Is there something that you wish you had done differently this past year? Alternatively, is there something you're especially proud of from this past year?

I wish I had worked through my fear intimacy, and had found someone to share my life with

I wish that I haven't eaten all of the junk food and brownie mix. I'm really proud of me that I'm doing well with school

I wish that I was able to control my tongue my attitude and my temper more, due to which I had quite a few altercations.


I wouldn't have had the fight with my mom. I feel like it put us ten steps backward. I should've just let her hit me and walked away. I'm very proud that I've been standing up for myself at work, at home and in my relationships and friendships.

I guess I wish I had pushed harder for newsletter readers. It's scary, but if I'm going to put in the time, and bring clients a huge return it'd be good if there were a number of them.

This sounds terribly mundane but I wish I had been better organized with my work this past year. I'm proud of getting a new work contract and also of taking care of some major home updates.

I got my MASTER's Degree!! Yes. I am extremely proud of this accomplishment!!!

Saved more money by working longer. But I'm proud of getting out of a job that wasn't good for me mentally and emotionally.

This last year I conquered my fears of perfectionism and guilt. Since I had a medical emergency and spent over seven days In ICU and I have been able to engage my grief with G-d's help.

Spent a week traveling by myself

I wish there had been a better way of breaking things off with Kim. But I did the best I could. I always wish I could have saved more money. But I'm getting better. Coming out officially officially to my family and living myself publicly has been so good.

I wish I had stuck to losing weight.

I am especially proud that I have managed my depression better over the past year than previous years. A combination of self-care and exercise and not over-extending our family, PLUS lots of support from my husband has made that possible.

I wish I had been able to enjoy my time off more. I was given the incredible gift of being able to stop working at a horrendous job, and I wasted much of the year worrying about not working.

There's always little things you'd like to do over, but nothing major seems to be jumping out at me. I guess I wish I hadn't kicked that door at a NYC bar. Then I wouldn't have broken my toe and lost 3 weeks of training right before a half marathon

I really wish that I'd finished Chapter 3 instead of dragging my feet on it. But I am super proud of myself for finally getting comfortable on the bike, and for my new-found commitment to fitness!

Weight - It is always my weight. Why am I so stubborn or have no focus to lose it? I need God to set me on the right path. While I know this, I am so easily led astray. Help me, Lord. Send the Holy Spirit to me to put and keep me on your path.

I'm especially proud of my relationship with my partner.

I'm proud of starting as a wedding officiant. And my Reiki practice is growing fast. I'm proud of that too. This has been a good year!

I wish that I had been better about expressing my needs and wants in my relationship earlier. I realize now that any work you put off has to be done later, and it's good to know if your partner can meet you where you stand.

I wish I had given myself a little bit more of my own time and attention. Love helping others out but can get spread a bit thin.

One of the most significant things I wish I had done differently is to communicate with my partner in kinder ways, especially when I was frustrated and overwhelmed. I sometimes snap at her or retreat into myself... which leaves her feeling hurt and sometimes confused. This is one of the things I want to work on this year. I am especially proud of earning several promotions at work and eventually taking a position in Colorado at an organization I have wanted to work with for several years.

I got fired, I'm still figuring out how to have something tangible to reflect on and move on from. I don't know why. I had fun at camp, I'm glad I did that. And that I moved quickly to get a new job.

There are some exams I didn't prepare well enough for. Alternatively I am not very proud of my behaviour towards my boyfriend any times. I tend to get angry rapidly. I don't want to be this way. I will have to work on my temper.

I wish I had not been so idle. I just have no enthusiasm.

I'm proud for saying no more than i used to, but if I could do the last 12 months again, I'd do it more at work, and stand up for myself more.

I wish that I wouldn't have gotten off my mat for so long. I wish that I hadn't let my teacher get in my head so much after yoga teacher training. What she said to me really hurt me in a way that wasn't about my pride, but it was like energy draining. It made me not want to get the mat. I feared the mat. I didn't touch my mat for weeks and weeks- almost a full month, probably a full month. It's such a personal place that is so safe to me and it wasn't- there was a lot of fear and shame around it. I know there was shame because I didn't tell anyone about it. I wish I hadn't let those words get to me, and just accept them for what they were. I wish I didn't let it affect my practice. But it's okay, I'm back and I'm not where I was but everything is just here to mold me. Three things that I'm especially proud of from this last year is: 1. I took my health into my own hands. I got off my medication. This was not just me- I have to thank everyone who has supported me, especially my mom. But I took my health into my own hands and demanded support and trust from doctors, instead of waiting for them to cure me. I got off my medication. 2. I became vegan. I became whole food plant based. I opened myself to the ethics of it. I became unapologetic and unafraid to stand alone. 3. I became more self-aware/self-reflexive in many ways, but one specific thing that comes to mind is I became self aware enough to realize why i was being nice to people. I was being nice to the guy I kinda liked because I wanted him to like me. It wasn't about me. It was about other people. And it was manipulative. That's not who I am, and that's not who I want to be. Now when I'm nice, it's about me sending out good energy. It's not about trying to get someone to like me.

PROUD OF I travelled to Aotearoa-New Zealand to see my dear Spritual Father +John of the Coast who I was told had "more a matter of days" to live This is the first time since I became a mother that I did not take notice of my children's reactions (they live in A-NZ too) whose first reaction was "Oh yeah , so when are you coming to see us?" It was nothing to do with them Their reaction was nothing to do with me They are old enough at 27 and 29 to decide to THINK that they are the centre of my universe take but also old enough to know (learn) they are not. I am glad I said to myself and to them that this was something that pre-dated them; even pre-dated their father. That they could take responsiblity for their feelings of (Jewish/ Middle Eastern) offense. That I was not responsible for convincing them otherwise or defending myself. To his credit Guy asked about the relationship and I explained and I think (Kathleen G suggested this) it filled in something for him about his mother. "They need to know that about you"

I wish I could have convinced my brother to get female PCAs and trust them. I am happy I am further along in my DNP program.

I wish I had realised earlier that what I was attributing to "laziness" and "uselessness" were actually symptoms of depression. Having now recognised what was happening and seeking help from my doctor and reframing how I tackle things, there has already been a shift in just a few weeks. But I lost over a year to depression and I hadn't even realised as it had presently differently than previous episodes.

I wish I had managed my work issues better as the stress level not only did not go down but it escalated to a place I'm not happy to go to work

I'm proud of finishing my degree - I start so many things that I don't finish that actually sticking to something for so long feels like a major achievement for me. I'm also proud of starting to sort out the financial mess I've created for myself over the last few years.

I'm proud of having returned to full time work after six years. It's very challenging to juggle all the aspects of my life with so many hours devoted to work but, damn, it's good to have a reasonable paycheck again. I wish I had spent more time spinning wool and knitting. It's very therapeutic for me. I wish I had more time to practice my violin.

Looking back, I can sadly say I regret a lot about the past year. But should haves and could haves and would haves change nothing now. The mistakes I made got me to where I am. I'm not going to complain about this place. My boys are beyond good. I'm healthy. I enjoy my work. My life will change dramatically very soon and it's definitely scary. But I'm facing the future that I created- mistakes and all.

I wished that I had taken better care of my body this past year - watching my weight and exercising more. I am proud that I have taken up the Social Action Committee Chair. Now I have to deliver on my vision.

I really wish that I had worked harder at not gaining weight and maintaining the size I was before. After losing 120 pounds i felt great and now my pants are tight and I feel so round. I am really proud of holding down a successful relationship for 8 months and basically all of 2016. Hopefully we can move in together in April and I can move far away from my current roommate.

This year, I think I took to hear last year. I am really learned more about taking the other person's feelings and walking in their shoes. This has been a year of stepping out on faith. Really pushing my comfort zone. Any mistakes I made were more learning experiences to get me to grow.

I wish I had had the courage to speak up sooner about people treating me wrong and abusing my trust and abusing the fact that I'm a very forgiving person. I wish I had let go of the toxic people in my life sooner than I did. However, I'm proud of myself for finally standing up for myself and not letting people walk all over me anymore. I let go of an abusive relationship and a toxic friendship in May of 2016 and since then, I feel like a weight has been lifted off of my shoulders and I finally feel free. I'm proud of myself for having the courage to speak up and for finally realizing my worth.

I wish I'd seen my friends K. and J. more this year.

Me hubiese gustado controlar más mi ansiedad y temperamento. Estoy más que orgulloso de haber afianzado aún más mi relación con Pipi, la amo con toda mi alma y se que es la compañera de mi vida, así también como gracias a ella pude empezar a conocer y experimentar lo espiritual, cosa la cual me ayudo mucho a este proceso de cambio que recién comienza pero es agradable el camino.

I wish that I had found the right space to get healthy earlier in the year. I would have felt better physically, felt better about myself and made things better overall. I am proud of how Ian aged to pull myself out of my grief from my father passing and to be compassionate and loving of my mother during her grief and move.

I am very proud that I was promoted to Assistant Director of the Counseling Center this year. I waited so patiently for this promotion. But I also advocated for myself fiercely. I want to continue to approach life in this way: doing everything that I can, while letting go of the results.

There are always little things that I have done or said that I wish I could take back or do differently. But again I have my TKD Instructor certification! and I won first place at Nationals in Bo Keibon! I am a national champ.

I wish I would have done more to advance my Plan B. Taking the class was great, but there are lots of other items on my to do list that are still there. The thing I am proudest of is my commitment to a healthy (but now perfect) lifestyle.

No, nothing I wish I had done differently. I'm proud of being who I am almost all of the time.

I wish that I had not put some weight back on. I wish that I had continued meditating and not quit.

I wish I would have been more forthcoming with my soon to be ex husband with how I was feeling after I lost the baby. At the same time I am proud of myself for pursuing my newfound faith and for getting back into the swing of things in my personal and professional life.

I wish I had been more patient and communicative with my husband. I wasn't able to maintain a cool head during stressful situations as well as I wanted to. I'm capable of doing better. I'm proud of my daughters. They are growing into strong, confident young women. They do not let others manipulate them and they know exactly who they are. They share their struggles with me and this allows us to examine the situation together. I've learned that the best way to damage a relationship or to kill a conversation is to say "no" reflexively. I try to only say "no" when I can clearly articulate the reason.

I am especially proud of the way I have mentored and worked to maintain a win-win situation with my associate leading to my sale and retirement. It's very strange and difficult turning over the reins and responsibility for a 32 year old business, which has consumed and sustained me all these years, to an new person, with new ideas and a different way of doing things. I am proud of the fact that I didn't let my ego get in the way and how I kept my eye on the prize and allowed things to develop without rancor.

I wish I had worried less about getting others to see my side or understand how I feel about things. That proved to be time wasted and I often (always) came away feeling hurt and unheard.

I wish I had been able to teach my kids more Torah in a way that would change their hearts and attitudes. I am proud of the accomplishment and determination I had in the last year. Committing myself to finish my degree.

This is a hard question right now; I am always feeling melancholy during the holidays. I am no longer affiliated with my synagogue, and though I tell myself to find another one, I have yet to. As a child growing up in a small town, walking to the shul with my father, I was ostracized because we were Jewish. Today, when I walk in my Orthodox neighborhood, I feel a similar sense of alienation because I am not observant. I think this is not resolvable for me, and I hope to become more comfortable with it in the future.


This year, I am proud of the work I have done on myself. I have really made an effort to look at my story and experiences and see how they can be different, better, more rewarding. For example, finally telling Sam that I didn't want to keep seeing him made me feel strong and worthy. What happened after that doesn't take that away. And i have found my way back to that place where I know I deserve more, I just need to be the one that makes that happen. But he does play a role - it's not all on me. I was also proud that I was able to be honest with Lynn about how I felt. Although that didn't work out the way I wanted it to (timing is everything) I still did something I didn't think i could. I have also saved a lot of money this year. Which hopefully will go a long way toward me being able to buy my own place next year. I know I have a lot of fears to work through before that becomes a reality, but that is the plan. Something I wish I had done differently - I wish I had never re-connected with Sam.But there has been important lessons in that. I wish I had been more welcoming when mum and dad were over here.

I wish I had been there for Mommy more. I hate how I feel so selfish when I forget her surgery, forget her anniversary, forget to ask how work is going. It's always been about me when we speak, and now that she views me almost as an equal, our relationship needs to become more equal as well. I feel like I've let her down. I know I have let her down. I'm going to do all I can to be there for her during this phase of her life when she's so lonely - her friends moving away and retiring, not having success at making new friends, Daddy still being so wrapped up in his business...I need to be there.

I'm proud that I finally got honest with my husband and myself about our relationship. And I was able to do it with a minimum of yelling and drama. I made a commitment to doing what is right for me, instead of trying to make things work when they just don't. I'm still not 100% sure we aren't going to stay together, but I'm learning to stay in this moment, this day, doing what I need to for ME.

I am especially proud of how I handled my son's telling me he was thinking about suicide and had made plans. I was able to listen for a long time while he had all he wanted to say. Then was able to help he find the therapist and treatments he needed to get past that crises and start to heal.

I'm proud of the fact that I can wake up every morning and get out of bed and do the things I need to do. No one would blame me for giving up on going back to school on the other side of the country all alone after my wife died. But here I am still plugging away at classes with kids half my age trying to learn the material that they seem to get instantly. After all that I'm proud that I refuse to give up, I could have ended up like my brother and drank myself into a stupor every night. But I'm better than that, at least I hope I am.

This year was particularly hard for me. That episode with my father was excruciating. Being undervalued at work was very painful, having a mother cosign my pain and pain givers was hard to deal with but unfortunately this has been the trend and the pattern for many years now. I am proud that even though I felt so much emotional pain and discomfort when the maternal love of : Ms. Mary, Renee Turner, Sabrina White, Phyllis Smith, Belinda Cody, Sharrell Shelton and Fani Willis I was still open to receive. I am proud that even through my pain and betrayal I remained open to receive the gift of love and I am grateful.

I still want to get into better relations with my family, especially with my mom. I want us to become more close, I wish to spend more happy time together, to have family dinners and lots of celebrations around family table. That is still space for improvement. 2. I'm proud of myself that I did serious step to meet new challenges. I moved to new country.

I wish I had done a better job of eating less sugar and better take care of my body. I am proud of taking on some additional work at the office and successfully handling it without additional time commitments.

I am proud of the relationship that is developing with Learn2. I am proud that the labyrinth site including the pavilion and signage are complete. I am proud of our lovely home and having the ability and energy to share it on a regular basis. I am proud of my family - Steve, Matt and Sam - for being amazing human beings in this world. I am proud of me paying attention to what fills me up - being more deliberate and mindful as I make daily choices.

I'm incredibly proud of being halfway to my goal weight. Something I wish I had done differently is to spend less time allowing negative things to rent space in my head.

The ever present wishing I was better with my finances. Wish I'd grown passive income or that passive income had been my focus (saving), as opposed to relying on myself to create my income. Am proud of my business, but wish I'd be busy "on" my business as opposed to being so busy in it.

I could have possibly taken a more proactive role in my newly expanded job at the bank, seeking out new assignments more than I did. Not sure this would have prevented my layoff, but maybe i was getting too comfortable, taking things for granted with a pretty good job, all things considered. I could have done a better job of networking and participated more in social functions, despite my natural reticence to do so. I am proud of my ability to step in and take charge of my mother's healthcare needs during the past year. It was incredibly stressful to bear this burden by myself, without my sister's help, but there was not much time to focus on anything but my mother's welfare, and I knew that pleading with my sister for help would be a fruitless effort. I tried to make the best possible decisions that might allow her to live semi-independently, that might result in a better diet, that might keep her dignity intact. Much of this is difficult in an institutional setting but I did my best. I am also proud of my actions as mom's power of attorney while she was alive and as her executor after she died. I performed these roles with honesty and integrity. Also very proud of honoring mom's wishes in continuing to exhibit and sell her art after her death. I had no inkling at how profoundly my mother's death would affect me. My mother was a prolific and successful lifetime artist; while she was healthy, we largely pursued our own paths. I became more and more involved in the details of her life, as her dementia worsened, and during the last year i was fully involved, talking with doctors, nurses, therapists, moving her out of her home, emptying the home, putting it up for sale so I had $$ to pay exorbitant assisted living but determined to do so becus of the better quality of life it afforded. And dealing with the realtor, moving mom's stuff from one assisted living place to another, and then, after a fractured hip, to rehab and, finally, a nursing home. It was a herculean task, exhausting, but at some point earlier I had recognized that mom was totally dependent on me and that the insidiously slow loss of her mind made her so vulnerable. I was involved in every aspect of my mother's care, and this made me feel closer to her than ever before. The whole experience taught me several simple truths that i had never fully appreciated til now: 1. Life is precious, and so fragile. 2. There is nothing more important than family. 3. The meaning of compassion.

I wish that I had been more serious about keto. I did do really well on keto and am restarting in a few days and I hope to make it last.

I'm very proud of the way my perspective has changed this year. After spending a year in a half in an abusive relationship, I feel like this year I have grown into such a confident young woman. I spend a lot of time with friends, and I feel like I have the time and energy to really listen to and care about everyone around me. I also am just very happy... so many parts of my life are good, and I feel like I am in control. I also have started thinking more about spirituality- I've read the Tao Te Ching and meditated a lot on what it means to be a meaningful part of this world, and how to fully experience the beauty in every moment.

The beginning of this year was tough for me. I had a bad depression flair up right after the new year due to several factors. I wish I hadn't gone through it, but I'm proud to have made it to the other, healthier side. As a longer depression tends to do, I made serious changes that have lead to a better, more authentic life for me.

This past year was odd and wonderful. I wrestle with whether quitting my job with IntraCare was a bad decision. It didn't seem so at the time and I had no way of knowing it would ultimately lead to my not pursuing my LPC. But it's hard to not sometimes wish I had just stayed there and gotten my stupid hours. Having those months off before the wedding was nice, but also weird. I truly wish I had not gone off Lexapro and had never taken that terrible birth control from Planned Parenthood. I also wish I a pro had done my hair and make-up for the wedding and that we had more/better flowers. But ugh, enough of the regrets. I am proud that I started this daunting new job at HBU and I have learned SO much. I'm proud of Michael and my relationship - I believe it is strong and we are building a perfect foundation in our first year of marriage. I am proud of myself for truly loving and accepting myself, actively trying to live in the moment and think positively and gratefully. Lots of thoughts and emotions on this question, clearly.

Probably spent less money. I am especially proud that we started traveling more. And I've felt comfortable outside of my comfort zone. We planned trips with no plans and winged it along the way. In London, we walked among the people, not holed up in a pristine hotel separated from life. Hopefully more this year!

Day 1 question: no I have no wishes to change on this subject in this past year. 2:) question #2 day 1:) I am especialy proud of having founded my first sole proprietor small business company named as a fictions name of my art director from Paris Jean Paul Pottier couture.

I wish I had done a better job of planting roots in Boston. I know I have a hard time reaching out and making connections. I should've addressed that earlier. But I am working on it now!

I wish and I don't wish that I had walked away from the work I've been doing. Very torn. I'm someone who believes in seeing things through and not quitting. But this was a situation beyond my control, and a part of me wishes I'd just said so and left.

Its all a mess this year... so many mistakes... quitting my job... moving in with other people... staying here Denver... Mistake after mistake after mistake...

I'm (maybe grateful not proud) that I'm able to handle so much new material in my life this year with the new job. I'm proud that I'm facing my fears of failure at work. I feel good about the work I did on the Thomas retreat, and how it opened up the sheer terror I felt 'm rallat being rejected in a work situation -- fear of not being worthy enough. I'm proud of the way I got divorced from Michael and the compassion that I feel. I feel good about the clarity I am getting in my relationships. I'm proud about having realized that getting really emotional about something is healthy, that I'm really in touch with what I am feeling and being able to work that through, but I guess proud that I was able to share that with David and explain that the alternative is kind of an amorphous depression feeling -- that it is good for me even though I know it is difficult for him, and suggesting that maybe he could get used to it. And that he could get emotional too if he needs to. I felt a huge amount of acceptance in myself, that I'm not sure I ever has and it felt really good.

I wish i had told my mum the truth about leaving university and not lied to her.

I was able to buy a house this year. Even though my parents offered to help with the downpayment and I let them, I didn't need it. Somehow this feels more financially independant than when I bought my condo. There are many little things that I probably should have done or said differently but nothing that bad. I just try to be a little kinder in my words and thoughts in the future.

Confront the negative people that don't do me any good. Being a great role model for my daughter and showing her anything possible if she puts her mind too it.

I cannot think of anything significant I wish I had done differently. I am especially proud I am still being considered for JEOPARDY! I know I will be on. Am also quite prooud we are almost within one year (projected) of paying our home equity off.

I just marked my one-year anniversary of moving to a new home. I am deeply grateful that I now have a much more pleasant space in which to live, that it is safer (no outdoor staircase to climb in snowy, icy weather), that I have an incredible view instead of the neighbors across the yard. I am terrifically blessed that so many people went out of their way to help me make the move and discard a lot of excess baggage which I had been schlepping with me for too long. So... what I wish I had done differently is believe sooner that this is really my home and not someone's vacation house that I am borrowing. What I am proud of is that I responded to the nudge and acted to make my daily life so much more pleasant.

I'm assuming that there are plenty of things I wish I'd done differently over the course of the last year. Moments when I let me temper flare with my wife or kids, and responded gruffly would be on that list. Time that I chose to do something fairly meaningless like watch a show or a sporting event instead of playing with my kids. I think those kinds of things are, and should remain, on the list of things I regret, or wish I'd done differently. I am, however, very pleased with the amount of time, in general, that I spent with my family this last year. My employment situation was unique in that it allowed me uncommon amounts of time at home with the family and I'm really grateful for that. Especially since time is one resource you can nerve get back.

I wish I had put in my notice around October, so that I would have received my promotion with a higher wage before leaving UCLA. I'm proud of the direction my overall 'self actualization' has been heading. I'm finally gearing up to change a lot of things in my life.

I wish I didn't worry that much about what the next day/week/month/year would bring. I spent SO MUCH TIME facing self-induced anxiety, doubts, fears and concerns about what would happen next. In the end, God helped me to overcome difficulties and got the best out of me during the hardest year of my life. I'm very proud of the growth and achievements of this past year (past 2 years). I got a master in US and worked for a whole year in a industry (Marketing) and city (Boston) where competition is massively high while using my 2nd language.

I somewhat wish that I had found a new job in the past year. I am proud that I reentered therapy. I am proud of how often I go to the gym. I would like to organize my time in a better way.

I look back at last fall and feel like I have made little to no progress in caring for myself better. I still struggle mightily with self-care, still need a sabbath practice, can't quite get daily time off the ground and have gained a lot of weight. Ugh. I feel stuck and want to love myself more. BUT, I am very proud of where my work has gone in the last year. I got a raise and a promotion. I am a leader among my co-workers. Common Ground is growing. We have a Muslim chaplain. I supervise to co-workers. I am preaching more and better. It was a big year for my growth as pastor and a person of faith.

I find it hard to get started doing things, both for work and for pleasure. It's much easier for me to pick up a book and read. But sometimes I'm reading something that I really am not all that interested in or don't really like. And there's so many other things that I wish I did, like finishing sewing the skirt onto the top part of a dress. I right now have a dress that's almost done and it's been waiting for me to finish it (less than an hours worth of sewing) for about 2 months. So why don't I finish it or the many other projects I've got waiting for me? I take so much pleasure from them when I'm done. And it's not like it's horrible, unpleasant to do. Same thing about getting out into my garden, or even getting to work. But I put things off and procrastinate, until the stress builds up so much that I have to work like a fiend at the last minute. Or go out and weed in the heat for hours because someone's coming over, instead of doing it when the weather's nice and I have time to do it little by little so it's not such a chore? This has been a pattern for m for more than 50 years and I don't know why and I don't think it's one that actually makes me happy. When I am actually able to start doing something, even work, I find I enjoy it (I'm lucky I've got a job that I do really like, for the most part). I think being able to change my habit of procrastination and difficulty getting started with things would make a huge difference in my life. But I'm not sure how to make that happen. But I want to try.

I am proud of continuing to nurse our daughter. She's now 16 months old. I'm proud that we stuck with it. I'm proud that I kept pumping at work and going through all the rigamarole of storing milk and timing when I could have a beer and planning my work day around pumping breaks. The fact that we've kept that bond into her second year makes me really happy. It's a beautiful way for us to stay close, and I really treasure our nursing connection.

My mind has had its way with me at times due to menopause. I wish I could control that!! Oh well. I am very proud of pursuing my dreams of having a weekend home and continuing to make it a warm cozy place to decompress and enjoy nature. Sometimes being in the trees and out of the city really has scared me. However I do not let that deter me from full enjoyment. It has been fantastic.

I wish that I hadn't put so much of a focus on insignificant tasks (and I still do this). Ultimately, missing out on experiences because I am too busy doing a bunch of different things is harmful. I also wish that I had put more effort into last semester's classes (I am doing better this semester). I'm proud that I have stepped up my game academically and am more often than not on top of my assignments.

I am proud that I left Patricia as well, but not proud that I wasn't able to be nicer, better about it. I had forgotten how much I love to live alone...it's been 11 years +, and I love the freedom,love that I obtained this freedom through work. I love the furnishings, my plants. Lots of negatives about my little city place...it's noisy, there's no w/d, it's noisy....! But I love having my spot again, my den, my home, my place.

I really wish I hadn't broken my arm rising my bike. It was 100% my fault.

I am really proud of myself for working through the long-distance transition with my fiancé and finally getting us back in the same place. I am also proud of our teamwork wedding planning. As for things I wish I had done differently, I think things happened the way they needed to. I am still figuring out how to share my talents with the world, so I wish I had found some sense of 'calling'. But I Am learning that you can't force that type of eureka moment.

I am currently trying to get my finances under control so that I can think about buying a house in the near future. I wish I hadn't put so much on credit cards. I am proud that I can recognize faults in myself and start to work on them.

I'm proud of going to therapy, developing myself as an individual, teaching yoga in Hebrew to children and adults, standing up for myself at work.

I wish I had let go and forgiven more. I am doing it after loosing six friends in two months and eight altogether this year. I am letting go and forgiving today and every day . I love my relationships with my Grandchildren. My relationship with their Mother has improved 100 % that is so good.

I wish I'd studied more diligently--Chinese is harder than Japanese! I wish I'd written more. But I'm proud of starting to run and all my progress there, of taking my Synthroid and only rarely forgetting, and of what I've managed to finish worrying over.

I wish that I had honored my own voice a bit more this year. I feel like I don't communicate how I'm feeling so my "ideas" get lost or I become passive-aggressive. If I would just open up it would really serve me well. I'm really proud of the way that I took on the challenges at work. They trusted me to do a pretty big job and I took it on and it was worked! Being open and honest with the team and not holding back. It was an important moment for me. My learn is to be honest and open as much as I can. Not in a critical manner but simply as a way of communicating.

Yes, I wish I would have been more graceful an discrete with regard to ending a relationship. Yes, I was more giving to the people who make my work smoother. I also made changes n my work practice to be more efficient and skillful.

Receiving the award from the Arthritis Foundation.

Isn't pride a cardinal sin ;) I'm super proud of my dog, loretta cupcake, getting certified as a therapy dog . i'm also proud of my abandoned cemetery program and the recognition it received this year.

I wish I hadn't gained back the weight I lost. I was trying to get to 205 and then with all the stuff with my Dad, I gained 10 lbs and haven't been able to lose them. I wish I had more discipline when it came to food. I bought a new bike and really embraced bike riding this summer. Was in some of the best shape I've been in for a long time - could sense how muscular my legs were. Culminated in doing a charity ride for Family Table - 50 miles and i raised over $3000!

I wish I quit my job like I said I was going to last year. I am still working and completely miserable. I just want out of this job but I carry the insurance for my husband and I and I have this fear of depending on him to support us. He has not had the most stable job history since we have been together. Part of me says to take the plunge and quit. I have been miserable for a good 7 years now and things have recently gotten worse. I just don't feel any satisfaction at my job and very little in my marriage. I feel like I have turned into my father, he was not happy at his job and always seemed to complain about his marriage to my stepmom. I swore I would never be like him and stay someplace where I am miserable but look I have turned into him.

I wish I would have been more outward with my feelings

I wish I had worked differently this year. I've kinda retreated into my shell a bit. My health has been nothing short of terrible, with lots of time off sick (3 months); it's meant when I got back that I felt a bit out of the loop, not knowing a few of the new guys, with reduced confidence and a desire to kinda hide for a bit. That may all be quite understandable in the context, but it has stretched on far too long. I've become used to the hiding, to avoiding interaction with my colleagues, to wanting to do the minimum and head home. I've become one of those colleagues I've always disliked, and I can't stop myself. I can't put my finger on what's changed, but something has, and it's going to hurt my career.

I wish I had handled challenging situations better, with more patience and the ability to look at the big picture, less blaming others and being hard on myself. I wished I'd remembered to take more deep breaths and that being human means making mistakes, and that's OK.

I am proud that I have a reputation for always being willing to "help out" even if the tasks are very uninteresting and unchallenging. The work still needs to get done.

i was finally given support to do something that i love, so i started making knives. i hope ill still be doing it net year and how to make my hobby a career. thanks to sarah for supporting me when no one else did, im blessed to hav you in my life.

I wish I had been more financially wise in my business dealings, Trusting others can lead to problems. I am proud my relationship is healthy and we are afforded some modicum of joy.

I wish I had slept more, structured my time more efficiently. Read more. Reflected more.

My life has become one of small things. There are no grand plans, no goals or dreams. Just getting through the day. But I still think that if I could concentrate, stick with something-- working out, writing, meditating, whatever, that I could accomplish something. But, I wonder, to what end. And I'm not as depresses as that sounds, I feel like I'm settling in to this phase of life, but I still feel like I'm on the edge of an abyss that I can fall into at any time. Proud? I can't see it. I just can't go there.

I wish I would have planned to attend graduate school instead of jumping into the civilian workplace after leaving the Army. I found myself rejected by dozens of companies, worked two low-paying jobs 7 days a week. It was miserable. I didn't realize my Army Officer experience was that invaluable.

I'm proud of moving to Dallas and working on having a more positive outlook. I got out of Denton and though I love the town and keep up with my friends, it's important to know how to handle adulthood and adapt to new places. I'm proud of getting a credit card (and keeping it in mind, I'm still nervous) and finding out my credit score is 759 (last I checked). That is LITERALLY the top score in the "Very Good" category; one more point puts me at "Excellent", which changes my rates etc. I'm also proud of deleting the dating apps. They're all unhealthy. But yeah, there are things I wish I'd done differently; I wish I'd looked harder for a job maybe, or found a place I could live alone. But there are flip sides to both of those. The point is to move forward and make better. To write more, to make more, to keep my head etc.

I am proud that I have continued to care for and update my home, but I wish I had been more conscientious about caring for my body and weight issues. I gained weight last winter, and could not lose it this summer. Also this summer, I failed to keep up the biking exercise that I did last year.

I ran my 2nd 50k. That was one amazing night of running and I can't wait to do it again.

Constantly worked at making myself available to work at the barn and now I have a part time job there. That makes me proud of myself. Hopefully it'll continue to work in my favor.

I wish I was less lazy this past year. Specifically, I feel like I have been lazy regarding my personal life. Some of this laziness is demonstrated by how I am taking care of myself physically and emotionally. I don't exercise, but I am not in-active. I don't eat badly, but I cheat on my diet a lot. I have taken a lot more time for myself and my partner, but I don't maximize it to the fullest. I see value in meditation, but I don't meditate enough. It's like I am doing enough to pass the class, but not excelling. Perhaps its because I have been excelling more in my professional life? I am especially proud of my work which can fill me up with emotion if I think about it. I am also proud that I have started to teach, which brings me a lot of joy. It would be good to give my entire life 100%. Perhaps my biggest barrier is my partner. It is hard to be a coach all of the time and I typically fall into a passive role at home, mostly because I am tired and want to relax. Yet, I think my partner is doing the same thing. So we become two lumps... And perhaps I am my partners biggest barrier in taking care of ourselves. Less conversation and more action in this part of life may help us both in this next year.

Something I wish I had done in the past year was studying more for standardized testing. Through my own stupidity, I reasoned that it was unnecessary, and by extension, boring to sit in a room and look over things I should have learned quite a long time ago, which of course I was required to do anyways in taking the tests to begin with. My scores were not as high as they could have been, and that definitely limits my ability to apply to top schools, or even the ones I figured I would be able to attend anyways. In general, going beyond the specific instance of standardized testing, I definitely could have received better grades in the past year, and it is my general apathy and overall laziness that caused a slip which will haunt me for what I could only assume is the rest of my life. Sure it could all end up fine and perhaps in the future I will be grateful for such apathy, but the overwhelming possibility that I have screwed up gnaws at me to this day. I’ve also received ample warning regarding this for the past four years, calling high school, accurately, a place where you only get one chance. I cannot help but feel that I blew it, ignoring those who care about me, showing quite a bit of egotism. Regardless, it has hurt everyone including those who pay for this private high school, as well as my own future. I can only hope that through non-academic means that everything works out and I am able to recover from what has been a very difficult time.

I wish I hadn't let work take over my life. This should be the time in my life that my search for the things I value should take precedence. For instance, my general focus was to identify my "authentic" self. At the time I wrote that goal, I'm not sure I even knew what I meant by it. I may not know yet, but I do know what it isn't -- dropping dead at my desk. I'm happy to say that I'm making some progress along these lines. A major step has been to become a member at a progressive, open-minded church. This has seemed to focus my physical, intellectual, and spiritual "authentic" self.

I'm really proud of the decision to focus on being healthy. Not just losing weight, but simple daily habits that help improve my mood and energy and decrease my stress. I want to build on that foundation this year and do amazing things!

I am super proud of the progress I made in school this last year! I started August 2015 and just started my second year. The first semester was rough. I was suicidal under the pressure. I didn't do well in my classes. Not because I'm not smart or capable, but because I have such high expectations for myself. I am so critical of myself and freeze under the chance of not being perfect. I had to work through a lot of self esteem crap, crap I'm still working through. In the last year I've majorly shifted in my approach to school and am now feeling infinitely better about myself. Hurray!

I love Kara, but I wish I had been more realistic about what my needs were instead of basically carrying her through the year. I needed to care about my own self care more and focus on what I needed, rather than just focusing on having friends. I hope I can be more proactive in caring for myself in the future.

I'm proud that I applied for my new job, even though it felt like I wasn't qualified for it yet. I got the job, and it's a great one! Getting this job triggered a lot of huge changes for my family--moving across the country is the biggest one--and I think it will be so good for all of us even though it was scary to do.

You know, when I reflect upon my past year of events, I think I am truly on my right path. Perhaps, I should be painting and drawing more and creating more art. Otherwise, I finally have been losing weight along with my husband. Every year, I say that I wish I had lost weight and now I've lost a total of 26 pounds and still going. I'm really proud of my husband who is slowly getting off of his medications due to the weight loss. We are on our way!! And it is a lifestyle change, absolutely.

I am proud of my patience, fortitude, and compassion in a difficult job. I've learned a great deal about how people not born into stabiliy and privledge think and feel. I have developed love and empathy for them.

I wish I'd lived more in the present.

I wish I had done almost everything differently this past year. I wish I had done fewer things at work that I'm ashamed of. I wish I had forced myself to advocate for my needs and my future. I wish I had learned how to make decision in the interest of long-term benefits rather than short-term or immediate gratification. I wish I had put more energy into developing relationships and learning how to think of others. I guess what I'm proud of is the self-awareness to wish that I had done these things differently and the hope that I have the capacity to make different choices in the future.

I am experiencing financial difficulties and I wish I had moved to a less expensive apt. At the end of my lease this yr. I will be moving. I am especially proud of the way I have been emotionally supportive of my son's journey with the IDF.

Differently - yes. I wish I had gone bigger. I wish I had challenged myself more. I wish I had traveled more. I wish I had exercised more. I wish I had done more. However... pride wise, ironically, I'm most proud of my increasing contentment. I am happier at a baseline than I used to be. I am content to do project, and I am content to watch a movie and relax. I still have my dumb voices - they've been creeping in lately especially - but overall, last year has been good. So basically my biggest regret is also the thing I am most proud of. haha.

I'm proud of the fact that I've learned to accept my son's gender issues and thoughts as real, rather than dismissing them. I'm proud that I've done my best to care for him this year. As for having done something differently, I would have not gained weight last winter when I was struggling with my son's mental illness. I would not have burdened myself with the need to lose that weight now that he is feeling better.

I wish I had carved out more time for self-care and moved past my emotional and physical fatigue and done more fun things. A bit of a contradiction and a conundrum. But I am spending less time running around to distract myself and more time listening to my body and heart and finding solace in doing nothing. In this same vein, I am pleased that I am giving voice to my grief and following where it takes me even when it feels very unpleasant. I am so fortunate to have spiritual friends with whom I can share this grief voice and time.

In the past year I have some regret over the way I have allowed myself to continue to be impulsive and driven by material desire; I should have thought about setting boundaries and a sort of schedule to stick to in some respect. Something else I feel I should've done differently this year is to seriously consider employment options prior to graduation. I've decided that working in a school is a good idea and I thankfully have been offered a job in one, but if I'd got some more work experience and applied to jobs earlier I would've had a much easier time, stress-wise.

I am proud of beginning to say "no" to men, and even beginning to walk away or be okay with walking away, when when the relationship means everything to me. I am proud of listening more to my heart, a more nuanced paying attention to myself more often. Relieved I have started on a path to maybe finding a self-connection practice I like, and can do, that supports and invites me, with related benefits. The main invitation is more self-connection.

I wish I had taken my son out of his high school. The school did not support him. It was a very difficult, difficult senior year. I'm glad its over.

I wish I had followed a better exercise and healthy eating regime.

Like every year, I wish that I had worked harder and steadier and procrastinated less. But this year I've made real improvements in how steadily I do my work, and I am proud of that. I have a pile of emails I wish I'd returned and times I wish I'd communicated more, and times I wish I'd communicated less. I always wish that I had more control over the way I relate to people. But overall I've done better this year than last, and I am proud of my slow progress.

I have maintained my relationship to all family members, despite challenges. I made some paintings that show promise. My work is going well. I handles some difficult relationships with colleagues well. The focus on my health has paid off.

I wish I had been more cautious with this one guy who became obsessive. Alternately, I am most proud of April when I pulled two people out of a car wreck.

Regretting things is such a weird experience. I can't fully love myself if I don't accept all that I am and have ever been, and that includes all of the inclinations I have had in every instance. I don't regret things, though I look back and get a glimpse of parts of myself I am not completely comfortable with yet, and find myself judging them at times. I guess it's a chance for growth. Proud is an interesting idea. I don't know if I'd say I'm proud of anything I've done this past year, but that doesn't mean I am not proud of myself...I think. It seems like I spend a lot of time trying to garner self-realization and understanding, and I'm proud of that.

I cheated on my husband this year, because I felt under appreciated, I cheated on him. I regret that. But I finished that affair and spoke with my husband like I hadnt in many years, I opened up and he opened up as well. We are in the process of saving our marriage.

I wish I had procrastinated less, used my phone less, been less awkward, formed better relationships in the beginning of 9th grade, been more loving towards my friends, been more grateful towards my family and camp and in general appreciated more. I wish I would have apologized to Olivia so our relationship would be better, or at least have been less clingy with her. I am grateful for the mistakes I have made. I wish I had been more grateful and cared less about what other people thought. That is a big one. I am proud of myself and my attributes that make be a kind and loving person. I am proud of my mistakes and moments that have been really good this year, like at camp, and laughing a lot. I am proud of my experience at camp and my friendships and my chillness and my silliness, bravery, honesty, and caring. I love my ability to make the people I care about laugh.

I wish to God I had quit smoking earlier; would've saved some dough & gotten some projects moving along much more quickly. On the flipside, I'm happy I quit smoking no matter the timing or the economic ruin that necessitated the change. I know I won't ever be cured of cravings but I do know the cravings diminish vastly & quickly. Hell, until this question popped up, I hadn't thought of smoking at all today.

The whole pre-christmas time. I tried. But I quite freaked out. Because i was so afraid of our family situation. Handling my mother and her mental illness. It made me panic. And I wish I would have been calmer and more understanding with Stefan and his sick father.

I think, at first, at work, I felt really competitive with some of my coworkers and I didn't understand why they were getting opportunities I wasn't and I was frustrated by that. My boss noticed and told me not to be competitive and, you know, I got better. I stopped asking for so many opportunities and I stopped trying to compete and, instead, I tried to be as good as I could be. I've gotten more opportunities from that. I've also tried to really understand what other people offer that I don't and to grow in those areas. I don't feel like there's anything I can't learn how to do -- there are only things I haven't learned yet.

I don't know that there's anything I can say I wish I had done differently, because my choices seem to have led me to healthier and better places. I firmly believe that people do the best they can, and when one strives to learn more to be able to do even better, that results in success. What I am most proud of this year, as has been the case for the last 10 years, are the efforts I have put into being the best mother I can be. I continue to strive to learn and grow in that capacity, and to support my children in their development. I am confident that they feel well loved by me, and well respected. I strive to help them learn to assess and tolerate their challenges and struggles, while still striving and assessing the kinds of people they want to be in the world.

I think I've done the best I can. My work on a grant-funded project is coming to a close, and I am proud of the work I've done. I wanted to return to this former employer and make up for the poor first round I did here, and I believe I have achieved that goal. So much so that there is talk of hiring me on permanently. The blog team wrote a "day-in-the-life" article on me, and I am proud of it only in that I was happy to be the conduit for bringing attention to our work. It could have been anyone, and I was happy to be the one who was asked. I am also proud of the art I've done, and only wish I had done more art on my own.

I wish I had invited myself to more things. I wish I could have been more confident in my personality and friendships to just invite myself to things. This being said I think I have gone outside of my comfort zone tons when it comes to socializing and I am very proud of that. Friendship and parties was an area in my life this past year that has improved ton but I also have lots of goals for the future year.

I wish I had said No more often, delegated, and offered alternative solutions. I wish I had valued my own time more, and reflected that value in the way I scheduled my life.

I wish I had worked harder at preparing to be a manager. I still feel swamped, trapped between being overbearing and abandoning folks. Trapped between delegating known tasks and offloading the ones I simply don't want to do (or learn how to do).

I wish I hadn't been afraid so much. I've been afraid of failing, of making people hate me, of being outcast or abandoned. As a result, I've been afraid of trying much of anything. All any of it's achieved is the status quo. It's sad and I want to change it this year. I've already made a few steps in the right direction. I'm still terrified but I'm doing the things that scare me because without them, I'll continue to feel trapped and powerless in my circumstances. I'm trying to live my life with this mantra, a quote from The Princess Diaries (of all places): "The brave may not live forever, but the cautious do not live at all."

Of course. Reflecting on choices and decisions is fundamental to being human. Growth is impossible without learning from the results and consequences of those actions. I am proudest of the work I am putting in to be a better husband, father, friend and relative - a better man. I want to build on this daily, step by step, as long as I can.

I wish I procrastinated less. I could have been less lazy and more effective with my time and energy work wise. It's oct 3rd now and the amazon project should have been launched way earlier but I kept procrastinating and inventing new reasons to delay it. My procrastination also lost us the intelligent change project which would have been useful reserve now. I'm proud of writing consistently this year and forcing myself to put myself out there more with my work.

I wish I had been calmer at work this year. I will never know if I was fired because of the merger or because of my temper I wish I had not hired Randy to do the upstairs. I wish list had lost and not gained weight.

I don't think regrets are very useful. I'm proud of allowing myself to feel proud of the things I've achieved and of not beating myself up about the things I'd like to have done differently.

Well, at some point last year I started doubting my decision to adopt and raise my kids. Whether I had what it needed to do this difficult job. How I would have felt without having children. I came to no conclusion. Right now I am not proud of myself for being a mother. I am somewhat relieved that I am done with that job.

Differently: spend money better. Proud of: being able to recognize that I am no longer bound to 33 years of anger and stupidity.

I'm really proud that I made the decision to retire. 37 years of being a preschool teacher, the best job ever, loved everyday! I now am with my grandson on Tuesday and thursday afternoons, joined a gym, am able to help my mother with caring for my sweet father. He is in the final stages of esophagus cancer and I cherish the time I can spend with him. My life is good, I am blessed*

I wish that I would have found self confidence and seeing my own. Value. I am proud that I lost 20 lbs this year. I feel more comfortable confident in my own skin. As of this moment,I feel like I have a lot of positive intersha in going dating. I'm even going to start dating again and find love.

I wish I had not engaged my sister and dad into an argument, It was a difficult year and I did. Toni g to be especially proud of, but neither mm I ashamed of anything. Just neutral,

The same thing I wish every year, perhaps, that I'd made better choices about who I slept with. The older I get, the more the return from sexual encounters is a diminishing one: the highs are brief and transitory, and the sadness of being alone after it's over is deepening.

I wish I would not overreact so much. I also wish I would spend more quality time with my family. I am always rushing around from one point to the next. I am especially proud to be teaching at Texas State.

I wish I hadn't taken my social media page so seriously. I've always had a history of posting my negative feelings and drama all over Facebook. So I've decided to suspend my social media accounts. Surprisingly, I don't even miss it. I'm especially proud of myself for learning how to channel my negative emotions in a healthier way. I'm still learning to not be so negative in general and to not take everything so seriously.

It's been a great year! Highs and of course lows but everything has brought me to the point where I am now. I feel strong and empowered. I try to live simply and honestly. What I'm most proud of? Losing the drama, that I unwittingly bought into.

I am proud that I am now a little bit more able to realize a moment: when it is there - and when it is gone.

Im proud I've started my own practice despite lack of funds and with fear. I've learned that no one builds anything totally alone. I've made wonderful allies and supporters. I've also put myself outside my comfort zone to network. Most importantly, I've learned to act confidently amidst chaos and uncertainty and hold my ground.

I wish I'd done a lot of the things I did to assert myself sooner. My life is, in many ways, a lot better because I started speaking up for myself and setting boundaries.

I wish I had been a more caring more attentive husband. My wife gives and gives emotionally, and I do not do the same for her. I regret that. She has surpredsed her emotions about our failed attempt to build a home. I did not, but perhaps I could have.

I wish I'd kept a slightly better look out for my laptop! The timing of it's disappearance was particularly galling. I'm proud that I managed to pick myself up... Again!

I'm really proud of the last year, and the goals I was able to achieve. As I think back on what I could have done differently, what stands out to me is the amount of time spent "wasted" in between projects. Waiting for the phone to ring, looking at what other people are doing, time spent just figuring out what to do next. Some of that time has value, but most is just time lost. I think my time could have been better spent developing other skills, exercising, and volunteering in my community.

Essentially, in the last year, I passed the CPA exam. I started studying during the late summer, took the first exam 11/30/15 and passed the final exam 8/12/16. I am astonished I was able to do it all on the first try. I wish I had spent more time with my husband in the past year and years but my priority has been school, education, career. I feel like I finally crossed the finish line.

I am especially proud of my effort and progress in focusing on practicing kindness with others. It has made me focus on the positive and filling me with better experiences and feelings. This is not just doing good things towards others, but also being more empathetic, even if it is just in our thoughts. Avoid judgment and criticism.

I wish that I had not let my dislike and my frustration with my brother-in-law's fiance affect me so much. But it is hard to deal with such a selfish person but such is life I guess. I'm proud of everything that my husband and I have done this year - we've really come together as a team and really are pursuing our dreams both individually and together.

While I wish I had engaged in more intellectual activity this summer (reading and working on my course), I am letting go of any regrets. I pushed so hard in the first half of the year to take care of Chris and teach my class, that I really needed the break over the summer. I am proud of how Chris and I managed his cancer together and in how I showed up in my class. I am glad I spent the time I did on planning our wedding. I guess the biggest wish I have about doing something differently is to let go of judging myself.

This past February I started in fitness. I wish I had done so years ago. I wish I had the willpower to go more, but I am insanely proud that I go at least once a week! I always feel so good about myself after having worked out and even if the weight isn't dropping off, I still feel better about myself and in my body.

I'm proud that I've grown my practice and written the bulk of my next book. Proud that I've maintained a 4.0 GPA, and been inducted into the honor society for my profession. I wish I'd found some way to reconcile the problems of my family of origin, but I don't feel that I have the power to stand up to the abusive behavior without causing even more contention. I regret that cutting them off seems like the best of all the bad options.

I wish I had overcome my limitations and scarcity around money and my business struggles. I am still struggling with similar patterns in my business that I hoped by now would be overcome. I also have a scarcity and fearful mindset around money that I want to overcome. I am especially proud of my commitment to sop and ESP. Going to v week and the sop commitment weekend 7. I'm proud of my willingness to want to take on my life no matter how difficult it is. Some of my persistencies I am also proud of to deal with the pain of the consequences.

I am proud that I did not kill myself, which isn't to imply that there are not days that I still want to, there are, but I decided that I didn't want to hurt Stacy like that. I would be lost without her, and I would never want to do something that would hurt her. I still do do things that hurt her, but I try not to. And I'm the one that gets to make the final choice of wether or not I take my life. With that option off the table I now have to find a way to make things bearable, because continuing to live as I have is not an option.

I wish that I had been better about budgeting and saving money. I am proud of myself for cooking more, trying to incorporate healthier foods into my diet, trying to exercise regularly, and trying to eat smaller portions. I am also proud of myself for reading more. With that being said, I also wish I had exercised even more!

I had some challenges with my teaching after "coasting" somewhat for several years. One was adapting a class that usually has 30 students for a mega-section of 84 students. It was daunting, but inspired creativity. I was relieved and grateful that it went well; and despite my fears that it wouldn't happen, this huge class actually did participate in discussion. A second challenge was accepting a class that I haven't taught for years. Somehow all my records and powerpoint slides evaporated into cyber space, or somewhere, and I am still in process of reconstructing the course. Relieved that it is going well; still a lot of work to get through the full semester; but I am proving to myself that I can be flexible and resourceful even under tight time constraints. I am proud of rising to the occasion and making it work.

I wish I had spent more time doing things I like to do, but I think that's just part of being a dad. I'm especially proud of both of my kids and their growth.

I am proud that in the last year I got better at saying No to things that would take me out of my life balance and make me feel overwhelmed. I stayed focussed on my priorities of family, work, self care and community in that order.

I'm really proud of my weight loss. I've lost nearly 30 pounds since May through changes in what I eat. I am meticulous about recording what I eat and how active I am. I'm frustrated that my weight loss has stagnated, but I have to remember to not be too hard on myself. It's okay to not always make progress in tangible or countable ways.

In some ways, I wish I'd never changed jobs. It's been hard AF, as the kids say. And definitely too much to handle on top of a divorce and a new relationship. That said, I've learned a ton and grown immeasurably. (Ain't that always the way with the tough stuff.) So would I trade the experience? Maybe not. I also wish I had been more open to Raleigh's experience with her move and all the changes it entailed, instead of being stuck in my own experience. Therapy helped us get there and understand each other, but I wish I could have gotten there on my own. Oh, hindsight! Everything else? Well, I did the best I could. :)

I can see times I may have wound up in a different place if I had made other choices, but I am content with where I am so I can't regret what I've done. But I am definitely proud that I finally took action. Got out more, got the new job, decided to quit putting myself constantly in a situation that was pointless.

I wish that I had been more assertive when talking to my teachers because I know that they were a little lax when getting back to me since they knew that I would not push back. I also wish that I had done more over the beginning of summer break so everything would not have snuck up on me at the end so I would have started school more relaxed and happy.

Yes. I lost 3 stone in weight and excercise 3 times a week. It is challenging but I am proud of myself.

I wish I had thought to connect with my husband more. I easily tend to seek connection with my daughter and overlook my relationship with my husband and that is unfair. I married him. I chose him. He chose me. And while our daughter didn't choose any of these relationships, she deserves to see what a healthy happy marriage looks like. And he deserves to have a wife who genuinely cares about him and shows that. And I deserve to be happy in my marriage. Right now we vacillate so wildly between being happy and being angry and miserable and I think - I hope - building our connection again will help that.

I wish I had quit drinking and smoking, invested in myself both reading and my body, what I put into it, working out etc. I just really let myself go, so it's no wonder I don't feel so well.

I wish, so much, that I had not given up on my fitness. When the dumb boy hurt my heart, I just gave up on myself. I ate for comfort. I ate to have something to do. I stopped exercising because I didn't care about my health anymore. I just stopped. If I am going to be alone forever, what difference does it make? But now I can feel myself coming back to caring about me. I'm eating better and attempting to run a bit. Baby steps and self-love.

I wish I had worked out more. I wish I had attained a healthy and strong body and a weight within the normal range. I wish I had taken better care of my body. I wish I were out of debt. I wish I used money more wisely. I am proud to be alive. I am proud my dogs are healthy. I am happy to have a lovely house that I can share with others. I am proud that Diane and Danny are talking again - that we were able to sit together and divide some of Mom's things without fighting and without being tacky.

I obsessed about a difficult-to-resolve billing problem with T-Mobile and about repeated air conditioner problems at my church (I'm responsible for arranging the repair.). All this did was create an enormous amount of stress and anxiety along with other things I stressed-out about. To put a positive spin on it, I am slowly realizing how irrational this is and I think this is slowly changing my thinking.

I am especially proud of how I have evolved at work. I took on supporting people on my own, because I felt I had too much down time. I regularly contribute articles and books to read, and feel that I am as much a strategic business partners as an assistant.

I am especially proud of my ability to understand the unique needs of one of the students I tutor, and my willingness to be a strong advocate for helping her receive the kinds of accommodations she needed to be successful. I enjoy tutoring students and I appreciate my own teachers who nurtured the skills I have developed in writing and analysis. I am grateful, as well, for my strong intuition and ability to "get" people very quickly. I don't like to boast about my accomplishments. I am aware that I have certain gifts; gifts that I can share with others to help them find what's true for them. If I can help one person, I feel that I have made one small step for tikkun olam.

I wish I had gone to the gym, and stuck to an excercise routine. Or a yoga class. This is a recurring issue, and one I hope to act upon. I know I feel great with yoga. I plan to - at the very least- begin to do yoga in my living room. On a positive note: I'm proud of how much "stuff" I've purged and donated. I feel like I have successfully re-eired myself to understand the difference between want and need. I've gitten so much better at "letting go" in general. The pivotal piece has been "Who could use this better/more than I can. I was able to reduce my clothing to the point where I can fit everything into one closet. Most notably: I have really gotten better at not accumulating books. I borrow movies from the library as well.

i am proud of the job i'm doing but i wish i had worked harder to find a job in a place where employees and partners are treated better

I don't reget anything ever, so I choose to feel especially proud that I re-did my deck all on my own: chemical peel, sanding/scraping, sealant...I'd never done it before, and it was a ton of really hard work, but people have said it looks great, and I saved a lot of $ doing it myself. Will I do that again? I hope not LOL

Every year I wish I'd been more patient and proactive as a parent. I wish I'd gotten my shit together to make our home a clean, clutter free place for everyone to decompress and be together. I wish I had followed through on all the projects I wanted to do with the kids. I wish I had more energy and time each day to change how we interact with each other and the world around us. I wish I was more.

I wish I had secured an internship for this summer in California to explore industry. I know I wanted too long to do that, but, considering I had tons of free time, I wish I at least didn't waste so much of it. I wish I found intrinsic motivation earlier to do research and have a productive summer. I could have gotten so much done, but I really was feeling down on myself. And now, now that I'm recovering from a stroke, I have tons of motivation to do research, but a major obstacle in getting it done. I wish I did more while I was healthy. Now, typing is difficult and I need to do a lot of it! Alternatively, I'm really proud of my attitude in the face of my neurological disease. Acceptance came quickly and I am determined to recover quickly. I have to keep functioning and keep moving in the face of pain and discomfort and that has helped me to keep anxiety at bay.

I'm not one to really have regrets. I believe all mistakes are crucial for growth. The only thing I can be responsible for is continuing to make the same mistakes over and over again. If I knew what I know now, I would start to prioritize my schedule. I'm especially proud that I took a chance and followed through on a job I had no idea that I needed. I've been taking leaps of faith to really find out what I'm made of.

I left after 20 years with International Academy of Cardiovascular Sciences and editing 57 issues of CV Network

I am proud of the decision I made after my trip to Israel to dedicate myself to making the best possible home for me and my family in our small apartment, in the merit of some day having more space and being able to host guests in the spirit of our ancestors Abraham and Sarah. I made that decision and put that intention out into the world, and WOW! Look what has happened since then! We now have two adjacent apartments, which means L gets her own room, D can work from home, AND we can host guests, both our own family and friends and strangers through AirBnB. Running the AirBnB is an amazing way to fulfill the mitzvah of hospitality and welcoming the stranger while also subsidizing our newly-enlarged living space. I love hosting people! I love setting up the room for them, cooking breakfast and baking treats for them, chatting with them and learning about their lives. It's exactly what I wanted and needed in my life-- it's social, but on a very small scale so it's not overwhelming for me, and it's creative, and I just cannot get over the fact that just a few months after I set that intention towards having more space and hosting guests, it all came together! The couple in the adjacent apartment moved out, our landlord agreed to let us rent both places and eventually connect them, and the whole AirBnB idea emerged as a totally doable side business that would make it all work financially. I want to thank G-d for this, and I do-- yet somehow I still struggle with the idea of hashgacha pratit. Is it really possible? I mean, I was given what I asked for. What greater proof could there be? I kashered my kitchen, so that I could host shomer kashrut Jews, and I enrolled my daughter in Hebrew school. These are steps I take toward G-d, to show my gratitude and to say, yes, I recognize what you have given me, and yes, I commit myself to you, more and more fully all the time. There is so much more I could do, I know. I want to make a sukkah this year-- it would be my first time. I try to remember to say food blessings but I usually forget. Maybe this is how it goes though. G-d is good. G-d shows you that goodness, gives you miracles, and somehow, right afterward you can revert to skepticism. How long did it take after the parting of the Red Sea for the Jews to go back to doubting? We tell the story every Passover, and people look for scientific explanations for the events told in the Bible, because we just cannot believe it's true that G-d did this for us. What would it mean if we believed it? It feels like standing on the edge of something magnificent and scary. It feels like the ground would disappear from beneath your feet, and you'd be floating. There is a fear in me that ecstasy would take hold of me. Joy that is inappropriate for daily life in our society. Maybe that is why our prayers are these lines and lines of measured, restrained words. They make us calm down, put one foot in front of the other, stay tied to the physical world we inhabit, so our souls don't just float away. And we need to do it every day, because without that structure, our fear of that soul-fire will cause us to doubt G-d just to protect ourselves. Daily prayer keeps us from doubting, but it keeps our souls tethered as well, so we can thank and love G-d without fear of floating away. It's okay. This is predictable. I feel like I understand davening now-- which is amazing timing, because I am about to go to Rosh Hashanah services!

I wish I took more time to reflect and work on my future instead of living in the here and now. Very proud of my job accomplishments and diving deep in a new gig.

Another year and I still don't have a handle on my retirement funds. I know they are growing slowly but I'm completely clueless about how to maximize their potential. I've been a fool. I looked at a prospectus and could see some investments in businesses or industries I don't support. I need to bust a move on that. This year, after 9 years in my position at work I finally feel that I've hit my stride and am much more confident in my efforts. This was identified in my annual review and it made me happy. It also made stop feeling intimidated by my boss. Finally!

I wish I had exercised more and look after myself more. I need to find more time for myself

Oddly, I don't think I would have done anything differently than what I've done. I haven't acted inappropriately. I've had some hard times and some private pain that I cannot share. But the pain that I cannot share has taught me a lot about the complexity of life. So, I'm proud I guess that I've realized this and not yearned to do differently.

There are some friendship situations that I wish I had handled better this year - both Jeremy and Kelly - although I'm not sure what I could have done differently. I feel like I've grown this year, professionally and personally and I am proud of the work I've done. I'm also very proud about the improving relationships with my siblings.

I wish I'd chatted less, and knit and read and watched more. It's not that I would change the amount of time that I spent in leisure or non-required activities, or that I feel horribly guilty for not letting my children consume my every waking hour, because I don't. I do, however, wish I had more to SHOW for those hours, because I can't point to many shows or movies watched, or books read, or things knitted, or things written, even. Just... chatting.

I really wish that I had managed my money and time better. My mother routinely gives me money for various projects, and I invariably end up spending it on other things. I didn't accomplish as much on sabbatical as I wanted, either. On the other hand, I think I've gotten a better handle on my temper, and have a clearer plan for my life until I retire.

My husband and I started a very healthy diet a year ago, and I was able to not only loose weight, but increase my energy level, reduce my A1C, reduce cholesterol, and eliminate antacids. I wish I had continued that diet! I am looking forward to again establishing a better diet, and gaining energy and good health.My goal weight wise is to lose 20 pounds, and to be able to walk at least 40 minutes a day. That would be awesome!

I wish that I would've enjoyed the time off that I had between graduation and getting a job. I knew that I had to stop and smell the roses, but I couldn't do it. I was constantly freaking out about the time that I didn't have a job. Granted, it was only two weeks, but I feel that I should've enjoyed that time more. I should have let myself have that break, but I have been used to constantly working and being on the go that it was so hard. I am especially proud of graduating with honors. I worked so hard and I had imagined how it would feel and be, but it was an indescribable feeling. I am the first in my family to graduate from college and seeing my parents, brother, and sister cry was amazing. Also, seeing my boyfriend support me and be proud was great. My father had never said he was proud of me and that day he completely let his guard down. I'm proud of everything I wore because I wore a traditional Mexican outfit and decorated my cap with the Mexican flag. I also wrote "we didn't cross the border...it crossed us." It was one of the best days of my life and I am happy that I was able to represent.

Some of both. I wish I was up to taking more of a hands-on approach to helping Beryl and David with their daughter. I do believe they appreciate my support and ability to find helpful agencies and resources. Time will tell how that story unfolds or comes to it terminus. I am especially proud of Jayden coming out to a place of comfort, the grand-girls for being just who they are, Michael and Denise for their helpful and welcoming ways,Leah and her family for their cohesiveness and support of one another, and Richard for making his post-retirement life interesting and stimulating for the both of us.

I wish that I took more responsibility for setting expectations and boundaries between myself and my clients. If I had been more mindful of that half a year ago, I don't think I"d feel as burnt out now. As for what I'm proud of, I'm proud that I ended an abusive relationship, after many, many tries. It took all my friends, all my strength, and lots of mistakes to get there, but I got there!

I wish this past year that I would have been more diligent and focused on the things that I know make me happy. I want to become more proficient at some hobbies, and have not put in the focused effort needed to break through plateaus for growth.

Dont like to use the word proud because I can lose that, pride is dangerous. But I am glad some nice people have started to come into my life and I think Ive been able to distinguish the difference between people who are users and friends. Ive becoming my truer self, letting go of the people pleaser--that doesnt mean Im impolite, just means Im not interested in wasting time with people for the wrong reasons. I visited NYC and the last thing I ever planned or imagined would be that I would move there and Im seriously contemplating that now. Im also happy Ive stuck with my spiritual community, commitment to growth and sobriety. If I keep an open mind I have options. Im beginning to understand Im not as bad nor as wonderful as I thought I was.

Wish I'd done differently - wish I'd been aware he relapsed not too long after rehab, been more patient and loving. Proud of in the past year - I've focused on increasing my patience, practicing loving kindness as often as possible, trying to live in the moment and be grateful for every day. Almost losing him last year still seems raw sometimes. Working on my feelings around that.

I wish I had figured out how to spend more time connecting with my kids instead of just being with them in the same space doing different things. I wish I had committed to plans earlier instead of dithering.

I wish I didn't fall to pieces when my 12 year old began obsessing over suicide and was hospitalized. We are both doing much better now.

I wish I had been more open to different job opportunities early on, and I wish I had made a smarter decision about how much I was willing to spend on rent.

The last year has been an incredible struggle. We had a second child before we were ready (if it's even possible to be ready). Work has been busy and stressful, and finding time to maintain my familial relationships, let alone friendships or personal hobbies, has been a huge struggle. I'm sure there are a million things I could come up with that I should have handled differently. That said, I'm also proud of myself for having gotten through it, and even if my solutions were sub-optimal, they WORKED. I'm here, I made it, and I have hope that things can improve. I wouldn't change that.

I wish that I had been more proactive about researching our home equity loan and the qualification process so that we would be closer to the situation that we intended to be in at this point. As well, just the whole weight thing. Annoyed and disappointed that I haven't taken it off. Alternatively, I am proud of the progress that we continue to make with the house, and just that we are continuing to make everything work.

I wish I'd stood up for myself more. Alternatively, I am proud of myself for cutting the negative people and influences out of my life.

I don't really have regrets. I know that there is always room for improvement in life, and likely I could have handled certain circumstances better this past year - but I know that even the less-than-spectacular situations are excellent learning opportunities. I am proud this past year of self-advocating. This is true for both my personal and professional lives. I feel strong, not blinded with pride or ego, and that I better understand my self-worth. As a result, I am less afraid to go after things I want and feel that I deserve.

I'm really proud that in psychoanalysis I improved so much in my feelings towards myself.

Again, I wish I were further along in my fitness goals, although I have made some progress from last year to this year. I am proud that I started school finally, but it will be a long road before I can celebrate being finished.

I'm really proud I stepped out of my comfort zone and invested in my new business. I'm still a little nervous about money, but I feel like I finally pushed myself far enough that I actually have to start swimming.

I am proud of the way I have met adversity and opportunity to be inspired .. I am collecting my experiences to fortify my foundation of being fully alive and transparent as a human .. A living star. ...who believes in our ability to harmonize and be a symphony ... And so it is ...

It was really traumatizing when my stepsister's dog attacked a cat, and I tried to break it up. I think about that a lot...what could have been different if I'd done something else, if my dad hadn't left the side door open, if Callie's mom hadn't let her out of the house every day. The list goes on. It's silly, but if I could do something different I would have punched the dog on the nose to make her stand down. Hurting an animal is never something I thought I would want to do, but she would have been okay, and maybe then, Callie would have lived. I just kept trying to pull them apart, and it didn't do anything to stop them fighting. As it turned out, Callie bled to death in my arms while my stepmom rushed us to a vet. That was the worst day of my life, bar none.

I wish I had paid better attention to my general health -- getting on with that mythical exercise program, better meal planning (although we almost always eat good fresh food, no junk food or fast food), and more calming down.

I wish I'd maybe not quit my job and taken six months off, but I am glad that I took that leap and left a place where I was unhappy.

I am proud that I left a job that was abusive.

I am sure that some of the things I have done this past year could have been done differently, but they are done. I can not change what has been done. I am one who looks at what I have to be thankful for every day. I am a mother of five and in this year all of them have finally found their place away from home. In the summer the last 3 of them moved out! I am thankful that each of my children has grown into a kind, caring, and compassionate person. Each has his or her own direction and are taking a path the seems right to them. I am thankful for the success I have made in my job and the people I work with each day.

This year I've made small gains in speaking up for myself. I showed some of my work in public and I read some of my poetry in public. While small and supportive audiences, I'm letting this be a big deal and fuel for my creative energy, and I'm proud of myself for stepping beyond my comfort zone on both occasions. Still, I think I have a long way to go in getting my family to recognize me as something other than mom, wife, pocketbook, thing-doer, ever present for them. My voice has to be louder. I should have said "no" more this year.

I tend to be grateful for everything I do, even if I would do it differently. I learn from everything. What I would do differently: I would not discuss salary with friends. I had a few ask me about my financial situation. I answered, because I'm open... but did not feel comfortable returning the question. And now I am left with a weird sense of vulnerability and comparison in a way I had never been before. I would have monitored my drinking better. I regret all of my blackouts, but am learning from them. There is a guy I really like, and one of my blackouts happened on our second date. He didn't judge me and was very kind - but I didn't conduct myself as MY best self, and can't help but wonder if a a better me would have been able to move forward in a relationship with him. The other things I wish I would have done differently are more habitual things or small things - how I spend my money, saying yes to things when I should say no, staying true to myself, how I spend my time...

Stop wasting time. I have spent so much time doing things that don't bring me joy or happiness or a true sense of accomplishment. With few exceptions, these things were pleasurable but only momentarily. As I turn 50 next year, I realize that time is my most precious commodity - not to be squandered. Or at least to be spent doing things I can feel good about.

My sister in law introduced her fiancé to me, I coldly welcomed him and latter insisted that I should be paid a special homage before I become part of their marriage. Anyway I unconsciously acted in resentment to the hard way I was treated when I was coming to marry my wife compared to the easy way the young man was welcomed to the family. Nevertheless I regretted my actions and wished I was very friendly from day one to the young man even though we had no grouges against each other but that was never me at all. Alternatively, my wife is about to give birth to our second child in the USA; I always wished and prayed I will have the opportunity to grant my children American citizenship thereby guaranteeing a better life and limitless power to achieve their dream for them considering coming from poor African background and could the hard way life treated me due to being nobody. I am proud I have achieved that dream for my two children. I still live in Africa but I am rest assured that their future is guaranteed.

Said no more, had down time to relax.

I wish I had more patient and understanding with my wife's struggles as a first-year teacher. She was working for a district that chose not to nurture her as a first-year teacher and was ultimately not understanding of how difficult and scary those experiences are. I was too wrapped up with my own job to really notice how much she was struggling. I helped her when I could, but I took for granted that would be enough to get her through the year. The first year of teaching is a difficult, no matter how ready the teacher believes him or herself to be. My first year was awful, and I should have seen in her the things I also went through and done more to help her. I love my wife more than anything and should have done more for her.

I just got into a top-tier jazz band last week.

I wish I had done a better job at loosing weight and bringing more balance to my life. Both have been a lifelong struggle and I hope I can harness the new-found energy I have with my current position to make additional strides in these areas. I'm proud of finishing my Masters, especially my thesis. I'm thrilled how Brooks and my relationship has developed into one where we feel like equal contributors and feel more emotionally safe. I love us!!! I'm happy with the friendships I've cultivated over the past year and how my self-worth has increased because of it (better to have 4 quarters than 100 pennies). I'm proud of myself for taking my new position. It took a lot of courage on my part. I'm glad I made to the decision.

My wife and I blew an opportunity to take a two week vacation last summer. Both our kids were working at a summer camp and we had intended to take a trip to the Pacific Northwest. Instead, we waited too long to make travel plans and then balked at the airfare. Before we knew it, summer got busy and we didn't get away. We still had a great summer, however, but we didn't do any one thing that was particularly memorable. I am proud of the way I've worked with my direct report, Steve. He's a difficult person on a good day, and on not so good days he can be real ornery. His job has changed in significant ways, and he doesn't handle change well, but I've been extremely patient with him in helping him weather the transition and accept the changes that have occurred. I think this has been paying off.

I feel quite satisfied with this past year. For an elder, I accomplished a lot, even in the face of some challenges. I moved so as to right size my living space. I gave one of my beloveds a proper farewell, a sweet celebration of Life. I'm especially proud of my ongoing process of rebuilding my sacred body temple. I accomplish this by altering my diet to a healthy, mostly home cooked one, by getting rid of my car, biking, walking or taking the bus everywhere, by giving myself opportunity to get plenty of quiet time and rest. No TV here. So much healthier for brain and body. I'm happier than I've been since childhood and attuning more brilliantly with my creativity to the wisdom and song of the Universe!

I'm proud of my behind-the-scenes work to piece together various aspects of my life and make a livable schedule for myself. I spent a week at a conference in Sweden, another week at Camp Cross, played in a few orchestra concerts, spent lots of quality time with Mike, led a retreat weekend, visited family a reasonable amount, got a job(!), and finished my freaking PhD remotely. Lots to be proud of this year.

I wish that we hadn't gone to New Orleans. I think it really negatively effected my relationship with my mom. It really strained the relationship between her and I. I should have gone with my gut but I honestly believed at the time that she had changed. I'm not really sure why I thought that as she has always just showed me who she really is. I'm really proud that I had the guts to quit Four Seasons and leave Las Vegas. I've said for so many years that I wanted to leave Vegas. Once we had left and I looked back on it that we uprooted our entire lives and left, I was really proud of what we had done. I'm also very proud that I quit my job, to become a full time mother. If you would have told me this would be the case 2 years ago- I would have never believed you.

I wish I would have saved a bit more money in the past year. I was thinking about going to nursing school and never actually made the decision to go, but ended up in nursing school somehow anyway. I'm not sure how this happened, but I'm grateful for it. I am now looking at bills upon bills and trying to figure out how to pay for everything realistically. I do not want to have a ton of debt when I am finished and I do not want the debt to put a strain on me and Cory's relationship. I wish I had saved a bit more money so I could be a little further ahead.

I'm really proud of how much I have begun to advocate for myself in the last year. Not only for my mental health - making yoga and down time priorities - but my emotional health as well. I'm much more willing to be vulnerable and to engage in confrontation. I don't stew for as long if there's something bothering me, and I almost always bring it up, especially with Will. I've worked really hard to be bare in our relationship. It reminds me of the part in Anthropology of An American Girl when Evie talks of Rourke: "I was seeing not what he had chosen to show, but what he had chosen not to conceal." I feel like I'm trying to hide less and less, in everything, and I'm so grateful for the genuine moments it has brought me.

Well, I'm proud of myself for getting a new job, something I did not too long after last Yom Kippur. I'm not proud of the fact that I did not complete any pieces of real writing in the past year, something that I wrote last year, saying that I wanted to do it before turning 30. I guess I can do it before 35?

Need to be more self-assertive! Tell people the truth & not ignore. If I ignore the problem, it won't get solved & I'll be unhappy.

This one is tough and I feel like it shouldn't be. Maybe I should say I'm proud that I finished grad school? But ultimately I'm not proud. I expected to finish school, and I expected to do very well, too. And I expected to hate it, which I did. I know it's a big accomplishment, and I know there are so many people who don't get the chance to go to grad school, but I still feel apathetic about the whole experience.

I am very proud for getting myself and my child out of an emotionally abusive, controlling marriage. It has been difficult, but we are so much better off now. I became reacquainted with the strength and inner resources that I knew were always there but that had been dormant for a long time. I realize more than ever how important it is to model these things for my child. I wish I had put myself out there more when I had the opportunity to meet someone new, but I know there will be time for that in the future.

I wish I'd pushed TEVA harder and gotten the idea to start making videos and publishing workouts earlier. My training business might be more off the ground than it is now. The one thing I'm proud of having done in the last year is getting an article on Tom of Finland accepted for publication. That is pretty rad.

Will Powers Mr. Fletcher AP Language and Composition 10/3/16 10Q October 3rd My own stubbornness got in the way, and affected me adversely. A headstrong attitude came to be my downfall, and physics was an uphill battle from there. Before I returned from Florida on Easter Break, I came down with a virus. I was struggling to get my health back as the days piling up in the absent column began to pile up. I finally returned, but within a week, I was leaving for Ireland for two weeks on an exchange trip. Of the last 16 days, I had only been at school for six of them. Needless to say, when I returned, I was staring down a mountain of school work. And physics was the subject at the top of mountain. Throughout the year, the different formulas and laws had been a thorn in my side. Instead of going to see my teacher for extra help more often, I buried my head in the sand. I was convinced I could handle it myself. This decision was regrettable because suddenly physics turned from an interesting class into a daily chore that I feared. Unfortunately, my grades reflected that when report cards were uploaded. The email notification from Mr. Drane popped up on a humid Tuesday evening as the summer was beginning to wind down. On first glance, I assumed it was some reminder about an upcoming basketball scrimmage. However, when I read that administration was asked if I would deliver the Senior address at Convocation, I felt a pack of butterflies released into my stomach. I was flattered that I was offered such a meaningful task, but once the euphoria subsided, I came to the unfortunate truth. I was unexperienced, and therefore terrified of public speaking. I saw this as a way to challenge myself, a way to grow as a person. So, I told Mr. Drane I would be honored to do it. However, once I was told 1,500 people would be present at the event, I felt more uneasy. The time I spent alone in my basement incessantly practicing my speech slowly gave me more confidence. When the day came, I was ready. If my voice sounded calm and relaxed, I would be alright. At the podium, the innumerable pairs of eyes staring at me made my hands shake as I turned the pages. Eventually, my nerves settled down as I was reading, and a wave of relief came over me. Whether the freshman loved what I had to say to them, or thought it was six minutes of their life they could never get back, I pushed myself out of my comfort zone. Before, I was apprehensive when I presented in front of 20 of my classmates, and now I was giving a personal account in front of 1,500 people who were mostly strangers.

I wish I would've not wasted time on the wrong people. I have a bad habit of investing in people I see great potential, but they're so wrapped up in themselves, they don't reciprocate.

I wish I could have aken more care.... that's all

I wish I had taken my marriage more seriously. I didn't try to get help fixing it until it was almost too late. I'm proud of what I've done as a father but I think I can do better.

I'm especially proud of how I have finally taken control of my weight and health. Only regret is not doing it sooner!

I don't know. Mostly I feel good about surviving.

Stayed Sober....my new job.

I wrote my book, and I think it's pretty good. I was behind, I wasn't focusing, and then I sat down and just made sure to get it done. The ideas are solid and there is no "done" when it comes to that kind of conversation (about imagination). So to get it done allows me to push ahead on the next phase of things. That needed to happen. I am proud of making that happen.

I wish I had exercised more.

Actually, I think I'm happy with almost all of my choices. I wish I had had the confidence to start charging more for my services out of the gate. That's about it - everything else, I accept that I did the best I could with what I had, and I made the choices that I was ready for.

I wish I had spent more time thinking about what's next for my career, thinking through possibilities before my current gig began winding down I esp. proud of my wife and all the work she continues to do in her community

I have to say I'm proud of my patience. It was tested to greater lengths than I thought were possible and it didn't break. If anything, it became more elastic...

I'm really proud that I had the moral courage and integrity to walk away from a 30 year friendship with someone I loved because the relationship had become toxic. I miss Art, but he really didn't like me anymore and he had changed in ways that I understood, but that he wouldn't even acknowledge. I still think of him as family but we are no longer friends, and that hurts and I miss him. But it was the right thing to do

I wish I had been more supportive of my loved ones. Even those who on the surface seem to have it all together - sometimes it was just an appearance. I wish I had picked up on that and been there for them.

I wish I had tried harder at the second part of uni this year. I wish I grabbed 2016 by the balls and really took advantage of the £9000 a year I'm paying. I had retakes - I passed them which I'm proud of myself for but I should have tried harder! But I am proud of myself for passing the first year and I'm proud of myself for getting a little weekend job over the summer and I'm so, so glad that I've been preparing myself for 2nd year and staying organised. Bring it on!!!

I am proud of running a marathon- my second- after I said I would never do it again. It went much better. I've signed up for a third.

I don't know. Could I have salvaged my relationship? Could I have broken up with him in a different way? Should I have told him to leave sooner? I also would have liked to have found a way to go to Business Mastery II!

I wish I had listened to my gut feeling better; I heard it, but dismissed it as one of the many weird, incorrect thoughts that sprung from my mind. I am very proud that I allowed myself to look straight in the face of what made me ignore these feelings. Now, through enormous trial and error, I am slowly becoming better able to recognize, respect and love my gut feeling.

Where does the time go? I'm not making the most of my time -- and that's the only thing there's guaranteed to be less of as we go along. So I wish I had made better use of my time and I hope I can write that I've done so next year.

Talked more to people, I am getting better, but I'm still happier in my own company, listening yo conversation. I need to build more relationships with people

I wish I had saved more money because I was without a job and needed people to help me out. I am very proud of having lost 44 pounds in the past 4 months. I feel so much lighter!!! I am also very happy about talking the job opportunity I took. It is been a very humbling experience .... I hope to grow and learn lots!!!

I wish I could have melted my ice cube defense when being around my son. Once you start melting you can help the other to melt with you. I have much to work on in this regard.

Oi 2016. What a year this has been. My husband spent four months recovering from a major illness - 2 months in the hospital and 2 months in rehab. That we survived and are I think stronger for it, is something that I will be proud of for the rest of my life

I am ashamed of the way I've parented these last few months. I have been far too impatient with my kids. They're little - all three under 10. I just a story today the scars we leave when we say mean words out of anger, and I felt so ashamed. If I were to die tomorrow, is that what they would remember? Now, I see them losing their temper too quickly, and I know they've learned that from me. Alternatively, they are still growing into awesome little people, and I hope I have something to do with that, too. They know they are loved, now I just need to be a better example of a patient, loving Christian woman.

a year ago today I was gathered with my old roommates at a house next to a beautiful river in northern New Mexico. organizing that trip with my dear friends was both a delightful experience as well as challenging as we are all going through such different things in our own lives right now. One of my dear former roommates was on the brink of a breakup that was later quite painful and disruptive for not only her and also two of her three sons. I was glad that she made the girls trip with us but I could tell she was really in a hard place emotionally that day. so that was something that I'm both proud to have done but also wish I could have been a better friend to her.

I wish I had taken better care of myself. Self care needed to start yesterday! But I am proud of the love and priority I give to my family

I wish I drank less. I am not sure if I have a problem, but I know when I drink, I am not being the best person that I can be. I am very proud that I have been able to overcome a lot of stressful situations at work. When my Banned Book was challenged, I remained calm and said "if I were gay and saw someone tear up that book cover, I would be pretty upset." I think it showed a lot of work maturity.

I wish I hadn't quit hebrew school my senior year. Temple, teaching, and going to class was such a big part of my life and I kind of just dropped it without a thought. I had been going to temple for 11 years and when I started to get tired I just quit so I could sleep in on Sundays. I didn't get to graduate with my hebrew school class and I never got to say goodbye to the class I had been working with for 4 years. I am really bummed about that and I wish I had stuck with hebrew school for one more year. I am really proud of all of the progress I made with my anxiety. Last year in my 10Q I wrote about how I was potentially going to McClean's and doing an anxiety program. I did indeed do that program for about 2 1/2 months and I made a lot of progress. I started out sleeping in mom's bed every night and ended up sleeping over at other people's houses which is never something I thought I would be able to do. Of course life happens and there were a lot of setbacks, but I did make progress and I am hoping to make more once I get back on my high horse. Right now I am in the middle of my 3 month stomach pain extravaganza and I decided the best thing for me would be to start Simmons in the spring, so I have not yet accomplished my goal. I believe in myself and I know eventually I will be able to conquer my anxiety. I AM ALSO PROUD THAT I GOT INTO SIMMONS, MY TOP SCHOOL! THAT WAS A HUGE HUGE ACCOMPLISHMENT!

I would have liked to create 3 new clients a month

I am proud that my pilot script STARRING CHLOE FISHER won the Fusion Film Festival award! I'm very proud. I wish I had done more writing this year. I know I got a lot done, but I wish I'd spent less time on Facebook and much more time in Final Draft. TIME MANAGEMENT IS ALWAYS A CHALLENGE!

I spent 2016 working on personal growth and developing a deeper spiritual practice. That said, I continue to try to do too much. I am so tired right now. I just flew home from my friend's wedding in DC and am emotionally, physically, and spiritually exhausted. I wish I'd scheduled more down time and spent less time getting sick. Moving forward I need to schedule time for myself. I need to get enough sleep, have healthy food in my house to eat for meals, and commit to a healthy amount of exercise and time for reflection.

I am proud of my work in the Asian American community around the issues of mental health -- particularly the national public awareness campaign Together Empowering Asian Minds (TEAM) (www.teamasianminds.org).

I am really proud of myself this year in not just throwing my children's father out when I threw my husband out. As a result, we have a peaceful relationship that means that I can co-parent with him for the rest of my life and rather than spending my time forcing a difficult divorce I can simply manage my own life at my own pace. It has been incredibly hard and I have occasionally felt like the only grownup around...but it has been so worth it.

To the latter-- I have kept on keeping on with hospitality, carrying my share of various burdens. I am content

I shouldn't have had QUITE so much wine. I should have called my parents more. I need to GIVE BACK...get involved in my community. I need to be a better spouse...my husband thrives off of hugs, positive affirming words and my attention. I know this and should give him more. I need to tell him more often how much I love and admire him. I continue to be proud of building a new life in a relatively brand new community 500 miles from where I have, give or take a few years, spent the last 50 years of my life. I'm proud of the new friends, unique community and diverse relationships I've built. I'm proud that I've made friends with people who are very different than me...and different my best friends in my former city. And I'm proud that I continue to have a wonderful relationship with all three of my daughters and my stepdaughter.

I would like to have been more aggressive with my attorney in settling my business with my deceased husband. I am proud of the restraint I showed, in light of my anger, when I had to deal with his death and all of his debts and his unfinished business.

I'm proud of being myself. I wish I had done it sooner.

I am especially proud of getting (and staying) in good therapy!

I wish I had spent more time taking care of my body this past year. Every year I make the resolution (sometimes several times) to lose weight, take care of myself, and prioritize health, and every year so far I've neglected to do so. I want to change that this time around, and to feel comfortable and attractive in my own skin.

Proud - Lecturing in multiple counties throughout the year - Montreal, Copenhagen, Sydney, Buenos Aires, Baltimore.

I can think of a couple of minor things that it might have been nice to have done slightly differently, but I can’t think of anything that I would really feel strongly that I wish I had done differently. Mostly there are stretches of time when I was very, very upset and stressed out about something that I wish I hadn’t spent so much time stuck in those emotions, but I feel like that’s more of something I wish to do differently in the future than something I feel like I could wish to have done differently in the past.

It's so hard to be in the moment with my family during feelings of morning (all day) sickness, stress, exhaustion and more. I don't know if I wish I had "done it better," but I wish it had been a little easier. Maybe the right thing to say is that I wish it would have been easier to see the silver linings that have been so bright along the way.

I wish I had been able to read the eulogy at Grandmom's funeral instead of falling apart.

I wish I had listened to my friends when they told me to end both of my relationships this year. But also, I'm proud that I came out of both Jacob and Daniel's mistreatment as strong as I did.

I wish I had kept to myself and never began hanging out with people outside of work

Little things. Sure. A big thing that is made up of little things. I want to screw around at work less and get out and make a difference more. My job is to help people, so the more I do my job the more people get helped. So I should stop screwing around and get back to work.

I wish I handled Mia's tantrums differently. When she turned 5 she went coo-coo and had so many tantrums. I had tantrums back (especially in the middle of the night)- she is a little girl and that is not fair. I wish I was a better mother to her when her emotions got so big.

I got so angry and frustrated trying to make everyone else in my family happy that I made myself miserable and stressed out. Not worth it.

I wish I had taken more time off of working on the house to spend with the girls. I think we should have prioritized them over the house. The kids will leave (or have recently left)...the house will be here forever.

This last year, I finally graduated with my masters degree. Towards the end I was feeling tired, resentful at my internship, and disliked going to class. However, I stuck with it and was able to officially obtain my masters degree. This last year I wish I would have trained for my 50 or 100 mile marathon, so I could be doing it soon. It is still a goal I have.

When my daughter told me she was in love for the first time -- with another woman -- I regret not showing the same amount of exhuberance I would have had she told me it was with a man. She deserved to have me rejoice with her and, although I indicated support and acceptance, in hindsight I am sorry that I didn't make it the sweet moment it should have been.

I wish I had not gotten too excited about falling pregnant and telling quite a few people. It made it incredibly difficult when I then miscarried at 11 weeks. Although it did mean I had support when I needed it, it also made it hard to just have space to deal with things in my own time and in my own way.

I wish I had worked harder to find a new job instead of allowing the status quo and the comfort of a steady paycheck to win out. I wish I had taken more of a stand when I disagreed with the ethics my boss demonstrated. I also wish I had expressed my deep and abiding love for my husband more often and been more affectionate with him, even when I was stressed about work.

I'm proud of the fact that I made it through teaching a different city, different school and also high schoolers. I wish I would have a better relationship with my mother.

I'm especially proud that I've maintained my daily morning/evening meditation practice; weekday exercise routine that includes cardio, stretching and weights (even tho the cardio is admittedly less rigorous than before); my RC/co-counseling commitment; and my evening campus promenades. I wish I were more temperate, moderate around food and alcohol. I wish I could summon the sacred pause between stimulus and response, and retire forever my well-honed practice of fierce reaction.

See, that's the problem, isn't it? I am in many ways unhappy with the way the year has gone (leaving me almost exactly where I was this time last year, which is OK in that we have a lot to be grateful for but bad in that I'm still miserable). So clearly, I should have dome *something* differently. But what alternate choices could I have made? Nearly every "choice" I can think of leads to a worse outcome than this. Maybe I need to focus more on the little choices - drinking more water, eating more nutritiously, forcing myself to exercise more, and letting go of the little stuff? Accepting the good and the bad with it? Gah.

I wish I had set better boundaries as I navigated close family relationships and involved people in planning our wedding

I wish I had not been so quick to make purchases of things... Take me a few moments and just stepped away from it.

So many little things. I wish I had eaten better, exercised more, yelled less. But none of these little things have turned into big regrets. Yet. I think big regrets take more than a year to make.

I wish I had not not over thought things so much and to just chill and let things happen the way they're supposed to. I have worried about things too much and it all has been fine in the end. Plan things better. Organize myself and my time better.

I am proud and happy that I managed to make major changes in my life. I found out that I could function well outside of my comfort zone. I learned that I am a good teacher. I pushed myself physically, mentally, and emotionally and it's all for the better. I'm only starting this journey, but body/mind/balance is better than it has ever been, and I am up to the challenges ahead.

I inadvertently forwarded an email that was sent to me in confidence. Though my reasoning was ostensible - sharing what was largely good news - I didn't realize in my haste that a confidential non-flattering tag line accompanied that note. I am usually the one in my circles who is most sensitive to checking emails and texts before sending them. My joy in receiving the news overcame me. Further, I am more keenly aware than any of our mutual friends that the sender of that message is so incredibly hypersensitive about others' perceptions of her. Thus, my mistake would cut more deeply with her than anyone else. Knowing that (and even if I didn't know it), I would never willingly betray a friendship by doing something like this. At Rosh Hashana 5777 (secular year 2016), I am unsure where this relationship stands, and that hurts very deeply.

I was advised to not date for six months this year, I did not follow that advice and instead found myself in a 10 month relationship with a woman who turned out to be some who wasn't very healthy for me to be in a relationship with. I wish I could have followed advice better and maybe had a different outcome on the relationship front. In terms of something I'm proud of from this year I am proud I reached out to family that I didn't have a great relationship with prior. Although the end result was not my ideal I did like that I tried and gave an effort and in turn, learned how to set my own boundaries in terms of how people should treat me. I've always been scared to have boundaries and often let myself fall into bad spots because of my want to have people like me at any cost. It helped me with self-value and esteem.

Done differently - well, I could have handled Cher being laid off from work better - but I didn't. And then she was diagnosed with cancer and that was just terrible. Proud of - well, that I supported/helped Cher to the best of my ability through her treatment, providing good nutrition, a good home environment and emotional support. She did so well. I'm so so so grateful. I think we both did well although sometimes I still feel as though I look back at this like it was a dream. Strange.

I wish I had been braver in pursuing the things I wanted, especially love. On the other hand, I'm proud of the times I pushed myself out of my comfort zone.

I'm proud that I've stood up to highly-educated doctors and fought for what I need. I wish that I had made the decision earlier in the year to investigate other health care systems, but I'm proud that I finally did it and have moved forward.

I wish I had some intervention when trying to train for the half marathon. Just in so much pain since then and I'd like it to go away. Of course, I'm really proud I ran it and finished. It was euphoria.

I wish I had started writing when I said I would, instead of being too afraid to start. I could have written so much by now. I am so hard on myself.

Wish I had gone to visit my father during father's day weekend instead of going to a social -spiritual event. My mother was having surgery later that month so I was planning on visiting him then. He died the morning of Father's day. I could have been there with him.

In this past year I let my insecurities get the better of me and when I was feeling bad I made others feel bad. I wish I had been able to realise what my feelings were (sadness, fear) before they turned to anger and before hurting loved ones because of them. This new year I have started putting names on my feelings and I feel that really helps.

I wish I hadn't accidentally attachment parented my daughter. She's pretty much crying if I leave, now. Though I do think I've done a good job of raising her thus far, and she's a bright and happy girl. It's just hard to not be able to go do anything on my own.

I wish I had spent more time looking for the right place to live in Boston before signing a lease. I wish I had been kinder to some people. I wish I had immediately joined a yoga studio upon moving here. I am proud of being accepted to this grad program. I am proud of being courageous and moving here on my own. I am proud of getting up every day, doing my work, and putting in effort towards a goal.

I wish I'd taken more vacation. My husband and I took 2 days when we dropped our daughter off at summer camp, and then a week when our kids were back from camp. It was all too short and I know that both my husband and I cold have used more time, together and as a family, away from all the demands of work and school.

I wish I had handled my exit letter with an ex better. I'm glad I drew a boundary, I know explaining would have complicated matters but I feel a bit guilty for the lack of empathy it shows where as I actually have a lot of empathy and understanding for his actions. I just can't let his needs spill over into and onto my life anymore.

not really dont have much of an opportunity to do things

I wish I had taken more time to get to know my daughter. She will be leaving for college soon, and it took a visit with her counselor for me to realize that she has been feeling disconnected from me. She WANTS and NEEDS to know that I'm there for her, and will always be there, even when (and especially when) she's out on her own. On the plus side I met with the counselor this past summer, and since then my daughter and I have set aside time to spend alone with each other, talking, laughing, and getting to know one another. She is such a lovely young woman - so smart, thoughtful and caring. She has a strong sense of social justice, and is eager to jump in to the world and make it a better place. I'm madly proud of her and love her more than I can say.

I wish I had figured out a better relationship with my older son, figured out with him how best to connect with each other. And figure out, if nothing worked well, how to let go of disappointment and anger.

I wish I had kept in touch with my friends a little more than I did. I feel like they went through a lot and I wasn't there for them. I also wished I had eaten healthier and exercised more regularly.

I like to say that everything happens for a reason, and if I didn't make the choices I made, then I wouldn't be the person I am today. I really do believe that. There is nothing I would have done differently. I guess one thing that I am proud of is that I tried again to have a basic relationship with my Narcissistic mother, and when she disappointed me yet again, I accepted it for what it is, and kept going.

I wish I had been able to move forward with my business. I am proud of learning and offering of myself in the ways I did - Parliament of Worlds Religions, Har Shalom, KvN conference and class.

I wish I had pushed myself harder to focus, especially once I got back from Israel. I wish I had kept up with my writing and my pottery and my book-binding and my Jewish studies and my reading. I wish that I had structured my life more so that there could be room for more. Or, alternately, I wish I could make peace with not having met these measures of accomplishment.

my major focus this year was getting my elderly mother into assisted living; after some scary potentially life-threatening incidents, it became clear that she was no longer able to be at home by herself. even though she fought it every step of the way, i wished i had insisted on it sooner. i was asked to write an article further explaining my encaustic collage technique submission for a major arts & craft magazine, and got paid for it. unfortunately, due to the above situation, i have had to put my art on the back burner and really miss it.

I wish I had started a healthier life style earlier in the year. Almost every time I drank more than one drink I wished I hadn't. I am proud that I have been getting more on track lately. I hope it lasts.

Moving was too expensive, but it wasn't in my control so probably couldn't have helped that. Wish I would've started diet and exercise sooner, but again oh well. I'm doing it now.

While I hated working for my boss, I wish I would have tried harder to make my voice heard by other managers or co-workers who could have helped. Now that I ak leaving my current job, I have more hindsight. I also struggled with depression, so I know that skewed my perception as well. Still, I know I made the right call. Things were never going to change.

Actually I am disappointed how my impatience with my husband's hearing and memory issues continues, too often. Must be a long term project. I am especially happy (proud?) of the time I spend with friends, relatives and one particular niece, talking and praying and walking alongside them. I am grateful for the way God gives me words for many of the prayers I send, because sometimes I hear back -"that was exactly what I needed today.' That is God, not me figuring out what people need on any given day.

Done differently? Yes, I sepend too much time in the computer. Proud? Yes, we finally moved to our new home, and it was not an easy move.

I wish I had the ounce of confidence needed to ask a "stupid" question. It would have saved us $300. I'm proud of me and my husband finally buckling down and living on a realistic budget, especially when it comes to food (grocery and eating out). I wish we did this sooner!

I am especially proud of myself for finally seeking help for my depression.

Many things. I wish I could be the type of person who readily talks about issues and problems without feeling stifled and overly sensitive about the answers. I think I have a lot of conversations in my head that never get put out into the air because I'd rather simply imagine what I'd say instead of actually say it. Because of this, I've invented answers for other people, have felt anger and sadness and disappointment over things that I've talked about only with myself. It's a lot easier for me to try to anticipate how other people are feeling by observing their behaviour than simply asking them. This is because I am not good at back-and-forth emoting; many times if I start to talk with someone I soon feel that I'm in way over my head and can't process all the things I'm supposed to be able to do at once; take in the information they're communicating, quickly relay how that makes me feel and formulate a response based on my own thoughts or perceptions. I come across as hesitant, inauthentic or wooden. I don't think people see my quietude as thoughtfulness, I think they see it as social awkwardness. That makes others not want to talk to me. This has impacted my career in subtle but important ways. My hesitance to take on new projects is partially because of the difficulty I have building relationships with clients. I was stuck on a project for 3 years that I didn't want to do anymore, but couldn't pull myself away from it either because I was so used to all the people on the project team. It felt comforting to know everyone's names, everyone's role. The idea of starting fresh with a new group of people seemed incredibly daunting. Because of my inability to talk at will and authentically, I don't make friends in situations that other people make a lot of friends in. While taking coding classes at a school that is famous for its in-class bonding and the making of groups of friends for life, I didn't meet a single person or make another new friend. Others in my class did - I'm not sure if it's my fault for having such a daunting bitch face or if I come across as unapproachable or uninteresting; or whether I simply fade into the background. I'm interested in others, I want them to express interest in me too. tl;dr: I don't have the gift of gab and I wish I did because it's socially painful for me to network, make friends, and meet new people. If I could do something differently, I'd make a serious effort to overcome my fear of talking on the spot and learn to express myself more genuinely.

I wish that I kept my boundaries with my oldest son. I feel like that we had a tremendous amount of conflict this year and i felt like i walked on eggshells with him and therefore surrendered more to his anger than i would have liked. I'm proud that i have resorted less to anger and rage this year - i have been very conscious of trying to not engage and relax when i feel the desire to blow up especially at him. I have had a couple of horrible rages this year so it is a work in progress.

There is a student who is big and blustery. When I subbed for several of his classes, he challenged my authority and bragged about being 'El Chapo.' (the Mexican criminal). I responded by exerting my authority. I managed to get him to settle down and do some work. It wasn't a pleasant way to run the class, but I got the job done. As a substitute, I tend to view class management as a one day, one event thing. In June, after having dealt with this kid and his fellow students (they tended to be in the same classes), I reached the point where I was not happy to see their names on a class roster for a prospective period--unusual for a sub. Then, I was subbing for their teacher on a 'testing day.' They all had to take a standardized test--very difficult for ESOL kids, especially ones who are still in the early years of learning English. This students was being especially obnoxious, bullying, or attempting to bully, anyone he encountered. The other students were following his lead in lesser amounts. The head of the department came in. She sat down next to the student and whispered to him. As I got the rest settled down and started with their testing, I overheard a word here and there and realized she was comforting him. She was gently coaxing him into taking the test and trying to do his best, even though it was, she knew, very hard for him. In a flash, I understood what I should have seen all along: his loud, boastful behavior was, like all bullying, really, caused by his fear and insecurites, especially those based in language difficulties. Such a cliche. So true. Self -administered head slap. Of course! Why didn't I think of that!? If I had seen that and acted on it from the beginning, I would have saved all of us a lot of expended energy. When I dealt with him this fall, things were very changed. I smiled when he launched into his schtick. Laughed pleasantly at his outrageousness, and calmly (quietly) offered help from time to time with his assignments. He now works fairly well. It isn't a miracle of my doing, I just learned to tap into his good behaviors as I'm sure most of his teachers are doing as a matter of course. His teacher reminded me to look at the child and try to figure out the motivation for his/her/their behaviors. And, if I can keep my sense of humor, everything is simply better and usually easier.

I wish I had gotten on top of my financial situation earlier on in the year, setting aside more money for taxes and expenses, and maybe had been more open about saying I was available to work. My hesitation leaves me fighting feelings of scarcity and lack. It is definitely a challenge to not beat myself up for not being as responsible as I could have been, but maybe I am doing the best I can with the less work I have had this year. I am proud of continuing to be financially independent, and on maintaining a clean and comfortable home. With as tight as money is this year, and feeling that it has only been less than three years since I was homeless and unemployed, even though it is stressful to write the rent check every month, I can be grateful that I am still living mostly with money made from my commitment to my art and creativity, something I dreamed about doing for decades.

I wish I had been a better communicator.

Proud of the table top exercise that I planned and it came off Not so proud that I didn't lose an ounce - probably gained weight BUT we did the Seacoast and didn't struggle which was great.

One thing that happened this past year that I wish I had handled differently was that my husband accidentally dialed a wrong number when he was calling friends to invite them over for dinner. However, the wrong number turned out to belong to people we also knew (but had never socialized with) and when he invited them for dinner, they said yes. The house was a total mess and we had been planning a really casual dinner (possibly pizza) for our friends. We cancelled the dinner with the acquaintances and it was really awkward. I wish we had just had them over. In retrospect, think one should always be gracious and this was an opportunity where we could have been and weren't. Alternatively, there are many things I am proud of from the past year. I submitted my first government grant and I feel really proud that we pulled it together and got it done. I also feel proud to have been nominated to serve as the president of my synagogue.

This is a hard question. There are a whole lot of things that didn't go well this year, but I am proud of how I dealt with the hard times. I don't know if I could have done anything differently during my time at camp last year. I was so miserable and exhausted that it took all my energy to stay afloat and survive until the end of October. Maybe I could have expressed myself more and let people in on how sad I was, but I was in denial about it and just wanted to try and stay positive. That may have been a mistake, to put on a happy face and not fix things, but I am proud of how I handled myself once I got home. Despite feeling pressured (internally and externally) to get a job and move on, I KNEW that I needed to take some time to rest and take care of myself. I stood up for myself and recovered from a very challenging period. It took months to feel normal again, but I didn't start working until I knew I could handle it. It may have been the first time in my life that I really did what I knew I needed inside and didn't let anyone else sway me, even mom, and I am so proud of myself for it. Now I feel more confident following my heart. I don't think I seek approval from others as much as I used to.

This year felt like one of particular growth and fulfillment - I am beginning to reach a stage where gratitude drives my overall sense of purpose and I am grounded, happy, and learning to flow. I am so very THANKFUL for everything in my life right now! My incredible husband, beautiful apartment and magical garden, the love we have been showered with by friends and family surrounding our pregnancy, and most of all am in complete awe of the journey of making life. We are five days past our due date and feeling relaxed and excited; anticipating our sweet little one at any moment. I am especially proud of this relaxed attitude going in and hoping that parenthood will continue on this wave of joy and acceptance. I plan for my labor mantra to be picturing a firework as each contraction comes on as I recite, "I accept, I trust, I rejoice!"

I've done a lot of good this year in spite of the difficulties. My 11-year relationship ended at the end of 2015 and this has been a year of struggling to be with myself, like myself, even love myself. I couldn't stand being with myself. I'd hurry through my tasks, my days, my life, trying to stay busy doing things that kept me from simply being with myself. That was earlier in the year. And in spite of daily meditation--10 minutes was about all I could muster in my monkey mind. But now, I am able to be with myself with better success. I don't fight it. I don't wish it weren't happening. I actually relish being with myself, and I'm able to ask myself what I want to do. And sometimes the answer is "nothing."

I just generally tend to regret most of my decisions, but there arent any big ones I specifically regret. I just generally wish I wasn't so socially awkward all the time.

I was fired from my job for being a "bully," and because no one liked me. According to co-workers, this wasn't true. I'm proud of the work I did at this job, and helped almost all the people I came in contact with, I wouldn't change anything I did!

I wish a had more time to spend with my family. It has been a very busy year, between writing for the paper, chamber stuff & running my own company. I am most proud if the things i'very accomplished for the community.

I think I would have said yes less and worked less, and spent less money. I have a great desire to rest more these days... I also wish I would fight less with George.. but I demand that he treats me like someone he desires and loves and not just like a friend.

Hmm. There isn't any specific that I regret, actually. I feel like I'm pretty in tune with my needs as well as the needs of those around me. I am proud to have organized Alex and my trip to Japan. It felt like such an accomplishment, just being there after all my health issues. And, being able to afford it. It felt like a trip of a lifetime. Making a new friend at the fan shop who then showed me around Kyoto, picking out special salt for me to use with sushi...talking about her daughter becoming a doctor and how she suddenly had so much more time. The entire two weeks was such a gift. I suppose, I would like to work on feeling more grateful for the mundane, which is pretty wonderful as well.

Handled my youngest son differently in his quest to be independent and to work in the field that he wants to

During senior year, especially winter, I became extremely busy. When I was stressed, I would often push seeing or calling friends to the bottom of the list, whereas I should have brought them into my life more often. I needed my support system to help me unwind and take a break. Now I try to keep that in mind during freshman year of college. When I'm really stressed now, I make sure to put down my work and talk to someone, even if only for 10 minutes. These people are in my life because they care about me, and it's okay for me to reach out when I'm not.

I'm especially proud of myself for taking action when things were getting out of hand. I had been feeling disconnected from myself and others and it had been seeping into every aspect of my life. I began to take little steps to reconnect with myself and am now on a wonderful spiritual and physical journey of connection and gratitude. I'm proud I took the chance to step out of my comfort zone and be open to new experiences, meet new people and shift my foundations.

I'm proud of myself for pushing myself physically. I've been running more, and finally signed up for a half marathon and a powerlifting comp. I wish I signed up sooner. I think breaking up with someone made me want to change how I was working out, since he wasn't at all. I became more serious about my own growth and strength.

No there is nothing I would have done differently this past year. Although it once again has many challenges, I am very happily married to a wonderful, loving supportive man.

I wish I would have let go of all expectations about having a baby. I felt very at ease during pregnancy and everything went well. Once I went into labor, everything changed. I was also not in control as much which I think was hard. I am so proud of the my time with Lillie during her first 8 weeks. At times I wish I would have been more present or didn't sweat the small stuff but in the end I have proven to myself that I can be a good mom and I will fight for Lillie. I am making up for the things I always wanted too.

I received communication from someone I helped 30 years ago. She had beenlooking for me, to say thank you!

I'm proud of the way I handled the death of my dog and my mom this year. But I am most proud of the most challenging situation of moving into uncertainty and accepting love in a new relationship. I feel more confident about managing loss and sadness - love is more terrifying and destabilizing to me.

While I try not to spend my life focused on the regrets that I have, I also think that it can be very powerful to recognize things that one can improve upon. In that context, I regret not giving myself more time to enjoy connecting with my baby girl. It's the enjoyment piece that I regret. I spent a lot of time being a mother, breastfeeding her, changing her diaper and gainer her trust by caring for her. However, I didn't adopt a mindset of joy. I was always focused on how challenging the work was, on how tired I was, on how little my husband was helping, etc. etc. In the last few weeks I have been shifting to a more joyous outlook and I hope to carry such thinking into the coming year. On the flip side, I am very proud of having found a pretty good work life balance. I have been able to teach and move my own research forward (every so slightly). I have been a mom to my little girl, I have been a good wife to my husband and I have overall managed to find a happy middle ground. I am proud of getting to this place and hope that the balance can carry forward.

Very pleased that I've begun and completed a project- painting the front hall- something I've wanted to do for at least five years. Took two weeks but this is the first time I've begun something and followed it through for as long as I can remember. I now realise it was a health condition that may well have been behind my lethargy, because now I feel so much better have a lot more enthusiasm for doing things.

I wish I would have eaten better when I was pregnant. Eaten healthier foods and made sure I had a more balanced diet for Charlotte when she was in my tummy. I kind of wish I would have gone to the hospital sooner when I was having contractions. I was trying to sleep and waited until I was uncomfortable to go in. Then by the time we got there and FINALLY got up to the delivery room I was hurting. Maybe if I would have went in earlier I wouldn't have been in so much pain. I kind of wish I would have tried to get more exercise when I was pregnant, but it seems like I was either sick or too tired, and then when I did feel like getting exercise i was having hip pain. I'm proud that I didn't try too hard to lose weight after Charlotte was born. I enjoyed every second with her and didn't worry about it at all. I'm proud that every day (minus two days) that she's been in daycare I've gone to visit her on my lunch. I'm especially proud of Charlotte and the little angel she's become. She's such a happy baby and I hope that's in part because of me. I'm also proud that I was able to save up so much money when I was pregnant. Of course, most of that is gone now because of doctor bills and daycare, but it was a good accomplishment and it helped out when the bills were due.

I should have spent more time on planning the renovation/addition and spent more time on personnel problems at work.

I'm happy I have taken better care of some medical issues. Had an endoscopy that showed a hiatal hernia, and met with an endocrinologist to get to the bottom of thyroid issues. Dealing with doctors and medical issues has always been a challenge for me. On the other hand I wish I had been able to lose some weight, that I had continued with my gym and trainer, and had been able to remove some of the clutter that's suffocating me in my home.

I wish I had run the JV boys tennis team a bit differently. It was a learning experience and it was fun. But it was also stressful and hard to accomplish what I wanted to accomplish. If I could do it again (which I will this year), I will be a little more strict, do more conditioning, and foster more of a supportive team environment.

I wish I had got to grips with all the stress at my work sooner than I did. I had the worst year I'd ever had in my career so far. My workload was huge and I was still recovering from major surgery for cancer which left me tired and prone to illness. I felt really miserable at work and struggled to effect any change. I'm actually proud of myself for finding the strength to get through this and not ending up in a heap. On a different note I wish I'd got to grips with my garden this year. I managed a little work but it's still a bit of a shambles. I know it was a bit beyond me health wise this year. Hopefully I'll be proud of mt garden next year.

I wish I could be more patient--with Joe, amd with myself.

I wish I had made a clean break with David. The going back and forth, back and forth for over a year has been brutal. When I read this next year I hope and pray that he is a memory that I learned from, but have happily moved on from. Letting go, and speaking up for myself and my own needs has been the most important thing I've been working on. I hope I continue to improve with this, and don't again settle for someone who has very limited affection and very conditional love for me. Especially proud? I have survived the first year after my brother's death. Not always graciously, but I have survived.

This past year, especially spring semester, my grades tanked. There is no one to blame except myself. I was so focused on spending time with Joseph that I sometimes avoided doing my school work so we could do something together. This is something I wish I had done differently. This semester, Fall 2016, my last one, I have really focused on school and still have room for work and time to relax and hang out with Joseph. I just feel like I am able to balance my life a lot better this semester. I am very proud of myself.

I am very proud of not ending it. I am proud that I have stayed strong and have not fallen. I am slowly rebuilding my life and not wanting to sink beneath the yolk. I am proud every day that I wake up and want to get up. That in itself is an achievement for me at this present juncture. My whole life has changed in one fell swoop. A terrifying but ultimately freeing feeling. I am channelling g Henry 5th. It always works at the darkest of moments.

I wish I had spent more time in the present moment, relishing in the things I often missed completely. Looking at my children or my husband, I wish I would have noticed what made them joyful, and joined them in those moments. As I think about that I watch my children today, on Rosh Hashanah. They are taking the cushions off of the couch, jumping on them, taking turns, moving them around to find the perfect vaulting position. As I look at my husband, I see he is on the computer. He is either doing work, to create the next big thing, or he is looking at homes for us, to build us a better life.

I wish I would be more outgoing. I fear so much for no good reason. I need to believe in myself more.

I am especially proud of how I have handled my new job. I am come in and really shown this new company that I know what I am doing & that I am worth the $ that they paid to get me into their organization. I wish I would have handled one of my coworkers differently this past year. He was annoying and not worth my breath or my effort & I let him get to me and make me more angry than I should have. I needed to learn to let him go and not get under my skin so much. His true colors ended up showing themselves without anyone else's help.

Recognized the importance of time - it is fleeting. Use it wisely. I am proud of the fact that I am letting myself follow my heart and releasing fear.

I wish I had done my exercises on more of a regular basis. Even just stick to 3 times a week. At least do a minimum of that every week no matter where I am. I am very proud that I have gotten serious about cooking.

Yes I wish I followed through on my weight loss and exercise goals. I made a commitment to take control of my health. I have lost weight but not as much as planned on. I have increased my exercise through walking on a regular basis but not get to the gym as often as I wanted-- I now have a membership one less excuse. I have made appointments to check out some health issues and have taken steps to improve these conditions. I am proud of my small steps and commit to continue to work to improve my health.

I'm especially proud of the way I handled my job search. I stayed mostly calm, recognizing that I was in for a long haul. Instead of feeling that having "my answer" was the solution to my nervousness, I recognized that I could and should do things within myself to be happy in the moment and stay grounded. It was three months of my life, after all -- and could have been much more. This was my chance to practice a healthy mindset. I wish I had had this mindset about the fellowship more. I could have been more "present" in our activities and spent less time counting down to the inevitable end, or looking forward to the next thing. This is why my resolution this year is to appreciate those little moments and not always be jumping to the next in my head. To be where I am.

I'm especially proud that I shifted my mindset to allow myself to not have all the answers and to try things and fail. Growing up as the only child of immigrants parents, there was little margin for error. I always had to have a plan, and I always had to get things right on the first try. If something didn't work out, it was my fault, even though I now realize that everything that materializes in life - from food in the grocery store to functioning roads to any creative work to a job offer or a project well done is the result of teamwork, partnership and collaboration. And you win some and you lose some. Allowing myself to not have all the answers and to try things and fail has allowed me to move baby steps to the life I want to live, underscored by my values and dreams. So far, while I haven't reached all my goals, I am still on my feet. I've learned a lot, encountered new perspectives and had adventures that I couldn't have imagined. It's also allowed me to begin to take things "down a notch" and not put so much pressure on myself. After nearly 40 years of the perfection mindset, I still have to remind myself that it's OK to not get everything right - and that I'm ok, and enough, even when I fail.

I have regrets from the past year, but I think what I wish I had done differently is be more open and honest with my community about how I still feel like a stranger, even 3+ years after the mikvah. I've been able to confide in a few select people, but it makes me sad and terribly lonely to feel like I can't be completely open. I am really proud of how I've pushed myself past my boundaries this year. I took a leap of faith on several things and it's resulted in fascinating discussions, wonderful experiences and more than a few trips out of state and out of the country.

This year was so tough due to the separation & divorce. I wish that I had pushed to have the divorce papers filed earlier in the year, and moved the cell/insurance accts earlier also. Felt crappy to have those wait until the x started dating someone else.

No! I believe I am learning and growing at the rate I am meant to. Any experiences I have had have helped me learn more about myself. I've had a great past week or so which always feels really good, especially because I tend to go up and down, and I am even learning to embrace this about myself when it happens! Life is full of swings for me, and that in itself continues to be a surprisingly beautiful thing. My biggest intention that i am working on lately is finding pleasure and nourishment/doing what actually feels right to me. I.e. Not what i think i am supposed to do or have imposed in my mind. The second one is to let go and have forgiveness for myself and not expect myself to be perfect. These two intentions combined feel really good when i practice them. The other part of this is just noticing, noticing when i do a great job with either one of these things and noticing when I don't. And when i do, great!! I can celebrate in my head and be proud of myself, and when i mess up, I let it go. Notice it, notice why, and let it go. Done and done! SO, even though thats very recent. I'd say I am proud of that. And proud of looking at the past year and knowing that I have done the best I can, grown a ton, and loved a lot. Learning to love more, open my heart every day. and be more and more me, exactly the way i am! That may not exactly answer the question but at the same time i do believe it does :) (Also- just becuase I know when I look back at this next year I will wonder what the third intention is, it is to surround myself with love. Relationship wise, friendship wise, family wise, support groups wise, whatever it is!)

I wish I had treated my brother differently while I was home. There were a few opportunities to talk with him, at dinner for example, when I was mostly just pissed off immediately and then checked out instead of trying to be kind an talk with him more. I get so frustrated that he preaches such openmindness but then due to his friend choices, I feel like he is living a very sheltered life outside of real information and real news and current events. I think he is so smart so I am even more frustrated by it. I think he could do much more good in the world than he currently is and that is what is most upsetting to me. He feels like he is doing good, so I need to be more open to that. But I have a very difficult time wanting to be open to that. I am especially proud of how I used this year. I think, although a lot of it was kind of torturing myself, I did a lot of work to plan ahead, lean on those who support me, and do my best. My best may still not have passed the test, but I learned a lot and I'm really quite ok on the other side. We financially, spiritually, romantically and healthfully got through it together as a team - my hubby and me! That is something I'm very proud of for us!

I wish I would have spent more time being less afraid and more time trying new things. I feel like anxiety has really taken hold of my life and I prefer living inside of its bubble. I want to be able to flirt with guys and not care how stupid I sound. I want to ask questions that have no bearing on anything, just that I want to know the answers. I don't want it to take over my life anymore. I'm so proud that I could let go of others' preconceived notions of who I am by going to a camp on the other side of the country. I made friends easily, didn't worry what people thought (for the most part), and had my first kiss with the cutest guy there and we still talk on the occasion. I wish I could have all of these people geographically closer to me to remind me about living life uninhibited but it's something I have to remember to stay true to during the rest of my life.

I wish I'd pushed harder about my medication and instead of believing everyone that my absent mindedness was normal, really made an issue of it. A lot of things didn't get taken care of the way that they should have and if I had been more myself, they probably would have been fine. I'm actually really angry about that. On the other hand, I've kept a roof over our heads (so far) and food on the table (most the time) and am getting back in the saddle, so that's a really good thing.

You know, I'm not sure. Trying to do a large-scale creative project with someone who became a former friend during that process, was an utterly ridiculous, damaging, painful energy vacuum that left me in tears most days, but it was a really, REALLY good lesson for me about trust and friendship and human fear and selfishness. Hopefully I will see through people's words to their actions next time, and every time. I'm not sure if I wish I had done that differently or not. I do wish I had spent less time on freakin Facebook, this past year, right now, in general. Social media and the 24 hour news cycle are not good for anyone, individually or relationally. I wish I had played with my kids, minute-for-minute, all the time I was on Facebook. I am proud of myself for continuing to try. For not giving up. For saying yes to difficult new challenges.

I am really proud of my studies this year. Working a stressful job for most of the year (new job, woohoo!), dealing with various stresses at home, and I have achieved high distinctions in all but one assignment while studying at Post Graduate level.

I wish that I had handled my thesis defense and my interactions with my thesis committee better than I did. I was under a lot of stress, and I took the idea of a "defense" a little bit too literally. In the end, I passed and graduated, which is all that matters, but it didn't feel like the triumph I was building up for all of these years. I am trying to let that go and move on. After graduation, I got a job for the Spring semester as a Lecturer at Georgia Tech Lorraine. I am proud of myself for accepting such a jolting change in life, and for putting myself way outside of my comfort zone and (mostly) thriving. This experience changed my perspective on my ability to learn and use other languages, travel and living abroad. I now know that I want this to be a big part of my future.

DONE DIFFERENTLY: I wish I had put more energy into healing my body. Instead, it deteriorated more -- feet, back, hips all hurt now. Can barely hike. Can do only the gentlest of yoga. Wish I had tried Pilates w/a different instructor. I feel like I *should* wish I'd handled everything with Shelly differently, but I'm not sure how I'd do it differently (aside from having picked up the phone when she called the night of her DUI -- but that would have meant having the "Do Not Disturb" function off). Even though I'm not sure what I did wrong -- if anything -- I do wish that I could figure out what I'm supposed to learn -- in relation to her in particular and all the friendship/abandonment lessons that keep happening. PROUD: I'm proud that I've made space for writing and meditation this year, and am allowing myself to treat it as seriously as work. I'm proud at how rarely I get "worked up" over hassles and minor stresses in life anymore. I feel like I've gotten the "life is short" message and am finally acting accordingly. Or starting to, at least.

I wish I had been more open about what I wanted, from myself and from others. I think it would have helped in many relationships. From myself, I think I should have put more into working at school and spending time working on myself and getting healthy (physically and emotionally). From others, if I had asked for what I wanted directly, I would have had a better chance of getting it, instead of waiting for people to guess at what I want. I might be in a relationship, or have lost my virginity by now. I'm proud of having come to London. It was a huge step away from my parents and family and I'm gaining lots of independence and expanding my social life.

It's hard to break my life/year into two groups. Overall I'm proud of where my two boys are at. They're doing well in school and developing deeper relationships socially. I'm proud of my work and how my business is growing. My relationship with my husband is getting better and better. But then when it comes to things I could have done differently, I feel like I could have done it all differently. I feel like I struggle every step of the way and while the overall outcome is great, the process is not an easy one or often times, a well-handled one. I yell at my kids too often, I don't always appreciate my husband and I often mishandle the delicate balance that is my business partnership. I am learning and getting better but I don't think I'll ever feel able to say I did something entirely right. I get it wrong every day.

I'm extremely proud that I took myself back to WW meetings and am now below goal by just a little. I cannot let my guard down like that again and I vowed to continue meetings and tracking and weighing in. It's very important to me that I act in an accountable way. I'm very proud at the success of my children. They're good kids. I wish I had gotten myself out of my chair more this year. I've signed up for some classes at my sunagogue and volunteered to work a few extra meetings. That will help. I might want to work more or I might investigate volunteer experiences available to me.

I am proud - maybe that's not the right word - but I am at peace with how I helped dad through this past year and a half. I wish I could have been there at the very end, but I have to believe that was by design - HIS design. I wish I had been a better parent to both my boys. I can't help but feel that I could have mitigated their estrangement to each other. There must have been something I could have done so that they would be more embracing of our faith. If only Mishkan had existed back when!

I should of moved out when I had the chance, but I believed her again,and thought things would change. I'm proud of the time spent with my son. We've become a lot closer, he runs to me now and tells me how much he loves me. He also runs to his dad. I love it.

I wish I had called my mother more now that I live away from home. And I wish I had gone home for Christmas.

I need to stop being such an intellectual purist. I need to stop being surprised/disappointed/bothered by cognitive dissonance in others. I need to pursue comfort over accuracy, in some cases, in order to work toward the bigger picture with those for whom deference is a greater currency than truth. I had some moments this year in which failure to do so really bit me in the ass. I need to better understand that people will forget what I said or accomplished, but they will always remember how I made them feel. I need to assume that people will present me with contradictory evidence, and expectations contrary to their best interests. I need to embrace this as a function of humanity, rather than a mess to be cleaned up before I can solve their real problems. I need to learn that listening often feels more productive to people than action does. I need to learn to not be frustrated by all of the above.

I was interviewed for a job that would have been a really great step in my career. Didn't get it due to a hiring freeze but found out later I was going to be the one picked and it was a strong field. So I was both disappointed but proud of myself for putting myself out there and stretching for it and making a positive impression. Also it was one of two interviews I did as a transwoman. My first two ever and I was proud about being able to do that with a lot of confidence. I also spoke up for myself at work when it was causing me so much stress medication was suggested for me. Got them to treat me like a human being and not just someone they were over using. Still did the meds but the job situation improved considerably and so did I.

I wish that I had handled this whole break up a bit differently. While I think considering the situation, I handled it okay, I should have spoken about it less to my friends. I'm extremely lucky that I didn't lose any friends, but there were some close calls. I hope that in the future I will find the strength inside to deal with these things a bit better, rather than speaking to everyone and their mother. I am proud of the work I've done this year professionally, and can see the impact I've made ofer the past two years. This feels good.

I'm proud of earning my RE license. I wish I'd done more with it. Working on that this week! Wish I was more courageous and believed in myself.

I should have spent more time in the sewing room creating stuff to wear, and less time glued to my phone or tablet. I was brave enough to approach the local college about teaching a class, and they accepted! It will be opening up lots of doors and opportunities for me.

I am proud that I was able to land a job. It's not an easy thing to do, but I played my cards right, prepared well, and they liked me enough to hire me. It's a rather terrifying and pressurising prospect that they considered me better than all the other candidates, and I only hope that I can repay their faith in me.

I wish I had been less fearful around my move. When will I learn to give in to the process?. It always comes out ok! I was so worried about the future that I couldn't really enjoy the day to day.

I'm very proud that I started going to the gym, and for once sticking with it through the aches and pains that come along with it for more than a few days, almost 7 months and still going strong. Something that I wish I did differently was trying harder in school, I've dug myself such a hole that I don't know if I can climb back out. Everything requires experience but I can't get it because I didn't try as hard as I could have. Something else that I wish I did differently was actively trying to find new friends and maybe even a girlfriend. I have a core group of friends but it would be nice to expand a bit more.

For a change, I'm opting to focus on something I'm proud of this year. As I prepared for my maternity leave and for returning to work as a new mom, I frequently acknowledged my limits and shared my true feelings/opinions with my colleagues. It feels good to be genuine.

My wife and I were invited to attend the wedding of a young woman who had lived in our home as an exchange student a decade ago. There were many reasons not to go - the expense of foreign travel, the anticipated birth of a new grandchild, and other personal events - but I wish we would have gone anyway. It would have showed this wonderful girl how much she had come to mean to us and that we see her as family. It was a once in a lifetime opportunity to demonstrate our love for her, and we missed it.

In this past year, I wish that I had taken time to really appreciate my own accomplishments and explore them more often. On the other hand, I've gotten a lot better at finding pride in myself, and I love how I've grown as a cook, photographer, and overall person.

I wish that I had spent less time working/being afraid to take risks and take adventures. I wish that I had spent more time saying yes, traveling, and making plans to get ahead. I wish that I had been wiser with my spending and that my money issues were in order. I am extremely proud of the relationships that I built with staff and students alike and for the small changes that I'm aiming to make now. I'm happy that before the New Year started that I aimed to make this "a year of yes" and that I am already trying to change up the routine. I am proud of the company I keep.

I wish I was more committed to my graduate studies.

I am proud, or pleased, that having stuck with some really hard times at my job, I am now in a really good place working part time with benefits. I am also proud that having stuck with my marriage we are now at a much more relaxed and loving place. I have learned that it is not only what you say, but how you say it, and I reflexively fall into a critical tone, so that is something that I regret and am trying to work on, although it is not easy.

I wish I had been able to eat more healthy and had made the time to go to the gym! Oh well, I'm not superwoman. I prioritized my relationship and my career ahead of my weight this year and I am ok with that

The last email I received from Al, I never replied and it's almost a year gone by. I let this go for two resons, first, Sil (I believe this was a mistake) and secondly he seemed too critical and poised for conflict. I wish I had explored a possible relationship further and not just let it go. I still have his last email in my inbox, I think about reaching out but then I think he never pursued me either and I don't want to be the one putting out all the energy. I have done this with two beyond significant people, Sil and Maggie, in the end I have nothing once I stopped pursuing. I did make a decision to return to Psychiatry, I admit I left ENT after some conflict but mainly after learning I was expected to also learn Surgical Clinic. I decided I did not want this for myself. I set a limit instead of biting my tongue and being pushed into something I did not want to do.

I am really proud of myself this year. I went from living in my parents' home to spending a year living by myself half way across the world. Although it was difficult at times and I had a few of my panic attacks, I have ultimately proven to myself that I am capable of being autonomous. I may not be ready to completely leave my family's influence, but I am more comfortable with using them as a safety net rather than being fully dependent on them.

I wish I had been more serious about my work-out and diet regimens. I started strong, but ultimately failed at keeping them up.

I wish I'd spent more time being kind and less time feeling sorry for myself. I wish I'd let relationships end when it was time for them to do so, instead of hanging on to them even when it didn't help either of us. I wish I'd been more understanding, more patient, more kind, and less selfish. I wish I had given more: more time, more charity, more love, instead of wallowing in negative feelings.

I would have taken time off from work to be with my mother when she was so ill. I went after work when she was tired and sleepy. I regret not spending more time at her bedside during her final months.

I wish I would have tried harder to get another job. I feel that is partially why I feel stuck, but I don't want to make a commitment and not finish it. Now I doubt how much I want it or feel I can attain it. I am proud of how I put myself first and went to China, and how I have been dealing with all my responsibilities after my mom died. I could do better but its not a bad start. Plus I am standing up for myself a little bit more (though that could increase too).

When friends would vent to me about something bothering them, I wish I did not take it on, such that I would develop slight resentments against the people my friends shared with me. However, I've been working on it, especially since my husband shared a silly little saying: Not my monkey, not my circus". Although I thought this sounded harsh at first, he explained it doesn't mean you don't care or try to offer help. It just protects you from taken on someone else's situation. Converesely, I am proud of how I call and/or send notes or e-mails to people in my shul when I don't see them on shabbat. They always seem surprised but pleased.

I spent most of the past year studying Egyptian Arabic. And I'm proud of all I learned. I wish, though, that I had studied Modern Standard Arabic instead.

I got away from running in the past year, and I think that had a very negative effect, not just on my physical well-being but also my mental state. I've spent a lot of time in the past year dealing with some very serious depression. I think that had I not given up on running, I would be much better off from a mental health standpoint.

I did everything I wanted to in the past year. I'm particularly grateful to have been able to buy the Westport house having wanted to spend more time there for many years. I love having a place to wind down, do some writing, share time with family and have something I can pass along to my son and his family to continue enjoying. Family time there has been exceptional.

I am so proud that I spoke up for what I needed in 2 separate relationships. I didn't hold back, and I was clear about what I needed, and what I hoped for from our relationship. These boyfriends weren't able to give me what I needed in a relationship. It ended, and it really hurt. However, had I not communicated my needs, I would have been unhappy with someone who didn't see eye-to-eye with me.

Proud to be walking five days a week from 2 to 5 miles each day and working out three days a week, generally 66 push-ups, 66 squats, 66 toe raises and 66 crunches.

My daughter and I had a big rift this year. It occurred because of misunderstandings during a couple of telephone conversations in which we both ended hanging up on each other. She called me an evil woman. It was hurtful on both sides. We never had a close relationship, and inow it is only by phone and infrequent visits,and since I am getting old I considered just letting it be finished. Her children are in college so don't need a grandmother relationship and,frankly, I tired of long ranting conversations which leave me with a knot in my stomach and afraid of saying what I think. The thought of never having to deal with her again was pretty freeing! In the end though, I decided that I had made a commitment when I adopted her so I could not in good conscious, just let her go. I apologized profusely and honestly and even offered to give her my vote since part of our disagreements concern politics. I wanted us both to know that she was more important than anything! We are back to our former relationship. She told me she doesn't want my vote, that I should vote my conscious and we end our conversations with "I love you" and that feels good! I'm proud of us both!

No. I sort of hated this year. So much grief. Even globally with the insane election and crazy world events it's felt like a really painful year. But I've played my cards the best I possibly could within all that grief so I'm really proud of myself for holding my head up high

This past year I was in survival mode. There are so many things I wish I could have done differently with my students. I also wish I had been there for Jeff more. And the rest of my family and friends. With this wish I still recognize I was doing everything I could. I didn't do a great job of taking care of myself either. So I'm starting there. Taking care of myself.

I wish I would have worked a bit harder and saved a bit more money. But I really wasn't able, I was too deep in mourning and couldn't just. do it. The things that I wished I had done differently are things that I just couldn't do. The reality is that I did the best that I could at the time given the circumstances. No regrets. I wish I wasn't in this place. I guess I am proud that I survived the the last year after the loss of my husband and I stayed clean and sober, that I tried and am continuing to try to recover and heal from the trauma of his death.

I'm perfectly happy with my body, per se, but I wish I had spent more time at the gym getting stronger. Instead I spent time and money at the physical therapist working through a vicious chronic pain issue. At least that issue is (mostly) sorted out and I can return to using my body instead of restoring it.

This year has been extremely difficult with the passing of my dad and my becoming a pastor months later. I fear I might not have been there for my kids as much as they might have needed. On the whole, I think we have weathered this year the best way we could.

No. I think that this is the first year of my life that I have actually made good decisions. I have been putting myself first and thinking about what is best for me, rather than what is expected of me. I love my job and I love where I live, and I think about how grateful I am to be where I am every day- and that is something I haven't been able to do for a very long time! So I am proud of myself for being grateful.

I am really proud of myself for going back to school and completing the first year of the Masters of Social Work program. It took several years for me to find the courage to quit my job and pursue a new career, and I believe that it has been the best decision. It has not been easy. I have always been good at school work. I do not suffer from test anxiety, so school has come easy for me in the past. My goal when starting school this time was to enjoy the experience and learn as much as possible -- grades and performance would be last on the list of my priorities. I have been able to stick to this goal and philosophy of school. What has been hard has been the immersion into social work. Social work is about social justice; it is about enhancing the life of others. In the preamble to our code of ethics, our mission reads "The primary mission of the social work profession is to enhance human well-being and help meet the basic human needs of all people, with particular attention to the needs and empowerment of people who are vulnerable, oppressed and living in poverty." Since I have been in school, I have been exposed to so many cases where people are lacking basic human needs, like shelter and food, and I have met and worked with so many vulnerable and oppressed individuals, like those with mental illnesses, the homeless, the elderly, minorities, and those in abusive situations. That is what has been hard. I have been blessed in my life with a loving and giving family and friend support system, food and shelter, access to education, a family environment that encouraged education and encouraged me to be successful, good medical care, etc., etc. The exposure to those who have only a few or none of these is eye-opening and heart-hurting. And I have asked myself several times if I have the emotional stability to be in this profession. This is why it has been hard. But I love it and am proud to be pursuing this career.

This year I wish I had been able to talk to my mom more positively bout issues that I had with her rather than exploding at her.

Food, eating, laziness. The eternal regrets of my life. Maybe some day I'll cope better, but it wasn't this year. I did better out of town, including on the big cruise. But then I got home and became a semi-willing recipient of A's food pushing and neither of us is looking so good at the moment. Since I started seeing A it's been the same every year. Time to stop blaming him, though, and get a strategy in place and follow it. I am very proud of attending the Yale Writer's Conference, connecting with new people and re-connecting with R, whose level of energy and enthusiasm is inspirational. The conference was a bit fraught for me, since I didn't really think it through -- what it was going to be like to be there, my feelings about Yale and its specialness and my reflected specialness (plus the issues with my mother that hung over me, especially in the first part of the conference when I'd just left NY and she was going in to rehab). But I got a huge amount out of it in the end and I'm proud of that. I'm mostly proud that I jumped into it and followed through. I do wish I'd been better with my mother during the summer, though. I really had a hard time with that. I'm also proud that I was there for her... Such a mixed bag. A lot of changes. I wish I were more patient.

I moved to Australia and I'm so proud of how I handled it. I couldn't be happier about the direction my life is headed in.

I wish I has shown individuals more gratitude. I am proud of last years production. I am happy in my heart and feel confident.

I’m proud that I have kept my integrity through this year of losing my marriage. It wasn’t easy maintaining the marriage over the past few years and it wasn’t easy negotiating a settlement agreement with my husband, but I believe I kept my wits about me and didn’t stoop to overt displays of anger with him. I know I talked with friends about my anger at and hurt from him, but I needed to talk this through. I’m proud of having created a separate life for myself that is filled with good people and good learning.

I am proud that i have continued seeking truth beauty and compassion. I am proud that I am less selfish this year than ever before. I am proud that I have not quit trying to be the best person I can be despite diminishing cognitive function.

I wish I had handled the employment situation differently; insisting on finding a job immediately. I wish I had been able to go back to school. These two things are sadly incompatible. I wish that I could find something I did this year to be proud of.

Looking back at last years' 10Q I was planning to find a place to learn more about my Jewish roots, I really did not do a lot to make that happen however, it is still important to me. I am proud of the many ways I have supported my family, friends and my community.

I wish I felt more free to communicate with my husband about my feelings. Too often I try to push my desires down (or I get confused about what I want) in order to promote harmony or in deference to what I think other family members want or need. Underneath, this can lead to resentment and emotional "hunger" which undermines intimacy. I do feel pleased with my new "spiritual practice" of avoiding consumer activities and conversations about money on Shabbat. I have also reduced (but not eliminated). my use of computer and e-mail on Shabbat. (Definitely no internet shopping!). This has helped me to feel more connected with my husband, children, and grandchildren. I think more carefully about what is important to me (not money) and what I really want to say, by choosing to impose a "Shabbat no-commerce filter."

Nothing springs to mind as something I wish I'd done differently. I need to work on my social life, and if I'd done that last year it might not be so difficult this year, but I don't regret choices. I'm proud of my wedding. It was very low-cost and easy to put together, and I liked it that way. I wish I'd gotten more support from everyone except Peter. I am also proud of the work I did for Henricus. As I plan my exit strategy, I recognize that the time I was there was well-spent and I picked up a LOT of skills: delivering to different age groups, program creation, camp creation, and interpersonal skills (or at least learning where I could improve and when it doesn't really matter).

I am especially proud of completing the All Arts Challenge, year 2 and making it my own by making mine the AAC, ALL snowman edition First, just doing things in 17 different categories is an accomplishment, second, 2 years in a row is very cool, and 3rd, by doing all snowmen, I really pushed my creativity. The snowman shorts were great, I think, and despite my lousy placing (Jean Feuillet should never be a judge!) I was proud of my wood piece. I sawed a curve for the first time ever, and glued and clamped. I was also please with my weaving, a great first piece, I think, and my lovely hooked pieces, the flower and the snowman mat. All in all, that was a pretty special accomplishment to me.

I wish I had dealt with my health differently. I'm in a state of denial and avoiding the issues that I'm living with in no way addresses them.

I'm pretty pleased that I am now working as a contract researcher! I made a plan and stuck to it. It was a tough time realising that I was in the wrong line of work. So after a 3 year postgrad degree and finding a good intership to finish that off, it's actually a reality. Plans really work! It sounds easier that it actually was. I felt like a failure when I resigned from the role I was in. I decided to get some counseling and then followed that up with a visit to an organisational psychologist to get some mid career guidance. We did a whole lot of testing and had a few lengthy discussions about what type of work I would be best suited for. The best advise I got was that people who are successful have failed many times. Failure means that you've tried and learned a valuable lesson that you can use when you try something new. I took that on board and got to work.

I wish I'd ate better so my neuropathy in my feet wouldn't be so bad now. I'm proud of my efforts in spiritual growth this year. I expect it to continue. I love my consistency in my devotion times. That solid habit has contributed to my character improvements and therefore my destiny.

I wish I had spent more time with my 2 sons and my husband and dog. Life is so short that in a blink of an eye everything changes. I need to find the strength to go on and stop hiding from close interactions with those I love .

I am proud of sharing my spinning and knitting skills with my friends. I have a friend who was depressed and feeling like she was only seen as a Mom or a Wife, but not as herself. I sent her a shawl that I had spun the yarn and knitted and reminded her that she has friends that see her as the maker of fun and strong mimosas. When I started knitting I made a scarf that I loved but didn't know what to do with. It occurred to me that I made the scarf for a dear friend who was always finding things that I would love. This time I was the one with the present.

I wish this was the year I found new employment, a different way to make money. However, I am proud that I continue to find ways to go to the same circus mad job and not allow my boss to get under my skin and belittle me. I push back more and stand my ground, I shake off the annoying-even aggressive- encounters. Sometimes they make me sad, but I try to remind myself that this is the way of the world, I won't likely be able to avoid this where ever I am.

Can't think of a single thing I'd do differently, except maybe lose some weight (what else is new). After thinking about it, I think the pride and joy we take in caring for Jared is an accomplishment. Instead of getting tired from 24/7 care of him we often feel energized and a real sense of purpose with not only giving him a good life, but also helping and inspiring others with similar or difficult problems. He didn't sleep again last night yet we were able to attend services and have a wonderful Rosh Hashanah lunch with dear friends. So grateful for the mental and physical health and community support.

I'm especially proud of how I have begun to utilize my confidence in how I define my expectations for relationships. I no longer let people walk all over me or allow them to treat me less than I deserve or expect. I have said "no" and vocalized/expressed my feelings in a way that is conducive - not cursing or yelling - just calmly stating, "no, this isn't okay and I won't accept this treatment."

I wish this previous year I had tried harder in school. Because of certain events in the Summer of 2015 it affected my 2015-2016 school year. I was distraught and shocked by the events and this hurt my 2015-2016 grades. I'm extremely proud of my drive this year. Regardless of the persecution, trials , and, tribulations I continued to get up. I did not allow myself to fall and give up. I kept getting up and kept working to get where I am now.

I wish I had smiled more at my daughter's wedding. I am proud of the new woodshed I built.

I am proud of all the hard work I put into remodeling my grandmother's apt. It was very sad to have to uproot everything, but it taught me that things are not where the real feelings are at. Yes, it's important to treasure mementos and material items that have value to us. But once you analyze it, it's usually only a select few things that have that significance. And it's important to let go of all the other things so they can shine! I'm proud I was able to prove to myself again that I can do whatever I set my mind to do.

I'm really proud that I've kept up with my exercise and healthy eating. I feel so much better and really enjoy the endorphins!! I regret buying a new car. I wish I'd kept my '07 Honda and found a better mechanic. I hate the added expense and responsibility and don't really like the car. With age, I prefer simplicity which includes my finances!!

I wish I quit working for the aforesaid alcoholic psychopathic sadist.

In November, a year after my father died, my siblings and I moved my mom into a senior residence. Although I really had no alternative, I feel badly that I was not able to physically help with the move, and that most of the work feel to my sister. I feel very happy with the way I have been supporting my mother since my father died. I skype her almost every day for 20-30 minutes. She is with us for the holidays this year, and I am proud of my family for stepping up and agreeing that we will invite her to move in with us

I wish I had continued with the stop smoking program. I am proud that I have found more opportunities to do volunteer work, and always say yes if possible.

I wish I had been kinder to myself. I beat myself up for my depression & burnout rather than just moving on with my life. It led to a horrible episode of depression that lasted a year. I wish I had trusted my ability & skills & had looked for work earlier.

I wish I had been stricter earlier, that I had demanded the highest standard from everyone around me. Once I did, the results were amazing!

Health was a major problem this year. I am in a great deal of pain and it affects everything. I did nothing that I am proud of this past year.

I wish I would have learned how to let go of my fears sooner and make sure I treated myself as a priority. It has taken me a long time to understand that I am worthwhile and deserve respect and kindness. I wish most of all that I would have communicated to my husband just how difficult things had been feeling. Maybe we could have begun the process for repairing sooner? I did finally take actions to ensure my wellness, like getting a secondary space closer to my son, and finally putting some strict boundaries in place with my stepdaughter. These changes have not been easy and we're still struggling to find our way, but I'm proud of myself for following through. It is important that people who say they love me, act like it too.

I'm not sure. I've really liked this year for my personal life. I think the only thing I would like to do differently is to not be so reactive. To think before I respond when it's an emotionally charged situation.

It would be nice to live without the regret of having overreacted to the insistent, excited questions of a friend and having the lingering sense that I caused a substantial rupture in our friendship. I find it hard to trust that the friendship survives unchanged when the abundant evidence is to the contrary.

I am especially proud of myself seeking help with my anxiety, and that I am taking steps to get my reactions under control. I wish I had done something like this sooner.

There isn't anything from this past year that I would have done differently. Huh. I don't think I have ever felt that way before. I am proud of myself for writing my thesis and finishing my masters, for accepting the job at UA, for leaving my therapist, for being brave and embracing change. For working towards being more open.

I wouldn't hire 180 fusion for $5000

Wasted less time on Facebook and focused on learning more. I am proud that I have been more successful and have goals to grow my real estate business.

I wish I had been stronger , not so many meltdowns Really proud how large our family has grown and That we have stuck it out together.

5776....the last day....Saturday...with one day to go. Rosh Hashanah Sunday night, and I'm watching my daughter's dog. Why didn't I take my time as I walked down those stairs heading to the deck to let her out? Why didn't I take my time to tighten my sandals? Now I sit on the couch typing this with my foot resting on a pillow, waiting to see the orthopedist in the morning. Broken foot! At least I can say that was last year's problem. L'shana tovah.

Not really ,I am satisfied with life , I am proud and happy to still be alive and relatively well and am turning 77 soon .

I spent far too much time being angry with and critical of my husband this year. What a waste! My mom is often critical of my Dad very publicly. When she acts that way in my presence it makes my skin crawl. Mirror, mirror on the wall, I am my mother after all. Egad! Late last year (2015) I experienced chest pain and became concerned that my heart might not be in order. I saw a cardiologist and had some tests run and found out that, thank God, nothing was seriously wrong. It made me look at life differently, though. Like I said last year, I don't want my legacy to be that I sat on my a** and looked at cat videos on Facebook. Likewise, I wouldn't want something to happen to me or my hubby and realize that our last exchange was critical and nasty. Nothing my husband does is so serious that it merits being so harsh. He love me unconditionally and I'm embarrassed that I seem unable to do the same. I hope that at this time next year I can say that I have truly changed my ways.

I got into doing virtual races this year and it's really changed my life. It has been fantastic for my mental health after all the crap I've been through the past two years. I did my fastest mile ever tonight and I am so amazingly proud of myself. I have done over 300 miles since the end of March. That's 300 more miles than I walked last year.

Priotitized myself and my happiness.

I wish I'd had more patience this year, especially for a few of my college students with different needs. I am proud that I was more patient with students than I had been in prior semesters, but I feel like I have a ways to go.

Yes. a) Every time I sink to ordinary, shrink myself with fear I would have preferred to rise above and remember what I know to be true. I am more than ... I am protected and looked after ... b) I wish I had meditated more. Prayed more. Exercised more, Loved more. c) Thought more about peace and whole of universe than myself at times. Yes. I am proud that I am able to be more healthy. I am proud that I am able to be more truthful. I am managing with half medication which points to healing. I am proud of being a good friend I am proud of being a good mother. I a proud of my heart having the courage to seek special love again.

I am especially proud of improving my procrastination habits, even if only a little bit. My goal for the first part of this year was to live a little more stress free, so gaining that extra 5 minutes of sleep a night is a small success. Senior year is that much more bearable now that I am somewhat more on top of things.

I wish that I had done some more outside of work. Being a mom has taken up all of my extra time and I feel as though I'm becoming slightly complacent with my contributions to the artistic community. On the converse, I'm so incredibly proud of my self as a mother. I started off a nervous wreck but I've sunk into it pretty nicely. I worry a lot but I'm really proud of how I've adapted to situations and the boundless love I have for my child.

This year has been very different then I ever could have imagined. As far as doing something differently, I wish i had been able to pay off more debt with my commissions earned. However, I am so proud of myself because not only did I find the courage to ask for the divorce, I moved the kids and myself and am responsible for everything to do with my home and their care - and I am pulling it off. I am proud to be independent and not just coasting along but pretty much succeeding and my kids seeing my strength

Well I am getting married on Sunday. So that is pretty great. Done differently...well asking Amanda to marry me sooner so we weren't moving in together, starting a new job, and having the wedding all in the same time would be nice. I also wish I yelled less. Less at the kids, less at students (third grade can be tough on the psyche).

I am proud of taking a new job, and a step up in my career.

I wish I had worked Shaklee without so much procrastination and distraction. That my time management had been better and my path to action more direct. I believe that has begun to shift.

I wish I had cleaned my apartment--every inch of it--and gone through ALL my belongings and parted with items I no longer need/use. Instead I watched the dust collect. I must finally get this purging of belongs chore done!

I'm proud of the work I'm doing, going back to school to get a master's degree. I wish I had never bought the Ford, but I had to go through that to teach myself where my limits are now.

I wish I hadn't been such an awful grumpy bitch to my husband and family. I wish I could express what I want without being completely afraid of the consequences.

Right now I am wishing I had remembered to pay my 3rd quarter taxes on time! What I am proud of: that we all successfully weathered all the changes in the family this year. I'm proud of myself for pretty much holding it together all year. If there was anything I could or should have done differently, perhaps it would be to continue learning to strengthen boundaries and learn to be appropriate, to listen without interrupting, and to be present with the tasks that demand a schedule. I think I forgot about the taxes because this was such a huge year for fruit, and every day was devoted to taking care of the harvest.

I wish I had better ways to gauge my own needs and verbalize them. I seem to go and go and go and then I am surprised when I hit exhaustion and extreme frustration to the point of crying. I need to head this off and take breaks before this happens. It's really hard to see the signs. Maybe I just don't want to, but I upset everyone around me, including myself. Maybe I just need to have relaxation in my regular routine, or just do less. Maybe I will just try this year to let more stuff go and do less. See what happens....

I'm proud of myself for getting a few new jobs that all add up to (roughly) a full time job without sacrificing any time with my family or feeling completely overwhelmed. I'm also trying one job again that I tried a few years ago and I didn't do very well at it the first time. This time, I feel more comfortable and educated and prepared to do the work. Of course, there's always something I could have done better - not lost my temper, not spoken to my family in anger and frustration, etc. I feel like I've been working on that my while life...

I wish I had acted on ideas and intentions more. There have been many ideas, and/or adventures that I thought of and intended to do but very few actually happened. I never went camping this year. As of writing this I still haven't used my tent. Day trips and some small adventures were performed. But none of my personal, nomadic, exploration dreams were carried out. A vacation and a road trip to Davis were done. But I never slept on the ground and slept in nature.

I wish I had been a more present and demanding mother to my daughter. I'm not sure I expected as much of her as I should have, and consequently I am not sure she asked as much of herself as she might have. On the other hand, I'm proud of myself for going to yoga regularly. Good for body and soul.

I'm proud of the time I staked for myself on retreats and trips. I prioritized myself a bit more for the first time in 14 years. I'm proud of my involvement with the interfaith research and awareness-raising being done by Dawn Kepler, as well as my involvement with Creative Aging SF. But the thing I'm most proud of is the poetry piece I wrote and orchestrated for the Friends of the New Jersey School of Conservation.

Work answer: wish I had made more appointments and closed more sales!! Really need to get my head in the game and put the effort into this "job", stop making excuses and STOP listening to the non-helpful BS from the guy in the other room. I'm really proud of the publication itself and the great comments I've been receiving about it! I'm SO PROUD of my DAUGHTERS!!! Ok, even if the "one who shall not be named".

Something I wish I had done differently this year is not complain about work so much at the beginning of the year. Now, if I don't find a new job by next year and stay at my same job, everyone will fault me for it and not be willing to listen to my complaints at the beginning of next year. Of course, I should learn not to complain so much and be grateful that I even have a job and a steady paycheck so hopefully I can learn to be more grateful and appreciative.

I wish I had been more diligent about counting kicks while pregnant. While I did count them, I didn't know that some of what I thought were baby movements were actually contractions. There's always more to read & more to learn. I'm not as connected to a support network where I'm living, & I think that would've helped get me through a scary situation. I'm so proud of giving birth to the sweetest & cutest baby girl in the world. I didn't think I would have kids given my age & taking so long to find Mr. Right. I was so scared of so much, but overcoming any of those fears wouldn't have prepared us for a stat-section to deliver a tiny baby girl who hadn't had oxygen for no one knows how long. I was weak but strong, & nothing mattered more to me than my baby getting stronger & proving beyond a doubt that God had a plan for this one. I couldn't be happier to be a mom, HER mom. She's amazing, & I'm not only proud that she's mine, but I won't ever stop being a better me for her.

I think when I look back at my answers to the 10Q each year, one thing I've stated as a goal is that I want to do things that I'm scared to do. Or that I wish I wasn't scared to do certain things. But this year, I think I've done a few things that I've been scared to do. I've thrown parties at my house, something that gives me a lot of anxiety, and they were good. So I would say I'm proud of myself for trying things even though I'm scared.

I really wish I could have been more patient with my mother. It's so hard to differentiate the frustration of dealing with someone who has always been frustrating when they develop dementia, because their personality challenges only become more pronounced. I am going to re-dedicate myself to being as patient as I can and much slower to anger with my mother in the coming year. I don't want to read this after she's gone and be filled with regret.

God I wish I had not taken this job so seriously for the first six months of the year. It nearly broke me. Sure, I learned a lot. But if I could have just relaxed, let it slide, not been so freaked out all the time, it might not have come so close to disaster. Either way, I'm really proud that I have finally learned to do that. I've made it back from the brink and made the right choices: new house, same job, same city.

I wish I had kept away from sugary deserts and ate less food so I would be a little thinner and a little healthier. I wish I had spent more time orienting and collaborating with Gail when she came on board to work as the other practice facilitator. I wish I didn't get so angry at my sister in law Gail (my brothers wife) and knew better how to relate to her. I'm proud that I get along with my daughter in law and that I went with her to Hebrew school and Jewish classes. I'm proud that I got the pain management credential for work. I'm proud that most days I get up and exercise. I'm proud that my kids like to talk to me on the phone every week. I'm happy that my husband still is in love with me and I love him. I'm proud that my kids are all great people. I'm proud that I've managed to volunteer at the Homeless Alliance every month with Temple members.

I knew it was time to start taking care of myself and lose weight. I started in March and the battle continues to improve my health and get in shape for the next steps in my life.

I think I'm most proud that this year went so smoothly - I had very little anxiety and got to do things I wanted to do and was able to speak up when I needed to.

I wish I'd ended that relationship better - or figured out a way to keep the friendship.

One thing I regret to have done is applying for the diversity experience at Williams College. This program is called Windows on Williams and it is where seniors from many places in the country are sent to the college and are able to sleep there for 2-3 days. It's a great experience that can help you live like a college student for a couple of days and see how the community is. The reason I regret my decision is because I wanted to apply, but was not on time for the application deadline since I was away for a while. This resulted in me not being able to apply at all and has made me regretful. I have asked one of my friends about his experience at Windows on Williams and he explained to me how great the experience was. He told me about the events he did and this resulted in me getting really regretful for not applying. Williams College is my top choice and this experience would have helped me to experience a day as a college student one year early and put certainty that this is the college I wish to attend. The thing I am most proud of from this past year is I was able to successfully my term paper for junior year and receive a score that I am really proud of. Every junior was really scared of the moment when we were introduced to a term paper because it was an 8-10 page paper, a task we have never done. Everyone was counting the days when the term paper would be out and when the day came, I was nervous. English class became a time when we just focused on how to set up a thesis that can be explained in more detail for 8 or more pages. I decided to choose a book called "A Passage to India" for my term paper and it was one of the most interesting books I have ever read. The symbolism in the book was powerful and the setting being India during British Imperialism made the book even more interesting. My term paper was based of the symbolism and I was able to finish my term paper with not too much difficulty. The ideas seemed to flow and the day I submitted it was one of the most relieving feelings ever. A few weeks later, the class received our term paper grades back and I noticed that I got an 94%. It made me so proud to see that my hard work, including many consultations with teachers, paid off. I finally knew that the term paper was over and I overcame this monster of a task.

I talk a good game when it comes to physical health but do not stick with it. I wish I had been more consistent about an exercise routine, about taking more proactive steps when it comes to weight loss and had followed through with improved eating. I wish I had found an exercise buddy and been more social as well.

I don't do as good a job as I would like to in being a friend. At this point in my life so many of the people who I consider meaningful and important to me are spread out across the country and so keeping a connection is not a matter of calling someone up and saying let's go get some coffee or a drink. And, of course, liking a post on Facebook is not the same as a real conversation. I keep telling myself that I will do better, but I haven't actually lived up to that commitment.

I wish I had handled my money a little better. I'm in a lot of debt (for me), and so anxious about paying it off, it keeps me awake at night sometimes. I will feel so much better once I make some progress, and wish there was someone I could go to for help. I'm also disappointed that my last year at BoCo was clouded by so much negativity. I tried my hardest, but the self-doubt was overwhelming, and I let things get to me that I wish hadn't. It's amazing what I've been able to do here, in a new place where I feel appreciated. There isn't anything I'm super proud of yet - all of the change is too close to be able to see it clearly. I'm hopeful.

I wish I had moved my business forward by hiring someone. I want to focus on more creative projects but my workload is bogging me down!

I wish I had thought things through more carefully this past year. I did learn a valuable lesson, though: getting into a job for the sake of having a job or a title will bring you misery. I am now more cautious to read company reviews and ask questions during the interview process that tell me whether the company values the employee as a human.

I wish I could have developed a regular meditation practice . I am proud that I am learning to chant from the Torah. Also that I am becoming a little more patient with others.

I'm happy that I took the first step towards Korea and enrolled in a TEFL course. This answer mirrors my answer to Q1. Moving to Korea is the best choice I made this year. In the end, I told myself I'd rather try and fail, then not try at all. I had a panic attack when this was becoming less of a talking point and more of a reality. I.got over it with the help of Aubrey and Johnnie. Moving here is my proudest moment to date.

Yes, there are things I had done differently--mostly related to work--but nothing that I regret. Just those things you see with hindsight, but couldn't have predicted. On the other hand, I DID finish my dissertation and my doctorate--I'm proud of that, and relieved!

I hate to harp on work, but I'm especially proud of all I've accomplished at my job this year. I will find out soon whether I'll be getting a pay raise and/or promotion. I have hope for the pay raise but maybe not the promotion. I'm having a hard time convincing my boss that I can do my job while also expanding my duties as I grow my own team and have people to whom I can delegate.

I'm sure I'd like to have done many things differently, but none stands out as a single case. Similarly, I'm proud of much of what has happened -- good work, good writing, doing my best to support and stay connected with my siblings, trying to be there for my parents, trying to be helpful to John. I've had years when something good or bad stood out, but this year isn't one of those -- and I'm grateful for that.

I got a problematic paper published in a peer reviewed journal. It took over a year to get past the reviewers, or mainly one very nit-picky reviewer. It was often stressful, and I had thought the paper would end up being rejected. It turned out that the editor really wanted to see it published, and her support meant a lot to me, since she's a very well-respected scientist in my field. The paper is also a bit controversial, so I was taking a big chance in leading the authorship. Luckily, it has been well received with no negativity from anyone. I'm very proud of this paper.

I wish I'd exercised more in the summer when it was warm. When I was interning in Essex, I intended to wake up early, drive into Old Saybrook, and walk around downtown. Usually I was "late" to my internship (late in quotes because I was never really given a start time) and would go right to work. I gained a few pounds and lost tone when I didn't need to. I also wish I was better about sending letters to my distant friends and being a better friend to those closer to me. I wish I cooked more, since it's something I know I'm into but never devote proper time to. I'm proud of learning how to blow the shofar and for taking less crap from people at work and in life. I'm proud of telling people who hurt me off. I'm proud of how much travel I did and of buying my first car! I purchased the car two days ago, which is technically 5776.

I am especially proud of myself and of the fact that I am pregnant with a baby boy.

I wish I would have taken longer to file for divorce. It was a rushed decision made when I was hurt and angry. After the divorce was finalized I realized that I wasn't thinking clearly.

I usually would never do anything different because even bad experiences are powerful learning tools.

I wish I had tried harder to figure out what I want to do with myself after I retire, and where I would like to live Conversely, I am proud to say that I am in better physical shape than I have been in many years, and better health too.

I wish I had spent less time conviced that I'm right about things. More than anything, I think being dead-set convinced of how right I am has caused conflict. Secondly, procrastinating at work.

Yeah...the band season mentioned in question 1! Despite the difficulty, the season went off pretty much without a hitch. Problems were relatively minor, in the range of what we usually get. Sadly, there was something related to band but not the season that really pissed someone off. The mistake was largely mine, but the person involved has a "scorched earth" policy when she's angry, and it was more than unpleasant to deal with.

My spouse's health, energy, and memory are fading quickly. I wish I was able to graciously lower my expectations, and be less volatile about the growing lapses, but childcare and career pile up relentlessly on me and I am ever more frustrated and angry.

The answer to both of these questions is taking a Jewish job in Jackson, MS. I'm proud of this because I defied my mom and everyone else and made my own decision, but now that I'm four months into it I'm realizing that this was definitely the harder choice. I am out of my comfort zone and I'm struggling to be happy and find my place in this new life. I'll always wonder if I truly made the right decision in choosing to move to Mississippi and start out in the Jewish world.

I wish I had taken better care of myself physically this last year. I am turning 60 in a few weeks and I have never been so out of shape. It effects my state of mind, my mood, my self confidence. It also effects how much I can do. Alternatively, I am proud of how I have extended myself at work. I am now supervising my colleagues, and given how fabulous my colleagues are, this is a huge honor.

Still uncertain whether not circumcising our second son was the right decision. We had a naming on the 8th day but never went through with the ritual cutting. I feel at peace that he is still intact but sorry it hurt family...that it is still awkward for my mother-in-law to change the baby's diapers or bathe him. That he's not considered a proper member of the tribe by my husband's traditional family. We had a bris for the first son, so the brothers, who love bathing together, will some day have to grapple with their differences. In many ways, I'm proud of this Jewish not to just go along with the herd, learn to compromise with my husband and stick to our moral guns. In a weird way, choosing to not circumcise was a way of acting out my Jewish values to dissent and disagree, buck tradition and constantly help reinvent progressive American Judaism. I am also proud we went on sabbatical as a family when I was pregnant and came back with a healthy babe. It was a daunting move, but we learned so much about living in the present and living like that year was our last, as I had no choice but to connect to other new mommas, in our rich year away.

I haven't "blown it" lately, so no, there is nothing I wish I had done differently, and I am proud of how I am segueing into music and writing, all after the great pain and commitment at the client in the south. In some ways I became a man this year, and now a free man.

I wish I had been more attentive to some people's needs. I am glad I mentored some young folks in learning the Hebrew alphabet.

I wish I had stayed more consistent with my own self care, yoga practice and all the things I know to do to stay grounded. I wish I'd yelled less at my kids and husband. I'm proud that I completed a clean eating challenge and stayed with that healthy eating plan for the better part of 6 months. I feel I've really changed how I "reset" my eating when I go off track and I have a lot more regular healthy habits that stay consistent.

I'm especially proud of my commitment to start running and still sticking to it. There are several situations with my boys and husband I wish I had done differently.

We bought a house! I'm so proud of us for finally being able to do so after almost 18 months of searching. 9 months into living in the house and it's finally feeling like our home.

Differently-I had a very successful year at work and received many bonuses. I wish I had saved that money as opposed to having spent it. Especially proud-I DID IT!!! I have lost 80lbs, now to lose the last 20 and keep it gone!

I am so glad that I threw a surprise 60th bday party for David. It was so much fun and it brought great joy to both of us!

When I attended my nephew's wedding, I wish I would have circulated among the guests more instead of just visiting with my husband whom I see every day and sister whom I see every week. I missed the opportunity to speak to and renew connection with so many people that I haven't seen for a long time and may not see for some time again.

letting go of material goods in my life. I've simplified it greatly by living now in a smaller house(at least for a year). Trying not to spend as much.

I wish I had broken up with my boyfriend sooner. I'm not very good at disappointment, and I knew it would hurt him. But I think I knew much earlier on that things weren't working out, and I should've let go sooner.

I have not always been patient enough with my husband. It is an ongoing challenge that I work on daily, and have made progress, but do not always do as well as I should. I wish I made more time for bike riding and swimming. I am proud of organizing the FFRx project, of building and growing a garden, of starting and continuing a weekly Torah Study, getting Washington Post Style Invite Ink, and of being there for my kids and grandkids.

I would have liked to embrace mediation and people free time more fully in a toxic free home.

The thing I wish I had done differently this year is that I didn't take off all the weight I wanted to. I took off about half while on a wonderful, doable eating plan, but then summer happened ~ I'm ready to go back on it now. I've had my fun, but missed the goal. The thing I', proud of is my blog: Don't Just Stand There ~ Do Something. It's political/current goings on in style, and gives readers an opportunity to take suggested actions. I'm a progressive and I am passionately opposed to the idea of the idea of the vapid, bigoted, unqualified Donald Trump sitting in the Oval Office, even for a visit.

This answer is reminiscent of I wish I had not forgotten or procrastinated on a few necessary paperwork items from last year. Ouch! The proud factor comes from letting mental distractions go and out of my system. Life is much better as a result of freeing myself of distraction.

It was good year. Changes. Restoration

Trained harder for my race

I wish I had exercised more and spent more time outside. I feel the responsibilities of home, work and family too strongly and it makes me put my wishes last.

I wish I hadn't gotten upset with my daughter when she was having a tough time. She was wrong, but I got upset earlier than I should have. I should have held it together for longer.

I've been ruminating on a few things from my past, knowing that I can't change them and also not knowing why these things are playing out in my mind once again. From the last 12 months there is nothing that I would change, actually I'd rethink the 12month contract in NZ, I'm ready to be home now, but I will work through to the end. I will miss Christmas with my family, but as a nurse there was the strong probability of that anyway.

I wish I had spoken up earlier in my relationship about not feeling like an equal and concerned about our power dynamic. It happened after a holiday away in June, and while it was incredibly painful and there were feelings of shame associated with it, I am very grateful that we were at least able to start discussing our challenges then. I'm proud that I owned up to my credit card debt and decided to take actionable steps to address it. I no longer hide my financial situation and have broken the chains of it that often left my paralyzed with fear and shame.

I quit smoking 10 months, 28 hours and 20 minutes ago and I'm very proud of that accomplishment. I should've quit before that, of course, but I'm giving myself credit for sticking it out. At age 52, I'm finally thinking about the consequences for living in the fast lane for all those years. I want to live to see my niece and nephew get married and have kids, and since my Mom died of lung cancer 15 years after she quit, there are NO excuses to keep smoking. Yes, it was very hard, and yes, I miss it almost every day, but I'm determined not to smoke again. I've also reduced my alcohol consumption. I'm ready for some CLEAN LIVING!

I'm proud of the gym that I built. It is really the dream gym that I've always wanted. I'm proud that I was able to lease out my former home for a tidy profit. If I could have done something different I would have been less afraid of taking the leap into the rental business. I could have started this 2 years ago.

I wish I had never had the fight with my husband this past July that made him decide he wanted to get a divorce. If I had any day in my life I could do over, it would be that day. I'm most proud of the work I am doing with high school students. I really feel like I am finally doing the work I was put on this planet to do- like I am following Gods will for me and not my ego. That is a huge gift for which I am grateful everyday.

I'm especially proud of how I'm learning to be a learner. Going back to school has been an incredible transition, but God is really showing me how to relax and trust his process. I'm blown away by how much I've changed, even in the last six months. As far as differently, I still feel like I need to learn how to confront people better. I feel overwhelmed in the moment, and do need time to process my feelings before getting into it, but that isn't realistic for people sometimes. I hope there is a happy medium where I can learn to respect what I need, but communicate openly when needed.

In addition to feeling very proud of our wedding, I am extremely pleased with myself for taking a sabbatical. It was something that I had to fight for and advocate for and ultimately I got to do it. During the sabbatical, I am proud that I spent some quality time with my mom. We backpacked, and now she is hooked. I spent time with Eric, Danny, Isaac, and Wes on the John Muir Trail, and I feel closer to them. I am proud that I continue to grow and sustain male friendships. Finally, apart from the sabbatical I am proud of the way that Julia and I negotiated her year at Stanford.

Yes. I wish I had pursued psychological help for my rebound of food disorders. I know I relapsed after so many years due to my divorce and the unmanageable stress that followed, but if I had reached for help immediately, I'd be in a better place now. I allowed health insurance and financial difficulties to stop me, and in this department, things have gotten worse. I need to take action before they get any worse. I don't ever want my daughter to have such a negative model. I am absolutely proud of my academic achievements. I went back to college as a divorcee, single mom, immigrant, who had not been in school forever. And I am getting all A's, even though I only study at night, after I put my baby to bed, and in a language that is not my own. That's a positive model for my child.

Exercised more, always wish I had exercised more! :-( Seeing my daughter accepted to college. There was a day I wasn't sure that was part of her future.

Wish I had started back on my nutrition program and de cluttered my house.

I am not proud of the selfishness that I have shown with regard to my husband. His illness has caused a personality change and thusly changed our relationship. I will do my best to be more present and put aside my old expectations and take things as they are.

I wish I had taken the meat company job just so that I wouldn't have depleted my savings as much as I did. I wish I hadn't fucked up my friendship with Neely, but that's how most of my friendships have ended thus far, so it is what it is.

Proud of my hard work to overcome the pinched nerve in my neck, without undergoing surgery. No regrets.

I accepted a new job at comFree this year. They offered me a job as a sales coach. (9-5 job.) They then follow up with that offer and offered me a position with the offerAssist team. OA was what I said I wanted to do the most. But the coaching was a salary position. Instead of going with what I knew I wanted but was slightly more risky I accepted the coaching and do OA as a secondary position. Well it's been a combination of two full time jobs and I have been hella busy. I'm so proud of how hard I have worked and the great results and feedback that I am getting. I can't wait to just have the OA positions in Ontario and have more freedom with my time.

I wish I hadn't gotten so upset about the bully hurting Reva. I wish I'd kept my cool and spoken more professionally and less forcefully. Don't know if that scar will ever heal on my relationship with the director. I'm proud of the progress that I've made with my cognitive coach. I'm learning slowly to not let others and external circumstances control my emotions. No one else can make me feel bad. A year from now I'll say I'm so glad that I no longer yell at my kids.

There are always things I wish I had done differently but this year there is one big thing. I hired someone to paint my house. There were contractual promises made and money paid. They came two days then stopped showing up. I called and harrased them then gave up. Next thing I know they call me at work and ask were the paint was so they could finish. I told them they better get off my property or I would call the police for trespassing. Then I hired a new company money changed hands. They told me my paint wasnt the right paint and i needed to get a different type. I beleived them. Sold my old paint for a song and a big loss. Then they stopped comming. I harrased them every week and nothin. I didnt even get paint.Now I have to do all the work to get them into small claims court. I wish I would have come home from work and gave the first painters the paint so they could have finished.

I serve on two nonprofit boards--one as secretary and the other President. I am proud of being a part of both these organizations and helping the elderly and those persons with disabilities lead healthier and more productive lives.

I wish I had been more thoughtful and more in tune with my needs prior to spending money on some coaches--but it's all a learning experience.

There are many things that I wish I had done differently, or wish that it had been my impulse or reflex to do differently - namely, be a better, more forgiving person, especially with Juan. My anger with him so often gets the best of me, and leads me to make mean or petty decisions about how i interact with him. I wish I had been more assertive about using my time well this past fall when I wasn't working and using it more hungrily when I had hte time. But there is only so much that I can beat myself up for that now. I am incredibly proud of how I spend the last year. I had two successful events for K admissions, I took a class and did gret writing throughout. I got us through a move and handled all the details, managed the car and the household, transitioned Naf to preschool, swallowed my pride and went to work at Hunter, and am about to step into a real role there that could be life-transforming if I want it to be for the long term. I handled what could have been a horrible mess with grace and self-respect and I suppose I am being rewqrded for it now, with continued work and a strong position. I don't know if it is even what I want, but I took each step so that more would be possible, if they were going to be possible. And I have some, sort of, options, as a result. I wish I had demanded more. I am trying to now, but I know this - I have moved from the mindset of having to prove it first. There is one life. A lot of people just get what they want because they say that they want it - they are clear and demand it and sometimes that request gets answered. but you have to ask, firmly and without equivocation. i'm not really a bitch, but i need to keep tapping into my inner white man, the personae who will assume that what she wants should be hers, that she ca have it, she deserves it, and that whatever others have to do to accommodate that, they should do. that it is others' problem to figure out what they need to do to keep me happy, not the other way around. in my deepest heart, i don't feel like that, but i need to ACT like that, even more, to ensure that i am not leaving opportunities or money or freedom on the table. I am especially proid that I kept at it, all of it, and haven't let anything get in my way more than momentarily. i am moving forward in my spiritual life, my writing life, my "professional" life...my outward facing lives, i guess. now, to work on my relationships with these boys.

I wish I would have taken my MBLEX as soon as I graduated or before I graduated, but I let my fear stop me. I am proud that I graduated and became a massage therapist. I am proud that I helped my daughter apply and get into college (she is a first gen). I am proud that my faith has grown stronger and I listen to God and my spirit more than my brain. This is causing my life to take off in ways I would have never imagined.

I am proud of the fact that I rose above my mental battles. I have glimpses of the best version of myself and can stay in those moments longer. I am proud of the relationships with my family and the way we have worked through difficulties with love and respect.

I'm going with the positive on this one! I'm proud of my storytelling class. It's very fullfilling for me, both intellectually and socially. My involvement with the Task Force and now...Well in the Desert is placing me back in the mainstream of City government, affordable housing and people who care about the same things that I do. Ruben and I are expanding our community involvement by participating in the citizen's academy. It's good for us!

I'm extremely proud that I went back to school. It was a really hard thing for me to do but I know it'll be better for me and my husband in the long run. Not seeing him for what seemed like days at a time sucked. Things can be different soon! :)

I am proud of myself for learning to be more okay with myself and doubt my worth less over this last year. I do wish I had cared a bit less about "finding someone"...it tends to become something I obsess about. I'm hoping with the next year that I take more time for me. Would I love to find someone special to get to know and build a bond with and develop a deep relationship while working on myself? Of course. But this past year it became a bit of an obsession for me and if I had perhaps put more time into myself I'd be a bit more happier about where I'm at regardless of my romantic life status.

I'm proud we bought the new flat and new car for our baby, but honestly I should not have waited so long and just got an offer from the beginning of the year for both. We lived almost another full year in an old flat that was less than ideal for we...

I really really wish I would have trusted my gut about moving in with Jamison. Something was telling me that I should live by myself again, not sign a lease so hastily, look at other housing options. I ended up getting hurt and screwed over. I'm sure there will be a great lesson in there in a bit, but for now, it'll sting for a while and affect our friendship and grad cohort.

I'm easily caught up in details, things I can't change, and unrealistic expectations. So, looking back I see a lot I could have done differently. These thoughts come to mind: holding on to resentments, not being able to admit the truth to myself, and in general falling short of expectations. I'm realizing that I chase the next step in life- if only I had this, or did that, or could just get, etc. Each stage of life has it's place, no better than the rest. Each chapter has equal weight, and brings new challenges making the old ones seem far away and easily attainable. This year I am proud of graduating and finding a job. Reminding myself that I persevered to get here. It is an anxious time to be on my own, in a new job, in a new field, that I often feel overwhelmed by. BUT! it's me and I'm learning to do me and where I fit in this world.

Done differently: So many things! Taken the time to respond and not react, made assumptions, taken things personally, not been an attentive enough friend, roommate, sibling, child... Mostly, I wish I had handled my thinking around my past relationships differently. I wish I had been able to be more realistic about my relationships, not wish for what they could be, and I think that has gotten in the way of allowing me to develop new relationships. I've been carrying a lot of unnecessary baggage, and I'm ready to let it go. I am proud that I can look back and say that I really, truly did my best in the past year. Dealing with feelings of doubt, insecurity, depression, adjusting to a whole new city and re-adjusting to living in America -- and those were just what's inside of me, never mind the hangups caused by others... I really, truly did my best and I did well -- in school, at work, with my family. I hold myself to an incredibly high standard; I probably don't get enough sleep or have enough fun, and yet I still beat myself up and say I should/could do better. But the truth is, I've been successful and it's set me up for further success.

I'm so proud of how well we've done adjusting to life as parents. My husband is a true partner. He changed his first dirty diaper before we left the hospital. I was worried I wouldn't like or maybe wouldn't be good at being a mom, but taking care of her is a joy. I love every minute.

I am especially proud of the way I left my organization after 22 years. I was fired, but held my head high and left with great class. The company gave me a going away party that packed a 200 person room. I did not lash out, I did not burn bridges, I did not blame and the coworkers I left were proud of the work we did and the leader I had been. In a strange way I feel it was my finest moment.

I wish I had more resources to finish all the projects I have started. ...um...i haven't quit on my dreams and goals even with all the setbacks.

I passed my lactation exam! I didn't just give up, I took the death of my father and all the other competing items for my attention in stride and kept studying and tried my best and what do you know? I passed! And then, it was okay that I didn't want to do it full time. I just did it for me and I learned a lot about breastfeeding....and myself.

I would like to work on continuing to be present in my life with my family. In particular, I would like to set more boundaries around my technology use and to use it in a more mindful way. I am proud of how well my children are doing and how happy they seem to be.

I wish I had not stopped in Bakersfield on my way to my California trip. I wish I had continued on and had a nice visit as planned with friends. I am proud of almost everything. From my strength to my vulnerability. I am proud of my emotional and spiritual growth.

I am so proud of the memorial for my mom, Linda Koegel, that my family held and that I facilitated and made happen. It took so much work to make it happen, to be ready to be that vulnerable, to take care of my own grieving needs in order to make that space for everyone else to grieve as well. It felt really good to carve out the space to honor my mom. The memorial was on August 27, a month before my 28th birthday and two weeks before the 4-year anniversary of my mom's death. I miss my mom so much, in such a big way that its hard to even say it loud or talk about it. In such a gaping, obvious way that I don't often verbalize it, because the hurt is so big. It felt good to show some of that to the world, in a perfectly imperfect way, celebrating all the ways my mom shaped us and then reflecting that back to her, to the community, and for all of Whole time to see.

I'm actually very proud I had the guts to quit my job. It was incredibly hard, frightening and new -- but it was also one of the best decisions I've ever made. Alternatively, I wished I had been more ambitious when I wasn't working. I did get lots of things done, but I wished I had set my sights higher. It's really easy to get caught up with the small things.

Typically, I do not review my past with thoughts of changing what I might have done. Certainly there lots to reflect on, but not to think about doing things in the past differently. Yes, there are things I am proud of from the past year. Maybe I am most proud that my daughter finally recognized that she could find her way on her own and be successful at it. I am proud that I gathered my siblings together from distant places for a long weekend together. I am proud that I have been able to help people needing some support.

I wish i had spent a little bit more time trying to find a stable community in new york. My lack of consistent connections can lead me to feeling deeply unsatisfied overall, and forgrtting the longstanding connections i have with friends already. I end up expecting a lot, too much, out of new people i meet.

I wish I had not just yet the past year slip away. While I feel I used my time to the best of my ability, it feels now like it went too fast. Perhaps what I wish I had done differently is actually that I wish I could not feel that way. Alternatively, I feel like I really became my own woman, relatively self reliant and unafraid to express my mind. I'm just grateful for everything that got me there

I spent a longtime thinking about this. I am especially proud of the income I bring in to our family, the pension and the example I have set for my girls career wise as well as relationship wise. personally, professionally Something I wish I had done differently. Started this writing thing sooner. Could have easily done one class. Even if it was on class a week with the second on line. I am also proud that I have maintained my shape. Have made a couple of good friends. developed an adult relationship with my girls. Feel they can talk to me. Being supportive of their decisions. That they have not felt the need to move away from home so as to " get away from me ( us) Saying I'm sorry when I made a mistake, which is something I do not remember either one of my parents every did while I was growing up.

When people around me were being ugly. It was tempting to sink to their level, but I rose up. I feel very proud that I left my job on a high note. Other people noticed too, but most important was that I did what I knew was right.

I stood up for myself whenever I could. I saw moments when I could continue to be the same but decided to make moves for myself and my joy instead of for others' comfort. I focused on humanity within myself and hoped to encourage others around me to do the same. I loved my friends and myself more than ever. I thought less about money and more about how to share it in thoughtful ways.

I took chances this year. I kept doing things that scared me because I knew the anxiety wouldn't go away if I didn't confront the fears, and I wound up learning and growing and accomplishing a lot as a result. I conquered my fear of open water racing, spent a lot of time practicing my lake swimming, and I ended up having the fastest swim times of my competitive career, to date. I ran my first half-marathon and realized that my body was capable of things I never thought it could do. I discovered that singing is my favourite form of meditation and I started attending chanting sessions through shul, and joined Choir!Choir!Choir! This was a HARD year for me personally, but I don't wish I had done anything differently because I learned many valuable lessons.

I could've focused more on school, studied more, gotten better grades, but I did get B in all classes, and to me that is good. Though when mentioning that to other people it's not good at all... I try to do what I need but I haven't focused on school in so many years it's hard to change it now. I want a better GPA, but I also know my own mind and how it wanders off and how it's strained. It's not easy but I'm trying, I just wish I'd try harder. I am proud I got B in all classes, I thought I'd do worse, I just wish that was good enough for other people as well and I don't understand why it's not.

I am pretty religious about New Year's Resolutions, an attitude I acquired after celebrating the New Year's in Japan in 1970 and learning from Japanese friends how very seriously they took a resolution. So the reflective impact of a Yom Kippur type of day in Tokyo was combined with choices for the next year. Fails: I did not succeed as I meant to in getting serious writing published. I let life get in the way. Also, my weight loss is not where it needs to be and the added 10 lb I need to lose make me think the secret to getting those off is atop Mt Everest! On the other hand, I have become a bit of a better husband and father. We took in a godchild to help her go to college, and I have begun cooking to honor my wife for all the great cuisine she prepared over these last decades, and to give her Sundays off. Also, I began to organize beer expeditions with the neighbors (a resolution from our New Years Eve party - yea) and those are great times to bond and deepen friendships.

I wish I wouldn't have let Emily move in. I should have trusted my gut on that one. That was a huge waste and a bad experience for nothing. I wish I would have been able to connect with Dru more. Or friendship fell apart. I wish I would have spent more time with friends. I wish I wouldn't have spent so much time caring about my stupid job. Jobs are dumb, and bosses are dumb. All of them. They aren't worth it! I wish I would have went to the gym!

I wish I had been more patient and empathetic.

No regrets. Pretty happy with how things are panning out. There's always things you could have done better, different, but things go as they go and the results are sometimes what is needed I guess. Especially proud? Not really. Everything and nothing.

I wish I would have had a little more stick-to-it-ive-new about Orange Theory. I did great for the first 4 months of the year, even got several other people to join. But then like all the other times, I didn't lose weight so I didn't realize or appreciate or accept any of the changes in my body so I got frustrated and Q-U-I-T. Here's to the last 3 months of this year being better then the middle 5! Lol. :)

I wish I had put more planning into after the summer. I left myself a pretty big gap to feel lost in and I'm still working on getting out of it. I could have left less to chance. I also think planning more could have allowed me to more comfortably continue traveling like I had been. I'm pretty proud of how I planned out my year and I accomplished a lot of things. I did a lot and I worked really hard in many ways (personally and professionally). i did a ton of traveling and kept in touch with/made new many friends. It's been a wonderful year and I am excited for next steps.

I feel Like I should have set some goals. Something proud of? I suppose I've been impressed with making clear and concise decisions and sticking to them. Especially, when my time and commitment level is involved. I've let my yes mean yes and my no mean no.

I wish I hadn't lied so much. I wish I didn't dig myself into holes of lies that I feel like I can't fix because then I'd have to admit to all the lies I've told. I just want to be able to live my life the way I want and not be so afraid of the consequences. I'm proud of how I handled big changes; it was a year of lots of endings and beginnings and I managed to try and make the most of them while still moving forward.

I wish I would have listened to the signs and not gone up for the spike that resulted in my knee injury. I'm especially proud of my kids and how they are adapting to living in our new town.

I wish that I had spent more time seriously working on getting physically healthy. This is something I'd like to work on going forward.

I am proud of the workshops I designed and led at three national conferences this year. I love presenting/facilitating, so once I completed my M.Ed. last April and finally had more free time, I submitted four different workshop proposals with some of my favorite colleagues. All four proposals were accepted, and each workshop was well-received! My boss attended two of the workshops and was so blown away that he sent a two-page email to the entire organization, singing our praises. I am grateful that from last year's work, my colleague and I were approached to present our workshop at an additional conference this November.

I wish I had been more quick to achieve my passion projects like writing in my journal every night and morning, one line. I wish that my relationship with Teddy could heal quicker and not hold back the relationships (friendships) with the rest of the community, but I know it will take time. I'm especially proud of my dedication to my solo journey, my family and my nearest and dearest dedicated friends. I'm proud that I finally got my passport, I'm proud I opened my heart to attending further future In focus of my owhn happiness not expecting to discover a deeper kind of love. Alex. It is teaching me communication like never before, with him being long distance it encourages me to better myself and the communication I have with friends// my girlfriends.

My goal for many many years has been to stop speaking lashon hara... to stop speaking ill of people, or even just speaking about people "behind their backs." Sadly, I'm still not where I want to be with that. I am getting better at stopping myself from diving into venting or saying something bad about someone, and sometimes even when I don't catch myself ahead of time, I'm getting better at saying something *good* about that person, too.

I wish I could have gotten into my yoga on a more permanent basis rather than accepting any excuse that came along to not go

I wish I had done something different and stayed in France instead of moving back to India. I'm proud that I could gift my parents their anniversary vacation.

I don't know, I don't really know what I would have done differently this past year. I'm pretty happy with how I did my life. I'm proud of how I have raised my children, to be nice, sweet, loving little people. I'm glad that they are my children. I am proud of them and of how they treat each other and how I see them interact with their teachers and friends.

Over this past year, when it comes to critiques in my decision making, the action at the forefront of my mind was my lack of motivation to pursue a summer job. After the final day of school junior year, after the many tests that I trudged through, the numerous bubbles I had to fill in, the essays I had to write, I felt a large weight lifted off of my whole body, and decided I needed time off from such a schedule based daily routine. I foolishly chose to move around my house in a sloth-like manner, not realizing that my opportunity to make a substantial paycheck was just an online application and 5 minutes walk away at my local Papa Gino's. After my two weeks of hibernation in the blistering summer, I chose to enter this convenient pizza joint and ask an employee if there were job opportunities for unexperienced workers like myself for the summer. I was expecting a resounding yes or a vertical nod of the head, but in reality the employee merely scoffed at me and said I was "only about a month late." I returned home dejected and sweaty from the baking sun, certain that my desires to enter the workforce have now been liquidated. I am extremely proud of my ability to prioritize during the end of the previous school year, even with ample extra time that threw me out of my ordinary demanding daily schedule during the school year. After the daunting AP tests were finally completed, I embarked upon a month long journey of a slight change of pace in my schedule: instead of having 6 rigorous classes on a daily basis, I now only had 3 which essentially guaranteed me a half day of school for the remainder of the year. Although many students would bask in this excessive free time and get roped into the competitive games of basketball that were played for hours by other juniors with their newly acquired free periods, I chose to complete all my studies during the day to free up as much time as possible for myself back at my house. This proved extremely useful for me because not only did I relieve many anxieties and the stress level I had during the school year with AP classes, I also got to connect with my mother more and truly listen what she experiences on a daily basis. Through this ability to prioritize, I was able to reconnect with my family and not just eat with them at the dinner table then scurry back into my room.

I wish I had the resources to go back to NJ this year. I wish I had not taken out the loan last Nov. I'm proud to have worked w/ prosperity coaches and that I'm doing better at creating what I need to support the family.

I am most proud of my own healing. I wish I had been able to be more up front sooner with my brother about things. I wish I had known how to give myself a voice in situations that I didn't know how. But I can now! And I'm proud of that! I wish migraines weren't a thing and I hadn't gained weight. Or stalled at anything. But the truth is: through the pain I am learning so much and I am really proud of myself for dealing with it, not just dealing, but becoming someone who can thrive. I'm proud of myself for becoming a person who can reach out for help all the time in all ways and also can rely on myself. If I fall I will catch me!!!!

I wish that I had more patience in dealing with people. I have to slow down and reflect before reacting to situations.

I will remember 2015 as the year grad school began. The value of time isn't always clear until time is past. I expect this time will be of that vein. I'm reminded that you shouldn't run until you know where you're going. If I could've done something differently this past year, perhaps it would've been taking joy in the walk.

I wish I had gone on vacation earlier than September. That's not so bad, but I was wiped out by the time vacation actually came around. I'm proud that I have more to charity this year than ever before. Because I was financially able. I ran/biked my first Duathalon. I really enjoyed life and made more time for myself too. I can feel my happiness helping others and buoying them during difficult times.

I wish that I had played more offense instead of playing read and react, or prevent defense. I'm proud that Ive learned to notice myself doing this, and starting to turn it around.

This year, I wish I had kept in better touch with some of my friends from high school and college.

I wish I spent more time with my friends and family and less time worrying about work. I am proud of the ways in which I have helped in my community.

Alas, there is so much I should have done differently, and also nothing of which I am particularly proud. Yet, not sure there is much more I COULD have done differently, and nothing comes to mind of which I am particularly proud. There are some good things: I tutored, I gave comfort to my mother, I supported my husband and tried to be a good friend.

I am proud that I (finally) seem to be finding my footing, and being able to accept that even when it doesn't feel like it I am doing okay. I am also proud that I have recognized when I feel stuck and actually making moves to make changes that are (long over due and much) needed. I just wish this was my answer last year...or the year before

i wish i would have started therapy sooner. it has been such a good thing to hear a professional tell me that i am not a terrible mother, despite the fact that my "tiny terrorist" aka my adopted teenage daughter has done everything possible to try to make me think i am. i wish i hadn't been so afraid to start. i am super proud of myself for choosing to go. i know it has helped me not give up on my daughter, when it would be completely understandable and okay if i did. there's a reason people have a hard time adopting a teenager. it's fucking hard. but she deserves love even when it feels impossible to give it. without therapy, an awesome support system, and SO MUCH GRACE, i would have sent her packing before Christmas last year. instead, i kept saying yes and kept pushing through. it's still fucking hard a lot of the time. but i'm not doing any of this by myself. and that's my favorite part. ⭐

I was afraid of devoting myself to meditation because of what I would find. I was afraid to find the truth and that the truth would tell me that I am not who I think I am at all. Yes. The more time I spent alone with a desire to be close to God, the less I thought of myself. Just thinking of God and starting each day spending time with my new old friend. So many questions dissolved into an infinite sea. I could surrender and never be afraid of drowning again.

i wish i had made a stronger effort to see my own potential

Recently I find myself wishing I could be more patient with my children--especially at nap time or getting in the car, or getting dressed--some of those transition times. I feel really disappointed in myself when I just get so tense and unleash on them. I am proud of some of the things I have done at work --winning Walter's case, getting more involved in AILA, and of course also racing the triathlon.

I wish I had listened more carefully to myself and others. I'm proud of having powerfully completed the 12 steps in ACA. Proud of having a show of collages at Mariposa. Proud of stopping smoking - may I stay strong. Wish I were better at going to bed at a decent hour. Really glad i cut mu hair and let it be natural. Wish I had finished my autobiography.

There is SO MUCH I wish I had done differently this past year, but at the same time there is also SO MUCH that I'm proud of accomplishing. Do those counteract each other?...I don't think so. I'm working hard at being more honest both with myself and others and there were several instances of that where I failed miserably this year. I got too overwhelmed with work and school and told lies to get out of commitments which made me feel horrible. I feel like some of the worst of me came out this year amidst all of the stress: impatience, irritability, frustration and lack of understanding. I wish I had been more compassionate to everyone around me and had not taken my work so seriously. When I arrived home, I wish I hadn't been so impatient with mom. I should not have been so quick tempered and eager to leave, but I should have listened to her concerns and taken time to tell her I'm here for her and ready to help. I guess the good thing is, ive started doing that now. These hard times have slowed me down and made me appreciate the little things--especially friends and family. I need to take it slower, be kinder, be more gracious, and most importantly work on being as honest as possible. Back to the pride--I feel like I accomplished the impossible this year: completing grad school, helping mom sell the house, and getting a job! This has definitely been the most productive year for me in memory and it feels so good to accomplish long standing (sometimes seemingly impossible) goals. I don't feel like I'm a better person for accomplishing these things--I'm burnt out and a shell of who I was two years ago starting school. I feel more anxious, more pessimistic, more burdened after accomplishing these terrific things. The very good thing: I'm feeling very optimistic.

I'm very proud of putting the memorial library for my friend Brian. He loved games and puzzles, and being able to share that with others helped me to grieve properly for him, and find a way to help his memory live on.

I wish i would have spent my time more wisely.Every person is born with special qualities and I have realized this year that I have pursued some qualities that I will never have like certain 'types'of communication skills & time management skills.in that I have also realized that I have been blessed with the ability of seeing beyond what other people do not see in others.that helps me go deeper for a moment with those that may need to see the light of G-d.This may take more time.this DOES take words that do not come from my mind.This is just 1 of the reasons why Our Awesome God amazes me.bc my words are not my own.I just wish I could have spent my time trusting Him more in the words with my own son

Proud of moving

Nothing in reply to either, really, except the weight is creeping on again and I regret that.

I wish that I hadn't cut my ex-boyfriend off completely when we broke up, I would've liked to transitioned our relationship to friendship. I am proud of leaving Pinterest. I took on a new challenge, a huge opportunity, got a 20k raise, all without much effort.

I wish I had updated my resume and portfolio this year. I was let go from my job in August and spent nearly two weeks just getting my stuff together. I know I did not have the mental capacity to do these tasks earlier because I was concentrating on my Mom's health and not really thinking of myself, but even if I had done some of this prep work a year or two ago, it would have been a big help. I am especially proud of my son and daughter. My son followed through on his internship and grew further into becoming a good man. My daughter has become an amazing, thoughtful, and kind person and a really good student at school.

From this past year I am especially proud of the academic award I received. I worked really hard and poured myself into my studies. I felt like the award was a public recognition of that, and I liked that my friends and family were proud of me too.

"If I could turn back time..." I wish I wouldn't have taken Sister Schools job. I wish I would have trusted myself a little more that I could make money a different way and didn't grab onto something so fast. I was afriad of running out of money and I loved the idea of being an Executive Director. I also wish I moved faster on getting the 501c3 and not being so afraid. I wish I pushed harder with Rene on some things. I wish I didn't freak out when Adina when to camp or when things got crazy this last year. I wish I took more vacation. At the same time, for all the "wishes" I had this last year I also have a lot of things I am proud of as well. I took a HUGE leap. Yes, I made a lot of mistakes but I've learned a lot about myself, about others, and about being a manager and a leader. I feel like I know better about who I am and what I do well as a leader and where I need help (and where I really suck!). As much as I really do stuggle with the amount of time I put into my day-to-day life...I wouldn't have given this year up for anything. It was truly life changing!

I wish I had made more art this summer - actually I didn't make any art this summer. But I'm not going to beat myself up about it as I think I understand the reason - I am still grieving for my mother who died in December, 2015. I need to give more space in my life for grieving her. I'm especially proud of how I orchestrated the surprise birthday celebrations for my husband's 70th birthday. We got all three sons, one wife and one girlfriend to Alaska and in the course of three days surprised him with their presence! We had several days of being together; those who wanted to hike hiked, those who wanted to fish fished and we shared the work of fixing meals. We made a lot of good memories. I'm happy that I have made a regular commitment to being a volunteer working with homeless and drug addicted people. I learn a lot from them and from the people who are staff and volunteers and I'm slowly making some new friends.

I wish that I had done a better job with my mindfulness practice. I need to make more time for reflective breathing a few minutes a day. Since my job here is so much less stressful I find it's hard to tear down my "efficiency mode" that I'm used to operating in to be reflective and mindful as I'm working. I'm especially proud of my adventurousness this past year. We went for it and got the highest reward. We feel so incredibly blessed and fortunate to be doing what we're doing now.

I wish I had found ways to take my health more seriously this past year. I escaped stress into food and lack of exercise, and didn't take care of my body particularly well.

Proud of my cycling this year. Done some serious mileage including Velothon and Tour de Wales. I wish I'd started training earlier and harder during the week though.

I think because I am in a good mood about things, I'm feeling really content with the year. One thing I wish I did better was take care of my body/health better. When I started my new job in April, I had a lot of anxiety and felt obligated to work all the time, and didn't exercise, and got really sick. So I relearned how important boundaries are, and knowing and listening to your body is. I'm still not where I want to be with an exercise routine and with health, but I am optimistic because I'm not the sort of person who is content with poor health. It's also so clear how much better you are at work when you're healthy, so it's in the best interest of productivity to slow down sometimes. One thing I'm proud of is how much I've learned at work in 6 months. It's a firehose of information and lots of change and it's been really rewarding to see how much I can absorb and also how much I know and can direct. I feel confident in my business skills. And I finally successfully did pivot tables and V lookup. And I'm finally proud of my company in a real way, where I can leverage my network with confidence. I've hit my stride.

End of September last year... Where was I. I am think I was in Tallinn. Walking to her place, going the longer way, the way that brought me in front of the Batailon. And I was thinking to myself that it's been a year since I got out. I guess now that means it's my 2nd year out. What would I do differently since that walk to her apartment in the autumn chill. I wish I would have taken more photos, pushed my ideas further into reality. Many I did, but it was means to and end. Wish I had recorded them better, in blog or post, but my ideas and finished works float around across several platforms, here there missing there, incomplete and incomprehensible. I wish I had taken more from the world and wish I gave more back. But I'm not unhappy with what I've accomplished. Or do to away with that double negative, ha there's a photograph in that word, stacked negatives enlarged would be a double negative, if the images was of someone that might evoke the phrase" I didn't do nothing". Anyway, to do away with that, I feel rather proud of it all. I've done what I wanted to accomplish. I'm most proud of, well my relationship with Siiri. I've been able to give her so much, and the way she reacted to finding out with happiness, that shows it, that's what I'm proud of accomplishing. Having someone happy to share in the joy and pains of parenthood with. Need to stop writing, but lately I've been imagining the feelings that come after your child grows up and no longer live with you. When they've moved on. I'm worrying about missing him or her after they're gone before they've even gotten here.

Differently ~ hired a better office person and I wish I'd been more attentive to detail re: business. For some reason, I have felt disconnected and not as ready willing and able on that front. I will not be so "nice" to clients I end up "liking" as they are the ones who push the limits of their event rentals. I have learned my lesson on a few fronts ... less heart, more on paper, stick to my guns! (mostly anyway ; ) Proud ~ physically: ramping up into great shape, playing more tennis and getting back on the water windsurfing when I felt I'd about given up! What a boost. spiritually: back to meditation classes more, focusing inwardly more than usual in past few years

I sm proud of having taken the step to live and work abroad.

I'm surprised to say that my first inclination was to say no, I don't feel like I would have done things differently. I can look at this entire year and recognize that it was all a learning process and I've grown an exceptional amount in a short span of time. Actually. I regret not calling Grandma more, but I know why I didn't. I think it would have been painful for both of us to try to speak on the phone because we would both have been confused by her dementia and Parkinson's. I can forgive myself for that, but I still feel like it was lost time. I'm proud of myself for a lot of things this year. I'be traveled to new countries, made it through a difficult loss in those countries and helped a friend through one too, joined a start up and crunched so hard I thought I might not be able to keep going, and have put everything I have into something. Because I can. I'm sad because I'm realizing that important relationships might be running their course, but I almost feel okay about it. I'm not sure with how I feel about feeling okay about that.

Yes, there are things I wish I had done differently this past year: * not letting others bring me down * not letting the wrong habits take over my life * being stronger in taking bolder actions * learning to stop the negative chatter and insecurities * uplifting my level of consciousness I am proud that now I learn to break free from all this. And follow God's Plan for me.

I wish I had come to grips with my body. My space. I gave up at some point. Proud? Not sure... little things like, making a new garden bed, or tearing out the porch. Fixing things. Or accomplishing little things. But they aren't for me. They are about maintenance.

I regret the chance I didn't take. A while ago I met a girl and made eye contact. I could tell that both felt a little bit of a spark because she approached me and we started chatting but I didn't do anything further. To this day I still replay that in my mind and wish I had had the guts to take the next step.

I wish I had done things differently in regards to love and relationships. I'm extremely skeptical and it prevents me from seeing things for what they are. If there's one thing I would've done differently, it would've been to trust more and to have more patience. When it comes to love and relationships, things don't happen overnight. Although, I believe everything happens for a reason, I feel there could've been less heartbreak had I approached things with a different mindset.

I wish I had woken up earlier, in terms of going after what my purpose is much more. Even though it big event in my life is now forcing me to do that, it comes with all this pressure to make money, because I'm not working and not collecting unemployment. So I have this added layer of trying to figure out what I'm meant to do while I need to figure out how to pay rent. Perhaps it's the pressure I need, but I look back and realize it didn't have to be this way. But then again I think to myself, well maybe this is exactly what I need to be going through. I'm proud that I said no to the money and status and left my job.

I made a concerted effort to complete some projects this year. First I listed them on a piece of paper and posted that list front-and-center where I could see it. It reminded me of things I needed to do; before I would start a "new" project, I'd have to see the things I had half-done around here. I managed to complete several of the items on my list! The one I am most proud of is a quilt that I started making in 2000 -- I've hauled that thing around for 16 years, through 4 moves, just staring at it and thinking about finishing it. It is now DONE, and I was surprised at the relief I felt when I put in the final stitches. There were some other smaller projects that I'd been meaning to get around to finishing that the list prompted me to complete. While there are still about 3 items left on this past year's list, I have a great sense of accomplishment. I look forward to evaluating the "leftovers" -- are they something I really WANT to do ? Is it necessary? Can I release it? Shall I carry it over for the coming year? What other items will I finish in the next year?

As I've said before, looking back with regret - not in anyone's best interest. Proud of? YES! My voice over career is moving steadily onward, but I've discovered I have a major talent for video production. I exceeded the bounds of the simple software and needed to get something more robust. But more than the software are the ideas and final expressions I've created. From $45 being a high priced video, I now get $350. And I have clients outside of the websites too.

I wish I had not nagged my kids so much about not working and all...it came to me this past weekend that they are good people. really good hearts, loving and a wonderful addition to the world. It is I who have been indoctrinated to feel that the struggle for money and worldly success is the goal. I have succeeded in contributing 3 wonderful beings into the world. I need to let go of judgment after that. I am proud that I am growing.

I wish I was kinder to myself when I was recovering from brain surgery. It took much longer to feel whole than I expected. I'm proud of losing some weight and preparing to run a 10K later this month.

I am fallible and make many mistakes, but I wouldn't change any of them, how else would I learn about the world and find my place. It's a small thing but I always feel a great pride in the fact that I make the time to give blood. Who wouldn't want to save lives?

I am so proud of completing my master's degree. On the one hand, it shouldn't have been a big deal. But after years of struggling and failing from anxiety and depression, it was a big risk to move across the country for a program that I wasn't sure I could successfully complete. And I did it. I struggled, I wasn't perfect, but overall, I thrived. I'm starting to get my confidence back. Confidence that I didn't realize I had been living without for so many years. For the first time in over a decade, I feel like I'm succeeding again.

Different- Noel- wish I had taken APUSH Zoe- wish she had taken creative writing instead of journalism Hak- I wish I had realized how sick my mom was. Sullivan- given myself more free time Pru- wish I hadn't left my sister at school one day Jess and Sullivan- wish I saved more money over the summer Proud- Jess- passed 10th grade! Cam- went to school didn't fail out....yay! Jess- got a job at Jimmy Johns! Kaden- made first goal in soccer! Noel- figured out the overhand serve Sullivan- EOC scores for last year's sophomores was a 94% pass rate!!!!!!! Jess- deleted my twitter Zoe- " my life is full of regret :("

I do wish I had written more and hunted for a new job with more conviction. I'm guilty of procrastination when it comes to my writing, placing it on the back burner while I claim I want that to be my main career. This year I'm employing some new time management techniques and I really hope in 2017 to report that I'd adhered to this new way of prioritizing.

I wish I had put more pressure on myself to get going with my own initiatives on the business front and that I had resolved my internal conflict in regard to my relationship.

I wish I had not spent all that time, energy, and money on trying to have a garden. It was not worth it. I am proud of being able to let go of more and more.

I'm especially proud of having bought a house this year. It's an awesome step for us financially, and I feel so independent. Being homeowners in our 20's is a great accomplishment, I think.

I wish I had understood more clearly or been more honest with myself of what I wanted and didn't want in terms of my relationship with Stephen. His lack of clarity didn't matter as much as the clarity with myself. But in that regard, I'm proud of myself for doing all the work and setting healthier boundaries each time. One thing I'm very prof of myself for doing was having my first painting exhibit. I painted to express and do something I love and I invested time and energy (and openness) to share the paintings in a public space. It came out to be larger than I had imagined, being on TV shortly, being able to share poetry as well and people being interested in buying some pieces. It was an exciting and learning opportunity.

It always seems I wish I would have trusted Adonai more in the difficult times; however, I know He continues to stretch me and it is a process. It is easy to trust when everything seems to be steady.

I am so proud of myself for enrolling at IIN and taking the leap to reach out to Kayla to workout together. I would never have done that without having enrolled in school and started on this path in the wellness industry. I do wish that I had been more inclusive to Ruthie who also enrolled at IIN and I did leave behind while I rode the fast track of this opportunity. There were times when I did not involve her on purpose because I felt like I was doing all of the work and she would just be reaping the rewards of my time and energy. I do feel bad and know that I lost a friend by doing this, but I had to look out for myself. If she wasn't taking the risks like I was and putting herself out there like I was, why should she be rewarded. But I know that if someone had done that to me I would have been very upset. So my heart is torn on hurting someone but knowing that I did what I did for me.

I wish we would have utilized the infertility coverage from our old insurance before we lost it. It would have been so much easier to address that stuff while we didn't have to pay for it. I'm really proud of us for getting to the point we have as far as jobs, home, and Logan's preschool. I think we have found a nice Balance and life is really fun right now.

Wish I had worked out in a gym, although it was impossible with our travel schedule. My Italian has gotten better despite my lack of conventional studying.

I wish I hadn't given other people so much power to shape my perceptions of myself.

I wish I would have broken up with my girlfriend earlier than I did. We started dating in December of 2015 and broke up around April 2016. Looking back on the relationship, I realize that is stopped being beneficial for either of us way before April. We have had a good break up and have been nice to each other since, but I really wasted some time there where I could have been dating other people, having new experiences, and being a different person. In the alternative, I'm really proud of my ability to live on my own. This has been the first time I've truly did it on my own and I think I've nailed it so far. I haven't missed any bill payments, never gotten behind on my rent, and overall am in a 100% better financial position than I've ever been before. I've done a great job.

I think I would've stood up for myself more in terms of my job (asking for more money) and asking for what I want in my kind of relationship because that's been pretty sloppy. However, I am proud of how I've progressed in terms of relationships ending and how I handle that. I also think that I've been making real steps towards being happy and relieving some anxiety. Working towards saving money.

I wish I had continued to exercise on a regular basis. Specifically, I wish I had signed up for a yoga course, though I'm always reluctant to spend money on myself. However, I'm always in a better frame of mind when I exercise regularly. It's hard for me to feel proud of myself. I suppose another thing I wish I'd done differently this year is to let go of more of my self-criticism. ... If pushed to pick something I'm proud of, I would say it's publishing my fourth book. Putting work out for public consumption is always an act of service and hope. In that vein, I'm also proud of the quality of my teaching.

I'm very proud of my desire to do the Century Ride on Geppetto in June, and of the lessons it required. This has given me the direction in finding another horse and because of that, I found Seville in Seattle, a velvet cupcake. I learned that I can't make that decision by myself and need professional help, which is ok. I'm glad I ran with that experience. I'm proud I studied for an aliyah at Rosh Hashana and hope to repeat it each year, a grateful and comforting experience of my gratitude for such abundant blessings. Perhaps my ancestors wake up to listen and hear me honoring them. I miss my Mom deeply this time of year.

I would say that every year there are things that I wish I had done differently, but overall that is just the consequence of a reflective life. On a professional level, I am proud that I finally finished graduate school, and that I was one of the few people able to pass the CEM course. Personally, I am glad that I keep trying to spend time with the kids and Melissa.

I'm proud of the way I handled the move, with order and execution. My commitment in relocating was no storage bin to put boxes and stuff into that we'd probably never look at again. We went from a 4200 sq ft house to a 1460 foot apartment. We realized that there so many people in need of sheets, towels, blankets, kitchen equipment, etc. We donated office supplies & equipment to a NFP working with schools in a low-income area that desperately needed them. Our abundance filled so many needs and it felt so good to provide.

This past year I wish I could have focused more on working with each child on their homework. Alex got lost in the shuffle. I took for granted that he's a middle schooler and surely I don't need to stay on top of him but that was sorely not the case. He barely made it to 7th grade. It feels like if I help one child, the other 3 fall in the gutter and that just SUCKS! What am I proud of this year? That Darien enrolled in college and is halfway through one semester and hasn't yet said "screw you" to me and dropped out!

I put on a camp for 61 Haitian diabetics. I am very proud of that accomplishment.

I wish I had been the one to take care of my father when he was ailing. His care was not up to par with what he deserved. I got a new job and after months of failing forward for months I have figured out the responsibilities and am excelling at the job. It feels good to learn new things and then master them.

I'm really really proud that I shaved my head. I'm really proud that I made that kind of sacrifice for a cause. And I'm really proud that I was open to change.

I wish I would have got my shit together and graduated on time.

I wish I had been more intentional with how I used my time this year. My time is crowded with demands of work and other things set in motion a long time ago and now on auto pilot. I want to choose how to use my time and not feel overwhelmed by choices made by other people. Or choices I made a long time ago that may not be right for me now.

No there is nothing I wish I done differently. No regrets!!

I'm proud of the hot mess adventure I've been journeying. I wouldn't change a thing, it's all happening as it should...good, bad, awkward and ugly.

I wish I had done more art this year. Year after year after year my goal is to do more art.... but I just can't get there.... I can't get to a point where it is part of my daily (or weekly) routine, and I don't know what is blocking me. Alternatively, I made significant progress in mental wellness this year - I uncovered some underlying issues I hadn't realized before. Day to day, I feel a big difference in HOW my brain works as opposed to how it used to. I have finally shut down some of the recurring thought spirals that I used to struggle with. I still operate on a spectrum and will have good days, sad days, anxious days, content days, etc... but my lows are not as low, they aren't as scary, and they aren't as powerful. And I genuinely believe that is a permanent change. There is a sort of peace that underlies my whole spectrum of emotions now, and I have never had that before.

I wish that I had tried harder last year to keep track of my schedule and objectives--it would have made completing lesson plans and TE homework less stressful, and the turn-in times for both less damaging to how my supervisor and instructor viewed me. Alternatively, I'm proud that I managed to finally land a lab job! I started emailing professors for a research assistanceship in February, and that initiative finally culminated in something great. Now that I'm working in the grasshopper/scorpion mouse lab, I'm ready to give it my all.

I'm proud of ending the tension between David & I over how Michell treats us - especially me as not family, we are never invited over except with her family for birthday parties. I'm letting it go, David sees them a lot without me and I don't say bad things to David about her.

I wish I hadn't fallen off the diet wagon. I've gained back weight that I was so proud of myself for losing and it feels terrible.

I can't really think of anything I wish I had done differently. I am proud of the way our family has grown together and how I have tried to utilize more patience and self control. I am also so proud of my family for beginning an exercise routine!

I wish I'd saved my money and not attended Coachella, because a month later they announced Desert Trip with Rolling Stones, The Who, McCartney, Roger Waters, Neil Young and Bob Dylan. I'd rather see geniuses instead of poseurs.

I wish that I had started writing something from the heart. I have been a writer my whole life and still haven't done that!

I can't think of any big regrets. I still wish Bob hadn't died but I really think we all made the best of it. I could have had more faith in Sam or been calmer or more confident about him but I don't think I had it in me. Out of great tragedy and upset, lots of good has come. I am on top of my shit logistically, I am still a mess emotionally but I'm working on it. I have better, deeper friendships, I'm definitely more me than I have been in decades. I guess if I have to be proud of something, it's that I've worked really hard to get myself together and while it hasn't been pleasant it has paid off - or at least I can see how it will pay off eventually. I wish I had a better relationship with my mom but I can only do my part -not hers.

I wish I hadn't put up with a bad living situation as long as I did. My fate is my own and I have to own that and take control. One thing I'm particularly proud of is having gotten better at setting boundaries so that I don't burn myself out from giving too much of myself away and putting myself last all the time.

I wish I had more completley thought about a job change . By this I mean I should have talked to all the parties involved, not just the hiring agent. Trust, but verify.

I guess I'm not ready to say I wish I hadn't bought a house. But there's a lot I wish I could do still, and the house is suddenly this big priority over those other things. Traveling, going back to school, living in another state or country. None of those things were around the corner, nor are they off the table entirely just bc of the house. But they feel further away. The undertone of my insecurities at the moment is that I missed out on having more adventures in my 20's. I am proud of my new job, how well I've performed and what a renewed sense of confidence I have in my abilities and intelligence. I still have to shake off some shame and regret for not being further along in my career, or not aspiring to enter a more important field. But overall, my career prospects are many times more hopeful than they were a year ago.

This is the first year where I feel like I did so many things that were the right things. They weren't always the best things, but they were right. I am proud of my ability to step up whenever things got rough and the being able to ride all the different emotions that came along with my life. I was able to become the matriarch to my family that I never thought I would be, and that is kind of amazing.

It's all about hindsight and education. Had I known that my mom wasn't getting the care and rehabilitation she needed when she first became ill, I would have shaken cages and fixed it. Had I known that the effort my husband and I have put into managing her affairs would have been unappreciated - and a battle at every single decision - I would have found a way to avoid doing pretty much anything. At least, I say that. I don't know that we could have just walked away and still maintained some self-respect. But it's hard to avoid the "no good deed goes unpunished" thought.

I really wish that I'd balanced diet and exercise a bit more. In my lonely nights at home in Melbourne, I often ordered take out to "treat myself," and with the minimum order I got so much. That meant both seriously overeating and spending money that I could have saved if I'd cooked. I also generally didn't eat very well, particularly while in Tokyo. I obviously ate WELL in that I ate many amazing, important things that I'm glad I indulged in. However, I also unnecessarily ate many baked goods or snacks. This is something that I"ve struggled with for all of my twenties - really yo-yoing and gaining and losing the same 20-30 pounds. I don't want to do that anymore. I am not going to be a person that deprives myself ever, because food and beverage are so important to me. But I do need a more regular exercise regime that I sustain (including cardio, not just yoga), as well as balance and cooking at home more. I am proud of myself for making decisions that have been hard but in my best interest. Going to Tokyo was a really good one. Also deciding to move home was so hard, but for the best.

I'm proud of the feedback that I get from the students I teach and the fact that they keep in touch long after they leave the school. I am proud of having put some energy into exercising regularly this year, but I also wish I would have worked harder at watching what I eat. It's as if I have no self control at all in that area.

I am especially proud of the way I cared for my mom while she was so ill. The four months by her beside caring for her. Full of love and commitment to ensure she was comfortable, peaceful and felt loved in her final days. I know that I achieved that and more. Mom and I had left nothing unsaid. She was a true light in my life and I am so grateful for our relationship. I don't think that I would have done anything differently at all. For that I feel an immense sense of peace. Differently? Probably I would not have started a home remodel in the middle of chaos in my life. It only added to the immense stress I was already feeling. But regardless, I am happy to be living in the beautiful space now that brings me much joy.

I wish I had been more straight forward with my wife and let her know what I was feeling about things sooner. I should have let her know about writing to Ethan and getting a letter from Alma right away. I am really proud about how I conducted myself and organized the Yarzeit service for Ethan and how I got in touch with family including Alma.

I always think that I can be a stronger housewife, more patient mom and better friend. That is something I will always struggle with. I'm incredibly proud that in the past year I have removed toxic people in my life, learned how to set boundaries and found a job that I love.

I wish I had negotiated my summer hours differently, and been more proactive with my internship. I'm proud of being able to find how to work within the structures here to support students. I'm proud of my increased tolerance for conflict and ability to listen and negotiate within hard situations.

I wish I had done a better job of staying in shape and keeping fit. I also wish I had done a better job of networking, of reaching out to colleagues. I'm especially proud of the work I did for my dissertation, how I dealt with a totally new sort of research approach and managed to make quantitative as well as qualitative arguments that really felt true to myself, who I am as a thinker and as a person.

I wish I had sought out people who were more like me and more supportive instead of wishing and hoping that people in my life would be come more supportive of my ideas. I am really proud that I can better identify what is and is not working in my life.

I wish I did a better job centering my mind on what is really important, particularly at work. It's so easy to get bogged down in bureaucracy and paperwork. Sometimes I forget that my job -- the part that matters -- is working with people. The rest is a side issue. And I love my real job, I just hate paperwork.

I've tried to refocus on my family. I have a really needy Mom and it's taken a lot of my time, mentally and physically. I wish I would have realized sooner that I need to focus on my wife and children so I don't repeat the same mistakes as my forefathers. I'm proud of my family. We are not particularly good at anything but I think we'll all be solid, trustworthy members of our community.

There are always things I wish I did better, which would mean differently, I suppose, than I have done. I think by doing we learn and grow. I wish I had been a better parent, a better Dad, a better husband, and a better employee---- but I am also proud of the way I did all 4. I am proud because I know I always tried my best.

I wish I had kept better track of my money or spent it more wisely, but it was so exciting to finally have a regular income. I don't regret the shows and concerts I saw, the beautiful fabrics I bought, or the clothes. I just need to get a better handle on spending. I also wish I could have done a better job at volunteering regularly. Getting used to a new job faded away as an excuse, and hopefully by October 18 I'll have my driver's license and so my weekends will be free. I want to make sure what I do is something I really believe in. I've volunteered at a writing class at a senior center, but unfortunately that class is only during the week. I'd like to mentor or be a volunteer escort at a Planned Parenthood clinic. Finally, I'd like to go to temple more. There's so much about Judaism I want to learn. I finally found a nice congregation that isn't rabidly pro-Israel. I wouldn't observe the Sabbath, and I don't think I need to appease Hod through prayer, but Jewish ethics and rituals are fascinating. I also want to have a community. I don't want, for example, to have my funeral be lead by a stranger I didn't know who can't pronounce my name, or refuse to allow that a minyan can be 10 men and women, as opposed to 10 men, which held up my not-particularly religious grandmother's funeral. I want to make sure I'm surrounded by family.

I wish that I had not accepted the job at Maslow Project and stayed in Ashland, but I am proud of my decision to leave and come back to Seattle even before getting my current job. For me it was a big move to quit a job before having another one. Thankfully everything has worked out.

I wish I had managed to do more aerial acrobatics this year, its my love, and since buying my first flat 1.5 years ago I have battled to maintain the things that I love dearly. My life has been replaced with decorating. But I love that too, so I guess that's all good. When I next read this, I hope to have redesigned my life around my loves, so that I can reestablish that mythical work/life balance.

I wish I had a better handle on my OCDs, anxiety, depression. I wish I didn't let things get to me so easily. I am proud that I have been living on my own, in my own place, for over a year. I'm also proud that I'm loosing weight.

So proud of how my job is going. Not so happy with my weight, or my lack of running. But, my health is good otherwise.

Probably the one thing I really wish I had done differently this year would be to have applied to the Assistant Dean position, even though I was told not to. At the very least, my name would have entered the conversation at higher levels a little faster, and it would have kept the process a bit more honest. Thinking back, there is no reason that I shouldn't have applied.

I wish I had take the initiative more and stood my ground. I let someone else become my first priority and put myself second. That changes now. I tried to put myself out there. Sometimes I was successful and sometimes I hid in the corner and let my anxiety win.

I can honestly say that nothing comes to mind immediately that I wish I had done differently. There are times I wish I were able to do more, like be a better companion to my wife especially on our limited vacations when my health keeps me from physically doing all the things I'd like to do and she deserves from me. I do feel that I'm making progress as a person, however. Year by year I'm becoming more self-aware, more able to refrain from the pettiness and griping that pretty-well defined my earlier years. I realize I'm an ongoing project.

Yeah I wish I would have gone to therapy. I'm really good at taking care of people... just not myself. So I'm proud of my first year with my new baby, but I know it could have gone better!

I wish I had worked with my dad differently. I think I call him in when I think I can't handle something but then he kind of takes over and it affects our relationship. I should be confident enough in my own skills to handle situations or to know that I should hire an expert (outside of my family) who can help me. I've spent a lot of time thinking and evaluating what is important to me and what gives my life meaning. It is still a process to make sure that my time and energy are going into those projects rather than simply things people ask me to do or that I feel obligated to do. I'm proud of working on my intentions, working on my relationship with myself, and for meditating. The meditation has helped me take a step back and think about how I would like to react instead of simply reacting off the cuff.

Well, as mentioned. I got promoted to car sales which is great. A few years back I never would have thought being in car sales would have been the most ideal career, but being an Account executive with enterprise is pretty rad. I just need to make sure I can keep up.

I wish I had been the one to pick the day I came out to my wife as I would have been better prepared. I am especially proud that I did come out even at age 60

This past year has been a lot of fumbling, feeling around in the dark, putting myself out into a vulnerable career position that made me feel like cringing. Looking back, I would not change anything. Every experience has been deeply valuable, every success and failure. The main lesson I have learned is to ask for what I want, honestly. Let yourself be recognized for who you are. If I changed anything it would be to learn that and express it sooner, let it get into the fiber of my being. I'm still working on it, really.

It took me a year to get over my ex-boyfriend. I didn't date for a year. What a waste of my life. However, I went on a date this weekend so that's progress for me. Yeah me! LOL. What am I proud of - well. I made my house a home. I decorated. I bought nice plates and serving bowls. I bought napkins and placemats and made a few meals over here. I hung out with my old friends. I finally started sinking into the life I have and learning to embrace it, rather than crying over the one I lost.

My answer to this question is no, because there are many lessons and teachings that come with each experience that I have. I cannot regret what I did, it is done, regret does nothing nor changes anything, it is a wasted emotion. When it comes to being proud, I answer with this, Pride goeth before destruction, and an haughty spirit before a fall. Better it is to be of an humble spirit with the lowly, than to divide the spoil with the proud. While I don't think of anyone as lowly, including myself, I believe that whatever I do, I am doing the best I can at the moment based on who I was, when I experience that moment and go through it and grow into a better person, it is for me alone, not something to wear pride for.

I wish I didn't let myself gain 20 pounds. I am finding it harder to be motivated to loose it and I keep making excuses why I don't eat right on a given day.

The thing I wish I had done differently this past year would be that I wish that I spent less time correcting my daughters, less time yelling and being frustrated with them, and more time really exploring who they are, what they think, what their perceptions of the world are, what they want to do with their lives, and where they see themselves going in the future. What are their hopes and dreams - for themselves and for the world. I am, on the other hand, proud of the effort that I have made to be more level headed in my interactions with my girls. I have make steps toward getting to know them better as people and have worked hard to take time to discover more about them each individually.

I am not going to fall into the trap of woulda, coulda, shouldas. The year went as it should and now I will turn my attention to the blessings of being alive and ready for the next adventure. I am pleased with the re-engagement I have been doing with my art and the positive response I am getting to that.

I wish I had gone to a competent doctor to find the source of my pain. I had surgery and I am on the mend. It will be good when I get back my strength.

I'm not proud of my work this year. I haven't completed enough projects, and I don't think I've hustled hard enough to get them. It feels like the business is stagnating, partially due to my partner and partially due to my own resistance of putting in the work just because he's failing to put in the work. 2015 set a high bar for us, and we're failing to reach it. That said, I may be looking at the year in a more critical light than it deserves.

I wish I was more up front with Courtney about what I am looking for in a wife, specifically in terms of Jewish observance. But at the same time, I wish that I myself knew what it is, exactly, that I am looking for. I do things like host Rosh Hashanah dinner and think "this is what I want!" and then I have a great phone call with Courtney and think "eh, RH is 2 days a year, but Courtney is all year round." So I still don't know where I fall. There are no "red lines," that is clear. I just don't know at what point I will have to make a decision.

In the time surrounding my mother's death there were a couple of things that I feel I could have done better. One night we were going through the interminable process that is a trip to the emergency room. She announced, of the blue, that when she was a child she hadn't been "allowed to cry," and as a result, she said, she doesn't cry. I said something non-committal, and the moment passed. What I should have done, what I regret not having done, was to tell her that it's OK to cry now, if she wanted to. I think she was asking, in her round about way, for my permission. She knew she was dying, I think. At one point that same night, speaking obliquely about the level of medical intervention and possible outcomes, she said, "I think it's time to just let the old thing go." Sensible son that I was, I told her that I thought that was premature, that we needed a proper diagnosis and that we could make treatment decisions once we had that information. Or words to that effect. Again, I missed a cue for the conversation that she needed to have. We should have been talking about the elephant in the room. There she was, staring down Death, all on her own. Wouldn't it have been a kindness if she could have felt that I would be there with her for as long as I could be, that yes, this is likely 'it,' but we're here by your side? Worst of it is that I went through this with a friend 25 years ago. We played that one based on irrational hope in the days when AIDS really only had one outcome. But we knew how it was going to end, and my friend, nobody's fool, must have also known. How alone must he have been with nobody to have that conversation with. I never got (I never made) the opportunity to say, "Man, this really sucks, I am so going to miss you." So I swore I wouldn't make that mistake again. And then 25 year later, I went and did make that mistake again.

I chaired a significant committee this year. I am proud of the way I remained true to my values and tried to steer the group with honesty and integrity. There are folks who aren't happy with the way I did things, but I am grateful for the experience.

I put up my camping tent in the back yard to use as an art & writing space. I wish I had known sooner that I had a reaction to the sun! I developed a terrible rash and had to stay indoors most of July. I'm glad I tried the tent, but wish I could have used it more. I found that I was moved to write a great deal when I was outside under my giant pine.

I always wish that my time management was better....that I was more disciplined so that I could spend more time with my family and friends

This is tough. I wish I hadn't gotten obsessed with C from M. Well, hopeful. I wish I hadn't gotten hopeful. I'm surprised he isn't mentioned in my answers from last year. I was definitely obsessed with him at the time, but I didn't really have any hope until after early October when he sent all those lascivious texts. For a long time, I've thought "I should have taken him up on his offer," but I don't even know if it was real. Gah. And now I just find myself in a tailspin thinking about whether or not he meant what he said - and if he did mean it, did he intend for it to go anywhere? See, this is the problem. I obsess over things that are over. C kicked me out of the new group he originally approached me to be a leader for. Actually, he got someone else to do it. I don't think I had had a conversation with him in the weeks prior. OK. So the point I was trying to make when I started the last paragraph was that I need to stop crying over spilt milk. If I go back and try to change things or get answers, it's just going to backfire, and instead of just being the person who didn't work out, i'll be the person who didn't work out then can't take a hint when she's not wanted. But yeah - I shouldn't put too much hope in one person or idea. I shouldn't cut off my options for anything that's not guaranteed - and I should be very very cautious about getting excited when anything *seems* guaranteed.

Wow, those are all wrapped up in the same thing. I wish I had done EVERYTHING differently this past year, and by the end of the year I made a decision to do just that...

Done differently: I would have applied myself more toward my day job. Working from home is a constant challenge in self-discipline and managing my time effectively. I admit that I have spent days not working like I need to be and doing things I'd rather be doing instead. It's not fair to my company to be paying me to do a job that I sometimes opt not to do just because I have flexibility. But, it's only October, so there is a chance to turn that around and commit to living in alignment and working with integrity. Especially proud: I am proud of a couple things! First, I upgraded my camera to the Nikon D7100 and have had the opportunity to grow my photography business and capture two weddings, many senior pics, engagement pics, and many more. I feel grateful that people keep hiring me! I have also taken control of my finances. FINALLY. I started following Dave Ramsey, built an emergency fund, paid off a few small debts, and working on some large ones. I've been saying I'm going to pay off my debt for awhile. Well, now every extra penny earned above my bills is going to my debt. Currently, I'm working my paying off my son's student loan. Lots of work ahead!

I wish that I'd made more of an effort with new friendships, both in the last year and the year before. I love love love my friends, but I wish I had a wider circle of friends rather than a wide circle of acquaintances.

I wish I had been more proactive in creating experiences for my husband and myself. We did manage to visit the Israel museum and to go away for the weekend, but I wish we would do stuff like that more often. I am proud that this year I did do more writing and actually got a paying gig for writing. It is also the year I finally started that restaurant/life blog I've been talking about forever, although it is taking me a while to get it going. And I am proud that I did the 21 day detox, it taught me much about my body and I am hoping to continue with some of the principles of it in the coming months and years.

This past year I've examined my life, my relationships and my priorities to figure out what's important and what I don't need anymore

I have some regrets. I could have gone out and taken more time for myself. I could have reached out to friends old and new and chosen to deepen those relationships, but instead I focused more on self-preservation and just surviving the long days. I am so tired. I feel so guilty. Maybe I am depressed and need to get help for it before it swallows what's left of my life.

I think my biggest regret from this past year is letting my job take over my life. Last year I did not do as well in school as I know I could have. I think that is largely because I let my boss pile work onto me and I didn't stop and say no. I wish I knew at the time how to stand up for myself better.

I grew so much last year from my focus on forgiveness. When the year ended, I gave it up and moved on. I have learned that I benefit more from retaining. I will continue to hold on to forgiveness.

I think that coming to terms with my diagnosis of autism (finally) and giving up passing as neurotypical in April is one of the most significant things I could have done for my health and quality of life in the past 25 years. Being taught with ABA to pass as NT while I was institutionalized seemed useful at the time, and there probably was not enough known at the time to have handled my treatment better, but over time, it has had a corrosive effect on self-esteem. Pretending to be someone I am not and fearing that someone will see who I really am has made all of my social interaction inauthentic and has left me with an enormous amount of shame. I am completely socially isolated because I have become phobic of social interaction. I can now begin deconstructing the damage.

I'm so proud that I got a job this year. I'm proud of the work I'm doing and proud that I've found a place to have a career. I wish that, again, I had not sweated the small stuff, not been so short with myself, wife, and kids. I wish I had enjoyed more and worried less.

Here's a silly one, but I wish I had set my $800 printer a couple of inches farther up on a table at a job I was doing. It fell off and broke. :(

Been more aggressive with employment search/opportunities. Practiced meditation / Buddhism more. Proud of progress in my schooling/grades at UCLA, happy/proud of my new relationship. Happy to see the values in lessons learned from harsh life experiences. I'm far enough out of the drama to see. Proud of the work done in therapy and PTSD.

I wish I had stayed out of debt. I paid off all of my debt and was debt free for the first time ever. And then I had to pay for a funeral. And then I had to pay for unexpected flights. And then I found myself telling myself, "if I just had this dress, or this chair, I would be satisfied" as a way to deal with my grief. And here I am, once again, in debt. Still, I'm really proud that I was able to complete the purchase of my apartment. It was like luck and good fortune and a miracle and incredible support from family and friends all coming together to make one of my dreams a reality and I'm incredibly grateful for it.

At this moment this question seems silly to me, rooted in the past, not the present. There are many things, but I don't wish to dwell on them right now. I just answered this in Q3 to some degree anyway. How much self reflection can one really do without becoming an indulgent asshole, and/or start coming up with different answers?

I wish I had listened to my gut when I began feeling that things weren't right in my relationship. I wouldn't have bent myself into knots trying to keep him happy and by my side if I had considered my own feelings as much as his. I was miserable and stressed and I'm better now.

I'm proud of the way that I both pushed and took care of my heart this year. In reviewing my 2015 answers, it was a bit of a gut punch to realize that I wrote them just weeks before getting on a plane to meet Oliver. So much as happened since then; big, world expanding joy and deep, painful heartbreak. (Hilariously, as I typed his name he sent me a message on WhatsApp because the universe continues to have a biting sense of humor.) Nursing my heart through that experience and ceasing dating when it no longer felt good was the right call. Determining when to jump back in has been harder. I feel lonely sometimes but also really like my life and how I use my time. I can easily see a way the right partner could weave themselves into that and make it even stronger but I also keep thinking about all the lackluster dates I've been on. Lin-Manuel Miranda tweeted a conversation he had had with his wife about how to make it through creative lulls. I think about that a lot. When are you recovering and thinking and doing the inside work that you can't fully appreciate and when are you stagnant? And how do you use the downtime to set yourself up for the eventual but unknown shift that tip the scales towards creativity and fundamental change? How do you keep your heart open to new possibilities while recovering from heartbreak?

God, so many things. I wish I could finally quit drinking, and I'm not. I wish I could lose weight, and I haven't tried. I wish I could stop lying about my struggles with both. I wish I felt worthy enough to look for love, for a partner, for a relationship beyond the dogs. That said, my therapist (who I lie to about my sobriety, so take this with a grain of salt) says I should focus on the parts I'm getting right. She says from someone else's perspective, I look like someone who has it together. I have a good job, albeit one I don't like that much. But I'm successful at it, people like me, we almost lost a piece of business and then we didn't, and I spearheaded its staying. I am in therapy. I went to the gynecologist for the first time since my abortion, and that was really hard, but I did it. I had my IUD removed and got tested for STDs (since Andrew cheated, I didn't know if I'd have anything). The removal hurt a lot, but I couldn't tell what was physical pain and what was emotional pain. I cried while apologizing to my doctor who was apologizing to me. The point is, I am trying. Two steps forward, one step back, but I'm trying. Crawling, some days, not even walking, but trying. If I could see me from the outside, the way someone who loves me sees me, like my parents or my friends, I would not be so hard on myself. I would forgive me more, and condemn me less. I am proud of me for trying.

I wish I had handled my trip to Val Thorens and Paris differently. Being around people I don't know well makes me extremely anxious and don't feel able to act like myself. I go shy and withdrawn which gives people a negative impression of me. I am disappointed I am unable to get over those feelings of anxiety when surrounded by a lot of new people.

I feel proud to have had an relatively easy job search. After undergrad and then grad school, looking for work, any work, not just meaningful work felt like a constant, uphill battle. To have landed at a thoughtful organization truly feels like a blessing.

I wish I made more friends. I wish I could connect more with the friends I do have. I guess I have always found friendships challenging. I have a lot of surface relationships, friendly encounters and occasionally go out socially with people but I have very few friends.

Last year at about this time I was finding my job very unsatisfactory. My high expectations set for me all those years at Starks (the good good money and the relative smoothness of relations) resulted in my utter indignance at the snooty clientele, childish and mean chefs, and the paltry tips despite all the hours worked at Southpark. I found a job at the highly touted sustainable sushi restaurant Bamboo, putting all my blind faith in the belief that working for a restaurant that was doing so much good in the world would make me a better person too. I threw myself into the training. There's a part of me that if given the chance, will throw myself into the role of teacher's pet. I love almost nothing more than to be the star pupil. My sense of self worth skyrockets. So I was seduced by that and tried so hard to be perfect. But when the restaurant opened, it was impossible to live up to their expectations. It was interesting, how they presented themselves as this really compassionate group but they didn't really take care of their people. I found the owners disdainful and cruel on several occasions. The money was deplorable. I got out of there after a few months and landed another job in Sellwood that was, shockingly, even worse. The owner presented as so affable that I was scarcely prepared when he turned out to be a tyrant. Well, looking back the signs were always there, I just didn't want to see them. Luckily for me, my managers at Southpark, even though I'd deserted them before, were happy to take me back. I am answering this question with this story because at times I wished I had done this differently. But without this series of events I would have never happened upon an idea for a business that I've been incubating for the past few months.

I wish I had ridden my new bicycle more.

I am especially proud of standing up for myself and removing a toxic relationship from my life. It was one that did not provide happiness or joy - one that affected mine and my significant other's relationship and therefore, we made a conscious decision to rid ourselves of this person and move on with our happy life.

As I read my questions from last year, I realized that my concerns from last year are similar to this year's. I wish I had taken better care of myself. However, I have been more conscious of loving myself at any weight. I am proud that this year I took less bs from people. If I didn't like something and felt it was necessary to say so, I took action. I may have burned some bridges, but they weren't leading anywhere cool anyway.

I wish I would have created more of a settled life in MSO while I was there. I feel like I treated it so much like a liminal and transient space that I missed out on creating a community of support in a place I could return to. I am proud I fell in love wholeheartedly and unapologetically without conditions, even if he wasn't able to return it.

Done differently: stuck more to my healthy eating plan, and done more exercise. Taken better care of myself (although I ran today and didn't get out of breath which was pleasantly surprising). Proud: taking charge of my mental health. Asking for the help I needed. Letting go of anger and moving finally forward. Finishing therapy. Being a good friend.

i wish i'd been able to move out of the apartment sooner into my own space. i accept that i did things on my own time table for reasons that made sense then. from my current POV i do wish that i could have. i'm proud of myself for showing up - SHOWING UP - for my clients and my work regardless of how much pain i was in. ironically, it has been harder to focus and show up in this part of my healing trip. fantasizing about the delicious new and wonderful things is hard to control.

Playing a part in delivering the Limmud Conference 2016 programme was an achievement I'm very proud of, but I also realise that there were large parts of the role for which I wasn't really equipped. I ended up damaging some relationships.

I'm very proud that I stopped eating refined sugar and I don't add any sweeteners to my food. Aside from fruit, I don't eat sweets and it has improved my health vastly. I with I had quit eating white bread and pasta too.

I wish I'd managed the big client project better. I wish I'd asked for help sooner. I wish I'd said, What the hell are you guys thinking, that I can manage a project after you haven't let me manage projects?! WTH?! But I'm also very glad that I chose to have my son, very much a choice, and that I've asked for help in my personal life. I'm proud of others, I'm proud of my husband and my son. I'm a really good mom, even if I'm not such a great consultant at this moment in time (I'll be better later, I guess).

I wish I had really taken better care of my health. I fell into a depression, and slowly began accumulating a collection of health issues that I am finally fighting. I just wish I had done it sooner. I am proud of the fact that I am owning my life now. That I am identifying the unnecessary and the things that had seemed so important and impactful, but were not. Many of those things (and people), it turns out are just empty. For me, anyway. I am proud that I am owning the person that I really am, and have the potential to be. I'm proud that I am angry, and now refuse to take much of the crap that I used to take. I feel grounded. I feel vulnerable and strong. I am proud of my vulnerability. I am proud of my openness. I am proud that I am ready to move forward

I wish I'd not been so afraid of opening up to the person I now love. I feel so comfortable and happy now, that I wish I'd taken that leap of faith and accepted my feelings for what they were a little sooner. But then, I may not be as comfortable and happy now had I not held off. I tend to not dwell too much on how I might have done things differently, because while yes you can learn from your mistakes, no two scenarios or situations will ever be the same! Perhaps that's too simplistic, who knows?

I'm proud of my newfound independence. I never imagined that my journey would bring me to this place at such a mature age, and I'm very grateful. I want to continue with these efforts, and learn more about who I am. I regret not offering my sister more kindness. It doesn't seem like too much to ask of myself, though I never got there.

I may have been better off NOT taking the Secretary position in Kiwanis because I'm not sure I'll ever be able to get someone else to take it. Lots of responsibility and no kudos. Alternatively, I've continued my 5 day/week workouts and was even 'Plank Queen' 3 weeks in a row (they've since discontinued it).

I didn't thrive socially, this year. I did have a social life but I didn't have confidence in reaching out to new people - mostly in Hillel, but also in general. Instead of embracing the opportunity to meet new interesting people, I felt like they were a barrier to something, or maybe a challenge. People are usually happy ot make new connections and they want to make people feel welcome and I should think of them that way instead of something I have to prove myself to. I should think and speak honestly and confidently about myself because I am interesting and smart and even if people don't want to be my best friend, they probably do enjoy talking to me.

I need to guard against getting involved with too many commitments. At times, I feel overwhelmed and long for more time to myself to pursue other interests. I am proud of my performances in the shows I have been involved with.

I honestly, at this moment, can not think of anything I wish I'd done differently. I'm proud of finding a short term job that paid well enough to get me through the summer. I'm proud that I put up with garbage from an old temp job who treated me like crap. I didn't blow my top and I didn't speak my piece. I did the best I could in a crappy situation amongst people who acted like we were back on the playground. I took the high road. Although I lost my job, I don't regret anything I did.

I wish I would have prioritized my health, exercise and weight loss more. Granted it has been a year of change and upheaval (mostly good) but I haven't quite figured out how to make it work with the rest of my life. I have been able to balance a demanding job, family responsibilities and being present, seeing my friends, making time for learning and exploration etc. I feel good about all those things but the weight thing continues to nag at me. I do recognize that you can't do everything and something has to give. For the most part I feel proud of what I have accomplished this past year.

I wish I’d been better at handling my workload at work this year. It’s still an ongoing problem. Over the past few months I’ve struggled to deliver all the hours I’ve been allocated. I don’t really know why my productivity has dipped. I get interrupted quite a lot and have found it hard to get into the flow and maintain flow for long periods of time. Slack (the instant messaging app) doesn’t help: being interrupted. Nor does having my email open. In some ways I know how to fix it (or at least make improvements), but it’s hard to break habits. I wonder what’s holding me back. And why. I had some interesting conversations at work today. I talked to my boss about these issues yesterday and my other boss suggested today that my time might be required elsewhere in the company - perhaps helping with more pitches for new business. I had a really good meeting at Chatham House last week and think I’ve impressed some people with my knowledge and ideas. I think my role will continue to develop. Maybe I just need a change to keep me interested. (Not a change of job or company, I might add!) Sometimes I wonder if I’m better at presenting ideas than actually working on the long-term projects to make them a reality. I’m a bit of a magpie: attracted to shiny new things and less motivated by the everyday grind of just getting things done. Does that make me a salesman? I don’t know how I feel about that. But it brings back some of the same guilt and procrastination I struggled with throughout my failed DPhil thesis. This problem isn’t particular to last year: it’s been a recurring theme in my life for the past decade. There are things I’m proud about, too. I know I can deliver good work. I get some really nice feedback from clients every now and again. But that’s coupled with the shame of knowing how much I fall short of my retainer hours sometimes. Anyway, the good stuff is there. So I’ve started keeping a list of nice things people say about me. The theory is that in rougher times I can look back on it to help rebuild my self-esteem and see through the darker clouds. I’m also quite proud of how my relationship with my girlfriend, Fran, has developed. I think we’re good together. We love spending time together. I’m not always great in company: I’d like to be better at making people feel comfortable around us, of including them. But at least I’m aware that I’m not always fun to be with.

I wish I had taken my first term less seriously (or had more breaks) and I wish I had been able to worry less about everything. I'm proud I made it through the first term, managed the second term better, and came out the other side with an MA.

I wish I took my health - both mind and body - more seriously. I wish I went to the gym more, ate better, spent more time focusing on 'me' than whatever I did. I think I would be in a better, happier place now.

I want to make more artwork, and more time for creative practice. I really feel like that was a failing. Being more active as well. I am proud of how active I have been, and taking the initiative to backpack for the first time. I also miss riding my bicycle.

I'm really proud that I can run 7 miles. I've been training for a half marathon that's a great cause, and I've still got more training to do, but I'm in the best shape of my life. I didn't think I had the willpower to do it, but I did it! And now I have the hope to try other positive changes in my life, too. Like confronting my money problems and my anxiety.

This year, I wish I had loved my family more. Spent more time with them, made more room for them. Not that I did an awful job at it, but there's always room for more love.

There is nothing I'd do differently, unless it would be, if an accident could have been prevented, not falling a year ago and shattering my wrist. But since the accident *did* happen, I'm very proud of the work I've done over the past 12 months to get my wrist back in order after having it surgically repaired, complete with 2 metal plates, 13 screws, and a big pin. My therapy was brutal - I travel full time and live alone which made it even more challenging to be one-armed and in a great deal of pain - but I was determined to stick with it and I did. It isn't over yet; probably another 4-6 months before the pain goes away, although I'll never have back the mobility I once had. The physical therapist and orthopedic surgeon both commented on my dedication to making it work, saying that most people didn't have the stamina or motivation to do what I did. I'm proud of that. I'm proud of me for doing it. Yay me!

I wish I had actually lost some weight this past year in addition to toning down. But that'll be my drive for this year I think. I'm especially proud of going to Peru and doing the hiking. I'm proud of working out and getting stronger. And I'm proud of landing in this new job in HR. it's harder than I ever thought and it's a position I never thought I wanted. And even though I think it's still not something I perfectly want - it's a great opportunity and great learning. So for the most part - I'm really proud of this year of 32/ 5776. and don't wish for much differently.

This past year I wish that I had kept in better contact with the people that are important to me. There are a few different categories of people that I'm thinking of. One of them includes older relatives and friends -- SM, SS -- where I know that I phone call would mean a lot to them. Another category is the close friends that I think of and miss, but have a hard time reaching out to. Grad school friends like JBC, AR, ES, EPM, JF; childhood friends like LRH, RG; Rabbinical school comrades like YS and DL; college friends like BB and HP. A third category is relatives close to me in either relationship or age: siblings MS, LS, CS, nephews MT, HT, EM, cousin JK, and de facto cousins JR+ML. Picking up the phone has never been easy for me. I get anxious and tired and I worry that I don't have what to say or ask. Email gets hard, because I don't want to get swallowed up by endless exchanges, or drop the thread and disappoint my correspondent. I get so guilty that something that I start out genuinely wanting to do becomes a suffocating burden. I wish I had an answer for this that didn't kick up still more guilt and shame.

I wish I stayed a bit more on top of my schedule this year-- with all of my jobs changing and moving--I often felt overwhelmed by commitments and flaky with plans. I'm a bit stubborn when it comes to changing this part of myself because in an odd way it's comfortable. I wish I didn't jump into a hook-up within a month of celebrating a year, because of how it turned out, but considering what I learned from that experience (about going slow, and not settling, and trusting my instincts and feelings about a person) I can't say I wish it were different. I'm learning now what it feels like to want to be with a person for real, and to see a future in someone and I'm beyond curious to where I'll be next year on this topic... I digress.. I'm especially proud that I left my old job despite its comfort and didn't allow myself to stay miserable.

I finished graduate school with two masters degrees. I feel like I learned a lot, and became a more focused person in many ways, but unsure of where to go next in others. There is quite a bit of pride there though, as most of my family was never able to even go to college before me. I want to go out and do something to change the world for the better. I don't mean that in any kind of pie in the sky way, meant to get famous or rich. Really, a lot of people helped me get here and without that support, I might have found myself lacking in the means to pursue a more fulfilling life. So then the question is, what can I do for work that would allow me to help hundreds of people, and make their lives better in some way? How can I make that goal more ambitious and help thousands of people? Is there any way I can leverage what I know to help a million people? It is hard to have a dream like this when you are struggling to get your first good job out of grad school.

Oh, hmm! I don't know if I wish I had done anything differently. Thinking about where I am now compared to one year ago or January or even three months ago, I realize that I have created the life for myself that I so badly wanted then and thought was impossible. For example: 1. I have three good paying, steady teaching jobs where my student body is continually increasing. My finances are stable and I am no longer worrying about money like I used to (which is one of the things I said I wanted to accomplish in the 10Q last year!) 2. I've let go of many unhealthy habits over the last few months, primarily my heavy drinking and substance abuse. Because of it, my voice feels better than ever and I've reached breakthroughs in my depression recovery. 3. Speaking of depression, this time last year I was severely depressed. I didn't even know how bad it was at the time because I was so used to it. I don't even know how long I was depressed, but it must have been years-- I'm sure it was in there regardless of the horrible grief I experienced, but it was probably triggered by it. I cannot believe how far I've come in my mental health since last year. I'm really proud of myself for finally getting the courage to ask for help from a psychiatrist; I can't (or prefer not to) imagine where I'd be if I hadn't. 4. I'm written more music this year than I have in any other year-long span. And what's more: I took a total leap of faith and decided to learn how to produce my own music which has been revolutionary. In 2016 alone, I conceptualized, wrote, recorded, mixed, and released the entire first portion of an album series mostly on my own, and I've done significant work on the next portion which is set to be released before 2017. And I did all of this without previously having had ANY knowledge of production. I'm pretty sure that's a fucking feat. If there's anything that I might wish had been different, I suppose I wish that I hadn't allowed myself to fall in love, like, whatever it was as deeply as I have this year, as it has only ever resulted in pain and it feels like a waste of energy. On the other hand, it seems pointless and counter-productive to just suppress my emotions and numb myself in an attempt to avoid getting hurt. So, I probably did everything just fine in that regard. There are little events over the last year that I probably could have done without, like that one(-ish) time I blacked out or that one stranger I fucked or that dress I bought that I never wore, but... I'm not too worried about it.

I wish I had been a little more forgiving of my kids when they just want to have fun and go a little crazy. I actually realized this about halfway through the year and have been really conscious of trying to be more in the moment with them - but it is certainly something I know I need to work on more.

I am proud of the fact that I am a senior and still working out and working everyday and doing it 110 percent. I am still really good at my job. I didnt retire and Im glad. I Found the $ to help both kids a bit. I wish I had paid of my credit cards which leads to freedom

Different: not been so hard on my Dad about his eating/health habits. I, of course, didn't know he would die and it was my only way I felt I could help/save him from himself but still, Mom saw it better than I did. I just couldn't give in on it because of the struggle I had gone through too. Proud: Finding and maintaining a job. A CAREER. Feeling like I can maybe, actually, adult for the first time,

I feel now more than ever that I will always be learning about myself, and the way I work. I learned that I can be territorial at work, and I wish I had been better able to let go and share responsibilities sooner. I'm proud of my commitment to continue evolving and learning.

I spent a lot of this year "getting through" hard things by distracting myself, either by saying yes to everything to keep myself busy or by zoning out and playing spider solitaire and reading Facebook. It meant I made it through some rough moments, but it also meant that I didn't address the underlying issues making those moments rough. I wish I'd faced the issues - too much work travel, interpersonal conflict, professional dissatisfaction - straight on when they first arose, because they apparently got worse while I was working on surface-level fixes.

I have a hard time being honest with people. I wish I could tell others how I feel.. I dont like to make people feel bad. I have been growing my hair out to donate it. It is nearly time to cut it off and give it away.

I am ending/ starting this year with no regrets. What was was and what will be will be. I can't say that makes proud or sad or sorry about anything I did. That in and of itself is a good thing. I except what came and I hope I will be in the position to except what will come with grace and dignaty

I grew up in a family that was too proud to accept outside help when the going got tough. I thought that I had overcome my pridefulness years ago after being diagnosed with breast cancer at a young age. So when our daughter's alcoholism threatened her life and my family's sanity, it made sense to seek help. Surprisingly, in the beginning, I was unable to accept it. Along with the shock and disbelief of what had happened, I was crippled by shame. Surely I was responsible for her alcoholism, and I had better fix it. After several failed attempts to make the problem go away, I began to see that her disease was beyond my control, and that I needed help to recover.

After years of waiting until we felt like the time was right, my husband and I finally started our adoption process ... only to find that the international adoption we thought we would pursue has changed so substantially that it no longer makes sense to pursue it. Then it took a long time to get all our documentation and paperwork together to be able to try to adopt domestically. We are still waiting for our paperwork to go through. I wish we could have known all this ahead of time and started the process years ago. By trying to do the right thing, we did the absolute wrong thing.

I would have liked to find bridal retail / wedding planning experience but I am ok not having done so since I had more time for school. Also, I always hated the retail schedule and the little pay that retail gives. I'm also really proud I spoke with my friend about our rocky relationship and I'm really proud I worked so hard on the Patternmaking class, even though I did fail.

This year I had my 20 year anniversary in Al Anon. I feel both proud and blessed to have reached this anniversary. I can't imagine how different my life would be without Al Anon!

I wish I'd been more proactive about stopping the high dose of Lenvima that got me in the hospital. But it was a learning experience, and now Jonathan and I are at the helm of my health ship. I'm proud of refusing the last blood draws in the hospital after I'd been through too many painful ones.

Something I am proud of: I stopped smoking cigarettes. Not a lot of talk or hype. Just quietly did it. It's been about three months now (I believe it was sometime in July that I stopped). Nobody but my boyfriend really even knows. I was a closet smoker. Now I'm not a smoker at all.

This year I have made a lot of decisions, but I don't think I would change any of them. I met some nice people, was able to learn more about my spouse, and learned more about myself in the process. Life is different now. I don't know what the next few months will bring, let alone the next year.

Yes to both. I think it's really time that I accepted that organization is never going to be my strong suit and I would be better off delegating things more effectively. There are deadlines that have flown past because I am caught up doing little things. Or I manage to stay focused on big things, and little things get missed. But I've still achieved a lot this year, professionally, (though not personally). Curriculum development and writing, those are my strengths, along with training. It's keeping up with email that is hard. Publishing multiple manual and new guidelines has been thrilling.

I'm proud that Noemi and I were able to manage our long-distance relationship (relatively) effectively. After almost a full year of long-distance dating we moved in together in June 2016. We also were able to transition to living together in a smooth and successful fashion!

Tell people no! I have accomodated too many useless individuals who can't help themselves in the past year and refuse to waste my time on them if they persist to waste their own time on nonsensical things.

I am proud of organizing the Shabbaton in memory of BJ. I raised the money, found a speaker, organized publicity and we had a wonderful and inspiring event.

I hesitate to say that I regret anything in particular from this past year, because I'd like to think everything happens for a reason/I am exactly where I need to be always wherever I am. Looking back, I'm frustrated with periods of time where I felt "stuck" and where I have indulged that stuck feeling-- in a deep writer's block, or stuck in negative thinking/anxiety (about my job not helping me get closer to my larger career goals/ about not having the close friendships that I desire here in LA) HOWEVER, these periods of stuck-ness have helped clarify my goals and desires moving forward, so I have to be grateful for that. I'm proud of the fact that I let myself move, I'm proud of the way that I trusted myself all the way across the country and continue to trust myself as I put down roots in this new city and keep moving toward my goals, for the most part confident and secure. I'm proud of how I stand tall in the face of vulnerability and love, when sometimes I'm tempted to take the easy way out via paranoia and fear and insecurity. I'm proud of my introspection and my independence.

I wish I had not ridden the hover board on Christmas eve, or actually I wish I had ridden it better! Broke my wrist badly, still hurts a little, less movement and aches when we go sailing. Live and learn, and I really did. I was not aware of how much a broken bone could hurt, how irritating a cast would be for 7 weeks and how long it would take to recover. I am proud of my work at the zoo, I think I am really good at it. Its exactly what I really wanted teaching biology to be like. Seeing the understanding and sympathy as visitors empathize with the plight of endangered species while seeing real live animals that are well cared for and beautiful. I am so happy at the Bronx Zoo and the people are great too.

I don't really know, it seems like sometimes I don't control my emotions or humor as well as I should and I think it leads people (esp. boys) on sometimes, and with my roommates, I don't want them to think I'm mad at them. I'd like to work on having more control and thinking about how others perceive my reactions. On the other hand, I think I've done a much better job this year of sticking up for myself and saying what needs to be said. I'm no longer a pushover, I'm not longer weak; I can take care of myself.

I honestly believe I've put myself into great positions this year. I can't say I made all of the right choices, but I've put myself into a good position where I feel like I have full control. I met somebody who inspired me and opened my eyes. I love hearing her speak, it gets me going on the inside. Time to really take the bull by the horns. I know where I'm headed from here..

I wish I had kept my promise to myself to return to my art and not let time, people and guilt stop me. As far as being proud, I guess there's no one thing I can think of. Sad, isn't it?

Starting grad school and having a 4.0 GPA makes me proud. The work is challenging yet rewarding. Immediately, I experience the difference that new information and increased confidence brings to my work. Tasked with writing paper after paper about current work projects/challenges and researching what other experts have found are best practices. My mind drinks in the many possibilities; and a nice benefit that I've noticed is that I find myself listening more patiently to other's ideas.

Something I am proud of from this past year would be successfully constructing a computer for the first time. Earlier last year I had purchased my personal computer, and when my friend informed me that he too would be constructing a rig I could hardly wait to volunteer my extensive expertise. The reality was that I had a rudimentary understanding of how some of the pieces fit together, and that was about it. The most difficult thing I had done was install an internal SSD, and that was not so bad. Something to keep in mind, computer parts are incredibly delicate and expensive, even the smallest discharge of static electricity can ruin a processor. Day one, I arrive screwdriver in hand and immediately begin construction. We unceremoniously dumped the contents of every last package onto the floor, and as the last box was thrown aside, I finally grasped the magnitude of the undertaking. Installing the motherboard, the RAM, some of the case fans, and the LED lights was simple, it was just like adult Legos. There was a minor scare when I thought that the CPU fan got glued on the wrong way, but it turned out to just be an jamed socket. Three hours later, I finished tying off the last cable. Now came the moment of truth, would it start. Connect the power supply, press the ON button, and the computer whirs to life, the debugger ticking rapidly up. To my despair however, the monitor remains empty. I tried everything I knew how to do to no avail. It took months before we realized that the issue was a faulty AV cable and not the tower itself. But finally seeing that BIOS screen appear was a rush like no other. I can not wait to do it again.

I was told to not focus on would haves or should haves. I am proud of my children who have all become exceptional young men even as they continued to navigate adulthood.

There is nothing that stands out as something to be proud of and nothing I am especially disappointed in. I have survived the death of my step son. I could have turned the television off more and sat in my art studio longer and regularly, but I didn't. I am selective in what I watch on the television and I regularly attend my writing group. I listen to my dreaming mind and ponder images that catch my attention. I am glad I can retreat to my cave and allow this for myself. It is all I can do to keep hope alive when a majority white, entitled, polarized political party shows their overt prejudice in refusing to work toward solution and effectively stonewalls the first African American President. The Republicans have assuredly paved the road and the ascent for a man as unenlightened, narcissistic and despotic as Donald Trump. Now the seeds they have planted flourish and the ugly American is raised up as a solution for our broken country. I am not proud of this. I am proud of the work I do as a social worker in Head Start. I am proud of who I am becoming. I am proud of the progress I make each day to be thankful and focused on what is happening right now, what am I thinking and how best to respond...to this moment....

I'm especially proud on following through with my decision to change shuls this year. I felt a lot of internal turmoil over the year in thinking about leaving the shul I had belonged to since childhood. Yet, I was not feeling the sense of community at my former shul that I want for myself and my children. Upon joining, I received a personal call from my new rabbi, welcoming me and my kids. I was flabbergasted; with all that me and mine have been through, we had never received a call, email or letter from my old shul. This, I thought, this is what I want. I want to personally know my rabbi. I want to feel part of a community. I want my kids to feel at home in shul, and I think I have found that now.

Something I wish I had done differently this year is behave less like my parents in a break up than I did. I could have really dug in and learned to be different and have a different experience around a break-up and I didn't, out of fear and ego. Maybe I can still change this. I will change this, this week. I'm proud of the guts I had to pull two dogs from the shelter and the online networking I did for a handful of others that got out. I'm proud that most of my income this year came from voice over rather than side jobs. I'm proud that we raised $10k for IG and created new content for the show. I'm proud that I've paid all outstanding obligations for it. I'm proud of me pulling together my house with new furniture that I sourced and painted.

I wish that I hadn't bitten off more than I could chew with everything... I always think that I can do more than is healthy for me. I wanted to go camping this summer and I didn't. It's hard to work, play a sport, work some more, do school, try to have another job, barely do a project team, do a relationship, and do more school. Choose what makes you happiest and only do those things, because doing everything you think you love will only make you unhappy with everything you love and you'll miss out on what you might really want to do.

I try to reflect on my choices routinely. AS I think back on those choices, nothing comes to mind that I would have done substantially differently. Sure, there are things I might have done more of (I had hoped to log at least 500 mi on my bike this summer, but logged fewer than 200), but overall, I feel that it was indeed a year of contentment. I am enjoying my participation in the Conservative Yeshiva's Daf Shavuah program. Give that I'll need to live to my full Me'ah Esrim in order to complete the Talmud study cycle at a pace of one Daf per week, my participation has given me opportunities to reflect on the joys of focusing on process instead of goals.

I wish I had not gained 5 lbs but am proud that I did not gain 10.

I should have discerned earlier in the year what is truly an obligation. I spent much time on nonsense and ignored the priorities in my life. This, I have now begun to correct.

I'm proud that I was very intentional about meeting a life partner. I just decided! Then went online, went to new ballroom clubs, read dating books, made lists and said yes in every way that I could. I allowed love to enter my life more than I looked for it. And one day a man whose profile did not interest me wrote. But what he said he was looking for was ME. So I said yes. And now I'm in love for the first time in the 12 years since my divorce with someone I can see a long term future with. Alternatively, I wish I had been this intentional about my work. I don't think I had the emotional bandwidth to do both. So my business is lackluster. Now I am putting my focus there in the same way I did for the relationship. Intend for making a difference in many lives and financial success! Wish me luck!!!

Something I wish I had done differently is to let go of the poisonous people in my life. I had too many people last year who I could tell didn't really care for me, and I let them walk all over me. I should have left Hillel earlier, but I'm glad I did. The thing that I am most proud of is how my leadership grew over the summer. I am now more confident and feel better in front of groups of people.

No regrets. The breakup took so much of my energy and attention, it meant that other goals and projects were pushed to the side (international travel, etc). I feel very good about the way I navigated the end of our relationship and the fact that I stayed present and intimate and loving. (I found myself writing "I'm proud of us for how well we handled the breakup," but then realized I don't think in terms of "us" in the same way anymore. It's amazing how quickly that can change). Proud of myself for being brave and honest and sitting with discomfort and uncertainty in a way I didn't know I could do.

This year I started to heal from the traumatic birth of my third baby. I am no where near completion but I have found the tools I need to use to feel better and I know that I can go to them when I need to.

I wish that I could have been a little more understanding with others and that I could try to see there perspective. I am proud of myself for being eccentric, lifting people up, and being positive.

i wish i had worked on my teeth this year, as well as my other health issues (eye test, exercise regularly). this seems to be an ongoing problem for me. every year i notice slight deterioration (signs of aging) and just get on with my unhealthy self without eating an appropriate diet etc. basically, i seem to be leaning that i am neglecting my physical care even though i am aware that age is creeping up on me and that a healthy lifestyle will definitely slow the process down a little (btw - in the chance that this answer is being displayed for others to see, i am 47)

I have been looking for a full-time position, having spent all of my life as an adjunct professor it is daunting to do at 50. I keep asking myself how I could present myself better, sell myself better, convince colleges that they should be battering my door down trying to hire me. Am I doing the right thing? Is this really what I can do, what I want to do? I know I am a good professor. I am particularly good at what I do, and I make a difference in students' lives. But am I really able to do this full time? Or is it my fears that are holding me back?

I wish I hadn't dragged my feet about getting my license. And I wish I wasn't so recalcitrant about putting myself out there in front of my circle of friends and acquaintances, just owning what I'm doing instead of getting all sheepish and self-conscious about it. I've always been pretty shy, but when I was young, I was a charter member of the "Fake it Til you Make it" club. And there's no question that this strategy helped me change from a friendless, dateless misfit into someone objectively popular. So at this point, I should be an old hand at it, and yet, I find myself feeling increasingly less comfortable and more anxious. Hopefully it's within my power to reverse this trend and reclaim my mojo.

I wish that I had accomplished more this year. I had plans to be more organized, more productive, more involved, and I feel like I did almost nothing. Especially after reading last year's 10Q answers and seeing how what I really wanted to do this year just never happened. I had a big move and a new job with a long orientation, and I kind of retreated into myself, either at work or hiding in my air-conditioning. Suddenly it's October and it's like I did nothing!

I wish I had gone home to visit earlier and more often. I'm proud of holding it together and staying strong for my mother and cooking for her and trying to do everything I could to cheer her up and make things better for her. I'm proud of making it thru her eulogy.

I wish I had been a little braver in Quebec - I didn't step too much out of my comfort zone until April, and then I leapt with abandon. It was wonderful and makes me wonder what I might have missed! And I wish that I had been more aggressive about pursuing language training opportunities - it took a long time to find a French course, much longer than I anticipated, and I should have pushed harder. My skill has developed, but it could have been better.

Well I'm especially proud of the giant $7000 bonus that I got from the year before because my classes shut so much improvement in test scores. Well I don't think it's very fair way to earn money, I did go from being on the growth plan The year before to getting a huge bonus for growth. What I'm not surprised about is that the money is now gone. I used some of it for the operation. But I also had a summer job which kind of cover the costs as well. I did buy a lot of clothes, some new tires, and I'm sure lots of pampering like massages and nails getting done. I did increase my giving which always is a good thing. I now have a Peace Gospel child, support music makers and Wycliffe, and ...?

I think that I'm most proud of creating a fantastic team at work in the middle of an impossible context.

I'm very proud that I wrote a musical. And then was able to have two staged readings. I'm proud that I did it the way I do it--without having scheduled time to write, or figuring out my ADHD work style. I'm grateful to Adam Soto especially, for helping me re-write. And to Robin Grace Thompson for being such a great actor and bringing me others. I'm grateful to myself for not giving up and assuming I suck at this and should just start something new. There is still plenty of work to do, but no contest, this is what I'm proud of.

I'm proud of graduating from medical school, matching into the residency program I wanted to match into, and getting an article published. I'm proud that I'm continuing to grow in my relationship with my fiance, my relationship with my parents. I'm proud that I tried to get off of anti-depressants and had the strength to realize it wasn't working for me.

I wish I had spent more time working on my art & less on being distracted by cat videos! I'm proud that I took care of my ailing husband--I decided that the job description of a care-giver is "saint," not in a complimentary but purely factual way. I think I did that pretty well.

It's the same thing. I wish I hadn't accepted a new job in a new field. It's been brutal. My Boss is a horrible person and there is no support in this extremely demanding position. that said, I'm also proud of the fact that I got the job.

I have not been strategic enough in the way the I have approached my work this year. I believe this has meant that I have ended up spending more time on the work that I do, and the fact that I have not delegated well has amplified that. It has resulted in a problem with my work-life balance and with quite a bit of work dissatisfaction.

Both. After a year of non-smoking, the anniversary just happened to arrive during a period of high stress and I began to crave... and started again. I hope to learn from this that at the sign of the first craving or thought, I seek help and make changes to reduce the stress, and stay away from people who smoke. I am proud of all the good work I have done to integrate myself into our family, working to establish a healthy and effective, loving relationship with K in parallel to the ever-better, deeper loving relation with Annie.

Same answer as last year: not much. I am especially proud of how I handled communication with my family. This has been difficult in the past but when I thought of a way to announce our world trip by bicycle I made a newsletter for the family, with the idea to include them in the preparation, share the inspiration and give them a proper chance to react and ask questions. My mum especially really appreciated it and noted that it was such a far cry from my more inscrutable ways in the past. I just feel a bit stupid for not realising earlier how little effort it takes to make them feel included. They reacted 100% positive as a result.

I wish I had created a support network for myself. Other than my husband, I don't really have friends in this new town we live in. I haven't taken time to develop myself personally, only professionally.

This year I have been focusing on relaxing rather than studying more and I think it had been successful. I am much happier and it helps the study to flow.

I am proud that I started losing weight.

In spite of everything, I am proud of having been able to manage keeping my husband at home, even though caring for him and doing my jobs at the synagogue and with students has often been overwhelming. I am also proud of having insisted on taking time for myself.

Asked people more questions before I just start sharing and sharing, not getting a sense of where 'they are at.' Proud of my ELI Talk - great journey to do and then to share.

I wish I had been more patient with my students, my colleagues, and my partner. I wish I could have listened more and not been so stubborn and self-assured. I wish I could have trusted a process to unfold the way it was meant to, without rushing it or becoming agitated.

I'm proud I left the safety and stability of my life and entered the unknown. Perhaps I wish I had thrown myself into it more...but taking that leap was more than I expected myself to do at this point in my life.

I wish I would have been nicer to my sisters. I am very proud of my personal academic achievements.

I'm proud of still trying hard to become a better teacher. I'm proud of the flexibility and diplomacy that's been involved in moving my lover in to our house, including integrating her dog into a house that already has a dog and two cats. I'm proud of putting in the work to lose some weight and run a half-marathon. Things I wish I'd done differently...I'll always wonder how things might've gone if I'd stepped up to take over our firedance troupe as it sputtered out & away. But I don't especially wish I'd made that commitment.

No. What's the point of regret? I would be proud of the way I have handled my mom's death, but I feel as though I owe it to her. She raised me well. I guess I am proud of my efforts to be more of the person I want to be and do what I want to do.

I'm proud of taking the leap into the self-employment abyss. I'm proud of facing my aversion to risk. I'm proud of committing to a new business partner and being open to whatever that brings. I'm proud of putting myself out there, being okay with the potential for failure. Of trying things I'm not good at. Of working through challenges without the safety net of a "job."

Fuck. Always the same thing. Every fucking year. I'm so fat. I'm too old for this. It hurts. It's hurting me. I'm falling apart. I have to lose weight. I failed, again.

I wish I had been more proactive this past year. So many times, I've been able to look at situations and recognize that if I had taken the steps I knew I could take then, I would be in a better place now. I'm constantly recognizing when I should have planted trees. On the flip side, I have managed to achieve a lot this year and am trying to find pride in the things I've done well. It's been a struggle. This year, I want to plant trees when I receive the seed, not when I need the fruit.

I wish I had made more progress in my quest to stop yelling. I had a great week and a half but since then it's been one good day followed by a bunch of bad days.

I'm pleasantly surprised by the strength of my constitution during cancer treatment and my ability to tough it out. Going into it, I was afraid I couldn't handle it. And I'm proud of managing as well as I have.

Wish I had the courage and foresight to break up with Hayley before I slept with Kat. Proud that I have a 4.0 GPA especially after taking anatomy!

I always wish I spent more time actively engaged with my wife and daughter, less time on the IPad and with Candy Crush. I also wish I helped my parents more. I'm proud of my entry into the world of Jrwis music with all of the possibilities for growth, both professionally and spiritually

I'm proud of doing all of the work to get into grad school, and taking my trip, and generally making changes to my life. I think I did a better job this year being mindful of my physical health, which I'm proud of, although I did have periods where I was taking bad care of myself. Overall I think I did a good job making positive changes.

I am especially proud of my half marathon, my concerts and going to and surviving welbounre as well as my efforts to find and secure a new job that pays more - I am incredibly proud of all these things.

I don't wish I'd done anything differently this past year and I am especially proud of opening my stand-alone quilt store this year.

I'm proud that I have started thinking deeply about Judaism and the Earth. There is so much beauty and wisdom in our tradition around our relationship with the Earth, and it is a wonderful gift to look at Torah through this lens. I wish I had responded with urgency when I was worried about a loved one who didn't respond to birthday wishes; she had had a stroke and was alone. Incredibly sad - I miss her every day.

I've become more involved in the kink community. More comfortable in my skin and in my relationship dynamic. As a result, I've stepped into a new role as educator and community influencer. I hope to improve consent and safety within the BDSM community.

I'm proud that I persevered and climbed up the volcano.

I wish I would have lived more in the moment and less worrying

I was thinking today about a relationship that ended earlier this year. I was thinking how I must have appeared to this person and I don't think they saw my best side. It is important to me to be genuine but also I have sides of myself that I didn't show to this person and I think we could have connected on a deeper level. The relationship ended and I still feel sad bout it. I am proud about the balance I have invited into my life in the last 6 months. I am healthier and more emotionally stable then I was last year.

I keep promising myself that I am going to focus and prioritize on me! To spend time figuring out what my next chapter in life ought to look like. I find it so impossible to implement. Each year at the HHD I reflect on this, and feel disappointment. I keep saying next year. I am going to work harder this year, and end this cycle

I wish I had exercised more and lost. More weight. I'm very proud of the way we were able to support our daughter and her family during her illness.

I WISH I WROTE MORE. Honestly. i slacked. i didn't do enough of what I am doing right now. Even this is to help me later on with being productive with my day. i watched friends this morning and id dishes. but i go back to work tomorrow where i won't write. But i did something different today. PROUD? I got myself a raise. It took quitting, getting another job, refusing to go back to old job unless they gave me a raise, waited three months, and then i got a raise. this is also the job that i don't like and will go back to tomorrow to pay rent.

I'm really proud of the disciplined and committed self-care practice I began about 6 months ago. I have struggled with valuing myself, with self-love and regard for so much of my life, and would stop and start constantly. I'd go 2 days, 3 days, and then just give up, thinking, it just doesn't matter. Now, I meditate daily, work out 4x a week, read my tarot cards, eat well, make a point to do things I love and fully enjoy them--and it feels like loving myself. The more I do it, the more I realize I deserve it, and it makes every day better and more meaningful.

I'm proud to pick myself up and move forward from horrible disappointment.

Anything I wish I'd done differently? Not really; I'm not one for regrets. The past is past and done is done. What am I proud of? My little girl. I fought hard for her this year - harder than I ever have done for anything - it nearly bankrupted me, but its worth it for the way she has since blossomed. She is content for the first time in many years.

I wish I had been able to find a new position.

I wish I had taken my graduate research more seriously sooner this year, because now I am suffering the consequences. Previously, I took weekends off, I went on lots of trips, spent lots of time on my hobbies, and I really enjoyed all of that. However, now, my research project still isn't working and my adviser is pressuring me to graduate. I feel like this situation would've been a lot less painful had I focused more on my research and maybe gotten something to work. Now, I'm working long hours, seven days a week, with no time for fun stuff or socializing, and I feel like it's taking a major toll on my mental health. Part of me doesn't regret all the time I took to just enjoy life in the past year, but another part of me is hating myself for it because life right now is not very pleasant.

I wish I had visited my Mom as I had not seen her since 2013. I am proud that I talked to my Mom every Saturday Night and always got her to laugh. Her laughter was "music to my soul".

I'm writing this at the computer in my office at my new job. I got laid off on July 9, 2016. I was able to have nearly 2 months off while I looked for a new job. I wish I had allowed myself to be okay with being unemployed. I wish I had been able to sit in the uncertainty, the not knowing, and spend time really evaluating what I want to do with my life. I rushed too much. I was too desperate, too afraid. There are numerous reasons for this, of course, this fear. Not knowing how my spouse's new business venture would do, it was hard to have no one in the house with a salary. I believe I am where I am supposed to be, given the decisions I have now made, but I hope, in the future, I can trust the process more. I can hold tight to my happiness and sanity while I sit in the unknown. Everything will be okay. It will.

I wish I had stood up for myself. I wish I had had the confidence to know how I deserve to be treated and not to settle for anything less.

I am proud of the way that I handled the crisis that my daughter went through this past year. I am proud of the fact that I finally realised that I could not save her - especially from herself and that she needed me to set clear boundaries with her instead of always colluding with her to avoid her personal responsibility and accountability for her own life.

I am so freaking proud of growing into my role as a mother. Or, rather, I'm so proud that I'm retaining my sense of Self, of Independent Personhood. I feel like I'm good at being a mom, but that's not all I'm good at. I haven't let it completely subsume my being, something I was really afraid of. And my son is happy and healthy and I'm working full time and our family is SOLID, and I still find time to socialize and write and be physically active (although not as active as I once was). I'm DOING it. I'm surviving. I'm thriving. And so is he. And I'm bloody well proud of that, because I wasn't sure I had it in me.

I wish I'd sought treatment for a medical condition far, far sooner. It turns out that I'm not going to be forced down a particular route for treatment - that I've been assigned to an excellent medical team, who are listening and empathetic. It turns out that I don't have the malignancy I was afraid of. And it turns out that I've been exhausted and unproductive for almost a year for no reason - and that this second condition is quite easily treatable.

I wish I had done almost everything differently this year, honestly, but mostly, I wish I hadn't gone out on that second date (and gotten pregnant) with that guy from Tinder. Hahaha, right? Except that it ruined my life. I lost the baby, I lost my uterus. I lost everything. I can't help but think that if I could go back in time maybe this wouldn't have happened. It was such a strange set of medical anomolies it's hard to say, but they were all set in play by the pregnancy. I didn't even like him, I just felt like it would be fun to fuck around. And by the way, this isn't some secret ploy against promiscuity-- I'm all for promiscuity if you're into the person, but I did it out of a self-destructive instinct. And I did self-destruct and I don't know if I'll ever come back from it.

I wish I had confronted Tara in a more constructive way about my relationship with Laura. I let her tell me I was being a bad friend and that I shouldn't be friends with someone I really value. I let myself be put in a corner. I wish I were more assertive in this regard. On the other hand, I'm especially proud of how I managed being away with my dad for two weeks. Despite all the challenges of his sexism and objectification of women, we did not fall out and I was able to have a really great time with him. I am also very proud of how I handled my trip to HK.

I had to write a report for the cabinet this year and I received a real compliment from one of the cabinet members. It was great to get a compliment, I rarely get them and it really was meaningful when she enjoyed the report. It made me feel proud of the work I've done here.

I always think that there is always more that o could have done. I think that is core to reflection. I am proud of my growth and achievements but want to be more deliberate, focused and action oriented moving forward.

No big regrets jump to mind. Again, no big accomplishments either

I wish I would have spent more time being grateful for my relationship with my father. I wish I would have shown him gratitude as much as possible. On the other hand, I'm SO proud of my admission to Nurse Practitioner school, at an extremely reputable school.

I'm especially proud of achieving my New Year's resolutions and that I have improved myself more this year than ever. I'm glad I have not settled for less than God's best and that I consistently fight to avoid old habits and thinking patterns. I've started bullet journaling, reading through the Bible {Professor Horner's reading plan}, exercising, and doing a better job of balancing work and my actual life.

I am proud of myself for not spending as much time as I typical do on revisiting the past and focusing too much on what could have been rather than what can be. That being said, I do wish I had done certain things sooner (eg. self-care). The older I get, the less I care what other people think but the more I realize how time is slipping away from me and there can be a pressure to "get things right" (in terms of personal development and growth) sooner rather than later.

Done differently - I'm not sure. Not much and not really. I put a lot of things off, but they didn't suffer for it much. I wanted to lose weight - and I did lose SOME but not as much as I wanted to. But - Proud of - I am in such better shape now! I work out at least twice a week and swim three to five times a week, and I am STRONG. (well, stronger anyway). I've actively worked on my high blood pressure, and am now on a low dose of an ACE inhibitor and my BP is mostly down in the 'prehypertension' range (which is much better than it was). Some of that weight I wanted to lose is now muscle instead of fat, in consequence. I've been able to do more than I could, yet less than I wish. But overall, my health is definitely improved and my well-being - my quality of life - is improved.

I am careful to not hurt anyone intentionally. If I acted out at all, it was to bring attention to someone else's poor behavior that was causing someone else unneeded pain and suffering. My mantra and motto in life is ... 'If I am not for myself, who will be for me? If I am only for myself, what am I? If not now, when?' Rabbi Hillel That quote speaks volumes on how I live and how I behave. Sometimes it is necessary to speak up for myself without harming another. If I don't take care of my own needs, why would anyone else? If I don't do so in the moment, the moment will pass without an opportunity to be able to teach another or learn from another. I live by the three tattooed transliterated Hebrew words on my head: Chesed (loving kindness), Kavod (respect and honor), as well as Emet (truth or honesty). Everything else in the Torah is commentary. It is not nessessary to be anything but loving, kind, respectful, honorable, truthful, and honest to all of G-d's Creations. To intentionally harm another is to me a form of mental illness, a control issue, or extreme form of two-faced cognitive dissonance. Someone has to be taught to hate and fear. We are not born that way. It is nice to be nice to the nice.

I wish that I would have created more definitive professional boundaries sooner, trusted my instinct more and found small ways to keep up the self-care during my most stressful times. I am proud of how I've moved through the enormous and burdensome weight of professional and financial stress to keep on, breathe deep and take it a day at a time as much as possible.

There isn't anything I would change about my own path. I have worked extremely hard (never taking a semester off of classes, working full time, adding another part time job, and volunteering), and have found time to spend with the people I love too. I rewarded myself in a big way with a trip to London, and I deserved that too! During the summer, though, I was very busy and did not make/have a lot of time to help my sister with the Chemistry class we were taking together. She ended up dropping it, and how her future plan is a little delayed. She doesn't blame me (I hope), but I know it has discouraged her. I'm not worried about her; I know that she'll get there when she gets there, but me with my guilt thing I feel very responsible for the current delay.

I actually regret nothing. I think the past shapes who we are in the present, so I regret nothing because I love who I am today. Last year also helped shaping who I am today. Maybe more exercise, this is always a topic for self-judgement, but also one that grows on me every year (unfortunately, along with my tummy hahaha).

I wish I would've been more patient and loving to my step daughters but it is always a challenge for me with the family dynamics and their adolescent behaviors. I will try to be better..:-/

This year, I have let a pretty sneaky little bout of depression hang around for too long. It started in the spring, stayed around for summer, and has now followed me into the fall. I have not asked for help. I have not taken care of myself in all the ways that are necessary. My relationships are suffering and I feel sad and lonely and so, so tired. I vow to work harder to find the support I need for the happiness I deserve. I continue to be so proud of Audie and the way she is growing and changing. She is a firecracker and it is a wonder to watch her and interact with her and stand in her corner.

Wow, tough question! I really wish I had not put all this weight back on. That is still my biggest, all consuming problem. I am proud of all the travelling Glen and I have done this past year. Hope we can continue to do more!

I wish I had taken a risk with love this year, wholeheartedly committed to finding my relationship I'm proud of mentoring Lisa and Regina and being a trustee at Iyengar Maida Vale and Kingsgate Workshops

I wish I would have complained less. This was my first year back at home. I had a lot of things handed to me, so to speak. I regret not taking more time to be thankful for my support system and less time reflecting on how much I had been hurt by others.

No, even if the outcome of my decisions was not great, this last year has really been an exercise in making the best of all situations. It's been all about turning lemons into lemonade.

I wish I had found a way to work as an actor in this year. But I am so proud of how I have been a mother to my baby and step daughter. This year has brought a depth that I am so grateful for.

I am proud of both my children and their accomplishments. I am proud of leading the walkathon team at my daughter's school and raising over $23,000 (up from $9,000 before I took over). I am proud of my marriage and our house. I am proud of turning 50. I am proud of the 700 person family tree I have built on Ancestry.com. I am proud of my husband and my family and friends.

I am quite pleased about how my relationship with my wife has transitioned to fit our new phase of being "empty nesters". I feel closer to her now than ever! WE have learned to let go more as our youngest is now a freshman in college, and our attention has turned towards each other. I like that :)

Every year there is something I wish I had done differently. Almost made it this year...yeesh. My Director, I felt, duped me. I shouldn't have vented, spoken ill of, or taken offense. I should've beared up under it knowing that God, Who sees and judges everything - if there was any justice to be done, He'd do it. Not that He would smite, I am so not like God go get em'...but just that I truly believe that we all have a lot in life. God gives you what He gives you. He has the right to give you whatever He has given you - much or little. As Paul talks about the potter having the right to make out of the same lump of clay whatever he wills (Romans 9:21) and the NASB in Psalm 16:5-7 says "The Lord is the portion of my inheritance and my cup; You support my lot. The lines have fallen to me in pleasant places; indeed, my heritage is beautiful to me. I will bless the Lord who has counseled me; indeed, my mind instructs me in the night." To that point, out of all the things I own, all the relationships I have, is He not the greatest of them all? And when I go Home to Him, is He not my inheritance...is that not where I belong? Daily the things of this world perish, but He is able to keep me and my household secure in the palm of His hand. When I think of the vastness of this world even...He gave boundaries to the oceans, the land, and even the skies saying this far you may go no farther...are we any different? And so, if I was made to be a cup - let me not chip and serve my function faithfully. Whatever I am, I was made for His pleasure - we all were. So we should then be a joy to our Creator. I wouldn't say proud this past year, more humbled - being held to a higher standard. To whom much is given much is required. And with knowledge comes accountability. All complaints come to His feet, so let Him not hear complaints about how I treat my fellow man/woman, because He is just and shows no favoritism. And He disciplines all those He calls His children, and I am His child.

I wish I had not stressed out that much about the wedding, overthinking all the little details. I kind of forgot the point of the whole thing at times.

I'm proud of how far I've come in trying to be more methodical in my thinking. Things are much clearer now.

I think I would have never agreed with having to lose weight before a guy would date me. I think that was a very bad decision, but I can't change it. I'm learning from it and I think that what matter. I am proud that I have a 3.98 GPA in Grad School while I'm working a full-time job. That is very exciting. I'm very happy with that.

I wish I had trusted myself more. I'm proud of leaving a job that wasn't inspiring enough

Starting to gather info on our family mainly from Henry as he has been diagnosed with Parkinson. Org family get together at Centennial Park

I am proud that I asked my parents to pick a date to move out.

Is there something that you wish you had done differently this past year? This year I wish that I could have gotten a better handle on my finances. Instead of living above my means it would be so much better to work less and do without or with less more often. I wish I had trusted my intuition more in terms of interpersonal relationships. I wish I hadn't tried to force emotional connection where there wasn't one. I am proud of myself for holding some boundaries that were really important for my self-worth. Is there something you're especially proud of? I am proud of myself for making things work, for working really hard under difficult circumstances, for getting through a second year at my current job and doing it with kindness and integrity. I am also really proud of myself for living on my own for the first time in 6 years and taking pretty good care of myself in the process. While living alone is a financial struggle not having the stress and instability of not being on a lease and living with multiple other people is pretty amazing.


I am proud of tackling my health issues in a constructive and proactive way. I am proud of the level effort I put into becoming a better person for my son.

I am proud of my twice daily Yoga, of how I have cared for my body, and of how I use the Yoga as a focus meditation and a chance to be present.

I wish I'd taken better care of myself, physically, mentally, and emotionally. I wish that every year. I wish I'd learned to govern my reactionary nature. I wish that every year. I wish I'd given to others more. I wish that every year. I'm proud of taking some steps forward in terms of putting a broken relationship behind me.

I don't know if I wish that I'd done something differently, but the past year feels so much like a blur...or at least since January when I started the new job in Boston. I feel like so much of Chris and my's marriage has been one era after another in transition when we've been planning on a future that is not quite 100% settled. I think/hope the last 9 months were the worst of it. I'm not sure how we could have done anything differently, but the back and forth between 2 states while in an intense job and house hunting and then house renovating while moving has put me at the absolute limit of my mental capacity. And of course it was all made a bit harder since I was working so hard to get over my lingering leg injury.

I'm proud that I've learned to ask for what I want and recognize that I deserve it. I usually put other people's needs before my own, but I'm starting to realize I need to look out for myself first and foremost. I'm proud of the impact this has had both professionally and personally, and I only want that to grow.

I am, of course, especially proud of having finally gotten the balls to start my own business! Done differently - thankfully, nothing glaring. I would have liked Jennifer Davids to become a client. Wish I were more patient with my mom. Not sure what else.

I wish I had been able to do more shows this year, it would have helped with my finances, but I understand it wasn't a possibility given my injury Xmas day 2015. I'm proud I've made the decision to keep going to see Lia and Chloe every week. It takes a lot of time and means I have to put in some extra hours on other days but I will do anything for my grandchildren. Chloe is just beginning to walk and talk, but Lia and I have gotten much closer and we have had some wonderful talks while we do projects. She definitely has a mind of her own. I look forward to seeing what holds her interest in the future. I love to look into her eyes! I wish I had gone to see Ethan and Noah. But it was just too hard to travel and too expensive this year with my hand and. All the extra expense and therapy needed. Hopefully next year.

I'm so proud of how I opened up to my own feelings. I feel a sense of relief and my chest isn't tight. I feel like I am able to articulate my thoughts and feelings so much more clearly because I am able to handle them internally. There's nothing wrong with being in a bad, dark place. There's something wrong with not letting yourself get there. Sometimes the only way up is down.

I made a big dream come true this year by getting a job at Entwine. Coming home from India after Freshman year, I knew that the JDC spoke to me in different ways than any other organization. It was what I had been looking for. After that, I focused on making myself look as marketable as possible to the organization I cared so much about. From Eisner, to Kesher, to CAR, everything I did had JDC as the end goal. When I saw the job opening in January, I knew I had to jump on it. Three interviews later, and all that work paid off. I am still in shock, six months later. Sometimes I have to step back and remind myself that it's all real. With this huge goal accomplished, it will be important for me to step back and set a new long term goal in place, something I know will keep me moving forward in a positive direction.

I wish I was better at creating clear boundaries with my patients and coworkers. That would make me more effective and happier in my job.

I wish I had started to try for a baby earlier. If I knew how long it would take to conceive I would have gone off the pill much earlier. I am incredibly scared that this dream will not happen for me.

Hm... I'm not sure. I'm pretty glad about how senior year ended; I definitely got better social-wise, I actually went to parties and had lots of fun with my friends. I suppose I wish I had done that even more, but I also know that it took a lot of personal growth to get to that point, and I'm proud of that. Of course, it had a lot to do with it being the end of high school and I was never gonna see most of those people again anyways, which is interesting how that attitude changed my actions (I don't think I could keep it up outside of those circumstances though, I think way too much about the consequences of my actions and yada yada), so it wasn't all "me," but it did feel good to have fun like that. It's completely different in college though, haha... I'm starting from complete zero here, and the leap from the happy culmination of four years' social progress to square one has been quite upsetting in many ways. It takes me a long time to get to know/become comfortable with people, and when I look at some of my peers who seem to click so quickly with each other, it's stressful and lonely and I do acutely miss my comfortable, more popular previous position in high school. But I'm very proud of myself for powering through this incredibly challenging time in my life; I'm proud of myself for how much I've grown since coming here; I'm proud of myself for becoming so much stronger and more independent; I'm proud of myself for growing over the summer, too; I'm just proud that I've matured and become a different person. I think I can give myself a pat on the back for making it through.

I am looking into renting my own space and branching out on my own for the first time. I have been working as an independent contractor for several years and the idea of being on my own has always scared me. Proud that I am finally ready to make that leap.

I can't think of anything I would have done differently, but I'm proud of the way my communication has changed with my husband. I am removing myself from conversations that are not healthy and it feels like a power comes over me and I see myself walking away!!!

I'm proud of working to get a resident's association at The Greenwoods. We're starting to make improvements for the lives of everyone there. It's hard work and I'd rather not be doing it but I do think it's making things a little better. As I'm now in the last 1/3 of my life. I wish that I'd done more last year, gone to more places, had new and different experiences. Ah well, there's always this year.

I have working at my current unit for 1.5 years now and while I always thought that I would be looking for other opportunities around this time, however I wish I would have learned how to advocate for myself better at work in regards to my disability and goals for myself. I am very proud though, of the nurse that I have become. I have seen myself advocate for patients at length and deal with very stressful situations at work. And despite all the challenges and frustrations, I still love being a nurse.

I am very proud of the fact that I received my Master Gardener intern status. I love gardening. I love being outdoors. I have been trying to figure out the direction my life needs to go in, so decided to spend some money pursuing things that I enjoy. I signed up for a journalism course and for the gardening course. I blew off the journalism course because it was not what I expected. But the gardening course by coincidence overlapped with a stint that I did as a paraeducator substitute in a 7th grade science class that was studying botany. Then I planted a huge garden in my backyard. When I accepted a new position in NYC as a teacher, I volunteered to take on the school garden. It turned out that I was able to do so as an enrichment class with a small group of students who had chosen that option. I am also finding all the opportunities in northern NJ to be involved in Master Gardening projects, as well as nature preserves and sanctuaries that need volunteers. My principal approached me about being the Sustainability Coordinator for the school--apparently every school in NYC needs one.

I am proud that I was able to help my daughter in raising her daughter.

See my answer to question 1. I wish I hadn't started drinking again this year ...I gave up for 6 mths last year and felt great ... I want to give up again.

I wish that I had spent my free time more effectively. It's something I struggle with every single year, and something I still want to work on but have so much difficulty with. Making time for exercise, eating healthy foods, spending quality time with family and friends, and most importantly not spending mindless, ridiculous amounts of time on the internet and especially facebook. I want this coming year to be better. I want to be able to look back when I do my ten questions next year and say that yes, this year I spent my time more wisely. I spent less time online and more time interacting with real people in real time in real life.

Starting with my proud moment! Or moments. I have begun to really step out of my comfort zone!! I have been acting on my ideas and desires in healthful, thoughtful ways. I think things through and act accordingly but I don't let my fears take over! If I think no, I stop and think why and then thoughtfully move forward. I also then think through my choices and own what might not have been the right choice, but am working on not deellong on my not so good choices but try and learn from them! I am so much happier! I do wish I had started so much sooner in the above but again I am a work in progress! I saw a quote recently! "I am stronger because I needed to be"!!! That is me in a nutshell

I have a hard time feeling proud. This year my book, the product of years of research and writing, was published. I am proud of it--but have a hard time saying that. On the other hand, there is so much I would do better. I would take better care of myself, be more disciplined in my work--and actually accomplish something. There--the very way I phrased that says something about my feelings. And that maybe is the heart of it: feeling never good enough. So maybe what I wish I could do differently is accept myself with my failings.

I'm grateful that I went with my gut when I chose the job I'm in over another one I was offered. My work family is cohesive, fun, and efficient. We have the best team and I'm happy to come to work every day.

This past year I wish I had spent more time utilizing my time rather than wishing I had more. My daily, weekly schedule is daunting. I am often working 7 days a week while doing my best to be meet the demands of several volunteer choices. Over the course of the year I have come to see that getting "rid" of obligations is not the answer; each of the obligations I have chosen serve a positive purpose in my life. I hope in the next year I will use the gaps between these obligations better; making the most of all the moments of my life.

I am proud that I finally sought help for my eating disorder. I am proud that I finally had the strength to call it what it is, to realize that it doesn't define me, and to get the help that I need. And to realize that it is part of me and it will continue to be part of me, and that the key for me will always be being mindful of my emotions so that I don't eat over them. Always.

I knew my job was in jeopardy, I could feel it so I suppose I could have acted sooner to find a new opportunity and put things in place. I started too late and without enough effort. I continue to be proud of my commitment to yoga...I've cleared 3 years of regular practice (i.e., at least 2x/week) and I notice the difference in my practice. I'm stronger, more flexible and just overall more comfortable in my body. I am proud of my other efforts to be healthier - I rejoined weight watchers, about the only thing that works for me and so far lost about 23 pounds. I feel so much better. My commitment is to simply be honest and write down what I actually eat - whatever that is. I find that approach is helping me stay on track, even after indulging as those occasions arise.

If I have to be honest which I guess this is all about I guess George wasn't a good idea! He was not good for me from the beginning and I took way too many risks! I appreciate the role he played in my life and the impact he had but I spent wasted energy on him and his issues! My second "mistake" was the casino. I got way too wrapped up in the whole experience and spent way too much money! I used it as a coping mechanism and that is silliness! Luckily I seem to have it under control at the moment and hopefully it is an issue that will remain in the past! I am proud of my relationship with my family and friends! I have put a lot of energy into maintaining my long term relationships as well as nurturing some of my newer ones! I have a better relationship w my dad then I ever had. We r both really trying to spend quality time together and I am being much more realistic concerning what hi is and isn't able to do to meet my needs!

Always the same answer: spent less money, made more food at home. I am proud of my ability to challenge myself and grow though.

Isn't there always something we could have done differently? Hindsight being 20/20 and all that. All things considered, though, I think I've done pretty damn well this year. Managed to successfully navigate my wedding, a new job and losing my father all in just over a month without losing it, and I'd say that's a pretty praise-worthy accomplishment in and of itself. I've also blown last year's goal of jogging regularly out of the park - I recently completed my first half marathon! I am incredibly proud of myself and my friends for picking a (rather ambitious) goal and then sticking to it through months of tough training. It was one of the more satisfying feelings I've felt. Maybe I'm better at following through than I thought, if I have the right support systems in place. Bonus: I actually like running now!

AS always, been more patient, more loving, more helpful, less stressed and controlling. My surgery was a challenge but I was able to let go of my responsibilities and it felt good to let others do for me. Especially at Thanksgiving

I think I'm always wishing I was not so immersed in my world -- the many demands of work, parenting, being a present and attentive husband, etc. -- that I fail to look out into my community and recognize what others need. This is true on both the smaller level -- my friends and extended family -- and the broader level -- societal challenges that I would like to help address, community service to help others less fortunate. At the same time, I'm proud always of my work as a teacher, of trying to channel these broader notions through my work -- it's through raising those societal questions (and personal questions for my students as well) that I find much of the meaning in my work, and feel proud to be trying to help the world grow in some small way.

I maybe wouldn't have gotten SO intense and stressed about planning our wedding. I really put a lot into it at the expense of other things in my life and struggled to keep a balance throughout the planning process. But then again, it was the best day/week ever and everything went so smoothly that I wouldn't have changed hardly anything. So I guess that answers both parts of this question.

I wish I had actually started my wellness routine in July when I had planned on starting. Because you know what they say, "A month from now you'll be glad you started today." I'm annoyed that I let my laziness get the better of me.

I am proud of conquering my fear of life, of letting others down, of change. I did all of these by moving to Arizona. I thought my family would be upset, I was afraid of the unknown. But, I have always regretting not living life to the fullest because of fear. I wish I wouldn't let my anxiety run my life the way it tends to though. I thought for sure I would be able to control is better this year, and maybe I am just a little, but it's not enough.

I suppose... I wish I'd been less trusting, less naive, more guarded. I wish this weren't my answer, but I do feel that some of the pain I experienced, perhaps I could've avoided if I'd been less... open. As for everything else... I think I've adapted and handled remarkably well, considering how upside down my life has been with transition.

I wish I could be easier on myself, patient, see the big picture, give myself credit for what I've got done, feel proud and enjoy the fruits of my labors rather than seeing all that's not done. Perhaps once I'm settled. Oy vey.

I'm proud of how I managed to be there for friends and loved ones this year. I felt that I did a better job of keeping in touch. What I wish I'd done differently is a tougher question; I believe my tendency is to be too easy on myself, making me blind to my own flaws. I wish I'd done more acts of loving kindness, volunteered more, been more charitable to others, and gossiped less.

I wish Chris and I had spent less time driving on our honeymoon and more time relaxing. It was awesome but I regretted spending so much time in the car. especially because then I felt carsick during a lot of the trip. Lesson learned though... Next vacation, less driving. I'm also really proud that we did our wedding our way. We only spent $6000 and had a great time with our friends and family. The wedding itself was amazing and so was dinner after. The small group made it possible to really enjoy it. The week with my parents was too long... And my mom was angry with me for my love letter to Chris referencing the problems I've had with them. Honestly, I'm just glad we did it our way and fuck the few haters who got pissed because they didn't have the traditional stuff. $24 grand is worth having a few pissed of family members.

I am sure there is something I could have or should have done differently this past year, but nothing significant enough to come to mind at this moment. I am proud of my ability to move beyond an emotional relationship without running away. And proud that with time and distance that relationship has come round again in a more open and balanced situation. I am moving forward, learning a little more each day and figuring out how to stay centered in a very unusual and important relationship . Accepting some disappointments, expressing my feelings, and nurturing the whole. I am also proud that I could figure out a way to get work done on my house that was necessary (some of it) and wanted. In doing so I think I have found a way to generate some income. Found a way to get some bills paid off. And god-willing, have a plan to visit CA more while keeping my finances in order.

I don't think I have any regrets this year. It's sometimes been messy, sometimes painful, sometimes I'm an idiot or an asshole, but I have learned so much from each and every second. I am so proud of my commitment to sobriety and bettering myself so that i can show up for my life in a real way.

I wish I wouldn't have been in such a hurry to date. I feel like it has distracted me from my true goals, to an extent. It's been helpful in learning to assert myself when I feel someone is doing me wrong, so I'm gaining confidence from it. It hasn't bee a waste. But I think I will dial it back a bit and focus more on myself and my personal needs.

I wish I exercised more and drank less. I am proud of myself for starting a new sport (volleyball) which has lead to me meeting new people and expanding my social circle.

There are many missed opportunities and moments I wish I showed up differently. Sometimes I recognize them after-the-fact and I feel good about this because the first step in making changes is awareness. So I journal about it and think about a better response. This past year I'm so proud that I got my business underway! There's much more to do but it feels good. It feels right.

I wish I had focused more on myself this year and not worried so much about others. This is a time in my life where I am still discovering myself and I wish I took more time to find myself without feeling social pressures to make life decisions. On the flip side, I am proud that I didn't fall for the social pressures in the end. I am happy that I took my ship job and got a chance to explore. I am proud that I am beginning to grow up and make the transition into adulthood. I am proud that I became a successful mentor to two awesome girls this year and I am proud that I did many things with them. I am proud that I won swimsuit at miss nj and placed 2nd runner up. I wish I had practiced more so I would have won. I wish I worked harder the entire year. As much as I loved being free and traveling, I wish I focused more on specific life goals, or atleast finding life goals. I will forever have a list of things I want to improve and the day I don't, is the day I have failed. So with that being said, ain't no one gonna break my stride!

I wished that I had seen old friends whom I lost touch with and hadn't seen for a long time.

I think the way I handled relationships was less than stellar. I knew that I was graduating and leaving the state where I was living, so I treated a lot of my relationships like they would be ending when I left. I was hesitant to really open up to new people, I was too quick to cut things short with the people I had relationships with, and I really was pretty selfish. Alternatively, I am proud of how I studied for and took the bar exam. I feel like I struck the right balance of prioritizing studying and prepping with living life. I felt fine taking the exam and am fine now however it comes out.

I'm proud of the writing I've done this year. I'm proud to be making something that people are enjoying. It's addictive, really. Writing these scripts and hearing people perform them and listening to people respond to them. It's a feeling I don't remember having much before. As much as I'm trying to take credit for this and as much as I do feel accomplished, I'm still amazed at the ways that it just came together. And I'm amazed that people want to be a part of my thing. Usually, I just get really regretty on this question, but this year I've actually got something to be proud of.

Done differently - I just always feel like I'm not communicating well enough. Could I have taken more time apart from Ryan, or would I have lost him? Could I have dated more people, gone to grad school in the UK, could I have not jumped right back into this relationship and this house? Yes, but I think it's all going to be not just ok - but great. Proud - I'm doing better speaking up. I'm saying my truth more, I'm living in my confidence more and more, and I'm very proud of that.

I wish I told my family I loved them more and not gotten so uptight about the little things. I wish I didn't take things so personally and learned to go with the flow a little better.

There's nothing I would have done differently, although I will remember not to vent my frustrations on the ones I love. I'm proud of how I managed to accept the fact that I would go through a difficult period, when it became clear that Dad get better. It would seem like Hell, but if I kept breathing, I would get through it. And I did. And I'm proud of Mom, for pulling through the way she did, and for how she's able to handle her household. And of my Prince, my Love, who kept me going and plied me with tissues and tea, and never gave up on moping little me. And who still want to share his house with me. And of the Girl, who must have been affected by my troubles, but who never complained. Who told me repeatedly that I didn't have to stop crying on her behalf. Sweet little silly Girl.

Not sure what I'd have done differently.. The thing that seems to exhilarate me is, I'm nearing the last bit of completing the re-working of my will, first time since way before Joe died. It has been a big slog, overcoming the resistance to facing every thing that such an exploration rakes up.

This past year, at the age of 35, I had a mini-stroke. The doctors never found the root cause for it (though my neurologist suspects it may have been due to the medication I was on for my migraines). I believe, in looking back at last year, it was stress. I felt I couldn't take time to heal when I was feeling sick because of the way that I'm judged as a teacher based on days absent. I was taking on a whole new way of teaching with a multi-age setting across three grade levels that I found frustrating and infuriating because I saw no way in which it could be successfully done to the level of meeting all curriculum requirements based on state-mandated testing, which also went back to how I'm judged as a teacher. I think what I should have done differently is taken care of myself first and let the rest just fall into place. I push myself toward perfection and I push too hard. I'm a hard teacher and I expect a lot from my students. But I'm much more lenient with them than I am with myself. Why don't I ever give myself a break? Why can't I relax? The other day I saw a comic about the "A-Type Personality" and "B-Type Personality" people and relaxing ... the "A" person tells the "B" person that they can do anything the "B" person can but better. The "B" person asks, "What about relaxing?" The "B" person goes off to relax and gets a "score" of 10 from a sideline judge. The "A" person goes off to "relax" and looks even more stressed and gets a "score" of 2 from the sideline judge. The "A" person then goes to the "B" person and is crying and the "B" person looks concerned and says "H-hey relax ..." I am the "A" person. I just can't switch off. I'm jealous of my husband Mr. "B" who can. I need to learn how to. I need to take better care of myself and listen to my needs of my body and take time to rest. I need to stop my perfectionism. Perfect doesn't exist, I know that ... truly I do. I just ... can't. My source of pride for this year has been my kids. We've become closer and closer over the years and though they're all teenagers now I'm proud of the open communication we have with one another.

I feel like I'm taking a stand for myself at work. I'm becoming and feeling like the community leader that they trust me to be. I'm coming into my own with ideas and initiatives, and learning to enjoy the ride.

I am especially proud that I do competitions for horseback riding. I felt nervous at first, but I'm making steady progress, I learn a lot and get to know nice people.

I am proud that I am able to do my work so well at my new job, and able to earn the respect and affection of my colleagues. I'm really happy. I work really really hard and succeed beyond anyone's expectations! And we have fun as well, and do things together, even after work!

I still have mixed feelings about selling the Clubhouse house. I loved the backyard and the beautiful view from the patio. The idea was that we would pay off everything and have more security. It doesn't seem to have worked out that way.

I wish that I had been more patient with my family, and taken better care of myself. While studying for the bar my parents helped me a tremendous amount with financial support and watching my children so I could focus. I repaid them by being totally grumpy and acting entitled. In hindsight, I see that if I had taken better care of myself and managed my time and stress level better I could have been more effective at studying and a better member of the family. Part of the issue was that I didn't budget in time for exercise and I didn't include my kids in my break times as often as I could have. As a result, I ate my feelings, gained a ton of weight, and was a basketcase. Looking back I wish that I had been more thoughtful about the choices I was making and the example I was setting for my children about how to manage stress. Going forward, I want to get plenty of sleep and exercise, eat healthier, quit smoking, show my parents how grateful I am for all they do, and be more patient with my children.

I wish that I'd managed my finances better. 😕

I wish I could have ceased being self-abusive.

There was one email I wish I hadn't sent. If I had waited just one day, a number of things would have been very different, and I would have saved myself, and one other person, a lot of grief. Hindsight and all that.

I wish I had spent more time writing. I always wish I spent more time writing. But then at the end of the day I am too tired to write. I always have this sneaky feeling that I am throwing my life away not doing the one thing I was meant to do. As if we are ever meant to do anything.

I wish I hadn't raised my voice at my daughter the other night. I wish I had been more patient with my husband. I wish I had found more forgiveness in my heart for my in-laws. I'm also incredibly proud that with a temperamental and often verbally abusive mother, I've only raised my voice at my toddler that once. And I hope it's the last time. And I'm proud of my daughter. She is a beautiful little human - full of life, full of joy, in love with words and self-expression. I didn't have much to do with that, but I am proud nonetheless.

Yes, we may have included our children too much in the decision making process about where to move to. That said, I am incredibly proud that I was able to find a dream position, and now find myself able to provide better for my family - including unusual medical expenses.

I always wish I didn't yell at my kids so much. I worry that when they think back on their childhoods, they'll just remember me yelling and forget when I was nice. I just can't handle it when I have to ask them to do the same thing again, and again, and again, and they don't do it.

This past year I wish I had been more attentive in school. Now that I'm applying for college it feels like my life is flashing before my eyes and I've done nothing to show for it. Hopefully that will change within a couple of months.

I wish I had a job when I moved. From past experiences, I told myself I would never move before having a job offer. But I did it anyway. That was insanely stressful and really did a number on me. It toyed with my confidence, my sense of self. I questioned (and still do) my purpose in life. But in everything, we learn. I don't feel like events in our life are a mistake. I'm exactly where I'm supposed to be, even though the reason why might not be apparent just yet.

I am proud that I finished a complete first draft of the novel. That I continue to work on it. I wish I had spent more time lost in it. More time given to it. In another view I am grateful for all the time i had alone this past winter and alternatively aware that the alone time, the isolation can be taken too far. I need to seek both time alone and time in company of others.

I have grown and learned how to take care of myself, be calm, and not let panic control me. But I wish I could handle stress better: I have been packing it down and allowing it to impact my body.

God yes. I wish very badly that I'd prioritized getting a job so much earlier, and just figured out how to make it happen. I wish I'd been more pro-active in communicating with Steph about the tough circumstances of our relationship, and what she wanted. I can't believe I let things slide to this point. So deeply frustrating & disappointing.

I have finally started to take responsibility for my mental health. I've told my parents that what they've said and done isn't right and have gotten myself into therapy for help. I don't want to be a bitter and resentful person with anxiety issues for the rest of my life. I still have a hard time with certain things, but life is getting better.

I wish that I had made things more clear with Lauryn before I left. I really do care for her, but it is so scary to have that always hanging in the balance. If I had more clarity, I would be able to make better decisions.

Nothing different really. Proud of my daughter and son that they are in graduate school.

I wish I'd been a more open and loving son and brother. That could have been by calling them more often, trying to make conversation with them, or showing appreciation in some other ways.

I wish I would have approached some of my relationships (friendships, work relationships, love relationships) with a more confident frame of mind and a less clingy / paranoid need for approval.

There are things that didn't go so well for me this past year, such as weight gain, loss of physical fitness, not really taking care of myself. But I can't say I have regrets about it. I've gone through some difficult stuff the past 2-3 years, and all-in-all I think I handled everything well. I am a very strong person. What I'm proud of is my daughter, and what I've done to support her through: epilepsy that has returned, severe anxiety, especially during her last semester, her first sexual relationship and first love, and helping her with her college and gap year decisions. Just a few months ago I was actually looking forward to her going away to college, as I thought it would give me the space to focus more on myself and my marriage. Now I'm glad to have her around.

Again, I wish I had worked harder on the job search. I did make some connections and pursue some leads, but nothing to show for it / be proud of just yet. But maybe 5777 will be the year...

I'm proud of moving out of my home state to establish myself in my career. I only wish I was in a head-space to do it sooner - I would have saved myself so much money. It was a lot of work, going through possessions, selling and getting rid of things, packing, driving (fortunately, with my Aunt for company) but then having to unpack it all myself, and then sort through it again as I don't have storage here. But I'm especially proud of making it past my first year with my new employer, Southwest Airlines.

I have mixed feelings about this question... There is probably one thing that I wish I had done differently this year. I wish I had enough self-confidence. Enough self-confidence to know that I am enough. Enough to know that I don't deserve to be lied to, to be hurt...Enough to know that I deserve honesty, respect, love, conversations, laughter, hugs, kisses...If I had enough self-confidence back in February - I would probably be in a different situation than I am right now. Would it be a better situation? I don't know. I just know that there are times when I am sitting by myself, my mind wonders back to when I was first struck with utter shock and disbelief. I questioned myself. I didn't put myself first. I spent a good 6 months tearing myself apart - feeling angry, sad, alone, crazy, desperate and eventually feeling depleted. On the flip side, I am grateful for the grueling six months...it led me to find that I had more strength and resiliency than I thought I had. It led me to practice, actively, practice self love and forgiveness. Something I thought I couldn't achieve. It led me to forgive those who had hurt me. For the most part that is...and it's more than I can ever ask for. It led me to hope. Hope in knowing that I will be okay, that I can survive. It gave me hope that there is still love in the universe. Romantic or not - love is strong, powerful and absolutely divine. Being able to connect with another human being - physically, mentally is so profound. Especially in world that is constantly busy, angry, and kind of cold.

i turned fifty with happiness and good health.

I am very glad that I went to Pittsburgh to help when my father-in-law came home from the hospital. It was wonderful to be with them, as a daughter, to give them love and support. I realize that times of illness, stress, trial, are when life gives the opportunity to be meaningful.

Enhancement of working team

I wish I had explore more business posibilites. I could have used my time better when it comes to my own company. I am really proud of both finishing my Masters in Techno-Anthropology and the amazing project I worked for over 2 years with LEGO

The main thing I probably should have done differently was to not let Rick ever come here to live in the first place, but I had such high hopes for a loving, lasting relationship with him and had thought we would be raising his daughter together. I think that some of what I have reaped this year is because, like Lot's wife, I looked back, instead of being thankful I had been delivered from a bad relationship with Rick over 10 years ago, I just never really let go of Rick, even though I thought I did. The other thing is that I wish I had not let my finances get in such a mess by spending so much to help Rick for the past 3 years and letting some of my bills go unpaid. I also, wish, since Rick did come here, that I could have kept my mouth shut more, had more patience, and prayed more for him and let God work the relationship out. And now my dilemma is whether to let him come back here to live if they do let him back out of jail or would that be another wrong choice I would be regretting this time next year. The thing I am proud of and thankful this year is that I have found a home church and have missed only one Sunday since I started nearly 3 months ago. And I am proud and thankful that I am learning to rely on God for all my needs and in all situations and problems.

My ex's mom bought him a ticket to visit me for Christmas, I sincerely wish I had spoken up and clearly stated that I didn't want to spend Christmas with him. I had decided to call off the wedding, possibly breaking the engagement, and I thought that I would at least get through Christmas separately, we lived in different states. I had talked to my family about what I was thinking and feeling and when he showed up, I did not immediately say anything to him. Looking back, I don't know that I would do anything differently, I felt forced into a situation and I was still processing what I wanted and how I was feeling, but the holiday was just horribly awkward. I wish I had handled it differently, but I also don't know what I would've done, and I am glad that it's over and done with. Alternatively I am proud of the health progress I've made this year, I'm teaching yoga, working on workshops and after a few Whole30s, have a much healthier relationship with food. I hope to continue to make progress here and build strength and lose weight.

Yes. I wish I was more honest with myself and others about everything. About how I feel and what I think, etc. I am learning that by doing what I think people want me to do rather than what I actually want to do, I develop resentment and find myself unhappy. I need to start living more in the moment and more authentically. I am proud of my work. I am proud that people know they can count on me to do what I say I will do. I hope to continue this going forward.

Work wise I could have been more forward looking but that's less important. My son went to college and I barely intervened. I could have stepped,in to make sure he was following through with his work or better, I could have hired somebody to do so. Consequently he did not pass his classes. I a proud of him going off to college and surviving except for grades, due to his learning disability which makes it harder for him to hand in assignments. I'm especially proud of being in my first relationship since my husband died eight years ago.

I regret having asked my partner to suppress her tendency to be negative and critical about things and people I like. It made us grow apart because she didn't feel free to be all sides of herself around me. I'm proud that we confronted this issue, and over the last several months my partner and I have been able to be more honest with each other about the problems in our relationship, and I think I've put a lot of effort into making compromises and changes.

I am proud of consistently asking for the things I want and taking chances. I still feel like being in my head can get the better of me, but finding those experiences that get me out of it and force me to engage and learn have been so rewarding.

There is not one thing that I am proud of, but this year I realized that I am indeed proud of my accomplishments, although they aren't traditional. With all the pressure to get married, have babies, advance my career, education, buy a house...those milestones that we sometimes forget to question, Why, I have been questioning them and opposing them. But I realized that I have hit milestones. Just my milestones. And I did them my way. I didn't buy a house, but I bought a small condo that I rent out and eventually it will be a tiny place for retirement. I didn't get married, but I am in a LTR and our lawyer wrote up our estate plans that includes each other. I don't have a dream job, but it's stable and it paid for grad school. I don't have biological children, but my boyfriend has a son. Check, check, check. My way. And I am proud.

I wish I had been able to budget better. To do *everything* better, honestly. I *am* proud of how much I have been trying. I might not have always been accomplishing, but I'm still trying. I refuse to give up, refuse to accept life's crap, and keep working and moving forward, forward, forward!

I'm proud of my relationship with my husband. Pregnancy, birth, and new parenthood are trying times, but I think that we have solidified our partnership. Of course, we still sometimes get annoyed at each other in our sleep deprived states - but I am so grateful for his support, and I hope that I can offer the same in return.

I'm proud that I had my first magazine feature and that its proved popular. I'm proud of the subscription service I created for my client, even if the staff do nothing but whinge about how much extra work the add-on sales create for them. Hello? Are you in business or not? £6k per month on your turnover is a GOOD thing.

I worked really hard trying to help a non-profit to cut the huge cost associated with their move. While I didn't manage to get it down to their goal, I did manage to shave nearly 300,000 from the budget without compromising the look the architect had in mind. I'm proud to preserve those funds for their mission.

I wish I would have held out being single and focused on the end game. I wanted to move to Portland, but then I got sidetracked with a boyfriend. It was mostly a distraction and it didn't get me anywhere. Professionally, I feel I have come a long way. I have learned so much this year; it's been incredible. I don't think I have ever evolved so significantly within one year before.

Yes, I wish I hadn't lost my temper with those boys in June. And I am especially proud that I went to Panama for a month by myself and took 80 hours worth of Spanish classes. I took risks in class and socially. I met new people and biked and travelled to different islands by myself. I feel so inspired to travel more throughout Panama and next to Columbia. Regarding what I wish I hadn't done, I shouted at these boys thinking they were in the hallway when they shouldn't. It turned out that they had a pass all along. And I had turned up my temper to a 9, putting on my "What are you, chicken?!" "Black" voice, but for once it didn't work. They were Latinos. And I wonder had they been white boys would I have asked them what they were doing in the halls.

I am really proud of how much my writing has improved. I became very close with one of my professors who has helped me edit and polish my poetry. Some of it has been published, which is something I have always dreamed of. The future seems so much brighter, and I attribute that to a lot of the help I've received from her.

Proud of myself for coping with sleep deprivation. Wish I had decided to stop stressing about it earlier, but, who knows if going through all of that was part of the process?

I wish I had not taken work so very seriously. But I am very proud of what I accomplished: mounting a successful conference, starting several new endeavors that were well received and will continue, gaining the trust of the council of parents with whom I work, recovering my fluency in Spanish.

As always, I wish I expected less of myself and gave myself more of a break when I want/need to take more time for my writing (I'm a poet), my reading of spiritual texts & Torah, my gardening. No special pride, this year, but a great sense of relief in partially repairing a broken friendship that caused great grief to a former friend. Our friendship ended when my husband broke off from him--and recent circumstances made it necessary for me to be in his presence again. We have come to a tentative way of being connected again that seems to be working. And I am grateful that I did not give up in engaging with him.

Because most of my income is from commission, the slow months (January-April) are pretty tight financially. I wish I had set a little aside during the busy season to help us get through. Alternatively, I am proud of the way I was able to get us through the lean times anyway, in part by doing some creative cooking with stuff from the food bank and in part by juggling the bills so that nothing was paid so late it got shut off, and the bills that charge late fees got paid on time.

Been active and bold in leaving my job and finding a new one. I wish I hadn't stayed so long, to the point where leaving feels impossible.

I wish that I had made more of an effort to do things that nurture my creative side and that I'm good at. Very good at. I'm a very good writer, which helps me at work. And I started a blog with my daughter, but we haven't written many posts. Last Christmas that same daughter gave me art supplies so that I could sketch handbag designs. Of my three girls she is the one most like me. But the difference is that she's much more confident and adventurous than I am. I could learn from her.

I had some major disappointments this year. I wish I had handled them all with an even temper, cautious use of my words and confidence that the pieces of my life when come back together even betted than I could imagine. I am proud I kept my head up and kept moving forward even when I didn't know what I was walking toward.

I'm proud of myself for carving out my own life, once and for all. The challenges sometimes appear daunting and the path has been strewn with mishaps, yet I feel more free and happy than I have in years.

My best friend's husband had a stroke. I just speak with her now and she is so stressed that I barely talk with her. He was an important influence when I was younger. I hate unfinished business. This question has made me confront my behavior. I will call them today and speak with him if he will talk with me....

Wish I'd done differently: been more forgiving and less easy to rile, especially with FGL, B&E, A, & MTL. Proud of: fewer instances of the above than in years past!

I have struggled a lot with my confidence this past year and because of it have not always been the best friend/partner. I hate when my insecurity manifests like that and I am not proud of some of my behaviors because of it. It is a goal of mine to work on that and get better. I am really proud of my understanding and dedication of self care. I have really worked hard to figure out what is good for me and how I can be my best self. Taking care of myself is such a huge component and I am going to continue to work on that. It so directly corresponds with my love for myself.

I wish i had taken better care of my body. At 35, the years have not really piled up yet, but they will from here on out. I always resolve to eat better, excercise more, and this year I did each of those things for a few months this spring. Then I let go, and I took advantage of the fact that I have a pretty good metabolism and walk a lot. I'm 185 now and that's not fat, but I need to be a healthier 185 if I'm going to make it to 80+ years old. That's not even to mention the drinking.

[Sun., 10/9/16] Plenty that I've done in the past year has made me proud, but I think the first question listed here is the more useful one. I've not taken concrete steps in the past year to resolve the question of what I'd like to have as a professional identity. (Note that I don't think that's necessarily the same thing as a "profession.") Writer, manager, executive, real estate investor -- what is it I'd actually like to be? Where shall I place myself on the (admittedly potentially falsely dichotomous) lifework, meaningearning, and freedomsecurity continua? And, even if I know what I'd *like*, what steps must I take to get there?

I wish I didn't invest so much time (physically and emotionally) in a relationship that doesn't give me what I truly deserve. I'm proud of myself for communicating more effectively with friends of mine.

I'm proud of saying, "Yes," more often, even when it's inconvenient. I'm proud of sticking to my resolution to nurture close relationships and speak positive truths. I'm proud of making sure to say, "I love you," "Thank you," and "I appreciate you," to people other than just my partner and children (and saying it more to them, too).

This year, I am really proud of myself for getting out there and interviewing for new jobs. When I wasn't quite sure I would get any interviews, I ended up getting about 6. It felt really good to be validated, and to feel so wanted by different companies. I have a lot of experience, and was qualified for a variety of roles. I loved that, and it's something I am really proud of! Though most of the offers were too low financially, it helped to be validated that I can do a lot! I am excited for the next year, in seeing if I am able to find a new job and get out of working as a school social worker. I am also ready for maybe private practice.

I could have been better with money. I could have suffered less from jealousy. I could have been more aggressive in pursuit of promotion. I could do higher quality work. I am proud of the life I'm living right now, what I am able to accomplish with a great deal of independence. I have two great projects that are going well.

Yes I wish I had been less hard on myself for making mistakes, for being imperfect, and for just being human. I wish I had been less hard on others as well. I am especially proud that I have continued to take what started as an idea and am developing it into a short film that has a full team and funding (albeit not all of the funding) behind it. I am proud that this project highlights the artistic talents of others and puts artists to work.

I wish I pushed harder at work. They really took advantage of me - I was the sole member of my team for 3 months, and one of two for a year before that, before they recognized me with a promotion and raise. I kept my head down and worked hard, but I should have been more vocal about what I rightly deserved.

I'm especially proud of healing an 11 year broken relationship and creating a tikkun for that brokenness when another relationship could've headed down that same path this year.

I wish I had talked to more SEGL people over the summer.

I wish I had written more. I wish I had stayed off Facebook. I wish I had spent more time with my dad. I wish I had spent more time with my mom. I wish I had left my phone on silent. I wish I had left my phone in my purse. I wish I had left my phone at home. I wish I had crate trained my dog. I wish I had gotten rid of half of the stuff in my house. I wish I didn't regret so much. Alternatively... I'm proud of my children, my beautiful, kind, thoughtful, smart, honest, curious, insightful, funny, brave, musical, polite, passionate children, who still wrap their arms around me and let me squeeze tight.

There is nothing I wish I had done differently this past year. This year had challenges but way more successes. I am proud of accomplishing my first speaking engagement and being honored as a 2016 NC Shero for my work as a doula. I am proud that I FINALLY left that toxic relationship I was in far longer than I needed to be.

Not necessarily. I think I've made some good decisions this year. I do kind of wish I hadn't set the standard so high with performance in my new role. At the start I had some really great months but I'm struggling to keep up the energy and momentum now. I'm very proud of how well I've done, and I'm also proud of my art and how well received it's been down in Sydney. I'm proud of how I'm pursuing it and also pursuing my freelance writing stuff.

I am proud of the strength with which I navigated the death of my mother. I have grown closer with my father through the process and am so glad for the deepening of that relationship.

I went through a long period of depression in the last year, one in which I was really lacking the will to live. While I knew that the answer was to get out of the bed and pray/meditate, I didn't do it. I wish I had been willing to give myself that loving gift. I am proud of the progress I am making in school and the focus I have on my goal. I know that I will be able to do a lot of good in the field I will be in practice in.

I guess the only thing I wish I'd done differently is keep up on my fitness. Many times I 'planned' to begin a routine. I started a 21 day yoga challenge but got bored. I started walking and doing free weights when my man was out of town but soon stopped when he returned. So much is going well in my life. I may as well do what it takes to take the one thing that I beat myself up about and really turn it around so that I can be proud and successful in ALL aspects of my life! I am proud of all the ways in which I have Showed Up for all the people in my life. My Man. My nephew. My sister. My friends. And even myself. I am honest. I am a truth teller. I can be counted on.

I'm very proud of our flexibility in responding to the invitation to go to Israel. The trip was definitely a trip of a lifetime.

I wish I had the courage to tell this girl I liked her. Sure, it probably would not have lasted since it would have been a long distance relationship, but she would have had much more respect for me and we might still be friends at this point. I hope I can reach out to her again someday.

I dont think i could have had a better year to be perfectly honest. I could have saved more money for sure, but i am content.

I am proud of the intense practice I did in three weeks to learn almost 28 songs/prayers for the HHD. Thankfully, I only had to lead about 18 of them. (I was so scared and feeling about 80% prepared.) I am also immensely proud of the CBS singers for creating the most soulful and joyous singing that synagogue has heard in the five years I've spent coaching them for the HHD. Bravo! I am so fond of that diverse and plucky group.

I wish I had prayed more. I have gotten out of practice and it is compromising my balance and ability to see the world through an honest and grateful lens.

I wish I had not put all of my eggs in one basket. I really regret forgetting friends that stood by my for so long just for the prospect of a romantic relationship that didn't even work out. I am ashamed.

I made it through the past year the best I knew how.

Ugh. 5th grade... Endless regret. I wish I would have, could have, should have. It was a horrible year socially and I will always feel like I let Sadie down. I did what I could but it was too little too late. And I keep reminding myself that it taught her so many great things. That she got tougher. That having a bad year at a school she was leaving is better than a bad year at the new school. I tell myself that middle school would be harder if she had been coddled. And i do believe that. Mostly. But it doesn't save me from having the what if? conversation in my head all of the time.

I am proud that I changed my diet & physical activity am was able to lose 60 pounds in the past year. I wish I had managed my time better in the past year. I wish I had regulated my sleep better.

I wish I would have had a better work life balance. I spent so much time absorbed with work, so much time devoting energy to work instead of my relationships. And then I quit, so it makes me miss what I should have been building up all along, that which starts with me forever. My people.

I am very proud of myself for taking this leap of faith and moving our of state but I am finding myself in a rut of complacency. Things have been going so well that I have gotten "fat and happy" so I wish I would had been more proactive about getting out of my comfort zone.

I wish I could shut up! I tend to put my head above the parapet and get shot down. I did this over what I thought were poor business practices by a local district councillor, which resulted in his threat to take me to court; I started a discussion on an OU Forum which I knew would be controversial but wasn't prepared for the personal attack. So - I wish I hadn't reacted so quickly on either of these, or other, occasions, but I find it hard not to speak my mind when things concern me....

I wish we had saved more in savings. This is always tremendously difficult when you are till living above what your bills require. We have made great progress but what I mean is, it takes a TREMENDOUS amount of money to balance your life so you can truly get out of debt. We have made great progress but still have hardly paid off any loans. We have just made great progress. We are close to the point where they will begin to be paid off. Dave Ramsey is right when he says you need $1000 savings for emergencies. Right after I read that, my husband's truck broke down and it cost us nearly 1000. to fix it. You have to fix a vehicle to sell it and we still owe more than what we could get for it. I am proud of our unrelenting effort to get out of debt and that we have not renewed or taken out any more larger loans.

I'm proud of myself for standing up and saying no. I'm setting boundaries and holding firm to them. Long gone are the days of being guilted into doing things for others or feeling as if I am obligated because I may be good at something.

I wish I'd been more honest with myself and my spouse about what I wanted. Hedging on how I felt has led to unnecessary delay and heartache through the process of getting divorced. I am especially proud of having made it to the top of Manzanita Bluff on my first-ever backpacking hike! It was so incredibly hard and such an accomplishment.

This year was very great for me, yet I still know that I need to stop my unskillful habits, such as overeating and drinking in certain situations. I have found a way to go through 90% of my days in a calm and peaceful way, but the other 10% of my day which brings feelings of anxiety and pressure, cause me to take actions which I know are not good for me. Maintaining a meditation practice and going on multiple retreats is something that I really am so proud of. I have read about and experimented with meditation ever since college, but to make the jump and begin to take it this seriously is something that I know has profound benefits and I am proud of myself for.

This past year seems to have gone by in a flash. There is really nothing I can think of that I regret, nor any specific grand accomplishment. I continue to be happy and grateful in my marriage, to worry about my children, to enjoy my friends, to be ambivalent in my work (and to wish I could retire).

I wish we'd worked harder on finishing the yard and the basement in our new house. Having said that I think what we've done has made the best use of our money. We've done well with what we have.

I wish I had not agreed to teach for one more year. I wish I was more thoughtful.

I wish I was better at teaching others about the different technical areas I am learning. I have been able to spend more time with my children and see them succeed

I wish I would of volunteered my time to organizations that help people or the world in some way. Sharing yourself with someone is the best gift to others and yourself. I have done this in the past but not this year. I feel empty because of that and also ashamed. I feel proud that I can exist on my on and try to find my way to the next step in my life. I feel so alone at times but still able to try new things instead of getting depressed and stay in doors. Its been an internal struggle every day inwhich I hope I can find the path I'm looking for.

I wish I would have had more patience with myself. I tried to do it all at once, and I need learn to slow down a bit.

Something that i wish that i had done differently in this past year was that i wished that I Tried harder in school my sophmore year. My sophmore year I did all my work but i didn't do it to the best of my ablility so i wish that i did better then.

I wish I had done just about everything differently. Every day of every year

I am proud to say that this year, for the first time in my life, I finally found a great job that's actually IN MY FIELD (writing) and that I'm enjoying the work and making decent money too. The benefits are great, I like my coworkers, and I'm excited for the various projects on my to-do list. I am now on an actual editorial staff for a quarterly magazine, and I get to write certain sections myself as well as help with other projects, photo research, and social media aspects of the publication. I am also still freelancing on the side, and just got a small check in the mail for my latest published piece (from a small local magazine). After so many years of struggling and suffering and trying to convince myself that my dream job would never be more than just a hobby while I worked myself ragged at jobs I didn't care about, here is one where I am passionate about the work, have room to grow, and could see myself staying for years to come. I am proud and excited for the year ahead.

In 2 friendship situations where there was hurt I came forward and shared the hurt caused to me by the other party. In both situations this allowed for a clearing of the air and strengthened/renewed friendships. On the other hand, I have a niece with whom I have spent many years tippy toeing around my frustrations in our relationship for fear complete honesty/disclosure would drive her away. Instead I allow myself to be hurt repeatedly. I don't think this serves either of us well. If I'm going to be hurt by her deciding overtly to reject me once I share my feelings I think it would be better than if I keep sublimating my feelings and letting her hurt me like this.

i was working on a project for a client which was a hostile work situation. after the event was concluded, i began work on compiling the final report, and declined the post-event luncheon. in addition, i had a passing in the family, had someone contact the client to inform them, and returned to the site after the funeral had concluded to submit the final version of the report. i had already decided that although the event was successful (in fact the most successful annual to date) that i would decline to do any more projects with this client. they had failed to pay timely on my invoices and were just adversarial in general. we closed out the project with my huge report. they then delayed my final invoice, which i had to defend. i am especially proud of the project, and i wish that i had more aggressively negotiated the contract going in.

When I ask myself where I've failed, my first answer is always in my ability to believe in my husband's faithfulness. And I have absolutely no reason for suspicions! The closet I get to "reasons" for these feelings is when something goes a way I didn't expect with the schedule, with his plans, with what he tells me about something or someone, I start inventing alternate realities in my head. And then I start seeing "support" for these theories. Isn't this the lesson of Othello? You can't prove a negative, so if you're in the business of proving, what you're going to be doing is supporting the positive result. I'm sure this is connected to my father, to his life-long infidelities to my mother and his outright betrayal of us as his children, the way he made fun of us behind our backs and portrayed us to his friends as useless, weak, spoiled wastlings. It's trained me to always be waiting for the hateful shoe to drop, the one that shows me intense love has all along had another uglier face. I see that, and I'm actively working against it. But it overwhelms me sometimes, and I can't help it, I'll ask my husband outright about some small detail that has become "telling" in my mind, and for him it comes from left field. It opens up a lot of potential for distrust between us, based not on what's going on between us but by something that happened to me in another, separate relationship. I need to get more of a handle on it. And I think I am. I see it in my answers here. I get better with it, less sunk by it, every year. It doesn't help that I know my husband is glib, charming, and very willing to gloss the truth to make people feel good. What I always come back to is this: either I trust him, or I don't. Every time I look in my heart, I know that I do. So that's where I need to stay focused. My other failing is that I feel that last year at this time my spiritual connection to God was intensifying, increasing. I prayed more, and in those prayers I was more connected, more present, and more earnest than ever before. I saw the direct result of it in everything that I did. Somewhere . . . was it over recital? over the summer with all the busy from the kids and stress from the finances? . . . I stopped having the stamina for that kind of prayer. I've carved out as much prayer time as ever but the content of the prayers feel more nebulous. I feel like I don't know what to say, or that I'm praying the same thing without really connecting to the meaning of it. I feel . . . exhausted. I'm trying to deal with it gently.

I am really proud of the wedding my wife and I pulled off. It was full of laughter and fun and light and joy and dancing. It was all the things I hoped it would be when throwing a huge party with all the people you love and all the music you want to hear. It was such a good blend of our planning and execution styles, and if that kind of teamwork is indicative of how our marriage is going to be, then I am really excited for the future.

I wish I hadn't bothered watering my grass this summer. I had no idea the water bill would be so high! And when the cement guys came and did some work in my yard, they totally ripped up my lawn with a bobcat anyway! I'm proud of myself for completing all major repairs on my 1922 bungalow. The rest is easy stuff.

I wish I'd had a bit more foresight over my career path. I really enjoyed going to a conference this year which helped me gain a little more perspective on matters... and I regret not doing more to either have the patience and tenacity to change things for the better where I work now, or have the courage to admit it's not what I'm looking for right now and push off to new ventures. I still catch myself feeling fortunate to live in a lovely part of the world, with a great community, in a good house with things I could only dream of when I was tramping down cold wintery streets in Canterbury to start my morning shift at a department store. I remember looking into the small, cosy terraced houses and wondering how people could get such nice places and I guess it's testimony to hard work and some luck that I'm where I am now. I'm really proud of my wife for doing so well as a mother. No doubt about it, she's a natural, even when she's stressed and tired beyond belief. I don't think men can quite understand those sorts of feelings until they happen to you. I was very uninterested in children for years until my own came along!

I wish I had taken better care of myself physically. I've had my blinders on when it comes to career and family, and have yet to find the balance that allows me to take care of myself.

I wish I had put more effort and immersion time into learning Spanish while I was in Latin America. I planned to use my inevitable sabbatical to learn Spanish well enough to find work in the region - but did not maximize my time to do just that. So at best I am a decent beginner level when I had planned to be proficient. Follow through this past year has been pretty weak

I'm so proud of how quickly we've settled in and gotten our bearings in our new town. Considering we only came with a few possessions, a bit of money and big plans, we've been knocking out life goals left and right. Not that it hasn't been hard - we've had maybe 5 days off together in the last 6 months - but we haven't felt deprived either. Getting our financials in order and getting married this month has been the culmination of all that hard work and effort.

I wish that I had worked harder on my marriage. We're doing okay, but in the middle of a hard year, I don't think I focused enough on my partner.

Carrying on..... Keeping Noah happy and focused

I do honestly wish that I had found the courage to have better physical health and to heal some of my security padding. I am enough. I forget. I wear my shame on my physical body. This year I have felt more confident at times. I know that seems contradictory but it's true.

Being pushed out of a job was the best thing that ever happened and led to me being the happiest in an age. Evidera had a negative aura to it, the people were unhelpful and unpleasant and made me miserable. It felt like one of the tests of manhood, the misery of failure, and the daunting feeling sitting seeming like a nail bomb in my stomach just waiting for my life to come crashing down - but it didn't. The failure was a shock to the system, alien, however my life didn't crash down. More options opened up to me. Since I realised a life goal and went on an adventure of a lifetime in Indonesia, meeting lots of new people. I feel like I was reborn and am now much happier and sociable - and dare I say it gaining in the process to a small degree the dark trait charisma? I can also chase my dream career choice of perfumery, which I have and I am excited to see where it leads.

I am glad that I was able to retire from my career with good relationships and satisfaction that the various parts of my work were in good hands.

I am very proud that I made the choice that I did and I followed my beliefs and my gut and my faith and God! I am proud that I could leave behind 10 years of my hard work to free my conscience. I feel strong and brave and I feel that was the right thing to do! Now even though I have no idea what comes next, I fell free and happy :)

I wish I was less apathetic this year. Like, I definitely still worked hard and had opinions and tried to make change, but then I'd feel these periods of "eh" or "meh" or just general, deep worldly depression. Alternatively, I feel proud of myself for all the leadership I've done; for all the hard work in school and Hillel, for myself personally, and for the life I'm trying to make for my future.

I wish I had been more productive during the summer. I'm proud of my academic accomplishments.

I wish I had made it through Step 12 in OA. As it is, I made it to Step 9, but haven't made it halfway through, and then started over again at Step 1. So I'm making progress, but I wish I had really remained focused and completed Step 9-12 (as best as you can "complete" them)...

I wish I would have followed my gut instinct regarding the people I have allowed into my life in a certain capacity. I still continue to question myself if I'm making the right decision for myself. I'm proud of the progress I've made in my recovery without the use of inpatient treatment this time around. I'm nowhere near recovered, but this is the best I've ever done on my own. While I may not always be able to recognize or acknowledge the significance of this, there is inevitably some pride.

I am very proud of coming out. I am very proud of surviving m first year of college and making very good grades (all a's and b's). I am very proud of making it on my own over the summer, and moving into my first real apartment. I am very proud of having my job at the Womxn's center, though it is exhausting. I wish I would have made more time for friends, and maybe spent a little less time with my Evelyn. (Sorry, dear.)

Re: First question, not really. I did what I did and would rather address what I'm proud of from last year. That is ratcheting up my commitment to doing what it takes to be all I can be in the face of that chronic inertial force that would have me put it off yet another year. Regular effort has taken me to Toastmasters to improve speaking skills, working with a business consultant on my practice and trimming activities that aren't advancing the cause.

I wish I had made my definite decision to retire earlier than I did to relieve some of my stress a longer period before retirement day.

I wish I had followed my 60th Birthday Life Plan a little closer. I wish I had made more progress on my general health and exercise - making that a more seamless part of my life. I'm still eating the same old sugar, still ditching my exercise, still not taking my pills as well as I should, still not meditating... I wish I had the conversations I named in my life plan about my wishing to improve the already good relationships between me and the key people in my life... but the rub is, the key people in my life get spooked by that kind of talk - it is off-putting to them - so I am caught on the horns of a dilemma. In writing this, I realize I can ask each of them what familiar, matriarchal intimacy and relationship means to them? And if they're off-put by that, well, I can't help being myself and asking that question. I have reflected from time to time this year that I might not be giving back to the world enough, or making enough friendly or community-oriented overtures. I'm just so tired! As to being proud... I am proud that I have consistently gotten good feedback from my boss, and she says it's coming from all over the organization. They even have made noise about hiring me on. That's a real coup for me - and feels really good too. And I'm so proud of my children.

the best thing is I learned to forgive myself for all the unforgivables that were holding me hostage

Something I would've done differently this year? Yes, I wish I would have held on to the handrail! Alternatively, I am proud of how I came back from my broken foot, shattered bones, surgery, no weight on my foot for six weeks, etc. I feel as though I went through it with minimal complaining while it really wasn't easy. I did however try to keep in the forefront of my mind, like I always try to, that things could be much worse and I am thankful beyond belief that they are not. For that, I am truly grateful.

I wish I had found a way to handle the fertility thing better. On the other hand, I'm so proud of myself for finishing my Master's and getting a promotion. I'm proud of David for being successful and putting himself on a path for happiness. And I'm very proud of Leo for stepping up and starting to become a great tennis player, piano player and martial arts competitor. And he's such a sweetie.

I wish I had made better use of my time overall, and specifically devoted some of that time to pre-medical studies and or creative writing. I also wish I'd devoted more effort to finding a new job at my university—a position that is a better fit for my talents and goals. I'm really proud of the significant time I've invested in building relationships within my new synagogue community. I'm grateful that these are the people who are walking with me on my path toward Judaism.

I keep starting over - constantly setting goals to improve physical, mental and spiritual health. Things are fine as long as things are fine. Then something blows up, and I just collapse all the way back to the starting line. I wish I had stuck with daily meditation. I wish I had eaten better. I wish I had a regular practice - meditation, writing, music, ANYTHING! I am proud that I did more this year physically, so maybe not QUITE back to the starting line.

I wish I had been more careful about my eating. I was very proud of the physical shape I was in, but results would have been so much better if I had focused on healthy eating as well.

Been more me. Been stronger. I know it took time to come. I know that. In a way, it having finally come - the strength, I mean (not that I'm fully there by any means) - shows me that I wasn't right to blame myself so much before. it can be organic sometimes. Worked harder at Torah. I just let it come and go as I pleased. My love for Gd. Definitely my love for others. I just sailed on my natural warmth, but this needs to be cultivated. Proud of... well, I don't know. It's a good question. Proud of surviving? But really... I don't know. Proud of asking for help? I didn't ask for it enough. Proud of trying? I'm sure it's taken me to a good place.

This year, I wish I had spoken more positively about people. I think it reflects who I am as a person and everyone has positive things about them, even if I do not recognize them off the bat. Something I am extremely proud of is leaving my comfort zone in Boca Raton and moving to Pittsburgh! Best decision I ever made.

I think I wish I had gotten on the process of applying to grad school earlier. I haven't really gotten what I want from my education and I am still working on getting what I need from an employer. This year I'm pretty proud of how I've managed to self care and move ever forward. I do a lot of things of late and that transfers into me being okay. Between staying on top of doctors appointments, to going to the dentist (and working to get my teeth in order) I have managed to take care of myself pretty well. Ive even started moving towards losing weight.

I'm proud of taking the leap to look for a new job, a new path in my career and ultimately moving to a new city for this next chapter. I do not generally like change so this was really big for me.

I wish that I had had the courage to stand up for myself more and voiced that enough is enough. Thinking back to Spring, I honestly have no idea where I found the strength to endure it all and not saying that I need a break.

I'm proud of visiting my wife FFS in Vietnam- when she was singing the last time (so far) in public. My son and my 2 brothers (who live in Germany ) visited me in Hong Kong during Xmas and we went to Hanoi, brought my (now) wife back with us to Hong Kong on New Years. It was the 1st time someone from my family saw my (now) wife FFS !

I wish I hadn't gotten into that fight with my mom. I wish I could have just controlled my initial reaction and bit my tongue. She wouldn't have gone violent otherwise. I wish I hadn't done that so then I wouldn't have to forget the image of her repeatedly hitting me. Over and over and over on my head with her phone and her fists. I wish I had gotten to my dad's finish line earlier. I wish I was there when he finished his duathlon so he wouldn't have been so upset that no one was there to take his pictures. I was there, just not at the right moment. I wish I was there at the right moment. I'm proud that I finally had the courage to introduce someone special to my family. I'm proud that it's him. I'm proud that he's a genuinely good guy and that I know we're working for our relationship to be healthy.

I'm proud of how I have overcome many of my anxieties and stresses. Before now, I would get extremely panicked when I had unexpected requirements made of me. Plus, I would also get unduly nervous whenever I had travel plans or obligations to attend an event. Most people look forward to travel or night's out at a concert or the theatre. I just got worked up about all the things that could possibly go wrong, for days leading up to the event. Now, I am much, much better about it. I still get a bit uptight, but most of my worries seem to work themselves out in my dreams. This year, I did more traveling, events and social activities than any in recent history. What I have learned is that nothing lasts forever, and I will be out of whatever situation I'm worried abut eventually. This takes a lot of the stress away.

I wish I had interacted with Jude differently. Maybe it was the process I needed to go through to get to a more serene place, and to interact with her less. Divorce is hard. As I move from being less angry, less competitive with her, I seem to move to a new lesson to be learned. I am especially proud of the Ingraham Christmas time together and the run that I had at the state park. It felt so good to be back as myself, the athlete, the warrior, the competitor! My body did not let me down, nor did my will let my body down. I got there by losing weight and changing my eating habits as I participated in a gym program. My hope is to get back to that program after my surgery this year.

I am extremely proud of all my accomplishments and awards that I have been honored with this year; it's been an amazing ride and I am so grateful for all the faith people have in me. As for something I was I had done differently, first, I wish I would've gone to visit Dad and Carolee in Maine; I miss them terribly. Second, I wish I would've kept in better contact with those I care for, like Rachel and Sister Pat. Lastly, I wish I would've just come out and told her as soon as I felt like it was right. That wouldn't have made anything easier or changed anything, but I would at least have been ready for it and I would've been able to say it was my decision. But the past is the past and it is what it is, I know I can't change it.

I wish I hadn't worried so much about everyone having some kind of catastrophic health issue. I'm in a constant state of stress and I know that it isn't good for my mental and physical health. I am proud of the fact that over the past year I have found myself being more patient with our kids and not getting frustrated when they act like kids. I've been able to keep in mind that they just take longer to do things and don't always do them when you want, but that we have three amazing kids who are doing their best.

I'm not sure about that. I feel like I was just surviving this year. I'm very proud of my work with The Durham Doll and for hustling as much as I did. I'm disappointed that I didn't take care of my body as much or feel like dating this year but it was a really important time in my relationship with myself. I had a pretty huge epiphany about my self-care and that's been a lot to take on.

Wish I have gotten married to my partner.

This year was a huge year of changes! I homeschooled my daughter, I traveled internationally for the first time, I learned how to scuba and mountain bike... and I'm 42, y'all. I'm super proud of continuing to make my life bigger. I recently read a quote along the lines of - we don't have any control of the length of our life, but we can control the width and depth. I'm super proud that I continue to widen and deepen my life.

There is one regret I have, because I did this thing, I disappointed someone very important to me and therefore temporarily broke their trust in me. Luckily, our relationship was strong enough to withstand this tension and we are still together, perhaps better than ever.

I wish I would have began cold calling earlier in the year, my business would probably be bigger right now. I am proud that in my first month in business I was able to obtain five listings.

I'm proud of the way I kept my health on track, exercising more and drinking less. I wish I hadn't lost so much muscle from not going to the gym, but I'm happy that I've been riding my bike so much and have learned so much from my audiobooks/podcasts. I also lost a good chunk of weight (like 15 pounds?)!

I'm proud of my marriage. My husband and I were already close, but we understand each other on a deeper level now than I could have ever imagined. We have become closer in the past year. We also learned how to slow down and be more patient. I'm proud of him. He is my everything. And if God only blesses me with him then I would still be grateful.

I don't know if there is anything I would have done differently this year. I am proud of my success in both of my jobs and my school, and in my ability to support myself and live on my own!

Proud to have started dreamwork. Proud of how my reactions to stress seem to be more controlled. NOT proud of how much weight I have gained and can't seem to lose.

I’m especially proud of the way that I tried to keep as much of my life intact as possible during this Year of Living Cancerously. There were some events I had to miss, and some activities that fell by the wayside (I’m thinking especially of my fiction writing here), but overall I pushed to continue the activities that kept me feeling “normal” and happy, and I consider that a big win. I scheduled surgeries and treatments with intention so that I could still participate in the things I really wanted to (like Pantasia, or Wiscon, or Burning Man) and I’m really glad I did that, because it gave me something to always look forward to and confirmation that I was “still me” even when also dealing with the cancer saga. I also tried to be really open and “out” about what was happening to me, and share the journey with others in hopes that it would maybe help others understand a little more of what this experience is like. And I think I did that well—I got good feedback from people anyway.

This past year I planned and executed The Cornerstone Summer Institute, the weeklong camp for high school students to come to UVA and learn about the legacies of slavery in Charlottesville and at the University. It was significant for me because it was such a large amount of work to put into motion, and I felt proud of myself because I essentially took on the effort on my own. Despite some hiccups in the training process and the fact that I was not actually able to attend most of the camp due to my summer internship, I was super proud of the kids and of the counselors for bringing everything together. I do wish I had done some things differently on that effort, but it was all a learning experience and will help make the program better this year.

I am proud of the ways in which I have handled my work life and "upped my game." One of my best moves was asking someone I admire tremendously to become my mentor. I am also proud of the way I continue to prioritize love for my children. Although I sometimes get annoyed with them, my general default is love, and my general default is expressing my love. It gives me such tremendous joy to love my children as much as I do, and I love sharing that feeling with them. I believe they are learning to be open-hearted, affectionate people.

I wish I had done more research into new jobs before interviewing. I got a call from a recruiter and was whisked off to 2 interviews, 1 of which offered me a job. It was a great increase in salary and I felt I had what it took to do the role. Since joining the company I have not enjoyed it as much as I hoped and am already feeling frustrated by a number of factors. Although I will learn a lot in the 12 months I am contracted, I am not sure if it is something I want to be doing for a long time and therefore question how many skills I need to learn in that area.

Wish I would have been more disciplined financially. Still have obligations that control / influence my life decisions. Still far away from being able to make life decisions based upon self fulfillment and higher aspirations. Am proud of stepping up as surrogate parent for a young woman (caught up in family control issues), and paying for her wedding reception and flowers to make a special day for her. Wanted her to feel beauty, love and joy, and succeeded.

I sometimes wish I hadn't changed my job. I had it all at computer science and, yes, it was a little dull at times but I was safe, I was secure and I was my own boss. Now I feel like I'm constantly on a tightrope with my new boss. I'm constantly striving and pushing but it's never enough - it's like I'm trying to walk up the down escalator. Deep down I know that Computer Science wasn't right for me, and if I'd stayed I'd be going out of my mind with boredom. And I'd still be feeling anxious, like I'm not getting anywhere, because that's just my default setting. All that being said, I'm proud of what I've achieved at the Ashmolean. I'm halfway to my financial target and I'm scraping through my meeting targets by the skin of my teeth. And I feel motivated to look for something new, to find my passion, or at least to find the job that doesn't make me feel sick with dread every Sunday.

I'm pretty damn pleased with the last year! I balanced friends, family, school, work, and this joyful (but tiring) pregnancy! By mid-February at the latest, I hope to have achieved two of my biggest life goals/dreams: completing a graduate degree in communications and giving birth to our child.

I wish that I had been a better family member: that I had called the grandparents more often as they moved to the nursing home, that I had kept in better touch with the Freiburg and Groningen Wolffs, that I had called the Browns even once. I am proud that I've finally taken the step that I've wanted to take all year and am moving to Berlin at the end of the month. I'm proud that I've been more aware of keeping my mental health in check and been more open in communicating with the immediate family.

I'm proud that I have continued to move forward with my conference in spite of the sad experience I had with the initial event planner for the first event. I have persevered and continued to grow and expand my event instead of throwing in the towel. I wish I had thought of Linda Hollander last year to help with sponsorship. The silver lining is that now I will be working with her this year along with Diane and have higher hopes that we will get the sponsorship money we need to make this year's event happen in a bigger and better way. I am so proud to have summited Kilimanjaro this year. A big milestone as a hiker! My very first summit!

I'm beginning to realize how much happiness is internal--truly, not in some bullshit platitudinal way. Everything I've been through isn't "the exception" which must be overcome to live happily; it's life. I'm proud of my self-care in terms of mental health. I do the work, and the work works. I try the meds, I live through the side effects, I go to therapy when I can, I communicate with my caregivers. I work every day at it. It's worth it. What would I like to do differently? Put the fucking phone down.

I wish I had found a better work life balance. I had no concept how busy I'd become with so little to do. i could have made it so much smoother.

It's easy to play Monday morning quarterback, as my Dad always said. In this extreme circumstance, I feel I had to go through the process I went through. I regret that I focused on statistics instead of focusing on my relationship with my son. Our relationship is very damaged because of this damn disease. Last year at this time, I was calling gun ranges & contemplating suicide. This year , although I'm always frightened, I am working three jobs, going to the gym (another issue I'll get to, & functioning. I don't ask my son questions, although I think he doesn't realize how cruel it is to not let a mother have any medical information. After 18 years, my gym closed. It was another drastic change (in my life) that I didn't need. I joined a gym that is not a good fit & I am locked into a contract until 6/30/2017. I've been doing more yoga than anything because their classes are light weight & suck. I would have joined a different gym, but this is a stupid problem I'm grateful to have.

I'm very proud of how far our business has come, and how much money we have saved and given away.

I am proud of what I have accomplished in the past year. I have stretched my boundaries. Learned to live with the uncertainty of what will happen when the year finishes. Will my money run out? Have I made a big mistake? Historically I have been a little bit of a control freak and need to have everything mapped out. So this was a stretch. I also took my first solo trip. Visited Rome alone and it was a wonderful experience! It's really been a year of testing myself, stretching, and learning to trust my instincts.

I wish I had gone off Cymbalta much sooner. But I am proud of myself for not wavering.

I wish I found a better job to start once I graduated. I wish I didn't let The Peabody affect me as much as it has. I should of stayed true to myself and proved them wrong. I'm especially proud of Chipmunk and how he preformed in his two fights this past year. The first fight we had a big fight before it (he won that fight in 30 seconds flat) but the second one we were more prepared for the crazy moods he gets in while cutting weight. For me, I'm proud that I graduated in a field that I actually like(only took 3 tries and 5 years) and slowly be surely I'm becoming more stable in my life(better bank account, saving money better,

I should have studied more for exams. But I am proud of how hard I've worked on clinics.

This past year has been quite intense. Shortly after I filled out the 10Q from last year, where I talked about how I was going to do better at my job and muster the courage to get a raise, I was fired. I was told that I was being fired because I didn't seem happy. I was bitter because I supposedly worked for a company that put people first and had a mission to bring products with a soul to consumers. Didn't seem characteristic to fire someone for not being happy. It sent me on a path of rediscovery. It showed me how resilient I could be. How wanted I could be. I applied for any and every job that caught my eye. Within 2 weeks I had sent out 100 resumes and probably got about 20 interviews. It's funny, because this process taught me that my old company was right. I wasn't happy. For the longest time, I didn't realize what happiness felt like at a job. What it felt like to be appreciated and be treated like a valued member of the team. It sounds cliche but I was too good for that company. Now I've found a job that generally makes me happy every day. I love the small moments I have throughout my week where I realize how much I enjoy what I do for a living. I think back and I know what I had to do to make myself seem happier at my old job. If I would do anything differently though, it would be to hold higher standards for myself and get out a lot sooner than I did.

been more sensitive to my boyfriend (without straying far from "being me"). proud of - singing in a band!

I wish I had sat down with my niece at our holiday last year and privately told her that I knew how she felt. I wish I had opened that door. I don't know if it would have saved her. But at least I would have done my best and would have the comfort now that I loved her to the best of my ability. As it is, there is immeasurable guilt that I simply have to live with.

I am proud and happy that I have connected with a group of other moms with toddlers living in the area and that we are becoming a closer group of friends and able to support each other more and more. I have a high need to connect with others but I am not particularly skilled at talking with strangers. These other moms and I have been arranging play dates for awhile which has been nice. But now it finally seems that we are connecting further and that our kids are getting more comfortable too. This means we can support each other with babysitting and with moral support so that is wonderful. Every time I move to a new place I feel like it takes me a great time and effort to build a social support network so I am happy that is now in place.

nothing done differently. maybe open more llines of communication with nancy & other sibs. very proud of compleying the foundations course.

I wish very much that I had done more to find a new job. Looking back at last year's answers was like a punch in the gut to realize I've felt the exact same way about this job for at least a year - like I need a change, and yet I didn't take very many actionable steps toward making that happen. I wish I had done more to find something else, even if it's not my dream job or what I"m "meant" to do. I am proud of how much we've gotten through in the last year! Marriage and a house, all while succeeding in our jobs and even finding time for a vacation - I think we are managing ourselves well financially and in our relationship, but I think we both have a ways to go in terms of living the lives we want long term.

When the board's President stepped down this year I mistakenly thought that stepping up to be president would be a reduction in stress and workload. Though I am proud of my challenging myself and challenging my nature to be behind the scenes, I let the position overwhelm me more than the first position I held. I take the responsibilities as president very seriously and since I signed up I put myself, my art career and health on the back burner. I wish I had not stepped up but now being president I am looking for a way to gently take a step back from the role without disrupting the organization. I hope to carefully think and under commit in the future so that I can balance the things that nurture me, not hinder me.

I'm glad I decided to have ankle surgery. Even though recovery was HARD, it was totally worth it. Other than that, this year has been a wash. I have been lazy and pathetic. I have been in so much pain from the ankle, I haven't been able to do much. Then fibromyalgia hit shortly after the surgery. I am not proud of this year at all. I look forward to being more productive in 2017.

Organized and handled our personal finances better with more discipline. Proud of finding a new church and commitment to Christ.

I wish I had eaten better. I'm not eating badly, but I could eat consistently healthier. But now that I'm thinking in terms of weekly eating, not daily eating, maybe I can make better choices.

I wish I had been more open about my mental health and the accumulation of minor struggles. On the flipside, I'm proud of myself for learning about and acknowledging the importance of NOT keeping it all together, being vulnerable, asking for help and letting people know that I'm not coping/ok.

I wish I'd confronted my dad about firearms in a real way when it felt related to what was going on in the news. There are a lot of things I disagree with that sit near the core of who he is, but the gun ownership issue is something beyond a disagreement or difference in opinion. I need to learn how to stand up to him. Alternatively. I'm proud that I started - for the first time - hosting friends (and strangers) at my apartment. And for nights of meaningful interaction, not something cliche or fickle. We sit around and talk about things that matter. It felt so good to share my home - which I am proud of - with dear friends as we all shared our hearts with one another.

I wish I had never had sex with Sam last December. I was sad and lonely and low and sick and I needed comfort and reassurance and validation and to know that he wanted me. I wish I had not rushed the beginning stages of what could have been a beautiful flourishing relationship. I wish I had not used him for sex and for making me feel validated while I was still sleeping with canal boat man. I wish I'd have entered the relationship with my head, body and soul intact. Rather than rushing into through fear of losing him or fear of being alone. I wish I had treated him like a person. Recognised that I was not ready to be there with him. That the fact that I couldn't cut ties with canal boat and 6 Times Neil and OK Cupid and JSwipe ...meant so clearly that I wasn't ready to be with him. I wish I had not put him through 6 months of relationship where I was only present with a quater of my heart and a sixth of my self. I wish I had been braver to say earlier that things weren't right, and been less afraid of the unknown. I wish I had not lay in bed thinking of being with other men when he was inside me. I wish I had never made any comments about his manliness or his sexuality or his sexual ability or his performance. I wish I had respected him more. For who he is. Accepted him for who he is. Accepted myself for who I was then and that I was not a person at the point ready and willing and worthy of holding his heart and his love.

I wish I had been more honest with my supervisor when I was leaving my previous job. It is the first time in my life that I have truly regretted how I handled a situation. My supervisor was and is more than that; she is a good friend, a mentor, and a wonderful human being. I wish that I had been more open and honest about the situation and why I was leaving. I don't think it would have changed my decision but I think it would have made the process more workable for everyone.

Im proud to have lost 15 kg this year, and that I've started making cosplay outfits. I wish that I would be a bit better when handeling my money

I'm pretty good at rationalizing my movements and not dwelling on past actions, but piggybacking on the answer to the first question - I do regret not standing up for myself to specifically Addam. More importantly, I am especially proud of making changes with my work life this year. I did take a step back by taking my job back with Zambrero, but I inevitably did quit and take those 5-6 weeks of unemployment to enjoy life. I probably should have thought that move through a bit better, but it all worked out. The new job may have its many challenges, but at least I took a step forward toward a potential career in an industry I do enjoy. I am proud of my attitude toward the job and my work ethic (even if I should actually be focusing on my work/life balance a little more).

Done differently: I wish I had reached out for help in managing my rage sooner. Proud of: That eventually, I did get help. That my kids seem really happy.

I wish I had made more time to be present with my roommates and neighbors during the first months of living in Bushwick. There were a few key moments that I was absent for, and I feel as though I missed out on being a part of some key narratives. I told myself there would always be more events and more experiences, which is true, but those early experiences are core and won't come again.

I bought a house! I wish we'd saved more money, but I think I'm going to say that every year :)

I wish I had sought treatment for my depression and anxiety earlier. It was refreshing to wake up one day (on SSRIs) and remember who I really was, and not be fearful for my life.

I should have started the fertility preservation work sooner. I'm not sure why I waited until May. Always too busy to prioritize my own well being. Work needs to stop being my top priority.

I think not taking the job at Skinny Kitchen would've changed my life significantly. It affecting my welfare as well as getting in the way of my masters didn't help things. My masters really opened my eyes to what I want to do with my career.

I have a tendency to accept life the way it is, which isn't always a bad thing. Still, I find myself wishing I was more proactive, took more risks, went out on a limb more often. I'm not a risk-taker, and I think playing it safe so often might be precluding me from interesting and fulfilling life experiences.

I wish I had not lost so much time on the internet, it feels like social media is a black hole that keeps pulling me and I can't, or don't want to, get out of. I am proud of small victories this year, like contracts and new abilities.

I'm proud of the fact that my relationship has survived for a year! This is a new thing for me. I really wish I would have looked harder for a better paying second job. Tutoring jobs are out there - I just need to look!!

I wish I had worked harder at taking care of my health and wellness. specifically in terms of exercise. Alternative: I am super proud of my garden!

I'm proud of getting myself out of a toxic environment at my previous job and starting my own business...and really putting myself out there. I wish I had been able to let go of a difficult marital situation earlier than I did. I wish I had understood what a burden it is to carry around so much frustration and anger all the time. But I'm proud I got to a point where I can now strive for unconditional love.

Nothing that I wish I had done differently. I am proud of my teachings and my learnings. I love taking courses, reading, and coordinating my new ideas into my teaching. I love inspiring others; I am proud of helping the Nook participate in the Global Meditation and my work in helping others understand the importance of subtle activism and how to participate and help foster the positive evolution of the planet. I feel full and fulfilled, and there is something more I am to do. What is it???

I wish I'd handled things with my friend better. I'm not sure exactly in what way, but I'm sure I could have done better. We were best friends, and she was the kind of friend I'd longed for, but hadn't thought was a reality. But three times something happened that shouldn't have, and each time made me incredibly uncomfortable. Each time she assured me that it wouldn't happen again, that my friendship was very important to her. After the third time, my trust was completely shattered. I can't trust her, and I know she doesn't respect me. I wish I hadn't been so open and trusting with her. I am very proud of how far I've come, though. Last year was awful, and this year has been kind of rough too, but I'm still pushing forward. I'm even applying to grad school. And I really like who I am as a person. I've worked hard to seek wisdom and avoid bitterness, and I strive to bring understanding to the people in my circles.

Such an off-beat answer, but a few weeks ago I attended a wedding of a couple I set up. I did it! I successfully matched two people and it's an incredible feeling. I wish it was easier to do this because I'd love to be responsible for more people finding their love and their happiness.

I wish I had been more patient, more trusting and less fearful. Those who seek to harm have their own path. I. need to trust in my own. It seems my darkest moments are the ones where I fear and despair. - that i wont be liked, believed, trusted, appreciated, saved. My greatest accomplishmens are when I rise on through to imagine the positive possibilities instead of the horrors of dark imaginings) to my best self.

When I was unemployed and could barely afford food, I chose to eat less expensive, unhealthier food. I gained 20 pounds, even when I eventually got a job, i became less active. I went through a few months of depression. Looking back, I had the tools to help myself, meditation, yoga, but I lacked motivation. I wish I had handled this period in my life differently.

I wish I had decluttered more before the flooding did. I am proud that I received two commendations for a project I worked on in the spring, and that I successfully completed the project even after my coworker abruptly quit halfway through the project.

I wish I had been more prepared to start generating income once my unemployment insurance ended. This led to a large drop in income which made our situation and my wife's mental health considerably worse. I take some pride that I didn't lose it as well, and tried to maintain a positive can do attitude.

I wish I would have managed my stress better than I did when I was at Saban. I feel embarrassed that I lost my cool a few times and showed more emotion than I should have at work publicly. I also wish I would have pursued my other passions and interests more, instead of just talking about them. I am proud of myself for taking action of my unhappiness at Saban and landing a better more lucrative job, which offers a better commute, less stress, and more free time for things that I enjoy -- however, per the above I could have used my free time more wisely.

I'm desperate for energy. Somehow I engineered my own position to be one where I'm at the computer all the time. No movement. No energy. I want more movement. In terms of pride: I'm proud that my writing actually netted us something helpful this year, something we can benefit from somewhat.

I wish I had more patience this year and could "roll with the punches" a little bit better. I had a few meltdowns, and some of them were surely fueled by me not taking very good care of myself. or alcohol. I'm proud of myself for standing up for myself and for finding my own true north. I feel more solid than ever in knowing what I things that I want - I'm not sure it would have been revealed to me if our world wasn't totally shaken up.

I wish I had been physically able to keep up with the post office job in Spring 2016, and that my wrecked and blistered toes hadn't effectively kept me off my feet for another several months. I am proud to have found a thing that might do well for us, that I can make; I intend to keep up with it and carry onward. I am proud of my continuing service on the Board of a local non-profit arts organization, and that I've successfully organized a couple of workshops with internationally-known fiber arts teachers, with excellent students of all ages (21 to 80-something), learning together.

I’m most proud of taking a stand this year in a situation where I felt mistreated and betrayed. It has caused the ending of a couple of relationships but I feel like that is a good thing as well. If those relationships were dependent on my putting up with being treated badly they really weren’t worth it.

This has been a very difficult year because of the divorce. I wish it wasn't so hostile and I didn't feel such anger toward my soon to be former. I vascillate between blaming her for so much and feeling like a horrible failure. It wasn't supposed to go this way. I thought this love would last forever. I want to grow and become a better man but I want to be loved and respected by my partner.

In both cases I would say it goes to my break up. I wish I had maybe fought harder to save my relationship although in retrospect I know it was far past the point of being salvageable. I could have ended things better than to leave Michael hanging in there for a month. Making him feel bad about him self for several months even. But I didn't see my issues untill I realised I feel in love with another. But I am also proud of my break up. I am proud that I dared to choose for myself. To take charge. To be free.

The way I handled my separation should have done differently. I was cowardish. I should have been much braver and face the inevitable and communicate it. My way of handling it was wrong because it hurt my partner a lot. Instead of having an "orderly" separation process and trying to handle it pragmatically, we have severe fights now.

I'm especially proud of the fact that I got so much more self-confidence and awareness for what I need and what's good for me. My ability to stay capable of acting and move things forward. I found my way!

In the past year, I wish I had not put off so much. I was in such denial of what was happening in my life that I just ignored everything thinking it would go away. It didn't. Now I am facing even more lash back for my utter procrastination. So, I wish I just faced shit head on. Just got it over with already. I am especially proud of choosing myself in many situations. Saying no when I just could not do it anymore, choosing to what I wanted to do. I am proud of myself for loving again even though I fear the loss even more. I am proud of myself for being alive.

I would have been more committed to training for the Philly half marathon and Nroad Street Run. Epic fail and I was miserable. At least I finished...or something. I'm proud of the fact that I stepped out of my comfort zone and began applying for new jobs. Hasn't worked out in my favor yet, but I've enjoyed the practice.

I wish I had learned more gently this year. It feels like year was one of learning the importance of silence and not falling into the trap of the defending myself against things that people are doing or saying that aren't coming from the place of attacking. Attack energy just wants to run other people over. The only real strategy that has any significance is to step out of the way. I'm relieved I came to understand that silence is golden. My wish and my intention is to remember more consistently and with more confidence in the veracity of it.

If ONLY I had exercised more! I feel old and lumpy, though I am losing weight. Also, I flew into too many rages this past year. Way too many, at my husband. I'm clean, see, and everything is illuminated. there are problems.

I am definitely regretful of how things went at Kin. I just was not thoughtful or mindful enough about how to build those relationships and that community. I used gossip to build relationships and escaped when I messed up instead of dealing with it. I need to have more Clinton like poise in my work dealings- always on guard- always thoughtful. Really care about my colleagues, get to know them. I am proud of buying a house! With Jason! and having an engagement party/housewarming where the house really did feel warm and lots of people came and had a good time and we set a base for a warm and happy home that will be full of family and friends.

I'm sure there are lots of little things I could have done differently, but I don't think I made any huge mistakes. I am proud of creating and leading a teaching Shacharit service for a Christian audience.

I wish that I hadn't desperately grabbed at whatever opportunity presented itself to me. I have so little time to do important things like know my sons and enjoy my wife...I don't want to feel like anything gets in the way of that. Sometimes trying so hard to get a few dollars in the bank really gets in the way of the very people I am trying to take care of.

I feel horrible about this. I made a terrible decision to share an interpretation of Welcome to Nightvale on their Reddit page, where the main character's time travelling flying dutchman style, a point of view that was very similar to that of the travelling character in A Canticle for Leibowitz. It was not my intention to appear anti-Semitic, but the entire community took it this way. Including the creators, who read it. A horrible pit still sits in my stomach, even after I've deleted and apologised for the whole thing. Knowing that I offended the very writers I admired - I think that is something I truly regretted. I tried to contact them, to apologise, but I never received an email back. It's sad, because after that I lost any interest of trying to listen to the podcast anymore. If I misunderstood interpreting that character, What if I didn't actually get everything else? What else was I making a mistake about? I don't think receiving the death threats from random people who managed to read my stupid interpretation helped either. I had to delete my entire account because I was too scared to keep reading it and continue getting horrible messages, even after I said I was in the wrong. Knowing that I won't be forgiven. All for a stupid reddit post I didn't think enough about when I should have. That's the part that wrecks me most. If I talked about it to people I knew, maybe they would have pointed it out to me before it was too late. It's definitely changed the way I communicate online too. Every time I want to join in a conversation, I get worried that my innocent idea is actually ignorant and I'll get graphic threatening messages again, or worse. What once was a Reddit filled with politics and books, it's now just fluff- cute animals, beauty products - because I don't want to take the chance again of being ignorant. I worry that those comments aren't just empty threats.

I have recently decided to limit the amount of electronic distractions in my life and to spend a least a little time every day where I am not searching for a way to keep my mind occupied.

I certainly could have done a lot more for other people. I have good intentions, but don't follow through. I could have visited people, or sent cards.

I wish I had been more pro-active in dealing with my anxiety. I spent the spring and summer in a creative slump, convinced that all my ideas were stupid. An extra 10mg of Prozac later, and I'm back to my usual self. I lost time to anxiety, and I regret that, but I'm also proud of being able (with help) to recognize what was happening and take steps to solve it.

Something I wish I'd done differently? I think just understand my myofascial pain sooner and better so I can get on the track to healing faster. Now I've started to understand it and am on an upward track, but I wish it was started sooner. I also wish I could've been better at meal planning and sticking to my healthy habits. Something I'm proud of is how far I've come in running. I started out barely being able to run a mile and signed up for my first race last November. Since then I've been hooked and dedicated to getting better. Never did I think I would become a runner!

I'm very proud of how far I've come in my BITTER resentment towards my sister for having babies so fast and for moving to Israel - so far away from me. I truly love my life, and I just need to keep crying about our childhood together, since that's really where the resentments come from. If there is something I wish I did differently it would have been that I spent more time with myself, taking care of my body/soul. And also spent more time with my niece.

No. Neither. In a way I lowered or dissolved the expectations on myself as a way to be forgiving and embracing of my nature. Following the Tao it says not even the rain can last all day. And perhaps not every year should be one of great expectation and achievement. I tried to be kind to myself this year, learning the concept of amour-propre and putting it to practice. I also took one courageous step towards aiding my emotional states and spiritual development. I also exercised my body more as part of this same exercise and I can feel and see the results of my effort.

I am especially proud of my PR performance in this year's Big Sur Marathon in April. Despite very tough conditions, with a less than ideal headwind blowing nearly from start to finish, I ran my race, dug deep, and completed the 26.2 miles in 3:43:58. I trained well, losing 10-15 pounds and improving my overall fitness along the way, and I was fortunate to have a terrific running partner in Justin who held me accountable, especially for those long training runs. The race was the culmination of a focus on my health over the first few months of the year and I was fortunate to have the support of so many family and friends cheering me on from afar. My running habit is something that keeps me hungry, inspired, and challenged and I am proud to be a runner and keep setting new goals for myself in the sport.

I wish I had tried harder in the college application process, or at least applied to more schools just to see if I could get in.

It's been an epic year in terms of family and friends and celebrations. I feel more tired this year than I have before. I know I wouldn't have done anything differently but I feel like I need to make a change. Nothing I'm proud of really.

Nothing major - I wish I had organized my craft room, but other than that, it was a pretty smooth year. I joined the Social Action Committee at my Temple and am proud of the work we have accomplished. In addition to clothing needy children, we have also cooked dinner at the Ronald McDonald House quarterly.

I wish I'd not put on this extra ten pounds, and had lost three or four instead. I got over being afraid to eat.

Since the fall of 2015 - Oct - boo's bday (purse was nice, attempt at writing support went poorly) Nov - Dec - Jan - Feb - Mar - April - KEXP w/Blood on a whim and it worked!!! - May - Jun - hanging rock wish I had been happy - July - bday meh - Aug - sept - surprise and beach - Oct - car fuckery It seems to me this question pokes at my inability to do ANYTHING - all the things I wanted to do, but just didn't get off my ass to accomplish.eh? Proud - chipping away steadily at bills - did good. Didn't do great. I wish I had shared my photos + words with the people I care about more. They - the people deserve nice things - and my photos and words are nice. Is pride in not bolting a thing to be proud of? Committed to supporting KEXP? 15/month isn't much but I care about the music Pride - why don't I feel it much? You know all your faults, in minutiae. A thing I wish I had done differently this past year … connect with boo - somehow, someway - we both lost our way, and the depths to which we wander suck. //10.13.16::s:://

I am very proud of the fact that I started a new study. It's terrifying to start again, after so many and only failure experiences. This is my last chance to study, in terms of getting to borrow money from the government for it at least. If I don't do it now I'd have to save up for a few years. I know that everything's possible, the road to it might just go in ways I didn't expect and it might take longer. But whichever way I go, I also know that it'll be okay and it'll be worth it, because every experience teaches me and shapes me. I've grown so much already and I'm constantly transforming into a better me <3

I'm very proud that I managed to keep my division (of 25 people) running, stay sane (barely), and pay off $9,000 worth of debt in 7 months' time. I'm also very, very proud that I won the results award in this past January's AC Awards ceremony.

I wish that I'd found ways to have more energy this year. Not just physical energy, but mental energy - the energy to concentrate on things, or to really devote myself to them. I know that that's not all really within my control, but it's what I'm tracing so many negative things back to.

There are many things in the past year that, if I had the chance, I would change in a heartbeat. The one thing that I especially wish to change is how I handled my junior year of high school. I have always ignored my parents’ willingness to help and never asked others for help academically. I would never meet with teachers before or after school, even if I did not understand something from class. My parents would always ask if I needed help with studying or homework, but I would always refuse the assistance. I had trouble focusing during classes as well. I wanted to do well in my classes on my own and felt that getting help from my parents was “cheating,” and I was too embarrassed to go to my teachers. My grades started to drop across the school year with me ignoring any help offered to me. The action, or inaction, I took during that year was ill-conceived, and it resulted in a poorer grade-point average in the second and third quarters than I desired. One thing that I am proud of from last year is that I finally started to turn my grades around during the final quarter. I started to accept help and began going to my teachers after school. I worked hard every night, studying for every test and quiz that would come up for any of my classes. My grades gradually started to show improvement as the quarter moved on. This positive reinforcement made me want to do even better. One of the more individual efforts that I was extremely proud of was the grade of ninety-five that I received on the Junior term paper. At the end of the year, I was given an award stating that I was one of the ten most improved students in school. It was quite gratifying to realize the improvement in myself academically, which confirmed the positive end result of hard work and determination.

Thinking about this past year, I think the things I wish I had done differently relate very much to the significant experiences in the first question. I wish I hadn't fought with Zach they way I did, and I especially wish I hadn't let the kids see me acting like that. I also wish that I'd worked harder to control my temper and practice patience with Jude and Lavender. There are several instances where I know I was far too firm with Jude, both verbally and physically, and those are moments I'm ashamed of and wish I could take back.

I wish I had done the hard things sooner in facing the poor financial performance of my company. It's never easy to eliminate staff or to cut costs in ways that impact staff, but it's my job to do the hard things and I wish I were more decisive in acting.

I am so proud of my babies. I am proud of my work. So far, I am proud of how I have managed to juggle my family and my work.

I am glad for the ways I have been useful to my granddaughters.

I wish I had been more patient with myself and with others this past year. I am proud of completing my first year of graduate school. I don't know how I'm making it, but I am.

Mostly financial stuff. I've gotten really shitty about paying bills on time, and I'm not sure why. I haven't kept up on my efforts to track our spending, and focus on paying down debts. I also wish I've had more motivation in getting our house (literal) in order.

There is absolutely nothing I wish I had done differently. I'm most proud this year of my continuance. I have a bad habit of discontinuing things and while I can't rave yet about my strength when it comes to finishing projects, I've gotten a lot better. I also don't beat myself up when I genuinely need to quit something.

I could wish every day that I had done something differently, but at this stage in my life, I am trying to give up regrets. If it was bad enough, I must say I am sorry, make amends. Otherwise, I accept my imperfections as honest mistakes and move on. I do try to live with kindness and understanding, to be a "good" person, to spread a little joy. It will have to be enough. Pride isn't it...it's gratitude. The same publication accepting my first poem last year has accepted another this year. Quite by accident, I found an opportunity to submit a couple of prose pieces. I don't know yet if either will be accepted, but the experience opened a new vista for me. I am also making progress in sustaining a better balance in my life with boundaries and creative initiatives. I am finding my path.

I wish I'd budgeted better this year. I came into a windfall from my grandmother's inheritance after my uncle died last January. I miss my grandmother but my uncle disowned us long ago, it's hard to feel sorry for him. It's pretty cool that she did this for her grandkids though, and it enabled me to buy the house I purchased in April. I've got a renter and even with extra money coming in I get caught up in buying stuff I don't need because I think I can when I really can't. Credit is so deceptive. Super proud of the house purchase, to be honest, and hitting 1000 followers on twitter. It's the little things.

I am really proud of my decision say yes to taking time for myself to travel and be. Traveling alone while also seeking to be alone was so rewarding and refreshing. I want more of that in my life.

My income has increased nicely this year due to an early retirement benefit and a job with a higher income. I am pleased with the way I am handling the increased financial freedom. I am making attempts to pay off bill and to use cash even when credit is available. I haven't been crazy with purchases and actual say, no to items I don't need. I would like be become even more thrifty with my finances, but I also believe that life is for living and for many years I felt I wasn't living because of my financial constraints. I want to strike a good balance between thrift and living life.

I wish I had not discarded kgee so quickly when Basta came back into my life temporarily. I feel bad I did not stick to dealing with my relationship and feelings with her.

I wished I had spent more time with the campaign, focusing on local issues amd not being totally consumed by national election issues and arguments that in reality cannot be fixed in just one term. I am proud of helping Levi (grandson) understand the election process and personal issues that are being used to defeat each other. It has been a very cruel, uneducated and selfish issue centered campaign. The best part has been the 3rd party person -- Bernie Sanders--that the party failed to support.

I don't like to think of things I would have done differently - I like to think I made the best decision for me at the time. With the information I had, and how I was feeling I made what I thought was the best choice for me at the time. While it's important to take lessons learned from everything, I'd rather go that way than to feel regret for things I can't change.

I wish I'd been a better manager. I am new to this whole manager thing, but I feel like I don't communicate well enough. I expect people to be more like me, able to work on their own with just a little direction, able to balance workloads themselves and know how to prioritize. Or, at the very least, to come to me when they are feeling overwhelmed. I let things get out of hand, and now I might have to fire someone.

Something i'm especially proud of- my growth in therapy. Feeling more balanced, grounded, happy. bit more "together"! amazed that i cant think off-hand of any regrets. it was a year of hard work, but basically good :) i am grateful.

I wish I had stood up for myself (again) at my previous employer. I should have listened more carefully when everyone who I told I was going to work for my mother-in-law said, "Working for family is hard." I feel that for my own peace of mind, dignity, and out of respect for her I should have spoken up more about what a shitty business she is running. I hope that someday she understands that she's ruining what she has created. I am ultimately proud of leaving that job sooner than what I imagine most people would, given the circumstances and pay cut.

I wish I had reached out to my students' parents more last school year. I had a large concentration of difficult, disruptive students in my class and I often let the frustration eat away at me until I couldn't take it anymore. Then I would explode in anger, which didn't make me or the kids feel any better. I could see that it made the other students--who weren't part of the problem--feel unsafe, but I couldn't stop. I am not proud of how I handled some of the hardest days. I realized that (from my experiences at my old school) I am subconsciously accustomed to being "on my own" to deal with behavior. It's not my first impulse to involve the parents, or the principal, or even my colleagues because I don't expect it to make any difference. I have this sort of triage/gladiator mentality of "It's just the misbehaving kid and me." This school year I am working hard to deal with my students' behavior more positively, but I still feel that resistance to picking up the phone and speaking to a parent about it. I'm trying to get better.

I wish I had made more of an effort to keep myself healthy this year. Physically, mentally, emotionally. I've gained weight, battled depression, and lost sight of what I really want out of life. And while I know much of my unhappiness has resulted from being unhappy with my hectic, crazy, unforgiving work environment, my job has shown me that I can handle anything that is thrown at me. And I'm proud that I can say that.

I wish I'd handled the downturn with Drift differently. I wish I'd spoken up sooner. As Jess later advised me, when I have an issue at work, it's better to politely address it early and see what the company's reaction is. Then you can proceed knowing their stance on the situation. I'm proud of walking away from Drift. It didn't feel like a proud moment when my emotions let loose and the tears flowed. It felt like shit. It felt like my dream job was slipping away and I was being forced out of a position I loved. In hindsight, it was the best decision I could've made for my health and sanity.

I wish I had been more appreciative of others. i also wish I had transformed my good intents into action. Too much procrastination, too many deferrals.

I'm sure that there are plenty of things that I would have done differently this past year. I am especially proud, however, of how my wife and I got through her pregnancy, and the first months of our son's life. This is a stressful time, and, although we did butt heads from time to time, we have handled it, overall, with agreement.

I am especially proud of my work towards being positive, not being so angry - especially in a year that had much negativity and sadness. It was work, hard work - and I wasn't always successful - but I am striving to continue to find the good.

As always, I wish I had taken more time to do things that I avoided - and thus decluttered my life. The process of taking financial control is helping relieve the stress in my life.

I wish I had handled my friendship with B. differently. It was overall positive, but then it became too much for me. I felt like I was propping him up emotionally, yet he was so fragile and I couldn't abandon him. He was very attentive, yet at many times he was unpredictable and almost mean to me. I never met him at that level; I always went high (to quote Michelle Obama). But it was troubling when he allowed me to become the scapegoat for why he's having such issues fixing his marriage, and that's not fair to me. I miss him sometimes, but I'm also relieved that I don't have to deal with him all the time.

I'm especially proud of my sustained effort to live healthfully

I wish I had focused more on business matters.

I wish I had saved more money.

Working with a lot of people I make most of my decisions successfully. Every once in a while I make a mistake that I regret. Mostly it is in dealing with other people. In this case I would still hold the other person accountable but would have chosen different words. I look forward to this year and what it will bring.

I'm proud of the way my business has grown.

I wish I had worked harder. Isn't that always the way? I wish I had studied with more effort, because come Christmas I'll sit with Johnny's parents and again be able to understand very little; I wish I had written more regularly. But in terms of moral choices, I think I'm doing pretty well.

I wish I was more dedicated to my work and my study. What could I achieve if I only applied myself more. Procrastination is destructive.

In this time of transition and unemployment, I would like each day to be more focused, and feel like I'm getting more done. I'm trying. Some days are good. Some days are lost.

I should have found a therapist sooner, I should have exercised more, I should have eaten healthier, I should have found another place to live. I'm still alive?

I think I'm proud that I got through this year with all the stressful things that have happened. My grandmother died, my workplace is moving and my job is disappearing, I moved in with my girlfriend and left my Brookline community behind, my parents announced that they are getting divorced... it's been a rough year and I actually got through it.

Not sure what I would have done differently. Maybe return that rental car in san juan that was so awful to drive. Lol. Seriously... I'm quite proud I got married to such a great lady.

I regret not paying more attention to my body this year, in particular missing the signs of acid reflux / GERD. I have had a persistent sore throat for a year and a half now. Some days I wake up in a panic with acid burning in my chest. I believe my anxiety (which I never noticed before this year) has caused reflux and thyroid problems for me this year. Most of the time, I ignored my symptoms. My body was crying out and I did not listen. Next year, I plan to devote my time, energy, and care to healing my body.

I am proud that I started working with a personal trainer in late April and that I have stuck with it, once or twice a week. I have become stronger and my muscles have developed more. It's rare for me to make a lifestyle change and stick with it.

Like every year, I wish I'd really looked at options for other kinds of work. On the other hand, my current position is okay; I'm going to retire in about six or seven more years, assuming my health continues to be good. The other thing I wish I'd done is to save more money, but that is a perennial wish and it's hard to do, when my housing costs 42% of my income. I am proud of finally having paid off my car loan, and am now making larger payments to student loan company. I wish I'd ridden my bike more.

This has been the hardest question for me to answer this year. I'm having a very hard time finding something I wish I had done differently, stripping me of what I may have learned from those experiences. So instead I'll go positive. I learned how to make bread! That's been a goal of mine for many years, and I'm making it a reality. It's been a fun journey, and it allows me to invite people over for this very simple act of eating bread with me.

I wish I'd stuck to my guns and bought some camera equipment and gotten moving on doing some film stuff. This was supposed to be the end of hospitality. Something I'm proud of: building a great relationship with Nikita and raising a sexy little beast from puppyhood. Better relationships with family - mom and Jake in particular.

Nothing. I didn't get here the smoothest way, but I think this is where I'm supposed to be. Im proud that I didn't fall apart.

Always things I wish I had done differently. Less procrastination. Sticking to goals I set. Being more of the ideals I espouse to my children (less time on the phone, more time in the community.) I am proud of the times I have overcome this -- pushed myself beyond my comfort zone. Maybe the best example is the day I helped gut houses after the flood. Then again, I should be doing more, so around we go.

I wish I had made more decisions for myself and fewer for other people. I am proud of myself for becoming more independent.

I'm very proud of myself for taking initiative and signing up for a sprint triathlon during my second semester of sophomore year at Penn. This was a completely new challenge that I took on. It pushed me outside of my comfort zone. I had never swam competitively in an open body of water, and starting out, I also wasn't confident on the bike. It was something so opposite from what Penn culture propagated...it wasn't pre-professional or academic or internship-y. It was something just for me. And it changed my lifestyle for the better. I became healthier, happier, and more disciplined.

I wish i had bern more patient more tolerant w my daughter, husband, in laws I loved our friday dinners, family hugs, chorus, running sundays. I love my real teue friends. My village. Getting what matters.

I am very pleased about having fostered in both kids a positive feeling about Shabbat and being Jewish. Even if I never do anything Jewish with them again, I think some of the positive associations will persist and hopefully inoculate them against internalized anti-Semitism. I am glad I focused for awhile on my mental and physical health. Took mindfulness courses, yoga, etc. I wish i had made more progress on my professional life, my financial management and adopting. V and I, as a couple, had a rough road for several months (especially Aug and Sept) although we're feeling much better/stronger now. I am still learning how to best provide support to him, particularly around his decision-making (e.g., post-massage school work/school plans).

I'm proud--I was going to say my marks, but you know what? I'm proud that I decided to stop being afraid, to stop letting fear control me. It's a lot better to be this way.

I wish I had focused a little more on creative work this past year. Thankfully, I'm more determined to do so this year, and I know that it's going to be an easier year in which to do it.

I have gotten somewhat better at resetting my expectations about how much I can accomplish in any given hour, day or week. However, I continue to fixate more than I should on how I am spending my time, with a constant concern about whether I am using it wisely and efficiently enough. I have noticed that I am unintentionally sending out the message to others that I am too busy to spend time with them or address items that they need my help on, particularly at work. I’d like to work on this in the coming year, by trying to make peace with the reality that I’m always going to have a lot things to do and emails to reply to. That is a function of who I am. I should accept it and live with it; prioritize what matters most and worry less about getting caught up with the rest.

Hmmm. I wish that I had worried less this year. Worry wastes energy and time and life force. I want to give it up for lent and beyond. I wish I had been more kind to myself and more physically active. I know the benefits I just did not make the move. I am really proud of myself for taking care of my aging mother and making sure she's able to stay in her home, happy and healthy and amused. It's not been easy, but it has been an effort I feel good about. I'm proud of completing school this year. The diligence and the efforts expended to bring me closer to community, closer to myself. I gave myself room to think.

The whole accident accusation was strange, I wish I would have had a dash cam that proved my innocence 100%. So we could have caught that guy for fraud! But I think after the weird accusation it was handled perfectly and I was proven innocent. But the guy is who-knows-were with the money. I doubt we will ever find him :(

I wish I had focused more on my job, and done well at it. Or at least given it my best. Instead I've been shirking hard work saying I am not good at this. I wish I'd been more faithful to my exercise. Though I've been exercising but I've lost my initial focus and need to get it back asap. I had gone down to 75.5Kg in June this year, but have fallen back to 81 slowly. I wish I'd worked even harder at beating my bad habits and addictions, but I'm glad at least I'm trying to do this.

I wish I had followed through on my effort to learn STATA this year. It’s something that I committed to halfway through the year; then, I all but discarded it as a priority of mine by July-ish. It was something I really wanted to do, and I had a great slice of time in which to learn it, and yet I let myself become preoccupied with Facebook and random web-surfing and lost track of time. I don’t know when else I’ll get a chance to beef up my statistical analysis skills, which is kind of sad.