Describe one thing you'd like to achieve by this time next year. Why is this important to you?

Figure out a major. I need to know what I want to do with my life and right now I have no idea.

I would like to lose 100 pounds by this time next year.I need to do this because it is the beginning of everything or the end of me.If you can change the physical you can change the mental.I can become a new me.

I would like to feel more comfortable with myself, and who I am. I have had a bit of an identity crisis this year. Then again, I had an identity crisis throughout high school. I have been having an identity crisis my whole life. I don't really know where I fit or who I am. I know I want to do great things, I want to make an impact. By this time next year I would like to understand who I am better, and where I want to go. I want to know my place in the world. I can't keep floating through life, although it is typical of a pisces to go with the flow. Perhaps my role is to do just that. I just want to understand who I am in this world.

I'd like to be promoted to the South-West Group as a rugby union referee. It's important to me because I've been working towards it for the past year and a half. I feel I'm making progress and, from what I've seen form referees already on the Group, I'm not that far off their level. It's important to me because I want to referee at the highest level possible. Moving up through the ranks steadily will keep me motivated.

By this time next year, I want to be happy with my life. (I'm happy now, I just want to maintain it) I know that Junior year can be stressful and I just want to maintain my cool and go with the flow. I want to feel satisfied with how far I have come and have aspirations on where I want to go.

I would like to be more pro-active concerning my physical and mental health. This translates into making sure I eat food for energy, not comfort. I want to keep walking every day and stretch to stay limber. Ultimately, I would like to be at a healthier physical weight. I want to continue to exercise my brain daily. I want to be active as I age. I am 52 this year. In 1986 I was hiking in the Colorado wilderness and caught up with members of the Colorado Mountain Club, all over 60 years of age. They apologized for being slow. My reply to them was that I truly admired that they were out there having fun, and I would hope to be in their hiking boots one day...I'm almost there.

I want to find my inner peace.....I'm so tired of being anxious and worried -- I want to be as supportive and strong for myself as I am told that I am for others.

Have my company be self-sufficient. It is a measure of success and will mean that we are helping people...

I would like to be able to run. I need to have an active activity that can be a hobby. I am not looking to run a marathon, just interest in an activity that brings me to an active lifestyle.

It is important to me that my this time next year, I have proven myself to key colleagues and received professional recognition. This is so important to me because I was so unhappy over the last year in my last position.

I would love to be a more articulate speaker by next year. I have a lot to say - but I often talk too quickly, and I also mumble and slur my words together. And since I talk so fast, I am often unable to think of the best words to express my thoughts. I hope to become a more conscious and conscientious talker, because I know it will improve my everyday life in a number of ways.

Financial independence. So I have more time for the more important things in life.

By this time next year I'd like to have built and be engaged with a fabulous urban family in San Francisco. I recognize that these relationships make a life rich and sustain this time in my life living in a city as a single individual.

By this time next year, I hope that we will be on our way to starting a family together. I want to be a parent, and to share that experience with Anne. I also hope that by next year, we have found a better way to help Anne manage her OCD and depression.

I would like a strong career path to Clinical Psychology, I would love to accepted into this course, it give my life meaning.

well i said motherhood or being on the road to it last year, and i think i actually am, but what i'm really working for this year is to reclaim myself. i am not sure what this means yet though i just know that this can't go on.

I would like to be able to have helped my daughter get settled into her freshman year of college. She can be very dramatic and high strung so I want to be able to help her feel comfortable and accomplished at moving into the next phase of her life.

I hope that, this time next year, I will be in another country. I need to figure out a lot of things to determine whether this study abroad thing is going to work out but I REALLY hope it does. Maybe I'll be in Spain, maybe I'll be in Mexico or Argentina or Chile, maybe I'll be in a completely different country entirely. I don't know yet. Studying abroad is something I've looked forward to about college for a very, very long time and I really hope I figure out a way to make it happen. I've never taken such a big risk before - I've never even really left the United States! I think studying abroad will help me grow and expand my horizons and, if I go to a Spanish-speaking country, hopefully I will be able to become fluent. This has always been very important to me because I love languages in general and because it'll prove very useful for the rest of my life.

I have been working for a very long time on being a non-anxious presence. It has been slow work. I want to eliminate all defensiveness from my persona. I have made a lot of progress in this area, but I still have a long way to go. I am reminded of the posture of Shaolin monks when they face a tense situation. They assume a stance that is sometimes called "The Posture of Peace," standing with feet straight forward, shoulder width apart, holding the left hand (the hand of peace) open and vertical in front of the solar plexus. From that posture they can bring the other hand up to pray or bow. From that posture they can easily ward off a blow if necessary, but it is not a good posture for delivering a first strike. It is, in many ways, a perfect posture for dealing with what comes next. It does not escalate tension. It is not a fight stance. I want to develop the spiritual and psychological equivalent of that posture and have it so ingrained, so well-practiced that I never feel defensive, that my "buttons" are never automatically or accidentally pushed. I remember in Shinsho our Shihan taught us this mantra, "I learn to fight so that I don't have to." I am reminded that one of the phrases Jesus used most is, "Be not afraid." When all is said and done, it is fear that makes us lash out, fear that in some way we will be hurt or diminished. I don't know that fear can be completely eliminated, but I do know that one can learn to not let it be the voice calling the shots. This requires making the calm voice of inner peace and security the controlling voice that guides all actions and responses. I want to strengthen that voice in my life. I want to live in a posture of peace.

I'd like to have control over the carbs in my diet. I'd like to limit them for good and keep a healthy balanced approach to my meals and keep a steady weight for the year.

By this time next year I want to be happy with my decision to return to work. At the moment I'm thinking of returning to work just two days a week so that I can spend a lot of time with my daughter and bring her up, however if I didn't have to return at all that would be even better! I know that I will miss lots of "firsts" if I have to return to work full time and that worries me. It's important to me to be happy with whatever I'm doing and however many days a week I'm working as if I'm not happy that will show when I'm at work and when I'm at home. It will be all consuming and I don't think I could live for long like that.

Keeping my home cleaner, so I won't have to worry all the time about feeling guilty when I do other projects.

I would like to get into shape and be more healthy. I feel that by doing this it will help me to feel as though my life is worthwhile and will get me to take the next step of reclaiming my life and doing what will make me happy.

I want a permanent home so I can begin building a resilient lifestyle and helping create community scale systems to provide for our water, food, energy, and waste disposal needs as the industrial systems we depend on get more and more unstable.

Last year it was to learn to knit. I was going to do that on our vacation, but we never made it down there. So, let's keep that for 2012, along with learning Tunisian Crochet.

I would like to be on the road to stability next year- we have so much up in the air this year- housing, jobs, finances- that it is so overwhelming. I am hoping by next year we will have found a good place to live, be secure in our jobs and have the financial resources to cover our monthly bills and a little extra. The stress of the uncertainty is killing me. I also hope that by this time next year my relationship will be i a much better place- so much anger and mistrust right now- either need to end it or repair it- let's see what happens.

Credit cards paid off! It has taken me so long, I just need to buckle down and do it! And to finally reach my goal weight of 138 pounds.

Find a job that I really make a difference in people's lives

Not have to have a day job to support my acting. And to pay off my credit card debt.

writing regularly. publication.

Does it have to be one thing? Financial stability. Independence and maturity. I got clarity, which is amazing; I want to continue, if not grow, in my achievements. To be in a committed, loving relationship that will last my lifetime, at the very least. This is important because I want to get to the next step in life. From my own strong stance, I can move on, to taking on the world and doing other things far beyond.

Definitely to get my study on track. This time next year I'll be soooo close to finishing school. I hope I can handle it. I also hope I can get in a rhythm of practising French everyday on a computer program.

I want to be a MOM!! I want a baby to hold in my arms as well as in my heart. This is something we have been wanting and trying for for quite a while but have faced repeat miscarriages. We are now pregnant again and very hopeful that we will be able to meet this baby face to face on this side of heaven.

I want to have a better idea of where my passion lies and how I want to carry that into the rest of my life. By next year I want to be out of this "in-between" phase and at least have a direction.

To be debt free and to lose at least 50 lbs. I truly believe excess debt and excess body weight are directly related. It's important to be free and mobile. Being in debt keeps me stuck, and so does being overweight.

By this time next year, I would like to be at peace with myself. My inner me can be my worst enemy at times and I would like to get to a place where I'm comfortable with whatever my situation may be. It's true that the truth is stranger than fiction. There was a time where I believed I would never be good at anything I did. I let other peoples expectations become my own and because of that I was stuck in a rut. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. I am content with my life and I trust that all the bad decisions led me to be a good person. (Also, I'd like to buy an island by then. I know one day that I'll even have it too. However, I hope that when that time comes, I won't need it anymore!)

I would like to be truly starting my acting career. I want to have exposure to the true industry of acting and film. I also would like to have an agent to represent me by this time next year. This is important to me because I am determined to become and pursue my dream in acting. Breaking into the industry would mean the world to me because it gets me just one step closer to reaching my dreams.

I'd like to have a loving relationship by this time next year. I want to share my life with someone special who is amazing.

I would like to finish therapy with Michael. It's a little scary because I very much enjoy our time together, but I want to be on my own and I think I can be. I don't want to use it as a crutch.

Get the hell out of the Jewish community and find me a real job (soz 10Q).

I most want to remain connected to my sons - my oldest despite the fact that he will be off to college, my youngest just because he is 13 and will be starting high school. I hope he will feel connected to me so that he will know he can talk to me and look to me for support whenever he needs it.

I want to have my car loan paid off. I want to get rid of as much debt as possible to free up more money to enjoy my life and save up. By this time next year, I may potentially be living alone without a roommate, so the less monthly debt I have, the better.

Fitness through walking and conscious eating. I am diabetic and need to "pay attention" so I can live a good long while. When I walk I am more aware of nature, take photographs, spend time with my husband, my body feels more alive...

Be in truly amazing good physical shape. Weight where it needs to be (I'm not there yet) but also better strength, agility and control. I want to be able to ski all the stuff I used to ski, and to run my bike even better than I used to. Why is it important? Because it changes my entire outlook on everything else, and thus it makes it possible for me to do well at everything else: relationships, work, finances, etc. If my body is happy, so is the rest of me. In the film "Chariots of Fire" (a true story) one of the central characters -- a very devout Christian -- tells his sister why he has to compete in the 1924 Olympics before returning to his religious work. He says "I believe G-d made me for a purpose, but he also made me fast. And when I run I feel His pleasure." I feel sort of like that lately.

New Year's resolutions are helpful but prefer to think about the things I thought about at Tashlich, how I can be better next year. I would like to maintain the loving and peaceful relationships that I have with my family and friends and maintain a positive attitude towards whatever I do, at work and at home. I do not want to become bedraggled by daily pressures.

I want to be in Israel and know a lot of Hebrew! I've wanted to go back ever since the first time I went and am currently making plans to do so. I'm super excited and I really hope everything works out.

I want to be skinny and happy. It's ridiculous but if I'm skinny, I'll love my body, if I love my body I'll finally be happy. If I could be skinny and happy next year, I'll feel like I've had a successful year. At the same time, if I'm not I know I'll read this disappointed. Future me, I'll still love you even if we're still fat and unhappy.

i would really like to be more fit - not necessarily more skinny per se, but more fit. i would also like to encourage my fiance to continue his path to fitness as well. we are on this journey together and we need to keep up this work to form a lifetime habit!

Wow, I can only think that I would like to have most of a Masters Degree done, and be nearly out of debt! Perhaps baby two nearly here???

I'd like to figure out more about my health... get a handle on headaches and other symptoms. Of course, this is important because I would like to be able to function, ODAT. I would also like to still be in recovery and possibly a sponsor by this time next year. ODAT, once again. Schoolwise... as a big afterthought... It would be nice to be underway in my Spring semester at UMCP (October, 2012).

to lose weight and to feel good about myself. i've been trying really hard to lose weight and i just need to try that bit harder to get to where i want to be.

I'd like to succeed or fail in my current line of work. I'd like to succeed because I have invested a great deal of time and money - some of it mine, some of it others' - and feel as though I'm just below the precipice of success. I'd like to make it over the edge and achieve the payoff for all that has been invested. If I am to fail, I'd like to do it definitely and move on to the next thing. I'd like to refocus my talents, discover what's next, and pursue something I feel I can succeed at with my full passion.

This time next year, I would like to be looking at grad school, either in it, going for that MFA or about ready to start. I would like to have a countless number of adventures in the book as well and start a small client base that can vouch for me. I feel like then, I would want my life to be gearing towards rooting myself somewhere. Right it consist or wandering. I think, once rooted, I really would like to achieve this notion of not getting bored with any one place, being able to always explore my own backyard and be happy with it, where ever that backyard is.

I'd like to have something solid to be proud of. I'm not sure what that is yet, maybe my blog or passing JLPT. Just something to tell people about.

My goal is to make someone more motivated and curious about a passion in their life. I want to help someone find their passion, and find mine as well. It's important to me that I don't just "go through the motions" and take some time to stop and reflect on my life.

BY this time next year,(or january of next year) I want to have a good, quality camera. Photography is my passion!!

I would like to have a large garden and start canning my own food. It feels like we are back into the days of the depression.

I would like to have written my dissertation and have completed my doctorate! Then I can move on to the next exciting adventure in my life!

I hope to maintain employment so that I can stay here and continue to grow my soul with a community that has welcomed me lovingly and spurred so much growth and experiences.

I would like to have a closer, more functional relationship with my family. This is important to me for a feel that the current lack of any real connection with them inhibits me in my adult life, particularly regarding intimacy and trust with other men.

I want to be completely self sufficient, in school and working full time with a good rythem on controlling all areas... and hopefully in a committed and happy relationship :) Also, I would hope to have my demo cd completed and some areas explored in a music career. It is important to me because the time it has taken me to get here, I could have been farther along in any of those areas.

By next year, I want to have my back hand spring. Being as tall as I am, it's physically and mentally challenging. Learning to tumble in my late teens has it's hinderances, and few people accomplish it. Achieving this goal will inspire me so much to go and learn more skills. Plus, it will be a huge confidence boost, knowing I stuck with it for so long, sacrificing blood, sweat, and tears, to accomplish it - and I did.

Frankly, I would like to be pregnant. Is that really an achievement? No. But it's certainly the thing I think about most, and it's the thing I dream about constantly. I love my life, and I am at peace with my current reality, but I still know that being a mother is my heart's desire.

I would like to divorced - or at least have two separate households. I would like my son to be more independent and continue to heal emotionally from the trauma's he has undergone. It is important for me to be moving on. Taking the stale old, battered, and breathe and recharge for myself. I deserve to have a calmer and happier life.

I'd like to have discovered my life-long passion. My "calling-in-life", if you will. Throughout the past few years, I've experienced things I've enjoyed being involved with, however, lately I've realized my "spark" has dimmed. This time next year, I hope to have found a passion that keeps the fire burning inside of me for years to come.

Stable spiritual life. Successfully graduated. Possibly getting a master's degree. Aiding in my work, helping me to be more efficient and effective.

I really would like to start on-line courses to finish my education...to finally "do it"

By this time next year I want to have found or at least have made significant progress towards finding my passion and kind of settling into my adult life. I still don't know what I want to do with my life, only that I want to do something I love, but I'm not really sure how to apply what I do to what I love. This is important to me because for a long time now I have based the things I enjoy doing on who I've been dating at the time. This is a bad idea and I know it's not how I should function, but I end up doing it anyway. I want to independently figure out what it is that I like and pursue those hobbies/passions on my own. If they line up with whoever I happen to be dating, fine. If not, I would love to teach them or share them with that special someone in my life. The someone special in my life is an area that I still need to figure out too. I hope that I find my Prince Charming. I still (foolishly?) believe that he exists out there and believe that I've come close to finding him. It's kind of scary to me how well Tony and Blake both fit into my idea of what a Prince Charming could be. Tony and I mesh together so well. We enjoy spending time together and I've found that my strengths match to his weaknesses and vice versa. Blake is basically boy-me, but smarter and we also get along really well and have similar interests. But for all I know, I could end up dating no one by this time next year or I could be amazingly happy with one of my two best guy friends or I could be dating someone I've never even met yet that's better for me than anyone I know now. I hate uncertainty...but as long as this gets somewhat figured out by next year at this time I'll be happy. I'll be even happier if I can manage to figure it out without hurting the people I love.

I would like to be in more control of my finances. Ideally, I'd like credit card debt to be zero, though this is unlikely. I'd like to be within 12 months of finishing repaying my credit cards and then able to really concentrate on maximising my finances.

I'd like to be pursuing my passions outside of work too!

have a family and a kid. Also work less, you fuckin workaholic fuck.

Lose 30 pounds. It's important because I am disgusted by my blubber, and because I have almost nothing to wear.

I would like to have a decent on-campus job. I came to school expecting to be able to find SOMETHING, even just a crappy desk clerk job. I was very dissapointed when I was met with only "sorry, you need work study" as a reply.

Be making a living from my home-based business.

simple. I'd like to lose 60lbs. I want to live a healthier life and hope I make it for the long haul without the sickness/death that comes along with fatness.

I hope to develop extraordinary organizational skills. Ones that make me more professional at work and ones that make me easier to live with as a partner and as a mother at home.

I'm a little resistant to answering this one, as I've set goals and not reached them. It would be another disappointment to see next year that I have fallen short again. *sigh* HOWEVER -- with the hope that saying it sets it in motion: I want to plow ahead through the bureaucracy and get the professional license reinstated that I let lapse while I was taking a break & working in another profession. The license is expired because of my erratic organizational skills, huge dread of paperwork, and late-paid state taxes. Getting it back would mean personal satisfaction and achievement, and especially, the opportunity to return to a profession I miss.

To get a job in town, so I can be here more for my family and earn a better paycheck.

I want to figure what I want to do with my life. Not to have that job, but to have an idea of what I want to do...

To be relocated in DC, to change everything about my life, everything. I need to find my home, my community, my people. I want to be happy again, I've been miserable too damn long.

Financial solvency. Am too old and have made too much money in my life to look for charity from my children. Only problem is that i havent quite figured out how to do it.

I want to have finished my MCATS and applied to medical school with a good chance of getting in. I hope so because my life depends on it.

I would like to be more at peace with myself- who I am, what I am capable of, realizing some of this or at least on my way to doing so.

Be together with a nice boyfriend. I've had enough of being single, of doing everything by myself. I would like to share all I've got to offer with someone nice.

I want to be back to a stable financial position and not have to rely so much on my son, and even pay him back for all the help he's given me this year.

Reduced the amount of time I spend on my computer. I know it's ironic, since I'm doing this on my computer, but I don't want my children to grow up with the image of mama constantly staring at her laptop.

Paid acting work, or at least an agent and some exposure - it's important because it's what I want to do with my life - not for the money, but because it makes me feel alive in a way you can never get sitting in an office - and why I'm doubling my working hours going to drama school every night and weekend. Not naive enough to think I will never have to work in an office again by this time next year, but to be heading in the right direction would be good!

I want to have legally dropped my surname. I want my Learners and I want to find a full time job I'm happy with.

I want to care even less about when other people hurt me and the past. I have already made a lot progress, but I want to be emotionally stronger - I think it's important because I want to be able to think clearly and not have my mind bogged down constantly with thoughts about things that shouldn't even bother me. In terms of friends, I want to be more confident in not only making them, but in trusting them - I need to learn to trust in order to feel wanted.

To lose 20kg of weight. The loss of weight is crucial for stable mind and healthy body.

I want to feel like I've truly, deeply connected with someone on a level I haven't felt previously. I haven't been kissed before. I haven't felt the warmth of someone's body for more than a passing minute. The glower of another person is a sensation that has piqued my curiosity for ages. However, I realize now that the physicality of a relationship is an enjoyment that is only temporal. What I really want is just... to have someone that can relate to me, that can dull the almost schizophrenic voice within my head that questions everyone's motives incessantly. I want someone I can love genuinely, that prior to our meeting had no past bearings in my life, so I can feel that I'm not the misanthropic person I constantly think that I am. I just want someone that I talk to because I enjoy talking to them.

Have a job! And if I don't find a job - make a job. And I know one of these two - or both of these two - will happen. Because I can't stand for it to be any other way.

I would like to be running my own business successfully. This doesn't mean I'll be rolling in dough, but I'd like to be able to at least have a handful of dough. I'd like to not feel like I'm spending myself into an early grave. So, five or six gigs would be lovely.

I want to know more where I'm headed. Hopefully I'll be on the next higher level of board and be done with SATs, ACTs, and college visits, but I just want to know how much I have and what's realistic for the next 4 years of my life. I want to be even more connected to the Jewish people and will have hopefully visited Israel by this time next year; I want to feel united as one people more than I already do.

I want to be TEFL trained. And out teaching. And I will do it because I have nothing else to do with my life.

In a few weeks I'll be undergoing my 11th IVF procedure as a single woman, just shy of my 45th birthday. This journey started five years ago and it's been tougher than anything I've ever attempted in my life. It's been my Everest. This year I want to reach the peak! I feel in someways I've lost sight of why this is so important to me and question myself often as to why I keep going. Is it to prove a point with God? No...it's because I truly in my heart feel my purpose on this planet extends beyond myself and I have so much to pass on, teach, nurture and share.

Believe in my true sense of security within myself, rather than focusing so much on its manifestation outside myself.

I am so exhausted right now that I can't think of anything I want to achieve. Perhaps finishing this irksome project management certificate will have to do. Grief over my father's death (coming soon) and attempting to maintain my relationship with my husband (which appears to be growing deeper - hurrah) and my son (a little of the opposite) are time-consuming, wearying, draining -- but ultimately what I want to be able to do fully over the next year. And keep my job at the same time. And resuming my household duties so it feels like I live here, rather than use it as a place to crash.

I would like to get a job. I am still studying but I will finish next spring. I would like to find a job because right now is really difficult to get a job so I think that this is one of the goals I would really like to achieve by this time next year!

I want to be rid of the overwhelming sense of malaise and discomfort that comes from my negative view of humankind including myself. I would like to be able to flourish in life, with life and with the world around me. I would like to feel motivatated to want to achieve something. This is important to me because without all this, I feel I may as well be dead.

I'd like to have made and kept Jenny happy. It's so important because I made her so sad she had to go. I can't believe that she doesn't still want the future we planned, I genuinely do think that she's just waiting for a short while, but she won't wait forever (certainly not with Christina around) It's important because, although she doesn't believe it, nothing could be more important to me. That's just how it is.

From a spiritual perspective, I would like to make an effort to get more religion to my children. I would like to make it to services and be more mindful of shabbat and the blessings it brings. From a practical perspective, I just want my daughter to be potty trained! :+)

I'd like to achieve a boyfriend, though I'm not sure achieving is the right word. Otherwise, more cats???

Have more clients to gain financial security and personal satisfaction.

I want to have finished PC, been accepted into Fulbright ETA or found another way to move to Brazil for a while, and be traveling in Argentina and learning the Argentinean tango.

A good job that will bring a steady paycheck and personal fulfillment.

to find my center and be able to go directly to it at all times. it is important to me because then I can be the most effective and positive contributor to my world

I'd like to actually find a man who I can spend quality time with. Someone who adds value to my life, is happy, smart, successful, and fun.

I would like to finish resolving my credit issues and get back to having good credit. This is not for any other purpose other than to prove that I can do it and say 'I made a mistake and recovered'

I hope that by this time next year I'll be in my first semester of grad school. I've been putting it off for a good long while, and I want to get going on it.

By this time next year ... that's a tough one. More financial stability, more peace within myself, more self-acceptance. I realize I'm never going to be thin, but I can accept who I am physically. I realize we'll likely never be "well-off", but can accept the circumstances we have and work with them. In a year, Jalen will be a college sophomore, Trevor a senior, and Matt a HS senior. In a year, I sure the hell hope Matt has some direction as to what he will do after high school. I want to embrace the "next phase" of my life, without worrying about everything, and enjoy it for what it is, and enjoy the fruits of our labors. That's a lot to achieve, but, it's what I hope for.

I would like to have reduced my student loan debt by 5% and have absolutely no other debt besides my student loans. I would also like to feel more confident in my relationship.

With recently starting a new job, i think it would be great to continue on this path and work towards advancing through the current organization. Ive made some wonderful contacts that have led to some great events out of work, so if I could continue to do that, that would be wonderful.

I want to achieve two things by this time next year. I hope to have lost weight and be a more healthy person. And I hope to finally feel secure and happy in my relationship; I no longer wish to feel like he's doing me a favour. I want to feel like nothing can go wrong in my relationship. I suppose what that means is that I'm looking to raise my confidence and self-esteem levels over the next year.

I'd like to have surrendered more deeply and profoundly to God's will.

Inner peace and outer confidence.

I want to have achieved a book contract for my revised dissertation--I have taken way too long and made too many excuses regarding pursuing it. Although on the face of things, it is important to any career progress I am likely to have at this point, there will also be the sense of accomplishment that nothing can take away, no matter what my current employment status is a year hence.

Reasonable and economical ways to retain the good health I have enjoyed through the services of Integrative MDs, but can no longer afford.

I'd like to work on having more patience with my family, so I can be a better mother and wife.

I would like to complete my first year of school and feel like I am finally on the right path. Right now I'm not sure about this whole spiritual thing. People tell me we all have spiritual guides, why can't I contact mine? Why is it so difficult?

Professionally, I'd like to be confident in my ability to teach effectively and see this reflected in my students. Personally, I'd like to improve my self-discipline with respect to my health and physical fitness. I don't want to be a fanatic, by any means, just consistently make wise choices to improve the quality of my day-to-day life.

I would like to feel more fulfilled by my job (or another job!) and I would like to be more proficient in French by this time next year. I keep letting it fall and I really should just dedicate a certain amount of time every week to it.

I would like to write and make my own film. It feels important to me for myriad reasons, they most of which is that I want the experience of taking a film in my mind and bringing it fully to fruition. More personally, I would like to continue with my regular meditation practice. I am a happier, more grounded, more patient person when I sit every day. I really like having a standing date with god.

Get my home clean and completely organized. I have a very long commute - 2+ hours in and 2+hours home. I do not wish to waste what time I have left shuffling and searching because nothing is where it should be. I do not want to keep duplicating effort. And finally, my home is my sactuary. It should inspire peace - not chaos. It is one aspect of life which I determine and control. I should have a place of comfort - my own personal nest.

By this time next year, I would like to be regularly keeping a journal where I draw. To make drawing and painting a daily thing I do, not a special thing that I have to psych myself up to do. It's important to me because it slows me down, it makes me disconnect from technology, it delights me, and it's time for myself.

By this time next year I'd like to lose 10 pounds...I wrote the same thing last year, and didn't lose a single pound. I think I may have gained. I'm uncomfortable in my skin, in my clothes, in my body. I need to lose weight for my health - mentally and physically. I need to feel more confident and stop stressing out about how my clothes fit and how I look.

Dude, I just want to get through my first year of college in one piece.

Have traveled to Europe. This is important to me because if I start saving now, I'd totally be able to afford to go by the beginning of summer. I've been uninspired by my own country in the last several years, so I need a breath of fresh, socialized air. I want to see how citizens of other countries manage to have a better quality of life.

Have a clear vision of where I'm going within my wife's family mortgage business. My intentions are to either see a clear future in this business as the owner with my wife or start moving into another business with my wife as owners.

I'd like to find a home church that I go to every week and that I feel comfortable in. My church in the city I grew up with is hard to compete with, but I really want to dedicate myself to finding the right one for me.

I'd like to be able to drive a car and have my license. Then I wouldn't have to depend on my parents or friends to drive me to places and I would be independent.

I would like to love my job again. (Doesn't need to be THIS job)

I would like to be enrolled in an Alternative Health program and be taking my classes so I may move onto a new career that will be fulfilling and bring me joy.

I would like to have begun a relationship that will become a lifelong relationship. I want so very much to be deeply connected to another, and to experience the joy of building a family and supporting each other in fulfilling our life's aspirations.

I'd like to get my back problem sorted because it impacts so negatively on so many areas of my life and is getting worse and worse. I'd also like to say 'enough'. Enough of everything except spending time with my family. Everything else I can live without.

I want to start back to school and pursue another degree. Its important to me because I want to prove i can and will go back to school.

I want to have a more considered life. I want there to be an identified and conscious center and purpose to my activities. And that purpose has to be beyond me.

I'd like to be acting on a plan to have a baby with Katie. It's important to me because I want to have a child or two with her, and I really feel like we're at the right time in our life to do that. I hope we're able to figure it out!

Finishing a draft of my thesis because that would mean, in a very personal way, that I see myself as a writer....something I've had a very difficult time owning.

By this time next year, I want to still have my best friend that I've had since I was three. I'm really afraid going to college next year will change our friendship and she will forget about me and I will not be able to handle that.

By this time next year I want to be able to say that I have finished more than one half marathon and I want to be enrolled in school to finish my bachlors degree. I also want to be in good enough shape to teach workout classes on my own.

I want to wipe out my past debt and be current with my bills. I need to do this to be able to move forward.

Become more organized at home. I'd like to have more time for reading and study.

It's a little cliche, but I'd like to -- not necessarily have a boyfriend, but have opened myself back up to dating people, to stop being so closed to others. I feel like I'm living in the past, focused on relationships that are probably long gone. I'd like to feel secure in whatever it is I've ended up doing after graduation, and optimistic about my future doing that thing.

I hope by this time next year I'll know where I'm going.

By this time next year, I would like to be debt free. Other than my vehicle, probably. I've made strides in the last year to pay off my credit cards - and I've paid off like 3 or 4 small ones. I'm paying off another one as we speak, leaving me three. One that's $3k, one that's $1k and one that's $300. I hope that by this time next year, I'll have all of those paid off (at least the two smaller ones) so that the only debt I will have is my car. It's important to me because I don't want to carry around all that extra. I know that I'm going to have to start paying student loans when I graduate in 2 or 3 years - but if that's all I have - along with my vehicle - I'll be SET. And I wanna be set because I hope that soon I can start a family (albeit unconventional lol) and start working towards more long-term goals.

By this time next year i hope to have a business that can support myself and Gemma in whatever it is we want to do eith our lives in the short term - be that have kids, go traveling or invest some money in doing up our house. The initial plan included not having lodgers and 'taking back' our house - this may or may not be the case but either way the business would be in a position to support what we want to do.

Find someone I fall in love with. Looking for that perfect Jewish guy so that I can finally have children.

I would like to have traveled somewhere different in the world, see a new place.

I would like for either I or my wife to be working and be back t0 a stable finacial footing.

I hope to find a synagogue/community that works for my whole family -- a place where children are embraced, where I can learn and grow in my davening practice, and where the less synagogue-oriented family members can feel comfortable and welcome.

I would like complete the Saltonstall portfolio.by completing tis portfolio I feel would put a closure to many issues I have been trying to resolve.

I want to be in grad school. I am so tired of underachieving and working jobs i'm miserable in. I'm tired of job-hopping every year or so. I need to be learning to be fulfilled, at a much deeper level that I'm able to do in entry-level administrative jobs in the nonprofit sector. The next "new job" I start will be grad school.

My husband and I are starting a new business and by this time next year I'd really like to see it profitable. I feel like it has all the potential in the world, and I'm hoping by next year we have seen whether we were right-on in our thinking.

I have three books in process right now, one on the Hindu scriptures, the Bhagavad Gita, one on Moliere, and one on the Book of Revelation. They should be all finished by next year. Other accomplishments will be a family trip to Seward, Alaska with my wife, youngest daughter, and granddaughter. And by this time next year I hope that the Togiak Public Library will be relocated to its new larger home.

This will be the third time i state that this time next year i will be enjoying a new position in a new town. may my career path keep rolling and introduce me to a new life. fingers crossed and much work to be done!

I would like to have a child. I guess that was easy enough. ... a really great job would be nice too!

Be financially sustaining. To know this has been worth the work. And that my mom and sister can take a deep breath.

I want to be writing again. I havent written since the beginning of this year; I've not disciplined myself since the "rush" of moving ended and so I have neglected my work. Writing is a way I can express myself , vent my feelings, let go of things that are bothering me. It's also a creative outlet for me.

I want to feel lovable and secure in my relationship...it's my fault I'm not.

I would like to be in the middle of paying off my debt. This has hung over me for years, and is a constant weight, a constant reminder of my old self. I am better than this. I would also like to for my art to be a bigger, more important part of my life. I need the expression, and I would like to be working towards a goal of living a more balanced life - with the art playing a bigger role.

I want to be open to God's universe in another way. Instead of constantly criticizing myself, assuming I'm the worst of creatures, I want to celebrate life and accept myself as a contributing soul to the world. I'm wasting my life in a negative haze. I'm 64 years old. I want to believe i have some positive time ahead.

This time next year I'd like to be starting my clinical year of vet school. That feeling will have made the almost 3 years down on St. Kitts worth it.

I want to achieve a sense of happiness in the romantic sense. I'm 22, and this is the time in my life where I really need to start looking for that one guy who will be my everything.

I hope to be in Iowa in the first semester of my Sustainable Business classes at the Maharishi University of Management. This is important to me because it will be the next major step in changing my life to change the lives of others.

A career that I enjoy. My own apartment. A boyfriend?? These things are important to me because that's where I want my life to go.

I want to be going to college in the US with 5,000 dollars saved or be finishing my education here with only 7 classes pending to graduate

I'd like to be able to pay enough of my college loans to return to school.

Feel like I'm a little more honest.

Being a successful grandfather

I want my conducting to be great. I also want to have finished a blanket!

Four things (this list gets longer and longer: it started at only one!). First, I will be on my sabbatical year -- or more -- AND working in a good rhythm to get my book written. (Actually, as I go back to this point after writing the others, I see that this is the easy one. I will have a sabbatical and either I will or won't have extra support. Either way, I'll be focusing on my research.) Second, I want to be in a deep, satisfying relationship. That's been lacking a long time, far too long. (This one's obviously a lot harder, but how I wish, I wish, I wish .....) Third -- and perhaps this is the most fundamentally important -- I want to be healthy again, all physical ailments eliminated or successfully managed. (One year of chronic illness is ENOUGH!) And fourth, the apartment renovations will be completed -- and exactly as (or even better than) I imagine! (This is likely the most expensive achievement -- hopefully it will be worth it.) That's a lot for one year -- but, hopefully, nothing impossible here.

I'd like to move to a nicer apartment in Riverdale so I will have a better quality of life, more space to entertain and for my own comfort, and a great kitchen to cook in.

I would like to develop a closer relationship with my grandchildren. I miss them so !

I would like to raise my G.P.A in school so I can get into a better college, and feel like I succeeded in something. :)

be in a stable, fulfilling relationship. it's time. this is important to me bc i am ready for it. i want to share my life with someone, have a family, and commit to something bigger than myself.

I would love to be living in my own apartment. That would mean so much to me because it would be the most independence that I've had in my life so far.

I want to be a gestational surrogate again and deliver a baby to its parents. I'm unaware of any other way to give quite so important a gift and I'm excited to do it again.

This time next year, I want to have completed a cross-Canada tour in our Airstream trailer. I feel if we do not go next year, then we never will as our Chevy truck is getting old and we cannot afford a new one. We will then be relegated to camping/birding/photographing trips closer to home for the duration of our retirement years.

I want to get over my telephone phobia. I become paralyzed when I have to make a phone call. This keeps me from being in contact with my children and grandchildren as much as I want and need to be and causes me much grief. I know if I just grit my teeth and gut it out, I can overcome it. I want to make a serious effort to put an end to it once and for all.

I want to have seen more of the world. I think it's one of the best kinds of learning and it's something that i'm really passionate about and i don't think i cold tackle medical school without first having tavelled

I would like to have started a family, or at least decided when we would like to. This is important to me as I am getting to the stage in my life when I feel like this is the next natural stage in our lives, and I don't want to feel like we 'missed the boat'.

I would like to have my web business fully functioning. This is something I have been talking about for years as a way to bring in some income and enjoy doing it. There is ALWAYS a reason to postpone the launch. I hate that. It's important to me because I have never not had an income until I became a mother. I accepted long ago that part of my self worth is tied to my earning power. So doing this would help me feel better about myself.

This time next year I want to feel more prepared for the future, I want to have good grades and be ready to conquer the world no matter what! Its important to me, because I know I would be a less stressed out person if i had a firmer stance on what my future holds.

I would love to incorporate my 501c3 - the Mozambican Fundraising Network. I have been trying to do it without a lawyer, and have hit a few bumps in the road - but I would love to be able to do it this year and have it take off (one grant received as seed money!!)

I'd like to engage more people with the narrative of Resonance. It's important to me because I believe it will make the world a better place

By this time next year, I'd like to be on a more definitive path in my life. I would like to have made some decisions in regards to where to live (location and house), whether or not to switch jobs, and where to be in my relationship (buying a house, getting engaged, babies), etc.

Publication of my article on children's picture books, because it has been on my mind and heart since grad school & a class on qualitative methods!! Let's get 'er done! And I want it in a reputable journal. This article means a lot to me also because I will have to figure out, on my own as usual, how to do a statistical test to be able to include that in my article. I have lost all that I learned in graduate school in quantitative methodology because what I used in my dissertation and continue to use is qualitative methods. I would just like to publish one thing that uses statistical methods. I am old and don't have 20 years to make my publishing goals.

I'd like to finish the programs I've started and be working in the health field! It's important to me to begint o actualize all the learning I am doing so I can reach out and guide others on their healing journeys.

I'd like to have finalized my retirement for spring 2014. I'd like to know that I have a definite deadline, that financially we'll make it, and that I can look forward to the teaching part of my life being over. Not that I still don't love teaching -- I do. But I'm getting more and more exhausted by it, and I want to move on.

I would like to have achieved a significant lowering of debt. It is difficult being retired and 67 and constantly in debt because of one thing or another. I don't like lurching from one crisis to the next, new roof, new chimney, new furnace, new mortgage. I need to get on my feet.

I would like to lose more than fifteen pounds because I beliebe that this will make me happier.

I would like to be in a relationship if at all possible - or least be able to be in one. It has been too long since circumstances dictated being alone - economy being the prime factor.

To be at a better paying job. I like the job I am at now but I had to take a huge pay cut in order to survive - not being unemployed for a long period of time like others - and now that I've adjusted to the way I had to live, I'd like to be able to "live" a little.

I'd like for my new clothing business to have really taken off. It's important b/c I've invested a lot of money into this and have to make it work.

I would like to be living in Costa Rica with Jay. It would mean that he is retired, that his health, hopefully,has improved or is improving or under control. It would mean that his stress, and mine, has decreased. The stresses would be different, but we would finallly be out from under the burden of trying to sell the store. He would not be beating himself up over errors he made or bad advice he was given in the past year. I would also like to work more this year and go to the NEA conference in Washington DC. It would probably be my last conference and since I missed the last two, it would be a real celebration. I want next year to be a celebration of our lives, without the concerns we have had for the past two years. I want to reconnect with each other and travel again as we have always done in the past and explore the world and each other.

I'd like to belong to a spiritual community. I'm not sure what that would look like, but I'd like to allow myself to belong, connect in that way, bring more people into my life. And I hope to share that with the new person in my life.

I would like to be in a good and happy relationship. I know it isn't really something to achieve per se, but it is something that is important to me to find someone who loves me unconditionally and whom I love back in the same way. Or at least to be on the road towards that.

I'd like to have a full time job. After being unemployed for more than year, I'm happy to have my part time job. But the hours are terrible, the job is not what I'd like to be doing, and I don't like being exploited by the company I work for.

I think I want to either be married or decide I never want to be married.

I hope that I've done something truly significant for my career. There's an internship for Psychology in London that I've been considering, so I hope I've either done that, or something else that will help set me apart in the admissions process for grad school. I've done a lot of things outside my comfort zone lately, so I won't use that as my answer. I hope I've done something meaningful for myself and for my career.

I would like to have lost 20-30 pounds by this time next year! It's important so I can stop feeling like a fat ass!

I so want to be in graduate school for a PsyD next year. I desperately want to be happy with where I end up. If for some reason I'm not where I hope to be exactly I hope I find a meaningful job/internship. Something. I want to start over. I want peace for my life.

lead and serve my daughter in ways that i have yet to.

I would like to be published, or at least have received a personalized rejection letter from a publisher by next year. I can't guarantee that anything I write will be accepted, but I can guarantee that I will make every effort to make it happen. If I have a dream, I have to go for it. Inaction is the surest path to regret.

To have novel finished. I have little stickability so it would mean a lot to finish it and it's a story I felt driven to write.

I am so utterly torn about this. I want to get better, I know I should get better, but I just cannot see myself achieving it. I'm so close, but I know how to turn right around and run back into it. I want to live, it's important that I stay alive, but it's not for my sake, it's for others'. I think I'd like to have made it through my second year of university without any serious suicide attempts. I'd also like to seek some form of treatment, but that would involve money.

Losing 100 pounds. I wanted to lose weight from last year to this, and instead I've gained. 100 pounds to lose is a daunting and serious amount of weight.

A sense of accomplishment and well-being as a result of what transpires between now and then. Attaining work that offers me financial security; managing my mother's long-term care needs in a way that dignifies her life and minimizes the, what-has-been-thus-far, enormously personally stressful experience; finding myself with a partner I love and trust and makes me laugh.

I hope to finish at least the first CD of Hebrew from Rosetta Stone. It's important to me to learn more Hebrew so I can better understand Torah and the Hebrew prayers.


I'd like to make love with my wife.

I think I can finally say that I hope I am pregnant/with a newborn at this time next year. It's important to me because for so long my husband and I have each, and together, been ambivalent. We are getting older, and I want to make sure we make a real decision about this. I am being pulled more towards wanting to be a parent than not...

I want to break 200 pounds. Even if I make it to 199.9 this will be a huge victory for me.

I would like to increase my salary by at least 10%. This is important because We're really not saving enough for our kids' college funds and time is running out quickly.

I want to utilise my passion for my job and be more organised because without it, as my dad always says, "fail to prepare, prepare to fail." Secondly, I want to utilise my passion for my beautiful girlfriend and see her as often as possible to strengthen our bond with one another that much further. I wish to travel more and live amongst more cultures and societies as. I want to learn more and reduce my levels of ignorance and naivety.

I would like to be in a relationship by this time next year with a wonderful, warm, loving, man. This is important to me because I want to experience deep companionship, love, partnership and I'm feeling more and more ready to build a life with someone - create a home and start a family. I am scared of finding my person -- scared of what it means to let go of some control, scared of committing, scared of the vulnerability. So I am looking for someone who can make all those things seem okay, beautiful even - who can make them seem small in comparison to what our relationship, our love, is adding to our lives.

By this time next year I'd like to have finished with 6 classes at school, and gotten a new car. It feels like I'm not making any progress, that I'm slipping further back, with a husband who doesn't really contribute financially. I need a new car. I can not afford one unless he is working full time. I can't do it on my own while paying for the mortgage, his car, and everything else.

By this time next year, I'd like to be moving into a new, beautiful apartment. I also hope to have my hypoglycemia under better control.

I want to feel confident in my relationships to my family of origin as I do to my friends. I have trouble looking my brother, sister and parents in the eyes. Life is too short to continue in this way.

I would like to have figured out, or at least have a strong sense of what exactly i would likle to be doing in the near future, be ir grad school of some sort, working somewhere or being in israel. it is important because i feel the time has come when i need to figure out what im doing

I'd like to be in a loving relationship where I also a) like, b) trust and c) respect the person with all of my heart.

I want my business to be profitable enough so I can hire staff. I would then feel like I could strike a better balance between home and work. Right now it all feels too overwhelming. By next year, I want to feel more centered, more confident.

I would like to have finished writing and publishing my second manuscript. I would like to remarry and possibly relocate.

I would like to be on board for my youth group as the vice president of recruitment. I love my youth group and want to be a leader in it, more so than I already am. I have not gotten to be on board yet, but I really want to be. I want to be able to recruit people and educate people about my youth group.

I would like to have written the best piece of literature I've written to date. It's important to me because I took a risk leaving my job to pursue this and I want to fulfill this dream. But even if I fail I want to feel as though I gave it my all. It'll provide clarity for me.

Something I intend to begin this time, this year. Since 2007 I've had a dream to create a repository of knowledge for the Spanish community around the world. It is a long held dream, one that I feel would make a true impact on the world, and one that I am still to achieve, even after two previous failed tries. I'm not giving up on my dream. By this time next year, if my aspirations are to be trusted, the project should be well on its way and experiencing exponential growth. If only I could read this next year and say it has come to pass. I pray it will.

The one thing I would like to achieve by this time next year is to have security in a full time job. The main reason I want this is to be able to move out. I am blessed to have wonderful parents that have let me live at home through college. They have never asked me for rent money and do their best to avoid being too overprotective. However, I'm 23 years old and I need my own space. I want to be able to come and go as I please. When I'm not in the mood to talk to anyone, I won't have to. I want to be able to have my boyfriend over without the awkward feeling of having to keep my bedroom door open. All in all, I am thankful to have a roof over my head. I'm just more than ready for that roof to be my own.

I would like to have the house de-cluttered by this time next year. My wife and I have a relatively small home and we tend to accumulate stuff. It is difficult for me to throw away items that are still functional or items that I can fix. As a result, much of the space in our house is devoted to storage. I would like to reduce the amount of stuff that we have and create some new and useful spaces in our home; like a space for exercising, stratching and yoga.

I would like to have lost 20 pounds, reinvest in my relationship with my husband and find a new job. That's a lot to do and a lot of forthcoming stress. I'll need to prioritize and recommit but all three of these are important to me.

I'd like to have finished a complete draft of my PhD by October 2012. I know I'm not set to finish my PhD till May 2013, but if I aim for a draft in a year, I feel I'll be in a much better position to get a job the year after. It also means I will have fostered/developed better writing habits, which is so important if I am going to be successful in academia.

I'd like to be a lot more financially secure in my savings. I've gotten a little saved up but I'd like to have at least $5,000 saved for a rainy day. And I don't mean to blow on useless crap, i would be nice to have just in case something breaks or something happens and not be stranded. So Fiscal Security would be great.... don't know if that's the right way.

I hope by this time next year i'll be living my life i have intended to live. And i'll be living without regrets

I want to be able to start conversations with people I don't know with more ease. I have severe social anxiety, and while I know I'm fully capable of talking to people, it's hard for me to do so. This is just another step I'm taking in my mission to become a more sociable (and happy) person.

Before next year at this time I intend to complete the shift in direction of my carreer to arenas that better utilize and reflect my gifts, talents and goals and will bring greater financial rewards, prosperity, and more job satisfaction. I will be working smarter, not harder, and will be rewarded materially for that work!

I would like to have my family safely started in a new life without the constant threat from the ex/father figure. I'd like to have seen my youngest graduate high school and my mother happily gardening in her last healthy years. I want to have won the little shelter from the world that we've dreamed of. That's all I want; to have survived, to have protected my family and given them a chance to thrive. It has been my life goal since a sweaty afternoon in July 22 years ago when I was out of birth control pills and he didn't pull out like he said he would. Not a mistake but certainly a life choice that I committed to. It is a greedy, selfish and perhaps too hopeful wish to achieve such a goal in such a short period of time. 22, 23 years. But that's what I'm shooting for.

I would dearly love to lose 5-10 pounds. I know this is not a huge amount of weight, but it really drives me crazy to have the extra bulk around my middle and my thighs. Especially living in the part of the country where I do, you just don't feel so attractive if you don't have a smooth silouette. It's hard in your 40s to lose even half a pound, so I'm really hoping for the resolve to stick with a diet. Actually, what I'm looking for is resolve all around. Resolve to get my novel written. Resolve to organize my home and keep it straightened up. I would like to stick with things better and be generally more organized. I know I say this every year, and it's getting old, but it's truly my number one goal. I would feel so much better about myself if I could accomplish these things!

I would like to have our financial house in order to the point that we are saving money for retirement. Approaching the age of 50, we are running out of time. Hopefully, this time next year the world won't be on the edge of financial collapse and we can actually invest money into our IRA's.

I would like to have my diabetes under control and be on my way to an active and healthy third phase of life. Currently I am not healthy and am 62 y.o. Because I want to continue exploring cultures new to me, enjoying friends and teaching, and perhaps finally getting my garden under control, I want to be healthy enough to spend my next years in good enough health to ensure my being able to enjoy such a lifestyle.

I would just like to be happy. And I would like to be happy with someone, this alone stuff rots.

I want to be so much more radically in love with Christ and to be able to share that love with the people around me. I want to be a better leader and a better listener. Lastly, I want to devote less of my time to the internet.

I think my answer is pretty much the same as it was last year, to finally find a JOB that I don't HATE with an employer who doesn't yell at me and have a chair to sit on that's not broken! I just want to feel some kind of satisfaction that whatever employment I can find is something that is satisfying and not just going through the motions to get a paycheck that barely covers the mortgage. Other than that, I'm already 10 pounds down, with only 10 to go to get back to my "goal" weight of 138 or 135, which I'm sure I'll get to before my birthday Dec 11, so that's one goal that I've had for 9 years that will be accomplished before the end of 2011. If I could wave a magic wand, I'd say by this time next year I would have signed a publishing contract for "Undercover Reunion" and have FINALLY completed "Vashti's Daughter" before another PURIM passes by. To get back into writing fiction again and put the past 7 years of the devastation that nearly destroyed me FAR behind me.

By this time next year, I would like to have a good relationship with my future in-laws. It's been a little rough since we started "living in sin", and the relationship between Jer's mom and I has gotten a little rocky because she doesn't agree with what we're doing. When we're married, though, I feel like we'll instantly go up a few rungs on the ladder, and if I can include her in wedding planning, we will have something to bond over.

I want to be me again, healthy and good looking and free from my eating disorder. I want to be confident and be able to make my own decisions. I don't want to be controlled by my illness any longer. Food should be tasty again and welcome and not my bitter enemy. I want to live.

Say more blessings daily, keep my life more focused on G-d all the time. Why important: not only will He take care of me no matter what happens in the future, but He can work through me so I can maybe help others see the truth and lead them closer to Him, or at least point the way.

I would like to be less exigent to myself. I feel só disconfortable always thinking that people are judging me.

I would like to have a very established writing practice, as much a part of me and as fulfilling as my yoga practice. I would like to ease into my voice like an old friend, by then. I'd also like to uncover why this is important to me. I feel drawn to it, but I don't understand why. I am not interested in fame or recognition. I in fact kind of dread that, but I do want to put me on paper, and see what effect it has on anyone else.

I'd like to reach a level of peacefulness and happiness that hasn't in present in some time. Whether it's getting used to how I relate to/complement my husband, the never-ending saga that is dealing with in-laws, work, etc., the happy or fun person I used to be doesn't seem to be around anymore. I miss my "self"; the person that could let comments slide a bit easier, was more energetic and hopeful, was more open and trusting. Somehow, among all the bull and drama, that person has been pushed away, cast aside somewhere, and I'd like to find her; I'd like to feel and be whole once again.

I'd like to be well on my way to completing my Honors Thesis. It's not only something I have to do to graduate with Honors, it's also something I want to do and I think I will be proud of when I'm finished. I would also love to be crazy closer to God and to have stopped doing some of the things I'm currently doing because they are not Godly things.

I would really, really like to see myself living somewhere other than Detroit. Whether it be Indianapolis, or my preferred destination, LA, I hope that I'm somewhere else, living happily & contentedly. I hope that this move brings success & growth in my career as well as in my personal life!

By this time next year I want to have the kitchen FINISHED. Walls painted, cabinets painted, accent wall painted & new flooring. This is important to me for three reasons. In a house full of projects, one project would be finished! For another reason, I lost 30 pounds this past summer while painting the outside of the house and the deck cover. Now I want to lose more, more, more! Lastly, I would love for us to feel as though it's ok to take some time off once in awhile to relax and enjoy retirement.

The obvious answer is that I need to find a new job to make money, as my job is ending. However, what I'd like to achieve is having a plan for what I want to do, and not just finding a job to have a job. I was content but not happy in this position. It's about time I put together a plan and do something that I'm happy and proud of.

I'd like to find personal fulfillment in a new hobby, volunteering or my work. Or, if I'm incredibly lucky, all three! I feel like the past year has really been me getting settled into adult life, and now that I feel fairly comfortable in the working world, I'd like to do more. I don't like that on most weekdays, I come home from work just to sit on the couch and watch mindless TV for hours. I'd like to have more of an after-work life - whether it's a new volunteer opportunity or a new hobby, or even cooking/cleaning/reading more. I hope that I spend time over the next year figuring this out and making the most of my life as a young professional in the city!

By this time next year I hope to have graduated university and make my family proud of me.

By next year, I would like to have completed at least 15 credit hours in college. I want to do tis so I can move closer to getting my Master's degree.

I'd like to get to a point where my plans for the day include preparation for future events so that I don't always feel like I'm flying by the seat of my pants. I do things better when I am ready for them. Especially teaching and homework. I need to find a way to finish things prior to the night before they're due/needed.

I'd like to have my own place. I love my roommate, and we get along fantastically, but the idea of having my own space, decorating it the way I want, and being able to act literally as though no one else is around or matters. To do that, of course, I'd likely need a promotion, a raise, and to be a lot smarter about where my money goes... which are all things I'd also like to achieve in the next 12 months.

I would like to be in the perfect job with the perfect pay and perfect travel balance, which allows me to sew and create, and build a life with my perfect partner and lover. It is important to me because I am made for more than what I am contributing right now, and I am ready for all the love, success and balance the universe has waiting for me.

id like to have had a successful freshman year, holding at least a 3.0 gpa hopefully higher if possible. also i would like have had an amazing ski season. and during summer get good job that pays well. and if possible an internship.

I would like to have put myself on a different career path that makes me more fulfilled but that still provides a decent wage and allows me to live within the means I am now. It's important to me because I haven't been happy in my job for a long time. But I have felt stuck, because I get paid well and because I don't really know what else I'd like to do. I'd like to take the time to figure out what I'd really like to be doing with my time and then start taking the steps to make it happen.

I would actually like to get something of mine published. I was re=energized by the writing workshop from Tara Gray and it got me excited about getting my stuff published. It just sits in my computer and makes me sad and it needs to be out there. One of the reasons I study family violence is to get my stuff out! I'd also like to finish my sexual abuse video. I know I can do these two things!

By October 3, 2012, I hope to be working in a more fulfilling job in the East Bay, San Francisco or Silicon Valley. This is important to me because since I spend most of my day at work, I might as well be doing something that I find fulfilling.

I don't know that this counts as an "achievement," but I would really like to be engaged (maybe even married) by this time next year. This may be wishful thinking on my part, but I've found the person I want to spend the rest of my life, and at 34, time's a-wasting!

HAVE A NEW ROOMMATE!! And get a new job.

I would like to have my book complete and it either self-published or a contract signed with a published to publish it.

I'd like to have a steady stream of customers for my photography business. It doesn't have to be enough to leave my day job yet, but at least a solid customer base would be nice! I need to know that this is a viable career option, that doing something I love full time is a real option, otherwise I'll have to start reconsidering what I'm doing.

I'd like to still be alive, and to still want to be alive.

By May, I will have my Master of Arts in English. However, by this time next fall, I intend to have a draft of my first novel completed. It's important because I have been unable to sustain daily work on the draft, instead working an hour or two every few days, and the piece lacks the voice and tone that come with a continuity of effort.

Be in class to get my education degree. Even if I don't become a teacher, in CT, it will open up a lot of job opportunities for me.

I want to be able to play accordion in a band w/other people, not just at home by myself.

I'd like to have at least completed my collection of short stories for publication. I'm bent on becoming a writer and as of yet, I have nothing published anywhere, but I hope to change that as soon as possible. Unfortunately, college work (college work I have since lost interest in) gets in the way substantially and heavilly impedes progress, but I don't want to just drop out because it cost my family so much to pay for the course.

I want to have learned to have a more realistic view of who I am. This is important because I've spent so much of my life with a view of myself that isn't really accurate and was given to me by some people who are very damaged themselves.

I would like to achieve a main role in a show at my school and I hope that my book is to be published

I'd like to achieve a stability with my routine and myself. Since it is turning fall, to me, it's the time to settle in, settle down and get things organized. I have definitely done this and I'm better for it.

hope to have business back on track,my wife can stop working,and i canspend more leisure time with my her

I would like to have a well defined game plan for what I am going to do with the rest of my working career. Right now I feel that I am on autopilot with work - and while the work I do is somewhat enjoyable, I continue to have a nagging feeling that I should be doing more. I keep saying I need an exit plan. It is about time that I located the nearest exit, realizing that the closest one may be behind me...

I want to be at my ideal weight--about 14 less pounds. I am 64 yrs old, not obese by any stretch, but carrying more weight than is comfortable for me. I want to be sure I stay as healthy as I can be.

Pay off my credit card. I'm embarrassed that I've spent so much money and at this time next year, my daughter will be in kindergarten. I want to be able to afford private school for her so to pay off the credit card means she will be able to do that AND that I've gotten my sometimes out-of-control spending under control.

I would like to have maintained the healthy diet I have recently adopted. I want to have my stomach acid under control through diet and healthy eating habits.

I would like to read my torah portion EVERY week in the new year. I am especially focused on my emotional growth... understanding and accepting myself.

I'd like to be in a grad school program I enjoy. Surrounded by friends and good Jewish community, and dating someone I like a lot.

Pass my general exams. This will let me move on to the next phase of my PhD program and get closer to being part of the working world again.

I want very much to finish as much as is possible the genealogy of both sides of my family and reconnect with some heretofore "unknown" cousins. I want to find my "niche" in my retirement and be at peace with being on my own this late in my life.

This time next year I want to be in Germany studying Kafka with one of the best minds in the field. If I find myself the first week of October 2012 still stuck in the USA, and then I read this - because I know it'll be sent back to me - it's going to sting bigtime. It's important because it means a world of difference to me professionallyand academically as I complete my PhD.

I will finish the iconic Raven book of art and stories by the end of 2011 and find an agent and/or publisher. This is important as a spiritual outreach including others and significant personally-- a public celebration of my creativity and a concrete legacy.

Run at least 2 5Ks.

For myself, very little I think. I am basically happy and fulfilled in what I do and how and with whom I live my life. I think that in this uncertain world wth two kids in the army, and two younger kids all I want in personal terms is for it all just to keep going and for us to be safe. I don't sneeze at that. I feel that we have worked hard as human beings to make what we have and I don't want to lose it. The material side is not at the top of the priority list although I pray that we continue to be able to support ourselves. On another level we are just starting a social welfare project focused especially on African Refugees and by next year I want to feel that we have achieved something and contributed to other people's lives. As I get older that becmes more and more important. Do I make a contribution? Does what I do make a difference, both personally, professionally and societally. I hope it does because I think that when it comes down to it, that's what it is all about.

It's the same goal every year...to have more self awareness. To not depend on the opinion of others for my self worth. To be in the moment and truly appreciate all the blessings of my life.

I'd like to either be happy in my job (responsibilities, title, and pay) or be applying to grad schools in a thoughtful, organized way. By next year I'll be solidly in my mid-twenties: time to find a solid direction again.

I would like to have my business going and be working from home - the more I think about it, the more I yearn to be doing this. I *will* make it happen!

ONE THING. Why must you limit me on that? There is so much I want to accomplish. I want to go to London with Study Abroad for a semester, I want to have been in a relationship and ended one, I want to figure out how to make those DELICIOUS cookies that Lady from my church makes, I want to become a better actress, I want to figure out what kind of degree I want, I want to be a more free, better individual. I realize all these things probably won't happen. But there's just so much, so, so much, I want to do.

I have heard about the holy trinity of marriage, God, husband and wife. In the next year, I would like to acheive that with my husband. If we could nurture a relationship with God and each other, I think it would take us to a whole new level with each other. I hope to acheive that level within the next year.

I want to be pregnant. I have known since I was in high school that I wanted to be a mother someday. I have not felt any great sense of urgency about it, since the first steps were to get myself financially stable and to find someone I loved and trusted to be a good father. But I can safely say both of those prerequisites have been checked off, and now I have just been killing time until the stupid law entitles me to maternity leave.

I would like to pass my license test, it doesn't matter how many times it takes to pass as long as I do. And a car would be nice, but that's out of my control. And I want to get a job. And do really well in school.

I want to succeed at school and work. To make my presence felt and show my value. I want to feel like I have done my best and can do more next year.

I'd like to have my thesis finished early and have some clarity around my career prospects thereafter. Limbo is getting old.

I would like to have my livingroom remodeling completed. I have been waiting almost a year for the contractor. That would finish the house and maybe Eual could retire.

Help my husband find peace in our retirement. He seems very anxious and disconnected. I would like to help him find purpose and contentment because I think our life would be more joyful.

I've got a little bit of debt, not enough that I need to file bankrupty or anything but enough that I'm wary of following in my parents' fiscally-irresponsible footsteps, and I'd like to have it paid off by next year. It's totally possible if I stick to my guns and make better decisions so we'll see!

Big Goal - have clean house!

To have had an incredible time abroad. To have grown a lot while abroad and to figure out what job field I want to end up in and hopefully have a job in that field by this time next year.

I would like to find a new job. I would like to lose at least ten pounds. More would be good, but I am being realistic. I would like to be on the road to saving up for a house, or at least have moved out of my current place. The situation with the neighbors is getting worse and worse. I would like to be in a relationship.

Take better care of my body- lose 15 pounds- I want to look great and feel great about myself.

I want to accomplish several things I've put off for years. I have a to-do list that is indistinguishable from one year to the next, but I've started working on one item and hope to start another. If I succeed even halfway with both, I hope reading this answer next year will bring me joy.

I would like to have paid off my "bar loan" - a private loan I took out during the summer I took the bar exam. I would also like to have paid off my credit card completely so that my only debt is my federal student loan.

By this time next year, I want to have my second credit card paid off and my two smallest student loans paid off. This is important to me because I want to buy a house and I need more money per month to be able to make payments. I do not want to have an empty house that I can never leave because I do not have money to ever do anything. Also, this is a small goal within my larger goal of being debt free (except for a mortgage) by the age of 30.

Quit smoking. To make what life I have left more pleasurable.

I would like to be a more attentive and loving husband. Pay less attention to work.

Have a correct diagnosis for what ails me, and be well underway with a treatment/management plan.

By this time next year I'd like to have made my body a healthier organism. I would like to have lost as much as 15 lbs (i'm 137ish right now), and I would like to have eliminated drinking more than 1 drink a day from my life. I would like to be doing yoga regularly and I would like to be eating healthily and well. I would like to be non-judgmental of other ladies and more in control. Our plan is that we will try to become pregnant around this time (August/September 2012). I'm not sure why I have trouble stating that. Perhaps I don't want to jinx it. Perhaps the enormity of the change it represents awes me.

I hope to be happier than I am right now. I think that to achieve this goal I need to remember and identify the things that make me happy instead of relying on other people to do that for me. I will realize that in the end, I am good enough.

I would like to have one major solo show of my work with the trans kids. This is important to me for a few reasons: A.) I want to create as much visibility for them and for me as possible. b.) I'd like to move on to a happier subject matter for my next series c.) I'm interested in exploring these old processes for more beautiful, timely and commercially viable projects

I would like to have had some summer experience that adds to my current skill set in new, less explored ways, either by progressing my own venture or working in an organization that I'm personally interested in and feel I can strive in. I would also like to reach a heightened state of health that's noticeably different than how I feel today, both in terms of physical and internal capabilities. Both of these goals are important to me because they build on my longtime desire to better understand myself and live more fully. While this is always a goal of mine, I look at shorter increments such as a year to calculate my progress.

To find out why my heart is 'sluggish' in order to achieve health and fitness so that I can do all the things I'd like to do. This is important because I don't believe old age means you have to live as an invalid and reclusive like my adoptive mother did.

Either shit or get off the pot. Make your business work, or don't. But if not, then find something else you can be as passionate about, make awsome money and be happy. Live happily ever after. It's important to me now, because I've been relying on Mom and Mark too much financially. I don't like that. I much prefer making good money and living a good life. I'm not greedy, but I don't like having to call them to help me out. Never have since I moved out at 18. I need to decide that if I want my company to continue, to re-work my marketing plan, MAKE a plan, stick to it, make calls and appointments and make the kind of money I'm capable of. Re-think how I go about doing business. Interview for options to see what else is out there. I need to put a fire under my butt/belly and feel positive and motivated again! I hope by the time I read this next year, I'm well on my way...if not already there....doing well financially. Please God help me get there!!

For once in my life I want to have my shit together. I have had stuff in storage for years. I want everything in one place!

I want to be able to cultivate a practice or a mindset to help me maintain positive emotions, even if I don't get the thing that I most want in my life - to be in a loving relationship by this time next year.

FIND A JOB, preferably in my field. I've been unemployed for 3 years & am ~5 weeks away from being unable to pay my rent.

I'd like to have more control over my anxiety and my emotions. I'd like to be able to fully enjoy something. I'd like to be able to have control over myself and my actions, and act based on logic rather than emotion. I know it's not going to be easy, nor will I ever be done improving. But I'd like to feel like I've improved by this time next year.

I'd like to move to another country to have a better job (more fun, interesting and motivating) with all my visa paperwork sorted. Also being able to do exercise regularly without feeling is so tough

be in physical health and at an ideal weight. I have been struggling with this problem for years and I would be happy and relieved to conquer and resolve this issue.

I want to be teaching the younger end of Elementary school. I want to feel more settled, spiritually - more content. I want to be confident that our family is going to be balanced in all ways: and not just financially. Even more joy and laughter.

I just want to still be alive and functioning to this level.

I would like have made great progress with my research project and have a closer idea of when I will be able to graduate. This is important to me cause I would like to be to graduate with my PhD in a decent amount of time and be able to get an actual job and not be in school anymore.

I'd like to have a stable job and peace of mind. I want to be free of the chains of my mom and dad.

I would like to have a steady source of income because I would like to retire in the next year or so without anxiety about having enough to live out my life AND pass something substantive on to my sons, as my parents did for me. Motivation is an issue, however, as the thing I would really like do to, which is to make art, conflicts with this desire. Maybe the one thing I'd like to achieve is to synthesize these -- earn an adequate income and set aside some money for retirement and CARVE OUT and USE some of my time to make art.

Either complete success with our stable or its sale. It's all or nothing!

I would like to achieve more independence of mind - stop caretaking as much and put more thought into my own future. I would also like to begin the process of separating from my husband in a way that does not destroy our families.

I'd like to reduce our household debt, raise our credit rating and maybe have a bit of cushion by this time next year. I worry about money constantly. I have one child who will start college next year and another 3 years behind. I'm so afraid of getting buried!

I would like to have finished my PhD dissertation by this time next year and/or have a university position lined up.... somewhere outside of the South. It's important to me because I am ready to be done with my education and move onto my career so I can start planting roots somewhere. I've now been in graduate school for 6 years, and it has been well worth it, especially since there is little to no chance that I won't get my PhD now (it’s just a matter of logistics and finishing up my dissertation). However, I'm going to be 37 in a month and I would like to stop being transient for once in my life. I want to make friendships that I don't have to move away from every couple of years. Perhaps start a family... although that's not too important to me right now. I just want a regular job, with a regular income, and the ability to start building my prestige and relationships with others, both personally and professionally.

I want to evolve my creative process as an artist. I want to have created several pieces that I consider to be of high quality and that I would present to peers.

I want to not only have made a decision regarding the direction my career will take, but to be well on my way to climbing the ladder or earning my next degree. I want my path to seem clearer to me, I don't care about hard work and obstacles. I'm ready for the challenges. I just want to have the feeling again that I know what to do next. I need to feel that I am doing something that is worth my talent, that I can safely wrap my dreams around without inevitable heartbreak and disappointment all over again. I never want to go back to the feelings of self-hatred, despair, and isolation I felt in my old job.

I'd like to be working at a job that I like and that inspires me with eagerness, or at least not dread, every day I go to work. I intend to work full time for another few years and, since I spend so much time at work, I'd like to be in a place that does not feel so much like a waste of time and a drag on my spirits. I'd also like to lose 25 pounds but that's an ever going thing. As I see friends (Shel and Sandy) develop serious illnesses unexpectedly, as well as my husband's low level but continuing health issues, I realize that life is important, this is the only life we get and it should not go to waste. If I can't change the world, at least I can be happy.

Propose to Leah. This is a huge milestone. I also recognize what it will mean for both our families, especially hers, as a symbol of joy following the tragedy of losing her father

By this time next year, I'd like to learn how to better accept the fact that I cannot do everything. I consider myself a pretty self-aware person, and I understand that I cannot do it all, but I often have a feeling of guilt when someone asks me to do something and I have to say no. I'd like to tell myself that it is not a bad thing to not commit to everything, and it is not even really possible to do that. By next year, I hope to achieve acceptance of myself and understanding that I do enough to make others happy; sometimes it's okay to say no.

I would like to have found a way to get my finances under control and my credit rating improved. I want to feel more in-charge and independent. As a single person, I should be able offer a partner, not a liability.

i would like to learn more about gardening and be able to garden year round. i would also like to settle the question inside myself of staying single or partnering again.

I want to achieve success with my new business. Success as defined by meeting or exceeding the income I generated when working for my last employer. In doing this I plan to bring my family back to financial stability, allow my husband to stop working weekly overtime and spend more time with both my husband and daughter. I believe in myself and in the value of my work. I again want to support young people in their pursuit of higher education and contribute to something larger than myself.

I have so many things I want to achieve that I can't possibly name just one. I want to gain a promotion; achieve a better work-life balance; buy a new car (maybe); paint my garden sheds. All of these things are important because they are things I have already been thinking of and dreaming about - and I like making my dreams come true. Its also easy to make that list, because they are all things that are within my grasp - I have the power to do something about them. But perhaps the one thing I'd really like is the one thing that is beyond my control, because it really depends upon the feelings of another person, and that is something I cannot control. I would like my partner to propose to me. Whether he will or not is another matter. The only thing I can control is how loud I'd say "Yes."

I'd like to be happier with myself - physically, emotionally, and spiritually. I want to keep working out and toning my body. I want to be in a good place - whether or not I'm happy, to at least be dealing with what is going on in my life in a healthy way (although of course I do hope that I'm happy!). And finally, I'd like to get back in touch with my religion and find myself reconnected to Judaism.

What I'd like to achieve is the ability to enjoy my life without haranguing myself constantly over what I have or have not achieved. Few things in life truly matter. Raising kids who are reasonably well-adjusted, kind, and socially responsible is pretty high on my list. Beyond that, if there are ways I can help make life more tolerable for someone else, that would be good. The rest is vanity.

I want to hold more classes at my homeschooling center on Thursdays, and I want to teach more classes at the Montessori school on Wednesday. It's important because it will cement that all the effort I put into these two projects already has been worth it. I also want to be able to enjoy my successes in the present. I don't think I do that as much as I need, and it leads to me feeling burnt out sometimes.

I want to have independence figured out. I don't want to rely on my mother or anyone else for financial security, my well being, or the well being of my daughter, whom I already feel so connected to at twenty four weeks of pregnancy. I want to provide for her, and I want us to be happy. Hopefully by this time Jordan and I would have moved westward. I am looking forward to being at a wonderful point in my life in a year, as I am today. I feel like I am progressing toward this unbelievable knowledge, and I am happy.

re building a positive relationship with my body so important to me b/c it is exhausting and destructive to carry around such negativity & trauma around and to be an example to my daughter and to be healthy and well

I would like to have raised the level of dialog in my classroom to focus on the learning instead of just on the points associated with the learning.

I would like to have my book heading for publication. This will fulfil a very old dream and launch a writing career that I hope will last the rest of my life.

Become closer with my husband an continue what we've been learning and working on, while learning to be new parents. Most importantly, I would like to continue to control my temper/anger as I have been. I want to completely get past that part of me that gets overwhelmed by fear and reacts in negative ways.

I am hoping I have sold my current home and have either already moved to my new town/state or am in the process. This is important to me as I want to live by my grown children/grandchildren and I've been working on moving for almost three years - had to first sell my business, which is now done!

I hope to be settled. This might not seem like a big deal, but it is for someone who has been content with living the gypsy life until recently. I'd like to have a job that I enjoy and that has room for growth, more time to spend with my family and friends, and to finally get out in the dating world.

That is a hard question. Since I have more then one thing I would like to do. I need to better myself either physically or emotionally.

I'd like to either get back on stage and start performing stand-up comedy again, complete a short film or write a book or a half dozen stories worth publishing. I need to find some kind of creative outlet outside my job, something that can be 100% mine and allow me to tap into that rush of creation I'm missing. It's the last thing I have time for but the most important thing I can do. I'll be a better person/husband/father for it.

Get all my medical issues ( including my weight) under controll so I can go forward to do the things I both want and need to acopmplish on a daily basis. I don't want to fall further behind in the ability to be active, be a support to my family and take part in my community so I need to become proactive about taking care of myself!

I'd like to be a paid writing contributor. My creativity is what I do best, and has always been most dear to me. And I need to pay bills.

To have days when I smile and feel carefree again. To smile at memories of Pat rather than cry. To like who I become without him at my side. It's a very big ask!

I want to be done with graduate school!!!!! Well, I won't be quite there by Rosh Hashanah next year, but I will be in my last semester. It's important to me for lots of reasons. First, I'm dead tired of being a student..... Second, lots of things in our life together are on hold until I finish. We want to start a family, and Matt wants to go back to school himself, so I need to finish. 3. I'm excited about my future life as a mental health counselor. The sooner I finish school, the closer that goal will be to achievement. 4. It sort of gets in the way of a lot of things, namely the time that I want to spend with Matt instead of in a classroom. I'm almost there but I have to get DONE!

I would like to have my stats class done so that I can finish my AA degree and look in to transfer possibilities. It is highly important that I finish my degree for personal reasons more so than obligations or work necessity.

I plan to finish my novel, find the right literary agent, and land a big publishing deal. It's important to me because my wife and I want to get out of debt, buy a house, and be able to travel. I want to self-funded so that my wife can quit her job and enjoy life together.

I would like to have accomplished two more 10% weight losses by this time next year. On top of that I would like to lose 5 % more, but I don't want to set myself up to say I didn't make it, so the goal is two. This is important in following through on something I started and have struggled with, but have come back to with success. I have already done two 10% weight losses, so I know I can do it. It will mean a lot to my health and my health means a lot to a lot of people who are counting on me to be there for a long time. I set it up in 10% increments, because that is my current formula for success.

Lose another 30 pounds In a healthy way

Ah, I love traveling and I do a lot of thinking about making my travel dreams come true, but don't seem to get into gear with planning those 'bucket list' trips. By this time next year, I want to have one of my dream trips planned: Antarctica, a trip to see the Northern Lights, a jaunt to Harbin China (For the Ice Festival), a return trip to Quebec City for winter carnivale, a jaunt to Amsterdam, or Spain, or Morocco or Turkey (Israel and Egyptwill have to wait until my husband is better able to travel). ...so many places to go while life just seems to fly by!

I want to be able to say No to requests that take me away from my family and from work that pays direct dividends to the people I can really help. As I approach 60, I understand more every day how valuable our time is. I don't want to have to be worrying all the time about the things I say I will do tomorrow, next week, next month, next year. I want to be in the present.

A sense of the ability to maintain a relatively consistent work pace and income.

I want to be the person my boyfriend thinks I am. He loves me wholeheartedly, and at times it seems like he has more faith in me than I do in myself. I owe it to him to garner together some confidence and act and feel like the strong, capable and enticing woman he believes that I am. I want to take better care of myself and of our household for him. I need to take care of my body and skin. I need to clean the house and spend time preparing dinner. I know this sounds like I have a total housewife view of what a relationship should be, but I truly believe that that man deserves all of it from me. He's everything I could ever need.

I want to be able to say that I have made a true effort towards making my dreams come true. While I love my life the way it is now, there are so many things that I want to accomplish. I cannot be truely happy and feel satisfied knowing that there is so much more life to live and so many more things to learn about in the world.

Try to recover from some of the unforeseen debt incurred this year. Be more frugal and make use of what I have. I'm also in the process of de-cluttering non-essentials. I've found that being unorganized can be expensive, taking baby steps towards organization are a goal. Hopefully, it will become habit. I'm also trying to scan in all family photographs and record some genealogy for my mom and dad's family. My siblings are really not interested and our children are even less interested. I think it's important to know where you came from. I'm also trying to record any family stories.

I'd like to learn how to have friends. I feel like I'm constantly rejecting people and sabotaging relationships. I'm torn between spending time getting to know people better and spending time enjoying the relationships I've created. I feel like every choice I make is the wrong one.

I want to be in a place where I could have a boyfriend. I'm twenty one, and I've never had a serious relationship. I see my friends with boyfriends they've had since they were seventeen, some of them are getting married, and I couldn't even deal with a boyfriend if someone was asking. I want to get my life set up to a point where I can have someone else in it. I don't necessarily want a serious, committed relationship, but I want to know that I could function in one.

I would like to start making Shabbat dinner for my family, at least twice a month.

I would like to be a viola player in the local symphony. I have auditioned twice now, and the only real thing keeping me out is a mysterious overabundance of viola players in the area. I have played in better ensembles in the past. In the meantime, I am playing in a couple mediocre groups. I am ready to attend inspiring rehearsals again and hold myself to a higher standard of musicianship. There is no more powerful feeling than making music with a group of equally skilled, committed individuals!

Getting to my target weight. I started losing weigh in 2006 and have lost a quarter of my body weight. I need to lose just 30-35 pounds more and then I'll be at the end of that journey. I will do. I just need to lay off the chocolate, cake and biscuits.

I'd like to concentrate more on my future. I have a lot maturing to do before I graduate college. I want to get a summer internship that's relevant to my aspirations. I'd also like to prove myself as a professional in my current position at Hillel. I want to be able to say with certainty that I can handle a full time teaching position by the time I graduate.

By this time next year, I would like to have stepped even more into my own light -- professionally, personally, and spiritually. It's time to shine!

I want peace. That's a big one, I know. But it plays out in specific ways for me. I don't want to be afraid of how much space and air I take up on this Earth. I don't want to apologize-- implicitly and explicitly-- for who I am anymore. I want to be proud to walk into a room and be seen without worrying about how I am received-- who doesn't like me, who's prettier than I am, who's fatter than I am, who's funnier than I am.... I want to say "to hell with self-consciousness" once and for all.

My goal is to get a passport and take my first international trip.

I really want to be in a relationship. It's not something I really have control over but I want to have someone to love and have someone to love me. I think it will be good for my emotional stability and happiness.

I have three areas I'm working in. Professionally (which is actually the first thing that came to mind) I want to have sold my book. That would be immensely cool. And as a mother, I would like all my boys to experience success, the eldest in his writing, the middle with his art and/or graduate school, whichever he chooses. I'd like my youngest to be happily and proudly ensconced in college, inspired by a new environment and new teachers. Personally, I would like to be out of this house, having carefully let go of certain material possessions, and keeping the ones that are important to me and the kids. Also, personally, I want to be back at a healthier and better-looking weight. And I'd like to continue with the happiness I've found with A. Live with him. Enjoy each other's company. And yet feel my children are welcome in our warm and comfy household. Scares me just writing it all down. It seems like too much to ask.

I would like to be retired (which hopefully will happen by the end of 2011) and be involved in physical exercise and in new and challenging pursuits.

I'd like to be pregnant, if not to have already given birth, by this time next year. I'd like to complete our family with one more child.

I want to learn sign language. I don't know if I'll find a class soon enough to achieve this by next year, but I hope I can start as soon as possible .

I would like the bankruptcy to be done and over with by this time next year. Right now we are waiting for someone to foreclose on the property.

I want to achieve peace and stability in my family. Right now my wife and I send the kids mixed messages, my oldest son feels he should always be in control, my middle son redirects his frustration at his little sister, and my daughter won't let go of the baby-of-the-family act. Meanwhile the kids have few responsibilities but act like those few are unreasonable burdens, and so my wife and I shoulder too much just to keep the house in order. It's been marginally better lately, but our house seems to be a pot of simmering resentments some days. Not sure how, but I need to turn the heat down under that pot.

I want to be able to say that I implemented on program at Hillel that can continue after my internship. Whether its working at a nursing home or weekly shabbat services, that shows the impact Jewish life can have.

I´d like to be in a more consistent and solid situation at work, even when the current year has been quite good. Also, I wish I could restart my writings.

I would like to be under 200 pounds and since I am 9 pounds away from my goal weight I am sure tha twill happen. Also, I am hoping along with that my hair will grow back....I am losing the weight through diet and excersise and not through using the shots my doctor recommended at first. I did not want to have to rely on that to lose the weight. This is important not just for my health but so I can participate in being with my family in a more healthful and energetic way. Also, to show my daughter now that she is in high school that there is a more healtful way to be.

i'd like to find peace in my life. i'd also like to have my degree completed and be close to getting out of debt.

I want to be able to say that I am living the life I should be. That I am feeling like I can say no without guilt, that I am able to go places and do things without feeling like I need to justify myself. That I am over these things that having lived with controlling people have made me feel and that I am in control of my life-for good or bad-as much as is humanly possible.

I hope to have put away $1000 for emergency spending and started a savings account for our daughter and, as silly as it sounds, one for the dog. Living today is so expensive and you never know what could happen. It will be nice to know that I am planning far enough ahead that our daughter has something to fall back on, or help support her education and, should the time come, we aren't having to make a decision between putting our wonderful dog, and family member, down and a costly surgery.

I would like to have purchased my first car and be in a financially stable situation. I would also like a sound/stable relationship. I'm almost 19. I want to be able to say that my credit score is good and I paid for everything that I have. In terms of the relationship.... I don't have many friends. I'd like to just have that one person that I know I can count on, no matter what.

One? ha, I can't limit myself to one! I want to have my apartment unpacked and settled in so I feel at home. I want to find my way around San Antonio so that I don't feel like a tourist. I want to be settled into my new job so I feel useful. I want to visit Florida 2-6 times to be with Dr Cruel and the fish. I want to visit home 2-6 times to see friends and family. I want to become a member of at least one gaming group. I want to become comfortable in, and a part of the local kink community, and continue to explore what I like and do not like. I plan to attend: defcon, bsideslv, schmoocon, wicked faire and at least one tea convention (world tea expo, first flush festival, other yet to be known?). I would like to attend one or more renaissance faire. I want to go to the range and improve my marksmanship. It would be nice to go to SDCC or Dragon*Con.

A fair wage and a job that I love, where I am not sitting at a desk all day!! Also, to start paying back my student loans and to begin saving. Finally, ideally, to be in a committed, mutually beneficial, fulfilling, romantic partnership.

I'd like to meet my life partner.


I would like to be remarried to my husband. We are together now - but with a great deal of strain. I would like to get to a place of no-holds barred love and respect for each other and have restated our vows for the next part of our journey. I want a good, solid marriage by this point next year - I want the marriage I had when we started out.

I am cheating and going to give two answers: 1) I hope to be in a serious long-term relationship by this time next year. I have been in very few relationships and they have all lasted for short periods of time. I am ready to really be with someone and even start thinking about settling down. 2) I hope to be in a solid and secure job by this point next year. I'll have been out of school for four months and I do not want to have to deal with the stress that comes from being unemployed for that long. It would also keep me from having to live with my parents which will be the healthiest option for everyone.

I want to come out to my brother. I love him and want to be able to share what is important to me with him.

I'd like to solidify my relationship with Julie. Maybe even be pregnant by this time next year. I could also use a little more commitment to my job.

I want to be a more disciplined worker. To this end, I hope I've showed enough discipline and skill in my summer associateship to get a job offer. If I can't do that, I really need to reevaluate my priorities. Good luck to me.

I would like my first book to be published and help millions of people to heal. This is important to me because it is part of my commitment to my Higher Purpose in life. Also, it will set me free to move to a loving, appreciative community where I can be my true Self!

I would like to be in my own place by the end of next year. It's been a blessing to live where I do now during a rough time in my life, but it's time to move on.

I would like to graduate from college, go on to nursing school, and be half-way through by this time next year. I would also like to have stayed physically active. I think I'm happier when I am active, it does relieve a little anxiety. I would also have liked to help my sister go to college, it is important that she be comfortable with her move to a new form of education. I would would also like to have kept good relationships with my parents, and stay strong for my mom.

No big spitiual goal here get back to my Wight Watcher Goal weight (or less)

By this time next year I want to feel satisfied and even happy with my life in Madison. I don't want to be as constantly riddled with homesickness and regret as I am now. I want to find a way to make a life for myself here, largely through cultivating a circle of friends and set of non-academic activities that make me feel happy, fulfilled, and true to myself.

Have Volume I of next book on sale, good reviews, and doing well, with a full calendar of speaking events lined up. I've been working on this for 2 years and I want it to be successful.

By this time next year, I hope to have figured out how to pay for my education. Without a university degree, I can't achieve what I want to, but paying for it is constantly an issue.

I would like to start a family. It is important to me because I have a yearning for a family of my own and I know I would be a good mother. For the first time ever I believe this.

By this time next year I would like to be involved in activities both more for me and more other people. Since S started Kindergarten this year and I now have a lot more time on my plate I am wondering how to fill it. I feel extraordinarily blessed that I don't need to find a traditional job. But, I feel a void. Mostly that void is that I am lacking a passion. I want to try some things or retry, classes open myself to things. I would also like to find some sort of volunteer opportunity I feel Passionate about. I want to give back buy I am afraid of being tied down in this new found freedom. That feels lame. I have a secret desire to be a children's book writer. I want to because I love children's books, I think good ones are special and there are too many bad ones. I also think I could do it but I am afraid. Afraid, bc I have no clue how to write. No clue of any plots. Just characters written down in a notebook. Also afraid of failure. I feel like I want to do it in secret and surprise everyone with a published book and say "I AM AN AUTHOR.". I worry though that the idea of being a writer is appealing because if I can do it and CALL myself that then I have an IDENTITY and A JOB. BC I know people wonder how I can stay home (financially and boredom). I know, I know...who cares what people think. I guess I want people to think I am interesting. No, I want to be interesting and I don't think I am right now.

I want to finish my manuscript -- years in the works -- and start my own company based on my values. I think the time is right for me to grow up and live my values. I get to recreate my work life and it's exciting to take a calculated risk on me.

I'd like to be more at peace with my marriage. It seems that I spend so much time wishing certain aspects of it were different. That we could return to just being a happy, young couple. But I hold onto the resentment and anger generated during the pregnancy and and first year of parenting. I can't seem to shake it and I'm tired of this grudge.

I want to be happy and free. I want to either have been going on all my travel missions or planning to go. I want to feel content and comfortable when I look back at all of my accomplishments. I want my relationship with Matthew to be better, normal. I want to be in a loving, committed relationship where I'm valued and understood. I want to meet my financial goals for the year and assist my mother in whichever way that I can. I want to have a plan and I better be following my dreams.

I'd like to get a story published in a print publication. This is my dream.

Personally, I would like to achieve actually having finished either a short story or a novel to be published. I have always been interested in writing and I know that if I really set my mind to what I want to accomplish in life, publishing a book, I can do accomplish that goal.

I would like to meet my beshert already. I know it seems soon, but come on! I also want to finally figure out what has been stifling me all these years.

I am over 50, in the middle of a career change. I have doubts and confusion. I want to figure this out, and then head towards my goals along that path. It is so disorienting at times, with so many responsibilities to my children, to my future. I hope that I will be settled, feel reward in good match for me.

I don't have a specific achievement in mind other than maintaining a reasonably balanced life. I would like to maintain the good relationships I have with people I care about and continue with my professional and personal growth.

There are several, but my top three are: 1. apply to grad school (even if I end up deferring enrollment) 2. commit to teaching abroad (preferable in Morocco) 3. get a firm, preliminary grasp on the Arabic language I've been in a holding pattern for awhile, and this seems like a good year to launch in a new direction.

I'd like to have my business re-stablished.

I hope to have the bravery to go to a foreign place, knowing absolutely no one, and have the time of my life. I hope to return home changed. I hope to return home to real and true "I missed you".

To make a few changes to make this house my home. Maybe new carpet in one room, one room painted, one room with furniture we bought together. It will go a long way to making me feel I belong here.

New job at a new company or new position at same job that allows me to focus on what interests me and what I'm good at, rather than moving frantically to pick up the pieces of this semi-broken ship.

A stable business outlook - everything goes from there.

I want to be only at most 8 credit hours away from my bachelor's degree in IT. This can be accomplished if I go at it correctly.

Bring more mindfulness into my life--in formal practice and in everyday moments, especially in my interactions with my children. I want them to grow up with mindfulness being role-modeled, and I think it will help us stay calm with each other now.

To finish off my to do list which was/is four years in the making!

I want to have applied for grad school by this time next year. I want to get my Masters degree in Library and Information Science. I love to read and I love to teach other people things but I don't think I want to be a teacher. Another thing, I don't want to start paying back my loans yet so I want to go back to school. That's okay, right? The only downside I think about going to grad school is that you have to take the GRE and that scares me. I got nervous about the ACT in high school so the GRE could make me throw up.

I want to have settled in to college (whatever college that may be) and have begun to find my place by this time next year. It's crazy that right now my applications are like half done but by this time next year I will be half way through my first semester.

I would like to have enough money saved to buy a car. I sold mine because of economic difficulties a few years ago, and things are a little better for e now, so I would like to have a car by this time next year.

I want to have a better idea of what I'll be doing with my life work-wise. I want to be in grad school or working a job that I am passionate about. I want to feel solid in my relationships, friendships and love.

Once again I'm going to declare I'm a published author -- have at least 1 book - hard copy - in hand! Why is this important to me? Because I've put it off for years already!

Something I'd like to achieve by this time next year is to be in my last semester as an English Major. I plan to have decent grades and I definitely want to have a career path picked out. I need a direction and as of now I have no idea of what I want to do. Hopefully by this time next year I will have something to look forward to. It is important to me because my future is at stake and I want to do something with my life that I will enjoy.

I would like to be debt free, engaged, planning my wedding and trying to get pregnant by this time next year!

I want to move into graduate school, and set my self up in a new city, completely independently. I want the satisfaction of knowing that I can live in a new place on my own without the kinds of hand-holding support networks Iv'e been experiencing for the last 21 years. I want to prove to myself that I can do it. Even if I don't get into graduate school, I'll move to Israel for a year or two, and establish myself there, with an apartment and a job, I hope.

I'd like to be able to sit in my family room and watch TV! This remodel is on its third year!!

would like to find something that I can volunteer to do that will make a difference to someone, besides I like to have a prepared schedule so that I have something to look forward to and I like being able to help someone who needs (my) help.

I want to be working.

Win a bicycle race in California.

A regular meditation practice. This will be invaluable in helping me live a more spiritual life, more compassionate, more peaceful and tolerant, more engaged in behaviors that reflect my highest values.

I'd like to run the Beach to Beacon 10K at a sub-42:00. It's important to me because I think I have the potential and it will be a vast improvement over a year for me. I would also like to qualify for the 2013 Boston Marathon. If I don't qualify at SF I will aim to qualify at the Sugarloaf Marathon.

There are so many! I'm going to write two: Number 1: I want to have finished losing weight. I want to weigh 134.8 pounds and have maintained that weight. I want to be done dieting FOREVER (or at least until I have kids and need to get the baby weight off). I'm so sick of living my life thinking about how much I weigh, how much I'd like to weigh, and feeling guilty about eating if I'm not on a diet. Being done with my dieting and weight loss efforts means I get to have a life without clothes that I aspire to fit into, a life without food feeling like an enemy, a life where if I want to indulge, I can do so without feeling like I'm derailing a goal, a life where I don't feel like I need to apologize for my body, and a life where I don't waste time thinking about how good I could look if I just ate less, when I could be celebrating what I see in the mirror and all the great things my body can do (like run half and full marathons!)!! Number 2: I want to have an agent and/or a manager and have scripts or novels circulating studios, production companies, and/or publishing houses. Writing is my life and I want to be on my way to making it my livelihood. Then I can support myself, have the type of relaxed life I want, and literally live a dream.

I'd like my weight to match my driver's license. Health, fearlessness, bravery!

After 20 years of marriage and three children I intend to have renewed and re-imagined our relationship by next year. I hope to nurture a tender affection towards my husband. I want to experience his faults and shortcomings as the minor irritations they are rather than as major causes of unhappiness. Through my thoughts and actions I believe I can truly appreciate what we have. I can stop effacing our sense of belonging together.

I'd like to know where I'm headed in terms of what I want to do with my life, mainly a job decision. I'm still contemplating studying psychology, but sometimes there are things that remind me why it might not be such a good choice for me.

Write another kids' book.

more physical excercise better general health no cancer recurrence

I want people to know me for me, and not any judgments that they make upon first meeting me. When someone sees me having a bad day and tells someone else that I'm a quiet person, then a bunch of people have that negative opinion of me. They never even met me. I don't want to be known as "the quiet one"

Finish my book draft.

By this time next year I want to have a clearer idea of the track my life will take. This is important to me so I can know what steps to take get there and have more of a direction.

By October 2012 I want to have that damn credit card paid off! It is important b/c it might be the thing I have put off doing the longest, which will have the most impact on me when I get it done. And the impact will be far more than economic. It will be freedom from the last vestiges of my long-ago ended marriage. Freedom to move forward.

By this time next year, I'd like to be worrying less and doing what I like more.

I'd like to get my internet business working with success. I've had the site made, it was launched in February, 2010, but so far, nothing!!! I just can't seem to find my customers and when I do I haven't found the words to convince them to use my service. I would not like to give up without a fight. It's important to me because I want to prove to myself and to my family, that I can, once and for all, be economically independent. I'd like to have enough money left to pay for a good health care plan.

I would love to have a little more direction in terms of what I am passionate about. By this time next year, I will have declared my major (currently undecided!), so hopefully the classes I will be taking and the academic place I am in will give me at least a little bit of insight into what I want to be doing long term. I, of course, don't expect to have a career path set out in front of me, in fact I highly doubt that I will have that within the next matter of years, but I hope to better know myself in terms of what makes me happy, what gets me excited, what sparks my passionate and creative soul. This is important to me because I want to have direction and drive. I want to make the best of my last 2 years of college, and I can do so by taking advantage of the amazing opportunities available to me here and now. Who knows? Maybe my major will be something I haven't even yet considered. If I haven't achieved this yet, though, no pressure future me. Take a breath: everything will work itself out. Enjoy where you are right at this moment!

I would like have a full-time job with benefits by next year. This is important because I need the money to live on and the benefits to provide health insurance.

Wearing a swimsuit, finding love again, better relationship with my family. I know that's three but they are all equally important to me now.

I would like to be almos done with school. I want to still be with Nick. Hopefully he'll be down here.

I plan to get in shape and stay in shape. I have allowed too many things in my life to become excuses. What I need to internalize is three-fold: 1) I am not going to be healthier or feel better by doing nothing. I think I fear failure, fear...disappointing myself. But really, nothing ventured, nothing gained. 2) Life is always moving. I will always be busy, frenetic, stressed, tired. There will always be something to do socially, someone who wants my attention. I will always have mornings where I awoke on the wrong side of the bed. These things are not reasons to not spend time and effort on my health. 3) I *heave* to do more or else I will end up being like my Mom and 2 aunts. I love them, but they are so heavy that sometimes it hurts to watch. I don't want to be like that.

I want to be in ITS. Acting is my passion.

Strong, durable physical health. This year has been a year of various physical challenges that have interrupted my ability to gain physical strength over time. I want to have my body feel that kind of strength and vitality again.

So much. I want to be more confident and more comfortable with who I am. I have a necklace that has written on it "seek balance", so that's my goal. Balance.

I would like to get my jewelry design business off the ground and earning a small income. This is important to me because I really love this work. It's fine that it will never be full time, but it lovely to go to work to do something that I love. I'd also like to get over whatever illness I'm battling. My health is of the utmost importance, not just to me, but also to my family and all those who lean on me.

I'm tempted to say I want Adam to feel comfortable with who he is in our new lifestyle, and I definitely want this more than anything. I hate that he feels the commute is hurting who he is or at least how he acts as a person and then that he is so critical of himself for not always being at his best, or worrying about how I will feel. I want him to find a routine that makes him happy and comfortable and not like he's changing into something or someone he doesn't want to be. But that's a goal for him, really, not a goal for me. I have academic goals, like by this time last year I want to have a clear research question and methodology set for my empirical paper, but I want to include a personal goal too. I want by next year to have found a way to not only get my work done, spend quality time with Adam, and build and maintain friendships, but I also want to leave some personal time for things like painting or other non-academic, personally fulfilling activities.

I'd like to get into college. The whole application process is ridiculous and I cannot wait for it to be over. Once this is all over and I've found out where I am going I will be relieved.

I'd like to run a good long race - definitely a 10-miler, but maybe a 1/2 marathon. It's important to me because running is something that I can do that is just for me and it's time that I make to take care of myself. If I can run and make that time for myself, it's easier for me to give so much of myself to my husband and kids.

In the next year I would like to have my own place, and be able to share it with someone special.

I'd like to have written something. Maybe a story or just a draft for myself, or a blog. I've always felt that there was something inside me that needed to be expressed, but every time I try to write it down it seems trite or childish or poorly done....or something. I'd like to get over that and create an outlet for myself.

By this time next year I would like to be able to help my daughters be financially secure and not have to worry about the cost of such things as Hebrew School or Temple membership. I do not want my grandchildren to loose out on any of these events in their lives because the monetary cost is too high.

I would like to get down to my goal weight andbe eating healthier

A complete letting go of our previous life in Minnesota. I don't want to hold any grudges or carry any more anger. The past needs to be the past. Nothing will come from holding on to it. I want to relish in the high points and not dwell on the low ones.

I would like to have moved a writing project to a new point. It would be great to have a book proposal in the works or at an editor's desk. It is important to me because it would show forward movement on a project that is close to my heart.

by this time next year i hope to have a better idea of what i want in life. when asked that question now i am hopelessly stumped- i can think of temporary things to make me happy- but the long term goals? No idea.

It is my dream to work as a teen tripper at Agree Outpost Camp, an extension of Tamarack Camps. Being hired at Tamarack is the first step. Last summer, I worked in a summer camp for the first time, at my local JCC. This year, my goal is to become a counselor at Tamarack. My time spent around children is important to me- it makes my day to see the smiling face of a child. That I can make a difference in that child's life? To me, that's amazing. Tamarack is an amazing place to spend the summer. I spent two years there as a camper, and now I want to make these campers summers even more special than mine- and that's saying something. To me, summer is all about happiness- the warmth of the summer isn't just temperature to me, but emotional warmth too. I can think of no better place to build relationships with children and make their summer special than Tamarack Camps. One year from now, I hope that this will have happened.

Get rid of bad habits and really start being the best person I can be spiritually, mentally, in being a husband, and being a parent to my newborn daughter.

to be able to work at a shelter for cats and to see my daughter is important cus i love cats and my daughter

Get my life in order. Meaning, become more scheduled, together and ready to take on the future. I have been too idle for too long...and I have known it the whole time. I know I can do better.

I will like to be CONVERTED ALREADY by next year. Seriously, I started when I was 19 and I'm almost 21 now. It's really ruining my soul. I don't even want to have to think about it anymore. I'm just going to add a couple of other things too. I hope that our minyan will keep going throughout the year. I hope that I can be nicer and friendlier to people. I also hope that I figure out a career plan...I'm not sure how "basement minyan founder" translates into a career. I hope to have gone to at least one conference or something. Got to network. This is important to me because I'm starting to feel that working in Jewish community nonprofit stuff is what I want to be doing in life. I think it's important.

I would like to apply my acting studies to some real plays and real theater experience. Studying acting is a creative and often spiritual challenge to me , putting forth the best I have to offer. I would like to apply it and make it real.

I'd like to lose 20 pounds by this time next year. This is important for my health as well as to improve the way I look. I have clothes I currently cannot wear, and would like to get back into them.

I hope that I am in better health by this time next year. This answer will be short because I feel like that's the most important thing. As I get older I realize I need to take care of myself. My recent health problems tell me that as well. I hope that I can live as long or longer than my father. He made it to 75. I'd like to stick around that long. There are a lot of years to go to that and I've got to be aware of my health if I want to do that.

I would like to be financially stable, though I think this is something I will always say. I want to have EVILUSIONS going strong again so that we can be financially independent and have more personal time for each other. I guess by this time next year, if things are still going well with the haunt and my husband and I are in a better financial state, then I would like to start to work on a family.....maybe.

I would like to truly commit to my own good health. I am reasonably fit and I eat healthy, but I still have cocktails several times a week and sneak cigarettes like a kid. I can't continue much longer or it will catch up with me.

I need to have a career figured out. I'm struggling right now to find my place financially. My house is being foreclosed upon. I'm only working part-time at a retail store. Something in me needs to switch so that I can passionately embrace a career and jump in with both feet.

Selling my work on etsy!!!! Because I'd love to 1) get paid to do what I love, 2) have another source of income, and 3) have an excuse to do art more often!

Change my career and possibly the city i live in too. Time to refresh and renew.

By this time next year I want to be in a place where I can make decisions and not be stressed out for the longest time after that I made the wrong one. I want to stop second guessing myself and just live my life. I know that I don't believe that there is one set path to lead me to happines so there should not be a reason to always be nervous about things I do. My parents are supportive any decision I make. My life is going to consist of many more decisions so by next year I want to be able to accept them and enjoy each one I make.

Meditate regularly, because peace of mind just makes everything else in life better.

I want to be in another work position that enriches my life and gives me joy and peace. I have been in a job for 10 years that feels like shoes that pinch and hurt. I am amply compensated but I pay a very, very high price for my wealth: sadness and emptiness. In one year I will be following my blisss and the money follows!

As politically, feministly incorrect as this is, I want to not be overweight. Looking back at pictures of myself throughout my life, I see that when I have been overweight I have felt bad about myself in a deep way. I have struggled with eating my whole adulthood.

By this time next year I want to have a season of my web-series living and breathing , as well as a following of my non profit. I want to be living my life purpose and serving the universe

I'd like to have lost some weight and gotten in better shape physically. I've kinda lost control of my body this year, and it effects how I go out in the world. I feel fat, lazy, and unattractive. I don't like feeling like this and it needs to change.

I'd like to be settled into our location for clinical rotations so I can find a "real" job: a career so I can help support my family.

i want to meet my most close friend, a boyfriend who'll mean a lot for me, who'll never hurt me or lie to me. i would like to feel myself not alone

I would like have a boyfriend by this time next year. I hate being single. I miss being loved.

I'd like to have gone through my entire house, top to bottom, including closets and filing piles, and sorted it, de-cluttering as much as possible. I think if my house were de-cluttered, my brain might be.

I want to follow through with applying for graduate school, enroll and complete any necessary pre-regs and be successful in them. My education is important to me, as I can't tell students to act without leading by example.

I would like to complete my Master's degree in education. It is important to me because I want to help other educators to reduce their stress and to be more emotionally available to their students. I need the M.Ed. as credentialing in order to be able to provide pre-service and in-service teacher training. It is also a matter of pride in my family to have higher degrees.

I would like to feel confident and happy again at my job. TO feel valued and appreciated and excited about the work that I do. I'd also like to be pregnant. To have a child in our lives or on the way. To move to the next level of life with my husband and start a family- moving my priorites that direction. I'd also like to achive a status of gratitude. To help both me and my husband stop focusing on the negative, and start the positive ideas.

I am a housewife. I would like to be earning some money doing something on the side, be it through writing or from knitting. After giving birth to nine children and the youngest one will be in first grade (G-d willing!) I would like to be able to supplement the grocery budget or just take my kids to DQ once in a while and not kick myself for a splurge with them. I'd like to be able to buy my husband a present without having to ask him for the money and explain where it will go, then get his approval.

I would like to be able to be in a tenure track position at my job. It's important to me, because it will prove to myself and m;y parents (z"l), that I can accomplish things in my life by myself. To prove that hard work and faith will get you though all of life's challenges!

I would like to get relief from my neuropathy apin so I can once again to so many things I no longer can do. Go with my Grandchildren on a trip, take long walks, travel and most importantly, feel useful and productive again. I probably will not be able to return to work but I would like to vo lunteer more and keep busier. It would also be nice not to be in pain all the time. I am thankful and grateful I can do what I do but as with most of us we always want more.

I would like to be running for president of my youth group. It is a very important job that has been calling me for so long, and it has been one of my long term goals since I first joined. It's a position that entails a trusted, responsible member, and if elected I will know that my girls feel that way about me. It would be amazing to help them and lead something so extraordinary in this world!

GOD PLEASE GIVE ME THE STRENGTH TO DO WHAT I KNOW TO DO AND LOSE AT LEAST 50 POUNDS IF NOT MORE!!! I am going to feel like such a loser if I spend another year doing the same shit and getting the same result. What the fuck it is going to take to wake up and do what it takes to have what I want.

I'd like to have at least 2 of my books published and earning income. I need to get this done because I've wanted to do it for so long. If I don't do it, I'll always wonder if I could have been successful.

I'd like to have more courage. Be a courageous person. Have the courage to stand up for what I deserve.

By this time next year I'd love to be a mother. I am 4.5 weeks pregnant right now, so hopefully it will happen. I had a miscarriage a couple of months ago. There's no reason to believe it will happen again, but its possible it could. I also hope that we will have bought a house by then as we are looking right now. Big hopes for the next year!

I would like to finally get the promotion I deserve as I've been doing the job for the past 2 years already without the recognition from my orgnisation and it's starting to get me down.

Feeling completely at ease and in control of my health, my body, my soul. Seeking balance in meditation, exercise, health, relationships. It is so important as I am not getting younger and want to be here for as long as possible and as healthy as possible to enjoy it all.

the same things i always list: - be happy with the majority of my life and be stable in my emotions. - to open up to someone and allow someone in. - to have a healthy adult relationship - to have made the most of my time abroad and be well prepared for the last year of uni. - know where i stand in people's lives especially the ones i consider important but they maybe don't feel the same. DJN/MN/AS

I want to be 50 lbs lighter next year. I am concerned about my health and my present weight can't be helping. This is my prime reason but I would like to go clothes shopping and be happy with what I see in the mirror/

I want to be healthy. None of this "oh I feel fine" crap. I want to actually feel good and be healthy. Hopefully with my new supplements, medications, and diet I will be able to achieve this!

I'd like to achieve centering around my work in the world. Too often, the work I do is important to me, but it tires me out and I lose my voice and life energy around it. I don't quite understand which direction to turn, or more yet, I haven't perhaps had the courage to move forward. I aspire to use faith in the pursuit of a heart-centered "Work"

A better job. This is getting repetitious...

I would like to go visit my family. I want them to meet my partner and fir him to meet them

I'd like toachieve better health through movement and balance training and of course, weight reduction.

I would like to get to a place in my job where I feel like I am comfortable enough to try to get pregnant. Right now I'm pretty worried about getting tenure. I'm hoping that in the next year I can get enough positive feedback from my department that I will feel like I can start a family without jeopardizing my career.

I'd really, really like to have a fulltime employee. I'm frustrated that I haven't hired anyone yet. I think I have a real block around this for some reason, like I'm scared to be someone's boss for some reason. This is holding me back and limiting my success.

Maybe this isn't so much spiritual or emotional, but I'd like to run at least a half-marathon. I've seemingly become a runner this year, and I'd like to see how far I can take it.

Well, I hope to be finished with my conversion by then. I hope to be in a better financial position by then as well. I also want to finally travel overseas.

I would like to be on regional board for my youth group. I also, want to be accepted into Madison, Minnesota and, and other schools. I also would like to get a scholarship for the school of my choice. As well as do well on my AP bio exam.

Normality! This feeling of anxiety is not good for me and certainly not good for Rhys and Erin. Where ever I am in terms of the divorce or any relationship, I would like to think that the levels of stress have decreased and that I am a happier person. Content, with a stable life, with continued equal access to my kids and settled financially. I do want to be with Michelle, but as the days go by, I'm thinking this is less likely now. Bum! See you next year for the answers!!!

I like to put something different each year, even though I so far have not succeeded in any goal I've set out to achieve on 10Q. So though I still do want to self-publish by then, it's not the achievement I'm putting. I'd like to fall out of my ruts, I'd like to keep writing, I'd like to get at least one of my boardgame ideas complete enough I can try playtesting... The ruts thing is important because if I do the same thing every week, how am I going to keep growing? How am I going to keep from going stagnant? How am I going to be this creative person I want to be? I suppose the others are extensions of that. If I'm not creating, what am I doing with myself?

I want to be doing really well at Uni. I want to be studying hard and not giving in to the lazyness impulse. Also I'd like to think that I'd have grown as an artist and be more confident when speaking in front of people. I also want to have lost some weight and either be on a sports team or just working out regularly and eating healthily. I still want to be with Lenny. I think going away to Uni will be a test of our relationship, I love him so much that I can't really describe it, or at least I don't want to because it's embarassing!

I want to be confident in my ability to not cut. I want to be sure i won't wake up tomorrow morning regretting my decision to give into the urges the night before.

1) I want my business to gnerate more income than it did in the previous year. 2) I want to be involved in at least one creative project as an actor that makes me happy, valued, and curious. 3) I want to feel more engaged and connected to my relationship than ever. 4) I will see a new place at least once a year.

By this time next year I'd like all of my closest relationships be based in authenticity. I've spent far too many years of my life keeping secrets for and from others, having surface relationships based on need and not want, and living with the guilt of maintaining all of it. I want to eliminate the stress of these and focus on building depth and quality in life.

Not worrying so much about what people think, and not letting people's stupid or negative actions bug me so much. Relaxing! (k -- that's three...)

I would like to have health insurance, I currently do not have much of anything and hope to have better coverage.

I want to be able to say that I'm happy with what I've done in the past year. That's it, really. Nothing specific. My goals, they are nebulous. I want life, love, and happiness. I don't much care what it looks like, I just want it. I don't want to live with regret.

I would like to develop my biblical Hebrew skills, so that I can better read Torah in the original! I'm tired of having all these editions make translation decisions for me.

Now that I've written five screenplays and two novels, I feel my abilities/instincts are both reliable and marketable. I'd like to having a writing agent by this time next year, which is something I've desired since my early 20s.

Getting our financial life in order — we keep saying we're going to, but it never seems to happen. Accounts moved to where we want them, regular conversations about our goals, and real knowledge of what we have and how we spend it. I think it will help me feel in control of our finances, like we're the ones in charge making decisions based on our values and our goals, not at the mercy of the powers that be ...

I want to become closer with my religion and spread my love of it through BBYO

I would like to be in good financial shape for my trip to New Zealand in October 2012. Right now, that's limping along. I just kind of lost my grip on the finances over the last year. But I've had several events that have strengthened my intention to get back on track with the budgeting and saving, and I'm feeling much more positive right now. Goal: $7500 in the bank for activities, lodging and spending cash, and plane ticket/in-country travel all paid for by this time next year.

I'd like to know which friends are real and which aren't because I feel like some f my friends just pretend to be my friends.

I would like to stop caring about what other people think. Because I feel like this is interferring into who I want to see myself as. I truly do not know who I am, because I am wasting so much energy trying to please everybody and fufill everybody's requirements of what a good, funny, and cool person is.

I'm going to say two things: 1) I would like to be done with the writing of my thesis. Because I'm in grad school and getting this done means I can move on with this part of my life. 2) I would like to be happily married. Which I'm expecting, since I'm planning to get married this summer, and the engagement process is bringing up challenges in our relationship (all that I embrace and hope to learn from), and I am hoping that the process of planning a wedding continues to be one that we both grow from and appreciate each other more from.

Be on council board. It's something i've wanted to do since i've started bbyo

I would like to have a budget. It is important to know how much money I have because it will impact that choices I make. The more awareness I have about the money, the more awareness I will have about the choices.

I would like to have achieved balance between my school friends and previous friends. (Not to mention balance between schoolwork and play)

Simple answer: Exhibition. Creativity has always been a part of me in whatever I do; but this year it's been awakened - I've been awakened - to realise how important it is to me. I'm not sure if I have a classic 'talent'...but there's definitely something there I want to explore. Being an exhibition-ing artist; self-taught and self-employed...making a living out of something that comes naturally - it's something that would work around my illness, and make me fully happy and content at the same time. It would also be a huge personal accomplishment, and an incredible boost to my confidence. I want to have an exhibition, or be close to having it. That's where I want to be as I read this a year from now.

I'd like to be settled in a home that I can easily afford, living in peace, in God's grace.

I would like to have improved my Hebrew, so I'm closer to being able to apply for rabbinical school with minimum disruption to the current arc of my life and career. I would also like to have completed at least half of the requirements of entry to 5Rhythms teacher training.

I hope to achieve a better control over myself. I want to succeed in the goals I set forward for myself. I want to prove that I am capable of finishing what I started.

I want to be able to love people. (agape) I am so bad about loving people conditionally. Based on what they say, what they do, who they are... There are so many great things about people, it is easy to see them that way from the beginning. As soon as there is friction, my reliance on those subjective and ephemeral qualities destroy my ability to love them well. I read Bro Lee's take on the staff of Moses. We need to cast our cares on the ground, see the serpent among them, and pick it up by the tale in God's authority. Then it is ready to be relied on and used again. I need to approach family and friendships this way. I need to learn to love dangerously. Rather, I need to learn to let Christ love, and to sit back and see what of it is me, and what of it is Him. I need to cling to who He is in every circumstance and situation. It's important to me because it is the only way to really love unconditionally, and it is the only way for me to have joy.

I want a job. Desperately. One that isn't hourly, or volunteer. I want a SALARIED job, as an ATTORNEY. This market is insane, and even though I'm highly qualified (top 10% of my class at top school etc.), this idea of someone giving me a salary still eludes me. I hate this job market. I went to law school to ride out the recession, worked my tail off, and have nothing to show for it. I have two interviews next week --maybe one of them will come through? (Pretty please!)

total freedom in my playfulness, sexuality, time, creativity. In total flow every day with my higher self leading the way. Teaching in a capacity that serves my delicious side. With my Mr. Hair :)

A clear sense of self. I am at a juncture in my life. I'm 22. I will graduate from college close to my 23rd birthday. I have several different career paths that I'm trying to choose between. Each would take me on a very different journey. I love Seattle, but I feel like I must leave to start most careers. I have been trying to refine which parts of my identity are most important to me, and trying to find authenticity in my conceptions of them. Even if the closest I can get is a clarified sense of self, I would be much more peaceful than I am now.

By this time next year emotionally I would like to be able to control my own emotions instead of letting external events and other people control the way I feel. I would like to be aware of where I am and who I am instead of living day to day as routine instead of appreciating every moment that passes. I would like to live in the here and now and not in the past or future. Academically I would like to be accepted into grad school for psychology.

I would like to achieve financial freedom in the form of being free from credit card debt! It is important because it is the number one thing that holds our family back from doing things and it is an incredible source of stress!

Learn how to have more fun in life, especially with my wife. I have taken my life and professional activities far too seriously and it is time that we relax and enjoy the fruit of our far-too-serious labors.

I would like to be in a relationship with the man I will spend the rest of our lives together with.

I'd love to be in New York furthering my study or at least on a very clear path to that point. It's important for me on a professional level but more significantly on a personal level. I need to embrace the challenging, explore the discomfort and remind myself of my inner strength.

Pay or consolidate my debt. Spiritual and physical peace.

I need to find a way to provide a steady income for myself and my family because we've all fallen on more difficult times.

I would like to be in a physically healthier condition at this time next year. I am tired of talking about losing weight, getting in shape, etc or alternately saying now that I'm older I don't really care. I have realized I do really care, and no one can motivate me but me. This is important to me because for the last 2 years I have put the concerns of others in my family before me, and I have realized that "I am the boss of me" and need to start acting that way.

I would love to move out of my parents house. I have to get a new job first but I hope that by this time next year I will be living in my own space, with or without a roomate I don't know. It's just time for me to break away from the nest and spread my wings. I also don't want to be like practically everyone else and have to move back home so I'm hoping I can do it the right way and be financially secure before I make that move.

I'd like to be more appreciate and less critical of my boyfriend. I love him dearly and he does try and listen but I feel like he thinks my expectations are too high. I truley am appreciative for everything he does.

By this time next year I'd like to have some kind of path that feels substantial. Something that gives me meaning, and feels like I can stay dedicated and committed to this path for a while. I think it will be a career direction toward something related to mental health, spiritual healing, and art.

I'd like to have my house clean and organized, so that I would feel comfortable having guests. I'd like this to be done so that the house isn't always over my head. And also I would like it so that my life in my home would be better. And it would be a gift to my husband also.

I want to start my licensing tests. This will allow me to grow in my trade and skill set.

I would like to be really happy in what I am doing, I don’t want to play it safe, I want to move forward and push my boundaries. Firstly I want to move out of home. Secondly i dont be lazy! Next year I want to be active and busy. Im young, these are the years to put in all the effort!

I would like to make this new relationship work....really work.

Quiero terminar mi carrera y encontrar pronto un trabajo. En primer lugar, porque sería ver el fruto de todos mis esfuerzos de aquí al mes de Julio, y por otro lado, para retribuir a mi familia los sacrificios que hizo para darme educación. Ya si sale por ahí la oportunidad de ir a Orlando, bueno, no la desperdiciaría...

I would like to lead a calmer life by changing my perspective on how quickly things need to be done. I need to relax!

I'd like to organize, recycle, give away, and clean some of the things in our home. It makes my life much more relaxed when there is less chaos around me.

I have a son with a disability. He is 26 years old. By next year I would like to know that when I leave this world that he will be taken care of...in regards to housing, finances, support both socially and emotionally. He depends on me so much now and I want to guide him into this independence, in regards to not relying on me solely and feeling secure with other people. This is extremely important to me because I want him to be happy and have a community of people in his life, before I die.

Declutter my condo. My condo resembles those on those hoarding shows. I'vde always been a packrat and a slob, but I used to be able to find things. Also, if I manage that, I would hire a housekeeper and not have to strain my back cleaning.

I Would like to go into production on the Movie and TV Series we are trying to finance. This has been the focus of our company for the last year and it is key to our future.

I'd like to have my house set up. We moved almost a year ago, and we haven't finished. We have a junk room, and I'd like it to be a band room/guest room. I want our house in order, because I want our kids to have playdates and us to have dinner guests. Also, it feels good to get things under control.

I really need a girlfriend. Iv allways been so much more happy when i have one

This time next year when I asses my career and the level of money that I am earning, I hope to have found a place of content. I have no desire to earn well in order to satisfy my wanting for fast cars or material possessions only to be able to support my wife and raise a family. This includes being able to buy a home. I hope to be on the way to accumulating a deposit for a property and I hope to have provided my new wife with the best year of her life, our first year of marriage. I also deeply hope to have celebrated my sister Chaya's wedding with her and all the family. She is longing to find a husband and deserves for her prolonged search to be over and for him to be everything she desires.

to be really solidly on my way to finishing my dissertation within the year. and more handstands!!

I would like to have some resolution if possible on the issues surrounding my daughter's Asbergers & her success in Middle School. Getting her on an IEP was a long process and now asking the public school to step up to the plate & make the necessary accomodations for her is something that I will continue to fight for until I don't need to anymore. Someday also I would like my ex husband's girlfriend to apologize for her role in bringing down my marriage (they hooked up at his work while they were both still married). I understand as long as she is still drinking that she is unable to face the damage she has caused both families (hers & mine) but if she EVER hopes to be at his side during my daughter's events, she will ask for forgiveness for what she has done. At least I can see why she drinks!

I want to accomplish something. I want to feel like I've made an impact on this campus, and I want to feel like I've spent my time meaningfully. I see people around me doing great things and I wonder if I have that ability, and I hope I have the potential. I just need to figure out how to use it.

I'd like to have quit smoking, for obvious reasons. I'd also like to have finished something, whether a short story or novel, a song, something, anything creative. Something that I can put out there and feel accomplished with.

I want to be married by this time next year. I'm ready to start my family and to be reunited with the other half of my soul. There are certain missions that G-d has for us that just can be done alone...

I would like to have gained some qualifications in the field of animal care. I'm about to start a grooming course which I hope will lead on to bigger and better things. After always wanting to work with animals when I was younger, I am now starting to do something about it.

I want to be in MY OWN CLASSROOM! I have worked so hard to get where I am and I want to make a difference for theses children!

By this time next year, I'd like to be applying to graduate school. I should have taken the GREs and received a satisfactory score, I should have some choices made about where to apply and how to pay for it. It has taken me a long time to figure out the next chapter of my life, and now that I know, I want to proceed with enthusiasm and passion, but also with caution - I don't want to suffer due to my haste.

I'd like to achieve all around balance in my life. I'd like to have my depression in check, I'd like to have a nice travel excursion under my belt, a significant other, a bigger savings account, a professional life that excites me, and a really strong body that can balance in yoga, ballet, and on a surf board.

A greater level of observance and a better Hebrew vocabulary.

There are a few things I hope to achieve, and one thing that I can think of that I'd like to receive by this time next year. I'd like to achieve a better state of mind. I'd like to achieve a healthier lifestyle. I'd like to have a new job- something that I can get behind and believe in. And I'd like to be engaged. The healthier state of mind is important because I think positivity will spill over into other aspects of my life.

The obvious answer is that I'd like to be in college by this time next year. Plus I'd absolutely love to have gained some extra pounds due to my weight issues.

I would like to find a job in education that uses my technology degree. This is important because I believe it would allow me more flexibility in staying home with my young child while still allowing me to work in education and help teach children.

I'd like to be able to pay all of my bills on time and have some savings and have some spending money. It is important to me because I am very stressed out about my financial situation.

By this time next year: I want to glow again, and be back to my energetic, joyful self, with a heart full of love + have a fulfilling well-paying job that I love + a home that I love + feel grounded within, within a beautiful natural space. I want to be able to fully be present in the moment -- and give love and energy to my family + friends instead of always being in a chaotic emotional + physical state. It's been a difficult past year where I have been struggling to finish my thesis, and find a stable homespace + heartspace. This time next year I would like to look back at this time and think, "Wow, I came so far! I achieved my heartful goals! I am grateful for all the help along the way."

I need to lose 30 lbs, at least, to save my life and ability to just motate around. God Help Me. I would like the cabin project to be completed and lovely, and Nelda is very happy about it, and Earl and Emma love it, and Ruth's family is not too freaked out about it. And I think it is all I dreamed it to be. It is my legacy to my children and hoped for grandchildren. Grandfatherhood... Its everything.

I'd love to find a publisher for the manuscript of poems which is currently sitting on my desk... though I'm aware that that's a goal which isn't entirely in my control, and I don't want the success or failure of my coming year to hang on it. Maybe a better answer is that I would like to deepen my sense of joy and blessing in an everyday way.

I would like to be back doing something with singing and music. I am a lousy musician because of a reading problem. The reading problem got taken care of but reading music "correctly" has never happened. However, I have a voice that still could do a little something.

By this time next year I really want to have two really good chapter drafts done on my doctoral thesis. Two would be nice, even more would be great. I would like them to be good in terms of being proud to have written them instead of feeling like a lost and hopeless scholar like I currently do. This is very important to me as I would like to have felt like my thesis has properly progressed a large ammount and that I can tangibly feel that I cam closer to the end of it. Especially now as my scholarship will be running out soon and my food/survival money will be in danger.

I want to be producing art in my own home studio. I've put it off for years, for one reason or another; no time, no space, no inspiration.

I would like to be a better person and closer to the ideal image I have for myself. I want to be less quick to criticize and complain, more loving, more generous, more trusting in the goodness of people and the world, appreciating what I have more than concentrating on what I want. I want to be better at "not sweating the small stuff".

I would like to be able to prove myself as an acknowledged and successful Medical-bound college student. I want to stand out in my family of doctors and medical students and bring my own individuality into my course major and ultimately the field of medicine I will study.

I would like to move!! I have lived in my present apartment for nineteen years. The manners of the residents has changed over the years. The younger tenants do not have the same respect for public space or private sanctity as those that I was raised to have. I am tired of trash just dropped and left or parties with loud music at a time after the lease says is proper. Unfortunately, the company that manages my complex has no office here and, therefore, lease infractions are easily ignored. I have come to understand why there are complexes for older adults. My problem is finding another apartment that has the necessities on which I cant compromise for my own good, but I have an idea to look into. Hopefully, next year I will be answering questions on the same pc but in another location.

I want to have been or be S'ganit by this time next year and getting ready to run for N'siah. I also want to be completely free of my mother and the scars she left on me.

Have my son Brice back home with me here in New Orleans ... because this is our home ... because this issue has been looming over us for too long ... if doesn't work out want to be able to accept continued having to split life and home and continue to support his independent spirit no matter what!

I would like to be able to say that I pulled off a guy fast. By that I mean that I am attempting to go through this year without guys on my mind, in order to further my relationship with Christ. The only way I will accomplish this is if I completely rely on God because I can NOT do this on my own.

I want to let go of past loves and be in a loving relationship with someone who is respectful, supportive, easy to get along with and be intimate with, and who will never abandon me. This is extremely important to me in light of the pain of rejection, loneliness, fear, jealousy, and unappreciated humanity that I have felt for a long time.

Practice what I preach to my daughter. Kindness and respect to others. Respect myself and show kindness to my friends and family.

I am pregnant or a mother!! With my first healthy child! In love with my devoted loyal partner who lives with me in our love nest. It feels so right and Im so grateful!

The number one thing I would like to achieve by this time next year, is to feel confident with who I am and what I can do and how I look. I' would like to have my own art show with new pieces done throughout the year. I would like to be my ideal weight and ideal measurements around my beautiful, fit and toned tummy. I would like to be able to communicate my thoughts and ideas in a effective manner to others.

By this time next year, I want to be able to look in the mirror on any given day and truthfully tell myself that I am beautiful. I have had little to no self-esteem for the past two and a half years or so, and I just want to be able to feel good about myself for once, whether I have a messy ponytail and no make-up, or I'm in a homecoming dress.

I want to be in Africa. It's important because it's what I wantto do with my whole life! I want to give to a vibrant, resilient people who have much to offer the world. I'm just ready for my life in Africa to begin!

One thing? Haha wow, that's going to take a lot of thinking, due to the fact that this past few months have inspired a lot of thinking about goals for the future. But only one? Alright then... I want to be fearless and willing to take risks (within reason of course). Maybe the happiness and confidence I am gaining now will also build enough momentum to lead me to a healthy romantic relationship with whom I can share my joy for life.

I would like to be healthier. I want to be here for my family and children. I want to be able to live life and I am not.

I would like to get into my dream college with the scholarship money that I need to achieve my 4 year education. This is important to me because I'm in love with the college and I will be so disappointed in myself if I don't get to go.

Financial security. I hope to have cash flow handled - either with a permanent position or a successful consulting/contracting business. I need this to take the stress off my wife and family.

By this time next year, I'd like to have been promoted and working towards the next step. This is important to me because I broke both of my legs two years ago and was told that I'd never be able to do my job again. Not only am I doing it, but I'm performing better than ever before... Guess that's what happens when you learn not to take your health for granted.

loose 70 lbs. ~ I made a deal with myself that if I do I'll get the tatoosd I've always wanted but have just never done.

Be happily settled in college to deal with my future

I'd like to achieve a sense of satisfaction, or peace, with myself. This is important to me because I have spent my entire life feeling anxious and like I have to run around pleasing everybody. Without alienating people (which I've managed to do anyway!), I'd like to be more inwardly happy.

I suppose I should say that I'd like to be done with my PhD dissertation, have several articles published or submitted, and be well on my way to starting a post doc or a job. But I am finding that I just don't care that much about all this anymore, and would rather be well on my way to accepting my life for what it is, and rejoicing in it. I want to be at a point where I'm less competitive and comparative with those around me, and not afraid to finally just blaze my own unconventional path (even if it might mean cutting some losses).

Be happy with myself and proud of all of my accomplishments even if I fall short of perfection.

I would like to figure out where I want to live. Whether it is in Australia or Israel. And I want to figure out what I want to do with my life.

Complete and utter self-assuredness. I feel like being self-assured will allow me to do anything I want to; to take action. It's different from being self-confident though. I just feel like self-assuredness is the key to success.

I pray that my husban and myself can continue working till I am 63 yrs old and he will be 66, at which time we hope to retire. I pray that we stay healthy and mentally alert and able-bodied to accomplich this task.

Clean up this magpie nest I live in and lose another 5o pounds. For my self respect and my health.

By this time next year, I'd like to be fully happy in whatever relationship that I am in.

I want to have written something. I have put it off for years, creating one excuse after another instead of creating a book. I don't want to live behind excuses anymore. I just want to write. Even having a bad draft would be evidence that I am putting my own longings ahead of all the other stuff that I allow to clutter my life. If not now, when?

I need to start excercising more. I know I feel better about myself and feel better.

I would like to make a difference, I want time to help other groups & organizations with the knowledge I have. It's important to me because I believe that through giving of ones self we can change the world

I'd like to have a very high paying job. This is important to me because I'm sick of being broke. Also, I have noticed that my happiest times are when I'm traveling, spending time with my husband. We are both very busy, all of the time, so even when we are together at home we're not really together. It's like we're each just taking a break from our work etc. to say "hi". There's no way I can afford to travel unless I can get paid really well. So, since my greatest happiness is traveling with my husband (even just long weekends) I think I should pursue what I need to pursue to make that happen, in this case a very high paying job.

Get on a healthy eating plan - or at least go back into yoga. It is important because I age I notice my health does not snap back as quickly as it used to.

Would love to see more young people become involved in religious activities and become more securely grounded in the faith . This is important to me because I see so many pregnant out of wedlock , becoming sick from substance abuse , and drifting about aimlessly with no hope for the future . It makes me feel bad . Giving them money is a short term band aide for the problem. Giving them a purpose for living and the hope that tomorrow will be a better day comes from the love and involvement of a religious community and the beliefs they foster. Love implies nurture , firm discipline , and teaching ,a tough love which demands respect.

I would like to work for myself and be financially stable. I currently work full time, plus a side freelance gig that takes most of my time from July to November. I earn good money but I'm exhausted and overwhelmed. When I get to the end of this project every year, I think, 'I wish I could just do this full-time and not have to work my 9 - 5.' It's my passion, it's what I love. I'm working really hard to make that happen by this time next year.

By this time next year, I want to be happy with my body. I want to lose the weight I want and need to lose to gain confidence. I also want to be into college. I don't care where, but I want to be able to say I'm getting out of Dallas, TX.

Last year I wrote that I wanted to be less weight. I am almost 40 pounds lighter than I was a year ago, yay! I want to continue to eat better and exercise and lose weight. I am 30/35 pounds away from my goal and while it would be fabulous to be at my goal weight next year, I do not want to put a time limit on it. As long as I am continuing to lose, I really don’t care how long it takes to get to my final goal. I would like to feel good about the choices I make and continue to lose.

I would like to be a kinder person. I would like to be kinder to myself and to my family and to all living beings. This starts by being more mindful and by slowing down and noticing how tight I start to feel every time I feel oppressed by all the parts of my life that I cannot control. If I can accept this lack of control and breathe through it, let it be, then perhaps I can respond with kindness to myself and others. In order to move toward this goal, I will work at getting to sit for meditation every day at least once a day. Why? So I can live more happily, free of the guilt I feel whenever I respond without kindness.

I'd like to actually have some savings (ie clear current debt, stay on top of subscriptions, manage insurance coverage etc) so that I can start planning for a future.

I"d like to be in a committed loving relationship

I would like to pray with people regularly/weekly to see God's miracles happen in their lives--giving prophetic words of encouragement. It is important to me because Our Creator, Lover God wants us to know we are His, and I mean that in the most intimate way. That cannot happen without reconciliation, and healing prayer is the door to reconciliation to our Father, Friend, King and Lord.

I would really like to be more organized by this tine next year. I should start working on that now, I have a long way to go.

I'd hope that I have all the bookkeeping for our business under hand, and not be constantly backed up. I hope to be able to manage the business end of our new venture without worry.

I would like to be in a loving relationship where I feel appreciated, I would also like to be almost through my first year of architecture and understand the happiness which comes from working and learning. I would like to make my father proud and I would like to be happy with my own body. I don't think I ever have been.

Ok, it's the same thing it's been forever now but I know ad canf eel that it's going to happen for real this time. I want to lose 30 pounds by next summer. I'm 16, no I don't just think I look fat like every other girl, and I am an overweight teen. What really bothers me is that I used to have a really healthy body and then it just dropped in the past three years. My whole life would be improved if I lost this weight. I wouldn't feel awkward or feel like I looked terrible in everything that I put on when I get ready for school. I would just feel happier and healthier knowing that I have a good, clean body to live in for the rest of my life.

i'm trying to re-invent myself professionally after leaving my first "real job" as a preschool teacher. i want to integrate my other professional skills from years in a variety of arts-based professions into a cohesive package that will allow me to spend time with my daughter and earn enough money to stay out of work-politics and be more fulfilling for more areas of my creative personality.

I'd like to be in a well paying job that I enjoy. I'd like this job showing potential to develop into the start of a successful career. I'd like to have some savings in the bank and the prospect of these increasing. I want to feel self sufficient and have enouh cash to pay for the things the life I want to lead reqires,such as regular bills, insurance, tax, holidys, nice clothes etc. I dont want to be in debt again. I also want to feel like I have self worh in my life which I could get from a fulfilling career and be financially indendent.

I would like to obtain the job I really deserve. Where all my potential can be achieved and surpassed. It is important in order to stop feeling frustrated.

Well, my previous goal was to be in a loving, committed relationship and that hasn't happened yet, so I'd like to quote that entry right here: "I'd like to be in a healthy, steady relationship with someone. In the past few years, I have discovered that I am a very good and capable love-r and I feel like I've accomplished the things I want to accomplish in my individual status (career, etc.). I'd like to really focus on my personal and love life and work toward building a future with someone."

I'd have different side jobs by then. I'd want to explore what else I could do other than work in an office.

Ending a long dead relationship permenantly so that I can ethically move on. This is important to me and my children so they understand sometimes you have to stand up for yourself without assistance from the outside.

I want to care less about what people think of me, and care more about how I feel. I want to be less self-concious and more confident. I also want to be more aware of what I want, and be able to communicate it with ease because I respect myself - learn to say "no" without feeling guilty. As I learn to have more respect for myself and love myself more, other people have more respect and love for me.

I would really like to have a better idea on what I want for life and a general plan on how to get there. Maybe even the start of a job for it. For the first time since I can remember I am very lost on what I want so I would like to remedy that.

By this time next year, i would like to be N'siah of LOR BBYO. I would like to achieve this because it means a lot to me. I have never been given such an honoured position. Being president will help me be able to lead people and inspire them better. BBYO is my life and i would like to give my region everything it has given me: a home, a place to belong, a place to share my feelings and stressful moments, and a family of friends. I could NOT have gotten through high school without it. It has been a ride, LOR. And I can't wait for everything else you have in store.

i would like to develop the best possible relationship with my new grandchild. This is important because family means the most to me

I need to incorporate more healthy habits, particularly exercise into my life. This is important because I'm on the verge of diabetes.

I'd like to be pregnant. I am so ready for a family, and afraid that if I wait any longer, it will be too late. It's what I want more than anything.

I want to be engaged or in a serious relationship by this time next year, Fall 2012. Getting married and being in a lasting loving, romantic relationship is at the top of my list. I feel most fulfilled within the context of a positive romantic relationship.

I'd like to hold on to my job!

I always say I want a job. And I always say I want a job so I don't feel like such a dickhead. But I am a giant contradiction and a giant dickhead, so it never happens.

Satisfaction on my social standing. Having a decent social life with decent friends means a lot to me.

I really know what I want my next step job-wise to be. I'm not doing 'discerning' exercises anymore. I have paid off my debt and I'm saving money - amazing! Important because I need to move on and experience more of life. I've done the 'I'm poor, in a rut, don't have a clear calling' thing intensively for a year and arguably for 10 years. I am bored and done. Time to try something new! Life is about finding new territory. Go west, young woman...

choosing the college I want to go to

What I would like most to achieve is to once and for all begin to feel more confident in who I am. And I mean socially, professionally and emotionally. It's important because walking around never quite feeling sure of yourself is a recipe for never quite feeling satisfied either. I always feel like I'm a fraud about to be found out. It would be nice to feel like I actually am good at what I do and that people actually appreciate me for who I am and what I do.

Write the book I have been doing the research for during the last 2 years.

I would like to spread the knowledge I have gained over the past few years regarding the benefits of a plant based diet. I feel so strongly that this is the best one can do for their body, and I want to share this with others, in the hopes that they can accept the challenge and make a difference in their lives.

New roof on house. Don't want leaking roof.

save enough money to put solar panels on my roof.

i want to become closer with people in my school. i want to be nicer. i want a younger person to look up to me.

I am wanting to start at Franklin Tech School in August. So by this time next year I hope to be doing very well working towards my certificate as a surgical tech.

I'd like to get control of my eating. I realize that I am mindlessly eating, but I can't seem to stop. I fought to lose weight, and have kept it off for 5 years, but I'm worried that I'm going to put it all back on. And my clothes are getting tight.

I hope that by this time next year I am more confident in who I am. I want to be able to stand up for myself to my family. I want to be able to be confident with my body - I want to dress in clothes that I like, that are comfortable and that make me feel good. I want to wear the right amount of make-up and stuff for me. I want to be studying and involved in things that I am interested in. I want to be Me, and I hope that by this time next year I will no longer tolerate people who think that Me is not good enough.

That is a good question. At this point I think I'd like to achieve not trying to achieve so much. I want to be more accepting of all the parts of me and all the parts of my life, whatever they might be.

K-taking the LSATs I- still be employed and have a better idea of where I am heading in life.

By this time next year I'd like to have paid off the debt I wracked up on my credit cards over the summer in order to stay afloat. I'd like to feel confident that I'll be able to pay the mortgage and my property taxes plus groceries and a few non-essentials. Not sure this is realistic. Maybe I should find a roommate? Better yet, a husband? OK--that's it. I'll be 45 this year (next month). Maybe it's time to find a husband to help me with the handiwork, share the bills and the refrigerator, and keep me warm at night. My pillow is a bore.

I would like to get my permit, straight a's and become more responsible. This is important to me because without it I will be stuck in a trap of something called parents, which I feel right now.

Get under 240 pounds. The quality of my life depends on it.

I would like to go through at least two rooms that are filled with objects, clothing, books, and documents and get them organized. It's important because the level of disorganization overwhelms me and prevents me from getting any projects done. I also need to divest myself of unneeded things.

Hmn! I don't know! The first thing I think of is just get through the year having work, health, health of my family. Find a way to stay balanced. Continue to feel grateful for the fortune and blessing that I have. Continue to feel faithful when I'm tempted to feel fearful.

I want to have a new job. I feel very stagnate and my current position limits my time with my daughter. I feel once I can get a schedule that more parallels hers, than I will not have to rely on my family so much to be with her. I feel I will be a better mom and the two of us will be more on track with each other.

I'd like to gain mastery over myself in the context of my work schedule so that I can DO what I know that I am able to do,and do it to the fullest. Fullest means, with calm and consideration and heart, not more and in haste! Achieving this will go a long way to contributing to my overall sense of well-being and my ability to share with others and to grow.

I would like to walk better. My balance is off and I use a cane. I hope that I do not retrograde to having to use a walker or jazzie. It is important to get around.

I am hoping to get healthier, lose weight, be more active. I'm tired of feeling limited by my size.

Oh I don't want to bore you- but I really would like to get something published, make some new friends, get more involved in some environmental activities.

I would like to be living on my own. I do not feel like just escaping from my parents just for the heck of it. I really think this will help me to start making good life choices for myself because I feel like I need approval from every one around me when I am at home. I know what I want in my life and I want to be able to go out there and chase it. I want to be able to just be...me.

Take better care of my health by eating in moderation, exercising more, walking outside at least three times each week. This is important because I want to live to enjoy my family, my hobbies, my work, my friends, myself.

So many answers come to mind, but then most of them rely on external factors to happen, so I'm gonna go with something completely dependent on just myself. By this time next year, I would like to have perfected my friend filter-- weeded out the ones that need to be removed, and secured the ones that i need to have around me. So much of my time and energy is wasted on folks who aren't worth their weight in drama, I think if I completely ditched their kind I might actually have the time and energy to improve my life.

Pay off my college debt. I'm set to get married in December and we've made it a goal to pay off my college debt. Here's another: finish the webseries "Hmm" that my good friend Ben and I started. I also wouldn't mind starting a band, as well as finishing a cut of "Hooray for Enthusiasm" and submitting it for something.

I'd like to have my credit score be in the 600s. I have been working really hard to pay of debt and I need a 620 to be considered for first time home buyer incentives. It would be amazing to be debt free but I think that is a little ambitious. Hell why not? Let's go for it. Go big or go home.

I'd like to have a part of my life that is meaningful and separate from my family. This is important because my kids will move away, focus their energies on their own families. I need something for myself.

Get good grades for the rest of my senior year in high school and then get into and go to college! I know this isn't a hard goal and I know I'll be going to college somewhere but it seems like lately everything I do revolves around college so when I'm finally there it wil be very rewarding.

I'd like to be able to guide many people in my life to loving themselves and living in joy, peace and love! If you love and accept and respect yourself you can be a wonderful citizen of the world. I strive to see the beautiful light in each and every human being (and animal!). Amen.

I want to be married to my best friend. I am so excited to start our life together as husband and wife. My wedding day is something that has always been so fuzzy in my head growing up, but now that I found my person I see it so crystal clear. Come on August 2012!

Secure a job with better hours than the one I have now. It's important because the one I have now makes it difficult to have a social life. Hours of 10a to 7p just don't work well.

I want to enlarge my circle of friends and make time for me. I'm tired of using work as an excuse to not do things

My biggest goal this year is moving back to Los Angeles from Seattle. Realized after living 7 years outside of my city I miss home so much I can taste it. Got the job already, just saving for the move. I know it is crazy because everybody moves away from the high priced living, crazy freeways and smog but the people are what make that city great.

I would like to be enrolled in the Professional Masters of Engineering program at UMD of College Park. To me this signifies a renewed commitment to academic excellence, something I did not necessarily strive for during my undergraduate tenure, and I want to prove to myself more than anyone else that this is who I truly wish to be. I also believe this will give me the background I desire and need to move into the energy sector with a specialization in renewable and sustainable forms of energy.

I want to be converted to judaism by this time next year. My religion means a lot to me, helps me through hard times& its important to me that I make it official by converting, not just observing.

I'd like to feel more financially comfortable.. Since I'm less than a year from being able to actually retire, I'd like to do just that... Retire.. Not leave one job, and have to get another, but actually retire... Relax... And maybe take it easy for a spell...

I would like to move from the to do list to the strategic plan. What do I want from my life? where do I want to be? It's not that I won't need to mend the gutters or replant the corner, I want to know where I'm going in the time that I have. I want to know WHO I want to be when I grow up, because I could do anything I really wanted to do, but I don't know what I really want to do.

I don't know. I honestly have too many things going on right now to just pick one. Our house we're renting is going to be foreclosed on. My job is going to be eliminated in 6 months to 2 years time. My husband has finally decided to get healthy and lose weight, go to the doctor, work on his blood pressure, and I'm still just thinking like everything so far in our lives together, too little, too late. My mom is showing signs of dementia. My daugher will be attending college and we can't help her pay for it at all, in fact we have no savings whatsoever. My dog is blind, seriously, I'm not making this up and needs to be put down. So where I want to be a year from now, I can't begin to say, most days I just want to get the dishes done, throw in some laundry, get through my work day and I'm not sure about tomorrow, except those same simple things that keep me going from day to day. So a YEAR from now, I have no idea.

begin aleph program

I would like to be in a significant relationship with a man, be married, and start a family. This is very important to me because I need to be fully entered into life, and the part of my life I am not fully entered into is the family life, the life centered on building relationships at home and having my home be the center of my life. My work as a public school teacher has been the focus of my life. New students come every year, and students move on every year. I feel I need to fill up my home life and make my personal life fulfilling and lasting. I want and need to be in a loving relationship, to give and receive, and to not be alone. So that is what I would like to achieve by this time next year. That is my dream. The time is now. It's about time.

Be rid of my storage unit, which means going though the collection of items from my past, my mom's past as well as all the other odds and ends that ended up there. It's important because it means letting go of a lot and also saving money instead of stuff. Maybe there's a vacation for my son and me when it's done. Taking a real vacation would be an achievement!

I want to own my own home. With all the rent I pay I may as well build equity.

I would like to find a way to changing the dynamics of Temple Shalom in terms of Kehilah, in the nature of Tefilah and Tzedakah. It is important to create a new vision in order to sustain and enable the growth of the Cobgregation. We have to rethink our mission and our vision and understand the importance of a future in our community,

Iwould love to have the financial means to fulfil my dreams of travel. I really pine to go to Israel, Ireland and England before I die or am too sick or old to enjoy myself. My imaginative self roamed freely around the world and went to places I only read about. I also want to see where I grew up as a child.

By this time next year, I'd like to be successfully moved into a credential program in the Bay Area. I want to move into the next part of my life. The part where I am financially stable, ride my bike more often, and live closer to the people I love.

I'd like to be able to continue on with my schoolwork; pass chemistry and all those classes and be one step closer towards getting my undergrad finished. This is important because this is my future. I'd like to also constantly improve myself as a person; to be a better sister, a better daughter, a better student, friend and girlfriend. I've got a big but eventful year ahead of me :)

I'd like to get my "moral compass" back on track. I used to have a clear picture of right vs. wrong and what I would and would not do. My personal life has become complicated over the past few months and led me to make some questionable decisions and take some questionable actions. I didn't used to lie like this to protect myself. I want to love openly and I don't want to lie any more.

A good internship for this summer will help me save money and increase my career prospects. I really hope to get one! That means good grades this semester and hard work in school.

By next year, I would like to have learned to be on time for meetings, dates, work & other things. I realize that I have "sold myself short" (in my ex-boss's words) by being so consistently late, and I also think it's been rude and frustrating to many of my friends. And disrespectful to people I know less well. So yea, I really want to kick that bad habit.

I would like my book to be published, I've worked hard on it for two years straight and have asked friends and family to read and review. I will be publishing later this year hopefully so here's crossing my fingers and hoping that something great happens.

By this time this year, I hope to have reached my goal of a healthy weight/body mass index and have been maintaining it for a while. I hope this then means that I'm sleeping more and less affected by stress. I also hope that this means that I have more time to focus on creative things since I'm not focusing on the weight loss anymore. All this is important to me because I want to have a more balanced life. I want to be happier.

I'd like to have a better sense of self, a better sense of how I fit in with the world, a better relationship with myself and with someone, anyone. I've been married for 40 years, and it's time to find some joy in life.

I'd like to "figure out" my retirement--exploring options for meaningful activities and making sure I'm financially on the right track. I'd love to have developed my freelance/consulting business to a point that it becomes my second career.

I would like to have set up a small personal recording station. I love music, I follow music like one follows religion. I experiment with everything and try to understand the roots of different genres. I am learning to make music and having had the opportunity to play live, I wish to record myself and my creations.

By next year, my goal is to have been hired for a "real" job. My plan is to have a career in nonprofits, but I cannot volunteer/intern for them forever. I need to be self sufficient to be happy and my current worry about money is incredibly draining. I would love to be working and living in NYC or DC by this time next year.

Get a First in my second year of university. And have a group of friends that extends beyond my housemates. These are important to me because I isolated myself last year in order to be with my housemates and my boyfriend, and I let no-one else in due to my shyness. Now I am single and I realise how much free time I have and that I have nobody to spend it with. The First is necessary, I got 69.75% last year... that is .25% away! I know if I knuckle down, I can do it!

Wow....I would like to achieve BALANCE!....to be content with myself in the universe, to know that I am loved & taken care of, to know that I have the power to control how I behave, how I look, what I put into my body, etc, & to be the healthiest of mind, body & spirit. This will be the year that it all comes together!

I would like to have some type of paid employment by this time next year. It has been a long three years without it, and I miss the freedom to be generous that a paycheck brings.

Not looking at 'achievment' but seeking to see, to know, to listen, to Serve. It's important because it's all there is!

I would like to achieve keeping up my hard work and always having good grades. I want to work so hard now and always that I know that I can accomplish anything. I want to be on the varsity basketball team and i also want to get As in my challenging classes. It will be a challenge but I know that I can do it!

I want to be married to D and have a good idea of a plan for kids. Its important because neither of us have forever and both of us want children very badly.

After filing for bankruptcy, I owe a lot of money to different creditors. Now, after fighting for two years, I was able to get on Social Security because of my disability. I am hoping by next year that I can pay off all of the money I owe them and any other bills I owe.

I would like to incorporate exercise into my daily routine and "just do it" without it being such a struggle. I know it's important, and I have the time and the ability. I just need to overcome my resistance. I would like it to be second nature.

Correr los 21km Guate, trabajar por ser mejor cada día y encontrar a mi novia y compañera de la vida.

By this time next year I want to have a much better idea of what I am doing after college. I think it is important to know this by that time because it should not be a last minute decision. Right now I have some good ideas but I feel in the past year I have grown so much as a person and I want to grow just as much in the upcoming year and I think it should be possible.

I want to be engaged and/or married, living in the same city as my significant other and in a new job moving forward with my life. I feel that I have been spinning my wheels for some time now. Not feeling that I am getting the growth or challenges I need from my job, feeling that my relationship is in a bit of statis, not having the time to expand my non-work life in as significant manner as I would like have all been huge drags on my spiritual and mental well being. I feel sometimes that I am wasting a very important part of my life and I'm ready to get the tires back on the road and get going - I just need the certainty and the resolution of job and relationship.

I'd like to achieve being in a healthy relationship. I desire to meet a man who loves me and treats me as an equal. He and I will learn so much from each other and enjoy life each and every day. We will have a true spiritual and soul-filled connection.

I'd like to have a relationship by this time next year. As well as my own place to live.

Last year I completed my PhD, a long fought victory. this year I would like to see my husband through his PhD, and us on more stable financial footing, with some sort of career trajectory. Unfortunately, the steps to reaching this goal are unclear.

By this time next year I would like to achieve some measure of self peace. I would like to get over the anger and the hurt. I would really like to get my actt ogether and improve my finances, hopefully by getting a book accepted for publication.

I'd like to have come to terms with my dad getting remarried and his happiness in moving across the country to start a new life with a new family. It is important because life is short and I don't want to spend any more of it putting a canyon in my relationship with my dad, and I want to be able to forgive my father before I run out of the opportunity to.

I would like to be married and living with my Bashert.

Financial security because then I'd be better able to take care of others, especially family.

Man, this is a tough one. In fact, I really think I need to do some self-evaluation. I have all the usuals--- Both do-able, and fancy free, ain't gonna happen no matter what I do... I'd like to be in a job that makes me happier then what I do now. I'd like to lose 50 pounds. I'd love to get a job in Europe or California. Heck, Boulder or the PacNorthwest would be great. I want to grow as a father and as a husband. I'd like to be more committed to my job without losing sight of my life. Heck, I guess I'd like to, as always, if I can't be happy with what I have, become content with it. Sort of a Buddhist thing, ya know? Thats a long ramble but, as I mentioned, I think I need some self reflection. It makes me sad that I cannot nail down one do-able, specific thing to accomplish.

I want to establish a some new, good friendships since I will be (hopefully) fully settled into a new city by this time next year.

I'd like to spend next summer with my grandkids who have been moved, by their mother, 2,000 miles away. Why? Please, they're my grandkids.

By this time next year, I'd like to be driving that BMW I've always dreamed of. This is important because it would signify that I am successfully (self)employed again and making ample money to provide for my family and retirement.

I'd like to be somewhere that makes me happy. I'm not sure if the grad program I'm currently in will work for me for two years. So by this time next year, I hope that if I'm still here, I love it and if I can't love it, I hope that I'm in a different program that can give me the sort of music that makes me want to sing.

By this time next year, I would like to be back in love. This is important to me because I have had a very lonely year. My life has revolved around school and work and myself and my possessions, and I guess what I mean to say more than be back in love, especially as that's not really something I can "achieve", I would like to re-prioritize love as the top of my list. I would like to have children. I would like to grow old with someone. And I would like to have that constant spark of inspiration inside me, that renewing light, that comes from being in love, even if it's just in love with the world. Even though some might consider me young, we never know when we are called to leave, and what is a life worth living without love?

I would like to find a new ground with my parents. I had been at a place where things were stable and dealable. When I spent a year being depressed, that upset the apple cart and made things uncomfortable again. I would like to be able to walk in to a room of a hundred people and not just see them. For me to be able to use the skills that I use with other people with them. This is important to me because it would give me greater peace.

As stated earlier: self discipline. I would like to limit my computer and email time.

learn and practice yoga for health and healing: self care for aging become more self sufficient, by cooking, biking, learning to work with tools, growing food...so my daily practice is more integrated and I live more local.

I would like to get back on my feet again and feel some type of security in terms of place, money, or job. I want to develop a plan for what I want and be really working on how I am going to get there. I know that I really want to travel, and I want to be working towards how to get to that point. I would also like to feel more grounded and comfortable and working on my meditation practice regularly.

I would love to have our entire family visit us, either together ideally or piecemeal. The grandchildren are so scattered...for good reasons...but my husband is in his 80s and not well....it would mean so much to have a happy occasion together. I want the grandchildren to have some memory of us.

I want to be debt free. I hate constantly paying off money I've already spent and justifying prices.

I'd like to own a home and make a new network of friend in SoCal. It's important because a home is an investment and big step to growing up. @ho doesn't love making new friends?

I've recently realized that my stress management tactics mirror those of my mother's and that it's not a solution that works for me. I'd like to find a way of dealing with the stressing situations of my life and work that is better suited to me and my personality.

Adjust to retirement; find meaningful activities preferably within the Jewish community which give me the opportunity to make contributions and give me satisfaction

Hold my first lecture on "I Accuse". Important because I have a message that can make so many lives easier

I would love to learn why I'm in college learning about these amazing things. I love education, I love learning, but it's been difficult for me to see the importance of spending my time, money, and energy in this university when I have no specific goal. I want to find my goal.

Well, I definitely hope that I´m in the sixth grade. I also hope that I already know what study I´m gonna do. That would be great. I hope I´ve improved my English some more, because I would like to study in English.

I'd like to have completed my feature length narrative screenplay and have plans for producing it ...

I'd like to be more self reliant. I want to just go and do. Not wait, wonder, research, not do, think about it, let time go by and then maybe do. I want to be more decisive and adventurous.

I hope to have lost at least another 66 lbs. It is important to me because I want to be healthy and happy. I want to feel better about myself. I want to be more mobile. I don't want everything to be so difficult. I want to experience more in life.

I'd like to see Nick happy in a college and in his decision of what to major in.

I would like to be completely debt free. It is important to me because I want to be a good partner to my wife, a good father to my child, and a good friend to myself so that I can retire one day.

I hope I am able to continue pursuing the completion of my M.Div. degree by taking spring, summer and fall classes, so this time next year I will be in my fifth class. I had finished two years of a three year degree back in the '70s, then quit to join a rock band. We had a record deal. How could I pass that up? Way led on to way, and after many episodes of reconsideration, I finally decided last year to return to school after a lapse of 33 years. Then, after I had applied and been accepted (and miraculously given credit for most of my ancient work), my knee had to be replaced. That felt like a major setback. I very much want to complete this degree as I am excited about being prepared for a second career when it's time to retire from this one.

I want to refocus my life away from my profession. The last two years have been all about getting the job. Now that I have it, I want to have time to immerse myself in other things. I want to read more, cook more, experience more instead of always trying to keep up.

BALANCE- this is the thing that I had hoped to achieve this year but didn't. I don't know how to balance my life: work, being a mom, being a wife and being an individual. I seem to be making a little bit of progress- but I would love to find the balance by next year.

I'd like to finish my damn album already. Besides the obvious reasons it's so important to me, I really think the Jewish world needs my music; or at least the small niche of women who are in it just like me - they need to hear it. The album will give me reason to go out and perform. That relationship with other musicians, the one where we play and are in rhythm together for hours on end, will be so healing I can taste it.

I would like to reduce my dependency on credit cards. I've been able to save some money, and while that savings may need to be used during this period of being off of work, I want to try to limit my spending and really consciously think about my spending and how I use my money. I'd love to be able to lose some weight as well, but that is an ongoing on struggle. I have no specific plan for that, so I'm unsure how that will happen as of yet.

Buy a house! It's time to grow up. Also, have to have schooling for the young one.

I would like to lose weight. I am scared of getting diabetes and heart problems. Plus, it's embarrassing not to fit into seats or seatbelts. Enough is enough, huh?

I'd like to be able to play the guitar by this time next year. It's important to me because I want to play a song for my beloved at our wedding.

I want to find a semblance of happiness with myself, be that by changing something within myself that makes me unhappy, or by doing things with my life that give me happiness.

I would like to have a relatively steady income from my photography as well as a strong following on my poetry blog. An income from my photography would mean the freedom to live where I want, while saving for college and a car. It would also mean being able to care for my pets on my own. Also, extremely important, I want to get my GED.

I want to have gained my Masters degree with as high a mark as I can manage. I'm just setting out on it and feeling so excited about what's coming. It's going to be very hard work and I must concentrate and do my absolute best. It's important because this is the next step in life for me. It's such a short period - I'm sure it will fly by - and I want to be able to say that I did well. I also need to work out where I'll go and what I'll do next, which is a daunting prospect that's doubtless going to invade my thoughts during the year. It's important because I need to get myself in a position where I am doing something worthwhile - either more study or a job. It's important because I want more independence and general 'life progress'. I don't want to waste my life not knowing what to do.

I want to be excited about going to study medicine at a university that I love. This year I decided that medicine was what I wanted to do. Science, and people-orientated work has always been my passion, but I thought that maybe that would take me down the route of being a science teacher, or maybe a psychologist. It became more and more clear, though, that not only is medicine absolutely the next thing I want to do with my life, but that I'd never forgive myself if I didn't take this chance. I only hope that I can convince the universities of as much, and make the dream a reality.

I'd like to cut my debt load by at least 50%. This is important to me because I want to stop spending money to pay my bills. I want to save money for important things, like vacations and travel, and maybe for a house or apartment one day.

My main priority right now is getting into a college I'm happy at. I decided about two days ago that one of the schools I was applying EA to, MIT, just wasn't right for me. I realized that I just wouldn't be happy there. And last night I realized that I was asking the wrong teacher for a letter of recommendation. By this time next year, I'll have completed the college admission process, chosen my school, and have spent about a month there. I can only hope that whatever path college takes me is one I'll be happy and satisfied on.

I am concious that I am not learning enough. By Rosh Hashanah next year i would like to be doing Daf Yomi, if not daily, then at least regulalry

Completion of the end of everything and father hunger. Legacy, passion.

I would like to have a second child, and finally get a cat :) That's it, that's all I want this year.

I would like to have better control over our family's finances and be on our way to paying off our debt. This is important to me because it is an underlying source of general stress and is taking away from our family's general sense of well being.

I would like to find a job that I can actually enjoy going to and that will earn me enough money to afford the things I need to pay for. This is important because it will bring a little added stability to my life that I need.

I would like to have conquered the weight and the unfitness problem. I want to be a known marathon runner, fit and glowing full of energy.

I am done with being poor! I have the means to develop an extra income and I need to achieve this goal. I cannot continue to struggle to make money as a 40 year old man!

I think, although I'm not 100% certain, I would like to sell my home, buy a different place, and use the rest of the cash to get out from under the debt. It's important because it would make me feel secure.

Incorporate exercise 4 days per week. It is so important for my physical, but more importantly mental health and I see how I am struggling to solidify it in my life these days.

Bringing my 401k back to life, because I would like to know what it would feel like to retire.

I would like to see myself in a new position with another organization. I have been putting up with a lot of grief from my immediate supervisor, and things are getting worse. One of my co-workers left earlier this year, and she is experiencing quite a high. I would like to experience that same high!

Go to the college of my dreams.....HARVARD! Just kidding, that's absurd. I'm not sure exactly where I want to go yet, but wherever I do end up I hope I have tons of fun and love it!

I would like to become a meditation instructor and share that experience with others. Seeing the light in the eyes of a first time meditator is a heart opening experience. The benefits of meditation are so varied, I believe it is the foundation for a better life mind, body, soul.

I would like to finish at least one story. I want to write plays and books and see them on stage, published and on the screen. Its important to me because I know I have things to share with the world, and I know its something i'm meant to do.

I want to have my official business plan and business license by this time next year. It means that I'll be all the more closer to working for myself and all of the positives (and negatives) that come with it!

I'd like to start a family with Dan - I don't know if that is truly an "achievement." i'm still so in awe that this is actually happening in my life - that i've found someone, fallen in love, got married and will be creating my own family. it feels like the next chapter of my life - one that will make it so much richer. "....worldly achievements have shallow roots, but personal bonds permeate through and though." that's why it's important to me. to be developing more and deeper personal bonds - it is what makes life meaningful.

Have my PhD; Consistent playtime with kids; better work life balance - because balancing values with actions is paramount

I'd like to finish writing "Halfway up Mount Moosilauke." It's important to me because it's the kind of true story that will help me remember what it means to be alive.

I want to have my MSW hanging on the wall and go to a job I love 5 days a week. I want to be living a life where I do great good- for myself and others. This is important for me- that I know I am working towards justice for myself and others.

Getting to 110 pounds for my wedding diet, continue to laugh with my hub, light shabbat candles, and live life with my family and friends! Also, try to communicate with dad better about his health and how much I think about it.

I want to get out from under a huge burden of paperwork (including tax filings). I will feel a lot better without this hanging over me and, who knows, maybe I'll get some money back?

I would like to achieve a sense of calmness that I have never had. A sense of not needing to rush and get it all done. A feeling that I am doing enough for my family and that I don't need to pack it in all the time.

I want to be training for my first half-marathon. My first 5K race is coming up next month, and I figure I will have run a couple of 10K s by this time next year, with my eyes on running a marathon someday. It's important to me because I can check it off of my bucket list, and because I realized that when I was in crutches last year, I took walking and running for granted.

I would like to be settled into a new abode. I want to put down roots, live my life fully with new and old friends. It will show I have moved on from concentrating mostly on my parents' needs rather than my own.

I'd like to have a hobby. Something that's all mine, not work or child-related. Something that can be a creative outlet and challenge me to think in new/different ways.

I want to compete in trial ad. I want to work hard at something and succeed beyond anyone's standards.

I want to complete my weight loss and find someone to love and live with for the rest of my life. I want my life to change for the better in a dramatic way, personally and professionally. I am tired of living for myself and want to share my life on a deep level with someone else.

I would like to be working at a job where I am contributing and valued as a good hard working employee and make a good salary so I can save some money and also have some money to go out to dinners, plays, concerts, etc. with. I also want to have fun at the job and at the same time be treated with respect. Ideally it would be in the design field. I love design so that would make the job enjoyable for me.

I would like to have even more direction. Ideally, to be working &/or in school. I have many concerns with who I am but the main one seems to be that I don't ever know what to do. I always think I love too many things (& not even the right ones, much of the time) & can't focus on one to cultivate. I would like to change that about myself, to be more hard-working & proactive. I always admire hard-working, creative people. There's no reason why I can't be the same. I just need to apply it to a certain discipline & go with it.

Have conducted an improvised musical performance for an audience, over the internet or live.

Being back home after 4 years of living abroad and finishing my degree and furthering my dream of writing my book by actually strating to write.Finally starting that business with my sister as we've always talked about.Being a voice of change by being the change I want to see.

I'd like to really be in good shape with my mental health and quality of life. I'm still healing/negotiating, and I know that life is about re-balancing, re-balancing. I don't expect fixity but I do expect health. Here's hoping...

i would like to be in a healthy, happy, fun and sexy relationship this time next year. i don't mean with myself, i don't mean with my friends or family...i have those, i work on those, those are all happening and will continue. i mean with a fella. a dood. committed to each other. yes. i said it! so come on world, bring me your qualified candidates so that we may chose one another.

To travel to the UK. This would fulfill a lifelong ambition for us, and we could visit our kids.

I would like to reconcile all debts and all relationships. I have been in trouble in both areas for almost 15 years. I am ready to be peaceful and ready to accept new welcome challenges.

I'd like to get a 2.i. Well, I'd really like to get a 1st. But I'm not going to work hard enough for that, so I'd really like a 2.i. It's important to me because it would be a challenge I'd overcome. Something that I believed I couldn't do, but then I chose to knuckle down and succeed. It'll be the testament that I can make the right choices. And that I do have the tenacity to succeed. (And also I'll not be letting people down so much...) I'd like to connect with people again, and lose my cynicism. It'll make me a happier and better person. And that's what life's about.

I will be a fine arts student at York college of pa near my home. I will b a paid retro pinup model.

To be able to redirect my anxiety away from my children so that I no longer have rage toward them.

Please, let me have a job. A real job, not a part time job. I honestly never thought that I'd be living at home when I turned 22. It makes me more depressed everyday that I can't seem to do anything about it.

I'd really like a job and my drivers licence. It'll allow me to become more independent so I'm not relying on my mother all of the time. It'll allow me to help her as well. It's imperative that I do this, or else I'll be stuck in my room for the next three years with no job and no car.

confidence. i would like to achieve self confidence, and find who i really am and not who others want me to be. i also want to find a guy that treats me right

I want to be fucking happy. That's it. It's the same goal as last year, but I don't care. I'm 15, and I'm already too heartbroken. Meeting Demi Lovato would be nice too, but hey, beggars can't be choosers.

I'm in a time of great transition... a year of being divorced, a new neighborhood, new house, new job, new boyfriend... I'd like to achieve a sense of calm next year. There has been talk of babies and marriage and I could see myself going down that road again. But I want to wait and see how I adapt to the myriad of changes this year has presented.

To do my first olympic distance triathlon. To complete a half marathon. To be back in school. To be a great paramedic. To be happier and more confident.

I would like to regain a modicum of fluency in the Hebrew language.

I would like to renew my enthusiasm for life, for the obvious reason that life not enjoyed is life not worth living, unless there is promise of enjoyment in the future.

I would like to have all my shit together to apply to grad school. I want a resume that makes me happy. An essay with a point and some reason to it. I want extracurriculars. I want professionals impressed by my "put togetherness" enough to write me apps. If it's public health or it's Jewish education (yes, that's what I'm working through) - I want to regain that pride in myself. I'm not a super person rockstar - but I am capable of being one. And there was a time when I remembered that I am smart, and a people person, and a hard worker, and I have done some legitimately cool things. I will remember that. I will believe that. And I will remind others and convince strangers, that I am worth taking a chance on.

I think by next year, I want to feel settled and comfortable in life. I am feeling that way right now, to an extent--I'm in a job I like, and I love my fiance a lot. We're actually getting married in less than two weeks, so this time next year I feel like my life will be in a much different place--not as much transition going on. So, I guess now, I'm feeling like I'm in a good place in my life, even though there's a lot of change. And I hope that next year, when things are in a more settled state, I will feel the same sense of satisfaction.

Get pregnant. I want to start a family and I think 2012 is the year to do this. I'll be married and 33 and it's time for kids!

Help develop the members on my team to find their greatness. I want to put them in a position to find professional success and be the engines of growth at work.

Another 50% of total debt paid off. That was a big thing for us this year. YAY!

I would like to have my second novel published. I love to write, and want to share my stories with the world. I believe it is my calling.

only one thing?? i would like to feel healthy, supple, fit, embodied. that's what i would like. i also want a better marriage, but i think this comes first in time.

I would say something about love but you can't go looking for that, it has to find you in its own time. You can't force those things. So I'll say I want to have my jewelry business thriving by then, or at least have paid off the card. Haha!

Be a better person. Be more patient with John. Be more patient with me. I can expect too much of myself and of others. That can be a bad thing.

Have humble haus earning money. Even if its just pennies.

I'd like to have paid down a sizable chunk of my debt, if not paid it off.

I would like to improve my eating habits and physical condition. I am watching my father deteriorate as he ages. He has some congestive heart failure, joint pain and back pain. It is clear that these are the result of his being overweight and inactive. I want to be healthy and stay healthy for as long as possible. My life gets better and better with time and I want to be able to take advantage of the opportunities that will lie in front of me going forward. I want to travel, play with my children and grandchildren (should they be born - hopefully). I want to be a role model for my family and I want to be a vital and contributing member of society for as long as possible. My father is isolated, but I remember a time when he was gregarious and playful, energetic and engaged. I believe that this would still be possible if he had worked to keep himself in shape.

I would like to have a better understanding of the computer so that I could write my blog. Would like to be writing more. I would like to have at least 5-6 students come regularly to my classes. Keep deepening my practice so that my intuition is more engaged. I want to trust and surrender.

I would like to have a business up and running with my art. I want to share with others that which brings my joy. I would like to contribute financially to our household now that our children are growing up a bit.

By this time next year I would like to be in my first job, making money to contribute to the relationship and paying off my student loans. And, maybe, be pregnant.

I would like to meet and be seriously dating someone who's nice to me, jewish, and finds the same things important to me. I want to get on the marriage and baby track and need to meet and date someone as the first step. I also hate feeling so lonely and alone.

4 A's to get into Edinburgh University for Cognitive Science.

I would like to be comfortably established on the speakers' circuit, and to have a reasonable LNC practice. This will ground me in what's important, allow me to use my talents, provide a balance of solitary and social work, provide a reasonable income, and, if the balance is right, allow time and energy for other pursuits and possibilities.

I would like to take the next step in my career, whether that means officially advancing where I am or moving on to another place.

I would like to integrate meditation and increased mindfulness into my daily life.

I'd like to become more physically fit and strong. Even though I am a healthy weight and pretty skinny, I don't have great health habbits, which could really affect me in later years.

I would like to grow in knowledge and capability in my work in service to others.

I want to have had my bat mitzvah on the bimah at Sixth & I. I want to have chanted my Torah portion (and Haftorah portion?) in Hebrew. I also want to have made it a big deal and had a party!

I would like to have run another road race--to keep myself feeling fit and young. I would love to have taken a vacation with my wife and daughter that did not involve visiting family, or leaving my daughter with her grandma, or going somewhere for work or even visiting a friend. Just going somewhere the three of us for pleasure. It would make me happy.

On a professional level, I would like to have a productive garden that is providing me with 30% of my monthly food in take. This will require canning and preparation for the winter months but it can be done. On a personal level, and this seems small but I've been struggling with it for 15 years, I would be thrilled if I'm not biting my nails by this time next year.

I am going for a double masters degree and I would like to have one of them accomplished by this time next year. I have strived to get all As and want to graduate cum laude or maybe even magna cum laude. This is important to me because I didn't try very hard in my undergraduate, I barely passed. I want to prove to myself that I am smart enough to get all As and really accomplish a double masters!

To be working in the community development field, for myself or for an awesome 'not for loss' organisation. This is where my heart is now and it fulfils my need to be helping others.

I want to have lost weight. Not just due to vanity, but I really feel it's a holistic thing. Healthy body, healthy mind. Healthy diet, healthy teeth, control over illnesses, physical strength. And confidence.

I hope it isn't too broad to say I'd like to achieve happiness. I'm not looking for any big changes or items to check off my lifelong to-do list. If I am still gainfully employed, married, healthy, and sane next year, that is enough.

I would like to have prosperity in my life. I need to work hard but be paid for it. I need to actually be making a living somehow. I would like to have more faith.

I would like to be certain of my direction in life and confident in the decisions I make!

The major thing that has to be achieved by next year is for my hideous brother to finally sell the family ranch & settle the estate, so I can get my inheritance---9 yrs now after my mother's death. Personally, what I'd like to have found by next year is some new direction for my life. I never thot I'd be where I am now, at 67yrs old.....I thot I'd be living on my inheritance. I thot my partner & I would be living on the beach in Mexico.....I would've taken up my art work again & doing volunteer work. None of that happened. Where to go now? I need to have a job, but hadn't prepared for needing a job at this point in my life.

My God. I want stable housing, ASAP. There's a chance that my husband and I may be evicted from the apartment we're subletting for this year, because of misconduct by the original tenant.

I would like to have completed my first year of social work school, and found/created a 2nd year internship that allows me to really engage clients in a therapeutic relationship. I went back to school for a masters 3.5 years ago and chose not to finish. This was the right decision for me, but I have a lot of fear about not being able to complete this program. I also want to make sure that I am making it what I want it to be, by exploring work through an internship that really fits the work I think I want to do.

I would like to find a way to make myself not so shy. I want to be able to not be "that quite girl" cause I m not that person.

Next year, at this time, I'd like my job (that which pays my bills) and my career (that which feeds my soul) to be one and the same. I'm very fortunate in today's economy to have employment, working for wonderful people, but it's not what I love. Nothing about the day job inspires or pushes me. I am an artist. I want to write, direct, act, create art that makes people smile or cry or even pisses someone off. I don't care if someone hates my work as long as they feel something! Well, that's not true - I'd be sad if someone hated my work, but it would be worth it! Next year on this day, October 6, 2012, I will be doing what I love, full time. (Knock on wood!)

Choose my lab. A, I need to. B, I want to find the subject I'll dedicate my next 6 years to. I'm excited to make my research my own ... as soon as I know what it is.

I'd like to resolve the financial conundrum in my job. I want to develop and at least start to implement a clear path either for closing the organization or for radically changing in a way that will allow for a future that still meets our mission. The current financial struggle has dragged and dragged. If I can implement this plan, I can then eliminate all the uncertainty and incredible stress that goes with it. I am so drained that this is the only responsible option for my mental health and survival. AND - by this time next year I need to have NO credit card debt!! With the refinancing on my condo (knock on wood it should go through smoothly), there will really be no excuse for not living totally within my cash means. This means that I need to seriously limit my purchasing of clothes and shoes...

I would like to pay more attention to my extended family. This past year and the next 4-6 months or so will have been time that I paid attention to me and my dreams. I will have achieved a lot but somewhat at the expense of taking time away from friends and family.

By this time next year, I would like to have finished a year of classes at Northwestern. This is important to me because I want to show that I can follow through on this challenge, and build my skills to stay mentally young and strong for the future. Physically, I also want to be able to jog 3 miles without a sweat. The biggest reason for this is to stay young, too. I want to be able to keep up with Leo when he is 12 years old - to keep him proud of us and all we can do, and to keep engaging him together.

Be completely cancer-free via the clearing of energy from my system and performing my music in venues of 1,000 people or more.

Last year i said i'd like to be more open with my feelings, to really be able to express them without fear, and i did it. Now, i can't find myself without saying "I love you" everytime i feel it. But for the next year, i'd like to be able to make time for my friends, as time goes by, i feel like i'm getting distant with my girlfriends, as much as i try to be with them i can't, and if i have the time, i just don't hang out with them because i don't have a way to get to places, i'd also like to take the fear out of me, i want to be able to use a car and drive properly, not screaming at every complication i have, and i'd also like my boyfriend and i to still be together, i would be so proud of myself if only this last thing really happens. Let's just say you'd now be...1 year and a half. So proud of you!!! :)

I would like to have a decent fluency of Japanese because I travel to Japan once a year during this time. In fact, I'm answering this question in Japan.

Only one? I want to get, feel, believe, and manifest that "I am lovable"! This is important because what I want most of all is to find and attract a partner to build a life, home and family with.

Progress in making a decision about being married. This is the block in my path.

Last year, maybe the last couple of years, I think I have said I would like to be making 50% of my income from my music. I feel very differently this year. I want to just be making music with integrity and skill, and am more at peace with finding a decent day job for maybe a year or two to try to get rid of my debt. I am way humbled and not only tired of living below poverty level, but also am tired of compromising my creativity for money. I am also craving the freedom to explore my own musical ideas instead of having someone dictate Because that is what it amounts to, in the end. I think, at this point in my life, I would be happy to be making great music while also contributing to my household, society, and my savings!

I'd like to improve my health and overall happiness. I am forever moaning and groaning about how I look and how I'm dissatisfied with my current state of being, so I'd like to do something about it. I'm making a commitment that I'm going to strive to BE better. I'm committing to eat better. I'm committing to respect my body. I'm committing to take care of myself. I'm also making a promise to grow my love for myself. I'm too critical, I don't give myself time to grow, live, learn and experience. It's important to me that I make the most out of every moment, but not unless I'm doing it in the state of being which is the best I can be.

I hope to achieve the goals I've already set for our family. I want to be living in a bigger apartment and own a minivan that we bought with our tax return. Simple goals, easy to achieve and something to feel good about.

It's a budget. It's always a budget. I try to be zen about money - it comes, it goes - but I really do need to be a hard ass about it and just get it together. I'm still young - I'd like to try to make good habits.

I want to be earning decent money and I want to be living in my own flat. These are two separate things but it feels like one as they are totally intertwined. Both of these things are incredibly important to me right now. I'm stuck and I want to be getting somewhere, finally, at long last.

I'd like to find time for more Jewish learning - even if it is 5 or 10 minutes a day on my smartphone - but I need to find a way to keep growing in that area. I'd also like to find a way to deepen my relationship with my husband - get back to really communicating and talking about what matters. Perhaps to stop using electricity completely on Shabbat or chag - although I'm nervous to commit to that - I shouldn't be but I am. How amazing would it be if I can truly go through life with awareness that everyone is created in the image of G-d - that means everyone is holy - regardless of how they look, what they wear, how they act - It would be amazing if I could keep that idea in mind all year.

I'd like to still be as happy as I am right now. I think that maintaining this level of contentment in my life would be a significant achievement, because life can throw so many things at you. I'd also like to be thinking more seriously about starting a family, if not already in the process of doing so.

My business is in the forefront. One of two options would be my goal: to have sold it and I'm spending time with my family or to have figured out how to make it super successful. Also, it would be nice to have made more strides to a move to Israel. To figure out how to spend part of the year there. READ BOOKS WITHOUT GOING TO SLEEP!

Only one thing? Difficult....! Mainly just that I want to be proud of myself, to feel like I have pushed myself and achieved something. That I have done something I am scared to do and overcome my fear. Oh and I'd like to get my first tattoo.

Write RC piece(s). It is important to reveal stealth conversion therapy and prevent suffering, and there is some, as yet not fully understood connection, between this and my own freedom from the effects of child abuse.

the PhD, remember?!

I want to be much more fit -- exercising, eating right -- so that I feel good and enjoy life more. I'm on the right path, and already have been feeling the benefits. I would also like to learn something new -- I love to learn -- but I don't yet know what that would be (acting, Torah, a language, programming, etc.).

Truly focusing on bettering my photography and presenting it in an organized way to the world. It is the catalyst for change in my life and the window to my soul. I would like my images to be a catalyst for change in other people's lives.

I want to be a NYUStern MBA student. This will help me achieve my goals massively.

Oh, man. I would like to be CLOSE to done with this damn first draft!

I want complete financial freedom!!!! That's it, it will allow us everything else we want and need. We're going to live like no one else, so that later we can live like no one else!

I want to be prepared to Graduate from College. I want to know that I'm going to graduate on time no matter what as of September next year.

I want to have graduated college and have a handle on my eating disorder. These are two things that have sent my life into a tail spin and turned it on its head. I need to make some heavy changes in my life and I need to start now.

I would like to be at my ideal weight. I've struggled with it for so long and after quitting smoking to gain some of it back is discouraging. And I want to be physically stronger.

I would like to have chosen a career (and ideally secure a job) by this time next year. While I plan to enter into a career in consulting or financial services, I am not sure that I am prepared for it. More importantly, I think I am drawn by the promise of salary potential rather than the fact that I would enjoy the work. Other careers that I am considering (lobbying, law) all have their own disadvantages and involve some or many of my weaknesses. Over the next year, I hope to explore these careers and decide (a) which one is truly suitable for me and (b) take the necessary action to prepare myself for that career.

I would like to learn Spanish. I have being trying off and on for years to learn but always fell by the wayside.

I want to successfully execute the two big projects I have on my plate right now. They should only take or three or four more months, so I’m not sure I’ll even remember them a year from now, but they’re very important to my career.

To grow as an artist, especially in my confidence, to "find my voice" before I graduate... to ultimately know where I am aiming before taking the next steps forward in my artistic career. I have so many ideas/goals in my head, and I hope to have a better grasp on them by next year.

I would love to be able to refind myself, and learn to love myself and those around me. I became a monster when I lost myself. The good man, I once was. I wish that the last year was not how it was. That things were different...that I was different. I screwed up, and I cant figure out how to love myself again. I wish I never lost myself, and hope that one day I can look in the mirror again, and me happy with what I see...Maybe even for the first time.

having my house decent for company. I miss the time when somebody was always stopping by plus I keep going to some friends houses and they can never come to mine.

I want to garnish a modest level of local/national recognition for my music. It's something I've wanted for a long time, and I know I'm hard-working, and have the talent to reach some level of that.

I want to eat better and feed my family better food. We've made steps. But it's still so processed. There are so many bad things we put into our bodies and now my daughter is old enough to eat. I don't want her to have it.

Death. My mind is slowly disintegrating and I'm not sure where it will be in a year. Even if I will be here at all.

As in most years, I'd just like to be at peace with my life.

I would like to achieve weight loss so that I can cut back on my medications & be more healthy. Health is very important when dealing with Diabetes II.

I would like to have a new job that I love, I would like to be pregnant or have a kid, and I would like to be living in a house (renting is still fine!). Trying to be optimistic ...

Cook healthier foods. This is important for everyone I live with and serve food too

I would like to be only a year and a half away from graduating college. I want my GPA to go up so I can apply to the honorary society for the geography department and I need a 3.3 GPA in Geography & an overall GPA of 3.3, so that would be awesome.

I probably said this 2 years ago!!! But i would DEFINITELY like to be in a NEW job!!!! It is important since I have been crying wolf for too long and I want a change!

BE A GODDAMN WRITER. Like a real one! Where people accept my pitches! And hire me willingly because I am awesome! Damn it! It's important to me because it's the one way I know how to relate and help people. We're all in this ridiculous place together. The least we could do is laugh at it.

I would like to find a passion in life, something that absorbs me and makes me feel energized and excited, instead of doing things that I feel I ought to because of their difficulty or social cachet or admirable quality. For most of my adult life and for much of my life beyond teenager-hood I have been guided by outside forces and by notions of what I ought to do or what someone else might find acceptable, without really knowing what it is that is meaningful and fulfilling for me. In that process I have completely lost myself. Guided by the fear of not being enough, or not being acceptable, I have lost the ability to accept and know myself.

I'd like to have raised my GPA to at least a 3. Looking into graduate schools they all have one thing in common which is the 3.0 minimum GPA. I'd really like to end up in a good school, hoping it's public and do something great with my life. That's why I like to deal with kids since you can shape them a lot easier than older people. You make an impact, period. Also, I'd like to join some lab at school to help out and gain experience. I just need to make up my mind as to what I'd like to partake in. First step I have to do is to even look for one. So, taking initiative is something I'd like to have bettered at.

I would like to be more comfortable with myself, be a more outgoing person and to have the ability to adjust easier to new situations.

By this time next year, I would just really like to have a stable life. I want to be able to balance my friends, family, school work, social life, and sleep. I really want to have fun in college, but I don't want to overwhelm myself.

I would really like to have started to write. I think it will be part of a process to be at peace with myself and make changes in my life. Although I often mentally process what I would like to write and talk, I have always had difficulty committing my thoughts in writing and letting other people read them.

I'm 44 and haven't given up hope that I will find my real true right guy. It's every year's wish. I haven't been in a relationship in 2 years. I love my life and want it enhanced with a life partner.

The publication of the book on adults with challenging behaviors including self injury and aggression.

I would liek to have lost all the weight I need to. This is important to me because I want to be healthy and feel more energetic. I'm okay with how I look. I want to like a long, full life.

I would like to lose 20 more pounds to help improve my health. I'd also like to go back to school for my Master's degree to help further my career. And maybe I will have looked into mediation and possibly get more involved in politics.

I would like to feel that I am enough. To stop comparing myself to everyone else. To learn that I am beautiful, and smart, and funny. To know that there are people that love me. To inspire someone. To be inspired. And to live every day like its my last.

I want to lose 25 pounds. At this point, I have a terrible self-image of myself, and I wish to improve that greatly

Financial freedom. I will feel better abt myself and my ability to care for my family. I will feel lighter and be lighter.

I would like to sign another contract with my job. I'd also like to negotiate a fair salary with leave and other benefits. I'd also like to be engaged. Typing those words feels scary, but I think by then I'll be ready to start my life with another person.

I want to have either found a job that I love, find a man that I love, or live somewhere that I love. I'm young, but I havn't found my passions yet, I dont' know what exactly I want to do, I want to have some kind of focus this time next year. Life is too short not to do things that you love and live for.

I am starting to realize my internal genius is web development, and past & current clients are validating my work as something that is professional and worth charging for. This time next year my goal is to be more involved with designing a career for myself closely related to web work. Avenues for this could be a full-time sole proprietorship, applying for web-dev companies (like Room214), or launching a startup.

I want my BBYO region to be better and left changed for the best it can be.

More than anything I want to be on a clear path to my destiny. Right now I think that means going to Grad school, but a big part of my life and personality is being open to the universe and interesting opportunities/adventures.

I would like The VIntage Ladder to have a real commercial presence at some level, and not simply be a self-soothing crafting adventure. The Made in America and green recycling movement, plus crafting, create a perfect storm opportunity to grow and develop. But I need to have better business related plan, which in turn will hopefully lead me to a new payjob in two years.

I hope to have a greater sense of confidence in myself because I will have gotten through a year of full time work, full time grad school, and my wedding. Not just gotten through them but participated fully in them. Joyfully and painfully, whole-heartedly. I don't want to skate through the next year barely making it through. I want to feel every moment.

I want to finish my first book and start with my second. It is important for me, as I did not achieve this goal last year.

that I feel like a I am living my life authentically and to the fullest potential I can in that time span.

I have three different books that I've started to write. At least one of them should be finished (maybe even published!) by this time next year. Or I may find that once I stop outlining and really write, the simple act of writing things down will start to create its own reality, and a new and different story will emerge. It's an important step for me to overcome my fears and get my voice heard.

I want to be a more stable adult all around. Not having living paycheck to paycheck is the most important, followed by actually getting enough sleep. Sometimes I can barely think clearly due to sleep deprivation, and I do it to myself.

I'd love to exercise for the sake of the high- how it makes me feel afterwords, not just to burn calories. To go for a bike run just because its fun, or to go swimming because it makes me feel strong.

It's on the vain side, I'd like to be down to be pre-pregnancy weight (circa 2008) and very fit. This is important to me because (a) I have to keep up with three young boys and (b) I've found physical health yields emotional and mental health, especially in my case.

Ha. For the past three years, I've been wanting to finish my YA novel, I know Where The Zeppelins Are. I still want that. It's important to me because I want to get an agent and start a new book before I get too old. I would like to make my writing workshop, the Heroic Authors' Guild, into a business. Just to prove that it's possible. I want to go somewhere out of the country. I want to become lighter, not in my body or at least not just in my body, but stop owning so much stuff and be able to travel.

Physical fitness. I used to be very fit and since I work on a computer 10 hours a day, working out has taken a back seat. I must get back into the swing of things for my own self-esteem and certainly for my health. Joining the gym isn't enough - now I need to go!

I want to publish a children's book that I've been working on for years with a writing partner and dear friend. I just want to do it. The idea has been stirring for so long and we finally have it on paper in a form we are proud of and illustrations are coming and I just want it. And in the same vein, I want to make a short film of another story that has also been brewing in my mind for 7+ years---it's just time to make these things so I can move on to the next thing. Make and Do and make and do ---this is the motto for this coming year.

I would like to be at peace with my body. Regardless of weight. Too much of my mental time is taken up judging myself and others.

I'd like to become more involved in my community in the next year and I'd like to find a cause that I feel passionate about.

I would like to be an architect! Working in architecture, I feel like there is simply so much I don't know that I should. I know that in the process of studying for my exams, I will learn a lot, but I will still have so much to learn. However, I think I will feel that at least I have reached that base level of knowledge.

A full year at my first job! Well, obviously I don't want to get fired. But I also want to really integrate myself into the culture of the health center. I'd like to be involved in some kind of QI project. I want to find a good mentor. I hope to improve my Spanish fluency with more practice, and try to learn some Cape Verdean creole as well.

By this time next year I'd like to publish a short story. Just one. In a little diy zine is fine. In a glossy journal is better. But I'm not picky. Just one story. One foot in the door.

By this time next year, i would like to be Regional N'siah. This is an important thing to me because i am so passionate about BBG and i feel like i can truly make a difference in the region. I feel like i have the potential to help so many people and the power to do so as well.

The next year is going to be all about caring for my new baby. The things I want to work on include finances, expanding my relationship with my husband to include our new roles as parents, my own identity as a mother, and my physical recovery from pregnancy and birth, especially around starting to run again. I don't know that I'll necessarily feel fully comfortable with the changes in any of those in a year, but I want to feel like I've made progress in all of them.

Crecer fisicamente y mejorar todas mis habilidades en ese aspecto.

I want to have a deeper understanding of myself, who I am, and what I'm doing, should be doing, and want to be doing. I feel the need to get in touch with myself and to trim my daily activities to a level that allows me much more time to read and especially write freely.

Be on the road to starting a family

The most important achievement that I could ever have in my life would be excelling in my most important work, that of being a Mom. I have done other work that I have been passionate about, but none as holy and important as that. I'd like to do it better. I'd like to have more patience, and to just not lose it. I want to enjoy him more, I enjoy him immensely, but I want to enjoy him even in the most stressful moments, even when I'm running late and he's misbehaving. I want to be a constant solid rock of absolute unconditional love for him. I want to speak sweetly to him and just be angry a lot less.

I want to stop embarrassing myself so much. I know this seems like such a ridiculous answer, who wouldn't want to remove all embarrassing moments from their lives? However, embarrassment means I care what other think. I want to stop that. I shouldn't care what they think, they forget about it quicker than I do. I won't even see these people again.

Build a body of artwork that could be shown in a gallery.

Happiness. Just being happy with everything that I have, and stop looking at what I don't. A bit of a cliché... but I believe that it's what I lack. I want to be a happier person, a better, kinder person.

I need to tell my best friend from childhood that I no longer believe in god. I don't want to hurt her, but I need to be myself.

I want to have a job and hopefully things will work out with my husband. I pray and hope for this

Be completely finished remodeling my kids bathroom having returned from a successful cross-country trip with my family.

My first thought was a publication, something that would be an external validation of myself working toward independence. Upon further thought however, the more important thing would be that I find a sense of balance in my life, between work and everything else anid that I make sure that there is a sense of enjoyment in my work. I hope that as I relearn to love my life I will recover my strong, confident, empowered self that grad school seems to have eaten.

Travel abroad or nationally to teach. I believe I have a lot to offer the world. It's time I start believing in my gifts. Or Be in a training program that will enliven my teaching. Or Be dancing for a choreographer I respect. These are my dreams!

I'd like to be in school, on my way to getting my Bachelor degree and getting my life back on track. Also, I'd like to have a novel finished and edited to a publishable (or nearly) publishable state.

I'd like to have my website up and running, with a huge following, advertising and clients! I've always wanted to have my own site and I think I'll do a bang up job. It'd be nice to finally see one of my passion projects come to life.

I want to lose a lot of weight. It's always been a goal I've had, but never actually worked for. I hate to say it, but it wasn't until I realized that I wanted to 'get sexy for my girlfriend's sake' that I really decided to put in a serious effort.

To find balance and harmony with a new baby in the house. It will be a huge shift that we may not be prepared for, but I know that we are the right parenting team to achieve a peace of sorts with 2 kids. I want to feel that the choice to have another child was the right one and finding balance for all of us will tell me it was. And to breastfeed for at least 6 months!

I hope to be writing my thesis by this time next year, to have a lead on a position and a direction to move in. I'd truly like to join industry, whether in publishing, development, engineering, I don't know, but I have no dreams of a post-doc & tenure track position. I plan to still be doing yoga; I may not keep teaching it as my research pushes forward, but the practice has been wonderful for me. I will always dance. I will always laugh. And I will endeavor to remember I am beautiful.

I would like to make closer connections with the people that I meet. I have gotten better at looking people in the eyes when I walk past them, but I want to learn how to make small talk, compliment, and create nurturing connections with the people that I meet in passing and in my everyday environment. To my future self: I hope you got closer to the people around you. I hope you learned to love, maybe, too.

I would like to have written much more- songs and writing for publication on blogs and websites. I hope I am writing every day. I hope to be a better performer by losing and keeping off thirty pounds by this time next year. I hope to have a healthier active lifestyle. It is important because I want to live to the best of my ability- and it is all a spiritual, mental and physical process. I would also like to have atleast 500 dollars in my savings and have a firm grip on my finances.

By this time next year, I would like to be in or have had a serious relationship. I feel most relaxed and happy when I have a girlfriend to talk to and cuddle with and be intimate with, and I think my psyche has really suffered by being single for the past two years. I can only handle so much unrequited love.

I would like to be in a school I'm happy with. And doing what I want to be doing. I know that sounds lame, but I'd love to be able to be in a kitchen making food for people. And I'd like to be living with people I want to live with, even if I'm at a different school. I love my roommates now, but I just wanted to be off campus. I'd also like a pet. Dog of course. All of these are important to me because they are major life choices. Like, a pet, school, living. It's all big things, and it's like you want to choose what you want to choose to be happy. And that's all I want is to be truly happy.

I would like to have at least 3 new close friends in London. This is important because I've spend the last 3 years here trying to make myself a part of my ex-partner's group of friends. While this was a sucessful effort, now that we are no longer together I need to increase my own circle.

I'd like to have garden and finish my Phd. I know that's two but one is leftover from last year. It'll make me feel like a completer-finisher who can relax in a hammock and maybe grow some vegetables. I realise that's probably four things now.

I'd like to be able to believe in the dream of sharing a life with someone again. After going through a major breakup after 6 years with my ex, I find myself with a really great guy who wants to be with me and wants to build a life with me. I've gone down this road before so it's not a new concept for me like it is for him. I don't know if he's ever experienced true emotional intimacy before - he's learned to live by himself and be ok being shut down emotionally. I'm not that way (at all) so it's hard for me to see if we will be compatible sharing a life. I'm so scared of letting myself believe in the possibility, only to find out that it wasn't what I thought. But I know that if I don't open myself up to possibility, I may very well destroy something that is truly special.

I need to pass my exams in college, and i must be in Aarhus and in University by this time next year. If that's not happened, you've screwed up, badly, Lasse.

This is a tough one. I struggle with my desire to be promoted to “full professor.” Is this ego? Is this a goal that can prompt the good work which earns me such standing? And how hard do I want to work on this compared to being a good husband, and brother, son and friend? I need to keep thinking on this one. A more soulful goal is for Renee, Mario and I to take a major trip – to enjoy ourselves, to do something new, to fit with my yen for travel and excitement.

The things that are most important to me are things that I can't achieve--at least like passing the finish line. I want to be a better mother to my children, a better wife, a better teacher, a better housekeeper, a better friend. I can take steps toward these goals, but it's unlikely that I'm going to pass this finish line any time soon. Still, what's important to me is that I live with authenticity, integrity, honesty, kindness, compassion, courage; I will be a better mother, wife, friend, teacher, housekeeper if I live with these attributes. I can daily hold a mirror up to myself and become more of the person I want to be.

I would like to get back into a creative routine. I have put this aside for far too long and it was such an integral part of my life years ago.

Spiritual depth, daily spiritual practice, and spiritual knowledge. I have for some time struggled with work life balance. But I think the struggle is loss of a spiritual connection, not a discipline.

By this time next year, I want to have a zero balance on all creidt cards and and money actively going into savings accounts.

I'd like to have established a permanent residence with Nancy - my love. We are together, but not yet in our own place. It is something that I look forward to with great excitement and anticipation!

I can never be satisfied with just one. It has to be more. Not from overachievement, but from a fear of not being able to achieve even one thing, so I want to give myself more opportunities for success...or maybe its sabotage and its really failures I'm looking to justify for my lack of personal progress. I hope not. Get the leadership job I've been aching for- a job within my community (with the JC or local Councilman's office) which will ease the tension in my relationship which has until now been quelled by "trying" and is no longer enough for me personally. I need a sense of my fulfillment to come through working for the improvement of those around me as well as myself. Yes, it's also an ego job... but one that puts others before myself and wouldn't be considered co-dependent if I'm finally getting paid for it. I'd also like to finally achieve booking a great acting gig... they say, " everyone has their time" --well, my G-d, mine is long overdue..isn't it G-d?

I would like to have started saving for a house down payment with my husband. Once we get over the financial hurdle that was our wedding and he gets a better job, we will be able to work towards our future home.

Writing and moving forward on my legacy as a thoughtful observer of what is. If I don't do this I am condemning myself to oblivion.

I would like to have a legitimate savings account. I always set one up and then use it when I spend irresponsibly. This needs to stop if I ever want to move forward with my lifestyle.

By this time next year, I want to have my apartment clean and clear and uncluttered, with good working spaces for art, cooking, exercise, friends' visits, and playing with the cats. I know my living-space has always mirrored the overall state of my life, so this is crucial.

I guess next year is the moment of truth in the sense of finally moving back to Brazil, after being abroad for 10 years. I am sooooo scared its not even funny, but I hope to have a job and be settled in a new apartment in Rio by this time next year. Its important to me because its what I originally left Brazil to prepare myself for, for this move back. To get the necessary tools to come back and help my country. Though I am scared my adventures will come to a brusk stop for a while. I'm scared.

Pay down debt. Gotta get my spending under control. I still spend tons of money and really have no idea where it all goes.

Make my own art again. Because when I found the time and courage to create my own work, I was both challenged and thrilled in a way never equaled since.

I'd like to be in a serious relationship that is leading to marriage. It's important to me, because I'm ready to be in a relationship, and am ready to move on from the single part of my life. I'm looking forward to starting a family

i can't wait, can't wait to get my body back. I want to be the best athlete i've ever been over the next year. i want to be a spin instructor by next year and working at a gym.

I want to have the courage and vigor to have lost weight - well on my way to my goal of 170 lbs. I also want to have a new skill set of ways to deal with myself mentally. I want to be in anxiety "remission", I want to be a little less depressed, and I want to have tricks to control my adhd. I want to have most of my wedding figured out. I want a lot of things. There are a lot of things to fix.

To be Jewish. It's time.

Lose weight, not drastically but steadily over the course of the year. To do this I need to change my lifestyle, which is gradually happening. It is something that I have wanted to do for years. I think now I am at the right stage of my life to realistically achieve it.

This time next year, hopefully I'll be on the way to choosing my college. hopefully. I hope I can choose a school that will help me grow. Whether I have to travel 2 miles, 20 miles, 200 miles or two thousand. I shouldn't be choosing a college just because someone tells me too. I should be choosing one that is perfect for me. I hope I can stay true to myself. This time next year, I'd like to be a more confident person. I hope I can mantain my friend group, and stay happy.

My major goal is to double my income and to have enough $ to take my wife on a European vacation. I also need to start saving for my retirement again. I want to end this feeling of insecurity about paying my bills and our financial future and make my wife feel more positive about the future.

I have actually met so many of my goals in the last year, that I don't have any particular goals for the next. I plan to continue with the progress I've made, with work and with study. But I'm also very much aware that because of my mother's illness, any plans I make may be derailed at any moment. That has to be my first priority.

I want to truly learn how to leave work at work and focus my attention and love back to my husband when I'm at home. This year has been one of significant change and I feel we've lost our connection.

Leaving my parents house. In general, just changing status and continuing what started this year. Movement and Stability. I chose leaving my parents house over getting married, maybe this is wrong, but I wish these two will happen together and soon. I would like, most of all to gain independence which I see as an important step for co-dependance which is marriage.

I would like to have learned valuable clinical skills and have continued to narrow down my desired career goals. I will be on rotations for pharmacy school, and my future career means a lot to me, as I wish to love what I do and help others.

I want to create a real habit of taking better care of my health through 1) Mindful eating 2) Exercise - aerobic 3) Strength training and stretching 4) Mind strengthening through meditation and spiritual reflection I want to do this as I hope to live a long and healthy life and paying more attention to these things is the best way I can get there.

By this time next year, I WILL have a job that I love and work at an organization at which I feel valued! I am setting this intention for myself and am committed to believing that by focusing week to week on the positive steps I have taken and can take to realize this goal, I will! I believe that work (whether paid or unpaid, at home or in a workplace) is one of the ways that we realize and contribute our unique gifts to the world. I know that I have a meaningful contribution to make to the world and want to be in a position that makes me feel that I am doing so (at least most of the time). I want that fire in my belly that comes from loving what you do and knowing that what you do matters.

I want to reeastablish a fitness routine that helps me feel good about myself, do the things I like to do, and hold of age-related decline. My father's declining health, his admonitions about taking care of oneself, and the example he has set in his life help me in this resolution. Secondarily, I'd like to be proficient in my new job and to have expanded my responsibilities.

I've recently been thinking about a career goal for the future- to one day open a cafe that sells food that people with food intolerances (lactose, gluten, fructose, polyols etc) can actually eat. The idea has totally inspired me and I'm really dedicated to the notion of turning this idea into reality. While I have no clue what the future holds, I hope by this time next year I have succeeded in doing more research, training or study, sourcing recipes etc to progress further with the concept. Perhaps also made contacts with people who will support me. Fingers crossed!

Finish my book. Death is getting closer.

Become more financially stable, and have a solid, feasible 3 year plan of how to take the next steps for my boyfriend and I to be successful in the future.

Self happiness. I would like to be able 2 sit at peace and feel calm inside of myself. This is very important 2 me b/c it will help me be less dependent of other people and to help myself and not always be in creis

Next year, I want to know where I'm going with my life, whether I want to go to grad school or law school... I dislike being in limbo about my future. I would also like my current relationship to either become more permanent, or end, because I alternate between insecurity and happiness. I would like to be healthier and find a way to deal with the illness I was recently diagnosed with.


I want to move into a nice apartment because then I will be free and I will have a base from which to help my friends and love them and give them warmth and make them nice things, and I will be living in a better community where I can be more help to my church and neighbourhood and city.

By this time next year, I hope to have completed my plans for grad school and graduation. I need to get everything done and since I only have two semesters left, this time next year should be creeping up on graduation for my very first college degree.

I hope to have a lot more knowledge about public health. It is important to me to be a better public health practitioner because I think it is important to contribute to the world. I can either scoot through school doing the bare minimum or really learn the material. I hope I continue to be thankful for my opportunity to learn at a great institution and make the most of my year.

I absolutely positively must be healthier, and that means losing a considerable amount of weight. There is so much I still want to do with my life and so much I want to live to enjoy.

To look at how much of my life is being driven by fear and to start dealing with the individual fears. It's about taking responsibility for myself and not allowing others (either internal or external) make my decisions for me.

I'd like to start my new chapter/be on regional board by this time next year. This is important to me because BBYO is one of the most important parts of my life and I want to go as far as it that I can.

To be published? To be well known? To be seen as an expert? Fudgit. I am not good at this goal-setting stuff. I want to be anchored spiritually and religiously. I am tired of being buffeted by other people's views of what is right and wrong.

I would like to complete my kitchen renovation. I love cooking and would like to have my perfect kitchen - at the moment all the doors are starting to fall off my kitchen cupboards and the appliances are very old and difficult to clean. Not a great ambitionn in the scheme of things, but my one current desire.

Figure out my path. Or as Kanon San told me, find my own field to plow instead of plowing others' fields. I love to sing, but do I want to be super famous? No. I love working with others but do I want to be a backing vocalist forever? No. So what do I want to do? I need a purpose and a path. Coming to Japan brought me closer to that purpose but I still feel unfulfilled.

I want a boyfriend. I need someone who can stay with me without leaving because i'm "too much work." If you truly loved me, which i guess is what has always been the problem, you would be able to handle me no matter what. They are going to be days where I'm not sure what I'm doing with my life, and I'm gonna need someone to support me.

I'd like to have some idea of what I'm doing about retiring-when, how, what, things like that. It's important to me because I don't want to "waste" the opportunity to recreate myself.

October 2012. What would I like to achieve. Good question. I feel like I am on the path--a path--and I would like to still be on it next year at this time. It is a path of BE HERE NOW. It is being fully alive and awake. Is that an achievement? Am I supposed to think of an END result to write about here? I would like to have finished my final project and have a Certificate in Botanical Art. I would like to have finished revising my book and have a contract to get it published. I would like to be happy and healthy and awake. I think the why is this important question has to do with just feeling like I would like to have something concrete to show for all my time here on earth, especially since retirement.

Peace in the home with my partner. I cannot recreate my first marriage and the foundation that took 20 years of growth but I hope we can find out way in this relationship and compromise in our desires and needs in such a way to find a peaceful loving relationship.

I want to achieve an healthy body and a good relationship with my boyfriend

I'd like to have the pilot of a TV show I've been working on for the past year written and, ideally, in production. Its importance is kind of simple, and, I suppose, cliche - making a living as a writer has been a goal for as long as I can remember. At 40 years of age, now is the time that this needs to happen.

I'd like to be at peace with motherhood. Whether this means letting go of a traditional notion of what it means to nurture others, further nurturing the relationship I have with children—Stella in particular—already, or finding the path that will lead me toward biologically mothering.

I hope to continually challenge myself and force myself to try new things. I recently decided I was going to expand my comfort zone, so I took a History class, joined the Barefoot Monkeys circus troupe, and auditioned for a play. I have never been so excited.

Only one? Last year I would have said "Lose weight", but I seemed to have figured that one out with hCG. By next year I will be financially independent. My definition of that is that I have no debt, I am earning enough to pay for what I need without getting into debt, and that I have enough left over to do extra with - travel, help others, whatever. This is important because it has not been so for me for a long time. Since I bought my house I've always been in some sort of debt (I am NOT talking about my mortgage). Prior to living in my house I lived with family and earned very little. But since expenses were low I had very little or no debt. Financial independence would mean none of the restrictions I feel because of my debt load. It would mean I could travel to visit my family in Israel. It would mean being able to help friends and others easily when they need it. It would also enable me to get to the next stage that of residual income, a constant stream of income coming in so that I can really make a difference, in my life, the lives of my friends and family and for many others as well.

I want to achieve control over the physical needs of my life...work schedule and demands, diet, exercise and alcohol consumption, all of which are out of control.

I want to travel to Northern European countries such as Switzerland, Austria, Belgium, Sweden, Norway, Netherlands, and maybe return to Scotland and London on the way by the summer of 2012. My goal is to cover as many N. European countries during summer as possible, given the time, finances, and weather, without over doing it or trying to cram too many places into a short period of time. I like to savor each new culture. If I spend a month traveling I can explore at least 3-4 countries, maybe 8 cities. That's enough time to get a good taste of the culture and environment and still make the best use of the time, energy, and money it takes to get there. I choose N. Europe because summer is the only time I can do this and I want to avoid the hot weather of the south. However, my ultimate goal is to experience Italy, Greece, and Spain as well. These adventures have become extremely important because cancer made it clear to me that I don't have all the time in the world to fulfill such dreams. I buried this dream for too many years. Fulfilling it now is like smiling in the face of the grim reaper. It has given me something to hold on to, something to live for, something to get excited and passionate about. I absolutely LOVE everything about traveling, experiencing new cultures, troubleshooting and problem solving new challenges on the fly. I am also feeling a real connection now to the history of Western Civilization and Literature when experiencing it for myself, rather than reading about it in a book or looking at the great works of art and architecture in pictures. I want to feel, taste, hear, smell, see it for myself. YEAH!

Settin up my enterprise, my skate label. Cause is a goal that I have workin many years ago...

My M.Ed. degree :D and either a job or a scholarship. It's important because it is really important :p

I'd like to be able to say "I am a writer." because I feel like one. That means I make time to write every day because it is my job to write. So I want to achieve making writing my job.

By this time next year, I'd like to have a better idea of what I want for my future. While experimentation and learning by trying is all well and good, as I begin to apply and choose colleges I need to be able to tell an admissions officer what major I'm interested in pursuing. I'm afraid I have no true academic passion, and it's important that I disprove myself before it's too late.

I'd like to start adding to my resume and starting to advance myself in the professional world. It's my junior year of college, and I'm really want to put myself out there.

I would honestly like to loose weight. I kow that's what everyone says every year; me being one of them. I really think if i try and actually stick with it, I can be successful!

By this time next year, I'd like to be more established as a writer and art critic in the Bay Area. This will require a lot of work in the coming year, but, presuming that I gamely shoulder the effort, I see no reason why I shouldn't experience success. Importantly, I expect to be getting paid for my writing and editing. Now that I'm making the choice to focus on writing as my primary creative outlet and vocation, I desire positive reinforcement. This feedback will propel me to push myself further, and to take more risks. No less significant is my wish to become financially independent, to NOT have to work part-time administrative jobs to supplement my meagre income from writing and art sales. As I approach marriage, the prospect of family is very real, and I want to be able to contribute to my family's income and well-being.

By this time next year, I'd like to have my school year and summertime programming figured out and in place for Iocari.

I would like to reach Site Manager level, at GPM, F&J, or anywhere really. And I'd like to have those plane tickets bought and be on the countdown to the move.

I'd like to become financially solvent again - not necessarily materially wealthy, but enough to do okay for myself and to repay my family monetarily for what they have given/loaned me. Above that, I want to give more of myself to long neglected friends, long neglected passions and long postponed interests. I'd also like to regain my health so that i can be more active and enthusiastic about going and doing with my family and friends. I've gotten waaay too lazy with my infirmities as an excuse. I've got at least 20 good years ahead of me and I don't want to spend them wistfully.

I want to be financially independent and getting extras for just being the lovely me that I am. I want to be in a fulfilling relationship. If things progress with my new affair, I want that to be more solidified from a security stand point. I want to be out of my house in an apartment and independent. I want to not have to wonder how I will pay my bills or the unexpected ever again. I will have great abundance in my life in every way. I want the luxury things back and I want the man of my life to lavish me with those things and love doing it. This is all important to me because I have come so far. I am at a place of such peace and I want to rebuild this part of my life with the help of a partner and I know it is all within reach. I will have all of these things as I believe I am really ready to receive them all and appreciate them all as the gifts from God that they are.

Celebrating V being CANCER FREE by this time next year .... Oct 2012; bring on the chemo, and what have you - she's strong as they come, with an incredible support system of Love, and SHE WILL SURVIVE THIS (again)!!!!!! It's important to me because without V in my life, the sun just wouldn't shine as brightly, the birds wouldn't sing as sweetly, Life just wouldn't be as fun, anymore ........

By this time this year, I would like to have fully determined the Xv4 gene and done some more experiments on it. I want to at least be writing a paper, and maybe my thesis. If I've already submitted or published, that would be even better!

My work - I need to have achieved greater respect and resources in my current job or get a new one. I need to evolve my career. The other thing is to get my relationship moving in one way or another. I've been stagnating too long.

I would like my B2A program to succeed. I want it to succeed because the partnership between Baltimore and Ashkelon is very important to me, and close to my heart. I also wrote the entire proposal for the program. If the proposal passes, it will be a huge ego boost for me, and will help show me that I can do big things and succeed. This is something that I haven't completely done yet, and if I succeed at this, then I will know that I can be a leader and be successful on a larger scale.

D. college debt paid! Our downstairs in redone - painted and a comfortable space to be in and to have groups and mini services.

I hope to make some great new friends in college that could potentially be life-long friends. I really want to make a strong connection with at least one student and become best friends.

finish das manuscript. It has been in the works for YEARS it is time to bring it to closure/ fruition

Move out of my mom's house, simple as that. Although it's customary in my family to live with your parents until you're married and have a job, this is America, dammit! I'm 25 years old and I think that's old enough to be out on your own. So how am I going to achieve this? By hopefully getting into grad school far away from here!

By this time next year I'd like to have done well in my year at school. I am working hard now and intend to do so the rest of the year. I also want to continue on my path of weight loss and reach my goal weight in the next year.

A promotion or a new job. It's important because I want to make progress and move forward in my career.

to figure this whole adulthood thing out

Forgiveness. To myself, mostly. I need to stop living in the past and thinking about what I could have done differently. I never thought rock bottom would be one of my goals, but it is. I'm not there quite yet, but I will be soon, and the reason I want it is that things can only get better from there. I need that.

my medical postgraduation every 3 yrs...... and inviting my hubby to a spa..... and knowing my mother's big disease won't come back.

I am not really sure. I see myself having a relationship again with a significant other. I think I have been drifting on the waves, being tossed to and fro, without an anchor. And, yet I am afraid of what implications such a commitment might have on my freedom. Maybe, I should be halfway done with my M.A. Ed. thesis by this time next year.

This time next year I will be married with a wonderful stepson and working on adding to my family. I have wanted a family and children of my own for over six years and now can finanlly start to do that.

Par down physical possessions and par down unnecessary activities

I want to get back in the habit of writing every day. When I rose early and wrote for 45 minutes to an hour, I used that time to focus and reflect. I felt more connected and more assured of who I am and what I want. I also want to take some drawing or painting classes to help strengthen my creative self.

I am torn between focusing on become more physically fit and creating more art -- and I realize they work together. I want to be more physically fit so I can hike more at higher elevations. I want to create more art because it frees my soul.

Weight control - not just loss - but control. It's a never ending battle for many, and I want to take the steps to be healthy for the rest of my life. To teach my children (whenever we get there) how to live healthy by example.

Having a long healthy relationship. I need stabilization

I hope that my book will be on its way to being published. I realize there's a good chance it won't be published yet, but I hope I'll have a contract and will have final edits well under way, if not complete. If I manage to publish it, I can breathe easier about tenure and my academic career. I also realize, though, that it would not be the end of the stress I feel on a daily basis about my productivity and ability to balance everything I am trying to achieve. Hopefully, though, it will help me trust my own abilities as an academic.

I would like to have a new career shaping up by this time next year. It's important to me because my business partner has moved to a more powerful chemo treatment, and she will have less energy to devote to our business. After many years of coasting on our reputation and contacts it is time for me to reenergize my working life. I want to build something new, not try to curate what has already been achieved. This past year was about getting rid of the weight bearing down on my shoulders. Next year is time to move forward, lightened and energized.

I'd like to lose weight! Dammit, I would like to get to 185 by a year from now. It's important because my health is affected in the form of moderately high blood pressure and cholesterol. Heck, I'm 46, I want to live longer...not to mention, fit into a bunch of cool clothes I haven't been able to wear.

I hope to be able to communicate clearly with my husband. I would like to be able to say what I am thinking but do it kindly and honestly.

This is actually one of the easier questions. I'd like to have my degree. By the time 10Q rolls around next year I should have even had my graduation ceremony.

I'd like to have graduated. And written a kick-ass Senior Thesis, one that I can look back on and smile at. I'd like to have had an epic oral. I'd like to have gotten a grip by this point on the aliyah paperwork, so that shortly after reading this, I can move to Israel, beautiful bound Senior Essay in hand.

I'd like to find work/health/home/love balance. I'd like to stop battling this weight issue, spend more time in Dallas, connect to a synagogue again and take a class or two. I'd like to get to Boston more often to be with my family.

I would like to achieve satisfaction at work. I'm not sure how that will happen but I am going to aim for that. It's important because I spend too much time at work - and away from Lila - to not be satisfied.

I would like to have my website up and running and possibly generating some income. It has been a large focus of my attention in the last year and it is something that I NEED to see launched.

I have been working on it for a while, but I want to be in a new place with a fella to love. This year I know I don't just want to fall in love though, but to stay in it! My wish came too literally true...I want my job to be fulfilling and leading me towards something meaningful. I want to still be working out and still be healthy and probably drinking less. The one thing I guess is to maintain this happiness. Stay stable! You can do it!

This time next year, I will be able to fully utilise every single minute of my day doing something useful and beneficial to my goals, dreams, self and family. St Paul describes a marathon runner who is fully occupied in preparing himself for the race; I shall be that man. I feel that procrastination has cost me so much in lost time, resources and opportunity, I shall lose no more in pursuit of my goals.

By this time next year I want to be closing in on an 100-pound weight loss. I undertook this journey that seemed just impossible about a year ago and have learned a lot (and lost 30 pounds) since then. I am tired of being unhappy with how I look and feel, and I am tired of being afraid of what my excess weight is doing to my body. I've started this journey; now I'm committing to it.

I'd like to gain more confidence in myself, increase my sense of self-worth. I've been 'hiding' away from any personal, romantic relationship since my daughter was a toddler because of the emotional damage done by divorce. I've chosen to remain a celibate, single parent for the past 15 years. I've done a good job raising her on my own, but I'm lonely for companionship and the love of a good man. You could say I have some trust issues that have prevented me from moving on... However, she is going off to college in two years and I'd like someone else to help fill the empty space she'll leave when she 'starts her own life'. I'm ready to start my own! I'd like a love whom I can trust and depend on to respect and cherish me, because a part of me knows I'm sooo worth it! But I hope to find the courage to take a chance and go out there and live again. I want that kind of adult happiness that's been missing in my life for so long.

financial independance, im tired of relying on others

I'd like to lose this weight!!!! I'm so tired of being held captive by food and eating to relax! I want to get back to my pre-pre-birth weight. I know I can do it!

Two things actually: 1. I would like to be married this time next year; 2. I would like to be content in whatever career path I have chosen and feel as though I am moving in the right direction.

I would like to be accepted into a Dental Hygiene program either at MSU or in Duluth....or wherever I can get in. This is the first time I've faced potential failure, and it couldn't have come at a more important time as I'm trying to figure my life out and settle down. My wild seeds have been sown and I'd like to move into the next chapter of my life.

Ridiculously I like the object of my effections realise how amazing we could be together.

Moving to a new place! Which is in progress, so it doesn't really count. I'll say doing more writing is what I'd like to achieve by next year - putting all my random writing together into either articles that I submit to magazines, or even into a book.

I'd like to know what's my mission in this world, I mean, really to understand myself, why I am doing this or that things and so on. It may seem a bit rediculous, but I'd also like to have a boyfriend. Someone with whom I won't be afraid to talk about my feelings, fears, thoughts.

I would really like to have all my credit cards paid off, but that is probably more than a year off. I think by next year I would like to feel settled in my job. Whether I am still at Dominion or someplace else, I want it to feel like I am going to work at a place and in a position where I belong.

I would like to have more financial stability in my life, I think it will ease tension in my household and allow us to live better.

I'd like to return to Baltimore with my familly. I'd like to achieve shalom Bayit and grow with my wife. I'd like to be successful in my new real estate career.

With a wedding on the way, I would also like to be a father-to-be by this time next year. I've always wanted to start a family and now I've found someone with whom I think I would be happy with.

I want to have started my first semester of grad school. This is important to me because I need to continue achieving my dreams and goals despite having outside influences that don't exactly match up to those dreams and goals. My fiancé's father to be precise. I'm moving in with my fiancé after I graduate undergrad, and he has been pressuring me to begin looking for work. But I feel like I need to stay in school and keep doing what I want to do: learn and absorb. In time I will find a job that suits me, but more education is what I truly want.

What I'd most like to achieve by this time next year,(hopefully sooner) is a clean functional garage with the two craft rooms in operation. I've made a small start. It's such an icky task, this cleaning out. I'm trying to focus on the excitement of planning and designing the rooms and their successful completion. It will be a place for my quiolting guild to meet and the formation perhaps of a pottery guild.

I'd like to have a new job. I've been at my current job for over three years and I feel like I've got to figure out what's next. I'd also like to publish some of my writing.

I'd like to have a relationship last more than a few months. I do think that part of my problem is not having met the right person, but I also know that I have a tendency to run the minute it's not fun anymore.

I would like to have a plan in place to further my career/education. I had applied to my school of choice and was rejected, and I let it throw me off course. I know some things can't be planned, but know that I need units to move up on the pay scale and want to be ready for whatever opportunities come my way. How I'll juggle that with the potential of a new baby, I don't know, but I'll figure it out!!!

I want to be a kinder, gentler and more spiritual person. Somewhere along the line of working my butt off in a high powered job and trying to do a good job raising my children, I lost sight of the softer and more empathetic side of myself. I've become a tough cookie and I need to get back in touch with the mushy and sensitive side.

I want to make the choices that will give me the best, free-est summer of my life. And I hope to make a good choice about where to continue school. The most important thing to me is to be true to myself and the limitations and perfectionism I'm stuck in now don't allow that. I'm ready to start living more.

I would like to have graduated by this time next year. Although I no longer feel intense shame at taking an extra year at college, that is all I want to take. I need to begin my adult life and move away from my traditional education.

Next year I would like to be able to find a good balance between my school and social life. With this being said, I don't want to have to sacrifice anything. I know that I can keep my grades up and be involved while still being able to go out and enjoy my high school years.

I want to be in a meaningful relationship. I know that I'm happy alone, but I also know that I will even happier with a special someone. In general I'm very happy to make other people happy.

make art. Have a creative life outside of my house.

I'd like to be able to see the benefits of therapy. This is important to me because it will have meant that I have stuck through it and not quit. I want to have experience therapy positively and grown because of this.

I'd like to get paid to write, or at least have my works published in some form of print media (other than the Baum Bugle). I've been working toward recognition of my writing skills all year, and have spent more and more time coming up with articles and reviews. I think next year, I need to step it up and begin to submit articles and see what happens. The worst is that nothing happens, and I honestly wouldn't care that much. But the best, is that I begin a new source of income and make a name for myself.

I'd like to find the "middle" more, particularly with trying to strike a work/life balance. It's so important - I'm often so intensely invested in achieving, I miss the life around me - including the enjoyment. What a waste.

1. a consistent peace and strength of mind via spiritual connection... to stay on my life track... proceeding 90% of the time knowing i matter and am needed. 2. a peaceful, clear beautiful home i share consistently with people and animals through deep and loving aliveness. 3. a meaningful purposeful job helping those through dying and death.... to live and die well. important: so i can do what i am here to do this life. so i can give and use my suffering for the good of others. (rather than keeping it to myself and turning it against myself) next year: children of my own??

I need to be happy with my job and what I am doing on a day-to-day basis. I can't fully give myself to my family, boyfriend and friends until I am satisfied with my place in this world.

Another one I say every year: Financial stability. Maybe it'll be in the form of full-time employment; maybe it'll be a Genius Grant. (Hey, MacArthur Foundation, it's an investment in future awesomeness!) Maybe I'll dash off a screenplay and get lucky. I'm not counting on any of it, of course. It's been so long since I didn't have to worry about money that I've almost forgotten what it's like. I'd like to have taken an honest-to-goodness vacation. It's been an awfully long time since I had one of those. I'd like to be in that MLIS program. It's time. I'd like to have found someone who makes me not want to be single. Or at least someone who's worth opening up to without the nagging suspicion that I shouldn't be. (This is not a top priority.) I'd like to keep flexing my comedy muscles. It was delightful to find out that they hadn't atrophied, but I need to make sure that I keep stomping around, making with the funny. It's just part of who I am, and it's more fun to do it in front of a lot of people.

By this time next year I'll be well on my way to teaching my new son everything I know. And (I hope) having him teach me everything he knows.

I would like to be in a playful, supportive and fantabulous relationship. This is important to me because I deeply want to experience life in partnership, and the growth and challenge and reward that will come from that.

Oh....By this time next I want to have established the 3 Amigos well and truly. Funded and all. And I want to have made the first big steps in the SteinerOz project. And I want to have lost 15 kilos and be healthy.

Move to New York City and start a new job. I've been living in Maryland for 5+ years and thought I'd be here forever because I was getting married. Then I canceled my wedding and re-realized how much I hate living in Maryland. It's not where I'm from and I don't feel like I belong here. I have a very strong "calling," or whatever you'd like to call it, to move to New York. I'm not saying it's going to solve my problems (hardly), but it will be the fresh start I'm desperately craving and push me out of my comfort zone again.

Most importantly, I'd like to have a better sense of where I want to be in the coming years. I'll have graduated from college by then, hopefully have a job (or something similar to it), and hopefully have answered many of the questions I am trying to resolve as we speak. I don't need a long-term plan (because man plans and God laughs), but just a solid idea for the time-being would be nice. I'd like to have some sense of direction, even if I know that direction will eventually change someday. Of course, I am also aware that what happens to me in this life is 50% luck/chance, so I won't beat myself up so much if I'm not sure what I'm doing at this time next year. As long as I've done my best with what I've been given, I'll be satisfied. This is my wish for every new year.

I would like to enlarge the chapter at least by half. This is important to me because i love Nesichot BBG with my heart and soul and soon I will have no choice but to give LIFE because college will call. And I want to see this chapter go on for years so I can even come back to see how it has turned out to be and what it has become. And there is no doubt in my mind that this can be achieved.

I'd like to get more than 4 hours sleep at a time. :) Because then I'll know my daughter is sleeping well, and well, I'll be sleeping well.

I want to take my company to the next level from its infancy. I want to sell a reliable product to customers who really need them. I want to have a streamlined income from the company, for me to fulfill the long due expectations of my parents. With sufficient money in hand, I could keep my wife and parents happy and do them whatever they want.

Starting back to work after childbirth. It's important to me that I re-establish an identity beyond "J's mom" and not connected to the non-profit I founded and recently left. It's also important to me to contribute financially to the household, because I've always prided myself on financial independence and it feels bad to be "taken care of" even as I know I am contributing a great deal by taking care of our child. To start with, I'd like to bring in at least as much as we are now paying for my health care. Other options: 2nd pregnancy successful integration of dogs and baby refinance home deal with grading (landscaping) finally

By this time next year I would like to have my CMA designation. This will mark the end of my formal post secondary education (although I may decide to do more, who knows) and open so many different job opportunities. And bonus, I'll get to start putting letters after my name :)

...I have no goals. Don't get pregnant.

I would like to have gotten to my goal weight. It is important because I started Weight Watchers after my birthday and in the past month have not followed the plan, but I need to.

I'd like to be in a relationship. I've never been in love and I'd like to be close to it.

I'd like to be settled and happily married. I will be getting married in the spring and by next fall hopefully we will be set in our home making a new life together.

I just want to be happy with where I am.

I want to get back in touch with my inner child. I want to learn how to "play" again. I want to temper my serious, responsible nature with more fun and laughter. It is important to me because I want very much to create wonderful memories for my children to carry into adulthood so that my legacy is not just that of making sure they are handling their chores and responsibilities.

By this time next year, I hope I will be entering my last year for my bachelor's degree. If money begins to grow on trees, I hope to have my own car and place to live.

I would like to have something (academic) published. I want to continue down this academic path, even though I'm still uncertain whether or not it is really what I want, and publication seems like the next step. This time next year, I will be working on my qualifying exams - maybe it goes without saying, but I want to pass them. I also hope to conquer (or to be working on?) whatever language hurdle the department decides I need to clear. I would also like to be more adept at the banjo, to improve my knitting, to be running faster/longer (a marathon??). To be constantly improving - and to give myself some leeway when I feel like I'm not.

It's embarrassing but I never have specific goals. Besides my school endeavors, grade school through my masters program, I haven't really planned my life. With that in mind, I hope to make a list of things I want to accomplish in my life and go from there.

By this time next year I want: 1) a functional craft room/home office 2) to not work most weekends 3) to make time to read "fun" stuff 4) to make time to read "educational" stuff 5) to cook again, even if only 1-2 x a week 6) to be exercising at least 2x a week

I would like my living situation to be different. I spend too much time dealing with various roommate issues and dramas and would like to use that time in a more productive way. I would also like to have moved in with my partner by this time next year.

I'd like to have a sense of clarity about my and the children's future. I'd like my business to be up and running and have a sense if it is a viable money maker or an interesting experiment. I'd like to have a healthy nutritious eating plan for me and the kids & exercise regime (hopefully something that also has stretching in it like yoga)... and includes something new that I've learned. I'd like to reclaim my creativity. I spend so much of my time and effort making sure the kids' are "enriched," I'd like to make sure I, too, am being creatively, intellectually enriched, so that I am not depleted but by this time next year have learned something new or built deeper upon something I already knew how to do.