Is there something (a person, a cause, an idea) that you want to investigate more fully in the coming year?

My sex life

Continue exploring my ancestry. Fascinating! Continue exploring the basic rules of all religions/ philosophies to incorporate into the Book.

Introversion - am I more of one then I think?

I want to investigate how to read more!

I've reignited my interest in learning Greek and music. Also, I would like to properly figure out dating and get into a rhythm that works for me.

I would like to know more about training and I want to do cool movement related stuff that I've never done before. Having always been the unsporty kid, I seriously love exploring how much my body is capable of.

Per the last question, I want to explore myself. Now, that said, once I get further along in this endeavor, I want to investigate which type of person I wish to be with. Historically, I have been with women who are a certain personality type -- needing mirroring -- and I am now intrigued by a more, independent woman. Not sure that is the right direction, yet worth pursuing. It might just be the pendulum swinging into another direction ...

I'd like to investigate ways of giving back to the world. In the last few years I've been very focused on building myself back, becoming more confident and tending to my needs (which was all very important and needed), so I've neglected my role as part of a larger community, with responsibilities besides myself. Hey, maybe I've found the spiritual dimension I want to pursue (I'm looking at you, Q5)!

Myself. I always make to work on myself and make myself a better person. It is hard to communicate that to others, especially with my "tough" exterior, but I hope that I can use this year to try to be more compassionate and empathetic, and to keep my cool. Maybe therapy or counseling might even be in my future.

Learn:Online learning with masterclass. Create:Environmental content that isn't alarmist. Meet: my inner author.

In the coming year I am more deeply investigating Judaism. I am in the process of converting and in the coming year I want to continue to form my own opinions on the topics and about the work. I want to find "my rabbis" and get and intellectual and theological grounding in what I believe and who is guiding me.

I have a new business idea that I want to explore. A very new idea, but can be big...

Depth penalty, Abortion.

being a better community member/volunteer. awareness of what personal walls I have up when + where + why.

Fat and body positivity activism.

We are toying with the idea of building a house. I want to learn about geothermal heating and cooling. I have been collecting info on green building too and need to explore all of that too.

I'd like to look into becoming a powerful public speaker. I have said this for years, and it's now time. I know it would help me with my coaching career, and in all areas of my professional life. I've talked about starting a Toastmasters group at work, but realize now, that within that forum, it would hinder me from really letting it all hang out. I need to make it happen on my own.

I think I'll be practical here and admit that the only thing I think I can realistically commit to investigating more this year is understanding family finances. I've already set it as a goal for the coming year and it is a necessity.

Yes. This may sound cliche, but I feel like I know a lot about life but I want to know more about death. I want to know about more experiences of those who have "touched death" and have begun to look into jobs working in funeral services (I have not yet told anyone this). Thinking about my dreams and their significance is a daily way of thinking about my un/subconscious.

- salsa course - mindfulness - more clubbing in the techno scene - people: Alekhya

I want to continue to learn about key elements on the behavioral side of my business. Continue to read books like the one I am currently reading on Trust and Love. I want to figure out how to build community among the members of the Joyn community, and how to create a safe space for people to be vulnerable and to explore their own hopes, fears and desires.

I want to know myself and my passions and what I find meaningful.

Yoga. Cooking and baking. Piano.

I want to investigate the potential of a future working with animals. Rescues, TNR and veterinary tech training. It’s just in the beginning stages right now but I would so love to do something even though I know that it can be very emotionally draining.

Me. I want to investigate myself more fully this year. I would like to take one step closer to finding my purpose, finding what I can do, and knowing myself as my self. No guilt, no shame--or maybe at least a little less guilt and little less shame. Explore rather than declare who I am. Try to re-open to the world.

I’ve been giving some thought to ways of finding an audience for my poetry. I have no illusions about awards and publishing, but I do long to engage in conversations around themes I tend to write about...the stuff of living, loving, dying. A recent mentor sparked my thinking with some suggestions, and my writing group reinforced one of those. I write for people who think they have little use for poetry. That’s the audience I’d like to find and engage in conversation.

I want to learn more about battered woman and how to help them. I just finished a book about them, and I’m realizing how hard it is for them to get the help they need. Also, I want to learn more about elder care and how that system works in America. In particular, I want to learn how to give the elderly more control over what they get to do with their own lives!

Yes and no. I'm always curious but I also feel lazy. Right now I'm taking that on-line Yale course about happiness called The Science of Well Being. So that is something I'm exploring more. And I regularly try to be more spiritually evolved. I continue to attend church regularly, I finally finished Sharon Salzburg's and Robert Thurman's Love Your Enemies....I have a couple of Martin Luther King Jr. books I'd like to get through.

Early music! Playing recorder, listening to early music, taking lessons, attending workshops. I’m excited about our new quartet and hoping we can grow together as an ensemble in the course of the year.

I didn't answer this last year. If I had, I probably would have said -- I probably would always say -- that rather than investigate something new, I need to settle on something and work it through: a book, a project, a painting. So the thing I want to investigate is what is feels like to bring a project to completion, no distractions. (Aren't I clever?). That said, I've recently become interested in exploring/learning more about shviti, partly because my area of fascination/study is creativity that takes place at the intersection of visual art and the written work (The Pre-Raphaelite painter/poets; graphic novels; the internet, etc.) and party because I'm wondering if shviti (shvitim?) and its close cousin, Hebrew micrography, are loopholes in the Jewish prohibition against graven images/false idols -- visual representations of the name(s) of G-d that are permissible because while visual they are not literal representations but abstractions?

Yin practice. Inner mothering. Birthing an idea and raising it into prosperity.

Grace: as an essential element of the life-changing (mind-changing) aspect of what Christ died to give. No man can fulfill the Law, it is impossible. But Christ is its fullness and trusting Him to accomplish what I cannot and seeking His life as author and perfecter of my faith, I offer myself to honor Him and let the Father call me daughter, through my adoption, though I am a foreigner. For He is merciful even to the foreigner and the outsider.

Me. My confidence, my body, my happiness. Figuring out what I want and going to get it. At the same time I'm building myself up, I also want to look for ways to give more of me to others, to people who need help in my communities.

I can't think of anything off the top of my head. That's really too bad. I'm still too heads down on the day to day to look up and think.

I think I would like to just read more about education. Just read a lot more and get up to date on what actually are good approaches in the classroom etc.

I want to continue to deepen my already very solid friendship with my Spirit Buddy Alan. What we have is so beautiful, and may we take it even deeper!

In the coming year I will more fully investigate John Vox whom I hope will become the next California Governor. He talks the right path and it will be interesting to see if he succeeds and then fulfill his pledge.

I would like to further investigate astrology. I think it is so interesting how the different aspects of someone's chart can interact, and I think it could be a great starting point to further self-exploration by learning more about what the different elements of my own birth chart mean. Even if someone thinks astrology is completely made up, it is still an interesting medium for self-exploration and introspection.

What might my retirement life be like? I can't yet picture it, but the time's getting near so I'm working on various options. Hopefully, this year will make that future clearer.

How to take more time for myself and to relax more.

I want to get some art!

I want to explore more street epistemology / socratic methods. Seems the best way to engage people in dialog and for two parties to learn something by the end. I also need to do better about creating my own clearly defined social circle here in Austin

I need to look further into myself. Why I allow myself to get into situations I have in the past and how to prevent it. Look into what is beautiful about myself. This past year I have been pretty self deprecating and I need to halt that. There hasn’t been much I’ve liked about myself and it saddens me. I want to take time out for ME this year for a change instead of bending and folding to what everybody me else wants me to be.

I want to spend as much time possible getting to know Arthur, my son. These early days pass so fast— are already passing so fast! I want to devote my time and energy to him.

Perhaps the mind-body-spirituality connection. I had started a meditation program earlier in the year and it got knocked off track. I'd like to pick that back up.

Political activism. It isn't funny any more, and I can't brush off changes with superior ridicule. Got to act.

I want to be more creative in the arts and expressing my creativity. I want to try formal painting, sketching and floral arranging class. I think this is yet another key to unlock my happiness!

I want to continue learning about Judaism and learn some Hebrew as well. I'd also like to learn about Kabbalah, brush up on my French, and read more novels.

Hugh Briss. That guy is fascinating. I am in love with his writing and I just can't find any personal information about him. Not that I want to stalk him or anything, I'm just curious and hope he publishes more stories.

I will continue to think about learning Italian, and will also spend more time trying to understand music. I recently gained a flash of insight into a composition by Bartok, and had never really thought about how music is constructed before. I would also like to get a bit more up to speed on contemporary art again.

Not really. I've gotten involved in politics to some degree. I've just started listening to a series of lectures by Baba Ram Dass. As for ideas. Well, I was thinking about doing a podcast, but I honestly don't have the time to do it at this point in my life. And there's really no real reason to do it in the first place. So, I guess the real answer to this question is no.

I would like to have a more orderly life: House, family, volunteer work, educational programs, excercise. And I would like to be a better friend.

I was going to say those touched by poverty in Tacoma, but that is going to happen, as I’m teaching a poverty-focused English 101 course, and I’ll be reading a ton and finding my path to helping. So, I’ll answer: My children. I’m still figuring out how to be a good mom when I have them only half the time. I have asked for what I need more of (communication, information), and I can follow through with this. My son is graduating from high school next year, and he has a lot of things he needs to do to get ready for that. He needs help. I know that world and can do that. My son #2 is starting high school and needs encouragement and attention. And, I want to continue to expand that out to other children, the child of my squeeze, the neighbor’s child, UU children, my friends’ kids.

I want to investigate the possibility of dating Peter again.

I need to lock down someone to be my health directive surrogate. Pam agreed to do it but now we know what a flake she is. I need someone to count on, to protect me if I become incapacitated and need a caregiver. Seeing last year's answer, I always am looking for charities to support, no question. This year I need to protect me as well.

I would like to learn more about how to perform Jewish rituals at home and I would like to become more active in the community.

I want to ask my parents as much as I can about their lives that I don't know.

Not to be selfish, but I would like to better investigate myself int he coming year. I'd like to know what 'my best' looks and feels like. In college, now over a decade ago, I thought I would have this big, full life by my early-mid thirties. I still often feel that post recession stress and worry of decision making based on fear and scarcity and not experience or wisdom. I thought I might be closer to that now.

Creativity! I want to create something that shows effort and love. I’d like an outlet that taps into the unused recesses of my mind.

I gave up all my volunteering in the last 18 months to reboot. I'm good to go again and I'm open to finding lots of things to explore. I have no fixed ideas, just things that align with my values

Yes, I want to draft a novel based on Jewish women who were Hebrew typesetters in Europe in the 18-20 Centuries.

These days I have been especially interested in the details of Reform theology and practice, and how they differ from Conservative and Orthodox thinking and practice. Having spent almost all of my time in a Reform context, it is interesting to discover some of the details in the ideas of friends who grew up Conservative. It is subtle at times, but the differences are both curious and important (not to say the similarities are not important, it is just that we have noticed that for a long time and would do well to notice other details too). The major issue is legal theory, in some sense. The traditions (Islam is very similar) grew up in contexts that expected the religion to also be civil law. With the reformation (our being in the 19th century, Xns in 16th and Islam yet to come) we separate religious function from legal function. But so much of our ritual is tied up in legal details that taking them apart is difficult. Early Reform just gave them up but lately we have come back to ritual. With that comes an appreciation for law but we cannot go back. They are separate in the modern world and now Judaism is a religion, it cannot be a civilization or a legal system. Those are ancient ideas we now transcend. Judaism is a religion, like any other. Deal with it!

Next year, I'd like to investigate inclusion of fellow autistic people in different Jewish communities around the world more fully.

As a person who is constantly investigating things, this is very difficult to answer this year. There are a lot of things, yet none comes to mind as something that needs particular attention. In general, I think my well-being emotional and physical needs to regain its balance. I want to focus on my running and training to feel stronger than ever and after so many years in flux, I want to feel settled and take the time to reestablish core principles anew in my work and my life.

Rabbinical School

Watercolours. Buddhism. A different job. Learning a new language. How to be a better teacher.

I would really like to buy a home. I really value having my own space and would like to know what all homeownership entails.

Cooking. Meditation. Anything physical. Anything related to building (and keeping) a beautiful home.

Me! How am I going to feel being in a different place this time next year? And how am I going to keep slaying dragons until June? It's time to change up my behaviors and adjust my perspective.

Continue to figure out how I may be able to better help bring a change for the better to our troubled world.

I am interested in so many ideas that it is hard to follow every thought which captures my interest. My continuing love of music remains steadfast with respect to hours committed to learning new pieces and improving old ones. It has always been my primary source of investigation.

Personal freedom with integrity, compassion, and honor; accepting that I deserve to be happy, and be willing to invite it into my life yet trying to figure out how to do that.

Focused on continuing to learn more about functional medicine and how I can integrate services into my community while still being mindful of my own health challenges.

Absolutely. My husband, myself and our marriage.

Again I need to be more connected to other Jews and Judaism. Also, I want to put my work out in the world, investigate my own prolificacy.

How to Live More Authentically, simply and lovingly - to me, to others and to the planet. And how to be free from the constraints that my stories and my buying in of societal stories creates.

I would like to reconnect better with all my friends. I enjoy spending time with so many of my friends but don't get enough time with all of them. I want to have a greater focus on friends.

I want to investigate moving to Richmond to grow my income while staying at Capital One. I also want to learn more about guns, handguns and rifles specifically.

Continue to have more P.I.E. -interesting people, interesting ideas, interesting experiences.

I'd like to be more involved in conversing about and being aware of the news by this time next year. I just installed some news apps on my phone and now I get plenty of alerts, but I don't really read the articles and grow my knowledge of anything. I'd like to explore this a lot more in the next year.

Yes; some personal, some intellectual

I would like to explore the idea of self care more fully in the coming year. To me self care means maintaining yourself so you can be mentally stable. In the past this has meant I slept 8 hours a night, ate regular meals that were moderately healthy, went to the gym 3-5 times a week, did regular hikes, did physical therapy exercises at least 4 times a week, and socialized with someone at least once a week. This was a very successful model, but isn't realistic for single me who now handles all household items on top of everything else I handled before. I need to figure out what a sustainable self care model looks like now that incorporates all of the things above (maybe in a slightly decreased frequency) with things like making time for therapy, self improvement, and putting myself out to more social situations, all which are necessary to prepare myself for another relationship, and the non-negotiable new responsibilities such as making sure I've got food (shopping and cooking), enough clean dishes to eat/cook, minimal cleaning standards, taking care of a special needs rabbit, paying bills, keep up with work etc.

ME. I want to invest more fully in my health and longevity. I deserve it and I am worth it.

I'm hoping to learn more about how to socialize cats who aren't all that human-friendly.

I didn't do what I intended to last year but I have, for sure, decided to retire at 60, so now I must get completely informed, financially.

There is always something, it is what keeps us going! This year I will focus on the inner me. I want to uncover the hidden side of me and discover new perspectives in life through that.

I would like to investigate how to stand for what I believe in more. There are causes I find incredibly important, mainly women's health issues and sexual consent education, and I want to become more active in supporting those ideas.

I still want to find a way to put my professional experiences to good use, part-time, lucratively and locally or online, and possibly engage with like-minded others while doing that.

Meditation. I have so many things I want to do but I'm always too tired or stressed to have the energy to do them. So I want to work on my energy (raise that shit) and stress levels (lower please) so when I answer this question next year, it's a goal I can actually achieve.

I would like to volunteer more. Maybe at the Arizona opera in the costume department. Anything to be around what I love most. I would also love to start a sewing workshop for kids, and heck even adults who want to learn how to sew but don’t have the funds to do so.

Same as last year (life outside the market: purchase and consumer fewer things). Add to this a specific goal to reduce the amount of disposable things we throw away.

I want to investigate what it means to pour myself into making a career even when I don’t want it to be my career. Can I rage against the machine and still find pleasure and success in what I do everyday?

I still feel that I don't communicate well. I would like to feel better understood. I want to learn and do more weaving.

Judaism and spirituality/intuition. Meditation. Size-acceptance/body positivity/radical acceptance/self-compassion. Racism/racialized trauma/justice. Writing creative non-fiction.

I want to learn more about the intersections of justice movements -- how different causes and forms of oppression intersect in our society.

Yes I want to learn more about nutrition which is my prospective major for college.

My baby girl, running, baking, the music of Michael Jackson and Aretha Franklin, photography, climate change, the next wave of feminism.

How best to create a blended family

Being Jewish -- ethics, morality, making changes

Chilling the fuck out. Lol. Also potentially getting a new job.

I want to more read more works from Melanie Kaye/Kantrowitz. "The Color of Jews" Seems like a really important book for understanding myself and my Jewish community.

I would like to learn more about listening. About dialogue with those who disagree with me and vice versa. I think that's going to become increasingly important in the Jewish and wider communities.

The story of two women, of different political ponts of view, the story of their life en the xxrh century. Want to make a dcumentary on tnem.

I would like to learn Tai Chi hopefully with my husband. It would be fantastic if we could do more physical things together.

This has been on my list for a while, but I'd like to volunteer with the Prisoner's Literature Project. I've been meaning to do it for at least a year and I have yet to get off my ass. So maybe this'll be the year that I commit.

Energy healing. Particularly and it pertains to healing myself xo

- le yoga - la méditation - l’epanouissement Personnel - la cuisine

Yes! I am looking to understand processes and process improvement far better within the next year, not only within the context of technology, but within a broader context of business and society.

I want to get smarter about keto and healthier life. This will require a lot of research and travel potentially bumping into many walls because it'll take time to find a keto-believing doctor that is more than just weight loss. I've finally got Wife generally agreeing that keto is better; now just need to follow through with a supportive medical plan.

Compassion and inner growth...really understanding myself my fully!

How to connect post college Jews to connect to Judaism by empowering them to create their own meaningful Jewish programming.


I want to be come involved in something: two things that weigh heavy on my heart is: 1. creating a local community for single adults 2. working with drug rehab in some fashion

It's weird, but I'm always interested in learning more about coffee. I'd like to finish the Barista Hustle courses. I'd also like to learn more about PDD-NOS in detail and how I do/don't fit, what causes it/not, how I can overcome mental blocks, etc. Basically, more actual reading on the topic.

Being kind to the people closest to me. Specifically, my husband and my son.

I want to investigate me, my potential for being my own boss and actually making a difference in other peoples’ lives.

I want to write. I have so many started manuscripts, so many ideas rolling through my mind, but have never ever found the wherewithal. I want to learn more about my religion, delve further into my cultural and spiritual roots. I want to learn to play the harmonica and wail the blues.

I want my significant other and I to put together more formally and consult with others working on the same osint recommendations and lessons for at risk populations (sex workers, discriminated against minorities).

In the past year I started learning about religious/spiritual Jewish practices after a lifetime of being a secular Jew and 12 years of practice with a Zen sangha. I want to keep going with this investigation and feel out what it means to be connected ancestrally, learning from the teachings and also being honest about the teachings that do not resonate / that are harmful and need some healing and transformation.

I want to continue to investigate the power of plants in my life. Plants to heal my microbiome so that I can live a fuller, richer life. I want to prove to myself what they say about the plants that will heal you are within a day's walk of where you are. Very exciting- especially when I'm dealing with chronic illnesses.

Inclusion in educational settings! I've not so much been implementing this (in my current role as a first-time solo instructor) but I want to learn more and do things that will help.

I want to investigate more on my success in the upcoming year. I want to know how I can have a better mindset so I can achieve more success. I also want to go to places where I can find inspiration for more ideas on my stories. As I said before last year, I know what I'm capable of, but I always hold back and never fully reach my fullest potential. It's mostly because I'm afraid to change, feel the pain of progress, and let go of my current self. But I am willing to further eliminate my fears and embrace change. Most of all, I want to investigate my growth and how I can grow to become a fully successful person. But I know that everything will comedown to my drive, willpower, and the amount of desire I put in to want to succeed.

The bath soak idea needs further investigation.

I think I need to free myself from being obsessed by news of politics and the world, but at the same time, I need to become more politically aware and active and do what I can to help with this year's election and going forward into 2020. It's really hard not to judge Trump followers and think that it's simply another perspective or different beliefs, rather than automatically deciding they are bigots and awful people. And instead of being angry with them, I want to work on doing what i can to get more people to vote, by helping register them or canvassing them or figuring out how to help get them there.

Yes, I want to learn about art! I've been drawing on my own for years, but I'm ready to take a classes to learn both theory & practical application. I tried to sign up at local college but was told I'm too late for the fall term. Got to wait till spring.

Per my previous answer, spirituality? Idk if that really is a factor for me, but it comes up every now and then. Also, your own personal fitness. I know that's a generic answer, but seriously. I'm happier when I'm making an effort. I don't even run anymore and that should be more of a focus. I'll be better for it and it could even help with getting out there. I know you don't want to make the time for it in your schedule. But I'm hoping that now that the culture of your MEP work is changing it will be less emotionally laborious and leave you with more ability to prioritize other facets of your own growth.

I honestly can’t think of anything at this moment. Things come to me randomly, and I usually investigate at that point, rather than planning ahead to look into something.

My brother's circumstances before his death. Changed my mind, its not going to change anything. He's with the Lord😇❤ Apply my 'EXPERIENCING GOD' Bible study

I would like to understand the difference between a simple will and a trust. Then we need to settle on the best solution for our estate and quit dithering about it. I need to decide who gets what, who is included, and which charities should get ????

Catharine MacKinnon. Emmanuel Levinas. Charlotte Salomon (again). the possibility of getting a tattoo. Moving beyond "thinking' about how to write about mother-daughter abuse towards investigating it in the form of trying to write (for real, on paper or Word Document, not just in my brain).

I want to reconnect to music and explore music from before my birth.

Emergence theory.

I think I need to investigate what balance truly means. I would like to have balance in how much work I take on. Balance in all of my relationships so that I set good boundaries and honor my needs. Balance in my eating and moving my body. Balance in finding and taking time to meditate, breathe, and find true peace.

I'm still searching for a spiritual home. I'm particularly interested in the idea of church: where do we go from here? What else could this look like? I feel like many people are and have been asking this same question, but I haven't heard the answer that engages my heart - and captures the need I see in the world around me - for spiritual community that helps us be human, helps us mature, helps us love better.

I must figure out a way to get more involved in the local Nashville community in a volunteer capacity -- supporting a cause that is important to me.

The following observation: All these little things are not extensions of myself. It's so "big" that I'm still wading in the face of its consequences. Le constat suivant : Toutes ces petites choses-là ne sont pas des extensions de moi-même. C'est tellement "gros" que je suis encore à patauger face à ses conséquences.

I want to continue to plant firm Jewish roots for myself and my home. Not necessarily religious roots, but secular, spiritual, and social justice based roots. I want to investigate my new synagogue I have joined and see if this community is one that will feel like home to me.

Behavioral-physical health integration and what can be done to help bring that along.

I need to investigate myself more fully. There are so many things I do (or don't do) that are not in my best interest, but I do (or don't do) them anyway. Time to do some deep introspection and soul-searching and come up with answers and a strategy to overcome this.

Once again I could probably repeat last year's answer exactly. I am definitely still politically outraged and infinitely curious but other than my news and podcast habits, not doing much about either. The one new thing I have done is revisit a skill that I barely had over the years -- knitting. I would like to get better at it and make some things that not only keep my hands busy but also have some use or artistic value. A lot to ask for what's basically a new skill, but there you go...

The field of corporate social responsibility. Electrolysis. Poetry.

Hope, peace, and love.

I want to hang out more with Brittany and see movies with her. I love this and loved it when we lived together and I watched the films that were assigned by her class. I miss her and always feel inspired and grounded when we spend time together. I also need to be a better friend to Danielle. I think if I make an effort in being a better friend to her, those habits will apply to other friendships, as opposed to vice versa.

I would like to learn more about nutrition

I want to learn how to be a good father

I'd like to read all of the works of James Baldwin. I saw an incredible video of him debate William F. Buckley (the 58-minute version on YouTube) and it was astounding how relevant everything he said was to today. I want to hear more from him.

This is the toughest question yet. I really want to help my brother with Kai, 15 years old and very scared. I hope Kai can see he needs help soon. He is depressed and starting to experiment with drugs. We are all on our own path, but, with my experience, possibly Kai can see the potential lost and the struggle forth coming until help is rendered.

An idea: What is our relationship with Hashem supposed to look like? How are we supposed to strive to relate to Him? Does our emunah and bitachon affect the way He relates to us?

I want to explore the idea of accountability. Accountability as a white middle class American woman, as a human on an injured planted, as one of 7 billion people.

Myself. Who am I? What brings my life meaning? What do I need to feel nourished? What are the moments that make me feel the most alive?

Honestly I’m not sure. I want to want to have that. The thing I’m working towards fixing or a cause I am dedicated to. I think that I just believe that there are so many issues in my own back yard that I have had to ignore just to live day to day. The poverty around East Hastings needs to change. I don’t know how but I think that action is better than inaction.

I always want to explore Taoism more fully. I have had thoughts this past year about doing a chapter by chapter analysis of the text, comparing different translations to more fully understand the nuance of the Daodejing.

As lame as it sounds, I want to investigate myself more. I feel I haven't found my place in the world yet and I really want to grow: I feel I still need a purpose in my life. I also want to detach more from all of the material world around me. I want to start wasting less, I want to reduce my negative impact on the environment, but improve my positive impact (as a human being) on the world.

Yes...I like to continue researching parental attitudes and conversations regarding healthy relationships, sex, and hook up cultures for both males and females.

I want to investigate the truth about the land of Israel. I want to know more about how it became a nation and why there is an occupied territory with settlements on it.

I'd like to find out whether groups that aim to bring together people with opposite ideas are successful. I love the idea, don't know whether it will succeed.

It's really important to me that James and I start getting involved in some sort of charity or community work. Whether it be hunger & food shortages or supporting the arts scene, I feel strongly that it needs to be a priority in our lives. My parents' work & donations to the LPO and various arts organizations in New Orleans has always been something I hugely admired, so it's become a major priority in my life.

I've started reading historical fiction this year. Reading about England in the 1500s requires a whole vocabulary that I only partially know. I think I would like to learn more about that time period.

With elections both upcoming and so very critical I want to look closely at congressional and gubernatorial candidates as well as the nominated judges. I feel an informed vote does really matter!

Learning to pray in Hebrew. Looking into marijuana stocks more fully and have the courage to invest

Yes! But I want lightning to strike & tell me what that person, cause or idea is. I'm trying to till the ground so the seed can sprout....

This year I want to understand how the idea that we, as humans, have the right to lock other human being in a cage for any part of the life G.d gave them came to be acceptable. Our most ancestors didn't do this. But it has now become so common, especially in America, that it is both a major industry, a.way of dealing.with high unemployment and mental illness, a way of discipline used even with young children, and as the answer to- as well as a major cause of- the drug epidemic. Through our T'shuvah conferences we are facilitating the work of leaders from one city at a time as they seek to embrace T'Shuvah the right and realonsibility to rise again. Work to understand root causes behind poor decisions and to comprehend the damage done by incarceration and especially by pretrial use of jail time to induce forced plea agreements. Then these men and women delve into an exploration of why 'best-practice' alternatives, in other countries, can make incarceration extremely rare and insure it is never used for punitive, vengeful purposes. As a Rabbi, a professor, a chaplain and a Coach but also as a Jewish woman this is an area of need to which I can no longer turn a and eye. Mass incarceration allows us to further divide ourselves as people. It destroys people's lives, does nothing to heal a wound caused by any action, it ends employability and the collateral damage to others is enormous, especially to children. But it also legitimizes both vengence and economic inequality for we have two systems of dealing with crime in the US and even we who consider ourselves to be social progressives have allowed it to continue. Vengence is not Jewish. T'Shuvah is Jewish. And this year I want to understand how Adonai desires His people to create a safe and healthy society while beating the cages, we euphamistically refer to as "correctional facilities," into plowshares.

Selfishly, I want to devote more time to myself--or rather, to bettering myself, my health. I want to learn relaxation techniques, and about managing/treating osteoarthritis.

YES! After running our local community programme for the Limmud conference, I identified the idea of power that sort of underlies a lot of issues facing the world, communities and relationships between people. It's something I'd really like to unpick in a series of talks - putting it out there for everyone to recognise. Also this BS notion of 'self-hating Jews' and stopping the tear between Israel advocates and critics in our community.

Black history in the USA and how to be an ally

Volunteering to help in the Mental health community

My dabble (and it was a dabble!) into daily prayer for last Lent was really good. I know that daily is hard - and an unrealistic goal. So I'll say three times a week. Three times a week (not Sunday), I'd like to say morning prayer or Compline.

how design can be used to change the world - and how my own gifts align with this cause

I want to better understand eastern religions...probably time for me to read that Tibetan Book of the Dead, which I bought years ago.

I feel like I always have trouble with this question. Obviously I'd like to continue looking into how to make myself better and how to help the world while also making a living. I'm starting to come around to trying to look into survivalist techniques. I guess it makes sense to know what plants are edible and what to do if a nuclear attack happens. At least then I'll feel like I have some sort of control over my fate.

Not that I can think of.

Skin surgery. Will i want it or will I be happy with what I am.

Yes. Judaism. I'll travel to Israel if that's what it takes.

Think more about living while dying with metastatic breast cancer. Keeping the balance between the grief of dying and therefore not doing what I would have done if my cancer had not metastasised ... and the natural joy of living and doing things now (Which I also would not have done if I had died before (eg in the Terrible Tractor Accident of 2003) Being careful not to put too much emphasis on the "marginal" [additional] joy of that above as well There have been so many angles from which I have looked at death (mine and Other People's) so the mathematics gets really complicated

Okay, so I have two answers: 1) I want to learn more about nutrition and making the smart choices when choosing what, when, and how much to eat. I want to be better informed of how different foods combine to make complex carbohydrates and complete proteins. I want to eat the healthiest foods that I can. 2) I want to get back to my love of either Israel or Russia. At one point I was knowledgeable about the histories of both of these countries. I want to get back to that place and feel smart again.

Mindfulness, meditation, and therapy. I am really happy that I am finally going to start going to therapy and I’m excited to see how that helps me.

Retirement? I've had enough of working so hard and so fruitlessly as a social worker. I'd like to be able to retire (and not starve while doing so) and work part time in a less stressful job. Am pleased to note that I did go on vacation with three friends, to South Carolina and attended my high school reunion in Chicago, both of which I listed last year as goals.

I'd like to look into electing Mikie Sherrill to Congress and following up on her proposals for change.


I want to really ‘dive in’ this 1000% to my side gig. I don’t want to make predictions or try to plan too far in advance, I just want to see what I can do with what I already have. I have been lazy this year, and I have not put my full effort in to ANY of the projects I have started. I want to physically complete something big, and reap the rewards of that process.

I'm interested in continuing to explore what's next for me on my spiritual journey, of finding purpose and meaning in this phase of my life, turning toward the end of it without regret or fear. I'm just starting to read Ram Dass's most recent book, and have my eye on reading Terry Patton's recent book too, and Doug Silsbee's work really interests me.

I want to watch more TED talks and learn in a different way. That might mean more YouTube videos too, but first I want to clear up my TED list.

I would like to learn more about Israel. If I don't get to visit this year, I would like to have begun making plans for a visit the following year.

Nothing really comes to mind. I'm at the age where I pretty know about all I need to know. I think.

Mission work and what God wants me to do.

Compassion Forgiveness The ability to be alone and still be happy


I'd like to investigate a country in Asia that I can ride my bike through for a month or so . . . just not sure which country will be all-round "best" - gorgeous, safe, inexpensive, amazing people and food . . . .

The long-term effects of bariatric surgery, building raised garden beds, the meaning 0f spirituality

I'm exploring neurocognitive science more deeply. It is lots of applications to the exercise book my friend Lann and I are writing

I want to learn more about yoga.

I would like to get closer to my stepfather because he has a lot of wisdom

I want to invest more time in my professional growth and development. It's been a year of change and growth for me, and I hope that in this coming year I can continue discover my strengths and weaknesses in my career.

I have been working on getting our local community to gather all arts efforts into a common vision. I have been at it on and off for a dozen years. There remains some opposition due to power struggles but we now have a new mayor who believes in this as economic driver. I also have a positive history with her. I am hopeful that my efforts will bear fruit.

Me. I still have not been able to really get to know myself as a single person. If he would just let me go, I could think of a future alone. If I could move beyond the fear of poverty, I could let go of the extra stress this puts on me, so I can try to self-actualize. I have slid down the Maslow hierarchy of needs, and I don't like this. Who am I, without a partner, with no fear (a leaf out of Buddhism and Stoicsim), and with the courage I had as a child, when I had nothing? That is what I need to investigate.

Myself, to be perfectly honest and self-involved. I feel like I do spend a lot of time and energy trying to evaluate and analyze and understand myself, but that there isn't much in the way of a through-line or checkpoints to my own progress or evolution. I have felt static and stagnant for a long time now, and it's evident that that's not doing to change on its own. I have to take action. I have to take steps, no matter how small at first, in order to change that. It's time to become my own best friend and best advocate.

Politics. Yoga. Wicca. Myself.

Throat chakra. I don’t know if I necessarily believe in chakras. But I do know I feel choked frequently. My throat seizes when I need my voice and it lets me down. It feels truly physical. Mechanical. Not just mental. It is more than just being shy or awkward. I’ve always had a feeling of tightness or seriousness that I’m trying to get away from. This is the next path I want to explore as a way of releasing this restriction. Opening my throat so my voice and breath and life can flow more freely. Relaxing my neck/throat/jaw both mechanically and spiritually as a way to get rid of headaches and tension and anger and false words and unsaid sentiments. I want to focus my attention on this part of my body to explore and untangle all these connections. I want to work towards getting my body in line with my values and identity.


Carving out some alone time for myself for quiet reflection and contemplation. Not sure where or how, but I'd like to start doing that.

Vegetarianism. I know I'm on the wrong side of this issue ethically, economically, and environmentally, but I've never felt like making the leap before like I do now. I want to eat more veggie-based meals over the next year and consider transitioning to pescatarianism or vegetarianism.

I want to do a deep dive into creative community building, especially around conscious communities of practice that deeply engage in inquiry & dialogue around challenges in playful and unusual ways. The Serious Problem needs a loving nudge into big shift.

My abilities and talents.

I will work on immigration rights during the year as well as focusing on being a diligent Trasurer.

Getting the bathroom remodeled.

I'm about to begin hospice training - so yes. I'm nervous but also excited. What if it isn't "for" me? What if it is amazing and life changing? Both are scary thoughts!

I want to get married, with him. And I want a baby, from him.

I want to explore improving my mental health with my newer mental health providers, and I want to maintain connections with family no matter how difficult that becomes.

The morality of AI. Using the morality of human society being alright with eating cattle, dogs, octopuses, etc. as a foundation, what do we want to regard as AI's appropriate/inappropriate role and treatment by us as a rapacious species?

I haven't really thought about this. I'd love to dig a little deeper into the Dalai Lama. Equally, I'd love to understand what motivates the greatest athletes.

I want to learn computer coding.

This year I want to learn new things. I want to make some friends. I want to be active in my synagogue. I want to contribute, to make a difference; somehow make the world better.

I am still trying to do something with the homeless. I found a possible option and I hope to start pursuing it soon. Building housing is the goal.

what is friendship?

I want to explore ways to meet more people and expand my life beyond the limited self-imposed boundaries that constrained it last year.

As a health reporter with no background in health (lol), I definitely have a lot to learn while I'm on this beat at The Telegraph. I've already learned so much about health issues in the past three months since I started, but I know there's so much more to learn and so many more stories to uncover. I think that health is often overlooked by those who don't consider themselves experts, but, the truth is, health impacts everyone and any story can have a health angle. I don't think I need to be an expert on health issues to cover this beat, because if I can get a source to explain a concept to me, I know I'll be able to explain it to my readers in a way that isn't totally over their heads. But I want to know more, especially so that I can know what stories to look out for and what information my readers should know.

writing music, exercising, finding a college major I'm passionate about

Judaism. Myself. Suicide prevention.

I want to start my process of converting to Orthodox Judaism fully in the coming year. I am committing to converting because I have a Jewish father and a Christian mother. This is a big endeavor, for sure, but I am excited to investigate it more fully.

Over the next year I would like to learn more about university climates and how they affect the student body and general population of the town/city.

The mind-body concept and how it relates to Taoism and quantum physics..

I'm gonna do a lot of business development this next year. Looking forward to getting better at it.

I actually ended up taking a fashion illustration class last year! But I don’t put aside enough time to practice. I think I need to focus on, we’ll, focusing more, being more “mindful” at work, and finding a monthly volunteer project to give back to the city that has given me so much.

Saving dolphins and whales. That’s definitely the issue in the world that “breaks my heart” and I heard on Cathy Hellers podcast Don’t Keep Your Day Job that whatever it is in the world that breaks your heart is part of your purpose/meaning/dharma... so I want to look into charities and make/sell ocean figurines to raise money for them.

Nemesis, the distribution of fortune, and the integration of those concepts into duality.

I want to dive deeper into what Jewish text/thought/liturgy tells us about alternatives to capitalism and cooperation. I want to lean into my song leading.

I'm not sure "investigate" is the word; I do want to become more politically/socially engaged in the world. I've dabbled in the local political structure and have volunteered at some events, but there is so little time and I am never sure I made a difference. I am certainly interested in investing my energy (though limited) in directly improving the lives of people in my community. Again, time/energy is in short supply, so I want to be able to make maximum impact...which is why I often end up not engaging when I really should. Perhaps I need to remember my advice from an earlier question: "Something is better than nothing." I am not okay with doing nothing. So I hope in the coming year to be more engaged in this important work.

I would love to look into local startups that are doing disruptive things to help the environment and deal with climate change from a variety of perspectives and mediums.

I want to find out more about wind and solar energy and how much it actually takes to fully recharge a medium size battery. It would also help to come up with a more effective type of battery.

Meditation Iyengar Yoga Intergenerational and grief support for family and caregiver survivors of the Alzheimer’s journey

Moon and Brazil are very profound films. I'd like to watch them again and think about that. I think about perception/belief, immortality vs fear/suffering, love, altruism, selfishness, prisoner's dilemma. Is there a balance? Even when we know we have all the lives in a game, I personally don't play again and again to try out the evil path. But that is only because I connect it with the good path that is the meta -- the real life one-time-shot. Would I choose good if I were sure everyone had multiple? Oh free-will.

I want to learn more about making a career change this late in life. Figure out the cost of education, the time investment, if it's going to be worth it, and if it's something I want to do.

I don’t have a ready idea for this one. Maybe interconnection and community.

How to be a better therapist. Starting this new job as a fully fledged therapist at the university has got me feeling panicked about the dearth of my skills (or at least my perception of their lack). I want to know how to be effective for a host of conditions, really know what presentations I enjoy working with, and become a more proficient and trauma-informed clinician.

Kunming, Yunnan, China. Language, culture, cooking. I want to fully immerse myself in life here and learn as much as I can.

Fully intersectional feminism. How different faith communities can appropriately come together to create change. Spanish slang. How feminism and religion have been harmonious and at odds with each other both now and in history. Gluten-free baking and cooking.

I want to learn more about Misophonia and research ways to deal with/combat it. It affects me daily and it especially affects my daughter and my niece. There has to be something that can be done to lessen the annoyance!

Recurring theme this time-music. I want to learn enough to be comfortable playing with other musicians, and performing. I'm also wanting to make more medical volunteer trips.

Myself. I want to finally figure out what my triggers on for good days and bad days. Not just for moods either but for headaches and stress and bp help. Find out why and what makes me react the way I do. I figure this out then I move on to helping my kid better.

I want to step more fully into being a grandma to Lincoln.

Mindfulness. Being content in the moment, without anxiety. Pelvic floor PT. Mail-order daily contacts (for occasional use). Housing research acrosss DOHMH, not just our division.

I joined the environmental club at my school and would like to investigate environment protection more

I'd really like to explore Boston after I move there, and investigate everything in the city. I want to become native.

Last year I was on a quest to find a faith community. While I consider myself a spiritual person, and I have faith in something greater than myself, I don't have the same need to be part of a community. I would like to learn more about meditation and possibly Buddhism. I don't know anyone personally who practices, but I have read about a few famous individuals (Tina Turner, Russell Simmons) who find these practices valuable.

I want to investigate the idea of hatred a bit better so I can understand what’s driving a lot of the things that are happening in the world lately.

Cooking. I want to cook more to improve my cooking skills, have a more healthy diet, and eventually be confident to cook for others!

My Wife (can never not know her too much) Environmental stuff (Like, the things I don't know, ya know? I want to know more, am I doing the right things? Is it too late?) Humanistic Judaism, (does this count as an idea? Guess I'll find out.)

Yes I can’t wait to meet my 5 th grandchild and may god bless him/her with a healthy life. My last year idea of a children’s book is still on the pipeline

Myself. This is the first time in my life when I have been supported and recieved affirmation on a regular basis! After years of being bullied, pushed around, and abused I need to get to know who I am outside of it. Who I can grow to be, because I know I can be more than a victim. I want to get acquainted with myself. With the strong woman I have grown into.

My values - what excites me, what depresses me etc. and the extent to which I can push my limits and face my fears.

Beto O'Rourke

I don't have an exact answer to this. I think if anything, it would be to find more time and commit more energy to reading. The satisfaction from reading an informative book is something I haven't had in awhile, and I wish that once I know what I'm doing in life, I'll be able to chill and read a bit. This takes more focus than anything, but I'm hoping I'll be able to do it.

there are two work related things i want to learn more about in the coming year. the first is about business agility/value stream mapping and how to apply agile outside just product development teams. the second is that i want to figure out ways to market my online course and generate some income on it from the side -- i don't really know that much about online marketing or how to build a followers list. on a personal level i haven't thought of anything. i am still very interested in how habits work and also decision making frameworks. on a skill level it would be so cool to be able to build something.

Absolutely - the financial literacy program - and getting some really good, really big sponsors and making it BIG, even in its first year.

I want to investigate and come to understand what kind of arthritis I have and the treatments available to me.

Judaism, intermediate qi Gong, Lizzie Borden( the director), my lost persons art piece, beginning French, learning to play the moonlight sonata, my grandchildren, finish that damn commentary on Proust(finally!) the drums, botany, birds, and stones

Death and dying. Forgiveness. Recompense for wrongs. Non-carceral solutions to criminality.

What does it mean to be a social worker? What does it mean to be a therapist? How can we understand the rules of the system to over come them? On a personal level: why are you so afraid to commit? Why are you so afraid of being abandoned?

I started reading the Self-Compassion book that Teresa recommended, and it both spoke to me and was terrifying. Now I need to finish the book and actually try the exercises... and convince myself that I am deserving of self-compassion.

Getting proximate to the immigration crisis


I want to learn more about pregnancy and raising a child so I will be prepared a little better. I have a strong wish for a child and I want to try my best to give it the best start to life.

I want to learn about motherhood - I’m so excited to learn something new every day about being pregnant, and about my baby. I can’t wait to experience actually being a mother!

Carry on investigating communities, children and how to bring up and educate my children in particular.

Mindfulness. 30-minute meals.

Mental health or disabilities in sports. I'd like to support these in some way either through more volunteering or being in a role where I can help others achieve what they want mentally and physically.

Who am I and where can I best serve myself and others for the remained of my life.

I want to investigate Nevi'im more this year. I want a chevruta to begin learning Nevi'im with, and to build up my base about what happens in each of the books and recognize the stories, how they interplay, how they're told, why they're told, etc. It's funny because my answer from last year about investigating future options still stands, but that's not the full theme of the year. Maybe come February, I'll start thinking about my next steps, but for right now I want to fill my Jewish soul more.

I am very interested in everything that has to do with the mind and how it works. I want to learn more about it, and I will do so through books, articles and podcasts.

Kung fu. Writing. Slowing down. Walking without headphones in.

Myself? Acceptance. Raising self-esteem. Finding ways to be ME - all facets of me. Not just mother and tired person in turns. Someone who loves life, takes pictures, loves Jens, sings, has passions, has kids, loves those kids, makes life nice for everyone. Also ask Dad about his mom. Doris or Jürgen reminded me this year that I should do that before the memories are lost. Get those memories in writing.

Sir Gawain & the Green Knight I guess

A return to a progress Democratic nation, with reduced anti-Semitism.


Well, I would love to dismantle white supremacy, if only I could find the time. I'm a middle-aged white woman, and I was raised working class but I am living a middle-class life now. I've been a liberal for a long time, but I am only really starting to understand the systemic inequality at the root of so many problems in our society. Becoming a homeowner was eye-opening in that regard. I don't have school-age children, so I wan't fully aware of the whole issue of school districts until we started looking at homes. It irritated me that I was supposed to choose where to live based on on a criterion that wasn't relevant to my life. From that self-centered starting point, I began to think about just how much systemic racism and classism are baked in to our society and held in place by how we fund our school system. My extreme introversion gets in the way of being an activist, but I would like to do some small thing to chip away at the glacier of injustice.

My answer is the same this year as it was last year. I want to further investigate myself. I am unique. I am a good wife. I am a good mother. I want to keep growing as a person. And allow myself the opportunity to encourage my SELF.

The idea of regret. Learning how to do the things that I want to do so I don't regret not trying them. I cannot change the past, or the regrets I have from not doing something, but I can do something new for today and tomorrow so I'm not weighed down by new regrets.

I just arrived back from Cuba and would like to know more about Communism and the interplay between them and the U.S. works. I would like to know more about money management in the next year. I am almost debt free, so after I put together my emergency fund, it's on to saving for the next year. I'm mostly open to knowing more about whatever the next step in my life is. I have a lot to work on and know.

I want to be able to make more friends and become friends with more people and be open to it.

I want to learn how to better swim, run, and jump.

Well, I finished the story cycle. Yay! Now my goal is to finish my post War stories. I have one half finished and one in my head. There's a bit of a block. I know where I am in the first, and I know where I want to end up, but getting there has not revealed itself to me. I know these characters so well, but I wish I could simply have a conversation, 'So, when did you realize you were in love? How did the fight in the restaurant start?' Hmmmmm, maybe I should simply ask them.

I want to investigate myself more fully in the coming year. I want to expand into the person I feel I was meant to be. I want to pursue my creative side more and spend as much time as possible with my art and music.

I'm going to be really busy with articling, but maybe just getting more involved with social justice/politics. I'm sure Andrew could help. He has a friend who literally fights bro Nazis. Physical fighting is not my scene, but the point is that he knows people on the right side of history.

What to read, what to read? Which selections of the 1000 books I have always promised to read when I had the time. also, how to purge things and unclutter life and get an even clearer handle on monthly cash flows and how to maximize travel budget and still maintain a sufficient retirement income stream.

I'd like to continue learning more about the experiences of other groups of people. My experience as a cis, white person is very privileged and I'm just now starting to realize that. I think it's important to gain a more full picture of what life is like for anyone who isn't me, who has had different experiences.

Deeper self expression! What that truly means, how it can be financially rewarded to a greater degree than at present, and being more of use with it. I want to bear my soul more greatly in the world at large. And I would like to be handsomely rewarded for it, if I actually do so.

Oh, I want to explore everything! There's still so much , too much, to investigate in this world. The first things that come to mind are classical music and latin dance, but I guess I'm supposed to try for more heady abstracts (causes and ideas). I don't know anything about Judaism, and would like to? Does that count? I guess I should try to root my anti-prison stance in a little more concrete theory about alternatives. I should actually participate in some movements. I'm all ideas, no praxis. Oh, I need to find some pedagogical theory that I can respect. Someone has to save education.

I want to more fully investigate selling Jewish-themed (and other) designs I can create on my Cricut. I think the ethnic markets are underserved and untapped, and if I am correct, I might have the makings of a DIY business.

Yes. I want to see BAJC work more closely withe black community, bringing together people of color and Jewish folks (and those who are both) to talk over our differences and commonalities.

I want to spend more time with my children and develop our relationship so that is doesn't revolve around their father and mangaging his relationship with them.

I am interested in exploring meditative Buddhism in the next year. While "mindfulness" has become quite fashionable, I hope to study more and find time for solitude and contemplation.

Investigate is a weird word. I'd love to investigate package free and zero waste life this year.

My biological father.

I want to become closer to Judaism and continue to keep it in my heart and actions.

I've been reading some great books this year, including a few from the PBS Top 100, The Great American Read. Most of these were fiction, so I am ready for some historical and non-fiction books. I just started "Fear" by Bob Woodward, about the epic fraud/joke that is the trump presidency. That's a subject I already know too much about, but I'm sure I'll finish the book.


I have recently been looking at expanding those groups to which I donate. I have been investigating the Women of the Wall, and I want to continue to learn more about them, and follow their activism.

What can we do in a public health, macro approach to counter the mental health problems caused by systemic social injustice? How do we take the things that we might have learned to help one privileged person who has ADHD, autism, anxiety, depression, and create practicable tools for the public? How do we do this in a way that is sensitive to the inherent dignity of people we might see as marginalized? I don't want to be some white lady with a savior complex trying to tell black people they should just breathe and enjoy the moment.

Ethics, Design and Religion. That is why I am here in Berlin. To study Talmud and direct my brain into my academic goal. I also want to learn more about my grandfather. I want to discover more of his life through my family's stories.

I would like to continue my exploration of who/what G-d is until I find something that is meaningful to me.

I am excited about our new real estate career and, like everything else in my life, I want to do the best I can and that includes learning everything there is to know about the business.

A person... myself A cause... caring about "the other" as with the refugees An idea... Judaism in general... Mussar specifically... writing (as in my planned working through The Artist's Way) and other creative activities...

I would like to investigate more fully the case against God by the New Atheists. I believe that this understanding will be very useful to me in the engineering field and with many peers with a passion for math and science.

I am trying to get to know about Jesus more. I talk about being a follower of Christ, and a grateful one at that...but I have often questioned how well I follow him. I'm not talking like I need to move to Israel and try to go native and such, but rather getting to know him through what I have available to me right now and in this time. So, I am making time each day to try and connect with my Higher Power, to not just spend my time whining and demanding and earnestly talking TO him, but to really listen to him... It's more than religion or spirituality, this is a relationship unlike any other and it is the most vital one I have. Because if I am not connected to Jesus, than every relationship I have here is going to be skewed and distorted. And I know it. I've lived it. I've shared with people who have told their stories of how messed up they were before having this unique relationship with Christ happen for them. Not just "I was a bad guy/girl in my teens and a rebel but now I got my life on track" but "I murdered people, I was the lowest thing on the planet, But God changed everything..." type of stuff. Some people won't get it, some will nod, smile and edge away from me when I talk about it (I will try to not do that, but I won't shy from it if they bring it up in conversation) and some will, maybe, be inspired by what I am trying to do. Just like I've been inspired by others. Inspired,...maybe jealous is a better word, because that was what it was to begin with. I was jealous of how some people just seemed to have God on speed-dial and all I could get was a busy signal, if there would be connection at all... But, sometimes, I know it is because I was so busy talking (re:complaining!) and didn't take time to actually listen... So yeah, maybe others will get jealous too, and want it for themselves like I did...like I DO...I am working on it after all, not arrived yet. :)

I want to look into whether Pilates teacher training would be right for me.

No. I feel like my life is too full. I don't want to take on more investigation.

1. Election for this fall 2. Immigration Issues

I'd like to investigate if I can balance a deep care and compassion for the world I inhabit with a deep care and compassion for myself.

How can I focus my energy to take care of what needs to happen externally before or while I'm still healing internally?

An idea - Loving yourself is the key to better relationships with others. Why did I get into an abusive relationship and stay? Low self worth. How do you improve self worth? Love yourself. How do I attract a high quality man? Love yourself. Do things for yourself. How do I break the patterns of co-dependency? Love yourself. Put yourself first.

I'm at a turning point in the practice of my spirituality, and I want to investigate alternatives to what I've been doing for the last 36 years.

I am working on personal growth this year and am exploring journalling and goal setting as a means to this. I am trying to manage my time better and am exploring time management techniques to help me become more effective at my job, but also to accomplish more personally.

I want to learn more about persuasion. I read an interesting book by Scott Adams about how Trump won the election and his thesis is that Trump is a very good persuader. Which could be true, so I want to learn more about that.

How to make change without waiting for people to die. So many people serve as obstacles to long-overdue reform. They feel deserving of "honor" because of their lifelong "sacrifice." It's a form of toxic martyrdom. I want to learn how to stand up to it and push through the predictable resistance.


I would like to explore how to conduct my life with a long term strategy instead of just reacting to things as they happen.

I would like to investigate how to create a cultural association in the countryside, and maintain it with success.

How to make more money. I want side income. I don't need to be rich, but I'm tired of living on the precipice of ruin.

Healthy living; mind, body, and soul.

Investigate if there is a specific purpose for my life. Why am I supposed to be here? What am I supposed to be doing?

My Jewishness again this year. In addition to that, something that goes with this is volunteering. The cause I would volunteer for would be grief counseling for parents who have lost an older child. I think I also need to delve a little more into why I feel so blah most of the time. I'm not depressed, but I'm not really happy either. I feel like I'm in a limbo state.

I hope to step back from political engagements over the next year, and re-double my efforts in service to my church.

I have started to do this in the past month or so but I really want to continue to be invested in politics. The Trump era really started this for me and I enjoy knowing what is happening locally and in the greater community. I want to understand why things happen as they do in Washington, partly because it helps me make sense of everything we are going through right now.

I've really gotten into reading more business and thought-provoking work. So for the next year, I want to spend more time reading books about business, team, culture, etc. that can help me develop as a leader - books like Start with Why, The Culture Code, Daring Greatly.

I want to investigate sharing my creativity in several avenues: volunteering with children, podcasting, writing, photography and blogging. I would especially like to learn to be a better photographer and use a proper camera and not just my phone.

Foster care reform in my home state. Presently the system focuses on reuniting children with biological families at all costs, which can end up serving as a form of state-sanctioned child abuse, further causing emotional damage to kids who might have stood a decent chance at a stable life with an adoptive family.

I want to know more about how to better organize collectively, and learn from the organizations in Guatemala that have been resisting for decades, and organizing people with a more one-on-one communication without leaving collective identities aside

Yoga. I would like to increase my understanding of the practice and grow my own capabilities in order to feel more present in my body, mind and heart.

Yoga, mindfulness, and writing.

Well my daughter changes a little bit every single day, I think watching her grow will keep me fully occupied! I can't wait to see how her personality keeps developing as she becomes her own little person! I think we've begun to instil in her a love of the natural world, I hope we will continue this as her understanding grows. I will continue to keep abreast of environmental and humanitarian issues and campaign and support where I can.

Yes. I want to invest age yoga more deeply this year. This could be yoga teacher training.

I think still myself, probably the third year in a row. the idea of a boyfriend I guess? I don't like this question.

I think a fair answer would be to investigate myself more fully this year. I'm in a strange sort of limbo, with my full time job having disappeared last year, my husband preparing to retire while I still have at least 10 years to go before I can. I need to explore other ways to make money. 10 years or more ago I would have a youthful optimism about new opportunities, making the best of finding out my next move, appreciating having options wide open. But now I feel older and less optimistic. I'm trying to regain my optimism.

I want to investigate what freedom for a rational human being living amongst others really means.

Without fail, my answer is always "me". I always want to investigate myself more deeply, more honestly, more fully. I want to further investigate what feels good in my heart and my soul with my Judaism and honor that for me. Not what a specific community *thinks* I should do and not what is comfortable for *other* people, but me. I want to further investigate the passions I have for youth empowerment and see if I can take that somewhere - if I can bring some part of it to fruition. I want to know me - to understand me, on an even deeper level.

I want to continue to explore different perspectives and opinions on sobriety. I feel that, for so long, AA has been the primary and in many ways only school of thought. Given that this has affected my life as much as it has, I want to keep investigating the newer and more varied and nuanced theories and treatments available out there.

Warrior Way. I'm 87 days into it. Maybe coaching with WW Sam Neider.

I am seeking a cause/idea to get myself involved with now that I have more time. I need to find a charity/cause where I can give back to the community as well as live out the work of justice which I am finding as a common thread in all the sermons I have been preparing since beginning work in VC. But as of yet, that particular direction has not been made clear to me. Hopefully, within the year, it will become apparent and I will pursue. Otherwise, I am wanting to delve deeper into spirituality, into deepening my spiritual walk with God this coming year. I am wanting to learn more about my faith, both academically and spiritually, and have been acquiring books to that end.

As I prepare to send my children off to college, I'm very concerned about the state of college and university campuses today. The cost is bad enough if they were imparting an education that included critical thinking but they don't. They seem to be breeding a dangerous victimhood mentality and more concerned with equality than education. I worry about the indoctrination of my children's minds. I don't know what I can do about it at this point but it's certainly something I will continue to study in the coming year. I will also be watching to see if other alternatives to traditional college become successful to combat the failings of the universities.

SO many ideas to pursue! I want to study neuroscience. I want to study paleoanthropology. I want to study cosmology. I realize more than ever that my time is limited. I need to feed my brain more.

I decided to start looking for a home base this year. I just realized recently that the idea of becoming a digital nomad has always been structured by the Edumadic trips, which has always provided me with a stable foundation of community. I haven't really tested it out on my own, and I know I can struggle with traveling on my own. This summer I came Toronto originally for two months, and will now end up staying for nearly 4 months. I don't know how to explain it but I started to feel attached to putting down some roots. The city feels like the perfect blend of NYC with midwestern friendliness and I think I'm in need of that right now. I didn't see it coming, but I abandoned plans to go to Mexico for a month before Jungle Camp and instead go with my gut. I don't want to keep moving onward for the purpose of moving onward if a city starts to feel like I home. For someone who hasn't spent more than 6 weeks in a single place since December 2016, this feels pretty good.

I want to be involved in the theater this year with my daughter even more. It was so much fun this year. I will audition for summer shows and even if I don't get in, I will keep ushering like we did this summer. It was just so much fun.

I would actually like to get my online shop up and running....I've been wanting to put a foot forward in this venture for years but always find something that gets in my way. In all honesty....that something is just me. So yeah....time to get out of my own way and actually do something.

I really want to get back to a place where I'm practicing creative pursuits regularly, and finding a way to make a difference in my community. I'm not sure what that would look like yet, but I'm keen to start to work it out...

The information about healing old injuries as described by Scott Bottoroff on Insight Timer. Very amazing information. Next step to unwinding and healing!

I would like to plan a trip to Australia and New Zealand.

My own creativity. What new project might i dream up?!

Become a more serious learner and taking more initiative to help create that culture of serious learning that I am interested in

Post-divorce, I am aware of my own unavailability and I've been very transparent with the men I'm dating that I can't get into anything serious and am pretty much afraid of being tied down. That said, as I begin to read about unavailable people (and realize both that I am one and that I'm attracted to them), I recognize this as a pattern that stretched through my decades-long marriage. I don't know if I'll ever want to be a wife again--there is just so much more available to me intellectually and spiritually as a single woman--but I definitely want to interrogate the unavailability stuff this year and learn more about attachments styles in general.

Not really. In the current political climate, part of me feels that I "should" become more active in supporting and working towards the things I think are important, but most of me just wants to feel calm, relaxed, and well rested, things which probably conflict with activism.

Conflict, shared stories, forgiveness.

I want to investigate myself more fully in the coming year. I am just now ending a 5 year relationship where I seem to have lost my own happiness along the way. I want to take some time to reinvest in myself, my happiness, and see where that takes me in life. I would like to spend more time hiking, doing yoga or stretching, and playing with my dog and cat.

I would like to start working more fully towards FIRE, not necessarily being independent within a year, but certainly feeling more free from the constraints of work. I would also like to begin a Te Reo journey.

How the new senior rabbi will affect my world

ENFP/Gemini here. Everything. But mostly, myself.

Same as last year, I'd like to be more socially and environmentally conscious.

Science Fiction. Well, fiction, but especially fantasy and sci fi. There's a lot to learn from world building, about the world but also about WRITING. NK Jemison this year! come on, me!

I REALLY want to be brave and have a friend. I want to have couple friends. I want to be able to invite people into our home without feeling so insecure. I want to be able to clean out and keep things neat and presentable for drop ins at least.

More like keep abreast of and push back on the assaults on our Republic and democracy by tRump, his Cabinet flunkies, the Russians and the Republican Party. I’d be ecstatic by an indictment, impeachment, and/or straight jacketing of Trump as an outcome to Mueller’s investigation. This is what I fervently desire in the coming year.

I'll be doing a lot of reading on long-term care, not because I want to. Also, probably nursing-home reform--the situation in the U.S. is a mess. Otherwise, I'll stick to kids' causes and the usual "bleeding-heart liberal" agenda I've been on for most of my adult life.....

daily journaling, a photography practice, more activist actions, giving up most sweets

I feel like I have been open to the very quickly changing world we live in, to not judge and to consider. I would like to continue that frame of mind and continue to learn from those around me who think differently. And I'd like to continue to questions why I feel the way I do about certain issues to see if I can understand my own point of view of those of others better.

I want to delve more into Yiddish/Jewish literature, figure out what I like or don't like about it, why some authors or genres are more important or speak more to me than others.

Honestly, no. I feel like I am already overly extended and I don't want to make room in my head for this kind of newness. In fact, I want to investigate less.

Liberal support for Israel, for example an organization such as Azra - Association of Reform Zionists of America

So, I've just started my eMBA program, so I think I'll be doing plenty of intellectual/academic investigations. I would just add that I want to be more proactive politically. I've started contributing money to causes I care about (Lucie's Place, Planned Parenthood, etc) but I think there are more opportunities for me to be involved.

I really can't think of anything. Everything in my mind defaults to med school. I want to learn more but can't commit to what.

I didn't meet my goal of learning about Trans people this year. I would still like to learn more about that life experience. I want to learn how to play the piano. I want to read at least one book a month.

I want to get more insight into meditation.

One thing I've been rediscovering my love for lately is bicycle commuting, and biking places with my family (I got a cargo e-bike with a kid seat in the back this summer). I love everything about it... safety, exercise, being immersed in your environment, getting outside, enjoying the journey. I want to keep doing it even when the weather is less than ideal.

In the coming year, we want to continue to investigate the implications of retirement. It is coming up closer every year so we need to plan now. Of course R will continue to investigate the properties of the purple stuff. That may never change. M is investigating how to teach better and to have a happier life.

Veganism. Jonathan Safran Foer's book Eating Animals completely changed how I thought about food and the treatment of animals. I've been a pescatarian since reading it, but am interested in taking my diet further.

I think I've made it pretty clear that I want to take a journey inward this coming year: I want to investigate myself. I want to become extra aware about what makes me tick, about my psyche, about my reactions. I want to get to know myself in a deeper way than I have ever before, and I want that knowledge and understanding to fuel positive changes in my life. I'm not sure what those changes are or what I want them to be or what they "should" be, but I'm hoping that knowledge indeed equals power.

Trauma-informed care. I find it fascinating and I want to learn all I can about it so that I can help teachers and admin better build relationships with students and make positive change in our school.

Either a new job or starting a family - or maybe both!

In the coming year, I want to investigate (American) politics more closely. I do follow it somewhat, but there's still a lot that goes over my head. It's hard to keep up with so much shit happening all the time; sometimes it feels like as soon as I hear about something a new scandal or event has taken place. I feel like I know a lot about what's going on outside of the White House but still don't totally follow the rest, like who people are or trials or things like that. That's a huge part of our political climate right now and is something I think I need to know more about when it comes up in the news and in political discussion.

Flexibility and Peace. Peace of Mind. Joy of Living.

Yes, I just learned of it. It is spearheaded by Willian 'Bill' Kristol. Defending Democracy Together. They are all well respected conservatives that have left the toxic Republican party.l, but are staying a coup. #TakeBacktheElephant2020

This isn't exactly answering the question, but I want to explore what its like to have a girlfriend. Not that its like a make or break for my life, but I think it would make me a little happier.

I think that I want to investigate about me again... I need to be more honest with myself.

Me. I want to investigate me. I want to devote more time to me. To becoming what I want to be. I am content, happy with my life, but want to remain so. And to do that is to never be complacent.

Planning, goal setting, and sticking to a plan. These are things I'd like to investigate more. Things I want t adhere to in the coming year.

Issues of food insecurity and I’d like to return to social justice. I spent so much time growing up focused on all things social justice and those took the backseat as I was focused on jewish life in college, but now I’d like for jewish life and my work to be an avenue for more social justice work in my life and of course my students.

Me! I want to do more digging, delving, understanding and rebuilding. I am a work in progress - the only way to progress is to work.

Definitely! I graduated a few months ago and I feel like I am empty, so I need a cause. After moving to the big city, I saw what poverty and unhappiness is. I realized I absolutely dislike it. And I want to do something about it. The world deserves to be happy. I need to help people in a creative way. Homelessness, poverty, illiteracy - I call these "my cause for the next year". Every step I make towards helping the ones I can, is a step to happiness.

That is an interesting question! I want to investigate STEM and women in IT, and how I can become a mentor and a voice for others. I need a voice too so I'd like to get a mentor and a voice for me. Women need women now more than ever and I think that with a well balanced workforce, we can do more than we ever thought possible.

I so badly want my genuine answer to be related to current events. Things I would like to know more about: healthcare, racism, prison reform, inequity in education, and immigration reform, among other things. But, while I am utterly disgusted by the violent sociopolitical scene, but I can't even focus fully on that until I investigate myself. I feel like my mind is a violent and inhospitable place right now. I want to explore and cultivate inner peace. I feel sick when I wake up in the morning and realize that I need to get out of bed and function, let along when I think about the upcoming midterm elections. It feels totally self-indulgent and ridiculous to be this depressed right now. There is work that I want to do in the world. I am realizing how much I need to work on myself first, though, because right now, doing normal person things -- showering, chewing my food, putting pants on -- feels almost unmanageable.

Maybe. I'm not too sure yet. Maybe I'll look more into volunteer work this coming year...

This question feels overwhelming to me right now. There's so MUCH that I want to do and I seem to lose the energy and time to pursue those other interests. I think I'd really like to explore what matters to me and what I enjoy doing. And I'd like some of that to possibly transfer in some way to a new job. Explore my strengths and then focus on those.

Given that I am (trying) to wrap up my research work with Georgia Tech, it is time for me to start establishing my own research thrust. While it is difficult to start doing this in a vacuum (i.e. sans funding), and I am really interested in the idea of an orbital space colony and what technologies are necessary for constructing a colony in space and utilizing in-situ resources. I also would like to take some time to figure out who might fund this research.

I wish I could spend more time with my brothers. I want to fully appreciate the tough love I am receiving from my wife and see more fully that it really does help me.

Yes. My own collaboration and connection to Peace groups in my city. Making connections with other Faith groups. This is not the easiest thing for an introvert.


Human rights storytelling in and of Frontline Arts. How can I scale up my art, execute with confidence and make the offering compelling enough to spark shared stories. How can I bring large scale relief prints into sacred installation and stop motion animation that celebrates the indomitable human spirit in adversity.

I'd like to get to know Maranda better. I think she could become a really good friend. I could be even better with more good friends.

In the coming year I want to learn more about mindfulness and how it can help me be more present and centered.

The short answer is no. But I have thought about it. Actually, maybe I should look into ECT for depression. I'm tired of feeling like this. Tired of inaction. Of lethargy. Of not wanting to do anything or not having the energy.

I'm hoping to investigate and discover again religion and how/if it plays a role in my life. I've become really disenchanted with religion because of some of the hate I've experienced in recent years coming from mostly people who claim specific religions. That's really pushed me away, and I'd like to reconcile that or at least decide consciously to follow or not follow a specific dogma.

Public speaking. I want/need to get better at it. If I'm going to take my message to the public, I need to be a better speaker. I want to look into doing a TED talk.

I want to just straight up reinvest with my friends, get on a schedule of reaching out to people and making plans to hold on and strengthen my relationships.

Myself, my husband, and my daughter. :) Learning more about each of us helps keep my family strong and flexible at the same time, relying on each of our strengths in turn as we learn more about them. What makes the kiddo tick? Where is the best High School choice for her? I can't wait to learn!

How to live a more carbon neutral life.

Books! Books! Books! College killed the joy of reading for me and I want to pick up and finish more books than I have over the last couple of years.

Nope; still focusing on finding the me I buried when I was 5 and sent to live with family in another state for 5 weeks. I learned to put on a happy face and now, 53 years later, I still wear it. But, that hasn't served me for a long time. Time to take off that mask --- not so easy though.

All unrelated topics: Autism, Israel and child development.

Happiness. What vocation, lifestyle, etc will bring me true happiness. I'm done with the grind.

The fun answer is kink - that I'd like to have a wide variety of interesting sexual and interpersonal experiences; i'd like to know more about what I like and want in a sexual encounter and/or intimate relationship and have tried a lot of different stuff

Most certainly my partner, M. I feel like I want to get to know every part of him, everything about him, what's made him who he is, what he wants to do and who he wants to be, what inspires him and what he's afraid of. We're only at the beginning of our journey together and it seems so very exciting. I already feel so close to him and feel sure that I want to spend my life with him and I suppose I want to investigate all of the possibilities that our life together has to offer!

I'd like to continue to learn more about Judaism and how it can relate to life coaching and general spiritual fulfillment for me personally and my clients.

Friendship. I have friends, or at least I have had friends. But as much as I love them, when I have limited free time to spend, I almost always choose to spend it on myself. But they're not obligated to hang around and still be my friends if I ignore them for a year or whatever... so I need to be better about that. I've recently rekindled one very good friendship and it has made me really happy. I want to focus on friendship and make time to have friends in my life.


I dunno, I've made progress on and off with my drinking, and maybe it's time to look into AA. Although I have made progress, and if I can continue to alone I think that's probably healthier. To be able to say I did it alone.

I want to learn how to live with more respect towards the environment. At this point in time, I do my best to recycle while at home and to turn off the lights when I leave a room, but I know I could do more. I want to look deeper into composting, sustainable markets, and how to leave a smaller footprint on this earth.

Support causes I feel strongly about, e.g. abortion rights

My book club. I want to invest more time in it, create more community, engage women outside of normal meetings, and make new friends.

Becoming a parent! lol I'm almost 12 weeks and already feel so out of my depth. I'm extremely grateful for our little miracle (literally a miracle baby) but the planner in me can't help but be nervous about parenting the "right" way. As someone who enjoys researching and learning as much as I can, I hope to read as many parenting books and articles for raising a kind, compassionate, intelligent, curious, passionate little bean :)

sounds cheesy, but I'd like to investigate myself. what makes me tick, what makes me uncomfortable. Any edges I can shave off to my ego, and edges to my personality that I want to cherish more.

The environment. I've come and gone from being involved in different causes over the years and one that I'm always brought back to is protecting and preserving the environment. Now is more an important time as ever in the history of mankind to do this.

I want to take what I've learned about positive psychology and integrate it with Judaism, dive deeper and take it further, and work to make it a daily practice.

I want to continue my investment in environmental activities, food justice, reproductive rights, chesed, learning, writing, doing...but I try to keep some of my focus on the environemt.

I'd like to make more friends in this area. I miss my friends in DC, and Philadelphia is far enough away that no one is pop-in distance. It takes time, it takes effort, and yes - a new friend won't be the same as a 20 year friend. But my area has so much to offer - not just in terms of culture and cuisine, but people, too - I need to enjoy that.

Zero waste and eco living. I am really surprised (and to be honest impressed) with how I have changed so much of my life and habits by trying to be more conscious of what I buy, where it comes from and what it’s made from. I hope to continue this!

The idea of going to graduate school for... something.

This year, I would like to continue my love of reading, adding more classic literature; online borrowing via my 3 library cards has helped, and, like last year, the Maui trip makes for a good incentive to read. I have delved into the Hamilton biography and many of the works by Octavia Butler. We have been to many art exhibitions and even a museum or 2, but I must continue with that for my own education and to support Karen's art career. Finally, looking at last year's answer, finding time to practice magic and juggling is also great fun and a fine goal.

Move my fabric arts work more toward creating clothing. I’d like to start with hats. I’ve ordered a hat pattern from Folkwear to get started.

I want to learn more about economics - I've always loved it and been a natural at it, but seeing more about Keynes, Krugman (blech, apparently), Friedman, Marx (ugh) recently has caused me to be more interested in their theories.

Non-profit leadership. Photography. The local Jewish community and how to actually be a community rather than afraid of one taking over the entire community.

No. I'm good. I unexpectedly did both prongs of last year's Q8 (1. investigate and join local activist groups - purposely joined one, accidentally started another; and 2. investigate alternate career paths - accidentally got a new job in product development and still don't even fully understand my new position!) and I'm still settling in to both of them. Investigations ongoing!

I'd like to learn more about prayer/meditation/mindfulness. I think finding moments of stillness is something that I benefit from, and would like to do, but still need help in doing. Learning more would be a start.

I am going to investigate putting my own website together.

I would like to investigate my sense of identity as a mother and individual.

I want to investigate myself and my spirituality and my peace.

The Bible.

Perhaps find a place where I can display and possibly sell my art online.

I want to find a way to make time for artistic exploration and see where that takes me, what kind of possibilities it opens up for me in my business and life.

I would like to read many more of David Grossman's books.

I would like to investigate the idea of assertiveness.

This coming year, as this past year, I'd like to dive more into my relationship with my wife. I'd also like to invest myself more into my kids, not just as their father, but as their fan.

I am still interested in Rebecca Solnit. I did not make time to read her. The intention to empower young women and girls still holds and perhaps that is where I am going, just not sure what that looks like and how that sustains me. I have been writing poetry and participated in reading. I want to continue to read and write poetry. I have found teaching very enjoyable and I have a gift for it. This needs to be investigated. I have the gift of voice and I want to continue to use it for my work and for my art and to empower and give hope to women and children.

Maybe check out more retirement living options? So that if that day comes when we actually downsize, we will already have parted with many things, and know where we want to live.

Yes, Neuro! I want to understand the problems faced by pts win Neuro insults. Bc I want to help them! I want to know what else I can do to save my planet! (I just started using the Athena cup- an incredible alternative to tampons and pads!) Did you know it takes 1000 years for the typical tampon to biodegrade?

I want to investigate the source of my anger. I want to know why I struggle in relationships to not get outrageously mad at my partners and why it feels so scary, volatile and beyond my control. I want to know why I used to feel that way about my parents. I need to understand it so I can move forward in my life. This is a big deal and it's time to finally address it. I feel ready.

Yes. I'd like to get back to learning more about soil health, carbon farming, and related topics this year. I've kept up loosely, but have not been learning in more depth what is going on in this super-important area. Want to do more writing on this and related areas, too.

I think that health is my focus. How I can really be proactive in my overall well-being, rather than relying on doctors and medicine alone. It won't be easy, but it'll be very important... And, I mean, I'll also repeat last year's, because there's still work to be done: "Intimacy. I only recently started to understand what it truly is, but I don't feel that I've had the chance to experience it truly - at least not for a long time. I want to feel real connection. I want to be seen, and to see others, I want to be vulnerable with someone who treats me with interest and care."

A relationship. I would like to be in one. I have little hope that I will meet anyone that I'd like to pursue that with where I am now. So I think it is time for a change. I want to look for jobs elsewhere. I have five years to gain some skills if I'm lacking, so I'm going to start now.

I would like to investigate continued involvement in my politics. I would like to stay engaged in something that gets me so fired up. I'm tired of yelling at NPR in the morning and then doing nothing about the thing that makes me mad with my remaining upright hours. In whatever capacity that might be.

While I have no plans to investigate anything in particular, something of interest arises virtually every day that causes me wonderment and warrants a closer look... my issue is pacing myself - maintaining investigative curiosity while allowing time for the prosaic.

Progressive agenda and reclaiming our country and system. How to overhaul the broken system and entrenched corruption.

I'd really like to look into both martial arts and sign language.

I would like to begin to understand my daughter as a young adult. I feel I don't sometimes fully understand her... I want to engage more with her idiosyncrasies, her interests and talents - even if they do not interest me. My time with her is limited and tensions between us sometimes run high. I want to appreciate this time I have and engage with her.

I would like to investigate myself more fully. Why do I procrastinate? Why do I put others first? Why do I not feel "worthy?" or capable of charging or earning more for my work.

I want to investigate land management and conservation more fully in the coming year. Granted, it's what I do for work anyway, but I know that there are perspectives and philosophies that I don't know or don't appreciate yet, and I want to know and appreciate them.

I will spend considerable time exploring universities and colleges for my son. That also may include private high schools, if need be.

I want to see if I can influence the culture of my company, Torchbox, to be more like the philosophy in "Making Websites Win". I found it incredibly inspiring to read this book. I wanted to work for an organization that thinks and works like that. I could take the easy route and quit my job and go to work for Conversion Rate Experts. But I want to try this first. I know there are some people who agree with me, who will be equally inspired. This might mean speaking about the book in a Short Sharing Session (on my to-do list); or overseeing a project that follows these principles. My line manager is supportive; as are Tom and Olly, the directors (I think); and Will, our salesman, is interested. We just need to find the right clients and the right team and way of working. I'm sure I'll find it frustrating and disappointing and underwhelming. But I'm prepared to give it a go.

Photography, find myself spiritually and continue to learn and invest in our health.

Cue cheesy but there is a guy that I’m pretty sure would be perfect for me if we’d just give each other a chance. We legit are like the same person but in different bodies on a lot of things. I’d like to continue investigate getting to know him over the next year. I swear he’s not interested but also think he’s timid and shy like I am. I’m putting it out there that I’d like to see where it goes.

Race. Meditation. Celery juicing. WRITING.

I'm committed to investigating myself. I want to befriend myself. To fall in love with myself, and with all my pain and sorrow. I want to unsheathe this heart, and let it unfurl into the world. I want to write that book, even though I said I wouldn't write that this time, but I want to write it. I want to embrace myself and my life and I want to fall in love, deeply.

I'd like to investigate HR Management as a career path. It seems that many of my duties are already in that arena anyway; this seems like a place I could develop excellence and expertise, which has been something I have been looking for. Most importantly, though; by next year, I'll have one in college, one in high school, and one in middle school. I want to be fully present and engaged in their lives, in whatever way is beneficial to them.

Actually yes. I want to investigate the art/science of listening.

I feel like I always say Buddhism to this question. I think a mindfulness routine would be really good for me to explore and I'm vaguely interested in Buddhism as a set of principles by which to navigate life. But in all honesty, I don't see this actually changing so my answer is education. In the coming year, I'm going to investigate how I get my degree from BU.

Humanity. I want to explore the possibility of being human. There is more to us than we care to know. I want to get past staid constructs like morality and love and find a place to explore my life in a greater context. There is no one way to be human. I just want to find my own way.

Possibly the English Church.....

I'm dating M - and even though it is new, it feels like something real, I would like to see what this looks like and how it feels to be in a relationship. I am going to be learning more about palliative care, focusing even more in the hospital. I hope to see more clearly what I am meant to be doing - both in terms of being a rabbi, but also just as a person.

I think I’d like to learn about photography. I love looking a pictures and would love to try explore this myself.

Social networks, community, social infrastructure, connection are all things I want to continue to explore, more recently I've wondered if I want to do that formally like through school in some way. And I've committed to become a Bat Mitzvah this year so I'll be exploring my Judaism in new ways.

My interests are so varied. I guess "history" covers what I'd like to investigate, that and art.

Building resilience Book: Option b - Sheryl Sandberg

A cause has been catching my attention. Actually two. First, we have moved next to Lake Apopka. I'd like to help support the maintenance of the lake and the parks around it, the bike and hiking trails and preserve the natural flora and fauna of the area. I think I could help bring awareness and support with my art and writing. I'd also like to help support the local Great Dane Rescue. I cannot have a dog in our current house, but I can volunteer. I will purse both these causes in the coming year.

Many things! Most days I have to keep a list of all of the many little threads that could lead me down any number of rabbit holes. This is the life of a researcher! I know I'm depressed when nothing seems interesting or I get bored.

I'd like to investigate my core message and how to vocalize my unique perspectives, ideas, thoughts, experiences through words. I'd like to explore communications and lean into that skillset, rather than shying away from it, which is what I tend to do.

Not sure... all I feel is the expanse of choices in front of me and the need to go and explore. I think I will let the road decide. Maybe take my camera with me.

I'd like to find a way to channel my political angst into action - not just get pissed off about what's going on - and do something about it.

Collage. I've been interested in it but afraid of it for so long. I just need to get cutting. This is something I can do while I am stuck at home.

How can I put my solid mad skills to work and make some money doing design - that by the way I LOVE! Also, would like to explore both grief and forgiveness of self and others. Scary but important.

I want to learn more about philosophy.

I can't wait to throw myself into my studies. I want to learn so much. I want to read as much as I can without cutting too much into my sleep. I want to start honing my digital art. I want to write and write and write.

I'm still on the embodiment, orgasm, pleasure, body investigation. This year I made great strides in that regard. I'd like to continue. Lifetime work. I'm also investigating money - how it works, how it affects me, how it affects the world.

How to say no to things.

I am feeling more and more interested in evangelizing and educating people on the benefits of homeopathy and complimentary alternative medicine approaches to help people help themselves. I need to figure out how best to do this. I also appreciate the ability to do energetic testing and the wisdom in Chinese medicine. The integration of all these things can be quite amazing. I do want to grow my understanding and expertise in these spaces.

I guess what comes to mind would be Shabbat services. I want to fully understand the service itself. The prayers and blessings. There is a class starting soon that examines shabbat for adults as though you we preparing for a B'nai Mitzvah. Or better yet maybe decide to have my own bar mitzvah. But we'll see. Even if that doesn't work then I'll focus on losing weight. :-)

Me, myself and I.

I am still very interested in getting my master’s degree and also learning Spanish. I would love to spend a month or so in Central or South America studying Spanish next summer and be enrolled in a Master’s program.

I really want to investigate our new area to live. I'm very nervous about this jump but I'm also super excited about it. It's going to be so amazing. It's also going to be a lot of recon work. What we need to do is make this an incredibly high priority. We need to do nothing, but scout out new areas. No vacations, no friends, no family, just work.

Myself! It's time...

I am at the point where I am thinking more and more about the legacy I leave. It will not be much, financially speaking, and it will go to those of my kids and grands least able to take care of themselves. What can I do that will survive this life? I don't have much time left, and I need to think more about this.

I want to learn how to write.

yes! social construct of whiteness. how to lead meetings with my peers. eating food in a way that I can digest and feel healthy (will I still be GF this time next year?)

World Peace.

How to embody spirit. How to merge the human and spiritual aspects of us in a way that is sustainable and healthy and fulfilling.


I would like to more fully explore my relationship to creating art.

I think I want to continue to investigate diversity and inclusion. It's so important to the work I do and the world I'm in. I hope to read and attend lectures in this area.

Fearlessness. I want to see how life would be being fully committed to that.

Learning. The idea of learning I would like investigate more fully. I love learning and I have realized that in going to salsa and going to an ocassional Jewish learning opportunity. I think there are many more ways I am learning and I want to recognize them more.

Id like to investigate more of my work with Steve Gard to see if there is more to do for amputees and prosthetics. If that doesnt work out, Im interested in working with people and helping them make things, perhaps with Guild Row.

I want/need to be more informed about and involved with local politics.

I want to investigate myself and my approach to love over the next year. Be it love with myself or my love with my children. It could be my love in the world or my love with another person. But mostly my love of myself.

I have a couple of thoughts on this - I am interested in becoming a Habitat for Humanity trip leader possibly or becoming involved again with the co-op movement. I would like to learn more about anxiety and how to better control it and I would love to see Stacy Abrahams win in the Georgia governor's election.

My marriage and my husband. This year, we have been in pure survival mode nearly every day, it's been hard to take a breath, much less find ourselves. I have never felt further apart from him than I do right now, and I want to fix that. I'm not sure how just yet, but I want to figure out a way for us to relearn how to connect and communicate the way we used to, and to make sure that we're living and growing together, not just cohabitating and coparenting.

I want to concentrate on learning foreign languages and writing about my travels. It is going to take courage to put myself out there and send my articles to editors!

Yes. Two come to mind that involve supporting our new community. "Village Green" is the first. The thought is to do yard work for village members for donations. I'd ask for reimbursement of consumables, maintenance and moderate equipment upgrades. Profits would go to village improvement projects. The second is some kind of summer camp kind of experience for village kids. Knot tying, scout craft and whatever might be both useful to them and of interest to them.

I want to know more about mirror neurons. I want to see more fMRI data about dyslexia and 2nd language learning, especially before and after phonological awareness training. I am curious about information theory and entropy, and how it could relate to irregular verbs.

I need to work on my idea of conversations with people I disagree with. I’m feeling scared of it, mostly of failure and learning that it’s hopeless or that what I do learn from it is depressing rather than constructive or that it’s a stupid idea that people will roll their eyes at and I need to work through that and figure out how to set myself up for success or at least resiliency and get myself to do it. I also want sidewalks.

In the coming year I would like to look into getting more content that I've written for education out into the market place and the best ways in which to do so.

I’m really looking forward to getting to know God and my faith on a much deeper level in the coming year. 2018 so far has brought me back to my faith, but I want the rest of 2018 and 2019 to bring me deeper than my feet could ever wander.

I get sad thinking about politics. But I should volunteer. I'd like to read more about behavioral science because I love it, and I'd like to be more of an Auntie to my nieces and investigate what it's like to hang with kids. Ya know. Could be a nursery. Oh and gardening. We might do that. We'll see.

I would like to investigate the idea that I can have a happy life somewhere other than Monterey, CA. I came here for school and just kinda stayed. All my friends have moved away and there aren't many jobs in my field here. Walking to the beach everyday is lovely though. I plan to look into somewhere where I can have my friends, make a living, and still enjoy nature. That likely means leaving California but to where exactly?

This year I want to further investigate the way I use my free time. I want to be more intentional about how and when I rest/relax, when I am truly re-energizing, and when I'm just killing time or doing something because I feel like I should be, not because I truly want to.

Yes, yes, question, 6x9=42

I can't think of anything, so I'm going to say I want to learn all the references in We Didn't Start the Fire because that really struck a chord with me yesterday. It seems like important historical stuff I should know.

I will need to learn more about the structure of the Federal, State and my local governments, since I plan to become a citizen this year.

Unknown! To be decided.

I want to learn more about women in American history, and about Irish culture. the latter is sort of "cause" oriented, as I have been introduced to the idea that white Americans need to learn about their own cultures, so as to develop a sense of identity other than "not black/API/Native/etc."

I’m still focused on investing and building our net value. However, less focused on needing it to be property, I’m very happy starting to move into stocks. I’d also like to travel more. It’s actually a firm possibility now, which is extremely exciting.

I want to look more into immigration, and why it's so incredibly hard to make a system that filters out potential threats.

Good question. I'd like to find a cause that I connect with emotionally - one that I can advocate for whether it's working with youth at Covenant House or something that isn't as hands-on. Connecting is an important part of the process so I need to do the work to find out what I connect to and then bring that connection to others. I think "hands-on" is more my style. So at least I figured that part out! Just need to figure out a cause that speaks to me.

I would love to start dating someone this year. First I think I need to get more comfortable with my body and with being vulnerable, both emotionally and physically. This is the part of my life that feels the least fulfilled -- sometimes it bothers me and other times it doesn't, but as I get older it continues to creep into my conscience. Maybe this is the year to take a real step forward.

I do these things all the time so it's hard to pin down. I recently concluded a 3 month long investigation on ABA therapy, sparked by a documentary I watched in June. I'd like to investigate if/how a person with bad adrenal glands could get off steroids and live naturally, by supplementing with herbs that are supposed to help with adrenal fatigue.

Meditation, I guess. I don't feel particularly distracted or disjointed, but I do think that more meditation can only be an improvement. I've been working on consistency and frequency, that I get in five minutes as many days as possible, but my next goal is to start increasing that time, especially on those days when I don't feel pressed for time. Why not try meditating for 30 minutes on my days off?

I want to continue searching for myself, learning how to be at peace with myself and with others, learn how to live with content and try to be more present without feeling life is like sand in my hands.

I'd like to figure out what is going on with Logan and how to support him better. I think theres some stuff going on with him and I want to invest some time and effort in to helping him clear away his demons. Reduce his stress, nightmares, his chaos. In any way I can to help him be successful in Kindergarten.

Kamp yapmak, çadır kurmak vs olabilir

I would like to investigate global warming more closely. There was a very interesting piece on the New Yorker radio hour about a female scientist who was noticing the impact of climate change on her immediate environment back in the earlier part of the twentieth century. I’d love to be able to do the same thing in my environment, today.

It's a good question, but after giving it a lot of thought, i can't think of an answer that applies to me. I do feel like i have a lot of interests that i actively pursue and maybe there is benefit to going deeper into something.


The idea of going back to school for some kind of advancement in my crafts or with herbal use

I definitely want to push myself more in Judaism. I will be going on Birthright this year and becoming a Bat Mitzvah in the holy land which is a spiritual journey I can't completely comprehend. In addition, I will be doing lots of investigation into my future career as I am graduating college and will be applying to grad school in the next few months.

I want to pay more attention to the needs of my close friends instead of being selfish with what I gain from them. I want to really listen to them to truly hear what they need.

I want to continue to educate myself on racism in America and how white privilege and fragility works and how to undo it in myself and also how to talk to other white people about it.

I want to be more confident working in boro. I'd like to be able to make functional objects from tubing.

Coaching for supervision.

Judaism. I want to do some Jewish learning and really figure out how this thing is a part of my life, outside of work. It's gotten increasingly harder, having to plan and facilitate Jewish experiences for others, and so its even more important that I prioritize my own learning and growing. It's time to go back to school in some way.

It’s the same answer this year as every year: theology. I never know as much as I’d really like to. The trouble is committing the time to study—and coming up with a helpful framework for my inquiries.

I want to get deeper into statistics, qualitative research, and the behavioral and social sciences.

Brene Brown! Pemo Chodron! Different ballet classes and syllabi from around the world. Whatever movements are working to resist the backward motion of our political and cultural system in this country. Choreography and stage direction.

I expect this coming year will involve a lot of personal development for me, as my new position allows time for a lot more reflection that the last did. I want to build up my financial security and personal fitness, but make sure to spend time investigating my own complicity in white supremacy. There is a lot of unlearning I should be doing, daily, that I am just not actively engaging with. I'd like to pay for a few courses about how to be a less toxic white person in the world.

Engaged, activist, radical Buddhism and the dharma path of a person with chronic illness. Same as last year, but with more emphasis on applying principles to social justice and liberation.

I'd like my tutoring students to share their stories. I want to tell the stories of these refugees. They are working hard to settle into this new world, some striving and some struggling, and I want to help them however I can. If sharing their stories gets my voice out there, great. But if it helps them feel more welcome here--and opens the eyes of many who have taken an impersonal, statistical view of refugees--then that would be phenomenal

Education and the environment. I want to support more, and be more knowledgeable about issues.

I would love to take some time this year to learn a new language, or brush up on one I already speak.

I'd like to explore making my dream of facilitating intergenerational improv programs in a variety of locations a reality.

Ugh so many. I want to align with women who are doing the work. And I want to help theatre kids.

I definitely want to keep meditating because it does make me "10% happier". I'm enjoying testing my limits re: fitness and health.

There are always things I want to explore further... I'm curious about the underlying causes of systemic racism and if there are actions I can take to open the minds of people who don't see this happening. I'd also like to continue to improve my skills at work, and in my volunteer work for the Planning Board. I'm grateful for the periodic trainings the town makes available for me.

Democratizing art, especially for those who think it's an exclusive gift or talent.

Last year I investigated and participated in one of the causes (therapy dog volunteering), I set out to do which was very exciting. This year I would like to more fully investigate couples therapy (for my job), and become more committed to RRR! Reducing, Reusing and Recycling! I am already starting (just a week ago) by listening to a podcast about recycling, carrying around a plastic reusable straw, and making a conscious effort to only purchase what I need. I would like to make these efforts more habits and really a part of my routine, rather than something that is an effortful endeavor.

I may run off and become a revolutionary if Brett Kavanaugh ends up on the supreme court.

Last year I said my energy healing work and minded life coach suggestions. I really delivered on the energy healing work but didn't really dive into the life coaching steps. I want to work on my vision board and story and morning statements now that I'm in a more stable place about what I want from life.

I have a lot of things I want to work on with myself, but the one thing that comes up strongest right now is to advance my work career skills. I need to learn all I can and practice as much as possible. I've been afraid of moving forward, thinking I would fail or it would be too difficult, but I realize that I'm doing just fine and everything always works out if you persist.


I'd like to continue seeking the way to "live in the Now" that I began with the Tolle book.

I do want to write some short stories about my views on what holds this world together in a relatively stable manner

I feel like I need to do more to support refugees but I don't know what. Donating money is not enough.

I would like to get more involved in cosplay and I would like to continue to gain momentum in improving my pool game.

I want to investigate Buddhism and its different schools. I'll maybe find my tribe there.

Mystical practices. I was going to say Judaism but don't know that I really desire that. Part of me does. A bigger part longs for deep spiritual connection on a regular basis. Open to the route. I know meditation needs to be a part of that. I am never sorry when i do it. I would also like to go on a spiritual retreat or workshop of some kind. Something that would be facilitated.

How to build mental toughness, to persist in difficult times, while retaining emotional softness. How to build trust in myself and others.

Another job

I don't expect relationships in my life to be "productive" or moving toward some particular end. Yet, I expect activities to be like this. I want to see if I can learn to appreciate the journey.

Keeping answers from last year > Becoming more aware of my impatience and act upon it, be less reactive. I also really look forward to investigate what motherhood means and living the experience of being a mom!

Presenting in Public --that phrase right there can have a lot of meanings...

I want to get more involved in the Democratic Party specifically by volunteering my time to help candidates in close races. I’d like to see a Democratic majority in the House and Senate!

Dog training!

A cause: sustainability An idea: finding an internship in which I can learn and thrive

I want to know how to do more to help move our country in a better direction. I was part of a resistance group for a while and enjoyed that, but I feel like the utility waned. What can I do to make a difference?

I'm investigating how I can make a career out of environmental policy. I know I will need to go to grad school but don't know the subject -- should it be environmental law, energy policy, or environmental economics? I'm talking with professors and other trusted sources about this question. I'm hoping I can get into the top program in whatever subject I decide. Now is the time to start thinking about what I want to do after I graduate.

I would like to continue my journey with alcohol inks. I like what I have learned and explored so far. Creating art is important for the soul.


While we discuss many causes and ideas in school, I can't say I've zeroed in on one to investigate more fully. I do want to hearken back to my (secular) New Year "resolution" to get engaged politically, though. I want to make some phone calls, and if I get bold enough, knock on doors, attend a rally or something more bold.

I want to find a better, healthier way to feed my kids. Feeding them is a constant struggle and source of frustration and guilt. I need to come up with a system so I don't feel like I'm just feeding them crap and so I'm not using so much energy and creativity in this daily task that feels so thankless.

Meditation, mushrooms, motherhood

I want to explore how to be Jewish without being completely by the book and traditional. I want to find alternative ways to celebrate the holidays and other occasions when the Hebrew prayers don't feel like enough or right in the moment.

The idea I want to investigate more fully is how to cook better -- not just for my family so we can truly enjoy delicious family meals together -- but also for when I host people. I want to be able to host more, and sometimes I wish I could just whip something up from scratch. I want to be able to cook and be known as someone who CAN cook! I hope I can at least begin this process this year so that by next year at this time I can say with confidence that I am not in the exact same culinary position as I have been in. I think the key to this is having the desire to cook well - and to figure out how to enjoy the actual process of cooking.

Sexuality. Gender expression. My art. I need to be one with myself.

I want to look into going professional as a mermaid instead of it being a hobby/workout and using that as an excuse to travel to amazing places to swim. I would also like to make prints of my artwork and try to sell at flea markets.

Same as last year. Exactly. I want to investigate cultivating energy and manifesting abundance (not just money - but life quality, love, joy) with guidance, books, daily practice, crystals, nature. I do want to volunteer - find a cause - and figure out a way to make the world a better place because I'm in it. Some things that are interest to me - animal welfare, the environment, mental health/psychological health with a focus/tie into nutrition and exercise, homelessness, kids who need hope/guidance, tolerance, refugees. Find people who I admire and study them: Christen, Simone, Susan, Hilary Clinton, Pema Chodron, Louise Hay. Seek and intuitive counselor.

This is a hard one as my curiosity is usually prompted by things around me. I know I want to learn to use a camera better for an upcoming trip. I think I would like to continue exploring photography.

I want to become more politically active, but in the sense of living and giving back in ways that demonstrate my political stances. Doing more than just shouting them on social media :)

I would like ike to more fully investigate my family ancestors, Hebrew, and the Mishnah, in the coming year.

I want to figure out how to have my own booking business. I would like to be able to do it from anywhere and I have seen programs that teach you how, but I haven't had the time to research them.

I would like to learn more about Buddhism this coming year. I am hoping to begin volunteer work with this one studio and they are going to be offering classes that will outline the tenets.

I want to start thinking about my next project, though I'm not sure when I'll have time.

Behavioral finance is a topic of interest to me. I think it is a true intersection with what we do as advisors in helping clients stick with their plan. After coaching and serving on the Board at the Y, and volunteering for the HLSR, I would like to find a cause to get behind, but it has not found me yet.

The tough questions I asked myself last year, about exploring myself, still apply. I want to be the best version of myself, and investigate the parts of life that make me truly happy and healthy. I also want to look more deeply into my relationships. I think I've learned more than anything this year that my relationships are a reflection of myself. How I treat others and walk through life with them is directly affected by how I treat myself. In order to be the best friend/sister/daughter/world citizen I can be, I need to be confident and kind to me.

I've had pagan seminary on my mind a lot. If I can figure out how to take one class at a time, I just might do it. It feels like a redemption of all my previous religious study. I know ministry is my life path, though I'm still unsure just how that plays out.

I would like to continue to explore the health and wellness space. I would love to get my side hustle back and immerse myself in a wellness community because of how attached to it I have been in the past few years.

I mentioned learning more about rest in the previous question. I'd love to deepen my relationship with rest and healing and learn more about how it can allow me to reach greater heights than I would have had I not rested.

I want to learn more about starting an art school.

I want to work on becoming mindful: aware of each moment while letting them go, I got a tattoo that says 'now'- I want to work on this.

I believe in Saving Grace Animal Sanctuary and want to donate more to them whether it be time or money. I’d also like up get the kids involved in helping the cause.

I should investigate health insurance funds.


yes. me.

WRITING. I started and stopped last year, but truly want to carve our more time, now that I am well rested and in a good place to personal writing. This includes challenging myself to believe that I have something worth reading and to believe that my perspectives are unique and potentially valuable to anyone other than myself.

I want to become more involved in canvassing for Democratic candidates in advance of the midterms, and maybe even begin to throw my support behind a Democratic presidential candidate, whatever that means.

I'd love to have a particular person to fully investigate this coming year, and though I substitute, or rather extend my person investigative interests to all new persons I develop a liking for or who is intriguing enough to compensate for the lack of liking, I would very much like to have a man of my own this coming year for that. But as that is not up to me to control, I would like to investigate effective sexual therapies, performing arts, and muscle/spinal/pelvic restorative movement. There are many others, but my interests in any given subject waxes and wains, then waxes all over again. But people always interest me, as do relationships, family dynamics and the lookout for my someone. So if anything, I plan to be entertained.

Last year I wrote: I would like to delve into: what are questions that we must ask and think about during our lives. It is now a year later and I still have a particular related project that I want to do and really hope that I do it by this time next year because it will impact me and many northers in powerful and profound ways.

Again it is hard to choose and focus on one person, cause, idea. Ideally, I would bring together my academic and professional interests in ethics, religion, diversity to a particular cause. I keep thinking about what is my role as a citizen. How do I get more involved as a voter, as a citizen of Richmond? How do I better use my voice in the public square to fight for the values and world I know is possible? So getting more involved with politics, particularly on the local level.

Nope. This question never applies to me. I have enough happening in my life that I do not need something to investigate. I am happy enough researching my interests as they come up.

This past year, my love gave me The Evolutionary Mind (a philosophical trialogue between Rupert Sheldrake, Ralph Abraham and Terrence McKenna) that I took a lot of inspiration from. I enjoy speculative science, and I'll probably watch their conversations on YouTube, then let the suggestion sidebar take me down the rabbit hole. More important are the causes and ideas being renewed and proliferated by Alexandria Ocasio Cortez, who has a powerful understanding of our place, and the parallels, where we stand in history, while still maintaining a street-level humility. She invokes and borrows the passion, and caring democratic ideas of MLK, FDR and weaves them into a philosophy of inclusion and forward momentum. To eschew the clumsy dystopia born of a marriage between right-wing intolerance, racist fear, arrogant ignorance, and calculated exploitation by oligarchic billionaires, we'll need a grass roots civilized and social-minded movement to retake positions of power, without succumbing to the inherent corruption, so we can steer our country away from war spending and profiteering, and toward free healthcare (with an emphasis on tender and persuasive mental health services for everyone), free college tuition (so we can lead the free world again in scientific and evolutionary advancement), and infrastructure (better schools, cleaner water, greener industry, safer roads and highways, etc -- everything the GOP insanely fights against). In the coming year I hope to explore the interdisciplinary benefits of science, technology, sociology, hospitality, democracy, economy, poetry, astronomy, diversity, and inclusion. All the great advancements of our age, the compassion we show for other people, and the sorrow we show for our missteps, all spring from a liberal educated mind. This is why, even when the GOP wins, it loses on a personal spiritual level. You can only triumph as the worst sort of inhuman being for so long before karma, or whatever recompense exists in the collective conscious, the checks and balances of planet Earth, catch up with you.

LOL, no! I need to catch up on all the things I have already started!! Maybe blogging. But Seriously. I need to finish some things first.

I have stepped away from some committees in our quilt guild recently. Now I want to look at other volunteer opportunities. One that interests me is at a facility that cares for little drug addicted babies. These are newborn infants who were born addicted and need special attention. Volunteers are trained and hold and soothe these little ones. I believe I will look into this. I also want to spend scheduled time writing. If I don't make it a routine it will not happen. I plan to set up a time daily or three times a week for creative writing. I've got as many stories in my head as I have quilts.

I want to look further into and begin learning the exercise qualifications I need to one day become and reformer pilates instructor. In addition I would like to continue dedicating time to learn more and improve my tennis skills as it is something I enjoy more each time I play - just wish I could hold that racket tighter and get better at my follow through!

A "hard skill" to go with my project management and process engineering skills.

How to create a working website for my business.

Social Democracy, as antidote to the impending fascist patriarchal ethnostate that the U.S. is fast becoming.


I'd like to learn Spanish more and if possible take more than one class. I'd like to be more comfortable with my level of fluency.

I would like to do something more tangible for the environment. The increasingly obvious effects of global warming are all around us. The forests and mountains are what inspire and sustain me, and I want my grandchildren to have those things too. I've been sitting on the sidelines for too long.

Yes! I want to become a better story teller. I want to continue to explore meditation more. And inspired by the families I met in the hospital, I want to investigate God and my relationship to God.

Clean water, EPA rebuilt, fly fishing.

The person is me, the belief/idea is I’m capable, That I can let go of my limiting beliefs xx so that I can be free to be who I’ve always wanted to be because it’s always been inside xx it just needs to be set free xx I want to help others do the same with my skills as a Hypnotherapist xx

How to live an entire year holistically healthy.

i want to look deeper into alan turing. i started his biography this year, but i really want to visit bletchley, and have a day trip to the seaside town he lived in most of his youth. i bet it's barely changed. i want to sit on the boring beaches and walk the streets, and just take it in. generally, i'd just like to read more. real fiction, not fanfic that's easy and accessible. zeta has read 80+ real books this year, and i've read maybe four, which is depressing. i miss reading, the excitement of a new novel versus the comfort of a fic pairing i know.

An idea - trying to stay connected with whatever makes you happy & being more effective in not letting other issues interfere with that purpose

My girlfriend Shannon. I honestly feel like shes the one. I knew it after our first date. Me being in Jersey and her being in Orlando makes it tough for us. I hope that we can make it work. Im excited about the future for once.

Benevolence and peace.

Intuition. In all it’s forms. I want to balance out my being to trust the unknown as much as the known. I want to be that channel from the great beyond that lets me be free in this beautiful human body.

I would like to more fully investigate what retirement will look like for me/us.

I want to investigate more ongoing Jewish learning for myself--and then to follow through with doing it.

This year (like it or not) I will be investigating New England winter. I want to investigate winter activities like snow shoeing (which I've never tried). I want winter to be a wonderland to Oz and to me not a burden. I want to investigate warm clothes and gear to make this possible.

I am currently interested in learning, knowing and living in a state of abundance and prosperity. My life experience has shown me that I am always supported in thought, intent and action. Knowing this, it is important for me that I am mindful of anything that I give energy to. My sole/soul interest is to think of and be with God always.

I hope to continue to explore herbs, and maybe to figure out how my knowledge can serve as more than a hobby. I've already stepped up my kombucha game, and I am officially deeming this the year of fermentation.

I want to dive more deeply into anti-racism education initiatives. I've spent my career teaching largely students of color in deeply racist systems, and I need to more than just be a good teacher in a bad system. I need to educate myself on how to dismantle the bad systems that are keeping kids of color from their potential.

Social work!

learn to use a smart phone

I want to continue with and deepen my meditation practice.

I want to go into the dark room where Sarah sits and capture the story she has to tell me. My personal version of Mary Oliver’s command to meet Romeo.

Nobody has my interest right now. I see that last year I talked about learning more about Antifa and BLM. I don't think I really did that at all. I know I spent some time Googling and reading articles. Enough that I felt like I had a basic understanding, but if you asked me about those groups now I don't think I could give you a good explanation of how they came to be, who populates the groups, or what their core values are.

I want to investigate my own creativity. In the past I always saw myself as a creative person and making things and expressing myself was a regular part of my life, but that's fallen off as I've gotten older and busier and more professional. I think I need my creativity to be part of my happiness. My creativity IS part of my happiness. I need to find a way to fit it back into my life. Making things, being crafty, painting, moving, dancing, listening to music, reading poetry and fiction, all of these are part of this, but I want finding what works to keep me connected to the joy and beauty of art again.

So many things. In general, I want to keep reading and curiosity at the forefront of my life. I have seasons where I do that well, and others where I let it slip. I would like to investigate my own causes and ideas a little more. What is it that I truly care about? How can I do more things with my team that explore those things? What might it look like to actually start something with my dad? I'll be 30 soon. What does it mean to me to enter this new decade of life and design it with deep intention?

I want to make some more friends to have things to do with on the weekends. I feel my Friends are good that I have just I need more.

I want to get better at game development, get to know my boyfriend better, and work on being kinder.

Models of socialism.

I want to investigate a way or ways to help children. Maybe something little like becoming a Big Sister, or something more intense, like becoming a foster parents. I'm not sure. I feel like I should do something to feel less helpless and useless.

I am thinking about institutional culture, how it is established, how conscious and self-conscious it is, how it can be evaluated and how it can be changed

Sustainability. How can we make better use of our resources, rationally. How can we use mentorship to achieve our goals.

I would like to learn more about quilting and figure out what I want to do with it.

Motivation and organization


Solutions to climate change Literacy ONGs Empathy research

High Sensitivity as a condition, starting by reading Elaine Aron's book, which is to this condition as Susan Cain's is to introversion. Learning all I can about the latter has changed my life, so I see great potential for the former.

I would like to expand the drama program and look into going back to school. I would like the education to secure me a job.

Defining my values better. This is what I am working on in therapy with the fantastic therapist Fiona Randall. So far it has helped me connect better with other people though it is still early days (this is a major deal, I have struggled all my life to do this). Hopefully it will help me in all my areas of life: work, relationships, leisure and personal health/growth.

Love, and my attitudes towards it.

Men's mental health

I want to learn more about druidism and the ancient pagan religions to see if I belong to one of those teachings.

Now that my son is done treatment, I feel like I no longer have to keep his illness a secret out of people reacting strangely, and treating me either with pity or as if his disease is contagious. Therefore, our blues community is doing a benefit next week for the Leukemia Lymphoma Society, as I can now feel that I can pay it forward. I am also interested in possibly obtaining my bachelors in social work, in addition to working on a new living situation.

i would like to learn how to live with fewer material things -- already purged many clothes, books and unused art supplies -- and am mindful of every physical item that comes into this household... do i really REALLY need it? and can i get rid of something else if i do? also, to let my loved ones know that i care about them in more tangible ways.

I want to learn more and more about our political candidates so I am a more informed voter and can really get behind the various political causes I care about.

This may sound self-absorbed, but I want to investigate myself more fully, really figure out who I am, what I want to be, what brings me joy, and defines me. I often feel like I'm not "interesting" enough, which is a load of crap, I know, but I think I need to figure out a way to be more secure in who I am, and huge part of that involves just understanding that for myself.

I think I want to get more into painting and teaching myself how to paint. I want to learn more about pastry making and how to best do it. I want to spend more time hobbying. Id love to look into meditation and excercise daily routines this year to improve our lives.

My art, particularly To master my camera, master encaustic and complete some thematic pieces. Additionally, I would like to pick a series of causes and a routine to be involved with each.

I want to know myself better, inside & out, and love myself for who I am. I am worth knowing. I’m worth investing in myself. I am worth my time and attention.

I want to dive into life. I've spent a lot of time on the sidelines waiting for things to change. Don't get me wrong I've done some crazy stuff in my life, but I'd say it's time for some more. Make my change, make things how I want them to be.

Medical education. I love the idea of it, and have some sense that I will want to do something with it in my professional career ahead... but I haven't made any active moves to do so. I don't know what that would look like to me, either. Maybe in the next year I can get a better sense of ways to become more involved, or to generally know more about how I want it to be a part of my life!

So much! I want to learn more about who I am, how to be healthier, how to live a little more without worrying so much, how to be a better part of my community, to connect different communities together.. What career I want to pursue.. How to leave my parents’ home and begin my life on my own..

I want to keep learning and refining my thoughts on Israeli-Palestinian relations. I hope to have new experiences and meet new people more closely related to the conflict. I want to hold my overall left-leaning centrist stance--Israel has an absolute right to exist and defend itself *and* must stop the settlements and work toward ending the occupation, while better ensuring Palestinian human rights--with a more informed perspective.

My house and fixing it up -- living in a comfortable space, and not feeling overwhelmed by too much stuff or things not fixed. Sam and Josh -- loving them now that they don't live with me. Figuring out how, and communication.

My bigger vision for my business is to make coaching more accessible to everyone. It’s a two-fold approach to remove the stigma around coaching and then to find a way for businesses to offer this for their employees. More speaking. More coaching.

I would like to start exploring writing a book.

As I did last year (and every year before, really), I'd like to do something to help animals and perhaps investigate what it would take to raise bees.

I want to be an advocate for sexual and physical abuse victims when they are in the hospital.

It seems increasingly important to stay woke, participate and communicate whenever the call or need arises. This regardless of a growing sense of doom and gloom- about US politics, the global chaos and impending environmental threats.

I have been doing a lot of thinking about whether or not I would like to have another baby. Obviously this is something that both Joe and I would have to want, but I am not sure how I feel about it. Right now I like the idea of having a family of four, but I am not sure if it would realistically work. We would need a bigger house and I'm not sure we'd have enough money. Either way this is something I need to think about and decide how I feel about soon.

I would like to learn how to cook. I've gotten super into watching the food network, and yet I'm pretty hopeless in the kitchen. I have different dietary needs/preferences than the rest of my family, and it would be helpful to be able to cook for myself. And it's just a generally useful skill. And I like food.

There isn't one person that I want to investigate, but rather my family. I'd like to finally accomplish my goal of creating a family tree book that contains information on both sides of my family. Inside there would be anecdotes and stories about the family, our genetic makeup, and cherished family recipes. It would be something people could keep and add on to annually if they wanted.

MAPS and sperm banks and Romanian orphanages.

Being in the type of relationship that I deserve to have.

Oh man, I really hope we explore our open relationship/polyamory more! I am really excited about it, and it seems so fun! I feel like we can handle what comes our way as we explore and push our boundaries a little more, and I just feel so excited to see what all this looks like, and what our version of this is. (Though holy effffff we probably need some more outside, trained support to help us navigate. Note to self: investigate therapy!)

I am back to myself. I feel I nedd to be more resilient and deal better with bad situations... recover faster.

I want to decide what is the future for me... clinical focus, teaching, data science or research... I think I'm burning out by not committing.

I’d like to learn more about responsible finances, real estate investing, and just preparing myself for the future.

Myself. Learn more about myself, accept myself, love myself, be confident in who I am.

Myself as a writer... I want to invest and develop my commitment to writing... I want to invest in my discipline... Daily practice... Sobriety... Writing... Yoga... Exercise... Meditation...

How to communicate in a way that improves buy in.

Something new? Getting more flexible, losing weight, gaining muscle mass (which will help the diabetes), finding some sport or other activity which is FUN! - which I really look forward to. I've had some of that this past 18 months, but more, and different.

My husband. I'm good at reading everyone but him. I don't know what he cares about, what motivates him, what he loves.... Because I have been so hurt and resentful about how he used to treat me, that I haven't cared to find those things out. So I want to study him since he's the person I'm around the most. We are the closest, whether we like it or not. Maybe that will help me see him in a new light.

Time wmith my mom. Family connection

Therapy. I think I am finally in a place to dive into my mental health and healing.

On the work side, financial services for the lowest income groups. On the personal side, digging into early learning with the kids.

Yoga outside of Asana. I have been so focused on the movement and anatomy side of it and this trip to Bali really reminded me of my love for the actual YOGA. I disconnected from it because of the Western way of doing things, however the asana are not why I stayed in the practice, it’s everything else and how all these things help me. So I will learn and practice the pranayama, the mantras and study the philosophy. I want to have something to say in my classes and try to inspire or help at least one person.

I would like to explore what it means to find the most comfort and joy in one's space. I will continue to ask for what I want/need and push for myself. I will continue to say and do things that I can find authenticity and pride in.

I want to investigate the intersection of politics and religion from a social psychological perspective, really diving deep into the exploration of how growing rates of religious apostasy and the Rise of the Nones will affect political engagement in the United States.

I don't have a good answer for this. Probably the best answer is... me. What makes me happy, what do I really want, and how can I keep challenging myself.

I want to start to fight for just transportation access. It's an issue I love, but that I have been lethargic on. I need to get on the boat about this, and start getting locally active.

The idea of traveling. I'd like to commit myself to exploring a new state, country, region, at least twice a year. The idea of gaining more of a global perspective on life and culture is something that I feel very strongly about. I also feel it's important for me to gain more of these perspectives in order to share them with my family and eventually my children.

Last year, I guess I told myself I'd be excited to read my answer. I was right! Remembering what I said about wanting to dive deeper into two (very different) things - food/cooking and democracy/elections - makes me proud of the way I stuck to those goals, in both a personal and academic/professional way. I definitely produced something of which I am proud. This year, I want to investigate New York more fully. That sounds easy, but I mean it. I want to investigate its geography and its gems. I want to visit at least four of the boroughs (sorry, Staten Island); I want to shake up my running routes more often, and see the other sides of Manhattan; I want to try new food; and lastly, I want to meet new people. I'd feel lucky if at this time next year, I could say I've made genuine friendships outside of my Northwestern/Greenhill/etc. bubble. By investigating New York more fully, I want to try to make it my home - if not forever, then at least for a little bit. I would be proud of feeling that way.

In the coming year, I would mostly like to investigate ways to increase productivity, to get and stay organized, and to be more consistent in doing the things that I really want to do.

I would love to explore meditation. Also, creating an idea for a new model for independent film distribution.

I'd like to find out how I can give back in a way that is meaningful to me. Reading the news multiple times a day is not activism to me, but neither is blindly donating to a cause. Where can I contribute and add impact more than just in my existing relationships at work and in my personal life? Can I find a way to volunteer with kids? There are thousands of kids who lack support and love. Perhaps I can find a way to contribute to their upbringing and provide them some level of acceptance and encouragement.

I want to explore more the concept of bisexuality and how my identity fits into that. Ever since college, I have known at least somewhat that I am bisexual, having had a crush on one of my fellow Wildcats. I've had crushes on female celebrities since then too, but as I don't count celebrities (male OR female) as real crushes, and since I didn't really think much of it, I have not had the chance to really reflect on it. But this year, I realized I had developed feelings for two of the nurses in the hospital where I work (one more of a superficial crush, since she's married so I'd never actually want something to happen there), and that made me really think about who I am and how I identify. I haven't come out to many people yet, because I want to be sure about it and also because I'm scared. Mostly I just want to be able to come into that identity and feel okay with it, and with myself. I understand that a person is no less bisexual just because they have only dated heterosexually in the past, or if they came to the other preference(s) later in life. I understand all that, but I want to FEEL it, and to feel comfortable. (I'm thinking about coming out next month on Coming Out Day, but jury's still out on whether I'll still be a coward by then.) Maybe by the time of Pride Month next year I will feel comfortable enough to celebrate together with my LGBT friends.

Study writing, different forms and the effects of different writing techniques. Also comedy. How to write comedy. Grammar. I want to study it, learn it, apply it in my writing.

I want to figure out what I want to do next. I wanted my own business by the time I was 25 but I don't know what to do or how to start. I like event planning and loved being a concierge. Maybe there's a way to combine the two. But then I also love what I working at St. Jude so I want to see where I can go within St Jude.

What do I want to investigate? What I want out of life. That question shouldn’t be so damn hard to answer. Stemming off of that response of mine, I really need to and want to focus on self love. Tantra is Love taught me that it doesn’t come naturally to me, and Matt has opened my eyes toward it in a lot of ways. I need to do this for me, because I am my soul mate. And I’m very much worth loving.

- Volunteering - Debt strike - Getting a dog - Dating women - Budgeting - Rob

ha! still want to better know my camera. also want to master CBT and any other therapies that will help me be successful with my clients.

I would like to further investigate and become more involved in politics. I’ve been involved in the past and feel really overwhelmed but I’d like to push through that and get more involved.

Making the move, finding a good spot to land in Oregon. That's the big one. On a personal note it's continuing down the path of continuous improvement. Training my mind and body to make life better and easier. From running/working out to reading and pushing into new areas of mental discovery.

My answer in 2017: "I really don't know. I don't think I even know myself that well anymore. Perhaps, if anything, it would be rediscovering and recovering a sense of my life's purpose." My answer in 2018: Perhaps nothing has changed. I'm still trying to recover and rediscover the purpose of my life.

to play guitar or any instrument

A person, a cause, an idea that I want to investigate more fully in the coming year... still me. Still my marriage. Still my job. Still my friends. So nothing new there, I don't think - looking forward to being 40 (it's better than the alternative!)

Sigh. No. Other than me. Which, from last year's answer, appears to be a consistent response.

work - digital product kids - more play time with paige and work on character development with Nolan Les - make certain we have quality time together

I want to become a more environmentally friendly human.

I would like to learn more about furthering my education to then further my career aspects. Hopefully I can work out exactly how to get to where I want to go.

Natural burial possibilities; what would it take to be buried on our own property? Natural casket etc…Jewish burial in rural New England? Hopefully a long way off - but interested to know now how to best plan....

Lamroth Hakol. Spending more time on community service.

I want to figure out how to become more politically active beyond just reading and reacting to the news. I want to look into canvassing and volunteering for local political causes that I believe in.

I want to explore! I want to be driving so I can explore all the places locally that I can't get to now because they aren't served by public transport.

I would like to investigate my two goals: helping to develop Guyana and build an alliance of not-for-profits around the "A Better Chance" program. I would also like to find a way to assist my cousin Bryan, perhaps by using Greg's business model. I would also like to explore the ways in which I might move into the connector space more fully and eventually become a speaker. My recent call with Tricia B. opened my eyes to the entire world of professional speaking. It seems like the world is unfolding for me, and all I have to do is reach out and grab what I want.

I would like to learn more about anti-racism efforts in the Jewish community.

Public speaking. I need to up my game. I guess I need to pull together those rusty teaching skills to make me worth listening to.

I need to work on better ways to manage my personal stresses and frustrations. I'm going to start with mindfulness, and look for something else if that does not take.

Just take advantage of educational and growth activities as hey come up

I'd like to invest more in myself. I have the feeling that I spend a lot of time trying to please others or doing things for others. But actually I should pay attention to myself and my wishes and needs. For example with regard to my health, my physical and mental health, my goals, my future and plans for the future. But for this I need a little more self-confidence and assertiveness, so that I can go my own way, no matter what comes and first of all find out for myself where my way should lead me or what my way and my goal are.

Looking into a new business, a new way to make impact.

I would like to make video conferencing my norm, instead of text, emails, or traditional phone calls. Everyone has a camera on their phone. Use it.

I really, really want to actually, honestly, fully learn Spanish. I speak vacation Spanish but that isn't good enough. And once I'm there with Spanish, I want to learn more languages.

I’m feeling really invigorated to learn all kinds of things this year. In particular, I’d like to read as many feminist nonfiction books as I possibly can. I want to join the ranks of strong, independent, outspoken women in this country and to feel more confident in myself. I’m particularly interested in learning about fierce women of color.

A situação tanto do país quanto do mundo me interessa muito. Não é minha área de maior interesse, mas é necessário saber.

Myself. As cheesy as that sounds its what I could think of. I wanna figure out who I am and what I like. I wanna learn more about being confident in my own skin and what that takes. I wanna learn about my personality and what it takes for me to be able to be my weird, unique, hyper self in public and learning to be truly myself in public.

Self love.

I should really visit that village education center I help support financially every year for more than 10 years now. It puts things in perspective and I'd like to take my privileged young offspring with me if possible!

I hope to read more in the coming year.

I think I have always said I would like to help end Human Trafficking, and that remains. But, right now I would really hope to have a positive impact on eliminating homelessness. I would like to find a way to help the homeless find permanent housing, create a village of sorts.

I would like to get my business running smoothly and making a profit!

I think I will investigate many artists in the coming year and organizations through benchmarking, but also on my own. I am more curious than ever how we nurture artistic talent so we can create more relevant and moving art experiences for everyone.

I mean, I guess I want to investigate my identity as a Zionist in the face of what Israel is today. And I want to investigate the conflict (history, current state, possibilities for the future, etc) more closely.

The book The Cure for Alzheimer's.

Yes, to work on my book project! I'm planning to enrol in FAWWA to get started.

How I can do more in a structured way to change culture around me to foster more inclusion and open mindedness. I would in particular like to encourage my white friends to talk about race and racism with each other. We do not talk about it enough (ever). And I would like to further educate myself on racism, my part in it and know better what I can and must say and do.

Minimalism. Make room in my life for change to come in, peacefully.