Is there something that you wish you had done differently this past year? Alternatively, is there something you're especially proud of from this past year?

I am proud of getting through this divorce. I am proud that I am in graduate school fulfilling my dreams.

I wish i could of found a way to make jon stay

I would have liked to have better managed my frustration and found better ways focus on the things that matter to me.

I wish I hadn't shoved my problems down, bottled them up until I exploded.

I wish I didn't pile so many project on. I really need to zone in on my strengths and make something happen. With focus.

I wish I was more diligent about exercise. I am working twice as hard now to get in shape :-(

Can it be the same thing? There is something I did that I regret on the one hand, but will be a very happy memory on the other hand.

No. I try to trust that everything happens for a reason and to have no regrets... I am proud of my volunteer service commitment. I gained as much from it as I gave.

I wish I bit my tongue and didn't pursue her. Or do I? I don't know. I followed my heart. It brought me highs, it brought me lows. I've lived life this year, which is nothing to regret. But I'm still trying to figure this one out.

I wish i had taken my A-Levels more seriously and tried to achieve even better results although I am proud that I passed with decent grades. I also regret wasting my money on stupid people but am proud that I can now drive on my own and have driven on the motorway on my own.

I wished I called my brother and made peace with him. I could control my aggravation with my teenagers. I did a good job in my grad school.

I wish I had put my children and James first a bit more. Work came first so often and I am addicted to my phone and don't feel like the best wife and mother. It's part of why I am trying a new job and I hope that I will be better in the future.

I wish I would have picked the right numbers for the lottery. Seen an opportunity for job promotion and made a lateral moved thinking of the future.

I am very proud to have bought my condo and been able to maintain my townhouse as rental property. I think it was a good purchase and I am happy to own two pieces of real estate.

I am proud of making more time to be creative, which allowed me to write and sing a song to a friend for a large event, make several pastels, and perform new pieces on the violin. I am also proud to have obtained help when I needed it, from new sources.

I wish that I had done a better job in expressing appreciation and thanks. Too often, I took for granted the caring, kindness, and generosity of others.

I wish I had directed more of my energies outward. I did not do as much as I could to engage myself with my community even at a time when I needed it most. I hope I will do better this year.

I'm still not moving to far forward in my career. AGD is one piece of my life that brings me down. I didn't make time to get going on the CPA Exam and the longer I wait, the longer it will take me to get into a working position that I am more satisfied with. Going to the gym regularly and building what I believe is a life long habit especially made me proud of that accomplishment.

I wish I had been more patient, ESP Isley with my daughter. I hope I can be better at it this coming year. Oh, and saving. I wish I was better at saving money.

I'm proud that I'm working on making healthy lifestyle changes - exercise, food, etc. I'm a little disappointed in myself that I'm still drinking more than I should.

I wish I had been more purposeful about my job search and the future of my career and life in general. I've spent a lot of time in indecision, and a lack of action means that I'm not living up to my potential and wasting time. I'm really proud of my running my first marathon and, more important, completing the months of training beforehand. I'm proud of myself for picking up and really digging into a new hobby (and such a healthy one) at this point in my life. Which isn't to say that I'm old, but. . . I'm just glad to keep evolving.

For the first time in my life, I am proud of my year. I don't have any regrets. I'm proud of what I've done and hope that I keep enjoying what I am capable of doing.

Yes. I'm proud of my encouraging about my life and I feel stronger to solve all questions that before make me fell blue and weak. This year, I want to empower me and control all aspects that before we was not able to control

I wish I had not let myself be so caught up in student politics. It's all quite petty and not relevant to real life.

I wish I'd worked ever so slightly harder and that I'd ended a relationship sooner than I did. But I'm proud that I got a 2:1 in my first year of University and that I took part in GISHWHES which was difficult, but fun.

I really wish that I had handled the news of my wife wanting a divorce differently. I came across so needy and desperate in trying to save the marriage. It was not always my proudest moments. I am proud of the way I have come through the divorce process, how great of a father that I have become, and how well I have reconnected with my friends and myself.

My new relationship has really blossomed. I am so proud of the way we are open and honest with one another, despite the fact it can hurt sometimes. It has helped us form a healthier, happier partnership.

I wish I had been nicer/less short/more respectful to Ant and Em at our respective festivals this year. I need to work on my self-control, be kinder to people who frustrate me. As soon as we got back I realised I had gone too far, taken too much for granted, and how much I valued both of their friendship. I wish I had had the guts to confront it at the time, but now I feel as though it's too late. I wish I had thought before I had spoken, in both cases, and not let my anger and selfishness run away with me. I also wish I had focussed more on trying to pass my driving test and not treated it so casually. I wish I had told Imran that I wasn't interested, instead of just letting him fade away - that was unfair. I am proud of making the decision to finally leave the job I hate and make a big change, move out of the country for a while. I am proud of the work I've been doing for Jane - proud in the way that I'm not afraid to tell people about it. I am proud of the slow progress I'm making at being friends with my mum, and rebuilding the relationship with family in a way that feels more natural. I am proud of the fact I've started cycling in London, and feel better at it than I did at the beginning. I am proud of the fact that I have broken my shopping habit.

I wish I never got injured. I wish I never made the mistakes I made with Megan and that we never broke up. I wish I treated my mother better. I am however proud at how I persevered through the injury. Proud I learnt from my mistakes. Proud I started the school year brilliantly. Proud that I've learnt to better myself.

I would have paid closer attention to my home life. A job is just that - a job.

I wish that we had done a better job at working hard to be financially stable. There were so many ups and downs this year, it was really tough on myself, my partner, and our relationship. I am very proud of the beautiful daughter we are raising, the best we can. She has me grasping for perfect words to capture the moments that flit by, as if I could ever describe to someone how incredible it was when she smiled at this thing I said, or that she wiggled in a certain way when we were dancing that makes me wanna squeeze her until she knows EXACTLY how much love I have for her. I love being her mom, even though I wish I knew then what I know now...and so on. I'm proud that I have begun taking strides in the direction of feeling successfully fulfilled in my own life too, by choosing to become a doula, taking the certification class, and getting involved with networking in that field. Also I attended my first birth! It was beautiful. :)

I'm sorry I didn't tell my brothers about the change in the percentage of Dad's remains. I don't regret going to mom to discuss it; she really didn't care. Steven didn't get his way and now we have no realationship. I'm so sad about this, but it is what it is. I apologized, but through Joel I hear it wasn't "heartfelt". well, then he should have gotten in contact with me. He's a spoiled and indulged person and I can live without a relationship with him. Joel, maybe a bit more hope. I called him, told him I missed our conversations...he said he did as well, but I haven't heard from him in over a month. what am I proud of? my work continues to give me pleasure....I try to be helpful to phil...but it's been a downer of a year, well, at least the last 5 months.

I'm proud of the fact that I managed to get my first ever paid job, I passed my second year at university against all the odds, and I have the most amazing, supportive boyfriend! :) Yes there may be things that I haven't dealt with very well this year but I don't wish I had done anything differently. We learn from our mistakes.

I wish I had more self-love. I wish that I was be more forgiving and patient with myself, helping myself along with the things that I want to do. I wish that when I failed to do the things that I set out to do, such as meditate more, smoke less, exercise more, and just generally be less critical of my looks and my body, to work more, instead of being a critical taskmaster, I had more understanding and sympathy for myself.

I reconciled with my husband. I was strong, and made sure that the changes he'd made were real: I followed through on everything I said I would, and it was only when things really changed that I agreed to reconcile. It was good to be able to realise just how much I love him, and just as good that he realised how much he loved me too. It took a lot of work, but it happened.

I wish that I had been more confident when applying for a new job. I think had I been more calm and more professional, instead of just desperate to leave(!), that I might have given myself a better chance of getting the job I went for. In the end, I was offered an interesting job on a lesser salary than what I was previously on and I still feel nervous and disappointed about having to take the pay cut. But I am happier on the whole not to be working where I used to and this new role is stretching me in the ways that I had hoped it would. I just hope that I didn't sell myself short!

I wish I'd left my last job sooner. I'm proud of the decision to leave, but I think I would have been happier if I'd left when I first started to dislike it. Thankfully, I think that the whole experience made me realize that if I get to that point again I need to do something about it right away, rather than letting my unhappiness fester.

I am proud of going outside my comfort zone and meeting with Terrion, trying new things, doing things that made me scared.

I wish I could maintain more self control when it comes to internet distraction. Although I have gotten so much better at not getting frustrated as often with situations, I would like to improve here as well. I need to be better at rolling with the punches.

I wish I had not spent as much time watching tv but it also has been a good escape for me when things are stressful. I am proud that in spite of all our financial responsibilities we took the time and money for a wonderful trip to Italy.

There is one conflict with a co-worker that I wish I had handled differently. While I wasn't unkind or inappropriate, I should have gone to our supervisor prior to trying to go it alone and resolve. There might have been a more positive outcome. Something I'm proud of is how well I have worked in a new role and with new people.

I wish that I could have focused on making myself a better person and not blame my failings/shortcomings solely on my depression.

I'm proud of starting my voluntary job, as this was a big thing for me. I guess I wish I had done more to become independent, or interact with others.

I wish I had done more for others. My life has been too self focused. I am proud that I started the intergenerational play group.

I'm really proud of my running. I did not ever think it was something I'd do, let alone want to do. If I could change something, it'd probably be to have moves to midtown instead of easy Memphis. I miss midtown

I wish I had been wiser with my money. I have made too many choices on what to do with it out of want and not need. I am proud that I have been more able to respect myself and have seen by doing this I am also even more respectful of others.

I wish I could have connected more face to face with my sisters and other family. However, I'm also very proud of how well the shop is coming together. With a last major push in the next year, I may well be able to slow down a bit to devote time to visiting.

I'm especially proud of myself for jumping off the cliff and moving to Barcelona at 42 and finally taking language lessons. After a heart attack during surgery in 2011, I knew I couldn't keep putting my dreams on hold. In terms of what I wished I had done differently-- I wish I had realized making this move at my age means something totally different than when I was 25. It's been much harder to make solid friendships and create grounding. I wasn't prepared for the feelings of deep isolation at times. And if I had strengthened my meditation practice and engaged a few tools in my spiritual toolbox, it would have helped immensely.

I honestly can't think of anything I wish I would have done this year. As for something I'm proud of, the fact that I have the ability to keep going. Graduate school, teaching, and maintaining a house, and relationships is pretty gosh darn hard. My determination to keep going surprises me most days.

I wish I had been more assertive financially, but I'm still glad that I've kept my head above water, so perhaps it was a good balance.

Not so much this past year; more habits I've always had. I wish I were not so messy. It seems to have gotten worse this year, but that is probably because my boyfriend is a neat freak and my apartment is tiny. I am super proud of myself for managing to keep myself afloat through a ton of different part time jobs. Being financially ok in this economy is quite an accomplishment. I am also still moving forward in my life, which is always a source of pride.

Well, for sure I would have taken a stronger stance with my adult children still living at home. I would have not reconcile my virtues to appease their struggles. It would have been harder at first but all of us would have been better afterwards. So now I find myself dealing with the aftermath that could have and should have been avoided.

I am especially proud of being in contact with my mum again. We haven't seen each other for 5 years, but now everything's different. I like having my mother back. But I really wish I would have had more time for myself; I love my work and I love being there for my friends and my partner, but sometimes it is too much. Hence I feel like losing myself.

I wish I had written more. I wish I had taken more time to read scripture on a daily basis.

I had a lot of family conflict this past year particularly around my wedding day which really put a damper on the whole event for me. In hindsight, I am not sure what I could have done differently to avoid the negative comments that I was getting. I have found that just like my brother, often times avoiding my family altogether, as painful as that is, is the best solution to the problem. As much as I wanted them to be there for me, when people are not there for you day to day in your regular life, you cannot expect them to be there during the big events either. My family is what it is (dysfunctional!) but I know now that fighting them or wanting them to change is like trying to make the sun come out on a rainy day.

I wish I'd been better able to manage my finances and my career goals this year. I am working on feeling more comfortable saying no and expressing what I want and need.

If I had done anything differently my world would not be the same as it is right now, this morning, and I am really okay with almost everything in my little world today. (Although I would have booked our flight home from the Inauguration for the morning after the event, not the night of.)

I am in my, hopefully, last semester of college so I've been working hard to graduate with my associate degree in Fashion Merchandising and Marketing.

I think I am handling my finances fairly well. It sucks not being able to afford simple things that aren't even that expensive (meds for my cat, brakes for my car, rent) I do feel like I want my old life back. I want to be able to afford necessities and trivialities without knowing I'm just digging a giant hole for myself. I am also happy with the way I've handled the EIC/Sanford Wilk saga. I called him on every ounce of his shit without ever raising my voice or uttering a single swear. No harm done to me and I have a hilarious story to share with people about my job search. Things I wish I could do differently... I wish I could be more open about my relationship with my girlfriend. I live with her and sleep with her every night but my family doesn't know we're more than room mates. I live above my mom and she has a key to my place. This is extremely stressful! Our individual situations are extremely tenuous. I want to be able to protect her (while pushing her to be independent) but I can't really. I also don't want to deal with my family shitting on someone that makes me happy during a time when I would generally be very unhappy. I feel like things will be different once I get a good job and we can move out.

I wish I had reacted to the challenges of my daughter better for our relationship was virtually on the edge of estrangement. I am proud of the effort to repair our relationship and more importantly, I am excited and thankful for my personal bravery to go and seek a new opportunity professionally.

I wish I did been more proactive about getting a permanent job instead of letting the SOE let me hang on for 8 months before hiring me as a permanent employee. I am glad for this job and the insurance. I am also very proud of myself for submitting pieces for the Whim So Doodle design team. Didn't get in but I'll try again.

I can't change the past and I feel like everything that isn't going the way I wanted it to go was out of my control. Beyond birthing a 10 lb 3 oz baby without pain meds, I can't think of anything that could top that!

I wish I had not dwelled on my frustrating with dating so much. I wish that I had become more comfortable with the idea of dating and being with someone who is actually a good fit for me. I am EXTREMELY proud of my dedication to cycling and being so strong and healthy and fast! I am in love with my committment to the sport and it makes me happy!

This year I started going to church. I don't have perfect attendance, but I do go most Sundays that I'm in town. I joined the choir, a life-long yearning of mine. I feel pretty good about myself for making the leap, because it makes me nervous to be new in a group. But I wish I took on a spiritual journey more seriously. I don't make time to pray or meditate, even though I know I enjoy it. I wish I could get myself to join a Sunday School class, because I still don't feel very connected to the church body.

I wish I had taken more time to acknowledge my transition to Israel and rabbinical school. On the one hand, I had this great travel experience abroad that exposed me to know people and ideas. On the other hand, I never stopped, took a breath and realized how much was changing. This year I hope to be more thoughtful and reflective about transitions of all kinds.

I wish I had gotten less stressed out about breastfeeding. In hindsight, it would have been fine to give my son formula every once in a while instead of pumping like a madwoman in the middle of the night when I had jury duty. I'm proud of the fact that my husband and I bought our first house this year, after much deliberation on whether or not we could afford the mortgage. I'm also proud that we seem to be doing OK as first-time parents, despite our worrying.

I wish I would have taken time off between my PhD and my postdoc. I got over-burned and I almost lost my postdoc position. I was given an ultimatum and I was able to make it through, maintaining my job for one more final year. I am proud that I was able to show my boss that I can do good work, and that I gave myself some time off. From now on, I want to make sure I take vacations every now and then to give myself a break and also discover new parts of the world.

I wish I had gotten more involved in the city of Ann Arbor-- meaning seen more of the non-South U area and gotten into local bands and bars. Now that I'm in St. Louis as an adult I feel this urge to get involved in my city and I feel like I'm starting to see it on this new level. I cannot say the same for my college town. I find that strange since I spent four years-- but it might've been because I was too involved in myself and growing as a college student/academic/person (actually that's not really an excuse, particularly with how my senior year went). I definitely need to go back to Michigan and explore.

Taken the time to exercise to promote better health I'm proud that I have tenacity and I'm sticking to attending classes in literature and writing as well as Chinese Brush Painting

Breaking up with my boyfriend

I was short with people when I was pregnant. I lost my cool too many times. I wish I'd said sorry more. And I sometimes think I spend too much time online instead of being present with my son. I'm proud of how my husband and I have tackled parenthood as a team and I'm proud we've been able to get out and about as much as we have.

I wish I'd backed myself when I went to get help for my depression. I know I'm not an alcoholic and yet I continued to let professionals tell me I was. I feel no better for the treatment I've been through and 9 months later I feel still very much in the same position as I did in February. I'm frustrated and sad about it. But I'm proud that this weekend I'm going to run Budapest Half Marathon. I said last year in one of the questions that I wanted to be a runner again - I'm not yet ready to lable myself that but I'm getting closer.

YES. I wish I had taken better care of myself so that I was not as edgy and stressed out, and reactive to my son's stress. And I am proud of how successful I have been due to sheer tenacity and hard work, to pull us back from the brink of financial disaster.

I really wish I had lost the weight I recently gained and found a soulmate that wants children. Or had gone back to school to become a teacher. Or all of the above. I'll be 40 next year. The clock is ticking away.

Me hubiese gustado haber hablado antes con una persona. Por otro lado estoy orgulloso de haberlo hecho, y también de estar intentando cambiar las cosas de mi con las que no estoy contento o conforme, más allá de que me cuesta y a veces me resulta difícil.

Ok, I had one awful experience in London, dating someone named Mak. He was very smart and so handsome but also not very kind or emotionally generous. But this is, unfortunately, a type that I gravitate towards. In any case, he really hurt my feelings my last night in London. It was an awful night and a really sour way to leave the country after such a delightful and lovely summer. I was SO angry with him. And I told him so. In an email. In probably the meanest email I have ever written in my life, what he later referred to as "shrieking, hysterical prose". It was probably the meanest thing I've ever done. I just went completely nuclear on him and tried to think of exactly what to write that would really hurt him. I've never done something like that before. I know other people do and I've always wondered what it would feel like. But it wasn't great. It was sort of like eating fast food- incredibly gratifying in the moment but then made me feel ill not too long afterwards. It left me feeling embarrassed and also just terrible for being so unkind. If there is one thing I know, it is that walking in the world in the kindest of possible ways is incredibly important. And so i felt really disappointed in myself after writing that email. I hope I never, ever give in to that impulse again. It just wasn't worth it.

I wish I hadn't spent as much time letting my ex mess with my life. I am proud of going back to school to finally finish my degree.

I bicycled to work for the entire year; even through the winter. There were only a handful of days where the weather and/or the road conditions made it really unsafe. The rest of the time I just hunkered down, layered up and did it.

There is nothing I would have changed. I am proud that I decided to be a mentor this year for the Wisdom Course. I have 14 wonderful people in my group. I took myself out of the game by working on the production of the course. I am in the course with these people and want to get as much as possible for myself too!

I wish I hadn't had such a bad attitude at work.

I'm proud of the way that I've started to really own my life. To make choices based on what I believe in. That I made the step to have one life. Not a life at work and a life at home. I wish I had been more direct with my son. I was wishy-washy when he really needed me to guide him. In the new year I will be looking at how I can be firm and loving.

i have put my art out there into the world and have has some positive reception. there are many things i always would have done differently...often each day. it is a practice to stay awake to the ways the past is present in my reflexive reactions to to relational exchanges in moments. what i seek is to cultivate responsiveness rather than reactivity, to be closer to the moment to be able to rewind and respond differently.

I really wish I hadn't let certain friendships get weaker and less meaningful. On the other hand, I'm so glad I made some amazing friendships in Israel to balance the friendships that aren't as meaningful as they once were.

There's nothing I don't I could have done differently... maybe put more money into savings and gone on holiday would have been nice. BUT! I got into a great art school so when I graduate and get a good job I can go on some ridiculous holidays then :)

Something I wish had gone differently this year is my brother's wedding. It was a hot bowl of mess and I did play a role in that by not asking questions before taking actions. I really wish that evening had ended up differently. I also should have followed up with some open communication about what happened. But the fallout seemed so bad that it was much easier to gloss over it. I should have done that differently. On the other hand, I have been very proud of how Matt and I's relationship continues to grow and flourish. We have made it through a lot of things this year and we have done that through improved communication and giant love for each other.

Absolutely. I wish I had broken up with my long-term boyfriend in a better way. It took us nearly a year to break up, and in between we both made mistakes. I have fully apologized to him and those around me, but he continues to hold grudges that have affected our friendships. What I am proud of is my new ability to distance and say no to people in my life who are bad for me, toxic and not loyal. I've realized I don't need them. I have such a wonderful group of supportive friends (and a terrific boyfriend) who love me and are willing to be at my side. These are true friends.

I think that one thing I wished I'd done differently this past year was dedicate more time to writing creatively and to working on my organization. (Mozambican Fundraising Network) One thing I'm especially proud of is my relationship with my writing coach, Cami. She's getting me to start being accountable with my writing, etc.

I really wish that I was more confident with what I was doing and didn't second guess myself. I care so much about not looking stupid and I'm never just letting go. I wish i thought before I talked sometimes because I said some stupid shit sometimes without realizing it. I'm proud of myself for sticking to my beliefs and morals. I'm proud of myself for having real conversations with people versus just boring petty conversations. I'm also proud of myself for trying a little harder in school this past school year, and I need to try harder for my junior year as well.

I wish I would have spent time strengthening my faith so that I could be a better example to my family. I am so sorry that I didn't do a better job at instilling the beauty and Peace that a strong faith can bring to each of them. I'm especially proud of recognizing my need to be a better parent and grandparent to my wonderful children and grandsons.

I wish I had taken more time to research and consider my options. But in saying that, I am proud of what I have achieved under so much pressure and trying to maintain so much balance. I'm proud of the fact I have come out of this year a stronger person than I was last year. I think I have gained a lot of personal strength from the experiences I have had and gained a few new friends along the way. But if I could give past me any advice, it would have been to look at all the options carefully before rushing into everything all at once.

I rode in a century--111 miles in one day. Even though I still need to lose quite a bit of weight, I'm incredibly proud of the fact that I was able to accomplish this....my old body was not strong enough or determined enough to tackle something this daunting.

I wish I had done better with communicating my inability to follow through with commitments experienced while handling my own stressful situations. This entire year was rife with several moves as I'm still finding a stable place to stay while balancing several projects and continuing to pay my storage fees and feed myself. I'm still challenged by it. Alternatively, I am very proud of my ability to persevere. There was a LOT of perseverance to deal with this year. I'm moving onward and upward, and it's paying off. My tools are meditation, prayer, chanting, good friends to lean on, and the power of solitude!

I have no regrets. I feel in the situation I am in right now, I did what was in my power to do. I am proud of myself for standing up for what I believe is right for me and not allowing others to manipulate the situation.

Inbetween all the crap that was going on, I managed to make some amazing friends and some pretty cool things. I'm proud of myself for getting through, and proud of the things I've been involved in.

Some days, I wish I had pursued the job at the business school. I'm having a rough time being small potatoes at a small school. At least being small potatoes at a big school meant I wasn't competing for work and I had lots of support (relatively speaking). I am full of regret. As with every year, I also wish I had taken better care of my health. Summer is almost over and I have not much to show for it. The year we trained for that bike ride, I was super active. Every weekend day involved some awesome outdoor exercise/activity. This year, we are trying. It is more of a routine than a lifestyle, though. I need it to be lifestyle.

I wish I had coped better with stress from life.

I suppose I'm proud I kept my shit together through everything that's happened. It's been a lot of stress and turmoil. And I am somewhat proud I kept my humanity and maintained relationships through what's gone on at work. In the past I have flamed out of some relationships when things got hard. At the same time I do wish I'd been more proactive, that I'd been less of a victim, that I'd put more time into finding better solutions instead of dropping out or drinking or just disappearing - that's something I have to work on. If I could have done one thing differently, it's put more time and effort into getting myself to a better place by now. Therapy. Job hunting. Creating. Writing. doing the things I need to be doing rather than being depressed (which i am and have been) about the way things are.

The regrets of my behavior this year are mostly indistinguishable from my regrets from past years. Too often I run in the same ruts-- overeating, drinking too much, avoiding direct communication in my marriage. I've imprisoned myself to a high degree. Lately I've begun digging a tunnel. Sometimes it seems like using a spoon to do it. But I sense the escape is coming. And that keeps me from going. But, there are so many illusions in my life... it has been difficult to discern what is "real" and "true"-- but I know it's because I've allowed fear to keep me from moving into greater truths. This last year I've committed to a more regular spiritual practice. I'm meditating and praying regularly and it is helping me know other, deeper parts of my Self. I am praying for clarity, courage and commitment to my true, Christ-self.

I wish I had listened to my own inner guidance rather than deferring to another person's wishes and basically ignoring what my guidance was telling me. I would have saved myself a lot of pain. Along the same lines, I wish I had been a braver person in general and not made decisions based on fear.

I did not pay sufficient attention to the stress I carried in my body, living too frantic a pace.

My gut reaction is yes, but I can't think of a single definite answer. I just feel like a great sense of dissatisfaction with the time I spent, and a feeling I could have done more.

I don't know about this one. I tend not to judge my past decisions too much because they bring me to where I am. I wish I had been tidier so I didn't have to move again. And I wish I had left work earlier and spent more time with the beasties. But I am proud for the progress I've made, and how I've handled the changes of the last year.

I wish I had lost weight like I committed. Still committed to the gym, still to gluttonous. However, last year we celebrated Shabbat diligently and enhanced friendships both in our study group and in our circle of freinds.

I wish I hadn't trusted Jennifer (TheDelightfulMissPinks). She had shown so often over our three years together that she wasn't trustworthy, but I always let it go when she reassured me that "I'd never do that to you." Then, inevitably, I discovered that she would absolutely do that to me. And did. (StargazerJen, anyone?) But I discovered too late, and she had already painted me as the bad guy. Lesson learned.

I wish I had put real energy into finding work- any kind to take the stress off my husband. I realize it was the fear of getting into another bad situation that kept me in a state of atrophy. On the other hand I was there for my son who was having a tough time in middle school and I did a lot of volunteer work that positively impacted the lives of others.

I wish I had done things differently. That I'd been a better wife and mother. That I could balance my stress and temper, and my work and home life. That balancing work and home life wasn't a zero sum game. That I could reach my husband emotionally and renew our love.

I wish my spouse and I had dinner at the dinner table more often instead of while watching TV.

I'm very proud of how far I've come since my divorce. I feel like I'm really starting to become my own person. when I left I was so scared of the unknown, and didn't believe in myself. I think I was still looking to others to approve of me, to envy my life as a way to validate myself. Now I feel truly like I'm the one that matters, and my happiness can look any way I want it to. I can make it.

I wish I had asked for more financial help when my roommate had his stroke and I had to take over his bills while he recovered. I'm now several thousand dollars in debt.

I wish I had been able to make it work with nancy. Not being able to do that is an amazing loss. I am proud that I have been able to build friends activities and going to the gym. And my relationships with my kids is better

I wish I had visited my nan more often. Since I got closer with my boyfriend I had less time to see her and I didn't see her for six months. I'm worried about her health and for not seeing her enough, even though I know how lonely she gets. I feel selfish. There isn't anything in particular that I could say I have been proud of this year, I'm glad that I went to the doctors instead of getting anxious but I wouldn't say proud. Actually yes, im proud of how patient I've learned to be compared to how I used to be.

Done differently? spend too much money! lol Proud of? Saving enough money to have a dream European vacation. Although may have gone overboard a bit, it was well worth it. I spend to much time paying bills and stressing about work. Just being able to enjoy my hard work on myself was a welcome change.

I wish I was more supportive of family members in the past year. Both my sister and my parents have gone through significant life changes, and I tend to be very resistant and sometimes unhelpful in offering constructive criticism or skepticism of their choices. I hope to work on this in the future.

Both! I'm disappointed in myself for so often forgetting to express the emotions I'm feeling. "Of COURSE I love you; didn't I clean up the kitchen, fill the car with gas, and reload the dog food container?" I'm also pretty proud of the way Mira and I "fight" now—we're pretty 'therapy-conscious', and rarely go for cheap shots or hurtful, takes-a-long-time-to-repair behavior.

I don't do a lot of wishing these days...enjoying moments moment-by-moment without a lot of self-criticism. I pray a lot, regularly conversing with God (silently in my heart) and asking Him for grace for each day. There is a verse in the Old Hebrew Scriptures (Isaiah 26:3) which says "I will keep him in perfect peace whose mind is stayed on Me, because he trusts in Me." It works for me!

I wish I'd found an internship. I'm glad I graduated though.

This was a year of transition on many levels. The year began leaving my first real job after 8 years and beginning a new career. While I remained in the same field, I was learning a new side of the industry during the busiest time of the year. On top of that, I was managing a side project for my previous employer and my wife became pregnant. I cannot recall one thing I would have done differently, details here and there and silly mistakes aside. I am grateful to have had the chance to observe how I learn, grow and handle stress in new environments. It was a difficult process, but I hopefully am the better for it and ready to tackle my new responsibilities in the coming year. Am I proud? Of course. But I wouldn't say more than usual. I take pride in my actions personally and at work, but I feel I am longing for more. More time with family, more successes at work. But this was a transition year and I these are actions I can change in the coming year as my child is born and as I take my professional experiences into the next cycle.

I wish I had been less impulsive. I find that I sent out communications straight away or try to get things done ASAP but I often shoot myself in the foot as things end up getting complicated or rushed.

Last year, I made a commitment to be a better person and work to develop friendships. I feel I have done what I set out to do and have a solid group of friends. Since I have moved to a new city, I can continue to work on being a nice person and work to develop strong relationships. I am especially proud of all my hard work that has lead me to start graduate school at the school of my dreams and continue working with an amazing company. I know I'm doing a great job here, as evident by my boss working so hard to find a place for me in this office. I know this year to come will bring great things.

I wish that I had not made the mistake of taking a job that I had reservations about. It did not work out for the reasons I thought it may not. Should have gone with my gut feeling. However, I am now at a job I LOVE!

I wish I hadn't yelled at my kids so much. I've been under a lot of stress and have pushed them to get ready. I'm proud of the amount of time I've spent participating in my daughter's and step son's life. I taught Ian how to ride a bike. I've been trying to teach Jasmine. I've also spent a lot of time with Liam.

Every year I wish I had said MORE to my life-partner. More about how I feel, what I need, what makes me happy, what makes me sad, what I blame myself for, what I wish we could do.

There aren't any decisions I made this year that I wish I could change. I am a firm believer in God's perfect timing, even in the winter/wilderness when I feel lost or doubtful, or when my discernment isn't at its peak. I am proud of my contribution to a short film by Zac and Clayton. I was the costume designer, an extra, and craft services; I also helped edit the screenplay. We just finished filming this weekend and I can't wait to see the final product.

I, unknowlingly, made an error in calculating our Federal taxes for the past two years. We ended up owning more money. I was not aware I was making an error, but I wish I had not. That, I wish I had done differently. I want to ensure I never make a mistake on my taxes again. I am very proud I made it age 60, have been working for in my current position for over five years, and recently celebrated our 35th wedding anniversary.

I wish I had hustled harder for what I really wanted and not get so weighed down by circumstance. I wish I had gotten to New York sooner. I put my life back together this year, I pulled myself out of unemployment, made a fresh start in San Francisco work, finally got to live on my own and made a rental property work. Whereas I pinched pennies last year, while not rich, I will most likely gross more money than I ever have this year.

No, there isn't. I really think that all in all, I could not have done better. I am proud of my parenting decisions, my relationship with Karolyn, my work this year, and the efforts I made to do to find us a new home. There are many things that went to the side for this to happen, but given the results, I am very proud of my choices.

It's impossible to go back in time and change my mistakes. This year I've made many, I'm sure, but I do not look back and see them, instead I see my successes. This year I'm proud of telling my truth, no matter what. I'm glad that my recovery from anorexia led me admit I needed help, to see my own flaws and work to transcend and surpass them. I'm proud of my relationships, and making sure I let the people close to me know that I love them. I'm glad I have a relationship with my family again.

I've done some things that created hard circumstances and struggle for myself, but I don't regret any of those choices. I've learned volumes from these experiences and wouldn't be the way I am now without them. I have learned the value of so many things because of the good things this past year, and the bad and I will continue to learn.

I have not embraced the changes in my life completely. I continue to rush through life doing things that are not making me happy or to be challenged. I need to slow down enjoy the outdoors more, and do what i want to and quit letting exhaustion get in my way of doing what I love. I am still proud that I have continued to live by my motto of, "what is meant to be will be". everything happens for a reason and eventually it'll all work out.

I wish I had developed deeper relationships with some of my students. While I feel like I had wonderful, meaningful relationships with some, overall I would have wanted to get to know more of them in a more real way. That said, I'm incredibly proud of how I did my job, and the way I maintained a level head through even the most difficult situations.

I really wanted to take a vacation, and that never happened. I feel like time is slipping away and I don't want to put all our travel eggs in a "retirement plan" basket. I want to live now too. I was proud that we had the financial where for all to help out my mom in law when she needed it. I'm also really proud our school is 5 years old. That's huge achievement, and it shows in growing attendance and positive feedback from our community.

I wish I had been less lazy and more organised about the admin side of my life. I should have open letters earlier and been a bit more careful with finances and contracts and so on. I should have also kept a better birthday diary and so been more on top of remembering the important dates in the lives of important people to me.

I wish I had allowed men to penetrate me anally and I wish I had not let go of the woman who wanted to rim me and use a strap on with me.

I wish I hadn't given up on acting quite so easily, but at the same time stopping looking for work has reinvigorated my interest - I no longer equate acting with exhaustion, although needing to pay for my travels has restricted me in terms of being able to leave the job at OC on a whim, if a good acting job comes up, so I think that in part is stopping me looking - taking Mum on holiday is more important at the moment.

I am constantly surprised at how persistent my depression can be. Although I always tell myself I will learn to cope with living with it rather than cure it I still get a shock each time it returns, though I know that I have found better ways of dealing with it as time has moved on. I wish I didn't make the people around me worried or upset when the depression takes hold of me but I find it hard to manage by myself and often show weakness or erratic behaviours more readily than I ought to. It often comes and then lifts and I am okay again and I often feel like a cheat or a drama queen or a child. I know I don't milk things though and I know I've matured and so it is perhaps silly to feel guilty but nonetheless there's that stigma, that 'weak' label and I constantly feel as if I am fighting with it not just in others perceptions of me but in my own. I am proud of developing more humanity, empathy and friendliness as I grow. I am learning to small talk (something that has always filled me with dread despite seeming like a trifle of a thing) and be more genial. I think sometimes I can come across as unfriendly just because of my shyness and it is not the case at all. I look forward to maturing more and more and coming further out of my shell and being happy with the new parts I present.

I wish I lived in EVERY moment more. I also wish that I lived with more balance in my life, loving and appreciating my spouse and children, as well as significant others.

I wish I was more diligent about putting aside money to move into my own place, especially now as I have the itch to move from my current place. Unfortunately I can't due to the enormous amount of money needed to secure a new apartment in Manhattan. Alternatively, I am very proud that I took a vacation all by myself. Though I am a social person, I am incredibly shy when it comes to striking up conversations with strangers. This trip actually forced me to kind of get over some of those hang-ups. I booked the trip that would be easiest for me (warm, all-inclusive gay resort), which I enjoyed greatly, but it has emboldened me to try something more challenging - perhaps a European city.

I am so proud of how I was able to handle all of my school work and activities and broke the stereotype of the impossible junior year and had a great time. I even got an A in chemistry second semester, which I never would have thought was possible, as well as a 4 on the AP exam and a great score on the SAT subject test. I wish I could have kept my friend though, but that was at her discretion; I wanted to make it work. I am really proud of 2013.

I wish I had discovered peace earlier. I have been a very tense, angry person and only recently discovered my internal well of happiness and peace. I am very proud of discovering that, but there are many repercussions I have to deal with because of my anger and insecurity. I have hurt a lot of people by projecting my pain and am slowly working to fix those relationships and I pray the people in my life will recognize the change and help me move forward.

I wish I could be more patient with my husband when he forgets things. The Parkinsons is having an effect on me, as well as him, and I try to be patient. What other choice do I have? I am proud that we have made contacts with people who are smart and fun and hope these will be lasting relationships. I am proud that we have made a good adjustment to a foreign country, especially not knowing the language or the customs. This has been difficult, but we are doing quite well.

I wish that I'd pushed the medical system harder and listened to my own body better--the fact that it took a whole year between "something is wrong" and diagnosis of PCOS is obnoxious. However, I'm really proud that I've stuck so long with watching my eating and exercising regularly and made it a habit.

I wish I had been more patient with stupid, I am proud that I have learned to say "no" to people and events or tasks that I did not to have part of my life.

Differently: I wish that had interviewed better for a couple of open teaching positions. I also wished I had taken come Continuing Education classes to make myself more appealing to schools. I also wish I treated Jamie, more special around her birthday, Mother's Day etc...Anniversary coming up!!! A chance to make up for it. Proud of: I am sticking to a budget and not spending so freely anymore on impulse buying. I am also proud of being a good father and husband.

I wish I had applied myself more in my classes in May. That grade point drop was no fun. I am proud however of being able to raise it back up by recieving A's in both of my classes in July.

I wish I had been brave and gone to university despite not being 100% sure on what I wanted to do. Although that hasn't changed, I wish I had took the plunge. I also wish I had been nicer to Kieran, he deserved a lot better and I didn't treat him well towards the end. On the other hand, I'm proud of the way I've coped over the past year and found some kind of happiness. I'm proud of how I made the move to Askam which meant moving away from everything I'd ever known. I'm proud for sticking it out and forming relationships with people there.

Dwelled on issues over which I have no control. Stepped forward and took a stand when a friend was ousted from a long standing social group rather than given support during her difficult time.

I have mended friendships.

Nothing that I'm proud of. I wish I had been a better friend, and will resolve to be so in the future. Realizing that my biggest flaw is saying/promising things and then not following through, and will resolve never to say or promise anything in the future that I can't back up with positive action. Taking better control of finances so I don't wake up worrying in the middle of the night. Being a better mother to my daughters. Being a better human being. Not retreating in the face of problems but facing them, dealing with them and resolving them. Speaking up and asking for help when I need it and not trying to hide behind a false front that all is well. Not making excuse any more for why I can't or won't do things. I don't know about being a better Jew. I don't know what this means. Hitler wouldn't care if I were Haredi or completely secular. But I will become more engaged in Jewish life and keep the commitments I make.

I truly wish I'd pushed myself harder to re-certify with a particular professional qualification. Instead the year just drifted by. Also I wish I'd been able to commit more time to my martial arts training.

I wish I would have paid more attention to my intuition and acted on it.

I wish I would have had a different attitude about my braces. It made me much more aware of the superficial values of my appearance and how I appear to others. I didn't realize how much braces would have affected my attitude and mood, it quite honestly put me into a glum mood most of the time. I am proud of myself for making the decision to quit my job and walk the Camino de Santiago. It is one of the biggest decisions I have made for myself. I am happy that I know myself enough to know when I need a change.

I wish I had actually gotten on the airplane to hold Dad's hand while he was dying. I knew he was dying. There was enough time. I was really angry that we hadn't gotten further along and was stuck there. I am proud that I am moving through Grief of Loss - my Mollie-Dog, the sense of home with my sister loss, facing into Mom's last years ... I am utterly undone and frightened and sad - but I am moving through - no alcohol - no drugs - just meditation and mindfulness and a very good support system. I feel I am larger than my small loss - part of the world.

I wish I had dated more, which is becoming an annual answer. I'm especially proud of having produced my first play, even though it was horrible, and remaining productive with my writing. Additionally, I'm proud that I've taken large steps toward "letting life lead."

This past year, I wish that I had been more forgiving of myself and my husband. I give people not close to me so much more leeway than I do myself and my husband. We are adjusting to our new life situation. And even though it's a great place to be in, it's still an adjustment that we are getting used to. I want to give us the same understanding that I give to others.

I am proud that I have moved out and started working towards my debts. I am also getting better at self-control, which I think is important in all areas of life. I wish I had noticed my weight gain from the prescriptions sooner and done something about it. I wish I hadn't stopped running. In the future, I hope to listen to my gut and intuition more. I think this is something that most women have, but I am good at ignoring the little voice in my head that tells me no.

I guess I just wish I would have made more time for all the things I'm doing now, a year ago. 10 years ago. I know we evolve at our own pace for a reason, but...well, it's the old "I wish I knew what I know now/When I was younger." I would have dug deeper, earlier, sooner. Every day can be filled with coulda woulda shouldas, though, if you're not careful. There's a lot I'm really proud of, too. Fighting for my relationship, putting my kids first, growing in my faith. I have kicked BUTT this year in that sense, even though I want so much to grow so much more.

I wish that I could have trusted my intuition more and got out of this tumultuous, controlling, untrust worthy, manipulative relationship. I've caused myself so much pain. On the other hand, I have experienced a tremendous amount of expansion, healing, and spiritual learning. I could never have without the contrast of the relationship.

My weight my weight my weight. Very little progress. I'm fed up (yeah) with myself. That said, I still feel so guilty about my sweet dog Strider. I should have known something was wrong and dealt with it before it killed him. I did know something was wrong, I just had no idea it was so serious. Poor guy. I miss his brightness and silly energy and love. I'd like to be prouder than I am about work, but I'm super proud of rising to the occasion with Mom this summer. Party prep etc.. I'm also proud of having just enjoyed myself, relaxed, not been anxious, etc. on our trip to Europe over May. I was resentful at first, especially about what it did to my son's homecoming but I let it go and had a great time. As I said to my bf yesterday, I've embraced travel and that's huge.

I wish that I had started on my grad school journey in the fall rather than the spring. I am proud that I finally got my sewing business off the ground!

I wish I had taken better care of my body, both physically and mentally. I've fallen into some pretty unhealthy routines, and it's time for me to fix that.

Hmmm... I wish I hadn't let fear take over such a strong hold. But I am proud... or grateful... that I was able to learn the valuable lesson that love is the cure to all things dark and ominous and scary. I was able to take an adventure from TZ to MN and though shapeshifting and a coyote filled AZ night. I finished exams, created a business, completed my thesis, sent off Emma's visa application, applied for jobs, learned about fear, celebrated with my classmates at graduation and networked my tail off. Not bad for 3 months. Now, when I feel the shadowy creep of fear coming up on me, I urge my heart to burn brighter, my breath to be deeper and I trust that it is all for a reason. And as I look back from this vantage point and see all the wisdom I have gained and the progress that has been made... the journey makes much more sense. So I hope that I never get sucked in by fear like that again, but I do, I trust that I'll learn something from the experience.

The thing I'm proudest of is that I started running. Between the asthma and the cerebral palsy, I have never thought I could be a runner. Until now, I have never run more than a minute or two at a time. I have certainly never run anything as long as a mile. Now I can run 2 miles/30 minutes at a time. I think this is one of the greatest things I've done, on par with getting the PhD. It's helped my asthma. It's helped my anxiety and depression--so much so that I feel like I've been sold a bill of goods all these years I've been on antidepressants. I LOVE running! I love it, I love it, I love it.

Hmm - nothing comes to mind that I would have done totally differently. I did get into a car accident a few weeks ago that I wish hadn't happened... I also wish I could be better about staying in touch with close friends and staying connected in relationships. It's only become harder as I've gotten older, and sometimes months go by without meaningful contact. I know this is a normal part of "growing up", but I would like to do things differently in the future.

I wish I would have joined my organizations here at Emerson. I also wish that I would have kept in touch with family and friends better than I did. I am very proud of all of the work I've done here at Emerson and I hope that this coming year is just as good. I'm glad that I made a good group of friends but also a little sad that some of them transferred.

I am glad that I did so much traveling this year Italy and Paris. San Diego twice. It made me feel like my underlying wish for retiring was to have time to travel. Imagine staying away for a month. I have the opportunity to be away and imagine myself out of the sphere of DC. It is a mixture of appreciation for what I like there and what i would like to have that is missing here. I have also made some transition from WES, I feel more removed from the place and still have some attachements. I recently realized or reinforced my belief that small group association is essential for building relationships. I am looking for new directions in my life. Contributing to others and finding time to be alone and creating.

I don't really know. This year has been pretty lousy/embarrassing/hard in a lot of ways. I don't know if I would have done them differently, or if I really could have. It's just been pretty demoralizing. You live, you learn. I did get into Columbia for graduate school, which will hopefully cure my massive inferiority complex.

I wish I'd listened to my gut and turned down a job I got last August with a nonprofit. My instincts told me it was the wrong job, with the wrong kind of people, but because I needed the money and believed in their cause I hoped things would work out. I ended up with an abusive boss and was crying when I got home every night. I was grateful they fired me at the exact moment I was about to send in my resignation letter. But I'm especially proud that I have managed to carve out a life for myself in New York City, which includes writing my book, starting a new career, developing new friendships, and generally being able to move, step by step, day by day, on a path I've created myself. Not everyone gets to do that, mostly people a lot of people are scared or let others convince them their dreams are silly. I'm scared, too, but I'm proud that I've been able to put the fear aside and take the leaps of faith necessary to just keep moving forward. (Of course, by next year I might believe this path was foolish and misguided, but for now I'm feeling good about what is yet to come.)

I wish I wasn't so afraid of change and taking risks. I feel like I am stuck in a rut, and I am not quite sure how to shake things up. But at the same time, I don't want to rush into anything just for the sake of it. If I am going to take a risk or change things, it should be because I really want to do it and it makes sense to me, rather than for fear of inaction. I am proud of the strength I have had to deal with a difficult year. I have had the support of incredible people around to help me though!

I wish I had taken getting out of debt seriously. It only lasted a month & while I don't have that much to pay off, I've taken on new financial responsibilities that are making things much tighter. Spending money still makes me feel good. I need something to replace that. I'm especially proud of my convocation speech. It was so much more fun than I expected it to be.

I wish I didn't waste so much time idling. Alternatively, I am glad that I did some reading in my spare time and saw good friends.

I wish I had spoken to my in-laws sooner about our marital problems. I wish I had been able to help my husband. I feel guilty for letting things get out of hand. On the other hand, I'm proud of taking control of my life and being able to stand alone, making some necessary changes, and attempting to navigate this transition gracefully. Oh, and I'm extra proud that I haven't lost my sense of humor!

The past year has been very tough and my mood s very blue at the moment probably not the best time for me to answer a question. I guess I'm proud of how well I handle stress and my ability to be grateful most of the time in spite of unpleasant circumstances.

I wish I'd ridden my bicycle more - we live in the perfect area for it, and have ridden only once (twice if you count Geocaching). Alternatively, I am proud of the application that I took part in creating this past year (HATT).

I wish I had been more careful with my money this year. I've just moved in with my girlfriend and it's pretty difficult at the moment, financially. That's forced me to take on extra work, which brings its own pressures. I hope that, next year, I am more careful and when we make a much bigger move together, things go smoothly.

been more focused on work proud of - stayed with wife

I wish I had written more than Facebook posts and stuff for work. I used to record so much of my life in my journal and my blog, but I haven't done that as much recently, and it sort of feels like there's a chunk of my history I'm missing.

There are many things I wish I'd done differently. I wish I was not so constantly stymied by my fear of the unknown. I wish I was better at dealing with people. I wish I was better at dealing with stress.

I'm proud of having been able to get a new job in the Seestrasse. I am proud of trying to be a better Daughter of God. Something I would have done differently? I'd have tried to manage my household better... now it's so late... my household is a mess....

I wish I had had more confidence and drive to make a bigger difference at work and progress within my career. I'm too passive and I don't seem to have the motivation to succeed. Time for a change?

Overall I feel the past year was a huge step forward for me. I am not a person with a large amount of faith, so the past year was an exercise in letting the world provide. And while I'm hardly ankle-deep in bounty, it did. I may not have received everything I wanted, but I did receive everything I need. I have a great family, friends, a home, a job. Food in my belly. Plans for the future. For all of these things, I am grateful. But what I am most grateful for is the fact that my life is now closer than I ever dreamed possible to what I hoped it would be when I was young. For years, I doubted I would ever get here...but I did, and it's wonderful. If I am to be shallow, I wish I'd worked harder on my abs this year, and worn sunscreen more often. I still have the saggy-baggy post-pregnancy belly. The rest of me is in great shape through no effort of my own; my energetic, 95%+ percentile toddler sees to that. But I'd love to have my 6-pack abs back, and lose the pregnancy freckles. If that's the worst I have to complain about, it was a damn good year.

There is nothing I really wish I had done differently nor that I am proud of.

I am so proud I purchased my first home. I feel empowered and excited. I really started a new chapter. I will learn from my mistakes and take time to know people before I let them fully into my life. I will go with my instructs when someone doesn't sit well with me.

I wish I didn't yell at my brother as much. But I am very proud that we are still very close. ~a 13 year old

I wished I had not become discouraged and helpless this past year, that’s not me and I feel like I wasted so much time moping and mulling over things I could not change. I allowed these feelings to consume me and forgot how to be grateful for the things I do have and the things I am capable of. I am proud that I didn’t let it all break me and fully turn me into a toxic wasteland so to speak. I am proud that I can pick up and move forward and that now have a gratitude journal that I write 5-10 things in that I am grateful for. It’s funny because these seem like such simple small steps but I am already feeling better because of it.

I wish I hadn't spent so much time being upset about our office moving to a new location. I dreaded every minute and wasted so much time and energy in the negative, and once we relocated I ended up loving our new building! What a waste of time and serenity! I need to trust God more!

I wish i had embarked on a weight loss programme so that i could have been thin(ish) for the incredible holiday Mark and I took to Cayman and colorado this summer. I'm still fat, and it has to come off. I think somewhere in my mind, i think that it will come off when my psychological conflicts are resolved - translated to: When i finally get out of London and relocate to a location where i don't hate most things. but that could just be my masterful rationalisation skill showing off again, and in fact, i'm just lazy.

There will always be things that I wish I had done or handled differently- but instead of concentrating on the "coulda's, shoulda's, and woulda's" of my life I try to learn from my experiences and make better choices next time. I am especially proud of the commitment I made to myself to run- and that I've stuck with it. In March I started running half mile/mile distances in order to train for a 5K race in June. I ran that 5K and another recently and plan to continue to run 5Ks. I'm proud of the fact that I now love running when a year ago- I hated even the idea of it!

I'm especially proud of the fact that I joined Precision Nutrition Lean Eating Program. I have been working out faithfully and so far have lost 37 pounds. I have been doing ok with the nutrition side, I just wish I could have a little more discipline when it comes to drinking alcohol. If I drink, I tend to eat crappy food. I can't imagine how far I could go If I could just quit drinking!

I wish I would have been more relaxed during the wedding process. I started many fights with my now husband that were totally unnecessary. I am proud that I took the leap and moved to Indianapolis. I lived in Chicago my whole life all my friends and family are there but I am enjoying building a life and a home with my husband.

I am very proud of the work I did on the book. Both the creative work and the work of independently marketing it. However, regret that i did not work harder to have it published in the children's market; finding an agent and submitting it to the publishing world.

I would have been better about saving money. I would have gone to the doctor sooner, before it got so bad. I would have spent more energy doing right, instead of being right, about my son's academics. As for being proud... I was a pretty good friend at times, but that's probably it.

I wish I had exercised more this year and spent more time in the Bible. I need to spend more time getting spiritually and physically fit. I'm proud that I joined a gym and went (albeit not as frequently as I should). I'm also proud for finding peace under attack from illness. I'm proud that I forgave my sister - finally.

I'm both proud and wish I did things different regarding New Zealand. I'm proud I went to the other side of the world to teach for three weeks, out of my comfort zone and had the confidence to be myself over there and with people I'd never met before and from a different culture. I wish I said yes to things though, need to remember that I should just take chances and live more out of my comfort zone!

I always wish I had done more writing, but I'm proud of what I have accomplished with my writing this year. I've added to my blog articles and attended inspirational workshops that serve to light the fire in my writer's heart.

I wish that I hadn't let the stress of my job hunt impact my relationships. I worry that I was not a pleasant person to be around this past year and that the people that I care about saw a new and ugly side to me. I need to remember that what is meant to be will happen, and I can't get so worked up over disappointment or rejection.

I am really proud of proposing to my girlfriend. I had been so flaky for so long, that I'm glad I finally took the plunge. Of course, it didn't work, but I'm still glad I did it. Done differently - I wish I had asked for a pay raise earlier. Oh well.

I am proud that we took a couple months to travel. One of the ways we define ourselves is by traveling, but of course it gets harder as you get older and have less flexibility. We made a decision to leave our lives in NYC and move to California partly because it would give us those 2 months, which was pretty ballsy... but my struggle with adjusting to CA aside, I am glad we traveled and checked in with ourselves in that way. Having those experiences builds the richness of our life together and it's nice to refresh them whenever the opportunity presents itself.

This year, I made a commitment to spend more time with my family, despite the miles that separate us. Though Christmas 2013 was my first one not spent at home with my family, I saw them in February, and then had a beautiful trip home this August. I speak to my sister at least once per week and speak to my mom 3 times per week. I send little emails and texts to my dad, who is not as much a phone chatter, and we bond over business concerns. Right this very minute, my dad is in surgery for a brain aneurysm. I don't know what the outcome will be, and understand that even if the outcome is good, the recovery will be long. While I am very upset right now, I am calmed in knowing that my family knows how much love I have for them and how committed I am to them. They know how grateful I am for their love and the experience of being a part of our special little family. If we do not take that opportunity in life, we cannot get that back. Even with all my concerns of getting ahead and shaping my career, I have been wise enough to recognize that, and I am proud of that.

There is nothing I really wish I had done differently. I am proud of the leap of faith I've taken to follow my dream.

I regret not trying harder at uni but I'm proud that I finally realised that education isn't the be all and end all of everything.

I wish I would have saved money better this year (or any) when I still had my old job. I am proud because I started boxing training in January. I didn't know anyone that did traditional boxing, and the training intrigued me. Now I'm getting ready to fight competitively, and I LOVE it. My life has changed for the better.

I wish I would have been more in the moment each day. I'm proud that I have recognized the need to be focused on the here and now, something I have never been good at, but I wish I had put more time and importance into slowing down, focusing on the tasks at hand, and taking things day by day. I hope to fix this problem with meditation. I should have gotten out of that relationship sooner, I should have focused on my health more - both mental and physical. I should have gone to the doctor in August. I'm proud of my career success, proud of the overall moves I've made to solidify myself within this office. I'm proud of the friends I've made and how I keep myself busy and active.

The answer to these questions goes hand in hand. Over the past year, I have found something in my life that has given me meaning and passion. I wish that I had flung myself completely into this; that instead of constantly reminding myself of my new discovery, that I had embraced it entirely. This is also what I am proud of: I found meaning in my life that has leaked into my passions: my relationship, my art, my inner self. I have found what I am looking for, and I hope you do too.

My best friends have all moved far far away. I am profoundly not good at making real friends, and the two I have that were closest to me have departed for distant lands. I wish I had been better at expressing to them how much they mean to me, and how broken feel for not being able to help them more, or being able to help them in a way that mattered.

I wish I could have thought less and done more. If I wanted to travel, I wish I would have just booked the ticket and gone without worrying myself out of the desire. I wish I could listen to my heart, and take action. Feel it. Do it. Repeat.

I am especially proud of how my ex-husband and I excited our marriage. While things drew out longer in suffering/lack of true partnership/inequitable work divide/lack of emotional connection than was necessary for us both, when we decided divorce was the best solution we worked together, cooperated on our decree, and kept things mostly civil and respectful. We both had stories of our parents' own divorces from our childhoods. Perhaps those acrimonious divorces helped us be informed about how we could do it better for ourselves, and ultimately for our children.

I wish I had paid more attention to my family and shown my appreciation. As a college student, I get so caught up in myself, my friends, my studies and my future, that I tend to brush aside a phone call or a text when it comes from my loving parents. I want to show my appreciation and love for them better in this new year.

I always wish I were more on top of things. Procrastination is my biggest enemy in a lot of ways. I was proud that I fixed my CD player that broke. I decided to just do it quickly, like how my dad might handle the situation. I got one online and installed it -- bam. Done.

I never look back on life with regrets- everything I have done- is done. Life is too short to dwell on the past. Of course I could have been a better mother, wife and friend- but who couldn't be? I will never be voted mother of the year- but I am proud to say my kids are thriving, my marriage is solid and I am blessed.

I wish that I had spent the time that I had building the life that I'm living in now. I wish I had seized the opportunities like investments.

I wished I had listened more when starting my internship instead of trying to prove myself with my ideas. I think this ultimately made me appear ignorant and arrogant and I am now paying the price. No job offer, but a willingness to extend my internship. I am proud of how hard I have worked to get where I am now. I am proud that I worked through college even though it meant no weekends, and I am proud that I moved to a new city and have been able to do quite well on my own.

I wish I'd lost weight, been more rigorous about getting rid of old papers (which involves hours of sorting and soul-searching for which one simply must be in the right mood), made more effort to keep in touch with people . . . all that stuff. It's hard for me to keep in touch, other than via e-mail, because I have a hard time making phone-calls. Still, I ought to force myself to do it. However, I don't think I've committed any grave sins of either commission or omission this past year (which doesn't mean I've been saintly, just not particularly villainous.) I do regret that I didn't write back to Amy after our exchange of e-mails in the spring, because she died in August. Proud of? Hmm. Expanding my singing range into the upper notes, though that's hardly something for which I can take personal credit. There must be something I'm proud of, but damned if I can think of what it might be.

I'm really proud of the progress I've been making over the past year with my own self confidence, with believing in myself, and with knowing that I'll succeed with whatever I set my mind to. It's such a powerful lesson to learn! Believe whole-heartedly that you can do something, and watch what results happen, it is truly inspiring!

I really don't want to remind Future Julia of the shitty things I wish Past Julia did differently, so let's think about the second one. This isn't really an event, but I'm really proud of the communication between Joe and me. It's really awesome, and I'm pretty happy that my constant reading of blogs has allowed me to have a pretty functional first ever relationship.

I learned to negotiate for myself. I was offered a job that could really advance my career, and finally learned to stand strong on the terms I wanted.

I wish I could be a more positive and upbeat mom. I wish I could find more things to be happy about with my sullen teenagers. I wish I could figure out how to inspire them, make them smile, help them find what moves them and makes them want to wake up each day. Or, maybe I wish I could find my way to accepting them for who they are and knowing that it is enough. I wish I knew what was the right direction to go in with this...keep trying, or accept. Maybe if I had a crystal ball to be able to tell what would bring the best results...or just to know that it would be ok. I'm proud of my work and my career growth and the opportunities I've had in the past year and the opportunities I look forward to in the next year. I love that I have options and that the hardest part about my career is figuring out which option to choose. I'm proud of the education that I completed to get me to this point of choices and options.

I wish I'd done just about everything differently this past year. But I survived, so, that's something.

I wish I knew how to be more sup0portive of my adult sons. I've tried to be hands-off because I had a controlling mother, but I'm afraid I haven't shown enough how much I care. What I'm most proud of is my work with women at the brig, and also that I've branched out to try new things, most notably acting.

As always, I wish I wouldn't stress about things as much as I do. I do believe sometimes stress can be healthy, when in a very tough situation: my nights of insomnia while I was pregnant and my husband lost his job sometimes resulted in some really good job searching ideas. But most of the time, they amounted to nothing. I wonder what my life would be without stress. I stress about nearly everything. Life is hard enough while you're living it. No need to add a second layer of hardship with stress. Just not sure how to convince myself not to do it next time I KNOW something is going to be difficult. I try to remind myself that it's never as bad as I imagine. But most of the time, it's also a little bit bad! Something I am proud of...that's tough. I guess I should be pretty proud, but for some reason I am not. I had a baby. I was a good pregnant lady - had a great attitude. Like I mentioned below, my husband lost his job while I was pregnant, and I managed to bring home the bacon while in the most vulnerable state I've ever been in. I learned to live outside of my comfort zone all of the time. I guess the thing I'm most proud about is having my baby. Since she has been born, I have good days and bad days as a parent, but at least I am proud of bringing her into this world with as much dignity as I could muster.

I had said last year I was going to try and volunteer my time and effort to those less fortunate. Sadly I didn't live up to that goal and wished I had done so. I'm most proud of my youngest daughter and the accomplishments she made this past year; completed her internship which in turn allowed her to be able to receive her undergraduate college degree and then was able to secure a job in her field of work! She overcame some tough and difficult odds to achieve all of this and the doubts of some when she first embarked on the road to successfully achieve her goals. Her mother and I couldn't be more proud. Also, our oldest daughter completed her masters degree despite the full time job of wife, mother and teacher. How she was able to do it is amazing and we are so proud of her accomplishments!

I am not sure. I've been doing a pretty good job of handling stress of home, husband working, kids, and my grad school. I think I'd like to use a pocket/kitchen timer to get myself going, to say hey I can do ten minutes of this. I am proud of my kids and my husband.

I wish I had stopped to consider some of the signals that I was getting from myself about my work. Instead of stopping and saying "huh, why am I feeling this way?" I just chalked it up to the same old stuff. But this time it wasn't the same. But, I'm really proud of the fact that I took some swimming lessons to refresh my skills and my stroke. Now it feels good to be back in the water and I don't feel like I'll drown!

I think I did everything that could be done in the way it had to be done - digging myself out of multiple negative situations was all I could focus and work on daily. That persistence is paying off now, with a healthy relationship and upcoming marriage, getting back to regular employment slowly but surely, and living in a home where I feel at home. Now I want to concentrate as much as possible on rebuilding/continuing to build better relationships with my children and grandchildren. I am especially proud that I did not give in to the multiple negative situations that began mid-year 2011 and let them become my "norm".

I am especially proud of myself for finally taking action and reentering college. It took me a few years to start again, but I am pleased with the direction my life will take, and with the high level of support I am receiving from friends, family, and faculty.

I'm really proud of my accomplishments this past year. I got into my dream school and was able to prove myself that I am able to do more than I previously believed.

Well, the obvious answer to whether I wish I would have done something different in the past year is that I would wish I had not continued to see my mistress, not worked so hard to give her a baby, to the detriment of everybody involved (including her, me, my wife, my family). But I do not think that things are that clear. My dear wife oft points out that things happen for a reason, even the bad things. I deeply believe that the strength my wife and I now have is a result of the tumultuous journey that we took together and the mental breakthroughs that took place over its course. If I had not seen that other woman, if I had not continued to try to keep the relationship going, there never would have been the cathartic and revealing explosive break at the end. My wife and I never would have been forced to discover and explore our innermost selves. We never would have grown as individuals and as a couple. All the turmoil, lies, deceit, disrespect and sin that held held my affair together and tore at my marriage, it had the paradoxical effect of forcing my marriage to grow and strengthen. And here we are, 3 months out from that cathartic break, enjoying a marriage we never could have dreamt of, with my wife and me communicating deeply, sharing attraction and moments and experiences. So while I regret the pain and turmoil of the past year, and part of me wishes that I did not do all that I did, my family is now stronger than ever before, in part because of what I did. The ends do not in any way justify the means. However, it would be incorrect not to see the growth that resulted from the pain. So I did not really answer the question asked, but this is the relevant answer.

I actually don't think there's anything I would have done differently. I am so damn happy with everything that's happened this year. I do wish I would have done a better job saving money but other than that, there's not one thing I'd change. I'm proud of myself for stepping away from my comfortable job (that I was miserable in) and getting a new one. It was one of the best decisions from this year. I love my new job and am so happy that I decided to take a leap of faith and do something that scared me a year before.

yes, I wish to graduate UFAR and become a real lawyer, n yeap I'm proud of me cause I did it !!! I won the stress, now I'm the happiest personne in the world.

Boy, I wish I had lived my whole life differently up to now. I wish I had found a way to understand and to live God's message of love before now, rather than not knowing how to relate to it, and being anxious and afraid. I wish I had realized how depressed I was last year (really, I was seriously not functional at work, and didn't even realize how bad it had gotten). But I think I'm on a much better path now, and that is heartening. My response: to recognize and embrace what really turns me on. To rediscover my own enthusiasm for life, adventure, trying new things, feeling love and being unafraid. To believe this is the path. I'm proud of our taking steps to renovate our house (after 8 years of living there!)--getting a good home loan, putting in a geothermal system, and working with an architect to get help on the redesign. I am seriously psyched about having a house that I feel proud to invite people over to! I'm also proud of our taking the kids to France this summer and making it work. (I'm sorry they got exposed to some terrible movies and violent video games, though. We will not continue that.)

I wish I had saved more money and spent more time working on my writing and less time zoning out. On the flip side, though, I am proud of how much work I've put into my relationship with J. I feel like we're really good adults who've managed to make a relationship work even though we both have some terrible examples for communication and compromise in our parents.

I wish I had taken more time off. I worked too much last year and I feel pretty drained out both mentally and physically.

Proud of: Getting my butt to see Dr. Todd about my back, and he told me to ride more. Very good I didn't give up. Rode 270 miles around Auburn and Tahoe in August. Mt Tam hillclimb coming up. Making kindness my priority with my students and Sophie and Elena. Finding many ways to help Mariela and her family. Making time to sing with Emilio's k class on Thursday mornings. Staying in touch with Marty and just hanging out with him whenever I'm with him in LA

I'm not really caught up in all the things I have done wrong, as everything seemed to work out for the best. They were wrong at that minute, but turned out to be right all along because of the way I learned to handle myself in times of crisis and the steps I have made towards healing. I am proud I was able to dust myself off and build the foundations I needed in order to move forward, whether in friendship or career. Love... well, I'm going to have to work on that.

Oh I think there are always things we wish we had done differently. I wish I would have been kinder sometimes, more patient. I wish I would have gotten out to see my family in Utah. On the flip side, I'm really glad that I spoke about eating disorders on a panel. I'm glad I started doing so much yoga. I'm proud to have gotten a raise and a promotion at work, even though I'm not always sure I like my job. I'm proud of how I am learning how to be a manager.

I wish I had gone to counseling sooner. I wish I hadn't wait and let the silence go on for as long as it did. I wish that I had taken more deep breaths. I am especially proud of my road trip this summer. I am proud of taking the initiative. I am proud of keeping up the search for my self-worth. I am proud of taking those steps that will lead me to the rich, fulfilling, authentic life that I want. I am worth it.

I'm proud that I earned my esthetics license.

I wish I had kept my resolutions from last year - to be more fit, to do yoga, to meditate regularly, to finish my mother's memoirs - so trying again this year I am proud of my relationships with family and friends and especially grateful that Alan and I are still in love and enjoying each other -

This question brings to mind my children. It seems as though this question accurately describes parenting. I believe that there are always things that we wish we have done differently and simultaneously find things to be proud of. This next coming year I hope to not find as many things I would like to have done differently with them and more to be proud of. I have found those things I wish I had done differently are those times I am struggling to do what I know is right but the frustrations of the world have gotten the best of me. I am resting on Isaiah 54:13 that promises my children will be taught by the Lord, and great shall be the peace of my children!! I am also standing on the knowledge of the Lord I can share with them. Just as in Deuteronomy 6:6-7 And these words which I command you today shall be in your heart. You shall teach them diligently to your children, and talk of them when you sit in your house, when you walk by the way, when you lie down, and when you rise up. I am proud of the pieces of God's heart I have already given them and look forward to giving them more in the years to come!!

I don't think there is anything I would do differently. I am proud of the journey I am on and am grateful for the opportunities that present themselves for me to learn and grow. I am hearing my soul's calling and taking steps in the direction of honouring that voice.

I wish I would've focused more on school and gotten myself into a better school than Altoona. In the past two weeks I wish I would've tried harder to make friends in college. I guess I am proud of the fact that I graduated high school and got into college. I'm also proud of the fact that I found out who the most amazing people are in my life.

I'm really proud of how JUMP has grown this year. The Jewish Mentoring Prigramme has developed from 20 students a couple of years ago, to a graduation of 150 this year. We hope it will grow to over 200 this year!

I wish I could have been a better stay at home mom and kept up with things better, and given my children less game time and more outdoor adventures and crafts, I am proud of standing up for myself in the separation drama between my parents.

It seems like I go to work and come home exhausted - not enough time to do anything, positive or negative! Since work does wipe me out, I have started getting up much earlier. I do a half hour of walking and exercise, then clean a different area of the house each day before work. The house is cleaner, and I don't kick myself (as much) for being lazy.

I wish I had done everything differently besides perhaps my grades. Senior year was supposed to be easy but at some points it wasnt but my grades showed my hard work and my gpa did as well. Socially however this year was perhaps one of the worst. I focused too much of my time and energy on a group of people who mean nothing to me and to whom I mean nothing. I missed out on creating better memories with the amazing friends I had and maybe that's why right now I'm skeptical to make new friends besides my floormates- because I finally feel a part of something. Also, obviously I wish I had acted better towards my parents. They do everything for me and get a snarky teenage girl in return- is that really who I am? I hope not.

I am proud of the dedication I put into working out this year :-)

I am grateful that things this year happened the way that they did, but I wish I would have trusted that they would have, and that I would enjoy them, even if I wasn't high. In the coming year I look forward to enjoying more days while sober.

I am proud that I stopped smoking cigarettes, after years of unsuccessful attempts. This time it was easy - I just stopped. I do wish that I had worked harder to get more out of life - I have tended to let everything drift along this year, which is something I want to rectify.

I wish I had let my son handle the transition to middle school without my interference. He had so much parental involvement that he didn't make the emotional growth that he needed.

I wish I would have waited until I settled into my new city to get into another relationship. At the same time, I'm proud that I didn't shut love out and that I am in a happy relationship even though we live in different cities.

I am proud of finding the part of myself that is able to focus. It became necessary when I did a crazy amount of hours to complete my internship. It was necessary to focus in order to earn the excellent grades I have earned in the past years (making the President's List for three consecutive terms ain't bad at all). It is necessary when I am developing this new relationship that I have stepped into- in order to learn my partner's wants, needs, desires, negotiates, non-negotiates, etc. I am glad that I am able to focus on maintaining better physical health and on developing a deeper pursuit of God. I will carry this new focus on through the next few years as life gets more and more busy.

I wish I had read more books. I wish I had taken more walks. I wish I had been more productive in both my work and personal life. I am proud that I finished the "Thing Again" logic course from Coursera. That took some effort.

I'm especially proud of my gastric bypass surgery and the weight I've lost as a result. Differently, I wish I would have been better with money and with my friendships, only when both are on the rocks do I realize how much they both mater. Interestingly the sample question answers the differently first, and for me that was the harder question to answer. I immediately knew what I was proud of. I had to think harder about something I would have changed this past year. I think that spoke to how much of a change the gastric bypass was for me, as well as how beneficial it was at the same time.

I wish I had better managed my time in such a way that I could take care of my day job, my parenting and husbanding duties, and get more writing in.

I wish that I would have stuck to my diet/nutrition/exercise plan... I definitely would've hit my goals by now. I go off and on, I start out strong and nothing can stop me, but one slip up and it's all downhill from there. I am very proud of my mood and my resilience through tough times in the last year. It's going to keep going UP UP UP!

I think I should have really thought more about this fellowship I'm doing. I think I'm partly going through the motions and I'm afraid it is not for me. 2 months in, I need things to change or I'm not sure this is going to work for me and I'll need to change my career.

I wish that I had appreciated the sorority more when I was President. I was so constantly frustrated/stressed, that I didn't appreciate being surrounded by amazing girls until I had graduated and moved away from them.

I wish that I had been more assertive with work. But at the same time, I feel like there wasn't really much of an opportunity. I guess I should have been more proactive and did that, or at least worked on my goal of working out of country. As for proud past accomplishment, I guess that'll have to be me negotiating a higher salary. It's something I had never done before and I had the balls to do that. I think it's rare for a girl to say the least.

I wish I had spent more time taking on some big tasks when I had the time to spare.

I wish I had been more committed to getting enough sleep and more regular exercise. Also, wish I had saved more money for kitchen projects. I am proud that I changed my diet and decreased my glycemic index. I am proud that I was able to give a presentation at a national conference.

This is a double-sided answer for me. On one hand, I'm really proud of how much I've "put myself out there" this year, especially socially. I did a lot of hard stuff this year that I never would have imagined doing at one point. I rushed a sorority. I traveled to a foreign country - completely alone - and managed to meet people and make friends. I survived roommate issues, and am living competently with three friends in my first apartment. These are all pretty great strides for me. But despite these successes, a big part of me wishes that I had done even more. I wish I could gain the self-confidence to not care what others think about me so much; to be unabashedly myself, all the time. If I could do these things, I think my social anxiety would take care of itself. A lot of the time I promise myself I'm going to be social, but then I only hold up my bargain half way. I go to the party, but I am quiet and only talk to people I know. I go to lunch by myself, but I sit by myself in the corner rather than seeking out someone to eat with. So I guess what I regret is not trying harder to get over my social anxiety. I don't push myself enough, and then that sucks because I miss out on opportunities to be part of new friendships. Sitting alone in my room sometimes is okay - I'm an introvert, that kind of quiet time is what I crave. But I wish I had struck a better balance between doing that, and pushing myself to hang out and be part of the group more often. I especially regret this from my time in England. I could have cultivated great, lasting friendships by spending more time with my flatmates. Now as I enter my last year of college, I'm pondering how to make sure I don't make the same mistake here.

I wished I had been more optimistic throughout the challenges I faced. It wouldn't have been any more "work" but it may have made others happier around me, and myself. I'm especially proud of the friendships we cultivated throughout the year. A diverse range of friends in many neighborhoods; all great people with wonderful energy.

I don't really wish I'd done anything differently. All the choices I've made this past year have led me to where I am, and I'm in a pretty good place. I've made a lot of progress in becoming more positive, changing negative thoughts, managing our money, parenting mindfully, managing my business, decluttering, and mostly, taking better care of myself. I'm biking (and loving it!), drinking more water, meditating, purging old paperwork, answering work email in a more timely fashion, and approaching each day reflecting on what I have, not what I have to do.

I always wish that I was a better housekeeper. I don't know why I don't value a clean house. I want a clean house, I feel better and more organized and comfortable in a clean house--I just don't seem to have the drive to actually do it. I think I need to explore that in this coming year. I am definitely proud that I am working harder on my relationships this year--not just with my husband and kids but with friends, and especially with myself. I am actively trying to listen more, and trying to do nice things for people without any expectations or need for kudos or thanks or reciprocity. This feels good. I am also allowing myself the time and space to explore things I want in my future. This feels very different, and very good. And, very exciting.

I wish that I wouldn't have quit working out. I got injured in January of 2012 and just stopped working out after my surgery in August 2012. It's made a major difference in my life.

The amount of patience I summoned to deal with a medical problem in my family.

I wish that generally I had my emotions under better control. I'm alright for the most part, but sometimes they sort of spiral out of my control and I say and do things I don't mean, things I shouldn't have. It's especially bad around my family - they always seem to bring out the most base parts of me.

I wish I had saved more. With the future being so close I am inadequately prepared for the things that I have always dreamed of.

I wish I'd spent less time watching and tracking the news on t.v. especially the political scene. I found myself, often, stressed and angry at the low level of ethics, credibility, and dirty campaigns. I forgot the blessing of detachment. But I remember now. I'm spending less time with the news and taking care of my own life. The result is less stress, more joy, more time for the things I really enjoy. I feel lighter.

I wish I had registered with temp agencies sooner. I am proud of the way I have handled stress and anxiety this year. Meditating has really helped me with that, seeing my cycles and becoming less reactive.

I wish I'd been a better partner to the mothers of my children. In many ways.

I am going to answer this backwards. I am proud of finally finishing a degree at college. I know this is similar to my first answer, but that was a HUGE deal to me. I am also proud that I went to Australia with no expectations. I find that I tend to think things are going to be something that is different from what they actually are, and even though I did have some ideas, I stayed very grounded and just went with it once I was there. I feel that the experience was richer for that. I wish I had been more social in the last year. I am just so closed off from other people, and I can't seem to help it. I tried...I really did...but I'm having a hard time finding a place where I can meet people my own age with similar interests. And, to be fair, I haven't really been as active as I should have in the pursuit of this goal.

I wish I had the opportunity to go visit my family in Russia. I had the means to do it, but some circumstances beyond my control prevented me from doing so. I haven't been there in 3 years, and it's beginning to affect me negatively.

I wish I wasn't jealous of things going so well for others in our lives. I felt happy for them, but a little sad for me. This past year I have been too focused on setbacks and things that didn't go right. I am proud of how I have been trying to change my behavior towards my husband and be more patient.

I feel like I've had a lot of missed opportunities this year. I can't think of any one thing that I wished I'd done differently. Maybe I should have said yes to more things this year. I wish I'd been more honest. I wish I'd voiced my opinion more. Been more open. Creeping social anxiety has gotten the better of me and shut me down. I worry about everything and every new situation I encounter I wonder if I'll be able to physically handle it or if I'll be able to keep up. I wonder if there is anything that will be physically demanding or socially awkward. I don't want to be in crowded places because I'm afraid of people looking at me. I'm afraid of going to new places because I am unfamiliar with them and am scared that I'll have ask for help doing something. Maybe I wish I had gotten more help for that. Or exercised more. to overcome the physical problems I have. I feel like a lot of my social anxiety stems from the physical weakness I experience daily. What I'm proud of this year is that I've gotten some eating habits under control. I've managed to lose some weight by changing my diet habits. I eat less and I eat more of better things. I weigh less than I did this time last year and in the years that I've moved back home I have gone down in weight because of all the diet things I've done.

Pewnie nieco zmieniłbym swoją dumę. Postarałbym może więcej rozmawiać. Ocenić realnie związek. Poskładać coś, dopóki był na to czas. Nie trwać. Żyć.

I wish I had been more social and had more actively searched for that "nice, Jewish boy". However, I am proud of how I have advanced myself professionally this past year, between beginning graduate school and getting a full-time tenure-track teaching job.

I wish I cared about myself a bit more (healty and financial)Also I wish I would spend more time with my family, and would not procrastinate.

I wish I would have held off for a job that kept Erika with me or stopped working when I knew I had to take her home and leave her there, 12 time zones away I really wish I would have taken my laptop with me the one weekend I didn't and my house was robbed as part of corporate espionage.

More saving and more being accountable. I often feel that when I am busy, I throw my hands up and become completely unreliable. That was most of this year!! I am proud of all that I got accomplished, though. Still not 'Christmas Newsletter' worthy, but it's alot!

I could have been more assertive or worked harder,budgeted better. But, I have no regrets.I did what I did and got what I got. I am extremely proud and excited to have finally defined love for myself. I never wanted to take the mainstream accepted definition of love for gospel. I thought long and hard about it and it finally made sense. I worked hard and made good strides and I am ready to go harder and farther. Love is acceptance of who you are. It is not an external force.

Two things. I wish I had been a better CEO with the fundraising and the sales. Managed to raise more money faster and close some deals faster too. Personally, I wish I had been more transparent with my now ex-girlfriend. I totally should have told her I had feelings for somebody else and let that break up the relationship before, or give us another shot at rebuilding it earlier and healthier.

I wish I'd done a lot of things differently. I wish I'd treated certain friends better and held myself to a higher standard as a boyfriend and person. I wish I hadn't let my emotions get the best of me in the spring, because that held me back from doing so much more. But this past year was the first real experience I've had with a breakup and seriously conflict with friends, and I'm proud of the way I've bounced back from that. I''m proud to say that we've reconciled and are now closer than we ever have before, even if it's now in a best friend capacity rather than as a couple. I'm proud of the person I was in Israel and the person I've become since then, because I feel I've come such a long way -- in terms of achievement, maturity, and confidence. This past year has not been easy: it has been filled with some of the lowest lows and highest highs of ever experienced. But I'm incredibly proud of the way I've emerged from it - happier, more confident, and a whole lot wiser.

I wish I was able to make more independent decisions and not look to what everyone else thinks. At the same time I am proud that I am not the problem maker or the instigator of fights. I guess that when I don't have a strong opinion about a topic, I just don't feel the need to voice all my thoughts. I just hope that when something does mean a lot to me, I am strong enough to stand up for myself. I also wish I had my wrist looked at early because I could have saved myself from 4 months in a cast.

I wish I had structured my days differently this year. Feels like I spent most of my time spinning my wheels instead of seeing items crossed off my to do list. Organization isn't my forte! One thing I am especially proud of however, is my discipline and determination to participate and complete a yoga cleanse. I had to eliminate sugar, caffeine, alcohol, gluten, and all animal products for 21 days. This was quite a challenge but went quicker than I anticipated.

I am proud of myself for riding the wave of change this last year has brought into my life and not beating myself for all the ways my body has changed in response. I am working hard to love my body as it ages and be kind to myself without being self-indulgent. I perhaps wish I had done less of the latter, but that is water under the bridge (or fat in the belly) now... so stepping forward with a new attitude and a new commitment to balance, health, and well-being as opposed to a number on the scale or a dress size.

This answer has stayed the same for years. I wish I had done my healthy living plan much better this year. I started strong, even went to some OA meetings but it all just fell apart. I have now gained back 12 of the pounds I worked so hard to lose. I am making poor choices hourly. And the depression is starting to hit hard. I am (still) proud of the time and commitment I make to my "Step son". I am GM of his football team and I try my best to balance out his world. He is 12 and probably one of my best friends on this Earth.

I wish I had handled my bills better. My credit issues are going to hurt us in the next few years but now that my wife is taking over the finances, I am very cool with it all. I hope. I am very proud of being ballsy enough to make a move, in one month all the way to San Francisco. I am also proud that my wife now has the option of working instead of having to work.

I wished I would have given up the court battle with my ex much sooner than I did and focused instead on my own health and well-being, and those that I love. It was a waste of time, money and most important, my energy and ability to feel good! Continuing to learn about myself, my partner, my children and what good, healthy relationships look like, I am exceptionally proud of. I work hard at this every day. Communitcating with compassion and respect are keys to the success of our relationships. It's taken me a lifetime to learn it, and I'd never go back to living any other way!

I have no regrets over the past year. I have lost some people I thought were friends and gained true friends. We have worked hard and accomplished much. I fenced in almost 2 acres by myself. There is always something new to learn and there are always areas we need to improve on.

I wish that I had used my free time better. I really feel like I waste so much time doing stupid shit (facebook... etc.) that could be better used doing things that are productive, or at least more interesting. I also wish that I had spent more time outside of Morningside Heights. I'm especially proud of my performance in the Vagina Monologues, and also that I finished pre-med requirements, and studied for the MCAT (2 days eeek).

I am especially proud of giving birth naturally. I really wanted to be able to do it without an epidural, and I did. I was planning on my midwife helping me out, but it turns out she didn't even get there in time. I was only in the hospital for 30 minutes before he came out. I labored at home on my own while caring for my 3 year old and got to the hospital only just in time. It was empowering...and powerful feeling, even a little bit fun.

I wish I'd been more thoughtful in some of my interactions with others, and more intentional in some of my relationships. I can be overly pragmatic and am not very good at being empathetic. But I've been working hard on this, and it's showing!

I wish I had been a better friend.

I'm proud of fighting my way through last month's class despite being in the hospital and quite sick. I have 2 months left before I graduate with my Masters degree and not giving up in that class is a big accomplishment for me.

Hard to say what I would have done differently. I have learnt more about my family than I ever thought I would. I think perhaps I would respond differently to similar events I future. I am proud of my new baby!!! And me for looking after him!!!

I wish I'd been more careful about spending money on impulse purchases that I didn't really need.

I wish I had more sex with my husband... I'm sure he wishes that too! The one thing I am most proud of is running a half marathon. I cried at mile 10 when I saw my husband and my two good friends cheering me on. I had no idea how much anything I was doing meant until mile 10.

Different: I wish I was able to connect to Alexis in a way that is relative to her perspective. She seems lonely, and I don't know how to give her the attention that she wants. We see things in a different light.... Proud: I'm very proud of my accomplishments at work. But, I'm trying to stay charging forward, because I often realize that today's accomplishments seem minuscule to what you do tomorrow.

I believe that we are always in the space that the Universe wants us to be in. I don't feel the need to question it or to challenge it. I'd rather spend my time accepting and honoring where I'm at. I am proud of so many things! I've adjusted to living in a new city, I'm going back to school and I'm walking through things that empower me.

I'm very proud that I've gotten out to open mics and played lots of songs lots of times. It's uncomfortable for me to do something I don't do well, especially in public, but I don't know another way to improve. And I still struggle with my timing and the guitar and my voice, but I feel like I'm finding more ease than at first, and I have to believe if I keep doing it, I'll continue to get better. I'm also proud of the recording I've gotten done, and that I've kept on with it and am simply making something, just doing what I can to make the best version of these songs that I can make right now. Rather than saying I want to or I'm going to or I could. I'm doing it, and when it's done I'll be able to say I did it. And have evidence. I'm also proud that I've gotten to work on some great shows and have done a good job, and managed the three-at-once challenge without sacrificing quality. As for what I wish I'd done differently, I wish I'd committed to more trips, vacations, retreats, camps, something, or everything. Built more community. Made more of an effort in that area. Found a way to buy a house before the prices went back up. Made more of an effort at dating. Seen more music. Written more songs.

I can't think of anything that I have regretted in the past year. In fact, I feel that I have (especially in the last six months) being letting my morals and my faith faith make the decisions. I have been working on patience and time management. I can look back and proudly say I would do it all the same.

Actually, no. I love the way things have been and I am happy with the way things have worked out...and I have good and bad people to thank for that. I am proud of taking chances in everything I do and that I have the ability to enjoy working so hard until i cry. I truly hope I never lose that ability. True strength.

I wish I hadn't been as afraid as I was when I was with Julie. Now that I'm less afraid I can tell that she feels differently about me. Things were good when we were together, but they could have been better. And if I hadn't worried so much I could focused more on what we were.

I wish that I didn't get so stressed out about everything. I hope that I can learn to let things go and not let them affect me so much.

I wish i had enjoyed my time off more. When my brother had time off he, despite having less money than i did, spent a month living in a sublet apartment in Paris and doing weekend jaunts around Europe with his wife. I wish I had done that. I'm proud of how I took care of my dad and my family while he was sick. I think I did a really good job at that even though it took it all out of me.

I didn't slow down in terms of work and travel and therefore did not fulfill my goal of getting more involved in my local community. What i am proud of is that I was able to stay on track with seeing my kids and grand kids in Boston every three months and that has brought me so much joy!

I really wish I wouldnt have lost myself while being in the relationship I was in. I am especially proud of getting myself back after I left where I was. I've realized I'm a strong and amazing person and not only because I think so but because other people have shown me that I am as well.

I am proud of a book review I wrote for his website at the request of a publisher friend. The review was subsequently picked up for publication in a professional journal, with both the publisher's and my permission. My intention was to have done a small favor, and it subsequently received a wide distribution.

I wish that I had done more of the things on my project list. Though I love retirement, I do find I'm a bit lazier than I intended to be. I am proud that I've been able to sustain my lifestyle on the savings from my years working.

I am especially proud of getting up the nerve to get involved in community theatre, and of my role as a lead in a play. It was an amazing experience.

Looking back, I'm fortunate enough to be able to say I wouldn't change a thing! I'm especially proud of my work in drama class and my lead role in our production, something I would never have dared to do before and that was so much fun.

I wish that I had not been so mean to my husband on various occasions. I can be very cruel when I am angry. I want to be better as a wife and am working hard at it. Proud of? Yes a few things: *I am realizing that I am a good mother and handle my kids well. *I am proud that I could allow my son at 17½ to move away from me because that is his dream to study in the US. *I am proud that I got my job at Buss i Väst. According to a colleague they had over 50 some applied for the job and after all interviews, they chose me.

I am proud of the fact that I am starting to take initiative for hanging out with friends and trying to meet someone to date. Also, I am not so hung up on trying to find someone. I enjoy being single and letting life happen. The only pressure I get is from my mom. LOL

I wish I had worked harder to keep up with the connections I've made, and not been so embarrassed and concerned about everything, like whether I'm a good host or whether people really like me.

I wish I spent more time with my 5 year old daughter in a way that was just the two of us. I feel that she got the message that she was inconvenient sometimes this past year. I am always trying to find the balance of downtime and scheduled time and I think this year I went in the direction of too much scheduled time. I think I did a much better job of allowing myself to be who I am and to recover when i feel I have fallen off the horse. I am grateful to my yoga practice for this. I am proud of the bike camp for kids with disabilities that I organize. It's quite a big task, and it's extremely rewarding to see the kids ride on two wheels for the first time when they complete the week-long camp.

I wish that I had more faith that my life will be okay...that I didn't worry so much about not having plans, for example, for Labor Day weekend, since in the end, I had a pretty good weekend. I want to be more relaxed and at peace with myself. I want to figure out how to balance my feelings more. I am proud of my growing relationship with my adult children. We had a rough patch or two, but I know that we are learning and growing and evolving. I am very proud of my children.

I think i'm learning a lot as I go this year. I'm improving. I'm proud of my relationship and I think it's getting stronger as the year progresses. I do wish I hadn't met that stupid girl alycia brought with us to the MGMT show - but that's not really a big deal.

I wish I hadn't allowed myself to be derailed where my Masters degree is concerned. I'm about to jump back into it, but it was just time lost and money wasted. I wish I had taken more measured, but more productive steps, instead of just leaping into the nearest thicket. And what am I proud of? ... hmm. I survived. I am surviving. I haven't quit yet. I might be the very latest of bloomers, but I WILL bloom, dammit.

I wish I'd had the energy to have co-ordinated a kick starter comic with the Hope-Smith. I know you say alternatively, but I'd like to say that I'm proud of my beloved. For never giving up. For managing to stay positive and for getting on a plane for 10 hours!

I am proud of having the courage go to a new place on my own (Durham) and put plans in place to maximize my enjoyment there.

I got elected as chapter president and realized how important it was to be making future Jewish leaders.


I guess, I wish I would have gone to more therapy in hopes to be more ready for dating. Lost weight in order to be more ready for dating. Saved money in order to be more ready for doing fun stuff I always want to do. I wish I would have acted differently when flying out to see Mom, but I don’t know that I could have. I wish that would have played out differently, but I don’t know that it would have. I guess, if I could go back and change it, I would have been less fearful and more open. I’m proud that I started saving money. That’s pretty huge. That said, I used it all up basically, but it enabled me to move which is a decision I’m happy about. The only thing I’m unhappy about really is that I had to give the cats up – I’m happy that I don’t have them anymore for a few reasons – I didn’t spend enough time with them and felt enormously guilty about it. Steinbeck is now in a much better situation – he has a 6 year old boy to keep him company and his new owner takes him on walks and to the park. Luna is at the pound (which is the best option for her crazy antics – they most likely will hold her until finding her a home or a cat sanctuary – the hardest part is NOT knowing where she is and how she ends up.) But I think I made the right decision for them. So it’s this weird dichotomy because in a way I feel it’s my biggest failure – I committed to them and failed them, but yet, it was such a hard decision and I do think I made the right one, so I’m proud of myself for making that decision. I’m proud of myself for moving. I was so scared to be homeless – so scared that my credit would prevent me from finding a place. So scared of living with someone again, and so far it’s been such a blessing to move. I don’t have that crazy sadness of living alone on me. I’m not scared to go home to an empty place. I’m not being a hermit when I am home – I’m living with a friend who I really like and we meld well in a living space. Our stuff is awesome. Our apartment is awesome. It’s been a good move so far. I feel more at home there than I have in I can’t even say how long. Truly, I don’t know that I’ve ever felt quite this at home. It’s great. So I guess, in all, I’m most proud of myself for moving. Getting past that anxiety was intense. Ever since moving to DC and even before really, I’ve always had this intense fear of homelessness, so giving up a place and going into the unknown REALLY scared me. Drastically scared me.

More Herb! My growing operations were seriously lacking with beneficial herbs. Next year must include more beneficial habitat. Rosemary, sage, mint, basil. So far I'm proud of the continuing expansion of my growing scale. 300 sq ft last year to nearly 1000 sq ft. this year. I also had a hand in helping plant and maintain another 3000 sq ft. The next step is to get that much all in one location!!

As today was my first day of high school, I found myself reflecting on how much I've overcome and changed within the past year. Last year, I started 8th grade new to New Jersey. Scared and without too many connections, I spent the school year developing deep friendships with people I now consider to be some of my closest friends. I guess to answer this question, I'm proud of my resiliency and ability to adapt. I know I'll be fine and happy wherever I go, in the end.

The problem with wishing that you did something differently means that you are stuck in the past and your past actions. I do not want to be that person. I want to be someone who lives and acts in the present.

I wish I would have been more outgoing in Israel, I think it would have enhanced my experience and I would have had more adventures. I also wish I would have not spoken to him and gotten optimistic about him being back in my life, he should never be. Alternatively I am really proud of myself for the growing I did, believing in myself again and applying for a great job in a different city and getting it!

I wish that I had listened to the advice and counsel of my wife on a professional matter with more care and thought. The decision I made had a deep impact on our home life and although the professional course was temporary there were instances where we both felt we could not recover.

To be completely honest, I don't regret anything that has happened this year. Have I made mistakes? Probably. Has everything gone the way I wanted/expected? Probably not. Am I perfect? Yes. :) As Ben says, there is no coincidences. Every mistake or regret is a lesson. Namaste

I wish I had trusted my gut and known that my grandmothers illness was serious. I wish I would have booked a flight home two days earlier. I wish I could have held her hand when she died. I wish I could have comforted my mother when it happened. But I am proud of the way I have confronted my grief, sought help when I needed it, and allowed myself the space to cry, and feel, and remember. I'm proud of the ways I keep her alive each day...and how she still inspires me to be a better mother, a better wife.

I should have worked harder to get a new job. I am not happy here, and now I feel like I am in limbo waiting to see if I will be moving by the end of the year or not. This year hasn't been the best year, I can't think of anything I am especially proud of this year. I don't want that to be the case next year.

My longest running regret remains virtually unchanged: I wish I had taken better care of myself, stuck to a sensible combination of diet and exercise and lost weight. To be fair, I've had a number of health issues dating back over the past year, but rather than work to overcome them, I've used them as an excuse to avoid regular exercise. I really need to improve in this area.

I wish I had taken more time for myself and spent more time outside on bike rides and things like that. I need to remember to enjoy the little things. I am proud of myself for having a more active lifestyle now and I am excited about keeping that up. Feeling good about myself feels great!

I wish I would have stood up for myself sooner with my bully boss. I wish I would have negotiated better going in. But now I know and I'm leaving but it's too bad it couldn't have been a better experience. I'm really proud of myself for leaving. For recognizing that this was an unhealthy work place and taking the risk of leaving.

I think I see the wisdom of this past year. Everything that has been hard, has been a lesson. It's been especially difficult with conflicts with my family. I'm still learning the boundaries between what's "mine" and what's "theirs" in our conflict. I hope that by the next time I read this, I'm in a space of total compassion and love for who they are, and who I am, and can absolutely distinguish between what they need and what I need, and let that be okay. I'm proud of how hubs and I have navigated my health challenges.

I wish I had yelled less at my kids. I am however proud that I have had the courage to look into it, forgive myself, learn and get better at communicating

I went back to school last year and completed a Master's degree. It was wonderful to be with young people. The things I learned are changing the way I do my work. I also learned to recognize my own anxiety. Unfortunately, one of the results was a serious weight gain. I lost a lot of ground I had fought for over several years. Now I have to regain that ground. Fewer Red Velvet cookies would have been good. I've come a long way in self perception that I wish I had gained earlier in my life.

i vacillate between wishing I had gone on the trip with my brother and cousins (to the wake of the second of my cousins to die prematurely from cancer) and glad that I didn't go, because of the length of the road trip in a cramped car and even more clasutrophobic out-of-town motel situation. my cousin's family was overjoyed at seeing the northern contingent appear on her behalf, but I was convinced the personal discomfort/cost of my traveling would have been more memorable than the reunion. i am always proud of myself if i can withstand the withering criticism of my elderly mother without immediately retaliating. which is a 50% success rate.

I wish I had left my job in January, instead of waiting until now, because now I'm going to be miserable from 9-5 M-F for another 4 months until the upcoming January bonus period. I'm proud of the work that I put in on my friendships, and making an effort to spend time and make memories with the people that I care about. And I'm especially proud of the work that I've put in on myself, and becoming happier and more honest with myself.

I wish I hadn't put so much pressure on myself to have lots of experiences (and sort of forcing them) in Isrsel. It was great to have that goal and to go for, but my stressing about it actually made it very difficult to be present. I think it may be why I have a difficult time getting back tomindful presence now and why sitting still is difficult. I wish I had taken chances on more unexpected opportunities. I did a grest job at that once I got settled, but it took me about three months of being misearble st Pardes and having a breakdown from the exclusion to let go of trying to be everyone else's idea of a Jew. Advice to me: I need to have fun much more! I regret not having more fun - whatever that might have looked like. I miss out on meeting new interesting people and expanding my world when I am so in my own head. Just be sometimes! Actually, just Be a lot of the time. Starting now. I know the holidays are serious, but they don't have to be somber. No one has died. Life is being written right now so why not be happy and enjoy what is being created?

I wish I had recorded my mom's stories. I was so worried about reminding her that she was dying that I was afraid to approach her about it. Now they're all gone, minus the ones I know, and there's nothing worse than the silence. Even if telling her stories would have reminded her that she was dying, it would have been worth it in the long run. I'd be grateful now. At the same time, I'm proud of the love, support and strength my family and I have shown each other. I'm glad for my husband, the people in my life, and my own sense of fun and the absurd. I'm proud that I'm creative, alive and happy.

I've spent too much time on Facebook. My life doesn't always allow me to go out and spend time with friends, but I have used Facebook as a substitute for making the effort when I could make time, and I mean to change that. It is a great way for me to stay connected to my relatives abroad, but I need to find ways to connect in person with those locally.

I have been trying to be calmer and less stressed, haven't been very consistent.

There are so many things I wish I had done differently this year oy vey. Mostly little things like time management and maintaining a peaceful composure. But I am proud that I have two sons aged 1.5 and 3.5 and they are healthy and funny and thriving.

I wish I had visited my mom in the months after her first mini-stroke and before the major stroke that took her life. I also wish I had at least gotten pregnant before she died as opposed to right after, as there is so much I wish I could have asked of and learned from her. I am proud of the mama I've become so far and of how far I've come on my journey to becoming the mama I want to be for my baby girl.

Not proud - I let my anger get the best of me, and threatened to quit my job, to which I had just signed a 4 year agreement. Proud - I stood up like a "man" and apologized. I think it really taught me something. My wife says I'm a nicer person lately and I think that's part of why.

I wish I had found some consistency with my actions, what I stood for, and represent myself as a stronger human being. I gave in way too easy, was a pushover, and never upheld myself against any opposing forces that challenged my principles. It took it's toll on my confidence and belief in myself. It made me feel like I didn't know who I was anymore and like I didn't have an identity. I guess I would've told more people "no" and said "yes" more often to what I really wanted.

I should have bailed on that relationship before Spring was over. It cost me multiple relationships, romantic and platonic. It cost me a minor chunk of my reputation. It cost me a major chunk of my mental health. It cost me portion of my faith and interest in dealing with other people to a point I'm not sure I can quantify. It cost me months of my life and the jury is still out on whether or not I learned anything, or if I just failed to actually act on lessons I had already learned before.

I wish I had handled relationships more carefully. I let myself sort of get into friendships and situations that weren't the best choice at all. They each ended up causing problems or getting in the way of other things; I regret each of them. I actually regret them to the point of wishing I hadn't ever met the people invovled. I cringe when I see those people. I am very proud of how I have gone for my pursuit of a new career whole hearedly. I love social media & journalism and it's what I want to do. It is my passion.

I wish I hadn't taken so much to heart this past year. Rolled with more punches - there were so many.

chaged my dwelling place sooner smoother so I woulsd have had a sence of HOME

This past year... Perhaps a lot maybe. I wish I spent the majority of my summer wasn't spent being depressed. It was all in my head... But the idea of loneliness, separation and replacement are all painful things... However! GCSE results! 3 A*s, 5 As, 2Bs and a Distinction in ICT. All that hard work felt worth it. (The pain and loneliness thing kinda overshadows the good stuff though. What a pain...)

Somehow I managed to put on an additional 10 pounds this year (above the other 20 I was already hoping to shed!), and I really regret that. I know it happened while vacationing with my family in the spring, and I wish I had been more mindful of how much I was eating. Now it just seems soooo hard to get it off, and I feel very bad about myself (and the clothing situation has gotten even more difficult).

I'm kind of disappointed in myself as I didn't manage to get my car license. But at the same time I'm very proud that I do manage university above normal standards (I only failed one subject and I'm starting my third year out of four)

I wish I hadn't gotten so drunk that first night at M's. It ruined our friendship and that makes me sad.

I wish I would have made more time to relax outdoors. Being more active has really given me a new lease on my life in the city! Granted, I didn't get to spend much time outside of the office, but a year later, I'm glad I can say that I stuck it through! I'm proud of my tenacity and determination.

I wish I had paid more attention to my own advice - "no expectation = no disappointment" let events, visits and get together go with the flow - do not project meaning or significance on behaviors without context. I am proud of venturing out on my own to do new things explore new territory and meet new people. I am also proud of following through on long time goals/aspirations and just did them! I am proud of continuing on my path of financial wellness, accumulating less and purging more.

Proud to become captain of the Trauma Queens, stay on the Fighting Unicorns, and start running. Like for reals. I wish I had been better with my money and worked harder at finding a job; paid off more of the car with the money from my teacher retirement and kept my credit card open instead of filling it back up again. Duh.


I wish had balanced care of 3 ill loved ones better including taking time for myself. I also wish I felt less guilty. I do feel proud of learning to do physical care which took me out of my comfort zone.

I just wish I'd prioritised more. More on getting a seat. Going for it. Putting myself out there and making clear to my wife how important it is we commit to having a family.

I wish I would have stood up for myself more. There are a lot of things that I'm in the process of changing right now. I'm in gender therapy (3 weeks finished so far) just trying to figure out who I am and what my purpose is. I'm applying for jobs and hopefully will hear some good news next week. I'm trying to make better opportunities for myself so that I can live the happiest and most fulfilling life possible. So that answers both sides of that.

I wish I had made more of an effort to look into my current situation at home and what alternatives I may have. I'm happen to begin this self journey.

I wish I had put more faith in people. I spent too much time assuming I would be let down by people who came through with flying colors and I can't get those wasted, worrying hours back.

I still wish I had been a more active and outspoken student in my classes. Although this was a goal I set last year, the intimidation from fellow classmates made me hold back more than I should have. This is still something that I need to work on for myself. Alternatively, I'm proud of myself for being more open with friends. I'm glad that I have not been as extremely introverted and closed off as I have been in the past. I'm also proud of myself for becoming more comfortable and confident with my body. I've been able to get fit and healthy, both physically and sexually!

I wish we had let my so go on online school sooner. Maybe he would have been happier and less likely to get in trouble. I wish I had exercised more. I am really proud of how I led our sisterhood at our synagogue. I made it a stronger and bigger organization.

I am proud of myself for resolving to go out and experience the world more this year - for embracing discomfort, ambiguity, and adventure and literally opening to door to new opportunities, people, and places. I wish I had been able to take this same approach - with the same zest - to my relationships. In the next year I want to love more openly, to experience more freely, and to live without fear of judgment (primarily from myself). I want to remember that not everything is a challenge. That it's okay to sometimes enjoy life - not conquer it. Primarily, I want to learn to stop fearing loss and using it as an excuse not to love.

I wish to learn to bear the disappointments of not being responded to as warmly and openly by my grandchildren as I would like, or to receive acknowledgment or thankyou's for the gifts I send from them or their parents without becoming bitter and judgmental. I am struggling to keep my heart open to them despite what at my worst I consider rude ingratitude and disrespect. I am happy and proud that a selection of my poems has been chosen for publication this year. I've just corrected the proofs and am so grateful to have this chance to put what I think is some of my best work before a larger group of readers.

I'm especially proud of how I worked at Burningman. The fact that so many people felt like I had changed their lives, had profound shifts and huge openings because of the work they did with me was amazing and wonderful.

I'm proud that I'm slowly making the official move of living in MA. It's probably one of the hardest things I have done recently. I've always lived in a different location, school related. Going back to my parent's/ mum's house was always the option after school let out for the summer. Now, I'm wearing my big girl pants and slowly establishing a home with my love. It's hard. I miss PA like crazy sometimes, and I wish my family were closer since we are so close to eachother. But, this is part of growing up. Grad school helped me get here, and now, I'm trying to really establish myself as a medical anthropologist and as a woman. I'm proud that I took a step forward into the unknown, when I'm such a person that needs to know what happens next or be in control. Right now, I'm not, and I'm okay with that.

I wish I had been more patient, more kind. And I'm proud of the ways I have been patient and kind.

This seems to be a loaded question with quite the butterfly effect. I wish I had done more with family, laughed more at the little shit, and taken more time off of work to hangout at the house. Having said that, I've made huge changes this year in myself and in our lives that I wouldn't change for the world. I grew as a person substantially this year and look forward to finding the rest of me.

I wish I wasn't so fearful about making University decisions for my daughter - I wish I had been more proactive and organized about that. I think I handled all the challenges with my son and my mother and now ex-lover pretty well,

I committed to making positive and lasting changes in my life this past year. I've listened more to myself and my own desires, made a choice to try to be happy everyday and to see as much love as I can. It's been admittedly difficult, but I'm so proud to be on this life path and trying to be better all the time.

I would like to have been a bit more scholarly . I tend to get involved in daily tasks and neglect the spiritual and mental aspects of life . The biggest success of this year has been simply persevering in the face of challenges and the minor afflictions of growing older .

I'm writing the answer to this question having just returned from tashlich at barking springs, where I threw crumbs into the water and thought about my sins. They floated slowly into the monkey muck and arranged themselves into a literal and figurative summary: I DIDN'T WRITE MY THANKYOU NOTES THE WAY A NICE GIRL DOES. I had countless oppurtunities to pause in my neuroticism long enough to say thankyou. I did not take advantage of quite a few of them.

Not worried so much and spent so much time scaring myself about the future.

Well, every year I wish I had done yoga and walked every day. This year, I went to yoga class weekly and even twice a week when I could find the right level class when not working. And I added a women's twice-a-week weight class! Then I had toe surgery and it's been almost four weeks off. I'll have to start over. My toe currently won't let me do a downward dog or be up on tiptoes in weights class. I feel older and more vulnerable with each new injury or loss of easy movement. Should of stayed with it decades ago. I let too many anxiety-driven activities become obstacles all my life. But I am proud I finally found real pay-off in yoga, and enjoy it too! I look forward to getting back to it, tho it won't be tomorrow, as I'd hoped.

I wish I would have taken more adventures - with myself and family. I took a stay-cation which seemed crazy to my wife, but was wonderful for me.

I wish I had taken the time to be more confident with who I was. Although this past year has definitely been one of the best of my life, I wish that I had put myself out there more in order to reap higher returns. One thing that I am proud of this past year, is the way I ended high school. The friendships I kept are important to me, and I hope when I receive this next year, I will feel the same about my new relationships.

I am proud that I this past year have been the man that I always have hoped that I will become.

The never-ending weight situation---I thought I would either care less with age, or take it in hand. I did neither. On the other hand, I have finally done something serious about exercise and have spend the last close-to-three years hiking Runyan 3 days a week. So glad to have done it. Would love to reach a point where a love DOING it!

I am again struggling with alcohol. I wish I had stuck to my resolution to drink in moderation. I keep wonder if I should simply give up completely. At the moment I'm going into another detox 2 week period and I'll have a good look at my situation. On the other hand I'm really proud of my decision to take on postgraduate study. It's a risk and I'm scared about where it will take me. Last year's reflective work on accepting myself will help guide my expectations and allow me to set some goals. The one question I'm trying to figure out is - what is my passion? and then work towards that.

My book was published. Proud of that. I'm so busy that I stay self-preoccupied. The busy-ness feeds my worst quality.

I wish I had recognized my depression sooner. I wish I had not fucked up so badly at work. I'm proud of my increasing honesty with myself and others.

I'm really proud of seeking therapy for myself, both to get over the breakup, but to also learn strategies for dealing with the negative emotions, anger, and resentment I've felt towards a lot of people around me. It was difficult at times, but I really just gave myself to it and I feel like it was a great accomplishment.

I simultaneously wish I had listened to my own voice of reason and am grateful that I was open to something different. I do wish I had had the courage to walk away when I needed to, and I am proud of myself for growing into the space I am making and taking for myself.

Well, I am proud that I had a good connection with our first born up to her wedding, despite a shaky start, and that I was able to get a really rousing and spirited hora going with a crowd who had never heard of the hora before. I am glad that our relationship is stronger than ever, albeit from afar, as she continues to negotiate adulthood. I'm not sure if I'm handling the second born's engagement correctly, as I continue to have reservations, but cannot protect her from her choices, and feel that acceptance is the role we have been given to play. I am proud of getting a house sold and getting our household moved, which was a huge production, and all in the same year!

I wish I stuck to a stricter schedule with Hanna. Now she's in High School, and we need to create one and stick to it. Consistence it the thing for her! Business - I wish I would have worked smarter and harder last year. My goals remain the same, though. Just need to make sure I stay focused, consistent and move onto bigger fish. I'll get there. I'm confident of that! Proud of.....my brain. I'm proud it's working again! There really hasn't been anything major this past year. I'm just plugging away, but need to plug harder and smarter!!

I wish I could have used my time better. That 1/2 hour (?) I spend on Facebook, NY Times, Jezebel does something to connect me to the world and know what's up... but it's also something I feel myself doing when I get anxious about something related to work on my computer. If I dedicated that same 1/2 hour a day, even for a week, to improving my surroundings (being neater and organizing/purging), I bet I'd feel less global anxiety. Overall, I'm proud of a lot over the past year. We've juggled a lot, remained solvent, our kids seem lovable to people other than us, I've continued to try to grow at work, and I remember to acknowledge how lucky I am. I'm proudest of the fact that I've started writing again.

I'm proud of taking an active role in trying to help myself be happier. I tried meditation, acupuncture, changing eating habits, taking meditation, and we got a dog.

I wish I had made better use of my time this summer to start doing some form of exercise. Alternatively, I am pleased that I got the gumption to cut back my work to half time this semester; and I have an appointment at Curves tomorrow to see about starting a program now with the days that have been freed by my cutting back.

I wish I could have been more compassionate w/ my fiancé & our families in the wedding planning process. It brings out a lot of weirdness, expectations, and unanticipated feelings. Differences in personality come into harsh relief. I'm very proud of the strides I've made in my career this year. I feel like I'm really coming into my own.

I wish that I hadn't been so quick to judge others. I did become confident with myself, but I got to a point where that wasn't a good thing. I was happy, however, that my leadership qualities have developed to a point where I am completely comfortable with directing a group.

I have been needy and anxious in my relationship and leaned on my partner more than I would like. While he's been tremendously supportive, I know I could do a better job of providing balance and being the one *he* leans on more often. I also wish I had stuck with my running and exercise routine more consistently.

Off the top of my head nothing to have done too differently this past year. I guess I should be "proud," though I hate the word and the concept of "proud," though for this it may be apropos. I self-published a book of letters and some articles and pictures which I'd written since 1989. This really is quite an achievement and I have justification to be proud or to feel good about this. The book is entitled OFF MY CHEST: Letters to the Editor...+. Available on amazon, etc.

its funny because I feel like I have done absolutely everything right this year - I am taking things slowly, I am being intentional, I am spending time with my loved ones, I am not wasting time with people or things I don't care about, I don't focus on money, I go outside a lot, I am living the dream. but I still am not happy, and although I am proud that I had this dream and made it come true, I know that I am done yet. I can't imagine doing anything differently, maybe that is the problem.

I do wish I had started my new career search earlier. I suppose better late than never is something, but deciding that my job isn't right for me in general was very empowering and grounding.

I'm proud that I made the decision to take another child and extend my responsibilities and caregiving to another person living in our home. It presented challenges which were both expected and unexpected and caused new stresses but brought love and special moments as well.

I wish I would have stopped making excuses for not getting out of bed on time in the morning when I really wanted to workout. I used to be really good about doing it and it's fallen off quite a bit recently.

I'm proud of the way that I have been handling my anxiety issues... I'm not going to lie; I still have some pretty horrible panic attacks, but I'm trying to deal with them and figure out the best way to get them under control. I'm proud of the huge changes I have made, and the fact that I haven't slipped back into a major depression.

My time is something that I have had a hard time managing this year but if there is one thing I could have done to give myself more time it would have to be to have played no Facebook games. I find I spend hours staring into the abyss of small not useful applications that have no place in my busy life. Sometimes I wish I could have all that time back and write a book or something with it. Conversely, I am infinitely impressed with my ability to keep my studies on such a high priority in the past year. It’s been difficult at times but overwhelmingly positive in my favor. I want there to be more focus on the things that matter and less on the things that don’t matter.

Perhaps came to New York with more of a plan. However in saying that it's great to be spontaneous - especially in a new country/new city like New York. It's definitely been a roller coaster. I'm just really proud of myself for taking the leap and moving countries all by myself - no friends, no family. Just me, myself and I. From a country with 4 millions people spread across 2 islands to a city jam packed with 8 million people on one island. Takes alot of guts to do something like that. And I've met the most amazing people in the world and have had some pretty fantastic experiences and have learned a whole lot about the world and myself.

I'm glad that I stayed home with Henry for 14 months and then I took the leap to go back to work. I've only been working for about six days so far, but it feels really good, and it feels like the right thing. I'm proud that I listened to my instincts to stay home with him as long as I did, and then listened to my instincts that it was time for me to stretch myself some more and go back to work.

I'm really proud to have moved into my new job so successfully. I still don't love every second of it, but I feel like I'm finally in a position where I can stretch myself to do what I want to do and make a career for myself, if that's what I want.

I wish I hadn't allowed other people to influence me to the point where I compromised my values. I wish I had been happy for my friend when she got engaged instead of being selfish and jealous and alienating her. I am proud of the work I've done and the passion that I've infused into it. I am proud of myself for leading High Holiday services!!

I wish I hadn't self medicated with alcohol when I faced a serious personal issue. The result was short term escape but long term health deterioration, and less mental ability to cope and find a solution. I'm proud that I've stopped and am getting healthy again.

I wish I were better on using my time better, whether it be with more productivity or with more active social interactions. I miss hanging out with some of the friends I used to see all the time and I feel like I’ve simultaneously overbooked myself and waste my time all the time. I hope that with this new year I can learn to be better with my time management skills. I’m very proud of my ability to keep up with work at my job. In the past I’ve been known to slack off, get there late, or call in more often than I should, which has gotten me in trouble in the past. With this new job, I’ve been able to get there on time every day, only call in when I really need it and push myself hard to do the work that needs to get done.

I've been wracking my brain on this one all morning. It's strange, because I really can't think of a major thing I wish I had done differently. Even the hard parts wound up being for the best (for instance - in a disagreement with a friend I could have behaved a little more maturely / let it slide - but truthfully, I let her know how she had hurt me in a way I might never have otherwise ... and since making up, I feel our bond is stronger.) I probably wish I had tackled some extra weight gain sooner, so there'd be less to fight off now - but again, the weight came on because my focus was elsewhere - and I don't wish to have not had that "other" focus. I'm really proud that I opened myself up to the possibility of a romantic partnership. For years I struggled with 'coming to acceptance of being alone.' I thought the answer to finding happiness was truly and honestly giving up on the hope of meeting another person. And I worked really hard for years to do it. Truthfully, I was never able to accept that - only in the early part of this year did I accept that I *did* in fact want a relationship. It was terrifying to open myself up to that, to meeting people this late in life and opening my heart. I am really proud of myself for going for it. I met a wonderful man who I believe is the love of my life - and even if he's not, he's giving me the belief that I can have love and I deserve love and the knowledge that I'm able to give it.

I would have spent more time with my father before he died this year. I would have visited him more and talked to him more. I am proud of the good relationship I had with my Dad, but I still wish I had done so much more.

The main thing I wish that I had done differently this year was my break up with my ex boyfriend. It needed to happen and it had run its course but I was mean and insensitive and hasn't really thought it all through. I don't regret the breaking up I just wish it had been done differently.

To be completely honest, I don't regret anything that has happened this year. Have I made mistakes? Probably. Has everything gone the way I wanted/expected? Probably not. Am I perfect? Yes. :) As Ben says, there is no coincidences. Every mistake or regret is a lesson. Namaste

I wish i had not wasted so much time, been more productive. I let my health problems drag me down. i have to do better this year!!!

Neither one really. My first impulse is to mock myself with something like "Flatlining anyone?" But the truth of the matter is that I love my life and it's not filled with a lot of ups and downs. I don't have major anythings. It's filled with lots of day to day grind and minor triumphs and is overall peaceful and happy. At this stage of my life I've settled into a pattern of behavior and response. I appreciate the little things. I have nearly learned not to buy trouble.

I am especially proud that I read from the Torah for the first time at age 57 . I shared this wonderful day with my husband of 25 years in honor of our 25th wedding anniversary. In the past year I wish that I had worked harder at creating my own sense of inner peace and spirituality. I also wish that I had worried less about life and worked harder at having fun.

I always wish I had made more time for writing. Perhaps this year I will.

I wish I had handled money better this year. I think it has been the most challenging thing in merging my life with someone else's. I am proud of the steps I am taking towards progress--although I have a long way to go, I've taken the first steps.

I'm still struggling with finances and the play this summer was really rough on me. And I wish he hadn't moved. BUT I'm doing well when it comes to my anxiety and I am proud of how I have learned my triggers and know what I need to do to overcome it.

I wish that I had pushed myself more professionally. I am still floundering in a job that means nearly nothing to me. I also wish that I had been more bold in my personal relationships. I have been with a woman I broke up with months ago. Sometimes I think I was weak and stayed for the sex, but really I think I was weak and stayed because of the fear of being lonely. There is very little that I am proud of from this last year.

I generally wish I'd put myself out there more - been the initiator to hang out with friends that were in town, suggested family outings, suggested skype dates. I felt pretty out of touch with people pretty much all summer and although it goes both ways, a lot of it I could have done something to prevent. I am so so so so proud of graduating!!!! From college!!!!!!! With such a high GPA and really feeling like I learned a lot both in class and out of class while I was there.

Aside from the annual "I wish I had exercised more" (or honestly, at all), I feel good about this last year. Most memorably I am proud of our family and friends who pulled together during Sandy to be of help to one another. I am proud of my daughter and the tenacity and poise shown on her way to becoming bat mitzvah.

I wish I'd worked harder at getting further in my career, but I'm thrilled with what has happened. Which goes to show that it was fear holding me back and that fear was unjustified.

I'm proud to have finished my book 'War and Peace in Combe St Francis'.

Hmmmm I am proud of how I handled the big change with moving to a new prison with all of the new responsibilities. I did not fall apart and stayed FAILRLY calm throughout it all. I am proud of the theatre performance I did with Ashley Lucas and my acting troupe at the prison. I am not proud that I have picked up a couple of drinks--I am in recovery. It was only one at maybe 2 different times, but that is not a wise decision.

I wish I had more self-love and self-discipline. I could have achieved so many things if I had better structure and self-management. I would have been far more productive. I also wish I had been more fearless. I am proud that for the last 6 months I have walked 5 miles to church every single day without fail, rain or shine. I don't lack discipline in my exercise or my faith. I also am proud that I put my mind to starting a business and I am developing a plan. I am confident in my abilities and ready to shine.

Surprisingly, I can't think of anything I regret from the last year. Maybe something I'd have done slightly differently would be to make more of an effort with my housemates. I still don't have any desire to get to know them, but I've probably come across as a little ruder than I intended. Something I'm proud of from the last 12 months is my career progression, and my very slowly increasing social confidence.

I am especially proud of the perseverance I held in finally choosing to put my health and well-being before the health and well-being of people who were unkind to and uncaring of me. It's an unusual position to be in .. I mean we're SUPPOSED to give without expectation, right? But I took this to a dangerous place and found my health had declined to such an extreme I was being warned that if I did not change something I was not going to survive. I suppose I could say that I wish I wouldn't have waited so long to do this but in truth, I believe the timing was divinely perfect. Had a waited one day less, I may not have the conviction I hold now to bring myself to nurtured and healthy success! Nothing short of revolutionary ✡

No. I feel more rightful pride in my shift into motherhood this year than I've ever felt about anything. I am basking in it, integrating the empowerment of it. I have sought help and support when I needed it too, which is empowering in its own way.

Yes. There were too many times when I did not stand up for what really mattered. This led to some professional disappointments, more power to those that abuse it, and long lasting consequences. The other day, I had a chance to correct some of that history and I took it.

I wish I had been able to start school earlier in the year, Spring semester. I am extremely proud of myself for going back to school in the Fall and paying for tuition by myself out of pocket. I am also extremely proud of my relationship with my boyfriend David.

I wish I had checked out/researched a number of things earlier. If I had, then I would, for example, have been able to get a scholarship for this new session. As it turns out, I missed the deadline. Alternatively, I'm proud that I made an A in my most difficult course last semester. I'm also proud that I finally stopped worrying about my weight and instead, started reveling in it :D

I wish I hadn't let myself feel so defeated for so long. I wish I had made myself get up and do things even when I didn't feel like it or when the world felt like too much. I'm proud of how hard and how passionately I worked on my bachelor's degree. I'm proud of choosing a major because I loved it and not because it would make me lots of money.

There has been nothing I feel I should have done differently. I am proud of the way I've dealt with all medical issues of my family.

The really glaringly obvious thing that I wish I had done differently is better allocate my energy. I worked really, really hard this year, and as a consequence I had less energy to put into my "real life" -- my relationship, leisure, pleasure. I lost more vacation days that I used. I am, though, proud of the work I've done in the past year, especially hiring three great people and staying (mostly) in good cheer while spinning a lot of plates.

You know, I'm actually really proud of how I handled last year. I prioritized work in the fall and winter. I made the correct decision to break up with Mariel in October. I bravely opened my heart to Margo in December and again in May. I took January - March and then June - August to inwardly reflect, prioritize self-care, and make space. I survived, and kept everything in balance. I went to PT, healed my ankle, ran Broad Street with my students and then the half marathon with my friend. I am so freaking proud of myself. I am mentally prepared for this next year and have the foundation to be successful. I'm proud that I maintained relationships with important people (Shira, Emma, Kathleen, Ashley) throughout the year. I honestly can't think of anything substantial that I should have done differently. Obviously my classroom management was brutal, but I don't know how I could have known in advance. All in all, congratulations on your great, hard year, Ms. Burnstein.

I wish I had continued our apartment lifestyle. I was not a fan of home ownership the first time and it doesn't appear to have improved this time. Neither can I think of anything to be particularly proud of.

I wish I could have been a stronger person for myself, not only over the last year, but throughout my life. I am proud that I can admit that and that I'm working on this for me.

Well.... Yes and no. I am pleased with my decisions and my mistakes. I don't regret what I did. However, I do wish I would have tried more new things, and gotten out a bit. Tried choir or drama or photography or yoga club. I wish i would have gotten out of my comfort zone more. I am very proud of the things I've overcome. I think of the struggle I had at this time of last year, and I am so proud of how I got through it.

I wish i had done more pinup modeling i am glad i came to SUU/ULA to b a helo pilot

I wish I had intervened earlier in my son's problems before he ended up being arrested. I kept urging him to get counseling and for a time he did, but I wish I kept after him. Alternately, I proud that I finally got a job after a prolonged job search, and even though it pays less than what I made 20 years ago, it's a job close to home with good benefits, so I did as best I could in this economy.

One of the things I am most proud of is my successful internship at Temple Sinai, in Atlanta, GA. I had an unforgettable experience that will prepare me for the rest of my personal and professional life. The friendships I made while working there have been so significant to helping me grow as a person, and as a future rabbi. Securing the internship was one of my proudest moments of the year as well. After developing a collegial relationship with a mentor, I approached him about a possible internship opportunity. When he agreed, and created the position for me, I was extremely proud that I had not only made such a wonderful friend, but that I had used a networking ability I did not know I possessed.

Frankly, I wish I hadn't slept around as much as I did. It was just a coping mechanism for me, but there isn't really any excuse if you disrespect your own feelings and your own body. It didn't do me much harm in the long run, and in a way I'm glad to get it out of the weay and have experienced it. Just another step on the long road. I'm pretty proud that I started to learn how to relate to other people better. I'm better at holding conversations and keeping in contact with others, and I'm beginning to value what's really permanent in my life. I'm also really glad that I started exercising in earnest. It's something I've always wanted to do.

I wish I would have eaten healthier and exercised more. I had lost quite a bit of weight in the past (over 50 pounds!) and it is slowly creeping back because I have not followed the "program" that had allowed me to become fit and trim.

I spent more time with both my daughters this past year and I feel closer to both of them.

I learned to love my dog unconditionally, with an open heart. I had a year to realize how precious she was to me before her death on May 5, 2013 - Cinco de Mayo. During this last year of her life she taught me patience, and joy, and forgiveness: she forgave me for my impatience and meanness during her puppyhood, this exuberant being who sought only to please. The pet psychic told us Lucy saw herself as the Ambassador of Joy, and this is how she will live in my memory.

I'm not much one to look at the past and cry about doing things wrong. They are what they are, and I did the best I could in the totality of the circumstances that existed at the time. I am proud of Joan and how hard she has fought and continues to fight for kids, both our own and in her school. I guess specifically, I'm proud of the sacrifices that we made over the last 20 years so that we can afford to pay for our kids college expenses. They won't start a professional life with tons of debt.

Like I said before, I felt like I took the wrong choice in what my subject should be. And that was a really bad feeling, because before university started, I felt like I would have to waste a whole year. But I'm rpoud of myself how I found friends at university very quickly. I'm usually very shy around people I don't know and feel like having a hard time befriending them, because I'm not the average person to deal with, but I found some really nice guys which I spend time with. And that gave me the confidence to look forward to meet new people now, when I change my subject to japanese studies.

I don't like the way I broke up with my boyfriend right before I moved from DC to SF. In fact, I don't like how I didn't really say goodbye to anyone. I wish I had not gone out so often with my coworkers- I didn't like the person I was when we were drinking together.

I wish I had devoted more time and energy to things that matter and less time and energy to things that don't matter. Things that matter: family, husband, being creative, being active, helping others in the community. Things that don't matter: shopping (a little bit is ok!), watching tv to fill time in the evening, thinking judgmentally about other people, thinking judgmentally about myself.

I am very proud of how I have resolved to learn about my migraines and have transformed my relationship with them and made big improvements in them. I also like how my spiritual life has developed and I am feeling and answering a need for it.

How many more years am I supposed to write that I wish i lost weight? I don't think i have any regrets. Sometimes i wish i just listened to people more. I am proud of how open to change and experiences and learning i was while i was away. My commitment to Swipes.

Is it crazy if my answer is no? That I don't wish I had done anything differently? Sure, I've made mistakes, I've gotten frustrated with my child, I've thought certain things were more important than they really were, but it was important growing pains that got me to where I am right now. Sure, I wish I had more time in a day (who doesn't?) but overall, these days, I feel pretty good about the decisions that my husband and I have made as parents and being a mom in general. It's definitely the most important/fulfilling thing I have ever done!

I wish I had spent less time complaining at work. I thought I was trying to make my work situation better by constructively managing up - but it seems like I complained a lot, and in the end it left a sour taste. I struggle to learn when it is appropriate to open my mouth. On the other hand, I think I learned that my job wasn't the kind of work I want to be doing. Now it's just time to start following my dreams.

I wish I was a better parent- more enlightened and more patient- and more willing to separate my goals for them from their goals for themselves. I wish I was more patient /loving towards my parents and husband as well. I am proud of going on this trip to Europe with a of them.

I wish I had taken more advantage of my first semester of freshmen year. I with I thought more, acted less, made more really smart and concise decisions. I wish I dreamed more and took more chances. We can always take more chances.

I wish that I would have put less weight in the opinions of others. I'm happy with where my life is going from a professional point of view, but I think a lot of issues that I have with my personal life stem from my constant worry of what other people will think. This is something that I am working to change. And also living a more whole-hearted life.

I shouldn't have let frustration hit me so hard. Instead of putting my best efforts to overcome the difficulties I found on the first year of my career, I got depressed and spent a month of useless crying. I could have passed the courses anyway, if I had sacrificed my holidays, but instead I chose to regret and let it be. I wish I hadn't given up, and most of all, I wish I hadn't allow myself to feel so miserable.

I wish I would have spent more time making myself a priority. I will often let events and others get put before my own needs. When I get so rundown, I get depressed or angry, and then end up feeling upset that I've once again allowed myself to get to this point. I wish I would stop before making plans and think about what I need--be it rest, alone time, or just a mental break, before committing to a billion things. I'm proud of myself this year for being ok with being single. Getting out of two questionable relationships was not easy the year before, but I have made my life happy as a single gal. Not that it isn't hard often to be the only single one with all married/dating friends, but I like my life and wouldn't want to enter into something just for the sake of not being alone. I have become a lot stronger and a lot more confident in getting to this point in my life. I am also proud of myself for competing the the running races that I have this year. 3 5Ks and a 10K. I wish that I was able to compete in the half-marathon as planned, but my recovery from my car accident just isn't gonna let the training happen before Oct. 12th. Next year. Next year, for sure.

I wish I had spent less time panicking over, wallowing in, and worrying about things I cannot control. I wish I had focused my energy and attention on the things that I can. I wish I had backed away from a bad relationship sooner than I did. I wish I'd been a better listener. I'm really proud of the fact that I stood up for myself in a situation where it really mattered. I'm proud that I was able to reflect, regroup, and do better.

No. I absolutely despise when people say things like, "live life with no regrets." But truly, most of the time you have the choice to Do What You Really Want or Settle. I like to think that in the past year especially, I have finally gotten into the Ride or Die mentality of doing what truly makes me happy. The things that really allow me to wake up joyfully each morning. Unless you are trapped by Somali Pirates, the only person who can hold you hostage in your own life is you. I choose to be free.

I'm really proud of standing up for myself against my father-in-law-to-be's bullying and controlling ways. I think it can be so easy to "give in" to make a good impression at the beginning, but the level of disrespect was so much that something had to be said or done. I exploded a few times, but i finally sat Shai down in a respectful, mature manner and laid everything out. When I connected the dots for him, he was willing to stand up for us too. And the situation is now a lot better - though certainly not perfect. We are working at being a better family.

I wish I was less influenced by stress. I had several important stressors this year and I let them make me short and impatient with my family - not at all what I wanted. At the same time, I managed all of these stressors: moved my family to FL, entered active duty in the USAF, completed my PhD, study for and passed my licensing exams and my wife gave birth to our second son. So many blessings, it makes my tension and temper seem so shameful.

I wish I would have worked out regularly. Knowing what I know in fitness, it is truly inexcusable to fail starting and continuing a moderate fitness regimen. There is no substitute for our health. This is a non negotiable. I am proud of how my family has come together for our mom. She has dementia and we are committed to keeping her safe at home where people love her unconditionally. While the mom who raised me is no longer the same women, the new, more fragile mom will be protected, praised, and loved even more for all she has given us. You face the painful times and you find a way to bring joy and a smile to all.

I feel sad that I missed being in Texas at my best friend Joy's side during her final days, or that I missed being there for her family at the memorial. I think of Joy often and I take comfort knowing that we were close friends for 25 years. I will never forget her. She was really the best friend I ever had. The one thing I am proud of this year is that I started drinking green smoothies almost every day. They taste so good and I feel so much better, I am sleeping better and less tired. My skin looks better and I have lost a few pounds. Even though I stopped when my father died recently, I am starting back up again because I have been missing them every day. :)

I am proud of how I am recovering from my mother's unexpected death and how my sister and I are working to get everything squared away. As for doings this differently, I don't so much wish as want to find ways to be less OCD about work and to find ways to be good, not necessarily perfect.

I wish I would have been a better wife. I will regret my mistakes always. Alternatively, I am so proud of the baby we created and the parents we are becoming.

The first part of this question is difficult for me. I see each thing that happens in my life as something I can learn from and don't truly regret anything because now I know that if I am presented with a similar situation (which I almost always am) I have learned from my past and can handle it better. I think what I wish I would have done differently is to not have held myself back when I was applying for jobs/looking for opportunities for my post-graduation life. But then again, I am now a different person from myself the past year and I am at a point where I don't think I'll hold myself back. I think I'll reach as far as I can. And that is something I am especially proud of.....I am ready to let myself flourish. (Also as I write this, I do wish I had been more courageous in my conversation with a certain boy....)

I wish I had the ability to let more slide off my back - politics within the community have caused much hurt and personal pain. On the other hand I was not silent - I spoke up for what I believed in, even though it meant I would be ostracized.

I am proud to have traveled with my mother and daughter to Israel. Three generations together for a week was a gift that we will have forever. The trip exceeded my expectations and gave me a new perspective of my mother. Even though I talk to her almost every day, being together for a week allowed us to have deeper and more meaningful conversations. We shared our parenting theories and I felt that she had a new respect for all that I do and why. And she also was more open about your life, marriage, childhood and parenting. I have a new appreciation for all that she has done in her life for us. I am also proud of my commitment to my meditation group and found that the gifts I received from this experience have been significant.

I wish I would have allowed more time for my last relationship I have a tendency to rush things for my outcome and I have to wait on GOD's outcome....He wants the VERY best for me and I have to trust that. I'm so glad I choose to be apart of my son school, I'm glad I volunteered and just wanted to be apart. and make myself known as an active participant in his educational development, and now it is definitely paying off. Once again to GOD be the GLORY

This past year has been full of struggle. I'm not sure what I could have done differently, though. I guess I could have stopped waiting. Waiting for things to change. Waiting for things to be the same. Waiting to make decisions based on facts that never came. I could have been more proactive in making decisions based on what was right for me and my family at that moment.

I am very happy that I invested so much of my summer into building my relationship with my family. I've been away at college for four years, and missed a lot of Roger growing up. Although this summer was my last chance to do any sort of extensive traveling, it was much better spent getting to know my brother again. I do wish that I had spent more time on things not related to career development, but as far as regrets go, that's nothing too terrible.

I wish I had been a better parent, more patient and present. I wish I had picked up my son from camp as soon as I thought that there might be something wrong...

Sure, some decisions I have made this year have not been the best, but what is done is done

I wish I was more outgoing in making friends in Seattle. I was new to town and would have liked to have gotten to really see my surroundings and meet new people. At the same rate, I wish I had started online dating. Even though I knew I was leaving town, I wish I would have started because that would have taken the pressure off of dating. I am proud that I moved to a new city, found a job, and made friends. The more I age, the more I get to know myself and while I am proud of being an introvert, there are times where I need to stretch myself to be more outgoing. I'm proud that I accomplished all that I set out to do last year, which was make money, take prereqs, gain nursing experience, and get into nursing school---all of which I accomplished.

done differently? meh, can't think of anything. especially proud of? my son. watching him grow into his 9yr old self... such a blessing to witness. to me, he is perfection. beautiful little boy.

I wish I had looked at my relationships with Alan and with Anya through a more appreciative lens, celebrating their gift and honoring our differences. Mostly I am proud of the attention I pay to keeping my relationships clear and clean.

I wish that I had spent more time looking for a new job because I am not happy at my current one. But I did learn a lot about the process of job-searching and I do feel more prepared now. I am proud that I completed a Master's degree while working full time.

I wish I'd kept on my agent more about sending me out. I haven't auditioned nearly as much as I should have been doing this year. I wish I'd asked more questions and been more open about my concerns. I let my fear of looking stupid or making her angry stand in the way of my career, and she never thinks I look stupid or gets angry when I talk to her. I'm really proud of the way I've been creating stuff pretty regularly. My blog is really starting to get a following, I'm making videos about once every 3 weeks on average which isn't too shabby, and I feel comfortable being talented and funny for the general public. I have become less afraid of self-promotion too, which has only helped me.

I wish I had been more self sufficient. Planned better, created cushions for myself instead of having to cope with a parade of adversity, some of which is self created. I did survive and move the needle forward. I have a much better professional circumstance. I "put myself out there" as a woman. I'm making real strides on my health and physical fitness. I accomplish things. Maybe not all I think I should, but I do accomplish things. I would like to be better and the every day. Take better care of myself and my surroundings and my dog.

I always wish I had done things differently, but am unsure how worth my time and energy that is. I cannot go back and change the past, I can only learn from it. I wish I had handled some of my decisions around my health and commitments or attempts to take care of my body differently. I wish I could hold myself accountable to the things I want and need for my own life to be sustainable and happy and to be able to be the partner and friend I want to be and others want to receive. I'm proud of the moments I stood for what I believed in and didn't settle. I just need to incorporate that into care and respect for myself.

I wish I had read more books. For pleasure, not for work. I got out of the habit a long time ago, and recently started reading again -- what a wonderful pleasure! I need to do it more. I'm proud of the strong family dynamic that I have built with my husband and young son. My husband is an amazing partner and co-parent, and we have a loving, fun, intelligent, sweet little boy who is deeply attached to both of us. I am so proud of my family.

I am proud of several things - I finally finished a cardigan I had been thinking about crocheting for a long time (and once I started, I completed it in a month). I led a committee that put on several successful programs for a non-profit and raised funds for another organization. I learned how to make a number of tasty salads with vegetables I never ate before (including kale). And I continued to grow musically, by singing in a women's choir as well as playing recorder in a small band.

I wish that I had not started the same habit of coming in early and leaving late... If I set the parameters the employer is always happy with the extra hours and I always recent them for thinking I should show up early everyday. it's a vicious circle. On the proud side of things, I happy with my new found swagger when it comes to talking to an old flame... it's always tricky walking backward but if you can do it with your head still looking forward, the result could be amazing.

I wish I'd been more proactive in my career. Wish I'd magically known how to be w/ people I love. I am proud that a lot of people were exposed to my artwork.

I wish I could be more time with my Father Z"L , talking more and trying to hear him more about his life, trying to hug him more !! I am proud of being a good Mother , Grandmother And good Teacher to my new after school students. I wish I could through out what I don't need at home. I am proud of being a good daughter the last time I was with my Father Z" L and I good daughter I am now with my Mother.

I'm proud to be spending more time doing things that I've wanted to do or meant to do for a long, long time, but haven't done. Sailing and playing the bass, particularly. Alternatively, I'm not writing as much as I should, and when I look back at some of the papers I've written, I realize how good I am at that. So, another thing I need to make time for.

I wish I had more patience with my son and husband. I've felt resentful about being a primary caregiver and not being able to work away from home at the moment. It's made it difficult for me to appreciate the good things, and to be grateful to G-d for small daily wonders. This year I pray for the ability to stay in the present moment and to rejoice in what I have, while I wait for the time when I will be able to contribute to the wider community with the skills I have.

I wish that I had not let the negativity at work affect me so much. I let it affect my health. Also, I let it paralyze me at times so that I was unable to have a more balanced life and to look at the possibility of getting a new job which would be better for me emotionally and leave more time for spiritual pursuits and worthwhile activities they would inspire.

I am proud of surviving....and helping others with my experiences.

I wish I had been more, ugh, pardon the word, *proactive*... I wish I had gotten myself out of that apartment situation before getting kicked out. I wish I hadn't been such a burden on my family (still wishing this...). I wish I had taken better care of my physical health. I wish I had the nerve to go out and find a community of friends.

In retrospect, I wish that I had started graduate school a semester earlier. The struggle to find suitable employment should have been a clue and I didn't catch it. On the upside, I am pleased with the fact that I have started graduate school and finished the summer term with 4 A's.

What comes to mind is how fortunate I am for the lesson of following my inner guide. I'm also learning how I CAN have what I want , and be who I want - no limits except ME. Added to that is my lesson of letting go, and knowing that things happen the way they do for a higher reason. Knowing these, I have no regrets, only acceptance, and appreciation for it all. I learn from each experience, and move on. There are many many lessons to be learned and to improve on every day of my life. I'm most grateful to all the teachers in my life - everyone that I know.

I wish I'd made more of an effort to learn Portuguese before going to Brazil. I had some CDs that I listened to in the car on the way to rugby sometimes and I went to Monday conversation meet-ups for a few weeks, but I soon realized that what I was learning was way too formal and only a tiny, tiny bit of vocabulary. What am I proud of? I quite like where my life is right now. I have lots of stuff to keep me busy and entertained, to keep the black dog away. I open myself up to experiences. I was quite chuffed to pass my yo-yo fitness test last week. I feel a bit chubby and I've got a weakness for snacks and treats too often but I reached the level that was expected of me - but nothing more. My mum makes me proud when we discuss what's going on in my life and she expresses admiration for the way I live my life, sucking up culture and experiences. I'm quite proud of the way I handled buying a new car. I figured out it was time to change after two years in a row of expensive repair bills after servicing. Instead of rushing into it, feeling pressured by Toyota's sales tactics, I took my time, saved up and ended up with a car I love with all the bells and whistles I could have wanted. I used the bank of mum and dad so I didn't even need a loan or a finance deal. I'm proud of the way I can talk myself out of spending money unnecessarily instead of buying things on impulse. If you don't buy straight away and just leave it for a few days, you realize you didn't really want or need the thing in the first place.

It feels really dangerous to consider whether or not I wish I'd moved here a year ago, because I feel like that's a slippery slope towards shame and regret. I am certainly older and wiser, and plan to take the advice of Cheryl Strayed and Adrienne Rich for the future: "I choose to love/ this time/ for once/ with all my intelligence." I'm proud of the tenacity and courage I've shown in the face of so much adversity this year, including the move, the job search, establishing new community, the breakup, setting up a solo apartment, and jumping out of a plane!

I wish I had been better about maintaining my diet and exercise routine since I moved. I also wish I had opened myself up to making new friends and dating since I've moved...I'm still pretty lonely here, and eating poorly and feeling badly. I think I let the stress of the move affect the way I feel about myself, and I lost sight of my priorities for myself in the process.

I wish I had spent less precious time wallowing in doubts and other dissipations, less time looking outside of myself for meaning and purpose. There is no one gonna save me but myself! Thusly, I wish I had spent more time working, whether inspired or not, in order to break through the temporary malaise as it comes. I wish I had been more joyfully committed to disciplined practice. Alternately, I am proud of the many many hours I did spend in devoted commitment to joyful work, the hours painting the illuminated pages, the hours arranging the ideas into sentences, the hours doing what I am here to do.

I still have so much to learn about how to be a good person: to be kind, respectful, patient, generous, truthful, loving. To be really present with people, to connect to others, to help them share their burdens. I'm happy with the progress I've made studying Mussar, but I hope to do even better this coming year.

I wish I had not created so much animosity in my classroom this year. I allowed a student to "get my goat" and I lost my temper with him, creating ill feelings among the other students in my class which sparked a backlash from parents. I sullied my reputation as a patient teacher and did not at all help the student resolve any of his issues which spurred the actions leading to my losing my temper. I am especially proud of the time, effort and patience I put in to help my mother-in-law clean her closets in preparation for selling the home they have lived in for 48 years.

I wish I would've accepted my situation earlier and learned to be happy with what I have. I am proud of myself for taking more time for myself and starting the decluttering process in the house.

I'm especially proud of the fact that I was able, at the age of 50, not only go back to school but pull a 4.0. Both semesters. I wish I had decided earlier that I wanted to look into a doctoral program, and actually broadened my search to include different schools within my preferred university.

I wish I had been able to have more time to myself, and more time for a social life. I miss having friends, although I am very close to my sisters, and I'm lucky to have a few close friends. I also would have liked to exercise more, but for me it is always a lack of time. I'm very proud of the work I've done with my sister on Shoe Banter. Our first book will be coming out in a few weeks. I am excited and proud of this work. I started piano lessons, and am slowly improving my skills.

Completed CPCC

I am proud of living loving kindness whether or not others show that to me I am proud of learning more and more not to take other people's responses, personally I am proud of working at my painting and as a result , authentically feeling that I am a painter , something I long ago thought I just had not been gifted. Keeping my footprint reasonably small...for an American!

I would have explored my strengths and promoted myself more this year. I am really grateful for Just Faith. I am grateful for the opportunity to share my wealth. I am not wealthy by money standards but I have a lot to give.

No, I don't think so, regrets seem to be a thing of the past for me now.. and they used to haunt me.. I am proud that I did not let fear cripple me this past year, despite my diagnosis of cancer, and the ominous specter of surgery and chemo.. I took it into stride and did not let those that love me suffer because of me, it made me strong and I am proud of that..

I still need to make more time for the people in my life. Maintain old friendships, not fall out of contact with people, listen when people are talking to me. I know so many wonderful people, and I'm lucky. I regret taking so long to go to the new synagogue for the first time, but I'm proud of finally facing my fear and going. Similarly, I feel bad about falling off the wagon a bit - a lot - with exercise and eating well, but I also feel like we're doing really well now.

I try to live with no regrets. By that I mean I rarely wish I had done something different. Having said that, I of course have small situations that I wish I would have handled differently. In most cases these are situations when I have let my own insecurities guide my choices resulting in snappiness, curtness, or making others fell less than they should. From this past year, I am especially proud that I have lived a full life. I say "yes" more often to social events and have had a very full and fun social calendar. The downside of this....1) I am sometimes tired, 2) I haven't spent this time focusing on diet and exercise and 3) because so much of this time is spent with David I haven't opened myself up to other men who might fulfill my desire for love.

I wish I had learned how to better handle my weariness instead of letting it work against me in professional and personal situations.

I wish I'd taken a job offered to me instead of staying at my current company. I'm proud I haven't killed anyone I work with!

I planted a garden this year, with tomatoes, cucumbers and peppers. I made about a dozen pints of spaghetti sauce and more jars of pickles than I could count. I also made jams and jellies and blanched and froze corn, green beans and various fruit. Canning is hard work, but it's awesome to look at the jars of sauce, pickles and preserves. I feel good knowing that my canned goods are totally homemade with no additives or preservatives, and they are good for my family to eat. My hope for next year is to add more "canning skills" and perhaps use a pressure canner. I want to can my produce in jars as they are taking up prime space in my freezer! I also want to can soups, especially when I have a lot of leftovers!

As always, I wish I had written more. I wish I had danced more. Fortunately, both of these are fixable. As to being proud, I'm glad I've been able to get my life together after being ill for so long. My renovation is almost done (and that took so much). I feel like I'm on the cusp of a very positive period of my life.

Quit drinking sooner

I wish I had made more progress this year. Progress in the house, progress career wise, and progress in dating. And, for goodness sake, I started out the year so good with fitness and diet, and now I'm up north of 190. Next year will be better!

I wish that I had prioritized things differently: I would have worked less and spent more time with friends, family, and developing deeper relationships.

I promised myself I would lose weight. I have struggled with being a "chubby child" and carrying those extra pounds through more years than I care to admit to. I know what to do, I just don't know how to do it. There are always excuses. Maybe I will do it this year. I will set my resolve to succeed. I must get beyond the dream to the reality.

I spent too much of this year "just getting through," and wish I had lifted my head, been more vulnerable, and asked more questions of my loved ones. I wish I had been able to be more honest with myself about the different between how I thought I should feel and how I actually felt.

I wish I would have stuck to my guns about being treated better. I don't know why I let things go until we couldn't or wouldn't talk to each other, and so we just exploded. Instead of having a difficult conversation eight months ago, we abruptly ended an eight-year relationship and haven't spoken since.

We recently moved. I wish I could have done it better. There was a ton of life change going on - moving states, changing jobs, surprise pregnancy. I was pretty depressed & miserable throughout the year. I wish I could have gone through it with more grace & faith. I am proud of the growth that we are experiencing as a family, especially as it relates to our relationship with God.

Would have likes to have changed jobs. Do like that step up and requested a new role at the job I have.

worried less. learned to accept where i am and worry less.

I wish that I had learned to trust myself sooner, which is something I am continuing to work on. Life is too short to be second guessing. Mistakes must be made, and O wish I wasn't afraid to make mistakes.

I wish I had made more time available for my grownup children and my grandchildren.

I wish I was more proactive with sending out resumes, and getting a director's certification to improve my salary. I am especially proud that I went on my own and made tribute ribbons to honor(if that's the way you want to call it)the marathon victims in Boston. I raised some $$ for the Boston One Fund!

I wish I learned more about gardening. I had the time, but I guess the motivation wasn't there. I also wish I put more effort into my artistic endeavors. I am, however, proud that I had a paper published, and I organized and chaired an important scientific meeting in my field.

I wish I had been able to ease my friend's suffering when she was dying as I promised her I would. I realize now that I shouldn't have made that promise as there was no way I could control what happened. I will not make that mistake again; however, I will continue to educate family, friends, and strangers about palliative and hospice care in the hopes that this won't happen again. Alternatively, I am pleased (maybe proud too) that many of the seeds I have planted over many years while working with local public schools have sprouted. Teaching about peace and the Holocaust is the best work I am doing in my later years.

I wish I had posted my monthly goals on the back of my office door each and every month. I've learned, that which you track, you achieve. It was quite reckless and irresponsible not taking ownership of my year and letting get my results get out of hand.

I wish I had been able to help my younger child more with school. I wish that I had insisted on a teacher change or gotten her a tutor for math. I'm so very worried for her this school year. I'm proud of how I've gotten through some challenging times going back to my mother-in-law's Alzheimer's diagnosis to my father-in-law's death as well as the depression that often comes up for me in summer time.

I wish I would've been more true to myself. Even when I was truly convinced I was being genuine, I can see now how I was just trying desperately to hold on to someone who was never fully there. I wish I wouldn't have fallen in love with a man who never felt like home. But I am so, so proud of myself for learning to pick myself up when I fall, even if it's still a work in progress. I'm so proud of the positive changes I make every single day as a result of the better person I've become. I'm determined to use this past year as a stepping stone on the way to my best self.

I'm proud of persevering and getting a full time job after being in temp limbo for almost a year.

I wish I had a few options of what I would want to major in for college. Now it is a tough decision and random classes chosen. I am proud of passing high school and taking the next step into college, furthering my education and setting myself up successfully for the future.

I wish I had been a better sister to my brother and sister. Mark and I have been spending more and more time together and it has come at the expense of seeing them. I think to some extent the same is true for my friend but most of them live in San Francisco so it is easier to see them. I'm really proud of myself for hunkering down, studying for the GRE, pwning it and applying to grad school. Yeah, I wish I had gotten in to grad school, but I did everything I could and put my best foot forward. I'm also proud of how I've handled my relationship with Mark. I think I have become more assertive and am better able to express myself to him.

My biggest regret is my frequent lack of patience with my husband and our younger son. They are two of a kind -- and often quite mysterious to me -- but I need to do a better job of loving them unconditionally.

I had more friend troubles this year, and as always, I could have handled the situations much better rather than push people away.

I let myself go physically this year-- a learned helplessness about diet and exercise that I can't affort to continue. I have to do better this year- at my age, the costs of inaction will extend beyond just my looks.

I think that if I had to do something differently I would say I wish that I had met more people, I know that when I met Jim I was excited to meet his friends but really spent most of my time with him. I was expected that relationship to last the rest of the time in NY because it was comfortable and we never really had any disagreements, but when we broke up I realized that I hadn't made any friends that could last out of that relationship, which is unfortunate. I really enjoyed the time we spent together, but if I would have spent a few more nights a week going to Hillel grad programming or finding Jewish events around NYC to go meet new friends I could have had something to fall back on in addition to Nathan, Adam Alison and Ali. I really would like to spend this next year finding some female friends , because I have found with growing older there is less room in life for male female friendships. As soon as one person is in a relationship the friendship isn't as important, and I seem to chose male friends on potential for getting naked or future relationships. Alternatively, I am proud of how I have spent my time here in NYC. I have met random people done fun things, eaten interesting foods, lived without a car for transportation and become more independent. I have really used this adventure to grow and I love that!

I wish I didn't let myself get distracted by something I knew was going no where

I wish I would have taken more college courses face-to-face. The whole online college experience has really left me flat. I miss the interaction with other students, and with the professor. Email is just not the same as talking one on one with another person

I wish that had been more mindful in my personal relationships. Sometimes I focus on one detail of my life that is not going well and it blinds me to all of the good that is around me. I wish I had been more active in creating and maintaining the friendships--those are the relationships that define who I am and which help me to be a better person.

I am especially proud of my role as a Ph.D. student rep in my department. You can do this role by being very passive and doing the minimum possible. Instead, I took it upon myself to use the official capacity to actually try and change things. What I am most proud of is the fact that we tried some thing that actually failed. But if you do not try you don't really know. Some things that people said: "hey, we should do that." Instead of saying it I just ahead and did it... While such roles are sometimes ungrateful, as possible do not always cooperate as expected I am glad I was able to proactively do new things.

This year I wish I put more effort into my senior year basketball season. I was the captain and I was a strong leader for my team, but as a player I could have improved my skills and prepared for the season a lot more. I am very proud of being the girls basketball team though and it was a great accomplishment and I hope I succeeded as a captain. I am also proud of graduating high school and becoming a licensed cosmetologist. I hope I continue to push myself.

I wish I had started affirming that I love myself sooner. It makes life so much easier. Oh, well, I'm doing it now.

Hmmm...I wish I had been there for my mom a bit more. We lost my dad three summers ago, and although I really love my mom in all her neurotic splendor, I don't always make the time to go into town and see her. I'd like to see her and spend more time with her this year. We have fun together when it's just the two of us. I continue to stay clean and be a loving wife to my husband and a solid, understanding mom to my two sons. I am someone who listens when they talk with me and who shares my honest opinion with them when they ask (and truth be told, sometimes when they don't). I have made special efforts to be a good friend to those who have continuously been there for me in the past. Finally, I have forged a deeper connection with the God of my understanding. That connection has helped me to feel supported at all times and to feel connected to myself, the people who are important to me, and the world around me as well.

I wish I had spent more time with my son....not more time, but more intent. My goal is to spend more intentional time with Ian....he is brilliant and it is of him that I am most proud...even though he had a mess of a year academically--he is beginning to see the meaning and purpose behind that which he is asked to do.

I have learned to care and share more fully and openly. I am now unexpectedly friendly and kind, particularly to many passing acquaintances and casually friendly folk. It is awesome. It makes me feel wonderful and very happy. Next I plan to try hard to do likewise with the truly difficult and hardest people in life: those closest and dearest. Wish me luck and courage, world -- I am going to need both.

I wish that I went to Kripalu for the yoga dance certification. I am especially proud of the fact that I am starting grad school. yay!!!!!

Differently in the past year? No. I try to live my life with no regrets, which means that I have to make the right decisions up front so that I don't have to worry about them 'after the fact'. And yes, what I am especially proud of is the fact that I am able to find my compassionate center, even when someone wrongs against me.

Wish I'd done differently: Worked with a business coach sooner. Waiting until I was suicidal was stupid. Proud of: Working with a business coach and turning my life around.

I am very proud that I got more politically involved in education. I spent a lot of time attending meetings and talking to important people who make decisions in the city. I had decided to do this at the beginning of the year and it worked well for me. I hope to do this more in the future.

I wish I had handled the drama at work a little better. There are some damaged people I work with and much to my dismay, I seem to just be unable to just let it go - I take the negativity into myself and allow it to affect my day. Yeah, I am hoping I will do better this year... and I am proud that this year I let go of my picture of myself as a poor grandma, abused by the system and the caregiver (and all the other negative spins I gave to my situation/life). I am proud that I prayed for peace and happiness in this situation. I really could have continued to go this way and made a lifetime of this....very happy to have moved past it.

I did not even look for a job. Maybe I should have done that, but instead found a great volunteer opportunity. I have been at it for seven plus months. I did the same sort of job when I was in my 30's and can now see how bad I was at that job then. I am much better at it now. When younger, I thought I was too good for the job. It turns out I was not. I keep thinking I can turn the volunteer position into a part-time paid position, but I probably cannot. My feelings are mixed. I was also asked to serve on the Board of a local organization, another volunteer position. Also I decided to organize a local art project for my neighborhood. That is turning out scary. I think it could eat all my time up and then end up in failure. Not sure what will happen. I feel like my plate is full, but still not too stressful so far. Anyway, I feel like I am being perceived as being intelligent, competent, and a leader. It does my ego good, but I do not want to fall on my face.

I wish I had taken more time to pray

I am proud that I stood up for myself when Terry drifted from me and I had to confront him and Nancy Spottiswoode. Both were painful. Also telling the Shea family what was going on thru email. It wasn't elegant, but it was truthful and raw and even though the reactions hurt--dan, ann, frank, john, nothing from zdena, I was myself and I was honest. I also was honest by reaching out to friends and telling the truth. So painful. So good. Especially being vulnerable with Cath Ross Perry. Hard and good. With Rabbi Stacy. Hard and good. All hard and good!

I hung onto a relationship in which someone didn't care about me. I wouldn't give up or take the hint. At the same time, I hung on to this relationship because this person was suffering. Which was right? I don't know.

I am very proud of the exhaustive and successful school search I did for my eldest daughter. While I value my work as a stay-home mother, I am also acutely aware of the financial impact my staying home has on our family. I found a terrific public school which will give my kids the best education available, and save us $30,000 per kid, per year.

I wish I had slowed down, stopped at times, and just listened to what felt right. Maybe I was scared if I stopped I wouldn't like what I saw or felt. I would have to face too many painful things. But as a result, we made a decision to move that we now feel was the wrong decision. I am proud that I used this low point as a learning moment and have taken it as an opportunity to lay the foundation of mindful awareness practice in my life.

I wish I had made getting exercise a priority- I really let my physical shape slide a little this year and worse, I found myself dealing with anxiety poorly because I wasn't using my body correctly. I would like to try to make exercise a regular part of my week again this year!

I wish I had been more proactive in getting my brother to move out of my home and into a place of his own. He seems to be stuck here. I now have his commitment to move this month. I'm really proud of what I have built at my job and the work I've begun on fulfilling my sacred purpose.

I'm proud that I concluded 14 months of hosting a weekly radio program for Northwest Public Radio without making any major mistakes, and with fairly steady improvement both technically and psychologically. Whew!

I wish I would've been able to focus more on the big picture sometimes and not let the little things bother me. I am really proud of how well I was able to commit myself fully to all projects I've been a part of and finish things through to the end, specifically sticking out awful projects.

I regret a lot and am proud of nothing I am still awful with finances I still hermit too much I wish i had tried to find better housing instead of being lazy and renewing I wish i had not wasted money on all those dating sites I got a mohawk and raised almost 200$ for the EFF Q and I drove from TX to VA I finally go to the TX Ren Faire

I guess I wish I had held out for a better job. Or that I had applied myself more to getting a different job once I realized this one sucks. I was proud of getting more involved in the effective altruism movement. It's so exciting to be part of a budding community and get recognition (even if maybe it goes to my head too much.)

I wish I had stuck up for myself. I wish I shielded myself against people who try to do me wrong, who don't have my interests in mind, who take advantage of me. I wish I had shown more love, and more affection to the people I love and the people who love me. I wish I had reached out to family more. I wish I had taken better care of my body. I wish I had found more time away from work. I wish I had talked to my children more I wish I had listened to my children more I wish I had made love to my wife more I wish I had cooked dinner more

I wish that I had saved more money over the past year. It is always tough to survive the summer season as a PhD student, so I wish that I had been able to build up a better financial cushion.

On top of breaking my wrist, my spouse began an accelerated recovery from viral cardiomyopathy . We run our own teeny tiny jewelry business (he's the jeweler and I do everything else) and we make everything by hand and to order. He'd been really sick most of 2012 but was starting to get better when I shattered my wrist. Oh Noes, I thought! Are business is really a two person business not a one person and one fucked up and can't work person business! What would we do? And he just rose to the occasion - doing all his work and all mine and all the cooking and cleaning AND taking care of me! We not only survived but we thrived. I am very proud of him for all his hard and self-less work and of me for not giving up and sinking into a pool of self-pity (more than a few times anyway!).

I wish I had tried harder to talk to my Dad in the months before he died.

What would I have done differently? Hmm, don't know...I think this past year was all about renewal, rebirth, learning about myself, and where I want to go, what I want to do. It was all good, even the not so good stuff. I feel like I am giving birth to my life, and sometimes the labour pains are tough....but they are part of the process. I am proud of stretching my boundaries...at work, going for a new job, at home, trying to make it on my own, in love, saying goodbye to the man I love, because it hurt too much that he belongs to another. Going on dates, who would have thought? Even if they did not bring me love, they brought me much more...an insight into what I really want for myself. AND, I climbed Dunns River falls in Jamaica, and kissed a dolphin, and joined Boot Camp!!

I am most proud of the work I did in the past year. September 2012-August 2013, I was able to work on some amazing projects, come up to speed on something complex pretty darn quickly, and most importantly, be value-add nearly immediately. My reputation and standing as someone who takes responsibility and is accountable for my actions is something I am extremely proud of this year and I hope to see that continue. The thing I wish I had done differently is stuck with my workout plan. I started, sputtered and stopped so many times this year, haven't been out on my bicycle nearly as much as I ought. And if I'd just stuck with it I'd be at my goal. So that's my personal challenge for the upcoming year.

Part of me says, "Where do I begin?!?" and part of me recognizes the imperfect but at the time well-intended steps I have taken. I wish I had handled my job search better and had not been in so much of a rush to claim the proverbial trophy of a new job, and yet so far things are as decent as I could likely hope for. I was in some ways in the best position to have done some soul-searching and found something I felt a bit more passion for, and yet searching for perfection isn't always possible or realistic. I wish I had not felt so sorry for myself financially with my job loss - that was poor on my part. I am very proud, however, of how my children have grown - some of that is just growth they would have done on their own of course, but I am proud of how they behave and the expectations we have set for them. I'm proud of the home we're giving them and the values we're displaying. I am very proud that they live a largely un"media"ted existence and that it is a natural part of our lives to live that way - not under a rock, but not ensnared in media either. I am proud not of being a bit different, but rather that we have consciously chosen to ask questions and make choices in keeping with our values, rather than just doing what people "do" in our culture. I hope we always do this as our kids grow, and as we grow. This is a legacy I can be proud of. And it will trump not knowing my perfect career path.

I'm proud that I'm learning who I am and how to take care of myself.

I wish i had been a little more devoted to school. It's taking me too long to realize the true importance of the knowledge i should be receiving. I'm proud that i haven't just given up on my education though. I'm doing everything i can to make it through these coming months. It's not easy both financially and mentally but i know some day i will look back and say "worth it."

It took reinjuring my knee to get me started, but I am very proud of the progress I made in rehab, joining the Y, and am now 5 months into a water aerobics and strenght training/cardio program. For a non- athletic person, I am changing the way I appreciate my body and my growing strenght and mobility.

Wish I had stayed on track with my weightloss program and not have to lose those pounds AGAIN! Still pleased with the 100 lb loss.

I really wish I knew my dad knew how much I loved h him and how grateful I am for everything he did for me. Even though I told him often, it feels like I never said it enough. I just wish I had done more for him. Called more, even though we spoke several times a week. Visited more, even though I came as often as I could. I just wish I had more time.

Once again, I have done little to manage my diet and eat more healthy foods. On the flip side, I have been diligent about working out with my personal trainer.

I wish that i could've been more patient with my mom as her memory started failing, i wish that i could've been more patient with my dad when he couldn't hear me because his hearing is failing. God grant patience with my aging parents to treat them with kindness and respect them for all they have done for me in my life. Im proud that i learned how to meditate and find peace in my life, i'm proud to have found God again, i'm proud that i learned how to take better care of myself, i'm proud that i have learned to become more compassionate to other people. I'm proud to be in AlAnon. I'm proud of my son for fighting against the disease of addiction. I'm learning to make better decision, and learned to set boundaries to protect myself.

I really wish that we had gotten all new kitchen cabinets instead of just getting the doors redone. I sort of like the results but I think that I would have liked new cabinets better.

I wish I had saved more. I'm especially proud of my youngest daughter graduating high school and moving away to college. Great adventures ahead

This year I was an especially good dad. My son and I have spent many hours together as he has learned to drive. I feel so honored to share his growth into adulthood and am tickled by how much my impression of him has changed by this one simple activity.

I wish I had been better at using my time wisely and accepting the help of others.

I wish I had been less impatient with my wife. She has Parkinson's and needs me not to finish her sentences or try to rush her through things or talk in the middle of her thought so she loses it. I need to be less cranky and more understanding. I have been seriously working on this and on being less snarky, something I have been doing since birth. The crankiness and the impatience are related. Criticism and judgementalism are tied in as well. I am trying to let these things go.

I wish I didn't stop long distance running. It is SO hard to get back into the habit!

I wish I would have spent more quality time with the ones I love and care about. I wish that I did not waste so much time in resentment, anger and negativity. Nothing,again this year that I can say that I am truly proud of.

I've been working diligently on my communication skills for a number of years and feel like I am improving and finding better ways to be honest with myself and others. This has led to closer relationships with friends (who I have also learned so much from in the process) but I'm also still struggling that I haven't found a way to communicate with my aunt and am worried about losing her in my life.

This past year I wish I had stuck with more things I set forth to do. I wanted to get over my fear of crowds and speaking to large groups of people--this has been a main factor in why I haven't been going to school. Oral presentations and group projects will cause me to immediately drop the class. I wish I was further along in my goal to teach, and wish I was 100% I wanted to go INTO teaching. I also with I ate better. I want to be healthier and a better runner but I am stuck at the same level I've been at for over 2 years now. I'm not proud of much this year. I wish I could say I was, but I'm really not. I wanted to have written another book by December but it's not happening. This year has been incredibly disappointing for me, and I hope next year I really try harder.

Yes. I wish I had gone to see a therapist earlier than May to talk about my relationship with my boyfriend. Proud - proud of the work that I have done and the bills I have paid off.

I wish I had stopped submitting to my parents and calling them at 9pm every evening. I wish I had lived my life instead of putting it off for a future that will never be.

I wish I had gotten to know some people in my life more. Sometimes I feel that I focus so much on what I need to get done that I leave out important people in my life. I understand that I need "me" time but sometimes I get so wrapped up in it that it leads to anxiety. This whole year I had been working on the coming out process. That was a major change in my life and it's a very personal individual struggle that came out in the open, so to speak. This individual struggle manifested in some of my graduate studies at Brandeis as well which lead for me to focus more on that work. However, I did work a lot with people on the project so I suppose that is opening myself up. What I am really trying to say is that I wish I could have learned from others and realized that others are there for me rather than just talking about what is going on in my mind. I need to find the proper balance of I and them.

I wish I had bought that supportive desk chair I'd been eyeing a couple of years ago...my body is beginning to suffer from the hard one I've been using for 12 years, and the cushions I buy wear down pretty quickly.

I wish I had done nothing differently. My life wouldn't be where it is today if I changed anything. I'm especially proud of my ability to continuously strive and push myself forward. Leaving my job was a tough and scary decision, but it lead to an even greater opportunity--my new job.I feel like I finally belong somewhere.

I wish we'd talked to Jane sooner about moving so we would t be in such a crunch now! I'm incredibly glad we splurged on a big trip to Costa Rica. We had an amazing time and completely reconnected.

I wish that I had planned for college more. Now I'm in my junior year and very unprepared for the future. It's giving me a lot of anxiety and sadness this year.

I don't think there is anything I should have done. I did what I could do and I am where I wanted to be.

I wished that I could change the way I eat for my baby and my body. Sometimes I think I give in to too much oily food + junk food. If only I could put in more effort to learn how to cook and get up earlier to prepare healthier meals for us. I'm happy that I've managed to put all fears aside (so far) and overcome all challenges in my pregnancy. I fell down recently (which was really quite bad) but I'm proud that I still moved on and persistently exercise despite the discomfort I felt. I think letting out the emotions and feeling emotional at times isn't that bad a thing, if we know not to dwell into it.

I wish I could have gone into this past summer with a different attitude. I wish I didn't let things get to me so much. I wish I had gotten surgery on my hip, too.

There is always too much that I wish I'd done differently. 1) I wish I'd kept up a writing schedule. 2) I wish I hadn't let myself feel overwhelmed by how much I had to do, such that I'd do anything BUT what I needed to. 3) I wish we'd better instilled activity and unity in our kids. I feel tired so I let them lounge around. It's not good for any of us, but it's hard to change patterns. Now good stuff. 1) I'm proud that I became what my mother calls "tenacious" about seeing through a major life change like buying a new house and working to sell the old one. I did it all and just gave update reports to my husband. 2) I'm proud that I started paying attention to what I'm eating and how much. I've lost weight, and because I lost weight, could finally rationalize the breast reduction I'd needed and wanted. I'm starting to feel better about the way I look.

I wish I had lived last year knowing it was Mark's last year. I could have done more for him. I never believed he would die. He didn't believe he would die. It's almost 5 months, and I am still not over the shock of it all. I know Larry for 2 weeks now, and I am happy/scared not knowing where that is going to go. I am proud that I have lost 15 lbs. over the last year. Lots more to go, but I am proud of this so far. Wish Mark had lived to see me get thin again, and clean my office!

I wish that I had spent more time on spiritual growth and less time on Facebook. I wish that I had worked harder toward completion of one of my creative projects. I was so fearful of things that I could not control that I allowed my fears to paralyze me.

I wish I had organized my time better and not procrastinated so much. I knew I needed to have this project done by August. Now I'm under deadline and very stressed.

I wish I'd focused more time on working on projects outside of my work but I am proud of how I managed to wrap up my dissertation with relatively minimal stress. And I did so while also applying for jobs, networking like mad, and writing research proposals. Not all that bad, over all. Could have tried for better balance or perhaps that's just the best strategy when finishing up 6 years of graduate work.

I don't know. I wish I had known how not to get so emotionally invested. In Pace, in the WWL and I am sure in other areas too. I don't know how not to care. I don't see the point in not caring. Being a director mean every choice is important, so you need to care. I am not proud that I don't know how to turn the other check. But at the same time, why should you turn the other check when you're right? Am I allowed to be right? My mother tried to teach me the lesson, "you don't have to be right." But what if giving in gives power to someone who doesn't deserve it? Just sit with the desire to be right? Sit with the feeling you are right? I wish I had handled my impulses differently.

This year I was especially proud of my commitment to swim every day in January and stay in the Top 10 for my age division for distance. I couldn't do this every day, but for a month, it was incredible. I improved my stroke and stamina and really just focused on me for an hour to hour and a half each day. It's still paying off and I'm glad that I built such a strong base as I haven't been swimming as much since my job started in June. As far as done differently... I wish Paul and I had gotten more out of our counseling sessions. Maybe he wasn't the right counselor. Maybe I should have prepared more for each session. I'm not really sure. The sessions helped, but I don't know if they'll be enough.

I really wish I'd acted more professional and not let my anxiety control me in the workplace. However, at the same time I am proud of how far I've come in regards to my anxiety issues and coping.

I wish I had meditated daily and exercised daily. I wish I spent more time with friends and worked less. I am proud that I took risks at work and got some extra help. I m proud that I have focused on my healing. I wish I could find a way to work less and to have a stronger clearer vision for my work.

There's been highs and lows but I'm happy with where I am now so wouldn't change a thing.

I guess I wish I had taken the time during my maternity leave to look for a new job. Because now I have two kids, a husband and a full time job that requires a 50 minute daily commute...no time to find something new. I'm feeling stuck and I hate that feeling. Alternatively, I'm really proud of how I've been trying to "Lean In" at work. Even though I kind of hate it there...I'm proud of myself for trying to go for it - as long as I'm there, I may as well get the most out of it.

I wish I did not react to fear by shutting down... and I wish I had taken the GRE or GMAT (or something). I am proud of having made progress on job prospects and for exploring more of ME by doing PSI. I am taking chances and hope that the universe will help my achieve my personal and professional goals.

I am proud of the bravery I have shown in the past year. I've lived a more authentic life, moved in with a man I love, chosen a career path with more unknowns and greater chance for personal joy, and maintained my integrity where I may have buckled before. In spite of those wonderful accomplishments, I wish I would have developed more personal connections with friends, family, and community. I need to be brave enough to embrace my introverted nature while still investing in people in my life.

I wish that I had at least the slightest bit of ambition. I have no desire to be around people, and while I need money, I can't seem to make myself really look for work. It doesn't matter that I'm smart, I just can't figure out how to make money at home, alone. I wish I did almost everything differently.

Professionally, I did very well for myself and the start up company I took a leap of faith and joined. I got a great hike and much appreciation. I'm very proud of that. I do wish that I was not supercilious with my brother, husband and parents too. I got uptight and stuck up sometimes. I'm quite glad I finally followed up on the pending PF. I wish I had done it in my earlier firms too.

There are a lot things I wish I had done differently this year and hopefully I can continue to strive to make the changes I need to change. One of those things was letting a friendship deteriorate because of my lack of time management and my procrastination issues. Alternatively, I am proud of myself for contacting my sister and trying, once again, to make it work. :D So far, so good...

I wish I had learned earlier to be more patient with Mum. I struggle with it and actively try, but I do slip up. She and I have had trouble communicating since I moved and a bit before then, but it's got incredibly worse since I moved. We argue a lot and I know that I contribute sometimes. I also know that my response to instigation has the power to halt a confrontation. I need to focus and learn how to halt such communications. More than this though, I need to communicate more calmly with Mum and exercise patience.

I wished I had been more honest to myself. This means that I wished I was more honest regarding to my feelings and thoughts toward my friends. It could have saved me a lot of drama. I am very proud of the fact that, in the end, I learned to be more honest. This makes me very happy and unstressed.

I wish I'd spent less time watching TV, playing games, and more time reading and connecting with God ad my soul.


been more careful with what i spend my money on and trying to save more

I wish I behaved differently towards a man. I wish I hadn't been so overdriven, so crazy, so desperate and, perhaps, I wish I hadn't been me. I can't but think that I should have done something else to keep him. Without even knowing if I could do anything at all. As for being proud - well I feel proud about how much I did to study music - my long-loved dream.

I wish I had stood up to boss kim I wish i was more compassionate with ash... I wish i was more giving person to men ... Especilly proud of CCM test and what it took to get there

I wish I was more skillful in how I support the most important people in my life, especially my beloved. I am blessed with great clarity and insight. And, I aim to develop my ability to be more patient, to allow more space for others to feel completely heard and to then be able to discover answers for themselves . I love to serve, and I think this will make my service even more powerful.

placed less focus on my romantic relationships (or different focus) and more focus on career and intentional personal growth proud of making mistakes that i can learn from

I wish I had made more time to connect with other people this year. I had defined this year as a time of personal growth, and I am proud of all the leaps I have made in focusing my attention on understanding my talents and finding solo activities that bring me happiness. However, this all came at the expense of closing off the opportunity for new friendships and weakening some of my longest relationships. I would like the coming year to be a time where I open myself up to the world again.

This year I took on an annual activity with more resolve and attention to detail than I have in years past. I learned so much from organizing this one event, which had grown to enormous proportions over time. In the end, all the details made life much easier for those I was coordinating, but what I was most grateful for was seeing how my attitude about this work had changed. As always, there were errors- and I was able to see that somehow in the pressure of getting everything done not everything was done right: And Let That Go. Historically, I'd have honed in on what went wrong, this time I really gave myself credit for what went right, and allowed myself to just learn from did not, rather than let all my energy be consumed by regret for mistakes. In one case, it wasn't clear where the error came from, and I did let that consume more of my time, energy, and reverted to obvious annoyance in the process- so I still have work to do. But in general, this was a big improvement from years past. The other lesson from this event was that there were times I needed to make decisions that people with more authority were unwilling to make. I learned that my suggestions bore weight and deserved to be heard. In a situation where I am only one of a larger committee, I often defer to those with more clout- and it became clear that someone with more knowledge needed to take more of a leadership role, and by assuming that authority things went better. That's a confidence builder I'd not been able to do before, and I think it was directly related to letting go of the perfectionist grumble described above. Finally, the one regret in all of this is that back at the office, people were feeling I was unavailable to them while I let this one event consume me. Other aspects of my job suffered. Finding balance, a way to delegate and stay connected to all the duties I'm assigned, will be this year's project.

I'm proud of having pursued a new career in the UK

I'm proud of recognizing my limitations. Previously I would shake it off, but this year I realized I'm better when I acknowledge when I'm mentally done. And it's okay to rest.

Wish I'd followed my intentions from last (and many previous years) to get a new job, lose weight, exercise more and get healthier.

I wish I had spent more time reading and less time on the computer and comparing myself to others on the internet. Really proud of the fact that I know what I am doing at work and that I started my own business. Feels great and sort of unbelievable.

Ik wou dat ik meer tijd voor mezelf had vrijgehouden en niet steeds maar meer verder en verder de haalbare lat gelegd. Ik weet nu dat het zich toch wreekt.

Well, of course there are many thing that I wish I had done differently this year, but I think the main thing would have been listening to my partner more. But, the thing I'm most proud of is that we have been going to counseling and I'm working on that- and other things, such as finally admitting I DO have an eating disorder.

I wish I could have gotten my son into school this year. We almost made it in the Spring, but missed a deadline. It's not all my responsibility, but he needs support and I'm not convinced I gave him all the support he needed. I was especially proud that I took control of my eating habits, giving up sweets as a major food group, in particular, but also reducing my Diet Pepsi consumption. I am also proud of how hard I worked at Wildacres Writing Workshop this year, a challenging reconstruction of my understanding of poetry.

This past May/June I traveled to Rome alone, to study and learn Italian. I lived with an Italian host and made my way around the city with comfort and ease. I then traveled to Capri to fulfill a dream to see that island. It was one of the nicest vacations I've ever had. I felt confident, carefree, mature and inspired. It reaffirmed my love of the language and the country, my confidence in my ability to learn the language and it inspired me to want to save money for a much longer stay in Italy.

I write it every time, but I will keep reminding myself until I succeed. I NEED TO STUDY MORE. When my answers come in next year, I will know if I've done it right, because then I will be going to Valencia, or Vlerick Business School, or anywhere to start a new chapter in my life. If I continue performing like this in school, I will not get there. I should stop lying to my parents, my boyfriend, my friends and myself. Work hard, get results. What I AM proud of though, is my student club Musicologica. Last year, I wrote about how proud I am to have been elected by our students. Well, my year has ended, I have given everything to my successor, Aurelie, and now I will see what she does with everything I built. Excited :)

I wish I/(or my husband and I) had set better limits on our use of technology for our family. We are all too quick to pick up our phones and be entertained by them instead of connecting with others around us or finding something else to do. I'm trying to moderate that more for myself and trying to set (and enforce) better limits with my son, but it's not easy. I will be disappointed if I answer this question similarly next year.

I wish I had started looking for a job sooner. I'm disappointed in myself that I'm still where I was a year ago - mostly unhappy in my job and wanting badly to get out. When I ready my 10Q from last year - that's what struck me the most. I'm still where I was. On the other hand - I'm fast and furious now - so fingers crossed!

I am proud that I am taking the steps to be the best mother/wife/me I can be--taking a freelance job I love for less money than a 9-to-5 gig, eating according to what my body needs, listening to internal signals about when to exercise and when to rest. The balance I seek is coming....

I feel like the pieces of the puzzle are fitting together really well at this point.. It is interesting to travel through the different stages of our lives... I try to be present for my family.... I try to accept the strengths and weaknesses in those around me and hope that they accept mine as well. As it is the beginning of the new jewish year-- I am in the middle of reflecting these questions-- I'm not sure if I am sorry for anything in particular-- and I'm not a bragger that would be able to point out anything I am proud of other than our 3 adult kids are happy, healthy, independent and living lives with meaning. That definitely makes me especially proud!

The thing I have done differently is to learn to forgive myself, be gentle with myself, and be more in tune with what I need and how to advocate for my own emotional and personal needs in relationships and interactions with others. I'm proud of much in the past year. Of getting a job, a new apartment, moving forward in my life, leaving the job for yet another new one, and meeting someone and falling in love after having been hurt very badly.

Too much. Wish I'd found a way to make the OU course I was doing manageable - did it need more time, talking to tutor, or what? I don't know. I also wish I'd been more forceful in some contexts rather than going along with things I wasn't happy about. And I wish I had been more on the ball about some friends, replying to e-mails promptly etc.

Focus. I wish I had been able to focus in the moments more. E.g. when I was traveling for the month of July I kept thinking about the next day or next thing that had to be arranged. Instead of doing preparation only every once in a while and enjoying wherever I was, when I was out for an adventure. This lack of focus happened too many times. Similarly, my mind sometimes wondered off, when I really should have been working. That's natural, but I believe I let it happen too often. So this year I will be more present wherever I am.

I'm especially proud of maintaining the weight loss I achieved the year before. I lost about 22 pounds in 2011-12 and I'm still at my goal weight. Of course I set a moving target for myself and now kinda wish I weighed even less, but remind myself to be proud, satisfied and grateful of where I am!

There are lots of things I regret....not being a better mum, not feeling more confident about my own abilities and purpose now Pat has gone, and I regret needing anti depressants to help me cope! But I am proud of myself for struggling on through the darkness, for being as good a mum as I can be right now and forgiving myself for the rest, for taking there's because as much as I don't want to it is what I need right now to help me find the balance between grieving and living.

Yes, I wish I was the one to break up with my ex boyfriend, and not the other way around. I allowed him the satisfaction of cheating on me, and then having the last laugh. Alternatively, I have learned a lot about myself in the past year. My wants, my needs, understanding better who I am. It was scary but really felt good, and was much needed.

I wish I didn't give into pressure from others on how to spent my money so much. Especially having so little of it.

I'm proud of myself because I was brave enough to finally go back to school and get an education

I am frustrated with my weight. Again I've gained back the pesky 20 pounds that are between me and good health. I've finally joined the Y and am trying to enlist the assistance of a personal trainer, but I wish I had the discipline to just exercise on my own.

Start studying more Korean. And I am proud to have saved money for SS5PH(concert,hotel and plane tickets plus pocket money). Weeee. I hope I can continue to save more in the future for other purposes.

I wish that I hadn't allowed myself to get so stuck and paralyzed by fear and indecision with regard to whether to continue with building my private practice or go to work for someone else. I feel that I wasted a lot of time and the loss of too many friends over the past few years has made me realize that I don't necessarily have this time to waste. But I am letting go of this and moving forward. I'm now working with a coach to help me determine the course I am going to take and the steps I need to take to get there. I'm proud that I've found someone wise and empathetic to support me during this time.

I wish I had spent more time with my wife.

This one has actually been a year of new endeavors and beginnings. Since I was awarded legal status I was now able to apply for a job and enroll in college. Both of which I have done now. If anything, I wish I had had the energy to be more aggressive in my search for a job and not let my insecurities drain me or hold me back. But I have also found a job now. Today is my second day. So I wish before this year ends in 3 months, I complete my last goal which is to get a car. Then I could say that despite everything, I accomplished everything I set out to do.

When I reflect over this past year, I realize that I have been floating along...coasting. I can't tell if I am in recovery of sorts from disappointment and a lack of seeing in the world the living out of things I am passionate about OR if I have just shut down emotionally and growing more isolated. One thing I would like to have done differently (and now is my chance for the coming year) is to prayerfully set more goals, to be involved in activities that both edify me and edify others, to enjoy nature more, and to take more risk. I feel like I have poured out to others and I also need to nurture myself. One thing that I am particularly proud of is that in a recent challenge, I did not run but chose to face the problem with G_d's help, mercy, wisdom, and perseverance.

I wish that I had been able to maintain a steady meditation practice and find someone to help me avoid MB. Being able to plan a wedding in a calm way and growing in my emotions as they relate to wedding planning.

I wouldn't have done anything differently. I am proud of myself for taking the step forward to face my demons and inner monsters by beginning therapy. I know it is and will be a hard process but I am absolutely sure it will pay off in the end.

Tamara: Proud of... Having made it thorough the conference I led and that it was so successful. Wish I had been able to approach it with confidence and more ability to to ask questions and guide it, instead of complete terror that I would fail. Elijah: completing 8th grade with flying colors. I think I should have worked harder in general. That's something I want to do this year. Daniel: been more patient to allow changes to happen , been willing to raise my voice more for issues off justice, been more patient and forgiving of others, stopped waiting for others to make changes happen and rather, to make them happen myself. Proud of: being able to support Tamara and being there for our kids, having courage to go to India, Shai

I wish I had done more to improve my health through more excercise & more careful eating. I want to be more disciplined about learning, and re-learning some favorite ways of spending time - playing music, drawing.

I'm proud of how hard I've worked. I've headed back into full-time employment and continued to build my freelance business. I'm looking to the future we're planning to create for our family and I know I need to push myself.

I wish I had started yoga sooner. I'm proud that I am learning to let my son live his life even if it's not quite the way I would like for him to live it.

I wish that I had stayed on track with taking better care of my physical body. I should have exercised regularly with joy and gratitude that I am able to do so. I am, however, elated that I have been able to forgive a huge financial debt. I had resented the loan and the person who owed the money to me. I now am truly free of that burden.

I read from the Torah this year. It was my personal challenge. I studied for this and was very prepared when I got up to read. It was hard and I want to do it again at a later date. I also gave my interpretation of the Torah text that I read and preparing for it read other commentaries by great Jewish thinkers. Learning from them helped me in seeing the text in a new light. My love for Hebrew has increased and I am proud of giving myself this challenge.

I wish I had been more proactive in creating the freshman year experience that I wanted. I'm doing better at that now though, I think.

I'm proud of the work I did in my second year as president of my temple. We had a lot of change and yet we kept moving forward with grace and humor. I'd like to think that my steadiness and positive outlook had something to do with us getting through the year successfully.

I wish I had been able to find compassion for my sister earlier. I wish I had been able to listen to her fears (or at least probe a little more about what they are - she might not have told me anyway). I wish I had been able to articulate what Johnsie's concerns are re: Dad's will (and with better communication maybe Jenny could have had the opportunity to understand Johnsie's fears). I'm proud of the way I handled Daniel's adoption role play. That experience will stay with me for the rest of my life.

rather take teh positive route. trying to do things immediately. i had teh tendency to put things into a box-- would do it later. now -- when it appears -- do it. write it. address it. act on it. life is short and precious and theer is no time to put things in a box which i might never get to.

I wish that I had been more purposeful with my money. I'm literally paying for it now. Besides that, this year, the memorable missteps I have made have resulted in some good personal growth and opening of my heart which I am very proud of.

I wish I'd set up a savings account earlier than I did! I'm very proud of the work I'm doing with Weight Watchers; I organized a 5K walk that had 150 participants in March. Took over our Facebook page and the "likes" went from 32 to over 360! I'm also very proud of completing TWO 1/2 marathons! One in January and one in June with my 2 daughters who let mom "win" by one second!

I seem to have become overloaded with stress the past year and instead of working productively to get tasks done, which would decrease stress, I have gotten more distracted.

I'm proud of taking a public speaking class. And I'm proud of being able to improve my work situation by asking for a new boss, and even picking him out. I wish I had been able to save my relationship, but I don't think I could have.

I'm proud of the choices I've made this year, despite the unlucky number 2013, this year has been one of self-improvement and success. For the first time in a really, really long time, I can honestly say I'm proud of the person I've become, and stand by the choices I've made. I hope to continue to change for the better and grow as a person. To continue to approach life as an optimist rather than my usual dismissals and self-centered cynicism.

I wish I had been more present in the present.

I'm proud of the fact that I'm finally brewing my own beer (well learning at least) and that I'm about to graduate college after all these years. It seems like things are finally falling into place for me professionally. I'm excited.

I wish I'd approached Uni work more consistently. It was really hard, and it took me a while to find my feet, which made for a difficult end-of-year. I hope it will be a little easier next year.

I wish I had been more open to "spur of the moment things", as well as more positive about travel. It was only after my wife got so mad at me than I'd ever seen her, that I realized how draining my attitude has been. That was only back in May, so it has only been abut four months since I've tried to intentionally change. But, I feel like I have made a huge amount of progress, even though my wife says she thinks I still have a lot of changing to do. My, and our lives would have been better if I'd just realized what I'd been doing sooner.

I wish I would have been a bit more diligent with my finances and moved faster on the business plan....having said that I cannot imagine being without the experiences I had on the disaster teams learning so much about myself and others!! I have certainly learned a lot about my faith, who I think I am and who I know I am and how I am learning to express...being more authentic with myself is proving to be priceless!!!! I love my relationship with God who is all inclusive...life is sooo great and I am so blessed!

I wish that I had visited my grandsons during the year - when I did have time to go my husband was too ill for me to leave England The ability I had to pick myself up after the death of my husband

I think I will always wish I saved more money. I wish I didn't have fear and doubt stop me from going on adventures. I wish I would listen to my body when it's crying for help instead of waiting for problems to pile up. I'm proud of feeling like a functioning adult!!

I wish I was more organized about my education. I wish I showed more my love to my parents and sister. I am very proud I was able to stop a relationship which was brininging me more disappointment that joy.

I wish I hadn't gotten into the relationship with Jessica. I think it damaged me for a long time and fucked me up in terrible ways. I never thought I would allow myself to be in an abusive relationship and there I was feeling desparate that I would never find anyone and allowing myself to be with someone who was mean to me and beneath me and who I lived in fear of. I'm glad to be out of the relationship now even if I'm still dealing with the emotional repercussions of it. Alternatively I'm incredibly proud of my promotion, which I sort of said already, but it bears repeating because it's the best thing ever and I'm so excited that I got promoted and I'm not at the front desk anymore and I'm doing work that I love with people that I love.

Not much I would do differently. I love my mistakes. They continue to help me learn and grow. Im proud of a few things. I continue to excel at work and ive been acknowledged and rewarded. that makes me feel extremely proud. BUT what im most proud of is how I seem to be having an effect on others. To help someone in their own personal growth makes me feel like Im really leaving my mark on this world. Life is short--and I want to make mine count.

I've challenged myself to become more comfortable on my own. I've been working to be more self-sufficient, more comfortable doing things like going on hikes or going to the movies by myself, and working to feel more comfortable in my own skin. In part, it was because Jamie needed more space and I was working to give it to her, but it resulted in me creating and building some amazing friendships that I think will continue to sustain me and also in spending much more quality time alone. I still have a long way to go, but I'm proud of how far I've come.

I wish I had kept looking for a better job. I have been stuck at a deadened job for far too long. I should have been more actively seeking employment as a personal trainer. On the other hand I am proud that I have learned to make my way in the world completely under my own power. I proudly pay for my own life, vision, health, dental and car insurance and rent without help from anyone else. I am most proud of the fact that I have started a 401k for myself all at the age of 23. I am happy knowing that I am managing my finances well where so many others my age have to live paycheck to paycheck.

As hard as I am on myself, and as poorly as I think I live my life compared to the standards I wish I achieved, I don't have any big things that I wish I could do over this year. Plenty of little things, of course--the word unspoken or said stupidly, the times I failed to show up, sloth and selfishness. I don't have anything to be especially proud of, either. Being ill for six months means I haven't actually done much, not nearly as much as I think I should have, even while recuperating. It would have been better to work harder/more at the beginning of the year before I got sick, but I thought I had time. Don't we all, always?

I wish I had been more patient but I always wish that. I wish I hadn't procrastinated as much, but I always wish that, too. I'm proud of my family, of my son's achievements - I feel so vicariously proud every time he accomplishes something that challenges him.

I am especially proud of landing the Minerva grant. I have recently been bogged down in the logistical details, so have been less excited about it lately. But when I step back and think of how great of an accomplishment it is, I am really quite proud of myself.

I am very ashamed i sent a mean email to Krissy. I know that never helps anything. I also know once you say it you cannot take it back. What I am most proud of is that I apologized for my behavior and what I said. But I do believe Krissy could and should work on being a better member of our family because she now shares our family name.

I wish I would have fraught harder against that unfair grade. I am proud that despite losing a job I have been able to help my family significantly.

Spent more time with my family. I managed to save money for the first time and go on holiday. I just got a new job title and payrise.

I wish that I hadn't gone to physical therapy as much. It helped quite a bit, but I really had no idea of the cost at the time or the fact that my insurance wouldn't cover anything until I hit my deductible. Going once a week instead of twice would have cut my bill from $1200 to $600, and that would be much easier to deal with now. I am proud of how hard I have worked to rehabilitate my knee, though.

When my daughter told me she was leaving her husband, I wish I would not have told her how I really felt about him.

I wish I had been a little bit more easygoing and been able to shrug things off a little bit more instead of stand up and fight everytime I feel I'm done by or someone is talking bullshit. I am too fierce for my own good and I should let my vulnerable and friendly side out al little bit more but maybe that's just not me. However I'm proud of how I handled the break-up with my ex. Breaking up is always hard but I think I did well in not letting it get to me too much and showing him the possibility of friendship despite the drama of the break up.

I wish I would've done a better job at communicating my needs at home, love life, and with friends. I'm especially proud of keeping a good attitude during new career transition, for taking up running, and spending time with family.

I'm pleasantly surprised there isn't something that readily comes to mind as something I wish I'd done differently. Woo-hoo, progress! I am very proud of how I've taken a clear and sober look at my finances. Little things from making coffee at home to bigger things like paying off my VISA and not debting are HUGE progress. Of course I'd like to make MORE money ha-ha, but I feel like I am on the path. Thank you Prosperous Heart and Jennifer Gee for recommending!

I wouldn't change anything from the past year because if things hasn't gone exactly the way they did I do t know that my daughter would've been born. I suppose the only thing is that her father and I have done it "backwards" in the sense that we had a child, then fell in love, then will get married. I believe the western norm is love, marriage, then the baby carriage. Hahahah. But it doesn't really matter because we're happy.

Yes. I wish I had managed to be more attentive to my girlfriend, so I wouldn't have lost her. I wish I had seen the signs we were drifting apart and done all the right things and said all the right words. She's left a hole in my heart. My company has grown by leaps and bounds, and I've achieved more professional recognition. Without my love to share it with, it barely matters.

I wish I had taken the offer to work for Lyft instead of starting another company.

I wish i didnt leave my old church the way i did. I shouldve just dealt with it letting go and letting God. He always handles things and corrects each of us when we are incorrect. There was a lot of enemy fire and i let it get under my skin. One thing i am happy about is my daughter and i are pretty faithful reading Scripture every day.

I should have enjoyed my Erasmus more. Told my mother earlier. Talked more with my father.

I actually wish I'd found space to be more proud, confident and bold this year. I've felt tentative, scared and inadequate. It's the first time in my life I've had trouble articulating what I'm good at and why. It's the first time people haven't seen my strengths and asked me to explore new territory. I wish I knew better how to get the help I need - either to craft my masters project or to get more support at PolicyLink. It's hard to start the new year without the knowledge of how to do things differently next year. I keep telling myself this issues will be resolved with time. I look forward to seeing where I am at year from now. Hopefully feeling steeped in a new challenge, meeting that challenge with grace and feeling capable and competent.

I'm really proud of what I've accomplished with my writing this year. I've had an article published in Reform Judaism Magazine with another on the way, and a weekly blog at the Los Angeles Jewish Journal including one piece printed as an op-ed. It's a great feeling to know people are reading what I'm writing.

I wish I had done more to reorganize and declutter my home, and to generally be more organized. Alternately, I have done more teaching and more acting which has made me very happy.

I wish I would not have bought a fucking boat that doesnt work and that I have nowhere store.

Almost everything... I handled a lot of situations poorly, in hindsight. I wouldn't have let people who didn't deserve any of me get the best of me, I wouldn't have done damage to myself because of exterior situations... the list goes on. 2013 was by far not my best year for decision-making.

I wish I had taken on exercise like I did transforming my relationship with food. I would have lost a lot more than 40 pounds had I done so. But given how much ground I took on weight loss this year and I thrilled and excited that I have kicked my sugar addiction and become such a disciplined person about what goes in my mouth!

I will start with what I am proud of. I am proud that I decided to finally leave my job, travel abroad alone, and ultimately commit to my graduate program. Graduate school was something I was putting off for a long time, and I am proud that I have finally committed to a career that will be enriching to my life, and everyone around me. I am reaching a point of acceptance...of really embracing all of my mistakes, and the mistakes of those who have hurt me...so it is hard to think of what I wish I would have done differently. I think I will say that I wish I would have been kinder to myself with more compassion and positive self-affirmation...I think would also allow me to have more compassion for others.

At the time, I remember wishing I had spent NYE w/ my sister. I was delighted to go to the dinner party I'd been invited to but when we parted, I just felt that she was the one I wanted to be spending it with! This year, a friend will be ushering in her 50th birthday on NYE, so I'm not sure if I'll get the chance this year, either.

Nothing significant or memorable....proud that I helped to raise a self-sufficient daughter and burgeoning, independent son.

I wish I had written a lot more than I did. I get that part of that was health related -- I was in recovery from serious illness/injury and also the stress of grad school. I enjoyed my "time off" doing pretty much nothing, but the result is that my writing career was set back substantially, and that frustrates me.

I need to forgive myself and others. I need to accept where I am and who I am and let go of trying to be perfect. I wish I had spoken up more about W. I tried to connect with the children I worked with even though the situations were not great.

I think the answer to both of these questions is the same thing. I wish I had the courage to quit my job in New York earlier. I am constantly reminded that I made the right decision to quit but really spent too much time trying to do the right thing. Ultimately, my health was the most important thing and leaving was the best decision. At this point, I have DEFINITELY made the right decision by coming back to Portland and have found some great things to start with!

I wish that I could stop reacting to what I consider slights or other people's opinions. I do know what I believe in in my heart and soul. I wish I could rest in the comfort of that knowledge. Conversely, I know I am getting better at being centered in my true self. About time too!

I wish I'd have been a better person, complained less, spoken less badly about others and not have so enjoyed a gossip . I wish i'd have had more patience and been less quick to anger. I wish i'd been less materialistic, more epithetic, sympathetic and less pathetic. I wish i'd been more forgiving, kinder, easier and far more grateful. I wish i'd found it easier to be more spiritual and grounded. I wish i could have been the person i know i can be, the person i annually aspire to be. I wish i'd have loved myself and those around me harder and have counted my many blessing much much more that i did...

The birth of my second daughter. She is such a sweetheart and just loves being around people. It is amazing to think I was concerned with being able to love her like my oldest, but you learn to make room in your heart. I can't wait to see her personality develop.

I figured out that I can't worry so much about disappointing people. Rather, I should concentrate on doing the best that I can. I know that I am bound to make mistakes sometimes, and I can't fix everything, but I will accomplish more by focusing on the quality of my work rather than wondering whether it will be satisfactory to someone else. For me, that's a philosophy to be proud of.

I wish I had saved more money this year. So that I would have more to give to my daughter and her special needs son. I will save more next year for sure. I'm very proud that I am very organized and bold! My grandson was diagnosed with Autism this year and I noticed it immediately. I was very persistent in getting him in front of the right doctors and people that he needed to be evaluated by so that we could get a diagnosis and move on with treatments. It is very difficult to navigate the medical system especially when you don't have a lot of money and you need to depend on government services etc. There's several private schools and doctors that treat Autism but they are very expensive - schools are $25,000 - $40,000 a year etc. But he's finally getting treatment and will start school in January once he turns three.

I'm really proud of the spiritual and emotional growth I've been willing to take on this year. I'm proud of my willingess to face really hard stuff, and get through it. I'm proud of new awarenesses and perspectives that have come from those efforts.

I'm proud of the way I've started to blossom as an adult. Being a good housekeeper and handling the shopping for my household is a big step and one I've wanted/needed to take for a long time. I'm proud that I took the leap to move out of my parents house and in with a wonderfully supportive partner

It's hard to say that I wish I had done something differently. I truly feel like we are all a work in progress, and I don't think having regrets serves anyone. In broad terms, I would say that I wish I had loved more, criticized less, focused more on the opportunities available to me and less on the challenges. This year I am proud of the relationship I have built with my godson, who reminds me how easy it can be to love more.

I'm glad to say that when I initially think about it, I can think of things I'm very proud of from this last year before I think of the things I wish I had done differently. I think that everything I wish I had done differently are things that I learned to do differently from those experiences. Ultimately I've had a very strong year when it comes to development and success. I'm happy and thankful for that.

I wish I would have done things in the way that I imagine them more often and easily.

I wish I had taken more time after college before I got a job. Alternatively, I'm really proud of myself for getting a job.

I really wish that I'd decided on a diet and stayed with it. My weight isn't where I need it to be and I'm very unhappy that I can't manage it effectively. I'm proud of the improvements I've made to my Buddhist practice and the support I've giving to my fellow members.

I'm especially proud of all of the headway I've made in my career. Assistant coordinator of a counseling hotline, grad student, Studio technician, it's all so exciting. I do wish, though, that I hadn't taken on so much. I've anticipated my future unraveling slowly up until this point; I took on extracurriculars and sought a degree in a different field than the one that I'm most passionate about because I thought I'd never get a job. Now I simply wonder why I felt I needed to temporarily abandon art just so that I could have a fall back... I guess Hindsight really is 20/20

I wish I hadn't taken the job that a family friend offered this summer simply because he was a dick and now I look at him differently. That job also cost me the opportunity to visit my best friend and cousins in Seattle. It was the worst job I've had. I'm proud that I'm going back to school and this time its more for me, and what I'm really passionate about though I do wish I had done this in my undergrad.

No I think I've most honest with myself. I suppose that should be the proudest thing.

I'm proud of the parenting of our son that my wife and I have done - specifically the efforts we have made (not just this year but since he came home) to normalize the fact that he is adopted. This came back to us in such a positive way when we heard from an adoptive parent that her daughter was so impressed at our son's bar mitzvah speech which spoke openly about his adoption - her daughter had never felt comfortable admitting she was adopted. And we realized that it's not just our son who is amazingly grounded but also the fact that we choose to talk about it...a lot.

I would like to have lost that weight. and I'm very proud that something I helped to create became part of a lovely mitzvah (see #1).

I could have done many things differently. Like finish that college of mine! But I'm proud of buying a concert ticket for my penniless friend without her even knowing it.

I wish I had rested more, not worked so much, concentrated more on my experience than my output. I am especially proud of how I cared for Dexter during his cancer, how I let him go when it was time.

I'm proud of how my poetry is going - two readings and another one booked; booked to run a poetry workshop; running a writing group; published a lot of poems. Happy :)

I continue my life of no regrets. I'm really pleased I've completed a number of tricky craft projects, like the arc reactor and the leather panel shirt. I'm pleased I stood my ground. Pleased I managed a concert a month for 7 month. Pleased I impressed everyone with my ability in one-on-one fighter video games.

i wish I had the awareness and clarity to see things as they were now I feel at peace having found my path and am able to care for my husband as he is ending his battle with cancer without the responsibility nor duty but because I might want to, I feel divorced in my heart though legally I still am married I have emotionally moved on and I am a better person for it I have met a dear friend who not only understands and supports me but truly cares for me and my boys i feel truly blessed i am grateful and i now pray for happiness

I wish I had been more willing to do things. When my dad wanted to go hiking, I usually said yes, but not always. When he wanted to go skiing I said yes occasionally. Someday I'm going to look back and regret those little decisions.

I wish we weren't so damn poor.

This past year has brought on so many profound changes in my life, I might have handled some things differently, but in the end I wouldn't change a thing. I became engaged, we called off the wedding and I started the most amazing job. I'm proud that I finally feel like I am an adult and am getting my life on the path it was meant to be on.

I wish I had spent more time with my 3year old son. I am proud of being brave to keep searching and not comform with mediocrity or unhappiness.

I'm really proud of the effort I made with the two major screenplay contest submissions I made this year. I could have been easily overwhelmed between all the moving around and preparation needed for my trip to Israel, but I hung in there, plugged away, and met the tight deadline for submission. Now I'm in Israel, awaiting the results of the competition -- and I know, whether win or lose, that I gave it my best. And that's something I can feel proud about.

The way I handled my Anxiety Disorder. Once I recognised it, I got straight onto working on it. I found an incredible amount of support around me, and I am deeply grateful for that.

I wish I had respected myself and demanded respect accordingly. I was terrified and ashamed and it showed. Therefore, people took advantage of it. I'm stronger now, and I am learning not to put up with people who undervalue me.

I wish I could have been a more effective and strategic advocate for myself and the issues that I feel are important. Too often I let fear and intimidation keep me from speaking up for what is right and just. When I did speak up, I often let my emotions get the better of me.

I do wish that certain people had not been hurt in the drama of this past year. But more than that I wish others had made better choices. I wish I could have learned to not let their ignorance and hurtful behavior matter. I am on the other hand, proud of the relationships that have been made stronger this year, and made more resilient. And for the friendships that have been forged this year. And that I have learned to hear God first, and other people second.

I wish I had done more applying for jobs when the opportunity was ripe. I am sorry I didn't start the ball rolling to submit my application for my Special Ed credential...but, you know what? I was a damned good mom. I was there for my kids and my friends. I somehow think that the later is of more value.

I've really struggled with being grateful. I have so much and yet I often focus on what I don't have. I'm proud that I'm learnig to give more attention to the abundance that surrounds me and I realize I needed the contrast of not being grateful to truly understand how amazing my life is

I wish I had spent more time swimming and surfing my dog. Instead of studying to be an electrical inspector. I had to sue the city and County of San Francisco so they would hire women. Although I won the case and now the city has merit-based testing And they manage to Have women on the testing boards, I was not hired but they did hire a woman. I spent 10 years studying and fighting City Hall. Ultimately I got a promotion in another position, Which was probably for the best because my mother had a stroke. I was able to take time off to help her which I probably could not have done if I was given the job as an inspector

I wouldn't change anything about this year. I am happy with my life this year.

I wish I was more creative this past year. I really need to access my creative side, I hope this next year will show what I'm capable of

As a teacher, I get summers off. I wish I hadn't wasted my summer this year, sitting and doing not much of anything. I was so tired. I'm proud that I made and kept and am keeping a commitment to get healthier. More exercise, more general activity, better food and a lot less of it.

I wish that I had tried again to tell someone how I felt, even though I was a little unsure and unclear about how exactly I felt myself. I doubt there would have been a different result, but I think I would feel more understood.

I wish that I had focused more in school, read more books, and was more patient and loving to my partner and to my family. I'm not proud of how much screentime I have - TV, computer, pooping around on my phone. I'm really proud of the work that I did through my internship. I can see real tangible good from it, not only in myself but in the world.

I wish I had been kinder to my husband and to myself. I wish that I had been more patient with others and myself. I am proud that I have gotten involved in the community here and am doing a variety of volunteer work.

I'm proud that I am much more organized and much more calm about things. I don't stress as much anymore and I owe that to myself and my wonderful boyfriend, Htin who has helped comfort me and make sure that I'm okay. I think I should have told my best friend how annoyed I was with her behavior but thinking back, I think it was good that I didn't because I took that time to realize how childish I was, telling her how to run her life and whatnot. I think it turned out for the better :) Everyone told me in some manner or another, how people have their own problems and priorities to handle and how I shouldn't try to shove my views into them.

I wish I would have tried harder in my career. I wish I would have been tougher on myself.

I really, really wish I had done a better job of not internalizing everyone else's feelings. Once again I find myself suffering because my empathy and natural inclination to worry about everyone else before myself has left me feeling depleted, exhausted, not good enough, and unloved. I need to learn the same lesson my dad has been trying to teach me for over a decade: 1. me first 2. state my needs 3. give what I can It's been fucking tough being me this summer, which sucks since a lot of really good things have happened and I haven't been able to totally enjoy them, and it's my own damn fault for putting everyone else first.

I wish I had not sold the Waterside house and bought the Maple house. Circumstances made it a total waste. I am proud that I took on a job and did it well. It helped me grow as a person and become a more relaxed mother.

I wish that I hadn't acted like such a girl when Riv broke up with me, but I'm especially proud that when she texted me recently I didn't reply and instead focused on how happy I am with Sara.

I wish I had kept in better touch with my family -- my parents and sibling were (and still are) going through some difficult times right now with work and health, and I live far away from them. Even though we talk pretty frequently, I feel that my life is pretty separate from theirs right now. Though I know this is normal, as I am getting ready to graduate college and move forward with my life, I feel as though I am on a path by myself, and they are just out of my reach. I want to figure out how to stay better connected to them, and how to ask them the right questions when we speak.

I really wish I exercised more and pushed myself to be more in shape. I am thankful because I am in shape but I want to be better! I learned how to swim this past year. With that, I learned how to complete and accomplish the Army Combat Water Survival test (CWST). Hardest physical challenge so far.

I wish I had devoted more time to my own writing by myself. That's not to put down my accomplishment writing with a partner. Nato and I wrote a script that we are currently rewriting and negotiating an option on.

Yelled at my kids less. Some days are better than others but I wish I had more patience and less temper.

I am grateful that I made the leap and took the plunge finally to go completely vegan. It feels morally right. It had been one of my hopes for the last 10Q! So I feel blessed

I guess I wish I had approached certain things differently like like our new apartment hunt but in the end not really. I'm personally proud for not getting any more deeply involved with John because lord knows that wasn't a good match. I'm happy that I've chosen to actively pursue filmmaking.

I wish that I had gotten out and done more to cultivate friendships and relationships. There has got to be more to life then work and if I don't make an effort, it will never happen

Having just completed a lovely and moving tashlich ritual, where we cast off into water the ways we felt we missed the mark, the patterns and habits that no longer served us, there are many examples of this that are coming to mind. I wish I had been more compassionate, less controlling, more patient. In our version of the ritual we interpreted the casting off not to be a banishing away of sin, that we would reject from ourselves and hopefully it would sink to the bottom of the ocean. Because we all know, they come back, especially those things that we push the hardest to get rid of. Instead, we visioned the ocean as a transformative body, that might hold our cast offs with compassion, and use its power to shift the habits and patterns, soften the edges. To take our broken pieces and return it as sea glass.

I wish this past year I had enjoyed my free wheeling lifestyle to the fullest. I've been freelancing and just had gobs an gobs of time in my control from March-August. And I didn't really seize it. I didn't do the things I wish I wanted to do (beach, art, trips) instead I did things I like to do (sleep, shop, movies, nails, friends, drinks). I guess I wish I did the other things in hindsight, but as I write this I probably in the moment would have had less fun but looking back would have been impressed. I guess I'm over impressing myself with my activities instead I'm proud of being okay with how I actually choose to spend my time.

I still wish I were stronger within myself, that I had the courage and conviction to stand up for myself, to own who I am. I am, however, proud of the fact that I went on a bike trip with new found friends!

I ran a half marathon. I trained for it for months. A week afterward the race I was diagnosed with breast cancer. I survived a double mastectomy. I made it through chemotherapy. I made it through radiation. I like to think of it as I ran a half marathon and then I did the cancer triathlon. I'm alive and I'm so grateful.

I wish I had spent less time worrying and stressing over the little things. I wish I had been able to see my situation separate from myself, because those little things would not have seemed so overwhelming. I am proud of not giving up on my job, because there were times that I felt utterly incompetent and seriously despised going to work everyday.

I wish I had stayed true to my healthy self, rather than let myself indulge in lax, lazy behavior and live at others' beck and call instead of following what I needed. This year I hope to return to health and do what I need, and put others second, not in a selfish way, but in a way that tends to me, so that I am more readily available to serve others if this is what is meant to be. I am proud that I was able to do a number of things to improve my financial standing this year. Financial planning has never been an area of strength for me and this year I have made several positive changes. I hope that by this time next year, I will be even more secure.

im proud of the fact that i was finally able to work through my rape in therapy. i had no idea how much this one event has ricocheted through my life and the damage its done over decades. i never knew that there was the possibility that i might be able to consider that moment as nothing more than a thing that happened rather than a thing that defined me. im free.

I had finally begun the long journey of becoming debt free. I canceled my last credit card in December and have been living on a cash / debit card basis ever since. It hasn't been easy. But it is amazing to realize how much I used to spend on truly unnecessary "stuff". I have a few years left before I can pay everything off, but at least I'm in a better position this year than I was last year at this time.

I spent nearly 5 months away from home and the uncoupling from routine was catastrophic in its effect on my health and well-being. On the other hand, the time was spent in close proximity to grandchildren I ordinarily see rarely. On balance, I'm glad I seized the opportunity, but have no wish to repeat it.

I wish I'd broken up with my ex earlier, but that isn't changeable now. I am especially proud of having finished my PhD, at long last, and at receiving a unanimous vote of distinction from my committee, the members of whom included some very prestigious scholars indeed.

I wish I had been more alert to my daughter's outbursts.

Wow I thought that I would have so many answers to this that I started a numbered list, but then upon truly reflecting couldn't think of even one right away. Nothing specific to this year comes to mind. In general I wish I slept better, drank more water, exercised more and was nicer to my parents and more understanding of my husband and more patient with my kids. I'm proud of having given up simple carbs and a lot of other processed junk. The weight falls off so easily once the addiction is treated like what it is.

I wish I had spent more time with my child in the Winter and Spring. I had a full class-load at school, and she was having the hardest school year of her life. She was begging me to spend more time with her, and I didn't give her request the weight I should have. I'm proud of myself for providing a meaningful summer for her. Unlike most summers, I didn't sign her up for a lot of camps. We spent a lot of time together, took a great vacation, and started some meaningful and fun volunteer work. I'm also proud of myself for working very hard to get her the IEP she needs at school.

I wish I had stuck with my original plan and stayed in two classes last spring. Instead I let health issues get in the way and it caused a lot of trouble. I'm back on track to finish my degree but it took a lot of work and money to get me there. I'm proud of the work I've been doing, and of the way I've been able to be there for my friends in their times of need.

I wish I had been more organised with my studying habits. I've continued to procrastinate everything. I've experienced the consequences which are sleepless nights and my zombie-like self during the day. I don't regret it though... I hope that that day would never come (receiving our exam results in which pretty much our whole life depends on). I discovered K Pop! Well, my friend introduced it to me. It made me a livelier and my mind was opened to creativity. I also started watching J/K dramas which aided me with my language studies and taught me about life.

I feel proud of myself for having managed to change my attitude to my son's father in the past month or so and to bring out a sense of mercy in myself, to leave behind my feelings of rage and bitterness and distrust over the horrifying wrongs he had done me and to act as if I knew nothing of those and try for a fresh start at peace with him, for the sake of our amazing son.

I wish I had been a better student. Having to leave school is my biggest regret from the past year. However, I'm also very proud of my spiritual and personal growth. I can honestly say that I'm becoming a better person. I, of course, still have a lot of work to do, but I've come so far. I now believe that I (and every other person) have something to offer the word that is completely separate from my potential for success, and I couldn't say that last year. I was able to respond to a tough break-up right after failing out of school without being cruel or getting frustrated and lashing out, which was a completely foreign feeling to me, even as it was happening. I guess I've never felt this at ease with my inner world.

exercise more.....being more loving and kind

I wish I wasn't so stuck in a rut. It seems that all I've done in the past year is go to work, come home to make dinner, go to bed and repeat, repeat, repeat. I haven't even found any inspiration for painting. My goal for this year is to find a way to break this cycle without loosing my job.

I wish I'd prioritised my friends more. Work and the House and James seemed to end up coming first (shamefully in that order) and life just got in the way. I want to make next year the year of friends.

Apart from trivial things like "do more exercise", I'm quite proud of my year. Proud of the way I have settled in at uni while staying true to myself.

I wish that I could have taken more chances in making my own fun. I feel that I could have created social occasions, gone to more concerts, museums, fun stuff, and exposed my social horizons this year... I am proud that I have taken further steps in the counselling journey, whilst balancing job hunting, and a full time job! I'm just proud that I have coped in the last year. Also, I'm proud of the relationship with Hannah, even though it did end when it was time..

I wish I had followed my intuition to gather the funds together to visit her earlier in the year so that I could have seen her and she see me one more time before she passed. I'm pleased and grateful that my precious friend Robert was able to be my "surrogate" for me while he was on sabbatical in California this past year. He was my angel and visited mama often for me. I am so thankful for his gift to me and to my mother. I regret that I didn't let go of Mark long ago. While Ivan grateful for all he has brought into my experience of life I realize I had long ago outgrown the value and benefit of my sexual connection with him. I love him and I also love myself. By accepting him into my life as I have done, I've also caused myself to feel more alone and unloved. Mark just cannot give me what I longvtobexperience anymore. I'm grateful that he is moving away and has liberated me I'm proud of the work I continue to do and although I'm frustrated and embarrassed by not completing my books yet, I acknowledge myself for what I persist in creating. I'm proud of myself for making huge progress in cleaning up my debts. I'm thrilled that I found a way to buy a new car I needed. I'm deeply grateful and satisfied that I've had the opportunity to officiate at the marriage of several beautiful couples this year. I'm especially gratified that the Kamlet family wanted no one but me to take care of their needs when Aunt Rose died.

I wish I could find a way to be a more calm, don't-jump-to-conclusions girlfriend. I need to stop over reacting to every situation and take life one day at a time. Worry and doubt need to be expelled from my thoughts!! Besides grad school, I'm proud that I got my G2! I wonder how this will change my future in the next 4-5 years

It pains me greatly that I didn't watch my tongue and my temper with my husband. Why do I respond the way I do to the one I love the most? I have specific incidents in mind that I wish I could have handled differently, and if I've learned something from them, then the pain I've felt is worth it. On the other hand, I'm proud of the way I've built my business this year. I'm using my time more wisely this year, and strategically filling in gaps in my knowledge. One other thing I'm proud about is my new tradition: in August, learn something completely new, read a book on a topic I wouldn't otherwise, listen to music I wouldn't otherwise. August is my "reset-button" month.

I wish I had enjoyed my last year teaching AP bio more but I was so concerned about the new curriculum. Didn't matter, they still did relatively poorly. I wish I had eaten more healthy foods, my diet really did slip back this summer. I am proud that i learned something totally new - sailing. I am proud that I went to see my cousins in Jersey, not really sure how it would work out but it was great. A funny, happy group.

I'm proud that I found a way to relate to David's relatives - took Andrew & family on an outing, visited Tom & Christina and had them to Vermont house.

I wish that I had been more organized and procrastinated less. I am hoping to get out of that habit in college. I am proud of finishing my SIP (Senior Independent Project). It was a 20 page paper I had to write my senior year of high school because I was in the Arts & Humanities program at the school. I wrote mine about human trafficking, something I am very passionate about, and I feel like it fueled my passion even more!

Yes, I wish I would have got back on the horse quicker after the misscarriage. I wish I would have been more open and honest with myself and more compassionate to myself. I am do proud how deep I've lived and loved this year. I tore through some crazy times and loves harder.

I started writing a regret from this year, something I wish I had done differently. I think that as a student my year falls into halves. I wish that in first semester I had fought harder for my internship to be meaningful. However, in the long run (second semester) I DID fight for it, and asked for something that would mean something for me next year. I put myself into vulnerable social situations, I asked for what I wanted, I tried relationships with people I never could have imagined myself with: these are real accomplishments for me. I am seeking something significant in my life. For my life to have a real meaning and for a partner with real connection. I'm embodying putting myself out there while (trying) to balance my own needs. I'm so proud of that.

I am really proud of the work I've done over the past year. I work in my chosen field, making enough to have a comfortable (if not lavish) life, and can truly see the difference I make in the lives of others. Having a job I love has made me more grateful to others who do work I would NEVER be happy doing. I appreciate their efforts as waitresses, shop clerks, and janitors. And I'm proud of my own work and the impact it has for my clients.

I received two special awards during the year. One was from the local Roman Catholic Diocese. It was the Bishop's Award. The second was from Stater Bros. Charities. Both were quite prestigious and made me feel good about the way in which I am regarded by the greater community of the Inland Empire.

Losing weight - 60lbs. - in the last year , is a rather large accomplishment that I'm very proud of. Carrying all that weight around was part of my outer defense mechanisms. ya know, to keep all at bay.

I am proud of how open and brave I've been in sacrificing some deeply held beliefs about myself and what I'm capable of in order to step up to the best relationship of my life. I've given up my idea of myself as a childfree person who would never be a parent to become a partner to someone who is on the road to parenthood, and finally decided I wanted to be a parent myself.

I've made a lot of positive changes this year. I'm trying to focus on the things that I'm doing right, rather than what I've done wrong. There are still areas of improvement - exercise, healthy eating, perfectionism, sabotaging myself, finding a partner - but for the first time in a long time I feel like I'm moving in the right direction. It feels really, really good to be able to look at myself and see good things, rather than exclusively negatives. I know I would not have been able to do that in the not-so-recent past, and this change in itself is something to be proud of.

I wish I had been more on top of being Co-President in Circle K. Additionally, I wish I had not made that terrible speech to try and be VP because I couldn't let go of being exec. I'm proud of taking up Arabic all by myself because I'm usually too shy to do that sort of thing.

I really wish I had taken better care of myself. I always promise to do so, but never do, it's horrible. I never have time. But I'm proud of being the top of my class after my first year of professional school.

I wish things had GONE differently this year, but everything I have done was what had to happen. I am proud of who I've become, of steps I've taken to break out of the ill-fitting mold in which I was placed. To finally find my own voice and needs and wants after decodes, and to start declaring them, even if it meant pushing others away and saying, "No more." I learned how to establish healthy, loving boundaries in my life, boundaries that should have always been there. I do still feel guilt over much of it, even though I know I shouldn't. I may finally be coming around to recognizing that I am strong.

I wish I had worked for a better relationship with my husband's parents. It became really hard as our big changes neared in our lives because they were obviously hesitant about an experience that we were both looking forward to. Moreover, there were lots of clashes when I felt that they were trying to control our decisions since I am used to being independent. But there were also lots of times when they were supportive and happy for our accomplishments. This year, with more space between us, I expect I will be able to be closer with my in-laws.

I wish I had sat down and written those blog posts about things that struck me/I felt strongly about. No one has to read them. There is beauty in the effort.

I wish I could have surmounted my personal issues better. I'm want to work on improving my fitness, which seems to be a constant battle against Sloth. However, so many wonderful things have happened, such as Geocaching and getting legally married with federal recognition.

I wish that I would be able to treat my son more as an adult. A 20 year old young man is still a youth and I have trouble letting go, while I'm still significantly responsible for his upkeep. I'm proud that he has gotten his first paying job as a ballet dancer and hope it leads to a fruitful career.

I wish I would have been more forgiving and less stubborn. Especially with my mother and father. I am really proud of getting into my dream university and woking hard to get here. Hard work really does pay off.

I wish I hadn't waited so long to find a new job, but if I hadn't waited, I wouldn't have been available for the perfect opportunity that did come my way so I'm especially proud of nailing that interview. I've been at the new job two months now and couldn't be happier. Which I don't think I've been able to say about a job, oh, ever.

I would have liked to be more active, working out, taking walks. I am proud that I began the BSN program!

I am especially proud of the work my partner and I did on our relationship this year. Due to a prolonged illness, we had developed some unhealthy behavioral patterns: we became patient and caretaker rather than partners and were not independent enough from each other. This year we started couple's therapy to worked on these issues. It was hard work and frightening because our continued relationship couldn't be guaranteed. We both put our hearts into it and the results have been priceless. We now related to each other as partners and have developed parts of our lives that are independent from each other. Our relationship is stronger and healthier than it has ever been.

Proud of setting myself the goal of running a 50 mile ultra marathon - the North Downs Way 50 - and completing it. I'd never have imagined I could run such a distance but 5 months of training, including back to back long runs at weekends and lots of early starts, paid off. I not only finished before the 13.5 hour cut off but in under 12 hours. So pleased, now I'm aiming for under 11 hours in 2014 and my first 100 miler in 2015.

I wish that I had asked for more help. After the birth of our daughter, I tried to do everything. This definitely took a toll on me and made me very resentful at times. After a very difficult labor, I was up and mobile very quickly afterwards and I think it gave everyone the impression that I felt fine even when I was in a lot of pain.

I don't feel like talking about how I probably should've seen a therapist regarding an awful breakup and the death of a close friend (who happened to be the brother of the person I 'd broken up with). Things got a little ugly, and I kinda had Walking Corpse Syndrome. On the proud side, I got a grown-up job that paid grown-up money and bought me a grown-up hybrid car. Going to Paris for the first time in October, and I'm about 30 pages away from finishing my second novel.

I wish I would have been more aggressive in the stock market. I sat on the sidelines and missed a ton of opportunity. I am proud of the way I have been keeping on track with my diet and staying in tune with my body and listening to it and staying healthy.

I wish I would have spent the time and $ to celebrate the important moments in others' lives. I'd like to do that better this year.

I wish I would have paid more attention at work so that now I can feel more at ease when planning for this year.

I had my first ever Art Open Studio and I sold 7 pictures.

I wish that I had made an effort to keep in touch with my friends that lived in different cities, especially making note of their birthdays and special occasions.

I'm really proud of taking fiddle lessons. It has been much more fun than I expected it would be. And it's so unlike me so that makes me even prouder.

I wish I had been less self-indulgent.

I wish I focused more on school and important things such as friends and not worried about boys, hus, and THE CLIQUE. I'm proud of the improvments in school I have had this year. Teachers wrote really nice things on my report card

Wish I'd taught my daughter how to ride a bike already. Proud of my role/s in non-profit leadership. Clearly there's a connection, in where the time of 5773 went...

I wish I had spent more time with friends and family. It is so easy for me to get self-absorbed in the goings-on of my life, the busy weekends and the self-oriented downtime away from the chaos. I have neglected to be as in touch with those that matter most to me, and I wish I had been more cognizant of nurturing those connections. I'm proud of how I have reflected on myself and worked to be a better person. This is something I've always strived for, but my conversion to Judaism challenged me in entirely new ways and I'm so proud of the work I have done, and remain committed to doing, on myself in order to make my life a blessing. I became immensely more involved in temple life, beginning attendance at Torah Study in February and then attending any and pretty much all adult education and holiday observance opportunities. It has all made me a more enlightened, eager, passionate, curious, and excited Jew.

I've done my best. I've honestly done as much as I could every day. I was at work 11 hours each weekday. I went to church every Sunday. I did altar guild. I was on the board for my co-op. I took religious studies classes. I took baritsu. I did the podcast with my friends. I looked after my friends. I read a lot of books and did a lot of research. I taught myself violin and practiced 1-2 hours every day. I worked on my plan for a series of novels. I learned to knit and made some things. I organised nice vacations and went to conferences. I kept in touch with the political issues of my city, province, and country, as well as some other areas, and acted for what I believed. I ate healthily, exercised, kept everything clean and in good repair. That's pretty good, actually.

I am very proud of how hard I worked over the summer at Emanuel.

I wish I'd been more thoughtful about starting dating again, and been more relaxed going into it. I wish I knew that it didn't work out because of something other than me. I wish I knew that I will meet someone else who will be my true love.

I really wish I had paid more attention and planned for my retirement. If I could give young people, just starting out in the workforce advice I'd encourage them to start a retirement plan as soon as they start working. But this past year, hmmm...I don't know that I would have done anything differently. I wish my house were neater.

I am SO proud of myself this year. I did a great job as a student and I worked my butt off. I tried really hard not to procrastinate and even though I struggled with that a little, for the most part, I was able to pull off doing my work ahead of time so I didn't have to cram it all in at the last second. I got great grades and it showed me that I am an intelligent person, even though I rarely feel like I am. I do wish I was better at keeping a routine as far as waking up in the morning, exercising, scripture study. I also wish I was a better wife and mommy. But for the most part, I have done so well. I hope I can keep on this track and I have hope that I will improve as time goes on.

I wish I could talk to my son about his 5 year old son. I have tried but it always comes out wrong. Our grandson seems to have social anxiety issues, doesn't listen well, and exhibits some repetitive behaviors. I feel for my son as he tries to be a good parent--he said to me, "I don't know what we did wrong." I've tried to talk to him about it, suggest ideas, offer assistance, but my son doesn't seem to want my help or acknowledge what the real issues are. Because they live in a small town in Italy, there is not a lot of professional assistance available to the family. I am hoping my grandson grows out of some of these behaviors; but in the meantime, I wish I could talk to my son in a way that he recognizes as supportive, rather than him getting defensive, resentful and angry with me.

I wish I had taken more risks relating to meeting new people.

I'm especially proud of how I managed to have exactly the birth I wanted for my second child. I'm proud that I got her to turn into position despite my doc telling me it wasn't possible. I'm proud that my birth went according to my birth plan even tho it all happened so fast the hospital didn't have time to even read it. I wish I had gone with my gut and found a great day home for my eldest daughter to begin with rather than settling for a crappy one and having that stress.

I wish I had done everything different with my brother-in-law. I wish I had said that I supported you, and how sorry I am that they lost their son. That I really supported them, and loved them. I wish... I am, however, especially proud of how we are raising our daughter. She, and us, are changing for the better and doing a decent job of it.

I am proud of my choice to drop down to teaching only one class per week. I am proud of the fact that I am becoming more engaged in life, focusing more on play and fun. Having one on one time with my kids and connecting with them and my husband in a real way more often. That is everything to me.

I was very methodical about looking for a marriage partner and it really paid off beyond my wildest dreams. I used the book Speed Dating and followed all their instructions. I was willing to ask for advice and took direction from my dating team. I heard someone say, "treat it like a job", so I did. I became willing to wait for the right person and not get stuck in a relationship that wasn't wonderful. When I found her, I knew very quickly that this was the one. I'm really proud of how I handled it.

I wish that I worked more and saved more money. I wish I had gone with my gut, which told me that I was not in a good job. Getting fired was demoralizing. I am especially proud that I was able to send my kid on the trip of a lifetime, and proud of myself for being a good mom. I am also proud of myself for taking care of my health and getting the surgery I needed.

I am really proud of myself for cutting off contact with my father and for starting grad school. I think I made real progress in my road to recovery. I guess I wish it had been easier, or that I had been more confident about things that I needed to do. Even now, I sometimes feel uncertain about the path I'm taking. I wish I had stood up for myself more as an individual, but I am also proud of the extend to which I was able to stand up for myself as an individual.

I feel frustrated by my romantic life - or lack thereof. I would like to be more proactive in finding a partner. I don't feel desperate, so that's good. I do feel lonely and alone often. It brings up so many of the bad messages from childhood about not being loved and being alone. I really hope that I can figure out how to date or meet men that will be a positive and good match - or at least date and have fun dating. I'm also really proud of the movie I was in. I feel so glad I was cast and stuck with it. Really really proud.

I do not wish I had done anything differently because even the mistakes I made taught me something. I am learning that regrets are a form of self pity that do not help my spirit evolve. If I learn the lesson and change my behavior then my conduct served it's purpose. Alternatively, I am proud I had the courage to return to therapy. I have been allowing repressed emotions and unfinished business to interfere with the present and my therapist is helping me understand how to allow all of my feelings expression so I can work through the old business and put it behind me.

I'm proud that I finished my MSIS degree from Drexel University, and that I parlayed that into a better-paying job at Diebold, Inc.

Wish had announced move to parents differently; had open conversation with them about leaving Midwest, but so difficult to have open, honest conversation with them about the way forward

I joined forces with my old company partner temporarily because we share a debt that would be much easier to pay together. It has been smart since our income has increased however I wish that I was able to focus more on my art, design, illustration and logo work to pay my half of the debt without his help. I am grateful however that at least the option was there.

I wish I had done so many things better. Dieted. Worked harder. Had more fun. Slept more. Studied more. But I wouldn't trade it away for nothing. A lesson learned is a lesson earned.

Doing the work to have the LGBT Asylum be a recipient of the Offering and co-planning that worship service. I'm not always so good at taking a project through from beginning to end.

I wishI had been stronger in keeping my inner child out of the 'drivers' seat' in my life, Bring the amazingly cab able and able adult forward, NOW! I would like to feel proud of something I accomplished from this year , and at this moment I don't know what that is- I want that for me! I am proud of our children and seeing them make their way in the world with more maturity and grace.

I should have listened to my inner voice telling me to move on from my job. Instead I listened to my co-workers and friends who were shocked and horrified at how I was terminated (without cause!!). I am proud of how I have been handling my finances after years of neglect and poor planning.

I don't really "wish" about things; I'm too much of a realist for that. I do however reflect on how I handled certain situations and think I could have done some things differently. I often jump to conclusions and I'm not always accurate in my assumptions. It's fear-based for me, and comes from deep insecurities from my childhood that I haven't been able to shake off. I work on it constantly and my pride comes in knowing that each and every day I take myself to task to always be the best person that I can be.

I wish I had been less defensive at every single opportunity. I am proud of the opportunities I've taken to let my guard down and learn something new.

כן! התפקיד באגודת הסטודנטים היה תפקיד מאתגר שהתמודדתי בו עם הרבה קשיים המעבר למיאמי

Both: I wish I had done something different with my summer. I felt so much pressure to provide for myself and as a result completely disregarded my own needs - and my health has suffered considerably even though it was only two months. I am so proud of the work I have done with my yoga practice. It has changed my body so much for the better, and I am motivated to keep up this work into the future.

I wish I had told my best friend that he saved me from taking my life two years ago. He was having such a hard time, emotionally, this year and I never knew if it was a good time or not. I really think he needs to know. I owe him everything.

Not really, I'm glad with where I am.

I wish I hadn't let myself become emotionally invested in my work. I work part time for a company that doesn't need or respect me. I am replaceable. I'm very proud that I made the Dean's list last semester though.

I wish I had spent more time with friends. Now that I am in college, living with my friends, I see how great just hanging out is. I haven't seen many of my "old" friends in a long time, and I don't want to lose contact, but we definitely are on the way.

trees in the garden, patience to see the birds take to the bird bath, fortitude to see hope blossom and compassion come, trust the unfolding and pray to meet it well

I wish I had more patience and wisdom when relating to my children. I bark around them and give them orders and generally am cranky a lot. I wish I could ease off and be softer. I wish I could relax a bit and not be so tightly wound. And trust that they will choose right over wrong even if I am not barking orders at them. I am proud that I have three children and they are all doing well. Their dynamic is one of love and friendship. I am not sure if I have something to do with that. But I am very proud that I have created an environment for them that allows them to thrive (perhaps despite my crankiness).

I wish I had been more assertive in raising my concerns at work regarding projects which I felt were going in the wrong direction, or which I felt were a c0mplete waste of time.

I wish I had spent less time worrying about what other people were doing wrong and more about what I need to do to be a better person. Less time in judgement and more time in acceptance and appreciation for what is.

I wish I had started to do a volunteer job before the summer and got more engaged in society than I have. However, I am proud how far I have come from my transplant/depression and am working on Karel 2.0! It is going to rock!

I am really proud of the documentary that I completed based on the history of the community that I was born into, The Temple Society. This project was totally outside my comfort zone but I became fully engaged in both the content and the process. I was also really proud of the speech that I wrote and gave at the DVD launch event.

I wish I had manaed to find more time to get more work done on my short film. It has been hanging over my head for many years now and I know that if I don't put in the time I can't get out the results I want. I am especially proud of myself this year for searchig for my true self thorugh meditation and relaxation. I am learning so much every day ad its an amazing period of growth for me.

I wish I hadn't spent so much time roaming on the internet. This is something I hope to change in the coming year. What I'm pleased with are new friends. Friends with whom I feel I have a closer, more intimate, easier relationship than I've had with friends in the past.

I'm proud of going to the mikvah before my wedding.

I am very proud of the fact that I completed 6 months of graduate school. I have been away from school for many, many years. Most of my friends are retiring now. I wasn't sure I could do it. But I met difficult deadlines and learned a great deal.

I wouldn't have done anything differently this year. I am proud of how much i have grown that I have gone through periods of extreme lows where i've considered not continuing living but for all the hurt and tears I've got to the other side and learnt a lot. I'm proud that i've allowed myself to be more open, open enough to be extremely hurt, loving enough to be extremely hurt.

In trying to get pregnant, and dealing with two miscarriages, I am both proud of myself in how I handled the losses, and also a little annoyed at myself for how I approached pregnancy in the first place. I am proud that I was able to face these two serious losses and grieve and reflect without losing hope or becoming too depressed. I am also proud of how my marriage and partnership with my husband has been strengthened by these experiences. We really pulled together and offered support and comfort to each other. I think we were great at communicating, both verbally and non-verbally, about what we each needed, and we both stepped up to give each other what we needed. I wished I approached getting pregnant a little differently, though. I approach most things with a very "achievement-oriented" mindset. I like to make checklists and take concrete steps towards my goal. I wish I could have just relaxed a little bit more and not been so anxious and goal-oriented about getting pregnant. I don't think the loss would have been any less painful, but I think the process would have been a little more enjoyable. Framing pregnancy as an "achievement" set me up for seeing miscarriage as a "failure", rather than just something that happens as a natural part of the process.

Maybe a few things I wish for this past year... I wish I'd started working out earlier. I've only seen small results, but it feels good to know I've done something for myself. I wish I could've found a different job. I really like the people I work with, but the job is so mind-numbing. I really know I shouldn't complain b/c I have it good, but I just feel like I'm wasting my brain.

I am proud of my willingness to reach out to people in all parts of my world with openness and transparency about my situation. I am proud of allowing myself to be "helped" when so much of my identity is tied up with being "the one who helps".

I'm exceptionally proud that I was able to find the courage to go for skydiving. It was a very thrilling experience and it makes me proud to this day. On the other hand, I wish I had chosen to spend more time at home when I travelled there. Seeing as I may not be seeing home for over another year. Or two.

I feel I have written this before, but I wish I could trust that everything that needs to get done will get done, that there will in fact be enough time. I expend a lot of energy and lose a lot of sleep worrying ahead of time about things not working out when they always do...and when they don't, there are ways around them to another solution.

I wish I had been less disappointing to the people I am around. There are a lot of things I could have done better and sooner. I wish I didn't have struggle to answer this second question, and say it more confidently:I'm proud that I officially cut ties with some people who were very harmful to me.

I wish I had better resisted online games! All that time down the drain! Ugh! I'm proud, though, that I (mostly) held it together through some tough physical (& therefore mental) challenges, and that I kept my mouth shut when I was provoked.

Hard to say. On one hand, there are certainly things I did that I feel were mistakes; on the other hand, I'm thrilled with where I am in life and don't think I would have gotten here had I done everything perfectly. So it's a toss up. I suppose I wish I had been able to meet the Bandra kids where they were at, rather than trying to push them to come to me. I really don't think they liked me, nor do I think I actually helped them at all. I wish I had found a way to make our time more valuable than it was. On a happier note, I'm happy with the work I did with Kokila. She was a sweet girl and I think I helped her, a little.

I definitely wish I took better care of my health. I know that when I eat and sleep right, I feel great, I'm happier and I have enough energy to pursue my goals full force. It's such a simple fix, but its one of the hardest ones to tackle. It's also such a shame because there's so much food at my disposal, I'm not suffering from hunger as my grandparents did- it's all at my fingertips, and I'm just too lazy or forgetful to eat. Health is a gift and the more we take care of it, the more it gives back and keeps us going. On another note, I just came back from this intense trip. I went with a friend of mine who just recently lost his father. I definitely was interested in this friend before we left on the trip together and I had grandiose ideas of the love that would blossom between us. Maybe it's because I don't have -THANKFULLY- that much experience with death, but I think I was so caught in my head space of an impending love affair that I was waiting for to happen, that I shot myself in the foot. I should have understood from the get go that my friend isnt looking for someone in his life, and even if he is, my trip is not a calculated attempt to win his heart. If its there its there, and I wish I could have just chilled out and spoken up more for myself and my needs. Sometimes I take someone's pain as an excuse to be there for them, and not there for me. Which is 100% valid, there just needs to be a balance in the end. It was immature of me to wish something to happen. I should have just accepted my friend as who he is and not try to make something out of situation that is not. Something that I'm proud of from this past year? I guess there should be something, I'm just not sure what.

I'm very proud of successfully getting through the fall recruitment process and getting a job offer. In large part I feel I was lucky, so I'm not sure how much there is to be "proud" of. But I did work hard. I also graduated, of course. I'm proud of doing that successfully even though there wasn't any particular reason to doubt that I would. It's easy to look back and think I wish I had done more fun things and not worked so hard all the time, but I may not have accomplished all that I did if I had not worked as hard. I think I did an ok job of doing fun things when I felt that I could.

I think I have done good things and tried to be the best person I could be while I'm not sure if anything good happened as a result of this. It makes me wonder if doing no good at all would have had any other outcome. Karma doesn't seem to work too well for me, or maybe it's just kind of slow.

I wish I'd taken sabbatical last year and that I would have been more thoughtful/ honest about the turn I wanted to take in my career. I am proud, however, that by staying the course, I've had the opportunity to test and grow professionally. Next year at this time, I hope that I've made a turn that makes work something that brings me a ton of joy and that I feel uniquely positioned to contribute to.

I still struggle to let a relationship that is very important to me change in the way that it must. I wish I had found (could find) the courage to just let go of what WAS and let be what IS. I am proud that I have become better at keeping that struggle to myself and have not inflicted my pain on the one person I do not want to ever hurt.

After about 10 years of producing little to no art, I signed up for a one day printmaking workshop. Most of what I did was experimental, but I came out of the class with a few nice pieces. I submitted one of the prints for a large community non-juried art show. It sold! I finally feel like I achieved something. I am living a dream that I had given up on.

I wish I had figured out how to connect better with my daughter. The rift in our relationship continues to drag on me. I am proud that I have redefined the space of my life, worked hard on my book, am moving forward with a blog and stepping up to the challenge of school.

I wish I had kept more on top of work. As a teacher, it's so easy to let everything pile on during term time and to lose a work/life balance. I need to procrastinate less and focus better when I am working.

I wish I had reached out more to the performance circuit while I was in Berlin - done more and spoken to more people. Taking a risk and taking an intensive clown course even though I was frightened of it, and then taking risks while I was there.

I'm proud that I've made more time to feed my spiritual side - which is a silver lining from the problems I've had with my wife. Between my daily praying the rosary and weekly holy hour, I've developed a sense of peace I didn't have the year before.

I'm fairly pleased with where I am at in my life. I've been maintaining my weigh loss, and I'm working at being more mindful and living more mindfully for my children. I'm proud (and terrified at the same time) at heading back to school. I talked about it and talked about it but now I'm actually doing it. WOW!! Who would have thought???

I wish I had gotten better grades junior year. If I had really nailed it and gotten all a's or nearly all a's I would be a legitimate contender for the ivy leagues. I hope that in a year I will be at a college I will be proud to attend. I am extremely curious to find out where I'm going (I don't know yet!) and I hope that you (me+1 year) are happy with where you're going and where you got in.

I wish I had put more work into the things that were important to me. Alternatively, I am especially proud of the independence I exemplified. I really grew up this year.

I wish I had researched the type of doctor I went to for treatment of the Lyme D condition. I live in an area where it is just starting to spread so the choices for doctors who know how to treat it is very slim. Alternatively I am extremely proud of a project I worked on this past year where we launched an author's career and elevated his profile. He works with at-risk youth and uses his own personal story to inspire others. It feels good to be part of a positive project that makes a difference. It's amazing to get the feedback in emails from individuals who are touched by his speeches and book!

I wish I would've lived different. Be more happy, more loving, more everything.

Differently? No. Better? Yes. Lots of things I could have done better but that said, I am who I am and up to where I am up to and I can't beat myself up for mistakes. I am proud of the work and personal growth I have made this year. I am proud of the hard work I have done to stay in shape and become the strongest/healthiest person I can be. I am proud of the ability to navigate and recover from extremely difficult places in my relationship.

I've been invited to interview for the Royal Society (UK). This is after grueling application writing and prior rejection from the British Heart Foundation. My confidence has taken a lift and all of a sudden I feel very capable going forward - since my experience was far from perfect for this competitive position. My girlfriend has been great in supporting me and it gave me great pleasure to be able to do the same for her CV writing. Fingers crossed I can progress this further!

Worked on myself sooner - it took an unhealthy relationship to realize that I was deluding myself into thinking I was looking for the right thing in a partner. I was sad that it took until I'm 31 to get to this point, but hey, better late than never.

I wish I had read the warning signs and not gotten into a relationship which I could have predicted would be damaging. I wish I had taken notice of those warning signs and not gotten involved no matter how strongly I felt for the other person. I am proud of ending the relationship and getting out and setting up boundaries so that we are not in touch.

I'm proud of a way I handled a difficult situation. I took too long to do it, but when I did speak my words improved a bad environment. I stood up for my values and beliefs

I wish I had been more careful with money this year, especially in two particular cases. One was when our washing machine broke. I put off the repair so long that the cost of laundromats plus the eventual repair cost could have bought us a new washer. Partly that was due to a basement flood, but not entirely. The other situation was when I made an error with our bank account that cost us about $250 in bank fees. I am just sick about that. Something I did that I am happy about is that I identified a case of Lyme disease in our son early enough to get it treated and cured.

I would like to respond better to the students I have that don't try or are lazy. Or, maybe they are not used to having someone expect more from them. I'm not one to let a student fall through the proverbial crack. I had a girl last week that really gave a nothing answer to a very easy yet thought provoking question. I believe I nicely dismissed her answer and I could see on her face it made her feel bad. Actually I don't remember exactly how it went, but bottom line I saw the look and I know I inspired it. As adults, teachers and mentors we have a lot of influence in how a person feels when we in a position like the above mentioned. In the past and now I have bee a champion for fairness to all no matter what ethnicity, sexual preference etc. I had a former student write me recently and thank me for for all the time I stopped the bullying and stood up for his rights and the others students rights. He thanked me for how fair and strict I was as it prepared him for the real world and the real workplace and showed him how to handle certain situations to have a positive outcome. I always try to be fair to one and all. I am strict, but nice, direct and fair. I don't practice favoritism and really did not like it when teachers in my education career did so. I have made a commitment now that I am feeling better physically to get back to the roots of my passions and it seems like my students are responding well to it. I will find a way to reach the child that did not try that I believe I inspired to feel bad.

I took a risk, got out of my confort zone and went to Israel with out knowing anyone

I am especially proud of winning National Novel Writing Month, which I've been wanting to do since I first heard about it in the late 1990s. I'm proud that I followed up with an advanced writers workshop.

I wish that I had been more patient when I was job searching. I got chicken and decided to jump at the first thing that I was able to get and it hasn't panned out the way that I wish it had.

I am always proud of where we go each year with the haunt. And how much time and dedication we always put into it. I really do enjoy what we do, but at the same time, I hope that next year we take a break and slow down. We need to cool it a bit, or we will be burned out. And I don't want this to effect our marriage.

I wish I would have explored the areas of discipline and discernment sooner - especially regarding writing, friendships, heath and weight. Glad to be doing the GIM work, yoga and reflecting during these days of new beginnings.

I wish I had spent more time enjoying my summer instead of stressing out over finding a job I really didn't want. I love being a teacher, and know this is where God wants me to be. For some reason, He wants me to teach little kids and big kids, so that is what I will do. I am especially proud of how I have grown as a person this year. The thought of teaching little kids really freaked me out, but so far, it isn't all bad. Maybe I do like kids after all...

Hmm. This is a tough one to answer. Yes, and no. Everything happens for a reason; if we took back all of our mistakes, we may be in a worse or better position than we are currently in. There is a lesson in everything, and maybe what happened happened because there was a lesson for us to learn. However, I do wish I had gotten over the fear of failure sooner and made the leap. Maybe I would not be going through a period of heartbreak right now; maybe things would be better right now with J. Maybe things would be worse. It's hard to say. Maybe I need this lesson. Maybe I need to grow a bit on my own. Maybe he needs to grow a bit on his own. Maybe this will end up being a good thing.

I wish I had the courage to take control of my relationships more. Husband, friends--I wish I had less apathy and more drive to connect

Nothing that I wish I had done differently ... and am really proud of leading my first spiritual tour - and submitting my 1st book!

I wish I had taken more time with friends. It feels that the older I get, the more work and worry get in the way of what is truly vital.

I am proud that I am living right where I be with my Mom and Step-Dad and I can help them with things that they need help with. Little things like going out to lunch and dinner with them. And bigger things like taking care of the Afghan Hound when needed. I wish that I was better able to contribute financially, and that I could be more patient and loving at times.

I wish I had made more effort to meet new people and join a Jewish community. I want to be a good example to my young daughter. I want her to feel a part of her local community and the global community at large. This has to start with me. Alternatively, I've been especially proud of both my husband and I for working hard and putting our family first. It has been a definite shift in our view and lifestyle. We just need to continue on this path.

I wish I had focused more on my Biology and Organic Chemistry courses in college. I didn't do well in either and now I am extremely anxious about my chances of getting into medical school. I can only hope to do much better this semester and have any medical school interviewers in the future write my bad scores off as being from my freshman year. On the other hand, I am very proud of the work I have done at my internship in a lung cancer research lab! The experience gave me more motivation for this semester as well as confirmation that medicine is what I was made to do... as well as the fact that I don't think I'm as interested in research as I would be in clinical work.

Yes, absolutely. I wish I had been less concerned about what others think of me. A lot of what I did this year was directly connected to the opinions of others. I didn't go to a certain place or I didn't do a certain thing because I thought it would made me look stupid. Alternatively, this has also helped me.I took a specific leadership position because I was told I'd be good at it. I'm also very proud that I took this position.

No regrets to speak of. I 've been very gratified to have seen a paper that I had published in a technical journal in May already cited by authors of a number of more recent papers.

spent less during this past summer, as I now have a huge AMEX bill. I don't know if I am proud of it, but I am struggling a great deal now, and in a weird way, I am proud that I am experiencing this side of life also. The valleys are deep, but without them, the high points seem less eventful. I am looking forward to a new high. Amen and Amen

I wish I had asked for more help in honing my creative expression or curation. I am already prone to not asking for help - add a time crunch and I am even less likely to want to "bother" others. I also wish at one point in the last year we had voted for officer positions, and of course backing up to how that could have worked - we should have handled membership expectations a bit more quickly. I am wondering why this answer is all about the dance collective. Do I wish I had treated my roommate better? Sorta. Why only sorta?

I'm extremely proud of my new business Richard Oceguera Coaching. I'm proud because I listened to the wisdom of Suzanne Evans and Monica Shah who both saw a potential in me that I didn't. I'm proud because starting this business is absolutely illogical and seems not to make any rational sense. And I'm standing in great trust the Universe will see to it that I find the ideal clients who need my message and I will be taken care of.

This year I was very ambitious at work--perhaps to a fault. I think I let my good intentions and my self-confidence get ahead of the success of some of my programs and I didn't do a good job of self-reflecting or asking for help. I sometimes slacked off because I knew I couldn't do everything and that I could find excuses later for why it wasn't all the way done. I also placed a lot of blame for things that didn't work or problems that came up on other people--co-workers, participants, partners--and while some of that was legitimate, I think I could have learned more, and been more effective, if I took the challenges more seriously and tried to really question issues that arose instead of plowing ahead and "doing my best" to stay afloat.

I'm proud of the deepening connections with my friends and family. After years of slowly withdrawing into my fulfilling but solitary business and my beautiful by isolated home, I spent the last year really working at reaching out and being open to relationships that I hadn't been willing to put my energy into.

I'm really proud that I switched my diet to eliminate gluten, soy and dairy. I feel better! And, I'm proud that I made it one year through crossfit! I look different! I still wish I had found a way to weave judaism into my daily life.

I wish I had taken more time to disconnect and to find more regular activities outdoors or linked to nature that inspire and revive me.

I wish that I had been with my mother when she died. While she was quite ill, the end came more quickly than anticipated and I didn't make arrangements to get there fast enough. While I have consoled myself in a variety of ways, the core of it is that I saw myself as someone who would be there at the very end and, when it happened, I wasn't there.

I feel stuck. I wish I had followed through more of my possible options. I am proud of all the travel and exploration I did last year.

I'm proud that a publisher has shown interest in my book based on a proposal, but I've not finished the manuscript revisions in a timely manner, and I'm afraid I may have squandered the publishing opportunity.

Getting into a physical fight with my older brother. Why I threw the first punch is not important. I lost my temper and brought our relationship to one of its lowest points, again. If I was just calm, breathed, and went on a walk, things would have been completely different.

I wish I would have focused more in some of my classes. I'm almost done with school, but I have like 3 D's all together on my transcript. I have to do better this semester!

I wish I'd focused less on people-pleasing and focused more on my self. At the same time, I know I had to behave that way in order to arrive where I am at today: greater clarity and it feels so frikkin' good. Know thyself - the truth will set you free. Proud of my devotion to my family. My strength in forgiving my past and my willingness to see it differently. My tenacity with screenwriting, even when it's tough. My tenacity in this biz. Proud of me and who I am becoming.

I wish I had protected myself better when getting involved in new and exciting opportunities (and listened to my wife when she told me to).

Not worked as hard. It took away time from my family and my relationship with my husband. I'm proud that I tried to stop criticizing my husband. I have managed to criticize less and less despite my initial failure to control my tongue.

I really wish I had been more assertive in a few different relationships. And while that's true, I did finally tell my boyfriend to move out and then more recently that I didn't want to see him anymore at all. So I am getting there. I'm now working on creating and enforcing boundaries with my 14 year old son....I'm getting there! And I feel so lucky to have him in my life!

I wish I had transferred some of the discipline I applied to my heath to my work. I'm still aimless and unfocused more often than I'd like. It's gotten to the point where I'm starting to feel a little rusty, at least in terms of actually making things. Part of it is my role as a business owner and creative director I could always be more loving and less judgmental, towards my wife most significantly. I'm borderline Aspergian when it comes to wanting to have things in "proper order," often at the expense of affection and love. That said, I marvel at the continual deepening of my marriage, even if it's still hard work. I'm very proud of my design studio's solo show I mentioned in question 1. I'm even more proud, though, of my success as a teacher this year. I've managed to inspire students to make great work without being overly harsh. This last semester may have been my best one yet. The students were exceptional, surely, but that I was able to enable and embolden their talents further is a wonderful feeling.

I have, once or twice, undermined my relationship and my girlfriend's security within it, through insensitive actions. I regretted those actions and the pain they caused. I've also found myself using words and arguments to try to change the feelings of my girlfriend about certain situations. I'd like to be more accepting and supportive in those situations, rather than simply looking for solutions. I am proud of the way I handled my mother's opposition to my relationship. I believe I am now more my own person.

I wish I had spent more time with my grandmother. I am really proud of listening to my heart and following it in a responsible way. I have been tested in many ways and could have made many different decisions that were out of integrity but did not.

I'm really proud of the amount of writing I did in the last year and the way I pushed myself to write in new ways and forums. I worked to get my work into a more public eye, to be critical and work to improve.

This might seem trivial, but I really wish I'd done a better job of keeping "kosher" this past year. I use quotation marks because I came up with my own version of kosher a couple of years ago. While I would still try to avoid pork and shellfish, I wasn't particularly concerned with rabbinic supervision or keeping plates separate. Rather, I wanted to focus more on the production of meat (I don't eat dairy)...I only wanted to eat humanely-raised meat from local farms. But I found when I was out at a restaurant, I would rationalize it in some way, push the nudge of my conscience aside, and eat whatever I wanted even though I knew it was not according to my own rules for ethical eating. It was surprisingly easy to do that, but whenever I think about it I'm still bothered. So this new year, I am starting anew. I hope to do better this year, and I think I have a new respect for the real commitment and discipline it takes to eat "kosher," as well as a deeper understanding of how truly a spiritual act it is.

I am proud of being able to stick it out at uni this year, having tried and f ailed when I was sick.

I wish that I had started looking for my next job. Preferrably in the Jewish world. I am proud of how Beth and I have embraced being grandparents to Sean. He is such an amazing kid.

I really let things get out of control at work. I let resentment and anger get the best of me and withdrew from coworkers and challenged relationships. I am proud that I for the first time feel like I am taking responsibility for my own actions and my own mistakes.

I would have checked in with my friend M that evening instead of assuming all was well when I saw him at dinner. I think I could have saved him some hurt, and I really wish I had followed up on my initial actions to show concern and care. On the other hand, I am intensely proud of the work I did last winter, of how deeply I was there for my sons, and how connected we are as a family.

I wish I had been kinder and more gentle with my husband. His hearing loss frustrates me so badly that I end up snapping at him lots more than I should. I can't think of anything I'm especially proud of in the last year so I'd better give some serious thought to changing that this year.

I don't wish I'd done anything differently, actually. I think I've done pretty well. I had a great time partying and spending all my money when I was single, and even had a great time sleeping with someone I should NOT have slept with, and I'm proud that I knuckled down and completed my degree. I'm glad I took a chance and started dating my new boyfriend, despite our age gap. I'm pleased that I got tattoos, I'm pleased that I live with my friend in a great flat, I'm glad I went to Rome with my mum and I'm glad I'm developing a relationship with my Dad. All I really need is some money!

I'm glad that I took the time to spend with my friends and make new friends. I realise how important friendships are now.

The past year, despite hardships, has perhaps been the best one yet. I got engaged, bought a house, and found a wonderful new job. I am most proud of recently asking friends for help in managing a health issue. In years past, I was too proud to ask for help, and too ashamed to admit my failures. Now that my life is looking up, I'm happy to do all I can to make it last.

Differently? I wish I'd handled the relationship side of things differently this year. I may have chased off the love of my life. Proud of? Getting my household in order, both physically & familially. Slowly but surely I've made our house comfortable and inviting - as close to perfect for us as it can be, while still being a work in progress.

I wish I would have been more patient with change at work, but only a little more patient. I am especially proud of the patience and perseverance I showed both in studying for the LSAT and in leading a frustrating group of people at work.

I wish I had started my job search earlier. I feel behind and like I may have missed opportunities to AT&T working right after college. But I really needed a break. I needed to rest and find myself again. And I feel like I did. At the cost of thousands of dollars disappearing because I had no income.... I am proud of myself for letting go of a bad relationship. It was damaging emotionally and mentally and it wasn't worth it. I needed to let go of it and move on and I'm proud of myself for finding the willpower and strength to do so.

Parenting. I honestly am trying my best but man is it hard. As the kids get older and the issues more complex, I am struggling to do it well. My eldest is getting heavier and heavier and keep having visceral reactions to it. I too was a heavy kid and it is a massive trigger. I wish I had been more on top of my reactions. On the proud end - I am proud that I am aware, working on it and am improving. Not huge improvements, but at least I am heading in the right direction.

It would be to spend more time with the ideas that I have on the back burner that have not been materialized. With the economy the way it is, it has become more important to be diversified. I am pleased that I have had more quality time spent with my kids this last year.

I wish I had been more effective at budgeting my time in the past year. Not so much the budgeting as the making time for exercize and to be more effective at work. Treating the "new year" like a new year is giving me some hope and confidence that I can get be more successful in 5774 than I was in 5773.

Keep more focused on making my apartment a comfortable home. I'm proud of my involvement with my synagogue and its many programs.

I'm incredibly proud of how I launched PresenTenseLA. I'm now just worried that I won't be able to maintain the same caliber and same strength but hope that as the program gets off the ground more - the more we're able to build out.

I am sure there are many things I wish I would have done differently, but that’s life. There is nothing significant that stands out in my mind. I am thankful that I stood my ground and did not force myself to go into a business I knew my whole heart and mind would not have been into. If it is meant for me to have my own business it will be on my terms, not something I’m feeling forced and pressured to do.

I wish that I had ended my relationship before moving to CA....it was that right thing to do....like putting a terminally ill pet to sleep before it has to suffer too much. I'm letting it suffer and die a long drawn out natural death...all for the sake of me having a safety net.

I wish I had taken Spring semester off, rather than continuing to dig myself deeper into the hole I'm in.

It's the same for both - I joined a startup and did a decent job of building up the initial infrastructure etc. And for the work I did I am proud. OTOH, I should have done better due diligence on the CEO - he turned out to be utterly ineffective and had no integrity to boot. So ultimately we failed and that has been difficult.

Yes and no to both parts of the question. Further explanation being this: Initially, I will say that I wish I had said goodbye to my Washington friends in a more courteous and considerate manner before I left for California. At the same time, I think I needed to leave in the fast, non-dramatic way that I did for all parties involved...but, mostly for myself. In response to part two of the question, I say that a majority of this past year is what I'm EXTREMELY proud of. Almost everything I have done: relocating, coming out of the closet, living on my very own without any financial assistance. THIS HAS BEEN A HUGE YEAR FOR ME!

I wish I had entered the cantorial ordination program instead of the certificate program this past year. Though I like the program, I really felt I was ready for the entire coursework. I am proud that I applied for the certificate and still working on the courses with all that I have been through.

I wish I had been more forceful in speaking out at work. There is a certain level of dysfunction here that underlies a lot, and I have not done enough to bring it to the attention of my superiors. I am proud of the way I deal with interpersonal situations at work and in my volunteer world. I think people come to me as an authority figure they can trust to help work out a good situation. Also, I co-chaired an outstanding event fundraising event. Although I was brought in late to the process, I think I did a great job pulling things together and getting the planning committee to work together nicely.

I'm proud that finally I'm getting closer with my mom, and our relationship is improving and getting better.

I wish I had unplugged more. I feel better when I am in the "real" not virtual world, making connections, being with people, green growing things. I am proud of my career, rebuilding and growing in new directions. I am proud of my daughter who is awesome & confident & kind. I am proud of my marriage which wheathers many storms.

lotsa things, of course. in particular i wish i was more patient on the phone with my parents and got less grumpy with shira sometimes. perennial struggles...

Over this past year, I wish I had given my husband more affection, attention, and love. This man works SO HARD. He works hard to challenge himself, to support our family, and at the end of the day - he still has the mental energy to give love to me and the kids. When I stop my hustle and bustle, I realize how amazing this man is. This year, I have been so caught up in the changes to our family (the baby), learning to balance (work and family) and generally trying to "get by body back." To put it simply, its been a selfish year for me, focused on my own challenges and changes. In the coming year, I need to be a better partner and wife.

I'm proud that I took the time to heal from my lung surgery. Most times, I just push through things in order to work, take care of others, do "what's required of me". This time, I took the time to rest, to heal, to reflect, and I have had a great outcome and a new insight into what it means just to be present to the moment that I'm in.

I wish I'd spent less time obsessing about some things (like choosing a new daycare/preschool for my daughter). I made the decision fairly quickly, but spent a lot of time afterwards validating my choice. I need to just make my decisions and stick with them.

I'm especially proud of the way I have acclimated to a new country and a totally new environment. Having moved countries a year ago, and while I still do long for 'home' and my people there, I now have new people and am beginning to build my reputation and make a name for myself.

I wish I had figured out to write more original music. Something I'm proud of is the song that I wrote to propose to my fiance.

I'm not sure. I don't think there is anything I'm aware of that I ought to have done differently. I worked hard on my health, on connecting and reconnecting with family and friends, on helping my husband with his health, on our finances. I probably should have taken more time away for us, but we really accomplished so much that I feel good about that. I'm not particularly proud of anything. I feel this year I did what I had to do.

I'm especially proud of putting my health and my body first this year. Even though it's been hard for me to accept my limitations, leaving my job when it wasn't healthy for me was the healthiest decision I made in a long time.

I wish that I had accomplished more in so many ways. I fight depression and often feel overwhelmed. sometimes the simplest task seems huge and impossible to manage. I am getting better at breaking tasks down into miniscule chunks and giving myself credit for what I do accomplish rather than just berating myself for what I don't. And of course, I wish I knew if there had been anything I could have done to make things better with my son. I miss him so terribly.

I wish I hadn't spent so much time watching tv, that I had used that time to write more, to be outside, and to be serious about thinking about God.

I wish I would've given more to others. I'm proud to say that have created things that I was afraid to in the past and just put myself out there.

I am especially proud of the two girls I am raising. They are kind and sweet and loving and funny. I want to continue to be strict but full of love. Eva has just entered kindergarten and is so ready and graceful.

I wish and still do wish that I moved faster. Being a first time business owner, I've had to take the time to learn and then move forward. I'm very torn about this. I'm not one for regrets, and if I believe an action will result in regrets I do what I can to future-proof it so I see it as a stepping stone to success. I believe my pace is a similar thing. I feel I could have moved faster, but would it have been that much smarter - would've I made more pricey mistakes? I don't know. All I know is I need to keep up with the pace and as long as I keep moving forward, that is the best progress I could hope for.

Great success at work - maintaining my integrity

I wish that I had saved more money this summer when I had a chance. I recently returned from a deployment this past spring and saved a decent amount of money, but ever since I have been back I started spending far to much and don't have much left to show for it.

I wish I'd gone out and found a support group that could help me sustain my self-worth and my belief in my own abilities in the face of constant criticism and lack of support in my own home.

I am especially proud of the way I handled this spring's crisis: Recovering from debilitating panic attacks and a related Rx drug addiction, and quitting my stressful corporate job. I could not have done it without my husband's support. I'm also proud of the way I have been investing more time and energy into my friendships. I have been focusing on giving love/attention rather than receiving, and it has made all the difference. I feel like I have unlocked a wonderful secret! I wished I would have spent more time with my nephews, though, as they are going through a tough time.

I'm very proud of captaining my mock trial team to states this year. I've wanted to go to states since my freshman year, but had never gotten the chance since I was on the B team. I was on the B team again this year, but I pushed through it and got us to states. We didn't advance to the semifinals, but that didn't matter. I had made it anyways.

I'm still at a point in my life where I don't regret things, like big, life decisions or repetitive actions. I still think I learn from it all, no matter how shitty it is. I'm proud that I traveled alone to foreign lands, that I didn't let anything hold me back, that I made it work with my job, with finances, with my roommates--I found a way. I'm a scrappy motherfucker. When I know I need to do something, I do it. I had to get the hell out of New York. I told the boss, I found the subletters, I saved the pennies, I booked the flight. I am so grateful I am self-reliant enough to know that things like this are in my power, that I can make anything, well, almost anything happen.

I wish I hadn't been such a wuss. I need to stop chickening out and backing away and thinking I am worth less than I am. I think I have gotten better but I still have much more to improve upon. I am proud of myself for working two jobs this summer. I barely had any free time but I had so much fun and made a lot of money and memories alike. It was really a great summer even though I worked what felt like every waking moment.

I am very proud of the fact that I finally stuck up for myself and changed my custody schedule. I'm also proud (and happy) that I was able to be a support system for the Fenimore kids. I don't wish I'd done much differently, but I do wish I'd been a little better at figuring out who I wanted to be friends with at the beginning of last year, exactly a year ago.

I am working on my parenting style. I wish I didn't get so frustrated and yell so much. I feel like sometimes I can be really mean. I'm proud that I'm looking for alternatives and working hard to change. I'm trying to have more fun, take the time to relax, be silly and take it slow.

Many things, but nothing catastrophic. Mostly i wish i'd managed my time better, but in job searching, and following through on art projects

I wish I'd listened to my instincts and hadn't settled for second best, even for a day.

Yes, I know know know that my attitude is the only thing I really have have control over. I know that attitude determines so much in what we do and how we do it, in our interactions with others, and in our recollection of memories. I wish I was more mindful of that on a daily basis.

I'm proud that I got into Sydney uni. I'm also proud that I'm continuing to get a Distinction average, and I got a HD for photomedia, which is great. I wish I had spent my holidays more productively. I feel like I didn't do anything at all. If I could do it again I would have done more things, knitting and craft projects as well as art projects.

I wish I had handled the whole summer better, regarding my husband. Dealing with bi-polar and PTSD is tough for HIM, and I am struggling to understand his needs in that arena. I wish I had been more patient at times, more assertive at other times, and would like to have some guidance in how to help someone with those disorders. I am proud of myself for attempting a healthier lifestyle. I am making a conscious effort to make better food choices, drink more water, and exercise more. I discovered I love zumba, and I also have become fairly addicted to my fitbit!

I wish I had spent more time giving back to charity, doing community service, etc. Right now, that's a big part of my life that isn't being fulfilled, and I need to work on that. Yesterday, I found a dollar bill in the hallway at the gym -- no one was around to give it back to at all -- but I felt extremely guilty about picking it up. I know that's in some way related to my feeling that I haven't been doing enough to help others.

I wish I had worked on my organizational/neatness more. perhaps this year will be the year. I also wish that my gym time had stuck more. I really NEED that routine.

Especially Proud: Started with the personal trainer. Woodworking class. Condo hunt/purchase. Learning to create space in my friendships when I needed it. Got myself on a boat, if even just once. Significantly cut back smoking habit (dare I say 'quit'?). Done Differently: More meditation. Healthier eating. Better money management. Asked for emotional help when I needed it. Search for a job that would make my soul feel better. Trust more. Read more. Sail more. Date more (date at all).

I have a particularly hard time shouting myself down. I am a smart guy and I know it. It makes for arguing with myself fruitless sometimes. I did a pretty good job this year of listening to others rather than outsmarting myself. I did things that terrified me conceptually that were well within my grasp in practice.

I wish I wouldn't have spent so much time wallowing in self-pity. I'm proud of myself for getting out of the house and going after what I want!

Stopped making excuses and exercised. So proud of my wonderful family!

I wish I had paid more attention to the big picture and my larger goals than the small pitstops along the way. Like going to Maine (for DPKaufman) and then NYC (for Pete's gig) the days before my internship with Tina Champagne. Those days could have been used instead for settling and centering - I wish I had been prepared for anything. Lessons learned: The future could contain anything! That is the preparation: expect anything. I wish I had done that. Come in screaming and left with my power still between my legs. Lesson 2: Pay attention to the bigger goals and the direction you're going - sometimes pitstops are wonderful and important (I'm happy I went to visit David in ME! I'd be sitting here regretting that if I hadn't!) but I didn't have to tack on the extra trip to go to NY.) I wish I had paid attention to how unsettled I was going to be- starting a high profile job with Tina and having no groceries in the house or driving directions planned!

The hospital visit I had this past year can fall into both categories, in a way. On one hand, I wish that I wouldn't have needed to be hospitalized for the issues I experienced. On the other hand, I am extremely proud that after years of struggling and having trouble accepting help, I was finally able to admit that I really needed help with my self-harm issues.

Yes, I wish I had worked a little harder and a lot smarter this year. Will do this coming year.

I wish I could have been more compassionate this year around my father and not so triggered by the past. My work on Jewish Wisdom & Wellness made me very proud. It was good work and it was the starting point for bringing all my talents to bear on a project.

Wow. I wish I had worked more on my dissertation. The trade off, though, is to have spent less time with my family. Right now I feel a little stuck--I can't imagine where I am going to find the time to finish. It isn't going to be easy, but it is showing me that I need to be flexible with my expectations of how things should happen and what I am capable of.

I spent to much money, but I solved the problem, and now I am debt-free.

I'm proud that I have stood up for myself in times of adversity and demeaning attitudes.

I wish I had dedicated more time and effort to deciding where I should be professionally. I am pleased that my personal relationships blossomed and flourished as a result of my input.

I wish that I'd worked harder. I had (and have) a lot of free time now, even though I'm involved in many projects, and I just read facebook and twitter and email and sit around and do nothing. I wish I had found a way to motivate myself to produce something useful or interesting.

in some ways i wish i didn't take this job, but i guess looking back there are some positives to it. i'm proud of myself for toughing it out over this past year in this job and not forgetting to keep moving forward so i hopefully can move on to something better.

I wish I had gone abroad last spring semester instead of staying at school. I enjoyed my semester in Ithaca, but I think I would have benefited greatly from an experience abroad. At this point in my life, I think an abroad experience would truly have changed my worldview/outlook on the world. On the other hand, I am proud of what I did do during my semester, and think I put in a good body of work; socially, academically, and into myself.

I wish that I had kept up my habits with swimming, running, and bicycling. But I am proud that I still bellydance, and that I really enjoy group exercise at the Y.

La verdad todo ha sido perfecto no cambiaria nada. Estoy orgulloso de ser admitido en la maestría aunque no tuve mucho tiempo de estudiar.

I wish I had worked on my books more. While I want to get them done I haven't carved out the time to work on them. I'm very proud of the successes I've had in business this year. I've doubled my revenues and launched some great programs.

I wish I had exercised more when I had the time. I wish I had found a way to do the right thing without making an enemy of the person who did the wrong thing. I am proud that I am in better health now. I can walk farther without pain. I am proud that I have handled the first six weeks of my new job pretty well.

My moodswings have turned a lot of my year negative, and I wish I had chosen to go about it other ways. I feel weak when I can't control them but I don't really know what to do. I feel like I'm getting better though. I am proud of my independence this year, having a car changes a lot, and allows me to learn new things. Spending the weekend at Nillahcootie felt like no extra responsibility. It was easy. I don't think it would have been a year ago.

I picked myself up off the floor, and just in the nick of time lost the weight I'd regained over the last few months which made a huge difference when I found out I was expecting a baby. I'm feeling strong and ready to take this on.

Proud of many things, among which starting dancing classes

I wish I had handled my relationship with Steve different. I am proud that I have lost 30 lbs.

I recently started eating healthier and paying more attention to my carbohydrate/vegetable balance including the introduction of breakfast smoothies. I am excited to continue to improve my eating and my family's eating habits so we can all be as healthy and well-balanced as possible.

I wish I'd handled my time before I moved differently. There were a lot of people like Sarah and Miya that I was just starting to get to know, and I didn't even see them before I left. And there were a lot of other people I wanted to see and experiences I wanted to have one last time (running the full three miles through the nature preserve, albertaco, seeing Brett in a non-moving-related setting, going to some other restaurants, etc.). Plus it was just so stressful to be graduating and moving all at the same time that I wish I'd found a way to spread it out more. I also wish I'd done more to advance my professional writing career. I've been writing a lot, but really lacking on the "and now I'm going to edit this up and start sending it off" front. Same with not getting as much done on Nautilus as I would have liked to. There's a ton of work left to do on those fronts, and I feel like I let some opportunities slip me by to get some really good work done on those. And I wish I'd been less sad. But I'm not sure how I would have done that. I was just so stressed and so tired and depressed. I sort of still am, although it comes and goes. I wish I'd looked more into seeing my therapist again, maybe. And possibly pushed harder about seeing a doctor for my stomach while I was still on my school's insurance. Regrets, man.

I am proud of the way my faith and patience have grown in the past year. Going through the mortgage loan process and entering my fifth year of teaching have really shown me how God operates through me and gives me a supernatural peace and calm. I am proud of the way I continued to pay off debts like my car and also how I saved and budgeted my money in order to buy my first home! I wish I would have handled my relationships differently: friends, boyfriend, Jesus.

No. I am totally at peace with everything I've done. I could say I wish I left for New Zealand sooner, but then I wouldn't have been around to say goodbye to my Nana. And I wouldn't have had the experiences I had when I had them out here. I could say I wish I'd kept in better touch with friends, but then I wouldn't have learned who the right friends are and weeded out the rest. I could say I wish I'd not trusted people who let me down, but then I wouldn't have learned it was time to end my relationship with them. Everything I've done, and everything that's happened (good or bad) has been just as should be. And I'm thankful. As for being proud, I'm proud of myself for doing this whole trip in the first place. It's taken strength and courage to face going to a new country alone, to travel the width and breadth of it alone, and go after what I want. This is the most courageous I've been in my life and I'm damn proud of it.

I wish I had spoken up about needing to take time for myself or other things that I had earned but thought should be given to me because I deserved them and I thought they should be acknowledged. I'm proud of learning to articulate myself without being defensive and really trying to listen to people without my own insecurities holding me back or preventing me from understanding what people are trying to communicate to me.

I wish I'd gotten better grades, but I know that if I got a chance to do it over I'd be too lazy to do anything differently. I skated by and I succeeded minimally-- and I don't even care that much. I'm proud at the social efforts I've made this year-- with my classmates, with my boyfriend's sick mom in the hospital, in my realtionship itself, with my parents. I hope to improve these realtionships with time and am proud at the progress I've made and my social achievments this year.

I wish I hadn't become friends with Kristian.

Can't we always think of something we wish we had done differently. At this point I am wishing that in my desire to be able to use my arm better. I hadn't gotten the second Botox shot. My arm is worse.

As always, I would like to have gotten control of my finances. I eat out too much and I have never been disciplined in this area. I'm very proud of our wedding! It turned out as beautiful as I'd hoped it'd be. I did most of it myself, and stayed reasonably within budget. I was afraid it would turn out tacky and low-rent. It was the most beautiful wedding I've ever seen. I could not have been happier!

I wish I had exercised more this year and paid more attention to my body. I also wish I had spent more time focusing on my art. I am proud of my accomplishment of graduating from advanced training. I am proud of my extensive organic garden.

There are some little things that I wish I'd done differently, like individual interactions and small moments. Overall though, last year was a giant- albeit challenging- step towards my future goals. I'm living the life that I always hoped that I would be at my age, I can't complain.

I wish I had dealt with concentration, procrastination, and mental health issues EARLY and OFTEN. These are constants for me, and I'm at an ok place with that. But the earlier I intervene and take stock, the better. I plan to spend next year intervening and taking stock basically all the time! It's not like I don't feel pride as well. EVERY turned in piece of work has been a struggle, and I deserve to feel proud of every success.

I want to figure out how to be more patient with myself and my family. I really want to have a positive feeling family, were we support each other, but I don't feel like we've achieved it this year.

The easy answer: I would not have gotten married. The hard answer: I would have listened to my friends and family and heart about getting married. I would have thought critically about why I was getting married instead of being focused on losing the deposit on the caterer, or feeling that since I’d committed to planning the wedding, that I had to commit to the marriage. I would have been more present when my husband needed me in the wake of his father’s passing. I would have been clearer with my husband about my unhappiness in the relationship on the front end. I would have pushed harder for my husband to come to couples counseling with me. I should have either talked to him sooner about wanting a divorce – or even about not wanting to get married.

I am proud of cleaning out and selling my old home, and of realizing that "things" are not important. I am also proud of staying involved in organizations that have helped me through some difficult times and helping others through those organizations.

I am proud of how stress free my summer was. I wish I found my career.

I wish I had not caved into procrastination. It is a nasty bad habit...and it is so freeing to just dive into a project and see the results. It is empowering and liberating to accomplish even the smallest of goals.

I wish I had done practically everything differently this year! In particular I was offered an amazing opportunity to pursue a career change which I've longed to make, and passed it up because of my inability to reduce the amount of time I spend on my current job. This was pathetic. I *have* to be able to manage my time better.

I wish I'd pushed myself more to do things with my time so that maybe I could help myself get out of my shell and keep myself occupied so I wouldn't have dropped into such a lengthy depressive episode.

I wish I would have taken better care of my body and watched more what I ate; I had the chance to lose a lot of weight and look really good for my first year of college, but I let myself get stressed out and forget what was good for me in the long run. I only have one body and I need to take perfect care of it.

I wish I had made a better effort to keep in shape after retiring from rugby. After so many months of putting work before self-care, I feel heavy and slow. I'm getting back on a schedule now, but it's very hard to stick to a schedule with this work. On the other hand, I'm very proud that I was able to take so many risks this year and that they all worked out in my favor. I moved to the DR hoping that I would find the perfect job to follow AMIGOS, and sure enough, I did!

I wish I had more routine, more work in advance, and less wasted time. I wish I felt better about myself and did not always feel the need to say "no" to fun opportunities. I wish I had more energy to expend with the kids and my wife

I am proud that Peter and I gave the eulogy together at Dad's funeral. It was incredibly hard at the time, but I know I would have regretted not doing it.

I wish I had tried harder in certain classes, but I'm proud of my effort to finish school a semester earlier than previously thought. I also wish I would've put more energy into fixing myself.

I wish I took IB Music instead of IB Theatre. I only took Theatre because my teacher wanted me to, and now she's retired and I'm stuck with a teacher I don't like much. I'm proud of my achievements in choir and math and how I'm 100% dedicated in those classes every day no matter how tired, et cetera I feel.

I wish I'd looked into internships over the summer, or at least researched what was available. I wish I'd done more--even though Ian and I had tons of day trips and fun activities. I'm proud of my adult self so far and my relationship.

I wish I had resolved my divorce this past year so I wouldn't have it hanging over my head right now. That said it has been tough for me to deal with on many levels. I've done the best I could. I'm proud that I've gone back to school to finish my bachelors degree. It's been a long time coming. I still have much to do but I never thought I'd get back to it. Academic life sure stirs up some old demons for me emotionally, but I'm still here working on getting my walking papers.

I'm proud that I stepped up my parenting this year, that I made an effort to be more forgiving of my children's other families, even though I'm honestly not there yet. Even though I'm still seething with resentment at their tightfisted attitude, grab for time and lack of help to me. It's hard to be a "part time" parent, because that is a myth. The days I don't have my children I'm still on call. Still have to be the responsible one. Worst, on "my" days, it's just me, and it can be rough with two wild, wonderful and awesome little boys. Simple things such as getting to school, homework, shopping, meals become much bigger obstacles than they should be. I know some people who call themselves "single" parents, even though they live with significant others, or have the help of overly involved grandparents. I know that some people say that I'm not a "single mom" since my boys have their weekend/Disneyland dads, but I just have me. I am single. I'm proud of the love and commitment I give my family. I'm proud of the sacrifices I make, that frankly their dads could not. And I'm proud that I don't let them shake my confidence, or rock my boat, even though they try. Jackasses!

I wish I stayed more positive. I had a bad attitute facing a lot of problems.

I wish I would have saved my money more this past year. One thing I am really proud of is how far I've come with running. I started running in Germany and it truly changed my life. I have lost 25 pounds and run every or every other day about 5 miles. It makes me really happy and relieves a lot of stress that I bottle up.

I'm proud that I'm taking a giant chance to be happy even though it doesn't entirely make sense. Sink or swim and I'm going to give it a shot. Feel like the time is now and despite being terrified, I'm going to try to confront my fears and become the person I aspire to be.

Surprise, surprise... I wish I'd spent more time on research. I did my oral exam (yay!) but I am still working on defining my thesis. I am closer than I was a year ago, but figuring out my "big research question" that I am supposed to somehow answer in a finite period of time is not so easy. I am starting my 4th year of graduate school and I am determined to have my PhD by the time I turn 30 so I can move back to the Pacific Northwest and probably start a family.

I wish I had talked more meaningfully and less frequently. I shot a motherfucking Nyala in South Africa and then served it up for dinner, pretty proud of that.

I am proud of trying the position of leadership at work, although I wish I had done more with it. I am proud of myself for signing up for the Great Good training since it proved to be an incredibly worthwhile training.

There are lots of little things that I could consider changing, but what I'd rather do is learn to live life without regrets. Had I made different choices I may be a different person right now. In some ways, at least. If I really must pick something, I regret not learning how to budget and manage money sooner. I waited until I was in dire frickin' straits, and it's going to be a long, slow process getting out of that. On the bright side, I finished my PhD this year, and I have a job!!! Once I"m licensed I'll be making even more money, and hopefully this financial stuff will all work out in the end. I'm a smarty-pants doctor now, I should be able to figure it out. :)

I wish I hadn't dropped the ball on my progress. At the same time I am glad I did, there is no reason to become so obsessive over a life change that I can make gradually and kindly, without harming myself mentally or physically. I'm proud that I let go of my past, even though I now realize that it could have never happened if I hadn't given it time.

I wish I had ceased the opportunities to exercise to a place of optimum health. I have bursts of wellbeing and then I 'fall off the wagon' - it is a pattern I have perpetuated for my whole life - I want to stop it!! I am proud that I made a decision to leave a very expensive rental property and make changes to reduce stress for my husband and therefore for me. The roll off effect was that there was greater tension but it is evening out now.

I can proudly say I have been in recovery from disordered eating for 9 months now. I expect to reach the 1 year mark before the end of 2013. I am so proud of myself for making it this far and not slipping up, even when it got particularly difficult around month 6.

Hmmm not really the past year but this year a good friend of mine and I started our own web series which has really taken off. I don't think I would have done anything differently. We all say if we could go back and take it back we would but where would we learn from that? We need to make mistakes, it's only human nature!

Yes. I want to die.

I'm especially proud of having finally published my novel (at the end of 2012). However, I wish I would have paid more energy and attention to marketing it, because now it's languishing and that's mostly my fault. I worked so hard on creating and birthing this book baby, I just really want to see it move from crawling to walking and running.

I wish I hadn't been so concerned with finding a relationship. This not only left me more depressed and disappointed in myself, but also put me in situations I didn't want to be in. I would get so preoccupied with finding someone to connect with, I forgot to slow down and focus on someone I ACTUALLY connected with; someone who cared about me, my feelings, my passions, my thoughts. I just forced the feelings and if a guy was interested, I pounced. This always ended badly. The guys 9 times out of 10 just wanted a physical thing, and while that was a bonus, I really wanted someone who was interested in the emotional side of a relationship. I lied to myself, telling myself that yes, they did want to know me and liked me for more than just what I could do for them. And that just wasn't the case. I really wish I could have pushed through those longing-for-compassion feelings and have focused more on the relationships that really mattered to me; like my friendships, which did suffer, immensely. I feel bad about those feelings because I shouldn't feel the need to be connected to someone so badly. I know I am an independent person, and I prove that every day, but deep down, I really want/depend on someone to be there for me. I'm tired of being my own super hero. For once, I want to be the damsel in distress that gets the hero. On the flip side, I am really proud of how far I have come with my depression and my self-harm tendencies. I have really progressed these past 3 years and hope to stay on the upward track. I'm also really proud of myself for getting accepted into 6/7 colleges, and actually following through with going to Virginia Tech. I have made a lot of improvements over the past year, and I am truly proud of myself.

I wish I had worked more on myself, on my relationship. I wish I had sought out anger management. I wish I hadn't fought with both of my SO's parents and destroyed my relationships with them. I wish I had worked harder at finding a better-paying job, but I'm proud of having landed a job at all and progressing at actually doing it. I'm proud of having traveled abroad and experiencing a once-in-a-lifetime event. I'm proud that I've stuck with my new fitness routine and lost stubborn fat, and that I quit smoking again.

I am proud of this year and how hard I have worked at my new job. Proud of seeing my kids thriving and knowing that I have done everything that I could do to be a good parent. I don't really see anything that I would have done differently. Thank goodness! That is a good feeling.

I wish I was nicer to my brother. Next year he's going to college and he'll be gone. I'm going to miss him even though I say I won't. I am just going to try to spend more time with him.

If wishes were horses, I would have a herd. Mostly my regrets have to do with wasting time mostly on the computer. I am doing a little better with this. One thing I've done is that I have a mindfulness app that rings about every 30 minutes. I use that to take 2 deep breaths and consider if I am using my time the way I would like or if I want to change what I am doing right then. I am proud of the progress I have made on my financial coaching career despite the fact that when I read my answers from last year I said I would be an accredited coach by now and I'm not.

As I sit here and try to think of something I wished I had differently, I can't really think of something. I mean I am sure there are minor things that I would to change but not of real significance. For once I am happy where I am at and where I am going. I am proud of the progress that I have made in my new PhD program (2 publications and another that will be published soon) and how well I was able to adjust to the new transition. Here's to continuing to enjoy life and to no regrets!

I'm proud that I stepped out of my comfort zone and auditioned for Spamalot and Conejo Players. It was a big step for me and I did great, even though I did not get the part. I also was appointed Facilities Director. I wish the fiasco with church could have gone differently, but I would have done the same thing.

I wish I had been more consistent with my health and reached my fitness goal. I feel like I may never reach it, but I keep recommitting myself so I guess there is something to be said about that. Alternatively, I am on track to pay off all of my consumer debt this year including my car. I feel good about that and look forward to learning about investing.

I wish I had exercised more and gotten myself into a better place physically. I am very proud of myself for getting started and not letting excuses get in my way. I also wish I had gone to the doctor sooner for minor health problems that really affected my quality of life.

I wish that I had been more upfront with a friend in a business deal. Instead I avoided conflict that I knew eventually would happen. I didn't answer her question directly. I did not say yes or no and in the end that was very wrong. Because I knew exactly what I would do and I should have told her that up front and not waited until the end. Alternatively I am very proud that I took a full time job and when it was too much and way to unprofessional and I could no longer be subjected to a hostile workplace, that I quit and I was not scared. I stood up for myself every day that I worked there. That I knew that business better than anyone there and I was not going to pretend I did not and go along with things that were unethical or simply bad business.

looloo i'm a brave ass bitch when it comes to honesty awkward in most other ways

getting out there and finding friends, facing my fears, being a better person, reading more, learning more, treating my famiy with respect, perfecting my actions and holding back from letting my arrogance and anger get the most of me

I wish I had been less lazy. Juggling a busy job (whose job isn't?) and family life can be exhausting, but I feel that I still wasted too much time mindlessly browsing social media sites, watching TV or reading nonsense in my limited free time, when there is so much to do with it: learn Hebrew, play guitar, read fiction or non fiction, plan meals and rekindle my love of cooking, exercise, improve our home, or just taking care of the many daily tasks a little better. As always, I really, really want to get better at keeping in touch and mindful of people's important milestones (birthdays, anniversaries, events, etc.) The one thing I am very proud of is being a good mother. My two boys bring the best out of me, test me like nothing has before. When I see them, I am above all immensely grateful to be so inexplicably blessed with such bright, fun kids. But also, when I finally manage to sit down to drink my cup of (usually cold) coffee, I can pause and feel how much I love this parenting thing, and heck, most days, I'm rocking it.

I wish I wasn't so quick to anger. My temper often gets the best of me, especially with the people I care about the most, it's something I will always struggle with. I am proud to be a new family of three! In the past year we got married, got pregnant and had our sweet girl. I am proud we are making it work. Even though not everything is ideal(our finances, moving to a new town) I am so proud of us.

I am proud that I decided to defer a year of my MA, for the sake of my health. It was heartbreaking to see all my peers continue into the next year, whilst I felt left behind. A small part of me felt that I'd failed. But I've stayed in touch and maintained wonderful friendships. I needed this year - for one of the first times in my life, I'd chosen to take care of myself. That is a success. But on the flip side, I wish I'd used this down time 'better' - trips out, the reading I never got around to... instead of chores and errands. Then again, there's no such thing as productive 'down time'.

I wish I had handled a certain family event better. Stress was high and I simply was unable to control my emotions. I hate that when people look back on that day, they might remember me being a mess. However, I'm proud of myself for having walked away from potentially damaging conversations with my in-laws. Again, emotions were high but I was able to stay calm and leave the room.

This past year I had to confront a fairly scary health issue head on and solo. While I’m proud of my own independence I also realize now more than ever that I have a great support system out there that I can and should rely on.

I wish that I had really gone through more boxes during the Omer. I had planned to read through and sort through my journals & I did not. This is a significant amount of clutter in my life. I'd like to face it & go through it. i am proud that i started!

I wish I ate better and excercised more

I'm filled with thoughts of things I wish I had done differently. So I'll answer the harder part. Something I'm especially proud of... working too create the bat mitzvah service and reception that my daughter wants, and which reflects her. And tryingto learn the trope, so I can chant Torah at her bat mitzvah!

I wish I had tried harder in Greek but I am proud of the fact that I went to Rome and Chicago. I wish I had been a little less foolish and a bit more steadfast.

I have been working very hard during the semester at my university where I study to obtain bachelor degree. I received two A -English Composition And English Business Writing and I'm proud of myself.

Very proud to have written and delivered my second Friday night Summer Sermon "Davening As A Woman" Aug 23rd.

I think I wish I was a little more conscientious this year. I almost feel like I've grown a little too self centered, and I know that that's not the case, but I mean that I wish I realized my actions a little more around my family. I am proud that I simultaneously have been sharing more with my family. They know more about my life than they have in a real long time. I sit and have talks with them, not just say hello as I pass by.

God, yes, every year I wish I'd spent more time identifying and finding a decent job. Also, I wish I'd saved more money, in order to put $6,000 into IRA's and to make some more improvements in condo. I also wish I'd made some headway in improving my relationships with people. When someone is irritated with me, I freeze and avoid dealing with it. I want to practice being more courageous and addressing the issue(s).

I wish I'd left my job sooner. It was bad for me in the long run, but so comfortable to stay at in the short.

More on top of my homework. Neti potted sooner. Knitted more. Bbc'd less. Or not at all. The arguments with my mom. I don't know. I regret them but I don't know what I could've done. Her judgment about my family—size, parenting, whatever—was too hard for me to just ignore.

I'm proud I moved into my own place finally. It's wholesome and beautiful. I'm proud of taking on a challenging teaching role at work and doing a great job. I'm proud I reached out to find a shul that fits me and have been getting over there regularly on Shabbat. I'm proud of several neat business ideas I've come up with (though implementation is, frankly, nonexistent up to this point). There are things I wish I'd invested more time and effort in... Though having said that, I don't think there are projects I wish I'd abandoned, and time is - alas - finite, so I guess I just hope that these things too find their right time in my life: studying Judaism, refining a plan to implement one of those business ideas, reading more for pleasure, writing letters to family and friends, learning an instrument, the genre-redefining novel... But don't we all? And who can fit it all in around a day job and immediate home obligations? I wish I could have learned more over the past year, but time is a physical constraint here.

Both I suppose. I worked really hard this past year and I am very proud of it. I also think that I let stress affect me without realizing it. I can't necessarily say I wish I had meditated more, because I had so little time, but it may have helped. It was an odd year because there really was not a whole lot of choice. My life was my work. I still feel a little off from it.

Perhaps prepared differently for my board exam. And then not worried about it so much. I cannot change what happens when I receive the results in October 2013, but I can manage my reaction to it. I can hold the discomfort of feeling unsure of myself and not run from those feelings. I can experience my current state as a nourishing period of dormancy, and not isolation and sadness. I am proud of my slow, tentative transition toward supporting myself with whatever happens. I am moving toward understanding that we all live in our time, and I am no different. I think that affirming ourselves can sound really cheesy, but actually there is a kernel of truth there.

I wish I had been more forgiving of others and more mindful of my own actions. I have had a tendency to latch onto ways in which I perceive that I've been wronged, rather than focusing on ways in which I could be better to others or make their lives better, including my own parents, husband and children.

I wish I had been strong enough to remove certain men from my life. I can search for all sorts of reasons why I haven't had a good and serious relationship, but my choices are a big part of that. I'm afraid to hold out for what I deserve. I am really proud of how hard I worked, especially after I gave my notice. I hope that work ethic will keep me gainfully employed!

I wish I would have been more realistic about the post-grad job search. I should have made more of an effort earlier instead of thinking that I know best. I'm proud I finished school and took the bar. I really hope I passed!

I think I did a pretty good job of enjoying the process this year (instead of continuously striving to move on to the next thing). That said, I think I could do a better job of taking in the moment instead of living in the past or the future.

Yes, I wish I had better grades. I will try to study harder

Yes, I wish I had taken better control of my bad habits relating to health and work. I am especially proud that I have increased my faith and became a better husband.

I wish that I had handled my daughter moving back home after graduation differently. She was angry and took her frustrations out on me. I was always "walking on eggshells" and lashed out often to defend myself. It really strained our relationship and I don't know if I'll ever be able to recover from it. I am especially proud of initiating and carrying through with a spectacular scholar-in-residence program at our synagogue. It involved hundreds of people and was received with resounding enthusiasm.

I wish I had reacted with less anger to stressful situations, and found the energy and motivation to be more social with friends and involve myself more in my community.

This past year has honestly been the best year of my life. I have come to the realization that I am becoming the women I dreamed of becoming was I was a little girl. It might be weird to say- but I would not have done anything differently this past year. I like who I have become, and the choices I have made got me to this point. Therefore, I would not change anything. I am proud of how well I am balancing everything in my life. I have to deal with my master's programs, work, my internship, and a social life. I feel that I am balancing everything in my life well and giving each aspect of my life the best of myself. I am proud of my balancing act. I am also proud of how brave and determined I am. I was brave traveling outside of the country alone for the first time as well as determined by accomplishing the things I want in my life.

I'm damn proud of getting engaged, and getting this new job. I wish I'd had more time to prepare for my move across the country, but given what I had, I did the best I could. It may have been worth while to get a rental truck as opposed to buying everything brand new here, though.

I wish had made the decision to care about myself earlier. But things go the way they go, and take the time they take, mostly because they should. Because they would not happen in the same fashion if the timing or order changed. And a different fashion is not always better. I wish I had invested more time in Buddhism and other interests that shape my mind and attract analytical thinking. That is the root of change. For example, joining a sangha would have been nice. I am especially proud of never giving up everything. I always clung to the strands of grass that did surround me. Even when noone was there, I found strands.

I wish I had handled work situations differently and tried harder. I've been a horribly lazy employee, and make too many excuses. On the flip side I foun a wonderful church and I am proud of myself for depending my connection to God.

I wish I had spent more time with friends and family. I wish I had been more tolerant of others. I wish I had been more forgiving. I am proud of the work I do with the adolescents at the hospital. I am proud of building my business. I am proud of growing emotionally.

Mixed bag. I held on to a dream and kept my promise to a person. I'm proud that I gave my all even though it did not turn out as I hoped. Conversely, I should have abandoned the commitment when it was clear (the signs were there but I refused to acknowledge them) that the other party would not follow through for me.

I'm proud of my physical achievements. I've obtained a body to be proud of, I'm fit, I've run a Spartan Sprint, I learned a lot of kayaking and stick fighting and jiujitsu. And I'm ambivalent about my spiritual slide, which has been actively neglected. It has enabled some of the above, but makes me unhappy.

I wish I read more books. I am proud that my Volleyball skills improved.

I lost some weight, and then gained almost all of it back. I guess that's yo-yo dieting. I also exercised avidly, vowing to run a 5k, and then stopped exercising almost entirely. I wish I were more consistent in my actions and could stick to things longer. I don't necessarily respect people who are so flighty -- and yet, that's part of who I am too.

I'm really proud of all of the wedding planning, the organization, and the follow through we've shown this year even though we've been overwhelmed. I'm proud of how I have grown professionally and how my job continues to grow with me.

Nothing significant.

In this past year i am proud of two thing. one thing that made me proud was practicing basketball and that payed off because i got on a good team. another thing that made me proud is when i found a book that i liked and i ussally dont find good books.

I wish I had paid more attention to spelling. Now lets just say I'm not the best speller and it's kind of hard for me.

I wish I had improved my time management this year. I just never got around to it...

I wish I spent less time procrastinating and spending my time on trivial things. In the next year, I'd like to spend more time working hard(er) and making time for things I'd like to do.

I think that pretty much every I did up until making Aiyah, I am proud of. My greatest wish that I would have done differently is to believe in myself more, especially in a work context. Wider than that to only live inside the world of things that I am good and succeed at. Not to say that I shouldn't be challenged and develop and push myself to do things that are scary and uncomfortable but, that I should focus on the good things, where my belief lies and use that world to make other things happen. To live with affirmation. To notice synchronicity. To do. To be an artist. And not to let anything stop me. I'm proud of beginning to heal dead rooted wounds. I'm proud of beginning to accept and forgive myself. I'm proud of finding an amazing therapist and living in what I can do, what I can be. I'm proud of enjoying power/energy/God's will, connecting to it and spreading it and allowing myself to be more open.

I'm especially proud that I paid attention to an amazing incident that happened to me at Home Depot on the Winter Solstice and brought it to the stage as a storytelling piece. The incident caused a spiritual awakening on my part when all my defensive behaviors I use as a former construction worker turned trans-woman to go into a public place where I fear the possibility of attack or retribution were busted by the appearance of an angel in the guise of a non-descript white guy who approached me with his own story...his transgendered daughter had committed suicide. And then he told me he was proud of me. For being trans. In public. No one had ever said to me they were proud of me. The story has now touched others and reminds us all that miracles can happen in the unlikeliest of places.

Not sure what I might have done differently, it was a great year. Is there anything I am especially proud of this year? I am proud of making a good adjustment to retirement and living within my means. Having about the same number of dollars in my account as the day I retired. On the other hand I have spent more money than necessary and want to be responsible with my finances. On the other hand I have given away lots of money to good causes and we have entertained many people, providing meals, snacks, and overnight accommodations often. I am proud of us for being pat of Mya's circle of care and glad we enjoy it so much.

I wish I had spent more quality time with my children, and less time working, thinking about work, or worrying about work. I am proud of the fact that I began pursuing alternate career options for myself and am taking action to nurture and develop an untapped part of myself that could give me more energy and time for other things that are important to me.

I guess I wish I had been a little more forgiving of myself after the birth of my daughter. We tried for a home birth and ended up transferring to the hospital after 25 hours of very hard labor. Then when breastfeeding didn't get off to a good start, I really beat myself up constantly asking myself, "what's wrong with you? what's wrong with your body?" I was pretty astounded at how in denial I was during that first week after her birth. I had to basically be forced to start supplementing with formula because I was so opposed to it and just refused to believe that the breastfeeding wasn't working. I realized that this was the only thing I really had an expectation about, without knowing it: that breastfeeding would be this glorious, natural, automatic thing and that I would feel like a glorious earth goddess with my babe attached to my boob wherever and whenever. It definitely was not that kind of experience. From where I stand now, I realize that I experienced what so many other women go through and that we mostly go through it alone and to our own detriment. Thankfully I reached out, found community around these issues and worked on healing the places where I felt REALLY broken. My husband was incredibly supportive and it was hard for him to know how to support me. Mainly it was something I had to deal with on my own. I know now that if I had another child, I wouldn't take it all so much to heart - I think I'd be more relaxed about the whole process. I worried initially about what it would all mean for our bonding process, but now that we're almost 5 months out, I can see that our bond is strong and whether I can breastfeed exclusively or not really can't shake that. I feel good about it now and hope I can help other women when they struggle.

Proud of: I got a Certificate with Distinction from a Coursera (free online) course. And I finally updated my resume and LinkedIn profiles, which was very overdue. My regrets are pretty much the same as last year and the year before, which is kind of depressing. I want a girlfriend and a job and right now I don't have either.

This past year was my first experience in working from home full-time. I didn't leave the house for days, and I ate crap. It wasn't that I was unhappy, but even with a new role, I was a bit stalled, for lack of a better word. I was too scared to take a break from work (being new), and not being a winter person, wasn't too eager to leave the comfort of my home either. I wish I had started taking control of my life earlier, but the important thing is that I do it now - try to eat healthier (80% of the time :), and make my workouts a priority. Taking care of myself should never take second place, you're the only one who can look after you.

At this moment I'm at peace with what I have done this past year. I'm "proud" that I keep moving along and becoming.

I feel great that My WITS assignment last year was with Hospice Compassus. I interviewed about 18 people, both patients and staff to discover lots about how hospice works and the loving compassionate people who work there. Jean Caslin is one. A wonderful lady who cares deeply for her job and does above and beyond for people when needed. What I regret is that almost all of the patients have died and I missed their memorial services. Also that I did not write the article that was good enough to get published to earn some money somewhere. But the emotional riches were great. I met a wonderful woman named Rachel Arroyo. A believer who even though she is a paraplegic, she makes it her business to advocate for those less fortunate than herself. Soon after her Nursing Home was closed, all the residents dispersed and this sent her into a tailspin of health issues. I am praying she pulls through. Because of her and Jean Caslin, I started to volunteer to go to the home once a month to do art and see the other hospice volunteers I met last year in my work there. Then I discover that Walter and Mary Martha are her good friends! They were the ones who financed her trip home after 30 years of not seeing her family. So I started going to the same nursing home with them to worship and sing with residents. Sadly, I can't anymore because of tutoring.

I really wish I would've continued to exercise. I feel like with all the walking I do in brooklyn I could've been in the shape I wanted to be by now. I'm happy about how involved I've been at work. I'm spreading my name around and trying to get people to notice and want to work with me. I hope I do more of this soon!

I wish I had been able to stick with improving my eating habits and not fallen back into old unhealthy habits. I'm proud of the work I've done with nonprofits, helping them to grow.

I am proud of how I handled everything and didnt let it destroy me but rose above it. i am very proud of this.

I believe last year's answer was similar, but I failed again in 5773 to develop good work habits or to stick to any particular routine/schedule. While this may seem a relatively trivial failing, it's a problem that causes much personal tsoris and one that therefore needs to be addressed. 5774 is another opportunity to turn the proverbial leaf. On the other hand, I am proud of my relationship with Elizabeth. Both before and after our wedding, we remain one of the best couples I know, caring for one another, communicating very well, and enjoying all of the ride.

I wish we had told Linda sooner that we were thinking of moving to Asheville. She felt blindsided by the whole thing. We thought she knew that we were looking to move, and I don't know if she didn't take it seriously, but it was a huge shock for her. I'm so proud we did move to Asheville. It feels like I took control of my future and found a place that would give us all much more opportunities for happiness!

I'm really proud that I embarked on a new career - establishing a new cultural institution (or rather franchising a concept from the UK). It was the kind of opportunity that I had been waiting for for years. As well as being proud of how I adapted to this new set of challenges I am also aware that there was a lot of luck involved in being given this opportunity. Many of my former colleagues in TV production feel a bit trapped by the demands of the industry but aren't sure where else to go.

During the last semester of this last school year I pushed myself wayyyyy too hard in my academics. Consequently I got sick. In hindsight I learned that I can't take care of the people around me if I am not taking care of myself. That is something I hope to do differently this year. Also I am SUPER proud of myself for getting my first job!! Too bad I couldn't actually work.

The thing I am especially proud of is how I have mothered my son this year, for the first year of his life. I feel like I have been there for him utterly, totally, completely, but without losing my sense of self or my own boundaries. I have been calmer, more patient, more grounded as a mother than I thought I would be. And I know this little person has made me a better human being.

I wish I had people over to my apartment more often. I've been there for 9 months now and have only had people over a handful of times! I'm very proud that I moved out on my own and have started to live my life. It's been a huge change, but it was something I had to do and I was definitely ready.

I am pleased with this past year. I am content. Ultimately, I did it. I really did.

I don't think that there is much I would change except being more careful with my money. I would also have gotten on a pump. I am constantly having that regret but never change things for myself. Eventually I will have to change so we can have a family. I am very proud of getting my masters and can't believe I did it. I am also proud that I basically planned an entire wedding myself.

I wish that I could have spoken up more forcefully regarding the rights of the LGBTQ community of young people in my school. I am proud that I still work for the betterment of the LGBTQ community and that I still teach. Sharing and watching the young people grow is a fantastic experience!

I learned to love my gift of god and myself. Realizing who I really am and my worthiness is the biggest gift I could give myself.

I wish I had not become so upset and depressed that the only way I felt likei could escape and feel anything other than madness, sadness and frustration was to scratch my wrists up so bad I left scares. I am proud I participated I'm my first craft fair for the jewelry i make.

There were a lot of lessons learned last year. Good or bad, those lessons were very critical to my transition making me the person who I am today.

I think I wish maybe I wouldn't have pushed for anything with Evan, but proud that I practiced restraint and handled myself with a bit of grace when it didn't work out. I'm also really proud of myself for being brave and finally exploring acting and happy to be pretty good at it. I'm also proud of the relationships I have with the great people in my life. I've shown up for my friends and made new ones that I'm happy to know.

I wish I had handled the source of all those problems that arose last October a lot better. I don't like blaming her for causing the snowball and I'm doing better about it, but it keeps coming back to that unfortunately. I'll hopefully get out of that habit. Something else though. I wish I didn't mess up so badly with my best friends. Things just haven't been the same since they both dropped me. Yeah, I've moved on and got myself back into school and such but it still sucks without em.

I wish I had gotten out and more rigorously scheduled activities for myself--sports, games, dates, whatever--since that is something I've meant to do since moving to the city, it's so easy, and for whatever reason I simply haven't done it. I'm proud of my growth at my job. I really feel I'm kicking ass there; I have clearly built up the blog's audience a considerable amount and I consider myself to be both an expert on my subject and an indispensable asset for my bosses.

This past year has been one of my biggest yet. I've achieved things I didn't think possible and the realm of possibilities I'm open to now far exceeds anything I could have imagined in the past. Striving for your dreams is so important as it opens up your realm of what you feel is possible and helps you grow as a person. Striving for your dreams can be scary and some respond by not trying out of fear of failure, but the benefit of striving far outweighs the risk. As that risk can be depression, lack of meaningfulness and the thought of what could have been will forever haunt you. However, even if you don't reach your goal, you will always and ahead of where you were before and can live without regret.

I wish I'd returned to writing.

This past year I wish I would have found a better way to deal with my father when he was alive, but I don't know what I could have done differently. I'm proud of the way I gave my mother dignity, and comfort in my home during those last months of her life. I wish my father could have allowed me to do the same for him.

I am proud that I have let go of a little ego & taken a keep of faith!

I guess it is my constant goal to judge others less and to think more before I speak. I wish I had done this more. I also wish that I would have taken more time and had a schedule for meditation. I am proud of completing my first year of graduate school, when I have had trouble doubting my ability to preform will in school, especially my ability to write well. I proved myself wrong this year. I did really well. I have to keep reminding myself that. I also did it in a way where I did not drive myself too crazy. Even if that meant not doing a lot of the readings, I am proud that I was able to be more laid back and still do what needed to be accomplished.

I never like this question. I never regret the things i do. I often want to change things i do, but not do them over. However I am particularly proud of the fact that i set myself a goal this year and I completed my first triathlon. I had never really done much physical activity besides yoga, and i decided that I would do the new york triathlon, and i trained really hard to do it!

I wish I knew more about foreign affairs and wasn't so lazy with the world. I've picked up a lack of ambition, and I'm sort of disappointed in myself. I'm proud of recognizing it though

I wish I had been able to throw myself into university life more. I wish I'd joined clubs, sports teams and got really good at something new. I wish I hadn't let myself get held back by a weight of sadness that had no real cause. Next year I will do it differently.

Oh my gracious. I wish I'd done most of the year differently. I've had moments of making myself proud, but the overall theme seems to be head-in-the-sand, a way of living too foolish for even the ostriches.

I am proud that I made so many healthy choices during my pregnancy. I was very active and ate very well. I do wish we'd saved more money.

Proud: having survived the terrible conditions fromlast year. Different: I wish I had not gained the weight back ... Proud: My grades at Grad school. Different: had looked for more/different friends.

Relaxed and worried less, played more, proud of getting my dream job.

I wish I had been less anxious in the day-to-day, and more appreciative of how lucky I am overall. Of how the same things I stress most about are blessings in the larger picture, and how my 'worst-case scenarios' are really pretty good in the end.

I am pleased that I have kept a commitment made a decade ago to be available to the octogenarians in my life -- even at the cost of earning less money for my retirement. This has been a particularly challenging year in that regard.

I wish I had never let this guy I recently met into my heart so quickly. I am ready for a relationship that will lead to marriage, while he is still thinking about what he wants. Feels like I am oil and he is water... Uuurgh!!!!! Deep down inside (from the beginning) I knew that he is not a good guy to invest feeling on. So why didn't that send me running away from him? I regret investing time and feelings. I wish I had listen to that inner voice that told me NO GOOD!! {Mayco}

The courage to take a step for myself in life. It was not for the first time, but it was in a sense that where I found myself in a place where could not explain or justify my position, yet I took the step because I knew it will be worth it. I am happy about the way I responded when my love forgot my birthday :) as in the end its about celebration and happiness and if he forgot, and I would get upset at him, i would lose that day or moment where celebration was due. he may have tried to compensate in any other way on any other day or even next year... but yr 2013 would have never come back. I am glad our love saved it :)

I'm proud of being able to reconnect with the part of myself that is outgoing and adventurous.

I wish I had been smarter about getting myself together for the goals that I set for myself.

I have long flagellated myself for not doing more, making more, and otherwise living up to my potential, defined by putting more of myself in the world and building my skills. I am done with the flagellation bit. If something is going to come out of me, it is going to be through joy, perhaps with the addition of structure and discipline, but not from frustration. I think I also understand a little more concretely now the role that working hard plays in my well-being. That it is in my human best-interest to do so. It's just all about making sure I am doing the things I know make me feel good. And the things that stand in the way of that are some of the most universal and challenging human problems.

Actually...no. I want to spend more time with my cats because I feel I've neglected them, but I think I was more on track this year than last. There's still a ways to go, but progress has been trending upward.

I wish i would have spent more time on my health and less time sitting around

Besides the pitching, I am also especially proud of standing up for myself more. I'm taking less BS from people in a social and interpersonal standpoint and I feel more empowered. However, on another tangent, I need to figure out how to not vent out my energy on people that don't necessarily want to hear it. Less talking, more listening sometimes, especially at business meetings.

I wish I hadn't argued so much with Nina. Sometimes it's really hard to get her to see that we're having a stupid argument. On the other hand, there are times that I know I probably can stop arguing, but it's easier to use that excuse. I was also very proud of my schoolwork this year. I feel that I got good grades not because I was ahead, but because I was actually learning.

I think I should have concentrated on work more - but am proud of what I've built.

I wish I had not worked during my maternity leave. I wish I had just told them to stick it for 6 months and leave me alone. I wish I had told my friends how much I was struggling when I had my baby and I wish I didn't feel like no one cared when in truth they didn't know how I felt.

I wish I took more time to enjoy life. My grandma was sick and I should've took more time before and after her sickness to spend time with her, but I didn't. I should have enjoyed my last few months of high school, but I didn't. I should have appreciated my friends more but they're slipping away with the business of university. I wish I kept the connections I've made.

I feel proud of how my ex and I have moved through our divorce and are co-parenting our son. We have established a true friendship and are warm and welcoming of each other's new partners.

This morning as I sat on the shuttle from SF to MTV I walked through all of the pictures that I have been tagged in on Facebook in the last 12 months, and I was utterly blown away by what a phenomenal year it has been. But out of it all, there's one stand out moment, that I am both incredibly proud of, and wish I had done differently. Making it to the summit of Half Dome was an incredible achievement. I'm so proud of myself for getting there, and for refusing to give up when so many others would have. (Lost the original ticket lottery, got tickets but had no hiking partner, got to the peak and felt scared, realized there was someone seriously holding the line up and I'd be stuck holding the cables for 20+ minutes...) The way I kept my shit together while I clung to those cables, stuck behind the woman having the panic attack. I remember being on the verge of freaking out, and then telling myself calmly that my reaction was a choice. I was in control, and I bravely chose to be calm. It was graceful, and beautiful. And then Peter romanced me at the top with wine. He wined and dined me at dinner. He said all the right things. Even when alarm bells started to ring in my head. When I saw the red flags and started to walk away, he lured me back in. And I let him. Even when I knew he wasn't a good person. When I knew he was going to hurt me. I gave in. I was weak. Because I wanted so much to finally have found the one. I started to settle. Luckily a few weeks later in NYC I was brave enough to channel my inner Nanna and walk away from someone who clearly doesn't deserve me. In much the same way I walked away from Matt at New Years. Completely and utterly honest with myself. Carrying myself with dignity and grace. There is a lesson in that fleeting but intense relationship. One that I have fully learned and have no need to repeat again.

I wish I had a better attitude through Institute: Teach For America's Summer Training in Atlanta. I was inadvertently and sometimes very purposefully harsh and vindictive. My supervisor called me aggressive and unprofessional and I laughe about it, but I knew it was true. Maybe it was homesickness or feelings of inadequacy, but there was no excuse for the headache I was to the TFA staff.

I'm proud that I've started cooking. I'm slowly getting the hang of actually doing all the household chores that were, in the past, done by no one. Now that I am the sole adult in the house, every responsibility is mine, but so are all the decisions! Now I can live my life the way I choose, within reason and capability.

I'm pretty proud of myself for having a baby without the help of drugs! It was something I was kind of scared to do, and it definitely fell into the category of "unknown" for me. But it was so so rewarding. I wish that I had done more to keep my acting career going through my pregnancy so that I wouldn't feel quite so out of touch with the business now.

Something I wish I had done differently... Someething I'm very proud of...finding a wonderful nanny and a second family for our nanny share. It's been a light in my days and it's been good for Jenson.

I wish I tried harder to lose weight. I am proud that we made it to Hawaii.

I wish I had spent more time with Zak and that I 'd gone camping with Jared and done an overnight for the ski day instead of up and back on the same day. I am proud of the corn, beans and squash that we grew in the front yard and especially the raspberries.

I'm feeling especially proud of thinking of a way for my brother and me to reconnect after our being out of touch for nearly 2 years. To do so, I also had to accept the limitations inherent in our relationship due to ways he's changed and conduct myself with him in such a way to accept those limitations so I don't get hurt expecting more. So, while we're back in touch, which is good, our relationship is different from the one we had for most of our lives. I'm grateful for my creative flexibility in this regard and want to maximize it in other situations.

I'm really proud that I started meditating semi-regularly this past year. I went on two meditation retreats that were life-changing experienced, and I learned what effect meditation and presence can have on my quality of life. Five years ago, I would have laughed at you if you had told me I'd be into this kind of stuff.

I am proud of my strength and my capacity for caring. I never had to do so much for someone else - my unborn - and then born! - daughter, and i have never felt so full. I wish i could be more open to those who want to love me, and her. Sometimes i need to close off - the affection / support is too much or threatening I'm not sure why. I need to judge less, snark less, snip less, and love and be loved more.

I wish I wasn't so scared of everyone and everything. And that I wasn't so scared of being myself. I wish that I was more courageous in terms of meeting and connecting to people. I wish that I was more productive and didn't spend so much time on Facebook. I am so proud of myself regardless though. I really didn't know how to deal with all the changes with school. And then all of a sudden it was like I was in the middle of a war zone. The issues and things I was dealing with were so low-class and unrefined compared to my Temima cocoon. I'm glad I survived it somewhat. I changed a lot but in a good way I think. Like I desert rose I hope to flourish even in suboptimal climates and make the best of it.

I wish than I had a better idea about my career direction. I think being focused would have allowed me to find something quicker, before the situation has become worse.

I wish I had been more proactive in creating a better worklife, and I should have suspended my extracurricular activities that are burdensome to me. I am proud to have pursued my writing, which was a goal I expressed in my answers last year.

I wish I could focus more on friendships but I feel like I need to be very into myself at the moment. I need to support myself 100%. I'm proud of my show, my ability to follow thru and be a bit more organized than usual.

I wish that I had handled my old job differently. I sort of gave up and didn't tell my old boss. I learned now to voice when things aren't working professionally and work together to find a solution. I also am proud that I got through my first review without the aid of anti-anxiety medications. I have come a long way.

I am especially proud that I survived my second year of teaching with (seriously) the most difficult class of my life. I'm disappointed that I didn't land a job at a better school, despite all those seemingly positive interviews.

Getting to know a guy better, stretching a little bit out of my comfort zone there is what I'm proud of. I do wish I'd at least updated my resume and motivated myself a little more to look for new jobs, instead of remaining in a comfortable bit of a rut at my current one.

Based on my answer to last year's questions, I decided to open myself to having a third child in ways that were not about money or lifestyle. Instead I embraced with faith the good of bringing another life into this world.

I wish I gave myself more attention and worked out, meditated, and read more. Alternatively, I'm proud of the efforts I did make to begin tackling my anxiety/depression.

I wish I had had the confidence to start my big entrepreneurial project earlier and on my own.

This year, I drank too much at reunions and I really feel ashamed, not just of my own actions but of how they spoiled the day for my husband. This event really helped us rethink where we are in life and think about moving forward toward becoming parents and embracing the lifestyle changes that requires. It's not how I expected the conversation to change, but I'm glad this bad event was the impetus for something healthy and promising. I am proud of how far I've come in my academic work, actually producing a paper that feels relevant and thoughtful. I have a lot of work to do, but it makes me feel like I'm on the right track.

I try not to live my life with a lot of regrets, so I truly can't think of anything I wish I had done differently in the past year. I'm especially proud of how I've dived into my new life here, something that from past experiences I was anticipating being more of a struggle.

I wish I would learn better how to lean on the people closest to me, to connect and share more, and to give back to them better. I am proud that I saw myself through A rough year on the way to buying my first flat.

I wish I had acted more for myself in the past year. There were so many times where I settled for unhappiness because I was doing what I thought I should be doing or acting for the happiness of others. Alternatively, I'm incredibly proud of how resilient and strong I've become. I've lost a lot this year, and I've only let it fuel me and inspire me to do better.

I wish I spent more time with my brother, but I never expected him to die. He had a massive drinking problem which made it uncomfortable to be around him. We got into fights when I was in Seattle. I never expected this to happen though.

I wish I had thanked my husband out loud for enabling me to be me. I believe I grew stronger over the years, and more used to,having my way. I liked my life a Lot. But I suspect, no I Know, that Joe was irritated by many of the details of everyday living. As time passed over the last year he seemed to lose interest in more and more things...reading...engaging with people...we did not share in the joy of being alive..he let aging and its symptoms get him down... Not that I'd call it proud, but it feels appropriate that I simply kept going all through the days of,his hospitalization...that I gave to myself a swim in order to give to him by being there for him. I had to do for myself in order to do for him...it seemed the only way to keep on...

Wish I had reported getting my arm caught in the elevator door before time ran out for my company to be responsible. It seemed no big deal in the beginning but it still hurts me 8 months later. Also wish I had gone ahead with the MRI instead of just "giving it time" and fooling around with 2 months of physical therapy (which did not sufficiently help!). My rotator cuff may still be torn; surgery may yet be in my future.

I wish I'd been more motivated and I wish I could create more hours in the day! But I'm proud of the work I do and what we are trying to achieve. I'm proud of being a good friend. I'm proud of how our home is taking shape from the ideas in my head.

I wish I hadn't spent a single moment bemoaning my circumstance. The minutes, hours, days and weeks of my life that flew by while I waited for the perfect thing to fall into my lap are time I can never retrieve. I wish I had been proactive and pursued what it was I wanted; that I had put myself out there. I wish I had stopped thinking about things I wished I had done. I'm proud of my new-found independence. I feel like I have stability--security. I'm proud of solving problems and shaping the course of my life. I'm proud of not needing somebody to validate my actions and decisions.

I took my granddaughter Mia to Europe for the first time to see London and Paris

I wish I had handled some things at work more maturely. I wish I had taken some more adventures. I'm proud that I got pregnant I guess! at least I'm proud that I'm cool with it.

I am proud of how much change I made happen in this past year, yet have managed to still stay sane! I sold my condo (myself!), bought a house, bought a car, gutted my kitchen, did other construction on my house, and had a baby. Oh, and I'm single! I'm pretty proud of myself :)

Run harder in the Canberra marathon by seven seconds ! Proud of becoming a dad !

I'm incredibly proud that I have been successfully and gainfully employed this entire year. In fact, I have been employed exactly 14 months today, and it's wonderful.

i wish i would have been able to help my daughter more while she was in nursing school. of course, i am my own worst critic....and i know i did help her with being there for my grandson when they all needed me to be. but i wish i would have had the energy to keep her house cleaned and picked up and not been so tired myself. i have done nothing to be especially proud of; i am just so happy that i was able to take my daughter and grandson with me to see my mother in the southeast.

I wish I'd have made a better effort to retain some of the friends I've had in years past. Or perhaps to attempt to rekindle them. I'll say that every year. I'm just a little too shy to be the one to keep things going. Alternatively, I was really proud of how well I did at Relay for Life, despite not doing an amazing job. I thought it went well and I think everyone had a generally good time. Hopefully, now that I have a little bit of experience and an idea of what's expected of me I can do something closer to my best.

I'm proud that I quit my job, but I'm still confused about the new job I took. I had not intended to take a full-time job and now that I have, I feel like the program depends on me staying with it for a while. I really like this job, but I feel my passion knocking on the door asking when I will have time for it. As always, I wish I had prepared my garden soil better so that I would have a healthy crop. My plants are so anemic-looking this year.

I wish I had spent more time getting to know different kinds of people in college. I wish I had chosen to do a Thesis in college so that I could have left school with a tangible piece of research I had completed. While I have a degree, I feel that I have no tangible knowledge to show for it. I feel sometimes that I have learned nothing over these past four years. I also wished I could have kept better in touch with friends from home, camp, and elsewhere. I'm proud that I was not only able to graduate from college, but also come out with a few really great friends.

Been more present, gave more to others, listened better. I'm proud of myself for doing stand up, an open mike, opening up my heart more and expressing my feelings better

I wish I'd sorted out my mental health sooner. But then I'm not necessarily sure that was possible. It's so hard to disentangle these things - am I getting better because I've tried harder or because the things I've tried all along were starting to work or simply because my brain was starting to rebalance itself? But at the same time I think I can be proud that these Days of Awe are marking my recovery, and I'm coming off the antidepressants now.

Theres nothing coming to mind that i wish that I had done differently if anything, the courage to leave a destructive relationship earlier. I am very proud of myself, and how far I have come. I have to continually remind myself baby steps. This is harder then it sounds as I know I am capable of doing great things, and I'm not doing as half as much as I used to be able to. I've learnt that I need to learn to walk before I can run again. Metaphorically speaking. I will get to where I was when I'm meant to, I have to trust that I have pushed myself as far as I can and remember not to compare myself to what I "used" to be like. One thing I don't regret is, dating and swinging. I have been in relationships most of my teens and adult life. So never had one night stands or picked up out or at a bar. For 4 months I lived, really lived the single life and experimented and slept with couples. All of which I never thought I would do. I don't regret it, I'm happy I experimented. I always thought I would feel dirty or that I was doing it for love. During that 4 months I was meeting people and sleeping with them sober, I was never in any danger. I got to discover my sexuality and for the first time (and the only time, to date) my confidence was high. I feel blessed to have been able to explore before meeting my wonderful partner as it is something he does not wish to experiment with me. I accept his wishes and he has me all to myself.

I'm so proud of getting my new job and becoming engaged

I wish I was able to act calmer during tense circumstances. I am proud I am taking steps to clean up our home and get rid of a lot of unnecessary clutter so we can better use our space and live a more comfortable life.

I'm proud that I managed to find a new job as my last job was wrapping up. And the role, which started as three months, has been extended to six, and hopefully more after that. I would like to be in a place where I'm just set for a job - but in the interim I'm glad that my networking and my board and volunteer work have been fruitful.

The one thing that I'm especially proud of this year is that when I was losing my job, due to circumstances outside my control, I reacted with nothing but graciousness, self control, and resignation. I'm very proud of how I handled a bad situation. I found a new job within just a few months that pays about the same, but with better insurance. Alternately, I wish I would have engaged the person who was the cause of my dismissal and gotten to know them better because if I had, maybe I would have kept my job. On the other hand, I really believe the path I'm on is where I'm meant to be now. No regrets. Besides the company I worked for doesn't seem to be improving. I won't be surprised if its gone by this time next year.

I really wish I had found love. I wish I had been okay being alone. I'm proud I stuck in there.

I wish I had spent last time stressing and worrying about what would happen with my housing, relationships, etc. and more time just enjoying. I am working on that right now. It's impossible to predict or control what our future holds so it's important to appreciate the moment, the present. Disconnect from all the social media and FOMO provoking outlets and just live. Everything will work out.

On again, off again, fear of loneliness...

no regrets in the past year. everything I've done I'm fully responsible for. :) work-wise, I started re-taking my job serious again, and I'm excited to see where things go. it's tough out here right now, but I feel like I'm close to a breakthrough.

I wish I had taken more photos of my pregnancy, labor, and the early days with my baby. The memories are fading so quickly I wish I had them to look at.

I wish we had done something, anything, to keep our son in the house for one more night, to not go out into a dangerous world for a few more hours. I have no regrets over not telling him how much I loved him and how proud of him I was - I want to remember this on a daily basis.

I wish I would have taken care of myself more this past year. I tried to take care of my ankle with a new doctor and I think it is helping. Overall I know I still fall into the same patterns of taking care of others. Pleasing. Getting approval. I want to just be happy with who I am and what I want in life. I'm proud that I am resolving my relationship with my grandma. It is incredibly hard but I'm happy that we are both making the effort. She means so much to me and I have to learn to accept her as she is. And hopefully she can do the same with me.

I rarely regret anything so nothing really that I wish I had done differently. Maybe done a bit of new business earlier. Life is content. Proud of keeping the household happy until May when my husband went back to work. Proud of my friends and family that I maintain. A year of neither real highs or lows... just good.

Done differently - I wish I had saved better. I wish I had stuck to my budget and plan as I laid out. Especially proud of - exercising and losing weight. Entering in the running events.

I'm proud of learning a new way of being.

I wish I had gone outside of my comfort zone and tried to socialize more with the other people in the fencing club that I'm a part of. I also wish that I had applied myself in the French classes that I took last year. I'm very good at learning foreign languages, and I can speak French relatively well for my level if I apply myself. Unfortunately, I was very disorganized last year and didn't turn in a lot of homework assignments on time. I still remember my French professor taking me aside and telling me that the grade that I was getting wasn't indicative of my performance in class, and that it would be so much better if I had turned things in on time.

On one hand, I wish that I hadn't made a dress for a friend. I just thought that she'd be thrilled but it was all wrong for her. And it put her in such an uncomfortable emotional place. I felt so sad at that time, and upset that I had so misjudged the whole situation, but it ultimately put me back in touch with needing to be creative again with my sewing. And the dress ended up fitting another friend, including the shoes, and looked fabulous on her. So it was the right dress for the wrong person, or the wrong dress for the right person, or the right dress for the right person, which is how I look at it.

I wish I had been able to get control of impulsive eating.

I'm very proud of running a marathon for the first (and probably only) time. It taught that if I only listen to my doubts and fears, I will never achieve anything worthwhile in life.

I wish I could accomplish more on my down time rather than sitting in front of the TV. Call a friend; do a home project; read a book.

I'm really proud of myself for travelling by myself, even if I realized that it is not the best thing for me. I know that I will always have that option, so there is truly nothing standing in my way of doing everything I want to do. On that same note, I wish I had not put so much on my plate for the fall, and I wish I had done more school work while in China. I am completely swamped with school work on top of rehearsal. What's that? Rehearsal? YES! SO PROUD of myself for getting back into theatre. It may be a lot of work, but it is the most fulfilling thing in the world.

This was my first full year as a Jew since I converted right before Rosh Hashanah last year. I wish I had taken some more time for myself and my faith this year. I wish I had asked more questions, prayed more and hadn't taken my congregation for granted. Now that I have moved away from them, I miss their love, faith and companionship everyday. Alternatively, I'm especially proud of becoming a pseudo step mom. The transition hasn't been easy but I love Elijah and being his "mom" is so rewarding. It has helped me learn more patience and to see the world through his eyes is exciting and inspiring.

I wish I would have let people in more and better expressed my feelings. I would have liked to spend less time comforting myself with food, money and other things when used destructively. I am proud of the fact that when the bad things came in a wave, I rose to the occasion and rode with it. I did not fall apart at any time.

I wish I had done more to make my family and friends part of my every day life. I really did get caught up in activities and not in sharing and connecting with them regularly. Instead I wish I had prioritized and woke up each day excitedly thinking about how I could connect to my dad or my sister or my best friend. Alternatively, I've been proud of how I've worked for APROFE. Going to grad school was wierd because I was switching to only working on my own behalf. I was worried about how I would be working for someone else again, but I didn't need to. I tackled my first post-bschool job with intensity, integrity, and brought significant value to their organization.

I am most proud of the fact that I finally did what I had to do to get my health (such as it is) back. It's hard work to stay here in the healthy zone now that I've managed to get here. But that I'm here at all is a feat in and of itself. I do wish I'd buckled down and did it sooner, but that's my bad angel talking trash.

I wish I had spent more time painting, exercising, and simply being present. On the other hand, I completed the Cohasset triathlon with no training to decent results, and I've begun to deal with my old neck injury.

I wish I had spent more time with my kids. I wish I had yelled at them less. I wish I had organized my life. I wish I had eaten healthier.

I am very proud of how I have lived my life this, I can't think of any regrets. The one thing I am extremely proud of is taking the time and leaving my baby at 9months to go to the Mile. What an enriching experience. I am sure that if I had not gone to the Mile I would have had a long list of things I wished to have done differently, but with perspective, I am happy with all choices and decisions made thus far.

I am especially proud of the work I have done to be able to teach Psychology this year. I am now into my third semester. It has been a profoundly creative experience and I have come nose to nose with my relentless, perfectionistic, performance artist, inner teacher...

I am especially proud of the relationship Harris and I have built together. We are loving and caring and warm, and yet we challenge each other and grow together. I hope that we can keep building and keep growing.

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I wish I had sewed more. I am pretty proud of my kids.

I wish I'd spent more time trying to actually talk to people in the past year, and really listening. Not just being drunk all of the time. I wasn't constantly drunk, but I think my drinking habits got in the way of me actually connecting with other people. I am pretty proud of myself for actually moving out on my own and trying to be totally fiscally independent from my parents. This year I really want to connect with more people, and definitely stay independent.

I think this is pretty much the same each year, in that I wish I had applied myself more so that I could be in a different situation now. I would like to have moved on to another job as I have been there nearly four years now. I also wish I had committed more to my dance studying so that I could have actually started doing my teaching exams. At the moment I am just using up money and time without getting anywhere.

Joining the gym and doing our best to go at least twice a week. Making the decision to try and think about having a baby!

This year has been filled with missed opportunities, and regrets. I wouldn't know where to begin. I wish I had tried harder at my internship, I wish I had taken better care of my health and wellness, I wish I hadn't been so desperate and clingy with my boyfriend, I wish I had secured another job, I wish I had done better in school, I wish I hadn't gained more weight and given up on working out. The list goes on. Proud is farthest away from what I have felt this entire year. Shame, worthlessness, fat, ignored, disrespected, insulted, taken for granted, pitied, insignificant... but no pride. P.S. After saving this answer I thought of fleeting moments that did give momentary joy and pride, including priding myself on making two sarees (with much help from my mother), a time-consuming and daunting, but simple and easy task. My boyfriend's niece, who I take as my own, said my name before anyone else's. I have never felt anything like that before, when I heard her say name...

I wish I had hit my breaking point sooner instead of dragging out the inevitable. Cannot be guided by fear. Must be proactive.

I am extremely proud that I graduated with two degrees, made the best friends of my life, and landed my dream job. In one year, I wonder if any of those things will matter or still hold true.

I am so proud I got the job of a lifetime. I really, truly busted my chops. I was so nervous. And it worked out so beautifully. I really took ownership of my new role and made it my own. The best part is when I take a moment to stop and look around the room, at the people I'm surrounded by and think, wow, I'm here too.

I am extremely proud that I have stopped making out and having sex with guys, just for the sake of it. I know that Ian and I won't ever be anything but at least, he showed me how I want to feel about a guy. How I want a guy to treat me. I shouldn't just be a mouth to put his lips on. He should want me. There are few feelings better than having your mouth centimeters away from a person and seeing/feeling how badly they want you - in their eyes, the tenseness and ease of their body, the placement of their hands. A kiss means nothing if it doesn't send tingles through your body. So, i'm really happy that I came to that conclusion. Kissing boys was making me sad, when it's supposed to make me happy. And now every kiss is deliberate and makes me happy.

I wish I had planned ahead to take a big road trip home this summer with my partner. He's never been able to make the trip to Michigan, and this would have been the perfect time.

I finally hired a personal trainer. And even though the results weren't what I imagined they would be, I at least got the point where the idea itself of going to the gym was no longer a complete anathema which is really saying something.

I wish I had not strived so hard to be perfect in every aspect. I waste so much time doing too much. I burn out, and, by the time second semester rolled around, I didn't want to go back to school. I need to have more "me" time, and stop pleasing everyone.

wish i had actually learnt more torah. lost those 17.5 pounds. spoke slower. wish i had done more knw things. proud of continuing to do the c25k off and on. not taking 5 classes. working during the summer. skiing was something new. was cool. never again. scary heights.

Again, I wish we had been able to save money. But we are surviving & what's happened is we have now arranged payments with most everything we owe. So we are continuing the struggle & we are getting more organized about it. Especially proud of? The only thing I can think of is starting a junior youth group & managing to do a service project & include people outside our faith group, & doing a BOOK 5 Junior youth group training!! That is super.

I don't know that I could have done things any differently, however, I'm very proud of the leap of faith that I have taken this year in doing something that I normally would never do.

I wish I had not let irrational fears keep me from being more open with others and living life more fully. I'm proud of the steps I've taken and continue to take to correct this paralyzing weakness.

I always wish I'd lost weight. Any weight. Gotten in shape. Don't have to shop at the plus-size stores. Don't hate myself every single time I see a mirror or a reflective surface or squeeze into a seat or move awkwardly. AWFUL.

I really regret not saving more money wen I had the chance. Finally having my own paycheck went to my head at first, and it led to a lot of foolishness that could have been avoided. I wish I'd put away every penny I could while I'd had the chance. It would have made things a lot easier when Tom decided to kick us out. Heck, we might have been able to move out without him kicking us out. The stuff is not anywhere near as important as the family, the home, the food, etc. Long term things. I wish I'd understood long-term concepts a little better. But I'm proud of myself for being so strong this year. I've worked for a long time at a job. Came out as trans. Adjusted to life in Oregon. I may not have had all the long-term physical concepts there, but my soul is strong and in the right place, and that's why we're able to survive anyway.

I always wish I can find a way to gain control over my own life. I wish I was more mindful, even though I believe I've made leaps and bounds since last year, and its only in the recent months that I've made significant improvements. I am proud of these strides I've made. I am learning to give less of a shit.

NO...I think i did everything the way i was supposed to..God is definately on my side and guiding me and making all of the difficult things in my life manageable ( my moms death and the divorce)

I wish I had stood up for myself more. I am proud of every time I did.

I think I would have not jumped into things with Kenn, I dont think it was the right time. I think i am happy i contacted Amiee and got back into riding again.

I am proud of how I have handled being present and supportive for my former daughter's (FTM) transgender surgery. There are many, many things I wish I'd done differently, but having the regret and looking back upon it all doesn't feel useful right now.

Somehow I managed to spend a lot of this year simultaneously over and under estimating myself. I wish I have scheduled myself more sanely so I had the time to enjoy what I was doing more fully, but I also wish I had been bolder about putting myself out into the theater world.

I am glad I stopped smoking weed. It contributes nothing but anxiety and self-doubt to my life. I don't like the situations I create doing it or the people that I spend my time with when I did. It has led to more clarity, less drinking, better communication and more satisfying relationships.

Yes I wish I had maybe studied even more during my yoga training, but I understand that while I am superwoman, I am also still human. I also wish that I had taken care fo my health more. My psoriasis in the end has really become so bad. I am in a lot of pain and really sleep and rest deprived. I do wish I had been better at getting more sleep and taking care of my diet and skin, but.... it was worth it. I did so well this last year. I am so very proud fo myself. I have proved to myself that I ahve the discipline I need to get the things I want done, even if it didnt all come out perfectly, it was more than enough. So in a way it did turn out perfect :)

I wish I had killed myself. Alternatively, I wish I had made a decision to write and just done it. But that would have entailed getting my shit together. I wish I had just made the decision about whether life was worth it or not and acted accordingly. I'm so over this shit.

Wish I had been gentler. With others and myself.

Wish I spent less time worrying and more time being present. Proud of my roles as a lead and teacher. proud of my new involvement/scholarship/membership in AFTA.[American Family Therapy Academy] proud of new trainings

Graduating from my degree social work... Very proud ...