When September 2013 rolls around and you receive your answers to your 10Q questions, how do you think you'll feel? What do you think/hope might be different about your life and where you're at as a result of thinking about and answering these questions?

I will feel a great sense of accomplishment. A feeling that I can take a deep breath and have a tiny moment to pat myself on the shoulder before getting on with the job.

I am hoping that I will be in a better space both spiritually and emotionally. Since last year at this time, I have returned to a better emotional state of being. I am not longer in tears as often and I feel as though I am standing with both my feet on solid ground. Next year, I hope to be handling times when I feel frustrated with my son or girlfriend with less anger and more humor. I hope to be calm and positive instead of anxious and negative or angry at times.

I imagine I will have done some of the things I set out to do..maybe not all the way or exactly how I picture them now but I usually do make progress towards my goals from Rosh Hashanah to Rosh Hashanah. I hope my life is different next year in that I will have busted through more of anything that makes me forget that I am not alone, and that I can feel and use more fully the incredible amount of love and intelligence I have in my life. And this will mean....

It will be an interesting little time capsule of my mood now.

I hope that by the time September 2013 arrives that I have adjusted to moving to SA and that I have built a life that I am content and satisfied with. The break-up with Ron has been so incredibly challenging and I've doubted at times whether I would get through this time. I did not feel strong enough. A life without Ron seemed unimaginable I didnt even want to contemplate the idea of him not being in my life. I have somehow mustered up the strength to sell all my furniture and all my fish tanks. Which was increibly hard. It feels like I have nothing at the age of 31. I have moved into a house with 2 very supportive girls Peta and Emily. My bed only just fits in my room, very hard after having a 4 bedroom house. I never new I was materialistic. I believe its more the fact that I was very grateful for the things I had to work hard for to save up and buy. I have to build a life here. Find a job, find new friends, by a car, join community groups, get fit, maybe even find love (ouch that hurts). I hope that this time next year I can say this was the very best decision I ever made. I've had to let go and trust that everything will sort it self out and to keep putting one foot in front of the other, no matter how hard. I hope that I learn how to relax and no to take life so seriously, instead just be in the now and enjoy the present.

I hope that i will feel more mature and secure, yet also still young at heart. I hope i am not too self- critical about missing a few days!

I think I'll feel like I always do...which is good. I hope things are finally going the way that I want. And I'm finally being the person that I've always been afraid to be.

I always think these kinds of questions are stupid. How can I possibly know how I'll feel in a year? So much will have happened that I can't predict.

I think I might feel as if I have been superficial. I don't think I have really come to a point where I can honestly share, even with myself. I hope I can be honest with myself and others. I hope I have found something outside of myself to be an advocate for. I want to succeed.

I know a year can come round quick, and there is almost something self defeating about this ( Lose weight! Conquer fear of money! Get out and do improving things in town! Find a new job! Stop drinking!) But, even if I can do half of these things, it will lead to improvements in my life. It has made me realize that my job is actually not that important to me, in a year or 2 when debts are paid off I want to be able to take on something less pressured, and have more time for Mark, my family, myself. I'm living to work at the moment, and that's not right.

I hope to observe that I have kept on following my path, sometimes alone, sometimes with my friends and family, improving, doing, giving and getting the most I can in this life and Universe.

I hope I"ll feel great about the progress I've achieved. I hope I'll be able to smile at my shortcomings, not categorizing falling short as failure, but as a call to try harder.

I hope I'm with my husband, and that he can see the person I was and the person I wanted to become, and I hope he'll agree that even if I didn't quite make it, that I'm one step closer to being her.

I hope that I will have come to terms with the death of my dear friend Elliot and that I have gone on to treat myself, but not selfishly, to creating a more spiritual self in terms of being able to participate in my faith at a higher level. I also hope that I will have been instumental in creating a greater Jewish Pluralistic Community which is not terretorial and recognizes the efforts of each groups needed work with in their Jewish belief systems. I also hope that I will have had the energy to loose weight and to feel healthier and be able to travel to California for Fran's great nephews wedding.

I think I'll be surprised at how much I focused on my mental issues. I feel like I focused on them a lot last year. I guess it makes sense, because last year I was also in the middle of a major transition. This makes me wonder if I'll always be transitioning in such a big way. I love traveling and challenging myself, but I do need to be able to deal with everything in my head too. I still haven't figured out how to do that apparently. I hope next year, I have figured all of that out and I am in a better place mentally. Answering these questions have been pretty therapeutic too which is nice.

I hope I'd be after changing what I wanted to change, at least some of it. I'm stuck for too long.

I hope I will have more clarity about what I want for my future - at work and in my home life. I hope I will be able to reflect and say that I was able to improve relationships with others.

I hope I'll be in a better place emotionally, and will have more perspective that will help me effectively transition to the next phase of my life.

I hope to feel as if I have accomplished some things in the year. I hope the world is a better place. I hope Obama is still our President. I would like to be in love; to be engaged in something important; to be as content and optimistic as I am now; and most of all I hope that my family is all happy and healthy and alive having just had a wonderful family reunion!

I hope that I look at these answers and honor the grief and pain and sorrow and worry and loss I've been through in the last three years. I expect that in a year's time I will be rested and healed enough to move forward with positive goals - including a renewed relationship with G-d and my spiritual self.

I hope my senior year of college will have been fun, and that I took the time to relish it. My self-reflection in these 10 days, I hope, will continue to show me that I grew as a person without even realizing over the past year.

Not sure how I'll feel. I will probably wonder why I was so obsessed with my weight. But I do hope that I will be a healthy weight by this time next year.

I suspect... I hope... I'll be building a life with my girlfriend. If I'm not, perhaps I'll be disappointed reading this. I don't think I'll be surprised. I expect my answers this year to look similar to my answers in previous years.

I will think that, "wow, these are the same things I always think." Actually, I am lucky to not be struggling this year with BIG problems. Focus can be on gratitude, slowing down, and being in the moment!

I think I'll feel good about things then. I'm sure I will feel much more balanced and more at ease with not being in complete control of my life. I think answering these questions helps me start the new year with a positive energy and focus, so as long as I stay on that track, all will be well next year.

I hope that next year, I feel happy, settled, excited about my work, my life, and the year ahead. With a year of steady employment, better health, a commitment to exercise and staying in shape, and a commitment to seizing the day and to seeking and sharing joy, I look forward to the next twelve months, and am smiling.

I hope that I'll feel more closely connected to my mission on God's behalf. I am great foul for the peace and clarity I have and for the abundance I'm living. I am grateful for the miracles I receive every day!

I hope I will understand more - in subtle but important ways - about being alive. I hope I will keep getting clearer and quicker about moving through difficult spots in life. I hope I will fall in love. I hope I will laugh at how cute I was and how much life sent me bigger and more profound insights than I knew how to wish for.

Next year, I plan to feel proud that I have taken steps to securing my future. I plan to feel good about having spoken openly about my aspirations and fears.

I think that I will feel good because I feel like I am in a position to achieve most of the things that I set out to do in the coming year.

I expect the list for next year will be much the same as the list for this year. How that will make me feel, I can't say yet.

I hope for new and interesting problems, and to make new mistakes.

I think I will feel hopeful. I know this must be the year for changing how I do what I do for a more positive result. What will be different about my life as a result of answering these questions is the awareness of answering questions I am not used to answering. This awareness will cause me to move forward.

I expect the next year to be very... eventful for me and my family. I hope that, a year from now, I'm well-ensconced in a well-paying, intellectually-satisfying. I hope that my family has reconciled with my brother. I hope that I have improved my relationships with my in-laws. And I hope that the US is not suffering due to yet another stolen election.

I think that I'll feel how lazy, how self-centered and free my life was, and probably be pretty skeptical about how little I accomplished, perhaps I'll feel tender about little me, pre-parenthood. This is what I hope, if everything goes well with my pregnancy. I am so excited to be a mother and to love my child with my husband.

I think I will feel encouraged. I am making progressive steps to better myself and my future, so I hope I'm sitting reading these answers with a full heart knowing I e accomplished so much, and with more to accomplish on the horizon. *cue inspirational music while I stare into the rising sun*

I don't know what the future will bring. All I can hope for is that I will be able to look back on the past 12 months and say "I spent my time as well as I could."

By next September, I will have reached 20 years of service with my current employer. That is a significant milestone, so I am hoping that I will take the opportunity to look around at the employment scene and determine whether or not to stay put or look for my next gig.

I think when I come to Sept. 2013 and open these questions, I won't be too surprised. Or at least I hope I won't. I'll probably remember where I am in my life right now and how graduating college will have changed me. I'll find out where I'm employed and living and who I'm with. I hope things will be good. I hope this time next year I realize how much I have matured through college and everything I've learned.

I hope I will feel as young and as full of hope next year as I do today--not that all will be good but all will be real and i will feel, and I will love and be loved.

I've always been introspective, but never very rigorously so. It will be interesting to see how specific answers may apply or may be completely off base, as will seeing if my answers to any of the questions may have changed.

I hope I'm exactly where I want to be without regret.

I hope that when I look at this year's answers that I will feel like there has been a positive progression in my life, in my mind, and within all of my relationships.

while I'm hopeful that I'll follow through on the promises I made today, I'm guessing I'll fall short as I've done in the past.

I think I'll be very tired.

I will feel fabulous. Hopefully everything will be just as good as it is now.

I hope that I will reflect on the answers and realize that I have made positive movement in my life. That is what happened this year. I hope that I am in an even better financial position and feeling a bit better about myself. I have already started to eat a little better and had a pep in my step in today's morning workout. Cheers to an other lap around the sun.


I hope that the introspection necessary to answer these questions will have given me the courage and self-trust to have made major progress toward a happier life. Time is so fleeting and I've wasted so much of it being sad and depressed.

I'm sure that by the time I receive my answers in September of 2013, I'm going to be in SUCH a different place than where I am now. I will be in a great place emotionally and physically. I'll have a steady income. I'll be living in a wonderful place that energizes me. I'll be surrounded by real, supportive and trustworthy friends. I have already felt a big shift at about question 6 or 7 - partly also because of some other influences...not just the questions. But the questions certainly helped me focus more on what I want. I'll look back at 2012 and be so grateful that I'm not in the same place!

I have so many changes planned for this year that I hope next year I will be able to sit more calmly and think about internal issues with more clarity. One of the great difficulties of this year is knowing how much turbulence - predictable turbulence! - is coming up in terms of my work schedule, and knowing how little of this is permanent. I suppose we never know how much of life is going to change at any moment, but I have even less expectation of stability now than I usually do.

I hope I look at the answers and realize how small my worries were - and realize that they are ALL small worries. It's only me who makes them big. And I hope I will have more self esteem as a result of seeing that setting goals, looking back at accomplishments, all happen as a result of the person that I am, and the person I am planning to be. Oh, and I hope Barack Obama is, once again, our president. :)

Above all, I hope I will not have anyone discussing or asking where I am "at."

I hope that I will feel more settled into our new life and our new home. I hope that I will feel peace about my parents' divorce, and that they have achieved civility and peace about their new situation. We may have a new baby, or be thinking about getting pregnant, and I hope that I move into a new stage of motherhood with grace, patience, and joy. I would guess that my answers this year will make me a little sad when I read them next year. This has been a difficult time for me.

I hope that my family and I will be thriving and growing together. I really hope that I will have done some meaningful things over the previous year that I can look back on and be proud of. And I hope that I will be still getting to know my amazing child and connecting and learning with them as they grow.

I have no idea what will be different in my life. I'm just going to take it one day at a time. However I will live to the best of my ability fully committed to self-improvement and growth. I don't know where I will be next year.

I hope I'll feel lighter, physically and emotionally. I'm hoping I'll be divorced, and excited about my new living arrangements. I'm hoping to feel more at peace than I do in this moment.

I will most likely be amused.

I hope I'll be "on to the next thing." If it's not grad school (and I should know about that spring/summer), then hopefully I'll have moved on to a job that's a little more meaningful. I'll have put in a year and half, almost two years here, which is what I really need to do to prove I'm trustworthy as an employee. Maybe I'll have made real peace with being here, and found a balance that lets me do other things that are important to me, since this is a steady job that's not so bad in the grand scheme of things. But I just hope I'll be happier, seeing my friends more, maybe considering an escape plan from NYC. Every year it seems I mean to do the same things in the coming year -- more art, more stability, better relationships. Hopefully I'll really pull it together... but I know I'm not a person who'll ever feel wholly satisfied. I guess I'd just like movement in the right direction.

I hope I will be wiser and in a better place than I am now. I hope my novel will have found a home, and I will have moved on to another project.

i hope that when i look at the answers i can be like of i fixed that. thats better now. i hope i am more confident in myself next year.

I think I'll look back and be inspired and sad at the same time. Hopefully I will have knocked out some of my goals an this will act as a reminder to take do-able actions towards the ones I haven't.

I think when I see me answers, I'll be grateful all the changes and drama of this year is over. I hope by next year I am over the drama that was the big break-up with my ex. I don't know if I hope that we are friends, but I hope it doesn't eat me up like it currently does. And I don't want to have to actively avoid him (which is very difficult) as it's painful being around him because of how much he hurt me. And, perhaps, being happy with someone new who treats me right and shows me he loves me, instead of just saying it.

A year from now we're going to have to see where we're going to be living since we only leased this house for one year. I'm hoping that hubby Bill gets off computer poker, stops procrastinating and finally FINISH his Unimid book project that he's been saying he'll do for about 5 years! Would like to be working more for WW, but we're all limited to 39 hrs a week, unless some other full-time job opens with the company. A year from now I'm hoping Tandy finds a new place to live that takes dogs so she'll pick-up Chi Chi. Love the doggie, but she's a bit of a nudge! I'm also hoping that she (Tandy, not Chi Chi) has the opportunity to meet more people in Chicago, especially a really nice guy. She so deserves it! Michelle's boyfriend Barack is planning on selling his condo and moving to L.A. I really like him and look forward to planning a JEWISH wedding in 2014 after she earns her Masters and secures a fantastic job! 5772 has been a relatively good year as years go...don't want to thing about turning the BIG 6-0 in 5774, but my 50's were pretty awful, so I guess there's something to be said for having lived through it and survived! Climbed out of a deep dark hole and into the LIGHT... CHEERS!!

These questions, and circumstances in the last few days, have really brought home to me how fervently I hope that things are different this time around next year and that my aspirations will have been met to some degree. It really saddens me to think that things might not be different - here's to a more hopeful year.

This time next year my second child will have completed college, the financial burden will have lifted, I think life will be easier. So much has come together this year, in a healthy growing relationship, survived/recovering from shoulder surgery and helping my youngest deal with feelings and impulses in constructive ways. I also hope that we will be planning a trip to visit Phillip wherever Peace Corps sends him. Hope to have lost my post surgery weight gain of at least 10-15 lbs! I think these questions help me review and see where I have been. Make me think about where I am and where I want to go. And then get a chance to compare the results to reality!

I think I'll be surprised how much I related to the past - getting over it, getting inspired to move forward etc. I hope I'll be more appreciative of my qualities of self-reflection. And use them to write a novel.

I don't know. I think I'll be happy to reflect on what I said I'd do. I'll just have to wait until next year to know my reactions- unless, of course, the Mayans were right.

Write it down and make it happen. I hope that by next year, the goals I set out for this year's 10Q activity will be realized. I feel positive and hopeful about the coming days. I will be 30 by next year. I hope 30 is my best year yet. I know 30 will be my best year yet.

I am hopeful that I can reflect on a positive year that has seen a growth in my physical, spiritual, and family life.

I hope that I will feel both inspired and accomplished. I hope that these questions give me perhaps a bit more inspiration to continue the work on my Ph.D., continue to work on my internal emotional issues and come to a greater feeling of peace and acceptance with myself. Being cognizant of my struggles and having the fortitude to work on them is the brave thing to do.

I hope for health and happiness. Pray that Adam continues his healthy relationship with Elyse. May Jared be happy and pain free. Give us the strengh to give him a happy life.

in general when i look back at my past self, i feel tender. i remember how it felt to have all the events that have passed between then and now ahead of me rather than behind, and the knowledge that i have that that person didn't makes me very benevolent. what do i think will be different? everything is always different. i move a LOT, so that helps keep things different. at this time last year i'd just gotten back from italy. right now i am preparing to move from florida to nigeria. at this time next year i will be back from west africa and living in california, starting a masters program. (or maybe not! i'm signed up and excited about going, but i have learned that anything can happen.) i can't say if i'm sure that considering an emotional state changes it; it's kind of like schroedinger's cat. but i do think that what will be different will be very gentle. i hope i've traveled to more places, laughed more, cried in a way that helps me to let things go, and learned a little bit more about love. if i can do those things, i'll be proud of myself.

I think I'll probably smile at the memories that I alluded to from this past year, and hopefully laugh at how different things are at that point. I hope that by the time I read these, I am happy and in love and confident about the direction that my life is going in.

I think I will feel EFFING AWESOME!!!!

I hope I look back at this time next year and realize that I didn't need to worry so much about what was going to happen or not happen. There are so many things I want to accomplish by next September, but not many of them are planned yet. With any luck, we'll be expecting a baby. We may have moved--possibly to the other side of the country--and might have new jobs. We might be married. Hopefully everything with my thesis will be wrapped up. My goal is to take all the changes in stride, which is not something I'm very good at. Even happy change is stressful, so I know I'll need to work on accepting what happens and making the best of it. Answering these questions has forced me to really think about where I've come from in the past year and where I am now. The past 12 months have easily been some of the toughest of my life, but they have also been hopeful and happy. I'm excited to see what lessons the coming year has to bring.

Hopefully my new-found strength and energy will have increased even more. I hope I will at last have found happiness in my life. I just need a partner to make it all complete. Believing in myself and that I can have/deserve to have good relationships is key.

I suspect that I'll look at my goals and aspirations and either think 'well, there's more to do till we get there', or 'well, finally! that's satisfying. hard work and persistence pay off as do courage.' i believe that progress will occur, although it's funny how it's hard to notice progress towards a goal until that goal is reached. we can be at mile 26 of a 26.2 mile marathon and not realize all that we've done till we go those last 0.2 miles. then we go those last 0.2 miles and think it was quite easy to get there, not fully realizing the prior 26 miles of hard work we endured without a tangible reward. anyway, i hope i'll be in love and loved in return. i hope i'll like my work. i hope i'll feel connected to friends and family and at ease with myself. if i have those things, i'll be more than content!

I hope so much will be different, but hope a lot will be the same. This year I cried when I saw my 2011 answers out of happiness. I loved how excited I was to have gotten the job at ACS last year. Although, last year, I thought it was going to lead me to a full-time job at the organization, it actually lead me to choosing a master's program. I am content at where I currently am and my answer's from last year reinforced my belief. I hope that I will get the same feelings when I read my 2012 answers next year. I hope I am proud of myself. Above all, I hope that I am happy. :D

I hope to smile and be proud of the steps that I have taken this year, but I also might be disappointed. I tend to set a lot of goals, but not follow through---especially with my love life. I suppose I'm just waiting for my Prince Charming to come sweep me off my feet and make it so I don't have to go out into the deep, dark world of dating. I hope by taking the time to answer these questions about my life and where I want to go, will help steer me at least in the right direction.

I think I'll look fondly back on this time in my life and these answers. If I could hope anything, it would be simply that I have grown by this time next year and am playing an active role in my life instead of starting stagnant and letting it pass me by.

I hope that when I look back at my answers I feel confident in my life - secure with myself and where I'm headed. I know that my life will be in transition - just married, moving across the country. I'm hoping that I take my own advice seriously and really think about what I want to do, and how I can get there.

I'm hoping that I feel that I did the best that I could, considering the challenges and adversity. I'm hoping that I make out well from the end of my long term career job. I'm hoping that I shine in other areas of my life. I'm hoping that the me from the past will be difficult to recognize through the experience of a year. I think that I will be happier. I will be a different person in one year than I am today.

Hopefully proud. By August I was suffering from some pretty severe burnout. In September I've been so busy but have also had some time to reflect and slowly undo some of my tension. By next year I will have been an intern for a few months, and I am worried that I will have again lost some of my reflective ability in my overworked state. So, in that way my life will be totally different. I will be a doctor, and hopefully still a reflective person. Doing these questions has been a good reminder to take time every day to write. I wish I had a prompt every day.

I'll feel somewhat wistful. I hope my divorce is completed. All the paperwork will be shuttered away in the garage and not ever need to be looked at again. I think I will be in a loving relationship with at least one woman that I can count on to love, share, welcome, support and encourage reciprocally.

I hope I will be pleased at some improvements and will have had new experiences to make 2013 a year to be thank ful !

Every year I've been disappointed that I seem to be in the same place, so I'm worried that I will accomplish neither of my main goals. But I hope that that won't be true, so I'll try my best to do what I want to do, get what I want to get, be what I want to be. We'll see.

Who knows? Hopefully I'll be at a stage in my life where I'm making the next step. Getting married has been the focus of the last 12 months, and next year I am planning to give myself a break from big life changes!

I hope I'll be excited, and be amazed at how much I've actually taken on board. I really hope I'm not dissapointed. I hope I'll trust that I've done my best to live my year as best as I can, and if not, where I know I can improve, just take this as a nudge to do so.

I'm hoping that I remember what I wrote here and that I can say that I've accomplished some of these goals. But I have to admit that I have no idea what life will bring my way in the next year and rolling with the punches is not always my strong suit. I hope I'll be happy, healthy, and relaxed. But two out of three wouldn't be bad. :)

I think I'll feel surprised at where I was this year, emotionally. I think I'll feel disappointed about being right about some things. I'd like to be happier, I'd like to be less stressed. But I think much of my life will be the same. And for the most part I want it to be.

I will look back and laugh about how self deprecating and scared I was, with my new found sense of self belief and assurance!

I hope I won't hate the world, but that will be unlikely. Fuck the world. Sever.

I don't expect a lot, just capturing this moment in my life.

I think I'll be proud of myself for making a big change and surviving a shitty year. Maybe even a little bit with style.

I think my responses to questions 1-9 sound very bitter and that is how I currently feel. Hopefully when 2013 rolls around I will feel better about myself and that I will have a job. I will use this year to try to get out of my slump and move forward with my life.

Sometimes people have a tendancy to be over-aspirational and get disappointed from seeing that they haven't achieved what they wanted to. Life's journey isn't simply and often can't and shouldn't be predicted too much. I hope that I will feel glad both where I have achieved what I set out to, and where I haven't. Because where I haven't achieved what I intended, I would hope that there is a damn good reason and life's exciting journey decided to take me elsewhere

I hope I feel compassion for myself and how much I was hurting this September. I hope a year from now the pain and grief won't be as raw and that I will have found a way to move on with my life and find a measure of peace and acceptance over Corey's death. I sincerely hope my houses will have sold and that the business will be wrapped up and that I will have less stress in my life. I hope that I will be a happier and healthier person. Not sure these questions have changed me, but they are a snapshot of everything I'm going through right now which is useful.

This year' s answers, when I received them it made me kind of sad. Beyond that, I guess I just kind of let it go fairly fast after looking at it. If only we could sit, ponder and compare our answers from year to year. A culmination of all of the years we submit our answers. I'd feel less sad and much more introspective.

I hopefully will have accomplished some of the goals that I written in these questions and truthfully, I will be surprised to read over my answers again. I hope that some aspects of my life and that some don't change. I want to become a new person but i still want to remain myself and become stronger; a fighter. As this year does come to an end, I just want to reflect on the impact that this year has made on me. It was a huge dent in what I have learned that I can do. I am a lot stronger than what I was about 5 years ago. Looking back, I look in the mirror and every day I think, it's me but then again its not. I have made many friends, some of whom I will keep for life and some I will let drift away but one thing for sure is that I keep my past secure and ever present, my present active and ever moving and my future clear and always willing to go the extra mile to achieve what I can. See you in 2013 :)

I predict mere nostalgia. I don't think this 10Q project will be important to me.

Less anxiety. I'd like to have less fear of economic instability. But other than that, my life is great. I hope to hell I'm still sober at this time next year.

When I read back over these, I hope look back at this yearning, fearful me and give out a sigh of relief that it all turned out okay. I hope to know that meeting my long distance girlfriend was the most fun I've ever had and that my writing has gone at least somewhere. A lot can happen in a year...and I hope it does. Everything ends - even the bad stuff.

Hopefully I will have made progress and my responses will make me smile. And I hope to have new goals for the following year! Did you achieve everything you wanted? How has your first year of marriage been? Are you where you want to be in life? What kinds of changes could you make for the better? Keep being awesome.

I expect/hope my life to be basically the same and I hope all my loved ones are well and still here. I also hope that I will be less serious and more patient and more peace.

I hope that I'll feel tremendous gratitude for the great change that is coming now. By next year, I'll be in a new city, in a new job, and in a new home. And for all of the terror that I feel occasionally now, I hope that I'll be able to realize the tremendous growth and happiness that resulted from all of that change.

So far every year I've felt a vague melancholy. Either the pity of, "Wow, I was in such a bad place then" or the sadness of, "Wow, things fell apart". I'll keep doing it though. It staves off Alzheimer's.

When it's September 2013, I hope that I feel comfortable with where I am living, I hope that I am happy with my job, and that I have a strong human support network. I think I'll be living in a different place, with more time to pursue the crafts that I enjoy. I realize this has been a hectic past year. As a result of answering these questions, I hope I have a better sense of self and that I am happy with where I'm at.

I think it will be easy to recognize how content I am with my life right now. I hope that we are at a point in our relationship where we are starting to discuss permanence.

I will be happy because I am going to make the changes necessary to feel better about my life. I am changing jobs and will be working with fantastic people on meaningful problems. I'm hoping by this time next year I'll be living more fully in the moment--not worrying about the future but letting life come to me.

My hope is that by this time next year I will have overcome my fear of failure that I will no longer allow the many distractions of life to keep me from traveling on my path. I hope that by answering these questions I will gain a more clear perspective of what I need to do and shoot for the moon!

Hey Ryan, How is everything? Have you found a job yet? How's Mara and everyone? I sure hope they are enjoying college. Well it's senior year and hopefully you're more organized, although, if its anything like last year or the year before, fat chance of that happening. College apps must be sent off or in progress already, and once that is taken care of, from about december to may, its finally time to relax. A whole 12 years of your life has been dedicated to school and its very important to try really hard, because I dont want the future us to be a total fuck up, it lies on both you and I to try our best to help that future guy be successful. Love Ryan. P.S. If you're still a virgin make sure its not longer

This question is too self referential, but I hope I'll be happier and more at peace farther along down the path to best health in mind, body & spirit.

I hope that I can say I have lived my life differently; letting the little things go and enjoying the small things. If I am honest, I would guess I will still be struggling with the same issues. I guess I will struggle my whole life. I hope that taking some time to be reflective will give me some perspective on just how good I really have it. I want to be better in the coming year. I want to be less angry and more loving to the people that love me. I need to realize that everyone struggles and it will be all right. I hope that answering the questions will keep me thinking and accountable, at least for awhile. I hope that next year I can say I was a little bit better, and for years to come, that I will continue to be a little bit better.

When next September comes around, I will likely be in the same position in life ... still complaining about the same political messes of the USA. Eh -- I am a Jewish Democrat -- I hope for a liberal view of world peace, what more can I say?

I'll probably wish I was a bit more reflective and took more time to answer the questions.

I hope that I've made inroads into a happier and healthier life. I'll probably laugh at myself thinking I could even begin to achieve these things. I hope not, I hope I do acheive some success as I did this with serious and positive intentions, but my glass tends to be rather empty.

I hope that I continue to work on how I can move thru the world with more ease and joy. To remain present in each situation instead of getting caught up in the outcome. To approach my life and each day with an open heart and authentic response. Stay tuned to what has heart and meaning. Tell the truth without blame or judgement and keep my eye on every step in the journey.

I hope that I will have had success in reaching my goals. Small steps really do work. A positive attitude is so important. This year recognizing some of the accomplishments I planned to achieve didn't quite work out forced me to seek an another approach. I joined a community project focused on lossing weight in a healthy way. I am looking foward to a bright 5773. Onward and upward.

I hope I'd be a more decisive and productive person, but I don't know, not really.

My loving hope for myself is that I have let go, surrendered to the love of God and am more fully experiencing my journey in a state of trust, joy, peace, happiness, and acceptance.

Having done this before, I have experienced both joy and disappointment. I am pleased with some of the accomplishments and also find myself still struggling a year later. A year from now, I want to be able to reflect back and love myself, forgive myself and embrace fully whatever life has brought to me.

I hope that by September 2013 I have started a job in my field in a country I want to live in making a salary that allows me to live comfortably and pay off my student debts. The main thing is to be doing what I love and in a country I want to live in at least semi-permanently. An added bonus would be if I have a partner who can share in my life which I expect will be fantastic next year!

I think I'll be happy with my answers, and I will be similarly happy, like I am now, but I will be applying to college, so I'll have a different mindset; I'll be applying to college, as opposed to trying my best in school.

I hope I'll realize "not to sweat the small stuff" and that everything works out for the best in the end.

I hope I've made progress on the ones that were/are truly important and relevant to my life and happiness and that I'm capable of moving beyond the questions and answers I didn't act. I think I may feel like I've let myself and others down in some areas but I hope I'm optimistic and happy with the things I've accomplished to date!

I'll feel interested to get a small blast from the past and see what was on my mind 12 months earlier. It's healthy for perspective. It's easy to think that whatever is on my mind at the moment is so important and can become deceivingly all-encompassing. I don't think there's going to be much of an impact on my life from thinking about and answering these questions, but it's an interesting exercise all the same.

I don't know. So many things happen "just because." It is also probably true that there is no such thing as a coincidence. Things happen because of all the subtle things one does that unknowingly charts a direction. I will look forward to reading my 2012 responses. I hope this wonderful 10Q "exercise" will keep me thinking and reflective throughout the year.

I hope to be a little better personally and a lot better professionally.

I hope I will feel accomplished. Loved. Beautiful. Strong.

I really hope I have a partner, that I do feel confident and good around. I hope that I've learned to love myself and that I won't pressure myself too much. I want my future to go as I planned out even if it is just baby steps.

Last year I thought I would laugh at myself. Turns out I cried with happiness, because of my foresight, and sadness at who I am missing. Next year, I hope I cry again. This time because I am proud the choices I made and the memories I am making.

I have no idea how I will feel. Probably a little surprised at how many things have changed, and how many haven't, for that matter. I believe I will have completed my AA and will be working towards my BA. I think I will probably still be single, since I don't put a lot of effort towards relationships right now. I will probably still work at Syracuse University, but I might change departments, although maybe not. This one is okay, but certainly not my whole life. I hope answering these questions will give me a little more direction in life, as right now I feel a little adrift.

I hope these questions will have lit a fire and given me courage and determination to accomplish the things in my life that I wasn't able to or willing enough to attempt. I sincerely think I'll be as proud as I was when I saw my questions from last year. It was really awesome to see that just answering these made many come to fruition!

Last year, I set goals for myself that I never followed through on. Because of that, reading my answers this year was a bit depressing. I'm hoping that when next year rolls around, I can look at my answers and be happy about the progress that I've made.

I will feel proud that I've accomplished some of my goals, which require persistent and continuous tending. I think I will be living in Princeton with my family and building even more exciting connections and having interesting experiences.

I hope that I will feel happy that I've moved forward in my life and let go of fears that have been limiting me.

Baruch Hashem, I hope that this next year brings what I have been working for - health, peace, love and prosperity.

I think I will look back and think that I answered these questions well. I could have specified a little bit more, but at the end of the day I took the questions seriously, and I hope to be making a great deal of progress in my life. I know I will be making progress in my degree, and I know that I will be meeting more and more people - as I do every day. I just hope that instead of me relying on others for a beacon of light here or there, or having someone else keep me in line - that I will be able to hold myself accountable for doing this. I am the person people come to, and I have been throughout my life. These questions have helped me realize that while I greatly enjoy the company of others, I am not reliant upon them to give me what I need. I already have it within me. I hope I can maintain this perspective for the next year, and if not, then these questions will remind me of that.

I can't predict how I'll feel...I can only say I hope that I'm able to accomplish over the next few months/year what goals I've set for myself and for the company I've just started. The best is yet to come! 2012 has been a year of great personal development for me personally, professionally, romantically, spiritually, and emotionally. I've become more "myself" than I ever have been, and I'm more confident in my own abilities now than I ever have been. I've also experienced some things in my personal life which have given me a new perspective on the "big picture"--life and death, love and family, freedom and sacrifice, the things that truly matter... I appreciate that these questions, and that 10Q, have given me a moment to put into writing some very important thoughts. The act of putting into writing itself is almost magical. It forces you to choose words, to distill from the cloud of thought formed droplets of intention...to write our thoughts is an act of creating reality. By making time to reflect, and then write, we are allowing ourselves to choose how we want our world to be. Do we reflect upon the past with regret, with pain, with hope, with anger, with joy? Do we look to the future with similar discourse? This writing exercise has granted me a forum to create my future. By writing it, I am reinforcing the ideas I truly believe in my heart. That success and love and all the things good and pure and beautiful that I hope for in my life will come. That balance is possible. That peace is already here, and always is. That life is whatever you choose to make of it. I haven't always chosen my words wisely with this exercise. I've tried to write from the heart, and as therapeutic writing goes, it's sometimes better to do it freely, without thinking twice. My grammar has probably been subpar, and I probably have too many run-ons and the use fo the word "really" or "probably" or "anyway"... Anyway, (ha) I have tried to be honest with this thing. That's the point, anyway, right? And I feel like enough people probably create beautifully composed answers to all of these questions, as if they're answering some sort of test. (For what purpose?) I feel that honesty, and run-ons, are better served to demonstrate fluidity of thought and who the person actually is. So, that's how I've chosen to write (style-wise) for this exercise. Free write. Screw grammar. Bring on the truth. Between the lines...Besides, reading back over my answers a year from now, I'll know when I'm being truthful and when I'm trying to sound good. You can't bullshit a bullshitter, especially if both are you! This has been a cool exercise, and I've enjoyed it. I've missed a few days, so next year I'll try not to do that. (I didn't realize til day 4 that you can't answer previous days' questions...so I missed a few there.) But...the proof is in the pudding, as they say. So...we'll see how much I'm able to live up to what I've written down as goals/optimism/hopes for the future...it'll be interesting to see where I'm at this time next year. Will I still be sitting at the same desk? With the view of the dog walkers and bus stop? Will the sign on the door look the same? Will I finally buy some pillows fo the foyer furniture? Will Bradley Pipkin's art ever get rotated out? haha.... Alright 2012, it's been fun. You've been a real bitch, but I believe in tough love. Thanks for the memories.

I hope some more interesting, life shaping things will have happened. At the moment I love my life but feel like its never changing and time is passing by without me progressing. Hope I will have a new job, boyfriend and more of an idea what I want from life. Big aspirations!!!!

This year receiving my answers meant so much, as life is so different from how it was a year ago. Next year, I'll hopefully be about to embark on my second year at Cambridge. I wonder how I'll have fared academically - whether I got a good mark, and settled in. I wonder whether I'll have made lovely friends; have stayed in touch with my school friends. Will I like living away from home? Will I miss my family, my friends, the life I know? And David. I do hope we're still very much together, and still very much in love. But I just don't know. Will I feel that the current me is immature? Different? I think I will change, but I just don't know how. Not yet...

I think I will feel very good about how far I will have progressed in the next year. I may even have exceeded my expectations. I will feel positive, I am sure. I will be more grounded, a better person, another year sober, and maybe, Lord willing, have actually met Andreea (a promise from the lord that I have declared will happen because he told me so). The "when" is the big question.

Looking back at 2011 answers, I realized I did not accomplish much of what I had wanted and that those desires are still there. But those desires (to grow, to push myself, to reach for the stars, to love and give more) will always be there. What I can hope for instead is a feeling of solid accomplishment, not jubilation but satisfaction that I have reached a new level and anticipation of the next one.

Maybe I would reminisce about what was happening a year ago, so many happy and sad memories. I hope I'll being happily married and being pregnant by then! :D

I hope that I'll be feeling more optimistic and positive. These days of awe have been extremely emotionally intense. I was worried about genetic testing, knowing that I'm a carrier for Canavan. On Rosh Hashanah, I learned that my husband is not a carrier for Canavan. Then three days later (8 weeks pregnant) I was told that we would likely miscarry and was plunged back down into despair. At this point I'm in limbo, not having miscarried yet, not sure about the state of the baby, waiting for my next ultrasound in two days. I'm feeling completely emotionally drained, worried, scared. I hope that next year I will be feeling more optimistic about starting a family. Perhaps we will already have a baby; perhaps we will be pregnant. To be honest, I'm having a hard time thinking too far in the future right now. I'm focused on the next couple of days. I hope that at this time next year I'm in a better space.

I don't think these questions will change me or my life in any way. I suspect I'll feel disappointed with them, but that's what I said last year and I was wrong, so who knows?

My fear for September 2013 is that my current positive mindset will have faltered. I hope that this is not the case. I want to continue on this upward growing curve, still be dedicated to Judaism, my friends, and my family. I hope that I do not view my answers with cynicism and critique, or mock my answers as naive. But if that is the case, I hope that this answer makes me look back at those answers and be reinvigorated to grow again. Hey 2013 Jess. Get your shit together and be a woman. Write a good thesis and don't leave it until last minute. Keep engaging with Jewish students in school. Keep calling your brother and sister and parents and friends just to say hi and check in. Keep control of your l ife--don't let any guys, or friends, walk all over you. If someone is giving you shit, show them that that is what they are giving you and that you deserve better. And always, always remember that you were created and are sacred, holy, and perfect as you are.

I dont know. I will probably think how boring is that...

I hope that it will remind me that, wherever I am, I've moved forward in my life and that I can move forward some more. More likely it will remind me that I take myself too seriously!

I will feel empowered! I spent the majority of this year being OK with being mediocre - not bad but not great either. I realized that coasting along is no way to live and I was really disappointed in myself for not striving to be better, to do better to live better! This time next year I know I will have accomplished all of my goals and I will be unstoppable! There is no better day to build the life I want than today! Here's to a great, abundant, happy, love-filled, successful 5773!

Hopefully, I'll be at a point in my life where I am truly happy with the decisions that I've made and the way that I feel about myself. I hope that I'm at a point where I'm proud of myself and my accomplishments.

I'm hoping that having given thought to these matters, I can take action. Sometimes just writing them down helps to bring them to fruition.

To be honest... based on my past... I think I'll be in the exact same place I am in right now. But I HOPE that I will be in a different place, eating my food and moved on. I really, really hope that. Maybe knowing that I'm going to read this in a year will help me remember how much I want to change and how much I want to be reading these questions next year when I am in a different place.

I hope that everything is sorted out by then, one way or another, and I hope that I am happy with the outcome. More than anything I hope I will have a very happy almost 2 year old running around. I know I will still be very much in love with him and trying to be the best Mama to him and it's nice to know at least one thing is certain!

It's kind of discouraging to see how much of our life goals revolve around being employed & money (paying our bills) & this is an ongoing goal. The economy affects all of us & can stop us from attaining our goals. Life, however, right now is looking up. I expect to stay where I'm at, & settle more & more into the higher economic state we are in, meaning, not change job, not move, & just keep working on improving our situation. Eventually it will pay off. My husband and I are very old to be in this state of affairs, trying to start a savings & possibly have something of value to pass on to our kids. This is our last chance. If we do not make progress on this now, we never will. I will be very disappointed if next year rolls around & we have not made progress. We have to hope our health holds out long enough. On the other hand, I see how 40 years of marriage & caring about our kids has had its affect. I am very proud of ALL our kids and all of their efforts in life. We are a family, truly. This brings me joy. My grand kids bring me joy & I know we have had a lasting effect in this world. I would just also like to have something of monetary value to pass on to them as well. Memories, Love, and also a bit of wealth and security.

I look forward to measuring how much I have evolved and grown within. I expect to be more financially secure and more connected with my wife and my family.

Apprehensive, and probably--hopefully--a little amused.

i hope that i have found my way to the wisdom of uncertainty and am living that way of life whatever that may be for me.

I think I'll be happy to have accomplished the things that I really wanted. And this things that I didn't accomplish, oh well, don't sweat it. You have all the time in the world to do what you want.

I hope that I'll be able to be and feel better, not just do better. Laugh more. Be in love. Be more balanced. Proud of the progress I've made with exercise and spirit. Need to focus on being loved, losing weight, not running and hiding. Being as good to myself as others. Not giving when I'm not in a position to do so. Smaller goals. Greater effectiveness.

I hope I'll feel accomplished and happy. I hope that my Hebrew has advanced after living in Israel for a while. I hope that I'm proud of myself for remaining committed to my goals and aspirations for the life I want to live.

I dont know, i don't want to think about that right now

I'll have the consolation of having done what I could. If I haven't achieved the growth I hope for, I will have to take it as Krsna's mercy, and simply trust what is. My Guru will love and shelter me in any case.

I hope that I look back and say ---"those were just small bumps in the road last year and this year is going to be 'bump-less'" I hope I feel completely affirmed by my answers.

I think I'll be in a better place, career and money-wise. I hope to be in a job I love and be just as happy or happier than I am today.

I think I was too ambitious last year for my goals. This year's goals seems more doable and I will be happier about it. I never seem to learn that sometimes goals take a long time to accomplish. If this doesn't work, I will try harder next year. I have to get some momentum and get going.

I have no idea how I'll feel. My life is in complete turmoil right now, which is why my answers have been what they are. I hope to have more stability by next year.

I think (or I hope) to realize that I have grown since then and that I have learned to truly appreciate what I have rather than focus on what I don't. I hope to increase my awareness of my feelings and acknowledge them in order to have a more fulfilling life.

I will be happy that I took the time to respond to these questions. My responses are a gift to my future self. They are just a glimpse of my current hopes and fears. These will fluctuate and change, and next year when I read this perhaps I will glean some understandings from them...

This is the third or fourth year I have participated in this process. I was amazed when I was sent my answers from last year how I was so spot on in predicting 5772. I am looking forward to seeing how things pan out a year from now. I have come to learn that you can set all of the goals you want, but life can make other decisions for you. The important thing is to keep setting those goals, keep moving forward, growing, improving... And when life throws you a curve ball, just recalculate.

I think the structure of my life will be the same, but I really hope that things will have improved and I'll have my love exist in the physical and not just the spiritual plane. I don't know if that's possible, and I'll just have to see. But I am very, very blessed, and blessed to know I'm blessed, and that will never change. I do think I've left my pain from this year behind me...it will be a guide in the future but not a burden to bear.

I think I will feel proud that I actually did what I said I would do and sad that I didn't do it sooner.

The future right now is very uncertain, some predict a stock crash, who knows. I would hope that this taking time to reflect will help me to prioritize and therefore better prepare me for whatever may come about.

I am hoping I am a little less frazzled and a little more centered. A little fuller and a little less wanting - emotionally. At this point, all answering these questions has done for me is made me more aware of how out of touch I am with myself on these sort of big picture sorts of questions.

I would hope that things would be different ,but judging from previous years in my life, it's doubtful! I would just like my health to be better.

If I can better nurture and appreciate the wonderful relationships and jobs that are already filling my life, then it should be a great year.

I'm hoping to look back on my answers with relief that so much of my anxieties have been relieved, or at least replaced by new anxieties corresponding to my growth & changes. I hope I'll be in a loving romantic relationship, moving toward having kids, and working a job that I love, that's creative, and that doesn't consume my whole entire life.

I hope I'll be moving forward with my plans; actively working on or going to grad school, had some job experiences I loved, perhaps engaged?

My wish is that life is as good in a year as it is now, and if not, that I continue to have the love and support in my life that surrounds me every day. I plan to always count my blessings! Have a great year, me.

I hope that I'll look back fondly on the times when I wasn't sure what I was doing with my future. Hopefully I'll have a good idea of what I'm going towards with my future.

I'll be interested to see what I was thinking one year ago, that's for sure. The last few year's answers have been quite cool, because they show how damn clearly my priorities have changed. From being a better musician, to being a better physicist, to just being happy. Let's see what next year brings. Let's hope that I actually am happier next year. And as dedicated to Abhi. And as hard working as I am now. Let's hope I can get some calm in my life.

I believe that many of these questions (or versions thereof) have been on my mind for a long time. I think about them a lot. I think I will be working ( at a paying job) less and doing more meaningful things in the community. I hope to be on less committees and boards and doing more with fewer organizations.

i hope that i have achieved some of the goals and have been successful enriching my life by accomplishing more each day.

I don't know how I'll feel-this year it was bittersweet to look at those intentions, as I'd fallen through on some, been disappointed on others, went from great hope and happiness to having gone through intense pain, in my relationship. I hope that the destructive patterns will shift by next year, that I will be living more fully, experience more stability and less hurt in my relationship, that I will be taking action on attending to my creative and spiritual needs. I hope that I'll connect more and treat myself with more compassion. Of course I know this is not a place we "get" to in a year, it is an ongoing promise and re-committment to oneself on a regular basis.

I hope I feel silly about the things I feared or worried about, and I hope I feel grateful for the ones that made me set a goal that I achieved.

please, may the things i wrote start percolating, bubbling up and moving me to the goals i've thought about over the last 10 answers. next year will be awesome if i attain only a fraction of those things i wrote about. it'll be refreshing when i don't have to apologize for being a bitch all year. gamar tov!

I suffer from seizures that cause short term memory loss. Sometimes things seem to get better, sometimes worse. I'm interested to know how things will be in 2013.

I think I will feel that I am still in the game if I am reading these questions and answers and will feel grateful that I am firmly planted on terra firma for another year. I hope that my meditation techniques to increase my inner strength and peace will be second nature to me. Also, I hope to be driving with confidence and skill.

I hope to look back and wonder how I could ever have been so unsure. I hope to have moved past the moments I am apprehensive about, and to have more stories to tell (which are so much more interesting when things don't go exactly as planned)

I hope I see changes in myself. And an increased sense of contentment in my choices.

Last year I wrote about things that actually were goals. I pretty much went on my way without really recognizing them as such and, therefore, did not make the progress I would have hope. And I was struck by how long the organizing/clearing clutter kinds of things have been a problem for me. The good news was that some of my "issues" had gotten better and I was able to think about other developments in life. Seeing the similar answers calls me to get down to business. I have pretty good discipline when it comes to work, but am inefficient and possibly lazy in home tasks. Seeing different answers makes me feel like there's been some forward progress. I am not devastated by what I did not accomplish, but I hope that next year I will be delighted by what I did accomplish. I can't keep being exhausted by the complexities of life. It is time to not just survive, but to thrive.

Overall, I think I will feel silly about my answers. I think that the things that seemed very important to me now will mean a lot less in a year. In September 2013 I hope to be more content with my life. Happier, healthier and proud of all the growth I accomplished over a years time. Answering these questions as made me hopeful for the future and very proud of my growth over the past year.

I think I will have worked through a lot of issues around work and living. I will feel less dependent on a job that I dislike and living life more fully--thinking about work less, and what makes life meaningful more.

I'm hoping that I will be closer to accomplishing the goals I wrote about. I'm hoping that I can look at these answers and see that I have moved past the loneliness and unhappiness.

I'll probably feel disappointed that about half the answers were along the lines of "I don't know." But it's the truth. I really don't know what the future has in store. I hope it's a girlfriend. That'd be nice.

I hope to continue on the path to self acceptance I hope this in turn makes me more able to celebrate the successes of freinds without any self deprcation or envy. I also hope to be more emptionally available for my aging mom and not just do her errands and to think of each visit as a blessing instead of just waiting "for the other shoe to fall"

I'm not sure. It was wonderful reading last year's answers, which I wrote fresh from our first Dragon*Con - that sense of awe and discovery came back to me and it felt wonderful. There is a whole world out there of people making a living by crafting things with their hands and doing work they enjoy, without stopping to care whether it's meaningful or "respectable". I wish that kind of fearlessness for myself. Kara, I hope you have taken steps to have more fun with your life, and to use your brain more than you have been for the last four years.

i think I'll be on a whole new level of confidence and self awareness, and that my list of can does will be longer and my list of can't does will have been replaced with, just haven't learn't that yet and if it sounds fun and exciting it will be on my to learn next list, or i'll just think, i don't feel like learning that, and do not wish to take up my valuable time going down a wrong path

A year from now, I hope to have run my first (maybe even second) triathlon. I hope to be living in a place with my own room and a stable income, but doing what I love. Imagine this, Jess: You're working somewhere tech savvy, you're a lean machine, you're getting your writing published, you're with someone, or dating and enjoying life. You have to remember what's important: - being healthy is important (your boss for CMB isn't coming into the office today, leave early and go cycling at the gym) - being happy is important (so read more, write more, care less, focus on DOING things, not thinking about them) - living life is important. GET OUT THERE. Join a class, a group, go out with friends, but you have to experience life! - leaving your comfort zone is important. (introduce yourself to anyone and everyone, take a chance to get your work known, be brave, be confident, know that your shit don't stink, fake it till you make it.) - loving yourself is important. (you're not fat, you're not ugly, you're not stupid, you're unique, you cannot be loved by someone until you love yourself.) - loving your family is important. (don't lose touch ever with Dad or Chris). Now go be awesome, Jess.

I am quite depressed these days. I think the future is not very bright. The election is going to go the wrong way and the country and economy will begin to pay the price. We will continue to struggle as a country and keep getting dragged down in the world. I worry that I get the responses and nothing has changed for the better by next year (I hope to be proven wrong).

I think I will feel pretty good as I am working towards many of the goals I shared and have the tools in place to attain my goals. I am not looking for a different life but for inward change to be a stronger, more giving, and spiritually strengthened human being so I believe my goals - set in Sept 2012 - help me work towards that.

I sincerely hope my petty concerns and wild aspirations don't seem silly or naive. A lot can happen in a year. I never would have fancied myself a homeowner one year ago, and I was still planning my wedding two years ago. My husband and I plan to wait on having kids for a few years, so I'm rather hoping no "big life events" snatch us up between now and September 2013! I am so thankful for my amazing husband, for health, for sufficient wealth, for the freedom to do pretty much whatever we want with our lives, and for the love and support of family and friends. These things may certainly take different forms, but I hope and pray they stay with me.

If I am still the same weight I am going to feel like the BIGGEST loser! But if I work towards my goals without giving up, it will be so exhilarating to have accomplished my goals.

I think I'll feel nicely surprised. I was this year! I hope that I'll still have faith in myself and I hope I'll still believe

I think that I will feel nostalgic, because it's kind of like a time capsule, allowing you to glance back at what you were like and how you thought a year ago. I feel like I am growing and changing so much during this period of my life, so I felt it was important to take the time to answer these questions to document how I am feeling right now. I love my life right now, and I hope it only continues to be filled with more love and happiness and wonderful experiences as I grow older and (hopefully) wiser. I hope that these questions have helped me look within myself and see what I would like to do differently in the coming year, and really make a change.

I hope that I will be feeling happy and relieved that Obama is reelected! Also, I'm turning 40 this year, let's see if that brings any noticeable changes. On a more personal note, I imagine that not much will be different in my life. In fact, I hope and pray that not much will be different. That our marriage stays strong and nourishing, that our kids stay loving and amusing, that my father is doing OK, that we are all still healthy and surrounded by love and friendship, and that I continue to be easy on myself and accepting of my failings and dreams.

Not sure how I'll feel ... I do hope that my relationships with my children will have improved ... and that I will be in a commited love relationship.

I really hope that I feel like I've moved forward spiritually by that date, I would like my relationship to be resolved one way or the other by then, and I pray that I'm a much better person. I also am working harder on my health (which should help with my inner self, oui?)

I have no real idea of where I'll be in Sep. 2013, emotionally, work-wise, or personally. There is so much (good) that can happen between now and then. There is also a lot in limbo right now. But I'm at a stage in life where I'm working hard to "shape" my destiny, as well where I'm eagerly "awaiting" for that destiny to reveal itself. There's much excitement in stock, that's for sure.

I will probably want to edit what I wrote. I'll notice typos. But, if past writing is any indication, I'll also think to myself "wow, I'm not bad at this writing thing." I really hope that, in September 2013, I'll read my answers and realize I succeeded at much that I was hoping to accomplish. I know that my daughter will be in kindergarten, although we don't know where yet. That will change things. Beyond that I can only hope that I've moved on to the next stage of my career, and that everyone is still healthy and generally happy.

There's no telling how I'll feel. I hope I'm doing well.

I hope I will feel like I ticked things off my list and have accomplished much toward these goals. I hope to feel less confused and conflicted about my future. And I hope I have a sense of purpose and that my life has meaning.

I hope that will have some clarifiaction (i.e. in school) about my life path. I hope that I feel good about where I am in life and where I am going and that I feel I am contributing to the world in a meaningful way.

I think this will be inconsequential. I think that reflecting back on the emotions I was feeling at this time (stress, concern, fear, confussion, hope, etc.) will be revealing. And maybe I will have new perspective on some of the larger events of the past year, but I anticipate that I will simply look back as I do now on the year before this one: with both pride and humility, with both regret and a sense of accomplishment, and with both happiness and frustration.

I hope I'm at peace and have quiet time scheduled into my life everyday. I hope my children and husband are happy and healthy and also at peace, and we continue to enjoy each other mightily.

As I get older, my life moves slower. I hope we will be living in Costa Rica and doing more spontaneous traveling. I hope I can get over my distaste for the friends who chose not to come to Costa Rica for our anniversary party and chose to vacation elsewhere. I hope our future is intact with each other and we don't do serious damage to each other after living together 24/7 Happy New Year.

September 2013 that just sounds so weird, time is completely going to fly and that day will be here before I know it, and Im gonna start laughing while reading this. But today is day ten and probably the greatest state of consciousness I have had in a while. I have begun to stop letting mistakes drop and drag me on the floor, I have found the inner strength to act and ask. Hopefully I can develop on this-- my only fear is that I become to one sided and forget to be well balanced. I know that its not easy to balance all three. Well I definitely got an insightful answer on how I will conduct myself with women. I am young, I am not ready to support nor provide for anyone let alone myself so how can you look for someone. I need to take time and develop myself as a person before I can go into a relationship. With that I hope to just develop mature intentions and desires. Hopefully god will continue to guide me in the path he has so far. One year from today, I still want to be that 4.0 kid. I always looked at myself and wondered why I never found something I could excel in like everyone else. But i'm figuring out that I have a talent in one of the most treasured sports ever played-- education. Without enduring hardship I have made it to a level of mediocrity, which people consider pretty prestigious-- with the belief my family, my mentors, and I carry in myself I know that I can achieve much more. There is a catch tough, sacrifices must made, and that means good-bye to ivanna and jack. Maybe you can reunite in the near future. In terms of just me as a person, I want to be a good person. I already feel like in my character is a hint of all the five wells, but by next year I want it to be covering me, I want the paint to be evident, not in a boastful manner- for god knows how much respect I carry for humility. I want to be able to understand life in a complete different perspective. I want to lose my judgmental attitude and switch it with listening and assessment skills. Over-all I want to be the best I can be.

I hope that my life next year includes a partner to share all the wondrous improvements in my life. May the more compassionate and loving me manifest those qualities and yet may I remember my own giving" as a gift, not an investment."

I think I will feel fantastic. Probably the same as I feel now but hopefully even better! I think I'd like to have some career moves made by next year. I also hope to have more direction on what my career should be. I guess the latter should come first then...

I am so looking forward to September 2013 as a celebratiOn of great accomplishments, adventures and experiences which I hope will occur between now and then. I am optimistic.

I hope I will be even more satisfied with life than I am now. Closer to my partner, happier with my kids, more settled with my work responsibilities, feeling closer to my religious community and to my friends.....

I think I will have overcome the most pressing of my problems, finished my new degree, and will be working or starting the business I have been thinking about.

I hope to have made at least a small start on the projects I listed and the changes I declared I want to make in the coming year. If I can see some movement, I'll be happy, especially if I see that whatever I do end up doing, saying, and being has been on a similar path of joy, contentment and prayer, while enjoying the beauty and speaking out for justice along the way. A few years ago when retiring from most of my performing/teaching work I vowed, "No more striving and struggling." I guess my greatest desire is to be simply be who/what I am in the moments allotted to me, in the most non-harming, happy making ways.

I desire 2b working in the art field that I am passionate about. Want 2pour myself into an art that sells and I love doing. I want 2c positive changes in my career and positive forward moving changes in my love life.

I'll hopefully be more content, and dealing with the issues that I've had so far this year. I want to be stronger than I am now. I want to be happy, smiling and doing things for me.

I hope that everything is as I dream of. Or completely different but also good.

I hope that I will be a better person, with a more stable life. Hopefully about 50 pounds lighter! I hope that these questions will help me to keep track of what I have accomplished over a year.

I think I'll feel much as I did this year - surprised, curious, a bit aprehensive to once again see what I wrote. I hope I will be closer to acheiving the goals I set forth, still be on the path of learning, and ready to face the coming holidays.

I don't know that anything in my life will have changed as a result of thinking about and answering these questions, but I certainly hope my life will have changed. I hope that I will be in a happier and more content state of mind reading my answers to these questions than I was writing them.

I will be at peace. I will have finished and sent off my novel, feeling that it's the finest novel I can write at this time. I will be healthy. I will turn to my higher power for peace, grace, kindess, calm.

I honestly have no clue. Maybe it'll be like reading my past attempts at diary writing from when I was in middle school. I always scoff at those journals that I wrote. They seemed so melodramatic back then. I'd like to think that as a person I'd have changed for the better. Better with and to family. Better with and to friends. Better religiously. I just hope that I can aspire to better things and not travel laterally goal-wise.

I think when I see my answers a year from now I will feel sad. I think I will feel sad about the painful stories of my marital struggles. I will also feel moved and grateful, and hopeful because I have hope that my life situations will change, and my perspective will probably change also. I will also feel happy about my successes, and the milestones in my life and my children's life. I hope the dysfunctions in my marriage will be understood and that we'll be on our way to an intimate, genuine and loving relationship. I hope I will be in graduate school, writing and making art. I hope I will be happier and more at peace. I hope I will see that the things that bother me now, are transient, temporary, and resolvable. I hope I can look back and see that I was always a valuable, whole, insightful, creative person worthy of healthy love and respect. And that I still am worthy of healthy love and respect and can both give and receive that love.

I hope to feel excited that I completed a lot of tasks that were on my list. I want to be optimistic that I can change, although change is a neverending story. I will be proud of what I'm accomplished I'm sure. Thinking about and answering these questions has made me more aware of my dreams and aspirations and made me more positive about the future. I believe doing this exercise will remind me daily that I want to be held accountable to myself in September 2013 to do the things I set out to do!

I hope to be able acquire greater estability. I think I might have a clearer vision of what the next 10 years will be like

I hope I am not as bitter next year. Don't know why but work and personal life has gotten me down...finding it hard to move forward with a positive outlook and it's not me. I don't like this new persona I have developed and I must STOP! I hope I am married or engaged at least by next year. I want to feel like I have a purpose. I want to be happy at my job or happy at a new one. I want to fully let my boyfriend into my heart. I want someone to lean on. I want my family to all get along. I want my black belt. I want to get up in the morning exercise. I want to have enough money to buy my medical supplements. I want to not be tired all the time. I want to get 8 hours of sleep each night. I want to go to Europe. I want one day of no stress. I want to savor the beautiful Fall weather. I want to climb a mountain. I want to go to more concerts. I want to like fish! I want to be 30 pounds lighter. I want to wear that cute dress I got a goodwill, 15 more pounds and I should be able to fit into it. I want to start TODAY!

Hopefully, when I read these responses I will smile and think that I have accomplished new goals and objectives in my life since this point. I also hope that I will gain some laughter in seeing my current worries and I hope that the me that is reading this is happy and full of love and joy. I hope that you are curled next to your love, enjoying a quiet moment of meditation and relaxation while reading this. And i hope that you are enjoying life to the fullest. Peace and Love.

I hope that there will be one new member of our family by then, but beyond that, I just want to see what life brings this year. I want to let go of expectations and goals. Whatever happens, I hope that I can say it has been a good year, one that moved me forward, on whichever path has been laid out for me.

I hope I will feel satisfied with my aspirations and goals. It's funny, I'm doing this not for this year, but next year. I really enjoyed reading my answers a year later, much more so than actually doing them at the time. That's why I am doing it now.. I guess that's a metaphor for life...

I think I will feel a sense of accomplishment. That I really took steps to improve myself.

Next Year at this time, I would hope that I would have grown as much as I could have.

Peace, a sense of accomplishment with teaching my Psychology class, a sense of direction for Zoe post high school; some travel stories in my backpack and a defined direction for my love life!

That's tough. Hopefully, I'll be settled into college and I can see two possibilities. The first is me wondering how I could be so naive. The second, and the more likely possibility, is I will miss this. I feel as though I might be taking what I have right now for granted and won't realize it until it is all gone.

I hope I'll feel warmth toward this past self. I hope I'll be able to laugh at the places where I was off-base and receive with kindness all of this year's hopes and dreams. I hope I'll be energized to make next year's Days of Awe as powerful and overwhelming as these have been. I hope I'll be able to accept whatever comes as a blessing -- even the tough stuff; God knows this year's Days of Awe have featured plenty of that! but I hope that rereading this year's 10Q will make me smile fondly toward who I was at 37.5, and will give me inspiration to move into the next Days of Awe with grace and gratitude.

Like I was completely flooded by my husband's disease. I hope that when I read these answers next year I'm more able to focus on our family and our health and not be so buried by disease worries.

I hope I'll have a job that gives to the world and gives me hope.

Hopefully I will read this with a smile on my face, knowing that I accomplished one or more of my goals or that my life is going in the directions I want it to go in. I hope to read this knowing how far I had gotten by this point, and be proud of that as well. I'll be graduated from college by the time I read this again, and I have no clue where I'll be. But I certainly hope that I'm happy.

I think about these things all the time, but I really don't think my situation will be any different.

i hope that all the answers i have given this year will hold true - will be very interesting to see

Hi Gitty or Gittel- as you're called at college, I hope you laugh as you read all this. I know life has been pretty sedentary. You're so busy with work/school you don't really have the luxury of quick fixes. I hope you took things slow and didn't beat yourself. I hoped you said it was ok to get a B (which hopefully won't impact the rest of your laugh) and go out with your friends and travel and do new things or old things that you like to do. Don't feel too sad over the things you wanted to be different and aren't. It's not the destination it's the journey. my/you/our (past and future selves) are on a journey. I hope you have made small changes. Just a healthy breakfast or a have run a few 5ks. Right now it's September and I'm in the midst of college and work. I wonder where you're working this year. If you decided to stay at chabad because of the fantastic working atmosphere and good hours. Or maybe you are doing college full time or got a job in an office (though I hope the college trade off is worth it). Maybe you're married. Though I rather doubt it. But I hope you have dated and discovered things about yourself. In the pit of my stomach I rather hope you found an enchanting man to marry. someone who has character, who makes the best out of life and is a productive, evolving person who loves you (and maybe helps you appreciate/love yourself???) Mainly, that you have achieved some level of clarity. about who you are and where you are (and where you want to be) headed.

I hope I am fully recovered from my neck injury, and leading an active life. I hope I have tackled an ambitious project, and have some great work under way.

I hope I will feel fulfilled. I hope I will feel like I have accomplished something. I hope I will feel like I have done something with my life and have moved forward with purpose. I love this reflection - it is a good prompt for future planning.

I think I will feel embarrassed, nostalgic, proud, sappy, and grateful that I took the time to do it in the first place. I don't know what tomorrow will bring, but I trust my life will be different in SOME WAY by thinking about and answering these questions.

I seem to refine and hone in on things more each year. I was surprised by some of my answers last year and found it interesting. Hopefully I am even more comfortable and happy with my life and situation next year.

I will probably say to myself, ah, same same but different. I always want to achieve more, I have never done quite enough. I hope I will be kinder to myself, and realise truly, that progress comes in all shapes and colours and movement. Moving onwards, is moving forwards.

smarter, happier, healthier, maybe engaged, but most importantly, still in love with the person that makes me happiest and most alive, sam m.

I guess I might feel amazed that I really did this. I hope that I will be settled into the new home and that my family has peace and happiness and that life is going well. Also, I want President Obama to be presiding over this great country where we have so many rights: freedom of speech, religion and for the pursuit of life liberty and happiness.

I will have forgotten that this is a thing. That's what happens every year.

I hope I won't be disappointed by my lack of progress or total loss of interest in what my goals are today. I didn't make much progress on last year's goal regarding getting involved with and more educated about the problem of hunger in Israel, and I hope I won't be in the same place of ignorance next year.

If I stay with the program of self first that I am some times struggling to embrace I should be pleased to see that I have met the goals I set out for myself and realized my aspirations. Since life has a way of standing in for thought, there will likely be changes that I can reflect on, readjust to or rejoice in.

I hope I'll laugh at some of my worries and find them silly. I hope to be happier and mean it. I think I'll be close to leaving this city if I graduate by the Summer. I'll be off in another country or I'll be in another place. I want to know myself already since I'll be 22. Very almost adult by then. These questions though not new have opened my eyes again and made me more aware of myself. So yeah Good luck to 2013 Jaife WE CAN DO THIS JUST GET OUR SHIT TOGETHER :D

I have a pretty good idea of who I'm trying to manifest, and very little expectation that it will ever come out as I plan. I hope that I stay consistent in endeavoring to be my most healthy and authentic self, and that the less controllable/predictable circumstances of life will have generally been treated as an opportunity to grow.

The journey and the effort are the most important things. Setting goals is important, but remembering that it is the travelling down that road that is most important. I want to feel like I am closer than I am this year to "achieving" and not as close as I will be the year after.

I hope to be well on my way to great health. I hope to be exercising regularly and have completed the Bay to Breakers. I hope to be eating healthly foods. I hope to be out of debt and ready to travel somewhere international. I hope to have lots of energy and to do things afer work like visit friends and do poetry slams. I hope to be contributing to my community and volunteering. I hope to have celebrated my 5 year anniversary. This year looks AWESOME!

I hope I'll feel I gave sensible answers & not ones that I couldn't possibly live up to. I hope I will have become a better person for having thought about the questions & answers. I think I will have found forgiveness in my heart for things I cannot forgive at this time & I think I will be in a much better place because of it. I won't be in a different place because of these questions as I am at an age where I'm exactly where I'm supposed to be & that's fine. I'm old & I'm still here & that's as good as it gets!

I hope I've written more stories, sold more stories, become less insecure, become more organized, and waste less time doing random web surfing -- or maybe have a better attitude about why I do it. Mainly, I hope I'm healthy and loving.

I have no idea how I will feel, though I will likely smile. I hope that I am no longer working where I am now, and that my new job or life placement is more supportive of my artistic growth and mastery of storytelling. I hope that as a result of answering these questions I have begun to manifest the changes in my life in a deeper way by putting my hopes into the ethers and sharing them with the world.

I think I'll be surprised. I know I was this year. I was pretty accurate. I don't know if anything changes, but it is good to reflect.

I hope to see that I have accomplished my goals. I hope that that will find me satisfied and energized for new challenges.

Not sure how I will feel about reading what I've written. Lots of times I read a journal and think I sound lame. Hopefully that's not the case in sept 2013. Lol. Next year I would like to be living my passion, living the law of attraction, be in tuned with the source and living a life of intuition based thinking. Can't wait to check In next year!!

I expect to be more enthusiastic about my job, as my efforts become focused on work for CHSRA. I hope to be the owner of a new home in the Monarch Beach or Alamitos Heights community, and only two years away from retirement at the beach. Looking at the 10Q has helped me focus on what is important to me, and on the need to focus my efforts toward achieving those goals. That bit of introspection, along with my work with MiG and 7OLR, will guide me as I work to eliminate (or mute the effects of) my character defects. I hope to continue to be appreciative of the many good things in my life, and suppress the inner voice that tells me that I will be happier if only I change x, which is usually something meaningless. I want to live my life expecting positive results, and remembering that other people's opinions do not harm me, and are none of my business, especially other people's opinions about me. Similarly, other people do not need my unsolicited opinion or advice. And some time between now and September 2013, I would like to have time to play with a big friendly dog.

I think that I will be struck by how singular my focus is right now, how love and all the drama has shaped things at the moment. I hope that I will be married, building a life with my love and his daughter. I hope that in learning where to claim my identity, that acting work will start to flow with actual traction. I hope that there is conversation and healing between Alice and myself. That her healing would be complete in the Lord, and that the dominoes of healing would have already started. That in putting it all into words, that the seeds are planted and begin being watered, to grow.

I think I'll feel surprised, as im pretty sure i'll forget about this. I think I might be a little scared too, as it's like listening to your own thoughts from a different time - hopefully i'll still feel like im that person, just that i've grown. I hope i change some of the things i felt held me back and i hope i look at some of the answers and laugh, because I don't recognize that uncertain girl anymore. So because this is the last question im adding this: Hi Sandy, I hope you found love (i really do) and if you didn't, i hope you're happy where you are, not missing LA too much and not disappointed with where you ended up in life. You're a strong woman, don't ever forget that. Love / Me

I will find some of my answers funny, and some of them trivial. I hope I'll feel like I've accomplished my goals and have grown as a person, but only time will tell. I will be one year older and one year closer to graduating. I should be studying for the LSATs at that time which is a terrifying thought at the moment. Hopefully I'll have it a bit more together next year, but if nothing else I will be hopefully a little bit wiser. Oh, and hopefully I'll know more Arabic too!

I hope to have a job that I enjoy next Sept since I don't have one right now...I hope to be closer to having a happy marriage one day too. I hope my daughter has found a high school that she feels good about going to.

Clearly, I'm going to be so proud of myself. Fit, healthy, wealthy, madly in love, patient, well traveled and uber educated. What's not to love. Could that actually be my life? You bet your ass.

I couldn't really tell you. I might be dead by then so I hope I can at least make my corpse laugh by then. I'm certain that my horror-pop disposition and my fiendish nature will probably always remain the same. Maybe if I somehow survive this all I might have finally succeeded in finding a reason to keep on fighting this fight we call life. Here I am sitting in the GRCC library with a shit-ton, no. A FUCK-TON of reading to do and never enough time to do it all and wasting it on this. But it really does feel so much more productive. Even more-so than the job hunting I'll be doing today. I hate this human being social structure, I think we are no different than ants. Small ants with a giant ego. I want to have something to believe in. May it be something to live for or something to die for I don't care. I just want to feel alive.

By September 2013, I don't hope that I will have done and changed the things I've answered in these past nine queastions, I most definitely KNOW that I will. Why? Because I have the desire to change and be the best possible me that I can be. Even to be better than that best possible me. I am building the foundations of my life and those foundations won't be complete until my 30's or so. I expect to have completed at the very least a base improvement of the things that I've said that I want to change. Once September 2013 rolls around, I will be able to look back and see drastic improvements over the year that lead up to it. I know at the single most basic level of all of these improvments I will have bettered and enlightened myself as well as become very knowledgable by partaking in the improvements and lessons I have stated. Not to mention all of the other improvements I have yet to decide upon and come and lessons I come accross in this coming year. I know that by this time next year, I will be happier than I am now and then some. I can't wait to reflect on these questions a year from now.

I hope to have a better sense of myself and Connie in our "retirement." Moving? Shedding? A new direction? Maybe some more questions, different answers?

I hope to become more comfortable being me. I hope to share happiness with someone special. I want to learn.

I hope I'll be feeling solid as a social worker and getting ready for parenthood!

I hope to be on my my new career journey. These questions have been a time of reflection for me as i decide and make my decision for my future.

I want to be in overall better health. I want to be continuing on an exercise program that I've just started. I want to be more involved in my community; possibly attending church services with more regularity. I want to ENJOY LIFE, and find things to be grateful for every single day.

At this time next year, I'm going to be in such a different time in my life: hopefully I'm at my dream school (whatever that ends up to be), and if not, I hope it was for a good reason. I hope this year was one for the books, as trite as that may seem. I hope everything really went smoothly for me, and I hope that the people I love are also safe and happy, wherever they are. Mostly what I want is to know that I'm happy and learning and not remaining stagnant. And that the things I've worried about for the past eighteen years are fleeting sorrows of the past and that now I'm finally ready to embark on a brand new chapter in my life.

I think I'll look back fondly at past Kelly and think how young she sounds, even though she thinks she's all grown up now. (There's always more growing to do, honey! That's how life works!) Dear future Kelly, I hope you're happy! You probably are--you tend to land on your feet--but I hope it comes from growth and not stagnation. I hope you're working hard and kicking butt in school. I hope you're in love! You really deserve to be--you've learned a lot about yourself and relationships over this past year, so hopefully this coming year you'll be able to put that all to good use and find someone worthy of you, and who you try to live up to. Keep taking chances and putting yourself out there. That's how you've gotten as much as you have, and that's how you'll keep flourishing. All my love! past Kelly

I hope I feel more at peace with what I am doing and what I have accomplished.

I will probably wonder why I worried about half the things, and hopefully they will all have sorted themselves out.

I'm hoping that I've met the goals I have set and that those things that I fear will not have come to pass. How answering this questionaire will make a difference in those, I do not know.

I hope I might finally not feel such overwhelming regret at having not changed all my old habits.

I want to have better control over my eating compulsions. I know I'll never be "done" with my struggles with eating, but I want to have a better sense of how to deal with it. Everything else is feeling pretty good right now, and I hope it continues to. I am madly in love, I have found a job that I love, and I hope to soon be back living out on my own (well, with Justin actually) I hope my successes continue and I feel even better than I do now.


Surprised. I'll be much more aware that we only have so many years and then, as my Lummi Indian friend said, "Your work will be done." I hope that I will be a better sister, cousin, and friend, and that I will be able to support myself financially in a skillful way.

I have no idea how I will feel. I hope that I have more successes than failures as a husband, father, friend, and as a provider.

I will be embarrased by my narcissism. Who was the audience I was addressing? How many rewites on average? Pomposity. Posturing. Factual situations likely will have changed more than the maturity that I bring to deal with them. I am more experienced than September, 1972. but unless I am looking in the mirror, I am the same person as I was 40 years ago. I have been getting my act together over the last 5 to 10 years.

I hope to know Sarah better, and I hope that Rose is less anxious about the college process, with my help

I believe I will feel that this year I was too focused on an old relationship. I am hopeful that next year I will haved moved forward, maybe even invested in a new love.

Man, I sure hope I'm a lot more proactive. I'd forgotten about some things I'd written last year when I read those answers, & it will likely be the case for next year's look back as well. It wasn't wholly unexpected, of course, but I still felt a little weird reading them. I guess that's the point of this. I hope I'm more prone to being active, though. I really do.

I hope that I have made some changes and continue to take life on without fear and hesistation.

I know I am not putting in a lot of time here, but I hope I can relax better. I hope that I have put more thought into the New Year and more thought and patience in my own life. I hope I am not rattled with anxiety. On surface level, I hope we do not have to worry about money. I hope I am true and honest in my pursuits and James and I are very much in love. I hope I take the time for introspection even when I feel like it will be boring :)

my guess is--HECTIC! this is such a busy time. my HOPE, however is that some of the things i am focusing on will give me more EASE. now, back to all those unfinished questions and making dinner before the fast!

I hope i'm happy. I hope i don't feel left behind when all my friends go to uni. I hope i feel like a grown up, and that i don't still look like i'm 14 (seriously how can i feel old when i look a kid) But seriously i hope i'm out of this weird rut where i live in this constant state of anxiety of everything falling apart. Because it makes no sense and i need to learn to let go a little. I hope I don't still cry about the rape, but i guess maybe i will always cry about it? I hope Hes happy as well.

Hi Manuel, I hope your hands are in pristine condition and feeling extremely strong. I hope you had some fun on your mountain bike today and are planning on having some more! I hope you had a wonderful summer with your boys and many many loved ones and adventures all over the earth. I hope you have tried the hoops at the beach and maybe even bought your own gloves to practice in. I hope love and passion are still rich in your daily life! I hope you have tried surfboarding! I hope you are cooking regularly and practicing Spanish all the time. I hope you have built a robot.

By next year I want to have actually completed finishing my long standing goal of writing my screenplay. I hope to feel upbeat and joyful about reflecting back on this process.

que sera sera

Well, I don't think that answering these questions will make anything different. Thinking about these things may help. By next year, the way things change so much for me and in general from year to year, I may be a bit shocked at what I said. I hope I have some kind of income by next year. I hope and pray that I am in Graduate School, and able to afford it. Also by being in Grad School, that I am no longer in Los Angeles. I'm here over 23 yrs now, thinking this would be my first stop. I want to move on, but where? Grad School would answer that.

I think I will feel happy at how much more I've grown. I've improved my life immensely over the past 12 months - physically, mentally, and professionally - and I think that growth is just going to continue in a lovely upward trend. No specific goals, per se. I just want to be even healthier, just as happy, and maybe still talking to this one boy. :)

Surprised and satisfied. Surprised that I actually did some of the things I hoped to do and satisfied for the same reason. Putting desires and hopes and fears out into the world has always worked well for me....following up, not so much.

I will be back with my fiance. I'll keep this in my head as long as I have to make it real. Words become real, thoughts become real if we really want it and I do. I will not stop discovering and learning about myself. Educating everyday to bring better life to our family. I want to be on at least 15% on Amway business, of course depends how much effort I will put in to it. I am starting life coaching advice with Alison this week, it'll be another investment in my future. Will have to constantly strive for perfect life. I will create it, You will see Maziuk! We become what we think about. Well lets see. I will probably think now, why did I only wrote so little it sounds interesting;) Love you more Maziuk;)

Last year I had no hope or anticipation that I would still be with my girlfriend. Today we are in a much stronger and happier place but there's still some conflict, ambivalence, and unsureness. I feel like how I'll feel will be wrapped up in whether I am celebrating another year together, or grieving. I hope that the reflection I engaged in this Holiday will lead to more intentionality in my life, and continuing reflection, inspiration, and spirituality. I also hope that I can look back on a year of compassion and joy.

I am pretty sure I will forgive myself if things don't work out the way I want them to. I hope I don't forgive myself. I hope that I do strive my hardest to make true the things I have wished for. In particular if I could just save enough money to have the best San Francisco visit ever complete with awesome apartment, I'd be happy! Friends, family and the company I keep make me the happiest and if I could keep good company around me that would be the ultimate satisfaction!

I think that by September 2013 life will be more settled. Know will be on the right track.

I'm hoping that our country will get back on the right track, that we will be safe from the evil in the world, that Israel will stay safe and our loved ones. I hope that my business continues to do well and that I work in some free time at this stage in my life. I hope I reconnect with my Judaism and meet like minded people. L'Shana Tova

I hope that I look back at the past as a year that I added good things to my life. This past year has been good for what I've taken out. Now I need to fill the hole.

I'll be different, somehow. Africa will affect me in ways I'm sure I can't imagine right now. But I will still recognize this person... Katie told me last night (god bless her!) that I was the most intentional person she knew, that I didn't make bad decisions (though the outcomes were not always what I expected). I know who I am, I don't expect to be surprised.

I hope I am out of debt and in a better place personally. I hope I stop comparing my life to everyone else and that I live it as I want to.

I hope that I will do the things I committed to, and if I don't, I hope that I don't beat myself up for it. I feel like I will get more done having reflected so much on perfectionism, vulnerability, asking for help, writing, learning. I hope to feel more grounded next year when I read these answers and have compassion for myself in the past.

I hope that I'll be proud of the progress and accomplishments of the last 12 months when I read over my answers from 2012. I hope that I will be grateful for the gifts and people in my life. I'd like to be answering questions and reflecting about my role, my contributions, my responsibilities and growth every day. It's a validating exercise, a call to rise to the occasion.

the universe takes better care of me than i can possibly imagine. looking forward to embodying/experiencing how this is indubitably so. blessed be...

I would feel anxious because I would like to know how I improved. I hope the job I am doing, I am happy and loving it.

I think I will laugh, nod my head, or perhaps wonder what in tarnation I was talking about. But most of all, I hope to be satisfied and happy while reading them.

I think I'll feel good. Some of them I hope will stay the same, some I hope will change. And if the ones that I hope will stay the same change, well that's just human nature I suppose. I won't say I'll be a different person, or that I'll have "found myself", but we'll just see where the wind takes me. As for the future me: I hope you're still in love. I hope you still have the wonderful girl in your life, she's a good one. I hope you've gotten a grasp on yourself and what you want, that's been all over the place hasn't it? I hope you're still living by your philosophy of "always do creative things". Don't let your imagination die, always keep making things. Don't get a tattoo until you get out of college, and wear your helmet more when you ride your bike or longboard. I just want you to have fun, I want you to know people and be merry and jolly like you know you can be. Keep it Real, You one year ago.

I think I'll feel fine. I'm a pretty mindful, happy soul and expect to remain so. I hope to be a little closer to debt free and I hope I will have succeeded in having a less cluttered with 'stuff' existence. I expect I will look back on a year filled with more music, film, art and literature , deep thought and meaningful conversation and times with my family and friends.

I hope almost everything will be different, but I fear that nothing will. I feel cynical, like, nothing changed this last year, so why will things be different in the next. With that said, I hope to be in a better place in terms of a nicer, easier home, and a good job (even better to own a successful business) that makes me feel alive and proud. I want to be in a position where I'm making things happen. For my self, my community, and in general.

Considering what I have been through, I hope I will be able to look back and understand that I went through insanity, yet I came out of it and started to grow. G-d willing I will be proud of myself. I am hoping to be in a better position all around, in love, life, career, family, etc., and although it's dark now, I know the light is coming soon, and I will embrace every day.

I hope I will feel the same way I did this year when receiving my 10Q answers: amazed at how spot on they were and how relevant they still are today. I hope to have had made changes in the direction of my answers - the same as I did last year to this year. In some ways, it may not seen like a positive, like declaring bankruptcy. But I did not exactly plan the way I would get to my goal, and the path had learning experiences in it that I never would have been able to plan. So, however I get to there, is not up to me maybe. But having faith that it's all going to work out is important.

I think I will have been more reflective about my life overall. I have lots of reflective thoughts, but putting them into words is not what I ordinarily do. It's hard! I believe I will be more proactive if I let myself really absorb a reflective stance to life.

I hope that next year I will be even better at appreciating this beautiful season. I hope I will find love, and meaningful work. Perhaps I will have moved to Chicago or SF or NYC. Maybe I'll still be in Western Mass. I hope I continue to cultivate a voice in theater. I hope that Barack Obama is President.

I beleive I will have manifested such abundance in all areas of my life I am able to help others achieve their goals financially, spiritually, locally and globally!! Everything is sacred...we are all connected!!!!!

I hope I will be in a totally different place, physically, spiritually, emotionally , morally and financially. However, things are so bad now in every way that any progress towards the light will be welcome. I will be glad to be alive and have a chance to improve myself even more in the years to come

I hope to be leading a much more balanced life that is full of happiness, confidence, health, evolving and loving relationships, and career success. I pray my family is exuding the same joy and strength as me as well.

I hope that thinking about an answering these questions will cause me to be more introspective. I hope that i think things through and truly reflect on everything that is going on in my life, good and bad. I think ill feel accomplished thats its been a whole year since now and i will feel more mature. i want to be more confident in myself and happy in my surroundings. Getting these questions back next year is exciting and i cant wait to see what my life is like then!

I hope I'll be thin and healthy, love eating right and more active physically and socially. I don't think answering these questions now will make a difference because I'm going to forget about it all until next year when it reminds me!

Ill probably feel the same way i always feel nostalgic and a bit sad Hopefully i feel better next year though

I hope I will have made the concrete changes I planned to make, and that I will find myself content and hopeful where I am. It's okay if I don't have all the big answers to all the big questions. I just want to be sure I take control of the things I can control and use the knowledge and passions I do have to the fullest. And I hope I'll have found someone I love who loves me back. Maybe? That's hard to control. But stay open, Future Me, because that's who you are.

By September 2013, I will be more satisfied with the life, more patient, more understanding towards people, more forgiving and more content, yet curious and ambitious enough to achieve new learning heights and new accomplishments. By answering these questions I am trying to understand myself better.

God, I hope I will better next year than I did when i received my answers last year. When I wrote my answers in September 2011, I could never have imagined that come 2012, I still wouldn't have a baby. I just hope that my life feels like it has moved forward in some way, and that I can look back and be proud.

I had an amabitious, but doable goal. I found, this year, that while I had not accomplished my goal, I had improved my life and am in a better place. I am hoping that next year when I look back, I hope that I will have achieved those financial goals I placed for myself last year. I hope to continue the path I'm on and I hope that, next year, I am in a place to look back and see a year full of hard work and happiness.

I will feel the distance that a year can make -- and even two years for the questions where I was looking back. I hope that at the end of 5773 I will be happier with my professional life -- and yet still have a good home and community life. That my household will remain healthy and happy.

I hope I will feel proud of how I've grown over the year. I hope that by doing this now (and by continuing to take time for personal introspection throughout the year) I will be more likely to achieve these goals.

I am generally very content with my life. I hope I still feel that.

I hope I will feel that things have changed. As much as I enjoyed reading my previous answers, in terms of what I wanted to change, hardly anything had, and that was hard to read. I hope that writing these answers will motivate me to change so I don't feel the same way next year. Life is short and so precious, I can't keep wasting it wishing and thinking "what if" when I have the power to change it - I just need to make it happen and I sincerely hope that I have when I'm reading this next year.

I sincerely hope that I accomplish the things I've set out to do this coming year. I have really tried on setting realistic goals for myself and understanding that the remainder of my life will be about setting out to do things and getting them done-personally and professionally. I hope I feel fulfilled about the past year of my life.

I hope that I can look back at the year and feel that I was actually there for large parts of time. Not worrying about the future or agonizing about the past. I hope I had fun. I hope that addressing the issues raised by these questions will help to make that happen.

I think that much will be the same, but I hope that I will have been kinder to my husband and that I will be more at peace. I also hope that the Messiah will have come.

I think I will read the answers with some trepidation. Was I being serious? Did I really feel that way? Oh dear, I still feel that way and haven't made any progress! I hope these questions encourage me to think more about the world and less about the petty stuff that can bog me down.

When these answers land in my inbox, I hope that I'm too busy to read them preparing a fall harvest for food storage. I'd like to have successive plantings of greens. Tomatoes, oninons, garlic and peppers for salsa. Beans for canning, pesto for freezing, kimchi for beets and cabbage. These are lofty goals, but I believe they will provide me with spiritual connection, self-renewal, sustenance and peace of mind. Even if I only do one of those things on that list, I will be happy to know that I am nourishing my body through the real work of nurturing a piece of land.

Hard to say...there is so much going on. I hope that life will have calmed down, that my dad will be recovering and that Gareth will be back to himself. I hope that I'm in a happy family with enough work to pay all the bills. I don't feel like I am at a personal development stage of life - there is enough to develop at home (helping our lovely boys grow up), so work is secondary at the moment.

I hope I feel like I have grown, Hope I am not stuck. I hope I am happy in a solid ,good relationship. Where will I go next?

Last year I was at the cusp of a new chapter in my life. This year I find myself at the very start of that chapter. Next year I hope that I am more settled, have built a network of friends and support around me and most importantly that the amazing bond I share with my parents is unharmed by the distance that now faces us. I also hope that I will have taken the time to explore my new surroundings and have a better handle on my new city. I also hope to have a better vision for myself professionally and to really have taken advantage of opportunities that have arisen over the last year.

I'll be in a new and different place. I probably won't remember how long it's taking for my knee to recover from surgery. Be amused at my impatience and pleased that I have a new more mobile life. I hope I'll have an easier more comfortable place to live and will be well on my way to organizing my spread out chaos.

I hope I'll have done at least some of the things on the list and not look back with regret

God I have no idea. I am so afloat right now. Receiving the answers to 2011 was such a blow because I hadn't moved at all. It was almost like Past Me insulting me, by showing me all I hadn't done, yet. I hope that I will read these answers and be in such a better place. I hope I will be more grounded in a life that looks much, much more like me. Hello, future me. Embrace your life. Enjoy it. Let yourself be who are, without worry, and love yourself. Love your life.

i'll be done being sad about relationships and will have begun feeling peaceful, happy and fulfilled.

I hope that I have given an honest effort in achieving my goals + I hope that I am in a content + happy place even if I don't get the results I am searching for. I have always had a deep respect for my husband + the type of person he is + I hope to have him see me in the same light. I hope to have the same respect for myself as well.

I really don't know, and for once in my life I think I'm cool with it. Honest. As long as I'm surrounded by the ones I love, everything will be fine.

well, for the 2012 answers I was right on...had a goal and met it - all of them other than losing weight. And, of course, that's the prevelant theme for many of my answers this year. I truly hope within the next twelve months I solved my food issue. I would be thrilled.....

I hope that I feel as though I have changed a lot since I wrote these. I hope I have many great experiences during this next year, and have a successful transition to the next part of my life. Hopefully, this shows myself how much I have changed.

I hope I'll have this Judaism thing more figured out. That's a bit of a goal for the next year. Fasting and breaking the fast tomorrow, and having our reception in the Freeman Center, might help. I hope I own a house. And a cat. I hope I pass my prelims. I'm reasonably proud of my progress on last year's goals. Thinking about what my goals are and trying to remember them does seem to have helped. So, onward and upward.

I think I'll feel very nostalgic and happy about my life. It's just starting to become so real and fun and by then I'll have started college. I feel confident that I will continue to make positive decisions in the coming year that can only improve my life in every way possible. Let's just hope!

I read last years answers and they made me tear up and feel so lucky and happy. Next year I hope to be in London, as last year I hoped to be here! I think I will look back on this year as a positively challenging year of growth and learning. And i'll be happy it's behind me!

I expect to have continued success at my new job with Houston Fire Museum. I expect to have increased revenue, reviewed and updated the educational programming, and begun to make a name for myself. I also hope to have a stable relationship, hope to have sold my home and moved on, and hope to continue this upswing I'm currently experiencing, putting my life back together and learning how to be independent again.

I hope that I will look back and say "WOW that was only a year ago and look how far I've come." I hope to look back and say "beautiful You" it was within you all along, you just never looked at yourself. Of course, comparing myself to others as I've done for so many years, does just that! It's not looking in the mirror at my potential but allowing others to be better or stronger or more successful. I'm looking in the morror!

I certainly hope I'll have accomplished a lot of what I hope to do, so I think I might be happy? I hope it doesn't freak me out because I'm in a worse place. I want to feel satisfaction and not despair.

Oh, I hope I've moved forward. I hope I am not in the same place. Future self, I love you. Be kind to yourself. Be loved and loving. Love yourself more.

i have no idea. at this point in time, living my life on an hour basis is proving to be difficult and the idea of planning something a week out all becomes too overwhelming. if anything, i hope i'm wiser, happier, and surrounded by positive energy.

I hope I will have achieved at least 50% of what I've said. I won't be surprised if nothing has changed though!

i hope i will know myself more fully and be more completely present with others.

I really do hope that next year I will be in Jerusalem! If not, may I be able to laugh about not getting into rabbinical school. This year I had the reaction of whoa I did so much great stuff, and did I really write that? May this coming year outdo it!

I hope I am still leukemia-free. I hope I've had a medically uneventful year. I hope my hair is longer, or if it's shorter it's because I decided to chop it off. I hope I have a better handle on the high holidays. I hope I feel more content in many ways. I trust that my partner and I will still be doing life together and doing it well. I look forward to knowing her more, and being with her more. Thinking about and answering these questions hasn't really gotten me into very deep reflection. Next year I'd ask myself: What have you actively DONE about the things you claim to care about? How have you found ways to enjoy life, even in the midst of the hard stuff? What do you want for your life, starting from where you are right now? . . . I could have been pushed more . . .

I hope that I will be less paralyzed by life.

I'll feel nostalgic. I'll feel wiser. I'll wish I knew then what I know in 2013 -- that the year's experiences will be easy and amazing and better than I ever imagined. I hope I'll have more clarity, more confidence, more direction in my adventures. I hope to feel on top of the world.

I think that in September of 2013, I will be feeling like the year that passed between the time I wrote my responses to questions and the time that I read them absolutely flew! Baby Thompson will be about 5 months old. So, I will be working 2-3 days a week and just enjoying the rest of the time with my tiny offspring. I may feel an additional closeness to family as a result of the new member. It will be fun to look back on my responses to the 10 questions at that time.

Right now I'm in the middle of a very very tough time. Depressed, overloaded with work, sad, disappointed, but still hopeful. It seems like the better the weather gets, the better I feel myself. Maybe I just needed a little more sunshine in my life to get me going. I hope to be standing on my own two feet. Planning to move out of my parent's home. Making big decisions which now I'm postponing because of my depression (doc's and friend's advice). When I receive these answers back, I which to come back to this time, and remember how I was feeling, and think about haw things have changed (for good hopefully), and make some moves to challenge myself to new things. I'm terrified of the idea of getting stuck. I wish to be in contact with people, but making new friends, sharing my life with the people I love now, and loving even more people. I'm a teacher, you see. And even though I'm finding te practice really hard, I do love my students... they're the reason why I haven't given up on this yet.

i think i will see that many of my predictions were not accurate and that the problems that bother me now, will continue to bother me then. i do hope i have figured out rabbinical school/army/or job stuff and that my life is moving in a good direction. i hope i will not have rushed into a relationship but will have made an effort to be in one. i hope these questions will have helped me to continuously think about and reflect on my life and what i am doing, in order to truly see what affects me and to track my progress at improving myself.

Proud that I actually finished it, considering I'm saving all but one for this last day. Embarrassed by answers that at the time I thought were so deep. Nostalgic for China. Fascinated by the small changes. In awe of the consistencies. I wouldn't mind being with someone a year from now. Then again, if I'm anything like I am now, I will be too busy adventuring. Someone to adventure with me wouldn't hurt. "Happiness is only real when shared." -Jon Krakauer But do I believe that? I don't know. Ask me next year.

Hopefully I'll feel somewhat fulfilled in a new home with my gorgeous girlfriend. Spurs will have won the FA Cup and Chelsea will have gone bankrupt. David Cameron will have been usurped, banished to the past where he belongs. I hope we'll be on to the money that will take us to the places we want to go. I hope my career is going somewhere and I even have a job. I hope Sara is happy. She deserves it more than anyone. She's my everything. I just hope life is good, nothing more, nothing less- just a ruddy good time for all.

I'm sure next September looking at this it will b a great way to reflect if I have managed to make same changes even if they r small. I can't wait to go with my new little granddaughter to shule and hug her and continue to share our Jewish traditions

Dear Michelle, I think and hope you'll feel better, not only about yourself but also in general. I hope you accomplished all your goals. I hope you can enjoy more, not only life, love and your home, but also the little things in life. I hope you took the time to start and finish the NANOWRIMO, because you've been wanting to do this for almost 5 years now. You've been writing way too long to not write. The world should see what you can do. Right now, this year, you are almost in the same position as last year. You should work on that girl, and I hope you've done that. Hopefully your relationship is still stable and you live happily together with your pet. Keep giving yourself goals and keep working on yourself, I have faith in you, even when you don't believe it. By me of the history, hello me of the future!

I'll probably laugh at my answers and think about how different I am now compared to before. My hope is that my ambition never fades away!

Perhaps I will be in a relationship and will be in my last year of school. I hope to laugh and smile when I read my answers next year. I'm quite amused and excited for September 2013.

If I do what I said I would do I will be in a "better place".

I hope that I will have been able to make a difference in someone's life. I hope that I will look at these questions with some great new things to share and great prospects about a different exciting future ahead of me for 2014.

These questions have directed my attention to what I am grateful for, what I really want out of life and the fears that have stopped me. I am glad that have been able to articulate these things for myself. It is a blessing indeed. Next year I am sure I will be blessed by reading them all over again and learning more about myself through the perspective of hindsight. Thank you 10Q!

I'd LIKE to feel that happy "well, who'd have thought..." you get when observing that the content of your day-to-day life was once the stuff of fantasy. It's happened before with love, housing, and work. It would be very nice to forget these goals consciously and then look backwards a year from now, in the middle of their fruition, and see the dreams like a mirror. Failing that, hope these reflections will inspire me to keep seeking the fulfillment of these hopes. Rosh HaShana was sort of a commitment ceremony with optimism - and heavens knows that sustaining optimism takes commitment. Hopefully, these reflections will serve as a letter from Me to Me, encouraging stick-to-it-ness.

I have no idea. I don't know what the questions will be about yet, or if I'll be willing to keep answering them. But I'm sure if I do, I'll learn something kind of hard but important about myself.

I think I will feel like I was silly in 2012.

This year, my previous answers surprised me. I have a slippery memory, and it was kind of a shock to see what I'd written. Next year, perhaps I can be a little more mindful of one or two of the things I've entered here, so I'll actually make some progress on them.

I pretty much forgot about 10Q until ten days ago and I will probably have the same reaction next year.

My goals for the next year tend to be the same, so hopefully I'll have some new ones. Maybe next year I'll laugh at my answers. Maybe next year I'll have a group of good friends again. Maybe I'll fall in love. It's all up in the air.

It's possible I'll be substantially happier than I am now or have been in a long time & may have a girl friend. It's possible I'll be substantially healthier than I am now or have been in a very long time if the rehabilitation scheme works. It's also possible things will be much the same.

I'm hopeful that I will have acted on the things of which I have written, and that they have borne fruit. We'll see!

I've been pleased about how I have accomplished what I wanted without remembering what it was consciously. Let's hope for the same!

I hope my 15 year old learns to be kind...

I think I will feel as though I've grown again. That I'm still growing and that there is always room for improvement. That certain things have changed. That I have changed. I hope I become more settled into myself every year. Maybe one day, I'll even be comfortable and happy with it.

I hope that all the things I was concerned about have changed for the better and I can look back and be proud of all we have accomplished.

I hope I feel good and happy. My answers may have been too high and lofty and set up to be unattainable. I hope I use this reflection and other inner work to move toward finding what it is that I want and how to get it (or find it).

I hope that I look at these questions as inspiration and confirmation of my own abilities. I also highly value the fact that progress and life is humbling. It is really inspiring to see what you've wished for, and how those things have changed. I hope I feel proud.

Skimming back through, so much of this seems to be about settling and growing. So often, I find myself trying to grow upward and outward, without sending roots downward as well. Future me, we have got to take ourself more seriously. While writing this, I nearly started to cry because I've been trying to paint a hot air balloon for two months, and who knows when we'll have time for that? No one is going to give us time to play. No one is going to give us time to pray. No one is going to give us time to make friends. We just have to take ourself seriously enough to do it. I hope, by next year, we've found ways to nuture ourself, as well as taking care of others.

Several of the questions here put me in a position where I had to think (and put in to words) some things that I've been avoiding thinking about (thank you Q10!). “I'm always happy. Sometimes I just forget.” (A Visit From the Goon Squad - Jennifer Egan) I'm hoping that by this time in 2013 - I will have remembered who I am again.

whatever man.

that's to far ahead. i have to live from day to day, week to week.

Next year I think that I will be more confident and more prepared for what lies ahead.

I think I'll be happy because my answers are much more positive than they were this time last year.

This year when I read my answers I was almost moved to tears at how far I'd come and how dark a place I was in the year before. I hope that next year my personal life will be even more in the place that I want it to be and I will feel like I have found the community I'm still looking for. More than anything I hope my answers will continue to prove how resilient I am and that I am strong enough to overcome all of the challenges that have and will arise in my life.

Really? You've been going on about the same shit for years. Just start running already.

i always get a little anxious flutter in my stomach when the vault opens and i can read my answers... i want so much to have grown and moved on, not thinking the same repetitive things. not waiting on someone or something... charging forward forcing change. i always hope i'll have someone special, a little more special than my friends charging forward with me. cheers to 2013

I feel optimistic about my answers and have already made genuine strides towards achieving the goals I set for myself. I hope to feel satisfied and a little nostalgic, seeing how far I've come. Note to self: Even if you haven't progressed as far as you would have liked, it's okay! Life is unexpected and I believe in you :)

I think I'll feel tired. I'll have a less than one year old. I'll be pretty tired. Can't wait for you to show up, Shorty!

I'm sure that I will have a whole new slew of perspective around these questions and a whole other set of excitements/problems/challenges will be at the present hand. I look forward to discovering what it all looks like and working hard to achieve my goals.

I don't think that my life will be muchdifferent than it is now...my grandsons will be older and little jack will be in first grade and wilson will be in kindergarten...jack and I will be married 31 years..and my multiple sclerosis won't be that bad, since i am planning on running again..maybe it will be in 2013.

depends the kind of questions

I just hope I'm here, and my family and friends are all here, happy, healthy and safe. And I really hope that Barack Obama is president.

I hope I'll be really happy as a math teacher in my very own classroom. Right now I feel like all my dreams for my life are about to come true, so I hope I'll feel like they're actually coming true at that point. Last year, I put hopes that seemed somewhat silly to me. I just hope I'm continuing to grow as a person. I hope I still feel as close to my amazing Life Chat friends as I do now. Hey future Liz. 22 seems really old to you right now, so how does 23 feel? Does real life feel real yet? DFTBA

I think I will be so happy to be past the stage of where I am now!

I will celebrate the changes that were accomplished. The ones not accomplished I will either determine are no longer important, or try to accomplish them in the next year. I will likely be analytical about all my answers. I hope I will be encouraged by what I've written. I may be shocked at some unexpected changes I could never have anticipated or guessed. But whatever the case I know God is good all the time.

I hope that I will feel like I am more involved, that I have at least a beginning of a circle of friends. I miss people in Indy, so I hope that I will see them somewhat more than I did this past year. I want to go up and see my family a bit more- maybe long weekend trips. sigh. who knows

Well, I hope to have achieved almost everything on my list. I hope that my friends and I will be more grown and mature. I hope that my life will almost be completely different from what is is now. If it isnt, I will feel like I have failed at some point.

Hopefully good that I accomplished my goals. If not I am working towards them or developed new priorities. As long as I worked on inner growth I will be pleased.

I skipped over this for a year or two because I felt I was in such a rut that I had nothing new to say so I think I will be happy that I saw it through but i am not sure if I will be in such a different place than I am now. Maybe that will be ok. I really do have a good life and maybe what is lacking is more gratitude or the right focus. I want to go through my life in a more conscious way as opposed to trying to numb myself.

Hopefully I will recognize that taking life as seriously as I do is not always the best route for me to take and that getting past some of my nerves and anxiety are the best thing I can do for myself. OR, maybe I will see what place they have in my life.

I hope I'll be happier about where I am than I was this year. I had to laugh at the over the top goals. I think I'm being more reasonable this year. I hope I have a more balanced life, a better relationship with my daughter and taking a regular paycheck from my business.

Change is slow. I wouldn't be surprised if many resonate then as now... Chow

I will be amazed at what was going on in my life. I hope that that I will be happier than I am now in my marriage because I have finally found strength in my own voice and am learning to speak my truth.

Hopefully I'll be at the college I love and want to be at and am having an absolutely amazing time. Hopefully I'm happy with the way I look. Hopefully I have some self confidence and am just happy. Hopefully I have people in my life who make me smile. I just want to be happy, doing what I love to do. And hopefully that's where I'll be in 2013.

Hopefully I won't feel anxious and concerned as much to what people that do not know think about me. Sorta sounds rambled doesn't make much sense as you read but it does as I think it.

I think I'll feel enlightened. I always do. Last year, my answers to my questions almost foresaw what is currently happening this year. I was blown away by my vulnerability this time last year and also my impeccable writing ability.. Reading my response transmitted me back to the feelings I was experiencing that day. I will be touched and probably surprised because as much as we fail to see this, when life goes forward, so do we. Even if it's small baby steps, I'm better off than I was last year, happier, stronger, more mature, more at peace, more confident, more able. I am a better, more evolved, grown version of myself. 365 days might seem to have flown by but every day was a stepping stone and I'm thankful these answers make me realize that. I think I will be independent this time next year, pursuing my passions and dreams comfortably. I will be involved with a great individual who makes me happy and makes me forget about all the ill in the world just by looking at me. I will be in a better position, emotionally, spiritually, financially and physically than I am currently. I will be happy, content, free, peaceful. I will be proud of myself. I will be busy and productive, doing the things I love, living a life I've always dreamed of.

I will hopefully be looking back at a bunch of things I never imagined doing and never thought I could do, and be more sure and more solid in my knowledge that I'm capable of going forward without a plan and riding the waves of life as they come. Hopefully at that moment I'll see more of a concrete plan, or at least have more security as to how I'll be paying the next year of bills! I hope that as a result of answering these questions I'll feel the hope and possibility that there WILL be a good future, and not just an abyss ahead of me, but that I'll know there is no way I can foretell it, I just have to let it come.

I tend to change a lot in short periods of time, so I think some of the answers won't be relevant any more. Otherwise, as is mostly the case for everyone, I think I'll be proud that I achieved certain things and disappointed that I didn't achieve others

I hope that I can heed my own advice and live more consciously, in terms of nurturing myself, expanding my life, and making more thoughtful use of my resources. I hope that my answers next year are more positive and optimistic and less sad and anxious. I hope that I am financially secure. More than anything, I hope that I am in a happy, healthy relationship that has good potential for the future.

I hope I am pleasantly surprised how amazing my life has turned out... and have some great break throughs to reflect on re-answering these questions. [Waving to myself across time and space]

I suspect I'll feel a sense of awe. I only wish I'd answered these questions last year; I've changed so much. Honestly, I hope I see progress. I hope I look at these answers and can say "ha! Well, that feels so long ago that I wrote that, I've come so far." It won't be the case for all-- humans are more constant than we'd like to admit-- but I hope for some. And for those that I don't progress in, well, I hope the shock of staying the same scares me enough to make it better the next year.

Not sure how I will feel this time next year. I'll have a one year old, so I suspect I will feel like it has been a very full 12 months. I hope I find my answers interesting and surprising.

Last year, I forgot about this whole website completely, so it was a really cool surprise to get my answers and remember. It felt like a different person had wrote some of the answers, and for others, it felt like I had written them today. It's really hard to say how I'll feel. I hope that some of my wishes will have come true, and I hope that for some, I'll feel like a different person, but for other parts of my life, I've never felt better about things, and I want this feeling to stay.

I will be on a path to the next step, whatever that next step will be. I will have let myself be loved by others. Obama for four more years.

I will be lighter (by losing weight) and happier

Same fucking place, but alive and healthy. And alive and healthy friends (human and feline) will be fantastic too. So the SFP ain't too bad!!!

A slight sense of unease, worried that I haven't moved very far from last year.

I hope that I will have run a few 5Ks. I hope that I do more with acting. Will I still be working in a year? And how about that book? Will the family room be finished? How about the camper? Stay tuned!

When i look back at my answers in a year, i think i will see how negative i can be sometimes. I hope that next year i can learn to have a more positive outlook on life.

It will remind me to pause and reflect on my life, where ever it may be at that time. I think we forget that although it isn't good to dwell for a long time, it is good to think to take time to think about where we have been in order to get where we are going.

I hope that i will laugh and hopefully be glad to see that i've grown + flourished over the course of this year.

I hope I will feel as good as I do writing these. I want to believe in the things I believe in now, and not only have a hope of the happiness I'm starting to feel, but to actually life that happiness every day. I really want to be 100% rid of the darkness that has plagued me this year. I want this next year to be flooded in light because, truthfully, I deserve it.

I hope I won't feel embarassed or ashamed. I hope our family will feel happier. I hope my daughter will be healthier, happier, joyful even, and safe. I hope the world will be safer and happier too.

I really hope that unlike the last two Septembers, I will read my answers and review the past year and feel like I have made significant progress towards change. Reading my prior answers (as well as my Timehop posts) makes me feel like a broken record. I also still can't help but harbor a hope that one result of succeeding in changing my life will include a baby.

I think I will smile and think, "I have accomplished all of these goals." Goal setting really helps me focus and understand the task at hand. Therefore these questions have helped me by letting myself realize what I want to happen and how it will come true.

I think I'll feel somewhat the same, which is mildly depressing. Honestly, I just hope I keep moving forward. I want to learn more, be a better person, get a sense of humor and live a little but those are the hardest simple goals to achieve. I'll probably feel very similar to now but I hope that answering these questions will help me become the person I want to be.

I hope I've gotten my PhD and I'm doing a fellowship somewhere kickass. I hope I'm at peace with myself.

I believe my life will be completely different...I don't want to quantify 'better' or 'worse' as all of life is complete and these kind of comparisons do not serve me. I only know that right now I am on the cusp of major changes and inner growth...it is exciting and scary. See you next year, kiddo!

I hope that I'll feel relief that I got myself out of this less than ideal situation. I hope that my current anxieties will seem distantly melodramatic.

I'm going to feel good. I'll have make progress against some of my major goals and some minor. Some things won't have changed but ill still be happy.

I think I'll feel surprised and proud of some of the changes that I've made and that those will be the small ones. I think if any big changes occur, they will be outside of my imagination and intentions. And, I think I'll feel disappointed at the changes I have committed to but hadn't the willpower, discipline or fortune to change. I hope to be in a more authentic place. More sure of myself and more in touch with my reality. I hope that my actions and intent will be more closely aligned.

I really hope I make it count and don't just waste another year. I hope the questions get me going

I feel like I can't predict how I'll feel that long from now. I'm hopeful that I will look back on the stresses I'm feeling right now and see how they've faded away. I hope there will be just a little more stability and a set routine to certain aspects of my life, and that perhaps some projects and plans can be brought to fruition. That sounds very vague, but that's exactly because so many things are up in the air right now. I hope that when I review these answers and report back, I can smile at how much things have solidified for me and my family.

I think I'll feel inspired. I hope to feel proud. I hope to be more active and nourished personally, managing my work/personal life with more ease and less stress. I hope to have more of a "home" and less of a "workplace." I hope to love more this year, in all sorts of ways.

I hope that I will finally be living a more balanced life, and that I will be able to judge each day what experiences deserve my attention. I want to take on what I can handle and no more.

I hope that I'll have found a way forward -- mostly out of my terrible work situation, but also with my partner. I hope I'll be more content, and know where I'm going.

Mostly I think I'll just laugh at myself. But I hope that from now until then I've learned more about the world and the people in it. That I'm not in the same place I've been in for the past 4 years. I want something more for myself. I hope i have found, or am starting to find the courage to be more proactive and start moving out of the vicious cycle I appear to be in. So, future Jenna, I hope you are happy and the actions this current Jenna (your past Jenna) have made, have made your current life everything you have wanted it to be at this point in your life. Don't be disappointed in yourself if it hasn't -there's always another year. But mostly, don't let opportunities fly by. Take the ones that will take you places you never would have thought possible (and hopefully you'll lose the cheesey cliche comments along the way). I know you - don't get left behind! and don't be afraid to take risks. There's nothing safe about playing it safe!

I think I'll laugh at my angsty-ness. I had a good year last year and I hope I'll have a good one next year. I hope I'll look back and see that I made the changes that I wanted to make, and I hope I'll be happier because of it. So Future Jonathan, are you happy with your life? Do you know what will get you going in the morning? Do you have a girl? Do you take time to laugh?

I hope it feels like a blast from the past - like I've changed so much (for the better) over the last year. I hope my fears and insecurities are gone or diminished and that I have an entirely new year of experiences and growth to draw from.

I think I'll be expecting the answers I gave and wishing I had been able to provide better responses. I hope a year from now I'll have gained that needed confidence to feel fabulous and I'll be proud of who I am.

I think I'll feel surprised that I didn't even recall feeling the way I have written about in some of these; I will hope that I'll look back and say, "ah, I actually got that taken care of". I'll marvel at the brain and memory, the ability to put something out there and have it happen almost like magic, all the while it is just the intent joining together with the Universal energy to bring completion. And I'll laugh at the small things which bothered me today, at how insignificant they seem in a year's time

I hope I feel healthier overall and more secure in all the decisions I've made this year. I hope that I spent the year enjoying the time I've had with my beautiful son, my sweetheart and all the people in my life whom I care about. I always enjoy answering these questions and the tears of joy they bring in reflecting on how life is at these precise moments in time. It amazes me how profoundly my perspectives on life change in a year.

Dear Kris: I hope that as you read over your answers in 2013, you will have changed yourself for the better at least a little bit! I hope you have lost a little weight, become a little healthier, given up certain vices (oh hell, quit being a bulimic and stop buying Diet Coke and try to get off all those horrible medications already.) I hope you have become a little more proficient at budgeting and are taking better care of Toby. I hope things improve with him. I hope you are visiting the temple often and have grown in your faith. I hope your relationship with John has gotten better (as of now, he's only lived here for 3 days) and I hope you have hung out with Tony a few times and gotten to know him better. I hope that you are happier, Kris. I want us to be happier. Remember, FOCUS and just DO IT!

I hope I feel as good about my life as I have in the last few years. I hope mostly that all is well with my children, my family and the people I love. Maybe some day I'll be evolved enough to not go into a panic of worry about everyone's well-being, but that could be far in the future. In the meantime, there are specifics that I hope are different, too. Mostly that the house sells, which might still even now make it possible for me to get my spending in line with a reasonable idea of what I actually need a month... I also hope to keep my food intake under control. Real control without obsession, like I've pretty much managed on and off for the last six months... The habits are changing, but they've changed before and I have to stick with it this time -- or at least do better (and hopefully better and better...) I hope I've figured out a way to make money that works and has to do with writing and that I enjoy. May not be possible, but a gal can dream, can't she? Thinking about and answering these questions is something I take seriously, because I don't often "take stock" as I should. Sure, I'll berate myself for not having gotten a lot done, or be proud I'm in this relationship, but it's never the big picture. It's good to get the big picture once a year. And it does provide me with a certain kind of spiritual comfort because I seem to be on kind of a perpetual self-improvement quest. And so much of what I want in my life requires self-improvement! There is indeed something about self-improvement to me that seems spiritual. Maybe that's odd but even being asked to think about this is a huge move toward the spiritual in my mind. So thanks for doing this 10Q.

This time next year, I'll have lived in Sydney for a whole year. I hope I'm still living in Sydney but stronger, wiser and fuller. I hope this city and these experiences help me grow into who I'm meant to be.

I am hoping that I am reminded of how far I have come and that I still have a lot of work to do, but that by renewing my work on improving my outlook of my future my future will improve for the better.

When September 2013 rolls around, I hope I will feel delighted with myself concerning my life goals. I hope that my relationship with my husband grows into a deeper understanding and nuturing of one another. I hope that I am in nursing school and on my way to achieving a degree before I grow too old and I may be there now. I hope to finally have my weight down to 130 pounds and to be living a very healthy life and lifestyle. I want to out of credit card debit, this year has had so many extra financial burdens.

I'll be glad I answered the questions because last year I only answered one. I won't mind if my life is the same (although I will be done with grad school!) as long as I have a plan towards shaping my life in the way that I envision it changing. I have plans to have a serious family discussion about future plans with my brother and SIL. I hope that we can be honest about what we want to build together and have started moving in that direction.

I will feel good in general. I can't go specific over my feelings at such a large time scale!:P I guess my life will be more clearer, replete with more experiences, happier, fuller. I think ideas, when put down into words, make them clearer. So, 10Q helps a lot here!!:)

I have a lot of hope for the coming year. One is that I feel proud and happy when I receive my responses and reflect on the year that has not yet, but will pass. I am imaging that many of the differences in my life will be related to a deepening and expanding of positive relationships. I hope that I'm living gently, loving deeply and constantly challenging myself to be vulnerable and remain in touch with my feelings. I hope that I have access to the beauty in the world on more days than not and that I allow myself to feel life's sorrows along with its joys. Above all I will strive for peace.

I hope to feel proud because I've accomplished all I wanted too. I hope I'll be done or at least back in school and working towards what I want in life without letting myself get in the way.

I hope I will be secure in my new job, happy in my relationship (maybe talking about marriage/family), and more positive in my outlook on life.

I will be curious, excited, and pleased with how far I have come.

I think, somewhat sadly, that I may not feel any different than I do now. In fact, I'm very afraid of that happening. I hope I appreciate where I am in life, and that I'm making the most of what I have. I hope I am proud of my work and feel like it's an opportunity rather than a burden. I hope I don't see myself as a victim of my educational institution, or circumstance in general. I hope I'm not still alone. I hope I appreciate my friends and family as much as they deserve, and make every effort to be there for/with them. I hope I am in love with life, and that my words and actions reflect this every day.

When I review these answers next year....I might be amazed at what I said like I was this year. I hope.....no I will be closer to transcending, I will be listening to my heart and following it more closely!

I hope that in the next year, I have deepened my friendships and made an effort to take better care of myself, both physically and mentally. I hope that my husband has found a treatment regimen that is working and that our relationship remains strong. I hope have been giving my boys the tools they need to become men that they can be proud of.

I'm sure that I won't have done perfectly all the things I wanted to do (i.e. time management, which is something I say every year). But I hope that the pieces are continuing to fall into place, and I hope I will remember that growth is a process, not an event.

I hope my life is completely different. I know that to some extent, I have the power to change things. However, I'm not exactly sure on how to change things.

Who knows how I'll feel till I get there? I hope I'll have finished and revised a first draft of a book and will be shopping it around, and also sold at least three short stories. Those are my main goals.

When next year rolls around and I receive my answers back for the first time I will feel a sense of excitement to look at who I was last year and who I thought I would become this year and see what has manifested. My intention is to have stepped into my "self" and learned some deep lessons through walking my path and staying true to my "self".

I really cannot say, since what I said last year didn't happen.

I have completed my lifelong goal of publishing the memoirs of my formative years... and my people love it!

I think just like this year, I'll be ready for it all over again. I hope I'll be in my bigger apt, which should happen before then. I hope that I'll carry the inspiration and awe for life that I had in the summer, the aspirations and ambition that I have now from answering these questions that will carry me toward my career goals. I feel like that's the one area of my life I really want to master, like yes sure it would be nice to have found the love of my life and all that. But I really want a career that is the love of my life. I just want to be living the best life I can for myself, I believe that's why God put me on this planet.

I hope to look back on these 10 Questions with the satisfaction of knowing I gave all I had to achieving the goals I set out for myself--at least the most important one of getting back into life. I hope to reflect on the change I've made in myself and to feel optimistic about the next years of my life.

I hope that I am more aware of my behavior. Confident and control. Know that getting angry is just having an adult temper tamtrum. Being more tolerant and forgiving of myself and others. Learning to forgive. I would like to be in a relationship, but think that I have loving work to do.

Well, the fun thing is I'll know then. I'll know what happened. At around new year I'm deciding where to go, what to do, depending on what happens around then. I have no clue what's gonna happen. In September next year, I will know. I'm not sure what's the best actually - not knowing or actually knowing. But I'm happy. And btw A, remember how awesome Bali was? Yeah, I was just there :)

I think I'll be a better person. I know I will be more accomplished. I am taking a Jew course at Emanuel and having the structured forum for thought and discussion is going to make me better, more thoughtful. I will take the LSAT, and as a promise to myself I will work hard on it. This is a new year for me (not really January). This is when things turn some. They did last year. I have been kind to myself and my mistakes and how long certain things take to be learned and tried and relearned. I hope by next September I am more disciplined, directed and fulfilled. Last year I wanted peace clarity and joy. I feel that I do have more of that, and though I need glasses. I also accept ans champion the need to be decisive and accept consequences sometimes because the status quo is not optimal. Disciplined, Directed, Fulfilled.

I usually think there will be a brand new me (or at least a signficantly reconstructed me) reading this in a year's time. I don't think so. I think it will still be this me, just with some minor (or major) tweaks and changes that can't possibly be anticipated right now. I think these questions can be a double edged sword: they invite introspection but they can definitely result in reading my answers a year later and being down on myself for not making huge changes. The idealistic expectation just doesn't match up with the reality sometimes and I want to be kinder to myself next year. So I say this to future me: are you happy? Did you do things this year that made a difference? That is all.

That's easy. I hope my husband's cancer treatment worked and he is healthy and cancer free. I hope my daughter has recovered from her eating disorder. I hope I have gotten my files organized and I'm up to date on all taxes, bills & business responsibilities. I hope my business has grown and/or changed for the better. And finally, I hope I have learned to take some time to myself to renew my spirit.

Next year, when I review these answers, I'll shutter. "What stupid answer," I'll say. I'll wish I would have spent more time and more care answering these questions. I hope my life wouldn't be too different, except that I hope my relationships with my kids would be much better and my relationship with my mom would be a healthy and happy one.

I hope I will have accomplished more. That I am actively doing music, earning good money and getting through school successfully.

Well, I can say how I felt in 2012 before I delve into this question. My first thought was, "Oh yeah. I forgot that I did this," followed quickly by," Wait a minute, wait... I did this LAST YEAR?!??" "A whole year ago?" "This has to be wrong..." Of course, 10Q wasn't wrong. Then, I was amazed at my thoughts from last year and the emotions brought about by reading them. Overall, I feel like I made some progress, but only within the past month or so whereas, in general, I feel still in the same position as last year (excepting a year's worth of experiences). Hopefully, and I intend to try harder on this, I will look back on these answers and feel a sense of accomplishment as the hard work I am doing now - and started much too late - will be showing its rewards. You can do this... One day at a time... Progress!

Well I'm feeling pretty good about 2013, but that's probably only because I get to finish school. 2013 will be a year of learning and freedom. I just hope I can keep up with it. I'll be starting full time work, or as close to as I can get, and I wonder what I'll think about that. I know it will be hard, but I still think school is harder. What if I'm wrong though? I'm excited for these questions, mainly because I think 2013 will change me a lot. Getting out of school will give me a lot. I was more excited to read last years answers because it was my first year. I can't wait to read these with Chris and see how much has changed since 2012.

Well hopefully in my head I hope I'll think of how stupid and immature and childish I sounded because of all the doubt and worry that was going around in my head at the time but who knows....maybe I'll still be in the same frame of mind and still haven't done shit about my position in life or where I want to go.... I'll most likely be dissapointed in myself for not having done shit about anything that I want for myself in life which is usually how it always truns out anyway. As far as what I hope will be different about my life as result of answering these questions well, I just hope that I'll have finally decided to do something about my life instead of just contemplating on all the things I want for myself and being miserable about how my life currently is....stop complaining so much hopefully.

I hope that the issues I'm facing presently (as outlined above) will be resolved. The mystery at my storage facility will be solved; I will be further on the road to theatrical success. I will be reading my stories in public readings. I hope I will feel stronger; more alive, more open. I anticipate more money. I anticipate more happiness and sexual fulfillment.

I hope I'll have a stable and happy life with regards to work, relationship and studies. Accepting the rewards of my efforts, being relaxed and content with how I lead my life. Enjoying a break from the upheaval (work and house are being overhauled) that is happening now although I always seem to have some level of turmoil around me, I do like a bit of excitement.

I hope to be actively engaging in music and dance, teaching Nia at least occasionally. I hope that I have the courage to leave the stability of my current job and that in my next endeavors, I can be myself, tell the truth, and be valued for my talents and gifts.

I think I will be interested to see where I was at a year ago and will reflect on where I have come over the year. I hope that after writing so much about mindfulness that I actually find some tools to incorporate it into my everyday life. My hope is that I can overcome anxiety, not by pushing it down or away but by learning to accept the things I am fearful of and letting them be.

I think I'll be content and happy with my life, whatever has happened. I will be hoping to get closer to fulfilling my purpose and being more welcoming of love in my life.

Just saw someone write a letter to themselves, so let's try that too: "Hi Shane... So you tried something new here. You tried to be honest, and you also recognized the "recency effect" where you were more drawn to events of the last few days and weeks than the full year. See what you said, see how you've changed, be happy with any and all of it, and grow from wherever you are and whatever you said. In the end, just love yourself, and love yourself more."

There are things about my life that I love right now...those have to do with the mental and emotional connections we're forming within the Or haGan community, with our girlfriend... I'm finding a closer connection to my daughter - how great is that? My son is who he is...and we're close when it happens/when he needs me. That's good right now. I would like more of an adult connection with him...which will happen. :)

I like to think that I will experience some profound change in my inner life, but realistically I don't expect it. I hope only that this time next year I am more at peace about the challenges that I face.

It will feel strange. I hope I will be happier and more hopeful by the time I read these answers again.

Hello Me, I hope you and David have started a wonderful and real life together. I hope you and he have managed to merge your friend groups a bit more and that you ad he have found mutual friends. I hope you feel good enough, because you really are. I hope you use 5773 to make good on your friendships and take care of the people who mean the most to you in your life. I hope you continue to honour Bubby's life by living fully, being productive, happpy, and being a source of happiness for others! I hope your wedding day is amazing, but I hope your marriage is even better. I hope you and David get to fulfil the dream by getting a dog! All my love, R

I expect that next year Sarah will be married and Clare perhaps engaged. We all live far apart so will not be able to provide the kind of friendship that I might like. Hope that we will be living in Collierstown and able to complete that project vaguely within budget. I will look back and think how lucky I am to feel secure and optimistic about the future.

I hope I will feel happy and healthy

I think I will feel nostalgic and happier. I hope to be certain in my life.

I hope I feel like I've learned something and feel more secure about being me, no trying to fit into other people's round holes.

I'm hoping I'll be very different and have moved forward with my life, but I don't think it will be the way things go. I think I will still feel stuck. here.

I hope I'm more engaged in the things I love & don't have to work so hard. I hope that world will be a better place as we move together.

I hope I will have at least begun to be comfortable with my voice.

Last year, this was my hope: When Sept. 2012 rolls around I hope I can say that I am doing my life's work, that I am in better physical shape and that I am either on my way to being or am debt free. I achieved 2 out of 3 - life's work and improved physical shape. I am really happy that I achieved these. My goals for 2013: - improved financial situation - finish weight loss and maintain - at least one of the following goals achieved: relearn Spanish, improved physical shape and health, published, al Chet website / app .

I hope I have changed a little bit. I hope I have had some sort of improvement. I hope that I don't look at these questions and feel just awful.

I hope to be in a relationship, in a new career, and some how still coaching football...

Life will change...again. There will be people I said goodbye to, when it should have been "I'll see you later" and there will be people I will say "I will see you later" that should have been "goodbye."

I hope that I'll be getting good marks studying at Cofa. And that I'll be in a strong relationship with Lenny and celebrated our 3rd year as a couple. I'll feel good. That's all I can hope for I guess.

This year when I got my questions in my email, I got very emotional reading it. It was amazing to see what I had written and how I had changed or stayed the same. I was so happy because I had actually achieved some of the goals I had written without realizing it! I hope I feel the same way next year.

I think I'll feel happy I took the time to do these responses as I have when I have the opportunity to look in some sort of rearview mirror thing (old letters, journals, etc) but this concept of a prompt coming to my inbox and a short response has been very effective.

I hope I will be relieved to read these answers and see that I have moved forward emotionally from the general nasty taste this year has left in my mouth. I'd love to be at a new job, with a much more mature sense-of-self. That would not only include my emotions but also the impression I give physically. Drop a few pounds, refine my wardrobe, and be the adult that I supposedly technically am.

I hope I have lived by what I said. I hope I lived fully for Grace and for myself. But I also hope there were surprises and that maybe some of my answers didn't come true. I hope to look back on this year and read what I wrote fondly.

Excited and I think/hope that my predictions will all be true!

i already cannot wait to get my answers sent to me next year and at the same time, i bet i will forget about them in the meantime. i hope that when i receive these answers next year i feel just as excited and hopeful as i feel right now. i think that my life might be different in a few ways. i think i may just be "taking off" in my confidence. i think that i will be in a different place in my career. and i hope that i'll be brave enough to allow myself to be open and in love. i think that answering these questions has been an incredible opportunity to reflect and to scratch the surface of beginning to grow and feel renewed. i'm hoping to carry out the spirit of 10Q throughout the course of the next year because it isn't just now when it is important to be reflective and thankful. it's everyday.

This has been a fruitful exercise for me, as always. Last year I did not take the time to reflect. But i'm in a good place now -- a place where I can reflect and I am making the time to think about my life. I hope that I will look back at these ramblings and see growth and change. Not everything that I want will come to fruition in one year, but movement in the right direction is key. Sometimes it is a matter of taking a few small steps...

I'll think: that was a whole fucking year ago, I can't believe how recently that feels, and yet it's a year. Once upon a time life would transform in a year, I would be a new person in a year. Or I'd feel like a new person. Now a year is pocket change, except it isn't really pocket change. I am at the last point where I can indulge that illusion, I guess. Each year will feel more brittle now. It's already starting to happen. So I guess I'll be thrown into a funk, as death and decline are here, and can no longer be ignored. It's here, now. But in the face of that I hope I feel that I did some work putting together the pieces; making a plan and acting on it. I think, if I examine things, that I've been making little bits of progress. The data seems to bear that out. So even though it feels like a giant disappointment, maybe it's less dire than it feels; or maybe I am closer than I seem. We'll know in a year.

While I did make a little headway with my dream of creating handmade objects, I fell far short of my goal. I did manage to have a beautiful and productive garden after last year's devastating triple hail storms and despite this year's historic drought. I was not able to put up as much food as I wanted because I don't have all the equipment I need. I did can peaches. This year, I want to feel grateful-- recognize that I have so much more than many people. I don't want to wallow in self pity over the retirement thing. I know I won't be alone in that fear, BUT, if I work on finding a way to make the tiny house thing work, I could be in a more comfortable financial place, and hopefully, less worried. Hey, it could happen!

I am not sure. Right now, with the death of my close friend and ex-husband I feel I am in a daze. I hope that things in my life feel more hopeful in a year's time.

I hope I feel a little bit lighter, a little bit brighter. I hope I feel calm and serene and satisfied that things have improved. I'm happy. I hope I'm still happy.

I hope I will be happier. I think that reading my responses from this year will make me sad because I haven't had a lot to say. I hope I'm less numb. I hope I'm doing something I love, whether it's through studying or volunteer work or a 'real job'. I hope I'll be able to look back and see how much I've grown as a person and how it has led to a better quality of life.

I hope I am pleased that I have done what I've wanted to do for a while. I hope all that I gained from Kirby is still there. I hope I'm in love, but don't really expect that till I'm in my 40's. I hope I'm still thin. I hope my apartment is clean. I hope I'm on less meds. I hope I find creativity continuing in me, without having help. I hope I am taking art classes. This past year has been pretty good compared to the last few. I hope this one is as well.

I like to think that I would have met most of the expectations I set for myself.

I imagine that year from now I will reflect on what has transformed in me and my relationships .I will take a deep breath and say yes, transformation, big transformation does happen in my life and around me ,WOW, I am so blessed , I am awake, I am loved I get to transform and love some more - WOO HOO!

I hope I will remain well I hope I will be thinner I hope I will be enjoying either more sex or none - that this crazy period of avoidance by A. will be over one way or the other Not so many deaths close to me

I hope that I will have accomplished - or made serious attempts to accomplish - the three things that I want to accomplish: exercising at least 3 x a week; learning tai chi; and dealing with my student loan debt.

Wow. It will have been a year that I am already living in Brazil. I hope that I will be more encaminhada with the topic of the personal relationship. I hope that if im still with the guy im with now its because i really believe he is the one, if not then i hope to be a step closer to either meeting or being open to meeting etc... I hope to be more settled professionally and personally in this city!

I hope I'm feeling more optimistic about life in September 2013. Currently I'm thinking I'll be stuck at minimum wage, childless and bored for the rest of my days. That's just silly! I have skill, brains and class. Even if I don't ever have a child which is biologically mine, Ashleigh is mine. I need to stop focusing on all the things I haven't got and go for the things I can have - a career in writing and marketing (I really hope Jet Social is doing well!) I gorgeous daughter, that hunk of a husband (who I hope has learned to keep himself busy by 2013). I think life will be good when I read this back, I'll make sure it is!

I hope that I will have answered some of the burning desires I have noted. Primarily, I hope that I continue to feel like I am making developments, rather than just operating on automatic.

I don't think to much about what I'll feel in a year or two. I think more than anything I'll just end up focusing on just trying to remember what it is I exactly did last year at this time. I just hope that I'll have my life, relationship life, and school totally figured out.

I think I'll feel that I'm still in a good place in life. There will always be shortcomings that will inevitably make us feel that we've failed ourselves, but I'm slowly learning that life is one continuous story of ups and downs and that we're never going to reach a place of perfection. It doesn't exist. The successes and failures we repeatedly endure will keep coming in waves. All we can do is reflect and go on, because I'm not trying to be a completely different person by this time next year. I'm just trying to maintain the happiness and continue to expand my life experiences that will color my life with memories.

I am looking forward to seeing how the next year unfolds, but don't know what kind of predictions to make about it. We'll see what life brings!

I hope that I can continue to simplify my life, find personal satisfaction being more creative, earning enough money to keep me busy, stay healthy, spend more time with family and friends, and improve my sex life. These are all things that will be ongoing. I hope that next summer, our whole family can be reunited and we can take a short family vacation. That would be the first time in over 10 years.

i think ill laugh a little, ive always had a flair for the dramatic. but ultimately i think they will make perfect sense to me next year. its interesting that this project fell into my lap at this point in my life, im making so many changes, and they are all shaping my life inside a healthy and happy frame work. so im hoping that if all goes well, ill just be reaping the benefits of this positive change! and im gonna be loving life hard core as always!! also that one thing, have you done it yet? you know what im talking about! love you

I would hope that I would be at peace and think that I was so worried about nothing.

Peace and stability. Home. A primary political commitment and political community. A different job that is more meaningful and fulfilling.

These questions help me remember my goals, and think about what I need to do to get there. I just hope I'm not too disappointed in myself. If you are, use your energy to move forward!

This is my third year doing this questionnaire and i find it very illuminating to be able to reflect on where I was mentally the year before. Some positive in areas where I have seen growth and some disappointment in areas where I am still in the same place I was last year. Next year I hope to see more forward progress on those areas I am trying to improve and be able to answer some of these questions with entirely new answers.

I hope that I will have fulfilled most if not all of my moderately difficult but certainly achievable goals. I hope that I will be living a more mindful life and that I will act with more compassion and in closer proximity to the categorical imperative than I currently do.

Hopefully, I will continue to learn and grow as a person.

I think I will feel the same as I do every year, it will make me reflect on where I was in September 2012 and hopefully I'll have grown from these experiences. I hope that I am successful in my new role, I hope that I've been accepted (again) into Graduate School and that I am able to be successful. I hope I can smile and say, damn, you've done a great job this year!

When I read last years questions I felt like I had moved on yet stood still!! I have accomplished so much but there is still such pain. Next year I hope I will be able to say that the good days aren't so few and far between. That there is love and purpose in my life and that God is a part of that.

I want to know that I tried. I have some pretty lofty goals, not all listed in this, but I want to know that I genuinely made an effort. A year is a long time, not long enough for a complete change, but I want to be on my way. I will be a better person. I will work hard, and not give up, as I am ought to do. Life should not be a stagnant activity, Maxine! Get up and go.

I think I'll feel reflective upon reading them. I hope I am happier and more successful next year.

If things keep going the way they have been for the past week or two, then I'll be completely satisfied. I'm in love with my girlfriend, I'm learning so much in school, and my financial situation has stabilized ever so slightly. Life is good again.

I think I will have evolved even more than I have this past year. Loving more, forgiving more, opening my mind and heart more. Observing more, too. I don't want to let this precious life pass me by without me noticing!!

I think I'll feel surprised. Most likely I'll have forgotten all about this project. I hope I continue to be happy. A lot has changed from last year to this and I can't expect next year will be any different.

I don't know. I hope everything has turned out good in some way.

I have learned with all that I've been through in these tough past years, to just strive to get better and keep moving forward. Despite the setbacks, just to keep going. I can't get stuck in the failures, but learn from it and try again. I hope & pray....knowing that each day is a new chance and each year marks a new milestone.....I hope ...no I know it will be a better one.

I hope I will feel WOW OMG SO DIFFERENT I AM SO MUCH BETTER NOW WOO. But I am worried that I will probably be exactly the same as I am now, only in a different place. But I guess that's the point, right? To keep track of your life in thoughts. To see where you were. To see how far you've come. Even if you think you haven't changed, it isn't just the scenery around you. Everyone changes. Even if only a little.

This past year when I reread my answers I saw that I was basically the same person. I hadn't changed, I hadn't improved, and in some cases I actually did worse. I want next year to see improvement. I want to be able to see I achieved my goals as well as to see that what I thought was hard at the time, was actually not that hard.

Surprised the year is over again, I hope I feel happier and like i've accomplished something in the year I turn 30. I hope thinking about these things planted the seeds for change in the coming year.

No idea. Things are so different this year than they were at this time last year. Anything could happen, anything is possible. I will just hold on for the ride and take it as it comes!

I hope I'm proud.

If playground physics is a growing business then I'll feel happy. Otherwise, I might feel disappointed. I don't expect to lose my interest in my current projects. I hope Mikey will be speaking better and have a couple friends and I hope I do too.

A lot can happen in a week. A lot can happen in a month. A HELL of a lot can happen in a year. I think that I will have expanded and grown as a person. I am not someone who develops laterally; I am constantly about bettering myself. I do wonder where my relationships will be in comparison, as well as my general outlook on life. I wonder where I will be spiritually and mentally and what I will be considering as a career. I wonder if I'll be in college or if I'll have decided to study abroad that semester. There are a lot of questions, and to me that's very exciting.

I want to be happy. Calm. Without regrets. Grateful for whatever triumphs and trials have blessed my days...knowing that the are all, in their own way...gifts.

I hope I will feel more confident and more of a rock for my family by having provided for them (a new house), and by becoming a more solid husband. I hope I will be happier at my job -- whatever it is. I hope we will live in a different house and that we will be happy with it. I wonder if we will be having another child by then! I wonder if I will still not drink coffee...

I have no idea. Hopefully I will be where I wanted to be.

I think I will be surprised at how much shock I was still in, and how much pain. I think I will also be surprised at how much I have healed, and how much I haven't. I hope I am moving forward and slowing down.

I might laugh, I might cry - depending on where I have improved and where not. I hope our startup will be on a path that will allow me to retire in the near future

Although I know that I will not measure up to all the things that I had wanted to accomplish. I do hope that there are things that I was able to accomplish.

I'll be much stronger, focused, directed and connected. I'll be walking along a path that I am trailblazing and following the compass of my heart.

I hope that as a result of thinking about and answering these questions, when September 2013 rolls around, I will think to myself, “I asked more questions this year than I could possibly answer.”

I hope I'll look back and say "gosh, I was miserable & I'm glad I've moved on."

I hope it comes as a pleasant surprise, like this year's did. Of course I want to realize my dreams, but I am open to whatever happens to move me further along my path.

I think I'll feel satisfied that I made some progress towards the goals I've just laid out and the life I've envisioned. I've come to really value the 10Q process for nudging me to think about my life, and providing a valuable framework in which to do it. I hope that by articulating these thoughts and feelings, I've sent a message to my subconscious that these are my priorities for the year, and so when opportunities roll around over the next twelve months, I'll be primed to capitalize on them.

I hope that this time next year, I'll be sitting comfortably going into exams. I'll have my GPA up from first semester, my research project done. I hope to be healthy, a healthy weight, a healthy mind, a healthy spirit. I hope to be happy, I hope I have said no, I hope that I will be moving into next year with only a cat and my boyfriend; and a degree.

I think I’ll feel like a lot of the things I wanted to “fix” haven’t been fixed yet. It’s the same every year, really. But I hope that the little things are a lot smoother. My tiny struggles--with trust or professional communication or suppressing depressing thoughts—those get easier every day, and I hope that they’re gone by this time next year.

I hope I feel I was thoughtful and realistic about what I wrote

Proud of myself. I believe I will persevere in all my endeavors. That's the way I live. If i am to be happy, though, and should fail in what I believe to be the right thing, I believe I will have found the best in whatever choices I make forthcoming.

Last year I really wanted to change myself, and it depressed me to know that I hadn't moved much as far as improvement with my life...I hope I'm healthy and I'm alive and feeling good about myself. I don't want to open these questions and breakdown because past me wanted so much for myself and future me couldn't follow through. JASMINE I LOVE YOU SO MUCH OKAY? I really, really do.

I hope that I'm in a good place and that I laugh or nod and know that I was on the right path. I hope that there are a couple of good surprises.

So much will be different about my life in September 2013. I will be living at home, working, and taking prerequisite classes at a local college. I hope that I will have matured more, and be at peace with where I am and where I am going.

I will feel relief and grateful that I could finish I wanted to finish and that I could got in to the place I will be then. I will be far away doing something different and exiting with a fantastic team.

I think I'll feel pretty good, or sad depending on how my relationship and schooling goes. I hope that I'll be more independent and less clingy, less wanting from everyone. I hope that I can be more outgoing, learn more about the YouTube channel we started, editing and making videos.

I hope to be more focused and energetic. I hope to feel more sure of myself and what I have to offer the world. To be even more myself than I am today. I hope to have let go of the depth of sadness I carry today.

I hope that I might have gained even more confidence and trust in myself and the process of my life ad will have a loving and nurturing touch with others and be loving and nurturing to myself as well. I hope that I will be able to work toward a cause without doubting if it is the right time, or a difficult one to pursue. I hope that I will be readily committed to pursuing what is important to me. I hope that I will be ready to serve what is in my heart and what truly pushes me to move forward.

I want to be more confident and feel stronger in myself. I want to be able to look back on this time in my life and not feel this way again. I just want to see this as a memory, not a reality.

I hope I am still in control of my weight issues. I hope I am exercising. I hope I am having more fun. I hope I am less affected by my bipolar ups and downs.

I've done this for three years now - and every year I feel like my answers are the same. I hope by next year I have made some progress :-)

I think I'll feel sad reading my answers. Reflection usually makes me a bit melancholy. I hope I'm less reliant on having a partner. I hope I'm content being alone and look upon relationships as an option rather than a requirement. I hope I'm back to my old self (pre seperation). Happy and without troubles. I'm a good man. It will happen :) Have a great year Mike!!!!!!!!

I hope to feel like I am in a better place. I hope to feel happier. I hope to read these answers with a sense of strength of what I have overcome and accomplished. I want to be better adjusted in university, and with myself. I hope that by this time next year I will have a better understanding of what my goals are, and who I am as a person. I feel like I have been slipping away since school started, and I am working hard to get my mind back on track.

I'm hoping I'll be able to say I accomplished some goals. Maybe having the Qs there in the background will keep me on task. I'm hoping I'll be healthier and more active. And that'll have had a great year visiting with friends and enjoying life.

I hope I will feel I have a new lease on life. That I've addressed my depression and my academic goals and things are moving forward in many areas of my life : Financial, personal, academic, vocational

Like the past year is amazing to read the answers of 2011, they show me how I was thinking in that time and how things change. We can't predict the future but is a good excersice to write my thoughts, hopes and dreams...

Last year it was all about going back to work, realising how I feel about my father, searching for meaning, realising I need to go with my intuition and not try and please other people so much. Well, I did go back to work but decided to quit because it wasn't the right job. So I have that to continue to work on. I feel that I can continue to work with how I feel about Dad. I can overcome the aversion and just do the right thing. I've become more comfortable with accepting my disbelief in a personal god. It felt good to make that step and instead ponder the idea of a lifeforce that doesn't necessarily have a personal connection to me. That makes it easier to understand the nature of life for me. Next year I hope to have found a job that matches the person I am. Be true to myself and give the job the best attempt I can. I hope to have the courage to stand up for what I would like more and not give in to others. I think I can start to demand certain things because they are good for me. I hope to feel more and more relaxed about the children growing up and therefore exploring what my partner and I will do with our more available time.

I think I will giggle at what I once thought were grand, all-encomposing thoughts and groan at the ones that still linger. I hope it gives me the incentive to let go off the lingering remnants and live boldly in the new future.

I'm almost hopeful that I really will have managed a bit more organisation and discipline. Two years of seeing these answers about my lack of discipline and not making change would be really depressing...

I hope I see a path through my creative work and compassion for my position on that path.

Dearest Chicken, I long for you to embrace your chicken-style even more than you have this past year. I wanna see happiness written in what you do and say, along with the intentionality you have been working on. You are the child of a Loving God, Who wishes you to aspire beyond what you know as good. Trust. Faith. Love. DO IT ANYWAY- I hope you have!! Love you, your alter ego, Jennie Lee

I hope that I will feel inspired, relieved, happy. I'm sure I'll cry like I did this year but I am trusting myself to make sure that they are tears of happiness. Last year I wrote of good things that all turned bad this year so now that I've written about the bad, I plan on turning it around. I want to be free of these demons that haunt me. I am trying hard to have a positive outlook and to let go of the past few months and the hurt that I've experienced. I'm working to be the optimistic, happy, care free person I used to be. The past week and a half since I've been answering these questions I have spent a lot of time thinking about the things that have gone wrong, with my sister and with Hunter and I feel like I am finally ready to close those chapters and I am ready and willing to do whatever it takes to move on. This time next year, when I receive my answers, I'll be reading them in my own house/apartment that I share with probably Carissa. I'll have a new job or at least a new position at my current job and I'll either be happy in love or happy alone. Mostly I'll just be happy. I'm going to make it happen!

I hope that I can read the answers and smile, and no matter what, feel happy and feel like myself.

I'll be a new Mom! I may be exhausted. I hope that by answering these questions I'm putting my subconscious to work for me - as well as my conscious mind. Sometimes it's the little things we do in the spaces in between that can make a difference.

I think next year I will see that I've accomplished all that I desired and more. Life is good and getting better all the time!

There was a woman at Erev Rosh HaShanah in Tilden Park last week who talked about 10Q, and said she'd gotten her answers back from last year, and described being disappointed because she hadn't made any growth or changed anything. I was dumbfounded. How is that even possible?? For me I don't think it is! :) Reading my answers always makes me feel good and happy about growth and progress I've made over the course of the year. I wonder if that is because my answers are related to interpersonal, affective things like having more peace and not concrete things like earning more money or weighing less. I think it is always possible to look back and say, "Wow, my perspective on that was really different a year ago--here is how it feels to me now, and this is why..." I also think I have mostly written answers that represent work I am already doing, ideas towards which I am in the process of moving, and in that way I don't have any concerns that I might or might not be successful at anything I wrote about here. More than anything I want to see growth and progress in myself--that's the most important thing. Most of all, I guess I want to say to my future self: I hope you are well and happy and that you feel strength in your relationship, peace in your heart, satisfaction in your work, and joy in your home.

I truly hope that I will be proud of myself for my accomplishments, and that I won't be too hard on myself if I haven't accomplished a thing!

I hope I feel no regret upon reading these answers next year. No more longing. No more regret.

I'll probably cringe at the stuff about Rachel. It won't be appropriate to publish that on my blog. I continue to hope that I might be in a relationship. It's been over 12 years since I've had sex now. I was 17 then. 17! I'm now 29. I've never had sex as an adult - not with anyone else, anyway! I really can't publish this stuff now! Again, I doubt answering these questions will have a major impact on my life. They are more of a recording than a catalyst. I will feel pride reading about the Olympics. I tried to live it rather than record it. Maybe I could have blogged or written about my experiences. But there wasn't the time or the energy. I didn't take that many pictures or take opportunities to have my photo taken with or to meet celebrities. I don't go in for that kind of stuff.

I think I will be again surprised to see how fast the time goes by. I hope to be proud of accomplishing what I set out to do and not disappointed that I let an opportunity pass my by. I hope that I will become more aware and better focused with my life. Better able to understand what a gift I have been given. Better appreciation. A greater sense of peace and calm.

i hope to see growth and change in me, and i hope to be happier. I hope to be as shocked as i was last year.

I would like to have my license and be invested in a PhD program.

I think that 2013 will be a better year than 2012. My Faith in God has shown me that I can achieve anything I try.

Well- I hope that I am optimistic and hopeful and that this coming year is also a good year for both the world and for us as a family.

I think I will feel about the same as I do now. I was just thinking the other day that I finally have a tool kit of coping skills to deal with what life throws at me. I hope that no matter what my circumstances are that I feel optimistic about the future.

Most of them will be accomplished because they are resonably set and allow for some fluidity of change in life. I will feel great; and also be reminded of some things I will have veered astray from; either because it was good to stray... or because I unconsiously got distracted and it will be good to be reminded. Overall; I'll have FUN watching myself GROW in this way! :)

I hope Pres. Obama has been re-elected. I also hope that I feel more uplifted than I do now.

I will feel accomplished, empowered, inspired, grateful, joyful, in love, and content. I think that bringing extra awareness into every facet of life deserves our attention. That by doing so, we can live more consciously and with purpose & intention. The more awake we can be, the more fulfilled. We will waste less (all around: time, energy, money, attention). We will cherish more, and come to know the value of all things, especially ourselves. The way 2012 has been going, I wouldn't be surprised if I achieve & surpass my goals very early on in 2013 :)

I want to be established financially and not have so many question marks over how I'm going to pay my bills! This is a big year for me -- Saturn coming over my MC. One way or another, issues of work are going to be a big deal this year for me! (And I'd like to have a girlfriend or at least have dated a handful of people by this time next year.)

I hope that in the next year that I would have made things happen. I hope that I keep in mind what I wrote and aspire to make it happen. Hopefully I will smile at the fact that most of my predictions did happen :)

Right now I don't have a lot of expectations; I'm trying a lot of things and experimenting with my different options at Emerson. I'm trying to keep an open mind and just go with what God/the universe is giving to me. My answers this year seem vague and a little all-over-the-place. I don't have a clear direction I want to go in. I just want to experience everything my life has to offer me right now. I want to be the best at whatever I do. In a year, I'll know a lot of things I don't know now. I'll have learned a lot of lessons. I'll have done a lot of things I never could have predicted or expected. It's nice to feel like I have a clean slate and one that I can paint however I want. I'm at a school that embraces a strong work ethic. I've got family who are supporting me unconditionally. I've got roommates who are opening my eyes to different cultures. And I've got a new life to figure out as I go. I'm learning how to balance a work ethic and find time for myself. I'm learning to resist the temptations of Facebook and Twitter and other social networking sites as I get more involved in them in order to learn how to use them effectively in the professional world. In a year, I'll have a lot more answers and maybe a few more questions. Maybe the other way around--a few more answers and a lot more questions. Either way, I'll look back that this as a time of transition. A time where I had little to say because I was still discovering. But in that maybe there's a lot to say; about what's been left behind and what's coming. About what I like about change and what makes it difficult. Like a poem says, nothing changes until it does. Right now, I'm changing everyday.

I'll think "my, that year went by quickly!" I hope that answering these questions will help me focus my attention on my goals.

I'll probably be extremely nostalgic. I hope I won't be sad. I hope I'll achieve what I've been needing to achieve. Writing these things down and seeing the answers a year later is daunting...I hope that I won't let myself down and I hope that I can look back and remember when I was so down as only a distant memory. These questions definitely put things into perspective---and I'll be thinking about them and my life and my commitment to not letting myself down a year from now.


I have no idea.. Anything could happen. All I can do is pray for the best. I think it's too scary and annoying to try and think about the future like that.

I hope that I'm entertained. I hope that I can see a difference in myself. I want to be a better person by then. I want to be happier and more fulfilled. High hopes.

I will as always be pleasantly surprised at how far I've come as I'm always working on bettering myself. That I learn from my honesty and my inner knowingness

My answers from last year weren't as depressing as I feared they'd be. Thinking about the person you want to be, the way you want your life to be is the first step in making change. I believe that. I guess I hope that next year when I read them I'll be able to do so with a measure of perspective. Did that, still need to do that, putting that back on the list.

I hope I'll have a routine that includes eating well, keeping my house clean, ironing clothes regularly, taking my dog out on regular walks. I am seriously out of sync and need to establish regular routines so I'm not losing things all the time. I need to get that under control or nothing else I want to do will be accomplished. I feel always like I'm on a tightrope. I might even be married. ?

I think I will be thankful that I have made it through another year. I hope that I will be in a place of more order and less stress.

I. am. awesome.

I really have no idea - I have kept journals on and off throughout my life, and I typically feel bittersweet when looking back at them after long periods of time, because I can remember what it was like to be there, but it's not quite so personal with that distance. I do find that as I get older, though, these journal-y thoughts are more fleeting, so it's quite possible I won't remember having written any of this. In that case, it might be like reading a novel where you're just getting to know the character, but somehow they're eerily familiar. I hope that answering these questions will help me keep progressing on the path that I'm on, because overall I'm quite happy with the direction I'm moving right now.

I hope I'll be standing on firmer ground and will have a real direction to go in. I hope I'll be excited to take the next step in life. I think I'll look back on who I was and be proud of myself for letting myself be bold and I'll understand the decisions I've made with new perspective. I hope that if I somehow I haven't done the things I've talked about in the previous questions yet, I'll get up off my ass RIGHT NOW and do them!!!

I hope I'm not disappointed with how much/little I've done public/community service or social justice -wise. I know right now I'm really amped up about these issues, and hopefully that will ensure that I follow through on my thoughts and feelings and actually get involved. I just hope I don't let myself down.

I hope that I will have risked a lot, and gained a lot. I hope to have loved fully and deeply, and committed to difficult tasks. I hope that putting some of that worry and wish into words will help consolidate and solidify my goals.

I hope I took time to thank the people who were important to getting me through the year. I hope I made good decisions and was happy with what I made. I hope I can change my way of thinking to fit at least some of the expectations that I have set for myself by answering these questions. You have completed the first year of your college life and you are doing great, stay on track and keep going! Love you!

I'll be laughing at how difficult you were finding it to move on. But I'm also proud that I have. (I know I will). I think I'll probably be just as freaked out about life, especially as I'll just have started teaching and all. Message to future me: "chill the f out, and trust yourself".

I hope for more stability and more confidence in myself. I hope to have come to some fruition from all the effort of this past period. I hope this country can find itself in the maze of bigotry and selfishness that it's lost in now, And I hope our president remains our biracial president. He's a good man.

I will feel more than how I feel now. More centerered & balanced, confident & self assured & more peaceful x :) Also I think I may have worked to make these questions a reality. It's abit like making a 'to do' list for your future. It's a damn good idea & would like to have a go again if given the chance. I'm looking forward to see how far I have indeed come, so I can pat myself on the back or encourage myself that it's never to late to 'Begin' x :)

I hope to be physically and emotionally stronger. I hope that by reflecting on these questions I can use the reflection as a path to by which to lead my life. I hope to have maintained my weight loss, made an bigger effort towards some sort of education for myself, greater focus on spirituality for my family and to let loose a little bit and enjoy my life and my time and the people in it more.

I hope that I won't sneer at my optimism. I've never been this optimistic before and I rather hope that I will continue to feel this way. I will probably be single again, and I know that I will not be at university anymore, so it will be a scary transitional period in my life. I just hope that I'll be keeping it together.

This year, when I received my answers, I had a good feeling, that I had met challenges, that I had been blessed, that I had made some positive changes and that I still have room for improvement. But that's what this is all about, isn't it? I don't like to project too much. It usually leads to worry. Wherever I'll be next year at this time, in terms of reality and spirituality, I'll try to believe it's where I'm supposed to be.

I think I might feel selfish. Looking back on my answers, they seem very me-focused and I like to think of myself as balanced between the self and the other. I hope that this realization itself will help me develop new goals and take some broader responsibility.

I hope I will be making different mistakes from what I am now. I think I will still be grumpy and frustrated, but perhaps a little less so, or perhaps frustrated about different things. New problems are a sign of growth, or so I hope! And I need to think about these questions more!

I think I will look back at this time next year and not find my answers from the prior year so cringe worthy. I think I will see them and be happy that I accomplish most of what I set out to do, and that perhaps some of my predictions came true as well.

Surprised and happy. I think I'll laugh at myself. I see the possibility that I might make little progress in areas where I want to move forward - but also there is a possibility that I might make even more progress than I could have dreamed of. Here's to the adventure!

I think it will be exciting to read what I wrote when I was a newly married woman ;) I also worry about what will happen with my career and how that will affect my reactions.

I think I will be so proud of how strong I have been these past three years. I will be in a more calm, yet always growing, place where there is less turmoil and fewer upheavals. I will be happy with my job, not just excited about it. I will love the people I am around, not just because they are around. that's a lot for one year, I know, but I also know I can do it!

I think I'll feel satisfied reflecting on a good year, and hopefully I can feel I've done some of these things and stuck to them. But I hope next year is even better. Maybe I'll laugh at myself, I'll be applying to colleges and maybe I'll think of my junior self as silly. Do you still talk to CLTC 7 friends? Are you still stressed over SAT/ACT? Or did you do well? Is NYU and U of Chicago still your top school choices? Do you still think you might love someone? Are you still bestfriends with Arielle? Do you still love Tangled? Are you on BBYO Regional board? Do you still write? I hope you do.

It is likely that I will feel let down, but I hope I will not let myself down with ALL of the answers I have given. I hope I will feel more secure in my life choices and the things that I am doing. I hope I feel that I at least tried to accomplish these things for myself.

I hope I will feel as passionately about these answers as I do today, and I hope to achieved all the goals that are important to me -- and shed the negative factors that inhibit me.

I hope to have remembered some of them, have them be familiar, as something I used to guide me throughout the year, rather than forgetting, like I did last year. Oh and I hope by that time I will have been in love.

Momentarily depressed that I haven't achieved everything I wanted to, then elated because I've achieved enough.

Oh, I hope I've made myself proud. I hope I recognize how the good things in my life have continued to bloom and I've made headway on the things that can still yet be better. I hope I don't find out that I was overly optimistic about my relationships, but instead have found a very safe and healthy and rewarding place to be.

I'll probably think, "Man, have I changed since I was 18. I'm so much easier on myself when it comes to Proving My Worth and Accomplishing Great Things and so much harder on myself when it comes to simply being a better person and treating the people around me fairly." I think this was the year I grew up, but then again, I probably think that every year. For the first time in my life, I don't anticipate many substantial changes in the next 12 months. But, hey... I never would have expected half of the crazy shit that went down in the past 12 months.

the overall theme seems to be me not taking care of myself - my body and my spirit. I need guidance and some sort of new strength. I need a spirit cleansing!

I hope I will be proud of myself for the year I have under my belt. I hope I will see that I was wise to strive for these new goals I set out for myself and proud of achieving some of them. I hope I don't feel - oh, same old same old. I hope I feel, my god, you have grown!

I hope to have made steps in moving forward on my issues, be happy with them and continue working on my shortcomings.

I hope I will look back and say, "boy, that was a tough time...I'm so glad things are better now."

Somewhat excited, but I haven't put as much time and effort into this year's answers as I did last year. I'm stressed with work and haven't felt like devoting the time to giving more in-depth answers. It'll still be interesting though, because it will remind me of where I was a year ago.

I hope I feel as if I have achieved some of what I set out to do. I hope that some items can come off my "to do" list because they have become incorporated into the daily fabric of my life.

I hope that I will be happy that I predicted what I need. I may be surprised because things came out of the blue that I had not even thought of. if nothing has changed, that would majorly stink!

I think I will be about the same. Maybe I will be healthier and maybe I will be working on my new house. Maybe I will have written another book or won another award, but I will still be me. That part does not change.

I hope I will have achieved what I wanted to achieve this year.

I was pleasantly surprised when this year's answers were sent to me. Most of what I had written about actually came to pass! I am looking forward to having the same happy outcome next year. Putting it out there really does set you in the right direction.

I think I will feel good about the progress I made and amused at what I focused on. I hope that I am richer and that I get a few more things right in my life.

I hope next year I do achieve what I've written here. My goals for the year seem to focus around becoming a better person and making my relationship work and I hope I succeed. When I read last years responses it hit home to me just how much I have changed in the last year and the things that I thought were so important have fallen away and I dont think about them anymore. The people in my life are different and I'm thinking differently so I'm hoping now that when I read these responses next year things will have worked out for the best.

When September 2013 rolls around next year I expect to be living a completely different life. Either I will still work at my amazing job where I love every day of work or I will be in a grossly different situation. Either way, I'm all for new. The cliche is true, the more things change the more they stay the same. The other thing I'm curious about is whether I will be more or less invested in politics. I've never voted for anything in my life if I can help it. I consider myself an observer. If the system starts falling down a steeper hill, I'm going to have to start building a net. I'm not against running for president, but that's a process.

I hope that I see growth. I hope that my husband and I are even happier than we are now. I hope that I will have learned to be at least a little bit more patient and thoughtful. I hope that I will be inspired and not disappointed by how 5773 unfolds.

Last year, I nailed all but one prediction: the book being published, or well on its way. I no longer hold out as much hope for that, but I do hope to at least have some external confirmation of the value of my work in the form of something in print (or accepted for publication). As for the questions, I can't remember what I wrote anymore. I hope I enjoy reading my reflections as much as I have in years past.

I will trust more and worry less.....simply put the money will come as I do what I love...just as the love has come as the money became less important. huh. My life's work will explore clinical skills more and more and more, and manifest a generous amount of money and a nice car. I will have completely mastered the computer system at work, and it will be easy to submit what work I need to do. Love will continue to manifest in my life and my health will continue to improve as I exercise and meditate to daily on each.

I hope that I will see that I have changed the things I wantee to change; I'm afraid I will be stuck, with the same old limitations.

I hope I'll feel encouraged and find myseld in more of a teaching/leadership role somewhere in the Jewish community.

I think I will be thinner and healthier. I hope that I will have my housing situation stabilized. I want to be re-enrolled in college classes. I believe that examining how I've stumbled in the past year will help me at least to avoid the same pitfalls in the coming year. I hope that I will feel happy when I read my answers to have made some progress in the year. I worry that I will be saddened by how I'm feeling right now or angry at myself for not living up to my plans.

I'll be married, very likely living on a different continent, possibly already trying to get pregnant (or be pregnant)! I expect my life will be totally different from 5772 in Ghana. My brightest, strongest hope is that I'll have found a direction I want to take my life in, at least for the next little while. And deep down, I hope I can find a lifetime vocation. Something that's such a perfect fit for me that I never get bored - because the "same" thing won't ever be exactly the same thing - and the only thing consistent about it is I will love to do it.

I hope that I will have more figured out or at least have made some changes. I think it will feel good to look back and smile and realize how far I've come. That's the hope at least.

I look forward to seeing just how important these issues are to me in the future. I know that in the past I have moved from one goal to the next without achieving many of them, and I'm interested to see if I'll actually follow through and have moved to bigger and better goals. Hi Me.

As with my answers from last year, I think I'll be light years away from where I am right now. I seem to be growing at lightening fast speed and I don't expect that to slow down in 2013. By this time next year I'll be a mother, married and finally realizing the dream of starting my own family with an incredible partner. I keep pinching myself that this is all happening and I think I'll still be in a state of surreal happiness. At least I hope so!

I expect I will feel nauseous if I find myself in basically the same position wrt to dating. I expect to feel more grounded in my desire to be a loving uncle, brother and son.

I shall feel triumphant over how much better my life has gotten in the past year. I was smile with sympathy over my past self. I will be grateful that I answered these questions and realized that life was in my control the whole time.

As I have in the past, I think I'll be surprised. I hope that I will have acted on some of my "higher" impulses.

Look how far we've come. Notice how the small things became smaller, the big things became bigger, the wrong things drifted away, and the right things were illuminated. My prayer through all of this is to be more purposeful, an active leader in my own life, not just a passive participant. I hope that I have spent the year showing love to Matt and our beloved family and friends, that together we have continued to create a happy home and life together, and that we are continuing a vessels of the Most High, receiving and pouring out his amazing love and blessings to the world around us.

I hope that by next year, I will be noticeably farther along in the process of self-validation and acting on my ideas in various domains. I hope that I can see tangible results in my life in terms of achieving my work goals (especially writing, and finding a way to teach again), waking up hopeful every day, making time for loving friendships, getting our house fixed up, having a daily yoga/meditation practice, and being able to look people in the eye with confidence. I hope I will see evidence of freedom, practice, and system in many areas of my life.

I think that reviewing my answers will give me a glimpse into what it felt like to be me this year, during this particular time of my life. I hope that I will look back with pride that I have managed to do things better, more efficiently, and live my life with more joy and happiness.

I want to feel happy about the decisions I made and the steps I took to improve my life in the last year. I want to be proud of my accomplishments and confident in the person I've become. I also know that life is a work in progress. And I will never stop learning or bettering myself. But in 2013, I want to be excited about the year: the places I've been, the people I've met, the things I've done. I'm approaching the end of my third decade of life on this planet, and as most have said, "the best is yet to come."

I hope that I'll feel proud of myself for having made positive changes in my life. Perhaps I'll be humbled by how far I've come, or perhaps I'll realize that I still have a long way to go. Regardless of how I feel looking back, I hope that I am feeling good about where I am. Each year is a journey - complete with highs and lows, challenges and opportunities. I hope that I enjoy the highs, manage the lows and that I take each challenge and opportunity head on in order to get to where I need to be this time next year.

I'm going to realize how many of these answers had to do with one specific person. It will be very interesting to see if he's still as much a part of my life in a year's time as he is now. The strange thing is, I can't decide whether I hope he is or not. On one hand, I can't imagine him not being. On the other, I can't imagine that something this hard can keep going.

Hopefully I can have a bit of a laugh- I always manage to take these things too seriously! Loz, I hope you are having the best time of your life! You love you (I love you- wooo love!), and you deserve such a fun year. Remember, I am in the past, but you're not! You're in the now! So get off your computer/phone, and go enjoy the present- a gift from you (me) to you. Fuck, you are awesome! xxx Loz

I'm always talking about fear. It would be wonderful to find a way to laugh about it, to experience less fear and more freedom to live/love without the boundaries it imposes. Imagine ...

I hope that I will have made some progress, but I also know that we return to the same questions over and over, decade after decade, and that that does not indicate failure. I hope, however, to notice whether I still want the same things, not so much whether I have them, but whether they are still prioroties. To mark the changing moods, not only of the year but of every day, is instructive.

I think i'll feel exactly the same as i did about last years, that i made some stupid comments and none of my predictions will come true. So i think i'll feel ridiculous..... again.

If I am alive when September 2013 rolls around, I will probably be grateful to have lived through another year. Regardless.

Excited to get a glimpse into what I was thinking about and focused on, back in 2012. I think it'll also be interesting to be reminded of my past successes and joys! I'm hoping I'll have a job I love and am happy to be working hard on.

I hope I will look and say, "wow, so much has changed in the course of 12 months." I just don't want to be in the same job and living situation that I have been in this past year. Hopefully, these questions have given me a bit more clarity about my own goals and current purpose.

I expect to have a greater sense of growth as a professional. I expect to know much more about what being a partner in a firm is like so that I can decide whether to go and do it on my own. I expect to find the financial picture changed enough to allow us more freedom.

I hope that I can look back on these responses and see that I have grown. I am excited to see how much can change in a year, especially now that I am at a time where everything I know is about to change.

I did not look at my answers last time around. Should next time it happens. I'd like to see some positive upside and not this constant mode of having more to do not just for myself but especially for peopel around me who I believe are exploiting me.

I think I will feel good. I hope I am in good place to where I know I have achieved my goals that I have now & ones that I have later in the year. I just hope I am happy.

I really do hope that by then I can say my business is a success and I really am growing in love.

I hope I feel like I knew what was coming. By that time, a handful of questions that remain in my life right now should be answered. These questions in 10Q will have little impact on any aspect of my life.

By September 2013, I hope to be comfortable in my new life and finally applying many of my talents towards the greater good (not just towards a paycheck).

I hope that I will feel more connected with my community and more at peace with myself.

things just keep getting more complicated. a year passes, and it seems like not a lot changes, but i feel like the issues of the world, and of my own, weigh heavier on me. as we get older, and try to think things through more thoroughly, answers are harder to come by. when you see nuance, grey area, there's a lot more information to try to process. i have i'd like to achieve in the next year (work, love, home, body), but idealism wears away a bit with age, too -- i'll be happy to have achieved a small chunk of what i set out too -- things get hectic quick.

I will have lots of trepidation, as I did this year. It's hard for me to accept that everyone has trouble moving forward. Feels like I am alone, while intellectually, I know I'm not. I cannot dare to hope what might be different.

I hope that I will be clear about my priorities and able to focus on those things which are important without being distracted by all the other possibilities which present themselves, so that I will have time to deal with the things which come up in a calm, focussed not rushed way...and to be able to follow through on the consequences of decisions to participate in things, so that I feel like I am making the mostmof the things I am doing, and behaving responsibly and following through on commitments to myself and others.

Ill be upset I didn't take the questions as seriously as I did the previous year

I think I am going to love receiving my answers, and reflecting on this challenging, grief-filled year. I hope that I will feel better, will be better at taking care of myself, and that my relationship with my husband will be better, too.

By this time next year, I should have sought out a review at work, and my 'new skills' should hold me in higher regard with a promotion/pay rise. This should held financially matters, although hopefully these are just temporary.

I think i will be proud of myself for making tough decisions and for being brave and choosing something better even if i don't know what is ahead of me.

I think I will feel nostalgic for how different things are now from how they will be then. I hope that I will be secure in whatever the next stage of my life will be.

I think I'll feel excited to see what I wrote and how it will bring back memories of what I was thinking now as I write them, and it'll likely spark a curiosity to compare and contrast what I think and wrote then with the present. I'm hopeful that I'll be both nearer to goals I've set and yet content with where I am one year from now.

I think I'll feel surprised that it's Sept. 2013 already. I already feel that way about Sept. 2012 and the quickly approaching Oct. 2012. I think my life will be different in a year either way. It always is, even if there aren't big outward changes, there's something different going on in your head. I like the idea of talking to my future self. Hi, Rachael! You're me plus 365 days. What a novelty! What will you see and do that I haven't? As present/soon-to-be-past Rachael, I wish you happiness, strength, fun, surprises, and new experiences. But I don't really have to wish, now do I?

I think I'll hopefully be able to look at my sort of downtrodden answers and smile and think "you did it, youre fine now" I hope thinking about these things helps me focus on the undeniable fact that I really want to change myself and who I am and where I am. I need a good kick in the butt to get going and not let fear of failure keep me from getting what I want even if I can't convince myself quite yet that I deserve it.

I hope to be able to reflect upon and feel good about seeing how the growth I hoped to gain has come to pass and to be understanding about the areas I am still struggling with. I don't know how different my life will look but hope that I feel a sense of peace and love for what has come to pass and how I got there.

I think I"ll be more stable, Have a job, and have a better Idea of what is happening in the next year. I think i'll look back and remember how shitty it feels to drive all over the bay and get rejected over and over again.

Not sure. I answered these questions in two days. Hopefully next year I'll get the whole 10 days to complete them.

None of the answers I've given are anything that are things I really haven't thought of. I'm just hoping I'll see positive changes moving forward with all the challenges, hopes and dreams for my life this coming year. I know it is a lot of work ahead of me. I've been told my spark is noticeable. Hopefully, that spark will spur me onto greatness!

Astonished. The relationship between my family and my girlfriend's family. I'll continue to answer the 10Q.

I think I'll be stunned. At how much I've accomplished. At how much I've changed. At how different my life is. I think I'll have mixed emotions of pride, sadness, and nostalgia once I'm done reading these answers. I hope wherever I am, whether it's in Colorado, Israel, or my bedroom in Lansdale, PA - that I can keep my internal light shining - and continue to spread that positivity and light onto others so they can recognize the feeling of genuine happiness and joy. I want to recognize that I am NOT a failure if I have not reached all my dreams by this time next year, it simply means I have switched tracks of focus. There is no timeline for accomplishing your dreams. But why wait? Continue the journey now!

I will read these and laugh. I will marvel at the optimism. I might cry a bit. I hope my life will be different in that I will be more driven towards a goal, not just immediate results.

I love to reminisce and deconstruct the past. I will be happy to analyze my life over the past year. I hope I will be more aware of what I want in life and how to get where I want.

I hope I will have taken some bold and risky steps, in whatever shape they could've taken.

I hope I'll feel proud that I've achieved what I set out to, and grown and improved myself.

I am hoping that my problems now are not my problems then (that I have overcome them) and that any problems I have then are superficial. I know I ham doing better with the main topic of last year, and I hope next year is the same.

I hope I'm in a better place and that some of the hopes I spoke of in here have panned out. I hope these will stay on my mind and inspire me to do my best.

I hope I will have accomplished all I wanted. And that I will address all my issues and be in a very different place. And that I will have new issues to deal with, not the same old ones. I am getting tired of these...

I think it is going to be almost comical how different my life will be by then. Having a one year old and who knows what else will be going on by this time next year. It was amazing to see the complete 180 my life had taken from 2010 to 2011. I hope I will feel the same kind of accomplishment this time next year.

I saw last years questions and laughed. Some of them haven't really saw much movement (as I'm still single) but sure as the sun rises... Chelsea FC won the Champions League. I couldn't believe it. I'm not sure if anything WILL be different, but I enjoy the aspect of locking the questions away and seeing what I thought my next year would look like.

I hope I will have gotten more of my life together, decluttered, etc. so that I can engage more in activities that enrich my life without feeling guilty.

When I receive my answers, I feel like I am either going to be disappointed in myself (which is what really scarred me about answering these questions), or I am going to be happy that I achieved my goals :). Either way though I am glad that I put this all down. If all works out well, then next year I will be in a place where holding myself accountable will be an easy and loving aid in the process to enlightenment that is constructive, and not one where I feel judgmental of myself and then guilty about not being where I thought I should be.

Hope I will be in a somewhat better place by then and at least some of the things I've wished and worked for have actually happened.

I will probably be sad to see how little has changed.

I hope life is more settled. I hope I'm at peace with how the relationship with my wife will have changed. I hope I can finally take time to go back to school and get a masters degree like I've wanted to do for so long. I want to feel energized and encouraged and happy from my interactions with others rather than frazzled and afraid.

I'll feel maudlin and surprised at how much I knew. Is there failure deep within your heart Michael?

I think I'll be proud that I've done what I set out to do, I'm sure there will be some serious laughter at myself, and I'm sure I'll be pondering a whole new set of challenges.

I think I will have made progress in my life, whether personal, professional, or both. I know that a lot will change, and some things will still be the same. I'll probably be annoyed at how surface level I've answered some of these questions. I will be surprised, because I'll most likely have forgotten about this whole project. I don't know where I'll be, but it will be fun to see where I had been.

By thinking about the future now, sharing my desires with myself and others I think I've gotten some teeth into the idea that I need to lighten up and hunker down, therefore, whatever happens in the coming year will be faced with an open heart, real desire, and motivation. Thus, I hope my life will be well lived and will have the company of others to celebrate the new year at this time.

i don't know. i haven't made much progress in this year. i've made some. why isn't that enough? i hope that whatever i've done next year, i will feel like it was enough.

I hope that I feel good! I want to have peace in my heart and serenity in my days. I hope that I have a calm demeanor and love what I am doing in my life. I hope that I am enjoying my job and can smile at the answers to these questions. I hope that I am happy with my life and that I have a thriving and loving relationship. I hope that I am healthy and fit. I hope that my relationships in general are thriving. I truly hope that I am loving life.

I don't know. I've had all of these goals and challenges for a long time. B'Ezrat Hashem, maybe this will be the year that I finally do something about it.

It's always fun just to read what I've been thinking about. I hope I'll be happy with the way I'm progressing as a person and that I'll enjoy looking back. That's what I like about this. :)

I think I will be happy with the progress that I've made since writing these and I think I will have a whole new set of concerns that will completely overshadow these. I'm always surprised by how much changes from year to year. I'm also surprised by how much stays the same. It will be interesting to see what my main concerns are next year.

Always have a hard time answering this one. I know that this year I was a little shocked to see how little had changed. I hope (and trust, due to the pregnancy) that there will be lots of changes by the time Sept 2013 rolls around.

dear aly STOP STOP RIGHT NOW with the it wasnt enough you did grow i promise it may not have looks so grand but you keep searching, questing, growing keep opening your heart keep taking bold risks i hope you smile at all you have learned and ways you have grown and its cool to want more, just SO NOT COOL to beat up on yourself for not curing cancer or world peace by now and congrats on all the career success - OWN IT

I am hoping that I feel great because I will be secure in my life plan and will have made it through graduate school. So next September, I should be married, and I should have a teaching job.

I hope that my mental health continues to be good. If it isn't as good as it has been most recently, I hope I remember that I can cope, that I can live through it until the wave subsides again. What do I hope will be different? I hope that I do improve my relationship with my husband, which I think will carry over into other parts of my life.

Hopefully, I won't be disappointed in my lack of follow-through. And if I am, I hope I have compassion for myself, and have discovered the mysterious element that will allow me to light a spark under myself for the following year.

I hope to feel accomplished and more excited about what the future can bring. I will be a more confident and contented person. And, I think I will have done better than I thought I would.

Having a kid is going to change me completely. It will be interesting to see how different I will be.