Describe one thing you'd like to achieve by this time next year. Why is this important to you?

I want a child. I have no idea why.

So many to choose from; job, housing, child happily independent.... I'll go new job -- because the present one is unhealthy.

Remaining CALM and keeping things in proper perspective. Taking things in stride and letting more things "GO!" "Let it flow, let it go, God loves you so." - Mikva Lady

Recovery///Because LIFE and I want to be around and appreciate every part of it.

I want to know what I want to do with my life. I want to know where I'm heading

To establish a Diabetes (and Hypertension) Managed Care company that will be serving 10,000 patients. The establishment and achieving 10,000 patients will be the core achievment for me. This is important to me because I want to build and lead something that will make an impact on the lives of people and families on the African continent. The need for quality healthcare on the continent is great and to deliver this will be a great service achievement to my people.

I would like to be engaged or married looking for a house. I would like to have paid off my car and teacher scholarship loan. I would like to have a great group of friends surround me for Thanksgiving and new year's.

CLEANED UP PAPERWORK. I've known for many years that until I get my stuff taken care of I will not move forward despite my talent and ability and desire!!!

I'd like to find a way to combine my love of travel with my massage and healing work and make more money and have more fun doing what I'm doing.

Always the writing. Maybe start a novel. At least start.... because a completed novel is on my bucket list, and im not getting any younger/ And to try my hand at volunteering. But I don't want to be so sucked in that I won't be able to leave if it's not a good fit for me.

Better balance, between work and home life, between being part of a 'couple' and my own projects or time, and between Belgium (or wherever i live) and family in Australia.

I would like to have danced more. It makes me happy and I don't do it enough.

I want to be fit and strong and confident and happy with myself so I can finally stop trying to impress people who don't even care about me.

I would like to have a role outside of being a Mother and Wife. Whether that comes in the form of a job, career or training i don't mind. I have spent the past 2.5 years at home, and this has severely affected my self esteem. I don't feel like i am 'good' at being a parent, and only being a parent makes me resent my life most of the time. I believe that if i had something outside of my family life that i could gauge achievement, or progress from then it would boost my self esteem and therefore make me a better/happier person when i am at home!

To do private practice or have a job that pays me for meeting the job expectations and worth I bring.

I need to move to a cheaper apt. This is very important so that I will be able to "have a life"

Keep my health. My children and theirs, hope they do the same...Ditto the rest of my family...I hope my nephew with the spinal injury makes huge 'strides,' not only physically, but emotionally, and as relates to the alcohol issue...

Regardless of how much or what level of acting work I might get in the next year, I want to have not given up trying again by this time next year.

I'd like to stop caring so much about my job. It's a fucking shit show, I should just go, do what has to be done and collect the money. It's important because my job is currently sucking all the joy out of my life.

Succeed fully in my bussiness plans! I am planning to make cuture for all women and employ as many small tiny hands as possible to saw the beauties all from scratch by one person only and push through healthy clothing and fashion for both women and man! It is very ambitions but i am putting my own blood, sweat and heart to it! And I also wish only the best for my employees and costumers in the good old ancient ways! My tikum olam is aimed at ending the days of slavery !

By this time next year, I'd like to have equilibrium between my work and family life. I'd like also to have the strength this year to de-clutter my home, my wardrobe, and my office. There's a lot of "stuff" in my life and I'd like to have it much more under control.

By this time next year I intend to marry my lover and quite possibly get her pregnant. Why is this important to me? HA! Other less obvious things...I'll probably be nominated for Teacher of the Year. I might find/invent a new way to be a musician; god knows I don't have one at present. I hope to not put on too much weight, or better still, maintain my ability to run ten miles. And I'll help a friend cope with his jail term.

To be healthier, and happier!!!! Maybe be done with grieving Ben and understand Iam worthy Regardless of whether I am alone, or with a mate!!

Stop procastrinating. The reason is simple: otherwise my bucket list will keep overflowing with ideas... and the larger than life goals are the most important and the hardest to achieve. So they need momentum. I'm getting better at executing things and taking small steps, but I need to put in more effort still. I'm not a finisher, rather a starter, so this will be a big challenge for me :).

Car paid off so I can get serious about purchasing property in Palm Springs.

first, take off those 5 pounds! But more importantly, I want to achieve my goals by fully manifesting the Universe. Every day I encounter such strong signals of the powerful presence that I know I will prevail.

I'd like our business to be humming along: good clients, clear message, having solved our creative vs. strategy question, steady income, good administrative processes in place, good collaboration with others and with Max, seamless integration with life in general. I'd like to have one more campaign we created out in market. One that really says something. This is important because it's within reach to make this happen and I want to make sure I put proper time and energy -- not too much, not too little -- into making this new endeavor happen. Really happen. Right now, not sure how we're going to get there.

Have an album of original music released Play at least 1 live show 2 things I know, but they are interconnected in my opinion. This is important to me because my music means something to me, and I would like to share it with the world.

By this time next year, I'd like to figure out work/life balance. Ha - wouldn't everyone?! By next year , I'll be almost 60, with four grandbabies. I've been saying I'll slow down at work and take more time away. That seems like a banal, uninteresting problem to worry over. If I heard someone else say it, I'd waive my hand dismissively and say, "So stop talking about it and do it." But how terribly hard I've found that to be this year. Why is that so and what is the antidote?

Anytime I look at the calendar on my phone, a bombardment of reminders about deadlines and informational sessions hit me. Not only that, I have an internal calendar for when I need to finish drafts of supplemental essays. There is just so much stress and hoopla about getting admitted to all these colleges that I think I've gotten away from what truly is my purpose in this difficult college process. By next year, I want to find the right college for me. The college where I'll be my happiest, most natural self. It may not be the most prestigious college, it may not be the college where my parents think I should end up. However, this is my decision, and this is about where I'll be spending the next four years of my life, the same four years that teenagers await and older people reminisce on. Ending up at the right college is so important to myself for two main reasons. First, I just feel like I'm being pulled in so many different directions about it. Obviously, I understand the admissions representatives are just doing their job when they try to convince I would be best off at their school, but it certainly is a lot to process when email after email piles up in my inbox. Also, the overall academic climate at BC High gives off the idea that the school that is deemed the most elite amd prestigious is the one that I should attend. This is logical too, I mean why would you work so hard to be admitted there if you don't go? But, what if this elite institution has such a climate of cutthroat academics among students that I end up suffocating from the pressure rather than enjoying my college experience. Finally, there's the family aspect. Every person in my immediate family has attended the same school. While, there is no clear indication that they will be disappointed if I don't follow their paths, I would be lying if I said I didn't feel any hidden pressure. There's the speculations from friends and family if I do attend there too. Maybe they feel like since I'm a family legacy, I didn't earn admission. That notion sends me off of a wall, if I'm being quite blunt. Finally, this is so meaningful to me because there is a lot riding on this decision. The fate of my next four years is up in the air because I'm struggling with this. While I'm confident that I would ultimately end up happy to some extent at all of the schools I'm applying to, I do not want to be sitting there in my dorm at X University wondering "What if I had chose Y University, or Z University?". I am going to need a lot of self-reflection and thought in the upcoming months.

I'd like to be financially stable. With not getting a paycheck and needing to pay for a wedding, in addition to living expenses, finances feel a bit tight right now. It's not as terrible as it's been in the past, but I would like to be working regularly, saving money for a house or to pay off the credit cards/student loans/cars. More than that, I'd like to be physically stable. I really just want a year with no medical incidents. Okay, no major medical incidents. I want to be able to walk and be able to do things to take care of my body--go to the pool, some light exercise, physical therapy, etc. I've bee so bound by this leg that I don't know if I could handle more time recovering or healing, from it or any other injury. It started on 2006 with the ovarian cysts, and it's been on major medical issue after another: 2006: ovarian cysts 2007: ruptured Achilles tendon 2008: treadmill accident (knee infection) 2009: repaired Achilles tendon 2010: repaired meniscus 2011: car accident (ruptured L patellar tendon) 2012: bunion repair 2013: two R patellar tendon repairs 2014: kidney stone 2015: R patellar tendon repair, infection, abscess, patellar tendon removal, PICC line, blood clots, Hickman catheter, extensive antibiotic treatments, wound vacs, five I&Ds, C Diff, fecal matter transplant 2016: two R patellar tendon repairs 2017: year of getting married and nothing else, please

ok, so this is where i will get serious. the same old depression. oh, i don't even know what to start with. i mean, i know it won't disappear all by itself and i have to do soooo many things about it, and writing on here stuff like: "i hope i'm not so depressed anymore and know what i want to do with my life, and have my shit together" - while i do want all of those things, (i don't know if this is depression speaking or not) i am very aware that it is most likely not going to happen, at least if i keep living like this. and honestly, i don't know what to do about this, because i kind of do feel like i'm doing all i can... and i'm very tired of this. i hope to feel better, although i also hope i'm even alive by this time next year. this is a very, very hard period of time for me and i don't know how to deal with it. so in conclusion, it will just be a relief if i can get that far, and in the best case scenario - feel a tiny bit better. that will do.

I absolutely must finish my master's degree. I'm in a panic right now about whether I will graduate on time because my long-term goals ride on it.

pay down all cycling debt and pay down car, house, and trailer God calls me to live within his provision and be a slave to none of this worlds desires. My responsibility is to trust in and live within His provision.

I want to be conversational/fluent in Spanish. It's important because I'm a quick learner when it comes to languages and I think it will open a new world for me. Also, I hope I will remain being as independent as I am right now (i.e. not being led by others as much as I have)

I'd like to lose weight and broaden my social circle. Losing weight would make me healthier and allow me to feel better about myself. That in kind, might make me more willing to put myself out there to meet more people and perhaps even form a romantic relationship of some kind.

Professional clarity on direction

I want to complete my conversion course and become a Jew, and become who I want to be. Then ,if I get a job and a girlfriend, life would be just fantastic.

I would like to have my children's book in some solid state, be it about to be published, in progress, etc. It has been like a ghost child following my heels for three years, and I need to bring him to life. My own Pinocchio.

getting 30 ON MY ACT

I wonder if there is a slight difference in achievement and accomplishment? I'm not good at setting goals even though I know I have them. I avoid setting them out specifically to avoid a sense of failure if things don't turn out exactly as I anticipate or plan. I may be fooling myself that it gives me flexibility rather than a lack of direction. I tell myself it forces me to look at what really happens and appreciating it rather than noticing what could have been and regretting it. But vaguely, I'd answer this question: I'd like to have done another class of some sort. I'd like to have specific travel plans for at least Europe even if I don't travel there by this time next year.

Balance. I'd like to be at a point where I have balance between my professional life as a teacher, my family life and my personal needs. The last five years of my life have been filled with change and upheaval and I have constantly felt like I'm pulled in so many directions that I can't give any aspect of my life the attention it needs nor deserves. I'm hopeful that as I navigate through this year I can start to find a way to use my time and energy more effectively for all aspects of my life. I've had made some progress,but need to do more and find ways to make sure my focus does not slip but that I find ways to more mindfully fill my obligations.

I would like to feel grounded and be leading a meaningful life. Now I feel like a patchwork quilt, I do a little good here, a little good there...always reinventing myself. Perhaps going back to school or working someplace. I am finding this undesired retirement and the lack of being able to drive a little challenging.

By this time next year, I want to be happy. Really, that's my only goal. This year has been so terrible, so full of hurt and pain and fear and confusion and extremes. I want to have achieved some sense of comfort, happiness and feeling that the future holds hope and promise. Maybe meditation will help me, maybe finalizing the divorce. Maybe earning tenure. But I don't want happiness to be conditional on the next goal, the next achievement, the next grant. I want it to come internally. So that is something I'd like to achieve. A sense of inner calm and happiness, independent of what is happening around me.

I want to love myself unconditionally. I want to let go of fear. I want that self-love to inspire others around me in my family, friends and community. It is hugely important for me to love myself - because I know that will unlock the key to being able to attract the kind of healthy love that I want to give and receive from others. And without it I am doomed to repeat the negative cycle of abusive relationships, especially those with myself.

To be at my goal weight finally, fit and toned, and maintaining it for life. I know I can do this, as I am half way there already! It's very important to me because it shows evidence that I really do love myself enough to want to stick around on this planet longer, without as many aches and pains and to really feel vibrant and alive! Maybe I can inspire others, too, who have seen me change my life for the better.

I want to lose weight to 160 lbs or lower. This sounds shallow, but I need to know if my breasts will get smaller. I need to feel more confident about meeting people. I need to be more comfortable being in photographs. I need to feel like my weight and appearance won't be detrimental to my finding a job. Weighing the amount I want to weigh will lead towards my feeling empowered and at ease, two of my biggest things that I want to manifest. It's so important to me, and yet I self-sabotage at times, so working through that will also help me in many ways.

I want to be enrolled or applying for a Master's program. This is important because I want more for myself, I want to continue my education because that is the only way I will really be able to help others and make an impact on the education system in this country.

Hmmm........I want to feel like I'm working somewhere I can invest in for a long time. Sick of the bouncing around.

I want to have a career path established - that doesn't mean a job lined up, but a clear understanding of what I will do that is going to make me happy. Right now, I'm thinking event planning or marketing, but I want to be more solidified that this path is the right choice for me. This is important because it will lessen my anxiety about finding a job straight out of college.

Summed up, to be able to ride my bike through the park without running out of breath or losing strength on a hill. This would reflect my good work at focusing on my health. Cardio, strength, good food.

Get my PhD because I am so freaking done here. Also, because I've been working toward this forever. It's important to me because completing my PhD is an opportunity to prove something to myself, something to be proud of, a more tangential piece of evidence of my hard work.

I would like to achieve my company's financial success. All loans paid and profit rolling in. I want to hire more people and up our showroom options.

I would like to lose 10lbs.

Let's run the decision process: Option 1: "Complete conversion." - Usually a 12-18 month process, and I haven't officially begun. Nixed - success falls outside the parameters. Option 2: Establish an income stream that does not necessitate those occasional dips onto savings. Too necessary (the savings won't last the year). Since either way it'll be resolved, better or worse, it really doesn't hove a fail state, and therefor also lacks a meaningful success state. Nixed. Option 3: Something like "read the Torah portion each week. A noble goal, and a goal that I have set for myself. but a poor choice for an annual goal. What if I miss one one, say next week? Early failure with no possibility of recovery. No, for this one it needs to be a weekly goal. If I miss the mark next week I can figure out what happened and establish processes to see that it doesn't happen in the week following. Option 4: "Have the business be genuinely viable." I don't really like setting a business or financial goal, but is this really that sort of goal? I'm building caskets in response to a 'calling.' I've build caskets and I've sold caskets, but to fulfill such a calling, it needs to be sustainable. Sustainable in the sense that I mustn't bleed the family resources or fail to meet family responsibilities in response to this calling. So, the goal would be to fulfill the calling, and "...genuinely viable," would be less a business or financial goal and more a metric used to evaluate success at being able to continue the work at hand. That sounds workable.

I want to work on regaining strength in both my upper and lover body. I would like to lose at least 20 pounds. Recovering from the hip surgery would have been much easier if I had not become such a slug around the house. I want to get stronger so I will be better able to take care of Larry as he gets older with me. Also, as it is, I am not able to enjoy activities that I used to do. I get light headed and short of breath easily.

I'd like to have made some progress in dating - because while I am sufficient by myself I'd like to have someone else there :)

To have continued to look after my physical and mental health

Would like to have completed a few more improvements in my condo. I am pleased to have done a couple of things this year, like finally getting a light and a working fan in my kitchen, and getting the bathroom fan repaired. By this time next year, I would like to finally get the living room rug pad straightened out and get one or more floors refinished. Definitely want to have plans in place for a trip to Germany, including some savings to pay for it! Funny, I remember in 2011, answering this question by saying I hoped to be a lot more flexible by 2012, as I'd started taking yoga. It turns out that I have short limbs and really tight hips and upper back, so am barely improved from five years ago.

I would like to understand why I feel the way I feel. I've done so much in the last year to try to fix this - got off all my medications, starting taking allergy shots, working out a lot, eating right almost all the time. But I still feel this way...I'm just much skinnier now.

To have paid off my credit cards. I know it's basic and base, but I'm sick, and it's the only thing I can think of right now. All of the other goals I'm fumbling with make me too emotional to consider at this moment.

Be calm and accepting of more situations, particularly in my marriage. It's important because my relationship is what matters more than my near-term opinion or feelings.

I want to feel happy more of the time, and be a better communicator about my needs. Because I put everyone else first and I'm over it.

Self respect

I really need to get healthier!

Over this next year I HAVE leave my current job, my sanity depends on it. My job is causing me so much unhappiness it is consuming my spark and my glow. I have become so depressed. I feel other things will just get worse if I don't quit soon.

I would like to become a great mother and wife and to find a good balance between work and family.

This is the hardest question for me so far. I guess . . . I would like to be in a better place emotionally than I have been this year. I would like some peace and stability, days without spikes of anxiety, fear, and pain. I would like to know where I stand in my life and be on a path of recovery, self-exploration, and physical and spiritual health. I want harmony and balance in my life. It is going to be hard work, but this is where I'd like to be a year from now.

Straighten up the house, and possibly even make it look more attractive (that could be a stretch!). I'm hoping that it will make things appear more peaceful and organized, and I won't be as mortified when people come into the house. Also, it would be great to declutter in general, and maybe find cool things. Another thing that would be amazing to accomplish would be to work on self-control in terms of my reactions to the difficult situation at home--both verbal reactions and emotional reactions. That's going to be a lot harder than cleaning up, but it would be so great if I could be like other people who can just let things roll of their backs. And while we're on a roll here, it would be great to be back into a regular exercise routine, and to do creative things.

Know the techniques of Krav Maga. A part time job that I enjoy, not having to scrimp anymore

Get rid of the accumulated "sludge" of all the "to do" lists. Some of the items should be done, but some of them I should move off from and allow myself some time to do things I really want to do.

I would like to have my finances a bit better organized and hav some means of saving money. I'd like to have better work life balance I'd like to be in a committed relationship with someone. with a good emotional, spiritual and physical connection This last isn't really something I can "achieve", so maybe a better way to say it is that I'd like to do the spiritual and emotional work necessary to have formed more clearly, be attractive to and be ready to be in a relationship with my romantic ideal, whoever or wherever she may be.

6-pack! Because want to be in peek physical shape to meet my future wife.

I really want my independence back. Or is it that I really want a co-captain???? That is still my dilemma. I would like to feel more comfortable in my own skin by this time next year. That definitely includes losing at least 20 pounds. Maybe this will finally be the year. This is important for my health and well being.

I would like to invest two cars into uber taxi business by this time next year. This is important to me because with the arrival of my second baby, I need to diversify my source of income, coupled with economic situation in the country.

I'd like to be able to say that I've completed my trips to Spain and Guatemala. It's important to me because I made a promise over 3 years ago that I would do this and I haven't done it yet - I'm feeling like a fraud and I don't like feeling like that.

This time next year I would like to have more clients. In the barbershop and salon. I want to be on my way to being an International PM educator.


Financial contentment. I already am financially successful, so I am 60 now and want to see clearly how I can go on cruise control. I'm getting there so this is very do-able. I want to find a new avenue for my creativity and find a charitable niche. I love to draw and paint, so maybe that is a direction. Maybe sit on a Board for work??

I really like having my own business but I need to make more of a living at it. I'd like to be self sufficient in my own business endeavors if possible whether it be SUP'ing or photography or whatever. It's kind of scary when you start out.

Wow! Okay, I guess the big thing is to lose some weight. I also would like to get back to davenning with t'fillin if I can -- perhaps by offering a once a week minyan at shul.

I want to effect change in my work life by transitioning to a new job. I get no satisfaction in my current one and feel increasingly isolated and alienated. I think it is important to derive meaning, satisfaction and/or enjoyment from something I devote so much time to. Plus, my current situation depresses me greatly, so staying in it is not consistent with my outlook on life.

I would like to be a parent by this time next year. Or at least very close!

By next year I would like to have a much better handle on my Hebrew. This is going to involve me developing a flash card practice strategy and also potentially talking to Harvey and others at HC about what I can be doing to get ahead. I think so much of the first few weeks at Hebrew College have been about staying a float that I have not been able to think much about what I need to do to improve myself. This is important to me because I want to get as much out of my time at Hebrew College as possible. It also feels like it is important for me to be working with these texts in Hebrew so that I can work serve as a liberal Rabbi who knows the sources well and can communicate with all kinds of people. I also hope that I can continue to not only work on translating, but do what I need to do to be ready for Israel in a few years.

I would like to be able to run a 5k race. Don't care if I come in dead last; I just want to be able to do it. It would show me that I can stick with something and achieve it on my own merits and hard work.

I am hoping to achieve a work life balance. I know that is a lofty goal but I am hoping I can enjoy both my time at school and at home. I hope that the stress from one doesn't take away from my time elsewhere. I think it will be really wonderful for Lillie to see that her support network is big and Mom and Dad will always be there for her.

I'd like to have enough outside income from a particular project that I could afford to leave my employment and the benefit package. I dislike what the corporate culture has become. I hate working in a broken system without enough resources. I'm over all of the meth addicts that use the ER as a place to sleep off their meth high and then when they find them self depressed or psychotic and say, "but it is not the drugs".

My goal is to be a little more financially stable==to bring balances down lower and not feel like I am living paycheck to paycheck. Another goal I have is to have the divorce finalized and to be rid of him completely--he is part of the reason I am in a financial slump. One final goal, and this is a biggie, is to love myself again. To take pride in myself, to take better care of my health and to know that with or without someone, I will be JUST FINE...

I would like to establish an official relationship at my library with the Read to Leatn program. The adult students that are learning English come to us for reading suggestions and I would like to help them discover new ideas.

This is still the hardest question every year. I hate saying one thing I'd like to achieve because I hate feeling like a failure if I don't achieve it. What is one thing I'd like to achieve? I'd like to have my room clean. Like all of the laundry put away. Yes. That's it. Just all of the mountains of laundry taken care of. Just that.

I'd like to be more comfortable. This year's madness has made a salad of my finances and my surroundings. It's time to declutter, downsize and give the impression of being 'normal' again. I'm craving routine and predictability.

I'd like to have $5,000 in my savings account and a decent amount in my checking. Saving money is so hard and gives me so much anxiety, so I just want to be able to build a cushion for myself that will free up my anxiety.

Graduate with my DNP. This is the terminal degree for nursing and will help me in my efforts to give patient care that is of value, quality, and best practice.

The obvious answer is lose some weight and maintain health. Add some volunteer work like CASA, other than that, maintain the status quo, which is good.

I would love to feel like life is flowing naturally. In addition I would like my business to be sustainable by this time next year.

Ideally, I would like to have completed my supervised hours for full licensure as a professional counselor. I enjoy the process of supervision and find it tremendously helpful. At the same time, I view accomplishing this step as another positive move toward fulfillment of my dream of establishing a retreat/recovery center.

I want to be done with this house so we can get on with our lives. We wasted so many years and so many tears over a house. A collection of wood and brick. Who really cares?

Focus and inspiration and sparkles in my professional life

I would like to improve my culinary skills so that when baby #2 arrives I will be able to feed our toddler something other than hot dogs, fish sticks and chicken nuggets. We are very lucky that he loves steamed veggies and fruit because that's easy for me to put together.

In the next year I would like to advance my career to a point that I feel confident applying to academic jobs. Four years ago I started a PhD program in the hopes of getting into academia and becoming a professor. It's important to me to finish that process and apply for these challenging hard to come by jobs. In that context, there are actually three things that I would like to accomplish by this time next year: 1. I would like to written and published a paper in an academic journal 2. I would like to have a very clear plan for completing my dissertation 3. I would like to have a teaching certificate.

I'm going to say the same thing I've said for the past several years, and that's to get a grasp of my own personal health. Each year I've stated optimistically that I wanted to seek out help for my conditions that would make my daily life easier, to deal with the side effects of all the transplant medications and underlying medical conditions. I'm not giving up hope for some relief, especially of the arthritis-like symptoms that make movement difficult, but I want to learn to focus past the immediate and appreciate my life as it is.

Right now I'd like to have sold my aunt's house and have my cousin's affairs in order. It is important to me because I feel my life is on hold dealing with it. I would also like to have my daughter successfully set up in college. It is important to me that she has the same opportunities that I had.

A couple of things I’d like to accomplish over the next year include increasing my comfort in being with my new love and further fleshing out my family tree. While I feel quite close with my boyfriend, we have only spent two nights sleeping together, and that was accompanied by our two dogs. I want to travel with him and that requires me to get more comfortable with every day things like sleeping together, waking up together, making decisions together. I think he is a very good man for me and I want to feel more and more sure that I am the woman he wants in his life. My Jewish heritage research is difficult and time-consuming and, with all that has happened this past year, I have only had 1 month to devote to it. When I do focus on it and engage a consultant to help me, I make good progress. I’d like to get to the point where I have some places to learn about (and someday visit) that are where my father’s people were from. The more I learn, the more I feel connected to my family roots, my Jewish roots, and the more I understand who I am.

I would like to have my CAPM certification, which is the beginning of a PMP. This is important to me because in the second half of my career, I would like to move on from being an executive assistant. I feel like I've done everything I can as an admin, and want to do something new and challenging.

I'd like to be cooking regularly, and feeling comfortable with it. Finally. :)

I would like to achieve stable and vibrant health. This has eluded me since my childhood and feels like the biggest limitation on me both living well day to day and planning for long-term dreams and goals without fear.

A thriving front garden. It will reflect stability in home, finances, and Getting Stuff Done.

I would love to pull off a well-run and well-attended North American chevra kadisha conference in June next year. We are working on finding a caterer now, but we're still in the beginning of the planning for it, so what it will shape up to be like is still very much in the air.

As I look back on my all answers since I've been 10qing since 2009, I realize that my answers have varied very little. I struggle to spend the most time with my kids. I realize that it is the most important thing to do. My wife reminds me that I do a good job of it, but I always feel I should be doing more to be there and support them. It is so important to me that they don't leave home one day and feel that I was not there for them.

A solid income stream. After several years of financial stress, this is our most important job.

Have a successful coaching practice. I feel passionate about this profession and want to help people and be known as an expert in the field.

I would like to take more active control of my living and at home work space. It's chaotic and it overwhelms both my partner and I, so we tend to just deal with it instead of fixing it. We both want to be more productive outside of our day jobs, but this is a big obstacle. It will relieve a lot of internal stress to have physical peace and spaces I feel comfortable in.

I would like to have sent in at least two law school applications by this time next year. Wow, writing that makes me realize that I need to start studying for the LSAT and actually get my sh*t together if that's going to happen. I feel like I'm starting to stagnate and losing some of my intellectual vitality, so I think that setting my sights on going back to school will help me feel like I'm progressing in life and putting my brain to work. This is looking ahead more than a year, but I hope to get into Cornell Law and another top tier school like U Chicago or Northwestern or maybe, maybe Yale.

Stability in mental health

I want to get all 60 EC for the first year of my study!!! also I want to kiss a girl! both are important for my confidence and being bold and open about who I am, stepping into who I am.

I want to fully support Alan in his quest for a more pain-free body--whatever that takes. This really is first on my list. I would like to achieve a consistant stream of income from real estate. I would also like to lose 20 pounds of weight thru the blood sugar solution diet, thereby increasing my energy level, and reducing my A1C, and other markers from an unhealthy amount. I would also like to limit my participation in extra events: showtime, and the spring show. I was very exhausted from last showtime, and found it difficult to energy-wise recover. I hope to gain more energy from a better diet this year, but I do not want to over-commit to events that put undo pressure on me and my family (Alan).

I'd like to have a published writing blog and an ongoing patreon, to show myself that writing can be a job.

Keeping my 4.0 ! And kicking butt in some science classes.

what: weekly yoga practice why: so i don't fucking die

Last years answer to this was going up for an Aliyah in Shul and being able to read the Hebrew which I did twice over rosh hashana! I wonder if this time next year I'd be able to read from the Torah? It seems like a lofty goal and one that make take more than a year, but one thing I have learned this year with training for the marathon, is that I can do anything if I put my mind to it! So maybe at least I can come close!

Actually take a proper vacation again. I let work and other things take priority, but I need to live my life and take the time to relax.

I'd like to be in a happy relationship. I love relationships and I want to have kids some day. But then, that's nothing you can "achieve", right?

Find a new role and kick arse. Lean in hard. This will set me up with as much security and good will as I can garner. in case I decide to have a family.

I'd like to find a life-long partner. I don't realize how heavy the isolation feels, until someone comes to my house, and we both occupy the same space. The increased energy is amazing, and the amount of comfort I feel, is off the charts. It's like my mom used to say: "You don't realize how much your head hurts, until you stop banging it against the wall. Sometimes I wonder if I've been alone too long to adjust to giving up space, whether it be physical, emotional, or sociological. I'm doing all I can to meet people, but Match and OKC are pretty ineffective recently.

Getting a book deal of some kind. I've had this goal in mind FOR FOREVER, but I've always pushed it aside for other things.

I would like to be more stable - in every aspect of my life: Financially, emotionally, professionally, health-wise, physically/aesthetically. I just want to be at the point where I feel like I have full control over my life, and am not at the mercy of outside forces. I want to feel like I am accomplishing the things I want for myself, and that I am in charge of MY own narrative, and not just a incidental character is someone else's. I want to be the star.

Want to have lost a lot of weight and be very active. I want to be healthy and able to do physical things for fun.

By this time next year, I'd like to start feeling as though I'm enough. It's something I logically / rationally believe and think, but I don't feel it. This is critical to my ability to move forward and have meaningful relationships with others that are based in self-awareness, compassion, and strength, as opposed to insecurity, anxiety and doubt.

I would like to move to NYC and be happily settled in Manhattan with a kick-ass Marketing job.

I would like to be in my own place. I rent from my parents, who are in their mid 70s. I love them, but I cannot entertain as I would like to. I don't want to necessarily move far away, just to a place of my own.

By this time next year I'd like to find a way to settle down. Or at least find a job that I would be happy to settle down for. Right now I can't find a good enough reason to be anywhere for years at at a time but mostly I want to find a career path that would be worth it. This is important to me because it would be nice to settle down but I don't want to do it just because. I want to have a good reason to do so.

I'd like a stronger sense of peace, acceptance and humility be this time next year. I'd also like to have either taken some time off to travel or have an upcoming--very upcoming--trip planned where I get to explore a new part of this world, a new part of me. I've been working extremely hard at my job and specifically on this film since 2011 and I deserve a well-earned break. Greece, Turkey, India, Thailand, Europe...I'm going somewhere!

I'm thinking it is time to post to a new group at my current job or leave the company altogether. Probably said this last year too. Seems like this is a dead-end growth-wise

I would like to be in a meaningful relationship. I feel I spent the last two years in a shitty one and it's too soon to really date but I hope I'm ready by then. I also hope my life is settled and I'm back in my home.

I would like to finish at least one of the projects I have. I have an issue with starting things and never finishing them. I want to prove to myself that I can.

I would like my personal life to be more settled and I would like to be happier. I really feel at loose ends. Lonely and wanting something but at the same time totally not ready to engage in a long term, serious relationship with much of anyone - even if that is what I really want long term. There is something inside me that just can't do it. Not ready. Not now. I liked being married and I'd like to be married again one day but I also want to go into that scenario feeling more complete and more o.k. about being alone or not married. Like I am choosing the person or choosing to need the person - not like I am desperately seeking to plug a huge gap in my life. I have always been partnered. Apparently being partnered is important to me. There are a lot of reasons for this but I think the bottom line is that I am just happier and better for sharing my life with another.

I'm surprised by how much trouble I'm having with this question. On the one hand, I have achieved a lot of what I've hoped for in the past. On the other, can I really say there's nothing I could do next? Nothing I want? I think I'm really afraid to set the goals that are what I'd like, because I've failed to achieve them so many times: losing weight, staying on top of my paperwork, finishing my therapy. So I think I'll say that I hope, in the next year, that I've made positive movement on some or all of those things. I want to look back and say yes, I'm in a different place than I was last year. My goal is to honor myself as a work in progress, both in being OK with being in progress and in holding myself accountable for making progress.

Complete the reorganizing of my teaching materials that I began. I need this in both physical files and on my laptop. I am adjunct faculty and never know what I will teach from semester to semester. I recently was given a class that I haven't taught in more than 3 years. It has been time consuming to search through old files, both paper and electronic, that had not been in line for the organizing. The more easy to hand my old lesson plans and activities are, the less time I spend searching, and that time can be put to better use with family.

Well, this is new to me just today but I think I might like to have really engaged with the concept of Radical Self Care and see what I think. It's important because I think it is something I really need, something that will make me happier and healthier.

Just like last year, solid employment that supports my family and connects with my strengths and values. I'm still working on it.

It's so funny, because this year I crossed the two major items off my list -- getting into graduate school, and learning to drive -- leaving me with honestly few future goals beyond the expected ones of "do well in work and be happy." At this point, this feels great -- achieving these milestones, rather than having them looming -- but I wonder if I'll seek out some new challenge once I get bored! The expected things would be getting married, having a kid, buying a house. But I'm honestly not sure how much I want any of that. Perhaps I'll just hope to save more money, and spend more wisely. A small, boring goal; but one that I would be wise to pursue.

By this time next year, we hope to be by the sea. Why so important? The ocean. The beach. The clean wind. Ground level, no elevation. I read yesterday the subconscious is unburdened by the vast view of ocean. I need that. Healing. Refresh my life. I hope to achieve finding a new choir to sing with. I intend to have regular walks down my road to the river, and a few minutes drive away on the beach. I intend to be calmer, more fit. With those things lined up, set in place, perhaps I can come into the ideas of what to do with myself. Radio jockey? Local theatre? Volunteering? Dance? Maybe I can get a grow going, and stock up on the green. tincture and butter. All good things in time. Hopefully there will not be a hurricane evacuation, as there is right now! Who knows? Anything is possible.

I'd like to be known at my new job as a person to be trusted. What I mean by that is a guy who is a source...people think of me and say "HE'S got ideas...and HE can get things done." And not even for myself or my own advancement (totally)...I want to be a part of making something bigger than me, and I want to be active in building trust in my ability to contribute.

Want to weigh and have stayed in the upper 120's for weight. It's important to me because it makes me feel better about myself and lets me focus on other things.

I would like to achieve independence. Again, I need to stop relying on others for happiness and survival. I want to be independent in all areas of my life: emotional, financial, psychological, intelectual, and even spiritual.

Would like to form a closer relationship with my nieces. I was more involved in their lives when they were younger but as their families grew and my life became more complicated, we drifted apart. Time to try to change that.

GOAL WEIGHT. It will be almost 2 years from when I started my journey and I'd like to think I'll achieve this by next year.

I want to be healthier than I am right now. It matters because I'd like to be around to see my kids grow up and begin their own lives, get married, have kids of their own. I'm not taking very good care of myself, and that needs to change.

I would like to maintain a healthy savings of at least $6,000. Saving money isn't my strongest suit. I tend to only save up for things that I want to purchase instead of maintaining a healthy savings account in case of an emergency.

In reviewing my past goals, each year I keep saying I'm going to work on my weight. Sadly, it hasn't gone well. I will pledge, again, to work on this because it's important to my health!

I would like to be a mother by this time next year. I am now 36, and by then will be 37. It has taken me so long to find my needle in a haystack - the man that was meant to be father of my children. I just hope we're not too late. This achievement will also require me to achieve more leisure, less stress, and a more manageable working life. It will require me to slow down, make space for eating, sleeping, and exercising well. That's one achievement I can't wait to master!

losing 24 lbs... pre baby weight!!! This is important to me for several reasons... I want to feel confident again in my skin. I want to be healthier than I am today and I want to be a good example to my kiddos. lastly I want to prove to myself that when I originally lost 98 lbs between baby 3 and 4 that I can maintain the healthy lifestyle that I worked so hard to create and maintain for over a year and 1/2 before baby #4.

I would like to have a new job. I know it will affect every aspect of my life.

I want to be in a true relationship. As simple as that i guess. I want to share love, life, passions, dreams amd to fulfill them all together. Ot kind of feels naked to write it like that. Or like a 12 years old girld that is imagiming her wedding. But somehow in almost 31, i guess that i stilll share some dreams and passion of 12 years old... And with that maybe cinical soimd of it, o am happu for that. I think i wasnt able to say it like that directly but i really do wish for it. Not to achieve. It sound not write to define it as achievemnet. Rather just to be inlove. To share love. Reflecting on the second part, why is ot important for me. That is an interesting question... wby is it actually? I feel i am ready to start thinking and making a family. Its actually even making me a small shivering when thinking about it. But i am. I also want to be taken care of. To feel this togetherness and having someone that totally taking care of me, sharing with him and he share with me. I am longimg for deep teue connection and intimacy. Safety. I want to have a base from where i can go out and know also that i am coming back to... wow. I guess this is why it is important for me. Amd it is jusy soooooo fun and fulfilling to feel inlove. As simple as that. And i guess also that there os so much growth in relationship. I wasnt really rwady for the shared geowth woth somwone befor, thw comitment. Butaybe now i am ready to feel the freedom in this comient to other, the freedom in that. I think i see now more the beauty in that. Will i be inlove in a year? In a shared love and relationship? I sure do wish that it will be a wishful thinking:)

I literally just choked on my own saliva in contemplation of this question. Why? Because this question struck fear in me that it is time to quit "just getting by" and push myself to become who I am. I've spent many years trying to blend in and be who others expect me to be, but I've never been fully myself, out in the open for all to see. I am still uncertain as to what all this entails, but I know several things that I must start, and have no idea where it will all lead. Becoming a more authentic version of myself is incredibly important to me now because I have become very clear that everything less is not enough for me. I am not content to sit back and wear a mask and pretend that there is nothing extraordinary about me.

I want to have a more Jewish life. I want to have a synagogue we call home and to be involved in it. This is second only to being kind to myself/family and finishing my second book (i.e. the obvious goals I have). I want to learn biblical Hebrew, even if it's a long and slow journey, I want to celebrate each holiday with our own traditions, and I want to.... FEEL Jewish. I know I can never feel like someone who grew up Jewish, but I can cultivate that life much more fully. This is important to me because I converted to Judaism because of a profound spiritual connection that I couldn't communicate in words, and that ache doesn't go away. Luckily, that ache hasn't run for the hills or looked elsewhere, it still returns to Judaism, to its stories and secrets and music and hidden life of wonder and pain. I miss it. And I want it for my daughter. I don't care if she feels it like I do - she should have her own experience. But it's what I chose. And yet I feel like we haven't committed as a family to it.

I'd like to weigh less -- 20 pounds or 100, it doesn't matter -- because I am consistently exercising in the rehab gym and increasing my metabolism by so doing. I grew up an exceedingly sedentary child, always reading. I never developed confidence in my body, or good balance, or real enjoyment at any sport. When I started running, my knees got crunchy. So I have never been in really great shape, strong and able. After my knee replacement, I spent a year and a half in the rehab gym, but my goal was to reduce my pain and it didn't, so I gave up on that. When I lost weight (for the third major effort of my life and several thousand dollars of investment), again my pain level was unchanged and I did not feel more attractive. There followed several relationships with men that did not help my self image, and with my fibromyalgia pain untouched after six months of dieting and supplements, I gave up on that. This time back to the gym I am doing it for health only -- strength, agility, metabolism, helping everything work better. I don't know how many more years I have on the planet. It may be 1, it may be 30. Why should I get sicker when I can get healthier? I want to enjoy the time I have to its fullest.

I really need to be more tolerant and less judgmental. I hear the words coming out of my mouth and I hate the way I sound. I want to be a good person but that always seems to get it my way.

It's funny how much thought this required. It's so unlike me to set specific goals. (A) Ambitious isn't the first word anyone would use to describe me, and (2) what ambition I have is generally more quotidian -- I want to gradually improve my photography skills, e.g. That said, by this time next year I would like to have registered for--and maybe even completed--some of the courses for the Library & Info Services program here. I think it would be a good next direction for my career, and I'm in a position right now to be able to work on it pretty cheaply and pretty effectively. In a couple of years, when the kids are a bit older, I'd love to be able to market myself for that kind of job.

I would like to be in a meaningful and healthy relationship with a man. I don't need to get married again but I really want to build something lovely with someone and see where it goes. It is important because I have not had a good track record in the relationship department and it would be nice to see if I am capable of it.

Honestly? I'd really like to be engaged this time next year. Even if it's a long engagement, I'm deeply in love and would love to feel that a forever commitment is on the horizon.

I want to be confident, happy, and healthy. I want to establish good relationships and stop avoiding confrontations. I want to be goal oriented and be kind and honest.

I've just started a new career and by this time next year I would love to be much more efficient and knowledgeable with the process. I love what I do, and how it benefits other people...I just want to be able to get better everyday!

By this time next year I envision I calm, happy, creative, and peaceful home full of joy with our one year old baby growing and thriving. We will have gotten into the hang of things, have routines and of course so much love. We'll have been be back to hiking and traveling and dinner parties and all of the things we love. And most of all we will be ready to continue in developing, evolving, and growing ourselves as well as our sweet child!

I want to achieve balance between my work and family life. Success would be measured in the happiness of my husband and children who need to know they are still more important than my work.

I would like to feel better about my parenting. I want to be more patient, I want to not give in as much, I want to let my kids feel their big feelings in a respectful way without making them feel bad, but also learning it is not okay to have big tantrums all the time. I want to help them learn it is okay to be imperfect and love themselves regardless. I want to be equitable without being fair.

I would really like to find some new strategies for teaching my daughter, who has ADD. There is a lot for her to learn in the next two years and I really wish I had better ways to teach her that don't leave me frustrated and despairing.

I want to get past my negative thoughts and self-doubt. I want to be able to fully enjoy my life and not worry all the time. It's important because I have an amazing life. I've had disappointments and other struggles but I just want to be more present and positive. I don't want to dwell on past disappointments, mistreatment or pain. They're important to remember and useful for mentoring my family, students and colleagues but they shouldn't have any emotional power over me. Through mindfulness meditation, I'm learning that I can separate the thought or the memory of a negative event or the worry of a negative event in the future from it's emotional pull. I want to continue to move that process forward so I can fully enjoy where I am.

By October 6, 2016, I would like to: - feel good about my body - love the way my apartment is decorated - feel aligned on having children with Paul - COMPLETELY debt free - picked out next dream job

I want to build a team of women for my LLR business, and a sacred circle of women for my LWI business. This is part of my "why" and part of who I am--I want to live in to my call to encourage women.

I have to think on that. I could answer with a goal for my kids, but not for me. I guess I want to continue to keep up my boundaries and be stronger so as not to enable my kids. They get the wrong message when I enable them.

Be on less medication, and have improved health. I want to enjoy the rest of my life, not just exist.

Find the leak that is causing the kitchen ceiling to split and have it fixed. It is important to fix things so they don't make life worse.

To lose 125 pounds, get off some of this medication, to be retired, get ready for a nice vacation. This is important to me because I want to add some years to my life, to be able to work on leaving something positive.

Fitness. I want to be able to run a half marathon and have my muscles back in shape after having a baby. I want to be fit, feel less tired, feel more confident, like the way I look and the way my clothes fit and feel. I want to feel lean. I want to have a profile without lumps. I want my weight to not prevent things I want to do in my life like job hunt, vacation, be active with my kids, and wear the kind of clothes I want to wear.

I would like to have established myself as a mentor and have a few independent trustee appointment. To be financially independent.

I am preparing myself to apply to supervisor education student process. I had a medical emergency 2 years ago and I'm working diligently to achieve this goal, G-d willing.

I would like to have been accepted into the PTA program. I would also like to have calmed down some of the fear surrounding altered and expanded states allowing me to go deeper and deeper.

Really, really need to get retirement funds in order and maximize them if I don't want to work till I'm 80. It's important because the funds are there but they could be growing.

I would like to start a new adventure that will open the world for me. Teaching ELL students or making plans to visit and explore a new place in the world. Why because it is time for me to start a new phase of my life and I don't want to do the same old same old just because I am to afraid to try something new or go some where new. The world and it's people are open to me if I allow myself to be open to new opportunities.

I would like to save more money by this time next year.

By this time next year, I would like to be enrolled in a full-time Law or Masters in International Relations degree program. I would also like to be dating again, and be successfully working as a Civil Affairs officer in the Army Reserve. This is extremely important to me for the following reasons: I put my education on hold to serve on Active Duty in the US Army to deploy to Afghanistan. Many of my peers have surpassed me in their academic endeavors. In order for me to do what I want to do, make peace, I have a lot to learn and experience. A graduate or law program will help guide me in this education. I took a gamble on my first marriage and lost. I was hoping the woman I married would grow and become the equal partner I craved. It didn't work out, but I don't want to be single forever. I didn't do what I set out to do while in the Army on Active Duty. I want a second shot.

Better financial health for our family. We have considerable debt right now, children closer to college age than elementary school, and being somewhat older parents the prospect of retirement is also closer than further away. Mean carefully monitoring our spending, paying down what we can as quickly as we can and looking for ways to perhaps generate some additional income. The freedom that would come with being debt-free (other than primary mortgage on our home) would allow us to more aggressively fund our retirement, fund our children's education needs, travel more and simply do more of what we enjoy doing. I hope we are able to make significant progress this year -knowing we'll be getting help from my mother that we will use for this purpose - my goal would be to pay off upwards of 60% of total current debt. Aggressive, but doable and will make a huge difference in how we do things. It just opens up the door for so many other things.

My AE-c and possibly my ACCS.

I would like to have a baby or one on the way. I am in my early 30's and that is the most important that big to me right now. My husband and I are trying, already had one miscarriage, but hopeful for the future. It's important because I feel we can raise a good human being, who will contribute not take from society.

I think what is probably most important is to have found something in life (voluntary, or paid) that really gives me the feeling that I'm making a difference and doing something worthwhile. I know that have the capability to help other people so it's a waste if I don't do anything about it.

Better time management. Not work related, that'll never happen. But in life. And not hours but minutes. Not to go to another movie, or binge watch another season of (everything). But to have 5 minutes extra a day to give attention to my spouse and kids. Not that they need it or want it or ask for it. I do need it. When all is said and done we so it all for them (so we say). Why leave them with fleeting memories when those 5 minutes a day will leave them complete.

By this time next year I would like to have all of my credit card debt paid off. At the beginning of this year I owed $30K to several different credit card companies, and with the help of my parents, student loans, and other resources I have reduced it to just a little over $3K. Like the last 10 pounds on a strict diet, this last amount is proving the hardest to pay off. In part, because my old habit of buying first, budgeting later is not totally out of my system. However, I am learning to cancel orders right away and return things I don't absolutely need. While I have resigned myself to being impoverished and the fact that I may never pay off my student loans, I will stick to the goal of not outspending my income and letting my use of credit cards overextend me financially.

A better sense of acceptance, gratitude, and contentment with my life as it is. Turning 40 sucked.

6 figures.

I'd like to be comfortable with calling myself an early childhood educator. I'm doing the work - I'm not going to wait for someone else to recognize me for it, I just need to own it.

When someone asks me how I am, I'd like to be able to reply honestly, "I feel great!" To get to that point, there need to be major changes in my physical well being and mental attitude. These are interconnected and not impossible, but will be very difficult.

I would like to have left the practice of law and be doing something creative and soul-feeding which brings me lots of money and abundance! It's important to me because the next chapter of my life needs to be about creativity and bringing my divine gifts into physical form. I want to let go of my ego attachment to being an attorney. With that, I'll also be letting go of tons of stress and conflict.

By this time next year I'd like to accomplish doing an overnight bike trip. Now I have the right bike, paniers, and willingness to go, just need to plan something and find a friend to do it with. It's important to me because I've been wanting to try something like this for a long time. Also, with the baby coming I am hoping I can still do trips and fun getaways from time to time.

I want to go on a great vacation. No work, no worries.

be really in tune with 21 day meditation. find my true self with 20 question. maintain my healthy lifestyle.

I'd like to feel more balanced than I am today. In a better place in relationships (with my daughter and my partner with whom I just ended things; maybe even my parents). Work wise, house-wise, and mentally a little more grounded than I'm feeling today. The grass is not going to be greener on the other side, there will just be different challenges, but sometimes change is good. I want to be happy solo. And not looking for a man to be with. I'm much happier without a HIM in my life. Just remember that!!!

I would really like to just "be" healthier. All else in my life appears to finally be moving in a very positive direction. I just have not taken time for myself. So, I would like to find some time for me to just be healthier, whether that is exercising more, or finding a hobby that will get me out & moving or eating better, but I feel the need to be a healthier person. I have seen my mom not take care of herself for so long & now at 74, she is in terrible health. I want to be able to not only live a long life, but a healthy one that I can enjoy with my husband.

Really learn deep down in a way that is always at my fingertips that is completely irrelevant whether or not I achieve anything by this time next year. And to know that this more centered attitude toward life will not prevent achievements from being achieved. It will just lower my angst about how the world works and the significance of my role in bringing the Messiah. It would not mean that I wouldn't support Bernie Sanders' Our Revolution organization attempting to implement Bernie's 2016 campaign agenda after the election. It would not mean that I wouldn't continue contributing money and effort to as many other progressive organizations as I could. It would not mean that I wouldn't work to improve my empathy for and interaction with of all those in my life. Maybe it would mean that I wouldn't be so interested in replying to this question in such exuberant detail.

Eat better Excercize Do yoga Breath

Reach 100 subscribers on my Youtube channel. So I know I'm actually reaching people.

Novel completed. I would love to have a publisher interested, an agent secured but the main thing is to actually complete the writing. I also want to be healthier - stronger - trimmer have more endurance.

Easiest question ever--I want to be Lucia's mom by this time next year. Legally, recognized by everyone, forever, and trusted by Lucia herself. Because she has become my daughter over the months (19) since she and Maria first came to live with me and it is past time we were both able to rely on that relationship not being taken away, so we can get about the business of growing her into herself.

I would like to get a law job for next summer. This is important to me because it is the first step in getting articles and then being called to the bar so I can be a real life lawyer!

Oh goodness this is a biggie. So many things. First, I always strive to be healthier. I workout 5 days a week now but my nutrition is preventing me from losing any weight. I would also like to have more of a back bone when it comes to confronting people who try saying something to get under my skin. That's a tough one for me considering it's a family member. I've just been trying to be the bigger person and not firing back. Which, perhaps is the right away to respond but it's not stopping it. I'd also like to limit my time on my phone much more too. Set it down in another room & forget about it. Being home though, it's my communication with the world & my husband who is my world I would also like to be a more attentive wife and also be able to express my needs in a clear way. Be a better mom, always. Told yah that's a biggie, I'm sure I'm not alone.

I would love for our adoption to be successfully completed by this time next year. In particular, I'd love for it to occur in May or June, when I will have time to be a stay-at-home dad for our new little bundle of joy! We're currently in the wait-and-see phase...waiting for a birth mother to choose us, so it will be great when that is complete!

I would like to be exercising regularly: Exercise bike, yoga, walking the dogs. It is important to me because I want to make it easier on myself to get around. I also hope it will lower the level of my constant pain.

To have cleaned out the storage room in our basement. It's a mess! Clutter stresses me out...

I would really like to have a completed piece of writing, whether it's an essay or a short story. It doesn't have to be published, but I'd really like for it to be finished. This was a goal from last year that I didn't deliver on, and I don't want to read this in 2017 and be disappointed again. I really want and need my writing mojo back, and I think actually finishing something will do it, as well as bring my confidence back in my abilities.

I'd like to have my SAG-AFTRA card. It'll help my acting career immensely by opening up the opportunity to audition for (and land) better paying acting jobs. Plus I'll be able to get health benefits, a 401(K), and other benefits that would make my life so much better.

My food and nutrition business meeting my financial obligations. Ready to put away technology marketing. Heart attacks are still the number one killer of women--more than all cancers combined. And most people think they eat healthy, not understanding what is really healthy. Then tend to follow trends and focus on just one or two. After surviving 3 genetic mutation caused heart attacks, I've gotten to know over 2k heart attack survivors in an online group. I see the need to get 'real' with peoples habits.

I don't know....take up painting, have my photos on the market, publish a collection of poems? If I focus, I suppose I could accomplish all three of these in some measure. Each of them would indicate growth in the arts for me. That's where a piece of me has always resided as far back as I can remember...paper, pencils, colors, stories and books. I made the rare A for an elementary ed major in my art class. I've dabbled in this and that, collected materials. Since retirement I took a printmaking class where my instructor said she thought I had a printmaker's temperament. Now I have finally published poems and some have appeared on the Art of Poetry website. So now, next steps? What I have done is begin. I want a growth spurt this next year.

By this time next year, I will have wanted to take a vacation with my family (just my husband and son- no extended family) and really have fun and relax. So much of our time together is tied down by schedules and obligations, and I think we could really benefit from some time to relax and really get to know one another again!

Allow room in my life for the love of a man. It's been 7 years since I dated anyone. I'm not getting any younger. Life can be much easier when shared with another.

I would like to be in complete acceptance of me, and who I am at that time. I would like to be as healthy as possible, and enjoying my life.

I need to be in a relationship. The reasons are many.

I want to have two more books published. I had one a few years ago and it's time to do more. I've actually got two finished but I need to get off my butt and get them out there.

I'd like to have a great home for me and my 8 year old daughter. We're up in the air right now living in my parents apartment while the move overseas. I'm looking forward to the stability and independence of our own place. This will also reflect in her education. I really don't want her to move schools but housing in NYC is more expensive than ever.

New job, hopefully. I've been in my current role for 6 years now, and I feel like I'm withering away and becoming too bitter to this profession and field that I fell in love with. I'm scared to try to enter in to a line of work that might not be what I'm naturally good at, or in a content area that I'm not obsessed with. I'm scared that I'm too unprofessional for any other work setting. But I'm angry that my value and skills have gone unrecognized and unutilized, I'm angry that I haven't learned anything new to enhance my qualifications, and that I work for a cowardly inept supervisor that is unfairly secure in his role.

Ugh. I feel like this is the same as last year's thing. I want to have started the LPN program SOMEWHERE. I'm questioning whether that will ever happen. I want to be a LLL leader though, and I think that can happen even if all my other plans are being laid to waste by God or the Universe or whatever. I just want to have hope that someday I won't be stuck in a paycheque to paycheque cycle and that might seem really materialistic to some people, but I counter that those people aren't stuck living paycheque to paycheque because it's fucking stressful and it fucking sucks and I want to be done with it - and the only way out that I can see is to change careers and get an education. So I'd like to have made some concrete steps towards making that change by next year's 10Q.

I'd like to be able to better articulate/understand my worth/goals/skills. When you leave full time employment to focus on family, you find yourself questioning your purpose. Maybe it changes as the kids grow up?

I would love to be back in my home in Divide. I have been out since 2007 for various issues (septic, power, propane, and water.). Jeff and I have some very cool plans to make our home a cool place to retire in. It would be really amazing to be able to host Thanksgiving and Christmas at the ranch in 2017!

I would like to continue on my healthy living, regarding exercising and better sleep habits. I hope that I am still in dance class and feeling more like the dancer I am. It's important to me, to find myself again and that is why dancing is so important. If I am dancing and in shape, I feel better and can do everything better.

I would like to do my physical therapy exercises even after finishing my round of pt. It is important to my physical health and to my self esteem of having discipline to achieve it.

I want to find my professional groove. Not only do I want stable work, I want to play to my strengths and give what I have to offer. I think I will feel a lot more confident if I can do this and ultimately set a better example for our kids. Not working, I am realizing how important my professional identity, and having an outlet for that, is to me.

I want to have stopped feeling bad about aging. I never expected to be so troubled by this, since I never thought of myself as an attractive woman to begin with. And it's not like anything really big has changed. But I've been spending far too much time beating myself up over small changes to my appearance, and I am really bothered that I feel this way at all. As I write this, I am reminded of how fortunate I am -- that this is a goal at all means that I am comfortable with where I am professionally and in my relationships, and that is a lovely thing. Of course, it also means that I have not yet identified a next set of professional goals. Maybe by next year, I will have refocused my writing and have made good progress on other projects. Wouldn't it be nice to do that AND stop wasting energy on frivolous things over which I have minimal control?

I would like to come to a place of calm with my husband. Currently we fight every weekday over my job, because he hates where I work. I want to reach a place where we can be content and comfortable in our love for each other and not in a constant state of tension.

I want to regularly do my exercises that help my back. I'm tired of my chronic back pain, and I know the exercises work. I often lack motivation, and I want to commit to exercising at least three times a week.

Well, I could say, as I have the past 2 years at least, to write my will and to clear out stuff from my apartment that needs clearing. But I shall muse a bit and see what my heart wants... Perhaps a simple as being fluent in listening to my heart instead of automatically being directed by thoughts and emotional responses that are not based in a connection to my heart, listening to its directives.

i want to have all my professional, legal and financial documents sorted out, organized efficiently and saved, including will and trust. i see this as a very liberating step towards clarity and spiritual freedom.

I would like to get a super cool internship, but I also don't want to stress myself too much. I would also like to be a super organized person.

By this time next year, I hope to be a father. I hope my wife will have gone a year without any medical issues. I hope my children continue to grow. I hope to have found happiness in my work.

Meet all my sales goals. I want to prove that I am worth the faith they have in me.

Well, I kind of hope to be pregnant. Not sure if that's really an achievement, per se. And it scares me to say, but it's important to me because I've always dreamed of having children and think it will be a wonderful experience to have a family with Michael. Other than that, I just want this next year to be peaceful. I pretty much like things the way they are right now. Which is nice. It's nice not to always be longing for something.

I would like to have eliminated at least half of my debt. Also I would like a better hold of my anxiety.

I would like to have a firm grasp on where I am and where I would like to go in the next few years. It's important to me to get a clearer picture of what I want in life, what I want to do for work, and how my current loves and passions will fit into that picture. The picture doesn't have to be 100% clear, but I would like to have a good sense of how I want music to be a part of my life, what role painting and the arts will play in my life, and how I will dedicate time to fixing the issues I care deeply about. Bonus points for being comfortable with my level of Jewish engagement and learning and knowing the plan for graduate school. That is all a lot to ask, and I don't need to have all the answers. I would like to achieve the knowing, the grasp, the sense that I know what I want in life and what I'm going to do to get there (at least over the next few years).

I am so pleased how it has worked out for me to work at my job less. Less money of course, but I believe that is fine. Now I need to figure out how I want to maximize my extra time. It is easy to just watch the days go doing a little of this and a little of that, and relaxing and upkeep are essential, but I really want to do a few things yet while I have my health and the resources. Things around the house, yes, but also things for me. Now that we have completed the protracted wedding responsibilities, I am looking to do some outdoors things. Camping, hiking, kayaking. Doing them up right is expensive, so I don't know if I will pursue wonderful trips, or just focus on local activities. Our new dog is encouraging lots more hikes in the woods!

I want to be earning an income from my photography business. I'm not necessarily talking about enough to live off of, but I'd like to have a solid portfolio and a steady stream of business, even if it's only a couple of sessions a month. I want to feel like I can make something with my passion and that it's worthwhile for more than just my own enjoyment.

Victory in my marriage - it's been the biggest struggle This year. Celebrate our 25th anniversary and Valentine's Day , go on trips together and family trips. Get some of our issues resolved Instead of sweeping it under the rug. Resolve Problems in healthy ways .....

I would like to have a dependable meditation practice. One that takes precedence every day and that helps e with mindfulness and peacefulness

I want to achieve my longggg term fitness goals. I want to be in grad school. I want to be living with Jeff.

Peace of mind regarding meeting Erica. Peace of mind that it is okay to love another, but it is also necessary to let go of people when you know they are hurting themselves, you, and others. It is never okay to harm others intentionally.

Continued remission for my son, I want to be able to look towards the future, at least a little bit. Although, this is not MY achievement. I hope my relationship with both my children are stronger. I would like to take a trip, vacation, which of course would involve playing music.

I would like to get through first year of college with an A- average. This matters because it shows myself and everyone else that I can have success even at this high stress, high steaks environment.

Oh baby. I set out on a 15 month life plan in May 2016 and it took me all summer to actually get it going. I want apply for graduate school in policy and move to London next fall. The process of telling people about that and saying the words out loud has been one crisis of confidence after another. Am I good enough? Can I do this? Will I be able to afford it? Holy shit, can I convince some administrator to see past my undergraduate transcript and all its wonkiness and see that I want to do this for real? Can I do this? Will I be good enough? Can this really happen? It's huge, it's daunting, and it will require many pep talks. I want to do it because I want to be the type of person that manifests their wants and dreams into reality. I want to live the biggest, fullest, broadest life possible. I want to expand my horizons, grow my career, and live in a city I've fallen in love with.

By this time next year I hope I live in an apartment with more than one room. I hope I have a job that I got closely after handing in my thesis. A thesis that I hopefully believe I gave my all to. I hope I either live in the same city or have bought a car. I hope I have traveled in Asia. Basically I hope I have transitioned from student life into real adult life without to many hiccups and with everything working out perfectly.

I'm trying to live the adage "take care of the minutes and the years will take care of themselves." So at the moment I'm keeping my goals small and keeping myself open to the possibility of paths which diverge from my expectations. Therefore I would like, one year from now, to be living in a home free of cardboard boxes, that is beautiful and welcoming and connected to who we are as a family, with a place for everything that gives us joy and everything in its place.

I'd like to have the sports data work that I am doing on track - formulated, in the market, generating income, on its way to being something great. I'd like to know that I have built something that has the potential to grow, and that I am not just doing more of the same that I have always done - even if I am doing better. I want to be onto the next phase.

I'd like to find more of a balance between work and life. I am working on that now, but it feels like a transitional period in which it is a rocky road. I'd like to engage more fully in life and still do a good job at work.

I would like to be making moves on going back to school and seriously considering getting a PhD in Psychology or Neuroscience. I hope to find a field that I would love to study and also have a garden.

I would like to be able to slow down even more, to take the time it needs to come up with a decision. To allow decisions to come up on their own. It includes less planing, rather waiting till a plan pops up by itself. Just being calm, less pushing, waiting rather- or expecting the right thing coming up by itself. It seems a better approach to how to do things. It seems truer to myself. It includes surprise as how the universe works and the prove THAT it works. Allow myself to be guided.

I'd like to get healthier--drop some weight, get stronger, eat more healthfully, attend to my spirit, and feed my mind something more substantial than it's been getting. I have thought for quite some time that health and wellness is like a three-legged stool, the legs being mind, body, and spirit. There isn't stability without all three.

My health, and the health of my family is my priority this year. I am of an age where inattention to my own well-being creates problems. By this time next year I want to have lost 40 pounds.

I would like to feel a sense of confidence. Not let others perception of me control my moment to moment sense of self and beliefs. I need to do me and watch my response to other's reactions. Try not to be a people pleaser and well liked.

I am still mostly focused on making it through to tomorrow right now. But I suppose I hope my husband and I are as healthy as two people with chronic illnesses can be, that we are happy, and that we've recovered from the trauma of this year. I hope that we will do the personal work we need to do to be the best we can be with the hands we've been dealt. If we can do that, then I will mark the year a win.

I'd like to get paid for stand-up.

Still working at the job I have now. I work at a High School and enjoy being around the students.

I would like to have made it through the honeymoon phase of a relationship and have settled into a loving partnership with a solid person who is excited and ready to be in a long-term relationship with me. Why is it important? Because my soul feels shaky and ungrounded moving through the world without a partner. I crave a community of two. I crave the deep settled feeling that both reflects and deflects my existential loneliness.

I want to be in a relationship with Carleton and for him to be at NSA with me. I want to have an even stronger relationship with God and my family, most notably, my siblings.

I would like to have the Nurtured Heart Approach fully implemented by all staff and for all of them to be doing it correctly. Hopefully not only will I be helping kids, but I will feel less burnt out and not hate my job.

I'd like to continue to find peace and build my practice to retain peace in chaos. I find that I handle other's stress better. My challenge is when I feel responsible for the outcomes of the project results, which are contingent on others, whose sense of responsibility differs from mine. This year I'd like to keep clear my responsibilities and that of other's. Especially when others want to give me the responsibility.

I'd like to know who I am. I'm figuring it out and I know I'll never be done, but I want to feel more confident. I hope to stand up for myself and speak my mind. I want to have an opinion and be comfortable sharing it. I wasn't to stop being so afraid.

I would like to be comfortable not being a member of a synagogue. I know that my mission as a teacher and humane being has always been to help repair the world, no matter how infinitesimal the effort. I always feel guilty for not carrying on that aspect of my upbringing, and yet believe that my efforts are worthwhile. On the other hand, I love and respect my people, and wish I could find a congregation which felt right to me.

Transition to a new job on the west side so I can achieve more balanced family life

1) Continue with EMDR and find a higher sense of peace of mind and equanimity and pleasure in my life. Not waiting for someone to come along or my situation to change miraculously to then suddenly be happy. To seize the present day. To make the most of what I can do and be more forgiving and accepting of myself. To find greater inner peace. That's something I would like to see happen for myself by by this time next year. And other good things that may come of that increased sense of self and self-acceptance, all the better.

By this time next year, I'd really like to achieve making a more definitive plan for either moving away and buying a house or plans to teach abroad. I've felt so torn around these issues (as well as whether or not to change professions/start my own business) and I just feel like I'm living in limbo. Which I realize I'm putting on myself, and then I'm not living in the moment. Perhaps a better achievement by this time next year would be to stop worrying anxiously about the future and putting off my dreams, and instead just actually live in the moment and soak up my sweet family.

By this time next year, I want to have travelled in our Escape Trailer to Nova Scotia and back. If we don't do it next year, our pull vehicle will be too old to do it. It will be our 50th Wedding Anniversary present to ourselves. Also, it will be Canada's 150 Anniversary, so what better way to celebrate Canada than to see as much of it as we can.

I've been in physical therapy to address a persistent problem with painful sex. For ten years I've alternated between ignoring the pain and hoping it'll go away on its own, and attempting to get advice and solutions from ob/gyns--with varying levels of success. This year I am committing to fixing the problem, and it started with finding a doctor who has experience treating pelvic floor pain and beginning physical therapy. The PT isn't fun, but I've been making progress. By this time next year I hope to be done with in-office therapy and enjoying a pain-free intimate relationship with my significant other. I want to feel like that part of our life is fun and carefree and natural, and addressing the physical pain I experience is an important first step.

To be healthy and a tive- ecause while I have regained a lot of strength after years of major health problems, I still feel exhausted a lot and am afraid of getting worse!

Don't need to achieve anything at my age ,just to stay alive and be kind and helpful to others ,and to enjoy the privilege of being alive and relatively well . My husband and I work on projects for fun , but their success is not essential to our survival . We are old enough to realize God is in control ,and we can't change the world whatever we do .

One thing I'd like to achieve by this next time year- ah that's really hard. Hmm. I'd like to achieve better time management. Less procrastinating. Less time scrolling facebook and social media. I'm so embarrassed about how much time I waste it's crazy. I want to be better productive- be moving, reading or writing or stretching if I'm relaxing, not sitting and scrolling. Meditate more in relaxing time. Not scrolling. I don't wanna be so connected in that way, I want to be connected in a more deep and spiritual way. I want to spend WAY less time on social media. It has nothing to do with stereotypes or what others think of me, it's more of what I value in myself. These are meaningless interactions (though I want to spend more time reading articles and using the internet for the incredible things I can) then scrolling. It's important because time matters and relationships with myself and with others matter, not on-screen time. I don't want to waste precious time- not out of urgency, but out of respect.

I want to clean up all the piles of papers that are all over my desk and even bedroom dresser. I want to file the papers that I need to keep and throw the rest away.

I don't think my hopes for the next year fall into a definitive box. But I hope that I am engaged deeply with the people around me. That means I hope our family holds this level of engagement with each other. I hope we get to travel and see family and friends. I hope we have a regular crappy family dinner night with friends. I hope my support of school communities opens up and pays off for those institutions.

I'd like to get to the point that when I hear gossip, I never pass it on. I'm almost to the point of not spreading lashon harah, but I'm not there yet and think that it would be a tremendous addition to my character to be the person that doesn't gossip.

Financial stability. That is to say, I would like to be able to support myself fully in a year from now.

I would like to have a thriving financial life planning practice. This is important to me, because it means that I am contributing to my family as well as helping to make a difference in people's lives.

I would like to be in an official relationship. It would be an additional protection from my parents and would give him more authority for opinions etc. Also, though I don't need a man to set me free from my parents, but it sure helps.

My answer is very similar to last year's: I'd like to get a new job. This is important to me because I think I'm underselling my potential and being unjust to myself by not working harder on that goal.

I hope to have passed my doctoral exams and have my research proposal approved! It would be two steps closer to earning my doctorate, but it would also show that I'm managing to balance schoolwork and the 9-5 job effectively.

I would like to be settled in my new job. I'm happy there now but sometimes I still feel a bit insecure.

Be able to do all 108 moves of my Tai Chi from memory - and without knee pain, if possible! I want to be able to do it without having someone there to follow.

I would like to improve my physical capabilities, to include: 1) lose at least 20 lbs, 2) be able to walk 10,000 steps on most days, 3) be able to hike up to 6 miles with a modest amount of ascension. This is important to me because I've lost my physical fitness over the past 1-2 years, due to ongoing stress and depression, and it has greatly contributed to my decline in mental health, sense of self, and enjoyment of life. It is important to me to remain active and healthy as long as I can. I am 52 and I don't want to "lose it".

Probably to begin the Masters program but at this point I'm kind of disgusted with hospital administration . The bureaucracy and inefficiency and overworking of employees in healthcare makes me almost regret leaving private practice. It seemed like a good idea and a good career move but now I'm not so sure.. maybe in a year from now I will feel differently-I sure hope so, considering I have 25 more years to work . That is so depressing .

I would love to achieve balance. Balance in my work, financial stability and friendships. I want to feel like I'm putting my best efforts and distributing them as evenly as I can. I would also like to achieve my trip to Colombia to see my family and friends. To know where Colombia is as far as state of affairs and see if I could truly envision my life and purpose there.

Feel on top of my health again, less drinking, more exercise, more energy...but I also want to be out of debt. I work so hard right now, it seems one goal must suffer to accomplish the other. As I get older, some days feel like quicksand.

In the next year I would like to get my diabetes under control. That might mean losing weight but it definitely means being consistent with my medication.

I would like to be able to approach conflict without shutting down or giving in to fear and becoming paralyzed. I need a better way of handling stress and conflict in my life, and to have a healthy self-talk system that is not dependent on others.

I want to get Dad's estate settled. It is more work than I expected and is causing me to feel so overwhelmed that I am not getting my own regular work done.

I want my nervous system to be adjusted and regulated to my job routine. Right now I'm new and it's a daily struggle to handle the adrenaline!

I would like to not have to work full time so I could spend more time helping others and volunteering.

Finding a job I love! It's important to me because I want to be able to do the work I'm meant to be doing, and know I have found what my next "calling" is. I want to get to the end of my day thinking to myself I wouldn't want it any other way :)

I want to smile when I walk through the door when I come home. Sometimes, it seems so hard to do. But when I'm walking into my favorite place with my favorite person, I hope that I can forget the tiny stresses that don't matter so much in the grand scheme of things.

I would like to have and start a new job, preferably in a new location. I have been working so long to get to the point where I have a mid to long term job with a good salary so I can pay my debts and feel ready for the next phase of my life. For so long the goal was just to graduate, so the future was fairly well determined and my goals were clear. Now that I have reached that goal, I am trying to think about all of the other things I put in hold to finish this degree.

By this time next year I would like to have a better understanding of my next big step. It was really important for me to have JDC and Entwine as a goal to guide me through college. It gave me a purpose, but it also channeled my attention into something important. It gave me something to look forward to and to aspire to. I am afraid of what will happen if I don't create this pattern for myself again. I am afraid that I will get stuck and not know the right way or time to move forward. I know figuring out that next step takes time, just like it took me a year in college. That's why I want to give myself the whole upcoming year to really think this stuff through. I know there is something out there for me to pursue next, I just have to find that thing. Easier said than done I guess, but it is something that will be crucial to my happiness and success.

Closer to G-d

I would like to feel like I am operating at at least 80% of my potential. Since graduating college, I haven't really felt like I've been challenged on a deep level, so I would like to feel like I am using my best skills at the top of my capabilities. This would help me feel like my life was more fulfilling.

I don't know. alright. I don't know. I guess maybe I hope I find a direction. That maybe by this time next year I know what I want. That I'm not just floating, running away, hiding. I don't know. I want to say that I want to find myself but I think I'm increasingly coming to realise that I cannot find myself. I can create myself. Shape myself. Well then I guess I'm one step closer to doing that. Alternatively... learning German would be cool.

I'd like to find a constructive interest that doesn't interfere with time with my family.

Enjoying the little moments + managing work stress (keeping things in perspective = life is short!)

Avoiding cancer recurrence would be #1, and getting better at taking care of myself a close second. I have let my job and other things take priority over my own health for too long, and I feel like my time is running out. I don't think I've made my mark yet, so I'm far from ready to throw in the towel... I just want to be a source of light in the world, and I'm still working on how to make that happen. So I need more time, and for that, I need to be in better health.

I'd like to keep making progress toward my master's degree. I've started a master's three times and this time I'm going to finish.

I like to make one new good friend as I don't think I have enough close friends. I would also like to become an accomplished indoor cyclist.

Hmmmmm. By this time next year.... What?!? It has become truly luscious to live *without a goal. The very definition of mindfulness is being with what's happening, as it's happening, without judgment about what's happening. This state of being fully present is the best way I've found to truly appreciate Life Itself, in all its variety, grace and, yes, even trauma. So by this time next year, I'd like to achieve more in-the-moment mindfulness. OK. That's definitely it. Thanks!

Ohhhh..THIS is THE year. by next year, I might be retired . Maybe not. I will have someplace on the water.Ocean in front of me. Or a big ol lake. I will be drawing. I will be healthy. Perhaps I will find a friend to share fun with. 1/2 of my credit cards will be released from terror.I expect this year to be the best ever.

House project -clarity on what're doing and how we're going to do it.

I would like to have written an article, or started on one of my books by this time next year. Why is it important? Because the coast is at last clear at Cyrun, and time is a wasting!

I want to have started to write a book. I have had these ideas for some time and want to try and tackle at least one of them before they are lost.

A regular yoga practice because I' don't like pain.

At first I had thought something a bit related to my answer from last year, but really what I thought after was my art. In October of next year I would want to have done another major thing with my art, whether it's music, paining or writing, but be able to share it with a wider audience (like the painting exhibit). This is important to me because art is a way to connect to others and to myself, so being able to continue planting and harvesting around it shows me that I am allowing myself to flow and express and grow, but also being willing to share this with others.

This is hard. I don't have an obvious answer. I think I'd like to figure out what I want for the next stage of my work life. Full, three-quarter, or half time at Stanford? More external work? What do I want to do at Stanford? How does this work with my marriage? How do I use my time at home? How do we spend our time together? How do we stay connected? This feels a bit lame. Do I want to feel really dialed in on teaching OB374? That would feel really good. What would that look like and what would I have to do to accomplish that?

I need to be in California and somewhat financially stable. I am sick as fuck of always being broke and robbing Peter to pay Paul. And I'm tired of not being able to find any mental health services that actually are useful here in Arizona. So fuck that noise, I'm out! Even if I can't find those things, I'll be near the ocean.

I want to travel overseas. With a backpack. For more than a week.

I'd like to facilitate the resumption of contact and civility between my children. Why is it important? Shalom bayit. Let there be peace on earth, and let it begin with my children.

I'd like to feel more settled in my home life - well on my way to creating peace at home and a haven for my family. We love the house we have now and it will be an important challenge to make our next house just as warm, welcoming and grounding for the people I love the most.

I would like to stop smoking forever and walk 30 minutes a day. This is so important to me because I'm deeply concerned about my health. I'm retiring soon and want to be able to enjoy my retirement with better health. Also, I want to feel better about myself and feel like I can meet difficult challenges and overcome my weakness and laziness.

I would like to either be in graduate school next year, or know why I'm not in graduate school by this time next year.

I don't know that I have specific achievements in mind. My goals are less tangible. I would like to cut back on current commitments to allow more time for creative pursuits.

I want to have a timeline set for myself. I cannot remain in this house in my older age. I am not able to see myself retiring before 66 1/2 which is my full retirment age. Five years left and I need to have a plan for myself, where I will live, how I will live, will I own another home or rent. I want to begin this planning and have a timeline. I am alone and don't see this changing. I am more single now than I was a year ago. Sil has pretty much walked away from me this summer, I need to move foward as a single woman with a plan that considers me as a single woman.

I want to make a speech at a TED event about the woman who told me she had been assaulted and how it changed my life.

I am still yearning for balance and re establishing my neglected friendships. In lieu of that due to my father care commitment, I wish to find peace with the lack of balance and empty social calendar

I would like to get my temper under control. It feels like something outside of me, something alien that ambushes me. I know that everyone gets angry. I know that feeling angry is ok. But I don't think lashing out in anger on a regular basis is ok. I want to find a way to feel my anger without letting it take control of my actions.

I would like to have a special vacation with my husband. We do not take enough time together and I am afraid we are going to wait until it is too late.

Full mobilitys and strength in my right shoulder... back to biking and kayaking, and swimming.

I would like to just "get" pregnant. Man, that involves having sex! at the right time. I would just like my ovaries to work.

lose 100Lbs... I'm already at a point where organs are ready to fail because of blood pressure issues and other stuff.... thats besides other health issues I have but its the most important one I want to take care of.

I'd like to heal my relationship with my son. I love him and want to figure out why he is so put off by me.

By this time next year I would like to have publishable data from my lab. I was hired to set up and run a band new lab at NASA just over a year ago, but there have been nothing but problems and pitfalls. I have been successful with other things in the meantime, but it would be more meaningful to really get things going with this particular situation. It is important for my supervisor who hired me for the specific task of running this lab, because if we aren't successful, it makes her look bad too. I would gain more respect from my peers if I succeed in this task. It will also secure my position for the future. We have some great ideas and state of the art equipment to do some really great things. It's taken way more time that either one of us thought. Things are starting to move forward now, so I think I should be in good shape by next year.

10 push ups! To be an incredible communicator. To be happy with myself and my work more and more each day.

I'd like to have finished at least two stories for my WWII writers group. I have several started, but I have been avoiding trying to finish one. I like the writing, but I allow myself to fritter my time away doing other things on line. I am proud of my writing ability. No I'm not a professional, never will be, but there is a lot of satisfaction in well crafted story. There are so many in the group who publish real crap. I want to put something good out there. I don't think I'm being vain. On the other hand, I don't want to push myself to finish something and then do a bad job of it. But I do need to make myself work on it. I have been incubating one story in my head, and I think it's time to get to it.

I would like to be able to take a "real" vacation, either with or without David. I feel very much the need to recharge my reserves, which have gotten very depleted this year... actually, over the last several years. My preference would be for wilderness areas in the western states, but I would also like a road trip to the pacific coastline.

I'd like to have gone on an international trip that does not involve my family.

I want to be fully working in videography with my husband. It is a long dreamt job.

I'd like to be completely at peace with who I am and where I am in my life. That means that my relationships with friends and family are complete and that I am living in the now each and every day.

i'd like to achieve a more healthful diet & exercise routine. i have been fit before, so i know it's in there. i want to be healthy & strong & energetic for my little girl. i want to be able to keep up with her & live a long life to watch her grow & show her so many things about the world. it's important to me to give the dog an exercise routine (& more attention) as well.

Debt free!!!! Means freedom for my family and for me.

I would like to be writing something I care about, from the heart! I've been a writer almost my whole life and haven't really done that yet.

By this time next year, I want to have thrown Isaac the combined graduation/18th birthday party he wants as a celebration of his accomplishments. I want to have seen him off to college with as much grace and little clinging as possible. By this time next year, a major era of my life as Isaac's mom will have ended, one way or another, and I want to feel good about how that happened.

I'm not sure if I'd call it an achievement, exactly, but by this time next year I'd like to be full immersed again in my self-improvement program, including adhering more diligently to Weight Watchers, and actively pursuing my guitar and Italian studies. Last year a few months into my elective learning program, I was on top of the world. My Italian grammar was getting better, I was making music, I had stories to tell about my activities. Life was exciting! Now when I go to my Italian Meetup I feel lost and my guitar sits in a corner of my office taking up space and frustrating me. I know that my life is much better when I'm pursuing my passions and expanding my knowledge base. Even if I don't make a lot of progress, I'll still be doing something good for myself and that makes this an excellent goal to strive to achieve.

Same stuff as always. If you took all of my 'New Year's Resolutions' they would all read the same. Get in better shape, get/keep my shit together. But I have no goals now, not really. Aside from getting through the day. The closest I have is getting in better shape, and that one is a perennial favorite. I can see things that would be good goals, but I can't seem to finish anything these days. Nothing seems doable, planning, hoping, more than a day ahead of time seems outrageous. Some of it might be the low testosterone, but realistically this seems to be a long term trend. It's been ten years since I've been able to accomplish anything.

I would like to feel like I have more intention about my future..or maybe just to be more comfortable with the intention being creating lovingkindness in and compassionate relationships.

I want to learn to be present - to really listen to others, to myself, to my gut, to my loved ones. I often feel disconnected and distracted by stupid things. I don't like that feeling. It's hard to focus on the here and now - or maybe, the HEAR and now. I'm not listening, and I'm missing a lot.

As a high school senior, one of the main things on my mind is college admissions. By this time next year I hope I am in a college that I enjoy. I don’t happen to know which college that is out of the seventeen on my list, if any of them, however I see that as part of the terrifying experience. Hopefully over the course of the next year I am accepted into and choose a college that will help me start a career, one that will help me with networking, and one that gives me enough credibility to do something that doesn’t involve sitting at a desk for the remainder of what would be a dull and average life. While this seems like a cop-out answer for this question, there’s not much that is exclusively taking place this year, any hopes or opportunities will probably be available in a year, but college admission is something so immediate, so urgent and so real. The choice is only half of the battle, however, as getting accustomed to a new freedom-filled life with brand new responsibilities could be considered much more difficult. I surely view it that way. College comes with a myriad of new responsibilities that I can only assume will catch me off guard. I hope by this time next year I am fully assimilated into such a college life wherever I decide to attend, whether it be fifty miles from home, or five thousand. While it sounds very weak to say, making friends after not having to do so for six years, while probably not going to be very difficult in a space of like-minded people, is a valid concern. Homesickness is one of these valid concerns as well, after living with parents for almost two decades, a sudden switch to living by one’s self (or with a roommate) is quite a contrast. I can only hope that everything works out, as it usually does. It’s definitely a shock that all of this will happen over the next year, as it seems eighteen years have flown by, even while watching the clock tick in my high school classes.

I'd like to find balance-- between family and self. I'd like to donwhatbi must with attention paid to feeling fulfilled, loved and appreciated.

I'll give myself a choice, because really, any of this would be major progress: sell my book, finish the first draft of my novel lose weight. I've been working the first and third for years now and the second is coming together and feels more in my control than the others. I know that saying losing weight isn't in my control is bs, but it feels more and more like that as I get older, so I don't want to count on it as an achievement. If I sell my book (or get it accepted and/or published by any reputable entity) I will feel validated. If I can finish my first draft of the new novel, I'll feel proud of myself and eager to get to the second draft. If I lose weight, well, I'll feel like I'm a better person...

I have accomplished one goal I set a few years ago-- I have stopped biting my nails going on 2 years now.I want to control my eating behavior, exercise more and be more in control of my emotions. I hope to be more at peace

Mastered my career and got organized.

Start reading seriously again. Because otherwise it's not going to happen. Find a way to make time for it. Second to that, writing.

To put my family pictures in order. It is important because my daughter asked me to do it several years ago.

Work to have Congress pass a bill to limit co-pays on prescription drugs. It is important to me because I have to take several drugs with very high co-pays. Many people have to choose between take a drug that would help them or pay their rent or buy food. This is outrageous.

I would like to be happy with where I am in life. I want to be able to say "I did my best" and "I am worth it." I also want to be either working within the Criminology field or pursuing a Master's degree in Criminology.

I am aiming to have Eden BDM funded. This is important, as it will be a breakthrough disruptive concept which will impact The world and My world in a huge manner....

By this time next year, I'd like to feel strong and empowered. It's important because I think I've been working through being the doubting not confident person I've always been for the past few years and continuing to work on having more confidence (not the outward kind that I show, but the self doubting kind that most people don't see) will help me feel better about myself and my new future as an empty nester, mom of college students and wife (in no particular order).

I want to have won 1st place in America's Got Talent! This is important because preparing for the upcoming audition has become my life, & I was born to express myself!

Next year at this time I want to be well established in my new firm of employment. I want to have made new friends there and earned the respect of my colleagues and employers such that they will be overjoyed that they hired me in the first place. I would of course love to be involved in a project that gets good notoriety in the architectural community so that people who know me will recall that I now work at the firm being praised for its good work. Maybe I'm asking for too much, but I can dream can't I?

Same thing I wanted to achieve LAST year.. get the publication up to 35-45 sponsors and 38 - 42 pages! It's important for obvious reasons. Course, I'd also like to achieve finishing Vashti's Daughter, but I've been saying THAT since 2012!

Last year I think I put here "Have my YouTube channel reach 3K subscribers." And a year later it's already at 20K which is insane. I want it to reach 40K by next year. Which is maybe a long shot to have it doubled. And like maybe my channel will have plummeted or at the very least plateau'd by this time next year... But I would hope that I have a somewhat steady income of ca$hflow comin from Google like every month? Even if it's only $100. A steady flow in would be so nice. Also at this time next year I will have **crossed fingers** traveled out of the country for the FIRST TIME! I will have visited Jack in Scotland over Christmas break, and I will have been to Germany on choir tour. Next stop will of course by going over seas somewhere for my student teaching internship!

I'm hoping to achieve a balance in my life, work, parenting, hobbies, and self-care. I want to feel like I've gotten a good amount of work done, I've done my best parenting, I've set aside time for hobbies and self-care. I've lost focus this year and I fear all of the above areas have suffered.

I would like to be around 200 lbs. This would make a lot of difference in how I feel , how I perceive myself, my energy, my stamina and my various aches and pains. I feel that my new schedule and reduced stress would make it possible like never before and I fear that if I don't I will be shortening my life.

I'd like to develop a relationship with a partner that has meaning. I'd also like to further develop and strengthen the relationship with myself. I just want to deepen my sense of people and the world. I want to better myself through my relationships with other people and how to navigate emotions, as that seems to be something I avoid. I'm so comfortable being alone, and I like being alone, but I need to be better with feelings and interpersonal relationships and putting myself out there.

To no longer suffer in pain. Because being in pain hurts.

I'd like to strengthen my body, especially my walking so I don't end up in a wheelchair....

Love. Or some relationship. I haven't found it yet, and I feel like this will be the year.

Change my work/life balance. Related to that is organizing my financial world and getting the house cleaned out. I'd be happy to do anyone of the three, but I'd really like to have all of them done. And if it's Hashem's will, to finally get my soulmate and fall in love again have someone to share my life forever like in the Leonard Cohen song that I posted on Facebook. Dance until the end of love. That was so so beautiful. I really just want my life to be copacetic, and a lot easier. Financially secure, emotionally and physically healthy, and in a solid relationship OK that's more than one thing. I can't help it I want more than one thing. How do I choose which if I have to only pick one. I only pick one I think it's the soulmate because when you have a life with another person the rest of your world changes, and maybe these other things that I'd like to see be different, would come as a result. Alternatively I would also say change the work life balance could be equally as life-changing. Or maybe there something even different, maybe the one thing I'd like to have done in 12 months from now is to finish taking charge of my financial life again and get my mother out of owning and controlling my future in this condo. The time has come for that to change. Actually, the time came along time ago, but my mother is a really really hard person to deal with and I always felt like I had to walk on egg shells around her, and never felt comfortable raising the question because she would just control the outcome. She will still control the outcome now because it's still her choice but I'm feeling more financially on my feet and stable. It's just been I feel like I've had both a help and a hindrance. I'm an adult and it's a burden on her it would be easier for both of us to do that now While she is still with us. Because right now, my hands are tied.

To meditate more and become a better listener . It will make me a more supportive person

This is shallow but I'd like to get my house better organized. I have so much room and am wasting space. I'd also like to get rid of a lot of unnecessary things others could use. I would also like to remain at my weight goal. I feel so good and look so good and am maintaining my health so well.

This time next year, I'm planning to be in a great full-time job (worthy of someone who's just graduated with their MASTERS), moved in to a stellar apartment/townhome/condo near work, and proving that these two long, studious, tiring grad years were worth it.

One thing I'd like to achieve by this time next year is to have a promotion or a raise (or to be making more money in a different job). This is important to me because I want to learn more about being a manager and a leader and I would like to advance in my career.

I'd like to have finished my Master's degree, and be into my Doctorate portion, maybe be ready to begin the Dissertation. I'd like there to be an end in sight for that. Oh - only one thing? Well, thug life. Here's another. I'd also like to have my Reiki practice be busy and thriving, and bringing in consistent money. For that matter, may my books have a greater amount of reviews and sales. Ever increasing.

Sometimes, just staying alive seems like an amazing accomplishment. I'm just sad today, so it's hard to think about next year. Can you achieve self respect in one year?

To spend less time working and more time playing. I want to achieve a better life/work balance.

By this time next year, I hope to be able to read Hebrew more fluently. This is important to me because it demonstrates my dedication to learning Hebrew - and scripture.

I'd like to be attending either Curtis or Juilliard at this time next year and/or being happy with my teacher and school, wherever I do end up being. It also would be nice if I could go to Europe this summer, preferably for music reasons so that I'd have an excuse to hopefully attend Kristina and Anne's weddings. ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ And if I could be a prizewinner of the Ima Hogg Competition, that would be really cool, too.. I think I have a really good feeling about my growth as a musician from this point on, having been exposed to real life and in a foreign country, to boot. I know I keep referring back to my time in Korea, but it really has changed me in so many ways., and I don't regret being there one bit, even if some relationships were hurt in the process. But I think what I'm getting at is that by this time next year, I want to really feel like I've made significant strides as a musician.

I'd like to write a book to help people appreciate science as being as creative as making art or music. I'd like to do something similar for younger readers as well. ALso hope do better at selling my art outside of New Mexico.

I would like to be able to deal better with the problematic person at work. I know I can't change the person so I can only try to change the way I react to the problem.

Unfortunately it is the one thing I said last year, which didn't happen. I'd like to be through the worst of mourning my husband's death. I'd like to be lean, fit and healthy and engaged in life. I do not want to still be in the waiting room. I am hoping that my life is on track and I am generally happy, perhaps in a new relationship. Some peace and joy would be nice.

I would like to be out of maternity, working on a med-surg floor or perhaps even ICU. While I'm enjoying maternity, it still isn't my career dream. I've been thinking a lot about either becoming an OR nurse or a nurse anesthetist, and about going back to school for a master's or doctorate. In order to go to school to become a nurse anesthetist, I need to have at least a year of med-surg experience, so being in Maternity puts me "behind" in my goals. I like knowing a specialty, but I'm disappointed that I'm once again feeling like my leadership's decisions are screwing me over.

By this time next year, I'd like to be able to call myself a runner again. I'm sad about how I've let my poor body become sedentary and overweight. I know I can return to the fit, resilient person of the past. I just need to start, and starting is hard.

I would love be able to attend a birth per month as a photographer. Or at least have a session per month. It' s important because I need to feel I am doing something creatively and financially to sustain my family.

I am really in no state of mind of look to the future. With dylasis looming, I am filled with sadness, hurt 😭 and anger. Although I do have an amazing husband, My health is deteriorating. I have so many health issues and challenges in my life that I don't 👀 look forward to my life and have even contemplated suicide. I am very very sad.

I want to feel like I know where my life is going from here and have a stable group of friends to rely on. Right now I have two jobs, both part time with little pay. The work is so so but the people I am doing it for are nice. They are friends, but then I feel that sometimes I don't have any non-work and non-school friends. Once I stop working at these places, I will be down 4 people that I like to talk to. With a new job comes new people to meet, but I have been in a cloud of worry about what my next real job will be. The degrees are finished, but the direct path jobs aren't as interesting as people want me to believe they are. There are a few things that I want to do. I keep getting scared off by over ambitious preferred qualifications and the ever-changing idea of what a perfect resume/cover letter should be. I just want to do something that allows me to be creative, help people, motivate me to go there, with a short commute. The next job will involve moving, and with that, I increase the distance between the people I have come to enjoy seeing regularly. I don't like long drives, so I will definitely see these people a lot less if I move away. Hopefully I can find more people to regularly be with, because I dont like being a hermit all the time. Can I just go back to Hokkaido and live with R&L?

I want to be independent, out of my parents' home. I'm 23, and I think it's hindered a lot of my relationships as a young adult (dating, etc). I know it's a tough world to be in, and a lot of others would love to have parental support, but I'm feeling stuck and stifled.

I am tempted to say that I want to have a job locked down for security, but I feel like this year has taught me that focusing on career to the detriment of the rest of life is not a fulfilling endeavor. Thus, my "real" answer to this question will be to cultivate more and better relationships with people. Relationships are all that you really have in life, and so I want to make sure I am investing my time and effort into what is really important.

By this time next year, I'd like to be steadily further along the path with God. It's the only thing of importance that gives meaning to life and death. I trust the timing of God's work to move me where I am needed and to fulfill my highest purpose.

I'd like to achieve one semester of a 4.0 gpa. It would mean a lot to me because it would show a complete turnaround from my freshman year where my grades were absolute garbage. It would make me very very happy, and my parents proud

Becoming debt free. My recently deceased husband left me in debt. I have had to depend on the kindness of my friends who own shops that provide me with food for my dogs and my Vet who provides me with healthcare. I run a shelter and currently care for 30 dogs. I have built relationships based upon trust which allowed me to carry my monthly expenses on their books and pay them monthly when my pension arrives. Dealing with the embarassment and lack of funds to pay my debts has wreaked havoc on me. I have had to borrow money to make ends meet as well. I look forward to the day when I am debt free and can live without the stress.

Refile child support papers.i balance out the fact that he is such a wonderful father with the fact that he doesnt help financially although he makes more money than I do and i must work overtime just to make it.if I pay financially to raise our son,shouldnt he? I guess i shouldnt get mad when i hear about him buying a new house or truck or motorcycle or hot tub or anything bc im letting him take advantage.i guess my goal to begin with was that he had a great relationship with our son not realizing that in the long run our son would need me too.

I would like to have completed part 1 of the creative writing MA. It will be a triumph of hope over lack of time and mental clarity.

I want to have started my freelance writing business. Which means I will have had to achieved a lot of things first to get to that point. Business prep aside, I will have needed to improve my health in a huge number of ways to the point where I can work, I will have had to stabilized my hormones and my moods, I will have had to settled my living situation, et cetera. It's important to me because right now I'm a failure. Without money. I'm in a bad situation. And I want to be a success. I want to make enough money and be respectable enough to attract a stable, awesome woman, and start a family. I want to feel like my life has a point. I'm trying to get there. But the thing is, if I don't, by September, it's okay. It needs to happen, but I've learned that things don't happen on a deadline.

To be more outgoing, better at talking /building / keeping relationships

To create positive change in my own life. At the moment things are working but they are not sustainable. I'm unhappy most of the time; work, lack of a social life, always wanting to do more. I need to work on and improve my mental health. I need to put myself out there socially. I need to calm down and be here now. I want to be comfortable at this time next year.

I need a new job. Not want one, NEED one. I need a job that doesn't require me to take medication to offset my anxiety / stress accrued from my current job. I'm looking and getting more aggressive about it, but I really do need to get out of the job I'm in.

I'd like to find balance. I've finally got out of survival mode, and started taking more time for me. Lately it's been too much time for me, and not as much for the family. I'm searching for a balance that gives me both time for me, and my family.

By this time next year (October 7) I want to be at least 100 pounds lighter. However, the weight isn't as important as what it will mean. Becasuse if I am near that number that will that I am: 1) Connecting spiritually to something greater than myself on a daily basis. 2) Honoring myself, God and the process 3) Living my life bigger than I am today. I can't remember where I heard it, but Iyanla was talking to Oprah and she said, "you should be doing things that make you pee a little bit out of fear because if you aren't you are not living big enough". That is what I want for next year - I want to be living bigger and I believe if I am doing that I will be getting physically smaller.

I don't really know. I rarely put too much thought into long-term plans because life happens and things change. I pride myself on being able to adapt and adjust when my plans go wayward. I would likeep to have a clearer idea of what my dream is. I like so many things... I would like to do work I can feel proud of. I'd like to go to grad school and really mold my future. There are so many things I want! I want to be in a better position than I am today. Got it, I would like to achieve a higher level of personal growth. I'd like to have less razzle nerves when it comes to meeting new people. I'd like to achieve a greater level of making friends and just being more social. It's not that I'm not social, I'm simple too content with being alone. I don't have an easy time actually connecting with people. There.

Solidify what is that I'm doing from a profession point of view. Am I going to start my own business? Am I staying at the University? Am I doing both. I can't be in limbo like this anymore. I'm not getting any younger. I need to figure out what my niche thing is.

I'd like to sell some writing. I've been aiming at this goal on and off for years. I feel writing is a talent that I've developed and it's now ripe for publication.

Peace and harmony in my relationships with others and within my own mind. Letting go of all drama, fears, anxieties, or the need to feel in control is important to my overall wellness. I don't know if this is possible, but I believe it is, and I believe it is central to my feelings of health, joy and freedom. Stay in the moment!

I want to achieve both a clearer idea of what I want to do with my future in relation to Judaism. I want to have an intra-faith working group in Denmark and, I want to have my company with at leat one other person, be him/her an employee or a partner.

More than anything else, I want to work on my core strength - my spiritual abs. Establishing an inner core of resilience is crucial to moving forward with my life. I have allowed other peoples actions, moods and words to completely throw me out of orbit - all my life. The energy it takes to get back on track, to return to myself, is simply to precious and I no longer am willing to squander it needlessly.

Be financially stable. I think this is connected to so many things in my life but this is one thing that doesn't just affect me but affects others around me.

I hope to learn to be a good grandmother by this time next year. I would like to learn to slow down and enjoy every one I spend time with. I want to be more present in the now. I hope to enjoy my son and daughter in laws baby because babies need a lot of love and the more loving adults in a child's life, the better. This may be our only grandchild and I want to be able to treasure what ever time I am given with this new little soul. I want to be able to give what ever spiritual gifts I can to help him/ her in this life. To invest love and time to another person is probably the most lasting legacy I can give in this life. Of course, I hope to continue to work and be a good employee. At the end of the day though, I want to keep in mind that employees are replaceable. Mothers and grandmothers are not replaceable. Another thing: I want to be mindful of Joyce and Gregg - Kim's family- and do everything I can to be inclusive and generous as they are also grandparents. I want to include all family in this child's life.

I'd like to increase my professionalism, knowledge and ability to give at work. I hope to have a renewed full-time contract. Even though working full-time is hard, I like the fact that I don't have to contemplate how I will earn a living, having a regular salary. And perhaps even more so, I really like working at Shatil. I hope to feel more settled about selling my house. I hope I see the signs on the path. I don't know if any of these can be "achieved" -- But I wish for the causes and conditions to be conducive to these outcomes.

I would like to have finished and published Volumes IV and V of "The Spanners Series," and have better sales for all of the published volumes by the end of 2017. I have 10 Volumes planned, so after that, I'd like to be able to begin Volume VI and VII and begin gathering co-writers for Volumes VIII and IX, which are collaborations. Volume I, in ebook form, is free, and the other two are available for $3.99 in ebook form. All three are available in print for under $20 each, and each is over 500 pages long. http://www.sallyember.com/Spanners offers discount coupons for print books and more info. I owe a lot of friends and family members money, so if my book sales improve, I could begin to repay them.

I hope to be finished with the discipleship program and I move on to my next step -- whatever that may be. I hope at this point I will know what that step is. This is important because it is my life in Christ moving forward.

By next year I would like to have attended (or presented at) a counseling conference. The thought of going to a conference scares me but is also ABSOLUTELY doable. I would get to meet and hear from other scholars and get a better idea of the landscape of my chosen field, and it would be a trip (probably)! How fucking awesome is that? Push yourself, Lesley, you are worthy and a counselor in training! Do it!!!!!!!

One thing I would like to have accomplished by this time next year is becoming a certified emergency medical technician. This is important to me for a couple of reasons. The first is that I am interested in emergency medicine as a career, and this would be the opportune time to start getting experience in the field. Seeing as I can be certified once I am eighteen, it seems entirely reasonable to take the course and work for the local emergency services. The second reason is that I would like to have emergency medical training in case a situation does arrise. I usually play basketball with my father and a group of older guys on Sundays, and on the one day that I did not attend a father of two collapsed and later died. No one knew how to use the defibrillator or perform CPR, the basics in life saving. I am not saying that his death was directly correlated with their lack of knowledge, but their powerlessness to affect the situation was. I can accept that my actions may not be able to save a life, but you can be damn sure that I want to be able to do something better than waiting for EMS to arrive.

It is hard for me to specify just one thing I'd like to achieve in the coming year. I'll turn 65 in December and with this birthday comes heightened awareness that I am entering the last stage of my life and running out of time to do all that I would have wanted to do. I am glad that I will be facilitating aWise Aging group at my synagogue and hopeful that I can manage this in a way that all will have a good experience. If the program gains momentum, I would like to stay involved, using my personal warmth optimism, and professional social work skills to help make a space where we, as elders, can create meaning together.

I h assad been on a 3+yr journey to attain my commercial helicopter license. We everyone else seems to go forward and has it but I have not even got my privAte yet. I was setting up for my check ride when I ran out of money and I just couldn't make it past the verbal. I don't know what the hold up has been but I'm looking forward to being able to say I fly helicopters for a living...as well as Create kinetic art.

I would like to run a half marathon and weigh 160 pounds. This would mean I am healthy and eating well. It will be a great way to start retirement.

I'd like to be converted. After some 8 years of meandering and wandering I would like to move to the next chapter.

Back to walking or running or some kind of exercise every day. Health, weight, and strength .

The one thing - and it is seemingly ever-present - is to finish my dissertation. Not having a graduate degree has held me back for the last decade and a half at least and is something I feel like I need to finish. I should be done by the end of January, which will make 2017 feel like a more exciting and fun year than 2016 has been!

By this time I must have 75 Crorepati clients

I would love to be emotionally sober. It's important because it will impact every part of my life.

I'd like to be pregnant or a homeowner. If nothing else I hope to have gotten my health under control. There are certain measures of progress and success and at this point I've been striving for a home, a goal weight and another child for 2 years. In order to feel like I am successful, and moving in the right direction, I'd need to achieve at least one by next year.

having just moved stuff in the guest room I would really like to use up much of my stash. Not get rid of it, but actually use it. Make things, learn things, do productive stuff. It's important because a. I don't want to leave my kids with a bunch of crap to sort and b. because I do want to continue to learn and grow and challenge myself to make stuff that stretches me.

I suppose I want to sort out the finances about our house. You can see I'm a little reluctant. It's just that the debt is so huge. I have no idea how it's gonna come out and I have to trust God for the outcome. That's what Rob says.

One thing I'd like to achieve by this time next year is continued weight loss and strength building. This is important to me because I want to be sure that my knee health is important to me and weight is a big part of that as is strength.

Have a child; at this point we have been exploring adoption domestically which means bringing home a newborn child.

I would like to establish a meditation practice. This would be beneficial in many ways - to ease my anxiety, to help me in my relationships with others and, particularly, with myself, and maybe even with G-d.

My goal is to unify our staff around learning. We have such a good start. I am encouraged that teachers are inviting one another to their rooms to see stellar lessons. It bodes well for unity and growth.

My professional goals- I want to get where I want to go. I want to achieve what I've worked towards.

I have several improvements I'd like to make in my life. One of them, I think I could easily accomplish. I'd like to settle on a plan of what career path I want to do next in my life along with where I would like to live. Secondly, I'd like to start fostering or adopting a child. Last, and most likely, I'd like to start fostering older dogs with my wife. Providing an older dog with a last bit of happiness would be good for our souls, I think.

I would like to get better control of my temper. I would like to be able to have a stressful situation come my way and be able to breathe and act with my mind and heart together rather than my impulsive gut instinct. I want to do this so I am more approachable. I want to be someone others look up to when they question how to deal with a situation. I feel that I am a smart person with good ideas, however, I am not someone others go to with questions or to ask for suggestions because of my temper and the way I can be critical. It is important to me to help others and I realize that in order to be the person I want to be, I need to get control of my temper.

I want to achieve better physical health - as a gift to myself, and most importantly, so I can be available to my boys for as long as possible - hopefully into their 50s!

Again, I cannot list only one thing, but high on my list, again, is to lose this excess weight, quickly, but safely. I guess really, I would like to lose consistently, rather than quickly. I would like to be able to be able to go back to work part time. I am no longer interested in working full time, but I would like to find a good part time job and be rid of the pain so I can do it. The hopeless romantic in me hopes for a happy, healthy, loving, good relationship, and to find someone who will truly love me just as I am, who will server God with me and lead me in spiritual things, who will cherish me and protect me. Someone who is able and willing to help me do things around the house, and who can contribute to the cost of running a household. If that be Rick, then so be it, if not, then so be that. God knows what and who I need in my life. I am just at the age now and have been through such a rough year that I am ready for good things to happen in my life.

I need to get my hot flashes/nervous sweating/social anxiety under control. It is holding back what I am able to accomplish at work and keeping me from many social interactions. This issue has existed for many years, but significantly increased with the onset of perimenopause.

I'd like to really stick to losing weight. I need to not let illness, busyness, or travel impact how I eat and exercise. I need to moderate and not take weeks long breaks in my habit. That's it. I need new habits.

buy a new house????? i want to be closer to Alec. I want a smaller, easier to care for retirement home for me and Ron. Walk to beach? keep a pony? Eat more thoughtfully, do yoga more consistently Go on safari

By this time next year, I would like to be in the process of or at the end of the process of starting to have another baby. I am going to be 35 in February and I desperately want at least one more child...before it is too late.

I need to get a few things done. First, the wife and I are in the process of restructuring our finances from accumulation into distribution: this is a daunting, tax-laden pothole process, but can be done with real dedication and good investment help which we feel we have. Also, I need to get back to non-work writing. I am doing a trip narrative which should get the internal process begun so I will see where it goes from there. Wow looking back at last year. I did do some real good in de-clutter by eliminating two grocery bags of old files, tax and financial records all committed to the industrial shredder. Also, I am halfway to my weight goal. I am in dramatically better shape than a year ago, but the tummy line still resists my abusive efforts. But progress is being made.

Reconnecting with old friends I haven't spoken to in awhile, by email, snail mail or phone. Realizing I'm sad about losing touch with so many people who were very important in my life. Reconnected with Gary and Torie and cousin Barry this year and it felt great. Would like to continue the trend.

full course the less than full course, perceived lack of fulfillment, enthusiasm, growth and participation has plagued me and this area for long enough, I'm pissed and fed up enough to say NO MORE! and this means I have more YES to my commitment, do What It Takes with love, persistence and results. mural this means a big dream ,a bucket list item has been able to be birthed thru me and ameliorate many individuals, neighborhoods, increase intimacy, peace and collaborationin 4 key areas in chicago, and spread further from there.

I want to decide on our next vacation. That may sound entitled, but I live for vacation. I don't spend money on clothes or massages or nails. I spend my money on vacation and I want to have a plan in place for a big biennial trip. Last trip was Southeast Asia and I want to make sure we do something every other year. I want to make sure we have a plan to live big and experience. With each other. And somewhere else in the world.

I'd like to bring a larger measure of calm to all of my relationships. This is important to me because I find that emotional reactions tends to get in the way of appreciating life while it's happening

A sense of peace in my job. Mostly acceptance within the unstable craziness of it all.

be debt free

I hope to have finished my novel and finally have it sent out to agents! Dare I even hope that it might have a publishing contract by then? This is important because it's what I've *always* wanted. I'm tired of feeling like a failure, and I need to prove (to myself, as family will continue thinking whatever they like...) that I am capable of making my dreams come true!

Next year. Professionally, I'd certainly like to be in the job that I'll be in the for the next 5-10 years. I want to have that stability again. But really - even though I am technically out of work and even though I'm healing from a serious injury, for the first time ever, I say nothing. There's nothing I want to achieve. And that's a good thing! It will all come. I know I'll grow and change and achieve things. There are and will be goals for my personal and professional life. But for the first time every, I have no need or desire to name any of them. Because if they don't happen, I truley believe they will be replaced by something greater.

Ich möchte mir das "Hai-Syndrom" abgewöhnt haben: "Die Liebe ist ganz einfach. Ähnlich ist es auch einfach, mit einem Kind gut auszukommen. Erst durch das Bestreben, eine an sich gute Beziehung zu verbessern, kommt Unruhe in das System. Ich nenne das manchmal das |Hai-Syndrom|. "

I want my website live and active and I want my online courses launched and earning. Why? Because it's the only way I can see building a foundation for future success on my own terms. I'm tired of building businesses for everyone else.

As always, I want to find ways to curtail expenses. Financial stress is the worst kind of stress that I face, and it always seems to be with me.

I want to weight 160 pounds by Rosh HaShana of 5778. It is important to me because I am morbidly obese. I want to be truly healthy, mind, BODY, and spirit. Losing the weight and integrating the exercise that is necessary to do so, into my daily life, is going to really make me feel SO FREAKIN' GOOD!!!!!

By Rosh Hashanah next year. I would like to know what G-d wants me to do for my career. I have been home with my kids doing large volunteer projects and being there for them for the past almost 16 years. I think it would be good for me to have a vision of what to do next.

I hope to have a better idea with my husband for where and when we can retire. I am very hopeful that we can retire to a place we'll love, and can enjoy while we are still young enough to be active!

I would like to have made significant progress on the home renovations and repairs that I have been putting off until I retired. The idea is that since I am handy I will have the time to do them myself or with minimal assistance from paid professionals. I think that this will be more financially beneficial than me paying someone to do it over the next six months.

Be in less pain from my strokes as it coloprs everything in my life

More bicycling More RI exploring Less time needed to complete projects

I really want to be more creative & I think photography could be my best vehicle. At times I read blogs, took daily pictures, enter pix on my blog & Facebook. I hope to start again this year

Make a huge career change and move cities. It's what I've been working hard at. This year, it's all about transforming myself into the real me.

I'd like to feel settled and good about the balance of time and effort I'm investing at work and at home with my family. It is important b/c I've spent so many years devoted to work in ways that have taken me from my family, and while I've taken a huge step to shift that, I need to work on being the person I'd like to be at home. In other words, its important b/c I'm not as adept at being a good family woman, and I need practice.

I would like to have my drivers license by this time next year. It means greater independence for me and a further step out into adulthood. It would be the culmination of a goal that requires definite steps and action. I feel like it would be a milestone in achievement for me; I find the idea of being a driver, taking that privelege and being responsible in such a huge way, daunting.

By this time next year, I would like to in graduate school working toward my MAT. In addition, I would like to be adding work to my manuscript for a senior honors thesis.

I would like to be back in school by this time next year. I still have some question about the degree (counseling or ministry) but I know I want to do it. It's how I know I can help others and support myself going forward.

By this time next year, I'd like to have my home be in such a condition that I can have people over. It's important to me because I don't want to live in a way so that my surroundings are disgusting to both me and other people. I am ashamed that I don't dare have people over because of the mess on the floor, the tables, the couch, the bathroom, the stove. I used to be a hoarder and it's a dirty secret --pun intended -- of mine. I feel such shame about how my apartment looks. I'm 49 and obviously should know how to look after myself by now. I don't invite friends or acquaintances over because of how my environment looks. That's not good for my well-being. It just serves to isolate me more.

I hope to accomplish three things by this time next year: graduation with my Masters in Social Work (MSW), employment in a job that allows me to do clinical social work, and receiving my LCSW-A (i.e. licensure as an apprentice). If I can accomplish these three things, then I will have justified leaving my 20 year career in corporate retail to do something different. I will have completed the necessary steps to start the new career that feels like the career that will be fulfilling and engrossing for the next 20 years of my working life. I realize that I may not be able to achieve all three right away. It can be difficult to find a job that allows LCSW-As to perform clinical work. There are a lot of graduates looking for jobs. I am confident that I can graduate, and I am confident that I can get my LCSW-A. Fingers crossed about the hiring situation next spring and summer. And fingers crossed that I continue to learn in my last year how to be a good clinical social worker.

I'd like to remember people's birthday's and other milestones and act accordingly and on time in sending cards or other recognition.

I want to lose weight back to where I was about a year ago - 135 lbs. I enjoyed the way that I looked and felt about myself at that weight.

I would like to deepen my relationships with my immediate family & close friends, as well as deepening my existing relationships with friends which are not (yet) close friends. I have had so many enjoyable moments with my children and close friends, and becoming even closer will only create many more memorable moments.

I'd like to have graduated. This is important to me because I've been in school for a very long time now. I'm ready to move on. And I have my eye set on a master's degree, and the timeline will be thrown off if I haven't graduated by this time next year. So I'm pushing myself, to get through this semester, and then the next. Keep my head down and get out, so I can work on things that I'm good at and that I enjoy. Becoming a graduate will afford me more autonomy than I have as an undergraduate.

A workshop and gathering that will bring people of like minds together to open discussions focused around heart-centered living and ways to live authentically that will help improve the and increase the wellbeing not only of those participating but the overall wellbeing of the planet. This is important to me because the earth is burgeoning with problems caused by unconscious acts that are depleting our planet. It is important for future generations to have a beautiful, pristine and radiant Mother Earth to sustain our very special species.

Just one thing?! Last year, I think I talked about getting a job that I felt was worthwhile. I guess I want to develop in this job, decide if it's what I want to spend the rest of my working life doing.

A better handle on my work load so that I may be a better husband, father, brother, relative and friend. I feel I should do better

Wow, I'm really drawing a blank here. I feel like I'm on the way to achieving everything I want to at the moment- I'm well into the production process for the next wallpaper music movement, I'm doing opera gigs that I want to be doing and doing the best job that I can, I'm teaching consistently and making consistent income. I really just want to do more of all of these things.

When I read this question, I knew exactly what I was going to say right away. By this time next year, I want to be even further in my career and show proof of growth which is what I've been working so hard towards. I would like to be Director of Operations. It's important to me because I know how hard I've worked to get here and I know that given the tools, I will get there. I've showed loyalty and the care I have for this company. Nothing has been more fulfilling then being here doing what I love.

I'd like to reconnect with my higher self. This means setting aside time for ME, time to reflect and open myself to the greater good.

I'd like to have taken part in a race/event

Another art show that sells out. Art as a viable income stream. A different way to make a living- less stress and more gratification. Otherwise, I am afraid I'll wither away.

Since I'm back to work after my hand and wrist injuries, I'd like to be able to generate more income next year. This is important because this past year made it hard for me to work enough to make enough.

This time next year I want to have finished my master so degree. And max be even started working or darted to work on my PhD. In more personal matters I want to be still together with my boyfriend. This time next year 6 months of long distance relationship will lie behind us. So I want to have managed this well and still have the same kind or even a better kind of love for each other.

I would like to not only be graduated from my MSW program, but I would like to have passed the exam and also have a job. I want to be working towards my LCSW. So I guess I want a few things to be accomplished. But its really important to me that all of them are done. I need to be making my own money.

I'm 72 years old--and with so much illness among friends and relatives and the occasional death--legacy is on my mind--leaving what I value for those coming after me. I write poetry--thousands of them. I've self-published numerous chapbooks and have one published by Bright Hill Press. I've begun to organize poems over the last year into books, and hope to create at least one book this year to self-publish in print or digital form to leave for family & friends. I also hope to digitize more photos and documents from my family collection (parents/grandparents/inlaws/my own nuclear family), and dump the excess so there's a reasonable collection to leave for kids and grandkids and cousins.

Have most chapters of the book written -- less stress to revise and hit the end-of-year deadline

I'd like to be in relationship. It's taken a while for me to realise how important this is, and how worthy I am. Time is passing yet I feel that there's still a lot of life to live and enjoy and I don't want to sit out any more. Oh and attend a burn maybe Midburn 😊

By next year I'd like to have lost some weight from the weight I am now, be very healthy, have a good idea where I'm headed in terms of retirement and be very comfortable with it. I will have gone through another purging of stuff to reduce the amount of things I have, possibly have found another place to live that I like even better and pay less for.

I would like to have lost my virginity by this time next year. Not for the normal reasons, but I think knowing someone wants me sexually is very important to my own self-esteem, and while I can fulfill that with "hook-ups," and short flings, I would like to prove to myself that I find myself attractive enough to put myself in someone else's hands fully. It is important to my self-worth and my self-image that I see myself as sexually attractive and while I can bullshit all I want, I think if I can do something about it, I will feel better about myself. That being said, I also would want to make sure my self-worth is maintained by having sex with someone I care about and trust, and who I actually want to have sex with, not just for the sake of having sex. Which is mostly why I haven't done it yet.

I want to lose weight. Like 30 pounds. Because I know I'll feel better. I gained this weight in the last year and I know I would feel significantly better if I could get it off.

I would like to start saving money for vacations again. After I bought my home my expenses went up. I need to get back to saving a little each month.

By this time next year, I'd like to have written the majority of my novel. At least 3/4ths of it. And have started on my memior about living with OCD or specifically scrupulosity, or my devotional on living with OCD as a Christian/Messianic believer. This is important to me because I want to do it, and I want to get over my procrastination. Maybe I could also publish or perform my poetry. Maybe read all of the old testament. Then I'll have read all of the Bible. That's important to me for the bragging rights. Ha! Joking aside, I want to undertand the stories I've heard about all my life, and ones I haven't. I'd like to have a morning and evening routine schedule, involving going to bed, and waking up early. I want to feel awake and healthy every day. I'd like to exercise regularly (3 times a week) with stretching and walking. And spend more time outside, even if I'm playing Pokemon Go. I'd like to have a job, regular volunteer position, and/or have published my Patreon page. Not really an acheivement, but I'd like to take more photographs and edit them well. Maybe learn new techniques. I want get into photography again, and learn how to do it well. I think it's a good skill to have. My original thought lol: Well, this is embarrasing, but for one thing, I told someone I would write a post for their blog like early this year, and still haven't. So I hope I've done that by then.

I finally feel as though I have managed to cultivate one semi-local friend, now I would like to add two, possibly three more. I first wrote of wanting to find a way to have at least three good friends locally in 2014, I believe. I was too sick last year, after moving back into the apartment to participate in 10Q. I tried to play catch up before the vault closed last year but couldn't get the program to work. I guess I waited too late. I would like to have taken a couple or more successful road trips in the van, at least one with a friend. New Mexico, Montana, California...

By this time next year, I hope that I have a little better idea about my mission...and am on the path to fulfilling it.

to find a new job. I spend entirely too much time working around people I share little in common with, who I would not choose to be around, working for an industry I do not respect, for a company that lacks integrity. I deserve better. I "lucked" into this at a time I was desperate, and had been seeking work for a year. I live in a remote area with few options, but there is a reason we live here. It has been the most challenging practice for me, over the past 6 years, to work for a boss who is mentally abusive and enjoys behaving in an intimidating, interrogative manner--to learn to be around her without being intimidated by her. I thank her for this hard lesson, but I'm ready to move on.

I'd like to have ridden at least one more half-century ride, if not a metric century. This is important because I set a goal several years ago of successfully completing a century ride by my 60th birthday.

By this time next year I want to be on my way to launching a handbag business. I love evening bags, which are really the only things I collect. I love that you can take a small amount of luxurious fabric and create something beautiful and special. When I close my eyes I can see them, each named after a woman (daughter, friend, mother) who has a special place in my life. I dishonor them and myself by not pursuing my passion.

TWO - LOSE WEIGHT and clean/organize my scrapbook room!

Not sure about my goals for next year. I'd like to move up to the next rank (Brown Belt) in karate. I'd like to get more organized - get my email down to reasonable number, get the bills and papers organized, etc. I'd like to not screw up the synagogue. Why are these goals important? Karate belt is important because it shows I am continuing to make progress in the sport. Although I do it more for exercise than the ranks, it does give me satisfaction to progress. And I hate when I forget material. Makes me feel like I'm not doing a good job and I like to be able to do my best at everything I do. Getting organized is important because I can't stand the mess around my house. I also hate the feeling that I am behind. And, I feel like I am falling down on the job when I miss things. Gets back to the same value about doing my best. (Guess I am thinking about values because I'm in the midst of grading assignments about laddering.) Doing ok at president is important because I value having the synagogue in the community and I don't want it to disappear. Here, I am not so concerned with being the best. I just want to be able to keep it on an even keel until someone else can do it.

I would like to have my PhD in hand if at all possible. I need to finish school so that I can actually be fully educated and tenure-trackable.

I would like to be settled into a job that values me & promotes my development. I was struck beginning this 10Q exercise again this year that I feel like there's been some fundamental instability in my life for the last at least 5 years, where I've been either asked to leave my job, or not have one at all -- but either way, I've been seeking more stable work off & on for more of the last 5 years than not... In some ways that is completely crazy. I definitely think there have been great experiences and lessons and growth, but I am really eager to be more settled in my work (though that can totally take the form of a wild ride like an early-stage company or the Clinton Administration, just as long as I feel valued and in a community that I know will want to employ me).

I want to have moved back to Boston. Preferably into a house Becky and I have bought. Ideally into a multi-family with Magigie and Josh but I'm losing some of my faith that that's a realistic possibility. This is important for me because I want to settle down somewhere that I can call home for the long haul, and build with a community every day in person. I want to plant plants and build routines and raise kids and have friends who stop over for tea on the porch, and to really feel like I'm home.

I want to either be on my track for my masters where I can end up teaching special ed eventually or I want to be teaching in my own class in a school. I have always wanted to be a teacher and this year has already shown me that I belong in front of the classroom. I can't wait to be the person in charge of the room and to be the person that is helping those kids pursue their dreams like my teachers helped me.

I want to deepen my spiritual life. Dare I say I want to be a mystic? This is something I strive to be, but perhaps never achieving in a lifetime.

I might have said this last year but I a, not there yet. I need a new job. I have been in a toxic situation for too long. I feel like this will change very soon but while I am waiting I started yoga teacher training. My original intention was to deepen my practice but I am open to wherever this takes me. Teaching is just outside my comfort zone but I have been practicing yoga for over 40 years. So maybe I am ready.

Be walking without a cane & drop 30 pounds. This is important to me because I'm a very active person and I want to be comfortable enough to travel to South Africa and India to visit friends, go on Safari with my camera, as well as other travel. I've never been to Turkey, China, Vietnam, Cambodia & Laos. I'd like to find a way to work while I'm in all of those places. I'm not really a tourist. I am more of a traveler and I like to get to know the locals so that I get a real experience of everything from great food to their art and politics.

I'd like to finish painting my shed.. Otherwise, I really would like to find a guy & have a good & long term relationship & not do something to sabotage it. I said this last year toooo

I would like to have deepened my mindfulness practice so that I can be more capable of sitting with my own difficult feelings as well as the darker feelings of my clients, without becoming overwhelmed. It is important to me to be able to increase my ability to be present with myself and others.

I would like to have a more personalised living space. I always thought I would buy a home of my own with a partner. I did that and we broke up 6 weeks later...to buy something of my own is terrifying and I'm not sure I'll manage it. But even if I'm able to just have somewhere that is bit more 'mine', it is a huge achievement for me. To be able to do this and be a single woman living in London is a massive achievement. And for someone who has only ever wanted a home of their own, to give myself this opportunity is huge.

Losing weight is number 1 on the list not so much from a looking good viewpoint but from a health viewpoint. My overall health would improve if I lost some weight and so other 'bad' indicators would improve. Increasing my confidence would also be a good thing to do.

I WANT A BUSINESS MAKING MONEY FOR ME AND MY FAMILY. I WANT TO GENERATE PASSIVE INCOME. I WANT TO HELP PEOPLE BE THE BEST VERSIONS OF THEMSELVES. I want to create success for me, my family and anyone who meets me. I want to attract it, drive it and take the necessary actions to make great happen. I am inspiring I just need to prove it to myself and everyone around me.

I want to be spiritually centered. That is the most important thing. I could stand to lose a few pounds, I probably should get back to my art, but all is for naught if I can't get my spiritual life in order.

A better balance between work and time spent with my wonderful husband who I adore. I need to take more time to "smell the roses" and be "present" every day!

I'd like to have passed my first year Viva, that's the main thing I am working towards right now.

I want to have finished out my time at CHOP strongly and with an impact. I believe by this time next year my job will be wrapped up and I hope that I have learned even more than I already have an also have helped Roy accomplish what he wants to accomplish. I also want to have improved my Spanish. I have been saying that for so long and not really made any moves but I am going to continue to push myself and I am going to do it. I also want to have increased my self love. It's always going to be a process but I want to be loving myself more often than not.

By this time next year, I will be using my skills and knowledge in the ways I want, not determined by an organisation's KPI's, but by how they can make a positive difference to people and community. If I can't do this through my current job, I will be working differently.

By this time next year I would like to consider myself an expert local guide of New York City. This goal is important to me because my time here is limited. This city seems to have infinite corners, pathways, stories, histories, nuances, creations, moments, snapshots, and intricacies.

By this time next year I'd like to have had a pilot script commissioned. It's important to me because it will help me to create Resonance

I am determined to relaunch my newly redesigned website, WellspringsofWisdom.com , a virtual retreat center based on ancient Jewish symbols from nature. It is my self-expression and a place to share wonderful offerings from my creative colleagues and friends. I made the original site (which is still up) myself on SquareSpace, launched it, then engaged artist Rivkah Walton to completely redesign it. For months I have been painstakingly moving all the content to the new platform, now on Wordpress, which means a reformatting of everything. It has gone slowly because I also have a full time job as a congregational rabbi and personal, family responsibilities that have intervened. This year, I hope by Hanukkah, I will rededicate and relaunch!

I would like Interfaith Alliance to be a stabile 500,000 a year organization by this time next year. I would like for us to have accomplished the major goals we are working on in the way that we are making progress and having an impact on the community around us.

I'd like to be really more advanced in front end programming. I really hope I persevere in this in the midst of toddler parenting..... I still want to make a stay at home career of this. And it's the medium I want to channel my creativity and use for ME while helping the family in the long run.

By this time next year I would like to have performed a solo piano recital in an informal venue. Since ending my Duo relationship in February 2016, I have not performed as a pianist. It is important to em to keep this part of myself functioning.

I suppose I want some direction in my life. At this moment, I think that means being accepted to a PhD program in queer studies overseas. Otherwise I suppose it means having some sort of job where I make a difference to the world. It's important because it's something I've been fighting to achieve since I came out - to try find a place where my identity doesn't hamstring me, and where I can make some kind of contribution towards making the world a better place

fuck this question. no more unreasonable expectations for me. take good care of yourself and try to do your best.

A multi day bike ride. It can incorporate two things I love, cycling and camping. I have been working on improving my riding stamina and this is something that has been on my mind for a number of years.

This year, I want to be kinder. Not just in actions, but in my heart. I want to not feel it is often a sacrifice to be kind. I want to feel the gift that it is. I don't want to weary when I've given too much of myself. I want to not care if I'm loved, but to love others. Yet, I want it to come across as truly kind. Not an attempt for future repayment or purchasing someone's love. I am not a likable person and I want to be okay with that. I am not important. Only my short-lived actions are.

By this time next year, I would like to achieve a girlfriend. I would like to unravel a lot of my negative patterns or the ones that don't serve me as well. This is important so I could evolve and live the life I want to live from ideology rather than from physiology.

Again... I want to get a grip on my body. My shame and hate for it is the biggest barrier to me doing anything. I drive myself crazy because there are things I want to do, but the shame is too huge.

I want to live and work in London. I love changing cities every few years to gain a new world perspective. Living in London will help me challenge many of my viewpoints and give me another vantage point and all new experiences and chances to meet different/new people in my life. I'd also like, if I am to continue working in Advertising to do something more analytical, where I can use my brain and world-vision more.

I want to be in a long term relationship. I want to clean and clear the clutter in my house. I want to be living in a place where I feel peaceful.

(This is not one thing, obviously) I hope to have achieved a certain level in guitar where I feel comfortable playing with others and myself. I hope to be a real leader at OMD, someone who is trusted and can be depended on. I hope to have read at least two books a month and had my mind exploded by many of them (don't shy away from the thick ones! It's ok to spend a little more time on those.) I hope to have kissed a girl. Or several. I hope to have made headway in biting/picking my fingers and started therapy for anxiety.

I'd like to have my kendo sandan by this time next year. It's past time.

I would like to have paid off $33,000 of debt. I set out to become debt free 2 months ago, and so far I've managed to pay about $3500 toward that. I'm following the Dave Ramsey solution, and it's been the one thing that has resonated deeply with me. I don't believe that I can have TRUE freedom while being in debt. I have moved toward a minimalistic lifestyle and want to continue that way for now. I want to travel around the world and be financially free and independent. I want to be able to help many others and give in abundance, but I can't do all of that at the scale that I want to until I have paid off my debt. So, every extra dollar goes toward that. $33,000. I know I can do it.

By this time next year, I hope to be finding a balance between my professional/ social/ political life and caring for a baby. I am supposed to have one--b'sha'a tova-- in March. This is important to me because I think parenthood that forces one to disengage from the world and from one's life work is a terrible thing that actually makes the world a more unjust and lonely place. This is, sadly, the dominant model of American parenthood today. I hope I can manage to be a parent who brings my child into the world as a responsible contributor and citizen, as opposed to a parent who turns inward and hoards resources in order to make ends meet and life comfortable for only her nuclear family.

I want to be in a sustainable relationship. I'm OK alone, but I'm ready for a change. I've come to appreciate better, what I have to offer, and what value that has- and I want to put that into effect.

This might be the same answer as last year because I did not get it done. I made minor inroads, but I really want to get it done. I want to go through all my belongings and purge the items I don't use/want. Anything usable will go to Goodwill; I don't just throw out useful items. But I feel like I have too much clutter and too many things in my living space that I don't really need. I'd like to have less. This will not be an excuse to buy more stuff--however my reward for following through on the purge is to get a new sofa--the one I have is from my mother's house and is at least 35 years old and it's been used hard in all those years. Declutter the home also declutters the mind, I think.

I want to have taken the next steps toward my midwifery career and birth commune dream. 💗

I'd like to be able to run ten miles. Five was a major hurdle for me, but it felt amazing. I feel like this year is a crazy hard time to be increasing my fitness goals, but if I don't do it this year, I know it won't get any easier.

Next year I want to be more confident and more stable. I can do what I put my mind to. And I should do it. I just waver in my confidence and end up with more inaction than action in my life. I control my destiny. I should believe that more.

By this time next year, I would like to be very pregnant :) I also would like to be happier and stress free in whatever job I am at. I hope I am continuing to work out regularly, maybe even go back to trying Yoga, if that means relaxing more. I hope I continue my Pilates every week, since it brings me such joy. I hope to also know more about the private practice stuff and perhaps I have begun it. I know I will be more in love with my husband than ever before. ;)

Wow, I know what this is, but I'm so reluctant to put it "on paper." When I think of the commitment, my throat closes a bit and my jaw clenches and my heart hurts. But powering through all that, here it is: I want to have finished my work with the NMSS, and begun working diligently and consistently on my book, and have found other enjoyable, well-paying work that sustains me and doesn't interfere with my work on the book -- or with my other priorities of incorporating yoga and meditation into my life every day.

It is very important to me NOT to set a goal for next year. I have been disappointed in myself most of my adult life, not to mention what-have-I-done-for-me-lately. It would be much better, and much more the path I'm on, if I paid attention to what was good about myriad moments. No big goals. Achievements--I'm not even sure what that really means to me. I think it's an achievement to be comfortable in my own skin.

I'd like to have a book of my poetry accepted for publication or self-published. Why important -- I think of my poetry as an important part of my best, most genuine self -- a legacy I want to be able to leave behind for family and friends.

I think I'd like to be a better me. Odd? maybe, but what I mean is to be in a place where I feel okay more often than not. A place where I have my physical limitations under control and where I have a healthy physical being. Where I feel strong and healthy again, not necessarily as strong or as healthy as the past but as strong as my body can tolerate will be good. And a place where I feel emotionally strong and healthy. Where I am using my artistic abilities to balance my heart and mind. And where I am at peace with my relationship and decisions, and the ever present banter in my head is more encouraging than questioning, or it just stops when I ask it to stop, because sometimes you just need a blank slate.

Oh, I would love to have a neat house. I believe it would enhance both our lives a hundred times over.

The idea of a book on Hospitality has expanded. It started as a memoir of sorts, a chronicle of my years in the restaurant business and my personal relationship with food, including the dysfunctional parts. I don't think you can be an american woman in this day and age and not have a dysfunctional relationship with food. But then the idea expanded to include why this work was so important to me. Why I couldn't really leave it. There was something else there I had to get at. The service part. Something that had to do with what Gandhi said about every job being as valuable as every other one as long as it was done with love and what Ovid wrote of in the myth of Baucus and Philemon. Always giving of what you have to those who need it. The gods dressed up as beggars and went through the village asking for food. No one would help until they came to the humble dwelling of this couple. They didn't have much to offer but what they did they gave generously. I think in our world the ideas of generosity and nourishment are misplaced, misunderstood. Hospitality needs to become normalized. Made less lofty. But we'll still need to rise to meet it. I want to help this to happen. Through words, a website, this year will be my year of outreach, not just secretly burrowing underground with my hunches and keeping it to myself. I am noticing little by little that when I speak about things, people listen. I think this means my confidence is growing.

I'd like to lose 70 lbs and keep it off. I don't want to die young. I want to see my kids grow and get married. I must lose the weight.

I would like to achieve a firm "Bronco Parent status". This is important to me because it will help Nathan find a place here in the community.

I would like to be more spiritually aware. More aware of of my language, thoughts and feelings. I dream of living with more abundance. I want more intimacy and passion in my life. More intensity in my relationships with the people I am close with, able to open up to them on an even deeper level.

I don't want to be disappointed when I read that I have done something I have not done. I want to be enough in the moment, whatever moment, taking the next breath consciously, knowing I am up to the task of living. In this way I hope to continue letting go, with each exhalation that which no longer serves me. I will be lighter because of it--dream baggage will be sorted, given away, burned on the pyre. Life will be simpler. I don't know how much time I have--I don't want to waste it with needless worry. There is breathing in the moment I can do and in this is everything.

I want to go back to school. Specifically-- for my Master's in Social Work. If I start now-- doing the footwork-- I can technically be in a program at this time next year. This is important to me because I love learning but didn't necessarily love the path that I was on (in nutrition, but really that's just the title of my degree). I feel like there's something out there for me to make an impact on others, to have a career, and social work feels like a good fit. I'm scared because I'd also like to still be living here (especially if I'm still dating Ross in a year!)

There are so many things: 1. health weight 2. strong 3. marathon 4. plans for an Ironman 5. mostly out of debt

I would love to be working for a magazine or a company in a more artistically based role. Ideally, I'd love to be able to be working for myself, but that might not be a realistic goal by this time next year. I'd love to be doing something artistic or written or creative full time.

I would like to transfer to a 4 year school (Antioch) and have clearly defined my path toward my degree. I feel that my relationship with money has gotten so much better over the last year and I would like to continue opening up to greater and greater prosperity.

I would like to be a non smoker. Every year I say the same thing, every year I mean it, but I am still smoking. For my health, for my finances, for me being tired of being an outcast. I am committed again.

I would like to achieve balance as I become a parent. I want to be kind and loving to my husband as we adjust to the caring for the needs of a child. I want to be kind and loving to myself through this process, too.

I would like my divorce to be final. I think I said this last year, as well, haha. For obvious reasons, such as closing that chapter and having it finally off my shoulders. The resolution of that stress will affect great change in every other aspect of my life.

I would hopefully like to be a resident at simmons college a year from now. I feel like that is the same answer I wrote last year, but apparently life happens. So yeah. I would like to be a resident at simmons college and be living there with somewhat ease. It is important because it is a goal I have had for a while and it would help me be a normal college student. And I would be able to be just like everyone else.

By this time next year I will be retired!!! For about two months!!! I think I'd like to have some kind of plan for my retirement, just so that I know where I'm going.

I say it every year, but I'd like to not be working a second job!!! I miss my friends!

I'd love to have my brain vitality restored, the hot filament light-bulb that used to flash above my head, when prose poured out of me like a cracked wine keg. I'll try anything: fasting, yoga, cardio, vitamins, legal drugs, deals with the devil. Just let me write with the alchemy of my youth.

Weight loss.. huge weight loss.. to be healthy. I want to be a good example for my kids.

It seems so simple... I want to learn to sing Anim Zemirot. I love the song and want to learn how to chant this prayer that speaks so loudly to my heart.

I want to get a dog already!!! And maybe a car.

This time next year I would like to be more settled. I have moved around and traveled the world, and I want to find a more permanent home. I'm starting to feel a pull to settle down and have a family, and I want to start in that direction.

I'd like to be half way to my BSN.

I would like to complete a book on petroleum microbiology. Although I don't contemplate retiring in the foreseeable future, I recognize that I've worked in my field for more years that I have yet to work. Uncontrolled microbial contamination causes 100's of $billions damage per year globally, and yet most people are unaware of it. I want to do what I can to raise awareness among the general, non-scientific public.

Once again, I want to lose weight. I'm sitting at 200 right now. I want to cut 30 pounds more. I want to be meditating more. I want to be playing piano. I want to be doing yoga. I want to be churning through books. These are about self care. I want to be more healthy.

During the coming year, what would I like to achieve? If creating / reaching "balance" in my life is an achievement, than that is the achievement I'd like to focus on. What might this mean, or what might it look like? I'm not sure that I have a clear idea, YET. What I do know is that it will incorporate a less emotionally intense drive to work professionally (while still maintaining an intense devotion to providing a caring presence and professional focus to my patients), an increase in the regularity with which I attend to my health (eating more mindfully and with more restraint; placing more of an emphasis on consistently exercising regularly; creating and honoring a time and space for play and enjoyable time; devoting more concerted effort in strengthening my connection with Marcy; strengthening friendships; and carving out time for continuing to serve the community. Wow -- that's A LOT. I hope / pray, and will give my best effort to increasingly live toward those goals.

Ham radio operator license, been meaning to get it forever and seems handy at cons and for RC drones.

This time next year I would like to have a better work and life balance. I have struggled this past year with my work schedule and I am planning on making some changes soon because of that. I also would like to have completed a half marathon. Running has never been easy for me and this would be a pinnacle race for me. Finally, I would like to have progressed in my relationship and taking steps forward towards making a life together.

Be completely settled in to our new home, with all of the boxes unpacked, and the counter tops clean!

I would like to make my business more sustainable by shifting more of the billable production work to contract employees, freeing up more of my time for creative work, long-term planning, and project management. This is important to me because I want my architecture firm to continue to grow in a way that aligns with my personal goals and aspirations. I also want to work smarter by using my time efficiently, improving the quality of my design drawings and construction documents, and spending my evenings and time away from the office on projects and people that inspire and challenge me.

By this time next year, I want to have a plan for my future! I want to know when I'll be graduating with my bachelor's degree and whether I will go to grad school straight away. I want to know where I'm going in life. I like to plan and organize, it helps me achieve my goals, so as long as I make a plan I can stick to it! Getting my degree has been a long time coming, with lots of uncertainties. After switching majors and days of self-doubt, obtaining my degree would be a huge accomplishment and milestone in my life and confidence level.

Make exercise a regular habit, so I can live a long and healthy life. manage my time better regulate my sleep better to have enough sleep and a more consistent pattern.

I'd like to figure out the kids' diagnoses, if there are any (there must be). Living without knowing this is very hard for all of us.

I believe that I had a similar answer several years ago. I would like to purchase a car. At this point I have been operating via public transit which is effective, but I need a car if I want to do any other than what I am doing now.

I want to have my plan for retirement done. I want to mentally accept the 'end' of my career; move on to other ways of getting satisfaction out of life. Figure out how to live a life without worrying about money and without putting the future into the plans. By this time next year I will be close enough to retirement that I should be in satisfactory place on this issue.

I'd just like to feel like I have a better handle on life. Balancing work and kids and house is hard. I feel like, piece by piece, I'm working out systems to make it all happen: one load of laundry a day, meal planning, etc., but there are so many things I feel I'm not doing, and they are the most important, like individual time with the kids. I know that I can't handle it all on my own, and I need to turn to prayer when I'm stressed, instead of yelling :(

By this time next year, I'd like to be financially able to supplement two classes I teach at the university with yoga teaching or just shift to different work altogether. I'm very tired of teaching so much. I feel too tired to devote my time to myself and my spiritual well-being or creative pursuits.

Get out of debt Makes me worried Every item I see a new thing in my house I see a price tag and I can not enjoy it I am becoming like my dad in a bad way

In a year I'd like us to be healthier. I don't mean eating right and exercising all the time, I just mean sleeping at night, and not getting every stomach bug that passes through. With two kids my house is like a petri dish.

I would like to have run a half marathon by next year. It is important to me as a shout out to my dad and something on my bucket list.

I want to run a 1:29 half marathon and a 3:29 marathon. its important because its just out of reach enough that I can accomplish it, but I have to commit to the hard work now. I would also like to start training for an Iron Man (70.3.... not a full.....)

I would like to have a draft of my mental illness from a consumer viewpoint & anti-stigma book completed for review. At this point, I have a wealth of written material an am in the process of organizing what I have as well as new materials I have been writing. I believe that this work, be it in book or via another media can help to eliminate stigma, beginning with consumers and family members.

I am NOT going to say "lose weight" -- that has been my recurrent theme and while I sometimes actually DO that, I'm tired of worrying over it. SO. What would I like to achieve by this time next year? Hmm. I have several "unfinished projects" that are still haunting me. It is becoming more and more apparent to me that life is short, and maybe we all live on borrowed time. I turned 60 this year, so I know my past is a lot longer than the future that is before me. This past year I made a concerted effort to complete some of the major unfinished works, and was successful. Therefore, I am going to continue with the "Completion Project." For one thing, I want to re-publish my book Two Watches. I have several halfway completed sewing projects that need to be either tossed or finished. I'd also like to be more proficient with playing the harp, something new I picked up this year. Another item for completion would be spending a bit of time each day in prayer and meditation.

I want to achieve my goal of losing 25 pounds.

to do a backflip

I really want to have my store books in order. I want to feel unburdened by it and I want to sell my business.

With God's help, I'd like to learn how to be a part of people's growth and development in their faith. Be a co-laborer. No idea what this is going to mean. Reminded of the dream that I had a while ago, I was at a farm or something. There were sheep everywhere...I was with someone I couldn't see but knew they were there. There was also another person too, I think. Anyway, the sheep were all sleeping. In close quarters too. Resting together. A couple had woken up and there were other people there that were handling the sheep. That is what I was there to learn. Challenge is going to be, I tend to withdraw and the demands of life in general - usually duties, pull me to withdraw to recharge. It's important because I believe this is from God, Himself. Number one bringing this into view, number two just the dreams and some other things as well. Time is short, not sure what's going to happen and when. But when life is measured and the silver strand is cut, I want to have weight to what I've done, with His help while I was here. I want this time to count. Looking forward to seeing Him, face to face but knowing Him as I do He won't mince His words if He isn't pleased. I'll be listening to see what He says, hoping He will be pleased. It's something that I need Him to grant me success to do what He's looking for. I'm a bucket of bolts, a mess, His mess - thank God. And He's the Master Craftsman, thankfully. I'm all over the place. My hope is that He will have my full attention because I am easily distracted. Achievement is great and all, but the thing that I most want is His pleasure when He looks at me. All the flashing distractions of this world that get my attention, I desire to be captivated by His glance and to be heart obedient because I know that is one of the things He is looking for.

I'd like to figure out my retirement, or maybe call it my post-current job, situation. This is important because it will give some direction to my life. Right now, my direction is to keep contributing at work and fit the rest of my life around that framework. I would like to develop another organizing framework. That could be true retirement (i.e., not working), or it could be another job, or it could be some combination. Right now, when I think of quitting, I don't have anything to substitute. I have never been one with a passionate calling to do something. I think by my nature I am one who "goes with the flow", who takes advantage of situations that arise. So, either something will come up that I want to pursue, or I will (I hope) create that something through more active, positive pursuit.

I want to finish my bar mitzvah, it's important to do this as a Jewish child.

I'm really close to finally paying off those school loans, so that's not an option any more. Now I want to be stable. To still be living the same life I'm living right now, but in a bigger, more me, more impactful, more aware, more life-like way. I want to be awash with my own power and comfortable with it. I've lived far too long tip-toeing around trying to be good or ok or enough. Now I want to be the wonderful contributor to my society and species that I came to be. So I can stop feeling so small and so confined.

I would like to manage my time better as this will me at home, work and in all aspects of my life.

I want to get a girlfirends

I want to be in a lighthearted and eager groove with my new horse, without guilt for my absences or resistance to new learning, only the joys that I know horses can give. Work at and thru the difficult times and embrace the wonder.

I would like to continue striving towards my fitness goals. It is important to me to continue challenging myself and working on myself, not only to look good but also to feel good. I enjoy setting goals for myself and feeling proud when I accomplish them.

I would like to have found a job where I can really use my talents & stretch/grow. Hopefully by managing my ADD more in the coming months & building better habits, it will help me feel confident in my ability to execute on these goals. It's such a nice feeling to have hope for the future.

Time management. I feel a strong message from God that I am too busy. I need to put margin in my life. By next year I want to have a better grasp on what is important, what are my strengths, what is necessary and prune what is not. I recently heard that if you dont slow down, God will do it for you. I know that has happened many times in my life. I get the message when it happens (the illness, the injury) and then go back to my full schedule. I want to do it right this time.

I'd like to consistently be able to enter meetings with my full skills / capacity.

I will be healthier. I am eating well and will continue to eat better. I have started using a natural way to establish and maintain health. I will have completed my very first 5K!

I would like to finish the book I'm working on & be happy with it. It's important because I don't always feel like a writer -- when I am doing anything else, in fact. Even though, as the poet Ted Berrigan once said, when you're a poet you're a poet 24 hours a day - everything you do is what a poet is doing.

One thing to achieve by next year at this time. Whew. A savings account. I would like to have a savings account for each child that they don't know about that I can start adding money to slowly for each of them.

I'd like to have gone to Paris for our 25th anniversary. I've never been there, and it's a bucket list item for me.

I want to finalize my plans for my pet sitting business. I want to have an advertising plan, sort out whether I need to be bonded, and hopefully be so busy that I need one or two other people to help out. This business is important to me because I think that as a tech I can do more that just pet-sit. I can provide confidence for my clients that their pet is being well taken care of. The extra income would obviously help too. I also want to be seen by my friends and family as having accomplished something, and sticking to it.

Wow. I have the usual goals in mind...the ones that I've had since I was 10: Lose weight, be healthier, save money. I think I'm just going to fucking wing it now that I'm 52.

I would like to record/write out my story of connection to place & sustainability for future generations in my family.

Would like to have published a book. It is crucial for me professionally to achieve this.

I'd like to publish writing somewhere other than the magazine I've been publishing in for years. I'd like to write more and publish more widely. This is important because it's the career I want and everything else I've done is a distraction.

I'd like to be out. I don't know why I'm not now. Literally no one in my world would be surprised or skip a beat. And yet in the closet I remain. It makes no sense to me either.

I would like to be working at municipal transportation agency and be successful in my job and help keep the trains and buses run on time

I need to lose 20 lbs. I need to do it for my overall health and my liver. I hope to do this by January and then just to keep it off and keep progressing. Also by January 1st I want to do a pullup. When I fall off something, I want to be able to get back up. I hate feeling helpless. I dont want this feeling physically.

I want to have a dog!!! I want to live in california, and have a job!!! And lots of sex!! A continuingly healthy and active sex life!!!!

I would like to complete a draft of a novel. I feel like it's put up or shut up time if I want to continue to call myself a writer.

Money for my organization. It is critical to the future of our movement.

I'd like to figure out a game plan for our mostly retired life...one in where we meaningfully give back. I will continue to coach my Yonkers kid but even though it's wonderful, it's not enough. I'd like to find more outlets, services, people or organizations to support. It's important because what else should we do with our time that would be meaningful - there are only so many dinners or theater or places to go which although fun—they're not fulfilling in the same domain as Service.

Job security. It is obvious. (I am doubtful this will happen) Weigh 165 (lose 25 pounds) I know this can happen. I need to commit. I am unhealthy and I hate my body. I want to speak Spanish.

I know this is going to sound ridiculous, but by this time next year I really hope to be engaged. His brother is getting married this time next year (his YOUNGER) brother, and I can't believe in a few short months I will be turning thirty years old. I'm tired of waiting for the "right" time, waiting until we're out of debt (that may never happen), waiting until we're "ready". I love him, and he loves me, and we want to spend the rest of our lives together. The rest is just details, right? If he doesn't propose by my birthday, maybe I'll just take matters into my own hands, haha XD

Inspiring more people to take on their biggest challenge with grit, determination and belief that they can achieve it. That and completing an IronMan amongst 12 challenges in 12 months to raise even more money for charity.

I want to have written my butt off, and have a diverse body of work that I am extremely proud of and can begin to shop around. This time next year, I'd like to begin the process of putting my writing out for people to read, to start hardcore presenting myself as a WRITER and start looking for script coordinator/writing jobs. I want to use this next year of security and stability to write as much as I can -- this past year has allowed me to find my footing in a new city and to enjoy the everyday pleasures of life. However, now that I have grounded myself in the everyday reality of my surroundings, I need to be creating MORE on my own terms, need to be making space for myself as a creative person.

Argh I say it every year. Something artistically rewarding for me. I feel it out there. I'm hungry for it. But I'm getting farther and farther out of practice, which makes me more and more inhibited about even trying. I'm about to participate in this little cabaret performance and I'm fighting myself not to quit. Why would I quit? It won't even be seen by virtually anyone. If I'm terrible, I'm terrible. It's not my forte, it's what I'm settling for. Every year I go to see a local theater company do their musical at this time of year, at this point it feels like I'm a part of the company even though I'm not. They are so talented, so good, really good for a non-pro company. I want to belong to that level. I used to believe I belonged to the highest level. Not participating for so long has knocked my confidence down while I've been sleeping. I want to get back in. I want to do it. Even if I'm bad at it. Even if I'm the worst one. Yes even then. Right?

I'd like to be doing something that excites me in some way. Hopefully it's work, and I get paid for it, but it's also OK if it's volunteer or parental. It's been 2 full years since I cared about anything besides the kids' well-being, and that's just not sustainable.

I want to have launched a kitchen doula business. I think doing this will help me to feel more self suffcient.

By this time next year, my boyfriend and I should be living in our own place, be it apartment or condo or rental house. We had to move out of the house we lived in with roommates and our currently living in the guest room of his parent's house. His dad is making us stay long enough to save for the first month rent and deposit on our own place, plus extra in savings. It will mean we are finally independent of everyone but each other other and finally able to plan to get married.

I would like to have made at least one good new friend here. I know I am too reliant on one person and I need to take that burden away from them - and to expand my possibilities.

I would like to lose weight and get fitter and in shape so I can take that scuba diving holiday in Zanzibar!

Be in a job that I enjoy.

Retirement. Real retirement. It is time and it is the right decision...on so many levels.....

I want to be a working actor. Like making a living 10-20 K a year, fuck that... I want to be making 50-70K. Because I make that much waitresssing and I am DONE with that. I want to feel of use, you know? I don't care if I'm playing horrible women or ugly women or whatever. I just want to be in the game and playing it and giving back to the community and in flow. And in all honesty it is important to me because I want to start a family with Nick and I want to be the kind of mother my children will admire...more than a waitress, an artist who is creating work that is changing people's lives.

Argghhh! This question again, which forces me to recognize that I still have not acted on the answer I gave to the question last year and the year before. I don't even want to talk about finances. Clearly, I am stuck on this issue.

I'd like to open my house up for Shabbat dinners. I think it's time to create the community I want to be a part of.

I would like to eliminate the indecisiveness of my lifestyle. Either unpack the storage locker into a place I can comfortably call home and use as a base to build relationships OR sell it all and fully embrace the vagabond lifestyle. I would prefer to unpack, but may have made choices in the past that make it difficult.

a new job. I am ready for a new challenge at a place that values me and my contributions,

I'd like to find another job where I can really begin growing professionally again. This is important to me because I am dealing with a lot of frustration at my current spot and feel like there are definitely diminishing returns at an important time in my career, before I (hopefully) bow out for a time to make some babies. I want a role that is a challenge for me, a title to go with it, and the money too. But more than anything I want to know that I am at an organization where I feel what I'm fundraising for matters and makes the world a better place, in some small way.

Walking every day to have better physical and mental health. Praying with my heart and not just my head.

One thing I want to achieve is getting my body strong and healthy again. No matter how long I live, I want to be strong every moment of my life. I am going to work out a lot more, eat clean, pray and rest my body to grow stronger bones and muscles. This is important because I want to be around to see my grand kids grow up and their kids. I want to play with them and enjoy them and teach them and love them. There is so much living yet to do!

Lose more weight and increase my exercise to be more total-body focused. I want to retain and even increase my fitness and overall health

By next Rosh Hashanah, I want to have drafted three compelling and published thought pieces on topics that excite me. It was a goal I had this past year but I've shied away for two easons. First, it's hard work and time consuming to put together cogent ideas for others to read, so it's easy to put on the back burner. But this is not the main reason--I make time for all sorts of other supplemental projects in my professional life and could do for this. The other reason is more salient: it's scary to put your thoughts and opinions out there because they become subject to criticism. What if I'm not nuanced enough? What if I totally miss the "mark?' What if I come across as too idealistic or pollyannaish, insensitive, over-confident or too tentative? What if people accuse me of simply regurgitating what other people have said; what if my contribution isn't meaningful? I know there are stories behind these fears--and I'm going to examine them in the coming year and resolve to put my ideas out there, because that's the only way I'll grow as a thinker committed to public discourse. And I believe, on my best ideas, that I have ideas to share that can be helpful for others to hear and engage with.

One thing that I would like achieve by this time next year is landing a full time job. I will be interning with Deloitte beginning in January, but that is only scheduled to be three months long. After that I don't have any plans set in stone, I am highly considering grad school and taking the CPA exam, but nothing is set in stone yet. And to be honest, that scares the absolute shit out of me. I hope to have a full time job lined up or have one and I hope that have more thing set in stone. This is going to be a very important year and I hope that I make the best decisions for myself.

Walk 15 miles a week and do 8,10,12 countdown mwf

By this time next year, I'd like to be challenging myself academically at a great college. Challenging myself academically is very important to me, and I'd love to do that at an institution that I love.

I want to be a better performance driver. This is appealing on several fronts. The group is a great group of people to be with. They have a goal, and I can help be part of achieving that goal. Oh! and pulling 1G in a well executed corner maneuver is better than any roller coaster.

I'd like to graduate with my PhD in physics. I've worked hard for over six years toward this goal, and I still have no papers or positive results to show, so there is a big question of whether I'll be able to achieve this or not. Deep down, though, I know I'll be very unhappy with myself if I can't graduate and either quit or am forced to leave. I know now that I don't want to continue in academic science, but I want to complete a successful research project just so I know that I'm capable of doing it. I don't want to disappoint my parents, and I don't want people thinking that I failed because I am a woman (which isn't true, but I know people will think that anyway). So many women have dropped out for various reasons. I don't want to be yet another. I've also never had a serious failure in my life so far in terms of academics. I guess I'm a bit of a perfectionist, but it will bother me if I never finish what I started out to do. For all these reasons, I've been working as hard as I can on my research, and hopefully something positive comes of it this year.

I'd like to be financially independent. It's important because I'd like to prove to everyone that I can take care of myself.

I would like to have written a 3D renderer next year, and learned how to do graphics programming correctly. I've always wanted to do this, but there always seems to be some bullshit "reason" getting in the way. This time I want to actually do it, and get good at doing it as well.

GRAD SCHOOL/POST COLLEGE PLAN. I need to have a more specific direction by this time next year. I also need to have a plan for my months post undergrad and pre-the rest of my life/next step.

I would like to get a Job earning as much as I was the last time I was in the rat race. I have been trading the stock market for 3 years but not as successfully as I would have liked so it needs to be done. Work for the man for a bit!! Why is it important? I need to eat :-)

I want a different job title and a pay raise. The pay raise is important because I feel I deserve it, and the job title is important because "Bid Manager" is so oddly specific. In the startup world, even though my company is doing well, anything can happen at any time. The company could get bought, etc. and I want my resume to have a broader appeal. I also think I do so much more than bids, that it's just about time. I really found my groove at work this year.

I would like to feel like I am capable of loving myself and loving others, whether that means by being in a stable, happy relationship, or simply feeling more comfortable in my own skin and with my own self.

I'd like to join a synagogue by this time next year. I think it would feel really good to have a Jewish communal home here in town.

One thing I'd like to achieve by next Rosh Hoshana... I am not even kidding, but a semblance of inner peace among job, friend, family and financial obligations and feelings of self and satisfaction in my marriage. This past year has been a whirlwind of not-me -- being pregnant, working, helping my husband deal with mental illness while raising 2 children, and I'd like to remember me and see what I like and dislike now, at this point in my life, after 2-3 years of putting myself on the backburner.

I want to achieve more than six figures - more than $100,000 - in income. How I want to live and where, debt that must be repaid and investment in myself and my future depend on it. My expertise and experience position me to make any amount of money I choose, so I will set my sights high: $164, 200 in earnings via group coaching, retreats, VIP offers and events. This achievement won't be hard once I give myself permission to succeed. Building community is important to me. I am a born leader; despite my ambivalence and past evidence of rejecting stepping up to the plate. I want to change and embrace my power and talents that will bring me intimacy, money, and influence.

I'd like to judge myself in control of my eating and exercise. More into my body. Understanding my body talk instead of ignoring it. I will know when I start saying no to more things. It's important because I want to be in good relationship with myself. I hope I would be a model to my children and others - and also positively impact the anxiety I have always felt. Make that a non-starter in some ways.

Clear the debt I racked up during depression this year. drop the weight I gained when I wasn't getting out of bed. I want to feel like I'm getting control of my life again. Having habits in place helps me do that. I need to prove to myself I can overcome it.

I want it to be easier to tell people when I'm mad at them, especially people who I'm close to and people I'm getting to know better (and therefore want them to like me). This is important because I hold a lot of anger in and I think it makes me sick and depressed. I also want to have pushed myself towards some type of intimacy with a human. Thats important because even though I love being single and on my own, and I'm good at it, I'm also lonely.

i really want to enter the field of aviation interiors and become an expert in that field

Freedom. I want out of this house and out of this marriage. There are no hard feelings, and hopefully there will be none, but it's time to move on dammit. I wanted this for myself last year. When I see this again I hope it will be from my own little home, my own space!

I want to be in law school. I feel like this is obvious, but it's something I've been working towards really hard and is the next step to achieving my overall life goals and dreams.

By this time next year, I want to have a better focus on home - clean and organized, being present in the moment. I want to be healthy and exercising, so I can live long. I wish I could get pregnant, but it's unlikely. So being healthy and home focused.

I would like to be in a loving, healthy relationship. I have had a looot of twists and turns in that realm, and I'm in another one right now (hello, Toronto). It's important to me because I've finally realized I do want a relationship — because it's what feels right to me, not to someone else. If it doesn't happen though, that's ok. I'm ok. So I guess that's not really something to achieve. Let's see. I'd like to be performing regularly — open mics, plays, readings, anything. Well, not stripping.

I would like to option and sell a screenplay. Or a pilot. But I think I prefer film. This is important to me because I am a writer. I believe myself to be a writer. And selling a script will give me so much validation as well as mark my career with a badge of accomplishment. It will finally confirm the reason I moved to Los Angeles. And I also believe work creates work - so I believe it'll give my career stability. I will also know how to do it - if I sell a script in the next year, that means I will have written one, endured the process, and it will be good enough to get made. And I want to learn and change and grow in those ways. So by achieving the goal, I will also accomplish so many other minor things in life that will make me in the the person I aspire to be.

Finish the first year of law school while maintaing time for exercise, healthy eating, and family.

I want to clear guilt and burnout. I think other things will fall into place if I can do that. I've grown increasingly tired of being the organizer, the instigator, the catalyst. perhaps it's time to withdraw and turn inward. Make this the year of living internally. My identity and self-esteem come from how I contribute to the world - this is not a bad thing, but I do have a constant low-level guilt about all the things I'm NOT doing or contributing. What would it be like to just BE?

I would like to get my house in order, and perhaps have a little more financial stability. I want a dog, but I need to have space and money for one.

I'd like to be clear on my career, feel happy and content in the life I'm living, closer to living my truth. I'd like to be living authentically, be spiritually connected, have a deep sense of love and gratitude in my life. To continue to grow and learn, to be able to teach, hold space, care for and be cared for. I'd like to be sexually liberated, to be creative and expand my knowledge. I'd like to be giving back to the world and to be making a difference and living a meaningful life.

I'm 72 and, knock wood, I'm in pretty good health. I can carry my granddaughter up the stairs, and keep up with my grandson when he scooters down Broadway. I'd be grateful to hold my own in the next year, and as many more years as are given to me.

Irme a vivir con mi novia y volver a formar una familia

By this time next year, I would like to be on the way to starting a family. This is important to me because I cannot put off these other dimensions of myself and my life for the sake of my career. Who am I? What matters? Is this dumb rat race in this dumb profession all that I want? No. I want to prioritize building our home, our family, and through that the more interior dimensions of myself.

One thing is hard to choose. The abstract thing: be more patient with everyone-Ben, my mother, and probably most of all, myself. The concrete thing(s): Try to have a baby!? It's time, I'm terrified, but I know it's time. Find the write job for me. This means I'm in an environment where I'm learning, where I'm working towards a goal that doesn't change every five minutes, and I'm managing the operations of a program. Agnostic on the subject, but I think that's what I need to be doing.

Lose 30lbs. Want to be healthier and feel better.

I hope to be pregnant again, to have rebuilt the strength of my relationship with Matt, and to have taken care of my body so that we're on track for many years ahead.

By this time next year I want to have our equity loan essentially paid off. I want nothing to get in the way of this happening. We have been plugging away at this for some years now and have paid most of it off. We are only a little over a year away from pay off. At this time next year I plan to be so close to paying the loan off I can give it a good punch. I also want my wife to be in the frame of mind that she desires to travel again. When the loan is paid off this will free up funds for us to take our first big vacation in many years. I want here sincerely to be open to doing that.

Well I could be obvious and say I'd like to be married, or have applied to a masters program and been accepted, or that I want to be able to read the Shema in hebrew with no help, or to travel to a new country and see more of our world. But all these are just goals on a long list of forward momentum. I wish for this year to achieve that momentum. To feel at thirty the vastness of the years ahead and the drive to accomplish all I want out of this life and to step into the next phase of my life with grace is all I really want. Mostly for me, some for those I love.

I would like to sell my art again. This is important to me because I love being creative and sharing my talent with those who appreciate it.

It's sort of a given at this point, but by this time next year i would like to have graduated college.

Id like to really have a direction for my career. I would like to have my forever job. A job I can feel passionate about, but ONE job that provides me with what I need and what I want. I currently work three jobs. Living in SF makes it very hard to just work one job. I have sacrificed time with my kids because all i do is work all the time. Yaakov is going to go to college in two years, i need to figure this out!

By this time next year, I hope to have my own apartment, either be Miss New Jersey and then Miss America or have successfully started my Pro Pageant Coaching business, including a youtube page. However, I won't be able to launch until I give up my local title at the end of August. I also hope that my role in Hoffman Entertainment grows and I am able to book Wayne for at least one gig this year. I also hope he and I are able to create a show to sell and give as an option to his customers. I also want to better achieve my goal I listed last year and get the body of my dreams. I did achieve it last year by winning swimsuit at Miss New Jersey and at my local pageant but after, I didn't maintain it. So I hope to better maintain my fitness level.

I would like to find balance with my career, and take my approach to it to a new level. Whether this means finding a new job or growing into something new at my existing company, I need to learn to stop sweating the small stuff and stay higher level. My hope is that this will help me enjoy my work more, balance my life and bring success to both me and the company.

I would like to feel settled. Hopefully with Anabel, she is an amazing woman and I think I'll be stronger and my life richer with her behind me, we could make a good team. I would like to feel settled in my livelihood too. Working towards something that makes me feel good. I think for now perfumery is the answer, learning to conjure fragrances linking people to love and cherished memories, and practically making skincare will set me up and set free some of my creativity. I think my unrestricted imagination could really provide some innovation. I may not be ready for my goal of innovating gyms and creating a foundation that nurtures young peoples' talents as individuals, but I have no doubt I will be one day. Perhaps by the time I am 33.

I would like to have achieved the successful launch of the FFRx program.

This one is hard because I don't currently have any grand ambitions. I think I would most like to be able to finish lingering projects and get generally better at finishing things I start in a more timely manner. I think I would materially benefit by having things done, but would also feel a greater sense of personal satisfaction and efficacy.

I'd really really like to have a steady source of income from work, a home base that I can rely on and a relationship with a really wonderful man that is the true emotional and romantic partnership I've always desired. I feel like I am becoming ready to create that in my life and I want it to begin as soon as possible. I would love to feel that love and support and finally begin learning about myself in the context of a loving partnership.

I need to stop thinking of pregnancy as an achievement, because so much of it outside of my control. But I'd really like to have a child in 2017. I'd also like to be more out of debt than I currently am, so that I have greater financial freedom.

I would like to be employed. Or have a plan. Or both. Or at least feel like this problem isn't insurmountable. There is this mess of feelings around my career. Terror. Failure. Frustration. And a need to prove myself. And a small amount of confidence that I can do this. Hopefully by next year I will have untangled it a bit more and found a solution.

I would like to achieve having found a college that I am happy in and will flourish through this time next year. I was flourishing in my high school for the first year or two and now feel contained so it is very important to be to find a college that I will not regret since I also regret the second middle school that I went to. I understand why I transferred but I wish that it was to a different school because I would have preferred to keep being naive about the sad and bad natures of people.

I want to be in China or Taiwan next year, teaching English. I wasn't ready for it this year, but the two jobs I have are with Asian immigrant businesses. I miss traveling, I should see the world, and I should try to immerse myself in that heritage. I want to be able to be independent and on my own somewhere else for a bit, and get to know my family. I have to learn Chinese to do it though, so that's the goal.

Retire to part time work. Then I can live more freely.

I'd like to have better control of my financial situation as well as be settled in to my life with Charles.

I want to feel like I am contributing to the world and making my mark. This is important because I feel very sure about my personal life. This is my greatest challenge in life (as I see it). I feel inspired by many things, but unsure how I can add to it in an original and unique way. I don't want my life to be redundant.

I would like to find a single, reliable activity to do with my young teen daughter that provides positive, healthy reinforcement. I am in the role of disciplinarian all the time, which she seems to need and respect. Still, there are not enough opportunities for positive interaction.

I absolutely need to be working at a different organization, and I'd like to have a plan for what I'm doing for grad school. I feel like I've been on pause for awhile - or, not on pause, exactly, but still cooking - and the oven timer is about to go off. (I bet future me is rolling her eyes at that dumb metaphor). But really, this year I need to spend some time figuring out what the next step is and where I want to be. I let myself have some time off from school and long term planning while I recuperated, and now it's time to put together a plan.

Commit to either opening a store or getting into the industry. I feel like I've been pushing it off with so many excuses and it's time I get started on going after my goals

I'd like to lose 3 pounds and be able to keep it off. This sounds minor, but it would represent a triumph of discipline. Discipline would help me to stop obsessing over Donald Trump on HuffPost and read real literature instead. Discipline would help me keep the house in order more reliably. So, the real goal is self-discipline and it would be made manifest by a better weight.

Have five independent clients for my voice & video producing business!

I would love to earn a 3.5 GPA. I've only been on the honor roll twice, and both occurred several years ago. I haven't been aiming as high academically as of late, and I want to push myself harder.

I would like to be working in a new career that i carry passion for. Doesn't have to be a full time gig, but it does have to give me meaning. This is so important to me, as I have been talking about trying to figure out my next act for way to long. If I don't do it soon, I am afraid i will have tremendous regrets for not following my passion. I also worry that it will haunt me for the rest of my life.

My weight has always been a problem. My doctor prescribed some drugs to counter my constant hunger, and you know... it worked. Now I have a working plan to reduce my appetite and live a good life. During the week for breakfast I eat an apple. For lunch... an apple and then eat kind of normal for dinner. On the weekends at home... the above. If away on a trip... Cheesecake factory or the Grand Lux! The plan is working Whoo Hoo.

I would like to have travelled outside of the country. Seeing the world is an important part of the human process.

By this time next year, I would like to be a little healthier, less depressed and have local friends. I am extremely socially isolated and I am trying to get help with the sensory integration dysfunction, which is my biggest disability and prevents me from spending time in places where I could meet people.

Same thing as always: lose weight. My body is falling apart. I want to be able to run again.

I’m pretty sure that every year I say I want to finish my novel by next year. But I still do. I didn’t work on it for pretty much the last year-plus (with the very good but not entirely sufficient excuse of the Year of Living Cancerously), but I am newly energized and ready to start working on it again, and have already started, at least a little. So maybe this will be the year I do finish it. I hope so, because I have another book wanting to be written about the Year of Living Cancerously.

Finding a secure place where FFS and I can live for the next 3-5 years to start our little family. Moving in OUR HOME in Canada or an underdeveloped country is on the top of the list for me (currently).

I hope by this time next year to achieve some lasting satisfaction in my work life. Whether that means a new job title, a new workplace, or simply a new attitude, (Simply!) I do not know. I am open to all possibilities. It is important to me, both to feel more joy on a daily basis, and to live up to my potential, which I feel is just beginning to be unlocked. (At age 48, who would have thought?!)

Some sort of inner peace hopefully. I'm so so lost and sad right now

Next year, my 50th birthday looms large! As a result, I've been spending quite a bit of time evaluating my life - what I'm doing, why I'm doing it, what is the long term result of doing it or not doing it. Basically, is it worth my while. I feel time slipping away faster and faster and the weight of wasting it grows heavier. But was is a waste - I enjoy playing my video games. Is that bad? So what do I want to achieve next year? I want to focus on those things that bring me joy and happiness. I want to focus on all aspects of my health. I want to jettison those things - habits, people, work - that work in opposition to my greater good. I don't want to feel like the first 50 years of my life were a waste because I didn't accomplish the most amazing thing the world has ever seen or cured world hunger or stopped violence. I want my life to be a little better each day than the day before.

I'd like to say "financial stability!" but I'm not sure that's even possible anymore. Every time I think I've achieved something, some critical event occurs and I'm left struggling and scrambling again. So I think I'll just say that I'd like to be in a somewhat higher paying job by next year -- one step forward, whatever that looks like.

By this time next year I want to have learned how to balance being a mom and being a teacher. This is so important to me because I want to be good at both. I don't want to lose perspective about either my work or my family. I want to be able to enjoy both. I think the hardest part is going to be setting realistic expectations for myself at work. I am going to have to stop doing some of the extra things that I've done for years. It's gonna be hard to give those up. At the same time, there are so many amazing things that I want to do with my family and with my daughter. I'm very excited to explore and discover these possibilities.

My husband and I have to get onto firmer financial footing. I am scared that we are going to lose our business and our house. That's bad enough, but it's not good for our marriage, either.

My biggest aim is to find a job I genuinely enjoy. It might be the one I am currently in. I have never 'loved' my job, and there have been several, and that makes me sad.

I want to finally be working on my next text book. I wasn't happy with my first one and want to do a second one to do all the things I didn't do before.

Next year, I would like to have received my endowments. The reason this is important is because I feel like I want to commit my life to Christ in some way, and I feel like it is time to take this step. Also, I would like to have published one short story or essay in a literary magazine.

I’d like to be able to swim front crawl with ease and grace by this time next year. It’s important to me because I’ve invested quite a lot of money in my swimming lessons with Keith at The Swim Shed. Swimming is also helping me to lose weight - but that’s probably also got to do with living with my second conscience, Fran, who is helping me to make better decisions about what I eat. I was inspired by the marathon swimming at the Beijing Olympics in 2008. The women looked so elegant swimming and stroking the water so gently. I like the praise the our coach, Keith, gives us. It makes me feel good. He says there’s a swimmer in me. I like training my body again. I haven’t trained in a sport for a while. I like being able to learn from a coach, having someone pay attention to you and teach you, tailor his coaching to your needs. I’ve progressed quite a lot in my swimming after only three lessons. I can now breathe more comfortably under water i.e. breathe out through my nose under water and in through my mouth above water. I do proper breaststroke with my head under the water now, wearing goggles and a swimming hat. I’d like to be able to swim from the top of Port Meadow, near the Trout, all the way down to the Rainbow Bridge. I could probably do this now by breaststroke but I’d like to do that with proper front crawl. That’s a goal for next year. We’re also thinking about signing up for the Bantham Swoosh in July, which is a 6km river swim out into an estuary. The last little bit swooshes you out into the bay. It’s supposed to be quite shallow with clear water. I suppose I might eventually need to get myself a wetsuit - if I can find one that fits!

Making another baby. Or being okay with not making another baby.

I'D LIKE TO HAVE A JOB! But seriously, this has been an extremely difficult and painful year and while I reached some goals in maintaining a healthy lifestyle and managing my depression and anxiety, it's becoming harder and harder to do so without a sense of purpose. It's hard to keep motivated when there are no job opportunities and when I used to base my identity around my career. It'd also be great it my next job brought me closer to the kind of business consulting via strategic design work that I quit my last job to do, and afforded me to pay my parents back for some of their generous loans.

I want to have completed more writing. It is the one thing where I have fallen short and I want to correct it. Academic work is part of my profession. Moreover, I think and hope that I have something of merit to say. I received my first publication last year, finally. But then the momentum stopped. I also want to get back to writing my novel. Some of this is my desire to be "seen" as an academic but some is for myself. I know that I can do this and believe that I will be disappointed in myself if I do not.

As I always say, I'd like to be more honest and trustworthy. I want to trust my friends, my family, myself. I want to realize that even though I may not have everything figured out, I will. I'll be able to work it out. Because I need to have more faith in myself and believe I'll be okay. That someday I'll know what I want to do with my life. Someday I'll meet Taylor Swift. Someday I'll achieve my goals.

I would like to know more Hebrew, possibly more Spanish and have gone to Iceland with Eric or someone else! Iceland because it's been a dream coming for a long time, and languages so I can feel more globally in tune :)

Find my beloved. I'm ready.

I'd like to be a healthier person inside and out. Losing weight, being a better mom, having stronger friendships, improving my marital relationship. I feel like being great is within my reach...just need to work harder!

Lessen debt burden. Takes away stress, and helps create space to make other choices.

I have not yet set any goals for next year. 1. Finish my massage course - mostly now for a sense of completion, but it would be nice to have it done. 2. Decide if I will buy/build a house and either be on the way to settlement or already settled. To give me security for the future. 3. Get out of this contemplative phase of my life and finally make inroads to weight loss. Every year this is my goal and every year I get no closer, if a little further away from my health.

I'd like to have gone on a vacation with J! He's been TRULY amazing this part year (two years, really) and I'd love a chance to get away, have some new adventures, and focus only on him for a few days at least. He delights me more than any person I've ever met.

Securing the blade in the water with precision, enduring the pain in the heat of the race, handling the oar with grace under pressure: these are the trials of a rower. For my rowing club, there are few regattas more competitive than the New England Interscholastic Rowing Association Championships (or NEIRAs, for short) near the end of the school year. Dozens of boats from teams all throughout New England compete to be the fastest in each category. The field of battle is a straight fifteen hundred meter racecourse: the first bout eliminates the weaker competitors, and a later second sprint determines the winners. I want to to culminate my time as a high school oarsman by winning a medal at NEIRAs, the apex of the spring season. I learned how to row in my sophomore year as a novice, beginning with the rowing stroke, a seemingly simple motion – starting on the seat with legs compressed: push with the legs, lean the torso backwards, pull with the arms, extend the arms, lean forward, retract the legs, and repeat – yet internalized only after hundreds of hours of practice. I lasted through my novice season and remained loyal to the sport, so I was promoted to varsity. Since my transition, the practices became more intense and time-consuming, and I was tested to my physical limits many times over. I am not exactly sure why I remained amidst the pain and fatigue, a hallmark of the sport, while others have left. Perhaps what compelled me to stay were the friendships I formed, the camaraderie amongst my teammates, or even the lighthearted moments among those of difficulty. In any case, the time and effort I have dedicated to this sport compels me to strive for a NEIRA medal. It would feel all for naught if I didn't.

I REALLY WANT TO BE HAPPY IN MY JOB! That may not be the job I'm in at the moment, but I'm fed up with constantly being on tenterhooks, and constantly questioning my self worth because I can't keep up. And I want to be able to write. I come home from work and I have no energy - I just want to sit in front of the TV and not have to think for a few hours. I have all these ideas and I so desperately want to be able to dedicate some mental energy to them.

I would like to have a new job with people I like working there, I'd like a beautiful apartment with Ashleigh and at least one cat, I'd like to know that I have made steps toward building a community for myself, I'd like to have taken up ice skating again.

I'd like to finally be engaged to Andy. It's important to me because his divorce has been a long time coming. For me though, it's important to me as a commitment to one another. I look forward to the joy of our wedding day and the magical increase in our ever-growing love for one another through this experience. I'd also like to have both of my legal cases completed so I can complete the cycle of these experiences, win my settlement against Ameriprise and have the truth truly set me free.

I'm not big on planning achievements - so much depends on whatever else is going on in my life. So my goal for the next year is to read even more books than this year - on place to exceed 85. Perhaps 100 next year.

I want to be working ONLY on the grant. And department. And my class. I want to stop saying yes to everything. It is important because I want to enjoy my life.

I'd like to achieve financial security by next year, hopefully through my own business or via a job that I enjoy and am happy working. It's important to me because while I need to feel like I'm contributing to society (and those jobs don't pay all that well) I also can't stand worrying about money all the time. Let's be clear about financial security: I'm not looking to get rich...just have enough to pay my bills with a little extra for saving and fun. That's it. Living modestly is important to me.

I really want to finish this novel I've been working on. I love writing it, and I feel like it's a story that many women would enjoy reading. It's something I've wanted to do for a long time. Sometimes I feel like time keeps washing over me and I'm not hitting any personal deadlines or accomplishments, and that bothers me. This would be a huge personal milestone.

I would like to have finished my novel, "If, Then, Else". I now have a better idea who to finish it but I need to commit the time to finishing the story.

I hope to move to Germany to be with my fiancee; she just visited and met with my parents and family, and in ten weeks or so, I will be doing the same for hers.

By this time next year, I want to be working as a professional screenwriter. I want the need for a "day job" in my life to be obsolete. I want the sole focus of my career to be screenwriting (and perhaps other forms of writing as well, but predominantly screenwriting), and I want to be making enough money as a writer to pay my bills and support my family. This is a goal that I am often told is unrealistic. That I need an alternative career/Plan B/broader scope in mind, just in case. The thing about a creative career is that you need to go All In. I don't want to spread my time and energy thin by worrying about the prospect of not accomplishing this goal, or by trying to set something up on the side "just in case." I want to focus all of it on creating the life that I want for myself and my family. So for me there is no plan B. I'm a good writer, I'm good at the hustle (required for a screenwriting career), and frankly I don't care if it's unrealistic. That doesn't mean it's impossible. And in the wise words of the brilliant Mindy Kaling: Why not me?

Dating life. Boom. Maybe also moving out of my parents house.

By this time next year, I would like to have taken piano lessons and be past a beginner level. This is important to me because I have always wanted to play the piano and I think it would be a good hobby to have. I think having something like the piano to turn to would be good for times when my depression gets bad and I don't know how to hand it. What better way to do that then to turn to music?

I accomplished a lot over the last year, which makes this question difficult. (I have to keep achieving things?!) That said, I'd like to have an effectively permanent Seattle residence by this time next year. That probably won't mean owning a place yet, but it could. I'd like to have a healthy routine for my life and feel like I'm a part of my community and neighborhood. This is important to me because it's something I have never really had since high school. And I'd like to have a baby or be along the path toward having a baby, because my mom died in her 50s and I want my children to have as many years with their parents alive as possible.

I'd like to run a half marathon. I got close last year with my 10 mile races, but this year I see a half marathon in my future. This is important not only for a healthy lifestyle, but would give me a lot of personal satisfaction, pride and bragging rights.

I would like to be living in Colorado. I would like to be working in alternative energy. This is important because my deadline is approaching. I want to begin my life, finally, and that's how I would like to start.

By this time next year I want to finish and submit a story. Could be any of the novels currently in progress, could be a short story, could be something else entirely new. Just to be able to finish a thought after not being able to finish any thoughts for so many years.

Organization. Collages and painting with oil pastels Upgrading home!

Lose weight. I have struggled with my weight for as long as I can remember, and with perimenopause, the struggle has gotten more difficult. I want to feel good in my body, feel healthy, strong, and enter my fifties with renewed vigour. I want to look good, feel good, wear the clothes I like, and have lots of energy to keep travelling and discovering the world.

I want to be either employed for a better company or self-employed. I'm unhappy at the Peabody and it has consumed my life. I need to break free and find where I belong. I've always wanted my own business and I need to finally start it.

By this time next year, I'm hoping to be a licensed architect concretely earning at least P20k/month (including sidelines/hustle jobs). This is important to me so I can sustain the lifestyle I've been accustomed to and so I can pursue further studies.

I would like to have my anxiety under control. This is important because life is really miserable right now, miserable and exhausting and I just need it to stop so I can have my life and my future back.

I hope that we manage to do some more traveling this year. We have been living in Taiwan for over three years now but have seen very little of Asia. This is understandable because we have a small child making travel hard. When we have a vacation from work it is tempting to leave him in childcare and have a bit of adult time to ourselves in town rather than take him on a trip. Also, my husband does not love traveling which leaves more of the burden of planning on me. So it is understandable that it has not happened much yet but I think it is time that starts to change.

The most important thing I need to work out is how to Make a living and find something that is rewarding. I would also like to have met someone new to spend quality time with, or have deepened my relationship with Joe. At this point I really don't know how that will go but. Am getting closer to the ultimate outcome. These are the most important things I need to figure out.

Completed home renovations and a home that is fully unpacked and fully settled. I've not had this since June 2013, when I moved out of my condo in Somerville. I've felt somewhat unsettled and like I was not fully living my life since then. I never unpacked all of my books or my cookware in CT...two sets of things that bring me great joy! I never was able to really entertain the way I used to or the way I'd want in CT. But this home and our new kitchen will be made for that. I want to have the time to really get connected to our new community and I hope in one year's time I feel like I'm on that path. I have to remember that I lived in Somerville for 14 years and had all that time to build up the feeling I had when I left -- that the city was literally an extension of who I was. Of my inner being. I hope to feel at least close to that someday in Dorchester.

I'd like to be able to look back on my current grief and feel it has lessened and that I am stronger in spite of it. I'd like to feel that I am fighting back against the things that hurt me and that I am winning that fight. I am turing a page, I can feel it.

ravenswood is fully fledged. my practice is growing. retirement, baby!

Right now I am focused on finding my next job, so I'll make that the one thing I want to achieve by this time next year. I hope to have some other things worked out as well, like joining a choir and finding volunteer opportunities, but the job is definitely the priority.

Again - I would really love to find a new job! It's not even important to me that it be the "right" thing - just to find a new thing, a different thing - I don't know what I am meant to do in life, but I do know it's not this.

I would like to a. have a boyfriend or b. feel actually fine with being alone. I feel like Im on the verge of feeling fine about it, and accepting being single for now, and not harping on it--but then I just regress. I want to take on seriously feeling strong and great while being single.

By this time next year, I'd like to be happier in my life. That can mean a variety of things, and I don't want to say for certain that I need to do x in order to be happy. I just want to feel more fulfilled, less questioning (of myself specifically, not of the world at large), and less anxious about my journey.

I'd like to feel stable at my job. Nursing has been a long time dream of mine, and to be an effective, competent nurse would be a fantastic achievement. The greatest compliments I've received during my schooling have been from mentors complimenting my work ethic. "you'll be a good nurse", "you actually do stuff", and I want to be able to feel that as a nurse in an acute care hospital setting. I feel anxious, self doubt, stress, incompetence, every day and it is overwhelming. Nursing is something I've been working at for so many years, and I've "made it" yet everything is still so challenging. I'm not giving up this fight, and I want to be a great nurse because it's vital to who I am and what I believe in.

I'd like to finish a draft of my book. I would like to achieve some recognition or movement in my work at Hunter, namely getting away from the processing part of my job, bc I find that meaningless and boring. I'd like to be more peaceful in my marriage. That's three things, not one. If I have to choose one, I should choose my marriage, but I will choose my book. It is important bc I have to make good on my talent. Bc I have something to say that no one else can say. Because I promised Jennifer that I would have it done in three years, so the draft has to be done by next fall so it can be published or at least on line, en route to be published, the following year. Because I said I would.

One thing that I very important for me to achieve by this time next year is to start educating myself on topics that truly interest me and not just sit and observe a teacher from three rows back. I would like to start reading books that pique my interest, and not just read assigned books to "get them over with" do succeed in any of my classes. Another aspect of academia that I would like to pursue would be to start learning Italian and slowly develop my skills to hold at least a basic conversation. These two actions will definitely assist me in achieving my personal goals rather than the academic goals set by different classes I am enrolled in. Hopefully, these two actions will be the spring board for myriad of other actions I take throughout the rest of my life to further the development of my other passions. Choosing the topics that I want to study rather than being assigned them from a class will be very important to me by this time next year because as at that time I will have completed my first few weeks of college, a time in which one finds the career they want to do for the rest of their life. If I just continue my pre-collegiate habits of doing what I am assigned by classes and nothing else academic, I will not be able to pinpoint the exact thing that I have a passion for. Thus, by taking action to pursue my passions I am realizing whether I could envision myself doing a particular passion of mine for the rest of my life, which in turn solidifies a vision of my future desires. If I go through the motions of college and just take classes to get my credits, there is no point of going to a higher education institution in the first place. But, if I push beyond the boundaries and pursue what I want by this time next year, I could also mold my college curriculum in my sophomore to senior years to coincide with my passions, thus actually loving the classes I take and being enthralled by my assigned studies rather than annoyed or bored.

Be less busy. Have more "fun" time to read, use my hammock, just be. Less time spent in non-profit meetings and work. It's important because I've got too much to do!

I want to finish the project for Ben on size and weight. I suspect it is my last opportunity to actually accomplish what I set out to do in public service over 40 years ago. I simply want to create a template for the future that will show how we can all work together to do better.

I would like to have a job in the field that i want to work in. Plain and simple. To finally go from this person that ive grown so tired of being and into the next phase of my life where i live out of home and am doing something more with my life. i know the grass isnt always greener but you gotta at least see the grass to know that

By this time next year, I'd like to have strength and flexibility with my body from practicing yoga. This is important to me because I want to feel healthy in my mind, body and soul.

Being mentored by Henry Cloud or Marshall Goldsmith

I'd like to run two 5ks and a 10k. It seems like a simple goal, but I know it'll take a lot of work. I'm 240lbs - my biggest weight since 2004. In these last 12 years I've lost and gained 80lbs. I'm 33. I want to live a long and healthy life. I know this weight will kill me early if I don't do something now. My left knee is twingey and I've a slippery back. Neither of those things will help me with running, but they also aren't helped by being sedentary and overweight. Running two 5ks and a 10K in the next year is just enough to keep me honest and on a training program. It's enough to stretch myself without overextending myself. It's affordable and can be done locally. And, if it's anything like how I used to feel when running competitively, I will love it.

By this time next year, I would like to be enrolled in my first semester at a University! The goal is to keep moving forward and achieving good grades, despite suffering from burnout this year. I'll be happy to not be involved in any extracurricular activities once I transfer, but I'm sure I'll miss it all when that happens. Right now, I'm very uncertain about where I will transfer to, but I do not want to give up on my hard-fought goal of earning my bachelor's degree just because I feel mentally and emotionally exhausted. A lot has happened this year, but I hope that I will not allow it all to derail me and my minuscule dream. I don't think this is asking too much. P.S. If I am not living with the love of my life, Dale B. Morrison by this time next year, I am just a failure at life. Truly, honestly. That would make me consider myself weak, a coward, and a failure. I deserve that happiness and he does too. He deserves more than I ever give him. If I could accomplish both of these things by this time next year, I would truly feel successful. And I think I would be happy. I hope so.

I would like to declutter at least 1 room in my condo. My condo is so cluttered that it is unhealthy physically and emotionally.

Pay off debts. Live more comfortably. Do more yoga. Learn ukulele.

My short film on suicide. This is important to me, because I need to show myself (and my kids/others) that I CAN do it. Most importantly, I need to show myself. I want to have it ready by June 2017, so I can possibly submit it for projects related to RUOK day and Mental Health month.

I'd like to have written my book and/or book proposal and have an agent. More patience and strong relationships in my life. The ability to get out of the house and do stuff, even with two kids. (Two kids!)

I would like to get more balance and have more time for myself. I would like to take better care of my body, especially. I don't prioritize my health as well as I should. I also want to take steps toward becoming vegan. I think we will do it as a family and will do it gradually, so we can learn how to prepare healthy meals without a lot of chaos at home, but I at least want to be eating vegan meals 5-6 days/week. For the environment and for ethical reasons, but I suppose it could be healthful, too.

I'd like to rescue my marriage, but that feels like such a heavy goal to put on my shoulders.

I hope to get more friends. Because im very lonly as it is, and it affects my mental health. Hope to meet at least somone that have the same intrests as me

A firm and fit body – I've been searching for it for 30 years. It's important to me because I'm tired of beating myself up.

By this time next year, I will be a practicing massage therapist. Being able to help others and give my gifts to the world. I also will have achieved level two reiki and be able to incorporate that into my massage. Being able to help people is my mission in life. I will be doing my life's work by achieving these goals.

A solid friend in Boston who is not one of my roommates. It's important because I often feel pretty lonely in my new place and have been struggling to make friends because it is hard to balance with work and everything. But I will have achieved this, even if it is a friend from InkHouse.

I would like to have at least $2500.00 in savings, right now I only have $300.00. I want to feel more secure about money.

I'd like to finish up my classes and research for my second masters degree in ecology. It's very important to me as it's my soul education so to speak - something I care deeply about - nature, plants and the planet. I'd like to use my knowledge and skills to improve some small part of the planet before I leave.

Writing. Maybe not for any purpose, but t does my soul well to spin stories and make meaning with words. I think if I wrote more, I could let go more, forgive more, live more and love more.

I want to know whether or not I'm going to have kids. It's self-evident why this is important - I'm getting older, it's lots of money, it changes your life, I hope to have a partner in crime....so many things.

By next year, I would like to have successfully navigated the transition from full-time student to the working world. I would like to feel that I've found myself in a quality environment which pressures me to improve, where I'm working with talented colleagues. It's important to me because this will be the beginning of a (hopefully) long career, and I'd like to begin on the right note. Lately, I've also begun contemplating moving to Israel in May...

By this time next year I want to have enough stock built up to participate in a Makers' Mart or similar sales event. Although making a lot of money with my upcycled fabric fashion is not a big goal, I do want it to be a viable microbusiness, part of the movement towards a more sustainable economy.

New job and new apartment. I need to shift focus on me and not just as a mother. I need a stimulating rewarding job nd a nurturing home.

I want to find my voice. I feel like I have much to say, do and share, but I lack the tools and means to make myself heard.

I would like to achieve inner peace and harmony. At any given point there are so many stresses, worries, thoughts swirling through my brain. I just want my mind to be at ease so I can enjoy life more thoroughly.

I hope that there are at least two studio's open by then! Maybe three! And maybe I would have finished growing up and be more into settling down.

More equanimity; equanimity with my social life and friends, with my job, and with my love life. I want to achieve a state of calm and acceptance-without-judgment. [Interesting to note: I wrote the answer for #7 here; feels like what I'd like to achieve, before seeing that question.]

I would like to have a deposit on a house so that I can start a family in the security of a home.

I would like to buy a home close to my daughter and son-in-law. They are pregnant and live 3000 miles away. I want to be a part of that child's life.

I would like, again, to buy into living enough that I can improve my health and reengage with my congregation. I would like to be more independent from this depression

by this time next year I'd like to get myself the information I'd need in order to get back to school and attain my masters so that I may become a therapist.

I'm not saying "inner peace" but I would like to continue to progress the improvement I felt after my Mindfulness course, being more capable of dealing with problems with less anxiety. It's important because I feel I waste energy in procrastination because I always want to get 'the best result' in any task, when in fact nearly-the-best would be good enough in most circumstances. I know it's only myself I'm trying to impress. But I am a harsh judge :-)

I would like to have found a place to live that I'm settled and happy in, with someone I like. This is important to me because I moved out once and now I'm back at my parents' place. I know what I need / want in a home setting and I loved making a space feel like my own home. It made me really happy and provided me with my own space. I felt like I flourished in that. I think it would be good for me to have it again (even though the difference between paying rent and not paying rent is ridiculous, especially now I'm earning a full time wage in a job that I actually love).

I want to have my loans significantly paid down. I want to have expanded my skills (and therefore income). I want to feel more stable in my financial life. I want to feel that all the debt I took on for my education is manageable. That seems pretty far off right now.

I would like to have at least started a draft of my book. It might look chaotic or hundreds of pages written and rewritten, but I would love to know that I've made an honest effort, that I'm actually moving forward on the project by this time next year.

I would like to start working on my mental health and working through ways to deal with stress. I've been struggling with overreacting to minor stresses, being short tempered, and impatient most of my life. I want to start taking steps to correct my behavior.

I want to take a step closer to being debt free. It's currently been out of hand for too long. I'm in the position I'm earning enough money that I can start paying stuff back and not use it. I'm hoping to be clear of both credit cards this time next year.

I think last year I had written that I wanted to be pregnant or have a infant...but it doesn't really feel like something I'm to "achieve" as if pregnancy is something earned....which conversely, indicates a didn't earn it this past year if I didn't become pregnant. I don't think I was looking at it in the best way last year. I did get pregnant but I miscarried. I had a blighted ovum...basically the egg gets fertilized and implants but doesn't actually develop a fetus. It's just an empty sac. It was so sad even if I knew how early 1st trimester miscarriages are common. So, we will still try to get pregnant and expand our family but I don't want that as my plan to "achieve". I think I need to have a goal that is definitely within my reach and attainable...I've experienced some set backs and I need to bring back my confidence and faith in myself. My goal is to simply read Seven Prayers That Can Change Your Life. That's it. I think I'm at a place where I need solid, concrete achievements which can hopefully motivate and inspire me to keep going.

Mmm. Perhaps I would like to expand my teachings to include more evolutionary practices, subtle activism, and karma yoga. It is beginning next week! Also a place to live that will accommodate Joe, a piano, and Jake as well when he needs a respite.

I'd like to have a collaborative work project going with someone I really respect personally and professionally. This is important to me because it signifies working together to produce something meaningful, as well as opening up to someone else's ideas and visions. It's also important to me because I'm lonely working by myself. As much as I love what I do, I'd love to partner with someone to increase my daily energy and inspiration.

I would like to have a new artistic focus. Without one I feel lost.

a marathon. i have a love/hate relationship with running. training for a marathon would be a heck of a challenge for me that would force me to be in touch with my body, spend more time exploring the city, and being outside - three things that generally make me feel good. plus, how cool would it be to be able to say that i've run a marathon?

Fucking lose the weight already. You will feel better. You will be more confident. You will be closer to the person you want your children to model. Just fucking do it already.

I would like to broaden my family and bring my artistic work to a new plane. A new medium.

I'd like to see kesher groups really take off, people find community, freedom, and be on fire for reaching others to help through the same process. Know G-d. Find freedom, Discover purpose, Make a difference!

Staying in running. Learning to let go. Building satisfying relationships.

I would like to have a healthy mind again. This means meditation, yoga, being active, eating healthy, breathing.

Books done. Website on engagement done. Fewer jobs for more money during the summer. Credit card debt done.

This seems pretty silly, but I hope to achieve at least 1 full year of employment by one employer. I've felt so off the past few years because I was contracted for so long, and then my "dream job" that I landed in November 2015 became the worst thing ever and I left. It really effected my self esteem too. By sticking with a career, I hope that the stability that it brings will affect other aspects in my life too.

I would love to have all of the kids out of the house and living happily on their own and working jobs that they both enjoy and can live comfortably on. This has been a goal of mine since I turned 50. I came close to it just a few days, a few times since then. But, life has a habit of throwing wrenches into my plans and hopes. It's important to me because I appreciate solitude. It's about the only way I can totally relax and get anything done that's personal. Like writing, journaling or playing music. When there is someone else in the house, I tend to not do any of these because of the threat of possible interruption.

By this time next year, I hope to be in better shape. My primary goal is to increase my stamina; being able to go upstairs without getting winded, go on longer and more strenuous hikes and get back into running. All of those things positively impact my life, health and wellbeing.

I would like to live in ME and be settled there. This is important because it means we found a place and I am starting a new chapter in my life.

Creating a successful business based on the work at the farm is really important to me for personal and financial reasons. Right now there is a concept I'm developing that hopefully will have legs.

Climb a mountain with Lynn and Kelly. Sisters together, completing a challenge, something physically and mentally challenging.

I want to have a job that generates enough income to give us a sense of financial stability. This is extremely important to my wife's happiness and to mine as well. I want to have more time to pursue creative endeavors such as writing, composing, playing music, and reading.

I would like to achieve 2 things by this time next year...find a career that I am happy with & that suits my personality & abilities. Also, I would like to at least be pregnant by this time next year. But first, a career...work there long enough to get my benefits and maternity leave, then become pregnant. The sequence of my achievements is important just as much as the achievements themselves.

Achieve optimal weight, strength, endurance, and flexibility. Be mobile enough to do what I want and need to do.

My business projects must have progressed. Greece must be profitable and sustainable. Cambodia must have started the first planting cycle and we must have a clear plan of what to grow and who to sell to. Cambodia must be profitable within 12-18 months after the start. It is important to me because this is my future. This is where my heart is. These businesses should pay for my bills in the next couple of years.

By this time next year, I hope to have my blood pressure lowered enough so that I no longer have to take medication. As my parents age and as I get older, I realize that I need to take better care of myself so that I can care for them when the time comes.

I really want to be down to 130 lbs. and strong, like the women in the Athleta catalogs. I see people all around me who have the discipline to stick to healthy habits, but for some reason, I don't have it. It's especially important to me because of Hannah. I want her to grow up to have a positive self image and I feel that role modeling healthy habits will help her achieve that. She's already hesitant to put on a bathing suit and I hate hearing her put herself down. She's beautiful, both on the outside, but especially where it really counts, on the inside. I just wish she could see herself through my eyes. She's absolutely perfect the way she is.

Same as last year. Be pregnant! We REALLY want to start a family. This also means I need to get healthier in mind, body, diet, and all things in between.

I would like to find a way to teach my middle son how to better balance his life and be happy. Be happy for all the things he has. This is a crucial life lesson that I wish he could learn at this age.

Haven't gone crazy because of liberal idiots - I want to live

I would like to have obtained (or posed to obtain) my SHRM-CP. Just wsnt to be more respected in the HR field and make a higher income to support my family.

i would love to have my knife business up and running. like, business cards, website, clients. the whole deal.

I'd like to have a stronger relationship with my husband. (I think this may be what I said here last year!) I feel like we are likely done having children, and thus will start to have an "easier" home life as our babies get older. We've had a challenging time since becoming parents, but I feel like things are getting better and I'd like to continue in that direction. This is important to me because I'd like to have a happy and healthy family life! This is certainly not possible without a strong and healthy bond with my husband.

To feel more confident about where I'm going. To feel confident about where I am. It is important to me to be confident and not have doubts. When I am doubting myself and my decisions I get insecure and it comes out as anger and resentment to other people. Maybe what I should try to achieve is a better way to communicate to people about my doubt and insecurity, and not take it out on them :/

Appreciation for life, for all the goods it has to offer. Try not to live in the past.

Getting a car & an apartment down in Orlando with my boyfriend. It's important to me because I feel like I'll be able to finally start my life without being held back by family and certain friends.

I would like to feel healthy and strong in my body. It's important to me because as I recover from my concussion, I am acutely aware that I haven't been as active or connected to my body and my life and I miss me.

Developing a disciplined meditation practice. My guidance has been urging me in this direction for years, but I find excuses to not make time for meditation. This world is often chaotic and I have a lifetime intention to radiate peace as I go about my life. Meditation helps me achieve that peace. I also want to go further into my spiritual development and believe that meditation will help me get there.

I want to do so many things- 1- I want to get a good job and build positive relationships there and feel successful- to prove that I am not just what I was at Kin- to set myself up to have a career as a mom, to contribute to my house and my family 2- I honestly would not mind being pregnant when I write my 10Qs next year- sounds scary to say but I want to at least have my IUD out 3- I want to be well on my way to being a good wife. I just finished the new Jonathan Safran Foer book and cried so much reading about how much sad and hard work it is to take a family apart. I am doing all of the work now to put a family together. I dont want to ever have to take it apart.

A clean and uncluttered house is desperately needed !!!! I have permanently moved and want a house of peace, comfort and joy.

My goal weight. two completed books. A new place, or second home, to live. More time with my family. FUN. SEX I haven't had FUN IN FOREVER.

By this time next year I would like to have a regular life coaching clientele and have built my Norwex business to a monthly income producing level. This is important to me because I want to be of service to people through life coaching and I want to help improve our environment by educating people about how to reduce chemicals in their homes.

I would like to become more of a solid runner and be on a healthy nutrition plan both of which I stick to. This is important because your health and diet are everything. My pain will be much more controlled if my diet is healthy and consistent. I will be happier and more energetic if I'm exercising regularly. I will feel more centered if I'm on track and maintaining a positive state of mind.

By next year, I would like to have a working portfolio that I can send to employers. I am currently in graduate school, and it is important to me that I set myself properly for school breaks (internships) and for post-graduation.

I really hope to be able to get accepted into graduate school to study music. It really is a life long desire, and I promised myself that I would try my best to achieve it!

I want a partner. SO badly :( I just want to build my life with someone; start working out all the kinks so by this time in 2 or 3 years we can be ready to have a child. I would also like to have a high holiday pulpit so I can start to see life as a full-blown artist. This is what I'm thinking for a 5-year plan: make $ from bat mitzvah students, high holiday pulpit, music gigs and RC, and quit my job at CHN. Not that I don't love databases, but being a full-blown artist will put me up against working class challenges that would be good for my brain to see/feel. Good for my re-emergence. And good for my connections with other working class people.

I've understood that my financial, and other forms of success are directly correlated to the amount of love I feel for myself. The level of forgiveness I have reached within, and without. I have no other wish but to deepen in this understanding. I want to reach a deeper level of love for myself.

Uggh, I know it's dumb. But I wouldn't mind being in a relationship by this time next year. Something meaningful, with the possibility of a future, though that's also worth taking time on before it gets there.

I'd really like to have started grad school. But really, I think the thing I want is to feel stable and steady. My life the past couple of years has been so tumultuous, and even before that, most of my adult life has been kind of up in the air. I want to feel grounded and like I'm moving forward - no more limbo.

I would like to have a cause or charity or interest of a philanthropic kind to devote my spare time to that will be really helpful and impactful for the group of people I serve in the community. Something I do just to pay forward my good fortune in life, for which I am very grateful.

Of course to try and get my novel published. That might end up being a long term goal though - from my experience of trying to get it published this year, I now understand it might take years. It will happen though. it's good and I'm not going to give up. Also, as it's so largely to do with luck, it might not be realistic to say I will achieve it by next year. I can instead, say, I will continue writing and be dedicated to it (i am about to join a new workshop) - I will form a new, hopefully lasting writing group, I will make writing a priority and not let work get in the way too much. I will try and face rejection with less vulnerability and emotions than I have so far. I will keep going.

To have completed a year of being a new teacher. I promised myself that I must try this challenge because it is my dream, even if I fail in the end.

It sounds crazy, but I'd like to figure out what I really want in life. Not what I think I'm supposed to want, or what I once wanted, but what really sparks my heart these days. It is so easy to get lost in an idea, enamored by it, before realizing that it doesn't belong to you.

I'd like to believe I am deserving of love. I want to let it in fully and experience it completely. This is an area that needs work and I believe that without it my life won't be as full or complete.

I would like to loose 6-8kg. I would like to pay more attention to my health. I sometimes feel I do not give enough importance to my health, and being a father now, I want to be able to grow old and healthy to have the pleasure of sharing more time with my family.

Related to things holding me back related to giving bad news, asking for what I need and so on, I think there are things holding me back from getting the love I need in a romantic relationship. I would like to find a way to put in the work on myself to make myself more open and available to love in this way. Therapy wasn't really working. Maybe a new therapist will be better. But a book was recently recommended to me. The method is not important, but the intentionality, dedication and work are.

I am planning to move to a smaller, lower maintenance house. This should help me to free up time for my art and for better relationships.

One thing that I'd like to achieve by this time next year is to be running my own restaurant site. This is important for me because I should get the professional recognition that I deserve. Rather then do all the hard work and let another pretty unicorn take all the credit. In the past it's been all to easy for me to almost be invisible. I have ad the conscious decision not to do this anymore. I can be humble but also acknowledged.

I'd like to continue with a daily practice of some sort of art/creative endeavor. I want it to be like the 40 day art journal, a practice more concerned with daily practice, not finished product. I'd like to reopen my Etsy shop, selling cards and large prints of my thangs, my photographs, and maybe a few original collage pieces. If I accomplish those two things, I'd also like to see myself doing at least ONE art/craft fair/show this coming year. Also, I'd like to know that I have made my blog public. These are all growth indicators to me. Plus, if I can generate a small stream of income, maybe that would help us in retirement.

One thing I would like to achieve--maybe hitting one or two of my previous goals that fell by the wayside. Clean house, less clutter, yard presentable enough to invite people over (people who don't already know, love and accept us the way we are right now, that is). I guess I want to show my kids that life doesn't always work on a timeline--even if they never know the particulars of each of my inner struggles turned outward.

I have a few goals I'd like to accomplish: 1. Raise another $40,000 to complete my synagogue's fundraising campaign. This is a campaign my father and I are co-chairing. We're raising $400,000 to secure a challenge grant of $100,000 to complete a number of beautification projects in the cemetery. 2. Improve the culture/raise the morale of the employees at my office. Lately I've noticed a downturn in morale, and a decrease in professionalism at work, and I would like to address it. 3. In a related goal, I'd like to be able to have frank conversations with my executive director, as he is a large source of the problems at work. 4. Become less critical of others. My wife and daughter complain that I never compliment them, only point out their faults. I'm guilty of this to an extent. I also do this with other drivers. They are always at fault, however!

I want to feel comfortable and like I belong in PT school. Its important because I often feel under challenged and like I am not living up to my potential. I want this to prove to myself that I am capable of doing hard things and that I don't have to settle.

Fucking loose ~80 pounds, so I have less to lug around as I try to make it through. Suspect that can only help a lot. But the pains to get there. Oh, you know, figure out how to help T.again be part of our awesome life. If … And, by association, just being able to stand would be nice too. Oh, a better paying job - need the money. Such fucking low goals. Sigh. //10.13.16::s:://

I want, I need, I pray that I have my own place. I need it. I need to raise my son in a different environment where its healthy spiritually. And hopefully he will also move in with me. i want my son to have a great male role model near by.

Turn outward to do more tikkun olam -- Big Brother? Mussar facilitator? What else? Take my wife to see the world. She deserves it.

One thing that I’d like to achieve by this time next year is being able to cook for myself. I do not have much experience cooking, which is a valuable skill for any person to have as they go on in life. The main reason it is even more important for me to learn to cook is because I have multiple food allergies. Since I am allergic to all milk products, eggs, peas, peanuts, and tree nuts, I am limited in what I am able to eat. I am not able to order food off the regular menus at restaurants because most dishes contain these allergens. I can never eat at Chinese or other Asian restaurants because of cross-contamination in their woks. Pre-cooked meals from a supermarket are also out of the question because they usually have these allergens as well. Learning to cook is a necessity for me if I want to be able to live safely on my own. Navigating the dining halls at college is going to be a challenge. Being able to cook will also allow me to eat healthier. In order to accomplish this goal, the basics of cooking are the best place to start. Asking my parents for help will be essential for picking up cooking skills, such as how to handle a knife without cutting myself, being able to time the length of cooking correctly, and being able to focus on all of the dishes at once. In order to gain experience with cooking, I can assist my parents with making dinner. Later, I could make the dinner and have my parents assist me, if needed. Finding an online cooking class that accommodates the allergies that I have would also be useful. Another way for me to help myself learn to cook is to find a few easy and tasty-looking dishes from the internet that I am able to eat and cook without assistance. In order to completely understand these recipes, I could make them frequently until I know how to make them without fail. Perhaps this challenge will even lead me to make my own allergen-safe cookbook.

i'd like to feel caught up with my work flow and even feel good about it. more organized about my job. it's important because i love what i do. my disorganization diminishes my pleasure and joy in my work.

By this time next year I'll be about 7 months postpartum. I hope I have dropped most of the pregnancy weight by that point. Feeling trim and fit -- and fitting into regular-sized clothes -- removes a distracting source of frustration from my daily thoughts. Failing to be trim and fit makes me feel unsuccessful at something important to me. However -- I also received the advice this year that it's ok not to like my body sometimes, and I can just notice my displeasure and move on. This was a liberating idea to try on, so I also hope I am able to remove the significance I give to my body image as I recover from pregnancy and childbirth.

I'd like to be debt-free by this time next year. It's something I started working on a year ago, and since then Chris has joined me on the journey. It's been SO HARD to shovel one-third or more of our income toward debt, but we know that it's the best thing for our future. The worst part is knowing that we can, and should, be debt free by this time next year...but having to wait to actually earn the income to put toward the debt. So far, we've paid off over $50K, and when all is said and done we'll have paid off about $110K.

I need to have completed CPE and field education so that I can graduate in May 2018. Beyond that, I would like to read more books, either audio or by more traditional methods. I want to learn more about historical periods not taught in schools and to learn at least one new language using Duolingo or some other method. I also want to watch more documentaries on YouTube and from other legitimate sources; there is so much information out there that I have access to that I want and need to take advantage of. Overall, by this time next year, I want to say that I learned as much as possible so that I can do better at serving the world around me.

Damn. Every year I say lose weight. I guess, pay off my credit cards. For sure. But beyond that... I don't know. I'm just enjoying life. I'm ok with that. Things are good. I don't need to achieve anything.

Oh, I'd like to have the upstairs bathroom remodeled. And a new roof installed, this house needs work badly.

I'd like to continue growing. In the past years, I had a multitude of things listed here. I wanted to achieve a - w. Because life is unpredictable, I'd like to be so too and see where the tide brings me. At least for a year.

decluttering, because it will be a sign of moving on and taking control

I'd like to be in the process of buying a home or owning a home. I want to feel that I have a space on this earth that is mine and that I can live in and share with whomever I want freely.

Graduate from Long Beach, Move out of my parent's house, get paid more, have more saved up, get a job doing something I love getting paid well, maybe get a girlfriend, have more sex, lose weight and tone up.

I want to go to my home country and take my mate. I want to show him the flora and fauna. I just want to that's all.

I would like to gain more physical stamina and make time for doing more in community. It is important to me because I believe that being "my brother's keeper" is a very important part of Judism.

I want to improve my sight-reading. I want to cast off the fixed mindset I have held for four decades and learn to improve this skill.

Last year, my answer to this question was to get a new job. I am incredibly happy to say that's been achieved, in the best way. Right now, my life is amazing and I am so happy. I want to continue to grow, challenge myself (professionally and personally), take care of my health, and embrace and give love to those around me.

I think I want to be pregnant by this time next year. I didn't know that I did until the insurance rejected my husband's surgery two weeks before, and I realized that if we had to get it postponed, it would be another year before I could even think about having kids, and it hit me really hard. I was very emotional, and I realized that was the reason – I want them. I'm not ready for them, I'm really not ready for pregnancy, not drinking and smoking for nine months, the whole fucking birth thing really disgusts me, but it's probably time. Our friends make it look easy. I'll be 32 at the beginning of 2017, and I'm sure my eggs are drying up, and my parents aren't getting any younger, and I know it would mean a lot to my mom. Plus, when I'm 64, I want a daughter who is one of my best friends.

Be at least a little more comfortable in my own skin and habits. The pressures of work and home life have made it hard to keep everyone happy, including myself. I've been rude, unpleasant and inhospitable at times... and I'm not proud of that. Equally, I've been so fucking weary, tired and demotivated at times that it's sort of understandable. Some more emotional stability would do wonders.

I want to have a clear work and chores debt. No nagging projects I said I'd help with that I should get around to. No todo list to burn through. No feeling anxious when I'm having fun because of all the stuff I *should* be doing. It'll be so freeing! Really looking forward to it. Oh, and being able to wake up consistently at the times that I choose. 7am, or whenever. No snoozing.


I've always been so goal-oriented, and yet this is a hard time to set goals because my mom's needs are best served by staying flexible. I hope I will find new ways to create things of beauty: making paper, weaving with wire, something else. Keep reading, find ways to bring music into my life.

I would like to be writing my dissertation by this time next year. This is important so that I can continue on my path to getting my PhD. It has been such a challenge, and I really want to stay focused. I would also like to be pregnant or have a new baby at this time next year. I want to grow our family, but I am hesitant to write this as a goal because I know that I don't have control over this. I hope that when I read this next year, whatever the situation, I remember that everything happens for a reason.

I hope to be so efficient and effective at work that I gain enough respect to warrant a change to my business card.

One thing for me to achieve next year is that I won't be nervous every time I go to something that I'm new st. This is important to me because I will probably go to new things more often.

By this time next year, I would like to be starting my first year of rabbinical school! This was a decision long in the making, which I finally decided to be open about in Jerusalem this summer. Meeting so many other enthusiastic young Jews (and older ones) gave me the courage and support I needed to declare: I want to be a rabbi.

I hope to leave my current job before this time next year. I want to be working on something I'm passionate about; something that gets me out of bed in the morning. My unhappiness in the last year has blossomed from stress that I struggle to handle and that is making my body sick. I need to leave the environment I'm in to get better and figure out what out there in the world both ignites a fire in and heals my soul.

I'd like to have a job by this time next year, a real one. In an office, preferably, not retail. I'm 22 years old, and I want to have money to build a life--my own apartment, a means to support myself and my girlfriend, etc. Living at home forever feels safe, but also too constraining.

Be working ~20 hrs/week most weeks. It's important for my health and mental health, not to mention were need the money. Decide whether or not to adopt. Also, home renovations underway.

i want to learn how to design a website. i need to stir my brain and i want to earn extra money so my partner does not need to worry about finances

Pregnancy. Because I want another little girl. 🙊🙂😘😀

Less Stress! Be a relaxed mama. Be flexible. This is totally crucial because I will eventually snap if I don't figure out how to do this. Flexibility is part of my pre-mama identity and I need it even more so now that I am a mama. In general, I want to rediscover who **I** am. Francesca Beth. Not just Mama, not just Wife, not just Proofer Number Two. I've forgotten who I am and need, desperately, to find that.

Still studying, working away at that degree. It is important because this is my 3rd attempt at finish my degree and not completing one is my biggest correct.

I would really like to get back to a regular meditation practice. A few years ago I was meditating 30 minutes to an hour each day and really seeing a lot of benefits from it. Then, as you do, I got sidetracked and out of practice and now what was coming really easily to me seems unobtainable. (Which is silly, because even one minute of meditation is better than no minutes of meditation and it's literally "breathe in, breathe out, and do it again") More meditation, less social media. That's my goal.

This is my favorite kind of question with this thing, because I feel like it really holds me accountable. I'd really like to advance up the ladder with STA and/or start with a new company and be progressing in the right direction with them. I want to be making more than I made at Zambrero and I want to have my own car, a phone plan, and perhaps be a bit more organized with my adulthood budgeting. This is mainly important because I'll probably be alone forever a year from now I will be 28, which is almost as late 20s as it comes. Time to make sure ducks are in a row!

I would like to penetrate fashion brands with Celliant. It's been a pet project of mine for denim for a while and it would be neat to see it come to fruition...

I would like to have found a job that I am able to do well, that does not provoke anxiety the way my prior job did, and that will help me support my family.

By this time next year, I would like to be fully employed in a position that utilizes my strengths, skills, and passions. This position would allow me the financial resources to live in a space that brings me peace and help pay for Dad's care (if needed). The position would be located in an example city that excites me (first choice: Chicago!), surrounded by a friend/faith community that challenges and embraces me.

By this time next year, my husband and I should have all our various medical, life, dental/vision and LTCI insurance settled and purchased and in place. We have made a good start, but it is more complex than expected. This is our final transition year from working couple to retired couple. By this time next year, my husband will reach the magic 'Full Retirement Age' and I will be getting close to it. We should - we hope - be out of all debt (we are periodically out of debt than into it again at low levels, and we need to keep an eye on this - closely!). We should both be healthy and we should both be prepared to sell our house, and be ready to move. All that depends on getting the kids out of the basement first, of course. Between low paying jobs and student debt, neither can afford to leave the nest, and we aren't inclined to force the issue (yet, anyway).

I liked my answer from last year, so I'm going to reiterate it. Move in a direction that feels inspired. Do things with intention. Goals, resources, and motivators all change, but the desire to be good will not. Be kind, and be strong, and have constant momentum to be better.

Every year it's the same. Lose that 15 pounds. :)

I want to find satisfaction in my work life. Whether it is with another job or within my current organization. I am not looking to be passionate, just satisfied.

I'd like my business to be making money. I'd like my writing to reach people. I want to be more confident of both things in my life.

By next year I want to have learned how to swim. It's another ridiculous thing i complain about but don't act on. I should stop complaining about how shameful it is to not know how to swim relative to the amount of privilege and opportunity i have as it relates to being able to learn..and just fucking learn. self... LEARN TO FUCKING SWIM.

I would like to have read more by this time next year. Even though we are living in the Golden Age of television, I still spend more time than I should watching it on Netflix. I spent so much time and energy trying to get my Gmail Starred down, so now I would like to take advantage of that free time. Oh, I guess that is a big one, I would love to get to Email Zero. It has taken me years, but I am close. As of this writing, I have 16 starred emails, two drafts, and nine saved posts on facebook. I have some way to go, but I am getting there!

Reduce dependence on cannabis. I know that over use interferes with clarity, efficiency and ability to contribute fully.

To have carved out some time - dedicated time - for the things I love outside of my family. Reading, writing, painting, meditation, yoga, exercise. Some things that fill my cup. To have my house painted and some paintings on the wall.

Stay healthy...Cuz I want to live a long healthy life.... This means, keep weight down, exercise, eat right, try to get my sleeping under control, and tend to my aches and pains (specifically my neck)

I hope I can land a marketing job in Portland, Oregon before August 1, 2017 so I can afford to buy a three bedroom, two bath house with a garage and a backyard. If I move to Oregon before August 1, 2017, I can declare myself as an Oregon resident in 2018 and my son can apply to the University of Oregon as an in-state resident. This will significantly reduce his tuition.

I'd like to enroll in the Psychology MA program at the Harvard Extention school. By this time next year I will have hopefully completed all the courses required to enroll. I don't really know why it's important to me. Psychology and research studies are interesting to me, I seem to have some talent for it, and it intersects with other things I want to do in life, including the amorphous goal of 'helping people'.

I'd like to have got better organised with sleep and clearing up!!! Important because these are basics to keep life going OK...

I intend to love myself, and to let myself fall in love. I'm going to be myself, trust myself and not overthink it.

Improve my confidence. I think I said this last year as well, but I really think I need to see someone and improve my life. I'm holding myself back too much. Also - lose weight!

By this time next year, I would like to have decided whether I want to go get my MBA or not. If I have decided yes, I would like to have written my GMAT. If I have decided no, I would like to either be permanent in my current job or be actively seeking a job in heritage.

I would like to have made considerable movement toward writing my book. this is important to me because I feel that it is why I am here.

I'd like to have made a significant dent in my debt. I feel I've gained greater perspective over the last year or so re: just how easily my debt can accumulate, and I'd like to address it more proactively. It's important because I'd like to start investing seriously in my future.

By this time next year, I would like to be 40 pounds lighter. And by my birthday next year (Dec 21) I would like to be 50 pounds lighter - 50 by 50!

Would like to find a new role at work. Seriously burnt out at my role. It's getting irritating. And now it's very slow and not sure how long it'll last till they implode my team.

I want to know where I will be living. I want to see if my illness will allow me to exercise, take a yoga class. I have a long road of recovery ahead, but I have hope.

I'd like to have that elusive full-time permanent job. I graduated library school in December 2016; it's about time I get that job.

I would like to have a blessing practice for food by this time next year. I want to bring gratitude and intention to my eating practices.

I'd like to renew a relationship with Willy, if I can even get to him. I haven't made the effort I suppose because I'm sure I'll be ignored. He's old enough to not be insulted by whatever it is I say, or not say or do. This becomes less and less important to me as time goes on. But, it's a pity I could die without passing on family stories and real details about Tom for him to understand his father.

I want to figure out our winter escape plan and have already investigated it with a recon trip.

I want to be in control of my very own budget. All me. All my bills. I'll finally learn how my money talks.

I'd like to be producing meaningful work. Hopefully it's in the form of videos edited together with music. Maybe I'll be making some music or drawing or at least putting together some buttfucking pookah shell necklaces or something. I also want to learn another language. And drive a motorcycle.

Actually write reviews of books I read -- maybe a good crack at Cannonball Read. I would love to do something that really gets me inspired to write and actually writing, instead of just reading (as great as that is.) Also, more Spanish. I'd like to be able to hold a conversation. Again, gotta stick to it and work outside my comfort zone.

I want to go to Cuba! because I've wanted to do this for several years, I want to see it before it's Americanized beyond recognition, and I want to carry out a long held plan.

I think I would like to push myself to go outside of my comfort zone. To go bigger, be bigger, share MORE of myself and push myself to the edge to see how far I can grow. It's very apparent I am staying small and staying within my limits. I would like to see what I can do if I push myself a bit more. It's important because I see myself very easily being stuck. Not being able to see outside of my own potential. It's important because I want to feel proud of myself and what I do!

I'd like to figure out how to do more as an ally to the Black Lives Matter movement. The deep structural inequality in the United States needs to change, but this is unlikely to happen if the people who benefit from it don't get involved in dismantling their privileges. I began my scholarly career wanting to explore issues related to BLM, but ended up getting pulled away from them in my international focus. But I've always cared about these issues, and now that I've "arrived" as a scholar, I have the freedom to return to them. Even if I can't get my scholarship to align with these issues, I would like to find a way to do some work in the service of the movement.

I want to decide what to have done after I graduated. There are the obvious, practical reasons, but also--just for myself. I want to /be able to decide/ these kinds of things.

I'd like to have released a good collection of music by this time next year, at least in a digital capacity. I've been putting it off for too long, and it's time to get into it again.

Getting the back taxes completed and filed. It is hanging over my head and causing stress in my marriage. It will also close the door on a very difficult time.

The HOUSE!!! And having Robert here. Us starting our life together, and having the life we have waited for. I know it wont be exact and there will be a lot of surprises along the way. But, it will still be good, because it will exist.

My connect with God inside me and outside. I want to progress in my spiritual journey this year. Also want to figure my job situation by this time next year well, and be on a journey. I've been shirking my job for many years now trying to convince myself this is not the career for me. While not putting any effort to identify what is the career for me, and doing anything about it. I seriously want to change this this year, and hopefully next year I will be emotionally happy about my work. I am 24 hours under stress for the last 3-4 years now with this problem, and now I want to end it.

By this time next year, I hope to have made significant progress in my career. It would be highly beneficial to both my self esteem and my relationship with Dave to finally start earning some decent money.