When September 2020 rolls around and you receive your answers to your 10Q questions, how do you think you'll feel? What do you think/hope might be different about your life and where you're at as a result of thinking about and answering these questions?

I hope that I did my best and put in a good effort towards the aspirations set out here. I hope that I'm grateful to HaShem for however things actually turned out! :)

So so happy to be home! I'll have a nice little chunk of savings, some new stories, and have to take some time to redevelop relationships

Relieved! Asher will be an avid talker and able to communicate his complete wants and needs. I will be much more active in our community!

Curious! I can’t remember what I wrote 10 days ago so have no chance next year! I hope I’m still af. I hope I’ve lost the weight that has evaded me this year. I hope I’ve got a solution to my abdo pain. I hope I will have less responsibilities. With regard to these questions, I don’t know! Time will tell.

I hope I will have become a better person and I will care less about immortality. God the thought even makes me clench.

I hope to look back at the answers and see I have moved in the directions I said I wanted to move in

I think I will reflect on what an incredibly transformative year I had from 2018-2019, and feel proud that I have continued to make progress through 2020 toward being my best self and living my best life.

I hope that I’m in a happy and fulfilling relationship and on my way to having the family I’ve always dreamed of. With that, I hope I’ve had the courage to make myself vulnerable to people I feel have real potential and not feel paralysed by my fear of rejection because this is ultimately what will get me there. I also hope that my fear about not finding someone doesn’t take hold of me so much that it acts as a blocker, I hope I can use it as motivation and driver but not as a constant source of worry and pain.

I think I’m going to be another year older and, either, pleased that I’ve made changes that benefited me or pissed off. Hopefully, I’m going to be happier.

I KNOW what will be different about my life - I will have a child, and she will be living and breathing in this world. That thought in itself is incredible to me. I think my world is about to expand, and rapidly - right now, I basically have me, Tyler, and my business to think about on a daily basis. Soon, I will have to prioritise our child, plus our extended families as their involvement becomes more crucial and more frequent. I don't know what exact changes the next year will bring - but I bet the reflection I'll have in 2020 will be much more than what I could ever imagine now.

i guess my life is perfect how it is. i live in a safe country, where i can go out whenever i want, i have a boyfriend with the biggest heart i've ever seen, have a great job and people, i really like! but there's always something that i can do better, i hope i can manage a balanced work life. and maybe in a year i know more answers (for me) about the disease and how i can get along with it without ignoring.. i also hope, i see my socialworkfriends often, although it's hard to manage.

I really want an uneventful year. I hope that I struggle to answer the questions because nothing significant (either good or bad) happened. I found out yesterday that my sister is getting married this year and I hope that is the hi-light of my year. I just want some stability and a year with no death or major life changes.

I like to hope that I'm stronger internally, that I'm learning to give myself grace and love who I am. I pray that I've developed some tools for having better conversations with others, that I have better and stronger friendships, that I'm learning to actually LISTEN and not just blab on and on about unimportant things. Self-love, family-love, friend-love. Deeper commitments, stronger living, being totally present.

Hopefully happy I've achieved my goals as they are reasonable. Also having had a big 0 birthday, reflective.

I hope I will feel happy still, very similarly to last year things are pretty good and I am still in a good place so I hope that continues. I do hope I feel a bit better in myself and more confident. I don't necessarily want to put that down to weight loss but I think that will definitely a apart of that. Part of me also would like to also have had another romantic relationship of some sort, even a short one. Basically go on more than 2 dates with a guy and really like them. It has been a while and I would quite like that happen, but you can never predict these things so we will just wait and see.

It's always valuable to reflect. We forget to stop and do it. I am confident that, one year from now, I will be in a similar mental space as I am today - calm, grateful and optimistic. The 3 years before last were hell enough to help me make sure of that. The important thing is to keep aware of the intentions that arise from this reflection and not forget about them until the next 10Q email arrives. I'm not one for vision boards, so perhaps an incognito sticky note next to the computer screen or on the fridge...

I really hope i have a better sense of accomplshment and have reduced the work i have to do on the things i can control such as house in order and finances. I hope that i can increase the amount of time that I am truly present. I honestly do not know if i can adjustvthe amount of anger i feel toward my husbands dementia but i will work on it.

I hope I'll feel like I've grown and found some answers to some of the things I've questioned.

I am hoping to see progress on what I am working on...as I have been doing this long enough to notice slow, persistent progress in life - not huge sweeping eruptions...as long as I continue to grow and learn my life is moving forward

Hopefully I'll be in an overall better space, mentally, physically & emotionally. I enjoyed the questions & can't wait to see them next year. It's kind of like FB Memories - you can see what you were thinking about & feeling at the time. Or you can be like WTF was I thinking about?

I will feel amazed at the struggles I had and how much things have changed for the better.

I hope that I’ll feel more accomplished and secure in my career. I also hope I won’t be completely burned out from teaching part time for 2 years straight. I hope that I’ll have begun making a software notebook that documents my architecture findings. And I also hope that I’ll have continued my work on 30DBL or 30BBM, or some other self-reflection practice. And I certainly hope I’ll have continued my work on other parts of my life, like king fu and healthy eating!

That we will have a front runner for President who can beat Trump, or that he will be ousted. That we will make progress fighting all of the evils of the world, that our maker will forgive our transgressions and not be ashamed that we turned out so poorly; that He or She will guide us on a righteous path. I know it sounds like a cliche, but don't we all hope to repair the world?

Last year I said I think I will still know the girl who answered the questions and I feel like I do know her. That's nice. I hope I am still happy next year.

It's entirely possible that yet again, I will feel the same - some of these struggles are so ongoing, the struggle to be present with my kids, to be engaged in the world, to act on my values, to live in my body. And yet, maybe, hopefully - there will be some incremental change, some tapping into deep resources of patience and my better self.

I think my answers this year are more grounded than last year. Last year I was afraid of the marriage commitment and monogamy choice I was making because I was writing these answers while in a challenging place with my partner. This year I feel like those fears were almost laughable and I'm so far away from them now. I hope I'm in a place where I'm moving forward, growing and developing from where I am now. Writing my book is a constant discipline struggle so I really hope I've made more progress with it than I have this year. I hope I have grown in my learning, my career, my marriage, my confidence, my compassion and my understanding. I hope I'm just keeping on - taking each day as it comes, reflecting on each experience, learning and growing from them as they come.

I hope that my answers will inspire me to become a better person.

I'd sure like to be more enlightened, making better choices, healthier, and less stressed.

I'm hoping I'll be able to look back and have met some of my goals that I say I want to do every year and haven't fully stuck to - losing weight, sticking to a consistent training plan, kicking my bike anxiety. I'm hoping I will continue to stick up for myself and what I want. Since last year I do feel like my relationship with D is stronger, and I've confronted some of my fears head-on. I've taken more steps to prioritize my self-care. I'd like to feel more comfortable with 40, it's been rough over the past couple of months. I hope I continue to see new countries, cities, and states. I hope I learn more. I hope I find a job where I feel welcome and challenged.

I enjoy this process, though I do not always have the mindset I need to be reflective. I feel I am at a cusp of a breakthrough in terms of love and spirituality. This morning I was thinking/praying about love, love of self and a connection to God and a collective universal consciousness. That the stories of the Devil are often stories of a person choosing self, especially in terms of greed, money or power and I have been praying the flip side of that coin, to love myself and love others, to live simply and peacefully. I have been praying to connect to the universal, but my judgement about myself has been a huge block. I end up focusing on what I perceive as shortcomings. Love myself in order to love others more fully. Love us all.

I expect that I will be disappointed. I usually don't reach long term goals. However, I also anticipate that the universe will have taken me on the path I need, and that will bring its own blessings and lessons.

I hope I will feel go about my answers and how my life is going. I will probably have some really bad times this coming year but I expect I will get threw them and be even stronger.

I think I will be more settled into this new step of life. This last year was full of big changes, and I think the next will not be as hectic. So, I hope to be more sure of myself and my choices, and learn to appreciate the small things more.

I’ll be 6 months into 40, so I’m hoping I’ll have much less debt, have a promotion, savings, and feel freer to be me. It’s all possible!

I'll be overwhelming grateful for what I wrote about the past year, that I've had Dan and Ricky with me. Because I reread past answers, I remember my goal of mindfulness and living with accountability. I've gone backwards there, although my living in the moment has been right on.

I hope I will be happier than now.

In the next year I'll feel successful, I'll be proud of where I am, and what I'm achieved over the past year. And I will have created the results, rather than waiting for something to have just landed in my lap.

I hope that I’m in a better place in regards to taking care of both my mental and physical health, setting better boundaries around my time and energy to spend more focused on improving “me” that will tangentially improve how I interact with those around me.

I hope to be able to look back in the year with pride in how far I have come. I hope to have compassion for my 2019 self, in the throes of separation and sadness and feeling not-quite-enough-yet. I hope that in a year, I finally feel my own enoughness, as a single parent, as a powerhouse intuitive, spiritual leader, and financially stable entrepreneur.

I may be disappointed in some parts of it, but I think I will also recognize myself. I hope by September 2020 I will be more deeply engaged in life and in those things that matter to me.

I'm looking forward to recalling all the havoc that is going on right now. I'm really hoping things are calm and I can point to this period as a really chaotic time. Leila's passing and Dad moving back to assisted living has kind of turned my life upside down. On the flip side, it's brought my sister and I closer together.

I hope to experience a sense of satisfaction and accomplishment, knowing that I took steps in the right direction. I hope I'll be in a happier, less fearful place.

Hopefully I will be relieved that the coming year was less busy/stressful than this year was! In this moment, it feels kind of hard to imagine being fully relaxed. But I look at last year's answers, and things weren't so hectic then. So I'm hopeful that I can get back to that state!

Honestly, it's been a few years of feeling "better" each year so I feel like I am bound to have a "bad" year. That's really scary. I'm afraid I will feel like I've failed and that I am not in a better place with my mental health, views on relationships, or views on myself. Sometimes I try to think "what if things worked out" what if I am in a place where I feel more calm, more focus, and more love. I hope that I will feel more calm, more focus, and more pride in myself. I hope I will be able to appreciate my accomplishments. I am so much better on my mental health this vs. last year, even though it's been a bumpy road. I'm proud of this. So maybe I will still feel good? Maybe I'll feel better?

It is difficult to reflect on last year's answer to this question and realize that the joy of being a grandmother has not yet materialized. We are held at bay with Levi, as though if Kim shares the love or the joy there will be less for her. I wish she was able to trust that love and joy only multiply when shared. As for myself, I keep trying to improve my inner and outer self. I look forward to the grief ritual I will attend in November and hope it will help me let go of some of my sadness around Olin, my mom, and my diminished role as grandmother.

I think I'll feel stupid for some of the things I've said in answering the questions from September 2019. Hopefully I can laugh about it. Hopefully my life will continue to change for the better. As of right now, I have an eating and weight disorder but am starting to seek professional help. I hope that I'll finally have a stable relationship with food and with my own body. I'm off to Las Vegas in three weeks, and I hope to become rich (of course, this is just a joke). But I do hope to have a job next year that will finally make me happy in what I do. I don't need to be super rich, but I do want to earn enough money to live well and in peace.

This was the first year in memory that I didn't cringe when reading the past year's responses. Last year I asked for an easy year and I think that I got one. It seems greedy to ask for another easy year but I'd take it. Its nice to have the energy for intentional actions and spontaneity as opposed to always being in response mode. I only hope that I use my time wisely. I hope that I remain happy and grateful, that I have been able to plan for my future and contribute to the universe in a way that both makes me feel heard and seen but it also useful to others in some way.

I think life will continue to surprise me in many ways, both good and bad. I'm thinking about my life goals, some of which are not completely in my control (e.g. having a kid) and it's a scary thing to just leave it up to fate. I hope that whatever happens, I'll learn to feel comfortable with uncertainty: something that's never been my strong suit.

I hope that I have taken control of some of the things in my life that I feel particularly helpless about. I hope that I have lived the year as best as I could, and that I am kind to myself in reflecting back.

Big changes, due to several positive events, physically, mentally, and spiritually. The stimulus of these questions provide goals and a positive outlook for the coming year. I will write these questions in my devotion journal to expound more indepth. The way up is not that hard to accomplish

I think I'll be really happy that I am growing up, learning about starting my own family with my husband and soon-to-be first child. We are establishing what we want our lives to look like, how we want to raise a family, what is important to us. And then hopefully showing our families that we love them, but are going to do our own thing and not be subject to their demands and expectations. I want to continue to be nicer to my siblings and friends. I want to be less judgmental and kinder. I want to be a loving soul that accepts everyone without judgement.

Wow. Reading last year's answer is sort of depressing. Nothing has changed that much. I could write that same text this year. Of course things have changed incrementally: husband healthier and more independent, new house, new dog. But I am still not in control of my schedule, I still struggle with finding time for myself (and, I should note, recognizing when I do have it! sometimes I don't have the "aha" moment until the time is almost up). The chores are all mine to accomplish and schedule (or not - and thank Goodness for the ability to have house cleaners twice a month!!), I am always on call, and anything I want to do (book club, HHD services) I feel like I have to arrange life at home as if I had a child. Poor me - I also want to stop feeling sorry for myself. So, yes, I hope that this is the year that I achieve some more independence and also "get something useful done." I hope I can truly retire and do some traveling, some study, some volunteering. I hope that answering these 10Q questions has helped focus what I want to be and maybe start me thinking more productively about how I can get there. L'shanah Tovah, everyone.

I think I'll be excited to receive these answers next year and see where I've grown over the next year. Since there have been so many big changes over the course of the last year and I'm planning some big changes it'll be really interesting to see where I end up reading my next 10Q.

Answering the 10Q questions has once again helped me focus on the changing patterns moving through my life and given me a chance to think about priorities and procedures, i.e., taking a look at what I project will be most important to me in the year to come...and figuring out ways to use this perspective to make positive changes in my life. I would hope that when the next New Year rolls around I will good that I've been able to keep these in sight and have made meaningful progress on various fronts.

I think I'll feel good because I'll have accomplished the things I've wanted to accomplish for this year.

I hope I will be able to look back and see how I have evolved in the past year. Maybe I will be more organized or focused on whatever I am doing.

I want to be in a functional loving relationship while still maintaining my sense of self. Figure out how to not lose myself in a relationship. I just learned that we can only envision a future based on our past...so I’m not sure if anything will be different, actually. I will be healthier. I will figure out this employment thing. I will cultivate joy. I hope I will read them and think “ past Betsy was wise. Present Betsy is wiser”

In September 2020, I think we will be moving in our chosen direction based on goals we've set after examining how we have been living. I think we will move more consciously and confidently knowing that we are creating long lasting sustainability.

I think I'll feel really proud of myself for the journey I've been on. I hope I'll be more confident in my sense of self worth, that I'll be grounded in the love of friends and family, and that I'll be happy and fulfilled professionally. I hope I'll have explored romantic feelings for someone, and I hope I'll have let go of the past as much as possible. I hope I'll be calm, centered, happy, and excited for the future. I hope my life will be one that is deeply full of love and support, friendship and family, antics from my beautiful and crazy kittens, and endless joy. I can't wait to see it all come true. <3

historically it's always been a surprise just how fast the year has gone by so i expect that to continue. the process of learning and growing as a person seems really really slow. but when i look back at myself at 27 or 17 i can see that the progress has happened. i use this as just one part of slowing down and being aware of what i want and what i need to do to get what i want. i hope i will be still more peaceful and accepting of what is and able to roll with the punches.

I think I will feel excited about the progress I've made, and hopeful about the year to come!

I will be curious with what I wrote. I would hope that I would be more settled in how I spend my day.

I hope I'll be impressed by my reflections and the wisdom of my answers (said slightly tongue in cheek!), and pleased that I've successfully taken the steps I've committed to here in my 2019 answers. In terms of what might be different about my life: I hope that the act of taking this period of reflection has led to some other instances over the yearwhere I've taken stock of my life, appreciated all that is good, and identified some practical steps to make some positive tweaks to improve any areas which need it.

I am hopeful that when I read these questions again I will be healthier, stronger, slimmer and happier! That I am still keeping up with this new lifestyle switch and that I am feeling accomplished and proud of myself. If I have slipped then I suspect that I will get pretty down on myself. But really... it’s a process. And nothing can take away the good progress that was made this year. So hey, ME, if you have slipped... find some way to motivate yourself to get back with the program! You can do this. Remember... it means better sleep, more energy, improved recovery, physical ailments improved (better digestive response, improved allergies and clearer skin), less stress, and HAPPIER! You don’t have to live with having low energy, constant fatigue, being headache prone, being out of breath, having acid reflux, and having disrupted sleep. Remember the shock of waking up on the couch that one day when it seemed you had stopped breathing... remember the fat around your middle that makes your clothes look bad... YOU CAN DO THIS! IT WILL BE WORTH IT! Do it for your future! Love, me

I hope I'll be more open to long term relationships, romantic and platonic. I hope I've still got the great circle of friends/family around me in September 2020 as I do in September 2019.

God, I just hope I'm braver. That I care less about what other people think. And that I'm healthier, mind, body, and spirit. I've been resisting change in my "public" life for so long—too long. If I can learn how to thrive in the very heart of the conflicts I'm always running away from, I think I will finally feel free.

I hope I can reflect on the year from a solid and stable and present place. My goal is to be living in my current circumstance and looking toward a future, instead of bemoaning the past.

I'm expecting to feel OK, but I also expect that given we'll be in the middle of a total political circus shitshow with the election and a likely recession, I won't feel as good as I should even if I've met or exceeded my 10Q goals.

I think I will feel a sense of relief, because I need to follow through on a big life change that has been a burden on my shoulders. I hope I feel like I have grown more to think I am really a valuable person.

I’ll probably feel accomplished. I’m making plans to achieve what I want in life. My new role in my job should feel much easier with the lessons I’ll learn this year. Not letting fear stand in my way!

I certainly hope I will see improvement and positive difference from my answers this year!

I want to feel at peace and happy and full of joy and contentment. I want to be celebrating my 2nd marriage anniversary, living in the moment, emotionally happy and healthy. I want to be introspective and better at communication and less angry and bitter and disappointed. I hope to be living my best life with my wife and our friends and family.

I think I am currently torn... On the one hand, I feel more financially stable with real estate investments and also a job function that I enjoy. On the other hand, even after 1.5 years, I still have guilt and question regarding my breakup with Vlad. I know he has a new BF and that should make things easier for me. Hopefully in a year, I'll be in a relationship I feel good about and Vlad will still be in a good relationship and I'll feel like this all went where it should.

I’m wondering! Will I have achieved what’s my ambitions by next year? Will I be challenged this year by some unexpected things? Will I be in peace? I really hope that by next year I will have managed to settle down with a monsieur. Be at peace with my relationships.

September 2020 is probably going to be stressful af. I .hope. that what I'll be reporting is joy, stable family, great sex and intimacy, and financial success. But given that November 2020 is probably the most important election of my generation...

My whole life will be different... My house with all my possessions burned to the ground because of a lightening strike....so total change is ...not coming.. but here... humbling and devastating to be standing in mud drenched to the skin while everything I owned was going up in flames.. So.. I will follow the bread crumbs and see where this leads me .. hopefully next year I will be writing about amazingly wonderful transformations... out of the ashes a phoenix rises.

I think my life will be much more secure (at least, I hope it will be). I think I will look back on this time in my life as exhausting, exhilarating, frightening, precarious, full of guilt and hope and loneliness and love and friends. I'm still asking myself the question my brother asked me, which is "What would this look like if it were easy?" And maybe this time next year, I'll know.

"Oh damn, it's been a year already?" if the last few are anything to judge by, lol. I hope I'll feel like it's been a year well-lived rather than just a year gone by.

I think I will be grateful that I have a record of my progress from year to year. I hope that I will have sorted out how to function better and focus on what is important (after working on figuring out what is important, of course).

I'm sure I'll be lamenting the same things & still hoping to improve. I hope I'll make a little headway on things that matter....

I just hope I'm happy.

I hope I'll feel grateful that things have worked out for me. I hope I'll have more meaningful relationships in my life.

I hope to have made the changes and decisions that changed the course of my year. I hope to be healthy physically, mentally, emotionally, financially, and spiritually. I hope to be making more of a positive difference in the world in general and in my family members' lives specifically.

Just do not know! I hope to still be alive. And the cancer which is currently in remission is still this way, though this kind of cancer is incurable. When you write these questions, I'm sure you might not consider people in illness's gripe, or immobile as I am --having to re learn to walk due to the cancer. peace, I hope for peace. and I hope for a different set of priorities in WASHINGTON DC> honestly. And honesty . This is a gift. To not be in denial of truth amongst friends.

I hope that I can look at the answers and think how nice it is that my doubts and worries are now a distant memory. It's also going to be so nice to have this tiny sample of my former self.

Well, it's ironic (maybe) because I hope to be free of expectation, but still living with and fulfilling the desires within this mind-body complex. So to answer simply: I hope I feel present, and I have no idea what that will mean in terms of exact thoughts and feelings.

I'll feel excited to look over my last year's answers and look forward to sharing my year. It's fun to measure how things are going year after year. I think that life continues to get better and better, even though there may be ups and downs... overall it's always improving.

I would like to think I feel I've made some baby steps towards these goals. I realize life is busy. But I have to step beyond the daily grind to actually move forward. It's okay to inch along, as long as it's ahead. Don't be stagnant.

Honestly, I'll probably feel embarrassed for forgetting some of the things that I feel like are priorities right now. I hope that I'll remember the magical moments fondly and I'll have taken some steps to develop more roots in my communities.

I think I will be disappointed in some areas that I failed to improve in and will be satisfied that I met some of my goals and wishes. No regrets either way because I cannot change the past, but can try to make the future better.

I will feel like I have more clarity in my life. In a year, I should feel even more certain that March 2023 is my retirement mark on the wall. Who knows? I may have even received the call to come out to tape JEOPARDY!. If it is meant to be, it will happen. If not, then I have lost nothing. It would seem to be so sensible that I should appear. If it is not meant to happen, I do not want to be distracted by that and miss on out on something wonderful going on "under my nose". Maybe by next year we will have been to Aurora to see Liz. Priscilla will be up and moving regularly again and convinced she is able to travel and enjoy life! I want to be part of that happening.

anxious and a bit silly. more settled and calm, hopefully done with the painting and have artwork in the house. I hope the differences are good and healthy. growth and experience, loving what I do and who I surround myself with a bit more every day. more introspective and taking more time to acknowledge my feelings in new/different moments.

I hope things have changed by then.

I hope I am closer to accomplishing my current goals. I hope that I feel healthier both physically and emotionally. I hope that I can be a kinder, gentler person with those I love most. I hope I'm still alive.

Encouraged by how God has answered prayer and fulfilled promises.

I think I'll be grateful that life has settled down and gotten easier by then. I hope I will feel less overwhelmed and a little more settled into a stable lifestyle, living with the man that I love. I think I will feel a little more adult as my life has begun to grow more significantly with another person. And I really hope my relationship with my family will have drastically improved as well.

I am really hoping I make some positive changes through therapy. I mean, I hope we have a baby by this time next year, but I also hope that I can find inner peace and stop holding on to things that are negative.

I hope I've figured everything out by next year. I'm sure I'll have different problems but my hope is that my current problems will be but a memory, a blip in the past. Life ebbs and flows and I've had a lot of ebb. I hope next year I flow.

I think I will forget about my answers then shake my head at how much is pretty much the same, and the goals I have continue to evolve, so maybe some headway has been made but likely it is a work in progress!

I hope I will be less scattered, but probably I won't.

I've gained some clarity from answering these questions, as I do every year. And I hope that next year when I read these responses, I feel like I have more clarity. I think the ups and downs of this past year have done a tremendous amount for me in terms of highlighting where I want to be and what the path forward is. I don't think my life will be dramatically different come Fall 2020, but I hope I am continuing on the path of greater clarity and equilibrium.

I hope I'll be able to see progress in my goals, and feel proud of myself for achieving that progress. Hopefully, I'll be several steps forward in my life plans, and I look forward to reflecting on my answers with my family and friends.

I hope I'll feel more content and comfortable in my present. There has been a lot of change and shifts in life recently, and I hope I'll be happy where I am at in a year. I know right now I need to work on some things, and feeling sorry for myself and comparing my journey to others is something that I want to work on to be happy. I need to fill my days and my life with things and thoughts and people that bring me up and not down.

Honestly, it feels good to read these. Sometimes, I've made no significant progress on a goal, or have even abandoned it altogether--other times, I've made some strides--and once in a while, I get what I want. Having a record like this puts things into perspective--that even when I feel stagnant, I've been moving. A year has passed and I've done things I'm proud of--or not so proud of--but it's ok. It's all ok.

This has been, not for the first time, cathartic And, as most religion-related activities and experiences do, this has made me think about what *I* can do better. When I pray, I don't really expect God to intervene, resolve, solve, or fix things. I always close my prayers by saying that I do not want to anger people or let people make me angry; I don't want to be jealous of others and I do not want others to be jealous of me. I want to suppress my 'yatzer ha-rah' and do good, be positive, helpful, hopeful. I hope that next year, when I read the answers from the start of 5780, that I will feel like I did suppress my anger and rise to hope, to accept, to help, to honor, to take joy where I find it and bring joy where I can. and to savor love in my life.

We will be past the transition of a cross country move, for one. We will be settled into our home, our jobs, and our new parenting life, complete with daycare, babysitting, and help and support from friends and family. I hope I will feel more at peace by this time next year, and more connected to myself and my family.

I think I will feel accomplished for some things. I hope I might feel proud of where those things progressed. I hope that naming out loud my fear of relationships might help me to move past it. I also sincerely hope that next year, I will have done everything humanly possible to get rid of the human shit stain that is Donald Trump, and that if he hasn’t been removed from office, he will be about to be voted out. Over and out - time for Kol Nidrei!

I like the way I approached the questions this year. My answers weren’t so generic and really helped me take a deep dive DST into ways to enhance the person I am. In particular, I hope that I can look at my answers and see personal growth in my levels of responsiveness and urgency as well as my control over my somatic state. I hope I can do a better job at guessing Jen’s answers lol but in a way it’s cool to be surprised by her answers because we share so much and I love learning. I hope I have new challenges because it will mean that I worked on these and am not repetitive. Honestly I am feeling really excellent now with regard to all aspects of my life so I hope not that much is different. This has been a big year of changes, and next year is welcome to be Type B like my new personality ;).

I usually find some humor in reading the responses from the previous years, as I see my progress, or lack of progress..it has taught me to have more reasonable expectations. Next September my daughter will be entering high school and this is the beginning of another phase. My step daughters will be juniors and driving and thinking about senior year and college applications. As usual, I hope for things to be less hectic and to have time to relax, read, enjoy the moment. Find some more spirituality in my life. Feel gratitude.

I hope I'll be happier. I've been working to be more normal and happier, to overcome the awful lessons I learned growing up. I think I'll feel, oh, yeah, I was right last year, and that I need to keep on working towards being happier. I'm in it for the long haul!...

I hope I will have made some progress in becoming a calmer and more centered person. I hope I will be doing some meaningful and fulfilling things. I hope I will have maintained my health and fitness that I have worked on very hard these past 8 months.

When September 2020 rolls around and I receive my answers, I hope that I'll feel confident in how I'm leading my life. I hope that I have relationships that I'm proud of and that I'll continue to be honest with myself

I think I'll feel glad that I did it as it was an interesting thing to do. I think I'll feel more settled with the move and everything that has been going on. I think answering these questions really brought home how much my life has changed in the past few months and how much I've dealt with successfully. I'm proud of myself.

I hope I will find patterns that show that my decisions aren't random. That is typically what I discover.

Looking at last year - this year was about big changes on the inside... but again about big changes on the outside, like last year. I hope that in the coming year I can have fewer changes and just go deeper into what is. I hope I find some rest and calm, transitioning out of this long 20-year phase in my life of wandering the world. I want to come home - I want to be at home.

It always feels so amazing to see how much I've progressed from the last year. To see how well I saw where I was and where I was going and learn to trust myself! I think I'll see a lot of changes continue in my personal relationships as a result of my focus on developing myself into being my healthiest self.

I want to be back at work in a challenging career that I love. I want to feel less stressed about the Trump Administration. I want to lose 50 pounds.

I'll probably be in the same Hell that I am now, just a different circle.

I will have grown leaps and bounds!

It'll be interesting to see 2019 answers. I hope my life will just continue to get better. I hope my parents will still be here.

I suspect I'll feel slightly despairing about how little has changed and what has changed, has done so for the worse.

I hope for stability and happiness.

I'll probably still be aiming at the same things. Hopefully, a few things will have shifted in the right direction. As ever, these sort of questions make me want to be more focused and determined.

I hope to feel calmer and more self-assured (on the inside, people already assume I am on the outside). I'll have a new goal and be able to work hard/play hard.

I think I might be a little sad for myself. I HOPE that I am saying, "Wow! Things are so much better and more exciting this year than last!" I hope that I have a clearer vision of my future and what I want to do next. I hope that I am excited about where my kids are in their lives. I hope I have lots of adventures to look forward to.

I think I may feel a little sad. I am not sure if doing 10Q made me more reflective, and as a result a little more morose, during these 10 days, but I have certainly felt that way these last couple weeks and I suspect I may see that come through in my answers. But I am hopeful that I will be in a better place a year from now: proud of what I accomplished with my writing, and ready for whatever next adventure waits on the horizon. Inevitably, I will be working a job I do not yet know about, and my life will have taken on new patterns and routines and (hopefully) meaning, and I am eager to look back from that spot on this in-between time, this gift of writing and reflection that I gave myself (and Peter did too) and appreciate how far I have come...not necessarily in terms of Major Milestones Checked Off or Accomplishments Achieved, but simply in...life lived, and loved, and appreciated, in all the big and small ways. I hope I am able to pat myself on the back and congratulate myself on making the most of this year...both in terms of output and also achieving a better balance, better self-keeping, than I have had in the recent past. I believe in myself. I hope I've earned that belief, a year from now.

I hope next year I will have different answers. I want to feel content with my year and in general just happy. This year reading my answers the majority of them didn’t change but I want change for next year. I hope next year I feel like I accomplished something reading my answers.

I hope I feel that this turmoil seems like a long time ago. I hope that I feel so engaged and satisfied by my present state, that this just feels like a memory.

I'm hoping I will have made more progress toward self-sufficiency and financial stability. Other than that, I wanna keep being happy.

Same as last year, but more so. I don't expect to close out the year on a high note, just not lower than last year or the year before that. Some things are better, some things are worse. I feel like a fundamentally different person somehow and I feel like I have some serious inertia that may not be even close to pointed exactly where I want to be, but is 100% definitely pointed away from somewhere I don't.

I hope that I will be able to feel more pride and less defeat. How I feel now has.... tinted the past year. It's so cliche, but this year has had so so many highs and lows. In the highs I haven't been able to see anything but the beautiful sky; in the lows I can only watch myself continue down with no memory of that sky. I don't really remember the sky right now. I hope I do this time next year.

I think I'll feel like these were dark times; that the answers are depressing (although not clinically so), and that this is a time when I'm trying to hold onto hope while increasingly just trying to get through each day.

I'll be amazed that this baby was ever so little, or that my new identity as mother so very new. I hope to be more settled and stable this time next year.

I hope I'll feel even better than this year. I hope I've finally reunited with my love. I hope I'm able to adapt well to my new environment. I hope I'll finish all my courses. I hope it was an amazing year.

I hope I will feel more settled. It's now been a long time of not feeling settled, and I think that's been really hard. Harder than I realize day to day. But looking back and seeing that I felt so unsettled even last year shows that it's time for us to have the life we want or at least not for it to be so up in the air all the time. I suppose that's what your 20s are about, but we're in our 30s now and it's time to figure this shit out.

I think that hopefully I'll feel like my life will change more for the better. That I'll be able to develop healthier relationships with spirituality, make new friends, and limit my screen time better. And that's what I also hope will be different: stronger relationships with friends, better control over screen time, and happy with my religious beliefs.

I’m hoping I feel joy at the challenges I’ll have surmounted between now and then. I hope I’m in a better place both financially and professionally as a result of both my thoughts during this challenging time and bringing them to the light of day rather than let them languish in darkness.

Hoping for proud, happy, and in control of any worry about our move to Israel.

Well, September 2020 is really close to November 2020, and honestly that time looms sort of terrifyingly. I'd like to think that I feel deeply grounded in acting in a way that was consistent with my values and joyful. It seems like the only way to survive.

Hope I have navigated the “slowdown” at work bump. If I have, I may look back and wonder why I thought it was all that hard. If not, I may feel stuck and frustrated.

I imagine I'll look back and remember what a difficult, transitory period this was, and I hope I'm feeling much more grounded and secure in my new job and new city by then.

I think I will feel proud for accomplishing my goals and satisfied that I took this time to reflect and create intentions.

I hope to feel that I have made real progress in deepening relationships with both family & friends. Looking at last year's answers, I was indeed pleased with the midterm results and my reading great novels, though the Lakers didn't make the playoffs. Next year, I hope to look back at a successful impeachment and Senate trial and a deep run into the playoffs for those Lakers!

I will probably feel one of two things. 1) I will revel in how much has changed and I will marvel at those changes, or 2) I will be faced with the sickening slap of stagnancy. I want to stop trying to climb the ladder at work and just be happy with what I have without constantly trying to get more. This round of questions have made me recognize my general discontent right now. And I don’t give one single fuck about where I am in the world, who I’m with, or what job I have as long as next year, I’m happier.

I think working one year in a company in London, I have seen had a glimpse into corporate life. I want to focus on honing those skills taking them forward into the next chapter of my life. By 2020, I will be in the final year of my university and will be looking for a job. I hope I am able to hone my personality and become a better human being. Give back to society and treat everyone fairly.

As always, I hope I look back at these questions and see the path that I cannot see now.

For me, I will be THANKFUL to wake up with good health for family, friends and myself. I don't ask for much ~ good health and happiness for friends and family. I'm WORRIED/CONCERNED about the behaviors of both sides of the political aisles during the upcoming election, which will be only a few weeks away in September 2020; will it stir up more antisemitism?

I will feel accomplished because I have a sustained personal yoga practice. I"ll feel peaceful and happy and healthy.

I hope I see that I was questioning the next phase of my life and that those questions are being answered, even if not fully so. I hope that I'm proud of the person who wrote these words, of her curiosity and desire to explore herself and the world and nature. I hope I'm still questioning, though more focused. Truthfully, I'm really looking forward to what's next and I hope I look back excitedly.

I pray I will be able to look back and realize my country saved itself from the forces of hatred and evil. I pray I will be able to smile because Israel is safe. I pray I will be grateful no one I love has died in the past year and that my children are safe, healthy and loved. I pray to be alive to see it all. I pray to be healthy and not a burden to my children, ever. I pray I will be able to look back at a good year, a sweet year.

If Trump has been impeached and is out of office (probably not going to happen) I will be very happy. By this time next year, Zachary should be starting law school. I'm going to guess it will be at VLS. I will hopefully be thriving in my new position at work. It looks like I'll be promoted sometime next year. My boss just got the head honcho job, which is great. Eileen and I will be celebrating our 25th anniversary in exactly one year, and we'd like to plan an exciting European trip. I hope and pray for the health and safety of my family and friends in the coming year.

I'll be thankful that I've survived another year to see these answers. I hope my life will be filled with friends,with family and with good health and that I'll have survived any challenges that life has thrown at me during the year. I hope to be less stressed and looking forward to another high holiday season.

Like I've gotten a present from my past self. A few nuggets of my thoughts and feelings; a snapshot of my mindset from a year ago. I hope I'll keep up this spirit of growth and self-reflection throughout the year.

I hope I'll be happy because Trump will have been impeached and his dangerous narcissism will have been curtailed.

I'm hoping we'll have even better holiday plans--this year was good and it was good to explore what works, instead of what doesn't work. I hope some of my anxieties will have abated. I hope I can take the wishes for myself here seriously--that what I want most is to feel good, and to have a greater sense of calm.

I hope I will be able to look back and see how far I’ve come. I will have survived ovarian cancer, a hysterectomy and chemo, I will be looking forward to a holiday season I can rejoice and participate more fully in. I hope I will feel my life has more of a sense of normality and less fear.

I would hope to have more peace, more acceptance, more gratitude.

That I am happy, that I’ll feel better and I’ll just see these answers as a step for me being ok

I truly hope I am at a new job. It would be nice if it were my forever job, but I don't mind if it's just a rebound. I'd like to be financially comfortable, and maybe have finally started to make myself and my happiness a priority. Working for meaningful relaxation and not the immediate distractions provided by my phone. I would like to be happier. The past year has made me bitter, hard, and more sardonic. I miss the lightness with which I used to greet each day.

I'm excited to get these answers - although wonder if I'll have enough distance to not remember what I wrote. I've really enjoyed having a few minutes in my day to reflect and kind of wish that I could do this sort of thing more regularly - could you offer a once a week option? I'm hopeful that I;ll be able to find time and support to focus on the big picture at work, and healthwise that I'll not have to have any more mammograms than usual.

I feel like I'm going to be in even better shape and better organized. Here's hoping!!

I think I'll be sleep-deprived, full of joy and excited for the year ahead.

I hope I feel compassion for myself and who I was in Sept. 2019. I hope I can look back and feel proud of myself.

I hope I’m still cherishing and delighting in each day as I have been and am now. And skinnier and with a cleaner office. 😜

I hope to be more certain about my life and its direction moving forward. I've felt trapped for the last year. I need to have the courage to break free from this rut and its dynamics that are holding me back.

I'm not sure how I'll feel - I think it will depend on what has transpired this year. Right now, I am writing from a place of relief and peace - I have just emerged from a difficult emotional year newly whole, clear, and happy. My goal in the year ahead is to consolidate those spiritual and emotional gains I have made in order to live life more wisely, peacefully, happily, productively, and fulfillingly. I have big dreams about what I want to accomplish both personally and professionally in the year to come. I am hoping I will have a year to look back on that I can honestly say was a better one than the one I just had - one in which I was better both to myself and to others around me. I am hoping I will be in a location that is better for my soul and a professional situation that is more fulfilling - one with less driving and more elite musicians. I am hoping I will have ignored my fears and chased my dreams with abandon. I am hoping I will have given my heart without reservation to someone who has done the same. And I am hoping I will have hope for an even better future, one in which I am yet more at peace, more fulfilled, and with more joy and laughter in my day-to-day.

I'm concerned that I will still be in the same rut. I live in hope that I will be in a different place, appreciating the blessings of everyday life more every day!

I hope I feel proud of my growth and ready to take on new goals.

I hope that I'll have made some progress in a few areas. But, just as I wrote last year I hope I'll have self-compassion, and be patient with myself if I haven't achieved all the goals I laid out. I've done great at making a regular practice of yoga, cardio, and practicing saying no. I want to keep making progress on my meal planning to continue to improve my physical health and blood pressure, and reflection and prioritizing for my mental health.

I'm hoping I'll appreciate my honesty. I'm hoping I'll be employed full-time at a place that appreciates my skills and gives me the opportunity to learn more. I'm hoping my empty nest doesn't feel quite as empty and that I am confident that my son is thriving at school. I'm hoping I might be more open to the idea of dating, maybe and that I feel more confident in my imperfect body.

If I can only do one of the things that I said I want to do, I hope it's the More People thing. Because I sometimes feel that the world gets smaller every year. Now I want to push out on the envelope. It would be nice if my weight was the same as it is now. It would be great if I'm still exercising every day. It would be amazing to make more money, even just a little. But People. That would be the best.

I hope that some health issues will be resolved from both me and my family. That we will be comfortable with who we are and where we are at. I hope that Stephen & I will have had opportunities to travel and do things that we enjoy and that we will have spent ore time with our daughter, grandchildren, and siblings. All of this will make me feel happier and more content.

More settled in my new life, that will be filled with happiness and bliss

I hope to be more secure, in my dreams, plans, finances, and friends. I want a sense of belonging. And a dog.

I expect that I will feel grief. I hope to be able to react to situations outside of that umbrella and not be so disassociated from myself. I hope that I'm not terrified by the situation, and that I've learned something about it.. and it moves me ahead in life, comfortable in my own skin. Or a second one. Or third.

I hope that answering these questions will have helped to provide a foundation for the change I want to see in my world. Even when I don't know what it will look like on the other side. The questions and answers have helped me over the years to have a more crystalline view of my world and my goals that helps me align with the true intent, even when the outcome is different from the original vision.

Same answer as last year -- I hope to have my own life a bit more organized but expect the state of the world to deteriorate over time. We will be facing the 2020 elections shortly when I read this next and that will tell whether or not the deterioration will accelerate or decelerate.

Hopefully I can look back, as I did this year, and recognize that while there are unforeseen setbacks and transitions that will undoubtably come up, I am on my path living my most radiant life in the world. I hope that there is a path in the collective towards compassion for each other and healing of the Earth, and that I am doing my part towards Tikkun Olam on the grand scale. I hope that I continue to feel content with my lot, and that my family is peaceful, loving, and thriving. And I hope that there can be fun and humor in all of it.

I'm hoping that I will see that I've either accomplished what I set out to do or that I'm well on my way. I'm hoping my life will be less cluttered by things that don't really matter, things that take my time but give nothing back.I'm hoping that my thinking will be clearer and that my emotions, and therefore my behaviors, will be a lot more regulated. I'm hoping to look at these answers and feel the gratitude for the Lord fill my heart as I see forward progress even if it's just a bit. Bit by bit is how things get done. That way they're done right and the effects will last.

I hope I'm more appreciative of all that life has thrown at me. I've learned so much about myself. I'm not peaceful (my goal in 2018) but I'm learning. I thought we'd be planning a trip to the Maldives -- instead we went to South Africa. We've celebrated more and we'll have more to celebrate. I hope we're somewhere closer to expanding our family. I always think about these answers and how they feel like me but this feels like a different answer. It's always a good reflection of growth. I hope I continue to grow into a more generous, forgiving, compassionate person.

I think I will feel very nostalgic, it is going to be so weird reading my words and thoughts from a whole year prior. I can't wait though to be able to see how far I've come and how much of those things I have completed. Shana tova, have a great new year!

My hope is that I can track clear progress in the areas I've mentioned - and that I sense forward growth and not just circling around the same questions/patterns. I hope to have more clarity, contentment, and passion for the present at this point next year.

I hope to be at peace with myself and family and friends. These questions keep me focused,

I hope I've met my goals and am advancing in happiness security and contentment.

I think I'll feel nostalgic for this period in my life. There is so much change happening every day, week, and month right now. I think I'll feel a growing sense of attachment to Seattle and a deepening sense of my own identity as an adult. I hope that as a result of answering these questions, I'll reflect more fully on spiritually significant moments in my life.

I hope I have a full-time job and life is just as full of love but also with less drama.

I do hope I would be in a better place- Mentally, Spiritually and Psychologically. I do hope I would be fully present and aware in life. I want to 'show up' fully. To be better and better each day.

I think I will feel curious of how an old me thought. I hope I will gain knowledge about myself and I will be more certain on how to address my life. I hope I will overcome irrational fears. I wish myself peace, understanding, luck, health and love.

I think I will feel changed -- this year is looking like it will be all about personal growth in a new job and new place of living. I'm hoping that the reflection about my life will allow this year to be full of more reflection and thinking about how I can continue to change myself in a positive way towards growth and improve the world around me.

I really hope that I feel positive about my future and about how I was able to address some of these issues over this year. I feel like one of the great benefits of being Jewish is having an "extra" new year to think hard about how we want to be in the year ahead that's a little more spiritual and less about "I want a new job" or "I want to lose 10 pounds." It's more holistic. And I always welcome a chance to sit down and see where I've been and where I'm going.

I hope that I have made progress on one or two of the goals that I set forth. I have had too many years where my answers just rolled from one year to another. But I also hope I feel some contentment when September 2020 rolls around--that I feel at home in my life.

I really hope that I will have accomplished some of the things I have been saying I want to do for several years: find a creative outlet, deal with my psychological trauma, be better at getting things done.

Well, this year when I read my 2018 answers I was like 'wow! I was really angry!' This year, as I'm writing my responses I feel almost just as angry, maybe the same level of angry even. I hope I'm not so angry, and that I've finally learned to let some things go. I'll be 40 next year - I don't feel it, and don't think I look it either, and I'd like the next 20 years to be better than the last 20.

I will have recently turned 60. My hope is to be intimate -- with myself, with others, with my purpose, with God. To have taken care of the tangible things from the past. To be in action, in flow. To be in robust bloom. To be connected. To feel an integral part of the One. Amen.

I hope I have found happiness and that I feel loved. I hope I am secure where my child starts kindergarten. I hope I have alcohol under control. I hope yo finally be at my goal weight of 150-155.

I hope the grief, anger, and sadness are a distant memory. I hope I have happier answers for next year. I hope I have lots of adventures and Good Things to reflect on. Last year was a nightmare; I’m hoping for closer to a dream.

I hope I still have the time to answer them. I’d like to be as hopeful about the future and my health as I am now. I also hope I’ve made some life decisions and taken some actions between now and then that have lead to challenging, but positive changes.

Oh, I just hope that I and all my loved ones, and my friends and all of their loved ones, and Ruth Bader Ginsburg, will be okay. I hope that I'll feel a little more steady and stable, too.

I was pleased when I read last year's comments that I'd actually actioned a # of them, so I hope it is the same for this year as well! What I hope might be different is that I have found a way to care less about my workplace issues.

I think I'll feel reflective and hopeful. I hope that I'll be in a better place financially and mentally and that I'll feel better about the future. That I'll have access to more opportunities and have met more people that I connect deeply with or that I'll reconnect with people I love and care about.

I hope that I'll feel like I've come a long way. Hopefully by then I'll be living on my own and in a space to continue doing so, have a good relationship with a romantic partner, be back in college and on my way to earning my degree, and maybe I'll have quit vaping. And solid mental health is a necessity for any of that so if I achieve some of that it will mean I was healthy for a year.

I hope I feel peace in the choices we’re making this season. I hope we feel settled in our new town with our new/old friends, I hope PJ finds room and time to breathe, and I hope my children are emanating pure joy in their surroundings and circumstances. (I hope I’m writing up a storm, too.)

I believe I will still feel sad, frustrated and angry about our political situation and how the United States no longer protects needy and endangered people here and abroad. Different about my life - that's pretty self-centered. I have a home, a loving family, the best husband.

I hope I'll feel more at peace with my choice to serve in the Army despite its many pitfalls and pressures act unethically. I hope that my marriage will have grown strong and that answers about my future and having a family together will have resolved health-wise.

In September 2020 i'll be on APPE rotations. I hope i'll be happier. I hope i'll be more open, more daring, smarter, and chasing my dreams harder. 2019 has been a whirlwind, but it's the last time i'll be in the classroom with everyone. I hope i'll look back and be happy with all my relationships and what i've done so far.

I think every year I am less embarrassed by my past self. I think I will look back and be proud of where I was right now, and I hope that I will have continued to grow. I hope that the version of me that is writing this feels really far away to the version of me that will be reading this. I hope I will be more comfortable as a leader, I hope I will have pushed myself to be more open and vulnerable, and I hope that I'm continuing on this same journey. I think that these questions help me frame my past year and assess good goals. It forces me to think about my year as a whole and look for trends instead of focusing on smaller details. The vulnerability thing, I think, wouldn't have come to light without these questions.

I don't know. I don't even know if I really said anything in response to these questions this year. I'm living on the surface of my life for a moment instead of living deeply. Maybe next year will be calm, maybe it will be chaotic. I have no clue how I'll feel.

Hopefully will feel less trapped by circumstance. More self-confident and happier.

I plan to be more healthy than ever in 2020 and be 13 months cancer free.

Although I wish it not so, unless something happens to set our country on a path of compassion and decency, I’m not expecting to feel any different. I have so much to feel grateful for in my personal life that my worries extend beyond it to those struggling, yearning, dying in the cruelest ways. I feel helpless to effect much change, guilty that I am so blessed. How does one reconcile such disparities? I am hoping my first published poetry collection holds some possibilities for starting conversations about kindness, listening, opening hearts to compassion. I would feel I am doing something that matters.

I think that I will look back on this year as a time of great change and growth. I think that I will feel satisfied with the progress that I have made, and excited about the future.

I may feel like I didn't go as deep on them this year as I did in previous years as I think I moved through them much more quickly this time. I see a lot of similar answers across the years for me. Partly that is good as it shows clarity and consistency in what I value and want to create in my life. However I think it also shows some stagnation. When am I going to move on these things? Losing my job this year may have been exactly the push I needed to do things differently in my life. Who knows where I will be in year. I hope it's different from where I am now.

I hope to be in a much better financial situation. I hope my wife's new job is as good as she thinks it is & I really hope we have an amazing time on the "river cruise"

Ideally I will have accomplished the things I have said I would like to accomplish! Short of that I would like to at the very least be working actively toward getting those things accomplished. It would be disappointing to look back at a year where I have specifically acknowledged goals without having made progress toward achieving them.

I'm hoping I'll be more grounded and content. I hope I'll be kinder to myself than I am now.

I hope I'll have... hope. Hope again in all Americans to recognize a con man who is out to divide and grift. Hope that all Americans will recognize that America First moves us back. Hope that all Americans recognize that the differences in us make us stronger. Hope that all Americans recognize that elections are a sacred trust not to be dangled out for other countries to toy with in exchange for money. I want to have hope again in the fall of 2020 that the election will be between two rational adults who have the concerns of all Americans in mind.

I hope I'll have a new quiet home and a new job with purpose. I hope I'll have broken this downward spiral of feeling like shit all the time. I'm tired of being on the verge of tears. I want to feel content.

I hope that I'll be more focused on what's important. I hope that I'll have spent more time working for more justice. I hope that my relationship with my kids will keep getting greater. I hope that 45 will be on his way out.

I don’t feel like I had great insights or answers to questions this year. But my hope is that I continue to grow, am happy with my life, and enjoying owning my own place. And if Trump, and everyone associated with him, could be out of power, then that would be great too.

I think I'll be awed, as I was this year, seeing last year's answers. I was so wise, and knew so much more than I thought past Me know. I hope I feel like I'm getting a note from a good friend.

Hahahahahahahaha! So much has changed since last year! We sure did move the needle! Next year though... I want to have goats and all the infrastructure that's necessary for that. I want to bridge to the back two, one that even the tractor can drive across. I wouldn't even mind some home improvements. Basically, I want us to move this property closer to being a farm. I feel good about it.

Well, my biggest learning from several years of 10Q is that nothing really changes much. So probably I will feel the same, but I really hope not, because I feel terrible right now. I hope we'll be in permanent housing again (and expect we will be or almost will be). And I feel like I'm on the cusp of prioritizing things a bit better - not sure what that will look like in the end, but hopefully it means a better, calmer me.

I think I will feel rewarded and rich. By continuing to focus on these types of questions, I want to feel that my journey of spiritual self-discovery has been like a roller-coaster ride. Ups, downs, frights, thrills, and a big, big smile on my face, full of gratitude for each wonderful day my Higher Power has gifted me here in Paradise.

I will be a married woman by this time next year! I'm so excited to commit to my partner for life. I really have no idea what our life will be like in any specifics, but I know we're on the path for it to be filled with lots of fun, love, and success. I hope I'll look back on the questions and see growth from the last year.

Gosh, I hope a lot will have changed by the time I read these next year. I really loved spending the 5 minutes each day to really reflect and recharge- I wish 10Q was all year round! Hopefully by next year I will have found a bit more stability in my career and in my personal life. I don’t expect to magically know all of the answers, but some clarity would be nice. Most of all, I just hope that I will be happy and healthy! Here’s to a year of growth, of challenge, of excitement, and of answers.

I hope I feel more confident in my relationship and we are on a more stable footing for the future. At this point in my life though I also wouldn’t be surprised if I read my answer in a year and be single. Although the thought of that makes me sad as I know we wouldn’t have managed to make things work. I think if this is the case then I hope I am being positive about the future and making a new future that makes me happy.

I really hope I feel as though I've made strides toward setting boundaries that align with my core beliefs of who I am and what I value about myself. And I hope that the things I value about myself become bigger, more numerous, clearer, and more obvious to me than the things I feel shame about. In fact, I hope I embrace many of the things that I feel ashamed of, as parts that make up ME and learn to love them as such. It's a lofty set of hopes, but the past few years have been culminating toward a huge shift for me and I'm starting to take that seriously by getting professional help to coach me through all the feelings that surround it. So, I'm expecting big things and if I'm gonna add the cherries on top, then they'd include: *healing from my physical injury and returning to running and participating in my full sport; *healing emotionally from the traumas of my past and making clearer decisions and stable boundaries that prioritize my well-being and self-worth; *racing triathlon again (not expecting to heal and go right into 70.3 distance...I can be patient...I think); and *finally meeting someone who values me for me, can truly see me and love me in ways I understand (i.e., aligns his words with his actions and follows through on what he says). G-d willing.

A year from now I think I will be more resilient, stronger and happier than now. My family will be bigger with another child and I will be finishing up my application for grad school. Ever onward and upward!

how do you think you'll feel? nostalgic, sorry that I didn't assert myself more and spend more time making my home nicer. What do you think/hope might be different about your life and where you're at as a result of thinking about and answering these questions? That self reflection will inspire me to get rid of excess stuff and leave a cleaner slate for those that follow.

Not sure how I'll feel. I often don't check the previous year answers. I hope I'll feel content with my life; no matter the circumstances.

I hope I have made the changes that can result in different answers to next years questions!

Answering the questions this year, I’m reminded of how much I used to journal. It’s been about a decade since I wrote anything resembling an entry. Other than, 10Q. Reading the previous years’ answers, not much has changed. The core of me has pretty much remained constant, and I have yet to experience any real milestones....much to my mom’s disappointment. Perhaps 2019-2020 will have something worthy to journal about. My mom can only hope.

I feel now much calmer than years and answers past. Hopefully, this will continue to evolve. I hear so many people around me right now bemoaning their lack of community; I feel so grateful for being Jewish.

I think I would be about the same place where I am, mentally. Hopefully, about the same place physically. I don't have expectations anymore for rapid spiritual/mental advancement, but would hope for a modest gain and a modicum of forward motion.

I hope to feel that I have moved or showed progress in what I want to accomplish. I hope my life is peaceful, and understanding. My partner and I will have an understanding of our roles as parents and my children will learn to live a different kind of life.

I imagine that I will remember what it was like to have these goals, accomplishments, challenges, and feelings. I hope that I will have succeeded at my goals and will be moving on to a new level!

In September of 2020 I will feel as if I've made progress, even if I have not accomplished all that I set out to do. Like in this past year, I'll have had some successes, and I'll have had some failures. Some of my priorities may shift, and I may find new things to work toward. But, I'll feel good about my progress, and I'll forgive myself for my failures. As I've mentioned in many of these questions, I want to be a better dad. I said that last year as well. It's an ongoing struggle, but one I hope will never end. Because, the moment I stop trying to be a better dad is the moment I have failed my boys--I can *always* be a better dad. Always. I also want to change my school habits. I've let myself fall behind in every class I've taken. I would have gotten a 100% in my current course if I hadn't fallen behind. All points I got taken away were due to not being as active in the class as I should have. I would also like to make sure that I have a strict routine that allows me to work enough to pay all of my bills, stay caught up on homework, spend quality time with my kids, and find time to have a social life. It's possible, but I will have to use my time very deliberately.

I hope I'm not so lost anymore. I need a reason to go on.

I will be disappointed in myself, but will also feel like I have improved myself. I hope that I become a better person and achieve more.

I'm hoping I'll be a lot more confident in my spiritual journey and with my small business. I hope my marriage improves. I hope things are well with my kids. With a possible cancer diagnosis looming, that's hard to tell (biopsy is positive, cyst removed - but is there more than that one spot????). Next year this scare will be behind me or I'll be deep into it. Hopefully the former. Anybody's bad health has the potential for totally derailing their life. I just have to trust that the Shekinah has me under her wings.

I think I'll have grown even more than I have in the past year. I am hoping to be enrolled in a program, whether it's law or public policy or marketing. I hope I have better direction as to where my life is going, and I understand I won't have it all figured out, but I hope to have a more clear path by this time next year. I think my answers for next year will be less of "what am I doing with my life" and more of "I am growing towards where I want to be."

Lord willing, I'll be in better health, have a doable retirement plan w/good medical coverage in place, and my family will all be healthy, happy, and safe. That we will shine for Jesus!

I hope I will see my current (past) self with compassion and kindness, and I hope I will see my future (current) self with compassion and kindness as well.

I just hope something has happened that makes me feel like I've moved forward. Right now, I just feel like I drudge on day to day. I'm not growing.

I hope I feel proud of myself and like I was able to accomplish the goals I've set out for myself. I hope I feel better about my body and am getting more comfortable and proficient in my job. I am so happy to be in my new apartment and I hope (and know) I will still feel this way. I do feel like more of an adult, which was last year's goal, but there's always more adulting to do. I don't want to define myself by relationship status, but I really enjoyed being in a relationship earlier this year. I hope I allow myself to explore that more in the coming year. Part of the adulting thing, maybe. As always, I hope next year is only better than this year, especially since I feel pretty good about this year.

By the time I read this in September 2020 I hope I'll be feeling happy that I/we have made big progress in living more sustainably and more environmentally friendly. Go go Ali & Borgi!! 🤞💪

This is the toughest question! I hope I will continue to feel more at peace with myself, with the life that we are living. I want to read, to write, to run and spend time with loved ones. I can't say what my life will look like in a year, I can only trust that it will be changed in the right way for me. May your lives be content and happy.

I hope that I'll look back and see this year as part of a trajectory of improvement. I expect that there will be some sorrow in the coming year, and a lot of stress, but I hope that I will not look back on 5779 as the one bright spot in a sea of bad years. I want to be happy to read about and remember this year, and I want to be excited about answering the questions for 5780. I want to look back on the previous year with pride, and look forward to the coming year with confidence and excitement.

What happened to the middle 8 questions? I’m rather confused and probably will be even more so next year.

I hope that I am more comfortable thinking about myself and reflecting on my emotions and what I want and being able to cope with anxiety in a better way. I believe I am trending in an upward direction and I hope by this time next year I am doing more of what I want, more freely.

I think life will continue to be a punch in the face. I find these questions and answers really just show how little (if at all) anything really changes from year to year, even while there are superficial changes in my circumstances.

I am not optimistic about the government and how it will treat its citizens and non-citizens. I am more optimistic about my life and my family. But I hope we will all be in better shape than now.

I hope that I will have made some progress on some of the issues listed here, but also that I can be forgiving of myself where things have moved more slowly. I hope that my romantic life and my family situation will have stabilized a bit.

Haha. Still not 20 lbs. lighter at this writing. SO let's try again! I want to be 25 (!!) lbs lighter. I want the romance back. I want to be a less grouchy person--a happier person. I want to be kinder. I want to be more spiritual. I WANT TO BE ALL THE GOOD THINGS.

I hope I continue to progress, improve my relationships and feel more satisfied with how I’m living as a “mensch.”

I think I’ll mainly feel nostalgic about this time, hopefully look back happily and with warmth. Since this is my first year doing this I don’t have experience in reflecting on the reflections, but I hope to still enjoy being thoughtful and reflective and see growth within myself and around me.

I can feel myself really coming out of a hole this year. I hope that when I look at these answers I feel the difference in my life, that I'm fully out of the hole, expansive again. I hope I follow up on my own desires and aspirations, that I am more present, more joyful, more connected, less afraid (and that I waste less food).

God I hope Trump is gone and take Pence too!

Oh gosh. I hope I’m at a very different place in a year. It’s not that I’m unhappy, or that things are bad. It’s just that I feel like I’ve got momentum now and I hope I continue to change and improve things over the next 12 months. I don’t think I’ll look back in 12 months and think “wow i did it” but I hope I’ll be able to say “wow, I’ve come far”. So here’s a message for 2020 me: you go mate! Keep it up, you’re awesome!

I tend to always feel some measure of positive when I look back on a previous year's worth of memories. I don't think next year will be much different—so long as I'm living, I'm learning and improving, and there's never any regret associated with that. I do hope that my loved ones are still healthy and happy. Everything else, I know I can handle!

Questioning. I'll have to decide whether or not I want to participate in this exercise for the year 5781. If I feel the same as I did when I read 5779's answers (meh)... perhaps not.

I would like to look back over several years and see an arc of positive growth and deepening love for family and friends.

Honestly, I have no idea. I have been very disappointed about where I've been the last couple of years that I've done this and almost didn't do this year because of that. Here's what I'm working toward: I will have moved forward in my life. My daughter's wedding will have been fabulous. My other daughter will be pursuing a career she's passionate about. My son will be stable. I will have sold my house. My business will be profitable. My lawsuit will be settled favourably. and maybe, just maybe I will have a loving partner...

I'll be interested in what I wrote & hope that I'll have remembered to make the changes I wanted & to keep those things the same that needed to remain unchanged.

It feels like we are at a big inflection point both personally and professionally, so I'm excited to see how I feel/react to this in a year from now. Possible that a TON has changed, possible that very little has. That's what makes it fun.

Your Answer Last Year: My 10Q answers will hopefully help me stay focused on what matters most to me in life so I can maximize the good, live happily in the moment and cherish the people I love. In general though, I will be thrilled if my life is exactly the same in a year. I am truly blessed!

I’ll remember things as they are for me and in the world - as it is now here in 2019. I’ll have forgotten some of what I wrote in answer to the ten questions and it will be pleasant to read back into this moment a year from now. I think things will be different twelve months from today.

I hope — fervently pray! — that I will be healthy and happy. That will be enough.

I hope to be able to say that my knee has recovered and that I am back to normal. I hope I am making strides in caring for my health. I hope I am more positive.

I think that I’ll feel grateful for my friends and family that I should continue to trust in my journey know that I am OK that I still have a lot of disappointment unsettled feelings anger and sadness and pain and that is OK and natural and that there is a lot of hope for following year and a lot to be grateful for now. I am hopeful that I live into a future With an open heart and ability to act Along side fear and where I can be present to my experience and honor of my reality fully and lovingly. I hope that by then I found some incredible outlets for my Energy intelligence physical needs and spiritual and emotional outlets that transform to personal and communal connection. I hope to have close relationships that are solid, a Stable home, a way to make a fruitful living, more Structure, and supports/habits/experiences that are cleansing of physical and mental health in whatever forms that needs to take. AND compassion if I fall short on any and all of that.

I will see you if you're happy I will feel unburdened I will feel empowered I will feel determined and ambitious I will feel like I have a comforter lot or feel like I move forward with my life I feel like I've left it all the dodgy s*** behind me and I've moved into a new space of clarity freedom and purpose stop I will feel like a great dad I feel like the great sun the great brother and a great nephew. I hope for a great family of my own. For some career success bit most importantly to feel closer to spiritual connectedness than ever. I've lived, I've suffered, I've survived & now I prosper.

I'll probably look back on my Sept 2019 questions and be like "damnit, I forgot to do that!" But I'll still be glad I took a time for reflection.

I think my whole perspective of life will have changed. Yes due to our growing family but also to looking forward to living up to and holding myself accountable to the goals and dreams for next year. Looking forward to a year of exploring and growing!

I hope I'll be more proactive and see a noticeable change and growth and improvement of my life, my soul, my joy over the year and will look back on this and say yeah girl you did it! Look what you could have been doing all this time had you not been standing in your own way and look what you have done for yourself!

I think I'll feel empathy for my past self, and hopefully feel reassured that my optimism now that all of these seemingly bad things will have happened for a reason. Hopefully that reason will have become apparent by this time next year. Hopefully if things are still in flux, I will have gained more life lessons, more resilience, and a bigger, more robust support system in our lives as a result. Only time will tell.

If it’s anything last year I will be surprised by how accurate my predictions were. But there won’t be as many changes next year by this time I don’t think. I expect will be more entrenched in Atlanta. We may end up listing our old house for sale depending on the economy. I’ll probably be teaching again and with worse students saying that “this is in fact my last year.” Misha will be walking probably and Helena will love her younger brother and be much more developmentally advanced. I’ll continue to think about the big questions and what I want out of life. Hopefully my parents will still be healthy (and Maya’s too) and we might start looking at doing some more travel again.

I hope I have more peace, more closure, more sense that I’m okay than I have now. Losing my son has ripped me apart and put me back together, broken and bleeding. I hope that by this time next year I will have more balance, more breath, more being.

First, I hope my journey into retirement will be launched all right. I have stretched this retirement over two years and so January marks my having total control over my life's schedule. I still feel a little angst, both financial and the idea of "what shall I do?" I hope my journey into faith will be progressing as well. I get days of thinking something is missing and I need to figure what that may be, or if it just goes away.

I hope that I will be able to reflect and recognize that I put intention into my actions and decisions in the past year--that I pursued my hopes and discarded my weights so as to be a better version of myself. For my sake, for others.

I hope my goals are still considered frequently as I move through my day. I guess that I will have improved my focus and will still feel I have fallen short. If I am only as far as I am today, Dayenu! I am blessed with so much. Yes we all have many things to improve upon, and I am certainly no exception. If I am kind, honest and loving, I will not be disappointed.

Well I don't feel defeated as my 2018 answer predicted. I feel somewhat restless. Hopefully in 2020, I'll feel less restless. I'm itching to make a major move, but I'm an adult now and can't just pick up and move my life someplace else. I guess I hope I will have found whatever makes me feel more settled.

I think I will be shooketh, because they'll be hella insightful, but at the same time a little bit naive or innocent, to the person that I will be. I think I will feel relieved, maybe to know that I got back all the crap that was happening right now with the panic attacks, and the final project of FAMU. I think I will feel proud of myself, and hopefully reminded that life is an uphill battle, but I keep pushing forward and not allowing this anxiety to rule me. I hope that I am more mindful, I think about the energy that I am giving out, what I choose to invest my time into, what I am feeding my body, and the impact I am making when I speak. I hope that I am in a better place mentally and that I continued to work on myself, but in a way that was still accepting of the person that I am. I hope that I am with people who love me, and that I love them. Honestly, this has been incredibly eye opening. I like sitting down and reflecting on my year and what I want to be. Also reflecting on who I am and what I want to accomplish. The past few days have been difficult, but I am taking the necessary steps to grow in ways that I want to: towards acceptance and "doin' just fine"

I think the last couple of years have been ones of huge upheaval for me, good and bad. I don’t expect as much change in future years. I didn’t think my answers this year were too surprising or different from last year. I’m almost worried it will be boring and I’ll now just be saying the same thing year after year. That’s what my journal looks like, it’s kind of embarrassing.

I think I'll feel truly joyous and really feel that an entire year has passed versus being shocked that it had like the past year. I hope my life will be suffused with financial abundance, joy, optimism, and a sense of ease and flow about where life leads where the vast majority of moments are spent usefully and joyfully. I hope I'll be living out this truth rather than ignoring my own best advice; I hope I will be a light to myself in others in all the impactful ways. I hope I will have gained the things I'd hoped for, but more than anything, I hope that feeling of satisfaction is there.

I really hope I’m overjoyed to see that I’ve dug in, done the work, and made the changes I’m looking towards. In the past this has not been the case, but I was completely unfocused and didn’t have the tools or direction. I am finally at a place where I feel better equipped to move forward in my life, even if it’s imperfectly.

I am hoping that I will be celebrating the impeachment of both Donald Trump and Mike Pence and the inauguration of Nancy Pelosi. I hope to be in good shape, with most if not all of my limbs in good working order.

Grateful! Zach and Natalie will have been married for 9 months, Jonny and Dena for 3.5 yrs, Zach’s heart issues will be resolved, Marc’s employment issues will be resolved. I think I will be enjoying the rewards of getting to the age of 58 and having my husband becoming 60 and witnessing the many blessings in our lives. We are definitely moving on to the next stage of life.

I would like to look Back over the year to see that I have grown spiritually, emotionally and mentally. Starting a home with my partner. Happy, expressing love and joy as we experience the miracle of our partnership.

Looking back at my answers from last year, I was happy to note that what I hoped actually worked out: primarily getting dad’s WWII war log into the New Orleans museum and getting together with the Frischenmeyer’s- we went on a cruise together. The questions help me clarify where My life is heading. This next year I hope to slowly take some steps toward retiring. My work is changing a lot and I hope it won’t be too hard to adjust. I also pray that my mom has a year that is not painful. I am not ready to let her go. And my brother finds happiness and gets to do some things he has wanted to do. And his separation from Gail is not too hard on him.

I hope I have more direction. To give a metaphor, I feel like now I have a lot of fuel and the ability to accelerate, but I don't know where I need to direct the vehicle. I'm hoping the 10Q this year are the start to a more thoughtful and intentional year, and that because of that I feel more sure of a direction I'm starting to take next year.

I hope I'll be married and able to happily reminisce about Pi Day; I hope I'll have been actively working on my ADHD with a specialist and starting to have tangible benefits. I think these questions, and the act of writing down my answers, will be beneficial. Well, I hope.

I'll feel positive, content, at peace. My business will be taking off, I will be in the partner relationship of my dreams, and will be radiating with love.

I have been upset to see that so many of my answers from this year are the same as last year’s, in term of mood and problems. I hope that by 2020 things will have turned the corner.

If I can predict what I'm going to feel a year from now, life would be a lot simpler.

I hope I'll feel accomplished and proud of where I've come this past year.

I think I will feel like "was this a year ago or ten years?" Life will be coming at me real fast in 5780. I hope that I have the wisdom to observe, appreciate, and make the choice to find joy in it.

I think that I will be proud, that I will make my Grammy proud! We will be starting a family, maybe even have kids by then and foster kids! Maybe be in a new home and growing our business. I hope that my health takes more of a front seat as far as exercise and being fit. I want to see my business take off and open a studio. I think this is pretty neat!

I hope I feel relief that I am no longer in the place I am now. I hope I can be in a loving relationship and more comfortable and secure with my job and finances. I think about these topics a lot- nearly daily. I'm noticing there is a difference between thinking about what I lack, and actively celebrating what I have while building what I need.

It was nice seeing the first reminder this year, so I hope and expect to feel likewise next year. I hope that I'll be more relaxed, less stressed. It may be too much to hope for a lighter work load, but maybe I'll be handling it better. Hopefully I'll have a more regular work schedule too. Harmon will be in boys scouts, so only one scout meeting each week!

Well, I definitely won't be able to walk better. But maybe I'll be more used to my brace and walking longer distances without crutches. I think I'll see these answers and feel glad that I went through the experiences I did and gained the knowledge that I did. I'm hoping that reflecting on things that happened and changed and that I want to learn more about with direct my path closer to where I want to be in the coming year. I hope I can read these questions and either feel like I checked a bunch of items off a checklist or be kind to myself because, if I didn't achieve everything I wanted to, there's probably a good reason.

I expect to feel a little embarrassed at how silly and small I see these answers to be. I have a tendency to look at my younger self as sweet and dumb like a baby. I hope I'll be more sympathetic than that, and I hope to read some of the goals I wrote this year with a feeling of pleasant surprise that I achieved them!

I hope to be more organized/tidy and want to be happy to look back at how the year has gone.

I will feel proud of myself, for continuing to learn and grow and shape my life into a future that I look forward to. I will have a solid financial plan, one I understand and trust. I hope to have less stress in my life, carry less weight, and be in better health - stronger and sexier. I love that my answers help me state clear intentions for the coming year, and offer me a snapshot of progress in a grounded way.

Older. I’ll ache a bit more, too. Then I’ll marvel at the naiveté of my fortysomething answers and realize that there’s only so much you can control or change; and then relish the small, but not inconsequential tasks that were completed. Huzzah!

I think I will look back fondly on past-me. I don't think my life will be substantially different than it is now, but you never know. In 2020, we will be rapidly approaching an important national election, which cannot arrive soon enough. I'm rooting for Warren. Maybe my kid will be transitioning from a nanny share to a preschool, or maybe not. I hope my neighbor with the health crisis is surviving and even thriving, but I fear we will be helping them navigate hard end of life conversations.

You know, I’m hoping I’ve recovered at least a little of my capacity to work. I’ve glimpsed possibilities. Today I spent many hours helping Nathan move into his apartment. Then we had lunch at Avogadro’s. I’m unimaginably smitten with this man, and I don’t have any idea where that will stand in a year. I’m actually quite curious to know. Until then... Breathing out, breathing in.

I feel hopeful that this will be a year of continued change for the better. I am consciously trying to examine and rework my assumptions about how I want to live my life, so I expect things to look very different this time next year.

When Sept. 2020 rolls around and I receive the answers to my 10Q questions I think I will feel interested in what I was thinking back in 2019. I hope I will better know my path in life and what it is I am here to do.

I am not sure. I hope that I am in a more positive state, that I am able to forgive and forget, and that I am more at peace because of it. I hope that I am stronger emotionally, and a better parent.

I HOPE I will feel better about my life in general. I have ups and downs. A lot of them. I'm very grateful for the progress I've made -- and yet, I'm sad for the things I've lost. I'm hoping for David to continue being more health-conscious for himself and for me. I hope that I've completed a few projects. I feel the need to streamline and declutter, and my to-do list is a main target for this. I hope I laugh at myself some.

I rushed to finish the questions this year, but I think I'll be glad to remember what it felt like to finally be coming out of this depressed state and have hope again. I am kindof picking up emotionally where I left off at this time last year (unfortunately maybe I even backtracked) and I hope that in a year from now I will have truly learned from these painful experiences, gained clarity/perspective, and moved forward in a real way. I am still unclear about what was my fault and what was caused by him/the circumstances, but I am proud to not be dwelling on it anymore. This was the worst summer of my life and I can't ever let myself get back to feeling like my most awful self. If I am still stuck surrounding myself with men who are gaslighty or don't understand emotions or why my sensitivity is a strength, or don't want to try how I do, then I hope reading this will help me reflect on what needs to change (even if it's my own perspective). I pray to be my most confident self who does things out of a place of love and trust and compassion and understanding and belief and hope and truth and finding my tikkun.

I hope that I’m in a better place in September 2020. This past year has been one of external growth but internal uncertainty. It is my profound hope that I am on emotional and spiritual firmer ground in the next year.

Well today was a great day. My youngest son became a barrister. We met his current boss and someone who mentored him and it was clear he is well loved. My eldest son and his wife joined us all at dinner and were great conversationalists. I was very proud and as I read last years answer I realise I am there. The people who matter to me do feel loved and supported and it has enabled them to be confident, successful and well liked. I am happy. I hope that when I read these answers next year I am as contented with my life as I am tonight.

I hope that life feels less hopelessly, endlessly hard. I hope that school is the good kind of hard, instead of the frustrating "bang my head against the wall" kind of hard. I hope that the world feels less awful (though I'm not hopeful about that). I hope that I've progressed in some of these areas and that I am a more confident, more joyful version of myself. Let's see... Here's the 5780, 2020, and whatever is next!

I hope that I am at a more peaceful, purposeful place in my life. I hope I have started to affect the change I feel is necessary in my community.

Oh how I hope I will live in DC. I am nervous that this won't be the case. I hope then that I am feeling more okay with that than I am right now. Because if I were to feel worse....I'm not sure where I will be in September 2020. I hope I will feel a little sad looking back at what a dark place I was in at the end of 5779 but also some relief that I have turned things around mentally in 5780 and 2020. I think my answers to these questions have been pretty focused on Jacob and moving to DC these past few years. I hope I am not saying the same what ifs or things dragging me down.v Here's hoping.

The same. I expect no change in the next year.

I hope I feel proud, and that I've accomplished what I've set down here. I hope I feel more in control and capable in my life, and I hope I am delighted by what I've done and how it aligns with what I've written here.

I want to be comfortable with the passage of time. I want to understand that where I’m at is where I ought to be. I am where I’m intended to be. Discontentedness is an infectious and dangerous disease that once inserted is hard to excise. My work is coming into relationship with my longing. I long for many things that I don’t immediately have and once I have them I long for others. I want to be more settled with this being a part of my existence and In doing so will have a calmer and more settled relationship to my present.

I am making 120k take home not gross, I am saving 60k take home - paying back what I owe my family. I am moving to Europe in 2 years, and enjoying a life of travel and exploration. My kids are doing great, building their lives independently and are close in relationship to me. I may have a relationship, that is joyful and loving and supportive the same fulfilling feeling I had being at ProfitCON2019

I will have peace and have received Justice. Happy. Debra's unjust lawyers will get what God wants them to receive. Disbarment? Huge monetary Fine? I will have nothing to do with them

I think (I hope) I’ll feel tenderness toward my past self, as I always do. I think I’ll be a little disappointed about the goals I didn’t reach; I’ll go through periods where I focus on one of my stated goals to the detriment of the others, or when I just burrow down into the familiar. I hope I will have worked out one or two of the things I’m struggling with now. I hope I can look back on these answers and be surprised at how I got what I wanted and didn’t realize it.

My daughter and son-in-law did not manage self-sufficiency this year, but she now has a full-time job that pays above minimum wage, so between the two of them we are ever hopeful. Our front yard will be landscaped. We'll be on the way to a back yard that becomes a pleasant living space. This year I did not accomplish all I had hoped, but I made progress. So, at the very least, next year I will be satisfied that I continued to make progress.

I think that my feelings will depend on how much I have implemented change and how much I have grown. I plan to make braves changes that will certainly change my life and while that is definitely a scary though, there is no time like the present. I want to find meaning in my actions and know who I am. This time next year, I want to be able to look back and reflect on the growth I have achieved and be proud of myself for being brave. Trust your struggle.

I am proud of myself because i would have my novel. I hope i am happy and contented with my life too.

I think I'll be open to whatever me now put down. I think I've come to look at this thing with love, humor, and acceptance for who I am. I hope I still have some level of presence, self-compassion, and joy in my life and all the things that I'm doing.

I think it might still be in a similar place. This coming year I will really be working on keeping my life content where I am. I am only 3 months into my new job and I hope by next year I will be confident in this job and ready to challenge myself and take charge. I hope my SO and I will be living together or engaged - although I know that the deeper he gets into rotations the further anything else will be from his mind. So I am thinking I will be on my own and independent for another year or two. I am ok with that - especially because I will never get this lifestyle opportunity again after we make that move. I am ok just so long as those things remain in our future. These questions have definitely made me more conscientious of the future and may influence my efforts to work harder towards the future I desire for myself.

I hope Ill feel better, enjoy life, full health both my husband and family, active and full of projects.

I honestly think I will feel similar to the way I feel now. Hopefully I will have even more love and patience for myself. And hopefully I will look back on the coming year with fewer regrets and a bigger awareness of my actions than I have had during this past year.

I think I will be satisfied enough with them. I hope some significant things will have changed for the better. And I anticipate certain struggles around fears and such will have remained. This year, answering the questions didn't impact me as much. I did them more out of tradition than meaning. I hope next year will be different.

I hope next year I'll REMEMBER to take the 10Q quiz and not wait till the last day to answer all the questions at once! I hope I'll still feel great health wise a year from now - Maybe I'll get off my ass and do some Sentext so we'll have enough money to move to a quieter apartment, but I don't see that happening. Bill and I will be looking at our 40th wedding anniversary! YIKES! Would be nice if all the kids could visit - or maybe not - or maybe another 10 years when we hit the BIG 5-0 IF we make it! The age might say 66, but I honestly feel 46 and I think I look 56, some days better than others for sure!

I think I'll feel relieved. Why? I'm hoping I'll feel a lot better about my perspective on life. I will have continued to move forward, but with a vengeance, given that life is short and special. I'm hoping this will put a fire under my ass to MOVE!

I hope I feel like I’ve taken at least some action to address the things I want to work on. This is my 6th year doing 10Q and I think that it gives me accountability, because I don’t want to see the previous year’s answer and realize I haven’t made any progress towards my goals.

I'm hoping that I will look at all of my answers and be able to just say yep check that one off the list! I'm feeling a bit better about my life, so I'm hoping that I will be able to keep up that feeling in the coming year.

I would hope that I have had something published! I plan to attend another writing conference next fall. But I want to be published before then! I also hope I will be kinder and more understanding with others.

In the next year, my husband retires, my grandchildren will get bigger, and my job as councilmember will become more familiar. I expect all of that to be interesting and involving. At the same time, we'll be entering an election in dangerous times for the earth and for the US (actually many places--fear leads to extreme behavior and we see that everywhere). So I will be working to stem that as best I can--or to move forward regardless. As to these questions--they have pointed out to me that I am actually in a place where I am satisfied with my direction--not that I'm doing enough or that all is wonderful--but that I am where I should be to make progress toward who I am and what I can do to make the world better. I hope that next year that continues to be the case.

I hope I will be happier Calmer More content Less reflective More accomplished

I hope that I will feel that the things that I am worried about today in my own life and career are in a clearer place and that I have addressed some of the issues with leadership and anxiety. I also hope that I will feel ready for the marathon and not stressed about feeling no ready like I am today. I hope that reflecting in this will give me more perspective about things - I am not grappling with unsolvable problems but instead mostly things that are within my control if I just sit down and think about it for a minute. this is a good thing since solutions are at hand. but I also want to give myself some slack to not solve every problem that presents itself and to make less progress than I wish I were making because I also need to be real with myself. play banjo more, sing more, read more, run more.

This has been a tough year, and though I’ve tried my best to be positive, I’ve also been honest. Which means I’ll look back at these answers and possibly return to sadness. On the other hand, I will be a different person then. I may look back and return to this mental space, or I may feel relief to have left it behind. I only hope—for my kids’ sake and my own—that I won’t look back wistfully.

I think I'll feel a bit silly, the way you always do when looking back at the thoughts of a past version of yourself. But I think I will also feel grateful that I took the time to record these thoughts and, more specifically, took the time to really think about how I wanted to grow and change in the upcoming year. Life moves very quickly and taking time for reflection, both past and present, is an essential step we do not take often enough. I hope that I'll have done some personal growth, have a better vision of my future, but mostly that I'll be about the same - happy with my life, getting to live and do fun things that, ultimately, move me closer to my dreams.

I think I’ll feel relieved that I finally made the changes I needed to make to be healthy.

I recognize the need to be more proactive with my physical and mental state. also need to begin to put “our house in order” so our inheritors are not left with a mess.

For the second year in a row, I underwent some major life changes just prior to 10q. I hope that I am in a place where I'm excited about my life trajectory. That I can look back on the past year and feel I've made progress towards being comfortable in my own skin.

I hope I feel accomplished; not necessarily in overall life but in the details. More assertive at work and in personal relations - healthy boundaries and way less debt!

PRESSED- I'll be in the middle of pre-production of comps (I'll still be a MAC major right? I'll still be in school right? I'll still be alive right?) I hope I'll have made progress in my journey through navigating this life- my identity, my place, and the comfort, safety, love of others. I want to have made progress in my physical health; better handle on my relationship with food and body dysmorphia. I think I'll have had learned a lot about people through frustrations followed by reflection. I hope to have acquired people and expect to have lost a few. I hope my people are safe and happy. I hope I'm in a better place.

I don’t expect my life will be much different. I hope I have made improvements over my frailties and consequently become a better, more engaged person.

On the macro-scale, ask me how I feel on November 4, 2020. I can say the same for the details as I did last year: Realistically, the house will still not be done. Perhaps some of the clutter be gone. Reducing the clutter might allow more of the voluminous "to do" list to be accomplished. I can still hope to take of my own health and the health (all aspects of others) despite all this. But I'll be pessimistic and enjoy the happy surprise.

Hope to feel physically and emotionally strong. Personally and professionally. intellectually engaged. socially connected and spiritually renewed. I should be settling into my new role and feeling overall more confident as a CNS. I look forward to my review in a way to move continually forward.

I hope that I'll be able to look back on these months of deep, intensive, embodied grief and feel like they served my process. In a year from now I hope I'll have more joy in my life and more acceptance and resolve about this marriage ending. I hope that I will hold true to my commitment to not engage J and to still have him be a distance part of my life where I'm not triggered by his behavior that feels hurtful and unkind. I hope I'll be able to think about that hurt a year from now and be so proud of the work I've done to be less reactive and less engaged with him. i also really hope that I and I will have repaired some of our turmoil and be in a close and connected spot.

I hope I will be able to smile more and suffer less.

Hope I'll feel we've turned a corner — daughter in Middle School, house done, maybe a new job ... hope I can feel proud of the last year and what I've done, and happy with how we've moved forward

I wonder if this time I’ll have hope for the future. I’m not sure I do yet.

I think I'll be pleasantly surprised. I will love looking back and reflecting on how I've changed. I hope that I can take the ideas I've put in here and remember them throughout the year. I hope that I am happier, less stressed, more fulfilled, and have more goals for myself.

I hope that I will look back on 2019-20 as a year of growth and maturity. I hope that I will look back on this year as a time when I made peace with the betrayal and losses of the past two years and drew on what happened to become a more compassionate and loving person. I hope that I will have maintained my integrity in this current moment (especially "cancel" culture, which reduces people to their worst moment and dehumanizes them). I hope I have loved and cared for my family, my students and my colleagues, and my friends and neighbors (I am resigned that I will never again feel truly a part of our town). And I really, really hope that Donald Trump will either be already out of office or on the way out.

I think I'll be excited to see these when they come. I am each year. I think I will see that I was (am) on a journey of continuous growth and self improvement and hope that at this time next year I will see that I have come far and made good progress toward my goals.

This year compared to last year is huge. I'm hoping by this time next year I will have more positive thoughts and results to add to this year. I'm in a much better place at this one t than I was last year. Heres hoping I continue on that upswing!

I might feel a little nostalgic. I hope my life will be on track to a bright future that I'm excited about. I'm hoping that these questions help me understand how much things can change within a year, and I endeavor to change for the betterment of myself and those around me.

I’ll once again think about quickly (and in fact how much quicker) 2020 has gone by. I’m not sure how much different my life will be as a result of answering these questions, but I do think, or at least I hope, I’ll have accrued more perspective on life, and more courage to act on the perspective I’ve accrued to date in the form of taking bold decisions that reflect confidence and belief in myself, and vision in where I’m headed. I’d like to think that in doing so, what will be different is that I’ll feel closer to goals, maybe even realizing goals, and simultaneously less dependent on or beholden to any one goal relative to my ability to be in the present.

That I'm happier. That I'm at least one step closer to living a freer, better life than what I'm currently living now.

September is always loaded hey. I think I'll feel... similar to how I feel right now. Though, I'm not sure if I'll be ok with that. I might be back from holiday with Ilana and Sarah, which would be just more of the same gooey goodness we both love and adore in one another. I think I'll feel rested, maybe a bit anxious about money.. frustrated with study. Hopefully a little bit in love. My life might be different in terms of career success, more sources of income, deeper connections. If I'm still in Sydney I will probably still be living in Shortlane. Ultimately, I hope that I will embody a sense of calm and tolerance. Knowing that I have it in me to step up when I need to but can just enjoy life and lead with the belief that I am taken care of, that I don't need to fret, hoard time, things, food, numbness.. and that no matter what, this too shall pass. The essence of being human is to hold the space of emptiness.. of becoming a vessel for the things inside. Humans are just flesh suits dipped in chemicals. Everything else, the soul, the spirit, urges, likes and dislikes are forces that come to us from God - the Universe - Electricity - Physics.

Goddamn I hope I've changed a little bit since last year. I'm worried I'll look at this in 2020 and be like 'yup, same old sack of shit as last year'.

I think i’ll be pleased, yet amused. I will likely achieve any goals i’ve seriously set, this seems to occur.

I'm not sure that my life will be vastly different as a direct result of answering these questions... let's be honest. But I am sure that it will show me how mich I've grown, matured, moved along the path towards the best version of myself, since last year. And I look forward to seeing that.

I love reflecting on these questions and was able to do them each day this year (for the most part). I hope that next year this time finds me with the spaciousness to be reflective and with much gratitude for all I have and what I've accomplished. I hope to be in a really good headspace with my career and to have enough down time to have started creating bigger projects for myself that I will love.

I think, I hope I’ll feel much the same which I take is a good thing... homeostasis. What might be different? I hope I’m in a better suited more creative but similarly remunerative job /livelihood. Whether that is my own practice, or a path toward that practice as I retire… I would love to be in a position to turn the tactical day to day and step toward the forest for more contemplation while helping people quite directly. I hope the world is at least as stable which isn’t saying much I fear: it sure isn’t at war like it used to be, at least at the moment but who knows what will happen with this concerning impeachment fight? One thing is for certain. Trump is willing to burn down the house. What’s that all about? What is the world requiring of us now? It all looks so destructive, how can this become creative or be a prelude to creativity? And how can I be part of the creative force? May all beings everywhere be happy and free.

Damn look at the shift and all these changes. Talking about how I’m still in awe of the prosperity and abundance that supports me in my path of Divine guidance. So glad I let go and found a way to express the innards so others can make their own choices. Live and let live.

It's been a few years since I've actually answered all 10 questions. So I'm unsure how I'll feel. I'm hoping that I would have done all the things I hope to do and achieve.. and will go from a new base onwards. But it's likely some things won't have worked out as planned and some other unplanned things would have come to pass. C'est la vie. I guess.

I think I'll either feel grateful for the look back at my past or ridiculous for who I was at this time. (These are the responses I've had to letters to my future self.) Hopefully, I'll feel more settled and more comfortable. I'm sure new challenges will arise - otherwise, what would I have to write about here? - but they will likely not be the same ones. I think some of the questions about what I want to explore in this coming year will give me some good guidance.

I hope I’ll be calmer, with closer family and friend connections. More open and honest beliefs about myself and my connection to God. I hope I read these answers with a self-compassionate and loving “Aww, love. You‘ve come so far.”

I want to be more focused and could think better before doing things. I’ll be waiting for tho time next year hopping for the best.

Lately, I’ve been feeling pessimistic. It’s hard for me to think about 1 yr from now and not feel a sense of sadness that I’ll likely be in the same spot I’m in now. I think I’ve been stagnant for the past 3 years. I’ve tried hard to better myself, overcome anxieties, and push out of my comfort zone. Still, I don’t feel I’ve been particularly successful at finding love, friends, motivation, and happiness. So, in this pessimistic mindset, looking towards the future, I think future me might still feel I haven’t done or achieved enough. I hope, though, that future me can be more optimistic and see the good in what I’ve done this past year: the people I have made smile, the lives I’ve enriched, the relationships I’ve strengthened etc. I hope future me can accept that my self worth is not dependent on being in a relationship. I hope future me will be a lot less scared.

I hope to feel peace about my work, excitement about my soon-to-be published book, deeply happy in my life with Benjamin and healthy. All of us are healthy.

We will be in the thick of Adam applying to colleges in September 2020! I think I will be overwhelmed by that process no matter how well or poorly I do at getting myself organized / decluttered / etc., but I hope that looking back on where I was at the start of 5780 gives me some peace and a sense of having accomplished more of my goals.

I hope im happier

If looking back on the past year's answers have been any indication, I might feel a bit disappointed or upset how little I've changed since, but I really hope that's different next year. I realize that for it to be different, I need to do a lot of work, and I know that is scary for all the reasons I've already explored here. I hope that I can maintain a better level of self-awareness and motivation, to pursue all the ways in which I want to change and grow and evolve in the time I've been given. I don't want to be stagnant anymore. I don't want to be responding with the same setbacks and fears next year. I want to be able to look back and acknowledge the growth that has happened, that I have actively made happen, in the time that has elapsed.

I hope to be on a path that excites me. I hope these questions help me see what is important in my life, how I have grown, and if I have met my goals. Am I on the path to becoming who I want to be or do I need to recalculate my route?

I look back...not just on the years I've done 10Q but on all the years I've set intentions in my journals...and I'm amazed at how I seemed often to forget my goals during the year, and yet over time, I really accomplished them...and I know this was not by accident. I worked hard. Maybe the results weren't always as fast as I'd hoped but I got there as fast as I could. One year is not that long. I don't know if I'll have any revelations, but even if not much seems substantially changed, I'll know that there have been shifts, in part only because I took the time to think and set some resolutions, and in part because I have been working at my own improvement consciously for some time. So I hope and assume I'll see that I've continued on that same path.

I’m hoping that I’m more satisfied with what I have and live my life without fear. In fact I hope that I’m living my best life - the one I’ve been too scared to realize in the past.

Generally relieved that our answers are similar to last year's answers. We are seeing progress slowly but surely. There have been no catastrophic changes requiring new directions. By next year partial-retirement should be starting to set it, hopefully that will bring less stress and more time for important family events.

I feel like I will look back and remember a time where change was so powerful I couldn't quite realize the implications. I know change is the only constant, but right now if feel like I'm changing at an unsustainable and breakneck speed. My life looks so different from one month to the next, but I know my character is constant. Circumstance changes, but I am me and will look back and remember myself with grace and patience.

I hope to feel relieved by new perspectives and deeper insights.

I expect to be half-alive but almost done with this journey. I will smile at the clouds and sigh at what my fatuous experiences have brought me.

The same :-o

I think I will feel sorry for myself. Each year I feel like I'm becoming a happier person, but each year I read my answers to these questions and seem... so deeply unhappy. I hope next year I will be... happy.

I hope I feel some sense for recognition of who I am at this point, but I also hope I will see the growth that has happened in the year between writing this and reading it all again. I think 10Q is a really useful tool that allows me to drop a flag where I currently stand, for the ten days it helps me to be present and aware of my decisions and assess where I am in life. It's like a miniature journal that gets locked up for 355 days a year, slowly growing into a time capsule. I hope over the next year I continue to become more grounded, more aware of my impact. I also hope to find more people (relationships and work) who can continue to help me grow into myself and my potential.

Last year, I hoped that I would have a greater sense of purpose by now. Broadly speaking, I'm still looking for that. But I'm excited about the wide-open future that awaits me in January when my contract ends, and I'm ready to explore myself and my interests. I'm finally starting to dream big again, and I hope I can push myself through to the finish line on some of the projects I'm excited about, instead of stalling endlessly in the planning phase. I also hope I have a more close-knit and supportive community, both in the theatre world and in the Jewish world—and I know that I have to be the one to build it.

I'm hoping I'll have found a fulfilling job that I am excelling at and a community that I'm integrated in I feel I belong. I hope to be in a deep romantic relationship where I can connect and grow with that person to be my best self.

I took last year to enjoy my new move and embrace the new, burgeoning, relationships around me. Last year my wish for hindsight was to do things that I loved (travel, read books, visit friends). And, frankly, I did exactly what I set out to do. This year, my hope is that with my focus on communication, I find where to deepen relationships, create romantic relationships, ensure grace and elegance when giving and receiving criticism, and understanding that hard conversations are necessary to grow. My hope, and what I want to set out to create, is that I am in a happy, committed relationship by this time next year.

I think I'll smile knowing that this stage of my life was when I really started to feel that I was living. I'll smile knowing that because I chose to take risks, live authentically, and embrace joy, it will pay off (and hopefully has paid off already) for the rest of my life. I'll smile because I took a chance on a cool opportunity that completely changed my post-graduation plans for the better. As for something more tangible, a girlfriend would be nice, but there's no way to control when I will meet the right person (or connect with someone I already know). I hope I will still maintain connections with my current friends even though we will no longer be in school. I hope I will remember that choosing to be vulnerable is brave and that doing otherwise betrays myself.

Hopefully the same kind of warmth and joy I found the last time I opened my answers. I think there are gonna be a lot of changes happening, namely post-grad life is going to be a lot. I know last year I said I wasn't going to learn as much and that was a lie but I'm tempted to say it again? haha (at least until the end of senior year). Things have settled out ( a bit) so answering these questions merely helps ground me in the person I've become in two crazy years. The one thing I will say is I think finally acknowledging and dealing with anxiety is going to be a huge change I haven't talked about much and even if these questions don't change much, that knowledge will and I am excited and hopeful about the end sum of college and the person I have/will continue to become.

I know I will be excited to see them. I will remember this time but would love to see more in detail what I was going through. It’s fun to reflect on what it was like a year ago. It helps you to learn what didn’t work and move forward with what did work. I hope that I will have made a few more sales and have achieved my goal by this time. I hope that we will have paid off some debt. And that everyone is happy and healthy.

I hope I will still be in Kunming, feeling accomplished and secure and surrounded by great people. I hope I will be financially on top of things and have quit smoking. A relationship would be nice too but is not a priority.

I think I will feel grateful for having lived another year and experienced new and different things. I suspect it will have played out quite differently than I expect, but I hope I accept that for what it is and that I am also grateful for Gods grace. The best laid plans of mice and men often go astray :)

I'll be surprised at how worried I was about being the right kind of working parent. And I hope I'll have a more relaxed outlook & less controlling approach to my kids. I hope I'll be in a better career place, decided about my next steps in some way. And I hope I'll have regained some time for personal interests, not just career & parenting.

I think I will feel good about my answers. I hope that I will feel that I had nothing to worry about and that I am on the right path. I hope that I will feel happy with how my life is progressing and hopeful for the future. Or if I don't I hope I know that things can and will improve and have a plan to make that happen.

I hope I can read back and say I truly Grew into someone Better, that I can say I accomplished Something to improve and change my life, that I'm not going to write down more of the same self doubt that I've scribbled these past few days. I don't want to feel stalled out again. I want to have something significant to share next year. I want to be able to laugh at how anxious and unsure I was. I want to write about discrete and conscious actions and decisions I've made to change things. at the very least, I want to be able to say I learned something New, whatever that is, and that I'm still learning and on that road to learning even more.

Disappointed that I didn’t have anything more profound to say in 2019, and that very little has changed in the year. I guess I’d just like anything to change instead of feeling like I’m in a perpetual hold pattern

Sense of accomplishment perhaps. Closer to... ( fill in the blank). Interesting to ponder what it is I’m trying to ultimately get closer to. Financial independence, sure. But why? And then what? Is my novelty resort idea still within the realm of possibilities? Is the dream (naively?) still alive? Is a path forward becoming clear? How brightly is the flame and does it still draw you in? Has meditation (did you read the book?) helped to further your “cause”?

I honestly don't know what next year will look like. Last year I was on a particular path, and now I'm on a completely different trajectory. So many things I couldn't have foreseen happened, and didn't happen, and changed in the middle of things. I can only hope we're all here next year, to answer these questions again.

There is an interesting phenomena that as you age, and gain insight, you cast off your past thoughts as childish and blind. I wonder at what point, if ever, you give your past words the full weight of your current thoughts. Will I respect my words, or view them as a time capsule to an immature self, or both? I hope I will have grown enough to look at these answers from afar, but still be able to see myself answering these questions a year ago. Does that make sense? I hope so .

It depends on how the election is going.....

I really hope that I look back with a sense of pride and accomplishment! But I'm not sure how to get to that place! Maybe wistfulness/nostalgia as well.

I think I'll want to give September 2020 Penny a big fat hug. I hope I laugh a lot at what I wrote. I hope what my fears and worries from this time seem silly. More importantly, I hope I will be doing less talking and putting more action into my dreams.

I hope my family has adjusted to life with two working parents and that I am still making time to prioritize my own goals regularly no matter how busy life is.

I hope I'll have a steady job and a small place of my own for myself and Cheddar. Basically, I just want to be more settled. I'm coming up to 30 and would like to feel more like an adult than I currently do.

Next year I will love seeing these answers, just like I did this year. I will be so happy to notice the progress in my life. Small steps for sure, but we will be even less frantic next year than we were this year. God willing we will have one more year in the same house getting our kids settled in their lives and our own incomes more and more secure. Kenny will definitely have an income by then and will be weathering the uncertainty in his life more easily. I will have closed some PACE deals and will have figured out a more sustainable meal procurement plan. I will be dancing!

I think I did good in 2019's 10Q, but I now know I have to push myself harder to be great! I need to write out goal plan of action in areas where I am weak so that I can have better success. Like shopping & cooking so I can control my plant based lifestyle to be able to maintain a healty and pain free joints lifestyle to conquer auto-immune health issues. Also keeping track of my ackalaids/metrics in my new role at work so I can provide concrete reasons for a better raise. Praying God allows the above come to fruition so I can retire my 13yr old car and afford a $35k Tesla!

After reading last year's (2018) answers, I was shocked to realize that my mental state was in such a terrible place. It came through to me so plainly as I re-read my answers. The good news is that the 2018 Q10 answer hoped that I wouldn't still feel similar things and I can tell you that I don't. My mental state is in a much, much better place. So, good job me! You worked it out! Next year, I don't need a whole lot to be totally different with my life. It's a good life and I'm starting a new job that (hopefully) isn't as frustrating as the last. I hope I still feel positive about the new job, happy with my wife and our life, and thrilled that Scout has worked through this hard passage. I also do hope Tank settles more into herself and we can celebrate her empathy and humanity more frequently. She is a force that is hard to contain but most of the time, I wouldn't want to anyway.

I hope I will be in a better frame of mind and that I will have stronger coping skills

Good god I hope we have a new President and more and more people start dismantling their white supremacy, internally and externally.

Excited! I love receiving my answers. It’s like a secret crypt into my soul that I am given access to once a year. It’s also very special to me, because my birthday occurs during 10Q. I have a very good friend that celebrates her birthday in the same month as me and we like to call it “our new year.” Because, really...it is. :) It’s hard to say what I think/hope will be different about my life or where I’m at - as a result of thinking about and answering these questions. Although I suppose that I hope that my life aligns to my answers I gave. Some years it has with a few of the questions and other years it’s not even close. Hah! So...time will tell, it always does.

Curious - what is the same, what is different. Continue to make the space for reflection and growth...

When September 2020 rolls around and I receive my answers to my 10Q questions, I will be proud that I turned my life around. I will have a good-paying career, a healthier lifestyle, and enjoying life.

I hope for one that I will be flossing frequently enough that it doesn’t ache and bleed every time! :) I know I’ll be starting to deal with the winter blues again, and I know that I get stronger every year. I hope I have negotiated a raise and spent more time investing in quality people as well as habits to last a lifetime. I might be engaged. I hope I have a puppy but who knows!

I so so so hope and pray and manifest that I’ll see these answers and know that this was a time in my life preparing me for something much bigger and happier and more full of love. I’d love to get these questions as I’m living in Boston with my little family of 4 and feel overwhelming peace at the triumph after the year of struggle.

I hope major milestones have been achieved, reading these answers shows me not much has changed in the last year unfortunately, and possibly grown. Reading the answers is a good reminder of things I want to achieve or change for the better.

I hope we have Shalom. On all levels. Shalom bayit, yes. But in our hearts, Shalom. In our minds, Shalom. In our world, please God, Shalom. Peace to be able to build a new world on - it’s not an end goal, but a necessary foundation.

I'm hoping to see some of my positive predictions come true. I'm hoping that answering the questions will help me focus on the things I need to in order to improve my financial and health and situations. I expect to have more $ in the bank and be getting more satisfaction from my

I hope I feel as proud as I did this year when I read the answers to last years questions. I pretty much accomplished everything that I had set out to do, and hope that I will be as proud and will have accomplished all of the goals I've set, and want to share and encourage others to get involved.

I hope at this point next year my life will be better on many levels. I hope to be able to get a lot farther in my pursuit of MFT licensure and to be working as a therapist. I hope I’ll have lost my excess weight I gained this year and be in the best shape I’ve ever been in. I hope I will be a mother or about to be a mother soon. I want to spend more time with my parents and family and deepen my friendships. I hope to have traveled more. Mostly I hope to have gotten better at not letting fear get in the way of going for my goals and taking risks. I want to be more confident and feel stronger about who I am in the world and what I have to give.

I always hope that things will have moved on - and for the first time since I started answering these, I actually do feel pretty optimistic about things actually moving on. I don't think I've set any specific goals, and that's probably a good thing because setting Big Goals for the Year usually proves to mean setting myself up to fail. This is because I either expect too much of myself or because something appears from nowhere and blindsides me. Or - all too often - both. But this time I do feel like things will move forward, and that's not because things have changed in my life - although they have - but because things have changed in me, and are continuing to do so. This therapeutic process has been hard to the point of all-consuming, but something is starting to emerge, phoenix-like, from the ashes. And that something is stronger, more focused, more confident and blessed with more self-knowledge. So given that, whatever this year throws at me, even if things are hard, the outcomes will be better than they otherwise would have been. So - to get back to the question.... I hope I read this and think, 'Yes, that happened. Yes, it was worth it and yes, things are better'.

I enjoy answering these questions. I see the continuity from year to year, but I also see some stagnation and common themes of dissatisfaction that don't seem to change. I'm not sure I can expect differently from this coming year. This time of year is special because of the introspection and thoughtfulness. I like this process because it gives me additional ways to focus that introspective process.

I hope when September 2020 rolls around I'll be a more connected, caring person. I hope I'll be on the next steps of my career path and feel good about all of my relationships. I hope I'll have maintained my commitment to my health and my actions are reflecting my values.

I feel more present to myself, connected and alive. My priorities have shifted and as a result I have started to really tend to my dreams, to my inspiration and getting my ego out of the way to let my bigger self contribute to the world. I have reached a deeper place of valuing myself and life itself. My surroundings are again part of my reality and I am connected to all that is happening, i see the world around me, I feel part of the wider eco system and have created space to listen. And as I am now listening more fully, I am also more ready to respond to the needs around me.

I think I'll feel good about where I am as a person this time next year. Since last year a lot of change has occurred in my life that has forced me to look at myself, and it has felt like an energetic shift forward. I think the momentum will continue.

I'm super happy to see that my overwhelming mood this time around has improved leaps and bounds on a year ago. Even though I started this year at my lowest possible ebb, the mid-latter part of 2019 has been excellent. I've felt the best about myself I ever have in my adult life. Long may this continue. I really hope this time next year I have continued in this vein, and I am enjoying life and feel progression - whilst continuing to not put too much pressure on myself.

I think I'll feel compassion for myself, because I've so obviously been writhing in self-loathing, guilt and shame when I've been answering these questions. Feeling like I should be stronger, happier, more spiritually advanced - feeling like I should have made more progress. I think I'll look back with compassion and amusement at a person who was so anxious about what was happening in her life that she didn't realise it was just a moment in time, that it would pass. And I guess that's my hope, that it will have passed, that next year I'll feel like I'm really living. I hope that what I do differently is to recognise that I need to get back to the basics, to the moment. To practise not holding on to everything so tightly or to try and control every change because I'm afraid of it. I hope I can flow a little more easily. That wasn't apparent to me when I started answering these questions and I'm still not quite sure how I got here... but I have. Today (Yom Kippur) I felt like I finally realised how all my expectations from last year were causing me so much suffering and I practised letting them go. And I felt for the first time in ages like I could start to move forward with my life.

Probably just as anxious about the 2020 election as I am now. Or even more so. I hope I will have changed for the good in some way (family, career, travel) instead of feeling so stagnant like I do now.

I hope I will be closer to God and depending on his Spirit to show me and guide me to confront all of the struggles of fear, family, work and health. I want to be excited about life and look forward with positivity rather than always wondering about what’s lurking around the corner. This is the damage of fear versus faith.

I can barely imagine what my life will be like next year. I hope I'm sitting in the soundproof parents room at services, with my tallit wrapped around both myself and my baby, singing.

Well, to answer my 2018 self: I'm still feeling pretty scattered... but I do feel a little more confident (generally). My friendships with Nick and Chris have been rollercoasters at times (especially Chris) but are still pretty solid. Our queer family is VERY different, but it hasn't disintegrated. In 2020, I hope I won't be sad after reading my answers... and I hope I have totally different responses. I hope I'll finally have moved past the same "disappointed in myself" feeling I've had for the last couple of 10Q years (and several real years). I hope that Lisa and I are still together, or if we're not, that we're still a part of each other's lives. She's really good for and to me, even if it's really complicated at times. I hope that Chris and I have fought less and loved more. (Even though we love more than we fight currently). I hope I'm happy in my job (whatever that is, wherever that is) and in a new apartment/living space. I hope I've learned how to take more time for myself and to balance the pieces of my life in a less stress-inducing way. If I haven't already done solo travel, I hope it's already on the books. And if I haven't, and if it's not, 2020 10Q Drew - book your solo travel now.

I expect to feel ever more ecstatic about my life, this curious thing. Finding the way to release my fears, at all levels, by identifying them, locating them in 3-d space, and conversing with them, reassuring them that all is okay, they are safe, this technique is freeing me from the trap of fear. I do hope that I will have a more stable way of making a living and at the same time enough energy and time to be making progress on my art projects.

I think I’ll be excited to see my answers, and will be amazed at the passage of time and how quickly life changes. I hope this will help me grasp the limited time we have on this earth and how important it is to be honest with oneself and to make life what you want it to be, instead of waiting for change to happen. I hope I’ll further learn to appreciate the present, as nothing stays the same.

I think I'll feel engaged by my responses - reading last year's answers surprised me in some ways. I think that answering these questions has made me try to engage my family in similar questions throughout this period of time, and try to encourage that kind of thinking. I'd like to do the same next year.

My hope is that I will look back on these answers and be grateful I took the chances, made the decisions that we did and that we are living the dream!

I think I’ll feel at peace with my life, because I’ve managed to sustain that peace over the past year despite the challenges. I’ve learned what to prioritize and what to let go, and the result has been more sustainable peace. The more I reflect and the more I learn, the more important that is to me.

I feel curious. I hope I’m still happy and grateful and finding my purpose - life path.

I think I am going to feel a sense of change and development. Knowing how much I suffered but also enjoyed my high school life, it was time to move on and I am in a better spot place. I hope that my answer will make me realize that I have been growing not falling and that I not need to worry about the future but that everything I do, each step I take I my present leading me to a better future. I hope I will be more organized and on top as a person and that I can look back on my worries and see how I improved, but also my happiness and ensure I am still me.

Realistically, I think I'll feel that nothing has changed -- I still have the same hopes, fears, and faults, and I'm still working on them. My hope is that I might be able to work on some of the fears/faults and improve how I live my life -- also that I might be able to achieve some of my dreams rather than having them be constantly dreams without actual action.

I feel that I enjoy looking back to last year's answers and this years and seeing myself in a more stable State of mind. I'm not getting so upset about coming to Miami and saying goodbye to friend, I feel I've embraced living in Florida nicely as I could. I know live in lake Worth which is 45 min up from Miami to a bit quieter area of Florida that still has my beach! I'm enjoying living here in sunny Florida! It's difficult at times but from January to now October I've really jumped started my life again from negative to very positive. I'm proud of myself and my parents have said this to me also.

If my predictions are at least partially correct, I'll jolly well have to make the rest of them come true. I'll be amused to scroll through all the questions and see how the answers I put lots of thought into differ from the answers that came as a result of conversations with people. I'd like to get back into serious am-dram because it did make me very happy, back in the day. Not just bloody operetta once a year.

I'm sure I'll feel disappointed as always that I set goals, and didn't follow through, that I'm the same person with just more exasperated symptoms of my failures. I hope I'll be in a better mindset and look back and laugh, but if the past is any indicator of the future, I'll just be disappointed in me again.

I will be very aware of my age and diminishing physical and mental energies. I hope that I will be making healthy accommodations to live with more ease at this time of life. I want to slow down with grace—engage in fewer activities and interactions. Become more focussed and intentionally kind to myself and others.

In one year, I hope to have broken a mindset I have been stuck in for some time. I feel I currently have a great support group in place with my friends that are, without them knowing, helping to move me to a better life. They are encouraging me and inviting me to do things like these questions which help me to self analyze myself and my life to make it better. I am a great, caring person who is full of opportunities and I hope in the next year new doors will open and I will push to open a few of them myself to see what could be.

I won't be surprised at all. my goals only slightly change year to year. This year, I'm trying to let go of the goals that I'll never accomplish and just be Ok with how things are. I'll never lose the 5 pounds, I'll never go to yoga 3x a week, I'll never keep in touch with my detroit cousin's babies, I'll never go to a kayaking MeetUp. Next year, good chance I'll live in a different city with some new friends and hopefully the same old ones. I'll have more money saved and a stronger relationship with my husband.

I hope it will be a helpful reminder of where I've been and the progress I've made. I hope I'll be able to say I've continued on my current positive trajectory. I hope to have made some headway in areas where I'm still a bit stuck. But whatever the case, I hope I'll remember the importance of being kind to myself, and that it's about progress, not perfection.

I hope I am more confident in my parenting, more present in life and able to enjoy things more and not worry as much as I do.

I hope that some of my goals and focuses that I have mentioned (health efforts, letting go of some of my need for control, self love/appreciation) will have come to fruition and that it's not just "talk". I tend to do that a lot - have great ideas and goals and just TALK about them and not WALK if you know what I'm sayin!!!!! Feeling wise, I think I will be happy! I am very happy now and can only imagine it getting more stable and happy after my wedding in November :) I think I will feel/act more "adult" too since I am now a reflection of another human being.

When September 2020 rolls around, I hope that I'll feel pride, nostalgia, and a sense of accomplishment over a year's worth of memories and experiences. I hope that I'll be able to look at myself and say, "I've grown." I hope that in September 2020 I will have made progress in reconciling with the tension between certainty and uncertainty about my future- meaning, I'd like to feel more confident in my direction (career, education, relationships), but still be comfortably uncomfortable with not having all the questions answered.

Yet again, I hope I won't be single this time next year. 4 years of being single is more than enough for anyone! But also, I would like to feel proud of myself for achieving the things I wrote down - just as I was this year (proud and surprised).

I think I'll feel a little tickled to look back and see what was on my mind back in 2019. It will be very close to the election and it will be interesting to see what's happening then compared to now. One thing I hope will be different about my life is for some of the things that I am encountering and trying and exploring right now will be an embedded part of my life and something that is now just a part of who I am.

I just hope I'm doing better than I am now.

Surprised... either at how much thins have changed, or how much they stay the same. Maybe I will have short hair, o longer than ever before. I just hope I roll with the punches and get to be a better version of me, a Lucas 2020 Edition.

I think I will feel that I have grown over the past year. I hope that by next year, I will feel better about myself.

I'll be living in Nashville! I don't know if I'll have more or less clarity. I hope I stick to my resolutions: be less jealous/celebrate the happiness of others; work hard where I am now, even if I don't know where I want to be a few years from now; trust my gut and my decisions without worrying that people are mad at me; be kind; take care of myself; fix my acid reflux. I hope I feel proud!

I hope I feel less overwhelmed, less unstable, and more consistent. I've been getting better year by year but I still waver a lot.

I hope they make me smile and I hope they give me a chance to reflect on the year in a positive way. I want to have tangible proof that I have moved forward, for those days when I feel like I'm moving backwards.

I'm hopeful that I was able to continue forward along the path I've chosen for myself, and that I've been able to notice and make the most of the opportunities that open up along the way.

I hope my anxiety about the world and climate change is lessened somewhat. I hope to feel good about the oncoming election. I want to be happy and satisfied.

I think I'll have a girlfriend actually. I think I'll have a lot more savings and have figured out how to be even smarter with my money, spend less and save more. I also think my core group of friends will be much tighter and we will be much more invested in each others' lives.

I feel this will be one of those stagnant years, or at least I'm hoping for that. Maybe a good deal more will happen and I'll look back on this and laugh that I would think such a thing. Or, maybe I'll prove I was right all along. From my answers from last year, I realize I can put down my hopes, but we don't always get what we want.

I think I’ll be frustrated because as I look over answers especially with goals, things are very much the same. I think I need to reframe my goals.

I love and loathe this question. I honestly can't imagine feeling negatively about these questions next year... but in truth, my 'plans' for the next 12 months are fictions. They represent a very small, highly delineated way of thinking about the future, because I can't possibly fathom the growth that can and will occur over the next year. I hope I'll scoff at the parochial quality of my expectations. I hope my life will have expanded beautifully in ways that circumvent my current understanding of what I'm capable of. But alas, what if I have achieved none of the things I set out to do this year? What if reading this year's answers in 2020 reinforce my Insecurity Bully and make me feel like a failure?

Just like in the past, I will be amazed at how little has changed. Maybe I will have grown a bit - maybe I will be more satisfied with my job - maybe Misha will have succeeded and I will know how to be proud of him

I hope I'll feel more assured about my career, which coast we want to live on, the status of the house and yard. I think I'll be exhausted by the day to day of work and school and parenting and spousing, but I think I'll also be hopeful about the last couple semesters of school to come at that point.

This is an interesting year because I have not had any major milestones since last year's answers. No moving, no starting or ending of relationships, no job changes... it's been awhile since I've had a year like that! I think that in a year if my life is generally the same with some continued progress on things I am working on, I will be happy with that. My biggest fear is about the larger sociopolitical and geopolitical context and how that will (continue to) affect me and my fellow human beings. Shit is getting bad. I think. It's hard to tell, but I know I'm scared. By this time next year, we'll know more about the presidential situation and election, which is sort of hopeful and sort of terrifying. Climate change is only going to worsen, as I am not confident in governments or anyone else taking major steps to address it. So even though my life is overall pretty good, the world is falling apart.

I hope i will be happy with where i am at in my life and the choices I have made. I hope that in 5780 i continue to do things that make me happy, make the most out of every moment, take risks, and try new things.

I think I'll feel great! I'll be in a new city, with new friends and new goals and new passions. I'll be happy I've been doing this for 8 years and also shocked. So much changes but so much stays the same. I hope I am letting fear dictate my life less and less until eventually not at all. I hope I feel happy. I feel really happy and fulfilled and joyful now, and I haven't felt that way in a while. I hope that stays around. xxx

I hope that I'm like wow, I can't believe this what I thought, and this was all my purview was. There's so much broader than this, TT! I hope I'm looking at other challenges by this time

I want to have built something. I want to have done something with the time. I hope I can hold myself with grace - I imagine that I won't have accomplished all the things I have set out to do or, perhaps, not at the level I expected of myself. I hope I don't feel shame. I hope I laugh a little about what I thought the time was going to be like and appreciate the fact that, even if it didn't look the way I wanted it to, I grew anyway.

I hope I'll feel content. That I've worked hard and reaped the rewards. I hope by this time next year I am in general a better person than I am right now. I hope I am healthier, both mentally and physically improved, happy, relaxed, financially better off and just enjoying life all round. The reality is that I'll be fatter, poorer, angrier and all-round just worse. Pessimism is a bummer.

I hope I will feel inspired and empowered because I have achieved what I set out to achieve. I don't anticipate that I will have accomplished all that I hope to from my answers. But I do anticipate that I will have made movement in those directions. I hope that my life will be fuller with family, friends, and community.

I just hope I'm more at ease. I think realistically I'll still be uptight and moving too fast and having doubts and making up stories. But I hope to feel more ease about that. To have accepted reality as it is. To even laugh at it. Or appreciate it for what it does do. I hope to feel more joy-ful.

I will feel like time is flying. Melancholy that my babe is growing up. Still procrastinating on important stuff I can’t seem to finish.

I think I'll feel like things haven't changed. I hope I'll have more respect from my family, and that I'll have earned it. I hope to not be overweight anymore, and to be healthy. I hope to still be in this marriage, safely.

Predictions 1.) I think I'll be extremely concerned about the 2020 election which will be weeks away, if it's even still being held. 2.) I think the (coming) recession will stall out our businesses and I hope James and I survive that. 3.) I hope I have a significant new project or skill (whether that's THE DINNER PARTY) or writing a book or learning something on Coursera- I want to feel passionate about something again. Hopes 1.) I hope I want to stay married. I've had my doubts (A LOT) this year, but right now, I think James is a pretty good guy and even though I'm frustrated, I think I want him around. And if I don't, I need to give him the boot- but this being in limbo isn't very respectful to him or me. James is a good person. 2.) I want to have lost 10 pounds between now and then (I'm 155 currently ) because it'll say to me that I'm taking life seriously again. 3.) I hope I love Monday and feel more attached to her than I do now. 4.) I hope I come to terms with not being close to this set of people and moving on to new people or changing my current relationships to be more meaningful.

I think I will realize how far I have come in learning to balance work and motherhood. I think motherhood will become more and more challenging. We might be trying to get pregnant again, or maybe I will have had my eggs frozen. I look forward to getting the answers and the reflections.

I hope they'll make me smile and feel proud. I hope I'll have made some progress, and I might chuckle a bit because some goals may have changed in unexpected ways. I hope I feel really happy and excited about where I am in life. Last year, I was feeling weighted and discouraged, and I feel much more hopeful and encouraged this year, so I hope that just keeps growing.

I will begin by reflecting on the issues that caused me great emotional pain first and see if I have grown spiritually in releasing these feelings and secondly I will look at the present moment and see what has changed from that time and reflect to see if it has been for the better. I will take the 2019 questions into perspective and apply them to my 2020 life experience.

I pray we are able to prevent Trump from putting the world in worse condition than he has already done.

I believe I will be more of who I am supposed to be. I believe I will be where I am supposed to be because I will follow God where he leads me. I believe I will be in a great position to live life lavishly, and have a nice growing relationship with a fantastic man (Quion?). I am excited to see. 😘

I hope I feel accomplishes as a mom. I don't want anything to be different to be honest. We have such a great life- I love my job, I love my husband, I'm completely in love with our daughter. I can't imagine a better life than we have other than winning the lottery (which would mean i would technically need to buy a ticket! haha)

I will feel good that I did this. It will help me to take inventory on my life. I hope that I will have been accountable to some of these things I promised to myself and others.

I will probably smile, say "oh yeah!", and sigh at some of the unavoidable shortcomings.

I hope I am stronger, healthier, more centered, balanced, and in a more secure place emotionally, physically, mentally and spiritually. I want to serve. I want to be Gifted in order to Gift. I want to be Favored in order to Favor. I want to be Loved in order to Love.

I kept priorities and held things lightly. I want to know that I have believed generously of others and myself.

I hope that I will be living in a different city and working in a different job. I hope I will finally have had the courage to go to therapy. I hope my brother and I will have begun repairing our relationship. I hope I'll have saved some money for a kickass reunion trip with Ellie and Ben. And I hope I will feel more hopeful about the future of our country.

I think I'll be nostalgic for the days of class and creativity and my cohort. I hope I feel like I've made progress in the last year and have made the most of my time for research. I hope I've either found a way to stay in the UK as an actor or am happy to go back to the states. And maybe I've done a show at the fringe?

I think i'll look at the answers and have both compassion for my indecisive me and I hope to feel good to great about having stepped in and moved forward. i hope to have lived a more intentional life because of these questions- as well as because of a friend/colleague- who moved towards intention this year in very concrete and not concrete ways and although she's much different than me in what she wants out of life, nevertheless she has inspired me. i hope these questions are a springboard for being and living intentionally

I believe I will continue to be amazed at how much growth I am experiencing in my life. And thrilled with the progress of my children.

Next year I hope to spend more time answering these questions.

I think I will feel a sense of contentment. I will be working and I will have created a home space - everything will be unpacked and that which cannot be, will be gone. I will have the relationships that are meant to last and be there. Most importantly I will have the perspective to be satisfied with what I have in front of me and under my feet, regardless of things that I want and do not have in that moment.

I hope it will serve as a record of what I was thinking and feeling a year ago. It will be interesting to see what feelings have persisted, what hasn’t, and how I feel about it.

I hope I see how much growth continues. Even now as I see my growth from last year, it's hard to imagine how I'll continue to grow in this coming year. But I'm excited about it, instead of fearful, and that feels good.

I think I'll be like "Oh God I have to answer these again," and "Oh God I wonder what I wrote last year." I hope that I'll feel a bit more stable in my career? If not "stable" then just a bit more "advanced" from where I am now. I hope I grow as an artist and as a person. I hope I am less fearful. I hope I can be more mindful as a result of answering these questions.

I hope I'll feel I have walked some more steps towards self-reconciliation, self-recognition, and self-awareness.

I'll probably see all the progress I've made and wonder what the *#&% I was thinking when I answered these, or when I was going through the things that led to my answers. Perhaps I'll be a billionaire.

The first time around I only did 4 questions and when I got the emails about them I was surprised that I had truly forgotten all of the things I had wrote before. But it was nice to reflect on things and I’m glad this time go around, that I’ve actually taken the time to write our responses for all the questions. I look forward to reading them a year from now and will hopefully have made some progress towards some of the things I’ve addressed.

I hope I will feel a sense of accomplishment and progress towards the goals I have stated here. It is hard to know what changes will come in the year ahead, but I hope I still have a sense of optimism for the future and my ability to affect change in my life and community.

I will say that as I read my answers from 2018 just now, I was truly shocked by myself...because I really do think that I have overcome a lot of the things I had been previously struggling with or worrying about or hoping for. I hope when I read my 2019 answers I feel the same way. By this time next year, I hope I will be happily surprised as I am right now by how much I've grown in the past year. I want to surprise myself.

I think the lens through which I view life will be different as a (hopefully) new mother. I expect my reflections and goals to be more oriented to my child and family unit.

I think I’ll feel fulfilled, amazed and humbled. I’ll feel pride at what has transpired and humbled by all that I’ve learned and am still learning, all encased in self-love and encouragement. I hope I will have made the LEAP from single to partnered, from living in someone else’s home to living in my own home, from seeking community to deepening community, from questioning how to meaningfully give and contribute to truly being of service, and from dreaming about creating something powerful to expressing myself daily through writing, art and music as a fulfilling process that may also serve as a path to making my dreams come true.

I'm satisfied that my answer from last year came true. I certainly have learned a lot about being a mother and have also learned a lot about balancing life as a working mother. As for next year, I hope I feel that I've made some changes or adjustments in my life to become more in balance. I don't really want anything to be different in my life except that I hope that I've learned more about how to take care of myself and my partnership--in addition to taking care of a growing, changing, energetic and beautiful toddler.

I guess I fear that I will feel much the same next September as I do now. As I age, time moves faster and a whole year can go by without a lot of time for personal growth or reflection; it feels like this year was much like the last. So I guess I fear that I will be in the exact same place with respect to many of these goals & fears as I am right now. My hope is that I will be in a different place, thinking about new and different challenges & ambitions that I haven't even contemplated yet. I hope life continues to evolve (hopefully for the better).

Well, I’ll be married (May 16th 2020!), so I’m looking forward to seeing how my life has changed once I’m a married woman!

every single Q10 i have said how rough the last years were. i very seriously hope i am not writing this again next year. i hope i am making serious money and have no monkeys on my back

I can't even begin to guess. I just hope that I'm still wrapped in the questions, seeking the answers.

I think I’ll feel like I made some progress, but maybe not as much as I hoped.

I hope I am less stressed. I hope I feel like I have a handle on my main responsibilities. I don't expect either of those to happen. I think I will feel just as overwhelmed and tired and frustrated. But I hope.

I think I'll look at my answers and say, "You didn't even know how good it could be, did you? Guess what? What you hoped for last year is just the beginning. It's the bare minimum of what we have planned for you."

I hope I'll feel like my world is a little bit bigger and fuller. I hope fatherhood has completely changed me in every single way.

When September 2020 rolls around I will be retired from my primary job. I expect to feel relieved, more relaxed, and freer. I expect that I will be somewhat impatient for my husband to retire too, so that we can do the more extensive traveling that we hope to do.

I think, hope, and pray I will feel like my life has direction and purpose. I hope I will look back at this moment and see myself with softness and love, cradle myself in my memories, and gently coax myself forward into a time that realizes the hope I'm scratching together at this moment. I hope I will feel I'm on an exciting, meaningful path. I hope I'll feel I've lived up to my standards as a spouse, parent, sibling, and child. I hope I'll be amazed at all I have risked and all I have learned because of it. I hope I'll be proud of the courage I showed and will greet the memories of my failures with sweet comfort and encouragement from a place that knows those failures were not endings. I hope that answering these questions helps me to take my life in my hands and shape it with as much agency, creativity, and courage as I can. I hope answering these questions helps me connect to people -- my close people and also the world's people -- with more authenticity and love. I hope answering these questions helps me to keep focused on being of service to the great things, rather than bogged down in petty fears. I hope answering these questions helps me to lead a more whole-hearted life.

I hope I am healthier, happier, more comfortable with where I am, and more confident. I'm not sure what will be different.

I hope I feel more proud of myself for the progress I made than disappointed for the progress I didn’t, and I hope I have compassion for my inevitable failings as a person. And I hope I’ve found that big love by then, but if not, I hope I remember my inner strength and love for myself. I’m a beautiful creation and everything is gonna be okay.

I've just revisited a few of my answers from previous years, and I see that some things that plagued me 2 years ago, still plague me now..it's not surprising..but it makes me a little less hopeful about transformation. I guess what I can hope for, and I truly hope I recognize next year, is that I have changed in small ways. And that I'm becoming more content with the way I'm leading my life. In other words, I hope that the life I wish to live looks a little more like the life that I am living. I am grateful for being able to answer these questions right now, and for beginning the season of reflection in this way. Fasting has called me to pause, and to recognize the attachments in my life, and I hope I am always mindful of how I can survive and reset with pauses, slowness, and facing deep feeling.

I just hope that I will feel like I have achieved or at least started on some of my goals. I hope to be able to look at a slice of my life from the past, how I was thinking, feeling at that point, to see if I have changed.

I think I'm going to feel like an adult. I am assuming that I'm going to have a full time job by then and be settled in working somewhere for a while by that point (hopefully), but who knows. I think I'll be nostalgic to the days where I could sit on my couch in my beautiful 1BR apartment in Bloomington and just relax and not worry about school or work or anything really. I hope that answering these big picture questions helps me stay grounded and keep in mind what is really important in life -- to spend time with the friends and family that you love and leave this world a little bit better of a place than you found it. The rest is commentary.

I'm hoping I'll feel proud of myself for the self growth I would've made. I think I'll be more confident and comfortable within myself to do anything :)

I think I'll feel great - just to be alive for another year, to be anticipating another year's 10Q, to be reviewing what I wrote this year! After reading over what I wrote last year, and seeing that virtually none of it came true or is true today, I can only say that waking up a year from now will feel amazing. Rock on, 2019... bring on 2020!

Maybe we've sold our house and left DC. I have no fucking idea. I am totally lost.

Well, now that I have done this before, I am pretty sure I will be excited to see what I wrote. Curious too. I don't know that there will be any significant differences though. This year, the mere fact that I came back home from a year working abroad and the answers still didn't blow me away are an indication of that. I hope that I feel positive about whatever direction I am moving in at this time next year. Things do feel a bit unstable right now, but in good ways. In ways where I am still looking to get more out of life.

Depending on how disciplined I was, and how many healthy, positive habits I initiated and maintained, I really hope to look back on these answers with a sense of pride and accomplishment. I set some vague yet attainable goals: to find areas in my life to exercise more discipline and to try to rewire myself to be a healthier, positive person. There's a lot of room and opportunity in this to achieve those ends, so I'm hoping I can look back and pinpoint a few concrete examples of how I am a healthier, more disciplined person.

For the first time since starting my 10Q journey in 2014, I think I'll feel happy reading my answers next year. I think I've finally gotten to the place in my life that all the hardship was meant to bring me to. It was worth it, every tear and loss and heartache was worth it. I'm so incredibly happy. I don't hope for anything to be different about my life at this point next year. I hope I still feel this same, newfound happiness. I hope I still feel safe and content. If I'm not as happy by this time next year, I hope reading my answers from 2019 reminds me of the happiness I've achieved in my new roles as mom and wife, instead of burnt-out student. I hope I can always find this happiness, the level of which I didn't know existed before. I hope I'll always remember this feeling; what love really feels like. True love. Romantic love. Familial love. Belonging. And hope for the future, bright as it can be.

I hope that my answers from 2018 will motivate me to put them into action in 2020, this year so that I don't feel disappointed in the goals that are left on accomplish like I did this year.

I would like to feel hopeful. My responses have been dark because that is where I am right now. I would love to look back at these responses and see that, in spite of myself, I have moved forward for the better if not the good.

i wish to continue talking less and listening more, hopefully learning as i go.

Next September 2020 I will be feeling happy that I made it through another year. I will be happy that it the last year with Trump as president if they haven’t already impeached him out of office already.

I can't predict how I will feel, because I am so deeply committed to being in the present moment. That said, I typically end up feeling super proud of myself and in awe of my growth and god. I look forward to that feeling. I sincerely believe that in a year's time I'm going to be financially self-supportive (read: happily and healthfully employed to write/create), and well on my way toward building the life, career and family of my dreams. And I wholeheartedly surrender this prediction. I give it fully and wholly to God, my beloved. A-fuckin-men.

Past experience tells me that I'll be in a very similar spot, but I hope I can feel real progress when I'm here again. And in a sense, I already have. This time last year, I was too far in my own head to do this, but I've done it this year. Here's to a better year.

I will probably remember answering all the questions in a mad rush at the end of Yom Kippur to make myself feel better for skipping the evening services (so I can be home for baby's bedtime). I hope that next year, I will be more prepared for the season!

I hope my life by this time next year will be more deliberate, less reactionary.

I think I'll be impressed by how many stressful occasions and transitions I went through between 2017 - 2019 considering my immigration status, work life, finances, getting married, health issues with my mom and Bobby's parents, etc. It has been a roller-coaster. Hopefully this time next year I will feel a bit more settled, like I'm on a path to a future I can actually see, plan for, and believe is in front of me.

I hope to feel at peace. I hoped last year to be content and I am. I would like for this to continue!

I hope I'll think I'm right on track! Or else I'll marvel at how different the path I took ended up being.

I think that there will be some beautiful opportunities that I could not dream of, well maybe I could, and that I am proud of how I grew and took leaps into the light.

This year I’m going to print my answers and use them as monthly evaluation tool to see how my actions are aligning with my goals and thoughts of the future. To make this activity an actual part of my life I’ll need to incorporate it in setting goals, benchmarks, and tasks for the next year, monthly, weekly, and even down to daily new disciplines, activities and choices.

I hope I have accomplished some of the things I would like to accomplish. I have a tendency to talk about all the things I want to do and never really do many of them. I had a plan to sew more this year, it is now October and I have not sewn anything at all. I hope I don't feel disappointed by my answers, rather that I find them amusing and maybe I see how much I have changed and things that I cared about a year ago, I won't care about so much anymore.

I hope I will feel more confident that working on my novel and being politically involved will give me a sense of my life being my own . . . and more emotionally prepared for my child leaving for college.

This year I feel like my life is full of well-intentioned mistakes. Even after the full day of Yom Kippur I’m having a hard time being gentle with myself about them. They’ve all been so emotionally and financially expensive. I look back at relationships and jobs and educational programs and - so many things - and I am kind of overwhelmed by how often I’ve gotten it wrong. Sometimes it’s hurt others, for which I’ve sought forgiveness, but mostly it has hurt me. I feel despondent. Frustrated. And lonely. I hope next year I come into the New Year feeling more whole and less angry, less hopeless, and less hard on myself. Mostly, though, as always I just hope I’m still here next year.

I think I'll feel proud to have accomplished at least some of the things I've listed here. I hope I'll finally be more relaxed about life, and better able to be kinder and a better friend. I don't think I've said this before, but I would like to date and meet some special man, one whose company I enjoy and with whom I feel comfortable. (and who feels the same about me).

By September next year, I hope as a family we will have more clarity on where our home is for the long term. I hope I will be more confident in my own capabilities at work and I will be in a managerial position to lead my own team.

Hope to have a peaceful resolution to the marriage dissolution

I truly hope that I am in a very different mindset/ place in life next year. I would be devastated for nothing to have changed. I really love that these questions have made me sit down and think about what I want to accomplish this next year. It can be overwhelming to set goals for life, and it seems a lot more doable to set goals for the next year. It has also made me excited to live this next year and see what happens.

Right now I think I'll feel depressed because I'll still be alone and sad and stuck, but I hope I feel sad for my old self and joyous because I've made a change and found direction and someone to trust. I hope that thinking about these things and how I'm not in the best place right now will prompt me, convict me, to seek God, and to realize that the first step to changing the big things is to make the 4 inch shift, and I CAN do it.

I hope to feel more content, grateful, confident, settled in my everyday life with all things physically, emotionally, spiritually & professionally xx Hopefully I’ll be driving, my Hypnotherapy Business will be thriving & I’ll be achieving/working towards a slimmer, healthier & fitter figure xx & as I said last year;- I hope to feel a sense of completion/ knowing. I hope to be living or working towards the life I’ve dreamed of xx There’s Always Time xx Time’s Always On Your Side xx 💜🦋⏱⏳ And if my Hypnotherapy Business is not meant to be then I hope I’ll be working on a good career & looking after myself instead of working too many hours & getting paid peanuts xx And I hope the completion of our house is well underway xx 😘

If the rest of med school is anything like these first two months, then it's a trial by fire and I hope in one year, two years, however many years it takes, I come out as tough as steel. I hope when I read these questions next year, I've been through the wringer and I'm stronger for it. I hope that I still love all the same people, I hope I keep feeling as at home here as I do now (and again, it didn't take long at all). I want to feel like I've made a positive impact on the lives of my fellow students, as President and as a classmate who really cares about all these people. Maybe I will have taken steps to further my education (TTAP, research projects, etc) or maybe I'll still just be keeping my head above water. I WILL keep my head above water, though. I'm smart and capable and competent even though more often than not I don't believe that myself. When I read these answers in 2020, I'll be one year closer to being a doctor. I'll have gone home to my family several times, shadowed in my ED in FW (and hopefully done a good job impressing my docs). I'll have gone through my 10th college reunion--which is also terrifying. I'll have tried to get fit, tried to learn lots of new things, built new relationships and strengthened old ones. And all of those things, good or bad, will add up to make me who I'm going to be when I open up my questions, so I like to think that I won't have regrets regardless. Here's to another year! <3

I definitely feel now like I’m seeing forward progress in my life. I’m definitely feeling some peace and calm even if it’s not constant or even frequent. I definitely feel like all the work I’m doing is paying off. So I think that when next year rolls around I will feel the same way, and hopefully more so, like I can really sense the personal and spiritual growth.

It's a curiosity, how I'll feel in the future. Strangely all those things that are important to me now, may be different. There's nothing to guarantee anything and my only hope is that the values I hold dear don't become watered down, and those I love stay close to my heart, and my body.

I think I'll feel really accomplished, and ready to start on my next round of IB teaching. I'll have a lot of answers, and probably more questions. I'll probably feel excited if I'm pregnant!

I'll be a better me!

I really hope I can reflect back and feel I've accomplished some health goals, spent good time with my family and friends, and that I'm not answering these questions full of the same issues as this year.

I hope that I’ll feel proud of the positive changes that I will (continue to) have made over the course of this year. I hope that the good things are even better, and I hope that the bad things are behind me. I also hope that I’ll have done more on the dating-side of things, and that I’ll possibly be seeing someone seriously.

I am hoping that we are still living in this apartment... that we survive D's next visit... that I will be in a new job that suits me and is closer to home. M and I will experience more intimacy, and we will enjoy our walks, bikerides and adventures together. I will have found a solution for my knee pain issues and will keep swimming and reintegrate dance. I will feel confident (but not cocky) in my sobriety and enjoy working with my sponsees, who enrich my life. I will be politically kinowledgeable and active, looking forwrad to working on the 2020 elections.

I think to feel more optimistic, more hopeful, and more at peace with the direction of my life. I imagine, between now and then, running a few more miles, writing some more words, and traveling to three or four more countries. From this experience, and the accumulation of another year of work an architect, I envision being even more committed to my community, and to living with integrity in all things. I hope to have given more space each day for play and creativity, especially drawing and writing, and be challenged by one or two new legacy projects that inspire me to be push creative boundaries and design timeless spaces that make a difference. I also think I will continue to feel more settled in our home, and with the initial remodel fully paid off, be ready to tackle the next phase of the project. Even as I set my sights on this expansion, though, I want to leave space for the possibility of some other opportunity coming up, either land to build a new home from the ground up, or remodel another existing home. I hope that I can begin to craft a new round of dreams, from the bottom up, that helps to center me and look ahead with confidence and joy. And, as life never follows a straight path, I expect to see a major curve ball arrive between now and next September. I have no way of anticipating what that might be, and above all pray fervently for the continued health and safety for all of my loved ones. But change, whether joyful or tragic, is maybe the only thing in life we can be sure of. And after the relative peace and stability of the last 5 years, I am certain that something will happen, personally or in the broader world, that causes me to search my heart, weather the storm, or adjust the sails to make room for a new and unexpected blessing. xx

I hope to feel that I wished I could relax a bit more, or not worry as much since everything was going to be fine.

My life will need to be radically different a year from now, because my current state is untenable. However, there are so many meaningful ways it could change—professionally, artistically, personally—I can’t really predict what that shift will look like. At this point, as the Boss said, “I’m countin’ on a miracle to come through.”

I hope I will feel that the preceding year will have consolidated the opening and breakthroughs of the past month or two; that I will feel that my depression and negativity are a distant memory, that I will be joyful on an everyday basis, that I will no longer feel anxious, overwhelmed and alone, but instead, secure, relaxed, joyful, connected, content, and free.

I think I will feel more stable. At the same time, I think I will be more frentic. I've tamped down on my manic energy cause I've been punished for displaying it most of the time. I hope I've found a community where I can be more of myself without being shamed.

I don't know if this is a good or a bad thing but this year's answer is just as similar to last year's. I don't wanna raise my expectations so much and end up disappointed that I didn't accomplish the things I set out to do this year. That doesn't mean I've grown complacent, and that I've given up on big improvements. Sometimes baby steps are all I need to acknowledge in the bigger picture~ That said though, I hope I see myself calmer. Less tense than I've been for the past years. As I type this, I'm dancing and rocking out to old-school pop music in my head. Let's never lose that. I hope I thank myself for doing this, and have the mindset to do it again. There are many things going on in my head at this moment in particular that I didn't write about but I guess I don't need this platform per se. I guess I just fell in love with the idea of locking this up so I type some of this in a rush. Let these go and come back to them next year, and hope I'm any different, any better. I always have to be better.

I always feel a sense of discovery. The questions and answers are a good reflection of the growth I have made. I truly hope that I am living a life free from delayed decisions and have managed the clutter in my life. That is the main thing I hope will be different,

I hope not too much has changed but that something has changed. Maybe we'll have a 3rd child and that will be big.

I hope this will help me to realize just how much changes in a year. I also hope that this process has got the wheels turning for important projects, so that I will feel proud of my growth and accomplishments. I really hope when I read this that we will have turned the page on the fertility stuff - either have a baby, be pregnant or have made a decision to accept the situation. I hope to be more at peace with myself, have more clarity on the next ten years and be feeling healthier and stronger than ever.

I should be proud of myself when reading my 20 or more paragraphs next year. I will also be hoping that my work ethic is as strong next year as it is this year because in college there are lots of, as you, yes you, would refer to as “culturally enriching” activities (you as in your English teacher senior year). I hope that my writing is better. it better be. I should probably make this last question have syntax errors everywhere, which it probably already has, so once I look back at this, I can see how much I’ve improved. Today on October 8th 2019, I write as a mediocre cross country runner who strives for above average grades and receives B’s and A’s. Weird brag, but I work hard for this. In English class however, I think all whats left in the tank for me in this school year is my wit and work ethic. I don't want to throw in the towel too early but to put it lightly, the towel is getting kind of sweaty and it might need to be washed. Hopefully by this time next year, I can think of better analogies and use figurative language that makes sense to any audience. I hope the towel analogy I just used makes sense but my wit is a hit or miss. When writing, its mostly a miss. I hope my jokes are funny when I write but I don’t really know. Hopefully when my English teacher reads this, he’ll find the joke creative because I actually am looking forward to being a hardworking, creative, student and person. Not a hardo, but not a goon. So future self, if you’re a hardo right now, LIGHTEN UP!!!! And if you’re a goon, WAKE UP!!!!! I should feel enlightened once I see what I read these next year because from now till then, a lot is going to happen. I will, hopefully, be in some college, have graduated with at least a 4.0, and know what I want to do in college. I haven’t even finished my college essay yet and its due in three weeks. If this doesn’t motivate you (me), then I don't know what will. I hope I am ruminating at this point and have a vivid image of the past that undermines the fact that this is my worst question yet. In all seriousness, I want to ruminate about my past and cherish the good things I wrote about because in college, all I’m going to have is friends, that I have to make, and my thoughts. Jeez that’s kind of deep? No its not. I don’t know what I’m talking about at this point. (For context of today, Joe Mama is a joke and I just raced against the prep in hamilton today). Dear future self, be smart. I know who you are. Make good friends. Fun friends. Smart friends. Lots. Of. Friends. Work hard. Play hard. Have fun. Insert cheesy nike quote on a sixth graders shirt here*. Good luck me! Hope your life is good and if its not, these two paragraphs would be hard to read. If you’ve made it all the way to the end of this paragraph, then you have already met my expectations of you!

I'm hoping that I will feel less uncertain about whether to apply to other jobs or not. I literally change my mind *every day* about this (it doesn't help that there just *aren't* that many other jobs to apply to!) and it gets super exhausting.

I usually feel a bit nostalgic. And sometimes happily surprised. I think it'll be the same next year. I am always hopeful that I can be a better human being. That is a goal worth striving.

I was pretty bummed this year looking over 10Q2019 answers. I don't want to feel that way again. I felt like I didn't make any progress or achieve any goals. In some ways I feel like I was in a worse place this year than last. I hope that next year I can be in a better position: less sad, less angry with some measurable progress even if it's very small and unnoticeable to those around me. As long as I can see or feel a difference, it would be a world of improvement.

I hope I will look back at a fuck of a year and be glad to be on the other side of it.

I sincerely hope that I am in a different place: that I have made noticeable strides to be a more compassionate and forgiving person. Less angry. And that I am making art 50 percent of my time instead of just feeling guilty for not doing it.

I expect to feel satisfied with progress in the three main areas of concern: body weight, physical fitness and home clutter. I expect to find more enjoyment in the recreational activities I choose and more peace in the organized and de cluttered home I have worked for. Answering the 10Q questions helps me crystallize goals and plans for achieving them.

I think I'll feel nostalgic and reflective. Some of my answers might surprise me. Others will give me comfort, knowing that over the year I've gotten answers to questions I've had, or worries have worked themselves out. I'm hoping by that point I'll have gone through a few major life changes - marriage, which would bring with it moving out of the dorm and living with only one person (how strange!) As far as where I'm at as a result of answering these questions? I love the chance for reflection. These questions make me think about aspects of my year that I wouldn't think about otherwise. And it's interesting seeing how I answer each question differently depending on what happened over the course of that day/the mood I'm in when I answer it.

I hope I feel reflective - I hope I will have done what I wanted to do, I hope I will be in a healthier headspace and be able to reflect on how hard 5779 was for me and how I made it through. I hope I have a clearer picture of what I want to do next and that I am prioritizing myself

I think in September 2020, I will feel accomplished. I feel pretty determined about all of these changes and I plan on working hard this year to make my goals a reality. I hope to come out on the other side saying, well done! You really outdid yourself chiquita!! I hope that my life will feel even more stable and that I'll be able to better project into the future financially and career-wise. I want to be on track to having the fulfilled artistic career I dream of. One where I invest as much into my art as into my income source, so that I can eventually transition over into just doing art. It would be wonderful if I could transition into being a Life Coach, Healer, Artist, Manifester and be able to live off of that!!!!! So if I reach these goals I'll be on the right path.

I hope that I will be more at peace about trying to have a family and failing (even if it's a temporary fail). That failure doesn't make me a failure. I know that. And I feel that most days. I hope that I have a better body composition. I hope that I have deeper friendships. I hope that I am more connected to my Judaism. I hope that I will be more financially sound. I hope that my wife and I will be ready to buy a home.

I hope that I will around to see these answers and that those who I love- especially those facing health issues now- will be in better health and still amongst the living. If I have not achieved my goals for this year I hope that I have grown in the process and have come close to achieving them and I look forward to the opportunity to reflect and to grow and learn from my experiences.

I hope I feel like I've grown and accomplished a lot and am better able to provide substantial questions to these answers next year :)

I hope my partner and I have an actual real plan in place to conjoin our lives and I super fucking hope we have a chance in the upcoming election to restore sanity and logic to the world.

My answer this year is the same as last year... I hope that I'll be proud of my intentions and I hope that I'll read my answers and feel a bit amused by how focused I was on them at the time because I hope by next year that a lot of these things will be second nature for me. I also hope that by next year I won't feel so hopeless about the climate crisis because our leaders will start listening to us and to scientists and will start to take bold, serious action to mitigate climate change.

I hope that I will feel happy about the progress I have made and the new things that have developed in my life. I hope that by thinking about these questions I will be more aware of the changes I want to make, and therefore be more available and equipped to make those changes.

I hope my health is better, and I'm in a job that is less stressful and more fulfilling. I hope that I can say that 23 was a good year, and 24 is starting off even better. I hope I'm happy and full of life.

I hope I feel better next year about facing the fears that are stunting not self-growth and renewal, and financial stability. I am sad this year that I write of the same fears and disappointments. I am proud that I attended concerts and plays, and museums, even if it was only a handful, it was a beginning in taking care of me again. I hope next year I can feel more pride in my bravery to face the unknown by leaving behind behaviors that are not serving me. I wish this process could be a daily exercise with my previous answers shown to me. My voice is probably the best self help. I have a voice!

I hope I will not be treading water on the items to do with self-discipline -- be more productive, be more active, weigh less, etc.... my fear is that I talk, but don't do. What I do is not enough...

Having done 10Q for so many years, Iknow I will feel some compassion for where I was the prior year and some gratitude for where I've gotten. Life is in no way linear and I appreciate the back and forth and side to side that happens. I hope that my life will be happier than it is this year, that I will be doing more work that I love and deeply engaging with my creative self. I hope that I keep growing in that special sense of flying that I feel when people connect to my good heart and my loving and creative spirit. I know I can help the world to grow and flourish even in the hard places.I hope that this year I give myself the space to offer the world that support. Amen.

I love reading these. They're always good reminders of events, feelings and wisdom I forget as the years go by. I hope I'm starting a new year, not necessarily in a new job, or house etc. but with change and evolution that is satisfying.

I hope I will feel good about what I've been able to improve on and that I will be encouraged to keep moving forward.

Hope I have found a way to have nature and also the urban nurture --- Hope I feel healthier and a bit slimmer.

I hope I will feel more confident and engaged in my professional and personal life. It has been a difficult year with depression, anxiety and an unhealthy professional environment, but all that is in the process of changing now and I hope will continue into new adventures moving forward!

I always look at the answers from prior year with anticipation. What space was I in a year prior. It is such a great reminder that life is a journey and each year I get to stop and reflect. I hope my life is not so different, even though I expect to be living in a different place, different country. I don't want to be derailed by this change, rather pleasantly surprised. The struggles of today, I hope are not the struggles on next year or ongoing. It is hard to live in that space. I hope to be thriving wherever I land. I feel fortunate to be able to say that, and even feel that is a possibility.

I think, truthfully, I'll probably feel exactly the same. I think it's possible that I might even have the same issues and worries. Not much seems to change and that's my big fear. I think I fear no change more than I fear change...I think. I hope things will be different but I'm genuinely not sure if they will be. I keep waiting to 'grow into' myself and suddenly become the woman I always thought I would be, but I wonder if she really exists? Maybe the best I can hope for is to accept and build upon the woman I actually am.

I am hoping that I feel different, a little more developed in my understanding of myself, life, the world views. I am hoping that I am in a more positive space about the way the world is heading. So much can change in one year. I am sure that my future self is more organised and more understanding.

I hope that I will be more sure of myself as a lone individual. As a worker, as a lover, as myself. I think I'll be better off. Even if I'm still alone, and still feel sad a lot of the time, I think that I'll have made some headway, and will be more content regardless.

I'm not sure how I'll feel next year. I think last year I was naive to think that it would be harder than this year, but at the same time I think I'm more equipped to deal with the difficulty this year, and that's probably how it will be next year, too -- harder in a lot of ways, easier in some others. Life rises to meet us wherever we are.

Next year I am hoping there will be a complete turn around, 2019 has been too hard on my psyche. I have not felt so attacked personally in many years. So, by September 2020 I will feel more settled and give more to my spiritually side.

I have no faith in our country. But I do have faith in myself and my family. So I hope that continues and that I will be pleased to see thatI have done what I said I would do.

I think I'll be more me than I am now, more comfortable in myself, and I might even be dancing.

I usually feel a little sad and rueful when I read my past answers, cause I had a lot of plans and hopes, and rarely do I make any progress year-to-year. Often, my answers are the same as a result. If I'm being less realistic, then I can hope for change and renewed determination to come from thinking about and answering these questions. I hope that I will be more organized by this time next year, and that I will have made lasting changes in my habits and behaviors.

I hope I've made some progress towards the goals I've laid out (as always). I hope I might have some more ideas about where I want to go with my life in more (though perhaps not absolute) concrete/actionable plans.

I'm always excited to receive my 10Q questions back. I hope I have found a way to improve the quality of my life. As in building a circle of friends and a social support system. Or at least have plans in the works to do so.

I hope to feel that I have accomplished most of the goals I have set for me. Healthier, less weight and able to go through closet to give more away. Want to have husband be more proactive with our love life instead of being so closed off as he has been because of his chronic health condition.

I always like seeing the answers. It’s amazing how one can forget so much over the course of 12 months. I don’t believe these questions influence my future behavior, but I love them because it gives me an opportunity to reflect on the previous 12 months. It reminded me how much I’ve been through - positive and negative. It makes me appreciate this time of year even more because reflection is powerful. It provides me the time to mourn, to be proud, to be thankful.

Contented and on track. This year I have to confess I felt a little disappointed that I hadn't done everything I had hoped I would, so I am going to be pragmatic. There is a lot of potential change ahead in the next year, both for me personally and in the wider world. I want to have taken one step at a time, kept my cool and enjoyed what life has to give over this next year.

WOOF. I remember reading my 2016 answers in 2017 like "oh, gurl." This is not my favorite question. We have no idea how to predict things. We think we do, but we don't. Not even Facebook. I think things will be harder in some places and softer in others. I think I will have tried to make things easier on myself some more, and some of those things will have worked. I think I'll be getting out into the world more often, because that's not a difficult thing to be doing more. I think I will have some travel still in me. I bet I will try to start dating again, but I dunno. I know? I know. I'll be a college graduate finally, by the time I read this at lucky 42. It won't affect me much, and in fact I will probably be making substantially less money by this time next year but so gratefully. I will have tried new things. I might have had a few Ws and a bunch of Ls but I hope the Ws are sweet and I can bounce back better from the Ls this time. I hope I drink more tea. I hope life starts to feel warmer. I hope to wrap myself in more cashmere and linen. I hope to be understood. I hope for more light, just cracks in the darkness now, but I hope that one or two of those cracks quake a bit and open some more to let some more light in. It won't be easy, it seems these days it can't be - but once the light comes in I think, things might have a way to be easy again. What say you, 2020 Rachel? Is it sweeter than this? I hope you are writing something even.more.hopeful.

I believe that I will feel happy when the following year has drifted into the past. I do not believe that I will be upset in any way, simply because the questions are a perfect form of reflection. The 10Q program would not even have crossed my mind if it was not required for an assignment, and I am glad because of it. I am glad that I was able to look back on the past year, as well as being able to look back on the questions from this current year. I believe that I will not only be happy, but that I will cringe at the sight of reading the responses I would use for the questions. The questions created a start to an insight that helps me identify who I am as a person as I begin to seek out a college fit for myself. I hope that I have found a new group of people to call my friends as a traverse through the halls of a new campus. It will not be easy, but I hope that I will be able to look back at these questions and reassure myself that everything turned out better for me than they are now. Such stressful times right now are restricting me from completing any self-thought actions. I am not worried, however, because I know that my worry will all be for not in the coming year. Once September 2020 rolls around in a years time, I hope to know who I am and what my future consists of. As I grow older, I grow more mature; I hope that this aspect of myself remains as true as my name, for as long as I live. Throughout the next year, time will only tell who I will become; the only thing to do now is hope for the best.

I'll feel good about how the year has gone. Positive, motivated, more hopeful about the future. I hope that I'll be stronger physically, emotionally, intellectually, psychologically.

Well my life has changed so much in the last year that I was surprised and a wee bit nostalgic to receive my 10Q answers. I hope my life will continue to evolve so that I'll receive them in 2020 in a similar way!

I hope to be in a much brighter place with clarity as to the direction my life is going. I hope I'm less needy and less self absorbed and not because I'm denying my need for people, but because I'm a stronger person and leaning more on God.

I think I will probably say similar things annually for the rest of my life.

Based on history (my scattered thinking, millions of thoughts that bounce around my brain), I would say I'll feel disappointed. But hopefully I can focus on some of these things and make meaningful change. I will be 50 next year. I don't want to feel like an 18 year old that still cant accomplish goals. I hope I will feel proud.

I think at that time I'll be super happy and relieved because I'll have a nice small family that I've started (lol just Chloe, Calcifer, and I) and I think by next time I will have gone through so many trials and tribulations that I know whatever the future holds for me I'll be ok. I just hope I will be as successful as I imagined to be or at the very least as happy as I thought I could be. I pray the hardest for a job and stability right now lol.

I think I'll be calmer and happier overall. I will have spent the year cultivating gratitude. It is going to be a year of laughter and feeling whole. I'm looking forward to it! Bring it on life.

These questions have helped me to set goals for myself, which I believe will keep me from becoming complacent about my life and will propel me to be the person that God created me to be.

So much from last year is still the same. I truly believed that I could change things, but now I feel stuck and powerless. I hope that changes, but I don't know how.

I hope I feel more sure of myself and proud of my decisions. I also hope to be helping people with my skills to look at their own self worth, just being humans has a self worth, we don’t need to ‘do’ anything else really.

I think I'll be happy to have put the time in. I hope I will have a greater sense of community in Houston. A job I like. More money. And hopefully, I'll be feeling as full and hopeful as I was before leaving home.

I hope I will read the answers and think 'yes that was me and I have done that, I have moved forwards.' It's depressing to imagine that I'll think 'oh I haven't changed at all' or I won't have done any of the things I want to.

I think I’ll be grateful to my past self for having meditated on these things. I hope considering the questions helps me make decisions in The coming year.

Life is full of lessons. Hopefully I will have learned a few new things ❤️

Oh I hope things with my ex are easier in so so many ways and there's not as much anger and angst and fear. And that things with the step kids are easier. And that maybe my answers are all more optimistic and not so...pessimistic.

I hope that I'll feel satisfied that I made the past year count. Every day is a gift. I hope I feel confident in my ability to handle life's challenges and I hope to be physically strong and healthy. I think Phil may be gone by this time next year and I hope I've done my absolute best for him. No regrets, that's the goal

I really hope that by this time next year, I’ll have accomplished some of my goals, investigated some of the things I’m interested in, and worked on turning this country back into the land of the free and a culturally diverse and tolerant place. I hope that Future Me will be proud of Past Me and optimistic about my own, my family’s and my country’s future.

I hope I’m Happy. I hope my boys are happy. I hope I have more confidence in myself. I can make quicker decisions and have taken a step or 2 to figure out what to do w my life now that boys are older and soon to be out of the house. I don’t wanna live with fear or regret so I hope I’ve made some positive changes whether it is taking a new class or getting a certification or really progressing in soul-searching & trying some different hats on.

I think I’ll feel a bit disappointed in myself because I don’t imagine I will actually have changed all that much. Mostly because I don’t have the brain space to work on myself in the way that I think I want to when answering these questions. Mainly I’m just trying to be a parent, do my work, not have my marriage fail, and I think that just takes up too much energy for me to do the work to be the ideal person these answers would suggest.

I think I'll feel clear. I hope I will! I'll know so much more about myself, my life, my relationships. I'll care less about healing friendship issues or fitting in. I'll see that 40 truly is freeing. If these shifts DON'T happen, I'll know that I am (still) accepting less than I am worth and will need a radical and deep dive into making shift happen.

I really have no idea! It has been a really hard year in many ways but many beautiful things have happened in the year as well. I just want to keep seeing beauty and amazement. Of course I still want to be a parent but I also treasure everything I do have like my wonderful husband and wonderful family and friends. In regards to answering the questions, I think in some ways my answers are quite "closed" because I am very reflective of the hard year so I am not as open as I might have been a slightly different time but I really appreciate being able to write things down and get emotions and thoughts out.

I hope September 2020 finds me happily living with Theo, fulfilled in my new job (whether it's remote, somewhere in LA, or somewhere else entirely), and enjoying the final year of my 20s with gusto. I want to be healed from the painful and traumatic year that was 5779. I hope the reflection I've done leading up to this HHD/5780 manifests into a Mariah that can freely give her talents and gifts to the world in ways that make me feel safe, seen, and held.

I hope that I'll have settled in my 30s and own some of my wanting. I hope that I'll be a bit more unapologetic in what I want. I hope that I'll care a bit less what others think of me, especially in terms of my insecurities.

I hope I'll be able to look back at them and feel contented with the events that took place. But I tend to anticipate the worst, and am anxious that I will feel unsatisfied. I hope that I will have reflected on what I've written in a way that is meaningful. I hope that I will have gotten some voiceover work. I hope that my children and I will have grown closer. I hope that I will have more confidence in my ability to speak my truth and say what I think.

I hope to feel proud. Proud of myself for accomplishing all of my goals, or am ar least in the process of completing them all.

I hope to have a better handle on the work portion of my life. I hope that my marriage continues to be strong and a source of fulfillment and strength. I hope that my wife is in a better place workwise and mentally, that she is able to be more creative and not so drained from unfulfilling work. I hope to feel a sense of hope for the future and where our country is headed and that humanity becomes a bit kinder.

I hope that as I look at these answers, a year from now, that I will be pleased. Pleased that I’m making progress. But also not satisfied with how much. I hope that the gold I’ve laid out for myself will be in good order, but driving me to continue to deepen, continue to grow, continue to seek after more. Not necessarily in the sense that I’m lacking, but in the sense that the more you know the more you realize how little you know. And I hope to approach all of that with prayer, humility, and gratitude.

I think that answering these questions will helps me have a deeper appreciation for the journey that my life is. I really can't imagine how I'll feel next year. In the past I've felt a little depressed looking back at my answers. This is the first years my answers have seemed lively and hopeful to me so I just hope to be living in the same spirit next year.

Hopefully, I'll see that I've learned new skills, explored new ideas, connected with new people, lived into more Jewish texts and have a deeper connection to God, Torah and Judaism.

Oh man. As mentioned before, there is just so much unknown right now that it’s unclear what this will look like in 2020. I’m trying to believe that there are exciting opportunities ahead, but I also know the reality may mean challenging times ahead. For the first time in a while, the future is murkier than ever...but just remember that you have gotten through so much before, and you can get through anything that happens ahead. It may not look or happen the way you want it to, but you always get through what you need to get through, and you’ll get through whatever comes next. Laura, you’ve toughened up so much over the last few years, just remember not to harden your heart too much.

I'm hoping we'll feel better about the coming elections, but I worry we won't because of what can happen between now and then in so many ways. I'm worried about loss of parents and friends. I hope we'll have spent more time with the people we love. That's all that really counts in the end.

I have no idea what the coming year will bring. I have no idea how I will feel. And I am ok with that

I think I will feel relieved and comforted by the notion that I know the answers to the questions I have been afraid to ask.

I think I will have accomplished many of my goals.

When September 2020 comes I truly hope I’m happy with my life and that I enjoy everyone in my life. Some may not be in my life anymore, but I hope it’s because they’ve completed their purpose/mission. I think I’ll be without a husband and I hope to have good relationships with my daughters. Above all I want to be at peace and happy knowing I made the right decisions given the situations.

The last couple years, I carried forward a message of self love and encouragement originally written in 2017, driven by fear that each subsequent year I'd need it more. Surprisingly, though some of the predictions about how I'll feel (increased stress, less sleep, etc) have come true, I find that I haven't needed all the messages of self encouragement. I think maybe next year when I read this, I'll feel more positive and confident and truly understand why I haven't needed those messages. But who knows, maybe 3rd year is when I break down and need it? I hope that I'll still be somewhat well-balanced (as much as residency allows); if at this time next year I still feel like I am, I'd say that's pretty good.

I'll look back at where I was in my life and notice the big gains I made. I'm hoping the aspects of my life that'll be different are that I have a steady group of friends and a steady partner that loves me just as much I love her. Answering these questions has allowed me to get a perspective on several areas that in the past have not been focused on enough and/or overlooked.

I hope I'll be in a more positive state of mind, and feeling better physically and mentally.

I hope against hope that the new job was a good idea, and that I'm in a creating space instead of a maintaining space.

I'm nothing but steady. My year-to-year stays the same: I want to manage my time better at work and feel like I have more time for family and friends.

Girl, I hope you're doing well. I hope you have a plan that goes longer than just the next year. I hope you're enjoying wherever you're at. I hope you don't think about that guy anymore.

I think I will think back to all the mental health issues I have been coming to terms with at this time and I will understand more about where my academic and financial stressors are coming from. I also think I will have some reflection on where my relationship is at this time. Idk where we will be in 1 year from now, I hope it will be a good place, but I think I will have some reflection on what the distance during this time has meant for us.

I hope I'll feel a lot more secure. I hope I'll be as happy as possible in my new job, I'll have a good, solid apartment where I can stay for as long as I want - and maybe I even met a nice woman recently and started considering dating her. I also hope that the relationship to my parents will be clearer and healthier than before.

I hope I will feel more joyful and less stressed over all. I hope I will be ready to gradually start the process of moving back to my hometown and finding new sources of joy and stimulation there (although I know I will miss the activities I enjoy here)

When September 2020 rolls around and I receive my answers to my 10Q questions, I think I will feel super nostalgic and emotional. All the things that I answered the previous year would feel super unimportant and small compared to the worries I will have in September 2020.

5779/2019 has been an extremely difficult year. My father died In May, one dog died on my birthday this year, and my other dog has been extremely ill since January. It has also been difficult watching my mother deal with her grief. She has been angry, lonely, and depressed (although she would deny it.) I’ve felt a great deal of pressure trying to help mom deal with the issues that arose because of dad’s death. I hope by answering these questions I can have a sense of catharsis when looking back at this year. More importantly, I hope I can look back at these answers, at the beginning of next year, and see the scars and not the bloody wounds.

I truly hope my heart doesn't sink because I know I would answer the questions the same and haven't changed anything significantly. I hope that the space that is filled with all the things I don't like about myself, is filled with something more productive and satisfying and surprising

My experience reading my 2018 answers this year was positive. I made a lot of necessary changes this year and achieved a lot for myself and my family but it didn't necessarily follow the path that I anticipated. I would like a similar experience next year, a feeling that I moved forward, that I found ways to improve even if they weren't the obvious path.

I think I'll feel accomplished & serene. Over the coming months, my life will be focused on my recovery and nourishing my body. I hope this will lead to a sense of accomplishment around my healing, while opening me up to new opportunities.

I think I will feel very tired. If everything goes according to plan, then we will have a four-month-old infant. I'm actually looking forward to that exhaustion, though, because these past two years of trying to get pregnant and dealing with infertility is a kind of tired that I'm ready to be done feeling. I want the next adventure. I think I will still feel fulfilled by the work I'm doing on my new career path. O hope I will be in the same institution.

I think I'll feel proud that I was able to go through this deep level of introspection and have the courage to articulate these goals and thoughts. I think I will be more embedded in my commitments to my wife, child(ren), family, religion, community, and work. I hope that my circle of loved ones will continue to expand and deepen. I want to be supportive of the people I care about. I hope I will be able to go with the flow and continue having rich experiences with my family in spite of my thoughts/introspection on these questions. I will add this note to my future self - I don't expect to be 100% of the way there in the areas of accepting myself, being patient with myself, or even letting go of control but that is OK! I hope to continue using mindfulness strategies to make myself more whole.

I will likely feel that I haven't done enough to achieve my goal, that I could have done more, or that I was a slacker somehow. I hope that I will be able to work through my depression and anxiety and the issues surrounding risk taking/doing something for myself. I hope to have several professional photo jobs under my belt and to have improved my technical skills.

I might feel nostalgic to the baby phase. Maybe my itch for a second child might be stronger. I don't think answering these questions will alter the way I live, though. And why should I? My life right now is like a fairy tale.

I always say I don't know, because I've learned I can't predict a thing. Every year, my life is completely different in a way that I never expect, and I LOVE that! I have no preconceived notions about 2020, I'm just open to where the universe is going to take me.

I hope that to my future self, this current self will seem foreign. I really hope I feel like I’ve started to heal, and that it will be difficult to connect with this mental space. Answering these questions has made me recognize again how I need to prioritize getting help. I don’t think I can fix it on my own. Ideally by next year I’ve made steps toward doing better. (Also: dear future self, please keep writing.)

I will be curious how much I have stuck to my goals and ideas for improvement in my life; hopefully I am not stagnant. I hope I will have a new career plan, a new stable good relationship, have continued to pursue my relationship with G-d and expand my Judaism and Observance, and I am even healthier and happier than today.

When September 2020 rolls around I'll be a month away from turning 40yrs old. I hope I will have continued to grow my career and to continue not to have any regrets. I hope to be in a long term committed relationship. I hope that when I look back at my answers from 2019 I can see more growth and more change, more happiness, less doubt, less fear. I think I'm carrying burdens from my father about growing old and not achieving what society tells us are achievements. I hope I don't fear turning 40 in the same way I did turning 30.

I think I'll feel proud that I was in such a good place this year, and that I retained my happy and positive feelings despite STILL not being super happy at work. As ever, I hope I'll be a bit happier at work (either in a new job or just more content and accepting of my current situation) and I'd love to find more time to do the things that I really enjoy doing, or that I know are good for me, like crafting and exercising. I've done some good work on saying no and being more (gently) assertive, which I hope I'll continue to do. But I don't really want anything to be different, because I'm really happy at the moment, and I'd like to stay that way.

I think I will feel like my life is moving in a direction that works for me. I feel contented mostly with my life, and happy with the people in it. I think that unless something catastrophic happens this year, that will be even more the case next year. I notice that I said last year that life would be near perfect if I lost 20 lbs and had a couch. I have a couch and lost 15 lbs so I am close to perfection, but as always, I strive for another level, even if that striving is more incremental than transformational this year. I did wonder for the first time ever at the end of services if I had in fact been inscribed in the book of life this year. Wish I could have a peek at that book, but I will certainly try to act as if I didn't make it.

My answer is similar to last year. I might not be around next year. It’s a miracle that I’m around this year still. It’s the miracle of eastern medicine. I chose not to use the Western medicine approach and it’s increased the quality of my life and it’s also put me into remission. Or at least it did until last scan. I’ll find out if it’s gotten worse this coming week when I have my next scan. If I am around next year, I hope the quality of my life is significantly better. I don’t have a lot of energy to do things and go places but I have much more presence of mind than I had a year ago. I understand my disease and I know how to treat it. Last year I wrote that I would be relieved if I died. I don’t feel that way right now. I’m not wishing to die nor am I wishing to live. What I wish for is a better quality of life no matter how long I live.

I hope I'll feel more at home in my own skin than I do now - I realise that I'm getting there slowly and that I'm a whole lot better than I was a few years ago. I want to read the answers and know that things have changed since I wrote them. I want to be properly settled in this home, I want to have "finished" it and have done all the projects that are needed.

I hope that I feel proud of getting myself out of the ruts I've fallen into. I hope that I look back at this year, and think, "wow, I've made it really far". Ultimately, though, I hope that I feel happiness, relief, and a sense of contentedness.

I hope I'll be in a better place with work. Fitter. Happier. More productive. Not worrying too much. Regular exercise at the gym, for both of us - whether that's an actual gym or our own cycling, swimming and walking routines. I might also be slightly ashamed how little I've mentioned how wonderful Fran is. She is the reason my life is so good at the moment. Let's face it. But this is introspective. It's self-reflective. Although I did promise to think of us before me in our wedding vows. I hope things are just the same, but a little smoother around the edges, a little less cluttered of mind, of inbox, of to-do list, of second bedroom.

I hope I will feel happy about the choices I made in 2019 - 2020 is not looking like a bright future, too many turbulences. I am hoping that my choices will help protect me and my family from it.

Either i'll say "Gosh... that was the angriest i've ever been." or Likely "I wasn't angry enough. And it's worse."

I hope that I will be more content and relaxed. I hope that my house will be more done and I will be enjoying working at a new job.

I have felt flummoxed about how to shift out of the status quo, how to balance comfort and compassion for myself and how to push myself toward change. I hope I feel that I have taken some real steps to live in greater accordance with my values and emotions.

I hope I will feel a bit more balanced, that I"ll have made strides in doing more for myself, and feel a little less rushed/pressured.

I hope I'll be proud of myself for a year of love and adventure and memories and devoting myself to things that I care about, and nothing I don't. I hope I can figure out how to be a good, kind person while still being myself.

I hope these questions will serve as a reminder for what’s really important in life and inspire me to make changes, both in myself and in the world. I truly hope that in a year from now, I will be able to read them and smile, knowing I fulfilled my dreams and broke free from my self-restraint. That is all I can hope for. More action and less talk.

I hope I'll smile at all the old stuff and how far I've come. I'm super happy this year that I feel like I've accomplished things and have taken huge leaps and bounds since Sept 2018. I hope that's how I feel next year too. I just hope I'm even happier and more content with life.

I don't think I'll feel very much, because honestly I haven't put into place concrete ways of tackling these issues and changing my life. So I don't expect to feel like much has changed that's internally driven.

I am very happy with my life right now but am always open to change. By this time next year I hope I have had a wealth of new experiences, shared lots of good times and laughs with friends, and continue to find happiness in life.

I hope I hit the nail on the head re: the good stuff, and missed the mark re: the bad stuff. I hope that we've gotten to a better place as a country - an open, welcoming place for everyone, regardless of background, race, sexuality, etc. I hope to be healthy and happy and surrounded by my loved ones. I hope that my answers from this year bring a smile to my face and spark new ideas for 2020 and beyond.

I hope I will be in counseling! I REALLY hope - really really really - that I will have made some progress on the impatience/belittling-others communication style Recording a change there - and/or at least some progress - would be SUCH A RELIEF. I hope that my mom and I would have come to some peace about her moving in - where we have a good rhythm and are comfortable with it. I've had a tough 6-ish months (since my car was totalled) with my anxiety & (what I think is) related taking-it-out-on-people. I really really really hope I have figured some of that out. Not as exuberant as I was last year. AND - still sending love to myself!

I think I will be stronger than I am today. I already have grown so much this year as a single gay man, and I hope that tis will continue.

I think I will mostly be curious bc I will likely have forgotten a majority of my answers. I think I will also be excited to compare my answers with my life at the time.

This year again it felt like I moved forward relative to last year. 10Q helps me formulate where I am and where I'd like to go, and in that way helps me get to the next better place or move out of a not-so-good one. It forces me to stop and think about what's happening instead of simply being caught up in the midst of my life. It gives me a small lever to pull and gives me perspective over what I learn/overcome/face. There is power in that.

I hope I'll feel relieved that I was wrong about the bad stuff. I hope I feel good I was right about the good stuff. I hope the world reflects that too.

I hope that I'm less stressed about being different than I am. I want to have comfort in being me. I want to stop trying to be someone else....

I hope that I will feel better about the renovated synagogue and services there. The predominantly grey painted surfaces in the section where I was sitting were depressing. I could not see the clergy or the participants on the bima during the YK morning service. I am wondering whether I will still have a connection to this synagogue I have known and been a member of for 35 years.

I'll be like, oh no I have to fill this thing out again. And then wait until the day before the vault closes to fill it out XD Also, I'll laugh at this because it's true. Anyway, dear future self, I hope you are further along on the journey toward happiness. I hope that you continue to work on thinking positively, despite whatever circumstances you find yourself in. Hopefully you have formed a few meaningful connections with people and have gone to a few conventions (Dragon Con?). It's okay if the above didn't happen. As long as you have continued to improve in some way or another, I'm proud of you :-)

It depends on my attitude towards the year ahead. I'd like to think I'll look back and say 'Man, I absolutely smashed it this year.' We'll see. Maybe I don't hit all the marks, and that's okay. I put a lot of pressure on myself. I think the quote 'Shoot for the moon and even if you miss you'll be among the stars' is a good line. But people overestimate what they can do in a year, and underestimate what they can do in ten, so I hope when reading this back I know that I just need to keep going and keep up the momentum.

I'm hoping that something in my life has changed.

I will probably feel a little anxious as I may have forgotten what I have written and will be unsure as to whether I will be happy with the progress I have made through the year. I have started to work on my own interests and hobbies towards the end of this year, and so I hope that I will have learnt more about myself and have learnt to love myself without the need for external validation.Perhaps as a result I will be able to answer the next set of questions more easily?

I hope to feel accomplished and fulfilled by how I've chosen to spend this next year, focusing on myself, my education, etc. This really does feel like a transition year - not just for me, but for the US, the world. I truly do not know what September 2020 will bring, but I hope it brings hope and peace.

I think I will be sad. I hope maybe I will have gotten medical help or insurance and know what is wrong with me. Dare I hope that I might walk without pain again? Probably not. I think I may be totally disabled by then, if I even still live. I have no hopes anymore, except that I hope things are better for my children, but they are old enough now that looks like it won't be, so.

I hope I can look back on my fears and challenges with a sense of relief because I have overcome them.

I am not sure... I am going into the new year 'open' to possibilities. I at a point in my life I am far less attached to things and people. I am starting to wind down professionally but need to go out strong in order to be able to care for myself in my future. What I do today needs to support how I will care for myself in the future. Seeking freedom.

IF I'll have tackled the projects I have in mind that fear keeps me from tackling as best I can, then I'll feel terrific that I could go for it and stick to a goal and do it. Terrific? No, amazing. And accomplished. And I'd like to feel that way. Different about my life? I don't know but I'll feel I've proven to myself I could overcome some project fears and be true to me/myself and just do it.

I hope that I’ll read them and know that I’ve grown. That I’ll see that things are not static, that even if they’re often awful, they’re not always awful in the same way, and that I can persevere.

I think I'll feel accomplished in most ways, but I'm not perfect, so not everything will be checked off. I definitely want to nail down a creative hobbie and get rid of my CC debt.

I ha no clue how I’ll feel, but I hope I’ve found some sort of peace and/or contentment, no matter what situations arise. I hope I’ve allowed myself to emote without shame and grow without fear of other people’s opinions. I hope I’ll have the strength to let negative things impact my life less. I hope I have explored more and experienced things outside of my comfort zone. I hope I have allowed myself to live on my own terms.

This has been a very difficult time in my life and the answers to these questions reflect the struggles of the last year. I hope I will be in a place of more peace and ease, but life keeps happening so I recognize my struggles could be ongoing and in that case I will have to trust in my resilience and the resilience of my children and loved ones to continue weathering the ups and downs that life has to offer. Keeping in mind that it's not "the thing" but "my reaction to the thing" that is within my control has been helpful in getting me to this point and will continue to be an important tool in my arsenal moving forward.

I actually hope that my life is not going to be all that different from where it is right now, because I'm, overall, quite happy with life. I feel blessed for all of my loved ones' relatively good health, and also for the remarkably healthy relationships between us all. I especially hope that the kids and Ben and I continue to maintain the health of our relationships, and that we manage to navigate the kids' impending puberty gracefully. I also hope that by this time next year, I'll be more hopeful about our political world.

Hopefully still fairly content and happy?

I will be so excited to hear from 2019/5780 Yuvi who just started the new year.

Honestly, I'm nervous. I'm sort of always afraid of not growing, of staying stagnant, and if the same fears and same goals are coming up again for me next year -- if I haven't changed anything -- it won't feel good. On the other hand, I do spend a lot of time working on my own growth, both in and out of therapy, and I'm practicing engaging with the good what-ifs. What if I grow this year? What if I read these questions and feel safe and secure in the effort I've put in? What if I love myself through anything I do or don't manage to achieve?

I hope that I am in a more positive frame of mind. If we indeed start a family in 2020 then I expect I might not be as I expect the pregnancy and being a parent to a baby will be extremely drained. Regardless I hope to be stable mentally and have the tools to cope with my physical exhaustion.

I'm hoping that I will have achieved some of the things I am concerned about today.

I think I'll be proud of the accomplishments that are recent now but will be longer ago by then. I think I'll laugh at myself for the worries I had now. I think a lot of the things I'm wondering about now will have answers by then, and that's in some sense comforting. I hope that I feel like I've accomplished some of my goals. I hope that I maybe live in a better apartment and feel more on top of school and hate New York less. I hope I continue to be more thoughtful and intentional about what I do with my time and energy. I hope I continue to love myself, even when it's the hardest thing to do.

I will feel good about my accomplishments. I think I will be stronger and more confident. I feel as though I am on the right path.

In the past I've felt nervous that nothing will have changed from when I answered the questions to when I receive them. I think it's possible that will happen again. I HOPE that by answering these questions truthfully, I've begun to set intentions, and that intentions will lead to action, and that when September 2020 rolls around I'll feel better equipped to continue living this goddamn lonely life. I want to be content. Let my answers push me in that direction.

I am always excited to look back on my past answers. I hope my program is in good standing with some sustainability in progress. I think I will be ready to move on to a new or renewed adventure. And most of all, I hope I will have improved my life and future.

I think I'll probably be pretty proud of myself for having taken certain steps. Of not only realising things but of actually taking actions to do something about it, even though it scares the shit out of me. I'm pretty sure something in my environment will have changed, definitely the job, but maybe even the city or the country, I'm not sure, but now is sure as hell the time to go and explore. Maybe I'll have also tackled this very difficult (for me) emotional bonding/intimacy with someone, or be on the way to that. Whatever happens, it's definitely going to be an interesting evolution.

I'll be proud once again for having made this a habit! Though hopefully next year I'll remember that this is much easier to do just one question a day, instead of waiting until the last day and doing them all at once :p I treasure the High Holy Days for allowing for these times of reflection, and I so appreciate the chance to see that things are different each year, even when they always feel the same. I can accept that I'll always be a work in progress.

I hope I will have come to a more peaceful place on the deaths of our sons, and have achieved a little more financial stability in our lives.

I am hopeful that I've continued to move forward in life and in my goals.

I answered them! Good job! Now start to think about how you'll answer for this year and remember that it's ok to sit down and write them all on a Sunday afternoon :)

It is my hope that I will have pursued everything I've wanted to. I believe it's only up from here. There's many things that I've planned and it's my hope I've pursued everything.

I will be able to hear conversations and maybe even movies. I will have a full mouth of teeth I will have a car that I love Trump will no longer be a danger or be harming the world My blood pressure will be normal My weight will be below 140

I think I'll be grateful that I made the time to reflect in 2019. It's rewarding to see my personal growth and reflect on how far I've come since starting 10Q.

I hope I will have taken seriously the following commitments: to be open-minded and focused on ways to heal my own mental health and self-esteem issues, to more courageously pursue my own interests and passions (regardless of where that requires me to go). I can only hope, beg, pray that I've made some progress on these commitments by the time I look back on this response.

I hope I’m more comfortable in my day-to-day presentation.

I think I'm going to remember how I felt at this time. The whole job loss drama feels pretty memorable. I'll also remember key people, friendships, and events that helped get me through. I think this is something that happened for a reason and it’s "forced growth," which is fine. I hope I increase my momentum in the direction of productive change and can be impressed by my overall life direction, rather than a few specific achievements, although those are great, too.

I hope next year I will have made more work on myself and that the answers to these questions once again give me strength, not only just before the end of my studies, and above all joy when reading it. Besides, i think I will be really proud of myself and what I have achieved. Also, I think it's great to see what you've been thinking about last year and how much you've developed. I just hope that this time next year I will be happy - no matter what my life looks like.

I think I'll feel proud to have accomplished some (if not all) of these things. I will feel more settled about finances, I hope, and more settled with where I am in life physically and spiritually.

I want to be in progress. Not necessarily content or HAPPY but at least from A to A prime.

I would like to be delighted at being in a better emotional, financial, relationship, and employment place. I would like to look back on these answers at how far I've come. I know there will be sad tough times ahead - there always are. But I would like to think that my perspective and objectivity will help me attain some peaceful strength and resiliency, and also the ability to work together with my romantic partner and family to get through. I want to end this with: Love and optimism. There must be more!

I love this kind of stuff! I think I will feel proud of myself for participating. I say I want to journal each day and time for self-reflection but don't always follow through. I will feel proud I followed through, and also grateful for the technology that will remind me this time next year. I really do hope I will have a child by the time this is sent to me in September 2020. If not, then at least I hope I am pregnant. For many years I wasn't sure if I wanted children. Now I am ready and have a partner who is ready too. It is such an exciting next stage for us to enter into. I hope that it goes as we pray and wish, and if not, I hope we have people and tools to comfort and encourage us.

I think Ill feel refelctive and I hope to feel relieved and joyful to move fwd. I hope to be trusting and content and connected to God , so storms come and KNOW He holds me not ppl

I hope next year I will have achieved something I have written here or at least be working my way towards it! I hope that we will feel more settled with money next year now that the wedding and honeymoon are done.

I just hope I’ve made progress.

Working on Middot and improving myself through self actualization and how I relate to other people will be a great start to a better life.

Silly about how short my answers are! I look forward to reflecting on nursing school and the mystery of my life this coming year, once I am living in that new reality!

I think I will feel extraordinarily proud of myself. I think I’ll have a good cry, because I haven’t been able to do something that would make me that proud for far too long, and I do feel deprived and lacking. I daren’t hope what might be different about my life this time next year to be frank. I’m scared of raising my expectations too high and crashing into deeper depression as a result, which is the last thing I want to do. Far better to forget the questions and answers I’ve given, and then if things do turn out for the better, it will be a precious surprise indeed. X

I think that I'll be much more confident and outgoing. I also think that I'll be much more depressed at times, as I gain more awareness of the machinations of our imperialist civilization. For the same reason, as well as witnessing further assaults on the lives of front-line communities, I think that there will be more anger in my life. Hopefully I will be able to stay grounded in friendship and camaraderie, rather than retreating into my own mind and indulgent navel-gazing. These questions are a good way to mark the passage of time, and lately I have been happy with the results of this periodic introspection. My younger brother recently reached out to express gratitude for introducing him to this, and for being a positive influence in his life. I'm grateful for the ability to help, and for all the help I've received in order to reach this point of stability.

I really really really hope that I will be in vet school, so that I will feel relieved to be reading all of my post-application stress. If I am starting vet school, I hope that I will not be too stressed and that reading these answers will give me pride in how far I have come. If I am not in vet school, I hope that I got through the second application cycle okay, and that I am feeling reinvigorated will my hopes for the future.

I think I will feel great and amazed at the miracle of letting go and letting things "fall apart." I will be blown away how things worked out so much greater and beyond my imagination. I will feel physically stronger. I think I will have a stronger commitment to letting go of the past and an openness to a higher vision and Hashem.

I hope I’m a bit more centred on what’s happening now and better at genuinely relaxing again. I don’t want to stop being driven or be less motivated, but it would be nice to take time to focus more on enjoying now and being present.

I had a hard time sitting down to read and write this year! It only took about an hour, and I don't regret it ..just the act of reflecting is helpful today. So just sit down and do it!

Right before the next elections... I hope we're going door to door and helping to do everything we can!

I hope I have taken action on this year's answers. I hope the world has opened its eyes to stop hating one another long enough to recognize we are all in this together and inside we are all the same. We all bleed the same blood. Together we can tackle big BIG issue and stop repeating all the petty ones! Together we can care for ourselves, this earth and all the plants and animals who dwell on it.

I may feel a sense of regret if I haven’t made forward progress in terms of moving beyond the cause of the accident and instead stay stuck unwilling to forgive myself. I really hope my goals were achieved of finishing my second year courses and moving forward with my academic progress. Overall I hope that doing this and seeing last year’s answers helps me remember that I’m another circle out in the spiral of life, and that’s all that matters.

I hope to feel grateful. This year has been brutally lovely. Painful, but a crucible in which my true self has been forged. Right now it still feels like upheaval. I hope that when I look back, I’ll be able to appreciate it with the distance that comes from being more anchored, more sturdy. Less beaten.

When Sept 2020 comes around, I want to see that I have really owned the knowledge that I can create anything I can dream in my life. That I have set specific goals and am fulfilling them at a level that my formerly limited self didn't think was possible. I want to see that I have created a life that is intentional.

I'm hoping my response is "Holy shit! Remember how hard all of that was?!" I hope my life has reclaimed some of the ease that it once had, without me forgetting the lessons that have been learned over the past 11 months. I'm guessing I will be a bit triggered as I recall some of it, but I hope that I will be in a place where I am mentally, emotionally and physically better equipped to manage that. In terms of how things are different, I truly hope that things are just a bit less uncertain at that time. I hope that we aren't as stressed about money/jobs/etc. I hope that we have found a bit of a cadence that allows us to make some plans and settle into whatever this new version of our lives looks like for a bit. I think there is a lot of good that can come out of it, a lot of love and understanding and joy, but we have to be able to stop and breathe and take it all in first. I hope that when I sit down to answer these questions next year, my answers will be less about massive change and disruption and the negativity around those, and more about stabilization and the positivity surrounding that instead.

I’ll be optimistic

Next year I hope to feel like I have grown in most areas of my life. I like being able to see where I was each year and the changes that occurred.

My hope is that I will be blown away by what God will do as September 2020 inches closer everyday. I want posture my heart in thanksgiving and gratitude.

I hope that there are a plethora of good things that have happened, and for those things that have happened that are bad...that we have overcome them positively and learned from them. (or healed from them).

Don't we always want to have transformed from a rhinoceros into a unicorn? I am pretty sure I will remain a rhinoceros. But . . . hey, I did fulfill what I said last year (steaming hot love, I think? I definitely have that :). So, let's go for it: I'd like to be vibrant and healthy(ish), doing some things that make me feel happy and silly, and doing some things that make me feel responsible and mature; I'd like to have maintained and developed my good relationship with my sons; made headway on a few projects; have a robust savings account but also travel plans to spend some of that; and plenty, plenty, plenty of opportunities to float on calm water, in the sun, with a drink in my hand and nowhere to go.

This year, I was impressed at how much my predictions of trajectory were right on. I’m hoping I have that same feeling next year. I don’t know that the process of answering these questions will change my year, because I mostly did this reflective work before answering. This is mostly a recording for posterity, but that is also powerful, and I am glad for the opportunity to see not only how I’ve progressed, but also how my ideals and expectations for myself have or haven’t changed year to year.

If I make it to 9/2020 ideally I'd be in a better headspace and be happy I don't feel the way I did when I wrote this. I'd also like to feel like the world isn't literally hell and people aren't demons tormenting me.

I hope I'll be living a bigger life and that maybe I'll have let go of some of the things I beat myself up for not accomplishing -- instead I hope I'll have given myself permission to let them go.

I always feel curious to see what I wrote and grateful that I took the time to reflect.

I think that my life priorities will be a tiny bit clearer. I hope that my personal relationships are stronger.

I'm curious about that too. I hope there will be things I'm hoping for now that I'll be able to say I'm there, or closer. I'm curious about that.

That I am in a happier place. More secure in my finances. That I have more activities going on in my life and that my kid is getting ready to go to a college she is excited about. Maybe have someone special in my life to spend my time with.

I think that I won't be surprised with my answers a year from now. I think that I will feel comfortable in remembering where I was at this time, and send my former self love and compassion for what I'm going through now. I hope that I will be focused on moving my life in the direction that I want it to go. This is a great opportunity to step back, center myself, and consider what I want for myself and my life. I hope that I will continue to move in the direction of devoting more attention and space (time/energy) to my overall health, meditation practice, things that bring me joy, and my personal relationships.

I am not terribly optimistic about the effectiveness of these questions. Who is to say I will have changed for the better come September 2020? But, if my efforts over the course of the year have proven worthwhile and have given me a significant improvement in terms of the problems I get to solve on a daily basis, who am I to scoff at such results of introspection? I am mostly curious about how my answers will have changed. I certainly hope I have more gumption to see things through to their end. I hope that I will have become the type of person that embraces discomfort and fear. And I really hope I have moved out of my parent's house at this point.

Bleh at this point I will at least hope that I am having a better outlook on life. These questions are seriously depressing when you read the word for word answers of the previous year.

This year, reading my answers from last year was really tough. I hope that I won't feel so defeated when I receive these answers next time. I hope I am in a place where I feel more fulfilled, more intellectually challenged, and more socially supported. I hope I feel like I'm heading towards something meaningful and spending more time doing things I enjoy.

I hope I'll feel good! This is around the time my lease will renew again next year, so I'll either be resigning or moving, and I hope I'll feel good about either choice. (I'm probably staying, but let's see how this year shakes out.) I hope I feel a little more excited than I do now about my professional prospects, my home life, my mental/physical health routines, and so on. Right now I feel a little bit like I have a big homework assignment, and I'm squaring up the courage to sit down and do it. But answering these question has done a little bit of that for me, and I hope I can make that feeling of hope more accessible to me over time.

This is the first time I’ve done this. A dear friend suggested it as both of us are making momentous life decisions and changes. I hope that I will find myself more grounded, more emotionally secure and with better direction. I hope that I will have been able to release some of the guilt and anguish associated with my divorce. I hope that I have firm goals and direction in my life by then. I hope this time next year my ex-husband has moved on and isn’t mired in depression. I hope my friend has made good choices about his relationships.

I’m hoping I will be a little bit more fulfilled, a little more happier, a lot wealthier and ready for bigger and better challenges. And maybe in a loving and committed relationship with the guy I’m seeing now.

I see that change is possible. I feel that I can make changes. I am well now and the whole field of possibilities opens up to me.

I think that I'll be surprised at how quickly the year passed. I hope that I will have made bold choices in my life and that I am still slow jogging. I anticipate that I will still be eating healthy and that B and I will have had a lovely summer gardening. I hope that I will have traveled more, especially to SF.

I hope the John thing is resolved and working properly. I hope we have trust and plans for our future together. I hope I have a home purchase in my sights. I think I'll feel bittersweet in some places, embarrassed in others, surprised other times. It's always interesting.

Hope to finally have moved past same issues as each year. Pray to have what is left of my family with me.

I hope I'm exercising regularly. I hope I'm looking at screens and wasting time on Social less. I hope I'm eating better I hope I'm spending money more responsibly I hope I'm working I hope I'm doing comedy regularly I hope I'm less nihilistic I hope I'm using less THC I hope I'm watching less tv I hope Adi and I are bringing out the best in each other i hope i'm going to be by midnight

I will feel accomplished and steady, having built the foundation for my life

I think I'll feel good about how I'm in a different place than I was last year (still at my shitty job). And hopefully the world will be a better place and I'll be more hopeful about the state of the world in general. I hope that I will have improved my own quality of life by making more art, moving my body more, being more understanding of people around me and their struggles, being more gentle with myself when I'm having a bad day, and all those other good goals I've mentioned in these answers.

I hope that I have met and exceeded any goals and achievements I've hoped for. And that the negativity and fears are dealt with.

I think I will feel more confident and settled. Our daughter's birth this past year has been wonderful and completely overwhelming and we are still finding our bearings as a family. I am still putting myself back together and creating a new identity. I hope to feel satisfaction in the work that I have done as a professional and as a creative alongside the work that I've done as a mother. And I hope that my marriage is again thriving and a source of energy and delight. I am hopeful for the accountability of setting an intention to finish what I start and to articulating my commitment to bettering my relationship with my husband. Having a happy, loving family is essential to everything else in my life.

I will feel sad to look back on how miserable I was during this time. I will feel proud to look back at how brave and honest and determined I was during this time, that I hadn't given up. And I hope to feel satisfaction that I've completed at least one of my goals. Otherwise, I don't know what I'd feel but I doubt it would feel good.

In Sept. 2020.... I think I'll be pleased. I think it will happen. I will have a cozy townhome to call home, about the size of this current place, but to myself. And to invest in, embellish, illuminate, and keep safe. I think my work and associates will be better aligned with my purpose. I want to start having more fun- driving, road trips, camping. Building memories. This next year, I want to start making memories and traditions :D

I like answering these questions. I only wish I'd answered them each day and given them more time instead of the last minute. Not that my answers would be incredibly different. I do get a chance to think about what I want when I answer these. I hope I've accomplished movement on some of the things I aim to do. I am usually upbeat, and I'd like to continue that. I'd like to have my relationship a little more in order. I'd like to have the organization in order so I can have some room to breath and think of the future of the organization and my role more.

I think I'll feel nostalgic. I'm happy how my life is turning out after making plenty of mistakes. I'm proud and I wish for my future self to be even prouder of what I have accomplished.