Is there something that you wish you had done differently this past year? Alternatively, is there something you're especially proud of from this past year?

I ate very healthy for 3 solid months to start the year. It was a super learning experience and it has helped me shape my subsequent eating habits. I'm ready to do it again, but have to find the motivation and willpower to be as successful; Perhaps the last 3 months will be as good as the first three! As far as something I wish I had done differently, nothing comes to mind right now, I don't have a lot of regrets on the year.

I wish I had seen my kids more. I am proud that I have learned to say no

Yes, I would have wished that I had worked harder in gymnastics.

I wish I would have spoken up more at work. I am proud of my first work trip alone.

Talked more to new people

I wish I hadn't been so lackadaisical at work. I feel like everyone on my team hates me now.

The only thing I regret is that I can't think of anything to answer to the alternative question.

I am happy (and proud) to say there is nothing that mattered that I would have done differently this year.

I would have allowed myself to open up to the possibility of authenticity in the world

Able to continue singing in Joyfulnotes Choir and bring joy to other seniors, at retirement communities, assisted living and nursing homes.

I wish my attitude at my job had been different. I'm especially proud of the Jewish community I've become a part of.

I wish I'd gotten help for anxiety and depression earlier. It would have made a lot of things better.

I wish I would have been more diligent about working on my book. On the other hand, I am proud of what I have completed on it.

I wish I had saved more of the extra pay I got for teaching that extra class. I wish, in general, that I was better at saving money. I'm pretty terrible at saying no to my wife, when it comes right down to it.

Found a community centered Synagogue. I started volunteering in the Baltimore MD city schools.

I wish I had kept my mouth shut. That is to say, I put too much food into it and let too many words come out.

I wish I had paid more attention to my health.

I wish I had spent less time worrying. Maybe it's my nature and it's something that I have to fight against almost on a daily basis. To let go and know that God has a better plan that I could imagine.

It has been a pretty ground breaking year. Proud of not giving up but instead decided to become more strategic.

I wish that I had been a better father. My dad was great and really cared for us but I don't think I learned figured out how to do the same thing. I hope that I do better than I have so far.

I wish I had studied harder last year

I wish I'd spent more time on creativity - especially photography - I hope to do more in the coming year. Debating whether setting a set time for it each week would work for me.

I wish I'd spent more intentional time with my family, rather than let years of work and homeowner habits drive my schedule. That goes especially for my kids, who maybe don't always realize they want time from me (beyond acquisitions and chauffeur services).

I wish I could find a way to be interested in housework. My house is always a little too messy and I hate how messy it is, but I never seem to be able to find the energy to keep it nice and tidy as I would like to.

I wish I had been more honest with my husband about how I was feeling. I think I had been so focused on my inability to determine his actions, I think I withheld things that might have helped him better understand how his choices were affecting our family.

I wish I had not gotten sucked back into the relationship that almost destroyed me a few years ago. He came back to take what little I had left.

I am proud of the steps that I took toward helping reduce my carbon footprint. Cycling to work everyday, getting rid of the 2nd car, eating less meat and cutting pork and beef consumption to virtually zero.

I wish I had acted on my wish to return to my fiction writing instead of putting off that dream even longer. I am proud of my ability to support my daughters financially and emotionally and spiritually in reaching their dreams.

I've been really brave this year. I didn't see it as brave, before, but it was. I made really hard decisions and stuck with them, and didn't worry about what it might look like to others. I took myself and my needs seriously, maybe for the first time. It's been a really great year for growth!

I probably could have handled the conflict with my youngest daughter better. Anger is almost never a good strategy for coexistence. I am proud of the way I have grown as a leader in my company. I have learned to be more of a coach and mentor. I have also improved greatly in networking and paying it forward in business

I wish I had not lied to a friend. It caused many unforeseen problems. I am proud f my involvement w charitable organizations in Costa Rica.

Less drinking, more exercising

I wish I had better organized the Chinese school's choral performance at the SACA New Year festival. I wish I reprimanded Nina and Nigel less and, conversely, praised and encouraged them more. I wish I found more moments to admire and appreciate Dave.

I wish I could stop immediately assigning blame to anyone but myself when something goes wrong. I'm proud that I managed to get requalified for my USCG Auxiliary Operation's crew - at age 74.

I wish I'd seen/visited Uncle Tony before he went in for his op and passed away. I'm particularly proud of how fit I've become with all my running and setting new PB's in races. Also - we're finally get around to doing the improvements on our house that we've wanted to do.

Spent more time cultivating real life relationships and less time playing online games or surfing relationship sights to get empty online validation.

I am especially proud of making the leap from stay at home mom back into the career world. It was a scary change, but the transition was actually pretty smooth and I'd forgotten how much I enjoy working.

I'm proud to have taken the professional risk of a music tour of South America, and I look forward to applying the lessons I learned on a more successful future run.

I"m getting better at it, but I wish I had been more patient. I get engrossed in something and then I get snapped out of it and I lose patience and perspective. I also need to watch out for using sarcasm in my teaching and communication. I forget that people can be sensitive about things that I think are silly or trivial. Teenagers are often so preoccupied with things I consider superficial that I don't think sometimes that an off-hand remark could be very impactful. On the plus side, I think I was a better father this year...not that I was a bad father last year, but that I am learning to be a better father every year.

I wish I would be more patient and less judging about people. I don't feel that I am terribly bad regarding those two characteristics, but sometimes I feel I could do much better. In general I want to think more before I speak something out or make a decision. Spontaneity is good, but sometimes I say or do something silly and hurt people without meaning it. And then again I am too shy with people I don't know, so I appear distant or cool. I am proud that I decided to apply for that one specific job and that in spite of my tight schedule and nervousness I managed to do my presentation for the interview.

I wish I spoke up more often and not let my emotions hurt others. Addressing problems or conflicts are not nice and could be quite daunting, but the most rewarding when you do. Taking out my feelings and frustrations on the ones I love, is not very smart or fair. I should share my emotions with them not hit them with it!

I wish I'd been more out in the world. More present. I've been overwhelmed by all the newness rather than excited/inspired by it. Going easy on myself a bit for how difficult this transition has been -- that said, it's time to shift from living from a place of fear to living from a place of love. Less netflix. More adventure.

I say both yes and no to both questions, A I am impressed and glad of the progressed i have made with my devotion to study, however I do think I have more work to do. I think although I have progressed greatly compared to my passed efforts, I am not up to the standard and potential that I can possibly be. I do hope that by this time next year, I have reached that level as a I will be in the final stages of my schooling life and it is quite essential I achieve the best marks possible for me.

Yes, I wish I was more focused and grade conscious in graduate school because now that I'll be taking the comprehensive exam, it's like back to square one. On the other hand, still regarding graduate school, I'm proud that I passed all the subjects in my coursework. But if ever I failed, it would be hard for me to bounce back.

I wish I could have started a social relationship at my new school but its too late to have that social circle

As for doing things differently, there are always any number of things to improve on--being more focused, being as good a parent as possible all the time, doing even better at work. As for proud...I don't know. I guess I'm glad I was able to more or less maintain my composure and excel pretty well at work, even in the midst of the crisis of S. dying and K. losing her father. But not exactly proud...more just "relieved."


If there is one thing I wish I had done differently this year, it is that I had taken care of myself. That I had gotten enough sleep. Eaten properly. Exercised. That I had been more disciplined about these basics. In not taking care of myself I realise that I cheated myself and the people around me out of the best person I could be. And that is incredibly selfish. Not taking care of myself in the most basic way makes it all the more amazing that I was able to get through some of the very stressful and difficult moments of this year without completely losing it, I suppose. I was able to love and remain emotionally present for the people who are important to me. I was able to act responsibly at work. I was able to engage in my Jewish life like never before. I am proud of myself for that, but hope that this year I can do those things in a more balanced, healthy, gentle way by taking better care of myself.

There are so many things, but they all relate to saving my son. I lost Mitchell to suicide on 6/15/14. I adored this child and I miss him so very much. I am heartbroken. I wish I had pushed and defied everyone and gotten him into therapy. The right kind...not the program that turned out to be lame and that did not address his deeper issues. I wish I had gone out the garage 10 minutes earlier. I wish I had saved him. Somehow. Somehow.

Humility. I wish I would've responded with greater humility and patience to my community in addressing what I saw was serious theological errors. I tried to address the issues first with leadership, but it was not received very well. At that point, I regret not making a point of sitting down together with, in a relaxed setting, possibly over a coffee, and working through the scriptures together. Alternatively, I am proud of the boldness it took to stand by my convictions through much misunderstanding and conflict. It proved to be a refining issue both of my character and ability to communicate the Gospel of Jesus the Messiah.

I'm proud of finishing off my teaching still effective in the classroom, still admired and respected by students and colleagues. I never wanted to leave bitter and grumpy, and I didn't. In fact I'm proud to look back at my whole teaching career.

I wish I had handled my problem with my neighbor in Pattaya differently.

I am proud of the way I handled lssing my job. I reached out to family and friends. I got support. I got help. I took advice and did what was asked of me. I got a job now. What I would hacve don differently woild be not to move in with Joe. I think you should not libe together until you are married.

I wish I had more discipline in budgeting my finances. I am proud of leaving the family business which was not meeting my financial needs in order to find a new more lucrative position that uses more of my skills. I am proud of establishing a Talmud study class for an entire year at my synagogue after many told me it couldn't be done. I am proud of continuing a summer Torah study at my synagogue for the third year.

I wish I had stuck to my ultimatum I gave to my son to move out...well, one of them did. But the youngest did not, so we have spent yet another year this way. I love him, so I don't mind him being here, but he needs to start his life. It's like we're in a holding pattern...it does not serve either of us. I am proud that I quit drinking alcohol. It was a problem. I guess I hid it well because no one saw it as a problem...but it's my life to live and I certainly know what is impeding me. It has been 7 months now, so still a struggle - but this is opening me to my life and the be able to really LIVE it!! and not hide from it. Yay for me!!

I started dating Jonathan in November 2013. He was fun for a month and then was so heavy, he dragged me down. He was always in a bad mood, I felt like I was walking on eggshells and he made me less positive. He didn't share anything with me and I didn't have fun with him. I felt mistreated. I don't know why I wanted it to work so much - I think I really wanted a boyfriend, but, looking back, I should have ended it much sooner. I pushed it too hard and had a huge headache from him. However, when I eventually did break up with him in February, I was so relieved and happy to be alone that it was a great head space to be in for when I met Itay. So it did work out. I'm proud that I recognised my living situation wasn't good for me any more and moved out. Living with Nir is wonderful - he's messy but he's a great flatmate and we help each other out. We share things - his tv for example, and we also food shop for each other. This was something I never did in my last flat. It's so lovely living with just one person and having my own privacy. I feel like I was living like a student and now I am more of an adult! When I move in with Itay, I'll feel sad to leave this apartment!

Despite a year of employment turmoil, learning the lessons of how to adapt to changes has strengthened me. This confidence in myself has given me impetus to speak up for others who do not yet have that voice.

Aside from all the victories I'm experiencing from last year, I do say that I am perhaps happy, not proud that I am going through counseling with my husband again. We have met a wonderful couple from South Africa, Robert and Rich McLaughlin, who are counseling us. I was pretty much at my wits end, feeling like I was enabling Victor to be jobless and sit around the house depressed. A friend pointed it out to me when We went to Miller Outdoor Theatre. I was just about to give him an ultimatum to move out and find a job before he could come back home, when I went up to Robert at church and asked for prayer. It was Robert's suggestion that Victor and I meet for counseling the following week. Who knew, but God, that he was a builder in need of a partner like Victor who had lots of knowledge of the American building market and experience developing properties Lord you have rewarded my husband and my family with honey! You have given Victor a chance to redo the storehouse for a second cup and a job with Sarma the doctor to design his office and perhaps work with Robert in developing properties. What am I proud of? I can't be proud when God is the one orchestrating everything. Thank you, Adonai.

I am so proud of myself for everyday getting all of the things down that are required of me. Fittting everyone's schedule in and also having plenty of time for me and my business has proved to be a puzzle worthy of attention. Also, I have been very introspective and feeling so much gratitude with ease and that, to me, is quite commendable. My family is happy and healthy and my friends feel loved and purposeful. The thing I would love to pay more attention to would be my own health. I;ve slipped off of the workout routine after my wrist surgery and it's hard for me to walk great distances as I don;t have the strength I'm used to having but I am committed to being more active this coming year and also eating more of the rainbow!

I wish I hadn't consumed as much media (TV, Facebook, etc.) and instead spent that time doing more productive things. I wish I had gotten outside more. And left work earlier more.

I am really proud of me, I met some interesting new people this year, and I have a feeling it's just the beginning... Some of them are already out of my life, some are on-and-off, and some of them are still present. I can only hope for the best and believe everything happens for a reason.

Meeting new people- I wish I had continued. I am quite proud of the changes I made in career and love.

I reacted badly to a situation at work. I reacted with fear and a lack of faith in the Divine and continue that response throughout the season. I had opportunities to by proactive and had to be dragged to it. If there is something you want to teach, please let me say, Yes, thank you.

I had this awful crush on someone I know but I never could get the guts to do anything about it. Unfortunately I know her in a professional setting and I ended up having had to give some negative feedback to her about her work, so that did not help. I am almost over her but still have to see here once in while and it stills painful and helpless. I just wish I were emotionally strong and mature enough to do the right thing or at least have the strength to bear through the outcome of my own helplessness.

I wish I had laughed more. Or, more importantly, seen the humor in things more often. I have Emerson's thought "Be silly, Be honest, Be kind" on my kitchen window sill and I'm only really good at numbers two and three. Number one, however, is the key. When I'm silly or when I laugh my kids' and husband's faces light up. I'm especially proud of...cooking more often. I always say I like to gather my family around for dinner. Finally, I'm spending time during the day making delicious food. My 14-year-old is now in school for the first time (high school) and every time she eats it's like she's a baby again, close to my body, nursing or just plain close. I am being maternally FED by her devouring of my food. I love it.

I would have worked harder to lose weight

I wish I had looked and found AND PARTICIPATED in a life drawing group and/or class. This would mean that I had worked through several fears that stop me from doing such things. The fear of having to be perfect stops me, especially when I would be in the eyes of others. I watched my mother be crippled by this behavior. Most crippling is what was drilled into me...that I am someone special and that I know everything. I have learned that I am not special and there is no way that I could know everything. Still, I struggle when my ego has to "perform" in front of others. When I do break through, I am strengthen in a healthy way. What was successful is that I took on teaching a pre-college life drawing class. I feel that I did well in helping others, mostly because I have, and continue to, discover observation obstacles and have learned how to overcome them.

I wish I would be nicer with my brother. I need to work on the tone of my voice when talking to him. I am especially proud of the award I won. Outstanding Graduate in Industrial Management. It seems all my hard work paid off. (Or at least someone noticed I worked hard)

I was trying to be less judgmental of people and more supportive of their goals. Earlier in the year I feel like I did this very well but recently I feel like I've gone off course. I'm hoping to turn this around by the end of the year.

Hay algo que hubiera gustado cambiar y es la forma en que administré mi negocio los pasados 3 años. Pero ahora que todo paso y que las personas que trabajaban para mi se fueron. Me siento libre. Me siento ligero. Al final estoy orgulloso de todo lo que hice y de todo lo que hago. Me he dado cuenta que soy capaz de muchas cosas. Ahora tengo confianza en mi!

I am especially proud of the choices I've made regarding parenting and the divorce. I have stood firm that my boys should never hear me speak badly of their father, and that they should feel free to talk with me about him or ask questions about him. I do feel that I've successfully put my children first - their safety and their well-being have been my paramount concern in this whole process.

I'm proud of the personal growth I've seen, which I attribute to at least 3 factors. First, I have a loving husband who supports me and encourages me. Second, I spent some time in counseling and have been able to see some of my weaknesses and how they impact my relationships. Third, I've been in ACA recovery for about six months and I see how my childhood has affected me throughout my life.

This year, my beautiful daughter was born. I worried so much that I almost ruined the experience for my partner. I want to find a way to relax more and take it easy, and enjoy everything. I am very proud of my family, and all that we did to have our little baby girl. We worked very hard to get her, and I am exceptionally thankful for the technology that enabled my daughter to come to be!

I wish I had been more forceful in verbalizing my need for help with my daughter. I needed help with everything about her transition from high school to college, to getting her to overcome her fear of driving a car, to getting her to manage her anxiety, to...to...just EVERYthing.

Kept my mouth shut when it comes to management The work that I do. I plant seeds to give people a chance in having a better life.

I don't wish I had done anything differently. I think everything happens for a reason. But, I am proud of what I've done this year. I came out to the world s who I really am and my (ex) girlfriend has really helped me a lot to show for it.

I wish that I had made more of an effort to show my family and friends how much I cared about them while I was near them. I am proud of my efforts to be healthy and fit this past year. While not at my final goal, I am close, and also am making this a priority in my life. I am proud of becoming a "grown up" in the sense that I have become financially responsible, taken on a full time job, have an apartment, and am just in general a more level-headed and responsible person with my decisions.

I wish I had focused more on the shit that matters, and les on the shit that doesn't. I let my schoolwork slip for the benefit of my ego. That's fucked up.

I still need to be more patient. But alternatively, I did things that got me out of my comfort zone, notably making a radical career change.

Yes, wish I had advanced at work

In the past year I wish i would have had more fun with my friends and family, because me only being in high school this is really the only time to have "fun" because after I finish high school, it will be time to get serious with my life and start new in college, but I am proud of the things I do for myself and other people around me! I push myself so that it betters me in the future!

Wow. Quite a question to start this journey with. Especially for me who is constantly questioning my shortcomings. If I had to pick one thing, I would say wasting time. A big part of myself is searching for my purpose here on earth. I would like to find what that is but feel at this moment I'm stuck and not doing enough to fulfill this yearning. So many days pass where I feel that I've accomplished nothing but simply passing time. It's a very empty feeling. Alternatively, I would say that my greatest accomplishment this year is starting to be really honest with myself and others. In the past I have made excuses or rationalizations, but I'm finding now that I don't want to take the easy way out. Its sometimes uncomfortable but often freeing.

There are plenty of little things I wish I had done differently this past year. I haven't lost weight, which I need to do. I still tend to clutter my room before eventually settling into a 'today is a day I'm going to tackle the mess' mode. What's the insight in this? Off the top of my head, I'd say I need to work at both these issues day by day and be more deliberate about it. In August, when I decided that Facebook was getting to be more of a drag than it should be, I decided to deliberately and literally take Sabbath breaks from my gadgets-computer, iPad,and iPod.I really have become more aware of how I spend and use my time. I am proud of that.

I wish I had put more effort into my career this year. I have let my personal life, the loss of my father a few years ago, my partner's struggles, etc. drag me down in a way that has manifested itself as a lackluster performance at the office. I need to change my perspective, though I am not happy at my job I need to try to make the most of it until I can find something else to do for a living.

I french fried when I should've pizza'd. You french fry when you pizza...you're gonna have a bad time.

I wish I'd been proactive and productive. I don't ever feel like I'm living up to my full potential. When things don't go my way I stop caring instead of looking for a solution. I see things I want to be doing or people I wish I could be, but I never do anything about it. Change is hard and it's not always needed (I do love myself most days), but I wish I could have changed one or two things about my daily lifestyle this last year. Where would I be today if I had actually started that blog, or drawn something every day like I had wanted to?

Pleased that the school flagpole garden looks GREAT now in fall. A little over one year of hard work has really paid off. I wish that I had more time to get the larger garden done, but there is only so much time in the day. I need to figure out how to manage my time better.

There are always things I wish I had done differently. Most of them have to do with acting too quickly based on emotional charge and feelings of righteous indignation. If I could slow down and think, breathe and not be so arrogant as to think I have to be the one to right things and do it right now I'd be acting in a way more consistent with my values than my ego. It is good that I have the moral desire to act and the courage, bad that I don't take the time to think before acting. Sometimes this also doesn't respect that others may also feel the same way. Wish I could be more connected in my communication with my mom and have more of an open heart again. I also wish I could slow down in general and see what it feels like. Might be a really wonderful and deepening experience. I am trying to think of proud in a deeper way than accomplishing something. I am not sure I have something that I do feel really proud of in a deep sense. I am proud of doing good work and helping colleagues and trainees and caring about coworkers staff and patients but again wish I could do it with less ego.

I am fairly proud of the fact that I was able to juggle all of my commitments this summer. Between releasing my first book, scheduling 2 more books for release, volunteering for the Antiques Show, working at PAC Camp on costumes, traveling to California for a wedding and to Baltimore for a funeral, I as able to complete my tasks with only a moderate amount of stress. I wish I'd been able to devote more time to writing, but it is what it is.

I wish I would have seen my family a little more. I work so often now and plus school makes it hard to see everyone. I miss them. My cousin Taylor always messages me saying she misses me. Shes like me little sister. I miss her.

I wish I had handled the situation with my parents differently. I wish I had taken better care of the Turner house, in spite of being sick. I wish I hadn't made myself so vulnerable to my parents, which in the end has only made me more guarded and anxious around them. I'm especially proud of the work I did to get through my surgery and have it be a healthy and powerful experience. I'm also especially proud of getting my social work license and a full-time clinical office job with only a conditional license!

Done differently: Kept up my diet and exercise plan. There's always a million reasons/excuses, but sooner or later you just have to get the job done. Especially proud: Started a new job and proved myself a leader. Continually working at yelling at the kids less. Remembering to be kind.

No. I think if I look back and try to change things about the past I am moving backward in the steps I am taking on my current path. If I am reflecting, I am trying to look as an observer, without judgement as to what I might have believed to be good or bad.

I am proud to have become a grandfather of a healthy boy! I hope to have my health so I can enjoy his growth and accomplishment.

This year I wish I would've taken better care of my body, believe it or not. I know all the things I should do. Drink water, do exercise, eat only when I'm hungry, not overdo it either in food or just life in general (learn to really rest). Two months ago my work gave me a fit bit. Again, another thing I did not think I needed but, it was free - worth some money and I was part of a team so I figured might as well make use out of it. It exposed how bad I was missing the mark. Always knew about the not drinking enough water, but my salt intake - and I do not salt anything! Was almost 3000 per day! I was shocked! Fiber was really low, 1/2 my diet is carbs, and I ate what I wanted when I wanted, sometimes if it was there and my husband was having some...even if I wasn't hungry...or if I was emotional happy or sad - bored too! Now, I can be pre-emptive. Like if I want to go out to eat, I can put in what I'd like to have and see what I'm actually taking in and if it's right for my body. It's like gas for the car, do I have enough or am I overfilling the tank and it's going all over the ground...I tried doing the weight watcher stuff - I'm too busy, which is something I'd like to work on next year but the fit bit you type in what it is and 99% of the time, it's already in there. Because I don't have to do the labels and manual calculations or type all the nutrition stuff in, I have been really faithful with it. I also wish, femalely, that I would've started taking my temperature like the dr asked me to before. But sometimes I did, sometimes I didn't, I'd take it at different times, but I found this free program called Ovia and I've learned exactly what my body is doing, what symptoms mean and why. I probably would've conceived by now if I had done this way sooner but I didn't see the value. Seeing the month to month data, not having to use stickers and crazy charts, just simple data entry has been extremely helpful. So I guess towards the middle of this year I became more self aware of my body. I'm kinda proud of that. I also got off Prozac which had caused me to gain like 30 pounds within a couple years...I went on wellbutrin and with the lifestyle changes I've been blessed to keep up with, I've lost that and then some. My BMI is now normal. I'm extremely proud of that. I'd been trying to lose weight, when I would go to the gym and it would say on the machine I burned like 400 calories a whack and then not lose anything, I lost my umph to go and to be careful about what I was eating. If no matter what I do the answer is x, then I'm going to keep doing whatever I want, why suffer if its not doing anything...well a majority of that was the medicine even though the prescribing dr said it wasn't. My PCP told me that I should never take that medicine again because of the weight gain side effect. When you have any side effects even if they are small, you really shouldn't take that medication...unless of course your dr says you have to (like if its life dependent kind of thing like insulin or something) Amazing what little tweaking of different things in your lifestyle does. I'm a results person, when I see results I get encouraged. When there's no results, I have trouble staying with it if there's a lot of effort involved.

I never regret, so no, nothing I'd've done differently. I guess, then, especially proud of? That's a hard one....I can't easily think of anything, sadly! That I'm coping with menopause is about it LOL

I am feeling much more comfortable playing the banjo this year. It has 32 months since I started playing and I'm proud of keeping it up, staying interested and practicing. I always feel guilty about not painting or doing other art projects, but I excuse myself because I'm tired after work. Once I retire I plan to take art classes, perhaps language classes, maybe brush up on my math, fix up my house, work in the garden, exercise more, lose weight, travel, walk at least a portion of the Pacific Crest Trail.

I am proud that I have shared my love for my late husband Reg, to help other women recover from the loss of their husbands. I am proud that I have offered my support and love to those who are suffering and grieving, just as others have given of themselves to support me.

I wish I had exercised more caution when interacting with people from my past. I made the leap to take a new job that resulted in a cut in pay but a raise in sanity and happiness.

I made the decision to leave my job of 8 years for a change. Although I am traveling on a very unpredictable and precarious road, I am taking a risk in order to have more control over my schedule, and life. After 8 years of a predictable and secure paycheck, I am now not sure how stable my paycheck will be, or if at all. I have created different revenue sources in the hopes that I can make this work for me. Yes, I am scared, anxious, uncertain but I am going to proceed and see where it takes me.

Last year was always going to come out the way it did. I suppose I would have like to started riding my bike to work earlier in the year, stood up to winter a more. I did things at my pace and consistently worked hard, not a lot of room for wishing I'd done things differently. There's more I'm proud of - I'm proud of the furniture I've made. More proud the healthy, sharing, blooming relationship that began this year. I'm proud of keeping my commitments even when I became halfhearted about the act required or original reason for committing. Volunteering. Becoming a mentor. At my effort to get to know my family better, and so happy I spent that evening on the couch beside my grandma looking at old pictures and the family tree. Am I more lighthearted today than yesterday - I'll try for funny tomorrow.

I truly wish things would've turned out differently with them on. I wish our business partner and turned into a drunken asshole. I wish you would still be able to work on it together, and produce such an amazing event that so many people loved. I feel like we disappointed a lot of our staff, a lot of people who are young dependent on it for an outlet. I also don't live my life with regrets. And even though I wish it would've ended differently, I know there's a reason that it ended the way it did and I'm glad it did. I'm proud of my husband and myself for how we work through that problem together. I'm proud of what we've accomplished as a couple and as individuals.

I wish that I had tried harder on my homework rather than just completing it.

Wish I had been more serious about attending to weight & fitness issues. There's no problem with information or access to needed materials / facilities. I just haven't really "committed to the process." Since there's no time like the present, starting NOW seems to be the reasonable thing to do. Alternatively, I'm proud ( and humbled and grateful) of being welcomed into 3 families as an honorary grandmother to a total of 14 kids. There's a lot of love floating about, and its fun to have them request me as the preferred babysitter / playmate. This brings me back to the above comment about weight & health...I have 14 good reasons to "GET COMMITTED to the process," especially if I want to be around long enough to attend the (future) weddings of these kids!

I'll say something I'm proud of since regret is my signature emotion and I basically wish I did everything differently. Except this: I truly made a habit of meditation this year. I'm still relatively new to it, but I think it's been transformative. I'm also finally really writing something of my own. I don't know what will become of it, but I'm glad I'm doing it.

I wish I would of hung out with my mom a lot more this past year because now she got divorced and she has a boyfriend. She works almost everyday and then when she gets home she ignores me and my sister and hangs out with him and everyday it seems too be the same routine. Except for days when she doesn't work and hes gone.

I wish that I cared more.

I wish I had developed a better relationship with a few of my students earlier on last year. Over the course of this past year a few of them have become quite embittered with me and I'm trying to understand why but it is becoming increasingly difficult to interact with them in a respectful manner. At the same time, I am proud that I've developed a comfortability with a number of other students at my school and I'm glad to be back for a second year. I look forward to the years to come.

I'm proud of several things that I have done in this past year. I'll start off with being committed to getting better at football and losing some weight to make myself better and more conditioned, as I knew I'd be playing both offense and defense. Secondly, I work for Big Boy, and there were several times I was about to quit because of some certain aspects, but I told myself to just to keep going and things may get better. Well so far things are going alright. Thirdly, I'm an over weight, and not as attractive, so I'm not good with girls nor can I have a successful relationship. As of now I have found the girl that I would love to spend the rest of my life with. She's everything I could ever want and I'm very proud of myself that I didn't give up on looking for the right one. I could of given up real easy, but I'm really glad that I didn't!

I probably should be saying that I'm sorry I started the court reporting program.......it is so expensive, and now I have the job of my dreams in teaching. I'm not sorry, though. I like steno, and it feels like something I should be doing. It feels good. Now I just have to find a way to bow out of the program gracefully.

I wish I would have spent my time over the summer in a more productive way. I am also proud that I am close to getting my license.

I'm very proud to be the one and only girl on the football team. I am the first girl to play on varsity, but unfortunately I am also going to quit the team. The team isn't the easiest to get along with sometimes. I'm not the only one on the team that feels unwanted there by some of the guys. I have played since my 8th grade year and now that I am in 11th grade and I think it is time to give it up.

Angst less. Enjoy more. Proud of making my life-altering decision to stop my day job by the end of 2014.

I wish I had prioritized people over activities and busyness more last year. I am proud of all the ways I have stepped out of my comfort zone and done things I thought "were not me" because of being afraid in the past.

I wish I had been more thoughtful and less hurtful to those around me. I am proud that insofar as my ability professionally goes, I have grown.

I wish I had worked harder on my relationship with my oldest son. Showed him a softer side and given him ore support and less pushing. Leaving space to spend some time together doing father and son things. i am especially proud of the intentionality in my relationship with my know fiancee. How we have not fought at all in the time we have been together. Sharing the hurt when it happens and tracking the time to see how things can be different. Staying always curious and ope. This has brought and incredible amount of love into my life and space for change.

I am so proud that I have chosen to be kind. I took the high road in situations that I could have easily not. I made the decision to not have negative people in my space and to honor myself, to be kind to me.

Overall I'm quite happy with how everything went, it's been a much better year than the last which makes me a more easy-going person. I still find it difficult to communicate in a constructive and not-angry manner when I'm upset but it is much better than it has ever been before. Still I'd like to be better at it. Yoga has helped a lot with that and I look forward to getting more yoga practice in my everyday life when I start the teacher training next year. Another thing is I spent too much money but I'm talking about it with my boyfriend and I'm sure things will work out. It's been difficult to stick with my more modest lifestyle while being with a boyfriend who earns and spends more money. I'm proud of finishing my final thesis and managing it without any meltdowns or too much stress on other fronts. It's been a tough but well planned and executed process and I'm happy I managed to balance work, study and relationship so well.

-not let personal issues affect how I interact with others - been more communicative with my feelings with my significant other

been closer with my wife

Wish I had navigated my father's passing better. Proud to have helped my mom so much. Proud to be trying to become a better person. Proud to be thinking about what I need to do to have more friends and be of service.

I wish I had been better prepared, financially, for plunging into relying on just the private practice exclusively. I knew I'd take the risk some day, and had I been thinking of this as a plan, rather than an attack of opportunity, I would have used the time in the last contract to budget for this eventuality, rather than spending wildly as a counterbalance to the two-career stresses (exacerbated by health issues we were still sussing out last summer). By and large, I'm proud of having made the attempt, having ascertained that it's financially infeasible at this time, and having a plan for getting back to employment in place... even if it's taken me a lot longer than desired to enact that plan (and if it succeeds, will still be more likely based on a lucky break from a friend than anything else).

I had a rough start to the year, but I can say that I am ending it with a bang! Got a new job in a new state. making a huge move to be there and tackle it! I am in a very good place right now and could not be happier!

I do wish that I had spared a few bucks extra every month last October and gone ahead and signed up for dental insurance. I have health insurance but not having dental really messed me up this summer when I needed to have a tooth extracted. I am proud of being in a position financially to help people I am closest to so that we can all enjoy life despite its many hardships. This is important to me because I wasn't always in a position to do this...financially, physically or emotionally.

I wish that I had applied myself far more intensely to finding meaningful employment. On the other hand, I am especially proud of the fact that my relationship with my wife keeps getting deeper and more meaningful.

I really wish I would have worked on my portfolio more this year. What am I doing that is so important I can't work on it? The only way for me to find a better job is to apply to new agencies, and I can only apply once my portfolio and website are ready. WORK ON IT - NOW!! Seriously.... I am proud that I've survived having my boyfriend move in and we've been living together quite successfully for almost a year now. I've grown to love him more than I ever thought I could.

I wish I had handled the Max situation differently. I should have pushed harder on the shelter people. I should have complained to that a-hole cop's supervisor instead of being afraid of retaliation. I should have stolen him. Something. I am regretful that I could not help that poor, sweet dog. I hope & pray that he survives, gets stronger & runs away on his own. Go, Max, go! In general, I want to devote more of my life to helping animals, dogs specifically. I truly miss the outlet from working at the shelter in Texas. I did make a difference in a world that needs a lot more difference making.

proud of maintaining calm and positive attitude despite adversity. Wish I could maintain calm and positivism always. God bless oxytocin.

Differently, perhaps less thoughts on past years and disappointments. Alternately, perhaps more thinking on present and better resolutions for another day.

I started a job. One that fit the goal I set the year before on 10Q. I found a job that allows me to work on my own schedule, using the computer, and can be done from any location. It is keeping my mind sharp and giving me more of a purpose in life. Yeah --- I'm proud of myself!

I took the first four weeks of the year off to travel to Tasmania - just me and my bike on a "mid life adventure." Best thing I ever did - to reflect, explore, learn, meet, be outside. As I approach 50, not sure how many of those opportunities I might have to travel on bike. What did I learn? I would like to do a similar adventure every year, time and money permitting. Just can't gain the same experiences in a living room/office that we can attain travelling the world - especially by bike where all of the senses are stimulated every day. There are some amazing people and experiences out there . . .

I wish I had been more proactive in cultivating my relationships with people in my church. I'm so focused on my family that I usually don't make enough time for others. There's nothing I'm especially proud of.

I wish i had not had lied to antony to get away from ray. i am proud of My getting My alpaca job. i proved myself and did not comprise My integrity

Something I wish I had done differently this past year is to learn how to say "no" sooner. Over-committing to social activities made me flaky to friends, and that's not something I'm happy about or proud of.Something I'm especially proud of from this past year are my professional successes. I am very fortunate to have been afforded the opportunities that have come my way.

I am proud of how we as a family have handled the transitions we have been faced with - new jobs, new home, new child. I wish I had been able to "let go" a bit more and not worry so much about these issues, though.

we should never regret the past, it prevents us from living in the day, today. i don,t think G D wants us to dwell on our mistakes or our accomplishments, it gets in the way of focusing on him. I think pride is a character defect it makes us become self centered, and doesn't allow us to get out of ourself and be of service to others.

I need to be more patient with my husband, such as accepting the kitchen not being perfectly clean. I need to stop explaining and let my husband respond. I should explain my stance, give my opinion once...and then be silent. I'm proud that I took the time to send people thank you notes for having me stay at their home overnight. I'm proud that I gave my daughter the space she needed, as hard as it was, and waited for her to come back to me. Now she's back.

I am proud that I took the opportunities offered to me. My life is changing ... I am becoming what I want to be rather than what I thought I should be.

1.) I cannot think of anything off the top of my head. Everything I did or did not do was measured. I do not make too many rash decisions without thinking of the consequences. I want to say I wish I took the trip to Eastern Europe with Parker, but that would have looked bad to Barbara who was trusting me with her life's work... I should have gone to more beer festivals. 2.) I am proud of the level of accomplishment I achieved. I am proud to go back to my 10 year reunion and be friends with everyone. I am proud of the friendships I have created and the core group of people I surround myself with. I am proud of my ability to make short term sacrifices that pay off over the long term. I am proud of what I have achieved in my 20's.

I wish I had worked harder in my relationships this past year. I feel separated and a weakened connection to people I was closer to in previous years. I didn't reach out or enrich others lives as much as I could have. I've focused on negative aspects of my situation the majority of the year and isolated myself with depression. I think helping other people and focusing on incorporating that into my daily existence could have remedied my depression. However, I am especially proud of the business aspect of my current state. I created a business, sold artwork, saved money and became financially independent within a 9 month period. Now I know my abilities in self sufficiency.

I am especially proud of the fact that my life's work for the past 18 years has now resulted in a wonderful young woman who successfully launched this year by leaving for college. I can't imagine a greater accomplishment that having nurtured a child who can leave my home with a strong set of values, an independent spirit and a loving nature.

I am proud of the way I have grown in my job and developed new skills, forcing myself to do things I find difficult and watching my own progress from where I started. I am much less timid than I ever was before.

I wish I'd been less afraid of failure, and pushed myself harder to do the work that I am actually very good at. I wish I'd reached out to more friends. I wish I'd been easier on myself when I fell short of my own expectations, and allowed myself to bounce back more easily. I'm proud of the relationship I've built, the time I've spent with family, the new job I've started and the contributions I've made in it, the apartment I've made my home, and of having started running.

I struggle with the balance between my needs and my children's. So, while I don't know if I could have done things differently, I do wonder if the way I am makes life harder for my kids. I am active and involved. I exercise every day. I'm involved in a non-profit organization. I have several friends and also a boyfriend. (I am trying to nurture that relationship.) This in addition to being a single parent and running a business that involves travel. Still--my son has turned the corner this year. He has been taking classes in an area that interests him. He's actually in an internship and he makes it to work every day. With some pushing : ) Now my daughter is languishing. She isolates herself and withdraws. I try to find her help. But I also feel sucker punched. I had hoped she would be social and normal. But that's not who she is anymore. I took a parenting class this year--that was one of the better things I did. It gave me perspective. Has made me more empathetic, less judgmental with her.

There had been a lot of change in the last four years of my life. A lot of challenging experiences but also transformative. This year I begin to experience the fruit of the change.

I wish I had saved the money.

I wish I could connect better with my supervisor.

I am proud that I took my psychiatrist's advice and applied to graduate school again. It led me to realize that I can achieve great things in my new normal. I was proud of my MAT score (still impressed with myself, in fact, because 99th percentile is crazy amazing) and proud that so many people were willing to get behind me again as academic and professional references.

I wish I had tried a bit harder in school. I feel like my lack of effort is going to come back to haunt me in my senior year as I apply for colleges. Perhaps a little more effort would of given my gpa the boost to be a more competitive student.

I would have listened more carefully and waited before responding to situations. Remember there are two sides to every situation. Keep an open mind and heart.

I wish I had put more money into the savings account while I was getting paid working for Weight Watchers so that I'd have a larger cushion during "ramp-up"! On that note, I'm very proud that I was able to get my weight back down to 135 and stay there and, even though I fell during my last half marathon and probably won't do another one, I am proud that I completed 3 when I never expected I'd do even one! I am also quite proud of my new column I'm writing, even if it's only for fun, it's still nice to be in print and be appreciated for what I know I do best. I'm extremely proud of my daughters and our continued strong family relationships through good times and bad. 5774 was really one of the BEST years I've had in decades!

I'm not sure I would have done anything the same. It was such a bad year on so many levels. I did start to try and get spiritual. It's a start.

Everything, and nothing. It's not been the best of years, but not the worst either. :/

I wish I would have visited my family more. I'm proud of my career accomplishments this year.

This past year, I wish I kept in contact with my friends better especially my best friends. I have gotten better though but I need to continue. Even call more often randomly. I ask should have waited for a job in my specialty and not the best thing that came along. I'm proud of myself because I haven't changed who I am. Despite peoples' opinions, I've stayed true to myself.

I wish I'd made my health and fitness a bigger priority. We both put on relationship weight this year, 20 for me, 10 or so for him, and we both know we'd feel so much better if we were able to prioritize these things. Eating healthy isn't generally an issue. We enjoy whole foods, lots of vegetables. We don't go in for fast food much--though we both have a soft spot for breakfast burritos. Social drinkers, though. That's a weakness. It's exercising that's a bitch. I work two jobs, that generally works out to six or seven days a week. And on top of that, I'm trying to keep the house clean because even with two jobs, I feel like I'm not contributing enough. So here I am, at the end of September, the same weight as I started out as. As much as I like the idea of spending the winter working out and losing ALL THE WEIGHT, I can't be sure I trust myself to prioritize in that direction. It also wouldn't kill me to get a better, more grown-up job, would it?

I wish I had made more time for my family, quality time. I did spend a day visiting LA with my kids, we had a lovely time, but I do wish I had had more days such as those.

I felt like there were difficult moments where I was able to identify the key issue and identify a solution to diffuse the situation.

I wish I dealt differently with an issue between my daughter and myself. I am especially proud of being part of the DICANE study.

I'm proud that I had the strength to end a relationship that had become toxic for both of us.

I wish I hadn't got injured and ill so often and therefore would be in my second year at uni right now instead of looking for a job to stop me being bored.

I wish I hadn't given my heart away so easily. That was stupid and I won't do it again. I'm proud of becoming closer to my family through Eve's birth. I'm proud of turning 40 and having the most amazing group of friends around me to celebrate. Humbled.

If I could I woul think better about leaving my family and travel to another region of my country alone. Probabbly I wouldn't have gone. Telling the truth I am not proud of anything I did last year.

I wish if not felt so sad in Italy and I wish I'd known why I did. I wish I'd not lost my temper with dom because I feel so scared about his illness, and I wish I could find some way to help him get well. I wish tom knew how much better he makes my life even if sometimes I am angry or sad

HM. I wish I had not rushed into the romantic relationships that I did. I wish I had 'dated' the old-fashioned way, not getting serious or intimate too soon. This happened at least 3.5 times of 1-2 month lengths, and resulted in way too much distraction/wasted energy, as well as ultimately pain that maybe could have been avoided with a tempered approach. I wish I had spent that time writing or at yoga. Or focused on work, when I was distracted there. I'm hella proud of my growth and awareness and increased presence and increasing attention, work ethic, active listening, ability to start and keep building writing projects, consistency, ability to show up ... etc etc etc. I feel like I'm a better person every day, and especially when looking from where I was a year ago. But maybe you just caught me on a good day ;) (Naw: taking things 1 year at a time, like the stock market, helps with the averages.) I don't have the searing pain nor the swirling hurricane of confusion or negativity or blackout drinking or immaturity or poor choices or lack of control. And I'm totally okay with that.

I am proud that I got it together to move back to the bay area with my kids...No body thought I could do it.. I guess since things have gone so bad with my housemate I could say I wish I had never moved in with her...but then again I am going to say it worked out for a time/reason and now it is time to move on

I'm especially proud of having a natural birth, giving birth to this amazing, lovely, sweet-natured and beautiful baby that makes me kvell non-stop! :) I found out last year a few days after Rosh Hashanah that I was pregnant, so this time of year will always be special to me. However, I wish I'd eaten a bit better while pregnant... damn you chocolate lol

I wish that I had paid more attention to the details in some of my construction projects. I am proud that I took care of my debits to friends and family

Trusted my instincts better. Not let myself be so vulnerable.

Proud of time and effort I spent being dad

No regrets. No major accomplishments this year. Still above ground. Still financially solvent.

As far as doing anything differently, I am sure I wish I could have done some things better. I always want things to be better, even when they are pretty good. I am particularly proud of my 3rd quarter at work this year. After a really slow start I was able to show my coworkers and myself that I am going to be successful.

I wish I had taken more time to create a greenhouse vegetable garden. I only have a few plants in there - there's plenty of space for a garden. I hate buying produce from the store that comes from across the country, and I would like to be part of the solution. I hope to try again this year. I am especially proud of making my workout regimen better. Also, I submitted two papers for publication.

I do my very, very best to live without regret. I am very proud of the fact that I do not make excuses not to do things that are important to me...I call my parents pretty darn close to every day and realize that I am Blessed that they are in good health. I make certain that all the people I love, know it...I utilize text, email and snail mail to keep in touch very regularly. I also enjoy encouraging others, especially my five children to pursue any dream or interest they may have. That is not always convenient for me, but I do it anyway. I know that others will let me kids down, I want them to know that I will NOT!! I am also proud of my relationship with my husband/best friend...He is awesome and I let him know it...That does NOT mean that I am not honest and we don't have moments of anger and frustration with each other or situations that arise trying to raise our family and make ends meet. Life is good. Bad things happen, but with good people surrounding me, I can make it!!!

I'm proud that I got a decent raise at work and got an award for my performance.

I wish that I had saved more money and spent more time with family. I'm happy I spent time with the poodle he completes my soul and I'm glad I shared his live with others

I wish I would have spent more time with my younger son. I am proud of my two sons getting off to college.

I would very much have like to have handled my husband 's losing his job differently. I am very upset and unhappy that i did not press for him to start looking for something while he still had a job knowing that he might lose the job. I am disappointed with myself that i did not have the strength (or guts) to speak up. I am just standing by the sidelines while my husband seems to just laze around (caught up in his own depression) I am especially proud of the fact that my company is growing and that we did several really huge parties and we bought 2 beautiful trucks

I wish I had been more careful about my eating habits. I have celiac disease and have to follow a fairly strict diet. I have allowed do quite a few slip-ups, which are now catching up to me.

I wish I hadn't picked up that cigarette after 7 years of not smoking. Didn't even think about it.....just sat with a friend, picked up one of hers then lit up without realizing what I was doing until I started to get dizzy. Horrible habit. I'm pleased with the way I've become even more focused on what really matters that I had been. Small "aha" moments are happening.

I wish I had become more organized. Life moves quickly and I really would be ahead of the game if I had done a better job with this. I am very proud of myself for sticking with bootcamp. I am far from my goal, but so much better than I was before.

I wish that I had taken more control over my life. I feel like I just let everything slip past me and got myself stuck. I should have thought about myself and my future more. Unfortunately, I'm not particularly proud of anything I've done this past year. It's been a rough year for me.

I am proud of how my business has grown, leaving Durban, knowing when enough is enough to cut ties and following my heart

I wish I had been able to have a more frank, open, and definitive conversation with my partner about whether or not we should try to have a baby together.

i impose my own wants and agendas on other people. i work hard...and tend to pressure others to provide whatever it is i believe is best. i think its better to let things happen naturally. its ok to be disappointed in people you love - but you want them to give to you without pressure. it needs to be natural. forcing someone to be what you want them to be doesn't lead to gettinng what you want. patience and acceptance are better. i'm proud i maintained my dignity throughout my divorce. and i'm proud that i made it easy on my kids. i'm proud i care less about what people think. i'm proud i set goals and achieve them. oh something else differently....i would have eaten less! i'm not so proud of the ten pounds i gained through my divorce!

I can't say there is really anything I wish I had done differently. I believe I am doing the best I can and that can be enough. Maybe I wish I had loved myself better, been more compassionate and loving with me. I am proud of my every present commitment to being a self-aware, more loving presence in the world. I am proud of the way I manage a very tight budget. I am proud that I keep on keeping on.

I wish I'd applied myself more, and feel like I've let some opportunities slide by. My goal during a time of underemployment was to take my photography to a professional level. I haven't been aggressive enough, have lagged behind my goal of building a web site, getting press credentials and getting private clients. I've also left money on the table, not following through with some (non-photography) jobs that would have at least bolstered by bank account. At the same time, I'm very proud of the fact that, with two years of serious photography experience and a goal, I've gone from competent to regularly producing really excellent work. I've had private art sales and am not considered semi-professional, and I have some serious skills to build on, all of which I've been able to develop as a result of my own hard work. That feels pretty great. Except for the job thing, I guess this is about having expectations that may have been unreasonable, in relation to my level of experience, and a learning experience to embrace my success more than perceived failures.

I wish I had been more adventurous and had a better time when I went to NYC. I am especially proud that I kept writing (albeit much slower) in the midst of a terrible depression.

I am really proud that I made it to services for the first time for RoshHaShana last night. I am so terrified of new situations and especially the synagogue after being told never to come back to White Oak but I did it. I'm sick as a dog today and didn't sleep last night but....I did it. I cried throughout services as I felt the love of Gd wash over me as He loved me through my return but I was there. And yes. I'll be back.

I have small regrets about the relationship I was in. I'm proud that I didn't sleep with him, though! I knew it wasn't a serious relationship. I'm also proud that I PAID OFF ALL MY CREDIT CARD DEBT!!!!!!!!!!!!

I wish I had saved more money up this last summer. I worked like 60 hours a week at my two jobs and made bank but I blew it all on getting my nails done, massages for my boyfriend and eating out almost every meal. I was so unhappy with my life that I just indulged in a ton of things I could buy rather than save and focus on what is important in life. Moral of the story; working so much can only coincide with happiness if you have yourself centered, otherwise you will just be exhausted for ignoring every other aspect of your life. I am pretty proud that I am completely financially independent while I go through college. Even though it is hard, I am satisfied that I pay my own schooling, rent, all my expenses. I've done this for a long time now, since I was 16 and I moved out, but it is still satisfying to look around at everyone who rely on other people financially and know that in at least one area of my life I am free.

Oh, yeah: wish I had done more writing and more dancing. I'm afraid that wish will never change -- that I'll never change. But I continue to try. And, as I get older and more experienced, I believe I'm a better teacher -- that's something (not one thing but a process) I'm really proud of.

I wish I had paid more attention to my husband. I wish we had been able to communicate in real, authentic, heartfelt, deep ways that we just couldn't seem to do while in the moment. I wish our relationship hadn't ended in divorce. I wish we still had our cute house in Portland to share and continue to create beautiful memories. Of course, there is no knowing that if I had been able to be more vulnerable, that he would have been able to follow. Still, it's easy to think that maybe I didn't try hard enough. That maybe if I'd tried harder, we'd still be married even living in different states. There is just no way to really know.

This has been a great year of transition for me, with a new home, a new partner, and moves toward a new job. I think it would have been a difficult time of change for anyone, so any mistakes I made were part of that process, and have led me to wear I am, so how could I regret them? I'm proud of going to therapy this year, to tackle some patterns in my thoughts and behavior that keep me from feeling authentic and content with myself—like lying to gain approval, holding myself to an impossible standard, and conflating thinness with health.

I wished I had called my children more often. At least something, to keep in touch more often with them. I was proud of my swim at Big Shoulder last year and the time I got. But, I am particualrly proud of being a step dad to Levi. He is a fine young man and I think that since his father has little interaction with him,....and I have little interaction with my kids,....Levi and I truly appreciate each other and each other's company. It has been a real blessing that I could not have really anticipated. I am proud of him and his Mother

Looking back over the last year I wish I had taken more time to develop my skills outside of work. I constantly say to myself that I should do creative work outside of working hours to develop new skills and provide new opportunities but find that I do not do this. Rather I start and soon after decide that I shall just read books or watch TV. I see people I look up to and they are doing this yet I fail myself. I make excuses saying that I am lazy, but surely I could manage this. I know that I could because sometimes I have to do more work on a project and find myself being productive outside of core working hours.

I wish I'd moved out of my old apartment earlier, since it was making me miserable. I wish I'd set aside more regular designated time to (a) exercise, (b) search for a new job, since my current job is also making me miserable, and (c) find a new therapist.

I wish I had followed up on a few job leads, because I don't really feel as though I'm being valued at this stage in my career. I'm pretty secure in my position, and I'd like to keep from jumping companies every 3-4 years, but I don't know if longevity at my current employer is really going to be worthwhile. I'm proud of what I've been able to accomplish at work, however. And I've managed to acquire (and so far, keep) a really good friend, which is saying a lot because I'm pretty unlikable.

I wish I had risen earlier from the grindstone and taken more time to get out and enjoy life. Lesson learned.

I am proud of having kept ma Faith despite all the turbulences we had to face. I am also proud of the work we do with my husband with whom we form a good team. If I had known I'd had all these back problems, I'd had trained and walked in order to stay fit. Now that I work in my village I just go to my office on foot, that's all.... Had I known the problems I've faced... I'd had trained my muscles...... Aww........

I don't know what I could have done differently this past year, but I do know I hope I do it better next year. I am proud of doing my best, even though it was hard. I am proud that I am changing for someone else, but still fighting to hold on to who I am. I will be great when I figure out the perfect balance.

I would have quit smoking.

I really wish I would have stayed in Charleston this past summer. It was nearly impossible to study for my CFP exam with constantly being pulled in different directions at home. I ended up failing the test and have to retake the exam. I am extremely proud of my acceptance to change. Moving has been a big deal and I feel that I am doing well with the difference in location.

My son, 15, and my daughter 19 have come to live with me after living with their father for the past 4 years. It has been challenging not only because the three of us share a 600 square foot cottage, but are surviving pretty much on my income alone. I am a cook in a nursing home so that income is not very much. But we are making it work and are finding ways of communication and respect that we had not previously employed. So yes, I am proud of myself and both of them!

I wish I would have kept at my 'something active everyday' goal. It was simple and I felt better. I'm proud that I started it and now I know I can devote myself to this type of routine again.

The especially proud part is easier - - so I'll start there. This has been a year of major transformation for me. I made a commitment to becoming President of my Sisterhood for the next two years and identified 3 reasons: (1) To be able to promote the programs and projects that really matter to me; (2) to help empower women in a variety of areas; and (3) to force myself to focus on becoming a kinder, gentler, more tolerant and loving person. So far, it has been a phenomenal learning experience. I've made my share of mistakes and will continue to do so; I'm learning to apologize and move on. The response and acknowledgment from friends and the community is phenomenal and makes everything I'm doing worthwhile. Now, for the first question - - something I wish I had done differently this year ... I wish I'd taken better care of myself, my weight, my health, etc. That's been a goal for a long time - - and it's a goal again this coming year.

I wished I had paused more to enjoy what I have (friends, family, material comforts) instead of reflecting on what I don't have.

I wish I had spent more time with my mom.

I wish I had been braver and more honest, with myself and with others. I'm so concerned with protecting others feelings that I oftentimes cause damage to myself, and inadvertently to others. I'm learning, slowly but surely, how to strike a balance between raw honesty and complicit silence....

Proud that I'm becoming more confident, and my twitter account. Done dfferenttly, focussed more on what maters like my friends and my writing, less being online 24/7 and surverys.

There are lots of things I wish I had done differently. I'm not sure I should dwell on those things. Or maybe I should. This is all about reflection. Maybe the big things are getting out more. Taking advantage of the opportunities people presented to me. That's always a big regret. I let the fear of the unknown dictate my actions. So I let opportunities slip by. I think the big thing this year us that I decided to do one little thing about feeling better. And that was getting on antidepressants. It's made a difference in my mood and over all outlook. I feel better about things. I'm far from 100 percent but it was a step in a proper direction. That's a good thing and I'm glad to have done it.

I wish I'd been able to find more work, but I'm not sure how much of that I can control. I am proud that my band released a new album.

I don't like to have regrets - so no, I wouldn't want to turn the clock back and do things differently. But at the same time, I'm not sure I am particularly proud of anything I have done this year and that makes me sad. I feel I have done 'fine'. I started a new job, moved house three times, been to several new countries and helped organise a couple of hen doos. And I managed, go through with friends and family and a few glasses of wine, but I don't think I have done anything special or extraordinary and that's a shame. Because I think I can do better than fine, I want to do better than ok, I want to make a really difference, do things i am really proud of. Oh well. Hopefully next year!

Wish I'd exercised more self-discipline with respect to food and drink. "Pride" is more a vice than a virtue. I prefer satisfaction with myself and admiration for the achievements of others.

I wish I had been more attentive to Marc's business, wish I had helped him more. Very proud of my first presentation to a history conference.

I wish I had used my time to do some of the things I keep saying I want to do but never actually do. I wanted to ride more, travel, sculpt, sew. I'm proud that I worked so darned hard to get the house ready to sell.

I wish I had been more on top of all the pieces that needed to come together for my wedding, but it all came out alright in the end thanks to the efforts of my family (new and old) and my friends. It's definitely the thing I am most proud of!

I wish I could have found a rhythm now that I've been retired for three years. To honor the gift of being present without feeling that I'm not being fully in the moment. My hope for this coming year is that I am able to commit to one client and flourish in that environment. I hope to have greater discipline with my writing, exercise, etc...I hope to feel that internal sense of peace...

I'm especially proud of the work I've done strategically for a company I'm starting this year. I feel like we nailed it and it's thanks at least in some big part to the work I did. That makes me really excited about career moves in future, and what's coming down the pipe for me - I hope next year I'll be looking back thinking, wow, what a ride this has been, who knew we'd be HERE? This is amazing.

I wish that I had been more "on my side," in the sense that I still have lots of problems with thinking that what I do doesn't matter. I've seen, though my interactions with Katie and her business, that when I believe in someone's dreams (someone *else's* dreams), I am capable, decisive, calm under pressure, supportive, inclusive, driven and focused. I wish that I had been as supportive of my own dreams as I was supportive of others.

I would like to help the less fortunate including members of my own family, but I am not sure how to do it. I do not like to give money to organized charities because so much of it goes to running the organization and there are so many organizations fighting for funds. Nevertheless, I would like to do more than I do. The most gratifying giving is personal. Giving money to someone asking for money on the street is much more emotionally gratifying than giving it to an organization. But, I tend to do that sporadically and inconsistently. I have helped some of my relatives but I cannot save them from the situations they have created for themselves. In the past year I raised money to fund a company I started 2 years ago. This was a significant accomplishment, but now I have the responsibility to make sure that I can deliver on what we promise.

I wish I had made more progress in my professional and personal life, but I'm the type who will probably always wish for this.

I wished I had engaged in more physical activity/taken better care of my body. I wish I had spent more time making sure my living environment was better. I'm proud of my continued focus on improving my mental health. Though it's sometimes come at the expense of other things, I've definitely noticed a huge improvement in the last twelve months.

I wish I had taken an hour of solitude daily -- some days for exercise, some for writing, some for reading. One hour daily alone for self nourishment everyday. I wish I had done that.

I wish I had done more to help my husband through his troubles, but at the same time I feel like I don't think I physically could have. I was so spent. I worked so hard to balance work, my family, and my own sanity, but I just wish I could have done more. I wish there had been more in me. I am proud of how well my son is doing. I am proud of making it through this difficult time with my mind and sanity intact. I am proud that I am still in love with my husband and that I could love him even when we were both having a rough time. I feel closer to him than I did at the beginning of this year.

I wish...I wish I had managed to get rid of cigarettes entirely from my life. I generally only smoke once or twice ever month or six weeks so it's not habitual but I still use them as a crutch when certain emotional anxieties crop up, even though I know in my head that they don't really help. But they do in the moment.

We'll stick to positivity here. I'm proud of so many things! I graduated with my Masters degree, gave the speech at graduation, and got a full-time job, all while coping with heartbreak.

I am really proud of myself that I didn't push my new boyfriend into moving faster as that resulted in a relationship with a strong base. I feel more mature! I wish I had looked more into my dietary requirements with ivf earlier so I could have had a successful chance.

I'm very proud of earning my Master's degree this year from Johns Hopkins. I was able to do it in 2 years while working full time and buying my first home with my now husband. It was a big life goal and I'm proud of myself for completing it within the timeline I had set for myself.

Of course, there are things in my divorce that I could have done differently. It's easy to see in retrospect. But at the time, I had no idea how things would play out. For the most part, I am proud for making the decision and for staying the course without losing my mind. I came very close.

I'm especially proud of where Clean Up Comedy has come in the past year. We're about to head out on our 3rd tour and we really have it down. Our message is right on point with Kathi and we've got the planning details down pact. I am also very proud of my family. Even though its just me Quang and Cooper, we have a nice apartment, a comfy situation and a really loving attitude. I don't usually have regrets, but I wish I had talked to my parents a little more candidly about things. Its a total non-issue now, but I should have been more open with them.

I wish I had taken exercise more seriously. I have a gym membership that's getting me nothing, because I never go. I wish I could carve out that time knowing I'd be in a better place now. Oh well, it's never too late to start. I am however, proud of balancing family life, my career, and my hobbies. I've made lots of time for things that are decidedly important and satisfying. Maybe these two answers conflict. But I'll see if I can't cram more harmony into this lifestyle.

I don't really believe in regrets. Whatever happened, happened because of circumstances and me doing the best I knew how. I don't really feel proud, but I'm grateful external events made me look deeper into myself.

I wrote yesterday about my relationship with my husband following the birth of our child. Our relationship has never been easy, but when I weigh the good aspects of him and our relationship, they outweigh the bad. I wish that I had been more communicative with him and also more generous to him in thought and action. More forgiving. Generally, my feelings towards him sway between outrage and irritation. I am silent and cold towards him. I am not proud of this--I am starting to work on recognizing when I am judging him. This is not to say that I should be accepting of his level of contribution to the relationship or of his way of interacting with me and the baby. Its just that the way I have been approaching these challenges are counterproductive and make things worse.

My proud moment is I quit smoking 4 months ago today! A big challenge and struggle still today, but with the love and support from my family and friends I believe I can get through this.

I'm really proud to have taught myself personal financial management: I paid off my student loans, started a small investment portfolio, and saved up enough to move out on my own!

I would have asked for financial help sooner. I would have started fixed wing sooner. I'm glad I didn't join the LDS church. I would have been more wiser with the cash I had. More disciplined with it. I'm glad to be involved with. House of David. My life is going in the right direction.

I'm proud of how I decided to do something about my unhappiness.

I wish that I had chosen a different mentor for my fellowship and been more responsive sooner when our mentorship relationship wasn't working. I hope to bring that lesson in to the new year: how to identify something bad in my life and be flexible and confident in making changes, rather than being persistent and waiting it out.

Proud is not the best term - pleased is better. I'm pleased that I fulfilled a commitment to myself and my wife to participate in successfully complete a 6 month group DBT program to learn tools to help me handle my addictive behaviors. I also have been working to build honest intimacy and being more open in expressing and sharing my feelings with my wife.

I wish we had taken things slower. I knew beforehand that I wanted to go slow, but we got caught up in the moment. It was a lot of fun, nonetheless and I don't regret it. Because I see now that things probably wouldn't have worked out with her anyways. It just would have been nice to be with someone for a while longer. I'm glad (proud?) that we are still friends, because she really is a nice and good person.

I am especially proud of my work w/Mandy and the incredible sober progress she has made. I am even more proud of her for all she has accomplished. I wish I would have moved faster on the management contract work for the board. Although we will get finished and do a great job in the process, I have put a lot of extra strain on the committee and me. Procrastination is a big problem for me. I can always flog myself into meeting deadlines but others do not have - or have to have - the same mindset.

If there was anything I would change in the past year, it would be the children's access to Internet and social media. But that's all been changed now because Gavin has his Xbox and everything on parental guidance. The things that I am a proud of our small things they are little things that I try to do every day to be present. And little good deeds that I try to do in my daily living.

I wish I had handled my break-up with Stacy differently. Maybe it wasn't even necessarily the break-up as much as it was the relationship in the first place, but she's a good person and I would enjoy having her in my life, just not in a romantic way. On the other hand, I'm proud that I've been able to be an independent person since we broke up. This is the longest I've gone with both being single and not looking for a relationship since I started dating in school. I'm getting better at being comfortable with who I am and being comfortable being by myself. It would definitely be nice to meet someone and just hit it off, but I'm definitely not looking for connections or going online for it at this time.

Proud of how I handled my family this year. Honesty. Patience. And no tolerance for bullshit. I would have done nothing differently.

I'm proud of my bandmates and I for having the courage to leave a situation that we felt trapped in, and entering one that couldn't feel more right.

While I think this question is asking about a particular event, I think the thing I'm especially proud of this year is becoming more focused in my work and goals. By being focused, I have been able to achieve things I've always wanted to, progress positively in my research, stick to my guns about that work, and be better able to assess where I'll be a few months into the future. And candidacy, I'm proud of reaching candidacy (first!).

Regret: I wish I had said "no" to things I really didn't want to do. Saying "yes" has always been my way of pleasing people (and, of course, this means not pleasing myself). I'm proud of the fact that I'm learning to listen more and talk less. It has been difficult and I've caught myself several times wanting to interject, but most recently, I've done a good job at silencing myself. I've also learned that being a good listener (talking less) makes you extremely popular, and, ironically enough, labels you a "great conversationalist."

I wish I'd been slower to anger, less concerned about my own ego. (Same answer as last year, I didn't learn.) I wish I'd worked harder and faster on my novel. I am proud of learning to drive with hand controls and making significant progress with my novel starting in July.

This last year I really struggled to find who and what was giving me life, and who and what was taking life and energy away. It was full of a lot of ups and downs but I think I needed those to really get where I am. I'm not saying that I will never want or value the people and things I let go, but I will say I hope it doesn't take me that long to let go of things that are no longer growing me. It made things messier than they had to be and it will be harder to take them back into my life because of that. But finding my life with much more life in it has been so worth it. I'm so proud of getting to there--and I'm looking forward to building the life in my life as long as I have a life to be building.

i wish i hadn't kissed him; alternatively, i am so proud that i kissed him.

Though this past year was a very difficult road, I am glad for the opportunities it created. I am extremely proud of my time in Pamplin Historical Park and how it helped me realize exactly how much I enjoy historic education. I know I have a talent and enthusiasm that can be used in a real job and helped me fall into my very real job at Henricus Historical Park. As for doing things differently, I rarely regret my actions. Everything I do, wrong or right, helps me learn something and move forward. In the last year I lost my two cats and I wish I had spent more time with Dewey. I spent all my time with Billie Jean, though, when she was sick, and I know I did everything I could for her. It makes me very sad, but not necessarily regretful.

Given our challenge with Jared, I really don't think we've had time to offend anyone. Jared is 34 with severe disabilities, lives with us and is a full time job. We're grateful to be given the health and resources to care for him and actually enjoy his special contribution to the world. I suppose to some it's something we should be proud of, but to us it's just life.

I broke my arm in a stupid accident, had surgery, and lots of PT. I couldn't make myself do enough of the PT exercises at home to make the progress I thought I should be making. Lack of this kind of discipline made me very upset with myself. On the other hand, I took up the study of Hebrew (modern) and have loved the discipline of learning a new and difficult (for me) language. I don't know that I am truly PROUD of it, but it makes me happy that I have taken this step.

I wish I had made more time for reflection and looking at the "Possibility" each day could be . . ., especially in relationship to my biologic and marital family. We were experiencing a lot of stress and transition - both in terms of physical re-locations (my in-laws and my mother) and medical transitions as my mother-in-law became critically ill and then died in July. I am proud of the support I was able to give my husband and his family as this transition was occurring. (I am not proud of the difficulty I am having being unconditionally loving and supportive to my mother.) I am also proud of being able to face my 70th year with a sense of "new beginnings" and for taking concrete steps towards realizing yet unfulfilled dreams and ambitions.

I wish I had been more careful(!) with money. I'm proud that I have moved to our new location and have used it as a spring board to a more physical/healthy lifestyle.

I would like to say that I wish I hadn't fallen back in with my ex boyfriend for a bit of time, or that I wish I had skipped Coachella, or worked a bit less, or wasted less time in worry. However, I believe that life gives us challenges when we most need them, to help illuminate lessons and send us on the path forward to our greatest destiny. So, looking back in regret ultimately doesn't make sense- all of the things that happen to us are part of our journey. While I maybe would have had an easier time moving on had I not started casually seeing my ex again, it helped me to realize that our connection was real, and that personal blocks and differences don't transcend connection. Love isn't enough sometimes. While I did spend a lot of time battling fears and worries, each small victory illuminated a limiting belief that was waiting to be addressed, a step on my path to becoming a happier, more loving person. While Coachella was a particularly difficult, scary place for me to be in, it helped me to unravel the pattern of casual time spent with my ex, and realize that that relationship was not serving me. And while I worked my butt off this year, I also learned a lot about self-confidence in the work place, speaking up and out where needed, and really championing myself. I am proud to have come through these moments, these steps to living as my truest self.

I wish I had stood up more to the horrible woman on the plane who complained about my 19 month old son screaming and "ruining" her flight. I did a little but not enough. I didn't stand up for my kid. I'm proud that I kicked my 5-6 can a day Diet Coke addiction. I never thought that would happen.

I wish I had gone with my gut and sold the house sooner. I do not need the space or the bills. I cannnot afford to maintain the house. I wish I got out of it before I started having trouble making the mortgage payments. I am especially proud that I acted on my kids' behalfs with their grandparents regarding their mom. I am proud that after all the water under the bridge I was able to maintain a civil relationship with their mother and also not unduly or negatively influence the kids' relationships with their mom, until she asked them to lie and was irresponsible with money from their grandparents meant for them. Finally extracting her from my life has been cathartic.

I wish that I had tried harder to make friends in my first year of high school. I''m proud of myself for starting to improve at that so far this year.

I wish I had prioritized myself in all areas.

The obvious answer is I wish I had taken better care of myself physically. Better eating, more exercise. But it's more a matter of attitude. Being willing to tune in, dialog with my resistance, not just distract myself. I keep waiting for "the click," some magical experience of conversion that used to happen regularly when I was younger. I think working Al anon may make a difference this upcoming year. Or maybe not. Early enthusiasm may blur into my usual time wasting addicitions. We ll see...

This past year, I struggled to relax in (or, in darker terms, surrender to) my office job. There are days I truly wish I hadn't accepted the job. I had a chance to turn it down, and came very close, but made what I thought was the responsible choice. On the other hand, I am proud of how much I've learned on the job, even though so much of it is boring and (this is my privilege speaking) feels beneath me. I am proud of myself for sticking with it despite my inner voice screaming at me to run away, run away. I don't want to be here forever but it's the first time in my life I've chosen responsibility over what feels good. I'm also proud of the work the organization does to help animals. I know I'm lucky to be working in a field I care about even if the job itself is challenging in a bad way.

I had a goal to visit all 50 U.S. states by the end of this year, and I wanted Alaska to be last. While I'm proud that I made it to 49, including two that I saw on my own, I regret that I didn't trust myself regarding the booking of Alaska. First I waited too late to plan, wanting to ensure completion of the other 49; then I didn't trust myself to handle nature as it comes regarding Autumn in the Great White North. Also, I wish I'd gotten more accomplished straightening my home and my finances.

I wish I could've given more time to my sweetheart. That's it, I guess. All the other things were fine. Something I'm proud of? Maturity.. :)

I think being a better listener is a life long improvement goal but this year with a daughter turning 13 the skill would have been especially helpful. Being a better listener means having less of an agenda, less judgement and less of a projection of one's own issues. I need to listen

I wish I had been more disiplined when it came to learning to play my harp. I should be further along in my lessons than I am.

I wish I had not allowed my emotions to run my relationships. I wish I had accepted the job at St. anne's so I would be done with my clinical hours. I wish I had not leashed a new car. I wish I had been more prepared for my student loan debt. I am very proud of my professional work life and the ground I am covering. I am also proud of my stand for the ousting of a faker from the chuirch I grew up in and a request for those responsible to be held accountable. I am also proud of my role and openess at the church I serve.

In all honesty, I'm sure I've had missteps and things that, if I looked closely enough, I might want to change but when I look back on the year collectively, there's really nothing that stands out that I would done differently. For the first time in my life, I am standing up for myself, for my wants and desires. It hasn't been an easy road and it has definitely been uncomfortable at times but I'm very proud of myself for the progress I've made. If I look back and regret something, then I'd be negating all of that work that I put in and that wouldn't be fair to myself.

I'm sure there is. I can't think of anything. I'm sitting on my bed in my dorm room, waiting to go to class, and I can't really think about it. I know there's always things I want to do differently, but I always think too big. I guess I would've gotten a different flavor powerade last week with lunch. yeah, that works.

EXTREMELY happy to have continued to seek treatment, therapies, people and direction; all of which have helped in small ways to bring me to my current incredibly wonderful state.

I am very proud of turning my health around over the past year. As of January, I was 72 lbs down. I've gained about 8 back (that I wish I could change!), but proud overall.

I'm really proud of how my relationship with my girlfriend matured into a relationship with my wife. I'm proud that I have managed to get my financial life in order even after getting laid off. And I'm proud of my wife, who graduated from college, got a job, and is now doing fantastic work and well on her way to being a big part of her team.

I wish I had been better with my money. I keep saying I want to get out of debt and blaming Brian for all the spending...but that is not entirely true...I can't...I am terrible about it myself. I am proud of myself for getting back to exercising!

I wish I had been more committed to helping others that need help, and been more generous with my time and attention.

I wish I had trusted more in God's plans for me more had ,remembered that his plans and thoughts for me are only good ones,that He loves me and that's all that's more important. I wish I had listened to myself more,trusted myself more about what my inner voice was telling me about what ws going on in my life at that time.

Perhaps just making more friends or joining some activity or club or group and perhaps volunteering or contributing in some small way. I've been very busy and never having time on my hands, but I should make more time for that. I am proud of bringing up our new company, Millwood Timber to a level of success. By no means have I done this with out help from my partners and by no means have I done this with out making some small errors, but overall I'm happy with the results and continue to improve.

I wish I had secured more funding for me business through partnerships vs. being so headstrong on a project. I am proud of the new relationships I've build this past year and the time invested with family

This year I set up an online book review magazine with three other friends. I'm really proud of us and the way we've worked to put it together. But I started it a few weeks before my son was dumped by his girlfriend, which precipitated a long crisis for him. If I had known that was coming, I would have chosen to wait a few more months before embarking on a brand new time-consuming venture. As it was, I was involved in the busiest work period I've had for a long time as well as trying to be a good dependable Mum. Sod's Law, I guess, but taxing at the time. So as ever, it's a question here of both rather than one or the other. I'm proud of the magazine and boy do I wish I'd begun it at some other time.

I'm most proud of finishing my dissertation this past year. That was such a looming task and it took a long time but I made it through and it feels amazing. In terms, of doing something differently, I probably should have been more diligent about finding a job. I would really prefer if I was making some money right now and I would probably feel better about myself too. But I have to admit, I'm sot entirely sure I would do it differently if I were given a chance to redo the past 3 months. Who knows? Everything happens for a reason - doesn't it?

I am proud that I quit my job in January and went to travel for 5 months in South America! I DID IT!!!! :D One thing I do wish I had done differently is to use my time more productively - i.e. spend less time on social media.

I wished I was better with saving my money and generally better about squandering money like it's nothing. And, better at being a husband.

I wish I had taken improving my health more seriously because if I had, I would be in a great place right now. I am struggling, I have gained weight, I have no energy and I just feel weary. I had ample opportunity to work at it and chose not too. Not sure why. I am very motivated in other areas of my life so why not taking care of me?! Now that I have more time on my hands with no children living at home, I could make the time to establish a routine of exercise but I have yet to do that. I hope next year to see that I am writing about something I am proud of from this past year...renewed health!

I am proud of maintaining relationships with my oldest daughters,while both were estranged and pretty awful to me. I think we have reconciliation ongoing. I regret that there has been this gap in my life, but Ellen(my wife) predicted that things would improve once my ExW remarried. I hope that somehow we can makeup for the lost time and relationships. I hope they can accept my younger daughters as equals.

Been better with finances. Very proud of buying our first and only house!!

I am proud of the fact that I stayed in my marriage. It has been a painful and especially challenging last few years, with this past year as the most volatile one. Divorce has been on the table, and in my mind, almost every day. I keep hoping that we have turned a corner. As of today, things are good. And I will continue to take it one day at a time, with my wish and goal to be: Stay married. For my children, for my spouse, for the message it sends to those around me....that marriage is important and honorable and to be valued, and that we should all put our family's needs above our own selfish wants.

Something I wish I'd done differently.... Can't say I can pinpoint anything in particular but for the first time in my life, I've really started to question my life choices. Not in a bad way but just starting to have a lot of "what ifs?" I love the field I'm in but once I had been working full-time (on a nice salary for a new graduate in my field) and my student loans had really taken effect, I'm starting to wondering, what if I had chosen something different to study (medicine?) What if I had taken my MIL up on a job offer 4 years ago in corporate America? As much as I feel passion about injustice in the world, I find myself growing apathetic and thinking more selfishly. I do like the finer things in life and do i really want to stay in a field where the median income is not going to rise all that much. I feel guilty for these feeling because i felt so sure in the choices i made a few years ago. And I know I could be in a way worse situation. I guess i need to stop looking at what seems like a greener side of the fence.

I would have planned the ktichen remodel better, it has proved to be a difficult process. While its not possible to make all decisions ahead of time, it would have made the process far easier to select all materials, paint colors, and fixtures before starting construction. I also would have hired out more of the wprk to save the headaches.

I wish I didn't send an angry email to my sister the same time I composed it. It was the last nail to the coffin of our wilting sisterly relationship. Months prior, I wish I actually did spend some of my lunch breaks at my sister's house when she threw out the invitation. I knew it was because she had high blood pressure issues at the time and didn't want to be alone with her kids for too long. The visits would have helped heal our relationship. I just didn't realize at the time that our relationship was so bad, it needed much healing. I'm especially proud of not allowing my illness and ankle issues to keep me from exercising, losing weight, and being a healthy functional woman. With God's grace I found a homeopathy professional and a PT who introduced me to manual therapy. I can go back to my Jillian Michaels exercise (no jumping just yet, though). I can also pack/lift heavy items, I can walk, I can hike, I can swim and not limp afterwards. So grateful. And I was able to get treatment/remedies while I was preparing for my wedding. It included a LOT of pain and stress but it paid off, esp during my honeymoon. There was a lot of walking and hiking in the great Pacific Northwest! :)

I wish I confronted my wife about how she feels about me earlier. When I finally did, she told me that she does not love me and wants a divorce. She had been acting distant for the past several months and maybe if I acted sooner we could have turned the ship before it was too late.

Not really, can't go back and redo the past. There has been a lot going on around me this year, I am proud of slogging through all of it!

I am proud of my daughter and how much she has grown up and matured. She has become an amazing young adult. I am proud that I have done a much better job staying balanced this year - I have not been too high or too low and been able to roll with most punches (ok not perfectly but it has seemed better this year) I am proud that I have continued to be more social and looking on the bright side And because of that I am not going to focus on what I need to do better

I wish I had taken more chances. I have always been a shy person, and this year I took a lot of chances and went out of my comfort zone, but I don't think it was enough. I know who I want to be and am trying to get there. As for things I am proud of, I played my trumpet in front of many people who I didn't know. It was extremely scary, but I did it, then ran off to hide in a corner. But hey, at least I did it! Also, I am doing a good job with both getting to school on time (that took a whole lot of effort as my school is super far away) and keeping my grades up (I really hate homework.)

I'm proud how well I handled being dumped, out of the blue. It sounds ridiculous but I honestly thought that if that ever happened it would ruin me. We'd been together 5 years, we'd talked about marriage. I was numb for a while, but its 6 months down the line and I'm better than I've ever been. I'm proud that I picked myself and got on with my life, and that I didn't let it knock me back for long. I am also proud that its made me closer to my friends and family.

I wish I had let sam go out of my life earlier. Letting her go to live her life without me in has brought such peace in my life. I can allow my husband to has relationship with her and I don't need to be part of it. I proud of the fact that I can let her live her life without judging her for her choices. Good bad or indifferent.

This past year, I have finally started working on my debt snowball. After refinancing my house, I finished saving my$1000 safety money, consolidated my credit cards, and have been working at chopping down my credit card debt. I can't wait until it is gone and I can start blasting through my student loans!

Yes. I wish I could have spoken with more focus about my feelings regarding my children. I am very proud that I have started to reestablish friendships and reconnect with family.

I am very proud of the way wsmixxer.org is working out, and how people in the community are supporting me and my team of volunteers to bring a makerspace to Winston-Salem.

I wish I had been a better friend this year. With all that was happening at work, in my romantic life, in my family, and in my immediate community, I had a lot to balance, but my friendships were definitely what had to give. I wish I had found a way to spend more time with my friends, especially the friends who have kids and therefore have less flexibility. On the other hand, I think I really stepped it up at work over the past year overall - and that I still could do a lot better. I think I incorporated the feedback I got at the previous year's review pretty well, and that I started to take initiative in ways I had not before.

I wish I would/could make myself take more time. My mom, who just died, used to kid about me taking off the day and just sitting with her and talking. We both knew that she really didn't mean it, she just liked to give me ----. (I don't have any regrets about that. We spent a lot of quality time together) Anyways, sometimes when I slow down I realize how much my life is on auto pilot. Even when I "relax" I think about what I could be doing and how I could be doing it better. I would like to say that because of this trait my life is organized, my home is clean and my kids are happy. Nope, life is frayed on the edges, my house is messy and my kids don't seem to weigh in on either side. In reading this over I really get a sense of "oh well". I don't have to be all of those things anymore. I/we are healthy. We have a roof over our heads and my kids are constantly telling me how much they love me. Maybe instead of taking the time to relax I should be taking the time to listen. Things that make you go hmmmm.

I wish Massimo and I had started our marraige process earlier. I wish I hadn't got so drunk at massimo's work party and probably a couple other times. I wish I had had the opportunity to take my brother to a few other places in Italy. I am happy that for the most part Massimo and I maintained a happy energy with less stress and less big fights. I'm happy I'm making good friends and super happy that we went to amsterdam and shared in a happy experience together.

I think this is the same answer as last year because I STILL didn't get it done. I need to find a new job. I can't afford this commute, and need to make more money besides. Money issues aside, I just need to be happy in my job and what I give my efforts and energy to for 40 hours a week. I need to get on this.

I wish I had figured out a way to do community work and dedicated myself to that. I wish I had backpacked the Wonderland Trail.

Procrastinate less - spend less time playing games on my i-phone and i-pad. Started saving to buy my son a car for next year.

yes no

I wish i could save more money and would have realized the work i was doing,wasn't being rewarded. I have years of experience that is being wasted and need to work smarter and surround myself with successful people who are willing to share ideas.

There's much I wish I had done differently this past year. I really am disappointed that I didn't get into shape/exercise more. And because I didn't do that, so many other things weren't what I wanted them to be.

I wish I had been more adamant about finding yoga teaching positions. I find it quite hard to promote myself and to go get, I think I rely on everything falling into place in it's own too much. I'm now taking more time at the store and less time teaching and I don't want that to be a thing: I want to teach. It's what I love to do. I am especially proud of my whole recovery this past year. And my new found ability to be fluid and let things happens. To understand that very thing is temporary and therefore, good or bad, I should appreciate each experience for what it is.

Pretty much the same thing that I say I'm going to do every year, which is to lose my excess weight and improve my health. I've relied on my good genes too much and have abused my body with food. It sounds easy to change but is really hard. I'm proud of the support that I give people by mentoring, etc. I probably get as much from them as they get from me.

i wish i had managed my money better. i make less money now than i ever have but i owe more money now than i ever have. I believe my spiritual life has grown. i have wonderful conversations with God and am having prayers answered, even the ones that i didnt ask for specifically

I'm not sure. I feel a little lost mentally, physically, emotionally. Years ago I felt this way. I remember knowing for a long time that I'd been just a shell of the person I was born, and not understanding how I'd gotten like that. Then some parts in my life went south, dramatically, and I was forced to figure it out, and I was like the phoenix rising from the ashes. It was amazing. I feel like I'm stuck in the early stages of that slow ramp down to the bottom, and I don't want to wait until things come to a head to get it together. I want to head it off. I've been trying, through working on my physical health. I guess I need more than that. Maybe therapy would help. Something in me has hardened, and I don't really know what could have triggered it this time (childhood abuse was at least partly to blame last time for it). I don't know. I feel I should be doing *something* better, but I don't know what. And I'm not really proud of anything. The only accomplishment from last year is monetary, and while I'm relieved to have that resolved (to a fair extent, anyway), I'm certainly not proud. I'm instead ashamed at the amount and type of work needed to do that. But. Well. Maybe that's part of the problem above. So then, this has been useful. Maybe I wish I'd not sold out for the last year working as an artist at an investment bank. Maybe I'd have been a more supportive and inspiring partner and daughter and SELF. I don't know.

I wish I would have been honest about my sexuality instead of accepting a proposal,,

Yes, been kinder to those I love. Saying "I love you" and then doing nothing to prove it seems wrong or at best a lie.

I really don't think there's anything I would have done differently so far. Nothing major anyways. There are always certain socially awkward things I do that I wish I could either take back or do differently, but I think that's the only way to learn and grow. You've gotta make mistakes. Also, after the fire I leaned on food for comfort more than I should have and now I'm a little heavier than I'd like to be. Luckily, however, I don't have any major regrets so far this year. Mostly things have vastly improved considering the past couple of years. I'm out of my depression and taking life as it comes.

I would like to learn to let go of caddy things that bother me more quickly. I need to stop holding such grudges that can affect me long term. I need to not only be the bigger person, but allow myself to accept that being nice is sometimes more important than being right.

Only, and always, the usual things. I wish I'd written more, eaten less fattening foods, saved more money, worked further towards mindfulness, exercised more, and so forth. When you ask me these questions in twenty more years, the answers will be the same. I know this because the answers were the same twenty years ago. However, in the past year, I am proud of having severed ties with my dysfunctional family. I know this seems a strange thing to be proud of. I always had quiet, private judgements against people who were not in touch with their families. "Oh, I don't talk to my family." This always made me secretly think, "Well YOU are probably the problem - not them. What are the odds of all of THEM being wrong and YOU being right?" Yet, after 43 years of secrets and lies in my family, I realized that the only way to forgive them at all was to forgive them once and for all - and then to walk away. Otherwise, it was a daily battle; being hurt and then having to forgive, over and over and over again. Forgiving them despite the fact that they deny any closed-mindedness, bitterness, or just plain mean-spiritedness. So, I'm proud of finding a way to forgive and move on, even if it means moving on without them.

A lot of change has happened for me this year. I'm hesitant to wish I'd done something differently, because it's impossible to know all the outcomes for every decision we make. Our cat died suddenly shortly before we moved across the country, away from all our family and friends. When we got to our new home, we found the moving company had dropped and crushed our entire shipment. Almost all our possessions were broken, and we had to build our new home from scratch. A couple months later, my sister experienced a near fatal hemorrhage during childbirth. In addition to these significant events, I struggle with bouts of depression now and then, and experienced a fairly heavy one for several months. I'm very proud of the way I've handled everything that's happened to us. I don't always feel happy, I don't always have a lot of energy, but I've been strong and I've kept going. I've worked hard to take care of myself and those I love.

In some ways, I wish I had not quit my job or had been able to approach the job with more of a zen type feeling and therefore make it work. In other ways, I am proud of making the leap and quitting and making a bold move, not just staying in something that made me very unhappy for most of the day.

I have worked hard to loos weight and improve my health. I wish I had exercised more in this past year. I live close to an amazing park with many trails but have not explored one this year. Despite my setbacks, I remain pround of my weight loss. I am also proud to know by the time I read this next year I will be an RN.

I wish I was more organized in my non-work life. There are things I had planned, both big like buying a new car, and small, like being more on top of housework, that I put off because of laziness or disorganization that I could be more on top of, and that ultimately would make my life easier. I'm particularly proud of my professional accomplishments this past year - I put more effort into trying to think differently and approach tasks with renewed energy, which lead to better results and more professional recognition.

I wish I had stayed on a diet rather than be lazy. Foundations really set my course for improvement. Would love to find a way to get more people to go. I wish I had given more of my time in service. Still learning that lesson. What I am proud of, the exponential growth in myself and growth with Sydney. Only been living in the house for a month. But it feels great to have my own place. Not needing a man to complete me, being good on my own. Jeff, all I'm going to say. Grateful, for the people who love me. Grateful to an amazing God who I receive my daily grace. Only through Jesus do I feel strength to get through my days. My life has changed dramatically over the last 6 months. Looking forward to the next 6 months. I have love and strength and happiness in my heart. Still a work in progress. I love you! You are an amazing woman and mom. Continue to give of yourself. Keep on trying to learn and grow.

I regret time spent looking at the iphone screen playing games or scrolling through videos of pratfalls and cute animals. What a waste. For times when I need to unwind and do nothing, I want to learn to unwind and do nothing. Without the screen.

My wife and myself were suppose to take a big trip this year (Ireland, South of France, a National Park) and we because of circumstances we did not. I hope we will do it next year. I have done little international travel and would like to. I am proud that since I have retired (it has been one year today) I have accomplished many of want to do things on my retirement list. My #1 accomplishment was joining a ministry and helping others. Also, truly establishing a prayer life.

I wish I would have included my boyfriends opinion when I adopted a dog. He had a hard time adjusting to the new dog because he was not apart of the process. I did not include him and that was disrespectful and selfish on my end.

I wish I had spent less time worrying about having enough work and income, and instead focused on discovering the work that truly satisfies me. Now that I have found it, I feel like I wasted a heck of a lot of time. I'm proud that I took steps to get myself out of debt, though I admit that I was driven by the aforementioned drop in income.

I wish I had spent more time with my father before he died. I wish I had been fully aware of how fragile he was. I knew he was declining, but deep down inside I was in denial, counting on him to be around for a few more years. But I'm proud of the many ways in which I let him know that I loved him. We had a special bond, and he knew it. I'm also proud of the way I handled his funeral services, and the way that I continue to support my mother.

I wish I would have relaxed more and worried less. I am proud I've lost 50 pounds.

I wish I had taken more naps.

I am fortunate to say I have no regrets about the last year. Sure, everything didn't go my way and there were minor annoyances, but in general, I can't complain. Something I am particularly proud of is that I've taught myself a new skill and am now planning to build a small company with sales online. This is a new adventure for me and I'm glad I've taken the first steps towards what I hope will be a fulfilling, if not particularly lucrative, new way to make income.

Wow. So much. I wish I had not allowed the transition at work to eat up so much of my emotional currency. I wish I could actually stick to taking care of myself instead of doing so in sporadic periods. I am so proud of making the right choice for the organization I worked for instead of doing what was professionally the right thing. I am filled with gratitude for the work done.

I wish that I had been a more careful and present driver. I was involved in two incidents that, while they did not cause physical harm, cost significant amounts of money at a time when it was needed for more important things. More importantly, it hammered home the need to be aware and present, moment to moment, in all that I do. And made me realize that I need to be more careful and present on a daily basis, in all my actions and interactions, if I am to honor my life and the life of others.

I'm especially proud of being responsible for the lives of two Poodles that have gone to the Rainbow Bridge this past year. Both "Boyz" were wonderful companions and have left many, many lovely memories for not only myself but many others as well. I'm also proud of the encouragement I've given my wife Elizabeth in her reapproachment to her family, particularly to her sister Margi.

I wished I had not shared the private information of the course that I was doing with others. I would not do that if I had my time again.

I dont know that i have many regrets. maybe I could have been more forgiving toward people? Im proud that I stood up to people who tried to interfere with my mother's well-being.

Call my daughter immediately, when I had a heart attack in January of 2014. It happened in the evening but I called next morning and she was very upset.

I had a pretty good year this past year. I stretched myself and did a summer job that I didn't think I was ready for. Turns out, I was really well suited and prepared for the job. I wish that I had been better organized at the beginning of this year. With two kids under three and a full time job teaching elementary school, I was a little disorganized. I have made adjustments and things are running better, but things still fall at times.

I wish I had communicated better with Cynthia. I feel we were on different wavelengths a lot of the time and I feel really bad about hurting her I'm proud of managing to move onto a boat, and learn so much about them and fix it up

I'm really proud of changing jobs, and trying something new. I could have stayed in a semi-easy but very frustrating job, and instead I am growing and developing new skills. I am also proud that I left in a way that all my old coworkers still like me!

1. I wish I had more control of my impatience. I let things build without addressing them internally, then I get volcanic and erupt with destruction to myself as much or mare than to others. I become incensed, infuriated, all because my impatience with things has built to a fever pitch. If I could do something different, it would be to reduce the build up by recentering after each smaller incident. PATIENCE IS A VIRTUE! 2. I am especially proud my actions have reflect my value system. I am kind, compassionate; I speak out against things unfair or unjust. I am a leader in positive energy, lead by example, modeling that choosing the right thing, while not always popular, is the only path acceptable. My integrity, my word, my reputation is almost always upheld through my actions.

I wish I would have started looking for a job earlier; I had no idea it would be so painful and stark. I'm also proud of the fact that I've been able to keep things going for this long, and that I've made good progress not only toward understanding the job market (any myself in it), but also starting a business (even though I can't build it further until I have an income....), and taking my avocation seriously enough that at least there is some chance of turning it into a vocation someday, when I get on my feet. And all this, while raising a family. Yes, I'm proud of that. And, then again, if I'd _focused_ at the beginning of the year, I wouldn't be so close to desperate today. And, then again....I'm proud of the walk of faith I began and am strengthening every day through this process, this forging, this sharpening. So. Yeah.

Not sure I should have caved and taken the employed job...enjoyed it a lot, but income has nosedived - doing more work for way less money. There are varied and multiple rewards, but needs must on the money front. Outgoings exceed income = bad!

I wish I had grown to be closer to God. There is nothing that I am especially proud of.

I wish I had been more vocal a mother in my sons first few days, asked more questions, demanded more help of staff. I wish I had taken more time away from work to stay home with him longer. Done more at work to secure the things I wanted or to find better employment, for happiness. I am proud of my home, husband, and growing son. The obstacles we have been given and how we have worked through them. It has made me work harder at being a wife, mother and grow my husband and I as a team.

Spend less time watching TV

When I graduated in May of 2014, it was after a very long year of making some pretty significant mistakes. I didn't turn in some key assignments and I wasn't looking for jobs--even though I told loved ones that I was doing both. I decided just to live in a weird, stagnant time bubble and pretend that the world-with its deadlines-wasn't going to affect me or my bubble. In some way, I think this was related to a fear of leaving a college I had grown to love so dearly. Somehow, I justified not doing anything as a way of staying at this college, with friends I love (never mind that most were supposed to graduate with me). I regret entering that toxic bubble. I wish I had been more responsible and turned in those papers. I wish I had been more confident in myself and my ability to be someone that others want to hire. I just kept looking around me at my friends who were trying their hardest to do school and find a job without much success. If they couldn't do it, what was the point of me even trying? It took my high school best friend getting a fellowship for me to realize that I was screwing up really badly. It took my mother buying a (very expensive, last minute) ticket to visit me and cry with me. It took having some raw conversations with a dean (who I think of more as a friend/therapist). It took a brightly colored poster on the wall of where I worked for me to realize that I still have dreams. So I logged onto the website listed on the poster and filled out an application. I started filling out other other applications too and asking people for recommendations-I hated doing that. When I graduated, I had no idea where I was going. But I felt a fuck of a lot better because I was actively trying to get somewhere and I had accepted that I would have to leave college. I ended up getting the fellowship I applied for that day almost a month later. And now I'm living in DC with some of the best people I'll ever meet (I suspect). All the same, I wish I hadn't had to descend to such a low place just to figure out my shit.

I started singing live less than a month ago. I've performed live twice (the same song) and will do it a third time this Saturday. Singing live is like thinking about snakes--it freaks me out. I'm trying to embrace the snake and not have it constrict me. I'm a work in progress. I forget that sometimes. I've had great help from friends and my partner building my confidence in order to make this happen. I am grateful for Judy, Lance and Jessica.

Im proud of the fact that my son was in a dark place and I found a terrific team of doctors to help him. Our relationship has become stronger because Ive shown him he can trust me to help him.

I wish I had appreciated the time I was able to spend with my family this past year. I believe I took that time for granted and am very aware of it, now that I am once again far away.

It's been a subtly big year for me- on the fronts of personal aging, parents aging, and my young child becoming more independent but still needing much supervision. I am grateful for the moments of noticing these shifts- and this year I would like to document more with journaling. Or maybe I could be 21st century and blog?

I wish that I had worked harder in high school but I am proud of myself for working hard now that I am in college

I helped a former co-worker who is going through some rough times. She is having medical problems which have forced her to quit working so she has no health insurance or income. She called me upset and depressed and I was able to calm her down and help her focus on what she needed to do to get the help she needed. She is a very nice and giving person and it was hard to see her in such a bad place mentally but being able to help her through it successfully and get her the assistance she needed not only helped her feel better but also helped me feel better about what I can do to help make positive change in the world.

This past year I'm especially proud of how I made my mother a major priority in my life. I called her every few days, and did my best to extend only loving kindness to her. I focused on how she was a loving grandmother to my son. I felt only forgiveness for our past troubles and hurts. I took responsibility for my own thoughts and feelings, and treated her with dignity and respect as best I could. I felt delight in her voice. While it's true I could have done all the things mentioned above even more so than I did before she left us, I'm grateful for the love she and I shared. Today, when I think of my mother, I feel a wellspring of affection for her.

There are a lot of things I wish I had done differently, but mostly I wish I had been less judgmental of others, especially my family members. I generally try to be very conscious about lashon harah, but I felt I didn't do a great job of that this year. I am proud of committing to youth educational outreach, and I woukd like to build on this service in the coming year.

Managing a team is not always the easiest job. Sometimes you have to work with people to correct their actions and attitudes. This at best is an uncomfortable position. Twice this last year, I have been required to take this course. And in both cases, I delayed too long in getting started on the corrective action. And this delay has both encouraged and supported this bad behavior. I wish I had been more forceful in stepping in to correct bad behavior earlier. As it stood, because I waited, their behavior took a tool on the overall team cohesiveness.

Something I would have done differently is that I wouldn't have allowed myself to fall back into a habit of smoking that I picked up over the summer. Though it isn't what it once was when I was smoking regularly, it is getting into a habit that needs to be broken again. I think there are three things I'm proud of this past year: 1. I took a huge gamble and decided to go to Switzerland to visit someone I had only met a month and half prior. It was an impulse on a wonderful, short-lived, long-distance romance and I do not regret the experience. I had a wonderful time and saw many things. I felt like I was living out the script of romantic movie. Even though I knew deep down that we wouldn't be able to make it work, the experience was unforgettable and I'll always cherish it. 2. I finally got a place of my own. I love my location and the independence of living alone. 3. I took a chance on love. Though it wasn't with the Swiss, I found a great guy who treats me exactly how I want to be treated and shows me the affection I've always wanted from past relationships but never received. He is such a great guy and I happy to have him in my life, hopefully for a very long time.

I am proud of building a more consistent yoga practice I am proud of my meditation progress and health I am proud of the amount of debt I paid off I am proud of the clarity I have gained around building my business I am proud of the progress that my kids and wife have made I am proud of how my father and I left each other I am proud if the progress I have made in all areas of my life

I have relatively few regrets this past year. It has been unfortunate when I …… rationalized instead of taking the criticism, told untruths when I could have told what happened, purposely been unmanageable just because I could, was spendthrift when an investment was necessary, allowed my ego to expand instead of listening, know change is important yet not attempted, and spoke critically in moments when support is more appropriate.

I wish I had realized and reflected on the good things in life rather than the few bad things.

I celebrated my first anniversary at the company I work for. It's been awhile since I had a traditional job and after the divorce papers were signed in 2013 it was important for me to focus on my own milestones and what made me feel strong and independent. I am proud to have become an integral part of the company I work for. I wish I wouldn't have been so angry at my partner for something that is beyond his control. The way I handle my anxiety and anger is something I want to change.

I wished I wouldn't have taken off time from work to go back to school. I did so, because I wasn't sure when I would have to do my clinical rotations. Now I find out that they would have scheduled my clinicals around my present job. Alternatively, I was very proud that I had a chance to travel to Israel, even if it was just for a week. It gives me the impetus to consider aliah in the future.

I wish I would have dealt differently with the guy I kinda dated earlier this year...I tend to do this thing, where I 'hang out' with a guy and never define it and never put myself out there. I don't think he was in a good place either, but what if my walls cause there walls and vice versa. I wish I could engage authentically with a man I like. Not playing it cool, or shutting down, or cutting his balls off because he 'wronged' me in some way. I wish I could in the moment tell someone, "I really like you." I'm in my late 20's and I've never done that. I'm holding out not to get hurt, meanwhile I'm alone and I've never been free to show a man I'm romantically interested in how I feel about him with action AND words. I feel pathetic that I haven't done that.

I'm proud of the joy retreat I developed and co-led. I feel hopeful that it made a difference in people's lives. I'm also proud of the occasions when my clients have felt gratitude for what I do to help them. I wish I had been more loving to my friends and family. I feel like my relationships have been stressed this year- in large part because of my behavior and mood. I also wish I had been more honest in my work - faster to respond to those who need me- and more diligent and hardworking. Finally, I wish that I had treated my body better (too much sugar). I feel like I'm getting older and things are creakier. Hard to shed the excess weight I've put on- both literally and figuratively.

I wish I didn't have such an attitude with my family. I am very proud of making a new best friend, which I have trouble doing.

yes, i wish i had been more proactive in moving back home and getting a teaching position yes, getting my Montessori credential.

I wish that I had (and could still do) a better job on my aunt's estate. I've just gotten her other accounts closed after a year. Now I have to reopen my uncle's probate to get at one of their joint accounts. The only thing that comes to mind that I am proud of is that I keep on keepin' on. I can probably be less lazy, but maybe I'm doing ok.

I wish I had listened more closely to my son when he said he didn't want to go to college right away after high school. Instead, I just pushed him to move forward with his college apps, touring colleges, etc. But it ends up that we spent a lot of time on something that he doesn't want to do right now. Maybe in the future, but at this point he needs to follow a different path. At the same time, I'm proud of the fact that I am now letting my son choose his own direction. He has impressed me with how well he is making it on his own, without any monetary support from us. He is growing a lot and if he ever goes to college, he'll be more prepared than if he started right out of high school.

I wish I did not waste so much time watching TV. Once the machine is on, it seems to have a hold on me . . . . I'll just see how this episode ends . . . . then, without a commercial break, they launch into the next episode and pique my curiosity once more. This is only a problem when I do not have firm timelines or commitments, when I am working from home. And, as a freelancer, I set my own schedule. I find that if I don't even turn the thing on, I am fine. I lot of hours spent with reality shows (Food Network, History, HGTV, etc.) slipped through my life. If I could, I would re-claim those hours making my life what I wanted it to be instead of imagining it was somehow aligned with the people on the screen. What am I proud of? I quit a job that was sucking the my soul right out of me. That gave me time to be with my son's family as my strong and beautiful daughter-in-law fought cancer a second time. The whole family is strong and beautiful in their abilities to get up and face each day, each task. I'd like to think that as Gma, I helped smooth the road a bit for them.

I wish I had been able to stick with a healthier way of eating. I lost weight but gained it back and more. I don't seem to be able to stick with a healthy plan of eating and it is making me very unhappy! I am very proud that after 6 years of unemployment and underemployment I was able to keep up my stamina and work hard to find a job. As a result of my efforts (and some good luck) I found a great job with a wonderful firm and that pays a living wage!

Lost 15 pounds using a more vegetarian diet, wish I understood the detox effects better. Started a new job. Lots of painful growth. Found a fantastic therapist who helped me understand my father and the detrimental effects on my family. Started the Happiness Course, learning a lot about the science, whys and where fors on being happy.

Yes both proud of and done differently, hung many bird feeders, brought many pitiongeons neighbors others complained , sling shot with Pennie's in it to scare off accidently killed one suffered from a broken back died in my hands. My regret is acting on others anxiety where I would of let it slide. Simple act but carried out with a moment of frustration rusulting in pain suffering and death of a simple innocent animal. Differently ? Yes going forward . Proud of achievement - professional , assisted in recovery from alcohol abuse and acute exacerbation of bipolar mental illness, reunification of mother and toddler son out of foster care.

I wish I had been more diligent about paying attention to my weight. I really let it get out of control this year. Now I have a long, slow, and unpleasantly difficult road ahead getting it back to a healthy state. I wish had been more upfront about how upset some things have made me. I wish I had had the drive to get my website more finished than it is. I wish a lot of things. Proud? I don't know really, I'm glad I quit Facebook, but I'm not sure that's something to be "proud" of, I'm proud of some of the design work I've done, but on the whole there's more I'm not so happy about than there is stuff I can hold up as a win.

Stayed on my meds, priorirized my health and my relationship with my boys

As a parent, I am very proud of my children's accomplishments and in particular the fine your women and men they are becoming. I second guess myself, with the youngest as to whether I have given him sufficient direction or whether I should be more involved in his life. I believe my approach is sound and will assist him in the future to make decisions especially in difficult situations. It is painful the short term to see your child struggle.

I wish I would have made more of an effort to make friends. I wish I wouldn't have been so afraid of putting down roots. I wanted ro remain ready to go at a moment's notice, but all I've done is allow myself to spend the year extremely lonely. This has been a year of frustration and loneliness. I want to move on, get out of this place, get on with my life. I feel like I am standing still while the rest of the world moves forward around me. I am proud that I paid off my credit cards. I am proud that I have money saved. I wish I had more, that I could be even more diligent about saving, but I've saved enough to cover the costs of moving out of state. That's a big deal! I left behind friends, community, for a year of life in my childhood home. I wish I had some spiritual development to show for it. I wish I would have been more committed to church. I tried for several months to be a part of the community at the Town, and it made me feel even more isolated than when I slept in and stayed home because I was the only single person there. I wish I would have tried to find a new place rather than checking out of my life for the past six months.

Yes, I wish that I had either tried harder in my so far fruitless year of job hunting, finding the courage/humility to ask former contacts for help OR I wished I had known it was all doomed to failure and spent the year learning to drive/teach EFL and/or travelling!

I wish I had ended the relationship with Kenneth MONTHS before I did. Maybe even YEARS before. What I am proud of from the past year? Being recognized at work, by my co-workers and boss, for the contributions that I make to the company. And for the two salary increases I got. Oh yeah, and did I mention I GOT MARRIED? :-)

Honestly, I don't know. Financially, this year wasn't great, so I sort of wish I'd worked more, but also, I did a lot of cool things with my downtime from money earning work -- I had some good travel, I wrote some good stories, I didn't screw up my speaking gigs, I played live music and it was fun and better almost every time. I don't know that there were any stand out net positives, though, which makes me feel strange -- like either there should be or the things I did weren't good enough to mark peaks. But it could also be that it was a year in which I consistently did good work that I enjoy. That's kind of a nice mellow place to be, I suppose I could be proud of THAT.


*I wish that I had moved. *wished I had gotten into therapy *wish I had lost weight & NOT gotten put on insulin *wish I had put myself out there more with men/relationships *wish I had straightened up my home *wish I got a new job paying more $$$ Proud that not only did I not GAIN weight... I lost a bit. Started working the program of Alcholics Annoymous :-)

I feel like I've been better at balance this past year. I realize that it's challenging to be the kind of hands-on parent I want to be when I'm working the kind of hours I am. Everything tends to suffer, but I think I'm getting better at striking a balance. I've also made great strides in finding productive outlets for my stress. Rather than indulge in self-destructive habits, I've used exercise as a pressure release, with fantastic results. (Until I got pregnant, anyway.) Are there things I wish were different? Sure. But I think I've done the best I could with what I had to work with.

Not really, it was a good year. I am proud that I took finding another career more seriously this year. I am also proud that I attempted to fix my injuries. I could only go as far as my insurance would let me though.

I wish I stayed at my own home instead of living with my mother the past 9/10 months. I believe that I would feel more secure, confident and proud that I have kept my head above water during my divorce.

I wish that I had spent more quality time with each of my children. I get so caught up in the rush, rush, rush of daily life, that a quiet lunch together, reading a book, or chatting before bedtime often get lost in the shuffle. Next year I will try to lower my expectations of myself, and be in the moment more, even if the moment happens at he end of a long day.

I wish I had more patience with my children. I could improve on being a more compassionate mother. I am proud of my self for continuously having power of my life and owning my life and not blaming anyone for my life's challenges. I am proud to be utilizing all the tools I have learned from my Masters in Psychology in my everyday life.

I wish I had been more productive overall. I feel like I spend an awful lot of time not being productive - in the name of "me time". Despite getting things done, I sometimes feel like they are getting done half assed. That I would have been better off putting in more time in preparation for things. Don't like this question...

I wish I could have been more supportive of my sister.

I wish that I had communicated better with my husband and had more patience with my children. I don't always manage my schedule and seem to feel overwhelmed easily. I wish and hope to in the future, communicate better with everyone about how I am feeling and what is going on in my life so that people aren't surprised or annoyed by what appears to be sudden changes and emotions. Regarding my kids, I need to remember that teenagers are figuring it out and need help still in sorting through all that life throws at them. I am proud of my daughters achievements in school that enable them to have more freedom of college choices. I'm proud of the work my son is showing in school this year - especially how he struggled last year. I'm proud of my husband and all the things he deals with in his personal and business life and still is available to me and our family (extended as well) whenever he is needed. And I'm proud of the risks I have been taking in tackling new buisness choices for myself.

it's too early to tell. Baltimore felt limited and now it's five months in in New York and it's ambiguous. Getting steady takes a while, then things change, right now is sort of in between jobs, neither jane nor you-i- we (?) are utilizing the city in a way that can only be done here. I'm proud that we took the risk, i'm proud that I got myself working with Here Be Monsters but most of my worry right now coems from trying to figure out if I am doing something I should have done differently or if I should be proud.

In the past year I am incredibly proud that I have maintained my sobriety and gotten my marriage back on track. I think being sober has had a positive impact on my entire life and the lives of my family members.

I wish I had started therapy earlier. Depression has been affecting me for quite some time; Dr. Allen and cognitive behavioural therapy were so helpful in getting past it.

I'm proud of the writing I've done and I wish I'd had more improvement in my work habits. As for "done differently" that's all about my inability to control my eating. It's an outward sign of what I consider to be disturbingly slothful habits that become more entrenched each day. It's the opposite of giving a busy person more to do... as I do less, and am less motivated especially by the organizational tasks I need to take on, I become lazier. So here I am, aware of the process, and yet, unwilling, unable or just plain too lazy to change. I would like to come up with a method to help myself get back into that energetic state of mind where I work hard and get results.

I wish that I had done better this year just to stop and appreciate everything. I feel like I've been running so much and so hard that I haven't taking the time just to experience all the good things.

Daily it seems there's things I think I would have done differently - that's just the way I am. But, overall I'd say nothing too much. Is there anything I'm especially proud of this year? I guess it would have to be my persevering on guitar. I started taking lessons last April or May from a young mother on our ward - Kaylynn Guptil. She taught a simple system that got you playing some songs quickly with a few chords and simple strumming patterns. The songs were old, very simple and often geared toward little kids - but it got me systematically learning to play. In the early fall she had to interrupt our lessons because her arm was hurting. It turned out she had a tumor and breast cancer. I never had another lesson from her. One day about 6 weeks from when she had paused our lessons she dropped by the house with Christmas music lesson pack which I had requested. I never saw her alive again. Her condition went rapidly downhill and she died this Spring. I'd continued to play and practice from the sheets she'd taught from - but I was pretty stuck and didn't really know who to turn to for new lessons. There was a classical guitarist at her funeral and eventually I learned his name and that he gave lessons - so this summer I began lessons with him. I'm learning a classical style which involves reading music and my progress has felt slow, though Matt doesn't agree. I'm not even sure I'm learning to play exactly the way or stuff I really want to, but I have found the practicing very helpful. It gives me a non-work focus and recently I've felt progress in being focused during practicing and that;s felt good. I hope to be able to play in front of and for others at some point - although I'm much farther from being ready to do that than I expected. So, I'm proud I've kept at it and continued to do something I've for years told myself I wanted to do. Something that is just for me, a goal that has no other meaning except I want to do it. It doesn't advance any agenda except a personal one. I am learning to play only for myself. I'm not trying to be a guitar hero, I'm not trying to be better that anyone with it, I'm just trying to learn and hopeful that in the learning I will find a way of expressing some of what's inside me. That somehow, someday I'll find, through the guitar perhaps, a method of expressing the complicated gratitude I have for this awkwardly lived life of mine. And hope it will be good.

Sold my house ... Started on selling in the spring. More strategy less frenzy at work and home.

I wish that I hadn't been so scared to start getting in shape and eating healthy. I have started to do so the past few weeks and am so happy with the results, I don't understand what I was waiting for the whole year. Alternatively, I am really proud of myself for graduating from the #1 public university in the world and starting my career at a great job and I am only 22.

I went on a spree of eating hershey’s Kisses EVERY SINGLE DAY and recently had blood work done and am now 40 lbs+ overweight and borderline diabetic. I am not proud of this, but am now on a regimen for losing weight and bringing the sugar and cholesterol levels down. Dang! I wish I would have done this differently and NOT convinced myself that I HAD TO EAT a diet HIGH IN SUGAR, and wondering why my workout was becoming difficult. Duh! On the proud side, I love my job and excel at it.

This year I have spent most of my time alone thinking about the next steps to ensure freedom happiness and joy - I left a high powered sales job that I had been very successful at and now am a content/curriculum person for a very small company - I am proud of this decision but struggliing to find the balance with it - little travel little work and little interactions with the team as they are far away. There are quiet moments when I am at a loss as to what to do and not having a crazy schedule is making me feel less productive and less focused. I know I will find my way through this and will be better for it - but now it is a challenge to get up and find something to do daily. The way I chose to approach this new challenge will be a journey of a lifetime with many up and downs and I hope to find peace with this choice - if not I guess I can always go back to the crazy pace but for now it is my life and I need to find a way to make it work - I am curious what the next few months hold and what new discoveries I will make about myself and my new universe. With eyes to see and a heart to trust - let it be.

I grew a beard! That's a proud thing, not a thing to have done differently. I'm proud of the new job I'm in, as I know I'm now set on a path which I'm comfortable with, and that will challenge me in a way I could never have got in my previous field. That pleases me. It's good timing too, as I'm in my 32nd year and I really did want to have sorted that side of things out by now. I'm proud that I visited Barcelona and seen the team play, although I maybe could've done it a bit differently by going for a longer period. Will do so again. In the same vein, I'm proud that I just booked up for New York next year. Also proud that I'm going on my own! Something I always fancied, it was like jumping off a cliff taking the courage to fill out the details online and purchasing the flights etc. I did it! I am really, really excited about it. I feel like the US may be my spiritual home, even though I've yet to go...

Something I was especially proud of was maintaing and nurturing a new relationship while finishing grad school, having a broken wrist, and starting a new job. Something I wish I had done differently was not to have stopped calling my grandparents regularly. I don't know how I didn't find the time to do that.

Earlier this year I lost about 20 lbs. I have gained all of it back, and then some. This has led to a shortness of breath and some potential heart issues. I wish I could control my splurge eating a little more. For the first time, my wife has seen my work ethic first hand, as I've been working at her company for the last two months. She has been impressed, which has given me something to feel proud of.

This year I feel as though I have become very obsessive when it comes to my diet and exercise routine. It has led me to decline to take part in social activities or events and I wish I would have been and will be more flexible and not micro manage everything.

Honestly, I wish I had prepared a little more mentally and emotionally for college. I also wish that I had applied straight into the nursing school. I feel so out of place and I've been having such a hard time adjusting to the rigor and pace of college, and I'm very worried about getting into my college's nursing school. I am proud of graduating from high school in the top of my class and of my high school experience as a whole. I was very involved, had lots of friends, got good grades, and was very happy. I guess I expected college to immediately be the same amazing experience.

I wish I would have been more clear about the boundaries surrounding Elizabeth with both her and Sam. I wish I had also been more communicative about what I wanted, rather than putting the needs of others before me, as I realize I am equally important in the relationship and in life. At the end of the day, I have to live with myself. I am proud of my growth as an independent adult. I have learned and used coping skills throughout the past year. I am proud of my ability to get hired on as something past a receptionist level, and also in the non-profit sector, something I have wanted for a long time. I am proud of my determination to go to school, begin school and keep up with my classes and attendance, even though attendance is mandatory for me right now.

Often I think my very simple, uncomplicated life is too difficult for me. It IS simplified. More than that, it's empty. I've avoided attachments because life, I thought, was easier without them. And I only wanted to do the things I wanted to do. But I know there are things that are missing and things that I've had that I miss. But my life, until recently has been easy. I've allowed myself to pass through it, and only challenged myself as much as I wanted, when I wanted. There didn't seem to be consequences for not doing more or thinking more or participating more. But the consequences are the missing things that I thought I could choose, or not. The things I thought would be there for me when I wanted them. The things that aren't.

Yes, I do. I don't regret much, because the decisions i make, make the person I am today. Although I do wish i would have done things differently, like being around my family more, applying myself more, pushing to my fullest extent.

I think I wish I had let myself take more (any) time off between my jobs. It would have been nice to have had more of a break. But I am really proud of all the progress I've made personally---setting better boundaries, taking more breaks, etc. And getting my new job was pretty amazing!

I wish I hadn't fallen apart. It takes so much longer to get back together. I' m still looking for my best. I'm afraid I'll never find it.

I wish I had made more time for others, particularly family, friends and those in need

I have had an incredible year; one full of exciting adventures and tremendous growth-- from Boston to Central America then back to the Bay Area to start a new job. I am so grateful for these experiences and opportunities, and I am very proud of my accomplishments-- completing my master's in a very high standing, learning (some) spanish and fulfilling my dream to travel, getting a new job in an exciting field. I can't say I have regrets or strong wishes that I had done something differently, though I have questions and do think about the "what ifs" - what if I had held off taking this new job in Oakland- would I have found something better? What if I had been more open to finding and being in a new relationship? What if I had decided to stay and continue traveling in Latin America as I had very much wanted to do? I do believe I have made good decisions and I don't know if there is a lot of benefit in thinking about all of the "what ifs." But as I am getting older I am realizing there is limited time in life-- and so much to do, and learn and contribute. So I can't help but feel that every decision is crucial -- we don't have time to waste!

This year I had the opportunity to retire early from a job which was initially rewarding, but has been de-professionalized over time, and it was suffocating me. I'm glad that I found the courage to move forward, and have planned my career change over the past year. The support of my loving husband, family, colleagues and friends made this change possible.

Spent more time with the grandparents.

I wish I hadn't signed up for a practicum during the summer break. It was a good experience, but I would like to better at giving myself breaks and opportunities to relax. I feel a lot of pressure this year in school: I really want to get into my program of choice for graduate school. I need to remember to not make myself crazy, however.

I wish I had organized my home workspace better before now. It took me months to purchase the furniture I needed, and I am still short a chair. But now it's set to be organized and my papers are still in chaos. I am especially proud of the patience and compassion I've shown towards all those around me this year. It's a feeling of acceptance that I really love, and they return it to me.

There were a few times when I was really poor version of myself -- I acted impulsively, spoke without thinking and took my frustrations out on those around me; including family. I let really minor things get the best of me which completely goes against how I believe one should live. I still cringe when I think of how I acted sometimes, especially when I got so upset about a cracked computer screen the night before a final exam - things can be fixed! I still had my paper notes!. I took my bottled up emotions out on my boyfriend, who, despite everything, remained patient and loyal. One small thing that I'm proud of is that I scored a 100% on my small animal medicine exam. I NEVER get perfect scores, are rarely get good scores in vet school so this made me feel good!

I wish I had worked harder, organized myself better, developed healthier habits, and communicated clearer. I feel always in a muddle and unable to get a handle on it. My daughter never bathes, my husband doesn't help with dinner, and I never seem to get as much work done as I wish.

I wish I hadn't been so pre-occupied with looks and little-kid crushes. I've been in a cloud of doubt, and I wish I had started out with my head clearer. I'm proud to say I live in California with a full-time job in my field. I'm not paid well, but moving across the country was a big deal and here I am!

Keeping with the wedding theme, I'm really proud of the way it turned out. Many people told me it was the most beautiful wedding they'd ever been to. I'm glad I stood my ground and decided to have it at Sea Island. It was the most beautiful wedding I'd ever been to, so that makes me happy.

I wish I had proceeded more slowly with my first polyamorous dating relationship and done a better job of confronting my jealousy upfront. I am especially proud of completing my first two triathlons and winning a business plan competition for my company.

I wish that I'd tried rocking Grace to sleep so that Dave could also help with bedtimes. But, I do love the closeness during nursing and that I am such a comfort to her. I am so proud that we have been teaching Grace to sign. It is amazing to watch her communicate with us so early!

I wish I watched less TV and Internet and spent more time writing, researching and putting together projects.

Over the past year, I have transitioned to a new position and been recommended for a promotion. I'm happier at my new position, and the schedule is great. Currently looking for that significant other to share in the overload of happy that I have.

I don't know that there's anything I wish I'd done differently: I'm definitely one of those people who makes a decision and then doesn't look back. In the same vein, I don't know that there's anything I'm especially PROUD of, either- there were things that gave me great pleasure to accomplish, but that's not really the same thing as pride, is it?

I wish I had stopped taking the easy way out on difficult decisions and I wish I put more effort into losing weight. I am proud of taking a vacation to the town I was born in and re-evaluating my life from the last time I was there to now. All in all it is positive!

Yes I wish I had been brave enought to leave my partner. More confident when in social situations and more assertive with my emotional needs in my relationship. There is nothing I am particularly proud of.

I am proud of my accomplishments in school this year. I wish I would have been more patient and was better with managing my money so this summer would have not have been so hard.

Done more to make the world a better place. Done more to help others. Been a more understanding mother, a better listener, paid more attention to things my children said and changed those things I did and do that annoy them. Been less anxious, less compulsive, and spent more effort in doing what I set out to do. Been more sure of what I wanted and acted on it. Not placed myself second to the opinions or desires of others. Been a more understanding wife.

I wish I had not had lung surgery, especially as it turned out to be unnecessary. I should have waited but I got scared and determined to be sure I was either OK or not. I am proud of how calm and loving and full of equanimity I am about Janice's death and all the repercussions. I stood up for Jordan, I made peace with Gail, and I am supporting Richard to the best of my ability in any given moments. I am also proud of this past year at Black Rock School, working with the 6th and 8th graders. Our culminating Holocaust play, visit from Anita Schorr, and the creation of our very own teaching trunk and a social studies lilbrary is, for me, the manifestation of my best work.

Done differently: many small things... nothing too major I can think of. It's the small things that lead me to be chubby still. The small things that replay in my mind sometimes that I can't shut off. And they are all small and should not be "sweat"ed... but they do. So I guess if there is anything I wish I would have done differently is more forgiveness and moving on faster. Especially proud of: going to law school and raising my grades! I don't have one sparkling proud moment, but many small moments of making better choices to be more prepared, to feel better, and to do better in school.

As dumb as I feel saying it, I am so proud of myself for being ranked in the top 5% in Injustice. I wasn't raised playing video games, and the reflexes for them do not come as easily to me as they do to many people I know.

I don't think I regret anything in particular from this past year - it's all been focused on the pregnancy, and that has kind of been the lens that everything else has been seen through. I'm proud of doing well at work, which I have, though I often feel that I could be doing better in terms of doing something I actually enjoy, actually feel a real passion for. I don't have that at work at the moment, and sometimes I think - does it matter? Could I just have creativity and passion in my personal life, and not mind about the lack of it at work? Right now, it's hard to answer those questions I'm asking of myself, as as soon as the baby comes, our lives will be very different, and I think I will have to think more about how to get this balance in future. I do feel that I need to look at the creative/passion side of life, or I will end up losing myself a bit. I need to take responsibility for that aspect of my life.

I wish I had explored more, traveled more, risked more, and taken more chances.

Differently, would have to be doing more of the things I don't do. Not just things that need to be done for work or life in general or busy work. Things that I know I should do but out of fear or laziness I don't do them. What do I fear? Not failure. OK maybe a little bit failure or the sense of failing in someone else's eyes. That if I don't do "that" right or I don't get that account, or complete that project I will be somewhat less to them or to myself. Maybe it is also a tape that runs in the back of my mind that says you didn't do so well that last time what makes you think you will do better this time? Or remember you've been told your not good at that. Maybe I wasn't good at that the last time. But that was the last time. Maybe I didn't understand or I didn't have the skill, experience, wisdom. I'm probably really good at that but in fear I don't try again. It's easy to be lazy and not just not try. Why get beat up again? Yet looking at something I am really proud of is pursuing a desire to ride skinny tire road bikes for a longer distance at a faster pace in a shorter time and keep up with a group of old men who are all actually close to me in age while leaving the young punks in the dust. Talk about fear and intimidation. Had to loose 35 pounds. Had to be comfortable wearing spandex clothing in public. Had to take on crazy people driving cars who think that bikers are to used as target practice. So I lost weight, increased my average speed, time in the saddle, and distance. Received compliments from the "Big Dogs" in the group and invitations to join some elite rides. Great all sounds good. Nothing that I haven't done because of fear has been life threatening. Riding a bike on a two lane road with 1 foot of paved shoulder and cars on your left going by less than 3 feet away at 60 mph is life threatening. So why does the adrenaline rush and physical punishment produce less fear than picking up the phone, or asking for the sale? It cannot be just the adrenaline. I could go stand on the side of the freeway and be in a similar position but not have the same satisfaction. We are all gifted in different ways. Some of us are better at things we are not gifted in than those that have the gift. Curious how I don't seem to be able to conquer one form of fear yet I can conquer another. Physical and mental fear. Which is worse? Which is more lethal? Which is more paralyzing? Does any of that matter? It all boils down to wanting something enough that you are willing to do what it takes. Motivation then. Which seems to lead to the idea of balance in life. Because being motivated can also lead to imbalance overall in life. It seems God is asking that there be a continuous examination of life. Don't let selfishness overwhelm while at the same time don't forget the self. Don't shut out the needs of others and don't be consumed by the needs of others. So at the end of all of this rambling I wonder if I can trade fears with what I have done and what I have left undone?

I wish I had made my health more of a priority, in the face of both my father, then my best friend, dying (cancer and car accident, respectively.) Instead I backslided for awhile into unhealthy eating and drinking habits, a poor substitute for self care. However, I have made two earnest attempts to clean things up in the area: a cleanse and writer's retreat mid summer, and now a Whole 30 (abstaining from alcohol, sugar, dairy, grain, legumes and added sugar, diligently for a month) and weekly writing groups. I also just paid off a debt that has been following me for the last five years, and that feels like a major relief.

I wish that I had established stronger relationships with my nieces and their children this year. There's still time but I could have made more of an effort this past year. I am proud of the fact that I have been able to establish a regular, habitual meditation practice.

I did everything I could for my marriage. Now I am doing what I want and need to do for my career. I do not regret anything. Maybe an occasional purchase but in whole I am very pleased with my progress of bettering myself. I'm not sure if there is a specific thing. More of my mindset now.

I am quite proud that I completed my second short novel this past spring.

I wish I would have stayed on top of my health (exercise, writing in my journal, taking me time) when I was under a lot of stress. I'm proud that I had a kick-ass retreat and got a promotion this year.

I wish I would not spend as much time watching TV. I am proud of taking the risk for another career opportunity as COAOC. It has been a terrific challenge to test my skills and knowledge as a development professional.

I wish I had handled my dogs passing differently this year. I let him suffer too much. Alternatively I am very proud of achieving my goal of a sprint triathlon.

I'm proud of how hard I worked to build my Therapy practice. Proud of being able to manage a lot of change with grace (some of the time!). Proud that I try to keep my family's needs in the front of my mind. Proud that I've been able to cultivate and maintain important friendships.

I've had the most difficult year of my life and for the most part I'm proud of the way I've navigated all the challenges. It's been really stressful but I've held on to the decisions that will create a great future for my family and allow me to sleep at night.

I wish I hadn't reacted as I did so many times to my aging parents. I wish I had given more reflection to my mom's feelings as she was dying, to not repair but to reflect.

I wish I had taken more care when boss I really connected with moved on. I sent her a card, and a gift to her new office (multiple states away) but I really didn't follow up or keep in touch. I had a great year in many ways. I guess my portfolio performance is something I'm particularly proud of, I really focused well on it, and my time paid off.

I faced up to an issue and got tested. I wish if been more determined asking for the truth and more staunch in demanding it and reeling with it.

I wish I had eaten better so that I would've been healthier and more active. I wish I had driven the van instead of letting my husband do everything, like drive, for one, because when he got sick I got terrified. I'm especially proud of the fact that I have not given up on trying to finish the two books I'm writing. Also I have not given up on myself. I have started to take care of myself.

As far as what I wish I had done differently, I wish I had spent more time talking with my family. I'm especially proud of my slowly becoming a professional at my internship and proving myself so much so that I was able to be hired for a paid position. I feel that so much learning was done in such a short period of time. Even though I'm not sure if it's a forever career yet, I enjoy the work and feel I am more capable everyday. I'm also proud of my ability to get back into art-making. My project "On spirits, on animals" has been so fulfilling for me so far. :)

I wish I would've been more outgoing. I don't have many friends and my dating life doesn't exist at all. While this may be partly due to where I live and the lack of options for dating, I'm not making much of an effort to put myself out there. But I am proud of the fact I've started working hard on losing weight. I've lost 12 pounds so far.

Sweating the small stuff. I wish I would do it less. I know that worrying about possible negative future outcomes and being annoyed by past things doesn't help me, my cause, my health and my family's mood. But too often I spiral into that. I even read the book (Don't Sweat the Small Stuff and It's All Small Stuff: Simple Ways to Keep the Little Things from Taking Over Your Life) . Still having a hard time putting it into practice. Conclusion: find tools and keep using them.

Courting my new fiancee, took time. I am sure my friends and family are 100% understanding but I feel to some degree I was neglectful. I gained weight due to eating out more and going to the gym less. I am not regretting at allmy actions. My beautiful and wonderful wife to be will enrich the rest of my life immeasurably. My children are very happy for me and like my new bride to be..I guess it is true that hindsight is 20-20.

I wish I had utilized every day just 20% better. I didn't read as much as I should have, I didn't create as much as I could have, I didn't care as much as I should have, I didn't teach as much as I could have, I didn't love as much as I should have, I simply could have done more, better.

Work - do more to prevent my "off" days at work and be independant Personally -take more chances

No, not really. Maybe tried harder to to go Paris with John but my 6th sense just didn't feel right about it. The bad patches turned out OK so I guess they happened like they were supposed to. I'm proud of how things are turning around in my relationships with the CB HS teams and with the Leo/Kari stuff. Finally a battle I won!

I wish I had done more art. Of any kind.

I wish I spent more time meditating and learning about myself rather than dating so much. I also wish I spent significantly more time on my own startup. Lastly, I wish I spent more quality time "loving" people such as my best friends, my family, and little Noah.

I wish I had listened to people at PCCC more and less to what I thought should be done. By not listening I found myself without any support, alone with ideas that hardly no one bought into. Maybe I would have stayed at PCCC if I had listened. I am proud of the my decision to move back to GV where my friends, community and intellectual stimulation are. That decision seems so right and I am glad I made that decision. I am also proud that I flew to Chicago to be with Brian on a Path to Spirit weekend even though it did not work out as I had hoped and planned. I have more clarity about Brian as a result.

I wish I had been a better friend to some of the people on my Israel trip this last summer. There were lots of people that I was mean to and hurt their feelings. I wish I could go back and change what I said to some of those people.

I wish I was able to finish my Group fitness cert..I am proud I completed my prequel for p90X and have taken steps to be more healthy

I wish I had taken university more serious. I should have learned so much more instead of watching series on my laptop. I am so angry about myself but I just don't change my behaviour.

The whole year was most substantially about buying and remodeling Dave's family's home. Maybe we shouldn't have bought it; it depleted resources that would have been smarter to leave intact or to use differently, anyway. I have never wanted a real vacation as much as I do now that we committed to not having one for the foreseeable future. But I'm proud of the finished product, and the project had some important, unquantifiable merits, such as being the first substantial, complex task that we did together. I know a lot more, now, about Joe, and about us as a team, and about how we each manage (and don't manage) stress. I know I can trust his knowledge about home building and repair, so I don't have to worry when he says he can do something like build a deck or replace the bathroom floor. And I know he is comfortable admitting when a particular job is out of his league. I know that unless we set reasonable goals for the day that I insist we adhere to, he will work until he drops. I know I'm much better at contract(or) management, as of course I should be. I can see that I'm a calming, stable influence for him. So there were really good, newly-married lessons that came from it that would otherwise have taken much longer to learn.

I deal with people on a daily basis - students, teachers, parents. I try my best not to offend, be pro-active, be culturally sensitive. Sometimes I fail and wish I had said things differently. I cannot put my finger on one particular incident.

I wish I spent more time simply being present and less time angling for the next step.

Differently, differently, differently, I wish I could have done so many things differently. Not just this year. I'm a great one for staring at my mistakes. But then, I look back and think a lot of the things I would like to have done differently were out of my control anyway. There wasn't much else I could have done besides what I did, what I had to do. Most of it didn't involve choices, it involved dealing with circumstances, handling situations. So perhaps what I could actually do differently is go with decision, go with them, stop staring at the past, worrying about the future, make the best of whatever decisions I do have, just make them even sometimes. No decision will ever be 100% right; if it 80% works, it's a good decision – that's what they say, right? It's easily said though, especially by them. Alternatively, I can be proud and I am proud – of the friendships I've made and strengthened this year. I have a couple of proper solid, dependable, uplifting, supportive friendships that really mean a lot. And they exist because I put in as I take out. I am good at good friendships. Perhaps the second thing I need to do is work out how to translate this.

Actually I'm happy with most of what I've done this year. A few things - I wish I was more in tune with my body so I could have avoided a really crucial emergency. I'm proud of the fact that I've made some progress in being more tolerant of those with different views - still lots of work to do on this one.

I'm proud that I'm finally taking steps to network and improve my job/career situation.

I wish I took the time to travel this past year. Go on that road trip or short trip to visit my friend in Illinois. I kept making excuses and it never happened. I'm proud of the relationship I've built with Ryan. I'm also proud of my relationship with my brothers and reconnecting with my mom this year. It's been tumultuous but they are incredibly important to me.

I am proud to have made peace in my relationship with myself this year. This has manifested in my relationships with others in the following ways: I am able to send a vibration of love and acceptance to my son's stepmother. This has made it possible for me see my son in person without becoming emotionally unbalanced over the stepmother's presence. I am free of unhealthy attachments to my father. I feel the presence of divine love more consistently and the presence of the friendships that inspire it in me. I am also proud that I have renewed my commitment to taking care of my body, to taking the time to nurture my receptivity and joyful mental outlook, and to spending time in nature. I am proud that I love my life and those who are a part of it.

im really proud that I took the time to be alone and ask myself what my needs and wants were and stepped outside other peoples ideas for me. I listened to my own heart and head and consequently made some enormous changes in my life. I wish I had handled some relationships differently and not made my self so available consequently over caring for some people in the long run was not a benefit to them. I also wish I had been more sensitive to the privacy of others, shared a little less, listened a little more.

I wish I would have invited my ex boyfriend to graduation. I also wish I had done that differently. But I am proud of going backpacking in Europe with Sarah and moving down to Oakland by myself.

I wish I hadn't been so negatively affected by my work situation, and that I had been more understanding of people I was working with. But I'm still proud that I ran a farm for the first time and grew some really high quality produce.

I believe this past year is the one in which I finally let go of the baggage that I'd previously associated with being damaged. I became calmer, less stressed in general, a better listener, able to better support my family. In the coming year, I hope that I can now get closer to my husband. I hope to eventually be able to have a comfortable relationship with my mother too. I can now see these as possibilities.

I wish that I hadn't taken a job out of desperation. There were many good things that came from taking the job: getting a steady paycheck, meeting new people, building confidence, finding a wonderful man to date (through gaining confidence and self-respect). But the job has turned into a nightmare and I am not sure I can find my way out now. It's a job that is no longer going down the path I was lead to believe nor one that aligns with who I am as a person and where I want to go in my life. It has been a struggle and I am trying to move out, but everyday is filled with turbulent emotions.

I wish I had found a new job. I've wished that the past 6 years, every year, I wish I had found a new job. Yet I'm still stuck in this lousy situation, which I take full responsibility for. The year is not over yet, however. I am especially proud of the relationship I have with my ex-husband. It took a while for me to not get utterly annoyed with him every time we communicated. Now we hang out and have a very friendly, supportive relationship. It's almost better than when we were married. This is something to be proud of!

After years of procrastination, I finally engaged an estate planning specialist and arranged for a comprehensive estate plan with new trusts, wills and property ownership. The goal was to both make my intent clear and also to anticipate state estate tax needs. The engagement was expensive and required a lot of my time but in the end provided enormous peace of mind.

I can't think of anything I would have done differently this last year. I am very pleased that I was able renew an old friendship with a person I met about thirty years ago. We have been emailing each other twice a week for a year now.

I wish I had taken a real vacation this year - gone backpacking in the southwest or visited the Greek islands.

I feel good about how I have lived this past year. I am generally not proud of how I behave or what I accomplish. At the same time I feel I behave the way I would like to behave. I am not generally goal oriented and therefore I do not accomplish much. I get to work everyday and I do a good job. I put in my best effort almost every single day. Is there a specific thing I wish I had done differently? Haydee? Haydee and I are no longer friends. Should I have done something differently to ensure our friendship continued? I think not. On this occasion I did not want to be apologetic. I did not feel apologetic. I do not think I did anything wrong. She said she felt like a second class citizen when she spoke with me or spent time with me. I think that is her, however, she has a completely different background than I do and I am from the entitled class so I may have missed something. I am very sorry if I hurt Haydee's feelings unintentionally. Paulette. I should have directly apologized for saying 60 sounds old.

I am proud of myself with regard of being able to reorientate myself quickly after my son has moved out.

i wish i knew about having to get a job first before going to england so i couldve been working on that during the summer and not of had to go through the struggles of going there with all my stuff and having to some back. and i am proud of myself of paying off my car payments and also taking on the task of moving to england

Not really. Maybe could have worked harder but I had a great year.

i did my first full Ironman this year. i wanted a better result. so all at once I did something i'm especially proud of but wish i'd done differently!

I wish that I had more control over my emotions. They get the best of me from time to time because of my anger issues and the trauma of being in a combat zone. I get scared and defensive very easily sometimes and it can cause my anger to flair. I wish I could put that problem to rest. I am proud of my wife and her strength through this time period and the way she stood up for me angainst the stupid ass PA MAJOR JASON M REESE you is a horrible excuse for a medial professional.

I wish I had been more graceful during my breakup. I tried to come from a place of love but while trying to focus on that, I found that I was slipping into codependent behavior. Starting new relationships with friends and maintaining those I almost lost I M very proud of my growth during this time. My openness and recommitment to my program. I'm not making the same mistakes about jumping in a relationship. I want this friendship to bloom into a relationship but don't want to go too fast missing red flags.

My special dog died this past year, very suddenly, in one day. She had a particularly aggressive and insidious Cancer that stole her from us. She went into surgery wagging her tail and we never held her again. I wish I hadn't allowed her to die on a surgical table while under anesthesia. I can't think of her without thinking I might have done things differently if I had had more information. Maybe we'd have had several more quality months together. As a result of her death, I started a facebook group entitled simply, 'Hemangiosarcoma'. We have 370 members, all since the middle of June. People share photos of their dogs, their protocols, their excess chemo drugs, the deaths of their dogs, their tears and emotions there. And we also share the welcoming of a new dog or puppy. We are together as a community to support each other. I am especially proud that a profound sadness has produced a much needed comfort zone for so many.

I wish I took better care of my body and carved out more time for myself

The way I moved into my new home. I was rushed and nervous, and very stubborn. I wanted things done and done right away. I wanted a home. But I failed to listen and be empathic to everyone's needs. However, I am proud that I stepped up in a very difficult situation to find my children the best possible place to live and grow up. I only thought of their needs her and our home is in a wonderful location with great families. I am proud of that and being able to provide them with this home.

I am proud that I decided to pursue Judaism further. It has saved my life from self-destruction.

I would have liked to be more physically active, eaten more vegetables ( less beer) and have gone on a retreat type trip to help plan and focus my activities and goals. Professionally I would have liked to had at least one more client to ensure the lose of one would not be catastrophic. Also creating a more structured schedule for my work is something I need to work on. Sticking with my business and being resourceful and creative with my income has been rewarding and made me less anxious about money.

There are many, many things I wish I had done differently, mostly involving my own sloth and avoidance. But I am proud of shaking off my depression and getting back to the archives last winter, and of the work I have done so far on this chapter, inadequate as it sometimes feels.

I'm proud that I keep struggling forward. Living a downtown life, having made the job change, includes so much sheer powering through, having faith that at some point, I will feel better and it will be natural and easy, but for now, it's not and it's hard, so I'm proud of having persevered to the degree I have.

One thing I wish I had done differently was take a break between jobs - really have a vacation to relax and recharge. I am very proud of the work that I did for the transition to my new position and how I handled the change in leadership. The new department chair is positioned for success and was given a lot of support as she takes on this new role. I eased the stress of the change for the current faculty and staff.

For once, I don't think there is! I feel like I've done lots of the things I wanted to do this year, and lots of things for me, which feels great. I guess I wish I had made more time to get fit again. I feel like I've let that bit of my life go.

My husband struggled with depression this year. And I struggled with his struggle. I feel like I could have been more understanding instead of frustrated, more empathetic instead of resentful. He has always been so selfless, willing to give because he loves to, not because he expects something in return. Yet when he struggles, I am impatient, want him to "get over it" because I need his help. So I wish I could have been more supportive. I can say I am proud of us though. This is the kind of thing that puts distance in a marriage. And that distance can destroy. But we stuck with it. Talking and yelling and talking and a little bit of laughing. We haven't given up and we won't.

I am especially proud that I got the surgery I needed and got involved in some projects that I love. I wish I had done more in general - like exercising and painting - and spent less time on the internet.

I wish I had realized sooner that my marriage was in serious trouble. I wish I had been more aware as my wife fell out of love with me and in love with someone else. I wish I would not have given her the space that lead to her disengaging with me. I'm proud now of fighting for our marriage although I'm often not going about it in the best way possible. I'm proud of the changes and reflection that I'm undertaking to see how I am part of the problem and how to be part of the solution. Still, I wish things were different. I wish I wasn't in this space. I wish I didn't hurt so much.

Wish I had spoken more gently with family members, who appear to be going thru a tough time. Am proud that despite the curveballs thrown into life and relationships, I've been resourceful in finding ways to keep $ coming in, while still being able to tend to family matters.

I wish that I had started writing more. I am a writer and having not written enough, I am getting rusty.

I wish I had worked out more often. I am proud of the amount of work I have done.

I always wish that I were a better mother to my kids, but I am not thinking anything specifically. Fortunately, I have several things that I am proud of this year: I completed and defended my doctoral dissertation, I graduated with my Ed.D., I got a job as a college professor, and I single-handedly found and secured financing for our beautiful new home :)

my artwork made it into three publications this year; two books and a magazine. it's a short-lived thrill, and i need to remind myself to get out there and submit photos and articles for others' and my own motivation. working in the studio is good, but sharing and communicating ideas and techniques are even better.

I wish I had spent less time looking at my phone. To a point, I let it dominate me. Not so much in answering/crafting e-mails, but I spend a lot of time reading the news. While I try to find every nook and cranny to do so, I think I let it get too far.

I am especially proud of my children this year. They've both found their passions, jumped fully into it and excelled. I've learned to help them in the best way I can.

I was often stressed out by a woman who is the mother of one of my Beavers Scouts, who had many complaints. I wish I hadn't allowed her negativity to effect me so much. Everyone else who knew her, told me that she is just miserable and horrible like that to everyone... but I wish instead I had just seen her as someone who is hurting and needs love. Instead I took it to heart, crying a few times, having a stress ball in my stomach and just dreading dealings with her. I wish I had worked on my relationship with my husband more. Its been a year of sexual disconnection - even though we are still good friends. I'm especially proud of my children and their growth. I'm proud of staying away from toxins in my lifestyle (as best I can). I'm proud of introducing the right people into my life who bring me up and teach me things about the lifestyle I wish to have. I'm proud of how I've turned to yoga and meditation in this past year.

I don't feel there is anything we could've done differently. The only thing I wish I had done more of is enjoyed myself more - and not focused on the stress. I'm proud of how we managed to get things done and save what we needed to - to get into our house.

I wish I had started exercising consistently earlier, and that I had found a way to do sustainable research while Rachel was in camp over the summer. I felt better when I started doing cardio exercise, and suspect I would have been a more patient mother and efficient writer if I had taken better care of my health.

Something I am proud of is how I took care of myself and my kids. I found the things I valued and stayed focused on those. As far as doing things different. I wish I yelled at the kids less, and focused on fun more. Quit smoking sooner.

I can't think of anything offhand I would have done differently this year. I am proud of the work I've done at Clir, volunteer ushering at SFJAZZ, SF Opera, Ballet, and the SF Symphony. Proud of being validated with a real job with Live nations @ The Masonic.

I wish I had started meditating sooner. I'm proud of my discipline and of the talk I gave at church. And I'm reading more books. The butterfly garden worked great.

I wish I had not yelled in my wife's direction.

I can't even begin to list the things I wish I had done differently in the past year. Primarily I wish I hadn't relied on a job opportunity that somehow I knew wasn't going to happen and that frankly wasn't what I wanted anyway. But thinking about all of the things I would do differently has made me think of things I think I did right. I supported my husband as he made his decision to quit the military, even knowing it would be incredibly difficult for us. And I supported him honestly. I trained for and ran a 5k with a good friend. And I made the decision that even though it would be easier to stay where I am, it is time for me to take back my career and move on. I haven't found my new path yet, but I think I am headed in the right direction.

Ran more

I wish that I had been more committed to pursuing new work directions. Spending my time more productively. Nothing I am especially proud of.

I wish I had expected less from people, criticized others less, and gave myself the empathy I am always seeking from the outside (and usually disappointed in not receiving). I wish I were more easy going and less uptight in general, and I wish I cared less about other people's opinions of me and how I live my life. I am proud of the beautiful, symbiotic, loving relationship my daughter and I have together. I am proud of her growing confidence, kindness, awareness, imagination, and humor. I can't believe she came from me.

Establish a more efficient study schedule. I've become aware my perspective is evolving.

It's small but, with my stuttering problem, I proved to myself that I could answer and make calls to people without being so nervous. I also stood up for myself when someone was belittling me. I'm also learning how to live....

My aunt passed away about six months ago – I wish that I had been more physically and emotionally present to support my mother through that hardship. In many ways, this last year has been a very hard one. I look forward to the coming year and I hope that I meet the challenges it presents with strength and grace.

I wish I had made time for a vacation for me and my family and I wish I had made a more structured summer for my son on his last summer vacation before starting college. I look at the lost opportunities of my son. He was going to go on a road trip with his friends as a last hoorah before starting college. He had scheduling problems with one friend that he allowed to push off the trip and then the trip never happened. I regret that he didn't have that adventure. Then I look at my own summer. We didn't make plans for a real vacation to go on as a family. We were going to work around my son's plans, work around my son's summer job schedule, work around... well there are a thousand reasons that get in the way. I regret not taking that time. Especially in light of this being the final summer before my son moved out of the house to begin college.

2014 has been filled with successes and a lot of rebirth post saturn-return. I am proud of the poetry I've written, the paintings and drawings I've finished, beginning acting and singing again, finding Cushman & Wakefield and most of all my efforts to get back in shape. I have made a concerted effort to find and join a gym with pools so I can swim, I could be cycling more but am running at least once a week and often 2-3 times in the park. I am using the kettlebells and practicing yoga at home. All the clothes I had to buy for work last year are now too big and that feels good. I feel alive for the first time in years.

I am deeply, deeply proud of how beautiful, rich, meaningful and complete my leaving from my job of 6.5 years was. So much goodness in all of those goodbyes, so much healing, for me, for others, for the community. I am also very very proud of beginning to integrate lovely self-care practices that help me be a more grounded mama, a more centered and loving wife, and a happier me: daily yoga and meditation, regular hikes, smoothies, juices. So valuable . . .

Nothing stands out, but I am glad I got more into music last year, and also that I cut my hours to 15 a week.

Completely not a deep thought, but I wish I had picked different tiles for my shower - and gotten more estimates on building it. Always get three estimates! Maybe another firm would have pointed out the ugliness of my tile choice...

Sometimes I wish I worked harder at my job. I sometimes don't put all of my energy into it and I wish I did, or if it is because I don't like it, I wish I would think more seriously about making a change. I am proud about bringing in a client at work. I would like to do that some more this upcoming year. I also regret not making the time to go out of town to visit friends. I don't know if I am making excuses, but I feel like I only have so much time and need to spend it doing things like visiting my parents. I wish I could spread my time more evenly.

I feel like I've wasted a lot of time this year. I got really depressed this summer and didn't feel like doing much of anything. I stopped exercising and eating healthy, and I even stopped writing for a while. All I did was play stupid games on my phone and watch Netflix. Now, however, I feel like I'm back on track. I wish I had forced myself back to caring about my life sooner.

Something that I would have done differently last year is have more patience. With all the changes this last year has brought, I have lost some of my own patience. It's that saying..."meditate 30 min. a day, if you're too busy to do so, meditate for an hour". I am especially proud of myself for challenging myself to know my own worth,to be financially independent , and being able to put my roots in the ground by buying my first house.

This past year, I wish I would have listened to my intuition. Sometimes being rational all the time doesn't leave room for serendipitous things to happen. When I am living in rational thinking day in and day out, I miss out on amazing things. I wish I would have been more comfortable with leaving that state of mind. I am proud of my ability to change.

I wish I'd worked harder on my health and fitness. I had tried, I just wish I'd tried harder. I just have such a habit of not taking care of myself, physically or emotionally. I hope that over the next several years I'll make a complete turnaround from that.

I wish I had taken an extra day climbing Chopicalqui. I often feel I get to travel to great places to climb and I have moderate success, but others I compare myself to always seem to push harder and have even more success. A major obstacle is Kendra's mental toughness, which I think I sometimes help and sometimes hurt. I have wanted to travel to a different continent to climb for more than two decades now and it finally happened. It did not disappoint. It will be easier to have the courage to buy the ticket in the future. I am still reflecting on what I saw and learned on the trip. I think it is not pointless self indulgence if you bring things back that enrich your and others lives. I brought back a sense of how easy we sometimes have it in the US and yet how badly behaved we sometimes are about it.

I wish I had stuck with WW and kept off the weight I'd lost. I wish I hadn't sprained my ankle. I wish K hadn't gotten cancer. I wish, I wish. Really, I wish I was stronger about doing what I wish I was doing instead of finding excuses. I wish I could accept myself as I am instead of this lifelong wishing I was different.

I wish I had stood up for myself more, and taken more initiative to do what I want and what's best for me. I let myself stand by and take what was given to me and I shouldn't have. I'm proud of the fact that I've held a professional job for the whole year without getting written up, not showing up, and getting lots of praise. I've never had a job that actually made me proud to do a good job.

I'm proud that I was able to to sell my car on my own. Buy my car on my own. Finally by the ticket to nyc. Build my business even if I'm not the one fully in charge sometimes but I'm getting there. I'm happy i didn't get depressed when gf left for school. I'm glad I was able to do many things on my own with just my family as a cheering section not a worry about.me.section

I'm proud of the way I got over Margo during early fall last year, dated around a little bit, decided I didn't want to date until I met someone special, and then pursued things with Elissa once things happened with her in November. I'm proud of the way I cut myself off from Margo when she tried to pursue a friendship with me in the spring. I'm proud of being thoughtful about whether or not to take the CMA position this past summer, deciding to do it, and using communication and time management to keep things going with Elissa and take care of myself. I'm proud of surviving the spring: finishing my masters degree, keeping things going with a tough cohort, supporting running club so 12 students ran broad street, and managing my disappointment when I wasn't promoted to Senior Associate. I'm proud of thriving over the summer. I'm proud of attending 4 RC workshops (Jews, LGBTQ, Young Adults, WPER) and scheduling more sessions. I'm proud of going to that bible class all year long even if I was probably doing too much.

I'm not one to ever really be proud of myself but if there is a situation this year that I should pat myself on the back for handling well it's my job. Being promoted and transferred all at the same time should have been overwhelming for me. I don't like to fail and I've been known to give up at the drop of a hat if I don't think I'm going well. It's been an incredibly stressful roller coaster ride and while I know I'm not the best at my job yet I can really see the progress I've been making these last few months. I have yet to give up and I don't plan to Ny time soon.

I wish that I hadn't allowed myself to taste my sister's chocolate trifle! I had lowered my carb intake for almost a full year and was 15 pounds from my goal weight. I fell in love with sugar again at that moment and haven't looked back! Sugar is my weakness and my health suffers for it. I have regained 30 pounds. My knees ache. However, I am glad that I have answered this question as it has refocused me. Thank you!

I'm especially proud of having been able to take care of my special needs child who nearly died last year in the hospital.

I wish I'd saved more money. I've bought a lot of things that, looking back, don't seem that important or urgent as when I purchased them. On the flip side, I am proud of some of the big purchase we've made: a family vacation to Chicago (the first for our kids), and home improvements (planned and unplanned) that make me feel like a responsible adult and proud caretaker of our home.

Wish I have done a better job of investing. Could have made more money. Nothing I did was outstanding. Just plodded along.

I wish I had spent less money at certain times. We are saving for a down payment, and having that money for it would be nice. And I *always* wish I were a less envious person.

The last year has been a good one. Overall I am really happy with the amount of time I have spent with Josh. It has come with the sacrifice of not meeting so many new friend or doing as much sport as I would normally like. I have had to make my work situation work , which has meant lots of irratic and long hours. It is flexible at times and I can spend time in the day with the family. we have a great relationship and have lots of fun. Hopefully over the next year I can get more balance with work family and fun. But family now comes first.

Not wait so long to forgive. Completing a 12 step and giving my inventory away and just LETTING GO.....efforts to live peacefully....Let God be in control without my help.

A) I had a goal that I would work hard over the year and lose weight. But as I worked harder I ate more. Also there is my sin that I just cannot seem to beat. I can go for a while and avoid temptation, but then one day something happens and it hits me and I give into temptation. B) I am very proud of how far Rachel has come in this past year with reading. For a long time she would just go over words, but since we've been reading to her she really took off. Also Elizabeth, in these past couple weeks has really come out and really opened up to me...although there are still times she wants Sarah over me.

I'm proud of the engagement my husband and I have with our families. Everyone is so busy but we actively make time on our calendars to get together. We plan lunches and dinners. We go to the theater and movies. We just sit around and play games. Time goes so quickly and I'm really happy that we are making the effort to be with those we love. Conversely, I am not always the nicest person to my husband. In many, many ways he is a very kind and generous person but some times I feel that he puts others before us. Additionally, I let my frustrations with other things cloud my interactions with him.

I wish I would have spoken up more about things at work that we're bothering me and demanded more from my manager. I need to be more vocal and a greater change agent in order to be more successful. Conversely, I did a better job with letting work stress get to me and made more of an effort to spend quality time with my family.

As was true for the past five years, I wish that I would have brought more projects to their conclusion. I need to bring more of my ideas to a tangible and public reality, thus, giving them life. If I had captured more of my daily ideas in sketch journals, created more public art displays, and launched more projects into the world's open space, I would have found more fulfillment through their "fulfillment." My mind continues to distill my ideas into more concentrated and purer forms, each one is simpler, catchier, and more potent.

I wish I had more patience with my husband and my children (and my dog). I do not like being so short tempered, yelling, and treating others with a lack of understanding. I get frustrated too easily. Alternately, I am extremely proud that I wrote a book! May an agent and publisher find it tempting and worthwhile in 5775!!

I did the very best I could this past year. Given a rotten set of circumstances I am proud that I did not give up or get overwhelmed or give up. I did not take my misery out on others. I wish I had done better with my finances. I started the year out trying to budget and pay down debt, but I struggle as usual to rein in my spending. It's a constant battle. I also wish I could get a grip on my home environment, keeping it cleaner and making it a place I'm not ashamed of.

I wish I had made more of an effort with different people at university rather than just slotting into a friend group who weren't really looking for any more friends. I wish I had spent more time with Paddy and told him I loved him before it was too late.

I am especially proud that I gave birth to my son and supported him through his 3.5 month NICU stay. I'm also proud to be mothering him at home now.

I'm so proud of the work I've done on my temper, and the incredible related improvement of my relationship with my daughter. I also did some very serious deep work on myself in therapy and in a group of incredible women, and am struggling my way toward being myself all the time, within sane boundaries. :) I am so glad for these small steps toward happiness and real internal emotional change.

I wish that I had found some way to make some friends where I live. I am, however, especially proud of my relationship with my 17 year old son.

I'm proud that I volunteered to become a CASA (Court-Appointed Special Advocate) and that I've taken on the challenge of being a best friend and advocate for my complex 10 year old boy. I know it's going to be a long, slow process, but I hope I'm able to see measurable improvements and progress as a result of my involvement. He really does bring me joy!

I wish I hadn't caved on letting my husband trade our nearly-brand-new car for a brand-new car before we knew what our life was going to be like. We could really use to make that trade now and get a car that is really suited to the needs of his new life. But now we are too upside down to make that financially viable. We've got to make better financial decisions. I am really proud of how I've risen to the challenges of RV life and of our new life in Colorado. A lot of this has been really hard but I feel I've really succeeded at it, so far.

I wish I had paid more attention to the simplest things. My garden. My health. My relationship with myself. Being kinder to the world around me, without expecting anything in return. I wish I had taken more time to breathe, to find and experience the beauty that is available, and to share that experience.

Been more loving and demonstrative Being by my partners side as support

I wish I had been more spontaneous, but in the right times. We went camping in bar harbor to explore Acadia and there was a free bus system that went all around the island. My cousin simon had the idea that we would go wherever the first bus took us. And we did that over two days. There was this really cool movie theatre in town and it had couches as seats and apparently really cool food. We had the idea to go and watch "The Giver". Right before we went, I felt like my brother and cousin didn't really appreciate me, so I told them I wasn't going to go. Long story short, they got mad and apparently it was a great movie going experience for them. Stuff like that is what I wanna change about myself. I'm proud of how my confidence has grown over the past year. Like just recently, with confidence, I became second violist as a freshman.

I wish I hadn't forced myself to go travelling. I wish I'd realised that I was doing it for all the wrong reasons. I'm proud of myself for how I've handled having to move multiple times and for getting through my break-up with my fiance which almost killed me. I'm also proud of myself for confronting the abuse I experienced in my family, for renegotiating my relationships with my family and for taking responsibility for myself.

I wish I had built in more time for self care this year. I used to put my loved one's needs ahead of my own, and now I'm getting better at putting my own needs first, starting with my entering graduate school full time. But now care of myself is taking a back seat to my education - this is progress, because I'm still putting *my* education first, but eventually I'd like to be able to put myself first so that I can be the best me that I can be for everyone else.

I wish I'd been better with my time management, and not taking on so much at work. When other things have been tough too, it's been difficult to juggle it all. That said, I'm proud that I think I'm finally learning to keep it all in perspective, and not take on more than is actually manageable. I can't wait to see this again in a year and see how I did with that!!!

This year I wish I had always assumed the best about the responses of others. Often I have felt frustrated or angry. It is easy to say that things are the fault of my husband. Or my child. I need to remain calm and recognize my own power to improve situations. I am especially proud that I got a good job and worked all summer, I helped my family to be able to pay some really big bills. If I had not done this, our financial circumstances would been dire! :-)

I am proud that I finished my degree in Informatics. Three brutal years while working full-time. If I would have had it to do over, I would have had HR put in writing the promise that they gave me that I would receive a raise once finished with school...because they did not give a single dime as a raise, and now I am several thousands in debt.

Pushed myself to explore alternative employment. Am retired but find myself falling back into part time work doping what I was trained to do professionally. Need to explore

I'm really trying to live each moment fully. Regret is emotional friction - ruminating on the past, "should"ing, not accepting reality for what it is. Forgiveness practice has been a powerful one for me - and I had an interesting experience of forgiving my past, then forgiving myself into the future.

I should have been less negative when I lived in Ohio. It was really hard not to be given the circumstances and all of the unknowns. I wish I hadn't gotten so lost in my love troubles but I didn't know what was to come. I felt like something big was on it's way and it made me restless/anxious/excited/ETC. I could have been nicer and less whiny. Should have been more cautious about Zan. Not really because of him but because of me. I could have been less open and willing to share. I could talk less than I do. I am super proud of finishing graduate school. It took two hard years. I am proud of going for it with Nate. He's the best person I've met this year (if not ever). I am glad I was hired as a lecturer at EMU. Even if I have to keep a part-time job. I'm proud of saying Yes to Nate's marriage proposal.

Started yoga sooner. It is amazing, but I am proud that I now exercise regularly. I feel physically better, starting to be happier with my body, and am more stable emotionally/spiritually.

I'm proud of myself for completing my MBA.

I wish I had not signed onto so many volunteer tasks after I retired from my environmental justice job in December. I wish I had taken more time to just enjoy myself. The one thing I'm especially proud of doing is practicing centering prayer every day.

Rather than being envious of others accomplishment and dedication to their music, art and myth; spend more time doing my music, art, myth creation and exploration. At the same time as much as I may have watched more television-interesting television--I could have turned the television off and put charcoal, paint, pencil, pen, dance on paper--played piano and improved over the year--now that I am 60 I want to expand time and the things that expand time for me are being in nature, feeling my heart beat, my body moving through air and water, my spirit speaking through drawing and paint, my journal reflecting things not readily apparent to the ego of my existence. At the same time.....and so much of life these days is paradoxical.....(makes things interesting)....I am feeling a precious freedom like at no other time in my life....the inner life, regardless is rich and stimulating--informing my everyday conversation, encounters. Giving me the courage I need and the space I need to speak well and fully. I am not as fearful, more able, more hopeful and in the end less envious.....

Focusing on myself and putting my happiness first

I wish I had enjoyed more my house instead fo taking an online course about climate change. I wish we had been able to record properly our band live. I wish I hadn't take too long ordering some data for a publication. I wish I had started studying for my masters since march. I wish I had seen my firends and visited my garndparents more often. I am proud of our Led Zeppelin tribute, it was awsome!

I'm incredibly proud of finishing my MA on time and completing multiple post secondary degrees. I'm the only one in my immediate family to finish university since my maternal grandmother in the 1940s. I do wish I could have balanced my home life and my education better. My relationship suffered from my need to be solely focused on school.

There's a certain friendship I wish I had fought much harder to preserve. It was such a nice connection to have, and I miss it very much.

Yes. Continued with my online AA courses. I want to attain a college degree

Had made a better plan for volunteer activities upon retirement. Had made a plan for travel.

I wish I could keep to my diet plan and finish losing the weight I have to lose. I just can't seem to stay on track. My own body is always against me, even thought in my mind I mean to change. my old eating habit's catch up with me and I destroy my effects. I don't know why, except I am in a very unhappy marriage and I can't afford to go for a divorce. I can't afford to live by my self.so I have to put up with a wife who is always negative and tears me down every chance she has. that maybe the one reason why I can't control my eating habits even after the 2 surgeries I went through to lose weight

I'm proud, if you can call it that, of planning for the future. I wish I had approached work differently

This past year I got married to the total man of my dreams. We have had an incredible year and am so beyond thankful we got married. My parents to whom we are both very close were very generous in paying for our entire wedding. I can proudly say I was never a bridezilla but I can admit that we had a very extravagant wedding. Obviously, not knowing what the future would hold my parents paid cash and were more than willing to give us the wedding. A year later my parents finances have completely made a 180. They are struggling with bills and everyday expensive. My father who is a doctor in his mid 60s is not even close or able to retire. I have such guilt that we had that big of a wedding. And though they are still thrilled to have done it. I can't help but blame myself. I think about how they put me through college- paid me to travel the world- paid for me to "find" myself. I just wish I hadn't cost them so much or was able to help them now. It's so painful seeing have this hardship.

I wish I had spent the summer working out and eating more healthy foods. I really need to lose weight and work on a few consumption vices.

Yes, I wish I told everyone more often that I love them. So proud of my family and so excited to share our new condo and precious time together...we have come a long way.

I wouldn't say I'm proud of it but I'm very happy that I was able to get beyond my divorce and spend quality time with my college age son. I was also able to reconnect with old friends; one in particular who I love and had not communicated with for many years. I've also explored painting, grown a small tomato garden and taken trips.

I wish I had been nicer to my boyfriend instead of always giving him a hard time. I am very proud of myself for getting on the right track to graduate next semester and get into graduate school!

I wish I had been smarter with money this year. I'm no better now than I was in October of last year...it's stressful. Actually, no. I am smarter with money. I wish I had saved more this year. I am very proud of my work ethic this year. I feel more confident at the salon I work at in my managerial skills and the experiences I'm providing for guests. I set goals for myself regarding work outs and, for the most part, have done really well. I lost 15 lbs! I was strict with my diet in the first part of the year, as was my goal. Overall, I'm proud of my life.

I wish I had more patience and had learned more about my son. I find myself very consumed with my own goals, work, and aspirations. There is so much going on in my son's mind and world that I've just begun to catch a glimpse of. He is almost ten and I don't think I have been fully appreciative of what an incredible and interesting person he is becoming. So much of his early childhood I had to just buckle down and work hard. He was small and along for the ride, and I don't think I've fully acknowledged that we are in a very new phase of his development and our lives together as a family. I think I've seen him as much younger than he is and I want to get to know him better through quality time, play, talk, and being more present and curious in all those interactions.

There are always things that could have been done better. But this year I can honestly say, tho' there may have been better actions I could have chosen, I feel I did the best I could at the time, with the resources at hand. I am especially proud of a few things: 1) Celebrating my third year sober. 2) Gaining some previously misplaced self esteem and feelings of being empowered in my own life as a wife and mother. 3) I kept in touch better with family and friends.

I'm especially proud that I've been able to pick myself up after all that happened at the end of 2013 and that have been able to move forward. In the last year (at age 45) I quit drinking, quit smoking, took up running 5ks again. My career has been re-ignited five years after a devastating layoff. Most of all, however, I realize I don't need romantic love to be whole. I am surrounded by so much love with family and friends and I never realized how much I had taken all that love for granted. Never again!!! I try every day to make the most of my time with those around me.

I wish I had focused on my career. I still have no idea what I want to do with my life. I am proud that I made it to Costa Rica by myself.

Proud of being more community engagement oriented.

I wish I had been more true to myself, and believed in myself more. I've always had the tendency to compare myself to others (not only physically, but my abilities as well). I wish I had believed in my abilities sooner. I wish I could have acknowledged the fact that I truly am a smart, beautiful, talented, kind, and unique human being without having to depend on others to hear it. I am beautiful the way I am, and I now know that. While it's hard for me to accept sometimes, I really do truly love myself.

I wish I wouldn't of called the police on my daughter and had her taken to E.R. I wasn't strong, and needed help. I was over-reacting and coming from my scared little girl. I'm proud that all we(girls) have gone through this year, we stuck it out, we reached for the light and we are beginning to see it. Teenage depression/anxiety is real, the best bet is ride the storm.

Oh gosh, I always wish I would show up better in my relationship when I'm triggered or angry. That's really the main one... I'm proud of nearly everything else I've accomplished in the last year! In particular, I'm proud of how confident I've become in my coaching practice. Oh, and I'm proud of the friendships that have grown over the last year, in spite of hardship. And I'm proud that my partner and I work through our tough times and always come back to one another with love.

I wish I had been less crabby with my son.

I wish I wouldn't have waited so long to become close to people. After I moved is when I realized how important some of my friendships were & I longed for them. I wish I would have taken the time to spend time with them more & been social as opposed to being so introverted. I am proud that after so many years of being out of school, I ended up getting a 4.0 my first semester back. All A's. Even in my math class.

I'm proud of pursuing a job in which I love and manifesting it! Also, going through a break up and truly feeling all the emotions and lessons that I needed to learn.

I'm proud of where our daughter is at. We saw her through her first job and first real boyfriend this summer, and her responsibility, grace, confidence and maturity have been so gratifying to see.

Something I wish I'd done differently? Good lord I have a terrible memory for this sort of thing. (Or something I'm proud of?) Maybe I'm not cut out for these days of reflection so much as that I'm just good at recording the daily minutia, letting it accumulate, and putting a bow on it and calling it Life. Maybe things with my brothers or parents? Eh, it's fraught but not regrettably or proudly so. My life at the moment seems so rooted in the highly physical demands of pregnancy, raising small children, getting dinner on the table, finding a bit of time to get work done...I suppose I'm proud of our family, house, lifestyle, and so on. I am not yearning to be different.

Yes I have something I wish I had done differently I would give anything to go back in time and change it... Although the thing I regret has driven me to do something I'm proud of, so it's not all bad.

I wish that I'd spent my time more creatively. I spent too much time being extremely anxious and fearful about my job. I think that this will characterize the entire year, which is seriously a shame. I moved into another house which is a pretty cool house and I have really not been able to enjoy it and the yard. I'm sad about that. But, I have decided to change that and am moving back to Indiana where my network is, so I will take some learnings with me and go forth and conquer a new life/me.

K. I wishe that I had worked less or more efficiently and was more tuned in available to the people in my life H. Tried to connect to my sons better in finding out their feelings about me

Well of course. This summer has been filled with fun, and a bit of embarrassment around months of only partially productive days. It is making clear my need for productivity and ability to procrastinate, be lazy. Nothing super specific I shouldn't have done I can think of right now. Proud of my social impact work. Proud of my budding romance. Proud of my reflections. Proud of my making (furniture and other).

I am proud of how far I have come back after last year's illness.

I wish I had handled the situation with my adopted brother differently. He has pretty much abandoned us after meeting his birth Mom and her 2 kids. Why can't he love all of us? I need to work on absorbing first and not just reacting. Also accepting what I cannot change. Will I ever get beyond my childhood wounds? I feel like I am the subject of the U2 song "Stuck in a Moment and now you can't get out of it....."

I wish I had exercised a bit more , especially on days that I could have, but just felt a little lazy. I was proud of helping to write a book. I worked hard at it and disciplined myself to get parts of it done.

I wish I had been more patient with my son and wife, and shouted less.

I wish I had done more mitzvot. I am proud of the way our 10 acre farm is shaping up

This past year, I wish that I had traveled more. I studied abroad in Brisbane, Australia for almost five months, but I did not really go anywhere beyond my initial trip. I could have visited other big cities like Melbourne and Sydney, but instead I prioritized my schoolwork (silly to do on study abroad) and my immediate friendships. Instead of taking risks and traveling more, I stayed where I was comfortable. In the future, I want to dare to be fearless and take rewarding risks.

I wish I had taken better care of my body with routine exercise. I seem to be the thing that gets ignored in my daily life. I would have somehow figured out how to let what others need go while I was selfish with my own needs. I'm proud of who my daughters are becoming as young adults. They are so intelligent and thoughtful, loving and curious. They are open to life and information and difference. I put so much of myself into them wanting to give to the world something better than even I was. I think I succeeded.

I wish I'd taken better care of myself physically. I proud of the home we've built and the relationship we have as a family.

I wish I would not procrastinate as much as I do when not working.

I wish that I had more gumption to just go with the flow. Alternatively, I am THRILLED with my Downtown Garden. Best move I've made in years.

I wish I hadn't charged up so much debt on my credit cards. I'm going to be paying those off for a while, and it's going to cost me. :-( The trip to Europe was worth it, though! Just all the other stuff I bought may not have been.

I am not sure. This has been a very difficult year. My husband left me and had been having a relationship with a "minister". She had no problem with adultery and deception. I turned 50 and it was just horrendous. Suffered my first real set back, lost 10 pounds and then experienced multiple pulmonary embolisms. I always run exercise and eat right but the stress just overwhelmed me. Just very hard , now we are going through a divorce and he wants everything I have worked hard for all my life. I'm a Doctor and he was a machinist that quit his job so I supported him through school so he could pursue an education. He stopped with an associates degree because he did not like the work that went into studying. Just in limbo this year. I put everything into my marriage, I loved him and encouraged him, and sacrificed my dreams and goals for him. I can honestly say I would not do anything differently, I feel I did my best but it was not sufficient.

Generally speaking, I wish I were consistently more patient and compassionate with others. I find myself easily irritated with everyone from total strangers on the road to those nearest and dearest. I'm not sure how to increase my patience, but it's something I want to do before we have children. I think this was the same answer as last year, but I'm incredibly proud of my growth at work. I've taken on a new role and much added responsibility and have really stepped out of my comfort zone and done really well with it. It's made me want to really see how far I can go.

I wish I had been a better listener. Too many times I jumped to judgement rather than being over there, curious and open. I'm proud that I explored, that I was open to growing and trying out new ways being Scott

I'm not a person with regrets on the day to day things. But I wish we had been home when our dog passed away. I knew she wasn't feeling well and I could have cancelled my trip. I am sad that I wasn't home for her and I am very sad that the dog sitter had to deal with this. On the flip side,I am very proud of my Susan G Komen 3 day walks. I have been participating in these walk for 10 years and this last year I did three 60 mile walks.

I would have liked to have found a better job, which would have led me to find a better apartment, with more room for my kids, which would have made them more comfortable and able to explore and learn more freely. I wish I had done more for my kids.

I don't wish I would have done anything different but I am very proud of my grades and how school was this year. I hope to keep this way for the rest of the year.

Done....Done....Done.... Second half of the word condone, this year I realized that I have spent a lifetime condoning, making excuses for, justifying: the troubled childhood, the insanity of my teenage years, rape, death, life, abortion, marriages, divorces, the eternal quest for something. The abyss of nothing. I wish that I had not gone there ...I wish that I had not drawn the lines... .I wish that I could forgive myself, I wish I could forgive them. Done....Done...Done..... This year is first since age 14 I have been unpaired, unmated, uninterrupted. The quest to be loved, wanted accepted has ended. In the understanding of the WHY I have ceased hoping for the balm of love to heal me. Years of fighting to be of value, precious, something, everything have ended in a single exhale. She did not value herself. Done.... I am proud to finally be done.

I wish I had written more and been more devoted to my goals. I really hope that I can be better this year. If not, then I'm probably well fucked as a writer.

I'm glad that I trusted my instincts broke off a relationship. I am glad that I took a chance on a new one .

This year has been crazy, and awesome, and hectic, and I wish I was in a different place (physically), but I'm not sure there's anything I could have done differently. Sometimes situations suck, and have to be waited out. I'm happy with the decisions I've made.

It's hard to say whether I wish I'd done anything differently because I am usually too proud to ever admit I was wrong. (No, I MEANT for my car to get towed all those times... I was really sleepy! Sleeping in was worth the thousands of dollars I ended up paying in fines!) Part of me thinks I should have dealt with the break-up differently. Like, I should have tried to get over him, I should have tried seeing someone else, hell, I could have tried to get by alone for a while. But I didn't. I didn't let it go, I kept bothering him, and he ended up breaking up with her for me. And now I'm breaking up with him because he is emotionally manipulative. And a thousand other things. I think part of the issue was that I had to move out in addition to having been dumped. The two of those together were awful. A week after I moved into my new place, my father died. I don't recall whether I was trying to move forward socially by myself before that happened, but if I had been, I quit completely. The strange thing was that the whole time through spring when I was really depressed, I was more upset about things with the ex than my father. I don't think I should have let myself shut down. Thinking more about it over time, I probably subconsciously chose to be upset over the breakup than the death of my father. Thinking about that would be painful. What do I wish I'd done differently? I like to think I should have finished school this spring, that I should have just stopped talking to the ex, that I should have been more outgoing. The usual stuff. I am proud of myself, though, for managing pretty well in terms of not being awkward. I guess before I was awkward unintentionally, and now I'm intentionally unawkward. I am proud of myself for being more mature than my sister. I am proud that I have only missed one doctor's appointment this year. I am proud that I didn't freak out at bad news. I never did anything rash. I wanted to, but I didn't. I am proud that I told my mom that I'm proud to be her daughter. She said it made her proud.

I am not sure what I would have Done differently. Maybe practice more piano, waste less time... But these seem unrealistic, I could have Done them differently but not having done so doesn't make me feel bad. I am again proud of quitting medical school and starting culinary school (probably will be a part of all my answers - bigger event of the year so far!) I don't think a decision like this can be made and not be proud of. :)

I'm especially proud of the work that I do and the way that I have become a leader to many. However, being a leader and doing good work has not satisfied me the way I wish it would. Rather, I wish I would have taken more risks and pushed myself to be more. I generally fall back on what I am comfortable with, and resent those who have become more successful. I am confident in my abilities, but rarely put myself in positions to shine.

I wish I had spent more time writing and finishing a personal project that I've been working on for a while. I let myself get distracted by too many other things and, although I've been semi-retired and consulting for the past few years, I allowed myself to be persuaded to take on a new full time job for the first time in a while. It went really well for the first 6 months and felt right and then the company president, who hired me, quit and now it's just stressful, unpleasant and negative. Getting ready to quit, but thinking about the lost time. I guess I'm somewhat ambivalent because it worked well for me for a while and I don't regret it completely. Feeling disappointed to be reminded of how oppressive and unpleasant corporate life can be in the US. Ready to get back to a more balanced life again.

I really wish I could have gone somewhere on a vacation--or just a day trip. I need some time away from everyone here. I also wish I could have gone on the the trip everyone else in my family went on, the one they didn't even ask me if I could go on, the one that my sister, her husband, her three kids, my brother, his two kids and both my parents went on.

I think that I got involved in too many things. I needed to focus attention on a few things and develop them at a deeper level.

This year I decided to be more decisive and part of that was to finally look for a house. After a couple of months I bought something. Every day since I oscillate between thinking it was a good thing and a bad thing. The house itself is fine and on paper checks off every item on my wish list, but the neighbourhood is crap. As I write this, two decrepit drunks are arguing about something outside. I find an assortment of condoms, vomit and needles disposed in the street outside my door and my recycling bins are constantly being emptied by desperate old men looking for empties. Basically, I feel like this was an opportunity for me to change cities or build a house of my own but instead I stayed in the city despite the location thinking more about my "investment" than my well-being and/or happiness. That was my mistake and I wish I had a do-over.

I wish had not gotten involved. I am proud of my willingness to take chances and being willing to grow.

Proud that my husband and Inwent to therapy and came back from the brink of divorce and are happier than ever. We are able to talk to each other again.

I wish I had told the audience the truth about why I was leaving the talk show. I made a deal with the Boss and then he wrenched me at the last minute. I deeply regret agreeing to uphold his lie to save his job when in the end, he basically prohibited me from making income for 6 months. Telling the audience the truth would have been the right thing to do because now I am chained to this lie and I realize that cheesy saying is right: the truth shall set you free. Either way, I am not likely to get another job in the industry, but at least I would have left having done the Right Thing. I am proud that I stood up for myself, even though there were consequences. But I wish I had not agreed to lie about why.

I wish I had gone on Lexapro sooner and spent less energy being so angry and frustrated. I wish I had exercised more, cooked more, eaten out less, and been a less angry wife. I wish I would have spent more time on the floor playing wholeheartedly with my daughter and less time wasting time on my iPhone. I'm proud that I did go on Lexapro, that I sought help for my depression and anxiety and that my move greatly improved by the middle of the year. I'm proud that I transitioned pretty well to working more and getting my daughter acclimated to daycare. I'm proud that we sold our condo and moved so that we could be in a better financial position, even if it was stressful. I'm proud that I didn't gain weight this year and that I started exercising more. I'm excited that we're going to have another baby this time next year.

I wish I would take more time and write down the milestones and funny things the kids say. I wish I would have been a better person and put down the phone more, whether for my husband, my kids, or the random stranger who looks lost. I am proud of my gains in my self-confidence. I am happier with myself and that makes me happier overall.

Not really, with my mom's passing, I was focused on that. I'm proud of the way I handled it as I thought for so many years I would fall apart. I felt. I did everything I could, no regrets.

I am proud of how I took care of myself. If something felt right, I did it. Without worrying about the judgement of others. It felt empowering to be the master. Trying to find the best of bad situation by owning the decisions.

I wish I was not afraid to step out ... I really wished I would have been more available for the marches in Ferguson. I was afraid to offend Grant (a police officer and my daughter's boyfriend) so I did nothing. But, participating in the marches would not have been against him and it would have been for the injustice that I feel is extremely present throughout our area. I am proud that I brought up the topic of race and injusttice on my fb page. I want to do more but I have not found a way to do it... just yet. what I learned today at services (Rosh Hashanah) is that being afraid is crippling... and it builds on itself. I hope that I stop being afraid over the next year.

There is no one event or time that I can think of that I would like to repeat differently, but lots of small incidents I wish I could do differently. Mostly with my family, saying the wrong thing at the wrong time, getting upset over really stupid stuff. Mostly not being the best me at all times.

there are obviously many things I wish I had done differently especially the last interview I had where I couldve said more, having said that... Through my running and specifically the times of pain and having to gather that inner strength to pull me along while under pain and exhaustion I had 2 great epiphanies which I walk around with 1) No matter where you are or what the result is, the question that you should first ask yourself is: did you give it your all, is your tank empty? Then ask if the result isn't satisfactorily, so my friend where did you go wrong, what can you do to improve 2) You are in control of your life nobody else, by life I mean the everyday life not the black swan events.In the everyday life everything you do/say contributes to your world and so choose wisely what and how you do and say things for that is a big influence in having control in your life. You are the captain of your soul, the master of your fate

I wish I had spoken nicer to my wife in general. She is my biggest supporter and nobody has ever loved me like her. I hope to keep here friendship until my last breath. I am proud that I started dental school.

I wish I had lost weight. I am especially proud that my dog got over his fear of riding in the car.

I can't say there is anything I would of done differently as that would be regret which is pointless.. I can't change the decisions I made now.. That's in the past. What I am most proud of is how much better I am looking after myself.. Early nights, more sleep, less sugar, carbs, alcohol and all the bad stuff. Have healed some damaged friendships. I have more hours working, so more money for over seas trips. Have taken up Zumba and love it! In general I feel more at peace.

If I could go back a year and give myself advice it would be to worry less. Anxiety is unproductive and puts barriers between me and my loved ones and me and my goals. I really need to remember to mellow out and take things as they come. Everything's really going to be okay.

Over the past year I have been successful at losing more than 20lbs and dropping my cholesterol over 50 points. I'm finally healthy for the first time in my life and that is amazing. I'd settled on the fact that, due to genetics, I'd never have regular cholesterol. And then I proved myself wrong. I couldn't be happier.

Regret? I try not to have regret. I don't think I have anything I'd like to redo...I do have a few nagging things from years and years ago that sometimes pop into mind, and I wish I could forgive myself for them. To the girl in my poetry class, seven or eight years ago, who wrote that scandalously sexy poem about another woman, and that I kept talking about the author as "he" because my mind was stuck in a heterosexual place, I'm sorry. And I'm sorry that I seemed so out of touch and ignorant. Really, I was just having a bad day, not connecting the dots. I love gay people. But after class, when you walked over to my desk and slammed your fists down in front of my face, waking me up, I could see the years of hurt. Not just the hurt of my stupid lack of connection, but the years of being misunderstood and other. Thank you for not kicking my ass, because you could have. And please forgive me for adding to the list of hurt, when really, I'm typically an ally. Proud? I like the mother I am. I'm mostly compassionate, patient, energetic, enthusiastic, comforting, reassuring, silly, and fun. I do have bad days, and I do occasionally have to lay down the law (firm bedtime, naps are necessities, kindness is not optional), but overall, I'm doing a good job. Ask me again in a year, will you? Another ten years and I may not feel this way. But today, I'm a good mother.

I wish I wouldn't continue to engage in conversation about the past when Lisa starts on at me. I just need to let it drop, ignore her and move forward, while keeping the kids best interests in the front of my mind

I am proud that I made a decision to leave a job that was not going to let me excel even though I did not have a new job lined up. I am sorry I did not make more time to be with my sister-in-law's family as she was dying. It wasn't enough just to support my husband in his efforts and relationships with his sister and her children.

I wish I had taken the bull by the horns and used a bit more of what I learned in my 2nd master's degree. I wish I had spoken my mind more to family members, clearing the air with everyone. I wish I had been more active in looking for either employment or a PhD education. Proud? I'm happy with the work I'm doing. I'm happy with the opportunities presented. I'm re-finding the happiness I had when I was back in school a couple of years ago. But, slowly happy.

I wish I had taken more time of for myself and my loved ones. I pushed myself until breaking at work, when I really needed to be refreshed by taking time out for building loving relationships. I feel guilty for not spending more time with family.

I wish I had not let myself gain back weight I worked so hard to lose. I'm proud that I have taken a hard look at some behaviors and have been working diligently on them.

I wish I had taken my heath seriously. It took me a really long time to hit the gym and eat healthier after moving to NYC this time last year. But alternatively, I am proud of the fact that I was able to make a lot of friends and find activities that I love so quickly after moving to Haiti. Also, I'm proud that I do well at my job. I love my life in Haiti because of these aspects and I'm proud of it.

Yes. Two things. I wish had been better organized in my business and not lost money because I behind with billing. And I wish I hadn't closed my heart and distanced myself from people I love. I am proud of helping out when people ask me to.

I wish I had been less wrapped up in how I would look at David's wedding.

I do wish I had done some things differently especially hitting the ground running more with my new hypnotherapy practice. I really needed to be more confident and more sure of myself. But having said that I have learned so much in the past year not only about how the business works but other peoples perception of things. Mostly though I have learned a lot about myself and that in the end it all that matters.

I suppose I wish I had spent less time TAing and more time on research last academic year. I'm grateful that this semester, I am only TAing "half time" even though that meant giving up the fantastic distance education course I have enjoyed. Now I can set aside one day a week for all my teaching duties and have the entire rest of the week for research. I am more productive now, and that is heartening... but there is still a daunting amount of work to be done! Even so, I am generally happy with how I spend my time. My husband and I typically eat at least two meals together each day. I don't usually work on weekends or late into the night. I make it a priority to travel and see friends and family. To get more done during the workday, I have adopted the "workstation popcorn" strategy which is ridiculously helpful. These kinds of things are harder than they sound, and incredibly important.

I am glad that I held firm to continue "tough love" of a relative who was looking to be absolved of her use of illegal substances. She actually went to jail for a few months and this clearly showed her that "you are responsible for your behavior". Hopefully the follow-up to the jail time may convince her that there are better choices in life.

I wish I didn't lose my temper or composure so easily. I certainly know better. While the moment will pass, I am certain it leaves a long lasting impression that cannot be good. What is most troubling is I reflect on this over and over, yet I am unable to change my ways. Very disappointing.

i wish i had been more diligent in watching my own health needs, as opposed to ignoring them in favor of family and client needs,

I wish I had pushed harder to treat my neck pain so I could have attended Shira's wedding.

I am proud of my efforts to improve my health. I have approached this as a project by setting some SMART objectives for myself over the next 12 months with a specific health goal in mind for the fall of 2015. I am particularly proud of maintaining my adherence to these goals even when I don't hit my milestones exactly on time. A large part of this effort is judging my mental approach with the by-product of improving the physical.

I wish I had written more. I don't want to be so obsessed with documenting my life that I don't enjoy it, but I have had so many moments and days and experiences in the last year that left me with an intensely focused and felt response. In the moment, those thoughts and feeling seem unforgettable: How could I ever forget how I felt after that event? Of course, I will always remember that hilarious thing my child said. And yet, inevitably, they fade. Not completely, but the sharply clear edges soften and you start to remember the remembering instead of the actual event. And sometimes, those precious and brilliant moments get lost altogether in the onslaught of monotony and daily grind because you simply find no cause to recall them. In January, I committed to write more. To capture in my favorite format something of the me-in-the-moment to look back upon. I've mostly failed that commitment, not with active avoidance, but with time after time where it seemed like there was something more important to do at that moment. I'll commit again for the year ahead, and maybe I'll fail again, but it's still worth trying. Even if I write something down one more time than I otherwise would have, the commitment will have been worth it.

I wish I would have giving myself more permission to just be me and be as free as I want to be. I believe we all do the best we can with what we have, and your best might change from day to day. I wish I would have been more gentle with myself in knowing this. As for what I am proud of, I am proud of taking risks in my career and personal life. I have done a better job of breaking free of what others think and have stepped on the right path to happiness.

Wish I had done differently: many things. Love differently, let things go more, be more free spirited, speak up for myself, take more time to be alone. Something I am especially proud of: finally telling my parents that I felt like they only cared about my sister because of their actions. They ignored me and my feelings. It still hurts.

I am proud to have become part of my granddaughter's life

I'm honestly pretty damn proud of how I handled all the stresses of senior year, with all the hard classes, college applications and rejections, leadership positions, and everything else. It was probably my best year so far, so hopefully these next few years of college follow suit in progressively getting better!

I'm proud of who I am becoming by taking risks to live my life by design. Done differently I'm working to be honest with myself, and remove shortcuts from my everyday tasks. putting quality into every task I do. Although not always easy. I am proud of where my yoga practice has strengthened. I'm proud of my relationships with people as they continue to grow. I am proud of the knowledge and first times I've experienced.

I wish I had moved more quickly on certain things, rather than indulging in either procrastination or self-pity. I think I put things off in fear of being wrong about something, and in the end all it means is that I'm doing everything at the last minute. Whether it's making a decision in my personal life, or choosing which task to pursue next in my workflow, I feel like I should just pull the trigger and suffer the consequences, rather than waiting for things to resolve themselves.

I wish I had started applying to grad school earlier in the year instead of scrambling to get it all together now. I am proud of getting my job and going through all the interviewing process. I feel like I gained a lot of confidence in myself throughout the process.

I wish I had eaten better this year. I have gained a lot of weight and I have no idea how I am going to get healthy again. I am extremely proud of myself for going to therapy and finally getting help this year. I needed it and I am happier than ever.

For a moment I was going to write that I wish I had taken better care of myself, but that's not really answering the question. I wish I had taken care of myself differently...the stress of the past year has been extraordinary given the responsibilities of my job. I have felt perpetually over stimulated. As an introvert, it has been a challenge, and the ways that I have taken care of myself--isolating myself, eating, drinking--got me through, but they have had a negative impact on my health and well being. Something good that I am proud of this year is that I followed through on my commitment to buy a bike. Cycling has brought a lot of joy to my life. It's also a better way to recover from stress than playing video games.

Different - try harder for patience Proud of - growing more into the person I want to be....

Supported my daughter with her children

I wish I had handled conflicts with my daughter with more equanimity. I am proud that I have taken personal risks to take action to ensure justice for my colleagues. I am also proud that when put to the test, I chose to do the right thing instead of settling for the expedient.

I wish I would have put more effort in to building social relationships. Often times when I am tired or stressed I tend to just shut down instead of looking to be with people. It becomes depressing over time to always entertain and be with yourself. I want a relationship, with friends, with a significant other, and I need to put effort forth to making those connections.

Not not too many things that I would have done differently. I guess it's more but being kind of proud of myself having started to run outside I found that I can run further than I had ever thought. I actually ran as much as 14 miles one day. I found that I can run 6 or 9 miles without even losing my breath.that is compared to when I was 13 years old I could barely run to the end of my own driveway.

My relationships are strong and I'm very proud of that. I've learned better boundaries, and to stick up for myself. I've finished my first college degree and am as expert as can be in my work. I wish I had saved money with more discipline, and asked for a transfer before I was burned out enough to not care about patients. I'm glad I learned to do my own nails. It sounds stupid, but I get a ton of positive feedback from it. My planning and scheduling has paid off beautifully.

I'm not sure I had the life experience to have this foresight: but I wish I had moved slower in the first significant relationship after the breakup of my marriage. I really liked him, and jumped in full force. A year and a half later, I now realise I'm not ready to embrace another person yet and have caused a lot of damage to him. I'm causing another human being - someone I care about - great pain ...because I didn't take the time to take care of my own needs first.

Off the top of my head I can't really think of anything that stands out as something I wish I would have done differently. I live my life with a "no regrets" policy, so this one is hard for me to reflect on. Using the alternative of this question ... is there something I am proud of ... yes. It goes back to the question from Day 1. Leaving my job of 13 years and taking the leap of faith into something entirely new. We don't realize how comfortable we get with where we are in life. And how too often, that 'comfort zone' isn't a healthy place to be. But it's what we know, so we don't change where we are. We don't want to rock the boat. No one likes change. I don't care who you are ... change is scary. And for some more than others, change (especially BIG changes) can be terrifying. I had told myself for years that I would never be able to find another job that I could make the same wage as where I was. So I stayed where I was. It wasn't until other forces in my life pushed me into a position where change was inevitable and then you know what happened ... it turned out GREAT. I have a good job, I like what I do, I have less stress in my life AND I make more money. Who knew!?! I know that everything happens for a reason. And there was a reason I was there for so long and there was a reason that I left when I did. And it all worked out in the end, and I am in a much better place, mentally and physically, for it.

I am proud of staying away from my ex wife and my marriage, and for following through in a steadfast manner keeping us safe from her stalking even though it required lots of money, pain, tears, and constant effort. I am proud for 25 years of continuous sobriety. I have done a lot of hard work in therapy this year, and am starting too in my Al Anon program as well. There were for sure times in my relatonship I wish I had walked out instead of stayed, set better boundaries, and treated myself better.

I am proud that I managed to make it through some 1st world problems without needing to convince myself or others that they were of 3rd world import

I am proud that the book is finally out. There's also a lot I wish I had done differently, altho I can't see how. I wish I had it in me to be more selfish, more of a bitch, prioritize myself more, and just had a screaming flying fit a bit more often. I wish I didn't mind confrontation. I wish I didn't care cracking the whip more often. I wish I knew what to do.

I think that what I regret most this past year is letting my exercise regime slow down when I hit my first goal with my waist size - it's been so hard getting back in to that routine. Also, I really wish that I had handled things with Eric differently when he asked me to move - I chose to be a victim, and I chose to drag my friends into it and take sides (which, I knew they would take mine). Also, I jumped into sex big time this summer, especially with that orgy - and yeah, that's something that I regret doing. What have done that I am proud of?I've lost about 60 pounds and gone from a 46" waist to a 38" waist - AMAZING!!!!!! I've moved back out into my own place, supported by no one except me, taking care of me, and not depending on Eric to get by, or my parents. Also, I've left my job with the state and am so excited about this new position with the Advisory Board and where it can lead to. Something else that I've been thinking about is that even though Michelle is clean, I'm not so quick to jump back into that relationship, and speaking of relationships, I've got this thing going with Tom, and even though I wouldn't classify us as boyfriends, he's a great guy and I am enjoying the time that we've been spending together.

I wish I hadn't listened to my son's teacher about homeschooling. Now that we are, he's making so much progress, but he regressed for months because we let her take control, and now we're making up lost ground.

It seems I haven't found a way to communicate to my children some of the values I hold most dear -- at least, not in a way that would make them share and demonstrate those values. It makes me so sad to see them rejecting civility, treating all people with respectfully, generosity, sound money management, and education. I regret deeply that I've been unable to inculcate those values in either of my kids. I'm at a loss as to why; it's all they've ever seen demonstrated in our home. I'm afraid their lives will be so much harder and less fulfilling without those basics, and it saddens me more than I can express that I can do nothing about it. It's not just this past year, mind you. But they're 18 and 20 now, and their rejection of those values has become much more obvious and more of an impediment for each of them.

I am very proud of the way I handled myself and my emotions during the year while dealing with Mr. B. I felt that I showed love and compassion towards him when he was struggling, never was judgmental or angry for his inability to move forward in life. And when I felt frustrated by the lack of movement in our relationship, I pulled back and took a good long look at myself and asked what was my motivation and/or issue that was making me so angry or upset or feeling so used. For the first time in my entire life, I handled this relationship in real time, moment by moment, with truth and honesty about what I wanted and needed. And I got honest with myself about all of it. Painful? Yes, but I applied all my life lessons and learning to this particular situation and didn't force our friendship.

I wished I had changed jobs sooner. I am proud of my diet accomplishments - I have lost almost 40# so far this year.

As always, I wish I could keep the everyday annoyances (dealing with consumer issues through phone trees, waiting for service calls, etc) in persoective but I still get so enormously outraged at the way our 'service' economy really doesn't work. I do truly try to smell the roses but I wonder if I am constitutionally not able to do so.

I'm proud that I've kept up my fitness classes from the past years - and even expanded upon them.

Despite my efforts to live my life so that people see a compassionate, loving Christian I often fall short.

When I was younger, I used to take "mental health days" when I needed them. In the past few years, I've tried to be more "adult" and schedule my time off well in advance. Well, this year, I waited so long to take time off that I spent the entire vacation sick as a dog and barely left the house. Lesson learned - there's a happy medium that must be found between being a mature adult and practicing the wise self-care that you need to remain a healthy and functioning person.

I wish I had been more diligent in lining up a job and nailing something down until I can get the job I want. When I am idle things tend to get more depressing for me, I need something to HAVE to do everyday. That being said, I'm learning to have to do that on my own when I am at home taking care of my daughter, which is really all I am especially proud of.

I wish that I could have been the kind of person who doesn't judge anyone based on what they look like and smiled everyday just because I could. I wish I would have not taken everything for granted as much as I do and just appreciate life because life is incredible. However, I am proud to say that this past year I've really seen the good in life and just took some time to be thankful for everything I have.

I wish I had told the girl I loved what I thought. Instead, I just stood there and couldn't make a move. I wonder what would've happened if I did.

For the first time in many years, there is nothing I regret. I've done a lot this past year. I finished college , and even if I hadn't done anything else, this is something that I'm extremelly proud of. I've been actively looking for a job. I started dancing. I even started going on dates. So, it's been a very productive year and I've done plenty. Finally!

This past year, I'm especially proud of not sticking with my job at UIW when I hated it and it was making me miserable. And I wish I could figure out how to reconcile with allison, but of course that is ongoing.

Bought a front door from an expensive company rather than an independent contractor. Lost more than 20 lbs.

I wish I would have treated my family better at home over the summer. I disrespected them a lot by throwing parties and staying out past my curfew.

Differently? Well of course. I wish I had focused on family more. Paid more attention to my health and the well being of my husband and child. I wish I had listened to my own advice more. Alternatively... I am proud of the work I have done to become more professionally strong. I love the voice I have discovered and can't wait to see where it goes next.

Nothing different. I am proud at how I have taken care of my body this year and attempt to be in the moment as much as I can. I want to live every day to the fullest and care for my kids and family. I feel like this has enabled me to cherish more.

I wish I was the one to break up. Im so proud of my self for mauling Robert.

One of each. Like most years, I wish I had lost 30 lbs. As for something I am proud of, I produced a series of blogs which express my take on politics, climate, heath & well being, with an aim towards inspi5ring activism. I use FaceBook as another vehicle for my positions and suggestions for activism. It is my ardent belief that if we each participated in making the planet a safer, healthier, sustainable home for generations yet to come.

I wish I had found some ways to keep exercising when I had a foot injury that kept me from running regularly. I could have done more bicycling, or found a way to swim, or something. As a result, I gained even more weight over the past year. Now, unfortunately, I am at my heaviest weight that I've ever been in my life. Alternatively, I have found out that there are many varieties of vegetables that I've tried out and have put into my regular diet. I love eating healthy food, and want this to continue into my lifestyle forever. I just need to pull back on the portions, since I love to eat and cook so much! Still a work in progress. I'm back to running now too, all healed up and signed up for a 5K in a couple of months, yay!

I wish I had taken my photography class online more seriously. It was a comprehensive way to learn about my new camera, and I let this fall by the wayside. It wasn't an excuse that it was cheap (it wasn't nothing) and even though it wasn't graded and didn't "matter" I should have known that it did matter to me. From this past year, I am especially proud of the steps I have taken to become comfortable being alone and spending time by myself. I don't always need my phone to keep me company until a friend arrives at a restaurant. I don't even need a friend to GO to a restaurant. This has been really comforting as I approach new relationships, not putting undue weight on just the idea of "having someone" around.

I guess there's always an element of "I wish I had done..." Mostly I wish I had gotten over my broken heart sooner. But it takes as long as it takes. But I also wish I had been authentic about what it is I really want. So many things I could say "I wish I had..." The thing I am most proud of...trying something new. Especially with bootcamp. every single day was out of my comfort zone. Every single obstacle...I may not have achieved the results I had set out to achieve, but I learned and grew a lot through the process and I was able to complete some old issues around exercise and my body during that time as well. I have a lot more freedom, that's for sure.

I wish I had been more patient with my kids; be more attuned to their needs and timing rather than always pushing my agenda on them. I wish I took better care of myself in terms of the basics - eating healthy, getting enough physical activity. I always seem to be in too much of a rush to take care of myself or someone else always needs something... I wish I was on time more, not always running behind. I'm really proud and I also mentioned this as part of my day 1 response for fulfilling on the commitment I made last year to practice yoga at least twice a week. I stuck with it, am still going and am simply really proud of myself for it. And I'm proud of myself for admitting to myself that my dream perhaps wasn't really my dream and passing on it. At the same time I went back to my job for a full 40 hour week (I had dropped down to 32 hours for a while) and am recommitted to doing well in my current job while seeking other opportunities to express myself.

I wish I had spent less time yelling at my kids. I am proud of the fact that I finally got off my arse and made an automaton.

I'm not sure- I'm a big believer in that things happen for a reason, and had I done things differently then I would not be where I am right now, which is in a very good place- a comfortable, peaceful, grateful place. So I guess the answer is no. I am proud that I have persevered, kept my strength, faith and sense of humor and didn't go to the dark side.

I wish I had been more careful with my money, maybe actually gone on unemployment during down times. Alternatively, I'm proud of the strides I've made in my personal evolution. I'm so much more in touch with who I am and what I want.

I should have gotten out of a relationship that I was in that was going nowhere. I wasted so many hours, so many dollars, so much emotion on someone who only wanted to use me and not really know me. I regret that so much.

The only thing that I wish I should have differently is that I would not have spent $. I am proud of my accomplishments - BR-10; Presentations; finding Art + Personal Growth...selling my condo.

I wish my generosity had been offered without strings. I hope I can learn to give without expecting, and we comfortable saying no when I mean it.

This year I think I've done pretty good, on the whole. I've been a better friend, in a lot of ways, than I have been in the past, but I know I can do better. There has been a lot of change over the year, but I've dealt with it pretty well. I do need to call my grandparents more often. With work, I need to be more aggressive and more myself, and not get run over or bulldozed.

I am proud that, in working with my sisters to move our dad into assited living, deal with various doctors, and clean out his apartment, we moved beyond old roles and family dynamics and could really appreciate each other's strengtha and growth. I wish I had come sooner to the realization that my dad's cognitive challenges have been the cause of troubles between us for a long time, and they have been beyond his control.

In dance class we won the competition of the finals and now this year we might go either to San Fransico or Las Vegas.

I wish I had been more proactive about taking care of myself through the assorted crises of the year, from my partner's medical issues through decomping tenants threatening violence to a friend's suicide threat. I held on to the prideful idea that I "should" be able to handle it all on my own. I can't.

I wish I had pushed harder to finish the book and get the proposal off to publishers. I wish I'd taken better care of my health and my finances. I wish I'd visited my mother - who has Alzheimer's - much more often. But I am proud of the work I did this year in solidifying friendships, and eliminating relationships that were not healthy or happy.

I do my best to stay conscious enough that I don't have regrets. If there is anything, I wish that I had had more compassion when my friend and I parted ways. She was hurting, as was I. I wish that I could have stayed more in focus to what she was asking for from me rather than defending myself in the heat of the moment. I went asleep in that moment. As for something I'm proud of. I gave my first talk to women about opening themselves up to more feminine energy. It was an amazing experience and I think I helped some women open to more of their authentic selves.

I wish I hadn't complained so much about spending money on people's weddings and birthdays (there were a lot of both this year). It's cheap and mean, and wish I wasn't so budget-obsessed. But even if I am, I didn't have to complain out loud--to friends, but mostly my husband--about it. I wish I could let go of this fear, this grasping.

I wish I had handled a disagreement with a friend differently. I was far from my best self, and it cost me a friendship. I did apologize for my part in the confrontation, to no avail. I have mixed thoughts. I know I could have acted in a more mature way, but I also question the value of keeping a relationship with someone willing to just walk away.

I wished that I had worked harder and followed through more to see my goals, plans, and tasks to completion. I also wish I hadn't wasted so much time on social networks. I'm especially proud of myself for establishing a list of goals, focusing on accomplishing them, and regularly checking in on my progress. Because of my commitment to this, I've joined a dance group, I've told someone how they helped me, I've gone kayaking, I've traveled more than I ever have before, I've started forgiving myself and others for past relationships that didn't work out, I'm more grateful for all of the big and small blessings in my life, I've started to love myself more and depend less on relationships for my self-worth, and I'm learning new skills to embark on a new career in real estate development.

Yes! Many things! I wish I had held back more in speaking in writing. I need to be gentler on people, and to just not snap so much. I would CHILL THE FUCK OUT. wait a bit before pressing send n that email.

I wish that I had been firmer about purchasing the kind of house I wanted, instead of bowing to my husband's choice. I hope this house doesn't turn out to be as problematic as the last house - which he chose also. Part of the reason I decided to move is because our house was a money pit and we lived in a construction zone. Now, we are in a house that is better, but only slightly. I'm disappointed in myself for not standing firmer. I wish I could be a better grandmother and make it a point to go the distance to see my grandchildren more. I guess I'm proud that I did make the decision to quit my dead end job, find a better, higher-paying one and move back to the city.

I´d like to get ajob

I am proud of the courage to leave a comfortable private practice of 20+ years and join a children's hospital. It is helping me to grow and serve a more diverse population of children. I would like to continue on this path while making sure I take care of myself well.

Proud that i bought my first house

This past year I struggled through an attempt at a relationship with a long-time acquaintance. We'd known each other for a few years but there is a lot about his life I didn't know, including that he has had long-term relationships with men (I'm a woman) and suffers significant mental illness. My desire for companionship strengthened my denial and I persevered through his abusive behavior and psychotic episodes. When he was well he was a good friend, which made it difficult to process the verbal and emotional abuse I received from him. I guess I thought I could love him out of it. Anyway, he told me that he is very attracted to my brother, who is a high-profile rock singer. My brother and I are similar in physical appearance. This revelation was undeniable and too dysfunctional for me to process so I let him go. I wish I'd had the guts and the self-worth to do this months ago... In the re-telling it's starting to seem pretty funny though :)

I wish I got the bathroom finished. I wish I spent more enjoyable and joyous time with my husband. I am glad that I lost weight and am healthier now and can do more physically.

I wished I could have expressed my love to Linda more. She is the most important person in the world to me. Beautiful, intelligent, energetic,. I want here to know. I also wished I'd post photos to the three web-sites that might generate $. I'm proud of the way I take care om my grandkids. I'm proud of my photography. I'm proud of mentoring younger men in TMC.

I've started postgraduate study this past year. I wish I was brave enough to ask for help when I need it. To keep in constant communication with my supervisor to ensure that I am on the right track. I didn't do that, I worked on my own a lot. Then half way through the year I was told my thesis was on the wrong track and had to change everything I had done so far. I wish I was better at communicating and just asking for help. I can't do everything on my own. I need to learn that it is ok to ask for guidance.

So many things I wish I had done differently.

I wish I had moved to finalize my divorce more quickly. I wish that I had more patience for those who don't meet my expectations, especially when they don't know what I expect. I wish I had been clearer with others about my expectations. I wish I had stopped self medicating. I wish to have started each day earlier. I wish to be more excepting of others and of my new reality.

Different: So many things, esp. re parenting. I'm working so hard on not losing my temper with my son. Not sure how successful I've been. Proud: We've started making challah on a regular basis. And also doing yoga regularly, so I've gotten stronger, and I like that.

I am especially proud of finding time for myself while caring for two ill family members

I'm especially proud of quitting smoking. I'm at something like ~80 days thus far, not counting a slip-up earlier this month. It's still a huge struggle, as I rather enjoyed smoking, and the health benefits aren't exactly tangible... but the overall benefit for my life length and quality will be worth it.

I should have been more determined to better myself physically. Even after the fall last winter, I should have kept to my gradual schedule of moving more and eating better. I need to pull some other people into the fray and not depend solely on myself. I should be more willing to seek and ask for help and support. Having grown up with the expectation if. "if I don't expect good or think I deserve good then I won't be disappointed as much". The truth is that 30 years of neglect and inaction have taken a toll on thus body and on my mind and self confidence. I think I will not live too many more years.

I'm proud of the leadership I have provided for my hospital in the role as chairman of the board.

What an interesting question. I wish, from the viewpoint I have right now, that I would have been stronger, but honestly, that is also the thing of which I am most proud .. how I made it through this last year with as many flying colors as I have flying behind me right now (and the number is actually quite impressive). This past year was the year I vanquished the wicked queen. Literally. I took my light away from her and it took her exactly one year to die. I had to do it .. for my own survival but also for both of our evolutions. I went against absolutely everything I was taught (programmed with) and LEFT .. I left chicago, I left HER. I left the system. I left the contract. I BROKE it. I broke it. She actually did die (she always said that if I left her she would die) and I STILL held strong. It was a very rough year, last September to this one. My broken wrist, karen moving farther away just when I got here, ayla getting her boyfriend and acting cruel during my most vulnerable times, not being able to find a doctor b/c of Medicaid, being ON freakin Medicaid and all that brings with it, not knowing how to integrate my male energy/side and actually ACCOMPLISH greatness in my career and life .. OH but I DID create some GREAT miracle classes! And I overcame the flood and what it did to my precious Scion! I HAVE been strong and productive this past year! Just not in any conventional ways! Go me ✈☮✶♡☆

I really wish I was stronger. I wish I had the ability to not be apologetic about being Jewish, the capability of not apologizing for missing a party, a dinner, drinking for Shabbat. I wish I had a tougher skin, I wish I could have stood up for myself better. I wish I hadn't lost my camp self last semester and wish I hadn't forgotten what is really important to me. I wish I hadn't gotten caught up in the hook up culture here, in the drinking culture of college. I wish I had valued myself more, had more confidence in myself to say when something bothered me or didn't adhere to what I believe. I hope I don't reduce my values and expectations of others just because they don't meet them. I hope and wish I didn't compromise.

I wish I could have found a better way to reach my brother, who seems to be in his own orbit. It is hard and sad to watch. I continue to work on patience and contempt for the people I love. I didn't do very well this year and hope to do better in the future. I'm proud of supporting a dying colleague with good humor and distraction. I tried to give him what he said he needed instead of what I wanted to give him. I would have liked long discourse on the meaning of life and what it's like to die conscious of the process, but he had plenty of that and wanted to formulate strategies and talk social justice!


I wish I wouldn't have lied to my therapist. I'm proud of myself for going to therapy in the first place, though. I'm proud of myself for dealing with kara. I don't regret much. I think you do what you do for a reason, be it a good or poor reason, and… "do each day what you know you should, do it once and do it well."

I wish I had spent more time with my friends, I wish I had spent more time being happy, I wish I had not made so many impulsive decisions or had lost my cool as many time that I did. I'm proud that I am still trying.

I am proud of choosing a job this year that fits me well and will allow me to fulfill my goals instead of being the most desirable or prestigious position.

I wish I had never gotten mad.

I wish I had been a more involved parent. I'm quiet. I'm not a talker. My son knows I love him like a fat boy loves cake, but I am not good in conversation. I worry about what this will mean when he leaves for college.

I wish I would've mentally prepared better for moving away from the only life I ever knew. I'm proud of moving to a new state where the only person I knew was my wife. I'm proud of getting out of the house (w/ a new PT job), getting involved in volunteerism and trying to meet new people.

I wish I had approached my sister in a better way about our broken relationship. I wish I had stood up for myself there in a way that didn't involve me getting so emotional. I'm especially proud of making a change in my career that took from working behind a desk to working in the middle of Mississippi and gave me a great adventure

I regret hurting Matt's feelings so often. What I would do differently, I guess, is hold my tongue more often. But I know we have to talk about things, and even when I give it time and talk to him peacefully about how I've been feeling, it usually comes out wrong, or he takes it wrong. IDK if we are meant to be together. I am proud to have excelled at my job and remained one of the best loved teachers here.

I wish I could have handled my stress differently this past year. It become consuming. I blamed others. I should have asked for help earlier and with more acceptance. I'm proud that I was able to face it though, and work through it. I continue to be self-reflective and insightful. It's not anyone's fault. I am doing good work and it makes me happy. I am proud to be a leader and partner to others.

The time I spent with my father in the last year -which was the last year of his life -was irresplacabke. Very happy that I was able to devote the time and care to him. For both of us.

I wish I had watched my diet more carefully, and had lose some weight. On the other hand, I have worked out religiously over the past year.

I am proud of how I didn't let rejection stop me. I kept getting close to exciting, inspiring jobs but then couldn't seem to make it through to the final offer. This happened about 8 times! Yes, my energy flagged but my resolve didn't. I pushed back the time that I had thought, "If I don't get my dream job by X time, I will start casting a broader net." Meaning that I would settle. Instead I refused to do that and kept pushing. And I pushed through to land a position that I feel was the best of the lot!

I wish I had been kinder, gentler and more patient with myself and others. I am proud of the baby steps I have taken to reach out to people.

I wish I had handled my relationships at work differently. I think I got pulled into the various clash of personalities and got caught up with how I would be perceived by people who didnt even notice me. I get caught up in titles and ages and other things - I hold onto a structure that might only mean something to me. I feel like so many things get cemented early on, people's impressions of who you are and where you fit that it seems like I am stuck in this cycle - and the only way out is go to another job... or put a lot of time into doing things really differently. Not sure what I want, but seems like since work is where I spend most of my hours I should try a little harder to feel better about my relationships there.

I wish I had taken better care of myself--prioritized my health and fitness goals. I wish I had been kinder. I wish I had finally developed that daily/weekly/monthly/yearly budget and stuck to it. At the same time, I've worked hard and become more deliberate in my interactions with people. I finally realize that when I'm upset or activated, I do not make good decisions, and I've put in concerted effort to understand my own triggers and how to regain control before making decisions or communicating with others. And that's made all the difference. Next year: Yoga class and Couch 2 5K.

I expanded my business and worked hard for a good reputation. Made something from very little. I wish I didn't spend so much money.

Two things of which I am very proud - doing competitive walks in my 60th year for the first time - the 10K, the Quarter Marathon, etc. [but wish I had walked enough to do the Half Marathon this October]. Second is taking a PT college teaching position.

I am most proud of how I have been able to take care of my mom. From being with her every day for five weeks in the hospital to cleaning her bottom at four a.m., I know I'm not doing anything for her that she wouldn't do for me. It warmed my heart when I was about to turn the light out and she said to me, "I like it that you're my roommate." My biggest regret is not hiring Florida sooner and not asking Jim to move to my cottage years ago. I feel so much lighter, as if a huge stone had been removed from around my neck.

Wish I had done differently: Handled the psychopath crazy lady in the office. Proud of: growth of relationship, going back to Shul again, providing assistance to other alums, getting rid of needless belongings

I am especially proud of the fact that, with the help of Kathy, I am stronger at 56 than I have ever been in my life. Alternatively, I wish I had been more self-disciplined, especially with my time.

I wish I had taken time off to visit my daughter and son-in-law in New York and my son and his family in Denver.

I wish I'd worked more in the documentaries and master better the HD techniques. I'm especially proud that I've developed the skill that, when thigs become difficult, I strart thanking G-d for everything, trees, the bed, the glass in the window, my mom... and somehow things get well.

I am especially proud of completing the #100happydays challenge in the late spring and early summer. The challenge allowed me to learn more about what happiness means to me. It is being grateful and mindful. Happiness is being present in the moment and appreciating the journey. Lastly, it reminded me of the many things I am grateful for - my health, my loved ones and the ability to experience the world around me.

I wish I had dated Mike C. differently. I suppose it doesn't matter now, but it was so painful. Alternately, I am extremely grateful for the way dating is going with Michael H. It feels healing and peaceful and life-giving. I. hope. it's. real.

Quisiera haber hablado más con mi abuela y haberle dicho más veces cuanto la amo. Ahora que no esta en este mundo, sólo quiero que sepa que era la mejor parte de Colombia.

I wish I listened to my friends better. I wish I communicated with them more and in a meaningful way. I wish I had managed my time more responsibly. I am so fucking proud of what I've built with swipes. I am proud of how I have carried myself, at the age of 22 throughout my role as a leader. Saying that I wanted to start a board, and then actually doing it. I am learning to be properly proud and aware of what I've accomplished and who I am. I'm proud of how much I've been able to start connecting and truly listening to people.

I wish I truly felt like I could be 100% honest in all my affairs with no repercussions, but I simply can't. I am who I am, and I do what I do. Maybe that's a copout to some degree, but I can live with that. I am as honest as folks allow me to be. I am proud that I'm getting better at walking away when it's time to walk away. I'm also proud of and grateful the service work I've done over the past year. I'm learning more and more about where I fit in.

Oddly, the thing I'm most proud of may also be the thing I wish I'd done differently. Not to say that I'm regretting the decision to move to a different state, as it is still too early to call it...but I am definitely wondering if leaving my comfortable job was the right thing to do. I had a lot of flexibility, good friends and respect of my peers. And yet, my growth had leveled off, and I wasn't stimulated by work any more. Moving to another company and job required courage, and I'm proud of myself and my family for having the courage. The past few months have been a huge test of our mettle: selling a house, finding a new one and schools for the kids, setting up new networks of doctors, dentists, church, etc., making new friends, establishing myself at work. It's pretty incredible when I stop to think about it. That said, I have some strong reservations about the company culture of my new job, and I wonder if I have chosen unwisely.

Priorities were mainly work or work related. I need to change this.

I wish I had not entered into a professional situation which did not progress me professionally, but more importantly became so consumptive that the work has become life and not a living in life, but more of a living thru life. In accepting this position I ended up speaking for something at times that I do not really believe in fully or want to advocate for...fully. I know working in place/world that means something to you is a privileged position and thus perhaps I just needed to be reminded of that privilege. Proud...? Mmh, well there are students who may finish some journeys they started, or were able to return to school and transcend some financial barriers, and I co-hosted a celebration for my mother who - unlike her children - does not thrive in the limelight, but loved the spectacle of her celebration...just the same.

Yes. Yes.

1. I wish I did not played beach volleyball during that damn day of my birthday in NJ. 2. I am very proud that I decided to change what I do and incorporate more Functional Medicine into my career

I wish I had had more courage, that I might have leaned into my work with coaches more fully and fiercely. I battle with my fear of putting myself in "harms way;" not in the military sense, but in the sense of being exposed to rejection, disapproval, reprisal - worse: simply being seen as unimportant. At the same time, I am very proud of the certification I received as a professional coach and the moral and ethical implications it holds as a professional ministering to others who put themselves in my care. I haven't given myself enough credit for that achievement. Perhaps, God has.

This last year...I am not sure what could or should or might have been done differently. I am proud that I survived this last year. That is the best and the worst I can say.

Yes! Stick to my goals and plans and not let others opinions deter me. Although late in the year I have learned to stay focus and think less of what people say. Not in a bad way. I never wanted to hurt anyone's feelings and like to make people feel that they count in some way so I try to work everything into my day. But it is taking too much of my time and I'm more stressed than ever. So now I am trying to kindly let people know thank you but no thank you. If they feel offended I'm sorry but I need to live life for myself and not others. Especially to set an example for my son so he doesn't make the same mistakes ;) It's definitely going to take hard work and change but I am proud to be focused and moving forward.

I wish I had billed more hours at work. I also wish I had worked out more. Those may be incompatible goals. I'm proud of all I have done as a mother this past year.

I wish I had been more positive, encouraging and supportive instead of negative, backbiting and complaining. I wish I'd been more present for my family. Alternatively, I am proud of how I handled a very difficult situation with my son that resulted in his feeling as if I was a reasonable and respectful human.

Proud - I think that I am finally moving toward clearer communication - saying what I mean and being clear about it.

Wish I had exercised, and spent more time with my kids. Went every week to Shul. Walked my dog more.

I wish I had spent more time actually doing things I wanted and less time giving myself excuses as to why I couldn't do them. I spent a lot of time feeling self-pity and telling myself I couldn't have what I wanted, although if I look back over the past year I can see that my life is a lot better than this time last year. Going forward, I want to fully embrace all the opportunities that come my way and make my life even better.

Not really. I continue to strive to be better, more open minded, more patient. Some days succeed better than others.

I wish I had stayed off of Facebook more. I will do better this year!

Got to play a hand in starting our Jewish Spirituality Group with RS.

We have had a lot of work done on our house this past year. I wish I had forced my voice to be heard. I let other people drive the narrative when I should have taken control. I started running this summer. I love it. I have had injuries but will continue to push through them.

I wish that I had pushed my partners to step away from certain pieces of business and really live our values in action. Most of my regrets are in not pushing myself professionally - I need to go on record with my feelings more strongly. I am particularly proud of adapting to a new role and taking on new challenges related to quantitative and qualitative research and brand development. This was new and scary and I embraced it and have had some good success.

I finally made the commitment and leap to fully engage in the electronic health records and meaningful use requirement at the office. I am very proud of the new skills I have learned. I am relieved that we finally made the leap and have experienced some benefits when it comes to producing notes and documentation for care. I am resentful that it has become a requirement and of all the added time and effort it requires while adding no benefit to my bottom line or the care of my patients.

I wish I had kept up my excercise routine better this year and not let my weight increase so much. I'm very sad at myself for that. I'm proud of the way my daughter is transitioning into a teen and still being so loving.

This one is a tough one. I promised myself that I would solve a relational problem this year, but I have not done it. Every time I try to talk about it, the result is counter productive. Either I hear that things will change (and they won't) or it turns into a useless fight. I am not sure what to do. I have focused on my career and that may be what I continue to do but I don't think it is the best solution. I guess I am afraid of making the wrong decision. Maybe I would regret leaving, maybe the good outweighs the bad.

I wish I could have summoned up the energy and will power to get things fixed around my house -- a shower that doesn't work, stuff that needs to be disposed of, and more. I had sworn that I would do it in my time off over the summer, but I didn't. I'm proud of the fact that I organized the road trip my siblings and I took in honor of our parents, who both passed away in the last year.

I am very proud of how I took care of my mother while she was suffering from Stage 4 Breast Cancer. As hard as it was, I am forever grateful that I was not only there to take care of her but, to be able to hold her hand when she took her last breath.

I tend not to have regrets, but I do wish I'd acted on my urge to kiss a girl. Once when I gave her a hug to keep warm after we'd been swimming in the sea. And once when we were lying side by side in a forest glade of bluebells. I had the thought in both situations, but it didn't feel right at the time. I respect her a lot and sensed it might not have been welcomed. I'm proud of the fact that I have more courage when it comes to telling a girl how I feel about her. I've done it sooner this year when I have less to lose. The rejection doesn't hurt as much and it allows you to move on to the next person. I feel like I've been collecting rejections this year. They still hurt, but I'm getting used to dealing with them.

I wish I had had the nerve and gumption to leave my marriage with my head held high, and not slumped low, after my affair with Charles. I love him then, and now. I appreciate that he stayed to make his marriage work. But I wish I had left my husband just because I knew/know it was the right thing to do. However, with that being said, I'm proud that I still left, and the growth and change I've made over the last few months. Broken inside, I am learning to grow and be the person I want to me, both inside and out.

On the spot, I can't think of anything that I wish I'd done differently. I think this is a good indication that I'm on the right track and making progress in being the person I want to be. Which is something I am proud of. I have been working hard to be more mindful, peaceful, active, loving, and patient, and I can see positive changes in how I live my life.

No regrets....and plenty of them. More friends and family, less work. More sex, less TV. More praise, less criticizing. More smiles, less sighs. More focus. less internet. More veggies, less meat. More listening, less talking. More giving, less taking. More standing, less sitting. More action, less words. I tend to be a harsh critic, of myself the most, so it's hard for me to really think of anything I'm truly proud of. Maybe it's because I'm gradually becoming less concerned with my creative work as a primary badge of honor, and more how I treat and give back to other people. And because I've spent so much time working on the former, I've failed miserably at the latter. C'est la vie. We'll see what happens next year...

I did as well as I could this year. The only thing I wish I could have done was to have enjoyed my time off more. There was such uncertainty, it made it hard for me to enjoy the time off I had with the girls, that was my only regret. But I did my best.

I wish I had left my former job earlier. I wish I had taken more risks. I wish I had said yes more. I wish I had been less uptight and unforgiving. I am proud of what I have accomplished at my new job. I am proud that I am taking advantage of my new city. I am proud of my more positive attitude. I am proud of taking care of my body.

Hmm... Something I'm proud of: My sister and I worked together to work out most of the details of my dad's complicated estate, and planned both the ash-scattering at sea of my parents' ashes (most of my mother's ashes had been saved following her death 2 years before) , and a memorial service for my dad. Since we live on opposite sides of the continent, and the ceremonies were in a location where neither of us live, this was quite a practical feat. What I am most proud of however, is the loving and supportive way my sister and I worked together, with no conflict or animosity, and only pride and gratitude for having had the parents we had, and for having one another. Thanks, sis!

I wish I had gotten in touch with and maintained contact with David Brumer and Connie Parriot. Baruch H'Shem. I am proud that I can see when I am acting way too overboard for my own good, and can make space to let that period of time play itself out. Without doing damage.

I wish I would have been more involved with bonding with friends. Gone on more ladies' night out, inviting friends over, involved more with church dinners, whatever. At the cost of my a lacking social life, my kids get a lot of me. I am proud to say that even though I am a full-time working mom, I am still involved in teaching my kids how to potty, swim, reading and how to be a good Christian.

I am proud that we have had the discipline and determination to pay down credit card debt. It has been several months now, and we have mad really good progress. It will be a big relief to not have that hanging over our heads and to no longer waste money paying interest.

I would wish that Things had been different, but as for what I might have done differently, I can't think what. It has been such a year of baby steps. Learning to maneuver being alone in the world. Getting s feel for how Much aloneness, how Much with-others time...How much or little expenditure of energies and where to focus that. How much to push myself onto my children so as to have enough--not too much!-- time with my grandkids...How much to stick up for myself...How much to let go...making a few new friends...learning who would be simpatico...trying to let go of people who don't wish to be in much touch with a widow, and trying to balance not resenting them for their avoidance with trying to empathize with Their fears of contagion...I guess I Do feel proud whenever I get through a sticky part...whether it's paperwork or social connecting...sometimes getting through a day, Or up to dinner time and a welcome glass of wine, or bedtime and a welcomeTablet of tylenol with codeine, and I want to celebrate my relief at getting to An ending...Do either of those qualify?

i wish i had followed thru w/ my loss weight loss goal. i finally received medicaid and i made an appt to see a bariatric surgeon which i cancelled twice. i'm very proud of my kids. they are all doing very well. i am also proud about my business, barks and breakfast: a pet hotel. i am doing pretty well. i make some money and if i had an advertising budget i think i would actually do very well.

I wish that I had been more capable of letting go of small hurts and upsets rather than holding onto them.

I wish I had stuck to my guns about taking care of myself. I wish I had stopped pulling and lost the weight. I am working on that now, but I wish I had done it sooner. I am very proud of myself for negotiating to the next level of position and salary, professionally. A successful negotiation at Prozdor will lead me to amazing things next, I know it.

Yes, and they are one in the same...I'm proud that I helped a friend to get a temp job this summer, she really needed a job and had been looking for some time, but wish I hadn't because she got the long term position I was being considered for. I happy for her, and know that we are where we are supposed to be, but I good deeded myself out of financial security and a job opportunity. Everything happens for a reason and it will all even out in the end!

I am struggling with loving my Mom - giving her the space to make her decisions at 87 years old and coming in to clean up some of the messes without being resentful. I am struggling to stay close to Mom even when there is GREAT criticism or what I perceive to be criticism. I am reminding myself that she does love me and demonstrates it in moments of surprise … and at the same time remembering these demonstrations are rays of sunshine that may peak through the criticism. I am learning to enjoy the sunshine with the knowledge that there will be criticism. And that is who she is with me. This is what she learned as a young person and this is what she gives. She isn't a "bad" person - simply - a wonderful person who become very unskilled at times.

Diet! I've always had a weight issue. Trying to change eating habits without the proper information is fruitless. I finally found the right information after much research and reading. I now eat healthier and can even enjoy a couple of cocktails on the weekend. I can't wait to see my progress during the next year.

I can't say much about what I would do differently; as a student my years are school years. The one I'm in just started, and the past one landed me in the best High School in my state. I am however, proud that I got a four on my spanish AP test in the eighth grade last year.

Thre are acts I wish I had taken earlier, things I think maybe I could have done to have saved my oldest son some heartbreak, my daughter some angst, my middle child some frustration. Maybe by now they could have been on a better path, closer to their goals, happier. Or maybe I am over estimating my impact. All in all, I think each of my children begin the new year on a good path, or closer to a good path than they were, and I am proud of the things I did to get them there--even if later than maybe optimal.

I wish I was better at expressing myself to my husband. I don't always let him know when I need something. I think I am afraid of being rejected.

I most assuredly would not have moved across the country for a new job opportunity without firming up some specific things with my housemate. I was proud of getting hired in the job that I got, even though it turned out to be - without ANY doubt - THE most difficult and nerve-racking position that I ever held.

I wish that I had spent more time being creative and less time sucked down the rabbit hole of the internet.

I wish I had taken better care of myself, not taking depression as the victor -- I want to believe the rational part of my mind is in more control of me than it seems to be now.

My cousin called one afternoon to tell me that his father, my best friend, had taken a turn for the worse. I changed my flight from the coming weekend to the next day. I wish I had just gone straight to the airport so I could have seen him alive one last time.

There is so much I wish I had done differently this year! I would have chosen a different house, different place to live. Kept the stuff I loved instead of caving to pressure to get rid of my special things. But the biggest, knowing what I know now, I would have ended my marriage.

I am so proud of saying "yes" to more Jewish involvement, Eilat Chayim conducting services of composing of pouring myself into my work with students of a newfound relationship with my son

I feel well about the past year. I'm proud to have made the decision to go back to school to attain an MSW. Also, I finished two more of The Nine stories.

I wish I had been honest at all times. I wish I had not tried to manipulate situations in my favor and instead let things be as they were. Given more control up to the universe, God, energy. To gravity. I wish I had realized months ago that people like me for me even if they don't agree with parts or even like parts. They still might like the whole. And those who don't aren't worth it. I wish I had tried a little harder to be there for people when I was depressed, but also not beaten myself so much for taking time for me when I needed it. I am still proud, though, of how hard I fought. I am proud for taking the steps toward volunteer. I am proud that I refocused at work even if it is not a job that I love. I am proud of repairing my relationship with my mother so much that she has become my best friend. It will be, it is, all okay.

I am proud of saying: this is what I want - I want to move to MT and get this job - and I did it. I wasn't happy with what I had in my job, and I worked hard to change it. I would have done differently: appreciated more what I had instead of looking to the next best thing. Not being grateful for what I have.

After years of being told repeatedly that I wasn't intelligent, wasn't good enough. I took the MENSA test and passed. I am now a member.

I grew from my challenge..and added the TPRS to boot. But, what could I have done differently? Could we have handled the visit w C's dad differently? Small thing--should have brought the bikes to Ohio. But, big news in the proud category--J and C are both doing well, making us proud and very enjoyable to be with..

Done differently: Been kinder. Saved money (v. donating and buying gifts.) Taken more time out. Paid more attention to some details of my life that got lost in the shuffle. Proud of: Continued good work. Influencing others to think more about important issues.

I really wish that I'd listened to my instincts and not taken my previous job. I let myself feel pressured to take a job that wasn't worthy of everything I have to offer, and I was miserable. I'm trying to learn to trust my instincts, but it's no easy task. I'm proud of the fact that I completed my master's degree, and that no matter what happens to me, no one can take that accomplishment from me.

I wish I had trusted my husbands instinct that he will manage to reinvent himself. I'm very proud of what he has achieve

I wish I had taken control of my weight/health sooner. A year ago this month I was under 200lbs (180 I think) and I put on 50lbs in the last 12 months. I think I was just stressed out so much by work, having the shingles, feeling the heart palpitations...seemed hopeless, food seemed to ease the stress, but it only made it worse. Menopause has been my go-to excuse for my health/weight, but there are plenty of women who stay fit and slim in their 50's and beyond. I need to strive to be one of them. I am so proud of starting my own business! I know it took guts, I don't brush it off.

i wish that i had waited longer before moving in with my boyfriend. i regret the path that we are on right now. i'm really proud of the relationship that i've developed with my ex husband, for our children. i have finally forgiven him for the problems in our relationship (and taken accountability for my parts) and i finally see him a a really good guy with whom i wanted to have a family.

I'm proud of my new job. I'm a Volunteer Coordinator at a homeless resource center. I love the work I do, the people I work with and the people we each work for. My assumptions about homelessness and mental illness are constantly being challenged and changed. I know I'm growing and becoming the civic-engaged woman I want to be. I'm especially proud to have gotten back in school. I would not have been able to do so without the aid of my friends. They supported me, believed in me and helped me so much over the past year. I didn't realize anyone really CARED about me to that extent. I know my mom, but she has her hands filled. I wouldn't ask for the help. I know my Gramps did, but he's dead now. I know a really close friend does, but he usually forgets I exist when he's in a new relationship! Lol. None of it bothered me. Yet, when I saw how far some were willing (and did) go for my benefit, it shocked me and scared me a little.I kept waiting for the other show to drop for a few days after it was over and I was back in school. Still hasn't dropped. Here's my last. The one thing I wish I had done differently. I wish I would have made the time to visit a guy I love. I haven't seen him in years, but we talk on a regular basis. I wish I would've just been a little bit selfish and gone to see him. I was afraid of the reproach I might have received if my family found out I went across country to see him and not them. I haven't seen them in years either. I told myself he didn't really want to see me, or that he could wait another year for me to return. I'm not so sure anymore.

Always, I would like not to hurt people, at least in my higher Self. I would like to learn more, grow more, be more strong in my spiritual practice. Yet, if I look back on the year, I can learn, even from my inadequacies. So, anything I wish I had done differently? What's the point in wishing that? Learn and go forward and round.

I regretted so many things in the past year and if I knew then what I know now, I never would've wanted it in the first place. But then again, at least I learned my lesson. I am not proud of anything, because I feel so unaccomplished. I am trying to change myself so I wouldn't be a failure.

A couple weeks ago, I made a comment in front of my mother-in-law. It was meant to defend her, but after I said it, I knew I could have said it better, in a way that might not have caused her pain or embarrassment. She did not let on that it hurt, but I know it did. She was recounting how, when she told her parents she was pregnant, her mothers first reaction was "I do not want to be called 'Gramdma!" My comment to the others who were reacting and laughing was something to the effect of, " That isn't the point! Her teenage unwed daughter was telling her she is pregnant and grandma was thinking about herself!" I should have stated it in terms of Emily was in need of support and understanding, not adjectives, that while true, we're unflattering.

I wish I had gone to volunteer in Israel for Sar El at the start of the 2014 Gaza conflict. I am proud of becoming a JFS Big Pal with Nathan and all our fishing outings I am glad I traded my 2000 BMW 3 for 2008 BMW 135i and bought a car seat so I could go places with grandkids Parker and Reese

I am proud of following my heart in terms of work. I started a new business, and it is feeling good, and I'm happy about having transitioned out of my old work life.

I wish I had listened to myself, my gurus, and my friends and taken a little more time for myself. I see now, that it is possible to do without being selfish (even though it makes me FEEL selfish). I am proud (and I don't like expressing pride) that I completed my 2nd Master's degree, in spite of time, and physical aliments - and learned SO much from it. I am also proud right now that I have managed to keep my stuff together at school (teaching) for the beginning of the school year, even though my personal life w/ my mom has completely consumed me. My kids know what is going on and are amazingly compassionate but I am still striving to do my job and not let my outside life get in the way. That is my point of pride - I am a GOOD teacher and my kids both love and respect me. As long as I can keep doing that, I am doing what I need to do in my life.

I'm really proud of how I've handled myself professionally. I faced some big challenges, some of the biggest responsibilities I've ever had and some of the most stressful experiences of my career. I feel like I came through it all with success and grace, and have been rewarded with a promotion in a new department. I'm definitely proud of myself. I wish I'd been less afraid to express myself in my relationship - my real dark secrets, needs and fears. But I've already started working on it and hope to continue making progress.

My biggest regret to this last year was my handling of the death of a roommate. I remember when I got the news that he had passed away. I had just left my first final of the semester and as I turned on my phone I had several messages from another roommate. Apparently while I quietly took my test, my roommate who had gotten the flu and never gotten better had his underlying Addison's condition flare up and take his life. I was sadden by this and my grief was more than I realized. I did my best to carry my roommates through it who I thought were too weak to handle it but in so doing, I ran myself into the ground. I remember the day after he was removed from life support as I watched my Oklahoma State Cowboys lose to the University of Oklahoma Sooners. I didn't realize at the time how much I needed that win to restore normality to my life. Unfortunate we lost, I came home got on my bed and cried for a good half hour to full hour. I wish I would have taken more time to heal myself before trying to care for everyone else. Alternatively:I was extremely proud of myself for finishing my law degree from the University of Oklahoma. There was nothing better than to hear them say my name and to walk across the stage as a graduate with my doctorate degree.

I don't know how to answer this question maybe because I feel like to wish I did something differently implies action. It's not like I've done nothing, but I do feel like all my decisions take so long to actually do something about. I'm slow. Why? Fear, laziness, inertia? I guess that's what I'd do differently: not be afraid to act, to jump on, not afraid to make mistakes.

I wish I had been more able to react to situations with less anger, and more presence. I wish I hadn't run away from situations that scared me. I realize doing that only leaves me with more fear and anger, and without an easy way in to resolution. I'm proud of how I allowed myself to jump back into the world of dating. Very scary for me. It still is. But I'm learning a lot about myself. I'm also proud of how I've stuck it out in the face of my anxiety.

One thing that I have been especially proud of from this past year is attending the Camden, New Jersey service trip offered by BC High. When I first decided to apply for a service opportunity, I did not know which option would be the best for me. However, I read through all the choices and decided that the Camden Trip would be a great experience and open my eyes to a different part of the United States. In the early morning on a Monday in June, I rose up from bed and drove with my parents to BC High and begin my journey. I arrived at the school with my sleeping bag and clothes with some anxiety inside me. As I boarded the van, I had no idea that this trip would become a metanoia for me. We finally arrived at the Romero Center in Camden after a long drive from Boston. I felt a little nervous because I would sharing a dormitory with students from other schools in the Jersey area. I was able to get through the night with out any troubles, but I knew the real test was going to come the next morning when we began our service. Morning came, and I had the same look on my face as Will Ferrell when Mark Walhberg asked him if he had butterflies in his stomach in "The Other Guys." I was nervous and the looks of the other kids from BC High showed the same emotion. As my group drove our service place, we were dead silent and all had the look of anxiety. We had no idea what to expect. We arrived at the HIV/AIDS house where we were assigned to on our first day. We met Sue, the mother figure of the house, and she gave us background on the home and then set us off to clean the grill for cookout they were going to have in a couple days. 45 minutes later, the grill looked as good as ever. We managed to get the grill working and scrub the rust off after not being used for 4 years. Then, we washed up for lunch and met some people who visited the home to hang out and chat with others. During lunch, I talked to a man named William who lived in Camden who battled HIV but was currently negative. He and I quickly found out that we both shared a passion for baseball. We began to discuss our favorite teams and players (his is the Phillies, mine is the Yankees). Mr. Healy told him that I was being clocked 85-87 mph, and he immediately jumped up from the table and told everyone that I was going to play for the Phillies!! I realized that I created a bond with William that will never be broken. On the one afternoon, I was able to brighten someone's day by engaging in conversation and connecting with them in a way I never imagined. During reflection that night back at the Romero Center, I asked everyone to pray for William and the rest of the family back at the HIV/AIDS center. To this day, I think about William and how God created this moment for both of us to meet and share our love for the game of baseball together. This one is for you William.

I wish I spent more time with my son just one on one and kept more of a routine at home. Alternatively I'm proud I kciked ass at work.

I wish that I had not been so quick to get upset at a potential friend even though she was hurtful to me when I did so.... I wish I could work on not being so sensitive and that I could be able to develop a tougher emotional skin.

Spent more time with my family. I am proud of my daughter's.

There have been so many choices made this past year... My relationships, raising my son Rowan, work. There are so many things I have questioned, second guessed, and doubted. But what I am proud of is that I have not hidden. I have not regressed to the selfish boy I have been and can be. I have made my choices and owned them. They are mine to make, and as much as I may have wanted to I have not let fear or paralysis take hold.

Prepared for a teacher prep program more agressively. Financially contributing to my family more.

I wish I had not moved in with Jesse. I wish that I had waited longer. I wish I hadn't thrown myself into this relationship. I wish I had known how miserable it would be. I wish I had waited. I wish I had waited. It was too much commitment too fast. I wish I had gotten to know him better. I am proud of getting myself back together. I feel proud of bouncing back and working. I am proud of myself for going back to school and keeping on.

I most proud of paying off all my debts... Student loans are blood suckers. I wish that I had purchased a house in the Eckington neighborhood. However, I feel like I missed the boat from 5 years ago when housing was more reasonable.

I wish I had gotten more gigs and practiced more. I'm proud of the fact that I hung on to Melody and never gave up on her.

In the realm of caring for myself and my partner, we twice reworked travel plans, scaled them back to a level that was restful and nourishing and creative. This instead of pushing toward the next great "adventure". In the alternate universe, I wish I could have shown up a bit more for Susan McCarn and family. They're in a struggle and I've not been as present as I'd like. While there was ample reason, namely Margo's passing, I wish there was some way I could have been more present for Susan, et al.

I'll start first by stating that my son was put into a behavioral facility because I found disturbing stuff on his phone, both written and pictures. Although this helped him for the moment, it was just a bandage for about 3 months and now I am finding more stuff after turning his phone back on (only because school started). I know, in my heart, that if god for bid something was to happen, I did everything I could possibly do as a parent to help him. He is a sweet and very considerate child and when he has good days, they are the best. One thing I am extremely proud of this year was that he had his Bar Mitzvah and did extremely well (better than any of us thought he would). He had about 100 people there and had a great time (it was a Halloween party). I hope that when I read these questions back next year that this will all be behind us and that our family will be happy and healthy.

I wish I had gotten better organized, especially around financial matters, paperwork, taxes, etc. Now I am playing catch-up and not sure when/if I will succeed at that. On the other side, I am very proud of myself in terms of my work. I have created something from next to nothing, and this direction is very helpful to others, and a good professional identity for myself.

I don't wish I had done anything differently. Except for maybe insisting that my daughter drop back to standard Physics from Honors at the end of the troubling first term. I should have done that. As for what I'm proud of, I took a pipedream idea -- to take the best works created over the past 8 years of my 25 Hour Play Project and create a "best of" evening with experienced directors and age-appropriate, experienced actors - and made it a reality. We sold out the house and I feel like I gave my playwriting students the experience of seeing their work come to life as it should.

I wish I had spent money more wisely or, better yet, saved more. I am proud of the fact that I have quit drinking and smoking. Well, I'm in the process of kicking the nicotine habit, but I'm going to do it. I have also tried to be a kinder more understanding person day to day. I don't think I was ever actively unkind but we all seem to be in need of being kinder and gentler in this unkind and hostile world. Each day a little more and more and....!

I wish I had communicated more with my partner about how stressed out I was during certain times of the year. I think I hid my feelings to protect her and/or try and not deal with reality. I am proud that when things became so bad at work, I evaluated and made a change. In the past, I may have tried to stay in that situation and try and fix it.

I wish I'd spent less time reading (escaping). I love doing art and I actually like my job, but I find it very hard to get started. So I waste more time on the weekends with my kindle than I could doing art. And when I do art, I am much happier. What am I proud of? I'm proud of focusing less and less on accomplishments and more and more on the day-to-day process of living and doing what I love. I'm proud I'm waking up more and more over time to life and taking more risks (especially emotional ones). As a result I'm spending less time reading about others' lives and more time living my own.

I'm proud of how I coped with cancer, honestly. I let myself ask for help (which is hard), I was open about what I was experiencing and didn't artificially soften things for people, even as I was using gallows humour to lighten it for myself. As I put the medical part of the experience behind me, I've used the tools at my disposal to give myself a sense of structure and purpose.

I wish I had taken the reins of my life more and not let life happened to me - proactive. And wish I hadn't been so stressed in the moments of challenge. I am proud of how my partner and I are growing in our communication abilities. I am also proud of my musical compositions this year.

Not differently. I feel proud of running regularly and for trying to face my work issues, falling back and giving a second chance to Madrid and James.

I wish I had encouraged myself and me to continue to lose weight over winter. It was hard to get off the couch when the weather is miserable and ride my bike, but I put on 3 kgs and am now busy working to get that weight off. My wife put on close to 15kgs and is the biggest she has ever been. That puts a strain on our relationship as our sex life has diminished and I hate that :( I am proud that I have taken on my new role and been able to put things into place that have really made a difference for my comapny - savings upwards of $1mill has really made me enthusiastic towards my role. I am also so so so so so happy to know that my actions have directly helped our local government declare our shire unconventional gasfield free. I've never done any sort of protesting before and to see it work has been an eye opener. It has also made me realise I am responsible for changing and I've installed solar power on my home to help our planet...lots more I can do though.

I wish I had learned earlier how to first take care of myself. I'm trying to remember how this year began -- a different calendar to mine, but I recall going to Istanbul for a secret three-day weekend in October 2013. I remember a trip to Dubai in September. I remember meeting Mat for wine at Uno, and Mat saying, "Tanya, you're too much." (I remember being taken aback -- if Mat said I was too much...) I recall how my relationship with Bari consumed that fall and winter, and going to Belgrade in January still feeling raw and unrecovered. Although I careened headlong into my relationship with Mat, I'm proud that I am learning how to take care of myself, how to listen more closely to others, and how to tell the difference between my needs and another's. I'm proud that I am the kind of person who doesn't hesitate to take action where action is needed: I am an altruist, I've learned. But I'm proud that I also have begun to learn how to take better care of myself, and to measure out the care I give to others so that I can safeguard what is precious in me. My taking care of others has always been a source of some kind of shame: sometimes I take care of others because I am hoping to extract that kind of care from others, in return. But I am learning to hold this quality of mine in higher regard, and to use it with greater discrimination. I am proud reading Mat's answers to assignments for my class this semester. I am proud and honored to know that I've had that kind of effect on him. I was proud, too, to hear Bari tell me, two weeks ago, that I made an enormous impact on his life in a short period of time, and that he knows I have that impact on others as well. My relationships with others can seem fleeting; they seem to vanish, or my actions are given up with no guarantee of outcome. But these things remind me that there is purpose and dignity in caring for another. Now, I'm learning to extend that to myself as well. This sounds like a cliche. This sounds like a lesson well overdue, but there you have it.

I wish I had not been so quick to lose my temper with the kids. I wish I appreciated my husband more when he was around.

I wish I had chosen a different job that was offered to me, as this one isn't exactly what I thought it would be. I don't regret working here, but I need to move on. I am proud that I stood up for myself and wouldn't let myself be bullied by my former boss.

No, honestamente este ano yo no quisiera tener que cambiar algo porque todas las cosas maleas al final se convierten en un aprendizaje de la vida. Si, estoy muy contenta de todo pero especialmente de que yo baje 20 pounds y nunca estuve mas contenta con mi misma.

I have been wanting to learn a new surgical technique for the last few years but have been nervous about making a change. I have a hard time taking risks and trying new things sometimes. Finally, I committed myself to doing it. I practiced the technique and found a mentor to help me out the first few times and now I am getting more skilled and confident with it. I am proud of myself for finally meeting this challenge.

Possibly one of the bigger things I did, which might be a sleeper...was to get hearing aids. Had I known then what I know now...I probably would have stayed on my BNA health plan for the family, rather than change to my wife's plan. But, we didn't know about dental expenses (though might have researched that more somehow)... Anyway, I think in the big picture, however they were funded, getting hearing aids was maybe the big thing.

Proud that I said "no" more than ever before, said "no" when I knew there was a risk of relationships ending, things changing, uncertainty and unknown, doubting myself / my worth while alone. Celebrating that some of the times I said "no," we drew closer together, deepened into trust, and I was surprised by the depths of others' commitment to me, wanting me in their lives and wanting to contribute to me.

What I wish I did differently: with regards to the wedding planning, although the wedding went off perfectly and I have no regrets about that, our wallet took a big hit. I think it would have, in retrospect, been better to stick to the budget and discuss all of the vendor comparisons with Nate prior to making a decision. I know we would have had a different wedding as a result and at that time it wasn't something I was willing to compromise on. But I suppose, what I can learn from the experience, is that we are a team and should be making important decisions together -- especially when they involve large ticket items. Additionally, I had wished I had made wedding planning less of my job and made finding a job more of my job -- that is probably my biggest regret, as I would be employed by now had I done so. Something I am especially proud of: ironically, after saying the above, I am proud that the wedding went so perfectly, that all family members were on their best behavior and had a good time, that my friendships remained solid unlike so many other friends I've seen, and that all of my time and energy toward the wedding actually paid off!!!

Proud of having taken care of parents who otherwise who have had considerable difficulty managed their existence.

I wish I had gotten pregnant this year, if anything to prove that it can happen. I feel like I'm stuck in some kind of limbo, not knowing what's wrong and continuing to not get pregnant despite IVF. I will be doing a second round soon (right now we still have two frozen embryos left). I'm currently taking a break to rest, de-stress, and get some immune testing done. At the same time, I'm not sure I would have accomplished some of the things I had if I'd been preoccupied with being pregnant and then having a baby. I feel at my most ready to have a baby now--I've created some projects on my own and feel like with some wheels still spinning, I can continue doing projects I like. I've created the momentum for it, and for this, I am proud. I'm also committed to peace and health, communicating well with Joey, and embracing kindness--for myself and others.

I am very proud of making it through a year of grad school but wish I had paid more attention to my husband during that time period. My focus was on my studies rather than on my marriage. During that time, we drifted but I hope by next year our relationship is stronger.

I wish that I had got my shit together and started studying. At the very least, had a proper, serious, go at getting out of hospitality.

There's lots of things I wish I'd done differently, but I think I should just leave this with the fact that this time last year I didn't do my 10Q because life was too hard and I wanted it to end, and now its not.

I wish I would've been straight up with Efrem when I started dating Sara Following from that, I wish I would've apologised when he found out. Now I wish I had the strength to contact him, but I think I just have to face facts that I have lost a friend because of a girl.

I wish I had taken a vacation this summer or spring break. In 2013 I did both & while I neededthe money this summer, it was so nice to have something to look forward to & reflect back on.

I'm proud of the amount of "doing" I've accomplished this year. My goal was fairly vague: to be in a different place by December than I was last december. I think I accomplished that by January, and it's kept going. The trick is to keep each December different. Or maybe each 3 months different?

I wish I had stuck to The Plan (a diet book) and my exercise regime. I was having success and then let it drop. I am proud of my relationship with my wife and all that we have achieved together. Raising a family is not easy and our kids are a test. Right now things seem to be working well. I am proud of the fact that I persevered with my job and stuck it out. The last 2 years have been really tough. It may be because I am too afraid to do anything else that I have not left, but it also seems like this job is a really good fit for me. It has been 13 years in my current position. I like to think we have righted the ship and it feels so good. I also like the direction our organization is headed and the new leadership we have.

This past year, I wish I had been braver. By "braver", I mean clearer with myself. By "clearer with myself" I mean more honest. By "intentions," I mean the things I say to myself about what I am trying to make in the world. By "world," I mean the territory that sometimes seems boundless and sometimes seems circular where language tells the story of what is, and then tells it again a different way. And by "story," I mean also my story, my attempt to bring my story out into the world, to be clear and honest about what it needs to be, what it needs not to be, what I intend it to be, and then to be brave enough to make it. I fall short at this, and it strikes me as terrible.

Differently - been more financially responsible, I was really hoping to turn 35 debt free, but that wasn't feasible partially due to mistakes I made and a few things out of my control. I'm proud that I told my story twice, once for Creative Mornings and once in my stage show, Phoenix Inside. Also, I really wished I'd called my mom more often before she passed away in August.

There have been errors that I have made that were actual mistakes, but they have hurt the feelings of people that I love. I wish I had engaged my mind a bit more quickly in some of my responses. I am proud of the consulting that I am doing involved in the development of a cancer treatment that will help women avoid the horrors of breast cancer.

Last year I focused on the "negative" side of this question, what I wished I had done differently so this year I want to focus on the positive, what I am proud of from the past year. I went through a three week struggle with depression this past year. Every day took all my energy to get through. You and even I can say, well, it was only three weeks. However, when I get depressed I never know how long it will last. I hadn't had such a difficult episode to get through in a long time. I didn't give up on myself and kept pushing through the mental/emotional pain. I reached out to my husband and close friends and sought professional help. I have a hard time thinking of myself in positive terms but the therapist I was seeing commented that over the many years I have struggled with depression and anxiety I have been "resilient". I had never thought of that but I am now proud of myself for being resilient. I hope that continues to be a part of me for all the challenges that lie ahead in the years to come.

My Dad died 6 months ago, and the way that my sister's and I , and my step-mom, worked together to take care of him is something I am very 'proud' of . I don't know if proud is the right word, but it is the closest that I can get. It was the most difficult experience of my adult life, and I know it will be years before I fully process it. I think of him almost every day. I have many things that I wish that I had done differently, mostly they fall in the same category of wanting to line up my actions and behaviors more consistently with my values. I want to arrive more at the moment I am actually inhabiting - I have access to many, many tools for living and am often afraid to use them.

I am proud of the way I explored possible locations for my future, test driving two potential options. It required intiative, creativity and active investigation. I was tickled by people asking me how I had come up with the ideas. Ultimately, I think I have found a place where I can be happy.

I wish I would have handled the mess with the attorney better and had been quicker on the draw.That's the biggest lingering mess in my life. I'm especially proud that my work pays off when I think of all the fun I'm having on my job. I'm considering that a huge success. Getting back into school has also been pretty awesome! It's all a lot of work, but also a lot of fun!

Differently: panicked about Marci's recovery; didn't believe she could get back to independence financially & with life management. Proud: took the challenge to start the Post-Bac program & re-focus my art.

I wish I would have been more proactive in finding a new job. However, the job I currently have was perfect for getting my oldest daughter (and myself-haha) prepared to go to college. I am really proud of her adjustment-it couldn't have gone any smoother! Bottom line, I have resolved after 18 years that my most "important" job is raising my kiddos to be happy, caring, independent women.

I wish that I could have found a more balanced way of dealing with tension and stress. I wish that I could have also been a stronger parent. I am proud of finishing school and being a roll model for my daughters.

yeah, i wish i had been more proactive. my injury really set me back. i stopped pushing myself and trying my best. i became lazy. I thought i had gotten over that. even now. Ive spent all morning lazing around reading. i have these grand ideas of what id be doing if i wasn't sitting here inside but they remain ideas instead of actions. proud? my first response to that question would be, I'm proud I'm not proud. but i feel a certain stigmatism to that word. i associate it with ego. proud? yes. yes, i am proud. proud of the friendships I've made and the way I've formed roots in a new place. currently, i am very self conscious and analytical so this question seems hard to find an answer to. but yeah, i am proud of myself. the homie hut was a huge success. I love every single person i lived with there. i met some awesome people. relationships bloomed and flourished and some tapered away but that house holds many fond memories. Im proud of the crew that i managed to work with to acquire and thrive in that house. proud of myself for putting in the effort and positive energy into making it happen. proud of my tenacity and mentality of "success is the only possible option". it worked, and for that, i am proud.

I wish I hadn't had so much sex last year. Being thicker than most girls my age, I never felt attractive in high school, so when I arrived on campus and saw that people (mostly men) were interested in me, I felt like I had to be physically intimate with them then and there, before they sobered up and realized I wasn't actually beautiful, that it was a drunken fog that made me so. I realized around Spring quarter, when I was abstinent for an uncharacteristically long period because of my heavy workload, that I didn't need sex to make myself feel validated. I'm in a relationship now and in a much better place, and going to parties for the sake of actually talking to people instead of looking for easy sex is much more fun and rewarding.

I wish that I had been more patient with my daughter specifically around her school work. I find myself getting frustrated when she doesn't understand something that I feel is something she should be getting, and it only serves to upset us both. I wish that I had been able to take a breath and realize that she is not me, that she learns differently, and that she needed a little extra help from someone outside the family. I am proud of the fact that I did in fact eventually recognize that I wasn't helping her and was able to find a tutor who was able to not only help her to learn but helped to bring out her confidence to realize that she could do whatever she set her mind to.

I wish I would have been more honest about my feelings in my work place and not let other peoples opinions thwart my will to do so I am proud that I have learnt to accept myself more and enjoy my journey with more peace and less anxiety and faced confrontation with bravery in front of those I love

I wish I was able to transition to a new job where I could be more creative & be appreciated. The thing I did best was handle the demands of owning a home again & replenishing the things we needed for that home.

There are many small moments that I wish I had done differently - times I have been self-centered and rude and inconsiderate or just plain not charitable. I am happy that I am feeling God's presence in my life in ever more deep ways.

I wish I had pursued my hobbies differently this past year... like run away from them instead of feeding the addiction. I'm proud that I didn't eat too much ice cream this year.

I got health insurance.

I think I've done everything as best as I could. I maybe wish I'd spent more time writing -- which is something I'd like to make a regular habit in 5775. But I did my best, and I'm proud that I can say that. On some days, my best is only mediocre. On other days, it's writing several pages of the dissertation or having a breakthrough thought about the research. And on some, my best is just getting out of bed. I'm settling into the wax and wane of being my best, however that appears day to day. I've started to let myself off the hook for being human (i.e. imperfect).

Part of me regrets quitting my last job. There are a lot of things I miss about it. It was just over a year ago. Somewhat related would be my regret that I haven't committed myself more to my current job. I've floated along on a kind of ambivalence that hasn't been good for me or the job.

As crazy as this may sound, I wish I did not spend soo much time stressing about my assignments and getting straight A's because it came a the price of taking time away from playing with my boys. On the flip side I am incredibly proud I earned straight A's in my first year in a doctoral program but the truth is at this level all they care about it whether or not you get a B or higher - no prospective employer is going to ask if you got all A's in your PhD program - they just care if you earned your PhD.

I'm proud of taking on a challenge in how I structure my critical thinking course. It was very new territory for me and a big risk, and I created a curriculum and assignments that were successful and got great feedback from the students that they did indeed learn to think more critically.

I wish I would have been kinder to my family, friends and co-workers. I am proud that I was able to stand up to bullies in my work place and that I persevered under pressure.

I'm especially proud of how my siblings all pulled together after mom's death. We were there for each other in a way that would make her proud.

I wish I had spent less time sitting on my ass on the sofa and more time socializing and exercising.

I wish I had walked away when he cheated on me. That I'd had more self-respect than to listen to him stumbling through lies just to pretend that he loved me. And I wish I had gotten over him quickly... I'm still not over him and I HATE that! I'm especially proud of how hard I've worked to create a creative, inspiring classroom at work. I'm a school teacher and my students amazed me with their brilliance this past year. Their dedication and thoughtfulness in their work is more than I could have ever dreamed of.

I wish I had been more outgoing. I wish that I could find the confidence I had in JUN, JUL, AUG all the time.

I'm especially proud of myself for keeping a good and cheerful attitude even when there was ample reason to be discouraged. I'm also proud of the way I managed to create extra income when I needed it. The year started out well and got better and better as it progressed.

I wish I had spoken up more forcefully to insist on a raise at work. I wish i had made the effort to go see my friend Annie before she died. I am proud of my efforts to include reading in English as part of our work with parents

I wish that I would not have signed up to get certified for a program at the gym because it was too much, too soon. I do appreciate that I was responsible enough and wise enough to back out of the program when I realized I was intentionally stressing myself out.

I wish I had handled my relationship with Austin differently this past year. I allowed myself to become silently frustrated and acted passive-aggressively instead of talking with him honestly about my feelings. I find that I am afraid of conflict at home and within my family, and I go to many lengths to avoid it. That has meant being okay with my mom drinking when I know what triggers me, not confronting Kevin about his destruction of property, and harshly gossiping about bosses and roommates. In trying to stay "safe" I have compromised myself and hurt myself and others in the process.

Actually, no! This year, I succeeded in committing myself to creating the life I want. I found a new job and dedicated myself to it. I bought a home and feel grounded. And I participated fully in a club/sports team, and had the opportunity to compete internationally. In the process I'm now,in great physical shape. I have great friends and am involved with my family. After years of uncertainty and destruction followed by my pig-headed efforts to rebuild and redefine myself, I feel this is a moment to savor. So much has come together and I am proud, humbled and extremely grateful.

Jp: my job was finally after many years (15+) something I was proud of- thanks to the scale of it, more than anything. Np: I wish i didn't feel like I didn't spent enough time with anyone and I feel like I,m not helping Vicky, Deborah, Karen, William and I wish I didn,t have that feeling.

I am happy to have made incremental progress in giving myself a break. Going through cancer treatment required me to let go of a lot of things, but mentally and physically, and stripped my priorities down to the basics. We live in a (U.S.) culture where achievement --the rat race, hamster wheel--approach to life is how we measure ourselves. Thankfully, I have achieved much and am in a comfortable position. I am proud to have given up on being perfect. I'm also happy to have purged a lot of old "junk" out of the basement, and taken time to slough off items that do not serve me. I am somewhat of a packrat and in the past it's been difficult to give things away that I might "need someday." Feng shui in my house if much better. I wish I'd gotten more crossed off my to-do list in terms of making the home space more aesthetically pleasing. Purging came before projects, such as area rug replacement or play room makeover. I'm thankful that I've given up some of the enabling behavior in my department at work...still need to work on letting stuff go that bugs me. But my new method is to pass things on to the supervisor when colleagues are not doing their jobs. We're all doing the best we can. I generally try to live my principles and have increased my self-empathy in the last year. In short, there's not a lot I would have "done differently."

I wish I were a better friend. There are times when I'm jealous and frustrated and impatient with other people--my kids, my husband, my friends--and I just want to send them away. I know that makes them feel inconsequential at times, and I don't want them to feel that way because of my actions. I want to embody patience. I want to look people in the eye. I want to let others know they are important. I'll need to learn to balance alone time with fully present time. I can't forget myself, but I can't damage others just because I'm overextended.

There is nothing I am especially proud of this last year nor is there anything I wish I had done differently.

I wish D had moved out by now. I want to move on with the next phase of my life. He makes it hard and I'm scared to change.

I wish I had reached out to the Jewish community in my university area sooner.

I still need to learn to control my tongue. I still sometimes answer in haste and repent in leisure. So, on the inside, I need to not be so easily annoyed, and on the outside, I need to not indulge my urge to express my annoyance. Sometimes annoyance becomes anger. I need to develop a cooler head.

I wish I had gotten rid of toxic friendships that I was hoping to have gotten rid of. I hope that in this coming year, I could do that. I'm really proud of myself, on the other hand, for making such a big move to a big city not knowing many people. It's made me grow up really fast, and that's what I needed to do.

During this passed year I have tried to enjoy as much as possible every opportunity that I had as to not have any regrets. It's something that I am proud of. I don't think that I would have done anything differently.

I wish I had appreciated the little moments more this past year. I wish I had taken better care of my physical, emotional, and spiritual needs. I wish I had stressed less and trusted more. I hope that I let my friends and family know how much they mean to me. I'm proud that I've let myself become more authentically me this year. I'm proud that I've begun to challenge some of those things that weigh me down instead of bringing me up. I'm proud that I've started taking some of my own advice. I'm proud that in this moment I won't settle. I hope that I always believe that things can be better while appreciating the moments as well. I'm proud of the kind of friend I am to those who I carry in my heart. I'm proud that I'm constantly evolving each and every day. I'm proud that I finally feel good about who I am and where I am.

There is really not anything I would have done differently this past year. No regrets. I'm not sure of being particularly proud of anything either. Nothing comes to mind.

Would have recruited more help with the physical tasks around the house. I usually wind up hurting myself, because I'm at a desk all day during the week and a weekend warrior after hours or on the weekend. I am proud of taking on some monumental projects tho' like the irradiation of the juniper.

2. I’m going to cheat a little on this question. I’m pretty happy with my life over the past year. I finally found a group of friends that I hang out with regularly, started a paying job, joined a sports team for the first time in 3 years, lost a fair amount of weight, am taking challenging courses in school, and generally expanded my strengths all around. I would have to go back two years to really find regrets that I would change. I didn’t really have a regular lunch table for most of sophomore year, so I never became close with a particular group. I told myself that I was involved in school, but I really only belonged to one club. I didn’t play any sports, and it was one of my worst academic years. As I explained earlier, I did my best to turn all of that around Junior Year. For the most part I succeeded, but I still endure the effects of my academic troubles. None of that will matter if I do well this year, however, so I’ll try my best and everything should go well. Now if I could only find more time for sleep...

I wish I would have been less afraid & more honest & direct with certain people in my life & found my voice to tell them what I thought & how I felt. I am proud of the fact that when I made the change to this new RN position & was welcomed & trusted by this new department & staff that I did not go back to my old position when the hospital decided not to close the specialty I had worked 33 years in after announcing they were closing which is why I applied for the new position. I made a committment when I accepted this new position & I am sticking to my committment no matter how hard it is to work at being accepted into a work group that doesn't know me & a specialty is brand new to me.

My belief is that both the "mistakes" we think we make and the "successes" we think we've had are learning experiences. So mistakes point out the way to improve, and successes point out how easily mistakes could have been made. Most of the time, the successes are really not successes....just wait and see. Same goes for mistakes....wait and see and you will find that what you thought were mistakes were not mistakes at all. Pride and regret are just a waste of time and irrelevant. Living (which includes mistakes and successes constantly) is the thing! I do not wish I had done anything differently nor is there anything I am proud of.

Different - I would check how I respond to things and learn to act vs. react. Proud - able to help friends in need physically, mentally, and spiritually; started in a Masters program.

I graduated from seminary with a Master of Divinity degree.

I wish I had communicated on a deeper level with my 22 year old son. I wish I had communicated with myself. I really wish that feeling good wasn't such a hard feeling to have and that I could have sat with it instead of finding ways to numb out. Proud? I kept up with all my bills and the maintenance on my car.

I would go back in time and propose to my wife again and renewed our vows on our 30th wedding anniversary. A missed opportunity. I wish I had taken more positive and stronger action to improve my work performance.

I wish I would have been there for my kids alot more and been more supportive of my wife's career and needs. There are no do overs but I can make up for some of those lapses in this part of life. We can all be better listeners...

I wish I would have managed my health and weight better. I am proud that I have done well at work

I wish I would Have traveled to visit my sister more last year.

In the last year I really feel like I"ve learned to be an adult and take care of myself. Not in the sense that I don't rely on friends and family, but that I can hold my own in the world, spread my wings. I got a job purely on my own merit, found an apartment, pay (almost) all of my own expenses, and I'm not losing money. It's not just financial independence, though. I am in control of where and how I live, and that is important to me. Part of being an adult means taking care of myself health-wise, too, something I wish I had done better. If I had gone to see a podiatrist, maybe I wouldn't have recurring foot pain. If I ate better, I would be thinner, healthier, and happier. I know what I should and shouldn't do to my body, but I'm not always good about following through.

I really wish I had completed my board certification for chaplaincy. Alternately, I am really proud that I had the opportunity to preach a sermon for the first time in six years.

There's the usual (less yelling at my kids, less eye-rolling at my wife, less cranky while traveling) - all of the learning to be more patient which has been an ongoing goal. For specific incidents, I'd like to become better at follow-up. There were a couple of big events I planned this past year (school fundraising auction, scholar in residence weekend), about which I am generally proud. But on both I focused so much on the event itself that I neglected to think about, or ask myself, what comes after? I think both events were very good, but I wish I had taken the time to think about what came next and plan some follow-up event to build upon what we had just done. The event doesn't end when the event is over!

Opened a new yoga studio!

I am proud of my ability to stand up for myself. I am learning to say "no" without guilt. I have been using this at work, at home, with family, whether in the midst of conflict or simple request. I am doing better at preserving my time with my children and am working on carving out some time for myself, as well.

Oh my gosh, yes. I wish I hadn't freaked out when Windsor told me he was seeing other women. I wish I hadn't let my feelings about Windsor dictate whether I was happy or sad. I wish I had been stronger. I am especially proud of driving. I finally began driving this year and bought my first car on New Year's Eve 2013. It is liberating to drive. I did my first "road trip" to Letchworth Park, about an hour's drive away and it was fine. What had seemed scary turned out to be enjoyable. I also hiked for three hours a day. I didn't realize I could go that long. I put myself up in a hotel and treated myself to dinner. I can now take care of my students better too. I can drive them home or take them to get their work permits. I recently picked up one to see a play about the Buddha.

I wish I had made a more definite decision about retirement instead of rather drifting into it based on circumstances. I AM very happy/proud about reconnecting with my half-sister. I hope we can help each other get through our inherited tendency toward depression. I have high hopes for the relationship.

Wow!...I'm sure there are a multitude of things I should have done differently! But I guess I don't dwell on that stuff very much...I can't go back and change anything. Actually, although this has been a very stressful year, I can't think of anything of which I am especially proud. Instead of a life well-lead, is that the sign of a life miss-lead? I intentionally spelled it miss- rather than mis...I wonder what I'm missing in life. What can I do better?

I wish I had not lost my temper with my sister for her butting in to my family's business. I am proud that I am getting the therapy I need for the PTSD and abuse issues from my childhood and marriage.

This year I arranged for there to be a women's high holiday mikvah experience. I have gotten a lot of good feedback about it. I am so glad it worked out so well.

I wish I had been a better mother this year - but I wish that every year and don't seem to achieve even a part of it. I wish that I had been calmer. The only thing I am proud of is pushing the divorce - and then I feel crappy that that is some sort of accomplishment.

I'm proud of my relationships and the work I've put into them. I think I can expand that further in the next year too. I'm trying to say 'yes' to the things, activities, and people that make me feel good, and 'no' to those that don't help me to be a better person.

I have spent the year wishing I had done so many things differently in preparation for my daughter's wedding. I tried so hard to do it right. I tried to have good boundaries between what I was doing and what she was doing. I tried to let her make the decisions. I was a little hurt about some things that were decided, but I figured that was natural. I was unprepared for how hurt and humiliated I would feel in the two or three days leading up to the wedding and on the day of the wedding itself. I think that was the most intensely painful day I have had in my life. Maybe some of the pain was productive and necessary. Maybe my relationship with my daughter needed to have some kind of a cataclysmic break so that we could form a new, healthier relationship. After the wedding I knew I had to let her go in a profound way, that I needed my own sanity and dignity to be my first priority. I have changed now and take better care of myself, am practicing putting priority on meeting my physical and spiritual needs. I don't know now if I would want to change the past. But I hope to change the future.

Proud that I've gotten back to performing more comedy.

I wish I hadn't wasted as much time on people who didn't care about me or wanted me to fail.

Done differently? I wish I'd campaigned more for myself for the promotion at work. I trusted that my good work and good relationships with colleagues would speak for themselves but I should have known better. I needed to be much more proactive in applying for the job and I will take that lesson as a lesson well-learned. Especially proud of? I'm proud of my summer adventure. I traveled all over the world, reconnected with long-lost friends, and just generally had a great time. It was not the most practical choice in regards to traveling home to see family and saving money but it was so worth it.

I've become much more zen and calm - working at my cousin's wedding I really learned that I know how to handle stressful situations with ease and I think that is in part due to my own inner strength and lessons learned at my new-ish job which I love.

I think that I should have remembered myself more. In my mother's diagnosis, sometimes I forgot to turn inward. When I didn't, it caused a crash and it made me overly selfish for an extended period, and it affected my friends. But I am proud that, when it came time, I was able to step up and take charge of my life.

I wish I had been more patient with my children, showing them love and care and listening, listening, listening. Even at their young ages, they often know their problems and the solutions they need, when they are being heard. I needed to quiet the voices and the advice in my head and be present with them, letting them lead the way; too often I shied away when the needed to cry or scream or release emotion.

If I could do anything differently in this past year, I would be more patient, loving, and giving on the inside as well as out. I sometimes am selfish or think not such nice things about people and I believe that diminishes my life. I wouldn't worry about others motivations. Only my own. Am I pure in my intentions? That is the only thing that will ever give me a fulfilling and meaningful life. So this year, I must not so often think people are idiots!

This answer will be pretty similar to #1. I am so proud that I went back to work. I am so proud that I have been able to hang in there, and that I have come so far. I do wish that I had kept up with working out though. And maybe even tried yoga like I have wanted to for so long (and even mentioned in 2013's 10Q).

I wish I had made a plan for the year and played full out. In stead I coasted along and allowed my life to get bogged down in the little details which costed me both in my partnership as well as in business. Most of all it costed me in my vitality and peace of mind.

I am proud of continuing my involvement in theatre! 6 show in a year! Also, I am now on the board and serve as publicity chair!

I wish I would have exercised. I am proud of the way I have dealt with my Cancer

I wish I had handled certain parenting situations better. I'm very proud of my camp experience and this year's sermons.

I try not to have regrets. I was thinking about them this morning. Really, what's the point? You can't change the past, you just learn from it. Do I wish I'd put more effort in to certain things? Sure. Do I wish I'd sometimes given myself a break and just let myself enjoy the year? Indeed. Alas, the year is half over and the only memories I think of are the good ones. Am I proud of anything from this year? Not yet, but soon I'll be proud of graduating. I finish my Master of Public Health in December, and I've been offered a job in Malawi. Hard work, putting myself out there.. it's all paid off. For this, I am proud.

I wish I could be more open with my beliefs. I would like to be more articulate when offering my thoughts. I am proud of my involvement in my community group. We provide many programs and are creating a community that can be counted on.

I wish I yelled less at my kids and had more patience. I struggle with this more than I thought I would as a parent. But I am so proud of the young women that are growing into. I see signs of their kindness, generosity, intelligence, and empathy all the time. They care about others and are often the first to ask if they can help. I'm proud of their strong opinions and that they are not afraid to speak their mind. I hope it continues into the future. And that I have the patience to deal with it!

I'm proud that I so easily started over my life in a different city. I'm proud that I didn't settle for a job that I didn't like simply for the money. I am especially proud that I have goals and am working very hard to achieve those goals.

2 or three artworks: 'choke, lion & Afrikan framage.

Actually this year I've been particularly effective. I hope to gone the skills that brought forth the successes I have seen this past year, and continue on a forward part.

Is there something that I wish I had done differently from this year? Is there something that I am particularly proud up from this past year? I wish I had taken better care of myself when I was taking care of mom. I did not eat well and I did not exercise and I didn't get enough rest. I find that I'm trying to put all the blame on the people at work for not allowing me to go part time when things got rough with mom. I really can't blame them. It was my responsibility to take care of myself and I didn't. On the other hand, I am very proud of the way that I took care of mom. I very rarely lost patience. I often didn't know what the right thing was to do. But I always did the best I could and I always loved her. I always left choices up to her even when she was not capable of making choices. I told her "mom, it's up to you if you want to get better. What ever you decide I will stick with you. No matter what your decision I will be with you until the very end." I told her I would take care of everything and she didn't have to worry. And while she was still able, she thanked me when I said this. She said I was the best daughter anyone could ever have.

Yes, I wish I was more careful about my driving. I am trying to figure out how to fill in my car paint and it is stressing me out.

I wish I had worked less hours at work and spent more time with my dog and family. The real value I gain comes more from family time, then time spent at work. I make a good living, but I want to work around 45 hrs/wk ... my employer always sees reasons for me to work 55. I am paid by the hour, so the incentive is there .. but I am at my best working less.

I wish I had gotten a dating profile out online, and I wish I had gone out on more dates this past year.

I wish I had felt more deeply positive. I know with my head how incredibly blessed my life is, but somehow my heart still feels so negative much of the time. I also wish I had been more organized, but I am willing to let go of that one!

I wish I would have taken more time to appreciate the good things in my life instead of worrying about problems over which I have no control.

Same as it's always been for years: A decent job and maybe a home of my own. Possibly experiencing true love, but that's far less likely than the first two.

I wish I had prepared myself better emotionally and spiritually for my month-long trip to southeast Asia in July. I was surprised to discover just how much I took lots of things for granted about needing to better prepare myself, mainly because I thought I had had enough overseas experience in Asian cultures (being an Asian myself to boot) to anticipate and not be too phased by the cultural challenges. If I had been more humble in my preparation, I think I could have given more with greater confidence and return with different lessons. My Asia trip in November 2013—very proud of the entire experience from start to finish as I got to lead a team of 4. I learned the most about myself and the environment in which I can thrive in and want to have more similar opportunities. I used my connections to set the path, recruited individuals that God brought who fit the roles and we provided services that were helpful to the groups we served and the team gelled well. I realize I do need to deconstruct it further and distill the elements that can be migrated to other opportunities/situations.

I feel that as a whole this past year has been a good one, and I have no regrets, nor do I wish I had done anything differently. I am especially proud of my growth in forgiveness that has transpired over this past year. I've begun to let go of all of the grief and hatred I've felt toward my ex-husband. I know that I still have a ways to go, but that I don't see him so much as my enemy is a step that I'm proud of.

I'm glad that I have made a deeper commitment to listen for God's voice, and act on His leading - this has led me to step up more at church when the call goes out for help, and to devote more time and effort to my prayer life - I am experiencing more peace in my daily life, and more contentment with my life as it is right now - I still struggle with my Mom's increasing dementia, but I give her to the Lord each morning and thank Him for His peace that passes all understanding -

Question one was sort of covered the second half of this question already. I am also immensely proud of the play that I did this year, and my solo drive. But as far as something I wish I'd changed... I wish I'd ignored doctor's advice. I stayed off my bike, my beloved bike for most of the summer to try to fix a pain in my ass (yes, literally a pain in my ass) only to have it magically go away on it's own after I finally gave up on doctor's and started ignoring the problem. I love to ride so much, that I actually shed tears looking at my unused bike in the corner of my apartment. I wanted to ride 50 km in one go this summer. That's not going to happen now. Next summer. You hear me 2015? It's on!

I wish daily that I were a better parent, with more compassion, understanding and patience. I wish that I could end each day feeling that I had made good parenting decisions instead of the ones I'm forced into by my children.

I completed remodeling our kitchen. I'm not sure where I found the temerity to take on a project of such magnitude, but I am proud of the results. I had a hard time answering this question, and it made me realize that I am not planning my life. I am responding and reacting to what is coming to me, instead of setting goals and planning how to achieve them. I must change this.

I wish I had better management of my time,. I Wish I had made more time for creative activities: playing music, writing, drawing, painting, etc. I wish to cultivate friendships, especially in circles with shared interests and inquiries. And I wish I had reduced my food intake and reduced my weight. When I do I will feel better and free my forces for more life fulfilling activity.

Regretting the past - either recent or distant- is something I rarely do. I think that everything that has occurred was supposed to occur and my responses and actions in turn provide me the grist for growth. Has there been things I have done that I'd like to do better or differently? Yes! Be a better mother, friend, family member, and lover. How? More time with them. Something that I am especially glad I did do was surviving the darkness that wanted me to die. There is one particular thing that I do deeply grieve- that I have not been in the ocean- it's two summers now. I ache for that and don't know how this has happened.

What I think I could have done differently is actually give a shit. I spent so much time not caring and laughing off my failure that it is really starting to affect my present. Had I worked harder, or at least gave a little more effort in anything and everything I did I would be somewhere completely different. I also give up on things too easily because "I just don't feel like it right now." I could be an amazing guitarist by now but I stopped trying after 2 weeks and it became an expensive doorstop and dust gatherer. I wish I had motivation. I could be anywhere right now, I could be a Hokie, a Cavalier, maybe even a Wolverine, I can be or do anything I put my mind to. The only problem with that is that I didn't, now I'm sitting here writing this a Mountaineer. Don't get me wrong I love it here; but I feel like I could have done so much better for myself and really got to where I want to be. I could be so much more, so much potential that I just don't have the motivation to turn into kinetic. Something I'm proud of, this is a lot tougher considering I didn't do anything. I ended my BRYC soccer career on an extremely mediocre season, I didn't get into the school I wanted to go to. But, if I had to pick something to be proud of, I would guess that it would be that I'm a better person and that I realize and can work on fixing my past mistakes and regrets. I've cut some language out of my vocabulary, I've become a generally nicer person, I genuinely hate less people because I realized it takes too much effort to hate people (again back to the effort thing again....). I guess I'm proud of my personality.

I am proud I knew when to say when and give up on a bad relationship, but I wish I'd done it sooner. I also wish I'd noticed faster how someone knew felt about me.

I wish I had been more prompt and articulate about responding to Noah's insults and accusations. Our family is in an even bigger mess this year than last year. There is more hurt and more suspicion and I feel sad that I didn't stand up to his bombastic lies. I wish this estrangement from my brother was healed and that we got the help that we need to hear each other. I am proud of rowing in the HOC and hosting an inclusive event for our sons and all the pieces of our blended family.

I wish I wouldn't have said anything to administration before I left Cypress Ridge. I am still glad I left and I defriended people-mental space.

I have no regrets. I can't say there is anything I am especially proud of but I have no regrets. What was different? I focused a lot on being true to myself. That is getting to be a bigger and bigger theme each year, to know myself and honor my own truth. I guess the point is to live a life with no regrets, no missed opportunities. I have tried to let love lead me in all I do. I guess I feel pretty good about that. I have tried to throw off shoulds and ought tos and do what resonates as true for me. To speak the truth. To be real and authentic. To be me and not what others think I should be. It's a work in process but I am getting better at it.

I wish I had created a comprehensive will and life insurance plan before the birth of my son. Conversely, I'm very proud of the promotions both my wife and I were offered - demonstrating how well we were able to manage having a new child and work responsibilities.

No, not done differently. But, I am proud of myself for getting out of a job that no longer fit me into one that does. My whole outlook has changed and I'm okay and even eager to tell people what I do for a living now.

I would have spent more time on my younger son and not worrying about my job and just move on

I wish I wouldn't have had taking things so seriously . Been so worried aboutmy helath I'm proud of mysesef that I haven't giving up. And always hopeful

Yes! At first after reading this question I thought yes, after moving to Charleston 6 months ago I wish I would have reached out more to the community here. Explored more classes, met more people. And then I thought about the next question. Is there something I'm especially proud of from this past year? Yes! Moving to a new place, starting a new job, pursuing yoga and teaching, meeting lots of new people, exercising and creating a routine for living healthy in a new place. So I'd like to change my original answer. It interesting, my original thought was what I'm disappointed about from last year is also what I'm proud of. I wish I could have done more but I'm also proud of what I have done. So my changed answer is… BE EASY…There there sweet heart. Take care of myself, be kind, not just to everyone else but to you!!! You're enough, always!

I wish I had spent more time and discipline on my faith. Too easy to get busy and distracted. I miss the added depth that regular spiritual exercises provide. I feel good about stretching in the areas of creative storytelling, financial organization and forgiveness.

I wish that I had handled a problem student in classroom in a more effective way. I am working on that whole issue.

Been a more patient mother and wife

I wish I had not taken that 'bad step' causing my Achilles to tear:). But I am very proud of my journey to a healthy recovery.

I'm pretty proud of the way I've handled difficult situations that have arisen. Of course, there's always room for improvement, but on the whole I feel more in touch with loving feelings than anger and hurt, and this openness to more tender feelings has enabled me to feel moved and open to others in a deeper, more satisfying way.

Spent less time day dreaming, and more time in the real world Proud of: Planning move to CA

I wish I had vented to the children less. I wish I had t waited so long to make the obvious decision. Going back more than a year, I wish I had done more to prevent the obvious decision from being necessary.

I wish I had looked for a better job and made more calls at work. Sadly, I can't think of anything that I'm proud of from this past year.

I wish I wouldn't have gained so much weight. I don't know how it happened but I feel big. I am VERY VERY VERY proud that I finally learned my worth and stopped chasing a man who hurt me over and over again. I was so afraid for so long that I wouldn't find someone else or that that was the best I could do but I KNOW that isn't true.

I wish I had been a little more understanding with Susan this past year. I think she is a much better person than I give her credit for. I am proud of the way I have taken care of my mother this past year. I think I have been a good son

What would I have done differently this year is go to see my father in law while he was dying. It was easy to not go. The easy thing is seldom the best choice. I watched my daughter while my wife and mother-in-law went to see him, and to listen to his non-resident stories about aliens and wars and generals and time travelers. Tee-chu was the time traveler he talked about. She is from the future, his mother, and very powerful. We needed to find her so that she could fix things, free him from the hospital. He had had a stroke. Then, when he was moved into (first I wrote "put into" which is technically more accurate but sounded cold) hospice he was not very conscious. Again easy for me not to see him. What would I have done if I had went. Talk to him. Thank him for being a good dad to Carley. Hoped that he was comfortable, peaceful. Prayed silently for him. I don't know. What would that have accomplished? Now just a regret.

Although I do believe there is no perfect life, and all lives are filled with struggles, flaws, and mistakes, I could have done a lot this year differently. It's been the best year of my life yet. However! I scared away someone, I loved her. I don't believe I ruined it, but we could have had something much more if I went more easy on her, and myself. That is a lesson I will always need to remember, and one I will need to look back on going into the new year with her, in hopes of returning to that sweet state. As always, as not just in this year, but all, I wish I worked harder, pursued my dreams more, spoke up more, made my presence known more. I did that better than ever this year, but I know I am capable of so much more. What am I proud of? Making friends! Finding love! Taking the trains and buses all by damn self without feeling fear! Going into the city alone! Going to Israel, all at my own expense, all by my own efforts!! How incredible is that?!

No. I don't look back with regret. Instead I trust I made the right decision at the right time. I am proud that I made the decision to sell my house which I'd been hanging on to for the past 4 years, struggling financially. I am slowly digging myself out of that debt and restoring my credit.

Worried less, played more

I wish I had worked hard to achieve my goals. Not really proud of anything from the past year

As always, I wish I was s a little bit better at budgeting and saving mone; especially this past year since we've been on our own. Of course I'm extremely proud of how well Taylor is doing and proud of her w well she has adjusted to our new life seamlessly. I know her father would disagree with that, but as they say the proof is in the pudding. I am proud of how I handled our transition including working full-time and introducing a new person into her life. I truly believe that we are building a new and beautiful life for ourselves.

I'm taking pride in standing up for myself, for the first time in a very long time. I am proud for shaking off the burdensome armor of fear and doubt, resolving to live authentically. I am proud of taking responsibility for my shortcomings and live to own my life.

I'm proud of being brave and leaving my job for one with a far less prestigious title...but one for which I am well-cast. Now I only wish I had done it sooner!

There are always so many things I would like to do better--I would like to have communicated better with my co-chief, would like to have working more on research, gone to the gym more.... I am proud that I was able to make a goal to eat less and move more, and that I really did do it... now I have to keep it up! I'm also proud that I hung in there and I'm getting through my training. I'm getting there. And I'm applying to fellowship and feeling really solid about it. I'm proud that I really aced the absite this past year, proving to myself (any anyone else) that I know my stuff, I have what it takes. I'm proud that I'm put myself out there for the essay competition, the jeopardy competition. I am working on research with others outside my hospital. I feel like this has really helped me to feel a part of my profession, and not limited by the place I am or the circumstance.

I wish I had handled some issues with colleagues differently at work. On the other hand, I'm proud of how I handled the sensitive, complicated, and numerous responsibilities involving my son's wedding.

I bought a car, so I suppose that's something I'm proud of. One step closer to independence.

Not yet, happy to say that- must mean I'm living closer to my values in some ways- learned some lessons along the way. Maybe just need to stay focused on the day to day give take and stay grateful for the love I'm given everyday - easy to forget that when barried in work of daily life. Wish I had more time with my father and mother - to hear their stories and learn from them- could last a lifetime of learning - need to act on the thoughts more- start taping their information, life story, etc. What am I proud of - staying calm when treated poorly by others I thought cared for me - disappointed by winfrey family's lack of care in some ways- not mad at sandra- wishing her love - but hurt in other ways- what I've learned why let people have a pass in friendship when they treat you like crap- blinded by a bond vs true caring - sandra I wish you love and peace in your heart- I hope justin learns honesty - I'm grateful for my husband who lives and breathes trust and shares this with me 24/7- how did I get so lucky - proud to think long term in the present - that's all.

I'm proud of an intact family.

Differently? No, not really. Something I'm proud of? Taking on the third grade and also moving in with Rich. Both took a leap of faith that it would work out, even if I wasn't completely sure.

I am really proud of remaining vegan this year. It's tempting to break it but I really haven't the longer I stay vegan the more urges to eat animal products fade into the past. I'm also proud of myself for trying to talk to my mom about me being gay. Even though it hasn't gone well.

I wish I would've enjoyed my time in college a little more. I don't mean I should've gone to more parties, I just wish I would've acknowledged how fun things were and how I was feeling. I'm incredibly proud of myself for getting into grad school. It took me a while to admit that I had worked really hard to get to this place, and I'm proud of what I've accomplished.

I wish I had spent more time talking to my 90 year-old mom instead of spending time on my computer. I wish I had said, "I love you, Mom" more often. Now it is too late.

I wish we had waited longer to buy a house. We moved too fast and then my husband ended up having to do tons and tons of renovations because we bought a foreclosure in a neighborhood that we don't love. Surviving the past year is something I'm proud of. I don't know that I can say I'm proud of it. It was an exceptionally difficult year. Beyond what I ever could have imagined before I was in it.

I wish I had taken responsibility for a more active intimate life with my husband. He is amazingly attentive, dotes on me, does anything for me, and yet I can't seem to find it in myself to look at him with the same passion I did 20 years ago. I'm tired or my passions feel fleeting...He deserves to have as rich an intimate life with me to go along with how wonderful he is to me.

Proud to have tried new ventures. Proud to have decided to travel for an adventure

Proud of retiring. Wish I had started exercise and time management sooner--especially for organization.

I wish that I was able to save more and pay off more in monthly fees, so I won;t be in debt. I am especially proud that this May marked my 30th year, doing the March of Dimes-March for Babies, and raised over $1500!

Yes, the entire path for a motorcycle, I wish I had done differently. I love the bike I got, but wish I would have been more patient in how I obtained it. I also wish I had been more budget conscious and responsible over the past year. It took all the way up until there were only a few months left before I really grasped the depth of our situation. It is hard adjusting, but I am especially proud of how good we have been on our budget and being more responsible in order to be good role models for our son.

I'm proud of the fact that I've been working out so much this year, I never though I would ever in my life do that since I've never been a sporty person. On the other hand I wish I had never slept with rics, being friends with him was better than the sex.

C: my tomatoes. ;). No really J: we did a lot of family stuff this year- sledding in Pocanoes, going to beach a lot this summer, getting Ethan involved in swimming and soccer. Johns work has allowed him more flexibility with his time. J: work- got a lot of things accomplished, met goals. Guitar- have a lot under belt. School-4 classes completed. Ethan: he's sleeping

I let my bad knee get too much control over me. I was in the best shape I had been in for a decade or so and I used the pain and discomfort from blowing out my meniscus to not really get back on the fitness regimen that I really need. I still struggle to lose a little at a time. That is a real regret as my battle continues to get ahead of my own tummy. What is prideful about the past year? I taught a few classes this week in which the adult learners were really exchanging, really engaging, really getting something out of the interchange. It reminds me I am born to teach. I do it well. The teaching process is who I really am. That after class glow still gives me the warm fuzzies.

I wish I had reached out more to make friends. I'm lonely but I'm afraid to commit because I might pick someone I someday won't want to be friends with but I won't be able to get out of the friendship and I'll be stuck with them. I'm proud that I am going to ACA meetings and moving through old stuff by feeling okay to say what happened and being brave enough to say my truths.

Taken more time off this summer. It is my favorite time of the year and my teaching load is highest in the summer. To the point I have little time to myself. I have helped students grow to become compassionate leaders in healthcare, my kids are happy and productive members of society.

I wish I had stuck to my New Years resolution to not swear

While I may inwardly preen, it is actually hard to say out loud "I am proud of myself". It's not that I don't do things for which I am proud -- it's that it feels boastful to say it out loud. I think that it's a female thing. Or maybe it's just me. Regardless, it's not often that I say, "I did this, and I rocked it, and I'm proud of myself." But I will now. I'm proud of the way that I handled finding out and then being in the hospital with my pulmonary embolism. Or my clotty clot clot, as I call it. For many days, I was scared, and tired, and in pain. And when I could finally stop being scared and was out of pain, I was just tired, and bored, and uncomfortable. It was a bad 6 days and 5 nights. I could have had a major pity party, feeling sorry for myself, but I didn't. I could have been grumpy and cranky, but I wasn't. You have very little control of anything when you are in the hospital. You eat when they bring you food. You take a shower when the nurses unhook you from all the machines long enough to take a shower. You sleep when they leave you alone long enough to actually sleep. You get information about your health when they are ready to give you information, and not one minute early. I had control of exactly one thing -- my reaction to the situation. My reaction could have been days spent in anger, frustration and crankiness. Or it could have been days spent with patience, calmness and laughter where I could find it. I am proud that I chose the laughter.

hmm... probably a million things. I am forever making mistakes. like right now, i wish i hadn't read my answers from last year before finishing this years first. Proud hmm... I would have liked to say that I am proud to have kicked my ryan addiction but seeing as i had a flare up this past week I am unsure. I jumped into buying a horse after losing bones. I sometimes wish I had waited on making that move

I wish I had been kinder to my family. I wish I had called my grandfather more often. I wish I hadn't torn my meniscus. I wish I had embraced everything leading up to our wedding. I am proud that I got to marry the most wonderful human that I know.

I would trust myself more, follow my intuition, which I believe is very strong and honest. I am going to do that going forward. I would tell myself to live more in each and every moment, rather than planning so hard for a future that doesn't exist. I want to learn to be. Be be be and be. Whole. I am proud that I went to yoga teacher training, proud that I didn't shut down afterwards and close off the people I care about, proud that I began actually teaching yoga even though it is one of the scariest things I have ever done, proud that I've been honest with people in my life, proud that I've gone out and met new people, proud that I'm striving to try new things and doing it! Proud that I am showing love to the people I care about. :)

I am super proud I adopted my foster cat.

Last winter I had major knee surgery. I'm very, very proud of myself for advocating for myself. In the past 6 years my body has been through hell between 2 complicated pregnancies, 2 complicated c-sections with additional surgeries, and the recovery from all of the above. Between my children reaching school age, and getting my knee fixed, I finally have some time to get my body, my fitness, and most importantly, a part of myself that has been on hold for years back. I've given myself wholly to my children, for which I am grateful and proud. As they have naturally reached ages where they are less dependent on me from moment to moment, it is time for me to start recovering and rediscovering myself. I'm proud of taking the step to get rid of daily pain, being patient and diligent through the arduous physical therapy process, and for seizing the opportunity to exercise daily. It is my meditation. It is my time.

I wish I had savored and taken advantage of my time without work SO MUCH MORE. Although - much of that happened before Rosh HaShana last year...but not all. There were so many things I wanted to do with my time...take boxing, take voice lessons, exercise more, garden more...but I spent too much time worrying about finding work, even though Chris was fine with me not working for a time. It was just to hard for me to go long without knowing I'd be able to pick up my career and a paycheck. 20/20 hindsight... I'm proud of the garden I've established. I'm proud of the wedding party we/I put together. I'm proud of working with Chris to develop a marriage that I think will end up being wonderful when we look back on life. I'm proud of all the things I've done to try to fit in here, and I'm proud that - just in the last week or so, I've come to decide that it's 100% okay that I am sure I don't fit in. And that this is not me being inflexible, it's me knowing myself and what will make me happy.

If I could change anything about the last year, I wish I would have been kinder to my body, in regards to my health. Although I have changed into a routine of exercise and eating better, I could've started much sooner. I also still have a long way to go. I also wish I had spent less money on food and alcohol; what a waste.

This year, I wish I would have worked harder to improve my marriage, and spoken more kindly to my husband. I feel like we keep getting more and more distant, and this summer could have been a great chance to heal. I also wish I would have worked hard to stay in shape instead of just assuming I would. Late twenties are the worst. I'm especially proud of our first All State event. Two years of planning that sometimes seemed senseless was completely worth it.

I wish I had taken, like, 2 months off of work after Mama died. But I had just accepted a new job and didn't feel like I was in a position to do that and still be employed. Effectively, I did take time off, while working - I was just very out of it for a long time. Fortunately, my new boss and many of my new and old coworkers were very supportive. I am so blessed in Richard as my boss. I am proud that I have become even more open to meeting new people and forming new, fulfilling relationships since Mama died. I feel loved and supported by new friends and old friends. Mainly, I'm proud of saying, fuck it - I'm going to do what I always dreamed of doing. I'm going to respond to my grief with more openness, more vulnerability, more courage. I am making my life worth living, instead of hiding in the shadows for fear of taking risks. So I surf, I drum, and I went on my first ever internet date. And it wasn't bad!

DEBT. I WISH I HAD PAID OFF MY DEBT. I'm proud of my friendships, and how I've worked on them. I'm proud that I stopped accepting the red-headed stepchild treatment from my family.

Kept my mouth shut at work about work. Worked out more. Eaten better. But yeah no, cuz I like what I eat. Volunteered more. Been nicer to N. Prayed more for and been nicer to people I don't like. Shut up on FB. Be less visible there. Nothing of which I'm especially proud.

Opening our home up to my in-laws. My wife's parents moved into our house this past Aug (2014). And while it has been a challenge for both couples, I'm very proud that we have done this. So many of our friends were unable to care for ailing or parents who were growing old. I feel fortunate that we can give them a quality of life in their latter years that is no in a nursing facility which is nothing like a home. While our house is not their original home, we can still be a family with all the ups and downs and hopefully make their dawning years once of happiness.

I wish I had traveled more and risked more knowing that everything would be okay. However I don't regret it. I jumped back into the first presentable job which needed to be done at the time and I don't think I would've been mature enough to handle a move to a city like L.A at the time. Maybe I'm selling myself short but I was overwhelmed and underwhelmed and uncertain. I like to feel confident in my decisions, to know I am comfortable with the outcome and I simply wasn't. I wasn't ready. I was scared thus I think despite wishing I had done something drastic, I don't regret anything. I am very proud of moving out this past year and finally crossing that off my wish list. I love the freedom and independence it comes with and the fact that I've been pulling it off for a year. I'm proud of shaving off my hair and showing off my true self. I'm proud of leaving a dead end job at TD for a significantly better one. I'm proud of my mom for leaving my brother and resigning from an unhealthy relationship. I'm proud of myself for being mature enough to support and encourage Ben to go to a 6-week internship. And lastly, and most recently, I am PROUD of going 30 days without any physical intimacy or masturbation! P.S: Also proud of paying all my debts off. Huge task off my wish-list.

It could be to take more seriously my studies. And i am so proud about all i learned in that period, i understood that it could be better and easy to work in my own projects. Even if i fail at the school i'll be happy.

There is one thing that I wish I had done differently. I entered into a relationship with a recruiter that ended up costing me a job that offered everything I wanted at the time.

There are always things I wish I'd done differently....what I DID do differently this year is not dwell on them as much. I was able to stop beating myself up quite so much as in the past and come to really know that I do an awesome job everyday with what is a very difficult set of circumstances. What I do is HARD and I do the best I can and that has been a very great blessing and relief to be able to let myself off the hook for not always (almost never) getting it "perfect". I'm also especially proud of the way I've communicated through a very difficult situation with my closest friend of the last 10 years. Our friendship is probably forever changed, but I have absolutely no regrets about how I handled myself or how I communicated with her.

I wish I looked much harder for another career move and found a position where growth was possible. However, if I would have I would not be on the path to Israel. Right now life is rather confusing. Broke and 23 and single. I'll be sucking it up for another few months before the real challenge takes on. This Rosh Hashanah was spent the Chabad and Cleveland is starting to be my community and I'm leaving only to return again.

I'm proud of the fact that I didn't let my housemates defeat me. I had a shit second year, mainly because of their tone-deafness and difficulty to be around, but I made it work. I'm proud of getting through and becoming stronger despite the obstructions I faced.

I kinda wish I hadn't just snapped at my husband. He didn't deserve that. After a whole day of chatter I don't want to feel like I need to plan out 9:16 pm and beyond. I don't need to know exactly what he is doing for the next hour nor do I need an itinerary to get me from here to bed. So how about this? I wish I would have made more efforts to just go with the flow. To chill and to accept what is instead of striving and willing my wants. I say that like I'm some big important powerful lady. I'm not. But in a way...boiling it down to my microcosmos my house my farm I am kind of the business. So chill out there lady. Let it flow. Teach grace where you can. and by the way, you can only teach it by demonstrating it. Now, go apologize to that wonderful man you married.Go tell him that it is an honor that he wants to tell you what he'll be doing for the next hour. It is a compliment really.

I wish I had exercised more and binged less on food. I'm proud of having made it to the next level as a teacher at my school.

As in question 1 I am grateful that I am sober. I am careful not to take too much pride in this as I see it as a gift from my higher power which I accepted by being willing. I am proud of winning a Service to Community and Medicine Award and the remarks I made at the award ceremony. I wish I had handled the negotiation around renting my apartment to a student differently and had not mixed business with personal needs in a way that left another person feeling hurt and untrusting. I learned about a character defect up close and personal with this experience. It was very painful and I am trying to ask for it's removal and to not engage in the same behavior.

I learned a valuable new lab skill. Through hard work and planning I was able to successfully culture and harvest bone marrow stromal cells. If I could do anything differently I would have done more sterile technique research before embarking on this experiment.

I wish that at school this past year (9th Grade), I had been more of myself and out there because it was my first year and now all of the people at my new school don't truly know who I am. I hope in this current school year I can change that for the better

I took on transforming my relationship with exercise this year. I joined La Costa Country Club in November 2013 and have been playing tennis. Initially I was too afraid to play with other people. I didn't think I was good enough and so I practiced a LOT with the ball machine. Now I am on two different teams that just started in September. It is so much fun playing doubles with all these new people. Dad got me into tennis so I do it in memory of him but it is also a fabulous way for me to get exercise while I enjoy myself. After being away from tango for 5 years I went back this week and have done two private lessons and will go to a tango dance party tomorrow night. I made a deal with my husband that if I lose another 20 pounds he will take classes with me. So that is a huge motivation for me to stick with my food program. My goals for this year is to continue to lose weight and get better at tennis and tango.

I wish I had the strength and focus to start the process of seeking a new career of enjoyment earlier in the year when I knew the current situation sucked! I did not pick up a book or a phone and ask anyone what they were pursuing with a passion. I was lazy and I regret not even trying to investigate something new until I called it quits. The part of my life this past year that I am proud of is how I spent my time with my family this summer once I did call it quits. I really enjoyed this summer with my family and I planned a few great trips. I had a Dad/son trip to Austin and a family trip to the Dells and Minnesota. The trip that was so special to me was my trip with Liz to Napa for our 10th anniversary. I love that women and my son and I am proud that I took the time to enjoy them this summer while I had the time to do it. I love them both very much!

I wish I would have spent more days being thankful and being a purer light

I wish i had cut back on my work hours and then perhaps i would not have been so anxious to sell the company. I am proud that i honored my commitment to see my grandkids in Boston every 3 months.

I wish that I had been more active this year...in fact I have been down right lazy since the first of the year. Life seems to be getting in the way of taking care of myself. Keeping my head above the water at work and financially seems to be all I have the energy to do. I feel like I am just barely eeking by all the time. I can't remember how I actually have trained for 1/2 marathons and marathons in the past. And in May 2013 I earned a doctorate degree...so maybe it is collective burnout? I can't seem to get my act together. So all in all over the past year I wish that I had at the very least continued to jog/run at least a few times a week. I am a better person when I am a runner. Currently I am out of shape 15 lbs overweight and feel sluggish and back at square one having to build up endurance to even run just one mile.

I should've reached out more to people; reached out more towards my father. I should've walked away when I knew something didn't feel right, to develop self-worth. Something that I'm proud of is that I'm getting back to my old go-getter self. Being a bit more patient, and not take things too personal.

I wish I was able to get more clear about directions with my life, including relationships, work, and where to live. I wish I had handled some of the transitions with more grace. I am proud of caring for my family in the myriad ways that is presenting.

I got into a bad place depression-wise early in 2014, and it had a big impact on my performance as a teacher. My classes got off track when I was away for the Grammys, and because of my mental state, I couldn't get them back on, and things just limped along for the rest of the semester. It demonstrated to me something I already knew: when you teach a college course, you have to establish and maintain the environment you want from day one, because it is very difficult to redirect the momentum once it's established. I also learned that walling myself off as a way to protect myself and keep from feeling vulnerable is a really bad idea. I defaulted to my Ice Queen persona, which is useful on occasion but not good as an ongoing thing. I made a conscious effort to create a better vibe when the fall semester started, and everything is going so much better, there's no comparison. I still find the relentlessness of the teaching schedule very draining, but I walk into the classroom fired up and ready to go, and that's half the battle.

I am glad that I chose my current job. I wish that I was doing it better. I am proud of how I handled my husband's heart surgery. I kept everything going at home and at my job as best as possible. Now to pick up the pieces.

Yes, I wish I had asked for help earlier. No, I'm not particularly proud of anything.

I wish I had spent more time with Kelly and the kids. I could always use more time with them. What I am proud of is my work and the things our team has accomplished this year even with the management struggles from above. Of course I am always proud of being November's spouse. This October is 7 years.

I spent the first half of this year in Israel. During that time I wrote the rough draft of the seed of my first novel. I taught creative writing at Tel Aviv University. I volunteered, performing an act of tikkun olam, reading poetry with an elderly gentleman once a week. I met some exceptional people in the English-writing expat community in Tel Aviv. I made a few new friends I hope to keep for life. My husband and I lived in Yaffo for a month. In an Ottoman-era gatekeeper's apartment inside the Jerusalem Gate in Old Yaffo. We walked her streets. We ate her food. We lived among her people and her worn-smooth stones. It was like a dream. A dream that lives inside me as a memory that I hope to draw upon for inspiration throughout my life.

I wish I hadn't taken two small rounds of antibiotics...first for my teeth and second for my intestinal infection. I KNOW it makes me worse. I'm proud of the daisy painting I did. I'm proud of my ability to continue learning to be a better partner.

I would have liked to give to cancer research. I'm proud that I Discovered sunsets with my wife.

I wish I didn't accept a promotion while still in school. The added responsibility caused my grades to suffer (slightly), added unnecessary stress, and I'm not even sure that I want to be in this industry, let alone make it a career. Ironically, I am proud of my accomplishments in school and at work. Now that I have graduated, my focus has shifted 100% to work and I am up for another promotion! However, at the end of the day, I wonder if I should pursue something that I am more passionate about at the risk of a budding career in something I have clearly excelled at.

I'm very proud of the article I wrote this year, of my colleagues voting me an important position at my university and of a prestigious program I was invited to participate in.

I wish I put more efforts into my job applications.

I have spent too much of the last year trapped inside my own head. Instead of getting out and living, I've spent too much time puttering around my house, watching netflix, and wasting time.... When going out, trying to build a new community and settle myself in a new place got too hard, I retreated. I'm proud of getting myself to a new place and going back to a path towards a meaningful, intellectually stimulating career.

I'm proud of myself for being honest with myself and with the people close to me about the issues that have been going on with my husband and his tendency to self-medicate with alcohol when things are tough. We've been together for a long time, and there's a tendency for people to either exaggerate the good parts of a relationship or to exaggerate the bad parts. I am proud of myself for facing the problems that we are having.

I wish that I would have stayed active at the gym. I did such a great job getting in the habit of exercising this January through March. I got to where I enjoyed it and craved it even. Then I got injured and I let it go. :( I am very proud, though, that I took a stand and stood up for myself and resigned as secretary of the union. I decided that I was tired of being abused and used. I was tired of being blamed for everything. I was tired of doing all the work and getting very little credit. I wanted to spend more time with my family and focusing on my girl scouts. I am very proud that I stood up for myself.

I really wish that I would have waited until a different job came about (ex. the Twins internships) instead of taking the HealthPartners job right away. I was so eager to move out of the house, say that I was a successful college graduate by getting a job so soon after graduation, and be on my own, but I spent a year miserable at a job because of it.

I would have not worried so much about my high school friends "leaving" my life and focused more on school and what I am actually at college to do. (Because dwelling on the high school years is not the answer.) I also could have been just a bit more social/outgoing for my first year o' college lyfe 101, but I am not as regretful about that. I managed okay for my first time. I am proud I auditioned for (and got cast in!) A few shows last year. That was a scary thing especially since I was clueless about the REAL acting world and it isnt even my major. I loved it though. It was a great challenge. I am also proud that I am finally handling my friendship with Jimmy in a mature way... not worrying about it so much and just letting the chips fall wherever. I expected too much last year and now I am moving on with or without him. That sounds bad, but I really am over the whole "are we besties are we not oh geez he means THE WORLD to me" becus I was not getting the same amount of attn and passion in return. So now I am just going with what I am given. Whatever happens happens. And I am finally living by that phrase. Also I am proud I finally got my license and bought car with my very own savings :)

I hope to receive a promotion at work this year, which I am proud of. Actually, a bit ambivalent about and really if I don't get it, I think I will be more upset than proud if I don't. So I think more importantly, I set a few personal goals in running and skiing this year and I met them about 95% so I am pretty proud of that. But even more, I think I am becoming a more patient and loving parent and spouse. I am not always on my A game but I feel that I am getting better almost every day and the days that I am not make my try harder the next day.

I am not proud about not being a better listener,naging too much and not being patient. I am proud that I work with children to teach them reading and learn how to have conversations.

I wish I had prepared more for my medical school interviews. I thought that my interviewing skills of the past, where I struck up a great rapport, and bascially had a good time with the interviewers were good enough- they certainly had workd very well in the past. What I didn't realize though, was that the med school interveiws were much different: they didn't care about any of that. In fact, I wound up going to school at the place I was least interested in (in the beginning) because I was a little less friendly and enjoyable during the interview. That, and I was so much more prepared. Neeru really helped with that- when I walked into that room I knew what they were thinking and had it all game-planned out. I wish I had been nicer to my wife. She is so nice, such an AMAZING teammate, that it's hard to even describe. I have anger issues and I flare up into a raging asshole pretty quickly. I wish I could be less wound up about certain things. I pray to God constantly to help me be nicer to my wife, to help me stop (or at least lessen) whatever process is running in my brain when I get really pissed, frequently over things that are, upon reflection, quite trivial. So far it hasn't worked nearly as well as I'd like. I don't know if it's because I'm selfish, or what. I need to delve into this more; I really do. I know I'm the one in med school and my wife has trouble doing math sometimes, but based on my experiences with her, she is definitely the more intelligent one between the two of us. She's also mentally tougher, and just a much better person. So basically I'm super-duper lucky, but still behave like an asshole. Wtf is wrong with me sometimes?

Toward the end of the year, my mind always seems to want to compile lists of missed opportunities and other categories of failure. This is my first year of 10Q and being prompted to think about this in September instead of December is not exactly delightful. I thought this year would be different because we moved to a different country where we didn't know anyone. Instead, things feel largely the same. The scenery is different and we have fewer friends, but we seem to have kept our bad habits. I wish I had made a cleaner break when we moved and had been more aggressive in meeting more people and trying new things. I am afraid that "wherever you go, there you are" is actually true. I have read that you should waste literally zero time on regret, but if you don't feel those pangs, what will prompt change?

Tried to negotiate more vacation time and better pay with my new employer! However, I'm glad I got to take off as much time as I did...first vacation in over 2 years!

I wish I hadn't procrastinated so much. I feel like I could have accomplished more. I am letting go of things - selling, donating, trashing. Lessening my clutter.

I generally just wish I handled everything better. As awful as this year was, with the mental breakdowns brought on by the horrific winter and event planning, plus mostly age-appropriate kid stresses, I don't really think I *could* have done much differently, except to roll with the punches better. I feel like I should be more proud of the conference I spent the whole year (plus) planning, but I'm still just relieved to have gotten through it. I still think about all the things that could have been better. I tried to make one big change - applying for a job in a warmer climate 1500 miles away - but that just wasn't to be. So yeah, maybe I wish I had actually made that happen, but I don't know where I would have found the mental, physical, or emotional stamina to do so. Finally, it's small, but I do wish I had taken better care of myself - eaten better and exercised more, and taken a little more time (somehow) to do restorative things or things I actually enjoy.

I'm proud of the fact that I think that I did my job well. I think that I could be better at accepting myself and my situation.

I wish I took the time to focus on the individuals my students are instead of how quickly we can get them to pass a test. I am however so very proud of each and everyone of them. The energy and effort they put in to being successful is inspirational. I will continue to work on improving my skills they deserve the best!

Yes. I wish I had taken care of my health better. I'm especially proud that I can still do my work at 84.

I'm pretty proud of the last year. I've been working really hard on being body positive. I've kept up with school work, and Stacy and I have rescued so. many. kittens. That makes me very proud. I've taken up my magickal practice again, but i'm being very in intentional about the practice and i'm very pleased with my pace and my progress. I've finally gotten the hang of container gardening. I've been lighting my candles all most every Friday night, and I've been very intentional about that practice as well.

I wish I had spent more time learning, writing and creating at work, and more time evangelizing about what really matters in life and the money insanity that is so rampant in our culture. I am proud of the fact that I took a sabbatical. Proud that I gave myself permission to step away from work, and to take some time to reflect on where I am in life and where I want to go. Proud that I, for the most part, really removed myself from work. I didn't check my email, didn't inquire much about the office. I focused on myself and my own growth. It wasn't always easy for me, but I stuck with it.

Tonight, after Winnie's death this morning, I'm proud that we made the decision in February to adopt two elderly dogs. It was not an easy decision - we knew we'd be saying goodbye soon, and we also knew it's a financial commitment. I'm proud that we went for it - otherwise they almost certainly would have been put down when their former owner passed away. We gave - and got - such love in the last 7 months. Today was hard, but I'm proud of our family's ability to love.

Last year was the hardest year I've had to date, only rivaling the death of my uncle. And, despite the hurt and suffering I went through, I am proud of all that I've accomplished. I broke up with my boyfriend, who I dated for four years and currently lived with. I knew I was quitting my job after the school year and had begun to look for new opportunities. I dated (and slept) with a handful of guys. I had the best teaching year ever. I got closer to all my friends. And, I found the love of my life. I wish I had left on better terms with my former school site. I wish I had been more clear about my exit; I always wish I had video tapped my classes that I thought. Those are experiences I will never relive, and I wish I had footage to remember.

Finished writing a book

Chief among the things that I wish I had done differently this year is to have been more assertive in work relationships. I've always been a go along to get along kind of a guy, but this philosophy doesn't serve me so well in my current situation. Among the things that I'm proudest of this year is that I've taken on more responsibilities.

I wish that in the past year I had become more physically fit, had given up more late night snacks. I'm proud of my work in the past year: progress in spreading the ideas that will make my community less violent toward women. I'm happy with my relationship with my mom and with Nels.

I really wish that I had put myself first and not given my boss two more months when he asked me. This has been an ongoing lesson for me: learning when to say enough is enough and not martyr myself in the name of doing the right thing. I really need to figure out a way to find a balance between my own needs and self-care, and sacrificing for others. Sometimes it's inevitable, and needs to be done, but so many other times, it comes at great expense to my health and sanity.

I wish I had handled my pregnancy better. Or I wish I had never tried to conceive. Trying to conceive was fun. I guess I got caught up in that. My pregnancy was a nightmare. Like being in a living hell.

This past year I'm proud that I said yes. I went on trips I didn't have time for, enjoyed meals I "couldn't afford," went to concerts I wasn't ecstatic about, and tried new sports. It was time to put the fear on the back burner and stop looking for excuses. I hope for the coming year I can be challenged to say yes to new things again, including saying yes to love and saying yes to connecting with family.

This summer, I did just about nothing productive for human society. Do I wish that I would have been more productive this summer? Maybe, yes, after looking back. However, addressing the alternate question as well, I was rather proud of the relaxation I achieved during this uneventful time. I relished in the days when I could wake up, go to the beach, and repeat in an endless cycle, but of course, most of society would feel that that is just a waste. Thus, another issue of society's expectations arises. I could argue that with imminent medical concerns, I was unable to land a job in the spring, and therefore the outcome was out of my control, which is true. Yet this sounds rather weak, because it is. I could have got a job if I really wanted one. Maybe it would have been working at the local pizza place, but at least it would have been something. In July, I did learn how to drive, but that was not truly a huge commitment, and I can't say that it distinguishes my effort from the 2 million kids who do the same thing anyways. I feel like that course of action is more obligatory than optional for a teenager today. Getting back to my summer though, I actually still learned about pragmatic things that a camp or even a job could have taught me. Of course, this sounds ridiculous to those who would claim that I just sat on the couch all day, while other kids were learning "what the real world was like". I am in no position to judge others' working experiences, and, perhaps, they actual did learn a lot, but I can only address my situation. Unable to get a "white-collar" internship, I would have been working in a pizza place, as stated previously. When in life would I ever need to know how to flip a pizza? I already know how to clean tables, and I can take orders pretty well; I do have parents. And then one would argue that it would have taught me "how to have a work ethic". I already have a work ethic. You can ask my parents who witness me consistently go to bed at increasingly later times each year, or you could ask any of the nonprofits at which I have volunteered. Of course, a job is useful for many things beyond learning adult ideals, but it is not as if I will lack these skills forever because I was not employed during high school. A job will come in life when it is needed. Also, in my particular case, this summer opened me up to a new concept: free time. To me, "free time" meant time to sleep, but I never actually realized that there was fun stuff to do with other people until I literally had nothing else to do. I spend time hanging out with kids my age, and I felt the most comfortable and confident in my entire life. So, for those kids who got a prestigious summer job for their tenth extracurricular spot on the common app, congratulations on spending your summer trying to cover up your actual lack of real world experience. For those who got jobs because they actually needed the money or they really wanted to get a job this summer, kudos to you. I was unable to do what you have done. But please, don't claim that not having a job is only a matter of regret, because it could also be a matter of pride for a person who needed a break from "real life" for a while. Isn't that why they call it summer vacation?

I am proud that I made such a tremendous change in my life and in my children's lives.

I would have liked to work more on my Spanish, or started working more intensely on my blog earlier. I think I could also work more on listening. However, there is a lot more that I am proud of. I stepped outside of my comfort zone more in this past year than ever before. The biggest probably being volunteering in Africa. Huge step that was intimidating and exciting at the same time, but it definitely pushed me to go way beyond my boundaries.

I am proud of changing jobs and making a change. I proud that I had taken a chance and decided to do the Health Care Certification training. I wish I had been more aggressive in making money. I regret my lack of skills with children. I deeply regret that I have not found some sort of creative break through.

Done differently, no. No great ups or downs, to regret on either side. Proud of. Yes, retiring from the Home Arts Building knowing that I left it a better place that I found it. Having made changes, mostly for the good, I think, having made some wonderful precious friends. And mostly, to have brought a sense of humor and friendship to the building. I am proud of that, and proud that I left. Hanging on keeps things the same. Change is good for this kind of thing, I brought my change, now it is time for someone else's change.

I wish I had not given someone the opportunity to do something I knew he could'nt and I paid to let him try? I proud of the fact I have been able to move on with out that extra person in my business.

I wish that I would have spent more time caring and giving attention to the people who really love and care about me and less on trying to make people who did not appreciate me change their mind. I am proud of myself for finishing the ROD race after dislocating my knee cap. I am a fighter. That is the life lesson that I will carry with me. I am able to fight until the finish and in my relationship I want to figure things out in the same way and to work through the pain to get to the finish line.

I wish I had not ceased following my natural path doctor's directions on improving and balancing my health issue, that had completely improved my health. Instead slipped, stumbled and slowly crashed this past year. It hurt. I now know what works and what needs more work,and maintenance, to keep working. And it's a journey!

I wish I took more pictures and pursed photography more. I am proud that I got into other forms of art, but feel like my original form of art expression has been somewhat lost.

I wish I'd managed my time better, and accomplished more. I wish I'd been able to do more to help my parents. I wish Christmas hadn't been such an all-out disaster. Proud? I think I'm proud of stretching myself and taking an art class. Returning to the college classroom as a student feels kind of weird, but I think it's good for me.

Proud of my recent success in work. Proud of my ability to get back in shape.

I wish I had made a play for the Italy leadership role. I am very proud of the experiences I provided my children this past year. They have grown so much and it is amazing to see it.

Differently - be nicer to my mother Proud of - being resilient and learning how to re-center my work life in a way that makes me happy Proud of - my relationship with my daughter and husband

I wish that I had build an invention this past year. Alternatively I was especially proud that I have finished grade school.

I wish I didn't have to work so hard to keep everything in my life afloat. I wish I could balance that with caring for myself a little bit more. I seem to dangle. I feel like this will ring true next year as well. I wish I had changed this during this past year. But I don't know how.

I wish I had been able to save Kevin. I know that isn't possible. I wish I had stayed every night with him in the hospital. I wish my life had meaning without him. What am I proud of? I'm not sure. I am still here. I gave Kevin a good death.

Pride has been the mark of this year. I will always have things I wish I could have done differently, but I will choose to remember the positives here. I'm proud of my exercising of discipline in pursuing my goals. I've saved enough to travel the world, paid off 50% of my consumer and student debt, and actively worked at building myself the career I want. Most importantly to me, is my building a relationship I can truly rely on. I trust Dan with my life, and although it caused me to lose an already-withering friendship, nothing but great things has come from it since. I've realized through his support and utter lack of judgement that I'm bisexual. It's truly amazing the things you can achieve and uncover about yourself when you have something and someone you can truly call home-that you can really say and do anything with complete safety and security. It's so liberating, and that's what I want most in my life-freedom and adventure. And I'm well on the road to achieving both.

There is nothing big that I wish I had done differently this year. Mostly small stuff like picking out the curtains for the living room and then not being able to agree with my spouse what colour would go best with them and the furniture in the room; I wish I would have not let him open the packages and put them up before coming to an agreement about the wall colour. See - really silly! No big accomplishments either; but, proudly I have made it through another year of marriage and happy with our relationship after 47 years.

I wish I would stop getting in my own way and worrying about "what if" when it comes to job opportunities, waiting to the last minute to apply or missing deadlines to apply. I wish I wouldn't get so complacent when it comes to spending my time with men/relationships. Fearing that being "alone" is worse than spending time with someone who isn't the best fit as a partner. I'm definitely proud of taking the first step to go back to school. I suppose I could say I'm proud of maintaining my close friendships with those who aren't local. And that I give off this perception by my local friends for being positive/optimistic and always up for anything. It's interesting to be considered something by others that one doesn't necessarily see in their self.

I wish I had gone out into the world more. I went into a hibernation last winter. It's possible I missed out on opportunities. I sometimes feel like I've done everything and know everyone in this town - but it's not true, and I forget and stay home/inside too much.

I am especially proud how how well I feel I've communicated in my relationship with D. This is the longest, and most intense, relationship I've ever had, and I'm proud of myself for being brave and confronting difficult or stressful or emotional issues head-on and directly. I wish that I hadn't had as much to drink or been as flirtatious on that night in January (?) when we were out with N&C.

Communicate and be with both family and old friends MUCH more than I have been.

I would like to have been better in my communications with the people closest to me. Not be so quick to assume the worst and then take an easy out of bring on the defense. Sometimes it's harder to be open. I'm really happy about following through with renting an Airbnb guest room to fund house upgrades.

I am proud of how I have worked to change my mindset from being a single individual to that of a wife and mother. I was single for most of my adult life and I have struggled with remembering that others wants and needs come before my own. I have been going to counseling with my husband so that we can learn to communicate without it becoming an argument. I feel that things have improved greatly but we still need to work together to get where we want to be. I think that I am learning how to not be so rigid with my step children. I want to ensure that I am raising polite, productive children but I have am learning that that goal can be achieved with love and a firm hand instead of being inflexible and unreasonable in my expectations.

My biggest regret of the year is not insisting on time to do yoga. I need it to restore myself. My routine as a working parent is relentlessly grueling. But an hour of yoga resets my compass and helps me stayvthe course without feeling so burned out.

I wish I had taken better care of my physical health. I really need to lose weight. I am proud for having worked hard, sleeping when I needed to sleep, and having fun in general. I am proud to have made the best out of all of my experiences.

I wish I had balanced my life more this year. More time taking care of myself and connecting with others.

I wish, that this year I was a little bit more open to change. I wish that if someone new came in or something new happened or changed, that I was not scared of them being better than me. Or that, they would come and everybody would like them more than me, which was selfish. Which led me to not really coming off as the person I am to try to get to know them, and instead just see of they are a hard worker.Then, not being scared that new people are going to take my place. On the other hand, I am really proud of myself for working really hard and pushing myself to strive and be the best I can be without ever giving up on myself.

I always regret losing my temper or raising my voice.

This past year has been challenging on almost every level. Money, work, relationships, social, creative... It was all tougher than usual this year. But I've managed to get through all right, and maybe better than I ought to have. There's not much I could have done much differently. I do wish id been more pro active but that's not the same. That's doing different things, not doing something differently. I'm proud of being a good dad. And I'm proud of getting to 50 in great shape and with that epic Hawaii trip. And taking over my own blog, owning my own creativity. That's important too.

I do not wish I had done anything differently. You learn from every mistake or failure and life should not be filled with regrets. Everything happens for a reason and you just have to roll with the punches. I am especially proud of handling my breakup like a rockstar. Alternatively, I am also proud of quitting a job I hated and pouring my passion into a community project that will hopefully get off the ground in 2015.

I wish I had been less afraid to go out on limbs for potential friends. I wish I had been more satisfied with the relationships I had built. I'm proud to have prepared for, applied for, and received the new job I did.

I wish I had signed up for an LSAT prep course. It's coming up on Saturday and I'm mostly terrified. At the same time, I'm proud of myself for studying for it (unlike when I decided to take the SATs and then didn't) and actually going through with it. No matter how it goes, at least I won't have to look back and wonder 'what if'.

I still wish I had learned how to make time to write every day, but I haven't done it yet. Maybe this year, 5775, will be the year. A palindrome is lucky, right?

Still too many things going on. I would really like to get a good nights rest on a regular basis. Spent more time with my son and that's been great though trying at times. I like the idea of a break from work and will need to see how to do that more often.

I wish that I had realized that I might get pregnant the first month I tried. I would have faced that reality head on instead of being in denial.

I wish I had been more insistant about a secondment or shifts in ED, I'd be working there now, not just starting out, but at least I've started... I got motivated and started my diploma...now to get the work done...

I wish I had spent more time with friends. As I was unwell I didn't have a lot of energy and motivation for socialising and the decision to move away for the sake of my health was kind of spontaneous. And I miss my friends now, but perhaps that makes me cherish time with them all the more. I'm proud of taking on the challenge of improving my health and my efforts to stop being a workaholic and get more in touch with what it is I want and hope for.

I wish I took more photographs, made more time for art and creative exploration. I wish I signed up for a class to learn something new or sharpen a skill.

This past year I stood up to bullies, took myself out of harms' way and situations when others were acting out in self destructive ways around me: put a stop to allowing someone to take swipes at me and belittle me more than once: once I recognized it for what it was I did not allow myself to be used in the interest of someone else's recovery or well being and was able to keep small deals small, not let potentially incendiary conversations grow, and feel mostly like a grown up, and maintain my dignity while I was doing these things. They were in some cases new behavior, or unpracticed. And in some cases it took me longer to accomplish than it should have to be healthy or helpful, which caused me emotional strain and bruising. But I feel comfortable and pleased with my hard won growth and progress. I still have room to grow to be sure.

I wish I hadn't snapped at my mother so much. She was incredibly helpful at every turn (even spending two nights in the hospital without a toothbrush or change of clothes!) and I feel awful every time it happens. She's been through so much and I need to be more patient with her.

I went in the hospital, UW Medical Center, on September 2,2014. I was very sick with a bladder stone. I was admitted to a SNF (SKILLED NURSING FAC. This place is nice. I am only here for a short time rehabilitation training. My Rabbi has been with me time. I could not go to services. Because, insurance wouldn't cover the cost of the ride . I keep praying the most beautiful prayer in all the prayers "Shema" - Shema yisrel Adonai : eluheinu, Adonai echad Baruch shem, k'vod malchuto, l'olam vad. I miss going to services this year High Holy Days. Next year I will go. May yeo have a great New Year :r

This is going to sound silly: When I got busted by a lady who caught my dog pooping in her yard, she asked that I come back and pick it up. I said, "Sure." Then I went home, got my truck and some paper t0wel and picked it up. I could have ignored it and then worried about it forever, avoiding her house, changing my route, always wondering about getting caught by her or the dog catcher. I knew myself well enough that it was the best thing to just follow through with what I said I would do instead of worry about it forever. On the same line, I had to wonder about the battles that we pick to fight. I know now that we can't fight all battles though I tried to fight for the right most of my life, regardless of the number of fronts that existed. I had recently given in to protecting the quality of search and rescue service in my town because I couldn't, again, go up against those with power. Now I know that we must pick our battles carefully, thoughtfully; now I know that we need to choose not the superflous battles nor all of them; we need to pick one or two and fight them valiantlly. With wisdom. Knowing when it becomes a matter of ego or an unwillingness to accept change or merely the inevitable. Knowing that a battle well fought is a contribution to society. Something of which to be proud.

I didn't do everything this year perfectly, or even gracefully, but I am proud of the way I made bold decisions and saw them through. I made more than a few choices that weren't easy or popular, but dove right in with dedication. Deciding to move back home was difficult, likewise, so was deciding to move clear across the country straight into the unknown. I'm proud of myself for taking risks.

In my town I talked with a young teen about an injustice that was happening in her school. It was not a big injustice , it was just a little thing but what was happening was unfair. At her young age she knew it was unfair and it bothered her enough to speak to me about it; I heard her and I knew that what had happened was unfair. I wanted to say something to the school. I even made a plan to say something but in the end I said nothing and did nothing. I regreat this because a child saw something and in her own way she tried to speak truth to an injustice and I as an adult hear about that injustice and did noting. My doing noting was wrong. By not doing anything I condoned what was happening. Over looking a small injustice allows it to grow. So what was small yesterday grows and becomes bigger today and major tomorrow. What is unfair is unfair weather small or large and by doing nothing and saying nothing I have allow it to grow. I have become a part of injustice simply by saying and doing nothing

I am proudof having endured this past year. I am troubled y the confict inside myself aboyt supporting Tom when he is nonchalant about money. Woman's group coming today. I will ask their help sorting through it. I do not like feeling hate for Jolene. I feel the need to get back at her. Everytime I get past it, something more horrendous happens/ If I had enough to retire on I'd feel freer to leave the tribe.

I wouldn't consider it a wish to have changed anything, such as regret, but I wonder if placed in certain circumstances again if I could find joy or contentment. Maybe it was the come down of going off meds or maybe it was the energy of people around me that I couldn't not absorb. I know how to show up in life, even when I don't feel like it, but there were several times in the past year when I did not want to be at a party, or family gathering, or even around people. I have become more aware of my psychic sensitivity of others, yet lack the wisdom and experience to filter what belongs to me. As far as being proud of something, I don't experience deep feelings of pleasure or personal satisfaction. I don't know why.

I'm proud of being the friend that I am.

No, there was no other way to have played out the events that lead to today. I regret nothing. I am very proud of getting over my fear to love again. I never thought I would or could but I always knew that if I did it would be her... And it was.

I wish I had lived in the present more often, and appreciated those with whom I was with more fully, and listened to myself and others more deeply. I wish I would have had more insight into my sister's situation so that I could have given her more support in her final months.

That's a hard one. I have had a nice year- having a baby, visiting family, I think it was a successful year overall. I am happy with how things have evolved. One thing I would not do again is live in the same house with my sister in law for three weeks. I think by agreeing to do that I have put my children, Dario in particular, under an enormous amount of strain I did not think/ intend to put them through. We will need to reconsider how to deal with that part of the family with so many children around, but I think we have to find a different solution. Overall what it had thought me is that I need to put my children's needs ahead of family's.

I wish I had stuck to the diet I had started earlier this year. I had achieved some pretty pleasing results and was definitely on the right track but fell back into bad habits as soon as it was over. I'm now trying the 5:2 fasting diet and we'll see how that goes.

Could I have considered living with mum and dad? Staying with Ray has been hard in some ways, great in others. Perhaps I'd have kept exercising rather than using money as an excuse not to. My health and eating habits have slipped, I regret smoking and eating badly. Being with Simon has felt wonderful and also hard. Head kissing and comfortable have felt lovely but lazy bad eating and kosher have been struggles just around the corner. We were also annoyed with each other before rh and haven't been able to speak since. I found waiting for a room at Rays hard, dealing with his single minded thoughtlessness a challenge, humbling. My powerlessness and need for help from friends has changed my identity hugely. I'm proud of how hard I worked at the bakery and commuting. Of how helpful I've been able to be to friends. Of how I navigated and negotiated jsa. Of shopping at aldi, eating on a budget, making biscuits for gifts and sharing the goods from the bakery with friends and family. I have learned to read my moods more and take space when I need it. I've enjoyed the summer, reaching out and helping out in order to build networks in events, being proactive and collaborative. I start work in two weeks. And am considering a holiday, and a gentle start. I want to do yoga in the sun by the sea. Between now and weds or sunday to weds the following week after yk. I'm tempted. Or to buy a juicer and start preparing meals and getting into routine at local pool. But a bit of victory celebration for a new job is very much required. I should do this. Job hunt is over. For now.

Followed up on building businesses reach - regret Making husband a "lunch pail" every day to help him eat right and feel the love - proud

I wish I had exercised more and eaten better in the past year. I've gained weight, and gained fat percentage. I'm having trouble with instant gratification. I seem unable to put together actions and behavior today with how they will affect me in the future.

When I was at my lowest, I asked for help. I went to a psychiatrist, and to my doctor and got the help I needed. My depression got better and I am very proud of asking for help.

I wish I didn't screw up my job. I wish I didn't fumble so many interviews. I wish we didn't have another child. I love her so much, but her timing couldn't have been worse. I'm proud that I pulled myself together, albeit loosely. I'm proud that I am standing on my own two feet and doing and saying things I wouldn't have been able to while hiding behind others. I'm proud of taking a leadership position and actually caring. I wish I had gotten help sooner. I wish that I didn't feel like I have to do it alone. I wish I knew how to cope.

I've been writing a lot, and I'm proud of that. I want to also make the time to organize my manuscript. I'm starting to get a little anxious about my future career. I want to position myself in a way that I find the most satisfaction possible.

I wish I could have lived in the moment more often. Enjoyed what was right in front of me, and worried less about the past and the future.

I'm proud of the fact that I had 19 students take interest in AP Chemistry from Passaic High School in my Chem Honors class! I'm proud of the connections I have made/kept with my students! But I wish I had prioritized and managed my time better, I spent WAY too much time working and grading on the weekends.

I can't say there is anything I wish I had done differently. I can honestly say that, which is amazing. If I believe that everything happens for a reason and God has a higher plan, then trying to analyze what I could have done differently is pointless. I'm proud of getting a new job, which I start on Monday. I identified a problem I was having and took actions to change it. Very simple.

Everything "big" in my life seemed new this year, so I don't think I could have handled much differently. I'm proud of myself for taking time off and enjoying some great vacations, for having tough but important conversations with my brother, and also for being grown-up enough to know to hold off on buying a house and getting in over my head.

I wish I had spent less time worrying about 'things' which has kept me from just living life. I am proud that I managed to be less hard on myself, always requesting to excell in all and everything.

yes, I wish that I had not yelled at and been impatient with my youngest son. Not much I am proud of---I guess recovering from my stroke, and toughing out the year at work while feeling ill and/or anxious alot of the time.

I wish I'd spent more time outdoors going on walks around town. I'm proud of the work I've done with Destination Imagination, as a regional challenge master and with going on to assist at the state level as a head appraiser.

I wish I had gotten out and got to water more this summer; it was important to me as a child and I think it's really important for me to reconnect to revive myself now.

I wish I had been better prepared for our exchange student from Vietnam. The cultural and age barriers made it difficult for me. My own reaction was not as kind or friendly as I hoped. I was frustrated that she stayed in her room watching Vietnamese dubbed films, sky ping with her friends etc. She came to the U.S. to get a high school diploma and to NM for residency and access to the lottery scholarship, not to get to know our family. It was hard, andI learned that I am not as flexible as I thought nor as welcoming of folks into my home. I need peace and space to cope with the pressures of my job and being a single parent.

I persevered through very tough times in my marriage. I shared my feelings with my adult kids. Found incredible support in them. So grateful.

I had my first experience of running for public office, albeit as a "trademark candidate" for a "third party", which meant I didn't campaign or raise funds. (It was also difficult to actually FIND my name under that of my running mate.)

Back in the summer, I was in the position to either stay put or more to another setting for one of my jobs. I talked to others about the new setting. I talked to others about the reasons to stay. Looking back, I played the hero card and stayed. I did that for too many years with the kids mother until the divorce. Now, I see that I have taken it up again. I wonder if I will every learn. I wish I had not stayed. I wish I had moved on. Going back to the heart attack, I am thankful with my behavior through most of it. I am proud of the fact that, so far, I have made changes to my life.

I wish I would had followed through on my intentions of sending people notes, cards, thank you notes and condolences, etc Generally, following through on personal resolutions. Rallying around my son and family during his personal crisis.

I wish that I would have focused more on my marraige and relationship with my husband. With all the changes--moving, remodeling, having our first child--I lost sight on the most important relationship I have. I got distracted. I got sidetracked. Now, as we try to repair our relationship and grow together again, I see how I let it go by the wayside.

If I had done something differently this past year I might not be where and who I am now. Learning, letting go, growing.

That damn run. I was all set to run my first 3 mile run in almost a year. I started on the elliptical and everything felt GREAT, so I kept going for another three miles. I ended up injuring my knee and today I being in the new year with a knee brace unable to walk up the stairs. I need to work on understanding my body and taking things slowly. I have always struggled with this and I think that will be my goal for the upcoming year.

I am especially proud that I thrived in my job for another year and made it through the year in general. A year ago I felt like things were quite ovwerwhelming. I am far from perfect, but I am managing a lot better now.

I wish I had written more, and that I had regained a sense of direction for my writing. I'm glad that I joined a stiff life oil painting class. Been wanting to try painting for a long time.

I am especially proud that I let my older son Daniel make his own decision about what school to pick for Rabbinical school. I know he thinks that I am constantly telling him what to do, but I honestly did not do that this time. I let him talk it out and talk it out he did, hour after hour after hour! I wish I had kept my promise and tried to lose some weight this year. I will really try and accomplish that in 5775!

I went back to school after almost 30 years of not being a student, at least in the formal sense. I was worried about my ability to make time for it, to study and focus. I have done pretty well in terms of grades and feel good about being a learner.

I think I'm proud of myself for sticking with this job and achieving the status of being able to be manager without direct supervision like I had before. Also, I don't think I would have done anything differently...regarding life. I am very committed to my job, I got to spend time with family and friends visiting, AND I've really put myself out there in trying to find someone to be with. I've tried online dating, and I'm trying to be more open and honest with myself and others about what I want.

I wish I had taken better care of myself. Most of last year was consumed by accidents, falls and two hospital stays. It worries me that my Maren, only 2 & 3, had to experience such traumatic events for her age. I'm proud of how we processed the events and believe that ultimately she may be stronger for it; however my own role was in not prioritizing my health.

I wish that I had been a more compassionate person. It is something that frequently eludes me and often times I only see or sense it retrospectively. Unless I take time to consciously reflect on myself everyday, I do not see how my actions and words impact others that I Love.

I doubt there isn't any time in a person's life when they wish they had done something differently. And though I'm sure I could think of many if I set my mind to it instead I'll focus on the positive. For one, I ran my first half-marathon. As a running neophyte, this was a huge accomplishment. I ended up doing 3 halfs this past year with my favorite being in NYC. I felt an enormous sense of accomplishment in that race. Truly remarkable. Every time I let my mind drift to that day I feel a real rush of pride in myself.

I really can't regret anything. Every decision that I've made had some motivation behind it and I have to live with how things are in the present. No matter what happens, I can always find happiness. I'm proud of myself for gaining confidence, somewhere along the line I had lost it. Rediscovering this has been a really encouraging experience and definitely what I need for this upcoming year of big changes,

I am extremely proud of how I handled myself second semester. It was one hell of a time, with four demanding classes, leading an alternative spring break, lab research, research mentoring, Transport Lab, and juggling friends and relationships. I pushed through with decent grades, a stronger bond with my roommates, and a vision for my co-op experience. I moved away from Boston, away from my friends and away from my family in order to pursue a job that I wanted. This is where I was supposed to be, I truly believe that. We are where we are supposed to be. Bloom where you're planted. I joined a yoga studio, horseback ride, and met boy. I challenge myself daily at work and know that what I'm missing on campus will be that much sweeter when I return.

I wish I had retired sooner, but I am very happy that I continued on ser ing the people I was pastor for. They were an especially fun, hospitable committed group of people. No other real wishes for doing anything differently or pride inducing events.

Instead of waiting for being laid off I should have taken a brave decision to leave and look for something different when I started feeling that I need a change. I knew I was running an increasing risk of burning out and felt unhappy but didn't want to take an active decision. I should be more courageous on shaping my own professional destiny. I'm proud how I handled the lay-off. Neither did I become frustrated nor scared or angry. I took the decision of my company as a welcome break and after a summer vacation started to focus again on whats important. I accepted that the process might take longer than I thought and wished but stayed calm. I made constant but slow progress and approached the search for new job opportunities in a structured and analytical way. I also managed not to scare off my family but make them understand how such a process works and asked them for patience. hence, my personal professional situation became sort of a family event where everybody is on the same level of information and shares the same 'strategy'.

I wish I had made more of an effort to get together with friends. It seems that if I don't reach out, I never get to see anyone.

I could be a much better communicator with my kids. It's hard not to just get stuck in routine and do what feels natural and automatic to me. It's a real discipline to retrain myself. I just got a book called "How to talk so your kids will listen, and how to listen so your kids will talk." I keep thinking of the definition for insanity, "doing the same thing and expecting different results." I really want different results and so I'm got to trying something new!!

I wish I had listened more and talked less.

I wish that I had exited the gym setting differently. I feel like I left people in a lurch and without a good plan. Though by the same token, I was burnt out and I needed to focus on just myself. Honestly there is nothing that I am especially proud of. Life has been rather mundane, and I have been just plodding along.

Actually I'm proud of what I have accomplished this year. It hasn't been easy and I wish I could stop setting ridiculously high standards for myself. Maybe that is something to work on!! I have continued to struggle with grief and depression but have started seeing a counsellor, cooked a community Christmas Day dinner for 60 people, shared my journey with God and grief by exhibiting my journaling and am currently writing a book to accompany that, am leading a great team at work and this is all such an achievement.

Lost more weight, kept a neater house, made more phone calls to family and friends. These are three things that are always on my list of things I should have done. I can always pick up the weight loss goals and dust them off and a neat house isn't the loftiest of goals, but keeping in touch with and being the one to reach out to those I love is something that is truly important to me. I am grateful when I hear from a dear friend after many months. The minute I hear her voice, my heart is happy, but my conscience says "Why haven't I called her?" I resolve to be the first to call the next time. Friendships are vital and they must be nourished and tended to with care.

I don't know if there is anything I wish I had done differently this past year but I wish I had felt differently. Specifically I wish had been more patient or more brave -and willing to speak my truth - or less conflicted about taking up or not taking up space in this world. In prior years, I have been a lot happier or prouder of the person who I am and now I am not - which makes me wonder if when I was prouder of myself, if I was merely delusional or in some way mean or show-off-y to others. I have had instances where I knew when friends have been jealous of me for whatever reasons and I have chosen not to call them on it - but at the same time - was I particularly sanctimonious? Did I somehow rub their faces in some aspect of my so-called wonderful life? Was I callous or insensitive to others? It's hard to figure. One thing I am proud of - at my daughter's bar mitzvah, the Rabbi told the congregation and guests that ours was a family that was humble. That I guess is what I aim for. It was a nice and unexpected compliment.

I have been stagnant most of this past year - mentally, physically and spiritually. I quit a highly stressful and demanding job in March of 2013 and purposefully gave myself a break. I seem to be having trouble fully reengaging though. I have made half-measured attempts to energize physically as well as mentally/spiritually, but I've sustained neither effort. I've been living in a fallow period, but I'm more strongly feeling the need to intentionally nourish these parts of myself in an attempt to fully live again rather than simply exist.

Something I am proud of from this year is my promotion at work. I feel really good about having more responsibilities and doing more administrative duties. I have worked really hard and so I feel proud to be rewarded with this job. Something I wish I had done differently in the last year is that I wish I had stood up for myself more when my classroom was being taken over all the time for different things. I really should have said something to someone in hopes of getting it resolved.

there are a million and one little things i would have done differently. you see i struggle with expectations. for myself and definitely for others. originally i read this as "what have you done wrong this year" but that isn't the question, is it? if i am being truly honest with myself, which i feel i have to be in order to gain insight, i would say the thing i would have done differently is dealing with my family (read: mother and sisters) different. i have been struggling with this part of my life for years. it limps along year after year without any resolve. living so far away also gives me an "out of sight, out of mind" aspect. i wrestle with it. i brainstorm different ideas that would make the whole thing better. i wouldn't even need everything between us to be perfect - i would be great with not awkward. it just seems like this has been the case for so many years. there are of course years when it is worse. this year has been pretty bad - i am barely speaking to my siblings. i did make it a priority to send pictures of the boys to my mom at least once a week so she doesn't freak out or think i am dead. that is it. a group of women that have known me my entire life and i can barely find the time to speak to them. here's how i justify it. 1. we all have kids and that is where our focus should be. that is where my focus is - so there really isn't time to sit and have long talks. this is a luxury of time that i know i don't have and i make the same assumption (right or wrong) about their lives as well. some day when the kids are older. . .then i'll have time. part of this rational for me comes from the fact that i am the only one who has little kids and works full-time. my older sister now works but her kids are all in school. this probably means she is even busier than i am. my younger sister has a little one as well, but works part-time. any spare moment i have i want to spend with my sons and i don't feel the need to defend this aspect of my life. 2. this last year i feel like my family made some judgments about my life that made my life about them. this one is really hard for me to talk about it. for the sake of time and sanity i will just say: my feelings have been very hurt and while apologies have been made it is going to be a long time before i will be able to get over it. 3. past mistakes and patterns have never been addressed and continue. choices are made, time and time again, and are still being made that negatively affect the others in the group. that one i could spend days writing about but. . .unfortunately i don't have time.. . maybe another post. realistically, there is just so much time and space between us these days that i wonder if things can ever be made right - for any of us. now. .. all that laboring of what i feel like i could do differently this year let's take two minutes to talk about something i am proud of this year. it is simple. i am proud of my stamina, willingness and determination to get our little family into a house. everyday i walk through those doors i feel like i am home. and for those of you who have ever lived somewhere that DOES NOT feel like home and then you find a place where you do.. .it slowly becomes your little piece of heaven. at least, that is the way it makes me feel and there isn't anywhere else i would rather be. hanging with the boys inside watching "monsters" or running around outside and watching the little boy running around giggling. working my ass off to provide such a safe space for him to thrive gives me the biggest sense of pride and happiness i have had in awhile.

Proud of my work this year although I wish I had not had so much of it

I know that there are many things I wish I had done differently over the past year, small and not as small, but none of them are things that ruined my life. I am proud of the emotional growth I have gone through over the past year. It has not been easy, or particularly pleasant much of the time, it has involved many tears and uncomfortable, even painful, conversations and long pauses within those conversations. And I have hurt people I care about, and people have hurt me, and I have ached when distances felt huge, and when I felt like I wanted so much from other people, wanted things I could not expect. Also, I have listened to my emotions, I have allowed myself to open up to others, to trust, to immerse myself in community and feel so vulnerable, so raw and exposed, and still feel safe. I have allowed myself to be loved. I am still working on accepting this entirely, I see it as a process, and it is wonderful and scary. I guess what it boils down to, is that I am proud that I have let myself become more myself this year.

Yes, definitely. When my husband and I get in to a big fight, I often lash out physically. I hate that about myself and wish I could change it. I am tremendously proud of the wedding I planned this year. We had an amazing and perfect day.

The past year (and maybe even the past few years) has been a whirlwind. By far, the major event has been my selling my townhome (without a realtor) and buying a single family home here in the desert. Actually another item was my completing school to be a Massage Therapist and I am now a CMT. That is also a huge step for me in many ways. Though I don't see being "proud" as a good thing, these are two major accomplishments from the past year for which I could be proud.

I wish I had gotten my son help sooner than we did. I have taken on a new job in addition to my regular job, and I am doing really well. I like learning new things!

I wish I had not cried so much this year.

I don't generally think about what I could've done differently because I don't like to live in regret. I suppose in general I could have been healthier and more fit. I'm proud of sticking to my guns, not settling for something that pays me money and finding what could be a dream job (if some dysfunction gets fixed).

This time last year I had just started one of the worst jobs I've ever had. I had also just bought a lot of expensive stuff I'd gone without for most of college years. Part of me wishes I'd stuck to my plan and gone to teach english in South Korea. Or moved to Israel to be closer to my family. There's a quote I remind myself of whenever I feel as though I'd be happier some place else: My giant goes with me wherever I go. All of my hangups would still be there right? Maybe I'd be more alone than I am now, even though I feel lonely most of the time. At least I would have seen some different things. I feel trapped in a comfy job with decent benefits. The trade in is I have no freedom. I want security and stability but also freedom and the ability to pick up and leave when I want adventure. I'm proud of myself for learning and recognizing these things. Maybe it isn't too late to say fuck it and do something awesome. It'll happen.

I wish I had been less enabling of my partner's underemployment. I gave him money to help him cover his expenses when we were still living separately. I could've used that money to pay down some of the consumer debt I was left with as part of my divorce. Now it has been almost 18 months of him not working more than part-time and I feel really resentful to be stuck being the primary wage-earner when I would really like to reduce my hours.

I think the biggest thing I wish I had done differently is get more involved with the community and my church. As I type this I fear that next year, when I read this, my answer to this question will be the same. I like to believe becoming involved with the community is very important to me but it is very difficult to do. As busy as I am at this point I really want to be selfish with the little free time that I have. I need to better understand and believe that my time isn't mine, it's God's. And the way I spend my time can be a direct reflection on my relationship with Him. I am very proud of where I am. I've worked extremely hard and have landed a very good job that I am proud of. Now it's just finding out if this is the job for me!

There are 2 things I wish I had done differently this year, which are probably related at some deep level. The first is that I wish I had taken action to find a new job, as I am not happy at all here. Secondly, I wish I had acted better around friends, especially in controlling my drinking. I think that I am so frustrated by parts of my life that I lash out when my inhibitions are down. Again, proud that I've quit smoking, and feel like that is the first step to a turn-around. Pride doesn't some easily to me, which is something I may need to work on.

This year has been a blur! I changed jobs and stopped and started grad school. I did two Whole 30s and ran three half marathons. I'd say I did a lot. Nothing I regret, other than trying to enjoy the nice days. I felt like I was inside too much.

I wish I would have been better able to be there for my mother before she passed. I didn't expect things to progress so quickly. I don't know if I'll ever get over feeling guilty about not being in Israel with her. Similarly, I don't know if I'll ever be square with not trying to enable my parents to speak to each other during the time they were apart at the end of her life. Objectively I know I shouldn't feel this way, but I do. I feel profoundly guilty about having let both of my parents down. I wish I could have been better at communication and telling them how much I love them.

I am especially proud of my self-care journey of the last year. I went from a place of fear and feeling broken - so many hive outbreaks - to a place of feeling educated and empowered.

I completed a really excellent interim ministry. The congregation was healthy and happy, I was able to help them identify what they needed to be doing and to help do some of it. It felt really, really good to be doing good ministry during the 1 1/2 years I was there.

My overarching goal has been to succeed at this position since they hired me, but as time went on and I saw my bosses become involved in other projects and less focused on our company, I also lost focus and determination. The fire that was lit under my ass back in November of 2012 feels like it's been reduced to nothing more than a tiny ember next to the firepit. I'm proud of what I bring to the table for our small team and I hope that things turn around for us soon, but the reality is, I haven't felt inspired in months. Here's to hoping for some better news in the coming weeks.

I am glad I was able tell my boss my feelings and why I was upset with certain situations since I do not do that EVER. It was very hard and I'm better for it. I wish I didn't just end my relationship with one of my friends so abruptly. I wish I would have expressed my feelings and thoughts verbally so it wasn't such a shock to her. It wasn't a shock to anyone else, but her. I have always felt guilty how I acted in ending that friendship. It needed to be done, but I wish I would have done it differently.

I am especially proud that I filed and that I am following through on the divorce process.

I am so proud of the new job I landed this year. It's basically my dream job, and the initial feedback I've received is that I am good at it! I am happy to have accomplished this when I am not even 40.

More patience with my kids and family. It is so so tough to be level headed when you have to tell a kid to do something 4 and 5 times. Listening in this household sometimes only happens with yelling. It is not healthy. I am proud though of how my kids do in school, that they do their homework with little intervention, after years of getting them to "do the important things first". Raising kids is so hard, when you have a tough nut. I can see how some folks have it easy, and others it is a challenge. ;->

I wish I had established more secure boundaries and gotten out of a negative cycle of text messages. I feel like I've gotten to a more positive life place and am calmer in myself. I am building a support network and a professional one as well. It's very cool.

I wish I had made a stand by forcing myself to take the Inge and open my notary business. I haven't done anything special that I can recall but I have had some proud daddy moments with Lauren graduating and dani back withLVU.

I'm very proud of how I'm approaching my new romantic relationship. I learned a lot from my last one, and this one is going much better. We've been together for six months now, and we haven't had a major fight. When something goes wrong, we talk about it and find a solution. We approach things as adults. It's really great.

I don't know if I believe in regrets. Everything we do is some form of exactly what we wanted to do in that moment. Certainly, as time passes, we can look back and say we'd handle it differently knowing what we know now. But at the time, you did what you did for a reason. And that shapes who you are. And if I'm a stronger/better/happier/wiser person for having done what I have then I certainly wouldn't want to do those things differently even if they were challenging at the time. I am especially proud of how hard I've worked this past year to stay fit in a realistic, healthy, maintainable way. I have struggled with body image and healthy eating/exercising habits in the past and I've fought very hard to overcome those issues and be strong, confident and healthy. Not obsessing over being thin has been a definite challenge for me, and likely something I will have to consciously put energy towards for the rest of my life, but as long as I'm winning that battle that's the important thing.

I wish I had been more focussed on the important things instead of being distracted easily all the time.

I wish I hadn't left an incriminating message on my friends answering machine. If there is one thing I could take back from this whole year it would be that one message. I am really proud that I made it out of depression to make a full S/S collection, and now have a F/W well on it's way, some of the best work I've done.

I wish I had worked harder on my music. I could be so much farther in life if I could apply myself. I am really proud of how extroverted I've become. I'm still awkward, but I can start conversations with strangers now lol. I'm also proud I finally told my parents I'm converting..even if they'll never accept it.

For the first time in my life, I can honestly say that I would not change a thing.

I'm proud of finding my flat. I put in a lot of effort to secure it, and to get us moved into it. I really love it, and I feel really proud that I'm on the lease with my best friend, and that every day I come home to a home I've created with her. I'm proud to show it to other people, and proud to have it as a reflection of who I am at this point in my life.

I will be serving as vice-president; the president in 2 years of the oldest medical honorary in North America.

I think this year has been an incredible journey. It's been arduous and emotional, and often it's been nearly impossible to explain my choices to other people. But the defining aspect has been that things have come to fruition because of choices I made and acted upon. Have I learned things? Yeah. Is there stuff I wish I could have handled better? Of course! There have been times when I was ashamed to be me. I would have traded personalities and bodies with anyone else in the world. But I made those choices as me and I lived and worked through the positive outcomes and the consequences as me.

Proud that I started a new job at PADIS. It has been 5 months in training and I have learned a lot and met many new wonderful people. I am also proud of the time the girls and I have spent together. Spartan race, Vancouver half marathon, trip to CA, sending Riley to Africa. I wish I road my bike more as I spent a lot of money and time training through the winter.

I really don't like to live in the past, or for that matter regret decisions or the direction of the path I am on. This life is too short to dwell on something that cannot be changed. So no, I do not wish anything different. I am proud of myself for sticking with my freelance career that it landed me contract work with one specific designer that I admire and grow from on a daily basis. I am really happy in my career and I was not sure if that was ever going to happen.

I am proud of my decision to go down to 80% at work this year to free up time to gain new job skills and explore other career options. Last spring taught me that I am really ready for a change and I am proud of all the networking I did, even if much of it wasn't fruitful. This coming year I will need to take the leap of faith of trying to find a new job/career.

I wish I'd spent more time with F in the beginning. I didn't realize how left out he felt. I am still constantly trying to figure out ways to spend more time with him, even when it's hard. I still wish I could do more. On the flip side, I'm so damn proud of myself for breastfeeding our beautiful little girl despite all the hardship, all the judgement from my boss, and all the trouble it's been to pump. I love the way she settles into me at night when she's woken up from a nightmare or a cramp or whatever. I love the sound of her nursing through a let-down. I love holding her close. I love the special one-on-one time it gives us every day.

I always wish, with fervance, that I had exercised more. I wish I had cancelled my monthly fee at the health club concurrently. Proud to have committed myself to staying on top of paper work. ..so far.

I wish I'd been more kind, especially to those whom I love. The nagging suspicion remains that meditating on a regular basis would help. Reflection on my own compassion level has become almost non-existent. Sometimes I look at myself and don't like the person I see. This really needs to change.

I wish I had budgeted my money better. This is an ongoing wish, and I AM trying, but it is tricky to get everything down in a budget and stick to it. I always have more month at the end of my money. I have too many debts that I am diligently working on paying down. And I'm making progress! I am very proud of my work this year. I was promoted and am now doing more of what I want to make my career into. My boss is very supportive of my long term goals and helps whenever needed. I have done a few projects that have made it in front of senior management at my company, and they have responded positively. I also bought a house! All in all - not a bad year.

I don't think there is anything that I would have really done differently. I don't like to regret the decisions I make. Maybe if I had to change one thing, I would have slept with less people. But really, who cares? ha. I'm really proud of how well I am doing in school, even if my classes are super easy. and I'm proud of sticking to this nannying thing and making as much money as I really can. I think I should have saved more money this year though.

I wish I had more self confidence It is growing More confidence as a painter. More confident that I don't need to absorb other people's takes /interpretation I am proud of the plain air fest I produced Proud of staying true to myself

There are a lot of things I wish I had done differently--mostly, it's small and stupid-ish things. I regret spending hundreds of dollars on shoes, even though--even at the time--I KNEW I would need the money later. I regret the hours I spent on the couch, instead of working out, even though I KNEW I'd gain weight and feel bad in the future. I guess that's the pattern of things I regret--not because I look back and regret them, but because I KNOW in the future I'll wish I had made better choices. Something that I'm proud of...honestly, in this moment, looking back, there isn't one large accomplishment from this past year. It was hard, I got through it, and I learned a LOT. Which I guess is something: it was hard, but in the long run, it opened me up instead of shutting me down.

I wish that I hadn't tried to go for the I-don't-care-this-is-all-meaningless-and-just-work approach at work. I feel like I should have known that that wouldn't work for me. Its not who I am.

I wish I had been more proactive about shots for our wedding pictures. For how much we spent I wasn't super happy with them, though I pretended to be because I'd made such a fuss about spending the money on the photographer!

As ever, I wish I'd been more productive in making games. That said, I'm really happy with my present levels of generativity and commitment. One part of me wants to self-scold for not getting to this point sooner, but another acknowledges the necessary linearity of the journey. Each step in sequence, of course, but perhaps I can begin taking larger steps?

I wish I had left the East Coast LARP/Freeform community like I planned to. I should have recognized that those communities are highly dysfunctional on a social level and prone to small community status politics. I should also have recognized that people in leadership positions by choice or default have little incentive to change the culture nor the status quo. It's 20 years that I wish I could have gotten back.

Everything just comes down to losing my wife. Regretting what I did. Regretting not fighting her more on how we define it. Regretting not leaving the house sooner, and regretting leaving at all without a fight. Regretting getting involved in dating again, and regretting not fully committing to it.

I wish I had been more forgiving this past year and let things go. I wish I had handled my emotions better and not let anger get the best of me. I'm proud of myself for persevering and not giving up - on my family, my PhD program, Denver,, even learning how to drive which seems so simple but for me was so scary! I am proud of how far I've come in these past few months, and that I am getting better at stating how I feel and validating my own emotions and those of others.

I wish I had been better with Jenna. We had a really difficult time with each other in Sophomore year. Now we are back and I am really proud of us for getting through that. However, I also wish I had tried harder in school and worked my butt off because now that I'm a Junior, I have to. I am also proud of how open I've become with being gay. It was really difficult last year but I now I've finally learned who I am and how I behave. Basically, last year I tried too hard and this year I think I've got it. I'm also proud that I got my license.

I don't think there's anything I wish I would have done differently this past year, but I am really proud of adopting a more: "I don't care if you like it!" attitude and protecting my time and energy from toxic people and situations.

Re-do Pushed harder & earlier for school IT infrastructure & web presence to be updated. Especially proud of becoming more grounded spiritually

Spent more conscious effort on learning the Torah portions I was given to read. The learning of how to be able to flow, be grounded, let go and raise up, gently allowing emotions to process in a more conscious fashion with more observance that engagement.

I wish that I had taken the time to record interviews of my mother before she died. I live in another state 1500 miles away, and I lost my job a few months prior to her passing. The silver lining was that this freed me to spend more time with her. (At one point she commented that it was nice to have me there without a laptop or cell phone. Ouch!) I only regret that I was so caught up in my sadness over her rapidly failing health and inevitable death, that I didn't think to capture the life that still remained.

I am proud of crossing Rs 100 Crore mark without any HNIs

I'm proud to have successfully changed careers. A few years ago I was given a terrible review as a teacher. The next year when I moved from teaching high school to college, I was given a glowing review. But the negative review from the high school job has been constantly on my mind. My current supervisor seems to really appreciate the work I do and between the glowing teaching review from the college and the acceptance at my current job, I'm feeling far more confident.

2013-2014 has been a year of change - Grandpa's passing and my husband's decision to seek treatment for addiction were two heavy hits. Despite those major changes, I'm proud of how I turned the stress into self-reflection. I have been able to more clearly articulate what I like, what I don't like, and what I'm good at. This has led to one of the most successful years in my career. By being able to verbalize my strengths and weaknesses, I am better positioned to get projects I enjoy and can complete with success.

Proud of my retreat mentioned I mentioned in question 1 and also proud of myself for using the slow time at my work to do a lot of traveling this year. To go further this year i've actually started the process of a daily spiritual practice and not just left it to reading books. It's very hard to get into this habit so I'm pretty grateful for that. We've also stopped drink alcohol during the week and we eat a very clean diet. So a lot of great stuff is now normal for us. I'm still beating myself up a lot more than I like to and that has always been a problem of mine. Meaning that I'm resisting things that happen when they're not in alignment with that I had planned for my day. Allowing things to flow naturally and knowing that is the best course for me is something I want to live. Getting to bed early and more importantly getting up early and forming a consistent routine is something I have not done well and really want to work towards.

I wish that I had not Hospice to take over my mother's care. I took very good care of my mother. I took better care of myself in the last year of her life than I ever have.

This past year I don't feel a strong urge to revisit anything specific. However, I am proud that I've been able to put two different plans regarding my future into motion.

I became obsessed with a game on my iPad. It started as a fun thing to do, until I realized I was ignoring my cats. So I removed the game from my iPad, and started spending more time with my cats. I think it made everyone happier. I downloaded it again and have played it a few times. Rather than abstaining completely, I'm trying to learn self-discipline by only playing it occasionally while keeping it accessible.

I'm proud for maintaining in the face of strong headwinds agains change in my workplace. I am struggling but continuing to find more of my own voice and it feels wonderful.

I always wished I could redo first impression, that I could be my most genuine self right of the bat ins stead of distrusting everyone with that part of my self.

Most of what I wished I had done differently is related to conflict with Vanessa. I wish I would have controlled my anger better and been able to more rationally think through issues. I want to push myself to remain rational and try to see things from different viewpoints in all situations. I am proud of my son...I am always proud of him. Noah has grown so much and is become so much more of a little boy than a toddler. I feel great pride when I watch him as he helps around the yard and garden. He works so hard and take so much joy in the task its hard to believe he is a three and a half year old.

This past year I spent 5 months living in Tel Aviv on an internship program. Although I am so grateful for the amazing friends and community I built with my fellow participants, I was lazy about imbedding myself in to Israeli society as much as possible. Instead of trying really hard to learn more Hebrew and practice it, I defaulted to English and actually lost a lot of the Hebrew I learned in college. Instead of taking 100% advantage of new Israeli communities independently, I clung to my American friends in the program. Yes, I love and appreciate them, but there were many times where a certain adventure should have been my own and fear of being a lone American should not have been an issue. Alternately, I am very proud of myself for surviving one of the most intense health crises of my life. I've suffered from depression and anxiety for almost 5 years now and while in Israel it hit me like I had never experienced before. I found myself, at times, completely debilitated. I had to navigate a foreign health system with limited health insurance. I had to find hope and home in a foreign place with foreign people. Luckily I was surrounded by so much love and so much beauty in Israel. I made it and I have learned so much about myself.

This past year I became a pack leader for my son's new boy scout troop. I am proud of everything we did and the success of the program. If I could do it differently I would increase our planning. I would meet with other pack leaders on regular basis to plan our future activities. I would insist on more parent involvement, especially if the group is large. The ideal ratio of adult to kid is 5-1 or less. I would also insist that need scouts but their uniform as soon as they join. I would actually probably join an established pack for about a year to gain experience before starting a new pack.

I'm especially proud of myself for taking the initiative in a foreign country to take a bus to a scooter rental place, convince the associate to rent me a scooter for 4 hours (no license), and take a tour by myself through the beautiful french coast. It was an amazing day. I wish I had not gone too fast around that turn and crashed the scooter, resulting in a $300 fine, concussion, whiplash, bruised rib, and some major road rash.

I wish I had not taken on so much extra responsibility at work. The past few years I have been so busy with work, school, and the kids that I did not have enough time for my husband. I vowed to change that this year and ended up with too many extra responsibilities anyway. I also wish I had handled the adjustment with my step son differently. Him and I both have abrasive personalities. Rather than fighting that, I wish I had started with some more acceptance and understanding. I am getting to that now but it would have been better to start off that way. I am proud of learning how to build a house, finishing my degree, and switching over to almost all home cooked meals.

I wish my wife and I had picked a less ambitious honeymoon itinerary. We seemed to spend more time travelling than enjoying ourselves. That said, when we weren't travelling it was AWESOME.

I am proud that I have worked hard to clarify with my father, who has been in hospice care for two years and has recently started failing more rapidly, that we have left no unresolved or outstanding issues between us, that I've made it clear to him how much I love and always will love him, how much I've learned by his example about what it means to be a man and how I've come to realize that my shortcomings in that regard are usually where I've strayed from his example. I wish that Amy and I had visited him more but I think we've done a reasonably good job in that regard. I wish I could more forcefully open my heart to Amy even when I'm sad or distraught or depressed, and not close in on myself, as is my nature. I wish I could be as good--as loving and supportive and compassionate and thoughtful and open--a partner to her as she has been to me.

I wish, in a way, that I hadn't made the decision to NOT renew my CPT...but it feels like the right decision. I'm especially proud of the fact that we have a greenhouse and woodshed, and the yard is looking a lot better than it did - particularly by the driveway.

I wish I had gone to Burning Man this year. Or skipped one of the 8 weddings and had done a backpacking trip. Wish I'd planned things better and organized that side room. Little things, here and there. I wish I was more disciplined and started work on creative side stuff. I procrastinate and lose time and momentum sometimes. I'm especially proud of the home the wife and I are building together. With art, food, dinners, cooking, making it feel comfortable and a nice respite from everything else. And for communicating with my brother that he needs to get involved more with his family life.

When you have an abundance you can take things for granted and that can be worse than when you don't have enough but you appreciate what you do have. I've always felt lucky and grateful. Even when I was a little girl and terrible things were happening to me and around me, I would lay in bed some nights and wonder why I was so lucky, why God let me be a little American girl in a warm comfortable bed, with a roof to protect me from the rain. Why me? I knew I didn't deserve it any more than any other little girl who wasn't safe in a warm bed. And, as an adult, I thought feeling lucky and grateful was enough but, it's not. Feeling must lead to action for it to be useful. I can't just say if, I have to show it. For half of this year, I had an abundance of time. I could have done anything I wanted with that time and I squandered it. I didn't write, I didn't learn another language, I didn't read, I didn't play my guitar. I squandered it on foolishness. Ever single day, I made the choice to not be productive by not appreciating what I had. I squandered my good fortune. And then I had to go back to work and suddenly time became a factor in everything. Now, I have to decide what and who will get my time each day. Now that I don't have an abundance, time is precious to me. Time is my gold. So, yes. I wish I'd realized how abundance can have a dark side and that there is Purpose and Direction in not having everything you want. But I realize it now. And this has changed the way I pray, too. To the second part of the question: I'm proud of my family and my friends. I have really good and kind people in my life.

That's a hard one. I was glad that I did two marathons last fall and glad I took a year off from training, and glad I have been HCLFV since January, that has felt really good on so many levels. I think I can always take better care of myself and listen to what is truly good for me and work to honor it.

I wish had made more of an effort to spend time with friends and making a life for myself in New Jersey. I spend a lot of time alone since David passed away because I am still miserable without him. I am proud that I am able to get up in the morning to go to work, attend my nightly meetings, rehearsals, and continue with my cantorial program. I am just not having fun anymore now since David is gone.

I have resolved to try to be less intolerant with people. I am very good at being patient with my students and I think all that effort has lead me to be less vigilant about how I communicate more generally. I am very intolerant with people who do not think critically about the world or what they are told and I need to incorporate more of my basic beliefs about the world into how I relate to people. For example, I no longer believe in Free Will. Philosophically and scientifically that belief has no basis. So I came to accept the obvious (but difficult) logic some years ago -- but I still relate to people who behave as described as if they are choosing that behavior, when I know well and good that none of us do. To influence the world, or cause change in an individual I would do better with positive interactions than negative. Pointing out failures does not generally motivate positive change, and some people simply will not change. I need to practice patience with all this and just shrug more and let things go. A positive interaction might have benefits -- or more likely, I should recognize that there is no point to the interaction and just let it go. I want to be better about this in the new year.

As much thought that I put into it I would like to have better communicated with my wife. We talk about things but would like to have a more fun relationship with her. I feel very good about my volunteerism and giving back to my community. Billings, MT

I'm wishing that I had worked harder at securing a practicum and internship setting during this past summer. I have been reluctant to engage either potential setting/supervisory staff and now I am feeling a good bit of pressure to make something happen very soon because I need to submit the application for practicum to LRU -- I'm 25 days past the deadline at this point. On the other side of the coin, I'm pretty proud of the way I handled my daughter's move to college and not being able to be present on that day. I chose to honor her in a public way and deal with the feelings of regret over past actions that I feel contributed to an uncomfortable situation where I couldn't join in helping to move her to college.

Really wish I had been more proactive about work, travel, and dating opportunities. In many ways I let things come to me, but I would have been happier if I had done the opposite. My proudest moment was helping to spearhead a union so that our hotline workers will receive better treatment!

Done differently? I'm not sure. I guess I wish I would have confronted the person my SO had an affair with, to her face. I need closure. I still do not have closure. It is making my life very difficult. I have hatred towards my SO. It makes me sick every time I see the other person. And it ruined a lot of my days. There isn't a day that goes by that I don't think about what they did and what he has done to our family. I used to be the happiest person. Everyone always commented about how I was never down and how I always had a smile on my face and how I always saw the good side of things. It's no longer like that. He doesn't want to have another kid anymore. We always talked about having at least two kids. And a huge possibility of three kids. I'm off track now... But I wish I would have confronted her to her face. I am proud of what I have done with my daughter. I'm not proud of anything I have done for myself though. I do not focus on myself, ever. I start to and then give up. I'm not happy enough with myself to care to do anything for myself. But I am proud of being a mom and what I have done with my daughter.

I don't wish I did anything differently this past year. If I changed anything about my actions or my reactions to things, then I wouldn't be where I am today. Life is about living and learning from past experiences. Alternatively, I am proud that I have been more open and honest about my feelings, my wants and needs. In the past, I've had the tendency to be "Switzerland". Remaining neutral and not really expressing how I REALLY felt about things. This year that has changed dramatically. It's caused some drama at times, but I think that folks respect me more for being honest and dealing with situations head on. I hope that this continues over the next year. I have a feeling that it will!

I wish I didn't gain so much weight, but alternatively, it was a necessary evil to have the crutch of food and booze while I accomplished a great deal professionally: best at work; started my own company (just started beta/integrated); columnist again for another print publication; board member for large, prominent, entertainment NPO; and started my own entertainment NPO, as well.

i'm not proud of telling the officers that the weed was janeal's i'm proud of moving the f outta that room

I wouldn't change anything I did...i am just grateful for the support from the staff and the community here in our retirement community. I do feel gratified by the support from the social workers who feel I am doing a good job of supporting Rich. Our daughters and their families have been wonderful.

I wish I had more boundaries around my daughter's struggles. I am proud that I have returned to AlAnon.

I wish I would have stood my ground with remaining celibate. This situation has lead to a lot of confusion. I know the wilderness experience is almost over but it was unnecessary. I am proud of the growth of the relationship between me and my children and themselves. I am also proud that we are beginning to observe Shabbat and treasure that time together as a family.

Trusted less easily. I got hurt so often. But then, I took risks. And I put my heart in places I knew it may not go easily. And so far, they're turning out well for me. I'm proud of myself for trusting in teshuvah.

I wish I'd been able to enjoy the long at-home moments with my kids more, instead of keeping one eye on my phone and a foot out the door.

I'm proud of the ways that I have grown in my relationship. The way that I will work to listen to my partners concerns, fears, and hopes. While sometimes what she says make me feel weaker, or even threatened I try to process it from the point of love and concern it's coming from. I think I've learned to listen and love better.

I started giving myself permission to live more independently. Sometimes it feels like my husband and I are running on parallel tracks instead of on the same set, but I can't spend my life sitting on the couch wishing I was living instead. I fear this means someday we grow apart. But I hope it means I continue to grow and become a better person and that one day when his schedule slows down that he can do the same.

I wish I had been more honest--with my boss, with my husband, with my therapist.

I wish I had quit drinking a year ago. I'm very proud that I'm not drinking now.

I wish I had called my ex-boyfriend out on his bullshit sooner --I knew in my gut something was wrong and I just kept sticking around anyways, even after he broke up with me and admitted he cheated. I'm proud of the way I spent my summer --instead of wallowing in all that went wrong, I focused on doing good things for myself. Crossing things off my bucket list, traveling, meeting new friends, spending lots of time with my family..

I wish I'd take more control of my dating life.... Or, date someone who is more available. And, be more available myself. I wish I wouldn't have purchased my condo. Or, that I would've spent more time there to make sure I would really love it. I'm proud of all the hard work I've done on my condo. I wish I felt more proud of the work. I'm proud of always taking good care of my sweet pup, and being a great pet parent. I'm proud of myself for losing 11lbs and keeping it off in a healthy manner.

I wish I didn't stress as much about school. I was completely miserable the ENTIRE year. Stressed with comps, stressed with my disgustingly long (& early to late) commute, stressed with homework and research. I was just stressed; always busy and always doing work. I didn't enjoy myself enough. I didn't celebrate life enough. I didn't socialize with my friends enough. But with that said, I am proud of the work I accomplished and the relationships I built. I just wish I had spent a little more time building those friendships earlier in the year.

I wish that every time I'd had a thought about reaching out to someone, or calling or writing or stopping by, that I had taken the time to follow through. Those are my biggest regrets -- the missed opportunities to have made someone's life a little brighter or a little easier. I'm proudest of taking more of a leadership role, by example mostly, in our synagogue's ritual life, by reading Torah more often and taking more ownership of the evening service I lead once a week.

As always, I wish I had gotten more excercise, learned some restraint, lost some weight. I think I meed a full length mirror. I'm _just_ active and capable enough to feel way smaller than I realize I actually am when I see myself in a full mirror. I'm proud of really going for it with my veggie garden, and for committing to using as little water as possible. It is noy fun to shlep buckets of water way out back to the garden from the laundry water diversion, but it really helped. Keeping a bucket in the shower to collect water for flushing the toilet is obnoxious, but makes a difference. Flushing less often is gross. But these are honestly minor inconveniences when you consider we as a household stepped up and did our part to be responsible members of our community in this epic drought. We used only 30/40% of our reduced water allowance each month. Just by doing things that only slightly impacted our routines.

I wish I had been more compassionate with myself, but I am proud of the times when I was able to extend forgiveness to myself for my shortcomings.

What do I wish I had done differently this past year. Well, I wish I had not been diagnosed with cancer! How's that one? But I am extremely proud of myself for getting through the surgery, the infection, the insertion of a port for chemotherapy,the 6 months of chemotherapy, and all the horrendous side effects. I am proud that I have grown in my faith and in my relationship with God, my family, and my friends. I know I can do all things through Him who strengthens me. I am proud that I have been able to become an advocate for colon cancer, especially those diagnosed at such an early age. I am proud that I have raised awareness of this preventable yet deadly disease. I hope that someone may be touched by my resilience and can be inspired by my journey this past year.

I always wish that I spoke less of others - positively or negatively - just less. It always puts me in a tough spot. And though it didn't put me in a tough spot, I really regret how little I put my marriage first above all else. My work, my volunteer work, my children, my friends, my extended family: in some ways, everything came before my husband. And I really wish I had put him first, focused on our marriage, and showed him my love before all else.

I am proud of the way I stepped up at work and took on the added responsibilities. I'm also proud of the way that I have handled different stressful situations that have come from this new responsibility. I do regret the same thing I regret every year, that I haven't committed to making the life I want. I want the freedom of my own business, but I have let the fear of failure and the fear of letting down my husband take over. There is clearly a reason God has put this aching desire in my heart. Am I disrespecting Him by not following my dreams that I truly feel could bring Him more glory??

This year was SO crazy I would not have known, still don't what I would have done differently. Except figure out a way to have spent more time with Ray, Ray -my drop of golden SUN.

Yes, I wish I would have done a better job in my new management position. I feel that I was too carefree, and didn't serve my employees as well as I should have.

I wish I would have made a better effort to do things I enjoy (music shows, day trips, adventures). It's been a busy year with buying our home but I hope to have moe fun time now. I'm proud of how well I've held it all together during stressful times and managed to make fun wherever I am.

I wish I had spent more time focusing on my relationship with my husband, giving him my time, energy and passion. I'm often overwhelmed with life - kids, finances, work, friends, events, family, etc. - and I always put him last. Well, before me but close to last. It's impacted our relationship in ways that I worry we can't recover from. I'm proud of taking the summer off of work to be with my kids. As much as I wanted to work and earn money, they really needed me and it was great to be able to do it. We swam, played, hung out and went on adventures all summer.

I am proud of the way I've been coping with my husband's choices and growing through them and turning them into my own choices. I wish I left my cynicism behind and always remembered that everything is done from love. I wish I could find a better way to communicate with my middle daughter who decided to leave home and live with my inlaws on our block. I am proud of the way I coped most of the time with my son's troubles. I am proud to see what an amazimg person my youngest daughter is growing up to be, I wish she and her sister could get along better, and I feel I have some responsibility as far as that's concerned.

I wish that I took my professional goals more seriously.

As always, I struggle with my temper. I don't think I "lose it" often, but I am prone to getting overwhelmed by external stimuli. When that happens, I have a very hard time maintaining my bearing. I STILL need to work on this. I am, however, eternally proud of my boys. They are beautiful, smart, charming and they love each other.

I wish my ego would chill out. It's so nasty sometimes.

This year has been very difficult, yet a year of profound growth. To focus on the growth is something I am proud of; to have stepped out in faith is something that eclipses any regret.

I wish I planned better, financially. Although my wife and I are stable, we are not where I planned us to be. I am especially proud I have a job that I love!

I'm proud of how well the business continues. I feel much more capable and I believe I am a talented business owner. I'm also enjoying developing a couple of younger folks on the road to business success.

I threw a 55th birthday party and jam session for my friends and fellow amateur musicians that cost a few grand and was completely out of character for me. I usually let birthdays slide by as quietly as possible. So inviting 50 people to a party and playing music for them is not what anyone, including me, expected of me I'm pretty proud of that.

Of course I wish I had done more to help my daughter-in-law with her depression and urged her to seek more help. But, I know, ultimately it was her decision. I am proud of my continued volunteer and physcial fitness efforts and commitment.

I wish I had taken more time for myself. I tend to push myself too much. When it is time to take off - it is a day, but I have my cell phone and answer emails or take calls. It isn't a day off. In April/May - I did take a week with my boyfriend and his brother - we took a road trip to San Francisco - we spent time exploring the many sites, eating at fun restaurants and generally being a tourist. During that time, I got to focus on relaxing, rather than try to work while on vacation. I came back renewed and refreshed. I WISHED I HAD DONE IT MORE IN 2013/14.

I wish I had spent less time getting wound up by irrelevance. Irrelevant things and irrelevant people. I also worried about things that didn't end up happening. I made up an awful lot in my head.

There are so many things I wish I had done differently. That is my default position in life.... I am proud of having produced a major conference with less staff help than usual. I am proud of the great time my daughter and I had when I dropped her off at college.

I wish I would have been more productive on my Mat leave. I wish I would have gotten up earlier and got things done before the baby woke up. I wish I would have went out on more walks and exercised more so that I would be in better shape now. I am proud of the articles I wrote regarding both our failed and successful adoptions. My goal was to give hope to others who may have experienced the same difficulties. I am proud that we were able to move forward from an absolutely tragic experience, find the positives in it and build the relationship we have now with our son's birthmom.

Actually, I'm really proud of how well I've handled things in the past year. I managed to get a couple jobs, got into school, and got us into an apartment. I feel like it's the first year where I've actually started acting like an adult, which I'm really proud of. Alternatively, I also feel like there are plenty of ways where I could act more mature as well. I've had trouble saving money, and I tend to still splurge a little more than I would prefer. Though I think I've also learned a lot in the way of that I do need to treat myself, just not all the time. I treat myself more often than I would like, but they're at least reasonable treats, and I think long and hard about them, too.

I wish I had planned the divorce better. It took a toll on the kids, which I know divorce by nature does, but I feel like I added more to what was already there. Although some of it was out of my control as the other person reacted in as way that was more impactful. I am proud that even though I felt like completely falling apart, I somehow held it together enough to be sane, stable, and hopeful. I am also proud of how I am excelling at work. I really feel like I'm going in a direction of my own choosing and the destination will be success.

In the past year, I have grown up a lot and made an effort to meet new people and step out of my comfort zone. I think what I wish I had done differently is taking some more of the opportunities I was given instead of choosing what was fun instead.

I wish that I had not encouraged my son to go to a college that he was unsure of. He was miserable there. I wish that I could have known how to make my son happy and trust me better. I wish I could have motivated myself to exercise more and be less lazy.

I wish that I had been more gentle on my parents. Sometimes my work exhausted me and I'd come home tired and frustrated and wouldn't let them in. I learned its not fair to toss aside the concern of our loved ones, because it would be harder if they weren't concerned at all. I'm very proud of my workout ethic, I decided this year to get in shape and become the athlete I once was and I've never felt better!

Yes and no. Wish that I had taken another GRE sooner. Wish that I wasn't afraid of math or science. Wish that I had more confidence in myself and my abilities! What I'm proud of - finding another therapist and working through some of these old issues from my childhood.

I'm glad I weathered the storm as well as I did this past year. It was an incredibly rough bout of R A symptoms and sinusitis infection. But I am proud of myself that when I came out the other and of it (which frankly was just about a week ago) I just started to invest in myself. I join the Y and I started doing the circuit, trying to bring my health back up to a higher level.

I wish that I had taken the call with the second job offer. There was too much going on all at once and I stuck with the first one. I don't regret taking that one, but I do wonder what the potentials were with the other.

I wish I hadn't given my heart up so easily. But I'm proud of the work I did and the friends that I made. I'm proud of going to synagogue.

I am very proud of taking the time to be in Taylor Ross's practice of parenting course as I believe it's changed my relationship with Amira exponentially. I can connect and relate with her on such a different level now. I would always wish that my behavior was different when it came to helping Amira to get through tough times, especially it seemed, when we left preschool. I made the decision to leave her in and she found a way to nap. Being able to give her that control was huge. Then taking the parenting course and learning how to communicate with her effectively added on to that. Now, we are in another state of flux and I believe we are going to come out of it more easily than ever.

I wish that I had been more proactive in handling Bennett's panic attacks so he would not have to spend time Baker Acted. I am proud that we were able to find treatment for him and that he has successfully moved to a group home and is happy and proud of himself. I am proud of how we have pulled together to help take care of Mimi as she has become more fragile.

Over the past two years I have had the great opportunity to work with several non-profit organizations that help low income families get access to food, health care, jobs and education. I regret that I was not more successful in doing more to reduce poverty in Houston. On the positive side, I am grateful and proud of the work I have been able to do with Interfaith Ministries for greater Houston to help people of different faiths understand, know about, and respect people of different faiths, and to see that while their concept of G-d or heaven may be significantly different, most faiths share a core belief in trying to improve the lives of the most vulnerable, and most in need in the community.

Once again, I wish I could live a life where I don't do things that cause regrets afterward. Life would be so much more serene (but absolutely boring) if I could just learn to not do the behaviors that cause regret a minute, or hour, or day later.

Recently when my 6 year old step son has started whining, getting angry, acted out, or disobeyed, my partner has offered him a 20 second hug. This often calms him down -- and its a mirror to a way in which I am with him and with others who push my buttons and trigger me. I can be reactive, quick to judge, short-fused -- which is particularly ineffective with a kid. I think I am being consistent or tough, but it never, and I mean never, has the desired effect. Yet a hug does. He's just looking for love. He's doing it poorly, and its our job to teach him how to do it better. But in the end, he's just looking for love -- just like the rest of us.

Proud of continued progress on physical health, temperament, self reflection and implementing better habits.

I wish I had stayed consistently in touch with my 2nd cousin as she isn't responding to cards I've sent this last year. I fear the worse. There is no one left for me to contact to find out what is going on. This makes me very sad. I am proud to have been able to not respond to a neighbor that has been harassing me on a regular basis over the last year. He has forced some of my neighbors to move with his behavior. He is probably mentally ill. I no longer make any attempt to communicate and I go about my chores as he attempts to chase me down. I have been successful in avoiding him and not allowing it to interfere too much with my daily activities. There is apparently nothing that can be done about him so I am glad that I am not allowing his behavior to intimidate me any longer. I will meet no more of his petty demands in order to placate him as he just invents new ones.

I continue to be very proud of my professional work and the knowledge, savy, intuitiveness, and caring i bring to it. i can't think of anything i wished i had done differently.

They are both the same... actually... I'm proud that I've been a better and more supportive spouse in some ways but I also know I could have been a better spouse in other ways.

-I wish the beginning of moving had started earlier. -Getting started moving at all was a major feat

I wish I had, perhaps, worked harder to find a new job. I am still in such limbo and in an uncomfortable position regarding trying to figure out what is the next step on my career/future path. I am proud of being "College Mom" for my nephew. I love being able to help guide him into adulthood. I'm not sure how good I am at doing this, but I hope I do well.

I wish I had spent more time with my creator. Of course I mean conscious, relationship development time because He is indeed always with me. That fact, that He is always here, now, is my biggest conviction. He does all the work in keeping up on me and I do not feel that I have given enough of that effort back. I imagine myself chasing a rabbit through tall grass - and sometimes briers - 24 hours per day with only a few minutes where the rabbit gives any notice to my efforts. I know that God is infinite in power and effort and wisdom and energy and...it goes on, but that doesn't give me the right to abuse it. My God deserves more than I can ever give Him in this life or the next. I wish that I would have the ______ to follow Him with all I have, and at very least not run away!! This next year I want to discover what goes in that blank. I'm proud of my work in graduating college, maintaining the Bible study for its 4th year, meeting my soon-to-be wife, and developing that relationship with resolve and purity. But really, how can I be proud of anything that comes entirely from God? I honestly want to know this.

I wish I would have invested more time in seeing my kids this past year. I tried, but was unsuccessful. It's my biggest regret for the last couple of years. I am, however, especially proud of my success in my new career

I wish that I had been more assertive in my relationship with Cindy. I was scared shitless as I was moving ahead with it. Plus she said to me that I wasn't a good kisser. that really bummed me out. So I felt very inferior in the intimacy department. On the proud side, I was honored as the JVS Employee of the year. Giving a short speech in front of 800+ people. Also Cindy was there and I felt very proud and connected.

I nursed my husband through a year long illness. It was rewarding that I was able to help him and very sad to watch him deteriorate. I am very grateful that we had that year together and will never forget his great courage. I am grateful that we shared 32 years of life and love.

I am very proud of my efforts to promote mental health awareness at the synagogue and elsewhere. I fell into the role of co-chair of Mental Health Awareness In Action and I feel I am well suited to it. I have learned that my experiences with mania and depression are not unique and that lots of people battle with the problem of bipolar. All the same, I recognize that my Rx treatment for the past eight years has been phenomenally successful. I don't take that success for grated. I am grateful for a positive attitude every day!

I wish I had had the tenacity to go to the gym the entirety of last year... instead of going only on and off at best 2-3 days a week.... I would like to average 4 days a week... Unfortunately, I suck at keeping promises to myself. That being said, I suppose I am especially proud of finally passing my CISSP exam. Hooray!

I gained about 30 pounds back. For one thing, I had foot surgery in January, which took me off my feet for a few months. So I expected to gain SOME back. But I got frustrated when I went over 200 lbs. again. I wish I had not let myself get frustrated over the gain and tried to rein it in a bit before it "got away" from me. I am finally back up to trying to meet my daily activity goals. But I am disappointed to be heavier. Again.

I wish I had actually looked for/applied for a teaching job on the coast. I haven't ever admitted to my husband that I didn't. As far as he knows, I certainly did. I put my eggs in the basket of getting something either working from home or outside of education, which means that this year, I am again driving back and forth to the Coast. It sucks. It really, really sucks.

I'm proud I spent so much time with my newborn daughter, at the expense of work. We traveled as a family, walked to daycare, and spent endless hours reading stories and playing on the floor. I don't regret a second of it.

I almost always wish I had done it/whatever differently. The call to make a difference and my efforts to be a nice person often conflict and I will go with being nice, most of the time. One particular issue where being nice was the WRONG approach is in staff management. Why I have let the bludger keep accepting a nice salary of public money to do f&c#-all has been a huge source of stress and regret. And not just for me, for many.

I've been saying 'yes' to a lot of things, just to see how they go... Now I feel like I'm doing all the things, and want to say 'yes' only to the things I'm excited about.

The Business School suddenly ended my employment with them. It wasn't because students stopped evaluating my classes very highly, and it wasn't because my classes weren't filling. I still don't know what motivated the change. But, all of a sudden, half of the money that I bring into the family was cut. I took this as an opportunity to really think through what I wanted to do with the next ten years of my life. I talked to lots of different people, and got lots of great advice (and some job offers)! But, I decided that my passion really lay in teaching, and after an unsuccessful courting of the School of Human Ecology, I was adopted by the Nelson Institute. Adopted is probably the wrong word, as they are putting no money on the table. Rather, my fall class was still funded by the B School, my spring class is funded by the Office of Sustainability, and the following two years are funded by the Council, off of proceeds from our conferences. But, the Nelson Institute gives me an organizational home, and credibility. Paul Robbins and I are using the next three years to fundraise for a permanent structure related to Business and the Environment. I am looking forward to working with Paul, introducing him to businesses around the state. So, yes, I am proud of how I was able to solve this challenge.

I wish I had done more creative work this year. I'm proud that I started meditating.

I'm proud of the fact I've kept up my two mornings per week of personal training with Hamish; but have otherwise not been eating & exercising as well as I should be - have been using food & alcohol (small quantities but high frequency) as a crutch .... and although life has been emotionally challenging & entirely unpredictable with Tony's cancer treatment; no excuse for not being more disciplined with my own health. I'm very proud of supporting my husband through his cancer journey, keeping our family & friends fully informed (& so humbled by their concern & support) & continuing to run the business very successfully over the past 12 months

I'm especially proud of both the cakes I've made this year, and the work I've done at LJS this year. I have survived redundancy and benefitted from the change, with a boost to my self confidence.

I'm proud of being brave enouhg to leave my last job without having another job in my hands just becuase it was bad for me. I'm proud that I was accepted to 2 other places - and I chose the one who offered me more challenge.

I wish I had spent more time with my husband this summer. While teaching summer school to pay for he Israel trip, I threw myself into my work as usual and didn't get to hang out with him much. I know he missed me even when I was home.

I'm especially proud of everything I've learned about entrepreneurship in the last year. From the "lean" process to business hacks I've absorbed an immense amount of knowledge. I've conducted hundreds of customer interviews/customer development, built and measured landing pages, pitched solutions, and made rapid fire pivots. I’ve gotten really good at establishing cold connections. It's been phenomenal to not just learn theory, but to execute it. I hope I can execute it well enough to find success.

I'm proud of myself for coming clean to my Christian friends that I no longer believe what they do. I wish I had been stronger.

I wish I had gotten control of my finances more fully over the past year. That has, for me, been an ongoing struggle throughout my adult life, and it's been irrespective of how much income I have or how many expenses I carry. The problem is with my own mindset. I find that if I look at the world as a place of poverty and struggle, then I will go through my life in poverty and struggling. I have made great strides, in recent months, but there's work to do. The trick is changing my mind, then the financial acumen will follow.

I wish I'd applied myself more to my job. I never enjoyed it, but I could have been better at it.

I always wish I'd managed to lose weight and get a more fulfilling job. Same this year. I'm proud that I'm managing yo get rid of some of my long held grudges and resent,laments, though and hope to keep it up this year. Life's too short.

Again, wish I would have saved more money! I'm really proud of how much I'm kicking ass at work. Am I perfect? Absolutely not. Am I the best? Hardly. But for the first time in my career I feel comfortable with my recommendations and way of going about doing my job. It's really awesome to see how much I've grown in a year along.

I am proud and pleased to have not cut back on any of my personal time experiences despite the incredible pressures and stresses of the work situation. Lisa and I have travelled all over the U.S. this year, and I have come to see Durham as my second home. I am playing the piano more, the guitar more, singing in Opera Parallele's productions, visiting with Mark, Alex and family, Brian and Nicole and Jacques, keeping up the quality of life at every turn, even becoming more civil and engaging in more stealth leadership at work, even as the atmosphere becomes more laden with negativity. I cannot think of anything which I wish I had done differently--but not because I was perfect but because I learned deeply from any mistakes made, in which case they are lessons and teachers, not mistakes to be wished away.

This past year I wish I had taken more time to myself to learn and grow. My fear of failure and abandonment still affect me and make decision-making and risk-taking harder than I would like them to be. Still, I have challenged myself to not learn and grow in isolation. Learn is a social process after all, right. I am proud of myself for taking the risks I have so far. And I look forward to taking more in the next year.

Nothing I would do differently. I found meaning in writing a book on the pharmaceutical industry coming fem a 'why of my own parents experience where their biggest expense was their medications. Its a chance to benefit a lot of people. While there may be fall out from this, I feel it is something I must do

I wish I had not withdrawn from neighbors and others so much.

I would have liked to communicate my feelings differently to my former partner at the end of our relationship. I am proud of how I have found my way through that time and who I have become this year. I am more in alignment with my soul's calling.

I wish I had taken more vacation and visited the places I wanted to, with all of my kids, that are within a few hours of where I live. But I'm very proud of being able to go out west with my youngest child, and introduce him to the beautiful province of Alberta. And proud that he is such an amazing person, and that my relatives were super happy to get to know him better

Different: more consistently shown gratitude to dan; recognized the good. Less gossip and judgment. Proud: ran - RAN - 15k!

I don't think there is anything I would have done differently. I am proud of the job I have done as a Team Leader despite doubting my own abilities in this area. This was also despite my manager doubting my ability at the beginning of my employment. I was pretty pleased when she congratulated me when I left about what a good job I had done. I am glad that I was true to myself and did the job in the way that is authentic for me i.e. being kind and compassionate. I was able to support my workers and I think that my approach was the right way to go. If you had asked me 6 months ago if I wanted to do another team leader job I probably would have said "no way". However, I now think that I do have the skills to be an effective team leader and I will be looking for a similar job at the end of the year. Overall it was a great learning experience for me and I am proud of the job I did. Of course I can see areas that I probably need some improvement in e.g. admin tasks but I know what they are.

I wish I would have communicated more with my husband; made more of an effort to be open and talk more about our issues, or what was going on my head. To not leave until it exploded. I'm proud of my family and things we have become together.

I am so grateful for this past year with my new friends, coworkers and accomplishments that I really don't think I would do anything differently. If anything, I could have better anticipated the stress that is associated with a home purchase and remodel. Oh! And also wish I would have lost more weight and focused on my overall health a bit more... But I feel that's everyone's New Years resolution, right? I am proud of purchasing my first home before my 27th birthday :) And I am elated that I am surrounded by those that support me and are able to share these moments with me.

I wish I had more confidence in my abilities as a graphic designer.

I wish I had made time for myself to exercise and get healthy. I feel like I never have enough time, no matter what I do, and then I feel guilty and like I'm not being a good role model for my daughter.

Differently? I wish I would have pushed myself a little harder. I can't be lackluster and stoic forever. Alternatively this has proven to be a drama free lifestyle which has been beneficial to my mental health.

I'm proud that I've graduated (on time) and probably made my family proud. I wish I had been more assertive and braver so that I would have started finding a job earlier and not ending up jobless right now.

I am especially proud of advocating for my 15 year old and getting her the help that she needed, even though it was a huge stretch for our resources. I hope that the experiences she is having will be a positive turning point in her life.

I wish I had been less anxious during my pregnancy. I wish I would have been more willing to write about it as opposed to thinking I might "jinx" it. This is a problem I need to work on in general: living with less anxiety. Like now: I'd like to stress less about my baby's napping and spend more energy enjoying how he's growing and changing every day.

I am happy on how I did things. No regrets. At a moment I kind of felt I was taking responsability for things that were not my business, but after all that's how I am, I like to feel helpful. Now I've learned to help without running over my family or myself.

I wish I'd been a better friend. I can get so caught up in myself sometimes that I forget to be there for others. I want to spend this year being less busy, giving myself more down time to reflect, relax, and simply be, and invest in my friendships on a soul-ful level, not a "use them so I don't have to be alone with myself" kind of friendship. I am so very proud of the incredible work I did at Odle Middle School to support their Restorative Justice program. I'm proud that I ran the Coeur d'Alene marathon in 3 hours and 37 minutes. I'm proud of myself for continuing to work on vulnerability and relationship-building and self-love.

Right now I have two pups snoring within 3' of my bed and it's pure magic. I'm very happy. I was such a mess in June and July, August, leading up to and after I left my job with SEIU. I have truly been wandering. Isaac Lev said to me that the entire time I've known him I've always felt like I should have more things figured out or nailed down or set in place or accomplished because of my age... I said, I'm almost 30, and he said, you've been saying things like this since you were 24.Well I'm lucky to have such a reflecting pool in my life. Today I listened to this song, Bastille - Flaws for the first time. When all of your flaws and all of my flaws Are laid out one by one The wonderful part of the mess that we made We pick ourselves undone All of your flaws and all of my flaws They lie there hand in hand Ones we've inherited, ones that we learned They pass from man to man There's a hole in my soul I can't fill it, I can't fill it There's a hole in my soul Can you fill it? Can you fill it? You have always worn your flaws upon your sleeve And I have always buried them deep beneath the ground Dig them up; let's finish what we've started Dig them up, so nothing's left untouched All of your flaws and all of my flaws, When they have been exhumed We'll see that we need them to be who we are Without them we'd be doomed There's a hole in my soul I can't fill it, I can't fill it There's a hole in my soul Can you fill it? Can you fill it? You have always worn your flaws upon your sleeve And I have always buried them deep beneath the ground Dig them up; let's finish what we've started Dig them up, so nothing's left untouched Ooh Ooh When all of your flaws And all of my flaws are counted When all of your flaws And all of my flaws are counted You have always worn your flaws upon your sleeve And I have always buried them deep beneath the ground Dig them up. Let's finish what we've started Dig them up. So nothing's left untouched Ooh Ooh All of your flaws and all of my flaws Are laid out one by one Look at the wonderful mess that we made We pick ourselves undone There were times this year when I would hear myself saying to myself, "God hates me" or some such. It's bullshit, and I know it. But I guess I felt pinned to my fate of ambiguity and ambivalence. Milo has been saying that we both have a hole we are trying to fill. I'm loving myself now though. I'm remembering that it is human to have holes and it is human to wander and it is human to be lost and human to be lonely and being in touch with those things is holy and sacred. I guess, I just wish that I always knew how to love myself so whole and tender, that I always felt such a sacred, pulsing, I'll-catch-you love in my life. I think maybe nurturing that is what living is.

I am proud of my kids they are my true inspiration always.

I wish I could have been okay with being alone. I was so scared that Id be without someone that I became obsessed with searching for someone to be with. I stooped down to lower levels so I could have a chance with anybody, just somebody. With many failed attempts, eventually I saw my actions as childish and learned that anything I have to force will never work out. I am proud that I have finally reached independency.

I wish I hadn't gone to see Meg. It destroyed our friendship. I feel very lost without her and not having her breaks my heart. Maybe if I hadn't gone we would still be okay.

I'm proud of a recent reflection that helped me to realize that I need to focus more on the things that bring me joy and that through those actions, all of my other desires have the ability manifest. I'm also proud of my close friends and the relationship we've built with one another. I've never cared for and been cared for in such a way, let a lone vocalized it so often.

Is there something that you wish you had done differently this past year? Alternatively, is there something you're especially proud of from this past year? I wish I'd made a better selection of perennials this summer. I thought I'd figured out how to have spectacular sidewalk flower boxes but while flowers in other people's yards bloomed, mine bombed! I wanted to beautify my street for the community. Maybe next year! Conversely, I am proud that my trumpet vines are flourishing and that my chair planters are holding vibrant mums!

I wish I had done some of my testimony in court differently this past year. I am especially proud of my son getting such a fabulous salary and my daughter getting a great commissin and my yougest son getting great grades. I am also proud of the way I got the court to correct a mistake it made regarding my child support.

I am proud that I graduated college, completed a rewarding internship, and started graduate school. My self efficacy is the highest it has ever been!

I wish I would have had a one night stand. I am so proud to have ended a long-term and extremely loving relationship I knew ultimately wasn't leading to anything more.

In the past year I wish I had been more empathetic and less judgmental about people and things. This ranges from situations when I am driving and curse someone out for going too fast, or going too slow or just being a moron. Also, it applies when I've flown off the handle at my partner without considering his point of view, or getting stuck on doing "the plan" instead of focusing on the outcome. I haven't done anything I'm particularly proud of this year.

I had a break up in my relationship with my boyfriend. It happen in June and we didn't reconcile until August. In the time in between I feel very confident that I was able to stay calm and keep my life without much interruptions. But I also learn to miss him. And because I express that to him is that we are back together. I don't know if I am very proud that I manage to get back what I had lost, but I am happy that I did.

I wish, the day after my mother's death, that I hadn't make the teasing, critical comment about my brother's clothes to our uncle.

I am always and forever proud of my elder daughter. She's 4 1/2 and amazing. She's learning to write words and notes, and though it annoyed me as wasteful at first, she's in the habit of taking greeting cards and writing messages on them. Then she took a few and wrote "Dear Mom, I love you." - I told her I wouldn't open it until I was having a bad day and needed it. Sure enough, she noticed I was having a bad day one time, and she went to get it herself and give it to me. She is amazing. And, as I like to say, we're best friends - kind of annoying, but still mostly best friends.

Yes - I would have been firmer with my Boss and spent more time with my children. Yes - proud that I have coped with the pressures of a new and extremely demanding job and learnt so much.

I wish I had made more of an effort to build an affectionate relationship with my husband. We have been growing apart and I am not happy about it.

I wish I had been more open and outgoing with people. When I got to school last fall I stayed away from good people who I could be friends with now. I assume that I would be more confident and like school even more. However, I did meet a lot of people doing thon stuff and Im incredibly proud of applying and attaining a captain position.

Isyydestäni olen ylpeä. Olisi pitänyt keskittyä enemmän rumpujen soittoon ja harjoitella, kun saa ilmaisia tunteja!! Nyt kun on viimeine vuosi menossa, tajuaa miten suuri asia se on!

I wish I had dated more, and did not let my insecurities about my body and my health get in the way. I am becoming increasingly lonely, and it's a direct result of not letting anyone else into my life.

I am proud of the steps I have taken this past year to live bravely and fully - really working on self compassion and feeling my feelings. For years, I have read books, listened to smart people talk about what I should do to live with courage and connection. This year I made a real effort to put what I know into action in order to move forward. What I wished I'd done differently: consistently practiced Centering Prayer, managed my money differently.

I wish I would have kept to my weight loss plan. I would be 10-15 lbs lighter today and fit into my clothes.

I'm proud of being completely unreasonable.

I am especiallly proud of undergoing rigorous training for a new career, while keeping my old business open, moving through relationship loss, and single parenting a tweenager. There are some things I wish I had been organized enough, or emotionally secure enough, to do differently, but I forgive myself. I'm proud that I bowed out of my old career gracefully, and said goodbye with intention.

I am proud of having served as our temple president. Still, I wish that I could have encouraged even more unity between the older and newer members. And, I wish I could provided a smoother transition for the new Board.

I look at every experience in life as an opportunity to learn, or have fun; ideally both. With that, I try not to regret any choices I make. While there are certainly little things about lessons or conversations that I could have been more prepared, overall I happy with the choices I've made. I'm proud of myself for traveling across the world by myself. Embracing my fear and making the most of the experience I was lucky enough to have.

I'm really proud of myself for paying attention to my health this year. I had a few minor issues that could have become serious if neglected. It's scary to realize that as I get older, getting a clean bill of health becomes less of a guarantee, but it was comforting to learn that I had the capacity to be proactive.

I wish I hadn't let the negativity of others effect me so deeply. Not everyone is going to be into my thing. That's ok. I just need to be able to shake it off and not let it grind me down. I am super proud that I have built a tribe of friends that come together four times a year to work hard and support one another. This group has changed my life in ways I am sure I don't even know yet. They challenge me, excite me and ground me. I am grateful they were willing to do this experiment and that it is working so beautifully.

Been more patient and less negative. Especially with Elliot. I wish that I didn't get stuck in the cycle of telling him off and was able to focus on the good behaviour more. And be more fun. I often feel I spend all of my time saying no, mostly because I have to but that doesn't make it easier to bear And I need to take better care of myself, physically and emotionally. And stop smoking I'm proud of not buckling under everything, getting on with it and making my life what it js

I am especially proud of my perseverance in finding (and getting!) a new job - I had to break into a new industry and everyone from my parents to my former co-workers doubted me. I'm proud of working through enormous obstacles with T - distance, needs, expectations, both our job searches that spanned the country. It's been a huge year for focusing on myself, and looking back over it, I am not proud of the way I have treated other people this year. I wish I had been more open, I wish I'd kept in touch better, and I wish I'd been less in my head. I used to be pretty good at paying attention and supporting other people - I really wasn't even trying this year.

I am proud of having managed to (just about) keep my sanity while fighting for my mother to get a social care assessment, finding the 'right' care home for her, persuading the GPs to communicate with me/us, pushing to get a new psychiatric assessment etc.

My husband and i have had a troubled marriage for years. We care for each other, but the lack of true intimacy is startling to me. This year, I just gave up on the struggle, feeling that i had no more to give. I'm open to his advances, but I have not had the energy to initiate an emotional connection on my own. This is sad, too sad for both of us. I'm trying very hard to understand how two functional, loving people can get into this state.

I always feel as though there's room for improvement in my parenting: I should have listened more, complemented more, supported more.

i'm pretty proud of how my life has developed this year. i have a new job that i'm enjoying, my love life is pretty darn good, my housing situation has turned into my dream-come-true finally, and i feel healthy! there are always going to be small things that i wish i had done differently, like responsiveness, reactivity, and judgement, and then i wish that i hadn't dropped my meditation practice. however, now i know that i can do it-- all the things i want to do, i can do. it's just a matter of doing them.

I wish I'd gotten my post-divorce home settled. It's almost been a year, and still not there. I'm proud of the way I've chosen to handle things where my children are concerned: if it happens, I don't ever want to be the reason they don't have a relationship with their dad.

I wish I had more will power to stick things out although alternately I wish I had thought things through more instead of rushing in head first. I'm proud of taking what life throws at me and dealing with it and not letting it overcome me. A problem I have had in the past.

I'm really proud of how well I did this past year. I made myself happy, despite worrying a lot about college apps. My relationships with my friends and parents were made stronger throughout the year, and I really embraced this summer, which I'm really proud of. I think I lived in the moment a lot more, which is something that's always been hard for me.

I am especially proud of my continued growth as an experienced Torah chanter. I learned cantillation from our Cantor two years ago, and I am now able to master an aliyah in less than a week. I chant Torah frequently on Saturday mornings and have the high honor of having an aliyah during the High Holy Days. I am also proud of my continued growth as an amateur singer, singing in both my synagogue choir and the Tucson adult Jewish community choir. I am also proud of my growth as a writing tutor and coach. I say this in humility.

I wish I would have been more social, less isolated

I became very intentional with how and where I invest my time. I declined invitations with people I didn't feel compelled to see. I invited or contacted people I did want to spend more time with. There is still room for improvement, like more reading and less binging on TV.

I wish I hadn't been cruel to my students. I was bitingly cruel to some of them and inappropriate in my speech in many ways. I was not a good teacher to them last year. I should be proud of getting my 2nd degree black belt, but I'm not. Prepping for it wore me out beyond belief. My teaching and my life suffered as a result of that drive to take the test when I really wasn't ready. I sucked at the test. I am ashamed of the belt. I took a medical leave from the dojo when I couldn't shake a terrible virus/cold whatever that took me down and spent four months sick. I have hardly been to the dojo this year... since December. Perhaps 18 days total. I wanted to test with other adults... all my friends. Usually the tests are replete with children. I didn't want people who earned their first degree belts with me or after me to outrank me. Ego. I'm proud of my recent participation in my Jewish community: scheduling weekly Torah readers; scheduling people who received/are receiving honors throughout the High Holidays; singing Kol Nidre last year and preparing to sing it again this year; serving as Gabbai in our traditional service on Thursday; calling the shofar blessings on the second day service; and as I have for the last 8 years, co-leading both morning services with to other lay prayer leaders, one who is a student rabbi now, the other a good friend. We'll return next week for Yom Kippur.

I was going to retire, and then I wasn't, Many people were going to throw events etc, but I decided to continue working mostly because of my own anxiety and angst about retiring. Many sleepless nights, tossing and turning, questioning of my own stability, and finally revoking my request to retire. I wish I had been a better financial planner and had retired graciously or just not retired instead of creating drama. I think I am proud of the fact that I am very liked at work, and people have warm feelings about me. It is important to make a positive image to me at the workplace. I love my team.

I wish that I had channeled more of my work frustrations and grumblings into positive action. I wish that I had tried earlier to get back to the touchstone of what inspires me about the work I do. I am proud that I've been able to reconnect with that inspiration recently.

Even though I am now working only part time, my engagement with work is still not ideal. I often find it difficult to motivate myself to be productive. There are a myriad of reasons behind this, some i know, some i don't know--but I do wish it was different. I am especially proud of my 4.0 average, because I know all the work that went into it. It wasn't easy. I'm glad for that.

If there is one specific thing I wish I had done differently this year, it is something that I would have done more than once. There is a quote by the Indian Master Paramahansa Yogananda that goes something like this: "Calmness is the ideal state in which to receive all of life's experiences." My dear deceased girlfriend texted that quote to her best friends just prior to going in for brain surgery. I found it incredibly powerful that she would be able to share something like that in such dire circumstance. It was quite an inspiration. I printed that quote and keep it on my desk at work, and also have it on my altar at home. However, my job involves a lot of logistics and problem-solving. There are forever unexpected circumstances that arise and have to be dealt with quickly. It is not easy to stay calm in that environment. Yet, these are simply daily passing problems. Granted I work in a business that involves perishable products, but they are only products after all. It's not brain surgery. So, I suppose if I were to wish I had done something differently this year, I wish I had remembered Yogananda's words each time a stressful situation presented itself. I wish I had handled each problem with grace, from a state of calmness. And to give myself some credit - since the second half of this question asks if there is something I'm particularly proud of from the past year - there were times when I DID recall those words and I DID calm myself in the face of a problem before tackling it. Perhaps with practice I will be able to do this more and more often over time until one day it becomes a habit -- to receive all of life's experiences in the state of calmness. For what good does it do to behave otherwise?

I wish I had taken more time for my health, for exercise and good rest, for religious observance, and for phoning my children and friends. More time for everything, in short, besides work (other people's children).

I do wish I could be more loving and giving to others, and especially to my spouse. I wish I could be more honest about the extent of my physical pain-rather than turning into anger and annoyance. It is something I am working with. I am proud of myself for deciding it is ok for me to work fewer hours and start taking my social security benefits in January, when I turn 66. I always expected to work full-time forever. Life doesn't always comply with what we wish or expect. And this was a very difficult decision to make- and I made it with pride.

This has been a year both of great pain and significant gain. At work, I have gone from informally leading and coaching my team to being their official supervisor. Together, we have successfully tackled large and complex projects and delivered above expectations. I am tremendously proud of what we have accomplished together. Internally, I have worked to help my heart heal. My son is still not in my life. While I wish with everything I have for that not to be the case, I am learning to live around the loss. My relationships with my sister and my mother have also been damaged, and I have, for my well-being, withdrawn considerably. as a result, I am grieving the loss of pretty much my whole blood family, but have also been sustained and supported and nurtured by my intentional family of friends. I am greatly blessed in that regard.

I wish I would have been more outgoing, taken more risks, and really put myself out there more. I'm proud that I got involved in an organization that I care about over the summer.

I wish I had handled my father's money differently so that when it came to dealing with social services I wouldn't have had such a lot of anguish. I wish I had lost weight as I swore I would as an answer to one of last year's questions. I had forgotten that I'd written it and was shocked to see that things are exactly the same and my confidence is still rock bottom. I am proud of the fact that I resisted the temptation to get further involved with my ridiculous colleague and his sex messaging. I was tempted because of the attention I got. But I'd said I regretted it in last year's 10Q and remembered that every time I was tempted to slip.

Hmmm. This is a tough question. In the last year I've come to firmly believe that we do what we do based on the best choice we can make at the time. That choice is often contextualized within the available information, personal issues we have yet to resolve and projections of where we believe that behavior will lead us. Given that, I don't know that I would have done much differently this past year. I think I did what had to be done to work through what needed to be worked through and to move me to where I am now. What am I proud of? The relationship I've been able to develop with my son. I'm proud that I've gained a measure of clarity I didn't have before based on personal spiritual and emotional discipline. I'm proud of some of the choices I've made given this clarity: The choice to accept my life as it is and the realization that we're all struggling through our own battles. The choice to walk about away from people who were hurting me, and the choice to not feel bad about the choices I've made.

I wish that I had really taken control of my weight issue sooner in the year. If I had I could be close to goal instead of right where I had started the year. I will use my resources and products to make that change going forward.

I should have focused on my spiritual life, gone to Shul, prayed more.

No. Neither one. Isn't that interesting?

I am especially proud that I started biking, in earnest, this year, and did a 62 mile race, in very hilly conditions, a few months shy of my 50th birthday. I set that goal for myself, which felt like a need and a stretch, primarily because I've never been one to challenge myself physically, only mentally and professionally. Interesting to me how both friends and family were simultaneously supporting yet undermining. I heard a lot of "it's okay if you don't finish or do less than" even up to the day of the race. I persevered, did the whole damn 62 miles and in less than 4.5 hours.

My husband and I have known each other since high school, although we did not date until 13 years after we graduated and we married 4 years later. We had a very sweet and loving relationship. About 11 or 12 years after we married, my husband became severely depressed. I did not know anything about depression; I had no understanding of what he was going through. After all, we all get depressed. Get over it. But he did not get over it. And now I know he will not get over it. I was burdened with keeping house and home together, taking care of all of the finances and our two children, staying involved with the small Jewish community in our rural town, and worrying about whether he would get fired and then what would we do? I rose to all of these challenges, but in retrospect, I see that I punished him for not being able to help. This year, not long ago, I decided to ry to rekindle our original sweet and loving relationship. I have made a concerted effort to be sweet. To not be too critical of harsh in my judgement of David, or of others. It has been hard. I don't always make it. Our relationship has grown and blossomed. And I feel much better about myself and my life.

I wish I had picked up on the gossip culture at work more quickly, and learned when to push for a promotion and when to step back. Now I feel like some of the leaders think all I care about is my next promotion, which is not true.

I'm proud that after going through a divorce and picking up the pieces, I was able to start working again after many years. It's not ideal - two part time jobs, but it's a start. he girls have grown up to be teenagers and I'm on my way back to being a whole person again. It's a wonderful feeling.

Yes there is, probably should of never of broke up with my ex so fast, was a stupid decision in hindsight. But I'm glad she is happy now so at least that's something. I'm proud of the weight I lost and for actually going to college.

I wish I could have been more peaceful in writing my dissertation project. But I am pleased I had a puzzle to help me cope at midnight and later when really frustrated or unable to sleep after long hours of concentrating. I am so proud to have accomplished this, even if I feel no smarter! I know I have become expert at something: caring for the spiritual needs of a certain marginalized people.

I wish I had done a better job with time management this past year. It was often hard to juggle commitments for work, school and personal time, as well as have the discipline at times to "buckle down" and get done what needed to get done. I'm hopeful that I will improve this in the coming year.

I wish I had invested more time in myself and my interests. This year was so busy with kids etc that I definitely put myself last. This caused weight gain, sluggishness, and a lack of pursuit of happy activities. I didn't paint much, I didn't write much and I didn't do the things I WANTED to do. Everything came after kids. I let it make me cranky and in trying to be a better mother, was actually probably a worse mother.

I wish I rode my bicycle more. I can't get started.

I'm proud that I've taken time to take care of myself. Mentally, I've sought out and committed to counseling appointments. I've learned more about myself than I thought possible. While it's difficult to dig deep within myself, I am grateful to have taken the time to learn about myself in a deeply personal way, and hope to be more open to finding a true partner some day. Physically, I've gotten my eating almost under control. (I still enjoy the carb-snacks way too much...!) I took time to understand and learn about healthy habits, both with eating and with exercising. Amazing that in only 3 months, I lost 20 lbs. I haven't deprived myself of anything, but I feel great - and have recovered from my first cold with relative ease.

I allowed myself to become involved in a family quarrel that didn't really involve me. I didn't initiate my involvement; I was trying to be helpful and caring when a family member came to me for help. However, even my mostly passive involvement had some negative repercussions that have left me feeling a profound sense of loss and sadness.

Many, many things--especially those acts not done and those ideas not acted on, those arts not performed. I have made an effort to be more outgoing and to be a more willing servant--at least by my appearances.

I wish I'd had the courage to head out on my own, that I'd taken the time to learn the things I wanted to learn, to change the habits I wanted to change. I could have achieved those things by now.

Nothing I would have done differently. I am very proud of my son Jordan for starting as a freshman at Florida State University this summer.

As ever, I wish I were more patient. What's different this year is a determined effort not to drag on arguments, to forgive more quickly and fully, all based on a conversation I had with Sophia about her feeling afraid to be in a fight with me because it goes on so long. Instead I am genuinely trying to let it go, move on, move forward. I am proud of working on this because it has not been my way, as much as I always knew it was a kind of miserable way to be for everyone else, and even for me.

I wish I was able to express my anger and been less high strung. It would have allowed me to be easier get back in track. I also wish I had dedicated more time to school.

I wish I had payed more attention to my intuition to my inner voice, that i was not so afraid to be alone and i wish i was more strict and knew how to implement boundaries

I wish I'd managed to budget better this year. I want to be free from debt, but I don't seem to have the discipline to make it happen. I do save for retirement and I can and do save for vacations and home improvement, but I can't seem to kick the credit card debt. Also, I need to take better care of my body. I need to remember that it's the only one I've got. I'm not sure that there is anything that I'm especially proud of this year. Overall, I'm happy with the way my life has gone this year, but I don't believe I've done anything truly stellar.

I wish I had investigated the truth instead of naively believing what I was told about a relationship. My failure to ensure I had the facts resulted in my making decisions that affected others negatively.

The 12 months after I graduated college, I was a mess. I didn't know what to do or how to do it, and the lack of direction, knowledge, and support system threw me for a loop. I ended up in a graduate program I was not prepared for, on food stamps, depressed, in financial trouble, working 62 hours a week at a waitressing job that took (probably illegal) advantage of me. The next 12 months- this past year- has been a healing time. I am proud of the progress I've made and the "grown-up" things I've learned how to do. I've taken two part-time jobs that I enjoy. I took a finance class and am getting my money right. I have stepped up responsibility and am able to spend time with and help my parents. I am learning about car repair and retirement funds. I am figuring out what works for my body, and am significantly less stressed and healthier. I do have regrets- I wish I'd been more serious and used my time better. I wish I had said "no," or "let me think about it," more. I wish I'd talked less. I wish I'd followed my gut. I wish I had been more disciplined and stricter with myself.

I wish I had spent more time visiting my parents especially my mom. I feel like I'm not as reactive as I used to be. Calmer. And that is a good thing.

I wish I had started looking for a new job sooner. I'm proud that I got off my meds!!! I have had some bad days, but I've gotten through it all.

I wish I has spent more time enjoying the small things- the small accomplishments, daily moments with my kids, the little actions and playtime that make the struggle worth it. I wish I didn't always rush and hurry to the next thing and was more focused on the present. I'm especially proud of making the choice to change my life for the better and start to live the life I dream of. I joined cross fit and have been faithful to taking care of my body which is something I haven't done in years. I also made the choice to move out of state. It was a hard decision but a big factor in how I want to live my life. And now I am taking steps towards making my life MINE.

I wish I continued to stay in contact with important people from my life. Specifically Tom Patters and Sean Isaacs come to mind. I feel like I am repeating the same pattern with Getzel and Rick Lawrence. I need to figure out how to remain in constant communication with people who are not physically present. I am really proud of the way I am stepping up into leadership responsibilities at school, for High Holidays (specifically the Rosh Hsahanah Sermon I gave) and for If Not Now When Boston.

I wish that I didn't do the 'every other day diet' which made my weight yoyo. And I wish that I had joined OA earlier but I am very proud that I did eventually join.

I wish I had consulted with a financial planner so I could begin realistically planning for my retirement.

I wish I had been able to maintain my focus after xmas holidays this year. I wish I had gone to Israel or realised how much I would have benefitted from taking time to recharge I wish I would have seen myself burning out before it happened I wish I wouldn't have been tempted by so much procrastination but I am proud I had a productive Summer I'm proud I did well on my first unit I'm proud I scraped a 2:1 on an essay which was over 50% under the word-count I'm proud I started with Camp Simcha

Within minutes of an act I realize how much better I could have done it. But I learn. Also playing scrabble online in French (not fluent but I have gotten to where I hardly use the dictionary) and I have about 12 players with me. I am proud of that.

I'm proud that I stood up for my beliefs to people I really disagreed with. I'm proud that I did a lot of things I didn't really feel like doing & could have gotten away with skipping, like exercising; not always, but more often than not. I"m proud that I wrote my blog every day. I'm proud or at least pleased that I just said yes to invitations & adventures & a few things that made me scared. I wish I hadn't complained about stuff—it was almost always just nattering, really, & didn't matter in the end.

As I get older (just turned 60) I often feel that I am making fewer choices: that in most situations, I just act the part of who I've become over those sixty years, and that people react less to what I do than to what they already think they know about me. Of course that can be especially true of the people closest to me, because they know the most. Usually it's easy and comfortable just to play the part, and not to think so hard. Since most people around me are now younger than I am, their instinct is to treat me with some respect and deference: also easy and comfortable to accept. When I write that down, it's clear that I ought to be working on doing things differently: especially for my family, to be a (slightly!) new person all the time. One of the things that many people know about me is that I don't like to change. Hmm.

I wish I had not gotten so upset about a particular friendship in my life that had broken apart due to a vicious rumor. I felt so desperate for this person to see me as a good friend and a good person that it began to consume me. I should have had more faith in myself and recognize that this person wasn't worth the effort. Show, don't tell... In terms of pride...I'm really proud of both my marriage and my career. It's been a hard year health-wise but I feel like I've really pushed myself to still be a good partner and a strong colleague. I love my husband so much it hurts, sometimes. And, I had a very strong half-year review. Sometimes, I don't give myself enough credit because I always want to do better, better better. I should learn to be happier with what I have and what I have done.

I wish I was able to surpass my emotional challenges and do well in school because I feel like I missed out on friendships and relationships with teachers because of it Also I am proud of how I worked with bnei this year I named a camp name, after so many years if going. And also took a camp, after that I felt so fulfilled, like I had out my time to good use.

I wish I had managed to control my depression better. It has impacted every part of my life: home, work, friendships, school. I am ashamed that I have not been able to seek help because it is too expensive and not covered under my minimal insurance coverage.

I wish I had had the ability to connect on a personal level with far more people whom I know have gone through life changing experiences such as death in the family, illness of their own or circumstances which could have been comforted by my presence. I am proud of the fact that at my age, I have had a resurrgence communal activity where people have sought my help and advice and I have felt I have had an impact

I'm particularly proud of how I've gained enough perspective on life to be able to zoom out and see a larger picture, despite how often I still get caught in the details. I'm not proud of the fact that I still need to find solace in things like masturbation and worry. These are things I hope that would have rated A year later. Instead, they have become vices for navigating difficult journeys that I haven't continued to traverse in all though, I have perhaps misplaced confidence that I am growing as a person and really observing a lot despite how stressful times of been, And for this reason I have A lot of optimism about what comes next and A general feeling of positivity on the last year. It is amazing how quickly it has gone by, though!

I wish I had spoken up for myself more at work but I'm proud of the accomplishments I've achieved and the positive changes I've brought about for my staff.

Always, I seem to overextend myself and my time. I would have appreciated the ability to say no more often, and not felt guilty when I did say no. I would have preferred to read more - I have a long list of books piling up that need my attention. I purchased them for a reason, and everytime I look at the pile - I am reminded why I prefer books over magazines or TV.

I wish I had taken more time to eat better, lose weight, and exercise more.

I am learning to be a parent. I'm learning to trust my instincts and advocate for my child. At times I'm really proud of my choices, of speaking up for myself and him. At other times I'm ashamed that I'm still afraid of what others will think.

I wish I had been kinder and more empathetic to my husband. I struggled with my own need for him to be strong in the face of adversity and that need got in the way of my recognizing that what he needed was a kinder, gentler champion. On the other hand I am proud a) of sticking up for myself in my new role and advocating to be part of the leadership team. b) of being on top of my son's needs for support when he was struggling across the ocean and being there to pull him out of the depths when that was what he needed.

I really got back on track with my academics after having a (very much wanted) baby had thrown me for a loop. I was worried for a while that I could never do anything full time again - and that felt very real. But in the past year, I got fantastic grades and learned a lot, and still managed to be a great parent! I'm still struggling to finish and figure out how to contribute financially to our family's future best while doing a job I love.

Should have gotten a new job. Really should have done that.

I wish I'd jumped my sweet hubby's bones way way more often!

I wish I had been more willing to take risks with dating, especially in letting myself feel more open to having feelings for people I wouldn't necessarily be drawn to. I'm proud of taking control when I was moved to, without pushing myself into uncomfortable territory.

I wish I'd eaten more healthy. I'm at a really uncomfortably healthy weight & I've got to make some dramatic changes. I am however proud of the commitment I've made to bible study fellowship & subsequently to volunteering to teach the children. Additionally I feel like I've worked at being a better friend to those in need while maintaining healthy margin & peace of mind.

I wish I had interrupted less and listened better. I wish I had judged less and accepted more. I am proud that my daughter Ruth and I are creating communication classes together. I wish I had kept stronger ties with my San Antonio grandchildren, and am glad for the strenght of the ties I have kept.

I wish I had done a second internship that was related to my field of study, Business Management and Finance. At the moment, there's a need to be more tech savvy even with basic Excel and the like. I wish I had done an office internship. Now that I've done my first week at an office job I'm confused about a few things. 1. Is an office job the right thing for me (having switched from education)? I'm sitting 7/8 hours and my eyes ache from staring at the screen. Plus, then I go home and do leisure computer time. It isn not healthy. 2. Filing and the like doesn't interest me. Maybe as I get more involved in Human Resources and helping establish the department it will change. I'm proud of graduating college Magna Cum laude. I worked for that 3.9 GPA. bh

Avrei voluto essere più determinato nella ricerca di lavoro, più costante. Sono contento di aver iniziato a scrivere per onrugby. Mi ha dato la possibilità di entrare nel mondo del rugby irlandese e, in un certo senso, internazionale. E poi adoro scrivere.

I wish the situation with my brothers could be resolved....I tried to apologize..Joel told me it wasn't heartfelt, which I knew were Steven's thoughts and less of Joel's. It's hurtful, especially when I really thought the whole thing out...how judgemental of both of them..

Yes, there is more than one thing I wish I had differently this past year. I wish that I had trusted my instincts more in terms of romantic pursuits. I wish that I had taken space from people who were more excited to date me than I was to date them. I wish I had ended those situations with more integrity, dignity, and grace. I am especially proud of myself for ending those dynamics that were unhealthy for me even when doing so was deeply painful. I am proud of my willingness to take personal responsibility for my actions, to apologize, and to grow. I am proud of demanding the same from those around me. I am proud of gaining a deeper understanding of my moral compass, and how to right my own emotional ship.

I guess I feel badly that I have spoken too freely about my brother and my frustration with him.

I wish I had practiced piano more, saved more money, not put my money at risk. Done more to promote the books and my brand. I wish I had been able to direct my daughter more effectively. I'm very proud of the two books that my sister and I published! I'm very proud of my daughter who graduated college. I'm very proud of the way I decorated my house. I'm very proud of my growing music business.

I wish I had spent more time with my grandmother before the dementia really set in this fall. My bubbie was the center of my family when I was a kid and was one of my only sources of stability when my parents split up. She taught me how to bake, how to sew, how to bentch licht and make a bracha and make a kosher kitchen and keep Shabbos. I wish I had known how little time I had left. I wish that even without knowing how little time I had left, I had realized what a blessing and opportunity I had to spend time with her, and had not squandered it.

I'm proud of several things, particularly how I am learning to "let go" of insignificant things rather than dwelling on them which is a waste of precious time. I'm learning more and more to hand things over to the Universe to deal with while I get on with the business of Living.

I dont no if it is specific to the past year or appliciable to my whole life but I think I have missed great opportunities and not even realised it because I didn't hear what was being asked ( or not asked). I have such strong ideas of how I think things should be said/asked/done, that I am not open to the potential of what could be. For example, Joel asked me out 3 times before I was open enough to hearing him. He asked if were going to hang but because he didnt say 'I want to see you' I didnt hear it.. this really makes me wonder....

I graduated university with a 1st class degree, I never expected this to happen and I was absolutely so grateful, relieved and inspired that I had managed to do such an amazing job. I don't have a lot of self confidence and so to receive such high marks, especially for my third year research project which was a massive piece of work and something that I thought I had done very poorly on, really gave me a boost of self confidence and self esteem.

Yes, I wish that I had laughed and played more. Yes, I'm proud that I went back to school.

I am fairly proud of this year. Confusingly, I should have not been so panicked and hurried to make friends in first semester, but I should also have made more effort to get close to the friends I did make. Looking back I probably couldn't have done things much better so its nothing to worry about. Things are good.

I wish I'd been more outgoing, not worrying about embarrassing myself all the time. I wish that I wasnt so scared of what people think about me, and just living life the way I want to without holding back, bc honestly being the chicken shit i am now is only embarrassing myself more than i could ever do if i could took a chance every once in a while.

I am happy to say that I do not have many regrets from the previous year. I do wish the labor and birth of my son had gone a bit more smoothly, but I am not sure what I could have done to make that happen. I did everything I could to prepare (took classes and read books). I wanted the birth to be as natural as possible but to also go into it understanding that things happen. Both my husband and I were born by c-sections after failed attempts with forceps so I knew it was a real possibility that that intervention would be necessary. When the time came I had the same struggles my mother had with my birth, contractions were ineffective and progress was slow. I ended up needing a epidural and pitocin to strengthen the contractions. Even with the epidural I felt a lot of pain and after pushing for 3 hours I was ready for the c-section. But the doctor was busy with another surgery and by the time he was done, he said the baby had moved down far enough that I did not need it. So with the help of fundal pressure, my son was born vaginally. I do feel proud of this accomplishment.

I'm so proud of myself for taking charge of my health. I have lingering feelings of doubt and fear about whether I can keep it up, but I'm hoping that that feeling will push me to keep with it.

Wish I had handled my 2012 car accident sooner; had thought before I reacted about the diary thing in the summer and realize I need to think these through for myself not rely on friends who don't know my ex_h cuz that blew up in my face; but wasted time on David S. once he told me he had a gf; had better way to deal with being put down and told off by my own mother at the hospital, although partly my doing for pushing the assisted living thing it fully came from a place of love ; spent far less time looking for a husband and more time on my finding job closer to home and without the abuse and stress. Proud of my work success and getting car fixed quickly from July accident; that my daughter is now going to Binghamton with my help and encouragement and seems to have hopefully, Baruch Hashem, turned the corner; that I have stayed relatively healthy despite all the above.

I wish I'd fought a bit more to keep my relationship with my girlfriend. I was hurting and angry at the time, and didn't understand what she wanted - but I could have pushed past that and actually asked her, and then asked her again until I understood better.

Worked less.

I don't look to what could have been done differently, because it could not have been, otherwise it would have. Who I am changes every day so I only look to what I can do now. In the space of that, I was able to successfully negotiate the sale of my tractor and truck making the best deal possible for both myself and the buyers!

Proud of my continuing (albeit slow) progress towards finishing my associate's degree, but at the same time it reminds me of something I wish I would have done differently years ago, which is finished college and become financially independent before getting seriously romantically involved.

I wish I had prepared myself better for graduating and used my free time in the summer to begin applications. I wish I hadn't procrastinated so much. I am proud that I took the initiative to spend my summer in Costa Rica, arranged funding, and traveled by myself. I am proud that I am able to graduate early...even if I'm not quite ready to graduate.

This past year was a year of change for me, and as a result I am proud of the changes that I made. The only thing I wish I could have done differently would be having spent a little more time with Chaplin who passed away on Jan 7th

At the moment, I can answer the answer "secularly", but I think there needs to some Jewish context to tie this to the 10 days. My one regret is not doing as much volunteering as I should but I have too many moving parts at this point in my life that it is unfair to commit to something if I cannot follow through.

I'm proud of how I've risen to the challenge I mentioned yesterday, parenting my daughter during her anxiety and depression. It's forced me to confront some of the ways I've "enabled" it and how important it is to work on my relationship with my husband in order to provide a place where she feels safe.

I should have listened more. I should have slowed down and not been so quick to rush to make decisions or judge of other people.

I wish I would have worked summer school to save more money. I wish I would have backbacked more on my own

I don't really have regrets, ever. This year however, I thi k the process of "mourning" the idea of a third child started, and it comes with much resentment at my spouse for his stubborn, passive resistance, anger at myself for letting myself be put in this position, and some regrets and doubts. It was an extremely difficult time, emotionally. Right now, I am actually happy that I am not pregnant, with all the worries and discomfort it brings. But the resentment is still there, the sadness too. I spent a lot of time this year in resentment and sadness. I hope to get past that over the next few months. I am blessed among the blessed, it is such a waste of time and energy to keep focusing on what could have been instead of appreciating and enjoying what is. As for proud, I am very proud of the fact that I left my job and started my own company to fill a need I see in the market, to restore more balance in my life and be a better mom for my boys. I have faith, for the first time in a very long time, I don't feel like I am in the wrong life :)

I wish I had lived the Golden Rule, particularly with regard to office politics. Instead of joining in and promulgating unkind talk about a difficult co-worker, I wish I had remained silent. Negativity begets negativity. I knew this and continued to do it. Did it accomplish anything positive? Certainly not. Did I feel relieved after having done so? Definitely not. Did she deserve it? Who am I to judge? Lord knows I have a lot of work to do on myself. That's where my energy should be directed: trying to be a good person, every day.

I'm planning to retire in January. I was really unhappy with my job when I started counting down the last year. I complained daily, driving all around me crazy.mi finally came to peace with my work and plans, and I'm proud that I was able to stop complaining and be more present.

I should have taken better care of myself- exercised more, ate less... I'm proud of my wife and I, becoming parents.

I wish I was more assertive with my previous boss and not let her bully me.

I wish I had cared about myself more.

Especially proud of my bike racing accomplishments.

No.. I think everything happens when it is suppoed to. I have met a wonderful man and now he is part of our lives.. He has made things better and easier in my life.. My boys are growing and becoming independent young men ... Mistakes have been made ... But they are on the right track . I feel that I am a good mother and woman and I am doing a pretty good job..

I wish that I had really confronted my fears and insecurities relating to my professional life. I can still feel the tremors of this in how I am dealing with things that don't go perfectly and writing stories about how others feel or perceive my abilities.

A lot I wish I had done differently. I need to get back to being more involved in my community. But my current job doesn't facilitate that, doesn't facilitate anything, actually, but paying bills. So I need to change jobs. That's the base issue.

i wish i was meditating more. i wish i was singing more. i wish i knew the right way to handle my brother's ever-declining mental health. i'm proud of my romantic relationship. i'm proud of our honesty. I'm proud of our work.

I wish I had listened to my instincts when it came to a boy. I wish I had gone with my gut, and not lied to a friend. I wish I had done what I knew was right. I'm so proud of myself for taking care of myself and my sister while her bf was going through something, and for applying to Rabbinical school and being accepted. I worked really hard tog et where I am and I am so proud.

I wish I had done a lot differently. I wish I had left an unhealthy situation sooner. I wish I had been there when my friend passed away. I feel a lot of regret and guilt about not being there for him in his final moments. I wish I had visited him more while he was alive. I wish I had been a better mom for my little guy. I feel I have so many shortcomings as a mother. I wish I had not given up an opportunity. I wish I had maintained the optimism and hope I started the year with. Reading my questions from last year I feel I have aged so much since then, but not in a good way. I feel I have grown weary and less hopeful.

I am extremely proud of my decision to go back to school and attempt to bust out my prereqs with grace and good grades. I'm proud of all the hard work and research dboo and I did prior to our Guate trip and that we had an amazing, adventurous time where we grew more in love vs. feeling annoyed with each other. Besides those two events, I continue to be proud of my healthy, enriching, supporting, loving and fun relationship where I am still excited every time i get to wake up/come home to my boo.

Done differently? Not sure. This year has been full of new challenges, stresses, and experiences. They say that the biggest challenges in life come from major life changes - and we've had many of them: moving away, new house, new job, new expenses, new job, pregnancy…it's a lot to deal with. That being said, I don't think I would have done anything differently. The job still stresses me out, but hopefully it will continue to get better, go smoothly, and even out. I'm proud of how we have handled all the changes in stride and with confidence and passion.

I wish I had tried harder to get a promotion at work. I wishi had eaten better. I wish I had worked out more. I wish I was in love. I'm very proud of my Ireland trip. For being chill and going with the flow and having an amazing time.

Still not good at asserting myself, even to myself I think - I'm not prepared to acknowledge what it is that I really want. Having said that, I posted openly about my depression, and had very supportive responses.

I somewhat wish I hadn't gone to Nashville this year but I feel that in the end it was a good thing, I was able to say goodbye to Jason and tell him my feelings and that I couldn't keep letting myself live like that. So there's the something different but that then leads me to the what I'm especially proud about. I put myself out there and have found a perfect Jason for me (ah the irony of the same name). I finally gave myself permission to really look for someone who could make me happy on every level and I've really really found him.

In spite of the fact that this has been a very tough year for me, I am proud of how I have handled it. I've tried to remain positive and have set and completed goals for myself. I decided to take up running and successfully trained for and completed a 10 miler and a half marathon. I have maintained friendships and deepened new friendships. I've worked hard at my job and got a promotion. I hope to continue to improve myself as the year continues and into the next.

I wish I hadn't gained all the weight I lost last year. I went from 67,5KG to 56KG, but now I am way over 60 again. It renewed my insecurity about my body, and my unhappinness about this almost started to reach peak-level again when I met my boyfriend. He seems to think I am really attractive and this helps, but it does not diminish my wish to lose weight again.

I'm going to sound like a broken record: I wish I had stuck to a plan of diet and exercise that would result in a better, healthier me. If I can be proud of anything, however, it's that I have a more relaxed approach to my work.

I wish I had done a lot of things differently. But wishes are for dreams....they don't actually accomplish anything do they? Wishing for something and actually making it happen are like night and day. You can sit there and wish for anything in the world....that won't make it happen. You have to work for things....so I've learned. So yeah....I do wish I had done things differently. I wish I had taken people's advice about saving money or doing things that could have saved me a lot of grief and aggravation. But I can't change what's been done...what I can do is learn from the things that I have messed up over the past year and put it into play in a whole new way this year. So there it is.

That first question always goes right to my heart because sometimes I think my life would have been more pleasant if I had only done this, said that, etc. But I know there is no changing the past and wishful thinking sets me up for disappointment and resentment. So alternatively, I am especially proud of myself of continuing my journey of self-exploration by joining a 12-step fellowship and continuing the work on my inner self, my inner life, my inner world instead of letting myself be pulled by that false belief of chasing after the impermanence of external things and people.

Over the past 10-15 years, I wish I had been doing more to enjoy the life we have. It is so easy to get into a lazy rut and keep repeating the easy things. I've made a listing of things I want to do this next year and have it on a spread sheet. I also have a card and bracelet which says, clearly, "... because I said I would". The bracelet has been helpful and my reduction in drinking and increased exercise for fitness. The big one however is to get the money from Lenny's insurance policy and get it redistributed to Merri and Becky. I cannot grasp yet why I have been unable to file the claim. I now have to or the State of Colorado will take the money. I think I'm in a drift, comfortable, have some things to do but spending the summer in Florida has me with far more time on my hands than I need.

I always wish i handled interpersonal relationships differently. I want to be more proactive in addressing conflicts. I want to be less fearful of confrontations. I'd like to feel more open talking about struggles and goals with my partner. I withdraw from him the most because he pushes me the hardest to open up. I want to be more open with him first and then also with other people.

One thing I wish I’d done differently is fracturing my time by running around trying to save too many people. I work as a nurse in kind of a social worker setting, and I think it is easy to want to be all things to all people. It may be easy, but it’s not effective or the most ethical approach. My energy is depleted, I’m feeling burnt out, and I don’t have the focus I want and need to accomplish my goals. I am especially proud of how I’ve taken on the fitness of my body, mind and spirit this past year. I started eating 5-6 portions of vegetables and fruits every day, inverting my plate entirely from how it used to be just a year ago. I have always hiked for exercise, but now I exercise with much more intention with high impact interval training and workouts with a personal trainer at the gym. Now my hikes are even more fun than they were before. I’ve lost 45 pounds and I feel fantastic.

I'm proud of Ragnar. I'm proud of buying my first house. I'm proud I didn't quit my job. I am proud that I survived a year that was really rough emotionally. I'm not proud of my professional life. I'm not proud of the choices of people I let in, and especially those who I sleep with. I am proud that I stopped myself when things got rough and tried to put in buffers.

I wish I would have used my faith and prayer to get me through the abundance of days where I have been bitter. Instead I drank a lot of wine to help me cope.

I wish I'd asked for more help from my friends and colleagues this past year. Why do I isolate myself with my problems so often?

I am so grateful to be a sober woman. I wish I acted with less arrogance and more kindness. I wish I could see past my own skewed perception and understand my truth and the truth of others.

Aced my stress EKG treadmill test this week. Did 12 minutes, vs. 10 min 38 sec two years ago. Even my cardiologist was impressed. Rated "excellent" by online calculator for a 74 year old.

There isn't much I regret from the past year. Perhaps I hung on to residual anger from my previous relationship, but it remained mostly internal, and it ebbs daily. I'm proud I got a job at one of the better restaurants in my town and beefed-up my resume, and I wrote another hundred pages on my novel. I've been saying for years I only have twenty pages to go. Looks like I meant a hundred and twenty.

I am grateful that so far this year I don't look back and recall any "permanently broken" relationships. Others years that was not true!

I wish I had gotten Fred home sooner, instead of him staying in the hospital so long.

I wish I'd pushed harder to be present with my coaching business. I am more than qualified and ready (new realization), and I've wasted time being soft on myself because I'm rusty on implementation. On the other hand, I am very proud of completing the UNH Marine Docent Program training, and that I have showed up consistently as a volunteer to fulfill my "promise." And also that I took on co-leadership of the FBBP. This will challenge my leadership skills, as I must (1) show up consistently; and (2) negotiate with my weaker partner.

I wish I had a better way of organizing my time. I have too much to do, but I'm unwilling to give any of it up. And I need downtime, too. Better organization must be the answer.

I am glad that I learned magic.

I wish I was able to love more passionately, freely, openly without expectation or needing anything for myself. I'm awfully protective when it comes to love and letting men touch me or get close to me. I'm soooo good at shoving people away because I'm scared. I want to find a way to allow more freedom to move through my being without being to attached to the outcome.

I wish I had treated my wife with more patience and forgiveness. Sometimes I feel like I'm not getting everything I would like out of this relationship, but I also know that the only person I can control is me. I can be a better husband for her, and hope that inspires her, too.

In the last year I'm proud of how I have established myself as a mother with a network of good friends who I am sharing this experience with. I feel proud of that. Also I have re-established myself at work whilst juggling being a mother and that has gone very well. I've even managed to embark on a new career as a facilitator teaching classes, combined with my previous writing and research. None of it has been extremely high pressure but I'm starting to have confidence about how I manage my future. I feel very settled in Melbourne as a result.

been more trusting and secure about certain friendships; proud of: surviving the year in fairly good mental and physical health; keeping up every day my gratitude journal and walking almost every day of week

I wish I had not dated Kate. That sounds terrible, but it's true. It's the one relationship that I feel much worse off from. I feel more cynical, more depressed, and I have less faith in a relationship's value and longevity than I ever have before. I feel completely defeated. And at this point: I trying not to give a shit at all, because that's my only defense mechanism, that and drinking alcohol. I'm not particularly proud of anything so far this year. Hopefully I'll do something I am proud of before the year is up.

I wish that I had stayed more on track with exercising min 3 days a week, and continuing to challenge myself by registering for 5K's. I also wish I had eaten healthier. Trying to get it back on track now. The things that I am most proud of are leading the Pastor Nominating Committee for my church, and just recently finalizing the offer to a wonderful person who has a great focus on community, and for taking the risk to take the new role that I am in.

I wish that I could have more respect for my feelings and express them express more freely. I am proud of the progress I have made in this past year ie I expressed my frustration and anxiety regarding a wedding party to my husband, and I was amazed to learn that he shared the same emotions. I'm finding more and more opportunities to be perfectly honest and open about my feelings

I wished I would have done more with my team instead of being self concisouse and all that stuff. But i dont regret it. What I do regret is not keeping up with my credit cards. I had really good credit before I lost them now I am at least 4k in the hole and it hurts. Some thing I am proud of: I made a name for myself. I was able to show my work ethic and I know that if I ever get a good job like FEMA Corps was. I know I would do very well in it. I know that if i get the degree or get the experience to get into those IT positions. I am set for life!!!

I made my way through last year as best I could and have few regrets. If I had known the how hard my cousin was doing, I would have made a trip to Chicago to see her. I didn't know though.

I wish I had saved more money. I had a lot of overtime and extra money and I did not save it like I should have.

I would have drank less. Dated less. Focused on my own well being and happiness more. I'm proud of beginning what I feel like is going to be a long, lifelong journey of self discovery. I am now beginning to want to seek inner peace and calm more than anything else. I've started a yoga practice and will beginning a meditation practice. I hope to stay the course and improve me.

This year I'm particularly proud of having gotten my finances under control. I finally found a budgeting system that works for me, and I paid off two of my credit cards. I'm on track to have them all paid off by March 2015.

I wish that I had spent more time thinking the balance of my life. I spent so much time striking and trying to stay afloat that I feel that I missed so much. During this week of reflection, I am identifying things that I let go and planning ways to work them back into my life. But what I am proud of is that somehow, magically, the love of my life continued to love me through it all and to advocate for me. I am blessed.

Tough to narrow down the selection! But one of my frequent challenges is waking up early At the house, things do not get done as easily when the family is awake. So my productive time is when they're asleep. But that often isn't until 10P. And on the weekends, even later. If my schedule shifted to the morning, things like running and Crossfit would work better. But hitting that snooze alarm is sooo easy. As turning off the alarm all together. Changing my sleeping to maximize my productivity is high on the priority list. But equally high in difficult. So it keeps getting pushed back. Year after year.

I wish I would have started online dating a lot sooner. For the past couple of years, I have led a very goal-driven life and haven't made dating a priority. However, I am glad to say that I made my new years resolution to start online dating and now I am.

I attended my son's first seminar on DNA nanotechnology. The quality of his slides, his skills as a presenter and his mastery of the material made me feel much as I did the day he was born and when he celebrated the Shimcha following his becoming a Bar Mitzvah. All gave me a lump in my throat and tears in my eyes. Watching and listening to my son's presentation, I had a vision of the future day when he will be the type of professor whose classes are always oversubscribed.

I guess I'm especially proud for having stood up with dignity to really nasty things that have been said about me and the work that I have supported -- the work of J Street. A really nasty campaign brought a mean-spirited, misleading and often untruthful movie to town to "expose" J Street. I have been accused of creating divisiveness in our community -- when it is those who oppose me who are really doing so. Sigh.

I am proud of myself for doing better staying in contact with Sally and Gertie. This is the first year I can say I've done better with it! I think losing Gary last year had a lot to do with it. On the other hand, I still need to improve! Darn phone calls.

There are several times a I flew off the handle in anger that I wish I had not. For especially proud, see 1.

I did not yet know how to relax into uncertainty but still work hard. I developed the ability to have some faith. I did not know how to be gentle with myself. I have made enormous gains in this department. I would like to learn to enjoy the times where I don't know what the future holds. This is life. The point of the music is not to complete the piece or to hear the last note, but to listen and enjoy the music.

I wish I hadn't wasted so much time and emotional energy trying to understand an older sister who I finally realized is toxic to me and had to put her in a locked box in my brain and throw away the key. I'm thankful I finally realized that there is no hope for any kind of relationship with her, and yet, family is family, and that makes me sad. I went to Israel... by muself!! Sure, I was part of a tour group, but I didn't know anyone including my roomate, but I went. Me! The person who won't go to the movies by herself, eat at a resturant by herself and have denied myself wonderful things just because my husband had died and I didn't want to go alone anywhere. Deep breathes, anti-depressants and my own will and desire finally came together. I went to Israel by my self!!

I would have loved to approach someone in a different manner. Proud of my achievements I accomplished over a period of time.

I'm very proud of my girlfriend. She has embraced her own abilities and continually tried to do her best. She's done this whilst still supporting those she loves.

I wish I had been less irritable. I was very sensitive to criticism from my wife about my parenting and all kinds of other little decisions, and i wish I could have let that roll off m a little more rather than letting it get me grumpy and resentful.

Enjoying Ride Across Britain made me feel amazing. I remember riding by myself on the last day - there was no one in front of me, no one behind me. I wasn't tired. I was passing long trains of riders ploughing into the wind. The take off power I had in my legs was someone I'd never felt before. I felt like the strongest person alive.

I think the biggest thing would be not letting the little things overwhelm me, and turning to alcohol to get through it. So easy to feel "behind" in life with a busy schedule, family/work balance, etc. I'm proud that I've finally acknowledged some painful experiences that I'd been avoiding for years. It was a difficult path but I feel free from old feelings of guilt and denial.

I haven't studied my parsha everyday as I should.

As always I wish I had been more focused on goals I want to achieve.

I should have watched less TV and spent less time on the internet. I should have read more books. I should have spent more time thinking how to help others. Proud of my kids, progress at work, and getting into personal development.

I'm proud of the growth that Sam and I have had in our relationship this year. I think that we've come a long way since that first month of marriage, where we had so much trouble with nidda and communicating with each other, and I don't feel like I did much to him... to now, a year later, when I feel like we really give to each other and can communicate in much more open ways. I'm also proud of how I've grown in my friendships. I'm able to have a healthy friendship with Shuli and enjoy the fact that she lives nearby, with Esther and Elianna, and I'm making some space for myself in relationships that I don't think are as healthy.

I'm still kind of in the same place. Same job; same relationship status; same house; same same same. I had hoped to be more spiritual. I had hoped to better incorporate prayer into my life. I had a goal of being in a different place professionally. But it's just the SAME. I just re-read my birthday resolutions from just a few months ago, and that's also not moving. I seem to forget about where I want to be - seem to forget about the future. In some ways that's good - in means living in the present. But I want to grow as a person, and that means stepping outside of my comfort zone. So that's the one thing. Stepping outside of my comfort zone. I wish I had done that more.

There are a handful of things I wish I had done a little differently, but nothing extremely major that I can identify. I wish that I had tried to put myself out there a little more while in France. I became depressed, and on some days it was hard to leave home and go to the market, or to go explore another local sight or monument. I wish I had forced myself out a little bit more. I also wish, as always, that I had done a little better in my relationship with my parents, which is always a challenge for me. I wish, in general, that I had been a little more considerate and less self-centered in my important relationships with my fiance and my close friends. That's something I'm working on. I am proud of having the bravery to leave my friends and family and everything I know, my stable job, to pursue a dream. It wasn't the ideal experience I'd envisioned, but it ended up teaching me something, which is even better.

Going back to school and loving it and succeeding!

Generally, I wish I was doing a better job of being active, exercising, and eating better. It's a constant struggle. Specifically, I wish I would stick to a morning routine, which would serve multiple functions of working my body but also grounding my mind and heart.

I'm really proud of how committed my husband and I have been to consistently connecting & growing in our marriage. Our weekly date nights have been an incredible addition to our relationship and we've really stepped our connectedness as a result. He has been digging deep and asking the bigger questions of his life, and I absolutely love getting to be a part of that conversation with him.

In this past year, I am especially proud of having overcome my resistance to moving out of Oakland and opening my mind and heart to a new city and a new way of living. It was difficult for me to let go of the familiar and comfortable, but the rewards so far have been amazing.

Well. Like last year, I was very busy with school the past year and didn't have so much time for my family, especially my husband. I was always doing schoolwork and working at my school-related jobs/internships. I took a year break after graduating to work instead of going straight to grad school, thinking that it would be a good solution. That didn't turn out so well either since I haven't yet found a job. I'm not sure what I would do differently. I think having fewer non-essential activities would have been better, but it is impossible to succeed in the academic world without doing "extra" activities. It's a conflict I will probably have to face in graduate school again. I really don't know what to say about it. I wish there were more hours in the week.

I still spend time wishing I had parented differently. With more patience and understanding. Alternatively, I'm especially proud of the son, who despite all my mistakes, is a really good, kind and creative kid. How grateful I am.

I am especially proud of having had the opportunity to traverse a mountain with moderate difficulty for the first time, despite having no previous experience of mountaineering. Let me also add that I am proud of having had the opportunity to do river rafting without falling overboard, again despite having no previous experience. And I've also finished my Master's thesis, as well as my second Master's degree.

I wish I had held less fear of intimacy and been more open, knowing I am safe.

Differently: Break up sooner. Just tear the band-aid off. It's better sooner. It's not worth wasting my time or anyone else's. Go with my gut. Be more patient with my mother. She is so difficult sometimes. But shes the only one I have and I love her. I need to remind myself of that more often. Stop being so trusting with people. It only gets you into trouble. Plus, things happen. I need to stop being so anxious. Lo que sera, sera. Proud: I did get a job, all by myself. And I'm doing great at it (though you couldn't tell from the lack of feedback in this office....). I feel good about it. I feel independent and I see myself as entering adulthood, slowly. I'm happy with my decisions and I've learned a lot about myself.

I probably would have worked harder. Work ethic is something that I struggle with at times and I tend to let the state of my romantic relationship affect when I do or don't work. It's caused a lot of problems for me. I haven't been as productive. And in turn, I haven't had as much success in my job as I would have liked. So, I would have continued working even when I didn't feel like it or when I was feeling depressed. I am proud of a few things. Staying sober, continuing to work on my commitment to my fiancé and his daughter, who has not become my daughter as well. I am proud of my creativity that I've explored including starting a blog and doing a few photo shoots here and there.

I wish I had not got engaged, put my foot down in a very unstable relationship and demanded respect. Now that I think about all this, I did it to myself. I should have been more confident in myself, I should have not be scared of consequences. I am starting to become like that now, but its slow and I am still very scared of the consequences. I dont want to intentionally hurt anybody. I hope one day, I come to a resolution. I am proud of finally involving myself in my dad's business. Its been interesting, I know I can do more but because of emotional stress I am just not able to, but I am proud of that fact that I can keep running this business.

Done differently, being a better parent, a constant goal. Given a more straight answer to HR. Proudof- my kids.

I wish I had seen a doctor earlier this past year. I'm doing it now, but it's going to take through the winter season to see if it's working or helping or not for anything, and doing everything at once isn't financially smart or easy to separate one improvement from another. But - at the moment I'm proud I'm getting my health taken care of.

I wish I would have believed in myself more. Been more confident, been stronger.

Yes, as usual. I wish I had done more to get out and make friends. I have a really hard time putting myself out there. But, I am pretty proud of the new job I got.

This past year I had plans to stay in better touch with friends. But still - I only keep in touch with those few people who are very important in my life. I think people come into our lives and leave peacefully and that's really all we can ask for... plus I think friends dont really ever become "unfriended" - the relationship can just pick up again when it's needed most. I'm especially proud of myself this year for changing my diet and my exercise habits. I feel fantastic, sexy, and like I can do anything. I'm loving my job and life is very positive. I want to hold onto this and make it happen for as long as I can.

I've been slacking off a lot at home - days and weeks of just silently sitting on the couch, or doing very low key projects (especially the ones I can get into obsessive ruts over, like knitting and certain games) and not having as much quality time with B. We've both been busy and tired, but I haven't been making an effort to make life fun for us. I'm proud of continuing therapy, and continuing to seek out ways to feel better. I'm proud of my new marriage with B (just over a year now).

I'm proud of opening the brokerage. There isn't really anything I wish I'd done differently. Good decisions usually end with happiness. You usually learn something from less than good decisions. So everything helps you to move forward in your journey of life.

I am proud of the fact that i got us out of a bad situation despite a strong cultural sentiment that I should "tough it out", that I trusted my gut and my instincts and listened to my internal alarm system, I think I acted as quickly as one can turn a ship around, but it was definitely a "school of hard knocks" kind of experience. I wish I was able to be a more grounded parent for my children through the chaos.

I wish I had done basically everything differently. I can't believe that another year has passed and I'm answering this question the same way I have for the last 3 years. I wish I was less stressed, worked less, worried less about money, been a better wife, mother, daughter, sibling and friend. I wish I had loved harder and not sweat the small stuff. I wish I could stop and realize how good my life really is.

After being downsized from a job I loved, I applied for a position on a whim that was far above my pay grade. At the time, I said I was doing it only to maintain my eligibility for unemployment; but secretly, I thought I'd be really good at it. Imagine my surprise when they CALLED me. After every interview (all 3 of them) I told my husband "I said something that I know has ruled me out." But they kept calling me back in, and eventually I was offered the position! The thing I'm most proud of this year is becoming a Director overseeing the largest department within one of the largest nonprofit agencies in our county. I stretched myself beyond what I'd been told my "status" was...and the risk paid off. It's the hardest job I've ever had, but I'm really good and it and very, very proud to have earned the position.

-I wish I had focused more on developing myself holistically as a student, friend, sister, daughter and mentor. I felt like I got burnt out from these roles instead of being energized by them.

I think there are lots of small things I wish I had done differently, but I am happy with all the major decisions I have made and actions I have taken. In general, I would like to be able to handle stress better - both professionally and personally. During stressful times I try to micromanage and control everything - this does not work well for my partner- and it is something I have to do better.

I am very proud of the fact that my father died peacefully in his home. The only part of that I can take credit for is that my siblings and I worked together to make it possible for Dad to stay at home. It was what both he and my mother wanted, and we managed to keep both of them comfortable at home to the ends of their lives.

I wish I had broken up with my ex sooner. I wasted a lot of time on a bad person. I'm proud of leaving. However, I don't feel my identity and who I am should necessarily be tied in with a relationship. But it affected a lot of my daily life; how I felt as a valued partner and a person. It was really depressing. But I got out, even though it was frustrating and hard and the money situation was a bit frightening. I'm out. And I'm proud that I have better relationships with my friends again, and that I'm starting a new relationship in a more adult way.

As we head into Fall and the year 2014 starts to suddenly feel like it's close to over, it makes me realize how much of last year (the one that goes from High Holidays to High Holidays) I spent planning and executing big projects that had nothing to do with my own personal creative projects. In addition to coordinating our usual holiday hoo ha (Black Turkey, Hanukkah, Stinson, and figuring out all those presents) and some home improvements (we got solar panels!), I planned a Bar Mitzvah, ran the Dixie Doodle fundraiser again, helped organize and participated in the Purim celebration at our synagogue, coordinated and hung the 3rd grade Art Show at Art Works Downtown, helped put together Marian's 90th birthday party, coordinated and planned a two week summer vacation to Israel, figured out the whole crazy summer camp schedule for the kids, co-ran an Indiegogo campaign for my publisher, got Josh and I hooked up and packed for Burning Man, and planned my parents' 50th wedding anniversary party. And those are just the projects I remember. I had help for most of these things, but really they were mostly my projects to lead and execute. I'm both proud of the fact that I was able to competently execute all these projects and a little dismayed at the fact that I mostly let these other projects eat up my time and attention, and let my own creative projects languish. I did bring freak flags to Maker Faire and to Burning Man, and I did move a little further along in the manuscript of my second novel, but there was a lot more I would have liked to do and try to push along a little further, like more writing and book marketing, more freak flag workshops, and even some new art forms. But there's only so much a busy mom with an active family life can do. Maybe next year I will be able to achieve a better balance between other people's projects (or projects that largely benefit other people, anyway) and my own.

I am proud of opening my home to a homeless mother and her baby. They have lived here now for nine months. I love them and love having them with me.

I wish I had gotten the girls into swimming last year. I'm glad I was able to get into Temple for 1 year of nursery before TK and 1 entire summer of day camp. It really helped them get closer to judaism.

I'm extremely proud of my internship with the National Constitution Center. I am proud of how I carried myself, the work I produced, and the way I handled challenging experiences. I'm also proud of the outlook I maintained throughout the summer. If I had had a bad time at this internship I would definitely be switching career paths and so I am quite relieved to have figured out I like this field. I wish I had handled things differently with Gabe. Now knowing what I know about him I feel like he probably would have screwed things up anyway and I have every right to be upset but I wish I had protected myself a little better from the beginning. I am getting better at these things (at least in my personal view) which is helping how I feel but I am also thinking about voicing my expectations and how I feel sooner and trying to recognize what they are sooner.

I feel like I suffered quite a bit due mostly to the loss of my job. My identity is so closely tied to my professional success that I fell into a rather deep depression. I wish I had managed that better. It would not have been quite as scary, of course, had I been in better financial shape. Considering everything, however, I held it together better than many I suppose. My boyfriend seemed to think so anyway. I feel proud that I held out for a job that I knew would align with my values. It was extremely scary to turn down opportunities that would have paid well, but that would not have fed my soul.

I wish I had asked for help earlier. There are things that I have wanted to learn, but am still developing the skills base to do them well. I am learning a lot! But fear of others judging me (because I am an older student and some cranky, delusional part of my ego keeps whispering, "you should know that already!") has kept me from asking for help when it would have been very useful.

I wish I had stood up for myself professionally more, engaged in real feedback and conversation rather than apologizing too much.

I wish I had spent more time-on-task at work. I know it seems small (and ironically, I'm writing this on my lunch break at work) but all the time I spent "taking a break" really added up, and I just feel like I could have accomplished so much more. I'm trying to take my career seriously since it helps so many people and really trying to focus on getting my work done and expanding my role here. If I really concentrate on this, maybe by next year I could be promoted to Communications Director, which would be a huge professional achievement for me. But that will only happen if I really laser my focus on my goals instead of goofing off because I get frustrated or distracted.

I wish I had worked harder for achieving my dream job. I'm still working on it; I just wish I'd put more time and effort this last year. I'm proud of getting my co-workers more inspired to get our company off the ground.

I wish I had looked for work as soon as I got laid off. I wish I'd had courage to apply for the job I really wanted.

I already answered the 'something I wish I'd done differently' in question 1, so I will instead focus on the positive in this answer. This past year, I feel that I really pushed myself both personally and professionally. I learned to live alone, though I still don't really like it. I got used to doing things for myself (such as cooking a healthy dinner every now and then) and did a better job of keeping up with household tasks... well, sometimes. I pushed myself to become more involved at work. I asked for more responsibility in the internship program and to be granted the freedom to try a new design for the Eagle Landing newsletter. I took over for Sherry when she was out of work when her brother passed away, and filled in on classroom presentations and organizing. I became more comfortable talking about the Academic Citizenship program and my role in the Dialogue Club. I really became a mentor to the student leaders of the club, and helped with marketing efforts for club events. I also took a Journalism class, which took up a lot of energy and free time and pushed me to think about whether I'm ready to think about graduate school on top of working full-time (probably not right now). I practiced writing and interviewing, overcoming some fears, and was paid for writing for the first time ever! I've now published in a handful of legitimate paid sources, and I'm currently working on a variation on my final project from class to be published in Shenandoah Living magazine! I feel that in the past year, I've really become more self-confident (enough so that I pursued and achieved a new job at UVA that is much more prestigious and pays more than my old job!), and I look forward to moving on with my adult life and my career!

That's a loaded question. I think there are many things I wish I had done differently and yet, when i reflect on this past year, I am a product of my actions of my growing and becoming better. I am proud of myself for defriending Nate and starting therapy. I never thought I'd get to the point where I was a) ready to let go b) be honest enough with another person about the ugliness of my past, so that I could better change my future.

I wish I had kept my commitments to myself and followed through on actions that I needed to take.

I wish I wouldn't have got into my car March 11. However, getting a DUI inspired me to become a better, healthier, more productive person. I went back to school to finally finish my master's. I have become more productive in my career. I am more alert and awake because I do not waste time in a bar. I miss hanging out with friends and I absolutely despise the probation system (it is incredibly flawed), but it's really been an all-around positive.

Having had the awesome opportunity of spending a large amount of time with my family over the summer of 2014, I wish in retrospect that I would have been able to focus more time on this aspect of my life while working. As I move in to my next career, it is my intention to focus more on maintaing a better balance between my work and family. I am most proud of my continued pursuit to be the best man, father and professional that I could be. I did this by fearlessly looking at the things that get in my way and choosing to not ignore these things, rather maintain awareness for how these show up in my life.

I am very proud that I finally planted vegetable seeds in my porch containers and grew food for the first time in my life. Also, had the goal of setting up a worm farm for composting. Succeeded in doing that but the worms didn't survive so I plan to work at it again this year.

I have almost paid off the ring I bought for my fiancée I got new jobs. I wish I had been more proactive about finding a good job while I was in tampa

I wish I'd handled the hospitalization of my mother differently. I made her feel that being with her was a burden whereas having her still with us is the blessing that it is.

I wish I hadn't been so negative about having Brett & Matt live with us. We have a huge house, and we've always been open to sharing our space and using it for those who need it. My attitude was horrendous...and I'm not joking. I was constantly angry at them for silly things...not putting dishes in the dishwasher, playing video games, not giving me recognition. Part of me thinks that they didn't really pick up on how I felt. They're guys...are they that observant? Anyhow, my attitude did affect my relationship with Richard though, and for that I feel ashamed. We've had some interactions since they've moved out, and for the most part it's been normal...so, that's huge and convicting...

I'm very proud of how far I've come in the past year. Reading my answers from last year, it was all about finding myself, forgiving myself and letting me be myself. I have done a great job with that (though not 100% successful, but probably 85-90%, which is good for me!) and also accepting myself, which seems to be the hardest part.

I biked 300 miles across Michigan in 6 days with no training. I had a fairly slow pace and couldn't keep up with my friends who were 13 and 20 years my senior. I didn't attend tough mudder because I didn't train but I have registered for next year with the plan to complete one.

My response to this question is a big, general "YES." I do wish I'd done some things differently and I am especially proud of how I've been working on that. In general, I'm trying to stay more centered in being grateful, calm, and present in my life. My life is pretty much the definition of awesome, yet I'm not often connected to that awareness. Instead I feel overwhelmed, I feel overscheduled, I feel overstimulated, I feel anxious. But it's still progress that I'm able to see that, and sometimes either find strategies to stay more balanced or to simply choose to turn those alarm bells off. Greg and I went away to Miami for two days over spring break, and he shared with me his new motto, "Care less!" Care less is all about choosing not to worry about things you can't control, or not being so tied to a specific outcome, or trusting yourself to deal with things as they come up, or trusting that others can also deal and we don't have to take care of everything all the time. It's the best, most useful motto ever. Care less!

I wish I had not been complacent about not looking for another job. I liked what I was doing and felt I was very good at, too. The pay I was earning was at the top of the pay scale and the flexibility the position offered worked well for my husband's and my schedules. It wasn't so much the work as who I worked for that was the problem. The unemployment stories on the nightly news also made me grateful for what I had. However, I ignored the small signs and was blindsided on June 23rd. Alternatively, I am especially proud of accepting the honor of three different aliyahs at my temple, each time a little less nervous and more confident.

Nothing significant that I wish I'd done differently. Nothing I am especially proud of either.

I am extremely proud of my involvement in the Asian American and Pacific Islander Mental Health Forum on the arts. I was on the planning committee, the master of ceremonies, and did a workshop. It was also a year where the focus was especially dear to my heart and my work. The forum went very well and I was glad to have contributed in so many ways.

Yes, I wish that I had truly taken hold of my more minimal work time commitment and used it to flourish as a wife, mother and housewife. I am proud of my ability to move on in a major milestone in a way that is respectful to myself and the entire community.

I cannot think of anything I would change. I am who I am because of my experiences and knowledge. I am very proud that I started reading books again. I'm not near where some of my friends are on reading. Though, I've read more this year than any previous year in a very long time. I'm thankful for friends and family helping me obtain books so I am able to read more and what I enjoy.

I wish I kept a tighter rein on finances. I spent too much. I still do. I need to fix it. I am proud that I have kept my behavior strictly professional and aboveboard with my ex and his lady. I am beyond reproach, I have always acted in the best interests of my children, and I know that I will be reproached and ridiculed anyway. It bothers the hell out of me. And I still don't let it show.

I wish I had taken better advantage of my time off after I lost my job. I think that I needed down time, but I can't shake the feeling that I threw valuable time away. Not necessarily being productive, but finding joy in each day. Hedonistic pleasures. Surprises for my family. 5Ks.

I wish I had taken better care of myself physically through the stress of the last year. Not just eating and drinking and exercise -- I wish I had slept more, taken more breaks to do soul-enriching activities, and spent more time meditating. I am paying for these past choices to soothe myself with food and drink and sloth. Breaking those habits, and losing my "stress baby" (thick middle section), will take a lot of work -- more work than it might have taken had I been more careful all along.

I wish I had been a more astute connector to others and not be entangled in a mess of trouble. From that I've learned to let go - one or two levels deeper showing me I can stand on my own 2 feet and be the best person I can be whether anyone knows it or not!

No and no, I think. I survived it. I did OK. The things I achieved weren't perfect, but they were the best I could do in the circumstances. Is it the case that horrible life events and stress give your coping mechanisms a workout?

Something I am especially proud of - I'm continuing to make a commitment to health an fitness. I'm proud of the milestones I hit this past year, namely - joining a gym (fitness SF), taking part in fitness offers and stepping outside my comfort zone - dabbled in bootcamp, did 30 days of cardio barre, currently on month 2 of a yoga studio. Plus I did my first 3 day juice cleanse. I am proud of the impact this has had on Adam. He's much more inclined to eat the healthier food I make for him - including kale salads! He also ran his first half marathon and continues to trail run with me! I was able to share my favorite run (Washington DC monument run) when we were home in September.

I wish I'd handled my son-in-law differently, and listened to good friends advising me to take care of myself first, instead of exposing myself to abuse.

It's been such an unusual year. Of the things over which I had some control, I guess the conversation with my boss is something I wish I had somehow handled with more skill.

Generally, I wish I had spent more time listening and less time talking. More time listening to others, less time wrapped up in my own self and less time distracted by the internet, Facebook, etc.

During this past year, I have been especially proud of the development in my feelings of compassion towards others. I have always volunteered with different organizations, such as Special Olympics, but I had never really understood what it meant to be compassionate. I had always done my best to teach the kids to swim at Special Olympics, but the real impact did not dawn on me until this past year. The real impact of all the volunteer work I have done is simply the fact that these people who are less fortunate than I am know there is someone who cares about them. Even though I don't believe in God, I still have a favorite prayer that I learned from my former Physics teacher. She led the service trip I went on over the summer, so we would pray it often, as it was one of her favorite prayers also. My favorite part of the prayer is, "For those near or far; for those we can hold with our hearts, we can hold with our hands." The idea is that, to truly help people, compassion is needed. Volunteer work isn't just about the service; it is about showing love to others. I think my sense of compassion was really developed when I worked at the summer camp in Maine. I truly cared about the kids. When they wanted to talk about their problems, I always listened. If they cried, I would do anything to make them feel better. I made sure they all felt included in everything we did. I think it was these little things that meant the most to them. I'm sure they enjoyed swimming lessons, learning about insects, and making odd household crafts, but I think my service their was really more about the love I showed to the kids. I think the hardest part during the experience was when one of campers was worried that his mom was going to have to pay a fee for picking him up late because she was broke, as it was a camp for families living under the poverty line. I remember simply telling him that there was no late fee, but, when he continued crying, I told him that everything was going to be alright. That calmed him down easily. Isn't that simply what all of us need to here sometimes?

I have stood up for myself. I have self belief and I have taken action to make things happen.

I wish I'd saved more money, spent less on things to make me "feel" better, and lost the weight that I keep 'threatening' to lose.

I am bewildered that the older I get, the "worse" I get. I don't feel less kind but I do often come across that way. I sound more selfish. I'm afraid to open my mouth for fear of something hurtful gushing out. I am more critical than usual. I hesitate at things where I used to feel completely confident. As I look over the past year, I wish I had preserved more flexibility, focused more on kindness to others. On the other hand, I've done an awesome job in very demanding and difficult circumstances, working with demanding and difficult clients until more times than not they can stop borrowing my energy and go off to successfully make their own way in life.

I wish I had had the courage to leave the relationship with Carl sooner and not left it as a defensive move instead of an offensive one. But I am extremely satisfied that I stood my ground, suffered the hurt, heartbreak and lose of my friend and lover. I'm stronger than I think.

I can't think of anyone thing I would have done differently, I might have changed the way I handled certain things but even the bad decisions I made have significantly made my life better. I am so proud of myself for having the courage to finally focus on myself and my growth.

I wish I went straight to SUNY Orange instead of Pace University first. I am proud of getting promotions at my job I've been working for the past 4 years.

I wish I had not gotten in such a big fight with my brother last Thanksgiving. It was over something really stupid--me borrowing his bathing suit without asking--and ended up blowing up into a screaming match and embarrassment in front of my whole extended family. We didn't talk for a few weeks after that and he never apologized, though we eventually both got over it. I hate when we get into big fights like that; it makes me really sad.

Junior year was in every sense one of my various agons, like Beowulf's Grendel or his baleful dragon. I have been an exceptional student ever since I can recall. It took multifarious sleepless nights and uncomfortable freshmen socials to become who I am today. Nevertheless, this past year I wish I would have been more aware of the continuity of life. A couple of enfatuating and suffocating months was but a blip on the grand schematic structure of the ever expanding universe. The viral butterflies that arrive furtively into the stomachs of teenage boys had finally landed at my abode. Of course I exuberantly welcomed the sentiment of juvenile passion. It was a foreign object, but it began to consume me. The relationship I do not regret. What I regret is how I allowed one "expedient under consideration" (which was not only considered but plumped) to consume and interfere with almost every aspect of my life. The majority of happenings during this time are some of the things I wish I would have done differently. I wish I would have: continued to workout, focused on being an erudite student, spending time with my family and committing myself to my other obligations. I realized that I must not wish but act, meaning life is fathomless and satiated with opportunity. Although my actions may be delayed, I can always reorient myself. This is my goal, and this is what I am most proud of. That and my sense of style has increasingly bettered throughout the expanse of my high school career, especially this past year. Not to sound conceited or superficial but the New York street look is the new me. A refined, tranquil and surprisingly intelligent young man. I am especially proud of having discovered my true self. An assortment of contradictions and a character which may leave you nonplussed.

Differently? I would have pushed harder to get the job as planning boss. I would have been better than Kent. Proud? I've begun to realize that I am a good mother and feel more confident than I used to.

I wish I had spent more time exploring Chicago and exploring my friends in my last year there. I am already missing it and already regretting everything I did not do there or do with my friends. Alternatively, I worked my ass off last year. I said many times that I had never been that busy in my life and also that I was the busiest person I knew. I did not get where I thought I wanted to be, but I got somewhere probably even better. And I deserved it.

I wish that I had begun my job search earlier and listened to advice without giving my parents such a hard time. I am proud of graduating and learning how to get work and proud of how I have been growing both on my own and with Ben.

This year, with the continuing of the divorce process, I think I did a pretty good job of holding it together for the kids. I didn't bad mouth the dad too much and never to Sam. I didn't cry in front of them or loose it in general, in their immediate vicinity. I think they saw their mom as a strong woman, who was left by her husband, and who continued to live and work and care for them as best she could. I am not going to answer the other question, because this past year, or at least the first half of it, really sucked. I think I am lucky to have just gotten through it and I am going to pat myself on the back and not regret anything. Good Game Mom.

I wish that I hadn't wasted so much damned time. As I look back on this year, I did so little and I let my circumstances get the best of me in too many ways. I wish that I had lived my life for me, and not trying to become something im not, or not because I was too afraid to fail.

would like to have gotten my eating habits under control... proud to continue having a job

Looking at all the things that transpired this year, I'm alright with all my choices. I suppose studying for the CPA exam would have been beneficial, but I am not willing to beat myself up for it. It is what it is. As far as being proud over a choice or event this year, I suppose I am most proud of being promoted to finance manager at work. It's a huge stepping stone in my career, but I can't help but believe it would have happened anywhere I was having worked somewhere 7 years with similar personnel circumstances.

I'm proud that I did a 21 day cleanse and I wish I would have stuck with some of the habits I started to put in place with the cleanse.

I didn't kill myself, I successfully completed my tenure at a difficult urban high school, and found a leadership position in a new one. I also kept a 4.0 at graduate school. I am proud of all of these things.

I wish I had not allowed my daughters boyfriend to stress me out so much. Also, I should have gotten a physical.

I could have handled my breakup better. When I started feeling uncomfortable in the relationship, I gave it the flick before doing the self-work of understanding why I was pissed and what I required from my bf to make it better. I did it without sufficient reflection - which feels weird to say, since I'd ruminated about it obsessively. Maybe it was the wrong sort of reflection. In hindsight though, the rumination didn't give enough insight. Because of that, I didn't articulate to him first what needed to change 'or else', and he justly wishes that I had done so, to give a chance to change things. There was a disjuncture between what I thought rationally were the reasons for my discomfort and other, maybe truer, reasons that I was suppressing in order not to deal with uncomfortable emotions. That led to choices and actions that, while very justifiable, did not address all the issues at hand in the right way. On the other hand, maybe the alternative would have been endless procrastination and overthinking. There's surely some wisdom to the notion that if you're feeling like crap around a person, there is probably a good reason.

Started counseling sooner.

I might should have taken that puppy. I'm glad I helped Charlie.

I would have paid more attention to my spouse.

I am trying to work out how not to be so affected by things and stop letting bad experiences take up so much of my time and energy and become all encompassing. I feel like I have wasted so much time focusing on the bad rather than looking forward to the good, and I wish I would have focused more on the positives during the last year. In relation to this, I also wish I focused more on the good in people, and learnt to let little things go more to literally 'not sweat the small stuff'. In a nutshell, I wish I allowed myself to be happier, rather than constantly focusing on how 'I could be better', and guilt that I am not perfect.

I wished I started looking for a job much earlier and been a lil more cautious at spending money. i wish I was not so lazy at working at real estate business or left to go find a job which paid more without looking at job satisfaction instead I am proud that I found the existence of GOD

i wish i had appreciated my atlanta experience more. i wish i was more forward about helping stacy w her wedding. im especially proud of surviving atlanta

I wish I had left NE last year, but that was actually more than a year ago that I had the opportunity to leave. I'm proud that I was able to arrange a financial opportunity for myself to sustain me as I adjust and transition back to this environment. I'm proud that I delivered one son from the nest to college. I'm proud that I didn't wait any longer to come back.

I'm proud of myself I worked very hard and my grade were A & B. My average grade point - 3.46.

I wish I had gotten more involved with recruiting sooner and held Gary to higher standard when it comes to involving me in the selection process for people who would be placed in my unit. I also we should learn more about coaching before he started doing it by jumping in with 2 feet and not starting out with the greatest or smoothest of impressions. To be fair though, the majority of people have been pleased with my coaching methods. I am especially proud of bringing Zahra into a career and adding her to our team has definitely been a great improvement for the group.

This past year, I wish I had been less critical of my youngest brother. I critique him excessively, and I worry about the effects of my constant criticism. From this past year, I'm especially proud of my ability to maintain a positive outlook. Even in times of stress or when things took a turn for the worst, I was able to look at the bright side.

I wish I hadn't hit Mike. I wish I hadn't pushed our relationship to the point of breaking. I think I realise I was testing his limits, our limits, for almost a year, because I wanted -- nay, needed -- him to prove his love for me. And rather than ask him that, or give him opportunity to show that, I demanded it of him. Demand that, in July, broke him and the fragile relationship we had. I have my regrets about the relationship ending the way it did, because neither of us deserved to finish on such a painful note. And while we continue to live in the same space, occupying the same apartment, behaving like roommates (if not exactly friends), it's clear there is no coming back from this. There is no healthy way to regroup, rejoin and remember our love. There is no me and him, a Mr and Mrs, a marriage, a future. I fight against this idea (even now, I've not learnt to stop fighting) but I have to begin to accept it as fact: when I hit him, I broke us, and there is no going back.

I have no real regrets for the year, and I don't think I have ever been able to say that. I am most proud of how I was able to be supportive of my family during a painful and difficult year.

Tons of things I wish I had done differently. There was doubt in my mind the whole year about practically anything...so I wish I could have shaken the doubt of more easily.

Better father. Be kind en enjoy time together (also with Eva)! Be kind to my wife.

I feel that I can be proud of increased success in 'getting my act together' this year. After a lifetime of dealing with problems that have kept me from doing so much that I should have been capable of without difficulty, I can honestly say that I may be able to make something of my remaining years.

I can't pinpoint a specific event that makes we wish I did something differently but in thinking about the possibility of do-overs I could be a better friend.

I wish I knew why I totally crumbled in March and I wish I had thought about it/handled it is such a way that I could have mitigated/prevented it. I wish I had been better able to see the good in my life. I wish I had felt more comfortable reaching out to people. I wish I had been able to sit more calmly with distress. I wish had clung to Sam less strongly for my sense of stability, but also been able to communicate more fairly & more clearly what was going on in my head.

This is a complicated one because while I do wish I had made fitness/healthy eating a priority this year, I also committed myself to not doing anything with my body that was shame-motivated. I had a big breakthrough this year about how much shame was involved in issues of self-improvement and fitness from my parents and as a result of their influence, and as a paradigm it always eventually led to more shame and failure. Any self-care action that is taken under the assumption that I am inherently not okay at the weight I am is doomed to eventual rebound when I feel better about myself. I want a model that is life-long that can sustain itself, based on actual self-love and I'm willing to wait in order to figure out how to do this. I do notice that I take better care of myself when I have a romantic partner in my life and I want to figure out how to do this even when I don't have that. How do I take care of myself for myself?

I wish I had created and followed a budget more closely. I am proud of my determination to heal and live an active life.

I wish I had had more important conversations with my mother about our relationship before the very end of her life took her mind and made those conversations impossible. I am proud that I took the very best care of her I knew how and was not lazy about her caretaking.

I wish I had spent less time fighting for my life this year. It was necessary, I supose, but I wonder if I might have been better served in focusing on learning new skills and achievement rather than scrabbling to hold on by my gingertips, when I seem to be no better or worse, except I still don't know Russian.

In January, I started a new job. In retrospect I should have stayed at my old job. The pay is higher where I'm at now, but the seclusion from human interaction is driving me crazy. I'm proud that my son Jacob is walking around and overall a happy toddler.

I wish I had this questions first about the client I can't seem to raise my rates on. My answer is I would have bitten the bullet and raised the rate. I just don't like arguing with him all the time about everything I do for his business. I guess that's the answer there... let the client go in faith a better one will take his place

I am proud, or at least pleased, with the fact that I was able to embark on a new spiritual path, an enlargement of the Buddhist path I have been on. That I have been able to plumb the depths of Judaism.

I should have saved more money last year. When Jason unexpectedly lost his job and we'd just moved and bought a new car I realized we hadn't saved enough. We figured it out and Jason found a new job very quickly. I'm proud of myself for continuing to live by the motto of asking for help when I need it, and helping others as much as I can.

I wish I would have visited Jim more before he died. I'm glad that I did spend more time with family this past year.

paid more attention? i wrote something to west about vestibular issues last october; that was the clue i missed, never mind all the doctors and tests and waiting and worrying and money! i don't know what i would have done differently; there was so.... much. i should have broken up with her, multiple times. but i don't have the courage. or the conviction. i should have figured out what's up with dad sooner, tho' i don't know if he would have paid any more attention than he is now. work wasn't good, i'll just leave it at that. having matt work on the wall was fun; the wrong wall, but hey, i learned something. i guess that's the point. did i learn something? yes? then that's the point. one thing is worth the tsuris.

Yes, I wish I would have lived with my eyes opened, and made changes to improve my life and the life of my children.

There are many things i wish I had done differently... - I wish I had been more in touch with my wife's feelings and my wife's needs as she was struggling with some things that had the ability to control (see Q1) and other that i could not, but could have been more supportive - I wish had been more focused, and less dependent on my favorite vice to get me through. - I wish I had committed more time to getting my house and life organized.

Although I do dwell a lot in the past, I actually truly do not believe in regretting anything. Yes, I do think about things I should've done differently, but I have also learned to see the value in each of these situations and learn from them. I would not be where I am now, or the person I am now, if I had done things differently.

I wish I worked harder on one of the last test of last year.

I wish I had learned to live more fully and with more love. I feel that in general, I love and appreciate my life, but on a daily basis I find myself stressed and frustrated.

I'm especially proud of running cross-country this year, I'm stronger and smarter and happy to be fast.

I wish that I could have done hopscotch

I wish I'd filed my taxes in April, or in the summer, or in August, or could somehow muster up the energy to figure out why I am so afraid of them.

i wish i had taken better care of myself physically and worked harder at establishing an acting career. I'm proud of how far I've grown in my relationship with David and making the most of my life on a limited income.

I wish I had not waited so long to recognize there were major problems in my marriage. I regret that I inadvertently let my children struggle, let them think their current struggles were really all about them, when in fact they were mostly a reflection of our situation. I am especially proud of starting a new work life, and of getting our whole family the counseling help we all needed.

I'd have approached my "sabbatical " with a more concrete plan.

I wish I had done better in seventh grade with my grades because I didn't do my best because I didn't try my best

I wish I would've been friends with more people... because I like people and I like friends so like ya I guess that sums it up. Making a lot of friends. I like friends, and it changed my life because I had fun this year with them.

I regret treating people the way I did . I was a little rude and didn't think before I said something. Also excluded people and felt horrible about it like YU KNOO' (i just said that to make it less awkward to the people who agree with wha i said just now. I'm proud for noticing this about myself.

I really have no regrets from this past year. I adjusted to retirement, did some good consulting work and volunteer work, got into an exercise routine. I always wish I would eat better and lose weight - and I completely failed at that this year. But I feel good!

I ended a relationship in a harsh way that was uncalled for. I realise now that it was my pattern of not speaking my truth until it's too late that contributed to the situation. There was no need to end the realtionship - I just needed to deal with my feelings of overwhelm - but I left it too late.

I am especially proud of how I taught my 8th graders and inspired them especially wioth my Holocaust unit which in turn created a tremendous pride in their Judaism and in their being Jews.

I guess I am proud of organising the 'When Moshe met the Buddha' talk. Started the ball rolling last year and finally came to fruition. Trusted my instinct and it worked.

I can honestly say no. There is nothing I would have done differently. I am very proud of myself and my wife and our marriage. I think last year was truly a great year and this year will be even better

I wish I had been able to more consistently taken care of my physical & mental health this year. I went to kirpalu & learned a lot from Amy Weintraub but was unable to figure out how to implement it at home. I could have used a sanga. I didn't do enough to surround myself with the community I needed. I suppose that on the other hand, I have more of a commitment to myself, my daughters, and to the community than I have been able to manage up till now in my life. I continue to claw my way forward, though emotionally I often want to give up.

man, I wish I had thought more when I signed my housing agreement for this year. it wasn't a horrible fee to cancel my lease but dang. I wish I hadn't. proud of running a fashion show. taking steps to really figure out what I'm gonna do in school. going on a field trip with a bunch of basically strangers and having a blast. basically stepping outside of my box more and really taking ownership of my life, I guess.

This past year? Ha. Try my lifetime. I am not in the time of my life where I should have all the things I dreamed of. A house. A picket fence. A dog. A home. If I had only saved more I could get that. I now feel like I am at the point I should have been saving for and I have nothing.

Asked for help with my acupuncture practice sooner. I'm proud of continuing to operate a successful practice.

I wish I had entered Africa on my best game, like I feel now. But I was so scared at the time. It wasn’t how I wanted to be seen then, but it all turned out for the best. And now, I am at my best. And ready for Michael and Lord to come here and grow as a family together. I am proud of everything this year. This is MY year. I am grateful and abundant. I am loved and I love. I will raise a child, and I can’t wait for that experience. I’m finally ready. I know I’ll be a good mother. And I’m ready to be a good wife.

I'm sooo proud of myself for sending out that craigslist ad that eventually landed me with the Yiddish theatre group. I did it all on my own risk, no wimpy "connections". =D What I would have done differently perhaps is scouted out better guys to date (besides rabbis) than I did in between bouts w my ex. Like guys who are kind and generous instead of arrogant like they were. It's not like I didn't GO OUT on dates with them, but I didn't fall for them like I did the arrogant rabbis.

I wish I could have been honest with my mother from the beginning about not wanting her to be in the room during my son's birth. Taking care of my son is the thing I am most proud of.

Always room for improvement. But honestly, I can't think of any major regret. I am proud of how my husband and I have been working thru our disagreements. I'm not going to lie… there are times that I hate him. But, logically, I know I love him. That sweet emotion of love will return if I just get past that moment. It always does. So, in those moments of hate, I remind myself to wait it out. I force myself to move past that ugliness of despair. I guess experience does count for something because we are both learning and becoming better at this marriage thing. :) I do love him. I swear!

There are always things I wish I had done differently. I can't think of any one incident that stands out above the others.

Honestly, I often wonder if it was the right thing to do moving back to Atlanta and taking the job I took. But I remind myself that I'm getting great experience, and that I would complain no matter where I was working! I'm proud of myself for picking my clarinet up again and making an effort to make music again. It really does bring me joy.

I wish I would of done more music and Audio work, but the same time I am very proud of getting better at snowboarding and the amount of times that I got to go.

I am proud of having maintained and deepened my friendships from 2013. This was poignantly affirmed when I received a postcard from a dear friend. This time next year I wonder where these relationships will go, what will have faded, what will have strengthened. Guess time will tell. One thing's for sure, this priority is here to stay.

I'm proud of how well I'm doing at skills in EMS class; I've surprised myself. I'm also really proud that I've stuck with it, because it is hard. I wish I would've spent more quality time with my boyfriend. And with my little sister. I wish I wouldn't have always been so afraid of my mother; it's crippling really, and sometimes physically painful.

I wish I had written more.

I wish I had put more effort into Short Story, I mean, attending more classes and paying more attention so I wouldn't have failed it again. I'm proud though about my final mark in Chinese. A 6,9 out of 7 is important haha.

Instead of being negative, I am going to positively enforce my change of perspective and praise my actions. At the beginning of the year I was jobless, loveless, and depressed. I ended the year on a job hunt, having reconciled with my lover, cousin, and a few friends, and I am in a therapy group and on different meds in a better mind state. I realized I didn't have to be miserable, I shouldn't be, and I took action to change my circumstances. I am still inching along and my quality of life is improving one step at a time.

I wish I would've been more active in reconnecting to Gd. Meditated more. Honored my own spirit and the Gd within me more. Yoga. Eating right. Shared more with other people. Welcomed intimacy.

I wish I had been more neutral and steady about work, keeping it in its right place emotionally. Better to keep it out of my body and at bay.

I wish I prioritized more effectively. I continue to "collect", analyze, discuss and study instead of acting. I still have not internalized what it is I'm trying to do at any given time.

That I completed and pulled off the Shamanic Dearmouring. It was intense.

Not sure 'proud' is the right word. Very happy to have made Aliyah after planning for two years. Few things I would/could have done differently but nothing of significance.

I have managed my relationship with my sister without anger or distress. I have realized her limitations and learned how to choose to be there for her w/out expressing my impatience and irritation.

I have been self convicted of arrogance and being judgmental - this has caused me to be aloof of circumstances that have happened around me. My desire is to build meaningful relationships with people particularly my family and those within my sphere of influence.

I'm not good with wishing things were different. It seems like a waste of energy because I can't change what's already happened. I do feel sad about how much I wished puppy Ringo away, how frustrated and impatient and irritated I get with both dogs, how much I worried about Sam, how much Eric and I fought at the beach, how painful it all was. I am especially proud of myself for sticking with all of it, for making attempts to keep my heart open rather than numbing out, for completing yoga teacher training and teaching some classes.

getting out of my shitty job and finding an amazing new one

I wish I could control my thoughts more when I go into fear. I am proud of the work I am doing, teaching English, reading with children, leading meditation groups.

I am grateful I remained true to myself in my relationship in 2013. It ended, but not due to my changing. It hurt to lose him and the actions he took immediately after were painful to know. Still, I learned I've grown more than I knew and am not nearly as emotionally erratic as I used to be.

I am proud of how we transitioned our daughter from her senior year of college to our summer rental while we were moving, to her new apartment - her new home. We talked a lot through and did it in slow phases so she was comfortable and she felt supported.

I wish I had truly taken on my document project and filmed a whole lot if stuff here and in Thailand. And I wish I would have exercised double the amount to make it set in and stick when I got home. I'm beyond proud of myself that I even went to Thailand. That I picked up and left everything behind and blindly went 1,000,000 miles away, and then stayed for seven months.

I wish I'd found the courage to find another way to deal with my husband's anger issues, other than simply retreating in fear. Nothing physical happens, just a bunch of yelling - but my reaction is always so extreme (hiding behind a blue steel wall so thick with resentment that nothing can get through) that it prevents meaningful dialogue after the fact. I don't think he likes himself when he yells, but he doesn't know what to do about it. I've resolved to mention it earlier, when I first see it brewing, rather than waiting and letting it grow.

1. Yes, I wish I would've eaten better because I am going to be single forever at this rate. 2. I'm very proud of having graduated college. I honestly didn't think it was going to happen.

I wish I'd made healthier lifestyle choices.

Though I didn't have the tools at the time, I wish that I had been able to see past the relationship I was in to be able to end it more peacefully and calmly, both for myself, and for my ex partner. I am also proud of how I was able to pull through, with very few tools, and to survive and show myself that I can be ok, that despite great loss and perceptions of personal failure and community loss, I can come out the other side after tough, tough times.

Well, this relates to the previous question. I am proud of the fact that I was helpful to my father in his darkest hours, despite the ways in which he has failed me in the past. I feel like I have been called upon by God to try to heal our relationship as best I can and to preserve that which is godly between us. Alternately, I wish I had worked less. Working so much contributes to my anxiety level and makes me less able to be present for those whom I love. I also wish I cared less about what other people think and a little more about what I think. That is a work in progress.

I wish I had allowed more time for the house hunt. Ultimately I probably would have bought the same house, but there are many things in it that I find I am resentful about, and had I actually seen the house before we put an offer on it, I would at least be directing those feelings towards myself rather than my s.o.

I wish I had started talking to a financial planner to get help with my money situation sooner. I still feel really constricted in this area but I don't need to be. I have resources, and I'd like to use them - see what's possible and start changing aspects of my living situation that don't feel great.

Not at all.

I wish that I structured my time better this year. I feel that I often leave things to the last minute and work around deadlines rather than getting them down in time and leaving room for editing and correcting any errors or mistakes. I am especially proud of the way in which I have started pursuing my passions in life and pushing myself to find these passions and go after them. These include becoming a Sports Editor, Starting an Instagram community, working on my writing and photographing and just putting myself out there and being open to opportunities..

I wish I had spent more time with friends. I wish I had seen more art. I wish I had written and read and created more. I wish I had loved more. I'm proud of my professional success and ease. I'm proud of continuing to be a person post-grad. I'm proud of climbing the mountains that I did.

I'm proud of the success I enjoyed with the first 99 cent sale I ever held for a novel of mine. I put my second published novel, Taking Stock, on sale for several days at 99 cents, and I sold hundreds of copies in doing so. It wasn't the runaway success I've heard so much about, but I'm still working on that. Despite its success, I would have done it differently, if I had my time back: I would have limited the sale to two days, and done all my promotion on the first day. I believe this would have yielded even greater results, and I plan to try that approach the next time I attempt a 99 cent sale.

While I am proud of myself for breaking up with my now-ex and getting out of an unhealthy relationship, I wish I had done it sooner for both of our sakes. However, I tried to do it sooner and it didnt stick. But I am proud of myself for realizing what I want in life and standing up for it.

I wish i would have taken better care of myself...working out, not smoking, eating healthier, not being such a lazy bum. Future self - I'm really hoping you have this covered, and that nasty cellulite is gone! I'm proud of how far i've come professionally...I think that past year has truly been a big growth for me, in terms of ability and confidence. keep on keeping on with that!

ha ha so much. I wish I was kinder at all times. I am most proud of my daughter.

I wish I had not put off living a healthier life style, and yet, once I made the commitment, I am very proud of myself.

I wish I had been more patient and loving towards myself. I went through a really dark time and learned some very hard lessons that I think would have been easier if I had loved myself a little more. It is interesting to look back and see how much I beat myself up for taking a leap of faith and moving to a new city, for giving that guy a chance and not seeing his true colors, or for getting myself further into debt just to wake up one day and ask...what was it all for? I have learned over the past 12 months that I cannot change the past and beating myself up over the choices I made or the things I did doesn't do anything but cause harm and stagnation focusing on the past. The best thing that I can tell myself now is "Despite what happened before, I love you unconditionally" now let's make today the best dang day I can!

I wish that I had acted differently or been more aware of how I acted around certain people. While my actions were small, they may have effected the people I loved negatively and while this has not yet effected the relationship itself, if I continue to act this way, it might. On the other side of things, I am proud of my leadership skills and the moves I have made to advance myself through being a teen age representative in a primarily adult board or working on the highest award on Girl Scouts, I hope it continues to expand in my future.

I wish I had spent more time keeping in touch with friends, worked less, exercised more.

I wish I had gotten tested for ADHD earlier, not just this year but in my life. Even though I'm a great student, I thought that that greatness had to come at the cost of my happiness and sanity, and finally having this distraction-laden brain under control has revealed to me that it is possible to be caught up on schoolwork and be successful without wanting to throw myself off a bridge as a result.

I wish I had smiled more and been more easy-going, especially with my family.

I'm proud I went ahead and got my Transplant because now I will be 100% ok by this time next year.

I'm proud that I completed my list of 25 things to do while I was 25. Some of it took a lot of planning and commitment, some was fun, some of it was spontaneous, and I'm pleased I did all of them!

I spent too much time watching TV, and not enough reading and writing. I spent too many mornings sleeping late because I was hungover or just stayed up too late for no good reason, and not enough mornings getting up joyful for the new day, going for a run because it feels good, doing yoga because it delights me. I planned so much for the future and let the present be a blurry space before me - a fog. I withheld myself from my family, from Elliott, from friends. I waited for people to reach out to me and sighed heavily when they eventually called. I tried to live more lightly, being in three different cities, in two jobs and in school over different months. But I worried about material things, still. I didn't quite find a way to live lightly, to let my travel back and forth be a liberation. I started running more. I found yoga as an important part of my exercise routine and mindfulness practice. I started to pray more, but not enough. I made a checklist of my accomplishments, and none of them float to the surface of my heart right now. I flung my kite to a listless wind. My heart caught other breezes on its own. I am proud that I took this job in a different city, even though I think about quitting every week. I think I can use this distance to grow myself. I have developed a struggling relationship to food, which I'm ashamed of. I feel it in the extra weight around my belly, in the drum-tight fullness when I try to sleep some nights after a binge, the whirling of my soul when I need some nourishment and instead reach for food, standing up, from the box or the bag or the jar. I feel it heavily on myself, and I hold out hope that I can change course. Not where I am, but where I'm headed.

I'm proud of sticking with something even when it got really hard. I am proud of getting all my hours for certification and for treating this like a calling, a career and a future

There are too many things to regret, which I would probably do the same all over again, but I choose to feel proud. I'm proud of my children and the family that my wife and me created, because each one of them are responsible people that can stand by themselves and be counted. I'm also proud of being me everyday.

I am really proud of myself for taking the summer off from work to relax and enjoy life.

I didn't do as much yoga as I was doing last year so my practice has rather leveled out. I didn't get much stronger this year yogically, but I was wrestling with some of the largest psychological demons ever. And have really made some progress past the mental quicksand that had taken hold of me. I was in the most fearsome dark wildernesses and I faced them all pretty much head on. The poetic magic of the world is returning to me and the Kansas twisters are getting fewer and farther between. I think I've crossed over and I'm all in one piece.

I am VERY proud of my work on my business. It's been so hard and so time-consuming, but it's been amazing how fast it's all come together. I'm proud of pretty much every aspect of it from the website, to the studio, to the flyers I put up around town.

I wish I had spent more time looking for people who aligned with me instead of trying to close a cultural and emotional gap constantly. What I am proud of? I made VP before I turned 40 - 3 yrs before my goal.

I think I may have managed all that has occurred in this past year about as well as I could, given that life just kept rolling in on me, wave after wave. I have been sad a lot, but I recognized it and sought support. I gave in on some big decisions, but I recognized I didn't have answers either, so I went with the desires of others, even if reluctantly, and sometimes with resentment. I said to myself that at least we had movement and something might come together that would work for me, too. I have made some progress in focusing on my needs and being more honest in my communications without sacrificing relationships. And at the times I wanted to throw in the towel, I didn't. If there is anything to be especially proud of, it might just be that I am making it--so far, and I keep trekking on this journey. But I also take a lot of satisfaction in my effort and growth as a poet, or rather as a person who strives to write poetry. I find it more and more the focus of my creative life...reading poetry, reading about poetry, writing, sharing my work in a small group of other poets who encourage me and celebrate my growth. It suits my strong bent toward reflection, makes use of my osmotic tendencies and seems to satisfy, at least in some measure, my search for the Divine. I have promised myself to put together a chapbook simply for the discipline and the experience of meeting a goal. Even if I don't keep the promise, the project keeps me focused, thinking, writing. Perhaps it is a good "woods" in which to find myself in this stage of my life as I transition from much doing to more being.

I'm really proud of how Ben and I talk regularly about HOW we want to raise Eli and the teamwork we've had to get everything where it needs to be. I'm proud of myself for finally prioritizing my physical and emotional balance/needs and starting on a path to more regular care.

Take care of my shit when it needed to get done and doing it well. Loving more openly and deeply. Appreciating the small joys. Being more tender with my family. Being more tender with myself. Being a good friend not just when it's convenient or feels good but when they need me most. Proud of the connections I have made and having been more open to people and experiences. There are always thing I could do differently, but what's most important for me is to learn from past experiences and try to be better instead of focusing on what was wrong or beating myself up.

I wish that I hadn't stressed myself out over trivial things that didn't really matter in the long run. This ranged from faulty friendships to club activities. I am proud that I was able to hold many leadership positions in the past year, but honor chords are nothing more than pieces of rope after graduation. Eventually, you start all over.

Done differently? Planned our annual holiday earlier and investigated the region more thoroughly.

I wish I could have taken drivers training. But I'm glad I could babysit and earn some money for myself.

I wish I could keep up with my extended art projects!!!! So far behind on so many things.

This year I have had absolutely no regrets. I had my uni graduation, managed to secure myself a senior management position at work which I will be happy to stay in for a year or so, and I have been in the most amazing relationship with the guy of my dreams/soulmate for nearly 8 months now. This year has brought me stuff which has been completely unexpected but that couldn't have been better.

I'm not so much proud as grateful that I became a mentor to an older woman who struggled with reading. She now reads out loud in public, and i feel pride for her.

I wish I was more organized last year in school and got my work done instead of netflixing. Even though I got good grades, I needed to focus more. That's what I will try and improve on this year

I think i have done everything i was meant to do this year. I could have tried harder for a job, worked harder to stay here. But i did what i needed to work out my direction and i think i would have been unbelievably unhappy if i hadn't made the change and moved here. I am proud that i took a huge risk, moved out of home and have been supporting myself on basically minimum wage. its a huge achievement and has meant i know what i want, how i want to get there, and in a sense, the direction i need to take to become the person i want to be.

I wish that I had practiced on becoming a better soccer player over the summer, however, I am really proud and glad about what a Did do over the summer, as a lifeguard, camp councilor, photographer, and hiker in Alaska.

I'm proud that I'm eating better. I'm proud that I'm calling Chunks more, but I wish I had started that sooner. I wish I had journaled (for insight) and meditated (to slow time and for mindfulness.) I'm proud that I'm still taking risks to be a better sister - see my own hooks and be brave with honesty instead of cover ups. I'm proud I don't have more regrets! (But am I overlooking something?!)

I am wishing that I had tried to work earlier than I had. I think I would have stayed out of the hospital and, had I known I could, I would have been more mentally healthy. I am especially proud of having been persistent in my job search and having found a job that is PERFECT for me.

I wish I had spent more time with my finacee "not making plans". I am extremely proud of the way I dealt with the health problems within my family. I might have enjoyed more not critizing so much partner and her family.

I wish i had started school this year. There are so many amazing things that happened. I got married, I moved to an unexpected place; change is always good.

I wish I had paid more attention to my schoolwork this year. I allowed myself to be distracted by things happening in my personal life and by world events.

I wish I had been more productive at work... I think I keep waiting for things to happen for me, but really I need to take charge and make things happen.

I am especially proud of the progress I am making toward ordination. I feel really good about volunteering at the local state mental hospital. Unfortunately, I have allowed credit card debt to creep up, and that will need to be addressed in the coming year.

Work has been VERY challenging for the past two years. Along with my co-workers I have weathered constant, sometimes seemingly irrational changes. I took some things personally. As a result, I became withdrawn, limited my interactions with certain people and developed a negative attitude. If I could go back, I would take a deep breath and maintain my positive approach to my work. I am proud that I have been able to help others weather these storms -- even as I struggled to stay afloat myself!

I wish I'd taken my insulin better this year. I slacked not just on that but on taking care of myself in all respects. I let one little event totally shatter everything I had worked so hard for. I wish I'd kept up with myself.

Wish I finished faster. Wish I hadn't messed up the job interview. On the other hand, I am proud of the work I've done. I'm happy with the children's books I've written. I'm happy to have reorganized my house.

I wish I had been kinder to my husband in my times kf hormonal depression and sadness. Staying hime with the baby has not always been easy for me and I have gotten lonely. My husband has gotten the brunt of my resentment and I truly wish I had controlled it better. It wasn't his fault I was unhappy and it isn't fair to take it out on him. I am proud I have stuck to breast feeding the way I have. It was not an easy start but we somehow were able to power through. I know I gave Ryder a good start because of it.

Hmm - good question. One thing I did this past year is apply for a super stretch job. I knew I was technically unqualified, and I didn't get the job. But I don't have any regrets. I think I learned a lot from the experience (I know I didn't put my best foot forward, and I think I'll know how next time). I'm also grateful for the job I ended up taking - it is perfect for me right now (though I'll admit I'm probably working too much).

I'm incredibly proud of how much I've grown professionally. It was a big jump for me to go from being a property manager to a bona fide real estate analyst; and an even bigger jump to realize that I'm good! I'm also really proud of sustaining this healthy weight. I lost ~30 lbs two years ago, and I've kept it off. I'm about to dial in on my diet and exercise routine and get into "wedding shape" - and I'm looking forward to seeing just how good I can feel and look!

This past year I learned so much about the importance of self-care, and specifically, what type of self care I need. I am proud of learning that. On the other hand, I wish I had lovingly employed my self-care techniques more often. I realize that I am quick to become distracted by a pleasant stimulus - and there go all my self-care tactics out the window. I virtually forget I need to constantly check in and care for myself. If I had kept up my regular meditation, my regular writing, my mantras of self-acceptance, I imagine I would feel so much better than I actually do right now. I wish I allowed myself the time to put myself first at some point every single day.

I wish I hadn't left the job I left. I'm proud of myself for getting an amazing offer and stepping up my career.

I wish I didn't go out with so many losers. I'm proud of taking risks and going out on my own. Also, really proud of my garden. 12 ft tall sunflowers! Go me!

I feel there were times that I was too quick, without patience, reactive and overly sensitive. At the same time, I feel I was very open. I said yes to as many experiences as I could. I learned and listened and grew very close to many special people.

I can't believe we moved to Israel and spent 9 months there. What a great experience, what amazing memories. They will be with us for life.

Wow. Do I ever wish I had done things differently this year. I wish I had not been so unbalanced. I so wish -- and not only in this past year -- that I had not been so arrogant cynical deceitful egotistical greedy obstinate selfish tempted But, that's the reckless, self-sabotaging behavior that has polluted my life. That's the cost of being raised in a house of fear and shame and unpredictability and violence. That's not an excuse. That is what happened to me and it scarred me and I did not heal. I married, I worked, I loved, I parented, I cared, I struggled. But I did not heal. Instead, I drank to escape the past, obsessed grandiosely about the future, and avoided the present. I had no healthy models. I've gotten by on looks, charm and jaw-clenching determination. Getting caught in my lies and deceit has been the best thing that's ever happened to me. It's made me accountable. Finally. It's forcing me to face a lifetime of stifling, growth-stunting behaviors and to make the scary, messy and ultimately self-caring commitment to be REAL. I don't know if my marriage will survive the pain I've inflicted on it, and for which I am incredibly, deeply remorseful. My family is incredibly angry with me. I wish I could erase all that and still grow as a person. But I do believe I am becoming a stronger person. I am proud of that. Admitting I am powerless around wine and the fine-drinking culture is empowering. I think about what that means. I appreciate the gift I am giving myself with AA and Adult Children of Alcoholics meetings and readings, and the deeper therapy I am pursuing. I feel and love because I want to love, not because I want to be loved. I am more calm and collected and really try to understand others' feelings and fears. For all of that, I see myself becoming a better person, a real person. I am drunk on this new, raw inner power :-) --- and can only hope it continues.

I am so incredibly proud of the fact that I trained for and ran my first marathon. I trained in ice, cold, snow, darkness. Day after day. On April 21 I started the marathon and 26.2 miles later I had a medal placed around my neck. The journey to get to that point was amazing and one that I shall never forget.

Hay ciertas cosas en la vida que tenemos que hacer, pero siempre nos las olvidamos. Una de estas cosas es decir que amamos a la gente que no quiere. En mi caso, siempre me olvido de hacer eso y mirando hacia atrás, me doy cuenta de que debo hacerlo más seguido. Es muy importante compartir nuestro amor con otra gente y hay hacerlo diariamente. Por otra parte, estoy muy orgullosa de haber comprendido el valor de aquello por las que estoy agradecida. Yo solía ser despistada, no tenia aprecio por todas las cosas que tengo en la vida. Pero ahora, estoy muy agradecida por todo y muy contenta conmigo misma.

I would not have moved to London, Proud of learning Spanish

I am really proud of how I have handled my stress and have helped myself to not fall back on what is known and comfortable. Also that I have helped myself to explore new things and have learned from my mistakes As far as what I wish I had done differently... That is harder. I wish that I had handled things with my husband in a way that didn't allow him to ignore me and dismiss me like he has, but still left the door open for him to make changes that could help him win me back. I wish I been sooner in letting him know that I am not ok with how he treats me. Not that letting him know has changed anything.

I am proud of having the strength to be able to finally let go of a person in my life who had tormented me for the better part of three years. "Cry as hard as you want to, but just make sure when you're finished that you never cry for the same reason again" -Unknown

My son is off to college and doing well. This wouldn't seem to be that big a deal, but of my two children, he required about 70% of the effort. He has some serious social issues, and has had his entire life. One of those children who is just plain hard to raise. My spouse and I have made a concerted effort over the last 18 years to make sure that we are not only raising an adult of good character (in the end, our only goal as parents), but to make sure he can get by on his own without leaving a trail of wreckage. Those of you who have kids know that you don't find out how well you chose when they are toddlers until they are adults. And as we all got through the first week, I realized...dayum, I may have done something right in my life. I'm very proud of him.

I am back to working full-time, which I am proud of. The job isn't especially wonderful but it pays the bills (which makes me feel proud) and will be offering insurance soon, for which I am grateful.

Dated. Gotten a job sooner. Gone out more. Had more fun. Exercised more. Gotten my shit together faster. But I did get a job, started therapy, am slowly making progress.

I'm trying not to regret anything anymore, especially when there's no need to. I've learned, this year, that all I have is this one life, and if I think to much about the "what ifs" in life my life ceases to have meaning. And I'm really proud of myself for starting to think this way. Becoming happy and a positive person after so many years of negativity and self-doubt is the hardest thing to do in the world.

Yes, wish I'd spent less time playing Free Cell & Solitaire on the computer and more time really looking for work and really getting going on on-line dating sites (getting photos taken, picking a user name, and the like). Am pleased with myself for making more of an effort to get along with people, especially the crazy Nursing Director at work. Interestingly, when I started doing these questions, my biggest regret was not succeeding at getting a fee for service job. I finally got such a job, in April 2012, but then got fired from it last September, with my final day being October 14, 2013. So even when I fulfill my goals, they don't always pan out.

I am proud of the Mussar I worked on last summer and taught to my colleagues. I wish I had been better at paying attention to details in other people's lives to show how much I care about them!

Became closer to God, by reading and studying His Word and more prayer, and finding a church home.

I wished I would have talked with my roommate more before she ignored me for a month. There was a distinct moment I realized that I needed to air some things out with her, let it pass, and eventually lost all communication with her. It ended with her on such a bad note and talking earlier on may have cushioned the blow. I am proud of all the changes I have made this year--3 houses, five jobs, and a heavy amount of growth and introspection have made me embrace change and my fears a lot more and come to expect these to happen.

Mostly I am proud that I got out of bed every day, that I didn't stay shut up in my house, and that I engaged with the world. I mourned, I cried, I despaired - but I also sang, and smiled, and laughed. I have been transformed by grief in ways I still do not fully know, but I did not let my grief defeat me.

I wish I had made better use of my time. I spent the last year working on the house, but wasn't espeicially careful about how I used my time. I wish I had spent more tie writing and journaling and focusing on my photography classes. I spent a lot of time just being overwhelmed and procrastinating. Making lots of lists and lots of plans but only accomplishing a fraction of what I should have.

I wish I had dealt with things at work differently with my two scummy former coworkers. Not for their benefit, but for mine. I should know this lesson by now. Wait out the bullshit and preserve your dignity. You can't change people and even if it takes a long time, every dog has its day... Eventually.

Like every year, I wish I had reached out more often to my friends and family. I didn't hide, but neither did I insinuate my presence in their lives very often.


I would have preferred to have had a full time position or one of the patents already in productions. I have spent to much time on other peoples projects and not enough on mine. I focused to much on others even though I love to help, I must help me too. The other half of the growth is recognizing how much faith I have and how I continue to grow. Its amazing how many doors God has opened and continues to do so. I have learned a lot about myself and made good changes to keep going in the right direction of living in faith

I wish I would have saved a little more money while I was working for Vybiral. I didn't really need all the stuff I bought (including the Xbox), and having the extra money would be nice now. I'm not broke, but it'd be nice to have a bit more of a cushion, sure enough. I am quite proud of basically everything I've accomplished in the past year. I feel like I have matured and gotten a lot of experiences that will be beneficial on down the road.

I wish I had researched New York State custody and divorce law before commencing my divorce - and perhaps had considered moving to a state where child welfare is more of a priority, to a state with a more informed, intelligent, humane and enlightened legal system before commencing my divorce proceedings.

I wish I had been more active in Liam's decisions for school. He is so difficult to motivate that I gave up and let him go to suffolk by default. I always felt so overwhelmed for time while I was working that I had little energy for my family. I am proud that he did graduate from high school, I think I may have helped that happen by being on his case. I wish I had a better strategy

Me hubiera encantado estudiar más porque no me está yendo muy bien en matemática. Estoi muy orgulloso de mi país porque llegó a la final del mundial

Ojalá hubiera podido estudiar mas y secarme mejor notas el el colegio

I really can't think of anything I wish I had done differently. And like I said in Q1 I am so very proud to have been published this past year.

I am very proud of my kids. They are growing up and learning new things daily. I am happy to have the time with them.

I wish that I spent more time actually talking to my sister as a sister in a non-judgmental manner. I wish that I was able to offer her a greater sense of support and acceptance, rather than shutting her down, or telling her what she "should" be doing. I am proud that I have challenged myself to try new things, break out of my comfort zone, and actually live life.

yes, of course, been nicer to my Mom and worked harder at getting her medicine changed and/or checked. But I'm proud at how well I handled her being gone.

I wish i had got out of my comfort zone as often as possible. Also I wish I had been more persistent, focus and confident on myself. What i have done really good? Crossing the line to start producing and enjoying my creative process as fun. Being able to be exposed and enjoy it.

I'm proud I finished my thesis and graduated with my M.Ed. I wish I had focused more on personal health.

As with previous answer, I wish I'd followed my instincts and got out of the job I hated instead of trying to convince myself to stay, although I guess if everything happens for a reason then the timing had to be right. It's also made me a bit proud that I stood up for what I believed in (fairness and humanity and a lack respect for authority unless the people in authority have earned my respect) to the point where it cost me a job and all the awful things they tell you will happen to you didn't happen (despite a mini panic re employability on the afternoon it happened!)

For the last six months or so one of my tenets has been: I'd rather be vulnerable & get hurt than avoid hurt by turtle-ing up. I'm really proud of living up to that. It's hard and scary sometimes. But along with the widened range of experiences I've had, I've also unexpectedly found pride in believing in my own resilience.

I wish I had done a lot differently this year. I let school overwhelm me to the point where I was too paralyzed to do much. I got by, but it was a difficult year and a large part of that was my own lack of effort. I'm already struggling again this year, albeit we have a much more rigorous schedule, and I really need to re-focus and re-commit. This entails giving up a lot of bad habits.

I'm proud of myself for leaving Elsevier because it was not going to go anywhere. But now it's all on me to find my success. I hope I can achieve what I've set out to do. I wish I hadn't gone to India, while it was very eye opening, I wish I had instead spent it with the kids and Tori.

I wish that I had initiated an exercise program for myself. I am proud of my focus on a Paleo diet and want to continue to progress with my health.

Honestly, the first thing that comes to mind that I'm especially proud of from this past year is that I figured out how to fix the dishwasher/disposal by myself. YAY ME! :-) Done differently? I wish I'd left the office every day to walk around the lake or even just around the block. Too much sitting. Too much computer. Not enough fresh air. And I wish, if I'd done that, that I'd made it a project on my walks to smile at everybody I passed.

Well its always easy to think back on my relationship with my wife and think of times when I shouldn't have said what I did. I have been successful in reducing my cussing in a the past few months.

I wish I had finished my academic program. I took a hiatus from writing my dissertation and now I'm afraid to go back. I need a bit of a kick in the pants to get it done and move on, but I'm not really sure I want to be called "Dr.". It scares me a little, and makes me feel like others will have different expectations of me than they did before I finished. I recognize these are pretty weak excuses, but I am just scared of the future, and what it holds.

I'm proud of myself for getting the job I wanted. I did everything alone and have rarely taken credit for anything. I'm proud of achieving a huge goal. I moved my family back home as a single mother. I took on huge things and overcame them! I never ask for anything, I may be stubborn but I feel that the only one I can rely on is myself.

I just reread my answers from last year. Unfortunately, I'm still wanting to do the same things differently - or at least some of them. I wish I would have stopped and smelled the roses more, worried less, played more. I wish I would not have procrastinated losing weight and taking better care of myself. I wish I was not so guarded with my heart and I wish I didn't spend time thinking of anyone who doesn't treat me with thought, love and consideration. I wish I was open more, and deep down believed I was worthy of love and therefore could go to pursue it without fear of what rejection might mean. I do feel like I've been more patient with my family this year, more loving. And I'm working on being more loving with myself.

No. I am happy for all of my choices. I am proud of switching schools, I am proud of going to Camp Ramah, I am proud of every second. I am proud of standing up to my mother, I am proud to have finally understood that I want to be an engineer, and visit another planet. I am also proud to know that both of those are entirely possible futures.

Proud: My running. Listening to my body. Listening to my coach. Working hard and being tenacious. Trusting the process. Working to treat others with more love, kindness and respect. Differently? I'm still working to have empathy for my husband's ex wife who suffers from mental illness. It's hard because she is high functioning and her illness is well hidden. I'm better but I still instigate a little bit and I still hold real dislike in my heart for her. Perhaps I can work a little more on holding less of this and of being very clear about the discernment between her and my step-daughter, as the lines gets blurred at times.

I wish I had let go more of pleasing and worrying about letting people down and what they think of me.

I wish I had found a better integration of money making and passion projects. I tend to go all in on the passion because that's fun, exciting, in my control. When I did pursue the money making venture and it fell through -- the wind was completely knocked out of me. I lost focus on the passion project and it brought me down low. Having lower than expected enrollment and, more, little encouragement from my closest colleagues, I was spinning and it made me feel alone. I wish I'd been more able to nurture relationships along so that they would bear fruit. I guess I've done that and the seasonal thing... right now I should be planting seeds for next year... Interesting how I jumped into the differently part... Must note, I'm especially proud that I DID it. I created something uniquely me. Something that will make change in the world. It's done and I can now tweak, refine and make it shine. It is no wasted effort :)

Of course I wish I'd done a lot differently so instead I'll concentrate on what I'm proud of. I have started seeing a counsellor to deal with all my crap born from a 30-year -old bereavement. Not only have I finally accepted I'm not happy half-living my life, but I've taken action and sought help to change. *air grab*

I am proud that the after school program I work with has managed to stay in business despite difficult financial times. I am also proud that a committee I work on made a profit on its activities last year. Finally, I'm very proud of having organized my community to provide home hospitality and support to a Jerusalem youth orchestra, and loved watching them perform at my synagogue and at Carnegie Hall (where they won first place in the competition!).

I'm happy to say after thinking about it a bit, I don't think I would have done anything differently this past year. Nothing major at least. I'm proud of sneaking into the Detroit Union Station. That was a good one.

I wish I hadn't stopped running. I feel so out of shape and unmotivated. On the flip side, I am pretty proud of hiking the West Coast Trial with my friends for my 40th birthday, and making some new friends along the way when I got off the trail and was offered a ride to Duncan and then a place to stay the night. It is great to find genuine caring people anywhere in the world

I wish i had gotten started on working out. My sedentary lifestyle is starting to affect me. On the other hand, i am incredibly proud of the top mark i got in Comparative Politics. It shows that my way of living and working, works.

I wish I had been more proactive in looking for internships and summer experiences - I learned a bunch but I wore myself out and repeated some mistakes. I forgot to pull up for the big picture and got lost in the day to day and in doing so shot myself in the foot - its not the worst that could have come out but I need to aim beyond myself. I get lost in my small shit and I forget my own value (not just to others, but to myself). I wish I would have spent less time on OkCupid - I have other shit on my plate - it's not that dating doesnt matter - but boys don't - a man will take charge as much as I do. I'm done playing cute - I'm imperfect but I'm still a catch - and if you don't see that off the bat, well, it's not my job to show you.

I know I am a wonderful grandmother to my 4 young grandsons. Even the youngest is now getting to an age that no matter when I die, there will be something of me in them---that they will remember, hopefully fondly, and take some of their Nana with them in life.

Liked that I opened two new FB groups :). They were both so successful and i might have made new friends through it. started Bnos with Faiga. work and annoying part but mainly good and great kickoff event :) Deck and swingset major additions to our home. maybe treated shua different, lost cause now. but moshe came to hang out and feels good here.

I wish I had been in touch with my friends more. I also wish I hadn't alienated my mom's boyfriend with some harsh/insulting words.

I don't know if I'd say "proud of", but I've been really happy with some of my travels - Papua New Guinea, the 125-year-anniversary National Geographic trip, Namibia.

I'm especially proud of getting engaged, moving in with m'lady, getting a promotion to a full-time job, and getting married! Is that enough???

I wish I had handled my financial difficulties differently instead of digging my heals in expecting things to improve. It would have been better for me to just accept the fact that my financial situation had changed (for the worst) and made arrangements accordingly instead of hopefully anticipating that things would turn around. Because of this, I ended up digging an even deeper financial pit that I'm going to have to dig my way back out of.

I had intended to focus much more intensely on the weaknesses in my marriage, including initiating some tough discussions. I made some small progress, but not what I intended. This year, I began the process of simplifying my life so I can focus on the things that mean most to me. I have a long way to go, but it was a good start.

I had a relapse with a chronic health condition at the start of summer ...although, I have recovered well I feel I could have heeded the warning signs a bit quicker and might have needed considerably less time off work. I'm proud of how I have maintained my social circle this year ...I have put myself out there even at times when I wasn't feeling overly sociable and I feel it has paid off. One thing I would have done differently and am keen to work on is my lifestyle choices - I haven't maintained my walking and swimming as well as I'd like - so upping my exercise is a big goal in the coming months.

Something I wish I'd done differently is the interaction between leah and myself over Christmas. I wish I'd never posted what I posted, and I wish when I went to address it that I was more direct and even confrontational. At this point it feels like I've sort of lost her (and so the kids) from my life entirely. I don't have any idea how to move forward from here. I'm frozen and that doesn't help anything.

Perhaps I am proudest of my focus on music. I've been entertaining seniors in nursing homes for 16 years. I could easily go through the motions and stagnate. But no. I have learned loads of new music, retired almost as many songs and added several new set lists to my repertiore. Not only that, but I am at the top of my game in terms of playing and singing. I think even I would be interested in attending one of my shows. :)

Unfortunately same answer as last year and getting last year's answers further underscored just how much I let myself down this past year. I've barely moved the fitness and health needle. I really just need to stop making excuses and get on it. And remind myself to take baby steps and just get up each day and keep trying. Just like last year, if it'd just stuck with it, I'd have long since met my goal by now. Also similar to last year, I am so excited about my work and am proud to go in each day and do what I do. I continue to work on some amazing projects and eek out a niche among my peers and shine. My reputation continues to speak for itself and I like being known as someone who is accountable, responsible and committed.

I wish I had worked harder on achieving goals. I wish I had actually take the time to define my goals. I am proud that I have learned to shop for groceries wisely and make amazing meals inexpensively.

I am proud of the efforts that have been made to start bridging some rifts that exist in my family and extended family. I hope they will continue in the future.

I am especially proud of finding, reclaiming, and growing into my true and loving nature. This year, I literally and figuratively shed my skin. The moment I stepped into the truth of me and out of the shock that my life was a lie because I constructed it on a foundation of lies fed to me about me by the cast of characters who, as I came to learn, were the writers and players in the drama--perhaps a more apt word is "puppeteers"—because their collusion was so carefully choreographed that I hadn't even realized I had been dancing out of step with my life. What I ultimately experienced when I stepped into the truth of me and out of the distortions and projections was my love, my power, my wisdom, my humor, my capacity and capabilities had never left, they were simply buried. I also knew that I had no intention of living in or from my past. The truth catapulted me into a new reality, the present moment, the here and now. From there I started fresh over and over and over again building my capacity to simply be in the infinity of the present here and now moment over and over and over again. When I stepped out of the roles I had been assigned or taken on all the distortions fell away, the only eyes looking back at me were my own. I felt vulnerable and understood that I had nothing to lose. I felt both familiar and completely alien. I thought to myself, “I am who I know myself to be and more than I imagined.” Physically, I was no longer exhausted, covered in a rash from head to toe, frozen, or bloated. Emotionally, I felt clear and clean and connected because the emotions that ran through me were truly my own whereas before, I felt overtaken, overwhelmed, overshadowed. Spiritually, I regained my trust and my faith and came to live in a world of miracles and beauty. As counter-cultural as it may seem, instead of focusing on my relationships with others, I chose to cultivate my relationship with myself. By doing so, for the first time in years I received dividends on investments of my energy and time. My capacity for joy grew. My capacity for laughter and play and delight found their way home. I stopped waiting for pleasure to find me and made my own. I woke up happy and grateful and went to sleep grateful and happy. By cultivating the capacity to love myself and having fallen in love with myself, I was ready to ask the next question. Do I love my husband? I let myself be surprised by the answer.

I wish I had spent less time worrying about things that it has now turned out, are not in fact that important. I wish I had spent a little time trying actively to work out where I want to go in this life - what to study, what to work with. I also wish I had gotten a different job after I finished school, so I wouldn't be stuck with this one I have now. I am very proud of how hard I have worked through my studies and how much effort I've put into my school and how well I managed to juggle school and activities and extra curriculars and voluntary work and teaching and staying somewhat sane.

I am especially proud of applying to, getting into, and beginning graduate school. I have worked really hard to get to this place and I am proud of myself for having done it.

Without a doubt, I wish I had better control over my anger. I'm better than I used to be, but there have still been occasions, both professionally and personally, where I've lost my cool and acted like an ass. I want to get to the point where, if asked this question down the road, this becomes a non-issue.

I wish I had lived less selfishly. There are too many times I'm thinking back over my year that I could have done more, helped more, offered more. I'm not making, like, Sith decisions or anything, but I am too often lazy and complacent where I really have the time to make some sort of difference.

I wish I had not wasted so much time this year. I look back and see all the things I could have done if I had not played that game or watched that show or . . . I want to be a better steward of my time as well as what I do with the gifts God has given me. I'm proud that I spend more time in thoughtful contemplation with God and what He would want me to do, how He would want me to handle something, and how will my actions honor or dishonor Him.

I wish I had screwed up my courage to confront rudeness and inconsideration when it confronted me. I am proud that, with all the challenges in my life, I have survived and not crawled under the covers.

I am proud of myself for going on Jon Levy's bachelor party. I almost didn't go because of my exam which was the next week. Instead I decided that life is more important than work and made the executive decision to go. As a result I reconnected with old friends and had a phenomenal time. I really got to explore the city and made memories that will hopefully last another ten years (aside from also ending up losing my phone and glasses and sleeping in a hotel lobby, but hey, that's New Orleans). Oh yeah, and I also still passed my exam.

Especially proud of the fear I conquered last weekend. Wish I spent more time with friends and family and said yes to doing things more and no to working. Proud of my physical accomplishments and finally hitting my pull up goal.

I wish I had stayed in closer touch with my cousin before her death and the rest of my family afterwards. I am grateful that I was able to help my cousin's sister with the first stage of dealing with her sister's death.

I wish I had not been afraid. I wish I had not worried that there wouldn't be enough money to survive or enough love between us to make it all matter. How much was wasted on worry! I lost so much time. I am proud to be the mother I am and the woman I am becoming. I am proud for having stood beside my husband when he in turn needed me.

I am proud of my Art Hop show and the little boom my art made into the world... I hope it continues to rumble.

Not let my discipline go so far away. Yoga, eating right, not giving in to laziness on so many levels (intellectual, culinary, sexual, creative). I feel like I've been striving and struggling to do well in one pursuit -- work -- that I've run out of fuel too soon each day, too sad or tired or spent to be effective elsewhere. Too many nights have I flopped into bed, and when I've reached out to Leslie to touch, when I could've thought of something remarkable to say and start a conversation about, when I could've taken a book to bed and filled my head with incredible words until I'm on fire and need to write my own... and instead, I've crashed and burned more times than not. Sleeping, playing silly video games, reading garbage online. Enough negativity. I'm proud of starting the new job and, well, trying so fucking hard. It's been a learning experience on so many levels, and exhausting besides. But I come home at the end of the day happy for what I've done -- most of the time, even when people frustrate me beyond words -- and I don't start looking for another job or try to drown my sorrows or look for ten million escapes. I've planted a stake in the ground and said here I'll stay, I'll work at this, I'll make it work. Hell, we bought a house. We said, "here we'll be." Nothing in certain in this life. We could lose the house. I could lose the job. Leslie could lose hers and not find another, and I'd have to do something else to carry us. But for the first time in our lives, we both found a way to stop bouncing.

I wish I had put more effort into my job when I first started, rather than looking at it as a temporary thing I could easily discard. As I've continued working, it has become more and more interesting and rewarding.

Got a raise

I wish I would have been nicer to people who pick on me. I wish I wouldn't have taken things so seriously. I used to be lighthearted and something in me in the last year has gotten cold. I want to be warm and light again. I'm proud of myself for sticking with my partner and fighting a good fight with him. I don't know if we will make it, but I feel like I've tried my hardest to be kind.

Most aspects of raising my kids often makes me second guess myself. Both kids use please and thank you often!

I am very proud that I am now a Certified Financial Coach™. I wish I had gotten my marketing together and put some energy into it. Clients are simply not going to drop from the sky. I love the coaching and if I want to be successful, I absolutely need to market myself.

You know what. I'm proud of the family reunions that we planned. I'm glad that they went off with out too much of a hitch. I'm happy that my family likes to get together and that we have good times when we do.

There is nothing I am especially proud of or that I wished I had done differently this past year. The only thing that I think I could have done differently was to have been kinder to myself and relax more. There was a lot that happened this year to make me hard on myself--most notably by inability to carry a pregnancy to term. I was very hard on myself and I think I should have been more gentle.

I'm proud that I've started to use the time living with my soon to be 98-year old grandmother to write and create.

I am proud to have supported my husband through his two surgeries and have our marriage become stronger in its first year.

Top 3 regrets of this past year: 1) Being too defeated -- letting classes get to my head, quitting babysitting 2) Not branching out -- staying in on too many weekends, not meeting people outside of my circle of friends 3) Not communicating about my problems Top 3 prides of this past year: 1) Got an internship 2) Broadened my intellectual horizons 3) Opened up to people

I mentioned this in the last one, but I'm especially proud of the birdhouse. Of making my own art again and making it at scale. I do wish I'd managed to pull myself out of my may/june post layoff depression/funk sooner so i could have gotten working on the birdhouse sooner, and done even more with it. I wish i'd handled the depression immediately after better.

I'm really proud of the relationships I was able to form and keep throughout the year. I feel like my friendship with Andrew developed incredibly well over the course of the year, and with so many other friends: Isaac, Eric, JStUNC people, I think I took the time to validate those relationships. And I had fun doing that, too. I was worried, coming into senior year, whether I would have a memorable year, and though there were obviously some things I didn't get to do, I left Chapel Hill very content with the experiences I had there.

I am thrilled that I submitted a piece of writing for publication and it was accepted. This question causes me to look at what drives me, how much I am in charge of my life, and how much control I relinquish. On balance, I am happy with it all. In a marriage, it is important to not demand the reins all the time, and equally important to take them up and direct the course of everything from time to time.

Early in the year my ex (and co-parenting partner) and I moved our son to a new preschool mostly for geographic reasons. We did some, but not the most thorough review of places, and chose one, somewhat because they had an early opening. We moved our son there, and though in many ways it was fine, it was not a very good fit and he never settled in or was very happy there. This fall we looked into other options and found a new, very different school and made a challenging decision of whether to change his school again. In the end we did, and it was such a good choice. He is happier there than I've seen him in any care situation. The new school fosters his creativity, play, and personal interests. I am regretful I didn't more thoroughly review and consider whether the initial preschool was the right pick for him, and feel proud that in the end, I was able to listen to my sense of my child, what would be best for his growth, and trust his and my abilities to manage a healthy transition for him.

I wished I had thought less and done more. I figured out fairly recently that I tend to over think everything and analyze things from every angle before i cautiously do it. Occasionally I would think about it/research it so much that I would talk myself out of actually doing things. I spent so much time thinking and not enough time doing. I feel like Im slowly but surely realizing that its usually better to just take leaps of faith and correct your footing as you stumble, live in the moment, trust that your mistakes serve a purpose, and know that nothing is ever executed flawlessly

I wish I had begun looking for a house to buy much sooner. There were a few mental and emotional blocks I needed to overcome. Those include feeling guilty buying a house with my parents financial support and buying a house as a single person. Now I realize that I should embrace the place I'm at in life and appreciate how fortunate I am to have parents who want to help me establish my life regardless of marital/family status.

been more clear. slowed down. related to people without bulldozing over and moving onto the next. giving guys at least a little chance. respond to texts as if I'm not VIP/forgetful/multitasking. give more. expect to get less. thank people for their kind words and generous gifts. talk less, listen more, laugh even more than that. trust trustworthy people wholeheartedly. open up and don't worry about being hurt. say what you mean. and SAY IT LOUD AND CLEAR SOMETIMES! be vulnerable. ask good questions. be knowledgeable about the word. have curiosities. have plans on what kind of person you want to be and what type of friends and man you want to attract. take more time to myself. clean my room. don't be in such a rush, which means saying NO to several fun occasions. don't be in such a rush to get married, girl. hold your horses. get to know people and give them a chance. don't overanalyze/attack the person from the start. on the same token, don't be so needy. why do you feel leftout at the end of a party? love yourself and take it easy. be perceptive of others. care and give genuinely, without expecting to be given. be less spoiled and more appreciative. breathe into your heart.

I'm proud that I started writing my first play. I wish I had completed NaNoWriMo

I wish I'd stayed on top of things better in my flat, and possibly even chosen a better flat to be fair.

I question the amount of emphasis I've placed on having a nice home and the cost associated with it. Would the money have been better spent on travel, family and charity (dog rescue)? I'm proud of how my relationship with my aging parents continues to improve.

I guess I wish that I didn't say yes at work so often. I keep wanting to "disengage" but I keep on saying "yes."

I think I was too arrogant and too selfish this year, I wish I had stopped more often to verbalise when others had done amazing things. I was too self-absorbed and caught up my own achievements and didn't realise that the satisfaction of success doesn't last, as soon as you get something, you just want something else.

Well, I had the new car bug. Badly. A sparkly new, festival packing, mile hungry diesel Volvo estate. It was to be a metallic electric blue with a cream and mahogany interior. I was going gallivant the world in it, tripping round Europe with a sparse sophisticated, and an easy load. I know it was a fantasy though. And one that would have left me desolate and poor in hindsight. I executed an iron willpower, pulled myself together. But what’s life without a little indulgence? I had to exterminate the bug. The guilt with my beautiful, loyal Estella (ancient green Ford Ka) was eating into me. So instead of a fancy new automo-rip off I put in a high end audio system into my old gal, whilst shaving hundreds off the should have been price with patience and craftiness. Head unit and speakers off of eBay. So the outcome was I saved myself the large overbearing expense of a new car, which would have tied me down considerably and possibly have crippled my horizons, whilst also satisfying a craving I knew I couldn’t make go away. A win for willpower and freedom!

I wish I would have started working on decluttering and minimizing sooner; it makes me feel much more relaxed. I am proud of becoming more involved with the kids and their school days; I didn't have any energy after my previous job to check on their homework and their daily interactions.

Something i wish i had done differently this past year is taken more pictures of my children. i can never get enough of my treasured love ones. sometimes i can look at a picture of my daughter and i feel all that she has given to me in just that moment. i can do the same with my son. so much feel! so much knowledge! so much love!

My goal in September of last year was to "become a better feminist." Of course no one, including myself, knew what that meant. But I am proud of sticking to it this year. I have really gotten involved in the Young Advocates group - and this allows me to really stand for something I believe in. More importantly though, I have developed the ability and confidence to talk about feminism and to develop my own views rather than copying surface arguments- which has allowed it to permeate many aspects of my life. I'm proud that I've been committed to it and I'm proud that people in my life know me as a feminist. This year, a younger coworker of mine came to me and revealed that a male coworker had been spreading rumors that he was sleeping with her and was going to knock her up. This is wrong and gross on a lot of levels, but she came to me because she knew that I would listen, that I wouldn't judge her, and that I would be on her side. I'm proud that I could be that person for her.

I wish I had spent more time for myself. I'm proud of taking the chance to move to a new job that is really a bit outside of my comfort zone. & being successful at it so far!

The thing with Michael. I'd like to stay in better touch with my friends. I have known for a long time that I withdraw from others and isolate when I am depressed, but I never realized the extent to which it affects other people. Getting yelled at was hard, but I know he was right. The people who support me in my darkest times--I have a responsibility to them. Friendship goes both ways--love is a thing shared. I want to remember my friendships.

I wish I'd been more willing to stretch my boundaries in terms of job locations that I'd consider. I think I missed applying for some that I should've b/c of this and missed out on opportunities to live in parts of the country that would make me happy. I'm very proud of myself for losing 25 lbs and rediscovering my love of physical activity. I have found much joy and satisfaction in my weekly hikes and camping expeditions. I want to keep this up in the coming year.

I wish I'd been able to be more supportive of Wendy when Tony died. It's so hard to be emotionally present for someone who puts up such walls, but I should have tried harder. I'm proud of how I've begun to practice greater detachment from outcomes, and not take things so personally, and accept the present. I'm also proud of how I've pursued a path of healthier eating, of practicing yoga, of starting to work more sincerely on my writing.

I wish I had not gotten involved in a relationship with my ex-husband who I had been separated from for 12 years, and I wish that when it ended that I had handled it differently. I do love him and I enjoyed those few short weeks together but I knew going in to it that it would be short-lived. What I didn't realize was how hurtful it would be when it ended. Another thing I wish I had done differently is the way I handled things with my son regarding vacation. Although I wasn't wrong in the way I felt, I could have been the bigger person and reacted differently, keeping our relationship from breaking down. I did finally think of something I am proud I did. I have a nephew who broke my mother's heart in the years before she lived, by just dropping out of her life for no reason. This last year, I forgave him for hurting my mother so and I gathered together a box of mementos of his deceased dad, and my brother, and sent them too him. I knew it was something my mother would have done because she was such a forgiving and giving person and I decided those things of my brother's would be much better with my nephew than just sitting in a box in my closet. It is sad, but I cannot think of anything I am especially proud of from this past year, other than the above mentioned about my nephew. I am a decent person and treat people decently on a daily basis but nothing special that I have done jumps out at me, except maybe posting bond for my ex-husband so he could stay out of jail which helped to ease my ex-mother-in-law's mind.

I wish I had joined a choir or been more intentional about making time for singing and art, like I keep saying I will every year. There's a definite hole where my creativity used to be in my life. There is a place in myself that I tap into when I'm singing or painting or making something that feels so good and authentic, but I so rarely access that feeling. I feel proud of how I've balanced being in a long distance relationship and being present in my partnership, while also continuing to be a good roommate and nurture my relationships where I am. I don't always do a perfect job, but I think I've been pretty balanced and attentive toward the different people in my life who matter to me.

I wish I had more courage to speak for myself. I wish I wasn't so utterly scared, worried and chickened of life. I wish I didn't give up on life so easily. I wish I had the courage to decide on something, whatever it is, without wanting to know beforehands whether that decision was right or not. I wish I was nicer to people around me. Ultimately I wish I was nicer to myself. I wish it never occurs to me again how unworthy of life I am and how useless. I wish I have faith in life returned. I wish to believe in something. I wish to feel love and love, as I am not sure what it means at this moment.

I wish I had labored and birthed differently. I wish I had made better financial decisions. I'm proud of keeping myself healthy and fit during my pregnancy. I'm proud of the evolving therapist I am becoming.

I would like to feel like I'm ahead of my obligations instead of always catching up.

I am proud that I am still standing and still able to smile. This past year and tested myself and my fiance, he lost his job in September and my father passed away in December, we then got pregnant in May even while using an IUD, we lost the baby but felt guilty that we were relieved. Between the different emotions and hormones I honestly don't know how I can get out of bed everyday. I go to a job I hate but know that better things will happen to use. I am proud that my fiance and I are still going strong and that we were able to make it though these hurdles even before we were married. I wish I had been more understanding of what he was going through while unemployed, that's one thing I wished I had done differently.

I realized that I had achieved the goals I set for myself in 1st grade, which for so much of my adulthood made me chuckle at my 6-year-old naivité. The simple goals in life are best, and yet the hardest to achieve. If only I knew what I'd predicted in 2nd grade.

I wish that I hadn't let my pregnancy get the better of me. I'm not sure that's the right way to put it, but it seems like it really took over, and I allowed my emotions to spiral out of control. I also wish that I hadn't taken the new job at UCLA, but rather had taken the part-time one at Santa Monica. Oh well...

I regret that I wasted do much time with him. I knew we weren't right and yet I pushed and pushed and pushed to try and force something that should not be. That being said, I learned an ocean of lessons from going through all 2 years and 8 months of that crazy roller coaster and its brought me much closer to God. Especially proud of...? Hmmm....? I'm such a perfectionist I'm rarely proud of myself. I need to work on letting that go. I'm proud that I didn't go running back to him when all of me wanted to even though I knew it would have been disaster in the long run. I'm proud that even though others have wondered what's taking me so long to start my business that I'm learning to just keep putting one foot in front of the other and I do this. With this approach I can go anywhere and I plan on it.

not really. i feel i approached getting laid off this year in the best possible way. i'm proud of taking the time off i needed and enrolling in yoga teacher training. the yoga training is something i am especially proud of. taking myself FAR out of my comfort zone....

I am proud of my undiluted efforts to work on my mental problems. Of all the insight gained, emotions allowed a place and behaviour changed. Proud as well, of loving, studying, creating and sharing whenever I can. As well as pride, there is a lot of shame and regret. Not shame and regret regarding the past year, but shame and regret from my past: haunting me still and attacking me in times of weakness, loneliness, reminiscence or insecurity. I wish to find peace with these feelings of shame and regret in the coming year, because they deserve no place in my life, which is becoming a life of positive change, kindness and renunciation.

I wish I had taken more classes. I wish I had been more concise about my goals. I wish I had made more steps to building a community.

I'm proud that I started seeing a new therapist. It's been two years since my therapist retired. I thought I was 'fine', and I think I was for the first year. I'm glad that when I noticed I was not doing so well that I made the call for an appointment even if it scared the hell out of me. I think I'll always strive to be a better parent & wife.

I wish I had found a way to attend synagogue and feel good about my connection to God. I'm proud of myself for finding a good therapeutic space for my son, Karen and I to connect with therapeutic support. I think the potential for a loving and caring home is so much greater with a mutual mindset.

Seemingly, polar opposites, I sometimes speak before thinking. On the other hand, I sometimes speak using the correct words at the right time, finding it inspiring to both the listener and myself. The elation I then feel confirms to me that I am in the Universal flow.

I think I did everything as well as I could this past year. I tried to keep compassion foremost in my thoughts while also taking care of myself and looking out for my own dreams.

Especially proud/happy because gathering with all my children in Peace and Harmony

I wish that when I had chances to catch up with old friends I had taken them. I let my worries get the better of me and missed a chance to catch up with an old friend who lives abroad while he was in New York for a few weeks. I wish I had seen him. On the other hand, I did get in touch with an even older friend who I hadn't spoken to in even longer and when I get a chance, I am going to visit him and meet his wife and baby daughter.

I wish that I had been more patient with my mother. I know it drives her nuts, but I interrupt and talk over her. If I am honest it is a problem that I have with others beside my mother and something that I really need to work on. The student rabbi that we had up here this last year suggested that I remember the kabalistic story about G*d pulling back to allow room for the world to exist. In the same way I need to pull back and allow others to exist, so that I can learn from them.

Done differently - The couple of times I felt that old temper rising and was not able to control it. I thought I had it under control and appear so outwardly calm to most people. It's getting better though. A little more meditation and Tai Chi. Proud of - Getting moved. Clearing out a lot of 'stuff'. Now that I'm clear, what will the new year bring?

I wish I had treated myself better. I'm proud of how nice I've been to other people, especially my sister and mother.

I continue to struggle with getting a job, or not getting a job, or wanting to make progress towards getting a job, and I haven't. But I'm proud that I stuck with choir, and worked on being a little braver in German and in writing.

I really wish I had done a better job of dating Hannah. I mean, she's certainly nothing special. Bus she was pretty nice, and obscenely cute. If I had been a bit braver, and a bit more outgoing we would probably still be going out today, and I probably would be a lot happier. And when I say a bit braver, I mean talked to and or hung out with her at all, and didn't just resort to boring small talk on the few times I did see or speak to her.

I think this past year has been a good year for me. I have continued to learn more about myself and I continue to grow into a more settled, confident person. I am especially proud that I am doing better at not letting stresses get to me as much as they used to. I am learning to reign in my temper and I am learning to listen to my body when I am not feeling well so I don't overextend myself.

I wish I had yelled less, and played more. I find it easy to fall into negative patterns with my children and husband. I feel like I am losing my calm focus and becoming more volatile, and I do not like the change. I have never felt quick to anger before. It could be stress, or hormonal changes, or tiredness, or simply living in a small house with a husband and two kids. However, trying to find the "why" feels like I am trying to absolve myself, and I want to focus my energy on breaking the negative patterns instead.

I am proud I made it through. This was a rough year, one of the roughest by far. I held it together...barely, but I did and I made it out the other side. I don't know how I would have handled things differently. I did the best I could. So much of my life was dictated by circumstance. I want to rise above circumstance in 2015 and create the life I want.

I wish I had not worried so much. Truly, it serves no purpose - i wasted energy that I cannot get back and for no good reason I am very proud that we went ahead and adopted Millie - it took some work for us to come to this conclusion, for me to obtain the Emotional Support Letter and for us to deal with it I am very proud of us

I'm very proud of being brave to go on the zoo skyride.

Wow this doesn't technically limit itself to last year I wish that my son had not experienced the past year in school that he had. It was a year of isolation discouragement and with drawl into the imaginary world of video games. Heis now at a wonderful school where he will get the encouragement structure and attention that he needs. I wish I had found this cool for him earlier and saved him the year of suffering.

I'm very proud that I took the steps to remove myself from environments and situations in which I was not happy - my relationship and my job. It took a lot of thinking about it, and I was scared, but I am in such a better place now and I have learned so much from that.

As always, I wish I drank less. Working on that. Nothing I'm especially proud of - no.

I don't think I could have done much differently and still ended up in the exact place I am not. I don't feel in a regretful place at all. I feel really proud of myself for making the choice to end my relationship and stay strong in this decision. I feel more myself than I have in a long time, and I am happy to feel free at such a pivotal age of understanding.

I am really proud of Licia's and my ability to plan and execute our road trip. While we were doing it, it just felt normal, but in hindsight, the scale and magnitude were really quite impressive and I'm so amazed with our ability to tackle such a big project without falling apart or killing each other. Connected to the trip itself, I'm also proud of how i was able to study, sit for, and ultimately pass my Board Certification Exam while traveling this summer. It was a crazy thing to attempt, but it paid off in the end.

Last year I talked about having a party in tribute to my gal pals. I talk a good game, but I rarely "step up." So despite all my talk, the party never happened. Well, this year, I announced that I was going to have a party and AGAIN I thought about canceling, but I saw it through and it was AB FAB. I introduced my amazing, interesting girlfriends to each other, got to show off my cooking skills a bit, got to share good eats and a great, great time with several of them and got to know some of them better than I had known them before they came over. And what's more, I cleaned like a mad woman before the party so I also got a super clean, organized house out of it. Not. Too. Shabby. It was such a raging success that I've been asked by my guests to host another one and I plan to do just that next spring. Now that I know I can do it and I'm not doubting myself which leads to cancellations, I can't wait to do it again.

i wish i would have kept some of my high school friend in my life a little more... i also look back at times how negative i could be..

Wish I had been more in touch with those who in some way wanted something more from me. Proud I am releasing my fears and finding my own way to act in accordance with divine providence and free well, to take steps toward Hashem, and to release resentment.

I finally quit my job. It was so dull, and I was feeling bored and overworked at the same time. Finally gathering the motivation to get up and do something new was great, even if it was a lot of work. It was several years too late, but I try not to dwell - it took those years of tedium to drive me to make major life changes, so overall it was worth it.

Had not satyed at Judes BAD idea.

Yes. I wish I'd have driven my cars more carefully. I got into 2 wrecks and a bump with my roommates car due to sheer negligence on my part. I wish I'd not be so tired/ sleepy while driving. Maybe take up coffee? I also wish I didn't stress on the small things in life which sometimes jeopardizes my relationships. It's hard, but I wanna be able to look at the bigger picture and not let small things bother me. I also wish I'd not have hurt my dad the multiple times I did. I need to learn to be more patient with him and not snap at him. The next year will be tougher- considering his pressure for me to get married to a girl will increase. So I need to be much more patient. I'm proud of the talk I delivered on 09/22/2014 on Community WiFi. There were near 400 people in the room and I spoke almost flawlessly, calm and confident.

I wished I would have reached my USANA Goals I sent for myself. "They" say you choose to be where you are and perhaps the Why I want to change my life isn't great enough to be motivated to actually change. I am especially proud that some of my photography was published in a book about the Highland Games and I am waiting to hear if I am going to be published in the Ballroom Dancer's magazine at the end of the year.

I was pretty depressed at the beginning of the year. We'd come back from Germany, and Illinois just felt awful. It felt like I was trapped here. I decided that even if it felt crappy, I would try to make changes. I ran my first half-marathon. I went to a writer's conference. I published some stories, finished the first draft of my novel, and read more. My husband and I have cut back on gaming. We joined a community theater group, and we're working on maybe having a kid. I'm learning about letterpress printing and trying to get to know my weasely boss better. I'm thinking about trying to do more work. I still feel a little stuck, but I'm glad I pushed myself. It feels good.

I have worked REALLY hard on my most important relationships, searching for that sweet spot: With my husband, celebrating the good stuff – his continuing pride in his work and his long-nurtured friendships – while nudging (not noodging!) him to cut down on the wine and exercise more. With my daughter, to keep most of my opinions to myself while providing as much emotional support as she’ll accept from me. With my son, respecting his boundaries while he finishes his education and gains financial independence. Most important tool: tape for my mouth.

Maybe not this year. I have learned many many things and this process has made me a better person. Maybe if I had done things differently I woi have known people or done things I did this year.

Still, living with no regrets:) I am in a fairly new relationship of 2 and 1/2 years and I am endeavor ing to not fight yell or Argue ever (!) disagreement, fine So far, so good :)

I wish I could have controlled my anger and depression better. While I wouldn't use the word proud, I know that I've helped people. I'm pleased about that

I am proud of my leadership at my synagogue. I led them out of a bad financial situation and poor involvement in membership, to a surplus budget and many members volunteering to be involved in committees. I was not patient with my partner, often cutting our coversations short and not listening to another point of view. I showed a poor level of gratitude to my partner. I am aware of hoe I missed the mark.

I wish that I had told less people about my misgivings. You know what I mean. I'm a very open person and I'm okay with that, but I wish that a much lesser amount of people knew how morally terrible my decisions have been this year. Alternatively, I am proud of how I handled my dating life. It's been full of jokes, but I think I picked up my life fairly quickly. It didn't feel that way in the weeks post-breakup, at home in America or Thailand, or even when I first got back to Perth and saw Rob. But I did alright when September came around.

I wish I'd asserted myself more, and worked harder to be a better parent. I am very, very proud of my work & my job, and working at becoming happy.

I wish I had been more brave in standing up for my own values, principles and boundaries, and not to be too afraid of my own doubts and fears that I am driven to make people like and accept me, and as a result sacrificing my time and focus on the things that are important to me like my family, my cats and my friends.

this past year has been trying at times. i wish i would have given into the drama of it all less. i kept talking about going to therapy, but never did. hell, i probably still should. and while it has been trying, it has also been awesome. i am proud of many things. i set up my etsy shop! i made my first sales. i got accepted to a juried craft show. we listed our house. i changed careers and am really owning my position.

In dating, I wish I had trusted my intuition more and not have wasted time with guys who are not worth it or are just not for me. I wish I had put more time and effort into meeting someone who is worth it.

It's hard to wish for something different, when somehow all my choices led to me to be enrolled at Harvard, and in a relationship with the love of my life. Even losing Nagypapa, which remains one of the most tragic moments in my life, brought me closer to my family in many ways, and I am proud of how we handled it, and how we grew as a family together. I feel like my choices around spontaneity brought me to Jeff, and even Noland - experiences that allowed me to be ready for Gadi when he came around. I am proud of that spontaneity. I'm also proud of the setting out to do Nagypapa's documentary. While I still aim to make something of that in the next year, having these interviews is an accomplishment in itself, and I am grateful for that experience.

I wish I had taken more time to experience summer outdoors and enjoy nature. I am so lucky to live in a beautiful and temperate part of the world, but spent too much time inside. I am truly proud to have taken part in officiating my best friends' wedding - that was really a good time.

So glad I found my current job, doing Latina outreach on a cervical cancer / HPV study! What a great way to wade back into the working world after 3 1/2 years of staying home with babies. I feel like I'm doing well enough, and that in itself is an accomplishment after years of either underperforming or throwing myself completely into all-consuming work. I definitely have feelings of inadequacy, that I'm not focused enough (which is really true), and these feelings make me worry about taking a next step to a full-time job with more responsibility. I am grateful to my partner for consistently nudging but not pressuring me to get back to work. And so grateful for the childcare scholarship!

I should have returned my sister's phone call before she died. She left a message that she wanted me to call her. And I fell asleep and forgot. I never spoke to her again. She died in an ambulance on the way to the hospital. I wish I had stayed up and returned her call. I should have done that but I am not dwelling on it. I don't regret it a lot, only a little, because we spoke often. We were best friends. I loved her and she knew that. And that's what I am proud of.

I wish I'd worried less. Spent less time in a panic. On the other hand, I'm proud that I came through this last year, it was really rough financially and emotionally. I seem to have come through and landed on my feet, bouncing and singing and dancing.

This year I was able to grow my 401k and IRA accounts to a combined $100,000. I am especially proud of this as it took 17 years for me to build this. I've spend a lot of time trying to focus on my financials and getting them in shape. Being able to provide for myself is very important to me. Now that I have this nice base layer on my retirement savings, it's going to grow much quicker. I am not sure any other retirement milestone will feel this satisfying , as this goal took a very long time to reach.

I wish I had been able to send my book off to the publishers before Alex came into this world. I don't think I could have done things differently per se - but I wish I had been able to accomplish that. I'm especially proud of doing well in school and beginning my journey to become a Family Nurse Practitioner. I'm proud to be Alex's momma, too.

I wished I had asked for more support and guidance especially when my emotions were raging and volatile. I experienced aloneness or separation, lonliness and isolation along with thoughts filled with self-judgment. If I chose to shift the energy or move thru this and asked for help in doing it all the delusions of separation and judgment s would dissipate and dissolve. Maybe I would have known sooner that I was still OK and everyone else is OK. I continue to be proud of choosing love, personal growth and expansion; to continue to choose to step into my power even when I'm afraid.

I wish I had not taken the Fenix experience so hard. I also wish I had taken the History GACE earlier and tried harder with the job search. I also wish I landed one big account for Cafe Campesino. In general, I'm proud of of being more ok with staying at home and chilling and not needing as much "entertainment." I'm also proud that I had a vision of moving to this new city and getting a new job in a new field and I was able to do that.

Oy. Though there are so many things that I wish I had done differently, I think that given my own reality I did pretty well. In other words, I feel at peace with how I spent my time over the last year. I don't feel like I made any terrible decisions either. If I had more time, there are of course many things I would have done differently. Which actually takes me to today, and what I'm doing right now. One thing I have been trying to do more of, especially in the last few weeks, is being okay turning down social invitations to give the time to, as I put it, doing stuff that is necessary in life (at least for me), that makes me immensely happy, and that not-doing stresses me out. Stuff like: - taking care of my health (and building up my fertility) - responding to emails from friends - taking care of my belongings (including my plants!) - giving myself a clean and beautiful home to live in - ensuring that I feel confident in my presentation when I go to work - taking the time to plan for the future (i.e. thoughtfully considering my finances and career) - taking the time to create thoughtful gifts for loved ones One thing I would like to do is finding the strength to do more of these things at home on weekdays so that I don't get into a place where I feel like I'm really "behind" on everything that needs to be done. On the flip side, I also want to make sure I feel 100% ok about spending an entire weekend at home doing things that are important to me. Spending this weekend and last weekend mostly at home, despite the beautiful weather, has been extremely calming and re-energizing. It's definitely been an opportunity tap into my more introverted side, which I think I've probably been neglecting for a little while. I'm now getting pretty off topic, but the key to having these recharging weekends be successful is making sure that I actually accomplish things during them that I set out to accomplish. (Otherwise I just feel terrible for having wasted a whole weekend sitting around at home when I could have been out doing something awesome!) I do think I've become much better at this as I've gotten older, and this weekend and last are definitely a testament to my improving abilities!

I wish I had accomplished more and made better use of my time. I need not to give into laziness quite as much during retirement and do more to help others.

There isn't. I could give a thousand reasons why I wish I had asked for more help this past year, but every time I start to list the ways life would have been better, I'm able to name the dozen ways I wasn't ready for the opportunity and how glad I am that things went at the speed they did. I'm proud of how I navigated this past year, which was messy, sweaty, hysterical, brilliant and necessary - all at once. Mostly, I'm glad to have survived and I'm excited to see where the next year goes.

Is there something I wish I had done differently? No, not really. I've lived a life where I believed that everything happens for a reason. The things that I had done this past year if changed would ultimately affect my life currently. And right now, I particularly like the way it is. It's stressful and it's hectic sometimes but it's mine and I feel that's something I should be proud of. And alternatively, yes there is something I'm proud of. There are many things I have accomplished and are proud of this year but I feel the thing I am most proud of is that I've begun to push myself to go beyond my comfort zone and stop wishing and wanting for this or that to happen to me. I've started to make things happen for me and I couldn't be more proud of that.

In general, I wish I were a better friend. How can I invite more friends over just to relax? How can I AGREE RESPONSIBLY to do fun things that I can actually do at that date and time. How can Jon & I return dinner invites without sort of being embarrassed about what a pain it can be to park in our neighborhood. How can I remember to purchase gifts & cards when appropriate? (e.g. my birthday and Maura's birthday are so close. Hannukah is at an earlier time of year than Christmas!)

I wish I had been more respectful toward my parents, in my speech and my actions. I am proud of my continued commitment to the dharma - continuing to walk this path and commit to deepening my practice.

I wish I had the courage to let go of a relationship I know is not the relationship for me. I think I keep hoping I am wrong because at one time I just knew it was the love I was looking for and sometimes there are glimmers of it, but when I am honest, perfectly honest, I know it is not it but I just don't have the courage to say we are not it. We are not that couple that you keep insisting we are. I am not that love for you and you are not that love for me. I know to let go completely is to allow myself to free fall. And maybe that free fall will only be a few inches but I suppose I fear it will be more like falling off a cliff. Reading back over what I have written, I tell myself all the time this is not the relationship for me, this is not the guy for me, I am not the woman for him . . and I tell him. Yet, I still can't turn completely away. It is like the story of Lot's wife. She was always made out to be weak or disobeying of God, but who would not have looked back. And I think she turned into a pillar of salt from her tears and the great sorrow she felt leaving all she knew behind. I have a hard time seeing my successes. But I know that others see my first of grad school and successful internship as something to be proud of. I am I suppose proud of that even though I wonder sometimes if I am all that smart or talented and afraid still of floating off into medocrity, even though in the midst of brilliance, I see plenty of medocrity. But what I am especially proud of is Sadie and how she has grown up into a determined, good spirited, financially smart, loving woman. She budgets, plans, works, studies, and loves beyond her 19 years. She does not make the same mistakes in her relationship -- for the most part-- that I have made in mine -- even though that is what she saw. I am proud of her.

I am proud for learning how to trust my intuition and say YES to all the experiences that feel right to me, even if others don't agree or support these choices. I am learning how to trust my gut, follow my heart, and embrace my own voice. Knowing that all experiences that resonate with me, will serve a purpose in some way, in the right moment. (Saying yes to the Eat Breathe Thrive and Yoga Gangsters training helped me score the job at Renfrew!)

I wish we went skiing at Mammoth in the Spring instead of over New Years Weekend when there was no new snow for 30 days! I wish I had stuck up for some players on our softball team and avoided the hurt feelings that came from our lineup shenanigans at the end of the season. I am proud to have stepped up and lectured at a local university again this year, chanted from the Torah at my daughter's bat mitzvah, and accepted the co-presidency of our Men's Club. I am also proud of how my siblings handled my Dad's funeral and subsequent memorial service.

Maybe sometimes blabbered less. Less oversharing. However I am very proud of the personal growth I have gone through this year. I have really worked on myself in therapy and in being more perceptive about myself and really trying to improve myself.

I am going to stick with positive this year as it would be too easy for me to list off things that I wish I had done differently... I have recently been promoted at work to be a senior co-ordinator and the volunteer manager. This is such good news as it makes the 5 years I have spent at this job much more worthwhile as I have actually managed to progress. I am just hoping this will help me to change things for the future. I am really proud of this as I feel I have stepped up into the role as needed, in terms of guiding and supporting others but also being more assertive and confident in myself.

My boss recently retired and the last few months working for her were pretty miserable. She took every opportunity to belittle my accomplishments and I'm disappointed that I sunk to her level rather than being a bigger person. I now take pleasure in overturning her decisions and pointing out how unfair she was to anyone who will listen. Instead, I wish I had just let her go and forgotten about it. I'm proud of the work I did for my executive director as part of a major restructuring at work, and for which I received no credit from my former boss. I barely got a mention in her retirement speech, but whatever. Time to move past it. And her.

I wish I would utilized my free time differently this past year. More riding bikes, more hiking, more reading, and more listening to music, more times talking to friends.

I wish I had studied more over the summer to prepare for the coming two years. On the other hand, I'm proud that I finally gathered the courage to go to our counseling services for grief counseling, something I should have done a year ago.

I wish I would have swam when I had the motivation. I bought the suit, I had the gym membership, and I never went. I built a house. I got married. I'm a positive force for change at work.

Taken better care of my teeth and spoken up about how I don't like the way they are slanting in on the left side. I've spent $4600 on these damn braces. I wish that I hadn't gone out with RE after I broke up with him. And that I hadn't gotten mixed up with CG and JM. Aiyahh! I'm proud that I started a book. I'm so happy I went to my 40th high school reunion.

Strangely enough, I wish that I would have given myself more time to be sick and to let people take care of me. I finished cancer treatment and two weeks later I was flying across the country to take care of my father during his cancer treatment. A month later I was teaching three classes and 190 students. I rushed so quickly back into being well and handling everything, I think I found myself exhausted and wore myself down. I think I could learn better how to ask for help. How to rest when I am tired.

I wish I had let go off my fears and be in a relationship with a male partner. I am proud that I managed to complete 2 semesters in my Degree successfully even though I was having health problems.

Gotten in bed earlier. (Still not doing it)

I am very proud of having had the courage and trust to follow my heart of hearts even when i was scared, and that i had enough self-love to ask for and receive help from others :)

Something I wish I had done differently... I guess I wish I would have had a better experience planning our wedding. I don't know if there's anything I could have DONE to make that happen, outside of a mind-over-matter perspective. But it was a really stressful time. I wish I could have been more laid back and truly enjoyed our engagement time. We should have eloped! I'm proud of a lot from the past year, and that's good to say. I'm proud, professionally, that Janel wants to see more of me from Apartment Therapy. I'm proud that I transitioned into writing more generally about life at home than about tech--it fits my intended public persona better. I'd tremendously proud about the book proposal. And, even after all the stress, I'm pretty proud of our wedding. I'm writing this on the Tuesday before our big day, and I feel like its finally coming together. I can't wait!

I try to live without regrets ... I'm sure there are things I would've done differently, but don't dwell on them. I'm more proud of my son's & daughter's accomplishments, than even looking at my own. My son has turned into a wonderful adult ... kind, responsible, caring and self-sufficient. My daughter is growing into a lovely young lady ... kind, caring, wise-beyond her 12 years ... many an adult could learn a lesson from her. They are my proud accomplishments!

I wish I had focused less on trying to find a boyfriend and more on improving myself. I'm not sure where I developed the thought that I needed a boyfriend to feel validated, but it took me almost a year to realize that just isn't true. I can't even begin to count the number of hours I spent worrying about whatever guy I was casually dating at the time. I spent so much energy on that, and if I had spent that energy improving myself and creating memories with my friends instead then it would have been put to much better use.

I'd have liked to finish more stories in the last year. But there are still a couple of months left...

I'm particularly proud of my fall garden. Started experimenting with standardized bed widths (30") and bio intensive planting. Much success! Lots of greens, kohlrabi, Napa cabbage, turnips, and radishes! The cabbage and kohlrabi are soon to be pickled and kimchi'd. Hope to use low cost row cover to protect the greens and turnips till December.

I wish I had been more confident about Catchpool earlier. I am proud of my work, and am going to take it more seriously and go forth with more confidence from now on.

A part of me wishes that I started looking for a job earlier, but it was pretty daunting at the time and I was very comfortable at my present company. Work has been the only thing negative in my life this year and having so many other positives meant this was not such an issue. My new role asked for 2 years experience and I accepted the role a few days after my second anniversary.

I'm very proud of my son, who turned himself around & graduated with honors and love the young man he's grown into. On another note, we reached our 25th wedding anniversary and with an unemployed husband....he wasn't into any kind of celebration which really hurt. Not even a card.......I wonder if I should have kicked him to the curb when I had the chance 10 years ago after the affair. However, he has changed since then & has become a wonderful father & partner, however he really sucks in the romance/husband part of things.

Rather had done differently: - more consistent and targeted in my job search - more regularity and outreach in my social planning/social networking (shabbat plans, social events/trips) - my PT fellowship application- should have been more timely and more thought-through Proud of achievements: - got my MPA diploma - finished reading the Prophets - volunteer work (EA, DOROT, SY, etc.) and helped several friends who were getting married (A.M., C.S., and U.M.) - two new Torah classes that I developed for SY weekend programs

I wish I had exercised more.

I wish I had done more exercise. I wish I had spent less time fucking around looking at web themes and more time writing. I wish I had put in an accountability/companionship practice (for creative writing) much earlier than I did. I'm proud that I did.

I wish I had focused more on work. Not more time, but spent mt time more efficiently. I feel a little behind the curve ball at my new job. Helping an old friend move through his divorce and becoming friends again. We once loved each other very deeply and there was a lot of water under the bridge to swim through. Also, overall I have improved my focus on the big picture. Finalizing things and being open to a new relationship that scared the heck out of me in the start. it has turned out to be one of the biggest blessings of my life. I look forward to how it develops.

I wish I would've finally found a place to call home. Living like a nomad has definitely lost it's appeal. I also wish that I would've learned more solidly from past mistakes, making sure not to have to try to do the same things, again. I wish I would've come to the realization of what wasn't working for me a little bit quicker. Alternatively, I'm proud that I've continued to try new things.

I wish I hadn't pretended like I enjoyed eating my dad's hamburgers. Now he keeps making them because he thinks I like them. Naturally, I now refuse to eat them which means they end up in the fridge, uncovered, hardened like a rock. On the other hand, I'm pretty proud that I ate that one hamburger despite not liking it.

I took a chance and moved out of town to take what looked like a wonderful job opportunity, but meant that I had to move away from the city where I was born and raised.

I wish I had buckled down at AGR and kept my job. I didn't like Eric, but I could have "done the shit out of my job" and I probably would still have it. Worse, the people who fired me are gone, so I got the validation that I was a good guy being under-appreciated, but that still hurt my pocketbook, deeply. I wish I had offered that young waif a night at my place. I wish I would have started payment programs. I wish I had gotten my teeth fixed. I wish I had just found more motivation to keep writing constantly . Only thing I am proud of is the simple fact that I can honestly say I have worked to be a good person. I am volunteering again, I work hard to keep a positive mental attitude. I try to have faith. I try to count my blessings and express my gratitude and gratefulness.

I wish I had realized that happiness exists primarily in connections with other people. I don't like how I spent a lot of the year isolating myself from family and friends and being in my own disordered and dysfunctional world. It felt same and okay at the time but didn't feel good overall. True joy and adventure and connection exists with others and I am starting to see that turning to people is a FAR better feeling than turning inward. Relationships I wish were different in 2014- Kevin, Katy, my parents, Dale, Helen. I wish I had let them in more. I am incredibly proud of making the decision that enough was enough…I needed to do everything that I could to get my life back and needed more help. It took me 4 years and actually 12 years to get to that point but to make that choice myself I know has given me a far better chance at a better life.

I am proud of having made a daring decision to change jobs, even though it didn't always feel like the right choice. I am now at a place where I'm treated more as a professional, and I feel like there are possibilities for advancement and promotion here, where the same was not the case at my old job.

We lost everything we owned due to smoke damage from the apartments above us. We received 18k for replacement cost of our items and I wish I had been a bit more discerning how I spent our money. I am hoping to learn how to save money and plan for disasters better next year. Although stuff makes a house feel like a home, it certainly isn't everything and I made some poor choices with what I thought were immediate needs. I also wished I had accepted the changes in my life easier such as having a baby and learning how to be a career woman, a mother, and a partner in life. I should have spent more time focusing on positive things in my life instead of the negative things. I struggle and still struggle with being happy. It's hard for me to let myself feel content or to enjoy the moment. I hope to do this better in the year to come. My mantra should be: be happy with what you have, manage what you can (our finances), and enjoy the happy moments you are apart of. Be present!!! On the flip side, I am also most proud that I've become a mother. It's not easy. It's been hard, but somehow I'm managing a full time job, mostly keeping up the house, and spending time with my partner (it could be more quality time). Which leads to me to believe I should making time alone with my partner more of a priority. Connecting is important and fatal when it is not.

No regrets. It seems to have been worth it. Even the things I decided not to do again are my experience now. Not to be thrown away. Though some medical (and affecting them) choices were .. erm.. doubtful.

Maybe spent less money but overall no regrets on the hiding out, on the travelling, on the taking a break. Especially proud of my 6 weeks abroad. And even more proud of coming back into real normal life, albeit at times I slip backwards.

I would have communicated with my husband sooner about the stress related to our finances so we could start talking about sooner and determining solutions before it became so stressful. I would have terminated the employment relationship sooner instead of working so hard to try to keep things moving or give so many "chances" when it was clear for so long, things would not improve. I would have started stress reduction sooner had I understood just how damaging the stress could be. I have reduced the amount of contact with people who abuse and take advantage of me. My sister and I are talking again, just a little, and that feels good.

I wish I had seen my sons problem sooner. Paid bills faster Spent more time talking with my sons Played more with the dog Walked more I'm glad I took the job I have.

I wish I'd taken more risks. I wish I'd pushed myself out of my comfort zone, and tried to make more connections with people. I wish I'd made more a conscious effort to improve the way that I feel about myself. I've probably said the same thing for this question for years on end, and I still haven't changed anything.

This year, I have worked several jobs- one at Germantown Cafe and one at The Stone Fox. I also clean Kali Yuga Yoga once a week for class credits that I have yet to use in the almost three years I have cleaned for them. Keeping all of these jobs is something I am extremely proud of this year. I have not called in sick once to Germantown and I've celebrated working there a year this past September. I also got a raise recently and was promoted to a full-time trainer AND for the first time ever, will be taking a week off next week with vacation pay. This is something I've never had with a job before. So, yes, I am proud. The only thing I wish I could have done differently this year was to finally move out of the Harpeth. I am still hanging on to my room there, but I am also determined that I will be moving into my own place in 2015.

Proud of signing up and completing Tough Mudder. Training to run to do so.

I wish I had saved more money and not spent so much of my tax rebate!

I'm incredibly proud of myself for achieving the happiness that has almost eluded me. I started crying on the 94th floor of the Hancock Tower as I stood watching the sunset over the most beautiful city with a few incredible friends, mere hours after a perfect day that reminded me of how many reasons I have to smile. I'm so lucky and blessed to be where I am right now, and even when tired and stressed and sick, I could not be happier with where I am. I am so proud of myself for persevering to this point to enjoy this moment.

I wish I had really stayed focused on building my relationship AND stayed honest. I wish I would have stopped communicating with my past so much when my future was really great. I'm proud of how I've stepped up and taken over Dabble and for having run 51 miles and stayed healthy and fit.

Going from the first question there are a few things I wish I had done a little differently. I wish I had been more serious about my marathon training and working out for our wedding. I could have been a little more fit on those special occasions and instead I chose to let working out and exercise slide past as I busied myself with wedding plans. I also wish I had invited more people to our wedding that I now feel play a significant role in my daily life. Now I'm just trying to foster those relationship outside of just one big white day. I'm proud of the fact that I was able to run that marathon, but I know I could not have done it without God and without Andy. I want to be able to be the best version of myself for both God and Andy (in that order :) haha)

I wish I had taken the initiative to be more proactive about gettting out of jobs I didn't like i.e. at Eatstreet and The Spot. Though they both ended before I suffered too much, I'm too talented and worthy to bide my time away at jobs like that. I am proud that I sustained myself from January-August in an apartment downtown that I really liked.

I was more drawn to the "especially proud" question. This summer I wrapped up three significant civic/volunteer positions, at Dana-Farber, Beth Israel, and my church. First, the church - I was on the governing board, the Prudential, for the last three years. Wisely, it's a three year term, so there's no guilt about wrapping up, and I was tired by the end. I was vice chair my second year, and chair my third. It was , at different times: deeply satisfying, truly irritating, frustrating, amazing. I felt good about my work, my service. I enjoyed a number of people I worked with. I saw a lot of good things. I also got to the point where church on Sunday was like "going to work" and I needed a break from all that. I have continued on as a member of the Nominating Committee, but am happy to have a much smaller role. Second was my role on the adult Patient Family Advisory Council at Dana-Farber. I came to it after Shannon's significant ICU stay in 2010-2011, and soon after joined Beth Israel Deaconess' ICU PFAC. This led to many beautiful things, including me growing professionally through an advocacy role, integrating my personal experiences with my professional career, but most importantly - helping two important places where both Shannon and I got care, having the honor to serve beside Shannon on the council, and developing a relationship with Beth Israel which helped Shannon, me, and the rest of the family during Shannon's last admission. I still wish Shannon was with us, but am thankful for what that work did for her, for us, for everyone it helped. I decided to stay on each for a year after Shannon's passing, in her honor.

I wish that I hadn't let my anger control me in so many situations. I came close to wrecking my marriage. And I regret the distance that was between me and my family but the reasons for the estrangement are still there. Part of wanting to bring my in-laws to live close to us is a "do over", to care for them in ways that I wasn't there for my parents.

I wish I'd been a better witness in my life, been more faithful in my walk with God. But I am proud of the fact that I'm starting to take risks (like not living with family).

I've very proud of how I've gotten through this year at all, and gotten into my stride studying and being a mum. 7 weeks off being a doctor and that is an amazing achievement for anyone.

wish i had made more art, painted more. proud for taking my real estate course and passing the exam

At a 5k I ran recently, a firefighter was running alongside me with his full uniform carrying an oxygen tank on his back. The race wasn't easy for me and I admired his show of endurance. I wanted to yell him an encouragement, tell him he inspired me but I couldn't get the words out. It was a missed opportunity of kindness, and next time I'll find the courage.

No Regrets x :) Proud of taking baby steps to follow my dream as a therapist x :)

This seems like a familiar question, old hat, answered and reanswered. I am not proud of this life i lead- i am proud of family, and happy to still be upright and smiling dealing with a plague of physical maladies. I live in defiance of gravity.

I wish that I would have ended the relationship with Russ sooner. I had an intuition that it wasn't right. I should have moved on when I knew that. Then I convinced myself that it could work. I'm doing it again right now with DAvid. The difference is that he really cares about me. It's sort of incredible. It's like Adam all over again except it's much easier to talk to David. I think I'm just more secure with myself and saying how I feel. Proud of...I froze my eggs. Yes, I'm very proud of that. I kind of can't believe that I did it. It felt extraordinarily empowering. First in deciding to do it - taking control of a part of my life that I can't control. And the 10 days of giving myself shots...working towards an objective that I set for myself that will help me fulfill my biggest life goal...to have a family.

hmmm....wish I had searched for or even better, created my professional path more mindfully, confidently and purposefully. On the flip side, my distraction was the care taking and support of my mother and I am proud of what a good job I did of that - and of supporting my husband during some very rough work stress periods.

I'd prefer to answer in the positive - something that I'm proud of...top of mind is financial in that I feel we crossed over a income and saving's threshold this year and are managing it responsibly and humbly. I feel like we're on the cusp, or at least on a path, of becoming financially well off which feel good but not necessarily secure. Another part of me thinks or wants to answer this type of question in relation to my relationships, because ultimately this is something that holds far greater value for me than financial achievement. So my short answer is I'm proud of continuing and maintaining my relationship with my wife (exploring new things together), my kids and friends.

I wish I had listened to those around me for their needs. I feel like I spend so much time being overwhelmed with my jobs and such that I don't have time to unwind, relax, and check in with those around me. My 2 jobs (assited living activities and Jewish education) are extroverted so I need a lot of cool down time.

I wish I'd been kinder to myself earlier. I went through some deeply difficult stuff last Spring and felt very raw and vulnerable this year, but I really pushed myself to get back in the game, professionally and as a student. Maybe I needed to take it easy. Or not to do some things that felt too hard, or unsupported. I needed to have a way to speak back to those who said, 'you're not right, you don't fit.' Those feelings are so deep and so old. But partly because those feelings were so crippling and painful I del like a) I had to rely on others more than I'd rather, which was hard but important, and b) I discovered my patrons this year, the truest and kindest and most powerful part of me which protects me from harm, and from confusion and lack of focus. When I think about "harm" or "evil," the question is not really about that, but about standing up to the energy or force which moves things in a direction you think is harmful. People I have to stand up to with my partronus self are not generally evil people, but I have to be prepared to stand up and say, 'That doesn't work as well, does it, isn't this a bit better?' even if it's awkward and makes my heart race. So, yeah, I wish I'd honored the places that felt really vulnerable this past year. What would that have looked like? I'm glad I pushed myself back into community a bit but all the thoughts and feelings I had about others were tinged with fear and loathing that doesn't build anything new.

I wish that I took care of all the small things in life farther in advance. Something I'm proud of is how happy I am this year. I worked hard to intentionally be happy and it has paid off!

The number one thing that I wish I would have done differently this past year, was to throw myself fully into my new business venture right off the bat, rather than realizing six + months later, that it was going to take a lot more effort, dedication, & passion to become successful. I'm not sure if I was overwhelmed, or if I allowed a change in my social life to distract me, but I can fully admit & realize that I wasn't putting forth the 100% that it takes. I'm proud that I realized this & made the necessary changes, & I'm proud of the growth that I've seen in the business since then. I'm proud that each day I learn to master tasks that I never would have thought I was capable of in the past.

I'm really proud of my run at the Marsh and how hard I worked. I wish I exercised more.

I am so, so proud of the big thing we accomplished at work this year. We made a thing. It works, and people all over the world are using it. And I drove it and drove it and pushed it over the line.

I enjoy my current job and wish I could keep it for longer. I wish I knew myself better to be able to do that.