money where my mouth is, I won't see it through or take the risk of failure.

I would like to have a new job and a new life. I would like to feel safe, secure, gratified, happy, loved and fulfilled. A tall order.

But this time next year, I would like to have the knowledge and practice to create my own fashion patterns. It is important because I have been the sole motivator for my fashion aspirations and by learning these skills on my own, I am creating the future I want for myself.

I would like to be better at being more grounded and doing the things that keep me grounded. I want to be fearless enough to stay close to my values and live them. This society makes it so difficult to stay connected to humans and to help humans. I believe that if each of us were more connected to our humanity the world would be a better place.

Oh, golly, I think I have to say I'd like to achieve the same thing as last year, which I didn't get done this year: be in charge of my own schedule. I'm getting tired of hearing myself say that I can't get things done because of (insert here: husband's needs, the dog [well, that's at least new this past year], etc.). It's not like my life sucks, or I can't get the bills paid, but I don't have the rhythm of sitting still in front of a textbook or computer program for an hour every morning while I learn something. I do read, and listen to lots of brain candy, but it's nothing that takes concentration. When opportunities do come my way, I'm apt to miss them until they are almost over and it's time to be the chauffeur again, or walk the dog, or.... I think it will get better this year, though and I need to be poised to take advantage!

Making the changes in my life for it to feel more meaningful

I would like to be out of the Army successfully and also healed up 100%

Oy!!!! I hate deadlines. My adhd and insecurities get in my way. Ok. I must take one college course in psychology to see if I want to go back and get my masters or LPC. I Must talk to admissions and see what my Options are w my current degree

Even better about money! Get online. Really. Just try it. Refrigerator? Plan the summer vacation, 2021.

Well- one thing is out of my control, but the phalloplasty. If that were in the next year that'd be great. a thing that is more in my control would be- graduating! there's 2 of these coming up, hopefully, a school one (i should be getting my bachelors in the spring) and also i will likely have gone to the mikveh and come out as a jew by this time next year, which i am excited by.

I would love to be debt free! It’s important as it would mean that we wouldn’t have the pressure of earning lots to get back. Less time spent at work, would mean more time to do the things I enjoy and spend time with the people I care about.

I'm less interested in achievements and more interested in growth.

By this time next year, I would like no longer be the president of CBE. I need someone else to take over this job because as much as I like the power, it is also preventing me from doing other things.

I would like to not stress every time I have to think about benefits costs...

I'd like to have taken some active steps towards the whole identity thing. Whether that means a change of environment or going to more jewish events or any of the above, I think I'll feel much more grounded if I feel like that side of me or that conflict I have inside me slowly dissipates by actions, and not only thoughts/research.

Be able to travel more. I always love to see different culture and reflects on my life. I'd say that I'm more of a listener person, I love to absorb different stories.

Running at least a 5k - because I've never pushed myself in an athletic event and the running community seems incredibly supportive, and most people want you to succeed and finish - I also love that there are no fees to go and practice running, just feet on the street.

In just over a month I'll run my second marathon in NYC. I'm very excited to run it because I want to prove to myself that I can improve on how I did last year. I'm also looking forward even more to welcoming a second child into our family within the next year

By next year I would want to be in a better place professionally. I want to have gotten experience, knowledge, and skills that would make me one of the best in my field. I would like to do this to feel more independent and better about myself. Hopefully, this time next year, I can look back and reflect on what I have achieved.

Another answer that focuses on my ex! Why not! I hate how even after we have been broken up for a year, I still center her in my life. By this time next year, I don't want to ever think about her. I want to be able to move past her and all of the shitty things she's ever done to me. I want to discover who I am without comparing myself to her.

I'd like to have made a significant inroads into saving for my move. Also I'd like to make solid plans about uni. I'm looking into learning to drive too.

I'd like to achieve writing a short story. For years writing has been in my mind. So many ideas. I know the execution will be so different and so mind-numbingly hard, but I'd like to try.

I'd like to either be working or to have established a supplemental income to help in retirement. Last year I said I'd like to be in better financial condition and this year I'm not really. I also would like to strengthen my faith and peace of mind and get along better with Marco. I'd also like to be in better health and lose weight.

By this time next year I'd like to be able to say that I'm succeeding with my BPD treatment. That I've changed behaviors and ways of thinking so that life is a lot smoother, my depression greatly lifted and my relationship with B, much better because of the work I've done and the work we've done together. I understand this process can take more time than a year yet I hope to be well along in it.

I want to have caught up with my financial stuff: taxes and cost basis info. I want a clear slate. This is irresponsible and weighing me down.

Get control over my life. That doesn’t mean removing myself from the world, but to have less chaos in my life. At times, too often, I feel that life is controlling me rather than me having control over my life.

One thing that I would like to achieve by this time next year is to be more outgoing, and to step out of my comfort zone. Specifically when I am away at college next year, I want to make sure that I am doing well in school and studying, but I also want to be making new friends and having fun. I feel as though while the academic portion of college is very important in terms of getting a good job and being able to expand my education further, my last four years at BC High have not been what I would necessarily classify as “fun”. Even though I do not believe this will be very difficult to achieve, it is import to me because I want to make my last four years before adulthood are enjoyable. In order to achieve this I plan on being one of the most involved students at whichever school I attend. I will join clubs that are of interest of me, and participate in the inturmerals of sports I have enjoyed playing my entire life. By doing this I need to make sure that I am my true self because I want people to be friends with me for who I am and not for who they want me to be. I do not want to have to be in constant worry about impressing the people around me or having to put on a mask so that people will approv of who I am. I believe this message should apply to everyone, especially teenagers, but unfortuantly in the technology age we are growing up in, this does not seem like much of an option for most people.

I'll have my MBA by this time next year. I hope that I'll have used that for something in my career.

Non-quota-yoked position either within or without current gig.

I pray (and I don't do much of that!) that I'll be in the same job a year from now. What I hope to achieve a year from now is stability in my professional life. I'd like to have a good head start on a pollinator garden and do my part to help mitigate the climate crisis in my own little corner of the planet.

Sell a piece of art. It's growing a spine, putting in the part of the work that's, well, work, and proving a thing to myself in the most crassly objective fashion possible.

By this time next year, I would like to write well, write often, and write with ease. This is related to my larger goal of better time management, less perfectionism and procrastination, more reliable and sustainable habits, and better follow-through. That's a lot to ask of oneself, and I'm trying not to make it an all-or-nothing project: my main criterion for success is whether I am moving in the right direction, making steady improvement. But trajectory can't be the only way of evaluating my progress, and it is good to have a specific goal in mind as well. For New Year's 2019 I resolved to *read books*. It was a modest and contained goal that has ended up having a large effect on my well-being this year. Writing more, better, and with ease, is an achievement that is related to the reading goal, to be sure, but I expect its effects will be even more profound and meaningful. I've been scared shitless of writing since grad school. I used to write quickly and well. I want to, again.

I would like to be in the beginning stages of business planning and launching. Even if I’ve barely made any progress, I’ve been sitting on my idea since March 2019 and anywhere is better than just holding the idea in my head and not doing anything with it!

I want to have more of an exercise regimen. I think it will help my back.

Lock down a relationship? Making relationships (at least a romantic partnership) a priority. but also to negotiate one without losing my sense of self. Have a 5-yr plan for food truck. Business plan. Investors?? No credit card debt and some financial security.

I want to get my credit back. I was doing really well, better than I EVER have, then it all came crashing down. It's going to be a slog, but it'll also be worth it when I'm ready to buy a house or car.

I'd like to be dating someone. I think I'd feel like I'd really made progress in my personal and spiritual growth if a nice man walked into my life...plus, I'd just really like to have someone to share my life with.

Same answer: A complete rewrite of the Exodus book, first draft, from blood in the Nile to the month after the revelation at Sinai. And this year, I'm doing it because I'm working for an hour every morning and reading books for research and documenting everything. It's happening. Maybe not a full draft this year, but freaking close.

Be at either the weight my doctor said, or the one I want, which is lower. To be healthy and not injured.

I would like to feel happier about the balance of my time and energy between work, self, and family. I don't like how tired I am by the time I come home from work, and as the kids get older they notice more and more.

I'd like to run a 10k again

I would like to pay down a good portion of our debt -- pay off the nagging debts that bother us (my parents, H's therapy bill, and the target card) and then pay off at least one more high interest card if not two. It's important because I feel so stuck with all of our debt. I'd also like to get a new job where I work full time and make at least $50k. I'm getting sick of being underemployed.

By this time next year, I'd like to have a salesperson on board! And to be through module 1 of EMyth. That's a big ask, but I really want it!! I have a good excuse: TRAVEL!!!! Dating! Life! But also, I want dat money, ho!

Might be hard, but I would like to move forward and get divorced. I think this time next year might be hard to achieve but it seems we should at least be on our way.

I'd like to either have done, being doing, or be signed up for a legal externship. I want to start exploring what it's actually like to work in different areas of the law. And I miss working 40 hours a week.

I'd like to have at least started taking the ARE exams, be done with all of my hours, and possibly have LEED certification as well. This is important to me because I feel the more I know about architecture, the more I can use it as a tool to help the world become a better place. Maybe I'll start my own design firm someday with my friends and we'll use our design skills to improve the quality of life of people around the world.

By this time next year I hope to have found a new job, finished an education in graphic design and be about to finish at least one book (the one about storytelling I'm making with a friend), and be working on a second one (about visual communication). I think this past year has been pivotal in a way, showing me things need to change. Some of the changes have already been put into action, others -like job and training- will follow suit. The books will be the first fruits of those changes.

I say this every year. I want to lose a few pounds and keep them off. I want to have an exercise routine that I can maintain and enjoy. It is important to me to feel healthy and look healthy, but apparently not important enough to make myself do it.

להצליח בלימודים ובחיים

feel more secure the way i am (and finding out who i am), that means saying things that i don't agree with and feel good being me! it is just so hard and exhausting fighting the conflicts in your own

I'd like to feel more confident in myself, and have my self esteem back at a normal place. Its taken a battering over the past few years, which I hadn't realised. My confidence has been at rock bottom, and my self worth. I hope it grows again.

I would like to be on a better path for my health - losing weight & maintaining a health weight & adding more exercise. With my RA, I need to start taking better care of my body, so I can go out & enjoy experiences with my family more. I know I still have to get a full hip replacement, but I can do a lot to help delay that aspect.

I would like to get back to running and would like to be prepping for my first 5k at this time next year. I think running is just a great way to stay active and healthy.

Learn how to delegate tasks more effectively!

By this time next year I hope to be settled in a new community with a growing family. Rob is about to start the job search and we're preparing to start trying to have kids and I'm looking forward to all of the new adventures and challenges that this will bring. I hope to find work that I'm passionate about, a community of friends and colleagues, and strengthening our family.

Serenidad. Estar contento conmigo mismo y con mi vida, asumiendo lo bueno y lo malo. De esta manera voy a poder estar centrado en vivir, en el presente y no en el deseo.

I'd like to have a stronger community here in Nashville. And I'd like to have more clarity on what's next.

I fully anticipate being promoted by this time next year, and possible being in a new role. This is important to me as it signals a formally acknowledged progression in my career, not to mention it supports other things in my life that depend on or at least correlate with my work.

I would like to have a real sense of my future goals by this time next year. What do I want my career to look like? Where do I want to live for now? Losing weight wouldn't be bad either. I certainly hope I don't gain more.

I need to lose weight. The quality of my life depends on it.

I want to lose all the weight that I have set out many times to do, its not that much, about 25-30 pounds. I want to be in excellent physical shape. I want to all this not only for my health but also to feel good about myself and the way I look. I don't care if there is a bit of vanity involved there, I am doing it for me. I have always been in good shape and active my whole life, eating healthy too. I had some set backs a few years ago with stress fractures in both hips due to running injuries and I just want to be back in peak shape, something I was working towards then until sidelined two years in a row. I was within 5 pounds of my goal and training for a marathon and then all the wind came out of my sails. I would also like to do the bike ride to Geneva, NY again. I enjoyed the training and experience with my fiancée so much. The high of the physical activities is so helpful with anxiety and depression for me and it is an important component to my overall wellbeing. I know it said one thing, but I dream big, I would also like to have a productive and successful garden and be able to do some food preservation.

More weight loss and physical fitness and less clutter. That’s three things, but they’re all important to me. The weight and fitness are about improved health. The clutter clearing is about creating a relaxing, peaceful home space and one where I can feel good about sharing my gifts of hospitality. These are important steps for quality of life.

Play music with someone besides my teacher. I want my music playing to continue to improve, and then I want to have a communal experience. Even if I only become competent (and confident) enough to play the right chords (or no chords) at the right time over the course of a song, that would be great, and I'd be part of something bigger. More music, more community!

I want Ricky and I to morph into one in the dressage arena, for my body and mind to stay in the moment with him, no matter how arduous. Bonding with him in this horse/woman miracle has my utmost attention and is bringing unimaginable joy.

I achieved last year's goals of having savings and having moved to a better apartment. I was so miserable last year and want to acknowledge how hard I worked to achieve both of these. By next year, I'd like to continue working on my savings, of course, and also maybe be able to take a trip on my own. It's important because of financial and personal independence, but also I recently realized that I am so happy when I get to travel and learn and absorb new cultures. I want to prioritize my happiness.

I'd like to be alive.

Maintain and grow close ties to friends and family as well as continue to form new relationships. Important for me to be involved with others and less centered on myself.

By this time next year, I would like to figure out what my next step is in my career-- either to stay on the same path, choose another path within the same broader field of education, or choose something entirely different.

So many things! But the overarching one (and as I look at last year's answer, it seems to be a running theme) is finding a better balance in my life. Now that I suddenly have a lot of time, I hope I'm able to harness it to actually make changes in my life, tackle long-standing projects and plans, and not just sit and watch life pass me by because I'm so exhausted all I can do with my "me" time is zone out.

I'd like to have dated someone else for a reasonable amount of time. It's important to me because I've never been in a serious relationship with someone other than Rachel, and if I have had that opportunity by this time next year, it'll be a sign to me that I've moved on from this part of my life and chosen to focus on the future rather than the past (which is what I'm struggling with currently). It scares me, but I truly hope that will be true in a year.

This time next year I want to know what I am doing. I want to have a feasible five year plan. I want to have a job that makes me happy. Not a forever job or a forever plan but I want to have direction. It is important to me because I currently feel very lost and lonely in my confusion.

I'd like to have successfully completed the second year of my degree.

There is nothing I want to achieve. I feel busy just getting on with life. I am done trying to achieve. It’s exhausting.

Put together a short story collection. I'm not sure if it will be stories I've already started, or new ones to come, but I want to get it done. It might be a collection of poems illustrated by my collages - that's a goal I would like to meet. It's important to me because I know it's in me to do, and also because I have so many unfinished projects strewn through my life, I want to see one DONE.

I want to put a major dent in my outstanding debts. It’s important to me because I don’t like having debt looming over my head. I also want to be able to save for retirement and buy a home and that’s hard to do when you have significant debt.

I'd like to have all of my consumer debt reduced to the point that I can consolidate it into one payment. Seems imminently achievable, and would make such a difference in my monthly money management.

Being fucking promoted Do something with my fucking professional life WHAT THE FUCK Pourquoi je n’y arrive pas :(

Make real progress on knee and shoulder pain. Find the right doc, understand the causes (better, at least), and commit the time to take care of myself fully and consistently.

I continue to strive to deepen and expand my personal relationships, whether with family or friends. Connection with others can be rewarding and fulfilling, and I cherish my closest relationships and hope to be more active in deepening existing friendships in the year ahead.

Id like to officially take the next step with my SO next year - whether that is apartment shopping or living together or planning his residency together. Our future together is important to me and as much as I have loved living alone and being independent, I am so excited and ready for what lies ahead for the both of us.

This time next year, I would like to look back and see that my priorities matched my actions. I would like to see that I spent less time on social media, and more time playing games, walking or talking with my children, husband and friends.

By this time next year I would like to have made significant progress in learning another language. I am about to start the peace corps and learning a new language will be essential to my success there.

I want so much to have a baby. I didn't always but, now that I'm married to a man I love, I want to raise children with him. I'm terrified though that we're starting to try too late.

I have so many goals! 1) Have stable employment 2) Do well in school 3) Travel more! 4) Be in a better, more stable place in my own head

I want to go to Paris next year!

I would like to have a home that feels less temporary. This feels like a stop gap. I like feeling settled.

A calmer, easier, gentler "taskmaster" to myself. I still tend to push myself too much. That's good, UP TO A POINT, because I need to find my limits. But I am prone to overextend myself, then pay for it physically. I want to learn to say NO and not feel guilty.

Honestly, I'd love to be dating again. Sarah really shook me up. But I'm feeling capable of intimacy lately, and I'd love to be building a relationship with someone. Walking Stella by the Bay last night, I kept thinking, Someone should be here with me. I want to be here, sharing it, with someone I love.

I would like to have taken some classes to improve my lighting and editing skills with the ultimate goal of landing more photography jobs. It is important to me because a) I want to be good at my craft so I can feel confident that I am delivering the best product b) I want to have my skills locked down tight so that I can build a clientele and bring in extra money for my family.

I'd like to get to a place, emotionally, where I feel closer to my husband. There are times I feel really lonely in our marriage. Most days I can march past it, but sometimes the ache of loneliness is especially acute.

I think the most obvious thing is setting up a life in DC. But more broadly, I hope to have adjusted to post college life well, and know the general direction I'm headed in. That sounds like an easy thing to accomplish but I don't want to take anything for granted. (Just to tack it on, I'd also like to graduate Magna cum laude but stay tuned)

By this time next year, I would like to get back to running at least twice a week. I miss the feelings of freedom, of self care, self love and capability that I felt when running.

Since I've just started a new job as the Cancer Surveillance Coordinator for the State Health Department here, it's interesting to look ahead to the next year. I'd of course like to be excelling at my job, moving the State forward when it comes to Cancer Surveillance and Cancer Epidemiology. This position is good for my career, confidence, growth, etc. By this time next year I'd like to feel that confidence in all areas of my job, but especially in the managing aspect. I'd like to find my voice as a manager, because while I am easy going, I'm a rule follower. So finding the balance between those two things might be difficult for me. I don't want to be a pushover, but I want to be fair, and easy going, and flexible. But I still want to be respected. Is that possible? I think Eleanor showed me that it is. It's important to me to grow these skills because I've never had a job where I've managed before, so I've never gotten to work on these skills in a professional setting. I'm excited to grow my career in this way. And be seen as successful by my superiors. We'll see what I can do in one year.

I need to learn patience with myself and forgiveness for others. I'm absolutely terrible at both. I cannot give myself a break and I can't let anything go. It's very hard, nearly impossible for me to forgive someone who I believe has let me down. I believe that if I could improve upon this, it would help me with my children, my friendships and my family relationships.

Better balance between everything that is important to me.

Having been an amateur singer for one whole year. Singing is good for my success and development as a person.

I'd like to have written a show I'm proud of and that has meaning to me. It feels like a culmination of everything I've been learning and a good way to move forward.

I want to have another baby in my arms. I know what it will require of me - 50 extra pounds, zero sleep, bloody nipples and blown out diapers. I don't care. It's temporary. I want another child of my own womb.

As always, write more. Continue spending money on things that make me a better, happier person.

Finish unpacking boxes in garage and junk rooms! We'll have been in this house five years by this time next year, and I'd like anything in "long term storage" to be there intentionally, not just because we've never gotten around to it.

I'd like to have a better idea of what I want to do with my life. Whether or not I've found a new job, I'd at least like to have a clearer understanding of what it is that I want to dedicate myself to. I've just got several vague notions and ambiguous thoughts, but nothing concrete yet.

I would like to be less depressed. This year's questions find me at a really, really difficult time. I feel I am failing on a daily basis, failing to get to dance class, failing to help myself stay positive. Jonathan is days from leaving on tour. I am trying to rebuild a life. I don't know where I'll be living. I don't know what will happen to me next. I don't know if I'll get cast in The Little Mermaid. I don't have anything I'm looking forward to. I have a lot of self-pity and I don't know how to escape it. I want to get myself out of this. I want to find some direction. I want to enjoy my life again. I want to feel accomplished, satisfied, connected to people, and driven to achieve a goal. I want to create and I want to serve. I feel cut off from all of this. I need to fix that. I want to fix that. A year from now I would like to have some sort of direction or satisfaction in my life.

Move to Mexico. This was a decision made with my partner. We have tried to find some way for him to get legal documents, but to no avail. We will not be free, will not have the monkey on our back of this government until we leave the country. This allows us to live and travel freely. I am nervous, really nervous, as I will be commuting cross border daily. I am nervous because I don't know what type of house I will be living in. I am nervous because I am not fluent in Spanish. Ultimately, though, it is the right thing to do.

Once again, I’d like to have made progress in clearing out the clutter in my house. I would also like to be 50 lbs lighter. I am 187.8 lbs today.

I really want to have a handle on the clutter next year. I like the line that clutter is delayed decisions. I need to take action and ownership of my life. I think it is really holding me back and I want to let it go.

By this time next year I’d like to be financially stable, I’d like to be happily divorced and most importantly I’d like all my children to be happy. If I have a nice man in my life, that will be a welcome bonus!!

What I'd like to achieve would be the same as last year: I need to stay healthy and get physically fit. I need to make this a top priority to take care of myself, especially if I want to start a farm in a couple of years and live a long healthy life.

I want to send an outdoor project. Actually, several. I love climbing. I've been indoor climbing for six weeks, and in the whirlwind of senior year, it's the only part of my week that gives me full harmony of body and mind. Last week I graduated from 5.5 to 5.6, and I might be able to try 5.7 by the end of the month. It's getting colder, and I imagine I'll have to wait until the spring to bring my technique outdoors. I'm so excited.

I would like to have a sense of what's next in my professional life. I would like to begin to feel some sense of transition to something that will nourish me and allow my skills and creativity to manifest in a more joyful manner and in a larger arena. I would also like to have a more established practice and better relationship with my parts system. I would like to be guided by the wisdom of my inner system and my guides and other transpersonal teachers.

I would like to have a full-time job. I am enjoying my time at Habitat for Humanity NYC but it ends the end of November. Being here has me realize I do know what I'm doing and I'm good at my job. I've been so beaten down by previous jobs that I always doubt myself. Since October of last year, I've probably had 25 interviews. I am demeaned, disillusioned, and demoralized at this point. Stop looking at my gray hair and start looking at my talents and abilities.

I would like to earn more than $350K/yr. It's important for three reasons: 1) get out of debt, 2) cover dd's college expenses, 3) put more $ away for retirement. So, I'd like to achieve financial security - is my goal. And lowering my stress level is why.

I would like a resolution in my relationship. I hope for the courage to either leave, or to know that this is right and what I want. I'm tired of all the uncertainty.

I'd like to have a more stable job in a place that I love. I'm so grateful for this fellowship, and I would stay in this town forever if it was an option, but there's an expiration date. So this time next year I'd like to be in a job without an expiration date, but also one where I see some real potential for forward momentum. And living in a place I like, maybe not as much as I like it here, but still enough. Of course, that's not actually an achievement, is it? That's as much luck as anything. Okay, trying again. I want to look back at this year and feel like I made the most of this opportunity and didn't let chances slip away due to anxiety or procrastination.

By this time next year I would like to feel like I am in a position at work that allows me to thrive by using my creativity AND my experience in the environmental field. Right now I have improved my work life but don't feel as though I've gotten to where I want or need to be. As a result lately I have been feeling very stuck in my decisions around my work. I would very much like to focus the next year on taking care of me, and not worrying about how a company or co workers feel about my decisions. I'm the most important and need to realize that.

I am so over the word achieve. Is it an expectation? This time next year, I hope we are making it. I hope we still have this roof, and our home is more repaired. I hope we are healthy. I hope we pay all our bills. I hope we have days of joy and peace.

My first impulse is to say I am in school. By next year, I will have returned to school with 100% conviction to grow and stretch myself, embrace the challenges and truly finding joy in this. I will move from confidence in my path, rather than fear of going down the wrong one. And I will know that I am just as capable...Aha! I've arrived at the true thing I would LOVE to achieve by this time next year: a growth mindset. This is so deeply important to me because I feel I have so much to gain with it, and so much to loose without it. I will learn how to praise my own process and not the results. (Every time they pushed out of their comfort zone to learn something new or diff, the neurons in their brain formed new or stronger connections and over time they can get smarter - Dr. Dweck) This past year, the books Attached and Mindset have been true turning points in understanding my behavior.

Be financially stable. Having made the website I am now the editor of more succesful. Still living in China and being better at the language. This is important because it's the reason I came here and because I love the community here and what to be instrumental in making it thrive.

I want to be better at SFDC process flow. It is the place I feel the weakest at work. I am uncomfortable with weakness.

Every previous year I said something about graduating, and this year I finally DID that! So: by this time next year, I'd like to be living in a place that feels like MY home. This house is starting to not feel like that, what with the minimal conversation with housemates about clutter and cleaning, and my aversion to chores, and my reluctance to invest in it because I keep thinking I could potentially move away at any time. I want to live in a place that I feel better about and feel more stably attached to, even if that's just this same house with a different attitude. To accomplish that, I'll need a long-term well-ish-paying job (or a HUGE attitude adjustment, I think--but let's aim for the job).

To be tracking toward a career that naturally stirs me, draws my curiosity into motion, moves me and uplifts me, gives me purpose, joy, and fulfillment and allows for some real connection, flow and ease and setting me up for momentum into an unknown exciting future.

I’d like to build my yoga classes and workshops into a viable income stream.

by October 7th next year... i'd like to have done more travelling. gone somewhere new and-or revisited an old fave. having that flexibility and the expanded horizon it brings is not a thing i want to fall out of touch with. (this is not including the canada trip i'm about to undertake... or maybe it is. but i'm thinking... over a sea.) and planted more trees. because i already owe a great debt. and the more i travel, the greater it gets.

Just one? Working on the house, taking off weight, better control of finances. All of the same stuff, year after year. Digging deeper than that, what do I hope that I can say I've achieved one year from now when I read this? Probably greater inner peace. Like all of us, I have internal struggles, battles with my own brain. Self doubt, anxiety, uncertainty. I've been working on this for 6 years, with some successes and some failures. My hope is that I am further along in this journey, having more successes, loving this precious life and living it more fully. It's a journey, one baby step, one bite at a time.

Definitely driving. I'd like to have my licence and also my own car. I think it's important not just for the independence it will offer me, but also the symbolism - of finally doing something I've been putting off for so long, something where I've let my fears hold me back and it's limited my life as a result. And that is a pattern in my life more generally. I think the first time I drive alone in my very own car, which I very much hope will be shiny and red, I'll feel that I've proved to myself that it's not too late to achieve the things I want to.

Quit smoking. Enough is enough. I no longer feel invincible, it's really affecting my breathing. Also, I won't want to be smoking at 35 or 40 or 50 - it's gross in so many ways.

By this time next year, I do not just want to be in college, but I want to be happy where I am. I am applying to very competitive colleges. It has arrived to the point where the candidates are so strong, the highest differentiation between us is our after school activities or our essays. Whatever student the college selects, they will have made a good choice but they also lost a great potential student. In addition to these competitive schools that I am applying to, there are a mix of easier schools that I am fairly confident that I can get into but may not be as prestigious. If I had to guess where I will be next year, I could not give a confident response. Of course I hope to end up where my heart desires most, but, I will not know until later this year. Throughout the college process there has been one constant pressure— social acceptance. College talk is nonstop these days. Everyone is constantly discussing deadlines, essays, test scores and GPAs. Honestly, I am sick of it. While my GPA and academic profile is relatively high, I always seem to surround myself with people who drown me out. They are applying to the Ivys, the Academies or even the same schools I am applying to but have a significantly better chance of getting in. What I really hope to achieve next year is a sense of relief and satisfaction. There is a solid chance that I do not get in to my dream school or my reaches. But what I hope to have next year is freedom from all the social backlash of going to a “stupid” or “easy” college. Wherever I end up going is where I was meant to be going and is the best fit for me. If i do not get into a top choice because I failed to ace the AP Calculus test, so be it. it was not meant for me. If one of my best friends gets into my top choice over me, do not be jealous. Be happy for him. What I really want for next year is a sense of humility and self-gratification that I did what was right for me and to not let anyone judge me.

If like to have a larger sense of community. Having moved to a new city a few years ago, I still feel the loneliness of being an outsider, unable to connect in a meaningful way outside my job, which I love. I would like to feel a true part of my community with some close friendships.

My first thought when looking at this question was about my weight. By this time next year, I would like my first thought to be about something else.

My day job is killing me. I hope by this time next year it will be a distant memory!

I want to write a book. Ideally it be something reflective of me and my journey through life. It isn't even about publishing it or selling it or even advertising that I wrote a book - it is about ACTUALLY writing the book. It is something that I have always wanted to do - so it is one of my goals to become an author in 2020.

By this time next year, I hope to be pregnant with my first baby. Even though the idea of being a mother is scary AF, I know I'll regret it if I don't at least try to have a child. There are so many things that scare me about it: having a miscarriage, having a baby with serious issues, having an extremely anxious baby, going crazy because of a lack of sleep, hating the whole experience, having postpartum depression, and so on. But at the same time, if we don't do this, what's going to happen to our family? It's too small, as it is, and I don't want Craig and I to grow old without any children or grandchildren. It'll be hard in the short term, but rewarding in the long term. Whereas for childless people, it's the opposite: they have fun when they're young, but are then lonely when they're old.

I was over the moon to be able to say I achieved my goal from last year, which was getting into med school. Since I'm going to be in school for the next four years, my next career goal won't be until then--residency. And I don't want to be the person whose goal is to "get all As in med school" or something, for one because already by this point it's likely I won't, but more importantly because I've spent a lot of my life since college coming away from that particular self-value system. For this year, my biggest goal is going to be enjoying myself in med school. It's so hard and stressful, but I'll never get these years back again. I want to still be friends with the people I adore now, and I want to have more friends too. I want to do a good job as President, and make my class happy to have elected me to lead them. I want to see movies and play video games with my friends and work out and go hiking and take road trips and get a pet and maybe have a stable romantic relationship by this time next year (but be okay if I don't). I think if I can achieve even some of those things, I will consider this a success. Even two months into med school, even though my grades aren't perfect by any means, I'm proud of how happy I am, and how much I'm balancing my work and my fun. I just want to keep that balance for the foreseeable future.

I'd like to be in a relationship. I said this last year as well and I didn't put in the effort necessary. I wasn't truly open to the possibility of love and connection. When it comes to relationships, I am stuck in my act of having to be perfect. In relationships, this translates to lack of patience and lack of openness. I'm looking for the "perfect" guy who will complete the perfection of my act. It's exhausting. It's heavy. It doesn't allow for openness, joy, and love. Going forward, who I am is the possibility of openness, patience, love, and connection.

All A's. I am taking a lot of really hard courses and want to prove that I can do well.

I want to have achieved the keeping of lots of simcha and patience.

I would like to have traveled outside of Europe. I have said I wanted that for years, but now I am turning 30 in a few months - it is a big big mark on my bucketlist.

Next year I'd like to see no more house issues! I want to feel more financially stable.

I still wish I could develop some proficiency on the piano. But the main thing I need to accomplish is to find something to belong to, so that I would have a reason to live.

Whelp, I sure haven't achieved what I described for myself last year. For real, this time next year I want to have a job that pays for my life (aka an apartment with a roommate) that I don't completely hate and is interesting to me in some way. I want to plant myself in a place where I can find/build for myself a community.

By this time next year I want to have paid off my student loans. That's the main barrier to all of the professional things I want to achieve in my life, and that facet of my life affects all the rest. If I pay off my student loans, I'm not as bound to this job (or any job!). I can take jobs that are more fulfilling but don't pay as well; I can go back to school for my PhD; I can save up for a traveling camper van to move into in lieu of a house.

Oh, I'd love to be able to reconnect with my son, but know that it's unlikely. Other than that, to be happier than I am now, and to continue to work towards more happiness and peace in my life.

this time next year I would like to see myself in more successful relationships. Invested in my career. feeling successful in moving forward as I have this year.

Either having my own apartment or car.

I would like to still have this job I have currently, and still be in the same apartment complex (preferably with the ongoing roach problem eradicated...ew). The last few years have been very tumultous and I've never lived or worked anywhere longer than two years. I'm cultivating stability...and that matters a great deal to me.

By this time next year I would like to have attended a service or event at some of the other Jewish groups/synagogues in DC. Between Sixth & I, Adas Israel, JCC, etc. there are so many opportunities to continue my involvement and journey with Judaism.

I want to find my people. Whether that is at UB or in nyc, or wherever, I want to feel like I belong.

I would like to significantly decrease the amount of material possessions in my life. I'd like to make a move, as a family, toward having less stuff. I often feel like I am drowning in clutter, and that none of us value the things we have, because we have so many things. I believe that if we had fewer things we would take better care of them, appreciate them more, and be less stressed out about the things we don't have.

Move to a place we can all feel at home in.

Last year, I was hoping to lose some weight and complete some stories. Zilch, nada, niente, on that front. So, I'm going for a less ambitious outcome. I hope that I will have worked out a routine that gets me up off of the couch and out doing something. I need to organize my retired life with Greg so that I get more done. We eat breakfast and read the paper and then putter around. His passion is model building so he doesn't usually go anywhere. If I stay around the house, I end up on the computer, not doing much. During warm weather, a long leisurely breakfast means that it's really hot by the time I'm ready to work, so yard work is easy to put off. And put off. Global warming is not helping this. Why is it important? I want to do something. I want to feel that I have done more than 'got through the day.' And that is actually pleasurable. Sitting around reading, watching movies, going on-line, all of these are quite enjoyable. And seductive. So, I need to make some changes because next year, I do not plan to sub. It's getting too hard to get up at 5:30, my hearing is starting to go, and, quite frankly, the technology many classes use has gotten away from me. I don't need the money, really, but I do need to get out and do stuff. If I'm not working, I want to find some out of the house activities in which to participate. We'll see.

doing my best to raise a tiny human. giving myself grace and compassion along the way.

Meaningful work. Tikkun olam y'all. It doesn't have to be prestigious, it doesn't have to generate income, it has to help heal the world.

I want my driver's license. By this time next year, I'll be twenty-one and I want the independence driving can give me.

I'd like, by this time next year, to build some routines for care and maintenance, of myself, our home, etc. Too often, we do everything last minute, as things are falling apart, and I'd really like to see us do more on a schedule.

Buy a condo. I want to own property so badly and we finally live in a city that it’s achievable.

INNER PEACE! So, last year I apparently wanted to be settled, to decide about whether and where to move, and have confidence we are educating the children properly. Well, we did that, and I still don't have confidence we're educating the children properly. Living in limbo *was* driving me crazy, and even though we're only in temporary housing and will move again, we've pretty much made our bed at this point and will need to own this decision. So, it's clear that there's just no certainty and just no peace and it really doesn't matter THAT much anyway, or at least there's very little I can influence, never mind change, so maybe I should just let it all the fuck go already.

I think that I just want to feel more secure in my job. Not just in terms of taking ownership of my position but also, I want to feel valued both monetarily and verbally.

Move to DC. This is so important to me I can barely put into words now. Since I left and moved to Boston, I have been thinking about ways to get there. It's closer to my family, closer to the industries I am more interested in working with, closer to friends and a way for me to not be in a long-distance relationship anymore. I'm pretty done with that last one. I feel like in a lot of ways I am putting my life on hold at this point. My relationship can't really progress in the ways I want it to and I am feeling ready to move to the next stage. That's the impetus for moving now rather than in another year. I had anticipated being able to achieve this by this time this year. And my inability to has sent me into a bit of a downward spiral. So here's hoping if I don't achieve this in the next year this time, it won't hurt me in the same way. Alternatively, perhaps I just needed something a little more time than a year.

By this time next year I hope to have taken and passed the GRE. It's important to me because I intend to get my Masters in Counseling by 2022. It's the last profession I will have. I'm excited to do it and afraid.

Finances! Paying off bills and setting money aside for family commitments. Hopefully, being able to afford my own place. I am also wanting to start my educational doctorate, I hope that will be finalized by this time next year.

Learn to drive! It will give me freedom and flexibility.

I would love to have finished my journal. I spent 15 years writing sporadically in the last one, and I started this one at the start of this year. I've kept up the writing and am now over halfway through. I love it, the regular writing, and have even set up a writing workshop with two friends in November to see if I can branch back into proper creative writing.

This sounds silly but I need to Marie Kondo (or otherwise clean out) all my closets and shelves and drawers and random storage spaces. Seriously though, my intention is to either start a family or move soon(ish), so finally freeing myself of the burden of too much disorganized stuff shoved barely out of sight seems super-important.

I want to claim more sanity. To feel like it's all written down. I want to let go of the idea of the mental load, and the negativity I have surrounding the fact that he does not have all the information in his head.

Romantic: I would like to have had a trial run living with my boyfriend, Marcus, and to have felt secure and excited as a result. At the end of the trial run, I would like him to ask me to permanently move in with him with passion and genuine excitment, and this to mark the beginning of our future together. Should the trial run go badly and it turns out that we aren't compatible, I would like to have the strength to pick myself up and move to greener pastures. Fitness: I would like to have done a triathlon, or climbed another mountain. I would like to have my handstand, headstand, shoulder stand and walkover down! FEAST!: I would like to see the strategy come to fruition, and the research play out.

This time next year, I would like to be in two kinds of established relationships: 1) a working relationship with an institution/company that values me (financially and on a daily basis) 2) a romantic relationship with a partner who respects me the way I do them This is important to me because, since moving from Boston, I've become aware of JUST HOW SIGNIFICANT a solid network of relationships is to my well being. I have been able to transpose much of my platonic relationships with me (thank you internet!) but I cannot forego the importance of my working identity and my romantic identity. Establishing these two kinds of relationships in the next 12 months is essential to my success here in Philadelphia.

I would generally like to feel that I have improved the ways I interact with others and have improved on certain aspects of my personality, like being assertive and not having so much anxiety about what others think. I would also like to be more spiritually in tune to the Jewish calendar, and to actually do the work needed for this to happen. I think I realize how much better my life would be with these improvements, or maybe I'm even scared about what the improvements will bring.

I have a vision of myself in my mind and by this time next year I want to be making that vision into a reality. And what I think that will look like: totally letting go of the skin I'm in now, practicing yoga, gratitude, mindfulness daily and hopefully incorporating the boys into that too. This vision also includes a more peaceful, mindful, loving, respectful relationship with Paul.

To be earning a steady income from creative projects and pursuits. It’s Not just important, but vital because I’m pretty sure that my purpose in this world is closely linked to my creativity.

By this time next year I expect to have grown my business to share magic and positive vibes with others! To that end I will have attended several more craft fairs, @crystalcreations.guru will have over 1,000 instagram followers, and I will be shipping out orders weekly.

This year I have no specific "achievements" in mind. I just want to focus on keeping my family healthy and happy, performing well at work, maintaining friendships despite distance, and turning 40.

Financial and hormonal stability. I need to free myself from debt to a sick twisted system of energy (money) exchange. I also want to reclaim my vitality by getting off hormonal birth control. It is also sickening in many ways. I hope to find more emotional peace. I’ll be getting healthy enough to conceive if I choose to.

I'm super happy to see I've met my goal this year and am absurdly happy with where this year has brought me. By next year, I hope to have more clarity around what type of career I want to pursue. It's not a super tangible goal, but it's an important one because of the speed at which law school occurs and how important it is to me to stay true to my values. (I'm also hoping I will have made journal.)

Enjoy spending time on my own more. It’s important to me because if I get used to it, I will avoid loneliness as I get older- so I hope!

Oh gosh. Get our of debt and earn more money. Get more advanced in my MBA program. Have a better relationship with DH and the kids. Finish the house and rent it out to AirBnb.

I want to answer the question: Do I stay in this marriage? I really don't want to answer this question.

I want to have a full-time job that allows me to pay for my bills and direct my future in a positive and growth-oriented direction. I have really been discouraged to be job searching for almost this entire last year. My independence and ability to steer the course of my life is super important to me.

Focus on JOY and LOVE; the biz of life is not as important. To BE more than to DO.

I'd like to be gainfully employed. I'm graduating college in May and would like that sense of security in my life

Maybe have a baby? I don't even know why it's important, the world is on fire, but for some reason reading back that I've been thinking about it for three years makes me want it even though the idea leaves me with crippling anxiety. Baby or new job or at least start writing again.

I would like to have made another step towards become a professional change-maker global citizen. I still don't know what that means for me. If it means I stay where I am, here in Sierra Leone, if I go back to South America, or do grad school. I Would like to achieve deep friendships. And commitments. That allow me to grow into myself.

Through grad school I will have many goals. I want to be a better teacher and make a stronger partnership and more meaningful connections with my co's.

More purposeful living. I feel like the day and weeks and months just slip by and I have nothing to show for them. I want to make a difference somehow, and I want to be more present in the everyday moments of life.

€23 million dollars in the bank cash. This will give me freedom to do more of what I want. I can help and contribute to my family and humanity in different ways. I want to have a routine in place that gives me energy and makes life 1000x better. Just a simple minimal routine. I want to be physically stronger and more flexible. I want to shape a completely new identity.

I would like to go through every single item in my house and decide whether I need to keep it. If not, I will either sell it, give it away or recycle/throw it away. As a life long collector, this will not be easy. I own a few thousand books, several hundred CD's, and as many DVD's, plus albums, comic books, and collectibles. The enjoyment I got from all of these things is long past and every item I get rid of means that there is less weighing me down and that I need to worry about if I move or need to leave the country.

I would like to have a better command of Hebrew. I feel like it's really, really holding me back from where I want to go in my studies and is incredibly frustrating.

Saving a bunch of money, while I can. I have never held a single full time job for a full year before! Plus I can tax defer more of it than I ever could in one year before. It should provide a comfortable safety net for the family future, that I hope will make being away worth it

I would definitely like to be more musical. In recent years I've made an effort to learn more about music theory and even try a few musical instruments. But I haven't quite been able to stick with a particular one or feel like there is a one single instrument for me. I think that the problem is I really just want to make music, rather than be an especially great instrumentalist. Right now I've enrolled in a class by my favorite music YouTuber. I'm hoping that from what I learn in the class I will find myself making songs more regularly and more capably. And once I get better at making music, I would like to use my talents to help my little brother in his dream to become a video game maker. He does the coding and I do the sound design!

one thing... to write notes / cards to my friends more regularly, as I always want to do. Connection fills my heart and I want to share.

I want to be able to plant, harvest, and prepare meals grown in my back yard.

I want to either have a new job, or to have shaped this job in a way that feels more fulfilling and like I'm creating the kind of school communities I want for my child and for all of our children.

Hopefully we’ll have more clarity on whether we will have another child. It’s something we’ve debated quite a bit in the last year. Hopefully we’ll also have gone on our first family vacation!

I would like to have manifested my soulmate by this time next year. This is important to me because I finally feel ready enough on this path to fully give up and release some of my old ways around dating, as well as the old attitudes I've held onto. I know that a deep soul connection is what I'm ready for next, and I expect this in my life next year.

I'd have... liked to have bought a house. Still working on that one.

Finish a play. I need to be able to finish a large project like this, to my satisfaction, to put in the time.

In the coming weeks, I will be starting a new career (I have one official job offer, one great interview I’m waiting to hear back from and one possibility that just reached out to me for an interview) and making moves to secure a mortgage loan to buy our home. This is going to be a big year from us, as we also plan to start trying to get pregnant in a couple months!! By this time next year, I hope to feel more secure financially and professionally, to be a mom (!!!) and to have made some improvements to our home like finishing rebuilding the deck and planning out next year’s garden!! What an exciting time to be a newlywed with so many possibilities ahead of us!!

I realize that this may be the first year...maybe ever since I was old enough to really reflect...that I don't have any huge goals. This is the first year that I'm not in a bad relationship or a bad job, that I'm not yearning for a romantic relationship that I don't have. That I'm not wondering how to gain a self confidence that seems elusive, or hold back anxiety and panic. So for once, I give myself the ability to work less hard! But at the same time, I'd like to achieve more time for myself for the hobbies I care about and would like to pursue, such as quilting, painting, dancing, singing, boxing, welding...

I really love last year's goals for achievement and would love to continue working towards being better organized and de-cluttered for the same reason - to reduce family stress. I have done a better job separating work and home life (esp. since the big computer crash in June). I have not managed to get to see John in a show, but perhaps summer of 2020 will afford an opportunity.

Having a job I like with a good salary. This will be the culmination of the transition to Houston for me. Of having left everything for love and having the world back me on that choice, having my faith in myself be sufficient to prove that this world is abundant, and that I am enough regardless of where I am. There are other things I want for this time next year, but I think that is the only reasonable thing to hope for and realistically expect. Others? 6 months' salary saved. A decent place with my kitties & Pep happy. A good sofa. Good health. Beginning to put money away for retirement...

I'd like to get involved in some kind of charitable activity. I've realized my life is just basically a narcissistic monstrosity benefiting mostly me. I'd like to find a concrete purpose or goal that involves helping people.

Getting all my finances in order. I know I should be saving for retirement and investing my money in various ways, but no one ever explained it to me, showed me the ropes. But I am committed to spending time to learn about it, to be sure my financial future is secure.

Once again, I would like to have a job that uses my skill set. I have been so close so many times to having a great position, but instead I have a job. Maybe this year I will be rewarded.

Pass real estate exam, bc it’s a potential revenue stream

I’d like to have an idea about if I can adopt or grow a child and a solid timeframe for that. If I need to reimagine parenthood or let that go I’d like to know either way. (I’m 36 going on 37).

I would like to achieve at least 10 different snare knots to catch larger prey. It's difficult to make snares with found scarves.

Birth a healthy baby, find a job.

I mean, I really want to find my person and life partner by this time next year. Unfortunately, I have no actual control over this. But what I can do is continue to remain open; continue to meet people; continue to be generous with love and warmth for others; continue to take good care of myself and pursue things that I love and that spark passion in me; and my love with show himself to me when nature intends.

I'd like to ride a different horse. Not because Ruby is terrible or anything, but just to test my progress. I rode Sopha before she retired and that felt like such an accomplishment. So I'd like to see what another one feels like.

I want more money and better habits and a better job and more friends and more happiness and to decorate the house!! But just one plan? Shiiit. Let’s say I want to complete the 7 day dream job challenge- remember that?? ;) I want to have finished another online course and to be enrolled in or getting ready for a boot camp.

Only one? I suppose the main thing is to be in a new job. This is my primary goal in as much as it will (at least, ideally) facilitate so many other much needed changes. It will allow me a payout when I leave here, which will help with debt. It will remind me that I have value and something to contribute, which will help with my sense of self as well as my burnout. It will permit more energy left at the end of the day - as well as more money - so that I can do the things that /make a life/. So many things are just not happening right now because I’m so burned out and so broke, and I need and deserve more than that or what is the point?

Achieve a title change and a salary raise from my current position. For one reason or another (fear of illegitimacy, uncertainties in our current business situation, etc.), the goal turns out to be the hardest for me to overcome this year, and I intend to completely crush it before the year ends.

I want to be through the main bulk of my therapy - perhaps seeing my therapist every month or so - and dealing with things on my own. I don't actually know what being better will look like, but I hope to be pretty much there. It's important because as I start to live more authentically, I am feeling like I've been living ... more. And I've spent too long living life in fear. I'm going to live the rest of my life as my true self and the therapy is helping me get to that.

I think I always say the same things. Reduce my debt. Get in better shape. Find a better Job. For the obvious reasons. I think i have a good life on ballance, but my work is stifling, and we miss a lot of opportunities and choice because of our finances. I'd like us to be able to afford travel, to afford a _slightly_ larger place, like an actual 1BR, and of course the security of some retirement savings. These things I want

Moving out of London! It's imprtant as I want to live a life that is full of meaning and close to my values, I want to have space to hear myself and value my own connection to the wisdom that exist when less stimulated and with more space to hear myself. I want fewer yet, deeper experience and connections that fully nourish me... that are spacious and go deep. i want to have a slower life and have time to really enjoy all that life has to offer. I want the spark in my eyes back.

I want to feel more clear on goals by this time next year. I feel like I’m leaving too much of my life up to chance right now and it is important for me to feel invested and connected to the path my life takes.

In my personal life, I'd like to achieve the milestone of having a successful pregnancy and birthing my own child with my husband by my side. For many years I wasn't sure that I would have a child. There was the physical discomfort of pregnancy and the pain of birth that scared me away. Then there were my own insecurities and depression that led to low self esteem and fear that I could never been mentally/emotionally ready to be a parent. I also didn't think I was worthy of partnership. I couldn't imagine meeting my husband, falling in love and getting married. My life prospects felt so unstable. It was bad. Now there are so many aspects of my life that are stable. I survived depression. I love myself. I love my profession. I love the city where I live. I have a wonderful partner as a husband. We own a beautiful home. These things are not necessarily requisite for having a child but this level of stability is important to me. I am ready. We are ready. And it's something that we want to do together with the love and support of our family and community. In recent years I have been drawn to the concept of "creation" and what I can create on my own and with others. It's important to me to be a part of this most primal way of creating that has been going on for generations and generations.

I want to see mixing spoons and Tupperware scattered across the kitchen floor and a happy, healthy baby banging them all together!

Run a marathon as a guide runner and possibly run my first ultra marathon - the next steps in the Alive Together project. Building health across multiple territories as well as building my own voice and it’s true expression: soft yet firm, gentle yet clear.

By this time next year, especially with another baby on the way, I’d like to achieve a more tidy home and better (adult!) habits when it comes to how we live in our space. It is important because our untidy habits mean a less efficient home (we can’t ever find anything), and a less beautiful environment. It’s also important because babies put everything in their mouths! Eek!

More clarity on my life purpose!

I would like to have a training role in my career and/or be the main resource for industry meetings. I want to further my knowledge in my field so I can be a "go to" person.

I'd like to have much more in my retirement savings as well as enough in my investments to consider buying some land. Long term dream that I want to start planning for. Also, I'd like to have developed a pattern of communication with my partner that works for both of us--this has been a struggle with little evolution

This is tough but I appreciate this question because I tend to be ALL OVER THE PLACE! :) I think the most obtainable (and most important) is living a healthier lifestyle. I've made great strides over the past few years but I feel like I need to be more proactive with meal prepping, vitamin intake, and more excersize. You never know, this could help my hormones too and maybe have a baby one day! Honorable mentions include: - Enrolling in Level 1 Japanese language course - New Job / More $ near Six Figures - Personal Website

I want to continue to become more confident in myself. While i am improving, it takes time and practice. I also would love to feel like i am making a difference in my community, whether on a large scale or by simply helping one person.

I would like to have begun putting roots down in a new community. I hope I have new friends, a meaningful and interesting job, and a home I love with Sam. Traveling has been amazing, but I am so ready for stability again.

A few things. Be better at my job. Implement new methods to do research. Be better at German. Learn enough to have conversations. Learn to be by myself. That the process I am goin through shows some results. Not the final, but some. Keep Shabbat. That’s the one I want to do on my religious side. Don’t know how much, but one bit more every month

I would like the yard to be somewhat finished. I want to be proud of the house I drive up to, and I crave a private outdooor space to relax in. Our yard has so much potential and I want to make sure we don't waste it.

i currently weigh 340 pounds. i would love to be 240. 100 pounds in a year sounds insane, but i really need to do better. i have my first appointment with a nutritionist in the next couple of weeks and i also just signed up for kickboxing classes. i'm just taking one step at a time. i don't want to make any drastic changes that will ultimately cause me to fail. i just want to take one step at a time. one day at a time. slowly but surely i think the weight will start to come off. lifestyle changes, not dieting.

Same story as always, by this time next year I'd like to be working in a capacity that is lined with my values and morals. this is so important to me because it's been a quest I've been on for many years. I know I'm getting closer. I know I'm not quite there. Wheels are turning finally. I really hope I've achieved and made some progress in this category by this time next year.

I'd like to have released 100 episodes to my podcast and be featured in 3 major publications as a contributing author/writer.

A good reliable income in whatever form that takes. I have shown that I can do lots of different types of work and have a very high work ethic, and I do Lyft right now so I can supplement as well.

Be able to do a good 5 minute standup set confidently without notes. I write well and I'm funny, but without the confidence and preparedness, I'm unprofessional.

I want to continue my education as a healer - herbs, shamanic work, reiki, and restorative justice. These things keep coming back and they are incredibly powerful tools for healing. They have presented themselves to me and it is for me to pursue and make my toolkit more robust for the work before me. I also want to live this truth without shame. I am these things. I am good at these things. No one is served if I am not fully embodied and integrated.

I feel like I should have an answer to this! Most of my answers are about making progress on various journeys of self-improvement, rather than specific, measurable milestones or markers of achievement. I want to improve on: -Work life balance -Love life (having a healthy one) -Weight loss/body image I am hesitant to name measurable things like "I want to have a boyfriend by this time next year," because that's not exactly the goal. So not sure how to answer this.

I'd like to be more healthy and be more fit. I want better arms and shoulders

I'd like to be able to say that I've lived a healthy lifestyle for an entire Jewish calendar year (give me what you've got, 5780). In being able to maintain a healthy weight, keep up with exercise classes, choose to walk even when I don't want to, and continue finding ways to create time and space for myself, it feels deeply important that I continue to make myself my number one priority. It feels so good and allows me to be a better person, friend, and professional to those around me when I'm in my groove.

Finish unpacking from my recent move, and while I'm at it, finish furnishing my place with things that suit me. I know adulthood isn't a one time achievement but doing this would still feel like an accomplishment worth acknowledging. And I can finally relax, maybe? Stop guilting myself over needing downtime to recover.

I would like a better quilt made. I would like a home completed in Maine. I would like Mike happy in his job. I would like my children all to have happy homes and family lives. I want to know my family is loved, and happy. This is what all humans need.

I hope I continue to be a good mom for my daughter. I hope that I am patient, understanding, and don't get caught up with comparing myself or my daughter with others. I am constantly striving to work on offering myself grace so I hope that it gets easier with time and this time next year I hope to have grown into grace and compassion in my relationship with myself.

The same as last year - physical work on the house, better tax and retirement planning, personal physical health.

By this time next year, I want to have improved my health and stress management techniques. I want to have less tension in my body, mind, and life. It's important to me because I have this rapid cycling of going between feeling good and feeling bad is too much. It's unsustainable.

Having a baby or getting pregnant. At age 35 I’m ready and I’ve always wanted to be a mother.

Sometimes, I honestly think I've accomplished all the big stuff (marathon, Alaska, Africa, own a business) - but that's ridiculous. There's always more to life and certainly things I need to work on, so these are more minor but perhaps harder in some ways. 1.) Instead of feeling like shit when my friends make little, non stop digs, I'd like to tell them to fuck off and know internally that I don't need them because they are shitty friends that aren't there for me and don't know me anyway. I'd like to stop ignoring it and let them know what I really think. This may be alienating, but I lose all my friends anyway- but usually after they treat me like shit first. 2.) I'd like to lose 10 pounds. Yes, part of it is that I am perturbed by my gut and that I have rivers of cellulite on every limb, but more importantly- I don't feel well. I'm out of shape. I look tired. I feel tired. I seem to have given up and I think losing 20 pounds would suggest I'm ready to live again/take myself seriously again. 3.) I'd like to host 3 fabulous dinner parties. I really want to make this a business, but I'm just not sure how to make it lucrative. Maybe it doesn't need to be seriously lucrative, maybe it just needs to be a small hobby. I don't know but I love the idea of bringing THE DINNER PARTY to Denver and having it be a success. 4.) I'd like to be vegan 4 days of the week. The way we treat animals is cruel, cruel, cruel- and this seems like a nice way to honor Zoey.

I would like to be on a positive career track. Last year I was very concerned with what was going to happen to my career by leaving for 6 months. The truth is I got very lucky coming back and a great spot was open. I am in a great position and I hope that I am able to succeed in it.

I'd like to reduce my volunteer responsibilities to those I truly love, not just those I feel I can't say "no" to. I want to pare down my load, so that I'm excellent at all things I choose to do - not just half-assing everything I overcommit to.

By this time next year I hope to get some experience in the tread I have been going to school for so that sometime in the future I can make a career move at work and go into the maintenance field.

My goal is to be financially independent so I can free myself to make decisions that can make my life more joyful. Such decisions could include divorce and finding new love interests as well as pursuing interests that I didn't have time to follow while married. I want to be able to save $ for eventual retirement.

As with last year, I would like to reduce and maintain my weight. 180 lbs would be fine with me. I would feel better, look better and be healthier. I would have better mastery over my body and it's appetites.

I would like to be more grateful, mindful and continue to stay God focused. This is of all importance to me because I only have God at the beginning and end of every day. He is always with me.

I seem to be living in a post achievement state. I just hope to get by and enjoy what I can. However if M goes to 4 days I hope to achieve a nice balance between doing and being together. I also hope to deepen and expand my friendships.

I'd like to be in measurably better fitness. I fear if I don't set this as a goal and start working towards it, I will actually start to decline. I am seeing and feeling the damage that occurs from sitting so long each day--sitting is much harder on my body than when I was working before. I want to be healthy, vital, active as I age--to enjoy the rest of my years together with my loving husband, to set an example to my other family members and be an inspiration to those around me, including my two grandchildren. I want to be tap dancing in my 90's!

good health . I would be able to accomplish more -more energy , not a burden to my family .

I'd like to hit $0 in credit card and medical debt. I have been chasing a semblance of financial freedom for a long time. It's important to me to feel like I am making responsible choices that are leading me closer to the life I want to build for myself.

I want to move up my sleep schedule so that I wake up earlier. I think this will give me more opportunity to pursue things I care about outside of work.

6. Describe one thing you'd like to achieve by this time next year. Why is this important to you? Next year, I want to feel like I'm really part of at least two communities. Currently, I feel half part of the storytelling community, half part of the Jewish community, and maybe 20% part of the salsa dancing community. I have neglected all of them. The thing is, there are concrete (sometimes even easy) things I can do to reach this goal: I can (and will) join the DC Triathlon club. I have a feeling they offer great opportunities to build community. I can (and will) go to more classes at 6th & I. Back in the day, everyone at 6&i used to know who I was - that's no longer the case. And the classes are GOOD. Wait -- not just that, I will (help) TEACH classes at 6&i! Take the class I taught 6 month ago and turn it into a recurring thing! I will host more (Jewish) things at my house. Shabat, pesach, chanuka, etc, but also non-jewish things like Salon / debate night / movie night / trivia / whatever. I can (and may?) go dancing again. It's been so long, and I feel like I don't remember how to do it, but there's only one way to get good and that's to go. This is only half community-related, and the other half is skill related. Why is community important? Without groups that I feel like I belong to I feel lonely. I feel lonely now, in fact. I don't quite feel like I can really create community at work, even though I spend half my waking hours there, because it's filled with, well, work (and cynicism). So I have to build community elsewhere.

being happier

This was my answer last year and since I still haven't made any progress towards this goal, I would like to try for it again. "I would like to reestablish a regular meditation practice. I have been saying this for years, and will occasionally practice, but without any real consistency. I would like to make meditation something that I practice at least 3-4x/week by this time next year."

Remission. Being diagnosed with this autoimmune issue has been so hard, physically, emotionally, and because it has put all sorts of stress and emotional anxiety on myself that I didn't have before. It has made me less interested in the big career changes, or things, like I have to focus in on my own health. Plus, if I ever want to have kids, getting this down will be the first step.

I would like to further develop my interests in activism and campaigning. I would like to reconnect with my spirituality and possibly involve myself more with XR Jews. I would like to have passed my exams in december! I would like to meed a nice man. lol.

I want to travel somewhere outside my home state just for fun. I've been on a couple business trips but I haven't been away for fun since I had kids.

By October 2020, I hope to be fully independent with my nursing practice.

There are a few things I'd like to put into practice by this time next year that I'm already working on. First, I'm committed to getting in shape and building my strength and endurance. My pregnancy really impacted my body and, at the age of 42, I realize that I have to take care of it and exercise often to make sure it's strong. I have a little girl I need to run after and I want my body to be capable of doing that. I also need energy. I'm also committed to staying on a budget and not getting sucked into so much consumerism. It's hard with a child but I need to stay within my means and not get into debt again. I also want to change my relationship to "things" because of the climate crisis and the need to stop filling this earth with plastic. Finally, I'd like to carve out more time for myself and also my marriage. Being a working mother is extremely taxing and I need to figure out ways to take time for myself in order to nurture myself--same for my marriage and my partnership.

I hope to have a clear position with the spiritual and social communities that I am affiliated with. I want to serve. I want to use the tools and skillset I've been gifted with to serve and grow. I want to finish my Self Help/Coffee table Book using my own Lunar, Nature and Urban Landscape Photos by Autumn Equinox 5780/2020.

it's funny, bc i don't remember the life partner stuff from last year, but i am getting older. most important things would be being recognized for my work; having success in one of my many fields and it would be amazing if it was more than one area!

Job:I'd like to have a charter application in process for school Health: I'd like to be able to benchpress 215 lbs and do 15 pull ups in a row. Life: I want to go visit another country.

Start a new project at work! I need to stay motivated!

I'd like to see my website thriving. I'd like to do what I need to do to get healthier. I'd like to see my relationships improve and expand. I think I could find friends. Love is something else.

I would like to have preferably 2 published papers by next year. I have been really slow to publish, and I think that's holding me back professionally.

I'd like to be closer to finding a way to not feel like I'm half-assing everything. As much as I think that this is probably a better path for me, it does feel kinda insignificant. I want to be able to put all of myself into something, anything really, but I'm so split right now.

Hmmm. I want to do one thing (and maybe a long-term, consistent thing), just one thing, that feels like I'm helping push back against Trump and the evil he inspires/causes/foments.

Ideally, I'd like to have passed the first two levels of the CFA. This is an important future development for my career, and I hope that by laying the groundwork now, I'll be able to have greater opportunity and mobility later on. I'd also like to be a bit more of a responsible adult and make/generally stick to a budget. Baby steps.

I would like to have completed and submitted the writing contest entry I'm working on.

Professional solvency. I have had a really tough year financially and would like to reap the rewards of the hard work I put in this year.

I am hoping to attend two important conferences in Europe and present my doctoral research.

By this time next year, I'd love to have learned a skill. I'm alright at hockey but I don't know the rules very well. I can bake and cook with a recipe, but I'm not good at either. I speak several languages, but not that well. I am an excellent writer but I never write anymore. I want to get good at something that I actually do.

Finish Polished Rough and have another project in the works

I'd like to have a couple of solid opportunities for jobs by this time next year, and a plan to keep a budget and a work-life balance. It's important to me because I have worked very hard these past few years to feel secure and self-sufficient.

Work on the Democratic candidate presidential campaign!

Oh this one is so hard, because it is the same as last year. I would really, really like to be pregnant. Or maybe even to have a baby? Or have been pregnant at least. This is important to me for all the same reasons. I want to create life with my partner, and share the world with the person we create from our love.

I would like to set a wedding date and start saving for a house. This is the foundation of our future and I don’t want to put it off.

I will feel nourished, safe, loved, beautiful, at peace, joyful, ecstatic, happy, strong. Deep within me. No need of validation anymore, because every piece felt into the right place.

Be a member of the team who is looked up to and considered either a leader or an expert on something. In eventually approaching management, technical strength is a huge foundation. If I can't be the mentor, including and especially in technical situations, I would be a crappy manager. I need to be an expert before I can be a manager. I previously wished I could move directly to manager but you know, I'm glad I realized I needed to strengthen my skills first.

Continuous job improvement - responsibilities/status/training Keep working on my 3 year plan to have this house ready to sell Continue to do more fun things with the wife

The truth is I would like to be pregnant by this time next year. I know, however, this may not happen. In that case, I would like to have found some closure around the topic. This means we will have made decisions about if we will try fertility treatments or not and we will have done if we chose to.

I’m not perfect. I’m about as average as it gets, I am your average Joe. To change one of the many things that needs to be changed, I would want to be physically stronger by next year. I’m the skinny kid. It’s better than being the fat kid but it still kinda blows. It’s tough for me to get built because as a cross country runner, I just stay skinny as I avoid lifting too many weights incase of any injuries. It’s kind of a stupid goal to have. To get “built”. “Jacked”. “Yolked”. I don't body shame myself for being skinny and I don't think anyone else does either (male). It’s not my fault I’m skinny. I have a fast metabolism and eat the same amount, if not more, than someone twice my size. Weird brag. You’re probably wondering why I complain about being skinny? It’s because most of my friends are ripped. They workout a ton and I haven’t had the time recently. Whenever I go to the gym (I tried during the summer for a little bit), I feel insecure. Inferior. I felt like people would look at me weirdly just for stepping foot in the gym. People like that are petty. Scoffing at those just starting to go to the gym. Maybe this is why obesity is a problem. Next year, I probably won’t be buff. I have the motivation but its going to take a lot of time to get in a solid routine. I’m too self conscious to go to the gym by myself so I would need to go with someone that knows what they’re doing and is patient. Very patient. My posture sucks and therefore, my form sucks. That’s probably why I was stared at weirdly in the gym. Anyways, if I am motivated enough to work out, I’ll go consistently and work hard. It is important for me to be strong because I want to appreciate myself and feel comfortable in as many social groups as possible. I could be blunt with you and say that its because I want to meet more girls but that isn’t much of a story. Or a truth. My main reason for wanting to be strong is because I want to meet more people, be more athletic, and take care of my body. I am the skinny kid now but I hope to be known not as the body builder, but just as Joe. By my name. Not my body type.

Well, I was able to achieve one of the two things I listed last year. We bought a very cozy cabin in Seeley Lake, MT. I love it! Not marathon ready but maybe next year. My one thing for next year is to be settled at a job where I'm not constantly worried about the funding drying up.

I want to support myself by using the full range of my skills. I know I can do so much more. I know what I can bring. I want to bring it. It is critical to do this. And tied up in this is learning to put myself - and my family first. This is it. This is the only thing right now. I want the life I want and I can get it. I know what to do and can do it.

I want yoga every day to be back in my life. I want Husband to be in remission. I want our living space to be less cluttered and more usable, or I want to move. That's three things but they are all very important.

Start a cult. It's my first step to world domination.

I want to be completely finished with the nightmare I have been dealing with since Carl died. It has consumed the entire year. I want that awful woman finally out of my life and never think of her again. I want to be able to move on. Stop thinking about how unfair everything has been and live.

Same as last year, and apparently the year before. The book. The book the book the book the book the book.

By this time next year I'd like to have enough material for a solo album. This is important to me because I'd like to have consistently invested in myself as an artist and as a worthy human being! This will also involve study, growth, and mastery of many things I'm passionate about learning - music production, piano, vocals--and put me on track to learn more about videography, graphic design, acting, and story telling.

I think I'd like to get my health in order - continue working on my mental health, maybe get off meds, eat in a way that makes me feel good, get enough sleep, take me time as I need to, treat my vulvadynia. Getting myself aligned physically would be great and would help me get the rest of my life together. I'd also like to have a clearer image of what I'd like to do next, and know myself even better.

I need to pass EdTPA and would like to find a job working in a classroom. Because it's something I'd love to challenge myself to be able to do, and because I have the potential to succeed in it. And I'm not sure if it's laziness that's saying my strengths are in a different realm of working with children in an educational capacity so I shouldn't even try to aim for this. So sad that these were my goals from last year and I didn't quite make it all the way.

I would like to lose most of my belly fat by this time next year and grow my muscles. Someone said they could see my clavicle the other day and that made me so proud. I want to look good and be strong. That might mean that I should set some goals. Hmmm... I'd also like to achieve more inner peace. This year has been so turbulent for me and my family and I want to come back to myself. Maybe a more enlightened, at peace self. Meditation? Therapy? More discipline?

On a personal level, I would like to be able to look back next year and recall a specific experience that I shared- a meaningful, memorable and personal one- with each of my children that created stronger bonds with each of them. On a professional level, I want to create resources that enable people to reflect and be engaged, motivated and inspired to action.

I kind of want to know whether the person I love wants to be with me forever or not- it's important because I see it as the foundation upon which I can build other pieces of my life.

I'd like to change how we spend our evenings. It's important for two reasons. 1) I don't want to waste my life watching TV. I'd rather be doing something creative or intellectually edifying or social. 2) I feel like our evenings set a precedent for non-interaction, and that erodes our connection.

Organize the garage and basement. This is important to me because I moved in my my now husband over a year ago and those boxes are reminders that there is a little more household integration to be done.


I'd like to stabilize my health issues to be able to be more active and more intentional about improving both my physical and spiritual well being.

The main thing I would like to achieve by this time next year is being a more stable person overall. First of all this means getting into a decent apartment with private space for both me and Isaac, and having started to furnish it properly. I feel like that will be symbolic of my increased emotional and mental stability. I let myself go so far and allowed all these far-reaching consequences reverberate into every corner of my existence that it will take some time to reckon with it all – and I have every intention of doing so – but I’ve also realized that I can’t set myself up for failure by trying to tackle everything all at once. That’s like trying to fight a war on about a dozen fronts and I simply do not have the resources (emotional and otherwise) to do that. No one does, really. So I’m choosing this battle. I will be in an apartment that I feel safe in. Ideally my name will be the only one of the lease; worse come to worst, Ahren’s will be but definitely no one I have any kind of a blood tie with will be involved. It will have a bedroom for me, and for Isaac. I will be have advanced into the process of slowly but surely furnishing thoughtfully, not just buying whatever crap I can afford at the moment because I feel bad about it being a bit bare. I want to be methodical. I want to choose things of higher quality and that I like. I want to create a homey space that expresses my personal aesthetic. I want Isaac to be able to the same in his space.

I want to pass my driving test and feel confident enough driving around. I want my own car and independence. I want to drive with my music playing and finally feel like maybe I'm actually a grown-up. Maybe I actually exist and can do things like other people? I want time alone and the ability to get to places without feeling reliant on public transport or someone else ferrying me to and fro like a cat going to the vet. I need to prove to myself that I can achieve this independence that no one can take away from me.

Support Felix through ERC so they're empowered and confident. Work through this job thing by being direct and stronger in my opinions.

I would like to have been renewed at work for another 5 years. If I am renewed, we will be on more secure financial footing through Sarah's college graduation, and I hope very much that that will free me some some of my anxiety and help me to focus on helping my students to have transformational experiences, and walking with them and my colleagues through our shared journey. I hope that having less anxiety will mean that I can let the politics and power struggles (mentioned last year) wash off me and act more intentionally. Finishing my review package this year, I feel truly called to do the work I do, and I want to continue it through to retirement. I hope I will have the security to do so.

Since it hasn't happened, my answer is the same as last year's: Get pregnant. We're now six months in on trying, so I'm less confident now than I was last year that I'll be able to get pregnant. So, this time next year, I'll either have achieved my goal, or have gotten started on coming to terms with never having biological children.

I’d like to be 10 pounds lighter. I never put that as a serious goal but it never mattered as much to me as it does now. I’m getting my self confidence back and I want the outside to reflect the inside.

I haven't achieved self-sufficiency yet, but it's a longer and more winding path than I expected. By this time next year, I'd like to have written at least one new song, and played at least 6 shows. It is important because it's something I need, one part of a holistic recreation of myself.

Greater calmness and civilness. It is who I want to be and what I promised my spouse.

Learn how to actually follow a weaving pattern instead of free wheeling it. More even sides in each piece I do make. Want to feel more competent and masterful so as to feel comfortable with what I am doing

MY DEGREE! Damn it. Only took me 20 years but I'm glad I'll have it without that horrible debt load at the end at least. (unless I am looking at grad school in which case...) Also some ease in my day job so that I can have more time to do the love work: the music/poems/yoga/dancing/dog kisses/wine & cheese/travel & neighborhood blogging There's so much more, but the day work (tech) ain't it anymore - and i wonder if it's making the world a worse place sometimes, so we must pull back on this aspect for ethical reasons if nothing else. Not that we aren't trying, but I don't think one can TRY to make the world better when the world is in its current state. Your apps will be weirded. Stop making the apps. There are so many other things to do and be.

Find my voice. I want to learn the ways in which I swallow my words and my meaning and the ways I say things sideways, thinking it will... go over better? Afraid of the consequences of being direct? I'm not sure This morning I woke up and the front door was unlocked and open a little. I live in a rough neighborhood, the thought that my expensive work laptop could have been stolen or my dog could have gotten out, were the easier of the realistic options to think about. I knew immediately, who did it. My other roomie woke up and I said "the door's open" "Unlocked?" she verifies. "No, open." I say, adding "a little. But its fine." pushing down the feelings. "No, its not fine." she says. "It was Ron. He does this sometimes." She walks into his room, where he's sleeping and says "the front door's open." I'm astounded. I was barely able to say it wasn't cool to her and she woke him up to tell him.

By this time next year, fall of 2020, I hope to be embarking on a new path of healing my neighbors and community. I hope to at least have started to create a work environment that is connected to my connections and fits better to my natural cycles and needs, while also not leading to a lot of numbing when I’m not doing it. I hope I’m living a more whole hearted life that is honest and true to who I am in my core and I hope that I am Not in a situation where I’m running myself ragged in order to have money and medical insurance. I hope I find/create some other ways to help and heal that also honor my needs and my life.

To work out what I want to do with my life, not really knowing makes me feel anxious.

I want to develop my career as a consultant doing remote work around the country, maybe around the world in reach of train transport. It's important to me because it is my path, travelling, visiting, helping, learning, leaving a smile.

I want to go on a solo backpacking trip. I want to feel confident in my abilities and secure in my place in the world, without ambivalence or fear. Plus, it's pretty fucking badass.

Balance - and better self-care/self-advocacy. Which comes hand in hand with relinquishing some control

Speak more Spanish, because I enjoy it so much and will lose fluency from disuse. Take the whole family on a major trip (hiking, adventure, etc.) so that we can enjoy being with each other, being in nature, and being active while my husband and I are still healthy and strong. Maintain mental, emotional, and spiritual health in the lead up to Presidential election.

As a listmaker, there are always so many things I want to do! But, realistically (and simplistically), by September 2020, I want to be happy. Single or in a relationship doesn't matter. What job I have shouldn't matter. Plenty of happy people have jobs they hate. Happiness matters.

Pay off credit card debt so I can stop paying for my past and start saving for my future!

Intermediate proficiency on fiddle and regular performing. I love to perform and sing! It makes me feel whole, so let's do it self!

Get bored. It is important because I have so much to do that I haven’t allowed the time to be with me and be creative and sit with that feeling. I think it’s important for our existence to get bored, that’s how we move forward.

Have no cc debt. It's the least sexy thing going for me right now. It's leftover baggage from my last terrible relationship. I want full freedom!

I'd like to have the house decorating and organising finished. I'd like to be earning my own money again, even in a small way. I'd like to be doing something - other than being a mum - that is rewarding and a learning experience.

I need emotional peace. After the emotional and physical abuse, I'm so very empty inside. I don't even feel rage the way I used to, to say nothing of not feeling joy. I want to feel again.

120,000 in annual take home pay. I am worthy to receive a high salary and can serve my clients at a highly competent level and I love doing my work, and am paid well for the value I bring.

I want to start my own business as a health coach. I have decided to forgo a new career and I believe that this is part of God's plan. Helping others to achieve their health and wellness goals and attain a higher quality of life is thrilling work.

be in a job I care about. Important bc I've found meaning in all kinds of other areas in my life, but while I've occasionally had enjoyable jobs, I don't think I've ever found particular meaning in them. More specifically - outward meaning, which is to say impact. I've had inward meaning - I'm learning and growing! But I've never felt what I *did* was meaningful for people outside of myself - sure, for clients or guests, but not in a way that mattered to me.

I would like to have gotten at least one paying voiceover job. It's important to me because being a voiceover actor is something I have worked hard for, and have wanted to accomplish for as long as I can remember.

I want to be consumer debt-free. For real this time. I see a pathway towards it, but it is currently a bit reliant on an increase in pay. I am seriously focused on it and should be able to make better headway this year. I also want to keep up my healthy habits I've gained and continue to grow them in new ways.

I would like to continue to work on love. I know how to love friends. I know how to give and make space and take. But I don't know how to do that romantically. I am still fearful of it, though less than I was before. Being alone is sweet and valuable to me, but sharing with someone who matters I would imagine makes life better. Or different? I don't know. But I want to experience that. I would like to progress on that path in the next year. No particular end game, but not in the same spot, emotionally.

I want to be able to buy a house this year. I am done renting, and would very much like my own space to be by myself, as well as to host and celebrate with friends and families. And host couchsurfers again! As much as I am becoming a misanthrope or "introvert" in social parlance, I am still very much an extrovert and thoroughly enjoy hosting and embracing the community.

I want to have a second chapbook published and a third in the works. I am 73, nearing 74. Time grows shorter for dreams. I’m not sure why this dream is important to me. It’s not about legacy. It certainly isn’t about money. I think it’s simply the doing of it. I love books. My home is full of them. I find solace and good company in them. And most importantly, perhaps some reader of my books will find something useful among my words...a voice, a thought, an inspiration, solace, forgiveness, hope.

I want to have a new job that pays more. Because I'm bored and I'm broke.

Volunteering in the Bahamas. Helping school children get back to school after a natural disaster restores some sense of normalcy to their lives.

Work on being healthier and to show more kindness. I was going to add- be less upset about politics and the political climate, be we need to be vigilant to affect change.

Unfortunately, my response is going to echo the one from last year. I'd like to make at least one good local friend this coming year. I took some good first steps last year - going to hiking meetups mainly - but I need to work on it more. I've been trying to go to meetups with smaller groups of people, which is more outside my comfort zone, but, if you see the same people repeatedly, it's more likely to turn into friendship. The problem with the larger hiking groups is that I never see the same people again. I hope my efforts will amount to something this year.

Have a clearer retirement plan. I don't know where I'm going financially but I know time is running out. Achieve another dance goal, perhaps in West Coast Swing or a deepening of my ballroom knowledge in group classes. Why, because dance nourishes me and keeps me healthy and happy. Make a decision to go with or drop my manuscript, because I've invested so much time in it and am stalled. These are all things important for me to go forward

By next year this time, I would like to start taking my NL pool course for lifeguarding. I know it is a super challenging course, but it is essential to my path to becoming a lifeguard.

Similar to last years answer, I want to have a better handle on our budget and our spending.

Auditioning for grad schools. This will decide the next three years of my life. It'll mean networking and new experiences. It'll mean LOANS and saving every dollar I can. This is something I didn't know I wanted and it would mean everything if I could do it.

Fixing my house. I want it done, and I want to begin traveling. The world is a big place. I want to see it, explore, experience different people. I want my mind to be fucked, my perspectives to be bent, my boundaries to be torn down. It's a beautiful life, I can't leave it someday not having experienced it all. So, in order to accomplish that, I need my home base to be solid so I can rent it out without worry. I also just don't want to think about it anymore. I want it done, so I can simply live. I hope I'm there next year. If not, that's okay though. I'm happy to go wherever the universe takes me.

Still want to write a book, article, blog or something about Timmy the Gorilla. I hope to make more plans about moving just don't know exactly where. Our new sailboat is wonderful and I hope to spend a lot of time on it next summer! I continue to want to improve my conservation activism at the zoo, maybe more government work. And also be a terrific, loving Grandma to my babbies!

I would like to lose thirty pounds, to improve my health.

Next year I want to feel like I’m healing. Whatever happens, I’d like to feel more comfortable in my mental state, and more focused about what and who I give my energy to.

I want to complete my CRM and learn to type 70 WPM, I want to take an accounting class. My CRM will give me the critical knowledge to do my job better. Typing will make me more efficient and save a lot of time! Accounting is a critical function of my job. *The more you know*******

I have a giant list, as always, But I think number one on the list is that I want to keep moving forward on my goal of developing a strong and powerful relationship with my daughter. This might be my goal for every year for the rest of my life.

I would like to be driving an electric vehicle by this time next year. It's important to me because I want to limit my use of fossil fuels and limit the damage I'm doing to the environment. I'm now convinced that it's time to go electric. I was toying with the idea of a plug-in hybrid because we make some longer journeys each year. But now you can get cars with a range of up to 250 miles, which is enough to get to Zeals and Falmouth and Wales; and to do Scotland with one charge. We need to stop for petrol once on the way to Scotland anyway. I'm totally up for it. We had our first test drive this morning. I spoke to one of my neighbours, an EV Champion, during the week. And I've booked some more test drives for two weeks' time. It would feel great to drive to work each day in an electric car, knowing that I've reduced my emissions. I would also have a shiny new car. We would probably lease it instead of buying it outright or doing a Personal Contract Purchase.

I'd like to no longer feel anxious, tired, and worthless by this time next year. I hope that I've gotten the help I need to be healthier (mentally, emotionally, and physically), and that I am enjoying the gifts that life has offered to me. I hope that I readjusted course, and focused again on the things that drive me and give me joy. I only get one life to live, and I am disappointed that I've gotten myself into a situation where I cannot enjoy that life.

By this time in 2020 I would like to have a clearer picture about what my next phase of work might look like, and to continue to lay the ground work to make it happen. I want to find a path that liberates me from a 9-5 office environment and lets me work in a more human(e) way, yet still makes room for meaningful contribution. I know there are paths there and I also know I have some work to do on fear/scarcity to make it happen.

Whew. While there are several things I'm imminently doing - presenting at HDAA and working on renewing my Epic certification - I'm not sure those rise to the level of "what I'd like to achieve by this time next year." I'd like to get more comfortable with money - cashing checks, submitting expense reports, dealing with Chris - and not avoiding the whole thing. That would be GREAT. I think this is a lifelong thing, so I won't beat myself up if I don't achieve it. AND. I'd like to get some movement in this area.

Boyfriend. Still.

More confidence in myself, and more open to sexual experiences. I hold myself back and feel like I miss out a lot of the time.

I would like to become 5 year old fluent in Hebrew. I have been putting this off for a long time. It's time. And I would like to be a capable metalworker (that's 2 things)

Give up my criticism of anything having to do with JFS. I still feel guilty for resigning, and have an attitude that things there would be better if I were still president. I, of course, would be a mess. I prefer that they fail and I survive. Resigning was the best thing for me. And, a clean desk.

Last year's goal to walk for 24 hours straight or go 100 miles on foot was a bit lofty, but in the right direction. I've successfully run at least two half marathons for the first time this year and got a mile PR (7:08!). My goal for next year--keep running without getting injured. Maybe go swimming at the local pool.

I'd like to have a car and a girlfriend. Romance and transportation seem like healthy goals, y'know?

I would like to get my computer notes done during the working day so I am not finding myself sitting at the computer at night catching up. I'd like to use the time to read and reflect; to create and to experience the spiritual and emotional joy that comes with art. I have some specific courses I would like to take. (And I still want to clean out clutter and give away things I no longer need.)

I would like to be pregnant. That is our goal for the coming year and what we are trying for now. I hope that our bodies are able to work together to make it happen.

I would like to commit to evaluating imbalances in my body. I am tired of getting injured and need to find a way to set myself up to be active for the rest of my life. I will continue going to PT for my lower body issues (overused hamstrings) and will then look into the nerve issues I have in my upper body.

Secured a move to the coast and a freer lifestyle. Important for my mental health, and I feel ready for this change.

I want to have a job I love! Recently, I was in a restorative yoga class when I received the message that "I need to leave marketing." In the moment, I felt a great sense of peace and tranquility. After the class, I wondered if that was indeed true. Fast forward a few weeks: the dysfunction of my marketing team has increased to levels where I dread going to work. I talked to Rose who wisely observed that I experience more frustration than joy as a marketer. Nikhil insightfully acknowledged that marketing teams turn over quickly and often spend their time updating similar content and concepts each year. If I like to be a builder and a strategist who can grow in a role and in a company for 4-5 years, marketing may not be the best place to do that.

Move out of the family home. This is important as I am a mature and independent young man who is definitely ready and able to this step.

I want to feel happy, this is my first goal. I want to get there that I know what I want from life.

By this time next year, I hope to have successfully completed my MA program and be on my way to resettling in my hometown. Despite all the craziness in the world, I do still hope to start a family and I can think of no better place to raise my kids than in my hometown. I'm ready for the next chapter.

Not just dreaming about things and starting even just one of them. Writing my novel would be great, because it's been on my mind almost all my life.

I'd like to have some kind of insurance/medical care and maybe be able to save my knees before I lose them completely. It's important to me because I can't walk anymore, and there is NO accessibility where I live. I do not want to be homebound, and I still want to do wonderful, fun things with my family.

By this time next year, I want to have come to a decision about my current job: whether to stay for the long haul or complete a quick exit. And it's the latter, I hope I will have already found another opportunity.

I want to let things go. I get myself so wrapped up and worked up over things that are oftentimes out of my control. I need to untether.

I'm so happy to read my answer from last year and know that I did achieve my goal and become financially independent, even to the extent that if I do lose my job to Brexit at the end of the month I have enough savings to keep living independently while I look for something else. It's so hard to focus on one goal because I have so many vague ideas of self improvement and future achievement, but I don't just want to just tap out any old thing here and then forget about it. I'm going to say I want to achieve a certain level in German (let's say B1, though I probably won't be taking an assessment test). It's important because it's the native language of the guy I'm seeing, and I want to be able to engage with his culture, his family and friends. It has the added benefit of being possibly useful in my future career, plus language learning is good for the brain, and committing to a regular learning practice can be really good for mental health too.

Financial stability. Again. Still.

I'd like to have created a creative project that I'm proud of. I think in a lot of ways I'd like to feel at peace, at rest with the constant searching for something to do. But I do want to express and create something that I'm proud of. It feels like that would mean I had something I could stand behind, something I want to say, something I believe in. I'd like to feel more hopeful and grateful and giving - creating something to share would be an expression of all of that.

I would like to have my home decorated/outfitted and working for me. Right now it is a chaotic mess. I just want to feel settled and supported by my environment, so I can focus on other things like friendships and other relationships.

Still to be able to play Mendelssohn’s variations sérieuses! And also Debussy’s reflets dans l’eau....

In the next year I want to increase the number of magic shows that I perform. It is important for me to have the creative outlet and to stay connected to that aspect of myself.

I would like, if nothing else, to get my finances (particularly my taxes) straightened out. Yes... a very impersonal goal, but it's something that affects my emotional well-being as well as my relationships.

To have Light Up With Yuvi be a legit project known all over the world! I would like to receive tons of hashgacha pratit messages to post and have it be something people look forward to reading.

Get into high school. beacon, BARD, lrei, dalton, friends seminary, st Annes. This is very important to me because I worked very hard to achieve this and I really want to feel like I succeeded.

By this time next year I hope to have my live stream up and going. I hope to have a minority of income from subs and donations. But more importantly I hope to have a community of people who value self-love and hold themselves accountable to that.

This time next year, I would like to make a living as an independent musician. As a teacher and performer. It's important because I believe it's my calling. My vocation. I believe I can change lives with my music. I also think I am good at inspiring others to create.

By this time next year, I would like to fully not use my phone on Shabbat and Chag, and do a better job just checking in with myself and being present in my mind in my body. It's important to me that in a world that is constantly moving, that I take time for me and for those closest to me to reflect and process and question and rejoice and sing and dance and be outside or inside or whatever it is that helps us spiritually refuel.

I want to have found - re-found - a sense of balance. I've succeeded in my goal from last year, finding something I want to do for the near future. But I'm also doing a lot of things and don't have time for myself, and that's sad. Between work, to-op stuff, the class that I had to take a break from, GLCC stuff, watching Jinora, D&D...I don't have time to restore my soul and it's not sustainable. The theme for the year will be balance, and saying "no" to things again.

I've felt a strong lacking in the success field of my life. At least career wise. I'm over 45 and I've had a hard time what I'd like to do in that sense. In the next year I'd like to define my route. Move in the direction and to have my book written. I need my book written. I need to share.

I would like to either get my physical issues under control— my headaches, my sleep issues, my depression and my intimacy issues— and/ or I would like to conjure the courage and ability to have another child.

Find a new job. My current employer is too far away and has no regard for its employees. Something that involves less time commuting and is more rewarding would be ideal.

Anyone at all: Give us ONE THING. Me: Okay, but I have like five. Anyone: But there must be ONE that you REALLY want MORE. Me: Well, no, they're either related or all important for different reasons. Anyone: Ugh, fine, you don't have to fit into our box. Me: Yay! A solid portfolio, a planned and calculated online presence that establishes my own brand and entertains people, a reliable income stream, balance (rest, meaningful connections, fun). I've been wanting all of these things for a very long time. In my gut, I know it's the direction I need to go. I think I really do need an unconventional and profitable career. I never wanted the Mon–Fri 9–5 deal, but I took it because it worked for what I needed. Oh, LOL, I guess my G2 would be nice as well. Oh life. I need to commit to that. One step at a time. It's cliché but it works.

I want to be an awesome husband and father and I want to be a smart, smart motherfucker. I will begin to learn that the ranch is to be exploited for my gain. I am not to be exploited for the ranch's gain.

Hmmm... I am actually going to copy and paste my answer from previous year and modify slightly for this year: "Probably since I started 10Q I have had my eyes set on a good job that I like where I can succeed and do well... I have not had that, and I think I have learned more about why, the more poor work situations that I am in. I don't mind doing non-career focused work, or doing what I can, but I would like to have a place where I feel appreciated and valued and that my contributions matter as part of a team and as an individual, and where I can feel rewarded for the work that I do. I know that 'work isn't everything' but my family is wonderful and I would like to be able to help them through my work, too. I think I hold this up as an aspiration.... I wonder if it is an achievement per se or luck, or both. I see that last year I wrote that "I'd love to be accept myself fully, wherever I am in any of these goals" That is also a great goal that I have made progress in and hopefully am continuing to do so." For 5780: Yes, still the job thing. Ready and willing to work hard and get my just deserves (the best). I deserve it!

I want to be able to contribute the transparency re intention I'm learning. It's honest! And seems to be more spacious. Also not being defensive is a good way to live.

Regaining my health! I have 5 or 6 pairs of ski pants that don't fit, at least 2 with tags. Likewise some clothes I miss, some clothes I have never worn. I'm able to remember how I felt at size 14, which isn't like it's a small size anyhow, but I want to get back to that vibrancy ... approx 40 lbs from here. Doing Keto right now; expect to be on Weight Watchers by Christmas. I want my back not to hurt, and want to build on all my swimming and walking this summer with better eating. Turning 50 has sparked me to reflect on my 'next 50 years,' and how I want to feel / do / live / be in the world.

Medical procedures. Obvious, I know, but it's important to me because I have a lot to learn before I start practicing medicine with patients and people who have come to me to be healed or cured or at least heard. With that, I hope to achieve a level of confidence and comfort in my practice that allows other (colleagues and patients alike) to feel at ease and taken care of and supported.

I would want to trust God and allowed Him to gut my wounds , practicing /believin His truth, confidently discipling/loving others and being poured into from God's love/ppl

I’d like to have trained my puppy Ajax a bit more, because he is chewing everything and driving me a bit bonkers at the minute. It would be great to have a well trained dog as I don’t want my whole house chewed to bits!

I'd like to save £1000. That's all. So little but it feels impossible. If I can do that I will have proved myself worthy somehow. I'm middle-aged and living hand to mouth. I'm such a disappointment to myself. So dependant on others (my housemate) yet the truth is there's no need to be if I weren't so shit with money and responsibility. So yeah..... That's it.... £1000!

I want to be able to see the end of the tunnel in clearing the chaos out of my home. That will be a major accomplishment!

I made a significant investment in myself by pursing a dual master’s degree program in the last two years, and it’s important to me to keep the momentum going in pursuit of lifelong learning, formal and informal. If I can manage to enroll in continuing education opportunities and regularly write creatively - all in my free time - I would consider that a great personal achievement.

That 3.8. My current GPA is good, but I want it to be GREAT for grad school, especially since I'm trying to move up.

I would like to be nearly fluent in Spanish. The demographic makeup of Colorado is significantly Spanish-speaking, especially in the areas most affected by multiple layers of oppression. The areas I have some dim awareness of: pollution from the oil refinery and numerous fracking wells, denial of basic housing rights and living conditions, primarily affect Spanish-speaking people. This is not to mention the humanitarian crisis of our generation: the mass incarceration and enslavement of undocumented members in the Latinx community. By not learning the language, I diminish my capacity to be an effective ally, but further, I uphold White Supremacy.

I would like to do one art thing well, and make at least three new images. The well can be old work, but I want to at least make something new, even if it sucks. I made a loose New Years Resolution for 2019 to go out and do at least one cultural thing a month, which I think I have been doing surprisingly great at. This is relatively easy, though--it mostly means paying for entertainment, and I have a decent job. I don't know that I want to commit to making art every month, but I think I can commit to three new arts plus a show.

Better financial stability, and a start at my new business venture i want to try.

I want to have completed all of my second year requirements. This would be huge as it means that I’ve completed the two years of required courses and that I completed the 2nd year courses in the two years I planned to do them in. This is big symbolically but also practically as it allows me to move forward with a more flexible schedule as I choose what courses to take to fulfill my 3rd and 4th year requirements.

I would like to be able to play an instrument well enough to start writing some of my own music. My newfound connection with my emotions is healthy, but my inability to handle them internally is not proving to be, either for me or for my relationships with those who are bearing the brunt of them. Unlike my teenage years, I am not finding writing them down to be the way I want to handle them, and I don't feel like continuing to try to force that will be productive. However, the way I am connecting with music again, I feel like that may be the outlet I need. Maybe now the melody and rhythms need to come first, and then the words will follow? Plus, I need a good excuse to get into a Backstage Music Lesson!!!

I would like to achieve the next stage of my life purpose/calling in regard to work. I want this to fully provide financially for me and my family. I want to be fearless in its pursuit. I want to be led by Hashem. break free, help all those called to work with me. Do it without ego from a place of love. I want to travel and share me and my work with the world.

Only one? I suppose the main thing is to be in a new job. This is my primary goal in as much as it will (at least, ideally) facilitate so many other much needed changes. It will allow me a payout when I leave here, which will help with debt. It will remind me that I have value and something to contribute, which will help with my sense of self as well as my burnout. It will permit more energy left at the end of the day - as well as more money - so that I can do the things that /make a life/. So many things are just not happening right now because I’m so burned out and so broke, and I need and deserve more than that or what is the point?

I want to re-find the time to make art. It’s who I am - no matter how much I do or how happy I am, I’m incomplete without it.

I'd like to find inspiration and ambition in my life by this time next year. I'm open to that ambition arriving in various forms (personal, professional, relational, artistic etc.) It is important to me to replenish the energetic depletion that I felt after living with Fiona. The best way I can measure this achievement is by new inspiration that I discover over the coming year.

I don't care anymore. I'm done wishing for marshmallows that some scientist is handing out. I'll take whatever i can get. Right fucking now. If that's not enough to live, fine, fuck it anyway. I'll die having reached for what i can, knowing i'll give more than half of it away to everyone else that has less. Achievements are for privileged people. I'm here to survive. If i do or don't doesn't matter, and benchmarking that countdown is dumb. Pretending like you've got some control over what happens in the next year is the hubris of the rich and the sexy. Fuck those people. You get through what comes at you, that's it. If you end up on a higher note than you started, enjoy it, because any number of fucking disasters are just around the corner. Deserve has nothing to do with it. And achievements are delusions. Fuck it all.

The ability to function/be more self-reliant.

Being in a covenant marriage relationship with a man after God's own heart. Being in God's destiny for work/business. This has been in my heart for a long time and I believe and know that He is more than able to finish what He started, planting this desire in my heart.

I hope that by this time next year I am on a path toward whatever is next for me. I mean, I know I already am on the path, we always are on the path for what’s next, but I hope that by next Sukkot, I’m making intentional progress toward a conscious goal.

Oh man, I'd love to have a job that makes me happy. I want to be somewhere that obviously gives me a better pay and the benefits than where I currently am...and I want to be somewhere where I'm happy, challenged, and doing stuff that is interesting to me and beneficial for my future.

My love and I have been talking about moving to a house of our own. Many talks. Nothing decided except that we want to do it. There is always the question where to. We can't afford a house in the area we are living in now. That's always hard for me, moving to somewhere I don't know. Here I have friends. I know where to buy the food I like. If I could move near my little brother I would.

I want to have a new job, outside of the service industry. I want to be doing work that feels important, meaningful, and impactful. Having a stable income with benefits would also be pretty nice.

Changing jobs. I need a change of lifestyle, and I've been feeling ready for some time. I want to listen to, trust and respect the voice inside telling me there is more out there, options that will fit me better.

I would like to have a job that pays me, at minimum, $75k/year while also leaving me markedly more satisfied than my current cashier position. I have a lot of student loan debt. I have a girlfriend I would like to marry within the next couple of years. I would like to be able to afford my own living space at some point. I cannot say if this job will be in geology or if, as my interests of late have expanded, in tech and software development. But having a decent paying job could afford me a lot more opportunities than I have right now. Money isn't the answer to all of my problems. But it is a useful to have.

By this time next year, I would like to have a better relationship with my family. I think I can often pull back when I'm going through a hard time, and it hurts all of us. It's not that I have a bad relationship with my family, I just don't think it's a particularly honest one, not because I'm lying so much but because I'm scared of hurting other people's feelings so I hold back a lot. I guess in terms of my own life... I would like to be a lot healthier than I am now: better sleep cycle, a regular exercise routine that I enjoy and don't send me into a downward spiral if I can't or don't do it, better eating habits, maybe even (gasp) building muscle?? Who can say, all I know is I feel my body is out of wack these days, and I would like to take steps to change that.

I'd like to be either published, in school or driving. I'd like to have another play of mine produced. This will prove to me that my existence this year has not been fruitless.

By this time next year, I'd like to be out of my house and starting a new life with Brie and Ellie. It's important to me because I know that it's important to not stay stagnant in one place. Like gardening, if you keep plants in one place year after year without ever rotating or replenishing the soil, you get diminishing returns on the harvest. I think that B and I have so many things to continue to uncover about ourselves and our relationship together.

I'd like to have ALL our boxes unpacked and LIFE ORGANIZED by this time next year. This year has been full of transitions for us, leaving us very unsettled and disorganized. I'm looking to rectify that this year and give us SOME sense of normalcy in our crazy (busy) life.

I would like to achieve a higher literacy and confidence in the terms and theories surrounding my DEI work. I am so grateful to be in the job that I’m in, and I am humbled by the opportunity to invest so much in my personal and professional growth. It’s important to me to be a more thoughtful, inclusive person and professional, and to identify the ways in which I can do better by people.

I'd like to have done the melbourne comedy festival and be 25% of the way to a 1 hour show. I want to put my mind to something and I want to stretch myself and I believe i have stories to tell that might be worth hearing, in spite of my run of the mill upper middle class white middle age woman boringness... would also be great to have a job I love that allows for work/life balance. And figure out where we're going to live!

New career and daily rituals

I would like to have a functional, happy and trusting relationship with my husband. We are caught in a battle of blame and disappointment at the moment and it is exhausting for both of us. In prosaic terms, I would like to have bought a house in Marin that we love or decided to move and start our chapter anew. It is time to move on from San Francisco, and we are ready to work towards a shared goal as embodied by a home that we own or a nomadic dream that we create together.

I would like to still be bright, no sugar no flour no problem! Also, I'd like to meet our family goal of travelling to some to all of our remaining southern us states.

I'd like to have the walls painted in this house. (I'd like to be in a software engineering role, with the title and everything, too, but what if I took a little break from constantly striving on that front? Maybe.) This house still feels like we moved into someone else's house and brought all our things. I would love to see how the feeling of this house changes with a literal new coat of paint. I want to make this house feel more like home, especially because I hope to be pregnant at this time next year, and I want to make this a sanctuary to either birth a baby in, or bring a baby home to.

I'd like to achieve a sub four hour time in the LA marathon - I just signed up a few minutes ago (it's October 13th 2019 at 11:53 pm) and it's fucking on my mind!!!!!!!!!!!