Is there something (a person, a cause, an idea) that you want to investigate more fully in 2012?

i want to finish reading the brothers karamazov, and more proust. the brothers k bc it is one of my friend's favorite books, and proust bc he articulates what lies within me, but i've never been able to put words to.

Reward, and its place in motivation.

I really want to investigate being in a healthy, loving, intimate relationship!

In 2012, I want to have a better understanding of others. To do that, I know that first I have to have a better understanding of myself.

Modal logic and possible worlds!

I am starting Hebrew classes and hope to learn it this year. I may also look into having have an adult b'nai mitzvah with a group of others. I'm 60 years late with this, but why not?

Cobblestone streets, preferably in Europe. Home ownership. Sewing. Positivity. Satisfying career options. Volunteering or furthering my involvement in local community agencies.

My boyfriend. He's my first proper boyfriend, he's lovely, and I hope that it will be as wonderful relationship as it seems to be promising.

I want to investigate the differences in living in America as opposed to living in Europe or another country. Also, I want to find out what places in America have a culturally European or even old-fashioned American lifestyle. I'm tired of social networks, driving everywhere and not knowing where my food comes from.

I would like to research more about my family history because with my dad's parents deceased, my mom's father deceased, and my mom's mother having a short time left to live, I would like to know where my family came from.

I would like to investigate what makes kids happy.

I'd like to invest more time in my family here and when i get home. Also invest more effort into being a good friend, being approachable and more social and civil. and of course invest more effort into finding a boyfriend but for me to be able to be in a healthy relationship will take more than just trying harder, so my aim is to become good friends with a guy and be comfortable hanging out and talking about all topics.

I want to somehow find a way to save enough money to travel to Ireland and Italy next year. I am working on learning italian now.

judaism meditation service optimism politics activism

Being nicer to my parents has been on my list for the longest time.

I want to learn more about mindfulness and meditation. I've started on this road but it is hard to make it a habit.


I would like to try and find out about my birth father. I said it last year and I didn't do anything about it. Perhaps because I've always been too consumed with fear to think about it. That needs to change. If I'm ever to have a child in the future, I need to know as much as possible about my family history. I don't want a relationship with him in the slightest, I just want answers. And that's what I'm going to dedicate myself to getting throughout 2012.

Banking problems

I'd like to forge tighter bonds to my Judaism -- I've strayed quite a bit -- I want to learn and at times perhaps re learn the really important things about my religious heritage.....

i want to investigave my financial security

Take classes for medical coding. May be finally afford photography classes. And study Hebrew for real :)

A professor to whom I'm attracted to. Dated a couple of times and ended up as friends. After spending four of days vacationing together in a remote area, I get a feeling of something is, but we are not acting on. I want to investigate this.

I would like to investigate the bible and its history as fully as time allows. I'd like to research how to win Survivor so I can analyze it week by week with the best of them. I am determined to learn enough poker to at least win one hand on something other than sheer luck. Also, Public Health, and how research on social policy is conducted. I'm in the wrong field, but that doesn't mean with a little tweaking I can't be in the right one : )

I'd like to participate in actions that secure a liveable future for my grandchildren and great-grandchildren now on this earth.

I want to continue to investigate myself ... why I procrastinate on doing things I love to do!

I would like to know about my Irish cultural heritage. I have always loved the idea that I'm Irish and love many Irish traditions, but sadly I'm pretty ignorant when it comes to alot of the broad and expansive history my people have.

Investigate? Myself. The girl I like. Airships. Mapping. Climatology. Golems. Quantum physics. I hope I never stop investigating.

i would like to investigate the ability for one to believe in both religion and science at the same time. i would further like to explore my own belief in God and in the value of religion

A spiritual belief. A practice that my partner and I could participate in together. My partner's non-profit organization. Planning a beautiful, romantic wedding.

In this order: Womyn and their bodies, my yoga practice, foreign lands, stepping out of my 'self', Buddhism, Hinduism.

I would like to get more invovled in the feminist movement in 2012. I spent most of my life on the sidelines, supporting the rhetoric but politically inactive. I would like to complete an article I've been working on for Bitch Magazine about yoginis. I will also be volunteering at NOW during the fall and winter.

Yes, several: Helping at Domestic Violence shelters with the dogs. Getting the boys certified as service dogs Starting a doggie day care Brian Fife Solutions unlimited

Yes. There are many. I will not be specific on this here.

I would say a continuation of 2011 investigations into meditation, physics, and Hebrew.

Re-igniting the fire of reading in young children through mobile libraries and enlisting the aid of the community at large. Take an advanced cooking class and put to paper all the ideas swirling in my head.Be the inspiration that I want to see. Find out more on the work pioneered by Lester Levinson and now hale Dwoskin.attend a Sedona Method course/retreat. Take an English Literature course.

Myself. My body. Accessibility to education.

Zero waste living. Raising chickens. Getting pregnant! Starting fresh with my husband!

Two: The Bible, My first book.

environmentalism, sustainability, graphic design, eco-friendly weddings

Focus. Love. Patience. Acceptance.

I think this year I will finally take the steps to finding a teacher to help me "learn" Judaism. I don't know to what end.... I just need to explore that part of me... the part that connects me to my mother's heritage.

I think I would like to learn more about the world itself. With all the events going on the world and that we are the future generation of this country, I think that it would be wise to learn about our history and culture to continue it for the future and years to come. We don't want our culture to die as we do and we need to keep this knowledge alive. I think it would be a good idea for us to learn more about the history of us.


I love my kids, but with the oldest already in college and the youngest headed off next year I feel like I'll be rediscovering my relationship with my wife. We've been through that whole child-rearing thing together and on the same page most of the time, but I have a feeling we're headed into a whole new version of our relationship, with just the two of us. Not so many outside demands. On the one hand it terrifies me because I really hope she still likes me after all these years, but on the other hand I'm excited because this is the beginning of a whole new stage of our life together. So far all the other stages have been fantastic. So, this time next year the youngest will have left the nest (hopefully, for his sake as much as ours!), and we will just be embarking on this endeavor on our own. Just us.

My husband. So my of my time and attention is devoted to either my professional pursuits or my children. I can think of no better "cause" than my marriage, and no more worthy a subject than the man that I love.

Taoism as a philosophy.

I want to become the sh'licha of nsr.

Intimacy in a couple after a child arrives. ...and baby makes three

Want this year for self discovery.

My family history and lineage.

I kind of like the idea of buying a road bike and doing long rides on the weekends. I used to ride in NYC all the time when the weather was nice, and there's no reason I shouldn't here in LA, when I can do it year round. I think mentally it would be really good for me - great for stress relief and to clear my head. All I need to do is buy a bike and a bike rack.

I would like to investigate doing freelance work and becoming self employed.

Rambam. Conversational Hebrew. Shalom bayis. Alternative pain control in OB/GYN.

I've already begun and would like to continue to investigate how I see myself (and my future children) intergrated into the Jewish community as Black/Caribbean individuals. Do I want to continue with Conservative Judaism or look for a community that would hopefully speak to me more on a religious/spiritual level (which currently it does not), is truly a welcoming community, and also is more representative of my thoughts/feelings on social and political fronts.

My focus on a person in 2012 is in getting President Obama re-elected!

In 2012, I have wanted for at least a year to do more community service and advocacy. I have promised myself time after time that I will do more community service and advocacy. It's about time that I start fulfilling these promises.

Website design and coding are my big focus right now. Finish Codecademy workshop, but HTML5 for Dummies. Also, learn to ride a motorcycle. Maybe get an old bike off Craig's List?

I want to investigate more about my grandparents lives growing up and learn about their childhoods. I've been meaning to sit down with them and talk about their for awhile and this is going to be the year I actually do.

I want to complete my 1 yr, 3 yr, and 5 yr life plan. There are so many things that are dependent upon me selling my farm. If the farm sells, the sky is the limit on future plans. If not, I need to scale back my plans and map out life on the farm.

I want to know myself better. I feel like this year I had the opportunity to do that but I want to this coming year with the intent in mind.

I'd like to investigate what it takes to finish what I


My daughters are animal right activists. I would like to investigate the eating habits of vegatarians and vegans.....see if something for me..

I want to learn Spanish, and I want to meditate on a regular basis.

I'd like to investigate my partner more (ooh lala!), and the idea of mutual love. History of Jewish music. Talmud (tractate Berachot to be precise.) Heterosexuality as an identity (just like non-hetero's are forced to do the same for their identity).

I'd like to get into art, and go through with my idea to make a canvas for every month of next year, representing the things that month has brought me. Id like to get into languages and music. I have for years but 2012 is the year to PRACTISE!

I would like to investigate Holistic living, Sting and what makes people not recycle when the bucket is next to the trash can.

No. I want to *do* things, not research them.

Economics. Biblical Criticism. Post-Structuralism. Existentialism. C.S. Lewis. Farming.

Occupy Wall Street, although I want to be part of that before 2012!

My volunteer efforts have been frustrating lately. Both the local Kehillah, and my local Rotary Club, both of which I am heavily involved in, seem to be in a steep decline. I and a few others are trying to "right the ship," but are meeting resistance and may not succed. I guess I'm trying to investigate how to keep both these organizations functional.

Nothing off the top of my head -- but this question inspires me to come up with something! I'm so consumed by new-motherhood, but I want to keep myself engaged in the world and the environment and my career...

It's about time I started investigating the real work of meditation instead of giving it a samll amount of space in my head. I have the resources, let's see if I can pull it together in 2012, I'd like to try!

Delve more deeply into Mussar.

I want to investigate more fully the notion of going back to school and what that would entail.

I'd like to become more involved in helping the residents of the local trailer park, who were displaced by Hurricane Irene and are now homeless, find affordable housing in our small town. I don't know if I'm going to manage to do it -- life is already a little bit overwhelming -- but it's the work with which I would most like to involve myself, if I can find the space and time outside of my job and my family obligations.

I have a whole congregation that I need to get to know intimately.

Last year I said that I would like to better understand my father, and I think I would like to continue to work on this, but expand it to my family as a whole. I have many relatives I barely know, and there is no better time to work on that than now.

Psychedelic experiences and love

I want to gain more general knowledge. It's overwhelming - how much more there is to learn about the world. Maybe I can start with reading a few pages from an encyclopedia daily.

Judaism. Mindfulness. The idea of 'enough'. Doing something for myself that's really, truly, for me and not secretly for my family! Looking out of my window, gardening springs to mind too, but I'm worried about upsetting my resident hedgehogs so maybe I'll leave it in it's current state!

volunteer physicians in areas that are underserved

I would like to learn more about my religion, my heritage.

Not really.


Spirituality - do we each really have a spirit guide? Why is it so difficult to reach your spirit guide? I also am very interested in past life therapy. I wish to explore that in depth.

Baking. Cooking. Russia. Fashion. Hockey.

Belief in God

My Judaic roots. I want to see the depth and layers of our faith with Jesus as the Messiah. I want to celbrate the spring feasts and get my family to cooperate, with God's grace.

Democracy; Re-configuring global politics to becoming more egalitarian, just and humane; Organic growing, raising chickens, bee-keeping; Tai Chi.

I would like to see if i'm really meant to be with the person I think I'm meant to be with.

A person, but it's not going to happen. He doesn't reciprocate the interest.

In the coming year, I want to learn to grow mushrooms, propagate fruit trees from cuttings, and make home repairs. I want to become conversational in Spanish. By next year I'd like to have some basic plumbing skills.

Travel! Internationally.

No. I want to keep up with my homework. I want to just be able to pay my bills. I don't have time for extra investigation.

education degree

A few actually. My kids need me more! I need to be a happier bunny to be able to make their lives better. I'm hopeful that as each issue of mine disapates, the kids can have the newly freed up energy. The boat needs to be sold! Costing me a fortune and I have no time/inclination fo board her. Must sell!!!!!!!!! Michelle! Either we are happy together or I get over her! As I type, we have finished and I'm struggling. Albeit, as every day progresses, struggling less. We'll see! Fate? More fishing! If time allows, I should be out on the baech more often.

The Death Penalty. Theatre in prison. Directing plays. Buddhism.

The Book of Mormon

Middle school. Ha. I'm not sure I have a lot of mental space left for deep investigations otherwise.

2012 is supposed to be the "end of the world as we knew it", meaning this era is the beginning of a new kind of world. I'd like to be a part of creating it.

My career choices. I need to get it figured out. I have to. God/The Bible. You can never investigate the Bible too much.

I would like to meet "the one" by this time next year. Hopefully, be dating him, too. ;0)

I would like to research more deeply into stand up causes. There arent any in specific right now that spark my interest, but I know there will be soon, especially if I run for Schlicha.

Musical theatre. I want to know the ins and outs of it, not just to help myself, but because it's so interesting! I want to know the whole history.

Women in Jewish history, Jewish feminism and how Women's roles are evolving in Judaism today.

I spend a lot of time with my Jewish friends in BBYO, so this year I really want to spend time with my school friends more and get to be with them. We were always so close, but over the summer we drifted. I need to get back in the swing of things with them. I also want to learn Jewish history.

I want to learn to knit, as well as to learn the technique of Tunisian crochet. I'd also like to continue to explore sewing.

I have been active in a number of causes and would like to spend more on health care reform especially unnsured young people with pre exisiting conditions. I would alsolike to find a fitness program that works for me.


Therapy. I need to take a real go at therapy.

I want to change my focus from survival to a thriving existence.

French food.

fair trade everything minimal shoes or at least foot awareness

Dance. Europe. Travel. Entrepeneurship. Volunteer work. Happiness. Sucess. Religion. Family. Roots. Horizons. Independence.

Yes, there's a specific person that I recently met and I hope to continue getting to know him in to 2012.

Myself to be honest. Need to discover what I want, where I want to go. Need to improve people skills too. :(

My grandmother and I started talking about my family history, and apparently I only have one other living relative who still remembers where we came from. I want to get in contact with this person. Also, I'd love to find a boyfriend this year. One step at a time.

Can't really think of anything at the moment. I'd like to get to know a few of my friends and acquaintances better - if they'll let me in. I'm also keen to continue studying drumming - especially maracatu. I said that last year, too.


I want delve into Judaism in more depth, and to that end I am signed up for two classes to expand my thinking and knowledge.

I'm interested to see what happens with the 2012 elections. I have a feeling there will be lots to investigate around that.

I want to learn more about myself- what I want, what I'm passionate about, what I see for myself in the future. I want to learn what would be best for me so that I can live the most fulfilling life I can imagine.

I want to READ more, fiction or non-fiction. That's so enjoyable.

In 2012, an idea I want to investigate more fully is whether or not I can find a career where I can explore, nurture, and develop my interest in gerontology which is where my passion really lies.

Why it's so hard to get equal pay for equal work. Why we've made progress with the glass ceiling, but are stagnating. If my earlier thought of, "I don't care what you think, I only care how you behave at work," didn't move the needle in one organization and I want to investigate if it will work at a different one.

i want to be more aware of politics and current events. i want to learn more about religion and judaism. i want to learn more about my family history and ancestry by talking with my parents and grandparents.

My personal connection with judiasm vs jewishness.

I hope that through BBYO, through my Hebrew Monday night school ATID and through my own personal pursuits, I'll be able to learn more and more about Judaism and my people's heritage. I am in a class in ATID in which a parashat from each week is described in detail. I also want to plan more Judaic programs for my chapter as the year goes on, something that will prove to be a real challenge considering all of my schoolwork each day. However, I think that with enough enthusiasm and determination my knowledge of the Jewish faith will increase by a great amount in the new year.

I just want to make sure that I'm able to make Jenny happy. That's a good cause. The best.

Heschel and Sleep patterns.

Most of what I've done in my life has been because I thought I had to in order to win approval. What this means is that I haven't learned who I am or what matters to me. In the coming year, I'd like to investigate what it feels like to relax, become more centered, and give myself room to figure out what to do in a more organic way, from the inside out.

I'd like to spend more time on myself and learn about myself.

I'd like to investigate my own inertia and figure out some ways around it. I'd also like to investigate my own political views, research better answers to my gut feelings.

I am seriously thinking I'd like to move overseas. I'm not sure how plausible that is considering I'm in a relationship, have a job and own a house, but I think I'd like to spend a bit of time exploring the possibilities.

Well, while it is pragmatic to find a new job, it's also about learning about other causes. I hope that I can find something among my many interests.

I'd like to investigate London more fully. I feel there is a lot more it can offer me than I'm currently taking advantage of!

Talmud, Midrash. Permaculture. sub-nuclear physics

Spirituality. Israel. Myself. You?

I want to learn more about Israel because now of all other times, is a very important time for Israel. I should watch or read the news more often.

I am going to investigate what I need to do to get my masters in special education, literacy, and ESL certification.

I want to learn more about whether it is cost-effective to put solar panels on our house.

EFT for children with ADHD.

I've started to investigate family genealogy and have been discouraged at not finding what I think should be available. 2012 will be the year in which I learn more about how to pursue genealogy information rather than trying to do cold searches and, then, being disappointed at not finding hits and stopping.

I'd like to investigate how my artistic endeavors fit into my everyday life.

The idea of philanthropy appeals to me. I recently had two complete strangers tell me I was going to come in to a lot of money resulting from a project I'm currently completing. They both advised that I begin to read and study the rich and how to handle money, so that the sudden increase will not be a surprise to me. I am eager to pursue this idea in 2012.

I would love to better understand how events, such as meet-ups and conference, generate the energy and excitement that they do such that I can begin to discover answers for how to leverage it after the event. It's a problem I've been thinking about for quite some time and 2012's Summer Olympics seems like a great event to focus on, especially after having met two Olympic athletes last night!

The issue of livable communities and how it applies to the area in which I live.

Germany. Definitely Germany. and Nature. and my Aunt's partner.

I would like to become more involved in youth ministry in my town and to be more active in the non-profit organizations I support (i.e. Save Dafur, Invisible Children, TWLOHA, etc)


I would like to investigate the Occupy Wall Street movement. In general, I think that it is an important movement and cause, but I have neither researched it fully nor committed myself to the movement.

I want to investigate a plan to stop bullying.......it's at all levels of education and apparently some school districts don't agree by having a "no bully zone". It's getting out of control and kids are being hurt......so wrong.

Getting involved with volunteer/donation opportunities. Reading as much as I can--stop relying on forms of entertainment that are easy, like TV and video games. I still want to investigate religion more deeply.

My future boyfriend....whoever that may be.

african literature written by indigenous people hi tech: computers or website design or better use of powerpoint or efficiency with computers radical career change at 55 years of age, that includes paid work (!) when still faced with buying health insurance and raising a child including college payments doing things that involve calculated risk-taking doing things out of character that make sense creative ways to grieve that can 'replace"saying kaddish in a minyan


I would like to figure out my own spirituality more. Also, I want to read more, and have more time to do the things I would like to do. I want to investigate how a fixed work schedule and no school can negatively/positively affect my life. Also, I plan on investigating my profession more, and exploring the inns and outs of it.

Yes, and his name is MR. Drip Irrigation. And her name is MS. Showbiz. Ha ha ha ha. I'm not kidding.

I don't know. I just want to be happy.

I'd like to investigate the cause of climate change more fully. That may sound funny, because I even run a smart energy organization, but I'd like to figure out more of the solid science behind it so I can argue with climate deniers and figure out more tangible, impactful actions I can take. I feel like I've been giving the cause my 50% and achieving a lot with that... but it makes me wonder, what could I achieve if I gave it my 100%?

Forgiveness. My fiancee's family. Doris Lessing.

I want to learn more about living off the grid. Having a water well, generating solar power and using solar energy to heat and cool our home.

yes, I want to learn more about the nonprofit arena where I live. especially around Haiti issues.

Ron Paul. The Wars in the Middle East. Weed. Electronic music. Myself. The impression I leave on people. Cause and Effect.

Peacefulness and free time.

I would like to become more knowledgeable about the environment and global warming. I recently joined an environmental club and would love to be able to share my insight and ideas!

I'd like to learn more about the winemaking process.

I want to investigate more about the food that I eat. Mostly about meat. Where is my meat coming from? Is it local? Are my fruits and vegetables local?

Myself. Animal rescue. Self empowerment.

I want to investigate the idea of becoming a dog groomer in 2012. I'm planning on starting a course this ŷear as my ideal job would be to do with animals and dog grooming could be my foot in the door, so to speak. I've wanted to work with animals since I was a child and I'm finally starting to do something about it.

I have too many things I want to investigate. It changes from day to day as well. I think that's part of the reason I haven't been able to fully focus on the job hunt.

I have some questions about some things (rituals, songs, etc.) that I experienced during HH services...will ask the rabbi. Would like to also get involved in something with direct impact relative to helping children.

I want to investigate me more fully in 2012. I want to get to know more about myself. What are my limitations, new interests, hobbies, adventures, capabilities, etc. It's all about me next year. I'm putting me first, for the first time. I want to truly love myself and get in tune with that person.

Gratitude. For the last 6 months, it's been all about gratitude and exploring how expressing and experiencing gratitude is a key factor in my general, overall happiness. And, Julie. I want to know her and learn more about her every day.

I wish there was, but I'm still in a very reactive place right now -- I only seem to be able to think about the future in terms of needs and preparation and responsibilities. It's hard to think of what I'd be interested in pursuing proactively.

Shapeshifting :)

I want to investigate the ways in which I can make my science, science in general, and myself as a scientist more accessible, understandable, and desirable to various sectors of the non-academic/non-scientific world.

Only the cause of geting "the right" back in charge of this country before the idiots running it now completely ruin it. Who knew I was such a conservative, pro-American, pro-Israel right wing nut job?!



Some personal issues I would like to investigate, but not real high on the list of priorities.

Yes, a way to bring about more affiliation among local musicians

I'm already doing it a little bit now, but I'd like to learn a little bit more about Jewish culture and religion. As someone who was brought up in a half Jewish-half Protestant household, I was never really immersed in either of my parents' respective religions. However, I've always identified as being far more in touch with the Jewish side of my family (my mom's side) than with the Christian side. I'm not a particularly religious person. I'm an atheist, and I don't believe in God or the afterlife. This is strictly a historical search, to better understand and identify with my mom's side of the family.

I want to learn more about financial systems, as well as personal investment strategies. I'd like to be better at managing my own money, but also have a greater comprehension of how money/global & local economies work in general so I understand better how it affects me, a consumer. It's easy to rail against investment banks etc., but I don't have a clear understanding of how they actually operate.

I'd like to understand Papa better. I'd also like to get a better insight in to the working of a business. I'd like to build the relationship with Jiaji and I'd like to explore what I can do to aid mental health awareness in India. I want to see whether I want to end up in mental health. Mental health provisions Business Education/ed psych Myself- warts and all My family and people in general

I need to find a place to volunteer and I need to research a new career, something that pays more than minimum wage.

Composting. Living green. More fully having my own business.

Science; keeping my heart open when it's scary or uncomfortable.


I'd like to learn more about Buddhism. I'd like to learn more about my husband. Actually, what I want, what I really want, is to get to know my friends a little better. I have close friends, but I continue to marvel at what I don't know about them. They are so wise and creative, and I want to know more about them.

my PhD thesis. it always needs more investigating!

Women's empowerment throughout the world.

I'm trying to learn more about history and more about previous generations. I'm in the last half of my life and it seems we are in danger of forgetting the past-- distant and recent. I want to learn more about me, more about what I've learned and what I can pass on. I don't want to forget others who impacted my life and I want my kids to know what was, and is, important. I'm learning that I don't know anything-- I'm trying to look at everything with a fresh perspective.

I would like to be more knowledgable about things in general...but to focus in on my career, maybe starting with taking splinting course? I havn't practiced splinting since second year and theres no chance I could make a good one now, and I'm about to graduate!

My academics and spirituality. Also my family.


The arts. I would love to become better educated in art, culture, reading and writing. Over the past year I have become a lot more switched on culturally in terms of exhibitions. I would love to continue this - the rewards are endless and it helps me grow as a person.

1) Myself 2) Spiritual wholeness 3) PA school 4) Music career

I want to continue to make a new life for myself. What kind of investigation that might entail, I'm not sure.

Judaism Medicine How to be a better person, in general...a better mother, a better wife, a better friend...

Writing and mindfulness.

Spanish on Rosetta Stone

I would to investigate reasons behind pregnancy losses and remedies - like accupuncture or chiropractics.

not really. I probably should, but I'm too tired today. Ok, I should look more into Israel's politics and the peace process.

My own spirituality. I believe in God, but organized religion just doesn't seem to fit. I need to find the connection and the peace within my own self. Maybe through nature and/or photography?

French French French!

I would like to look more into the concept of family, about how to create my own family while still holding true to where I came from and where I am going.

Festival planning

I'd like to try dating. I'd like to really spend time making my apartment great. New flooring, paint job. Work on the kitchen.

HRC. I want to become a member and help spread equality.

I want to investigate volunteering at a local charitable organization in 2012.

no more new ideas, piloting too many things, looking for career advancement inside, independent minyan conference is enough.

Performing :) I wish to perform. Starting with Cats, moving on to Miranda's nightmare.

The foundations of physics.

Demi Lovato. Life. Living. Happiness. Love. Writing. Faith.

I want to stay open to life, the adventure. Open heart, open mind. Divinely guided!

Will it really be the end of come 2012? Probably not, but I'm sure I'll be watching all the shows about it next year ;-)

Is it a cop out to say "myself"?

I'd like to be more active in advocacy for both gifted children and children with dyslexia since I've found it so difficult to get help for my children. I know there are other parents who don't know how to go about getting help for their kids and would love to be able to open the door more for everyone!

I would like to investigate two things. One thing is to further my career. The other thing is to look at starting some sort of non-profit organization for kids.

I'd like to get to know one of my colleagues better. Also I want to invest more energy into yoga practice and make it a routine part of my life for the rest of my life. Also I would like to REALLY talk to my parents, but I'm shy about approaching them.

I would like to investigate the steps necessary to achieve several career paths I envision for myself.

The world! Hopefully by 2012 I will be trained and will be out seeing what the world has to offer me.

I would like to understand guys better in 2012. I've expressed interest in a few and felt it reciprociated, but nothing ever happens. I suppose they just aren't interested enough.

I would definitely like to develop my hobbies more and get good at properly relaxing when not at work. I'd like to devote more attention to - Music - Poker - Learning golf It would be nice also to keep reading more - current affairs, the Economist, and interesting non-fiction and thought-provoking fiction books

The idea of stopping your brain getting in the way of your instinct that has come up in both Meisner and Spolin.

Everything. Always.

I would like to learn more about gardening so I can bring my garden back to its glory days an possibly start growing my own veg.

Yoga, starting a new business. and a better relationship with m dad

my own mental health

person- want to find out more about my grandparents lives...i know bits and pieces of what they went through. But, I would like to know the full story.

I would like to write an original screenplay. IN order to do this I will need to investigate what blocks I have created to prevent myself from previously performing this task...

I want to get more involved with promoting mental health education and helping to erase the stigma surrounding depression, medications, etc.

I want to investigate the possibility of making my decades long work in genealogy into a business. I'd also like to investigate the potential to become politically active again to get Obama reelected.

The idea of sustainable living and of healthy, organic, local eating.

I'm learning more about new foods, plus vegetarian and vegan recipes. Bringing home a huge, fresh papaya and the Yu Choy was a blast. I want to get familiar with non-dairy milks and make some of my own. Maybe sprouting, too. And I *must* make myself try green juice or green smoothies. I want to learn more new music. I feel like my music collection has been expanding at a micro-pace since I became a mom. I'm hoping to take better advantage of the library and online music.

Enlightenment - historical (the Enlightenment), and otherwise - (hadn't really thougnt about this before, but social, cultural, and personal might all be included). See where it goes.

NIA! It encompasses so much that has life and meaning for me. It is the vehicle for healthy, loving, balanced transformation. it feels great and fuels my Spirit and my Soul, and enlivens every cell in my body. It makes me a better person and brings all of me into the picture. In NIA, I have a voice, strength, power, discipline, creativity, gentleness, empathy. I am in NIA the woman I want to be. (www.nianow.com)

Not really, not at this time. I'll usually find that I'm reading a whole bunch of different books and articles that have a common theme, but the thread frequently doesn't become clear until after I've already got a whole bolt of cloth already spun.

I really don't know. It will be a surprise I am sure. I tend to discover things then read up about them.

I would like to begin looking into helping youth with mental illness through yoga.

Probably just need to replace my work vehicle

Yoga and organic eating. Getting more physical. Adding lectures and classical concerts to the mix on a routine basis. Going to services regularly, monthly.

I'd like to become proficient in Adobe InDesign and Flash, just from a professional point of view.

This will be the center of my work this next year -- I will be investigating the idea of mystic women writers of the late Middle Ages and becoming a leading expert in them. I'm investigating the ways in which they carved out space for themselves in a misogynistic culture without abandoning faith in Ha Shem. On the contrary, they embraced their faith, even as the society left much in their wake that would have surely been disappointing.

I really want to get into the volunteer fire department on campus. At first I think I just wanted to do it to spend time with my boyfriend, but the more that I think about it, the more that I truly want to do something productive on campus.

I want to become more knowledgeable about films, theatre, literature and music. I've done it a little this year, but I'd love to do some more.

Humanitarian engineering, green engineering, a structural engineering co-op; Buddhism; someone I can connect with.

A peer/spiritual support group/community that I either create myself or join.

Well... I have an MRP to write.... so social media! :)

is organic food really better for you?

I want to explore how I can engage politically towards progressive change, and how I can build community in my life, and whether these are two goals or overlapping goals.

I'd like to be more involved with our congregation, as I have drifted into being a secular Jew.

I think I'd like to look into becoming a vegetarian, and into the Buddhist faith.

I would really like to form some kind of "Empty Nesters" group at the temple for the boomer generation who are not yet considered "Seniors", but whose kids have grown and left home. Organized temples today all seem to be centered around kids, kids, and more KIDS, of every age, but once the kids are grown it seems that they take all the holidays with them... no one to light Hanukkah candles with, or get/give presents to. Maybe they'll be home for Passover, but some don't, so why bother cooking if there is no sedar? You really can be very alone in a crowd during High Holy Days surrounded by families when yours are scattered all over the country. At times it just feels like the "Jewish Community" has a big, empty hole in it between ages 50-70 and I'd like to do something about it... just a thought.

Art and music. I want to make sure these two things get back into my life. I want to experiment again, to play, to express. To get my hands dirty in a bucket of paint.

I'd want to make a documentary or a film promoting the rights of women and children.

There is a lot I want to learn in the coming year. I want to keep reading about people who have transformed their lives through positive thinking and the law of attraction. I want to continue learning about social media and the ways that people build communities and relate to each other. I want to read more about organization design and sort of pursue a self-directed "masters" program in my chosen field. I suppose more than anything, the challenge for me is in disciplining myself to actually put enough focus in a particular area that I can see the results.

Boxing, if my body can take it.

Environmental issues as well as issues around world governance (financial, political).

I want o do some serious Jewish study this year. Whether I study with someone else, or myself. I want to deepen my Jewish learning.

My husband, record our family histories, old 80's movies, dog rescue, politics, economics.

I would like to learn more about Israel and holidays.

My medical training. I've been half-assing it this year because I can (mostly) get away with it.

yes I will be very interest in my life... alone...


I hope to investigate the possibilities that present themselves to me as I prepare for my bas mitzvah in mid-life. I am not sure what they are, but there are several trains of thought that I need to look at-one is helping those who have been abused or taken advantage of by criminal activities, and the other is helping with needs in elder care. I do not know which I should do, but need to investigate and decide.

I would like to be more of a part in autism awareness. I want to be more involved with what my son lives with, and raise awareness in hope to find a cure some day so more children don't have to fight this disease.

Absolutely. I would like to investigate me more fully because I need to find some answers to many questions in my life and I need to find out more deeply who I am before I can explore something outside myself.

I want to learn to play a musical instrument this year. We have a flute and a piano in the house and I want to put one of them to use. my tambourine just doesn't cut it anymore.

I'd like to find out more about what my father did during WW2. Things have run into the ground and I need to go to the National Archive. But first I have to dig my heels in and demand some sort of a steer about what files to look in. So far they haven't been helpful.

PuppyProfits.com is a website that promotes dog fighting. We must find a way to shut them down and put an end to this cruel and torturous excuse for a sport. I'd like to further investigate Mono No Aware and the principals of Buddhism.

urbanization and the environment. poverty reduction and growth theories. reading the classics.

This year, I would like to learn more about business plans and running my own nonprofit (and unfortunately the financial processes that come along with it.) I would also like to read one full book in Portuguese! This will help increase my vocabulary. It's not really an idea or cause, but increasing language is definitely soemthing I want to do.

Continue my inquiry into the workings of the mind. Industrial psychology, cognition, human evolution, evolution of language.

Myself, probably. I'll be in college next year. Wherever that is, I'm really hoping I find direction and purpose.

Poland. English. My future job. Programming. House M.D. Jared Leto's movies. Biology

Judaism. Presidential candidates. Something to write a long scholarly article about.

I'd like to check into Eve Ensler's V-Day movement more actively.

I want to get to know more about the theory of awesome

We are considering using our home/ministry as a retreat for pastors who may feel "burned out" with their work. It's easy to become burned out when you're trying to be all things to all people; often there's no place they can go to relax and unwind. We are in the "talking about it" stage right now.

Hmmm... I don't initially resonate with that question. I always think more about things I want to do better at work or relationships I want to improve on. Investigate more? Maybe just halakhah - I want to learn more and think better about it. And I would like to read more general news and science news.

I want to explore working with my hands more. I work so much with computers I lose touch with tangible items. I would like to be able to be able to hold something I have worked. I know it doesn't sound like much but I want to explore sewing, needlework, and working with wood.

I'm always investigating new ideas. I have been investigating and practicing a raw food diet. I'm also investigating and close to practice with minimalism. Once it is 2012 I feel I will be more immersed in the minimalistic lifestyle, which will come in handy for when we move to Iowa in August. Who knows what I will encounter next for other investigation.

Preparing for our retirement. It's something we've put off for so long. I want to make sure my husband and I are saving enough or investing properly so that we aren't taken by suprise by our financial situation 20 or so odd years from now.

Nichiren Buddhism. I've been practicing it for 18 years but still don't have an in depth understanding of.

I'd like to check out playing an instrument - maybe clarinet - for fun.

I suppose I need to check out this whole Lupus thing. i feel fine and dont think it affects me too much, but it wouldnt hurt to investigate it some more and see what potential problems could be. lets hope it doesnt keep the man down!

Yes--myself. How to move beyond my internal roadblocks and reach my full potential.

I want to deepen my reading of Santayana and other religious naturalists to understand how far one can go without veering into the supernatural. I want to learn more about the Farm Bill and help mobilize the synagogue around this issue.

Professional development. I have so much to learn! I don't even know what I don't know yet. So this time next year, I at least hope to know that.

I'd like to investigate how to get the CMA certification. Also, I'd like to pick a specific charity to volunteer for.

Poverty. I feel like I live in a world with multiple worlds. For example, 1 world might be people who take their cars exclusively to the dealership for oil changes and service. Another might be those who rely upon a mechanic. Another might be people who wouldn't buy a mattress at retail but rather respond to one of those signs posted on a telephone poll advertising a queen mattress and boxspring for $200.

I'd quite like to look into Share dealing. Although, I need a bit of spare cash and time to research, so I'm not sure. I'm determined to use my work position now to assert myself and also progress myself in my current workplace.

O want to write more poetry to inspire others to be on the right path. To at least better themselves if nothing else. But ultimately to write in support of Hashem and Israel.

I want to continue our adventure into growing our own vegetables and cooking with less meat.


Starting our own family is something that I would like us to stop thinking about, and actually make decisions and taking action! It is something that we both know we would like at sme point, but we never seem to find time to sit and discuss properly, and time passes us by - but now I feel like we need to at least make decisions and plan for our future, so it may not be right now - but I would like a clearer idea of when.

I would like to investigate a career in philanthropy and see if it would be a viable option for me. I just want to have a job that I find fulfilling but that doesnt require that we struggle to pay our bills.

inner mystery

I want to participate in the 99% movement for economic justice. I have to decide today whether to go to class tonight or join the march. I am 56 and getting arrested would NOT be a cool adventure or even a good story.

William Carlos Williams; ideas invovling shade and shadow;

I would like to understand the political candidates thoroughly, learn more about promoting childhood cancer awareness, complete at least 2 of my career projects, and improve my foreign language skills.

I want to look into what it might take to start a collaboration with African women fabric makers/weavers/small business owners... I also want to take a leadership class at some point and see if I can start a high school girls' small group.

More time to focus on supporting secular Israeli issues like art, music and media.

I would like to see if we can come up with an acceptable alternative to President Obama in the 2012 Presidential election. I have given him all the chances in the world and he just can't do the job the way it needs to be done. I thought he would be better than George W. Bush. I really do not think that he will falter so bad that will not get the Democratic nomination. Therefore, being a realist, the acceptable nominee would have to be a Republican. I really would love to see ongressman Ron Paul be the nominee and I'd like to get enough people to see things the same way to get him nominated. I am open to other alternatives though; not that anyone else who is currently on the radar screeen strikes me as being viable.

I want to meet new friends and I would love to meet a great man to be my partner in life.

I'm really sick of politics as usual. I think the two party system is really just two flavors of corporate owned hacks who exist merely to give us the illusion of having a choice. Iam going to think long and hard about actively supporting a different party - even if it means that the greater of the 2 evils gains office.

I would like to learn more about my husband's family and the house we live in. There's a story there dying to get out and I want to put it all on paper. Other things I want to investigate: opening an Etsy store, how to drywall, which car to buy, Buddhism, among other things.

I have always had a desire to give back to the cancer community. While in college, I did not have the means to give financial. This lead me to donate 10 inches of my hair this past year. My job hunt has lead me to a position at the American Cancer Society. God has blessed me by placing me in the center of the cause I have always wanted to aid. Now that I am financially prepared, I plan on donating funds this next year to St. Judes Research Hospital. There is something about witnessing a child, who has barley experienced life, struggle to stay alive. St. Judes' has always held a special place in my heart. I want to help these children with this life threatening disease in any possible way I can.

Political involvement. Doing more to change the world.

My religion, judaism. I want to convert during 2012.

I want to investigate my family's background more so that I can communicate it to my children.

We started on cohousing this past year, and it didn't work out. I want to spend more time, thought, and energy on what we could do to live in community.

Rabbinical school. My husband. Meditation. Creative writing. New recipes

I would like to be in a relationship. I would like to further my career. I would like to learn how to sew.

There is a cause that I'd like to stand up for more in 2012. My mom died due to complications of rheumatoid arthritis. I have supported cancer causes because so many of my friends and family have been affected by it, and my family has always supported MDA since my aunts and uncles all died young due to a form of muscular dystrophy called myotonic dystrophy. My mom even asked that after she died, it be requested that people donate to MDA in honor of her siblings. But now I want to get more involved with the cause that aims to cure the disease that wreaked havoc on my mom and kept her from doing so much in her later life.

You mean besides myself? I guess it would have to be the cause of sustainability and all that that encompasses. Getting more involved with Transition Westchester, perhaps. Dr. Susan. Chickens.

The local food movement, and supporting local CSAs. Alternative healing that may help me deal with fibromyalgia.

Stopping GMOs

I want to investigate getting off the grid as much as possible for home heating and electrical power.

Meditation. Parenting.

I'd like to create furniture. Really odd thing to say. But i'd like to do it become tool savy and create something i want instead of always having to be so picky about what i own in terms of furniture... Strange but that's what i want.

Finding a way to work from home (or anywhere) so I will be free to travel yet still be able to work. Oh and some medical benefits would be great!

I'd like to investigate alternative career paths, and the idea that people can make a living doing things they actually enjoy.

Yes. I would like to immerse myself more in hot yoga--and possibly get certified to teach it. I would also like to become more active in support groups for women who suffer from post-partum depression.

I am auditing a class at a local college on Mass Media & American Politics. I'd like to continue taking a class each semester to learn about topics I missed when I was in college, such as economics or theater.

My soon-to-be husband!

I want to investigate, or really get to know better, Patrick. I think this thing with him, this romance or relationship, whatever it is, could be good for us.

I don't know if there's just one thing, I'm always interested in learning new things. I think I'd like to learn how to sew, because I feel like I'm missing out, not being able to alter my clothes to fit me better or make little home decor projects. Plus it'll save money!

Myself. Movies and Music. Hebrew. Talmud. Philosophy.

Social Justice

Judaism. Even though I completed my first two years of study and have officially converted, it's an ongoing process. I have much to learn and already much to teach. I also would like to get back into the habit of protesting the rodeo, the circus, and various other forms of "entertainment" that are cruel to animals. I used to do this regularly and have let other things get in the way.

I want to learn more about sacred geometry, and hone in on meditation and excersize practices.

I want to move toward my own business and my license

The Bible.

I'm just starting my PhD, so having time to investigate much of anything else feels laughable! But experimenting more with vegan cooking and deepening my meditation practice would be great distractions.

The Presidential campaign. The American Jewish World Service. How to find a boyfriend. The possibility of studying abroad. Looking into different options for how I will spend my summer.

Everything. I know, I aim high... but better to aim for the stars and miss than to restrict oneself to shooting at the ground.

I would like to become a member of an enlightened community such as Agents of Conscious Evolution which actually meet in person somewhere in my vicinity instead of virtually. I would like to find a literary agent who believes in me and what I write about, and a publisher for my chef d'oeuvre. Hopefully, when we do this, answering these questions, do you send prayers or energy or anything to help us????

How to better juggle work and home life.

Transgender Rights - the next great civil rights movement of our time.

I would like to reduce my dependency on ambien and incorporate walking - the idea being that exercise will help me sleep better as opposed to ambien.

I have been reading alot of non fiction and have become interested in various historical figures and their biographies. No one in particular, just people and how they influenced their time and ours. I also want to investigate moving to Costa Rica and obtaining residency there. That is a big priority. Hope this is the year.


yes, I would like to see a local organization start gardening for the food banks, and the betterment of the local residents.

I'd like to investigate the possibility of getting a girlfriend. I'd also like to learn a bit about my family history and about getting my short story collection published upon its completion.

Barack Obama, social entrepreneurship, microfinancing, reading in general, politics, amnesty international, human rights now, drs without borders

Gardening and craft.

I'm intrigued by the protest movement which seems to be starting as a result of the income disparity in the U.S., as well as similar protests in Europe. I have a feeling this year will be all about exploration and investigation.

1. I want to investigate an MFA in playwriting. 2. I want to deepen my understanding of Judaism. 3. I want to deepen my understanding of the craft of acting and editing. 4. I want to learn more about the plays of Edward Albee, Naomi Wallace, and Adam Rapp.

Rest and recover from 2011.

I know dual enrollment is close at hand for my 14 yr old homeschooler. Learning more about college admission, transcripts and the entire ordeal of preparing an 11th grader for the eventual future seems to be where I'm headed this coming year. Personally, I would like to learn more about my own emotional triggers and always presenting myself the way I would like to be seen.

volunteer with the aclu. starting a new business so i can work for myself. yoga. meditaion. life with a partner. the stock market. running.

In myself. I want to become me and I will investige all my power to realise this plan. I have to learn a lot about who I am and what I really want and I hope to have a future without fear and pain and self-hatred. I will need all my strength to make my dream or better my life come true.

various sorts of bio-remediation, such as mycoremediation.... more home-scale permaculture efforts

Chakras systems within Sufism. The idea of only having to work one job to make ends meet. Euclid.

There are several things I would like to investigate. I would like to find out when my grandmother and grandfather came from Ireland. I would like to see if I can execute and complete a free online course in memoir/journal writing for which I have signed up through my public library. I would like to be a better and more educated member of my Jewish community here and contribute more. Become more skilled with Hebrew.

I want to be part of the worship band at my church. This has been a goal of mine for quite a while now and I need to act on it.

not really that I can think of at the moment. But I am sure something will come up- it always does

I would like to explore growing my own vegetables and herbs, and living sustainably. And more about bikes, like how to fix my many bike problems.

Yes, I want to pursue the feasability of me learning web design/marketing for small business owners and potentially open small business in a new town and state I am moving to when I sell my house. I'd market myself to small business owners using as my benchmark two local business owners in my current town who have done a fabulous job with both social media marketing and regular email reminders to potential customers.

I want to learn more about Rob, the love of my life. But it's not an investigation, just an unfolding.

I really want to get to know Adam's family better. I feel like I have good relationships with his parents and sister but don't know the rest of them that well, even though I've been fortunate enough to spend three holidays now with the extended network. At Rosh Hashana dinner, one invited us to come over another time and said she wanted to get to know me better, and it really struck me. I felt like family for the first time at this dinner, and I want to learn more about this wonderful group of people. They've been incredibly accepting and welcoming of me, and I hope to remain in this family and want to become close with them so that my family can grow up close with them too. I love seeing all the cousins playing and growing together, and I would want my kids to be a part of this too. They also have faced so many of the issues we're facing and likely to face in the future, from the commute to children, and I feel like I have a lot to learn from them.

My ex-boyfriend. I want to see if he is still interested in me because he said he was a few months ago when I was in a relationship, and I miss him and am now single and want tot get back together with him.

I'd like to investigate Buddhism more. I'd like to investigate my spirituality and find an even stronger inner peace. I'd like to find someone on the same level as me.

The Occupy Wall Street protest movement is something I want to investigate more fully in 2012. Also, living positively and embracing positive emotions is something I'd like to have a better grip on.

I want to delve more deeply into the Social Justice Fund of Ventura County. Every time I interact with this group of very humble movers and shakers, I'm blown away. There is something so radically "correct" about this organization - democracy at its best - where ideas are solicited, feedback is digested, improvements are made, communities are formed, change is made. The best part, is that this doesn't simply happen within the Giving Circle and the Committees, but that approach spreads out into the nonprofits that are being funded. Everyone comes away empowered tenfold in this "power with" model vs the traditional "power over" model. In my opinion, the Fund models world-class business principles in the non-profit sector and melds in decisions by consensus. How radical is that?! I've never seen anything like it and the inspiration and excitement that I experience with each encounter is a sign that there is something here worth exploring more deeply.

Going to restart bat mitzvah lessons

My family's genealogical history. Dining For Women. I'd also really like to go on a yoga retreat somewhere.

With the world economy performing so poorly, there has been a tremendous increase in poverty. It is our ethical responsibility to ensure that no person goes hungry and I want to learn more about how we can better alleviate issues of hunger in our country and the world.

I want to investigate three things related to my overall passion in renewable energy and sustainability: (1) fresh water purification and in a broader sense water conservation techniques and technologies, (2) biogas/biomas options for generating energy (thermal or electrical), (3) feasibility in using geothermal heat pumps as efficient cooling for power plant steam cycles.

Meditation. Fiscal responsibility. Myself. My family.

My family. I had always been ashamed of my family - my "roots" - but it is because of my ignorance of my family, of my roots - and their sacrifice - that my shame is, well...rooted. It is because I chose ignorance over knowledge that I feel ashamed of my ancestors who, despite their knowing me and my feelings (most of them), I am ashamed. It is pathetic, at best, and disrespectfully selfish at worst. I will do better this year.

spirituality, Charles Bukowski, silence, Tarot

my wife.

I would like to learn more about Judaism in the coming year.

Veganism. Hip Hop. Ending oppression. Being REALLY RALLY happy. Drumming and the guitar.

Me. Meditation. Memoir.


How to contribute meaningfully to the struggle against world-wide islamization and anti-Semitism.

Crossfit and/or P90X Breathing Meditation Volunteering as a tutor Novels and reading more in general, to expand my exposure to all ideas.

I want to investigate Judaism. I want to go back to scriptures, to explore varying interpretations, to read literature and philosophy. I want to define my own Judaism and be empowered within it. I want to understand my responsibility to be an active member of my world through ancient texts and Jewish ethics.

Sex trafficking. Mission work. Special Education.

This next year, I'd really like to learn about things that are happening in the community. I really need to keep up with the news and see how our city is progressing and what can be done to better it. This is a great city that is falling apart at the seams.

Going back to the "hobby" idea - I'd like to explore the creative side of myself. Perhaps doing a cooking or art class/project.

I'd like to study philosophy. There is a school in NYC exclusively devoted to this pursuit. Secular Humanism gets a bad rap - but there is something there worth investigating.


On- the -breath acting. Being in the present moment. Improving Hebrew translation.

I plan to continue pursuing all the directions I've already begun: counseling, political self-education and activism, songwriting, prose writing, watercoloring. At 58, I still resist choosing "what I'm going to be when I grow up" because I'm still interested in so many things.


I'd like to read more about history - both American and world. I'd like to be more knowledgeable about the world.

I'd love to explore many new ideas. I'd love to write many stories. But at the same time, I need to work on my website, and I find that deciding to follow my curiosity is what keeps me from my accomplishments. So, I guess I'd like to explore the idea of staying focused and meeting my goals, because that would be new!

Graduate school and/or teaching possibilities for myself. Given the state of the economy, I'd probably have to do freelance work -- I think of helping kids with their writing, their college essays. Or editing, hopefully for money. But those are ideas for me and I have a feeling the question was meant to be more about intellectual curiosity. I'm pretty good about checking out ideas, news stories and especially science, which always interests me. I'd like to learn a bit more computer stuff, though I'm pretty competent. Adobe Photoshop, some programing. And science -- I'm always interested in matters astronomical -- maybe put more of any effort into learning what the heck dark matter is and other similar concepts.

I would like to volunteer to work in the children's unit of UCSF.

I want to spend more time on developing my dollhouse, which isn't a cause or a person, but its something for me, which often seems to get shuffled into last place.

Yes. PERMA: positive emotion, engagement, relationship, meaning, achievement...I want to feel as though I'm flourishing. Failing that, I want to investigate Steve.

I want to become much more articulate about world geography and politics.

The issue that I am prepared to devote time to is the recall of our radical right wing governor.

Yes, me.

Is the world really going to end December 12, 2012?????

Investigate? WOW I am blank. Maybe I feel like I have been thinking too much. Perhaps I can investigate how to be more productive so that I can not investigate so much and just take time to enjoy the beauty and joy of life.

Huguenots. Voyageurs. Highlanders. Jewish life on the Lower East Side.

I want to learn more about the Talmud. I have signed up for a class series that will help me to get started. It actually starts in 2011, so this is more something I'm investigating in 5772 rather than 2012.

I think right now since our school has been involved in some contraversy because of bullying that has finally come to light I am obsessed with finding out the cause and what we as employees and as a society can do to stop this kind of behavior. I am now feeling hyper aware of how the students speak to each other on campus as well as how my own daughter is spoken to and how SHE speaks to others. The violence and abuse that is so prevalent in our society really effects our children in more ways than we as a society realize. The shows on TV are a prime example of how reality and fantasy are no longer separate and this alone speaks volumes as to where we are headed as a society. I am the last one to say this type of thing but after watching TV for many years and seeing the increase in the social media arena it is more and more difficult to deny that there is a match.

Community supported agriculture. I would really like to get in on a CSA share and see what it's like to cook with what's actually in-season.

Immersion of my self in nature even more, though with all the prompts to get back to nature, some of us never left.

I am searching for more "internal satisfaction"- call it peace or serenity or equipoise, but I am trying to find a place where I no longer strive against myself, no longer compare myself with others (a form of competition), no longer isolate myself (a result of competition).

I'd like to understand more about Hebrew etymology.

I'd like to do more to help homeless people in my area in 2012.

Calligraphy, Hebrew, Halakah, social media.

I'd like to work on the notion of being fully present, in everything I do and with everyone I interact.

Hieronymus Bosch. Cousin Susie. How artists see. Communist Romania. Romania, post-communism. Modern iterations of the fairytale.

I want to investigate the disparities in Guatemala and how I can help, even on just a marginal scale. I have an old co-worker who is attempting to get funding for HIV prevention work in Guatemala and I would like to help him anyway that I can. I should learn more about the cause though.

More of a rediscovery of meditative techniques and Eastern philosophies. Also alternative financial models that will allow for an earlier-than-scheduled retirement. Pop physics and psychology - need some refresher courses there, too. And (for work and personal) how Social Media and Interaction affects us as consumers and as people.

I want to keep studying Torah and Hebrew this year.

Not really. I would like to perfect my professional skills so that I can qualify for more, higher paying jobs. I am mostly self taught and doing great, considering, but still, some more formal training could not hurt. As for ideas and causes, they seem to drain more than motivate me these days.

I want to learn more about healing touch and energy work. It is something I don't know much about, but feel drawn to, and wonder if I might be able to do.

The depths of my mind, the limits of my body and the expanse of my spirit.

I think that since I'm just starting out in college, I can't name just one. Obviously, going into engineering, I'm really curious about how stuff works. I can't wait to start focusing on what I want to learn about-renewable sources of energy! I want to investigate being a frat more. I want to learn more about what it's like to be part of the gay community. I just want to get more involved in my own interests in the coming year.

Read more novels.

I can't wait for my daughter to get older and even more interactive with me. At the moment she is eleven weeks old and has only just started finding her voice and making eye contact with me and smiling. We even had her first real tears today which was very sad. I'm hoping that she will be nearly walking by this time in 2012. She's absolutely amazing and the best thing I've ever made!

Learning circles. Generative conversations.

I hope to maybe be a campus ambassador for Worby Parker Eyewear. I also would like to find my route for experience in the Nursing Field. I hope to meet people that let me find my place in my field of study.

Judaism, Gideon, Anti-Fracking, Mindfulness, Vermont Canaries-environmental allergens advocacy group.

Reiki, Ellie Noelle Cushman, volunteering, living out west again...There are a lot of things I want to get back into also. Like, yoga, knitting, reading... But I am afraid I probably won't have much time to myself in the coming months.

a person - yes. He already is aware of this. Hopefully one year from now we are closer and still happy. A cause - too many. Fairness for all? Is that really a cause? HRC. NOH8. Prop 8. Occupy Wallstreet. Socialized Healthcare. Keeping Social Security safe. again...too many.

I'm curious where the Occupy Wall Street movement will lead. I, too, am fed up with and insulted by corporate greed. In particular, big banks whining about their inability to gouge businesses through visa charges, then deciding to make customers pay to use their own money. I'm about to change banks for the first time in 25 years because of it.

I'd like to learn more about, well, besides everything.... Math. The American School System vs. Hogwarts. Zeke. Jesus. Current Events.

I want to explore environmentally and globally responsible consumer practices. I'd like to be living my life in a way that is as kind to the environment and others as possible.

I want to learn some form of self defense.

I want to take action on long-time interest in Adult Literacy program. I want to actually try to learn Hebrew and Spanish, as opposed to just wishing I could.

I'm open :-)

I want to study the Reformation in depth. Although I've already made a decision to change my religion, I want to read much more background about the whos and whats of this major religious shift.

where my passions lie and what I might have missed along the way

Not really, just continue to contribute to my Temple and our favorite chariot (aleh).

Yes to all three options, and I will.

Trying to trace my family tree. I have joined a geneology organization and hope I will be able to find out where and when my grandparents came to the US. I am sorry I never asked questions when I was growing up and living with them. Now there is no longer anyone alive to tell their story.

Area 51 alien tour in Nevada, visit Joshua Tree. What would it take to go to Burning Man? Wild Woman Tour to Alaska. Will I ever be able to retire?

Myself. What do I truly enjoy, like to do? What pleases me, not because someone else suggested it or I remember that someone else liked it? Where do I want to travel? What authors do I like? Do I enjoy hiking, skiing, skydiving? Or am I a lazy body who just enjoys cuddling up in a blanket on the couch?

I would like to learn Hebrew.

My daughter's wellness, both mental and physical

I do want to learn more about Judaism. I have already committed myself to attend Friday night services, shabbat dinner as well as to kiss the mezuzah each time I enter a room and I have enrolled in a Judaism course. It may seem like a lot for many but I still want to do even more. With each course, Jewish event, or act I do feel a sense of closeness and security with myself.

Yes, I want to be come more well read, the classics, difficult literature, not just pleasurable or entertaining reading. i think much of our history, conscious and unconscious resides there, and i want to taste it.

Yoga and meditation. I'd also like to learn a new skill: knitting, guitar or piano, or something that hasn't occurred to me yet...

Nothing profound comes to mind. I suppose I'd like to take some road trips to explore the southwestern US since I live here now. I'd also like to investigate purchasing a hybrid or electric vehicle to supplement and/or replace our 15-year-old minivan.

artistic ways to make money, retro aprons, drawing, painting, retro modeling for soldiers

How to live authentically and halachically in the modern world today that works for me, my family and our community.

Wives in clinical rotations. writing. graphic design. wine tasting. organization. yoga. baking. cooking. did i mention organization!?!

I want to go outside. I want my ankle to heal, and then I want to go out and walk around and rediscover the miracle of moving myself from place to place on my own two feet. I want to regain my faith in mobility!

I want to investigate sustainable living and primitive skills more fully. I want to get more established in the art of living closer to the land.

I'd like to investigate either going to grad school, or teaching English abroad. I have been interested in both for awhile, and know I just need to take the leap!

Long term relationships with the boyfriend I hope I have next year. The art of making ice cream {Think Graeter's}, and surfing.

Family History and family stories

I would like to know more about our house and the land it's built on. It was built in 1934, that much I know, and that year there were only 20,000 houses built in the entire country. I'd like to know what was here before it was built, who built it, who owned it, if it's a Sears kit house, etc. We joined our local historical society and I'm going to use their library to start working on this project.

The idea that taking care of my family could be a spiritual path, that I could be a GOOD person by making lots of money, not a bad person. I have a real and abiding hatred of and deep suspicion of rich people. I think they're all evil, self-interested Libertarian types who think it's not only ok, but good, to step on others. I don't want to be that, so I've kept myself lower middle class even though I have the intellect to make a lot more money. Can I do it morally, and still be a GOOD person? Can I ensure that my husband and I can someday own a car, a house, retire but do it without turning into a corporate pig? Can I do it without losing my soul and not caring about others? My very best friend married a rich man. She's was one of the most socialist people I ever knew, kind, sweet, always giving to others, but recently I witnessed her chew him out because he was THINKING about giving ONE of his employees health insurance. She has everything in the world- no job, a beautiful child, owns a house and two cars, her child will go to private school pre-K to graduate school. She buys Coach shoes! But, she begrudges a poor working guy insurance, insurance that if her husband gives it to him won't affect her life one bit. She won't notice one difference; she'll still be RICH. That's what money does to really good people but is the alternative poverty, working til I die? So, I want to explore if there is a way to make money and have a good life but without turning into a bad person.

I'd like to investigate the possibly of an enterprise that my husband, my daughter and I could explore together as a means of making an income.

Ways of making decent money that I enjoy. ways of giving to charity and feeling that I am helping to make a difference.

Investigate the towers of books laying all over my home! Investigate what it is like to be healthy for once.

not really. the plate's too full as it is.

Sparring, writing, love.

It would be very interesting to learn more of my family history but I doubt there will be time in 2012. I'd also like to learn more about helping Habitat For Humanity and working in one of their stores.

HRC Human Rights, here I come. I want to rock this world with what I believe. I believe in: Love Equality Peace Gearing up, baby!!!

I really want to look into European history and its rich culture. I would like to experience it first hand, but I can't get the money to do that until sometime after 2013. So for now I'll take classes, research, and educate myself on my own time.

I want to find myself again and I feel like I am on my way- prior to my pregnancy I really felt like I was the person I wanted to be- my self esteem and confidence have taken a real beating these past two years and so I am hoping that 2012 is the year that I discover myself again!

I would like to know more about technology in the classroom, so I can make more of a contribution to the work I do at school.

I'd like to learn more about Hinduism. I think Hinduism would be a really interesting religion to learn about. Reincarnation is definitely something I need to look more into.

I would like to get back to the habit I had in previous years of engaging in activities that give back to the community. The benefit I got from it was overwhelming.

being in relationship > than being single ?

I want to learn about the Jewish young adult community in LA, hopefully to find a partner. I also want to get more involved in pilates and/or yoga.

I feel like all my answers are the same! I want to get more into sock knitting than I have been previously. I seem to have all of this sock yarn but am not using it to make anything with. I also want to knit some shawls. I'm thinking of making a red one for mum for christmas this year. I want to grow in my art making as well. I guess I will since I'm studying art at uni, but I want to experiment more with different mediums. At the moment I'm embroidering a picture of a girl. I've never embroidered something this big before, or this complex so I'll see how I go, but I'm enjoying it so far. I want to keep on making my little felt brooches. Also I would like to start doing some sculpture and knit some fingering weight cardigans and jumpers for myself. I don't like knitting with larger wool for big projects I've found. Or maybe I just don't like to knit cardigans, but I'll have to find out.

Life. Colleges, people, opportunities, experiences, etc. I'd also really like to have a boyfriend. The last attempt collapsed right out from under my feet, so I'd like to find a really good guy this time. Someone caring, genuine, honest, open, friendly, amicable, confident, and of course, cute! Still keeping my fingers crossed :)

I want to continue to learn more about mindfulness or other approaches to therapy, so that I can enhance my practice.

I want to learn how to daven traditionally.


The Supreme Court.

interestingly enough, I want to investigate Buddha in 2012. From the limited knowledge I have of Buddhism, it seems much more attractive a religion to me than all the others I know anything about. I can relate to it on many levels and it seems like a legitimate possibility to me to turn into a Buddhist. I want to explore it more fully in the following year, though, before I make the decision.

I used to do voluteer work for Habitat for Humanity in Los Angeles and have been looking at volunteer opportunities for that same agency in Seattle. I also am looking at recycle, refurb, reuse and restore opportunities that help my family and the community. So much waste screams new ideas for existing things of all kinds.

Yes! My new sweetheart!

As a teacher I am constantly refining and hoping to improve lesson plans and assignments. I have some ideas I would like to explore in 2012. Some are things I've thought about and never acted upon, and some are thoughts that have just come up recently.

Being "passionately neutral". Love that idea in more than just work. Choosing what to be neutral about and what to take a stand on.

I want to learn digital design. I want to perhaps go back to study and learn how to use in-design, photoshop. I want to investigate how to start my own business, how to manage money and budgets, and how to effectively use my annual leave, so I can still maintain my true love: travel.

Robert Lepage. The miniature. Worlds made of wood. How to write fiction. Theatre sets as installation. How to live a sustainable life as an artist.

i would like to learn more about my grandpas past, before he forgets all of it.

I wish I had the resources to do a full investigation of my family history and research my family tree beyond my grandparents or great-grandparents. I would be satisfied if I could spend more time learning about the lives and teachings of the great Rabbis of the 1st and 2nd centuries.

I'd like to learn more about finances and investing so that I can start to save, and understand where my money goes.

un-inhabited parts of the world, un-inhabited parts of me like the married part. Its not inhabited so I want to inhabit that with marriage.

Yes. Several: Genetics and medicine. Social Media. Art. My grandmother. My parents.

Myself, financial planning, Taking a more active role in the election process.

The humanities side of my education!

I want to spend more time involving myself and finding out more about Jewish causes. The seperate Palistinian state. The decrease in Zionism or is there? Things of this nature and anything new that may come up.

Until just recently, I bought into the idea that more engaging Tefilah experiences would draw folks into the religious life of Jewish community. Over the past several months, although I’ve attended some Shabbat services that exemplified what I call “sawdust Judaism”, I’ve also been to communities where the service is present and compelling – really resonates strongly with me –nevertheless, less than 10% of the Kehila’s membership is present. I’ve read Steven Cohen’s monographs on the state of Judaism in the U.S. and feel that I’m missing something. I would truly like to better understand what keep spiritually seeking Jews away from community prayer.

I havent thought about a specific something that I'd like to investigate more fully in 2012. I guess as I am currently for a new job in a new industry the role I get will lead me to develop ne interests in different areas. Also as of yesterday night my partner and I decided that I would move permenantly into his apartment. Our relationship has been a rollercoaster on and off for 9 years now. This is our last chance and so the coming year will be all about investigating what our shared life will look like. Also, as he is Jewish there is pressure for me to convert. It is something I am very open to and actually would like to do. so I will want to investigate what my options are.

In 2012 I would like to learn more about history , both sacred and secular .I would like to understand more about trends and why people do the things they do. I would like to get a better grip on the Book of Isaiah. This is a key book in many ways , pivotal in history but I don't really understand it. I would like to learn Hebrew ,why you may ask ,at 70 years , but then again ,why not ? All my life I have quested for an understanding of truth and righteousness ,never mind that it may be unattainable , the quest is worth something.

Celtic spirituality. Yoga, Biking

I want to learn more about politics and the election process for the big 2012 presidential election! It will be my first time I am able to vote!

My folks are getting older and now that I am out of my own way, mostly, with feelings of frustration towards my mother, I want to know her as much as possible before it is too late. The good things. The things that make her gasp in memory or make her smile in recollection. The things that are the good and make her feel good to share. Not the things I wish she'd done, or the things that she could do more of or be, but the things that make her smile and allow me inside the part of her that I've always found to be beautiful.

After recent executions, I feel I should do more to put an end to the Death Penalty in this country

I'd like to make more friends. I'd like to write more, create more, read more. I'd like to investigate the idea of working on my own...

Simon Friedlander. Project Air.

I'd like to find a better outlet to volunteer for/with. Maybe even concentrate my efforts so that I truly make a difference.

I want to investigate my family. Not the history but the people I am living with now. I feel that I never know what to do and when I do do something it's always wrong. I want to especially get to know my dad. It's not that we've been separated or anything, cause we haven't, but I feel like he an I don't understand each other as well as we should being father and daughter. I hope to do iron 2012 because after next year I go away to college.

I want to learn more about yoga/meditation techniques.

I'd like to further investigate cancer treatment. I'd like to investigate the psychology of death; the ways in which, when confronted with death, in the form of chronic/life threatening illness, human beings become, over time, used to the idea of dying. That finally, when a person who was ill for a long time leaves us, we say "they are in a better place." is there a point in which we become unafraid of death? As a person who had been in such emotional, psychological pain, who had considered death to be a relief to my suffering, many years ago, I can see how others come to see death as an end to suffering. I am curious about the psychology of death, of grieving, and of living with the knowledge that we are not here forever. A few days ago, a Nobel prize candidate won the Nobel for his research and discoveries in cancer treatment. He had worked on cancer studies fir years. The irony was that he was diagnosed with cancer--one of the worst kinds--4 years ago. Pancreatic cancer. My dad was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer in late march of this year. This Nobel prize candidate was honored the award. However, once he was honored, the committee had been informed that he had passed on over the weekend. He was given the award--the first time in Nobel history--posthumously. His family spoke on his behalf. They seemed calm, composed, smiling. They were prepared for his passing. They were not in shock. They had felt death slowly creep in. Had expected it, and were coping quite stunningly. They let go of his body, with grace. They had been mourning quietly, subtly, all along. It seems with cancer, families are often less hysterical upon the loved ones death because they've seen them grow increasingly incapacitated over time. They've seen them in illness. In pain. Death becomes an answer. In some ways, an antidote. I want to investigate the psychology of death and dying. Unfortunately. About 5 hours after I wrote this, while sitting in a coffee shop, on the first rainy day of the season, just when the sun finally peaked through the clouds, I received the message, on my iphone, that Steve Jobs died---of pancreatic cancer. My heart stopped, but I looked into the sky with tears and gratitude. A visionary who shaped our world. A wave of peace and heartbreak towered over me. He knew the purpose and drive behind life, and he knew, with true clarity, that this is 'a destination we all share.' Thank you Steve Jobs.

I want to investigate more about my childhood and my family history.

In 2012 I want to investigate linguistics and linguistic anthropology more in depth. The prospect of graduate school, also. This may be related, but more likely it will be business school. so, GMAT and GRE are on the menu. I also want to explore what it means to be a truly good friend, and an independently happy person.

The time for investigating is past. The time for fearless and beautiful right action is here.

I would like to understand more about myself. What makes me tick? I am a walking dichotomy. I have no direction-- I have 12 directions that I go in simultaneously. I drive me crazy! I want to be successful at something but it is hard when I go in so many directions that seem unrelated to each other.

I want to investigate a practical alternative to the TEA party that embraces individual responsibility and service to the community. Informed Voters encouraging reasonable taxation (INVEST). The contempt for government and claims of it being too big are based on propaganda and catch phrases not supported by scientific investigation. We are either a civilized society that finds a way to provide for the common good or we are selfish contemptible anarchists that don't want to pay our fair share let alone a little something extra for those that need it. We can't claim to care for soldiers and the elderly and also insist we don't want to pay for their services or care. Same with schools, roads, police and fire and all those other "government services" we feel entitled to but don't want to pay for. Lets investigate what we want AND how to pay for it.

Pivot Tables in Excel. Sounds ridiculous, but it's something that is a) useful b) hard for me to wrap my head around c) frustrating. I will feel really proud of myself if I can grasp it.

I want to pursue working with my city to put a labyrinth in the park that can be a spiritual place for people to gather.

I would like to explore a simpler lifestyle that is based on sharing and giving. I would like a life that is quietly and intimately connected to the world around me. I would like to become more involved with gardening and grow enough for me, my neighbors and community programs. I would like to offer my medical services to the homeless shelter. I would like a group of girlfriends that can be called together for home renovation projects. I would like to be part of a spiritual community that acts in love to make the world around them a better place.

I want to get in touch with my Eastern European roots, maybe read some literature from there. I have so many interests, but my mind is really scattered these days, so I'll just have to see what comes to the surface in the next year. Second thoughts: I also want to get more involved in peace issues, Buddhist philosophy, adding genres (biographies, for example) to my reading lists next year. I would like to learn another language, probably Italian and to brush up on my French.

As I think about it right now, I'd like to investigate upon different artist that inspire me and their mental and technical techniques and kinds of tools they used to create there works of arts. I guess artists include; doctors and painters as I like to continue to improve my artistic style and work with special needs kids. I would also like to further invest on my children's book idea to help kids sleep better. And as always get to know where I come from; human aspect, native culture and family. I missed yesterdays question because I ran from dealing with things and fell asleep. So the question looking back on last years questions is: How would you like to improve yourself and your life next year? Is there a piece of advice or counsel you received in the past year that could guide you in this project? I would like to reach to a high level of commitment and will power to proceed towards my goals to reach a high level of respect for myself. One piece of advice that I believe that has helped recently was; it counts the most when its difficult. That is the time to stay in the game. Robert pushed me to change my mind on how I've approached certain difficult tasks. GIVE IT all I got at that moment. Ex. weight training pushing until I have no more. I got to see how I give up in my mind before my body really does. So as he says thats probably a reflection of how I deal in other aspects of my life. So now that I know what is not working, I can start to change my attitude/mind to give myself the chance to SUCCEED towards my goals.

I want to investigate what alternative solutions to the economic downturn are besides further consumption, growth, destruction of resources. It is treated as if it is a natural connection, that consumption is required for "recovery" from joblessness and forclosures etc but I don't buy it - but don't know how to picture what else it could look like, either.

I would like to further explore what being an artist means for me.

I want to get more involved with my family history. I want to know where I came from. I want to get more involved with music.

I'd like to explore starting my own business. Something that uses my skills in a consulting role - and allows me to get well paid for fewer hours of work!

I read an article yesterday about selflessness gone awry/pathological altruism. I'm afraid I've been there and I don't want to go back. I'll say "no" more often and do the things I want without worrying about how they look or what other people think or would rather I do. I'm excited about this: investigating and honoring my desires. I don't mean at the expense of others but for self-preservation and growth.


Frankly, I am exhausted from all of the investigating I'm doing. Creating a new course for the International Security degree and trying to make it a sneak "peace studies" course. Teaching a social justice class for Prescott. Thinking about "authentic assessment" for the paper I have to give next month. I think I have o.d.ed on investigation. My brain wants a vacation.

Yoga philosophy/buddhism. Motivation and emotion-type/social psychology. American history and political system. Sustainable agriculture. Piano. Vegetarianism. Grandma's life story.

writing as a means of making money

I'd like to learn more about my new boss, Ronit. I think she has a really interesting story to tell and a lot of good wisdom. I also think she could really use a set of kind ears, transitioning into UD's Hillel is quite the challenge and I know a thing or two about it.

I want to be able to move my Newsletter to the Jessee Website and maintain that site. I need to learn these tools. I want to be nicer to Nelda, Emma, and Earl, at all times. I want to learn how to give up irritability... for which I have great ability. I want to be inspired again to finish the book on The Bidwell School, and to get into the library research needed. I want a diet I can live with...

I always wish I knew more about what's going on in the world, especially in the world of politics. I feel like I skim a lot of things though don't fully take the time to read the full articles and fully grasp what is being said. So, I'd like to try and start really grasping the meanings behind things...stop just looking at the headlines.

Me. I want to focus on me, my real needs, my real friends, my real calling. There are so many things I am passionate about, I want to figure out which ones make me the most fulfilled and spend the rest of my life working on those, cutting out as much in-the-way crap as possible. I want this to be a year of soul searching.

I'd like to take a look at my resistance to losing weight. What's really behind it. I hope to solve it, and then I'd like to investigate it.

Making Cider.

I would like to get more involved in the skeptic movement.

Judaism - from halacha to philosophy to kabbalah even - I'm so excited to have the chance to spend a year learning next year!

I want to feel a sense of inner peace. Not asking for spiritual nirvana, but just a sense of stability within myself, that would make it easier for me to focus and achieve my goals.

Rumi. Tara Brach's podcasts. Myself.

There are some interesting possibilities to investigate in 5772. It would be great if a couple panned out.

I'd like to investigate myself as an artist. I always put my art on hold for the other demands on my life. I'd like to see what I can create if I devoted as much energy to my art as I do to making my home feel right or my work thrive.

My artistic impulse. To make art. Maybe take a class. I was in awe of Calder's wire sculptures. Also, to learn a non-Western language, simply for the experience.

I think right now I am still looking for that something to investigate. I'd like to get involved with a movement or a cause or something. But I don't know what.

I want to learn how to love better so that the people I love feel that I love them not necessarily more concretely, but more. I'd also love to sew and learn Tai Chi. I want to speak better French, and I want to read Hebrew with more fluency. I feel blessed that I can actually spend time doing these things. And more than anything in the world, I want to do more reading, writing and meditating! But it's the loving, the courage to be loving, that is the scary necessity, the ache, the hole to fill with all my heart.

Jason. I want to know more about you

Buddhism. Reiki. Working in China. Politics. Writing (i.e., getting paid to do it). Mandarin. My soul. Physical fitness. Making love -- the highest, purest kind I know exists. Meditation. TCM. Hiking. My past lives. Cooking. Angels.

London :))

Macro economics. Why economies move the way they do.

John Cassavetes (like always), Jean-Luc Godard's idea of "the power of an image coming from the fact that it expresses nothingness." Becoming closer to my father, getting to know him.

I really want to get more involved in women's right to choose. My passion for the cause began when lobbying in D.C. this year, and hearing Jackie Speier speak just deepened my passion. I hope I can find a way to get more involved here at UCSB.

Absolutely. Not a person, but a collective idea of creative intelligence (read: cognitive creativity), self-awareness and what happens when the two are linked. It was the theme of my masters thesis and will be the parting sound of our old paradigm as we embark upon the new one. What does that entail? Who is involved? Who were some of the icons of the past (RIP, Steve Jobs who passed today); that were the few who truly changed the world with their creative genius? Brilliant stuff is birthing itself right now--and I want to document it.

Knitting, baking, Foucault, playing jazz flute, phenomenology.

Many!--more to read, exercise, try writing, travel, sit and do nothing, return to weaving and art, go to more lectures and music --and none of the above. Maybe a taste of some, as I already know I will be still dealing with the primary job I have of nurturing my children, a greatly underestimated and undervalued job in our society. That, my roles as physician consultant, spouse, and an attempt to redefine who I am in late middle age are already more than ehough to do. My goal is only to do the others if they give me peace of mind or renewal in some way.

I want to investigate possible suitors more fully in 2012. Also, the idea of adoption.

Consistent writing! The west indian woman who was a successful gangster in NY intimacy family history


Home buying

There is one person, a boy, who I have fallen in love with. In 2012 I will be graduating high school and he will the following year. I want to be able to spend weeks and weeks with him, just the two of us...obviously it's not that easy but I want to be able to devote plenty of time to him

My ability to devote time and energy to anything new is extremely limited by my disease. There are two issues that are demanding my attention. The first is my disease. I have been invited to serve on the board of directors of The Mastocytosis Society (TMS), a non-profit collective of patients, caregivers, physicians and researchers who deal with masto full-time. TMS is surprisingly active and productive considering that Masto is an orphan disease and effects less than 5,000 people in North America. I see the opportunity to contribute my specific skills and experience to focus the group on finding a cure. The other issue that is bothering me is the growing influence of the rich and disenfranchisement of the poor in America. My heart is in the second issue but my brain tells me to focus on self-interest. I think I will start with TMS and try to work on the empowerment of the little guy once TMS is moving in the right direction.

Katie, my soon to be wife. Embarking on a the first steps of a lifetime of getting to know her... Stoner Park skatepark. So many ideas... Writing a novel. Shoot "Shift-Work"?

I would like to investigate more fully the ideas of justice, cooperative living and self-government, and living with the purpose of serving others.

I have heard many a teaching that came from the Piazecner Rav who perished in the Shoa. I would very much like to learn more about him.

I want to eat more vegetarian and vegan meals, and easy ways to incorporate it into my lifestyle.

Yes, Jean Houston's Awakening to your Life's Purpose course. The person I want to investigate more fully is ultimately me (my Higher Self)!

YES! I just got the book "It's Getting Better All the Time: 100 Greatest Trends of the Last 100 years" and I want to see the research that isn't fear mongering! I want to know where we really are on issues like health care and climate change. I dont want to read mindless headlines and run like a lemming!

antenatal health. body work. massage. the artists way.

I'm interested in collectivism - I'm not interested in rushing out to join a commune or anything, but I am curious about what kinds of non-governmental cooperative groups are common and feasible.

Yes, I am very interested in how the mind works, & have just started meditating. I'm sure I will continue on this journey of learning all I can about how to use my mind in the best possible way to increase my happiness, my health & my relationships.

Spirituality! The Quaker religion, or something....some sense of community, acknowledgment of the craziness of it all....

Not in particular. I'd rather want to read a book from each one of the Literature Nobel Prize winners.

I want to investigate my inner self more. I realize that most of us try to attain happiness from the external. We can't truly be content unless we work from the inside out and trust and love ourselves for who we are. This ignites love in all other relationships.

I feel that the way that Muslims are currently treated and portrayed in America is awful and embarrassing. My husband was telling me last night about a mosque who had a recent convert who suddenly started saying inflammatory anti-American statements. The mosque was very bothered by this individual and contacted the FBI who repeatedly did nothing. Eventually, the mosque had to get a restraining order on this person. Stunningly, this person turned out to be a "plant" from the FBI. The fact that this kind of ridiculousness is done by my own country is embarrassing, and this is just a small example of the kinds of awful bigotry that Muslims in America have to deal with. I've thought a lot about trying to help Israel in the creation of a fair and safe two-state system, but it's also important to focus on my own country. I'd like to actively work towards a more respectful attitude and treatment of all people in America, in particular the Muslim population.

I am curious to explore a new career path that may marry my skills and passions in an effort to fell more fufilled. Maybe a vet tech, a teacher, who knows....

I'd like to investigate Tarot and meditation. They are two things that have been on the back burner for a while now. I hope that I find the time to invest in them this year - although whether I will remains to be seen.

I want to speak to women in their 40's and 50's who decided not to have children, and find out how that choice affected their lives moving forward, and whether or not they regret it.

Lifestyle Automation.

myself! ripe for introspection, for self-betterment, for year-round tshuvah. also the kids -- the inherent people they're becoming....

2012 is going to be a big year I think. I should be in the midst of my research. I should know if I am continuing education or working for a little bit first. I should have my romantic life in control. With all this, I want to investigate more fully the Venus project/Zeitgeist movement. Prospects of licensed sky diving. Getting my knee fixed. Einstein's God. Theoretical evolutionary biology. Traveling more.


I need to investigate the mountain. And teaching.

Yes I want to get to know my friends from college better and I hope we will have a good friendship :)

language history. I have always wanted to know more about this. It is hard to take classes here, so I need to get motivated to do online classes.

A very special person I don't want to just investigate, but never leave her side. My love, Ashley.

Fulbright Malaysia. LA. Grad School. Life in another country. I however will be in Japan until August of 2012 so by this time next year I will just have figured out what is next.

I want to give back more and I want to smile more. I think before I can investigate a person or cause more fully in 2012, I need to focus on myself.

Yes and it is a task that has been on my to do list my entire adult life. My parents divorced when I was 3 years old. My father got custody of my sister and I and my mother got custody of my brother. My sister and I were not allowed to see our mother (she was not given visitation) until we were 18 years old. We have since reconnected and all of the answers we have received about the circumstances of our parents' divorce have been from her perspective, as she is willing to discuss it. My father has closed the door very tightly on that part of his life. He is now 78 and before he dies, I would like to hear his side of the story. I need to hear it and I think he needs to tell it. It is just very hard to pry that door open.

Photography. I enjoyed it so much and was getting better at it, and then for some reason I gradually stopped taking my camera out. I'd like to start taking more photos, learn more about my camera and it capabilities, and try some filters, techniques, shots, etc.

Better health. Both physical and mental. Finding strength to stay balanced with endeavors.

I want to investigate judaism more intensely this coming year. practice more key traditions to be proud of my culture

Speaking, writing, telling stories in ways that help and inspire others . . . I also wonder if I could find a spiritual practice or home that feeds instead of drains me . . .

I would definitely like to be more of an activist for Human Rights. This means learning more about the struggle for Human rights and also learning how to become more involved. It also means actually committing to becoming more involved.

Being new to Bend, I would like to spend some time learning about its past and taking photos of some of the old, historic buildings downtown. I love it here SO MUCH!

I want to know more about many things. I hope to learn more about the history of the conflict in Israel and Palestine, the work of some radical feminists beside Andrea Dworkin such as Ellen Willis, socialism, the way that Occupy Wallstreet impacts the world now and in the future, how to sew a hem on a pair of pants in case I ever actually desire to do this (okay that's not an idea, a cause, or a person, but whatever), writing my book and getting published, traveling on a budget, making sure I do not get diabetes, anarchism, the epatient bill of rights, the new healthcare plan by Obama, the poetry of someone I haven't read yet, and some other stuff.

A project to promote peace in the middle east.

I want to continue taking cooking classes, and then find someone to cook for/with!

In the past year I started learning about Judaism to find out more about my sweetheart. I found, in the process, that it sings to my soul... I continue to read, to learn, and want to not only continue in that portion of my journey, but in adding deeds...


I want to keep getting to know my daughter. She fascinates me every day. I'd also like to find out more about my wonderful husband and understand him on a deeper level.


I would like to pay more attention to what is going on in the world, and gain more perspective on current events that I sometimes shut out. I am very focused on what is going on in my community (school board, neighborhood watch), but often feel like there's no room left in my brain to take in what's going on in the Middle East or Africa, or anywhere else.

I would like to learn more about Islam. I think there is a huge gulf between the tenets of the religion and the public perception based upon terrorist acts.

Ya, my cultural and religious background. Possibly also eastern thought.

I want to expand my limited knowledge of art and history and I plan on thoroughly exploring the Metropolitan Museum of Art -- I even became a member! I also want to learn how to really cook and bake, and expand my abilities, so I plan on taking classes. As a whole, I think what I want to investigate more fully are my horizons.

I need to learn yoga. It's time. Also, my next novel involves a lot of speculative technologies, architectures and shadowy government agencies. The research should be exciting.


The idea of becoming a more socially aware person, finding a way to make some sort of small difference in the world.

A career in sports and a way to incorporate that with travel and other cultures. And of course if I had a great supportive man to go along with that, that would be great too. I'm still not sure that there isn't a "to be continued..." with Dave that could turn into something substantial.

I increased my learning last year and would like to continue on that path. Life has much more meaning when you have a connection to God and Torah but without constant reinforcement, it's hard to keep that connection viable. Learning is a great conduit. I hope I am able to manage my time in a way to continue including meaningful learning opportunities.

I'd like to explore the idea of spirituality. The idea of spirituality and finding what makes me feel alive. It's something that I thought when I did 10q last year. I've not been creating or making art at all very much in the last year. That made me feel whole. I'd like to get back to that. It will come in time though. As I figure out my path all those things will come.

I would like to explore politics more I guess...that's all I have at the moment.

i want to be more involved as a good mother, clean home, home cooking, smart healthy kids who love to learn.

Politics. Music. Graduate School.

Yes, I would like to meet up with an ex-boyfriend next year and see if anything comes of it. I would like to explore painting more this next year. I just bought a couple of canvases and more brushes. A first step.

Burning Man (got burning on the brain...)

I am looking into my heritage as a star seed. A spiritual being... I will be studying everything and seeking many answers.

Helping underprivileged people in Africa Therapeutic Jurisprudence. Arabic. Harmonica. Spirituality/Halacha.

I wish to investigate the ACLU and organizations providing services to the elderly and those who care for them. I remember how stressful caring for my mother and my mother in law has been and wish to help others in similar situations.

I want to further investigate my religion in 2012. I want to be able to provide a backdrop of education for my children in terms of religion. I want to learn how to provide for them, at their age, a belief system that works for both me (Jewish) and my husband (Catholic).

I want to learn more about myself as a 65 year old.

I would like to continue exploring local food systems and production. Building more food security into our communities is an integral part of surviving in a resource constrained future.

I want to continue to investigate myself - what I want and how I'm going to get where I want to go.

To find different ways to work with difficult colleagues

I want to investigate ways and places where I can put my energy to its best use. Whether that be as a volunteer or actually make money from it. Maybe opening an online store with Tom and sell things.


Open education. Neuroscience and how people learn. HTML5 (maybe).

I want to get more involved with Team in Training. It's an incredible organization and a great opportunity to give back.

I would like to investigate the idea of being a good Jew. This wouldnt mean to not drive on Shabbat and fast on yom kippur. Being a good Jew would mean being a good person, and staying connected with myself on a spiritual level as well as being good to other people, and my shul. If there is one thing the Jewish religion taught me, it's to be a good person. My excuse for doing mitzvot is because i want to be a good Jew. I want to keep myself spiritually connected- hence the reason i am on this website. I want to stay connected with my shul, and even get more connected. I feel that my shul is my one-stop shop to discovering who Iam. I don't know many things about me. So another person i would like to investigate is myself. who i am, who im meant to be, and what i believe in. Most things are clear - but not all.

I want to know what I want to do professionally and be applying for grad schools. I want to be moving on to the next stage.

I'd like to learn more about my second home''s area and community.

I would like to start meditating on a regular basis - weekly, if I can't do it daily. It is hard to carve out the time, because I always feel like I should be doing something "productive," but I think it would be good for me.

God and me.

No. I don't think so. I guess that I am happy in general with my life as it is now. I have my people, I have my ideas and I have my causes. I feel in a good state of equilibrium and I just want more of the same. I am reading a lot of history at the moment in my spare time and I want to keep that going. I see that this year I will be putting in more time in terms of social action than in recent years and that makes me feel satisfied too. There are plenty of things that seem good reasons to look forward to this year even though on a national level there is certainly cause for concern. May whoever watches over us please do a good job this year! For all of the family and the whole human race! May all the mentsches in the world have a really good year.

I'd like to look into grad school, perhaps a creative writing program - or at least taking some classes, maybe a workshop, if I decide grad school isn't for me. I'd like to take the GRE while I have all this free time, just so I don't have to do it later, when I'm presumably busier. I'd also like to find more ways to be published, new outlets for writing. Maybe Twenties Hacker, the new online magazine some of my Twitter friends write for - there's a lot out there, & I'm just not sure what.


I'd like to explore how I can help kids through fostering or similar.

I want to explore the news a bit more. I always end up turning it off because it is depressing but it is good to be in the know about certain topics.

Well, psychology, since I'm going to school for it. But also social justice. Prisons. Trap, Neuter, and Return. Education. My family, my self. I would like to investigate stripping myself of the notions of what i cannot do, and try just doing.

My own business. in social media. Public relations. Freelance writing. Whatever. My own gig. My own.

Aside from continuing to work toward acquiring my degree in psychology, nothing really comes to mind.

I would like to learn more about green technology, just for my own information but also to create doing business in that industry.

I would like to learn more about the homeless mentally ill and advocate for them more than just donating coats and money.

I'd like to learn more about jewish living. helping my sons find their own cultural identity. I'd like to re invest in my committment to The 52nd street project. I'd like to learn more about my husband.

I would like to investigate different methods, techniques and styles regarding social work and how it compares from Australia to Israel.

I definitely want to investigate recovery and my Greater Powers and Loving God. I would also love to go back to church and I would love to figure out what I'm doing in school. That is all... Heh.

Joie de vivre. Yoga and Christ.

I'd like to volunteer more, Whether for a political cause or Hospice of Central Iowa. Alternatively, I'd like to devote myself to becoming more outdoorsy. I was late to my love of the out of doors and have a lot of catching up to do.

I definately want to start teaching RPM classes or start to teach weekend cross training circuits. It may not work out because I already have a full time accounting job with a properus future. But I dont want to go through life wondering "what if"? It may take me on a new journey and I might never look back :)

I want to learn more about Israel. If I'm lucky, maybe I'll be able to go on birth rite with my two best friends over the summer before we leave for college.

creating a greater spirituality within myself and to find a purposeful but gentle way to generate an interest in developing a new spiritual feeling at Temple Shalom services through the use and participatory presence of music especially at Kabbalat Shabbat services.

I'd like to investigate adoption and decide once and for all if we are going to pursue that route or not.

Libertarianism... I have never been involved or active in any particular political party - although I have a conservative political and economic outlook - and I would like to work within the system to improve my world.

I'd like to succeed in creating a website for an artist which could lead to supporting other artists in this way and perhaps a new career for me!

Myself. Figure out my beliefs in Judaism, and why I don't like commitment.

OccupyTogether. Also living grid free. I want to be rid of the attachments I have to things that I really don't believe in or want to live by.

Family/Judaic History would be something i would like to learn more about

I'd like to investigate myself more fully. Sometimes looking into your soul can be scary.

So many causes, so little time! At 55 years of age, I know that I have to make my own dreams come true. Travel is my passion...so in the next year, I need to get 'serious' about planning and executing some of the travel that I dream about. The trek to Everest Base Camp, a trip to Antarctica, a visit to the Ice Festival in Harbin, China, seeing the northern lights, traveling to Turkey, Istanbul, Morocco, Egypt and Israel, Greece and Spain...so much of life to experience! I need to stop thinking about it and start planning and doing it.

I'd definitely like to explore veganism and macrobiotics more in the coming year. I haven't been a completely strict vegan, but what I have done, I have really loved I also want to explore the arts more. I want to see more operas, concerts, films, museums. I want to understand my intelligence farther than what it can produce. I want to feed my soul.

I want to keep growing my faith, to continue to learn more about what it means to live like Jesus, and become more disciplined with making time for this.

I will be getting more involved with Angel Flight East and I am very excited about it. I have had a special opportunity presented to me but I think I need to learn more about the organization and the people involved.

I want to try to do my family genealogy. I want to learn more about the woman I was named for, who was the aunt of my father's mother or father.

I definitely want to continue learning more about the technical part of predictive analytics. I also want to learn more about mental and emotional balance, and how to keep calm.

Occupy, Transition Movement, self sufficiency, growing more of our own food which will probably connect us to other urban farmers.

How to be a powerful medical intuitive.

This year, I was trying to focus on work-life balance, but then it mostly ended up being about health/weight. Next year, I want to focus on creativity--writing, creating stuff, cooking, etc.

trauma care and brain injury recovery

I would like to throw myself further in being more healthy. Eating food that I grew and eating more fruits and vegetables.

I'd like to investigate more into the idea of starting a FODMAPS cafe and the steps needed to get it established one day. I'd also like to investigate into pole dancing! It's something that I've always wanted to try and have talked about doing for the past 2 years.

Hmmm this is a good question. I would like to become more politically aware read up on the news and know common knowledge type of facts. I know that isn't religious or spiritual but it is important to me to be educated in current events. I would like to pursue that.

Myself? Does that count? Because I'm uncovering more layers to myself that I really want to explore more deeply. I'm a much more complex person than I gave myself credit for.

My Family. Chemistry. International Development. Hebrew. French. Judaism. Giving back to the community. Myself.

Community organising - I'd like to apply it better to my community and my life. Hebrew - I'd like to improve over the year. 5Rhythms - I'd like to go deeper in the practice, experiencing its application to my life in new ways.

As odd as it sounds I'd like to investigate California Biker gangs more fully in 2012. I'm writing a book and I'm going to need more information on this subject so I don't come off like I took all my information from Sons of Anarchy! >.<

The public and private school options available for my daughter in our area. I want to find a setting where I feel she is both receiving a solid education but is also valued and understood.

I've been thinking about things I'd like to try: Archery, Piano, Krav Maga. I've also been tossing around the idea of pursuing EMT classes, for both the experience and the job potential.

I'd like to learn more about investing.

I want to learn more about what type of learner my son is so that I can be supportive in his studies and learn more about his personality type so I can better communicate with him as he gets older.

Yes. I want to FIND a cause to investigate. I want to volunteer to something I believe in. I don't know what it is yet.

I want to learn more about Dad's history. I keep realizing how little I know, especially compared to Mom's side of the family.

I'm not sure if this is something to "investigate" but I really hope that I can do all that I can to help my sister and brother-in-law have a biological child or adopt. Please let this be the year for them. They are so deserving and would make wonderful parents. Also - i am interested in writing for a parenting blog - I wonder if I can make that work.

I'd like to find out more about my ancestors, particulary my great-grandfather after my father found a diary he kept during his time in the Royal Navy. He has recorded (and possibly composed) some of the songs sung onboard ship. I'd love to investigate the possibility of getting these set to music. I also want to investigate my own creativity more fully; to make time to improve my painting, sewing, knitting, writing...

Mmmmm.......... Shame? Sexual health for lesbians? The effect of anti-gay bigotry on LG people? Trauma theology? The link between abuse and reparative therapies?

The international development industrial complex (like military or prison) and my role in it....

My parents.

I definitely want to look more into historical figures and religions and human rights.They've all interested me this year.

I want to explore my career path more. It's a natural development as I finish my advanced degree and really delve into my work.

I want to become active in a Jewish related organization; for social causes, political action and spiritual awakening. I am going to strongly consider my conversion classes this year and finally take the leap!

I would like to change the world and want to learn what I need to do so and start doing it.

I'd like to begin a serious study of Hebrew this year.

I want to be more engaged in the nation's and the world's politics without automatically shutting down or shutting off. I need to learn how to have thoughtful conversations about politics without feeling attacked or overwhelmed.

I want to invest more in my future. Get my butt into the office every day, get out door knocking every day, comtact past clients every day and stop procrastinating. No matter what I say, I do NOT work as well or as productively when I work from home.

Yes, I want to investigate ways to give parents and youth a connection with high school. They have it in lower grades and then it suddenly disapears! This cause is important for our country and I feel for my faith in general. I have the distinct impression that an entire generation of youth is at risk in the area around my inner city school; some connection must be found to draw the community inwards to help them.

2012 is the year that I’d like to really focus on learning more about emotional intelligence, mindfulness and radical honesty.

Yiddish! German! Kafka! The Holy!

Myself. I want to me a purposeful and better soul, but I can not do so with the guilt and lack of love for myself, which I currently carry around. I also want to become close to the people and things which I care about. I let them go for too long, and have realized how valuable that really are. This will be a hard one, as I put then aside for so long. Why should they let me back in, now that I want to be there? I hope I can fix things with everyone I still have, and can repair those relationship which I have pushed too far.


I'd like to learn more about what you can do with a degree in Pop Culture so I can help my girlfriend find a job and career path she really loves since she's so stuck and depressed.

Sewing, crocheting, or crafting or quiet time - I want to know what quiet time is all about!

I really would like to put together my family tree. There are so many amazing things my family did (especially grandpa - both grandpas) and I want my grandchildren to know about them.

I am a curious person by nature, so I have many, but in 2012 I hope to use more of my energy to investigate, follow-through on, my ideas/thoughts/questions more fully.

I know this will sound cliched, but I would like to "come out of the closet." I have come to terms with my sexuality; however, there are a number of things holding me back: (1) I would like to pursue a career in politics. (Even outside of politics, this would be a handicap.) (2) I find gay culture (the promiscuity, the rainbow flags, the activism, etc.) abhorrent. (3) I don't know if I could handle the associated emotional upheaval. Most of my close friends would be approving. Nevertheless, I have a feeling that other friends, and even my (normally quite liberal) mother would disapprove. I know for certain that my father would disapprove and as I very much love him and rely on him, it would make my life extremely difficult.

It’s time I learned to make a profit for myself and the family I’m starting. That may sound crude, but I’ve spent most of my life with my head in the clouds thinking about bigger-than-life people, causes and ideas. It’s time to come down to planet earth.

I want to learn more about professional organizations. To become part of some type of organization that really will help me meet new people and learn more about where my career can go. I think the answer above is lame. I want to learn more about myself. About my husband. About really truly understanding how to be married- graciously.

I do not know what this means. So I'll just say "comedy writing" as an idea.

I would like to get more involved with the inequity in school funding. Im part of a school exchange type program about it and I think the difference between suburban schools and inner city schools is terrible. I believe that I wouldn't be majoring in engineering if I didn't go to the school I did so I know education has a major effect on people's futures and I would like a level playing field.

I would like to discover, uncover, probe, worm my way into that corner of my soul that feels truly at-home in Jewish communal space. Loose that punk alienation; stop feeling like an imposter.

I guess being more involved in combating hunger & homelessness.

I want to investigate more about food scarcity and different types of non-profits I can get involved in. I also really want to get involved in doing some type of volunteer work (through the peace corps or study abroad) in Africa.

There are a bunch of people I met this year and I really hope I become better friends with them and have some really good times with them

yes, getting more involved in ways to fight leukemia.

Art. And the possibility of getting a teaching credential.

I would like to explore more learning opportunities, healthy lifestyle changes and career path transitions. I know I can do this, I have to stop making excuses.

I want to help others with disabilities.

I would like to become more involved with hillel on campus, maybe be on board next year, and make a lot of friends within hillel.

I'd like to have more art experiences in the coming year.

school events

This may sound narcissistic but the answer is myself, and in particular the self that comes forth in relationship, particularly romantic ones. I am certain that the better I understand myself: my desires, my needs, my fears, my joys in relation to another, the better I will be as a partner, a friend, a sister, a daughter and hopefully as a parent one day too! I also want to understand myself better in relation to my life work. What my needs, aspirations and dreams are, because then I'll do more meaningful, more fulfilling and valuable work for society.

I would like to investigate dream patterns a little more over the next year. I always have really interesting dreams, and often they come true. Other times, they're really bizarre and I think that's interesting, and I'd like to know if it means anything.

Kabbalah. Meditation. Supporting the artist in residency program in the Western Galilee in Israel. Exploring the idea of leading retreats an rituals.

I would like to look into a mediation type of business. And also do something in the political arena...maybe.

Want to lead a global dialogue on adults with autism.

I'm interested in studying the Yerushalmi on Seder Zera'im.

I would like to find out more about myself. I want to do more self discovery. To dig deeper and find the things I truly love, not what others tell me to love!

Knowing the fullness of Christ's love, the fierceness, sweetness, and how crazy in love he is with me and others. And to dig into spoken word more.

I want to get involved in JAFCO. I also want to investigate myself in finding a boyfriend!

I would like to study Christianity more fully. I feel like that my Jewish identity clouds my ability to look into other religions, and I'd like to learn more. My entire extended family is Christian, and I want to be able to appreciate their connection to faith.

I would like to become more knowledgeable and nuanced about both the American and Israeli political situations.

IDEO: Business Design Solutions with a non-profit spin-off COMMON and other social venture incubators Investigate ways to make a social impact NOW vs holding out for grand ventures like Scott Harrison or Blake Mycoskie.

Judaism. My role models.

I would like to learn how to be more of a leader in the spiritual community. And to do it well without taking myself to seriously.

Graduate school, yoga, New York city, mindfulness and compassion.

I want to be more spontaneous and creative like I have been in my younger days. I will go on to eat one day and not eat the other day in order to get healthy again and loose weight. I will tell my own point of view more frankly. I will quote other people less and make up my own mind more than I did in the last year. I will not keep quiet when I think I should take an unequivocal stand.

I'm very concerned about problems in our nation's food supply. The food industry is heavily invested in coming up with new products for people to buy. Meanwhile, the nutritional value of food from industrial farms is severely depleted, GMO foods and pesticides are creating toxic reactions in children and adults, and people in general are becoming less healthy. Reconnecting people to a healthy relationship with the food they eat could do more to solve the healthcare crisis than any re-engineering of the insurance industry. I want to do more to bring attention to this issue in 2012 -- creating wellness by eating well.

A partner ~ to feel confident in my loving. My writing ~ to express myself more. Myself ~ I'd like to explore being a bit more selfish without guilt.

I want to investigate storytelling, oral traditions, slam poetry, prisons, foster homes, other countries, legends, stories, massage techniques, the possibility of living smaller and more flexibly, more books, more music, more art, more theater, mountain climbing, expedition hiking, horseback riding, homeopathy, aromatherapy, piano, banjo, acro yoga, acro anything, dancing, singing, poi, burning man, music festivals, bread baking, podcasting, acting, sewing, quilting, knitting, guitar...

I'm always on the lookout for a friend. Somebody I can really get to know, who fits in with the small group I spend most of my time with. It's not an exclusive club.

James Joyce! I would love to complete Ulysses.

I would like to make more of an effort to educate myself on both sides of issues like genetically modified foods. I lean more toward liberal ideas and subscribe to such magazines, etc. I know, as a scientist myself, that data can be skewed a certain way depending on who's doing the interpreting.

Yes, I'm interested in Martha Grahm and Isadora Duncan--women who pioneered their own paths. And, like last year, I'm hoping to tackle this family history project.

I want to investigate how to start my own business, or one with family members. We have talents that compliment each other, are hard workers but have never taken the time to consider how to work for ourselves. We’ll see…

I would like to say Dennis, but unfortunately I don't know how this will turn out in the next couple of weeks/month. So I say if it turns out to be something special and serious it's defentitly him I want to investigate in the following year. If not, I just want to care more about myself, my friendships and my future.

In January there will be a new addition to our family. I want to explore that new little human in so many ways. I have a feeling that in exploring this new life I will learn more about myself and my husband.

I am going to spend this year dedicating myself to becoming a more indoctrinated Jew. I am taking Bnei Mitzvah classes.

I'd like to get closer with my uncle. My family is really small, and I love spending time with them. When my uncle comes to visit, he and I bond a lot. He's a great person, and I wish I could see him more often. I'd like to keep better in touch with him during the coming year.

I want to investigate military and civilian suffering from rare cancers and birth defects due to environmental toxins from burn pits and depleted uranium. I want to make this information public on a much bigger, much louder scale than the DoD, VA, or any other US government agency is comfortable with. I want to make the ass-covering MBAs and other lily-livered bastards who made the bad decisions about just how expendable my brother was, who sacrificed his life and the lives of thousands of others in service of their budget and bottom line, rue the day I was born.

Community service. I'd like to become more involved with the jewish community and jewish learning this year. Perhaps a new hobby? I'd like to learn how to cook.

I want to learn more about the relationship between aphasia and depression. I've noticed that a lot of my aphasic patients are more depressed than my other patients, which isn't surprising given the inability to understand and communicate. And they often aren't willing to participate in therapy. So how do you counsel somebody who can't communicate? I'm curious if there is research or evidence-based practice available to help me help my patients.

I want to invest myself in the causes that interest me. Environmentalism, responsible technology, Invisible Children, various vegan outreach groups. All of it. I want to know so much more.

Tikkun Olam. Repairing the World. I absolutely love doing community service and feeling like I am doing good in the world.. and this past year, I have not made time to do that. As a board member of the Triangle Jewish GPS, I want to put together volunteer opportunities not only for myself, but for the community. I can’t think of a particular cause (though my heart has a soft spot for older adults) – but I just want to make a positive impact in the community outside of my work.

I'm not sure I want to investigate anything, I really just want to better myself in the aspect of being a person. I want to be successful. I want a happy relationship and a good education. While it's much easier said than done, I know if I really put my mind to it, I will be successful.

This year, i would like to understand BBG more. This may sound sort of funny, but I think that the more i learn about BBG, the more i fall in love, and the more ways i can find to help it grow and help it be a better place.

Spiritualism. Accepting that there may be more out there, there probably is, and giving up all of my preconceived notions to accept and learn. Also continuing to improve as a writer- there is always more to learn and do- and my work for the environment.

ya tengo conocimiento. quiero accion.

Career options, including looking into careers in human resources, accounting, getting an MPA degree, and maybe some other things I haven't even thought of yet!

the intersection of Judaism and Paganism

I want to explore my creative pursuits more thoroughly and more regularly. I'd love to see 2012 be the year I take a photography class and upgrade my camera.


I'd like to learn more about Art History, because I've always been interested, it inspires me. I would like to find a new place to volunteer, because I feel like I can contribute more to the world than where I am currently volunteering.

Meditation as a discipline.

I'd like to learn more about the Reading Recovery Program to help with my students who are delayed several grade levels in their reading levels. I'd like to see it in action and see if it is something I can incorporate into my classroom. I'd like to get more involved with "I am the 99%" movement. I'd like to continue exploring ways to travel, experience, or even live in other cultures.

I'd like to investigate my personality. Lately I have changed and I don't know if it is for the good or of the worse. I have changed for people and need to find my own identity.

I'd like to be veeeeeeeery active for the political climate that's going to come in 2012. I want to try to make the best possible decision for the presidential candidate when I now have the power to vote. I really hope I go for the right candidate and that I am educated enough on the subject.

Barack Obama. Linguistics. Getting and keeping a boyfriend/SO. Spirituality.

This is a no-brainer. I want to investigate my future! WHY AM I HERE ON THIS EARTH? HOW CAN I HELP THE MOST PEOPLE AND STILL BE HAPPY AND HEALTHY?

Satisfying, engaging work. I think this will involve some cause, but I don't know what it is yet.

im not sure

I'd like to give my time or help to a social cause and share the experience of giving with my children.

Anna Halprin and her Life/Art Process. My own Life/Art Process. The essence and effects of creativity My own inherent powers A slower world Financial freedom

H. H. Holmes, Occupy Wall Street, and the concept of fulfilling all of the promises I've never kept.

I want to become more in touch with Judaism and owning my faith. I've gone too long without being religious and I feel like I'm ready to go into a more spiritual part of my life. Also, I want to know how I am as a girlfriend. I'm never given the chance and I want to see how I am. And finally, I want to see how I am as a writer. That's my ultimate goal.

I'd like to find out who I am.

I'd really like to investigate how people react to my presence when I look them in the eyes the entire time that I am talking to them. It may seem like a silly idea, but I remember when I was younger that I never used to look at people when I was talking to them. My parents always used to quiz me on an individual's eye color, and if I got it right I would win a dollar. Lately, I've noticed that many people don't look into the eyes of the other person they are talking to for the entire duration of their conversation. I would really like to see, how people react to me when I put this idea to use. Will they be more friendly? Weirded out? I can't wait to figure it out.

I want to read and write more. I want to get though the Tanakh, Gabriel Garcia Marquez, Doestevsky, and all the other books I bought from Chamblin's but still have to read. I also want to write more prose and poetry, and try my hand at songwriting.

I want to explore evangelism in every day life. This is really important to me. I want to know much more about Jesus- and live like him more every day. I also want to know myself more- and have grown more with my relationships.

I want to better understand people with disabilities and mental health issues. I recently discovered Active Minds, which helps college students connect with others and educate about mental health. I hope to start a chapter at my school or get involved with the movement to de-stigmatize the fear that surrounds mental health. To my future self: I hope you helped your friend overcome her battle with her eating disorder.

I'd like to resume my interest in green business and the opportunities for somebody with my background. More generally, I'd like to continue keeping my eyes and ears open for new applications of technology, and new growth industries. In truth, this is an area that really demands a lot more research. I need to figure out what I want to learn more about and that's the first step.

I want to go further with my investigations and prestidigitations around concentration practice, the experience of samadhi and the jhanas. I hope Eugene Cash recovers so that we can sit together again in the severe hills of Marin County.

I'm curious to see where this Occupy movement goes. It was fascinating to go to the very first meeting in New Orleans, to watch it take it's first haltering steps into existence. I can't help but wonder if this is something I'll look back on in ten years, twenty years, and say, "I was there. I helped make this change. And I'm so proud."

I want to find out if my boyfriend is my guy. He's moving to California to be with me and is ready to commit. But for me, only time will tell. 2012 is the year to do that, otherwise, I know I'll have to let it go.

Ok, i think i have said it for four year, but i think this year is the year. I would like to explore the world of hospice more. do some training and become a hospice volunteer. Death is fascinating to me. i have long been petrified of it. and i am now starting to breath into it and understand it as a rite of passage. one to be honored and loved as all the rest. i would like to delve into the world of death and dying more in a way that brings me more clarity and connection to the process and brings others deep comfort as they are making their transition. this feels like a big step and i don't berate myself for not taking it yet. even if i get to next year and still haven't done the training, i still shan't berate myself. but i will continue to cite it and mention it with the understanding that it is something deeply important to me and something that i shall explore and experience when the time is right.

Other than continuing to explore the world of tea, and getting to know myself better, I don't believe there is anything that I want or plan to get into in 2012. I hope that I am still seen as knowledgeable about tea, feel comfortable in San Antonio and at Rackspace, am considered a good worker, and better know what I myself like and want.

More broadly, I want to be more comfortable and fearless with my activist self. So much upheaval going on, and it feels like revolution - worldwide! It is an exciting time, and while the mass voice has some momentum, especially right now with the Wall Street occupations in cities across the country, and the "We Are the 99 Percent" movement now seems like the there is something to people power in the air.

I don't know. Not necessarily a particular person. Perhaps just meet someone and get to know them as a close friend. I think it would be nice to meet a complete random whom I met by myself and not through anyone I know and become friends with them. It would be a completely new experience and I would love to gain a friendship like that.

Maybe it's still too early in 2011 to actually decide. I've been thinking about researching my families history and my boyfriends history because it would be interesting. I would also like to travel but once again will depend on funding and on my health condition (I have Lupus and a very high clotting factor) meaning I could get a DVT on a very long flight, and I have always wanted to go to Japan and America.

I would really like to know more about my religion as well as more world religions. They are all intertwined and connected and I would love to pick each one apart and try to be a more educated citizen. As well as figure out what I truly believe.

I would like to bring more yoga, meditation, and mindfulness to my daughter's school in order to help her stay focused on being relaxed & happy as much as she possibly can. Childlight Yoga & MindUp are two programs that I hope to see offered this year at her school. Middle School is an awkward difficult time for kids as they are bridging from kids to young adults. I think it is not healthy for them to be too focused on grades, material goods & appearances and to neglect their potential to be loving, kind, compassionate humans. It seems sometimes that the idea to treat others the way you would like to be treated is lost in public schools not just by students but by staff as well. I think taking time to reflect on our choices helps us to bear that in mind.

I really want to learn about other people. I pride myself on being someone who can read other people right but I want to do better.

I want to keep expanding my horizons, more ideas, more knowledge, more food for my mind to process while creating utopia!

i'd like to do more volunteer work in my community. i have the time and energy and i want to give back and make this world a better place.

Me. I have spent years caring for others and I would like to spend this year exploring my needs and strengths.

Buddhism is still a guiding light that helps me identify where I'm going and how to get there.

I would like to learn much more about meditation and its effects on stress.

I'd like to return to the happiness and its causes conference. I'd like to know more about bikes and fixing and maintaining my posty bike. I'd like to explore the richness of the Catholic church's heritage and be mindful of all the good things it offers. I'd like to know and confront exactly why it is going so wrong at the moment. I want to keep working for animal rights and freedom for Tibet. And to reform the System, and stick it to The Man... Step off!!

Graduate school. Rabbinical school? Meditation. Social justice.

The history of human conciousness. I want to know the evolution of human thinking and awareness. There is Phd program I intend to pursue.

I'd like to try to learn Hebrew again.

Committing to values of social justice in a more Lived, Active way.

I want to continue to grow my knowledge of politics and world events and be more aware of current issues. With an election coming up, I feel I need to understand the world that I am a part of.

write my truth. unleash my voice.

I just want to keep my sense of curiosity alive. I love finding new things and investigating them, or realizing that I have misconceptions about something and aligning my understanding with current thought.

I want to put more into learning Hebrew and the Torah. I have a lot of work to do this year to convert. Last year, it was something I did on the side. This year, while I am homeschooling, I can also be teaching myself these things. Also, I want to help get the "Care Bill" passed, get some overdose prevention laws enacted, and learn more about different learning and teaching styles. Also, I will be supporting any and every Democratic candidate, esp. President Obama. Most of my efforts, though will be toward bettering life inside my home, for my family.

i want to investigate my cause more. AKA i want to see how to get church into school. Weather that means an after school group, or praying around the flag, etc .

I want to see how low my carbon footprint can get. I do the easy things now, but I need to start taking some more drastic measures to ensure I'm not just "being less bad".

I want to learn more about the presidential candidates in 2012, so I can make an educated decision when I vote. I also want to investigate ways to get my class involved in helping our local community through a service club and/or math-a-thon...

I guess I want to start focusing on what I will be doing next year. I am interested in the topic of natural resources, and I feel like I should bring myself up to speed with topics of finance so that I can broaden my base of knowledge.

I wrote "myself" last year and I think I want to continue that, but I also want to continue investigating myself in partnership with my new husband so that we become a stronger couple.

I want to learn more about radical homemaking and living an intentional life. I'd like to hear from my sister about her birth experiences with all four of her children.

I want to investigate barefoot running and work on my technique much more. I'm intrigued by the idea of it and been wanting to try it out.

How to merge my interests in design, writing and music into one meaningful creative endeavor outside my regular design practice.

I think most of all, I want to continue to investigate myself: Who I am, what I want, who I want to be, and what I want to get/give in this life. Yet more importantly, I want to get back into activism and volunteerism. I've spent alot of time on myself this past year, and I've forgotten to give back. I was quite the litte activist at the end of high school and the beginning of college, and I need to get back into that spirit. Maybe I'll do something on Spring Break or over the summer, but there's alot of options. Seeds of Peace is still a high priority, and the Peace Corps is always there if I feel I'm up to it or am desperate to have some of my loans forgiven.

i want to understand early childhood education better. its such a big thing for our children

I'd like to learn more about innovation and innovators of the past. Ben Franklin. Steve Jobs. Others. And how to spark/utilize human creativity.

I am engaged in study, so this is already happening: in particular, I want to learn more about what makes public sector organisations (like universities) work best for those who use them, and for society.

Well. Yeah. I want to figure out what CR and me can be. If anything. I feel like I've always liked him, now I just want us to work . I have realized that I am no Religion. Yes, I believe there is a higher power, but I don't think he has set me on the path to anything. I think my actions reflect my mistakes. I think i want to learn more about Buddhism and find out what I actually am. But sometimes I like not being anything specific, I like being my own religion because no one can quite relate 100% to me, or it. I think in order to be healthy, i might want to try being a vegetarian/vegan. I think this drastic lifestyle change might be interesting to explore! Id like to become more musical, this is an outlet i have been missing. Learning guitar would i think, make me a happier person. I'd also like to advocate and become more aware in the Medicinal MJ Acts of the US. I think that something that could potentially help people needs to be explored more, and with the help of more people, we might have the ability to help people.

Not something new, but things that I have said time and time again. Relationships. Time dedicated to myself. My health.

I'd like to get to know my great uncle and hear about his life before it's too late.

A new language (Spanish or Portuguese) + continuing to practice and maintain my French.

I have one idea and one cause that are sparking my interest right now. The idea is positive deviance and I am taking a series of courses to learn more about this. The cause is reinvigorating neighborhood public school through the "How to Walk to School" model.

The idea that differences are not deal breakers. That it's okay to not be "fine" all the time, that it's okay to disagree with someone, that I'm actually a human being with limits and boundaries, and not a doll with a plastic smile.

Visualize World Peace. Be the Change you want to see. Imagine the world you want to live in. Come from a place of Joy, Equanimity, Compassion, Love. I want to learn Leccese. I want to study the lyrics of the Sud Sound System. I want to study also the music, lyrics and dances of the pizzica. I

I want to investigate more options for where my boyfriend and I can take our next step in life. If we can make it in China, we can be happy. If we can't, we need to figure out how to get out.

Confession: I am a selfish brat. Upon reading this question, I immediately thought, "Help someone else???" But I realized that in my own job as a special education teacher, I am helping someone every moment of the day. I feel that I owe it to my future to invest more energy into the planning of changing lives.

The Port-o-Potty Owl Project, or "PoO-PoO Project" of The Teton Raptor Center in Wyoming caught my interest on my trip to Yellowstone. Small owls keep getting stuck in port-o-potties from vent openings they think are great for burrowing in. The easy solution of vent screens was delayed for a long time because "the port-o-potties in the national park officially belong to the government." They just recently won a small grant though so hopefully they will be able to help more owls!!

Many, but I don't seem to get around to doing this...

I want to get to know more people who live near me, not necessarily just people from my school, but my school is a really good place to start.

I want to get to know Marty better.

Yes. I want to investigate new ways of doing my art. New Subjects. I wanna investigate bigger projects I want to investigate being in a committed relationship with one man.

spending my gap year in israel!!

Health Psychology. Running as a form of mental strength. I'd like to learn more about my grandparents - things I should have asked them when they were still alive. I'd like to learn more about non-profit organizations, and see which ones my values coincide with the most. This could potentially be a future career path/option for me. I'd also like to fully invest (more of) my time, energy, and mind into the practice of yoga - especially the breathing and meditation aspect.

I would like to delve into my family history a lot more. It intrigues me, you never know, I may have land in Ireland. Or be related to someone famous. I'd also like to open my own cafe at some point, or be starting it. I've shown a lot more self-control with saving my money in the past month then I ever have so I think if I pick up a ton of shifts I might be able to at least be at the beginning stages of something. I'd also like to better invest in my friends, especially the ones I want in my life for forever and a day.


I am wanting to go back to Israel. I was their forty three years ago, and have an opportunity to be with relatives on a kibbutz. I want to investigate going this coming year.

Occupy Wall Street's cause is opposition to the collusion of wealth and power. That is a good cause. I will see what happens and do my best. I want to see my friends more clearly. They are amazing and the more I know them the more I may love them. I'd like to know more about my grandmother. I hope I get to see her art.

A person? Many. I just needed the tools to navigate through them. An idea? As many as I can write. More than anything I'd like to continue my independent study of spirituality, and the nature and principles of success. Something on the back of my mind, I must admit, wants to investigate how a global shift in consciousness could take place. How a singularity could occur. And how to be prepared for it. After all, it is 2012.

I want to get back into politics maybe. I want to lose this jadedness and the social anxiety that keeps me away from such things. Occupy Wall Street is going on and I can't help but hate that I'm not more involved, even if I think it's not as worthwhile a cause as I'd like.

myself....I want to rediscover myself!

1. If only given the chance ... sigh. 2. Time to see my parents, remember their lives, to know them better.

Mother Teresa. Other women who inspire and lead.

You know exactly who you want to get close to. AD. What I worry about is that I won't have the time, or be within a proximal distance, or whether I'll be interesting enough to hold her attention, or whether I will still like her underneath all the layers and all of these other circumstances. But I want to give it my all with you.

I would like to continue to look for ways to help to the world. There are many problems that plague humanity that most of us will be fortunate enough to never experience. I am concerned that many people continue to ignore the droughts and famine that has spread across Africa over the last decade. As the cost of living continues to rise, we ultimately will see these problem in our own backyards.

I've started to, but I'd like to research the transgendered lifestyle more fully, that and gender neutrality. They're the aspects of the queer world I know least about.

I want to spend more time playing the flute in 2012, something that I have let lapse in recent years.

I would like to figure out if it's feasible to start a non-profit to raise funds for animal rescues.

string theory?? It would be nice to be enough at peace with Judaism that I *could* study Talmud. Right now, for where I am in my life and my beliefs it's kind of poisonous.

I'd like to investigate my internet business more fully in 2012 and understand how to make it grow.

I would like to recommit myself to eating locally, including cooking more and eating less meat. I would also like to lean more about yoga.

World economics-how we are all connected and what I personally can do about it. I am beginning to understand the "survivalists"-I sometimes think that I'd like to live off the grid. Shades of The Handmaid's Tale come to mind, and I certainly don't like the way the world is going.

I'd like to learn more about my voice and how to improve it. I'd like to learn more about my family history and culture. So I'm going to take a break in the new year and focus on those things by spending some time with my family in Jamaica and going to visit some of my fellow singing mentors in Los Angeles to study with them.

Ways to bring creativity into children's lives to create an American people with an entirely new set of strengths. Or just find a topic for a book idea.

I have no idea.. I hope it comes!

Muay Thai. Physics. Web analytics. Prague's expatriate community.

I'd like to bring my intuitive knowing more into my conscious knowing, and act and live and interact from that place.

Hmmm...good question. No. I already feel like my life is full of information overload and I don't feel the need to gain some level of expert about any specific new idea or person. However, I hope to keep learning more about the Occupy Wall Street (and other places) movement, and I will keep going out of my way to find news on that, which is unusual for me. For years I've wondered why people weren't PISSED off about the economic chasms and ACTING on that feeling - and now a movement has started about it and I hope it leads to something concrete and good.

I want to keep thinking and looking into how I can change the world. I need to form my ideas and think about what needs to be done. I also want to keep learning about religion, cooking, and obviously vet med.

I want to read through the family tree some distant relatives have made, and acquaint myself with my family's history.

Id like to learn more about the first settlers in WA; I'd like to learn more about rock climbing; I'd like to involve myself with the Perth camponologists;

responsible eating

I'd like to investigate how I can help a charitable cause in some meaningful way. I'm especially interested in combating poverty here in America, and shrinking the growing gap between the "haves" and "have nots".

Thought field therapy (TFT) Bio Energetic Synchronization Technique (B.E.S.T.)

Bbyo straight A's and a job! I want to become more active in bbyo. I want to be on board atleast once! I want to get straight A's atleast once I want to make my father proud. I need money and a job. My father and mother can not support me and I need money.

I really just want to focus on who I am as a person and really find out what my life is going to look like.

taking care of myself better financially

I want to be more involved in clinical medicine. And I'd love to fall in love again. Does that count?

Time management

I'd like to investigate my career options post-university, so that I'm doing all the right things while working towards my degree.

Psychology, Colleges, Special Olympics, Kant.

2012 is the year to investigate Burning Man.

Me.I want to experience the real me.The me I've been hiding from for so long.He is the key.

Jesus. Also the idea of homebirth.

I would like to see where gay rights go this year. A lot of things have been changing, and i really hope they get passed. Everyone has the right to love whoever they want, no one should tell that person otherwise. Don't ask, don't tell was disbanned. Gays can be in the military.

I want to investigate more about me and what has formed me - more in depth questions about why I do the things I do - all in relation to the times and culture that I was raised in vs. the one I live in now. Maybe some answers to more pervasive questions that are applicable to the overall cultural, economic and political climates that now surround and influence me.

i just want to continue to find my true friends and find those people who are always going to be there for me.

Nothing comes to mind really. I suppose I'd like to develop my Buddhist knowledge, and Sufism. Perhaps figure out my political stances more clearly would be cool too.

Oh dear, same as last year. More understanding about the economy, specifically job creation and alternate energy sources. New this year - more on retirement plans for Randy. Actually, I have made some progress. I do know more than last year, but there's still more to go...

Actually,no. I cannot think of anything specific. Everyday is a day to learn and investigate all that life has to offer. I have a thirst for learning all the time and time moves so quickly as do my ideas, so I would say just continue to gain knowledge about anything and everything

Keep on learning ....

I would like to look more into food politics and really live the life that I believe in by growing my own food or buying food that is locally grown. I would like to learn more about gardening, and hopefully volunteer at a farm or farmers market.

I want to get involved in Congregation Beth El. I had such a wonderful experience going to Yom Kippur services there and it is such a great community. I want to bring Jewish, community, spiritual dimensions back into my life more.

I want to find out for sure what happened to my partner of 8 yrs who deserted me in 2010 for a woman he'd been involved with for 4yrs. He went on to marry her 6wks after he walked out without a word of warning, & they went on to live the life in Mexico that I thot he'd been planning with me. Then he hung himself 7 months later, in their home in Mexico. Or at least that's what was reported. People have speculated that he faked his death because of a $7million lawsuit against him, & possible investigation by the IRS for $80,000 in unpaid taxes. Is he really dead? And if so, did he really kill himself? Or was he possibly killed by her wealthy & influential family for dragging their daughter into his sociopathic drama?

I want to continue to explore my concepts of God.

I'd like to get more active in ocean conservation.

is there anyone out there who knows whose controlling America?

How to be more politically active

I definitely want to do some good in the following areas: the environment- especially in terms of the hydrofracking issue in NYS, women's health issues, supporting Israeli peace initiative and trying to make a difference in the issue of general hunger around the world. In a somewhat less urgent note- work on the synagogue to be a positive place.

If my career direction goes the way I hope, I would like to investigate FINRA and their relationship to the SEC and government.

I want to investigate myself more in 2012. I know I am capable of much more than I think I am, and if I just focus and get to know myself, I feel I can lead a much happier life. I'd also like to investigate Buddhism.

I am perpetually curious and I am certain I will find more than one cause or idea to investigate.

Haiti Poland Brooklyn the Bronx

I'd like to learn more deeply about what I want to do in life and what makes me happy. I do also want to look more into street art (graffiti) and the spiritual realm.

I want to learn more about everything! I have a thirst for knowledge and there are so many things I want to know and learn. I hope this desire to absorb information never goes away.

Probably look more into the causes that I've already donated time and money to. In particular A Place to Bark, Determined to Develop, The Anti-Cruelty Society. And maybe help out more in my mom's organization.

myself. figure out who I am and what I want.

I have so many things on this list that it is not even funny. I'll say that I want to get closer to my family, which is always a good thing to do, and I want to explore: economics; educating and empowering women in the Middle East; photography; democracy and free speech/elections; French; and more.

I'd like to investigate urban agriculture more next year. I've got a small balcony garden that is surviving more on luck that good gardening, and I'd like to explore more self-sustaining practices, even on a small scale, next year.

myself, my health, both physical and emotional.

This is always the trickiest question to answer. How am I supposed to limit myself to one thing? Yes, there are causes, and ideas (and person) who I'd like to investigate more fully. But I really don't think I can limit myself to one. I'm bursting with intellectual energy right now, and there are so many things I'd like to learn. And I'm finally learning to get over my inherent laziness and actually sit up and do something with my life. It's a good feeling. :) I only hope I don't burn myself out by next year.

I'd like to learn more about psychology. The thinking processes of the human mind never cease to amaze me.

My future. Non-profits. Degree programs. Networks. Whatever I can do to be a better me… and help others be better too :)

I'd like to become more proactive about Alzheimer's awareness. I should be more active with fund- raising, have my husband tested where he can be, and start investing in long-term care insurance.

I would like to invest in a growning family but I also want to get back to more of my arts and crafts and other creative things I enjoy. Maybe looking into donating time for a cause with as a family?

micro-nutrition.... and spirituality...... and the quantum mechanics....

I want to figure out whether the nonprofit I've developed has any traction or needs to fold. My inkling is, sadly, that the latter is correct.

I want to investigate AIDS more. I think people are starting to ignore this disease & aren't taking it as serious as they should anymore. Every 25 HOURS in Columbus someone gets infected with HIV & that is just unacceptable. Especially with my new living situation & my "family" down there, I would die if anything happened to any of them & I won't stand for it.

I want to write more about self esteem and body image in hopes of helping others, especially young women avoid self defeating self talk.

I'd like to do more work on a book idea and really get it rolling.

I'd like to continue my genealogy research, re-learn the piano, and spend time doing art. I'd also like to volunteer.

I would like to learn to paint, but don't think this is the year. My life is a mess and I can focus on nothing else


I need to figure out what my next project is going to be about. That's going to mean a lot of investigation into whatever I settle on as my next project. It is also going to mean a lot of thinking and creative brainstorming about what I'd like to devote the next major chunk of my life to. Scary stuff!

I want to explore myself

I wish I could help my eldest son become the person he is destined to become. I feel really helpless in this area and it causes me great pain. Overcoming anxiety forever!

Testing my risk tolerance. Living an entrepreneurial lifestyle. Learning to share a living space with another person. Growing my capacity for love.

I'd like to learn more about acting or something involved in filming.

I would like to be more involved in the synagogue. Mind you, that comes with other trepidations about politics.

Discover adjustments or exercises I can incorporate into my wellness protocol regarding my diaphragm paralysis.

To write the book(s) that I have in my head. Oh and try and be a better speller.

I want to read all of Peter Rollins books by this time next year. He only has 4 so it shouldn't be an insurmountable task. But what I have read of his has greatly effected me and I would like to explore it further.

There is a book I want to write, "How to Defeat Depression Without Trying." I've been gathering some ideas as to how to present this to people, and one idea was via a new m/c instructor who advocates selling to people without them realising it; an idea I've quite taken to.

My Judaism, my hidden talents

Thich Nhat Hanh. I just returned from his retreat, and it was remarkable. I would like to explore his teachings.

My husband and I hope to start the process for an international adoption in 2012. We are excited, scared, and hopeful.


I am giving more than I used to - because I can, and because I have identified causes I wish to support. I should keep refining the reasons and the recipients. I should also investigate mor thoroughly the idea of saving!

Maybe LGBTQ rights? Or the idea of fighting for equal rights? Especially marriage. Love is love right? Or even, more selfishly, fighting for what you want out of life and being able to go for it without the worry of disappointing others and giving in to their wishes. That's still something I'm having to deal with. But I think I'm getting better at it.

Nothing specifically, but what I would like to retain is my general interest in world events, books, etc. It seems so easy to let these things drop off in favour of what's in front of you right now, but it truly adds a richness to your life to go outside the comfort (and interest) zone.


I'd like to do more writing for myself. And yoga or tai chi. And cooking classes.

I'd like to investigate how to live more comfortably with out sacrificing my livelihood.

I'd like to learn even more about raising my beautiful babies to be empathetic, independent, self-possessed and social women. Parenting books, blogs, conversations...I want to be the best parent I can be.

How to be happy on my own.

I want to investigate literature in the twentieth century, especially modernist poetry. I know far more about painting, to say nothing of popular music, than about poetry. And in general, I want more time for my own investigations, my own interests. Whether it's one evening where I get curious about something and do a little research or bigger projects, I want to make my own curiosity a higher priority. (So then what could become a lower priority? Searching out the absolute best deal I can find for Internet purchases? Watching TV because my wife is in the mood? What else?)

I would like to learn more about radical social work, particularly for those that find ways to incorporate those values and views into clinical work.

Yes - vegetarianism - I'd like to volunteer with an organization that shows gross videos of slaughterhouses at public gatherings.

I want to investigate the world of music festivals. I need to investigate Occupy Wall Street. It is the social movement of my generation. I can feel it.

In terms of ideas, I would like to look more into the idea of creating applications for mobile devices. I think if my boyfriend and I put our heads together, we can create really neat (and visually appealing!) apps, but we just need that great idea. I'd also like to look more into learning Dutch (we have the Rosetta Stone!) in addition to French and Spanish. Lastly, I'd like to read a little more post-apocalyptic fiction. I LOVE those kind of books!

Looking into raising free-thinking children. While it will be a couple of years before it will come up, I want to be ready. While I'm thankful my parents didn't force religion on me, I feel like they could have done more to explain to me why they had rejected religion and maybe encouraging me to think about that sort of thing. It wasn't until I was out of high school where I realized that there wasn't a "none of the above" choice.

I just got engaged, so now I feel as though I need to get to know my fiancé's family better. I have known them for 2.5, having met them a year after my fiancé and I started dating. But because they are from NH and I'm from OH going to school in NY, it has been difficult to get to know them. I especially want to have at least a neutral relationship with his brother. He has been cruel to me in the past, but I feel like it's time to move on and become friends.

I want to find a permanent home for my son who is mentally ill. I worry about what will happen to him when I pass away.

Presidential candidates. Helping retarded/special needs/handicapped people.

I just talked to an aquaintance about a local group who travel internationally and stay in homes abroad and then host these people iu their homes. It brings the cost of travel down considerably and provides a great opportunity for meeting others. After the first of the year I plan to attend a meeting and check out the members. Are they people I could travel with? How much entertaining would I have to do? Can I afford this? I'm interested. I also want to take more quilting classes. It's time for a little experimenting, moving out of my comfort zone.

I'd like to learn more about how to use our minds to control our behavior, reacations, etc. In past years, I've been more involved with spirituality but I'd like to learn more about the physical functionality of the brain.

who am i/

Renewable energy

I want to investigate grad school more fully in 2012, specifically an Integrated Marketing and Communications program.

I'm bisexual. I know that now. I think it's a side of me that I need to explore more so I can appreciate the side of me that I've kept hidden and ignored for quite a while.

I'd like to pursue some of the interests I have always had, but never had the time for because of work. I want to garden and paint and write on a more personal level than what I do. I also want to give back to the world in a more meaningful way than simply just writing a check to the causes and campaigns I am passionate about.

Psychology, of course. I still haven't lost my love for it, although it's hard to feel the passion at times with all this insanity. I want to dedicate more time to it, talk more about it and discover and share the possibilities with brothers and sisters. On a side note - parkour and it's philosophy. "All that I am I have been, All I have been has been a long time coming, I am becoming all that I am"

I want to find ways I can grow myself. I wish to investigate myself fully and know the limit of my knowledge. I believe I have some potential that I am leaving untapped. This sounds corny now and will probably sound worse next year.


I want to explore myself as a writer more fully in 2012. Whether that means forcing myself to put pen to paper (or finger to keyboard) or taking writing classes, I need to learn if this is something I really want to do. I also want to continue to explore my Jewish heritage by studying Hebrew, going to services, and perhaps preparing for my bat mitzvah.

I think investigating my finances is still where I'll be. I'm on a good path (mostly), but it's a long path. Right now, I have about $1000 in debt and maybe twice that in short-term savings. I'd like to zap the debt, increase the short term savings (for a house and a wedding) and finally start to see quadruple digits in my 401K and retirement savings.

Starting our own business, for sure. Not really investigate, just make happen. Also, I'd like to continue to work on myself. Bettering myself, being ok with conflict, not taking things personally. Just the continued growth of becoming a better person.

I would like to try to become part of an organization that helps less fortunate children. Maybe tutor, or help them after school. I just want to make a difference in my community.

Other than expanding my cooking, mixology and musical knowledge and repertoire, no. I think I've balanced my life out quite well. I'm not feeling overwhelmed and pressured. In fact, I'm pretty much living each day as it comes and keeping myself busy without feeling like I'm letting any area of my life be neglected.

The relationship I am currently in. Taoism. Meditation. Spirituality.

I want to investigate religion more fully, on a education level, but also on a personal level. I want to reconnect with religion and decide the role I want it to play in my life.

Community organization and volunteer management.

a) ah yes, personally and professionally: living deeply and dieing well... particularly through stephen jenkinson's orphan wisdom school in ontario. ie: time is not a straight line. we are forgiving, as we forgive ourselves. b) my innocent, loved, interconnected beautiful soul... to stretch my beauty. c) judaism via romemumian kaballah.

Two things I started in 2011 that I'd like to continue/deepen my involvement with: 1. Walk San Francisco / pedestrian advocacy 2. Coaching beginning runners

I want to more fully explore the nature of love and relationship and what it means to share a life.

My local government officials.

Absolutely. I want to support sustainable banking, sovereignty quests and give give give.... I wouldn't mind solving a bit of the hunger problem in the world, you know....

I want to give some of my time to helping animals and reading to the elderly.

Integrity. To me this could include finding my way back to making art I care about, going vegan, going to doctor appt.s and riding my bike to get healthy, a stronger meditation practice, saying 'enough' when I'm overwhelmed...and seeing how I could share what I'm learning with the community, via a job.

I want to further apply myself to To Write Love on Her Arms. I think that organization has a lot of opportunities to help others with similar issues as myself. I've been a fan of it for years, but I think it's about time I actually involve myself with it.

I want to investigate how to live as a Jewish adult more thoroughly in 2012. I know how to do it on campus, when there's a lot of institutional support, but how do I take what I've learned here and bring it in a meaningful way to the real world? I want to learn more about this.

My father. He has done a lot for us, but we never stopped for a while to think about what he needs. Now retired, he has ample time in hand, and I would like to make him use those times to enjoy doing what he likes. Secondly, my wife. I am just about to marry her. All I want is to understand her better and provide a good life she would expect from our marriage.

the person I want to to investigate and possibly try to understand all little bit more is my father because of all the stuff he has done to myself, and my family in the past years and currently the past month or so ($).

Meditation and yoga. I need to find inner peace.

Painting faux finishes. Particularly Trompe l'oeil.

I want to focus on my schoolwork and really apply what I'm learning to my life.

Writing about the model for the non-profit I started. I'd like to take piano lessons too. Maybe join a new board.

I guess I should probably investigate how one gets a poetry book published, but it's not something I necessarily want to do. I just want to stay in college forever.

I'd like to learn another language or perfect one that I have already begun to learn, like French.

I think I'd like to investigate communication more fully. I think a lot of the world's problems could be solved by better communication, but we need to know how to communicate better and how to tease out better communication from others (and I think that's possible - even if a person is not a great communicator, I think a good communicator could coax positive communication out of him/her. That is exciting. Also I'd love to learn how to play guitar and do screen printing.

I want to investigate and manifest my sound life.

I want to investigate reconnecting with the love my husband and I share but often don't take time enough to nuture.

I want to continue to pursue my career path. Is academia for me? Is the Ph.D. for me? This is not just about whether or not I have what it takes (whatever it is!) to succeed in this, or any other, doctoral program. It's also about whether or not this lifestyle is right for me. I want to be attentive to my feelings about this, daily and more macroscopically. When am I happiest? What do I feel the greatest sense of fulfillment? These are the questions that I want to be alert to...

My relationship with God.

I would love to investigate more fully into my family's history. We have Native American blood, and we just need the info to prove it!

At this moment, I'm very into learning about plant based nutrition... I'm not sure how far that investigation is going to take me or where it's going to lead me. I'd like to further develop the 10Q cleanse. The notion of taking this time to not only reflect and renew mentally but also cleanse and restart physically, seems like a natural fit. This year I'm learning how to live as a single mother, I'm learning how to launch a web start up, I'm learning how to be physically and mentally healthy. I need to learn how to monetize my passions. I need to learn how to earn money while still being able to parent my children. I know that seems very base, but if I don't sort that out, all my dilitant investigations will enrich me, but me and the kids will be in a more and more precarious place. perhaps that's "cart before the horse," and "find your passion that will fuel your dreams and the money will come..." Well, I guess that's what I'm doing w/ Friendex, it's an idea that grew out of something that I naturally do, connecting people. We just need to be able to monetize it. I have no doubt people will like the site, but as with any internet business... how do you make money at it? This will be a year of investigating and trying to answer that question.

I want to keep learning more about California history. I like the idea of having an investigatory historical project in my free time, and especially since I am thinking of moving back east sometime in the next years, I would like to know more about this state.

I would like to green my office by instituting composting and helping people discover carpooling.

There's an election coming up, and I'd like to have a stable enough schedule to be involved in that. The good thing about 21st-century campaigns is that they need geeks. But mostly, I hope to continue investigating passing whims. That can always lead to unexpected places, like a brief career in taxonomy - which was fun while it lasted, and solidified that it's something I want to study.