Describe an event in the world that has impacted you this year. How? Why?

The Orlando shooting gave me insight into the gay communities struggles. I was able to attend the candlelight vigil and providence and was glad I could support Kat in that way - it meant a lot to her.

Trump running for president. I get sick to my stomach every time I hear his voice. Very scary that people support this man without regard to how horrible a person he is, and it's scary in general at how poorly educated and bigoted some people are.

Terrorist attacks across the world and each tragic shooting in the US. I was lucky that none of them involved people I personally knew, but the impact of that much pain and suffering hit me deeply. Trying not to become accustomed to these events becoming even more common.

Yike, It that really needed? The election. I am not a particularly political person but this election has me in knots at the implications for our lives and the lives of millions around the world that we impact on a daily basis.

Hillary Clinton running by for president and millions of Democrats speaking out against her. It made me realize how prevalent and inherent sexism against women really is.

The American election. It's terrifying that Trump is a legitimate candidate and could be the next president of the US. I may not be American, but this will still impact me as a Canadian. I can't vote, but #Imwithher

This election is frightening! As a mother, it is my duty to protect my son from ignorance, bigotry and hate yet this current election is fueled by it. It saddens my heart as I thought we were more progressive as a country.

Brexit and Trump have both helped me to start seeing more clearly that we need to lift people up and bring them along with change or we will start to go backwards.

The election is going horribly, and I fear for the future of our beloved country.

The elections have been unsettling as I watch so many people in this country embrace Trump as a viable candidate. It scares me to think there are that many adults who believe that he is a reasonable person to run our country.

I have really struggled with climate issues this year. I try to do as much as I can to be an environmentalist but I'm fallible and I'm only one person and my actions as an individual sometimes feel like a bandaid on a broken leg.

The success of the Donald Trump campaign terrifies me. I can't imagine a worse role model for my children. I don't want them growing up in the angry, racist, violent society he threatens to realize.

I have been watching America's Got Talent, and I have decided to audition for next season! I'll be performing dance & have been busy rehearsing as well as shopping for a costume etc. This is very exciting and an expression of who I am. I was born to express myself!

The war in Syria has had a profound effect on the consciousness of all compassionate people. It has shown very starkly how the end rules the means of tyrants and how the fears of an ignored populace can be manipulated by cynical interests.

Brexit has sadly had a major impact on me. Being a "mainland" European living in Britain the decision of friends, neighbours and colleagues to reject the idea of a European Union that grows together rather than apart was hard. It has definitely made me question if I am welcome in this country. At the same time Brexit has made me a very patriotic European. I have never experienced a feeling of patriotism before so in some way Brexit has helped me discovering that and my strong European identity.

The presidential election campaign has impacted me profoundly. The adulation for a man who has no moral compass, is abusive, dishonest, disrespectful, petty and demeaning, pains me. DT has no respect for the country he seeks to lead, evidenced by his failure to pay taxes for decades, among other things. The deference he is shown as he berates devoted citizens of this country (and I use that term inclusively), encouraging his inhumane behavior, saddens and sickens me. The ongoing lethal assaults against people of color is also distressing. The divisions in this country (the U.S.) are growing wider and deeper. We've drifted far afield of the values that form a civil society.

I work in financial services, without disrespecting any of the events, world events impact every day. Now that I have clients to look after I have to pay a lot more attention. Trump versus Clinton - could it just end please?

The Refugee Crisis the arresting image of Aylan Kurdi's body being photographed being carried from the Mediterranean Sea by a Greek rescue worker in September 2015 and the European Union still dragging their feet over supporting refugees. The Calais Jungle being dismantled and the Jewish community raising £30, 000 to bring over unaccompanied minors who have families in the UK. Made me feel impotent and angry. The murder of Jo Cox MP in May 2016 in the run up to the EU Referendum was horrific. Her memory must be for a blessing. I got involved with the HopeNotHate #MoreInCommon campaign and organised an NCT Harrow celebration Picnic in Pinner Park on 2 September. We were expecting maybe 20 people to come along. 45 did! EU referendum vote to leave the EU. Heartbreaking result that the UK has voted to leave! Justin and I getting sad and more shocked as we watched the results come in. We felt that at a time when people should be facing outwards and being more inclusive, people were instead people more defensive and inward looking. Made us resolve to continue to show Mossy the total beauty of the world, without fear.

This year has been consumed by the US presidential election. The hatred and repressive policies espoused by Donald Trump have embarrassed all thinking Americans. My travels abroad to Bulgaria and South Africa this year have met with so many incredulous queries about this mess. I am truly embarrassed to be an American right now since the world seems to think we support what Trump says and that he will win. The other event is the surge of refugees from Syria and Afghanistan. It is related to the political scene in that bigotry and fear are underlying factors in the trend to close borders to those fleeing such terrible oppression. How can we not take them in? Do we really want to have future generations ask us why we did nothing, just as we today ask why we did not stop Hitler before 14 million perished? As the leader of the free world, we simply have to fight against all bigotry, foreign and domestic. I pray that my fellow citizens will come to their senses and vote against Trump and all he stands for. Then we also need to go further and elect a Congress Hillary as President can work with.

Well, about a month ago Brenndon's mom was diagnosed with cancer. He had to leave Asia early and I'm currently alone here now. He proposed the day before he left which is both beautiful and heartbreaking. I have no idea what the future looks like. We can't make any plans. I'm pretty consumed by this feeling of emptiness.

So many worldwide events are disturbing nowadays, where to start? The ISIS psychopaths, the systematic destruction of Syria, police brutality in the US, Brexit, sociopathic narcissists like Trump, Putin and Kim-Jong-Un. The world is in turmoil and on fire, stupidity reigns supreme and people are quick to condemn the Powers That Be but not very constructive in their criticism. It's worrying. But on a bigger scale: maybe this is the chaos we need to come to a better world?

The election. I think I've mentioned that in the other questions already? I think that goes to show how much it's dominating everything this year. It's less than a month to go until election day and I'm so ready for it to be over. Actually, I'm about ready for the earth to end if Trump wins. Weird shit has been afoot this year. I hope I'll be here in a year to read this.

The terrorism in France has effected me in that I love France and hate that they are dealing with some of the same dreadful hate crimes/terrorism that the US and much of the world is subjected to. So I bought a ticket to France to show support of this country!

refugees in France Trump Brexit. I'm afraid for my future.

Brexit. It gave me hope that the tide of manufactured sentiment and political woolliness might finally be on the turn. People say it legitimises racism - but it's not racist to spot an army of fit young men crossing Europe, or to prefer they don't also cross the Channel.

The 2016 presidential election, I'm so stressed about Trump's candidacy. I'm afraid he would actually use nuclear weapons if he were elected. Most upsetting of all is watching a significant segment of the U.S. population who support this hate filled man. I fear the rise of facism in my country.

WE DETECTED GRAVITATIONAL WAVES!!! It's probably the biggest scientific achievement of my lifetime and it's something I'm so happy I was alive to see. aLIGO works and it detected its first gravitational wave signal in September, 2015. The news exploded all over the world in February when the paper came out and I think it grabbed people's attention in a way that not much else could. It's just so freaking cool. Plus, it's a field that I'm sort of related to, so I feel like both an insider and an outsider celebrating this momentous discovery. So I got the best of both worlds! Really, though, it was such an awesome thing. I still get so excited about it!

The rise of Donald Trump as presidential candidate, and the role of all the other players in allowing that to happen. The conclusion that, on the one side, so many of our fellow human beings are angry and/or structurally misinformed; and on the other side that there are genuine things about the way the institutions operate in America's capitalism that are bad for a lot of people, and therefore that Hillary can be blamed for them. Part of the tragedy for me is the loss of Bernie Sanders earlier in the race, who was a beacon of hope against the military industrial complex and the financial institutions that rule the current system.

I think that the issue of the ISIS is something that constantly makes me question my existence, my peace and my religious freedom.

Shimon Peres dying had an impact. I watched the whole funeral and felt so proud of little old israel hosting all the world leaders. It was huge and I loved feeling part of it. It was a world event and yet felt so personal watching all his family members privately grieving. I will always remember it.

Duterte was elected President of the Philippines. He is a polarizing figure; on one hand, he appointed popular figures from the natdem movement in the labor, social welfare and agrarian reform posts which more or less assure that the policies and programs are pro-poor. I also like his anti-US stance. On the other hand, he is a typical macho who has launched systematic vicious attacks to discredit Senator de Lima and remove her from power. He also had sexist comments against women in the past (the very reason I did not vote for him). His allies in government also display similar stance (old boys' club). He also launched anti-drugs campaign which is getting out of hand because there are reports of extrajudicial killings. His anti-women stance has touched a chord because I myself is constantly grappling with unequal gender and power relations in everyday life. I've been interrupted during presentations several times because I am a woman and I am perceived as the weaker sex. I've been slut shamed because I am dating through Tinder and a had a wild, sexual past. The list can go on and on.

The shooting in Minneapolis, which I think was the first time a black person was shot on video, at least it was the first time I knew about it. The impact on me was like a body blow. somehow, all that I knew intellectually, about the Police killing young black men, was verified in video. More real than columns in the newspaper, the voice of the young mans girlfriend pleading, brought to me every nightmare I ever had about being taken away by the gestapo and pleading for my life or for the life of my loved ones. The publicity surrounding this year's shootings has finally penetrated my desire to believe that somehow, these were isolated incidences, and at my country was basically fair.

The interrail trip through Europe I made in the summer of 2016 with my sister. This wasn't the first time I've travelled with my sister, so it wasn't specifically this that has impacted me - although traveling with my sister is one of the things I love doing the most in the world. It is everything I (and we) have experienced during the 30-day trip. And with everything I literally mean everything: from traveling by train which I've never done before to this extent, to organizing everything ourselves (no parents who usually set everything up...), to sleeping in people's homes (Airbnb, you're the best!), meeting a ton of different people with different backgrounds and ages, experiencing so many different cultures and foods and art in one month and there are so many other small and big things I have learned during this trip! This has impacted me to an extent I didn't know prior to this interrail experience. My sister and I - already super close - now got even more close. I've come to the conclusion that I not only want to travel; I need to travel. I need to feel, taste, see and hear different cultures and foods and people and things. It inspires me, fills me up and reboots me. I hope when I read this next year, I maintained the same curiosity and excitement to experience new places and I wonder what other country's I've seen and how I've grown as a person through traveling.

The terror attacks in Paris (and around Europe). Living in London at a time when such atrocities are happening just a fee hours away made ne realise how fragile life is and that we are living in a shifting time. It taught me to live more and with purpose. Life is short and unpredictable.

This election, which I suspect everyone will say. Regardless of who wins, Trump has opened the door to hate and let all the animals out. There is no civility, not even the necessary pretense of it. It is now okay to say, and, increasingly, do, whatever you want, no matter how mean and hateful it is. I am sad to be living in a country that has so much anger in it, as well as the encouragement of the expression of that anger. I truly have anxiety over who will win this election. It's so near. By this time next year, we will have already had 9 months of the new president.

Syria continues to affect me. I feel helpless to do anything and I hear people being fearful of the "other". That country is decimated and it's just over there from Israel. Gun violence in the country but mainly in Chicago. The presidential election. I have become aware of sexism in a way I hadn't thought about in years! Also the anti Semites on Twitter.

My goodness! What hasn't happened in the world? There are earthquakes in weird places like Oklahoma and Dallas. There were huge hurricanes all along the East Coast. Of course the crisis in Syria got Huge with half the country moving to Europe. In the United States there have been several shootings, or should I say documentation of shootings of African-Americans by police officers. This is find a giant movement, black lives matter. It actually started last year and 5775. I say new movement but African-Americans have been targeted more by police and more easily killed than others for many years. The difference is the cell phone with it's video recording capabilities.

The presidential campaign has been deeply disturbing to me. It has evoked anger and fear and a sense of bafflement and alienation from some of my fellow citizens. It has saddened me to feel more fully the deep chasm in our country and the tendency of anger and hatred to come out of despair and discouragement.

OMG The Election!! The presidential election 2016. Such a messy campaign, with little discussion of the issues. The vice-presidential debate was last night, and I was disappointed in Tim Kaine who came off like an attack dog. While msot of his facts were reasonably accurate, he interrupted Pence constantly. This only made the super conservative governor look good. I am discouraged by the number of people who follow Trump and allow him to say ANYTHING. I am appalled at the level of obvious racism. I am aghast at the contradictions, misstatements of obvious fact ("I never said _______" when it's on tape!!??) that seem to go unchallenged or do not phase many people in the slightest. The 'narrative' and being 'on message' have replaced reasoned discussions of issues. I know in the far past, yellow journalism and all, this type of mudslinging were common, but I thought we were more enlightened as an electorate. I am not terrified that Trump will be elected, but I am quite nervous. What is even more concerning is that the country has become more polarized. Each side forces the people in the middle to choose between extremes. (Although, I don't think of Clinton as 'extreme.' Bill and Hillary are to the right of me politically. But then, that's part of the problem for the leftist democrats. They want someone in their camp. A problem because that forces more in the middle to ally with the far right....Positive feedback loop, yielding very negative results). Compromise--ugly but necessary. I wish it were not so out of fashion. I hope our democracy can be self correcting as it should be. How does this affect me? I worry about the future. I worry about the lack of civility. I worry about so many frightened people doing irrational things. I worry that we are not addressing deep seated problems in a careful, systematic, results-producing way. (racism, income inequality, jobs for people in obsolete fields, global warming--to name a few). A year from now, will be 3/4 through the first term of the next president. We'll see then.

The on-going Syrian civil war has profoundly shaken me as a result of the pictures of Alayn Kurdi and Omran Daqneesh - especially Omran, who bears more than a passing resemblance to my son. I was moved to write my elected leaders, push to have our community adopt a Syrian refugee family, and spread the news of the disaster that has befallen the Syrian people.

Hard not to put the election front & center here. I have tried to be polite yet firm. I"m thrilled to be having an amazing--deep & wide-ranging--online conversation with 3 friends from high school. The 4 of us share many similarities in our beliefs & have been respectful & encouraging when we differ.

The elections. Cause I have noticed how anger works and opperates and how it easily translates into racism and hate which is very scary.

There have been a significant rise in terrorist bombings and it has come to be that literally anything could happen at anytime - any where. So in some ways this makes me fearful that something is going to happen to someone I love, but at the same time it also increases my gratitude for every moment, every day that goes by that we are safe and well. I also have been more drawn into politics this year with the Hillary Clinton vs Donald Trump presidential election coming up. I worry about the state of the USA that someone who is such a social media ham could even be considered for the White House. I think that if Trump wins- that the country will not be the better for it and that we could take a strange turn. It seems to me that every time a republican takes office, our economy plummets and we go into war. With Trump's impulsive behavior, who knows what further trouble he could create.

Too many to mention... the US elections, the refugee crisis, Brexit (my sister lives in the UK with husband, baby and a brand new mortgage on a house), terrorist attacks in France and Belgium, the coup in Turkey. The global swing to the right, based on a fear mongering media, makes me so mad. The ignorance is staggering. So, I joined a political party. Politics might not be the most perfect system but as long as we are living in a democracy it's the best thing we've got to prevent ignorance, hyper capitalism, fear and anger from governing our most important choices.

Refugee problem /war in Syria Instead of hating Israel why are not energies and resources used by the Arab countries to help the horrible situation in Syria?

There have been a few... and sadly, they have felt pretty much unreservedly negative. As a Canadian, the US elections do not IN THEORY affect me (but of course the outcome does). The presidential race is appalling, perhaps more so on one side than another. I listen to candidates (and their supporters) and shudder - this is the example to set for children? The path to walk in the future? Syria. What the hell?! This is the best we can do?! There is an autogenocide happening there, and nobody seems to care. For the first time in a very long time, my hope in the future is shaken.

The rise of Trump is deeply disturbing, to understand how broad swaths of the country embrace his racism and xenophobia.I am hard-pressed to imagine a similar moment in my lifetime where we had faced and were required to respond to blatant evil.

The refugee crisis continues and worsens. Climate change continues and worsens. And aaaaaaauuuuugghh --- the election!!! I can;t even imagine what my life will be like if next year we have President Trump. God must prevent this! And all of us -- by voting.

Dating with a very special guy and moving out of my parent's house. I think my mind set has changed since I have been dating with that guy. He is different from the rest, selfish all the time as he thinks he would be happy without any serious relationship. He is kind of carefree and never want to involve in any serious business. He told me about inner happiness and how he could enjoy every single thing without people, his dream about travelling around the world on his own - no string attached. Our relationship didnt work well but later on, I could see that he did influence me a lots. I had been a person who always need someone by my side, attach myself to my friends and relatives. After our break, I moved out of my mum's house, rent an apartment and tried to do everything myself. I have never done that before. My parent, like most of Viets parents, they care a a lot about me, afraid of something bad could happen to me. They always see me as their little girl. Moving out gave me more time, more freedom then I could reflect myself in another way, spending time doing stuffs for my personal life. I get more confidence when I am with other people. This makes me happy as the way I am now. I want to say thanks to the guy I dated but dont really have a chance to do that. Hopefully we could talk to each other once again about everything.

I really hate to mention the presidential election this year but I think it has had a big impact on me. A very negative impact. It is really bringing to light how much anger and hate there is in this country. I know I shouldn't hide from it but it has gotten to the point that I change the channel if any news comes on regarding the election. In past years I have sought out news and information regarding the candidates, but this year I seem to be trying to block it out. I really wish that with such a historical event of having the first woman nominated that I could enjoy it more but I'm marginally afraid to mention either candidate to anyone at this point for fear of a volatile reaction.

The shooting at Pulse, the gay club in Orlando, of mostly Latinx young people. This rocked me because of it's attack on a safe space, a refuge, a sanctuary for a group that needs a sanctuary. I suppose some feel that way about schools. The school shootings shock me for their murder of children (although I was particularly struck recently at the image of a child about 6 years old, weeping in her father's arms after being reunited after a relatively small shooting. I was grieving for the amount of PTSD that child, that community, our communities are left with when our children's schools are attacked like that.) And at The Emanuel Church in Charleston. Well that hit me as a violation of sacred safe space too, of course. But the white supremacy and racism was stronger for me. But Pulse-- even though I'm not a gay club dancer, I'm a dancer. I've been ostracized. I've found my place on the dance floor, found my community and a deep joy and sense of self. Found a home. So I feel the sanctuary that a place like Pulse represents. And I so identify with and love the LGBTQ+ community, that I grieve for the attack on them. Maybe it's not fair or accurate to compare reactions to these events-- they all hit me and hit me hard. Maybe it feels harder this time because something about it is different, or maybe it's just the place I was that week. But it hit me hard. I want a huge blanket to spread over the whole country and cuddle everyone to safety, and take the guns out of people's sleeping hands.

Donald Trump is the republican candidate. I have lost my faith in a large portion of the electorate He is the antithesis of what I believe is good and right in the world. He is a childish man who lies to himself as well as everyone else. I did not vote for John McCain or Mitt Romney, their policies do not fit my philosophy. But if they had won I would not be afraid. I am disgusted by Trump's character and he frightens me. His megalomania could in fact destroy this country and he is close in the polls. If he wins I honestly will despair for humanity. His small hearted bigotry cannot be hidden. He is the great white hope of the prejudiced. If he wins I will be ashamed of America and also any members of my family who vote for him (I hope I never find out that they did)

I can't think of anything that has truly impacted me. I've been on the edge of several important events but nothing has impacted me personally.

Wow -- well, it's not the world, it's America. It's Terrence Crutcher, Walter Scott, Alton Sterling, Philando Castile, and the hundreds of other black men losing their lives at the hand of their country. I left for school in July the week that Sterling and Castile were killed, and was sick all summer about what to say to my kids when we returned to school. Silence seems to be our MO as a country, and I'm learning that silence is exactly what continues to perpetuate violence. You'd think I'd know about being a bystander. I'm a Jew. And yet we as a society view the perpetual devaluing of black lives in this country as peripheral, as an issue, when, if it were our own community, we'd refuse to rest until it stopped. My rabbi spoke during high holidays about the Black Lives Matter movement, and he was nervous. The community wasn't particularly receptive. I'm sorry - what does that MEAN? It means that we give lip service to social justice but only when it fits into our preconceived definitions of justice, and for some reason, we cannot extend that beyond the social construct of race. This summer led me to teach in an entirely different way: honestly. I'm not sure what I'm doing is good, or perfect, or even adequate, but I'm risking it, because otherwise, what are we doing?

The world has been especially troubling this year, in multiple ways -- the election, of course, but also the continuing problems with gun violence, shootings of black men, refugees, climate change. Amid all of this, it's hard to maintain hope, but it's also hard to know what to do to try to make a difference. I feel multiply responsible for that, in my several roles, and I am painfully aware of how small my efforts are. Beyond that, though, I have spent a lot of time thinking about the challenge of "irreconcilable differences" in the world -- how people with different experiences, social positions, political philosophies seem further than ever from finding common ground. And without that, all our efforts to repair the world seem unlikely to yield real change. This troubled era demands patience. We are not required to complete the work, but neither are we free to stop trying.

The Marriage Equality Act's being confirmed as the law of the USA by the Supreme Court was a giant step in the right direction for equal rights for all individuals regardless of sexual orientation. As a bisexual woman who eschewed marriage for many reasons, inequality being among them, I am glad to see people who want to get married being able to do.

UK's referendum vote to leave EU. It has a direct immediate influence over how my and my daughters life proceeds in the next few years. We are UK citizens living as resident in Germany. I have always felt a certain degree of limbo/ know that things can't just last forever but the microcosm of how it affects me is piercing and then the macrocosm of what it signifies about the times we are living in, the political climate etc is a scary thing. We will probably be ok and can apply for dual citizenship, which may indeed be a positive thing for us as it forces me to buck up my German, make decisions and get grounded and take new steps. However, I can't help bemoan the result as a backward step and worry about others less fortunate - kids who won't have the opportunity to up sticks to anywhere they want in the EU to live / work so easily as we did.

The Syrian refugee crisis has been happening for a while, but it's reminded me of the importance of not just talking about helping others, but really stepping up to do something. Carolina and I have agreed that if we had a house rather than 750 sq. ft. of apartment space, we'd take a family in in a second. The other event that's opened my eyes has been the 2016 presidential election. I knew a lot of Americans were scared and insecure enough to back someone spouting racist, rightist nonsense, but Trump's success so far has been really appalling. I knew this country was broken in a lot of ways, but what is WRONG with people that they don't realize how petty, mean, and short-sighted their choice for President really is? This election as a whole has made me see a lot of the things in the American people that really make me sick, and while other places have the same problems, I'm sure, they don't have ready access to firearms and a reality-TV culture contributing to the shit storm. I adore Hillary, but even if she wins, I would consider moving to another country as soon as my degree is finished.

The presidential election is horrific and has caused me to care more about the politics of our country than perhaps any other time. The constant cycle of violence in our country has me deeply concerned. The non-stop images and stories of the immigrant crisis and the violence in Syria is horrific and at times makes me feel completely hopeless.

The nomination of DT. I just have a very difficult time understanding how this person could be elected for a nominee and now a possible President. I personally think that President Obama has done a very good job. I was not thrilled with everything he choose to do, but overall he was very good. And when you actually think about those politicians who were out to get him, to make him a one term president, he did an awesome job. Everyone say they want change...isn't that every election???? The change needs to happen in other areas, not just the presidential. Governors, mayors, congressman, senators, vote those who are not doing their job out. I hope laws will eventually change for term limits. I was a HC supporter when she ran the first time and I am still a supporter. Is she prefect? Absolutely not but she is good and she will be a strong president. I believe DT will be a disaster for our country as a whole, rich and poor. But I think a DT presidency would be advantageous financially to the rich and those in my shoes, middle class, working hard to make a living but never really getting ahead, will suffer. DT and his family will come out ahead of everyone, and those that don't believe it or think it's okay, will be very sorry at the end of 4 years. I also think his running mate is very bad for woman's rights. He has been trying to pass bills to limit a woman's choice and force them to have funerals for miscarriages!!!! It's ludicrous that he pretends to be protecting fetus or woman, when in fact he is working to control them. Republicans like him always spout, less government...and then they want to get in between a woman , her doctor and her health!!! It's astonishing. It's hypocritical. There are so many other issues with this election that have impacted my life (and will continue to do so) that I can't even go into all of it. Just the fact that this election has brought out the racists and bigots across the country, it's sad and dsiturbing. These people think they are good people, that they know what the right thing is. I feel like we have gone back to the 50's socially and it's scary. I'm glad I live in a big city where a majority of the people believe in people's rights and have more tolerance. Plus...so many people, we mind our own business generally. I would not want to live in a small town during an election..or anytime.

In July, a black man was shot by police officers in the course of an arrest. This wasn't a clear cut case of lynching with a badge as others have been. The man was engaged in illegal commercial activity. The police had been called because he had assaulted or threatened to assault a civilian in the parking lot of the convenience store. The man had a 20 year plus criminal history and was a convicted felon. He had an illegal gun in his pocket. The issue was whether police had already sufficiently subdued him when they shot him and/or whether he was capable and actually reaching for the gun. My city has the infamy of having been under a federal desegregation order long past the time that, up north, I learned that in the past, federal desegregation orders were needed. We're in the deep South. Our city did not muck around with this but handed it straight to the DOJ with a headline winning quote that, "[They] didn't want another Ferguson." To my fairly middle of the road mind, I though the city had done exactly as they should and everyone should be happy with that. The city removed itself from accusations of supporting a good ol' boy network. It also seems like a good case to try to find the line between police carrying out their duties and misconduct. Some people I know slightly were involved with some other groups - I don't exactly know how it evolved, but for some reason, there were protests. Black Panthers showed up. People came in from out of state to protest. I still don't know what they wanted out of these protests. But they protested, and for at least a week, maybe longer, police helicopters flew overhead 24 hours a day. Then a man from out state shot three police officers (two white, one black) at another convenience store, and the tide immediately shifted to "backing the blue," and the men lurking right outside my subdivision by the police headquarters were pasty, pudgy white boys with assault rifles that they were holding like people who'd never been trained to hold them. I felt pressure to join the protesters - the black ones, not the overarmed bros - but I thought their protests were pointless (what possible response to a protest will dismantle 200 years of institutionalized racism and economic oppression?) and that protesting was potentially dangerous. Then I felt ashamed, because that's how the civil rights movement worked. I think other friends felt the same and tried to compensate with other actions. I just stewed, and I wish I'd done something, though I still don't know what.

Mmm, well I thought about the Paris bombings.. but then realized that they were in 2015 not 2016. Where has this year gone! It's the violence in the world at the moment that I think about.. the unrest everywhere and also the huge uncertainty on what's going to happen is SA.

BREXIT. Fucking Brexit. Fuck. I hope that it isn't as bad as it seems, but really - who the FUCK thought it was a good idea? Fuck the Brexiteers. Fuck Brexit.

The presidential election hasn't happened yet, but the lead up to it has been somewhat traumatizing. It's no longer possible for people around me to deny how racist this country is, between Donald Trump and police brutality. Of course, that doesn't stop many people who thankfully are not around me from denying the truth. A woman in Ohio working for the Trump campaign was quoted as saying that racism didn't exist before Obama was elected. Driving the streets of San Francisco a few weeks ago, I saw a car with a confederate flag bumper sticker that said "Now more than ever". It's good that the liberals around me have to face the ugliness, but I'm not practiced in experiencing these things so bluntly. I have no faith in Hilary. Her record on race is less blatantly awful, but still pretty obviously awful. The one thing she has going for her is that I don't think she will ruin the country, but I also don't think she will make anything better for anyone but those who are already in power. If Trump is elected, I imagine all kinds of things will be falling apart all around him, but he'll keep saying what a great job he's doing, and those around him will continue to cheer him on.

The presidential election (though the actual election hasn't happened yet) has been thoroughly disgusting for me. I'm dismayed that this is the state of politics in our country and I'm even more dismayed that this will be the first presidential election I vote in.

A big part of the people in Europe are becoming more and more xenophobic. And more selfish. Everyone is afraid to loose their life-standards. There seem to be more egoism, selfishness, less people want to help others. More right extremism in Germany and Sweden. Where will this lead to?

The rise of Donald Trump. I don't understand it, I don't like it, and it scares me that I'm so out of touch with the mood of the country. Earlier this year, out of curiosity, I attended a Trump rally in Albany. Holy crap was it frightening. Probably a third of the roughly 16,000 person crowd were curiosity seekers, but the rest appeared to be true believers. Of what I'm not certain. Months later, now that he is the Republican nominee, I'm even more fearful for our country. The other events that impacted me were all terror related. There have been so many I don't even know where to start. Brussels and Orlando were two of the biggest and most horrific. The ongoing situation in Israel with the terrorist Arabs stabbing and murdering innocent people is shocking as well. There seems to be no end in sight. Let's hope the coming year sees a decrease in wanton violence and an end to the rise of Trump.

The presidential election, with Donald Trump as republican nominee, and a summer of black men getting shot for being black, and police being shot, and so much violence that it doesn't even seem like a cliche to talk about. I wrote my Rosh Hashana sermon about peace this year, because I felt I had to. I never cared about peace before. Now it seems as if I have no choice. It makes me nervous that so many people like Trump and that they don't care if he means what he says or that he doesn't know how to do what he promises. (Thank G_d, because what he promises is apocalyptic.) It makes me sad how hard it is to "know each other, not despise each other," as it says in the Muslim prayer.

Well, I assume that Hillary Clinton is going to be president. The first women president. Sometimes I tear up thinking about it. Women have to fight for what they want and men will put them down the whole way. So I'm really impressed and I think she'll be a fine president.

Me impacto realmente que continúen los bombardeos en Siria y ver tantos niños muertos

The multiple murders of black people at the hands of police has impacted me this year (and over the past couple of years). Its presence on social media has enabled me to awaken to racial inequities, large and small, and to feel compelled to do something.

The bombing in Nice following the Paris attack. The realization that terrorism is not always from immigrants and foreign travelers.

Oh gosh, I would say the Presidential Elections. This impacts me because I am seeing all of this useless propaganda being thrown around. Not only that, but I am also being the candidates ripping on each other for pathetic reasons.

Last year at this time, my brother Arthur had been on dialysis 9 hours a day, 7 days a week. His kidneys had failed and there was no donor in sight. The rules for cadaver kidney allocation were changing and not in his favor. When all was hopeless, and despair and darkness deepening, I attended Yom Kippur services at a place I do not usually go. I saw a family friend from our hometown. We talked briefly, but as a result, this article (link) was posted in the Jewish Herald Voice in Houston: http://jhvonline.com/kidney-transplant-urgently-needed-p19930-96.htm After several more months of little hope and twists and turns, my brother Arthur received a live kidney from a totally unrelated, unknown individual donor, that G-d provided. Here are links to his and her story both a video and an article: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YeyTqVkqYII https://www.army.mil/article/173429/texas_guard_member_donates_kidney_to_stranger The Book of Life hasn't closed yet. May you and your family be inscribed in the Book of Life for a good and healthy year!

The quick answer is the terrorist bombings. So many places I've visited have been bombed (Istanbul, for one) and it makes me wonder about traveling abroad which I love so much. It's pretty scary. The other answer is the presidential election. I'm so proud, as a woman and a mother of a girl, to see Hillary come so far and I hope with everything in me that she wins. The only reason I didn't put this answer first is that I want to wait to see the election results. Maybe next year I'll say that the most important world even will be that a woman won the highest office in the land.

This year has been very difficult. Police shootings of unarmed black men, retaliation, civil war in Syria, and our distressing presidential campaign. I have been saddened by these issues and have done two things. One, I am mostly on a news diet. I don't watch TV news, like Meet the Press, or listen to NPR as I once did. I do seek to be open to people and their viewpoints, to speak my truth, to be reflective, and to give to organizations doing good work. It is not enough, but it is where I am right now. I want to make this world better for my children.

I suppose it isn't exclusive to this year, but the presidential election is really getting under my skin. I was a true blue Bernie supporter -- truly *for* him -- and it broke my heart to watch him fail to gain the nomination and then turn to support Hillary Clinton. I don't know that I've ever been as enthusiastic about a politician. I actually feel love for the man. Now, with the possibility of Donald Trump becoming President of the United States, I alternate between disgust, anger, and fear. I'me certain that Hillary Clinton will make a fine leader, but she's not my top choice. Should she win, I believe the GOP will treat her every bit as badly as they have President Obama. It will be another time of great division, and it makes me sad.

The continuing attacks by people with mental illness on families, schools, cops, etc. and increses in suicide have galvaniezed my efforts to combat stigma around mental illness through education and other advocacy, including a renewed effort to write my book or find alternate media. It is a longtime avocation which is now, more than ever, appropo to the increased awakening of the public to the failures of mental health services.

Donald Trump becoming a Presidential Candidate. It is one of the scariest moments I have experienced as an American. His campaign has uncovered how raciest, sexist, fearful, hated filled, undereducated, selfish, narrow-minded, homophobic, xenophobic and how lacking in empathy Americans are. I knew that people who feel this way exist. I had NO idea that SO many of my fellow Americans had this kind of sadness and anger in their hearts. I am also devastated at how easy it is for them to ignore reality, facts, common sense - in order to justify their positions of fear and hate. Even if he loses, and with all my heart I hope he loses, I will never be able to see Americans the same. I will also have lost respect for the people in my life who choose to support him.

I can only guess that most Americans are going to answer with: the election. This election signifies so much in my eyes as far as the state of the world, the state of our voting process, the state of our government and the state of our citizens. I am hoping that the outcome of this election will be the best for this country and the world and that four years from now we have a much more involved, unified country that has multiple presidential options we can be proud of.

Terrorism. A badly-timed attack will end up putting the orange stained shitgibbon in the White House

The 2016 presidential election has been polarizing for the country and painful to observe on a personal level. Years ago I developed the concept of the dynamic fanatic; an individual with a dynamic personality and speaking abilities that draw people in and cause or allow them to say and do things they typically wouldn't, either because these actions would be personally repugnant or socially unacceptable. This year, we experienced not one, but two dynamic fanatics; one a fascist and the other a socialist. In typical times, neither would have gone far within the process. But these are not typical times. Political parties are fighting each other and themselves, family members are fighting family members, and friends are fighting friends. It is the 21st century version of Civil War and it is unclear when or how it will end. It is painful to watch let alone be a part of and I believe the damage caused will take many more years to heal than the term of whomever is ulimately elected.

There are so many terrible events: mass shootings in nightclubs, individual shootings of black men, Syrian children in horrifying condition...all of these events have caused me to question the essential nature of humanity and how long we have before we succumb to the baser evils that, I guess, exist in so many of us. Recognizing my own darkness amidst light has been a major part of my personal growth this year, and recognizing the darkness in the world has been all too clear. I wonder if these events have allowed me to enter more fully into that grey space...or if they have made me hopeless in a way that is impossible to fix. I also want to talk about Hillary's breaking the glass ceiling video moment. I cried. I have never felt that kind of pride in being a woman, a strong, powerful, educated, smart woman. She is changing the world and changing lives and what it means to think in possibility instead of fear.

We are heading into the Presidential election. The results of this election next month will impact me as we will either: 1) see our first female president elected to office (who is also THE MOST qualified candidate EVER to run for US president); OR 2) see the most unqualified person elected to office with the potential of regressing our nation back to a time with FEWER civil liberties and greater economic ails.

Almost too many to count...but Brexit and the American election are two big ones. I never in a million years thought the UK would vote to leave the EU, but it shows how closed my circle of reference is compared to the general populace. I was almost depressed about it following the result. I can't even imagine how I will feel after the American election - either spine tingling elation at having the first female president, or terror and disbelief if it is Trump.

It's a presidential election year. I'm nervous about what will happen. I know God is sovereign, and so He is in control, even of this. But I just can't imagine Hilary being in office. She's a liar. All of us lie. But for most of us there are consequences of those things. It seems that she can get away with anything because she has deep pockets. I'm hoping that Donald Trump will win. I think he appears to be the lesser of two evils. I hate that there isn't a candidate that is honest and wants to do good things, but unfortunately that isn't what the media wants, so it isn't what we get. The media really is way too powerful.

The continuous violence in our country. Black men shot by police Racism in our systems and institutions Gun violence in schools and clubs CHildren shot by other children Trump promoting fear and hate with his speeches. The GOP nomination of Trump as presidential candidate was another huge wake up call in that our country is deeply divided. and 50 years of divestment in education, labor and our economy has brought many to the breaking point where they are seduced into voting against their own self interest

The election season in the Philippines impacted me a lot. I have never been that involved in a political discussion that this election. For this particular election there is this feeling of wanting to voice out your opinion as much as you do because you know in yourself that you have a bigger responsibility to your country, to its people, to the people who do not have the capacity to decide or vote and to the next generation who shall be affected by whatever collective decisions we will come up with. It was a moment of certainty that you can definitely make a difference, a huge difference if you make the right choice of choosing the leaders of your country. The results were quite disappointing, I must say, but the bigger responsibility is just about to happen. You do not just shut up after the election, you continue to fight for as long as you know that you are right. You continue to resist and call out misinformation because it is your responsibility as citizen of this country.

Trump is still up for president and it is terrifying. I have never been more into politics. Also various shootings involving police brutality and innocent black men. Racism is pretty cool fam. Also there is a recent news update ALL over twitter about these people who dress up as creepy clowns and stalk people in the night. It may be a rumour. My favorite tweet thus far is David Birchall's (whoever dat is idk i just retweeted it): "All of these people are worried about clowns in their hometown and are ignoring the fact that we are about to elect one to be the president."

The rise of Donald Trump. Really scared for my kids future if he gets elected.

i dont know

Donald Trump's candidacy scares me. And I think of all people are finally trying to make better--immigration, police reform--and it's terrible to think of going back to the old rhetoric. I guess I think rhetoric does have the power to change things (of course you do). I think of all the police shooting videos and of a former student, Kashon, shot and killed by police, big eyes, always defiant when he was thirteen, and I know he couldn't have been that different coming out of the door of the house where he was killed. He was armed, but I wonder if it could have been prevented, if the whole conflict could have been prevented.

I guess I just think if terrorist attacks and the US election. I am pretty worried about Trump getting in, though I don't think it will instantly be as bad as I fear.

Hillary being nominated for President - having been around in the 60's and involved in the feminist movement, and despite all the misogynistic things that are being said, it's feels as if women are finally being considered competent and powerful. The continuing attack on women's right to choose infuriates me. I am happy to be involved in helping WRRAP move forward into the future - apparently their money will always be needed by women who's rights are being trampled by the anti-abortionists.

The seriousness of the presidential election, the preponderance of racism in this nation that has once again reared its ugly head and the growing threat of climate change. These events have caused me to question our democracy. If our elected leaders can't come together and work for all of us, I fear for our way of life. These issues are not partisan - but unless our leaders get off their asses and work together, perhaps we should vote all of them out and start fresh!

Donald trump ran for president. He is a complete ass whole and he has sooooo much hate. He is a raciest, sexist, antisemitic ass whole. I don't know why he would run, maybe some media scam. Page semi-protected Donald Trump From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia For other uses, see Donald Trump (disambiguation). Donald Trump Donald Trump August 19, 2015 (cropped).jpg Republican Nominee for President of the United States Running mate Mike Pence Incumbent Barack Obama Preceded by Mitt Romney Succeeded by TBD Personal details Born Donald John Trump June 14, 1946 (age 70) Queens, New York City, New York, United States Political party Republican (1987–99; 2009–11; 2012–present)[1] Independent (2011–12) Democratic (2001–09) Reform (1999–2001) Spouse(s) Ivana Zelníčková (m. 1977; div. 1991) Marla Maples (m. 1993; div. 1999) Melania Knauss (m. 2005) Children Donald Jr., Ivanka, Eric, Tiffany, and Barron Parents Fred Trump Mary Anne MacLeod Residence Manhattan, New York City Alma mater Fordham University University of Pennsylvania Occupation Businessman Television producer Politician Signature DonaldJTrump Website trump.com/biography donaldjtrump.com Donald Trump April 2015.jpg This article is part of a series about Donald Trump Business career Political positions Campaign for the Presidency 2016 Primaries Primary endorsements General election endorsements The Trump Organization See businesses [show] Legal affairs Eponyms Campaign for the Presidency 2000 Books Trump: The Art of the Deal Crippled America The Apprentice The Celebrity Apprentice v t e Donald John Trump (born June 14, 1946) is an American businessman, television personality, author, politician, and nominee of the Republican Party for President of the United States in the 2016 election. He is chairman of the Trump Organization, which is the principal holding company for his real estate ventures and other business interests. Born and raised in New York City, Trump received a bachelor's degree in economics from the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania in 1968. While attending college, Trump worked in his father Fred Trump's real estate and construction firm. He was given control of the business in 1971 and later renamed it "The Trump Organization". During his career, Trump has built skyscrapers, hotels, casinos, golf courses, and numerous other developments across North and South America, Europe and Asia, many of which bear his name, such as the Trump Place apartment complex in Manhattan. He sought the Reform Party presidential nomination in 2000, but withdrew before voting began. Listed by Forbes among the world's wealthiest 500 billionaires, Trump and his businesses, as well as his personal life and political views, have for decades received considerable media exposure. He hosted and co-produced The Apprentice, a reality television series on NBC, from 2004 to 2015, for which he received a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. He has made cameo appearances in films and television series, and appeared at the Miss USA pageants, which he owned from 1996 to 2015. In June 2015, Trump announced his candidacy for president as a Republican and quickly emerged as the front-runner for his party's nomination. In May 2016, his remaining Republican rivals suspended their campaigns, and in July he was formally nominated for president at the 2016 Republican National Convention. Trump's 2016 presidential campaign has received extensive media coverage and international attention. Many of his statements in interviews, on Twitter, and at campaign rallies have been controversial or false. Several rallies have been accompanied by protests or riots. Trump's positions include renegotiation of U.S.–China trade deals, opposition to particular trade agreements such as the TPP, stronger enforcement of immigration laws together with building a wall along the U.S.–Mexico border, reform of veterans' care, replacement of the Affordable Care Act, and tax cuts. During the primary, Trump called for a temporary ban on all Muslim immigration to the United States, later stating that the ban would focus instead on countries with a proven history of terrorism, until the level of vetting can be raised to screen out potential terrorists. Contents [hide] 1 Ancestry 2 Early life, education and military status 3 Business career 3.1 Real estate 3.2 Football and boxing 3.3 Beauty pageants 3.4 Trump University 3.5 Branding and licensing 3.6 Taxes and income 3.7 Net worth 4 Entertainment and media 4.1 The Apprentice 4.2 Filmography 4.3 Trump Model Management 4.4 Professional wrestling 5 Politics 5.1 Political affiliations 5.2 Involvement in politics, 1988–2015 5.3 Presidential campaign, 2016 5.4 Political positions 6 Personal life 6.1 Family 6.2 Religious views 6.3 Donald J. Trump Foundation 6.4 Other relationships 7 Appearances in popular culture 8 Further legal matters 8.1 Trump as plaintiff or defendant 8.2 Campaign contributions 9 Distinctions 10 See also 11 Notes 12 References 13 External links Ancestry Main article: Ancestry of Donald Trump Trump is of German ancestry on his father's side and Scottish ancestry on his mother's side; all four of his grandparents were born outside of the United States. His father Fred (1905–1999) was born in New York and became one of the biggest real estate developers in New York City.[3][4] His mother, Mary Trump (née MacLeod, 1912–2000), was born in Scotland.[5] Fred and Mary met in New York and married in 1936, settling together in Queens.[5][6] Drumpf, the family's ancestral name, was changed to Trump during Germany's Thirty Years' War in the seventeenth century.[7] Trump has said that he is proud of his German heritage; he served as grand marshal of the 1999 German-American Steuben Parade in New York City.[8] Early life, education and military status Trump was born on June 14, 1946, in Jamaica Estates, Queens, a neighborhood in New York City.[9] He was the second youngest child of Mary and Fred Trump's five children. Of his four siblings, three are living: Maryanne, Elizabeth, and Robert. Trump's older brother Fred Jr. died in 1981 from alcoholism, a disease which Trump says led him to avoid trying alcohol or cigarettes.[10] Trump as a teenager at New York Military Academy, 1964 The family had a two-story Tudor Revival home on Wareham Place in Jamaica Estates, where Trump lived while attending the Kew-Forest School.[11] At Kew-Forest, Fred Trump served as a member of the Board of Trustees. Due to behavior problems, Trump left the school at age 13 and was enrolled in the New York Military Academy (NYMA),[12] where he finished eighth grade and high school. In 1983, Fred told an interviewer that Donald "was a pretty rough fellow when he was small".[13] During his senior year, Trump participated in marching drills, wore a uniform, and attained the rank of captain.[14] In 2015, he told a biographer that NYMA gave him "more training militarily than a lot of the guys that go into the military".[15] Trump attended Fordham University in the Bronx for two years, beginning in August 1964. He then transferred to the Wharton School of Finance and Commerce at the University of Pennsylvania, which offered one of the few real estate studies departments in United States academia.[16][17] While there, he worked at the family's company, Elizabeth Trump & Son, named for his paternal grandmother.[18] Trump graduated from Wharton in May 1968 with a Bachelor of Science in Economics.[17][19][20] Trump was not drafted during the Vietnam War.[21] While in college from 1964 to 1968, he obtained four student deferments.[22] In 1966, he was deemed fit for service based upon a military medical examination, and in 1968 was briefly classified as fit by a local draft board, but was given a 1-Y medical deferment in October 1968.[23] In an interview for a 2015 biography, Trump attributed his medical deferment to heel spurs.[15] In December 1969 Trump received a high number in the draft lottery, which would also have exempted him from service.[23][24][25] Business career An analysis of Trump's business career by The Economist in 2016, concludes that his "...performance [from 1985 to 2016] has been mediocre compared with the stock market and property in New York", noting both his successes and bankruptcies. Any such analysis is difficult because, as the newspaper observed, "Information about Mr Trump's business is sketchy. He doesn't run a publicly listed firm..." Trump's early successes were partly commingled with those of his father so they omit them, claiming, "The best long-term starting point is 1985, when Mr Trump first appeared in the rankings without his father."[26] A subsequent analysis by The Washington Post, whose reporters were denied press credentials by the Trump presidential campaign, concluded that "Trump is a mix of braggadocio, business failures, and real success."[27] Real estate See also: The Trump Organization Early career Prior to graduating from college, Trump began his real estate career at his father's company,[28] Elizabeth Trump and Son,[29] which focused on middle-class rental housing in the New York City boroughs of Brooklyn, Queens, and Staten Island. During his undergraduate study, one of Trump's first projects was the revitalization of the foreclosed Swifton Village apartment complex in Cincinnati, Ohio, which his father had purchased for $5.7 million in 1962.[30] Fred and Donald Trump became involved in the project, and with a $500,000 investment, turned the 1,200-unit complex's occupancy rate from 34% to 100%. Trump has said that when he graduated from college in 1968, he was worth about $200,000 (equivalent to $1,020,000 in 2015).[31] In 1972, the Trump Organization sold Swifton Village for $6.75 million.[32][33] At age 23, he made an unsuccessful commercial foray into show business, investing $70,000 to become co-producer of the 1970 Broadway comedy Paris Is Out![34] The Trump Ocean Club International Hotel and Tower (center) in Panama City, Panama He was given control of the company in 1971 and, in one of his first acts, renamed the company to The Trump Organization.[35][36] In that year, he also moved to Manhattan, where he took part in larger construction projects and used attractive architectural design to win public recognition. He and his father drew wider attention in 1973 when the Justice Department alleged that they were discriminating against blacks who wanted to rent apartments, rather than merely screening out people based on low income as the Trumps stated. Ultimately the Trumps' company and federal officials signed an agreement under which the Trumps made no admission of wrongdoing, and under which qualified minority applicants would be presented by the Urban League.[37][38] By 1973, Trump was president of the Trump Organization, and oversaw the company's 14,000 apartments across Brooklyn, Queens, and Staten Island. In 1978, the city selected his site on the West Side of Manhattan as the location for its Jacob Javits Convention Center, after finding that he was the only bidder who had a site ready for the project.[37] He received a broker's fee on the property sale. Trump's first big deal in Manhattan[39] was the building of the Grand Hyatt Hotel in 1978 near Grand Central Station. The Grand Hyatt would replace the aging Commodore Hotel, owned by the Penn Central Transportation Company, which was in bankruptcy, and help bring Trump to public prominence.[40] Part of this deal was a $1 million loan Fred Trump's Village Construction Corp. made to help repay draws on a Chase Manhattan credit line Fred had arranged for Donald as he built the hotel, as well as a $70 million construction loan jointly guaranteed by Fred and the Hyatt hotel chain. Fred was a silent partner in the initiative, due to his reputation having been damaged in New York real estate circles, after investigations into windfall profits and other abuses in his real estate projects, making Donald the front man in the deal. According to journalist Wayne Barrett, Fred's two-decade friendship with a top Equitable officer, Ben Holloway, helped convince them to agree to the project.[39] Donald negotiated a 40-year tax abatement for the hotel with the city, in exchange for a share of the venture's profits. The deal helped reduce the risk of the project and provided an incentive for investors to participate.[41] In 1981, Trump purchased and renovated a building that would become the Trump Plaza, on Third Avenue in New York City.[42] Trump made this into an apartment cooperative, in which tenants partly owned the building.[42] Trump Tower Trump Tower, on Fifth Avenue in Midtown Manhattan In 1983, Trump completed development of Trump Tower, a 58-story skyscraper in Midtown Manhattan. The project involved complicated negotiations with different parties for the architecturally significant Bonwit Teller building itself, the land, and the airspace above a neighboring building. When negotiations were completed in 1978, The New York Times wrote "That Mr. Trump was able to obtain the location ... is testimony to [his] persistence and to his skills as a negotiator."[43] Trump Tower occupies the former site of the architecturally significant Bonwit Teller flagship store, demolished in 1980.[44][45] There was controversy when valuable Art Deco bas-relief sculptures on its facade, which had been promised to the Metropolitan Museum of Art by Trump, were destroyed on the orders of the Trump Organization during the demolition process.[44][45] In addition, the demolition of the Bonwit Teller store was criticized for a contractor's use of some 200 undocumented Polish immigrant workers, who, during the rushed demolition process, were reportedly paid 4–5 dollars per hour for work in 12-hour shifts.[46][47] Trump testified in 1990 that he rarely visited the site and was unaware of the illegal workers, some of whom lived at the site and who were known as the "Polish Brigade". A judge ruled in 1991 that the builders engaged in "a conspiracy to deprive the funds of their rightful contribution", referring to the pension and welfare funds of the labor unions.[48] However, on appeal, parts of that ruling were overturned,[49] and the record became sealed when the long-running labor lawsuit was settled in 1999, after 16 years in court.[46][47] Trump Tower was developed by Trump and the Equitable Life Assurance Company, and was designed by architect Der Scutt of Swanke Hayden Connell.[50] Trump Tower houses both the primary penthouse condominium residence of Donald Trump and the headquarters of the Trump Organization.[51] The building includes shops, cafés, offices, and residences. Its five-level atrium features a 60-foot-high waterfall spanned by a suspended walkway, below a skylight.[52] Trump Tower was the setting of the NBC television show The Apprentice including a fully functional television studio set.[53] When the building was completed, its condominiums sold quickly and the tower became a tourist attraction.[54] Expansion Wollman Rink in Central Park Harrah's at Trump Plaza opened in Atlantic City in 1984. The hotel/casino was built by Trump with financing by Holiday Corp.[55] and operated by the Harrah's gambling unit of Holiday Corp. The casino's poor results exacerbated disagreements between Trump and Holiday Corp.[56] Trump also acquired a partially completed building in Atlantic City from the Hilton Corporation for $320 million. When completed in 1985, the hotel/casino became Trump Castle. Trump's wife, Ivana, managed the property.[57] Trump acquired the Mar-a-Lago estate in Palm Beach, Florida in 1985 for $5 million, plus $3 million for the home's furnishings. In addition to using the home as a winter retreat, Trump also turned it into a private club with membership fees of $150,000. At about the same time, he acquired a condominium complex in Palm Beach with Lee Iacocca that became Trump Plaza of the Palm Beaches.[58] Repairs on the Wollman Rink in Central Park, built in 1955, were started in 1980 by a general contractor unconnected to Trump, with an expected  2 1⁄2-year construction schedule, but were not completed by 1986. Trump took over the project, completed it in three months for $1.95 million, which was $750,000 less than the initial budget, and then operated the rink for one year with all profits going to charity.[59] Trump acquired the Plaza Hotel in Manhattan in 1988. He paid $400 million for the property and once again tapped Ivana to manage its operation and renovation.[60] Trump Taj Mahal, at 1000 Boardwalk in Atlantic City, New Jersey Later in 1988, Trump acquired the Taj Mahal Casino in Atlantic City, New Jersey, in a transaction with Merv Griffin and Resorts International.[61] The casino was opened in April 1990, and was built at a total cost of $1.1 billion, which at the time made it the most expensive casino ever built.[62][63] Financed with $675 million in junk bonds[64] at a 14% interest rate, the project entered Chapter 11 bankruptcy the following year.[65] Banks and bondholders, facing potential losses of hundreds of millions of dollars, opted to restructure the debt. The Taj Mahal emerged from bankruptcy on October 5, 1991, with Trump ceding 50 percent ownership in the casino to the bondholders in exchange for lowered interest rates and more time to pay off the debt.[66] He also sold his financially challenged Trump Shuttle airline and his 282-foot (86 m) megayacht, the Trump Princess.[64][67][68] The property was repurchased in 1996 and consolidated into Trump Hotels & Casino Resorts, which filed for bankruptcy in 2004 with $1.8 billion in debt, filing again for bankruptcy five years later with $50 million in assets and $500 million in debt. The restructuring ultimately left Trump with 10% ownership in the Trump Taj Mahal and other Trump casino properties.[68] Trump served as chairman of the organization, which was renamed Trump Entertainment Resorts, from mid-1995 until early 2009, and served as CEO from mid-2000 to mid-2005.[69] Business bankruptcies Main article: Legal affairs of Donald Trump § Use of bankruptcy laws Although Trump has never filed for personal bankruptcy, hotel and casino businesses of his have been declared bankrupt four times between 1991 and 2009 to re-negotiate debt with banks and owners of stock and bonds.[70][71] Because the businesses used Chapter 11 bankruptcy, they were allowed to operate while negotiations proceeded. Trump was quoted by Newsweek in 2011 saying, "I do play with the bankruptcy laws—they're very good for me" as a tool for trimming debt.[72][73] The four bankruptcies were the result of over-leveraged hotel and casino businesses in Atlantic City: Trump Taj Mahal (1991), Trump Plaza Hotel and Casino (1992), Trump Hotels and Casino Resorts (2004), and Trump Entertainment Resorts (2009).[74][75] Trump said "I've used the laws of this country to pare debt. ... We'll have the company. We'll throw it into a chapter. We'll negotiate with the banks. We'll make a fantastic deal. You know, it's like on The Apprentice. It's not personal. It's just business."[65] Inheritance and further acquisitions Trump acquired an old, vacant office building on Wall Street in Manhattan in 1996. After a complete renovation, it became the seventy-story Trump Building at 40 Wall Street.[76] After his father died in 1999, Trump and his siblings received equal portions of his father's estate valued at $250–300 million.[77] In 2001, Trump completed Trump World Tower, a 72-story residential tower across from the United Nations Headquarters.[78] Trump also began construction on Trump Place, a multi-building development along the Hudson River. He continued to own commercial space in Trump International Hotel and Tower, a 44-story mixed-use (hotel and condominium) tower on Columbus Circle which he acquired in 1996,[79] and also continued to own millions of square feet of other prime Manhattan real estate.[80] Trump acquired the former Hotel Delmonico in Manhattan in 2002. It was re-opened with 35 stories of luxury condominiums in 2004 as the Trump Park Avenue.[81] By 2014, he retained 10% ownership of Trump Entertainment Resorts, which owns the Trump Taj Mahal and Trump Plaza Hotel and Casino, both in Atlantic City. That same year, Trump Entertainment Resorts entered Chapter 11 bankruptcy and closed Trump Plaza in Atlantic City indefinitely. Billionaire Carl Icahn purchased the company in 2016, acquiring Trump Taj Mahal; Icahn kept Trump's name on the building even though Trump no longer had any ownership.[82] Trump has licensed his name and image for the development of a number of real estate projects including two Trump-branded real estate projects in Florida that have gone into foreclosure.[83] The Turkish owner of Trump Towers Istanbul, who pays Trump for the use of his name, was reported in December 2015 to be exploring legal means to dissociate the property after the candidate's call to temporarily ban Muslims from entering the United States.[84] Trump also licensed his name to son-in-law Jared Kushner's fifty story Trump Bay Street, a Jersey City luxury development that has raised $50 million of its $200 million capitalization largely from wealthy Chinese nationals who, after making an initial down payment of $500,000 in concert with the government's expedited EB-5 visa program, can usually obtain United States permanent residency for themselves and their families after two years.[85] Trump is a partner with Kushner Properties only in name licensing and not in the building's financing.[85] Golf courses A view of the Turnberry Hotel, in Ayrshire, Scotland The Trump Organization operates many golf courses and resorts in the United States and around the world. The number of golf courses that Trump owns or manages is about 18, according to Golfweek.[86] Trump's personal financial disclosure with the Federal Elections Commission stated that his golf and resort revenue for the year 2015 was roughly $382 million.[87][88] In 2006, Trump bought the Menie Estate in Balmedie, Aberdeenshire, Scotland, creating a golf resort against the wishes of local residents [89] on an area designated as a Site of Special Scientific Interest.[90][91] A 2011 independent documentary, You've Been Trumped, by British filmmaker Anthony Baxter, chronicled the golf resort's construction and the subsequent struggles between the locals and Donald Trump.[92] Despite Trump's promises of 6,000 jobs, in 2016, by his own admission, the golf course has created only 200 jobs.[93] In April 2014, Trump purchased the Turnberry hotel and golf resort in Ayrshire, Scotland, which is a regular fixture in the Open Championship rota.[94][95] In June 2015, Trump's appeal objecting to an offshore windfarm (Aberdeen Bay Wind Farm) within sight of the golf links was denied.[96] In December 2015, Trump's attempt to prevent the windfarm being built within sight of his golf course was dismissed by five justices at the UK Supreme Court in the case of Trump International Golf Club Scotland Ltd v The Scottish Ministers.[97] Football and boxing Trump at a baseball game in 2009 In 1983, Trump purchased the New Jersey Generals for the inaugural season of the United States Football League (USFL). Before the inaugural season began, Trump sold the franchise to Oklahoma oil magnate J. Walter Duncan. Then, prior to the 1984 season, Duncan sold the team back to Trump.[98][99] The USFL played its first 1983, 1984, and 1985 seasons during the summer. Trump convinced the majority of the owners of other USFL teams to move the USFL 1986 schedule to the fall, directly opposite the National Football League (NFL), arguing that it would eventually force a merger with the NFL; owners of any USFL teams included in a merger would see their investment increase significantly.[100] After the Houston Gamblers merged into the Generals in 1985, Trump retained a 50 percent interest in the merged team.[101] The 1986 season was cancelled after the USFL won a minimal verdict (of less than four dollars) in an antitrust lawsuit against the NFL; the USFL folded soon afterward.[102] Trump remained involved with sports, operating golf courses in several countries, and being one of the three bidders seeking to buy the Buffalo Bills football team when it came up for sale in 2014.[102] He also hosted several boxing matches in Atlantic City at the Trump Plaza, including Mike Tyson's 1988 fight against Michael Spinks, and at one time acted as a financial advisor for Tyson.[102][103][104] Beauty pageants Further information: Miss USA, Miss Universe, and Miss Teen USA From 1996 until 2015, when he sold his interests,[105] Trump owned part or all of the Miss Universe, Miss USA, and Miss Teen USA beauty pageants. Among the most recognized beauty pageants in the world, the Miss Universe pageant was founded in 1952 by the California clothing company Pacific Mills.[106] Trump was dissatisfied with how CBS scheduled his pageants, and took both Miss Universe and Miss USA to NBC in 2002.[107][108] In 2006, Miss USA winner Tara Conner tested positive for cocaine, but Trump let her keep the crown, for the sake of giving her a second chance. That decision by Trump was criticized by Rosie O'Donnell, which led to a very blunt and personal rebuttal by Trump criticizing O'Donnell. In 2012, Trump won a $5 million court award against a contestant who claimed the show was rigged.[109] In 2015, NBC and Univision both ended their business relationships with the Miss Universe Organization after Trump's presidential campaign kickoff speech on June 16, in which he said about Mexico: "They're sending people that have a lot of problems, and they're bringing those problems with us. They're bringing drugs. They're bringing crime. They're rapists. And some, I assume, are good people."[110][111] Trump subsequently filed a $500 million lawsuit against Univision, alleging a breach of contract and defamation. In his statement about the lawsuit against Univision, Trump said, "Nothing that I stated was different from what I have been saying for many years. I want strong borders, and I do not support or condone illegal immigration. There is a high level of crime occurring in this country due to unchecked illegal immigration. This is a major security issue for the United States...."[112][113] On September 11, 2015, Trump announced that he had become the sole owner of the Miss Universe Organization by purchasing NBC's stake, and that he had "settled" his lawsuits against the network,[114] though it was unclear whether Trump had yet filed lawsuits against NBC.[115] He sold his own interests in the pageant shortly afterwards, to WME/IMG.[105] The $500 million lawsuit against Univision was settled in February 2016, but terms of the settlement were not disclosed.[116] Trump University Main articles: Trump University and Cohen v. Trump Trump University LLC[117] was an American for-profit education company that ran a real estate training program from 2005 until at least 2010. After multiple lawsuits, it is now defunct. It was founded by Donald Trump and his associates, Michael Sexton and Jonathan Spitalny.[118] The company offered courses in real estate, asset management, entrepreneurship, and wealth creation, charging between $1,500 and $35,000 per course.[119] In 2005 the operation was notified by New York State authorities that its use of the word "university" violated state law. After a second such notification in 2010, the name of the operation was changed to the "Trump Entrepreneurial Institute".[120] Trump was also found personally liable for failing to obtain a business license for the operation.[121] In 2013 the state of New York filed a $40 million civil suit claiming that Trump University made false claims and defrauded consumers; the lawsuit is ongoing as of 2016.[120][122] In addition, two class-action civil lawsuits are pending in federal court relating to Trump University; they name Donald Trump personally as well as his companies.[123] One of the cases, Low v. Trump, is set for trial on November 28, 2016.[124] Trump repeatedly criticized a judge, Gonzalo P. Curiel, who is overseeing two of the Trump University cases. During campaign speeches and interviews up until June 2016, Trump called Curiel a "hater of Donald Trump", saying his rulings have been unfair, and that Curiel "happens to be, we believe, Mexican, which is great. I think that's fine",[125] while suggesting that the judge's ethnicity posed a conflict of interest in light of Trump's proposal to build a wall on the United States–Mexican border.[124][126][127][128] Many legal experts were critical of Trump's attacks on Curiel, often viewing them as racially charged, unfounded, and an affront to the concept of an independent judiciary.[129][130][131] On June 7, 2016 Trump issued a lengthy statement saying that his criticism of the judge had been "misconstrued" and that his concerns about Curiel's impartiality were not based upon ethnicity alone, but also upon rulings in the case.[132][133] Branding and licensing See also: List of things named after Donald Trump Trump Ice bottled water Trump has marketed his name on a large number of building projects as well as commercial products and services, achieving mixed success doing so for himself, his partners, and investors in the projects.[134][135][nb 1] In 2011, Forbes' financial experts estimated the value of the Trump brand at $200 million. Trump disputes this valuation, saying that his brand is worth about $3 billion.[155] Many developers pay Trump to market their properties and to be the public face for their projects.[156] For that reason, Trump does not own many of the buildings that display his name.[156] According to Forbes, this portion of Trump's empire, actually run by his children, is by far his most valuable, having a $562 million valuation. According to Forbes, there are 33 licensing projects under development including seven "condo hotels" (the seven Trump International Hotel and Tower developments). In June 2015, Forbes pegged the Trump brand at USD$125 million[157] as retailers like Macy's Inc. and Serta Mattresses began dropping Trump-branded products.[158][159] Taxes and income See also: § Presidential campaign, 2016 Trump has released some financial information,[87] but has declined to publicly release any of his full tax returns,[160] saying that he will do so before the 2016 election if an ongoing audit by the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) is completed covering tax returns for the years 2009 through 2016.[161][162] According to a July 2015 press release from his campaign manager, Trump's "income" for the year 2014 was $362 million ("which does not include dividends, interest, capital gains, rents and royalties").[163] His disclosure filings for the year 2015 stated that his total gross revenue was in excess of $611 million.[87] Fortune magazine has reported that the $362 million figure as stated on his Federal Election Commission (FEC) filings is not "income" but gross revenue before salaries, interest payments on outstanding debt, and other business-related expenses; Trump's net income was "most likely" about one-third of that.[164][165] According to public records, Trump received a $302 New York tax rebate in 2013 (and in two other recent years) given to couples earning less than $500,000 per year, who submit as proof their federal tax returns.[165] Trump's campaign manager has suggested that Trump's tax rebate was an error.[165] On October 1, the New York Times reported that it had obtained a copy of Trump's tax records from 1995 which showed that Trump had reported a loss of $916 million dollars, which could have allowed him to avoid paying income taxes for up to eighteen years.[166] Net worth Trump's Boeing 757, nicknamed "Trump Force One", during Trump's 2016 presidential campaign[167][168] In 2016, Forbes estimated his net worth at $3.7 billion, and Bloomberg $3 billion,.[169][170] These estimates would make Trump one of the richest politicians in American history. Trump has often given much higher estimates, even over 10 billion dollars, with the discrepancy due in part to the uncertainty of appraised property values,[171][172] as well as Trump's own assessment of the value of his personal brand. On June 16, 2015, just prior to announcing his candidacy for president of the United States, Trump released a one-page financial statement "from a big accounting firm—one of the most respected"[173] stating a net worth of $8,737,540,000.[174] "I'm really rich", Trump said.[173] Forbes believed his claim of $9 billion was "a whopper," figuring it was actually $4.1 billion.[175] In June 2015, Business Insider published Trump's June 2014 financial statement, noting that $3.3 billion of that total is represented by "Real Estate Licensing Deals, Brand and Branded Developments", described by Business Insider as "basically [implying] that Trump values his character at $3.3 billion."[176] In July 2015, federal election regulators released new details of Trump's self-reported wealth and financial holdings when he became a Republican presidential candidate, reporting that his assets are worth above $1.4 billion, which includes at least $70 million in stocks, and a debt of at least $265 million.[177] According to Bloomberg, for the purposes of Trump's FEC filings Trump "only reported revenue for [his] golf properties in his campaign filings even though the disclosure form asks for income", noting independent filings showing all three of his major European golf properties were unprofitable.[172] Mortgages on Trump's major properties—including Trump Tower, 40 Wall Street, and the Trump National Doral golf course—each fall into the "above $50 million" range, the highest reportable category on FEC filings, with Trump paying interest rates ranging from 4% to 7.125%.[178] Mortgages on those three properties were separately reported as $100 million, $160 million, and $125 million in 2013.[179] Trump is a leaseholder, not owner, of the land beneath 40 Wall Street.[180] Other outstanding Trump mortgages and debts are pegged to current market interest rates.[178] A 2012 report from Trump's accounting firm estimated $451.7 million in debt and other collateral obligations.[179] Filings in 2015 disclosed debt of $504 million, according to Fortune magazine.[164] Bloomberg documented debt of at least $605 million in 2016.[172] Trump's outstanding debt was at least $650 million in August 2016, in addition to an outstanding loan of $950 million to the Bank of China and Deutsche Bank (among other creditors) on 1290 Avenue of the Americas, in which Trump is a minority owner.[180] Trump was listed on the initial Forbes List of wealthy individuals in 1982 as having an estimated $200 million fortune, including a share of his father's estimated $200 million net worth.[181] After several years on the list, Trump's financial losses in the 1980s caused him to be dropped from 1990 to 1995, and reportedly obliged him to borrow from his siblings' trusts in 1993;[181] in 2005, The New York Times referred to Trump's "verbal billions" in a skeptical article about Trump's self-reported wealth.[181] At the time, three individuals with direct knowledge of Trump's finances told reporter Timothy L. O'Brien that Trump's actual net worth was between $150 and $250 million, though Trump then publicly claimed a net worth of $5 to $6 billion.[181] Claiming libel, Trump sued the reporter (and his book publisher) for $5 billion, lost the case, and then lost again on appeal; Trump refused to turn over his unredacted tax returns despite his assertion they supported his case.[182] In a sworn deposition, Trump testified that he once borrowed $9.6 million from his father, calling it "a very small amount of money", but could not recall when he did so;[183] Trump has since told campaign audiences he began his career with "a small loan of one million dollars" from his father,[183] which he paid back with interest: "it has not been easy for me", Trump told one New Hampshire crowd.[184] Trump Hotel Las Vegas whose exterior windows are gilded with 24-carat gold[185] In April 2011, amid speculation whether Trump would run as a candidate in the United States presidential election of 2012, Politico quoted unnamed sources close to him stating that, if Trump should decide to run for president, he would file "financial disclosure statements that [would] show his net worth [was] in excess of $7 billion with more than $250 million of cash, and very little debt."[186] Although Trump did not run as a candidate in the 2012 elections, his "professionally prepared" 2012 financial disclosure was published in his book, which claimed a $7 billion net worth.[187] A July 2015 campaign press release, issued one month after Trump announced his presidential run, said that the FEC filing "was not designed for a man of Mr. Trump's massive wealth"[178] and that his "net worth is in excess of TEN BILLION DOLLARS [sic]".[188] However, Trump has testified that "my net worth fluctuates, and it goes up and down with markets and with attitudes and with feelings—even my own feelings."[189] On the same day, Trump's own stated estimates of his net worth have varied by as much as $3.3 billion.[181] Trump has also acknowledged that past exaggerated estimates of his wealth have been "good for financing".[190] Forbes has said that although Trump "shares a lot of information with us that helps us get to the figures we publish," he "consistently pushes for a higher net worth—especially when it comes to the value of his personal brand."[175] Forbes reduced its estimate of Trump's net worth by $125 million following Trump's controversial 2015 remarks about Mexican illegal immigrants, which ended Trump's business contracts with NBCUniversal, Univision, Macy's, Serta, PVH Corporation, and Perfumania.[191] An internal Young & Rubicam study of Trump's brand among high-income consumers showed "plummeting" ratings for traits such as "prestigious", "upper class", and "glamorous" at the end of 2015, suggesting that Trump's various businesses could face market difficulties and financing challenges in the future.[192] Entertainment and media Trump has twice been nominated for an Emmy Award and has made appearances as a caricatured version of himself in television series and films.[193] He has also played an oil tycoon in The Little Rascals. Trump is a member of the Screen Actors Guild and receives an annual pension of more than $110,000.[194][195] He has been the subject of comedians, flash cartoon artists, and online caricature artists. Trump also had his own daily talk radio program called Trumped![196][197][198] The Apprentice Main article: The Apprentice (U.S. TV series) Trump posing with guest basketball personality Dennis Rodman, during Rodman's 2009 participation on Celebrity Apprentice In 2003, Trump became the executive producer and host of the NBC reality show The Apprentice, in which a group of competitors battled for a high-level management job in one of Trump's commercial enterprises. Contestants were successively "fired" and eliminated from the game. In 2004, Trump filed a trademark application for the catchphrase "You're fired."[2][3][4] For the first year of the show, Trump earned $50,000 per episode (roughly $700,000 for the first season), but following the show's initial success, he was paid $1 million per episode.[199] In a July 2015 press release, Trump's campaign manager claimed that NBCUniversal had paid him $213,606,575 for his 14 seasons hosting the show,[163] although the network did not verify the claim.[200] In 2007, Trump received a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame for his contribution to television (The Apprentice).[135][201] Along with British TV producer Mark Burnett, Trump was hired as host of The Celebrity Apprentice, in which celebrities compete to win money for their charities. While Trump and Burnett co-produced the show, Trump stayed in the forefront, deciding winners and "firing" losers. On February 16, 2015, NBC announced that they would be renewing The Apprentice for a 15th season.[202] On February 27, Trump stated that he was "not ready" to sign on for another season because of the possibility of a presidential run.[203] Despite this, on March 18, NBC announced they were going ahead with production.[204] On June 29, after widespread negative reaction stemming from Trump's campaign announcement speech, NBC released a statement saying, "Due to the recent derogatory statements by Donald Trump regarding immigrants, NBCUniversal is ending its business relationship with Mr. Trump," apparently ending Trump's role in The Apprentice.[205] Filmography Title Year Notes Role The Jeffersons[206] 1985 Episode titled "You'll Never Get Rich" Himself Ghosts Can't Do It[206] 1989 Movie Himself On Our Own by Bobby Brown[207] 1989 Music Video Himself Home Alone 2: Lost in New York[206] 1992 Movie Himself The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air[206] 1994 Episode titled "For Sale by Owner" Himself Across the Sea of Time[206] 1995 Movie Himself The Little Rascals[206] 1995 Movie Waldo's Dad (an oil tycoon) The Nanny[206] 1996 Episode titled "The Rosie Show" Himself Eddie[206] 1996 Movie Himself The Associate[206] 1996 Movie Himself Suddenly Susan[208] 1997 Episode titled "I'll See That and Raise You Susan" Himself The Drew Carey Show[208] 1997 Episode titled "New York and Queens" Himself Night Man[209] 1997 Episode titled "Face to Face" Himself Spin City[206] 1998 Episode titled "The Paul Lassiter Story" Himself Celebrity[206] 1998 Movie Himself Sex and the City[206] 1999 Episode titled "The Man, the Myth, the Viagra" Himself Playboy Video Centerfold: Playmate 2000 Bernaola Twins[210] 2000 Adult film Himself Zoolander[206] 2001 Movie Himself The Job[208] 2001 Episode titled "Elizabeth" Himself Two Weeks Notice[208] 2002 Movie Himself Days of Our Lives[211] 2005 Guest star on daytime television soap opera. Himself 58th Primetime Emmy Awards[212] 2006 minimusical Oliver Wendell Douglas Wall Street: Money Never Sleeps[213] 2010 Trump's scene in this movie was cut from the final version but is available on the DVD. Himself Saturday Night Live[214] 2015 Trump hosted the November 7, 2015 episode of SNL Himself / Tax Guy (In Hotline Bling skit) Trump Model Management In 1999, Trump founded a modeling company, Trump Model Management, which operates in the SoHo neighborhood of Lower Manhattan.[215] Together with another Trump company, Trump Management Group LLC, Trump Model Management has brought nearly 250 foreign fashion models into the United States to work in the fashion industry since 2000.[216] In 2014, president of Trump Model Management Corrine Nicolas, other managers, and the company were sued by one of the agency's former models, Alexia Palmer, alleging racketeering, breach of contract, mail fraud, and violating immigrant wage laws.[217] The case was dismissed from U.S. federal court in March 2016.[218] Professional wrestling Trump is a WWE (World Wrestling Entertainment) fan, and a friend of WWE owner Vince McMahon. He has hosted two WrestleMania events in the Trump Plaza and has been an active participant in several of the shows.[219] Trump's Taj Mahal in Atlantic City was host to the 1991 WBF Championship (which was owned by WWE, known at the time as the "World Wrestling Federation"). He also appeared in WrestleMania VII. He was interviewed by Jesse Ventura ringside at WrestleMania XX.[220] Trump appeared at WrestleMania 23 in a match called "The Battle of the Billionaires."[219] He was in the corner of Bobby Lashley, while Vince McMahon was in the corner of Lashley's opponent Umaga with Stone Cold Steve Austin as the special guest referee.[219] The deal was that either Trump or McMahon would have their head shaved if their competitor lost.[219] Lashley won the match, and so McMahon got the haircut.[219] On June 15, 2009, as part of a storyline, McMahon announced on Monday Night Raw that he had "sold" the show to Trump.[219] Appearing on screen, Trump declared he would be at the following commercial-free episode in person and would give a full refund to the people who purchased tickets to the arena for that night's show.[219] McMahon "bought back" Raw the following week for twice the price.[219] Trump was inducted into the celebrity wing of the WWE Hall of Fame in 2013 at Madison Square Garden for his contributions to the promotion. He made his sixth WrestleMania appearance the next night.[221] Politics Main article: Political positions of Donald Trump See also: Donald Trump presidential campaign, 2016 and Donald Trump presidential campaign, 2000 Trump has described his political leanings and positions in various ways over time.[222][223][224] Politico has described his positions as "eclectic, improvisational and often contradictory".[224] He has listed several different party affiliations over the years,[224][225] and has also run as a Reform Party candidate.[225] The positions that he has revised or reversed include stances on progressive taxation, abortion, and government involvement in health care.[224] Trump's candidacy has been described as something around which the alt-right movement has coalesced,[226] together with its opposition to multiculturalism and immigration.[227][228] Political affiliations With President Ronald Reagan at White House reception in 1987 Trump's party affiliation has changed over the years. Although his party affiliation prior to 1987 is unclear, Trump was an early supporter of Republican Ronald Reagan for United States President in the late 1970s.[229] By 1987, he identified as a Republican.[230] In 1999, Trump switched to the Reform Party for three years and ran a presidential exploratory campaign for its nomination. After his run, Trump left the party in 2001 due to the involvement of David Duke, Pat Buchanan, and Lenora Fulani within the party.[231] From 2001 to 2008 he was a Democrat. In 2008, he endorsed Republican John McCain for President and officially changed his party registration to Republican in 2009.[232] In December 2011, Trump became an Independent for five months before returning to the Republican Party, where he has pledged to stay.[233][234] Trump has made contributions to campaigns of both Republican Party and Democratic Party candidates, with the top ten recipients of his political contributions being six Democrats and four Republicans.[235] After 2011, his campaign contributions were more favorable to Republicans than to Democrats.[236] In February 2012, Trump endorsed Republican Mitt Romney for President.[237] When asked in 2015 which recent President he prefers, Trump picked Democrat Bill Clinton over the Republican Bushes.[238][239] Involvement in politics, 1988–2015 Trump first expressed interest in running for office in 1987, when he spent $100,000 to place full-page ads critiquing U.S. defense policy in several newspapers.[240][241] Trump floated the idea of running for president in 1988, 2004, and 2012, and for Governor of New York in 2006 and 2014, but did not enter those races.[242][243] He was considered as a potential running mate for George H. W. Bush on the Republican Party's 1988 presidential ticket but lost out to future Vice President Dan Quayle. There is dispute over whether Trump or the Bush camp made the initial pitch.[244] In 1999, Trump filed an exploratory committee to seek the presidential nomination of the Reform Party in 2000.[245][246] A July 1999 poll matching him against likely Republican nominee George W. Bush and likely Democratic nominee Al Gore showed Trump with seven percent support.[247] Trump eventually dropped out of the race due to party infighting, but still won the party's California and Michigan primaries after doing so.[248][249][250][251] In February 2009, Trump appeared on The Late Show with David Letterman, and spoke about the automotive industry crisis of 2008–10. He said that "instead of asking for money", General Motors "should go into bankruptcy and work that stuff out in a deal".[252] As Trump publicly speculated about seeking the 2012 Republican presidential nomination, a Wall Street Journal/NBC News poll released in March 2011 found Trump leading among potential contenders, one point ahead of former Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney.[253] A Newsweek poll conducted in February 2011 showed Trump within a few points of Barack Obama, with many voters undecided in the November 2012 general election for president of the United States.[254] A poll released in April 2011 by Public Policy Polling showed Trump having a nine-point lead in a potential contest for the Republican nomination for president while he was still actively considering a run.[255][256] His moves were interpreted by some media as possible promotional tools for his reality show The Apprentice.[257][258][259] Trump after speaking at Conservative Political Action Conference in February 2011 Beginning in March 2011, Trump played a major role in publicly questioning President Barack Obama's citizenship and eligibility to serve as President, and promoted the already longstanding and false conspiracy theories claiming that Obama was not born in the US.[260][261][262] Although Obama had released his birth certificate in 2008,[263] Trump echoed demands from conspiracy theorists that Obama disclose a "long form" certificate as well.[260][264] Trump said that he had sent investigators to Hawaii to research the question, but he did not follow up with any findings.[260] He also repeated a debunked allegation that Obama's grandmother said she had witnessed his birth in Kenya.[265][266] When the White House sought to put the matter to rest by releasing Obama's long-form birth certificate,[263] Trump took credit for obtaining the document, saying that he hoped it checked out.[267] His official biography mentions his purported role in forcing Obama's hand,[268] and he defends his pursuit of the issue when prompted. In 2013 he said, "I don't think I went overboard. Actually, I think it made me very popular."[269] When asked in 2015 whether Obama was born in the United States, Trump said he didn't know why Obama wouldn't release his records, and did not want to discuss it further.[270][271] While calling for release of the long form certificate, Trump also called for Obama to release his school records, questioning whether his grades warranted entry into an Ivy League school.[272] In September 2016, Trump acknowledged that Obama was born in the US, and falsely claimed that Hillary Clinton, his opponent in the 2016 US Presidential election, was responsible for rumors to the contrary.[261] Trump's strengths as a potential candidate in the 2012 presidential election included being a businessman, not being a politician, not talking like a politician, and not thinking like a politician.[273] He generally had polled at or below 17 percent among the crowded field of possible Republican candidates.[273] On May 16, 2011, Trump announced he would not run for president in the 2012 election, while also saying he would have won.[257] In 2013, Trump was a featured speaker at the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC).[274] During the lightly attended early-morning speech, Trump said that President Obama gets "unprecedented media protection", he spoke against illegal immigration, and advised against harming Medicare, Medicaid and Social Security.[275][276] Also in 2013, he spent over $1 million to research a possible run for president of the United States.[277] In October 2013, New York Republicans circulated a memo suggesting Trump should run for governor of the state in 2014, against Andrew Cuomo; Trump said in response that while New York had problems and taxes were too high, running for governor was not of great interest to him.[278] He also made statements denying climate change that were discordant with the opinion of the scientific community.[279] In February 2015, Trump opted not to renew his television contract for The Apprentice, generating speculation that he might run for president in 2016.[280] Presidential campaign, 2016 Main article: Donald Trump presidential campaign, 2016 Further information: United States presidential election, 2016; Republican Party presidential candidates, 2016; and Republican Party presidential primaries, 2016 Trump campaigning in Phoenix, Arizona, August 2016 On June 16, 2015, Trump announced his candidacy for President of the United States at Trump Tower in New York City. He drew attention to domestic issues such as illegal immigration, offshoring of American jobs, the U.S. national debt, crime, and Islamic terrorism. He also announced his campaign slogan, "Make America Great Again."[281] Trump runs as a self-described conservative, particularly in fiscal and religious matters. His campaign emphasizes American patriotism, with a disdain for what he refers to as political correctness.[282] [283] Some rallies during the primary season were accompanied by protests or violence, including attacks on protesters inside the rallies, and clashes between protesters and Trump supporters outside the venues.[284][285][286] Trump is the second major-party presidential nominee in American history whose experience comes principally from running a business (Wendell Willkie was the first).[287] If elected, Trump would become the first United States President without prior government or military experience, and the first without prior political experience since Dwight D. Eisenhower. Trump would also be the oldest first-term president; Ronald Reagan was older when he took office for a second term.[288] Republican leaders such as House Speaker Paul Ryan were hesitant to support him early on. They doubted his chances of winning the general election and feared he could harm the image of the Republican Party.[289][290] Trump's run for president has received an unprecedented amount of free media attention.[291] Many of the statements Trump has made during his presidential campaign have been controversial. Others have been described by Politico as "mischaracterizations, exaggerations, or simply false".[292] Fact checking organizations such as PolitiFact and FactCheck.org have singled him out as having made record numbers of false statements during his campaign compared to other candidates, based on the statements they have analyzed.[293][294][295] At least four major publications - Politico, the Washington Post, The New York Times, and the Los Angeles Times - described Trump statements as lies, whoppers, or falsehoods.[296] According to journalists James Oliphant and Emily Flitter, Trump's penchant for exaggerating to voters has roots in the world of New York real estate where he made his fortune, and where hyperbole is a way of life; Trump refers to this as "truthful hyperbole".[297][298] Lucas Graves, a professor at the University of Wisconsin–Madison School of Journalism & Mass Communication, says that Trump often speaks in a suggestive way that makes it unclear what exactly he meant, and Graves adds that fact-checkers "have to be really careful when you pick claims to check to pick things that can be factually investigated and that reflect what the speaker was clearly trying to communicate."[299] Trump says the media has spun his words into things he never meant.[300][301] The New York Times reported in August 2016 that journalistic standards normally prevent mainstream, non-opinion journalists from becoming oppositional against a particular candidate, but says that the Trump campaign is not normal.[302] Primaries Main article: Republican Party presidential primaries, 2016 Trump entered a large field of candidates consisting of 16 other Republican candidates campaigning for the nomination, the largest presidential field in American history.[303] By early 2016, the race had mostly centered on Donald Trump and U.S. Senator Ted Cruz.[304] On Super Tuesday, Trump won the majority of the vote and remained the front-runner throughout the primaries. By March 2016, Trump reached over 50% in national support from Republican primary voters and became poised to win the Republican nomination.[305] After a landslide win in Indiana on May 3, 2016, which prompted the remaining candidates Ted Cruz and John Kasich to suspend their presidential campaigns, RNC Chairman Reince Priebus declared Trump the presumptive Republican nominee.[306] With nearly 14 million votes, Trump broke the all-time record for winning the most primary votes in the history of the Republican Party.[307] General election Main article: United States presidential election, 2016 After becoming the presumptive Republican nominee, Trump's focus shifted to the general election, urging remaining primary voters to "save [their] vote for the general election."[308] Trump began targeting Hillary Clinton, who became the presumptive Democratic nominee on June 6, 2016, and continued to campaign across the country. One month before the Republican National Convention, Secret Service agents thwarted an assassination attempt on Trump by a 20-year-old British man illegally residing in the U.S. during one of his rallies in Las Vegas.[309] Trump accepting the Republican nomination at the RNC, July 2016 Clinton had established a significant lead in national polls over Trump throughout most of 2016. In early July, Clinton's lead narrowed in national polling averages following the FBI's conclusion of its investigation into her ongoing email controversy.[310][311][312] FBI Director James Comey concluded Clinton had been "extremely careless" in her handling of classified government material.[313] On July 15, 2016, Trump announced Indiana Governor Mike Pence as his running mate.[314] Trump and Pence were officially nominated by the Republican Party on July 19, 2016, at the Republican National Convention.[315] The list of convention speakers and attendees included former presidential nominee Bob Dole but the other prior nominees did not attend, though John McCain endorsed Trump prior to the convention.[316][317] Two days later, Trump officially accepted the nomination in a 76-minute speech inspired by Richard Nixon's 1968 acceptance speech.[318] The historically long speech was watched by nearly 35 million people and received mixed reviews, with net negative viewer reactions according to CNN and Gallup polls.[319][320][321] In late July, Trump came close to Clinton in national polls following a 3 to 4 percentage point convention bounce, in line with the average bounce in conventions since 2004, although it was toward the small side by historical standards.[322] Following Clinton's 7 percent convention bounce, she extended her lead significantly in national polls at the start of August.[323][324] A medical report by his doctor, Harold Borstein M.D., showed that Trump's blood pressure, liver and thyroid function were in normal range.[325][326] Trump says that he has never smoked cigarettes or marijuana, or consumed other drugs.[327] He does not drink alcohol.[328][329][330] He also has germaphobic tendencies, and prefers not to shake hands.[331] In September 2016, Trump discussed his health on the The Dr. Oz Show.[332] Trump has declined to publicly release any of his full tax returns.[333] Former Republican Presidential candidate Mitt Romney is among those who have questioned Trump's purported wealth and his unwillingness to release his tax returns, suggesting Trump might be wary of revealing a potential electoral "bombshell".[334][335][336][337] Trump responded by disclosing the existence of the ongoing audit.[338][339][340] Trump says he will not yet release records for audited years that he had "passed" because such records "mesh" and "interrelate" with current disputed IRS filings. High-income individuals are audited more frequently than the average taxpayer, but it is unusual for an individual to be audited for several consecutive years.[338][341][342] When asked by journalist George Stephanopoulos if he would reveal his tax rate, Trump replied: "It's none of your business, you'll see it when I release. But I fight very hard to pay as little tax as possible".[342][343][344] If he does not release his tax returns before the November 2016 election, he would be the first major party candidate since Gerald Ford in 1976 not to do so.[345] During Congressional hearings of IRS commissioner John Koskinen in September 2016, Koskinen was asked by Jerry Nadler, a Democratic representative from New York, if "there (is) anything that would prohibit someone from releasing their tax returns, if they want to, because they're under audit?". Koskinen's answer was "no".[346] Tax attorneys differ about whether such a release is wise legal strategy.[347][348] First presidential debate On September 26, 2016, Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton faced off in the first presidential debate at Hofstra University in Hempstead, NY. Lester Holt, Anchor, NBC News was the moderator.[349] This was the most watched presidential debate in United States history.[350] Political positions Main article: Political positions of Donald Trump Trump's political positions are widely described by the media as "populist".[351][352] He has described his political positions in various and often contradictory ways over time.[222][353] Trump himself says "I have evolved on many issues. There are some issues that are very much the same, I've been constant on many issues. But I have evolved on certain issues."[354] PolitiFact wrote that it is difficult to determine Trump's stance on issues, given his frequent changes in position and "his penchant for using confusing, vague and even contradictory language".[355] Politifact counted at least 17 times when Trump said something and then denied having said it.[356] Trump and his running mate, Indiana Governor Mike Pence, July 2016 Social issues Trump describes himself as pro-life and opposes abortion with exceptions for rape, incest, and the health of the mother.[357] The Susan B. Anthony List, an anti-abortion group, praised Trump's list of potential Supreme Court nominees as "exceptionally strong," while the abortion-rights group NARAL Pro-Choice America called the candidates on the list "a woman's worst nightmare."[358] Trump has stated that he supports "traditional marriage".[359] He opposes the 2015 Obergefell v. Hodges Supreme Court ruling that legalized same-sex marriage nationwide,[359][360][361] saying he thinks the decision should be left to the states.[360] He would "strongly consider" appointing Supreme Court justices that would overturn the ruling.[362] Trump supports a broad interpretation of the Second Amendment and says he is opposed to gun control in general,[363] although his views have shifted over time.[364] He supports fixing the federal background check system so that criminal and mental health records are always put into the system.[365] Trump opposes legalizing recreational marijuana but supports legalizing medical marijuana.[366] Trump favors capital punishment.[367][368] Economic issues Trump's campaign's tax plan calls for reducing the corporate tax rate to 15%, concurrent with the elimination of various business loopholes and deductions.[369] Personal income taxes would also be reduced; the top rate would be reduced from 39.6% to 25%, a large "zero bracket" would be created, and the alternative minimum tax would be eliminated, as would the estate tax (which currently applies to individual estates over $5.45 million or $10.90 million per married couple).[370] Trump's comments about the minimum wage have been inconsistent:[371][372][373] he has said that a low minimum wage is good;[374] that the minimum wage should not be raised;[375][376][377] that the minimum wage should be raised;[378][379] that he would like an increase, but the states should do the increasing;[380][381] that he is against any federal minimum wage floor;[382] and that he is in favor of a $10 federal minimum wage, but "let the states make the deal".[383] Trump identifies as a "free trader", but says that trade must be "reasonably fair", and has described supporters of international trade deals that are good for other countries but not good for the United States as "blood suckers".[384][385][386] He has often been referred to as "protectionist".[387][388][389][390][391] He says NAFTA has been the "worst trade deal in history", and would as president either renegotiate or break the NAFTA agreement.[392][393] He opposes the proposed Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP).[394] Trump proposes to raise tariffs on Chinese exports to the United States by 45%, and has raised the idea of placing 35% tariffs on Mexican exports to the United States.[395][396] Trump has called the World Trade Organization (WTO) a "disaster",[397] and favors renegotiating or leaving the WTO unless it allows his proposed tariff increases.[398] Healthcare, education and environment Trump favors repealing and replacing the Affordable Care Act ("Obamacare") with a different free-market plan that would allow health insurance to be sold across state lines, enable individuals to deduct health insurance premiums, expand health savings accounts, and give more control of Medicaid to the states.[399] He has voiced support for a single-payer healthcare system in the past, but distanced himself from the idea during his 2016 campaign.[400] Trump favors getting rid of backlogs and waitlists that are the focus of the Veterans Health Administration scandal, and believes that Veterans Affairs facilities need to be upgraded.[401] Trump has stated his support for school choice and local control for primary and secondary schools.[402] He opposes the Common Core State Standards Initiative for primary and secondary schools,[403] and has called Common Core "a disaster" that must be ended.[404] He has stated he would abolish all or part of the Department of Education.[405] Trump rejects the scientific consensus on climate change,[406][407] repeatedly contending that global warming is a "hoax."[359][408] Trump has said that the EPA is a "disgrace" and has promised to cut its budget.[409] He has pledged to "cancel the Paris Climate Agreement", which calls for reductions in carbon emissions in more than 170 countries, claiming it treats the United States unfairly and gives favorable treatment to countries like China.[410] Foreign policy Trump has been described as non-interventionalist[411][412] and nationalist.[413] He supports increasing United States military defense spending,[413] but favors decreasing United States spending on NATO and in the Pacific region.[414] He says America should look inward, stop "nation building", and re-orient its resources toward domestic needs.[412] He questions whether he, as president, would automatically extend security guarantees to NATO members,[415] and suggests that he might leave NATO unless changes are made to the alliance.[416] Trump has called for Japan to pay for the costs of American troops stationed there and that it might need to develop nuclear weapons in order to protect itself from North Korea.[394][417] Trump and former governor of Alaska, Sarah Palin, January 2016 In terms of confronting ISIS, Trump called for sending 20,000 to 30,000 US troops to the region,[222][418][419] a position he retracted.[420] He has since argued that regional allies of the US, such as Saudi Arabia should provide troops in the fight.[421] He also believes that oil fields in ISIS-controlled areas should be bombed.[421] He supports the use of waterboarding, a form of torture, and has said he'd "bring back a hell of a lot worse".[422][423] Trump would as president dismantle the international nuclear agreement with Iran.[424] Regarding the Israeli–Palestinian conflict, Trump has stated the importance of being a neutral party during potential negotiations, while also having stated that he is "a big fan of Israel."[425] He supports Israeli settlement construction in the West Bank.[426] In 2002, when asked whether he supported invading Iraq, Trump responded, "Yeah, I guess so", and added "I wish the first time it was done correctly" in reference to the Gulf War of 1990–1991.[427][428][429] Trump discussed the matter further during an interview with Neil Cavuto, two months prior to the March 2003 invasion.[429][430][431] Trump publicly referred to the war as a "mess" within a week after it began, and by 2004 he said he was opposed to it.[428] Since 2004, he has repeatedly criticized the war, especially during his 2016 presidential campaign.[432][433][434][435] During his 2016 Presidential campaign, Trump has repeatedly and falsely claimed that he opposed the Iraq War even before it was launched.[427][429][436] Trump has at times during his presidential campaign stated that the Afghanistan War was a mistake, and at other times stated that it was necessary.[437] He supports keeping a limited number of United States troops there.[437] Trump was a strong supporter of the 2011 military intervention in Libya at the time.[438][439] He has since then reversed his position several times, saying finally in June 2016 that he would have supported "surgical" bombing against Gaddafi.[438][439][440] Trump would consider recognizing Crimea as Russian territory and lifting sanctions on Russia.[441][442] He added that Russia could help the United States in fighting ISIS militants.[443] In the same interview, Trump stated that he hoped Russia would unearth Hillary Clinton's missing emails from her time as Secretary of State, saying: "Russia, if you're listening, I hope you're able to find the 30,000 emails that are missing."[444][445][446][447] The next day, Trump stated that his comment was sarcastic.[448] Immigration policies Trump's immigration policies have been among his most highly discussed policies during the campaign. Some of his proposals have come under scrutiny by several experts on immigration who question the effectiveness and affordability of his plans.[449][450] Trump vows to build a substantial wall on the Mexico–United States border to keep out illegal immigrants, a wall which Trump promises Mexico will pay for.[451][452] Trump would also create a "deportation force" to deport around 11 million people illegally residing in the U.S., stating "Day 1 of my presidency, [illegal immigrants] are getting out and getting out fast."[453] Trump opposes birthright citizenship.[454] In late August 2016, Trump hinted he might soften his position calling for the deportation of all undocumented immigrants.[455][456] On August 31, 2016, he made a visit to Mexico and met with Mexican President Enrique Peña Nieto, saying he wanted to build relations with the country.[457] However, in a major speech later that night, Trump laid out a 10-point plan reaffirming his hardline positions, including building a wall along the Mexican border to be paid for by Mexico, potentially deporting "anyone who has entered the United States illegally," denying legal status to such people unless they leave the country and apply for re-entry, and creating a deportation task force.[458] He said the focus of the task force would be criminals, those who have overstayed their visas, and other "security threats".[459] One of Trump's most controversial proposals was his original proposal in 2015 for a "total and complete" temporary ban on foreign Muslims entering the United States.[460][461][462] Trump later changed his position in 2016 by stating that the temporary ban would apply only to people originating from countries with a "proven history of terrorism against the United States or its allies", or countries "compromised by terrorism".[463][463][464][465][466][467] Trump characterized this as an expansion, not rollback, of his original proposal.[468] Comments about fringe theories According to political writer Steve Benen, unlike past political leaders, Trump has not kept fringe theories and their supporters at arm's length.[469] Political writer Jack Shafer says that Trump may be a "fairly conventional American populist when it comes to his policy views", but he has a revolutionary ability to attract free media attention, sometimes by making outrageous comments.[470][471] Although Trump initially refused to discuss his past comments on Obama's proof of citizenship during the campaign, later in the campaign he said that Obama was born in the U.S.[472][473] In the past, Trump has also alluded to the theory that President Obama is secretly a Muslim,[474][475] discussed the unfounded notion that vaccine doses cause autism if administered too quickly in succession,[476][477] and the conspiracy theory that former Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia might not have died of natural causes but was murdered.[478] He repeated a National Enquirer allegation that Rafael Cruz, father of Ted Cruz, may have been involved in the assassination of John F. Kennedy.[479] Personal life Family At a 2016 campaign event, from left: son-in-law Jared, eldest daughter Ivanka, Trump, wife Melania, daughter-in-law Lara, and second-eldest son Eric Trump has had three marriages, has five children, and has eight grandchildren.[480][481] His first two marriages ended in divorces that were publicized in the tabloid media.[482] Trump married his first wife, Czech model Ivana Zelníčková, on April 7, 1977, at the Marble Collegiate Church in Manhattan.[483] They had three children: son Donald Jr. (born December 31, 1977), daughter Ivanka (born October 30, 1981), and son Eric (born January 6, 1984). Donald Jr., Ivanka, and Eric now serve as executive vice presidents of the Trump Organization.[484] Ivana became a naturalized United States citizen in 1988.[485] Trump has been nicknamed "The Donald" since Ivana referred to him as such in a 1989 Spy magazine cover story.[486][487] By early 1990, Trump's troubled marriage to Ivana and affair with actress Marla Maples had been reported in the tabloid press.[488][489][490] Ivana Trump was granted an uncontested divorce in 1991, on the grounds that Trump's treatment of her, such as his affair with Maples, had been "cruel and inhuman".[491][492] In 1992, he successfully sued Ivana for violating a gag clause in their divorce agreement by disclosing facts about him in her book.[493][494][495] In 2015, Ivana said that she and Donald "are the best of friends".[496] Maples gave birth to their daughter Tiffany on October 13, 1993. They married two months later on December 20, 1993.[497] The couple formally separated in May 1997,[498] with their divorce finalized in June 1999.[499][500] With wife Melania at a 2016 campaign event In 1998, Trump began a relationship with Slovenian-born model Melania Knauss, who became his third wife.[501][502] They were engaged in April 2004[503] and were married on January 22, 2005, at Bethesda-by-the-Sea Episcopal Church, on the island of Palm Beach, Florida, followed by a reception at Trump's Mar-a-Lago estate.[504][505][506] In 2006, Melania became a naturalized United States citizen.[502] In March 2006, she gave birth to their son, whom they named Barron William Trump.[507][508] (Trump had previously used the pseudonym "John Baron" or "Barron" in some business deals and for other purposes.[46][509][510]) Having heard the language since his birth, Barron is fluent in Slovenian.[511] In a February 2009 interview on ABC's news program Nightline, Trump commented that his love for his business had made it difficult for his first two wives to compete with his affection for work.[512] Trump's brother, Fred Jr., predeceased their father Fred, and, shortly after the latter died in 1999, Fred III's[clarification needed] wife gave birth to a son with serious medical problems. Trump and his family offered to pay the medical bills through Fred Sr.'s company (Fred Sr. freely provided medical coverage to his family through his company for decades).[513] Fred III then sued the family for allegedly having used "undue influence" on a dementia-stricken Fred Sr. to get Fred III and his sister Mary a reduced share from their grandfather's will, but Trump attributed the reduced share to his father's dislike of Fred III's mother, and Trump stopped the aid for Fred III's son. The aid was resumed by court order pending outcome of the lawsuit, which was then settled.[514][515] Religious views Trump is a Presbyterian.[516] He has said that he began going to church at the First Presbyterian Church in the Jamaica neighborhood in Queens as a child.[517] Trump attended Sunday school and had his confirmation at that church.[517] In an April 2011 interview on the 700 Club, he commented: "I'm a Protestant, I'm a Presbyterian. And you know I've had a good relationship with the church over the years. I think religion is a wonderful thing. I think my religion is a wonderful religion."[518][519] Trump told a 2015 South Carolina campaign audience he attends Marble Collegiate Church, where he married his first wife Ivana in 1977. Marble has said that, though Trump has a longstanding history with the church, he is a Presbyterian and not an active member of Marble.[517][nb 2] Trump has said that although he participates in Holy Communion, he has not asked God for forgiveness for his sins. He stated, "I think if I do something wrong, I think, I just try and make it right. I don't bring God into that picture."[520] In 1983, the Reverend Norman Vincent Peale, described in a New York Times profile as Trump's "pastor" and "family minister", said that Trump was "kindly and courteous in certain business negotiations and has a profound streak of honest humility."[13] Trump calls his own book The Art of the Deal (1987) "my second favorite book of all time," and has told campaign audiences: "Do you know what my first is? The Bible! Nothing beats the Bible."[521][522] Declining to name his favorite Bible verse, Trump said "I don't like giving that out to people that you hardly know."[517] Trump maintains relationships with several prominent national Evangelical Protestant and other Christian leaders, including Tony Perkins and Ralph E. Reed Jr.[523] During his 2016 presidential campaign, he received a blessing from Greek Orthodox priest Emmanuel Lemelson.[524] Trump has ties to the Jewish-American community.[525] At an Algemeiner Journal awards ceremony honoring him with the Algemeiner Liberty Award, he was asked about having Jewish grandchildren. In reference to daughter Ivanka, who converted to Judaism before her marriage to Jared Kushner, Trump said: "Not only do I have Jewish grandchildren, I have a Jewish daughter; and I am very honored by that ... it wasn't in the plan but I am very glad it happened."[526] Controversy involving the Pope In February 2016, while on his way home following a visit to Mexico, Pope Francis said the following when asked about Trump: A person who thinks only about building walls—wherever they may be—and not building bridges, is not Christian. ...I'd just say that this man [Trump] is not Christian if he said it this way. ...We must see if he said things in that way and in this I give the benefit of the doubt.[527] Trump responded that it was "disgraceful" for the Pope to question his faith, suggesting that the Mexican government was "using the Pope as a pawn" for political purposes, "because they want to continue to rip off the United States."[528][529] Trump added that "if and when" Islamic State attacks the Vatican, the Pope would have "wished and prayed" Trump were President because under his leadership such an attack would not happen.[529] The following day, Director of the Holy See Press Office Federico Lombardi insisted that the Pope was not launching an attack on Trump nor trying to sway voters by declaring that someone who advocates building walls isn't Christian.[530][531] After the clarification by Lombardi, Trump retracted his criticism of the Pope.[532] Donald J. Trump Foundation Main article: Donald J. Trump Foundation The Donald J. Trump Foundation is a U.S.-based private foundation[533] established in 1988 for the initial purpose of giving away proceeds from the book Trump: The Art of the Deal by Trump and Tony Schwartz.[534][535] The foundation's funds mostly come from donors other than Trump,[536] who has not given personally to the charity since 2008.[536] The top donors to the foundation from 2004 to 2014 were Vince and Linda McMahon of World Wrestling Entertainment, who donated $5 million to the foundation after Trump appeared at WrestleMania in 2007.[536] The foundation's tax returns show that it has given to healthcare and sports-related charities, as well as conservative groups.[537] In 2009, for example, the foundation gave $926,750 to about 40 groups, with the biggest donations going to the Arnold Palmer Medical Center Foundation ($100,000), the New York Presbyterian Hospital ($125,000), the Police Athletic League ($156,000), and the Clinton Foundation ($100,000).[538][539] Starting in 2016 the Washington Post began reporting on how the foundation raised and granted money. The Post uncovered several potential legal and ethical violations, such as alleged self-dealing and possible tax evasion.[540] The New York State Attorney General is investigating the foundation "to make sure it is complying with the laws governing charities in New York."[541][542] A Trump spokesman called the investigation a "partisan hit job".[541] On 3 October, 2016, the attorney general office for New York formally notified Trump that the Trump Foundation was in violation of New York laws regarding charities and ordered it to immediately cease its fundraising activities.[543] Other relationships Trump allegedly dated models such as Carla Bruni in the early 1990s,[544][545] and Kara Young from the mid to late 1990s.[546] He allegedly "bombarded" Princess Diana with expensive flowers after her 1996 divorce from Prince Charles,[547] and has said that he would have liked to have courted that "genuine princess".[509][548] On The Howard Stern Show in 1997, Trump discussed with Stern the risk of getting diseases from dating, and agreed with Stern's characterization of dating as Trump's "personal Vietnam".[549][550] Trump said he felt "like a great and very brave soldier", but added, "This is better than Vietnam".[549][551] Appearances in popular culture Even before Trump's very highly publicized presidential campaign that began in 2015, he appeared many times in popular culture. Since 1986, he has been depicted in the Doonesbury comic strip by Garry Trudeau[552][553] prompting an unfavorable response from Trump.[554] Since 1988, Trump and members of his family have been parodied on Saturday Night Live, and he hosted the show twice, in April 2004 and November 2015.[555][556] He played himself as the Plaza Hotel owner in a cameo appearance in the 1992 movie Home Alone 2: Lost in New York.[557] You've Been Trumped (2011), a documentary film by Anthony Baxter, follows Trump's efforts to develop a Scottish golf resort.[558][559][560] When it was announced that the documentary was to premiere on BBC Two television in the UK, on October 21, 2012,[561] Trump's lawyers contacted the BBC to demand that the film should not be shown, claiming it was defamatory and misleading. The screening went ahead, with the BBC defending the decision and stating that Trump had refused the opportunity to take part in the film.[562] When in 2011, the rapper Mac Miller released his song titled, "Donald Trump", about becoming as rich as its namesake, Trump requested royalties from the song for using his name, starting a feud between himself and Miller.[563] In February 2016, Funny or Die released a parody film called Donald Trump's The Art of the Deal: The Movie.[564] On The Late Show with Stephen Colbert, Colbert frequently featured a caricature of Trump, called "Cartoon Donald Trump".[565] On Jimmy Kimmel Live!, Kimmel featured his two Dr. Seuss-like books: Winners Aren't Losers and its sequel Winners Still Aren't Losers, when Trump was the guest star. On both occasions, Kimmel read the books out loud to Trump, and had Trump read the last word.[566] On the HBO series Last Week Tonight with John Oliver, John Oliver referred to Donald Trump as "Donald Drumpf" in an episode that aired February 28, 2016.[567][568] In June 2016, Andrew Shaffer wrote The Day of the Donald, a satirical book that imagines Trump winning the election and becoming the 45th president and discusses his second year as president.[569] Further legal matters Further information: Legal affairs of Donald Trump An analysis by USA Today, published in June 2016, found that over the previous three decades, Trump and his businesses had been involved in 3,500 legal cases in U.S. federal courts and state courts, an unprecedented number for a U.S. presidential candidate.[570] Of the 3,500 suits, mostly in the casino industry, Trump or one of his companies was the plaintiff in 1,900; defendant in 1,450; and third party, filer of bankruptcy, or other in 150.[570] Trump was named in at least 169 suits in federal court.[571] Although litigation over contract disputes and other matters is common in the real estate industry,[572] USA Today's 2016 analysis found that Trump had been involved in legal disputes more than Edward J. DeBartolo Jr., Donald Bren, Stephen M. Ross, Sam Zell, and Larry Silverstein combined. In about 500 cases, judges dismissed plaintiffs' claims against Trump. In hundreds more, cases ended with the available public record unclear about the resolution.[570] Where there was a clear resolution, he has won 451 times, and lost 38, but in many cases "the public records available were unclear about the resolution".[573] Trump as plaintiff or defendant 1980s In 1985, Trump was sued for allegedly trying to force out tenants to enable demolition,[574] but the matter was settled and the demolition cancelled.[575] In 1988, Trump paid $750,000 to settle the civil penalties in an antitrust lawsuit stemming from stock purchases.[576] 1990s In 1991, a business analyst predicted that the Trump Taj Mahal would soon fail, and he then lost his job; the analyst sued Trump for allegedly having an unlawful role in the firing, and that matter was settled confidentially out of court.[577] After a helicopter crashed, killing three executives of his New Jersey hotel casino business, Trump sued the manufacturers,[578] and that case was dismissed.[579] Trump Plaza was fined $200,000 for moving African-American and female employees away from a racist and sexist gambler to accommodate him, but Trump was not evidently investigated, nor held personally liable, and said he would not even recognize that gambler.[580] In 1991, Trump's father, Fred Trump, made an unlawful loan to Trump's Castle to help it make a mortgage payment, and the casino was required to pay a $30,000 fine, but his son was not penalized.[581] In 1993, Trump sued his business partner Jay Pritzker for allegedly collecting excessive fees, and the matter was settled.[582][583][584] Boarding house owner Vera Coking sued for damage during construction of an adjacent casino, and later dropped the suit against Trump while settling with his contractor; she also prevailed against Trump and other developers in an eminent domain case.[585][586][587] In 1997, Donald Trump and rival Atlantic City casino owner Stephen Wynn engaged in an extended legal conflict during the planning phase of new casinos Wynn had proposed to build, and the cases were settled.[588][589][590] 2000s In 2000, Trump was charged with lobbying for government rejection of proposed casinos that would compete with his casinos, and he paid $250,000 to settle resulting fines.[591][592] The charges related to a proposed Native American-run casino in the Catskills, New York, which would have competed with three of Trump's casinos in Atlantic City.[593] When the Securities and Exchange Commission charged one of his companies with poor financial reporting, Trump's attorney said the culprit had been dismissed, and that Trump had personally been unaware of the matter.[594][595][596] Following litigation with Leona Helmsley that started in the 1990s regarding control of the Empire State Building,[597][598] Trump in 2002 sold his share in that building to rivals of Helmsley's.[599][600] In 2004 Trump sued former business partner Richard Fields for allegedly saying he still consulted for Trump. Fields counter-sued,[601][602][603][604][605] and the lawsuit was dismissed.[606] The town of Palm Beach, Florida, fined Trump for building an 80-foot (24-meter) pole for the American flag at his Mar-a-Lago property. Trump then sued, and a settlement required him to donate $100,000 to veterans' charities, while the town agreed to let him enroll out-of-towners in his social club and permitted a 10-foot shorter flagpole elsewhere on his lawn.[607] When the California city of Rancho Palos Verdes thwarted luxury home development on a landslide-prone area owned by Trump, he sued,[608] and the city agreed to permit extensions for some 20 more proposed luxury homes.[609][610] Trump sued a law firm he had used, Morrison Cohen, for using his name, for providing news links at its website, and for charging excessive fees,[73] after which the firm halved the fees, and the court ruled that the links were allowable.[611] In 2009, Trump was sued by investors in the canceled Trump Ocean Resort Baja Mexico;[612] Trump said he had merely been a spokesperson,[612][613] and he settled the lawsuit for an undisclosed amount.[614] Trump International Hotel and Tower in Chicago In 2004, the Trump Organization licensed the Trump brand to a hotel and condo project in Fort Lauderdale scheduled to open in 2007,[134] but delays in construction and the bursting of the U.S. real estate bubble led Trump to withdraw his name from the deal in 2009,[134] after which the project defaulted, investors sued,[615] and Trump was caught in the ongoing lawsuits because he had participated in advertising.[134][616] Trump personally guaranteed $40 million to secure a $640 million loan for Trump International Hotel and Tower in Chicago. When Deutsche Bank tried to collect it, Trump sued the bank for harming the project and his reputation,[617] and the bank then agreed to extend the loan term by five years.[618] 2010s In 2015, Trump's claim that the Scottish Government improperly approved a wind-farm project near his golf course and planned hotel was rejected by the Supreme Court of the United Kingdom, following a lengthy legal battle.[619] In July 2015, Trump sued the former Miss Pennsylvania, Sheena Monnin, after she alleged that the Miss USA 2012 pageant was rigged.[620] A federal judge upheld the settlement, obliging her to pay Trump $5 million.[620][621][622] Trump sued Palm Beach County for pressuring the FAA to direct air traffic over his home.[623] He also sued chefs Geoffrey Zakarian and José Andrés; the latter said there was no merit in Trump's allegation that the chef backed out of a deal at the Old Post Office Pavilion.[624][625][626][627] Trump sued the town of Ossining, New York, over the property tax valuation on his golf course there,[628][629] after separately being sued for modifying a drainage system that allegedly damaged a library, public pool, and park facilities.[629] In connection with a Trump presidential campaign event at Trump Tower in New York City, five men sued Trump, whose security staff allegedly punched one of them.[630][631] Deborah Garcia, a restaurant worker at Trump SoHo in New York City, filed a lawsuit in 2015 claiming that Trump, his daughter, ivanka, and his son, Donald Trump Jr., illegally withheld tips from employees. The Trump Hotel said in a statement that Garcia never worked for it but rather for a third-party contractor.[632][needs update] Campaign contributions According to a New York state report, Trump circumvented corporate and personal campaign donation limits in the 1980s—although no laws were broken—by donating money to candidates from 18 different business subsidiaries, rather than donating primarily in his own name.[633][634] Trump told investigators he did so on the advice of his lawyers. He also said the contributions were not to curry favor with business-friendly candidates, but simply to satisfy requests from friends.[633][635] Distinctions Trump receiving the 2015 Marine Corps–Law Enforcement Foundation's annual Commandent's Leadership Award in recognition of his contributions to American military education programs. Trump's star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame 2016. TIME "The 100 Most Influential People"[636] 2015. Key to the City of Doral, Florida[637][638] 2015. Marine Corps–Law Enforcement Foundation Commandant's Leadership Award[639] 2015. New Jersey Boxing Hall of Fame[640] 2015. The Algemeiner Liberty Award for contributions to U.S.–Israel relations.[641] 2013. WWE Hall of Fame[642] 2012. Honorary doctorate of business, Liberty University[643][644] 2010. NY Ride of Fame[645] 2010. Trump was awarded an honorary doctorate of business administration by Robert Gordon University.[646] The degree was revoked on December 9, 2015, because Trump had made statements that the university deemed "wholly incompatible" with its "ethos and values."[647] 2007. Muhammad Ali Entrepreneur Award[648] 2007. Star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame[649][650] 1995. Gaming Hall of Fame[651] 1990. Golden Raspberry Award for Worst Supporting Actor for his role in Ghosts Can't Do It[652] 1983. Israel's Tree of Life award for outstanding contributions to Israel-United States relations[653] See also Bibliography of Donald Trump Donald Trump pseudonyms Republican Party presidential debates and forums, 2016 Results of the Republican Party presidential primaries, 2016 Notes Jump up ^ His external entrepreneurial and investment ventures include Trump Financial (a mortgage firm), Trump Sales and Leasing (residential sales), Trump International Realty (a residential and commercial real estate brokerage firm), The Trump Entrepreneur Initiative (a for profit business education company, formerly called the Trump University), Trump Restaurants (located in Trump Tower and consisting of Trump Buffet, Trump Catering, Trump Ice Cream Parlor, and Trump Bar), GoTrump (an online travel search engine[136][137][138]), Select By Trump (a line of coffee drinks),[139] Trump Drinks (an energy drink for the Israeli and Palestinian markets)[140][141][142][143] Donald J. Trump Signature Collection (a line of menswear, men's accessories, and watches), Donald Trump The Fragrance (2004), SUCCESS by Donald Trump (a second fragrance launched by The Trump Organization and the Five Star Fragrance Company released in March 2012), Trump Ice bottled water, the former Trump Magazine,[144][145] Trump Golf, Trump Chocolate, Trump Home (home furnishings),[146] Trump Productions (a television production company), Trump Institute, Trump: The Game (1989 board game with a 2005 re-release version tied to The Apprentice),[137] Donald Trump's Real Estate Tycoon (a business simulation game), Trump Books, Trump Model Management, Trump Shuttle, Trump Mortgage, Trump Network (a multi-level vitamin, cosmetic, and urinalysis marketing company),[147][148] Trump Vodka,[146][149][150] Trump Steakhouse[136][151] and Trump Steaks.[137] In addition, Trump reportedly received $1.5 million for each one-hour presentation he did for The Learning Annex.[152] Trump also endorsed ACN Inc., a multi-level marketing telecommunications company. He has spoken at ACN International Training Events at which he praised the company's founders, business model and video phone.[153] He earned a total $1.35 million for three speeches given for the company, amounting to $450,000 per speech.[154] Jump up ^ The Marble Collegiate Church is a part of the Reformed Church in America, which is Mainline Reformed and not necessarily Presbyterian. Though Trump is not a member of this particular denomination, the congregation welcomes everybody. He was confirmed at the First Presbyterian Church, which belongs to the Presbyterian Church (USA). Since he travels a lot, Trump has attended various Reformed churches, regardless of their denomination. References Jump up ^ Gillin, Joshua (August 24, 2015). "Bush says Trump was a Democrat longer than a Republican 'in the last decade'". PolitiFact. Retrieved October 21, 2015. Jump up ^ "Donald Trump Profile". Forbes. Retrieved September 28, 2016. Jump up ^ Blair, Gwenda (August 24, 2015). 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The event that has affected me is Donald Trump running for president. He is deplorable. I wouldn't let my students watch the debates. He is the worst example. I am obsessed with him not becoming our president.

The Black Lives Matter movement has had a profound impact on me. I am really interested in areas of social justice, and I have been awakened to a number of issues I didn't understand before. I am now reading the New Jim Crow, and I will never see our criminal justice system the same way again.

Having the luxury of being an isolated American, not much in the world really impacts me. Certainly, I am horrified at the Syrian refugee crisis (something that came up in last year's 10Q and is still here, sadly enough). I'm also hugely saddened by the course of this US election and what it's revealed about 40ish percent of our country. More school shootings that no one cares about. It all really makes me want to move to Canada, despite the cold. But of course I'm trapped in my real life, unable, really, to make changes big or small. (But first world problems, right?)

Donald Trump winning the Republican nomination has had a major impact on me as I prepare to bring our daughter into the world. I am shocked and saddened and appalled at the hate and disrespect he perpetuates, the way he thinks and talks about women and minorities and non-Christians, his ideas on foreign policy, etc. I think that I am disturbed by all of this not because one man spews this vitriol but because millions of Americans agree with it. Because it feels like the United States and maybe even the world is becoming a more negative place. More hate. More discrimination. It feels like we are moving backwards in so many ways, especially as it relates to women and minorities. I want to raise my kids to be strong and self confident and independent thinkers who are kind and generous and loving. I don't want them to be discriminated against because of their sex, their future sexual orientation, they way they look. I want the whole world for them, but not the one we're moving towards today.

Bernie Sanders run for the Presidency affected me in a good way; although he didn't win the Primary, it was heartening to see that someone was brave enough to challenge the status quo, the corporatism that has taken over the U.S. The CUBS! Almost forgot! This is exciting. They are in the playoffs, and have won over 100 games this season. Major event for those of us Chicago natives.

I lovingly described 2015 as "the year of shouting," pointing towards good, just people who are becoming prominently vocal about injustice in the world for minority or polarized groups- women, non-whites, non-christians, animals, etc. I'd say an "event" that has shocked me, angered me, broken me was the shooting in Orlando. How one person could carry such hate and go into that space and take lives from this world. I was enjoying brunch that day- enjoying brunch- and saw the report on the news and just could not stop crying. The number kept climbing of those who died. Dancing at a nightclub, expressing themselves, among those they loved, able to be free in a world that shunned them already. I was angry that the barrage of white men appearing on media pointed towards terrorism and islam. I was angry with how easy this country makes it to get a gun. I was angry thinking about how many people who felt close knit to the situation were calling chaplains, psychologists and psychiatrists, professors, parents, etc. to try and get answers in a climate that provides them for no one. I'm still angry, angry that this happens enough where we can move on from it, angry that a man is running for President trying to strip rights of LGBTQ communities when they've lived through this and came back stronger, angry that it took until 2015 to grant universal marriage in America and there was such pushback still. I'm angry that I have to not think about it to stay sane, but that means I'm more likely to forget. I'm just angry all the way through. I'm angry that the world pushes us to move on. There is no moving on without deep thought and desire to change.

The EU referendum result, without a shadow of a doubt. And to answer this question today (5/10/16) is even more timely. The whole campaign was disgusting, the result was horrifying, and the path of UK politics since has been terrifying. I hear the rise and rise of hate speech, and all I can feel is fear for the future. I am so, so fearful inside. It's this gripping vise of tension in my chest that makes the panic rise, makes the frustration rise, makes the confusion rise, makes the fear rise. I don't know what to do about any of it. I feel so helpless, and that's the worst thing about it. I just don't know what to do. This country doesn't feel like one I want to live in, or even be associated with. Quite a few people I know are questioning even being here too. Friends are what make me want to stay, but if they started leaving, is this really a place I'd be tied to anymore? I've always been partly afraid of living abroad because of the fear of loneliness, of knowing first hand what that struggle is like. So I've never felt the need or desire to live anywhere else. I thought this was a good place and could be a happy place, but I question that very basic assumption now. This whole outcome and what's spilling out of it has made me question the most fundamental things about this place I call home. I don't want to be associated with Britain. I don't know that I want to be British. It doesn't feel like something to be proud of anymore, something positive, something covetable. It feels like something to be ashamed of, to keep quiet, to apologise for. It feels dirty and alien and unkind and cruel. It feels nigh-on evil. I don't want to live surrounded by evil, bare hatred, permitted prejudice, encouraged violence. And that's what it's beginning to feel like, has been feeling like these past six months. Before it felt like something under the surface, underground, unpermitted, condemned – now it feels like something vindicated, condoned, allowed, given air to breathe. And breathe it does, like a nightmarish monster from a dystopian fairytale where evil has control and good never wins. How did we get here? How are we like this? How can we stop it? A year from now things could change so much. I can barely hope that would be for the better. I see no power big enough to overcome the nastiness, to even stand up to it. I feel so powerless as one individual, even though I know there are millions like me. How do we even link together? How can we make that happen? How can we connect and converge and coordinate and turn this hideous storyline around? I worry about what this means for Britain, for 'my country' (eugh). And I worry about what it means for my life, for my friendships, for my relationship. Has everything I've built up reached its peak and the only way is down now? What the hell will my life look like a year from now? I have to stay positive about that unknown, remember that I have a lot of power to take control of myself, even when the bigger picture is out of my hands. But it's hard. It's so hard. There's the unknown of me that maybe I can handle. But the uncertainty of everyone? That feels overwhelming. I'm scared. I'm scared about where we've already reached and where this might be going. I want to look around me in a year's time and see a path out of this, to see some positive power we can hold in our hands and do something with. But I have such enormous doubts about our ability to do that. Such enormous doubts and fears.

The most obvious seems like the election - also brexit. Lots of stupid people being allowed to make very important decisions that impact the many.

This year i feel like i have been living in a cave, where i hear that things are going on outside but for some reason i am numb to them and care less than ever before. The only thing that comes to mind as actually impacting me is 'Brexit'. The week that Britain chose to leave the EU was scary, as i felt a big divide between the country and there was a lot of anger amongst 'neighbours'. In actual fact it doesn't seem to have been such a big deal, well in the short term anyway.

Can't do one, have to name two. Climate change and the severity of storms. Happenning right now and it keeps going, when are people going to realize this is real and until it hits on a personal level there will always be those in denial. I realize this will affect me personally and sooner than later as I live alone in rural upstae NY. I'm really not sure how much longer I can do this on my own and so far from my family. People need people and as independent, fierce and strong people think I am what I really am is more and more tired and fearful. Second is the Presidential race, this country is in big trouble. When someone as ignorant, self absorbed and outwardly a liar, thief and a bully as Donald Trump can be a possible President, it is time to realize we have failed as a nation. This I am terrifed about, I have talked to my sister and we honestly have entertained moving to Israel.

There are so many fucking terrible things going on that I've become numb. From even the slight chance that Donald Trump will become president, to the emerging closet racists he's encouraged, to white rapists being released early from prison while innocent black citizens are murdered for nothing, to the warming of the planet and the subsequent disturbing of ecosystems, to countless mass shootings and no action being taken to prevent them. I know that the world is always going through some terrible shit, but I feel so overwhelmed by all of these things that I don't know what's worse-- choosing to engage and in doing so depleting a lot of emotional and mental energy, or choosing not to engage and running the risk of becoming complacent or even complicit.

The presidential election has motivated me to learn about our political process and stay more up to date on news. The prospect of a Trump presidency made me fearful to the bottom of my soul! Now I know much more about how the elections work and who represents me in which governmental body. I also have found several news sources that I enjoy -- NPR's Politics Podcast is the best!

There have been so many events. Mostly negative. Terrorist attacks in Paris, Orlando, San Bernadino. The occupation of the National Refuge in Oregon by whackos. School shootings. It seems to never end. The country grows more evidently radicalized (though was always such just harder to share hate and vitriol before social media). And now we're in the midst of a presidential election. I'll vote for Hillary. Not because she's a woman. Or because I like her. But because I know she'll do a good job. I'm going to really miss Obama.

The BLM movement's platform that accuses Israel of genocide. It frightens me that they could make such claim, yet it forced me to open conversation with a black professor and start to listen better to the BLM movement from the inside. Though I reject their claim, I realize how little I know about their movement and that their tie with the Palestinians is not new. I cannot assume or project my understanding on others and need to get out of my own echo chamber even if the outside world contains lies and falsehoods. I need to know what and why they think the way they do.

The ridiculousness of Trump continues to impact and astound me. The fact that half our nation embraces him, and his bigotry, ignorance, and racism terrifies me. It made me go to Australia with the idea of looking for a new place to live. If he wins, God forbid, I will aggressively work on job search and emmigration.

I would mention an event in our country, Argentina... We had a presidential election in November, where Mauricio Macri won. It helped give me more hope for our country and I felt there is plenty of people here willing to make things right and transform our country into a better one.

The rapid spread of BDS on college campuses and European countries. Israel has not been successful in stemming this tide, and has allowed the inappropriate analogy of Israel and South Africa. This places the Jewish state's existence in a precarious state long term.

When I talk to my kids about how we should treat each other, we talk a lot about the power words have to wound. Or heal -- yourself and others. After watching Trump and his followers talk about Muslims, people of color, people with disabilities, women with such hurtful language, I fear that this really basic concept of kindness and empathy that we teach young children will be lost forever. That we are watching the beginning of the end of empathy and civility. I wish I knew how to bring it back. I'm thinking about this all the time. Though I feel very hopeful about the world through my business (I'm amazed how many people are out there who want to do business in a more responsible, thoughtful way and how many consumers are rewarding these businesses for being conscious), I'm beyond dismayed and disheartened about the way people are suddenly feeling license to express their racist, sexist, homophobic thoughts. While before the election season people who felt these ways hid them because it wasn't okay to hurt others with your words, apparently now it is. The floodgates are open. And yes, it makes it easier to address our ills since we know what they are, but it has meant the end of civility as I've known it. I'm not sure we'll be able to put this ugly stuff back into the box it came from. And what will that mean for our world?

The vast immigration crisis in Europe continues to weigh heavily on me, although I have found little enough space to contribute. What I think it has done has create a kind of schadenfreude which is not very nice to contemplate--I live in a peaceful, small, prosperous, orderly country that has largely stayed that way because it has refused to accept large scale refugees. In the last 48 hours the Italian coast guard has rescued 10,000 people from the sea. Where will those people live? I am ashamed and grateful for my good fortune--a complicated psychic place to live.

Paris, Nice!!!!!! Terrorism on a new scale in Europe! how can anyone not see this as a real change in the baseline in the way society operates when terrorist acts are so prevalent in so many new places on such a scale.

The political campaign, in particular the campaign of Bernie Sanders, has really solidified my views of our government and economy and where I stand as a liberal democrat. It's given me hope for the future and has made me want to get more involved in the political sphere in the future. It's made me want to seek out more alternative media and thought leaders like Nadar and Chomsky and Reich. The main stream media has also disappointed me greatly this election season and it makes me think about my media consumption more.

The 2016 election has been a doozy. I was one of those people who said (in 2008) I would vote for a woman, "but not Hillary." But the more I've read about her and the more I've listened to her, the more I appreciate her, and how hard she's fought to get here, and how ready she is for the job. It made me see the (un)conscious bias of the media, the misogyny, and the double-standard in such a way that I think will change my thinking forever. And Donald Trump is just such an idiot... I can't imagine he could win, but it's really scary that it's even close.

I think this presidential election has greatly impacted me. I am still amazed by the support Trump has and its implications for the safety of the Jewish community. Both the extreme right and left have anti-semites and it is very scary.

Ah, a world event. Let's see - we're closing in on the last month of the presidential election between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump. Hillary is up a tiny bit in the polls, but it's been close and scary for several weeks now. Oh, Future Me, I hope you're able to laugh about this whole thing. This summer saw a lot of terrorist attacks and crises. There was a shooting at a gay nightclub in Orlando (where mostly men of color died), there's been an ongoing rash of police killings of unarmed black men and children, there was a truck driven through a celebratory crowd in Nice, France, and let's see, what else? It goes on. This summer it was harder than it's ever been for me to get on with life while things swirl around me in the news. I felt a lot of these things more keenly than I expected. I spent a couple months this summer feeling raw, overexposed, and withdrawn. I think Claire's death has increased my sensitivity to others' pain, which I don't think is a healthy thing, since I wasn't particularly cold before.

The shooting in orlando really affected me. All those lives taken just because they were LGBT. I mean, also Latino. I don't know if the murderer know it was Latino night, but I imagine he did. It just makes me so sad that people are still killing us for loving. That's so painful and stupid. The vigil was beautiful, but I still feel so helpless about all the gun violence in the country. I wish I could do more.

Trump nominated for president. So much raw hate has come to the surface of everyday conversation. There is no civilized discourse anymore. I just want people to shut up. Atmospheric carbon past 400ppm. So many musicians and other famous deaths. 2016 sucks.

The obsession with self autonomy. People are allowing their children to choose their gender as if one can choose their gender.

The Syrian Refugee crisis has brought me to reflect on the amazing feat my grandfather and his brothers achieved in 1937-1941 to bring Jews living in Nazi occupied territories to the Philippines, told in the film "Rescue in the Philippiness:Refuge from the Holocaust" It makes me want to continue that humanitarian effort to bring refugees from anywhere in the war torn areas of the world to the USA.

The racial unrest from last year continues, and the rise of Trump has shown us that we don't see these problems the same, or acknowledge the same problems at all. There seems a growing chasm between people in this country and it's hard to see past. What will the outcome be. Whatever the outcome, this presidential campaign season has exposed our disunity as a country in a new way. It's hard to see how that plays out in any good way for any of us.

This presidential campaign has me living in a perpetual state of fear. I keep telling myself there's no way Trump will get elected, but there's also part of me that knows he's made it this far and it is a possibility and that absolutely terrifies me. Add to that the increase in police shootings, and their publicity, and it's been a constant struggle to retain a functional mental state and not withdraw into depression.

the draught still. the water in San Diego tastes pretty bad. the trees in Nevada County are dying. The snow in the sierras is pitiful compared to how it used to be. I don't know really what to do about it. But I'm trying to help

The 2016 U.S. presidential election. Wow, it's been a mess. Everyone's tensions are incredibly high and people are being polarized. My dad hates Clinton so much he's gotten into conspiracy theories to find stuff against her. My mom hates Trump so much she starts yelling about it every time his name is mentioned. On top of that, whenever I travel I'm asked to speak for America as to why this is happening. Many foreigners think we are a joke and that its all pretty ridiculous. Being asked to explain all this to people and be the voice of all Americans is stressful and feels unfair at times. I try to stress that I don't know enough to speak for everyone and my answers are only my opinion and not the true reasons behind all this but that part is not always heard.

I don't know any American who could have avoided the impact this election cycle has had on all of us. Never have I been so afraid or so motivated to have an impact on national politics. As the western world seems to careen towards isolationist, racist governments we are faced with the possibility of the first female American president! Exciting. Scary. Hopeful!

This election has aged me 10 years. I am so afraid of both people who would elect Trump and Trump himself that I spend an inordinate amount of each day working to make sure he doesn't get into office. I have gotten death threats on Twitter and other venues because of my pieces on this election. I truly believe this election's outcome will determine the fate of the entire world - that is not even hyperbole. I am nearly hyperventilating just writing this. I hope and pray that next year, I read this safely from the sanity of a HRC presidency.

Seriously. Donald Trump might be president? I dont even have words to describe how that impacts me.

The election. UGH. I am stressed and saddened by everything I see every day. I cannot, ever, in a million years understand why someone would vote for Trump. I also cannot handle the rampant racism and casual disregard for other's lives that have come forward because of police brutality, the Syrian refugee crisis, and other high profile events that are leaving our country divided. Where is basic human decency and empathy?

Continued rape and abuse of women around the world, and continued denigration of women by our Republican presidential candidate.

Pope Francis continues on his winning way. He makes it all sound so simple and do-able.

So many events that inspire fear. Bombings ,riots, Donald Trump's candidacy.

The US presidential election, really giving me a better picture of the grand set of challenges in our future (mainly with the political system)

The presidential election campaign has been upsetting. Trump is so ridiculous and to have him as the other candidate and running so close to Hillary just makes me crazy.

Trump. I am incredulous and saddened that someone like him has a chance to be president of the United States. The right wing demagogues in Europe frighten me as well. I will go precinct walking in the swing state of Nevada to do my little bit to support Hillary Clinton's campaign.

The Presidential Election. I am connected to it for work, I am deeply interested on a personal level. I have a long history of working in/around politics and it is very difficult for me not to be involved, not to be part of the whole conversation. It is challenging intellectually, emotionally exhausting, but also fascinating and exciting because if/when we end up with the first woman President it will be a powerful moment in history to have been close to.

I think that the deaths of Eli Wiesel and Shimon Peres have made me really question the direction of Jewry. These two men were giants in the field of Jewish continuation. Eli Wiesel's death underscores the quickly diminishing eye witnesses we have of the atrocities that happened during World War Two. I fear that the growing numbers of disbelievers will gain a louder voice with those who personally experienced the Holocaust not being alive to bear witness. As for Shimon Peres.....where to begin. I don't fully agree with all of his policies, but I do know that he did everything he did for the benefit of the State of Israel. He wanted, in his inner most heart, for the national he loved to know peace. I'm not so sure the leadership currently has that over arching goal. Someone needs to forgive first, and it hasn't been the Palestinians, so it must be the Israelis. I hope that without Peres's leadership Israel is able to continue the road to peace and co-existence.

I was very impacted by the election this year. I saw Hillary twice and was at the first rally with Tim Kaine. I wanted her to win so badly in 2008 and it has shown me that patience does in fact pay off.

Water issues! Drinking water for everyone! It's seems so outrageous that people in North America are doing without drinking water in their communites! How can we let that happen? Wild salmon protection! The LNG in northeatern Bristich Columbia should not go ahead! It's one of the most important wild salmon habitats in Canada! The economy is not more important thatn the health and wellbreing of future generations. Climate Change! It is also way more important to address than our economy! We need to sacrifice now so that future generations can merely survive! Let's not be so greedy and selfish! Okay?

The 2016 election. Mass shootings and almost daily terror attacks all over the world. And the senseless, inconceivably frequent shootings by police of unarmed black men. Both of these events make me wonder where this country is going. It feels like we are on a downward slide, that this is an era of increasing violence and intolerance. I feel helpless. And angry. I don't understand how thinking people want to elect such an unqualified, racist, narcissistic, uncontrolled bully to be president of this mostly great country. This election is divisive and dangerous for our country. I am saddened by the climate of politics and terror.

It's been more of a series of events. The Paris attacks, Orlando, the daily news reports of police shootings, Black Lives Matter... all I see is violence, unnecessary murders. I've become so desensitized to it, I read only the headlines or maybe a few paragraphs before I have to click out of it. It's too much all the time. It's become this normal part of life. I feel fairly safe, but that doesn't stop a rising fear of what's to come, what will this lead to, will it ever stop, how to we make changes in our society. It's overwhelming. Where will we go from here?

Hurricane Mathew just cancelled my beach vacation!

World events haven't really impacted me this last year. I've had numerous health issues, and have been more focused on healing than on world events.

The election of course. What a frightening and ridiculous turn of events. I'm obsessed with it. Hillary has to win, or we'll all go to hell in a hand basket.

The Miami nightclub attack and ongoing terrorist attacks. We don't recognize these attacks as needing an absolute end to hate and bigotry, but instead we pump up idiots like Trump who add fuel to the fire. When are we going to practice love and understanding? When are we going to accept and celebrate our differences, live in peace? I see it getting worse in my lifetime, not better. It's hard to tell my young adult children that the world they are entering is fair, just, and that there are things to be hopeful for. It makes me think twice about going to public events and makes me worry for my friends in bigger cities. I don't like the idea of living in fear and trepidation.

Donald being the Republican candidate for Pres. Given the fact that he is classically racist, misogynistic, pretty much an all-around liar, the biggest impact I've had is on my perspective of people who support him for president. There are a couple people that I had friendship with. I find racism and misogyny particularly distasteful. There is no avoiding the fact that Donald Trump has both of these characteristics. What does that then say about people support him? To support him is to have de facto agreement with his perspective. I find myself very disappointed with what is a significant portion of my country. It is not the America I believe in. The America I believe in is accepting of diversity. It's in America were if you work hard, you can succeed. America has its problems. We do not make education easy and we are falling behind in the world as a result. The Black Lives Matter movement exists because black lives have not mattered. We obviously have a large segment of this country that are closet racists. That disappoints me tremendously.

Hillary Clinton's nomination as the first female presidential nominee of a major party was exhilarating (no pun intended),and what I expect will be her defeat is unendingly depressing. The gap between the superficial confidence that women can do anything men can and the subconscious or subterranean prejudice against women in power makes me fear for the future of our country and my bright, optimistic daughter.

The death of Shimon Peres impacted me. "Imagine" all the unfulfilled dreams that we, as a people, are implored to continue the necessary work. Sad and hopeful.

The presidential election. I feel defeated by the polarity of our political scene. I don't have the strength or skill to debate my views with opposing associates, yet I have strong opinions and this leaves me feeling disappointed in other people.

The presidential election, especially Trump's candidacy. Have things really gotten this ugly and horrible? How did we get to the point where a national figure--a candidate for president!--can mock and insult people, can repudiate every real value we have as human beings, with absolutely freedom? So sickening. The whole family is voting early. Can't wait to stand up against demagoguery.

The presidential election has filled me with dread. To think that these candidates are the best we can come up with out of a nation of 300+ million people saddens me. No matter which direction the electorate chooses, the US will look like a bunch of shitheaded dolts to the rest of the world. It's such a drag.

The election has been such a roller coaster. It's amazing to watch a woman running for president--a woman I've admired since I was a little girl, no less. A woman who's values and diligence I recognize in myself. It's uplifting in a deep, important way, and I'm so excited to cast my vote next month. But it's been as denigrating as it has been uplifting. There's an undercurrent of misogyny and bigoted intolerance in this election from micro (specific statements from candidates and their surrogates) to macro (the very fact that Hillary has struggled throughout the race), and it's hard to be reminded with every news cycle that the playing field is unequal.

The way obama has handled himself in his last year. The grace, the intelligence, the insight, the normalcy especially compared with what we see in the election.

All of the bombings and shootings this year has affected me. I feel like the news is trying to be the next best movie and promote these horrible tragedies for ratings. I don't feel like the news is news anymore and I worry all of these publicized acts of violence are actually making us desensitized to the violence itself and will cause more of these acts. It has prompted me to seek out a new site that only posts good news and I try and post a good news story daily on my facebook page. I recognize that their is bad out there but why don't we ever hear about the good?

Donald Trump's race for presidency. Why? Because it introduced me to this thought: http://nymag.com/daily/intelligencer/2016/04/america-tyranny-donald-trump.html and more determined to understand human behavioural economics and how to argue with opposing views more effectively.

The election, of course. I am blown away by what's going on. We call this the information age, but I'm starting to think we should change that to the dis-information age. So much BS. So much animosity. I remember thinking it couldn't get worse 4 years ago, 8 years ago, 12 and 16 years ago... And now here I am again thinking it can't get worse... How bad will it get?!?

The nomination of a woman for president by the Democratic Party was a moment of personal redemption for me. The women in my family have been politically active in the Democratic party since they obtained the right to vote in 1920, and my mother seriously considered running for office but feared she would not be taken seriously as a candidate because she was a woman. I felt like I watched the convention with every woman who has ever aspired throughout history to something different than motherhood alone. When they nominated her, the room felt like it had more oxygen in it. It still does. My shoulders are squarer, my resolve now unbreakable.

Police shootings of black civilians. Thus has further deepened my interest in white privilege and exploring my own biases. I see the unjust treatment of people of color and I have concern about my own son's place in the community, but I also hope that by the time he is a teen that things will have shifted.

the killing of sandra bland and frankly all of the black people who were stopped and humiliated and then KILLED by police officers. i saw so much of me in her and her in me. she stood up for herself and was very smart in the way she did it and she still died. heart broken.

Fear of Isis and the election. I love my standard of living. I love that I almost never see or hear guns or violence, unless I choose to. I love that I do not worry about my personal safety. I pray that never changes for me and mine. I also pray that the people that do not have these basic rights, receive them. I wonder what will happen with this election. It seems so scary this time worse than ever. Hilary is a known crock, liar and murderer as far as I can tell and Donald is volatile, and narcissistic. Our future will be interesting.

The US Election.... which I imagine many people will answer about. Trump is abusive, and often reminds me of my father. Not entirely. I think Gov. LePage reminds me more of my father. But everything in government seems to be all name calling and say what you want and clean up the mess later. I think Trumps brashness is giving power to many scary people in the area. I have nearly been run off the road several times by big trucks sporting conservative stickers. I feel afraid of something menacing that is growing.

The anniversary of Yitzhak Rabin's assassination, and the death of Shimon Peres. They were both immense leaders in the movement(s) to maintain peace while still having Israel in existance. It was once possible - but with them gone I'm skeptical if anyone else is left to raise the banner.

The shootings of unarmed people, particularly the aide with the autistic man who had his hands up and was not a threat. My son is 14 and has autism and is nonverbal. He does not react the way the average person would when approached by police. This concerns me.

Two perfectly horrible individuals won their respective parties' nomination for president. I've never been so disappointed in the political process, from which I -- and, frankly, virtually everyone I know -- feel excluded. I'm shocked at how much I feel victimized, helpless, disenfranchised, and utterly powerless. I'm resigned now to trying to throw starfish back into the ocean, in hopes that my small efforts at doing good impact a handful of individuals. I see now that I have no power to do good in a larger sense. I've lost my optimism. Thank you, power mongers.

I would have to say the US Presidential Election. I normally avoid politics but was told I really needed to watch the first Debate. I watched the entire event and was saddened. Truly saddened. Where were the specific ways to help the country?

Election - I am shocked that anyone supports Donald Trump. When I meet a Trump supporter, I just can't accept that someone I actually know can be so stupid. This is beyond D vs. R - this is just insane.

I am distraught by the situation in Aleppo, Syria. Just last week, hundreds of children were killed by the Syrian government army and Russian army. I just donated to Doctors Without Borders, but wish there was more I could do to stop this crazy war and help these innocent children.

The US presidential election. This election cycle left me exhausted and feeling defeated.

The presidential race - and how the Republican candidate has brought to such crystal clear light a reflection of and similarity to my ex-husband's sick, abusive behavior and character. It angers me that there are not more people speaking out about how disgusting and abusive this man is. It is clear as day, yet a major party has elected him to be their candidate. I hope eventually his behavior and character will be seen and acknowledged for what it is - sick, unhealthy, and abusive. May it be an example to young children and adolescents of how never to treat others, whether strangers or loved ones in friendships or intimate relationships. Please, may we all speak the truth and love each other.

There's so much dysfunction I don't even know where to start. The election. The bombing in Chelsea when I was 20 blocks away. Black Lives Matter, and trying to figure out how to be a liberal, socially involved Jew especially in a place so white. Shootings in Paris. I mean, I've just come to terms with the fact that no matter where I am or what I do, I'm at risk, and that's ok because there's nothing else that we can do! I don't know. It's a scary world but I've accepted that it's scary and keep moving.

The Presidential election. It is very disturbing to me on so many levels. I am disappointed that our leaders and potential leaders cannot find a common ground and be civil to one another. I feel this conflict internally between my ego and my wise soul. They have not found common ground and I feel this conflict mirrored in the external world. I am sure I am not alone in this. I find it despicable that we as a nation cannot find a way to work together for peace. That there has to be a dark, angry fearful underbelly that so many are buying into. Why choose fear? Why is love and peace not good enough? Why do so many people not want that? I find that confusing and disappointing.

The hundreds of shootings and terrorist attacks in American have definitely impacted me. It makes me sad. So sad. I lose hope sometimes in humanity. Recently, there was a bomb that went off in an area of NYC that I frequent and although it didn't directly impact me, I definitely get scared. I feel on alert at all times and find myself questioning people. I hate that. I feel as though I'm judging people based on their looks or what they are carrying. I want to rid myself of that.

Three: 1. The US presidential election - each time it seems to be a referendum on the future of America, but more so this year. 2. Aleppo/Syria - Does the US have an interest to go in, even if the interest is simply protecting other people with no strategic value (and whether or not we do, what does that say about other places where we do or do not have an interest). 3. Please don't use impact as a verb.

Donald Trump and his nomination. His nomination tells me the seething underground of hate has erupted. He has given people permission to exhibit racist, bullying behaviors. He make lying and deceitfulness smart. Under the guise of "smart" ( for him) he passes his "smart" actions on to the backs of the middle class other others who cannot afford to shoulder the burden of his lack of ethics. He is him, his world is him. However impractical I wish Bernie was the nominee. I wish ELizabeth Warren was the nominee or at least on the ticket as VP. In reality, Sanders and Warren can do more to protect us as senators. The media has created a version of Hillary Clinton that is not realistic.. God help us, God help the planet if Trump becomes the next world leader.

The election, because it has had such a polarizing effect on the country. The only impact on me was to make me very sad, though. This is the first election cycle where I feel there really will be no winners at all.

refugee crisis on a global scale, the coup in Brasil, The American presidential campaign, Black people being killed by police. - a bad year all around.

Being fired from my last job - it was a horrible place to work and I was so mistreated but was unable to find a new job as quickly as I liked. Getting fired was traumatic but the best gift ever. I quickly found a job that paid better and people were kinder and respectful and I'm so much happier!

An event in the world that has impacted me this past year was the presidential election. Since I am writing this in October, the election hasn't happened yet, and I am very curious to see how people vote.

The Orlando LGBT nightclub massacre. I was wondering if I would have gone into the bathroom to hide. I am older now, but there was a time I could have been inside a club like that.

The presidential race has shown the underpinnings of friends, colleagues and my community as a whole. I have had to reevaluate how I deal with some individuals and what I both read and post on social media. Most of all I feel anger, disgust and frustration with the political process and our society that we can sink to this regressive and ugly level.

At the beginning of this year, a 21 year-old student was in North Korea for New Year's. He stole a banner and was detained at the airport as he was leaving the company. He had an hour-long trial and was sentenced to 15 years of hard labor in North Korea. At first, it was hard for me to identify why this had such a profound emotional impact on me. I don't know this guy. Violence and injustice happens on a daily basis. There was a shooting in a gay bar that didn't have any effect on me at all. Donald Trump is running for president and I just roll my eyes. But when I read about this kid in North Korea who isn't allowed to come home for the next decade and a half... I just want to cry. I think it's about fear. I have made so many stupid mistakes in my lifetime and I've never suffered very serious consequences. It scares me to think about how any one of those silly decisions which seemed like fun in the instant they were being made could have resulted in disproportionately harsh and tragic punishment. It's also scary to think that there is a government, leaders, people we ought to be able to trust, who have the power to violate a person's civil rights with no recourse. He is a child that made a silly mistake and there's nothing anyone can do to help him. I don't know the intimate details of the situation either... and it kind of helps to think that maybe he knew how serious a crime he was committing, maybe he's not so innocent. Maybe the situation is not what it appears to be on the surface. But when I watch the video of the young man crying and pleading to be allowed to go home, I feel sick. I want to cry and vomit and destroy something. And the more I think about it, I realize that it's also about human connection and empathy and the realization that there are people in this world who lack both of those things or at least have the ability to convince themselves that not all human beings deserve mercy or compassion. How can a government, leaders, human beings, PEOPLE be so cruel? It's the cruelty and injustice that hurts deep down and makes me feel like I can't breathe. How can people be so cruel?

The nomination and candidacy of Donald Trump has me appalled in almost indescribable ways. Aside from his narcissism, racism, misogyny and xenophobia (and that is a big aside), it scares me that so many Americans res0nate with his message. I know that civility, kindness and compassion are called for, but it is increasingly difficult to look at his supporters (some of them friends) in the same way. PS - This is not to say that I'm not appalled by the refugee crisis or the police shootings of black men.

The election is what has impacted me the most this year. It's enlightening, not in a good way, to see how many white men are huge proponents of Trump. They want things to be in their favor and don't give a damn how it impacts the world on a global scale. I've also found the hate towards any non white, non male, non christian candidate to be extremely terrifying. The election has really dented the bubble I live in. I don't have "friends" who are stupid, but the election is showing their fear and highlighting their ignorance. The election is also adding transparency to the vulnerability of the current human condition. We are not safe, we are not ok. The world is dangerous and the MEN who could be doing something amazing to change it are sitting back and collecting HUGE paychecks to ignore the worlds problems and profiting off of their own hypocrisy. I'm actually scared, for the first time in my life, I'm truly scared. Perhaps it's my age, but now I see how awful it could be out there. I realized a few weeks ago that the reason I didn't date an amazing man wasn't because he wasn't right, it's because he wasn't white. I'm a white female and my ex husband is racist. My daughter would have been taken from me, I couldn't have traveled with him, and I would have been trapped because our society is still racist AF. I'm scared because I'm a woman with a daughter. My right to my own body is super tenuous , I don't know what rights my daughter will have, if any. It's only been less than 100 years since women got the right to vote, ~40 years since women have really had the right to work and manage their own money, less than 30 years that we've had access to birth control, less than 20 years since we've had the right to our own bodies. And MEN want to take those few rights away. And I"m scared they will succeed. I'm scared that power mad, greedy people will push their religion, "values," and bigotry on us. Forcing their ignorance on us and suppressing those who have differing beliefs. Hell, I'm afraid I'm going to be burned at the stake as a witch because I can make computers do cool things and heal small creatures using science. I've been a spoiled, pampered princess for my whole life, and I'm scared that I'm going to lose my privilege...so I get where they are coming from, but my solution is to make things equal across the board, let everyone have the chance to be amazing and spoiled. These very powerful men (VPM?) want the opposite, and they are winning.

hmm. i guess the presidential election. it took me a while to "come out" as a hillary supporter. i am ashamed to say that i bought a bernie button early on. i thought he was a nice guy, i liked his idealism, but felt very strongly about hillary. i found myself surrounded by so many people who were anti hillary and i didn't stand up to them. i started hanging out with elizabeth cunningham, who worked for hillary for several months, and found my confidence because she was able to articulate things. i think it felt good to have my hunches validated by someone really knowledgeable about the issues and the data. someone not afraid to put herself out there as a hillary supporter. i feel good about understanding more of politics and government. this has been an area of shame for me, i.e., not being able to participate more fully in these conversations. i would like to become more involved in local politics.

The terrorism of black people by our police forces. I was hoping that America was passed this flagrant abuse of authority over citizens. Why are black people be shot and killed by police? Maybe because Trump seems to be approving "hate actions" or inspiring people act upon their thoughts. I don't know but, it scares me and makes me so sad that a segment of our population has to fear authority.

An event that has impacted is definitely the increase in terror attacks all over. Esp the strained relations between pak and india... first the uri attacks and then the surgical strikes. There's no reverse turn I know... it Wil keep increasing... just concerned about the safety of my loved ones... may God be fair to all...

At this point, it feels so clichéd to invoke his name for the purpose of such a question, but Donald Trump terrifies me. He, along with his supporters, are very scary people. Trump feeds them paranoia, and they respond with anger. He's using their deepest fears to fuel his run for the White House. While I jokingly made the claim many times during the Bush administration, I actually would consider moving out of the country, if he were elected. I watch his rallies and speeches and feel uneasy. As he steadily checks off the groups of people to offend, I fear, as a Jew, that we are next on his list. I see in his followers the sort of blind allegiance and disregard for lives of people whom they view as beneath them.

This year seems to be one catastrophic event after the other. We have poisoned water, 2 horrible people running for President, clowns attacking and scaring people all over the country. Healthcare, childcare and cost of living is crippling the American familInstitute livelihood. And we have cops shooting innocent men based off a stereotype perpetuated by the media regarding the color of their skin. Our entire system is broken. It makes daily life feel unbearably futile. Like we are working our asses off when our futures are inevitably doomed. I hope the people can stand up an demand more from their government before it's too late.

Donald trump winning the nomination. It is scary and disgusting how many people support this man. I have lost faith in the masses who live and vote here. It shows us to be a shallow, racist and ignorant people.

It's been painful to watch the election and see just how goddamned sexist everybody is. It's also been painful to watch the responses to Black Lives Matter and see just how goddamned racist everybody is. And it's been painful to watch the plight of the Syrian refugees and see just how goddamned uncaring everybody is.

All the police shootings of unarmed black men and the Black Lives Matter movement have inspired me to reconnect to racial justice work and to think about how I can work for racial justice in my work, life, community and synagogue.

The specter of terror around the world impacts me because I have worked in other countries and many other states here in the US & so, not only have there been events here in NYC, and there have been terrorist attacks in other states and cities here and in the other places I have traveled to or worked in, where I have children, grand children, friends, colleagues and people who have participated in some way in my work living in places that have been subject to terrorist attacks. I carry the consciousness that we can no longer take our safety for granted, but also I'm unwilling to stop living fully and turning worry into a way of life.

There has been so much tragedy in the world. The crises in Syria has really brought out the ugly and mistrust in people. This also plays to the very rascist Presidential election we have going on right now. Economies collapsing impacts friends of mine in Brazil and families of friends in Venezuela. The world stage drives a sense of unease. There is no safe harbor. Sometimes the needs of the world can be overwhelming. It makes me thankful for what I have.

The Trump phenomenon is profoundly disturbing: tapping fear, deepening divisions and making common ground, let alone respect for science or public service experience, difficult to find. I am also disquieted by the projections onto Hillary and what it reflects about our collective view of women.

Syrian refugee crisis. Watching the horror unfold has been so sad. It has generated a feeling of helplessness. I can't believe so many displaced people are living in desperate conditions and drowning in the sea and yet they keep getting bombed. Whenever something happens to me like getting rear-ended out of the blue, my car totaled, I think, "at least I am not in Syria." It puts things in perspective. I would like to volunteer with refugees moving to my town.

There has been so much going on around the world this year, and I feel like a lot of the events just show how cruel we can be to each other, how disconnected we are... Of course there are beautiful and great things happening too, but the magnitude of the different crisis is beyond overwhelming. The ongoing conflicts in so many places in the world, the human catastrophes and the loss of life and potential and beauty. One tendency that has been impactful is the constant violence and annihilation of black and brown lives in the US by the police. It has been systemic and incremental, and the perpetrators involved who are inflicting violence and death are not being held accountable. It is frustrating and terrifying. It continues to reflect how racist and xenophobic the system is, but also society as a whole. On a more personal level, as a Latina that lived in the US, but also loving and caring for so many people in the US that are not white, I don't know how to process this anymore.

Trump. What else could be talked about here? I really do not believe the man is qualified to be president. What is so troubling to me is that there are a large number of people (my parents, brothers and sisters) who actually do! I managed to get into a heated debate with my stents over it, and that was very uncomfortable. My favorite is people waiting for trump to "pivot" to presidential. What does that even mean? Today the guy is an isolationist, islamophobic, misogynist jerk with a fetish for Putin. But tomorrow, as long as he says something coherent, we will forget about all the other stuff he said and decide: this, this is the real trump. Well, I'm not buying it. Once you ring that bell you can not unring it.

There's so many! The Pulse tragedy occurred right here in Orlando, but since we were far away we felt very disconnected from the whole event and I still do to be honest. It still doesn't seem real. It was very interesting driving around the country though, seeing everyone with their pride flags up, standing with each other. It was inspiring and gave a ray of hope in darkness for a lot of people. Another event that has occurred is Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump running for President. I've never been so flabbergasted over a candidate as I am of Trump. I cannot comprehend how he has such a mass following and that he is legitimately the Republican candidate. I feel very strongly against him being President and I will most likely be more vocal this election than any other - I can't afford not to be. There's too much hate and ignorance in his campaign for him to be the voice of this country. The catastrophe of the polluted Indian River lagoon was another big, terrible event. One that has taught me the importance of paying attention to local and state government. We cannot just be involved at the national level, we've got to start electing officials we support right in our backyard.

Once again the two major political parties in the US have managed to come up with weak Presidential nominees. Looks like another case of voting for the candidate I do not like the least instead of voting for someone I really feel is excellent. I really think the two main choices lie on the extreme fringes. Unfortunately, the Libertarian and Green party candidates are not electable as well as not very good candidates. Oh well! I feel things are going to get quite wild in the ensuing weeks leading up to and following the election. Fasten your seat belts!!!

the u.s. election. never really paid that much attention to it with this much interest before. disappointed to find out that several of my relatives are actually defending the narcissistic imbecile running on behalf of the GOP. what a waste of carbon. but i also found out that many of my friends are of the same mind as me; that was somewhat reassuring.

The lead up to this year's election has been crazy. I feel like every year I do 10Q there is something that happened where I lose a little more faith in humanity and this election season has increased the void of faith that I have in my fellow Americans. I can not fathom how a man like Donald Trump is even being considered for the Presidency. He is fanning the flames of bigotry in this country and I fear that it will soon combust. I fear for the future of this country and pray that he does not get elected and that we can turn around this awful bout of hatred, racism and bigotry that has taken a hold of citizens across the country and around the world. We're on a precipice and I hope we don't fall.

terrorism. We for the 1st time avoided France b/c of this and chose to go elsewhere (portugal, it was great!). Didn't want terrorism to stop us from traveling, but for the sake of family to not have to worry about us and the kids, we avoided it (few weeks prior to NICE attacks, as it turns out). :(

There are so many. I have to say that I'm an American and the news I focus on is internal, so I'm less aware of what's going on globally. Our Presidential Election process has been interesting in a way it hasn't been during my lifetime. I meet very few people who fully back their candidate of choice - most are unnerved, scared, or wary about the results. I think there will be very few people who are truly happy with the outcome. The process this cycle also highlights the difference that immediate news and social media make on sharing information and making decisions. I there is a lot to learn. Also due in part to the immediacy of news coverage, social media, and personal electronic devices, the US learns of near-daily shootings, many involving law enforcement. I think it's important to realize that these events didn't just start occurring, but they did just start getting publicized. Are all police brutal? No. Are there people who shouldn't be officers? Yes. Is there more training needed? Absolutely. Are citizens being treated fairly and equitably across the country. Not at all. The way we all interact with each other will continue to change. For the better? I hope, but there are no guarantees.

How can I even pick? There is so much anger and violence in the world, and strong men taking over the world stage. For me, it would be the death of Laquawn McDonald, which made me realize how radical it is to say, "Black Lives Matter." It isn't just about police violence, gentrification, segregation, justice reform, or casual racism, but politicians were literally willing, at worst, to cover up a boy's death for their own political gain, at best they were counting on inertia to let the story fade out of the news, but again for political gain. Black lives literally matter. They have value. Their lives and deaths are not political props to just shrug off. Black lives matter.

There was international coverage of the 2 year old boy who had been pulled from the rubble after an airstrike in Syria. A few days ago, a follow up story was done, not on the boy, but on the man who rescued him. In addition to this little boy, the man that saved him rescued over 30 people from the rubble. He was killed by sniper fire while saving another victim. Something snapped for me hearing this story. He died in true service not just for his fellow syrians, but for humankind. I cried for an hour after hearing it, and cry again on the retelling. Not in sadness but in pure amazement of the selflessness of his acts. I will remember this man for the rest of my life as he has inspired me live life to the fullest. His selfless act and the finiteness of the world has oddly removed my fear. To that man... thank you.

I was traveling in Europe, flying through Istanbul. There was a terrorist attack at the airport halfway through my.trip which had me considering whether to fly through there on the way back or not (my mom.in particular was worried and it was hard to look.her in the eye and say I'm going). Then as I was leaving Istanbul to get home, there was an attempted coup a few hours after my plane room off to go home. Didn't affect me except it has me wondering, with all of the government crackdown in Turkey, whether the incredible city I spent a week in will keep its charms or be decimated by authoritarian policies that terrify the population and change their behavior.

the random acts terrorism..and learning how isis developed..and how we as a country are trying to impose our way of doing things on the countries at war vs learning their ways and how to fight them..and seeing all the refugees..and no one wanting to help and bashar al aside doing his thing but no one doing anything to stop him or have him killed..reminds me of hitter and the holocaust

Breaking the 400 ppm of carbon in the atmosphere, seemingly now forever, is a sad milestone that the world has passed. Temperatures will continue to warm, breaking into a new temperature regime that will affect all life on the planet. Will we be able to break the momentum, easing up on the accelerator pedal? Or will we hurtle to even higher carbon concentrations, locking in even more global warming throughout the centuries to come?

The Trump candidacy has been pretty dramatic. Seeing just how many of my fellow Americans are willing to support a racist, xenophobic, white nationalist who is also a buffoon and a business failure is striking. I have sincere fear about who these same people might support next. Fascism has come to America, and we seem to be lucky that in came in the form of a bumbling clown who can barely deliver a speech. Imagine if the guy had a gift for public speaking. Imagine if the next one does.

The election is the event. There have been terrorist attacks all over the world and there will be hurricanes - but the US election - including and especially the run of Bernie Sanders has changed politics in America forever - we are so disillusioned- like children waking up form a nap - disoriented confused about facts and the way things are. And we have to pull our shit together. Fortunetly it looks like Hillary is ahead by a lot - but in terms of changing politics and America this election - it wont happen - No chnage is better than bad chnage

The Trump candidacy. Oh. My. G-d. I'm terrified. Please don't let him win.

The candidacy of Donald Trump for president of the United States has made a very significant impact on me. His continuing success is baffling. It terrifies me, like watching a movie about a fascist with no conceivable qualifications to be in leadership. More and more, it feels like I'm watching a slow moving tsunami. The water is flowing backwards and it's just a matter of time before the title waves come crashing in destroying 2+ centuries of work to make this democratic nation one that is fair and open to all. I know it's not there yet, and I know the struggles are still many. But Donald trumps proximity to 1600 Pennsylvania Ave. has inspired me to do the work of social justice with renewed passion and direction.

The world is a much more volatile place than even a few years ago. The Black Lives Matter movement, the unrest with police shooting unarmed civilians, the terrorist attacks in France - one of which was against a Jewish bakery, and even at this writing the perceived threat of harm to kids from people in our area dressed as clowns. We are not supposed to be scared in the face of these threats, and we are trying hard not to be, but we'd be remiss if we didn't take extra precautions to guard against potential incidents. Even our son is scared, and with his ego, that's a tough thing to have happen. We just want our family/friends to be safe.

A 10 year boy was shot for having a toy gun. He was black and I feel if he was white then he wouldn't have been gunned down. I felt so bad for his family losing their little boy due to the prejudice that exists.

The continued shootings of African-American people -- men mostly -- by police. I have chosen to join the fight in earnest by volunteering for White Nonsense Roundup, and also had to reckon with how very, very hard and triggering that work is for me. But I have to do something. And my something is better than my nothing. I have to believe that, and push myself to do more.

This feels odd... "event" seems so singular. Trump School shooting after school shooting after school shooting. Protests of protests... you know what pisses me the fuck off is that someone shoots up a BLM rally in my damn backyard (Dallas; downtown is just over the highway from me) and all of a sudden we have charity rides for cops and a special flag for cops etc. I am for that, I am for supporting those in that world who DO protect and serve and sacrifice. It's difficult, noble work when not being abused. But where are the rides and flags for systemically oppressed black people? Where is ANY FUCKING JUSTICE? I don't want to finish this because it's too upsetting. Event after event after event people getting abused and shot... I'm furious about school shootings and murder by cop and so on. Yeah, okay, this was in the past year: there was a school shooting around the end of 2015/beginning of 2016 that upset me so much I almost went out drinking. I'd been clean for about 7-8 months by this point and never had the desire to pick it back up, but THAT event dropped me so low. I was crying uncontrollably, yoga didn't help (which normally does). It was so disheartening. And here's the problem with that: it would be very very difficult to pin down the particular event because this. Keeps. Happening.

This election! Alternately makes me feel like I should engage more, and then, do nothing because it doesn't matter. Poverty in Rochester I want to help out with the children of our city, who have so many problems.

It looks like Islamic terrorism is only getting worse and worse. ISIS is an even bigger threat than they were before, and now that I have a few more Muslim friends, it seems that more and more people are siding with "Palestine". I am feeling more terrified by the day that Holocaust part 2 is beginning any day now, and who knows what the catalyst will be? Social Media is a great way for the islamic terrorists to spread their propaganda against my people, and they are doing a great job recruiting white anglo saxon Americans to their cause. I sincerely hope America will continue to be the home of the free, and that the next presidential candidate will do everything in his or her power to prevent this threat from spreading.

The ridiculous political race showing how racist and misogynistic so many in this country can be. But completely inspired by the thought of our first woman president. Fingers crossed (and voting) for Hillary!

Black Lives Matter. I am more open to the experiences of others, more aware of my own judgments of other people, and more committed to bringing up my children to be defenders of justice than I have been at any other point in my life. These atrocities, black men being killed by people who are supposed to protect them and their communities, pulled back a veil that I had over my eyes. And now I see, and more importantly I WANT to see, how my opportunities and privileges as a white woman came to me so very differently than they would to a person of color. Fuck that, let's change the system, shall we?

In years prior, I could list a dozen world events that impacted me. However, I have made a concerted effort in the past few years to wean myself away from the news media, and have not been participating in the collective drama involved. The only world event this past year that has a direct impact on me is the Brexit vote. I have been working on getting dual citizenship in my family's home country of Italy, and have long had the idea that once that is in place, I will be free to live and work anywhere in the EU. But with Britain voting to leave the EU, that future is rather uncertain.

Radical Islam continues to scare me, but now that I'm in Houston I realize that terror is around the corner. Every day I wake up and innocent people are shot. In L.A., you didn't need to worry about this unless you were in a gang. Here, everybody is out of their mind, drunk, and all carrying guns. I used to believe that people should be able to weaponize themselves and wanting to preserve the 2nd Amendment in the event our government ever turned against us, but now I'm on the side of everyone who says we need stricter laws and most people should not qualify to own a gun. Now that I'm in the thick of it, I'm scared and I really hope the American public sees the issue and wants to remedy it by voting for proper legislation/measures.

All the bombings in foreign countries because of ISIS and their insane need to get rid of non-muslims. It has made me scared to travel abroad.

Trump is running for president of the US. It's scary. I worry that if he wins, this will affect my status in the US. I work here legally, but I am a foreigner. To him, I'm probably basically Mexican.

The rise of Donald Trump has made me more cynical about my fellow man, and more aware of how close this "secure" feeling world is to catastrophe. The willingness of people to oppose speaking truth about just how bad this man is, in the name of civil discourse, is also saddening. I am today somewhat more hopeful we will get through this election cycle okay, but I do not particularly have any hope that we will not be in danger again in four years.

The upcoming election between Clinton and Trump. It's causing me stress and worry, and made me see how ugly human nature can be... What will happen if he wins???

It hasn't happened yet, but the US elections have used up so much of my mental/emotional energy this past year. I am tremendously worried about what might happen as a result of the elections, but at the same time, I am aware that I am not actually doing much to change the outcome (except making some financial contributions to the campaign). So in a sense the election is reminding me how important actions are, and that I'm not actually acting at the moment...

The Iran Nuclear Agreement. I believe first and foremost in the security and preservation of Israel. The agreement process affected my way of thinking about geopolitics. I broadened my perspective somewhat. I think it was about the best that could be expected and is better than not having an agreement. But we'll see.

The refugee crisis. I can't imagine in a million years having to leave the comfort and safety of my cozy home to live in makeshift camps with strangers...no control over what you do, eat, etc. Additionally, the Trump/Clinton election has been so negative, divisive and disruptive. I'm appalled at how racism, sexism and bullying behavior has now seemingly become acceptable. I understand that people want "plain" non politicized talk...but how many parents would let their kids behave in the way Donald Trump behaves?

Brexit. I never seriously thought it could happen, and having been away from the UK for so many years I wasn't too sure how the campaigns were going. But it's sad, terrifying, and uncertain. It makes me feel more and more concerned about ever moving back.

The worldwide refugee crisis. I grew up during the Kosovar refugee crisis. There are people walking across the maps and our borders are closed and a fuckmuppet is running for president. I don't know how to be part of the change or at least part of the not-making-things-worse, but it has been devastating to watch.

Becoming part of the Overwatch community.

This year has been depressing for the US and it is an election year, which seems to be making everything worse. The growing support and visibility of black lives matter, and the increased focus on police violence against black people has been impactful. The lack of justice and the web of social problems that keep racial inequality the norm in our society are being brought to light. Each time, almost weekly, that another child or unarmed or even armed person is killed by the police is an event that leaves deep scars on us.

The election and I am sure 99% of the people will say this. My God if Trump wins we are in serious trouble in this country and world. I fear for us. I really want Hilary to win and I really believe in her and I hope she is honest and as caring as she acts. It seems like we are going to go in 1 of 2 ways. Either things will get much much worse OR there will be HOPE again (as in when Obama won) and perhaps the country will go in a positive hopeful direction. But not if we are so divided. And I fear that that is what is happening. I personally cannot understand anyone who votes for him...its almost friendship breaking. I just think we have such an opportunity with our 1st woman President...for equality, rights, and a positive impact on the world. If he wins, it feels like we are just going to go backward in time and lose so much of the tolerance and freedom we have sustained. She has so much experience and wisdom and drive-can we just please give her a chance!?!?!?!?!

The shooting in Orlando, at the Pulse club, just before pride this year, was devastating. Sometimes it feels like we as queer folks are just fine, privileged even, and that the world has changed so dramatically even in my lifetime. But other times ... I remember how much we are still under attack. Especially people of color, especially trans and gender non-conforming folks.

The election campaign has definitely impacted me more than anything else. I feel such despair at the state of America--just such existential despair and separation from 50% of the population. I can't believe I live in a world where we have to point out that Black lives matter, where we have to convince half of America that saving refugee lives is necessary and ethical, where we can watch so many people slaughtered because of a bloody-minded insistence on gun rights. I want so badly to give up, and I worry that even after the election I won't feel safe in my own country ever again.

The Election. When I said in last years question that I hoped Trump wouldn't become President it was mostly a joke. Yet here we are a year later and he is the Republican candidate. Though I am not a huge Hillary supporter I cannot believe that our country has sunk to this new low. That someone who is so completely unfit to be President is a serious contender for the White House is terrifying. At this point I still hold on to my belief that he will not win, but really anything is possible. Our society is very different these days and the internet is largely the cause. Neighbors call each other out on community FB pages and we seem to have lost the ability to respectfully disagree. If someone doesn't believe what you do- it is ok to ridicule and harass them on social media. I for one think that a respectful airing of differing opinions is essential to our democracy and keeps us honest. The current two party system has become so polarized that honest and healthy debate about issues from differing perspectives is impossible.

I'm probably keeping my view too close to home, but this presidential election is scaring the shit out of me. It's been so divisive, and I have such a difficult time understand how anyone could want Trump to be the leader of the country. It just boggles my mind that there are people out there that think a career politician, who, yeah, maybe made some bad decisions here or there, is on the same level as a racist, misogynistic failed businessman. The rest of the world was shocked when we voted Bush II into office again; we're going to be a laughingstock again if Trump gets elected. I would love to see Hillary get elected. She's going to have a hell of a time as the first woman President and be scrutinized for every little thing, but it's about damn time we got a woman in there.

The DNC when a woman became a candidate of a major political party. As I look at myself, and see a woman I know that what i can do is endless. This is liberating because I thought as a kid that I was never good enough.

I could say Brexit, or the US election, as both have led to vociferous arguments with friends. Or even the earthquake in Italy, though we arrived a few weeks after. But the one that looms largest is the death of Shimon Peres, a few days ago - not something I have paid much attention to, because I never fully liked him, and perhaps its significance is too great for me to comprehend - the loss of one of the great democrats of the state of Israel, now gone, and few remaining, none of them from his generation...

The expanding of racism, that I attribute to the Trump campaign. I was out at dinner, only to hear someone yelling "nigger" at a black guy eating dinner in the same restaurant. I have never, ever, seen anything like that here. This needs to be stopped.

The Syrian civil war and humanitarian crisis continues to haunt me as I face my own inability to make a difference in the Syrian people's suffering. Yes, we send money. Yes, I teach about it in class. But it is heartbreaking and such a lesson given that I teach about the Holocaust! It brings a deeper understanding of how this could happen then, now, and probably forever as long as humans live on this planet.

After 52 years of civil war, the country of Colombia moved towards peace with the rebel forces, FARC. This week, the country rejected the peace agreement. This affected me because I had heard about the news in several ways: watching Narcos has brought Colombia to the forefront of my mind, Sarah Henken is doing ministry there and very concerned for the country, we prayed for the peace accords this week at SHPC, and I have read about them in TIME magazine. The future is unclear, but what is clear is that Colombia needs prayer.

Oh, this election! I'm a Hillary girl, have been from the beginning, and the hatred and misogyny and plain meanness -- not just from Republicans but from Bernie people -- has been horrifying. I'm fortunate to be in a decent financial situation so I've given her the max and made phone calls for her and tried to persuade the people in my world. I hope it's enough. I pray it's enough.

Closer to home, the Black Lives Matter movement has really struck a chord in me. The amount of hatred, racism, profiling, judging and stereotyping that goes on is astounding. I am so shocked that people are so closed- minded. I am humbled by the strength of those on the front line. I continue to be an ally and want to try to educate and enlighten those who are unaware when I come across them. I am continually learning more about how certain thoughts have been socialized into me and I am trying to be "woke". I want to be there for those who are treated less than. From cops killing black men to bombings of gay clubs to bullies. I want people to embrace difference without judgement. So it is not one event but ongoing events that have impacted me. Because I am human.

The Dakota Access Pipe Line protest. Continuous genocide of African-American men by police officers. The Cleveland Cavaliers winning a title for the first time; Cleveland's first major professional sport title since 1964.

Donald Trump. I hope he doesnt become president because he has caused such hate in the world. People have become angry and hateful and want to fight. We have had a lot of shootings lately hopefully that gets better. Housing has gotten expensive in Portland. And lets see where we are with Nic and Vic if they get engaged.

Though Sanders gave in to Democratic Party trickery and his campaign was defeated, Corbyn has done very well in England (his resounding victory to be head of Labour again). This new emphasis on socialism as a solution to the problems of capitalism bodes well for the world. Small set back here but the larger trend seems like it will keep moving forward.

I was in Paris when the night clubs were attacked there. The fact of the bombing was deeply distressing, the use of violence that seems to be increasing so widely, so rapidly. But even more I was made aware of the rapidly equally increasing anti-Them feelings -- anti anyone not Us, whoever us might be. And the fear then experienced by Them. Before the attacks there were many Muslim people -- a identified by clothing -- on the streets and the Metro; afterwards maybe men, but no veiled women. As a Jewish woman, my identification with them was immediate. Everyone should identify with the other -- if for no other reason but that we can easily become the other.

The US presidential election has had such a profound effect on me. I am so incredibly frightened for our country, for our world. Bernie Sanders woke us up to the insidious corruption that infuses our government. Now it's impossible to go back to sleep. *Sigh* So I'm doing all sorts of prayer, sadhana, ritual in order to bring about healing. Best of all, I'm joining the Year of Shamanic Journeying through Sounds True. May humanity and this planet we share be healed.

Migration in Europe. On one hand, we have an obligation to help people lead a better life, however, what i find bothersome is that 69% of the migrants are men under 40 years, i would have wanted to see a lot more women, older people and especially children. Why do these healthy guys not fight for their country and instead leave the Females behind?

Syria. The refugees. Watching the world turn away. It has been horrifying and there has been nothing I can do to make it any better. I smile at the women in hijabs. That is hardly a heroic gesture. So it has impacted me by making feel helpless and like a fool.

Syria. I cannot believe that sitting on the sidelines is the only option as we watch a despot destroy his people. It's grueling and heart wrenching. I have to avert my eyes now and deal with some guilt as do.

Nomination of Hilary Clinton. I so proud of her and disgusted about how the opposition has vilified her.

HOW MANY PEOPLE ARE SAYING THE ELECTION? its so disgusting , I'm feeling that the USA is really going down hill, or really has gone down hill. I wonder what will be for our children and grandchildren. The world is less safe, less moral and less kind. How did we get to this place?

The event that impacted me most was one of the mass shootings that happened early this summer. I was shocked and saddened that someone held that much hatred for humanity. Why it affected me was because the FBI was aware of this person's behavior, tendencies and hatred long before the event took place, negating this cost of so many people's lives, directly and indirectly.

Donald Trump running for President tops the list! I am hopeful that he will not be our next President, but I'm worried that he might be. The amazing support for him causes me to have negative feelings about my fellow Americans--I think that so much of the country is hateful, ignorant, and mean. I hope Hillary wins.

My eyes have been opened to the continuing racism in our country. I was very naive in thinking that we were making real progress. My isolated community that seems so enlightened and stable is still the subject of blatant racism. Our nation as a whole has so much to do to just begin to cure what plagues us.

Although there have been quite a few that have resonated with me emotionally, I can't say that other the feeling of elation that Ms. Clinton won the Democratic nomination for President, the feeling of sorry at learning of each of the terrorist incidents that occurred in the U.S. and overseas this year and the loss of so many titans (most recently Shimon Peres and Eli Wiesel) whom we've lost this year, any world event has impacted me. I resonate with despair and anger each time I hear or read the term "occupied" territories used to refer to the disputed territories Israel regained after the 1967 war. Who decides the appropriate timeline. Israel currently consists of roughly 10% of the territory it was promised under the Balfour Declaration. Even after the 1967 war, Israel has not acquired the full parcel of real estate promised under the 1947 UN partitioning agreement. And yet there are many U.S. Jews and countless non-Jews who seem to give special valence to the 1967 cease fire lines. And yet, Israel's putative negotiating partners have not recognized Israel's right to exist. That "minor" issue received miniscule press coverage. I can say that this and the growing specter of anitsemitisim throughout Europe causes me grave concern.

There were so many world events that have impacted me. I think the shooting at the Orlando nightclub was the worst actual event, but the entire Trump debacle has had the strongest impact on me. I am in despair that so many people in our country support his racist, misogynistic, bullying candidacy. It frightens and depresses me and even if Clinton wins, the millions of people who support Trump are still part of this country, and we need to find a way to live peacefully.

The Brexit vote was very striking. It was an example to the world that referendums, popular opinion, is a poor way to make financial policy. The Brits that voted to exit were mostly uninformed of the consequences of their vote: most who argued the 'exit' position didn't believe in it themselves and abandoned ship rather than deal with the fallout of their own actions. I was in a car in Illinois late at night when the results came, I remember thinking, this is where I was when the world changed.

#Black Lives Matter - There were articles that said because I'm white I'm inherently racist. White privilege. I felt other and upset. I took an online test that concluded I'm a little racist. I feel like I can't talk about how I feel because I will be shamed - but I'm not racist. I don't have preconceived notions about people based on their colour. I was raised in a very multicultural city at a school where I was possibly a minority as a white person. I never thought about this much. I know there is racism. I want to make things better, but I don't think I have to hate myself to do this. I am loving. This feels so divisive and I'm frozen because I feel attacked. So I have done nothing but be upset about it.

The election season and its awful rhetoric. But maybe more than that, black lives matter and my increasing awareness of my own privilege. I am amazed at my own naïveté. What is easy for me as an older white woman is not universal. Which should not be.

Donald Trump running for president and becoming the Republican nominee. It is unthinkable he would get this far saying the hateful, despicable things he has said. Additionally, he has no real plans and people are still falling for him. He lies constantly, gets called out to some extent and it doesn't phase his supporters. I have literally been sick to my stomach at times. I now have a better understanding (slightly) how Hitler could come to power. I thought never would it happen here. It has made me question our country and my neighbors. It has been very polarizing. Thankfully, in my community there are more progressive people. My gut tells me he won't become president. I pray I am right and pray for our country. It has made me think about policy and events in our country and around the world in a different way. There is obviously a reason he has become the nominee. On the positive side it has brought some Democrats and Republicans together in a good way. Bernie Sanders coming to prominence in this race has also impacted me in a good way....I feel hopeful. Seeing so many young people and disaffected get behind him. Hearing is idealistic proposals which i thought would never have a chance are now becoming more mainstream. Praying for a positive outcome for our country and the world.

There are a number of events that have impacted me this year - watching the horrifying events in Syria, the terrorist bombings in Europe and the United States and this never-ending election cycle. Seeing the world ignore atrocities again within Syria is beyond disturbing! Yes, there will be terrorists amongst the people, but a majority of those poor souls have done nothing to deserve their fate. I think of these categories, the one that is impacting me the most is the election. Out of millions and millions of people in the United States, how is it that the choice for POTUS has come down to these 2 candidates??? I am thrilled that a woman could potentially be the next POTUS - however, there are so many questions about so many things she has done. As for the other candidate, he plain scares the living daylights out of me - why, He brings out the worst of people, appeals to the uneducated by promising what they want to hear and has lied, stolen and much more. His temperament is scary and the idea of him being able to control a nuclear button or anything else is distasteful to say the least. He does not like women, his VP doesn't believe I have a choice for my own body and I have paid more taxes than this creep and I make nothing in comparison. It is the shit or stink this year, but I will still vote. As of now, that is a fundamental right that I have and I can only hope that ALL Americans will do the same thing.

This is an interesting question. I'm not sure there are any large world events that have had a personal impact on me. There are events that have made me feel like I need to do something, or that make me angry or sad or happy...but nothing that has directly involved me.

Last year I wrote about the election, and this year it's even more important! I really, really wonder what would happen if Trump wins...now that I'm working at a company headquartered in Germany, I could just move there, hahaha. Although when I think about the viability of that idea, I think about what a drag it would be to have to communicate in German all the time, but I really need to stop thinking like that. Honestly, if I ever had a shot at being bilingual, it's now. And I surprised myself with how much I can understand. While I was in Germany for training, I was hearing people speaking German in my head while I was trying to fall asleep, kind of like background noise. And I do love it there. I just don't want my thinking to limit me in terms of the language.

Brexit makes me fear for our election here -- people not voting, or voting for something they think "won't happen", or not thinking their vote will count. The worry that Donald Trump will become president is real re: these voting ideals. Also, the shooting at the Pulse Nightclub in Orlando is worrisome for my safety (LGBT), gun control/safety issues, increasing discrimination/stereotypes around Muslim extremists/ISIS, which leads to... ISIS. Our (American/Christian) response -- when, where, how -- is a big, scary, complex thing that I struggle to comprehend. I know it was late 2015, but the terror attacks in France -- those could easily happen here. It also makes me think about how we (Americans) are increasingly worried over safety re: ISIS and discriminating against Middle Eastern people and Muslims...not letting in Syrian refugees, etc.

Donald Trump running for president has affected me greatly on a person level. First his followers display a level of bigotry that is shocking. Given my name and skin tone, they seem to revile me and want me out of the country. The civil war in Syria just reminds me of how terrible the situation is and how isolationist we are as a country. This idea that people from the same country as me would revile me and people of my background seems a bit hard to swallow , to put it mildly.

Our presidential election has caused great unrest, and I'm terrified to think that a racist bigot could be our next president.

The high-visibility murders of Black and Brown people has made me more committed to anti-racism and Black Lives Matter.

The Officer Involved Shooting in Hatch, New Mexico. Officer José Ismael Chavez, Badge H105.

The upcoming Presidential election but specifically the campaign leading up to it. I am very worried about the kind of hostility and racist and anti-semitic talk surrounding this election. I believe that no matter who wins the battle to bring us together as a country is going to be huge. I think we have been on a "slippery slope" for quite awhile but it seems to be unstoppable.

Where do I begin? I feel like the world has cracked apart in so many fragments. There are two things that affected me deeply. The first is the plight of Syrian refugees and of Syria itself. Our fragmented world allowed this to happen. The other, unavoidable event, is the 2016 Presidential election. Played out on the global stage, it makes stooges and idiots of everyone involved. It's embarrassing to be an American right now, and G-d help us if Trump wins.

Horrible year, so much terrorism! But the election cycle is driving me crazy and I can't bear the thought of Hillary being president. Actually, hate them both

Ugh, so many terrible things going on in the world right now. Black Lives Matter has challenged me a lot. It's made me question things in the world and within myself. It makes me sad and gives me hope that things can change. As a white person I feel humbled and less confident. I don't want to offend anyone and I want to treat everyone fairly, but I know I am affected by my culture and my experience as a white person in America. So I question myself. Also, the presidential election this year. The fact that Trump is a candidate boggles my mind, horrifies me, angers me, and makes me very very sad that there are so many Americans that clearly like him. And the stuff going on in the Middle East. I won't lie and act like I understand it all. It just seems like all over the world people are focused on division instead of unity. Hatred instead of love. Revenge and power and pride. The world feels heavy.

A lot of events have impacted me this year. The upcoming election causes me great anxiety. I feel like there is also so much terrorism that it makes me not want to travel to certain places I have wanted too. There has been so much violence and unrest even I America this past year with police shootings and random acts of terror it makes me not want to bring children into this world. I am 36 so if I am going to have children it would have to be soon but as of now I'm not sure I want to because of so much uneasiness.

The mass shooting in Orlando that resulted in the murder of 49 LGBTQ+ at Pulse nightclub. The country reeled in shock and grief. The queer community was sent spinning. The queer Latinx community was devastated, as it was Latinx night at Pulse. I cried everyday for weeks. The queer community, my community, gathered together over and over, pulling together in love and support. Support for each other, support for the families and survivors of the Pulse 49. It hit me harder than even 9-11 had, as it was a direct hit against my community. It was twisted to be an rallying cry for anti-terrorism and anti-Islamic rhetoric, despite the evidence showing that the attack was homophobia based, not relating to terrorism at all. Conservative Republican political figures and media outlets used it to drum up anti-Islamic support and fight terrorism, all the while not mentioning that the victims were queer people of color. That was left out of their discourse entirely. The homophobia and hate that came up towards queer people after was horrifying. We were in mourning and so much gay bashing and trans bashing and queer bashing came to the surface in response. I will never forget the murders of our kin on June 12, 2016. One Pulse.

The world hasn't touched me this year. I've been focussed inwards rather than out. The world has been passing me by while I fight my own battles.

The situation in Syria made me realize not only how small the world is, but how much we need each other. It is sometimes disheartening to see those who can help do all kinds of mental gymnastics to find reasons not to do so.

Elie Wiesel's death....his life’s experiences provided him the parchment on which to write his lessons. But he believed it an anathema, a curse to make the Holocaust just about Jews. Rather the Shoah must be framed in the presence of any evil in our world, demanding that we cannot stand on the sidelines, even if the victim is not one of ours. Wiesel was criticized for taking this position, for moving so forcefully beyond the Jewish world. But he did so for the sake of humanity. He taught that he was a Jew so Christians could be better Christians; so individuals, whoever they might be, could live out their faith and their lives. Sometimes a lesson is wrapped up in a person – and Elie Wiesel was that person. Because as a Jew, he gave voice where there was silence. And so we learned to expect his voice – over the years at the fore front when there was a need – with South Africans battling apartheid, with Jews oppressed in the Soviet Union, railing against atrocities in Kosovo and Bosnia, making us aware of the genocide in Darfur, and even most recently, standing with refugees from Syria.

On December 2, 2015, 14 people were killed and 22 were seriously injured in a terrorist attack at the Inland Regional Center in San Bernardino, California, which consisted of a mass shooting and an attempted bombing. I know things are pretty crappy in San Berdoo, but it's still my hometown. It left me stunned and feeling even less safe than I normally do!

Oh geeze. All I can think about is the current political climate. I mean, there's the election and the hope from the Bernie Sanders movement at the same time that being openly racist has become okay again due to Donald Trump's hateful rhetoric. Also, the Black Lives Matter movement has affected me as well. I actually closed my facebook account because I couldn't stand being insulted by my family members when I would write about another person of color dying and expressing my sadness at the world and need for justice. At the same time, all the terrorist attacks and Brexit happening. I went to Paris right after the attacks and felt a sense of community there and wasn't as scared as I thought I would be. And Brexit happening is what I always point to when people say Trump couldn't become president. I'm nervous about our future... I feel like there is something bubbling in the air and it scares me. Our country, actually no, the world has become so polarized and I feel like so much hate is prevalent at the same time people are trying to spread love and speak up for justice.

For me, its all the shootings. We see so many, sometimes terrorism, sometimes mental health...but i feel that so much is out of our control We have this bullseye on our backs. And it used to be if you lived in a certain country or neighborhood you were mostly safe, but no more. And its hard for me to see it getting better. I think I will always be cautious on an airplane, traveling, or going to big events. Sometimes I feel like we are all in a marathon and the goal is really to get to the finish line in one peace, to die of old age, to have lived a life. You can only pray that you and the people you love also do.

The whole #BlackLivesMatter has actually impacted me more than I thought it would. I was originally an "#AllLivesMatter" person, before realizing that was my white privilege speaking. I never thought of myself as having white privilege, but of course I do. I get discriminated against in various ways for being a woman and for being Jewish, but I am still white. I think this has forced all of my peers to reevaluate our levels of privilege and levels of inherent racism that we never realized we had.

Maybe it's a small world, but I know there are a lot of moving parts. When one of those parts gets rubbing against each other and suddenly a nub gets worn down or something and then you get all this free-wheeling and suddenly something goes ping and this metaphor flies off like a spring into the workings of yet another system and BOOM! Ahem. Deaths were a huge item, between Bowie and Prince we lost a couple of pioneers of a sort of social defiance. I think there's still a lot to be learned about the lives they lived. The election is still huge, and important. The idea that racism didn't happen because people were not shining a light on it seems ridiculous. Do you not have germs until you get a microscope to see them? I mean, it's that prevalent. Pluto. Juno observing Jupiter. I mentally am using the term Hubble Patriot to describe how I feel about it, even if the Hubble is slowly being taken over. Zika, the Olympics, these things are not so much disasters as symptoms. "She's angry," said the witches working weather. "She's got a right to be." The Paris Climate Accord. The refugee crisis. Putting my finger on it I think it's how to be actively humanitarian in the world. Standing up for what needs to be done. Observing and affecting the observed - taking the camera out without making it a barrier to see life through it. It's about continuing to speak to others' grief, and it's about understanding how to make a difference.

The small-scale terrorist attacks in Brussels and Paris. On a tangible level, it meant that security was tighter at the airports as we flew in & out of Moscow several times. On a less tangible (but really more present level), it meant that we were much more nervous in Moscow. I think every single time I rode the Metro (which was at least daily), I had at least a passing thought about the possibility of a bomb going off or something. Same thing if I was in a crowded spot or a spot popular with foreigners--Red Square, Tverskaya, etc. I was always nervous, at least in passing moments. I have to admit, it even colored my viewpoint on more abstract political questions, which is atypical for me. I was a little more OK with the Russian security state, which previously I had really disliked. I still disliked it, but with a little less intensity. I suspect it had an effect on my view of US & Russian involvement in Syria, as well, though I can't put my finger on how.

I'm having a hard time thinking of any major event at this particular moment beyond the election. It's been ever present on the news since last year - we've moved past the primaries into general election cycle, and the vitriol and the hatred and the confusion and the intensity has just sky rocketed. I'm convinced that everyone in the country has a level of stress that's likely two points higher just from the election news. I know mine is - with everything else this year, I know I'm fragile - this has me feeling even more fragile, and even more tired, and even more worried. And the stakes are high. I do understand people hating Hillary, but I don't understand how their hatred could allow them to choose a person who is so... illogical? Ill prepared? He's unpredictable, which I supposed is an asset, but I don't see how one can build plans with him. I'm shocked he's gone this far. And I try to tell myself that it will be okay- there are people who support him, and while I may disagree that doesn't mean their reasoning is poor or wrong. And then he turns into a bully and it pushes all of my buttons and I'm frightened all over again. And I really do believe that she could be good - could be very good. But just like with President Obama - there will be so much of this that is fueled by baseless hatred. What a waste of time that all can be.

Not so much an event, but the US presidential elections are on my mind. As a conservative, I am frustrated with the Republican's nomination. Donald Trump can be downright embarrassing. But I would never in good conscience vote for Hillary whose political view is very different from mine. Her policy of appeasement will bring America to it's ruin. Another thing that affected me in 2016 was the death of Elie Wiesel. He was and is an inspiration to me; after the evil that he lived through and witnessed, and then documented, that he still believed in the goodness of man is something I try to live by always.

The election feels more personal this year. Like, it feels like it is a choice between good and evil. In past elections it hasn't felt this dramatic. Maybe it isn't that dramatic, in reality, but it just feels that way because of what I am being told by the news and other media outlets.

I think what's happened in Syria and the refugee crisis has affected me. The magnitude of these events is so great that I can't believe that in this day and age we still have people who have nowhere to go, nowhere to hide, and no one who is protecting them. It upsets me so much, I feel so bad for those people and I can't imagine what they must be going through. My heart goes out to them.

I think the blacklivesmatter movement has taught me a lot. Being brave and doing the right thing has asked me to put relationships (comfort) on the line. I am not sure I have suceeded. I would like to be a better ally. What is complicated is how much to sacrifice and acnologing that even the ability to decide that is so so privlidged.

There are two. Emotionally, the toughest events were the deaths of pop/rock music stars, particularly David Bowie & Prince. It is a reminder of how much their music & artistry has meant to me, as well as a reminder of one's own mortality. Also, the political climate as manifested on city streets with the ongoing video evidence of excessive force and shootings of citizens of color by police and all in a presidential election year. I realize that even though America has elected a black president, I (as a self-styled "white boy from the suburbs") have no idea what it means to grow up as a young black man and to have to learn special skills for dealing with police so I might survive an encounter with police.

Police violence against black people making its way into social consciousness more than it has since probably the civil rights era in the US. It's woken me up to how much more common and prevalent it is than i would have wanted to believe. It impacts me because it is a reminder of the tragic injustices perpetrated against blacks since they were forcefully brought to this country and how unequal our system remains to be. It's impactful because it shows how much more work there is too be done and how we all need to do our part to undo racism.

2 things. 1: Trump's rise to power, how we all felt it was a joke an impossibility and now he is poised for the presidency 2: combined with all the racial violence, the causal murdering by police. I just don't think I really appreciated the stakes before this year, I don't think I had an accurate perception of what life is like for an enormous percentage of the american population. 1. who are these people who are supporting Trump? what systems have failed them to shaped such a selfish, racist, xenophobic misogynistic mindset? Why are there so many? and 2. how can my black friends ever feel safe? have they ever, truly? how can I be a practical part of the solution ?

The current political situation in this country. I've never been one for politics or divisiveness. But this is no longer about political differences; this is about morals. Trump terrifies me - mostly because the people supporting him terrify me. I have become more outspoken about my beliefs. I remain civil even when others resort to name calling. I cannot be a bystander anymore - it's worse than not knowing better. I know better and I will speak my mind - it is my moral obligation.

Syria, the presidential election. There is so much hate in the presidential election it opens your eyes to how hateful the majority of the nation has become, how adults running for the top position in the USA can be so completely childish. Meanwhile a city across the world is being bombed daily, those left are either there to help people live or can not leave their home. Yet these people are not the worlds top priority or even near it to help them. Tens of thousands are still misplaced after fleeing wars and we want to bar our doors to them. Too much hate.

Answering these questions really makes me stop and think how long a year is! I can barely remember the past week, let alone the whole year. I'm afraid to say that I can't think of any "event in the world" (which I take to mean significant "world event" rather than just anything that happened at all) that has impacted me. I'm aware of having a more local focus and intentionally don't follow the news all that much. Part of me feels guilty and like a "bad" world citizen for being out of the loop and disconnected. But other parts of me think that there's nothing wrong with this and focusing on things that are directly in my life is a healthy thing to do.

The rise of Trumpism has both infuriated and depressed me. I truly believed we had progressed beyond those attitudes, that anti-intellectual and racist rage, being so popular and publicly on display. I am embarrassed to feel naive about that. I also worry for my children's future, regardless of the election's outcome.


It has been a violent year! Crimes against blacks, whites, children, police and gay people. Hateful acts against Jews, Muslims and Christians. Terrorist activity in the U.S. and Europe. Some of the weapons are guns, knives, homemade devices, sophisticated explosives and even suicide bombers. It has occurred in shopping malls, public transportation, schools and night clubs. One man drove a huge truck onto a beach in France where hundreds of people were celebrating Bastille Day. Every day there's another incident. I fear we are becoming desensitized, but in another way, we are over reacting. Organized protests often leading to another brand of violence. Everyone wants answers and nobody has them. Reasonable protections that used to make us feel secure are being considered part of the problem. My own City just passed gun control laws. They cannot be enforced and they won't be effective. Laws presume a respect for rules. You cannot legislate criminals. If someone is evil enough to plan ending the life of another human being, they will find a way. Goes back to Cain and Abel. Motive is stronger than means.

So many events of violence and inhumane treatment One event that breaks my heart is the bombing of civilians in Syria and their fragile existences. To think that they have no place to live, no homes or food, or safety. The recent bombing of food supplies sent which would have fed over 170,000 Syrians is beyond the imagination. What religion could ever justify this type of terror? Makes me sad for humankind as a whole. When will this end?

Donald Trump's run for the Presidency has had a huge impact on me this year. It brings stress, anger, and, I admit, more fear than I would like. Next month will I feel better? Who knows!

Several events have happened in the past year that have impacted me in various ways. The Supreme Court ruled that love is love and allowed gay marriage. This has served to remind me of the changes in my perspectives about homosexuality. This has impacted so many of my friends who now have the legal right to marry the person they love. There have been mass shootings all over the country that has impacted my beliefs about guns. At some point, transgender people using the "correct" bathroom became a passion point for people across the country. Currently, I am in a place that I was in formerly about gay people. I am hoping to learn more about transgender issues and if I have to make decisions at my work related to these issue, I hope I make respectful and loving decisions for people on all sides. Currently, Donald Trump and Hilary Clinton are the party nominations for POTUS. We shall see who wins and how that impacts everything.

The United States presidential election. We live in the most prosperous, well-educated, and free country in the history of the world. All of the opportunities in my life, from my family's well-being and hometown, my educational journey from private Catholic grade school-to public school-to private Catholic university, and ability to travel, work independently, and make choices about my future, are a result of living in the United States of America. At times I think about the tremendous advantage I was given at birth, and my heart is saddened by the immense tragedies that afflict so many other countries around the world, whether by famine, flood, war, or disease. And still, at this moment, this great country is greatly divided by a choice between the two most dis-liked presidential candidates in history. Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton, to me, represent the twin institutions of business and politics that have been the stabilizing forces in American life since its founding in 1776. And, as beautifully re-told in Lin-Manuel Miranda's award-winning musical Hamilton, and woven throughout our nation's history, those two forces are often in conflict: sometimes to the benefit of the republic, but other times, with disastrous impacts, especially those at the fringes of society: minority groups, the economically disadvantaged, and disabled persons. I have no doubt that this is the most important election in my lifetime. It is quite possibly the most important election in the history of human civilization. And yet, I find it tremendously difficult to be inspired by either major party's chosen candidate. This is partially due to my own work and life distractions, and my recent experience with the inability of local and state governments to actually solve problems: and, if local government and state political leaders cannot work together, then how can we expect our national leaders to be any different? That being said, I do feel a huge responsibility, as a citizen of the US, small business owner, and compassionate human, to act in favor of human life, protect the environment, and preserve this experiment in democracy as our best hope to better the future of the next generation. I believe we have a sacred duty (outside of religious beliefs, but as one common thread of our humanity) to make the world a better place. And with that, it is impossible for me to entertain the idea of a small-minded, narcissistic, and egotistical real estate developer as the next President of the United States and so-called leader of the free world. I will instead vote my conscience, and I will vote for the candidate who, at least in words if not by actions, shares my commitment to serving others less fortunate, recognizing America's unique place in the world and our responsibility to carry forward the founders' unwavering vision for life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. I'm with her.

The friggin' election. What a weird experience. How traumatic for the country, with all the ugliness that's being spewed and people not having any idea how to relate to each other. I wish Bernie Sanders could have clinched the nomination. There's so much corruption, and so much need for positive change in this country. I hope for the best, come election day and afterwards.

I am terrified of Trump. My mother's huge family, save her parents and one uncle, were all killed in the holocaust. I relate to immigrants and minorities through this history even though I present as a white person. Similarly, the horrors of Syria are never far from my mind. Having a toddler also makes me feel for the children there. It is horrific. I am a strong and resilient person, but these large national and international traumas have impacted me this year.

I have been affected by everything going on at Yale this past year. I know this seems small compared to everything else I could be writing about. And other things have affected me a great deal, particularly the Black Lives Matter movement. But all of the protests at Yale surrounding Calhoun, the "master" label, the naming of the 2 new colleges, Corey Menafee, and more, have hit me in a personal way. One, because this was my first year out of Yale, so I have to grapple with what my place in all of this is -- what it means to be an outsider to the campus that still feels like my home. Two, because my status as an alum has shielded me from some really tough questions, a fact which I have been acutely aware of. Would I have been on the front lines at those protests? Would I have yelled at Jonathan Holloway and the Masters of Silliman? Would I have supported the movement fully, or denounced the whole thing as "going too far" because some of the demands are extreme? I don't know. I didn't have to pick. My (for the most part) inaction didn't make any kind of statement because it was from 800 miles away. That's a lot to wrestle with.

The current state of our nation and world! All of the unrest, dishonor, lack of respect for authority, racial hostility and a church that seems asleep.

Wow, there are so many. The refuge crisis around the world has really effected me. We, in the United States, have such easy lives compared to a great deal of the world and that really came into focus. All of the police killings of innocent people in this country also really touched me. It is all so crazy. And, finally, Trump -- we all thought that was a joke at first but there is nothing funny (or even believable) about it now.

A question with no one answer.. a question that leads to a hundred more questions, most of them beginning with why....a nd followed up with a how can one meaningfully respond... Syrian refugees... heartbreaking.. Man's inhumanity to man. Our inhumanity to each other, and all of that, I think, is perhaps encapsulated in the Anger (hurt, frustration, sense of powerlessness?) that is expressed in the Britexit vote and the popularity of Donald Trump. When raw emotion, untempered by reason or thoughtfulness shows its face as a majority within a democratic system -- that frightens me, saddens me profoundly, makes me fearful of what is to follow, what is to come. It begs the why question. It calls forth the how and what questions.... and while questions are a beginning, they are not enough.

The attacks in France

As I grow older, it seems harder to narrow this question down to one event. When you get older, your world continues to expand beyond your self, your family, your local environment. The news bombards you and at times, I have to admit, grief overwhelms me, as I fear it does most of us. The two events that are most present in mind lately are the Syrian refugee crisis and the increased attention on the consequences of systemic racism made ever more evident by the videos of black men being killed by police officers. It is the perceived polarization of Black Lives Matter supporters and the police community that really tears me apart day to day. The way that we consistently see the politics at play overpower the need we all have to hear police officers say publicly what they say behind closed doors as they get training and talk about how to respond. That they don't want to be perceived as racist but they know there is a problem. The way we consistently see that the media chooses to bombard our screens not with the majority of the Black Lives Matter movement, information on it's founders or the peaceful protests, but rather the times when things can get ugly. The way we consistently act like there is no reason for things to get ugly when in truth, we are seeing that violence begets violence. Lack of change leads to a perceived lack of alternatives, lack of choices. We are so broken. And we are so busy talking about Donald Trump and Hillary's faults and making jokes that we draw our attention away from the 100 Syrian children that have died in air raids in Aleppo over the last several days. What are we doing? This question burrows itself deeper and deeper into my heart the older I get. And it is often hard to remember the power we can have, the influence we are unaware of because we refrain from making our families uncomfortable at the dinner table. If only we would just say something, all of us, face to face, with the requirement only to listen without interruption. What would we be like then? What would we be doing then?

The massacre in France at the eagles of death metal concert. That's a concert that I would have attended. Being trapped is my biggest fear and I really thought about how the terrified the victims must have been. So senseless.

Seeing a woman nominated for the US presidency Although I think she is qualified she does come with a lot of baggage, but it is still exciting to see a woman in this position

All of the shootings of black men and the young children dying from being in the line of fire is devastating. The presidential rhetoric has opened up a flood gate of hatred and bigotry that sickens me. The death toll this year in Chicago alone is unbelievable. These could be my children, my family, my friends.

The Pulse Nightclub Massacre. It is a very frightening time and is evident of the instability of our lives and the hatred of individuals pledging allegiance to ISIS.

Donald Trump is running for President. Jesus. Christ. I'm saddened that people actually think he's a viable candidate to run this country. I'm afraid for all of our futures if he wins the election. I won't be proud to be an American anymore if he's at the helm.

Those photos of Syrians trapped within the country's borders or trying to emigrate are a daily horror. And then there is Trump and, worse, his followers. I'm trying to get my grown children to vote (36 and 39), and it's a fight against apathy: "New York is a blue state anyway," etc. I guess he'll win, but he has turned over a yuge rock and what lies beneath is very ugly.

The shooting of police officers in Dallas Tx my home town. This was a peaceful demonstration by citizens protesting police brutality. The policeman were at the protest to ensure peace and respect the protesters. The event went well, until a sniper began shooting and killing the officers who were protecting the protesters. It was such a sad day. Dallas was showing the world how to conduct a peaceful demonstration and the gunman shattered our hopes of keeping this a peaceful event. It was even more upsetting because this is my home and I was hopeful that our city would be different and more tolerant.

The thought that Donald Trump could be president is really scary to me. It goes to show that even though we have come a long way as a society, there are still closeted, scared bigots out there.

The election. It's crazy when something happens that puts my wife and I on the same side of an election.

I feel compelled to say the impending election. The way the system has generated the two most unappealing candidates in history is an example of how processes evolve over time to produce sub-optimal results. Hillary Clinton has worked for years to put herself in the position where it was nearly impossible to oppose her despite the negative ratings she amassed over that time. Donald Trump was the candidate the system railed against, but still won the nomination due to the marginalization of the majority by extremists. This situation was further exacerbated by the proliferation of social media as "the truth" and the marginalization of the media into entertainment. It demoralizes those of us who still picture ourselves as young idealists. When our vote does not count and doing the right thing garners no benefit, how does one remain positive? How can we value experience when the system generates grid lock and mediocrity? In the end we must persevere and hope intelligence "trumps" fear, that hope overcomes despair and that justice prevails over bigotry.

This presidential election continues to impact me. I am actually terrified not only of the thought of Trump being president, but also of the fact that there are apparently millions of people who actually think that he would make a good one! Who on earth could look at him, listen to anything he says, or know anything about his background and think that he is capable or deserving of being the leader of the free world? Horrifying. May Gd help us all if he is elected.

Acts of violence against other human beings - there were so many this year that it is difficult to keep track. It makes me heartbroken and upset that humans could find it in their hearts and souls to purposely harm other human beings. Even more frightening is that there are so many now (whether it's due to an increase in occurrences or increase in reporting) one almost becomes numb to it; "oh, another terrorist/police brutality/school shooting, etc. incident." It makes me wonder what kind of world we would potentially be bringing children into, and also think about what things we can do in order to make it better.

While I don't know if the impact has been favorable, the most impactful event in the world this year was Donald Trump becoming the Republican candidate for President. How someone so filled with hate, who supports discrimination, who represents narcissism and misogyny, who wants to set the country back to a period of time when we weren't working towards progress or equality could be our next President... it's made me more cynical about the population of the US. It's made me question friends and family. The willful ignorance of those who blindly support him. I don't understand it. And, ultimately, the thing that is most impactful--I don't know how to stop him. I don't know how to talk to people about it to get to the meat and bones of why they believe he's the best choice. I've always felt that I could have some mutual understanding with others. I am a social worker. This is my job. This is what I've been trained to do. To empathize, to be able to find the common thread. I can't. I can't do it. It makes me sad. And angry. And I feel helpless.

The floods in Baton Rouge really changed the way I view news stories. Since my boyfriend's family is from there, I got a deeper picture of what is going on there - when the cameras were on, and now that the cameras are gone. Some is good, some is bad, but it has for sure changed how I think about the 'News Story du jour"

The whole news cycle is very depressing, what with the shootings of black people and gay people, acts of terror, the presidential election... Hard to say, but I stopped reading the the news as much as possible. Younger me would have judged me for this, but I can't handle it.

Trump. Good lord, if he's elected president, I'm not sure what's going to happen. How can someone that inexperienced and ignorant get so far in a political race? I can't. I'm avoiding all politics this year. If you're reading this and Hillary won, make a celebratory cocktail. You deserve it. If Trump was elected, do a double shot of vodka RIGHT NOW to forget it ever happened.

The shooting in the gay club in Orlando. I am Christian and don't agree with LGBT community, however, the way some Christians responded made me sick with their callousness and lack of empathy. I may not agree with people who identify as gay, but I will mourn with them when something like this happens, and I will be a shoulder for them to cry on.

The war in Syria and the refugee crisis in Europe is the major world event that concerned me. It makes me feel helpless in the face of other's suffering.

The stabbings in Israel. I was so afraid all the time, just afraid to step outside. It added a level of stress to my life that was unbearable.

The presidential campaign. It seems like it's all I think about. I wish the lock screen on my phone could be the updated map on fivethirtyeight. I'm worried about what a Trump presidency could mean for our country and our standing in the world. I'm worried about what lasting damage it would do to the people of the country who are least able to deal with it.

The Black Lives Matter Movement!!!! It could be in so many places in the world where there were African slaves ... I think THIS happened in Latin America on a daily basis (discrimination), but most people don't care. It is inspiring!!!!

Donald Trump's nomination as a presidential candidate has made me drop my political guard. He's the most dangerous thing to happen to the American Experiment in my lifetime, and threatens to destroy democracy in the United States, and turn us into a fascist nation. All we have to do is look to Europe in the 1930's-40's to know that electing that kind of leader would be disastrous. So I refuse to keep quiet.

Brexit. Absolutely devasted at the result. I feel scared and sad at what I see and hear around me. The rising waves of hatred and bigotry. I grew up in a city poisoned by bigotry and hatred - I thought I had left all that behind when I moved to this city in the UK. This now feels worse. I feel angry that people like Nigel Farage and Boris Johnson deceived people, preyed on their fears and prejudices and we will all now reap the bitter harvest of this for many years to come. And they just fucking walked away ....

The first thing I think of is this election. It's been really difficult this year. I've seen an ugly side of a lot of people I've known my whole life. I'm scared of the way people fear and alienate Muslims and it reminds me of how other cultures alienated Jews. My instinct is to feel disgust towards those who are intolerant or to mock them (via Internet trolling. We all do it.), but I know they have their own right to think the way they do. It's just disappointing to know that the way they think isn't guided by love and acceptance.

The 2016 election. It won't be over before 10Q ends but it has made the last 12+ months one of the most eye opening to the entire world. I've read in numerous places that all of a sudden it feels as if institutionalized racism has been reignited, bigotry has spread, civil rights have been openly and disgustingly challenged, and demagogues have become the national voice - but it hasn't. We've reached the peak of social media in which information and opinion combine to disseminate breaking news at lightning speed - it essentially puts everyone on a level playing field and has allowed vastly different opinions to circulate and argue relentlessly. These major rifts in society aren't newly-created setbacks coming to light, rather they are systematic issues that have been festering for decades, quietly repressed by the left and moderate right. And then someone like Donald Trump is able to swiftly knock down those barriers and give a face and voice to the repressed - who not so shockingly happen to be Americans who have been the least repressed in regards to their race, religion, or sexuality. Their fears of the world have been amplified by the political campaigns that have further divided this nation. They don't want progress, they don't want equality, they don't want to help humanity, they don't want everyone to have access to the first amendment, they don't even want to protect the safety of fellow Americans. How can anyone who is remotely empathetic see these views as having any positive impact on society? When these beliefs seek to divide and separate humans on every level instead of finding ways to bridge the gaps - how does that seem right? How does that make you feel superior? How can someone reduce a person to their basic characteristics and then use those characteristic to determine how you are treated and how you get to experience life? I'm figuring out how I can devote my life to bridging this gap in any way possible, nothing is too small to consider how we cab improve the lives of EACH OTHER.

All of the terrorism, in this country and elsewhere, has made me feel less safe. More so because I am both a Jew and an American. I am more vigilant and attentive to my surroundings. I am less likely than before to be in a big crowd, though I do go to airports and large gatherings when I have to. For the first time in very many years, I will not attend Kiwanis International convention, which next summer will be in Paris; I do not feel welcome, or even safe, in France.

The shooting of police officers in Dallas greatly affected me. There is so much fear in our country now, and division between blacks and whites that didn't exist before our current administration. I have looked into the Democratic party more, and found that they have a history of making promises to minorities during election times and not coming through on them. Even to the point of LBJ creating the welfare system that broke apart black families. I know that the change has to start with EACH of us, loving each other.

The Syrian Refugee Crisis and the bombing around the world.

Trump's candidacy. It has terrified and motivated me.

Donald Trump and the rapid decay of the United States is a start to a very pivotal and frightening year. I imagined it could happen because great countries rise and fall and I realize we do not learn from history but rather repeat it endlessly. Sad, but to be the country that holds itself above and beyond all the others and be in it when the decline begins is terrifying for - probably, the most, for Baby Boomers who can see the contrasts very clearly. For anyone who loved the fact of Barack Obama being a two term president - the demoralization is to have had it bring so many bigots out of the woodwork. Like insects. There is no “post racial America” - there is a Dixie mentality that is spread far and wide and it betrays an underlying condition that has never been eradicated. As I look back on the acceleration of the “social media’ phenom, I have to attribute a large part of the problems to idea of the Earth as tabloid reality. And I do. But for this I have been called a Luddite. If only. As a species we have been allowed to play with a toy for which we have no instructions. There are none. And I have seen the shattering of faith - spiritual and religious, trust, honesty and a sense of dignity which I now realize we may never have had; we simply didn’t know we didn’t have it. I do believe that in order to acquire knowledge you must understand how it can be used and use it judiciously and honestly. The question of knowledge is in question. What should be rejoicing - in terms of space exploration for example - suddenly becomes a fear that some groups simply believe we can leave here and go there and start over. For profit. Who owns the Universe? What should be rejoicing for discoveries in science and medicine becomes a revenue stream. The “oh we can fix it, but you are going to pay through the nose”. No one remembers Jonas Salk. The vast, hardly touched, advances in DNA research and the realization that it is a strange and mysterious creature we should approach with caution fascinate me and frighten me. We are no longer “who we are” - but something far more complicated and increasingly knowable. On one hand we “celebrate” our disabilities and ‘conditions' and seek to place them in a better and more human context while DNA research allows us to think these very same things can be fixed or eliminated. I don’t think we can have both. And the recent propensity for lying is troubling. Lying - or covering the truth was once considered to be a bad thing to do. Now we simply tweak the known facts and create new stories. Even cover-ups have come into vogue and people spend money and time debunking them or creating them or simply rationalizing them. Is it any wonder the world feels as if it’s spinning out of control? Or that the world itself is the same but the inhabitants - humanity - have spun out and we are moving so fast we can barely see the point of origin. And now the question is - is there a point of origin. This is what the last year has brought to me. The names change, the geography changes, the “causes” change - but that is the micro version. The macro version is what troubles me most.

Events in Orlando hit me hard, especially when paired with the obliviousness of straight friends and insensitive remarks from my manager. The response afterwards from straight people in either denying or ignoring its impact as a hate crime was hurtful. They didn't see how the event affected me, not just the hatred involved in the event itself, but the hatred and straight-washing in the response.

I am in utter disbelief that the Republicans nominated the guy they did. I'm really angry that indigenous communities in the Americas are having their rights trampled on for greed. I'm incredulous that people don't get that we need to stop using fossil fuels YESTERDAY. I wonder if we can bring back the law of reciprocity (aka the golden rule) and start treating one another with respect, even when we disagree. It's OK to disagree. We don't have to kill people we disagree with. Freedom from fear is a way through. I would love to see humankind develop a greater capacity to be more curious, more full of wonder, and more playful.

The rising popularity of someone like Donald Trump as a viable and possible president of the United States. I do not support Hillary Clinton either. I just don't understand all the circumstances that brought him to the top. There are so many things that he has publicly said and done that make me believe he is not qualified to be our next commander in chief. I can not vote because I am not a US Citizen. I am a US resident and hope the best for the country I call home.

I'd definitely have to say the upcoming election, all the nonsense that goes with it is the world event that's impacted me most this year. I don't respect my friends and family who support Trump. I can't be rational or sympathetic to anyone who supports him even as an anti-Hillary measure.

The Iranian nuclear deal has been a big worry for all Jews and has been very divisive in the Jewish community.

Fucking Donald Trump running for president is driving me insane. I hate this lunatic. He is a racist, fascist, narcissistic dictator and I can't believe how many people are willing to vote for him, or vote for a third party. I can't believe how many people don't see the threat here. It's terrifying.

Trump vs. Hillary has shown me a dark side of Americans that I hadn't been aware of prior to this. On the one hand, I'm more prepared to listen to them and try to understand why Trump supporters hold the views they do. On the other, I am upset by the fact that so much of their stance is xenophobic. It makes me realize that I can't change how others think, but that I can try to change how I respond.

The presidential election and what a crap show it has been. It makes me realize how many idiots there are that would want Donald Trump to be our next President

I have ongoing stress about the conflict in Syria for several reasons: It has become a sandbox for the US and Russia to play "cold war" with each other at the expense of civilian lives. We have this massive refugee problem, and those citizens who want to help are being hampered by partisan politics. We're going to have to deal with the aftermath of this war very, very soon.

so many . . .the refugee crisis that I feel powerless to do anything about - Trump running for president and possibly winning - I do hope to get out the Hillary vote. I worry about the direction our world is going in. People's kindness needs to be cultivated and I would like to help make that happen - not sure how.

This coming election is frightening and makes me realize how our future is at risk with the possibility of electing a complete idiot for President .. and what it says about the millions of people who believe in him. Our future as a country feels precarious. Continued terrorism frightens me so that I feel unsafe as part of a Jewish gathering.

The seemingly never-ending and relentless killing and bombing of one another. Whether it is political or personal or random or intentional, racial or religious can't we all just get a grip? The whole thing makes me sad. It certainly has impacted my work life, programmatically speaking... and while the shootings aren't necessarily a big thing in my neighborhood, everyone outside the city worries about us as do some people inside the city. It does seem random and sort of scary but I've acclimated to it. We all have.

ISIS targeting Christians both inside and outside of the US

Hillary Clinton's Presidential bid has really brought the wide-spread strength of sexism to light. It is so transparent that people would rather vote for an unqualified, immature man, or any man, than vote for a qualified woman..both whites and people of color are culpable. I am starting my own Feminist Fight Club

The possibility that Donald Trump could run for president. Sometimes I have a visceral reaction to certain people - just watching him talk makes my skin crawl. Listening to his words makes me want to scream. It s so frightening that this man could have so many followers -he is racist, wants to keep women in check, he s a liar and no one seems to care (well, some people do care), he is a cheater, white supremicists and gun mongers really want him to be our president and nothing could be worse. I don't even care that I can't spell supremicist. The thought of him and his followers takes my breath away. Why - because I care about what happens to my family, our country and our planet.

The global event that has affected me the most this year is the referendum to leave the European Union. I have never felt so passionate about British politics, and so affected by the result. Only time will tell how bad (or good?) Brexit is for this country, but it feels wrong that the UK has chosen to pull up the drawbridge at a time when the world is becoming a closer community. I never felt particularly British anyway, but I definitely don't feel British now. This country does not espouse the values of hope, tolerance, and community in the same way that I do.

The event that has impacted me this year was Donald Trump getting the Republican nomination. WTF? I have always been afraid of the rise of another Hitler. I perceive his brand of politics similarly. The fact that people would believe Trump has left me with little idealism. I feel really different from many of the people in my country, and it has been a bit of an identity crisis. I now have to bite my tongue, try to keep my opinion neutral at work, while trying to advocate for more openness, understanding, and critical thinking. Ugh. Am I blind to something here? I remember watching The Apprentice the first two seasons, I was fascinated by how unimpressive Donald Trump was. I never saw any insights, I never quote Donald Trump about anything. I never say "Well, you know what I learned about life from Donald Trump..." I thought it was kinda embarrassing for him because the world would realize the empire has no clothes. His advice and philosophy were all over the place. I was intrigued how the contestants had to manage his ego while trying to guess at which values he would come with on any given day (always screw the others-- OR-- always work as a team) Now here we are. A month away from him as a possible president. Really, the emperor has no clothes on.

The US elections, though technically they haven't finished, they have been an ongoing event since the start of the year. The impact has been both a heightened interest in politics in general and a general feeling of disappointment in terms of the candidates. Both candidates are very unpopular and they represent different ways to view the US and how to solve our very real problems. I feel like our political system is breaking down and not working as well as it could, or should work.

The shooting at the gay club in Orlando, Florida over the summer. I'm gay and my heart just broke. Over 30 people died and I just felt so scared, and honestly I still do.

Who can believe the rise of Donald Trump? This cements my belief that life is a choice of LOVE or FEAR. Which do you subscribe to? It's the only thing that can explain his appeal.

the refugee crisis. I remember how Jewish refugees were not taken in during WWII, you'd think the world had learned a lesson. The thought of millions of people being displaced, dying trying to get someplace safe, and the lucky ones wandering around in a place where they no no one and don't speak the language. I feel very powerless.

The election. Everyone around me is extremely tense and anxious about this election. Either a lying crook murderer or a lying fool narcissist. I can get why it would have this affect. More over, it affects my work life because I have an extremely close minded conservative af boss who doesn't converse about anything, rather speaks over you basically to hear himself talk. Guess who he's voting for 🙄

The pending USA election. Worrisome. Scary. Extraordinary that so few are stepping up to the plate. Good leadership is so important. So much at risk otherwise. I think that I am most concerned due to the new leader possibly negatively impacting the citizen of the USA and to date, the good relationships that have been fostered outside of America. I truly hope that my concerns are not valid at the end of the day.

Jose Fernandez' death. I could have said any other moment but this is what has been bothering me since it happened. I'm not a huge baseball fan. I didn't root for his team, but I followed his career with interest because he was young, he was talent, and he was kind. Then he was gone. And life carries on. And I watched as his teammates cried, and the announcer tried to hold it together, and I thought about 'there's no crying in baseball' except that there is. There absolutely is. There's crying in life. For happy times and sad times, and his death was such a sad time. He was young. Three years younger than I am and he has lived more in his time than I think I ever will. He always came off as brave, as someone who can go out into the world with confidence - and then he's gone. That's it. One day here and one day not. and I'm still here? It doesn't seem fair. He has done so much more for people than I have. He has a daughter on the way. and I'm still here? It's weird to think about because I don't want to die but sometimes I start thinking about what would happen when I'm gone, and I think a few people will miss me, but I won't have the impact that he has. I'm working towards going back to school, and I'm going to the gym, so I'm concentrating on self-development, which i have to do before I go on to try and impact the world -- but what if I die tomorrow? what if I've wasted my life? He was 24. I'm 27. What if tomorrow -- that's it? What if I've done nothing with my life?

Brexit has been a huge event in the world. It has made me very upset with the number of racist attitudes that are on the rise in this country. I don't pretend to understand Brexit but it certainly has been associated with a huge increase in hate crime which concerns me. In tandem with Trump running for President, the world feels very unsafe right now.

This election has shown me that no matter how accomplished I become, a large portion of the population will find me disgusting or threatening, rather than valuable -- due to the expectations associated with my gender, and due to the profound liability of being an un-beautiful woman. No amount of experience and knowledge, it seems, can justify power-seeking for people like me. I'd be far better off as a Sarah or an Ivanka -- any pursuit of leadership being tempered by a carefully-crafted image of femininity. Arguments as homespun suggestions. Policy as lifestyle blog. Attention through fuckability. But there is no use for my bloated thighs or my sagging chest or my boring ideas, here. Seeing so many parts of myself eviscerated via Hillary's public experience has broken my heart over and over again.

Many events have impacted my life. The Paris attacks, Brussels bombings, the Orlando attacks, just to name a few. My mom had just left the Paris airport while the shootings went off and my cousin was in the city as it was happening. The Brussels attack happened in an airport that my Brother and I traveled through frequently throughout our lives, and the Orlando attack happened too close to home. All of the attacks did. I'm not afraid to travel, and that is the point of the attacks, to create fear. But I am more cautious than I would be. It is sad that the only way some people think they can bring about change is to hurt other people. I'm not just talking about other people, I'm also talking about Americans. Our world is becoming more polarized, "us" vs "them" and I believe it should stop. Everyone cannot be categorized in such a fashion and we need to collectively respect that fact.

An event in 2016 that has impacted me this year? Where to begin? This has been the most eventful year of my life, as far back as I can coherently remember it. Each event has managed to successfully elicit an emotion out of me, making me think deeper about the beliefs and opinions of both myself and others. The terrorist attacks in Europe, Asia and the US made me aware of how a combination of economic turmoil and religious persecution can lead to the near-collapse of an entire continent. The innumerable shootings made me question the motives of those who still stand behind gun ownership and lax gun laws. The unwarranted police violence against blacks made me question my internal biases, because god knows I have them. The rise to prominence of a racist, misogynistic, bigoted bully to the US Presidential stage made me question everything I know and think about our society. More than anything, the combined events of this year impacted me because I am a person of color, a woman, and an immigrant. Each of these factors alone and in tandem has made me more uncomfortable in my skin this year than ever before, and for once, not because of my own self-esteem or self-doubt. In many ways, these events were positive because they made me more aware. I am aware now that I live in a bubble because I live in San Francisco (bubble), because all my friends on social media think like me (bubble), because I was born well-off, went to college, have a well-paying job and have never been exposed to danger (bubble), because I'm a quintessential millennial, too preoccupied with my purpose and meaning and place in the world to think about what I can do for others (bubble). I am also aware now of the powers of kindness and compassion and humility. We live in a paranoid world, and paranoia at heart is a selfish thing. It makes us believe that others are coming after our jobs and our possessions. It makes us wary of differences in race, religion, socio-economic standing. Kindness, in the midst of fear, is the greatest act of bravery. This year has taught me that it's time to resurrect kindness and respect for all things that share in and belong to our world. It's time to think openly, discuss problems bravely, and act for the world we want to live in.

The shooting at Pulse in Orlando was profoundly upsetting, not least because although it was the worst mass shooting in modern US history, most of my friends were silent about it and politicians and ministers declared it not a tragedy, because the people deserved to die, and called for the job to be finished. It is so upsetting that this is allowed in my country.

I was really upset after I heard the result of the EU referendum. I couldn’t quite believe it. I lay in bed for about 20 minutes with the radio on, trying to take it all in. I was disappointed in our politicians for fighting a half-hearted campaign and especially disappointed (although not that surprised) at the dishonesty of the Leave campaign. The news was super-interesting for about 4-6 weeks afterwards, but eventually everything calmed down and went back to normal. I’m so glad we didn’t end up with Michael Gove as prime minister. I think the Brexit process will take a long time to work itself out. I’m hoping there will be compromise. The Brexit vote made me somewhat ashamed to be British. I didn’t think that’s what we stood for. I’m intolerant of intolerance. I think of myself as European. I can see the benefits of sharing wealth and power in Europe. Most of the mainstream arguments against the EU are selfish and small-minded. I was pleased to see how many people engaged with the process and the aftermath, though. It beats apathy and indifference. I’m not pleased with how the Labour party has behaved - especially the Parliamentary Labour Party. Leave Corbyn alone to do his job. Get behind him or leave the party. Why are people so afraid of him? I was really hopeful this time last year that he would help to change the nature of British politics; but his party has behaved despicably. The referendum result was an excuse to go after him in the unstable times. All the major parties have been dead-headed this year. But day-to-day life for me hasn’t changed at all. Yet.

I don't think anything has impacted me this year, except as a citizen of the world.

The movement for Black Lives issuing their platform and having the IJC respond by rebuking the references to Palestine and "genocide." It showed me exactly where the line was drawn about solidarity with BLM and has shifted the discourses around PEP (progressive except Palestine) from being tangential to directly forcing Jews to frame values. It also forced IJC to acknowledge the legacy of racism in modern day without the option to use Heschel as a "good on race" card as has been so prevalent in Jewish "justice" communities. It's a new opportunity to move forward genuinely and with real accountability to Black Jews, Black community and the framework of values.

The terrorist attacks in France had a profound effect on me. I believe it is because those people were living lives just like mine - and then suddenly they weren't. When the world realized that a truck could be a weapon, something changed for me. I have a hope of containing guns, bombs, nuclear warheads. I have no hope of containing trucks.

The Republican selection of Donald Trump as their presidential canditate. I listen to those who support him and realize how far people have drifted from appreciating smart sensible presidential candidates. I am terrified that he will be elected. And where the country will go if he is elected. And these poor deluded people that think he is presidential material. We are ripe for the election of a fascist. God help us all.

The passage of the new school vaccine law has really impacted our family. My younger daughter isn't allowed to attend the wonderful preschool we sent our older daughter to, all because she is healthy and has an intact immune system. We are moving out of state to somewhere that still upholds a parent's right to make medical decisions for the sake of their children's health.

Well, I liked Bernie. Then I saw that he clearly wasn't going to unseat Billary and I gave up. Fuck Drumpf. I hope to god as I read these words a year from now that President Clinton is at least continuing the status quo, or better. This world is a scary place. The coup in Brazil, the slaughter in Syria, daily terrorist acts all over the globe. Watching the rise of authoritarianism has been terrifying. Black lives don't matter and neither do any others. I'm not sure how much I'm directly impacted at all, and yet it has become abundantly clear that I am living in an Idiocracy. Sigh.

This year it has to be the election! For the first time ever, I think, I have been regularly donating to political campaigns and politicians. I don't think I need to remind myself that I am NOT supporting Donald Trump! Scary times, really. We seriously SERIOUSLY need to radically change how we choose candidates - for BOTH parties! Even early on, when there were about 17 potential republican candidates, I had to wonder: what has HAPPENED to the Republican party, that THIS is the best they can come up with?! They are off the rails. They are so far off the rails, they have forgotten about trains. I supported Bernie early because, darn it, he is RIGHT. But I'm supporting Hillary in the general election because she is truly the only qualified person in the race.

The Presidential elections have shown me that many act differently that you would expect. Those who are teachers, educators and rabbis are acting in a way that if their students or congregants were that they would call them out. We lack civility, understanding and tolerance. Regardless of who wins the election, I think in many respects we all lose as the landscape of civil discourse doesn't seem to apply anymore.

Well, being more aware of this upcoming presidential election that's come down to a contest between two awful people has -- at times -- made me feel rather hopeless about the state of this country. Listening to my mom and friends express genuine fear about the possibilities of utter disaster should Trump actually be elected has added to my despair. How can the world (this world in the US) have come to such a very low place? Is it possible that a country, its people, really do get the president they deserve? On the other hand, is it possible that -- as in other times -- Nixon, Reagan, both Bush's -- what has seemed catastrophic has somehow been survived?

The Syrian Refuge Crisis impacted our trip to Budapest and Vienna last Sept. The train station was closed in Budapest so we had to hire a car and driver to take us to Vienna. I felt like an ugly rich American - such a sharp contrast to the poor people fleeing their homes. And the Hungarian "powers that be" kept the area of the nice hotels so insulated from the tragedy at the train station. All we saw was the discarded belongings along the road.

Donald Trump being nominated for president of the US. The anger and hate that he has tapped into and stoked make me extraordinarily nervous about what is to come, whether he wins or not. Obviously if he wins, the things I fear will have the sanction of the government, but even if he doesn't win I think the haters now have somewhat gotten legitimacy. I truly believe that he could be another Hitler.

The plebiscite results in Colombia. I as a professor I find this very sad because I can see troubles in the future.

DONALD TRUMP IS TERRIFYING. I am deeply disturbed at the deep roots of sexism and racism that have been put up on display through this monster of a candidate. I've despaired of political candidates in the past, but that seems quaint in comparison to the utter debacle that is Donald Trump. Remember when we thought George Bush would be a disaster for the country? Doesn't even hold a candle to the horrorshow that a Trump presidency would bring about.

The black Lives matters movement in the US has really impacted me. I'm white and really did not realize how severe racism still is in the US, and likely the world today. It has made me more conscientious of my own actions, and how what I do and say impacts others.

My friend suffered an aneurysm and U went to tais care of her and then had her come to stay with me for the majority of the summer. She is physically fine but mentally unmoored. Having someone decompensate in front of me was a harrowing experience. A person who was functioning well, in fact more than well became a mass of fears and suspicion. It was tiring and helped me to learn what my limits are in terms of helping others.

In September the average global CO2 concentrations went over 400 ppm and have not gone back to lower levels. Some experts say there is a chance that they won't reduce again for decades even if by a miracle all industrial CO2 production ceased today. This means that we cannot avoid the accelerating effects of climate change and all of the debilitating effects to coastal communities in particular, but also those suffering the effects of more severe weather and climate events. With more energy in the system from heat trapped by CO2 gas and methane we will see more frequent and more powerful hurricanes and tornadoes where they never appeared before, jut to name a couple.

The 2016 US election cycle has divided me from others. Many I don't mind losing, but some are real losses.

All of the deaths that happened in June 2016: the Orlando nightclub shootings, Christina Grimmie, and an unexpected death from an unknown high school classmate of mine. These events have hit me really hard, and I've realized that life can be gone in any second. We all must live every day as if it were our last day here on earth. Life is fragile, and once it's gone, you can never get it back.

The refugee crisis has been frustrating. To see these people pour onshore in Italy and to see no end in sight! I feel sorry for them and also resentful. I am frustrated that Europe does nothing. Italy does nothing. They toss the problem around and pay the migrants to stay here. The streets are fuller every week with beggars and I resent that the culture is being negatively impacted. The bombings/killings in Paris are yet another sign of the culture wars and Europe's massive problems.

Realizing how segregated our school are It seems unconstitutional to have schools that are 100% children of color and others that are 100% white. This is not equality, this is institutionalized racism.

I have been personally very moved by the Black Lives Matter movement and devastated to become more awake to the systemic racism and patriarchy in our country. I believe in intersectional solidarity and do my best to walk my walk and not just talk my talk. I could definitely do better, and more, beyond teaching my students about it and social media postings. I know I will find a way! Other notables: First female presidential nominee!!! Trump being a fucking nightmare. Bombings in Paris right after I was there. Shooting in Orlando. There was so much heartbreak this year, And still life goes on, And we do our best to rectify the wrongs. Helplessness is pervasive and Facebook ranting gives people false senses of control - Including me. Ukulele and storytelling helps. We need healing. Healing from anger and white domination. Healing from terrorism. Healing.

Trump and Clinton running for president have thrown me for a loop. I am appalled at the rhetoric exchanged by the candidates and by the voters. The hate and lack or plain old human kindness dominate this race. The divisiveness between various sections of the population of the world is either unprecedented or just recently out of the closet. Neither is a good situation. I don't remember being afraid of someone losing a political race before. Disappointed, ambivalent, angry?... yes, but, I'm afraid for what may happen to our country and the world with a Trump victory. It is scary. Trump's response to a Clinton victory also scares me. There is such a pent up quantity of hatred for Sen. Clinton and no high road leadership by The Trump group observed. The fear causes each of us to dig into our views more strongly, resist even small change, for fear of the "slippery slope" that comes next. We all need to give ourselves permission to listen to and to be heard by those that oppose our views without fear of name calling, recrimination, and certainly without violence.

I am terrified by the rise of Trump. While he himself is frightening enough, a strongman with fascist tendencies who doesn't have the first idea of what he's saying, other than knowing that he is absolutely right at all times and the only thing that matters is dominance over others, what is worse is the absolutely terrifying open arms with which he's welcomed the worst of our society. You can disagree on policies and ideals and ways in which to reach those ideals all you want, but people who support Trump are supporting someone who wants to discriminate based on race and ethnicity and religion (as does his running mate, and many of his parties' other leaders) and people who support Trump are supporting someone who hates women. He hates women. He thinks they are only as good as they look, he thinks women who get abortions should be punished, he regularly sexually harasses, intimidates, and rates the women around him. He has made lewd, disgusting comments about his own daughter. The impact on me is one of distrust of many of the people who live in this country. Distrust of people who live in the south or middle of this country-- outside of the big cities. Distrust that any man, really, can understand or believe a woman who says she feels unsafe, or harassed, or looked down upon. I hate feeling this way about my country. I hate raising a child in this environment. I am so scared of November 8th either way-- if Trump loses, his followers will become violent. They will continue hateful rhetoric and violence and racism. If he wins, then I don't know how American will survive.

Polish women protesting against the government's decision to ban abortion. They stood up against the patriarchy in the government and won. A lesson in how when people join together they can do great things.

The Presidential race has me greatly concerned. We are choosing between bad and horrible. I truly think we could have a catastrophic economic collapse before I read this again.

Terror attacks everywhere in the world this past year have affected me because I'm now always worried - at shul, at work, on public transport...and I'm scared for my kids when they go to school.

The first thing that springs to mind as far as current events go is the presidential nomination and election cycle. I'd never followed an election so closely, let alone the primaries. I suppose this is the election that'll really stick with me as the one that opened my eyes to the truth of politics and turned me to be an apathetic citizen on the grand scale. Of course, I was already aware of the puppeteering of the political world; but never had I seen such blatant evidence of rigged elections controlled by money. While I genuinely got excited for Bernie Sanders and his authentic and pragmatic plan for social change, my hopes were crushed with the return of dynasty politics. Later on, I became even more disillusioned with the placement of a sure loser on the other side of the ballot. Passion and politics just don't seem to mix for me, but in the long run, I think my following of it will make me a more informed global citizen and more appreciative of the fortuitous situation in which I find myself today.

I am impacted by two facts. Europe has discovered that refugees live terrible lives. And left wing people do not aknowledge that what isis say . they mean it.

Trump's candidacy for president. Holy shit. I think the success of his campaign is going to have major repercussions for the future of politics in this country. The republican party is totally splintered. And, people who previously would only have voiced their racism and conspiracy theories in private, or highly marginalized spaces are now part of a mainstream conversation. Trump will (I hope and pray!) lose the general election. But these larger changes will have a lasting impact.

the war in syria which affects so many innocent people. Russia, who uses it to show off as a potent global player and to take attention away from its internal problems. Aid to its own people is not allowed by the Syrian government. Another war within the war between Turkey and the kurdish people. Entirely confusing with no end in sight. The place where the worst aggressions take place, utterly cruel. Nothing left for us than to watch the daily slaughtering.

The election. It seems so obvious and i jut cannot figure out how anyone can even consider voting for donald trump. It is staggering and also sad and makes me like spciety a little less every day.

For the second year in a row, my answer is this: Shit. I don't know. Police shootings - Tamir Rice in particular, although his death has been overshadowed by other deaths; Brexit; the Trump-Clinton campaign. The Duterte presidency in the Phillipines (jokes about rape, testified against as having ordered hits as a mayor, presided over "drug" killings without due process or any kind of oversight). The Austrian race for president, that was so close with the Nationalist candidate and now has to be re-voted because the margins are so small. I know as people get older, they tend to think that the world is getting less civilized, and I know that I'm not an exception to this generalized observation. And still. Has the world - not just our country but the world - gone mad? Isolationist. Everyone else is The Other. It feels as if we're drifting toward something dark dark and explosive.

The continuous terrorist attacks from ISIS in Paris and Brussels and home grown nut jobs in Orlando, San Bernidino, New York and New Jersey and several more. Add to that the police shootings of unarmed black suspects and the attacks on the police in retaliation, Kim Il Jong, the new president of the Phillipines and I fear we are becoming more uncivilized every day. I fear for my children and grandchildren. This is no longer a nice world.

Just so much to be depressed about. Locally, the civil war in the Labour Party, and the rise of extremism in the Tory Party. Outside the UK - the hopeless situation in Syria, the possibility of a Trump presidency, the absence of any movement on Israel/Palestine, the global refugee crisis ...

Brexit... Just URGH

2016 Presidential Election Both candidates are horrible and because my husband is addicted to Fox News, I am inundated with every scandal/sound bits/gaff/insult... Hilary is a criminal and thinks she is above the "common people". Rules don't apply to her. Donald seems to lack self control when his ego is threatened. He must be "right" and is like a dog with a bone even if it is detrimental to him to not let the issue drop. Voting for Trump and hope he wins. Cannot wait until it is all over. A Trump presidency promises to be entertaining.

It is not so much a single event, but the unfolding Islamophobia across the world. What is hard for me is that the terrorist attacks in Paris and Brussels and Nice and California, and all over the world genuinely do scare me. I am afraid. But I also know that targeting a whole group of people for the actions of a single few is unfair and unproductive; xenophobia and racism are never the answer. Relatedly, I see people suffering in or from war-torn areas getting caught up in all of this by being denied asylum. This, again but for different reasons, makes me feel afraid.

The Presidential election has impacted my family. My son is making plans to move to Canada or Norway if Donald Trump is elected. We've been having to explain to him that we're not leaving our country even if the fascist gets elected. I'm not happy with any of our choices. I worry about the world that is being left to our children. It's hard not to give into fear but it's not productive so I'm trying hard not to and to model bravery.

Brexit vote in Great Britain Show me the ability of change to take unexpected forms and timing. Politics have unpredictable outcomes and extreme expressions strongly influence many in the voting process. We the public are not educated or clear about these matters and so fall sway to fear and wrong information.

I've felt the biggest impact honestly from events happening right here in our own backyard that the world is watching and noting. The presidential campaign of a bigoted, bullying, lying racist who screams about shutting down our country to immigrants while millions of refugees need our assistance, support and safe harbor is horrifying. I want our country to be force for healing and good to the most vulnerable people in our global community and he would only do harm.

This election has been troubling. Racial issues in the US are getting worse, or more likely the light is being shown on them via cell phones. What is most difficult for me is seeing how attitudes and opinions on social networking are creating a deep divide. Long time friends are coming out as Trump supporters and in some cases it makes me sad. Like, I truly don't know if we can continue to be friends. So, the most impactful things affecting me are the number of black folks getting killed by cops. Maybe not personally, since I'm not black,but lines are being drawn and Trump-fueled racism is scaring the shit out of me.

This year we have been battling Trump versus Clinton for the presidential election. This is a huge debate. First Trump: Trump is scary. In my opinion, he is a loud mouth person that does not have any patience and has been given everything in his life without working hard for it. He throws adult fits and feels he can get away with many things by throwing money around. Well, thecountry doesn't have any money. I don't think he understands that. Neigh, he doesn't care. Hilary Clinton: Clinton is scary. She is sneaky and hides many things much like many of our previous presidents and people in politics, however, she really is a man hater and is "out to get" a lot of people. Psychologically, someone with that kind of vendetta who also has power has historically not worked out well. So, who is the best candidate? Do we have a third option? We do but the news media would never let us know. The world is screwed up.

Numerous events in the world this year have definitely shaken my meager faith in humanity, or to be specific in its institutions. The Olympics? Corrupt. FIFA? Corrupt. The DNC? Corrupt. The RNC? Corrupt. Etc ad nauseam. I find it increasingly challenging to conceive of how to raise and educate children to live in a world largely run by corrupt and dishonest people and institutions.

The vocal civil rights movements have opened me to the impact of oppression and I'm grateful for that.

Seems like everything in the news has been impacting me. All those people being killed all over the world and right here in the US also. Seems to be a lot of angry people out there. It makes me want to stay home and be safe. I can't control the anger of others only my own.

Our world today is filled with videos of people being shot by police, police being shot by people, atrocities happening to women, children, and animals in all parts of the world. Also horrible weather events....I stopped watching the news because of it. ...Except for the Presidential Debates. :/

Political race, the outcome could have devastating effects on my life

The nomination of Donald Trump for President on the Republican ticket has made me feel very estranged from two of my siblings, especially my older sister, with whom I have had a close but sometimes thorny relationship throughout our lives (we're in our 60s). Though I've always known she is on the conservative side, she has become outspokenly conservative recently, and displays it relentlessly on social media. Because of this I almost feel as though she has died to me. We live in different cities, and in recent years we have seen each other for either Thanksgiving or Christmas, but I have no inclination to see her this year. It makes me sad, but also, I guess presents opportunities for several kinds of growth.

An event in the world that has impacted me this year were the deaths of David Bowie and Gene Wilder. It's made me consider who I look up to or who inspires me. I've been thinking about what I've been putting into the world around me. Although I'll never be able to affect the world on such a large scale, I can affect those I surround myself with. What sort of energy or actions do I want to impose upon others? What do I want to be known for? How do people remember me? What will be my legacy?

The flood of immigrants to Europe. They are leaving tragedy behind, risking their lives to get to a place where, at best, they have to start over. It's heartbreaking.

The election has impacted everyone quite a bit. Having Donald Trump and Hilary Clinton up for the presidential election is a nightmare. Everyone is full of anger, bitterness, confusion, etc. If anything, the events that have happened over the past year are reason enough for me to never return to America long-term.

The day that Donald Trump became a candidate for President. Every day I have to work to suppress my feelings of foreboding, my anger at the irresponsibility of so many of our elected representatives, and my sorrow that we have done such a poor job of educating the American public in the basics of American political history, the rights and responsibilities of citizenship, the path to power for dictators, and the devastating consequences of revolution and disintegration.

The election, campaign or whatever you call this craziness that is happening. It worries me that Trump is setting the stage possible violence if he does not win. Having energized the white supremacists I do fear what might happen if/when he loses and claims the election was stolen. This is even scarier then him winning which is frightening enough.

Very sadly the cartoon-like election cycle is having a depressing effect on me. In a nation over 300,000,000 strong we get candidates who their own parties do not trust. I am agonized what to do on election day as my conscience will let me vote for neither, yet voting is a right won in blood by those before us. I truly worry for this great nation that she may be brought down from within with bureaucracy rather than enemies from without - and those are numerous indeed.

The election has the most potential for far reaching impact and the loss of income rights and civil liberty and healthcare. Very scary if trump wins.

Donald Trump's campaign has really shown me that racism is very much alive and people are relatively unafraid to be honest about their racism. It's scary because I realize I could have black children during his presidency and I fear for their safety.

The biggest event this year that impacted me was the selection of Donal Trump as the republican presidential candidate. I just cannot imagine a world with him as president of the most powerful nation on earth. He is a horrible person and unfit for office. The biggest issue for me is the number of people who like him and agree with the crazy and disgusting things he says. What kind of nation are we? Not the America I love!

The election this year. How, it has galvanized me to realize that I have dropped out of active participation in elective politics, as have many others of my generation, and have allowed the most chauvinist and self-indulgent part of our society to write the public agenda. Why did it impact me? I was stunned to discover that people with no qualifications for public office already hold important jobs or are running for them. I am scared as never before, even when Nixon was running.

People are hungry everywhere. I have too much to eat and strive to maintain my weight. I walk for exercise right next to women who walk blocks to the bus after cleaning houses in my neighborhood. All of this weighs on me. I'm lucky. Not rich. Just work for our money. Still I see this as lucky.

Let's talk about the election, shall we? When the vault opens up this time next year, I damn well better be enjoying a Hillary Clinton presidency. If not, I hope I'm reading this response from Canada. I'm terrified by the amount of hate and division that this election cycle has stirred up. Also, I can't even begin to wrap my head around the number of black men shot by police this year. Add to that the shootings in Orlando. And the terrorist bombings across Europe. And the continuing Syrian refugee crisis. And the fact that global warming has passed the point of no return. Honestly, I just need to stop writing now.

I have watched for 16 months as this country is torn apart by an election process that has dredged up the absolute worst in us. We have a candidate who speaks to the lowest common denominator in the human spirit and psyche. And worst of all, millions follow. I am deeply saddened by the spectacle and deeply worried about our future.

The Presidential election has been huge in our household, in my life, with my friends, with my family. It helped to keep me distracted through some very very difficult days. And it keeps me energized. It's given me great insights into my two adult children, and how they view and understand electoral politics -- very rewarding.

The continuous deaths of black people at the hands of the police is terrifying. I am a white woman and it scares me that my fellow citizens can be executed because a police officer, who is trained to handle tough situations, claims to be "scared" of their blackness. The coalescence of the Black Lives Matter movement has been amazing to watch. However, Jewish groups have been upset about The Movement for Black Lives' use of the words “genocide” and “apartheid” to describe Israel’s actions against the Palestinians. I'm trying to figure out a way to be supportive of the movement's aims (and work through my deep uneasiness with the conditions under which Palestinians live) while wrestling with what Israel means to me as a Jew by Choice and what it means to have Israel decried in another public forum.

Again, it’s Syria, Iraq and the areas affected by ISIS and the Assad government in Syria. The refugees and both Europe’s and the US’s poor response to their needs, as well as the Russian involvement in Syria and it’s active war on Syrian civilians. I and many of my friends cannot help but compare this crisis to the one created by the Nazi’s and their allies in the 30’s and 40’s. This time is Muslims. Last time it was Jews. I’m having a very hard time seeing any difference to the indifference of the West during both periods.

The Pulse nightclub mass shooting. And all the other mass shootings and disasters. Paris. The bombings in the Middle East. Isis. The Pulse one hit me hard because gay nightclubs are where we all come out into public for the first time. I did 20 years ago and so it could have been me in that club. There were people like me in that club. And the misogynistic patriarchal dickhead who did the shooting and all the others can kiss my ass. And fuck Zoroaster too while I'm at it. He's the asshole who started it all.

Trump. Fucking Trump. This man is a total nutcase. I can't believe it has even gotten this far with him in the elections. I really hope by next year we have Clinton in the WH, but I think I'm more upset that there are enough Americans who think Trump is great that he has gotten this far in the first place. It makes me anxious about what could happen next. I liked Sanders, but I obviously will vote for Clinton as she is the only choice. Like at all.

The massacre and betrayal in Syria. The world does not care about Arabs and geopolitics are more important than people

Same thing as last year. Syria. So disturbing especially since I've been there and know how it was before all this. I feel guilty as someone who also has an American passport. Our hands are not clean in this debâcle.

The 2016 campaign has caused so much animosity. Few can even speak civilly about the election and it saddens me and frankly scares me that Donald Trump could even be put forth as a candidate in the US. The polarization is so strong, I worry about how we will heal as a country.

The police/African American violence has impacted me in the realization that racism is very much alive and well. It has taught me to appreciate diversity even more and to work toward effective communication with people of all races.

Bernie Sanders campaign

The DAPA injunction was particularly difficult. I was hoping that this program would help not only my mother, but millions of other hardworking undocumented parents. It is frustrating that we do not have comprehensive immigration reform. It is easy for the trolls to say "you shouldn't have broken the immigration law" or "you should've come here legally." Unfortunately, it is easier said than done and it is nearly impossible with a broken immigration system. My mother has been here for over 25 years. She has paid taxes, owns a house, owns cars, has children, and has kept a steady job, but unfortunately, she can be deported at any moment. Not only does this thought terrify me, but the hate towards immigrants and the upcoming election are terrifying as well.

So many impactful events this year. Hard to choose just one. The U.S. presidential election primary and campaign have impacted me personally very much. It has been difficult to watch friends and family struggle with so much fear. It has been sad to watch friends resist their best interests due to anger and fear. It has been difficult to live in a place where fear-mongering has been so commonplace. I was very sad when the UK voted to leave the EU. I am not a fan of rampant nationalism and do not like to see places in the world that I have held in high esteem and thought had the right idea in joining together to unify deciding that they do not think that is a good idea. I don't want to see the world return to a factionalized, us against them, place. I believe we are better together. The refugee crisis stemming from the Syrian civil war has made an impact on me because I have so much compassion for people. There is so much suffering happening. There are so many war crimes being committed. And it seems as though there is no accountability and no way to hold parties accountable. The whole situation is so sad. I would like to see the entire world embrace compassion for all people.

The bombing of hospitals in Syria. I just cannot understand how the reality of war can go this far. I know there is a reason behind everything and I am not naïve to think there are no shades of gray in every event, but it touched me deeply. One part that particularly touched me was the death of a doctor and his story. He had stayed behind after his family left the country, to fullfill his duty as a doctor where so many people needed him. Everyone said he was an amazing person. He was a father, a husband, and left that to help those in need. I get really sad to think the world lost such a wonderful person on a bombing. One day he spreads love, the other he is no longer with us. It gets me very sad.

The Syrian refugee crisis continues to break my heart. I can't even begin to fathom just how desperate they must be. As a Jew I see our history repeating itself here, with them so desperate to find safety for their families, and no one willing to take them in. People seem to forget that refugees are people living real lives, not news stories, and just because they stop being covered in the news doesn't mean they disappear. This is symptomatic of a distinct lack of empathy worldwide--everyone wants a piece of the pie for themselves, and to hell with anyone else's problems.

Oh wow, where to start? The Syrian refugee crisis for one. The first woman to be a nominee of a major U.S. political party. The Islamic extremism. The shootings of innocent Black Americans. All this negativity...it deadens you sometimes. You have to fight to maintain your humanity and not just scroll past the dead Syrian child on the beach in Greece.

Like everyone else I'm concerned about Donald Trump's candidacy for president. Unpredictable nature could lead to economic and worldwide political trouble, just when the nations economy is starting to hum. Al least he seems like an Israel supporter.

KOTEL OTHERING The discomfort and disengagement I feel as a Progressive Jew toward the overt hatred I personally have experienced from an ultra-Orthodox Jew, is not from separateness, but rather from imposed smallness; not from “separate but equal" space like those found in the Modern Orthodox congregations, but from a tactical “othering” and physical shrinking of my very existence on this Earth. To me it has become an "Us vs. Them" elitism on the part of the ultra-Orthodoxy. To me that sort of hatred toward anyone is beyond words and when the lightbulb went off in my head I was rendered speechless and for a time physically spent. I could barely function at the thought of the one I love dearly, an ultra-Orthodox Jew, hating me because I am not identical to her belief system, yet we both were born through a Jewish bloodline. Reprehensibly, Israel is allowing the rigidly ultra-Orthodox to impose an unacceptable physical and mental othering of the majority of Jewish people globally. The hypocrisy is overwhelming. The very same Orthodox leaders in America hem and haw about how hard it is to keep Jews engaged in Jewish life, as they participate or stand idly by as hundreds of men and women are arrested and harassed for taking part in Jewish prayer. Thankfully, there are some Orthodox leaders who take a different stance regarding the Kotel. In a characteristically brilliant op-Ed, Rabbi Natan Cardozo writes: “We are not even able to maintain enough unity to preserve one single place in the entire world where we can come together and express our Jewishness in prayer without any discord… No denomination should have control over it, and it should have no barriers separating people. It must be designated as a place where people can touch Heaven and experience a feeling of true holiness.” The Western Wall is the most sacred physical space Jews have left. If we have any hope of maintaining that, the ultra-Orthodox Jews better get their act together. Ultra-Orthodox protestors have attacked liberal worshippers several times, as police stood by. During prayers by Women of the Wall, a women’s group that prays in the women’s section but, in contradiction with ultra-Orthodox custom, prays aloud, a man dressed in ultra-Orthodox garb publicly and gleefully tore apart one of their prayer books. That is not the position taken by the Reform, Conservative, and Reconstructionist wings of Judaism, which are much stronger in the United States than in Israel. As a result, the turf battle at the Western Wall is undermining the longstanding alliance between Israel’s government and wide swaths of North American Jewry. Failure to provide a space for pluralist prayer at the wall would have “far-reaching implications” for Israel-Diaspora ties. People are up in arms: They can’t believe that in Israel of all places, a woman is being arrested for holding a Torah. If the interim plan is arresting women at the Kotel, this issue is going to get much hotter. If progressive Jews are not afforded the right to pray at the Kotel without being harassed, bullied, or otherwise abused; I say support from Reform, Conservative, and Reconstructionist Progressive Jews in America should no longer advocate for support of ultra-Orthodox Jews in America or abroad. A poll of average Israelis genuinely value the involvement of American Jews. In a poll, 82 percent of Israelis agree with Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s recent pledge that “every Jew should feel that the Western Wall belongs to him and every Jew should feel welcome in Israel.” Two-thirds agree that the relationship between Israel and American Jews directly impacts Israel-U.S. relations, and 88 percent think their leaders should work to strengthen that relationship. For Israel to be secure, it still needs a strong and vibrant alliance with the United States in which American Jews play an obvious and integral role. If Israel wants to remain the Jewish state, it must find ways to recognize and accommodate, rather than alienate, the bulk of America’s committed Jews. It is easy to assume wrongly that American Jews either don’t matter or they will continue supporting Israel because they have no other Jewish homeland. In the United States, Reform, Conservative, and Reconstructionist Jews remain very supportive of Israel, and these movements have a strong showing in programs like Taglit-Birthright Israel (supported by Chabad as well as other Jewish organizations), with the intent of bringing unaffiliated or secular Jews to the fold. So yes, despite being treated occasionally as non-Jews, American Jews still identify with Israel, but do not seem to see beyond a stealth Chabad platform. In the long run, however, enough insults and humiliations toward Progressive Jews globally will leave a bitter taste, and it becomes more challenging to see Israel as a pathway to Jewish meaning for all. With this information, the facts are that most Israelis don’t just need American Jews on board, they also want American Jews as part of Israel’s Jewish family. Any Israeli who says there’s no place for non-Orthodox Jews or American Jews in Israel can no longer claim to be speaking for more than a sliver of Israelis. No matter how many delegations and conferences we organize, it’s ultimately up to Israelis at all levels of society to hold their leaders — political, religious, cultural — accountable. This isn’t just because American Jews expect it, but because Israelis do. The Reform Movement is the largest stream of Judaism in the United States, claiming to represent 1.5 million people, and its members provide a key source of financial support and political advocacy for Israel. How do you ask Jews around the world to support Israel politically, economically, socially … and at the same time you have these ministers who say to our people ‘you’re not really Jewish’ or ‘you don’t have a place here in Israel?’ That incongruity is a real problem for us,” said Rabbi Steven Fox, the chief executive of the Central Conference of American Rabbis. The group represents 2,000 rabbis. For decades, American Jewry — the second largest Jewish community in the world after Israel — has served as a bedrock of support for Israel. But there are signs of that support eroding, particularly among younger and more liberal Jews. Politically, it makes no “strategic sense” for Israeli leaders to alienate American Jews. A smart politician would say, ‘These Jews are different than us, but they play a very important strategic role.' The change signals to the ultra-Orthodox that there will no longer be a monopoly. To ultra-Orthodox Jews globally... American Progressive Jews are intellectually superior when it comes to secular education influencing voting in America. This shift in allowing ultra-Orthodox to harass and abuse Progressive Jews at the Kotel can and will influence the Israeli-American politics and relations economically. That can mean funding to Israel from America can change. Don't underestimate American Progressive Jews. We are smarter and outnumber you. Your monopolization of Israel can be changed in your lifetime. I for one, will not be blind or deaf to your extremely inappropriate 'love' for your fellow Jew.

Burning Man. Because we impressed a couple so greatly that we will be officiating their marriage. Or moving. Both.

The conflict in Syria and the reaction of most of the world has made me fear for how selfish we are. Any time I hear someone say the words 'we should look after our own first' I want to cry with frustration, because how much do we have? We are overflowing with goods and food. Some have less than others, sure, but the same 'look after our own' seem less than keen to address inequality at home too. What they mean is we should look after our own interests, full stop. And what can be done to change that attitude? I feel helpless.

Shimon Peres recently passed away. He was a visionary, and his vision of peace may now be a relic of the past - rather than a present mission.

All the violence to blacks by police - and the uproar coming of it It makes me upset, and feel powerless but have privilege and need to find a way to be involved.

Geez. They're all depressing. The refugee situation. The weird Brexit vote. The Colombia vote about FARC. The upcoming election. Honestly they've all made me have a little less faith in humanity. And scared for my children.

the election. It's so contentious, and although I definitely support Hillary Clinton, I can't say I'm proud of the way the campaigns have been conducted on either side. And as for Mr Trump, I find his behavior so despicable, and the fact that almost half of our country supports him, it just makes me feel sad and discouraged.

The lead-up to the US Presidential election has indirectly impacted me a lot this year because it gave rise to all the closeted, covert racists who just needed a spokesperson with a national platform to spew their hateful rhetoric out loud and feel proud about it. The importance of the Black Lives Matter movement has grown steadily with every new Black person's death at the hand of a white police officer or civilian. It has raised consciousness in a lot of people and probably anger and mistrust from others. It's impacted me to where I no longer have the opinion that Canada is superior in its cultural inclusion and embracing of multiculturalism as our national credo, despite Justin Trudeau being our PM and being considered a political and media darling worldwide. He's done a good job with restoring our national image on the world stage, but it's early days yet, and work has to be done to respond to the calls to action in the Truth and Reconciliation Commission's report before we can truly start to be a country with integrity. What a scattered answer to this question...hopefully I'll see the common threads of racism/oppression/colonialism and social justice in my answer!

Brexit- for my daughter and new son in law who work in the UK but are not citizens it may mean some big changes in their lives. It also makes me very worried for what might happen in eh US election . The hate and the anti-immigrant rhetoric makes me very afraid for our country.

Well the candidacy of Donald Trump and his success has been very scary. I disagree with him on every issue, but the issues that upset me the most are his denial of climate change and its impact on the world. I am also very nervous about his ability to rile people up and spread hate. I hope that he is defeated in the coming election, but he has already made a big impact by winning the nomination.

Brexit. I feel as though I have been robbed of my country, by people who were lied to about the benefits of it, when there were none. Some of them thought it would be good way to have a go at the government. Others were inspired by racism and xenophobia. I am very worried about the impact on the economy and on life in the UK in all ways, if it goes ahead.

The shootings of unarmed black men. I saw a video taken by the wife of one man, in Charlotte, NC. It was extremely disturbing.

La pérdida del plebisito en Colombia, me dolió las victimas, que se perpetuara la guerra y que un payaso como Uribe siga ganando protagonismo y adeptos. Que las iglesias salgan a hablar en nombre de Dios y no sean congruentes, entre otras muchas cosas.

It's not a particular event, but a series of events that have happened where an increasingly number of Black men, women, and even children are dying from murderers disguised as police officers. It has made me sad for their loved ones and it has made me angry about the racial injustices we deal with on a regular basis. It's very frustrating that these murderers don't even suffer any consequences, they don't go to jail, don't even get fired, just a few days off with pay. I find myself wishing they experienced what they did to my people, which is usually not my character. I used to brush off racist remarks and micro-aggressions, but my tolerance is now at an all time low for racists and those who think it's perfectly ok for us to suffer from police brutality among other injustices. I used to believe that we can love through this and pray about this and convince them that we are human beings like they are. History and what is happening today shows me that I have every right to have zero tolerance for ignorant, racist folks. I don't need to waste energy trying to convince people that I didn't choose my skin color or that I'm a human being. Nope, won't do it. There are better and more positive ways I can channel that energy.

Th Syrian refugee crisis continues. Although I donate money on a monthly basis,it is still a minute fraction of what people should be doing to help. It explains to me how people in America didn't do much at all to help the Jews in Europe in WWII and it is frustrating and disgusting and one feels helpless, then guilty for not trying to do more.

The recurring shootings of unarmed African American men in the United States have created a shadow in my world. When I say, 'Bye, see you next week' to my black friends... it occurs to me that their journeys through the urban environment are much different than my journey as a woman of European heritage.

There are many. Syria, bombings in Europeand shootings in U.S. What has captured my worry, concern, fear and anger is the Trump campaign. A Hitler-like leader with a lot of "despicables-resist, homophobes etc.following. I pray that next year when I read this, that Hillary is our president and the Supreme Court has balance and sanity

Orlando. This year there has been so many terror attacks. So many shootings and bombings and tragedies. For me, the one that changed things was the Pulse Night Club shooting in Orlando. In my time of being openly queer, which is only a few years, it has all been progress. the US got marriage equality. Ireland got marriage equality by refferendum. It has all been a positive experience. In the last year I made more queer friends than ever before and I was out for the first time, which was amazing. Every one has been positive and friendly and good. I deeply believed that the world was getting progressively better. That for my generation, in my part of the world, it would be okay. That being queer did not have to be the most impactful part of my life or the most noticable part of my identity. And then. A man walked into a night club and killed 49 people. For me, this was the first open attack on the gay community in my time feeling a part of it. At least, the first big one. And I know now, from history, from speaking to older queer people, that we will overcome. We will keep fighting and we will stay proud. But for me, in that moment. It was the first step back. It was 49 steps back and I was terrified. I got depressed I got scared I got more aware. For a while, I felt that there was a new terror attack every week and they all hurt. Suddenly I felt it. Because suddenly I was part of a demographic under attack. Something I have never, as a white, privileged, Scandinavian woman experienced before. I deeply affected me and the way I feel about who I am and it still does. It still does. A man walked into a club and killed 49 people and I found myself thousands of miles away lying on the floor, crying. I now know that we will rise. I went clubbing I went to Pride I saw the people still marching still kissing still dancing. I am proud to be a part of that but I can feel the fear. Among my friends and inside myself. It's a feeling I was not prepared for and that I am not sure I can shake.

The election cycle has taken over the media and shed light on the polarization of America. Being interconnected and global-minded in general means that nearly every event in the world can have an impact.

The Presidential election has had an impact on me. I hate the way the campaign is going, and both candidates are awful. I can't wait for the election to be over next month. I think Hilary will win in a landslide. I just feel so sad about the direction that our country is going in.

Impact is such a large word. The constant police shootings have left me numb. I felt it seeping in after the Travon Martin murder. It settled in completely after Ferguson. Now, I read about them.... I feel nothing. I don't like that I don't feel anything.

The American election, more specifically Donald Trump. Gawd America, just what the Hell are you thinking? Talk about looking like a complete idiot to the rest of the world. The fact that this man has a chance of being President is ludicrous. It's like America got blind drunk at a frat party and woke up with the stupidest, most self-centered, egotistical moron and then was too embarrassed to make him leave. Honestly, Trump supporters what the fuck are you thinking??? The ugly, ignorant, self-serving, hypocritical puritanical underbelly of this country is alive and well and proud to be so. If he becomes President I'm moving home to Canada.

The presidential campaigns of Clinton and Trump. I can't understand how or why anyone would support Trump...and yet some very dear fiends do just that.

Trump's campaign has been absolutely horrifying in every way. How such an incompetent, abusive, racist, sexist bully could be a "legitimate" candidate for President is such a stark reflection of American biases and anti-intellectualism. And it scares the shit out of me.

The plight of Syrian refugees, especially children.

The shootings of black people by police have been extremely disturbing this year. And then a few weeks ago when it happened in tulsa I felt so discouraged. My students live in the same neighborhoods and will grown up and be seen the same as these victims. It's heartbreaking to know I can't protect them and I can't change the whole world for them.

1) Trump winning the nomination for the Republican party... really scary. Terrifying. Help. 2) Flint water crisis - also very terrifying, cemented in my mind how important public health/pediatrics is to me 3) Syrian war/refugee crisis/anti-Islamic sentiment in America/Brexit: It's hard to believe how bigoted people are and how people think that some lives matter more than others I guess this ties in to Black Lives Matter too... overall this year has been kind of scary because of the American/global trend to be xenophobic.

Black Lives Matter. It isn't as if I didn't believe the misogyny existed, but I can't believe the racism in our country. I can't understand the shootings and it hurts so much that my friends of color have to teach their children to not call 911, or to sublimate their real feelings, desires, instincts. It isn't fair and I'm terrified that one of my sons could grow up to be part of the problem of privilege.

Trump. Unfortunately, this was my same response last year. However, he has gone from a mere candidate to an actual forerunner. This is no longer about the primaries...and it is horrifying to me. I suppose the flipped response is realizing how much I love Hilary and supporting women as leaders. 2016 had undoubtedly become the year I fully embraced being a woman of color, and threw myself fully into feminist, sex-positive (although I always sex positive), gender-positive roaring. I can no longer support any thing that reeks of hatred and exclusion. More love and positivity!

The obvious events would be the so-called presidential campaign. Or the various wars, revolutions, civil unrest, nuclear weapons testing, saber rattling, invasions, barrel bombing, genocide, and so on. Or climate chaos. Or shootings of citizens by police and police by citizens. Or, the terror attacks in Paris, Nice, and other places. But I want to take this time to remember my teacher, Thay, the Venerable Zen Buddhist monk Thich Nhat Hanh. He received the Pacem in Terris award [http://deerparkmonastery.org/general/thich-nhat-hanh-receives-the-pacem-in-terris-peace-and-freedom-award/] exactly 50 years after his dear friend, Martin Luther King, was recognized for peace-keeping efforts. In the midst of all this global horror, uncertainty, anxiety, stress, tension, bias, hatred, bigotry, misogyny, xenophobia, and the like Thay would tell us to breathe, smile, practice mindful walking, mindful eating, be compassionate for oneself and then for others, cultivate understanding, seek out the wonders of the world, transform suffering and nurture happiness. Happy Continuation Day, Thay!

The Election seems pretty Hectic - Game of Thrones with The Sopranos and House of Cards all mixed together. Oh and Veep on top! The terror attacks i think are just the beginning of a prolonged and sustained strategy. It makes me more aware of my surroundings. I try to be more present and not future trip. I think that this is the beginning of a transformation on a cultural political and spiritual level.

The event was many decades ago, but I had the opportunity to travel to Japan this summer with a group of friends and made sure to pay my respects to Hiroshima - the site of one of two atomic bombings by the US. Visited the Peace Park and admired the memorials acknowledging the atrocity from other countries all throughout the area. I find it awful that no sitting POTUS has ever apologized to the people of Japan for this atrocity. I am so glad I went (to both Hiroshima and Japan) and returning to the US reminded me that our country has much work to do and can learn a lot from its peers.

the passing of HB2 and how it shakes the faith in the direction of my state the murders, continued, of so many black men by police and the culture of violence that persists without outrage by but a few the horrors that ravage Aleppo, while the world stands by the nightmare that is Trump, making his way to GOP candidacy and still leading a flood of supporters towards the presidency. and then there is Hillary also forging her way toward being our first woman president

An event in the world that has happened this past year are all of the shootings, bombings, and attacks (any kind of attack but especially terrorist) that happened in the U.S. that I know of, but especially the terrorist attack in Florida. This made me so sad and unbelievably upset. This made me realize even more than I had before about how lucky and grateful I am to be alive, knowing that SO many children my age and younger died in this horrific event.

The spread of the Zika virus has impacted my life quite a bit. My wife and I are talking about having children but fear doing so until there is some kind of vaccine or cure. We have already cancelled a trip to Florida and are wary of our time on our honeymoon in Indonesia. We probably won't have kids for at least a year until we are sure the virus is not in our systems.

Oh God! The Trumpence Effect of course. I have never before been much concerned about politics. I always thought "How bad can it be". They're both decent candidates. Well not this year. Trump scares me. He is hateful and he turns against Mexicans, blacks and immigrants. If I don't complain when he goes after each group who will be left to complain when he comes after me?

Syrian war. Will US get dragged further into this conflict? Fear of another war for loved ones to have to be deployed to.

The presidential election has left everyone in America scared because of the realism of Trump becoming president and what will happen if he does. Also, the refugee crisis revealed a lot of real life to me. Especially through Humans of New York. I feel more and more like I know so little about the world and real life, and I feel like the privilege I have, although I am so grateful and feel so lucky to have it, I also feel like it is blinding me. I haven't come to terms with this whole fact yet.

Hard to isolate a single event; but what strikes me most is the 650,000 people who have been displaced in Syria in 2015. And, of course, they are not the only people in the world. Likewise I am stunned to think that there are more guns that people in the United States. The world wide epidemic of armaments available to military's, to protesters, gangs and thugs, organized crime and terrorists can only bring more bloodshed, asylum seekers and displaced persons. These are not single events; but a litany of chaos that seems to be finding no resolution, no intervention and no cohesion in civil society.

The US presidential elections!!! If I could take a leave of absence from my jobs and general responsibilities I would study the election and all the communication related to it. It is fascinating to me to see the mechanics and the results. I would love to write a book on those dynamics.

That would be the "BrExit". I have mixed feelings about it: on one hand, it bothers me that the EU could crumble like this; on the other, I can't help but enjoy the exit of a country that acted like they were better than the others.

The Brexit vote has been exceptionally difficult and upsetting. I was surprised by the outcome and surprised by how strongly I felt it and continue to feel it. It is profoundly distressing to see my country become more intolerant and aggressive, for many of its finer qualities to be struck out so quickly and to feel increasingly less in tune with the nation where I live. And to know it will not undone or improved in my lifetime.

I can't believe Donald Trump is a serious candidate and I am truly frightened for the future if he wins. I feel like this is the beginning of the end of the world. It just makes me sick that there are still so many people who are so close-minded and bigoted and allowed themselves to be brainwashed by him, even in my own family. I don't usually express my political views publicly, but I feel like I have to with this election. I know it won't sway anyone who has their heart set on voting for him, but I feel like this is one of those moments when I can't stay silent. I will probably post something before Election Day with my thoughts.

Politics. Brexit at home and trump vs Clinton in the us. I felt physically shocked and let down by the Brexit result. I was very engaged with national politics and even joined the Labour Party to vote out Jeremy Corbyn. I dint understand why Corbin and trump are so popular and really hope they don't have the power to do too much damage going forward.

My 20 something kids' dad has terminal cancer. The reality is hitting home as today's news is the setting up of hospice home care for him. I cannot describe, on so many levels what I feel ... besides the sadness and loss for my son and daughter of course, their life circumstances are now changing substantially as they step into their Dad's estate ... feels so odd as "the Mom" somehow. My visit with him is in two days, flying right down tomorrow and find myself faltering as to what to do, say, be... and that's not like me!

Not an event, per se, but the nomination and overall campaign of Donald Trump has really changed the way I engage on politics, probably for the worst. I used to pride myself for staying above the fray, but I just cannot stand Donald Trump. What is worse is that he provides an example and an excuse for Americans to publicly express views that would be deplorable in any other year. Donald Trump has changed the way I consume new and he has made me vote for the first time ever (obviously for Hillary). I am fortunate that I will not be as personally affected as some other groups in society, but I am still waiting for him to turn on the Jews and the Foreign Service. He will say or do anything to get elected and the man is too dangerous to have a platform to spew his vile hatred and ignorance.

Donald Trump. Not just that he's a demagogue, an egotistical, racist, sexist xenophobe--the fact that SO many people support him. He has given permission for racists to step up their game, using "Trump!" as their excuse. It's really frightening. I'm on the edge of severe depression should the world end and Trump wins. I really don't know what I will do. I guess remember to work hard for 2018.

The killings of black men in this country are completely overwhelming. I cannot believe it isn't the top issue we are discussing as a country. It isn't a safe place for my husband or my child.

The bombing in Aleppo.

This year a woman is running for president, and may well (please please please) win. I didn't think it would happen when I was a child. I genuinely thought it would take until my children's generation - that "girls can be anything" was theory, not fact. Let next year prove my younger self wrong.

A nearby near death experience. It shook my moorings and caused me to think long and about what is truly important. The why is that it challenged me existentially.

that donald trump and mike pence are viable candidates in the next presidential election, and all that has led to this point, has at times had me feeling crazy, confused, disappointed, angry, despairing, hopeless. Logic, rationality, concern about and appreciation for "the greater good" for all, including the poor and the weak, seem not to matter.

The Presidential election, debates, campaigning. I really don't even want to vote!

The terrorist that ran over people to kill them in Nice, France. It was horrifying, and also the proof that banning guns isn't the solution to end terrorism. I am trying to find hope that people will finally look at solutions that have a chance to work to end such violence.

Hilary Rodham Clinton was elected to be the democratic nominee for president of the United States. This is the first time in History that a female has been elected to this particular role. Clearly, it's not just any role, it is seen by many as the most powerful role in the world. While the details of the US president's power can certainly be debated, the fact is that being seen as so powerful is meaning in the context of equal rights for woman. To see a woman lead her party's convention, kick ass in the political debates and all in all be a bad ass is fabulous! To top that off, ideally my little girl will grow up truly thinking that she can be anything that she would like. Now to achieve the same level or equity in STEM careers.

It's more than this year. The refugee crisis from Syria and the terror and humanitarian disaster that remains for the people who could not leave is horrific. I feel numb to the photos and the stories because there are so many people in need, each need is enormous. My heart and mind cannot wrap around it. I cannot begin to think about solutions. It is for these human events that we turn to governments, yet it is governments who are the cause. If I were a billionaire, what would I do? Could enough money stop this insanity? No. Alas. History will find a solution. It may take a century or more.

Last year I said Black Lives Matter. That's still big this year, and my work around diversity and equity has continued to grow. Though right now, the presidential election feels looming and almost all-consuming. There was the VP debate last night, and frankly, both were awful. It feels blech to have the locus of conversation seem so off. Zetta posted this Black woman (female-identified biologically male?) reciting a poem - I want a dyke for president. She talks about wanting someone who has lived a REAL life, struggled, lost loved ones, dealt with poverty, sexuality stuff, etc. And doesn't think that being president means being a clown. Why does being president seem like such a weird empty jacket position? Everything and nothing at the same time? I had hoped Barack Obama would seem REAL. He was an activist, seemed to care about education and access/equity. But then seemed coopted into our political dysfunction. Depressing musings on the political state of our world. I hope that next year at this time, we will be dealing with President Hillary Clinton, for all the frustrations I'm sure she will bring. I can't even imagine what a world under President Donald Trump would look like. And hope I don't have to...

I was moved to tears after the shooting at the Pulse Nightclub in Orlando. As sad as the actual event was, I was even more devastated to learn that some of the victims were estranged from their families and may not get a proper burial. I was moved to action and have volunteered at an organization that supports LGBTQ youth and teens.

The fact that Donald Trump has been taken seriously despite his strident stupidity and aggressive small mindedness has changed the way I feel about our country. The nation must be far more hostile, racist and uneducated than I ever thought possible. The citizenry that this election has revealed has given me genuine concerns about how long our country can last. We have always relied on our smartest to lead, elected by an informed public. Without either element how will the republic hold up?

This year's presidential race has been very unnerving. The nation seems strongly divided; populist anger is very real yet most of the politicians seem strangely immune to that reality. I don't know what to think at all.

Fucking Donald Trump getting the Republican presidential nomination. I have stopped watching the news. I despair for our country that there are so many people who think that he is a good person, that he has a presidential temperment. I am just glad that my kids don't want to have kids. It all sucks. If he wins, the likelihood of nuclear war and the annihilation of the planet is so great, it is so awful. I know that Hillary is no the best choice, but she is so much better. And honestly, who in their right mind would want to be president? it's a sucky job. I just read this morning that the Obama girls are likely to be bridesmaids in a wedding. Of course, their dad doesn't get to go, way too much drama if that happened. So, he doesn't get to see them. Presidents give up so very much.

The possibility that Trump could win the presidency. Thinking about the title of Marcel Ophuls' documentary The Sorrow and the Pity, I feel sorrow AND pity that we have allowed him to be in this race. I fear that some of the reason stems from a backlash against Obama. Systemic racism and narrow mindedness is resistant to change; laws can only change behavior, but attitudes take much longer, as evidenced by our continuing inability to grapple with these monumental issues. It is discouraging.

The airport bombing in Turkey. It was the first time I ever got one of those FB alerts that a friend was OK. I haven't seen this person in at least 15 years and yet, it was such a relief to know she was OK and I was grateful to Facebook.

I would say the Dallas shootings have impacted me & my entire family. With living in Dallas now, it was very surreal how all of that escalated so quickly. And why, nothing was gained, nothing was proven except that more lives were lost. Interestingly enough, it also caught the attention more than I had anticipated of my 13 year old. She has brought it up on several occasions & even brought it up in a debate in her English class about when peaceful protests turn violent. Did that event impact me directly, not really, but did it have an impact on how & why we think about protesting and just trying to understand how to get along with people from different opinions - then yes.

The ongoing and expanding refugee crisis around the world speaks to me. Both my mother and mother-in-law came to the US in the spring of 1939 as refugees fleeing anti semitism in Europe. I empathize with the people I see seeking an opportunity to live freely in Europe and the US. Last year, at the high holidays, the photo of the body of Alan Kurdi, washed up on the shores of Greece brought home how easily this could have been my family's story. I took a small action then, and got on a mailing list of the organization HIAS. In the spring, an email arrived that presented their refugee welcome initiative and asked if my synagogue was on the list. It wasn't. I emailed our Rabbi and asked about it - and what we were doing, and if there was interest, and nothing happening yet, I'd be willing to help organize a working group. We got started soon after. Our congregants put together back packs filled with school supplies for 21 newly arrived refugee kids, and $680 of gift cards to local stores. We are now organizing a furniture drive to prepare an apartment for a family arriving in less than 3 weeks from the DRC. More to do!

I can't think of anything huge but the fact that Donald Trump is running for president and may actually win is beyond my comprehension. It speaks of a greater issue within the global community. It makes me feel that all that we are striving for in terms of sovereignty, freedom, social consciousness, acceptance and understanding is extremely far off from where I thought we would be.

I haven't felt any direct impact from world events... but I'm observing some interesting things. As many have said, Trump running for president seems like some big strange joke with no punch line. I occasionally think about what's going on in the middle east... and wonder if peace is possible there.... I am inspired by the Europeans who have welcomed Syrian refugees to the countries and homes with open arms. I feels sad that Australia has such an unfriendly attitude to these humans in need. I have an office that could be turned into a bedroom... is keeping that for my office and not putting myself and my family in discomfort fair when these people have lost everything? I wonder.

The election of Donald Trump. It has impacted me because it brings to the surface the hatred and anger and fear that I have. I spent the past year learned a lot how I bury those things deeper down and I am afraid of expressing them to the point that I deny their existence. I think seeing him do this stuff also puts my dad on loud speaker, it allows others and myself to see the antics of my father.

Is it cliche to name Donald Trump's candidacy? I don't know how it has impacted the world quite yet, but I do think it's a signal of how the political landscape is shifting. It's indicative of deep unrest/dissatisfaction among a large group of people, and I think it reflects changing ideas of what Americans want and don't want out of a president. As for how this has impacted the world, I think it makes the US look like a mess!

Everything is terrible, it seems. I am so afraid, all my fears of flying, of coming home alone...they're all manifesting strongly this year. It was one thing after another this summer: mass shootings, killings of unarmed black men, massacres in France....refugees coming (and dying)....I found myself alternatingly terrified and numb, and feeling like I couldn't have another thing happen, even though I was personally unaffected by it all. Which of course made me feel terrible. The onslaught was too much to handle, and I feel a crisis of empathy.

The increasing violence at home and abroad has been upsetting. I think it has increased my attention to the upcoming presidential election and how the outcome will affect everyone. I rarely posted on facebook but I am now posting everything I find that might help influence some of the undecided voters.

The presidential election process. While the election hasn't yet happened, the campaigning has been horrendous and divisive. The country is so divided and the bullshit and lies that are spewed are sickening. The stupidity, racism, bigotry, and disrespect is beyond words. And the lack of action by the Congress, which is where people should really be focusing their attention, is also disgusting. I'm frightened for this country. But nothing makes me feel more comforted than the fact we have three branches of government for checks and balances, which many in our country, and particularly one nominee in particular, fail to recognize or understand. I will/hope I will be glad when this election season is over.

My world issue is close to home. The issue of maintaining open space in Los Angeles has impacted me --- I've found myself participating as an activist in the community. I no longer talk to certain neighbors, while I've made many new friends who care just as much about our Open Space as I do. I deeply care about maintaining the environment, space for our wild animals and claiming open areas for my kids / grandkids / great grandkids to enjoy as much as I do.

Terrorist attacks in France, USA, and too many places to list. The horrible genocide in Syria. The many people killed or made homeless by all these terrible wars.

Sadly, there are so many. Terrorist acts, the refugee crisis, the election race.... But really, I think that Brexit has taken the biggest toll on me personally. It angers me to no end, and frightens me that it is prescient of how events might unfold here as well. It has negatively impacted my financial interests in the UK, and it has essentially destabilised the UK. Brexit was perpetrated on the people of the UK, and it highlights the hideous level of ignorance, apathy, and bigotry within the population. It also demonstrates the awful influence of biased journalism - if it can even be considered journalism - and the lies from the politicians. It is a sad and low point in UK history, but hopefully not foreshadowing of the direction of the US.

The ascendancy of Donald Trump. Maddening. How do you cure ignorance? Why do hard-working, tax-paying poor people admire compulsively lying, tax-cheating rich people? The ongoing civil war in Syria; the terrorist attacks by ISIS and its supporters in Paris, Orlando, and many other places; the police shootings of unarmed African American men and women throughout the United States. All examples of irrational violence that ensues when political systems and institutions reward people for closing their hearts and minds.

All the events in Syria and the Franceand Germany and USA bombings and shootings have all affected me . I'm not sue I want to go a mall .

The primaries began the repudiation of the governor's ruinous agenda. Let's hope change comes next year.

The idea that Donald Trump could be our president is very frightening. As a student of WWII and the rise of Hitler, I fear that history could repeat itself. It makes me afraid for my children and grandchildren.

Flying out of Charles deGaulle airport 1/2 hour before the terrorist attacks. We had been wandering in the area of the bombs hours before our departure. We had been in Mauritania (a/k/a the Islamic State of Mauritania) and our family and friends were concerned for our safety. Who would have thought that flying through Paris would have been the most dangerous part of our trip. No place is safe, but we will continue to live our lives as we choose.

Fear of a President Trump. His popularity among a segment of the electorate confirms all my misanthropy. Tens of millions seem to find a racist, liar, thief and possible pervert, an incurious mediocre intellect to be acceptable as president. How that will affect me is of course limited; it would be the Bush administration all over again: more pointless war, more weakening of the economy. But, like last time, we'll probably survive, just a little worse off.

Donald Trump vs. Hilary Clinton. WTF USA?!

Brexit in the UK had a massive impact on me, perhaps more than any world event has ever had. Firstly it made me realise how out of touch I am with the UK, my long term home. Secondly it made me realise how old I am to be living through seismic changes. It was a vote that highlighted so many deep rivets in the British population, so that was sad. It has also made it extremely hard to sell my flat there, which I am under pressure to sell... so I am for the first time in my life a victim of circumstances outside my control.

I'm obsessed with watching thee news and my horror to discover so many racist, bigots and just plain stupid people in the world who are Trump supporters. Deep down, I hope the American people will come through, but as I'm watching it, it's very scary.

Wow....so many world and national events have impacted me this year. The Presidential election. The Syrian refugee crisis. The terrorist attacks in Paris. The police shooting of an African-American man in my back yard city of Charlotte. The 15th anniversary of 9/11. The war in Syria and its humanitarian tragedies. The death of Prince. The HB2 bill in North Carolina. The mass shootings in Orlando. My list is long, and unfortunately, in rereading it, I can't find one thing on this list that impacted me in a good way. These events all brought me sorrow, or frustration, or anger, or grief. Or a mixture of all these emotions at once. The world, for many people, is not a welcoming place. It is often a scary place, and I think that a lot of us are experiencing a lot of uncertainty these days. I have been really touched by the war in Syria. Years of civil war -- I cannot imagine what it is like to live in a country that is at war with itself. I cannot imagine what it must be like to live in constant, persistent fear. And as tales of "barbarianism" are released, I cannot imagine what it must be like to witness and experience such trauma. No food, no water, no medical supplies. No shelter, no protection, no government providing security, no guarantee for any basic needs. And people stay because it is their home. What if the US turned into such a battleground? I imagine that a lot of Americans wouldn't even think of leaving, because this is America, this is where they were born, this is where they belong. And many Syrians feel the same about their land, so they stay. And those that leave? Millions are fleeing, looking for a new home. Yet, countries around the world are questioning if they should help them. Our country is questioning if we should help them. I have a great deal of sympathy for the ordinary people of Syria. Most of us are born from people who wandered, or fled, or were captured and displaced somewhere in our history. We should be able to see ourselves in their plight.

Thankfully nothing outside of my own life has impacted me personally (as in more than on an emotional level). I am saddened every day about all the awful things happening everywhere and how we seem to care for about 15 minutes, then forget about it until the next tragedy. I have hope that there are enough good people in the world that eventually things might change for the better. I am sending as much positive energy out there that I can muster.

The Brexit vote in the UK. I went to bed feeling that common sense would win, and that we'd vote to Remain, and I woke up just in time to hear the announcement that the UK had voted to leave the EU. I feel worried about the direction the country will turn down, that racism and - yes - antisemitism will come back. The financial apocalypse threatened by some pro-Remain campaigners hasn't happened, but the country has become a smaller, meaner place and the government has announced some near-blatant racist legislation demanding that all companies list their EU employees to encourage business to "hire British" even if British people don't particularly want to do those jobs. It's made my friends from the EU worried about whether they can remain in the country, with their family and friends and the lives they've built here, and it seems they're being targeted by the government merely for the fact that they were born outside of the UK. I hope that we manage to see this for the racism that it is, and stop it.

Brexit. How? Why? Indeed! I remember waking up with a hangover and not believing it. SO the wrong direction. A new paradigm is needed more than ever.

Oh, dear. The presidential election. It is both entertaining and horrifying. Mostly I believe Trump won't win and then I realize that he could. The most distressing part right now is how many people see him as their savior. How can people believe that a man who has never done anything for anyone else will now be their champion? What am I missing?

For me personally, it's the Wells Fargo situation. Making my future so much easier. Requiring me to be kind, understanding, quick to listen before speaking. To be caring and not judging.

The Zika virus emerged in the last year, near the time when I was in my own first trimester of pregnancy. I am an expat in Southeast Asia, where a strain of Zika is endemic but different from the Brazil strain. Still, it was difficult to calm myself down with rational thoughts of being low risk. I cannot fathom being a new mother in Brazil or another South or Central American country right now and the burden of worry that would accompany a pregnancy. I have an amazing privilege to have the flexibility to move back to Northwestern United States, which is free of all mosquito borne diseases except West Nile, if the diseases of the world became too scary for me, but so so many women do not have that luxury. And many do not even have the luxury of access to birth control to decide when they want to take the risk of getting pregnant. My son is now 3 months and the CDC just put East Timor on the caution list. We do our best to keep ourselves and our son free from mosquito bites, but this will be a situation we will need to look at in another year or two when we consider having our second child.

Police brutality and racism in America. Especially this year I feel as if our country has made no progress. I wonder if we've gone backwards. As a country, we are so polarized, so ignorant, so hateful. I have had days of deep sadness and hopelessness. And I'm not a person of color. So to imagine the struggle and the fear of my beautifully colored brothers and sisters, when I feel this way? It's intolerable and maddening.

Donald Trump actually gaining a place in the race for president. Amazing, frightening and so sad. It is unbelievable that our "democracy" is unrecognizable - we no longer deserve that title.

trump! How so many people can be taken in by a bully, misogynist and someone you wouldn't let your children play with.

Donald Trump Successfully becoming the nominee and Bernie Sanders Loosing to Hillary. My opionion on polictics and both parties has changed and my view of humanity in the united states and where we're at has shifted considerably. I have a new understanding of where we're at.

All I can think of are The Olympics and how emotionally moving the games are. The Philippines got their first Olympic medal! I was filled with tremendous pride.

The flood of refugees trying to escape extremely difficult situations and hearing folks label them as dangerous. Or, similarly, the generalization of people of other cultures as dangerous. The direction of nationalism taken by several countries I see as dangerous and of "moving away" from something. We should be "moving towards" the goal we choose. Acting out of fear means we are moving backwards as a people. Moving backwards I see the greatest danger.

This presidential campaign (I feel like everyone will say that) has really messed with the world. I hate listening to the news now. I refuse to. I listen to 1940's radio shows instead. I don't want my child to hear it. It's awful. I also think that losing scions like Eli Wiesel and Shimon Peres are hugely impactful. My son will never hear them speak, though we have videos. Every time I hear a Holocaust survivor has died, I am so sad because that is another piece of history missing.

Donald. Trump. His candidacy actually makes me scared to be an American.

The refuge crisis in Syria has been just awful, and it's been very painful to watch people just ignore it or wish it away. To refuses to help because of the outside chance that there might be terorists hiding amongst the people fleeing for their lives. It has just reaffirmed how awful people are, awful and selfish and that they are giant hypocrites who claim to follow a religious faith but then don't actually. It is infuriating and exhausting.

The presidential election has gotten me very anxious about the future. I have found myself reading and discussing the election almost obsessively, when previously I had a very low level of interest in anything political. I am distraught at the nasty emotional climate that this race seems to have given our society permission to indulge in.

So many events in the world to be impacted by… where to even start. The shootings, the shootings at the gay bar, in all the schools, the shooting of black men by police, of black people by police. The war all over. Global warming getting worse… draught, where we are. Hard not to be impacted by the world, by everything all the time. Hard to hold a heart that way, to decide what to feel and what to be numb to. I wish I felt empowered in some way about it. I feel empowered to make music about it, to travel the world and make music. I don't know if I'll do it or not. I probably should. I think that we all have collective trauma around the events happening right now, but when trauma is collective - shared by everyone - it's hard to see and harder to address.

I'm so embarassed...I feel like I've been desensitized to the terrors that go on in this world. Literally. I am sitting here in the dang Panera, trying to answer this question and I can't think of a thing. This is not good. But as someone on the road of conversion, I forgive myself with the intention of being more aware...

There is so much going on in the world - so much hatred and violence. It saddens me greatly. Closer to home, in my own country of the USA, there is also so much hatred and violence. The current election cycle has really made on impact on me in that it has shed light on some awful truths about many Americans. So much time and energy is wasted on trivial issues while serious and life threatening things go on unnoticed by the average American every day. The other issue is the lack of empathy or compassion for "the other" in this country. It is so scary. It is very hard to be optimistic about this country, at least in the short term. I am hopeful that the bigoted and narrow-minded people will fade away and we an truly be the great country we claim to be.

The war in Syria is impacting everyone in some way. Starting from (obviously) people living in Syria and neighboring countries, to international politics.

With many tragedies that have happened this year the one that hits me the hardest has been the Orlando Shooting. It was a shock to me that someone could have that much hate and as a gay kid I think it hit me harder then it would've affected someone else.

Constant destruction of Allepo. The constant bombing seeing the desperation on peoples, death, injury especially to children and places of Antiquity

Donald Trump as an increasingly serious contender for the presidency. His message is one of hate and greed, and numerous people don't find ANYTHING wrong with what he says. He is an awful human being, and would be an awful, dangerous president.

Donald Trump being a candidate for presidency. I lost a lot of respect for half of the Americans. As I write, we are getting ready for Hurricane Matthew to hit, so this might become my event for this year... I hope not.

The rise to popularity and power of Donald Trump has really shaken me to my core. I find him so loathesome - and I am shocked and terrified by how many supporters he has. When I learned there were 2 people in my family who plan to vote for him, I could barely face them. It changed how I felt about them forever. I hope I'm reviewing this question next year with a female POTUS, and not from a couch in Canada.

Olympic games. I was moved by the discipline and effort of the competitors. I wish I could have those qualities.

This year's election, between Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton has reminded me of how imperfect so many of my fellow citizens are, and how politics is regarded with such cynicism. It is an interesting telltale of human nature and how it functions when people have so much and should be joyful.

All of the Police Shootings, protests, and rioting in the US has been especially hard. Coupling that with a Presidential Election make the vitriol almost too much to handle. Getting people to step outside of themselves and try to understand other perspective is hard, but vital to civil discourse. We have seen throughout history that when that happens great things can happen. How do we make that change? I can only try to change my little corner of the world.

The mass shooting in Orlando was a horrific event, but what poured out from that tragedy was love, love, and more love. It was so moving to see people of all faiths, races, age, nationality and sexual orientation come together to support the Orlando community. We still have a lot of work to do but we've also come a very long way!

I have been caught up with the election between Trump and Clinton. It amazes me how many people I know are for Trump. I fear Trump is dangerous as he is so homophobic and divisive. Elections in about a month and then we know. Are we electing a Hitler demagogue?? How easy is it to happen? We shouldn't be complacent. Scary.

One of the major events in the world that has impacted me so much this year was the incessant terrorist all over the world. Most times I try to understand how could a rational human being would decide to kill and destroy people enmass either for religious reason or any other . When I read in the bible that heart of a man is desperately wicked i it may be exaggerated but seeing how people kill and maim others, it confirms it. Then I begin to ask what's the essence of love when people you show love and kindness are only interested in destroying you; using France and Germany as a case study. Maybe Brexit could be justifiable.

Our daughter goes to medical school in Havana, so we are pleased about the glacially slow opening up of Cuba, including mail service and some commercial flights ( but not yet to Havana). There are more WiFi spots but not near enough to accommodate everyone.

Describe an event in the world that has impacted you this year: The Orlando shooting had a large impact on myself and my larger LGBT community. How? I grew up in the Bay Area which has its problems but is generally a safer place to live as an LGBT person. It is so expensive here that I consider moving but I don't want to trade greater financial ease for potential harm every day just walking down the street. This event was the first time I was afraid to go to community events, to assemble and gather as a community, to grieve in a group setting for fear we would be target for a mass attack. It was the first time I found myself assessing escape routes any time I entered a space. Why? It concerns me that maybe society isn't becoming more accepting and as we achieve things like marriage equality the bigger the push back of hateful people will be. And that the hateful events will distract from all the other issues that disproportionately impact the LGBT community and communities of color such as homelessness/houselessness, poverty, lack of access to education, negative interactions with law enforcement, and suicide, and murder because of marginalized identity. I am concerned that if a hateful group came for me as an LGBT person of color that my greater community wouldn't stand up for me. I'm concerned that people will forget.

I'm not quite sure what to say. On the one hand, the deaths of Alan Rickman and Gene Wilder were no fun to hear about...but did they "impact" me? I'm not sure. I think if I have to ask the question, the answer is likely "no." I guess what has impacted me is this general feeling of things getting worse. It is incredibly difficult to say whether things are getting "better" or "worse" (for whom? in what manner? etc.). But I feel like, because of events in the United States and elsewhere, people are more polarized, more likely to hate each other, and more likely to act on that hate. Maybe because I follow a number of black activists on Facebook or get CAIR's newsletter, but there seems to be so much hate swirling around the issues of police brutality and Islamophobia. Not necessarily the hate and anger of black and Muslim people about the treatment they're getting, but hatred of people towards black and Muslim people for daring to take a stand against it. On the one hand, this sense of increasing hatred and polarization has got me a bit down, when I think about it. On the other hand, it has made me examine myself. I want to stand against all kinds of hatred and injustice, but calmly and compassionately. I think justice has to differentiate itself from hatred and polarization, not just in message, but delivery too. So, I'm trying to be more compassionate in my disagreements and defense of people.

The ruin of my home in Montana. Getting closer to James. Realizing that I want to be close to Pam even if we don't have sex. Glad that I'm alive. I want to live forever.

Police shootings and lack of respect for the type Ojibwa they are trying to do, to maintain peace and security where there is none! So they get shot:(

The elections in the United States are the most socially divisive I have ever experienced. I have friends that I will have a hard time being with, because of the way they have expressed their political preferences.

The Black Lives Matter movement has had a huge impact on me this year. It has raised my consciousness to an issue that's been significant but unnoticed in American society for years. Seeing footage and hearing firsthand accounts of systemic racism has challenged my understanding of my place in the world and responsibility to others. I hope to use what I've learned from this movement to be an agent of change.

The presidential election. I never would have believed that a hate filled, self centered, cheating bully like Trump could be nominated. The fact that it has even been a close race is incredibly upsetting. What does this say about our country?

The rise of Donald Trump as presidential candidate. The level of coarseness, ignorance, and dishonesty in his campaign is truly frightening. I begin to wonder if this will become the new normal -- and it distresses me.

It's not just one event but the series of murders of Black young men and children by the white police officers that has me horrified. I think it was this that started me on a course of reading starting with "Waking up White" - the description of a WASP woman of her awakening to the legacy of racism in this country, following with Ta-Nehisi Coates letter to his son "Between the World and Me". I read these in July and August and in late September I enrolled in a four-week online course "Hard Conversations: an introduction to racism" offered by Patti Digh and Victor Lee Lewis. There is a lot of reading and videos offered in this class and I have learned a lot about the history of racism and the embedded legacy of racism in our government and societal structures e.g. redlining and the resulting consequences of poverty and ghettos. I believe I am becoming more aware of my fellow humans who look differently from me. Last night I went to see "The Royale" at ACT and there was an after show talkback. The convenor was an African-American professor from Bellevue College. I noticed immediately how his presence invited/allowed people of color to speak up and speak up they did. I heard the same thoughts and ideas I've been hearing for the last two weeks online. And with a lot of anxiety I spoke up too and said "At the risk of making a lot of people uncomfortable, I don't think racism will go away until white people wake up." I can vividly remember the look on the convenor's face and his smile. Racism is a white problem and white people have to face it.

Terrorism world wide has increased to create a higher sense of fear as well as a level of expectation that this is the norm. There is also a growing sense of nationalism instead of globalism and alliances among nations. We seemed to have entered into an international "What is in it for me?" attitude. Nationally there is a growing level of disrespect in the use of language, and behvior. The Republican convention had crowds yelling, "lock her up" and shirts printed with "kill the bitch" Civility is on the decrease and anger and individuality is on the rise.

While it is hard to pinpoint one event, given all the terror attacks in Europe and the police on black violence in the US, but the event that personally impacted me the most was the bombing of the Brussels airport. The November Paris attacks happened right before I moved to France, and I became highly aware of the large presence of armed military when I visited Brussels at the end of February. The attack happened a few weeks later, right before I was about to travel to Amsterdam. As I told my mother when the Paris attacks happened, I will not let myself live in fear of an unpredictable attack and not enjoy life experiences because of it. I wasn't afraid when I headed out to Amsterdam, and I had a wonderful time. Still, it saddens me that the French have come to expect terror as a regular occurrence in their lives. Similarly it saddens me at home when we hear about another black man killed by police officers seemingly every week.

The massacre in Nice on Bastille Day. We were just a couple hours north of there celebrating the French National holiday by watching the Tour de France and were awakened in the middle of the night by Caroline. So, so sad.

Im really bad at keeping up with current events... Well the election is coming up. I went to a bernie rally last spring and it was really fun, but now its just a weird situation because everyone hates both candidates so much.

The presidential election of 2016 has brought a heightened sense of curiosity about America's position in the world because we have made so many mistakes and the chickens are coming home to roost. The UN has put forward suggestions for all the countries of the world, and we may have not been good players. The American tax payer has paid the bill for crimes against humanity foisted upon other countries, therefore WE are culpable. It will be good when we collectively take responsibility because THEN we can fix our mistakes and learn from them.

The political season is very distressful. I fear for our country and our future. I worry about what has happened to character of our nation. Will my grandchildren be safe? Will we as a country continue to be a leader of the "right" way of life? Will the hate that is being unleashed be turned back? As Jews are we safe? Can blacks and other minorities be appreciated and live a good life?

Being part of summer program. I think it really shaped how I handle myself as an educator.

The United Kingdom voted to leave the European Union. This is something that perhaps should not have happened, but is something that is indicative of the way things are going internationally. There is much isolationism in response to the terrorism that is throughout the world. And there is so much division. You have those who are anti-isolationist and those who want to lock up the borders and not speak to other countries.

Canadian Liberals keeping door shut for Yazidi refugees while welcoming thousands of Syrians. How do you choose who is most at risk and not be political? I think that the Liberals failed and so my family is supporting a private sponsorship of a Yazidi refugee family.

This ELECTION. I seriously don't understand how people can vote for a self-proven racist, sexist, ableist bigot like Trump. I just love Hillary so much and am ready for strong women to be given their chance in this country!!

Donald Trump is running for president. He is an absolute joke and an embarrassment to our country. It's a shame that he has the opportunity to represent our presence in the world. His comments about women and other races are absolutely ludicrous and he should be ashamed to say these things - but he has no realization of that. This impacts me because the role of women in our society is constantly undermined, and if people see their leader treating women the way he does, our situation will only get worse. The same goes for race relations in America. It has been an absolute nightmare this year, as police brutality has come to the forefront through videos showing scenarios where unarmed black men have been shot for no damn reason. It's frustrating that someone who is openly a bigot and a misogynist can be running for PRESIDENT OF THE COUNTRY. It infuriates me daily. This impacts everyone, and those who are hating on Hilary and claiming they aren't going to vote are only screwing themselves.

For direct impact, nothing would beat the Affordable Healthcare Act, which has enabled me to keep my benefits while decreasing my work hours. I had an incredible altercation with my boss, triggered by a text message mistakenly sent to her, and since then she has been really good to me, including arranging for this transition.

The whole blue and black thibg got out of hand because quite frankly everyone needs protection. The battle berween blacks and police have gone on forever with accusations of prejudice and ethnic hatred. Ots had to be a police officer and its hard to be a black person with many beibg poor and just trying to get by. I just wishnpeople would share comfort and thst good that exists the commonality netween people of the human pursasion. Is kinda like like Eddie Murphy skit on SNL when he,was,singing hebrew and drawing smilaities bewreen jews and blacks. It was hilarious but also had a very important point. Comedy imitates life and really all.lifes matter.

The controversy over the transgender bathroom bills in the USA really disturbed me this year. I felt we were making so much progress in North America, and then I was truly saddened to learn that so many people continue to hold prejudice and discrimination close to their hearts.

The elections. I think this has been such an important year for so many as we have 2 very distinct candidates. I think it's changed the way I've really looked at politics and this is the first year in a while I've been really invested in following the race.

The horrificness of the conflict in Syria. I listened to an NPR report while driving to a meeting, and I was so impacted by the story, that sadness welled up in me and through me and I began to cry. I tend not to be an overly emotional man. I do not tend to shed tears easily. But the story of the "white helmets", the man who pulled a live baby from the wreckage, who died himself two years later from a bomb strike...breaks my soul

Many events have affected/impacted me this year. Paris, Baltimore, Dallas, North Carolina, etc. Bottom line. It's a crazy freaking year. The most ridiculous election cycle in recent memory hasn't helped anything. I can only hope that the catastrophic damage that is possible via either candidate is mitigated by good judgment and luck.

All of the massive destruction from berserk changes in weather. My study partner and I discuss how this may show that HaShem is just not happy with us. Who could blame Him? Then there is all of the crazy killings, shootings, and they are just the "regular" nut jobs, not specific terrorists. Of course, isn't it all a form of terrorism in one way or another? It's a scary world/time we live in. It's getting harder to find the beauty, but when you do, it illumines everything.

I was surprised how much grief I felt at the passing of Gene Wilder this year. I loved all of his movies, and especially loved "Willie Wonka and the Chocolate Factory" as a child. I watched it on TV every year at my Grandmothers house. His particular mix of humor, vulnerability and just plain quirkiness always appealed to me. Something about his years married to Gilda Radner while she went though cancer treatment and eventually died also always seemed so poignant to me. He could hold his sadness and his humor and let other people see both. I struggle to be that vulnerable- to let people see my deep sadness as well as my joy and silliness. It's all me, even when it doesn't make sense.

OMG! This election! How can it be that we are so close to electing a racist, misogynist, egomaniacal psychopath for president?? I get so angry when I think about it. I find that I have zero tolerance for anyone even on the fence, let alone voting republican. It's sick. I can't imagine what will happen to this country. I am scared for my retirement. I am scared for my kids' futures. I am scared that this country is going to disintegrate. How can this be happening? How? How? How?

I feel it's mostly centered around the bias and overreaction of so many police officers against black men. The racism is no longer being swept under the rug but at the same time the death tolls continue to rise. Thankfully there's so much more visibility. I hope our country can get its shit together and fix this because right now it's only getting worse

The Syrian crisis has been a tough one to explain to the kids. How can it persist for five years? How can so many people be forced to decide between seeking refuge elsewhere or dying? And all the children?! History will not look at our country during this time kindly.

Donald Trump being the Republican nominee for president. He represents everything reprehensible to me as a woman who happens to be American. Frankly, though I have been a stranger in my own land most of my life. Much of American culture has harmed me personally and irrevocably. I have learned how to survive, how to persevere and have not allowed this adversity to define who I am. I imagine that for people who believed they were true Americans; respectable Americans with what might have seemed like indispensable, middle income jobs; finding quite suddenly they were not needed, not valued, and dispensed; this abandonment has been harder to bear. They want revenge and with revenge there is no reason--just hate for anything and everything that reminds them of what they once had and took for granted; the value they once possessed; the status they once held and legacy they no longer possess to hand down or take pride in. Donald Trump fills a vacuum for those who have lost faith in things going their way. Predominantly white, middle-aged, men--(and their wives)--desperate to bring back the old America--the good ole boy system that favored them over all others. Donald Trump is a misogynist, a bigot, a narcissistic man who represents the very worst of what capitalism has to offer us. He is a typical white collar crook--who due to his ill gotten wealth is allowed to rob, rape and pillage. If he was black, female, or poor doing what he normally does...he would likely have been either murdered or imprisoned by now. America is on the verge of becoming the very opposite of what I have been taught she represents--A beacon of hope for all those down trodden masses--a land of freedom, a land of equality, a land of justice. I struggle to hold on to this idea of America. I am not proud of what we are becoming--fascism begins with a narcissistic form of nationalism. Donald Trump has raised their banner and the mindless horde of once hads-- sing his praises rallying around their demi-god.....

Donald Trump as viable candidate for POTUS. This is surely one of the signs of the impending apocalypse.

There are several external events that have taken up quite a lot of my time with me listening and reading reports. The US election and the farce that is their democracy. The war on Syria. I cannot understand how the world cannot see what is going on over there, that the US empire alone with the UK, Saudis, Israel etc are on the one hand saying they are against terrorism, yet on the other, support, arm and fund the terrorist cells that are trying to over through the Syrian Govt. Brexit - Even though the UK has voted out the EU, they are still in it and do not look like they are likely to leave anytime soon and I don't think it will happen. The EU army is on the rise and the UK military is being deliberately decimated by the govt so the UK will be reliant on the EU army, therefore bringing a strong case to stay in the EU! I get frustrated and feel there are only a select few people who see through the lies and deception of the governments and media. What I don't understand is what sort of people do these sorts of things. Is it deliberate or are they blind, do they know the facts or do they believe the propaganda hence do the bidding of the puppet masters. We just seem to be governed and run by psychopaths. I wish I could do something to change things, to stop the killing and bring the world into a peaceful existence, if only for a short while so everyone could see what it would be like. They would never willingly go back.

Trump running for president and actually being the Republican candidate. Rather shocking to think that people are so stupid to be fooled by this buffoon. Hopefully by next time this year we will see that he did not become the president.

The refugee crisis in Syria and other countries where so many are fleeing persecution and torture has made me mindful of how insulated and safe it truly is for me in the western hemisphere. I have been deeply touched by the plight of these persons and ashamed of the close-mindedness of many who want to deny access to our country.

I guess unfortunately the presidential election- which has been a hot mess and caused great division all around- even in our extended family of course. I can't wait for next year and sure hope this election results in Donald Trump being a story of the past.

I've become so numb to tragedy, but the killing of unarmed civilians, particularly African Americans, by our police has certainly impacted me. This has been going on my entire life and I'm sick of it. I really think that most of the cops who murder these people are afraid. And, that's the problem. Fear is driving them to murder black people and I believe it is an irrational fear that needs to be dealt with or it will keep happening. When I was a child these types of murders were committed by openly racist cops. These days I don't think the perpetrators understand their unconscious bias and innocent people are dying because of it. Then, we have lone mentally unstable people killing the police as revenge Likr them or not, we need our police. They are on the front lines everyday protecting us. At the end of the day, I've become completely anti-gun (since Newtown), but gun control won't stop the police from killing civilians. I guess, violence is so ingrained in us as American citizens, there not much hope for change. It's who we are.

As always senseless wars, murder and mayhem, everywhere! How can any caring person not be impacted by all the hate and violence throughout the world! And, now really stupid people are trying to get Donald Trump elected president! The man can't censor his tongue, can't speak without lying, has an ego beyond belief! Isn't qualified to be any sort of spokesperson - let alone the President of the United States! I live in terror of the mayhem and hatred that man could create if he wins the election. Pray to your favorite deity for us all!

The constant killing of black people by police continues to devastate me. I don't know which explanation would be worse: that these murders are on the rise or that we've never cared before. The ascendency of the Black Lives Matter movement in response to some of the more high profile deaths has had reverberations across the Jewish world as the movement tied itself to Palestinian liberation and condemned Israel. I know now that the mainstream Jewish community will likely want me to chose between it and anti-racism work -- and I also know I won't.

The death of Jose Fernandez. This is a pitcher that I wished was on my baseball team. Someone who I connected with because he was very close in age with me and shared the same belief in having a positive attitude, being enthusiastic about his work, and loving life. He mastered the game of baseball and struggled joyously through challenges. I try my best to do the same. I also realized that I need to schedule more fun into my life, and that is exactly what Jose was doing when he went on that late-night boat ride. Jose knew that you needed fun off the field in order to have fun on the field, and that is something you can't take for granted. This death will cause me to cherish those fun moments with friends and make sure those experiences translate to enthusiasm and passion in my professional life.

This election cycle has been AWFUL! I am heart sick about the ugliness of the whole mess. Civility has all but disappeared. Some days it is hard to maintain hope for a kinder gentler society. That said, I have strictly limited media intake.

The Orlando Pulse Night Club shooting impacted me this year. It brought to my attention the sad reality of all the hatred and xenophobia that exists in this world; at the same time, it revealed to me that there is much work that needs to be done to make this world a better place. The pain that remains in my heart when I recall this tragedy motivates me to try to be God's hands, partaking in sacred work here on earth.

Describe a significant experience that has happened in the past year. How did it affect you? Are you grateful? Relieved? Resentful? Inspired? Balancing a high school course load and attempting to participate in entrepreneurial activities is an extremely difficult feat which only increases in such difficulty when one has advanced classes that are viewed with moderate apathy. Yet when something piques my interest, say for example, a job opportunity in Silicon Valley, school is more often than not put to the side, to the dismay of my parents and their fire-engulfed wallets, ignited by tuition. Receiving this opportunity defined my high school career not through regurgitating Greek vocabulary nor integrating the natural log of “2x,” but through application development and political warfare. The former I was accustomed to through years of practice and execution, however the former was a brand new area for me. The application development job was not just that, but one that (we hope) will aid in preserving constitutional values online in a way that contemporary social networking sites have consistently failed to do. The ability to aid in the sharing of values I uphold in a way that I am skilled sounds like a dream job, but I had another full-time commitment looming over my head, one that, as it had done for the past decade, began early the next morning. When I received multiple (relatively) poor grades, something inside me could not help but blame my apathy and lack of focus towards my studies. For the longest time I would attempt to convince myself that working in my desired field would yield far more experience than unrelated “busy work,” yet due to the aforementioned indifference the fact remains that my chance of admission to top universities would be much lower than it could have been. To this day, as I write this the fall of senior year, I wonder whether I made the right choice, and in the present, I wonder if I want to reorder my priorities. The opportunities I’ve been awarded may have arrived in the future, yet high school only lasts four years, and after that, one really has no other options. Regardless, taking on these new commitments has caused both unbelievable euphoria and unbelievable stress, tears of joy and tears of frustration, and regardless of one’s opinion of my choices, it is undeniable that my time in high school was (and still is) outside of the norm, and I would not ask for it any other way. 2) Something I wish I had done in the past year was studying more for standardized testing. Through my own stupidity, I reasoned that it was unnecessary, and by extension, boring to sit in a room and look over things I should have learned quite a long time ago, which of course I was required to do anyways in taking the tests to begin with. My scores were not as high as they could have been, and that definitely limits my ability to apply to top schools, or even the ones I figured I would be able to attend anyways. In general, going beyond the specific instance of standardized testing, I definitely could have received better grades in the past year, and it is my general apathy and overall laziness that caused a slip which will haunt me for what I could only assume is the rest of my life. Sure it could all end up fine and perhaps in the future I will be grateful for such apathy, but the overwhelming possibility that I have screwed up gnaws at me to this day. I’ve also received ample warning regarding this for the past four years, calling high school, accurately, a place where you only get one chance. I cannot help but feel that I blew it, ignoring those who care about me, showing quite a bit of egotism. Regardless, it has hurt everyone including those who pay for this private high school, as well as my own future. I can only hope that through non-academic means that everything works out and I am able to recover from what has been a very difficult time. 3) Over 70% of our world is the ocean, so buying a boat while living in a New England coastal town was a no-brainer for our family last summer. Whether it be used for fishing, transportation, or general leisure, it is one of the most relaxing and peaceful experiences regardless of the time of year. While the 20-foot Boston Whaler can be a pain to clean and costly to fuel and repair, the experience of being on the cool water allows us to see the world from a new perspective. The entire boating community in our coastal town is very tight-knit, and with it being a fishing town, there are a myriad of different events for those with boats to enjoy. The beautiful beaches around us are all seen from a new angle while relaxing with a drink or hanging out with friends. The boat was found for a relatively cheap price while we were driving down to Massachusetts one day and we would buy it a few weeks after that. Little did we know that it would be one of our favorite activities for the bountiful weekends. Personally I have had a lot of fun with the boat. It has definitely inspired me as a creator as well as a person to see everything I thought I knew about my location and the surrounding towns from a new perspective. Such new perspectives have influenced my work as an application developer, a graphic artist, and a journalist. George Wallace once delivered a commencement address titled “This is Water.” While such address has nothing to do with boats, the general idea surrounding it is that we are so caught up in ourselves that we fail to recognize the world around us, like a fish swimming through water. I am sure you can see where I am going with this, but to elaborate, the boat has given me another view to work with while making creative decisions regarding what I do when I am not on the water. Thus, the boat that was found on a little dirt road in New Hampshire ended up being a creative inspiration to this day. 4) The presidential election is something we have all seen more than once, yet this time there is the unique element of divisiveness that plagues anyone who becomes even remotely involved in it. Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump have created such a divide that everyone has a side, everyone hates the other side, and society is tearing at the seams. Our family is no exception, and while I refuse to delve into the specific views on a reflective journal entry, the fact that such a divisiveness exists from both sides is increasingly worrying and disappointing. Our entire family has been divided by this as if it were some sort of medieval clan or a gang on the wrong turf. The concerning ability that two people have for brainwashing a society into tearing each other to shreds, both figuratively and literally, is the cause for so much violence that it’s making a mockery of the presidential election. I have also found myself battling on the political spectrum, and in a rabid society like this, maybe you should too. I am not arguing that this election is a good thing for our country, I don’t believe the two candidates were anyone’s first choices, yet we are stuck with a bombastic businessman and an unhealthy fraudster, and their relative cronies. I know who I will be voting for in this election, but it is definitely not too far from the “sewer water or poison” analogy. Whoever is elected on November 8th will only cause the hatred to continue, and that is a frightening road for our country to go down at a time of terrorism on the rise and increasing dependency on the government. Regardless, no one will win come November, families will be torn apart out of spite and anger, friends will no longer be such, and violence will fill the streets of America. The road to the election has already been filled with strife and fighting, both on the parts of the candidates and their supporters. I for one would like to be able to talk to family members without them (or me) bringing up politics, or seeing awful memes on my Facebook feed, however regardless of the outcome, nothing will change.

Obviously, wars and terror and fear and crooked politics and what not affect us, but on a positive note: Eden's breakthrough Tech has changed my year. I've become shareholder and director and with this project I aim to achieve all my objectives: abundance for all, cleaner and better world, personal growth

The terrorist attacks in France have been horrifying. What is equally disturbing is that all Muslims are being blamed for the acts of extremists, while no blame has been shouldered by French society. They ghettoized Muslims and forbid any expressions of diversity and in so doing they create an atmosphere of intolerance and feed the extremists that see Western ideas as a threat. It makes me feel so hopeless when world powers are so intolerant and I'm not surprised, just sad, that it breeds anger and more hatred and intolerance.

I have been quite affected by the limping train wreck that is the current election cycle. The Republican primary candidates were not particularly inspiring, including a brain doctor lacking in political experience, a businessman lacking in political experience, and a brother of a past president lacking in political experience. The party's final choice as candidate was disheartening at best – I though any of the others would trump him as the primary winner – and I wondered how disillusioned members of the Republican party were to make such an odd choice. The Democratic primary seemed like a step up from the ass in lion's skin that was the opposing party's roster, but to me the scandals associated with that party's winning candidate weighed heavily against the merits of her policies. In any case, choosing between the two come election day will prove troublesome to those yet undecided. The effects of this election cycle have crept into multiple facets of my daily life "in myriad petty, unsexy ways". Most prominently, because I intend to vote in November, I have to pay closer attention to each candidate's political stance and moral character instead of remaining in blissful ignorance, as in prior election seasons. Also, my mother happens to be voting for the Republican party rather than for its candidate, so her daily influence on my decision is a forced to be reckoned with – or tuned out. Otherwise, the event's ripples extend themselves rather innocuously, at least in my life: casually exaggerated mealtime conversation about the merits and lack thereof with each candidate – no deipnosophistic skills necessary; a mix of laughter and melancholy at the situations both the candidates and the general public put themselves in; election information gleaned from Fox News and CNN to avoid a strong bias, or perhaps to gain two; and perusing online responses of the US election process from the international community, to name a few. Whatever the outcome, there's always 2020.

What happened in the world, outside my life and my little cocoon? Very rabbinic -- answering a question with a question.

A event that impacted is that the debate and how stupid trump is.

Not sure I can pick just one. Global terrorism on the rise, so many refugees fleeing civil wars, a hostile presidential campaign that has exposed enormous decisiveness in this country, and cataclysmic climate change and environmental disasters. This planet, this paradise we have been blessed to live on is starting to fight us back. Unless we wake up as a species, become better stewards of our shared home, and start to treat the planet - and each other - better, I think the consequences could be dire.

The US election I think has had the most impact on me this year, alongside the continued death of unarmed Black men by police. I think part of it is that I am so alarmed and confused at how divided this country is - and I don't know how we are going to get from here to somewhere better.

There has been more than just one. Generally they deal with non-whites being fucked over. I'll leave it at that because I'm trying not to get my blood pressure worked up.

The Liberal Party of Canada won our federal elections and Justin Trudeau became our new P.M. Although I was disappointed that they got a majority government, it was a huge relief to me that the cons were booted out. That government was such bad news for this country, so pretty much any other option feels like a huge improvement. I still feel like there is potential for quite a few decent changes in this country. Hope.

Event in the world - is the U.S. Presidential Election cycle that is taking place an "event in the world", 'cuz, boy, am I affected!! I feel like I have never been as emotionally engaged in an election as I am in this one. How frightening if Trump is elected!! And how exciting if Hillary is!!

There have been so many. So many deaths -- here, from gun violence and abroad from acts of terror. They're all acts of terror, really, just some are more or less sanctioned than others. I am still processing what it means to be a Jew who wants to be involved in Black Lives Matter, and am still making sense of all the terrifying things I've heard that have happened, and keep happening, in Syria. What can I do? The pain of hearing about it is made all the more acute by the fact that there is nothing I can do to help.

The terrorist attack in Orlando at Pulse Night Club hit me harder than I had ever thought before. I recalled the time that my own safe place had been threatened (when Hillel at the University of Washington had a bomb scare in the building). It made me feel so small and insignificant. I feel closer and closer to being a space that I feel 1000% safe and comfortable in and I'm sure that I'll be at that point soon, maybe living alone, but I feel like I so easily take that safe space for granted. Within and instant, Pulse Night Club went from safe environment to traumatic crime scene. I felt so hard for those victims both in the night club and also for those who identify as LGBTQ, as one of their own safe places became the center of the attack. It's such an erie feeling.

The election this year is a scary prospect. Everyone spent so much time thinking Trump's candidacy was a joke, but the idea that he's a mainstream candidate is horrifying. Even worse is the under the surface ugliness that he has exposed in our country. It makes me worry for the future of our country.

I really hate this question - every year. The world has major events all the time. They are ovewhelming and depressing. There is -- as far as I can tell -- not net improvement in human suffering. And why should we be so deeply impacted by a world event??? It didn't happen to us personally. Maybe that's it. This question feels awfully self absorbed. I think we should talk about things that actually affected us and not feed the drama by making some event that actually was about other people's lives somehow about our own.

The candidacy of Donald Trump as the Republican nominee had the widest impact on me this year. Already, I was hearing the black community differently than before, better than before. Already, I was ready to support Hillary Clinton to be the next President of the United States. Donald Trump took all that and more and wrapped it up into a visceral need of mine to do something to make the world better. His bullying, xenophobia, misogyny, racism, and his call for more of it from supporters made it impossible for me to stand idly by. My courses of action will not stop with the election. This country has been exposed as too deeply in need of education and healing.

Well, the elections has impacted me. Every where I go, in every country people ask if it's a joke. If we really want to elect Donald Trump. It was getting embarrassing. I didn't want to talk about politics in Ireland, France, Spain or Germany. Everyone else did, though. I also feel impacted by the terrorist behavior that keeps happening in Europe. France in particular. Really upsets me we can't find peace with one another.

Donald Trump is running for president and his candidacy has empowered and emboldened the anti-semitic, alt-right. As a Jew this is terrifying.

Election 2016 & the rise of Donald Trump. Good God, when I receive these answers back next year, he'd better not be president (or a late or impeached president). How? Why? Does those questions really even require answers? In the battle that exists within me between hope and cynicism, he and his supporters have pushed me considerably in the direction of cynicism. There is so much more small-heartedness, racism, sexism, reduction of anyone who doesn't look or think or act like you to less than human in this country than I or so many others imagined, still, and Trump has brought it to the fore, catered to it, nourished it, worshipped at its altar. Even if he loses, we have this now. We can't ignore it. Yes, we have made progress, but not as much as we thought. The things people say; it's beyond appalling. And we truly seem to have entered a post-factual era. Facts don't matter; feelings do. It doesn't matter if x isn't true; it matters that it feels true. If it feels true, it is true. This is what works, this is what sells. This is what wins. Truth is in the eye of the beholder. It's Orwellian; it's 1984. How many fingers am I holding up? If it feels like five, it is five, though an observer might see plainly that it is four. Two plus two equals five. Anything can cease to matter in that equation. Countries. Human dignity. Life itself. Civilization. Facts. The planet. Anything. Trump may lose the election, but we have already lost. The question is, what do we do next? Do we repair ourselves, or do we continue down this destructive path? I hope it's the former, but I fear the latter.

Definitely the presidential election. I don't usually state how I feel about the elections to family and friends, however this year it seems like such a no-brainer that I have to support Hillary. We cannot allow Trump to become president. It's a scary thought to even think that could happen. Follow the yellow brick road Hillary and get thee to the White House.

The elections. It has turned into a complete circus and I am voting out of fear that the wrong candidate will take office.

It may sound silly, but the passing of David Bowie and Prince has given me pause. They were common names from my youth. Now they are gone which still makes me sad, and of course, realize how precious our time is... I want to try and be more mindful of how precious our memories are, how precious life it.

The election. Without a doubt, I've become obsessed with it. It's like I can't read enough about what an asshole Donald Trump is. It's almost like, if I read about it, I'm somehow preventing his further ascent -- which I know is ridiculous, but I can't help it. I'm so genuinely terrified about the prospect of a Trump presidency. It's crystal clear to me that it will be the downfall of the American experiment. It *must* be prevented. I've been thinking, too, about how his rise has been symptomatic of the unveiling of our darkness, our shadow. We can't just hope it goes away; it won't. Trump has ripped off the veil, exposed the darkness that was always there. We have to find a way to acknowledge it and deal with it, without adding to its power. How do we do that?? So, how has it impacted me? It's frightened me, embarrassed me, angered me, made me feel helpless and hopeless. I hope that somehow I can contribute to the solution.

Bernie Sanders running for president! I became more politically engaged than I ever have been, started phone banking, contemplated and then decided against sharing political material on Facebook, became committed to advocating for my political beliefs with others even if it causes unpleasantness or awkwardness-- particularly when it comes to racial justice and human rights. It was a big change and though I remain committed to learning as much as I can about an issue before forming an opinion (or in some cases, deciding that I don't need to *have* an opinion), I am also newly invested in standing up for my (informed & carefully formulated) beliefs.

Israeli settlements on the west bank. A visit to Sussiya with HATD gave me a new perspective on the invasive nature of some settlements and the truly double standards applied to arabs vs. jews in certain regions that are not under PA control A nearby settlement has been approved to take even more of Sussiya's limited land. solar panels donated for them to have power were removed, etc. Even more committed to finding a truly 2 state solution.

The syrian war, the refugees spreading across the world with little to no voice and the new presidential election between two horrible human beings.

I can't thank say that world events have affected me that much. Maybe the Orlando shooting of a night club only because I felt some of my friends would be in danger here in Chicago. Though with time, my concern has dropped.

Ebola and Isis- Ebola because it was creating panic everywhere and so much attention to it with no cure at the time. Isis - seemed to be getting to close to Home. And how could I protect my family if it came to us. Then I read, "no plague or evil shall befall your dwelling." The only thing we really have to fear is fear itself.

This election is really scary. It has me questioning democracy, my beliefs, and what politics are actually about. The polarizing beliefs and sides of the debate make me see how idealistic people make the world out to be. From the issues they choose to hone in on to the issues they ignore, it's really overwhelming. It almost feels more productive to go live under a rock for a few months than to try to engage in this at all. I just want a moderate presence in government to return. That's really the only way that things will get done, but it doesn't seem the American people will move back to that understanding anytime soon. I am overwhelmed and ready for November to be here.

The presidential election has really caught my attention. The Republican primary and its horrible outcome has made me think hard about extremism and disenfranchisement. Is extremism excusable if you feel like the government doesn't represent you? It's made me look at my viewpoints and what I feel strongly about, and what is the best way for a community to create the "biggest umbrella." My views have become more moderate.

It is hard to think of an event that has happened this year because it seems like there have been a lot. Donald Trump being nominated as the Republican candidate has impacted my life because it has reminded me that I need to use my voice more so that people like him dont get the power that he might have.

The bombing in Paris and the attack on the Pulse nightclub in Orlando make it clear how vulnerable we all are. So sad that some people are so deranged. But never let this vulnerability stop you from LIVING!

The refugee crisis and the ongoing violence and suffering in Syria have perhaps not impacted me directly but made me very sad. I feel that it is incumbent upon those of us who are living stable lives to somehow help these people. I know it is incredibly difficult for our government to address the Syrian situation constructively, and I know that Europe is under crazy pressure with the migrants, especially in light of the terrorist acts committed by people calling themselves Muslim. But so many people are dying or living without hope. How can we stand by and let their children lose their childhoods?

We have an election coming up, and it's the end of Obama's term. It's a big deal, especially with the possibility of Trump getting elected. What a jerk he is. I've been keeping up with politics a bit more than I have in the past, mostly through podcasts, and especially since I have a subway commute now. If you're reading this, please help make sure Trump doesn't get elected. Hillary Clinton is extremely qualified, and being the first female president truly makes her a "change candidate" in the future of American history.

This election is just really bumming me out. Can't stand to even watch the news.

US Election Fatigue! It has fatigued me because it is fatiguing! Also, major typhoonery in and around the Japan archipelago.

Wow, so much has happened this year. I think that the terrorism in Europe has really impacted me. I remember after 9/11, I said to P, just wait, soon people in suicide vests will be blowing themselves up in public places, like Target. But I was wrong, it took a long time but gradually terrorism has begun to affect our daily lives. The terrorism in Europe, when the truck ran over the people, was really TERROR, and is frightening and real and scary. I can imagine that happening here. I went to temple on Erev Rosh Hashanah and the literally first thing they said was where the exits were, and what to do if we needed to evacacuate. So the world has gotten scarier, and that fear is more real, and I am worried. That has impacted me the most this year.

Hard to pick just one. Brexit, Donald Trump, police shootings, seriously it seems as if civility and the social contract are frayed almost beyond repair. The impact on my life has been schizophrenic. On the one hand I am frightened of the reactionary turn the world has taken and unsure how we proceed. On the other, I have seen it mobilize my kids and others and inspire engagement in the political process where before there was lethargy. I can only hope that reason prevails, that the trend towards racism, sexism, anti-semitism, islamophobia, and thoughtless nationalism will reverse itself.

This election between Hilary Clinton and Donald Trump is awful. It is bringing out total hate in people. I don't have much respect for either candidate but I am choosing not to participate in the hate.

The election year has been profoundly disturbing. How Trump can be anywhere close to winning is difficult to understand. It is a very bad sign about America and could spell disaster for the world. I am searching for my compassion to try to understand how people are so angry and alienated that they are drawn to a bully and racist.

I'm finding this a surprisingly hard one to answer. That in and of itself is telling. Civil war in Syria with thousands and thousands dying? Doesn't really impact me directly. I lived in Israel until June, and it was a relatively quiet year in Israel. No big wars, no elections, nothing that impacted my life so much. Even the upcoming presidential election in the US - with Donald Trump's nomination as the Republican candidate - hasn't had a big direct impact on me. Gives me more stuff to talk about from the pulpit, but other than that so far not much of a direct impact. All of which goes to show what an insulated life I (and I suspect most Americans) lead most of the time. We can cruise through life and unless you live in the path of a hurricane or something, world events have a limited direct impact on our lives.

Oh my. The election is just depressing me in a way that is unusual for me. Normally I don't care that much - one person is not THAT different from the other. But this, year, Mr. Trump scares the shit out of me. I get a sick feeling; I'm scared. I worry about detention camps and oppressive regimes. I worry about Hitler-like rhetoric and crowds that seem uncontrolled and filled with paranoia and hate. It makes me nervous and anxious, and that just adds to my general malaise underlying my mood since the spring.

The amount of terrorist act and the brutally of it seems to have grown from a year ago and it makes me nervous

I fear the impact a Trump victory will make on the world and everyone and everything in it. Next year, I'll be able to talk about the election as a past event, for better or worse.

2 of em. US presidential campaign, seeing the aftermath of Obamas success and seeing how much progress feminism still needs to make before we achieve what we're going for. Military occupation in the West Bank. Because it is still going on, and as such, there are those that are charging me and my colleagues with the responsibility to talk about it. Because all Americans can handle are statements that we need to defend Israel. No nuance, no recognition of what's actually going on.

Well I am well and truly horrified that so many of my fellow citizens feel that Donald Trump could legitimately serve in the role of president. I mean I'm not naive; I know there are hateful people, racist people, unthinking people, but the fact that there are so many seems surprising to me. Hate is just being normalized in such a disturbing way. I feel a lot less hopeful about our ability as a country to come back from this. To get to a place where we can have honest disagreements and use respectful dialog to address them. Even if Donald Trump loses (from my lips to G-d's ears), I think there has been severe damage done to our country. And I wish I there was more clarity about how to heal from this.

Actually it is more than one event, it is the succession of terrorist attacks and random shooting in entertainment centers that are limiting my perimeters for fearless fun. I want to avoid Paris, i am avoiding shopping centers, concert halls, theaters, restaurants, large gatherings and i find more peace at home, in my backyard, at the beach, at friends home, in remote places that feel safe. I know it is silly, i am not driven by intense fear, it is more a need for peace and nature.

The Syrian refugee crisis. The enormity of it all is overwhelming. I hurt for them most of all, but I also understand the stress and strain on the resources of the European countries that have wanted to be welcoming but don't know how many more people they can absorb. I am not personally affect and do not have a direct connection. As someone who cares about the world and about social justice, I do contribute to a reputable relief organization that tries to mobilize wherever aid is most needed. Above all, any time I find myself in distress over one of my problems, I remember these poor suffering masses and get back to being grateful for all I have. As a practicing Christian, I pray for the people, for the countries trying to provide for them, and for a change in heart of the political forces causing the problem.

This election is driving me crazy. I cannot stand Trump or how he speaks or how he thinks and I am shocked by the huge number of supporters he has. I stutter and stammer and spew and spit trying to put into words the intense negativity I feel for him. He has always had this effect on me from the first time I saw the photo of him and Ivana in their gold tower and he was so smug and pretentious, he turned me off immediately. But he was just an anecdote. Someone on the periphery. Now he is running for friggin' President! And he's got the GOP nomination. Pooh!!! Anyway, I am glad and honored to vote for Hillary, the first woman to get her party's nomination and run. I hope she gets it. I pray she gets. She is our only hope.

Death of Jose Fernandez. So sad. Such talent and energy. Scary to think someone like that, like me, can get taken away from us so quickly.

The US Presidential race has impacted me because I want to crawl into my closet and just ignore it all. I get overwhelmed very easily when people start discussing political views. It seems that very few people can talk about it calmly and without acting like people who disagree with them are idiots. I feel helpless and powerless, so I just want to deal with what I can handle in my personal life (which is hard enough, thank you very much).

I have been deeply impacted by Donald Trump winning the Republican party nomination for president. It has been scary to realize the level of nationalism and xenophobia that exists in this country. It has made me reflect on my grandmother's history as a Holocaust survivor. It has also increased my political activism on behalf of Hilary Clinton.

Hoo boy. What can I say but the presidential election and the increasing racial tensions within this country? I'm convinced Hillary Clinton is the only reasonable solution, and it scares me what Trump's success thus far means for this country... these are the issues of today, the ones for the history books, and it's strange recognizing that. It's strange having my views alienate me to a certain extent from my family, my relatives, my family friends. I've undergone - am still undergoing - really intense inner conflict over my exact views, how they correspond with my religious views and morals, what I truly believe... for now, though, I know who I'm going to vote for, and I really, really, really hope she wins. Because I'm genuinely terrified of what would happen if she didn't.

The report that 2016 was on course to be the hottest year on record, in addition to a number of other climate change studies, was truly alarming. The current projections show that given our current emission rates that we will exceed the maximum two degree increase of global temperatures to avoid catastrophe. I pride myself on keeping up with international news and developments, but this was one of the times that I almost wished I had not. It made me doubt the future that I thought that I would have. I realized that I really had no idea what I was in for, what I could truly expect this world to be like in ten, twenty, thirty years. Why did this resonate so strongly with me? I think it is because it is such a massive, all encompassing, inevitable issue which I feel that I have very little ability to change. It will impact my life, the lives of my family, my children (if I have them), my children's children, and so on. The destruction that climate change will wreak upon the planet is terrifying, yet no one can seem to organize effectively against it. I feel as if those with the power to make changes and ensure a better future for me are delegating responsibility of enacting change; robbing me of my future.

i feel like i'm always impacted by the senseless killing in the world. from school shootings to domestic violence to police brutality to bombings in the name of God. i don't understand except it is a symptom of our brokenness. it hurts me when i think of the families who lose so much. every single time and on both sides of the bullets. i long for healing to come to our world and for hope to restore what has been broken.

The rising hate and fear for foreigners and immigrants. It makes me worried about the world and about the way we allow our selves to act.

Can't think of any

The bombing in Paris. It happened in a neighborhood that is very diverse, young, lively. My husband is from Paris, you see. To think that going out for dinner with a friend or loved one is not safe anymore, it just makes me want to puke. To think that humanity has reach this level of cruelty injustice and indifference, it scares me. It scares me to think that my children are about to walk into a world shaped this way and face so much hate. It was a reminder of a 9/11 or the London bombing or all that is happening in Syria. All that the media isn't covering. I feel powerless. I had enough.

2016 presidential election in the United States. It has been breathtaking. I have. It realized how deep dualism runs, and how dangerous it is. I am concerned for the future.

I think about several events. Syria, Iraq, Russia, worldwide homelessness, the state of American politics. All of these make me question religion, leadership, motives. We live in America where all religions are welcome, and yet they are not because our leadership is so divisive. I feel like history has not had an impact on our leaders. None really seem to care about our future or about anyones future save for themselves. How did we get to a point where our Congress has failed to function, we have a lunatic, and a dangerous one at that, running for President. How do we instill hope for a better world in our children?

The presidential election. Trump as the republican candidate has removed the filter and the dialogue of hate and bigotry is so prevelant. It makes me sad to see so much hatred.

The world event that has impacted me the most this year is the election. It would be so exciting to have our first female president. I am embarrassed that trump has gotten this far in the election process. As w traveled this summer, I joked that I would be moving to Australia or New Zealand or Canada should trump win. I hope that doesn't come true. We love our country and hope we get the right outcome on November 8th.

the ongoing growth and increased activity of ISIS ... this spreads fear and anxiety everywhere and has international connotations for everyone .... their affect and influence on the world at large combined with extremism of any kind is debilitating in general

Well to be honest, anti-Semitism is still rising. It impacts me because I am Jewish. So many attacks last year and this year, when is it going to stop. Sometimes I have watch my own back because of this. I really hope some big will speak up and be heard.

The presidential has stirred up so much hatred in the US and we have become the laughing stock of the world. I have actually been driven away from following the race since it is such a dog and pony show and doesn't focus on issues that matter. I'm nervous for the outcome and trying to keep a positive outlook that the US public is not as short-sighted or bigoted to elect someone without any moral grounding. I am going to miss the authenticity, tenacity, charisma and priorities that Obama's administrations have put forward. Without his leadership, we would not have had the support needed to address homelessness and housing loss during the Great Recession. And I may not have had the opportunity to find my North Star in homeless services.

There have been so many terroristic events this year, they start to all become like one. I guess the impact is how little impact the next event holds. It's a week of shock and mourning, then life marches on, as I suppose it has to.

Donald Trump running for President. I watched videos on his philosophy and beliefs on money and success in general. He said most people were afraid to win to be successful. I had to admit that I've had some of that fear. He learned under Vincent Norman Peale. My thinking has def changed

The Syrian refugee crisis has been one of the things I worry about a lot. I worry for the people who are desperate to escape a traumatic and dangerous civil war; I worry that they will realize that it is pretty difficult when you are not in a place you are familiar with and when don't speak the language (I know this feeling well, having moved around a lot lived in many different countries), and that because of this they will develop feelings of hopelessness. I worry that they are not being received with compassion and care as people with delicate and traumatized frames of mind and that they will grow resentment towards their new host nations. I worry that Europe isn't the kind of place that easily welcomes foreigners and that, with all the other monetary problems Europe having, they will choose to ignore or mistreat the refugees. I am worried that Europe is a relatively small place and that housing and jobs will be issues of division, and that the underlying racism that Europe hasn't been yet dealt with will rise and create serious conflict.

An event that impacted me is a collection of all the terrorist attacks that happened in Israel over last summit abd the following months. It was interesting seeing the way klal yisroel came together emotionally, strengthwise. I went to the wedding celebration at binyanei hauma of the girl who had lost her father and brother right before she was supposed to be married. And seeing everyone just saying there is still life and am israel chai. I thought if moshiach was coming, it had to be then.

Refugees flooding my small island from Syria..sad and frightening. .so little we can do to help..food..water..medical care..but that is little of what they need..they seek stability not readily available for them here. I feel helpless in the wake of this catastrophe that affects young children..the sick..and the elderly.


On June 23rd, by a very small margin, Britain voted to leave the EU. This was not what I voted for, and I was very saddened for a long while about the lack of unity in Britain. It's still hard to know, at this point, what will happen when we are officially separated from the EU, but I hope things will work out okay. On another note, the continued crisis in Syria breaks my heart. I saw a video this morning about a man in Aleppo who ran the last garden centre - six weeks after filming, a bomb fell near the garden centre, killing him. It felt kind of symbolic about how difficult it is to keep hope in those situations, and I feel like I should really be trying to help others as much as I can.

The US nuclear deal with Iran. Woke me up to a reality of how deep antisemitism runs in the Left. How people we thought were our friends and allies really aren't, and how much we as Jews and especially we as Israelis need to be strong and stand up for ourselves even when that might not be the popular thing to do.

We have a racist fascist running for president. Terrifying. Every part of me is rebelling against this like its out of a movie. History is repeating. I pray our nation makes the right choice.

Hillary Clinton running for president has affected me deeply. Like lots of people, I found her very unlikable and don't particularly trust her. She seems so power hungry and opportunistic. Though I would love to see a woman president, I felt she was not the woman I wanted. A friend pointed out that my reaction was similar to that of many blacks who felt that Obama wasn't black enough to be our first black president. I felt there was truth in that statement and decided that our first woman president didn't need to be perfect. In fact requiring her to be perfect could be a form of sexism. So, I was supporting her because I thought she would be a good president, but I wasn't excited about it. Then came the first debate. I felt very scared for her. Would Trump talk over her? Would he make all kinds of untrue claims that would make her reasoned, informed, policy-nerd answers seem boring and wrong? But she stood up to him very well--her strident woman's voice--something I previously thought unattractive--cut right through his yelling and interrupting. I felt so proud of her as a woman. As I watched her, she seemed beautiful to me. A woman almost exactly my age, appearing on the world stage, looking her age and looking beautiful. I have felt so horrible about my ageing body. I look in the mirror, struggle with my thinning hair, despair of ever looking pretty. I watch movies and TV that treat ageing people as laughable. The idea of someone my age having sex is seen as either disgusting or hilarious. I internalize these messages even though intellectually I don't believe them. But as I watched her and listened to her I felt proud of her and proud of myself. I have heard others talk about the power of the image of a woman president. But I never felt that from Hillary until now. Her candidacy has helped to banish, at least for a time, some of the internalized oppression around being an old woman.

The amount of black shootings by police either escalating or finally brought to attention is sickening. I feel helpless and want to bury my head and make it go away. I believe history will look back on this era as the new Jim Crow. It's the 1960's and slavery all over again. And it's so shameful. I don't know what to do about it. We need the next civil rights movement to rise. I don't know how hate and racism is still so prevalent, nay, worse than ever in 2016. I am so ashamed of my country and fellow Americans. I can only hope that this is the last push before we go over a tipping point and move towards love. I hope that I get a whisper on what I can do because I am frozen right now not knowing how I can help turn this around.

The humanitarian crisis in Syria. How can we stand by and do nothing? Turn the suffering many away because there might be a predator among them? I don't have any answers, but the situation causes me anguish as I imagine what it must be like for those in Syria and those who have left .

Five women in my life have battled some type of cancer this year. I imagine many other people who have someone close to them who have experienced the impact of this corroding disease. Of these five women, one is currently doing chemo, three are cancer free but are recovering from surgery, are soon to have surgery or have other complications from past surgeries and/or treatments, and one sweet woman just passed away on October 1. The closer I get to death, the more I think about life. Am I living well? Aging well? Taking care of my mind, body and spirit? What matters? What doesn't really matter?

i guess an event would be the realization that ISIS and the radical movements across the world are what have been spoken about thru out the centuries.History does repeat itself.Nothing is truly new under the sun.So if you look back you will see that there have been warnings that this radicalization has been taking place and we (mankind,that is)have been blinded to it either by ignorance or by pure immunity(not realizing how bad it was until it killed us).The question is.....am I enough to withstand what is coming

I live in China so the ever tightening censorship and the growing pollution impact me directly. In fact, it's made me decide to live elsewhere.

Brexit. It was terrifying. I really worry about the future of an isolationist UK, we're already seeing the rhetoric ramp up against immigration.

Brexit. I really hope it gets better in the coming year.

This election. It is so demoralizing, so draining. How, HOW did we end up with a racist, sexist, FASCIST as a viable candidate for president? I am terrified for our nation and for our future. It's affected me by limiting my ability to get involved, by paralyzing me and by giving me an overarching feeling of impending doom. I now have a son to care for, this broken world cannot really be what we as a nation want for ourselves? Can it?

This year I can't really say that there has been any single event that impacted me. The events mostly made me think of all the people living in the wake of disasters, epidemics, and wars... and how lucky I am not to be in one of those places. Well there is all the uproar over the possibility of Donald Trump being president of the United States. People have been making such a big deal over it, and its all the comedians want to make jokes about. I am honestly tired of hearing about it already. The man is supported by people that will not listen to reason, so you can't just throw facts at them. If he wins, then we have more irrational people voting in our country than rational ones. People will just have to take that lesson on the chin and get more people to vote next time. Besides, there are checks and balances in place to make sure that one person cannot just do what ever they want. Trump can't ruin America. There are so many more important things going on in the world right now, than to be using up all our energy on the spending spree that is the presidential election. Oh how many ways could we improve the world if all that campaign money went to a better cause...

supreme cour restoring access to abortion clinics in TX by a vey narrrow vote. cuz otherwise many wome would have died from botched abotion here & in Mexico.

BREXIT, the continual wars in the Middle East, refugee crisis. All of which are tied the the 3 poisons of Anger, Greed and Foolishness. We're all human beings, they are enough resources in the world so everyone can have food to eat, clothes to wear, a secure place to sleep. What is the matter with us?

The USA elections and struggle for equality of women rights. This election process this year is an insult to injoury for all women of this planet.

It's an election year in the US, and this one is a doozy! In my opinion, Trump is the biggest threat to our country I have ever known. The Cold War and terrorism pale in comparison. I am horrified at the possibility of him as president, and at the amount of support he has. I was very much a supporter of Bernie Sanders and I am disgusted at how he was treated by the DNC and the media. He would have been a terrific president, but that is no longer an option. Very disappointed. I will vote for Hillary, just to vote against Trump.

BREXIT!! I mean, it's not like the world caved in with this stupid vote, but it materially affected how much cash I had when I visited Ibiza again, and it's also currently meaning my accommodation costs for visiting the US next year are higher too, thanks to Sterling depreciation. Long-term, brexit just feels wrong, and it's going to affect the industry I work in massively. It's the tories screwing my generation all over again, after giving my class such a shit time in the 80s when I was born, they've followed up with this cracker. Bastards.

So much has happened. Terrorists attacks, refugee crisis, bomb threats at my daughter's schools, and the presidential election. All of these influence the way I see the world around me and my place in it. It's difficult to feel like I have a place and a voice when it seems that this huge machine (society) continues to move forward in a direction I would not have chosen.

This election is a nightmare!

This year's upcoming presidential election has me both proud, but also worried for our country. I am proud of the fact that we have our first female democratic candidate. However, I'm worried that people only see her as a woman and not for the qualified and experienced individual that she is. I watch and read the news and see all of the blatant sexist comments and it makes me sad, as a woman, to see how our democratic candidate has been treated. I honestly pray that our country will make the right decision or else I fear that I will lose hope in our political system.

There have been so many events really. But one that I have spent time thinking about would be the American election and the issue that is Donald Trump. It makes you wonder how someone like him can get to this position. So i've listened to podcasts and read about phenomonon's the inspire this kind of leadership and it's pretty simple but scary. Who knows what will happen, or if this time next year he will be the president of the free world. If he is, I think, God help us all.

Trump is running for president. I am afraid. I see the rise of authoritarianism in America and it scares me. It hurts me too, that hate can take such a strong hold on our country. I am afraid for the Jews, because I know how quickly the enemy can be us. I am afraid for my queer community, because I know we are already the enemy. I am afraid for Muslims, for people of color, for the poor, for the physically and mentally ill, and for so many others. Even in the new year as I work to move out of a place of fear, the fear is still there, because I know what can happen to our country.

The US election has me questioning the nation's ability to choose a leader. In my opinion, both candidates are horrible choices for the United States. I have a very uneasy feeling about the next four years, regardless of who wins.

The growth of ISIS has brought to focus the irresponsible actions of nations such as the USA in the furthering of their need to control resources at any cost. The actions of politicians aided by bureaucrats, who have no vision, has allowed such organisations to thrive. The invisible power brokers whose business interests are parmount have mush to account for but will never be accountable.

Brexit. Brexit. Brexit. Brexit. So much Brexit. Was totally and unexpectedly thrown and destabilized by the decision and the fall out. It's taken me months to get my head around it. I'm not sure I have gotten my head around it at all yet. I can't believe it's happened. It challenged my fundamental beliefs about progress in the world — I imagined we'd continue to come together and pull down borders. I love that my friends in London are from all over the world and there is absolutely no sense that the city is anymore mine than it is theres. I wanted to live in Europe and learn Italian and be at home there. I feel the out vote was driven by a basic lack of understanding about how the world works. We've basically chosen to move backwards - to reenter recession, to be smaller, to reduce our world view to something that feels more comfortable to those with nearer horizons. I have been out of sorts for months. I felt as if the world turned on its axis. That up became down, that backwards became forwards. I couldn't orientate myself in this new world. I was scrambling to make it better with no sense as to how to do that. It made me realise that nothing is certain, and that we can't take our gifts for granted. It made me want to be more active in our democracy.

I think the current election cycle would have to be it. It has been incredibly anxiety inducing. I know this is a national event, but it really is something that will impact the world. When I was in France this summer, our tour guide at Versailles talked about how nervous they were about a Trump presidency and I feel like they have more historical references and perspective over there and their concerns really resonated with me. I still find it hard to imagine that we are using the words Trump and presidency in the same sentence. He's a hack celebrity, not someone who should be running for president of the US. I wish I could understand how we let this happen and why our media not only let it happen, but pretty much encouraged it.

US Presidential Election. I suppose I don't know yet what the impact of the election will be so stay tuned! Also, not a single event but a string of really troubling and tragic incidents of violence, either 'lone wolf' gunmen, unstable persons (some quite young!) and excessive, too often fatal, use of force by police. This has impacted me in terms of heightening my sense that the world is unsafe, in making me more aware of my own "Otherness" in the world and in making feel like I don't have a choice but to actively engage in doing social justice work around anti-racism etc.

An event that is still ongoing and drawing to a quick close that has undoubtedly impacted me is the presidential race for the next president of the United States. This year, this race is unique because many people are baffled at how these two people, Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump, were able to rise in popularity and lead each of their political parties. Ever since two key events that have gained popularity within the conversations of many voters, Clintons email dilemma and Trumps unusual immigration plan, these candidates have continually gained the focus and support of many Americans due to their popularity. Many U.S. citizens would say that there could have been essentially any other two candidates running and they would be more qualified for the presidency than either current candidate. I have heard the phrase "choosing the best out of the worst choices" in relation to deciding who to vote for, and I have got the impression of a large public distaste for these two individuals that could potentially lead our country by next year. This has definitely impacted my daily life because not only does the presidential race get mentioned and discussed in my classes at least once a week, this race has also created rifts between my peers and has negatively impacted many relationships with people of all ages. Due to the two candidates being extremely opposite on many issues, the "I'm right and you're wrong" mentality both sides have demonstrate that there will never be consensus between them. This debate has changed political and social conversations between my peers from an interesting and enlightening experience to an event filled with elevated voices and threats. This presidential race has caused many of my friends to despise each other (hopefully for the short term) solely due to differing opinions.

Ongoing Election process. Very upsetting. I do not like both candidates and worry about our country in their hands.

Bernie Sanders. He truly revolutionized this country and made Americans think about what is best for every human. He stands for so much that I also stand for - inclusiveness of all, healthcare for all, women's rights, campaign reform, women's health, education for all. He got the short end of the stick and there was seemibgly some sort of corruption that went down during the primaries, but his ideals are far reaching and I hope they still come to the forefront of politics and policies. There were also plenty of negative events that happened this year. But I don't want to spend much time on them. ISIS executed many people, and also executed many large scale terrorist attacks around the world - the likes of which give me some anxiety to think about. War has been raging in Syria and refugees are in desperate need of welcoming countries so that they can survive - but so much of the world is so afraid simply because of the religion of the refugees and we can't help it draw the connection to the Holocaust and how many nations refused to accept Jews. The world can be a scary place, but I'm trying my best to lose the anxiety.

Perhaps this isn't an event to occur this year as so much - but between 2014 and 15 i got hooked on listening to the Serial podcast and subsequent podcast to follow in regards to the case for Adnan Sayed. Maybe it was the murder mystery that got me hooked, or the story telling involved, but i think that event in history has made me more critical about certain things. I am certainly better at documenting most of my whereabouts in a physical diary - although i guess my phone can track me as well. But i think watching the case unfold in all its glory has been something i think about. I think its mostly affected me, like MH370, because it hasn't been resolved there. There is no final answer. Did Adnan kill his girlfriend and lie about it for 16 years? Or is he innocent and someone else did it? Did Mh370 go down from technical error or pilot suicide? why did it crash? why can't we find it. I hate not knowing the answer. Delayed gratification is something i am not good at - perhaps these event show me just how much real life is like that - you never get the answer straight away, or necessarily the one you were hoping for

The upcoming election. It's confusing times. Everything is black or white (in the literal and racist sense). It's like there's nothing in between. My very intelligent friends are behaving poorly and my down to earth friends can be accused of the same thing. There's a lot of "I unfriended someone because they don't agree with me," etc. It's really frustrating and isolating because it makes me question "am I the only one seeing this?" And then of course, I can't articulate it as well as my very intelligent friends so I don't say anything. For one, they wouldn't understand and secondly, they'd rip me to shreds. Which is exactly the problem.

Brexit really worries me because it means that exit polls can be wrong, and regardless of whether or not Brexit will be good or bad (I'm getting mixed reviews, even living in England as an American right now), it means that the chances of Donald Trump getting elected are better than we thought and that is terrifying. As the election draws nearer and I'm getting ready to send in my absentee ballot, I keep thinking about being far from my country on election day and how referendum day was momentous in America, and how it will be in England. How will I feel then? It makes me nervous for the future.

Black Lives Matter - I can't believe that in 2016, innocent people are being murdered by the police. I can't believe that a supposedly developed country still harbours such hatred. As a Black European, I can honestly say that I very much doubt I will ever visit the United States ever again.

Not one event - a series of events. This country seems to be going backwards - racial equality is becoming like an endangered species. Man's inhumanity to man is almost unbearable to watch. My son has begun dating an African American man - and they have helped me open my eyes to my own bias and prejudice.

The US election has me paralyzed with fear. Brexit makes it seem like the borders of the world are closing and I will be living in a very different place. Syria breaks my heart, but I feel like I can do nothing. Black Lives Matter is inspiring, and it has caused me to reinvestigate my implicit biases. As s former active activist, it has been difficult to jump back into the pool and know how to help, but more and more I feel I must find a way.

It is difficult to think of just one but the two that spring to mind are the situation in Syria and Brexit. I'm so disappointed that the Uk has voted to leave the EU ... I think it will be a disaster both economically and culturally .. I am pleased that Scotland as a whole voted against Brexit and very happy that Indy Ref 2 may now be on the cards ...we need shot of Westminster. The situation in Syria is desperate and my heart goes out to the ordinary people caught in the middle of it ... whilst Russia continues to support the Assad regime I can't see an end to it... it is very depressing.

The Paris terrorist killings made me more aware of our French friends!

Because we're in the crux of it now, the election. It's horribly disheartening to see what our presidential election has come to. I consider myself a Republican, but I don't want to vote for Trump. Even as a woman, I don't want to vote for Clinton. When both candidates do nothing but spew hate and anger, why would I want to vote for either? How is our country going to be any better with either of these two unethical, self-serving, always angry people as our leader? But despite feeling like I have no options at the polls, it has motivated me. If our leader is going to be one of these buffoons, I need to step up my game in my community and country. I work for a religious nonprofit that truly helps people, and organizations like ours, and others similar, are more important than ever. The impact we can have is crucial to making our country better and helping our people out of this vicious cycle of hate. It makes me so grateful to be where I am and ready to make the changes needed where I can.

One event is difficult. I think the accumulation of reported stories about black people being killed by police have been the most tragic and impactful. While it is sometimes difficult to not feel numb to the news about these deaths. I often feel powerless and confused. I also feel angry and terribly sad. Our society has racism running through all of its institutions, systems, and people. I feel angry that we cannot fully admit this as a society (everyone) and that we cannot address it. Beyond my anger and sadness, I am not sure the deaths of these black people has impacted my life. I can still move throughout the world as I had before. This also feels strange. It is my privilege, and I feel torn about that. I don't want to feel less comfortable or less safe, and yet I know that my ability to feel this way is probably at the expense of someone else not being or feeling this way. I wonder if that has to be true. It certainly seems like that is how our society works in it current structure.

I have, this year, had the pleasure of rooting for Hillary Clinton in her pursuit of the White House. I watched her speech accepting the democratic nomination and I cried with joy and wonder. I feel hopeful that we are on the verge of our first woman president. When I was a kid, and every resident was still an old white dude, power felt impossible. I hope that HRC is elected and Audie will see her and know that power is achievable. And that power can be gained through fairness and kindness and looking out for people in need. If HRC wins, I will count it among the happiest days of my life. I stand with HRC so I can stand with countless women who came before and the many who will come after me. This hope feels measured though, because the stakes feel so huge. If she loses, we will have Donald Trump as president. So we will miss this chance for a woman president and be given DT in her stead. I have been keeping my hopes low to protect myself. But I hope that next year I read this and she's won.

The terrorist attacks in Paris, Brussels and Nice have been horrible, but, even worse for me, personally, has been watching the rise in the US of Donald Trump and the deterioration of American civil life.

The housing market. They are tearing up my neighborhood and many others. I was upset enough to get somewhat involved. I feel whoever is allowing these things to happen is screwing over our community, and our city. If people who do work cannot survive in the city (when they work in the city) that's a problem. Overpriced houses are not being sold to normal people so where will those people go? we need to continue to grow our communities, not run the people off.

Nothing going on in the world has impacted me more than our own current presidential election. Words have begun to fail me in describing the nature of this bizzare turn in my country...this land of democracy, this rich meltingpot, this grand experiment in community. It did not happen overnight...no switch flipped. It has been coming, has expanded and this election has become the crucible in which the heat is so high, something is bound to change. But what and how? What gives me the most angst is that this election is so close. It means a large number of us hold opinions alien to me, opinions that belie their purported faith, the Constitution on which our governance is founded and the very basic attribute of decency. I am overwhelmed enough to turn off the "news," skip over the headlines and delete political emails without reading them. I have gone into the safety of retreat from this madness. I will vote, encourage others to vote and have given a little money to support candidates. But the unprecedented ugliness of this campaign is astonishing. It permeates nearly every moments of our lives.

I guess it would be the current election. I remember last June saying to people, "Don't worry! This is just a phase". Now 30 days from Election Day I am terrified. His rhetoric has brought out all the horrible hate groups and has reminded me that we really haven't come that far. What has happened in this country!?! Even WHEN Hillary wins we can't let people forget that his happened. He said those horrible things and we should stood by. I just pray people come to reason and the vote speaks for itself.

Fear that Donald TRUMP could possibly become POTUS. He is so Hitleresque. In general, i think the country is becoming more extreme and scary. i'm so glad i didn't breed!

While I have been personally fortunate this year, I see the tragedies of war in the Middle-East, of increasing extremism here (as exemplified by those who support Trump), and of climate change. I have become involved with building connections between Jewish community and other communities in a small way--but feel overwhelmed by the greatness of the task.

Oh, the election. It has been a nonstop circus and I can't wait until it ends. It has made me think twice every time I open my mouth on the phone with my dad, post something on Facebook, open my mouth in general conversations, etc, because you never know how your words are going to be received. It has truly brought out the worst in our shared humanity. I cannot believe that there are so many people who still harbor so much fear and resentment and hatred toward others. It has revealed so much polarization in the United States. It has forced me to look inward, to look at the changes I can make every day to improve my situation, to teach my children, to make sure they end up with ideals I believe in so that they don't fall victim to vitriolic hate-speak that is prevalent everywhere. The media coverage and seeming increase of killing of unarmed black men by police officers is another event that has had a strong effect on me. Again, racism runs rampant. I want to be part of the solution. And the rise in ISIS-related attacks, hostility toward Syrian refugees--all of it. How to balance anxiety about the exterior world and find some sort of inner peace, ability to focus inward--it's very difficult. Which sounds callous--refugees don't have that option. Again--how to be part of the solution?

The candidacy of Donald Trump frightens me greatly and causes me anxiety and more time in prayer about the election. The fact that so many people endorse and agree with his divisive statements, and judgements is also frightening. His threats about what may happen if he loses are sobering. For millions to ignore his cheating and lying, and not paying taxes, ignoring the laws he thinks he lives above threatens the future of our democracy. God help us!!!

The bombings in Paris. Our Granddaughter Sarah was a Freshman @ the U of Paris - she happened to be traveling in Egypt with one of her classes. It was a stunning realization just how random life is - How to hold terrorism, do you leave, do you stay? Do we not travel to or through Paris? Should Sarah move back to Boston? I try & take my cues from Sarah who is smart, savvy & awake. She says "be aware of your surroundings but don't flee" Terrorism is everywhere. It's a sad new reality. I wonder what will be in the next 12 months?

The continued humanitarian crisis in Syria, especially the city of Aleppo. It's a horrible situation and there's so many people displaced or otherwise affected by this, and it seems like the rest of the world simply doesn't care. In addition, the continued sacrifice of black lives on the altar of Law Enforcement Officers in the US continues unabated.

Trump phenomenon

These are the things that keep me up at night: Climate change. Syria. Zika. Pretty much everything out of Donald Trump's mouth. Income inequality. Police brutality. The rising acceptance of open racism and xenophobia in America. Antibiotic-resistant disease. The heroin epidemic. Ideological extremism. I'm scared of the world that we are leaving for our children.

The 2016 election!! I have had to face that the United States is still a very racist, bigoted country! This makes me angry, upset and very very sad!! Being Jewish in a town in rural VT coming from my growing up in the suburbs of Philly has been challenging. Challenging for me and for my children growing up in VT. However I feel, I know it is nothing compared to what someone of color or someone with another sexual preference or gender choice has had to cope with! How someone like Donald Trump has been nominated to even possibly be our president is beyond me. Why we would want someone who has no empathy for people different then himself. Who says and does the things he does makes me realize how many people in the US really feel. The idea that hate excels over excepting, fighting, violence and war wins over peace and excepting the differences in others. When we do not allow others to think or behave as they see fit even if it isn't our way or doesn't make sense to us, as long as they are not a serious safety risk to themselves or others. When we react with hate and violence we may stop a particular incident but we grow resentment and more hate that will eventually come back even worse. Fear does not solve problems. Hate stops us from growing and learning. It makes me realize that we don't understand that our own ways and beliefs are just that!! Our was and beliefs and it is ok and even good if everyone else has different beliefs and ways. Respecting each other's differences says nothing about us except that we respect differences. How can that not be good. I am Jewish!! I am fine with that even if I were the only Jew in the whole world. That is my belief! How I practice my faith is my buisiness. I can share that with anyone willing. People share their beliefs with me and I am fine with that. As long as they are not trying to make me believe their beliefs. This is really over simplifying everything but in some ways I feel that is what needs to happen. I am proud of President Obama representing me. Even if I don't agree with all his plans and proposals. He shows empathy and caring and has the best intentions. That trumps all the things I disagree with. Our country needs help. Putting someone in as president who shows intolerance, bigotry, hate and a desire to solve problems with violence is horrifying to me and should not even be a possibility. I know I can only practice what I believe and don't want to press my views on anyone. However we need to keep in mind that when someone's views or practices hurt others then it becomes a much different issue and needs to stop and not accepted. That doesn't mean stopped in a violent way. Ignoring and not acknowledging can be very useful. Even if more needs to be done the least restrictive method can be successful and should be used!

I have been very upset about the attempts to defund planned parenthood and because of much of the good work they do, and because they give free medically based sex education classes for kids, I have made their organization part of my regular donation plan. I was donating to a particular candidate because of social justice issues. As they are no longer running I am trying to work out where that money should go... To social justice issues within our country or worldwide in the refugee crisis.

There's plenty to consider, but I think the there are two events that really stand out. The first is the nomination of Donald Trump as the Republican Candidate for President of the United States, which gives this election an unprecedentedly scary import. Closer to home, the second is the infamous HB 2 "Bathroom Bill," that legislates discrimination against transgender people and others. It has given all North Carolinians the experience of what it's like to be the citizen of a boycotted state, though at least here, the boycott is for a good reason and over an easily addressable cause.

There was a huge fire that almost wiped-out the town of Ft. McMurray in northern Alberta. The after effects are still being felt across Canada. The oil produced from the sands in the area has decreased to a fraction of its former production leading to higher oil prices, decreased employment, and a downturn in the economy. The US exchange rate has also been kept very high leading to increased costs of importing goods especially food. We have curtailed our trips to the US and bought local food produce as much as possible this summer; however, this will not be possible once fall is over and we have to import our food stuffs from abroad.

I am probably the typical American that is uninformed about world events. I answer this question similarly each year and it's because I don't know a lot about what is happening outside of the United States. It seems like anytime I peak into international news, all I see are bombings, people running in streets, protests, flags burning, and people dying. It's really negative, but I get that it's real. It's happening, yet what can I do about these things to help them change? The Syrian Refugee Crisis did affect me in the sense that it made me realize that I don't have to live in that kind of environment and feel really grateful that my days are spent relatively in peace. It makes me grateful to the people who do keep our country safe. I know our country is far from perfect, but I'm happy I was born here at this point in my life. Perhaps, when I'm more world traveled, I'll change my mind. Also, every year when I read this question, I vow to watch or read more world news, but I don't think I will this time. The media is corrupt and wants to instill fear in us, and I want no part of that. I'll learn about other countries in other ways.

Alex Richards Mr. Fletcher 10Q’s - 4 October 6, 2016 I have not been consciously impacted by any event over the past year quite like Deflategate. I know it sounds ridiculous, that my life could be so impacted by the suspension of an NFL player, but it’s true. In fact, the whole debacle has really opened my eyes up to how things work in this country. An man, practically proved to be innocent by top scientists and just about anyone with knowledge of high school intro level chemistry, was determined guilty through corrupt investigation, and was therefore suspended from his work. The investigator had a history of skewing results in favor of the business that was paying him and the way data was gathered was almost universally deemed to be ineffective. Yet, none of this seemed to matter and Tom Brady was suspended. The case was brought to court, but the case was not about the innocence or guilt of Tom Brady, but rather whether or not Roger Goodell had the power to suspend Brady without credible evidence. Unfortunately, the courts ended up ruling in favor of Goodell. This has opened my eyes to the power that some men possess and how easily it can be used corruptly. At no point should someone be punished for something that they did not do, but in this case, it did not matter at all. There has been grief, joy, discussion — all sorts of large amounts of brain power devoted to this subject that could have been used elsewhere. The effects are still being felt. This weekend, I will travel to Cleveland to see Tom Brady’s first game of the 2016 NFL season, and will miss a football game and XC team party because of it. But, it will be worth it, I hope. I know this event has not had the most powerful impact on me, but a long-lasting one nevertheless.

The Olympics!

Black lives matter- many bad events have happened this year in the Black community. There's been horrible brutality and senseless violence. Traveling overseas to New Zealand while the Minnesota and Dallas shootings happened was difficult. We look awful and racist and appear to the world like we are completely divided. While there's some truth to it I think it's exaggerated. We have a lot more online media and transparency these days with things like video taping on cell phones everywhere. I know more about what's going on but I don't think things are actually worse. Mostly these events just make me sad and frustrated and I have very little motivation to actually do something about the issues myself, which just makes me feel worse about myself.

The upcoming election in the US has saddened me. Elections seem to bring out our worst, not our best. They should be a time for inspiration, instead they bring out anger, hate, the resistance to understanding our neighbors. Regardless of who wins, we cannot change the fact that so many people in our nation agree with the ideology of Donald Trump - the racisms, the pettiness, the lack of compassion. How can we talk about these things within our wonderful country, where we for the most part get to have an immense amount of freedom, when we see millions fleeing civil war in Syria and who may never know basic comfort. This question was shocking for me to answer, because it makes me realize how little I know about the rest of the world - and it makes me want to learn more, do more, to be a citizen of this planet, not just this country.

Ugh - the US election. Inescapable, and a slice of a global happening - yelling, discontent, stupidity - it can feel completely pervasive. I've felt more and more disengaged, mostly for self preservation. It's impossible to argue with dumb people, and really hard to change minds. Part of me, though, feels faith in the American people. The view of the total we see via narrow media channels is skewed and, I choose to hope, not really representative of the majority. We'll see if my faith is well placed....

I can't think of anything that has impacted me, either positively or negatively. I still go about my days the same as I've done for some time now.

The entire election season has really disturbed me and made me question the entire concept of living in America. I am so disheartened and distressed about the fact that I live in a society that feasible could elect Donald Trump to lead our nation.

I voted in the referendum on Britain's place in the European Union, and the fall-out has both fascinated and depressed me. Over the last few years, I've felt less and less engaged politically, but this year's upheavals - the polarising debate about Brexit, Trump's relative success and the rise of the Alt Right, terrorist attacks around the world - have made me sit up and pay attention. Much of that engagement is online, through Facebook, message boards and comments pages in response to articles. Sometimes I think I'm just looking to follow polemic and conflict, and I need to be wary of that impulse, because it doesn't really serve me or anyone. But I also feel genuine fear about the way our world is going. On a positive note, it helps clarify my values and the kind of society I want to be part of and work towards. Personally, the Brexit vote and its fallout poses a challenge to my identity, which was British and global, and was already complicated by my move to the US. I know now that I won't ever return to the same country I left, and I've noticed a subsequent disengagement again, so I am not as affected by the whole exit process.

Recently learning that a town 20 minutes from where I live has the most diverse square mile in the country right now because of refugees & immigrants there (Clarkston, GA). I still haven't been there, and it feels metaphorical to be so close to it and not experience it directly. I feel remorse about that.

So many, Our world is full of hate crimes. Shootings, stabbings,massacre s. I'm so tired of all of the hate. Ithe fills me with fear and resolve. I will sit in my fear and feel it. Know it, and become intimate with what it moves in me. I will not however react from that place. I will travel, I will encounter all kinds of people who are different from me with a spirit of love. I will fill my curiosities with experiences. Terrorism will not change me in the sense that I become hard.

Truth be told, and I don't know if this makes me callous or not, but nothing happening in the world currently is affecting me deeply right now. Maybe this counts, but in America the protests of the Black Lives Matter movement and the stories they are telling every day describing racism in this country are incredibly moving. I'm not black, but I am a male POC. I'm also Muslim and of Afghan heritage. I know what it's like to be looked at funny, treated differently, and outright discriminated against because of my skin color/religion/background. So to see others fight the good fight, to even participate in that fight from time to time, that is incredibly impactful for me. I feel invigorated and ready to take on new challenges when I hear from these people.

Well, the election is happening. Oy vey. When I read this again in a year we're either going to have our first female President, or we'll have a total bigot at the helm. I hope, the former. I just think that I've become numb to all of the racism, anti-semitism, shitty remarks... And I don't know how to engage with it all. It's just a really messed up world we all live in, and sometimes it makes me want to move to the woods and live in solitude.

Donald Trump election to be the republican preseidential nominee. I am worried about the direction of the world if he is elected.

The election. It's encouraged me to get a job in a campaign office. It's also been somewhat destructive and I'm beginning to see the current structures of society are not helpful in terms of my purpose. This is the last time I try something within the same confines of modern society. I need to create my own path.

The election. I kind of wish that it was over at this point, so I could speak about it in the past tense. I am afraid for our country if Trump is elected. This country is so divided - I worry that there will be no progress. And worry that the overt isms (racism, sexism, other-ism etc) will continue to divide us if Hillary is elected. (please let me be reading this in a year and be relieved that Hillary is our President!!)

The police shootings of black men, the election, the refugee crisis - all of it a daily reminder to slow down and find the good in life, to appreciate family and little moments. Tomorrow is not certain, appreciate today.

The US election - Hillary Clinton is running for president. She received the Democratic party nomination. I am so excited to see a woman up for the position of the most powerful leader in the world. I am so terrified that she is up against Trump and he might win. I desperately want her to win and I am so desperately scared of what happens if she doesn't.

Oy veh ist mir. The election. Never before in my lifetime has such a travesty occurred as is unfolding now. I don't need to name names. I only hope that Hillary Clinton is the next President of the United States. I'm afraid that the other character is closer to what we as a culture deserve. The whole world is laughing, scoffing, and maybe shaking a bit with anxiety, at the prospect of Hillary's alternative being given power. May God grant us what is best for the world, what is appropriate for this chapter in history, what will suit God's wise and loving plans. I am a student of prophecy, which also means that I am a student of human error in interpretation. I can't say what chapter we are in like I thought I could in my youth. I hope the events of the next few years are not catastrophic. But only time will tell.

I'm still very moved by the Black Lives Matter movement. I will not stop being moved by this until something changes.

Globally it has been a hard year, a year that made me despair. Brexit, the US Presidential election, the DAPL, etc, etc. I just don't know how to be optimistic about the world when we seem hell-bent on destroying ourselves.

The elections scares me. I find that Donald Trump reminds me of Hitler and I wonder will we be like the Jews in Nazi Germany. I am sure many of them did not know that he would rise as fast as he did and that he was such a danger to them and everyone else. People saw the evil but didn't do anything they just stood by until it was to late. I pray that is not what I am doing. I hope that when I read this next year it is with relief that I was wrong and good people saw the evil and defeated it

There has been so much happening in the world this year, much of it terrifying. Probably #1 is Donald Trump becoming the Republican presidential nominee, and all that signifies about a resurgent normalization of white supremacist language, authoritarianism, misogyny and a whole host of other hatreds. Following close behind are climate disasters, the brutality and displacement in Syria, police killings, and gun violence by civilians -- including the mass shooting at Pulse nightclub in Orlando, on Latinx night, during Pride month. I'm really torn apart by the ability of people to totally see other people as disposable and less than human. I'm struggling to sit with my conviction that we're all in this boat together when so many of my fellow citizens and neighbors feel fine about throwing each other overboard.

I have been horrified by the presidential campaign. It is hard to imagine that there are SO MANY Americans who are willing to support a hater like Turmp. I have to believe that ultimately he will not win the presidential election, but the fact that he has made it this far is a very sad commentary on where are country is. I firmly believe that this is an indication that western democracy is on its last legs...

Grief...i have become more acquainted with grief in all of its forms this year. From watching the racially-charged reactions to gun violence and continuing refugee crisis, to sitting with families who just watched a loved one pass or who are unable to conceive a child. This world is so full of grief, and it can be overwhelming, but it has also emphasized the Spirit of God at work in every moment of joy and every story of redemption.

The world does it's thing and I allow it to. I see the world as perfect the way it is and in the way it is evolving and expanding.

There is so much unpleasantness happening in the world today, and I seem to notice it more as I get older. I'm guessing this is common...? In any case, if I had to pick ONE event, I'd have to say it's this upcoming Presidential Election, and everything that's led up to it. I truly fear for the future of our country, and I sincerely hope that next year when I go back and read my comments from this year I can breathe a sigh of relief that nothing (or very little) of what worried me came to pass.

The presidential election process has been a major disappointment. The hatred and venom spewed and, even more, the large numbers of people who are encouraged in this direction is truly alarming.

An event in the world that has impacted me this past year did not happen in the past year- but it's impact was had on me in the past year. 9/11 happened 15 years ago this year, but when I got home this summer, I started researching it. I can't quite remember why I started diligently looking into every site I could read before my eyes would hurt, but I was staying up until 4 or 5 AM every night (morning) listening to voicemails and reading stories about people. I've always been fascinated by those who have survived and the individual stories of those who have been affected by it. It brought me to such a weird place, I'm still trying to decipher where exactly I was. I felt a little psychotic- and depressive. I didn't wanna leave my house. I was terrified. I felt so guilty for never realizing the gravity of the situation. It is still something I enjoy looking into and am fascinated by. I went to the 9/11 Memorial but was only there for a few hours cause Dani and Anthony wanted to leave, but I want to go back and spend the whole day there. There is so much I want to know. I'm not only fascinated by the terror, but how NYC united. That is where humanity is found.

The election has me quite scared. I follow the Trump candidacy, thinking of how people of color could be harmed. Like Brexit before America, it gave permission to hate in a way the culture hadn't allowed before. I feel protective on behalf of immigrants, people of color, women who will be dehumanized by Trump.

I'll have to go with the elections in America, as much as I hate to think about it and talk about it. Praying and believing that Hillary will be our next president, and I will be happy to have our first female pres! The fact that Trump got the nomination says something about our country, and the lengths I go to avoid thinking about it says something about me! I hate politics!

Is it awful to say that I've stopped paying attention? Or that the events of the whole world have impacted me; they've overwhelmed me entirely. With all the noise about the election and the ridiculousness that entails, I've been focused on just the world within my small bubble. Don't get me wrong, I know that outside the bubble there are racially charged police shootings; refugees dying on shorelines; explosions on city streets; earthquakes and hurricanes wiping out entire communities; and the horrible possibility that we will elect a dangerous and moronic male president. But, this year especially, life outside the bubble left me feeling powerless. So instead, I've been trying to find power in small changes inside the bubble - calling out bigoted family members, giving to IRC and RedCross, recycling (with precision) and standing up as a NYC Republican for Hilary.

The election hasn't happened yet, but I feel it affecting me. This year is so polarizing, and I feel myself getting frustrated and pulling away from people who I disagree with and don't understand. I really want to find a constructive way to talk to people, to share my heart and have a dialog. I'm hopeful for what this election will do for our country, and really want to rest in that.

Pft, all of them affect me. I am so empathetic, it hurts. I hate seeing all the pain in the world, and would do anything to stop it. The bombings, the police shootings, the school shootings, ISIS, terror, hate. But on a good note - the legalization of gay marriage: Now that's a beautiful thing.

All of it! The mass shootings here at home, terrorist attacks and mass shootings in other countries, the Syrian refugees being turned away, North Korea moving forward with their nuclear weapons, Zika virus in Brazil...there is so much bad news. I can't even comprehend it all, or I would fall into a complete depression and probably kill myself. I hate having to cut off my emotions and empathy for those who are suffering, but it has become an issue of self-preservation. That, in and of itself, is extremely depressing.

The Presidential election has impacted us this year because it has shown us the hatred in the world and revealed the true bigotry in our society.

A lot of events have impacted me this year, not directly but in a though-provoking, emotional way. The conflict between police and BLM protesters has been very bad for race relations in our country. Internationally, the conflict in Syria has been devastating to the people who live there. I'm not sure what I can do about either but it has made me realize that we must love our neighbors, regardless of who they are. That was Jesus' message to all who follow Him.

I've been almost distraught over the extremist political trends in our world. The Brexit vote was very upsetting. I'm disturbed by the rise of the right from Israel to Germany to right here, in this country. I am horrified by Donald Trump and flabbergasted that more than a third of our country plans to vote for him. How is that possible? I was also very shaken up this summer by the slew of shootings and other terrorist acts happening around the world. The attack in Nice on Bastille Day was especially upsetting -- all those families and tourists, just out for a stroll that turned into a bloodbath. If France isn't safe, where is?

The bombings that occurred in France, Belgium, Turkey, etc. Makes you realize how destructive hate and frustration can be. And how valuable and transient life is - you never know when it can be taken away from the destructive actions of an individual. I want to make sure to treat people around me with compassion and understanding - a live and let live approach. I want to cherish each hour of each day with those who are near and dear to me.

images of dying and dead children in Syria, knowing that humanity has failed these people, and that as a citizen of the world I myself am not free from blame, and that I have everything and these people nothing, and that the circumstances into which I was brought into the world, being an American of means, have provided me with unimaginable privilege. And bringing my son into the world this year, healthy and supported by world class health care and stability on every front, while infants die in hospitals and on the streets, from bombs and starvation and disease. I and my family deserve our good fortune no more than Syrians and Africans and other refugees of the world deserve their ill fortune. I commit to help how I can.

The fact that Trump is running for President proves how ignorant Americans really are. The more I go out in public, the more ashamed of our nation I become. We are raising a bunch of ignorant, selfish, assholes, and it saddens me. It makes me question whether or not I want to bring a child into this world, if they're just going to be surrounded by brainless lemmings.

Fucking. Donald. Trump. The presidential election race has been going on for what seems like forever, but the terrifying prospect of Trump being seen as a legitimate candidate--one supported by people I consider to be friends--and one that has a good chance of being elected--constantly erodes the confidence and hope I have for this country. This election has been so divisive. I wonder if I'll ever see a political figure that created such a euphoric vision like Obama did.

I thinķ the world at the moment feels like a ticking bomb and nobody knows when it will explode. And 4ight know one of the most influential leaders of the world will become a mysoginist prick who isnt all wrong in his view on eeuu international policies or a manipulative woman who sold her soul to the highest bidder.

This year's presidential election has brought light to how many people are interested in politics for the first time, aware of the corruption and social injustice, and desperate for change. Bernie Sanders sparked hope to have an honest democratic leader who is responsible enough to take care of the country's citizens. I believe he was unjustly pushed out of the presidential race. Sadly, the election has also illuminated the racism and ignorance we still have in the world. For anyone to support a racist, misogynistic, self-centered, clueless bigot who promotes violence is something I cannot understand. While his opponent is corrupt, his hateful views are not something that can be overlooked. I don't claim to be knowledgeable in politics, but I cannot tolerable hate. To me he will never be "successful" in any way. He claims to have a lot of money. But who gives a fuck. That only impresses shallow idiots; money is not my definition of success. How are there people not appalled by this piece of shit? I've never encountered someone who completely mirrored the most evil disgusting person in my life. Growing up, I never NEVER thought anyone could ever share such close minded views, and the fact that there are so many people who support a candidate with these views breaks my heart. Well no. It doesn't simply break my heart. It makes me cry. It rattles my core, disgusts me, makes me fearful, and in an instant can give me flashbacks of growing up with these emotions etched into my being.

The Orlando shooting. All of the trans suicides. The bathroom bills that keep showing up. I feel like the world will always see queer folk as a threat. I feel like in a lot of ways, the conclusion is already set, the game already lost. That however hard I try, my fate might just be unavoidable. That scares me.

I have been horrified, and therefore impacted greatly, by Trump's nomination as the Republican candidate for President. His racism and exclusionary proposed policies toward Mexicans and Muslims reminds me of Hitler, and his national prominence has encouraged a large percentage of Americans to verbalize their hatred and racism in a way that has not been acceptable publicly for many years. I spent my entire professional legal career trying to change the world, to establish and maintain the rights of all kinds of minorities. I live on the US/Mexico border. I have Muslim relatives. But above all, I am frightened by the degree of hatred Trump has encouraged. If he is elected, I will leave the US.

Sadiq Khan, a brown, Muslim man born to working class, immigrant parents, was elected mayor of London. And the National Museum of African American History and Culture opened on the National Mall. Both were reminders of the long struggles and triumphs of oppressed people, who have long contributed to society but are only now being recognized for it en masse. I am so proud and inspired to live at this time in history and be a part of a generation that is contributing to this recognition, this rectification and this change for the better, so that the world, our public policies and our attitudes are inclusive and welcoming to all people.

The Election...it's driving me crazy...Trump is so scary and I don't understand people anymore. How can they be taken in...it's GroupThink all over again, just like in Nazi era...and this is scary.

I am very upset about Donald Trump's candidacy for president and the hatred, racism, misogyny, and anti-Semitism it has unleashed. I feel overwhelmed by ugliness, by the rudeness and meanness that people now feel they can express with impunity. I worry that we haven't seen the extent of it yet. I feel very sad for what has happened since the 1960s, when I thought peace and love would reign.... I feel tragic sadness for people of color who keep getting shot in "another isolated incident" and the Trump-ness that somehow excuses it.

Geez, so many. All the shootings of unarmed black men make me so sad about racism in this country, sad about how black men are treated, and concerned for all the black boys I know. The ongoing war in Syria and ISIS. So much death, fear, injuries and refugees. It motivated me to adopt this iraqi family that I mostly enjoy and eat so well with. I've decided to connect Amira and I to the world around us by spending time with a refugee Muslim family and it's been great. Lastly, this presidential election is killmg me. It's such a fucking nail-biter. I dread and deeply fear a country led by Trump. I just want Hillary to barely win already and call it over.

All of the beheadings, the terrorists, the killings of police officers have made me even more aware that time is running short on this earth. Time to trust God as your personal savior. We need a strong leader to help us recover and persevere through these trials.

Many things have happened this year that have changed me. All the violence that has spurred the #blacklivesmatter movement. Asians demanding equal and non-stereotypical visibility in the media. All the violence, and bigotry that has risen to the surface. The murders commited by racists, terrorists, and misogynists. The politics. The various deaths of world famous personalities that have coincided with my own personal losses. There is a shift in our world that has made me more conscientious. More patient, but also less willing to put up with bullshit. The losses have forced me to remember that we have such a little time on earth, and that our time is best used by DOING. Not thinking, not dreaming, not intellectualizing, scrutinizing, critiquing, or hypothesizing. In the end what we think and feel have little to do with who we actually are. It is our choices and our actions that define who we are. For a long time, I have done nothing. I've been ambivalent and non-discript. Now, I am moving and choosing my life, my narrative as I see fit. And I'm ready to be more specific in defining who I am.

The FUCKING ELECTION!!! I can't believe a maniac like Trump could be the nominee of the Republican Party. Who can honestly say they believe that he will be a good president. He lacks all the skills, knowledge, temperament and fundamental decency to have that job. Every time I check the polls and he has dropped, I am so insanely happy. I can't wait until the election and I hope hope hope that he isn't our president.

The Black Lives Matter movement has reignited my thinking about social justice and trying to contribute in a positive way; if by nothing more than speaking with people and making others aware of privilege based on race/class.

So many of them. But I'd say the one that has affected me the most has been the nomination of Donald Trump as the Republican party candidate. It reminds me of the book I had to read for history class last year, The Plot Against America, except they're shouting Trumps name, and he's talking about deporting Mexicans and banning Muslims rather than Jews. The Holocaust has taught me to not stand idly by while this sort of hateful rhetoric occurs. I have never wanted to fight so hard for this country I love.

The lead-up to the 2016 presidential election has been dismaying to put it mildly. The cognitive dissonance and enthusiastic embrace of ignorance, racism, misogyny, homophobia, etc. etc., by a huge swath of the population fills me with despair. I am fairly sure Hillary Clinton will be the next president, but I fear for her safety even more than I've worried for Obama, and that's a lot. If she doesn't get elected...my mind just can't even go there. Too ghastly to contemplate.

Bernie Sanders' presidential campaign has given me hope for the USA. Sadly, it failed-- but did way better in many ways than expected. That gives me hope that this resolutely capitalist country may be able to make a change and move toward a more just, more socialist model, since an openly socialist candidate did as well as Sanders did.

This year I have been totally scunnered with the politics I see around me. Closer to home Brexit happening in my country despite a vote against it. Then the ridiculous aftermath of politicians in charge not knowing what they were doing. Donald Trump...I don't even know what to say but to shake my head at the possibility such an individual could be considered a candidate. The conflict in Syria, the utterly human tragedy of this and the response from some quarters. I am really struck by the inequality of this life on earth and just feel sad to see so much conflict and bigotry.

The death of Elie Wiesel impacted me, not only because of the nature of my profession, but also as a child of Holocaust survivors who sees her parents' peers disappearing at a rapid and increasing rate. The legacy of continuing to share those stories responsibly is enormously important.

I went to Palo Alto over the summer, and for lack of a better word, escaped the bullshit going on with my family. I spent less than a week there, with just me and my sister, and it was really shocking to me - the fact that I felt like I had felt a real family connection when it was just her and me, than when I was with the rest of our nuclear family in Anaheim Hills. As we were driving home from Northern California, winding down on the last hour of the drive, we were listening to "Ribs" by Lorde, and when she sings, "You're the only friend I need/Sharing beds like little kids/We'll laugh until our ribs get tough/but that will never be enough", I almost started crying. She's the only friend I need.

The Pulse massacre in Orlando. I wasn't anywhere near the club, or even the city. But I grew up in Florida and I grew up queer--and the day after the brutal shootings I embarked on my honeymoon with my partner. We were taking a road trip to Telluride, Colorado for the bluegrass festival and then traveling through Wyoming, Montanta, South Dakota, Iowa--not exactly queer friendly places. For the first couple of days, it was hard to keep the thoughts of the Pulse victims out of my mind. I couldn't help but be a little frightened that we might be targeted on our journey. I had so much fun on that trip--but I also felt so much fear and anxiety that our mere existence could spawn such violence and hatred.

The election is impacting me. I am very concerned about the political success of Trump and what that means for our country. I know there is a lot of anger, especially among white middle and working class. It also seems to me that media and news are so diffuse now and are designed much more to appeal to narrow audiences. There is no standard news source or "truth", and that has added to our polarization and mass distrust of institutions. I am fairly confident that Hillary will win, but the concern about my fellow citizens will remain.

I have always felt pretty unconnected to world events. I know that makes me not a great person, I guess. But I have a hard time emotionally connecting when it doesn't personally affect me. Even the Boston Marathon bombing...I get this weird feeling in my chest when I think about being 1 block away from the finish line when the bomb went off, but I still don't FEEL it. The only world event that I had real feelings about is 9/11, and it's too many feelings so I don't think about it. The closest I've come since 9/11 to feeling really upset or impacted in any way was this year's Pulse nightclub shooting. These people died just because they were being who they are.

The refugee crisis impacted me much. I want us Europeans to do much more to welcome those in need and am profoundly ashamed of the cruelty of some European leaders.

World terrorism has emboldened me. The fright of an attack at any moment from any direction is terrifying. But when you know people that literally live that life, checking the streets over and over again to ensure their safety while suddenly looking all the more suspicious and missing the person walking directly towards them, it's ridiculous to say that I have to live that life as well. Terrorism sucks. It's goal is to steal the happiness and value we place on our lives. Keep us at home, not interacting with anything on the outside. That's not how the human race should live. I wear my kippah out to show that I'm a proud Jew. Does that make me a target for terrorism? Yes. But I was a target anyways. At least I'm actively standing up for what I believe in even in those moments.

An event that has impacted me this year would be the presidential election. People have honestly looked at me and treated me differently when they found out which candidate I supported. It makes me look and re-evaluate who I can trust to care for me no matter what. People who I thought were my rocks are wavering and I don't know what to do about it.

I continue to be confused by some of the issues in the middle east, and the violence. I'm worried that more violence will come home.

I've been quite self involved this year because I had to be. All the war that is far away scares me, but it is hard for me to relate to. The bombings and shootings in my own country make me feel devastated and helpless. The #BlackLivesMatter movement has made me want to do more with my inherent white privilege and to be a better person in my world. The pipeline push has made me angry. Bernie not being a final presidential candidate really SUCKS. That Trump is on the ballot is terrifying. I hope for better news next year.

The gun violence (both mass shootings and police killing blacks) has impacted me this past year. I am saddened and frustrated that this is happening in my country and I feel powerless to do much about it.

Recently there have been so many cases of rapists on college campuses not getting the sentences they deserve. Being a college student and a female this terrifies me. Besides the fact that when I walk around I need to keep my headphones in all the time. So often even with my headphones in I hear people catcalling me. I should be able to wear a skirt or a dress or whatever I want without being afraid that I am going to get an uncomfortable comment thrown at me. Maybe if people who commit a crime were properly prosecuted women's bodies wouldn't be seen as much as an object.

The election. Donald vs Hillary Clinton. It's made me become more aware of world events and national events. I have become more involved and I care more about what's going on in this world and how politics impacts me. I think on my journey through finding my feminism, I have learned to care more about how those relate, especially on the topic of abortion. I now feel very strongly about women's reproductive rights and that really came about because of politician's views on that topic.

It's difficult to name one specific event because something terrible seems to be happening every day. I am constantly disappointed by the heartlessness of some, while I am then amazed at others who step up to help. The Syrian crisis has been especially painful for me to watch. So many children have died. It's a monumentally heart wrenching ordeal.

There are so many things about this presidential election that have been disturbing. However, what has probably been most disturbing about this election is that its made me realize that a lot of people care more about style than substance. Hillary is very smart and accomplished and is clearly more qualified to be president, but people don't like her style and presentation. People would elect somebody who is completely unqualified to be president because they like the way he makes them feel, and the person who by far has the best resume for the job has struggled because she has trouble connecting with people. I've had similar issues with style vs. substance in my own life, so this has made me frustrated.

I'm very worried about the election this year. The thought that Donald Trump could actually win the presidency is terrifying. The racism and sexism that has been so apparent through the campaign, along with the growing number of racist attacks in social media and in the world are really concerning. I feel that as much as I'm a very liberal person, I've also lived in a major bubble. I'm trying to educate myself as to the reality of other races but I feel like I'll never actually get it.

The terrorist bombing in Paris occurred shortly after my Dad and I returned from Europe. As much as I desire to travel both domestically and abroad, such events can't help but dampen enthusiasm and make me a bit afraid. Because, I have Cerebral Palsy and need assistance when traveling people hesitate to travel too. Leaving me angry and frustrated because part of me thinks the best antidote to the fear prompted by terrorists and promoted by fear mongers, at home and elsewhere, is to defy and be courageous.

The nomination of Hillary Clinton for president has impacted me this year. It's a huge milestone for women and feminism. Though I don't expect her to bring major changes, I do look forward to seeing family-friendly and progressive laws if she is elected president.

The US Presidential election is keeping me very engaged and has me itching badly to take over the country myself as benevolent dictatress. As last year, the entire ISIS disaster that is going on, and the plight of all of the refugees, and the overall unrest in the world has me deeply troubled. I have no more sense of what could or should happen than I did last year.

In October and November last year my sister and I were traveling in Spain. At the end of our trip I was due to meet my partner in Paris to attend a conference. I had to make a decision about whether to go or not. I decided to go and spent 5 days on my own in Paris waiting for my partner. The attacks brought me the closest I've every been to terrorism and it made me think of people who are terrorists. For some people terror and war is the context of their entire lives. I can see that every decision they make or every opinion they hold has a backdrop of fear and evaluation based on that fear. When I was walking through the streets of Paris I tried to see life through the eyes of a terrorist. I saw the rich and the poor. I saw a mass of people with no obvious connections to each other. A system that worked like a machine without question or reason besides commerce. I didn't see religion or god or hierarchy. I saw women living without fear of patriarchy walking freely on the streets. I saw a lot of wealth and a lot of people begging on the streets. I also saw people who were looking at Paris. Silent eyes, like mine, observing and making a judgement. It made me think about the judgements we make all the time. I suppose when you live a certain way you think that's the right way. It's when we're confronted with another way of living that we make a judgement about what's right or wrong. Although terrorism is not new it might be escalating because of an ability to see into other peoples lives and other way of living. Technology, and particularly the internet, has opened our eyes to alternatives. Some people find that exciting and relish in new opportunities. Others who are constrained by their religious upbringing or hierarchical and cultural beliefs or economic constraints are outraged. The world is a very unfair place. The accident of birth determines nearly everything, including how we see things.

For the first time, I followed and believed strongly in a political figure (Bernie Sanders). I felt crushing disappointment when he was booted out of candidacy and endorsed Hillary Clinton.

This election has put the fear of the future in me. I can't help but think of the Holocaust and how that insidious evil crept up on them, all because of ONE MAN leading the hatred in the hearts of many. I see the possibility here in the USA of all places... and realize it could happen ANYWHERE.

Trump's terrifying candidacy: It has lifted up the rock not just to reveal the creepy, crawling creatures of racism, xenophobia, misogyny, Islamophobia, antisemitism, and white supremacy -- we knew they were there -- but also to unleash them into the realm of acceptable public discourse. I don't recognize my country and am shocked that so many Americans can buy into conspiracy theories (e.g. birtherism re: Obama, dozens of crazy accusations against Hilary Clinton (as if there weren't enough legitimate ones)). I feel frightened and anxious all the time and wonder what I can do to avoid being a "good German," a bystander. L'havdil, I know, but I can't help thinking of how Hitler got elected. Trump is America's version of fascism, stoking resentment, presenting himself as the great father who will fix everything even if he has no specific plans -- we just need to trust him, he says. What he is on the record saying he'd do in office would unravel basic Constitutional protections and principles. And I truly fear (witness Brexit) that he could win.

The election. Particularly, Bernie. I have largely been apathetic toward politics my whole life. But Bernie gave me hope. I even organized a community fundraiser for him! I began supporting politicians at the local level. It changed my perspective. I feel like I have a political identity, finally. Like I can stand tall and proud and shout my beliefs, and I have educated myself enough to back up my claims. He still gives me hope.

Donald Trump running for president. When Im reading this a year from now either he or Hillary will be the next president. I believe that his campaign has changed the political climate of our nation and I am anxiously anticipating the upcoming election. Other events that have impacted the world would include the Black Lives Matter Movement, Mass shootings and bombings by ISIS affiliates and in bread terrorist organizations against minorities such as the LGBT community. We experienced bombings in at home and abroad and these events made it incredibly scary to travel anywhere. I hope that a year from now we are moving in a more peaceful direction and continue to spread words of love and acceptance.

Let's see...last year, a world event allowed me to get married. This year, I guess a rebounding economy is helping to buoy my hopes for my financial future. On the flip side, global warming continues, and it's terrifying if I think about it too much. There's still a lot of violence against Jewish people happening in Europe and the Middle East. People continue to blame it on Jews themselves instead of the people perpetrating violence against Jews. You know, the way it's been for thousands of years.

The Western Wall impact has impacted me this year. I am upset with the Ultra-Orthodox and Netanyahu's government in not providing Progressive Jews a place to pray at the Wall. I stand with Women of the Wall and IRAC.

For me this would have to be all the people I hear getting divorced or splitting up. It really affects me... because of the kids. It's hard not to make judgements because I don't know the details, but as a child of divorce, you feel powerless and voiceless. I want the adults to do the work and own their shit. To make amends and apologize.

Philando Castile's shooting. In our backyard. Touching the lives of our friends. Breaking our hearts. Making us face our role in confronting racism in our community.

This presidential election is the worst. Every time, I think it couldn't possibly be worse and then it IS. I can't even imagine a world where that megalomanic Trump is in power. I'm going to be 35 and I don't have a place to live and I'm smart and hard working. Maybe I should run?

World events haven't impacted me a great deal this year. This year has been very heavily focussed on introspection and the impact of individuals close to me, whether it's my father's death, my mother's habits and attitudes, the personalities of my colleagues, or the opportunities that Andrew and I are faced with. I wish I weren't so much in my own little bubble because I think that's problematic in terms of having a world view and wanting to improve the planet and the situation of others, but I've been so sucked into it.

Aleppo. and Trump. WHAT the FUCK is wrong with us, as a species? When are we going to wake up?

Well, for this question, I'm gonna go with the Democratic party nominating Hillary Rodham Clinton for US President, because FUCK YEAH. I voted for her in the Oregon primary, even though like, every single other Democrat here voted for Bernie. Yes, I did vote for her because she is a woman, but not just that. Because I think she has the most realistic strategies and is the most qualified, and listens and learns the best. Bernie was all about economic stuff, and he thought that would answer all social problems, automatically. I'm so proud of her, and I'm fascinated by how hated she is, the double standard, and how she has coped with the misogyny. I'm interested in how she's learning intersectionality. I am fervently excited. It's one of the few things I have to look forward to right now. It's given me something to be awake for.

One event that has had the biggest impact on me has been the presidential election. Although the actual election has not occurred yet, this election and every presidential election always inspires me. It reminds me just how great this country in. It is so nice that Joseph and I have very similar political views because it makes watching the debates and discussing the election much more enjoyable. I remember in high school when a majority of my friends and I shared different political views I used to dread the election, but when you are surrounded by people of similar views, things are a lot more enjoyable.

Stories of human rights violations and natural disasters around the world. The meaningless pain and suffering tears at my mind, heart, and faith. I am looking for God's presence and love in the most vile of stories. I pray, I send my light and love, I lift them up!

The presidential race has made me see what a priority it is to stand up for love and peace. Divisive politics are so disabling for our country. I've learned a lot about people I know from how they've responded.

The candidacy of Donald Trump has affected me deeply. I cannot believe the support for this lunatic, egomaniac. It makes me despair for the world. I am praying he does not get elected and I cannot believe that those who support him cannot see him for what he is. I am really holding my breath until the election is over.

The nightclub mass murder in Orlando FL troubled me deeply and just makes me more convinced that guns need to be seriously regulated. I don't understand how anyone can think the current system is working. And while people/media etc put it into the realm of "terrorism" because the perpetrator was muslim or "hate crime" because it was at an LGBT club and somehow dismiss it, I don't see why any of that matters. What matters is so many people were killed and injured and it didn't have to be so devastating if lawmakers stood up to the NRA and passed common-sense legislation.

The U.S. presidential election has been incredibly depressing to me. I find the negativity of it all to be really stressful, and I think that the money spent by candidates and special interest groups could be better utilized (i.e., job training and education).

This election has impacted me. It terrifies me to think that Trump could actually win, that people in our country believe him. What will happen if he actually becomes president of the US? I cared so much in the past eight years and two elections with Obama, but this is a whole different side - it's evil. It's not like Obama, where I was praying for a leader greater than any I'd ever lived through; this is about preventing the collapse of our nation, our new home and life in this country.

The nominations of Trump and Clinton are very distressing. We tend to ignore the news these days, but that is unavoidable. The real life choice is between the crazy guy and the criminal chick? The third party candidates are jokes this time, too, so we may not even vote at all, the first time since we turned 18. How can we cast a vote in good conscience for any of these idiots? Voting for the lesser evil isn't even an option because we fear all of them!

The violence and the mass coverage of it. It's impossible to just name one or two. It feels like everyday this year innocent people have been killed. Either police officers have shot someone of color or a mass shooting occurs. And it is all that is covered in the news, plus some more unsettling politics. This year I have definitely felt a sense of dread and despair for the world we live in. It feels like if we continue this path no one will win. The norm should not be numerous people of color, of all ages, shot and killed by the people who are meant to protect us. These events have made me sad and angry. My hope is dwindling and I know change needs to happen. This past year has made it clear that we need change. This new year may need us to make it happen.

The rise of Trump has profoundly changed the way I look at the world. Reason is no longer the largest component in communicating about difficult, world-scale problems, according to some at least. America's potential presidential problem is too large for any individual to solve, let alone a European like myself, I am left feeling powerless. I don't, however, feel that vulnerable. It seems that Trump's rise has made me see history completing itself in loops; for a bit, times are marvelous, then they are terrible, then marvelous again, even better than before. Or perhaps that is how we humans need to be able to see it.

The election.. two losers. What has happened to the USA.

Seeing the rise of Donald Trump has made me see the darkness that is in people. Even people close to me.

Alissa: the coming together/ solidarity that has emerged as a fundamental shift with terrorism and gun violence. Our daughter delivering her senior honor's thesis about solutions to gun violence on the eve of Orlando (we are a lesbian couple) Michelle: the drought, thinking about what's right and what I want to do about it also hamilton

The election--it sucks! I cannot believe candidates for this office are behaving this way. I am even having trouble writing about this. I am disturbed how the media is treating an accomplished woman. I pray that Donald Trump will lose, not just that Mrs Clinton will win.

Living in Australia has really put me in a bubble, bigger than the one in Tel Aviv. Being on an island continent at the end of the world, I didn't feel very aware of impacted by what has happened in the world.

I think everything in the country right now is impacting all of us in different ways whether we realize it now or not.

2 years ago I wrote that I wish I was more impacted by world events, and I haven't seemed to make much progress. I consume world events like TV shows, listening to podcasts about politics and news reports about refugees as if they tell stories of fictional people. I want to feel moved to action, to have an avenue where I feel empowered and motivated to make change...but I come up empty and move on with my life and my day. How do I make myself less apathetic?

Some of my high school students that committed suicide because it's been an epidemic for school children. This has effected me because it makes me extremely heic for school children. This has effected me because it makes me extremely hearty broken and said to know great kids that are doing this. I want this stop!! I don't want to lose anymore of our kids!!!

Terrorist bombings in Brussels (and everywhere). Thankfully i didn't know closely anyone who was killed or injured, but it serves as a painful reminder of how close these things are.

My lack of faith in humanity's ability to save itself was increased further by the facts that it took a dead child on a beach to even get people to put themselves in the place of the Syrian refugees for even a minute, that the British voted to leave the EU and everything about the Trump situation.

the presidential elections. how crazy people can be and how important to stay focused on what matters.

This presidential election is crazy. How can it be possible that someone as immature and evil as Trump could be the only Republican candidate and possibly become president. I'm extremely concerned that he has as many followers as he does. Are there really that many people haters in this world??? I do not know what to expect if he gets elected and I don't know what the impact will be on my life personally, but I fear that hate will increasingly grow and we will end up fearing our own neighbors.

Police shootings. I am a supporter of law enforcement and want to know that when evil acts are committed there are people at the ready to enforce justice. Up until this point I have been one who says "Jews don't have white privilege," and in some ways I still think that's true. But when it comes to being confronted by a police officer and looking automatically suspicious I thank God that we are exempt from that today. I understand that we haven't always been -- that in Jewish history, people HAVE seen Jews, and shot first before asking questions. This year, I think my heart is more open to those who are experiencing persecution and oppression. I'm just not sure how to take action to help them.

The presidential election season has had a big impact on me this year. I've become a news "junkie" which is something that bothers me more often than not. Donald Trump's nomination as the Republican candidate has proven to be somewhat terrifying...but I can't stop watching :(

Terrorist attacks, although frequent, take over my thoughts. I imagine what it would be like to be in that situation or even worse, what it would be like to have a family member in that situation. Please God if you could change anything change the hearts and minds of the troubled people who decide to hurt others.

The election campaign has been more pain filled than Any I remember, Ever. You-know-who poses huge threats to this country and the world. That he Could get in is a horrifying prospect. I feel helpless, though I want to volunteer for Hillary, the way it is set up is kind of disappointing...There's little in the way of encouragement or community feeling ...

Well... actually no change from last year. We still have a refugee crisis in Europe, and there is still a war in Syria, and ISIS still exists. And racists that shoot innocent people too.. so on the negative, it has been a year full of events that make me sad and angry. It's a blur of incidents and nothing in particular stands out to me. On the positive, there is one event that stands out vividly in my mind: the olympic games. :) All these people of different nations competing as equals and friends. And what beautiful achievements of the athletes! Maybe someday humanity will learn that this is the way it should be... forget all the war and mayhem!

The refugee crisis. The suggestions of building a wall and screening Muslims. Kneeling for the national anthem. Sandra Bland (still.)

trump. the fact that that's even a possibility..... am tired of the prioritizing of this romantic small town america that doesn't even exist anymore. your opinion doesn't "mean" more than mine and if you vote for him, you are voting for racism, homophobia, xenophobia and a dead planet. end of story. fucking horrifying. not like climate change has much of a chance under anyone else but at least there's a shred of hope (isn't there??) but under him there will be NO CHANCE. amazed that people don't see he's the literal end of the world.....

Worldwide event - Wars in Syria. How has it impacted me? I'm reminded that my life here is 1000x easier in the USA than in most countries. I don't have to always be in hiding, listening for explosions and praying that I'm not hit next. I don't have to take my family on a raft into the turbulent ocean and witness them drowning as the raft is not well equipped to carry so many people. National event - Black lives matter re-movement. It will always be a movement as long as there is discrimination and racism. I'm not black or brown. But I am good friends with people who are, and I will always stand up for their rights. And even if I didn't know anyone who was black or brown, I know in my heart that everyone has the right to live without fear.

This year's election cycle has had a definite negative impact on me. If someone I know told me that they were voting for Trump that I would have to seriously consider whether or not to continue that friendship. I don't know how anyone can possibly believe that he could run this country. Sadly, I also see how just his candidacy is impacting our relationships around the world.

Donald Trump has been running for president, which is disruptive internationally and quite scary. Brexit happened, which may have impacted my job prospects in the UK. Climate change continues to be ominous.

The U.S. presidential election has had a huge impact, as well as the continued proliferation of violence and terror that is sweeping the world. It is a scary world and time that we live in, and the realization that there is so much hatred and killing is hard to wrap my head around. This election has also shown how much division and hatred there is in our own country. I feel like the rise of Trump is an indication of backlash against progress and social justice. The fact that the hatred and offensive rhetoric is so widely supported is frankly terrifying. I don't know what the outcome will be, but I fear what this says about our country, its values, and most importantly, our people.

It actually started with Travon Martin in Florida. Then for some unknown reason Ferguson and the shooting of Michael Brown turned into the tipping point. I am horrified by all of the shootings of unarmed black men and children and then all of the policemen that are getting shot too. I am so uncomfortable and sad on both sides. I don't know why all of the shootings need to be fatal on the unarmed black men side. Why can't they shoot the legs or arms. Also, why is it open season on policemen? Are we heading towards and apocalypse?

The Paris attacks. I had never been to Europe and 6 weeks after the I had to go to Milan and Paris for work. It created a stress and fear that I fought to overcome.

The election is making me crazy. It is still a month away and it just gets more and more mad. The idea that the country could even consider electing Trump is scary beyond belief. The man has no qualifications and is so emotional and selfish there is no telling what he would do. He has virtually destroyed the Republican party. Hillary is only marginally better. So many people absolutely hate her for reasons I can not understand. They are willing to believe anything said against her. I have even had to unfriend Jeff because his support of Trump and gun rights disturbs me so much. Just 4 more weeks and it will be over. Thank God.

The fighting in Seria and all the refugees. I find it difficult to imagin how many people have moved to Europe. I was outraged that these people were pushed from border to border and no country would accept them. I couldnt get the vision of people walking down modern city streets with nothing and people in cars just driving passed.

The election has made me pull even further back from the news. It's so fucking depressing.

Climate change experts have recorded that the levels of greenhouse gases have reached a point of no return. The earth will continue to heat at an even greater rate, the polar ice caps will disappear, polar bears will go extinct, millions will starve because of worldwide famine and drought, and my children will grow up in a much more tenuous world than I did. This outcome is almost assured, based on the history of humankind not taking action in preventing long-term catastrophes, and our denial of the on-coming crisis. In my lifetime we have developed technology to such an extent that you can visit face to face with someone in Ethiopia for free while ordering new jeans from a factory in China to be delivered to your home in San Francisco tomorrow. If you had told my grandfather about this he would have died of shock. But we still haven't found a solution for what I see as our most threatening predator, our effect on the climate of our home planet. With no fix in sight, I struggle with depression about the livelihood of my children and the threat to my family. In turns nihilistic and optimistic, I pray for a solution, but resign myself to the eventuality that we are all mortal, and that at least we have this time together now.

Well... is it cold if I say that there's nothing huge that's really affected me? The election stuff is ongoing but Trump WILL lose. I had a minor emotional stake in Bernie Sanders but am now happy with Hillary. I dunno. Brexit happened but it doesn't affect me in any real meaningful direct way. The world is full of horrors and wonders. Life goes on.

The Syrian refugee crisis has impacted my much this year. I think Ibn Leader's articulation about how this crisis shows how little we can value life has really stuck with me. This event has shown me that I need to think much deeper about how much I care about life, and what I can do to remember that for myself and communicate it for others. I want to feel this crisis as deeply as some of the domestic problems that we work for, and I also want to develop unique Jewish language around this crisis.

Bernie running for President showed me how much support populist ideas have in the country and it made me so happy to see that. The fact that the DNC sabotaged him in every way possible just make me sick. The support a Fascist con man like Trump gets makes me sick too. There are way too many low information voters who are so racist a pig like Trump can get a lot of the votes. He is the most unqualified person to ever run for office yet he can pull the wool over the eyes of suckers. It makes me scared for the future of this country to know we have so many slack jawed dolts here. It just confirms my deepest instincts to escape Amerika.

So much: Trump! Ferguson (was this only this year or last?). Syria. And even the Clinton e-mail investigation concluding. Just shows that the world is a worse place than I ever imagined, but that means I'm not so bad relatively.

Oh my goodness, this election. It's scary how many people are supporting Trump despite his giving voice to racists and misogynists, and the incredible number of lies he says. I am concerned that, if he loses, he will destabilize the country with his claims of a rigged election. I'm even more scared of what may happen if he wins.

Trump. It was a joke at first, but now it's just scary and the joke is on us, the whole world. I admit that when I encounter friends and acquaintances who are on the T-wagon, my opinion of their reasoning capability is less-than-positive. It's tense these days, not knowing what be our new reality will be on November 9.

Presidential campaign.... enough said

All of the shootings have affected me in that I don't understand why we can't do some gun control to make it tougher for these types of shootings to occur. None directly touched my life, but all affected my sense of safety when traveling.

The Black Lives Matter movement has really hit me hard. I force myself to watch the videos sometimes because I feel like it's important to feel the things that others are feeling to be able to want to help them. Laquan McDonald's shooting made me FURIOUS. By the time I saw the Alton Sterling video, it just made me cry. I wept. I can't understand how people are so insulated from tragedy to be able to watch it unfold time and time again, and still say that the problem is an exaggeration. An overstatement. A scapegoating of authority because of "bad apples." Mike Brown's death made me upset, but since that happened last summer, and so many other high profile deaths followed it, I can't believe there's an argument so strong that there ISN'T a problem. It's shocking, infuriating, and it fills me with grief. And that's before I start thinking about Syria...

The intensifying gang violence in Central America has really had an impact on my caseload at work. It is so grueling and depressing to have to turn so many of these cases away, and know that the ones I do take will be so hard.

The UCC shooting rocked my world. I simply can't believe that happened in a place where I've spent so much of my time. The whole experience was frightening and hit too close to home.

The Syrian refugee crisis has left me furious and feeling helpless. I find myself ranting about it to my in-laws, who I know are "sympathetic" to the refugees but don't "trust" them and generally hold fearful views toward perceived outsiders. I want to shake them and say, "ALL THE LESSONS YOU'VE TAUGHT THE YOUNGER GENERATION ABOUT REMEMBERING THE HOLOCAUST CAN ACTUALLY BE ACTED UPON NOW! THIS IS THE LESSON! SAVE THE PEOPLE BEING MASSACRED!" But all I can manage are these little rants that more subtly suggest they are in the wrong... And it drives me crazy. It sounds stupid probably, but all year, with my toddler, any time there has been a "tough" moment, I've often had the thought, "How the hell do the refugees cross lands and sit in train stations with TODDLERS?" I mean, just the simplest act with a toddler can be so difficult, how do the parents do it? And how do the CHILDREN do it? What has this experience done to their hearts, their souls? I cannot begin to fathom it. Worse, I don't think I can help. And it's a constant question - how can I help? How am I hurting? Is compassion enough? What is a possible action? I often come up short.

Our focus has been on our family this year. We have not had time or energy for anything else.

The run-up to this year's election has affected me a lot. I started the year saying, "There's no way Trump could become the nominee, he's not electable," and here he is, the Republican nominee. I'm deeply worried about what will happen to our country if he becomes president.

The presidential race, I suppose. While we won't know the outcome for another month or so, it has become absolutely exhausting trying to listen to the negative banter between the two candidates. Now, more than ever, I feel as though the United States has egg on its face. We have this huge opportunity to be so fantastic, but we've allowed ourselves to become scared, both parties terrified of the other, and allowed hate to spew. That, coupled with all of the senseless violence, terrorist attacks... yeah, 2016 has had it's valleys.

Donald Trump. Need I say more. The fact he can even exist. And climate change keeps me up nights. I feel like the world is at a tipping point. My instincts are telling me we are in big, big trouble, as are the facts telling us all this. And I feel like I need to become vegan, live more consciously, speak with indigenous people. Re-connect to the essence of what we are doing here.

Not just one event, but the series of terrorist attacks all across the world this past year have really got me thinking about how I want to live my life. You never know when your life can be taken away with the pull of a trigger.

The Orlando shooting really shook me up -- especially since I went to LA pride that same weekend and later found out that police had stopped a man from entering LA pride with a bomb. It was strange in that I felt a lot of personal fear and stake in the matter, being a queer person with queer parents, but I also felt very distant from it because I am currently in a relationship with a cisgender straight male. It caused me to think a lot about my sexuality, and the ways in which it's visible/invisible to others. The way that people were posting on social media about the attack also really made me reflect about the responsibility I have or do not have as a queer person to advocate for my community, ESPECIALLY now that I occupy a privileged space by being in what other people would deem a straight relationship. I felt extremely guilty for not crafting a status about the attacks, even though for many years now I have ceased to use my Facebook profile as a sounding board for my political beliefs. Ultimately, I'm glad that I didn't write anything because I think I would have done it in order to "prove" something, which is inherently inauthentic.

Donald Trump running for president. I have been very concerned not only about the outcome of this election but by the state of our country when so many people, and even some I know and love, can eagerly vote for him and agree with all the racist and misogynist rhetoric. I see it causing a lot fo stress, not only for me, but also among my friends and colleagues.

The only thing I can think of is the clown situation. That hasn't impacted me in a bad way at all, after all I love clowns, but its more so how people are freaking out about it for no reason.

This mother fucking election. I never realized how many absolute idiots I share this planet with. Donald Trump, fucking really???

Police shootings and animal killings for food and fur angers me. It's horrible the way people are constantly being targeted when they are the minority is disgusting. WAIT Brexit was the event. I can't believe so many ignorant people voted to leave Europe. I was shocked and honestly thought we would stay but the world doesn't seemed to have changed much in its views over the past 100 years. for Britain to leave the european union which was started to create unity in Europe and to stop the fighting it feels like we are going backwards not forwards. It makes me sad and not want to push forward with humanity

The US presidential campaign - ugh it has pushed me away from wanting to be involved. It makes me frustrated and somewhat ashamed. I'll vote but I have none of the excitement I had when Obama running - none of the conviction. Sure I recognize the vital importance but I have no heart in this.

The election and campaign process in the US this year. It is heart breaking that people have actually come out in droves for someone who cares nothing for anybody else but himself and openly promotes misogyny, hate, racism and stepping on the underdog. I fear for the world my daughter is in.

The rise of Trump has emboldened a truly frightening number of Americans to openly celebrate racism, violence, empty slogans, and rape culture. It has made me think more seriously about what my great-grandfather must have felt when he left Poland at a time when many people thought that he was being paranoid. I am hopeful that by this time next year this man will have been forgotten. But I keep remembering the WWII-era saying that ends with "nobody left to stand up for me." I'm still very privileged, but then I still need to get more politically involved to make sure there's someone left to stand up for me.

The persecution of Christians in Syria by ISIS has reached the point that for the first time in 2000 years there are no established churches in existence. The ancient home of the Christian faith is being destroyed and it breaks my heart. So many of my brothers and sisters in Christ are gaining the crown of martyrdom because they refuse to renounce their faith in Jesus.

Donald Trump's inexplicable, tragic ascent has depressed and upset me no end. How could we have enough stupid, gullible, unthking, racist, bigoted, uneducated, unkind, fearful people in this country to get him to candidacy for president? Education and communication not to mention ethical and professional journalism need to be prioritized.

This year, I've had a goal to NOT be affected by too many things in the world. There is so much hatred, bigotry, uncertainty, negativity... Why would I want to be impacted by any of that? But there is also hope. People don't talk about hope as much as we should. Small things, like saving a species from extinction, bringing clean water to a remote village, discovering something about ourselves as human beings that can make way toward cures for countless diseases, finding new ways to do things that allow us to have what we need without laying waste to our planet... Those are the things that I choose to be impacted by.

I feel like Donald Trump's nomination for president has affected me, though I'm hardly alone in this -- and the effect is in a lot of ways abstract. I guess probably the easiest way to describe how his ascendance has impacted me is in the voice of resentment, cynicism, fear, and economic-slash-cultural anxiety that his popularity has fed off -- and promoted itself. But this is more a concern for the direction of our country, and the kinds of ideas Americans (esp. young ones in less prosperous areas) will focus on in the years to come -- more that than a direct, day-to-day impact on my life... Of course, I guess there's some direct impact in that I've devoted several months to working on the presidential campaign, but that seems more like a choice I made than an impact of world events on my life...

This was a very hard question to answer which speaks to not only my state but the state of the world. You would think that the egregious amount of terror attacks that have plagued not just Israel but the entire planet would be first and foremost on my mind and the minds of everyone. However, I think we've become numb to our "new normal." We are so used to acts of terror that they rarely get acknowledged. What a sorry state we're in to have had a year of massive attacks and have our only response be to put a banner on our facebook profile picture.

The world didn't really impact me. I had a lot going on and events weren't big enough to have any real change of what I did or who I am. I think that really it isn't an event, but rather a culture that has changed me more.

The Orlando Florida shootings at gay club woke me up that it is time I took action. The terrible tradgedy galvanized my spiritual community in CA run by a openly gay Rabbi. We joined forces with local interfaith group to offer a memorial service where nearly 500 people showed up. I was honored to share a poem I wrote for the occasion. That event inspired me to join the interfaith's group subsommittee to support Muslims in our community. Whether gay, Jewish, black, latino, Muslim, female, immigrant, disabled, the disenfranchised from any group needs the support of the wider community. We need to step up for each other. This is the first year I stepped out of my narrower community to join forces with a coalition.

Two -The American election where two flawed people are running and we have to choose between them. -The Syrian Refugee Crisis I have been torn as we are taught to help the stranger. BUT I see what is happening in Europe and how sharia law, child brides, schools and so much is changing. Do we need this? And more anti-Semitism also?

The awful treatment of factory-farmed animals gnaws away at me, always.

Trump: what (who?) else. He's a monster, a buffoon, a huckster, a terrifying egomaniacal supervillan who has stirred up segments of society that are hateful and deeply scary. I pray that when this note comes back next year Trump will be a ha-ha funny footnote to this milestone year.

I've been emotionally tugged at by the refugee crisis in Europe, and by the war in Syria. The empathy hurts my soul. I've also been stressed by our presidential campaign this year. I'm terrified of living in a country that elects a misogynist, racist asshole with no experience, and no sensitivity or empathy for other cultures or life experiences than his own, to be president.

Bernie made me hopeful. Trump and Hilary took it away.

The US presidential election. How? How could it not? Why? The terrifying prospect of a Trump/Pence presidency has me feeling very anxious. The fact that these wretched human beings have risen this far on their quest for power makes me sick; that people look at these two and think, "Yes, that's what we need more of." I hope when I read this answer next year, I am laughing with joy.

Trouble in the Middle East, especially the bombings in Syria, made huge numbers of people refugees. Politicians used the refugee crisis to stir up fear and hate. Britain voted to leave the EU. US political candidates made Muslims even more scary. People around the world and especially in the US ramped up the hate against Muslims and refugees. It makes me so sad to know that so many people hate so much based on so little reality. I am afraid that this fear and hate will cause irreparable damage to many countries, including mine.

I think having Donald Trump as a presidential candidate has been awful. It's really bringing out the worst in people, and I'm scared for what it means for our country. Sometimes when I scroll through my news feed I'm so disheartened by all of the articles about Trump being posted. I want the election to be over and for people to see Hillary Clinton as the incredibly well-rounded and qualified politician that she is.

Not one event, but the growing sense of unrest, fear, and despair in the world, from shootings to race divides to cancer to deaths. It seems to have been a very hard year, for so many people. And although it was all peripheral to me, it feeds my sense of futility, and determination to love as best I can those who are next to me.

Reading the stories, seeing the photos of the families escaping Syria. I've had to give up everything and start over, albeit in my own country. They had to flee through sometimes multiple countries to start over somewhere they don't speak the language, with their children in tow. It puts a human face on the problems plaguing the Middle East, takes it beyond the USA vs. Terrorism.

I think I've been personally affected by many world events, but in very indirect ways. I was devastated when one man killed 50 people at a gay nightclub in Orlando. Outside of the U.S., my personal experience is sadly limited, but I am aware of the wars, poverty, and natural disasters that have affected so many lives.

Sigh... I feel like the news this year has been worse than ever. From Syria to all of the murders of black folks from cops to the current US Presidential election...oye. So much death, destruction, and deceit. It has made it hard to stay positive and have hope for the world.

Trump. Trump Trump Trump. Fuck Trump. Fuck his racism, misogyny, anti-semitism, homophobia and arrogance. Just fuck that guy. I'd been feeling politically disengaged for the past couple years but that asshole has me renegadged. And to my fellow Trump-supporting Americans: WHY? Why do you hate so much? Why do you hate me, a gay jew, so much?

perseids meteor shower it was beautiful to see so many shooting stars! while science tells us they're not actual stars, to a little kid, they still are. i was able to share it with one who hadn't seen a shooting star. he was thrilled i woke him up, & it was a special feeling to share the appreciation & wonder of nature with a 9 yo.

The presidential election has brought so much racism and sexism to the surface. As horrible as it is, it has made me more aware of how much racisim and sexism is unconcious, for me included. I just hope basic human respect wins.

Definitely the election taking place. It has the potential to destroy. It amazes me to think people think the way they do

Elie Wiesel dying. I don't know why, but it made me so sad. Night has always been one of my favorite books and impacted me so much. I didn't know him, but the world really did lose a great person from what I could see.

I guess the first presidential debate here in the US was a moment of relief. I have been in despair over the very existence of a candidate Trump. Now with him so fully exposed, I can pray for a landslide victory for Hilary Clinton ... and hopefully the end of the Republican Party. The USA needs a multiparty political system (like other democracies) so that it can continue to grow into a more civilized nation. We are still so young and ignorant and unwilling to speak intelligently about politics. I look forward to this change.

The war in Syria. Brexit. Mass refugee migration to Europe. American election season. More terrorism. More extremism in the Israeli government. More abuse of refugees by Australia in offshore detention centres. The war in Syria. It just goes on and on and on. It's so terrible. And yet at the same time I'm not sure what I would do - send more Americans in to fight? Does that just make more war though? Has that actually been successful anywhere? Also, even though its America and it's not my problem - the Hillary/Trump situation. It's so scary, where the world is at today, that someone as hateful, sexist, racist, msyoginist and plain unintellectual could be leader of the 'free world'. People in the world are angry and haters and that's whats popular. Same with Brexit. It's very scary

Donald Trump winning the candidacy for president has been shocking and dismaying. At best, people voting for him are delusionally anti-Clinton and overly self-pitying, and at worst they are white supremacists and jingoists. Either way, it's very scary to think that a man like Trump could possibly win the election.

Well, it's already October. Seems like something traumatic or earth shaking should have awakened my mind immediately to this answer. There was a photo of shoes, outside an event, since people weren't allowed to protest it. It made me feel the humanity of people. That, even if they were not allowed by law to protest, they would still find a way to be heard. Hurricane Matthew hit this weekend. I'm here with my brother. It's amazing to be with family. See my niece, my ex-sister in law. Feel love. Sleep with Bella. Talk to my nephew. Still, at the end of the night, alone, I can't help but miss love. Think of Marty. Play old songs. Wish I had someone to love me. The world is big, but it's also a microsome. What defines a world event that impacts us? It could be a breakup or death; a protest or a dinner. How has my heart been moved? By the loss of the love I want, the horrific presence of that which replaces it, and the sweet honey of those who hold the space for me, while I live, praying for G-d to fill my life with laughter and love again.

Trump running for president is causing me to lose sleep and feel really stressed out. I am afraid for the culture, the economy, the safety of all people. He is a narcissistic racist, misogynist, xenophobic psychopath. If he wis I am so afire for the future of the world.

The Black Lives Matter (BLM) racsist moment has wrecked civility and created more disharmony in the nation since the 1960's. This time, old predijests have been brought out of the shadows by the BLM taking issues against people of NON-BLACK skin color. I know and understand the oppression of black people with their sordid history in the foundation of our country. However, no one is holding them back except themselves, they have the right to vote, bare arms, and every protection granted under our consittution. Instead of taking ownership of their circumstances and seeking a better way of life, they seek handouts from the government which keeps them entitled just enough to stay out of the workforce. When you subsidize anything you get more of it. If you are paying welfare benefits and not holding people accountable for moving into jobs, you are financing idleness. Idleness leads to resentment which breeds fear which leads to HATE. Work ethic provides people with hope for a future and the concept of purpose. Unfortunately, our government has become the financier of this HATE with the promise of fixing these broken communities through tax and redistribution policies. When the promises line the pocket of the mayors and local government officials instead of actually fixing things, it creates a kegs of BLM powder that only needs a spark. And now the sparks are flying in every major city where democrats happen to be in control.

An event that seems to come up a lot in society is bullying and suicide, which is stemmed from it. My motto in life is be kind, always. You just never know what effect your words will have on others, good or bad. It makes me so sad that people can be that crewel to say things that could lead to another individual taking their own life. Bullying needs to be stopped! It's senseless! As a teacher and a sensitive soul myself, I know how careful we have to be with what we say and how we treat others. I am so glad that I am in a profession that can help children to feel great about themselves and give them the feeling of being special and amazing. We need these feelings as children to go on to be well adjusted adults. I hope I make a difference to some of the souls I come into contact with.

Bernie Sanders. He came onto the political scene and really began a revolution. Right now there is a huge fight between Hilary and Donald - but it is really Bernie Sanders who made the greatest impact. In many ways he changed my life because I've become a lot more interested in politics and my own community. Before I really didn't think much about Marysville. But when I started thinking about how I could make an impact like Bernie I realized it has to start locally. I've actually given some thought to running for Mayor of Marysville. Not right away, but maybe down the line. Overall, this election has been intense. With the idea that the first woman in history may become President is pretty amazing. However, the fact that she is running against someone so wholly unacceptable and isn't just knocking it out of the ball park is a concern for our world as a whole. Sadly, there has been a lot of bombings, destruction, and Hurrican's. I've become fully desensitized to these issues and that makes me sad. However, HaShem has sent me some amazing signs. Today I went to the funeral of a woman named Lilly Almo z'l. She was a survivor of the Holocaust and went onto having a beautiful and caring family. If she can do that what am I waiting for with my life? The other person who died this year that really struck me was Abby Calvo z'l. A beautiful woman who died WAAY too young - leaving behind young children and a husband. She would give anything to be here and I am wasting my life eating crap on the couch. Part of my new year, my 5777 is to no longer waste my life. If I can't do it for myself maybe I can do it for Abby and Lilly.

The killing of unarmed black men has had a negative impact on our society. This impact affects me as I have a lot of black men in my life that I care deeply about. Therefore, I try to include them in my prayers. Why? My boyfriend and many of my cousins tend to be "hot-heads," meaning they are quick tempered and or very defensive. I also include my brother in my prayers as this event has caused many to retaliate against law enforcement. I even pray for my younger cousins who despite their age, have grow up in a society where they must fear law enforcement.

It was last week. Colombian Peace Treaty and the referendum that took place afterwards. While I don't live in Colombia anymore, it really hurt me that the majority of voters, by a small percentage decided for continuing the war, but even more that so many people didn't care to even vote. It made me lose hope on my country.

The #feesmustfall protest and demonstrations in South Africa and at UCT. I haven't been at work in 3 weeks. It may sound like a holiday, but it's not. The course needs to be taught, exams need to be written, but most of all, the uncertainty of what is going to unfold is unsettling. Will I be paid my salary next month? Will I even have a job there? What will the state of our universities look like in years to come.

no doubt that the Clinton Trump campaign has really affected me. It's scary to think that someone as intelligent as my brother would entrust the USA to a buffoon like Trump. It's affected so much, even my job, because democrats are so focused on electing Hillary that they are donating less to NIF and Shatil's budget has been cut. I hope to mentioning President Clinton the 2nd by next year.

The Presidential race began in earnest this past year. For the first time in my life I became involved with politics. I felt enthusiastic and very strong in my support for my candidate. He did not win the nomination, but really created a movement of people who want real change and reform. Unfortunately, for the first time in my adult life, I cannot vote for either candidate. I'm sad and concerned as I have no one to vote for, and whoever becomes the next President will not work towards changing things for the betterment of all. The world is unpredictable. I'm worried for my future and the future of my children. The campaigns exposed so much deceit, bigotry and hatred. I feel helpless to fix it.

The 2016 presidential campaign has made me more exasperated than I could have imagined. I'm tired of so many things about the news stories, the obsession with things that don't matter, and the gross ideas that it has put forward. I really hope and pray that it all leads to electing Hillary Clinton and putting this chapter behind us, and reshaping the party system.

Prince dying. Very sad. Still so beautiful with so much potential and future.

I have become depressed and demoralized by the phenomenon of the Trump campaign, and the sickness that has taken hold of so much of this country. I remember thinking -- following one of the past year's mass shootings or other acts of violence that have become commonplace -- madness is contagious. And it's true. The bar has been lowered now in ways that I fear will be hard to reverse. Donald Trump has brought a level of soullessness, casual cruelty, cynicism and hatred to the public conversation that impacts my every day. In the past I've found comfort in engaging in the political process and in working to beat back the forces of reaction. I have involved myself this election as well, but it doesn't make me feel good. I feel stained by any engagement I have with the preposterous figure of Donald Trump, even in opposition. I have experienced my first anti-Semitic attacks online from my involvement in anti-Trump organizing, and I know that the hateful impulses he given license to and encouraged will not disappear after he loses the election. It is all so destructive and selfish and sad.

No such event happened

I don't think it's one event, but the lack of care for human life around the globe is just increasingly hard to fathom. From #BlackLivesMatter to the shelling of civillians in Aleppo to the inane statements from the Philippine president to the soft-target terrorist attacks in Paris and Brussels and California and NJ, there just seems to be a general lack of care and value for human life. It creates a hopelessness, what can you do in the face of these actions. It also creates a fearlessness, to make you want to live life fully, to meet and greet as many folks as you can, and to travel and experience as much of this planet's places and cultures are you can.

So much has happened in the world this year. The one closest to home is that Cuba is no longer on the embargo list and no longer on the terrorist watch list. It impact is that I get to see a different perspective from outsiders on this. the struggle of my people is an intense and deep one. there are so many opinions on it all and to see others calling it a beautiful city and blah blah blah does not convey that people understand the censorship and depravity that my people have gone through. seeing that fashion show in habana was such a slap in the face. this is an extremely poor country that has this beautiful culture, yes i give you that, but to flaunt your expensive ass fashion down their streets but not allow people to go past the designated areas? what does that really mean? its amazing that they now have this new tourism that can provide more money to feed that, but that a person working for Too Fast Too Furious for one day make more than what they make in a month?! this is the plight of my people and i think its hard for others to understand what it means to grow up in oppression. idk its such a deep mess theyre in its extremely hard to quite place my finger on what i feel.

The crisis in Syria has had a profound impact. It has helped me to think globally. It has forced me to think of my place in the world as an American. We, as a people, have become arrogant, ignorant and entitled. As children in countries around the world run from bombs and search for clean water we sit here in our safe homes and complain about taxes. The average American knows more about Kim Kardashian than the war in Syria. Climate change is incredibly worrisome. The election has been a horrifying display of how divided we are as a country. It will be incredibly interesting to see where the next year takes us. Unfortunately I do not have a lot of optimism about the future.

Donald Trump being successful in his presidential run. I know this sounds like it only affects the US, but I do think if he becomes president, the world will change for the worse. I'm very afraid what will happen with the world if the US elects it's president based on what seems to be a reality show.

I was very impacted by: Mindfulness Yoga Microbiome research Live dirty, eat clean movement Fighting for better parental leave and benefits Sustainability and Play-Based curriculum at Compass Compass in general Tiny houses in Ithaca Hiking and nature Crazy Sexy and Adrienne Loving Kindness meditation GRATITUDE PRACTICE

The shootings of blacks by police is shocking, and that a man like Trump could rise that high. We cant kill our citizens, a police state is the opposite of what America is about, though we live in a republic we are not Iran, a state of fear where we get our hands cut off for stealing. Essentially if youre the wrong color and in the wrong place and you dont behave you are doomed. Years ago people used to speak of the ugly american and just when I thought we had moved past that the ugliest of all americans garnered a lot of traction and is running for president. I wonder how can people be so blind and follow an ignorant narcissistic bully. On the other hand it looks as though hes going to lose so I have faith.

There has been so much tragedy in the world this year; Paris, Florida, cop violence; that these haven't affected me personally but it makes you think that life is shorter than you think, and to make the best of it,

I can't pick one event - the events of the world always have an impact on me - generally to remind me of how incredibly fortunate I am and to give me perspective that any of my struggles have been so manageable and have gifted me with strength and recillience.

The Syrian conflict...for awhile the NYT instagram feed had a reporter out there. I wish that the pictures had wider distribution, maybe it would change how countries around the world respond. When I look at those pictures, I think, it could be us. What would we do? How far would we go?

The first thing I thought of was politics and the only two choices we have in the presidential election in a few weeks. The past 8 years under Obama have been horrible and electing Hillary Clinton would just be more of the same. Donald Trump, on the other hand, is saying and bringing to the forefront so many things that people have wanted to voice but have been stifled from doing so because of "political correctness". However, Trump has not professed to being a born again Christian, and has said many things that show that. I believe he is the lesser of two evils and believes more along the same lines, that I do. Ultimately, the decision is in God's hands. Of course the increase in worldwide war and terrorism is a concern as it worsens all the time. The thing that disturbs me the most, however, is that day by day our Christian rights are being taken away from us. Prayer was removed from schools years ago and now public and government places cannot display the 10 commandments. Gay marriage has been approved in all states. transgendered persons are being recognized and given rights such as one bathroom for all. The rebel flag has been desecrated and taken down from southern government buildings. Football players, and others have started refusing to respect the flag and the pledge of allegiance to the American flag, etc., etc.. It all makes me angry and sad, but at the same time, I know that these things are just a fulfillment of the bible and must happen before Jesus' return.

There are too many killings of black men by police officers. I mean one would be too many and it is horrific when anyone is killed by anyone else for any reason. That said, there are so many killings of black men that it is not possible that it is a coincidence anymore. Is there institutional racism in policing? I guess so, but what about the black cops who do some of the killing? Is that also racism? I guess it could be. I feel naïve saying it this way, but this is my actual thought process about it. I was particularly affected by the man who was killed in his car while his wife...or girlfriend...watched and put it on Facebook Live and his small child was in the back seat watching. That child watched a police officer kill her (his?) father. That child has to live with that forever now. I have no real idea what I can do to help with this horrific situation, but I would love to find something. This is just absurd.

The U.S. Presidential Election. I ALWAYS vote. Usually moderate right. Considering not voting; but how would that help? Wishful thinking says that there should be two worthy candidates with opposing views. Instead we have one sort of worthy candidate with some views I abhor, and one fool of a candidate with lots of views I abhor. Then there are the third party candidates. One of whom doesn't seem to be paying attention but has views I agree with. Do I vote against my values to avoid a fool for President? Do I vote some of my views to make a statement even though I know it's a throw away vote? Do I abdicate one of my roles a citizen? Do I just hold my breath, believe that a president has limited power and in four years we get to start over.

The shooting at Pulse nightclub in Orlando stood out for me among the other violent killings this year because it intersected with issues of violence and hatred towards both gay people and latino people. I'm gay and my father is Mexican, and I felt that I was able to imagine what the last minutes of the victims lives might have been like in a way I usually can't (or don't, at least) with other victims of mass shooting and police violence.

I was more aware of the primaries than in a long time. I really felt good about the Bernie Sanders campaign. As I write, we are all just praying Dems turnout to vote in a month, so Hillary and not the Donald, is in the Oval Office. I feel spiritually tired. There really was huge election fraud. There is a bit of cool facing election of first woman president, but mostly pretty cynical about the whole shebang. In other news, I am very excited about my work. I am pretty good at it. I have only had a bipolar meltdown once, and Jesus was manager and very cool about it. It was super hot, even inside, that day. I am observing people, keeping my mouth shut, and making alright money delivering pizzas. I can buy treats or groceries, with less problems than before I had a bit of cash. It makes a difference buying materials to fix the house. Gives me confidence, restores some self esteem, allows for plenty of thinking time In a quiet car, if I want. I am hoping I get my basic in the world confidence back. Like seeking for stuff in a dark closet. This makes the interim while we fix and sell the place more pleasant, and more possible. I have not been to the foodbank since I started this in May. So, finding and keeping the half time job has given me focus in my off time, pocket change, and some practice just being a person in the world. My mental health is improved, but my eight is not yet going down. Time to add daily walks, again, now that the weather is cooler.

In a world of being constantly connected, I am disconnected from world politics. The Brexit was huge and made me so disappointed in politics and public opinion and even more frustrated with our own political system and the money we spend on lengthy campaigns.

Too many events were hate filled, making me very sad, worried, stressed, anxious, discouraged yet prayerful and cautious not to add to the insanity. I believe humans are better than we've been collectively behaving - I just don't know how to inspire others (sometimes myself) to be motivated to live to their own positive potential.

Elections. I am more depressed, dejected, and terrified than usual. TRUMP? REALLY?! And my neighbors are okay with endorsing him? As a hispanic pansexual female living under the poverty level, it terrifies me that a man who is willing to take away ALL of my rights and who publicly and shamelessly bullies all people is so close to gaining power. I fear for myself and my kids (all girls). I've never Godwinned before this man, but that's what we're heading toward, and it's sent my PTSD and anxiety spiralling. I did quit facebook though, and that's been the best thing I ever could have done.

Migrants. There are two sides to every coin, some are genuine and some are not. Shame there isn't a genuineness test.

This has been the longest election season that I can remember, and it's been vicious. The election hasn't happened yet, and I fear for our country. If Donald Trump is elected, well, I don't know what will happen. It seems terrifying to me. I am totally caught up in the news, with every breaking detail about how terrible he is. It's hard to look away. And I wonder - have I done what I can to ensure that he doesn't win the presidency?

Donald Trump getting the nomination of the Republican party---unbelieveable that such an misogynistic, nasty, impulsive narcassist could possibly win the Presidency is very scary, and embarassing to me as an American citizen

Well, this is Election year...and it has impacted us all. It's like watching SNL - every single day. I'm pretty embarrassed that we've come to this point for America. I don't know what will become of us. I suppose we just have to make the best of it. Who knows...we may end up being one of the countries that ends up in total upheaval like Syria. Though I don't know if it will ever get so bad here that people will truly get into their revolution mode and do something about it - as we have it pretty good here in our country - and things have to get unbearably uncomfortable for anything to truly happen.

I am very troubled by the Syrian refugee crisis. I look at all of my friends, my associates and even more, at the service providers who take good care of me, and I see a nation made of immigrants. I listen to this idiot running for president and how hateful he is toward immigrants and I think, why are these good people hated? Why are they left homeless and dying, literally!" trying to find a better life. This country was founded on a dream that all could come here and make a good life. We have a beautiful statue in New York's Harbor that cries out, "Give me Your Tired, Your Poor!" I just want to gather them together and bring them here to breath and live.

I am bothered by many things in the world including the Syria refugee crisis, ISIS, ISIS rape of captive women, Hamas, and the Palestinian stabbings of Israelis and their attitude of intolerance towards Israel (like their upset at Abbas going to Peres' funeral).

the election. the candidates. i harbor fear.

The death of black men in this country has got my attention. And the Pulse shooting. And the athlete activism around these efforts -- Mizzou, WNBA players, Kaepernick. And Trump running for president.

The events in Syria impact me. All the people fleeing on those dangerous boats trying to get to Greece and then walking for miles to Germany. To see the grace and generosity of the German people fills my heart. But the resistance in the States to having Syrian refugees here, including from a colleague who works closely with teens who are refugees, surprised, saddened, and angered me. The anti-immigrant sentiment and anti-Muslim prejudice seems almost tangible, something solid in the air that I can touch. And then with Donald Trump getting all this support....I'm shocked and dismayed that someone with such obvious hateful attitudes towards so many people would be so esteemed here.

The rise of the Black Lives Matter Movement and the seemingly unending public and not so public executions of unarmed black people (children, women, men) has been a great burden on us. A friend of my family was murdered by police. He was kind and gentle. Terrence Sterling will not be forgotten.

Still the war in Syria and the migration of people from Africa. The horrors continue unabated and I feel powerless to help. We donated money to medical missions in Syria but I wonder sometimes if it even makes a difference. I feel like I am failing my fellow human beings.

The big event of this year is the 2016 election and the rise of Donald J. Trump. It blows my mind that he has gained so much support. I do not think he will win, but he has done so much damage to the country trying. The other way to look at it, is he has exposed an under class in america that is so angry and disconnected to education and opportunity. God help us all if he wins, but I think that is very unlikely.

Donald Trump is running for president and could get elected It is hard to believe a man so flawed is so close to 'leading' this country. It makes me very scared

The current political race is truly depressing. One has experience, but a bad track record. The other is business driven and a monster. Will this effect my future? How about my families? I for one, will not be participating in the election in this year. I can't imagine voting for either of them even though I'm a democrat. I cannot stand to watch the news, see viral videos/stories that are on social media.

Donald Trump becoming the Republican party's nominee for president of the United States. It is unbelievable. I cannot understand how people who are otherwise sane and responsible can support this man. I have been forced to reexamine some of my basic assumptions about the world. I must be an idiot for thinking that people are generally thoughtful, reasonable and interested in gathering information to understand important issues before making a decision. It is appalling to think that he may become president. And frightening.

Donald Trump becoming a candidate for the presidency. Horrific. I am really concerned about the direction my country, my society, seems to be going. Even if he is defeated, his rise and run have shredded the social fabric and it will take years to repair the damage. How can facts not matter any more? How can civility be abandoned so thoroughly and violence and hatred spread so casually?

Oh my God, Donald Trump. I am so distressed for our country and what could happen. I am shocked by the reactions of some of my fellow citizens and I am saddened by how people on both sides feel free to mock and denigrate candidates on the other side, as well as our president and first lady. I am so sad for us as a nation.

I guess it would be the Brexit discussion. My second home being in southern England, I hoped for the British to stay in the EU. I don't like the effects on the future of my friends or my travels there.

The ongoing horror of crimes against the detainees at Guantanamo Bay prison--I still fast one day a week (since June 2013) do research and send an emailed update on issues around the crimes the USA is committing to my peace group and friends, and make phone calls to elected and appointed US Govt. officers. The Syrian Immigration crisis The rise of Trump/Fascism/politics of fear & hatred The ongoing climate change and the human resistance to facing it. All of the above seem to me to be coalescing into one gathering storm. I often feel like we (all humans) are near a breaking point--our common heart must break open, or we will all be swallowed by fear/anger/violence. My Torah reading, all the teachings, all the blessings and all the curses--these all seem more essential to me as my guides.

There's really no events in the world that don't impact me or make me feel some way. But I would say that the conflict in Syria has really reinforced a lot of my feelings about how capitalism and imperialism has made us western folks who already feel powerless over their own governments actions feel even more powerless.

The election is impacting me and what seems like somnambulist feminism is also affected me as we as a society look at how we feel about women in leadership. The presidential election is insane and scary. I am also responding to the Black Lives Matter movement.

Hillary Clinton became the first woman to ever win the nomination for POTUS from a major political party. Third party candidates do not count, as under the electoral college, they have no chance of ever winning, so yay for Jill Stein, et al., but they could never win. Hillary Clinton can win. Hillary Clinton might win. I have my heart set on the idea that Hillary will win. I had waited for that moment my entire life. That moment when I would watch a woman, standing at the podium of the Democratic Party National Convention, and be voted in as the nominee, and accept the nomination. My. Entire. Life. I remember when Brittany was an infant in 1992, I would hold her, and talk to her about how women won the right to vote in 1920, and I wanted her to grow up knowing that someday women would have equality and she could be the President of the United States. Britanny did not grow up to be a feminist at all, sadly. She spends her time in cocktail dresses getting drunk and looking for wealthy boyfriends, and we have no relationship whatsoever as she wants nothing to do with me her mind having been long brainwashed into hating me by her mother, and probably also by my father. So I didn't share that moment with her or with Jessica. But I shared it with millions of women on the internet, via Facebook and Twitter. I shared it with Tynkr and Linda when talked about how meaningful and how very important and monumental it was. How young women don't appreciate how monumental it was. Young women who don't understand about coat hanger abortions and suffragists getting forced feedings do not understand that we are one of the First World countries in the world to NOT have ever had a female president. Our Presidents are considered the "leaders of the free world", and every single 44 of them have been male, while 52 percent of the voters are female. This is, quite obviously, the definition of inequality and injustice. It NEEDS to be corrected. We DESERVE a woman in the White House. And I don't CARE if someone says I just want her there because she has a vagina. I want her there because she's qualified, because she was the Secretary of State, a Senator from New York, an advocate for women and children around the world for 30 years, a lawyer, a Harvard/Radcliffe grad, a woman who understands diplomacy and who handles herself with dignity and confidence and grace. Her opponent is the most arrogant, misogynistic, bigoted, racist, idiotic, fat-shaming, horrific, uneducated, underqualified, completely ridiculous and inept piece of shit on the planet and I would love to leave this country if he gets elected, but I can't afford to. It saddens me that there are so many bigots in this nation cheering him on despite his hate speech. It made me sick watching him scream over Hillary's voice in the first debate. Trump is scum personified. I despise that man. Hillary is qualified to be POTUS. She's the only one running who is. And she's the only woman who has EVER COME CLOSE to getting there - behind those Oval Office doors, behind that desk, in that seat where a woman so rightly belongs and has belonged for hundreds of years. It has bothered me so much seeing the Trump campaign that I have often ignored the Presidential race during the year. When Bernie was running and all those Bernie bots were trashing Hillary as if they were Republicans themselves, and then after she won the nomination, when they booed her and when they said they would vote for Trump and not her, it sickened me. The hatred of women runs so deep in this patriarchy. The fear of women's power runs so deep. The fear of a woman who is as powerful and as intelligent and as qualified as any man runs so deep, people cannot handle it. Some people, anyway. I hope those people are the minority. #ImWithHer #StrongerTogether #Clinton2016

Donald Teump's campaign. I feel sickened by the reality that people vote for him, regardless of the racist, misogynist, violent things he says. It makes me feel sad, scared, and nauseous. I feel afraid of future generations, young people today learning all the things he does are ok, what will they be like tomorrow? It seems like rape and violence can only increase.

The presidential campaign is the most significant world event that I can think of that is or will have a direct impact on me. As a federal employee the prosp ct of Donald trump being elected is quite worrisome. Of course it is worrisome. As an American and an earthling as well. We have watched the debat s, having watch parties when possible. We keep up with the news and really should be helping the opposition campaign.

The coming election is definitely a big deal. I am very proud to support Hillary, and I have also been exposed to a lot of hatred and negativity surrounding her campaign that makes me very unhappy and very uncomfortable. I've become a lot more firm in my conviction that I need to be straightforward in my convictions and social liberalism.

Oh gosh, once again it's the ongoing war in Syria and the resultant refugee crisis. I literally want to scoop up every poor child risking their life trying to escape, and my heart breaks hearing about/seeing the children suffering in Aleppo. I want to take them into my home. Not kidding.

Trump. Trump has made me feel like the country is even worse than I thought, and I had lived in a rural, homophobic, racist, misogynistic community for a year.

Donald Trump for president. I feel ashamed to be American.

I am astounded and horrified about Trump being a presidential candidate. What with all the war horrors and environmental horrors and terrorist lunatics/small minds/barbarians hatefulness and horrors that are also ongoing in this world, if I were religious I would think this might just be the Hell planet.

This fucking election, man. I'm having and hearing conversations about privilege, race relations, feminism, etc. with people I NEVER would have guessed that I would. I'm simultaneously pruning the fuck out of my social media because I can't handle any of the trump level ignorance. I know that there are a lot of people in the US who stand with Trump and all of his narcissism, lies, and hate; having to hear about it day in and day out really exhausted me and makes me afraid to live here. I am fearful of my neighbors who now feel empowered to flaunt how much they don't give a fuck about people other than themselves. What does this mean for the future?!?!

Everything and nothing impacts me. I have a hard time with the wording here. I'm emotionally impacted by so many things, and try hard not to be. I am mostly impacted negatively emotionally by the world events as they are presented on our news. I would love to see more positive world news presented so that we would have a more balanced view.

This past year there several African-American men and women have died at the hands of law enforcement officers. While some may want to argue their guilt or innocence, that doesn't change the fact that officers shot to kill under often suspicious circumstances. The rise of our young people and the continued growth of the Black Lives Matter movement makes me proud. Their activism and refusal to let the world ignore what is happening inspires me.

The ongoing violence throughout the world makes me realize how vulnerable I, and all of us, are. While I don't go around thinking that a bomb is going to explode in my path at any moment, the knowledge that millions of innocent people are in harms' way all the time is sobering and frightening. In addition, the 2016 presidential race in the US has been marked by vicious lies and lewd comments and behavior by the Republican candidate, Donald Trump. It is beyond imagining that a vile, inexperienced, narcissistic buffoon like him could be nominated. And it is beyond imagining that he has a following. This particular emperor wannabe has no clothes. That he is the nominee has made the election this year not what it should be - a difference of policy opinion and priorities: it has become a dangerous circus and I am sickened by it.

Climate change. I have not been directly impacted but I cannot turn on the news without hearing a report about something that cannot be tied to climate change. I don't understand people who cannot see what is happening or in fact do see and won't do anything to fix this. This frightens me to no end. I worry for all our futures.

The violence and terrorism in Israel was horrible this year. There were so many stabbings that it became normal. THANK G-d before the summer the stabbings came down in number but while it was happening it was so scary. They were everywhere and anywhere to anyone. That really shook me up when I heard about them.

The US election has become a circus. I am concerned lest Donald Trump becomes president, yet Hillary is a deeply flawed candidate who might not put the lower and middle income earners first, (let alone those who have no jobs) despite her promises. The Americans don't seem to realize (or care) that their choice of president affects not only them, but the world. Half of them didn't have the good sense to appreciate Barack Obama, who despite his shortcomings in Syria, was an outstanding president. The last thing we need is a president who will widen the gap between the 1% and the rest of the world's people.

I think I have been really affected by the political situations in Europe, the US and the Philippines. The world has gone a bit crazy. Perhaps we are at critical mass.Too many people and not enough resources We need to pull our heads in significantly.

All I can think about is how low we've sunk add a country that DT is a presidential nominee. He is a horrid, disgusting man who embraces everything I detest about men. I am so sickened by our citizens that allow and want him to win and it causes me despair.

Nothing comes to mind that specifically happened this year, I think the Malaysian Airlines plan went missing over a year ago. But I did watch a documentary this year called True Cost. It's about unethical clothing and the lives that it costs to have cheap clothing which makes CEOs rich but kills those in poverty. It did impact me, it made me feel even more strongly about doing what is possible not to support corporate greed. These feelings were fueled the most initially by Russell Brand's Emperors New Clothes documentary, but that wasn't about fashion, it was about corporate greed. I think it affected me a lot because I have such a strong values based personality and use values to guide how I live.

Trump vs. Clinton. So dismaying and discouraging.

Donald Trump running for President. Makes me feel the American population is easily manipulated and has no sense of history. It is frightening.

Trump. Trump, Trump, Trump. He has done more harm to my relationships with other human beings than anyone I can remember. Saw a tweet last night that said that the only way Trump could alienate his supporters would be if he said he actually respects women. I saw something else from a supporter who said that they didn't share values, but shared concerns. I get that, but the man is horrible. Beyond horrible.

The War in Iraq. It drives me crazy to see so many innocents slaughtered, it makes me want to join our nation's armed forces so I can take the fight to ISIS.

The election. People who support the bigoted and horrible Donald Trump. And seeing the intense sexism that we are all indoctrinated with (myself included) about Hillary Clinton. The election is next month and I am concerned but hoping for the best.

The liberal ideals of love, human decency, respect, and education have failed. Briton voted to Brexit from the European Union, ultra-right racist parties have thrived and are winning record votes. European countries which accepted refugees last year have closed their boarders and in the U.S. the rise of Donald Trump and the alt right movement has taken hold. Trump's candidacy truly allows us a glimpse into the 1930's Germany. His calls for banning Muslims, his comments about Black neighborhoods, his commitment to being a "law and order" candidate smack of history. While I do not believe that he equates to Hitler, I do believe that racism and xenophobia are dangerous forces that justify cruelty, indifference and violence.

The flight of refugees from Syria. The need to flee is so far from my reality, the violence, fear and war that make fleeing an option is something i cannot believe humans would inflict on each other. The initial welcoming and help by a few most human humans demonstrate the love and peace that we are all capable of.

Donald Trump, holy shit. The character is a walking news cycle, and even if I could escape it I cannot look away. In no particular order: ..proposed policies codify institutional racism; ..language, behaviors endorse bigotry in the form of "political incorrectness"; ..attitude toward other world powers and especially with regard to alliances and nuclear weapons is dangerous; ..past business dealings show a record of rule breaking, cover ups, self-promotion, that are inappropriate for the US head of state; ..inability to work with others outside of a negotiation. Does not listen, and fires his dissenters; ..total misogynist. ..hot head ..disliked by his own party. Yes, I know there is a large disaffected portion of the USA who desires change and likes outside of the Washington establishment better than anyone in it. But how how how can they ignore these red flags? Are they all as bad as he is, do they just not care, or do they think Clinton is actually worse? I'm ready for it to be over, but only if Trump is not elected.

This will be a common answer: Donald Trump's run for presidency. Terrible reality of life right now.

All the shootings of African Americans by police officers. All the terrorist attacks and bombings from Paris to Turkey to right here in Chelsea. Why can't the people in the world just love and respect each other?

Trump getting as far as he has, is making me really think hard about how I could help people understand about love and compassion. To see so many people supporting him, and to feel the sheer fear of him representing our country - has made me think that a leader needs to emerge who has compassion. I think too, that this period in time matches pre war Germany --- this time, perhaps Muslims are the target instead of Jews. It is very scary indeed.

The election. The underbelly of our society has been exposed. Scary to see the racism, sexism, anti-semitism homophobia, etc. in so many of my fellow citizens.

Trump being the Republican presidential candidate. I absolutely can't believe the America public's values reflect this. It's really sad and disheartening. For the first time in my voting life, I'm not voting. I'll just deal with who ends up with who wins but not have it on my conscience for the vote, since I can't vote for the other side. America is more angry than I thought.

I feel like Hillary Clinton has impacted me. I found so much strength in her because of everything she has been through. Her resilience despite everything inspires me every day. I really hope she becomes president, simply because I need to know that every time that I was told to be quiet and be more like the other girls that I was justified.

I've been trying to wrap myself around the facts that I am a white woman who inherently has privilige. I don't have to worry about how people see my skin color. I'm never going to be defined by my skin color. Pulse really broke my heart because those are my people, even though I don't know who I am myself. Also, there have been so many shootings and killings that almost everyone is forgotten.

To be real, all of the events that have impacted me most this year have happened to me or to my immediate community. Rape, suicide, betrayal, illness, unemployment - these are some of the things that have touched the people I'm close to this year. I have been observing events in the world - particularly the presidential election race between two scary candidates and the unrelenting murder of black folks by police - from a kind of comfortable distance. I don't feel proud of or good about my distance from these things. But I actually don't know how to survive my own shit and be helpful or of service in confronting these issues. I hope to work my way back there. I want to be useful, and I want to use my white privilege for good. Witnessing and knowing isn't enough. But this year it was all I could give.

All the terrorist attacks around the globe, ISIS, pollution, politicians... Stupid, stupid people of the world! All of us. We could all be so happy, but no...we're morons, bigots, fundamentalists, haters, power freaks, greedy bastards, self-destructive pricks. I have a friend who believes in enlightenment, in what she calls "the shift". She believes that the world is about to be transformed into something wonderful. I don't. The world is just as insane as it has always been and humans as in the entire race will never evolve into something truly spiritual and caring.

How will we get through this election season? May we forget about a specific candidate by this time next year.

The terror attacks in France and the US elections. They reinforced my world view that the world is more polarized than ever. IS this really true? Are we moving away from European enlightenment ideals. If so what will take their place? I worry that even when you agree in the majority of issues with someone else, and even your friends, this is enough for a consensus.

Brexit. It made me realise that surrounding yourself with people that reinforce your own world view does not help in understanding the society that you live in. Europe is an amazing continent. I am proud to be European. Let's hope that she keeps her feet on the ground and stays strong. I want to be part of it, I am part of it. I will not be defined by what some of my home country has chosen. I am a Londoner, and most importantly A EUROPEAN!

Haiti just had another disaster. I'm wrapped up in it again, but this time I feel better equipped. I am peripherally traumatized, have wept, and also I feel a new sense of direction and imperative. We have a lot of work to do now. Hopeful. We can do something.

More and more gun violence, and more and more terrorist attacks. It's scary. It doesn't make me not want to have another child, but it does make me really sad about the state of the world and the US>

This election has really impacted me. I can't believe people in general, people I know and love, can actually be Donald Trump supporters. I understand Hillary isn't liked, but there is nothing good about Donald Trump. He is a hateful, sexist, xenophobe who doesn't want to fix the problems in this country, but wants to exploit them for his own sick benefit. He is disgusting. But he's not losing by as much as he should be. It makes me sad that people agree with him. Who are we?

The increase in gun violence and terrorism has made me both fearful and grateful. Fearful for the future, for my family, for any one innocent being in the wrong place at the wrong time. Grateful for feeling generally very safe in my home, community, city , state and country. Awareness of what I can control and what I can't, where I can make a difference (starting with peace in my home) and where I can bring God into to help me feel at peace.

The first thing that comes to mind are all of the shootings that have happened, the local terrorism which is heartbreaking and so hard to believe in spite of how rampant this has been and has grown over the years. Also the coming to terms with how many people experience grief and how it has changed them and just how much this is part of our human experience. And the work that people like Bryan Stevenson and Angelica Salas continue to do on behalf of the people that need them and to change very broken and painful systems in our country and inadvertently world wide.

This year, the violence with cops and black men has been astounding. And so, so disturbing. It has made me so mad when I see what's going on. It impacted me greatly because I know that it will affect the students I work with so much. It's not right, it's not fair, and I hope in the next year it stops. Cops are just afraid of black men, and assume the worst intention. And it sucks so much, to watch life after life be lost. Even as a white Jewish woman, it affects me so much. In ways, sometimes I feel my own family doesn't quite understand. I will always support the Black community and will always feel strongly about this topic. I hope, I pray there will be justice and it ends soon.

The presidential campaign, of course. We've hit the nadir of our existence: seriously considering electing Hitler 2.0 to take over the country. Our Founding Fathers are whirling in their graves. And as a result, everyone is on edge all the time. No one trusts anyone else. How can you, when your family member or work associate will say with a straight face that they are happy to vote for a pathetic little bully because through him they can celebrate their own hatred of everything that has literally built this country to greatness?

Brexit. I felt personally betrayed by the vote - I didn't see it coming, it upset me that my country could do this, and it was an event that's going to have massive implications for me, the community, the children I teach, and everyone in the future.

The election. It has made me realize how important moral and ethic values are to me, and it has amazed me how people who consider themselves religious or spiritual can support a man like Trump

Oh so many... Terrorist attacks in several places are just heartbreaking. I don't let the fear take over because I don't want them to win, and I believe that all people are basically good. I refuse to let the reign (or rain) of terror deter me from doing anything. I go where I want, when I want, and I maintain a connection to my guardian angel. The acknowledgement of Black Lives Matter , or the need for it is also heartbreaking. It is depressing to realize the US has really not come all that far in relation civil rights since the 60s. But again I hold out hope, maybe this time we can make real and lasting changes. Not without hard work , love, and education but so much is possible I cant give up. And last, this election cycle in the US has been an eye opener. Bernie Sanders got so many people (millennials) up in arms and excited about voting. I love that, I wish I had had something to get me excited when I was their age. Donald Trump has also gotten people up in arms and excited about voting. I just hope and pray that those people will look long and hard at their candidate and see him for the blowhard, misogynist, racist, bigoted, Reality TV star that he is; and that he is entirely unprepared and unsuited for the Presidency. And last but not least, we have a real shot at having a woman President, not perfect, in fact flawed as most humans are, but totally prepared and well suited to be the President. It would be wonderful for the US to finally catch up with the rest of the world (or most of it) by electing a woman to the highest office in the land.

Ugh. Clinton and Trump. That these unsavory characters have risen to the position of the sole two options we have to lead our nation proves that our system is broken and corrupt beyond repair. There's a lot of comic relief around it, which helps to off-gas our disappointment and bewilderment. Our only true option for a real candidate was pushed out, tossed out like trash. It's Society of the Spectacle at its peak: when everything has become so false and artificial that all attempts at the sincere and true are perceived as inferior. Well, and also, Bernie didn't plan to allow big business to continue running the show, he wanted to put some power back into the hands of the people. He pointed out, even by his losing, that the system isn't made to work in our favor, that's something. But then we're left, like orphans, with these two ghoulish foster parents to choose from. I'd rather be a street urchin. I'd turn my nose up at both choices but there has to be one. So I'm holding my nose and voting for Hillary.

The rise of Donald Trump has impacted me (in a negative way) and the world. He is a despicable man, a liar, a misogynist, and a thief. The fact that he has risen to be the republican nominee for President of the United States is beyond my comprehension, and the fact that so many people are supporting him is horrifying to me.

The war in Syria. The people who have stayed. The people who have fled. The ones who have died, been injured, lost parents, children, siblings. The loss of trust. In their government. In any government. America's stingy acceptance of refugees, so scared are we of these people who have lost everything. I feel helpless. And guilty. How can I live my comfortable life (writing these answers on my Mac, in my dining room, on a Sunday afternoon!) when an entire society is being destroyed, physically, emotionally, culturally. I don't know how to be an effective citizen of this cruel world.

The open war on police officers across the country has affected both my husband and me this year, As a retired officer, my husband takes each death to heart. The "Back Lives Matter" movement infuriates both of us. ALL lives matter, and if the movement thought Black lives really mattered, they would work to stop the Black on Back carnage in places like Chicago. Not only are they a racist organization, but they are are also both anti-Israel AND anti-Semitic. They frighten me! I had hoped the election would bring out the best in people, but it has only brought out the worst. We need someone to unite us, not to pander to the lowest common denominator and divide us. We need a statesman (states person?) who will be a LEADER. I pray for our country.

You know, I can't think of one. I remain horrified by the violence perpetrated by Americans against Americans with their lack of ability to regulate their gun ownership. The devastation of cities and countries due to war and the displacement of hundreds of thousands of refugees and their treatment by "civilised" countries. The destruction of habitat that continues to make species extinct, despite what we know. These things leave me feeling horrified, devastated and useless since we should know better but nothing changes.

The Presidental election has caused desention between myself and two of my four children. I think having different points of view is OK. But ranting and raving makes me leave the room and want to hang up the phone! All the violence and suffering all over the world makes me strive to raise my consciousness and to let peace begin with me

Holy Crap - the Donald Trump shit show! I am still dumbfounded that the republican party chose this racist, misogynist as their nominee. I am answering this after his Access Hollywood hot mic tape was published - the one where he described being able to do whatever he wants "Grab them by the pussy" because he is a star. I have been seeing red for days. Right now the republican party is crapping their pants over how to handle this jerk. It is unfortunate what this nomination has done to the american politic.

I'm not sure. I don't really know what that means that I can't really think of a world event that has seriously impacted me. A lot of the bombings in Syria bother me and a lot of the ISIS issues and terrorism attacks really scare me, but I haven't been directly impacted by anything. Which I think I should feel really lucky about.

The mass shooting in Orlando, at Pulse. Nearly 50 people were killed. Shot while out for Pride, celebrating who they were. Hearing about it brought up fear for my safety. If this can happen in the US in 2016, then how can I leave my apartment with any assurance that I am going to be okay? I grew up feeling unsafe to express myself as felt most natural, and I moved to the Bay Area in order to step beyond that trepidation. I am so grateful to have had the space to nurture that confidence and sense of ease. It is humbling to feel that dissolve from the knowledge of an event thousands of miles away. Sadness and grief. It washed over me as I started reading about each of the victims and seeing their faces. They were queer people, young, leading different lives that all brought them to that night. They seemed good-hearted, beautiful, full of complexity and finding joy wherever they could. Human. And they knew the struggle of being queer. And they were enjoying a space where they could bask in the beauty of who they were. And they gave their lives for such an act. I came to memorialize them all as martyrs. They represent a powerful mass of courage to me. Each of them is no longer able to actualize their dreams, fulfill their potential, change the world, all because they were out toasting a part of who they were. All because of the choice of one. There is no place or moment when I can be certain of what will or will not happen. Yet, this is not enough of a reason to stay in, to keep quiet, to refrain from enjoying the freedom I have relative to those only decades ago. People have fought long and hard for their right to gather in public free from hate and harm - this is not something that should be relinquished so easily. It is a beautiful opportunity to express and rejoice. It is something that I do not want to take for granted. I was even more motivated to go out for Pride a few weeks later, because of the gift I realized that I had in the time and space to be myself. Not without fear, but with even more Joy.

The election. My sister and brother are Trump supporters.. I feel sad when I think of that. My sister tries to convince me that he is the best option. That HRC is fulfilling some sort of end of days bible thing. It's nuts.. her last message to me when I said she was wasting her time on me in regards to voting for Trump was "that is okay because we are not on the same page and we never talk anymore.. so no biggie".. !what! we dont agree on politics so our relationship is not important anymore?!?! what kind of sense does that make? Whatever.

The ongoing shootings of black men by police officers and the lack of justice for the victims' families has reminded me of how far we need to go as a country to address racism and fear.

As with every year, for many many years, the killing of unarmed Black men and women. I was even more affected because two were right in my area. It is disturbing, heart wrenching and makes me angry and sad. Flint, Michigen

This past year has been horrific, and it's not over yet. The primaries were disgusting and the campaign is even worse.

The Trump candidacy. Ugh. What a disgrace and distraction and time suck. I hope we can all recover from this.

I froze my eggs this year. While I am still struggling with being single at my age, it did help me feel free, at least for a little while. It helped me feel like I really did something to relieve the pressure off myself and to start appreciating the time I have to learn about myself and explore, that so many others, who are married with children, do not get.

This year is, I believe, the most horrifying presidential election of my lifetime. It has really caused me to think about the reality that those in power, not only in our country-but in the world are so egocentric, and many are sociopathic. It has made it so clear that we are heading in the direction of fear based thoughts and actions-and the destruction of our planet, which is so sad. My reaction to this is to do everything I can to grow the energy of love and healing to the best of my ability. I hope that I get to live to see the day when we can choose the best of the best to lead our country, rather than the lesser of two evils.

I believe that the US presidential election is the event that has had the most impact on me and has spurred me to greater political engagement. I have been disheartened by the tone of the rhetoric and the deep political divide that exists in our country and hope that by becoming more involved I might be able to make a small, but positive difference.

I'm sure the entire world has an opinion about the shaved orangutan that's attempting to hijack our presidency. The fact is, most nations are currently dominated by ignorant men who lack dignity and glorify brutality. It has to be proactively and unflinchingly addressed through non-violent and thorough activism. A cultural and political revolution that involves every race and religion is now coalescing. There WILL be changes and a paradigm shift.

FUCK TRUMP. And the pigheaded fucktards that even can fathom voting for him. I knew it would be an ugly election but this is so beyond the pale of sanity - truly. Forget the misogyny if you could, he's a wretched human being who has no idea what he is doing and it has been awful to be remotely conscious during this time.

Donald Trump as the Republican nominee. I despair for my country. First it was a joke now it's a horror story. How could this be my country, the country that I held to such high ideals?

There have been so many police shootings of unarmed black men. I am sure that they happened in years past, and the media was just not as attuned to them as they are now. But it makes me realize just how tricky it is to be a black man in America.

This has been an election year that I don't think anyone saw coming: a reality star, Donald Trump, was crowned as the Republican candidate for President of the United States. It's been an absolutely crazy run between him and Hillary. Even today as I write this, a video came out of him referencing a TV star, "I can grab em by the pussy". That man is running for president and has what appears to be almost half of the country behind him. I usually don't let elections run much of my life, as honestly it rarely has a big effect on me personally. This year, Hillary actually seems to be promising more for new parents in terms of tax breaks, so if I were to vote selfishly I should probably put my vote for her. What I am for certain though, is that it's getting harder for me to not promote the Anti-Trump campaign. This is a man that I really hope for the sake of our children doesn't become President of the United States of America. I want our kid to grow up with respect for a role like that, regardless of the party that is filling the role...and I don't think Trump deserves that level of respect. It's been a particular dividing issue between our families given that mom sides of our parents will still vote for Trump because whoever is elected will potentially be controlling 2-3 Supreme Court seats. I've shied away from bringing anything up because I know they're not proud that they have to vote for him, but I don't appreciate the small comments dad makes occasionally in not recognizing that.

The U.S. presidential campaign has terrified and enraged me by turns -- there is a literal actual fascist running for the office of chief executive. I feel like I'm living through 1933 and I don't know what to do. I am so glad I get to cast my vote for Hillary Rodham Clinton for president, I am appalled at the streak of misogyny that has exposed itself in the American left (Bernie Sanders was *not that much more progressive* than Clinton, and there are many areas where she has a better record than he does, fight me), I am so tired of the quadrennial realization that I live in a bubble where people think my queer Jewish disabled feminist female self is a person who deserves rights. Also Brexit. I love the UK so much, I love the place and the people, and it has basically set itself on fire. I am sad for my friends there, I am sad for the possible future living there I think I've lost, and I am really scared about what it means for the future of international relations.

This goddamn election. It is a circus. Worse that a circus. At least at the circus the animals appear trained– here they just go off the rails.

Brexit. Makes me very pessimistic for our common human future. And sad. Am afraid that the my civilization is unraveling. The loud mouths, populists, bydlo .. are taking over. Reason and civility cannot any longer contain them.

This election is really getting to me. I can't fathom how Trump has so many supporters. It's easy to say that I'm ashamed of this country and the people in it, but I also feel like that is a cop out. Zimbardo believes that good and evil run through all of us, and that either can be brought out by a myriad of different circumstances and environments. I like to think that Trump just brings out the bad in people, people who can also be good. I know right now my answer feels political and incendiary, but I think we will be able to look back and see that it is more than politics, than democrats and republicans. He makes hateful remarks and his actions follow. He angers me deep down in my bones, and I honestly haven't been able to listen to the debates or engage much in the campaigning because, to be honest, he triggers me in a bad way.

The presidential election (Trump v.s. Clinton) has absolutely impacted me. I have gone my whole life blissfully ignorant in terms of politics. This is my first opportunity to vote for a president and I am very frustrated that my vote will land in the midst of this clustercuss. On the bright side, I have become much more educated about my country and the systems that run it. In addition, I have been forced to confront some key issues in my own life that will inform my vote. That process has been very productive.

It's not really possible to pick one. 2016 has been a bit horrific for the world - Brexit, the US debates, so many terrorist attacks, mass gun shootings, deaths of many loved celebrities, hurricanes.... I try and take comfort in the fact that, despite appearances, by almost every measure the world is in fact getting better. Poverty is down, child mortality rates are down, maternal mortality rates are down, literacy rates are up, internet connectiviy rates are up, the number of girls in school is up... It's easy to see the bad, as that's usually big events. But in the small statistics, we are doing so much better than ever before.

THE UPCOMING PRESIDENTIAL ELECTIONS. Dealing with an insane presidential election while abroad has pushed me to learn more than ever about our political process and to be well informed. If people in every European country know about our elections, I need to be at least as well informed as they are, but ideally should know much more. Its a disservice to the US to be ignorant of what's happening in our own country - it would just confirm everyone's worst stereotypes of us. Instead I'm trying to read as much as I can, to understand what's happening and who our candidates are. I'm still not great, but I'm definitely far more educated than ever before - all in the name of being a better US citizen and a better representation of US citizens.

The continued butchery of innocent civilian Syrians and the world's deafening silence hangs on my heart. The Brexit vote also impacted my this year because I believe such a move to be good in the long run for England as well as Europe even if initially it will pose hardships.

Syria, refuge crisis: US response, world response, Arab response, left response. Disgusted with the lack of unified action, xenophobia, ignored suffering. Shows just how far we have to go to prevent civil war, work with people in need.

Just one?!? Not possible. It's felt a terrible year in so many ways. Syria, Yemen, and other dreadful conflicts; natural disasters, most lately the hurricane damage to Haiti where as yet unreached communities may have been completely wiped out; the rise and rise of Trump and post-truth politics; and, of course, and most immediately impacting me, Brexit. I just feel glad that my parents are both dead - they would have been devastated by this decision. It's made me feel very close to both of them, 11 years after the death of my father and 18 months after my mother's death.

THIS ELECTION. It is horrible, the absolutely worst imaginable fiasco of an election we can imagine. It has detached me from the political system as any sort of answer to problems in the world. It has made me realize we are quite capable of electing a fascist to an elected position in America. It has brought the worst we can be to the top of the table, brought out the hate and fear in people for each other and manifested it with hateful, hurtful words and actions. It makes those who believe in searching for truth, civility, love of all mankind, peace and unity STAND OUT so we must be FOCUSED, purposeful and tireless in our efforts to achieve peace in this world. It is up to all of us to build a better world, one step at a time, with purpose and vision. Our leaders are lost in their own world.

An event that is happening is the Presidential election. Both candidates are weak but heaven help us if Trump is elected...

I'm finally understanding what it means to be a woman in today's society. What it means to be a minority and a marginalized person. I never believed there was real sexism still, but now I see how systemic it is and how I perpetuate it as much as those who are 'in power'. Now I can work to assert myself in a fair way and hold those around me accountable for the fairness I want and deserve.

The election, the racial fights - this world gets worse and worse. Truly the world is the world. This year Adonai has, I don't know how to say it, but...opened my eyes a little bit on where we're at. Normally when people say Armageddon and talk about the end, people have been saying that for centuries. I barely read Revelations and it seemed very far off. I've watched some videos on Israel's history with Babylon & Persia and how history repeats in some ways. Also that God's Word is living and active, even for today. Now I'm in a class on Revelations, I've listened to Revelations on my own as well and read a lot more of scripture over the last couple years. (should read more) When people ask how many believe Jesus is coming soon, now I raise my hand - He probably is. No one knows the day nor the hour, but I keep thinking how much worse is it gonna get here. And I'm really disappointed in the way society has just let its values go and the sugar coating of words that goes on to get people who are falling asleep to slowly but surely accept corruption as a way of living, that corruption be the new norm and if you have a biblical viewpoint, you're a bigot or prejudice, or narrow minded. Can I ask you a question, so if God never changes - He's the same today, tomorrow and forever...those things that repulse Him, anger Him, irritate Him - when you and I go to face Him, is He going to care about people viewing Him as narrow minded or prejudice or wrong? Ultimately we will all face Him one day, grace is not a pass to live against His commandments. What I've come to realize about His commandments, beyond the command, there is life - there is a reason why He said do this, don't do that. Sometimes it's obvious but sometimes we look around and are like, "why not?" When we apply human logic to try to comprehend the why's and wherefores we run into trouble. I think about Eve. By human standards and the puzzle pieces she was being shown by the enemy, well it made sense and death didn't even seem in the vicinity - the serpent even said "you will not surely die." but once she sinned, death surely did come. Scripture says "there's a way that seems right to a man, but it's end is death." And Proverbs 20:24 "A person's steps are directed by the Lord. How then can anyone understand their own way?" Scripture also says that "no good thing does He withhold from those whose walk is blameless." - I struggle with infertility, and there was a time in my walk where I really felt that God was withholding a child from me. I prayed every which way, before, after, in the hopes of a late monthly visitor...and through the tears when it showed up late or the multiple negative pregnancy tests. Looking back, my relationship with Adonai has grown past these things, putting things into perspective - that's for sure. I wonder if He had just granted it right away, if we would enjoy the depth that we have now? I remember a dream I had a wicked long time ago. I was in the middle east in a house, and Jesus was sitting and His eyes were shut, clearly He was praying and I was sitting in front of Him going on with the list...the "laundry list" like why aren't You listening to me. And that's not what He's about, not what He's for, but how often do we treat Him like that - certainly not on purpose, but initially, to be transparent that is how I came to Him. I believe certainly that He can grant me another child. It's certainly been a pain point with the enemy. If you suffer with infertility, you know the emotional rollercoaster whether you are the guy or the girl. Or whether its someone you know or love. I went through yes I totally believe, maybe not, wait yes, no, yes - and the bible's very clear - being double minded, anyone who is double minded shouldn't expect anything from God. So believe, firm in your faith...but in everything, like Paul says prayer and petition with thanksgiving - God knows what He's doing and there's a reason. Looking back it wouldn't have been good for me to have another child. At the point I'm at now, the responsibility of raising a child when you know better - you know God's commands, you know what the right way is, and even then things can get very messed up. I say that because there was a time my daughter was going astray and I was in my own world struggling with bipolar disorder...God literally took the both of us, planted us in a certain church for a time and straightened both of us out. He saved her and 360 turnaround doesn't even begin to cover it. And me, well He opened my eyes to things that I was allowing and not even looking at - when I realized, it was like waking up in the middle of a nightmare only to realize it's reality. I began to see how the enemy was positioning himself to steal her talents given by God for His glory - for this world, to corrupt her morally, and to put ungodly desires in her head, her heart, and her mind. I had no idea what she was reading, watching, and the implications and at that time, I just could not understand what was holding her back from believing. I would rather have this one child that serves God and loves Him than have been given ten sons that were god haters and didn't know Him at all. Seeing what God is doing in her life, the young man He's brought into her life, and what's more - they are both worshippers...both considering Bible College...when I see what God's doing, I just trust Him. Can He, absolutely. Will He, that's the one that always got me. Lack of faith causes a lack of miracles - even in the gospels - Jesus wasn't able to do many miracles in some places because of their lack of faith (Mt 13:58)...so what I say now is if the Lord wills it, He most definitely will. I'm not hung up on the outcome like I was. It's been put in its place multiple times. But it was something that took years. Trust God's plan for your life, He knows what He's doing. Stand firm on scripture that displays His character - there are many but one that comes to mind is "no good thing does He withhold from those whose walk is blameless." Jesus gives the parable in the gospels of which of us if our child asked for bread would give them a stone instead, or if they asked us for a fish would give them a scorpion instead. If we, though we are sinful know how to give good gifts to our children, doesn't it stand to reason that God, King of the Universe Who is good, God Who is love, will give good things to those who ask Him? Thinking of these things when we don't get the desired outcome, if it was not God's will for me to have this or that, would it then have been truly good for me to have in the first place. God has assigned each person their lot in life. Trust God's plan for your life. Jeremiah tells us that God says, "I know the plans I have for you. Plans to bless you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and future. Then you will call on me and come and pray to Me and I will listen to you. You will seek me and find me when you seek me with all your heart. I will be found by you declares the Lord, and I will bring you back from captivity." Captivity you might think, today? James says "when tempted no one should say "God is tempting me." For God cannot be tempted by evil, nor does He tempt anyone but each person is tempted when they are dragged away by their own evil desire and enticed." We can be held captive by sin. Even an initially good thing can turn bad when it exceeds it place. (remembering boundary lines of sky and seas) My desire to have children was not in any way an ungodly desire. What the turning point was when it became so important and my vision was distorted to make it of a prime importance and to think that God was withholding good from me when that is so not in line with Who He is - Who has exceedingly given me more than I deserve, many times. I mean I was actually upset with God, mad even. And so I fell for the oldest trick in the Book...seriously. When the serpent enticed Eve, he walked her down the path of thinking God was withholding this good fruit, pleasing to the eyes that would make her wise...she not only took that fruit in her hand and ate of it but totally bit into the lie the enemy was giving her and then shared with Adam which made matters worse - when I sin, thee last thing I want is to cause someone else to stumble. And I'm not getting down on Eve, I'm human just like her and as I've said, I just fell for the same ole' trick. God gave them of every tree of the garden except this one...why because He knew its end would be death...He even said...but the enemy deceived Eve and instead of looking at it as "I've given you every tree except..." it was "You can't have this one tree, forbidden...well I guess it's not every tree then is it?" I'm not saying these things to be down on anyone, and I am not all wise either - I totally fell for the oldest trick and it shipwrecked my faith - even taking me out of commission for A WHILE - almost had me committing suicide so I'm quite serious. What do our actions/reactions saying about what we think about God, what do they say about what we believe about God and His character/ways towards us, what do they say about our love for God - is it conditional? Do we hold back when we are hurting or don't get what we've asked for? Those were some snaps into reality with the baby thing. The enemy still tries to get me to walk through a land mine, but God is faithful. It sounds cliché to say trust God. But truly, if you consider God's character towards us, keeping us alive, keeping us going - even when we've been unfaithful and downright wrong, deserving of wrath even - God's character towards us has always been true. When I think of Adonai amongst the heavenly beings up there, I wholeheartedly believe that He is held in awe up there. Respected, revered and feared. That's got to tell us something. Think about it.

Oh wow! The most significant situation this year, which is at a pivotal moment this very day and week, is the presidential election. It is so ridiculous as to be hard to believe. I have said repeatedly that if this was a movie, or a situation comedy, people would say it was contrived and over the top. It is laughable, frightening, and sad that our country has come to this.

This terrible terrible election cycle is having a deep impact on me. And the constant brokenness, of more and more black men being killed by the police. It is breaking my heart, and I feel powerless, and complicit, and I don't know what to do.

Oh dear god, there have been so many. 2016 has been a difficult year for the world so far. I think the thing that's affected me the most is the presidential election and the rise of Trump to the GOP nomination. I like to think that people are basically decent and reasonable intelligent, but the fact that a significant portion of the population considers such a despicable, racist, xenophobic, irrational and unpredictable person to be capable of leading our country calls that into question.

Iran nuclear deal. More peace.

The 2016 Presidential election has made me really sad for the American culture. Watching the circus that is the election process usually makes me pretty depressed since most electorates can't or won't make good on their election speech promises. But Trump is a completely different level of atrocity. I can believe that there are people that think what he says is ok, that want to believe he can represent this country with dignity on a world stage. It makes me shake my head in despair.

Trump. The election. Worst ever. Depressed about level of civility, total absence of informed debate, the whole thing. And, returning to this question, I would like to note that I wrote this BEFORE the sex tape and Debate No. 2

There are so many things going on in the world that don't directly affect us, but that we have to explain to our children. Why do people kill other people? What is politics (Trump vs Clinton), etc.Especially with wars, racial hatred, and mass killings, it makes it difficult to raise children in this world.

This election. Man. I just want to hide forever.

Donald Trump running for president has negatively impacted me this year because I fear what will happen for women and minorities in this country. It is shocking, frustrating, infuriating, and confusing how so many people are in support of such a racist, sexist, power hungry man. Hilary Clinton has also had an impact on me. It is inspiring to see a woman run for president and I hope she will not be the last.

This election is going to kill me and everyone I know and America. This, and police violence, and the world's hatred of women...I feel significantly more cynical and afraid that I used to. It feels like we are living in very dark, troubling times. I went through a big social awakening the year before; this year has been about learning what I can do to contribute to a more positive and just society, and learning to manage the doubt and helplessness that sets in as the news cycle continues.

The campaigns for president have been awful. I worry about our country. The level of personal attacks, racism, sexism, and other horrible things is just heartbreaking. Everyone is either angry or tired of the anger, and it's wearing the American people down. The apathy is palpable.

Syria. I feel powerless and heartbroken.


This election is so dumb. How in the world did Donald Trump end up running for president? I cannot believe it. The debates are obnoxious. I can't wait for it to be over.

Donald Trump running for President has been an absolutely devastating thing for not just our country but for the world. I am pretty sure that I am not alone in thinking this. I vacillate between being astonished and in such disbelief and thinking that I have a responsibility to motivate my students to think differently. I went to a Trump rally at WCU and was horrified to see students and people in the community support him. I am shocked and worried about the people who are flying tea party and confederate flags. I am not alone in the utter shock I feel when I see anyone supporting him and can't help but thinking that they are racists and I don't want to be around those people.

Black Lives Matter has inspired me to my core and given me hope that we may end some of the racism I experience every day.

I'd have to say the 2016 Presidential Election. There are few events that happen in the world that have actually effected me in my little bubble. And I dont think this election will have much of an effect. Except to say I can't stand the election and the process. I can't stand that it's two party. And the one candidate is ridiculous. So mostly I've avoided the news more than I normally would.

The presidential election process. Both because I have a kid almost old enough to vote AND because it's just so unusually ugly and weighty this year I've paid more attention than many times in the past. I'm just so incredulous at all that's transpired to date, how people can rationalize their preferences (myself included), what the implications are not just for my generation but for my children and my future grandchildren. It weighs on me heavily and I'm really frightened of the outcome next month.

The US Presidential election. I see people on both sides trying to pick their candidate in ugly ways. Seeing this process has made me sick that I belong to this same society. I have thoughts of denouncing my US citizenship and go to another Country that has values that I am searching for, which is Community, respect and love for not only one another but for this planet. I know this all seems like some hippie philosphy, but I cant stand people killing people, hurting others and know one cares because it keeps going and going. We get upset when a soldier dies in a foreign land, but what about when they commit suicide back home, or the tragic killings in the streets, or the drugs killing people. WE are not focused on the right things and I am apart of this. I am following societies behaviors and I cant stand it. I have not seen this until now when the elections has brought this to my attention.

Hopefully this won't impact me much longer, but Donald Trump running for president... UGH. He is such a racist, sexist, violent, slimy lying idiot and if he wins I might just have to move to Canada. Not that Hillary's much better, but at least she has a clue what she's doing and wouldn't necessarily make a fool out of us internationally or start any unnecessary wars for no good reason.

The most top of mind thing right now is the presidential election. It's such a divisive election. I find it hard to believe that so many people are willing to follow Trump, who has no idea what he's doing. It makes me question the intelligence of the people in our nation. Do they really not read? Do they really not believe in facts from reliable sources? Do they really think that anything contrary to their belief is a conspiracy?

Antisemitism in the Labour party has really made me angry this year. I've posted a lot about it on Facebook. People who deny it's a problem also make me angry. These fucktards might end up running the country. I don't fancy being governed by antisemites. What place does antisemitism have in today's society? None. So why is it being sanctioned in the Labour party by people influential and clever enough to know better? Even the new NUS leader is an antisemite. She's a rotten piece of work. That she got voted in is a real worry for all of us, not just students.

This fucking election. Trump. It's mind-boggling. It's terrifying. Every week seems to bring a new low, to the point that it's now possible to believe the bottom is so much farther than we could even imagine. It creates such a deep anger in me. And a hopelessness. Because I seek to understand the people who support this depraved human, and pretty much the only thing I understand about them is that they are devoutly committed to supporting him, to the point that they have no problem excusing depravity. And that is not something I'm yet capable of really understanding.

How the hell did Donald Trump get nominated by the Republican party? Oh, The oil pipeline and Native resistance !

The election! Our first female candidate! All the potential. If you watch the movies about women's suffrage and see how women were attacked, jailed, threatened, destroyed and died just so women could have the right to vote. To be equal in society. And now, after many countries having female leaders, some even multiple female leaders, to see America finally catching up is amazing. And yet, for Hillary to be running against someone like Donald Trump, someone who's exactly like all the awful men that we all encounter in our day to day lives. The ones who lie, who use manipulation to get what they want. The ones who don't respect you or care about things being fair at all. Disgusting. The ones who openly judge and rank others, especially women. I'm scared that he will be our president and America will being to descend instead of ascend. I hope America makes the right choice this year.

Brexit. I feel so depressed and anxious about the future now. Like we're all being dragged to the edge of the cliff and we're all being forced to jump.

Trump becoming the nominee. I am dumbfounded as to how we got this low in this country. It feels very dark.

Jesus fucking Christ. The world event that is traumatizing me this year is the US Presidential Election season and associated fall out. I am SO stressed by not only Trump's rhetoric but by fears of his Millions of supporters who have been emboldened in their prejudicial views. MILLIONS of these motherfuckers! No, I do not feel as safe here in this country as I did last year. In writing this I recognize that not all of his followers may be specifically racist against Black people, but for the minority that may not be, the vitriol directed against Muslims and Latinos also makes me uncomfortable for a Trump future and worried for those communities as well. And--let's be real/aware; Black people can also be Muslim and Latino; these attacks effect not only people in my expansive definition of community but also in a more limited text book version. I need Hillary to win not to protect my way of life, because that could use some upgrades too, but rather to prevent a backslide of national culture into a primitive state. I want to make things better, yes, but I wanted to add to response when things were improving not worsening. If I have to choose fight or flight I think I might very well choose flight. Put these languages to good use. #realtalk I don't have time, energy, for this. How much must Black people be forced to endure? I'm exhausted. Totally over this bullshit. We need to prove we're better than the current state of discord, disharmony and abuse.

Brexit, Brexit, Brexit. People can be such fucking petty imbeciles. There's no point raving about it here, I'm done with that. All we can do is try to get on with things in the best, most constructive manner possible. Suffice to say, when I think about the society Clara will grow up in... it'll probably be markedly more inward looking than that I grew up in. Europe's been integral to my environment for better or worse... and I still think that despite it's problems running away from the negotiation table was juvenile, counter productive and the result of ignorance, misinformation and older sorts harking back to nostalgic greatness that never bloody happened. Idiots. I do think people take peace and stability for granted. In two, maybe three generations we've pretty much forgotten that politicians or radicals with an agenda can exploit others to commit some of the worst crimes you can imagine... or simply trample the well being of other people because they can. That'll never change, I fear. In my mind's eye I wonder what would happen to me and my family in the event we were persecuted, displaced or tortured. It's a serious concern... so much so that I even consider my family's holiday home a potential bolt hole in the event of any significant domestic turmoil. Family changes everything... the rest of the world matters... and it also doesn't. Hard to imagine people of my generation will one day run the country. We can barely take care of our own affairs let alone an entire country. Perhaps every generation has this conundrum and it's only one in every few that make a difference or do something completely un-stupid.

I'm actually amazed that no event in the world has particularly affected me. I fee like I am in such a bubble. I've chosen to stop watching the news and keeping up with everything, and living in San Francisco it seems like I don't really need to. I am not touched by the traumas of the world if I don't insert myself them. That is white privilege at it's highest peak. That's a thought that has me wondering what the right action is. How to be a white woman in this world. How to use my privilege properly. How to create a family and do the best for it without perpetuating the kind of inequality and unharmonious living that I think is the downfall of humanity. Indeed while helping to eradicate it.

The election. OMG the election. I'm so sad that we're losing President Obama. I disagreed with him on a couple things, but overall, I was very proud he was our president. Even if I didn't agree, I knew he wouldn't steer us wrong and I could have confidence in him. This election has been so very horrible, though.

The UK voted to leave the EU. It means the future of the country and the stability is uncertain and unpredictable. The pound has crashed, David Cameron resigned, and there is a lot of uncertainty over our future. Many of the people who voted out were doing so as they disagree with the number of immigrants the country allows in, which is popostrous. If people are "taking our jobs", the people saying this need to look at the reasons why, are they better educated? Do they have passion and commitment? Are they willing to do the jobs you "don't want to do", if that is the case, it is not the immigrants that are to blame, it is the people.

There have been two: Brexit and the rise of Trump in the US. Both have clearly identified the unwillingness of two major investors to continue to do so in global economic, security, and governance affairs. I believe this will give rise to a new superpower or collection of smaller regional power houses who are not part of the "Western" collective. I am trying to figure out how to leverage these shifts in global controls without breaching my moral norms... or if my moral norms need to be re-evaluated.

The ongoing Presidential election. It's so difficult to remain civil, to approach this as though things are going to be fine either way. I fear a Trump presidency in a real and visceral way, and I fear the tide that has risen him up.

There have been so many police shootings of unarmed black men (and a couple of women). Black Lives Matter is penetrating my emotions. I think it is because I have a son, aged 18 and soon to be 19. The black mothers who have to send their black sons out into the world, a world in which they are likely to be pulled over by police for no reason, a world in which a routine traffic stop can become lethal, just for being a young black man. I struggle with how to make a difference with this issue. Here is how I am perceived by the world: as a "nice", middle-aged white lady. If well meaning, also privileged in my whiteness. If a liberal, then perhaps too smug in my knowing I'm right and telling others what to think and do. If trying to sympathize, also not really able to put myself in a black person's place. This isn't even "an event in the world" as the question demands. But it's thematically where the world is -- unable to overcome difference. Unable to find bridges. Unable to listen to points of view that make them (us!) uncomfortable. Unable to "un-polarize" any conversation. Unable to believe (or even admit there can be) multiple, simultaneous, *accurate* narratives.

A major event in the world this year is the election of our next president. I am so sad that of the 16 Republicans that I had to choose from, the bottom of the list is the one my fellow Republicans chose. I am considering becoming a Libertarian after this. The candidate does NOT reflect my values or that of the party I have been with my whole adult life. It has impacted me by making me frustrated with our collective society. I am actually hoping my children's generation can make better decisions.

The nomination of Donald Trump--and the surge of xenophobia and racism and misogyny his candidacy has channeled and incited--has unnerved and angered me beyond reasonable description. His character and leadership represents ideas and values I abhor and feel with every fiber of my being are detrimental to humanity. More vividly than ever before, I'm seeing just how much our ideas and speech truly matter--and how dangerous it is when we do not stand up--in our families, in our workplaces, in our boardrooms, in the public square--to people who profess such reprehensible viewpoints. God willing, he is solidly defeated in this election. But the havoc he has wreaked and the sentiments he has unleashed threaten our very soul as a country and as human beings--and I am committed to working, in my personal and professional life, to help repair these gaping wounds.

Donald Trump running for President, an increase in citizens being killed by police officers, and growing antisemitism. I am deeply troubled and concerned for the world.

The dreadful election is bringing the dark side of the US into full view here and worldwide. It is SO upsetting!

I was very stingily hurt by the shooting that took place in Orlando. It happened not too long after a series of discussions in which people were claiming to feel threatened by the possibility of transgendered men coming into the women's bathroom. The arguments were so based in a world of hate language and lack of understanding for our transgendered men and women. to then see a man go into a gay bar and intentionally kill persons simply because they were gay- it filled me with fear for myself, my son and my friends. Nobody should be made to feel that way.

There have been a mass of police and black people shootings that has really revealed people's thoughts and heart toward others. I feel both sides of the issue but like I am surrounded by people who only want to support the police side of the issue. While I support and honor police officers and the hard work they do, that doesn't change the fact that there are African American be killed for nothing or over small senseless acts that cannot justify murder. When I try to stick up for African Americans, I feel ostracized which is nothing compared to what African Americans face on a daily basis in America. Also the presidential debate has been such a hot mess that it has made me thankful for consistent and faithful leaders who have integrity, good work ethics, and a kingdom mindset; my pastor to name one specifically. I am so grateful that I am a believer and that Jesus is our hope. He can make something out of nothing. He can transform everything over night. He is a miracle worker. Love wins.


The election has made me a little more interested in politics and formulating my views.

The one, the only, the Trumpster - it is discouraging and disheartening to hear how many people feel so disenfranchised that they buy into his rhetoric - can't really say ideas. Just makes me think how little we have changed as a country - the Civil War really never ended - just went underground - and Mr. Trump has given the thumbs up for all of us to express our divisiveness with each other. How do we heal a nation?

I have purposely not focused much on world events this past year, being very focused on my own world and family and pregnancy and children. However, we have addressed the election and the rise of Donald Trump with our older son. It was important to us to impart our values to our son, while letting him choose his own path, too. So far we are lucky in that he follows our choices politically, but we discuss the values behind and supporting our choices, too, so that he can make good choices on his own volition.

I think for a lot of Americans, this year's presidential election has been critical in our understanding and expectations of the future. The fact that Hilary Clinton could become the first female president in incredibly empowering, while the idea of a Trump presidency terrifies me. What he stands for is pure hate, and the fact that he has power and support by not just "people" but people I know, friends, acquaintances, etc. In history classes, we were taught about times where the nation felt one emotion (either depression, unrest, etc), or when a nation would feel so divided with a hateful and bigoted leader gaining political support and traction. In this election, right now on this day, I feel similarly. And I'm terrified.

The rise of Donald Trump as the GOP nominee. As of last night (the second presidential debate), I think it is unlikely he will be elected. We dodged a (nuclear) bullet. But the hatred and intolerance he spews speaks to so many in this country, and frankly around the world. Something is changing and it is ugly. We are all in real danger: climate change, economic fragility and Fascist rhetoric. I wonder whether I will live to a natural end of my life, despite good health and outlook. I fear for younger generations. Will a lunatic take us all down - Trump? Putin? Isis? Wall Street?

Perhaps the fact that I can't think of a world event that impacted me is telling. I can think of many tragedies - the terrorist attacks in Paris, the shootings at Pulse, the countless unarmed black citizens killed by police, the list goes on. So I guess the answer is these tragedies, these events have changed how much I can be shocked. I am disgusted and sad to hear of these things, horrified that anyone feels such hate - but I'm not shocked anymore. Day after day, week after week, there's more. I know that crime rates are down, nationally and maybe globally. Poverty and infant death rates are lower; technically the world is a better place. But the horrible things still happen and leave me wondering, who's next?

I'm a bit obsessed with Donald Trump. Not because I like him, but because I'm dumbfounded that the general electorate does not understand the complexities of the US presidency. There is nothing simple about it, nothing black and white, just complexity and grayness. He is not qualified and it is frightening that so many people think he could create change. I understand that they want it, and I even understand that want to cling to their comfort zones and have so much uncertainty about the unknown. But how did we get here?

OMG the stupid Godforsaken election. It's not really one event per se, but my God I am terrified. I really fucking hope that next year when I read this, President Clinton is doing an awesome job and we have all long forgotten the orange "disaster" that almost could have been.

The global refugee crisis has made me sad and frustrated. I feel as though we've learned nothing from history. It seems that reaching out to the stranger is a lost concept. We seem so intent on making people we don't know, people who have lost everything, into "others," into people to fear. Along with that, the US Presidential election has had a huge impact. The nomination of Donald Trump has filled me with fear. Fear as a woman, as a Jew, as a stepmother and grandmother of a woman and of a girl. Fear that we will allow fear to take over, to defeat our rational minds and our better selves. Fear that instead of being a beacon of light and hope, we will turn our country into a dark and uncaring land. Fear that instead of addressing racial inequality and economic instability we will continue to better the few at the expense of the many. I hope and pray that we will not give in to fear; that we will fight to take care of those in our country who are suffering and open our gates to those who have lost their homes and homelands.

I'm in so much shock about the state of the US presidential election; I cannot believe what a divided country I live in right now. I want to think positively, forward, innovatively, transformatively -- but I feel around me so much fear of change, fear of those who look different, fear of struggle, fear of growth, fear of the negative that frequently accompanies the positive, fear of the suffering that is inevitable -- and it makes me really sad for the future.

In short, everything. I've begun to come to the realization that while I remain stagnant within my illness, the rest of the world continues to pass me by. Time does not stand still. The seasons come and go along with opportunities. People are progressing in their lives regardless of where I am in my own. This realization is concurrently encouraging and discouraging. It motivates me to get back to functionality and continue to live a worthwhile life, but the prospect of doing so feels like trying to jump onto a merry-go-round circling at 100 miles per hour.

I've found this whole election cycle extremely horrifying. Seeing people so willing to abandon human decency, civil rights, and women's rights makes it hard to have faith in humanity. We must be defined by how we treat the least of us. The plight of immigrants and the poor cannot continue to be someone else's problem and we cannot collectively count on unrealistic solutions or continue to do nothing at all.

Syria. The US election. The shootings of people who are black. And the world-wide disregard for humans by those with momentary power (guns and bombs) and long-term power (leaders). The fact that there are people like Assad in the world - and people who serve to prop that up... uuuuuuhhhhh. And I am not singling him out - I'm just using him as a symbol. How are we ever going to get anywhere? All of this has made me revise my lifelong hope and bias that there is more good than bad in the world. I've now begun to apply the the matter/antimatter index I've heard of in quantum physics to the transpersonal realm of people-beingness: That it's really closer to 50/50 with a slight -very slight- preponderance toward matter: "Antimatter should have annihilated all of the matter in the universe after the big bang. According to theory, the big bang should have created matter and antimatter in equal amounts. When matter and antimatter meet, they annihilate, leaving nothing but energy behind. So in principle, none of us should exist. But we do. And as far as physicists can tell, it’s only because, in the end, there was one extra matter particle for every billion matter-antimatter pairs. Physicists are hard at work trying to explain this asymmetry." retrieved from http://www.symmetrymagazine.org/article/april-2015/ten-things-you-might-not-know-about-antimatter So all I am striving to do now is make as much of my life matter as I can. And figure out how to make others do the same. If I try very hard, I think I can tilt my life toward mattering... And lord knows those of us who are even a little awake have to do this because plenty of people are in 50/50 land or even worse ratios of being.

the presidential election and the horrors that are brought about seeing two presidential candidates really go after each other with more hatred than patriotism, its hard to believe in one nation undivided when it is all so bipartisan

The growing awareness of police violence and control of black people has really been a 'pulling back the veil' type thing around racism. It has catalyzed me to explore my own white conditioning and how I am complicit in these systems of power, and what I can and want to do about that.

Donald Trump running for President - Gives me another reason to make aliyah. I know I should be making aliyah and I know I want to. But it is a very difficult thing to do. My whole family is in America and it would be hard to be 6000 miles away from them. Made me think more seriously about my choice to stay here.

Muslim aggression is getting worse. The presidential candidates are awful. Our hospital stock keeps dropping. I don't know what to do.

Of course the election and the shocking exposure of the cruelty underpinning our nation. But I'm thinking about places far from us where life is brutal. Alleppo, Yemen this week. Hospitals and funerals bombed. Children dead. I'm thinking of the contrast between my life and theirs. The coming of fall in my city, with beautiful blue skies and brightening leaves in contest with the dusty ashen rubble of an ancient city.

THIS FUCKING ELECTION. It's like a joke, except it will change the world. It's a joke in which the punch line is an actual bomb. I don't know what we're going to do, and it makes me lose faith in humanity — except everyone I know feels the same way. So who should we actually be losing faith in?

I'm as alarmed as any other person by this presidential campaign. My thoughts also continue to turn to the mass exodus of refugees from many nations, and the ongoing challenges that face a new generation of veterans.

The Gian Ghomeshi trial and the Bill Cosby scandal and Hillary Clinton running for president. All made me realize that it is a lot harder for women, even though it is easy to forget that. I need to teach my daughters this so they can recognize sex discrimination and sexual exploitation when they see it and call it what it is rather than internalizing it.

The trump effect - the people who support trump, the pent-up racisim of some whites after 8 years of obama, the rise of the right wing in germany, the anti-immigrant, anti-muslim sentiments in the u.s. and europe, the hopelessness of israel/palestine. right now it feels as though there's so much anger/fear/hatred in the world. I know this is not the worst of times, no matter what trump tells us, but i fear for the divisiveness that has overtaken us.

The Rise of The Donald. Brexit. the refugee crisis. I cant choose because I think they are all of a kind..or should I say a startling lack of kind (ness). I am truly shocked and shaken by what I see around me in lack of generosity of heart of spirit. And its not just one individual leading the charge to what sounds so so close to the rise of third Reich but the fact that people all around me, people I know, people I shop beside-- are so full of anger that has converted to isolationistic and jingoistic hatred of others. All others. Anyone of different skin color, world origins economic class, education. I am truly depressed by what I see. So much stinginess with caring, such a pervasive lack of empathy. I am frightened by what homo sapiens has become.

Election years are always terrible, or if you look at it from another angle, we get to clearly see how we have united or divided during the previous presidency. I find these years exhausting and exhilarating. Hope for the future, ignorance from the past both making appearances.

The 2016 election is a filthy mud pit. I don't enjoy this type of politics but after Bernie lost I had to really pick one of the remaining candidates and think realistically about who can do a better job and what they stand for. It would be easy to select Hillary because she's female but I don't think that's a valid reason.

The election. A circus. Embarrassed for our country.

I think the attacks that happened throughout the year in Israel impacted me, especially as I know more and more people making aliyah. Seeing the news is often scary, and makes me nervous for people that are in Israel and for those that go there to visit. I know that we need to be strong and resilient and not let these things bother us, but sometimes it's hard not to.

The US election craziness has made me ready to vote 3rd party for the first time. I will vote for Jill Stein, despite her astonishing lack of executive experience, because she best represents my liberal values. I don't think Clinton is evil as some do, but I do think she is more of the same and I want change.

The Pulse shooting impacted me because it was so close to home. It was extremely hard seeing how it was hurting a city so close to mine, where so many people I know grew up and went to college.

I would have to say it is the presidential election. It has caused me to have a palpable disgust with the political process, and for the most part, career politicians. Donald Trump's candidacy speaks for itself. So does Hillary Clinton's for the most part, as she represents, and I believe, will maintain the status quo, which sadly, is simply the lesser of two evils. Gary Johnson who appealed to me greatly in the beginning, instead of being someone who could shake up the political establishment, has shown himself to be blissfully ignorant of word events and has no substance beyond a few appealing sound bites.

So much pain this year. So much racism, misogyny homophobia, and hate have reared their ugly heads. The overwhelming amount of these things have become a constant source of fear and worry for me. This presses on my constantly like a constant pressure and pushes collective depression on us all. It hurts, but we will persevere we can get through this...even if we can't find a way right now.

Selfishly, the presidential election has been a big event in my life. I think it makes me feel scared and so angry at the unfairness of it. Hilary is a phenomenal candidate, it should be no question about who is qualified to be the leader of our country. I am insulted that this amazing woman has to defend and fight against the most misogynistic, homophobic, xenophobe asshole. That people would even think they can be compared is a joke and an insult to every woman everywhere. Fuck the patriarchy and fuck the men who think equality is oppression.

This presidential election and potential fall out, as well as the black lives matter movement, have impacted me this year. I think fear, anger, and drive are the best words to capture the disconnect between what I want the world to be, how I strive to impact my corner of the world, and what I hope to believe about my fellow countrymen and women. This schism is hard to vocalize, and I'm still struggling to figure out my place in it, and how I can best advocate and stand for right without further polarizing and alienating people who, with education, exposure, and patience, could grow. I'm frustrated by my own lack of clarity of courage and purpose here, and my own hesitancy, so my goal is to engage in meaningful action. I can't continue to stand by and be a spectator and commentator watching the world disappoint so many. Power imbalances are real, but that doesn't mean they're immutable. I think that this schism and feeling of helplessness have drawn me back toward faith over the past year - I need to belong to community that believes in and is committed to change while connecting to a timeline larger than months or years; I need to see both the broad arc and daily minutiae of justice.

Am I heartless? Brexit happened before I went to Indonesia and my initial thought was, crap, what has happened to the pound, I bet this will personally cost me a bomb. It did, but there are bigger issues going on in the world. The Syrian crisis is frightening, that still in this day and age people, humans, civilians like me elsewhere could be subjected to such strife and terror. The torture, dropping of bombs on hospitals is deplorable - and the implications of a re-energised Russia and a solution to the countries problem is the responsibility of all decent leaders of this world.

Oh the 2016 election. How is it not yet over? I feel so scared for our country. I feel scared for our democracy. I feel scared for those with less privilege than I have. I worry that the damage that Donald Trump had done to our democracy (along with his predecessors) will not be easily overcome. I feel like he has given permission to a kind of overt racism and xenophobia that we have been trying to root out in this country since the 1960s. I think he has reopened a gaping wound that will not be easily closed and will not heal as well when it does. There will be scar tissue. On a religious level, I think he has exposed the greatest challenge to Justice. He has shown that the challenge of bringing justice to this world is that those who have power do not give it up easily. Those who have privileged want to keep it. The fight for justice is not as simple as we have been taught. We do not just need to "break the bonds of injustice and remove the heavy yoke" as Isaiah commands. We have to be willing to share the reigns. We have to teach people what it means to live in a world where they might have less privileged so that others can have more. This is much harder and subtler work than lifting up the oppressed. And it will take time and patience and a loud chorus of voices who denounce the inflammatory shouts that a dated mentality will raise with its dying breaths.

Donald Trump's candidacy for president. I worry about what would happen to America on the world stage if he becomes the president. I worry that in the best case scenario, we would lose all respect abroad, fail to intervene where appropriate, and intervene in ways that are destructive. In the worst case scenario, he would be such a complete diplomatic and military failure that he would start an open war. But beyond just that, the political became personal in a way it never had with his campaign. The free pass he got for his sexism, racism, and proud ignorance just makes my blood boil. I worry about the damage his candidacy has already done to recent civil discourse. White grievance has been around as long as white PEOPLE have existed in American society but his rallies and statements have brought it to the surface in a way that encourages and promotes open hatred. These days the concerns of women and minorities are respected and acknowledged in a way they weren't even just ten years ago. People recognize that rape and violence are real problems, that black people are getting shot in the streets and sent to prison for minor offenses. It's taken thousands and thousands of people speaking out again and again for these concerns to be heard. I don't want one ignorant man's publicity-stunt-turned-presidential-bid to undo all of that hard work.

I feel like this is always the hardest question for me to answer. It's the one I dread the least, but it's hard for me to remember a world event that impacted me personally. I guess I would have to say, all of the black/white violence in my country. For such a long time, I was oblivious to race. I honestly didn't think there was anything different between a black person and a white person, except for the way they looked. I never understood how that difference in appearance could make people inherently different, or inherently at odds with each other. I still don't understand it all. But all this violence this year has made me realize that racism is still alive and well, I feel like my awakening to this knowledge has made me realize that I myself have some racial prejudices that are very unfair. But it's so easy to fall into that stereotypical way of thinking, even though that certainly doesn't make it right. I wouldn't say that I know how to fix the problem, far from it. Even color-blind people see black and white. I just don't understand it. It doesn't make good sense to me. At all. Ever. In any way, shape, or form. No. Just no.

An event in the world that has impacted me would, sadly enough, be the presidential election race that is happening in less than a month. I have never seen so much lashon hara, anger, hatred and animosity as I have seen displayed between and among the candidates, facebook friends, random people, acquaintances and strangers. It's so sad to me that the candidates and others spend their time bashing the other ones's character instead of convincing us why we should elect them. It's a good message to take over into the private areas of our lives as well. Be nice. Be kind. Don't say mean things about someone else.

The general election has been a terrifying and fascinating influence on 2016. All of the hateful, xenophobic, racist, sexist rhetoric is being pushed out in the light where we can see it and talk about it and it feels awful but also somewhat of a relief. I'm praying that Hillary Clinton wins the election. I feel like it will usher in a new era for women in this country.

As much as I would consider my myself an apolitical person, this year's election has interested me more than I expected. Or maybe disgusted is a better verb. I don't know whether the criminal or the misogynist criminal will win. I just feel surprised that this is even acceptable. I was already pretty jaded when it came to politics, I didn't realize that I could even be disallusioned any further. But I am.

The election has been OUTRAGEOUSLY ridiculous. It has made me very jaded about politics and made me realize how the country is being run and how the politicians have power that should never be the case. We need to get things changed and it feels so daunting and that there is no where to even being to make it better.

I have become acutely aware of the racism and privilege present in my life, whether through me directly or those I know. It has affected me as a teacher and on account of those I love. I want so much for there to be good change, but I get very frustrated with things here and abroad.

The election has drawn my husband and I closer together. In a world that seems upside down sometimes, it is amazingly great to laugh at the same things, commiserate together, and just enjoy our steady home island in the middle of this ocean of uncertainty.

War Obvious x2

The black lives matter movement has impacted me by making me uncomfortable with the status of race relations in our country. It has brought white privilege to the front of my mind by asking truly uncomfortable questions about society and the complex processes that drive our world. I still have a lot to learn, but it is cool to really examine this issue from a personal perspective.

The Orlando Shooting. It hit so close to home, being such an active part of the LGBT community, from Accelerate.lgbt to LWT, I've become a part of that movement and family that creates progress in these places, as well as having found a safe space to explore myself. Experiencing it across the world, on my own was really emotional, but gave me the chance to be vulnerable and process things in a healthy manner

This election, I can't even deal. I am terrified. It isn't that I didn't know how much hatred and bigotry some people in our country have. It isn't that I don't know that systemic racism, homophobia, transphobia, xenophobia. Islamophobia, classism, and so many other kinds of hate exist....but it is so glaring right now. I'm scared for the future. Trump is so volatile and abusive. I have a hard time even processing what it would be like if he were to win the election. I spend more time afraid, and more time worried about the world we are creating for younger people. I worry about my own life and safety while at the same time acknowledging my white privilege. Less than a month until election time and it is all so ugly, and I think getting worse.

Seeing this country nominate a creepy bully and narcissist like Donald Trump for president is a massive disappointment. Even if he loses, it is a terrible statement that this country could not field a better human specimen that him. It is frightening to realize there are SO many angry and naive people in the country, and they'd be willing to surrender power to Trump and believe they would not themselves be harmed.

I have been very troubled this year with the election. I can not understand how our country can be so incredibly divided. We can be looking at the same thing and see completely opposite things. I am very afraid for what the world would be like if somehow Trump gets elected, but I am equally afraid of the riots and increase in violence and intolerance if Clinton is elected because the Trump supporters are not going to accept that reality.

Shooting massacre in Orlando at Pulse Nighclub. I heard about it that Sunday early afternoon when I went to NYTimes.com. I knew it was bad when the headline was written in all capital letters. I didn't realize how bad it would be until I started reading. These were my people. My LGBT+ brothers and sisters. My family. 49 of them killed. I sat on the couch for an hour reading about the largest terrorist attack since 9/11. Other terrorist attacks around the world have made me sad, but nothing has affected me so much or hit so close to home like those one. I was sad to my core for the next day. I came home to NJ the next week and marched with the community in Asbury Park, holding the names and pictures of all those who were killed. Listened to their brief biographies, because there were 49 and there was only so much time. Said a prayer for them, sang for them, marched for them. I would not hate make me live in fear. I marched with a kind, open soul who told me about living in the 60s and 70s in New Jersey, getting thrown out by her parents, and finding the community as her family. How hard it was, how the police hated her, the people hated her, and she saw many of her brothers die from AIDS in those years. We've made so much progress in my lifetime. And those that came before me fought so hard so that I could live freely. Those that came before me died so that I could be free and be happy. I thank them for that and need to continue to fight for our community for those who will come after me. I hope and pray that an attack like that at Pulse never happens again. But deep down I know that it could easily happen again and won't be surprised when it does. Just sad.

This year I have been so saddened to see how ignorance, hatred, racism, misogyny, etc. have been allowed thanks to the campaign of Donald Trump. I think that his presence has cast an oily film of anxiety and fear over us all.

The emergence of the BLM movement greatly impacted my year. Engaging in vigorous and exhausting debates with friends over the topics of police brutality and systematic racism, has reminded me that as a black man I live in a very different world from my white counterparts. Eventually I realized that I need to stop making their conversion my struggle, and accept that I had the moral high ground in this struggle. I am happier now, but I still wish they could see the world through my eyes.

This election is the only one that has truly frightened me. It depresses me that so many people would back such a turd as Trump

There have been so many hate crimes committed around the world in the past year, many of which where on a larger scale, with many victims. As a Jewish woman, I realize that people may discriminate against me for both my religion and gender. I strongly believe that no one group is above another. Equality, peace, and love need to be spread worldwide. The violence and hatred need to end.

The shooting of the gay bar in Florida affirmed my passion for appreciating my friends the way they are.

I find it frustrating that more good people don't run for public office. It is apparent that the "dollar" has taken over as the "all mighty" and ethics mean close to nothing. I recognize who I am and my limitations, I am on committees and volunteer in my community. Over my life I have realized I am a great #2 person and not the #1. For whatever reason my explanations go unheeded.

I feel as though I didn't pay enough attention to the world around me this past year. I feel like I was in my own world not wanting to see anything beyond what I was dealing with - the good, the bad and the ugly. It sounds horrible in my head as I write it because I do care about the world around me - I try to make the world a better place each day with a smile or a kind word. I vow to do better at looking at the big picture and not just looking inward or in my immediate world.

There have been a number of shootings of young black men this year by police. It's sparked the BlackLivesMatter movement. I feel a great sense of encouragement that this is a conversation that many people, especially those in my general peer group, are starting to have. I'm encouraged that social justice and racial justice are a national conversation. In the midst of the BlackLivesMatter movement, I've felt invisible at times. As an Asian American, I find very often that my American life gets boiled down to black and white. I'm trying to figure out how to become a part of the conversation, how to be present, without disappearing. How to speak up without diminishing the experience of my black fellow citizens.

The shooting at Pulse in Orlando. This impacted me particularly strongly because it was a hate crime targeting LGBTQ and I was not in the US when it happened. I felt really disappointed with the way that my family and friends handled it and felt isolated. This gave me a lot of perspective on how people of color and other targeted groups feel when white allies don't reach out to ask how they're doing in the face of oppressive, violent acts.

Shimon Peres died. I remember meeting him and it was sad to think that one of the more peace-focused people Israel has seen left this world. I hope there will be someone else to rise up in his place.

I heard about the ongoing wars in Myanmar - and immediately felt that the people in Myanmar need someone who teaches them how to LOVE. For this I asked my wife FFS to lead Myanmar. I'm convinced FFS is together with me able to lead Myanmar towards a prosperous future within a few - max 10 years!

I have really been impacted by the US presidential campaign this year. More than any year I can remember, this election season has really brought into focus the ways in which our country is ideologically divided between those who are fearful, angry and divisive, and those who are loving, optimistic and collaborative. Against all predictions, Donald Trump has become the Republican nominee, but he has proven himself over and over to be an erratic, irresponsible, divisive, bullying, racist, sexist, fascist demagogue—and people seem to like it. That’s what scares me the most, actually—that people like it and want to support someone who wants to take our country in that direction. There have been a lot of days where I find myself feeling hopeless and scared that America is heading in a terrible direction and is no longer the place I want to live or raise my family. We have had serious conversations about whether we will have to leave America if Trump were to get elected and things were to continue to get even more hateful and divisive. On the other hand, I am excited though that we may very well finally see our first woman president—I know Hillary Clinton isn’t perfect and has morally ambiguous areas like any politician, but I like her and her positions and know that she would definitely take the country in a direction more in tune with what I believe in and want to see happen. I’m guardedly optimistic at this point (about a month before election day) that America will make the right choice and that Clinton will be president.

The election. The election. The election. First is was Sanders vs Clinton and feeling like I lived in a house divided. Now it is a month to the final presidential election. This year the primary was harder than the general election.

The thing that's impacted (and impacting) me is the presidential election. I am truly scared about how much ugliness the cheeto candidacy has brought to the surface, and I hope our nation survives it. Even if Hillary Clinton is elected (halevai) we will still have to deal with the nasty racism, xenophobia, homophobia, and sexism that have become commonplace.

Ugh. Somehow the presidential race is between Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton. I don't know how this crazy, disgusting guy who routinely pisses everyone off made it this far. I can't live here if he's the president. I really just can't. I'll have to move to another country.

The election of 2016 has destroyed my psyche. it has left me exhausted and bordering on hopelessness. I despair at what our country has become, and what has been revealed about our country. I just want to get past this. I hope by the time I read this next year that this will feel like a distant past. I don't know if I am confident that will be the case.

Maybe the election crap, just drove me out of news entirely. It's all noise

I have been pretty obsessed with the rise of Trump, and Trumpism. To realize that nearly half of our country is willing to roll the dice on a man who seems to show some real anti-democratic tendencies scares me. I mean, leaving aside the "issues" I'm surprised and dismayed that people are excited by these rallies, where people call for political opponents to be jailed or for violence against protesters, or even, I think, shooting the opponent. It definitely works on my feelings about the Holocaust, since when Hitler started, no one thought he was a serious threat, until it was too late. Just a few days ago, Trump told Clinton in the second debate that if he becomes president, she would be in jail, and that just seems like such a warning sign of autocratic behavior. I feel worried about the future of our democracy if someone who is not quite so obvious about his or her plans were to get into office.

I think the referendum is something that I wasn't expecting to feel that strongly about. And when the vote didn't go the way we were expecting I felt quite angry that people had been swayed on the basis of lies and deceit. I wanted to stay in the EU because although we may lose money as a country, I believe this is for the greater good of helping those in poorer countries with the money from the EU collective. I know there are a number of reasons to stay/leave but Better Together resonated with me.

I'm not sure. If anything, perhaps the presidential election. I really worry about what it has the potential to do. Especially recently, after hearing that ethnicity-motivated hate crimes are on the rise in the UK after the Brexit vote, I worry about what a victory .. or even just the sheer popularity .. of the Trump electorate could do to the American culture. Will it be easier to commit crimes against Muslims? Will it be easier to commit crimes against members of the LGBT community? Worse, will his volatile temper and continuous misunderstandings of the issues of global politics result in some kind of war? So I worry.

The Senseless killings of black men in our country by over zealous law enforcement, and being exposed to the #blacklivesmatter movement. It has made me examine and unpack the white priveledge I carry - and makes me think how I can help the cause for equality. I am also deeply moved by the refugee crisis in Syria. So many innocent children. Additionally, I can not stand the circus with Donald Trump. The supreme court justices that will be added. I shudder for the thought

The US Presidential election has frightened me so much, and for the first time since my college days has motivated me to actually work for a political campaign. I am so pained to see how Donald Trump has excavated the garbage pit and uncovered such a deep vein of anti-intellectualism, misogyny, xenophobia, racism and greed in this country, and even gained the support of people I actually know and previously considered smart or at least reasonable, and it makes me feel so disappointed and disillusioned about what I thought America meant.

I hardly ever watch TV anymore to keep my sanity and energy level high. Still I get enough input on the side about what is going on. That is enough for me. I try to only think good, positiv thoughts for myself, my family, friends and the world. I am the most important person in my world. So if I am doing well everybody around me is doing well because I spread positive energy. When more and more people do this it will positively effect the world and what we are making of it.

The Orlando shooting. It hurt so much to hear about all the people who were killed or who knew people who died in the shooting. It made me realize, though, how compassionate the majority of the world is through people who were donating or reaching out to the victims. Reminds me of a Mr. Rogers quote: “When I was a boy and I would see scary things in the news, my mother would say to me, 'Look for the helpers. You will always find people who are helping.'"

I think there is a series of events that has impacted me this year - from Brexit to the failure of passing Colombia's peace treaty to all of the murders of innocent Black Americans to Donald Trump being chosen as the Republican candidate to run for President, I am seeing a lot xenophobic and responses to a world that increasingly needs to support one another. Hate breeds hate, and knowing that there is a rise in anti-Semitism scares me and makes me even more staunch in voicing my opinion of acceptance and compassion.

Come on...Trump. It's ridiculous. I'm scared to think what I'll be writing on these questions in a year if he's president. I really go back and forth wondering how far this will go. A year ago I was convinced he'd win. Now I'm not totally convinced. But it's still possible.

Republican party choosing Trump as presidential candidate. The ugliness of humanity rears its head, including the "white male supremacy" of people that I actually know. Never used to think that USA could turn facist.....thought the country was too diverse, too educated. The tribal entrenchment that I see is frightening....even from "good Christians" that I know. The resurgence of the "Nazi Brown Shirts" somehow no longer seems impossible. Praying that people engage in some real critical thinking and steer this country's sentiments in another direction.

Oh God so many!!! WHAT a shitty old year its been. Terrorism, and death, and Donald Trump, and Brexit, and Jeremy Corbyn turning out not to be the Labour party's great hope for the future. It's genuinely hard to pick a single event, but I do feel like the world is going to hell in a hand basket, and I feel kind of powerless to do anything about it...

The presidential elections, of course. Trump becoming a viable candidate is the culmination of a LOT of things that I've learned about this year, from how people choose their political parties, to why some people feel (and many actually are) so disenfranchised, to which battles are/aren't worth fighting on social media.

I am pretty sheltered in my privileged existence from the effects of world events. However, last year's bombings in Paris did affect very good friends/family of mine. During their visit this past summer to Cape Cod they shared their fears and concerns, and even changes in behavior due to those experiences. While lunching at a restaurant in the heart of Nantucket, seated outside and enjoying the gorgeous July afternoon, they shared the sadness of the bombings and the forever changed relaxed luxury of sipping a glass of wine or a cup of coffee on the streets of Paris. A looming sense of fear now lingers in their city, country. Domage.

The elections in the U.S. are just disgraceful. I find our country in a sad state of affairs that we have come to cultivating hate instead of unity. I'm also saddened by the increase in the amount of violence cast into our world by those who don't value human life, including those affiliated with ISIS and even those who are lone wolves like the 14 year old who shot and killed a 6 year old boy and wounded the teacher who did her best to protect him from the shooter. I wish our world was getting better and brighter. I focus on those things that shine in the light and do my best to limit my exposure to the sad actions of others.

It's hard to think of anything other than the ridiculous election between Hilary Clinton and Donald Trump at the moment. The overt and covert sexism, racism, and Islamophobia that are present in this election cycle is alarming to me. I've heard, though, that sometimes we have to pull things into the open before we can truly begin to heal, and this is surely pulling prejudice and hatred out into the open. The next step is to begin to heal from it!

This summer was so bloody. Every day I would listen to the news and hear people in pain and shock from another attack, but the one that had the biggest impact on me was the Pulse Nightclub Massacre. I was in the Städel with Ashleigh when I got the notification on my phone: 50 people, gone, for nothing. Thinking of it now makes me want to cry again, and those weeks following were very dark. The fact that these were queer bodies, killed by a closeted, self-loathing man resonated harder than the massacres I heard about every other day. The selfish part of my heart does care more when I can picture myself in their place.

It's hard for the election not to immediately pop into my mind, especially given the time of year and the height of bigotry and fear-mongering that is being so supported and heightened in our country. I feel like I can't even pay attention to the bigger national and international events right now (police killings of black men, the ongoing crisis in Syria) because I am so battle weary just from what's going on domestically. Especially as Trump makes such racist and misogynist comments, I feel like I am in some sort of survival mode where I don't have the emotional resources to pay attention to other events like I want to. And like I feel that I should.

It's hard to see back, past this election. This election. My God. But, the targeting of black folks, especially black men, and the unofficial lynching that has taken place in so many cities, has had an impact. As it should. BLM--everyone's responsibility, though it's hard because of the way it's aligned with the BDS movement. How to be Jewish and do the work?

I think that the events that spurred the creation of the Black Lives Matter movement and the Brock Turner rape case impacted me this year. I don't think I'm that naive; I always knew there were bad people walking with the good. This year, however, has been far scarier. It feels like our country, indeed, our world, is tearing itself apart. I find myself questioning how I raise my children to be loving and caring individuals. Essentially, I want to teach them to "not be assholes." I think now it's not enough to just show my kids love so that they will learn how to love. I feel like I need to be more proactive about it, and I'm not really sure how to do that.

I remain so closed off from the rest of the world. I usually know what's going on but that's it. It doesmt matter to me. Well, the election of course though...

The presidential primary, to see a liberal Jew from poor immigrant parents have so much support for the highest office in the land, doubled by the fact that a woman may and probably will become the first woman president of the United States is just amazing. I'm so glad I was on this earth to witness this. On the negative side, it scares me that there are Americans that would want a trust fund baby who rips off workers, & is a narcissistic histrionic idiot, that frightens me.

Trump. Eww. I really hope he is not president and if he is I really hope he proves me wrong. The political situation now is pretty scary, and it's even more frightening that my family supports him. It is embarrassing and confusing. America. Oy.

BLM. A lot of police shootings and police brutality have finally come to the forefront in national news. With the rising popularity of Donald Trump and his vitriol, it really exposed the deep seated hatred and lack of humanity that exists in this country. And the antagonistic responses to BLM (#AllLivesMatter) really highlighted the lack of willingness to acknowledge the deep seated hatred and lack of humanity that exists. My level of understanding for all sides has grown as these movements have garnered national attention. I feel like I understand this world better - including the motivations behind some of these heinous acts. It's no longer a mystery how someone could support a man like Trump, or raise money for the legal fees for George Zimmerman. I think it all starts with education and instilling the values of fairness and justice in people very early on. Everything that is Jane Elliot! Bottom line, people fail to see other people as people. As soon as everyone is able to recognize all people as people (and like themselves), then we can start rebuilding and become and do better. BLM really forced me to focus in on the social problems in our country and made me recognize that we are far from a place of peace.

The election has been a hot mess. Bernie Sanders was likely more successful than the DNC allowed him to appear. Now it's Hillary and Donald and it's just awful. Hillary will keep the status quo and Donald will be a hell-storm. I am nervous and apathetic at the same time.

The bombing of Aleppo. What monsters, the Syrian regime and their Russian thug supporters.... It's like the holocaust all over again - and again, America is doing nothing while the genocide goes on in front of our very eyes.


The presidential campaign has had a big impact, largely cultural, raising so many issues about what is wrong with the way politics work, how easily people are misled, how often people vote neither in their best interests or according to their values. I worry that Clinton won't get elected, and I also feel fatalilstic-- resigned even. The other important element of this is that, when I realized (back in the summer) that Dad was voting for Trump, I had a clear, concrete smack of realizing how disconnected we are culturally, and how little of his world view shaped me or Julia. Thank god, too. One thing I am really glad that I got from my mother were her political values and her focus on learning.

Trump was named the GOP candidate, thus putting him in the final run for the position of most powerful person in the world. Potential disaster in the making.

2016 has been a doozy of a year. The terrorist attacks, the slaying of so many innocent lives - be it by ISIS, or lone gunmen, or police killing blacks in America....all this leads me to fear for our future. I continue to have hope that we will work it out. But I am afraid. And the US election is also frightening. I am Canadian, but the thought that Trump has a shot at the presidency is appalling. I can't imagine how the world could ever be a better place with this joke of a man. Wake up people! He is dangerous!

So many I can't name them all - California drought/fires. Republican takeover of the media. Killing of blacks by policemen. Global warming Glaciers disappearing -- all of this same as last year. Impacted me by my feeling very sad and ineffective as far as making a difference

One thing which has picked up resonance in my life as it has picked up momentum from the international community is the Black Lives Matter movement. This resonance does not come from a shared feeling of disenfranchisement nor from the suffering of many immediate friends or loved ones. That is my privilege. However, as I listen to more stories of the universal vs. the other, it becomes progressively clearer that racism, sexism, homophobia, nationalism and jingoism are all merely expressions of white supremacy. Never before have I witnessed such energetic efforts by anyone to discredit, invalidate and subvert such a simple and seemingly self-evident assertion. The irked conservatives have co-opted the slogan by asserting that any other color of life would be preferable. It reminds of the occupy movement, and how right-wing pseudo-intellectuals were doling out percentages for any middle-class demographic worshiping the elite. It's exhausting, but elucidating. In times of panic, humans become more tied to their own sense of a tight-knit community--one that looks like them. As white supremacy feels the pressure of a resurgent movement for equality after decades of unquestioning obedience, the response is to retreat inside a regressive womb of classic supremacist rhetoric. Thanks to the surge of post-war births, such Americans will mostly all be dead or senile soon enough. It's time to focus on educating the youth to think for themselves. The next flavor of racism is being instilled in the hearts of millennials.

The hate in the presidential race. It's made me wonder if I'm as entrenched in my positions as opponents are in theirs, and if I could be brought to middle ground on something I believe in but others feel the opposite way. It also has made me afraid to talk with friends and even my sister about politics because if she is on the other side and we argue, I'm afraid I'll lose her and I can't do that. But if she supports hate and intolerance, did I ever know her as my sister?

I haven't been impacted directly by any events in the world this year but i definitely have indirectly. The headlines here in America have definitely spilled over into my daily life. The Black Lives Matter situation is all most talk about and of course the election. I could care less because right now I'm worried more about myself and getting the passion back into my life. Before I started working at The Peabody I was so happy and confident and i need to find that woman again. I want to be the one impacting people.

donald trump. just...what the hell. I believe that when history books review the decline of the U.S., they will point to this moment. I feel deeply, truly, viscerally saddened by what this election has revealed about Americans. I am so disappointed in this country.

The election. It's strained my relationships with my family and friends. I almost feel like I'm avoiding seeing and/or talking to certain people until it's over. I'm not sure if it's because I'm older and inherently more involved in the political discourse this year, or if this election is just poisoned. It feels like no ones willing to hear the other side, and the other side is automatically labeled as awful and idiotic. I myself, am frustrated by the other side's arguments and feel like a conversation would only reveal awful parts of me and my temper. I honestly just want it to be over. I want to be able to view others by other characteristics besides their political affiliations.

The event I have followed most closely this year is the 2016 election. I have ready many articles about the election and some have provided great insight into the state of Politics, racism, sexism, etc in America. One thing that is clear from this experience is that the people are not happy with the way the political system is functioning. I am continually shocked that so many people support Donald Trump despite all the terrible things he has said and done. I also shocked that so many people have such visceral dislike for Hilary Clinton that is thinly veiled sexism. She was not my first chocie for democratic candidate as I am not inspired by her the way I am by Obama and Bernie Sanders. But I do not have any qualms about voting for her given my options and will be very happy for the USA to have our first Female President (something that also happened in Taiwan this year) .

The Syrian refugee crisis continues to haunt me with the level of suffering continuing to rise. I donate and encourage others to as well, but feel like I need to do more. I'm also impacted by issues we have at home. Continuing police violence against people of color, sexual assault on college campus, and Donald Trump's terrifying view of America. There is a lot we are up against as a country.

presidential election--- dump trump!!!

As of today, Donald Trump, Republican Presidential Nominee is imploding before our eyes with his sexist remarks and behavior. And yet there are people, people that I know and have called "friend" who support him. They explain away his lack of intelligence and his destructive, narcissistic ways. This has impacted me greatly because I'm a woman and a mother. I never thought I would vote for Hillary Clinton. Integrity was the key requirement for anyone to win my vote and I wasn't sure I could depend on her to be entirely honest. I'm still not sure about that. But I am sure that she, as a woman, has women's best interests in mind. What Donald Trump did was force most of us women to look at each other and say "Fuck this. I'm voting for Hillary because I can't take another minute of men telling us to step aside and be quiet." I wonder if he knows that. I wonder if he knows how angry and tired women are and that there are more of us than men.

Bombing in Syria: I saw a video months of a young toddler being pulled from the rubble, calm and just trying to take it all in, and then I cried for hours. How can we just sit here in our comfortable homes/cars/lives, while children lose everything they know? Their families, their homes, their lives. I don't have an answer, but I cannot stop thinking about that little boy. Presidential campaign: Donald Trump. I have so much anger, and yet not that many words. I hope this is a laughable moment by the time I read this question again 1 year from now.

The presidential election has filled me with fear, to be honest. I've been burying my head a little bit, becuase I don't really want to face it. I can't decide whether there's more racism and sexism today, or whether this is like extinction behavior - it has to escalate before we can get rid of it.

Black lives matter, and the Internet attention around the taking of black lives by police officers had really opened my eyes to the extent that racism runs deep in our country. I've lived a very privileged life as a white person, and been shielded from the horrific extent of racism in America living in a very white state. I'm now working to educate myself, and be an ally in an area I haven't put much thought into before.

The fucking 2016 presidential election. One, I've come to realize that I am *not* getting more conservative as I grow older. Two, I think the fact that Donald Trump is a hair's breath away from the world's highest political office is a travesty for our nation. I've wasted so much time reading and watching the poisonous nonsense he's spewed into the world, and am discouraged by the fires of hate that he has stoked among my fellow Americans. I cannot wait until November when this is (hopefully) over for good.

FUCKING DONALD TRUMP. Why is he the first thing that comes to mind? Even though Im pretty positive he is going to lose, G-d willing, its infuriating that he has dominated the news, and overshadowed many more worthy stories. But the positive of this is that issues of misogyny and sexism are coming to the forefront.

The 2016 American Presidential race. I feel more invested than past elections, a little more knowledgeable. Still, it is incredibly disheartening to be in a country that's so divided. Regardless of who wins, I'm scared for the continued bipartisan gridlock. How can we progress without compromise and understanding? I'm not sure how to alleviate this, but it's hard to be invested in politics when I just feel disappointed, removed, and confused.

The continuing murder of black men and women by police. Orlando. Tis wretched election. All signs in this country point to my life and the lives of those that I love not being valued. It sickens me and makes me feel deeply hopeless. It reinforces the narrative of persecution that i grew up with. Even if I didn't experience so much discrimination myself growing up, I experience it now, deeply rooted in communities of color, the mother of a brown boy, carrying a Spanish last name. I worry that Naftali will never experience the freedom that I have in this life. That there will always be this fight. that the energy i pour in to Brian and any other student that i have ever nurtured will not be in vain, but will never balance the scales, never be enough to make a dent in the sickness of this country. i don't actually believe that we will ever be redeemed as a nation, or even really that "we" includes me and mine. none of this disgusting or senseless violence seems to be changing hearts and minds, bc they will never be changed. my job is just to provide the best option for those of us without options. keep chipping at the same immoveable r0ck.

The US Presidential race. The divisiveness and acrimony disguised as patriotism and righteousness sicken me. I am most disappointed by americans who view intolerance and bullying as admirable qualities in our leaders. A celebrity that has no business even pretending to be interested in public service is actually admired by nearly half of America. Fascism disguised as patriotism, rude behavior disguised as honesty ... it sickens me. I am less hopeful about the future of american society as I have been in quite a while. Maybe ever.

Oh my gosh this election. It's infuriating. Trump is such a nasty, horrible person and I can't believe people support him. Hillary is terrible too. Why didn't we get better candidates? I'm so mad. I am terrified of what is going to happen in a month. I so hope a third party candidate can be elected. WRITE IN ROMNEY.

This election has really been awful. It's really turned my eye toward how we can try to build bridges with people on opposite sides of the various issues. I'm worried about us.

Trump's video of his "locker room talk" where he brags about "grabbing their pussies" really affected me. I don't think people realize that women face these acts on a daily basis, and even if they aren't physically assaulted, they are bombarded with the attitude that they are sexual objects who are inferior to men. It was very upsetting to listen to this kind of candid talk, knowing that it insidiously exists in other private spaces. We can only hope to educate more men and women, and slowly change this narrative.

Orlando Mass shooting is in my home town. It impacted the community at every level. I am proud of my community for responding with live and passion.

Donald-fucking-Trump. I'm truly terrified. Which means I can't turn off my need to obsessively read every political article I encounter, and it sucks. I've been scared since Day 1, which also scares me because the theory that terrified me when he first announced seems to be playing out. That theory being, What if this is exactly the president our country deserves? What if *I* am the outlier? I know I'm borderline fringe left, especially here in the South, but what if I'm so out of touch that Trump really is the "leader" that best represents us? What will happen if he wins? I hope we don't find out. PS - FUCK YOU, Trump and the fucking GOP, for dragging so much shit into what could otherwise have been a rather enjoyable moment in herstory.

So many things have happened this year, but the only thing I can remember with certainty right now is the election. It feels like it's been going on forever. I'm so ready for it to be over and for Hillary to be named the winner already.

Oh man. This has been the mot terrible year for the world, probably since 1940's; syria, isis, phillipines, trump, brexit, natural disasters

Fuck. Where do I start. All of the terror attacks. Paris, Orlando, Nice, Brussels. Brexit. The US election and Trump. The threat of the plebiscite in Oz. At one point mid-year (just after Brexit) I felt quite overwhelmed by it all. I felt as if the UK that I knew had been destroyed. That the comfort I felt from knowing that I belonged to an upstanding and forward thinking country had been pulled from under my feet.

My mind goes to tragedy. And there's been no shortage of it in 2016. Orlando was really tough, very sad. I remember walking through the Hollywood Farmer's Market on that Sunday morning, in a daze from the news but also wondering if everyone else around me knew the news. And if so, how were they operating on what seemed to be a normal frequency? And did I look like I was operating at a normal frequency? And if they didn't know, should I tell them? Or, how would they respond? How will they find out? Will it shatter their day, their quaint Sunday morning browsing stone fruit while sipping espresso drinks? Or at least put an opaque fog over everything they did, as it did mine? How do we all coexist at times like that, or do we codepend even more? but as I walked past dozens of people, I felt so fragile and at the same time, so full. It's like my heart was pouring open, eyes ready to burst - so open and ready to talk, embrace, connect with anyone... but at the same time, I so strongly just wanted to live in my own mind and sort out all my issues on my own. Which is how I seem to navigate life on a daily basis. But the event that actually affected me most was the week of shootings where Alton Sterling, Philando Castile, and the police officers in Dallas were all killed. That was such an intense, terrible, stunning, staggering set of days. It was not new or worse, it just seemed to put a lens on the systems, the injustices, the misunderstandings, the divides, the problems of so many people - so much of the country - WE - are facing. I remember Killer Mike's interview hitting me squarely in the chest - opening my eyes to the need to support communities I care about - and my own - and how we should not only - of course -exercise allyship, understanding, empathy, support - but also be evangelists to all others to do the same. That the work is never done.

Trump. His hate and vulgarity and violence is affecting everyone. Misogyny is growing under him. It's sickening. I can't wait for America to kick him to the curb and forget about him forever.

No particular event comes to mind. In general, I'm still passionate about asylum seekers, Muslims, vaccination, and same sex marriage.

The shooting at Pulse Nightclub in Orlando earlier this summer had a deep, visceral impact on me. I awoke to the news while staying with my sister on a business trip to San Francisco, and spent the proceeding several weeks obsessing over it. I cried on the plane home; I felt paranoid when going out to clubs. It really opened my eyes to many things, first and foremost what it must feel like to be a more at-risk LGBT person, located in a part of the country or world where being out and proud is far more dangerous. It was also jarring since the shooting easily could have happened at any of my neighborhood bars (Nellies, minibar, Cobalt), and I felt truly vulnerable for being gay for the first time in my life. I aired my grief and pain very visibly on Facebook, and felt like I was engaging in public therapy with friends undergoing much of the same heartbreak. As horrible as the experience was, it felt good to know that I wasn't the only one having immense difficulty moving on. It helped me piece myself back together and emerge from the communal trauma even stronger.

The Orlando shootings... Because Im LGBTQ too, and im soo greatful to live in a country that is very accepting of that comunity. And even if this was an terrible event, all the love and support from allaround the world was heart warming to witness

I work in Politics, so my immediate thought is the presidential election. Although it has been a truly grueling experience, I think that for me, it has made me realize how important certain things are. I believe that every human is created equal, no matter their race, religion, creed, sex, sexual orientation, zip code, or the like. I work every day to make a system that is more fair and more just for the people it serves. But this election has reminded me just how important that work is. It has reminded me why I do what I do and why it is so important to keep good people in government. To be completely honest, it has also made me a little bit more of a feminist and an activist as well-- but I think that's a good thing at the end of the day.

It's not just one event but the police shootings of young African American men have made me feel like nothing has changed in the past 50 years of the civil rights movement. If anything, I feel like we are a more divided country and I don't see any great leader on the horizon to change that.

The U.S. Elections have made me question so many things the country I love and the process. It also has made me question things in the world and people in general. It's made me look in too. What I really care about and what actions I need to and want to be taking. I wish I weren't in this weird place in life right now so I could do more for the campaign but I think that would overwhelm me. I have never been so angry at politics. I think Trump is the summation of everything that is wrong about people in this country and the attitudes they have. It brings together horrible perceptions of "the other" (immigrants, blacks) with fear-mongering. It truly is deplorable. And on the other we have the first woman running, which is crazy. It's made me think about all of the opppprtunities I have that I would not have had even 60 years ago. I'm very grateful for that even though I know there is still more work to be done.

The US Presidential election is probably the biggest one. I've been thinking for a few years now about the relationship between technology, manufacturing, and employment, and how many in the country are feeling lost, disenfranchised, helpless, and ignored. Seeing Trump's rise to power was evidence that my thinking had been correct, and that this country has to take responsibility for these invisible, suffering populations.

Um, soooo many things. I'm so ready for 2017. The bombings in Aleppo. The deaths of migrants. Black lives matter, and police shootings. The damn election. Never in my life have I had to take a break from current events/news/the world, and this year, I did. What does that mean for the future? I'm hoping - desperately - that this is the part where things get worse, and then it'll get better (in the whole "it has to get worse before it gets better" thing).

The election, oy, the election. It has me scared, stressed, agitated, opinionated, concerned. The dialogue in this nation is polarized beyond words, and civility seems to have been tossed to the side. What does this say about the future and the world our children will inherit. Are we all really that different? Is there really that much hate and ignorance? With all the technology and advances in this modern era it feels as if we are Archean in our humanity. It is a sad state of affairs that sometimes feels hopeless. Additionally, the deaths of David Bowie and Prince were profound. Their music and talent have touched my soul for 30 years. They have comforted me in times of sorrow, they have given me great joy, they have inspired me and given me pause. Their absence leaves a whole in the universe.

I'd say all of the terrorist attacks and ISIS bullshit would be the first thing to come to mind, followed shortly by the Trump bullshit that's on the forefront of everyone's minds right now. Realistically, the thing that has actually impacted me the most would be the gun violence happening in huge numbers all over America and, specifically, the shooting at UCLA. I remember waking up next to Alex (lol.. stupid ghosting friend zoner) and reading a CNN news update that said UCLA shooting and jumping up to make sure I was fully awake. It wasn't that particular incident that made me hate the presence of guns and the lack of action toward them, but it was the event that brought it closest to home.

Brexit. Before the referendum I hoped the remain vote would win, but feared that too many people in this country would vote to leave. The result made me angry, that the quality and nature of public debate moved so far away from liberal values, and legitimised some truly nasty opinions. And several months afterwards I'm getting a sense of how much we have lost - businesses to report how many non UK workers they have FFS - and also how much worse this country can become. Why does it matter? Because its a huge step backwards, and i like to think we make progress and improve through the generations. And we don't have the political leadership and resource to carry out this kind of radical change.

The fact that Donald Trump has made it this far in the presidential race, while perhaps not officially an event in itself, feels momentous. The racism, sexism, bigotry and hatred that he popularizes has lit a fire within me to make sure that I stand up for all the things he squashes down. I want to make sure that my students, my family and my friends know that the things he's saying and doing are abhorrent, and I strive to show them the Right way to coexist in the world.

The impending election has impacted me . I don't think of myself as a very political person, but I do have strong opinions on social issues. Up until this point I've been registered as an independent voter with no party affiliation. This year I registered as a Democrat. I'm concerned for this country because Trump has made it this far. I feel strongly that we need an experienced diplomat to represent us, one who values basic human rights.

Brexit. The referendum vote in favour of Britain leaving the EU devastated me. I was bereaved for weeks afterwards. It really shook my belief in the power of good, in democracy, and in my fellow British citizens. It felt like evil, racism, xenophobia and small mindedness had prevailed, despite all the history our island has of welcoming immigrants and overcoming our differences. I don't believe that things will change for the better, and I've lost my hope that all the great things that Labour has built in Britain - the NHS, social housing, benefits for those in need - will be protected. I'm not a Labour supporter, but after the routing of the Lib Dems at the last general election, and the success of the Brexit campaign I'm terrified we're just months away from a real fascist uprising and the collapse of good in the country. And I'm terrified that everyone else in the world will assume that I'm racist because I'm British.

The crashing of the pound after Brexit has shown me how much I value financial security and how fragile my finances actually are.

Trump's success in the American election, the suffering in Africa, South America, the Middle East, Asia weighs on me. It is horrible that we live in ease and people are suffering.

The whole Brexit thing has hit me the most. I don't normally care for things at a global scale as it's so subjective to use at a local scale. But that scares me. Leaving the EU is pointless considering the benefits of it. It's coming to the point where the government is becoming communist. We will fail as a nation without the EU and will also make it harder to work and live abroad since it's something I've wanted to do for my adult life.

I remember waking up to news of the Orlando nightclub shooting. I didn't know how to process it, so I didn't. Isn't that strange, that you could be an American in 2016 and still not know how to process a shooting? But the specifics of it defied belief: 49 people, the darkened club, blood on the sidewalk, an update every hour for days. It made me feel vulnerable in a way that I haven't for years. That kind of violence, that kind of homophobia, seems like it could only happen in the terrible past. That morning I woke up next to my boyfriend and we read the headlines over each other's shoulders, silent and grim. We look straight. We aren't straight. Once upon a time I was afraid to say anything about being a queer girl, but now I can't stand the idea of being silent.

I am sickened by the election for the US Presidency and how demeaning it has become to the character and values of this country. At the same time, I am horrified by all of the inequality in this world and the suffering that we (including me) is allowing with the people of Syria. I am at a loss for how to change any of this, but it affects me and many in the world a great deal.

The combination of Brexit and the fact that Trump made it as the Republican candidate have made me think about democracy and whether it's truly a good idea to have people make decisions that they don't really know much about. For Brexit, Britain is now separating from the EU. Based on news reports, it seems like a lot of people voted "leave" to just make a statement. They hadn't thought through the consequences. They wanted their voice to be heard. So they were making a statement but didn't necessarily feel they were making a decision. Trump is even worse, or maybe it seems worse to me because I live in the US. It's unfathomable to me that anyone could actually support this man. The news media are running out of adjectives to describe him, and all the worst ones apply: belligerent, ignorant, selfish, megalomaniac, misogynist, and more. Who on earth are the people who would want to give this man power? Part of the problem is that I cannot fathom it. I cannot empathize and I cannot relate to these people and I think that is a problem. In the past, when political views differed, I was fine agreeing to disagree, respectfully. So there are a few things here: there's the bubble that I and many other people are in, where evidently we don't see the reality faced by the people who support Trump. After this election is over, those people won't be gone. They are still out there, and they will still feel the same way. This has been eye-opening to me and is the scariest part of this election. I don't think Trump will win, not in a million years. But, the people that agree with him will still be out there. And, there are people who think that a vote for Trump is a vote against Hillary. That's like the Brexit statement-making people and we need to find another way to address that because the consequences are too severe.

We only have a month or so to go now, but the American Presidential election is coming up soon. I am not a fan of either party's candidate and several years ago switched from lifelong Democrat to Libertarian. I've always been thinking that I will vote for Gary Johnson as President but now I have serious doubts that he can handle being our leader, much less a World Leader. I'm getting stressed out about who will take that position. But then again, the American system has its checks and balances for a reason and whoever sits in that office will have to answer to Congress, the Senate, and ultimately, the People.

AAARRRRRGGHH! Killings, Trump, immature political behaviors. First the latter: I feel disheartened by the immaturity of our leaders, especially the Republicans as they allowed someone as "ignorant"and mentally incompetent as Donald Trump to be the party's candidate for President! And, mainly, their insistence to stand by him even though he has demeaned, criticized, lied, and cheated throughout the campaign. Paul Ryan has said he will no longer say anything about the candidate, but still will not step up and denounce Trump's statements, behavior, and general demeanor. Trump himself is a caracature of a "foolish" leader. He boasts, prowls around during a "debate", whines when he thinks he doesn't get his fair share of time, name-calls, threatens, etc., and is still in the "race". I want to hit my head against the wall. The mass killings are the saddest part of the year -- young people en masse losing their precious lives to violence perpetrated by other young people who are ignorant as to the meaning of life on this planet. It makes me cry. Immaturity and ignorance create great misery.

Incidents with police and the state of our current election have contributed to my increasing disillusionment and dissatisfaction with our government and authorities. However, I tend to focus more on my immediate world. I try to stay aware, and I want to make a difference, but I feel I'm more effective when my focus is more localized. Star Wars Ep 7 came out. Seeing it in the theater a couple of times made me feel connected to all the strangers around me - all happy together.

This year's presidential election has really saddened me. Why can't we do better? Shouldn't our president embody leadership qualities? I can't get over the disrespect in this election. And while I feel like it's coming from one side WAY more than the other, it's really passing in both directions, from the candidates themselves and across the country from citizens. I feel like there is a lot of hypocrisy and none of it is in sync with my values as a yogi, a steward of my community and the earth, as a friend, a business owner, a daughter, a sister, a woman...as a human being living on this earth. It all just feels like a mess. Everyone is just yelling. From all sides. It all seems so in-your-face and loud. I'm so disappointed in some of my friends, too, for not being able to rise above and be the change. It's ironic because they are speaking out against the hatefulness of one of the candidates, but they are doing it in such hateful ways. It upsets me.

Sociopathy has not just impacted my life, my friends lives, but the countrys. Bullying, something I have less and less facility with handling it seems, has become a national sport. And yet I hope and believe that this will not prevail whatever way elections result. Bullies have a short half life. We keep our eye on the light. We move farther than we expected.

Die vielen Menschen auf der Flucht und wie die Leute darauf reagieren und meine eigene Schuld, Verantwortung und Hilflosigkeit darin.

I never thought I would favor Donald trump as the president. Our country is so backward! We have kicked G-d out of the culture and we have reaped what we have sown.

The election has brought out the worst in people's character

The nightclub shooting in Orlando, Florida. The United States Presidential race. Refuges being denied entry into the United States. As a nation, and a human being, We and I should have done more to : reduce discrimination, bigotry in the United States, and find compassion and empathy.

So many to think about. The Brexit vote was a big indicator of where our country has been heading. People have been dissatisfied with the current climate and made decisions based on fear, not desires of the heart. I think England regretted the decisions made by that vote and I hope our country does not follow suit by choosing trump.

Donald Trump and the fact this narcissistic, uncensored, anarchist had enough support to be a serious candidate for president scares the bejesus out of me. I try to look at the positives in that his behavior has brought many bigoted sexist thoughts into the light so that society is forced to address them and work them out together. I fear for the people who defend this man and what that means for our country moving forward. While his rise to be the Republican nominee has made me depressed when I think about his support I try to have faith that there are enough decent people in the US to make this right on election day and hopefully the issues that were raised: negative ones from the Trump campaign and positive ones from the Bernie campaign get sewn into the fabric of our country to steer it in a positive direction moving forward.

I can't believe I'm even mentioning this election on a day of such self-reflection, but it has actually triggered in me a level of anger for sexism that I didn't have before. I want to protect other women. I want to protect myself. I want my boys to know what's going on and respect the women they will encounter. Crazy that this has changed me, but I think it has.

Eitan, Tali and I traveled to Belize this summer. It was incredible, and visceral. I saw an environment that was so vastly different than the ones I have ever known. But what remained the same is the importance of protecting it. When we came in to land at Belize City there were hundreds of small fires all across the landscape. We learned later that they were started by farmers clearing fields for the coming rainy season. It had been usually dry in Belize that spring, and the people were desperate for a good harvest in the fall. Since we left, the rains did come, and the slash and burn techniques remain fruitful for them. But Climate Change will continue its slow march forward, and there will be years that they don't. The trash will continue to pile up on the beaches, the jungle and all its wildlife will continue to be encroached upon. While we in the states have choices, and options, countries like Belize have few. If you're a farmer, you need land to till, and you need to clear it fast when you hear the rains are coming. This is where the conversation is very difficult, and I don't have good answers.

There were many shocking terrorist attacks worldwide this year. The one that hit me the most was the terrorist attacks in Paris. My wife's ex-fiance had an only son who was killed in the attack on the Cambodian restaurant. This senseless and random killing illustrates there is no predicting when the grim reaper will come for you.

The presidential election is high on my mind, given the vote less than a month from today. The election had made me more aware than ever of the racial injustices in our country and the discrimination against women, ethnic minorities, and others. It was a terrible year for police shootings of unarmed blacks in our nation. I have been disgusted and saddened by the news, and decided to commit myself to working to change these systems through local engagement as much as possible.

My eyes have really opened with this whole Trump thing. He is resonating with MILLIONS of people, which is frightening to me. I really see how different my view point is from others and am trying to understand their POV and my own biases.

Oh goodness...the world in 2016 is a sad place. Black men are being murdered in the streets regularly, gun control is out of control, and a racist neo-Nazi bigot is (terrifyingly) running for President with a large portion of this country supporting him. And that's just in the US. World-wide, ISIS is a severe threat, Syria is a state of continual upheaval, and Russia is in a delicate balancing act, which I'm not sure I fully understand, but it's a dangerous thing. Yikes! But this has made me feel very grateful for the safety and security that I experience here in my first-world life. I had this feeling particularly impressed upon me while I was traveling this past summer. In the Middle East, the state of fear is so constant that it is just internalized by all citizens. We passed a playground in Israel, near Gaza, where the kids' tunnels were really just bomb shelters in disguise. This was not considered abnormal to the little kids living there, which is tragic. I was talking with a Syrian refugee who was telling me about how he had to leave his family and live on the streets of Istanbul for months with no food, money, or news from home. That sort of life is something that I will (hopefully) never have to experience, and I feel most grateful for that fact. At the same time, I feel guilty for hearing of all of these horrific events and not feeling as though I can make a meaningful difference. I feel helpless living in the world right now and I wish I knew how to make all of the senseless tragedy stop.

During this past year, several important people passed away - Prince, Elie Wiesel, David Bowie, Gene Wilder, and most recently, Shimon Peres. I remember that the passing of Prince had an impact on me, and many people. Immediately afterwards, I purchased his "greatest hits" album and listened to his entire album all weekend. I read articles about Prince to learn more about the person he was. Whenever a great world-renowned artists dies, it is amazing to me how the people of the world can gather together and be united around one person and the symbolism he holds. Prince was someone who touched the lives of many people through his music. Elie Wiesel & Shimon Peres, especially, mark the passing of a generation. This makes me wonder about the next generation of leaders and how they will leave their mark on the world.

The concert shooting in France last year at the Eagles of Death Metal Concert really hit home to me. I usually do not feel so connected to terrorist attacks, especially abroad. However, because of my love of music and having a 3rd degree connection to the band it really felt more real to me.

Black Lives Matter: the murder in cold blood of citizens by our society's peacekeepers disturbs me intensly. The militarization and lack of accountability of policing in the US is intolerable. No to the Dakota Access Pipeline which when it breaks will affect millions in the watershed. These things concern me, heavily impact friends, impact the economy in small and large ways, and leave a general coldness on the spirit of this Place. As with our old Ukrainian neighbor Marie, who got off the train for her eight hour layover and found a cousin by random knock on a door, even if you have to soak tissue paper for your colors to decorate eggs in the spring, this is healing and growth. As long as beautiful things are made in the world, Good can prevail.

I continue to be moved by the plight of Syrian refugees, their continued suffering (those that have managed to escape and those that are stuck in the war zone) is so disturbing to me. We really should be doing more to resolve the conflict.

The US presidential elections have been a terrible escapade. It's so clear to me that Hillarywould make an excellent president and yet so many people seem to be angry with her or not trust her. She perseveres though and all the while with a smile. That gives me strength.

The continued media coverage of police shootings of black males across the US. Facebook seems to have weekly reminders, and has deepened the conversation around oppression and privilege. This has impacted me on two fronts. One, more thought into the stress on Josh as a young black male. So glad he choose to do Cultural Leadership. What and how do I support his identity and safety? Two, personally exploring my privilege, and slowly becoming aware of the privileged things I do that are what I call "mini oppressions." Like talking over, thinking that I have the answer or know how to deal with the oppression.

This Trump/Clinton election has made me lose even more faith in our government. I thought Obama getting elected, then re-elected was bad. These debates are like watching a circus.

Syrian refugee crisis. Mass diaspora, wrenched away from homeland, rejected by the world. As Jews, we should understand the sort of cultural crisis and trauma they are facing.

The refugee crisis in Europe and the de-facto collapse of the European Union made me think about the future of Europe and the country I am living in. European countries seem to pursue their own interest and the populations become increasingly nationalistic. Extremists are on the rise while there is no economic growth. Unemployment stays high even if the official statistics make us believe that its getting better. People around 50 - like me - will not find another job if being fired. Somehow our future is doomed and I might try to find happiness and luck in Asia instead.

This election year has shown me how many of my friends and colleagues hold racist and anti-Semitic attitudes. I am really disappointed

The overall seemingly growing divide between those that have and those that don't or are challenged by poverty, hunger, homelessness, war, climate change, and other conflicts is grating on me and makes me question how I live and interact in the world.

I want to say something really deep and profound, like the crisis in Syria, or other international issues....but bees going on the endangered species list keeps me up at night.

Donald Trump won the Republican Presidential nomination. He's awful, divisive, crude, disrespectful and arrogant. He has brought out the worst in people and the idea that he could become our next president makes me extremely nervous for our country and for it's citizens.

So many... The Olympics in Brazil. Got my sports fix and watched so many incredible athletes. Yay USA gymnastics. The violence happening across our country, particularly in communities of color. I have issues with using excessive police force particularly in regards to men of color. I have issues with violent protests against police officers as a whole. Although I work for a very diverse organization I can't help but think we're not as inclusive as we may be perceived. Being a white woman comes with privilege and I haven't quite figured out how to support those who are not afforded the same privileges due to the color of their skin. I don't even know what that support would look like.

The death of Philandro Castille at the hands of the police made me take action toward Racial Justice.

The Syrian crises continues to effect me deeply. So many people are killed and even more are displaced and to me the source goes back to the incompetence of President Obama. It is always sad for me to see people who think they are doing good and protecting peace in the world (he won the Nobel Peace Prize after all) causing so much death and destruction because of their nativity.

Terrorist attacks everywhere - hate liberals and Islamic fundamentalists

[Wed., 10/12/16] Perhaps it's a sign of good fortune, or perhaps instead of lamentable parochialism, that I'm finding this question so hard to answer. Major events on the world stage just don't seem to have much obvious impact on me. When I think of big things that have happened or are happening this year -- battles with ISIS, a refugee crisis, shootings and bombings domestic and otherwise, a political pageant starring Donald Trump -- I can't help but feel blessed that by virtue primarily of my resources and residence, my life continues basically the same as always. (Perhaps if Trump wins I'll feel differently. But he won't win.) Of the Big Current Happenings, I suppose the rise of Trump comes closest to having a nontrivial impact on me. At least, it's fair to say I've learned a nontrivial *lesson* from it (a lesson I might also have learned from the outcome of the Brexit vote a few months back). Here's my epigrammatic summary: Those who feel left out will find a way to lash out. Xenophobic white working-class English northerners and their American southern and midwestern analogues have latched on to the tools at their disposal (a referendum; a bloviating candidate) to express their discontent. Will a Brexited Britain or Trumpian U.S. make these folks less poor? Obviously not. They'll get poorer. But that doesn't seem to actually matter. I hope there'll be another lesson to learn from the fall of Trump, which should be happening in a bit less than one month from the time of this writing.

4 words. elections. not only is this the first year i will be voting, but also....drumph and hilary...like. what a shitty set of candidates to have for my first electioh.

It shouldn't matter that it could have been you But it does as you sit in the parked car staring at the supermarket pumpkin display thinking about that club in Boston Pearl, or Jade, or some gemstone the first time you let yourself not look away not look down the first time you felt how a hand fits around the corner of a woman's hip how soft the hairs are at the nape. And as the radio plays their names You’re thinking how your own bird heart beating Could have been the last thing you felt before a sound like a hammer breaking glass mixed with the songs' base and the screams began.

Holy moly, the presidential campaign! Positive imacts are: 1) Remembering how much work there is to do around issues of social justice, particularly women's rights, rape culture, et al. 2) Really committing to Hillary in the face of all the misogyny. 3) In a small way, being part of a community of some other HRC supporters.

Hurricane Matthew. It impacted me because it destroyed my city & cities surrounding it.

The bombing of Paris and the bombing of California. Terrorism is terrifying, as they intend, and I'm sure that Clinton will address it accordingly. However, if that crazed egomaniac, Donald Trump gets in, we might all perish. This is a global problem, make no mistake. I'm scared.

This years presidential election has revealed how fearful, angry, and hateful people are. I also believe that this will be a year in which real and profound personal and political changes tip in favor of the health and wellbeing of people and the planet. I feel hopeful because the issues of mental health, racism, misogyny, and the destruction of democracy has been exposed and can now be addressed. When the disease is hidden, there's no treating it. Now we know and the healing can begin.

Hillary Clinton becoming the first female presidential candidate of a major political party. This and the misogyny, racism, etc of her opponent has put into stark relief the discrimination, racism, and sexism that pervades our society. I'm with her.

The failed coup in Turkey. My friend from Turkey is seeking asylum here in the USA, along with her family, to escape certain prison time in her home country. Seeing her courage and grace in the face of real threat, I want to help. I resurrect my American accent training materials to help her with her communication. In this way, I want to offer her a way to feel more a part of our community, to know she belongs. And I reconnect with an old passion that never got fully expressed.

The overwhelming suffering of the refugee Middle East civilians has been heart breaking for me. I cry when another attack happens. I want to bring people to the United States so they can feel wanted and loved and know that each and everyone has a decent future.

Trump running for office has really done a number on my head. It amazes me how many people embrace his blatant racism and sexism. I've lost a great deal of faith in my fellow humans over this.

The Trump campaign is effecting everyone- making everyone so polarized and full of hate. The NC HB2 law and the riots there have made me and many others more aware of the systemic generational poverty and racism in the city I grew up in. The city I grew up in just is not there anymore after they changed the bussing laws in 1999. I am especially aware of these things as I plan to invite so many friends and family to CLT for the wedding in May. What is this state I am inviting them to??

Brexit really terrified me, and hurt my soul some. I felt like those British dreams, those EU dreams were dreams that I shared. We can give up lines of nationalism and national interest and see that our shared interest is complicated but essential, we fare better together. It shakes me that people gave up on that dream because it wasn't working out -- at least some people gave up. The numbers on younger people's feelings and votes were different than older folks. But it's also scary to think that if we try that kind of approach -- where the upper class old-nobility person ties their fate to their working-class or up-and-coming neighbors, they might decide on down the road it isn't worth it. What would I have done? Could the U.S. ever trust anyone else enough to try this kind of experiment? Would the voices of conservatism shut it down before it even started? Will this kind of precedent deter us from trying to be anything but a maverick? Brit conservatives affected more people than they really understood, in my opinion. To me, the EU is a vision of what things could look like if we realized that our presents and pasts and futures are so intertwined with our neighbors -- it took such trust and such commitment and such faith. So I mourn that loss.

Syria. I feel terrible about how many people have been displaced/killed and I am really angry about how little people seem to care. Children are dying there every day and it is just a political issue here and nothing more. Also Russia can eat a bag of dicks!

The Pulse Nightclub shooting shook me to the core. I didn't know anyone affected, but it instantly made me feel less safe. I have faced very little persecution for being gay — most of it has been from people I know / the church. There have been little things I notice here and there, but nothing overtly violent. This shooting felt personal. I was in physical and emotional pain for days. I wrote the President a letter and he wrote me back. I still don't totally understand why it affected me so much, but I have a strong appreciation for the struggles of my community.

The shootings in Orlando. It was at the same time as my sister was driving down to visit, and she had to pull over multiple times to sob. She came out to me as bi when she got here, which wasn't terribly surprising, but I'm glad she was in a supportive place while she grieved. It pushed me to be more vocal about my support for the LGBTQQI community, because I'm more aware that someone like my sister might be needing to hear my voice of compassion and acceptance.

Donald Trump is currently running for president. He is completely unprepared to be president, and yet he beat out all of the other Republican nominees. We are all trying to understand how this happened, how he got so far. It's terrifying.

After going on a trip to Israel this year and interacting with the citizens there, it is clear that many of them do not like the decisions that their own government is making. I also was able to learn about both sides of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict and realized that neither side is ultimately right. There are some points from both arguments that I agree with, and with the death of the former Israeli president Shimon Perez, peace may be even further away.

I am horrified by the presidential campaign, and the anger and hatred and divisiveness and fear that has come from it. I am an old lady and didn't think that anything could shock me anymore, but I continue to be shocked by the intensity of the emotions associated with the false duality of the political party affiliations.

Worldwide, I'm not sure what there is to say aside from Isis and the awareness of how much bad there is in the country and what we need to do to fix it. On a happier note, at least in the US, the Cubs knocked the Giants out of the post-season and this is going to be their year. It has made me happy. Excited again. It's reminded me why I chose sports as a career and has pushed me to be more aggressive about finding a new job I'm passionate about.

The Native American protest against the pipeline in. North Dakota. I think I will regret not getting off my middle class, jappy ass to go up there and support them. Native causes have always affected me deeply, even before I understood the genocide connection btwn Jews and them.

Any and every time I heard about suicide, for each and every reason, it floors me for a second. I know the pain, I hate that pain and I wish these literal strangers had a way out even if I understand it so deeply.

Friggin' Brexit! I don't believe how DAMN STUPID and SHEEP people can be!! And everything (and all around the world) has become fear of each other. I wrote this when Brexit happened, and I stand by it: To me, as a Mexican, I'm not directly affected by the UK leaving EU. Yes, perhaps the economic impact will come later, but that ultimately can be handled by working hard (as we already do). For me, that represents the triumph of irrationality, intolerance, fear to dialogue, (idiot) racial supremacy, of alienation, less humanity, lack of commitment, the lack of understanding of others ... The 'people' are told to live in fear again because the difference between the 'races' is causing all the trouble in the world... (But never the greed of their businesses, never the stupidity in believing irrationally what is presented to them, never the policies for the interests of some....) Everyone has seen how one race is superior to the other! It is the foreign who has to speak their language because it is 'superior'! It's better, 'superior', being white than being Latino, black, Jewish, Asian or Muslim! (#bitchplease) And I would like to ask a racist: How you are superior, you my 'favorite' racist? How do you define your "higher status" if it was coincidence that you were born in a country with more opportunities than so many others? How do you define yourself as superior for your skin color? You know, there are white Latinos, Muslim is one religion, and so are Jews, Blacks are very kind and more resistant to everything (especially more than you, my racist), Asians are more disciplined... How do you define your superior for talking just one language when I can speak more languages ​​than you? Tell me please, how are you a better person? If you feel threatened by foreigners, it is time you see what you're doing wrong. If you think we're "stealing jobs", it is because you're not good enough as a foreigner. If you think we're going to bomb your house, you should not have done the same from the beginning ... We are all equal. We have DNA, cells have, have blood (of the same color), we have same have bones, muscles, brain and extremities ... We have a mouth and a voice to talk... If the superiority define it as coincidences of life, you're a loser. If the superiority define it as what you do for another human being, you not even need to think about being superior ....

Donald fucking Trump is the Republican nominee. I honestly don't understand how this could have happened. As a queer, female, Jew, I fear for all aspects of my identity if he gets elected President.

This year, I awoke one morning in March to find that 49 people had been massacred in a night club a block away from where my high school had been. What happened at Pulse touched everyone in our community. Hate and terrorism were close to home at last. Too close. The week of the event I felt a great ball of sadness in my chest for what had happened. I felt the urge to visit the shrines and memorials around the city. Everyone, at least for a few weeks, smiled more at each other and look each other in the eye. At the memorial service at the Buddhist temple, all 50 lives were remembered. I met a girl that day, she reminded me of someone else, and she smiled at me. As we ate sometime later, I expressed to her my intent to go to the candlelight vigil to take place that night at Lake Eola. She said she had wanted to go to and I asked her to come with me. She did. I'm happy she was there with me as we held each candle in memory of the lives lost. After that day, I've been more willing to say yes to life, knowing it is not guaranteed to last from one moment to another.

My answers to these questions seem to be focused on more recent events and I guess this one will be no different... This election is just so horrible. The idea that Trump, this man who is a social climber and a despicable business man who is greedy and just an all around dirty rotten scoundrel is a candidate for president! It is so absurd that we could be in this place. On every level it's totally CRAZY! Even forgetting all the rest of who he is and his dirty dealings he has NO EXPERIENCE as a politician! He has never led anything except for his companies into the ground. How could a bully be President of the USA?? But what worries me the most (assuming that Hillary wins because him winning is really too awful to even contemplate) is the really really ugly side of America that he has exposed/unleashed. It is literally like he exposed the ugly underbelly of America- by normalizing racism and rape culture and bullying and bragging and overall acceptability of terrible behavior. I think he's opened pandora's box and we are going to have to heal from it but who is going to do it? The other option is that it continues to fester and we become our worst "self". Oh boy. Hopefully when I read this a year from now I will feel so relieved that this depressing chapter in American politics is behind us. Ugh.

The nastiness of this year's presidential campaign has caused me to detach from politics. I'll vote, but at this point, I don't much care about the day to day news or events.

The nice attack effected me in ways that I could never had imagined. The woman who saved my life, was suddenly gone. I feel quite deeply emotionally effected by this, it's stirred up a deep sadness and frustration inside of me. So many innocent people are killed in acts of terrorism - for what purpose. Is it a holy war, for what kind of god condones this reckless and violent behaviour. When I see muslims in my day to day life I feel deep sadness for them, and I question what kind of muslim are they - for they can't all be bad - or can they? The fact that this questions even comes up makes me feel sick. I want to always see the good in the world but lately, it's difficult.

The damned United States Presidential election has impacted me and everyone else living in this country. It looks to me like we are going to hell in a handbasket. I predict several very rough years for our country. My family is ill prepared for more rough years. As are many other families.

Trump became the GOP nominee for president. It makes me upset and worried about the future of our country and the world that someone as morally wrong and different from me has been able to become so influential because it means that there are a large number of people who either believe the same things he does or are able to delude themselves that he is either a good person or is able to become better.

Obama's time is up. Its time for a new president. I'm a little nervous about the outcome of the elections. Trump is running. I don't agree with his platform. Hillary is also running. She could be the first female president, but I don't trust her platform either.

Gah - this one. Um, us election? Brexit Continued police shootings Paris terrorists attack Pulse nightclub The new space race's success A world event that impacted me - how? Why? Huh. Ah, VW dieselgate? Matt, dude… Cuba is available again for the US So for the past year watching trump arrive and grow had impacted me in making me doubt the greatness / hope for a great country. Finding that people are worse than I thought makes me not want to fight for a better world. Seems the world is wonky and broken - money is god, everyone out for themselves. Even knowing they'd be filmed people act poorly (sucker punching at rallies, cops kicking the victims, etc) - so yeah - Trump campaign has hurt me. Even when he loses, we're showing our true colors and I don't like those colors. And I feel bad that THAT is my 'event in the world' - the refugee crisis looms hard; didn't realize the Chinese economy had a bump last year; the terror attacks are noted, but then slide away in the blood-slick sadness that is contemporary news journalism. Damn. Oh, the year of the sad music passings - Bowie, Prince. bummed a lot of us out. Oh - gussy passed, and that's set Iz on a path. Damn. //10.13.16::s:://

The presidential race has been impacting me a lot. Donald Trump's candidacy makes me fearful--he is so reminiscent of Hitler in 1933. I did a sermon for Yom Kippur day when I talked about standing up to discrimination and oppression. Though I didn't mention Trump, I think it was clear what I was talking about. In the afternoon liturgy for Yom Kippur, there's a passage that remembers and honors righteous gentiles and what they did to save Jews. It says that should such times ever come again, we must remember their courage so that we can be like them if necessary. I feel that if Trump is elected, such times could come again, and it is frightening.

The Trump candidacy seems to be the logical result of 10 or 20 years of bad stuff in our culture. We cannot fully move forward if we leave a big chunk of our population behind, and they are intent on turning the clock back 30 years -- a losing gambit. How can we heal this national wound. AND, we currently face the biggest refugee crisis since after WWII. How do we handle? How do we find our humanity?

idk what to say about 2016.. its insane, the world feels more in turmoil than ever before. there are so many shootings and bombings, I've grown numb to it. The ones in Paris and Brussels shook me with fear, so close to home, is Amsterdam next? the refugee crisis, donald trump gaining so much popularity, the blatant racism & black lives matter movement due to all the police violence against black people.. and now there's clowns, what the fuck, life couldn't be more terrifying.. oh and the effects of climate change are becoming more obvious, I don't know what the future will bring, but it doesn't look too good. the world is a scary place but we can't give in to fear.

I'm pretty sure that everyone has been extremely impacted by the upcoming presidential election. I am still disgusted by Donald Trump and everything he says, and I truly cannot believe that he has come this far in the election. I hope that he is never given the power that president has. I had been a hardcore Bernie supporter, but I understood the reality of his loss and I am now a Hillary supporter. She may not be perfect, but she's the best we've got right now. And it's just a bonus that she's a woman! As I've gotten older, I've become more politically aware and interested. I now love discussing and debating politics, whether it be candidates or specific issues. I am always interested to hear the other side, but sometimes, like with Trump, I truly cannot fathom how people overlook the horrible things he says.

The presidential election is definitely on my mind. There is so much vitriol and it makes me wonder what my friends and neighbors are really thinking. I know there are a lot of trolls and uneducated people speaking out, but I fear there is still so much anti-semitism and hatred in our country.

Donald Trump being an *actual* candidate for presidency. It terrifies me that a narcissistic, misogynistic psychopath like him could be so lauded by the middle class. If he was raised by them, how hateful can the average person be? What do they mean, "make America great again"? Great how? Why is everyone else to blame for all their problems? How have we completely lost all sense of personal responsibility for the situations we face? Why is it always up to *someone else*-the government, the media, some other scapegoat or figure head- to fix our lives for us? HOW THE FUCK IS ELECTING THE HUMAN EQUIVALENT OF THE YOUTUBE COMMENTS SECTION GOING TO HELP ANY OF THAT, YOU BUNCH OF RABID ANIMALS?

An event that has impacted me this past year is the continual terrorist attacks on innocent civilians. Even though I have never felt the direct impact of a terrorist attack, during the past year my heart has gone out to the thousands of people who have lost loved ones to these senseless killings. It saddens me that people are capable of such disrespect for human life. One particular time a terrorist attack had an effect on me was when the BC High Choir was planning a trip to Europe. Every year during the April vacation, the choir goes to a country in Europe to experience the culture and sing at special events there. This year there were plans for us to travel to France, but the location was soon changed to Vienna, Austria because of the terrorist attack in Nice. With 86 dead and 434 injured, the school decided to avoid traveling to France. Although the change in our venue was not earth-shattering, it is sad that one has to plan itineraries around the specter of terrorism. Who knows where the next large terrorist target will be? Another instance when a terrorist attack impacted me was the Boston Marathon bombings. Less than 48 hours after the bombings, my dad and I were at Logan Airport, waiting to board a plane for a school-sponsored trip to Washington D.C. with the rest of my eighth-grade class. The atmosphere was tense to say the least. At that moment, no one knew who was responsible for the bombings. We did not know if this was part of a nationwide series of attacks like the four hijacked planes on 9/11. While at the airport, my father saw a large metal thermos left on top of a ticket kiosk. He alerted a soldier, who was wielding an M-16 automatic weapon, to address a possible improvised explosive device. Needless to say, we were all on high alert during that trip. Some parents decided not to risk going on the trip at all, in case of another bombing. Yet off we went, to our nation’s capital. In fact, during the trip after we had visited the Library of Congress, the Capitol Building had to be evacuated due to a bomb scare. Unfortunately, this is the life we must lead due to the constant threat of terrorism. Perhaps the saddest thing, is that terrorism has become the new normal.

I can't think of any one specific event, but the increase in violence, particularly violence in locations most people would consider "safe" (i.e. terrorism), has made me become more appreciative of what I have today. I am grateful I live in a relatively privileged and peaceful part of the world, but I also realize that at any time, someone close to me could become a victim. The Pulse shooting in Florida, the bus rampage in Nice, France, school shootings, the violence never ends. And there's only so much I can do to protect myself. So I've learned that I should appreciate the time I have with my family, with friends, doing the things I love. Even though I'm not the paranoid sort, it only takes one tragic event to change my life in an instant.

The presidential campaign! Seeing what has happened with the Republican party, and just even the idea that Donald Trump has become their candidate and unleashed a whole new political party (essentially) based on racism, sexism, and capitalism is just astonishing. It's made me want to push harder for all of the social justice issues we believe in.

The Black Lives Matter movement and all the deaths that started it have made a huge impact on me as a wife and mother of african americans. I have seen the necessity of truly engaging the conversation of intersectionality and privilege in our country with family and being willing to sit in the discomfort.

the 2016 US presidential election: is terrifying me, is giving me cause to see allegiance with people I didn't think I was allied with before, is causing me to question my morals, has rallied me to act more passionately about justice reform and exposing institutional racism, and makes me grateful to have returned to teaching so that I have colleagues and teenagers with whom to grapple about these messy subjects.

Various world events have adversely impacted our business this year, from Zika to terrorist attacks to Brexit, but by far the worst and scariest turn of events is Donald Trump's nomination as the Republican candidate for president. It is terrifying to imagine how American's will be perceived and received abroad if he becomes our head of state. It's nerve-wracking to imagine the policy changes he might impose - and, in fact, has promised to impose - that will hinder free travel. It's unsettling to know that the negative ramifications of his presidency would reach further than I can imagine at this point. I can only hope that at this time next year I am not reflecting on what happened as a result of his election, but can instead comment on the election of our first female president... or simply think about other issues because inaugurating a woman went so smoothly.

Ugh. The election. Donald Trump. Enough said.

This fucking election. I'm actually enraged and upset sometimes thinking about Trump and what if he wins and the people who support him, and I don't think I can remember ever previously having that visceral emotional reaction to politics. That's glaring evidence of my privilege, yes, that I have been able to feel safe and disconnected from past elections. I wonder if this is similar to when conservatives think it's just so horrible when a Democrat gets elected? I don't know how they feel. Anyway, I guess I'm upset but not really knowing what to do. In an immediate sense, the most helpful thing would probably be calling, etc. to increase voter turnout among likely Hillary supporters. In the longer term, how do you get people to not want to support a demagogue, and to forgive a long list of horrible things he says? I don't know.

All of the police shootings of black men - these have broken my heart and doubled my determination to keep working on Black Lives Matter and racial justice.

All the violence: Orlando, the black men shot by police, Nice, Paris...etc..... It just seems to be escalating and it makes me more and more afraid in general. More than afraid really, it just makes me sad. Sad for others, sad that there are people out there you just can't trust. Violence is scary. The one thing it does do is bring solidarity to those who survive it. Things change lots of the time: Black Lives Matter movement, police scrutiny, the LGBTQ community...everything except the gun laws in the USA...so far that hasn't changed, but people are upset. That's a start. Nothing changes until we hit rock bottom. Are we there yet or do we have to elect Trump in order to hit rock bottom?

As an American living in Canada, the American election is so embarrassing. I am not a political person, but it is hard to avoid. Canadians think we Americans are nuts. The fact that the Republican Party could put forth such an inadequate candidate is mind boggling. I think - at this point - Trump's chances of winning are slim, but the fact that he gotten this far is extremely scary. #imwithher

This Julian Assange guy of WikiLeaks is so intriguing. With all the hush-hush and covering up going on with Hillary Clinton, ISIS, and the FBI, the need for transparent information couldn't be more apparent, and Julian is doing the right thing by exposing the truth, through whatever means possible. This observation doesn't change me much as a person, as I've always been one to stick to honesty much of the time, but it comforts me knowing that humanity is not entirely at stake. I'd like to meet him someday, and I wish that someday my brain could be as brilliant as his. Someone who is tactful, witty, and brilliant, like Sherlock Holmes, is always what I've aspired to be.

The police are still shooting Black people. I am Black. So... yeah.

The events in Paris. Seeing a woman who'd been hit dying across the street during a lunch walk with a friend. Looking at vulnerability in the face and knowing that it is inevitable regardless of how strong you are.

The refugees. I lost all my words to express my feelings - a tragedy, naked reality. It's said, they were welcome in Germany but I noticed a change of minds around me. Once again, my daughter - her father came from Ghana about 35 years ago - and her baby child has been was attacked on the street and in a train, verbally and physically. The people call her a refugee, but she is a black German born in this country. I don't know how many refugees may suffer from such attacks and cannot defend themselves as they cannot speak German and do not know their rights.

Fracking, which has become oddly tangible even though I live far from oil fields.

I have been feeling more and more impacted by the decay and destruction of our natural world. I had many poignant moments while in South America which inspire me to feel more of what is going on and take action.

The refugee crisis haunts me. People should be able to live and prosper in their countries. I haven't done anything to help the cause or the immigration cause. I'm wondering when I will get off the bench and become part of the solution.

The biggest thing in the world that has impacted all of us is the Presidential election with two very disliked candidates and not trusted. It is evoked a lot of fears nationally and internationally as to how either one of them would handle a crisis. There is especially much fear and hatred of the "other" due to immigration, ISIS and terrorism. Donald Trump has stirred this up by pointing his campaign toward the bigoted and xenophohic. He has managed to make every group in the international arena fearful, hateful and physically cruel.

When I turn on the news I am shocked at how much violence and war is going on around the world. From Syrian refugees being refused by many, bombings in Paris, the families hurt be war in Aleppo to the families in the US who are hurt by police shootings, aggressive tactics, and a legal system that seems to pick and choose who the want to protect it's all so absurd. It's as if we're becoming so conditioned to violence and hate that we'll be back in barbaric days shortly. The most disturbing event is the overwhelming amount of Americans who support and have catapulted Donald Trump to Presidential candidate. Everything about this man is despicable and yet he is who he is. My fear comes from the millions of followers who are so filled with hate or blinded and that uncultured to actually support that animal. It's sickening!

Donald Trump. It makes me sick to my stomach. I can't believe we're at this point. I should say, the two divided Americas. The one who thinks that we should keep semi-automatic weapons in our homes, and now I can't go to a movie theater or a rock show without figuring out an exit strategy if someone starts shooting. The gun control in this country has to change, but that would probably just make it worse. They'd elect Trump, a man who sticks his tongue down reporters' mouths, walks in on 15-year-olds in dressing rooms, thinks because he's a celebrity he can grab women by the pussy. I am utterly disgusted with our country and our culture of sexual harrassment and violence.

The election process has been simply awful - grating and degrading - and a reminder of how ridiculous the whole pageantry is. It also frightens me to hear the right wing lynch mob roaring "Lock Her Up" at Trump rallies. It is straight out of 1930s newsreels.

the consistent murdering of black men in America. racism against the black community continues to be openly expressed and is a pervasive and deadly force. I am not okay with this. I vow this year to become trained by the Racial Equity Institute to find out more about the history and etiologies of this racism and violence and learn about what I can do to stop it.

Election 2016. Made me really unfocused and on edge, sure. Also much more aware of my Judaism. I think my self-identity as a jew goes up when threats to jews also go up. And the rising trumpkin antisemitic tide is a threat. Plus the discussion of antisemitism on the left.

There's been so much happening in this world, but one that has just stuck in with was the shooting at Pulse in Orlando. I was leaving synagogue from Shavuot my favorite holiday, despite the fact allergic to all the traditional food choices. This little blip on my phones news app appears but I don't really see it until later. The bombings in Europe seemed so far away but this happened states away and too close to. It felt personal not only because it happened in the US but because it targeted a community I identify as a part of. That made me feel guilty that I reacted so angry, so vocal but was just kind of numb to climbing loss of life around me. I think that's been the lasting impact being aware of how I react

crazy presidential race in US. concern re where world is heading, at the same time as there are so many good new developments. Nothing that has had an impact on me personally, though, other than increasing stress/worry.

A tyrannical, narcissistic, racist rapist has been nominated for president of the United States, and even though he has been time and again exposed as a liar, a cheater, and a fake, people still glorify him above all other gods. It will be delicious when his over-qualified opponent becomes the first female president.

Brexit made me really sad and depressed. I find it really hard to be totally pessimistic though. I refuse to believe it will really happen, or that the results will be as dire as many people predict. I think I might be in denial about it all.

When I traveled to Jerusalem this summer for my ulpan/text study program at the Conservative Yeshiva, I flew Turkish Airlines and changed planes through Istanbul in both directions. (For the same price as a direct flight, I could get a package deal that included three weeks of accommodation at a nice, convenient hostel for free!) Less than a week after my arrival in Jerusalem, I got an email from my dad: there had been a terrorist attack in Istanbul. More than 40 people were killed at Ataturk Airport, the same terminal where I had just spent a few hours wandering around laughing at blinged-out hamsas and calculating exchange rates. My dad reminded me of our longstanding family rule of "No Dying," which suddenly didn't seem so funny. On the way home from Jerusalem, I had to pass through Istanbul again--and this time, my layover was 10 hours rather than 3. My parents and friends back home were worried, but I tried to think rationally: What were the chances that anything bad would happen to me? The odds of there being another attack in the same place? Even if there were, 40 people died out of at least 10,000 who must've been at Ataturk at the moment of the bombing... Compared with the 100% chance of it costing me a ton of money and headaches to try to buy a ticket with another airline. I decided I wasn't going to let terror, or even the possibility of terror, dictate my life. I got on the plane, slept on a bench in Ataturk, watched the sun rise over Istanbul. I davened (tefillin and all) in a corner, and no one bothered me. I made it home uneventfully. A few days later, there was a military coup in Turkey! I was glad that I'd made the decision I had, but also glad that I'd managed to pass through between the terrorist bombing and the government overthrow. This is precisely what Birkat Ha-Gomel is for.

Seeing Hillary Clinton run for President has been inspiring and also disheartening. I can't believe how disgusing and awful people have been to her. And at the same time I can't believe I get to vote for a woman for President!!! #i'mwithher

BREXIT. More than half of the UK population voted to leave the European Union. Why? Mostly because of fear of too many immigrants and a sense of injustice and unfairness in the way 'the establishment' works. The EU to me is an opportunity to look beyond the UK's boarders for work, travel, friends. It's an institutions to build common values of justice and decency, pushing us on environmental standards and workers rights. The majority of people in the UK don't see that. I don't see/understand them. It's scary....I get that I am doing well - the way the world works and what it values, i fit in well. Others don't. But why does that have to drive bigotry and ignorance rather than compassion?

Oh, Lord, the election! I am _not_ loving it this year. But interestingly enough, I think that the sheer ugliness (on all sides) has helped me realize how important it is for us (me) to listen to each other and try to work together whenever possible, instead of just trying to win. because this is what all the years of just trying to win has brought us to, and it's ugly.

Donald Trump's candidacy, and the threat it poses to our entire culture, our country, and the world. I can only imagine how this will look in historical hindsight. It's unbelievable watching things unfold right now. We live in a weird time. He just keeps escalating, saying the most unspeakable things. He seems to have one of the most powerful egos, and lowest capacity for really thinking about what he's doing, that you can possibly imagine. And people support him! Hard not to have a rather dim view of why. I often don't feel like I can have much effect on the role the U.S. plays in the world, but at least I can do my part to keep Trump out of office.

the election process so far. for the first time in my life i am terrified that are going to tear one another apart, and that a dictator who has already called out for his opponent to be jailed, for his supporters to take up arms on election day, for the squelching of free speech, will be put into office. for the first time in my life i fear for the lives of my family and friends based on an election

Election 2016? Syrian refugee crisis? Continuing police brutality (and impunity) toward people of color.

THE ELECTION. Politics makes me sick. And nervous - Trump has touched a nerve in the US, a pulsing vein that's so big, it can't be ignored or routed around. There are a lot of angry, scared, fearful people out there who don't feel represented. What do we do to bridge that gap? How do we start, considering that the internet allows us to wrap ourselves in bubbles ever thicker and farther from differently-colored bubbles? And it's less and less comfortable to go closer to someone of different opinions. Between this growing hatred and civil wars and climate change, I wouldn't be surprised if we found out this was legitimately the start of the Apocalypse...

The ongoing syrian crisis. I have said this year after year and yet it continues and feel helpless and guilty that I can't do anything about it.

I feel like I'm probably just echoing what other people have said, but this election season. Man. Donald Trump's campaign has saddened, angered, and horrified me. As a woman, it has been extremely difficult and extremely familiar to watch the vitriol and abuse directed at Hillary Clinton. The emerging narrative of a woman who has been targeted and investigated time and again over the course of her career -- with no "smoking guns" overturned -- and who still yet masses of the population deems as "untrustworthy" is disheartening. And now, it seems Trump is advocating for some type of civil war? May God save us all.

In some ways it feels like the world is falling apart. The Election has been crazy. Police shootings. No progress on global warming. I've recognized how sensitive I am, and have to watch the balance of shielding myself with staying informed.

I am dismayed by how the election has gone. One party's nominee has coarsened the level of dialog in a way that it has never been before.

The months leading up to the US presidential election have been interesting, to say the least. I am really privileged to not have too much concern over how my life might change for better or worse in a Clinton vs. a Trump presidency. But I know that is not the case for so many others, and that we are all part of the human family. Trump's successes so far make more sense than most of my fellow progressives would like to think. There is something about an election year that really forces you to reconsider the things you hold most dear, and lament that the values you might think are self-evident or universal are anything but. I'm proud to be a Clinton supporter, but I wish the process for electing a new president wasn't so long, tiresome, and traumatic.

the haitian refugee crisis is dramatic, tragic, and overhwelming. It keeps haunting me as a holocaust surivor's child; but what to do.

Unfortunately, there are SO MANY things that have happened this year, I'm having a difficult time pinpointing just one. The shooting in Orlando remains in my head and heart as one of the most awful examples of hatred and bigotry. The continuing tragedy that is Syria is something I think about almost every day. Yet the Canadians with their outpouring of love and willingness to sponsor and mentor Syrian refugees reminds me that there are so many good people out there. I worry about the constant underlying tensions everywhere and how that impacts all of us. Will I be able to send my kids to Europe/study abroad and not have to be medicated because of my anxiety?

I am struck at how people feel at effect to their circumstances. Many are running away (refugees), or turning to stoic demagogues (Clinton, Trump, Putin). Also, the implosion of the financial order is interesting to experience - usually it is stable and we only get a chance to view these situations from the review of prior periods. I am both shocked and excited at the opportunity and danger.

The election. Holy cow.

I am so frightened about climate change. It seems that every day there is some terrible news about how bad things are getting. Lately, this has been causing me a great deal of anxiety and I've been losing sleep over it. I do fear that we are now past the point where we can save ourselves. It looks increasingly like we're headed for at least 2 degrees of warming. We are now past 400 ppm of Carbon Monoxide in the atmosphere - this has never happened before, and it is a disaster. The coral reefs are dying, the bees are dying. It is happening now. And still, we are doing all the wrong things - the politicians are still invested in doing exactly the things we should be avoiding. I find it very difficult to have any hope for the future of humanity. We are making ourselves extinct through our own stupidity, stubbornness and denial.

Hillary Clinton's candidacy for president has affected me in so many ways. I'm so proud that she has finally made it after all of these years. So pleased to see our first woman POTUS in action! However, it was hard to stomach all of the division the Bernie Sanders campaign wrought and to watch all of the sexism and unfair character assassination of Clinton. It was hard to watch friends who are Sanders supporters hate her so much for reasons that were so status quo. I came to the realization that there will probably never be a time in my life when I agree with most of the people around me regarding most issues. That was a sobering and discomfiting truth.

I dislike this questions, because most "impacts" from world events--at least for me--tend to be negative. (Maybe next year I will be influenced in a positive way!) There was a case in the local--and national--news that was particularly upsetting. My take-away from it is that I need to promote women's mental health, particularly postpartum. Even if it is a quiet promotion (I don't tend to broadcast to big networks) it is still important for me to do. Sometimes I think that my small, local efforts to make life better for other people aren't worth it, because I don't reach the masses. I am trying to conquer that feeling, and value my own contributions toward a better world -- tikkun olam.

The political election- it made me realize how much Hillary has done for my family (via her work for special needs children). Also, it made me identify so many other sufferers of sexual assault discussing how its affected their lives/confidence/comfort via Trump.

The presidential election has made clear the level of divergent feelings in our country. I'm surprised and a little frightened by the intensity of emotion expressed on both sides.

The US election. I have never felt so invested in a US election as I do this one, for obvious reasons. I definitely feel more linked to the country now that I have my green card, and there's no question that this election certainly is very high stakes. On one hand the disgusting level of misogyny that has been showcased in this election cycle has left me feeling physically queasy for weeks. On the other, I'm actually thrilled it has brought the reality of misogyny into the daylight--and made railing against it so mainstream. It's breathed new life into feminism and feminist causes, and it's exciting to see my generation embrace this.

Brexit The role and need for strong leadership in any situation as the lack of leadership can lead to un-mitigated disaster. Also the power of the so-called voiceless and unheard if leadersip becomes detached and arrogant. I did not realize how divided the UK is and particularly London from the rest of the country. It is amazing to see and believe the selfishness that is propagated by a minoirty and how that becomes the thing that everyone seems to follow like sheep even when there is really to tangible benefit for them

BART has been experiencing more delays during my morning commute. This has made it much harder for me to get all my work done before 5 pm.

Donald Trump's run for the presidency has made me a more ardent and vocal feminist. I've long considered myself a feminist, but prior to this summer and fall found other identity lenses more interesting, such as race and class. While it's a bit embarrassing to admit that it took Donald Trump to make me realize how bad things are for women still in the United States, I can now say that I use a feminist lens to examine issues and am more attuned to how prevalent sexism and patriarchy are in our society.

This feels cliche, but when I first tried to answer this question I couldn't come up with anything. Today when I tried again, what immediately came to mind was Donald Trump becoming a presidential candidate. It astounds me that the cultural climate is backwards enough to accept someone as prejudiced and outspoken towards cultural and religious minorities as he is into our highest political ranks. Without any qualifying political experience, it is almost reminiscent of how someone like Hitler came to power. (Although I have no idea what his political background was, I suppose). I also know that there are Jewish people, even within my own (NJ, suburban) community who support Trump. As far as I can imagine, the only reason anyone would support him from any of my communities would be in theoretical support of Israel, and it breaks my heart that blind support for a religious homeland could trump (pun intended?) all of the negative potential a leader like Trump brings to the table.

Brexit - JESUS CHRIST ON A CREAM CRACKER Prince's death devastated me.

Our election makes me wonder about our culture. I feel distracted and removed from the many events that have been in the news, ISIS and terrorism.

Brexit. The loss of a sense of unity in the world that it reflects, scares me.

Presidential election Lots of sexual assault triggers Significant fears for our democracy Helped me find even more confidence in my voice as a woman

The election. So glad that Hillary will be elected prez! About time the US has a strong female leader!

In the world? There are so many bad events this year. Police killings and the rapes and murders of LGBT folk, so much dark piled on dark. It's been a conscious effort to get out from under it this year, and it's not come easily.

The US election has been hugely impactful. First of all, seeing that kind of hate and realising that yes, people are like this. But also considering what kind of disenfranchisement and feelings of desperation may have led people down this path. It feels odd to say it, but in some ways it has made me more empathetic.

The SSM debate in Australia. It hurts that it is even being considered as a plebiscite. It hasn't even happened by their have been some awful and hurtful things said. I thought we were beyond this...

Syrian refugee crisis – unimaginable hardship. It has made me sad and depressed that we can actually lead our lives while so many are in distress

Trump campaign. It has brought out the worst in America. I can only hope that Secretary Clinton will win, and will find a way to move us forward.

It seems like there has been no end to terrible events in the world this year. I feel like I tend not to be as impacted as some people, or at least distance myself substantially. So, despite the awfulness of Trump, the ongoing murder of Black people, and never-ending violence, I don't feel particularly impacted by them.

The upcoming US election has me biting my nails. The mere fact that over 40% of a country could throw up support behind Trump is scary, but if that man gets elected, it could mean the end of the world. Hopefully that won't come to pass. And the US is full of imbeciles.

I have watched climate change unfold this year with the hottest months on record, major storms, and other impacts big and small. I feel despair, grief, and fear. I am afraid that there won't be life on earth in one or two generations. I feel deep, deep sorrow for the loss of species that is happening right now.

It's hard to believe both Elie Wiesel and Shimon Peres died this year - such brace, strong and tested souls who witnessed so much and fought so hard for a more jus world are gone.

The election. We shall see what kind of America we end up with.

An event in the world that has impacted me this year has been the utter shit-show that this presidential election has been. I understand people not liking Hilary, but how any self-respecting person can vote for Trump I will never understand. It's kind of made me lose some faith in humanity and makes me think that maybe we should just all move to New Zealand until the whole thing is over. Trump is such a poisonous man, he brings out the worst of us and drags us down to the depths. How have we let it come to this? How have we let it get this far? And then on top of that there was Brexit, which afterwards people were asking for a redo because they didn't think their vote would actually matter. Maybe that's the problem, maybe we have gotten to used to the idea of second chances that we just assume that there will be a do over and that we don't need to make informed decisions. We've become too arrogant and set in our ways to even consider other points of view and don't take the time to educate ourselves about things the way we should.

The 2016 presidential election is going to fuck everyone over...

The election has me really frustrated. I can't believe the things Trump says and I'm not too fond of Hillary either. My girlfriend likes to watch comedy shows so I'm getting hit with each bit of stupidity over and over again and I can't really describe how it makes me feel. Overwhelmed. Slightly hopeless. Like I want to hide under a blanket and not come out until the election is over.

Not too sure exactly. CLosest was the death of the King of Thailand. Thai people really respect the guy and he died. The amazing part is that people are stunned he died. He spent years in the hospital. Its one thing to be sad, another to be stunned he died. Seriously... should have prepared for this.

The presidential election of 2016 has impacted me. It is truly terrifying that the Republican party has nominated Donald Trump as their candidate for President. He is a terrible person and not fit for office. This has made me wonder what we value in this country. Not intellectuality because he knows nothing about any of the issues, not women because he openly admitted to demeaning them, and not honesty because he is a business man with no scruples. I don't understand it and wonder how we got here as a nation. How did we dumb ourselves down like this.

Trump running for president and being so very vile and evil has impacted me and my friends. It's so very distressing to know that over 40 million Americans are so despicable as well and so easily egged into threats and acts of violence. I'm very afraid for us as a country with so many people being permission to be foul.

The refugee crisis still weighs heavily on me, and I believe the Brexit vote was motivated by Brits feeling overrun by immigrants. It just feels so wrong: my grandparents on both sides were immigrants. the vast majority of immigrants seeks peace and hope for a better life.

. Like everyone I'm very sad that all the horrific world events that have been going on. I think the thing that hurts and upsets me the most is all the hate and all the murder in the world . I wish there were something I could do to bring more peace and love, and teach people how to live together in harmony. So maybe the impact, is really a wish, and the wish is for me to somehow figure out a way to actually help bring about peace. And one small way. As Margaret Mead once said, Paraphrased,do not underestimate the power of a single person. In Fact only one person has ever changed the life of others. Well a large part of me has always wished to be that person and change the world, still there are parts of me that say I don't like being in the limelight, and it's hard to change the world globally without being in the limelight: also parts of me that want to find my own inner peace, and that, for me involves a balanced, simple, , happy, full life with a partner, soulmate, who at this point has eluded me.

The attack on the Paris theatre was alarming. It's so close to home. Theatres are such easy targets. My theatre is where I feel like I most belong. I can't imagine that sacred space being terrorized. What would that do to me?

To pick one? The presidential race vs. horrors of Aleppo and the refugee crisis in the world. Ok, I'll stick with domestic politics, because that has an immediate impact on the U.S. I learned a lot about myself through the primary process -- Sanders represented the closest to my personal politics that I have seen in a major party election in a long time, and I enjoyed casting that "protest" or "take note" vote in the La. primary, since it would have no effect on results any way. But I found myself growing weary, then angry at Sanders and supporters as they turned on Hillary Clinton, not just about policy differences, but tarring her with a broad"neoliberal" brush. I've talked a lot to my kids about this -- the danger of the perfect being the enemy of the good when there is no "perfect" and that we need to maintain our principles but also understand when a reasonable compromise might to do more to achieve desirable results. I'm happy that in the end, Sanders (he is a successful politician, after all) came around and is artfully explaining to his followers how the ultimate goal (electing HRC and defeating Trump) is most important. I also hope that there is great learning from the example that both Sanders and Kaine set -- rising through the ranks from local to state to national office -- on how to build power. Politics when done right is PUBLIC SERVICE and we should embrace it.

Orlando shooting. Philando Castile shooting. Shootings left, right, and center. I've never been such an avid supporter of gun control (and by that I mean I support it and drunkenly rambled about it once). More politically charged than ever before. As in before, I gave 0 fucks about political issues. Now I'm at like one and a half fucks.

The amount of world terrorist attacks within such a short amount of time has really challenged me in how I react to them. Between the Paris attacks, the London attacks, San Bernidino, etc. there was a lot. And the terror attacks did exactly what they were meant to--inspire fear and terror in others. I realized that I had been inflicted with the terror and had started to profile anyone who looked Middle Eastern. I didn't have any strong reactions but I recognized I was looking at them differently and I disgusted myself. I had to challenge myself to individualize each person rather than painting broad strokes with my terror brush, to see each person as God intended--as loved.

The world sucks right now. I am largely shielded from all the crap -- I am not coping with war, refugee status, fear of the police, or an influx of refugees. I occupy a position of privilege -- this is something I've known for well more than half my life, but it gets clearer every day. I am trying to ramp up my activism, especially now that I have tenure, but am still searching for how I can best effect change.

Hillarys campaign. I never knew how much hate there was. Or how much hope, strength, sisterhood!!

The fear, hatred, and violence that candidate Donald J. Trump has instilled or brought out in his followers frightens me almost beyond words. The comparison of Trump’s rhetoric in 2016 to that of Hitler in the 1930’s sends a strong chill down my spine and my hair seems to stand up on end. I fear that our country is headed toward a much more dangerous time as we approach the Presidential election of 2016.

I've been more obsessed with the US election than I care to admit. As I write this, we're a few weeks away from witnessing the results. Despite it all, I'm optimistic.

For me, the biggest news stories of the year have been about the rising unrest around race relations in the United States. This has come out even further during the 2016 presidential campaign, and has increased my own awareness about the racial and social divides that exist today in the United States. I am privileged to be a wealthy white American and want to spend more time in the coming year thinking about how I can channel that privilege into making a difference for my friends and neighbors who face different circumstances than I do. This will begin with becoming more self-aware and better informed about the challenges they face and potential solutions they see.

I have been impacted by this election cycle. Feeling separate from so many people - ones I don't know but share the world/the country with. Morally separate. It saps my optimism (which is in direct opposition to my prediction answer, I realize this!) But when I think of Hilary - a woman president following our first black president - I am happy and proud to be alive to witness this expansion.

The war in Syria. Disturbing, unbelievable that the world is letting it happen or even joining in.

No single major event has impacted me directly but everything that's wrong with the world has been making me feel sad and helpless. I've not done anything to give back anything to the world, and I hope I can change this this year.

The election! I was surprised that so many people are filled with such blind hate. I mean, I knew it existed, I just didn't know the extent of it. Brexit. Pretty much the same explanation as above. I always though the British were a little smarter than us. Basically, people are unhappy that they haven't recovered from the recession yet. OR, They were already down and weren't able to progress at all during that time. They act as if they really believe that they have been left out of the recovery on purpose. It must be someone specific's fault. So, now they are reacting with their emotional selves - fear , doubt. It's as if they've lost their minds. Logic is just simply not in their grasp. It would be really sad if it weren't so dangerous. The refugee crisis and the bombings. I cannot count how many times I have sobbed in my car listing to world news. But I have also cryed with joy at the love that has been shown.

Muhammad Ali died, which ended up impacting me a lot more than I thought it would. After all, he was my parents’ generation’s hero—by the time I’d learned about him he had already begun the slow descent towards death that Parkinson’s Disease brings. But a lot of the people who I listen to and read—Mike Pesca on The Gist, writers at Deadspin and The Guardian—are from my parents’ generation, and so I got exposed to a lot of their thoughts about his passing. Pesca’s coverage got me into a lefty sports podcast, The Edge of Sports with Dave Zirin, which I still listen to. I hadn’t quite realized how controversial of a figure he was, basically up until the ‘90s, and how central he was to the story of American Muslims. One of the things he said that really stuck with me was how he called Christianity his “slave religion.” I was appalled at first, but then I started to think about it and realized that he was more accurate than I’d given him credit for. Christianity was certainly forced upon the African slaves coming to the Americas, and later imposed upon much of the regions of West Africa where slaves were taken from by colonizers. But Islam spread by trade; it didn’t need colonization or conquest to make its way into West Africa (and coincidentally, Southeast Asia). If Muhammad Ali had lived without the scourges of slavery and colonization (a bit of an absurd hypothesis, but I’ll accept it for now), then there’s a much greater chance he’d be Muslim than Christian. As I’ve gotten to know Muslim communities and Islam a lot better this year, and taken away mixed reactions, looking into Ali’s conversion to and support of Islam after his death reminded me of the great impact, power, and justice of one of the world’s great religions.