When September 2018 rolls around and you receive your answers to your 10Q questions, how do you think you'll feel? What do you think/hope might be different about your life and where you're at as a result of thinking about and answering these questions?

I will feel the same dismay I feel now about reading the phrase "where you're at."

I hope I will have grown in my self-confidence and am proud of the accomplishments that I have made since September 2017. I hope I will have found love once again and am happy with my life.

u mean 2018? lol, i hope i achieve and strive to be better and make a good life

I think if I am pregnant I will be really focused on having my child and probably not care as much about the work stuff, but I don’t know.

Hopefully í will ve working again and í will have my life back on track.

I hope that I have managed to put in place the things that I mentioned in my answers. I hope that I'm more content & happy with my success.... less earnest about the crap... hopefully almost debt free. I hope that these questions give some marker or baseline to move forward from. A lovely reminder that I am in fact moving forward!! Bring it on .. Going to go and enjoy 2018 (no matter what it brings). Bring more focus to my journey.. make it a daily journey of enjoyment. Goals, Timelines & Scheduling the whole lot!!!

I think it will be a very insightful experience. I'm not sure how much my perspective will change in a year but I already know I won't be in the same place where I am right now so definitely I will be able to compare my expectations to reality, at least in terms of the material changes. I enjoyed participating in this exercise, even though I had already gone through these reflections myself. So although it didn't really change much for me now, it will possibly be a very important moment of reflection next year. I look very much forward.

I think I will smile on them. I always feel stuck (not so much to be honest this time) and a sense of Sehnsucht. But, hey that's me. I love even this melancholic sides of myself. When Sept 2018 will roll around, I will be eager to read this words I wrote. I hope I will be happier, more relaxed nonetheless. See you next year.

September 2018* I plan on feeling better about my wealth and my health. That is the idea. Keeping my furson healthy and happy. Hopefully I will find answers to my father's ancestory.

I hope i am less afraid to open them in 2018. This was sych a hard year. I hope i feel more proud next year. I hope i need the limelught less " talk less . Smile more. Dont let thrm know what youre against or what yoyre for!" I want to use my voice abd raise it but not need credit. I want to do for others- ny family, my community and trust thst will come back to me.

Hashem has the answer, I’ll discovery it

I honestly don't know. Life is oddly both more stable on a personal level than it was a year ago, but vastly more unstable on a political level. So while I hope that I will be able to settle down in a more peaceful routine, I fear that I will not be able to do so.

I don't hope anything right now. I am very fortunate to have just had a lot of time away, which helped me get some perspective. I understand that the most important aim is to be happy first and then work backwards from there. How will work make me feel happy in 1, 2, 5 years time, and how do I achieve it? What activities can I pursue for some escape from the stresses of life? When do I need to rest to ensure I am at my happiest? Depending on the continual revision of these questions and answers, I hope I will find myself happy.

It’s impossible to say how I’ll feel - the only certainty is it will probably be different to how I feel now. I can only hope there’s a little bit more equilibrium and balance in my life - or that I’ve readjusted somewhat to the chaos of having a young baby (or toddler, by then).

I hope I am happy with what I am doing in my life. I hope that got to spend more time with my friends that do not get to see a lot. I hope that all of my freinds and family are doing well with healthy and jobs. I hope some of stuff share over these past day come to life. The big thing for me is Being Happy with your self.

As I am beginning this at the end of the 10 days of Awe I know what has occurred and not. Since I cannot got back I will get as much "in" as I can today, Erev Yom Kippur. There are several people I need to ask forgiveness from and I do hope there is someone who asks it of me. Next year I hope I have found the depth of spirituality I am missing in my heart. The kind that grounds me, that forces the joy out from the shadows, that allows me to breathe even though I may be drowning at that moment.

My quietism came to an abrupt end with the Trump election, and I have been feeling pulled in a million different activist directions. I hope that by next year I have settled on a path that allows me to be both effective and balanced.

I think I'd be curious to know what the one year younger version of me thought.

I think I'll be really sad about how hard things were between ari and me at this time and either grateful that we've come a long way or even sadder that we haven't. I think I'll be delighted and fascinated and also perhaps anxious to receive my responses, as I've been in the previous years I received them. I really hope that I have left Verdani and Clarion and am independent and glad and relieved that I did. What I hope most is that I'm alive to receive my answers! And what I hope second-most is that I'm in a place of well-being when l receive them - physical, emotional, and existential.

Although I know life is never completely peaceful, I hope that my relationship with M. is more stable so that we can move forward. If it doesn't work out that way, I hope I've been able to move away from it so I can continue to move on with my life. I also hope that my relationship with my daughter continues to be strong, as she moves in to her teenage years I know there will be a lot of challenges, but I'm so proud of who she is and how she's able to reach out currently.

Next year, I will feel as though I gave my all to this year. That I led with my heart, treated myself as a holistic and very whole human being, and I hope to find myself fulfilled enough to give fully to others. I might have moved across the country, or I might have stayed here. I might be pursuing my PhD, in a new school or job, or teaching (at a higher level, hopefully). I'll have loved, had meaningful sex, and built a meaningful relationship, and will take care of my actual life, rather than just my job. (Not that I control all of this, but I play a role in it, and I, now, take responsibility for that role). I will have moved toward building the life that I want, rather than just the career, or just doing things out of guilt or obligation.

When I receive my answers, I'll be disappointed that I didn't answer them all , but seriously, it's the week of my wedding, and things have been a little hectic around here. Hopefully what will be different about my life is that I will be pregnant.

I imagine I will feel very emotional reading about where I was at a year ago. I hope that I will be in a better place with respect to all my fears and worries as well as with my spirituality. I am hoping that the general feeling of anxiety and overwhelmed-ness has subsided because I've been able to take a more reflective approach to life. I hope that I will have prioritized my family more in the past year, because time has a way of escaping us. I think that if I can put some of this reflection to good use through the coming year, I will have less regrets and more positive memories of 5778 than I do from 5777.

I hope I still have a job! I think I'll feel pretty much the same as this year, thought hope to achieve some of my goals (losing weight, paying off credit card debt, and reducing my student loan debts). If I don't still have my current job (I think they're thinking of giving me the axe because I'm old), I hope to be able to secure some other means of making money. I will need another job, at least part time, and perhaps can do something else? Tutoring? But I hope not to panic, no matter what. Unlike many Boomers, I do have some money saved, enough to live for five years anyway.

This is another really big chapter-changing year. Life will be so different - I will have graduated, I will be a doctor. Maybe I will have a job? Maybe we will have a long-term home in London? Maybe we will even have a child?! I can't wait, I'm so excited to see how all of those things unfold over the next year, and I just hope and pray that they unfold in happy ways.

I hope that there is more hope next year. I feel that I am at a low point in my life right now despite the fact that I do have a lot of positives such as marrying Charlie and Katherine growing up and being in 3rd grade. I have a good job and a nice home, but the debt is overwhelming me as are the health issues. I hope that next year finds me much closer to my goal of being out of debt and that I feel more secure in my health. I hope that pre-thinking through these things with 10Q will help me use goal-focused solution-based problem solving to get what I want.

It was a year past a major life event in fixing the hole in my heart. I felt nothing but graditude for where I was when the stroke occurred, the high level of care I received and the realization that I might not have had this last year were it not for the luck of being in the right place at the right time and having a highly skilled team working on my behalf. I look upon this last year as productive in meeting the purpose I have found n my life. In some ways, it has notched up my productivity.

I hope I'll be happy to see how much I've grown in comparison to now, and how much progress I've made with all the goals set out in these answers. I think that consciously reflecting on what I want to make better about my life will help me channel my energy into concrete actions. I hope I have a little clearer idea of what I want to do with my life. Or maybe - and this is perhaps more likely - I will just be happier with what I'm doing day to day. But I hope, whatever my progress, that I'll look back on present/past me with appreciation for taking the time to consider these questions and for doing the best that I can given my own particular set of circumstances.

I’m aftaid I’ll feel disappointed. Sorry for the girl I am right now. I hope next year, I’m achieving these goals I’ve listed. This has been a rough year and I’m feeling hopeless. I know it’s time for a change, I just need to make it happen.

I hope that I am happy with myself and have managed to become healthier. I hope I am preparing or have already gone skydiving. I hope that I am getting ready to marry my best friend (hoping and praying for this!). I hope that the world has become a better place - that we come to terms with how our actions affect everyone around us. That we can agree upon policy that is helpful to all people and that we are able to better love all human beings.

I hope that I'll have more clarity and purpose for my daily goings-on, and the big picture stuff. I feel like I'm at such a transitional point, where the past couple years have held a lot of growth out of challenge. I'm looking forward to the next couple years being full of building a foundation for all things professional, personal, emotional, etc.

I'm hopeful that when next year comes and I see my answers, I will feel better and more hopeful. Right now, I'm scared of what's going on in the world and the rise in nationalist agendas and attitudes, but hopeful that there will be many that rise above that and move us, as a country and world, to a change in a more positive direction.

My answers this year tend toward an anxiety about self-awareness and self-hood, a concern about my position on a spectrum between self-absorption and engagement with others. Next year, I hope that I look back on these answers with a mixture of pride -- that I have come so far in thinking about and articulating my current level of growth and my goals for the future -- and accomplishment -- owing to my progress toward at least some of the goals that I have set here. I hope that, as a result of my growth in 2017-2018, I will have turned my focus somewhat away from self-improvement and more toward improving the world I see around me, which needs a considerable amount of help. And honestly, I hope that I have another person at my side -- hopefully a romantic partner, but even a close, close friend -- that is helping meet my goals, both for myself and for my environment. But if that's not the case, then I hope I have the maturity and resources and strong sense of self not to regret that, and to move forward regardless.

I hope to meet my answers with equanimity rather than disappointment that I am STILL working on the same things. I pray to find right balance between striving and satisfaction, between self criticism and self acceptance. Amen, selah

I hope I'm meditating and that yoga is a regular part of my life. I hope I'm feeling more competent at work and that Colin is truly launched and living a happy productive life. I hope I feel relieved that Colin was saved. I hope I'm feeling better about the state of our country and feeling that we are on the path to a better leadership. I hope I feel kinder and more aware and active and happy.

Just trying it out......

I hope to find the humor in spme of these answers, the wisdom in others. Other answers I'll find hurried and short, others may confound me. What I'll need to remember is the events that unfolded during this holiday season. Before The Days of Awe began, I had just returned from a spiritual trip to Sedona to marry. I wed my dearest one and we ventured into our honeymoon. My birthday fortuitously fell on Rosh Hashanah. During the series of 10Q, I was travelling to/around/from the Grand Canyon with my new spouse. We have arrived home yesterday, just before Yom Kippur begins tonight. May this transformative time of experiences at the New Year seal in sweetness for myself and others. May I use this power for the good of all.

I think that I will feel satisfied. I very rarely take a moment to look at how far I have come and this will be a great moment for that. Even if I am not satisfied, I feel this will be an amazing time to reflect on the last year as a gut-check. The main thing that I hope to be different is my state of mind. I feel like going through these questions has allowed me an opportunity to look at my heart and not on earthly things. I have identified what the important things are in my life and where I really need to go. Circumstances change, people leave, but you can always choose to make the most of every breath you take.

I imagine I'll feel surprised pleasure to revisit these questions and answers. I hope I will feel less anxiety as a result of the world calming down as well as my own internal calming. I have done this kind of self-questioning many times in the past. I enjoy exploring and clarifying my thoughts and feelings. So far, I haven't been able to measure changes as a result of doing so.

I hope I'll see the growth and change. I hope the insecurities that were voiced here, are a little bit more met with reality. I hope that I can reflect more than I can now, on the positive, sweetness and goodness it brought.

Hopeful, satisied with the progress that I have made in the year

Do you possibly mean September, 2018? Because I can tell you how I felt when I received my Sept. 2017 questions... I felt challenged - both to reflect, and to commit to this process. There... I've done it. See you next year (in Jerusalem?).

I hope both my husband and I feel deep satisfaction after a year of major life transitions. I want to feel more secure and more comfortable in my own skin. I would hope that my husband feels accomplished and thinks he is having a rewarding retirement. So much will be different a year from now. We keep saying we are not leaving Washington but going to Tucson. I know there will be moments of homesickness and helplessness as we make this retirement transition. At the end, I am confident we will be proud of ourselves for stepping up and meeting this life challenge so well.

I hope I will have a kidney transplant by September 2018. I hope to be more calm, more kind, more gentle with myself. I hope to be back in some kind of school situation, whether for a BS or a bat mitzvah.

I predict that I will be amazed at where I am, probably in a totally different place than I expected OR planned for.

It's sad. It's hard. This year has been one of the hardest years of my life. I doubt I'll be ready to look back on it and laugh, but I'd surely like to look back on it and be glad I didn't give up. I have no idea what result answering these questions will have. I feel anxious answering them, fearing a judgement - too weak, too maudlin, too wrapped up in myself. I'm tired. I would like to be not tired for just one day. Just one.

I hope I will have made personal progress on my goals of becoming able to live a life of learning, peace, and loving kindness. That I won't read them and think oh yeah same thing this year.

I hope to feel encouraged by my answers. I hope that I have left my stagnant spot in life. I hope that I am moving forward to a more spiritual anchor and more connected to myself and my world.

I think the question should have been September 2018? Judging by what I wrote last year, nothing much has changed. Kimberly is gone, moved somewhere with her family and apparently has no interest in her parents, and considering the way she responded to my Hanukkah present to the kids, I have no interest in her either. I have 2 fabulous daughters, that's better than most people can say. Would be nice I guess if Michelle got pregnant naturally, but adoption is a good option. They have so much LOVE to give, any child would be lucky to have them as parents! Maybe it's getting older (I'll be 64 Sept 2018) of just not giving a shit about what I felt so strongly about last year. I stressed so much about the magazine and it folded anyway. I stressed so much about Kimberly and she left anyway. So, less stress and more FUN, HAPPINESS, and LIFE when September 2018 rolls around!!

A full year. It is daunting to even try to imagine. We're embarking on a new phase in our lives, and there are so many possibilities. Greg is remaking his life. Work has been such an important part of it, and now he has to shape a new one. Aside from possible calamities, it is still difficult to imagine how he will end up. I expect to continue subbing and music at church. Both of these are very fulfilling. So, I can't imagine anything very different for myself. But trying to envision how he will have ended up is very difficult. Thus, I am quite sure that whatever I predict, I will be amused at how I have completely missed the mark. To be honest, I will probably be a little rueful at how pedestrian our decisions have ended up. Since the current possibilities are so open ended, reality is not likely to match the visions dancing in our heads. Hope? I hope very much that we've been successful at having adventures and being productive. I hope to feel satisfied, perhaps even smug about how things have turned out. I am torn between wanting a moment when I look back at the year with astonishment on how great it was and being forced to concede that life rarely, very rarely works that way. I expect I'll look back on a year of modest gains and, hopefully, few disasters. But, we shall see.

So much has changed in the past year that I don't dare predict where I might be a year from now. I could feel the same in that a lot of these questions address themes throughout my life or I could feel completely different. I could be in a totally new place, or I could still be here. Who knows.

I hope I will have found fulfillment professionally. I hope I will be more organized in my home. But mostly I hope I will be with someone who deserves me and building our life together. I don't want to be alone anymore. I have so much to give.

I'll feel shocked and surprised that I would these thing.

I hope that I will be happy with how my life has continued to change. I hope this year will be even better than last year and I continue to make the days count, not count the days. This year is full of opportunities and I hope that I take advantage of them.

I really hope the relative level of work productivity will have continued all the way until I read this again. I will be entering my final year!

I think I will feel great as I'm hoping I have accomplished the goals I set for myself.

I hope to see growth. Spiritually, being closer to God. I hope i can look back and feel like i made the right decisions. I hope i can be closer to the ones i love. I just got out of a relationship (with kristina) for the primary focus of us both growing closer to God and working on ourselves. I just moved from Cookeville, TN to hudson, NH. This has been a hard, stretching experience, but one i hope to grow from

Oh gosh I feel perplexed. The cheerful upbeat side of me thinks I'll feel more freedom and joy. The nagging fearmonger has qualms about "blowing it" and so it feels like a tightrope between the two. I do hope to maintain my close loving relationships with family and friends and I just have no idea what might be different. I think the weight loss class I took empowered me to see my relationship to food differently (and lose some weight in the process), so perhaps I can reframe that same process to my life and career goals. Get some coaching and do some intense journaling and get in touch with what I need to prioritize for the rest of my one and only life!

This is the first year I've answered all of these questions. Ha. I hope to be living in LA or have a plan to do so. I hope to have a love in my life - relationship that challenges me and brings out the best in me, and gives me a base to have the courage to be the person I want to be. I hope to look back and see that I've made the world a better place for my family, my friends and my community. I hope to have no fear - and an abundance of love, wealth, gratitude and peace. I hope that I will have a clarity that I've taken great care of myself first so that I can be a source of care and support for those I love.

How I will feel: ---–------------ I will feel proud of all the work that I've already done by today, September 29, 2017. I'll feel so much compassion for "paste me", both how much I'm working and struggling, and also at how much I have already achieved and don't realize. Hi future self! You're pretty great. You crushed it in 2018. How things will be different: ------------------------------ I'll be so happy and good! I'll have figured out some key happiness things. I'll have come to a significant step closer to inner peace. I'll be living a life with more community.

I pray for maturity in Christ. I want to be known as someone you can confide in. I want to clean up my thought life so that the words that come out of my mouth won't be so offensive. I want to consistently pray for my family. I want to be committed to making myself healthier.

Hm. Well, it is Sept. 2017, but setting aside the nitpicking and assuming 2018...quite honestly, I will probably forget all about this until then, and then think "oh, huh, I sure didn't act on any of that." So I plan to disappoint my future self, I guess. Prove me wrong, self!

I think I'll feel a smile of recognition. Like, oh yeah, that's where I was. Oh yeah, I lost focus on that answer, but I did pay attention to that other answer. Let's keep growing :)

I will be more established at my job, in a relationship, stable.

I hope to be unmarried

I've been doing extensive (too much?) reflective writing for so many years now that I have frequent opportunities to check in with myself and see how I was feeling a year ago today--so I know the answer to this question right away. I will feel both comforted and disheartened that I basically have the same thoughts and concerns a year later. It's rare that looking back at my writing yields any surprises or any real evidence of what you might call PROGRESS. I don't think I'm running to stand still, exactly, just that life is very very circular and non-linear, except in the arena of aging, I suppose. I hope I'll still be healthy and appreciative of my general good fortune. Of course I hope that this focused writing has helped me set some new intentions about where I want to go and what other things in life I might investigate to make my world larger--and I guess I'll see the fruits of that a year from now. Or not!

These are good questions, but I still do not think they will change my life. Without a weekly therapist maybe it will be super refreshing to read some pithy questions, after a year. Perhaps in a year we will be squarely settled in SC. Maybe we will be evacuating,! I hope we continue to ask ourselves important questions , and peruse good answers, even if that takes us in separate directions. That would be a serious turn of events, but I expect nothing will be too sudden. We will bend like a tree fallen on a smaller branch. The smaller branch must give way at some point. But I sure hope we see some peace and relaxation

I think I will feel like I have done some things well and other things will not have turned out like I might have hoped. Most importantly I would like to have been consistent with my values and feelings of who I am as a person regardless of the new situations I may have faced. I hope I will have met the new challenges of the coming year without fear. I believe I can take on those fear challenges along with continuing to meet my own goals to self, a partner, family, significant friends and community.

I hope that I have come to peace with the loss of Dad and peace with what my life is, as opposed to what it could be

I am hopeful that now that I have my new hip I will continue to get stronger, get back on my bike and get into a better health routine, i.e. consistently drinking enough water each day, making my smoothies, and keeping the snacking in check. If I lose a few pounds, all the better! I hope I will continue to like my job, and make progress there, too.

I get cynical in thinking things won't change or will be worse for the environment and people as long as we have the same situation as we have now in our government. Yet I want to be hopeful I am wrong to be so cynical. I do hope for enlightenment in everyone!

Well this year, I did not learn how to avoid procrastination as I'm still answering many of the questions on the last day. However, I think I'll still be excited to read them next year. I hope at this point next year, I'll be healthier, thinner, and less stressed because of better organization and time management skills. (And ideally, be back in a serious relationship). Only time will tell. :)

In September 2018 I hope I am at a calm sense of peace and place and able to be more optimistic than I feel now in 2017. I hope that we will feel stronger and more stable together as a couple and as a family, with an almost 10-year old, a 3.5 year old and a 2.25 year old. I hope we're healthy. As a result of thinking about and answering these questions, and reviewing from previous years, I hope to be able to make use of the patterns I see -- to ask for help, to accept myself, to be prepared, to not be afraid of the worst that can happen because we can face it.

I think I'll feel grateful that whatever has happened in this upcoming year, IY"H, will have made me stronger and better. I definitely feel that way about my progress between this and last year. I didn't answer this question last year so I don't have the direct experience of reading its answer a year later but I remember that I think on this very day last year I had my first and only PRG in DA, and that the stuff I was told in that meeting I did act on, for the most part (I still need business cards, or at least to fill out Hello My Name Is cards that can be my business cards for this year). So my hope is that this coming year I can follow through more with goals I set for myself. I think I did well with that this year, but I think I can do even better this coming year, again IY"H. I think and hope that what can be different and my life a year from now, and where I am as a result of thinking about and answering this and the other questions, is that I will know where my money is coming from and also how my show can get made and what I am doing with my videos and standup. And I hope that whatever happens in my relationship, which I recognize I cannot control, that it will leave me feeling good. Like this year I am in a different spot from last year in terms of who I am with, and I know that last year I was very nervous about losing Julia, which ultimately happened. I don't want to be nervous about losing Karen, which of course I can connect to that feeling, but I don't want to let it drive. I recognize that whatever happens is IY"H

I'd like to think that, in being more present, I'll take more time than I did this year to consider what I wrote and, in sitting back, assess whether I've markedly (and ideally measurably) acted on these goals. Otherwise, much like past years, I expect I'll be curious and eager to see what I wrote.

September 2018 I desire to be reading these answers and feeling proud of my accomplishments. To see just how much better my life is from rock bottom.

Well I hope there are good changes, I hope that I close to realize my dream and that's finding the right partner and creating a family. To have my health and my prior health concern gone. I hope I get to travel and visit places I only dreamed off. I hope to be happy and see many wonderful changes. I hope to have a good paying job and to feel a sense of fulfillment. I want to feel happy I want and I welcome change

I need more reminders to reach the goal I set last year. I need to see last year's 10th answer every day.

I hope to be happier and healthier. I want to be out of NYC and living in a place where I can thrive and also have my energy restored when I need to. I want to be able to focus and be present with friends and family. I want my life to feel heartier and less like deficits or cracks need to be fixed. I want my heart and soul to be singing in unison.

I want to have achieved some sort of balance with my life that includes family, Jewish practice and community (aka synagogue), academic work, writing--both children's books and op-eds, and politics. Seems like a lot and it is. But that's what I'm striving for.

If Trump is gone, I'll probably be dancing every day. If Trump is still in office, I'll probably feel a dark cloud over my head on a daily basis, but hopefully not all the time. If he hasn't gotten us into a war with N. Korea or Iran I suppose that would help my mood. If there is no border wall with Mexico I will be happy. If he hasn't repealed the Affordable Healthcare Act I'll be happy. What I'm not too excited about is that I'll be an empty nester. Zoe should be in college a year from now, and will hopefully be happily adjusted to her college life. Eileen and I will be getting used to being empty nesters, and hopefully making the most of it. Right now I'm not ready to live in a house with no kids. But, I know there will be fun aspects to it, such as being able to travel in September and not having to worry about a school calendar again. I'm looking forward to planning some great trips with the kids for May and June when they get out of school, so there's that. Overall, I hope my life is largely the same, with plenty of time for fun stuff.

I think I will think a little sad. I don't feel like things are going so well at the moment. I think most my answers were about my sadness about my relationship with my daughter and my unsatisfaction at work, but I hope and pray that by this time next year things will seem brighter.

I hope that I will feel a little more sure of myself and my capabilities. I will always be the pensive, perplexed individual that I am, but I hope that I have some big accomplishments under my belt that I can be proud of. Things that I can look at and be like, "Shit. Yes, I did do that. Maybe I'm smarter than I thought." Right now, I'm only minimally proud of myself. I'd like to be (at least) 40% proud of myself in 2018 :)

First, it's currently September 2017, so it's kind of a thoughtless question. I guess you meant September 2018? Overall, I'm not anticipating much shock and awe over this process. The questions didn't really stimulate me to examine areas of my life that I wasn't already focused on, or anything like that. I think I'll be at about the same place this time next year, and that's a good thing. I'm in a good place now. :)

I suspect I'll be surprised by some of my answers. I suspect there will also be a degree of judgement or guilt as well. I hope to be more balanced with my life - to work less and spend more time with my wife and animals. I hope that thinking about and answering these questions will make me reflective and introspective.

I think I'll be pleased with progress in some arenas, but likely still unhappy with lack of progress in others. Most of all though I hope that I will continue to hope progress is possible, and rededicate myself to achieving it.

1. Writing is well under way...a solid draft of something. 2. paint more 3. laugh more and live strong 4. dance all the time 5. have greater inner peace and serenity 6. Connect with people on an intimate level. 7. Celebrate my life and keep pressing onward and upward. 8. Keep loving myself more and more every day.

I hope I'll be happier. I hope I'll be kind to the person who left these answers, and not rip her to shreds. I'm too dramatic not to, though, so I suppose we'll see. I hope I'm still together with Nate. I love him so much and it would kill me (metaphorically) to lose him for any reason. I hope my friends still like me. I hope I'm happy.

I just hope I feel one or seven degrees more stable. I had a solid, lucrative, successful career for 24 years and I think I am now, finally, seven years later, able to put the loss of that behind me. Now I just want enough money to pay this month's bills AND next month's bills at the same time, and a regular income. That would be a really solid achievement.

This year, I was amazed at how far I'd come since last year. Granted, I haven't improved my situation much, but internally I have grown a great deal. I hope to feel the same next year. (I wouldn't mind a bit if I had also improved my situation by then.)

At first I will probably be disappointed that not much has changed, but then will probably just accept it and move forward and try again next year.

I hope that I'm better off. I hope that I look back on these answers and think how far I've come and about what I've overcome this last year. I hope to have achieved more than I set out to do. I constantly want to be improving.

I think I am going to feel real well about what I wrote. I feel most of what I wrote is going to be right on target. Am looking forward to a year from now and see the reality of what we are working towards. I really, really hope we will have taken a big trip or are about to take one. I am also looking forward to being out of major debt for the first time in many, many years.

I hope to feel accomplished and be able to see the maturity and growth in all areas of my life. I have a habit of writing everything down, that is my way of retaining and remembering what I'm purposing to accomplish. I have accomplish my dream/goal of earning my MPA. Within the next year, my goal is to relocate and find a new job in my area of expertise or within a relevant field.

I hope I see the progress I've made, that the challenges I was facing are no longer there or are at least lessened. I would hate to read the answers to the questions and feel like I was in the exact same place.

I am really hoping to feel a lot more accomplished in reaching my goals big and small. I want to have made measurable progress in all areas that I'd like to have improved. I think by making a concentrated effort to improve I won't be here next year disappointed that I've spent a whole year spinning my wheels.

I hope I'll be able to flash back to today, and remember how hard I worked to answer these questions from the heart. I hope that 2018 Marni is a little more comfortable in her post-baby body, that Jodi is keeping in touch and is super happy (she is leaving in 10 days) and that the kids and Alex and I are working towards being as close and as independent as possible.

I hope I am past this downward pull, the sense of all that is good and true and worthy being subverted, and my own helplessness in it all. I do not find this kind of question or reflection helpful - it pulls me deeper into the spiral.

I think I will dislike the experience immensely, and be made completely uncomfortable. But that's really why I'm doing this in the first place. It's very easy to mentally compartmentalize things, and push down the stuff I need to address but don't. I am hopeful that knowing these are out there will be a regular reminder to work to both make changes but also to slow down and appreciate what I do have and what I have already accomplished. It's easy to focus on the shortfalls. Need to focus on the good stuff too and see the whole picture.

I think that i will achieve my goals or try very hard to. These questions help me focus on the things i want to do and really give pleasure to be around. Maybe i will live in a new house, maybe i will do some permaculture, who knows? Certainly i will be a different person. But i will stay focused in my goals.

I hope I’m at a better position professionally. A big concern is how my mom will be.

I think the act of reflecting on these questions, and revisiting them in terms of the next new year, will guide me in observing myself and keeping a written record more as I engage with others, with the political climate and events, and events in the world, as I aspire to become more observant, more compassionate, more demanding of myself so that I can be relied upon as one of the helpers. Or I'll just laugh at myself.

I think you mean September 2018 but I would be interested to see how things have changed over the past year.

I hope my overwhelming sense of dread about the world around me will have lessened. My little corner of life is improving, but everything else seems to be falling apart. So this time next year, I'll be married, gone on a month-long honeymoon in Colorado and will hopefully be getting involved in more non-profit and/or festival work. I'm hoping that whatever it is I'm doing, that I'm happy with my life, or at least the trajectory of it.

I want to say I'll be leading a totally different life with zero worry or anxiety. But that's not realistic. I do hope that I will have shed some of the things that cause me anxiety and stress and that I'll be working towards a more balanced and fulfilling life.

I hope I'll nod compassionately, like "yeah, I did okay, I'm overall still proud of myself, good job past-me for helping me get to today!"

I didn't answer all the questions. I don't know how I'll feel. I don't know if anything will be different, but most probably not. Well, I hope some things are better.

I always love receiving my answers. It just provides a great snapshot of what my life and the world was like at that time. I expect I will feel inspired to be reflective during the 10 days between Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur, even if I need to squeeze the time for reflection in to my hectic life. I actually do not expect things to be all that different next year. I expect I will always be dancing with my resistance, striving to maintain a healthy relationship with my self and the people that I love, and working to make a small but important difference in the world. The bottom line is that this year's reflection allowed me to see that I am pretty OK with my life. I manage to live intentionally most of the time. I'll always struggle with some things, but I am proud of who I have become. I want to continue to be that person.

I think I will have mixed feelings. Some things in my life have not improved and I need to pay more attention to them. However, I will feel happy about my accomplishments.

I hope I have a better idea of where I want to be and how to get there.

I hope to be pleasantly surprised to see how I followed through on the changes I need to make. I will be more present and engaged in stories / social change / speaking / writing. I will be wiser and more loving.

I think I'll be stressed, as I am now, over the work the High Holidays brings, but I'll be glad to be married and spending the holidays with my wife. I hope that I'll be better at controlling my stress levels, and that I will be more appreciative of the wonderful things I have in my life.

I hope I feel reassured that I set an intention for myself and it manifested. I also hope there is a new feeling that I cannot anticipate having created room for mystery and growth. I hope finally I feel gratitude in the year past even with what will likely be some unforeseen challenges.

You mean September 2018. It's 2017 now. A year from now I expect to feel evolved. I expect to have grown. I expect that I will have made strides towards a career that is more conducive to my talents and desires. I HOPE I will not be in this job next year. I'm not sure answering these questions is going to make a difference though, but it is helpful.

I think I'll be happy that I answered them seriously. I'll feel a little uncomfortable reading them, because I find these things a little cheesy and a lot meaningful. Probably surprised by what hasn't changed and what has. I hope to be happy with where I am, what I'm doing, and who I'm with.

I hope to feel grateful for making progress

I hope I will be even more deeply connected to my own mind, my body, my spirit. I hope that I'll be more deeply connected to intuition, to the universe, to all that is. I hope that I'll have even more confidence in my own fabric, my own value, and be able to celebrate the moment. I hope I will have let go of pursuing mediocre relationships that leave me feeling hungry and tired and less than the brilliant light I am. I hope I will be connected to my family in ever deeper ways. I hope my resilience continues to strengthen. I hope our vision will be growing and realized. I hope the president will be different, and the change that came as a result of his tenure is one that we can celebrate, even if the path was messy. I hope that I'm in love with something or someone. I hope I'm in better shape, and will have stopped smoking as a crutch.

Gosh... I barely got to answer 10 days of questions this year. And I'm so full up with things that I haven't fully reflected on last year's answers. My hope for myself is that this vault feels like a joyous memory and that I will have time to read it and to respond in a more spacious, focused rhythm next year!

I hope I will have begun the conversion to Judaism. I hope I will have a morning prayer practice in place.

I am pretty content with my life so I am not sure I will be too surprised. I am hoping for a good year for everyone I love.

I hope to be more comfortable in post-graduate life. I hope to have a successful NFTY year and summer under my belt. I hope to be more connected to the world around me, being more educated and being a good friend. I hope to be living a healthy lifestyle

I will be happy to review and track my progress to being a better person

I just hope I would embrace these answers and that life would just be as sweet as it is now

:i hope my life has taken a positive turn and that i am still wanted/respected and have something to work towards. hopefully this will remind me to keep moving forward.

I hope I've been able to have reached a peaceful place. Problems resolved, successes celebrated!

I hope by this time next year my house will clean and clear and renovated. I hope to be financially stable again. I hope all the challenges from this year will be a dim memory.

Well, I will be an empty-nester at that point. I am a little nervous about it but really what choice do I have but to figure it out and roll with it. It might be nice to have a boyfriend or be in some sort of romantic relationship. It also would be fine to have my life sorted out in a way that I felt supported and loved without being in a romantic relationship. I know that it's all out there but I still feel the gap from Bob. Other than that, my life is pretty good. This year, I really haven't engaged in these questions much. It just seems more important to be in the here and now and not worry and plan quite so much. I'll save the contemplation for another year. I think that taking a year (or maybe two) off from constant and deep introspection is probably o.k.

I hope to feel more joy and gratitude and confidence.

I will have slowed down even more. I will be able to notice earlier when to stop and take a rest. I will have seen more places, far and near. I will have increased my knowledge about the technical stuff I am using for organizing my travels. I will love myself better.

I assume you mean September 2018! I hope I will feel that I have loved others more fully, accepted myself more deeply, and done my best to live a full and generous life. And I hope that at least some of my answers make me smile.

I hope I feel more successful. Proud of my accomplishments. Richer, both monetarily, but also in relationships. I hope that I will have focused on everything in my life better than I have in the past. I hope to have really nailed ASN-accomplishing several goals. I hope to be somewhat fluent in Espanol. I hope to have a closer relationship with my wife, family and friends. I hope to be much more physically fit.

Nothing in the world will probably be different. I will probably be in this same dead-end job. My son should have moved to Texas by this time next year, and we will have an empty nest. As negative as all that sounds, I think it is probably all the change I can stand. I still worry about the future for my children. I don't want to be living in a Chinese curse - may you live interesting times. ha ha

I have no iea. I hope that I will feel that they accurately reflected where I was and that the insights gained from that will be meaningful.

I hope I'm grateful for doing this and reflecting on my year, and impressed with the passion I clearly have for Noah and growth. I know a part of me will be surprised by how much I write about Noah. As with each year, may the coming one bring great leaps of introspection and compassion for myself and others. May next year bring much more laughter and joy, adventure and blessing, calm and consideration.

I pray I've maade headway in my pledges. I don't want to feel badly if it's not gone well losing weight, for example. I am glad, regardless, for this reflection.

I look forward to looking back on what I currently consider to be a great year, and more specifically a great month. I am happy, busy, and have a lot of love in my life. I can only hope that I feel the same way next year.

I hope that I will have learned enough Hebrew to participate in a service. Hopefully, my career will be sorted out and I will be in a place of peace. It would be nice if I had someone in my life.

I hope I am happy! I hope I am fortunate and blessed enough to be as happy as I am now.

I hope I feel about the same- life is good and getting better.

I hope my family is more stable and secure. Hopefully we have adopted our boys and settled into family life

I hope I will weigh less, be more active, be in less pain, and live in a cleaner house! I think I will feel empowered that I took the time to reflect on these hopes, dreams and fears for the upcoming year, and know their outcome by then. It is a little gift I am giving to my future self.

I hope I will be on my way to becoming a credentialed elementary school teacher and will be able to say I have given my time and money to make a difference in the lives of animals and children.

I think/hope that I will be more 'in sync' with myself, and a little less attuned to (or at least functioning as a result of) things external to my own inner sense of what should and can be done. Shana tova, gmar chatima tova.

Don't know what to expect. Hope I'm a better person.

(check the typo in the question, you meant 2018 no?) That I'll be more efficient and kinder to myself. That 37 will feel as great as 36 That' I'll continue to feel happy and blessed and I'll be giving of my time and resources to others.

Reviewing last years' answer, all my wishes came true. Adam and Elyse are fantastic parents of twins and Jason's relationship has blossomed to true love with a wonderful caring Jewish woman. He even goes to services! We were just informed Adam lost his job but there's reason to believe he'll soon get another one. So hoping his career gets back on track. Jared had a relatively sleepless night and we just hope our angel stays relatively healthly and we're able to care for him, which means our health needs to stay excellent because he's a handful and we are his lifeline. His severe constipation has improved dramatically and we hope it stays that way.

I hope to be a more confidant, brave, healthier person. I seek more balance in life and inner peace with my decisions. I seek clarity on my relationships that are trying. I continue to seek knowledge and friendship and engage in meaningful discussions to continue to shape my life. I hope that I am in a relationship with my soulmate (maybe Andy, hopefully him) or at the very least dating to find my forever. I hope that I am in a different career or compensated more fairly. I hope that my financial struggles feel bearable. I hope that I continue to treat others with love and respect and honor and always give people the benefit of the doubt. I hope to enjoy another year of this beautiful life that I am blessed with and can appreciate it despite the struggles.

While it is hard to believe that my life could be much better a year from now than it is today, I do hope that reflecting on these questions now will focus my attention and efforts on items that I have described as meaningful priorities.

I'm sure I will have similar answers next year but some of the answers will seem silly

Hopefully, I will feel much more optimistic than last year! I just want to be happy, have found a place here in my new surroundings, and feel like all areas of my life are at least somewhat going in the correct direction.

I think I will feel proud that I made the changes I talked about, achieved the things I said I would and that I'm a better, more self-aware person. Reflecting on oneself, remembering the awesome things that have happened, considering the not-so-awesome things and making choices to improve my life is always good time spent.

I hope that in a year I will be living more from the inside out, basing my self-esteem on who I know I am and not how I think others are judging, including or excluding me. I hope to set my own agenda, with G-d's help. To paraphrase Hillel, I hope to be for myself, caring and compassionate to myself.

I hope all of my efforts in the next year are rewarded whether it be personally, for the community, or financially. I hope that i make good decisions and am able to help the people that need it.

In the past, every time I've received the answers it definitely triggers intense moment of nostalgia. Sometimes I think how far I've come, other times I smirk of how big I thought something was in the past when it turns out to be something small, and other times it's interesting in the direction I thought my life was going when it turned out to be something completely different. At the end of the day, everything you know is in hindsight, and you never know what's up ahead.

I think that I'll be glad to see what I was saying this year. I hope that I will have been able to unclutter both the activities and things in my life. I hope that I will be proud of not only what I stand for, but for how I treat and view every single human being. Reflection is always beneficial and I hope it contributes to my progress in the year ahead.

I hope I'll feel sweetly nostalgic, and I hope I'll feel happy and proud of the ways I have grown and changed over the course of the year. I hope I will read back through these answers with a smile, as I reflect back on where I was and where I will be.

I hope I will feel that I have improved in some areas of my life, that I will still be actively working on others.

I hope I'll be able to feel some sense of accomplishment or progress. Who knows what sort of space I'll be in a year from now - so much can change in an instant.

I hope I'll find myself settled happily into my life here in Florida, connected to family and new friends, part of a congregation that I enjoy, studying, learning and most of all having fun with my life. Focusing on these questions has made me think about where I am and how I want to go forward from here and that's a very good thing.

Ok. I will have a four month old. So who knows. I hope I am working, feeling healthy and noticing my blessings. This is spiritual work, all of it. You must fight for peace, you must cultivate the good, you must face injuries and help them heal. You must heal. Evolve. From one Fall to another; you got this. Love you.

I'm sure I'll never fix my mistakes, and most things I've been terrified of, will come true. Reading these answers will make me realize that I should stop hoping for the best and learn to just live with what I have and accept it.

I realize that today things are really good. In every way. Both kids seem to be doing well and hopefully that continues, we are more than financially stable, Everyone is my family is relatively healthy. I am doing what I love, as is my husband. My parents while not perfect are alive and my dad is doing amazing for 87. So while I know that everything can't always be good, I hope I am still grateful . And i hope the world, the middle east, North Korea, ISIS, I hope we are able to avoid major war or catastrophe. I think these questions make me feel gratitude and make me realize I shouldn't sweat the small stuff.

This is a brand new journey for me and I am not going to have answers from 2016. All the more reason to start now.

Well, looking over last year's answers, not a lot has changed/there isn't much hope. My biggest hope is that I make more progress on my life goals this next year. I really, really want to move the needle on our housing next year. That's probably my biggest, most important issue.

Chagrinned. A little frustrated/bored with what has remained a struggle. Surprised by how perceptive I sounded sometimes. Undoubtably more pleased with my current state of affairs, and sure that I could never have imagined what has arisen in my life since then.

Guessing this is meant to say September 2018. I think I am going to feel great and in awe of how much postive change has happened during this year. I feel more aligned now with G- d and my soul thank I have in a very long time. I think I will be much healthier and have lost a lot of weight. Currently I am down 15 pounds. I trust that this time this year I will have consistant income and have paid down a bunch of debt. Ooo, that gave me a ltitle clem in heart...like paying off the debt doesn't feel so real. Have to work on that. I made some bold commitments here throughout these questions. I feel more confident that they will be my reality. I think i will continue to live a life more authentically and allow myself to be vunerable as I have demonstrated this past month. As I said to Christy this morning...This Transformation shit is fucking hard! But oh, so rewarding!

I hope that I have made movement toward my goals and that it is a process rather than a destination.

I hope that I will feel like I have made significant progress personally. I want to have complete control of my resources: time, health, income. I want to be capable of living ‘ on purpose’ instead of ‘ by accident.

I hope that many of the situation mentioned and currently occurring will have been resolved and that life for all those involved will be a little free-er and more comfortable. It will be interesting to look back and see how personal things and world issues have changed.

I am way less angry than last year, and more at peace. In that, I already see progress. Next year, I hope I read this, and have a good chuckle at how worried I was about things that no longer seem at all worrisome.

I hope I'll be happier and more satisfied with my life than I am now.

Different? Maybe a better sense of humor about myself and my (not so ) important ideas

I want to be more ok with myself. It doesn't all have to be so hard. I can make a move without playing out the whole chess game in my head. So next year I will have lost weight, written my book, done yoga, paid attention, connected with friends and, finally, I will have a flat stomach.

I hope I feel proud of what I had accomplished at this time in 2017 and I hope I am even more excited at what the future holds for me in 2018. I hope I am teaching in a classroom I love, I hope I have love in my life, I hope I have new friends in a new city, and I hope I continue to push myself to be social.

I hope I will feel joyous at all the changes I was able to effect in my life. I don't believe thinking about and answering these questions this year will really make much of a difference, since I am so frustrated to be in the same place I was in last year and striving for the same things. So much of what I am facing is out of my control. I will continue to work on my goals and hope that next year I will need to address a new set of issues.

I am feeling so much just reading this question. It is hard to imagine where we will be by next year, honestly. Just nine months into a Trump presidency, so much has changed, so much feels dire. Climate change is escalating... Where will I be? I hope I am fruitfully engaged in justice and relief efforts. I hope I'm surrounded by good people who are fully in it with me. I hope I feel a sense of being where I'm supposed to be, doing what I am supposed to be doing, just as I have that sense now, however fleeting.

You mean September 2018. I hope I'm phasing out of real estate sales, and relaxing in my home, while my husband finds success in his new venture. I will really be happy if this is what is happening in 1 year. I will be able to have a little easier life.

I am hopeful (even prayerful, which is odd for me as an atheist) that by this time next year, I will be employed and my fears will seem smaller. I have gone through some very tough times professionally in the past five years (the death of my beloved boss, his successor metaphorically setting fire to our office, an international move) and I want so desperately to be able to file this into the box of "stuff that made me stronger but I am profoundly glad is over". Answering these questions has been freeing for me, because it's given me a space to be scared, to write about my fears, to give voice to pain. Writing all my fears down hasn't made them better but it has given me a chance to grapple with them at a time when I'm trying desperately to hold up the side for my family.

I hope I'll feel validated. I hope I'll feel like I've done a year of very hard, personal work and I have something to show for my efforts. I hope to be stronger, physically, mentally and emotionally. I hope to be in a space where I am more true to myself. And I hope I can set new goals from this fresh foundation.

I hope I'll almost have moved into a new and even bigger home (ideally a house!), which will give me and my partner more room to grow (and more room for the kitties to play!). I hope I'll feel even more confident in my job, and maybe will even have some solid goals for my future career. And I hope I'll make myself laugh and reflect!

I think next year I will be in a better place spiritually. I will trust God more fully and be more joyful as a result. I will also have better health as I consistently eat better and exercise more.

I might feel disappointed in myself in my lack of expected growth, but I will have learned valuable lessons and be grateful for those. I hope I am more content. I hope I am settled. I hope I have given myself enough love to be able to pour out to others.

2018? I hope I'll feel good about my year and the progress I've made.

I hope I am more functional and direct in my day to day flow with less distractions. I hope I am on top of my game and doing everything i need to be a good person, and succeed in this world.

I'll probably feel overwhelmed and too busy to read my old answers. I'll be swamped with work and probably not want to do this again because no time. I hope that I'll be in a happy and stable relationship and happy despite being busy. I think I'll be more sleep deprived and less happy, though I really hope that's not the case... hopefully thinking about and answering these questions will lead me to be more happy (if still sleep deprived). Future Version of Me- You are amazing. I love you. You are enough. Keep on keeping on; you are changing lives even if you often lose sight of it. 2017 me has unfortunately low self esteem and isn't thrilled to be in medical school despite nearing the finish line... she is rooting you on and if you're still unhappy, you need to get out!!

A. You need to change the question to September 2018. B. That's a actually a good question; I hope I'll finally get the sense to improve the things about me that need improvement, but I don't think these questions will be the cause for that.

So much should change by then! I hope I’m happy and not regretful. I hope I’m content. I really hope 2018 Karie is rich or is engaged to someone rich :)

I think/hope I'll be thinking about how unnecessarily obsessed I was with my foot injury this year, and how that kept my answers from going deeper. I do love how these questions and answers provide a barometer of my life.

I think I'll be a little disappointed that I haven't accomplished more of what I said I wanted to. I know I have no control over this, but I hope that our country is in a better place than it is now.

I am hoping that the drama and accompanying anxiety is far less than it is in my life today.

I hope I will feel happy and accomplished that I have made some of the changes that I want to make in my life. I hope that I see progress. I know what I want to do, what I need to do. And now it's just a matter of making it happen, in conjuction with my Higher Power.

I fear I'll feel disappointed and hopeless, because not a lot has changed. I hope I'll feel happy and delighted that so much has changed.

Well, if I'm completely on track with the plan my professor made for me regarding finishing grad school, then I will be in the final stage of my PhD and likely very stressed (as I am now, but more). So, similar to my current state, I will try to provide thoughtful answers in tiny pockets of time but I don't feel fully present in any aspect of my life because I'm almost always anxious about what I need to get finished. Short answer- I think it will provide spurts of self reflection during the constant work grind.

I'll be embarassed - I'll think I sound too earnest, too goofy, too scattered. Three of the things I bet my husband and friends love most about me. I hope i'll feel like i've made progress - I think a lot of progress for me will be just deciding that i'm happy with something (versus endlessly mulling it over). I WILL have a new job, and I hope we have made some progress on the adoption front. AND that we are living in that new apartment in brooklyn and that i'm finally going a little into debt each month:) just those small things.

One thing that has been made crystal clear to me is how much difference one year can make, especially since my ex blew up the marriage in November of 2015. This unexpected and amazing journey has taught me so much about vulnerability, compassion, how to lean into the hard emotions, letting go while reaching out and my SELF--how resilient and strong I am, AND how much more I have to learn. I've learned how to reframe certain experiences so I can find my strength, and I can honestly say now that my ex didn't "blow up my life" nearly two years ago...HE SET ME FREE. As I look ahead to the next year, the best I can do is show up in my own life EVERY DAMN DAY, as I truly understand now that "every day is a gift." I really love how the questions encourage me to reflect on my life and what I want to accomplish. And so, I PROMISE I will show up by doing the work (both on my self and my art), being open to joy and continuing to be compassionate, fighting the good fight politically, and challenging myself to get out of my comfort zones so I can grow. I promise to live in the possibilities.

I enjoy looking at these year after year. They tend to reaffirm what I've done each year and let me know that if I haven't done something I wanted to do, then there's a good reason for it. Maybe I've done something else or my life has moved in a different direction.

For once I would like to remember what the questions were and what did I answer.

I hope that September 2017 happens. That 10Q happens. I can't really think that far ahead right now. I think I will be scared and furious, I think that I will constantly be a bundle of terror and fury. I hope I am less timid. I hope my life continues to have these intense, creative, clever, geeky activists intertwined with me and making it easier to push myself to keep being better.

I think I will find some of them naive. I hope I have achieved what I set out in the questions. I also hope that I feel more "Jewish" than I feel now - yes, I already think of myself as a Jew, but there are times I don't FEEL it like I want to. I'm so new to this that I feel terribly uncertain at times. I'm hoping by this time next year I will feel more certain and more comfortable.

I hope I will be healthy, grounded and using my power productively. I would like to be a better friend and also to connect with people who were in my life that I let go....If I did that, I would be content. Also, I would like to have better relationship with my kids and grandkids.

This was an awesome year for me. Reaching 50 years of marriage; reaching 70 years of age; going to Europe for the first time. I have no idea what will come, but I feel that I must make positive changes because I don't have that much time left. Things happen when you reach this age. When I read these next year, I hope that I'm in good health, that I'm positive in outlook. I hope that my answers still make sense to me.

I like to see the changes

I do hope for increased patience, understanding. A better balance between the various demands of my life. I also hope that I will not be surprised by my answers as I was this year. This year, 2017, I was surprised that I had only answered the first question. I hope that in 2018, my answers will not surprise me, that they will have "informed" my behavior in the coming year.

Well, this year's answers had two main themes: the detestable Trump and the wonderful Molly, who will be going to college next year. I sincerely, deeply, and strongly hope that something happens so that the detestable Trump is no longer president. In just 8 months, he has fucked things up so badly that I can hardly breathe. I also hope that we will have selected a good place for Molly to go to school, that she settles in well and happily, and that I can adjust to having her gone.

I think a lot of my hopes and behavior patterns will be the same - I confront the same challenges each year. I think I will feel that I've grown and been able to do new things with my time this year - trying to conceive, getting better at my job, building community, rafting, shooting, chanting trope. I hope reviewing my past comments will help me accept my challenges - to some extent that is self-acceptance. I hope that it also makes me happy to see my growth and to make that sort of happiness a continual focus.

Sadly, We cannot predict our hoped for wishes that the world will be in a better place. As long as Trump is in charge, I have the same fears and doubts as last year. Maybe there will be a MIGHTY intervention and we will wake up and change the illness in the universe.

I hope that I will feel that it's been a good year for my loved ones and for me. I pray that we will be blessed with health and that our family will stay close and that all of us will have creative outlets and meaningful work. I hope that my answers to these questions will have been realized in truth--in real life.

I hope that I don't feel sick to my stomach every time I read the news or listen to NPR. I hope my family and I (and everyone else) are still here together, safe and well, to be able to read these answers. I am feeling a fear for our future in a way I never have before in my life. I hope that the economy hasn't been utterly tanked. I hope that no nuclear bombs have been dropped. I hope we are not involved in another war. I hope that the vast majority of Americans (should be all) have healthcare that is affordable and works for them. I hope like hell the future that I see at the moment is not a reality. I guess this doesn't answer the question but it is how I'm feeling and where I'm at this moment. I hope I answer these questions next year filled with optimism and a sense that our nation isn't ripping apart. I hope that we are in a good place financially and that my family is thriving. I hope we are being good members of our community and helping out to the best of our abilities. I hope to find the world is a kinder, more loving and compassionate place.

I'm usually not that surprised when looking back on the responses I've entered from year to year. I typically make plans and stick them out. I hope I get less boring and change it up! I would like to surprise myself by making some tough decisions and really changing the flow of things. I also don't want to jinx anything because I really do hope that I finish out grad school and the things I want to accomplish academically.

I think I'll feel grateful for the reflection I had this year. I hope that I will be in a better place, physically and emotionally and on the track to achieve my goals. It's really neat to see what has and hasn't changed in a year. We forget these small details or the things we wanted to focus on at one moment in time. I am glad I get to go back and see them. It's a good way to see what goals I still haven't met, and make plans for how to adjust them to be more attainable. Two years ago when I filled this out I talked about how scared and unprepared I was to lose a parent - which I would unexpectedly experience less than a month later. It was incredibly difficult to read those fears and know how soon they would become reality. It has definitely brought on a few tears reflecting on that. It's even stranger to be two years past that point and reflecting on how it's impacted everything in my life. I hope that when I read these answers in a year I am surprised by how much further I've gone in my grieving process and how prepared I am for all that's still to come.

I hope that I am a more responsible and mature person. I want to be stronger physically and mentally, and that my stress lowers. I want to be more independent and get along better with my family. I overall just want to be a better person.

I hope that I'll be able to feel like I'm moving forward and getting closer to what I want. I hope that I'll be in a healthy romantic relationship and be able to see that I am becoming more of who I want to be. I hope to find a sense of peacefulness and calm, like I'm moving forward and not backwards.

I hate this question. I don't know.

I would love to answer the questions for reflective purposes & I think once I answer & read them a year later... I will see growth or not.

I hope that i feel like I’ve grown from when I answered them. That I have made the improvements in my life that and have made a positive impact on others. I wasn’t there there be more fulfillment in my future life. Not so much idleness. I hope these questions remind me to be more woke haha. No but really I hope that I start doing more things that make me happy for the hell of it. Those little simple pleasures I haven’t taken.

I will still be in Davis, doing much the same things -- but more at peace with myself and the world. I will have honored my spiritual side more and have more interesting people to connect with. My lifelong friendships will be even stronger.

I think I'll feel nostalgic. It'll definitely help me reflect in a more meaningful way than I've done in the past as the new year roles around.

I hope I will feel a sense of accomplishment that I did the things I resolved to do, and gratitude that I am here to receive and be receptive to last year's responses.

Probably think I am ridiculous and probably have made no changes in finding solutions to the world's problems, but I will keep trying!

I guess it depends on what happens in the world between now and then. Trump, war, fascism, justice... hopefully I will feel relief and not despair. But since the overarching feeling of this moment and this year is terror at a world that has spiraled out of control, I cannot know. I can’t predict anything anymore. I hope that I will look back on this and say “Your faith that people can rise above this was not misplaced.” I hope that if things haven’t changed by then, I will still have courage and not despair. As to whether the questions themselves have changed me? Well, introspection and intent are always a necessary precursor to doing and being better. I hope that I will do and be better. Tikkun olam.

I will be settled into my new business and feel like I have a strong pipeline of business. I will feel more confident about the future and more relaxed as a result. I will be making better health decisions and I will feel like I am making people's lives better.

Do we mean 2018? I hope my questions are answered. I hope to have found more balance and self acceptance. I hope Dad has peace.

You know, I forgot all about these questions over the past year but reading back my answers this year, I really do see some progress. So, reading these questions and answers next year, my hope is that I continue to see progress and growth and that I never stop trying to improve. Also, I want a boyfriend.

I want to be settled! I am tired of feeling uprooted and I am hoping that these answers will be a glimpse into a time of temporary unrest, after what feels like years of uncertainty. I want some security, some rhythm.

I think that I'll look back on how happy I am now - how happy I have been for a few months - and I'll be happy for myself, that I got to feel this good. Whatever happens, I have this joy to look back on. I hope that I'll have adjusted more to Daniel growing up (and us moving out of our very bad space) and that we'll have worked more on *both* of our initial reactions - controlling them and then exhibiting them more appropriately. I'm happy to be moving through life right now!

I think you mean Sept 2018! I think / hope my life will be dramatically different! Although it won't be as a result of these questions... Hopefully I'll re-read them and just think 'yup'

I hope I can say that I have done more to change the world, or at least to resist the directions in which I think things are going.

I'm very much looking forward to seeing my answers from this year. I hope that I will have seen my hopes and dreams come true, and that I will be answering next year's questions with the excitement and passion equal to this year!

I hope I'll have more financial stability and less anxiety. I hope I'll have seen the end of 45s regime, but if not I hope I'll have a clearer vision of my role in stopping his hateful and destructive agenda. Last year I said I hope we'll have a new baby... and we do! Look at that.

Right now, I feel very fearful for humanity and the world. Trump is proving to be such a dangerous force, and I feel like I'm watching a train wreck in slow motion. I feel so powerless to make it stop. How do I think I'll feel in one year? I don't know. I sure hope the forces of good overcome the forces of evil. Personally, I'm in a pretty good place. I hope it stays that way.

I think I'll feel "meh."

I expect I'll feel better than I do now. This year has gone poorly, and I'm in a kind of rough transition. While transition in general are unavoidable this specific one will end.

I hope to have dealt with my fear and to be living a life closer to fearless.

I'm guessing this is meant to be 2018, since 2017 is...now. I honestly don't know. I'd like to hope I have accomplished my goals, and this are calmer...more settled.

I'm hoping to feel more optimistic about the world and my place in it. I want be more stable with a definite goal in mind, not just running from one day to the next because I have nothing long-term. I feel like the past few years have been more of them same.

I hope I will see progress toward my goals and have perhaps an insight or two, or a new experience I could not have imagined in 2017.

i hope i feel relived or look back and see what I've accomplished in my life and how i have changed and grown.

really amazing!

I hope that I will be more open to possibilities and that my children will be more accepting of me

I hope I feel more balanced and centered. I hope to be mentally and physically healthier. Have my home and thoughts more organized. I will have turned 50 and hopefully starting the second half if my life. These are very thoughtful and thought provoking questions. Looking forward to next year's set.

I hope ill feel hopeful and proud, but ill probably be disappointed I don't really think I did anything that I wanted to so future me please please make me happy :)

Perspective helps one to see beyond the ordinary limitations. Self awareness enriches, expands, teaches. I how this exercise contributes to expanding my point of view.

I think I’m going to be surprised at both the things I said I was going to do and did or didn’t and the things I’ve done that I had no idea I would do. I’m going to be sad that the world is still in the mess that it’s in currently and that very little will have been done to improve things because of people’s greed, anger and stupidity.

I hope I'll feel accomplished. That I won't be in the same place this time 2018. I pray that I will not only be where I want financially, but that I'll be where I need to be spiritually. I pray my answers next year won't be a disappointment to me the way they were this year. More than anything, I want to be able to look back & say I was actually satisfied with myself. Not just my life or perceived success, but that I am proud of me. I want to really believe the things God says about me & know in my heart and soul that He truly Loves me for me. May God totally have His way in my life in this new year. So that when I come back to these questions I can say with Joy, Jehovah Aman!

I hope to be less in debt and more in touch with my values and goals. I want to journal more and have lived more intentionally and mindfully over this time period.

I think I’ll feel amused and a little surprised. I also hope I’ll feel proud of what I “lived into” in the past year.

I hope my life would have taken the path that I expressed I wish it would take in my answers... This all depends on me of course!

I hope I feel more secure; professionally and in my relationship. I hope I'm days away from being married. I hope I have a clear vision for the future and that it will be happy and stable and loving.

I think the travels this past year opened up new circuits as we got things done, planned and implemented These were joint, partnership trips and tasks, so many of the things that I want to be different are about me alone and not a part of our joint efforts. I need to reflect on that and perhaps do something as mundane as putting 2 or 3 days aside just as my days - to do or work at the things that I feel I am passionate to do. I feel that next year I will have a long list of new adventures for us and for me along the lines that I dream about. I find that answering the questions and reading them the next year is an exercise in repetition. I feel committed to taking my own advice. Hope I am right. Clearly, it is time to revamp our lifestyle after retirement in mid 2012 and also accept that two years following had many unexpected requirements which did waylay dreams. And to remember how lucky we are. We have the time and means to accomplish dreams unlike many many people and families around the world. So we should take time to acknowledge the advantages we have had, be sure to give back and embrace our opportunities.

Again, I would like to be living somewhere else. I hope new adventures are still in front of me. I hope I remember the lessons learning this year, treasure your friends and family, they will not always be here and neither will you.

I hope a few things change: new friends, a boyfriend, etc. I will be excited to see who I was even after a simple 12 months. I hope I live alone again!!!! I enjoy my roommate but hope he has found his path and I'm financially secure enough to live alone again.

I think I'll feel accomplished for completing another year of achievements. Although I'm sure I'll still be stressed and busy, I'll be able to look back and be proud of everything I did throughout the year. I hope I'll be more introspective because of this; I hope I'll take a deeper look at my life and myself more often.

I believe I will cry. Perhaps out of joy, pride, sadness, anger...who knows. I am constantly changing and growing; and nowhere was change meant to be a fun and unscathed process.

Next year im going to miss what happend and all excitement i had this year so, and i hope i achieved what i did .

I hope to have some calmness, clarity and self confidence. I hope to have a stronger connection to my soul and my husband. I hope to have let one friend in.

I am hoping to be financially secure, able to support my family on my own, and the kids father is out of our lives if he is still the same old asshole when he gets out of prison.

I hope I am able to do everything I wished and if I don;t then you try again because one thing I know is that nobody should give up on their dreams.

I think I will be grateful to review my answers and I think I will be pleased with achieving my goals

How is this the hardest to answer?! Okay, this time next year, I hope that I will view my answers with pride and a sense of accomplishment. I can't imagine I will have solved all the world's problems but at the very least, I hope that I will have gained the skills to navigate this world a little better and left happiness in my wake. Is that so much to ask?

I think/hope I will become a better person.

I hope that answering these questions and reading them a year from now helps me to see progress in life. There's a lot that happens in the course of a year, and it's sometimes hard to see that. Just how much life happens. In good, and in hard. And it's hard to see the growth, when sometimes it happens gradually. So, I hope I feel optimistic. Proud. Humbled. Inspired. Content. Happy. To see how I've grown. What answers I now have that I didn't a year prior. What answers I'm still working toward. What new questions I have. About me. Relationships. Work. Life.

Hopefully relieved that my mindset and life is not in the extreme flux it feels like it is in now. That this was a bump-in-the-road snapshot of a more unsettled time. I'm pretty good at taking stock and reflecting on things fairly regularly (maybe too much), so as I said last year, 10Q is simply a nice record of the ebbs and flows of life for me.

My hope is that my little synagogue, both physical and online will have grown enough that we will be able to give aid and comfort to both those who have become a part of our global community as well as our local community. I would like to be able to continue reaching out to every person who needs to be spiritually uplifted for as long as I am able to do so.

I look forward to it - it's an interesting experiment. Hopefully, I will feel that I made progress where I wanted progress to be made. The most important thing in my life is the love in my family - I pray that never changes - everything else is window dressing. I do hope that a make progress on my projects - and I am sure I will - just hoping I don't wait until last minute to do stuff - which is my method of doing anything lol

In September 2018 I will be fifteen months post transplant; my immune system will that much closer to complete recovery. I expect to be living my life without serious restriction. I also hope that I have been successful in achieving some of the goals I have set for myself. Hope my life will have indeed moved forward and that I experience the blessing, joy and peace that I seek.

When I reflect on my answers next year my finances will be less reliant on scrappy and creative accounting methods and are more consistent and building toward a life of financial independence. My body will be energized because it's getting the right fuel and amount of exercise and rest it deserves and needs. Oh and my email box will not have 690 unread messages. I'll be all about that 'inbox zero' life :)

It will be a reminder of everything that I'll be working on and hopefully things that I'll have accomplished. It will be great to think about where I was last year at this time vs "now". I trust that with the help of Hashem I'll have resolved some issues, but I have no doubt that I will have a new list of issues to work on. That's called "life".

I hope that I'll feel more complete, like I'll be living honestly. I don't think that I can reconcile my desires right now, they conflict too much. I would like to focus on what I really want in life and pursue that. Maybe that means I'm just single and going on with that, maybe it means settling down, maybe it means finding someone who wants to continue doing both things. I'm not really sure, but I do know I need to find out what is important to me and why and then not compromise on living my life knowing what I want.

I think I'll be excited to see my 10Q again. I'm in a good place and if I remain grounded, I suspect I'll still be in a good frame of mind for years to come. This is a nurturing time of year for a shiksa. Thanks 10Q!

Reflection is hope mixed with intention. The process will create powerful movement in the Mind.

I will have another grand baby in 2018 and hopefully A will have married H .... I hope to have the whole deal with R resolved by next year and J in his house with his growing family. I also hope that I will have made tremendous progress in my physique and to be settled in our home church.

When Sept. *2018* rolls around, I think I'll be pleasantly surprised at how much I accomplished. I know I was this year. I really prioritized the goals that were important to me, and not to my boss, friends, family, employer or society, and overall I'm a MUCH happier person this year.

I hope to smile and enjoy the remembrance. It was a difficult year and I hope that next year I'll be able to look back and say time to MoveOn.glad we made it through that one. As I age I look at things very differently and don't worry so much about the future. I don't try to change things, just accept them and see how they work out. I hope the condo if it's sold and this whole history will be a sad memory. I hope Jay stabilizes with the Parkinson's. And I hope Diane and I continue to get along and deal with my mom's issues

I am unsure how I will feel. I hope that at this time next year I have a better sense of my old self (happy, laughter, etc.) I have not felt like myself the last 7 years and this makes me very sad. I hope by reflecting back to the previous year's answers, I will be able to find my way.

I hope to have a deeper, closer relationship with Elohim.

I hope I'm happily married with a baby on the way. No matter the answers... I just hope I'm living a relaxed, care free life, able to travel and continue to experience things and still with a positive, optimistic attitude.

I am happy now that we are now a family of 3! There are challenges definitely as a parent, but I am hoping our child is healthy!

A few things are different aside from the election. Two kids in school instead of one. The renovation is complete, in a sense, but we still have work to do. Projects have happened or are happening at work that I might not have expected to move forward. But about 95% to 99% is the same and that's probably a good thing. If you are asking about September 2018, my hope is that the work projects have move forward, the house has been decluttered, the remaining "to do" list is severely depleted, and I can take more time on my health and well-being along with those of others.

I think you mean 2018? I hope to be Thoughtful, and hopeful, and find I've at least found my way to some answers I gave.

In a better state of health and would like to be better organized. I am working on that now!

I hope that I'm more calm. This time period has been really stressful. I hope that I'm excited with my kiddos to celebrate and enjoy the holidays. That we are all having a good time, and growing.

I've set a lot of challenges for myself this year, and I hope I'll feel that I've met them. It's that simple.

I just hope that I'm happy living in my new city and that I've established a solid friend group. And that I've gotten to travel some and am doing well financially.

Truthfully, I don't think they impact my life very much. It's interesting to look back and recall what was on my mind but, once I've completed this survey, I move on--the things on my mind were there before the started the 10Q and will be there until they're resolved.

I am always excited when a new cycle of 10Q begins. Each year I re-read the past years to gauge where I have come from and where I've been. I hope that I feel happy about what I'll read next September.

To me, reading this next year, I love you! Be strong, laugh out loud, love yourself so you can find your life love. Love, Me

I think I will feel sad - just like I do when I look at my answers for the past years. I want to be hopeful that I am changeable but really, I am not.

I hope I'm a bit more at peace with the imperfect, bumpy process of living for myself, not work or kids. I have to deal with me, and that seems pretty hard, but I have some hope around that. Also, pray that Puerto Rico is on the road to recovery!!!

I think I might feel pride or sadness or relief or happiness, or some mixture of all those feelings. I hope that what will be different next year is that I will continue to prove to myself that I can manage the inevitable challenges of life, and that I will be a little less scared of what might happen. I know that I am currently in a much different (and overall way better!) place than I was last year, and next year I hope to see myself as a person who trusts myself a little more than I do even now. And I want my future (and past) self to know that I love her, no matter what. <3

I hope to grow spiritually and feel grounded in all my relationships

Maybe I'll feel a little underwhelmed with my responses. I hope that my home will be cleaner, I'll be slimmer, maybe I'll be less afraid of men. I hope to have a partner, be together at work, have travelled to Columbia, have money saved, be out of debt, look healthy, be healthy -- interesting how I put look healthy before being healthy. Maybe I'll live in a quieter, non-smoking apartment. Hopefully, I'll be more zen. My apartment won't smell of cat piss. Maybe someone will have taken Persephone from me so I won't have to deal with her eternal pissing on my clothes. Aaaaergh! Maybe I won't be watching tv as much as I do. What would happen if I stopped or reduced the amount of telly I watch?

I hope that I can look back at these answers and feel like I've made steps forward. Not that I've reached any sort of destination, as there is no final destination, but that progress has been made in all of my goals.

I feel more optimistic than I did last year which is a good thing. I feel happier now. Reading these answers from years ago has been very enjoyable.

I think I will feel either sad or optimistic depending on whether I've met the goals I've set. I hope I will be more social and more able to carry on a conversation.

I hope I don’t have to say I continued with all the bad stuff and never started doing the good stuff

I think I will feel strong. I think I will feel empowered. I hope that I am more focused, more dedicated to making myself better. A better communicator and a better partner and friend. In addition to making strides professionally. Thinking about these questions gave me perspective and an ability to look at the next year and how I want to work to shape my life, and the goodness I want to focus on.

Your Answer Last Year: and for the next 5: New house? renovated current house? (don't think so actually, but maybe I hope I am wrong by writing this down?) New car? New job? New pet? let's see how long I can keep up the same questions year to year.

I think this question refers to 2018, not 2017. What I hope will be different is that my relationships with Peter, Dan and Gavin have deepened. I hope also that I have become more involved with my genealogy and with resistance to the current administration. I hope I have become just a little more self-assured and therefore, giving.

I hope that I will feel accomplished, that I've moved on in my career. I hike that I'll feel better about myself, that I'll have progressed with the changes I want in how I present myself to the world and I how I see myself. I hope that my relationship with Lane is even stronger. I hope my friendships have grown as well.

More focus. More directed. More committed.

I expect to feel a mix of accomplishment and regret at things left undone. Gosh, my life is really good. So, I only hope that those I love, and those who struggle in our world have opportunities to live in safety and without hunger. I hope next year, I see less anger and polarization in our society. I hope that there is a new administration in Washington that will care for those who need help and enact policies that slow climate change.

I think I'll be tired from being a father and having a house for over a year. Hopefully I will be more forgiving to myself so that I can be better to others.

We are expecting 2 more grandbabies and a slowdown of work related to a Supreme Court decision that changed the landscape on some issues. That will give me more time and less money. All big things that are good but largely out of my control. Will this teach me to trust the universe and be less scared of change, less worried about control?

Hopefully in a better place maritally and personally by all accounts. Financially, i hope that the work flow and pipeline will continue to be strong. maybe there will be another child on the way as well (or here already?) Would love to get a few trips in as well that arent wedding related

I think, like this year, I'll worry about my answers. I'll try and remember what the questions were, what happened this year and what goals I set. But I hope I'll worry less. I hope I'll have taken the initiative to get myself some mental help so that I'm not so scarred and fearful of letting others, and myself, down.

I hope to have a newborn child, and I suspect that many of my answers next year will revolve around that. I expect that I will look back at my 10Q questions and realize how disheveled and anxious I am now, and hopefully I will be more at peace with my life and my choices.

Honestly, I can't predict what next month will be like, let alone next year.

I hope to have advanced a little further in my new career; I know it's a bit much to have high expectations but I don't plan on having a lackadaisical attitude about this new position.

I think I'll be excited to see what has changed and what is different. I'll want to see if I've been able to reach my goals that I set out for myself, or how much progress I have made. I hope I am more reflective, more present and more calm as a result of this activity.

First, I hope it's 2018 and I'm not stuck in a Jewish version of Groundhog Day. But seriously folks, I'd like to feel a sense of calm urgency about my life, a sense of purpose, and a sense of gratitude for the people in my life.

I think you mean 2018, but that's okay. I'll probably laugh at myself for thinking I was so young and inexperienced still. I think I really will grow and mature, especially in my career by next year.

I hope all the things I want and goals I want to accomplish will be. I hoped my time thinking these last several days will put me in the mind frame to accomplish these ideas. I want great changes positive outcomes to happen next year at this time. Parents to move closer to live in Florida. For me to be with someone worthy. My brother to enjoy his new home. My grandma to be rid of her sickness. For my mother to feel Happier.

I hope I feel a little older and wiser, and a little more self-confident.

I hope I'll be pleased with the changes that I've committed to and made in the year.

Depressed, sad. I hope the current work situation stays as it is. It's a positive experience, for a change. So I hope when these answers come back, I'll be able to realize that I'm in a clearly better place.

My hope is that I will feel positively while reading the past year's answers because I have worked diligently on changing my life in areas that seem to require change.

I hope to focus on peaceful living. Not let the worries weigh me down. And I sincerely hope our political climate will have changed considerably by then. A new president would be helpful!!

This year is so much more like last year than I would have expected. No big dramas, disasters, radical changes of any kind. Right now I feel something between resignation and acceptance -- but still yearn for things to be really different next year, even though I know that would mean that something sad happens, probably. Do I think that reflecting like this really makes a change in who I am? Probably not -- but I enjoy the process, and maybe it does spur some action sometimes.

That I have a clearer picture of my emotional and spiritual wellbeing and what steps/behaviors/patterns to embark on to feel more grounded and liberated.

Since I have done 10q 4 years in a row now, I know not to be entirely surprised by the answers from the previous year. I do hope that the trepidation I have been feeling has abated by this time next year rather than increased. I admit, I have doubts. By next year, I'll have new or fresh perspective on life. My answers to these questions each year are not intentionally similar but, the similarities are present. I think that it simply demonstrates my own willingness to grapple with my humanity. The subtle differences in answers demonstrates the growth and grace I have had over time.

Im on my way to last year answer. We are living in our new home happily. I think I will invite friends and family more often and we will be videomaking fully.

I think I will feel just fine. It is hard to take anything to seriously except health.

I think I'll continue to feel reflective, and enjoy seeing how I thought about life 365 days ago.

I hope I've been honest enough that I can remember this time next year who I was back then. But based on past experience, I expect I'll be embarrassed. I don't know by what. When I've looked at past diary entries before, I've been shocked at how negative-thinking I was. As I write this, I can't really believe that I will have made much progress with my conversion to Judaism - but that doesn't matter, as long as I'm still moving. A snail can get to Edinburgh!

I hope that I will be able to congratulate myself on the work I've done to become a healthier me. I hope I will see changes, positive ones, and be able to have a more positive outlook on my future life. I hope to be in a better place physically and emotionally. And I hope it carries over to different parts of my life.

I hope to have achieved a few of my goals. (As I re-read this I realized I should be asking to achieve all of my goals! but I am nothing if not cautious...) I hope the people I love are safe and well and happy. I hope I am safe and well and happy. As first-world privileged woman, it feels a bit over-entitled to wish for those things (to continue) but I still wish for them with my entire soul. When I hope for things to be better, I want to make clear that I want to be better. That's the important part to me. I think this process is incredibly useful to me, especially as what I'd all a nonobservant Jew. Though I may be fooling myself out of hope, I feel like this yearly contemplation of such well-thought-out questions serves the purpose of the High Holy Days well for me. While I'm not sure it engages the small amount of spirituality within me, I certainly never got that from attending synagogue during this time either. So this yearly summing up and reflection suits me.

I expect to feel that I made some good choices this past year and that I am continuing with my exercise and diet programs that were successful. I hope that I will have started my daily diary and that this is instrumental in improvement in my emotional stability and spiritual growth.

In September 2018, I'd like to feel proud of my achievements towards my goals and hope to be a more open and emotional person with others. I'll also look back with pride and awe at the accomplishments that my children have achieved.

less self loathing more love managing/understanding how to love and not be consumed by other's pain

I hope I don't feel discouraged or think of myself as a failure if I don't achieve these ideas or goals. I also hope I don't think that "past me" was dumb for saying these things. This exercise has made me realize i'm not very nice to myself. I want to be nicer to myself and practice forgiveness. I have no idea where I will be in life in a year. But my biggest wish is that, wherever I am, that I am happy.

I hope to be happier and less anxious. 5776 was all sunshine and rainbows, 5777 was a serious reality check. I need 5778 to be quiet so I can work on my feelings.

Maybe I will value myself and my time more. Maybe I'll remember who I was, before I became a chameleon trying to be everything to make people like or accept love me. How tragically lame! LOL... Maybe I will stop putting my relationship(s) before my Self. Maybe I will remember what I loved doing. Maybe I can be honest with myself. Maybe I'll rediscover self esteem and confidence. Maybe I'll be stronger than I ever was, with more direction and focus. That would be rad. <3

I don't think the questions will make as much difference as what has happened in my life during that year. It could be just like it is now, or vastly different depending on changes or no changes in my relationships with others who are important to me. My dad is almost 93, and as his caretaker, when he's gone my life will change drastically in ways I can't predict right now.

I hope that I feel more settled, more accepting of where I am at the moment. Not sure if I will be getting ready for a sabbatical out of the country or feeling the need to stay home. Looking forward to seeing how the year unfolds.

I have re dedicated myself to seeking G-d.

I hope that I will be happy, reflective, content, fulfilled. I will probably be surprised. I hope that my day to day will be filled with less anxiety about money, child in college, and satisfied employment. I hope that I will have spent a richer year, spending time doing what I love with people I love, and maybe finding someone to kiss.

I hope the world will be a little different. I was thinking about Donald Trump this morning and seeing him as sort of an angry zit. You keep hoping and hoping that a zit will pop, and sometimes it doesn't, it just hurts. Trump is in that just-hurting phase, and I hope by next year he's popped. But I hope he hasn't taken the whole world with him. I hope my life is a little more stable. I feel like right now we're a bit in flux, and we're not willing to say we're in flux. But I'd like to think that just by looking at my life, by answering these questions, I'm able to at least buy calendar and have some discussions with my husband maybe meditate in the mornings. And maybe – just maybe – stop arguing as much online. That may be a pipe dream. It probably is. But it's a good pipe dream. I think no matter what, my answers are going to surprise me. Everything my life has thrown a B has surprised me a tiny little bit. I shall continue to roll with the punches and enjoy what life has to offer.

I hope I will be in charge of my own destiny. No longer allowing other people to influence me . I will be acting in alignment with the life I want to lead and the person I want to be. I will be closer to finding inner peace.

I hope I'll be working and more satisfied about my life. If not, I hope I'll remember I'm still okay. There's nothing fundamentally wrong about me. I know I'm not answering to the actual question, BTW.

This year I looked back at my 2016 regrets and I was surprised to see that although I hadn’t dealt with them last year, I had worked through some of them in 2017. So I think the lesson I’ve learned from that is to just allow myself time to be ready to do the things I might need to do, even if they don’t feel like they’re nice. I hope I keep investing in the relationships that are the best ones I have. The good ones. The people closest to me. I hope I continue to have the strength to leave behind the people who are bad for me and who don’t treat me well.

I am sure that I'll feel grateful for the insight, a sense of wonder and satisfaction at the things I intended and brought to pass, and excitement at the new round of questions and further chance to grow. If I am still stuck with some of the same issues and goals, that come up every year, my question for myself is: how will this coming year be different, this time?

Starting this on Sep 30 in Australia, so it's an open road to next year.

I'm hoping I will look back on these answers fondly, from a place of more stability and success. I want to achieve something important to me. Okay, I guess I've already done that a few times. I don't give myself enough credit. Maybe when I read these words next year, I'll be nicer to myself.

I hope that these answers look ridiculous because I have grown out of them.

I basically want to live as I want to live in the previous answers. I want to be happy. I want to be considerate and thoughtful and whole and giving and ready to be a true partner to someone. I want to love like I want to be loved and I want to be a positive light in people's lives. That's it. Simple. Peaceful. Beautiful.

I would like to be pleased with how I have strengthened my character and become more consistent with who I want to be as opposed to how I project myself. I would like to surprise myself by doing something I can be proud of. I would like to help Joshua achieve positive steps in his life.

Since I don't know what these questions are, I have no idea. Not about their impact, or what they will ask me. Next year I hope to be well on the way to debt free. Regardless.

I hope that I will feel calm and balanced, with pride in my accomplishments, especially my leadership, as well as in my ability to enjoy the present moment experiences of friends and family, creative expression, and the beauty of the natural world. Because life is fleeting...

I have achieved many goals! I have been very happy with my weight loss, and relationships! I have taken charge of my life and am very happy with my independence! I adore my son! He is my entire world! Excited for the next chapter of our new adventure together!

I will probably think there are a fair few things I didn't achieve, but overall I will be glad to look back on myself a year ago. I think my daughter might have left home for Uni...tha ist a big event. I hope my oldest son is feeling less anxious and finding life easier. And my youngest son, well I hope he is enjoying life and not causing me too many headaches!

I hope that I will have gained some traction in my career and am able to celebrate the material and emotional benefits of that. I hope that my faith will be restored in the self-correcting mechanisms of our government. I hope that I will have found new confidence in my personal resourcefulness and abilities. I appreciate the time I've taken to dwell on the previous crazy year, and I hope that naming my anxieties and wishes will help me manifest them.

I think I might feel disappointed, as I rarely fulfill all my expectations - but also hopeful and optimistic, because there's always room to try again.

I hope I'll be feeling good. Positive. Like I've accomplished some of my goals. Some I've accomplished already, and I feel good about that. I/we joined a synagogue and that felt really good. I've worked hard on my health and think I'm finally on the right track. The house will be a challenge, but I hope to resolve whatever issues those are that get in my way. I'm hoping that past issues will be resolved and I will look forward to beginning the next stage in a new improved way.

I know that I was very proud to read what I wrote last year. It made me feel happy to realize i can do what I sent out to do. How much has changed in my life. I now have the job I wanted to have and live in the city I wanted to live in. I was on a plane that just landed in London from Qatar, when i got last year’s answers. I don’t think the person writing those answers last year would have believed where i was when i read them. Still, of course the self doubt and critique remains. It sounds impressive but how much have I really accomplished in my new job and on that Qatar project? Was all the money and effort worth it? I think so because it’s an incredible story. And i don’t care that much about success. I mean i understand its relative. But right now, I face some tough times. I wonder how next year will develop and what will i think next year when I get these questions back. I hope everything works out. I hope I can still do whatever I sent my mind to do and that I feel that whatever i did was worthwhile.

I hope I will feel like I wanted to feel this year and years past that I have actually accomplished focusing more on myself so I will be around for my family.

I hope I will have had a year with less strife and drama, more peace and acceptance. I don't think I could handle another year like this one has been. And yet, I am surviving this one. Just not thriving!

This year was hard for me. I felt lost after suffering a heart attack. I'm trying to reinvent myself and leap into the unknown, letting go is not easy. I hope to find answers to restructuring a new way of life that fits my innermost desires and hopes, which at times I am at a loss to define!

I think that I will feel a sense of accomplishment and will be excited to see how I've grown. I know that it will be great to see how my thoughts have evolved and also if anything has stayed the same. This part of my life has been exciting and invigorating so I am curious about how things will unfold throughout the year. I hope that this time next year I am in a healthy and meaningful relationship, cleared out my my debt, saving, and being the best me that I can be. Accepting and welcoming vulnerability.

I hope I'll feel like my life has improved. Thinking about these has reminded me that I need to live in the present moment.

Like before, I do want to be surprised. I also want to be in a space that has a bit more security and surety about the future. We live in unsettling times, and the stress of an unstable government, uncertainty in my current job and instability in my relationship feels , well, like shit. Luckily I am not feeling like shit - somehow I am finding the stability within - and I want to continue that feeling throughout the year. Thanks for allowing me to once again reflect about the past and consider the future. Now I will continue to live in the day to day.

Someone pointed out to me recently, that I am never content to say 'we've arrived' 'that's good enough' 'I'm happy to stop'. Always looking for improvement and growth. I suspect when I see these answers next year, (if I am still alive, or if we aren't in the midst of some form of Armageddon, or if there is internet access) I will look for growth and assess from that. I hope and work for a world that is more just and peaceful, and that is what I want to see.

I hope to be at least as reflective... but also constructive. Happy with my life now, aoart from some work and srill some legal stress now... hope those aspects get better. Am already dealing with the legsl stuff better- got help, told more friends... all good thibgs to do!

September 2018 you mean! And when that rolls around my life should have settled down quite a lot. I'll be moving toward my future and have some pieces in place. And pain does not linger in the memory.....

I'LL BE MARRIED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And living with a man for the first time in 12 years! I hope and intend to feel so happy, to still be in the honeymoon phase; adoring and adored, loving and cherished, giving and receiving, seeing and seen, respectful and respected, sharing intense passion, as well as, the challenges of daily life and managing a change as big as we both will experience. Most of all I know that I am allowing love in again in a way I couldn't on the first go around. Thank you Steven for asking. I'm glad I said yes!

I think I'll feel disappointed. What I hope what is different is that the whole issue with the store is settled whether I am bought out of my portion or the responsibility shifts from the other 85% ownership so I'm not doing all the work. I hope the tenants that they chose work out even though they've got a bunch of animals and they've got no references very concerned about that. Most of the time I am right about people. I hope that Donald Trump is impeached or somehow disappears. I hope that he does not instigate World War III and that Korea and the United States does not go to war. What I would like to see happen is that we are all well and happy and healthy no war has started that I have enough money and that I have finally gotten my mothers final arrangements finished.

I hope I reach my goals. I hope I've grown, and will have opportunities to keep growing. I hope I'm happy.

Tough question to answer right now as I sit in a hospital room with Dad. I hope when I see my answers next year I can know that we did everything we could for Dad and that his passing was as easy as possible. I don't know how answering these questions will make a difference. They do give me a structure way to reflect on the big questions in front of me: Do I take on the faculty coordinator role? How do I fit my career and personal life together? How do I build a relationship with my new grandson? How do I keep my anxiety, depression and insecurity from making my decisions for me?

I hope I've grown intellectually and spiritually and can take comfort in feeling like I'm on the road to become the person that God calls me to be.

I hope I'll feel less "meh," less "blah," and more alive. I hope I'll be moving more and enjoying life -- rather than tired and stressed all the time. I hope we'll have gotten rid of Donald Trump without triggering a civil war. I hope my job won't have driven me round the bend and put me into a mental hospital... I hope I'll smile more and worry less. At nearly 48, my face is starting to show the effects of it.

Hello future self! Now I am writing about you. If this practice has taught me anything it's that in some ways I know you very well and in some ways you will actually be able to shock me. How to predict which is which? I think it's inevitable that I will have begun to think of myself as "near 40" by this time next year. I've noticed in myself that I adjust to age milestones years in advance. It's a natural self-protection method, I think. Always be prepared! I need to remember not to live too far in the future. I know I was many months "25" before I was 25 and "30" years before I was 30. I hope I'm able to keep being in my late 30s until they're over -- although I also do like being prepared! I wonder if I will have learned more lessons of my own capabilities -- or perhaps my own limitations? I would like that. I hope I will see that I have helped the Intermediate girls deepen and strengthen the quality of their dancing. I hope I will have a more solid of understanding of how that works, of how to do it more efficiently, effectively, and joyfully for all involved. I hope I will have found a better balance in life, with some real moments of enjoyment of leisure. I hope I will feel we've made good choices with our finances. Will we have a new home? Well, future self, there is one thing I want to say to you: I love you. I feel you calling to me, saying, "Come to me, I am your destiny!" Thank you so much for being there for me. I am inspired to think of you, and can't wait to be you. But first, I have a few other selves to be!

I wonder how I will feel about the state of the US and the world. Politics is such a roller coaster right now and it's difficult to imagine where we'll be in a year. My hope is that this time next year, I have an amazing job that I love.

I think I will feel surprised that it was such a bad year for our family. As time goes on, I find that the years begin to blur and I find it harder to delineate when one thing began and another ended. My hopes are that next year will be much better and that a lot of the emotional difficulties will be behind me. Although, I seriously doubt that will be the case. There are too many health issues going on with our parents. As for this moment in time, I am glad for this exercise again, because it causes me to pinpoint why I am felling the way I do in a very specific way.

I think I'll feel nostalgic and either sad or happy about some of my answers. Some of my answers were a bit personal, so it really depends on how these things go... Answering these questions has really made me reflect on what things I want. This will make me work towards these goals more attentively.

I hope i'll be a step closer to being who i was meant to be

Hmmm....I hope that I feel relieved....a new place, new job, etc. I really hope that I had an okay summer and that I am feeling happy and excited about wherever I am in life. OOOOOHHH and that I have a bike! And--don't wait until the last second next time to answer questions 5-10!

I hope that I will have addressed some of the things I have mentioned throughout the year, instead of being in the exact same place that I am now. I sincerely do want to improve myself, to continuously improve myself.

I hope that at this time next year, that I will be feeling happy and settled in myself, confident in my abilities, and less worried about the state of our country and the people in charge of the federal government.

When Sept rolls around next year I want to build my relationships with family and friends full of fond EXPERIENCEs that are memorable. What's my bucket list that I want to do? I want to not be a passive consumer and make my life how I want it.

By September 2018 I hope to have developed a new routine in retirement that will keep me engaged with people and keep my mind and body active. I hope that I am exercising regularly and am seriously making time for family and friends and activities that will help my community.

I don't want anything to change dramatically, just for the questions to cause me to ponder and reflect.

By next year I will be significantly thinner and be playing at a 4.0 level tennis. I will continue to take 2 tennis clinics a week and will be playing competitively on one of the La Costa teams. The pain in my lower back, knees, ankles and feet will be much less due to the fact I am not carrying around so much weight. That is going to be so liberating!!!!!

I will be so relieved that I am still alive. Stage 4 Breast Cancer isn’t fun! I am bargaining for more time.... simply put!

I used to feel dread when the answers arrived, because it meant my world was about to crash around me. I hope to feel the same joyful surprise I did this year. I hope another uneventful October passes. I hope to remember my answers and act upon them.

I'll be curious, because I won't remember the answers until I read them. Reading last year's answers showed me that I still have some of the same feelings and/or concerns, and also that some of things addressed in the questions have been resolved. I hope to see that I have "made progress," however I happen to define progress in September 2018.

I think I will feel a little sad because a year has passed and I am getting older. What I hope to also feel is that I have become a more positive person and the fruits of my labor for the Lord are visible and acceptable. I hope that I will be a better spouse, parent, friend because of pondering the 10 questions. I have the ability to change me.

I hope I will feel accomplished and proud of myself. Even if I don't achieve all I intend to, I hope that I give myself credit for being open to change, prioritizing love and learning, and working to be my best self for myself and my community. I hope that I will have created more sustainable habits so that I have the space to focus on service, learning, growing, and loving. I hope that my relationships will be fuller including my relationship with myself and my higher power. I hope that I will be more intentional about my spiritual practice and be more connected with religious communities. I hope that the people in my life will feel loved fully and completely.

I hope I stay true to myself. I'll be embarking on a new, crazy adventure and I hope these answers don't feel untrue. I hope I'll face more fears and do more things that make me happy and relish in my connections.

I hope to feel more secure in my place here and more secure in my relationships. More mundanely, I think/hope my German will be better, I'll have figured out which other language to obtain fluency in, and I'll have a better sense of my trajectory in my career.

When I read my answers from the previous year, I'm always pleasantly surprised at how insightful and positive I am! So I hope I feel the same way next year. These questions help me set some goals for the coming year and help me identify my values and future hopes. I'm hoping I will still be working this next year and still have good relations with my co- workers. Our son and daughter in law moved out and now have their own house but our daughter has moved in with us. I'm hoping we will continue to give each other emotional support and love. I'm hoping we can all adjust to my husband's retirement and this will be good for all of us. I'm hoping our daughter will still love being in school and her leukemia remains stable. Perhaps there will be a cure down the road???I'm hoping I will grow closer to some people at Temple and have some additional friendships- not only for me but for my husband. And I'm hoping we will continue to enjoy our grand daughter and she will recognize us and be happy to be with us. Lastly, I hope I can get my dad's war log copied and submit these copies to my niece, nephews and our own kids.

Who can know. I'm not sure how to feel now. :-) I hope when I read these again I'm living the life of Echad and that I'm more involved with enabling others than myself. I hope I'm still able to take care of those who are depending on me. I hope my family is happy.

Well, first I hope it is 2018, not liking repeating 2017. Second, I'm always excited to read my answers each year. My life hasn't really changed much in twenty years. I'm not good at change, I have no will power. I hope we are all happy and healthy and I hope I still have my mom.

I hope I’m in better shape more confident at work. I think I will be.

I think i'll read these answers and feel like nothing super exciting was happening, but in reality i'm incredibly happy and feel like i'm doing exactly the right thing in my life right now. I hope to feel even more experienced in my work and keep chugging along spiritually and in my social life. It's a year of learning and applying!

I'll probably be depressed that my answers are usually the same.

I hope that I'm a bigger part of the community. I hope that I have hope for the future. I hope that I have grown in my learning and I hope that I stick to my self-care needs.

I think you guys forgot to change this question from last year because it’s already September 2017. Anyway, I think it will be a pleasant surprise because I feel like I’ll forget I did this this time next year, but it’ll be a blast from the past and I can see what high school senior Kevin was doing when I will be college freshman Kevin.

I hope I feel newly inspired with my goals, rather than disappointed if I didn't fulfill all of them. I hope to be more confident and assured in my decisions. I hope my family and friends are happy and healthy. I hope that the world is a bit safer and less cruel than it is at the moment. Also, I think this should be September 2018!

I think not much will change but I at least hope I am at Millersville reading the 10Q

In years past I have avoided making resolutions or they have been superficial. So I can imagine only feeling dissappointed in myself or sheepish for having shirked responsibility agin. This is how I have lived most of my life. I hope as a result of answering these questions I am a less self centered and more G-d centered, focused on how I can be of service, able to set and achieve professional goals and be a more loving daughter sister friend and girlfriend.

You mean 2018?? I don't know, I haven't answered all the Qs yet.

I hope that I'll be a calmer happier person. My gut reaction is to hope for monetary success, or for artistic success. But really I just hope that I've figured out where I'm going and what I'm doing a little bit more. I'm confident that this will be true in a year, as I think it has been for some of the past years. /// I hope that my life has changed in ways I never could have predicted (those are always the best)

By next year I hope I will be more calm, confident, and clear in my direction or open to new direction.

I hope I will have found clarity and living in a different place, whether a new city or apartment. I hope my life will look different than it does now for the better

I hope to see that I have matured and grown closer to Jesus than I was last year.

I suspect that I'll be a bit enlightened of a tendency to make "mountains out of mole hills".

Having answered these questions for several years now, I find that some of the questions/answers allow me to see how things have moved along in my life (especially with life passages - the deaths of my parents, my sons' steps towards independence), others show me how much remains the same, and others frustrate me with their implication that I somehow should be seeking more change/accomplishment/goals. I understand the utility of committing to, and working toward, the life one wants. However, for those of us who have the life we want (or pretty darn close to it), dealing with some of the last few questions feels redundant, or like there is some inherent criticism, or somehow unpleasant.

Well, I didn't participate last year but what I hope will be different next year is a great question. My lease is coming to an end in a couple of months and I hope by this time next year I will be sharing a home with a close friend of mine creating wonderful memories and enjoying each others company. I hope that I would have advanced in my career or would be on the verge of getting promoted. I hope to be approaching my 4th year in sobriety. I hope that I can look back over the previous year and know that I have helped many people feel good about themselves and help them achieve their goals. I hope that I am financially stable and have a healthy savings account. I hope that I am able to make it to Colorado for the first time. I hope I remembered to thank God every day for this incredible life. I hope I loved many. I hope I've shown kindness and compassion. I hope that I remember to be kind to myself as well.

I hope that I am in a place where I like my job. It's very likely that I will be in a new job. I hope once again to be starting the school year out on a more positive note and feeling less unhappy and overwhelmed.

I hope I feel accomplished, not regretful.

I imagine I'll still be struggling with some of the same challenges, but I hope I'll feel like I've made genuine effort and improvement in the past year. The girls will be a year older. We'll either have started private school or decided to stay public for another year. M will be in the 3s class in preschool. Our lives will be more restricted in some ways; as the kids get older they have more activities to be driven to. Our lives will be less restrictive in some ways; possibly no more naptimes, later bedtimes, ability to participate in more engaging activities. If D goes back to school to change careers, we'll be a few months into our year to year and a half of much tighter income. Hopefully we'll be planning well for that and making it work. I hope to be starting another year of supervision at both sites and making enough money to make it work. It's hard to say what I hope to accomplish by answering these questions. The fact that I won't be looking at them regularly makes me think they won't exactly be holding me accountable. I already don't remember everything I've written. Hopefully, articulating some of my thoughts allows for some of those ideas to carry on with me into the new year.

Not to sound pessimistic, but I feel like a lot will be the same. I hope there will be greater progress but asking me this is like asking me to promise something about the future and I hate doing that. I don't like the risk of falling short of my promises. Yom Kipur is about making up for that fact. Kol Nidré. I can set goals all I want. It will be what it will be. I'll do my best.

Yay perspective

Who knows! I hope I will at least think I am being thoughtful right now with my responses. I really hope that things will be going great with this new guy and I can look back on these responses with fondness as they are detailing feelings in the very beginning. Hopefully I have also made progress in getting certifications and licenses so I will be more prepared to become a therapist.

I hope I will have made peace with my decision to return to my spouse after affairs and separation. I hope that my yearnings to go back and try the might have beens from other relationships continue to diminish and that I continue to strengthen my ability to resist the yearnings. I hope those I've hurt in relationships are healed

Clarity for the new newness

I hope I remember, that everything I have has been worth the pain it caused.

I hope I will have moved forward with the intentions I have set. Looking back at my answers I did accomplish some, I traveled alone, I went to events alone. I reached out to Al but that went very poorly and I reacted angrily and lashed back at him, wished I would have taken a deep breath and given thanks for listening to my inner voice which told me to be wary of this infinitely angry man. Looking back at many I did not move forward, I hope to have more energy and determination this year ahead. Tonight is the eve of Yom Kippur, day of atonement, time to forgive and ask forgiveness. Forgiveness is something I am struggling with, I will make this my mantra.

When I read my answers I think I'll feel proud of myself. I hope and think that when I read my answers I'll see how much I really did go for it. I wasn't scared of my fears, and dove into doing and moving and shaking and listening to what called out to me. I hope I feel more grounded and confident in my journey. I should.

I hope our financial position will be better. I hope we're still using Cozi and planning our weekly menus as it's been such a blessing to bring that kind of organization to our daily lives. I hope I'm doing a good job at 'self-care" and taking care of myself. I hope I look back and think it's been a good year, that I've weathered what comes up and am better and stronger for it - good or bad.

I hope I feel good about giving myself rest over the past year while continuing to push myself to improve. Keeping a balance with lots of time for reflection and joy. <3

I hope I feel that my life is in a different, better place. I hope I am happier in my marriage, less stressed with my kids, and more content overall. I hope I look back and think, "yeah, I did that!" Instead of, "damn. I could write that same answer this year." I hope that by putting my thoughts out in the open, I'll actually make progress!

I'll read them and make a few stand up comedy shows from them. Earning heaps from my personal hopes and dreams. Bring joy to those who resonate. I'll be amazed and awed how each one has come to be. And how I've moved on. Shekoach.

I hope that I will have taken action to be more active physically and mentally. That my mental acuity is sharper with less memory lapses. My physical agility is also sharper. I realize I need to take control of my life and not let others dictate my thoughts on my capabilities. Do NOT let any family member try to tear down my esteem. Involve myself more with friends and community activities. Stretch my mind.

Hope--I should feel comfortable with my answers one year from now. I don't expect great things, changes, or advances. And I hope my life is not so different as it is this Kol Nidre evening. I have so many instances of gratitude that I am overwhelmed. I, perhaps, have a desire to see that the political landscape has changed for the better--tolerance, preservation of the environment a priority, and truth on the rise--but I fear not. I do like organizing my thoughts around these questions--serves a glimpse into the thinking part of me.

That I will be healthier, happier, wiser.

I am hopeful that I'll continue to grow in self confidence in the coming year. I want to be more realistic about my time and energy and less anxious about being over-committed. That will involve saying "no" to more invitations and choosing my activities thoughtfully. It would be good to gradually cut back on what I try to accomplish in a day--doing less, enjoying more.

I would do more for myself. I feel I neglected myself a lot in 2017.

I hope that I would have been able to make more concrete steps toward achieving a few of the goals. i also hope that the goals I didn't achieve I will have a clearer sense of what direction to go in.

I hope to be thinner, healthier and improve the condition of my back. I hope I will be able to repair or at least maintain a relationship with each of my children that is positive. I will not demean myself in order to accomplish this. i am feeling positive about myself. Even taking the time to think about and answer these ten question is a very affirming action. I look forward to 5778!

When September "18" arrives and I am reviewing my answers I imagine I will say as I often do that I wish I had been more thoughtful with my answers.

Hopefully good. Looking forward to the progress I have made. Less clutter physically and mentally. Less stress and more positive actions.

I hope everything is just like it is. That sounds foolhardy, but 1) everything is terrific, and 2) I have a tendency to want things to move more quickly than they ought to. By consciously hoping for things to stay the same, I'm also wishing for patience with myself, with my loved ones, and with my coworkers. But also this only applies to my personal life. The world is on fire and I hope that basically everything changes in re world events.

I hope that I'm going to look at where I was a year ago and see how far I've come in a short time. I have very specific goals that I've been addressing here and I know I can be successful. I'm excited to see where I am.

usually I can predict, with confidence this year I can't even guess time will tell?

I hope I am more focused and spiritual

I hope I find more peace and I hope the world is a better place. 2017 has been rough. But I feel things are falling into place.

Do you mean September 2018? I think I'll feel great, IF the political climate makes a dramatic, and I mean dramatic change. I enjoyed answering the questions. Sometimes thought-provoking, sometimes easy to answer. L'Shana Tova Tikatevu.

I am not sure how I will feel, hopefully I will be moving forward with my goals. I hope that by next year I will be more confident.

I hope that I have had more fun than I have had in a decade. I hope that I have increased my business while working more efficiently and therefore less hours. I hope that I had an amazing burning man. I hope that I am empowered to live an authentic life where I don't have to "be strong" and put on a happy face. I hope that I have removed all of the people who would ask me to do so from my life. May next year be even better than the last.

I hope I practice more mindfulness, being in the moment, and having down time/me time. I hope I slow down a little (Even if only in my brain).

I think I will be happy that I was honest and hopeful that I have achieved/moves toward making these things happen. I hope that I have been able to move forward.

First, I think that you mean when "September 2018" rolls around, not "September 2017". I think that I'll feel amused and happy when I read these answers next year. I believe that I will be in a much better financial position next year. I'll have either a full-time position or something better and more lucrative gig. My house will be in better shape and I'll have a wonderful partner in my life. I don't know if any of it will be as a result of answers these questions but I do believe that it's important to set intentions for what you want and how you want your life to be. Putting it in writing and reviewing it is even more powerful. So maybe, answering these questions actually will "result" in the positive outcomes after all!

I can only hope that I have found complete forgiveness and a greater happiness.

I have been glad to read my responses to these questions each year for the last 3 and anticipate being surprised, pleased, sad and confused next year, same as every year! So much happens that I forget what I wrote , every year!

I hope to still be enjoying the work I'm doing, have felt that I have grown in the last year and most importantly have traveled and feel happy!

Always curious about the person that I was last year and in previous years because this is the person that informed who I am today. I have no expectations, no hopes that specific things will be different. I stay open to life and whatever the universe and G-d (if there IS a god) choose to hand me. Shalom!

I hope having answered these questions will help me to focus on those things I want to change and improve about myself and my life. I hope I’ll be in a better place in my life a year from now.

I hope that I will feel more settled in my community and career. I hope that I will be connected to others in the area where I live and where I work. I hope that with some hard work and determination, I will reach a healthy weight and this will lead to more positive body image. I hope that my answering these questions, I will establish a course for the year and. Will be able to reflect back on how far I’ve come.

I am really hoping i have learned to relax. enjoy life, and let the little things go. I hope I'm happy..and so are my husband and kids :)


Having found 10Q 7 minutes ago after reading a post about how I should have started this on the 10th at the start of the Jewish Near Year and finish on todays day, the 28th the evening of fast, which I also just decided to do. Perhaps I'll be a better Jew next year. I think reading back and thinking about this plain Friday evening with two dogs at my feet planted on the couch after a nice toke - I'll be grateful - shit, actually how will I feel. I hope to feel happy. but the kind of happy where I will have been single for a while / not needed a man / or however long it will take before I understand and except loneliness aaaaand stop talking as if everyone is always listening. I think that my company will have grown and my career will become a great joy of my life. I hope that I will push myself to writewriteWriteWRITE because of how good it feels, right now, every time I try and all the things swirling around in my head all the time. Part of me will always think about the future in the sense of meeting the love of my life. I guess I'll really always be searching for him. Until he finds me. I hope that my anxiety will cease from a place of hyperchondria (fuck idk how to spell it okay) and fear of death and move to a place of motivation that I will know how to better cope with. Not sure what to expect from the upcoming questions but I know that my answers will be excited, nervous, assumptive, and cocky hoping that time & the universe will continue to bless me with its glory and the beautiful beings that share it. I do also hope that Trump hasn't blown up North Korea yet and that health care is possible for middle class families.

A richer life, with greater non-work related activities and pursuits

I hope I am able to look back and see that I've resolved many of my conflicts. I hope that I am a little more aware of myself and of thinking through things carefully.

I hope I continue to feel as settled and as mindful as I am -- even more so, ideally. Less judgmental, more aware of and in charge of my speech. Clearer about what the path ahead might look like, further along in my writing and meditation. Am feeling pretty excited about the growth I've made this year, and am looking forward to developing my meditation and mindfulness practice even more, and to making some shifts professionally to put writing and meditation and mindfulness more firmly at the center.

I'm healthier, don't feel so out of breath, have lost 20 lbs, excited about trip with Amy to Italy and have been able to talk with Emily more as she's able to make time for conversations

I am hopping answering these as well as the Jewels of Elul, being thoughtful about what is happening in my life will motivate me to make important changed. BIG changes.

I just hope to incorporate the past and it's lessons into my present life and continue to learn, grow and pay it forward.

I think I'll feel more settled. Maybe a new house or a travel nursing job on the horizon. Maybee...

I hope that I feel like I've grown as a person reading the few questions that I've answered (I signed up late). I want to see a positive change in myself and more confidence in myself. I think that I will change, I'm just not sure in what way. I hope to become a better person, someone who leads more rather than follows. I want to make the world a better place, I want to heal the world. As a result of thinking about these questions, I feel that I have already grown a little bit as a person. Also, I feel that I have become a deeper person because of these questions. It has really made me think and question things more. I thank 10Q for that. I hope for everyone a healthy and peaceful Yom Kippur and a happy new year!!! May 5778 be our best year yet!

I hope that I"ll be relaxed about L and L and able to cultivate the kind of empathic distance I so admire.

I believe that it is all about intention. It is my hope that by pondering these questions and answering them as honestly as I could in the moment that I have created the energy to manifest my desires. I trust that God is in control and that the universe will unfold exactly as it should. With this trust will come immense peace.

I hope I'll be walking on sunshine.

Its September 2017 now....i am grateful for what the Lord is doing in my life....shift is happening now... its awesome! Im coming out of the desert... xoxoxox

I hope I will have a better knowledge of myself and be successfully working as an English teacher where I am needed. I think my daily meditation practice will continue and continue to help me move into awakening.

I hope my life might be a little more thoughtful and focused. I hope I will be more disciplined, yet still happy.

I hope that I have retained or increased my level of optimism, positivity, work ethic, and willingness to understand others/other perspectives. I hope that I will have accomplished some of my short-term life goals, whether that's one or all. I hope I will have made a positive impact on new lives. I hope I will have learned something new, tangible skills and/or about myself or others. I hope my relationship with my boyfriend will have continued to grown.

I hope that I will see the progress I've made and that I will look back, surprised at how mired in challenges I felt that are long gone.

I really don't how I will feel when this rolls around next year. I hope that I will grow into who I am suppose to be and find my true purpose for this life. At today I can realize that I am not where I am suppose to be.

I suspect I will feel that I answered in a rush, which I did. Ha! I hope that my husband and I are in a better place. I hope we've found help for our son.

I think you mean September 2018, right?

you mean September 2018? I don't think I'll be changing my life because of answering these questions. If something changes it will be because it was finally the right time. I'd like to have my answers available to me the rest of the year so I can look at them when the mood strikes. Last year I thought Max would be gone by now. He's sleeping over there by the door. Another year? Probably not, but who knows?

I think i might be pleased with the changes in my life becoming routine but as for now they have only begun as ann idea. nursing scholl. moving my grown kids and i back to my parents to help them and help us.

I hope I’ll be in a better place mentally and that I’ll have taken my own advice to take care of myself.

I’m going to feel comfortable where we’re at as a family. There might be some little things that we think cause stress, but they really shouldn’t. Therefore, feeling good about our position rises to the top.

Well, I think I figured out the not taking care of people part. I feel much better about that and much better this year. I hope that this time next year I feel empowered and that whatever risks I took were worth it to get there...and that I am willing to do it again.

I think I'll feel curious. I hope that I will either have changed or made significant progress to change the things that may be blocking my success and happiness.

I have no idea. I'll take it as it comes. See if my thinking is different a year from now.

Next year when I read my answers, I think I'll feel a mix of nostalgia, pride, and self-awareness. It's nice to look back at the year that's passed and reminisce about past events and accomplishments. This experience really helped me think about big and small things that happened during the last year and consider how I approach life, my job, my relationships, and my attitude. I hope answering these questions helps me reflect more throughout the year and think about my successes and failures and keep them both in perspective.

I hope when September 2018 rolls around I feel very accomplished. I hope it will be a fulfilling year. If I have yet to accomplish what I set out to accomplish, know it is ok to have set backs. It is also important and exciting to see whether my goals shift/change and how so.

More clarity about my life's true purpose What I'm here to master

My hope it that I’ve taken myself seriously and I’ll be reading these answers from a new address, a new state and happier place. Maybe my hands will be covered in saw dust or dirty with making and I smile at my own courage for the things I have done this coming year. I’d like to have served people in need, and not in need. And as I read this have begun a relationship ship with a man that suits me. I may still roll my eyes at how wordy I am....but I’ll be happy I used my voice to massage some color imagination and strength into the coming year. To good health strong hearts and creativity for all living beings. Love wins.

I look back and celebrate how much I've grown, how strong I am in myself, how secure I am in who and what I am, how much healthier I am physically, emotionally, spiritually, and socially. I'm closer to who I'm meant to be and sharing that with the world.

No idea how I will feel. I dont think I put much thought into things that way. So maybe by do this I will put more reflection into my life

I hope I will feel really great about it. I hope I will have exceeded my own expectations for this year, and I hope I will be able to say, "Yes! I did that! I'm just living out loud!" I know this year is bringing about major life changes, and I hope the waters are not too rough!

I've done neither of the things I wanted to accomplish by this point. No mammogram, no colonoscopy. I did make an appt for one, but it wasn't a good day for Sam to take me. Then I decided that since they were VERY cagey about how much it would cost, I will do it in January. I've already told my doctor's PA, and she will hold me to it. Yes, I'm ashamed and feel bad about myself, especially since my boobs hurt sometimes.

I am, by nature, introspective at certain times during the year. My main desire is to live a sober life, healthy and able to make an impact ( positive) in my sphere of the universe. I hope to continue to be humble and know that my Lord is big enough to care enough to save a wretch like me.

I am continuing to love forward.. focused on living my best life and being the best, most committed and focused version of myself. i hope to be proud and amazed of the things i have done, what i have accomplished and how i have grown..

Sept. 2018 I hope I will have made significant progress - I hope these answers will cause me to smile in the knowledge that I had started a journey that was worthwhile.

By then I will be 62 the official retirement age so a lot of pressure will be off. I am still convinced it was the right decision to call the whole "work" thing off in 2011 though and do volunteer work at the local high school. Early retirement for all!

I hope that by next year the whole family is sleeping well and leading more balanced lives. While right now I am trying to be okay with everything else being put on hold to focus on baby I hope that in a year I will be in a place to spend some time focusing on long term interests and goals.

I really hope that I have changed it up. I really don't want to be answering these questions again so similarly to last year. I hope I find some peace.

Do you mean 2018?

I think I will feel happy to be alive another year and answering more questions. I hope that I also feel like I had a meaningful year.

Torn. I think I'll simultaneously be disappointed that my feelings about everything haven't changed much yet also be satisfied that my life is still pretty good. Remaining at the status quo ain't bad.

I'm in a pretty dark place currently. My husband filed for divorce at the beginning of the year, shortly after I had our third child. Now the divorce is final and I'm spending my last night in "our" home as I type this. I hope by this time next year I have rediscovered myself. I want to learn what makes me tic, what makes me truly happy to my core. I want to spend more quality time with my kids being happy and creating memories. When I read these answers I hope I'm a stronger, more independent, happy woman. I hope I'm proud of where I am when I look back on these answers.

I felt strange, because we never think about it, and it works to know how goes our live... What we want for us, what is bad with us... I hope that it help me to focus in myself.

I hope that next year my goals will be well on their way to being completed and I will have new experiences to talk about. This year and last have run together and progress has been slow.

I hope I will look back at this time as a really rough time that has passed- that I will have found meaningful pockets of time for myself, will be more connected to myself, and will feel like life is a bit less chaotic.

I hope that I am braver. I hope that I feel like I've done good work on myself with good people supporting me. I hope that I've moved gracefully into whatever is next, and I hope it is a decision that makes ME alive – not anyone else. I hope my fear of failure is replaced with a love of starting over. I hope I am writing. I hope I am laughing. I hope I am leaving, and coming back, and leaving, or staying. I hope I feel meaning if not happiness. I hope I feel grateful for this year, and I hope I let people know it. I hope to be me – rawer, messier, more authentic and imperfect than ever before.

I think I will wonder how we endured the shock and horror of having Trump in the White House. And a government that makes a mockery f the country.

When I read these answers, I think I'll feel relieved that I'm a year away from where I am now. I'll have hopefully gained some perspective and will be able to smile at my hopes and see that my fears weren't realized. I hope Ben and I are in a more stable place and we've fallen into a routine; not a boring one, but one that does have surgeries and legal cases and all sorts of stressors like that constantly being thrown at us. I'm hoping I will be in a stable place with my health. Now that I'm on SSDI, I can take time to care for myself, rest, do pt, go to doctor appts, and put myself first. I'm hoping this coming year provides me with the time to reflect on where I've been and to use this change in my life to effect positive change in my life and my thinking. I hope Ben and I are in a place where we are seriously looking for or have bought a new house.

I feel the course of my life slowing down lately. I don't see myself feeling too different then I do now. That said, I'm hoping that I can make slow, sustainable progress towards living a more stable and structured life. I want to work on being more focused, patient, and practical. I hope when I answer this question next I can say the same thing only with the satisfaction that I have made strides since last time

I think I'll feel proud of myself, compassionate and loving towards myself. I think I'll feel grateful that I've had such an incredible year that helped me get back to what matters most. I hope I'll have taken big steps to change my life, that I'll have already made some important changes. I hope I'll be more loving and free, more ready for the coming tides. I hope I'll be even more in love with myself. That one, I think, should be easy. We'll see!

I'm scared that I wouldn't have progressed at all professionally and mostly I'm scared that I would not have launched my business yet. I hope that I would have found love and peace of mind.

I hope that I'll be surprised at where I am now in comparison to where I was. I've felt so depressed and down recently, that I'm really hoping that I'll have figured out some new passions and feel reinvigorated about life. I think I'll be a bit disappointed about how I let my life run aground and fall apart. Ultimately, I'll be proud of myself for taking the time to feel out the questions and being willing to be vulnerable. I love 10Q. Glad I could do it.

I think I will be disappointed at how brief some of the answers were. Oh, well.

I’m invested in how my impact on myself and others are doing. I want to make sure I’m leaving a positive impact.

Not applicable, i did not participate in 2016

I hope that I will find myself in balance -- a balance of being part of the resistance and enjoying my life; a balance of home life and travel; a balance of being for myself and being for my wife. family and friends.

I hope I feel like I was the best possible version of myself. Happy. Content. Fulfilled.

I hope for the things I wanted last year, and I would like to be fully accepting of the 'faults' I see in those around me. I hope to stop complaining and criticizing.

I hope that next year at this time I will be on my similar path. One of self reliance, independence and a belief in self. I will know the courageous nature of my process and will have expanded upon it with vigor and trust . What A great year it has been - I predict next year will be the same

Do you mean sept 2018? I'm not sure. I think I'll be wondering about children and whether or not to have them. I hope I'm not wondering about the health of any loved ones. Maybe I'll be wondering about who my illustrator will be for my children's book that just got accepted!

I hope, by this time next year, that I have gone one more year without drinking. I hope that I will have explored and traveled extensively with my girls. I hope that my understanding and commitment as an accomplice will have deepened and strengthened. I hope I will have read many good books and shared them with my mom. I hope I will have completed the divorce process. I hope I will have come to terms with my father's health.

Everything about my prediction last year was wrong. LOL *cries softly in the corner Sooooo....hmmmm....my hope is that we all survive this tipping point. The world, the nation, our family, myself are all at a tipping point. I pray we all tip to the good side. Otherwise this is the darkest timeline and I need a portal gun to get to another dimension.

September 2018 will, God willing, find me gainfully and meaningfully employed, stable in my relationships (friends, family and romantically), and even more at ease and at home in Los Angeles. I hope that the process of answering these questions and taking time for reflection on Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur allows me to continue manifesting what I began to cultivate on Shavuot. I want to incorporate this type of reflection in my day to day life, and hopefully that means that September of next year will see me in what I hoped for above. If nothing else, I think (and sincerely hope) that at this time next year I'll feel secure, content, and happy-- because I recognize that the work I'm putting into myself and my community now will reap benefits beyond my imagination then.

I would hope that I am happily married totally loved healthy financially secured spiritually intune pleasing God completely on his path being a wonderful mother loving wife raising beautiful children watching my son Julian grow and prosper letting go and not remembering the years of pain torture sadness Rejection letting it all go behind finding all gods promises and his plan being fulfilled

While I achieved an incrementally greater amount of success and income and satisfaction at my job, I'm hoping that writing my goals for the year will result in a game changing new job and a more fulfilling marriage . I want to start traveling internationally again i I can.

Dear Amanda This year has been a consolidation year for you. You made MASSIVE leaps forward in your life, and you don't give yourself nearly enough credit for it. You went to a psych recently and she reminded you that you made all the decisions you did for good reason, and sitting here now I really believe that leaving Deloitte UK and London was necessary to get healthy again. It's time to grow again. In career and finances and interests and resilience. I hope that you make just as many leaps forward as you have done this year. You are no longer gaffer taped together. Your skin is no longer rotten and peeling from your bones. You done good. But you're bored so now it's time to make changes from a more solid footing. Keep travelling with Esther. For God sake get back to swimming and yoga. Or at least swimming :) Be there for your Mum. Remember that you actually enjoy being alone as much as you are. Try a few new things - trail running, squash, SUP down on the foreshaw. Move more - it makes your head healthy. Amanda I have absolutely NO clue where you'll be living or working when you read this next year. How exciting, eh? Love Amanda

I think that I will be impressed with how much I will have achieved. I believe that many of the issues I mentioned will continue to be with me, albeit in a slightly different form.

I think I will feel under accomplished when I receive the 10Q questions. I hope that I will accomplish most of the big pieces of my vision to create the most self fulfilling and satisfying year.

I really hope by September next year when I receive these answers I'm at a more stable place, financially and professionally. I can feel that things are coming together and I hope they will gain traction in the coming months leading to next year. These questions every year helped me refocus on where I want to go and where I need to be and continue to count my blessings even when I encounter setbacks. I want to continue to be grateful and remember how fortunate and lucky I am.

Happy, glad that as with this year there have been no huge changes, and the changes that have happened are good ones. I'm hoping I will be stronger, happier, and content. So much stuff has been thrown at me this year, John's cancer, Paul's depression and drinking, my body falling apart, Bunty being a paranoid manipulative arse. But I'm getting through it. I'd like to not next year, and be able to look back at this from a better place

I think I will feel that I worried too much about the transition to the new office, and that my practice remains viable and satisfying. I expect my kids will be growing and having experiences I can't foresee, and that they still keep us close. My relationship with Judy will continue to thrive. I expect my spiritual practice will have deepened although I am not sure in what form. I fervently pray the leaders of our country rise to the challenge of climate change, lessening inequality and promoting justice for minorites.

Uh, this is September 2017 now. :) But in 2018, I don't know. I hope I've been able to make some of the positive changes I want to make. They take a lot of time and determination and since I haven't accomplished them even after trying so long, I'm not sure another year will make a difference. We'll see.

I feel I will be reminded of the most important things happening in my day to day in my thoughts as well as my prayers as part of my life... I'm hopful that this will keep me on track and may bring a light to my path forward in to my personal life and families successes and journey into the next year.. Hope to feel accomplished in a few of my goals for this year too.

I expect to see my life continuing to evolve even as it winds down. This year another dream surrendered to reality, not resigned but reconciled. Another level, deeper, of understanding what I cannot change. I hope what I see is that I am getting better at reconciliation... the serenity prayer.

I will be very surprised that one whole year is over, again! Time runs so fast these days. It feels like it was January yesterday, but the day after tomorrow is October :O already. So in September 2018 rolls around it will be a big surprise and I think I will be amazed about my feelings and thoughts in the past year.

May me and mine be sealed for another good year. May we grow in love and kindness. May we be useful to ourselves and others. May we stay aware of our many blessings. And may my son find a soul mate.

I hope that the perspective I feel I've gained during my illness will have prevailed. That I will be broader in my perspective, wiser in my interactions - and ultimately more present for my family.

I will feel blessed & grateful for all that I will have received. I will know that my hopes & dreams will have come true.

My hope is for answered prayer this upcoming year that I will have the son I've been praying for. That Ashley will have gone to North Point - done exceedingly well, picked up some skill in her faith/walk with God that will be life altering for the better, that she will be engaged and pure. That Mike will be saved. That my brother will burn that stupid necklace in the fire in repentance, come to his senses, and stop making God into the enemy or into an "idea" that people have...He's not, He's real and He's the Best Friend you'll ever have and the only One who can do anything to help especially in dire situations. That my dad will grow in faith, receive physical, spiritual and emotional healing and that dad will fully receive the message of the Gospel - what it means to accept/have Jesus as your Savior and Lord, have his life changed for the better, and grow spiritually. That he not be so lonely. That I be a better daughter, friend, witness. That my nephew gets saved and that my brother will not hinder or discourage him. That my sister will receive physical, spiritual, and emotional healing and even though she's mentally disabled, now that she's saved that even she will grow in faith and those attacks on her mind will cease entirely. That work will be in the confines of it's allotted hours, not weekends, not holidays, and that there will be order, a team like David's army for me and my spouse - but minus Joab because he didn't respect God and David's election of Solomon as successor to the throne. That my and my household's lives reflect God's values, that we act in ways worthy to the callings we've received from God and that we are doing those callings with all our hearts and helping to build up His church and help others, even discipling others who are new or weaker in the faith. That we will have zeal but with knowledge. That Christ will find faith on the earth. That the number of those being saved be increased, that the Lord will give increase to the number of workers in His vineyard and that the United States continues to be a blessing to Israel and that the United States turns back to God with their whole heart.

I think I'll feel amazed and astound. I hope I'll be able to day to myself, "WOW! I can't believe that was me a year ago. I can't believe I used to think this way." I think I'll be ok, as long as I have myself to depend on. Who knows, maybe I'll be famous when September 2017 rolls around. Haha, just kidding, but I just hope to be a completely different person when. I definitely want to be better as human being as I continue to progress. And perhaps I'll look back at all of the misfortunes that happened last year and laugh about them. They'll all be distant memories and just a funny story to tell.

I hope I'll feel as happy then as I do right now. I hope if I don't feel as happy then, that I am feeling safe allowing the people I love to support me.

This time next year, I feel I will continue my overall trend of success. One step at a time. That's the best hiking advice I've received. I hope to either be pursuing my next degree and/or gainfully employed. I hope to have 1-2 of my novels finished. I hope I'm not alone. That's all. I drank a lot of cucumber soju. I need to rest!!

I hope I can keep my goals, my ideals, my morals, close to me this year. Not get caught up in consumerism, comparing myself to others, insecurity. I think I learned a lot of skills, and about myself this past year, and I hope I can continue that growth.

I hope the passion and inspiration will continue. I hope that I’ve followed through on one or two things unlike last year. I hope I have a little grounding throughout that year. I hope my wandering finds a balance of movement and stillness. I hope I’m happy where I am.

I don't know how I'll feel - I'm not sure I put as much thought into the answers this year. I said that last year, though, and it was pretty much spot on. I was right last year, we have to take better care of our health. I'm not on top of it too much right now. I'm hoping we have a clear and hopeful financial picture. By this time next year we'll know about our youngest's college and money, so that will be a big help. We may have to deal even more with aging parents. A trip with my mom this month revealed something akin to early onset dementia. It may be very hard. My husband's mother's sister has hinted that we will need to visit more often to help her, and we don't know why, but I'm guessing it's similar to my mother. I was right last year, both our jobs are doing well. I was wrong about both the election and the market though; our parents' financial profiles are doing far better with the economic rebound. Ours is too. The stress surrounding the election is intense, though, even now, almost a year later. It's not what we expected. I hope to be having a great time with my husband as we try to find new things to do with just the two of us. I hope to get the house under control and make it manageable to care for. I'm hoping we continue with our diet and that I find more time to care for myself with everything else settled. I hope I keep my promise to myself to limit my pro-bono work and not be a workaholic.

I hope I will be more at ease with my efforts to help and support people being victimized by Trump and his friends. I can't do it all myself, but I hope I will feel like I have made a contribution.

I hope I see how far I've come. And it reminds me to have faith and patience. For everything happens as and when it's meant to.

Perhaps I'll feel myself foolish, or maybe witty. I don't anticipate these questions will create a new path for the next year, but I imagine I'll appreciate this kind of love-note to my future self, the recording of a moment, of intimate thoughts. I've always appreciated time capsules like this; I have been keeping a diary for nearly 30 years!

I hope that wirting these questions gives me a bit more perspective around what I've wanted in the past, what I still want. Next year I think I'll likely feel a mix of satisfaction in the steadyness of some of my answers but also frustration if some of the improvements I'm hoping for haven't come to fruition.

I will have established more of a routine in my life. That's my big goal. There have been so many changes in the past year and a half. Jobs, roommates, moving, moving in with a partner, people's weddings, trips...what I want is a year of routine building and honing. And I think I'll get that. And in the meantime, professionally, I want to hone the skills that I thrive in and the things that make me happy and successful. And get people excited to go to work and geek out, goof off, and get results with and for me. And I want my bonus and to learn a ton from my mentors. I hope I'll be a little more relaxed and healthy. I'll be 30!

I will be healthier, wealthier and happier! I will be more balanced and focus with these questions as a guide.

I hope I'll be articling in the city (whether that is Vancouver or Toronto I don't really mind). I hope these questions will make me think and reflect on my life and my choices. Sometimes I fear I do not do enough of that.

I like this ability to record my thoughts, and see what my life is like. I'm hopeful that I will have grown and progressed as a person when I read these answers next year.

I hope so. I know self reflection is a precious gift given to all and accepted by few. I hope I'll continue to reflect and I hope 2018 will be a less tumultuous year and one of joy.

I can't imagine my life being different because of answering these questions, honestly. No offense.

I'll feel grateful that I've made some progress. I hope that I will be more able to be present and feel gratitude.

First, I think I'll feel content because, G*d willing, I will be reading these together with my boo in our new life. Second, I think it'll be a good reminder of why it's good to write down the mundane things that happen on a daily basis. And perhaps I'll be already in the habit or make it my goal before the end of 2018. Lastly, I'll just add to the story of me that things change. Who I was yesterday is not the same person I am today as I read these.

In honesty I assume Inwill feel the same as I do now. I will be a year older but not miss a step... I hope my wife snd I can travel more and enjoy our life and time together...

I hope that I'll feel content with where I'm headed, and not in a "grass is greener" state. If I haven't made progress on acting, I think I'll feel disappointed in myself.

Honestly I think I will probably be in exactly the same spot as now. I don't imagine much changing and that feels kinda sad to admit.

I'll be rounding out year 30, either known as the end of my 20s or the start of my adult life as I so choose. Maybe I'll be engaged or have been promoted or even live in a studio!! Maybe the outer trappings of my life won't look that different at all. Even still, I hope I will grow to accept myself and my full emotional range, and in turn, love those around me more consistently and with compassion.

This year I was really surprised at how well I did, I made many of the things I wanted come true. I made them happen. It was so beautiful to see who I was at the time and where I was at the time. I loved that. I was also surprised at how I had accomplished many of the things I set out to accomplish. I think next year will be the same. I think we will successfully get Souled Out Up for Easter (recording the music might hold us up) and that's my main focus. I would like to transform affiliate marketing for myself and by digging in deeper I think I can do that. I have a new view into what that looks like. What will be different about my life? I don't think I'll be in a different place financially, I think I'll still be eating shit. But I would like to embrace that. This is the life I choose because I want to make my art great. This is the life I want. Money and Girls are 2nd. They have to be for me. They're just not as important as expressing myself with art because that is the core of who I am and I can't deny that. It's about me. I just is. My existence. I think I'm affirming it to myself with my art. But it's me. And that's beautiful. I think it can connect to others too, but I don't think that's number 1, but it's in there too. I think next year I'll be happy about what I accomplished, I'll be happy I overcame my fear of social media, and I'll be looking forward to the next goal of making the changes that I think the musical needs. or getting it to a new place (LA or NY or wherever we decide) This year I would also like to update my learning style and be more aware of my process and mindfully make changes based on my learning. This is my first time mentioning this because I'm only just now getting a feeling of what it would look like to do that. I want to get comfortable with that process too which I'm very excited about. Here's to the next year!

I am not sure I'll be around. If I am, I am not sure I would open this.

I pray pray pray that our country will be back on track to a strong democracy and that Trump, Pence & their cronies will be out of power, that we will have a strong, educated, smart, kind, & ethical President leading our country. While that is not a "personal" answer, it is in a way because this year I embraced that I am a Patriot in ways I didn't know. I thought only right wingers had dibs on being patriots. Sometimes it helps me to realize that there are more of us than them. More that love, embrace differences, and want to help & more that want change from the current demagogue.

I hope I will be more settled, more open to being loved. I hope I am continuing to grow more healthy. I hope we live in a happier and more peaceful world.

I certainly hope that life will look more positive and that I'll be proud of how far I've come

I hope I’ll be satisfied. I hope I’ll be happier with my appearance and achievements. I hope I’ll have a job closer to home and my kids. I hope I will have gone outside more and been on my phone less. I hope I’ll be able to have let go of my resentment towards some people and just let them be.

I'll be writing my dissertation. Second POL has been written, house is zenified & garden abundant. Love is all You need!

I believe all my prayer requests will have been answered and that I will be slimmer and healthier, my son will be home, straight, and working, and serving God with his family and that prayers for his family will have been answered also. I believe Rodney will be out and we will be married and serving God together and be happy and more in love than we are now and falling more in love every day. I believe I will have a good car and enough money coming in to live comfortably and not have to worry about how to pay for emergencies and everything else. I believe Rick will be out of my home and that we remain friends but nothing more, ever. I just believe life will be 100% better this time next year. PRAISE THE LORD!

I will feel like I'm not finished, but my God will honor my obeying Habakkuk 2:2, "And the Lord answered me, and said, write the vision, and make it plain upon tables, that he may run that readeth it.", and by God's grace I will not be the same person this time next year.

I just want to be more focused on what I like to do. To do it better. I am reconnecting with my past, with my roots, and I like that. And I hope this will make me a better person.

I wonder. Usually I would predict I would feel awful because I'd have accomplished or changed nothing yet again. But I also now know this is more a result of my deleting consciousness of positive change due to dissociation and confirmation bias of my unchanging negative emotional set-point. I hope -- that will be different. that there will be positive change, and i will be able to acknowledge and incorporate that there is. Having a mile-marker such as this one seems like it would be a good tool for that.

I want to be in a home, making art, loving and being loved.

I am hopeful to be part of the solution of making our world more tolerant. It needs to start with me being more tolerant of neighbors who support Trump. I need to not simply look at them as selfish and racist.

I think I'll already know my answers. I hope I'm wrong and I've grown and don't recognize this viewpoint, but I also know myself.

Get past the regrets about a long and unpleasant history with my mother. And a promise that each today and tomorrow to be a good friend, wife, and mother. Answering these questions, and especially rereading them the following year's responses is always revealing. Political and social events, personal relationships, and goals met - or not. I look forward to receiving my 10Q email. For me, 10Q marks the beginning of a new cycle of mindfulness and renewal.

I hope that my life will feel more in balance on a global level: work vs. play rest vs. doing creating vs. thinking alone time vs. together time vs. time with others. But also more balanced within me. I feel off-kilter, unsettled inside right now. I hope that my joy will feel unalloyed, my love and tenderness will flow freely, my confidence will be stouter, my emotions will be more stable, and my energy will be more buoyant.

I hope dealing with my health issues will be positive and I continue to enjoy my life that I am very grateful for. I hope Tricia gets that full time job so she doesn't have to worry about new clients all year long . hope our financial situation improves with the above and maybe my brother helps me out with his estate settlement. I think I will continue to miss my brother & sister even more as time passes.

Well, I hope I have a steady income, a peaceful home, good friends, an active musical project, and maybe even a lover. I'd love to see that I have overcome my current situation and learned to thrive again.

First...I assume you mean September 2018...since there is only one day left in September 2017. I made a huge life change in 2017 so I would doubt there will be anything as profound that I will choose for the next year (obviously anything can happen...and with this president, so many dire things could happen in one year). I have had a mixture of gratitude and stoic acceptance of my life circumstances this year. I am hoping that I might find more opportunities for relationship happiness in the year ahead. It really is the only thing I yearn for. I hope I continue to feel grateful for the blessings of my life (my health and freedom, my son's health and wellbeing, my family unity, my career fulfillment, my friends and social support, music). I hope I can ease my fear of intimacy so that I can be part of an intimate relationship again. Answering the questions has concretized many themes I have discussed with my confidants and have written in my journal. Putting them all in one place, knowing I will view them in a year, may have the effect of motivating and inspiring me. We shall see!

hopeful and relieved. more conscious, more intentional.

I hope I am in better shape physically and mentally. I hope I'm playing more golf and not as tired.

I think I'll feel much more calm. I think my son will be successful. I think in a year, many things will have changed, but at it's core, my life will be much the same, and I am perfectly okay with that.

I think I will feel the same as I felt this year---nostalgia, but also a sense of hope. I feel proud of what I've done, but I know I can do more. We just keep working. The only thing you can't do is stop.

I hope I'll feel good and still settled. I'm entering a new phase of life - empty nesting - and it's taking some getting used to. On one hand I'm liking it, and on the other, I'm not. My sister put it best. Years ago she told me that raising kids never gets easier. It just gets different. I totally see that now. I also feel as if it's never "done" - yeah, I know that parenting is a forever job, but when the kids were younger it felt like once they grew up and were (somewhat) out on their own, I'd feel less responsible for them. It's funny, because now I feel MORE responsible...it's like I'm finally starting to see the proof in the pudding. :-) I hope that work will still not be a concern, and I sincerely hope that I don't have to worry about finances. I mean, I'll always worry, but I sincerely hope that I'm past having to pinch every single penny. Fingers crossed... And finally, I hope that the situation in our country improves. I am very fearful for our democracy, and I plan on being able to look back next year and say that I did everything I could to bring progressive, caring, unbiased thinking (and actions) forward.

Oh wow, I hope I will feel relieved that my worst fears went unrealized and proud that I have made significant gains on the goals that I set. I am not sure anything will be different as a result of thinking about these questions, as they are things I would think about anyway. But I do hope that my top personal priorities of a safe and healthy family with a boy on his way to a Bar Mitzvah would feel pretty good. I also expect that next year at this time will involve some pretty serious and unknown developments in my job, and that will be interesting to reflect on at that time.

I hope I will treat myself with compassion and loving-kindness.

I will feel AMAZING!! This year is the first time I received answers from the previous year and it was an incredible feeling. It was unbelievable to see how far I’ve come and it added to my motivation. I believe that I will feel the same way next year. I hope that I accomplished certain goals that I wrote in this round of questions. I hope that I continue to grow as an individual. I want to have stronger communication, endless motivation, and stronger chakras.

I hope that my family is happy and healthy and that we are closer than ever. I hope that we are ready to make big changes to our lives in the hopes of improving them. We need to make a big change to live life to its fullest. I hope also that I can be at peace with all the things we will have to sacrifice for this and that I have learnt to be more relaxed about it all. I want to appreciate more what I do have and not what I don't. It is good to reflect on these questions. As a culture we worry a lot about physical health but not mental health. Mindulness is important and can help alter negative behaviors, towards ourselves and towards others. I hope to be a better version of myself next year. P.S should the question say September 2018? It's sept 2017 now. Or at least it's was... tomorrow is October P.P.S sorry future me if some of these answers have been cringe worthy to read

I think I am impressed that when I read my responses from last year- that many of them still ring true for this year. I am so busy raising my kids and trying to be a better person. I appreciate that 10Q helps me to pause and think.

Immediately what comes to mind is that I'll be disappointed in myself. Which is strange! I never knew I was such a pessimist. I hope that it's not true. I hope that I can continue reflecting on these answers and using them as motivation. I hope I'll be feeling more content with my life next Yom Kippur. Not settled, but content that I am doing the things that excite me and are really true to me. I'm just so scared I don't know what they are.

All those negative have been washed away. He battles for me. I harvest. Forgive myself and others. Speak declare God's words. My mouth aligns with God and I move forward. Yom Kippur the sash turned white

Again, like last year, I am thrilled at the possibility of reaching all of my goals that I've stated in this year's 10Q. I really hope that because of my improved mental state I will be able to make my life on that I am comfortable living.

I hope my life has grown and progressed. I hope it has gotten bigger. I hope I have tried more new things. I hope I'm living my life in a way that is more smooth - less ups and downs, more ups. I hope I feel braver, I hope I am less afraid, I hope I am loved.

I hope as Sept 2018 rolls around I have spent more time with grandchildren and I know I will feel good about that. I hope I become more financially secure and that my family life grows stronger and it is more of my time. Thinking and answering makes me really face the answers. I like that.

I hope that I feel proud of the things I've accomplished and reflective (but not embarrassed) of my failures. I hope that I've overcome my fears and found happiness--mind, body, and soul. I hope in a year I look back on my answers and realize how beautiful the last year has been.

I can imagine myself feeling proud of my first year follwong throigh on 10Q and motivated to start another year of reflection. l hope that, in new ways, I'll continue to feel personal growth in my life. I hope I'll feel that I've grown in my capacity to deal with new types of challenges. I hope I'll find myself even kinder to myself than I am today. { facing challenges with courage and empathy }

At least I'm in therapy for my angst and I do feel as though my therapist and I have an excellent rapport. I feel under appreciated at work and as though I'm just "putting in the time" But...after finding the Unitarian Universalist "church not church" I feel slightly more hopeful!

It's my favorite time of year. I love to see where I was, how I've grown & what I've accomplished.

I think I'll feel excited (as I always do) to read my answers. I hope that by the time I get these answers back next year, I will be closer to having a future I love. But I also hope that in addition to continuing along the path I've set for myself, that I have at least a few internal changes—specifically, that I become kinder to myself. And for the first time, I think that (if I do become, or try to become, kinder to myself) it will be in part due to the reflection provoked by these questions!

I hope to feel like I have used that time adequately. I hope that though I may not be at my goal, I will be on the way and I will be coming with a vengeance. Often, I feel too ready to accept complacency, I want to be the captain of this ship and I was ports (goals) to stop at. I hope to not disappoint myself.

I think it'll be difficult for me to accomplish what I set out to do this year, so I might be disappointed. I really do hope I surprise myself, though. I know that my life will be much different next year. I'll hopefully be employed and living with my best friend.

I hope to feel more situated in my new community and job and feel like things are finally moving in the right direction.

I hope I'll feel accomplished. Accomplished at moving forward, at personal progress, at finding, being and loving me.

I'm hoping that I'll be spurred on to change anything that I wanted to change a year ago. Sadly, other than retiring, that hasn't happened.

Next year I will be divorced again and be adjusting to single life. I will not be dating, most likely. I will be considering taking a position abroad and maybe starting a life outside the United States. I should have done that years ago and perhaps now is my chance to do that. I will not be in a relationship where I am considered an option.

I will think what a fucking dumbass but I will be happy to have 10Qs

Everything. I want to feel lighter and energetic and creative again. I want to have motivation and feel like I'm making some kind of progress in life or at least have some of kind of desire for progress. I want to feel like I have some kind of input in what happens - maybe not absolutely control, but at least some kind of influence!

I hope that I will be less afraid and have more positive things to say about how my life is currently. I am happy, don't get me wrong, but a job that I hate consumes me, and a job tha my husband doesn't love makes me sad for him because we both feel we're in a rut and we're only 26. I hope that we have achieved a few of our goals in terms of successful jobs that treat us well and pay us well. I hope we are living in a community that is where we can and want to place our roots and start/raise a family.

I think I'll be proud and amazed at my growth, more so this year than any other. I think I'll be closer to having the life I want.

I might surprise myself again.

Indictment, impeachment, imprisonment, assessment, improvement, advancement.

I pray that I will have taken the next steps to improve my employment and further my education. I should be farther along next year than I am today. (09/30/17)

I do hope to look back on my answers - specifically question #2 - and realise that my concerns were in the wrong place. I hope that next year I'll have a better sense of what is and isn't important enough to spend my energy on.

Upon receiving these answers, I hope I feel a sense of gratitude to my past self. Next, I'd like to feel some sense of accomplishment, that I have done the things I wanted for myself or found reasonable alternatives. I put a lot of pressure on myself around what others say are significant years of my life. I do only have so long to lay the foundation of my career or have biological children. However, people change jobs, they go back to school, they start business, at all ages. The children stuff is harder, but not impossible. Really, I hope to continue to feel like I'm getting there. Wherever that might be?!

this time last year I hoped to find contentment and a way to reach for new things. I wanted the world to surprise me. Well, be careful what you wish for because I found all of this and more just by stating my attention and reflecting on what I wanted. So this year, I want to live into that which brings me joy and I have found great joy in being in service to others. I found joy not it who I am but is what I can be when I reach beyond my self-imposed limits. I long to find a community so I will go and seek that because when I live in community with others I find joy.

I think I will see once again what a shallow ass I can be. Maybe that is just how I feel today, but it certainly is a piece of who I have always been. I hope I will have grown a bit, lived a bit, and loved a bit. AND, I hope I will remember a bit.

I think it's supposed to be 2018...and I think this answers will show me how far we've come as a family and as people.

I hope that I am not depressed because I'm not Any further along. I hope that I will be better able to trust in myself and my relationships and that staring down 40 won't seem so insurmountable.

I'll think they'll make me a little sad; but potentially, I'll be willing to examine what is different and what is the same.

I always happy to see how I've done. Usually, I've done at least 75% of what I've said. The 10Q helps me set goals.

I think I will feel a little silly I was so worried about the details of moving. I hope everything is still well and that I like my nice home. I hope I learn more Cornish and write down my spiritual rites and beliefs. I think that would be useful and meaningful.

When this time next year rolls around my feelings full probably equally regretful for the mistakes I made in this coming year. Hopefully my life will be very different and that it will be a wonderful woman by my side to share her life with me and my life with her. I'll be at a comfortable place in my life with the community that is living with me. My Gardens will be gorgeous. My meditations even more meaningful. My health and happiness will be hard to hear my relationship with my children will be closer and my garage will be cleared out.

I hope to be myself. My true self and not a poser.

I have no idea how I will feel. I am struggling to have hope for the future of our planet, our children, our species. With an insane person as president and our government undermined by billionaire's doing their own bidding, I am disgusted with what America has come to represent. I want an end to patriarchy and I fear its suicidal ideation, its malevolent fear of the feminine, and its will to death rather than passing the torch. Next year I hope to look back on these dark and insane times. I want to see women powerfully defining the way forward with strong community and progressive values. I don't know how this will happen. I don't know what pain we will have had to suffer. I do know that the bigoted, narcissist we have in the white house at this time, is paving the way for something better--he represents the end of times....may the time that comes be kind to women and children. That is my wish, my goal, my aim.... I know in answering these questions I am defining the path I will take into the next year. Reflection is important--in fact critical to mental health and the reformation of life, of things, of thinking, of thought. I firmly believe in it and in the subconscious mind to guide me.

I'm doing okay. I feel better, I've got it more together emotionally than I have the first two years I did this exercise. I'd like to leverage that to be able to accomplish more, to live better, to spend my time better. But if I'm where I am now, generally, that's okay.

I would like to be moving forward with less "things" and "attachments". I really want a simpler life without so much holding me down. I hope I wasn't too hard on myself and able to show my love and loss this year without bitterness.

I hope I'll be proud of the changes I've made. I've been through some shit the last two years and now it's time for me to grow from all of it. So by next September, I hope I've tried some new things. I hope that by reflecting on some interesting questions, I've learned more about myself and what is still ahead for me!

I hope I will have acheived my stated goals. If I haven't met these goals, I hope I can be compassionate towards myself. I hope I will feel that I've been in action on my goals.

I hope I'm alive and healthy as well as the people I love. I hope our country is in a better place. And, with all of my heart, I hope the people who have suffered all the natural disasters this year, in particular, Puerto Rico are well into their recovery and that, as a country, we've learned global warming is real, it's too late to stop it, so we need to increase our ability to respond to these disasters. We shouldn't allow life to be cheapened based on color or income. I think most of that will not be different.

You mean September 2018? I think I'll feel good. I've been putting my life on an upward trajectory for a while now and looking at last year has helped me notice how much change has really happened.

I'll definitely excited to see my previous answers and whether I've tried any changes according to it or not. I hope that I do take some actions of whatever's been written down and if I haven't it should be a kick as to what I really wanted to do in the first place.. I'll definitely be in a reflective space and feel that for the second time definitely I will take some actions for sure.

I feel like we’ve both come so far. I hope by this time next year, I’m in better shape and making a difference at my school. I hope I’ve learned to be more attentive to Lindsey’s feelings and emotions. I hope I’ve learned more about taking care of our house. I’ll be forty and want to feel like I’ve earned forty, if that makes sense.

September 17 did roll around, and my answer is exactly like it was last year, word for word for word for word

I hope I'm a calmer individual who is in deeper love with her partner.

I hope I'll feel more confident of my skills, and acceptance of myself as I am, than I do now. It's already improved over the years and I want to continue that improvement. I hope I will have taken healthy risks. I hope most of all I'm continuing to make space for and really listen well to the intuitive voice(s).

Hopefully less depressed about the state of this world society and the intrusions and restrictions placed on all people except the powerful.

No answer was given because i didn't do it last year. I hope that i accomplish the things i wrote about.

I hink I will NOT be surprised. I hope I WILL be surprised. ("pleasantly") I hope I will have found a way to get and stay more me. And have that me will have me a bit more content and relaxed.

I think I'll feel pleased to remember the island magic. I don't think I'll feel that different

Looking ahead is something I don't do very often. I'd rather be open to opportunities and responding to them as they appear rather than trying to live in a way that moves me into a particular way of feeling or being. I doubt that there will be huge changes for me personally, unless something catastrophic happens in my tiny world. The more important consideration is what will be happening globally so my greatest hope is that the tide of right wing hatred is being turned and we can start to care about each other much more. And in my dreams, I'd be the next Companion for The Doctor ;-)

no clue

I'll feel curious, what did I think a year ago? I'll be worried, did I achieve what I wanted? Maybe I'll be proud that I did. I hope my family life is more secure. I hope I feel better about myself.

I expect to feel pleased that I have been on the right track. I may not achieve everything I set out to achieve, but I may also achieve even more. If there is anything I want to change for the better, it would be to become a person less focused on my own growth and more focused on being a light unto others.

I hope I will be happy about them because I've taken positive steps to work towards what I really want. I hope I've either done this or circumstances have changed so they don't apply anymore. Either way I hope I look back on them and realise I've had the conviction to go after what I really want.

I hope that I won't just look back and think how ridiculous I've been. To be honest, I think I'll be sad for myself as there's quite a lot of emotional pain in these answers. I hope I'll still be happy and secure in my new relationship and that I'll be coping ok as a doctor. Doing these questions I've realised how much I've had to process in the past year. It's been a lot and I hope that I can go easier on myself in the upcoming 12 months.

Feeling generally very pessimistic at the moment about many things, even though there are also positives. No idea where things will be at next year - don't want to make predictions.

My hope is that I will be in a happier, more healthy place. And if not, that I can accept that with more ease.

Not sure. I live in a world of diminishing expectations. I have to do something extraordinary to silence my cynicism about myself.

same as last year but this time i really need to think very seriously about what i have answered and put the changes and adjustments into practice .... i don't want this to carry on year by year as time could be running out last year the answer was "hope that having to think about this stuff might be the catylist that starts the changes in my life "

I hope to feel nostalgic. To look back on this time in my life, where I am, who's around me and what I want for myself in the next year. I want to be more self assured about myself and have the confidence to start my own business. I know at this moment in time that I'm happy to work full time and towards a business - I'm excited to see how I Halle get myself!

My deep hope is that I will have a healthy baby in my arms in a year from now, and that my marriage will still be strong, full of love and support, and that we are embracing this new phase of life in great stride. I also hope that I will be a motivated individual, who watches less TV, reads more, exercises more, and is a more grounded person living life to its fullest.

L'shana ha-bah biy'rushalayim, mamash! I hope I can look back on how nervous and unsettled I felt at the beginning of rabbinical school and take not of how far I've come in one short year.

Oh dear, still complaining about my job...! Although at least I didn't just blitz through the answers this year. I *hope* I'll be a bit better at dealing with my worries next year, but nothing in my life so far gives me particular hope on that front. More realistically, I hope I can look back at some of my ambitions or little life improvements and see that I've done some of them. That feels achievable.

I hope that my answers to the questions will be different every year. It will help to know that things are changing, my life is growing. I will always have questions and problems, but I hope they aren't the same questions and problems every year.

september 2018 - what will be different well freya may be at Uni or on a gap year I hope I may be starting a college course and have reduced my days to 4 days per week hope my personal work with Ari and JH has moved forward further - I'm very proud with where I have got to this year and hope for more progress , not be so frightened re becoming ill again...

I am actually seeing improvement in the whole field of organization. I have shown my older son/trustee the location of files and sent him a letter introducing all the key people he will need to work with when the time comes and the two of us are gone and he is the trustee and executor. There is sadness in the discussion, but relief in making this onerous role easier for him. Maybe I can unlock a few secrets about weight control which have yet eluded me. Maybe I will quit screaming at the TV every time they have the news from the Capitol. I hope so.

I think I'll feel god about them and I hope there have been life changes that made me into a better person and is helping me push my potential!

I think I will feel that the growth in one years spans time was so amazing, that my sharing with he community from life's experiences and my writing life's 99 lessons, has taught me valuable lessons in thriving after trauma

I don't know. I'm fearful that things could be really bad and I will be living in hiding or we will be in war or something. I hope that things are like they are now or better. So far every year I feel that I have made progress when I read my responses. Each year my answers are less superficial and more spiritually grounded. No matter what happens in the world I know I will be able to continue that work.

To believe deeply in the fiber of my soul that my inherent goodness is the energy of the divines spark, to do the daily avodah of self care, living and creating that spark, so that I may act in tikkun olam with others.

For me, and I predict that I will deal with and put to rest some issues of childhood. I predict that I will return to the self confident person I used to be. I will be more relational and less rigid in my life and I therefore be less lonely. I will have a loving and lasting relationship with a man without fear of abandonment ! As for this country and the planet, I only have that it's not as bad as it could be

No idea. I hope I will be healthy and happy. I have just now discovered with a casual Google that was not at all about me that I have Fetal Alcohol Syndrome, luckily not a severe form. I have the facial features, the deformed ears (they don't have the little rollover at the top like most ears), the bent pinky finger. I have lived with all those all my life without much thought. I read that personality traits of FAS people include having ADD (yep), being unmotivated in their early years (yep), and being too trusting (yep). They are often generous and kind (yep), and if they are lucky, they get it together after age 30--double yep. I was 28 when I first attended college. I have really thought I had character flaws, but it was all biology. I want to change my perception of myself from a loser who finally got it together to someone who was a textbook case all along and never knew she had FAS. Knowledge is power, baby, and if I know what it is, I can work to fix it. With my dear husband gone and this new knowledge under my belt, I start a new chapter. I hope I write it well.

I like to think I'll feel proud. I've survived half of my 34th year, and by then I will have survived it all. It's a magical feat when I've been told my whole life that I'll kill myself at age 33, because "your mother killed herded at 33, and your grandmother did too." Except that's all a lie. Those same doubters failed to mention the responsibility of my abusive father while painting their limited expectation for my existence. Those same doubters had no idea that my grandmother actually died of heart disease (a far more concerning prognosis), but felt content with filling my head with a hopeless lie in order to make themselves feel better about their chosen existence. I hope to have found forgiveness for those who doubted me and silenced me. It's an eternal work in progress, but each day I will simply choose to be more good.

I think I will realize that some things that felt very urgent don't anymore, and wonder why I didn't pay more attention to other things. I will think "wow, that's what was going on in the world? The crises have changed but the themes have not" . . . because that's what I think every year.

I will be lighter and will be spending more time being spontaneous and going on adventures with my husband.

i think my way of thinking has mostly evolved to where i am now. i don't expect any huge changes in how i think about most things in a year, but who knows?! :)

I hope I'll feel proud that I've continued the work I started over the last year. I hope that I recognize my answers and can see how I've continued to grow in various ways. Hopefully I will be at a new job. I absolutely plan to continue to be a part of JRC. I want to see myself embracing all of my responsibilities with greater ease and comfort.

I have no idea how I'll feel. Because of this in-between time of my life, I really don't know where I'll be in a year. I may be in the same uncertainty, in which case I'll relate completely to the answers. If, however, I somehow have my life more figured out, I may laugh at my fear that I wrote about in these questions as something in the past that I don't have to worry about anymore.

I love the condensed versions of my thoughts from the year before and then of course to compare them to today. I hope I will be more mindful and still.

As last year, I hope with 9/18 rolls around, I will feel that I made some progress in 2017. I want to have grown as a teacher leader and cantor. I always strive to be a better person.

I was shocked at last years answers so I’m pretty sure I will be shocked at this years answers next year. You don’t realize how much time contributes to the way we think. I hope everything that I want comes to fruition with hard work, support and prayer.

I think I'll take it seriously this year. I *was* too rushed in 2017 to read my answers when they rolled around (as predicted in 2016). I think I will take the Days of Awe with more resonance and contemplation. I think I will. It was almost a chance for me and R this year, it was almost a chance. But it's time to let go of that, too. He knows the facts, but he doesn't know the truth, from moment to moment. It is a hard, hard way to live. I think I'll be proud of what I must do, I think I'll have visited Firepit Minyan, and maybe liked it. I think I'll take high holidays off. Will I have new work by this time next year? I will be looking. Maybe I will have new work by then. Maybe I will be partly on the way to starting my own thing. I believe I will have sold some art by then. At CCD or CwC or elsewhere. That idea is ripe.

There's always something to work on and stay motivated to improve in life. Feeling like you've made progress helps to stay motivated. Next year, I'd like to see/know that I've made progress on some of the ideas that are important to me this HHD season. I hope I maintain a clear vision of being able to look at what's going on in my life over a year and currently and have insightful and creative ideas about those experiences.

"When September 2017 rolls around..." It's already September 2017 :p. I imagine I will feel about the same as I have over the last few years. For me there's usually always something to celebrate, something to worry about, something on fire, but nothing is truly terrible or incredible. I've come to accept this is the way my mind works. I hope the world is calmer and more optimistic, looking towards building a better future rather than trying to go back to the past.

I hope that I will feel that I am in a place and life that makes me happy. I hope that I can still look back on my old writings and feel nostalgic. I hope that I will be following my purpose in life and be living life to the fullest.

I hope that I will have made some significant progress toward my personal and professional goals. I hope that wherever I find myself, that I am content and happy, that I am being true to myself. I hope that I can put the pain of the past behind me and move forward without fear into the future.

I hope that I will be stronger and more willing to speak up, especially in the moment of transgressions large and small.

I hope that I will be in a completely different place, and that I can look back and appreciate what I went through to get to where I am then. I hope to have achieved every goal I set for myself. And I hope that I am happy.

Upon reviewing the previous nine answers I constructed, I anticipate a difficult yet fulfilling year of trying to accomplish the goals I set forth. None of these self-assigned tasks are unrealistic or overly difficult; attaining the motivation to make changes to my lifestyle will be the true challenge. Striving for the goals I pondered and submitted as answers over the past nine days will be the true success of the following year; enjoying the new lifestyle constructed by these accomplishments will be a propitious byproduct of the journey I intend to embark on. This is perhaps the most vital concept I have drawn from the writings of Thoreau and Slouka: the means must be appreciated as much, if not more than, the end. The final year of high school is marked by numerous changes that all adolescents will face, including the movement from high school to college or a career and the transition into legal adulthood. The countless blessings of my life, however, have permitted me the ability to create more opportunities to change during this year. While many people struggle with the aforementioned changes that occur naturally during this revolutionary stage of life, I endeavor to do more. I hope that this privilege will lead to significant growth as a person. By September of 2018, I aim to be more open to the ideas and advice of others. Openness facilitates growth and positive change. Growth and change are vital to maintaining strong relationships marked by love and trust. I hope that the next year yields stronger relationships both with friends and relatives as well as with myself.

I think I'll feel love for myself - the self that I am today. I hope that, if nothing else, I am different. In some way. That some of the concerns, pain, and fears I have today are gone. That I'll have moved past this current place and entered into a phase of life - with its own concerns, pain, and fears. I hope, above all, that I will be struck with an understanding of how truly far I've come.

Fuck, I have no idea. I don't know what my life looks like tomorrow, much less a year from now. I hope I'll be more focussed and less unsure.

i think will feel either happy or sad depending how much i ended up doing/changing during 5778. most important is new livelihood, good health, and companionship. i miss not having a mate/partner/companion more than almost anything else. and i hope in a year am beyond just being in survival mode like i feel i am in now.

Every day I think, "It can't possibly get worse." And then 45 does something reprehensible, or his followers do, and I'm mystified that I ever thought we had already hit rock bottom. In other words, by this time next year, I'm scared to think how low we will have sunk as a nation. On the flip side, I hope I'm able to look back proudly on a list of failures for the administration in their efforts to implement regressive measures. I hope more and more people wake up to what a nightmare 45 is for the country and start fighting back (joining the rest of us who have been fighting since before the election). It's easy to be outraged in the moment, and really hard to maintain that energy long-term - so I hope we've been able to do that.

I think I'll feel a little silly and a lot nostalgic. I'll probably look back and think of how easy I had it. But honestly future me, I'm trying my best. I feel like I'm working and dealing with maximum capacity. Kudos for achieving so much. I hope to get better at reflecting; both about the good and bad. Love you!!!

I don't know. I hope I'll have grown enough that I can face life without so much fear.

in the midst of the questions, i learned my daughter is pregnant. this will be a huge difference in our lives, so i don't know how i'll feel come this time next year. what will change? what will be the same? i hope that i will have set myself realistic goals so i can achieve them. we'll see.

I think I will feel nostalgic. I also think I will think it's funny how much changes in a year, because I feel that way every year when I look back on where I was vs. where I am at any given moment. I am hoping I continue to feel more comfortable and secure with myself, I hope that my debt situation will be more under control, and I hope that I will have a more clear vision about what I want to do with my life, whether that is stay at my current company, start a different job, or move into academia.

I will feel happy, glad that I took the time to reflect this year and to write these thoughts down. I will feel blessed to have taken the steps in my development, in growing who I am and what I believe in. I will be in a new position, where I can spread more light and more love out into the world. I will be grateful, emanating nothing but love! I will be a year wiser, stronger, and more in tune with the universe around me.

I don't think rediscovering my answers next year will be nearly as traumatic. I feel like I'm in a good place right now, not nearly as much stress and drama and fear as I used to experience. I hope by this time next year, I'm comfortably settled into my education and hopefully employed or starting my practicum. As far as things I hope will be different next year, not much. I'm pretty darn happy. I hope I'm a married woman next year! I hope next year is smoother overall, but we'll see. Here's to a great next year!!

I think next year my life will be significantly different in ways I cannot fathom right now. Becoming a parent is one of the most significant life transitions for any human. Of course, I'll still be me, and I'm sure I'll still be grappling with much of the same stuff. But I hope the coming year will be a period of significant growth for me.

My wish for last year came true, and perhaps it was the only time since doing 10Q that this happened: the "intellectually-crippling brain fog" I suffered from finally lifted and I could see verdant lands again and the colorful spans that connect them. For next year I hope to apply this renewable resource into something tangible: a finished novel, recorded music, some paintings maybe. Since I fell into unwilling hiatus I've lost much of the discipline I had. This year-end ritual of 10Q always forces me to flex the muscle of meaning, however atrophied it may be. As always I have my love, my great inamorata, whose voice, mind, touch and vision oscillate with light. I could fix myself on her even through the last two years' crippling fog, and know my bow and sails were true. I hope to continue this cartographic work we share for all my remaining days.

I'm hoping that I don't feel that I didn't attain anything I was hoping to this year, as I do most years after reading my answers. I'm hoping that I will be calmer, more focused and definitely more fit!

Well Gd willing I will turn 70. I hope that I continue to feel healthy and able to walk, take another course, do the volunteer stuff that I enjoy. I hope that something happens to rein in Mr. Trump. I hope that we decide to make a major effort to deal with climate change.

I think next year at this time, my life will be very different. I'm not sure how, and the past couple times I've done this, I didn't have that same feeling. A year from now, while I'll probably still be at Oneview, it's possible we will have been bought, or I'll have a very different job, or we'll have a totally different organizational structure. I will probably read my answers to these questions and think I half-assed it, because for the most part, I did.

I hope I'll be more comfortable in my skin than I was when I wrote these. I want to be a stronger person with the continued support of my friends and family.

I'll likely feel the same as I did the last time. These answers are measured for an expectation that anything can happen, my mind could change about anything, and I can only participate as best I can in the world around me.

I hope I'm not this sad. I hope everything isn't this hard. I hope I will have a twinge as I remember how awful things were this time last year, but that it won't still be like this. I hope work will be more enjoyable, I hope my social and romantic lives aren't as painful as they are now, and I hope my family is doing better.

I hope I'll have found a way to have me-time while being part of a family, to be more patient with our favourite teenager and to gave found more satisfaction in my work.

I was profoundly moved when I got my answers this year from 2016 and 2015. To see that I have been holding many of the same concerns and fears for such a long time really struck me. And to see my worries about physical symptoms a year ago, and since then I have learned that I have MS. I'm feeling more depressed right now that I have felt in a long time. I am feeling more frustrated with my physical health and fitness, and I don't have a clear path to better health right now. But I HAVE TO be hopeful that by this time next year I will have a better handle on things and will have made some progress on it. I have to. 10Q has given me a lot of insight into my thinking, and especially seeing trends over time.

I have no idea. I hope that things will continue much as they are, and that my work situation will be stable and positive (more positive than now). I hope my family continue well, or, at least do not enter slow declines.

It sounds good to say that 10Q’s have made me realize my deficiencies and what I need to do to fill the gaps. I can picture opening my questions next year, feeling proud of my accomplishments. To be completely honest though, I will probably forget about these in a few weeks. They were a school assignment I had to get done. I tried to answer questions candidly and to reflect, but I did not have a revelation or epiphany. It did not unlock a deep passion for reflection and at time made me feel uneasy. I think the uneasiness was good, it made me realize there is always more to improve on. I am happy with my life right now and hope to stay happy. I hope that when my 10Q’s pop up in my mailbox, I read them. Who knows if I will, but it’s nice to believe I will. The 10Q’s will be more of a relic from the past then a form of improvement. It will be nostalgic to look back on Fletcher’s class and remember high school but I am not sure how much more value it will hold than that. I do hope I can explore philosophy, ethics, and spirituality more, something my reflections made me realize I was lacking. Finally, I hope I can keep reflecting. I am by nature a forward thinking person, easily caught up in the moment, awaiting the next. It is good to stop and reflect for just a little bit. Maybe I will start journaling. Build a dream board. Use a dream catcher. I don’t know. Just something to make me slow down and self-reflect.

I have no idea how I shall feel since I have no idea what the next 12 months will bring and how they will affect me. I assume that I will have failed regarding some plans, and hopefully grown in other ways. I hope that the positive will outweigh the negative. right now I don't like thinking so far ahead since I am struggling to make the first step of the day. I'm not sure why I continue to answer these questions, since they are not particularly therapeutic. Perhaps I do it as a gesture of hope.

I hope there is less of me and that the less of me his healthier and stronger.

...but it IS 2017! :O I was pretty harsh last year about myself. I think it'll be pretty cool to see what I have to say. Man... will we move out of our basement apartment? Overall as long as I’m still here and happy by next year, what more could I ask for? I think I will be better at reflecting! We shall see. Until then, see you next year!

I think that I will feel accomplished and will hopefully remember the exact emotions that went through my head during this time. For example, I hope I know in the future what the word "with grace" meant to me in 2017 when 2018 rolls around. I hope my life will be different from getting to know myself better and being able to stand up for myself.

I hope that I will feel happy at where I am compared to how I feel know. Hopefully I feel more grateful and less stressed about work. I hope that I have more control of my life and really put myself first in the equation. I think that is really the goal -- to live my authentic life and focus on the things that matter. Work is nice, but it is just a means to an end at this point. I want to focus on the things that bring me joy.

Next year at this time I hope to have achieved the following goals: 1. Make and keep a cleaning schedule so that my house is no longer a pig sty. 2. Work to ensure my cats are as healthy as possible. 3. Quit real estate and find a way to once again write and edit for a living. 4. Eat healthier and get more exercise. Spend less time on the web and watching TV. 5. Read more books. 6. Finally start my blog. 7. Join a synagogue and reconnect to my spiritual side.

I think I will be pleasantly surprised by the level of positivity in the answers, even though the climate of the world at this time is anything but pleasant. I am hoping that I will still continue a forward momentum with my life and my loved ones. That I am progressing career wise and am able to say that I am happy with the person looking at me in the mirror each day.

I hope to been on track to achieve the goals I'm setting right now. To be enrolled in several teaching/learning circles and earning the money I'm envisioning.

Hopefully I will see the growth and feel that I accomplished some of my goals, that will please me immensely.

I think I will be happy with my life and progress I hope I weigh less and have optimal health I hope we survive Trumps foolishness

I am so thankful for these questions. They have already encouraged me to check in and begin setting into motion the things that will help me achieve my desires. Things will be different. I hope to have worked on my minimalism desires, my good work habits and hopefully my health. I also know, and am ok with the idea that there will be new issues to address. that's life. My message to myself: Give yourself some grace!

I know that change is not only possible, but it is inevitable. I fear that I won't have changed in meaningful, positive ways, and that I will be in the same spot with the same struggles. I'm not sure. This question every year makes me anxious about the future and expectant of failure. This is why I don't make New Year's resolutions - how can I make a promise that I know I won't keep? I really struggle with hope for the future in general and sometimes reflecting on my past confirms my reason for hopelessness.

I think I will feel better in life. Happier, cleaner, and more peace of mind that I am in control of my life. I hope by then I will be more financially sound, better understanding my role in my job, AND be in school continuing my education.

Relieved? Devastated? Trying to be positive. Trying to build a good retirement for myself and my husband. These questions do make me more reflective. even if only sub conscientiously. I love answering them, thank you for these.

I want to have found a passion. I want to be doing yoga again, exercising regularly, and have started my book. I hope to feel more happiness and more hope than I do now. I hope to feel less fear and stress about day to day life and what is happening in the world.

I hope to have continued to grow as a person and be able to have an effective business that provides me with all the funds I need to enjoy life. I also hope that through my actions I have made a difference in my community.

I just want to be happy and healthy. I'm kinda there already.

I am hoping that I find that I truly worked toward the issues I'd like to change, that I feel better or at least, more comfortable in the areas of concern mentioned in some questions.

It's hard to think about next year right now. It's hard to think about next week right now. It takes everything I have right now to navigate the day. I do hope we're still here, not washed away in a flood or incinerated in a nuclear explosion. But I don't like this question. For the first time since answering these questions, I don't want to think about what might be different. I'm worried too much might be different, that we won't recognize it. David says he handled this question by putting himself in the wizard's position; making the world what he wants it to be. I can't seem to do that right now. It feels like I have to be really honest about the decline of things, but, as I said in the last question, I know there's a place I have to traverse to get past the narrow fears of lack and loss in order to enter into a larger capacity of understanding what it is I'm living inside of. Right now it feels like a dark dark time, which makes every day matter, every second matter to the fullest, in the tiniest most meaningful ways. I hope radical eye contact will have caught on. I hope David and I are still here doing our thing, this life we enjoy so much, each other, our families, doing joyful projects and looking at the sunset, making goo goo eyes at each other. I hope Isabel makes a miraculous recovery and is still here at this time next year. See, I can still wish, I can still find light and silver.

I'm afraid I will still feel sad about this whole having a baby thing. I'm not sure if there's a way around that. I might just have to feel sad. Go through it. I feel too vulnerable to have concrete hopes. My hope is that I have lived slowly, moment by moment. It's so easy to get caught up in emotion. Right now the world seems to be a mess of angry people. But then I remember it's probably always been that way. People often say things like "the direction our world is headed is making me sick", but hasn't it always been heading this direction? Is there anything truly new? My husband and I have been watching the Ken Burns documentary on the Vietnam War and it's made me realize in a profound way - the United States has done all this before. Violence. Anger. Hatred. Protests. Awful politicians. Nothing is new. So why does it upset me so much? It is not going to be resolved. Ever. My hope is that at this time next year I have done a much better job of focusing on all the positives. There are so many. No matter what, there are so many good things in life. It seems like they may be endless and overwhelming, if you have just the eyes to see them.

More than anything I hope I am happy and at peace with the way the year unfolded. I hope I am proud of my continued resiliency and self-reflection. And I hope I will carry the mindfulness I have practiced these past ten days throughout the course of 2018.

I am not expecting much to change over this next year, and I will probably be wrong about that considering how much change we have typically had every year. I am expecting to be happy and feel good about reading my answers from this year. I expect to have made good progress on my goals.

Grateful. I will be thinner and happier. My family will be in good places. The Cubs will have clinched a post-season birth!

I hope I have taken action on the the answers to this year's questions, checked them off and I am now on to new ones. I hope the world changes and we stop hating one another long enough to recognize we are all in this together and inside we are all the same. Together we can tackle big BIG issue and stop repeating all the petty ones!

I am always longing for simplicity, and hoping to find it around every corner. This has been true for my entire life. The difference now is that I can look at my own progress each year, and feel assured that I am indeed moving in the correct direction, ever so slowly, but nonetheless forward still. It helps to keep everything else in perspective. So next year, I hope to be further along in my journey toward that simplicity.

I will want to read what I wrote, and see if these things I felt and wrote have changed, and how or in what direction. I hope I am at a different stage of my growth and my path and that I can read my answers with compassion and love, as well as gratefulness.

I'm not sure how I'll feel. I hope I'll be 10 pounds thinner, have my headaches under control, and be on my way to getting out of debt.

I'm hoping I will be able to say I traveled more to place I want to go. I still want a boyfriend/companion.

It will be interesting to see what's changed in my life and thought patterns in a year. I'm hoping that I will have resolved some of the questions asked, opening myself for new adventures and explorations of life. The one thing I pretty certain will be different, will be my relationship with my step-kids, since I just married their dad this year. I'm not overly certain what changes there will be, but I hope it's positive. I do hope that my kids will be able to open lines of communication with their step-sibs and get to know one another better.

Thrilled that I came back and finished these questions! I think and hope that I'll be along in the graduate school process. i thnk I'll be even more mature, and less questioning about myself. I hope my answers have more convictions in them. I'd like to work on that this year. Strength, clarity and convictions.

I hope I will have greater connection in my life. Closer friendships, perhaps a romantic partner, more of a place in the world.

I hope to be semi-retired by next year, meaning I'm working for meaning, not so much for money. I think I'll feel that a lot has changed this past year, and that those changes won't have been easy. I hope that we'll have weathered through this past year together not easily, but well.

I hope I'll have made some progress with my balance and muscle strength

At the moment, I expect that I will feel the same way. But that is one of my struggles - not accepting that things change regularly and sometimes at an alarming pace. I hope that i will make more time to write, will find a meaningful volunteer project, and will find one fun group social activity.

I hope to have deepened my comfort in the world, to be making my own music actively again in the studio and on paper, to be proud of Cyrun's success and harmony, and to be, most importantly, on a deepening spiritual path.

I hope that I will accomplish enough to make this year meaningful. Hopefully make a difference in some way.

I hope that I am still here to see the answers and that I feel that I grew and accomplished what I set out to do. If I didn't achieve my goals I will have another chance to reflect on my life and actively be the change I want to see.

Ah, I hope I'll feel more at peace with life. Gotta work on that.

I think I will first check to see if anything I wrote this week comes true, or changes, by next year. I hope I will be better able to be kind to myself, not to indulge in those negative voices. I hope I will have found a purpose in life, something about which I am passionate (aside from Marilyn, of course). I hope I will become more of a "doer," and not let fear or inertia or sloth keep me from taking an active role in life. I hope I learn, once again, to "carpe diem."

I hope I am happy to see what became of this wave of motivation and inspiration I'm experiencing right now. I hope to look back on these and smile, preferably from a place of great contentment, success, and continued motivation. And maybe a cigar to go with it.

I hope I will have moments of laughter and moments of profundity, as I have every year so far! I hope my life is as strong and happy as it is today, or even more, as it has been every year so far!

I hope I will be able to laugh at how stressed I am about the lack of opportunities that excite me for work. Nothing else can be settled until I find a job.

I wouldn't be surprised if every little thing was slightly different but that I was still slightly frustrated and stuck in some of the same places. Maybe I can break free from some old ways of being this year. Maybe our apartment won't be causing me such anxiety. Maybe I can learn to be patient more often.

Well, I certainly hope that I”ll have made improvements where wanted & needed and that next year I’ll see the world more broadly.

I hope I'll have the motivation to change the things I want to change and joy in appreciating the things that are already present in my life.

I'll be pleasantly surprised. I will look forward to acknowledging what I've accomplished. By then I will have one the lottery ad well so eveything will be simply grand!

I honestly hope that by this time next year I am hearing positive press about democratic elections but I am not sanguine. I hope that the truth will come out about our president's russian connections and I hope he has not started some kind of war with north korea. I want to be less involved emotionally with the daily news. We just learned today about the shooting in Las Vegas and I wonder what we will learn about this new mass murder. I don't wonder if we will do anything preventive due to this, I know we won't. Is there something about the American Psyche? it seems like this guy was just a sociopath. What can we do about all the military style weapons is civilian hands? I could live elsewhere if my family was there. I hope to be more in control of my temper with Ron. I hope I will be more honest (and loving) with him so it doesnt build up.

Angry at myself for not actually making the changes I told myself I will make. Also compassion for the person I was last year. Perhaps compassion for myself.

I hope I am living in a new home with loved ones in my life! Always enjoying my children and my life!

I think I will live somewhere else. I think maybe Trump will be on his way out the door. I hope we aren't in a new war. I hope I've made new friends to go with the others. I think I'll cut my hair. That last one is really superficial but this stuff needs to go.

I feel like I was less attentive than usual to these questions, & I hope I'll feel that was a momentary blip & that my real energy was powerful & unstoppable!

I hope that during this year I will gain additional insights (answers?) about what I feel gives my life meaning, especially as I grow older. I hope these insights will evolve through contemplation, relationships and experiences. Maybe from study? but study of what and with whom?

I think that I will he happy with how far I've come. I think that I will be thrilled with where my family is at. I think that we will be grateful to be together and moving forward.

I think that I will feel great. I have worked on a budget so I can save for the future but also for fun vacations. I will be on a different path with less stress over financial issues. I enjoyed answering these questions. It forced me to stop and think about what I want in life.

I'm afraid I will have forgotten all of them. I guess my next step right now is to copy/paste all the answers and keep them with me to refer to and make changes! I think/hope that I will be a (mostly) non-smoker, exercising more fully and with more variety, and learning more about my own spirituality.

I believe I will have grown and have more understanding of the struggles and pain that feel so insurmountable now. I believe that because my life experience has proven it time and time again. With sobriety, abstainence, Terry, school. All of my progress as a result of my willingness to surrender and trust....

What interesting questions! I didn't answer the first nine (yet) and I'm not sure that I will on 10Q, but I plan to incorporate them into my (daily) journal and revisit the answers when this is returned to me next year. My immediate reaction to how I think I will feel is that I will be disappointed that I didn't do better in the last year. I think that is a default response and exhibits the fear of failure, or better yet, fear of not succeeding. It is also a response based, at least in part, on my personal history. (Nota bene: I am an incredibly positive person, except for being harsh on myself.) However, having said that, I have been working on recalibrating myself since the holidays... actually before that, but more mindful since the holidays. NOW, having said that, as part of my personal recalibration, I believe I will feel that I honored my commitment to myself to make myself better and that I lived a year with mindfulness and integrity in my choices. I believe this also responds to the second question. I assert that being mindful, and reminding myself to be mindful on a regular basis (daily?), will only lead to a more positive life lived and that by considering these questions mindfully, and on a daily basis, will lead to that positive result. Now I need to go get me more of that positive! :-)

Im not sure, this year has been super though, im hoping next year will be better

I hope that I'll be able to answer "yes! I'm doing that!" or, "i'm totally on the path for that and this is where I am.." Or, woah, this is totally different than where I am AND the outcome is better than I expected!

I'm not sure whether anything will have changed, and I'm not sure about the degree to which I how it will.

I hope that I have overcame the fears that were limiting me so I am living a fuller life. It will give me a sense of how much I have really pushed or not.

Burnt out - while the past year has been quiet for a change. Every day has been a constant fight upstream - either with the universe or other people. Once, I'd like to not fight for the tiniest scrap of hope or happiness

I hope I will have gotten my condo decluttered so I will be able to live a healthier, more engaged life so I hope I will feel happier and more peaceful.

I so hope I don't sound like I do this year. I so hope 2018 is better than 2017, but 2016 wasn't great either. I felt like I kept touching the fringes of self-actualization only to be thrown down the mountain this year. I hope when I read these next holiday I will have attained my best at the moment self.

I think I will feel nostalgic and happy to read my answers. I hope that I will be able to plan and work towards my goals more efficiently.

I think I will have sympathy for myself for how hard the past two years have been. I hope I have a new job, that Jason is working, that the Democrats have won back Congress and that the world is righting itself a bit after the chaos and misery 2016 and 2017 have wrought. I hope I am happier or at least more content with my life. I hope Jason and I are both healthy, or at least healthier. I hope everyone I love is still alive.

I think I'll feel grateful for having another year of wonderful memories and another one to look forward to. I hope I'll be less fearful and nervous and be able to just enjoy the good things without always thinking the "shoe is going to drop."

I imagine around this time I'll be knee deep in post production on my film. I hope that my ego is in check and that I still have balance in my life with family, love, sobriety and spirituality. I may still be ADing which is also okay. I know I'm on the right path.

I hope to have achieved a few of my goals once again and still be positive about my future with my bubbi and our puppies by my side.

This is a year for renewal and reinvention. Who will the new me be? A more concentrated and focused me who lives in the present tense, has a warm and vital marriage, a me who looks forward to each new experience -- professionally, personally, in my family life, my traveling soul, my home. Where will I be living? Will I find contentment in my choices? I sure hope so.

My G-d, I hope I feel more stable and ready to tackle some of the rest of my life. I hope I have more love in my life. I hope I take more risks that pay off. I hope I go with the flow more easily. Most of all, I hope the end of college brings me some feeling of accomplishment. But, more likely, if I find myself still an anxious, lonely person in a year, I hope I don't beat myself up too bad. Growing up feels like an ongoing, endless process.

I think I will be surprised that an entire year has gone by so fast! I think being in the graduate school routine and being so busy will make the time fly. On the one hand, that is good that I'm busy with so many fun things. On the other hand, I do love the slow, lounging perception of time that I was afforded throughout my travels and time at home. Perhaps I can find the balance between those two. And I hope that I have journaled this past year to save all of the wonderful memories I'm creating in graduate school. I don't want them all to come and go like so many did in undergrad. I know how I felt overall and through various periods, but I don't have as many specific memories to look back to or read about (except for during study abroad). I hope that I am much more settled and more content (happy) than I am now. I am certainly significantly happier than I was at this time last year, so I achieved that goal. I also fulfilled some of the promises I made to myself and am thrilled with "where I am now." Now it's time to take that to the next level and continue to refine where I want to be and build my life to get me to that place. That being said, I think the first year of graduate school is going to be a relatively status quo year and not too much is going to change in my life between this year and next, and that is okay as long as I am happy with where I am. I can focus on getting settled and building a life here in Bloomington.

I hope that I'm in a place where I'm in my full creative power. I want to feel like I've grown so much over the past year. I'm in a place of stability, I have love, I have my projects, I have my pieces. I'm happier.

i think i'll feel accomplished because i will have quit my day job by then and i'll be DOING IT more than i have ever before and i hope i have a pub deal and i want to spend a month in india.

I hope to be settled into this new stage of my life, focused on my family, my health, and my strength to handle life situations. Answering these questions each year helps ground me and brings me back to what's truly important. I'm grateful for the opportunity

I hope I will feel more positive about the direction my life has taken.

I hope I'll feel that this year wasn't the worst ever. That I've learned something. That I've taken good risks. That I've accomplished goals. That I haven't stood in my own way.

Accomplished.My job is a huge joy for me and I will have taken control of my health and my life and how i feel about myself. I will accept myself as I am and find joy. Hopefully LOVE too.

I hope to have less condemnation on myself. I also hope that I have let go of the things that are not in my control or that I can do anything about. I hope that I have let go of past mistakes so I can move forward.

I hope to be as happy as I am now. I don't know that any time in my life can match being married to the most wonderful man I know, with the easiest most wonderful 4 month old baby boy I've ever met, financial stability and the true opportunity of a lifetime to live abroad. I'm actually more worried things I've written here will upset me if I am in a more difficult place but u have to accept I cannot control that and move forward to enjoy the time I have.

This last September, when I read my answers, for the first time since I've been doing this, it did not depress me. Much of it was right on. My only thought is that I now answer with caution and not sure that its doing anything for me. But I do hope that when I read my answers next year, I will feel okay, accomplished, and not sad. I don't really think I am different or thinking differently because I answered these questions. Maybe something I am unaware of but nothing that is obvious to me.

I'd like to be proud of myself that I moved the needle on personal growth and leadership in the year.


I hope I will be feeling more centered and more accepting of myself.

I think I'll be glad I did it again, logging another chapter in my life. This time next year I will either have done something about asking Fran to marry or feel awkward about why I haven't done anything yet. I hope Fran will be happier in her job. Perhaps she will be in a new job or her boss will have left. I hope we're still living in Oxford. I don't know how much of an impact 10Q this year will have had on me. As usual, it has come at a busy time of year. I haven't been able to answer the questions each day. I've done them in batches and these last couple of answers are done shortly before the vault closes. I feel a bit pestered by having a lack of time at the moment. Maybe it's because I spend so much of it watching the NFL! But I've felt a bit under pressure from Chris Goodall and Charlotte Brewer to do my freelance work for them. Maybe I will have decided not to take on any more freelance work. I don't seem to have the same enthusiasm or energy for it lately.

I hope that I have enjoyed the dickens out of the first year as an empty nester. My marriage is strong and loving, and I appreciate the time that I have to myself and together. Yeah!

I hope I'm further along on my career. After being in advertising for a while, it's time for me to go back to the client side. I've learned alot, I've grown a lot. Even the crap people on my team - their in competencies - have made me more competent, persuasive and a better problem solver. My last call with digital who blasted us really for their mistake, I handled it, found a solution and they were happy at the end of it. Without someone to lean on to help. I feel like this year it's been rough but having said that I've learned to rely on no one but myself. No one will save me on a call, everyone is leaning on me to fix it. In some ways I wished I stayed longer for the launch but having said that, sometimes opportunities come earlier than you expect. It'll be good to use that part of my brain that has been so latent and bored at work for the longest time because I was stuck in the weeds. Now I finally get to use it. I hope it's as remarkable as I last remembered it (i.e. ADDB, 6 years ago!). I'm ready to just blow people away, finally with my strength not from my weaknesses (which I've done pretty well too). I forget the question but going back to going forward, I hope to make a progression finally in my career. This year I finally feel like I'm getting my groove back - the indispensableness. So basically excited to see myself fly! I hope I do. Relationships....same regard. Finally this year I've had longer term ones. One from Jan to May....though we fucked around until July then now another guy who seems committed to having a relationship which is nice. I hope it leads somewhere wonderful. I'm so ready for this.

i want to be happier and healthier

I think I will marvel at how my child was born right in the middle of 10Q. My answers before the birth likely differ from what I would have written if those questions had come up after instead. I will probably feel like time has simultaneously flown by and also taken its toll in the form of sleep deprivation and lessons learned through experience. I hope I will have found a way to strike a balance between family, work, and other commitments, though I'm sure it will be an ongoing journey.

I hope I will feel proud of how my year played out. I hope that I will have accomplished some of what I said was important to me. I hope that my new job will continue to challenge me, stretch my abilities in new directions, and help me grow. I hope I will have taken risks and acted boldly. I hope I will have gone on a date. I hope I will have learned a new skill. I hope I will have invested my time and energy in things that are meaningful rather than frittering it away on the internet or watching TV. I hope I will have been a better friend and family member and spent more time with the people who are a cherished part of my life. I hope I will have traveled to somewhere new. I hope I will have continued to learn new things.

How will I feel... validated. Acknowledged. Loved for it. Accomplished. What might be different... more in touch with what is truly important. Happier. More content. At peace.

I feel fairly clear on my path right now. I don't think I will be surprised when I look back at the answers I've written. I think and hope that I will have continued on the path I'm on now. If I haven't - I hope these answers will bring me back to it and remind me what I know to be important.

Again... I am always thinking my life will get better. And as I look back on a lifetime, it has. I want to make better decisions by being more patient and by being more helpful in my community. So far... So good! I have become a focal point of behind the scenes leadership. I like guiding people to doing the correct thing.

I think I'll be happy. I might be on a new trajectory - maybe Spinway blew out, or blew up. I'm sure there will be challenges (I hope!) through the year. So I might be in one, just done with one, or approaching one. But I think at this point, I'll just continue being happy because I've established the attitude and perspective that maintains that equilibrium. Grateful for that.

I think I will smile on where I was in life and how much has changed. No matter how much you plan and hope . . . Life always throws you curve balls. Its not what happens but how you handle each situation. I do hope to be in a better place; a little more stable with emotions, relationships, and money.

I would like to think that I've applied myself to learn from the previous year and applied the lessons learned.

I really hope that I'll be surprised and a little sad that I was so depressed this year. I even found it hard to get up any excitement at answering the questions this year, which I think shows in my answers. I need to do this more than once a year, to stay on track.

I love my life. I'm lucky, blessed. I have my health and the most amazing family. My husband is supportive, loving,giving, generous & kind. My parents are healthy. I hope I feel the same way I do now. Although my daughters and parents aren't here in my city, our love for each other and support for one another is strong. I hope to be planning a wedding for Drew as well as cheering her on as she heads toward a career in medicine, and watching Avery grow in her craft. I hope to visit Greer in NOLA and hear stories about her job. I hope we all continue to grow and not let fear of violence or terrorism stop us from exploring the world.

I think I'll feel like I made some personal growth in the year when I read these answers. This is my fourth year doing 10Q, and it's changed my life in that I can see the progress in my life and mindset over the course of a year.

I will feel delighted and disappointed. I am human, there will be achievements and progress as well as failure. I will read my responses and laugh at the progress made. I will cry, knowing I did not firmly commit myself to the success of my other statements. I will once again vow to do better, be better, be the best version of me as my creator wishes.

What I hope is that we will have somehow dealt with this dim time in our government's negative cynical ways and have moved on and away from the dire threat to our very 'civilization' I worry for what we think of as civilization, that it could very well be an ideal that was Once considered likely, but in view of current realities may only have been a naive pipedream: ha ha ha ; and We Thought people would Want to get along, All our varieties of kinds of people, be fair to each other, help each other out, etc, etc etc...ha ha ha...what a joke on Us! As you see, I am feeling pretty blue about the situation in the country and the world...

I really hope that I'm able to shape a life that fulfills me and that allows me to contribute. I'm as unhappy as I've ever been right now, and I'm hoping that I'm able to make good, informed, heart-centered choices to take me to a better place.

I hope a year from today, I can see I have worked on those things I wish to improve, do, and be. I hope I become a little bit more confident; more open to show my true self; allowing myself to be more affectionate with others; and taking more chances, both personally and professionally speaking.

I hope to be more secure, more accomplished, more proud of who I am. I also hope to be more spiritually inclined. I hope to have the same wonderful relationship with my daughter. I have a very positive outlook for my future. Jeremiah 29:11-12: "For I know the plans that I have for you," declares the Lord, "Plans for welfare and not for calamity to give you a future and a hope. 12 Then you will call upon Me and come and pray to Me, and I will listen to you."

I hope it will show me that I do change over time - the same way my daily journal has highlighted the changes in my life over time. It's easy to think that my mindstate now is the way things have always been, because we forget so easily. I hope I can look at my previous year's questions and recognize that I am trying, I am striving, and I am making progress, even if it doesn't always feel that way.

I hope that I've made the changes I wrote about on here. Damn, looking back at the answers from the previous years is a roadmap of missed opportunities, but also goals made in September have been realized shortly after. Let's eat some breakfast and change the world.

I hope I will look back in one year and really see the changes I chose to make, the progress I've made, and be able to identify how to continue moving forward.

I think I'll be excited to have transcended my now-self. I think I might have some reckoning to do with my goals and how I live up to them. I think I'll learn habits for actualizing these goals as I reflect on my successes and failures.

This past 6 months has been helliah at work. I hope next year I have better work-home balance and can spend more time contemplating this.

I hope I am in a different place reading this. I hope I am not stuck and focusing on other challenging issues instead of these. I will feel accomplished, improved, and loved. These questions has helped me focus on what I need to do. I want to thank you for that. I wish you sent out reminders throughout the year to help me refocus if I drifted. But thank you for this and look out world here I come.

I am always surprised each September when the email comes out saying the answers are open again. I am always excited to look back and see what I was thinking. I hope my family is healthy, and that I am healthy as well, healthier than right now. I also hope the political climate will have settled down a bit and that people are noticeably kinder to each other overall. I hope I have been kind throughout this coming year. Kindness matters!

I think that I'll be intrigued. I hope that I will be excited to review my answers and see how much has changed and see if I met my goals. I wonder if I'll have different views on things occurring in my life.

As always, I'll be very ready to read last year's predictions and reflections. I hope I'm a little more disciplined and continue to think about and work toward my goals.

I hope I'll be in Japan taking my time to discover myself. I'll be more sure of my life and be more confident.

I hope that I will look back at this dark hell of a year that has been 2017 and feel proud. Proud, that despite all the awful things that happened to me, I hung in there, finished my thesis, (hopefully) found a job, and punched depression in the crotch. Seriously, I deserve a nice pat on the back for all the shit I've been through. I am (and will be next year) a much stronger person for it. I hope that next year I will be happier because I will have a job, more money, and (hopefully) weekends off so I can work on my cosplay and social life. I will also, again, be surprised because I will, again, have forgotten about these questions XD

I hope I will be stronger physically.

My hope is that I feel just as accomplished and correct in my convictions next year as I do this year. The only thing that I predicted wrong for 2016’s answers was that I would be above TE level at STA, which is only half untrue. I feel like I take a lot of time to think about realistic expectations, but even then I worry about what I want regarding Rob. So I guess we’ll just have to see! Since I’ll be 29 and nearly 30 next year, I’m sure I’m apt to have an interesting perspective on the matter.

When I receive these questions in a year from now I think I will be happy and sad as always. I think I have a lot going on between now and June when I give up my title. I want to make sure I make the most of it. Then by the summer I want to explore a new place. I want to move in with Wayne and Kennedy. This past year was so incredible, it will be incredibly difficult to top it. But I can and I will but just maybe in different aspects. I wish this year brings clarity, focus, happiness and health.

I hope I will feel less anxious and more in control of my life.

honestly i think i'll pretty much feel the same. i hope i'll be in a better place professionally and financially. still getting my act together, slowly.

I hope to laugh while feeling accomplished and inspired.

I hope I feel proud and that I have been through transformation. There is not as much uncertainty in my life, and lots of good things did fall into pace! But I am going through a lot emotionally. Honestly, I hope I am still alive and will read this in a year from now. I consider suicide everyday , but I hope I am able to find the right help to keep me alive and well.

I hope that I'll feel more whole. That when I look at the life I'm leading, and the feelings I have, I'll be able to say that I am me, and largely no one else.

I hope I feel successful in my adventures and dreams. I hope I grow as strong and courageous as my grandmother would take pride in. These questions lead a guidance and a vision for me.

I hope that the career/work piece is a bit clearer and more lucrative. I hope that I have made large strides in creating the life I want. I hope to still be enjoying the fruits of my bountiful garden. I want to be living closer to the land. Be in touch with the moon cycles. Be shamelessly loving myself, my body and this life.

I am going to feel proud of myself for not staying with the bad habits of my past. I am going to be different because I have stepped out of my comfort zone and not let anyone tell me what I should be doing or should have done. I am looking forward to hearing my comments again and participating again next year. I think we can only grow if we do things differently than we have in the past...

I hope I’m looking back on a year better than I anticipated for myself and for the world.

I hope that my marriage is in a good place and I am comfortable being me in all the roles I am pursuing, especially motherhood.

I hope that I will have moved forward in the year before September 2018. That I am stronger and happier.

I just want my life to be peaceful and satisfying. I want to be healthy and have my family stay healthy. I want a year with no crazies!

I hope I have a little more depth thinking about the questions, and more to show in terms of doing rather than thinking! :)

I hope that my fears would not have come true and that my drive to be me, carefree and engaged with the world will still be strong. Those fears - having to take medication to control my sugar level; immigration issue is on a track for reform without deporting DOCA recipients. Lastly, I would like to be in a relationship that has a future.

I’ll just see how much of this past year has been about my suicide attempt, and learning to deal with serious psychiatric issues. I hope next year will be different because I have so many other things that I want to do and accomplish. I’ll probably feel disappointed and exhausted, that I spent so much of my life struggling alone instead of reaching out for help.

I suspect I'll laugh at some of the things I THOUGHT were problems. I hope that I can move on, relatively easily, from a great disappointment. And I hope that I really appreciate the wonderful blessings I have.

Proud of myself. I will have slimed back down to a healthier size aka I can fit into my clothes again and this belly has flattened out. I will have a better job, be healthy, and loving life. I want to see that i took in the advice that love ones have given me and became nicer to my grandma. I want my future self to embrace life.

I think I'll feel compassion towards the "me" today and wish that I could tell her that it's all okay. I hope that I'll have a group of friends and feel solid here in a new place and a new job and understand that this feeling of temporary and unsettled was only temporary. I hope I'll look lovingly back at a time of challenge and how I hopefully handled it with grace and some stumbling, but ultimately walking with my head high. I hope that I'll be able to reflect more throughout the year in this way in order to keep track of where I was and where I am. This will help me gauge where to go next and how to keep heading higher. When they go low, we go high.

I guess I'll party be reminded of how at this point in life my heightened ego would tell me that I know better, I am special, I have experienced more. by reading the responses now I'll be feeling foolish and yet glad and grateful I hope reading these answers would remind me of impermanence and courage to keep walking the path.

i hope that everything will be different. i'll be living in my own home. my children will be speaking to me again. my book will be published. since i've always been an introspective person the 10q questions are nothing new. i just want my life to be full of friends joy laughter good health food and drink. i want to love and be loved. but my shit has been fucked up and raggedy for so long. i hope i recognize when i'm done with the rough side.

I hope that I will feel at peace - that I am clear and present in my life and that I am contributing positive energy into my corner of the world. That I am living authentically, taking care of my health (physical, mental, spiritual, financial), connecting with family and friends who are important to me, contributing to causes I believe in, making progress on things that are important to me. Living and loving out loud. Life is short. Don't wait.

Imagine will feel a sense of renewal and of progress. Stepping in the same river but the river is never the same because the water is flowing and it changes even the river banks as it flows.

I hope I have taken the personal success of 2016 and been able to channel it into further achievement in 2017. Graduating was such a major hurdle, but it was not the only thing I needed to do to get myself back on track. I hope I am able to say that I took that degree and did something good with it and am happy in my choices. I hope I am able to feel comfortable about the place I have ended up with Daniel, whatever that ends up being. I want to feel like we made decisions that were right for both of us.

I hope I'll feel validated that I was on track with what mattered. I hope what might be different about my life and where I'm at as a result of answering these questions is that I am even more thoughtful, more intentional about how I spend my time and my life. More than anything this year, I think I've let go of having an image of what my life "should be" I stopped whipping myself about all the things I wasn't doing, could do, should so, hadn't done. And instead, I turned my focus to the every day. Savoring. Enjoying. Being there for the people I love. And letting myself enjoy the blessings in my life, rather than denying them, deprecating and minimizing them. I stopped flagellating for not "being someone," not making a lot of money. I started to think of my life less grandiosely, like I had to make some giant mark to be worthy of the life I have. Because really, no one is looking or really cares. I don't really know how exactly, but somewhere along the way, I stopped apologizing for my amazingly blessed life. And once I did that, everything changed. I started to actually be in my life. I am so grateful for that.

I think I'll find happy - I'll have forgotten about this perhaps (or just put out of mind) and it'll be fun to look at the answers. I may think I had been ambitious or pie-in-the-sky, but maybe I'll be able to see where there's been some progress, some steps forward.

I hope that I will be in the process or retiring and moving and that I’ll be thrilled with my decision & situation. I pray that our country and world will be safe. It will be fun to reread!

It is hard to know... I hope that even if I haven't achieved some of the things I set out to do that I don't see that as a failure but can explain why and how it didn't work out like that and what I want to do next to try and improve my happiness leveks. I hope that I have met a great guy who makes me feel fantsstic and who i can share everythjng with. I think I am readt for that vulnerabilitt snd openness bjt have NO idea where to find said person. I think I want to find someone who I want to explain innane thjngs to even if they never understand!

I hope I have compassion for myself. I hope I pause and honor my pain and how the history of the Jewish people has effected my life. And I hope I will some day be able to love myself and feel good about who I am.

Honestly, most of my answers this year are grounded in a deep horror at the impending collapse of American democracy. If that rights itself at all, I'll look at this and say "Ha ha. Glad that was a flash in the pan" Not sure I'm counting on that one though. My personal drama seems pretty trivial next to the nascent kleptocracy of this administration, the dick-wagging intimations of starting global war, and the powder keg of heavily armed, right-wing militancy. So, I guess I'd like that to be different. Cease and desist all fuckery, America.

I think I'll feel pretty similarly, and it'll make me think back and remember all of the things that happened to me this year

Reflection and thoughtful preparation. Writing and reading. Physically doing and doing again These have immense strength for us. For us to be tall and bear weight

As always, I think I will be a bit surprised to see my answers and predictions but hopeful for the future. I will be answering these questions just a few short weeks before my wedding, so I imagine life will be in full hectic mode and I will be full of nervousness and excitement for the big day! Advice to future me: take a deep breath and just remember why you're doing all this: you love him more than words can express, and you are so lucky to get to spend the rest of your life with him. Don't forget to remind him how you feel, and often. Try to relax and enjoy the celebration with everybody if possible. And OMG I can't wait to wear my beautiful dress and see his reaction!!

As I said last year, I hope I will feel accomplished, proud, and on the right track.

Hopefully, I'll feel happier. I think I will, I think I'll look back on the fears and anxieties of this year and be as happy as I was last year and think all this was silly. I hope that what I've been hoping, dreaming, working for will come true, and I'll be in that place, the "future" I've been striving towards.

When I receive my answers this time next year, I think I'll feel a little different than I have the past few. It'll be sad to be gone from Northwestern. I'm not sure where I'll be hopefully beginning or well into an exciting, challenging, and fulfilling job in an interesting place with interesting people. Maybe Illinois, Texas, or Ohio; maybe somewhere I can't even imagine. But I hope I'll be excited about where I am, and that as lost as I may also feel, there will be hope and energy to balance it out. I hope I'll look back on my senior year with some pride. I hope I'll have few regrets, and to know that I truly made it count. Hanging out with some alums just last night, post-grad life doesn't have to be that scary. There is a future! And I want to be in a place where I am mentally, physically, and emotionally prepared to meet that future face-forward, with confidence and enthusiasm. I think I'm capable of that.

I hope I am feeling happy - I will have gotten married in August, and I may be thinking of, or already be on, our honeymoon. I think I will be in the same job as I am now, but I will hopefully be looking for a different one as I have been in this job for almost a decade. I hope I will have accomplished a lot of the goals I have set for myself in these questions.

I hope we are successful in our marriage and grow there and also can successfully start trying to get pregnant by then. I'll hopefully feel like I've grown and changed in good ways, professionally and personally.

I hope to feel like I felt with the answers from previous years'. The answers spoke of a time and place that were relevant then, but seem to have been just another stepping stone from the past, and I have moved on. I hope to continue to gain a greater understanding of my "self" and how I fit in this world. Am I living a life of significance?

God, I hope Trump is no longer in office. I hope saner heads will prevail. Hopefully I won't be too crazy in debt with this wedding thing. I always appreciate this time to review how far I've come, in my life as well as just personally. I just want to keep growing, and I think this is a great tool to facilitate that.

A bless! I wish to be a healthier and brighter self :)

I hope I’ll be able to see some growth in retrospect. That’s all I can hope for, isn’t it? That I’ve grown somewhat. I’ve just gotten through a devastating period of depression, after trying to go off my meds. I hope, at least, I don’t repeat that experience.

I want to feel that I was true to myself.

I hope I find some clarity about this big change in my life. I hope I don't allow myself to be depressed about the end of this chapter for longer than I really need to be. I know I may never get closure, for Rob and I don't really ever see eye-to-eye anymore. I hope I'm able to just let go, move on, and be stronger because of it.

I hope that I'll feel excited and proud of how far I've come. I intend to grow into a more focused, hard-working person, who is able to sustain effort toward her goals over a long period of time. I want to take actions that will help my future self find a serious, loving relationship, as well as newfound excitement about her career and educational trajectory.

I hope I am thinking more about the proximal stuff, the stuff under my own control, vs. global political forces, that overshadow and ultimately dicatate the relative minutia that is my life.

I will be over a year into my marriage and halfway through graduate school. I hope that I look back at my responses and see that they hold meaning and relevance - an eye roll would be better than a blank stare.

In the past six months I left my marriage, sold my business, moved, and started in a new position. This time next year, reading my answers, I think I'll marvel at how quickly the time passed and how little I knew about the experiences and emotional shifts that would occur in the coming year. I hope I'll feel a deep and resounding appreciation for having taken these enormously scary steps in my life. I hope I'll feel present more of the time than not. I hope I'll be experiencing abundance in my life and that I'll have clarity about and feel truly open to possibility and opportunity for fulfillment in areas I am working to create even more abundance.

I think I will feel increasingly confident and settled into my new path as an academic. I think that even if I don't land a new job I will be able to feel like my work has grown academically and that success will make me confident. I also think that my home life will continue to be one that is happy and loving.

I hope that next year, I will feel more secure and sure of myself. I hope to look back on the year as one where I treated myself with gentle kindness, recognizing my limitations not as fatal flaws but opportunity for grace and growth. Life is challenging. It is not easy and I am continually learning. I may not be fully self-actualized but I hope be able to give myself that pause of respect. This is the gift of 10Q and this reflection period during the Days of Awe. 💗

Where I hope I will be at: an odd locution. I want to be closer to God, steadier, more joyful and more serious, less frivolous and less woeful. What I imagine I will feel: grateful, steadfast, loyal.