Describe one thing you'd like to achieve by this time next year. Why is this important to you?

A full time job I guess. And some solid savings towards a house.

I would like to earn a livable wage from City of Play next year.

I’d like to get to an optimal weight and fitness level. This is important to me because I value my health and want to ensure I’m best taking care or myself.

I want to be motivated and content where I work. I've made it a far way forward but I am not there yet where I really look forward to work and relish what I do.

I’d like Asher to walk independently! This is very important for his development and I want to see my son succeed in every way possible!!

I still have my home. Don’t think this requires much explanation.

I absolutely must release All Star Twerkers: Worldwide. Its been too long. I hate things being in the burner. And I must keep making games if i'm ever going to be successful in my industry

Unfortunately, the same as last year. Live within our means--fully pay off at least one credit card and keep it at zero. The interest expense is greatly impeding our ability to have a livable income after retirement.

Better balance between work and play

This is a tough one. How about, I'd like to be journaling for at least 10 minutes a day? I can take my meds, I should be able to do that. I don't write enough. I don't keep track of what I'm doing, and I end up wasting time.

Better communication skills to prevent problems like I had with the medical students.

I'd like to be meditating regularly. I think it will help me be more mindful and perhaps a little less anxious.

Being clear about my limitations with others, without feelings of shame or embarrassment. Knowing that I am not my limitations, just that they need adaptation for interacting with others.

I hope I can land a marketing job in the East Bay by September 2019. This is important to me because I’m passionate about marketing and I miss working in this field.

To have all my dental problems solved. Important for obvious reasons.

Last year I said I wanted to not be disenchanted with my life, i.e. I wanted to not be disenchanted with my career - and by extension, my personal finances, because for the past 4 years that is the one thing it seems I haven't been able to shake. I really do want a career that I'm proud of, and to earn constant income to support my standard of living. How can I be failing at it so woefully? My dad suspects my high blood pressure is because I've always been stressed about money and maybe he's right. My husband has a great job so I don't lack anything but I want to earn my own money and can't seem to figure out how - all the usual methods aren't working out [yet]. Anyway, for the nth time, that's the thing I want to achieve next year: Constant income, doing work I'm proud of. It's important for my mental and physical health.

I would like to spend less time feeling anxious, and to have built a life around things that bring me joy rather than around the things I feel I need to get done.

I'm training for a half marathon in just over a month. It isn't far in the future, but I certainly hope I succeed! Bigger picture, though...I'd like to make it through the winter without a long stretch of depression. I struggle in late January, February, and March -- every.single.year. I know that my reduced exercise that time of year contributes, as does the lack of sunlight. I'm hoping to stay ahead of it, keeping myself physically healthy so I can stay mentally healthy.

One thing I'd like to achieve by this time next year would be to be comfortable chanting Torah trope.

I would like to be engaged or even married by this time next year. Since I want to have kids in 2-3 years, but I want to be married first, this is very important to me. Maybe I will feel more approved by my in-laws then. I don't have any big dreams about a wedding, I would be happy with a small ceremony but I fear that my mother in-law will not let that happen. For her, I think, we need to organise a big event.

I want to have the injury on my right side sorted so that I'm in peak physical condition at 35. This will allow me the freedom to do anything necessary, from sports, to lifting, to travel, etc.

The same as last year: would like to change home, live in the countryside, eating what i plant, drawing in the nature, getting some peace that in-exists in the city.

to be nicer to my family

I would like to achieve straight A's this year and next year

So I think I need to be more realistic about things I'd like to achieve this year, unlike last year. Although I continued my running throughout the winter with Kate, its never really gets easier so a 10k still seems to be far off. Maybe this year will be the year, I would really like to do it one day just to prove to myself that I can but possibly just getting past the 5k hurdle would be enough at the moment. I also want to make sure I continue exercising and eating well and hopefully lose a bit more weight! If I can get down to losing a stone between March 2018 to March 2019 I will be delighted! Over half way now so think I can do it. The other thing I want to achieve is move on in my career. I've been at UCL a year now and I'm ready for the next step up, wherever that will be!

By next year, I wanna have new friends as a result of being nicer and more careful about what I say. This is important to me because I care about how people feel.

I would like to become more fit and successful in soccer.

I want to be able to work hard and know how to study for school. I want to get more organized. I want to exercise. It is important to me because it will help me become a better me.

I would like to achieve balance in my everyday live and be living a life (and doing work) that brings people closer to mindfulness and away from self-consciousness and anxiety.

I want to achieve academically. This is important to me because I like to get good grades, it makes me happy. I should be happy.

I would like to improve my study skills and organization in school.

I would like to find a way to have a maintainable budget with the ability to build some sort of savings over the next year. I hate living paycheck to paycheck and not being prepared for emergency situations....like the 2 tires that I desperately need to replace soon due to them being worn down. I've had my car for four years and, thankfully, have only had one big issue with it. I will work on this over the next few months and get to a point where I can be financially less stressed than I am today.

I'd like to be in a better financial position. This is important because I've generally thought of debt as a tax without taking its true impact into account. Additionally, the financial freedom would allow me to pursue other passions with less risk.

I want my sense of self and self worth to be so strong that I know incontrovertibly who I am and my worth, not dependent on anyone outside myself. I want to know it in my bones. I want that feeling to come from me, and not any external validation I get from a boss, friend, lover or stranger. Just that I know, without a doubt, how badass, brilliant and courageous I truly am.

I want my only ‘outstanding ‘ debt to be my student loan debt, and I want to focus on whittling away those obligations by the Summer of 2020.

I'd like to continue to succeed in the workplace. By the end of the year, I would like to be able to see the path to management a little more clearly - not necesssarily to be a manager by the end of the year, but to understand what I need to do to land a management job with my company.

By this time next year (queue Sunset Blvd.) I would like to have a living arrangement with Jennifer and our 3 children that feels comfortable for me. Specifically, I would like a room in which I feel warm temperature-wise, I get ample sunlight, I have privacy and no one has to pass my door, I have an attached bathroom specifically for night time, and I have enough space that my room is a place that I want to "hang out" and maybe do some yoga or meditation on my own. Space is very important to me, and I don't currently have an office place, so achieving this is a main goal (along with those last 10 lbs... JK!!)

I would love to have my art room cleaned out, organized and in working order. It has been a stalled out project for a few reasons, but it's time; I really need/crave a space in which to be creative in order to start selling my artwork. It also will help rebalance my life--I'm a better person when I create!

I'd like me and my partner to have a baby. I don't have a lot of time left and never felt able or ready to have one. Now I do. I'd like a chance to create a family that does things differently from how I was raised.

I would like to start exercising and be in one 5k or be invested in an active sport/activity by this time next year. I feel like it will help me feel better about how I look and feel again. I miss doing 5ks and want to stay in shape so I'm not the mom constantly saying "I can't, my back hurts." or "I can't, I'm too tired."

I'd like to have at least 2 publications in the pipeline. It feels like the one aspect of academia that I'm really afraid of, getting my research published. For some reason, I think I'm going to fail and that my work isn't good enough for that and it's been preventing me from even putting myself out there enough. It's important for looking forward in my career and going on the job market, but more than that, I need to believe that I can do it.

Most importantly, I'd like to have a stronger marriage. We had a rough start. An incredible public commitment to each other and a rockin party, and then we continued to live apart from each other for the next 8 months. Those happened to also be the most difficult months of my professional life, and I did a piss-poor job of being a real partner in our partnership (not saying the hubs is blameless, but I can only change me). Our first month back together was rocky, but we're figuring each other out and learning how to see each other all day, every day (ha!). I truly believe we bring out the best in each other, so I really look forward to our future together. On the professional side, I'd like to have the beginnings of a thriving vascular practice. And most of all, I hope to be able to mesh the 2 and separate the 2 whenever I need to.

Financial security. No debt.

I want to move up in my financial status, making much more money than I do now. I feel like I've been laying down the groundwork for years and not realizing my full potential. I am worthy! I also need to find balance between work and excellent health.

I would like to get back to my simple life. I wanna focus on living and enjoying life. It’s important to me because we only have one life and to be unhappy for it is a waste

I would like to be in a better position with work, and have a more predictable schedule so I can spend more time with the ones I love.

Better relationship with mom

I would love to be in a career path where I feel like I'm growing, being challenged, and having success, both monetarily and thoughtfully.

I would like to achieve a better routine of exercise as I truly believe it will allow me to live a longer and healthier life. Even 30 minutes a day each day of the week would be a huge improvement to what i now do at one-three times a week. It has been a lifelong struggle that I am being kind to myself about, but in the meantime, I haven't been able to make it come to fruition. One baby step at a time...to 30 minutes a day, I hope.

I'd like to have done or be signed up for a mud run! I felt so accomplished and powerful after I completed my runs in 2012 and 2013. It was something I never thought I could do and I would love to be able to do it again. Maybe a Warrior Dash or a Zombie Run...

Spinal stenosis, cubital tunnel syndrome, arthritis, and Cerebral Palsy have all complicated and pained my life this past year. I hope I will have established a better exercise regime by next year. I also hope to have lost 20 or more pounds.

By this time next year, I imagine myself to be in the steady flow of expansion in my work as a healer. I can see myself lovingly supported in whatever details emerge from this experience whether it’s traveling, writing, creating art, practicing reiki, teaching yoga and/or meditation, etc. It’s more essential than important for me that I continue to follow divine guidance wherever that leads me into next year.

I want to create a body of artistic work that I can be proud of. I want to feel that my life has some worth.

Maybe this sounds a bit detached, but I'd like to have some more articles published toward my tenure packet. It seems silly to think just of work as the achievement, but as I work toward tenure and get later in my journey, I'm more concerned about my ability to make tenure. Tenure would mean the ultimate stability for my family in terms of having a job, in terms of keeping our house, and so on. But it would also allow me to be a bit freer with my work vis a vis some of the pre-tenure constraints (as well as time and energy away from family).

I would like to have decided what I want to do with my life, or roughly that. I want to know whether I'm meant for cheer or volleyball, tennis or rowing, etc. I really need to figure everything out, and this is extremely important to me. I think that my identity of what I do is important, so I need to figure it out so I'm not just doing nothing for the rest of high school.

I’d like to get my deck completed. This is important so my family can enjoy being outdoors all year long. I’d like to get my garage really cleaned out so we ca park our new electric cart out of the weather. I’d like to get the plans done for our new pool so we have an additional play area for my new gradddaughter.

I want to have my resume ready to go. I keep saying I'm going to get it up to date, and then not doing it, and then I see a job listing that looks interesting but I'm not able to jump on it. I've almost quit several times this past year, and a big part of what's stopping me is not having anywhere to go if I do quit.

Last year an old injury was on track to derail all the hard work I had done - but with the support and work of my dear friend and instructor Blythe - I have learned what to do and what not to do and am ok with skipping workouts if my body is hurting. I am guessing a lot is aging and adjusting to that isn't a fun task. This time next year - I want to making what I know I am worth, either with the company I currently am with or onto a new journey taking my new experiences and sharing them with others. I have had a few instances pushing me towards my long term dream of Event Planning - and perhaps can start small with consulting fees for organizations to help them conceptualize and realize their fundraising/event dreams - so a new journey perhaps or a refinement of what I am currently doing. I am joyous for the most part - my life is full (sometimes too) but seeking what brings me joy as well as giving back to community continue to be constant drivers in my life and I hope they forever are.

I want to get a banner at gymnastics and my giants. I also want to get all As and just have a good year were I am happy and make friends

Oh no... but when I read it next year if I haven't achieved it how will I feel? Eating better and losing weight... moving closer to G-d and in general embracing my Judaism even more than ever... being in better contact with family and friends... not having to apologize for all the same things next Elul (ie: improving myself)...

Have a job that allows me a little bit of financial freedom. I have yet to get a job that allows to not live paycheck to paycheck.

I would like to be successful in my own business supporting teachers. It’s important because I want to make a difference, to support teachers in their wellbeing by looking at mindset and strategy.

I would like to have a semi-regular schedule governed by my own desires, not someone else's schedule. I'd like some time to study (candidates include algebra and German), time to nap and/or read, time to do yard work, possibly have designated chores associated with days (laundry, grocery shopping, etc.). I would like to be able to distinguish weekends from weekdays. I would also like to be flexible enough to travel or change my schedule if I so desire.

I'd like to knit a sweater. It seems a silly thing because there are so many other things I'd like (new job, finishing painting the house, etc). But I enjoy knitting and I want to learn HOW to do things, I don't just want to read about them. And this feels like a fun thing that I want to do, rather than a thing that's on my to-do list. I see so many lovely handmade clothes and I envision them on ME and I just want to be able to do that.

I want to be healthier. I say this every year. What makes this year different? I want to believe that because I lost my mom I will do everything I can do to not let my children use me due to my own negligence in health matters. I don't trust myself. I always feel unhappy about my weight, I always say this will change. This year it will. My weight may not but my health will be better.

I'd like to have most of the wedding plans squared away - I don't want to spend forever working on this!

I would like to be in a better place financially. As in, knock out a lot of the debt I racked up when I renovated my house last year. I hate the feeling of owing money--it feels like it removes so many options. And financial stress turns into overall stress, which is hard on health and relationships.

I would like to finish writing a draft of the book that I have been working on.

I'd like to be settled. To have decided whether/how to stay here or move. If a move, to where. To have some confidence that we're educating the children properly. No more kicking this can down the road. All of this living in limbo is driving me pretty crazy and taking up way too much mental energy that I really need to be able to apply to other things.

Still be alive. Not dead of metastatic breast cancer.

The one thing I’d like to change by next year is being able to answer this question with only one thing! Oy vey.

My main goal is to continue to reverse the CFS. I hope that I am well enough to take on 2-4 clients/week along with my family/friends/community activity.

I would like to retire from my job. I am so mindful of the passage of time, of things I want to do ( simple ones, like really have the time to sit quietly without worrying about all the stuff I'm not getting done!) and I would like to travel more. I also want to find a social justice issue which I can sink my teeth into - I have those two little grandpeople and I want to think I'm doing something to make their world a better place.

I'd like to have a solid draft of my screenplay, ready to send out into the world. If not that, then I'd like to have had Mary or Jesse or Kiel's (or all of them) feedback on my script, so I'm working toward the best screenplay I am able to create. I'd like to be in a good relationship with another person. One that is solid and built on good grounding, love, humor, respect and understanding. I have a second date tonight. Could this be the guy? TBD. ;) In the meantime, I will continue to love all parts of myself, knowing that I am enough with and without another person.

I'd like to take a vacation. A real vacation -- not attached to a conference or a work trip, not just going to see family and "making" a vacation of it". A vacation of my choosing, something that I want to do and someplace I want to go, not dictated by someone else's whims or wishes or money. (This also means I need to start saving $$$!)

I would like to be in a new job, earning what I believe what I am worth, and more financially stable for retirement. We live paycheck to paycheck and have no real hope of ever getting out of that cycle unless I see my earnings increase. I am thankful that God has provided us with our needs, but I can't help but ask him to allow us to take vacation with our kids while we can still make those memories.

I'd like to have one fewer boat. We have three right now. We really need to make progress on selling the power boat. We only got it because we needed a place to live while the Columbia was out of the water. We've been moved back onto the Columbia for two months now, and no progress on the Sea Ray moving it to the market. We need to sell that boat. We need the money. Plus a power boat is a ticking time bomb. We're both terrible procrastinators and we won't do anything without a deadline. It's awful.

I want to be able to walk my office through the building code analysis process. I feel it is the one thing that I, as a senior leader in the office, need to be able to explain to others and offer guidance. Right now, I know a lot, but it's the whole question of how you figure out what you can build in terms of occupancy, the separations required, the limitations in building area, and the type of construction. It's a skillful investigation that needs to be understood very well so that projects are designed responsibly within code limitations and exceptions.

Money in savings. Because it is necessary.

I would like to loose one dress size. It's important to be more healthy and less weight on my knees and heart would help that goal.

I turned 68 last month, feeling better than ever, even though at the time I had a softball-sized tumor in my abdomen, which a needle biopsy determined was a rare form of cancer. My goal that day was to feel as fabulous on my 69th birthday as I felt on my 68th. Now that the tumor has been removed and determined to be a fibroma--NOT a sarcoma (in other words, NOT cancer!) I think I have a good chance of achieving that goal.

I need to get some contemplative quiet. At least with alcohol, but preferably without.

I would like to have one more client for my business.

I would like to grow in confidence. Although I've made strides there is a lot left to accomplish. I'd like to believe in myself and not worry so much about whether or not people think I'm worthy.

I want to be living in Colorado by this time next year. We have been talking about it for five years, and we have decided we want to give Colorado a try. If we never try, we will always wonder! And we think it could be a really good fit, and could afford us a better quality of life than living in the SF area.

I want to sing well. Why? I like the sense of accomplishment and, if I sing well, that opens up the spectrum of who I may sing with. I'd love to sing with other good singers. I like to feel pride in what I accomplish and I like to reach for the stars. I feel that my ability to express myself is limited by my technical abilities. My technical limitations are a bottleneck--happens in piano too. For that matter, I'd like to brush up my piano technique and repertoire. My piano is my voice, even more than my voice is--I want it to sound clearly and I want to feel myself dance upon the keyboard with my fingers. When it happens, it's thrilling. Perhaps I can experience that same thrill with my voice? Time will tell. Finding the time is the biggest challenge.

My biggest problem? Many goals, too many commitments. I cannot wait until I am DONE being PA co-president at my daughters' school. It's a huge timesuck. By this time next year, I want to be doing some work in music law, possibly doing some producing, be done remodeling the house, and be working on my community service/service learning curriculum idea. Oh, and writing fairly consistently. :)

By this time next year, I'll have a 2.5 year old and an almost one year old (WOW!!! That's insane!). Unlike with Hunter, this time around I'm trying to be realistic about the huge shift that a new baby is going to bring to our lives and family dynamic. So, what I want to have achieved by this time next year is actually to have given myself a lot of grace NOT to achieve. To spend full days cuddling the baby, to stay inside on a snowy Saturday as a family of four just hanging out. To not try to immediately "bounce back" or do it all. I want this next year to teach me how to better be honest about what *I* need and to ask for help, so others can offer the support I know they are so willing to share. If I can sit here and read this answer next year and smile, knowing that I relaxed into the journey, took things in stride and SURVIVED, I will indeed say "well done, friend."

After reading my responses for the last couple years, I want to be kinder to myself. I deserve it.

Always the same dream: to have stability with my money situation.

I want to have a better sense of what I want to do with the rest of my life! Hopefully a summer internship will give me some more direction.

Get my house in order--literally! Now that I'm working from home, I need to make the time to do battle with the clutter and get organized.

By this time next year, I would like to be ready to purchase a house. This is important to me because it is one more exciting step in life that my wife and I get to take on together. (While I would like to buy a house next year, this is not something that I feel I must do, but it is a healthy goal.)

By this time next year i hope to be fully situated in a foreign country with Austin by my side. It's important to me because it's always been my dream to travel and live abroad with the one i love. It's my right of passage to live abroad on my own without financial help. It's something I have always wanted to experience and now is the time to start.

Become better at time management. I want to be more efficient (and relaxed) at home and at work. That does mean less facebook and putting down the phone more.

Maintain a strong relationship with my partner. Finding him has felt like some kind of miracle, and I need to cherish what we have. I really hope that we can build on everything we already have to create something that lasts us a lifetime. I know that this will take patience, understanding, compromise, communication, humility, and self improvement - but I believe it will be worth every bit!

I would like to have more "uncluttered time:" meaning more time where my mind is not racing and scattered. More time where I am focused on less things. This is important to me because I feel like there has been a reduction quality of the time I have and my life is passing me by and I do not want to regret later how I used my time.

I would like to have a larger social circle. This is important to me because I think I would be happier if I felt like I had a network of people whose company I enjoyed and who I could rely on. In the past year, I haven't been required to interact with many people, and it's so easy for me to become isolated. So I would like to do more to counteract that.

More money e work recognition. To have my own place. And find love. Same, same...

I would like to have the third book in my series done and published, and be working on another one and have quite a bit of it finished— if not completed. It’s important to me because I want to maintain my own personhood now that I have had a baby and have become a mother.

I'm going to give pretty much the same answer I gave last year: I want to have the inspiration to start writing again. It's not something I can force. For it to happen, the inspiration has to be there. I keep looking for it. I expect it will return one day. I miss it.

Stop my fear of commitments. I wanted to go to Spain for the last 2 years. So by the end of the summer next year I should do it.

There's so much! I want to have a new job, a new car, a dog, a plan to travel abroad, a new credit card, be dating, and an apartment/house to myself. I think the most important, and the one that the rest hinge on, is the new job. I want to have that not only by this time next year, but by this time in two months. This is important to me because my current job makes me very unhappy, and I need happiness to thrive and accomplish all the rest.

Looking back on my answer from last year (thank you, 10Q, for that enhancement!) I see that I took some small steps toward retirement planning. I have met with a financial planner and discussed what retirement looks like with Eileen and others. For a year from now, I'd like to focus on more concrete things, like making some home improvements (redoing the living room and front hallway, repairing steps to the front porch) as well as continuing to plan for retirement, whenever that may happen.

So much has changed in just the last month that has changed how I want to answer this question. My first thought is that by this time next year I would like to have bought my first house, be home owner and settled in. But now with my relationship changing and growing; I hope to be living in Cascade and settling down there. I would love to still be a homeowner this time next year, but I don't want to rush into anything either.

I would like to continue on my own path of self realization/actualization. I feel like for the first time in a long time, I have the time, energy and space to become a better, happier, healthier version of myself and I would like to invest in myself to become that person. I would like to have a better plan about how I want and how I am going to proceed getting out of my current job and/or make more money. I wouldn't mind having a relationship but I don't feel like I am the person I want to be yet to have the sort of relationship I think I want. My experience is that men want/take a lot of (my) time and energy and I know that my tendency is to put their needs, wants, ambitions and agendas before my own. I don't want to have that kind of relationship! Additionally, there is always the fear that the sort of person I am looking for simply doesn't exist (or more horribly doesn't like me enough or in that way).

I'd like to be living in another country. I'm tired of fighting dominant patriarchy, class segregation, a disempowered economy and racism. I'd like to live somewhere that I don't speak the language and where I am a novelty, instead of understanding the bullshit people spew and being an anomaly.

I would like to find some more career clarity. I like what I am doing a lot, and I am doing one of the best things I could imagine doing right now, and yet I still don't feel like I totally love my job. I want to find the thing that really drives me and motives me to succeed, so that I can really feel productive and strong.

I want to pay off two more credit cards, because that will be less financial stress on me. As I get rid of my debt, I can build up my savings, and feel more like a grown up. Also, have at least one really good snogging session. Ideally with "Him".

I can thing of two things right off the bat. One health and one business/professional related. Health: develop a consistent workout routine. This can be enjoying running, going on hikes consistently, hitting the gym, doing videos or whatever. Professional: Get the PMP certificate. I am hoping this is done sooner than a year from now, but it is a huge goal that is dependent on me buckling down and I will be so proud if I achieve it.

I would like to have built a successful private practice, with a full caseload Of satisfied clients. I want to be speaking at conferences and establishing a name for myself as an authority on human sexuality, relationships, and communication.

To be able to feel confident with FIVE THINGS. That I have conquered a fear.

Become more deliberative about how I eat

I would like to let go of judgement. It is impacting me in ways that aren't healthy and making me less grateful than I want to be in my daily life.

I’d like to find a partner. It’s important to me because I have a list for life and it’s incredible to be able to share my interests with another person and restorative to learn about someone else’s. (Brent broke up with me last night 😢)

New direction for our Mental Health program services that makes sense and fulfills a gap in the community.

Oh jeez. Here we go. I want to get my eating under control and lose weight. I can't help it. That's what I want. I also want to start a regular exercise plan and get stronger.

I think same answer as last year-I'd like to be able to play as a handler on the field. Being able to throw accurately and make smart throwing decisions is important to me because it will make me a stronger player on the field and a more valuable member of the team.

I would like to be a better wife, family member and friend. I spend so long analysing and stressing that I forget to care for those who care for me. I'd also like to have fun whilst doing this

Oh my god I'd like like to walk without pain. It's so weird that last year I was like I want a raise blah blah blah. This year I just feel so lucky to have a job. Between 10/2017 and 9/2018, I worked two full weeks and all the others were either not at all or part-time. I want to not have a cane. I want my knee to not hurt. I want to be practicing yoga more often. I want to be in better contact with my brother. I want to be more in control of my OCD. Mostly, I just want health, not wealth.

I would really like to get the clutter and piles of things in the house under control. It seems like a never-ending process that keeps reappearing. I know I just have too much stuff and not enough places to put all of it. I am attached to most of my belongings and have a hard time getting rid of things. I keep getting involved in new groups, new projects, new pastimes. Each comes with its own amount of things to keep in the house. I used to be able to find any item that I needed. I can still do that for some things. But if I ever moved something to make it more accessible, I can never find it when I need it. Friends & family know that when they need an obscure item, I am the one that is likely to have it.

I would like to become kind again. I have given in to the contentiousness that is dividing the country. It is tearing me apart being angry all the time.

This time next year I would like to have more exercise in my daily routine. That would include more swimming and more weight training exercises. This regimen seems to improve my memory functioning as well as my stamina and energy level. I already have a cardiac condition that can only improve with additional exercise.

Still mulling over a next book. Getting closer to the focus of a cookbook for families who have a person with dementia in their care. Basically, I want to stick to wring about food and food history. And as usual more art, a healthy honey bee season, good chickens and a lush bee garden. All of this is important to me because it helps be feel a part of the earth and the seasons. Home Logout How It Works FAQ Contact Us Partners

Regular exercise routine. I'm too lucky to be in my health/condition without exercise—it's time to take some of that responsibility into my own hands

I'd like to feel more settled- proper furniture, no more student debt, savings in the bank and, ideally, a relationship.

I want to succeed in "unblocking" me, with the help of CBT. This should help me build a healthier lifestyle in general. It's important to me because I feel I've been living my whole life "with the brakes on", and it's time to start living at full speed (MY speed though, screw what everyone else thinks).

I would like to be happy but this is only 'important' because I say it suggesting that if I am happy then David is happy and there is hope. Hope for less sadness, fear, pain, suffering in space-time. I say space-time because it is not enough to want to end the pain now, and to think of those to come, but a true solution would incorporate what I currently perceive as those in the past.

I'd like to have a defense date set for my dissertation. I've spent seven years working on my degree, and I'm ready to be done.

I'd like to have What If We Trusted You written and in the world. It's about time.

I’d like to be admitted to med school by this time next year. This is the career path that I see for myself and I’m excited to get started on this difficult, inspiring journey—but that can only happen if I get in. This is important to my sense of self, my confidence, and my future.

I’d like to get into grad school, a program I’m excited about and a placement that feels right for me. I’d also like to feel less anxious about finding a life partner.

I would like the legal matter behind me so that my brain is free for other better things. I would like to be kinder to my family to increase our quality of life and the quality of love.

By this time next year I would like to have gone on my trip to Europe! I would also like to have had a solo in choir, but let's not get to crazy here. ;-)

Complete the manuscript for Sarah's Basket and send it to a publisher. It would be my tribute to the only ecological activist my family ever produced.

So the asks from the last two years are still relevant, but they are pretty tall orders (more self-compassion, regular writing process, writing confidence, healthy and sustainable mental health). I would still like to keep these as intentions, but have a more specific goal--to work on patience with myself and others. Another tall order. However, the more specific achievements towards this larger goal are to: read from the Mussar about patience, practice a Semi regular morning meditation, and verbalizing an acceptance of the reality of my often slow work pace (maybe if I do this enough, I will start to believe it).

Peace and wellbeing! Ha. But also, kinda true. I'd love to be happier/more settled in my life - professionally and personally. I am so over being on the cusp of things. I also would like to take my body a little more seriously, regularly exercise, lose weight, eat more balanced, all that good stuff.

I'd like to be eating kosher meat. I know that meat, especially in the US is unhealthy and unethically farmed, but due to my dietary restrictions meat is one of the few things that I can almost always safely eat. I should cut back on meat anyways, and I feel like eating Kosher meat is a good way to (hopefully) eat better raised and cleaner food.

By this time next year, I would like to have gotten my license in Clinical Social Work. I am currently in grad school to fulfill the educational requirement to qualify for the LCSW title. This is important to me because in the Advanced Generalist Field that I will be working in, I could practice in any facet of social work which means I have many career opportunities no matter where I choose to live in the future. The kind of work that I want to do is mostly possible by having an LCSW. Fulfilling this goal will help me build a fulfilling future and experience different opportunities for personal and professional growth. The level of financial security that this title helps me achieve will make having a family possible, as well, which is my ultimate dream.

By this time next year I'd like to have achieved more clarity on what I want to do professionally long term. This is important to me because I'm a very goal-oriented person and a planner. This is something that I thought would happen this year and didn't. I also seek intellectual stimulation and want to help bring joy and justice to the world, and hope that I can figure out some good options for me to do these things as a career.

Honestly, I'm so freaking happy with my life right now that my major achievement will be maintaining this level of happy through all the changes that are on our schedule - surgery for me, remodel for the house, kiddo moving on to high school... I think the main achievement is helping the kid pick a high school that is the best match for her possible, so that this time next year she's starting school with as much enjoyment as she has this year, wherever that may be.

I would like to take one of my several blank Moleskine notebooks and fill it from cover to cover with literary rantings -- in one or two sittings.

This time next year I would like to have been in a serious long term relationship. Don't want to put a clock on it, but I need to keep putting myself out there.

By this time next year, I'd like to be saving money. Actually putting money away for my future. Possibly even on the road to owning a home. By this time next year, I want to feel like I'm on a strong and stable financial footing towards my future.

I want to do two things by this time next year: 1) buy a second house in Montana; 2) be ready to run a marathon.

I am wanting to grow the recovery program I've been a part of these last 13 years. I want to see more groups opening on more nights (and during daytime) of the week in the area. So that people can find support no matter where or when. I got a raise recently at my job, although I still feel like I am lacking the respect I would have hoped I had earned there after 5 years or so. I suppose that comes with more time, maybe. Just praying for now that I stay on track there....may need to take some accounting courses to bolster my push to be the Office Manager someday though. My whole being is about helping and encouraging others, but I know I struggle with being codependent (over-helping, essentially - "Let me do it for you!") and also with being critical of people (the fine line from encouraging to criticizing! How quickly it flips that boundary! And always on those I am closest to...) I think what I would like to ultimately achieve by this time next year is more stability, serenity and progress in my recovery...to not necessarily lower my expectations but to have more reasonable ones of OTHERS and MYSELF. :) Gee whiz, I kinda hope THAT isn't an unreasonable expectation on me...LOL! I'd like to have better relationships() with my husband, my son and my daughter, my mother ... and my other family and friends, too. (Okay, that one my definitely be unreasonable! LOL! We shall see...)

I’d like to be more patient, even when I’m exhausted. Right now, with a 1 yr old, a baby coming in the next weeks, and a husband with anxiety/depression/alcoholism/general selfishness issues, I find myself reaching the end of my patience and getting snappy and mean a lot more often than I like. I want to be a patient person, I want to be a gentle person, so that I have a net positive impact on the lives of my family.

I want to bring my new business to a place of financial stability so I can be brought on as a full-time employee. So excited to have a project I believe in with support behind me.

Run a 10k and at least be in training for a half marathon. Running has been the best thing I have ever done for my physical and mental health.

Maybe baby #3? Submit student projects for publication.

By this time next year i hope i am able to maintain being healthy and in good shape. I hope my resume is very cleaned up, and I have lunch atleast 2 times a month with someone of value. (Old professors, MSLB networking, lawyers, FSAZ, Pagano, etc.

I said it was my goal for this year but I spent much of my spare time meeting with other people instead. I would like to see poems published. I really want to accomplish that because I believe that I can. I know some readers will find my work delightful.

I would like to have completed two 5k races and be proud of my effort during training and the race itself.

Timely, focus on things and do them in a timely manner/fashion

I aim to bring together 100 short pieces I wrote four years ago, edit them, and find a way to organize the worthwhile material into a book. In addition, I’d like to get my daily writing habit back—-well before the New Year. I love writing, but seem to be thrown off course by my sudden and profound cancer diagnosis this past February.

I'd like to be able to read from the Yizkor Book Yiddish sections, so I can better explore who my family is and who I am.

This is a great question. I would like to find "my people". I feel that during university I mostly hung out with people who were around me and did what they wanted to do, such as drinking or trivia or play board games. Moving forward, I want to find people with similar hobbies as me so I would not have to conform to other's activities, such as hiking and rock climbing, biking or going to concerts. Another part of this is I would like to find people I can speak to deeply about thoughts and feelings, maybe a group or just 1-on-1 people. I would like to find people who in some ways think similar to me but have the ability to question my thoughts and ideas as well. And allow me to explore ideas as well.

I want to have taken a solo trip somewhere. Doesn't have to be far, can be urban or back country or in between, but I want to conquer my fear of solo travel.

This year I would like to institute a regular Shabbat practice. Though we attend services semi-regularly, we are not particularly intentional about it, and often we have obligations or other social plans on Friday night that don't necessarily feel restful. This year I plan to commit to not using my phone on Friday nights and to preserving Friday night as sacred space, either for attending temple or for other restful, meaningful activity. This is important to me in order to create sufficient mental space for performing other mitzvot and feeling whole and "ensouled."

Improve my physical strength and endurance. This is important so I can be around to enjoy my grandchildren.

The main goal to achieve is to be more acceptance of where I am health and age wise, and know and accept my limitations due to medical conditions.

I'd like for one (or more!) of my stories to be published in a magazine or a book. I've spent most of my life writing in secret, partly because the subjects - incest and other trauma, are so difficult for people to handle. The other part is my fear of competing. Well, I no longer fear putting my work out there to be judged so I'm ready to fly or fail.

By this time, next year, I hope I will not only have my Master's Degree, but I hope I will also be working in London (which is what I am planning right now), or, if I manage to, I hope I will be admitted to a PhD program. I wish I could also already live with my fiancé, as we are planning to get married later next year (around December). Moving out is really important to me because living in this city is slowly killing me. I see everyone pursuing their dreams, only coming for vacation, and I feel stuck. The issue here is that I don't have enough possibilities for the career choices I am making. It is definitely a huge deal, but I hope I will manage to succeed.

Thats just the thing... I am feeling a bit aimless/directionless at the moment. I passed my big language fluency test and fulfilled a dream for the second time. If I had a job that I enjoyed (or any job at all for that matter) I would definitely feel happier. I eternally feel half qualified for everything though. Perhaps that is something to shoot for then: Build up the skills make to land a good job with people that appreciate me.

Volunteer for grief counseling... or at least to talk with parents who have lost children. It's important because I went through the experience and no one was there to help me. All the support groups I tried were too depressing. There wasn't a lot of support there, mostly a lot of pain. I want to be able to be a support to people who were where I was.

I would like to pay off my credit cards and begin real savings. For as long as I can remember, I've been chasing my credit cards and haven't ever had savings to fall back upon. I find this super limiting and I think that it's time I do something about it and make life plans. To adult. It'll be difficult, but I know that in the next year, I can make it work.

I would like to have unpacked all the books and to have none left in boxes. We moved into this house twelve years ago and half our books remain in boxes without enough bookshelves. It is time to purge and donate. I want this done to create space and calm in my home rather than clutter. I want to be able to find my cookbooks!

Greatly decrease my debt and get my budget under control. I'm tired of feeling stressed out and forced into working 2 jobs. I don't yet know where I can be more austere, but there has to be a way for me to figure it out. I need to feel secure, like I can provide for my children and the household AND have a security net just in case. Right now, I have no security net.

The answer depends upon whether I am still a caregiver. My wife may be in a nursing home, or the situation could change in some other way. If I am not a caregiver, I will measure myself by the extent to which I am contributing, for example, as a volunteer for an organization that supports people with my wife's disease. If I am still a caregiver, I hope to achieve a greater level of patience and resilience.

By next year I want to have my 2nd collection out and selling on a regular schedule.

I would like to be able to read Hebrew from the Siddur with confidence. I wasn't keen on attending classes or attending shul as a kid, and so I never learned when I was younger. Over the years, my lack of Hebrew has made be feel inadequate as a Jew, and has been a contributing factor in my long-time distance from ritual and tradition.

I want to think less: about anxieties, stresses, what other people are doing and why it's better, social media, decisions. I just want to be calmer, less anxious, and less consumed in my own thoughts. I want to "perseverate" less, live in the moment more, and be happy with what I have (instead of wishing for the things I don't)

By this time next year my goal is to find a full time job that pays me what my experience and education are worth and decrease hours in my private practice. If I’m able to find “that” position, I would cruise into retirement in 10 years. WooHoo!!!

Well, I'd like to be in a more self-directed role. Perhaps the video thing takes off, and I'm the video department at work. Or perhaps I'm working someplace else. Not sure. Of course, a big issue here is that I need to make more money. That's the same overriding concern as last year. dammit.

i would like to start on varsity basketball team for eastside catholic

Exhibiting my show Sephardi Women of Turkey at the CJM. Why is this important to me? It is a historical reminder of the power of women today and through history in our unspoken role of down their heritage and culture to the next generations.


By this time next year, I would like to be able to climb a mountain. I want to be in much better physical shape than I am right now. I will do this.

Balance. I'd like to achieve work / family / health balance. After months of working 70-80 hour weeks, I have neglected my health and my family. It is time to prioritize my life.

Just gonna copy and paste from last year, which is frustrating: "By this time next year, I'd like to be comfortable looking at a photograph of myself. Between the weight and wearing a wig, I hate looking at myself in the mirror or in a photo. I'd like to, maybe not be perfectly happy, but much happier when I see myself."

I would like to be a mother. Just two days ago, I thought that is something I would already have achieved by next fall, but now who knows. I got pregnant easily the first time, but will it happen again? I didn't realize how much I wanted this baby until it was taken away from me.

By this time next year, I would like to have more of a routine in place for some of my work tasks. I have difficulty keeping up with some of the paperwork and accounting aspects of my business and often find myself overly stressed. I’d like to develop a more regular schedule and stick to it regarding these tasks to feel more in control and less anxiety on a daily/weekly basis. This would also help set me up for a more successful and better managed business as I move forward in my life.

I would like to be retired from Atkins. I value the work I do but believe it is keeping me from growing. I believe I can be of greater value to my community and humanity in a different capacity. I will never find that out as long as I stay in my current role and current discipline. It is comfortable and familiar but not challenging me in new ways.

I want to work more on developing my female friendships. I had a lot of baby, fledging friendships that didn't survive last year when I got into a serious relationship and became a parent. I want to put more time into making those work and developing a strong network filled with love and empowerment and adventure.

I want to have health under control, have my husband off his catheter and have my weight back down to my more comfortable size. I want to enjoy the time my husband and I have between putting our kids in college and the time that will be consumed by our aging parents and eventual grandchildren. Parents are already becoming more time consuming. Just a little time for the two of us would be nice, and we don't want to spend it in doctors' offices.

Not having taken a cruise this year, or even a major vacation, is a real disappointment. I do have a very short few days that I'm taking at the end of this month and I very much want to spend my birthday next year in San Diego. We'll see if that happens. And there's a client whom I visited a couple of years ago in Martha's Vineyard, who has now moved to Vermont, and she's invited me to visit there, as well. Maybe in the spring. Or else next fall. We'll see. But the goal remains the same: get out of debt. I have made some inroads, but not enough. The less debt I have, the lighter I feel and the more seems possible. In that regard, I am considering trying to sell my business next year, rather than waiting for 2020 or 2021. If I can find the right buyer (and I have one in mind) and if I can get the money I need for it. this will help me achieve the goal of getting out of debt at the same time freeing my time up for the next phase of my life. So I have a lot of question marks. Taking it one step at a time.

I would like to complete and submit at least one article that has been in my head for a long while; because ( I hope) it brings new insights or at least a different perspective to the issue

Have some friends that are mine. Ever since moving to Chicago last year I’ve only met people through my boyfriend. They are all his friends. Some of which he’s known since college. They are lovely, but they do not feel like they are mine. So I really want at least one person that is a friend I made myself that I can hang out with when my boyfriend isn’t around.

I would like to have lost 12 pounds. This is important because the weight feels symbolic to me. By losing this weight, I feel represents my own self care and love of my body. My own ownership of my body and a declaration that I definitely mean business and deserve to be right here. YES!

I'd love to feel comfortable in my own skin, I'd love to stop considering myself unhealthy.

I want to have a job that I like and live somewhere that I like.

I would like to become financially independent. I don't like owing or needing others' money, and I've had to do both too much over the last 8 years (due to job losses and ill health). I still owe a lot of money for student loans and a few personal debts to family and friends (about $100K, total). Once I'm out of debt, I'd like to be able to contribute more to charities.

I'd like my business to be more solidly profitable (higher income, lower expenses). That means a lot of work will have to be put into creating the new products, systematizing everything, and creating more internal efficiency. Also, just bringing in more clients via referral networking. This will give me the satisfaction of seeing continuing growth for the business, and also just give me more security and hopefully more time off. Also, this time next year I'll be married! Woo!

I'd like to improve my health. I currently weigh 175 pounds and take 20 units of insulin every night. I'd like to get that down to 150 pounds and less insulin--maybe even none.

By this time next year we should be pregnant or close to having kids, my husband wants to have biological children and we both love kids and want a family. I want to be certified and hopefully have foster children also!

A better man. Both being one, and having a husband who is a better man. I want to be closer and more understanding. I want better sex that is more about me, so I don’t feel like a human fleshlight.

I'd like to have a job I truly love. I'm not sure what that means right now, or where that means, but I'd like to be fully satisfied in my work. Right now I'm satisfied in my title and in my salary. I'm mostly satisfied in the team I've built around me. I'm not entirely satisfied with my boss, with the leadership team, with a majority of the company around me. I want to find a way to either work through that, or I want to find something that will make me happier.

Be doing an average of 10 loans a month

More quality time (likely in small doses) with my son. This is a critical time in his life - the beginning of finding himself, and though it seems outwardly that he wants nothing to do with mom and me, we know that is not true. Also, it's likely the LAST period of his life where I'll get the chance to spend time with him.

I want to have something written or on its way to being published. I don't really have the self-discipline, so it would mean a lot to have gotten my shit together

This is a “growing” year for our family so my only goal by this time next year is to have successfully integrated a healthy happy baby and sibling into our new family of four.

Renew myself through travel, museums and music. This is important to me because since my dad died in January and I no longer have caretaking duties, I still keep taking care of responsibilities outside of myself. Rarely is the first call, internet search or purchase for healing me.

I really want to get my next two books out and start a community that's viable that can be monetized. Importance is around significance in the both of these books and touch a lot of different lives in a very positive manner.

By this time next year, I'd like to be able to consistently run 5 miles. This is important to me, because it means I set a goal and have stuck to it. It also means that I'm prioritizing something that's important to me, and not just to my family.

Pay off my credit cards

I'd like to find a happiness with my hair. It's important to me because my natural hair journey is going to be a long process, but I want to love my natural, wonderful self.

I'd want to visit my parents graves.

I 'd like to achieve some weight loss, or a least not any gains. By doing this it should allow me to continue to exercise and stay active. It will benefit my overall health and keep me independent.

I want to be in a serious relationship. Being the only one of my close friends who is without a partner feels very isolating and is damaging to my mental health. I feel so ready for a relationship and to share my life with someone, and right now I feel like I'm on hold awaiting the next chapter. I'm not sure this is achievable, because it's not like I can work harder at finding a boyfriend, but it's definitely a goal

This is an ongoing thing: To really savor, and value my alone time. I think for most of my life there's been a subconscious emptiness that I seek in men's attention, and I would like to heal myself so that when the SUITABLE guy does come around, I'm strong enough in myself to allow him in if he's the right person, and to move past if he's not. I'm 29. Growing every day.

I'd like to achieve another 20 lbs weight loss. It's important because I can't dance this heavy. wow. just read last year's; it was the same AND I DID IT!!! i know i can again!

Probably since I started 10Q I have had my eyes set on a good job that I like where I can succeed and do well and move up. I have not had that, and I think I have learned more about why, the more poor work situations that I am in. I don't mind doing non-career focused work, or doing what I can, but I would like to have a place where I feel appreciated and valued and that my contributions matter as part of a team and as an individual, and where I can feel rewarded for the work that I do. I know that 'work isn't everything' but my family is wonderful and I would like to be able to help them through my work, too. I think I hold this up as an aspiration. I wonder if it is an achievement per se or luck, or both. I see that last year I wrote that "I'd love to be accept myself fully, wherever I am in any of these goals" That is also a great goal that I have made progress in and hopefully am continuing to do so.

By this time next year I will be a licensed Naturopathic Physician.

I would really love to have most of the renovations finished in the house. I hope to feel better about it and to be "happier" living in it. This goes together with gaining perspective about what a difficult time we had with the owners of the house and being able to forgive our buyer for the enormous stress, anxiety and difficulties we were subjected to because of her mental illness.

I want to lose ten or more pounds by this time next year to enhance my health. I want to be as healthy as possible to continue fending off a cancer return.

By September, 2019, I expect life to look a little different than it does right now. I don't suspect my mother in law will still be living with me. I don't suspect my middle child will still be living with me. My husband may have made a decision about his work. I will be on my third year as a beekeeper and starting to really make this a business. I will be on maintenance with Weight Watchers and my health will be good because of the habits I have been putting into place in 2018. Right now, I do not want to invite more change, like a new job, because my stress is too high. But by next September, I should have a clearer view of the future.

Weight loss. I need it so I can have surgery, so I can knit the clothes I want to wear, so I can buy the clothes I want to wear, all of it. I need to lose weight. It also represents a certain amount of healing, emotionally speaking.

Get lighter. That definitely covers more than "one thing". That means lighter physically and mentally, because really, who wants to drag all that around?! Feel better and lighten the load so that I can focus more on my true desire--to create a cohesive body of artwork, to pick one thing and focus on it until I'm done exploring that and move on to focus on creating the next.

By this time next year I would like to feel accomplished in my graduation. Rather than say I'd like to have a job or an apartment or feel settled in post-grad life, I'd like to be able to reflect on what I have been working toward for the past four years and feel proud of myself. I think it's too much to ask for feeling settled or having certain aspects of adult life "figured out" but to know that I studied and learned and grew into who I am today, I want to be able to recognize that change and know how strong I am for reaching this milestone.

I would like to be completely off of cigarettes and alcohol. OR have truly figured out a way to achieve moderation with both (which currently seems impossible). Moderation would be the ideal, but abstinence may be the necessity.

Getting myself back on track with my eating and exercise. Because I feel better (physicallly, mentally and emotionally) when I stay on track.

I'd like to focus more on my physical and mental health. I feel like I've been working too hard and not giving my body the attention it deserves. I want to get more fit and be able to be more physically active with my children next summer (go hiking, swimming, etc.)

Write more. I want to be more precise with my own language. Written exercises can help improve my self-understanding as a means to communicating better with other. I know I can say things to the world through writing, and want so badly to do so, but want to begin by documenting and conveying my own relationship with the world. Write about oneself, situate yourself within it, then use those tools and understanding to improve aspects of the world that need change.

I would like to be on the road to getting my Masters!! This is so important to me because I will be the first person in my family to go back to school to earn a higher degree. It will also have so much meaning to me as I have had this dream brewing since I was in my undergrad and have been waiting until I can afford it, even though is still means working full time to go back to school.

I would like to be more alive creatively. Acting, painting, and writing. It's important to me that with the success of the business, that don't lose myself.

I'd like to have written something new, something that matters. I'm sad about how little I've committed to paper recently. I have a lot to offer the world, and I'm too old not to, and I'm sad at how I've muzzled myself.

So I made the decision that I will retire early 2021. By this time next year, then, I'd like to have a completely developed Budget for myself for after I retire reflecting exact amount of pay vs actual and anticipated costs for the next 5 years. This will help me be better prepared and thus, more comforted in the decision.

I feel like a broken record, but really, at this point, I need to be starting a real career. Hopefully I can find something salaried that will be a long-term gig. I understand that it's really a gig economy now, but I have too many student loan debts for that shit. I need to find something non-profit so I can start to work towards forgiveness and stop getting money from my mom.

Same as last year really. Lots of reunions to celebrate those moments that you didn't even know we're moments back when they happened. Loving those serendipitous, who-knew, chance encounters that highlight the life I have lived and the people I have loved.

I want to have better control of my blood sugars using my new insulin pump.

One year from now I hope to be in less physical pain as a result of an active fitness regime that includes increased flexibility and strength.

I would like to get my new idea up and running which is using blockchain in order to save rainforests all around the world. This is important to me because I doing want to give up on an amazing idea and I want to prove to my self that I can do it.

Figure out where I am supposed to be spiritually - what I am supposed to be doing and contributing to the world. This is the most important thing to me in life.

I'd like to own a home in the neighborhood we currently rent in and also own a Tesla Model 3. I want to set down roots here and have the right space (not too much, mind you!) for our family. I highly value being able to walk and bike to virtually everything and don't want to have to think about moving again for a very long time. We are very lucky this is even in the realm of possibility for us given local real estate prices and our parents being willing and able to chip in. (Holy intergenerational wealth privilege!) On the vehicle front, as much as I work to minimize driving, my husband realistically needs a vehicle for commuting and site visits. Our 22-year-old minivan keeps on going but we can't rely on that forever. I want an AWD electric vehicle that can take us on family trips and will last another 20 years.

I want to have competed in the Toastmaster Speech Contest and to have made it to at least the district level. This is important because I have competed so many times before & can't make it past the divisional level. This will prepare me to audition again for America's Got Talent in the year after that. Nobody on the show has ever competed with public speaking as their talent! It will be an exciting, real first!

By this time next year, I would like Sophie to be able to read a chapter book on her own. It would be a great thing for her sense of self and open the door to curiosity and learning.

I want to be back in the 180s with my weight.

I hesitate to put something down since I did not achieve last years goal and it wasn't even that preposterous to assume it was achievable. I'll try for a summit again. Since Brian does not like to hike, it is something I would be doing just for me. I tend to do the things the people around me are doing, which is fine since I am surrounded by great people, but I do not have a hiking influence. I should do this just because I want to do it.

By this time next year, I'd like to have moved to Boston to live with Corinne and found a stable job there. I think that moving to a new city to be with the person I love most in the world and taking a year off of school to work will help me curate the adult identity that I've been searching for throughout college.

round off hand layout and or standing full.

I'd love to be in a job that I feel good in again. Maybe it'll happen with the current gig. I guess that's not an accomplishment. Maybe really pick a thesis topic.

Maintain a 4.0

This is another hard one for me. I want to say that I’d like to be healthier. Yeah, of course. Seriously. I mean it. Magic wand this shit. I can’t seem to do anything in real time. I’m completely paralyzed. Ok ok ok ..... how ‘bout instead I say I’d like to have a couple thousand dollars saved in my trip find and start working in my plans for adventures?

For me, this year is going to be one day at a time. What happens is what happens, I’m not going to make promises to myself knowing that what I hope or wish to achieve might not come to pass. So, no planning means no disappointment and when I look back on the year, if I’ve paid attention, well then, we will see what I’ve achieved.

When I read last year’s answer, I am reminded about why I don’t like this question. As I get older, I tend to prioritize intangible goals such as nourishing close friendships, valuing time with my husband, helping my children, enjoying my grandchildren. These are pursuits and involve process over outcome. I’m not too disappointed that I failed to achieve several of my goals from last year (the quilts are coming along, but not finished, I did not chant torah....) because I know that my life has been full and satisfying.

Be in my right sized body. I have carried too much baggage for too long and I'm ready to set it free.

I'd like to have fully cleared my mind of all negative or upsetting or annoying thoughts or feelings so I can truly embrace everything in the world. Hopefully this will happen even before a year from now.

Better communication and patience with Harry. I want to accept his anxious need to check and double check. I want to love him for his quirks because he really is my best friend. I love that I've been able to let go of my obsession with how friends should be. So I'm in a more present place. And I know my heart has always been open to developing deeper friendships and maybe that will happen. If not, I will be ok as I'm investing in Harry. I'm lucky to have him.

My website up and running (writing website) and BBC self published. 3 clients?

I'd most want to achieve having our startup making positive monthly cash flow, have set a real timeline to move (probably to Raleigh) and hopefully with the finances to do so. This will mean that we're succeeding in delivering value and are on the path to a successful venture. Although the question is about "1 thing", I also want to be at least as healthy as I am now. This means maintaining a daily exercise regime and a proper diet that makes me feel great (keto still?)

I would like to finish writing my play. I've been working on it far too long without finishing! I need to keep the theatrical side of me alive. Without it, I feel I'm losing who I am.

I would like to bring music into my life more fully and regularly - whether that ends up meaning that I go to more live performances, or that I play my instruments more (at all!) including the piano, the fiddle, the mandicello, or singing - I want to have music in my life. This is important to me because I really love music, and I feel less whole without music in my daily life.

I'd like to find that I am figuring out how better to tell people things they don't want to hear/need to hear--in an official context, not personal. I still don't understand when to keep it ultra private and when not. I keep getting it wrong and it is frustrating although it is possible that I'm not doing it wrong and that the person who doesn't want to hear is throwing it back on me and I don't realize it.

I'd like to have my house in order -- literally. Christopher's retiring mid-May, and I'll probably follow suit then or shortly thereafter. So we have to decide where we're moving, give away massive amounts of stuff, get this house sparkling, find a buyer, find a house. . . . Oh, dear God. It's mighty daunting.

I didn’t answer this question last year and I am tempted not to answer it again. It feels violent to put something like that on myself. But I am wondering what exactly that resistance is about. I guess aiming for achievements feels riddled with potential disappointment. Mostly I just want to keep everyone alive and functioning. Hopefully I have done that. If so, good job, G.

Figure out where I want to be in five years. I feel like my current uncertainty is creating a lot of stress.

I'd like to stop self-medicating with cigarettes and alcohol. I don't think the drinking is excessive, but it happens enough. The cigarettes, however... I have an elementary school aged child, and she lost her father this year. I need to get my act together, and let her keep her mother longer.

I would like to change the mindset of the staff and get more people on board with using a trauma-informed approach. I now know from previous experiences, that I will never have 100% staff buy-in, but if we can get more of the staff to accept that punishment and kicking kids out to go to the office is not the answer, then we will be in a good place. I would also like to maybe have a work friend or two, or really feel like I am part of the staff.

I want to be healed with two strong healthy hips AND moved out of this house AND making lots of money. Three things, sorry, not sorry

I would like to be able to forgive the people who for me up to now are too difficult to forgive. I would also like insight into what I have done that would lead me to ask forgiveness of others.

Very similar to last year's answer actually. Know or believe after testing that my primary relationship is going to work and last and proceed forward with integrating our lives. Testing will include a road trip and assembling Ikea furniture. Have my permanent residency. Have a new job, with remote flexibility. Be relocated.

M’être fait un petit plan de carrière ou alors être tout simplement épanouie dans ma vie pro. C’est tellement important. Il faut que je trouve là où je peux être bonne, très bonne. Tout en étant heureuse. Aujourd’hui, je suis très moyenne, je n’arrive pas à me démarquer et je ne suis jamais comblée professionnellement. A 30 ans, j’ai besoin de savoir comment m’epanouir Sur ce plan la. Partir à l’étranger ? Changer de voie ? Changer d’entreprise ? Changer de secteur ? Travaillons là dessus Boccardi !

I want to be really good at acrylic nails and learn more about nails in general. I want to do such an amazing job that people will hear about me and come to me. I really enjoy what I do, but I want people who spend a lot of money on their services with me, to really feel like it's worth their money.

Have a graduate degree from GW! It means I was able to pull through and learn a lot about EECJA and also learn a lot about myself and do something I thought I would never do!

I'd like to feel better in my clothes. This is important to me because I run on what I consider the "heavy" side, and would like to feel more confident, sexy and attractive. I know that I should focus less on weight and more on other aspects, and I'm much harder on myself than on other women. So either a change in weight or a change in attitude would accomplish the same goal.

Definitely a new shoulder. Consultations about my back. Create more art. Go to New England to visit friends and go to the new museum in N Adams. Visit Cathy and Sam again I would also like to have a really great garden in the summer with lettuce, tomatoes and yummy cucumbers. Meditate more. Have 5 coaching clients. Finish Autobiography.

Being able to play the full Mendelssohn variations sérieuses. It is important to me because: A) it would give me a great sense of satisfaction (achievement) B) I’ll actually be able to play it and enjoy it - feeling the music etc. C) I’d like to be able to play it in public to share it with others

The same answer as in every year. I would like to see my hard work at my business payoff. In some regards it pays off every day so maybe just to continue doing so. Certainly if I can learn more on how to handle my interactions with employees, and friends and most importantly with my kids, that would great.

Passed my driving test and have my own car. To tick off a life skill and see if it changes me, or opens new doors for me.

By this time next year, I hope to learn how to care less about what people are doing around me. I’ve always been one to follow my own path and pursue my own goals, but I still get so caught up in others’ lives (especially through social media). I want to be more confident in myself and more forgiving of myself, too. I’ve climbed a lot of mountains and accomplished so many goals this year. And yet, I still constantly find myself questioning my worth and comparing myself to others. In some ways, it’s gotten easier to shut all that off, outside of Northwestern and on my own in Macon. But I still get anxious that I’m not doing a good enough job, and I want to learn to turn off that voice some times and just let myself have it.

Financial security. I dont want to be a burden and worry to my parents.

Being better at living in the moment.

By this time next year, I want to be in a place, mentally and emotionally, where I am happy and stable. Ideally, I’d like to be in a serious relationship but I know not to push it or force something to happen. I’ve achieved a lot of goals early in my life (multiple higher education degrees, career advancement, bought/sold a house) but I’ve never taken the time to understand me in a relationship. I’d like to start there.

I would like to have our trip back east for Michelle's wedding paid for, plus at least $1K emergency $ saved. Eventually I want at least $4,500 saved, so that if I need to move I'll have first, last, and deposit. It'll take more than that (unless perhaps we are in another major financial crisis locally or nationally), but I have a negative emotional reaction to the idea of having more than $4,500 tied up when people both around the globe and at home are homeless, starving, and dying needlessly. I reckon that's something to think about in the coming year. The second part of the question may help me towards the solution to my conundrum. The reason I want to save up enough to pay for my probable eventual move on my own is because I don't want to have to ask for financial help. Well, but I wouldn't have to ask for a financial gift if I got a loan, right? And if I had $4,500 saved, I wouldn't need to borrow that much, and I could pay it back with the money that I previously would have saved. I like how that worked out, working my way to an answer :-)

A real relationship. I'm turning 30 in March, and while I love seeing so many of my peers getting engaged and married, I wish I could reach that point in my life where the thought of a future lifelong partner is approaching.

I would like to be more engaged with my daughter's emotional wellbeing

Dunno how much I can influence things, but I want to see my child functional, happy if possible. Otherwise, I'm old and tired and ready if my time comes.

With work, I've become hungry for material things. While I understand how material greed can create an empty soul, having been poor for so long I honestly appreciate what I can now afford. By this time next year, I hope I am closer to the annual 7 figure earnings I hope to make before 40. Next year, I would like to be at about 500K.

I am proud of myself for the physical accomplishments I've achieved in the last year with Kaia and healthier eating. I want to continue down this path and get even healthier! and stronger! and better! The same as last year: I want to get to a good place with my husband. I have finally opened my eyes to his emotional abuse. If he can't accept his actions and strive to truly change - not just act remorseful for a week or two and then go back to the old ways - then I would like to have the courage to leave him. Living a happy life, with or without my husband, is the greatest accomplishment I can think of.

I’d like to have found a way to fully step into the leadership role of the faculty team. That would include “letting go of the luxury of indulging in my hurt feelings”. I’d put on my big girl pants and not be emotionally reactive. But I’d also be willing to hold people accountable and point out behavior that is not helpful to our work.

I want to stop my emotional eating. I really want a better, healthier relationship with food. I know it won't be something I get right 100% of the time, but I'd love to feel more in control. I'd like to nourish and fuel my body is a healthy way.

I failed at this answer for last year, so I guess it is the same - I'm hoping to have a tenure track teaching job. If I'm no closer next year, I'm going to really start rethinking my job options and consider changing fields.

I want to learn how to write lead sheets for music, and how to sight sing. It's important to me because I really loved singing with other musicians at camp this summer, and I wish I could have participated more, but I didn't know most of the songs they played and they don't know the songs I like to sing.

I'd like to be entirely debt free. I know that this is impossible (unless I win the lottery). My wife and I have about a quarter of a million dollars in debt that we are responsible for. Between our mortgage, my car payment, credit cards, and co-signed student loans, we are in bad shape. We've tried doing our best to pay off the credit cards, but it seems as if something always comes along to put us back at square one. For instance, we put my wife's entire bonus and a $6000 gift from my parents against our credit cards this summer. We increased our credit scores from the low-mid 600's up to the low 700's. Suddenly, because our youngest daughter is now making minimum payments on her co-signed student loans, my wife's credit rating dropped by 70 points, and mine dropped by 40 points, How will we ever get ahead? Our original plan was to be debt free by the time I turned 50. I'm 54 now, and we owe more than we ever have in our lifetimes.

1- confidence at work in the sense that I don’t feel the need to run all decisions by the attending and I am comfortable with dosing. Also better at calling consults and asking the right questions. This is important so I feel like an independent practioner and not just executing someone else’s orders /ideas 2- dating life. This is an area that I really want to be more active in and I feel like it will make me feel more adult. I really want “my person”

I would like to go backpacking - It'll be hard to plan a through-hike if I only know how to day hike!

I'd like to have Jocelyn's correct gender thoroughly embedded in my mind and mouth, and I'd like to have my own correct lack of gender also thoroughly embedded in my mind and mouth. This is important to me because it is important to Jocelyn, and they are important to me. Also, I am important to me, and presenting myself to the world and to myself without the artificiality of "womanhood" feels like a chance to lay down a long dishonesty.

I would like to have broken out of my gridlock and changed the way I am living my life. Hopefully it will be a new job, but it can even be quitting my job without something new or just taking on freelance work. The important thing is to not continue to wallow in the sad sameness, but to take action to change it.

Trying one more time to clear the clutter and crap from my home so I can sell it and move closer to my son, DIL, and grand baby - or rather, babies, as there is another one on the way. Maybe this year I'll be able to do it. I'd also like to get to a healthy weight - 125 would be awesome but I'd settle for 145.

I want to explore intimacy with myself in a way that feels spiritual. I don’t think there will have been an ending point to this discovery next year or ever, but giving myself touch and affection is a crucial piece in the already significant work I’ve done to love myself and be in sacred relationship to my being on a level that nobody else can ever know.

To be able to get the majority of my poems on a word doc so that way my co-worker can have a better way to read my work. It's important because if I want to follow through and make a book out of them it would be easier on the computer than notebooks.

By this time next year I’d like to be working in my studio on a regular-weekly, if not daily basis. I’d like to be in a home I own rather than rent. I want to feel fulfilled and productive and valued at work. I’d like to see my far flung friends.

GRADUATE. I am so sick of school, and ready to be contributing monetarily to my family. Plus it will be nice to get to be in my community and build relationships there, even if I'm nervous about finding a job. I think I'm so caught up in my thesis right now that I forget that at the end of this I'm going to get to do a job I love, help people in a way I'm good at, get a variety of work and intellectual stimulation, etc. Plus, you know, TWO masters hoods, haha.

Peace. Peace of mind and of direction. I want to be employed. I want to be happy and I want to be in love(with myself and with someone else). I want t0 be at a point where I can take care of myself. I want to be 30lbs lighter It's important because I've been down for so long that all I can do is look up. I need a win. I need to live. I want to live, I deserve to live a life. Lord, I just want to live a life!!!! I don't want to turn 40 with no hope. I cannot! I WILL NOT!

I’d like to deliver a dvar Torah by this time next year. Never having had a bat mitzvah, and not going to Jewish day school or summer camp as parts of my upbringing, I’ve always been insecure about my Judaism as a result and shied away from dvar Torah’s and/or other speaking roles in Shul. Delivering a dvar Torah (and also preparing for an adult bat mitzvah) by this time next year will help me overcome those insecurities of my Jewishness.

I want to have discovered what I'm doing next. It doesn't need to be what I'm doing forever, just what I'm doing in the immediate future. It seems so far away to me now, but it's important to me to always be doing something productive with my time.

By this time next year I'd like to be at a healthy weight, around 170 pounds. This is important because being obese now is highly unattractive, isn't going to get me a partner (I strongly doubt it), and is dangerous for my health. I'm 51 now and am finally aware of how my eating habits detrimentally effect me. I am aware that I'm conning myself that somehow I'll be happy if I'm no longer fat.

Be satisfied — wherever I am: in my life, in my career, in my relationships, in myself. I think this goal takes a lifetime to achieve, but seriously, I am going to work on being enough for me: needing less external validation, being more self-sufficient emotionally, wanting less. Wanting less attention, wanting less affection, wanting less stuff, wanting less of what other people have, wanting less distraction, wanting less new experiences, just wanting less. I think the focus on gratitude these days has pivoted the issue for me. I AM very grateful for all the things I have and am, but it doesn’t mean that they feel like they’re enough even though they “should be.” It’s like one of my favorite sunshine-y Sheryl Crow song: “It’s not having what you want; it’s wanting what you’ve got. I’m gonna soak up the sun.” :)

I would like to have gained more Chein in my life, and I think I can do this by monitoring my speech. I have lost many friends and acquaintances due to my offensive speech, which I although I don't mean it to be offensive (except when I do!!!), it is too abrasive for many more gentle souls.

I want to be more honest. In day to day things. Open, honest, clear. Things like beliefs and practices - that I could be more clear with my family. I am tired of hiding. I hide out of fear. I can be free and open with strangers, travelling, but I want that here at home.

Still winning City Council. And making a positive difference there.

Well by this time next year I'll be a college graduate! Hopefully! Haha. Help. It's weird because I'm at a point right now where I don't really know what I even want to accomplish at this time next year. I want a job, but I also want to travel first and then come back. I could say I'd like to accomplish making that decision, but at this point it has to be. So I have to pick something less tangible. Hm. I think I'd like to have some sort of creative outlet. I'm always too embarrassed to write creatively, or paint/draw, or anything like that. But after I graduate I'm going to need something to keep me creative and keep my mind going. So I'd like to at least feel a LITTLE less insecure when doing something creative and just be creative more often. That's not a very specific achievement but I think it's good enough.

A deep and abiding self-love and self-compassion. I want to be able to feel and see myself the way I feel when someone is falling in love with me. This is important to me because I want to get my sense of value and worth from within, rather than feeling dependent on others view of me, which leaves me vulnerable rather than resilient. I also want to feel vibrant and creative, build and sustain a loving community of friends, fall in love with someone who is truly a great fit for me and with whom I build home and community, and have passion and joy in all aspects of my life.

Okay; I've just read my answers from last year, and I think this may be the first year that my answers are about the same -- still: financial freedom. Yes, I've made it over the hump in many ways (so grateful), but I also am in such a big hole, that even a lot won't solve it. Still have the same values, though: eat the elephant one bite at a time, and then behave differently than you did when you dug the hole.

By this time next year, I would like to have stopped asking the questions, and have come up with the answers, and have enacted them. Don't know what that will be yet, but the questions continue to be what does my soul want? How should I be living/what should I be doing for satisfaction In the years that I have left to me.I would also like to align myself with an activist group, to get Aid in Dying or, Right to Die a legitimate right for anybody.

I want to have a book manuscript completed. This is a long-time goal of mine, and I want to see it through.

I would like to be on varsity water polo team for my school

To be pregnant

Stopband think before saying something negativeor dismissive; do I really need to say that? In general, listen more, and better.

I really, really want to be making over $100k a year. While I've definitely improved my finances this last year (for the most part, don't have to worry about whether or not I can pay my bills), I'm still barely living. I have enough to get by and get a few extra things on top of it but that's all. I want to LIVE! I want to upgrade things like my car, my computer, my home. I want to travel. I want to feel free, accomplished, proud of myself and I want to achieve this level of financial success through my own business.

I suppose that, overall, I want to achieve coming to some sort of inner peace. The tricky thing with this is that it's so vague. Yes, I do want to find greater success at work, maybe work toward finding a new apartment, perhaps even getting on testosterone if the desire arises, but none of that will make any difference in the long run if I don't uncover a sense of self-compassion. What hurts about this, though, is that it's difficult to tease out what's important about this pursuit. I can say that the few people who know me and my story (i.e., Diana & Camille) want me to be as kind to myself as I am to others, but clinging to a notion of deserving that is something I've never gotten the hang of. I suppose it's important because I know that little kid inside who was so abused and is now finding his voice to cry out with the pain that has long been buried needs love. Even if I can't find a sense of love for myself as I am now, I know it's important to love him.

Find a reliable and steady income stream for my wife. This is important as I believe it will give my wife a sense of purpose and joy.

I would like to develop a regular exercise routine, so that I can maintain my strength, stamina, and balance and continue to eat many of the foods that I like.

To be able to quit taking things personally that my husband says or does. I know they are not about me but the wounded child that lives inside of me does not. Reading last year's response, I see I did not make the progress I had hoped to make as this year's response is similar.

It's hard to pick one thing, when for me, there are three I think are really important. But the discipline of picking one is good. I would like to know what my Big Adventure is, and to be on it, or to be very close to being on it. All I really know at the moment is that I want it to take me far away, and to grow me as a person, and to help me make sense of my growing fascination with this tradition. Oh yeah, and Canada sounds nice...

Lose weight. Look good naked.

Better health ... which means losing weight, exercising more, having less pain and a strong back, enough sleep on a regular schedule, balanced meals with plenty vegetables, mostly vegetarian and local, music and laughter, sobriety, time outside my house and with people. Better health.

Have a job. Be alone. Be me. Just finally be myself. I haven't yet figured out what that "myself" is, but I know this is not me the way I am now.

new job - most impactful way to change my circumstances and fulfill my professional potential

Hm... I keep coming back to the 'material.' That's okay! I'm here, I'm on Earth. It's human. I guess I'll say this, two things: 1. I hope to detach from my thoughts, from the wanting, the desire, the material attachments to the stuff, and work, and money. While at the same time, 2. I want to have booked a series a regular, and be working on that show (whatever that show, and character may be). But I want to for the joy of doing, being alive, I don't want my self love or love of others to be dependent upon this. I just want to do it, love it, be grateful, collect the pay, and come home. I'm here on Earth, I might as well. And this year, this moment, right now, going to bed as I type; I want to love this moment too, and me in it. The future is what it is, nothing, yet. Never. There is only right now. So technically, this time next year will never arrive, because even when I read this 'next year,' it will be right now. So, at the base of it, I just want to be present, and working a series regular, right now, or at least having to get up early tomorrow to show up on set, right now. (this sounds more neurotic than it is, I'm letting the consciousness stream on purpose, purging a little... love you!) AMEN!

I want to get our house in order, from organizing and purging all the boxes I've accumulated over my lifetime to maintaining a stocked fridge with planned meals so we can keep to a budget that includes savings. A house that we own may not be too far off and I want us to be ready with good habits and routines.

Find peace in my job.

This is way too similar to last year, but I want to be moved out of the Bay Area. We are so much closer than last year. I have talked to work, I've talked to friends and family, I think we may have scoped out an area, and we are making lots of preparations around the house. I know we'll be moved out soon and starting the new exciting chapter of our lives.

To have the financial literacy programs running, solid, and fully funded such that all necessary staff, including me, are paid. It is important for two reasons: First, because I really want to create something that will have an impact on a lot of young women's lives. I want them to have some support and guidance that will help them as I wasn't when I was young. Secondly, it is important that we hire and pay well the women needed to do the job - just as men would demand.

Financial stability. I'll be making more money, and I want to be able to repay or pay forward the help people have given me.

I want to be at my goal weight, and to have maintained it for at least 3 months, preferably 6 months. This is important to me because I'm finally making the changes I've needed to make for a really long time. This is my health and my ability to be around to watch my kids grow up. Since I'm finally making these changes the next big challenge for me is going to be maintenance once I reach my goal weight, and it's going to always be hard to stick to with these changes and not get complacent and revert back to my old habits.

I'd like to become a happier person. This is important to me because I want to enjoy my life, and it would be a triumph for me to get past all the cruel, negative lessons that were beaten into me by the woman who gave birth to me, F

I'm really hoping that I make sure to have quality time with my kids in the year ahead. We are all insanely busy and I hope I don't miss opportunities to spend time with them.

A) I want to be a college I'm happy and fulfilled at, and I want my cortisol levels to drop at least slightly B) I want self-acceptance. That's something I struggle with, knowing myself and knowing that my feelings, beliefs, and perspective is true and a valid way of viewing things. I want to be able to actually believe in what confidence I project, and be able to say that I know myself and trust me to do the best thing for my future.

I have no goals right now. You know what? I'm okay with that

I have just looked at last year’s answer and I think I have achieved my wish to be healthy and serene which is amazing. This year I would like the people who step into my life to leave it feeling that we have both enjoyed the interraction.

By next year (Sept 2019) I would like to do a number of things, including: - Have less than 10k left in student loans - Hike either Kilimanjaro or the Alps - Have 10k personal liquidity - Achieve some recognition in my field (1k+ twitter followers, 100+ github followers) As I turn the corner of 30, I would like to feel as though I am establishing myself in my adulthood. For me, this means developing a stronger financial foundation and building relationships in my chosen profession. The hiking is a pointer to physical fitness, but also the organization and resources needed to execute on ambitious personal goals.

I'd like to have completed one semester of Hebrew language class at Gratz College. I'm finishing up a bachelor's degree in Judaic Studies, and there's a language requirement. As a student, I struggled with language classes. I studied French from 6th to 9th grade, never a stellar student. I studied Hebrew at Congregation Solel and Union Institute (summer camp) from 1967 to 1974 (grades 4 - 10) and never got the hang of it, neither biblical nor modern. All these years later, I'd still like to improve in both language. Heck, I'm still working on English as well!

I want to write another 50 pages.

I'd like to decrease my use of devices and being constantly on my laptop or phone. This is important because it will allow me to be more in the moment, and more present to my family and friends. I'm feeling information overload - because it's so readily available, my insatiable desire to read and be informed has meant I struggle with balance. For the coming year, I want to accept that I can't be informed or knowledgeable about everything, but instead can be more enriched by becoming more informed, knowledgable and engaged with the people I love. That is where I want to invest my time and energy.

On a spiritual level I would like for my prayer life to be more consistent with greater depth. I’d like to be able to offer to pray for someone with the confidence that I will do it. I always want a stronger connection with God and this is definitely a part of that.in that prayer life it would be my desire to pray for each and every member of my family and close friends in a way where I am closer to them because prayer is even better than writing letters to build a relationship from one side because God is involved. On a very material level I would like to have all of my finished pages in albums. This has been on my plate for three years.

I want to feel lighter. I feel so guarded and careful all the time, and I want just a little of that to melt away. (I know it won't exactly melt away, but that's what the therapy is for). I also want to have some real money saved up.

By this time next year my goal is to have significantly reduced my debt in order to be debt-free in two years. I earn a good income, but every month a large portion of it goes to servicing my debt. As a result, I'm unable save as much as I would like (and need to), I have no emergency fund, and there are things I would like to do but can't afford. It's like indentured servitude.

I would like to have gone through my house and de-cluttered, sold or donated things that we no longer need, and truly down-sizing the *stuff* that surrounds us. This is important to me because I want to be able to do more, to move forward, and it feels like there is so much of the past gathered and accumulated around me that I don't have any place to welcome in the new and wonderful things that are waiting me. It has been 10 years since we moved into this house and I am ready to shake things up a bit. I have grown so much and there are things that I wasn't ready to let go of before that I am happy to let go of now. My kids are no longer elementary school age kids and it is time to make this a house that serves adults or near adults - that we can best utilize all the spaces in the house and not just use entire rooms as storage areas for a bunch of stuff that you can't use because there is so much of it!

I'd like to be at 200 lbs. This is important to me because I know I am overweight. At 2oo lbs. I would be much healthier, and I think I would run faster and feel better altogether.

I would like to win a championship because I will hopefully be captain and I will be the oldest on the team.

Find a place of my own to live. I am a creature of habit and have lived like a nomad long enough. It's always important to have a home base to come back to.

I'd like to engage in a volunteer job that makes a difference in the community and is fulfilling to me. This may be taking on a new role or reinvigorating an old one.

I want to be working out on a regular basis this time next year. I hope to be at my goal weight of 150 pounds by this time next year. By maintaining a good diet, exercise & discipline, I know I can get this done. A healthy lifestyle is not only what I desire, but important for me to accomplish the things I want to get done in this life.

Hebrew. My inability in both Biblical and Modern Hebrew holds me back from so much learning and knowledge, I need to work much harder to change that.

By September 2019, I hope to have secured a literary agent.

I would like to have a regular exercise schedule/I just want to exercise regularly. Exercising makes me feel good about myself and helps me sleep better and feel less anxious, but for some reason it is so hard for me to get myself to go to the gym. I want to overcome the initial hurdle of getting myself to go to the gym/get on my bike or whatever it is, so that I can establish a routine that will make me feel generally good.

By this time next year, I would like to be playing piano more, and engaging in some sort of creative outlet, rather than just sitting around reading, watching TV and working on the computer. As much as anything, I want this to make myself more active and healthy, both in body and mind.

I am excited about the recovery of my feminine body from her patriarchal slavery. Insitinctively I know what this means and at the same time I know it transcends me in my life. I am having to surrender to change. Change in how I eat, what I drink, what I think, how I act, what I am capable of. In this, energy is being released, and I am feeling more vital. So I guess at this time, I want to remain committed to this process and where it takes me. I don't know what I will have "achieved" come this time next year. I know that I will retire one day and hope my path will be clear and that on it I will be sustained.

Learning at least 5 korean meals so that I can feed my family the foods of my people!

I need to learn how to drive and get a driver's license. It's important to my independence and well being of my family.

I don't think I can narrow it down to just one. I want to make $40k a year by next year. I want to write a video game. I want to finish my novel. I want to build a suit of Witcher armor and forge a sword. It's important to me to stay busy, to achieve my potential, to make my dreams more than just insubstantial vapor.

To see myself flourish where I am. As the saying goes: "Bloom where you are planted." I feel like I focus on where I am but in a negative way - I should be (insert place or feeling) I shouldn't be having these money struggles, I shouldn't be having these kind of problems in my relationship with people/family/significant other, but realizing why I'm somewhere and what opportunities can arise out of it instead and how I can help others better (I've gotten selfish while focusing on my own troubles) is a much better place to be.

Have another baby - or be in the process of creating another! I think it will help grow our family and be exciting to go through creating another cute little person. We can have more interesting dynamics, more caring for each other, and possibly all learn something new from each other. Another thing would be to buy another house to have more space, diversified investments, and be living in a house that feels more like us.

I would like to have a habit of writing regularly. It's important to me because if I write regularly it may turn out I have something to say.

I want to have connected with new people by joining an exercise group or seniors oriented social group.

I'd like to achieve reading and understanding the book Malkud 67 in Hebrew. This is important to me because I love reading, and I love conversational Hebrew.

I want a real job (with benefits) for myself or my husband (or both of us!). This era of precarity is uncomfortable. Perhaps once locked into a job we'll find a new type of discomfort, but health insurance and regular paychecks will hopefully offset that. I also want to have a baby, but that's more out of my hands. I didn't marry until age 35, so now I'm not too old to have a baby, but perhaps a little old. I'm not interested in IVF (and can't afford it!), so if it doesn't happen this year, may God give me the acceptance to continue to enjoy my life anyway. These are such basic markers of adulthood, but they've become so difficult.

i'd like to be living in an apartment with my lovely boyfriend max! i hope i'm spending time in the city with my lovely sister judy, and reconnecting with any friends that may have found themselves back or in the philly area for the first time. <3

I want to be able to say I'm committed to doing something meaningful and make some kind of impact in someone else's life

Next year I want to slow down more and pay more attention. Something I have noticed a lot that I do is skim things quickly, not fully read things, and not pay attention/forget things people say to me. I think this will require more mindfulness, less multitasking, and more intentional ways to spend my time.

The easy answer is to list fitness wishes like I did last year, or things I wish I was better at, like organization or time management, but I keep coming back to the therapy I started going to this year. By this time next year, I hope I feel like I've made real, honest progress in therapy and feel better about things that have happened to me. Or even that I feel like I actually could share my story in some form or another.

I would like to completely quit smoking. The cost is outrageous and most of all to improve my health.

Well, for one thing, I want to just be done with this damn wedding stuff already! We’re maybe a quarter of the way through planning and the endless amount of budgeting is driving me crazy. I love being engaged, but in some ways, May 18 can’t come soon enough. I’d also like to lose 30-40 pounds and maintain that weight loss, not because of the wedding but for my own health. Every day I go to the gym, I get stronger than before and discover new muscles!

I would like to be hired full-time somewhere. Working a contract job is fun, but also a little stressful in terms of health and medical benefits. I'd like to have the security of a full time position.

I’d like to be confident enough in my coding skills to apply for a job

Go back to Macau. It's the place where I have felt most professionally and personally satisfied in the last decade.

Be complete with my space clearing and have the home running like a well oiled water wheel. Flow, baby, flow!

I was gonna say "have a plan for when we move out of NYC for my career", but actually, fuck that. The plan isn't important. How I FEEL is important. I can make myself feel shitty with a plan, and without a plan. I want to have regrouped on what I want out of life, and where I find value. I don't need an "impressive" job, I need to feel complete. And that exists on my own, just me and my brain. Once that's done I'll be fine with the move and everything else.

Make waves with my business - having a product, getting successful results from research and starting to make some money from it.

Maintained weight and began eating healthier. Also purging closet and basement.

I want to make progress on obsessing less about work and life. I want to have a greater sense of inner peace and living with ease. This is important to me because my obsession and worry takes away from my life. It is time I spend that takes me away from living in the present. How will I do this? I don’t have a magic bullet. I hope that my mediation and journaling will help. I want to exercise more for both my physical and mental well being. But maybe most importantly, I need to remind myself that I am doing ok, and I have the resources I need to deal with whatever comes my way. I also want to remind myself that most of what I worry about never occurs, and the loss of time from living a meaningful life is certain when I spend time worrying about things outside of my control.

Peace and Justice. The start of stepmother's group(s) before they become widows so that there will be no money fighting. Last year, I wanted my schedule C, I get my expenses paid so I can just sit and read and do crossword puzzles or garden or whatever. This is important so that I can have peace.

I'd like to have sold 10,000 copies of my book. It's important to me because it's important to others. I'm solving a problem that a lot of people have that has no solution, and I want it out in the world and helping people have better lives and relationships.

I would like to ensure that the State of Utah has a well-coordinated Holocaust/Genocide Education program for schools in Utah. I have been working on this for a while, and we are on the cusp of having something of value in the state, but the initiatives are still disjointed, and we need to be sure that there is something more concrete and available to all students in the state. I would also love to learn Spanish, but I am not sure when. I will add it to my list.

I would like to secure a tenure track faculty position at a good university. I would prefer this to be in New York City so we can continue living here and Drea can keep her excellent job without having to make a sacrifice for me. Regardless of location (although location is very important), I need the job security so I know that I will be able to support my growing family (and pay off my debts).

This feels almost silly to have as a big goal, but I need to find a better way of doing paperwork at work. It will make me feel less anxious that someone is going to figure out I haven't known what I'm doing all along.

At work I would like to have team stability and a confidence that our team will be able to provide our customers the needed support to get through the next 3-5 years of transitions with the high level of customer service they are used to from us. We have gone through much change this past year and need to each learn and test at least one new computer application to support while keeping the lights on for the one(s) we already know, even with our reduced staffing levels.

Would like to be self sufficient - meaning, making enough to take care of myself and my bills. I would also like to be healthier - which is more important. I am growing older and want to have a good quality of life.

I want to have my master’s degree within a year. This will make my time off ACTUALLY time off. Remember how you used to spend all weekend doing homework?

I'd like to lose about 10-20 pounds or be about 215 pounds. I've always struggled with my weight. I'm generally though in good health (according to my doctor), but with my last physical, I learned that my bad cholestrol had creeped up slightly so I'm a little about the high-end of normal. My doctor isn't too concerned, but he recommended I lose a little weight. Being healthy is important to me, and I want to my heart to be healthy so I can live a long happy life with my family. So losing some weight is important to make that happen.

I would either like to be living in DC or have game plan for getting there. It's weighing heavily on me - deciding when to go not if. I want to go for the right reasons though. I want to go because I have wanted to be in DC for work since I was in high school - I'd rather work in political PR than high tech PR. I would also like to be closer to my family and right now it is a huge pain to try to get home. I also have many more friends in DC than I do here, and more people I care more about. And of course, there's Jacob. I don't feel quite ready to move for a boy but I do feel like it gets to a certain point when you have to start making decisions with the other person in mind. I want a future with Jacob and long distance sucks after a while. Probably because of all of these reasons, I'm feeling a little done with Boston. The problem is that I'm not quite done with InkHouse. So I need to decide if the grass really is greener. But because I know the move is important to me for a lot of reasons, I want to at least have a plan for getting to that point.

By this time next year, I will have completed 500 Pure Barre classes and be on my way to 750. It is so important to me that I mantain and improve my fitness as I enter my 40s.

I want to explore guitar again and do the guitar mastery course to which I've subscribed but can't even begin because my instruments are still in storage. I want to explore Sibelius software and write music - both hymns and other pieces. Just got to figure out how to afford the larger version which enables multiple voices. Hoping to learn some music through the process. My love of photography deserves to be reawakened and explored. Not as though I don't have decent gear. Let's crank that up again.

Better heart health for me, Dave and the kids through diet, meditation and exercise. Boo heart disease.

I want to be a healthier me, for me, fo my family. Prioritizing this will be a postive lesson for myself and for my children, and will be a guarantee for my future.

Last year I said that I want to be more confident in myself and that is true again this year. I am getting better but this summer I was reminded that I do know what I'm doing and am good at it, I just have to own it. I'd love to be able to show the world that I'm not afraid.

I would love to know what I really want to do with my life to be happy. I feel like I'm doing things I'm good at to make money, but I don't have any passion for it. I can't seem to find my passion, or how to find joy in my career.

By this time next year, I’d like Theo and I to be thinking seriously about moving in together ☺️ I would also like to feel substantially more comfortable and confident in my role as a curator.

There's an obvious answer to this question: I want to get into a med school. I have applied to almost 20, maybe more than that by the time I read this, and even though I know that means a greater potential for rejection, I also hope it means that I have a slightly better chance to get into one. And one's all I need, right? I want to get into a med school, and I want by this time next year to be in the middle of my first or second block of classes, learning new things every day and living in my own space and maybe with a pet of my own. I want to feel like the last four years of my life have not been for nothing. I don't want my doctors to have to write me more letters, and I don't want to go through this applying process again (it's exhausting), though I will if I have to.

I want to have a book published, or in motion to be published. It is important because I am a writer, and I want proof that the world thinks I am a writer too. Marc thinks I am a writer. I want to tell him that he was my muse, which he was.

I would really like to be dead, thank you.

I would like to interact with someone who I would like to get to know better as a potential relationship partner. I would also like to experience some sort of intimate physical contact as I feel that this part of me is fading away.

I’d like to own a home.

I would like to build my new company into a profitable, strong business. It is an incredible opportunity to learn, grow, lead ... and a culmination of many different learning experiences throughout my life. It is a giant 'connect the dots' exercise!

I'd like to have $5,000 saved. I have nothing in my savings account and it feels very insecure to me not to have that cushion. This will require me to make changes, less eating out, less Starbucks, and an even greater awareness of how I'm spending my money.

I am in a much better place with my “serenity” goals. So now, quite simply, I’d like to feel physically stronger. In the last year, my body has been whispering its needs to me in a way more difficult to ignore. At this rate, there are things I will not be able to do or enjoy as I grow ever older. I watch my mom, 91, struggle with her body. I see myself beginning to struggle now. I have been in denial, but my body speaks truth.

Next year by this time, I'd like to have read a book or two on personal financing. Whenever I try to set a goal for the coming year for spiritual growth, I'm always surprised at the growth I end up actually pursuing that year. By setting a goal like this, I feel like it's tangible, I can get to it right away and start to build a more solid future for myself and my future family.

My first thought would have been "I would like not to be single by this time next year", but it can hardly be categorized as an achievement, since I have very little say in the matter. So I will just leave this thought here. I would like to be in a good stable place mentally. I want nor to have crazy mood swings and get my emotions under control, including through mindfulness. I think it is important because it makes me a better person for those around me. And, since I sometimes tend to be selfish, I want to be better for those close to me.

I'd like to have significantly improved my ability to speak French. This is important for my job right now but also just because it gives me great pleasure to be able to communicate with people in another language.

"To achieve" is no longer part of my lexicon. That Christ may be glorified and the Father made known is my desire.

I want to stop being so hard on myself. I don't need to plan a ton of big things and force myself to be crazy and fun if that isn't always me. And I'd like to run a race. Any kind of race, even a 5k. Just to show how much progress I've made with my new and my new relationship with exercise. I'd also love to have a kickass summer working but enjoying. The first goal is harder to achieve, so let's stick with the follow part.

To move to the next period of transition with balance. It's important that my perspective be right-sized. Else, my mistakes will be magnified.

I would like to have something of my writings published and have offered at least one workshop. It's important that I start offering my gifts to the world. And that I take that leap of faith to start doing instead of talking. To have faith that it will lead me where I need to go.

I’d like to accomplish making life flow easier. Finding time to do things but not over pack days.

More personal fulfillment. I am having trouble understanding how to be happy just for the sake of being happy, even if other people are not happy with me, I can still be happy. I do not have to live up to other people's standards. I need to be better than I was yesterday. I need to have personal fulfillment in my life so that I can radiate happiness and completeness.

I think that my goal is always the same. I want to achieve balance. I now understand that I keep taking baby steps in the right direction but it will take a while before I get there. Hopefully, I'll still be on track next year.

This whole year has shown me how important it is to not have expectations. Expectations can never live up to reality and it will inevitably lead to disappointment. On the other hand expectations can shut you off from opportunity if such opportunity is not apart of the plan. This year has taught me to let go of my expectations and follow the path that HaShem puts in front of me - not necessarily the one I have planned. But I like to be in control, so it's hard for me. I have a general idea of what I want to have achieved by next year, but honestly what I wrote last year I did not achieve and it hasn't changed anything. It hasn't stopped me from having a wonderful year, meeting wonderful people and wonderful experiences - all it's done is put an extra layer of unnecessary guilt on my shoulders. So, there is no 'one thing' I would like to have achieved by this time next year. I just hope I'm happy and satisfied with what I've done so far, even if it is not exactly what I expected.

I would like to achieve more of a social life for myself. I feel like I am currently living for my grandparents, and while I love them, I cannot live like them.

I would like to be settled within my home. It is important that my children SEE, and that I model what a loving, happy, and healthy relationship feels like and looks like so they don’t repeat dysfunction. They need to learn that it’s okay to say goodbye if necessary.

I have a few things I would like to achieve by this time next year. One personal and related to spirituality. Once philanthropic, supporting women of sex trafficking. Though for this answer I will select my professional, I would like to be more technical professionally. I want to remain both relevant and valuable at work. If I were to lose my job or elect to leave my job it is through technical ability I will stand out.

By next year I'd like to be maintaining a public blog on interfaith subjects. I think it's an important topic and I've been blogging anonymously but I think it's important to be public. I would like to be a public voice more than I am right now. So much time is spent trying to figure out how to help interfaith families and integrate them but interfaith families are rarely asked what they'd like. It's an interesting issue because I think so many people think they're doing the right thing and actually aren't doing what needs to be done. So many times we're told "we accept interfaith families" but they don't actually want interfaith families to participate. The truth is interfaith families are more than just two people of different faiths and one hasn't converted. Even if a partner converts, it doesn't mean they're suddenly not an interfaith family. In rare cases, everyone converts, but most of the time nobody else converts. And people still want them involved in their lives. Converts still have their own lives and their own traditions. For me, it's so important that there are more interfaith voices telling their stories. Interfaith relationships can feel a little bit secretive, I don't want them to be secretive.

I still want to figure out a way to exercise regularly. It is important because I believe it will make me feel better, prevent back pain, and give me more energy.

Have a very clear picture of my WHY.

By next year, I'd like to have a plan. A plan for our family, and where we want to be. Either a committed plan to stay where we are for a certain amount of time (or indefinitely) -- or a plan to leave, with a deadline. Right now we're undecided and the instability is killing me.

Unfortunately, I didn't reclaim my health nor fitness goals. I just didn't want to. I really don't have any excuse for it. When there is a will, there is a way. And it all comes down to importance: becoming fit and healthy wasn't important to me anymore as it once was. Perhaps it's mostly looking fit and skinny that I no longer care about. I should be eating healthier and become more active, but I'm still lost in the past. Instead of complaining how unhappy I am with the way that I look, I'm learning to accept myself the way that I am. I hope that I can find the answers to what I'm looking for. On the bright sight, I'm more than happy that I published my first book!!! I'd like to achieve my dream of becoming a professional writer, editor, and proofreader. I'm done with jobs that have made me feel unsatisfied. It's important for me to do something that will make me and my family happy. I hope to have the career of my dreams by this time next year.

I have started my fairy tale. I'd like to have a full working draft of it. I believe I can do this. I have submitted it to a couple of places already and I'm applying for things. I don't want to just talk about it, I want to do it. I'm getting there. I've done 3 chapters and it wasn't so horribly hard. So write the damn story. That's what I'm going to do.

I’d like to be free of the debt and anger left by my ex husband. I’m so close on the money front, and have just started exploring how to leave the anger and pain behind.

I would like to achieve clarity in what my roles are at work, with a particular view towards mandate, responsibility, and authority. This is important because for two reasons. First because it will aid me in defining my place within the greater organisational context, and second, because it will inform to what extent I feel I have a future with my current employer.

I'd like to have my craft room set up,operational and reading my answer to this question next year from inside it.

Make friends. Please have made some real friends of your own. You need male friends. I've been thinking a lot these past couple of months about the isolated lives men live as they get older and get into relationships. I've been living in it for a while. I knew I was already isolated when I was living in NJ and hoped that moving to Tucson would be the impetus I'd need to meet new people I actually connected with earnestly. It happened a little at UA but it was still circumstantial. then I got comfortable with Hannah and I haven't even kept in touch with Amy and Emily Jo. I'm making some minimal effort to keep in touch with Chloe and other important people back home, but that is no substitution for a support network here. I know that that won't happen over night, and that's ok. Future Adam - if this hasn't happened for you yet, please keep trying. You know how important it is. It affects every other piece of your life. I believe in you. You've done it before. You do have a lot of capacity for genuine connection. You have a lot to offer. You're just scared, and that's ok. But keep trying. Keep doing your MEP work. Put yourself out there. You will get there. <3

Weight loss. Same answer as last year but 1 year older.... Increase my lung capacity so that I can participate in travel and general living. I want to do more and do not want to become a physical burden that hinders my choices.

I'd like to be fitter and to have lost weight. I don't like feeling this way.

I hope to be in the maintenance (and not the implementation) of my minimalist approach ... and have a cat! J'espère être dans le maintient (et non la mise en place) de ma démarche minimaliste... et avoir un chat!

I’d like to be in a relationship. I just want to feel loved and wanted.

I would very much like to be out of debt. It will make my life less stressful when I retire and my income goes down. I know how to do this, I have done it in the past. The question is am I willing to adhere to the discipline? have not been thus far

Lower my caloric intake and increase my exercise. Pretty self explanatory

I'd like to get down to a healthy weight and maintain. I think this would be aroun 130-135 lbs, but I will see how it feels when I get there. I am disappointed in myself for regaining 20 lbs since the spring, and want to get back into the driver's seat of my eating and exercising.

I would like to look in the mirror and say to myself, "You did it." With five grandsons whom I would like to see grow up, and for whom I would like to have energy, I need to weigh less.

I'd like to be fluent or at least much improved in reading & speaking Norwegian. I don't know why it's important—it caught me & now I'm its willing slave. ... On second thought, I think it's important because I want to be bilingual, I want to be in that club of people who can converse in someone else's language, I want to be international & in the world not just in my village.

By this time next year, I'd like to achieve a close intimate relationship with the lovely woman of my dreams that I can be supportive of and that will be supportive of me.

By this time next year I would like to be a qualified Aromatherapist! And practicing on my days off, building my list of clients! Eeek!

By this time next year I’d like to be a healthier version of myself physically. I’ve worked a lot on my emotional health to date but have been inconsistent with my workouts and physical fitness. It’s important to me because I feel I need to treat my body as the temple it is inside and out.

Well, I didn't achieve what I had hoped for. That was due to both my falls and laziness. I recently bought a guitar and I hope to achieve some decent facility with it by next year.

I think I'd like to achieve a sense of comfort/ calmness with respect to my surroundings. That is not something that came with being a year out of school, as I might have hoped, though I can think of some specific reasons for that. I think what I really mean is I want to build a home for myself, physically, on some level, but also to build a greater sense of routine. I'm guessing this comes with getting used to "adulting" - I'm waiting for when I feel fully transitioned to an "adult."

I would like to complete another walking adventure this year whether it’s a different leg of the Camino de Santiago or somewhere else equally challenging and accessible. Can’t afford to wait two years for this; I ain’t getting any younger. It’s important to me because of the tremendous feeling of accomplishment and centering and love that one feels being outdoors every day meeting new friends for the very first time. I love to shrink the world one step at a time.

Several things - I want to have my house completely in order. Get rid of the junk - get rid of the clutter. I want to be completely healthy. I want to use my spiritual self to get this completely together. I want to use my spiritual understanding to make those things come to fruition. I want to live in the Vortex - I understand that I will still experience step one experiences and I don't want to but I really want it to be more like step 5 step 5 step 5...

I want to be able to do 10 push ups! This is important because I want to develop lean muscle mass. I want to be stronger. I want to be around for my children and be an active, strong, independent older woman!

I would like to be able to do more or the homeless and/or food pantry's. This is important to me because me and my family were forced to rely on them due to some unscrupulous actions by a previous employer back in 2011. Because of this I understand how important they are and want to always be able to give back to others who have to depend on them.

I would like to be able to have said, I used to weight 267 pounds and now look at me, I weight 190 or less.

I would like to be pregnant. Or, if not pregnant (or having been pregnant), very close to seeking infertility counseling. Or, at the very least, to have been trying to get pregnant. This is important to me because I really would love to share this wonderful world with another person. I want to have a child with my husband and see what he or she will be like. And the first step is getting pregnant.

I'd like to have been promoted and have a strong lead of my career this time next year. Settling into something about where I need to be is great, and I want to have the recognition that I am valued and a high performer in my field. Building something to last and having a strong commitment to me is something that I really believe that I want in life.

I need to be better at setting myself practical and achievable goals. Because my first impulse is to say that I want to achieve a more secure sense of self-worth, -assurance, and happiness. And that's ultimately a grandiose and vague achievement, because I don't really know, tangibly, what that would look like. I would like to have achieved a consistent yoga/meditation routine. I don't know if it's doing me any favors to tack on something else to that, but I would also want to cultivate a writing and creativity habit. I know I cannot expect that it will be daily, but that I will try to make it as close to daily as I can manage, and to not get discouraged when I falter. The fact of a practice is in the continuity of getting back up and pressing forward when you stumble or fall.

I would like to write, because I am cut off from myself and my talents, at work, and depressed in my home of one. I had so much thirst for life, but the depression is like an invisible wall that I do my best to ignore so I can function. I need to remember who I am, and express my emotions in writing, so I can reconnect with what makes me happy.

I would hope that we would have launched the series of workshops around Alternatives to Policing and have built a good coalition of folks to be in that work together. This is important community building, first of all, and it can be a way of putting our faith into action.

I want to have made good financial decisions so that I have money saved for emergencies and other expenses. I have a tendency to overdraft my accounts and pay exorbitant amounts in fees each year. I want to change that.

I would like to know what I'm writing my thesis on, have started the work for it and maybe started writing?? (that sounds crazy). When I heard sociology didn't have a required thesis it honestly scared me. I didn't want the option to back down from the challenge but I know that this is something I need to do for myself and I'm honestly so excited to go ahead with this. I can't wait to push myself to be the best version of me even if that is a lot of hard work.

I want to get into medical school and have matriculated by this time next year. This may not necessarily be an achievement as it is defined, but surviving the process of applying and interviewing is an achievement in itself. It has been difficult already, for sure, but this is important to me because it is the summation of everything I have ever worked for in academic contexts. It also represents what I want to devote my life to, my passion.

Debt free, own a place, stay spiritual, be awesome. It's so tough to narrow down to one thing. I have struggled with finances all my life, be it dues to set back potentially self-sabotage or lack of follow-through and the fact that I take on people and their problems. I will always be compassionate, but not to a fault. I think I have given more than I should to others and now, need to reign in my generosity, giving to those people and causes I believe in and know will help my growth.

definitely finding a new job that is rewarding and that pays well so that I can take care of myself and others

I would love to maintain a consistent therapy practice! It's important to set aside time regularly for my own healing and processing.

By next year at this time I would like to finish getting healthy and in shape. This is important to me because I have been working hard for the past 9 months, especially this new program the past 40+ days. It's a shedding of my old self that is unhappy and shameful. "Taking of my old wedding dress..."

Write. I dared to tell a stranger (at a b'nai mitzvah) that I was giving up editing to become a writer. Let it be so.

I have a few musts. First, I must retire either mostly or completely, so I can prioritize what to do with my remaining years. Second, I must continue my quest for better, leaner health which is a journey showing some progress. Third, my wife and I must work to a schedule of two big trips a year as how long with our health hold up?

I would love to have a poetry book accepted for publication.

I truly want to have a better concept of self by this time next year. Right now, I'm struggling with questions about my sexuality, my hobbies, my abilities, my future and my current relationships. I want to stop wavering with my identity since it should be so obvious to me. Unfortunately, the "am I bi?" question has, I suppose, always existed to an extent in my life... but it's never been so loud and demanding of attention. Also, by next year, I'll have had to get my shit together to at least have a non-college "plan," so maybe my understanding of who I am formed along with that plan.

Be a better cook! Because it's a valuable part of being an adult.

Now that my kids are either leaving the nest or soon to do so, I feel it is crucial that I get back to finding my own passion and hobbies to pursue once I have more time to do so. Without consciously recognizing it, I have devoted so much time, so many of my waking hours to my kids, and as a result, leaving my own pursuits, interests and hobbies to be relegated to the back burner. I need to get back in touch with the things that make me tick, what I love to do - just for me, and how to develop my own “routine” of investing in my own free time in order to do just that.

I'd like to have played at LEAST one live show with my husband and kids in our little family band. This is the next step with our goals and dreams with our family band, and life goals.

Job. Real Job. Never had one. I mean I have. I just need one where people don't look at it and say, well I could do that. I hate that. I hate that I need to feel like I'm an expert in something to random people to feel like I'm a complete person but here it is. I said it. I need to feel smart and accomplished. A living wage would be nice too, I'm 31 for fuck sake.

Today I found out my Little is Natalie Henry. By this time next year I hope she and I grow to become more connected and more close than I ever imagined us to be. I hope the same goes for my theater littles and I! I also am hoping to find that spiritual groundedness that my friends are encouraging in me and that I do let my guard down in a way. I hope I can find a way to be more vulnerable, more open and more myself than ever before. I want my FOMO continue to fade, to be able to validate myself, and love myself (especially my body) more than I do now. I don’t expect to be close to fully loving myself by this time next year, but this is a process and I just want to grow into myself more and take more steps to be closer to the best version of myself that I can be.

This one is a stumper. There are a lot of intangible things I'd like to achieve. I've been thinking a lot about what my FroCo, Jason, said: "We shouldn't strive for happiness, as there's no benchmark for success." I want to be happy and fulfilled, but that's a tough thing to judge myself against. In that vein, I'd like to develop some expertise in a new area of long-term, potentially life-applicable interest. I've spent these past three weeks diving into new activities, but instead of actually partaking in them, getting rejected from them. I'd like to continue the spirit of "fuck it, why not" and actually get involved in something worthwhile. Maybe it will be an improvement on a skill I already had, perhaps something totally new. I hope to look back at this time next year and point to one area in which I vastly improved and am now proud of that skill.

By this time next year, I would like to be pregnant. I've been biding my time, but now that I'm married and in a (legally) committed relationship, I feel more than ever that time's a-wastin'. My husband isn't thrilled about having children, so I'm giving him the first year of marriage free from too much talk about babies, and then we have a big move to another country, but once we get settled in our new home, I want to start trying. Having at least one child is very important to me, because I want a family, I want to pass on my family history and experiences, I want someone to think of me after I've died.

Happiness and stability in home life, job life - make real progress with children's activities in shuls, get parents involved and things happening!

I'd like to be doing a role that enables me to give something back and not just for a short few weeks volunteering. I got to see the Brewgooder starter talking about altruistic consumerism and think there's a place where I could be doing something for this, either in my main job role or in my spare time. Mental health is high on the agenda at the moment so it could be related to that.

This time next year I'd like to achieve a happy family. To be reunited, and reengaged with my family after working apart for 24 months. It is important to me because I want to parent my teen. I want to feel supported and close to people. It sounds selfish, but I am aging, I am more afraid of the world. I want this family around me.

Clarity on my relationship and where I wish to spend the remaining years of my life.

A few things come to mind: 1. Maybe a new job - either full time where I'm at, a new contractor role, new full time job elsewhere 2. Perhaps get my product owner certification or some Jira/Confluence training 3. Start coming up with some sort of retirement plan - right now the wife and I have no idea what we want to do (and they'll be very different ideas)

I hope to pass my 3 Dan test in Taekwondo. Kind of self explanatory as to the importance.

I would like to get back into my workout routine to improve my fitness and health.

Fulfilling job. Stable household. I need to feel capable again before I lose my spark. This job is killing me.

I want to finish the book I'm writing. I have a first draft of about 72,000 words, and I had dreaded the edited process, but it has been interesting and not as painful as I expected. It's still a very overwhelming project, and I haven't been very good at carving out the time I need to devote to it in the midst of the constant flurry of daily life. I also want to write music, of course. I was very blocked for a long time, and recently I've turned a corner. Now I really want to make up for lost time. I'm fortunate to have several projects in the pipeline with wonderful musicians who want to play my music. It's just a question of getting my butt in the chair.

I want to be living elsewhere, in a residence devoted exclusively to accommodation... not my resale side business.

Still want to be proficient in guitar and/or ukulele.

I need to find a post articling job. I like where I'm articling, but there's no future for me here. Besides, I'd like to do more immigration work. Even the sort of immigration work my boss thinks is below him.

Just be a better person: mom, wife, child of God, employee. (Oh, and I hope my house is in better order!!)

I want to be in my own flat with my children. Somewhere I am not walking on eggshells and I can think without him loomin gin the background. I want spqce to make my own decisions without havng to worry how he will react and where my children and I cannot be surprised by an outburst.

I’m just going to say it. I am soooooooo ready to be in a relationship. Except I’m obviously not ready, or I would be, right? So I want to do the work it takes to be ready.

I would like to have my weight back down to where it was just a couple of years ago, without the weird bumpy bulge in my middle section. I'd also like to organize myself, starting with small steps. I'd also like to be more myself, while still realizing and addressing needs of others.

I want to speak enough german and be more involved with the Frankel circle. I also want to have an clearer idea of what my next move will be, and when.

This time next year I want to have increased my net worth by $70 000. I will no longer "owe" money. This is important because it will mean I shifted my mindset from lack to wealth. I will have changed patterns in my life that have kept me playing small. I will have achieved a goal I set for myself. I will be closer to being able to retire comfortably.

I would like to make an impact on my debt. Currently 36K and not contributing to 401k (not counting medical). I want to live in a better way, give more, be able to travel without using credit cards. I want to pay off 1/5 in the next 12 months so that I owe less than 29K. A stretch would be 1/4 (owe less than 27K).

I don't if I can achieve it, but I would like to be alive and have a new heart. Obvious reasons this is important to me

Finish my fricken novel. I have tried a few times, but I think I have an outline that will work, so I think I can finish it before the end of this calendar year.

PASSION - for working out and doing everything I can to be my healthiest self. I want to be in the healthiest state possible because I know how that will influence so many areas of my life AND it will give me more opportunities for a longer, active life.

My continuing goal is to deepen and expand my personal relationships. I am so very proud of having had reconnected with Dad and enjoying my cousins at Delaney's Bat Mitzvah up north. I also think that the communication between Karen & me continues to improve. Still need to deepen friendship relationships and expand my circle of friends.

It's the same one as last year, get down to a 34" waist. I am finally making progress on this in the last couple of months. It's important to me as it's tied in with recovery from addiction. Sugar being the last ingestive addiction that I have had massive issues with.

I'd like to save at least 3,000 by next year. I'd like to do this so we can continue to move forward in saving for a house.

I'd like to date seriously once more. It has taken me a long time to feel confident about myself, so I have buried myself in jobs and tasks. It's time to prove that I have enough love for myself that I can let another person in.

Last year's answer hasn't come to fruition just yet. I'm going to rephrase it slightly. I don't just want to achieve financial independence, I want to do something that matters as well. This day job is NOT me.

Professional clarity More financial security Love and resilience

Finish my practicum for my doula certification. It's important because I learn a lot when I accompany people with these processes of pregnancy and birth, and learn also about myself and the tools I have to better support people. I also think it's important to give processes closure, and finishing my practicum would help wrap up this training process.

I would like to have some sort of plan in place for a certificate/grad program/classes. I feel like this is the next step in my career path and it will help me reach goals of getting further in the nonprofit industry and continuing to make a difference.

I would really like to have done a year of bullet journaling. It's a time set apart each day for me to get my life together and check on things to make sure I'm on track. I also love the creative outlet. Looking back and flipping through a year of it will be really cool.

I'd like to have "Same Thing Twice" either with an agent or well on its way to having an agent. I'd like to have sung on stage for money. These things are important because they are my gifts and them being in the world means Lucid Dream Living, which is delightful and exciting.

By this time next year, I'd like to have at least $20,000 saved in my bank account, living debt-free (or at least have all my credit cards paid off). My whole life, my relationship with money has not been a positive one, and I feel like I have this complicated relationship with money where I want to use it when I have it because I've worked so hard for it and I want to be generous with my finances for my loved ones and for my community but when I give, I never save enough for myself. I don't know how to strike that balance. I see myself having a Savings to work with and being debt-free as an answer to my deepest fears. I want to be free from this constant worry.

I would like to have savings and move to a better location.

I want clarity around my job. I want to feel like I am a well-oiled cog in the machine of our office. I want to be organized and prepared and accomplish each day to its fullest! This will give me a sense of purpose and accomplishment so that I am useful and not useless. I want to make a difference, not just exist.

I keep writing the same answer for this question: I want to have a better idea of what my future will look like. I decided to take an extra year for my grad school decision, but I can't keep pushing it off forever. By next year, I really really need to have some better ideas and I need to be well on the way to applying.

I would like to achieve more control over my diet and the food I resort to when tired, stressed and short on time/lazy. This is important to me because of my physical well-being and trying to keep my body acting young despite turning 45 this year. Plus, I'm about 30 lbs heavier than I should be for my height.

Last year I wanted to be able to look back on that year with a peaceful heart, and to have a sense of the path that I am on and where I want to be headed. I am now able to look back on my last year of grad school more peacefully, but I still feel very adrift and lost. I am working on that in therapy. ...Also, none of this is actually answering the question about the previous year. Let's try this again. This time next year, I want to have a path that I am on, that I am happy about, and hopeful about, and excited about. Maybe that will be a career that I love. Maybe it will be a job that's just okay, but that gives me a basis to advance creative work. Maybe it's an internship or yet another school program, but one with a stronger pathway into a career. I don't feel like I accomplished much this year, and a lot of what I did accomplish was internal therapy stuff. Processing and inner growth, while necessary at times, don't feel tangible in the way that I want. Plus, they don't exactly keep one fed. What I want for the coming year is progress that feels more tangible, more definite, and preferably also that has some material benefit.

By next year, I would like to be in a job that feels both fulfilling and a place where I can excel. I would like to be in a place where I feel that my best parts are being brought out through my work, and that this work is not consuming my every action or thought.

Next year by this time, I would like to be married (or engaged to be married). This is something that I've been working towards for several years already, and I'm of the opinion that no matter how many friends I have and how stimulating my career is, my life will be incomplete without a family of my own. I want to give my parents grandchildren, since one of my sisters severed ties with our family and the other one just can't make a decision and settle for "Mr. Good Enough."

By this time next year, I hope to be helping my husband run a successful business that we created from the ground up. To work hard with an aim in mind and reap the rewards of that hard work is something that adds meaning to life. It seems to be more important to me now as my children grow and begin to move into lives of their own and out of my day to day life. There is a bit of panic that accompanies your children leaving home as you begin to questions what your purpose and meaning will be. It's as important that I find meaning without my children as my children find meaning without me.

I'd like to have made a start on owning a home. Rent continues to rise much quicker than my salary does and I'll never catch up so I need to buy a house to be able to afford the monthly costs.

I would like to paint more rocks. :)

Quit my day job. I'm over it. I'm so done with being a worker bee, nameless and faceless, underpaid and disrespected. I don't have a terrible job right now, I'm simply at a point where I want the freedom to live an enriching, personally fulfilling life. We have been sold a lie about "steady jobs" and all that crap. Benefits barely pay for shit and despite being "middle class" I don't have money or freedom to travel. I'm starting my own business and finding my way to success and $$$. I'm getting out of the rat race and into a really nice car that I will pay cash for. Fuck this noise.

I'd like to get back to feeling like an accomplished and talented professional and not a total failure. I still haven't recovered from being demoted even though work is much different now it's 2 years later and though I'm working at the same place, I'm doing an different work and working for a MUCH better boss than I had before. But at 47 years old I really thought I'd be doing better. And I know there are legitimate reasons for why I am where I am and that other people definitely don't see me the way I see myself, I still most days feel like a failure and I'd like that to just fucking stop already.

By this time next year I want to have cleared some clutter: physical clutter, emotional clutter, administrative clutter (all the Dadmin that I keep putting off isn't going anywhere so I just need to get it done) and have at least one room in our house that feels 'right'. A room we have decorated and made our own. Somewhere that doesn't feel like we're lodging in someone else's decor!

Still need to finish the garage, so it is my intention to complete the going through and passing on, as appropriate, the remaining vestiges of my parents and grandparents. THEN! I will clean out my office at work and throw out or donate EVERYTHING that does not serve my goals for the future.

I would like to have been promoted at Moishe House. I think that will make me feel really valued at the organization and help me realize that I am a good employee/good at what I do

I’d like to be in a more stable place, financially. I say that every year, but I feel more confident now that Alex and I are on the same page, and we have a specific plan for how to move forward. Having less financial stress would allow us to do more of the things we want to do: travel, visit our families more, possibly make the big move we’ve been thinking about, etc.

I want to be better about balancing my work with my life. I want to be able to do all my lesson planning in school and not take home work on the weekends. I want to be present when I am at home.

I want to put myself in a position that we are able to take time off from work, and get out into the wilderness for some fun - whether it be going on more walks, kayaking, or camping overnight. I would also like to become proficient in Te Reo

Better balance. Seeing more of my friends. Getting out more. I feel like all I do is work and parent. I need to do more things for me.

By next year, I want to have gone to auditions. I really like acting. It makes me happy, and it's FUN! I want to really, actually, work on it a lot this year.

A baby. I need to start the next chapter of my life.

Living authentically and honestly. I have had enough of hiding in the shadows.

Have a plan for starting a family if not being on the way there already. Important because I want to have kids and want my kids to have siblings and these things sometimes take time.

I want to find a way to "give back" ... not just A way... but MY way... a way that feels good... that gives me energy not just sucks me dry while checking off some mental checklist to appease the parents in my head

I would like to to be actively practicing law, either in Cali or in Maryland. I would like to be litigating. Ideally, I would be carrying a badge in Baltimore City. I am open to the purpose God has for me to be a living testimony of His omnipotence, and absolute sovereignty.

The goal I have for this time next year is strictly professional. I wish to find a home on another team within my company that is a better fit than the one I am on now. I have been a part of change management for 3 years. I took the team from a blip on everyone's radar to it's own country (albeit small) on the map. We restructured in August of 2017 to roll under a new CVP. At this time, my immediate manager (the one who hired me on) left the company. It was implied that I would be the one to take over the team. Instead, the new CVP releveled the position to one without my reach and created it as such that he could hire on a former friend and co-worker of his. I built this team, I hired this team, I trained this team, I cultivated this team and department into what it is today only to have it thrown in my face that I am no longer a voice on the team and that any desire or design I had to grow or expand the team is no longer within consideration. It is time for me to move on.

I’d like to be on the road to achieving tenure and at a healthier weight. Both goals tie into my sense of well being and self-worth.

I want to get my life together! I'd like to feel good living in Sofia. It's new now, but it's just the beginning. I am in my home country and I know I can achieve a lot; I am near my family and it feels great, but the switch to adulthood is definitely very new and exhausting. I want to build my life in Bulgaria!

Well it's a completely different picture again... so once again I'm hoping that by this time next year, all will have settled. I hope that I am debt free (except for my bond). So, will our house have sold, will I have bought my flat.. am I on track with my business and maintaining no debt.

I'd like to be pregnant by this time next year. It is time. I am terrified but I feel something is missing in my life and I can imagine what I would do and say with a child and how I would behave. I think it would give me perspective in life, and I am longing to love something that much. I would like to be more calm or at least learn self soothing and meditation by then as well. I will be in tough situations and I will need to get out of patterns and destructive thinking.

I don't know. This year has entirely upended my vision for where I want to be headed. I hope that at this time next year, I am able to spend less time avoiding my life. I have spent such a huge chunk of this year in a mental health spiral, trying to find any way to distract myself from my own thoughts. I just want to find joy in being alive. I would like to focus on developing a robust meditation practice. I have this pattern of abandoning all self care when I'm doing well, only to suddenly find myself in a hole without any established tools and routines to help me dig myself out. I always find my way back to meditation once I'm on my way back out, but it would be so nice if next time things fall apart, I am able to more easily access a refuge within myself. Also, I hope I have a fulfilling job that is in line with my values, and meets my financial needs. I need to be done sacrificing my livelihood to an organization that will never love me back. I hope I am no longer obsessing over my conflict with R. I have tortured myself long enough. I hope I am able to enjoy a solid amount of family time when I move back to LA, but I hope I don't get stuck there at the expense of my happiness.

Maybe it would be a good idea to start saving up a good sized nest egg. If I do it now, while I'm young, I might have a sizable one by the time I decide to settle down and get married.

Finally close the depression chapter. Stop taking the meds, continue learning and evolving as a person and making sure of having learned the right lessons from the experience. To continue valuing myself, opening up to new experiences, and to not be afraid or to be blocked off by anxiety. To learn and accept that you cannot plan everything in life, that sometimes doing things that are terrifying and taking a leap of faith, accepting whichever the consequences are, is the best thing you can do.

I'd like to be living with my partner because this will be a key step to our relationship and I think I'll feel more supported and helped with taking care of the dog. It is important to me to form this little family together and see if we want to go further.

Here comes practical: This time next year I'd like to not be running a deficit with my monthly spending. I hate drawing on my savings so much. And here comes practical: PAINT THE FUCKING APARTMENT! NEW COUCH! NEW FRIDGE! PAY IT ALL TO THE HELOC!

Appear on Jeopardy!, compete, and win a few matches. I know I can do it and show others how vast my storehouse of knowledge is. I really think I can win a few hundred thousand dollars and that will always help us a lot.

I'm pretty content right now. It's difficult to look ahead that far. If my daughter is flourishing and we are a happy healthy family then that will be enough. There are small goals, I'd like to learn to sew clothes and I'd like to make my fingers a bit greener and grow some of my own fruit and veg.

This is a hard one. I'll still be in school. Semester 4. I'd like to feel confident walking into a patient's room. Feel confident that I can put the patient at ease, conduct a proper assessment and draw the reasonable conclusions, and know how to intervene when necessary.

By this time next year I'd like to either be back in school or finding a way to get my teaching license so I can start working full time. I would also like to no longer live with my mom. I would especially like to have paid off my credit card debt by this time.

The one thing I want to achieve are all the things I want to achieve! In feeling/sensing my mortality I know that there is not an unlimited time before me to do all the things I would like to do. Therefore: 1) I want to go deeper into my understanding of spirituality which is really the "relentless drive towards authenticity; 2) Having written the above I think I'll stop there and not put a laundry list of things. If #1 is "accomplished" everything else will fall into place!

I would like to have started law school or found a suitable career pass successfully. I've recently been reflecting on how unhappy I am in my current role, and if I'm continuing this next year, I'll be very disappointed in myself.

I want to have a job! Jobs are a good thing and if I have a job in my field this time next year I will feel like all my efforts have been validated. I really want this.

Life Resonance; discover and articulate a purpose for my life. (The scary part is that I've wanted this for over a year and have not acted on it; have not done the work necessary). It's important because I still feel like I'm rudderless in life and struggle each day.

A more healthy mindset, a lifestyle built around creative projects and exploration. It is important because every day , every moment is important.

I'd like to clear out the study and fully transform it into a studio. It would be great for the kids to have access to art supplies regularly, but mostly, I want to have a place that's *mine*, where I can go to do art when I want. It also means clearing out a lot of junk we've been hanging onto for ages, as well as clearing out some of my grandparents' abandoned stuff. I'd love to feel like the weight of all these material possessions is lifting. I don't mind owning stuff, but I don't like feeling owned BY our stuff.

I looked back at my answers and I'm really proud of myself. In 2014, I wanted to be more independent; I feel strongly that I am. In 2015 I wanted a good job; I got one. Sadly I didn't answer in 2016 or 2017. What I'd really like to achieve by this time in 2019 is a feeling that I've achieved something. I'm a chronic under achiever, and I'm generally fine with that. But I struggle with anxiety and depression, which hold me back. Under achieving is a way to respond to those things that lets me feel like I'm okay, like I'm doing things on my own terms, and not failing at some level of achievement that I should be held to. I can think of many things I could achieve in this timeframe... further financial independence, a new job or title, work milestones, parenting milestones... but none of those really matter if they feel quotidian and not like an achievement. So I want to feel like I've achieved something.

Well, I would like to have another year of sobriety, which would put me at 27 months, total. which is kind of wild. I'd also like to follow through on my goal to receive 25 rejections for my writing, and hopefully that will also yield some successes. If it doesn't, at least I can have the satisfaction of having achieved that goal.

I'd really like to have a good sense of where I am and where I'm going. This first year of law school, there's just so much in flux; I have no idea how well I'm doing, and there's no way for me to find out, and I *think* I know what I want to do after but I know things might change. I just really want to have a sense of where I could clerk, and if I should do that at the trial or appellate level (please god let it be the appellate level), and if I can get a job in impact litigation because it's a super competitive field and if I can get into the DOJ Honors program. It's important to me because I feel like the future is just some wide, vast blank space, and I feel like with no sense of where I'm going it's hard to pinpoint where I am now.

I'd like to be a life coach and be actively taking on clients and getting paid for it. I want to be working on something I find personally and spiritually fulfilling, not just continuing to do work in tech that is essentially meaningless to me.

I want to have made it a habit to put my dishes in the sink and wash them promptly, because great people are built one good habit at a time.

Visit my brother overseas and friends in Oz. Have wanted to go for a few years now but never had the chance to.

Whenever I think of my achievements and goals, I automatically go straight to my professional career. As i started my new job in January, I feel like I am still trying to make my footing and be successful in my position. But this time next year, I hope I'm a good mom and have learned how to balance the lack of sleep, spit up, poop, change in my relationship with my hubs, and everything having a baby entails. My goal is to have more compassion for myself and give myself the unconditional love I know I will give my baby and that I give my family and friends.

I want to be in a job where I impact the lives of students. Right now, I'm doing mostly admin and meeting with maybe three students a week. I want to be in the middle of the action, creating positive and impactful programming.

Finish my opera. Has been an ambition for so long, and is part of taking myself seriously as a musician/composer and having others take me seriously.

I'm in the midst of being treated as an entry/mid-level employee, I've been here long enough and am close to being one of the longest lasting employees at my company. I'm looking to break past the opinion of being a young guy to having my voice and opinions more respected.

I hope that I continue to do good work, write, help both my children and others, work for a cleaner environment and totally invest in the future. Specifically I have no specific plans.

I would like to be more involved in the local political process here in NC - not sure how or to what extent. I feel like this is something that I have neglected to understand or be involved with but has a considerable impact on my day-to-day life. I would also like to get involved in volunteer work again. Once I have my license, I'd like to start doing pro-bono pharmacy work with under-served populations in NC.

Same goal as always: publish something. Write. Create a life as a writer.

I’d like to be doing one or two high-value craft shows a year, and focusing on the art and craft all the rest of the time. Don’t know if I’ll make it this year. May take longer.

I want to have a home. I want to have a place where we finally feel like we have roots and that is ours. I want to find a place we can start a family together.

Read 100 books by next year. I just want to keep growing my knowledge base and learn about as much as I can.

pregnancy. we want to build our family and while the road to get there will be different and perhaps challenging and not "typical" we want it so badly and are so excited for what's to come.

Weight loss and improved fitness. I want to be able to be active especially for the trip to Europe.

Financial independance It is important to me because I want to see that I can have the life that I love, without any major financial support from outside, whether it is a partner, or my family.

I really hope that not only will I have completed the Community Plan, but that I will have motivated at least a few people to pick up ideas, to be inspired to do things, as a result.

Oh gosh. I hope I haven't lost my family or myself by this time next year. I hope to be able to stay present and find some hope.

Next year 2019-20 I will have retired. I am looking forward to doing some things a 7-5 job didn't offer... like, having lunch with friends, plan a meeting with those in the community I could not meet with before, go fishing during the different hatches or runs, have breakfast with friends, read until 11am or pm and take a nap, go to a university and volunteer as a swim coach and stay for a week really better understand excellence, etc! AND enjoy my wife and our life together (MORE!). I did lose some weight (30 lbs) but this is a lifelong attitude that I will have to adjust.

I will start the writing project I've been thinking through for most of this year. This is important to me because giving myself the space to write is giving myself a gift to grow.

Building my own business and to live out of it. Creating a meaningful career out of sustainable design.

I would like to have arrived at a point at which I feel better about myself as a husband, father, and contributor to society than I do right now. I feel optimistic but uncertain, and I would like to have moved ahead in terms of confidence and self-worth by the time I read this answer next year.

More swimming--that's it. One thing shouldn't be so hard, but it is. Maybe if I just dig into the why of this single aspect of my life, I'll find some answers.

Graduate from PT school! Lose weight Find a loving partner Make lasting, meaningful connections with others Help patients with neurological disorders

The answer is the same every year. I want to find the person I am meant to be with, the person who fits me and I fit them, the person who answers the biggest and hardest and scariest question of my life for me. I want to find him and love them so him and not mess it up. I want to be with him. I can endure everything else if only I could be lucky enough to find him.

I would like to decide what I want my Master's Degree in and have a plan for that. I really have enjoyed being back in school for this stats class.

I need to have stability. I'm so tired of moving, not knowing where I am going to be in a year, it would be nice to know, "I am here, I am safe and I can stay" Though saying that, I'm sure that once this happens, in a few years I will need a massive change again.

I would like to seek balance between a robust job and a lacking personal life. I would like to make connections outside of work. I would like to meet someone. I would like to have my personal value staked in something outside what I do. I feel like that balance would be easier to attain if I explored circles, people and meaning unrelated to my job. Working in nonprofit is so mission-driven that I think I get lost in it, and I would like to change.

I definitely haven't accomplished what I set out for myself last year in this question, but unconsciously I started the goal again a few weeks ago: reading at least two books at month. I read one full one, and plenty of reference texts, but I want to go through my whole library! So I'm using my same answer, but upping it: three books a month. There's no excuse!

To be financially independent and working much less in an agency and in general To let go of the ideas that I have to work hard always to survive

I'd like to buy a house. There. I've said it. Another milestone on the way to boring adulthood. I never thought I'd buy a house. I couldn't afford it. But Fran's parents gave us a very generous gift at the end of last year, which has changed our thinking about the possibilities. We now realize that we're in a very fortunate position. We're a lot better off than others - although the part of the country we live in means our money doesn't go as a far as it would do elsewhere. We joke when watching "Location, Location, Location" that we could buy two or three houses for that price. We also joke that even if we won the Premium Bonds, we still couldn't afford to buy a house in our street. We've been looking in earnest since the beginning of the year. I put the brakes on to make sure we'd spent enough time looking to see what's out there; mentally testing what it would be like to live elsewhere, in the country, or in another town or another part of town. We're quite close to buying something. We've got an appointment on Sunday to be financially approved for a new housing development called Elmsbrook in north-west Bicester. We saw this early in the year, and probably could have bought then, but I wanted to wait a bit. I'm glad we did. Things could start to move very quickly over the next few weeks. But we won't actually complete until Q2 next year, which suits us perfectly: coming after the wedding and after the break clause in our current tenancy. To be honest, I'd be quite happy to continue living where we are; but there is an appeal to owning something new and shiny and making it our own, starting a new chapter in life, perhaps making a community around us. Living by example. I've lived in Oxford for half my life. It's part of my identity. So I am somewhat reluctant to leave.

I’d like to actually do something with my art and my cooking. I keep saying I’ll do commissions or something to make money and then I never do.

I just recently started to consider more seriously buying a house and selling my condo. It is embarrassing how much time I spend on real estate apps looking at houses in Atlanta! I finally looked at my first house last weekend with a real estate agent that doesn’t seem like he’s going to pressure me on any decisions. I hope by this next year I have decided whether or not I really want to move to a larger space. And if so I hope I’ve found the house that fits my needs.

I would like to be a writer and an influencer. I would like to be more proud of my voice in a public way, and more strong in my ability to bring people together for positive change. I would like the biz to be on strong financial footing, with strong amazing leaders, and I would like to be able to chime in with input and WRITE and connect.

I want to have established a) a regular exercise plan, b) a more balanced/controlled relationship with food (not that I said more balanced not totally balanced), and I want to have my mental health a priority in my life always. I think it's easy for it to kind of fade into the background and be forgotten when I'm not facing a really rough time, and I forget that, much like a plant, it requires regular upkeep.

I want to lose weight. I want to stop saying every year that I want to lose weight. Of course I would like to live in a body that I love and appreciate but, for me, it's more than that. Committing to a consistent weight loss routine symbolizes a break from my addiction to immediate gratification. I want to be able to make sacrifices and work toward something that I can achieve over a long period of time. I want to work hard. I want to wait. This has not worked for me before, ever. For as long as I can remember, things have come easily to me or they haven't come at all. And since there's so much positive change happening in my life right now, that's seriously the single thing that I would change. Debt, education, relationships... those are things I'd like to work on but, to be honest, I would be content if those things never changed; but, I need to feel comfortable in my body. I'm tired of being in this endless loop of being consistently inconsistent.

To allow myself to feel content. Life has moves around a lot in the past, and when things feel calm I feel confused or worried. I want to be able to enjoy the calmness that can happen in life.

Over the coming year I would like to be more directly expressive of my appreciation with others. I believe that I frequently experience gratitude and appreciation of other people and their role in the world, yet I am often lacking and fall far short of actually reaching out and sharing this with them directly. As a result, I frequently feel a unique mixture of both gratitude AND shame simultaneously. The more time that passes in which I don't connect and share this directly, the more discomfort (shame) I feel, and in turn I continue delaying my expression of appreciation. I want to change this by acting and expressing myself more immediately and more directly.

Moving out on my own. I'd like to live in a strange city where I know no one.All on my own. I need solace. I need a fresh start. I need my blank space for the canvas that is my life. Not to run away but, to go on a journey of experience.Diving into the deep end hoping I learn how to swim before I drown.

I want to fulfill on all the things I said I wanted to do last year. Just overall improvements across all areas of my life to be fully me; to be fully expressed in the world. To eat and live healthfully; to create and/or find work that fulfills me, that changes the world, to be challenged through additional study of something, to share with the world whatever I've learned that they may benefit from. To be acting in ways that support all of that.

I'd like to be more physically fit. I've been slacking off on working out. I want to be strong and healthy way into 100 years old or more. I want all my living days to be healthy and live a long time to see my kids, grandkids, great grandkids grow up. I want a clear mind and strong body, be able to take care of myself. biking, walking, hiking, working out with weights, and other activities will be fun to pursue too.

Be healty, wealthy and wise. Healthy - I've been reckless when it comes to eating healthy and neglecting my well-being just to give that 101% at work. For the past couple of months and for the years to come, I'll be giving more importance to my health. Wealthy - Since my first Credit, many years have gone by where I've debts . This has ended for at least half a year now. The target for the now and the mid-future is lowering expenses and investing, so that money works for me and not the other way around. This is the beginning of becoming wealthy. Wise - This year's goal is to read at least 12 books. Next year should be one more. And so, like the great current leaders, I'll be acquiring a reading habit which will help me expand my knowledge and therefore making me able to take better decisions.

I did it! I feel better about my job! Well, in the way that I needed to at this time last year. But I have new complaints/problems with it, namely that I'm doing two people's job when I should only be doing one, and that I need more money for the work that I do. But really, I want to be made the A/V archivist, something at which I would thrive and which they really need here. So let me say that although I can say I achieved last year's wish, my current year's wish is worded the same, but means something different. I still want a baby, though. And to lose weight again.

I would really like to see some improvements in my health, but this is not something that can be 'achieved' because it is out of my control. I would like to have maintained a regular meditation practice, and a regular yoga practice. I would like to optimise what I eat. This is what I can control that will support my health.

Getting through my first school year of grad school and moving on to the second school year. Because I want to. Just other step closer to becoming a Nurse Practitioner with a Doctorate degree. I would and my Haitian family would be proud. ***Dr. Dudley L. Deshommes-Kohls, DNP, ARNP***

I hope that in the 2018-2019 year I will achieve a better professional focused and recognition. To know very clearly what I am doing and to try to be the best I can in doing it.

More insight. I would like to know who this person is and how they fit into the whole interdependent world.

Master Adobe Illustrator. Be fluent enough to create and launch a collection that feels authentically me. There's more: Flip an house and make money on it Make some real income this year Go on vacation with daughter, my mother, my son

I would like to find my way into a career that fits my values and my needs. I want to figure out career and money (another way of putting it). I have had a long period taking time to ground here, figure life out. I think there is more of that ahead, I'm not in a huge rush. I feel purpose and desire and money needs strongly. I would like to purchase a piece of land in the pacific northwest. I would like to put together a savings that feels like a source of stability. I would like to solidify my self-reliance. I would like to understand my relationship to money, where my ideas about it came from and what I want/need it to be (just writing this makes me anxious). I'm proud to say that I achieved the one I wrote down last year. I knew what was up, what was important, and I got there.

I want to be stable. The fear over the last two months of watching the numbers dwindle, feeling myself bleeding money and scraping to hold on, is too much, and I don't want that to be my source of stress, my number one concern. I want to be able to make a nice home with my future wife and not feel like I can only afford the bare minimum.

Learning how to take care of myself while being a great mother, wife and lawyer.

Well, I see that last year I wanted to have our will taken care of---and have yet to accomplish that. So I'm going to say I'd like to accomplish that as soon as possible.

By this time next year I would like to be in a mutually loving, supportive and committed relationship, and know in my heart without a doubt that he is my life partner.

is it jinxing it to say get pregnant?? EEeee!!! it feels like we're ready to try to make that happen, and it also feels so separate from the sweet life we have now that it is almost unimaginable.

1. Drink more water 2. apply and get into and choose a grad school 3. Breathe more. Like really sit and breathe and not feel guilty about it. 4. letting go of anger because others don't act the way I want or need them to. Accepting that I can't control them, only the way I respond to them and act accordingly. 5. Do more yoga and start running 6. Be nicer to Mom. Like for no reason other than she's my mom and she's magical 7. Believe in my own magic and light and accept joy 8. Be here. Always. Like really here.

I would like to have all my finances in order. It is important to me so that I can let go of it and not waste time thinking about it.

I want to be able to afford a really comfortable chair for my health and get back to regular reading.

I would like to achieve at least 1000 hours in a studio sculpting wood and making things and wherever it goes from here. I’d like a residency in another state for part of that making time. The importance is that I am not full myself unless part of my time is spent in making. carving the blocks this past #ashapeaday opened me up to seeing that with enough time to be in making flow the more I was capable of learning and listening to others and finding new shit in the world to love hard.

By this time next year I’d like to lose at least 15 pounds and keep them off. I want to prove to myself I can do it. I’ve never been successful at losing weight, so I want to show myself it’s possible.

I would love another full year job! I depend on the consistency. I hope that in Kung Fu I'll be in the advanced level, but I'm thinking I might be an orange belt for a while (lol). So... maybe I would be purple belt. How about we just go with that I hope I can do 20 pushups by this time next year!

I need to join the world again. I spend way too much time doing the responsible thing, and not enough time living. I still have a hopefully a long way to go in this life and I'm wasting it.

I would like to have at least 3 bylines/published articles by this time next year because I would like to be a travel writer. I would like this to eventually support my travel.

I'd like to have our Candler house mods completed, and for me to be close to living there full time!

A sense of peace and balance as a family. Having two kids is going to be hard and feel out of control and I want to regain that feeling of being able to enjoy each other and our daily life more often and be more able to ride above the daily stress and anxieties and feel like we’re in control of our lives and getting what we want out of them regardless.

I want to have published something. Anything. I know too much for it to be lost when I die. On the list: literacy curriculum, pronunciation textbook, child language popular book, etymology popular book.

I would like to have my student loans paid off and a lot more money saved. This is important so I can make my next move.... out of CLEVELAND!

Peace of mind, a work-life balance. I feel like everything is hard these days; a mad scramble. I want to be able to sit back and enjoy next autumn, wherever I am.

By this time next year I want to have published three books currently ready for publication, have taught 1000 students in our Certification courses, made one article of clothing for every human I love deeply and I found a way to welcome a German Shepherd into my life. These are important because they require putting the valuable things I can devote time to doing ahead of those that are the embodiment of sloth. And for the first time in my adult life, none of them involves losing weight or achieving a specific size. Wow! This Rabbi feels like such a grownup writing that!

I want to have a regular exercise routine that makes me feel good. It's important for my back, for my self-esteem, and for my sense of being an A type at work. If most else stays the same (aside from being more settled in our home, and continuing to learn a great deal at work) I will be happy.

I'd like to finally unpacked from our move in early 2017! It feels like we're somewhat stuck if we can't get this done.

I think I’d still like to own an investment property next year, but I think I’m changing my goal to just having solid investments. I think this last year was a lot more unpredictable than it was supposed to be. For us to have still done as much as we have I’m actually still thrilled. If we bought one next year I’d still be happy by making that goal at 25, but I’m also interested in looking at other investments like stocks. We’ve already got ~$1000 USD in stocks - I’d hope that grew by at least ~$500/month to about ~$7000.

I need to follow with my life... I need to take decisions about my life, about my love.. is important because I'm not OK because of this... I need to say: I really want to be with you now!!! or, I want to be alone, its not time for us!!! It's hard for me because I'm not sure.. but, I have to!!

I would like to feel more balanced - in a place where I'm enjoying my work but also taking time for myself. Mental health is so important and it's no fun when you think everything is great and then you have a meltdown. Everytime it feels like it's out of nowhere but it's really because I wasn't in touch with myself. In order to change my patterns I have to take this seriously. It requires making a schedule for myself and sticking to it - something I've never been able to do. I'm a big girl now - 40 - and now seems the time to get it together, for my sake and for others around me.

I'd like to have lost at least 15 pounds. I'm over 200 pounds now and I really need to start getting healthy and losing weight.

By this time next year, I would like to gain control or relinquish my attachment to harmful habits. These habits of physical and emotional dependency are like a wall to my better life. They prevent me from having authentic relationships because I'm always hiding behind this wall or mask. They also keep me from truly loving myself, the first step to loving others.

I'd like to become healthier, both physically and mentally, so that I am more resilient and so I am a better support and resource for my family.

Continue with learning German, make strides in my growth at work (management).

I'd like to get in good shape, really take control of my health. I'd like to become more financially stable and healthy and I'd like to have a healthy work/ life balance. This is important to me for improving the quality of my day to day. Getting these things under control would drastically reduce my stress levels and make my life run smoother. I want to have free time to enjoy my kids, I want to be in good shape to be more active and involved in healthy activities with friends and I want to be able to afford to do thinks when we want to.

I’d like to be truer with myself about how I care for my mind, body, and spirit.

Kazasız belasız evlenmiş olmak, bunu da achievement saymayalım ama :) Ondan dolayı yurtdışı açılımını netleştirmiş hatta kendimiz için de roadmap çizmiş olmak iyi olur.

I would like to feel even more comfortable with my Spanish communication skills. I do feel like i am actively practicing and learning, but of course i could be doing more. By the time we are finished with our time here, i would really like to feel fluent.

By this time next year, I want to be a far less resentful person. I want to be a better communicator overall, including being less passive aggressive and resentful and more clear, concise and swift in dealing with my anger or dissatisfaction. It is important to me because it is the thing that bothers me the most about myself and it hurts other people.

By next year I want to have been paid for at least one voiceover gig. I've talked about this - ad nauseum - as something I wanted to do for SO long. It's time to finally light a fire under my ass and get it done. I know I have the work ethic to do it, and I'm tired of telling myself "I'll get to it." This last year has taught me that if there's something I want, I need to go for it. So I'm going to go for it. This is important both as something I want to do and as a matter of principal - when I do this, I feel like I'll have proven to myself that I can do anything I set myself to.

I would like to be in a job I am happy in and that leaves me the time to pursue my crafts to a higher degree or my herbal-essential oil love to a higher degree!

I would like to be in a good place. I am not sure what that entails, but I think that it means graduating college, finding a job that I enjoy where I can grow, and committing myself to a real relationship with Lydia.

Becoming debt free is a huge goal for me. Next stop, 6 month emergency fund, next stop, vacations and saving for a tiny house!

I’d like to overcome my fears about intimacy and the opposite sex to be in a healthy, happy relationship. Not only so that my family would stop (jokingly) asking me about it, but I’m not happy with myself about having anxiety around dating. I want that kind of special relationship that I see so many of my friends having, I feel ready for the commitment 100% - it just makes me anxious when the opportunity presents itself and that’s a problem. I really need to work on that...

I'd like to move- I'd like to have our financial house in order enough for us to make a decision about buying or continuing to rent, where we'll live, and what is important to us. It doesn't have to be the biggest shift, but I am eager for us to leave the home where we started our lives together (husband and I) and begin to build a new, married home.

I think I'd like to develop a set of goals that is important to me. I've lost touch with what I want for me, not what I want to show to others, if I ever even had that. I think I need to pause more to figure out what my priorities are, what my goals are.

I want to have a dog. A pointer. I need a dog in my life. There is just something inconsolably bereft in me without gentle canine presence.

I would like to play a game of 5 v 5 pick up basketball. It's been five years. Five long years since my original foot injury. Which, if you think about it, IS INSANE that it's not 100% healed yet! It's quite possible that it will never be 100%, but gosh darn it am I gonna try to get it there! It's a never-ending battle of keeping up with exercises, stretches, PT, doctors, etc, but it all helps. It all helps it heal and strengthen, little by little. And being able to play one game. Just one game. Of 5 v 5 basketball would be a HUGE accomplishment.

I want to have a project or system or habit in place that brings more consistent dance into my life. Whether that's establishing a group, being part of a performance or deepening my connection with a performance community, attending a class or even regularly, or something that I can't quite imagine yet, I want that. I need to get that higher on the priority list and make the choices that make that more possible. I feel my best when I'm dancing. Time to stop back-burnering the thing that makes me feel my best.

Sure, a publishing contract would be nice, but maybe more important is showing that I've got more stories in me. I'm working on a poetry collection, as well as another novel. I want to think of a way to monetize my stories, but maybe novels isn't that path. That's okay.

I’d like to speak better french. I’d like to be more in my body and I’d like my body to be stronger. I’d like to break at least some of the trauma grip. I’d like to fit back into clothes I’m currently not that comfortable in because I’m getting softer (and not in a good way). I’d like to be podcasting and blogging and feeling good about it. I’d like to have some idea what the next 5 years might look like and I’d like to actually take steps. I’d like to be more self sufficient more consistently and I’d also like to less solely self reliant. I’d like to listen to the depression voice less. She dictates more than I always realize.

I want to make a schedule and actually live by it. I want to feel like I am using my time to the fullest and to its advantage instead of mismanaging it. I am the queen of making impossible and unrealistic schedules. But I need to find the balance between self-compassion and pushing myself to create a routine that actually will come to fruition.

Music is in my soul, I want to re-engage myself with playing music. I've drifted away from a bit in the past year. I want to become more comfortable/fluid on flute - something that I've only occasionally played. I am a member of the 'house band' at my synagogue and as a goal, I'd like to perform in one of the Shabbat services on flute.

I would like to have my own home. This is one of the last pieces of rebuilding my life.

The same as every year. Have a baby. I guess now it's have two babies since the universe has waitted so long and I'm running out of time. And fall in love, permanently, not transiently and not into something unrequited or unreal. Fall into "I'm happy you're in my bed this morning" love.

I'd like to be able to run 5 kms. It's important because it will show how I'm improving in my fitness goals. I'd eventually like to start doing triathlons!

I would like to be debt free. Actually, I am debt free. It's not my debt, it's my husband's failing business debt but I am on the account. I told him I will pay all the family bills if every cent he earns goes to the $25k debt. Once its' paid, I will remove myself from his business card. I am hoping he and I can work more together as a team, not just financially but with the kids and our mission for them, for us and the direction of our life together. I love him and I even like him. I want our life to be better because I know it can be. I have experienced a lot of success in my endeavors the past few years and it is exhilarating to think of the possibilities when we work together.

I want to go self employed full time. I’m in the midst of setting up my business as a strength coach, as well as juggling other jobs. I want to dictate the hours I work but still be able to live without fear of not having income. I want to build a business that can sustain a life without having to worry too much about money.

I would like to fix my job burnout. Whether that means getting a new job or figuring a way this job can be turned into something that doesn't make me dread coming to work everyday. I would also like to be credit card debt free.

I want to be engaged in meaningful work that covers my expenses. It's important for me to be self-sufficient and to do work that makes me feel like I'm making a difference in the world.

I want to be healthy, physically and mentally. I'd like to not always feel lightheaded, or sick, or have a headache or a cold. I would like to have an actual social life here, and first and foremost, have the energy to maintain it. Ordinary things shouldn't feel as exhausting as they do right now.

i'd like to have a spiritual life. can i say two things? i'd like to feel more committed to being alive. i think that covers all of the biopsychospiritual and emotional goals that some part of me has.

I would love to be in a new job and in a better place financially. I feel every aspect of my life has seen a lot of progress in the last year. But my finances are essentially the same and I'm anxious to make some changes there.

I'd like to physically get back to a point where I am more comfortable with my body. I'm glad to not be deeply troubled or preoccupied with my weight and body, but I've hit a point where I'm larger than I'd like to be and it doesn't feel comfortable. Finding a better balance - where I can continue to eat what I like and indulge with friends, but fit into my jeans confidently - that's the dream. I've always said - and truly believe - that I wouldn't trade anything about my amazing life to be 10 pounds lighter, and if this is the weight I am to have the life I do, then so be it. That said, it's uncomfortable to be distracted by my weight. It's not about the number (who knows how much I even weigh), but more about how I feel in my clothes.

I would like to be close to fluent in Spanish. I am currently enrolled in Conversational Spanish and am pushing myself to think in Spanish like never before. In class, I try to sit next to the very good speakers so I can hear from them. At home, I listen to a daily spanish podcast where I focus intensely on comprehending it. Next summer, I hope to travel to Colombia through the Center for Latin American Studies' Seminar and Field Trip program, and I need to have a strong understanding of Spanish by then. Right now, it is hard for me to picture Spanish rolling off of my tongue, but I'm hoping that by next year I will be speaking Spanish like nobody's business.

This time next year I would like to have explored potential next career moves- moving back to public school, entering the political sphere, etc.

I really want to achieve $1.2M in sales in order to get my commission check. I really want to establish my company as a serious player in the CRO chemistry field. This would be satisfying both financially and professionally. I'd like to silence all the naysayers as well.

I would like to continue to find peace with and strength in my body. I would also like to feel stronger and sexier. I’m not sure if I can “achieve” the first part in a diffinative as I know it may be a lifelong process, but I hope I can be further on my way.

I would like to be in a relationship. But seeing as that takes two people, it is not entirely under my control. And it is further complicated by the fact that I really don't like dating. It's important to me because as much as I enjoy my own company I'm tired of being lonely. I want someone to share my life with. I want someone I can rely on. I want someone who cares about me.

I'd like my divorce to be final and to have a solid road map to buying a house.

I want to find a way that I can contribute to a better world and share the privilege of comfort and wealth that I enjoy. This has been an important part of who I am. My family has become a huge focus. This year I have tried to be more helpful to friends. Now I feel I need to reach out further.

I hate this, but the goal is the exact same as last year: have the first draft of the book complete. This is critical because I'll run out of money if I don't get this done. And if I don't get this done, I won't be able to help other kids in this situation.

Find a job that works for both me and my family

I want to establish a privately-paid, End of Life/Death Doula collective here in South Denver where I can help people who are dying. I will use a team approach with compassionate people and will be part of the Positive Death Movement while maintaining an income.

I would like to be back inserted full on and feel that I am on a growth path back at work. I have attained a leadership position that I wanted this year. I am scared of how having a child will impact career path, but I hope to be back and happy in multiple roles. Also I hope to be a patient and loving mother to my baby ☺

I could hope against hope that I'd be able to pay my entire rent by myself. But that is probably too difficult to achieve in one year. So instead, I'll say that I hope to be certified as a doula and ready to move on to the next professional goal, thereby getting closer to financial independence.

I'd like to have made at least one new friend. I want to build a network of friends locally - it's great that I have friends all over but it's hard to keep in touch.

I would like to be in a job that is much more rewarding to me than the one I am in now. What I'm currently doing is something that is more for convenience rather than something that I'm passionate about. I have already committed to my current job for the school year, but have promised both my husband and myself that I will spend this year trying to come up with a better idea of what I'm looking for and at least start trying to find a place that fits. I have not been very happy or content for a while now and I believe part of it is because I do not feel fulfilled by what is in my life right now. I love my family and do not regret them one bit, but I have lost myself and am looking to find a way back. I think starting a job that fits me better than the one that I'm in now is one way to begin this journey.

i would like to have paid off at least one credit card debt. this is important because financial freedom or rather lack of it has been hanging over my head for so long and dragging me down. and i want to achieve this by generating new income from selling my course and getting some private clients. this is my stepping stone to transitioning to full consulting. i expect that i will have a bonus from the new job which will help me pay off that debt as well.

I’d like to figure out what my long term career goals are, specifically in relation to becoming a mother. I have great balance in my life right now and fear that flexing my ambition could jeopardize that. At the same time, I don’t want to limit my opportunity for growth because of fear it will negatively impact my family and family life. I hope in the next year to better define for myself: What kind of career do I want? What kind of mother do I want to be? Where is the intersection of those two things?

Once again, I hope to find better balance for myself- use my me-time better, set better limits with my kids and husband so I don't feel so depleted all the time. Also, I hope (once again) to find some order in the chaos that is my house, putting stuff away from the places where it just accumulates and finding a better organization/rotation system that works for us.

Happiness in my relationship. The volatility is too hard. I just want to be with someone who will love me unconditionally and want to build a fulfilling relationship and life together. Compatibility is hard.

Masters degree finished, living with my boyfriend, maybe a new job...

Last year I hoped to be more confident in my job, which I definitely am. I've worked hard to get there and am glad to have work that I'm good at & is also meaningful. I also had a goal to have made some efforts to finding a creative outlet, and while I've made process it remains a goal for me this year. I know that finding that time to take care of myself leads to a better mindset, happier life. I also want to have met with a therapist. I know I need it, even if I don't want to admit it and avoid action.

Buen0, es una pregunta compleja. Para este momento del año que viene, me gustaría poder decir "más o menos sé tocar la guitarra". Hace mucho vengo posponiendo algún tipo de expresión artística: la música, la escritura, el baile. Quiero concentrarme en desarrollar alguna de estas habilidades. En principio la música, poder cantar y tocar un instrumento. También quiero poder expresarme con el cuerpo a través del baile: quiero bailar. La escritura es algo que estoy tratando de ejercitar también, aunque me mantengo en la comodidad de la primera persona. Tranqui, es mejor que la comodidad de no escrbir, pero esperemos que para este momento del año que viene hayamos escrito algún cuento o poesía.

I would like to travel and visit my brother. We don't visit enough and I wish we lived closer.

I'd like to decide by next year: YES or NO to a grad or masters program. I don't want to wait beyond one year from now to make the decision. While I'm just freelancing in NYC it's the best time to get out of here and do it. Whether I come back to NYC or not may not be decided within a year's time, but I at least need to know whether or not I'm going to school or not so I can start planning.

I would like to finally find a new home, a bigger space than the one I am in now, where I feel I can be for a number of years and potentially have a family. I don't feel that my current home is suited to having a child or to building the sort of community around me that I would like (e.g. a co-living community).

IRS debt paid off or down! Phone paid off! And living life like I was meant to!

Last year I wanted to have figured out what I'm doing with my life...I still don't know. I know more of what I *don't* want to do, so that's a start. And I've made moves to give myself the time and space to figure it out. But it's still scary, and that's still what I want to achieve. Doesn't have to be the One Thing I Will Do Forever - but something I can be excited about, for this next phase of my life.

One thing I'd like to achieve by this time next year is being in a loving committed relationship, one that challenges me, supports me, holds me, pushes me, and one that asks me to do the same for the man across from me. This is important to me because I am lucky enough to have experienced tons of growth in other areas of my life, but I am ready to see my growth in partnership, to have a mirror, to accept, to love. I am ready.

Ha - looking at answers from last year and not too much has changed. But perhaps I have a more top line view of this. First and foremost, I want to feel inherently worthy and deserving I desire. I want to not look for validation in others - or envy or desire what others have. I want to have such a center solid - knowing I am an awesome person, beautiful, smart, worthy of respect, love and self care. I want to be kind and funny and calm. I want to fall in love still - deeply, madly in love - to know someone intimately, and let them know me - and feel safe and secure and inspired in that relationship. I want to achieve fitness - lose 50 lbs, increase flexibility, have fun with style and fashion as an expression of my creativity, and exude kindness an a sense of safety to others. I think I will achieve the financial goals I set forth for myself this year ($110 - $120K), which is great! An I'm moving to LA, which is one thing I set out to achieve. I'll be making the move in December. And a well rounded, well balanced life full of self love, meaningful relationships and fun - not just work.

By this time next year I am hoping to be living in Eugene, be back in school finally and getting ourselves situated financially again.

By this time next year, we will have navigated the transition to middle and high schools for Sophie and Devon, respectively. I would like to be able to say that I am happy with how we went about researching and applying to schools. When we went through this process and chose Montera for Devon, the whole experience was so affirming for us. Ben and I were on the same page from start to finish, and we felt really good about the public school offering. This time, we're more aware of Montera's flaws, and we're also thinking about the choices for a different kid, with her own sets of needs. And for Devon, I'm more concerned about academic quality at the high school level than I was for middle school. All of this is such challenging stuff to navigate. I really, really don't want to opt out of the public schools. But I also don't want to sell my kids short. Now is the time for them to learn how to write and how to think. I don't want their growth to be stunted. But I also don't want them to learn that they are more deserving of a quality education than others are. I want so badly for the public schools to offer an education that will serve them (and all kids) well into the future. Maybe at this time next year, I'll be able to report that we've decided that that is the case. Maybe we'll decide it isn't. Either way, I want to feel good about the process we used to make the call.

I would like to have written 10 more original songs by this time next year and performed these originals at least 5 times. All my life I have wanted to write songs and I struggled (and still do) with insecurity around doing so. I want to get my voice out there though! I have a talent that I want to share with the world.

I would like to be living in Colorado by this time next year. Or, traveling with my husband if he gets a job that has him traveling. As long as we are together, then life is complete. We both love the mountains and have been trying to get there for a year now.

I'd really like to get to my goal weight of 140 lbs. This is incredibly important to me because I feel like my current weight is holding me back from being my true self. My personality has changed so much and and I feel so unhealthy and complacent right now, instead of being the strong and fierce woman I used to be. I know that being thin doesn't open all the doors, but I do think it will let my light shine a bit.

I would like to be better at dedicating time to study Hebrew, to spend more time studying all of ADONAI'S instructions, to dig even deeper into the rich abundance of this life. This is important to me for the reason that my heart enjoys this and feels at home, like I am not wandering.

I would like to get to a point where I feel good about my business: that I've kept clients happy and on track towards their goals, 'automated' my practice, brought on new clients through my marketing efforts and feel OK taking time off occasionally for something fun.

I’d like to finally get my anxiety under control. I’ve improved a lot, but I’ve got a ways to go

I'm so proud of past me for accomplishing last year's goal. My general theme of Yom Kippur this year is love. Giving more love to those around me (my friends and family and maybe a future SO), loving myself and forgiving myself, and loving g-d and life in general (increasing gratitude). So by this time next year, I hope to have improved two relationships - one is myself, and the other is with someone else, either a good friend, a family member, or someone I haven't met yet who becomes a friend.

I would like to finally be happy with my body and relationship with food. I feel so bogged down by the number on the scale and the way my clothes fit and I just want to be able to enjoy my food when I want and how I want. Moreover, I would like to have the confidence that the skin that I am in is incredible.

I would like to truly heal from the abuse. The most recent and destructive was the atty that my dad put in charge of the SNT before his death. I'm not sure if she is just that full time abusive or if my dad decided to slander me and that is part of why she behaved that way. I tend to think that it's all or mostly on her. I think she is a sociopath or a psychopath. At any rate, I'm rid of her now even though she said that wasn't possible. I was willing to give up any SNT entirely in order to have no further contact with her. She's a mean and evil, amoral entity. I hope she does no further harm to anyone and that those she has already harmed may heal completely and soon. I need to learn how to trust people again. Jerrel Gaddy helped me heal that way and it lasted a long while. Now I have to do that again. I don't know how. Jerrel is gone.

the jewelry business is started, but I don't push it. It is important because I am realizing how exhausted I get talking to people non stop.

I would like to find something that I am truly passionate about and have the self-discipline to commit. Whether this is learning a new language, writing and researching a paper, following up with Dr. Kaufman about my thesis, traveling and being confident enough to ask people if I can stay with them, or something more career-oriented, I hope I won't feel so stuck in between and lacking energy and motivation besides spurts in the middle of the night like this. I hope I have or am in some kind of relationship because this lack of response from Soe Than is also very disconcerting and makes me feel like I'm in limbo. Even if I know the breakdown of our relationship is mostly my fault because of how I prioritized my career and education over going to Asia to be with him and I know he won't be happy here without an education, and I feel like I need someone who intellectually stimulates me more and kind of knows the context of my world and passions.

I want to be more of myself when at school. I want to stand out of my comfort zone more. This is very important to me. I can't make more friends until I am myself and confident with myself. I want to feel more confident with myself and I can't do that if I'm hiding myself. I want to take risks and truly enjoy things in life bc life is short and if I'm not being myself and true to myself, then whats the point. There is no one else quite like me so I gotta be me.

I finally found what I'm passionate about(Become a certified personal trainer) and taking the necessary steps to follow that dream. It's important for the growth I've been wanting to have in my life and have a sense of responsibility as well as self-satisfaction and boost my confidence. the reason why you follow your passion is to fulfill your true purpose that is to help others. I can help others to achieve that dream body they want which in return will make me happy.

For sure I want my BA and Teaching certification to be completed, with a job teaching in a school. It's crazy that those are goals with a real, concrete, almost dateable end in sight. Gd willing. And it's so scary real, that I almost want to back away from it. It would be so easy to drop out, become full time at my current job, and stay there forever. But it wouldn't be what I'm supposed to be doing. This is important because it's my whole reason for coming here. I've been working so hard - to afford school without going into debt, to get all my assignments done and succeed in my classes while still having a social life and feeling human. It's a crazy difficult balance, but the end is in sight.

I'd like to be training for a marathon (or close to beginning) by this time next year. It means that I've recovered from pregnancy and made running like that a priority again, which at the moment is important to me.

I want a pool at home. It would be great for the kids. Wanted one for a long time. #familytime #keepingkidsbusy

I would like to be able to put down money for us to go to Israel. It is time for me to go, past time.

I'd like to have found a school I could call my home for some years, though I think that hope is idle. Work is not the most important part of my life, but it is the part that takes most of my time - and I want it to be steady as I want more time to spend with my family as soon as it expands.

I haven't completed what I wrote for this answer last year - my schoolwork got put on the backburner. But for good reason: I was focused on moving forward in my personal life. I think by this time next year I hope that I will have had surgery, and be able to focus again on my schoolwork and furthering my career.

I would like to reestablish a regular meditation practice. I have been saying this for years, and will occasionally practice, but without any real consistency. I would like to make meditation something that I practice at least 3-4x/week by this time next year.

Walk for 24 hours straight or go 100 miles on foot in one go.

By this time next year I will like to make at least a stab at writing seriously. I have always wanted to write a children's novel and just stop at the ideas. I've written some stories for very young children and would like to write one aimed at the 9-11 age range. I have the usual small goals I'd like to achieve- keeping my kids healthy and alive, being a better mother, garnering a better understanding of psychology and human behaviour to 'coach' (the popular term for support) people through their particular crisis and all that. But this goal is not about others and it's not really about self-development per se. I just love stories and the beautiful craft of story telling, both the fantasy and the real life kind. I need to stop messing around and just do it or at the very least make a start..

I want to speak and give presentations more frequently because is a concrete way to achieve my goals, reach and impact others at the same time.

Yeah - still progress not perfection. I really want to be better at expressing my issues earlier and more constructively because my fiancé is right - I bottle, shake and spray (he didn't say it that way but he's right). He teaches me so much just by being in this with me. Two external goals: looking forward to being his wife (!!!) and I gotta finish a film this year or I won't like myself. Thank you for doing this questionnaire so I can articulate that. <3

I've written the same wish every year since I first began 10Q in 2009: I'd like to find a passionate and supportive literary agent, so I can be one of those published authors and screenwriters who can gush about their agent in the "acknowledgements" portion at the end of their manuscript. This year I'm once again a screenplay finalist at Shriekfest, and I find out if I've won in October. Fingers crossed. I'm a writer and, regardless of whether there are a billion other writers, I should be getting paid to do what I love.

The house is on it's way to becoming a reality. The properties are being split. This will enable me to move forward with a purchase. I am really excited. I would love it if that was completed by next year.

I want to be putting my creations out into the world: my songs, my voice, my stories, my tarot cards, my practices. I want to share myself and my way of life.

I absolutely need to have my masters degree complete by this time next year. If I don't, I don't know if I ever will finish.

I want to have a positive mental attitude. This factor will change everything for me. It’s the single biggest thing that will change all areas of my life. This is the single most important thing, outside of the health of my family.

By this time next year I want to be at my goal weight of AT MOST 120 pounds. Less would be better. I'm 5' 4".

I have a lot of goals, a lot of anticipated changes, and a lot of fears surrounding them. One goal I'd like to accomplish is to more often than not - not allow fear to get in my way. I'd like to not act more impulsively, but with less hesitation, more determination, and less fear that the outcome will somehow be negative. I'd like to remember how good it felt to know that "Tracht Gut Vet Zayn Gut" could resonate so deeply with my soul when it became reality in August and I'd like to keep that thinking, momentum, and action at the forefront this year.

I’d like to be driving as it’s important in that it will give me independence & freedom & open up new possibilities for me in all areas of my life xx I would also like to get our house all finished & complete & my Hypnotherapy Business finally on the go with some added extras or find my niche xx

I would like to re-connect to music. I think having a baby will help with that (while also, of course, hindering any goal but keeping baby alive) because I'll want to expose the baby to music. So just playing music in the house (instead of just podcasts), buying a digital piano and trying to get in the habit of playing it, singing to baby, etc. I want music to be like a fifth family member in our house, always around without really having to think about it, fully integrated.

I lost about 10-12 pounds this year due to gall bladder problems. After surgery to have it removed, I’ve changed my diet a bit but started to put the weight back on anyway. I want to reverse that trend and keep losing as best I can. Getting down to 160 pounds would be enough for me to celebrate!

I have been fortunate to have a job that is much more satisfying. How lucky I feel . By next year, I want to have started the road to becoming a certified coach. That is what I hope to do when I retire!

Having cleared my fiancial situation for old age,including buying a flat

by this time next year, i'd like to have followed my creative interests with a little more sincerity. i want to build my youtube account, learn proper editing technique and get my hand on a real camera. i don't know my exact angle yet, but i can see it being eco reviews, adhd stuff, hanging out with friends. i want to catalogue this part of my life like they do, because i think it will be interesting to look back on. i want something to leave behind. likewise, i want to keep up with writing. i hope spock is still active, i hope i've written with anna again. i hope i write for fun, alone, be that in a journal or fanfics. for example, maybe i'll actually start the little shop pacific rim. also! the tattoo. the kaiju tattoo. i want that like an itch across my forearm. i crave the colours blossoming under my skin. it feels like an incomplete part of my journey, my identity. uprising may have sucked, but the kaiju are a crucial part of my transition. i'm realising at i type that while i always say newt massively influenced my identity growing up, so did the kaiju. these great creatures. godzilla, who is a bad character to most but a hero to others. i'm identifying with godzilla, that's why i have such deep love. that's why i need a kaiju on my skin.

Improve our resilience as a family - 2 sick children and running out of ideas, not to say money!!

I want to live with Shannon. Its honestly the most important thing to me right now. I cant even begin to describe how happy she makes me. Im confident that living with her would bring some color back into my life. Its been hard since she left but knowing that one day ill be with her again is what gets me outta bed in the morning. I want to move to Orlando to be with her but I'm having a hard time leaving my family. It's important that I'm with her. The way she makes me feel... I'm willing to spend the rest of my life chasing that feeling.

I want to lose some weight. I'm not going to set a lofty good because that made me feel like shit this year, but I want to be on the right track.

By this time next year, I hope to have achieved a greater level of mastery of campaign strategy and management. I am currently the deputy campaign manager for the home care campaign. I am learning an immense amount every day. Ben has asked me to serve as the campaign manager for the paid sick campaign in 2019. I hope that the next year will be one of significant professional growth and achievement. I am grateful to be at an organization where I have colleagues I can learn from, respect for what I bring to the table, and freedom to experiment.

I want to feel at peace with my behavior, my values and my choices. I want to feel one-ness with all of it. Doubt creeps in. Second guessing. Questioning. Searching. Asking myself, "what do I want?" "What do I deserve?" Questions like these are difficult to answer.

Last year I said that I want to prioritize my dating life and find love again. My inclination is to say the same thing this year, but the truth is i'm not ready for that yet. I guess my hope is that I can get to a place where I feel ready to meet someone again, but that this time I will know what I am looking for/what kind of a person is right for me, and I won't ignore my gut feelings early on in the relationship. But I don't want my love life to be my only priority... I also hope to grow in my spirituality and in my work. I need to find a balance between pushing myself to be better, and also taking care of my health and not letting stress or anxiety take over. I love that I am feeling more comfortable and confident and living in the present moment, and I don't want that to go away, but I need to prioritize feeling inspired and passionate in life again.

I want my financial health--and by extension the financial health of my family--to be improving, rather than getting worse. It impacts every facet of my life, even with the recognition that I am very fortunate in what I have and what I earn. This consumer debt is a reflection of myself, my choices, and my family, and it makes me feel embarrassed and weak.

By this time next year, I would like to become more proficient in Spanish and/or get a CPI certification. I think it is imperative in the work that I am doing to be able to communicate with the families and guardians who we serve, and that means being able to speak in Spanish. As for CPI, I just want our camp and our staff to be safe. Having no one trained could either be really good...maybe we don't escalate...or it could be really bad...someone manages to run away.

Walking regularly will add length to my life. I hope to see teen age and b'not mitzvah for my grandchildren.

Completing the manuscript for Sarah’s Basket and submitting it for publication.

Last year I wrote about running faster. This year I would talk about running at all. In June my heel started bothering me, and I have had difficulty running ever since. Really, my goal should probably be to find a way to exercise more often and lose 20 pounds or so. It doesn't matter whether it is running, biking, swimming, or something else, I need to find a way to stay fit or I fear old age will creep in quickly. Another goal would be to get back to playing music with Kate. With my involvement in all of the other bands, it has been hard to play music with Kate, but I would like to do that. I would also like to play some songs on my own. Maybe a two-set gig someplace where I play the first set on my own, and then Kate comes up and brings the second set to life?

I'd like to have completed, or be close to completing, my coaching certification. I've thoroughly enjoyed the introspective journey that coaching has offered me, and I think it's a skillset that fits naturally with my core strengths. When I think about being a good leader or supporting others as they unlock their own potential (two things that matter to me deeply), coaching gives me what I need to do that well. I think it will also help make clearer my next steps and direction in life, toward a place where I feel like I'm truly living my purpose.

I would like to pay down my credit card debt so I can save more for retirement. I feel that I need more money when the time finally comes to retire. I would like to work part eventually so I can enjoy life and go to gym everyday.

Get down below the 350 pound mark because that will make it possible to get more medical tests and make things less dangerous health wise.

I have 5: a. new job/retire/local job only & stop weekly 650+ mi commute b. financial organization c. redo the house from bug mess d. increase my patience when others are speaking - my thoughts need t0 wait, theirs are just as important; epiphany- me as a young child blurting out what i have to say. e. lasting love with a good man who will honor and cherish me.

lose some weight because it might help the pain in my legs.

I’d like to wisely invest the money I’ve inherited from the sale of Dad’s house. This goal is important to me because I know that if I don’t come up with a plan, the money will simply sit in my savings and not earn much. I would like to retire by age 55, so I want to be thoughtful and proactive regarding building my net worth.

I want to try again to make dinner for my family at least weekly and preferably twice weekly. I want to get these manuscripts published, the ones I’ve been working slowly on for over a year. I want to convince my hospital to take environmental issues even more seriously and give me the time to do it.

I want to be one year into a new and realistic 5 year plan. I need to commit to research or administration.

Same as last year - lose at least 30 more pounds to increase my self-esteem. I did achieve my goal.

I would like to let go of my judgements of others and become love in every situation.

I would like to find love again. I would like to be able to move on with a healthy positive relationship that will help me grow and be the best version of me. I spent too much time the past years feeling stifled and dealing with things that weren't right, I need to be reminded of how good it can be.

Finish all my classes at uni and start a new romantic relationship. After so many years of addiction and abuse I'm finally able to start my life again. Would be great if these things happened to me, it would mean I am ready to move forward.

I would really like to only have one credit card, I would like to have a big dent in my tax debt and just be in a better place financially.

I would really love to have accomplished my weight goal by then though it will be difficult to get down that far in that amount of time. I’m also really interested in reconnecting with myself as I’ve felt really out of touch and not personally healthy with my own brain.

I would like to have accomplished a year of successful psychotherapy. This is important to me because I have been putting my mental health on the backburner for a very long time. I really don't know what I would talk about at this point because all of my issues are gone, but I would still like to talk to a professional, even if it's only for a few months.

Have a lover. Not a full live in/ partner. A great lover.

One thing I would like to achieve is good grades. I want to get all A's in my classes. This is important because I'm in graduate school. I'm paying for it myself which is even more motivating to do better. Ain't nobody got extra time and money to retake a class!!!!

By the end of 2019 I no longer want to be bound to client work. By the end of next year I only want to be still working on client work because I want to; not because I need the paycheck.

I'd like to be a bit more settled in being the Mom of 2. I feel like I'm just skating by right now, and hope to have it all a bit better under control by then.

Getting my children safely ensconced in whatever program they decide to attend next year. I'd like to know they are on their way towards being independent adults.

I really have no goals for the coming year. I'm tired of trying to succeed and am satisfied with my current status quo.

i would like to get back into making artwork on a regular basis, instead of sporadic. but first, i feel that the big tasks of major updating (as if we were going to sell our house) must be in order so that i can put these mundane obligations on the back burner of concern and concentrate on art and socializing with other artists.

To be still living in the same house and not have to dip into retirement funds. Expenses and cash flow are putting this at risk with college expenses for two kids, a spouse that works as a paraeducator for a class for 4th and 5th grade students with Autism, and a live in home mother in law that was diagnosed with Alzheimers but didn't work in the US and doesn't have income to have had Long Term Care insurance. It is a rough financial time, and will likely get worse before it gets better.

I want to be mentally and medically stable. I'm tired of hovering on the precipice of suicide and health problems. I'm committed to going to therapy, trying EMDR, working on my trust issues, taking my meds faithfully, facing the demons in my past, working out, and eating better. It's a bit trite, but I want to thrive, not survive. I want to be doing well "in myself" so that I can pour into those around me.

Moving our nonprofit to sustainability - funding, staffing, systems, and curriculum. My legacy. Incorporate daily meditation, reflection, planning into my life. This is the same as last year. And, when I looked at it this year, I see that I have moved toward these things. I am close, I will get there. I may need more than one year to do so.

By this time next year, I want to have done a full year(as much as possible) of writing down three positive things everyday. This is important to me because I think by looking on the bright side while reflecting on each day of my life, my outlook on life will be more optimistic. By next year, I want to improve on how I can be a positive force for change in this world, even if I’m only a teenager. I don’t care how big or little the change is, because every tiny thing contributes. Lastly, I’d like to achieve making myself the best version of me because I know I can if I just try. This can be from my personal health, to my relationships, to my schoolwork, to USY and beyond.

My answer from last year stands and more importantly, my need to get things all in order

By this time next year, I hope to be engaged to my partner, Leah. [For many years I had thought that, while I'm attracted to both men and women, I would end up marrying a man. It seemed to make my life easier, though in the past couple years I'd been finding relationships with men unsatisfying. Giving myself permission to start actively looking for female partners, too, was the best gift I gave myself this year!] Leah is almost 9 years younger, though often I forget that until she says something like "Who's the Unabomber?" that highlights the gap. But she keeps me young, while I help her adult, and we both grow from it. We complement each other and support each other. She inspires me to be open and caring toward all kinds of people. I'm lucky to have found her. I look forward to many many more years together.

This time next year, I’d like to be working on a proposal or have one a proposal to offer coaching (paid) to another group. I’d like to have captured some metrics to analyze and effectively share them. I’d like to find more opportunities to speak about coaching - to help eliminate the shame in it so that it can be seen as a huge benefit.

By this time next year, I hope to have made a strong stride into a new path -- either a truly fulfilling and engaging job or enrollment in Rabbinical School. This moment feels like one of major transition, with my having left my job of five years. It is time for something new to blossom, and I am hoping that it's rabbinical school. But if it isn't, my next best thing will be to have a job that really feels great and that uses my skills and attributes in a meaningful way, and in a supportive atmosphere.

I'd like to continue working for Intel if I can. Things are changing so rapidly that I'm not assured of that.

I would like to have gone through most departments and compartments of our material life and honed, minimized, simplified, as much as possible. To reduce distractions of visual and physical nature- tripping over things that are never going to or highly unlikely to be used, holding on for whatever reasons, even though I have rarely regretted letting go. Holding on is mostly about insecurity- of needing or wanting something someday in the future. But all of those things end up being things I/we trip over. So wish me luck, self!

By this time next year I want to have lost at least 30lbs and have a better grasp on healthy eating. The thing I think I want most is to have obtained a better financial position and be preparing to purchase my own home.

I want to have a baby or donate a kidney. Both are life giving and both are helpful. I want to contribute to the future.

I would like to own a home, or be very close to it, and be married to Stacey, or very close to it. I would also like to know how to type efficiently and be able to perform the side splits.

To have saved up an amount of money that'll make my partner feel more confident about future planning.

"Graduating" one or more of my clients from my services. This would mean that he/she has the independence necessary to live without my assitance and be successful on his/her own.

I would like to have more freedom from trading time for money. I'd like to have a physio and RMT at Midtown and I'd like to be working on or have a digital project that could provide some passive income. I would also like to be investigating the idea of a kids movement gym and what it would take to get that started. This is important to me because it would make me and my family a lot happier. It gives me free time to take pressure of Les, spend with her and the kids and do things for myself. If I am always trading my time for money my income is capped and I'm handcuffed to working long hours. More income would also allow for house changes, car, travel. These things would also allow for a long term plan. If I was to close my practice, my income stops. These things could insure ongoing income. Doing these things = freedom

I would like to a clear career path envisioned for myself, and a mentor to work with/learn from. This is important to me bc it gives me a sense of purpose, identity, and direction. I feel like I'm in a place in my life where I need guidance and have had a hard time finding a good fit to meet that need.

As I sit down to take a long hard look at my budget, I would like to be in a better place financially. Now, I've said this before. And I currently am in a much better place than I was the last time I said this... But now I'm saying that this time next year I'd like to feel like I actually have some money in the bank for a rainy day, or simply, for my (our!) future. Working on it :) #adulting

So last year I wrote weight loss, being at 13 pounds down. I'm down 25 total now, so thankful that's been continuing. I'd like to have my diabetes fully under control by next year - to know and avoid foods and amounts that spike my glucose levels, to be at 6.5 A1c, to continue to lose weight. It's hard, it's up and down, it's something to pay attention to every day, and try every day, and be forgiving when the results are not a straight path.

By next year this time, I want to be building the blocks to starting and running my own business. I am done working for someone else. This will be possible as soon as the divorce is finalized. I don't know how much I will get from the divorce in terms of alimony, so I am building my nest egg which should be to the tune of $25,000 by the time I leave the country. This will be the seed money for starting my business.

I want to work out regularly by this time next year. I think it's doable, but I want to prioritize being strong and moving my body. It's so integral to my health, and it's a great example for my kid.

By this time next year, I would like to have decided where I will be applying to teach, whether it be BC or overseas.

It's really important to me to fulfill my inner commitment to self-publish my mother's memoir (written after she was widowed in her 40's), both to honor her memory and to help others who are facing similar difficulties. Also, it is very important to make significant progress on writing my own spiritual memoir. I feel that is part of my personal mission right now.

i would like to feel actively alive, with meaning, every day. This is important to me because... I can't stand wasting the gift of this short life.

It is the same every year - to improve my Hebrew. I cannot live in Israel without speaking the language. I need to study

I would like to have achieved something physically challenging. Maybe peak a mountain (just did a small one), run a half, walk a coastal day walk, cycle? IDK. It's important to me because since the accident me and my body haven't really been a unit, and I haven't been caring for my body in the way i should be physically. I would like to feel like me and my body accomplished something together.

Retire , life is short - time to leap

There are several things I am working to accomplish, and I'd consider it a success if I accomplished any one of them by this time next year. At the very least, I hope to finish and publish Imperial Service (my next novel) by this time next year.

I would LOVE to get our house in order. That means the upstairs spare room is clean and functional as a sitting room or whatever. I would also like to have a new kitchen floor, sink, and faucet. It's important to me because this is my house too and I'm tired of being a slave to Phil's timeline.

I want to have a mantra to help inform how I decide to respond to life. I'd like to continue growing into the person I've always envisioned myself being, the best version of myself. It may be helpful to, thus, have a mantra that helps me align my decisions then. I think this will also help inform my next few career moves. I would love to have had decided what program/where I want to apply to by a year from now but I'm trying not to put so much weight in that.

Rebuilding my real estate career bigger than I'd dreamed! Have a team, wow my clients, focus on mostly listings, consistently earn $10k/month.

I'd like to graduate from my Master's program with distinction and decide what I'll do with that degree. This is something I've wanted for six years now, and I get giddy thinking about the research I'll get to do, how much I'll learn, and how I'll be able to pass on my findings in order to affect change.

I'd love for us to have moved into a home together. For us to be settled and comfortable, and not just the "we'll move by next summer." I'd love to continue feeling challenged and respected and happy (!!) in my work, and figure out some of the stomach troubles I've been having lately. That's a lot, but I think it's possible!

Last year I strove to start fixing All Souls Church. I have allowed myself to retreat from that effort, focusing back on myself and regaining my inner strength and reigning in my life. This year I would like to, slowly, start to get back into the church, and to try and reintegrate into it's fabric. It's a hard task that I've dropped, but I'm building myself to it.

Well last year I focussed on getting the job I wanted, or at least getting a better job. This year, like many other years, I want to work on myself and my relationships. I want to get fitter (not lose weight perse, just get fitter). I want to get balance in my life between work/health/relaxation. I want to nurture my bonds with my friends and sister and see the more. I want to actively work on my relationship so we keep surprising eachother and we stay in love. Because we all know the third year can be tough.

To not have the same answer as last year! I want to achieve courage and happiness. Also - to *finally* finish with MBA!

I'd like to pay off at least one of my credit card debts. Debt is tough, and it can be crippling. I've certainly been struggling to stay above water with all the debt I have. I keep trying to remind myself that I just have to take it one day and one payment at a time, but it's always a struggle to stay in the moment and not think ahead. It's also demoralizing when the debt gets in the way of you being able to go out and experience something with your family or friends because you don't have the funds to do so. Here's for hoping!

I would like to be out of debt, with an emergency fund in place and possibly starting on the kids college fund.

I am done achieving. How weird is that to say? I guess the one "achievement" I'd like to have achieved by this time next year is to finish all of the courses for my certificate from Dubuque-after this fall I only have one more to go. I like the feeling of completion.

Crush student teaching, I mean knock it's socks off and become a leader in the classroom despite the fact I'm walking into a building with people who have been together for a semester already. I would love to leave feeling like I made the school I'm at a better place because that would give me a huge shot of confidence going into the summer as well as beginning a job search in the future.

Same old, same old in terms of making new connections and clearing out clutter. However the one thing I want to do is focus on taking some art classes and making art - whether drawing, painting, or completing some of my backlog of knitting and quilting projects - a daily (or at least multiple times a week) practice. And I want to keep saying "yes." In the words of Bob Franke: "And though your heart and your soul are unprepared, say yes."

I want to be either a) be enrolled in an MBA program or b) have a successful business plan that will provide 150 K salary and travel and have another successful Campaign which aligns with how I want to change the world, and I would like to hire another staff member.

I'd like to uplevel my management style and build independent high achievers that create impact across the company. I'd like to manage a team of 3-5 people and know that I'm contributing to their professional development. This includes asking them for feedback and iterating my management style based on what they tell me. This is important to me because this is my first time formally managing a team and I want to develop these skills to serve me throughout my career.

Finish freshman year. Have a job at college.

Sell my business, have a FUN part-time job and traveling. It's time. I've accomplished a lot of things in my life and this is another. I'm so looking forward to the next phase of my life

Since I'm more financially stable, I want to have my car paid off and my own place. It's important to me because I've been living with my mom and grandma for too long that I crave my own space and feel like I'm missing life experiences I could have on my own. It's a big decision that I want to accomplish soon. I had goals for my self: -my own place (renting at least) & car note paid by 26 -married ($5,000 saved for wedding) or with the one by 30 -kids by 40

I have a lot of goals for the upcoming 12 months – most of them revolve around career and finances. I would really love to find great success in my job, which I feel like I’m on a great path toward. I feel valued, my job is fun and varied each day, I get to speak to nice and interesting people, and I’m on the water. I’d really like to feel like I “run this shit” by this time next year. With a summer season under my belt, I’ve got no doubt that I can do that. Additionally, it’s really important that I pay off my debt to my mother and pay off my credit card bill. First goal was by the end of 2018, and then I pushed that to my 30th birthday. With Matt’s trip to Antarctica, the related expenses have been higher than I accounted for. Regardless, that all needs to be gone and I want to be saving by this time next year.

Again, I'd like to have paid off half of my credit card debt. It's really getting in the way. I'd like to rent my own apartment with my name on the lease, and maybe have gotten a dog!

Oh my goodness! I have no idea. As with last year, divorce would be nice (and it looks like that's going to happen). Bat mitzvah. Just getting to a settled place from which I can move forward - that would be a great goal. And I think it's doable.

My 2017 answer: "I hope to be out of the Department of Education and back teaching in some higher education institution. Perhaps, this will enable me finally to have the time to work on my dissertation and finish my Ph.D. in Education. While I am generally okay with my students and most of my colleagues, I do not like my current boss and the way of proceeding that demands so much ultimately useless paperwork. Moreover, I am unhappy with most of the duties and responsibilities expected of me as a Master Teacher, since I do not really believe they help me to grow. I dread having to go through all this $#!+ for another year. Enough is enough. This is NOT the life I want to live until I retire." My 2018 answer: I still am unhappy and I am still stuck where I am. But I have applied to higher education institutions, and hope that I will finally succeed in getting out. But I have re-enrolled in graduate school, and I hope that I will finally be able to propose, write, and defend my Ph.D. dissertation. If I succeed at this, it will be sufficient achievement.

Confidence as a web developer.

I'd like to be in a longer term relationship. Family is a huge part of my life and as I get older I'm finding myself craving that aspect of life. I just met someone I happen to think a LOT of so far; tbh I'd love for there to be something longer term there or at least this is a progression point to it.

By this time next year I really want to be in control of my physical and mental health. I have yet to truly make this a priority for myself and I need to find a way to truly dedicate my energy to my overall well being. Nothing is more important. I can not take care of others unless I take care of myself first.

Get my dogs back by winning my court case. This is ridiculously important to me as they have helped me overcome my depression and anxiety and without them I feel empty. They are like my children and I don't feel whole without them, I feel like they need me and I can't meet those needs without them being with me.

I hope to enjoy my new working life. I’m a little scared about it. I feel confident that I can find a way to make it work.

I hope to be happy. That's really all I want-- I want to be doing something I love, I want to be with people I love. I want to be happy whether I am making a lot of money or not, or living anywhere in particular-- I just want to feel confident, secure, and happy.

I would like to lose at least 8kg.

Have spent a month in France and made my French better! I know I can do it, and it will make me feel so good, just do it!!

By this time next year I would like to have run my first marathon (which I am going to do in November!)

I want to be in a different role at work (still). I want to have more financial flexibility in my new role as a parent; I want to have less fear and uncertainty around money. (There isn't much at the moment, but it all seems tenuous as we start childcare!) I want to have a brighter path ahead, both at my current company, and wherever I go after this.

Find a way to make my money work. It is important because it is my future. It sucks enough to be old, it'll suck even more to be old AND poor. I so don't know what to do about this and how, I am totally lost. I need to ask the internet and strangers on Reddit or something and I don't know why I can't even make myself do that. Why do I have zero self confidence about this?

I would like to have about half of my student loans paid off. This is a big goal for me and would free up income to help others in my community and save for the future.

I'd like to be working 20 hours a week fo Equip doing what I love. I'd like to have the Suicide Prevention talk put together and ready to present. It's important to me because I need to move on to the next part of my life. I need to be useful.

I'd like to make $100,000 dollars. I wrote a check and put it up for what counts as my vision bedside, and so I look at it every morning. It said to visualize this money coming toward you and the date I put on it was by my next anniversary. It would be really cool to achieve that because if I could I could achieve anything, and there would be no denying that and it would mean that your thoughts really do create your reality.

By next year, that article that Alana and I wrote together will be published. Or, if not that, I'll write another one with her and get it published. Or something I wrote on my own... I'll get something published by next year, anyway! It's important because... "become a writer" has been a dream of mine since I was a little kid. But it's always been mostly a dream. Obviously, I write things, but I don't take appropriate action to get other people to see those things. It's time for that to stop being a dream and start being a plan.

I want to be running my rental as a strong business and possibly have some additional side business set-up to further build our financial independence.

Well, there is the usual, lose weight, become brilliant, take over the world. Then there is the more practical, keep breathing, with the caveat of, keep breathing unless something more important comes up like your husband dies and it seems more important to stop breathing, with the further caveat of, even though if your husband dies it seems worthwhile to keep breathing then keep breathing.

I’ve been working on my novel for so long, and I feel so close to the next steps. I’d really like to have a solid final-ish draft by this time next year. And I hope it’s awesome!

I’d like to feel confident I have my finances in control. I feel that way now, but having a smaller debt load will be nice. I’d like to have some things I’ve yet to take care of done (like my taxes).

I want so fucking much to go to college... thats all I think

I hope to be getting tenure around this time next year. I’ve paid my dues with work, and I took a huge risk moving during what is hopefully the last year of my provisional period. I hope I am able to achieve this, but I also know that things will work out eventually regardless.

Grab the steering wheel. Drive.

I'd really like to sleep enough and bring some health parameters under control. That means - both the professional and personal lives need some changes. Professionally - that startup gig has to start paying! Personally - I need the ability to travel less and work from my home location more often. That automatically allows for a more consistent and better exercise schedule.

I want to have a job. Again this is still important to me. Or at least an idea of steady income/work to keep me busy and make me feel like I'm contributing to the world in a positive way. Even if it's finally deciding on going to law school or grad school. I want to have a body of work that I am proud of.

Professionally, I’d like to have my program in order and successful. Hopefully, with some form of sustainability plan. Personally, I like to be healthier. I would like to get back to an exercise routine and back eating healthier more consistently.

I want to be in a home that is mine and maybe in a healthy relationship.

I want to learn how to speak Arabic conversationally by this time next year because it's an important skill for the work I want to do.

Putting self-care and health front and centre in my life. This includes my fitness, mental health and ability to focus at my work. I'm planning to be active, engaging and contributing well beyond my years that I have left in me, so health is non-negotiable.

I would like to double down on last year's yet unachieved goal of maintaining a blog and/or podcast (I did attend a workshop!), but I'll instead opt to complete a 10K race with my wife. This would double the farthest distance either of us have ever run, demonstrate perseverance in the necessary training, and prove to ourselves (and possibly others via a good cause) our public dedication to health and keeping our promises.

Detach from politics, to save my sanity and my physical health.