Is there something (a person, a cause, an idea) that you want to investigate more fully in 2015?

Silat. writing. myself.

I would like to set up a garden and look into personal investing.

Learn more about the common core and its standards

I hope to look more at how the GOP was taken over by fringe lunatics.

Volunteering, Speaking Spanish, Improving my French.

Access (academic, financial, cultural) in Higher Education.

Learning Polish, PhD, Tanya, Maimonides

JEDLAB. Spending time with my husband. Talking with my best friend.

The emergent church movement and astronomy.

I wish I could test the idea of reincarnation. But it would require probably large number of people involved in the experiment.

What is the difference between doing the right thing and not getting used? That is just a wild thought right now.

I would like to be closer with my family.

Why the music of Kurt Atterberg moves me so much and reaches places that even favorites Britten, Villa-Lobos, Poulenc and Milhaud don't reach.

I want to get to know Eli better and continue to make him happy. I want to start a family and become the best possible mom, daughter, and wife.

I would like to explore some different philosophies of thought, such as Daoism (taoism), Buddhism and some of the classical greek philosophies.

making aliyah in my current situation the real story and implications of moving my family there and finding the courage to take the first step!

How my life came to be this way and how will it implement my destiny. Whether personally, socially,

Classical Greek history

Physics and the relationship between time and space...basically read Steven Hawkings books.

I really can't think of anything i am interested in. I'm that depressed.

State and local politics in Colorado.

The renewable energy job market. In the two years studying in the field, there are so many opportunities, so many directions to take.

Yikes! Too many to list. I suppose climate change and minimizing my part in it is at the top of the list.

Yes. I want to delve into Natural Healing and supplement with Anatomy and Physiology. I need WAY more experience and WAY more hands on time.

Yes: Person: The person I am romantically attracted to Cause: Women's issues, particularly abuse Idea: A web service I had in mind.

i can't honestly say there is anything new that I'm interested in pursuing just now. I am always open to learning new things and will gladly take learning opportunities as they come.

yes. my relationship with joey.

Mathematical thinking.

Electric guitar. And merging my guitar playing with my hiphop music.


Actually, I want to learn more about more about being Jewish. Due to history and circumstances my wife and me found that our Jewish roots have been stolen from us.

I want to investigate on earning more money. I also want to investigate on bettering my career, and getting rid if my debt.

I would like to investigate myself, and find out what I want to do with my life, and what things will be important to me forever, and isn't just a phasing hobby.

I'd like to be more up to date with ISIS so I can form a proper, well informed opinion.

I would like to figure out what my true passion is and how I can tap into it more in my everyday life.


Writing, comics and fiction. Philosophy. Health and Fitness. My limits. What I want.


I'd like to understand better what's going on in Iraq and Syria. Just pay more attention to the news, particularly alternative news sources.

No actually there isn't. Many days I am overwhelmed and feel like I want to do less not add anything. My life is rich, interesting, and full, and I would like to maintain that but not expand it.


Person: myself. Cause: health-care, ie, the actual process of caring for ourselves, vs beating back diseases. Idea: that I can make a smaller life for myself that's still fulfilling.

Health at Every Size, divorcing the notion of health from size, weight, body composition, BMI charts, what I eat, calories, fat. Also, what it means to heal, how to actually do that.

destination vacations WITH family to relaxing warm places

My fear of death and dying. I want to heal my relationship with this so I can let go and fully enjoy my abundant life that I have.


I'd like to spend more time thinking about the things that I would like to do. Not a bucket list, just making sure that I use my time and money well, rather than just drifting from one year to the next.

I want to continue research after I finish my degree in January and I'm interested in Brutalism architecture. Is it ugly, is it beautiful, and why? I'm interested in the philosophy behind it. It's a unique and impossible movement in architectural history. A lot of Brutalist buildings are being demolished right now so there's an urgence to expand our knowledge and make balanced decisions about preserving them.

How the child foster home program works in my area and what the need is. Ours is a small rural community and I might be interested in helping kids who live nearby who have short-term needs. If not that, possibly a foster pet program. We've got a big, comfortable house, but I'm not ready to get a new pet of my own due to frequent travel. So I might be able to help some pets who need a temporary home.

Mindfulness. Living in the now.

Well...on a selfish level, there is my Self that I want to learn more about. A cause...honoring the planet and the Cosmos, and our human connection to it. Idea?...Creating artworks that encourage that connection and gives people a moment of pause to ponder.

I want to look more fully at me. A changing body image, a changing mindset, making new decisions. What makes me tick, why am I attracted to people who are not available to me? When am I good enough??

Living in the present. And the idea that everything's going to be ok.

I want to engage more fully in improving my relationship with my partner

I'd like to continue my investigation of my relationship with Christ.

God and spirituality. Just started a Bible reading plan. Want to take that further.

To be more relaxed and less stressed

I would like to learn more about how to relax better and how to slow down on my daily running

Community development entities

As a history buff, I always endeavor to read about unfamiliar places and people. Specifically, I would be interested in understanding the lives of historical world leaders that may not be as prominent in world history as others.

I would like to improve circuit analysis capabilities. I also need to decide what my retirement work will be

My list of things evolves daily. I've just started cycling and am loving it, I've gone from beginners yoga to intermediate and I'd like to explore both of these further an take my amateur photography to another level. And then there's Buddhism and a whole big world to explore.

I would like to continue my studies on how fat and sympathetic nervous system activity interact in determining glucose metabolism in people with pre-diabetes.

Writing. I want to explore writing.

I would like to investigate what living near family would be like. After 36 years of living away from family and that familial support, I find myself alone and lonely for family. I want to move to Seattle and be near the kids and Giuliana, find a rhythm of contact, embrace physical touch of hugs and kisses, smiles and laughter. I want to have a sense of belonging, of fitting like a puzzle piece, not of being the visitor or prodigal daughter. I want to be home again, with all the noise and chaos that includes, and I want to explore that feeling, the sense, that family.

Yes, but I am not sure what it is yet. Is it my writing? Is it the kids' school? Is it a different charity? Yes, I'd like to dedicate my time, effort, mindset to something - learn about it and support it - but not sure what it will be.

I would like to learn a bit more about meditation and utilize it more fully. and daily. I have been a bit hit or miss and distracted.

Well, I have some ideas, but I have not decided on any one yet. I always try to set at least 1 goal. A few years ago I set the goal to learn to knit, that was my year long goal. I think maybe I will complete my TKD training and get my black belt this year.

Well, it's Oct. 2014. And no, not really. Other than really cementing my landing and finishing my book maybe, I don't think there is.

Having just experienced a very positive Art Therapy intervention, I'm interested in pursuing this as a professional track. I'll need to learn certification requirements, job possibilities, etc. I think it's a very good form of chaplaincy.


cellular memory

Yes being able to clearly articulate the distinction between blind and reasoned faith. Once done being able to better answer searching questions to defend a reasoned faith

I'd like to really investigate more ways of earning my living on-line with a goal of spending more time n Hawaii. The use of telemedicine is something that might be the answer to this problem.

Hmmmm oops--it says 2013?! Anyway....2014: I would like to learn more, this year, about meditation. I'd like to tap into internal peace, to exude it more : )

I'd like to learn more history of southern Canada and the Old Northwest.

not really...politically aware...socially aware already. maybe some sort of humanist congregation nearby - haven't seen anything last time I looked.

to live more happily and contented

2013? This is 2014! I'll pretend it says 2014. I want to investigate myself.

Practicing mindfulness. I would like to continue to grow my awareness and ability to pause, slow down, and breathe through the good, difficult, and all the range of moments.

Creativity in the physical form. I have had a feeling recently where I work on digital projects with my virtual team and lack things and people in my work life. I have just signed up for the 3d modelling course so we will see how that goes. I would love to get in to wood work or some other creative output but I am pretty sure I will not see it through...

Understanding more about mental health so I can help people overcome it better.

Yes....the idea of working in community. I recently became aware of an organization that approaches philanthropy as venture capitalism. Social philanthropy, as a concept, was new to me. That led to exploration of a different non-profit business support models - collective of entrepreneurs and start ups, sharing and supporting each other. Don't know where it will lead, but have been more aware of the need to connect in a more meaningful way, for our (software) business, and other businesses. Maybe could look at an arts non-profit? What excites me more is the business development aspect. As an artist, I want to explore working in other media. And to get a larger kiln..

USAFAIR. My own creativity.

I want to change to a different way of thinking called Inquiry. It will take time and effort on my part and I need to make it a priority. I have begun to look at it and like the results. The questioning aspect and internalization of learning by others is encouraging. I addition to Inquiry I want to be a better coach. That too will take study, implementation and change. Billings, MT

I want to let go of the shame I carry not just for myself but also for my family. How do I let go of the overwhelming shame that keeps me from being all that I could be?

My authenticity! Speaking my truth with compassion and strength, and feeling good about about it. I struggle to be fully honest, to say what I'm really thinking and feeling, and to not worry about 'not being liked' because of it. This year, I want to take opportunities to grow by compassionately speaking my truth. I'm starting and I look forward to deepen it throughout the year.

GODs purpose for my life here on earth.....to be more in touch with the creator of this universe

Yes, I want to investigate my connections. Getting closer to people instead of the fear that builds up inside me about people. I feel like a lot of my relationships are social work not love. They need me and I provide something. What I want is someone whole and need companionship. They need a friend, support, a person to grow and love. Love them for who they are. I want to reconnect with some good folks that I let slide because something or someone "needed" me. I needed to be needed though. As I grow, in spirit and learning to walk in truth. I am learning to walk in love. Learning to walk in forgiveness. I want others who are on the same journey.

I am so glad I went to camp this past summer. It reminded me that I actually love working with kids and how vital it is for me to spending time in nature. I want to spend 2015 integrating outdoor time and travel more fully into my life.

I would like to get more involved in working and volunteering. :)

I want to volunteer more time in Israel. I want to buy property to manage and use

The possibility of a different career path (what directions, cost, add'l education needed, determine actual viability vs. just wishful thinking). and if viable to make that step, commit t it and make it happen. to be open to where life leads me.

Personal creativity

Public health, the things I've tabbed on my phone and email that I want to look into (people, books, etc.) - in general I would say to diversify the types of cultures, places, people, events that I read about.

I believe that I will continue my readings in Stoicism because it makes sense and works in a practical sense. Also, I would like to continue my blog of my memories and stories. It is a legacy thing and it helps me reflect on my journey


I'd like to travel more, so I want to investigate traveling options and countries, cities, cultures, and languages.

In 2015 I want to investigate myself more. I want to get to know myself. I also hope to get to know my wife more. It's clear to me now that she has kept me at a distance for so long I'm not sure I really know her. I hope to get to know her and to probe our marriage (hoping that we still have one) in 2015.

Kung Fu. Fatherhood. Meditation.

In 5775 I would like to know more about the nature of human conflict, and how to address it. While I know it begins with me, others must be considered... how is balance achieved?

Micronutrition and sprituality, And if I have time and energy :-P paint my paintings and rewrite my first book and write the second one!

yes - finally Northrup Frye on Shakespeare and Blake

I want to investigate my abilities to create artistic writing and put them out in the world. I hope I can get to in 15. because ive spend the bulk of my life tethered to LA working for my family and i want to see the country and travel so maybe some of what i need to do is investigate the country more in 15, travel more in 15 and do the former in 16 and later years--only time will tell. I want to be more forgiving of myself and others and i dont want to start that forgiveness process by putting harsh constraints on myself here in this writing.

I want to investigate me more in 2015. I know who I am as a friend, brother, co-worker, Nichiren Buddhist but I'm not sure who I am as me.

Buddhism and the art of letting go of my own hurts (perceived or real) and anger. Balance, though that one might be harder given the choices I'm making right now for the next year. Romantic love, again. Some of the psychotherapeutic modalities I started to study, but dropped for a variety of reasons.

kaballah...and i'm not sure why so it probably won't happen.

Meditation. Im looking for a way to quiet my monkey brain and to use my energy to generate more peace and love in the world. I have a class set up Oct 4.

balancing my chakras

I want to continue to explore the concept of "fellowship" within communities. How to grow it, how it build relationships, etc.


Not really. I'm sort of over research at the moment. But I guess I'd like to get to know JP and Boston better now that I have some more time.

I want to learn more about graphic novels, as I work in a public library and our young patrons ask for good reading suggestions. I don't feel like I know enough about them to help them find what they want.

i recently learned that my father was probably Jewish. i always felt that about myself, the things i believe about G-D.......... so i want to find out more about that, and learn more about Judaism . i never really have had a true faith, i grew up not knowing who i really am, my father hid it for fear of retribution. we didn't have G-D in our Home, let alone in our Life. I am very fortunate that i found recovery , and in that i found a faith that Works. I believe in G-D again.................

If I could actually publish the results of the study I did this year, that would feel like a huge accomplishment. Beyond that, doing the follow-up study would also be amazingly helpful.

Rock climbing. Life as a young professional. Healthy eating. BALANCE.

Website programming such as JavaScript and iQuery.

I would like to investigate the world of art and selling my creations in 2015. I would love to be creating something that people would want to own. I would also like to read the pile of Alain Badiou books that sit by my bed taunting me.

Biographies. PLM software. Training tools. Glasswork. A vacation. Most of all, I want to finish my master's degree!

I'd like to learn to dance. I just signed up for a swing dance lesson.

Climate change. How do I become more effective in the effort to begin reversing the effects of climate change and how do I get faith communities, especially my own parish, to act as if our lives depended on it.

My own future. Alone? Together? Here? Where?

Obviously since I am seriously contemplating the possibility of converting, I plan to deeply investigate Judaism in the coming year. I have a feeling that this might be what I've been looking for my whole life.

In 2015, I'd like to investigate my concept of G!d more fully. I'd like to read more - Dawkins, Buber, Art Greene.... the likes of them!

I'd like to read a few more autobiographical style books. I'd like to read Condi and Billy Crystal's book Still Foolin Them. Perhaps visit Ethiopia and learn how to help the people there. And I'd like to expand my natural living knowledge and quicktoheal.com at the same time.

Not especially!

I want to investigate the idea of owning my own business in 2015. I have been a freelancer for a while, and moving to Seattle has given me the opportunity to luck into a big client as a contractor. My business just got formally established, so instead of continuing a crazy career research project, I'm going to take on the challenge in front of me and see where it leads. I think it could be a great opportunity.

I'm already investigating Shakespeare's Hamlet pretty intensely right now as I will be directing it in 2015. I expect that process to go on until at least Opening Night of the show. From that point on, I'm sure there will be something that will occupy my mind as fully, but until then I don't know what it will be.

Yes, and that would be how to start a business :)

I would like to get more into yoga. I really enjoy it and it is such good exercise. I think it would be good for me to really get involved in a yoga program.

I need to take the next step in my faith journey and become active in a mission that is outside of my Church.

Remote viewing. Spanish. Tantra. Lumosity. Forgiveness. Human trafficking.

Erich Fromm. Anarchism and Development. Israel. Radical(ish) climate activism. Tai Chi. Jewish mediation.

As always, there are so many things I want to do and learn, but I have come to terms with the idea that most of those will have to be put on the "very long term" shelf. Clearly, what I want to focus on this year is the fast evolving, fascinating industry I was so lucky to fall into: translation and its many, many avenues for growth and innovation. I also want to learn to read and chant Hebrew... in time for Pesach?? Won't hurt to try.

I want to know much more about Maria Montessori and possibly also a bit more about Annie Besant and what happened to theosophism

I really would like to keep more up on news events. I feel like I have heard of most news major stories, but that I really don't know much about them. I also want to consider taking a guitar class in the spring.

I want to investigate the possibility of volunteering in Israel for several weeks this year. I also want to investigate taking some of my grandchildren on a trip of importance for them

I want to investigate the idea of real estate as a source of passive income for investment. I believe it would can be a long term source of income with less effort as time progresses. I would also like to learn about the design of a motorcycle. Eventually, I would like to build my own and need a thorough understanding of the theory behind the design before a good design can be put forward.

Right now preparing for more surgery but I know I need to do this. i have been trying to figure out do I abandon my medical profession and take up a volunteer position in some other field, or not or do both.

I go to the library almost everyday because I am always "investigating more fully" different "people, causes and ideas". Also, of course, on the Internet. I will keep a list of my investigations from now until you send me the 10Q again for next year. I never thought of documenting what I have investigated so thanks for the inspiration.

can i say myself? do i count? i'm gonna say myself.

I would like to keep up with research regarding the human microbiome and how it relates to health issues.

I just heard Rebecca Alexander speak. She has Usher's Syndrome and is slowly going blind & deaf. She was remarkably inspiring and poised. I want to learn more about her and will encourage others to read her new book.

Investigate, while not to be self-centered, but myself. I would like to look into myself more fully and really take some time to self evaluate and take stock. I have had some personal set backs with my transition in my family and I want to make sure I am still a good friend and person. This has always been a priority to me. I also want to volunteer more and do more for those I care about. I feel like that is a life long as opposed to a year long goal.

In 2015 I would like to further investigate two things. 1) Mindfulness. I think it may hold a common key to many seemingly unrelated issues in my life. 2) Writers craft. I have a lot of beautiful words inside of me and I long to get them out.

The underlying assumptions from where my (conscious & unconscious) decisions get made.

Improving our overall education system in this country.

I know it sounds crazy as a dedicated Jew, but I want to better understand the impact of Budhism and mindfulness on a healthy, positive outlook.

I love to just "find things out" as I go through life. So, no, I can't think of a specific item at the moment. It is a great question. Can't say the same about my answer.

I've spent a lot of time in the last year exploring so many personally developing causes and I am sure I will find more--but I'm happy continuing to explore what I've found (the war of art, love 2.0, the 4 agreements, my mormon faith talks and writings). The person and cause I want to pursue and investigate is myself. ;-)

I want to expand my knowledge about science. As a early-career scientist, there is so much I feel like I still don't know, especially since I am in a rapidly-evolving field. I want to use 2015 to become more knowledgeable about my very specific branch of science, but also about the implications of my field. How close is it to impacting human lives? I want to know that better next year.

I will be meeting with a friend of mine, a fellow soccer mom, about starting a movement to utilize the large number of skills that stay-at-home moms have in our area. We have a large range of talents, yet being mothers who have chosen to stay home to care for our children and manage the household, our professional pasts often get forgotten. We'd like to explore options for helping us monetize our talents in a non-traditional manner. We have expertise, and it would be nice to use it.

music healing, singing, coaching, travelling, Spirit Rock.

Climate change and Congress - electing Democrats.

There are many things I'd like to investigate more fully in the coming year, starting with myself and the life I'm developing. I'm also excited to start the journey of creating safe and sacred spaces for those with disabilities in the Jewish community.

Doing more of everything. Writing, photographing, crocheting, SUPping, paddling, enjoying.


Parenting. Running. Anti-Aging Treatments.

Zen. Maybe, too, I should join an environment group, as in volunteer, not merely give $.

Abstract art, mixed media art.

It's time to consider when we will leave Rochester, and where we will go. Right now the Adirondacks seems like a reasonable place to go from here, with some issues to consider, but so far the best choice.


I will begin investigating towards the end of the Jewish year whether I will be staying in the East or moving out West. A lot involved in that decision, mostly family considerations.

Yes, I would like to know what issues actually were instrumental in the actions taken by a long time family friend. It seems the reasons I was given were not the ones given to family members. How do I discover what actually motivated the split?

Finding a spiritual home/leader. some place/someone with smart perspective, deep understanding of life I would like to learn more , read the newspaper, and be able to communicate intelligently. I'd like to know more about myself.

Heschel, Meditation, God

I think I need to understand the growing Anti-Israel sentiment that is entrenched in may of our universities. What can we do to reverse this or is it too late to do anything? How do we convince well meaning people that anti-Zionism is another form of anti-Semitism.

Buddhism, yoga, feminist / mental health advocacy

We will likely move this year. If that happens, I want to fully investigate our new community, local restaurants and businesses, a new church family, and new ways of living sustainably... even if the reality of this move is transitional for a time, and has my husband and me spending significant time apart.

Health and enjoyment of life. How to find true friends.

There are several ideas I'd like to investigate more fully in 2015: - meditation - compassion - right work

Fiber Art/quilting History of American culture/Modern Library Personal steps to support Green Efforts

I would like to explore sitting on the board of a nonprofit.

I wish that I could look beyond myself and my family but honestly, I just can't.

I want to delve more deeply into using quilting/textiles as a vehicle for self expression, using my feelings, my convictions, and my passion as a starting point for a new artistic journey.

the jewish calendar.

I want to know myself more. I want to know what I am capable of and what are my fears, hopes, and dreams. I want to know what kind of person I am and not the person who wants to please everyone.

Nothing comes to mind. I'm feeling fairly disenchanted with the world today.

Paris. London. Amsterdam. Copenhagen. Berlin. Prague. Barcelona. Jerusalem. Istanbul. New York. Buenos Aires.

I'd like to learn more about alyah, although I'm not sure when this will happen.

I want to get more involved in the clubs at school that interest me. I am going to look into tons of stuff to see what I like this year then get more involved in those things next year. I am really looking forward to getting involved in a sorority this year. My youth group in high school was a lot like that, and I want that kind of experience again.

Yes. Mindfulness.

I want to investigate the idea of self. I feel like I only know who I am in regards to the people around me, like a chameleon, picking up traits and preferences based on the people I surround myself with and who they think I am. I want to know me and myself as a singular unit, not as part of someone or something else.

Money coaching. Building my own business. Igniting my own activator energy. Giving myself permission to implement, and stop purchasing / consuming / acquiring new knowledge.

I read an article in the NYT this past Sunday about a woman adventurer, forget her name ... she's Swiss, whose purpose in life is to test the limits of her being. She seeks to explore what it means to be a female on this earth by traveling solo in extreme ventures where she tests the limits of her hunger, fear, exhaustion, strength, and endurance. I really admire that and am intrigued by her task. It makes me wonder what my limits are. I often sink into zones of comfort with hunger, fear, fatigue, etc. I think I can only handle so much but really I think what I fall into are habits not outer limits. Given this, I wonder what else can I do. How far can I go? Where am I artificially restricting myself and where in my life can I go further, deeper, stronger? I guess that means the person I wish to investigate more fully is me. What can I do ... I bet there is much I still don't know about myself!

More poems. Better mental health. Continued sobriety.

I want to create a huge bigger than life structured water container and make it a permanent fixture on Paiute land here in cedar city. I want to buy a house in Enoch. Investigate price with insurance and amenaties.

Are we in the United States living in an oligarchy rather than a democracy?

My level of observance and participation in the local Jewish community as well as our observance at home.

Yes, my ex boyfriend's intentions on why after not seeing our children for three years he suddenly wants to see them.

I want to find out more about using improv to help people. In all aspects. Most recently in alzheimers patients. Facinating! And I'd like to be doing more with improv that just Comedy Pigs

Meditation Talmud Cooking Hiking Finger Rock Trail

I'd like 2015 to be about exploring. Not anything in particular, but really, truly, delving deep into real things that are happening in our world. To me this means reading biographies, watching documentaries, and making sure that I am always up to date on world news. If I can, I'd also like to take the time to record Bubbe's story. I always say this, and I never end up doing it. Her time left with us is short, and I refuse to let the most incredible person I know pass on without the world knowing who she was.

David Lee Roth. Satanism. Exotic Ice Cream Recipes.

Dating, I guess. That was also my answer last year. I'm not very good at this.

I would like the NFL investigated more fully! I'm pretty set here.

jesica, my soon to be wife.

I want to study Marc Chagall and other artists, and Mantovani and other musicians.

This year has brought me to realize that my idea of what things are "important" (what does that word really mean anyway) has been skewed. So in 2015 I want to really explore what does "important" mean to me and what things are worthy of my time. This investigation will also lead to an understanding of what/where I should be focusing my life's energy. I feel I've lost that focus.

Need to help with the hungry and work against the Cove Point fracking.

My goal is to write articles on environmental health, lifestyle, and more. As well as look into getting into grant writing. Combine my career with my love for writing.

The past few years, I have been getting very serious about my artwork. I am at the point now where I need to sit down and create work. In 2015, my major goal is to prioritize my art career. I have learn tools to be a professional artist. I have spent a while honing my skill and discovering how my own vision and what my art speaks of. Now, I need to focus on creating a deeper set of work. I need to give myself the time to create and that is my goal of 2015.

My new job has me exploring and researching the world of digital and social media; my personal usage of and experience in that world is currently so small. I want to really expand my knowledge of and experiences with online digital and social media.

Personal growth - Truly listening and paying attention to my individual truth, and learning to act on and speak that truth, regardless of external circumstances and perceived pressures. Seeking validation from within myself. Facing fear and doing what I feel is right for me. Focusing on and honoring my closest and dearest relationships. Creative growth - I want to create something that speaks to me and is of value to others.

Meditation. Fitness. Global social justice issues, especially around women's rights and development. Frugality, simple living and minimalism. Veganism and getting better as a vegan cook. Exploring Los Angeles. Volunteering and being more connected to the IKAR community and the social justice work they do. Passion.

Buddhism, Yoga, Meditation

Any kind of volunteer opportunity. Also continued health and exercise.

Art! All of it!


living a more sustainable less material life

History, art, religion and mythology, the mystery of human relationships of all kinds.

I've been doing interviews with jazz musicians asking them how they discoverd the music and what made them decide this is the career for them. So in 2015 i want to turn that into a masnuscript for a book. The means transacribing, editing, getting opinions, etc.

MYSELF!!!! :-) I want 2015 to be a year of self exploration & growth!! Want to be selfish for a change instead of putting everyone else first!! Also want to explore & get closer to HP/GOD!

The idea that I can make it as a game developer. That I can be reliably productive and engaged and turn that into some sort of saleable product. I'm sure I can do it; it's just a bit on the daunting side.

Western music theory and transcription and German and French languages. My personal interests: the English Short Story, and filling in the potholes in my understanding of European and American history.

Wilderness Torah. Jewish communities in the East Bay. More coaching.

Software development. App design. Moving to a different country. College.

Chemistry. Organic Chemistry. Statistics. Financial Aid.

Running a marathon. Completing a triathlon. Going to Israel. Cleaning up the yard. Possibly adding a deck.

what paper means to me. What going paperless means to me in terms of my home, my office, my work

More music video

I would like to put more time into Jewish-Muslim outreach.

Alzheimers. Global climate change and likely impacts on US farming and population movement. Setting up a kiln. Spanish.

So many causes so little time! Improving delivery of medical care to the indigent and to those of all economic levels with chronic disease is something that effects me personally. Wage theft is something I care about as a Jew. In terms of fun want to get re involved in improvisation.

Paolo Coelho

I want to devote more time to reading - biographies and histories are my favorite subjects, but I want to experience anything that piques my curiosity -

The idea that God in Genesis tells Adam and Eve to have dominion over all and how there can be a debate among believers about global warming and taking care of the planet. Aside from the political BS of trying to get elected. What about trying to survive for the next millennial?

Beyond the things I need to investigate for smalltime work projects, there are of course things I need and want to investigate. How to make a tophat, transportation in SF, activities and sights in Scotland, palmistry, I'm sure the list goes on...

Criminology and the history of policing

Trans-inclusive Feminism

I would like to get more involved in promoting a real peace agreement between Israel and Palestine. I see both sides as extremists. It is time for radical moderation.

I'd like to explore more of the new age mediums and try out different things like seeing a psychic. I would also like to learn more about Boulder's history now that I am living here.

Reading real paper books.

I think I would like to help build a Habitat for Humanity House, or find another large charitable project for my 50th birthday.

This was a hard question. Given the time, I would go in many different possible directions. I would like to continue to learn more about Torah, whether as a religious school teacher or with my family. I almost wrote "on my own" but I know you can't study Torah alone.

I want to look at the idea of Palliative and End of Life Care in terms of Prenatal patients

Bjarke Ingels has been a huge inspiration for me this year. his idea of modern ecological architecture is pretty fascinating and new age. i love the way he incorporates factors such as natural light and surrounding landscape to the design of buildings as well integrating them into the design to make a more natural flow from the exterior to the interior. as well as limiting the waste footprint and focusing on efficiency. id like to put special attention to feng shui with consideration to personal living environment and comfortability specific to the given client's preferences and needs as well. i am very interested in architectural design. I've decided to pursue this as a career. I've started looking into colleges and companies. by this time next year, id like to have a better grasp of the tools of the trade and professional knowledge to be an architect

I'd like to just be more informed about the news and the world in general. I've never been very interested in reading the newspaper or watching the news, but I feel like I should start, if I want to be able to have more intellectual conversations.

Yes, actually a few: racism, inequality, and prejudice! I think they are all tied togther. I am very surprised at how many young people, of privilege, are prejudice and spout off about 'entitlements'! These same young people whose parents helped them! They are blind to their own 'entitlement'!

Well, whether or not I want to investigate it or not is questionable but I know I will be investigating universities for my son in 2015. Other than that? not really.

A really good question, to which I wish I had an answer that was not business related. Currently, the idea that I am working on is the development of our partner program at my company. We are trying to create a new go-to-market network that will help smaller companies in our industry compete with larger competitors. It includes individuals who are consultants, small consultancies which can either deliver or sell well (but usually not both) and people who have been disenfranchised in the industry for one reason or another. We are trying to do this in a new way which is ethical and treats all members equally. If we can pull this off, we will truly be unique and hopefully create a rising tide that will raise all ships.

Can't think of anything. :/ Right now, I'm too tired to think of things.

Living off the grid as much as possible and decreasing my global footprint as much as possible.

I want to entrench myself in my work a little more. I'm still new, but I want to be the authority on things. It will take time, but eventually I'll be the house badass. Also, I want to form strong friendships with my new roommates. They are awesome.

Zen / meditation.

Fitness, Puppies, Skiing

I have spent the lat few years practicing yoga and learning about Buddhism. I am interested in learning about the more mystical aspects of Judaism. I also want to learn more about Israel and visit at some point.

I have so many things that I want to do / that interest me that I have a great difficulty in making a decision and the accompanying commitment to follow through. For 2015, I want to work on overcoming my aversion to commitment and my procrastination. I also want to identify 1 or 2 "causes" (aside from Citizens Climate Lobby) to become more involved with on a "hands-on" basis rather than simply being an "onlooker/follower".

Jesus. My wife. My son.

I'd like to learn more about the population boom and the likely effects it will have beyond global warming. From the look of it, we have about 50-100 years before the world becomes so congested that major governments and economies start collapsing. I'd like to find a way to change the way Congress does its lawmaking, or lack thereof. Also, juice-making.

I'd like to begin to learn more about naturopathy. As an RN natural health has always appealed to me, but there is so much crap out there regarding naturopathic fads. I want to learn more about ancient ways to good health. Chinese, Native American, Aryuvedic, etc. But I need to finish my Master's in Humanities first!

I am in the process of becoming a certified Ombudsman for the state. It is a volunteer opportunity to be an advocate for residents in long term care facilities. While I do hope to make a career of this, it is also something I am extremely passionate about and look forward to getting started.

I've delved deeply into animal rescue this past year I lung to continue and learn and grow.

Family genealogy

Nope. **I am a naturally curious person and look into all kinds of things every day!!

No. I have enough on my plate at the moment.

I am committed to be the Staff Rep (Union Rep) in my school. I am going to continue to be the Flower Club teacher-sponsor for students. I am planning an Education Leave for 2 months in the Fall of 2015. Right now, it's between going to Barcelona and southern Chile. This Leave will take quite a bit of research to determine.

Myself. Try to figure out what I want to do with the rest of my life. I think this year will be pretty essential to that.

Knitting, the nature around me, training birds to do tricks, physical transition options, and new recipes!

Me, I want to investigate me. Selfishly, unobtrusively, completely, M E.

Buddhism. Acting. My Dreams.

I want to get to know the senior rabbi of our synagogue better. I have already started to do that, and so far I like what I see.


At this point in my life, I am not sure.

Since our son is a sports-oriented kid, I think we should all do more with Special Olympics. We did one event a couple of years ago, but we have let that pass. Not only that, my company is now a sponsor of Special Olympics.

I'd like to see what I can do to help combat anti-Semitism. But other than that, I'd like to keep learning about everything I can.

I would like to invest more in myself--by taking care of my body and mind.

I usually just launch a full-scale investigation on myself. But I suppose at some point, I should let that one go.

I am curious about my relationship to God and Judaism.

I want to get back to reading Jewish books and studying Jewish ideas, and finding people I can talk to about them...the kind of relationships I had with Torah study members and clergy members back in California.

Digital photography, digital music, video, reflective prose, visual poems. I would like to be able to put up something at somepoint that is high enough quality for Vimeo, which means studying a lot of vimeo, musical selection, camera angles, etc. Renan Ozturk's pursuit of an image, Sara Carr's ability to capture singles, Raphael Slawinski's reflections on physics and ice flows, Will Mayo's interweaving of western philosophy and climbing, all inspire. The technology is here. It is relatively cheap. And it captures and enhancements moments in an enriching way that is more compelling than each of these mediums separately. This would be a divergence from traditional obsession with climbing routes and culinary expressions.

Judaism. Writing. Loving Nate.

Being aware of my space, then there's space for anyone or thing else. My total acceptance. Letting go.


Sustainable / eco-friendly living without becoming completely "granola"

I would like to focus in my health this year in a persistent and consistent way. I just got test results back yesterday that indicate I will go off a cliff if I don't take certain steps for the rest of my life.

Investments. Life insurance.

Cash flow in retirement, and beneficiary documents for all our assets.

I hope to get more in touch with myself, and in so doing, get more in touch with external causes. I hope to get involved in more criminal justice work, and my local government and local political causes.

I would like to learn more about income inequality and how it can be addressed.

The reason of the human existence, maybe? Ok, I will never find that out. How to be a better person. And ok, there is something I want to study, but I don't write it, because the people, who could teach it would not like me to learn it...I think.

I want to continue to investigate and work towards clean energy solutions and fighting Climate Change.

Everyone. Everything. If someone comes into my life, I want to know them. Including myself. Just everything. I want to spend more time being curious.

I would like to make meditation a regular practice as well as explore becoming more physically flexible. In addition, I want to find a way to continue mission driven work in healthcare while enjoying retirement.

I want to investigate further what Conservative Judaism means in modern America. I know what I view as being the standard for what makes a Jew a Conservative Jew, but I want to further investigate how others view that, so that I can better plan programs to attract Conservative Jews and help reinvigorate the movement, even if it's only a small contribution.

The practice of doing in order to become.

I want to play around more with video blogging. While I love to write, and do it well, I think it would be super fun to have a bunch of video rants that I have created on any number of topics. I am interested in pushing past the fear of online misogyny that I have to put my ideas more out into the world, because I think many of them are really good, and will give people cause to think about the bigger picture…. I don't think I have all the answers for anyone (even myself), but I'd like to add some new concepts to the ongoing dialogue. This is in great contrast to my normal M.O., which is to be modest and hide and be as invisible as possible. I have, in the past, put myself out and been attacked horribly, and it's not much fun. But maybe it's worth it to move through the discomfort in order to help people in a part of their lives most of them find quite confusing….

I want my food and energy sources to be sustainable and independent from the commercial world. My goal for 2015 is to be self sustaining.

Learning about more cultures and traveling as much as I can.

I have some creative projects in mind that are important for me to begin and finish. a collage with tea bags,a book I created with my two older grandchildren when they were young at least 20 years ago, a 2 book collective project to make a fabric book and to make a book of paper dolls. I would like to gather all the videos that I took of my younger grandchildren and put them on a CD. Also I would like to convert all my home movies that are on video tape to CDs.

I would like to look into volunteering on a level that is fulfilling to me. First step will be to have a dinner or short meeting with Jim Simpkins.

New techniques in art (hand dyeing textiles), especially color mixing.

racism. radical hospitality. skin care.

I want to learn more about instructional coaching, basically, how to do my new job. Am I qualified? Can I do this?

Jewish Theology. I am planning to write a book that is theological in scope and oriented towards the needs and worldview of the 21st century. Hopefully by the end of 5775 (or at least end of 2015) I will have a solid draft.


I'm really committed to investigating feminism this year. There's been sooooooo much crap this year in the treatment of women. I have two daughters and I have been confronted head on with my own misconceptions about feminism and the patriarchy, etc. I have to work on this for the sake of my daughters and the sake of every daughter.

social justice

I would like to learn more about Jewish thought. I don't make enough time for personal Jewish learning.

I want to really get a handle on the HIV/AIDS testing and treatment landscape locally and nationally through my job. I also want to strengthen my evaluation and data analysis skills through my new position at work.

How to build deeper relationships with my friends and family.

I always want to know more about social justice and Feminism. I'd like to learn more about feminist ideas, and get more in depth knowledge rather than relaying on my education through Jezebel articles.

On occasion I say to myself that I'd like to understand power more, and learn more about pacificism. I don't understand how people can literally be okay with murdering each other, and see if there are other ways to resolve conflict than through violence. We don't engage in violence (for the most part) in our interpersonal interactions - why is it okay to do so on a societal scale? I also think it would be neat to conduct a sociological study of "awkwardness"

Emergency medicine. More specifically, I want to get certified as a Wilderness First Responder.

Coaching for health professionals. Pursuing psychology as a degree. Networking for fun. Recovering old contacts: Bill Roberts and Hineni. Deeper connection to Judaism. Living purposefully every day, knowing my own worth.

mtel math test, marketing, yoga and meditation, find a new author to love

oddly, myself and my family. retirement done well should make these bonds even stronger. I want to make more of an effort, to travel to Deb and Matt more, to be a better daughter-in-law, and a better wife.

Yes regeneration of organs with your own mother cells and Thin film for solar power

PALS. Living a Jewish life on my own in my way. Dance. Singing.

Yes, there is a non-profit organization in the area called, "Vine Maple Place". This, I believe somewhat large group, has a mission to eliminate and prevent homelessness. They work with families in crisis who are homeless or about to be. They put people through a program teaching interview skills, budgeting, and disciplines which correct negative practices and beliefs. People, mostly single mothers, gain confidence and self-esteem as they learn new job skills and life skills. As chair of my quilt guild's comfort quilt committee, we will be donating a number of quilts to this organization. I will be investigating whether I wish to do more. While I have had a tendency to over commit, I now weigh heavily any volunteer ideas. I've learned to be firm with my refusals to get involved even in the face of pressure. But I am drawn to this group because of their successes and because of the lasting changes they make in lives. Let's see if I move into more involvement with this group.

I would like to investigate more fully into getting into working out more. I feel like I spend a lot of my time disappointed in my physical appearance and that I can't concentrate on my goals. I want to weigh 155 lbs and have a strong chest and arms by next year.

What comes to mind the strongest is to continue my education in my line of work. There is so much to learn; the more I know the more I realize that I don't know and I'm eager to move forward. I took some classes last Spring and it's helped me advance at work so I will keep doing this to become more successful. Good thing I love what I do!


Songwriting and oil painting.

I want to start to develop a portfolio of research that will support a career transition into academia at some point in the future. I am really looking to meld my law degree with my experience in public health and take advantage of the growing field of public health law research.

Myself. I want to be more aware of what makes me me. What ticks me? what makes me happy? what makes me sad? what makes me angry? why do i feel the way i feel? what makes me sad? what motivates me? what drives my thoughts. I want to know my girls more. They are growing up so fast and I feel like i am just watching them grow instead of getting to know the person they are becoming.

Yes, I would like to study my 5 grandchildren as they grow up and give them advice or material things they can help them to live a significant life. Wow, that would be really really good.

leadership, coaching, bilingual education, oppression and privilege, language oppression, crafting and quilting, exercising, running, braille, yoga

I want this to be the year Sheila and I marry, settle somewhere and take a long exciting trip. I want it to be "our time ".

Empowering youth to take control of their lives. I live near a small (pop. 2500) in SE Washington (49% of the people live at or below the poverty level according to the 2010 Census) where teen pregnancy is high and the level of academic achievement is very low. The kids get married, the boy usually quits school and takes a low-paying job and the cycle of poverty is continued. I want to start a program (Youth Empowerment) that will empower these children BEFORE they start the cycle of poverty, to teach them how to make choices, how to empower their lives, and end the cycle. Additionally, to find a program to enable the children who have entered the cycle of poverty a way out through education and empowerment.

I want to investigate the idea of changing career paths. I have a great job and make good money but I am not satisfied and fulfilled. I would like to be. I want to take my passions and earn a salary from them.

Myself! I feel like I am constantly trying to find out more about myself and what I'm capable of. Of course I always want to learn more, so any new knowledge about the world is welcome.

I'd like to find a way to support writers and authors imprisoned or persecuted just because they write on topics or have points of view alien to their country's political regime

Deeper connection to God.

World conditions and Bible prophesies.


Alternative Healing Methods, Meditation, Raw Eating, Vegetarian Diet

no. I can't think of anything. I am participating in Leadership Bozeman and am part of a volunteer group to formulate and follow through with a plan for playground equipment. I am on the board of the Belgrade Education Foundation and we are currently working towards receiving our very first donor gifts! It's been a great stepping stone for me - to move out of my comfort zone and do something big and different. I am looking forward to making an impact in both!

Wow! I have been investigating at a wild pace leading up to this new year. Most recently, I have been enlightened to the liturgy of Marcia Falk. I would like to study her work more and formally incorporate her prayers into my life and our family life.

The attacks on Israel

I want to find out what I can do to get more involved in fighting cancers.

In 2015 I will become active in my daughter's school and start the journey of learning to teach programming to students. I'd like to help found a coderDojo in my community.

human trafficking

Reducing the tension between different communities in Jerusalem.

I would like to explore two of my friendships to a fuller extent than I have. I am so grateful to have found sane friends that are not in need of rescuing (an old pattern of mine that I am trying to break), but I find that, because they are not needy, I am less nurturing of the relationships. That seems backwards somehow, and I would like to change that.

robert kiernan <3 love of my life

Healing music, academic book cover design, sculpture, and social network collaboration for humanitarian relief. Flash mob disaster assistance.


I want to investigate the idea of social entrepreneurship more in 2015. I love the idea of using my talents combined with a bunch of collaborators talents that can create an enterprise that is both profitable and benefits the greater community. I have an idea which I hope to attempt to implement in 2015.

I want to give myself more to the organisations I stand for, like the HPA, Nerdfighteria, and other stuff like that.

feeling strong. presenting workshops about relationships to organizations. Relationships and start-ups. organizational psychology.

Ha! I'd like to figure out what to write my dissertation on!

Me? I'd like to more fully investigate how to be more of me - how to express myself more fully in different ways. As for a cause - I'm the social action chair for my temple and want to get that program re-vitalized with more people engaged. Though I realize that for me 'civic engagement' is the umbrella for all the issues/causes, etc. that I care about - I want people to be involved in their lives, communities, etc. and hope to figure out more ways I can participate in that kind of process, individually and collectively.

I would like to investigate my wife. She is an amazing woman and she continues to grow in her life by leaps and bounds. I'm in college and working full time, so I plan on spending more time "investigating" my beautiful wife in 2015.

For the 'joy' part of my life - I hope to spend more time on my photography, for the 'making a difference' part of my life - I hope to get more active in increasing the 'not in my name' perspective of American Jews

I feel that there are classes I *should* take to further my career. And I would like to explore painting. But as a researcher, I am constantly exploring new topics, people, and ideas! The list is endless...

Crisis and creativity and how they go together. I feel I've walked all the way around this relationship in ever decreasing circles. Somehow, I have to get to the heart of it. And more meditation and mindfulness. I keep slipping off of this practice and yet it could be so good for me.


Happiness. Success. Aging gracefully. Retirement. Maybe writing.

I'd like to explore how to further my career. I've been inactively pursuing new possibilities but I think I need to start to really evaluate where I want to be and what I want to be doing to elevate my career in 2015.

I would like to learn more about the area I have moved to and how I can get involved somehow in the community. So I guess it's a place that I would like to investigate. This area has a lot of history (early US settlements), so I anticipate I will learn a lot about what USED to be here...but I would also like to learn more about what IS here now and how I can become more integrated into this community.

My own creative instincts.

I want to investigate life after a full night of sleep.

Reiki. Sugar detoxes. The elephant genocide. How I'll open my coffee shop.

It is going to sound so selfish when there are millions of people and causes out there that can use an extra helping hand, but i want to invest my time and energy in myself this next year, i want to create a better sense of self worth, and a positive attitude and a better work ethic. I know that if i want to be a good social worker in the future i have to be working to help myself as well as my clients and dealing with my issues. Because this is the last year i have as a student before i enter into the professional world, it feels like the last time i will really be able to unselfishly dedicate my time to working on me, even though i know this is a process i will continue with throughout my entire life. But this year needs to be my year.

Yes, I'd like to understand (in detail) the history of California -it's genesis, evolution, climate, biological history, human history and current issues. I'd like to be an "expert" in California. It's been my home my entire life as well as a home to my family for three generations.

Co-housing as a possibility as we age.

MELT -- I think I'm going to become an instructor! And maybe get involved in a WWI project. Both make me happy to think about -- we'll see what actually happens.


I want to continue investigating social enterprise. I loved the book by the Tom's creator. I'd like to find more biography-type books by successful social enterprisers.

I would definitely like to investigate these seemingly newfangled "alt-ac" career options, and figure out which direction is most suitable to take. This includes whether to embark on a new (this time likely online) graduate program, and if so, in what.

I would like to finish compiling a more formal curriculum for my work at Black Rock School and investigate replicating the program in other schools.

I'd really like to get more involved with the feminist movement and women's issues. I've really felt radicalized by what I see happening in this country and I am tired of sitting on the sidelines.



Meditation & Mindfulness Homelessness grandparents

We need to investigate what fracking causes. I just feel we are being so cruel to Earth, our Mother planet.

I'd like to investigate the cause of Hillary Clinton for President!!

Increasing muscle, lower cholesterol and reducing our carbon foot print.

I would like to explore and actualize the idea of being more fully present in the moment. More in tune and in touch with what I am feeling currently and less focused on the distant future.

In the next year I want to investigate how to meditate and control my emotions. I am often quick to anger and it sometimes is hard for me to calm down. Training my mind to be at oeace would be greatly rewarding.

I want to find my place in the world of philanthropy. I want to give more than I receive for myself. I want to donate my time as an investment in the future of the human race. That's my goal.

I would like to learn how to self-publish my book.

I want to investigate the inner life - meditation. I also want to swim a mile. I also want to read "The Big Sort" and look for a way to "reach over the aisle."

I want to become more of an autism expert. I want to learn more about Social Thinking, and Marilyn Montero's program. I want to see the 85% of the iceberg that is under the surface.

I am _dying_ to find out more about myself. Whether, at 50, as an unemployed, but hyper-educated and experienced woman, I can begin again. Am I able to do everything I didn't do, and possibly should have, in the first part of my life. What kind of employee will I be, if and when I commit myself fully to a career/job? I want to explore the possibility, even, of what sort of wife I might be, if I were to commit myself to a man? What sort of citizen would I be, were I to commit myself to a place? Will I be able to stand my own self, in short, if I commit myself fully to me. Is it even possible that this person I've brought to the 50-marker is even capable of any of this?

Urban planning, community building, makerspaces.

1. More involved in PRSA 2. More involved in SMOV

Inequality and injustice. I have a belief that much of the inequality comes from the fact that many people taking the most out of the economy benefit most from the services and benefits that government provide to make the economy run smoothly and efficiently. Yet they don't want to pay proportionally for that advantage. There should be a way to make this inherent disadvantage apparent in an objective way.

Semi retirement

I maintained an environmental blog for two years, and ended up going to Rio de Janeiro to blog for the United Nations Environment Programme at World Environment Day in 2012. I would like to renew my environmental activism, via blogging and fiction writing.

Starting to write down stories based on my memoirs.

I would love to pick something and learn all about it - something historical or geographic, or maybe a great author I've never read. But the thing I really want to get to is to be more active with the kids school, and to learn chess with my son so we both sharpen our minds. Beyond that I'm open-minded but so short on time... The stuff I picked up this year is taking most of my bandwidth. Sleep, exercise, and unstructured time with the family is a lot already....

I'd like to better define my charity. Breast cancer or suicide awareness.

Not investigate, per se.....but my marriage. I want to devote more time and energy to my marriage.

Does most halakha have relevance in this era. Should it be better adapted to reflect the reality of modern life and modern understanding of the universe.

I want to learn to speak Zulu (African language in South Africa)

Perhaps a massage course. Or yoga.

Learn more about politics, vietnam war

Me. I want to investigate me and what I'm going to do with the third third of my life. I want to get to know me better and learn, if possible, how to live the rest of my life comfortably in my own skin. I will investigate becoming a paralegal for a major law firm, as retirement income, and I will explore the ACLU or other progressive organization. But, primarily, I will investigate myself.


My purpose here on earth.

Nothing specific. I'm always on a quest for knowledge. I like to learn new things and expand my knowledge on subjects which I'm already familiar. You can never have enough information. And you can never stop learning new things!

Reiki, how to make pop-up books, travel to the British Isles, how to become and stay healthy, essential oils, a new job

Parenting. Breastfeeding.

corrective knee surgery, travel/explore our world, rehab wild birds, getting another degree, home ownership, having a life, dealing with fear constructively, progressively. Closer To Truth. Healing.

Brain structure of an anxiety sufferer, religion, nudity... love.

Anti-Climate Change Propoganda

Meditation. Emily Dickinson. Israel. Self-care and healing.

Peacemaking Circle Process.

I go back to the earlier question. Joy. And Joy beyond religions joy. Did I mention that? I especially want to explore it in both religions and non religious contexts) I also want to play with withholding different foods. Specifically processed foods. I have almost given up frozen entrees (from Lent last year), but I think this can be expanded a bit. I want to like cooking for myself. Finally, I'd like to explore a new voice teacher and see what he or she can do for me. More soon!


Lately, I've been interested in two things and how they relate to God: work and textiles/clothing. God calls us to be good stewards of money and to treat one another kindly, and he warns against hoarding money and paying our workers unfairly. Also, there are countless references to clothing, robes, and textiles throughout scripture. I have compiled a list, but I desire to look into the symbolism and metaphor.

this is awful. i cannot answer this. perhaps that is what i need now, to pursue ideas that i cannot complete...

Freelance writing. Becoming a doula. Yoga. Meditation. myself. my kids.

i want to see things i learn and love and work hard on reach out further than my little world. i want to be connected to a larger community. I want to improve my storytelling, curiosity and capacity to be with others. I want to tap into those currents.

I think I should always be investigating more about just eating - food justice. I think I don't know enough about this, and what I did know, I have mostly forgotten. It is important. I also think natural makeup and skin products are something I would like to investigate more fully. I now use a natural BB cream, mascara and deodorant. I think it's time to make it all natural and throw out most of my old stuff.

I work as a CASA -- Court Appointed Special Advocate -- for a foster child, and I wash to learn more about, and write about, the foster care system.

I want to continue to investigate how to possibly live and work internationally, adoption, returning to school.

Pancreatic cancer detection and prevention.

Yes, I want to comtinue traveling to places to find out where to move next.

Secular humanitarianism

Yes, I want to explore and plan for retirement beginning in November 2015. I want to identify opportunities for a productive and rewarding and enjoyable retirement - I.e. Artistic activities, growing friendships, travel, reading, writing, etc.

Nope, just staying sane.

I want to create my own business- either a Bulletproof Coffee shop here or my own line of safe, healthy body care products.

Whaaaaaatttt?????? It sounds like stalking.



Randy and I have been talking a lot about me leaving my job and working with him. This is a pretty scary thought. No insurance, no 401k, no regular paychecks to float us through the lean times. No safety net at all. This would be a complete leap of faith for us. The office is successful enough for him and to keep us in a really good place financially. We are extraordinarily lucky. But both of us doing it…it’s scary to think about. Would there be enough work to support to attorneys? Will his clients be ok with me working with him? Would we be ok working together? Would I be able to survive not being in a social office environment? I think about how much I make a month and realize I could be making that working for just 25 hours. That is less than a week of work hours for a month of pay. That would give me time to take Pierce to stay at home mom type things and be more involved in school when he is older. It’s an exciting idea, but very scary too.

I am interested in moving forward to the extent that I can with advocating for our climate and our environment here at MAST Academy. I want to be a force for good on Key Biscayne by affecting the children who live there. Educate the parents by educating their kids.

Myself? No but really- I have not a clue how to answer this question. I'm endlessly fascinated by nearly everything. I want to rock climb, take piano lessons, learn new languages, draw more, swing dance, dance dance. I mentor and I am a bike activist. Sheesh. I think people who aren't totally into investigating everything are wrong. There is so much to get into!

I want to investigate the need of amputees, their connections and what people need to feel love for themselves and others. Can I investigate and cull the answer was of amputees and what they need for improved proprioception and comfort.

I've already started since getting back from Israel, but I want to explore Secular Judaism more. I also want to start blogging more and start small side projects fixing up old furniture items to then (hopefully) resell.

Yes. Resoundingly YES. It's a continuation of my life's caring about social justice and human rights. I want to work with Maysoon Zayid on helping refugee children learn; with others on disability rights and accommodations; on education in general; on peace; housing; getting people out of poverty. Is that too many?

Eugene. Me. Choir. Martial arts.

I want to get back into thinking about Policy (not politics). Have abdicated responsibility as a "citizen" over the past few years.

This year will be the year of investigating myself. I want to know me better, so I can act in my own best interest instead of acting for concern of others. I need to start being the central character in my own life.

I perpetually feel like I should learn how to meditate, like I'm missing out by not doing it. Maybe I should make 2015 the year I do something about that.

I would like to impact the services at temple in a more meaningful way. I feel we are already on our way to do that, but the music still needs work.

I want to focus on feeling internally integrated this year. I want to commit to being the best therapist I can be to all these kiddos as well as being the best partner, friend, and self I can be. I want to fully integrate my various selves so that I feel congruent and kind and capable of vulnerability, strength and standing for self, work, play, and relaxation. I plan to do this by reading Transforming Your Self, using this NLP therapist on Sundays, mediating, and providing myself with more downtime and intentional social time.

I would like to investigate my parents more. I want to know what they're plans are in the future. What they want to do when they retire? Places they wish to visit? What would they like from me and my sister as they age and get older? Where do they see themselves living?

Writing a novel (an idea). Homelessness (a cause).

Not really. I'm involved in all of the organizations that I enjoy being involved in and really don't want to overextend myself further.

Whelp, I didn't do the one I wanted to last year, so let's try it again! The Sacred Heart of Mary. I now know there is a litany to her, so there's a good starting point! I'd also like to know more about earth-friendly causes, and the detailed reasons WHY I value what I do.

The head of Navdanya in India is a person I want to watch more closely. She advocates for a cause dear to my heart - GMO's and the environment - and her intelligence, thoughtfulness, conviction, and confidence shine through when I have heard her interviewed. I don't know that I can be like her, but I would like to be inspired by her more often.

Programming. That way lies my future, or at least a more stable version of my future. That sounds so mundane, but right now, I'm grounded in the mundane.

I want to see if I can reactivate my artistic talents and try to improve them - without feeling guilty for wasting time.

I'd like to reach optimum health through diet, swimming, and meditation.

I plan on investigation the people I wish to include in my next book about 21st century microbe hunters.

Maybe Enterprise Security Architecture, if when the dust has settled it seems like a worthwhile exercise. Maybe firm up the idea of moving to Canada for part of the year.

Jewish observance Mussar

Dance, yoga, fitness, Drama therapy, Improv. It's all about me, I'm shallow.

I want to increase awareness of the cause of water conservation and preservation around the world. CA has been experiencing a terrible drought, yet people still water their lawns (at the wrong times) and buy bottled water in plastic jugs that take 3x more much water to make than what they hold. I want to learn all I can about grey water systems and get as many people to conserve and cut back as possible.

I simply do not have a response to this question other than at this time, I don't know.

Tai chi. Music theory. Writing some sort of creative project. Give my creativity the space and attention it deserves.

Yes! I want to get involved in volunteering for the community theatre. With my job responsibilities adjusted I want to find some other passions and other interesting things to do. I also want to take a canine obedience class with Suz and get here CGC and therapy dog ceritifcaion.

This past year has really had a huge piece of reconnecting with Shabbat. I'd like to continue that, and also to get back to thinking through my philanthropy in a more intentional way.

I want to investigate meditation and mindfulness. After reading Dan Harris's and Sara Eckel's books this year --two very different authors with two very different purposes--I have gotten intrigued about the power of meditation for reducing stress and building self-awareness and compassion. I want to learn more about how meditation can fit into (and hopefully change) my life.

Continuing to develop writing and get to know Successful / published writers for inspiration

This year's investigation(s) are going to relate to developing knowledge and skills related to writing and self-publishing; promoting the products and programs I distribute using social media and doing the research necessary to legitimize and validate my work.

Making Sculptures - the lamguage of form.

Honestly, nothing specific outside of myself this year. Just focusing on my own healing and the writing of my memoir (that is, the furtherance of my writing career, the pursuit of my most treasured professional goal). Everything else can be considered a happy side project. I am my biggest priority at this moment, and I think it's going to stay that way until I get "where" I want to be. . . and probably will remain that way beyond that. I used to feel like I needed to learn more about X, Y, or Z in order to be more well rounded, more aware, and even, in some ways, more "worthy." Sure, I could be more well rounded and aware for the things I explore, but by 30-years-old, I've finally reached the realization that by exploring *myself,* I learn -- and heal and improve -- plenty. And there is nothing of which I'm not worthy. Btw, I have just executed my international move, having landed hardly two hours ago in my new city. So I write the answer to Question 8 now not from the U.S. (where I was yesterday) and not from Shanghai (where I was living and doing 10Q in the past two years), but from Berlin!

Getting a longer blog published on line about adult development that includes using Jacob's ladder as a metaphor for movement up and down done over and over.

Meditation. and a lot of other things. they are racing around in my mind. thus the difficulty of exploring / practicing meditation.

Zen Buddhism

Yes - I want to investigate more fully greater moment-to-moment awareness of myself.

I want to investigate me more fully. I want to know why I do what I do.

I say I like to meditate but dont do it. I would like to investigate meditation more and incorporate into my daily routine. Taking life slower and with more intention, more peace and more love!

I want to educate myself more on politics. I have a degree in joint history and politics but I want to fully research the manifestos of the main parties so that I can form my own opinions.

Dating. Lovingkindness. Humility. Moving past fear. Proactivity vs. Reactivity. Workjob, possibly pay workjob. Living in the presrnt, looking towards the future, without being stuck inm the past.

I think that I have to go back to the book - Jesus: an historical approximation. It has really captured my imagination as well as my faith. I am anxious to know and understand more. There are other issues which I am concerned about, like global warming and human trafficking, but those are things about which I pray - not study or investigate.

Pema Chodron

Off the top of my head I cannot think of one. I am still kind of all over the place on many things. I do massage and would like to and should investigate this much further. Yet I still hold out "hope" of returning to teaching. I am also busy with getting my new home in order. So it is hard to see one thing to investigate, there are a few.

This is a tough one. I guess I will be spending time researching good colleges for my son to attend in two years. I am interested in learning more about some of the boards that I volunteer on. Other than that, I'm just interested in continuing to read what I can about world, national and local affairs.

I want to investigate more reading. A total of 6 books a year. I don't read nearly enough.


I want to investigate myself and figure myself out. I'm slowly getting there :) Otherwise, I would like to explore how I will impact the world...but maybe I have to figure myself out first.


Lightness and related decisiveness. Just doing it.

Michael Hagerty. Oh gosh, how I hope he is still a part of my life a year from now. Or maybe I'll be glad he's not. But I doubt that. And either way, I want to know him, deeply and fully. I want to hear him and understand him (as much as one can understand another human being). I want to show him care and love and grace. I want to be genuine and sincere and honest and vulnerable with him. Yes, I want to investigate Michael Hagerty. Make a study of him. Treasure him.

I would like to see where Wholehearted Artist takes me. Get further into painting, writing, the whole thing. More than anything, I would like to be more proactive about it. Maybe set up a business plan and put more things into action on purpose. Instead of waiting for things to happen. Sure, I'm taking action but I'd like to take more deliberate action.

This question reveals to me that I don't take enough interest in the pursuit of the new: information, people or ideas...not sure if this is laziness, arrogance or fear. So my goal is to find an answer to this in the coming year and 10Q 2015 will hopefully find me actively seeking out newness

Community-based science as a huge part of what people might be offered to do to make an important contribution in the coming technologically advanced world where the 20 hour work week might be the norm.

I want to dedicate a certain part of my time to various causes- the environment, children refugees, hunger...I want to help my family out and I want to improve my Hebrew reading fluency.

How to set up an efficient irrigation system for my planted areas.

I want to consider shifting some of my professional focus to coaching and to see if this is an area where I could grow my business and show my strengths. This is in some ways at odds with deepening my expertise as a couples therapist. I also want to get involved with prison rights, particularly the issues of access to affordable items rather than the commissary and the issue of incarceration in NY for minors. Finally, I hope to take a course, either online or as a podcast outside of my standard areas of interest.


I want to investigate spirituality more. I'll continue to attend church and I'll try Lent again. But I think I'd like to try Ramadan this year as well as to meditate fairly regularly. I'd also like to hike more. I find being in nature very spiritual. Would I like to go to Plum Village? I want to continue to read Pema Chodron and I'd like to find some Christian literature that is not fundamentalist, something with a universal message for a Pagan like myself. I enjoyed reading Walking in the Dark. I know! Martin Luther King Jr.'s work and Oscar Romero's. I love Liberation Theology! There is also an Indian Muslim sect with a mosque nearby me that I think has good vibes. And my first Shabbat service moved me. I'd like to go to that again.

In 2015 I want to discover what I really want to do. I began working while in high school and at the suggestion of my mother studied accounting and became an accountant. I have worked as an accountant for many years to provide for my family. Now that my youngest is starting college, I want to discover what do I really want to do .

I want to continue and deepen my research into my heritage.

Buddhism: I want to understand Buddhist meditation better and the essence of Buddhism and how it differs from yogic/Vedic philosophy.

The idea of choosing ones perception of events and how that influences life. This is in the forefront of my mind. How mind energy, body and soul energy, can be channeled differently depending on your perception of events. Depending on how you choose to be impacted, such as being a victim, not being a victim changes the outcome. This is tied to Frankl's ideas around hanging onto ones integrity no matter the situation. We always have the power to choose and our choices impact us.

I have been on a spiritual journey for a long time. And I keep finding that as the person who knows me best, I often times fail to recognize myself. 2015 will be just like 2014 in the sense that I will continue to investigate myself more in depth. I have come to learn a lot about myself this past year. But the learning has not come to an end... it is only the beginning. I want to continue on this path to becoming more of the true me. I want to make sure that every day is a step towards a more whole me. I want to remember the love that I had for myself when I was care-free and unrestrained. I forgot what that felt like, as most of us do, but I refuse to accept that I cannot return to that place. It's not a memory or a story of being who I was in the past. It's about returning to my true me.... the me that was in bliss, at peace, and in a state of happiness that never waivered. 2015 is another series of steps towards that enlightenment.

I want to continue to learn more about Judaism and study with Rabbi Natan and Rabbi Jonathan.

Buddhism is a starting point, but the goal is to more fully investigate spirituality and mindfulness. I want to formulate a deeper and truer opinion of what this means to me. Hopefully this understanding will help me increase my personal happiness and act as a compass to help me make decisions.

Novel writing. Jourvie. Hemingway. Gellhorn. Yoga.

a grain-free diet is something I'm interested in looking into more fully. I have the symptoms of being achy with tight hips & hip flexors, & also not a great amount of energy. I"m hoping that I will be able to commit to this for at least a month, & see if anything changes.

I would love to find a soul mate, a person to connect with and learn from and explore love. I would love to regain my interest in spirituality- have recently reinstated yoga into my schedule and hopefully that will lead to meditation.

I live in a downtown area. The homeless are my neighbors. I would like to see what services are available to the women and children that are living in our streets. And then find an organization to work with.

Just searching for peace, for shalom.

My own children! While I live with them every day, sometimes I feel like that daily interaction leads to taking them for gratitude and a complacent state of minimal interest. Just like you have to make a point of not taking your spouse for granted, same with kids. I want to enjoy their company more; get to know them better; do more with them that's mutually interesting to all of us. I want to be sure that I don't mistake all this quantity of time we have together for quality of time!

Two, really. Most importantly, I am about to embark on my first year of my second marriage. She is a remarkable woman--patient, constant, loving, compassionate--but I am reverting to dissecting her for her faults and then amplifying them (in my head, of course). I need and want to silence those critical voices so that, over time, I will learn to be truly deserving of this remarkable woman's love, and cultivate in her a feeling of being genuinely loved. Now that the decades-long rift has just mended I'd like to learn who my brother really is and get to know his adult children. Okay, another: my father is quickly spiraling towards his end after two-plus years in hospice care. I will need to learn to live with the certain knowledge of his absence, and won't really know how this is on a daily basis until it's finally hit. Any day. I'm leaving in two days to say my goodbyes and get his blessings for the wedding to proceed no matter what.

Nutritarianism. I've just begun exploring this science- and research-based eating plan. Want to learn more. Especially want to find more quick and/or easy recipes so that I can translate the idea into an easy to stick to lifestyle.

I want to investigate art, poetry, and music more in 2015. Next summer I plan to not work and instead travel, draw, learn to play the guitar, and write poetry. I want to invest in my creative side, and spend time around people who nourish that. I want to make a project out of it. :)

I'm going to learn about the DC area, Takoma Park, and stay-at-home mommy hood!

WRITING A BOOK. Not any book, but that book. If it doesn't happen in 2015, it will not happen.

Mindfulness. Improv. Polyamory.

I want to learn alot more about teaching chess to children. I've been playing with my daughter, but I don't feel like I'm doing a good job of teaching her what to watch for / how to really be competitive.

An agent, an editor, a publisher.

Trains! I want to become an expert on something, and that seems like a good place to start. (Or boats. Or rivers. Or trees. Or eyeglasses. Or something.)

2016 Presidential candidates. Congressional candidates in the 2014 mid-term elections. How in the world the US Supreme Court ruled that "Corporations are People!" Find out where political contributions are going to and coming from, especially the big, "in the shadows" donors, and what effect this has had in our election process. Time to reverse the ruling??? How (and IF) Charities spend their donated income effectively and ethically. Changes to my Trust/Will. Time to review!!

Our baby! I can't wait to meet our little one and get to know him/her!

Hopefully 2015 will be the year in which I FINALLY make yoga and flexibility training regular parts of my exercise regimen. I'd like to research children's yoga for my daughter.

Yes, either with wounded warriors or training my lab to be a volunteer at hospitals and nursing homes.

I want to investigate mussar in 5775 (2014-15). I also want to learn more carpentry and other DIY home skills.

Belief in a Jewish G-d.

How to let people know that it's okay to hug an autistic; all you have to do is ask for permission.

My parents.

I wish to investigate my own inner "consciessence" [the state where knowing and being are fully one (my term 10/01/2014)] By entering my mind to the exact "qi" (energy) where sensory experience "dao" (natural path or FLOW) and emergent consciousness "pu" (FORMless potential) divide "wu wei" (actionless action) from creative cause (doing), I will be able to drink the essence of my self before it is shaped by platonic forms, driven by Epicurean urges, or magnetized by Aristotelian ethics. The truest master has no master, himself included, but recedes to a state of pre-essence and resides in and on the primordial energy flow that bubbles forth from within.

Bernie Sanders for President in 2016.

Just myself.

I think I need to investigate me and why I don't seem to ever make any progress in tackling stress, procrastination, anger. Working with a life coach brought me no closer to change. Need to be a better person for everyone in my life.

Alternate medicine

Well, something that I've been questioning a lot recently is my sexuality. I've never really explored my sexuality at all, and now that I'm in college, I feel like I have the freedom and confidence to do so.

Not that I can think of right now...too exhausted and focused on current issues to investigate anything new.


I want to look into and maybe begin working on what it would take to get certifications on my lisence for things like Math, Special Ed, ESL, etc. I'd also love to find a way to continue my foreign language practice - my German is getting rusty, my Spanish already is rusty, and I've been wanting to start working on ASL for a few years now.

Yes! I definitely want to investigate career opportunities for me in 2015! I want to really consider doing something outside of emergency medicine. I also want to seriously investigate my documentary idea, to see if this is a project I'd really be interested in doing.

In 2015 I want to investigate some new ways to reduce poverty in Sub Saharan Africa. I have read some stuffs about poverty reduction strategies but Subsahara Africa seems to present very real challenges: Low numeracy and literacy skils, a-not encouraging mentality, extreme poverty, high birth rates etc... I hope I can come up with innovative ideas to help fight poverty.

Art. Art therapy. Equine therapy. Horses in general. Definitely art. Craft brewed beer. The outdoors. Other countries I've never seen. What "follow your bliss" really looks like.

Meditation. Yoga. Writing.

Mindfulness. Interfaith especially Jewish-Muslim. Mental health awareness.

I want to investigate writing a book. I have picked up the planning book from Brian Tracy.... and am looking forward to reading thru it....

I want to gain more insight into my father's experiences from his childhood through his wartime experiences. I want to see if my cousin can shed any light on this, since he seems well informed about his parents' Holocaust era years. I'm hoping he knows about my Dad through his mother, my aunt.

I want to get involved some way with the climate change movement. It is very upsetting to me and I want to do more than sign petitions.

i want to become more aware of whats going on in the world. so i can teach my kids things....help them become well rounded and learn from history. i want to become a better eater. get rid of food coloring and preservatives in my kids diets. i want to explore yoga. i want to develop myself so that as i enter my 40s....i age gracefully and dont have a lot of aches and pains.

I wanna get more involved with the endepilepsy.Com 5k walk and whatever I can help with.


I hope to get more involved in the LGBT group in my area. Also, I hope to spread more kindness, random acts of kindness and so forth to others.

I'd like to look to look into more being creative and ways to sell it. Sort of like a small business

hybridization in the silversword alliance in Hawii ...EVOLUTION!

There is alot, how to sell a home that you can't afford to fix, how to help someone with a speech defect and how to get help for caregiver.

I would like to investigate getting grants for teaching more fully in 2015.

There are skills I want to improve such my silver jewellery making; I want to hire a MIG welder and finally make a table for the mosaic top I made last year and I want to finally learn the programming I need to improve my web site. But no person, cause or idea comes to mind.

So many things. I'd like to research my family's genealogy, past a few generations. Between founder community and my family's rare for of muscular dystrophy, and the knowledge that all Ashkenazi Jews are from a founder population of 330 people, I'd love be able to get closer to the founding members of my family. Past that, there's so much to learn. I want to learn to be a better photographer and acquire skills I don't yet have. I'd also like to learn to bak challah and learn both French and Hebrew.

I would like to deepen my understanding of the connection of all things, and to become more involved in empowering women and facilitating healing. I would to deepen my understanding that I am sacred and teach other women about their own sacredness.

I'm fascinated by the relationship between science and spirituality/religion. I want to delve more deeply into that this year.

cactuses, smoothie recipes, trauma based counseling techniques, baking, and different type of meditation.

Vegan eating. Minimalist-ish living. Methods to find focus and work "instate".

Game design.

Investigate, there's a guy I want to get to know better, but investigate wouldn't be the word...invest time with perhaps. My fitness and how to achieve it, I could investigate more, that's also a time investment, but something important to me. I want to complete my diploma in remedial massage, there's some investigationto be done there in terms of research for assignments. Palm oil and deforestation will continue to be a huge issue on a global scale, I will continue to investigate palm oil free alternatives.

For the benefit of my children and my dog, I'd like to find out more about 4h in my area. I'd also like to find out more about eating for health.

Yes, short and sweet; the bible and religious studies. I am not looking to by ultra religious, but I am curious to learn more about my faith and the bible stories. Getting closer to G-D.

Classical music in all its forms. Opera. Medieval history. Canadian novels.

i'd like to have a mentor at work. I have an idea of the two people i could approach. i don't just want to observe their behaviour and model. i want to learn, ask and be taught... they both manage people in different ways and i'm intrigued by both. i need to develop management skills if i'm ever going to go from doer to delegator.

I want to investigate ways to feel less anxious.

-Options strategies -Trad climbing -Run my own simple risk parity strategy -Design/code laptop monitor extension

I would like to explore being observant more - perhaps moving more towards keeping kosher and attending shul more. I'd also like to take more action towards cooking real foods - maybe making bone broth to boost our immunity.

I want to retire to a foreign country and live there much of the year. I want it to be a warm and friendly place that is not as expensive or crazy as the states.

I want to learn how to use weight machines at a gym. I always feel intimidated going to gyms, but now that I've gotten in the habit of exercising at home, I'd like to expand this to exercising at a gym. In the past at gyms all I've done is cardio. I want to learn how to use the weight machines and how to put together a strength training workout.

I want to confirm my self-diagnosis of Kleinfelter Syndrome. Probably too late to do anything about it if I in fact have it. But at least the great mystery of my life would be solved.

I want to explore the possibility of having my own business.

the reading viaduct art along the trail

want to study more on trauma, complex/developmental trauma. treatment for PTSD and experiencing trauma. Really really want to take the certification course Oct-May through the Trauma Center at JRI. Don't have money so if can't this oct-may will save for next oct to may. Want to work more with kids and adolescents so need as much knowledge and tx for those that have experienced trauma.

Not that I can think of.

Mental wellness and flourishing. Self-actualization.



Feminism and what it means for me.

Good question. Writing. I want to analyze writing. I want to write a few short stories. I want to get feedback and re-write them. I have written in a journal for years. I have read novels for years. This is different. I want to examine the process and do the process.

Not really. That sounds awful. Am I that self absorbed?!? Actually, HIIT training.

I would love to get to know Bethany Crowe better - if she'll let me. I met her this year but then we stopped seeing each other for a while after I told her how I feel about her. But we've recently got in touch again and she wants to share her ideas with me about #CitiesForPeople, digital placemaking and the playable city. I read her notes about it last week and it made me so excited: it set my brain on fire - not just the prospect of spending time with her again but also exploring her ideas about this stuff with her and being a sounding board. I love spending time with people who are really enthusiastic about something. It rubs off on me.

I want to investigate more about the connection between certain foods and health... beyond just the obvious ones.

I have been saving an email someone sent me about a Buddhist retreat in the area & have been meaning to go there & look into a meditation class. Today I saw in Yoga Journal there is a retreat named Menla in Phoenicia, not far from here & Krishna Das who now lives in Skyview, a community I grew up in, spends time there. I have wanted to meet him ever since he moved into Jean Iverson's home, one of my favorite people when I was a young girl growing up in Skyview, a cooperative community filled with unique & loving people. I would like to see Menla in Phoenicia as well.

Cause: Team Rwanda bicycle team. I have become familiar with the story of their beginning and know that it is an ongoing effort to restore dignity and unification. They are now also expanding to provide bicycles for women to make their life easier and safer in their everyday life. I plan to visit the website and think about how contributions can fit in my budget. I also need to follow up on last year about involvement on my campus with emancipated foster children. I did initiate contact with the office. No one followed up, and then own life chaos descended so I let it drop. That will be a more hands-on effort, and I want to make that kind of personal contribution.

The self is not complete. It never will be. Our mind is one of the greatest enigmas of our time. In other words, people are so complex, distinct, that I hope to ponder our fathomless existence, especially my own. Furthermore, I want to develop a stronger sense of faith. Developing your faith is similar to developing who you are. It is a profound and lengthy task, but I feel as if I have a better understanding of who I am than the convictions , primarily religious, that I possess. I know there exists a God. I feel him sometimes and other times I don't. See there is a void within my core that shakes the very marrow of my bones. My inquisitiveness prevents me from being on of the narcotized masses. I want to question who God is. What kind of God is he? Where does he persist? Does he favor one religion more than the next? Of course, I can answer these questions now, with vague detail. I want to ardently, no vehemently believe my responses to these questions. I desire to argue as if I were a logician but believe as if I were St. Paul himself. See, what I want to investigate is a true and genuine faith versus a jejune creed.

Exercise and additional voluntary work, assisting women who are coping with their diagnosis of the insidious disease - breast cancer.

C: hmmm. I can't really think of anything. Maybe keep paying attention to Pope Francis to see if he continues to make me consider returning to Church.

Religions or beliefs, I don't think any particular one has it correct for mankind as a whole. Religions will put families against families. Nations at war with nations and now you have cells of people in changing locations at war and terrorizing nations in general. What is all this , but destructive and causing fear. Hate anger and revenge. Everyone thinking their beliefs are the best, everyone else is wrong. "We are living in the end times","4horseman of the Apocalypse" let us wait it out, get right with God or whatever people believe in ,and cocoon in our respective beliefs and fears, waiting for that kingdom of God. Resigned to the belief, there is nothing we can do, save ourselves. It gods will It seems there are so many ideas on religion that there'll always be chaos in the world. Instead of spirituality being a personal quest , it seems as it is more to instill fear and control , to push beliefs on others , "this is how it is so everyone needs to be this way or be killed , slavery. Tortured. How horrible and messes up. We are told those people are evil . The western world is seen as sinners or "death to the infidels. We will never be at peace because someone always wants supreme control. Power. What is this life all about, maybe this is all the time we get and we don't deserve more. We are never satisfied with what we have so we want a miracle?I guess this is the question I will constantly ponder because the ugliness will never stop . People will always disgrace , humiliate or dismiss another just to have some feeling that they are somehow better or special. Are we in this together ? How do we get there.

The path to happiness, perhaps. Is it possible to be happy alone? What types of people am I most compatible with, that make me stretch, help me feel more alive? I also want to look more into friendship. Are there friendships out there that can be rekindled? New friendships? Can I make room in life for being a good friend? Those are some of the things I want to look into!

I really want to tap into my own family history and keep the promise to myself to get affiliated with the Sons of Confederate Vets. My own great grandad and his brother defended Charleston and became part of the complex history of this rich and storied city. I need to read a few of the books on SC history that stayed on the shelf too long, as well as the Stonewall Jackson book. That will tune me in more to my own Southern soil DNA. Maybe as a next step beyond that, I could to to Ancestry.com and look for Jasper N. Wilson, whose blood and heritage I carry. B company, 27th reg, SC Volunteers. I need to really learn his story.

Yes. I just became a foster mentor to a foster child aging out of the system. Her name is Rebecca. She turns 18 in Jan and wants to be a cardiologist. She just got her first job today at Torchys Taco in Austin. And she is so pumped. She interviewed so enthusiastically and I am so proud of her. In 2015, we will start a career plan, education, and saving for big purchases. Yay!

I have become very interested in health related to weight. I am looking into joining a new gym.

dance, love, landscape.

There are so many things I want to investigate and learn. I am constantly looking for new things to experience. I want to learn more about what makes a team work really well. I want to focus on honing strategy skills. I want to learn how to identify a customer and how to market to that customer. I want to explore and learn about fine arts. I want to learn how to properly prune fruit trees. I want to successfully grow asparagus. The list is varied and never ending : )

I really really want to get as far along the path to veganism as is possible without losing all my friends. I completely believe in the cause and I want to commit to it, but it'll be difficult and make so many aspects of my life hard.

Me. I want to get to know me as I turn 55. Me at all the ages that I have buried and ignored, mostly the youngest versions of me.

I'll pick up another language (German or Chinese) or a new craft. Maybe fencing or Krav Maga.

I need to start thinking about retirement income and the reality that I cannot work forever.

There are many things I would like to know more about. The world is in mass confusion right now and I don't know which way to turn. So I just want to keep on an even keel.

Tzedakah projects we can do as a family.

All my answers are so self-referential. I know I should answer this one with World Jewish Congress or Food Pantry or something global and Tikkun Olamy. But the first thing that came to mind was my career and how I can alter it to be something that uses my skills but is not focus groups. I'd love to run meetings or do interviews, and that is something I want to investigate more fully. So answering the more politically correct answer is hollow right now. Other than Torah, which I always want to investigate more fully but I always do that in some way or another, so that's not new for 2015.

Myself. I want to investigate myself and learn more about my wants and needs. Only then can I focus on the world around me.

Higher vibrations

Myself. I need to understand how best for me to achieve simple goals. I have a strong work ethic and would like to explore what habits work best for me.

Mindfulness, being grateful and exploing the connections between people and thinking about why people fight

I've been thinking about it all evening, and I haven't really come up with anything to "investigate." I want to practice my instruments more, and I want to finish the second PROMISED LAND book. Investigate the events at Mt. Sinai? Investigate their meaning? Investigate the meaning of my work in the Academic Lab? I would use a different verb . . . maybe "dig deeper" or "explore" . . . But that's all part of what I do anyway.

I want to have a better understanding of the prophets as far as the timeline...how the prophecies they gave came to pass...what, if anything, were things they said and Yeshua said too.

Excited to learn neuroscience coaching in 2015 I do look forward to continuing to support peaceful conflict resolution


My younger daughter.

Yep, I want to look more into sustainable practices in community gardens. I'm getting loads of hands on training now, but I need to know more and implement practices that will boost community involvement and support. I would have said my ex...but I'm over that now. He can post videos of himself and other women in clubs and bars singing lame as rap songs, yet the dry ass fucker can't even respond to a text. He can of course text me for money...My answer is always NOPE. Ask the women you hang with, not me. Clearly I've been labeled the dupe in his circle. Shit happens I suppose. On to greener pastures, well, not really. Been on this celibacy thing for a year and a half. That's 18 months. I'm fine. I just think about sex a lot. It's more objective, removed. But it's always on my mind. I would also like to investigate the cause of my extreme bouts of arousal when I push myself in the gym. Is it mental? Is this my body's way of rewarding me for working off the fat I allowed to accumulate on my thighs and arms. Like "Good job for pushing yourself! As a rewards, here's two minutes of excruciating arousal while you push yourself through those final dastardly squats and lunges!" Then I have to hold my breath and keep from moaning or making an ugly "FUCK I FEEL LIKE I'M ABOUT TO CUM!!!" face in the gym.

What it means to be charitable. Is it money, is it time, is it a way of thinking, a way of acting that considers someone else at the same time you act in a way that considers yourself.

There are so many things I want to investigate more fully that I couldn't possibly list them all. Orbital mechanics, aluminum alloys, high-strain-rate behavior of many materials, linkages, vibration, heat transfer, cooking, bread and pastry baking. But there's not a person, cause or idea I want to investigate more fully; I don't feel that there's a hole in my life that needs filling. Religion can't offer me anything, and I am comfortable with who I am and what I believe--or don't.

Some kind of religion. Or maybe just faith in general. Also networking. It'll help for after graduation

I think I want to investigate more fully what it means to be healthy. Mind, body, soul--what does it mean to really have a healthy body, a balanced mind, and a soul that is fed and yearning at the same time?

I want to learn about everything. I hear about at least three things a day that I wish I could delve into more. Politics, history, religion, current events, biographies. Two topics that are currently on my list to learn more about are politics in the 70s, specifically the Vietnam War and the peace deal between Begin and Sadet. I recently read a history of Jerusalem, but it ended after World War II and the formation of Israel. So, I would like to learn more about events that followed.

I want to explore in depth the life of Lady Bird Johnson, particularly her private life. How did she deal with the loss of her mother, the death of Aunt Effie, the death of her father and her miscarriages. How did she live with LBJ's flaws? How did she sort out the deaths in Vietnam? How did she end up the richest First Lady?


Running. Reading young adult books to recommend to my students. Perhaps a way to get performing back in my life.

Well of course I should! Sorry, I feel like I should have a list of things, but honestly I don't have one.

I want to continue to think about things I can do to look at my htoughts as balloon rather than assuming they reflect reality. and I would like to learn more about art (I know sucking up to Shannon)

A type of mind-clearing activity that helps me be at peace. Whether it be yoga, or Pilates or reading motivational words or stories, I think that the more I can clear my mind, the more I can discover!

yes! small business ownership. whether it's the small consultancy or for the butcher, the baker and the educator, entrepreneurship and small business ownership are interesting topics i want to explore.

I've become fascinated by lattice QCD recently, and I'm hoping that I can look into it further in 2015 as even if I don't go on to do a PhD, the fact that it combines computing and physics (my two favorite things) is really interesting to me.

I want to talk to the Rabbi about visiting the sick.

Computer skills and Portland OR.

Tons of things. Religion.

Nick - my boyfriend. That sounds so silly, because we're so in love and I know him incredibly well. But I could definitely work harder at knowing him inside and out. This has been a stressful year of finishing my postgrad studies, and Nick has been a huge support. However, the year has been largely about my needs and my goals. It's Nick's turn.

I have resisted and avoided leadership positions. I am very comfortable seeing where people are going and working with them. I am very good about following and coming up with ideas for others to implement. I would like to study and take the responsibility for leading and making decisions.

How to incorporate Fx medicine into my practice and slowly consider how to that in an underserved practice also. I may consider getting married too

I want to be more involved in the housing program that's run by an non-profit I worked for over the summer, I want to know more and find ways to bring my resources and talents to the table so that they can be used to do something good for other people who need it.

Mind, body, spirit and movement

I want to spend more time with my daughter. My wife said she wants a divorce and wants custody of my daughter. She also has talked about moving down to Portland, which I think will happen as soon as the divorce is final. As a result, I want to spend every minute possible with my daughter. I can imagine my life without my daughter and I will fight with everything I have to keep her in town but until then let me enjoy every minute I have to be with her.


I want to investigate what it would take (and by whome) to create a world in which everything is more natural and more community based, rather than processed and impersonal.

Composting. Needlepoint. Myself.


Poetry especially Worsdsworth

Antisemitism - the history of it in the Arabic world.

Well, there's writing and collaborating and family and sex and Jesus. And then there's me. I'd like to know more about what works for me. I'd like to know more about who I am. I'd like to find out if I can do more. I need proof.

I'd like to investigate integrative and holistic medicine more fully this year. I'd like to not only learn the concepts and ways of life but also learn to live by them.

Not using pesticides in my garden and yard and nothing by Monsanto.

Investing in more property, 5k runs, recurring homelessness, charity work for research causes.

I've just begun to delve into ancient teachings about the soul; what it is, its influence in our lives, how it differs from spirit. I want to follow that line of thought more. I also am being drawn to experiment with plant communication and plant spirit medicine.

My relationship with Scott. I got the professional and motherhood situations pretty neatly squared away in 2013, and I have spent 2014 doing what I planned to do. Scott is my newest and most profound addition, and I can't wait to see what more time together brings us.

I'd like to get involved in a group activity that meets regularly so that I can meet people- maybe hiking group? Spanish class? Cooking class? Wine appreciation?


Converting to judaism

Buddhism, mindfulness, home repair

YES! Starting now though! Ayurveda. Again, not becoming obsessive (ya know-those black and white tendencies I have haha), but using it as a guide to help me feel healthy and vibrant! Also enrolling in my 500 hr 2015 yoga teacher training whether it be in India or somewhere else on the planet :)

I would like to investigate meditation more fully. I would like to practice mindfulness and self-acceptance. Oh, and I'd like to investigate who I am when I strip away all the yearning, all the perfectionism, all the approval-seeking.

Bhudism, reincarnation, suicide prevention, grief resolution. I'm so lost I don't even know. Some kind of appropriate end the my acutest pain.

Do I want to be a play therapist? Am I in this career path for the long haul? & Am I truly ready for a relationship?


I want to listen to students.

Nothing springs to mind.

My ability to succeed.

Traveling abroad for work in the 2017-2018 timeframe.

Np: the teacher's union Jp: fly fishing. I have no real hobbies apart from windsurfing which is very seasonal. Dp: climate change

Interestingly, this is the one question that stumped me. I can't think of a particular idea, cause, or person I want to investigate more fully in the coming year. I am not feeling the curiosity. What does that mean about my position in my life right now? Why have I lost the drive to learn new things, or participate in new activities, or research new ideas and concepts? Why am I satisfied with the status quo of my current life: work, watch TV, read, travel, talk with husband/daughters/friends/siblings. I need to learn Spanish, but do I want to do it enough to do something about it? I like the idea of practicing mindfulness, but am I going to pursue it further than what I get in Yoga once a week? Does this mean I don't want to change, don't want to expand in any way? Am I just taking a year off?

Art, in general. Learning to draw. Learning to teach art. How best to make use of my creative efforts.

I would like to learn more about how to impact access to specific treatments for marginalized groups. (PrEP for gay men who meet CDC requirements). I would like to try and figure out if my efforts at CHWB, FAHC, the COM, Vermont Cares, the State Health Department, or some as yet unknown resource seem to make the most headway.

When I found this question last year, my answer was that I wanted to be more in tune with the news surrounding the country and the world. This is an ongoing process for me, and I will continue ways to keep a strong connection with what is going on in the world, but also in my own community.

knitting, driving stick, the tumbler technique, meditation, yoga, fermented foods, travel, the untethered soul, community.

The Artist's Way. Southern Jews and conversion rates. religion in the south more broadly. grad school programs. palestinian authors/ voices.


I have two ideas I will pursue in 2015. Spice and herb infused spirits and flavored simple syrups. Cocktails are back in vogue and mixologist need new flavors to make traditional drinks "pop".

I want to investigate scripture more fully and technology. I'd like to really know scripture as well as I know anything and I'd like to be able to fix computer problems and create apps.

I guess myself. One could say, as I get older, I get more...immature? if that's the right word. This year, after wanting and agreeing to have a baby, I aborted it. My husband and I have talked about flirting with, dating, including other people in our relationship to varying degrees. A large part of our most recent vacation was getting private dances together at a strip club. Who have I become? Someone I definitely need to explore more in 2015.

Wow, a lot of my answers are similar to the same prompt the year before. Last year, I wrote that I would like to explore living in the land of Israel, and that occurred to me again tonight when considering this question. This year it's a bit more daunting of a thought -- the neighborhood is getting more worrying and the world seems to be turning against us.

Almost everything about my current job: development, climate change, Africa-related issues involving the two. I also want to explore more about Judaism & environmentalism.


Post-ChangeTember - the campaign run by Hillel and Stand Up, I'm keen to keep investigating ethical living - looking at locally sourced food from co-ops and markets; fairtrade items and ways to consume more ethically and produce less waste.

I wish. I wish I had an answer to this question. My mind goes to my work, my new boss. It goes to my family, my wife, my kids. A cause I want to investigate further is a family or single mother on the edge of poverty. Someone I could help with a few things to make a difference.

Always myself. Knowing yourself and being authentic with your needs lays grounds for better life experiences. Finding a boyfranddss would be cool too though haha

I would like to investigate my own spirituality in 2015. I believe that while there are many things in my life I consider important, spirituality is not one that I have had enough time to really focus on. I realize that this is an entirely personal process which explains why I myself know almost as little as those who support me about why I do what I do. Of course, I have the general gist but I have not had the time to consider consequences and outcomes of the traditions I have chosen to follow and not follow.

Filmmaking .....

not at the moment

I would like to become involved in my city, Mountain View. I just met Lenny Siegel, city council candidate, and was greatly inspired by his passion, intelligence, and concern about our city. It's time for me to get involved. I'm not sure in what capacity, but I will explore.

I'd simply hope I am more involved with a cause in 2015. I have not found my niche in the volunteer community. I've only been moderately active in seeking it out, so it's more than overdue to put this into the forefront of my efforts.

Doing an MBA at Stanford.

I want to invest more into my relationship with my husband and my sisters.

Mediation practice. Play.

I cannot think of anything special that would fit this category.

In 2015 I want to focus on what I put into my body as well as what I do for it. I would like to put more energy into spending quality time with my family, including my out of state relatives. I would like to continue to learn, focusing on subjects such as theology, astronomy and physics. In 2015 I want to get my surgeries done and I want to set in concrete my plans for either grad school or Sud Americana.

I'm enjoying the new connectedness I'm feeling. In the new year I want to explore and experience life with this new feeling in hand and heart

I think tonight I hit upon the reason why I have such a difficult time growing older and I think I am so so not wanting to die. No one really probably wants to die but I just dont dont want to die and the thought fills me with so much despair, like I am grieving for the loss of me. Why is that? And is that the reason I have this horrible dealing with aging? Being in school, I have the opportunity to learn and explore all sorts of things. I would like to listen to more music and I would like to explore more. Make myself get out and interact, do things, not necessarily big things, but explore -- fill the niches with sights and experiences and the little joys.

I would like to look into and plan a sabbatical in Israel to work on my Hebrew and focus on more intense Jewish study.


Want to be more active in ministry of some kind or at least more focus on it.

nothing. I am in too deep with what I'm doing. I just need to be able to sort through what i've already looked into and deal with those things with clarity and as if I've fully investigated.

Yes, the idea of living by the sea. The idea of a more peaceful, and more simple life. It is an ambition that my partner and I are working towards. It becomes more appealing each year.

I'd love to be involved with GISHWES, but I seem to be surrounded by people who won't get involved....

I just want to continue to participate in and observe the unfolding lives of my family. They are always coming up with a panoply (whatever that means) of accomplishments and ideas that entertain me and awe me. I want to be healthy and alert enough to manage to keep up. Travel gets exhausting and I sometimes forget this...Mostly, I need to go to Them, so I would hope to find more comfortable ways to do this... When I AM home, I am still on a quest for balance between too much isolation and just enough activity... I still have a problem with that equation...it seems to take constsnt vigilance and planning and scheduling..and I am not much for that. My preference is for spontaneity, but it doesn't work that way too often...

I want to (and I will need to) learn more about my major. Granted, that's not anything "spiritual" or anything, but it matters at this point in my life and it will affect my future. In terms of other things, I am working to observe shabbat to a further extent, so I want to learn more of the halacha behind certain practices.

Investigate is such an odd word- I investigate topics for my work, but I don't know that I would investigate a cause or a person. I plan to work with the New Israel Fund this year- perhaps investigating how liberal American Jews can make a difference in Israel futs this definition.

Time permitting, I'd like to explore several different counseling treatment modalities, particularly EMDR, SE, and EFT. Those keep coming up during the CSAT training modules and I'd like to see how they can be integrated into my practice. I'd also like to explore more in the practice of mindfulness and see how it will benefit me personally and also be able to offer it as a help for clients.

It is time to begin to seriously plan our concrete retirement plans - when to take social security, which medicare supplement plans are right for us, how do we negotiate the first three years or so? Should we or should we not sell the house?

I'm hoping that this will be a year of increased travel. With my daughter off at college, my husband and I won't be so tied to our home. Even if it's not a lot of travel, even if it's not to distant realms, it will, as travel always does, make me less insular and more aware.

I feel that I have so very little energy that investigating anything seems like more of a commitment than I can handle. Maybe I should investigate a therapist.

I read a novel this year, "The Invention of Wings", and wanted to know more about the characters in the book. The whole Grimke family actually existed, living in Charleston, SC in the winter, working a plantation out of town in the summer. Well, THEY didn't work it, their slaves did. Two of the daughters in this family, Sarah and Angelina, were famous in their own time for their abolitionist stance. They were also feminists and toured the New England states speaking about slavery and the plight of women. Of course they were not appreciated in South Carolina and warned at one time not to return to visit their family. The Civil War and emancipation occurred while they were still living. Women's rights took a bit longer and they did not witness voting for women or any of the rights women not enjoy. Many of the pamphlets they wrote and several biographies are available about these remarkable women. I plan to read anything I can find about them, and want to visit Charleston where the house they lived in still exists and is now a law office!

Yes. I want to feel braver about approaching people who are struggling and need help.

There is a big part of me that would like to look into acquiring the skills to become a master trim carpenter and eventually run my own business. I get so engrossed in watching people make things and long to be creative in the same ways. I would like to research this in greater detail in the coming year. I want to know how to get the training, skills and eventually the work to push this craft forward. Or, build this as a side passion project and see where it takes me. Either way I do not want to let this excitement for this craft go untouched.

In 2015 I would like to get back into volunteering with my local Literacy Council--helping adults get their G.E.D.s or learn English as a second language. This is one of those things that I lost when I was involved with Mr. Wrong that I want to regain. I probably get more out of it as a volunteer than anyone who comes to the Council to learn gets. And literacy is very important to me because education is the key to success.

I want to investigate teaching at the university level, including writing a book about teaching in general and teaching US History in 21st century.

long-term care has been foremost on our minds, following the death of my in-laws this year. we are currently exploring caregiving options for my 90-year-old mother, who, despite her failing health, wants to stay in her home and resists every mention of assisted living. she wants her sons and daughter to perform all tasks, including housekeeping, former hobbies, and entertainment. this is not feasible, since all three of us live at least 15 miles away. not to mention unreasonable. the two brothers have their own families and financial problems to tend to; my own personal pushback comes from years of disrespect on behalf of her Narcissistic Personality Disorder. i do what is necessary (visits for shopping, laundry, medical appointments) but just that. being retired, i might be willing and able to do more, but when children/teenagers are made to feel like a nuisance in general and (me) a burden in particular, it doesn't bode well for reciprocation in a parent's later years.

I want to try to identify needs in the community where I work and try to address those needs. It's very easy to get bogged down in the day to day problems, but staying on top of them and trying to get ahead of them is my goal for this year.

Yes there is but I don't want to put it down on here or paper or anywhere, I have a tendency to jinx myself if I do.

I want to investigate what I'll do with my summer. I'd love to go to Europe or take the west coast connections trip to California. I wonder what I'm gonna do

I want to keep investing in Katherine. I want to help her develop as fully as she can. I want to help her to read as she so obviously wants to do so. Increasing her sight word knowledge and helping her sound out words will be one of my goals. If I can teach her to read some, she and I will both be happy. I also want to be most involved in the East Lawrence neighborhood and really get involved with my community and its people.

Yes, fulfilling a long time dream of accepting a career as a professional voice over artist. The opportunity has presented itself and I am following it!

Melanoma and cancer in general. It's affected so many people in my life.

I want to more fully investigate my ability to write in 2015. I think I may be gifted as a writer, and I would like to attempt to publish something. I think this may be my calling

I'd like to be more giving and volunteer more of my time. I'd like my daughter to see that and be apart of it and eventually emulate that.

What do I want to investigate more fully in 2015? Hmmm. This is a tough question. I would love to explore what it would take to become a certified event planner. I would also be interested in taking some additional culinary classes, just for fun and relaxation!

my PhD ideas. the Torah. myself. love and emunah for Gd.

Spend a month at the beach

I wish I did. Right now all I can think about is that we'll be too busy researching and visiting colleges to have much time/energy for me to take on a new Big Idea. Hope I'm wrong, though!

Nothing new comes to mind. I will continue exploring Integral Enlightenment, integral studies, evolutionary psychology -- these are the areas of interest for me so I am more able to integrate my yoga practice, meditation practice and life skills. For the benefit of my clients and students and all with whom I come in to contact.

I would like to pay more attention to the news. I've recently started listening to the NPR Morning Edition podcast almost every workday, to stay connected. I've found myself self-censoring what I read when left to my own devices; ignoring the uncomfortable news and reading only the fluffy stuff.

I want to be more creative... not sure how yet. Art of some kind.

Yes. How to become financially active when the formal market has put one out to graze

It is hard for me separate this question from my current experience as a student. I am committed to addressing issues of educational equity and lately, I've decided to focus on how to meet the needs of emerging bilinguals with special needs. I'd like to think of a research proposal that I could use for my dissertation so that I can further explore this topic.

A place. I want to get to know Bristol better, to know my way around and make the most of the city. So that I don't get lost everytime I try to go somewhere new, so I don't have to sepnd ages researching what's on to find out where to go and how to spend my time here well. Where are the good lectures? The events, the live music... But I hope that we also get to go overseas and make somewhere else our home and get to know that place, wherever it is. The people, the food, the culture... So the answer is that I want to investigate more of the world, both the world on my doorstep and the big wide world out there that I have not yet unexplored...

I would like to investigate the possibility of doing story presentations like Jim M. I enjoy reading and books and using them in schools. I think I could put together something.

How to help more people get involved in the Jewish community.

I want to investigate and understand what makes me feel fully alive. This requires also looking at the opposite, What makes me feel less than alive? I wonder if I have the courage and energy to do this.

On the cusp of becoming an independent contractor, I'm already finding out all I can about the implications of self-employment, and that will surely be a hot topic in the coming year. I'd also like to take on something academic -- probably related to my field of work, but not necessarily.

I am opening the not for profit as this time. I am looking forward to the possibilities of the directions it will take and the interactions with other businesses that ill occur. The new relationships that will be discovered, that at this moment are so unknown there not even dreams or ideas. I'm sure new friends will be made and great life experiences will be had not only by those involved with the Corp, but also by the communities and people that will benefit from the creation of the Company.

I would like to check out another congregation that offers an alternative to the "standard" temple service. I am not particularly observant, and hope to combine this with the goal in #7 by doing this with a friend.

Not really, I just want to focus on my family.

Being humble and compassionate. Spirituality in the form of humility and compassion.


Due to the shooting of Michael Brown in Ferguson, MO I have started looking at issues of police brutality, targeting of minorities, felon discrimination and I would like to continue investigating these issues.

I want to continue growing in my ability to think and understand situations so that I react in a way that is beneficial to both the situation and to myself. I love that I always (well, almost) look at a situation to see the impact of all of my choices of action. What will be the result and is that the direction I want to go in. I want to keep developing that.

I think that Acting on Insights is a great business idea and that it has legs. I do not think that working with Liz is going to be dependable, so will work on using the idea in other ways. If we do work together, that will be great, but I am not going to depend on her.

There are a couple of topics that fascinate me and are worth more exploration. One is resiliency. I'd like to learn more about how buildings, communities, and even regions can become more resilient to the forces of climate change.

Yoga. Not just the pratice of excersise but also as a meditation tool. In addition, I would like to have a more solid understanding of the history, theories, and religious meanings behind the pratice. I'd like to start going to classes but don't feel like I can afford it or have the time.

I would like to con't to investigate more about my options to work overseas in 3rd world environments and use my nursing skills to help.

In 2015, I want to investigate myself. I want to find who I am without pressure and judgement from other people. I want to shake myself into this new skin and see how it fits me.

Ethical treatment of low paid workers. Understanding the work conditions in this country.

Archival storage of digital photos/videos. I'm quickly running out of space on my laptop's hard drive, and burning to DVD (and remembering where those DVD's are) is such a hassle and I hear they don't last that long anyway.

My birth religion..is it really and finally where I belong?? I would also like to deepen my relationship with Fernando .

The state of Georgia, since it is going to be my new home. I want to find a great job, a great place to live, new friends, it's a whole new life. I'm not leaving my old life and forgetting all about it but this is a new start and I want to embrace that.

No. I am working on changing my life, figuring out a new path. That' s my cause this year.

I want to investigate wholehearted living more fully. What does that look like for me and how can I practice it more effectively?

Self compassion. Strive to do my best professionally and personally, but when I err, have compassion and know that it's human to err.

I want to wear hats

I want to invest more fully in my marriage and in my home/personal life. I believe I have a achieved a healthy work/life balance but I would like to be feel more present and involved in my marriage.

Learning more about Israel

I would like to investigate medical art therapy more. Both in terms of advocacy and practice. It's what I was originally interested in when I first began at TATI but lost sight of (in a fine way, just wasn't available through practicum.) But I find it interesting that I have come back to it in the thesis stage, a full circle. I got excited by it when I was writing the paper, and I hope that excitement will only grow as the thesis continues. On a personal level, I would also like to explore spirituality in a more intentional way. Through therapy, through writing, through retreats, through learning from and with others. I would like to intentionally try to connect to something which I have always felt a connection to...and try to define and understand more what that looks like.

Circles of women and sharing female energy.

I would like to investigate how to acquire funding for business ventures. First order of business would be understanding how to get seller financing/outside money for real estate deals. I think in order to get where I want to be I need to get outside funding. Ideally I would be able to pay it off/refinance it within 10 years. If I can get 3-5 of these deals and pay them off in 10 years I would retire by age 40. I also want to explore other business ideas like a tech consulting company among other things. I feel like once I can see the possibilities of something I can create it. Only hold-back is whether it requires capital which is an area I am going to work on to understand more of how to acquire it. I would like to help a non profit or help in someway people that are disenfranchised/ on the streets. I think this area has a lot of opportunities for people to be guided and reintroduced into a functional lifestyle. I also think obesity would be awesome to tackle and work to reduce. These two areas would be awesome to have a nonprofit for.

Dashboard Co-op. Do it to the best of my ability!

Dear question 8, I can only apologise, but I always seem to have the same answer for you. You're a good question and deserve varied and interesting answers, but I really must finish my quest. In order to do that, I must investigate more fully... Resonance. You knew that didn't you? See you next year x

I want 5775 and 2015 to be about me developing my creative abilities and figuring out ways to use creative projects to communicate important ideas to a larger cross-section of humanity.

I want to read at least 100 pages per week. I want to read all of Gardner and Chesterton. I want to watch all the good movies I've missed.

I want to investigate myself more fully. I want to challenge myself and to break out of what's comfortable to figure out exactly who, and what, I am.

I want to be a more well-read and educated person. Read the newspaper more. Understand issues. Especially around politics (which I hate) and the conflict in the Middle East.

Adam Phillips's writing on psychoanalytic theory. Probably time to buy all those books I had to give back to the library.

I would like to evaluate the possibility of developing the lot adjacent to my home into a mixed use development project, that could eventually provide passive income and add to a retirement portfolio

I hope to discover more about others in 2015--about finding what connects us rather than focusing on differences. I hope to love others so much better by knowing them better.

Mindful eating.

I want to be better about simplifying my life and getting rid of as many material object as possible. We have 3 tvs... there are only two of us. WHY?

I want to get back into writing. It makes me so happy and being published is a distant dream of mine. Making that a reality would be so awesome.

Creative expression.

The sociology of anti-semitism. Really interesting topic. How congregations matter. The spheres of human life.

i have recently become hung ho about faith. what it is. what it means. how it works. for me. it has led me to reading the garden of emuna, pronoia, be here now. talking to shoo, who has the same questions and wants me to let her know when i figger it out!!! i want to not just love the last verse of adon olam, i want to BELIEVE it: adonai li v'lo ira

I would like to investigate career options more this year. I think I need a medium te plan as there's no obvious direction for me when I decide to move on frommy current role. I think I need to look at where I ultimately want to end up instead of only thinking about the immediate next steps. Maybe even look at an MBA?

How to help the canine researchers in their work to find better diagnostics, detection, treatments, for canine and feline hemangiosarcoma.

I would really like to continue my exploration of languages in 2015. I hope to be fully competent in Spanish and Portuguese before the years end and be competent in the european languages by the end of 2015 (currently working on German, want to master Italian, French and maybe an eastern language as well - Hungarian? Turkish?). I really like the idea of being able to comprehend as many languages as possible. They are all so beautiful!!

I want to know more about the CPYB method of ballet training. What I do know about it is almost magical in its ability to give students a foundation of good technique. I would love to really study it and comprehensively understand it. Good training unlocks a world of expression for a dancer. Bad training is a prison, the bars of which the dancer's soul throws itself upon relentlessly. I want to give that freedom to my students.

Aikido I would like to learn aikido. Unfortunately, the little investigation I've done has led me to believe it's not really available to me at the moment. But maybe things will change and I'll have an opportunity.

I want to understand more the spiritual world. To understand how the wonder of the univers works, and how a thought can become real!

I love to learn about history, particularly the Civil War era and Abe Lincoln, especially as 2015 is the sesquicentennial of his assassination.


I'd like to look into what it will take to retire. My husband and I talk about it all the time, but I'd like to take the steps to create a plan. He wants to be by the water primarily. I want to live somewhere that's peaceful and a little more kind than where we live now. I'd like to be closer to my son, his wife and grandchildren. I want a plan.

I want to find a cause I can believe in enough to give my time and money to.

Buddha, Yoga and Meditation.

I'd like to investigate what it takes to grow my career as a comedian. I know I want to write comedy, but I have to learn certain things other than writing jokes. I'd like to learn how to actually compose a script and actually write a pilot. I don't know if I'll find success, but it would definitely help in my professional career to learn how to write scripts.

Next year I want to explore the inner zen of myself. How am I feeling as an older person?, do I feel the same way I did as a child?, as an adult? and who do I think I will be in the future. All good questions that I think have been pondered before.

I would like to become a bigger proponent of women's rights and equality in the workplace. I can accomplish this by simply being more sensitive to common everyday prejudices and stereotypes that I tacitly accept without questioning.

I want to explore, travel and see all the new wonders outside my hometown and how I'd react to these experiences and new situation. I want to explore another aspect of myself that isn't tied to academics and work. Its been a long while since I felt free to do things I want without supervision or worry. In addition to that, I'd love to travel with my boyfriend and understand him deeper as a person. I think traveling is a good way of doing that.

All things environmental and engineering. Want to see the Bullitt net zero building, getting solar for our house, RV, get county to stop abuse of drainage ditches.

I want to get more organized and focus on limiting the amount of things I do better. I've become too omnivorous in all senses—friends, work, reading, personal projects. If I'm ever to make something of true depth and worth—whether a friend or a piece of art—I need to let go of a lot of peripheral things. How much longer will I have the energy and health to do these things I keep putting off?

A person: selfishly, perhaps, myself. Through meditation, yoga, running, living consciously. Through self-learning I hope to be more present to other people around me, to recognize their humanity, their inner spark of light. To shelter it through my words and actions. Idea: presence. Cause: we'll see.

Yes, several.

I want to become more active in Body Love stuff. I'd love to start a blog, and become more involved in the body love community.


Moving out of this state that makes me so unhappy. Also - how internals at an organization can be so ass backwards that it makes you want to rip your hair out, and yet the work that is done is actually pretty good...How is that possible?

The Ojibwa/Chipawa concept of the Great Spirit

I want to really get serious with this photography thing. I've been somewhat passionate about it for so long, and now I have this beautiful and capable tool I can use to turn the world around me to in to art. I'm already learning how to use it much more effectively. There is so much more to learn.

well, I am a scientist so I have about a million ideas and questions I would like to ask/investigate more fully!! At the moment I am obsessed with wanting to know how aversive vs appetitive memories are inscribed in the amygdala - where and how extensive the engrams for each of these salient experiences are encoded.. OK I know. I should want to in vestigate how I can help with world peace or what I could do to reverse global warming but... hey ..everyone has their limits...

I want to investigate stepping off the grid; living simply in a village or on a long walk with lots of hard work but minimal stress. The idea is to discover and demonstrate that one can be happy in the 21st century without a smart phone, car and designer wardrobe. Happiness will come from honest relationships, making a contribution and reconnecting with the earth. Not sure if I will stay in one place or walk my own personal pilgrimage route.

Just to continue contributing to my favorite charities and ministries but give more $$$ now that I'm selling my house!

Knowing God/ the divine/ the universe so much more deeply. How I can relate to Judaism, find something in it that I can live with at synagogue services... seeing as I have to go because of E's bar mitzvah... a way of seeing it differently. And I guess, seeing if it is possible to find that god in Judaism too. A s child I got the totally wrong idea about god by reading Jewish prayers...

There are so many things I would like to investigate further. Ideas/causes - I need to do some reading, I need to grow my appreciation for reading. As an auditory learner it has always been difficult for me to motivate myself to learn about current events, and the like, through reading when I would so much more enjoy gaining the information through discussion (with practically anyone). I have been getting better about this and doing more exploring on my own - I also now feel like I have the time for it. In terms of people, I am endlessly intrigued my humans, some in particular. Unfortunately, I am generally infatuated with people who are generally less infatuated with me, so much of my investigation happens in my own head, or through communication that I always worry is pushy and unwanted.

I want to more fully investigate the women of history that are the basis for my website/blog, and the characters in my in-progress novel.

I was just thinking this morning that I should contact DM about a community caroling group this year. I would like to get back to music in my life - and need something to feel good about, look forward to, and to keep me busy. In addition, I still have a lot of sewing ideas I'd like to pursue, and of course, I need to get my health in order.

I would like to learn to speak Spanish better. Also investigate the idea of figuring out who you really are so that your anxiety doesn't have to step in and take over for you.

I love to learn new things. And I have a couple of ides I'd like to investigate better and turn into documentaries. One is about a lady that did politics in the 40s when it was not so ladylike. And just like Josephine Baker, she adopted 7 children.

It would be great to power the house partly by solar or wind. I may be able to afford that, at least in part.

It's difficult to escape the influence of the government in modern American society. Don't worry, I'm not about to start a virulent rant about how the government is too powerful and everything would be better if it just left everyone alone as my father would. I'm actually quite interested in how the government functions. For my senior year, I decided to take a class that examines all aspects of the American Government. I'm pleased (or, in a way, displeased) with what I have learned this year about its daily routines and deep-rooted challenges that no one has been able to resolve. That is perhaps why I am enjoying the class so much. No one has been able to "solve" America's spending habit or how to end the deadlock in Congress. Most of the other classes I've taken in my years of schooling have been narrowly defined and the questions have already been answered. We just learn about them after the fact. It would take far too long to explain the history of why Congress is where it is now, and I'm still in the process of learning about it myself. The point is, Government is a very participatory and interesting class, and I look forward to studying it and learning about it into 2015.

I want to get to know my son better from his point of view. He and I are very different, and I feel like the way I understand him is like reading something that's been translated by a bad automated translator sometimes.

every year this question comes up and I really dislike it. I have no clue...let's see where the year goes...

I want to look seriously at our financial situation, and the feasability of ever buying a house/having a family.


There are so many things to do with family I want to investigate. How do we as a country have so little respect for families that we don't guarantee leave? How do we not have safe and affordable daycare options.? Why is breastfeeding still scary and pumping not protected for salaried workers (and still met with resistance for hourly workers?)?

This is not the day to ask this question!! I just got out of surgery and all I can focus on is immediate recovery... I will have to think about this some other time.

I would like to continue to learn more about responsive parenting and gentle discipline so my husband and I can continue to use this approach with our son as he enters the toddler years.

Just as I have almost every year of my 70 years, I will continue to ponder my Jewish identity and my complicated feelings as I watch my children and their children take on Jewish+other identities.

I think I'd like to further pursue the idea of singing semi-professionally. I really love it, and I'm a lot less shy than I used to be. I'd also really like to learn piano/violin, to further my songwriting. Another thing I'd like to investigate is the possibility of flying south with my boyfriend for my sophomore year. I think we'd both be really happy. But then, I don't know if he was joking or not. I guess we'll see; I think it's always a 'we'll see'. Oh well.

Piano! Composting! Rain Barrel!

I always am investigating new things. But to delve more deeply into some of my many interests: lesser known but great american authors, somehow systematically of course. Astronomy sketching. Art quilting. Techniques of self sufficiency and frugality.

I want to investigate Judaism. I want to understand the history and the theory that so much of my belief stems from but that I really don't have my mind wrapped around. I'm going to seek out people and experiences to enlighten my spirit that craves it.

Hannah. I want to explore her life, her stories, her dreams and desires. I want to help her grow into the person she wants to be. Experience walking the path together.

I would like to look into becoming a child advocate.

I'd like to investigate the use of cloning in the American south and how, specifically, it's being used to make all male country artists look and sound exactly the same.

Travelling in a motor home.

Not sure. Wish I had a good answer for this one, but I don't.

Dialectical behavior therapy. I need to understand better the system of treatment my daughter is engaged in. I'm always sort of oriented toward the analytical/rational side of things, so complicated stuff like psychotherapy is for somebody else to think about. But the difficulties my daughter is dealing with, and the bits of light at the ends of her tunnels, are extraordinarily important; _I_ need to think about them too, and come as close as I can to understanding. This is a frightening goal, because on the one hand it's so important to me, and on the other it's a direction I've always just turned away from. This is a very new trick for a very old dog. Woof.

I want to explore the idea of designing handbags, bags that reflect my individual style as well as that of my daughters and friends. Each bag would be named after one of them. I get excited every time I think of it!

He's in bed with me, right now. There's so much more I want to know about him. I think we're going at a good pace with that though. As we're falling asleep, I often say to him, "Andrew, tell me a story." He groans. Then asks for a topic.

Scriptures about the end times with understanding. The new covenant. The millenium reign. Being Baptized and filled with the Holy Spirit with the evidence of speaking in other tongues.

Quantum physics. Quantum programming. Auto Mechanics. Wildlife conservation. Patanjali's Yoga Sutras. The Dhammapada. My son and everything that makes him smile.


Writing my book...

Based on my culture, I've learned that the right kind of food can bring people together. My goal is to learn how to help people through baking. In 2015, I want to investigate baking more fully. I love baking desserts and treats, but I want to expand my repertoire and learn to bake bread and other more involved pastries. Although I love to help people, baking is my other passion. So why not try to put them together?

I want to be able to do more for women's rights worldwide. Especially now that I have a daughter myself, it's so important to me that all of our daughters worldwide can live well and equally.

I want to look more deeply into women's issues...what has worked and failed...what is life affirming and life debilitating...what is true and what is false...and ways in which women across various backgrounds can come together and have a real and respectful dialogue beyond ideological sound bites and stereotypes for the good of society.

I have been single for 12 years, divorced for 9. Prior to that I was married most of my life since I was 16 to 4 different men. Then Mage, who is in prison and who I had known since 1974, and I began writing and got in a romantic relationship. It was romantic as much as could be with him in prison. We wrote letters to each other; I visited him many times; we planned to get married when he got out; he even divorced his wife who he had not seen or heard from in over 15 years; the only thing wrong is that he did not get paroled like we thought he would. After that our relationship changed and although I kept trying over and over to reconnect with him, we just finally called it quits. He said he did not want me to grow old waiting for him to be released and I just grew weary of trying and finally realized that it was not in God's plan for us to be together. What I did not realize was that I was still in love with my last husband, but he is married and has a new child and he is not mine to be had. I said all that to say this: I am, if it be God's will, ready for a new man in my life.

I'm not sure. I'm not really in the mood, right now. But I have found Rudolf Steiner's Waldorf style of education interesting. It would be worth investigating, along with the schools that practice it.

An idea - communal organic back yard gardening - crop rotating & sharing with 4-6 neighbours

I want to investigate Judaism more. I grow more knowledgeable and connected to Judaism every year, and I want to investigate it more fully in 2015.

My (inter)personal relationships. I am a father of two girls, and not one, now and that already changed my idea of what being a father means, and how I am one. Similarly, I've been a husband for a while and as the dynamics of our family and relationship is changing I want to explore, solidify and keep my husbandness relevant and strong. I've been the son of my parents all my life and it means different thing now than 10-20-30 years ago. But what? Finally who am I in the wider communities, circles? w=What are my relationships and positions there?

The democratic movements in China. I have heard a lot about these and know so little about the history of Tittenman's square. I would like to know more about the current and historical events and identify how this would impact China and the rest of the world.

Self-sustainability. Gardening, preserving, and preparing an emergency plan for our household.

I don't understand Russia. I grew up with the USSR. That dissolved into various states... Now the unrest there - in many states - confuses me. I had thought the issues could be related to the United States and individual states' rights. Not, apparently, so.

Singing and playing an instrument to express myself and open myself up. Also, a cause: political, tutoring a child, visiting the elderly?

Hmm. This is a hard one. I feel like my focus has been on our family for a long time, and at work, right here in Englewood. Can I lift my vision up and out again, longer?!

Politics and Feminism and Gemara and Tanach. It's a lifelong quest to stay up to date with all of these evolving topics.

yes, the ones that support the environment, the elder and green development. I want to write about "I saw it first" and interview people who have taken risks and made it happen!!!!

I want to investigate 1) activism 2) meditation How will I do this? Perhaps meet with activists. Read. I'm currently reading HRC's auto-biography. Reading and joining an appropriate activist group, learning how to speak about causes that are important to me.

I'd like to investigate my own fucking stupid head.

I'd like to investigate myself, and find more things I am passionate about. I enjoy nearly everything, but I am unsure about what I am truly passionate about. I'd like to see how deep into my music I can get, and whether I can actually find a girl who motivates me to settle down and it not be simple infatuation.

not really. does that make me boring?

Yes. I met her at Burning Man and I find her fascinating. Sometimes I think interpersonal relations resemble pendulums. We swung close together there and touched briefly, now we've swung back into our respective lives, but I know we'll meet back in the middle soon enough.

The person I want to investigate more fully is me. The cause I want to investigate. It's Diana and the curse or I mean cause of love. The idea I want to investigate more is a second unit in my bank yard.

Voglio diventare bravo a scrivere in inglese e iniziare un blog in inglese, voglio vendere la casa di Siena.

Optimising investments, a new investment vehicle (put/write, global unconstrained value, kleinkinderen fonds or something else).

My sister. I have ended this year with emailing her and asking to build a relationship. I hope by next year, we are building something and that we have become real sisters in the truest sense of the word. That i will be able to call her not only my sister, but my friend.

Myself. I want to see if I can begin to really overcome the self-hatred that is so deeply rooted in my psyche.

Get back in touch with my Jewish community. Since leaving he professional Jew world - my involvement has lessened for obvious reasons. So I want to RE-connect, become a part of the community, and perhaps re-enforce some of those tunes!

Teaching children to read

I teach college music classes, and I enjoy working with that age group. I also just started teaching piano lessons to kids ranging from 1st to 8th grade. I had done it a few years ago, then took a long break from it. It doesn't come naturally to me and I find it very draining, but I think I'm going to be better at it this time, because I'm more mature -- which seems paradoxical, but I guess it isn't. I need to learn techniques for teaching kids to make the lessons both productive and fun. Fortunately I have access to more resources to help me now, including friends who teach kids and are generous in sharing about what works well.

I'd like to be able to get more involved in the diabetes online community and get back to being more regularly involved. I'm also more interested in the digital health space and how some of the issues of data availability, security, identification, and anonymization can be handled for better insight into human pathology and pharmacology.

I want to "investigate" or invest more into my relationship with Alex and my family. But mostly, investigating more theology and more biblical commentaries - to learn and stretch myself more.

Me encantaría investigar universidades en los Estados Unidos y en europa.

There is a store in my neighborhood that I think may be butchering dogs and cats. I keep telling myself to find out the truth.

No necesariamente quiero investigar una persona pero lo que quiero que salga es si 9/11 era el gobierno que para mi si era.

I want to rediscover my city. If I am going to live here, I want to know where I'm living all over again.

Yes. I want to examine the idea of kindness. I want to especially focus on how to be kinder to myself. I'd love to tackle kindness world wide, but I know that I can't do that until I start with me.

Working with animals in some way when I retire.

I would love to take a yoga training course. To take that training into a retirement community, to have that be my job. To have the space to explore this. Hard to write or think with a puppy crawling all over me :)

I would like to learn more about happiness, decision making and meditation and mindfulness.

My daughter and my husband and my family

I want to learn more about becoming a physical therapist

Wow -What a great and powerful question. So much, so many things that I want to become involved with, so many things to study, to support, to act on, to care about - this question is far too catalyzing for me to be able to contain my answer here!

Perhaps being more assertive in finding someone to share the rest of my life with.

I want to investigate Jewish learning in 2015. This has been one of my retirement interests, and I haven't fully explored what opportunities exist. Committing to doing that this year!

I want to spend more time cooking, and eat a lot healthier. I want to explore food, get comfortable in the kitchen, and get to know my tastes and push myself out of my comfort zone.

1. Judaism more deeply 2. My spirituality/path more fully 3. Hunger and food security in my area

I'd like to find one cause to devote some time to, not just make a donation. I'm still searching for the cause that really resonates for me.

The first thought that came to my mind is becoming a parent. Specifically, what is the best way for myself and my partner to become parents. It is something I failed on last year and I feel regret for what happened and how it impacted my partner and myself.

Many. I have 3 concrete stories ideas right now that harp at me to be finished novels and I want to write a children's book so I plan to investigate what I need to do to make that a success. There aren't any people I want to investigate. Yet.

I want to see if hyperlocal can be both popular and useful. I want to "take on" Amazon as a major challenge and help publishers.

Healthy living. What does this mean to me? Is it veggie boxes and veggie smoothies? Is it the gym multiple times a week? Is it time by the ocean? I feel good these days- why?

I would really like to develop a creative hobby, something just for fun. I've been thinking about sewing garments again, or maybe giving beading another try. But first I need the rest of the chaos to slow down!

As long as I can remember, I've been investigating people. I always want to know what makes them who they are, why they act the way they do, what motivates them. There are so many people I want to investigate further. And I know I'll find more throughout the year. I'd also like to dive further into musical theory. I hated it as a child, but in my late teens I had a teacher who was able to make sense of it all for me, and I grew to love it. I went to college soon after, and didn't pursue it further. I want to learn again.

The organization, Footsteps. They do a lot of good work.

My own "ARC" cause. I am pretty good at continuing to investigate it. But beyond that. . . .

I want to investigate many things: Iyengar Yoga. Matthew Sanford. FMS. Kettle bells. joint mobilizations. Nutrition and supplements. Massage and myofascial release. Stanley Paris. Nerve glides. Olympic lifts. Acroyoga. Guitar playing. Singing. Cooking.

Investigate. Interesting word. I'd say I'm more curious. San Fransisco just banned single use plastic water bottles. That was a revelation to me. I need to know better so I can do better. Gov. Jerry Brown just banned plastic grocery bags across the entire state. I guess plastic is evil.

My kids. I want to live more in the moment with them. Put the phone down and really experience the world through their eyes. Innocent and pure. Full of goodness.

Current world events. EWB. Visiting the sick and elderly. Becoming an active participant in the community.

Health. Crazy sexy diet. Becoming a vegan (whhhhaaat). Eating right and living right.

I want to investigate being in a committed relationship with an eye to a family eventually. Failing that, anchoring out and living on the hook as a hermit

Having a spiritual home and community; exploring dating and person by person adding little bits of information about what I want in a life partner; being a good manager; being a musician.

I'd like to explore some new story ideas and start work on a new book.

I'm still in one-day-at-a-time, a lot, now. But I'd like to be-more-in-the-world.

2 things come to mind... 1) I want to investigate working on pottery, which I've done before, but without the class structure. There is a "Fired Up" studio that I would like to join to do my own work. 2) Simplicity. I want to eliminate the clutter in my lift, mostly objects / things, but I also think I may be making work for myself with small projects and diversions that I'm just doing to spend time without using time.

It would be good to investigate my career options again, and see if I can better live up to my potential. I'd also like to see if it's possible to find a real life partner with whom I'm truly compatible.

I really want to understand and study sociology and society this year. I find that understanding society helps me understand how groups work and how I fit (or don't) in the equation of the whole thing. Specifically, I want to focus on how the changed throughout time (especially though the economy) have impacted our society.

I want to investigate my own creatively. I want to sink into those creative black holes and blink 2 hours later to realize I'd been so immersed I forgot the world around me. Whether that is drawing floor plans, writing, painting, wood working -- I just need dive in.

I would like to do some really hard work with a therapist this year.

I need to investigate more on sensory processing disorder, speech delay, and school systems with great iep services.

Food forests, grafting, beekeeping, diy electronics

In the coming year I will be learning to read Torah, and I would like to further investigate the different traditions and customs around who, how, and when Torah readings happen. In general, I want to deepen my understanding and knowledge of Jewish custom and lifestyles.

I wish there was something I felt passionate about as a cause, but I really can't think of one. Maybe the idea of having more balance in my life?

I want to simplify my life. I want to investigate the organizations I am involved with the see who really needs my skills and those who do not. Those I will drop. I am a leader, not a good follower.

I wish I had more courage to step away from the need for creature comforts and be moreof a servant- I want to be in a role of empowering people- I beleive faith is powerful- and the history of faith is powerfilled- and I want to teach people to lean on their faith more- and build small faithful communities-

Piano and sewing are my two new hobbies and I'd like to learn more about both, and maybe pick up where I left off on the idea of blogging about our musical travels!

Israel... my family & how I am of or separate from them... the binding of Isaac ... I actually like most to be blown by whim, to open the encyclopedia (Britannica or baseball) at random & learn something. I guess I am a dilettante in the fields of knowledge, liking the first fruits & easy pickings.

I would love to be more involved in serving the homeless. It is a sad situation to see these people living roughly, being chased from one tent camp to another. We are called to serve in our local church and we do a great job of donating to the shelters in our area. There is a group of people who has spent the last three years meeting the homeless people where they live to deliver food, water, clothing, tents and tarps to those living on the fringes of our community. Their efforts and hard work has resulted in a level of trust in those they serve. I would love to learn more about how to help the homeless.

I keep thinking about food insecurity and want to be able to do something about it in my community beyond dropping off a bag of canned goods at the synagogue. How can I be an agent of change?

Yes, I would like to go back to spirituality, taoism, hinduism, philosophy. Back to meditations every day. Walking more.

No. I'll just go with the flow :)

I want to get more involved and become a part of my religion and it's community.

I want to investigate intuitive eating more fully. I want to know if I can free myself from hating my body.

Yes. Myself. Here is where I will take the opportunity to write a note to myself. Dear Senior Year self, I hope you feel beautiful. I hope you are confident in your academic and social life. I hope you lost weight. I hope you made people proud. I hope you worked hard enough last year to look back now and be so grateful you did it. you DID IT! You passed junior year. You just have one more year left of high school. Really make it count. Although you might hate high school now, it's the last year to be with all your friends here. Never forget that. The work may be hard but you can do it and have an amazing year. I hope that you're running a lot and feeling healthy. Sami, I know you can do it because I've seen you do it all before. Even if last year sucked and you didn't get the best grades, shake that off too, although I'm sure that didn't happen. Be your own person but be a person with others. Really value your learning and friendships this year, as well as your family. This is the last year living at home. Remember how it feels to lay on your pillow and pull over the covers. Remember how it feels for your dad to wake you up in the morning several times because you keep falling asleep. Remember what it's like to have family dinners and talk about the day. Remember all of this. soon all of this will be gone. Soon you'll be in college. I love you and I hope you're happy. have an amazing year. Love, your kind of sad and lonely and kind of happy sometimes and kind of fat Junior year self

Yes. I want to investigate more thoroughly the Israeli / Palestinian conflict enough so that I can present images of my 2013 trip to Israel to my colleagues at work without appearing clueless or callous about the tragic situation that abounds there. I want to show people what the place is like - that it's very similar to home in terms of the pace and feel of daily life, the amenities, and freedoms allowed. I also want to tell of the historic places, the cultural activities, and the food that we experienced. The other is to help raise awareness about the LA River. I feel this is one of the most important natural features and potentially shared open spaces we can point to as a barometer for our city's well being. If the river gets cleaner, if the water flow can be less dangerous, and if people can enjoy it's beauty on a more regular basis, then we as a people are doing the right things.

I would like to investigate one of the new Javascript libraries: Angular, Ember, etc. Set up a local web site and get some weird examples working.

Off the top of my head nothing / no one specifically comes to mind. Still, I know that a spark of interest may come at any time from almost anywhere and I’m confident that whatever needs to be presented to me will be presented. Then it will be up to me to pick up the baton and move forward.

The power of meditation, prayer and intention and its effects on the body and in life.

I hope I can find something to take me out of myself. So far, as I really settle into retirement, I have been drifting, which engenders anxiety in me. I plan to be alert for something to fascinate me.

Curiosity will kill this cat. There are so many things I plan to explore in 2015-it will be an amazing year. International travel, feminism, sexuality and gender politics, spirituality and business management are the top 5.

I like this whole thought of the Persian Flaw, but I feel like I will be "over it" in 2015. I guess I'd like to investigate my ability to function socially more than professionally. I feel the latter is more one-sided and I don't necessarily need to be a "good person" outside of the bare minimum. Eh, I dunno, I do so much that there isn't a whole lot of exploring left to do outside of the personal-social realm.

I'd like to investigate home ownership, and personal romantic relationships more this year

Last year my answer was that I wanted to investigate men more!! That didn't happen. My 'salt-crust' (see Q.6) prevented me from saying 'yes' to all those men that asked me out!! I just looong to have a partner and be someone's partner. Perhaps as my crust crumbles away over the next few weeks and months I'll have the opportunity to investigate men in 2015.

Yes. Looking for the energy and motivation to make fruition. Read and write more and more; I suspect I am the person I want to know better.

In 2015 I want to make a strong commitment to my heart. To stop protecting it so much and to allow myself to become completely vulnerable. I want to investigate my heart and break down the barriers that I have built so strongly over the years.

I want to think more about who I am (or who I am really supposed to be) -- I am really beginning to think that I was really supposed to be some kind of clown or comedian, and I want to think about why I didn't run right at that as fast as I could, right out of the gate.

I want to decide by the end of 2015 what to go to graduate school for.

Photography. I love taking pictures so much and I'd love to get out more and shoot more photos than I'm presently doing..

I want to investigate Jesus more this year! I want to stay in the same space as Him. Sit in His presence. Let His nature renew mine and purify me to be a Levite before Him. To receive His goodness and grace.

The sense of my life in the future having made passive decisions that resulted in my not having children. Who will I be when I no longer have work to fulfill me because I am no longer valuable to a company

I want to understand why states always fail at major projects, be they constructions or digital projects. This runs parallel to my studies, but it's fast becoming my big project.

This stumped me. But Passive income sources and personal solvency are really on my mind right now. And they're important, if not glamorous. Those two things need to get rolled up in my life this year.

Being better able to accept love and feel gratitude and satisfaction with what is.

I want to look more into the LGBTQ community- wherever I am living- and become reconnected. I first connected with activism through my self-identification within and connection with the LGBTQ Community in Georgia. This past month Korrie, Kerr and I hosted a fundraiser for Toni. It was an acoustic music benefit and 30 people spent four hours at our home... connecting for a cause within music. A large number of those folks identified as LGBTQ. It was beautiful. As I watched the crowd I felt a sense of contentment and connection and love. I want more of that. It's been a while since I've intentionally cultivated my relationships within my own community and I'd like to do more of this in 5775/2015.

I really need to look more into volunteering when I have the time and the energy to do it. I've been realizing this past year that helping people is very important to me, and I need to find more ways to work it into my daily life. Also, NaNoWriMo. I'm hoping that next year I can be an actual real ML, instead of being a "Trainee ML." I think this year is a really good year to prove myself and get the ball rolling so it's obvious next year who should be picked. That said, I really love NaNo, and I really love helping other Nanoers, so even if I don't get picked, I really shouldn't get discouraged, and I should just keep leading as much as possible, whether it's official or not. Don't let the haters get you down, future Theo!

Oh yes. I need to know more about moral wounding, the effects of war and trauma. How that relates to my inner warrior that I have been denying for years and how I can use what gifts I have to help. What can I do to help the many, many people who are living with the effects of war waged by our leaders. How do I honor them while still not supporting going to war at all? Pacifist and healer together.

Definitely my identity as a queer / genderqueer person! I'd like to be more out about it as well. It's exciting and scary and awesome and I'd love to be able to come into my own a lot more over the next year.

I'd like to learn more about book publishing. I'm starting to become interested in the trade as an outsider and I would like to learn more about how it all works. I don't think it's job for me, but it's interesting nonetheless.

Traveling to Israel. Returning to music!

I would like to investigate my relationships with other people more indepthly. I lost a lot of friends once I got pregnant with Noah and I want to find out why. I don't think that I am blamelss. I know that I cut a lot of people out of my life. Now I want to rehab those friendships and expand my social network.

Me. More navel gazing in 5775.

Me! I need to investigate me! I need to know me better! I need to know why I am here!

I really want to investigate my "addiction" to electronics and social media. I want to be able to distant myself from it in the coming year.

I want to figure out how to be more active in my community. Connect with other vegans and other lesbians contributing more to my community.

How content marketing can help build/help succeed any business. My real answer would be to investigate a future boyfriend. Where is he anyways? Can I further investigate my love life? Will I have someone to dip apples in honey with at this time next year?

If I knew I'd have some idea what to write my thesis about!

I would like to figure out a new way for people to live and work together; in communities, cities, collectives.

Myself Dem mountains Contemporary slavery Economic equality as it relates to parental leave rights Gardening and homestead cooking

I want to consider opening up my own business and how to get seed money for that.

My baby! I want to spend the next year getting to know this person I've been growing and harbouring.

Yes - philanthropy. What causes or the like do I want to support? To what extent? Become more assured in my giving.

myself, many causes, many ideas. this should be, if it works, my year of starting community volunteering again, once the ceiling is done. in between i will work more on the house, finances permitting. attached to that is the idea of becoming a more stable landlord....with an apartment building, so that what's happening now [ tenant moving out , no rental income] will not de-stabilize my budget. and maybe school of some sort. probably not a masters' degree, esp with the loss of income, but something psych-related. all of this depends, to a rather large extent, on my health; what if any dx i have, what if any tx there is, and how effective it might be. and then if there exists a job i can do with short-term memory loss, or not, and if dh divorces me, or not... so much is still up in the air. but my intention is community volunteering, learning, renovating; being active at least mentally. physically would be good, too, if possible. tx, if appropriate. and the internet, as always. maybe more oneshul / punk torah, now that i will have more time.

Everything. I want to know everything. That's my entire life. Right now, I have a book by Tavis Smiley about MLK. I want to finish reading it and put all my thoughts online in a concise way. Maybe I'll email him because I really like the reasoning behind why he published Death Of A King. Hopefully I have the time (and motivation!) to finish it.

I want to investigate relationships in general as a cause this year. My lack of personal relationships has me feeling doomed to a life of misery. Supposedly I can change this, and it is a mission of mine to find it in myself to change and make new friends and connect with old ones.

I want my partner and I to complete (the initial iteration) of the compiled Wisdom to Live By for our children. This will include sifting through our own values and lessons we want to pass on, as well as finding some illustrative readings to complement what we write.

Consulting. What makes it successful? How do people do it well? What are best practices? Also, how can parents and families continue to be politically engaged?

A few things actually: Gender equality movement (for both men and women), jewelry design school, and holistic healthcare business models.

Improving the education of K-12 is a cause I want to investigate more thoroughly. This would be a way to give back to the community as well as attempt to understand why America performs so poorly on comparative skill sets.

I think I'll have to mention four people here. The four women who I love most in the world: My grandma, my mum, Libby, and Caz (my best friend). In different ways, I really want to nurture my relationship with each of them this year. They all mean to much to me, and have supported me so so much through the last few months of bumps. I suppose I want to support them a little more, too.

My husband. Sexually. It's been awhile.

The Fed. Alan Greenspan. If there's really any way to return to the economic opportunity and possibilities of the 60s and 70s, rather than the crap that happened in the 80s on to now. Canada - specifically British Columbia. I'd like to plan a trip there and go.

Movement culture (Ido Portal, MovNat, Parkour, etc)

I'd like to investigate the interaction between structural inequality and white supremacy and power (and how to undo that structure of power).

Find a chorus or show tune group with which to sing. Find a Jewish congregation and political group that I can join/work through

Yes, the possibility of moving to an area to fulfill a dream, after I retire, may take a year or three to research. I want to teach in an area, of any culture, that needs education for their women and children.

The entire world! I want to travel, travel, travel!!! I want to work in different parts of this world and taste foods I can't even pronounce the names of and meet people that live in different ways than I've even done. I want to see something else than what I'm seeing right now.

I want to explore how to transition my career to focus more closely on infrastructure finance and development in Africa.

I have so many ideas that I want too grow. One that came too me recently is buildings' online presence that surrounds nerd culture and coffee

I am looking forward to being done with my MA program in March, I think once that milestone is behind me, I'm going to spend some time investigating myself. Am I where I want to be? Am I doing what I want to be doing? Am I making time for myself and living up to my own expectations? I think taking some serious time to answer those questions as well as taking a time-out to architect some actions will be the best investigation I can undertake that early in 2015.

2013!? or do U mean 2014 oh, changed to 2015 okay i have been interested in a movement which i learned from looking up Peace Makers one day through Google. His name is Jeremy Gilley and he has been on this cause for over a decade and a half. it's called Peace One Day. Jeremy Gilley along with his crew has been reaching all the prominent figures in many countries to help create "a seize fire day," which is on September 21st every year. the movement has grown tremendously and i try to spread this amazing goodness. I was so intrigued with this whole idea. i'm not certain of another cause just yet i'd like to investigate.

Homelessness, and how to help eradicate it.

Cooking. Baking. Travel. Foreign film. Rainer Maria Rilke.

I am really concerned right now that I am not living spiritually - that my connection to God is more or less ossified. The ossification - my commitment to justice, and therefore intersectional political work and a Leftist academic perspective - is one of the most valuable things in my life, but it is still an ossification, with the attendant problems. I was heartened to read, for the first time, Psalm 27, in which David relates his relationship to this tension: I have, on the one hand, commitments that I make to God and to myself in the face of the numinous which are binding irrespective of whether any particular blessing continues to grace my life, especially the blessing of God's presence. This is the ossified form of my ethical commitments. Psalm 27 relates that there is one condition on this ethical imperative: that one may still seek the blessing of God's presence. There are issues that I'm not sure how to tackle: how can I validate spending my resources on cultivating a sense of the divine when those resources could be spent on tzedakah? the numinous is destabilizing - can i afford to privilege the personal experience of the sacred over my commitment to work in community for justice? these dilemmas are ultimately false dilemmas, or resolvable, but that is work that i want to commit to this year. i want to be genuinely dedicated toward cultivating a relationship with beauty and the divine - there is really no other first step.

LAST QUESTION, because I did the out-of-order/return-to-fill-in-blanks thing. Who or what do I want to investigate? What am I curious about? What sets off a spark within? ...yet another question where I'm coming up crickets. Yet I think of myself as a basically curious person (sort of). I'm sure I'll read all sorts of fascinating things, and click through to Wikipedia to fill in the gaps in my pre-existing knowledge. I'm mid-sabbatical, so you'd think I'd have some burning curiosity about these projects that I'm mid. But nope, mostly a sense of obligation and not-hating-them. Here's a key point: when I'm curious about something or have a project, I mostly just do it. I can't imagine procrastinating on something that sparks my curiosity, unless it was to postpone it until summer vacation, like my grandmother's travel memoir. But that was practical, and I was excited to finally get to it. It doesn't seem to illustrate the question, not only because it's past and over. Lots of rambling, no actual answer. Good job.

I want to investigate myself. Up until now I've just been existing. Going through the motions of day to day living. Going to work, making my money, paying my bills, taking care of my family....rinse and repeat. Now, with being unemployed, I am faced with actually having time to analyze myself. And I absolutely hate what I see. It's time to shake loose the dust and evict the skeletons from my closet. It's a ridiculously hard process....and it scares the shit out of me.

Honestly my life is pretty damn full right now, and I keep adding new hobbies and interests and people and projects. So really the thing I'd like to do in 2015 is focus on refinement and balancing, and going deeper into the things I have already identified as priorities for me. That being said, I'm still hoping to someday find time to learn how to blow glass, weld and make metal sculptures, spin poi and make costumes. Because art is fun and more art is even more fun. ;)

As I move closer to retirement, I have been investigating what I what (or need) to do after I no longer need to show up at my job. I know that I can just do nothing: that's not in my DNA, and it would drive me nuts. Ideally, I think I would like to join/work/volunteer for a non-profit and give back. I regularly check the job boards on a number of NPO sites. I'd be a great fit for Habitat for Humanity, among others.

Church accounting - I want to understand the accounting rules for churches and make sure my church is abiding in those rules and help my church to be fully transparent in our business dealings and gain community-wide acknowledgment and respect.

To investigate more fully? I'm not sure I understand the question. As an introvert, I want to investigate myself more and really work through some of my issues. Through writing, of course.

Hmm. Wish I had a good answer. Maybe when I read this next year I will have come up with something. I would like to know my children and understand who they are as adults.

Why people need to work so hard and so much. What is it all for if you don't have time to enjoy life. What about happiness? What really is happiness? For me

I have always been an environmentalist. However, now that I met Camilla and she got me thinking about these issues on a much deeper level, there are a few small things I want to do and a big thing I want to do. The big thing may require investigating. The small things include: - thinking before I use any new materials - trying to produce as little trash as possible - reusing - using as completely as possible before recycling or throwing out - not wasting food - giving deep respect and thanks to garbage collectors - only driving when necessary/using public transportation whenever possible or second choice carpooling - having reusable shopping bags on hand The big thing I wang to do this year, which requires investigation, is composting. If it turns out that the SAJ can do it, I will see if I can add my composting to it and I will convince mom and dad to join me. If not, I will figure out how to do it at home (and convince mom and dad and anyone else possible) to join me. The other thing, which also requires investigation, is that I will keep learning about being green and change my habits accordingly.

I want to spend more time with my sister. I take her for granted, and I want that to change.

I want to investigate sketching and other tools for journaling more fully in the coming year.

How to pass on financial literacy to kids

Addicted veterans

I want to investigate the cause of compassion more fully in 2015. Compassion for others and for myself. No matter how difficult the situation.

I have been stirred from a political standpoint by the national security threats posed by ISIS and the way the country has or hasn't responded. I hope to not be silenced by these conflicts for fear of having a polarizing opinion or an incorrect assumption, for it's ultimately an interested passion that these issues need; indifference to them equates to giving in to defeat by them. I also hope you don't know my efforts on not only minimizing that altering my impact on world. It's easy to talk about it, and it's somewhat easy to make adjustments, but the difficult yet necessary task I think is altering our way of life to meet the demands of our planet. I hope to be able to do so in a way that doesn't impinge on the way I live but rather is still in sync with it but in a new way that might just take some temporary getting used to. From an idea standpoint, I look forward to trying to record career stories as I continue to surface them in conversation. I continue to look forward to how I'm inspired by these stories, and I'm eager to see how I learn from them in new ways as I revisit the recorded discussions to construct new stories that, in following my curiosity, can peak others' as well as I share them.

I'd love to spend some real time dedicated to continuing my family research. I'd like to get a DNA test. I like to travel to North Carolina and Nova Scotia for research.

I have been very inwardly focused this past year because of my job and health situations. I'm grateful for the opportunity to consider other things I might want to explore in the year ahead. Some of what comes to mind is related to my health -- seeking to get at root cause and healing. Other things that come to mind: music -- making and listening; and reading and writing.

A person: Chomsky. A cause: empowerment. An idea: power.

I would love to figure out if parenthood is for us.


About art, creativity and procrastination. And the people who are creative.

I want to become more clear about what makes me feel most alive.

Meditation! I always attempt it in fits and spurts. I'd love to be able to say I do it consistently every day, even if for a short while each time.

I want to investigate food - well continue to investigate the producers and continue to write about interesting ideas and people creating healthy food. I want to investigate and be more of a contributor to worthy causes protecting the ocean and bringing dialogue and peace to places like the middle east and to places at home here.

I want to learn a bit more about macroeconomics, and read Piketty's new book on capital. I'm wondering if I might have a future doing economic/labor writing, and this might be a good start.

Sophie. God I'm single minded.

In 2015, I would like to further investigate children with disabilities as I will be doing a mini placement as part of y university program. I want to be able to know just why they think the way they do and learn how to better understand a child more and help them to grow.

Yes, awakening. You and Leslie both see that your practices are changing your brains, your experience of life. Go further with this. WAKE UP. WAKE UP TO DELIGHT and JOY and OPEN HEARTED LOVE. No joke.

Alternative viewpoints and values.

i would like to learn how to speak spanish

I have been toying around since last year about writing a book and in 2015 I'd like to finally finish it. I'm about a quarter to a third done so if I could finish it that would be super.

I wouldn't call it a dying wish, but my sisters and I have a mysterious missing brother, and my dad was sorry he had lost contact with this child. He either got a girl pregnant and married her, or she was a friend who got in trouble and he helped her out. Either way he gave up parental rights in their divorce so her next husband could adopt the child.

I would like to start university again and start studying, be intellectually challenged again. I would also like to work on designing some complex system, maybe corruption control framework.

I want to help my best friend get out of her depression. It is her struggle and I know that, but I want to support her in any way I can.

I think I want to get more personal finance knowledge under my belt this year. My dad handled all the finances (poorly) when I was a kid and I've kinda taken an ostrich approach to finances. But now that I have a family that relies on me, I want to get better at it.

the idea of reliability/ steadyness

I want to be able to explore the business ideas more fully. I think that what we've come up with so far is only the tip of the iceberg and we won't know what is required and what is out there until we immerse ourselves in projects and in developing the business. It's great that we've progressed from phone and email discussions to almost daily meetings in person over coffee. Now it's time to dedicate work hours to the business itself.

I guess I'd like to continue to develop myself and to stop being so passive and to really strive to work to my goal of finding a new job. I want to make use of the things we learned in GOAL.

Yes, the basic principles in the Bible that we've been taught for over 70 years of our life and are now being tossed aside in this more modern culture, even WITHIN the church[es].

Not really - other than advancing on my PhD I guess

Yes. I want to mentor youth -- either to promote literacy, or as a Big Sister type of thing. But I want to be of service, and I especially want to help pre-teens and teenagers. I have a lot of fear surrounding this -- fear of their issues and of confronting my own unresolved issues. But again, this is an area where I have skills and insights, and it's not fair to not put them to use.

As shallow as this sounds… I'd really like to explore my boss some more.

Computing and languages-culture.

My wife, Beth The friends that I have Jesus Childhood hunger Literacy Writing Down-sizing

I really want to explore what, if anything, I can effectively do to influence the state of our environment; I've spent a lot of time contemplating agriculture and its effects on our culture and the natural world, though I often feel helpless to change anything about it within the demands of our present population and food system/market. I'd like to explore the issue of truly sustainable agriculture further.

Gardening for what I can truly use. Living for the moment. Why do people get so extreme in their ideas, and is there anything that we can change about the world to minimize extremism?

Does "me" count as a cause? It certainly is a person and I really do want to investigate myself even more than I have done now. I am beginning to understand that this life is not a trial version, this is it and it is up to me, and me alone, to decide how I want to spend it.

In 2015 I want to dedicate more time to my political causes, specificity wrt women and girls, reproductive politics and education. It's been missing in my adult life as I've tried to reach a place where I feel more comfortable with my finances and trajectory. After I get settles in my new job, I want to volunteer some time to another worthy cause (don't forget you did the social good guides and are still!). An idea I want to investigate is gratitude. Practicing this all the time. I've notice my attitude is pretty neurotic. Now I have a job I want, a boyfriend who is wonderful, and I need to just be happier with where I am and how my life is. Gratitude is the way to do that. Also enforcing boundaries and giving time to hear myself so I can make decisions on what I really want not knee jerk.

Helping the environment more aggressively. Time is running out. And I'd like to give myself time to study physics.

I want to get more involved in recovery and addiction awareness and understanding. I have done a great job staying sober, but now I would like to branch out and education and help others.

My TSFL Health Coaching Job Nanny Teacher Website SPED Differentiate APP

So many things to do- learn Spanish and visit Spain, learn more about esoteric astrology, find ways of dealing with clients more positively, having lost enthusiasm and confidence over the years in the US.

Non-judgement. I want to practice true forgiveness, and true non-judgement, non-blaming. I guess, ultimately, it is about not comparing people or things. It has taken me a long time to admit how judgmental I can be, even towards the people that I love. I would like to investigate this. Where it comes from, why I do it, and how to let go of it.

Israel. I want to know what it is like (politically, socially, religiously, occupationally) to be an Israeli and live in Israel.

I want to investigate why I have such a pull to go to New Zealand. When I look at what there is to see there, I can't really make up my mind. But I feel there is something deeper to learn there. I've felt a yearning to go there for so long and I think it is more than seeing the sights. I also feel compelled to speak to more women's groups and hold classes for women to embody their own feminine energy. Our world is suffering from the lack of feminine people embodying feminine energy. We are in serious need of more compassion, more creativity and more flow in the world. Until we recognize that we are equal to men, but completely different than them, we will remain in pain and so will the world. I must find more women to speak to.

Some of these questions seem really strange and irrelevant to me. But if these are the questions that are meant to appeal to thousands (?) of people all over the world and I don't care about them... it makes me think maybe I am just really self-absorbed and living in my own little world. Or just really young. Sometimes I think when you're young and you don't know what you're doing in life - what you're going to be doing in 2015 or next summer or next Christmas - how are you meant to know what causes you'll care about come 2015? Maybe I should say feminism, climate change or something like...moral. But I discovered feminism this year and last almost by accident - I got sick of boys treating equally high-achieving girls at an academic university like they were just objects to be captured and abused. Feminism is latent and ever-changing and I'm sure as a woman my relationship with it will change over the course of my life. All I can hope for 2015 is what I hope every year - that next year will be better than this to be a woman.

The next step in my art work. MFA perhaps? Gallery art show and representation. Get my daughter on her way out of her stalled position and onto accomplishing something that will enhance her life and use her abilities.

Yes, the palestian, Israeli conflict and tension and reconciliation would be my biggest interest and perhaps some sort of involvement.

Yes. I want to join the "Mexicans on a Mission" group of cyclists who participate in the San Francisco Aids Life Cycle ride and to help organize events to benefit the farm workers and their communities that we ride past on our trip to LA

I want to read Classified and The New Jim Crow, among many other important things I could and should read, and think more about my race and class privilege. This is really important to my growth as a human, my ability to be an ally to others, to the kind of social justice-y work I imagine myself doing. I think a lot more about my lack of privilege being a queer person and a woman, and although these things are important, they shape my experience, they do not hide or overpower the privileges that I do have. I would like to be grappling with the ways in which I move through the world with such comfort and ease, the ways that I silence and oppress others even unknowingly, I need to check my racist thoughts and opinions that I am not proud of, that I know are in there and are deeply rooted, and to be more active in addressing oppression when I see it and when I participate in it.

I looked back and realize I said this in my last years' 10Q, but I really want to prioritize moving my money from my Morgan Stanley investments to invest in things that I think will make the world a better place, changing my life insurance, setting up a retirement account, and figuring out the best way to combine my money with Tom's in all of this.

I want to investigate the knowledge available around parenting adult children.

Principals of accounting and finance.

The idea of exploring Scandinavia has intrigued me recently, so I plan to take a few weeks to visit the region next year!

volunteering at a pet shelter.

The rise of the feminine.

My future.

Can't think of anything. Perhaps one of my goals in 2015 is to find one!

I would like to learn more about my own spirituality, and reclaim some of the ease and enthusiasm I used to have in this area.

giving back and opening up

I want to get to a point where I'm strong enough in myself to be able to give back to the world in more altruistic ways.



I want to find and volunteer for charities that I believe in.

This is somewhat self-centered, but I would like to learn how to live in a more peaceful state of mind and be more in the present, less a worrier. While I recognize that worrying about things yet to come is a counterproductive energy drain that prevents me from fully enjoying the present, it's been very, very difficult to overcome. I've worried for a long time - while raising my two children as their primary parent, about whether I was doing a good job as a parent, about my chronically limited financial resources, about who I was becoming as a person. Now that my children have graduated college and left home to begin their lives, I am not sure I'm happy with the person I've become. I feel like I have so much more to give and to benefit from in life, but my worrying nature holds me back. I'm often paralyzed in social situations and am becoming more and more reclusive. That's a lonely way to live.

Myself and my impatience. Clarity on the things I want to do to have more interesting things in my life. Greater physical/mental fitness.

In 2015, I anticipate becoming more engaged with the Unitarian Society of Santa Barbara and deepening my commitments there. I hope to participate in more social action work with them. Also, I have re-established my meditation practice and look forward to new insights and ideas that come about as a result of this self-work. Finally, I love biographies and hope to finish the Jack London, Thelonius Monk and Marilyn Monroe biographies I've got planned. I also plan to live with my girlfriend Charla in 2015, and am excited about many different forms of "investigation" -- physical, mental, emotional and spiritual.

yoga philosophy and how it can surround my heart and then radiate outwards.

PhD. Being a big ol' queermo. Giving zero nunca nyet fuckety fucks about anything anyone anywhere says. I'm going to slide into death with a smile on my face, knowing I have wrung every last bit of Life out of this experience and made not even one apology in my heart or with my words for being exactly what and who I was born to be.

Yes, I want to continue to work on writing for children. I am especially interested in learning more about interesting and relatively unknown people who would be good subjects for childrens biographies. There are so many people who inspire me, who do seemingly small things but that really are extraordinary.

I'd like to spend some more time thinking about my carbon/environmental footprint and what changes I can make in my life to reduce it. And about the same question at a larger scale: community, state, country, world. I think this is interesting and critical, and I feel like I have something to contribute, though I may just be really late to the party. I hope I can find a like-minded group for support.

Interesting enough I just inquired about finding a new non-profit/cause to put some energy into; Girl Scouts is falling to the wayside due to poor management. I'll find something satisfying.

My wife. Paul Tillich. Teilhard de Chardin. Marriage equality. Universalism. Karajan.

I want to explore the issue of children in poverty, children in care, Aboriginal children. There is nothing I cherish more than my own extremely privileged children and when I see or hear of children without food, or shelter or arms to hold them, it breaks my heart. I want to find a way to address this issue.

Mindfulness in all it's forms.

Yes, I would like to try to get to know my friends a bit better. It will make it easier to talk to them, and it will help us have an even stronger friendship. we could do things we both enjoy together, and we will really be best friends, when we know everything about each other, to see how much more we can learn and enjoy about them.

I am fascinated with 3D technology. I'd also like to explore Google Glass.

I would like to settle into some sort of work/ art/ relationship/ health/ community/ sanity balance. It is a constant struggle each year and I am still aiming for it. Maybe this year is the year...

I would like to become more involved in helping victims of rape and domestic violence. As a survivor myself, I want to show how it can be overcome.

Nothing specific. I'm wanting to be more mindful, more in the moment. Maybe explore the Athens Jewish and Buddhist communities since it looks like I'm going to be staying down there a lot.

Myself. I think i say this nearly every year, but it's true. i want to get to know myself better, and even more than that, i want to know how to take care of myself, myself. You know? By the time I get to college I want to have a halfway real formula of who I am, what my issues are, and some solutions that usually help.

I want to write more, I want to try to write more. I want to actually get some words down on a goddam page that aren't an email or some scree on the internet, but something that has thought and purpose and meaning, even if it's only for me. I want to try comedy writing, I want to get the silliness of my brain out ann experience it more, let others experience it, because I've seen it work for them and it really works for me. I want to make people laugh, I want to feel them laughing at them for the right reasons, because I control it, because they are following me. I want to control the laughter because I've created it.

I wont to lrn wbut the wolde. I wod like to play with Max.

Not that I can think of. Working so hard on healing from the last 4 years. Perhaps I want to investigate changing what I do for a living. Or going to work in Israel. Or working for the government. Perhaps I'll begin writing a book about what I've learned moving through 4 "hellish" years (as my 22 year calls them). Praying harder than I've ever prayed for anything that we don't have 5 or 6 "hellish" years. That the worst is over and that there will be no more tragedies.

Right now, I'm pretty on top of the LGBT movement, feminism/gender equality, and I've worked hard on improving my knowledge of Israel. I've also gotten more involved in reading about the sexual assault issue in the country, specifically on college campuses (though I want to continue researching it.) In 5775, I would like to be more aware of current events in general. I would like to read the headlines and the news each day so that I have a general idea about what is going on in the world and know "a little about a lot." I don't want it to take a week into a conflict to realize that the conflict is happening. And once I am on top of current events in general, if there is a particular event that is intriguing to me, I will choose to investigate that one more fully.

I would like to learn more about anything that will help me on my soul journey. Shamanism has been calling to me, so maybe that is on the agenda for study.

How to redesign the statistical process my office uses for tax assessments.


Two things. These are more personal than global. I want to keep my parenting in perspective and continue to be fully present while letting go and scaffolding their progress. For me, I want to take care of how I look. For me, not for anyone else. For a change.

Global warming and the truth behind Ebola as a man made disease

I think I'd like to investigate the practice of mindfulness more fully in 2015. I find that when I concentrate on being mindful, it impacts my outlook on life and consequently affects my behavior and my approach to the world around me. I am much more positive when I am mindful, I am much more patient when I am mindful, I am more loving when I am mindful. In short, I am a better person, when I carefully practice mindfulness. I would even go so far as to say I'm at my best because I'm not trying to control things that are beyond my control. I also think I can accomplish more when I am mindful, because my thoughts are focused and I'm not getting caught up in petty annoyances. Whatever it takes, I would like 2015 to be the year of mindfulness.

my friends

I want to find more of myself in 2015. I want to learn more of what makes me happy and pursue that. I want to challenge my limits and really define who I can be in college on my own terms.

Chevruta. The study (of Mussar in this case) with a partner. Vad. The study (of Mussar in this case) with a group. I'd like to experience the hevruta partnerships starting up at the Contemporary Jewish Museum. I'd like to bring some techniques tried elsewhere or to develop new ways of celebrating people and place. I'd like to open my heart and mind to what it means to serve and serve more.

Getting more educated in my field so I can go anywhere and do this job Maybe start selling my knitting/crochet/spinning:)

I dont think investigate is the right word to describe what I want to do, I want to get to know more people. I want to have a lot of friends, but a close knit group too. I want to have a bunch of friends that I can just hit up randomly, but also have a core group of friends that I spend a ton of time with. So I want to get to know more people!

I guess I just really want to be the best THON captain I can be. Befriend every captain that I can and be the best that I can be. I want to learn how to be more of a leader and develop in that way. Be respected, be honored, be looked as important.

Perhaps photography. I am really enjoying it and would like to be better.

Hopefully progressive politicians like Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren force greater discussion of Wall St. corruption, income inequality, student loan unfairness compared to other loan policies and other corruption and injustice in need of investigation and correction.

Yes. I want to be able to investigate my idles a bit more and look at the way they made a name for themselves and worked through the problems they had.

I want to know more and find out how I could get involved in mentoring for young men.

In terms of my nerdy side, I would like to explore economic modelling, and probably health economics. Plus, be consistent on writing haikus or being into prose and poetry. In terms of fashion, I would like to explore on make ups and athletic attires . To add, I would like to explore tennis and learn how to play.

I've toyed with the idea of starting a political party. Crazy, eh? Just how much of a sucker for punishment am I...? I'd like to do more for my shul too.

I want to investigate getting our finances in tip-top shape and buying a vacation property. I want to unload our current rental property, as it causes more anxiety than I'm willing to have in my life anymore. Then I'd be more comfortable planning the next steps for a second home. I think a vacation home would be a wonderful way to make great memories as a family.

I want cannabis legalized.

Rochester charity and service organizations--who's making a difference and how?

The world of middle schools for my two boys. I have begun researching for my older guy, who will be going into sixth grade next year and who has learning issues that require a specialized school, but have not yet begun researching for my little math whiz.

Opt-Out movement. Local politics.

Again, same as last year in terms of "charitable" causes and that kind of spirituality. I am thinking of taking a writing class in the winter quarter -- either that or joining Eve's class... I wouldn't mind fostering a dog, but Arch has understandable issues about that... getting too attached, etc. I wish I could feel inclined to be more politically active...

Yes, I do have one. To learn more how to obtain labor certificate; I will find some good Jewish lower to help.

Myself, and I will always look forward to reconnecting with friends and meeting new, and I mean connecting on a deep level no flimsy friends

I want to study more musical theatre shows: Shrek, Book of Mormon, Next to Normal.

I want to learn some new party trick skills - tarot card reading, juggling, palm reading, something like this.

The writing process for different songwriters; how the core methods of writing can be manipulated and changed to fit different identities.

I want to expand the work that I have done in Ghana with biogas digesters.

i want to explore my craft. i want to figure out what this means for me. what purpose craft is going to solve in my life. will i try and do more shows? will i try and get into local shops? will i try and get in boutiques around the country!? it is time to go for it and see where it takes me.

How to get more high functioning friends.

I want to learn more about my husband, and how to spar with him in wits again.

I have a family member who is in an abusive relationship, and I'd like to be more involved. I'm afraid it's too late, that I've missed my chance to make an impact, but I want to make myself more available to her, and talk to people, read, find more ways that I can help.

This question hits on an area that I know I've been lacking since I moved to Montana, and something I've been turning over and trying to figure out how to incorporate it into my life, which is volunteering. I find myself frozen and unable to make a choice because I feel like there are so many worthy causes, and I hate that my time and resources are finite and I can't contribute to them all. So, my goal for the next 12 months (well, to be fair to myself, it will happen after April) is to decide on a cause that I want to give my time to and find an opportunity to volunteer regularly.

Racism and what role I can play in improving the situation in this country (or my city). The killings of Trayvon Martin and Michael Brown--sadly, just two I could name among many in recent years--brought into relief what fear so many people live with every day, along with how blind or indifferent to that fear many people remain. So much possibility lost and so much pain caused by...idiocy, ignorance, an inability or unwillingness to empathize. I was thinking the other day about how I cried in college when I was assigned to play one of the racist antagonists in a "lunch counter sit-in" roleplay, and I couldn't explain why I had such a hard time doing it. I'm still not sure I can. I think it was because I hated to think about causing that kind of pain--but then I should be doing more to prevent that same sort of suffering today. We should all probably be doing more.

Studying for an MBA,furthering my chosen career,increasing my knowledge and wisdom.

Seeking mushrooms to restaurants.

Here are 5 things I want to investigate more fully in 2015... 1. Traveling to Hawaii. I've never been there. So I want to read about it, find out where to stay and how to get there. (Personally, I would rather go to Bora Bora, but Hawaii is a good first start to the Pacific). 2. Going back to work - at least part time if anything. If not going back to work, then maybe starting a gift basket business with my cousin Lori. 3. Writing and developing my stories into fully fleshed works. 4. Learning how to sew. I have my sister's sewing machine and I need to learn how to use it - especially since I design fabric prints. 5. Donating my time for kids. Perhaps working in the local school district by helping kids in the classroom or by donating my time as a CASA/GAL helping kids who are neglected and abused and taken into foster care.

I want to become more involved in and learn more about Repair The World. I would like to possibly start a chapter in DC and/or Chapel Hill.

Yes. I want to look into becoming a CERT volunteer for Walnut Creek. I had just missed the signup to register for their Fall session. I'd also like to look into becoming involved with MAPS.

Peace, joy, and love in my relationships. How those can be found and enhanced through boundaries.

I would like to learn more about God and/or develop a spiritual relationship with myself. I have always struggled to believe that God can be so forgiving because most people are not forgiving. I also struggle with the guilt of knowing that I knowingly sinned and now I want to ask for forgiveness...isn't that hypocritical? I would like to start going t church with Teri and Rob and see if I am open to learning more.

In 2015, I want to investigate more about supporting, guiding, facilitating and loving teens through their adolescence and young adulthood especially at - risk youth.

I don't feel that I am giving back enough. I need to find a way to make a difference. That might be small, with just one person, or it might be a larger cause. I have been so blessed. It's time to pass that on.

I would like to take a closer look at boundaries, respectful interactions, and living by my values. My goal is to figure out the boundaries and expectations of others that I care about, or have interest in deepening a relationship with (friendly or otherwise). I want to have an idea of compatibility based on shared values and expectations. I want to do this in a way where my close relationships are all with people who I value, respect, and engage well with and who feel the same about me. I want these to be relationships to be ones that generally we have positive interactions with one another and are not unintentionally hurting one another's feelings by being ourselves.

I'd like to think more about the field of education and whether I can see myself working in it long-term; Not necessarily as a teacher but in some capacity. I'm interested in learning a new skill or hobby still but don't feel like I have the time. I want to continue trying to make my family stronger, more connected, and traveling to visit them (although Beijing is a harder one). With this in mind, I need to think hard about where I want to live and whether returning to the Northeast would be a good next move.

Yes, myself. Need to develop a new centerpiece for my retired years.

New employment, maybe new career think this one ran its course. Moving to warmer climate. Long term love and sharing rest of the journey with my best friend and souls-mate.

I've never been curious people or current events ideas out there in the world's of this question is pretty hard for me to answer. I guess the one thing I want to investigate is myself because I have no idea where I am going or what I am doing.

Motherhood! And how compatible it is with farming in the city.

Hm. Jewish philosophy of course. History of the Middle East so I can better understand the political situation there. Psychology- everything. Especially about recidivism and programs for developing emotional and interpersonal skills. Building healthy, happy, productive people. I want to learn music and music theory, and Arabic.

The writing of non-fiction, and how I can tell a story honestly, from my perspective, without injuring others in the process.

Ignatius (and more specifically, Ignatian spirituality)

I seem to be some one that people, even total strangers, will just start divulging their life's story to. Often I'm told that I give good advice. My mother-in-law once stated that "You should be in therapy". Translated, she meant that I am a good listener and should be in counseling as a profession. I never saw myself in that way. I don't know that I would have the tolerance. Lately, though, I'm thinking maybe I should look into it. Life Coaching is big these days. Maybe it's time to help/rely on myself instead of only helping others with their lives,loves & business. I just hope I can get as excited about something for myself as I do for others.

In 2015, I want to learn more about the field of art conservation and the life of Theodore Roosevelt. I also want to explore Judaism in a more fully, by taking a class and/or reading independently.

My family. Understand them better.

Yes, my PhD scholarship for 2015

Not really?

I would like to investigate the case for racial inequality in the U.S. While I see cases of inequality, and I actively advocate to change that stuff, I'm not convinced that it is as widespread as we think it is- but then, I could be deluding myself. If it is truly widespread, I want to fight back.

Contemporary Halakhah - I want to really have a finger on the pulse of current halakhic discourse.

~Yoga teacher training ~Off the Mat Intensive ~Creating something (beading, art, writing) and putting my work out there for others to see/enjoy ~Setting out to start a project/ 5K/ support group/ cause that gives back / serves others ~12-steps of Recovery ~Buddhism and Buddhist authors/perspective

Andrea has recently shown up in my life. She looks like she has potential for a long term relationship. It's early...we'll see.

To continue to live authentically, to restart, renew my commitment to yoga practice. I'd like to go through the yamas and niyamas one by one, practicing each for a month at a time.

2015 will be my first full year in married life and I think it'd be naive for me not to say that I want to more fully investigate married life with my wife. In saying so, I also want to spend more time and focus getting more knowledge on foreign policy and learning the California landscape.

I'd like to see if I can really be someone who can do weddings, baby namings, and other events.


In 2015 I want to investigate my relationship more fully. I want to dedicate and commit to it more fully. There are many times when it all seems too hard and I want to quit. I tell myself I am better off alone because it is less hassle. At the same time I know I like being partnered and I have met a great man. I want to take this year to truly know him, understand him, and understand and grow myself in this relationship. Thankfully, I am in a place where if it doesn't work out I can and will be ok. With that self knowledge I want to surrender to the experience more fully. I know I am holding back and I want to rest in it.


Becoming more secure professionally, and in my communication skills.

I want to know more about my biological family. I'm hoping to learn more languages. The piano.

Water conservation. Specifically - the Monument Creeksters - the idea of my friend, Fran, who I want to work with and be friends for the rest of my life.

I would like to investigate human trafficking and modern slavery further, to think about my purchases and the people around the globe affected by my own shopping habits. I want to be connected to the whole process, to know where my food and clothing and household items come from.

Spending more time reading and evaluating economic and political theory so I can get a better handle on not just what people are doing, but what is motivating that behavior. I think that will give me a better understanding of why people ignore reality for their desires.

I'd like to been open enough to let me boyfriend feel as free as he makes me feel. To learn to be as comfortably vulnerable as is possible and trust that this freedom will indeed strengthen our bond.

I'd like to spend some time on a volunteer effort - something like reading to seniors.

I'd like to look into the life of Anna May Wong and Alzheimer's research. Anna was one of the first Chinese American actresses in the 20s and I believe her life tells an amazing story of how Chinese Americans have become an integral part of the US melting pot and the developments and lack thereof that we have made as a country in that aspect. I'd like to make Alzheimer's research actually raise awareness in the coming year and help foundations that care for Alzheimer's patients.

Orly Amor and how to pull together doing events/workshops aboard cruise ships. Jan Dahms and what she does next with 6-Figures. Chanting Torah. I'd like to participate more in doing this at BHS. That way, Andy and I can sit together during services but I can also contribute to the service as well. I'd like to complete one program with Mike Dooley and learn more about climbing Mt. Fuji. I want to target the top 5 sponsors for the Speak Up Women conference I'd like to produce. I'd like to think about the most amazing ways Andy and I can celebrate our love together, share our love with others, and learn even more about each other so we can deepen our relationship even more.

Myself. My dad. My sisters. My friend Mary. I pretty selfish, really I could say I'm narcissitic (sp?) because everything seems to revolve around me getting my way. The other day, Sue cut me off. And I realized that's exactly what I do to others. I didn't like it and I bet that's why not a lot of people like me.

Two broad subjects I am drawn to: science and the spiritual, and they both hold wonder for me. I do not subscribe to a faith nor to a traditional belief in God. Yet, I find spiritual sustanance in the writings and lives of great faith leaders. The marvels of science are so breathtaking as to render a sense of the Divine. From concepts such as the Big Bang and an expanding universe to atoms, microbes and quarks, the complexity and connections within the natural world are "WOW!" Trying to understand either of these takes me to a place beyond politics, strife, numbing mundanity, and petty worries to a place of quiet and awe. And I think the time in both of these areas will feed my writing in richer ways by taking me outside my personal experience and giving me new language in which to speak. Language seems to determine how we see things. New language or one used in a different context can perhaps foster awareness and understanding in myself and in someone who might read my work.

I want to know more about Chuck Hagel. I think I'd vote for him to be my president some day.

In 2015, I am choosing to learn more about the slow movement, making more things from scratch or recycled materials, and living in greater stewardship to the Earth. I want to find a way to support the growing and making of real food and products that do no harm to the earth or the people, animals, and plants who use them. I am tired of living in a toxic world. I want to help move us to a world free of pollutions in the air and water and expand to include reduction in noise and light pollution.

Hmmmm. I'd like to investigate things to do as a family. I'd like to make some great family memories for my baby. I guess I'd also like to see if there's some way to have a better relationship with my twin while being true to myself.

I want to be able to investigate why some people are closer to their friends compared to their family eventhough family is much closer bond. I also want to find out how family ties can be strengthened and brought close together

I would like to learn more about children with ADD/ADHD to understand the best strategies and tactics to help them manage their condition. Not understanding how their minds work or how to help them is difficult and with a son who is one of many ADHD kids, I need to know more.

Guerrilla art, openness to life and change

Now that I am getting more comfortable with my Hispanic heritage, I wouldn't mind learning more about Peru and the history of my country. I would hate to be in a situation where someone asks me a historical question about my country and I couldn't answer. Ultimately, the blood that runs through my veins stem from Peru and I want to learn as much as I can about it's history as well as culture.

I would like to be more invested in a program or initiative that empowers women with resources and tools to be their very best in work and life. To my future self: did you get more involved with WIBLI at work?

I'd like to investigate the wide world of acting, my physicality in that area and general fitness. And also how I can be more giving in my relationships and to society as a whole.

All of them. But know, sadly, that you have a finite capacity of time and energy. Remember to balance the tough stuff, the important stuff, with joy and fun.

keep finding my ancestors

In 2015 I think I'd like to look further into Buddhism.

Becoming more self sufficient, from knitting to farming to cooking to cleaning to taxes to finances to etc.. Just all around to be more capable of taking care of myself.

Psychology and depression and the way people act. I want to understand why I think so different to other people.

Integration of divinity and 3d, the divine incarnate, creating from love

The health of our oceans and reefs and what I can do more of to facilitate that.

I'm going to say health again, here. I want to take charge of our family and get us on a path toward long and happy lives. Secondly, we're going to focus on finances. Saving money for travel (hopefully you've been to Europe, future Taryn!) and a home. After J.R.'s job search, it became clear to me that buying a place for us to live is a huge priority for him. I really want to make that happen.

I would like to explore Arkansas more fully. I have lived here for two years and just recently figured out where mt. Nebo is. I want to have gone backpacking at least twice by next year. I wamt to have gone to different lakes and rivers. I want to see all the natural state has to offer.

Last year I said I wanted to investigate Judaism more fully. I suppose I still do but I don't want to focus on it as much. Right now I am in the mindset of wanting to explore anything that is not Judaism at the moment. This is also why I am excited to go to South Africa and really get some new information and a chance to explore. I want to know a lot about South Africa. Right now it's more of an idea or a concept rather than a real country where real people live and work. I want to feel I have a strong understanding of how the country and the culture works so I speak about it intelligently when I return. (If I don't get into Cape Town this is going to be really awkward to read).

I love working with the Girl Scouts, something that is very near & dear to my heart. I will continue to volunteer with them. I"m also working with Origami Owl, because it's a company that cares & hold values like I do.

I want to find a cause I am passionate about and really become a catalyst for change. So often I get caught up in my own problems that I forget there are things in this world I want to change. I want to be an expert on the middle eastern conflict so that when I choose to stand up and defend Israel, I am doing so fully aware of the counter arguments yet firm in my believes of what is right. I want to become an outspoken young woman who is not go to sit down and listen to anyone slut-shaming or victim blaming because I know a victim and it was not her fault.

I want to remember what it is to be joyful and have fun.

I want to investigate how I can start making a difference by educating Special Olympics athletes on proper nutrition... I've noticed during my involvement with them that obesity is an epidemic and they have a ton of health problems that they could easily avoid (Bennet and his acid reflux and skin issues come to mind) with some dietary and lifestyle changes.

I would like to learn more about suicide and suicide prevention, as well as volunteer for local groups to prevent suicide and/or minimize stigma and educate people.

The meaning of "time". When we say it's past, It's gone, it has dropped out of line, out of our experience, it's not a linear progression. It's been cut off.

- get more clarity on the history of the process of the transmission of Torah to our forefathers - whether my social enterprise idea is marketable and feasible or not - research the type of jobs available in the nonprofit sector that match my interests and passions - plan a multi-day backpacking trip

friends! making sure I keep in touch with the important ones, especially those in the same life-phase. maintain those bonds and schedule hang outs and phone dates

I want to explore alternative options in medicine that can help support my family and allow me to practice as I age.

Global Warming has emerged as the issue I feel the most strongly about since it is the only one that can actually harm the entire planet, its people and all species. I hope to study more about solutions that people can really buy into as its the only way anything can get done. I think it is our global civilizations great crisis and I am still hopeful that we can deal with it ingeniously. I fear for wildlife and poor coastal inhabitants at sea levels continue to rise. I worry about a tipping point of no return in the atmosphere.

i want to study the buddha's words more closely. i want to improve my art skills and learn to use more art tools to improve.

This is the year of Jon. How can I support him as he has me to have more flexibility in his job, to follow a passion in or outside of work, to be active.

Maybe research politicians who will be running in the big election coming up.

The Wonder Pets. I'm just getting into them and I have so many questions. Like, what is their origin story? Why are they so poorly contained in their cages? Does their tin can phone line rack up international call charges? What powers their flyboat? Is anything ever not serious? And, come on, celery? I've had it and I'm not impressed.

Teaching and learning.

Not sure I have an answer for this one! I was deeply shocked and moved by the plight of the elephants in Thailand. My attempts to get involved were somewhat weak and hit a dead end. I would like to pursue that and see what little I might do. Animals in entertainment and their regular abuse - even the simple fact of animals being contained in zoos - is a practice I very much want to see abolished, and perhaps be involved in. (The abolition, not the practice.)

Well, I hope that the FIGMENT project will create opportunities for me to continue being involved in local arts community. I want to play music with cool people. I want to figure out a way beyond the burdens of 15 years of debt. That would be lovely.

I'd like to decide if I'm going to have a 2nd child. So, by this time next year, I'll either be pregnant, have a new baby, trying to get pregnant, or having decided that I"m not going to pursue it.

Shortterm: working as a barista/cook or serving at home. Longterm: becoming a teacher.

Hunger - Local scale, national scale, word scale.

I'm pretty into continuing along this pathway of discovering what it means to be a good parent. And I don't mean, to be the perfect, faultless, blameless parent. I really do try to believe that that isn't possible. But I am interested in the dynamics of siblings. Of nurturing our children's emotional selves, and being the kind of parent who will really support and build up strong independent kids, who care about others, and are in touch with their emotional selves. Currently, I'm reading Siblings Without Rivalry, and would like to continue to seek out the expertise of others, while exploring my own experience as a co-parent and mother. I'd also like to find a way to share my findings. I may want to return to doing some blogging. But I hope to find a way to share my experiences in a reflective, inspiring, and encouraging, but non-preachy way.

I want to continue to look at myself this coming year. Who am I outside of my eating disorder. It's been my whole identity and I don't want to be scared that I'm no one and go back there. I want to explore…what and who do like now that I'm not consumed so much with this. Who do I want to hang out with, what do I want to do, what should be talk about, where should we go, what fun things should we do and see. I want to find out who I am as an adult in a healthy place.

I want to get to know venture capital firms. I want to get to know worldwide healthcare. I want to get to know baby scholars. I want to get to know myself, who I am, what I stand for, and my brand. (Improve my Klout score). I want to get to know classical music, see more shows, and become more aware of art.

I want to investigate nurse practitioner school. I am pretty certain that this is what I want to do, but I am honestly not very educated on how to get there.

Yoga/exercise. MS Creativity/Art Scene in Denver Writing writing writing

Yes, I'd like to volunteer for some organization which helps people. I don't know in what capacity, but I feel as though I need to give my time to help others who may need it, not just my kids and family, but people I don't even know. I need to get outside of myself and help others connect to wellness, support, spirituality - something.

Investing, cooking, knitting, volunteering, cat-training, home improvement, car maintenance.

I think finding something that I want to investigate is more where I am right now. For the last two years I have spent trying to get my work life and home life in order, I forgot my personal life. I want to become involved - in something, believe in some idea, ideal. I want to find something that I can passionately get behind and DO SOMETHING!

Writing. Get to know, grow closer to George. Trail running and/or crossfit.

Meditation and relaxation/stretching

I would like to learn about being an entrepreneur and starting my own business. I would like to start something or business where I can help people :)

I want to be more involved in Random acts if kindness.

My wife. She is not my wife as I type this, but when the third day of 2015 arrives, she will be. Knowing this woman is the most exhilarating thing that has happened to me to date. I want to investigate her more fully in 2015. And 2016. And 2017. And for every year thereafter until one of us dies.

I really need to look into something that can generate me a little money while being a stay at home mom. I'd really like that to be my wedding planning company. I just don't want to invest a lot of money to start a official company.

Seriously considering converting to Judaism, after several years of study. This is going to be a bit of a sticky wicket since my parents are Christian missionairies.

FEMINISM! And making the Young Advocates more action-y.

Yes! I'm going to be investigating how to be the best parent and mama that I can possibly be! I also hope to keep investigating a possible career as a doula and prenatal yoga instructor.

I want to explore the idea of how to best teach songwriting to children. I'm currently working on creating a packet to help guide kids through the process and I'll be piloting my ideas this year in my songwriting club, musicians club and in guitar class

What a compelling question! I do want to investigate the possibility of my earning a teaching credential. I'm not sure if it's simply a case of the grass being greener or if teaching high school students is something that I'd really find fulfilling. I do intend to do some research in this area during the next year.

I want to familiarize myself with survival methods. Maybe it's the person in me that's vaguely paranoid about the zombie apocalypse, but I want to at least have some basic skills under my belt that will prove universally useful (apart from writing).


Being a good parent

I want to investigate the true songwriting process. It's more of a revisit with new eyes and additional information and skills acquired along the way. It's a journey from within, a battle of past ghosts, and a re-education of what I thought music production is all about.

Better financial planning - maybe "You Need A Budget". Alex and I recently decided to combine our finances. I do a good job in not having debt, paying off school loans, etc - but I feel like I need to focus more on home improvements, more savings, more money available for vacations, etc. Better "big picture" and long-term.

I have suggested that 2015 be named Epic Kingdoms 2015. This is in conjunction with wanting to promote mindfulness more, and get my website fully running, all the while ENCOURAGING people to be more mindful. I feel like the free spirit movement is a great idea and I want to spin off from that concept. I have no idea what that may be, but I know that my story is important, and I want to inspire and motivate people in the most unlikely of places. I want to further the work of Tidy Little Chicken's Mindful Life Journey, but I want to reach more people and a broader spectrum of an audience. I have felt a little bit of the excitement of encouraging people with the results that have been sent to me with people trying the whole 30. I want to continue to promote wellness in mind, body and spirit within the next year.

Yes yes yes. I want to be more on-board with a minimalist lifestyle, explore self-sufficiency and back-to-basics living. With a laptop in tow, of course!

Myself without self-doubt.

This Saturday I'm doing my first speaking gig for the Maryland Coalition to combat human trafficking. I want to do more of this so that I can forge new connections in the community. And I want to explore the new congregation that we found. I really miss going to shul. And I'll finally try belly dancing!

Im not sure if I want to put his name in here or not. But I wont because I dont know and I dont want this to haunt me. But I am curious to how this relationship will turn out, if we will be together or if he will leave me in the future. But this is my first relationship. One thing I want to explore is more INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY LEARNING. Im not sure where I want to merge into it but I really do want to be able to have something else under my belt.

I'd like to explore Judaism, Spanish and Hebrew more deeply.

Buddha, meditation. Gotta make time for some spiritual nooch.

Experiencing my Divine Nature x :)

The love of my life -- as yet not met!

FOR SURE. The Palestinian-Israeli/Israeli-Palestinian (does it matter which one comes first?) conflict. My personal experiences in the matter, as well as what I've been taught about it officially, have left me hopelessly jumbled and confused, a mess of opinions. And this has been a painful and frustrating state to be in. I'm honestly not sure how I can get accurate information about the history of it, about the past of it, and about the present of it, but I suppose I must at least endeavor to try, despite my disillusionments, and despite the awful and biased entities that are the media.

The possibility of actually achieving all the things I say I want to achieve.

The Boston Jewish Community and where I fit in best. I fell like I wander all over the place. I would like to be more centered in the Jewish community and build from that.

Persian and German history.

Planning a garden from start to finish. Investigate more people this year (see previous question). I'd like to learn more about civic activism in Chicago this year n

Climate Justice. So much climate justice. I must investigate and work on that issue. Also, I want to paint more. Really sink into painting, keep that rigor and that practice going. I'd like to have a web site with my art on it.

I want to continue to investigate the world around me, the natural surroundings and the man-made environments. I want to take the experiences I have in these environments, look for common threads, look for stories or small bits of beauty, and share them with whomever will listen to me talk or will read stories about where I've been, or whomever will look at my drawings or photographs and want to learn more.

This is a great question, and I currently don't have an answer. In some ways, I feel like my brain is so full with my existing passions (K-12 education reform being at the top of the list) that I don't have room to commit to something new. I hope that's not a terrible thing to say...

my artful creative soul

Hmmmmm, interesting one. I want to investigate vedanta more, as well as the art of manifestation. I want to investigate myself more - my creative, wild self.

In short: me. :) My life has not been what I expected, in any way. I'm now in my 40s, and it's time to look around and re-evaluate. Things are pretty good really, even if they are not what I intended - but every now and then, the feeling that I have failed to live up to what I planned overwhelms me. I want to learn to value what I've accomplished, and what I am.

I'm sure there are many things that I want to investigate in 5775, some of which I haven't even heard of yet. I will never know enough about the world around me. There is no point where I can say "I'm done! There is nothing about the world that I don't know!" There will forever be something new to discover and something interesting to learn more about. Life is beautiful.

The idea of starting a website and blog on local artists and their art, with a view to rpomoting them.