When September 2012 rolls around and you receive your answers to your 10Q questions, how do you think you'll feel? What do you think/hope might be different about your life and where you're at as a result of thinking about and answering these questions?

I think it'll be just as exciting and inspiring as this year. These questions have been really powerful! I am very excited to receive them next year. I wish I could get questions like these every day!

I think I'll feel surprised at some of my answers and hopefully I will have accomplished some of what I wanted to do.

I'm not sure what I'm hoping... maybe to be reminded about what was important to me in 2011? I also hope that I've met some of my goals for the year!

I hope I won't care. I hope my life will have evolved to a point where it's not relevant and that I can just keep moving forward.

I have achieved what I have written. More solid goals.

I don't feel like I'm in a big crossroads in my life. I'm assuming that I'll be in a pretty similar space next year, minus (hopefully) a completed pregnancy and delivery between now and then. I think the road I'm on is a pretty good one.

I hope I'm in a different place with my job--either at a new job, at a new understanding/relationship with my current job, and just in general putting my energy into something I really love and can grow in.

I'll clearly remember what had just happened in the months before and how I felt. While it's a tough time, it's nothing I hope to ever forget.

I hope I feel better about them than I did this year. I hope that I will look at them and say "Fuck yes I fucking wrecked this year." That would be a nice feeling to have.

I would love for it to show that there is progress not necessarily success while that would be nice I am being realistic

My answers from last year were a reminder of how much can change in a small amount of time. I can't wait to see how the next year unfolds!

I think at some of them I will laugh, and at others I will remember those hard times. But by next year, I hope that I will be a college freshman at The Florida State University, with all my friends, beginning my college experience.

I think in a year I will laugh at how uniform my answers have been: they are all centered around my child and my experience as a new mother. I hope that in a year this new role has become such an integrated part of my fabric that the other elements of my identity can come to the fore again. Maybe they won't -- and that's okay. It'll be interesting to see if I have the same "one-track-mind" 12 months from now.

At that time, I'm in Vietnam.

I think I'll laugh at myself. I always think when I write down what I think I sound ridiculous. I hope I'll be in Spain and I'll have shown myself that I can actually do something if I set my mind up to it.

I hope I'll look back and think, wow, I've come a long way. You know, I do feel that about the difference between last year and now.

I think I will feel nostalgic, bitter sweet when I think about my six years as a home owner and all that it has brought me.

I hope to have changed most of these things. To have become a better man, and to say to mayself: "You did it, you changed"

I will be happier with myself and what I am doing; that I will be and feel healthier; that I have been to Haiti at least once; that I will have made progress on my Master's degree; that I will have my RAC.

Excitement & regret. So often my mind creates goals which are never met..and perhaps that is the simple nature of goal setting.

Maybe sad that I didn't do all I set out to do but happy at the progress i made

I won't feel anything. These questions will have had no effect.

I hope my depression is better , that I'm more adjusted to the changes in my life. I feel more hopeful than I have in awhile, so that's a start. I hope I have a better grip on the skills required in my job. I hope all of us are still healthy, and well, and I'll still thank God every day for my family.

I hope I will have learned to relax more and worry less. And I hope that I won't still be so chained to the past.

I hope I am so much more secure with who I am. This follows with the last question, but it is, I think, the solution for almost all of my problems. Here's for hoping for the best!!!!

I think I will feel great! I am sure I will be in a totally different space and most if not all my goals will be met. I would also hope that I will feel as though this was a worthwhile exercise and that the things that concerned me was truly important but not insurmountable.

I hope I'll feel like the past twelve months show progress, even if it's not the progress I planned. Man makes plans but God directs!

I hope I will feel happy that I have made some changes: lost 15 lbs, became more rested, taken some time just for myself and remain pleased with who I am.

I hope that it will be reassuring that I have an ever evolving sense of my life and my goals.

I hope I'll feel accomplished. I hope the things I want out this next year all come true. I hope I'm not disappointed.

I hope I have been more mindful all year long

I think I will still feel like they were the right answers at the right time for me - I am hoping that we have achieved everything we have wanted to, and if not - a bit closer to being where we want to be. Answering these questions has reinforced to me what is important at the moment, and what I want to achieve - and it will be nice to look back and see this and hopefully some progress!

I would like to be further along with my family. I hope that we are well on our way.

I hope that I will feel proud. Getting better is incredibly hard, but if I can see any difference, I will be happy. And if not, then I will keep trying. Probably on the same issues. And happy 40th.

I hope to see how I have learned and grown beyond my current state in a way that is good and joyous to my nature. I will probably smile at my past self.

I think I'll think "2 years in a row of being dumped around 10Q time? MAN that's some bad luck!" I hope that I'll be able to make light of my fears and worries and not still feel ruined by it. I'm also hoping I'll be able to feel smug and say "Yes, I got my first, and I love my job and everything is awesome!"

I think I will feel strange, I don't know really. Perhaps I will be past my grandmother's death, perhaps I will have a whole new group of friends who don't smoke pot, perhaps I would have been in a long relationship. I hope that when the time comes around, I will be able to look at these answers and realise that I am a better person than I was a year ago, a proud, confident, beautiful better person. You can do it! :)

I hope that by next year I'm more settled and content in my marriage, that I've taken steps to turn my children into more well rounded individuals and that I've at least explored the possibilities of new employment opportunities.

I hope to be out of the morass of burnout that I've been stuck in so long

I have no idea. I hope these questions suggest ways I can bring prioritize to better have my actions be a result of my intention rather than my actions being reactions.

Well, I answered honestly. I hope some thing will have progressed and maybe changed in my life. I hope I have had a good year.

I hope that my work in Nepal and India will have set a path for a good career in art psychotherapy and that me and my partner will be enjoying our first year of married life.

I hope to feel a little more fulfilled and accomplished in my goals within the next year and feel like a better person because I did something I could achieve.

I hope I have an agent, I hope I have a publication date. I hope I have a hybrid of lecturing and something else or something else entirely where I'm appreciated, paid what I deserve and work with and for good people. I hope that I can keep in mind where I would like to be as I think there is a tendency for things to remain the same. For me, the completion of the book feels like an opportunity to move forward, to get going and get growing and start stretching into my new skin as writer, author and speaker. I hope when I read these answers in September 2012 I read them with compassion and kindness to myself. Nothing fails. I am enough, and whatever I've done is enough.

I am hoping that I will have completed my PhD and this boost of confidence will propel me to flourish in new ways. I am hoping that my financial situation (loans, debt) will not weigh so heavily in my life, that I will be more lighthearted, and pursuing my vocation.

Every day, every month, every year people grow and change. I'm hoping I'll be healthier, happier and be able to look back and smile at how far I've come.

let's wait and see. I find the question a bit pompous

I hope that i am more settled than i am now and any bad decisions that i have made recently will be resolved/

I think and hope I'll feel pleased at having made progress again. It seems, from receiving my answers this year, that thinking about and articulating my answers to these questions orients me towards working on the areas in my life that need development.

I think I'll recall how many challenges I faced and overcame in 2010-2011 and be proud of the lessons I learned and the person I've become as a result. I know in the year ahead that my life will be filled with more of the work I love and that I'll appreciate that work more as a result of thinking about and answering the 10Q. Something good that will remain the same are the wonderful friends and family I treasure.

I hope I have a career/job/enroute to mastering a specific art/field. I hope I find a path I've fully committed to; knowing it's the journey, not the destination, to risk failing, but only at the expense of first doing my absolute best. To think forward, not backwards. I'm afraid of not having my dad with me next year. I want to nurture this time spent with him, gain his wisdom, record his voice, have it for my kids. I hope to be in a city I love, doing something I love, and to be in love. I hope when I read these words, that true progress will have taken place. True, measurable progress. I hope that a year from now I feel that I have changed for the better. That my sense of faithlessness has turned into faithfulness, that my lust for life as I hope for/dream of is not met with mediocre satisfaction or cynicism, but is thriving on belief in all things being good and possibility and freedom. I hope to be making enough to live decently comfortably, in a community that I feel supported in, rather than a community which I feel scarcity for success and consistent butting of heads in the form of competitiveness. I hope I make money, write a short story worthy of being a new yorker submission---one that is based in reality and gives hope as it's concluding message, to be in love, to be satisfied in my relationship with my dad. To come to terms with the process of living and dying, and to support my father during his illness. I want my dad to ride a motorcycle.

I hope by that time, I would have time to reflect on some of those answers and make some changes about how I cope and perceive my life. I want to relax more and let go of some pass stresses that I am having a difficult time letting go of, even though I do try. I want to live each day to it's fullest, no matter what the day is like. Each day is precious and we only get it once. Never know what the next day will bring or if there will be a next day. Thank-you for providing all of us with these 10 questions and time for reflection. HAPPY NEW YEAR!

Well, hopefully, I'll be retired... And either working at a job that supplements my pension, and lets me relax, or doing nothing, with a reduced lifestyle, and relaxed... Mostly, just relaxed... No major stress, no worries about work, or other silliness... That would be nice...

i'm sure i will have taken a few more steps toward supporting myself and finding compatible clients, continuing to spend time with people who are important to me, and maybe even find additional usable dinner recipes.

I'll be happy about the number of things I was able to accomplish.

I hope that I move as much in the next year as I have moved in the past year. I wish to more fully inhabit the space that my life is intended to occupy.

One thing that I'm deeply confident of is that my self-knowledge will grow and deepen. We all place trust in one thing or another, and I place my faith in the value of self-knowledge and that it leads to a life of wisdom and compassion. So I hope to be wiser and more compassionate. I don't know what life will deal me, but I hope that that wisdom and compassion bring me further along the road to finding lasting love both in my romantic life and in my professional life.

Whether it's true or not, this last year I've felt like everyone else's lives have been moving forward except for mine. I hope I feel or think differently this time net year.

I hope I'm less bored by my answers to the previous nine questions than I was this year! I hope I will [finally] be working 32 hours/week at present job and 10-15 hours/week at a fee-for-service psychotherapy job by this time next year. As I wrote one year ago, I hope my apartment is painted, all artwork is on the walls, and there are no longer any cardboard boxes in my bedroom or living room.

I hope that i will have progressed further down the road of self-empowerment, more coming home to my true self. i hope that my artwork and creativity will have taken me to new places. i hope that my answers to the questions will still resonate with me in the future as they do now..

I think I will feel that I spent the last year looking for answers and not finding any. That's not a bad thing in my mind. I spent my twenties thinking I had all the answers, that life was a hard and filled with demands. I thought there was no room for eccentricity and mystery. As soon as I opened myself up to the search, irregardless of where it led, things began to change. I hope that in a year's time I still believe that. That I don't choose what it easy over what is worthwhile. Answering these questions proves that I still haven't gotten those answers. I'm glad I have a lifetime to figure it out.

It will feel weird to read my answers because I think everything can change from a year to another and I will see if I indeed achieved something that I have wrote in here or not. But, even if I didn't achieve anything, I think I will feel happy because, maybe, I would have achieved other things that during one year can start as something not really important and then become a priority in my life. So, you know, it's very difficult to try to predict. At least, I could finaly answer to these questions and write and get to think a little bit more about myself in here!

I have no idea where I'll be in september 2012 but I hope that my growing awareness of the divine has helped me come one step closer to understanding myself and my place in the world. I hope that I'm doing something, whatever that may be, that I feel satisfied with and that I think is helping me contribute possitively in some way.

I think I will be embarrassed to read my answers next year. I hope that I ultimately remember how content I was that I don’t cringe while I read my answers. I hope for many different things. I hope that I am moved out of my parent’s house with a security job. I also hope that I am still dating my boyfriend and that it continues to feel like we haven't dated for very long when in fact it has been over three years. I think I might have a decision as to what graduate program I will apply for. Overall, I just hope I'm as happy then as I am writing this right now.

I think I'll feel distressed at just how angry I still am. I hope I can get my relationship with my mother back to a good place. I hope my thoughts of suicide will have completely subsided. I hope I am a stronger person, emotionally. And that I don't let so much get to me. I hope I can get over my anger and crippling fear of people.

i hope i'm not in the same spot reading the answers. that i have stopped wishing and started doing.

I hope I will feel like I have learned more about myself in this coming year and am more grounded in my overall faith that everything happens for a reason

I've been disappointed with my lack of inspiration this year; the questions are still probing and meaningful but I've been "too stressed" with a new job and figuring out work/life/class/relationship balance to devote my full attention to them. I hope next year I'll be able to give thoughtful answers again. I hope I'll still be committed to always learning, improving and living life as G-d intended: with passion and smiles.

I hope I feel great tenderness for myself. I hope I read these answers and am delighted - but not surprised - by how much I've accomplished in the past year. I hope my answers will change.

I hope to feel more energized, stronger at my core, looking brightly to the future.

i think i will feel surprised - since i probably will not remember filling this out. i hope that my life will be on track, and things will be going well. i hope to be surrounded by friends and family and making progress on my school work. these questions will provide some insight on how far ive come and where im going!

Free from the basement fear of abuse, I speak clearly, assured of my good intentions and ability to use my gifts in the service of others.

I hope that when I read my answers I will feel a sense of accomplishment, because I have fulfilled all of my hopes. Realistically, I know there will be complications. Either way, I am glad I have been guided through what feels like a really positive thought exercise.

I hope I will have escaped the corporate environment without too much worry about the financial impact and be embarking on a freer and more creative lifestyle as a (hopefully not) out of work actor!

I hope that I'll feel accomplished and inspired to do more than I already have in the last year. I also hope that I will feel more excited about school and getting my nonprofit off the ground - Hopefully that happening will lead me to what I'm supposed to do next!

Dear Sarah, Smile. Be excited. Be surprised. How cool is this? Look back on the past year. What have you done, what experiences have you encountered, what opportunities have you taken? Are you less stressed than last year, less concerned with your grades? Are you less judgmental - a better friend? Do you have a boyfriend? Are you in love? Are you even more comfortable in your own skin and at school than before? Are you more vocal about your appreciation for your life and everything/everyone within it? I really hope so. I really do. Love, Sarah Oct. 2011

I hope I'll be happier with my responses than I was this year. If not, then I will have been engaged in an unacceptable level of navel gazing. It will be time to light a fire under my hind parts and actually move. Slash and burn the garbage. Get a move on. Achieve what I've been talking about achieving. All while having fun with my hysterical toddler!

I will most likely wonder why I thought everything was such a big deal. I hope that is the case.

I hope that I will have learned to better prioritize. I hope that I will be satisfied that I have allowed the most important things to occupy my time and attention.

I hope that I look back on these questions and realize how much I have grown and changed over the past year and that these changes are for the best. I hope that I look at these answers and laugh about my worries and am happy about my successes. Hello future me!

I hope that I will feel good about what I read - that I can say that I've accomplished at least some of the things that I set out to do. Among my greatest hopes is that I will be an aunt. I hope I will have engaged in some serious Jewish learning, I hope I will have done more for people around me, I hope that I will have become a more loving spouse, a more patient mother, and that I will be aware of the many blessings in my life.

I hope that I will feel compassion towards myself for where I have been in the distant past, where I have been in the recent past, and where I am at that time. What I hope for myself is that I am full of life and light and give that not only to other people, and the world in general, but to myself as well. :)

I don't know and I don't care. I think what this exercise has shown me is that I need to live more for the moment and stop worrying about the future. So I hope I feel like I have achieved everything. But I am going to take things one step at a time.

I think I'll feel dissappointed I wasn't able to spend more time on the questions and answer them thoroughly. I'm definitely having the time of my life right now and I wish I could capture it. I think I'll be more tired but more grounded.

I would hope to have advanced on my journey in the past year. 2011 has been a major crossroads filled with changes. I am between two homes, two cities, of two minds about my job. I would hope to have clarity on where I'm living, what I'm doing, and what's next in life. I suspect I'll have less clarity than I hope for, but these questions come amidst a time of great reflection and I hope that process has continued and that the habit of introspection and improvement persists.

I hope that I will have a happy, healthy child, a really exciting new job, be living na anawesome brooklyn apt, and looking at the amazing man I share this life with in awe just like I do everyday now.

I hope I've found the energy to make some of my promises workout. I hope one more year under my belt will help mature me: maturity is really what I'm hoping for.

I hope that I will have started down a more positive path, that I will have a clearer idea of where I want my life to go and how to get there. I hope I will have done some crazy things and really enjoyed them! I hope I will be able to smile at myself as I read last years answers and feel like I have made at least a litle bit of progress.

i imagine i will feel forgetful! i hope that during this time next year i am much closer to finishing a phd/ grad school. i hope i have a partner. i hope i dont feel like my life is on hold. i hope things move forward.

Hopefully I'll feel like it's been a productive year, that I have moved forward professionally and personally. I have a feeling I'll think I wasn't all that thoughtful in my answers, and hopefully I'll change that next time.

The last two years, I have been surprised by how my issues are the same. I feel like this hugely evolving human and in fact, I am just stumbling along with the same issues and challenges year after year. Maybe this time will be different, a year WILL make a huge difference! There is always hope.

I think I'll be quite intrigued. On the surface, I'll be interested in seeing how I measured up. But as I think deeper, I'll probably analyze what went into what I wrote and then compare that with how I'm feeling at that moment in time, such as what my current criticisms, aspirations, and feelings are. I'm hopeful that I can reflect on these questions – the ones that have pulled the answers out of me like they have – and act upon what I've written, which is a thoughtful statement of genuine meaning as I think about my past, today, and where I'm headed.

I hope that i have a better outlook on how i interact with others my own age. And maybe i'll have a boyfriend!! :D

Hopefully, better....but probably the same.

Not different at all.

I hope I look back on this year and these answers and can't even relate to them anymore. I hope my life is in a vastly different space, and that I've made motions toward doing things that truly make me happy. Going over these questions has been helpful in the last week in forcing me to see that I am not happy where I am right now; a year from now I hope not to be able to remember what this feels like.

I'll be a married woman, for one thing - I think I'll be missing the anticipation and excitement of the wedding planning, but looking forward to a long and happy marriage with my husband.

Many of the questions provided affirmation of my current situation, and the ability to reflect and improve, even in those areas that believe I've done well. After all, can't we all use a little improvement. I think I've done well in the past year, and I hope to do better in the next.

I think I'll feel grateful. This year was all about finding a job, and those thoughts occupied my every waking (and sometimes sleeping) moment. Next year, I hope that worry will be gone and that my answers will be a lot more varied.

I think I will feel good to see the progress I have made from September 2011 to September 2012; if the the improvement I have made in the last year is any indication. It has taken a long, long time, but I have made such progress in the past five years. We have been able to reduce our debt a lot in the last year. I expect / hope next year will find us even less in debt and tax-audit free for the rest of our lives!

I hope I feel happy that I accomplished all of the goals in my answers. I hope my marriage is stronger, better and that life has calmed down and settled into a plesant routine.

Nostalgic. I will probably smile, I will hopefully be at university at this point next year. I will have developed at lot further socially, and as a person as a whole. I look forward to it.

Everything in my life is going well right now except for my frustrations at work. I hope that I will be able to look back and say that I fixed this problem. Steve Jobs died two days ago, and I keep fixating on a quote of his: “Don’t let the noise of others’ opinions drown out your own inner voice. And most important, have the courage to follow your heart and intuition.” Would that I have the courage to make some changes to my professional life.

I am not sure - disappointed, relieved? Rejuvenated, for sure. I know there will be somethings that I will not have achieved, will not have understood and that 1 year's time was not enough. And I will reevaluate, and again integrate them into my life then.

I hope that my life will be more meaningful than it is at present and that I will be in a loving relationship... these have been my hopes every year for the last thirty or so... maybe this year will be different.

When I see my answers, I'll be expecting their arrival. There are some where I'm going to think, "Oh yeah, I remember that." Maybe some of them will surprise me. I can't even remember what some of the questions (and my respective answers) were, so that's likely. I can only hope that when I see my answers again I can see the progress that I've made since I wrote them down.

I hope I feel like I'll have done some of the stuff that I wanted to do to be better. I just want to progress.

I hope my health has improved to allow me to be more involved in the things I'd like..walking and playing with the grandkids, writing more, some travelling. If not I hope I have found acceptance to allow the things I cannot change.

Hmm, how do I think I'll feel? Fabulous. Lighter in body and in spirit. Richer! I hope that Brian and I will have a good relationship, I hope that I won't be working corporate full time. I hope that my dogs, friends and family will all be happy and healthy.

I'll laugh at my immaturity and self-absorption. I hope that I'll feel I've made progress in the the things that I've talked about. I hope that I've chilled out. And possibly learnt to appreciate my successes. I hope that I'll have more perspective on my failures and learn more from the things which are too close to home to be truly instructive at the moment. I think I'll be scared as I look at the abyss of a blank canvas, and the need to build a new life. I hope that I'll be able to look at what I've achieved and take confidence from that. Shivani, Look yourself in the eye. Hold yourself responsible. Be the person you know you can be. Trust yourself. Most importantly, let go, love and have fun. Make yourself happy. No-one and nothing else will. Make your choices- today, tomorrow and everyday. Shivani

I think I'll feel great. I've set up projects for the next few months that should take me into next year. I want to be more productive, and I think I will be.

I hope I'll feel more confident in myself, less anxiety. less jumpiness, more solidity.... I know I have so much. why can't i feel it...

I am amazed at my answers to the 2010 10Q questions; particularly how many things changed from this time last year - in a fantastic way! I hope to continue on a positive path of self discovery that includes better health, more love and spiritual awakening. Slow and steady; that's how we'll get there!

I hope to feel a tremendous sense of accomplishment at having weathered and triumphed over my physical challenges and that my improved health will result in an uptick in business, increased happiness at home and a more connected and thriving relationship with my partner and children.

A year is such a short time relatively. While I hope to have advanced in many areas of life, I see myself being pretty much in the same basic situation but maybe with a better outlook. I hope we will be planning another huge trip before starting a family and that we'll be seriously looking into a home purchase.

Well I'll be just a month away from my wedding at this time next year. So who knows if I'll have time to open my questions at that point. I just think I'll smile at what I said and realize that teaching is everything that I'd ever hoped it to be, no matter what crazy kids I'm teaching. :)

I sure hope I've lightened up and added some humor to my view of myself by this time next year. All this seriousness, depression and soul-searching hasn't gotten me very far. So maybe if I can see the funny side of myself, I'll at least be less restless and more serene. A little serenity would go a long way!

Hope I will notice some real change. I think I will have simplified my life. I hope to have purged my life of a number of "things" that are not neccessary. I also hope that I will be allocating my time more to things that are important and not wasting time on other things.

I will be fascinated at my answers, I know it. I love the concept of communicating with myself, and this website makes it possible. Regarding my previous answers, I hope I will read them with the thought that I have had an accomplished year. Having reflected on these questions and then put them down, I feel that I have already taken a step in the right direction. I now need to keep going. Now, let me ask you future self: are YOU proud of where you are and what you have done? YOU and I hold our future in our hands. Keep your head up. Succeed. And believe.

I think I'm going to feel like I cheated, a little. Like I only noted things I wanted to change, things I was in the process of changing. I'm hoping that I have actually corrected all of this, but we shall see. Good luck, future me. I'm sorry if I've set you up for failure.

Happy if my career is approaching success and achievement, my personal time for hobbies, better physical shape.

I think I might laugh at the concerns I felt over my new status in life--retired. I think I will continue to be enjoying my life and will have found many meaningful activities and time to spend with family and friends.

I think that I will feel that I have made some progress toward becoming more self reliant and more in control of my life. At the same time I want to foster the sense of community and develop connections with like-minded people as I feel we heading into uncharted territory and interesting times with the economy, energy and environment.

I think I'll recognize myself as someone who earnestly wants to be a good person and do good in the world. I don't expect anything drastically different in my life, but I hope it will be a good year. I've been moving out into the world more and it's exhausting but rewarding. I think that will continue.

I hope I won't still be struggling with the same personal improvement issues but I expect to feel good about where I'll be then, mostly due to the personal growth I experience by meeting and working with great people.

The coming year is a big unknown for me. My life is in flux. I hope that when I look back at my answers for this year, I will be in a place of clarity and on the road to finding my higher self. That sounds a little too lofty! LOL. As many people have noted, I also was disappointed that I hadn't made much movement and seem to be writing the same things over and over. But that's life. Transformation is hard but we keep working at it.

Last year I forgot about them as soon as they were posted and did nothing about the areas of improvement for me. This year, I've made a note of what I want to improve and so I can work on them. I want to be feeling great when I get the answers back as I've completed some of the goals on my list and will be working on others.

I hope I'm proud of the progress I've made. I hope that we'll both working jobs we enjoy - I hope to have my business up and running.

I hope to be completely out of credit card debt. I hope to be planning for my future with my boyfriend. I hope to have a better understanding of how to handle his family's disapproval of our relationship. I hope to be proud of my accomplishments during this upcoming year.

I hope I feel how I did when I got my 10Q this year: Reflective and positive and responsive. I hope that when I receive this next year, I'll be engaged, maybe married, starting a family, living life, and feeling good about who I am and where I am. And maybe, just maybe, HaShem will guide me to that place and give me the answers I need.

I'm afraid I will feel as if I could answer the same 10 questions with the same 10 answers. I am hoping and committing to change and growth. Most of all, I hope I have a well-fitted "oxygen mask" so I can effectively fit one to "all my children".

I don't think I could answer that...who knows where I will be in life in a year. I hope that I can look back, smile and think that answering these questions gave mea good path to go in for the new year. I hope future me enjoys reading these, with a laugh or two!

I might laugh, as I tend to take these kinds of things very seriously. But in all serious (heh), I hope my life is different for the better despite all the challenges that are in front of us. I hope that I can keep practicing loving my husband better and being a more patient and positive person. I'll be a not-so-new-mother by then, so who the hell knows WHO I'm going to be!

I hope that I"ll be on the road to better health, and have established some better eating and exercise habits, as well as self-care. I hope I'll be feeling better by then, because I don't feel very well now.

I hope that I am better off financially, emotionally, spiritually, and am with someone who really really loves me and my kids.

It all depends if I have attained my goals or not. If I have, I'll probably wonder what I was so stressed about. If not, I won't really want to read all about it. Either way, I'll be waiting in giddy expectation, to see what I possibly could have been thinking right now (as I write this). Not sure how I manage to forget so fast, but somehow, I surprise myself every year... and that's the funnest part.

I think it is good to be periodically reminded of the person you intend to be, because sometimes you lose sight of the destination when you are on the road. It is important to stop and reflect. I used to write down New Year's resolutions and usually I would accomplish them by July and do mid-year resolutions. I've stopped doing that. I hope that this exercise revitalizes that urge in me and keeps moving my own barometer.

I hope I'll be happy with how I've grown. I hope I won't need to be reminded that falling in love has been the most beautiful, amazing, inspirational, meaningful journey of my life.

I hope I will feel more settled next year, and that looking at this year's responses, will help me to appreciate all that we have done.

I hope I have the same email address so I receive them at all. Otherwise, I hope I continue to find the reflection valuable and I hope I'm happy with where I am.

I'll probably be saying the same things! If nothing else, I guess I know myself. Let it be Thy will no big tragedies between now and then.

I think I'll be a stressed out, sleep deprived intern, without the energy to make meaningful responses to these questions. Or maybe the workload will give me a new perspective on life. I hope I'm still a good person, married to a good man, and still like my career choice!

I hope I will feel that I have grown and accomplished something during the year. Not remained stagnant. I will praise Hashem for the growth for I will be closer to Him because of it.

When I receive my answers next year, I hope to feel accomplished. I hope that I've reached my goals and feel proud. I hope there will be a couple things different in my life: 1) Tim and I are doing Financial Peace University and I hope that we are 100% out of debt. 2) I hope to be pregnant or have a tiny one. 3) I will have my business backon track. It is going well all of a sudden and I will stay on this track of success. I think getting our financial house in order is going to be key to all of these goals.

I hope that next year when I read these answers, I will be as happy with life as I am now. I hope that I still remember to enjoy the little things in life, and that I still can walk down the street and smile from looking at the trees.

I hope I'll feel a bit more satisfied than I did this year. I kept a copy of my responses for myself and put them on a board in my office so I can remember what I wanted to do (sort of in code). I have a tendency to forget that I set some goals. That, in itself, is quite a commentary on my daily life at the computer!

I think I'll be disappointed. I thought the questions would make me think more deeply about the year, but they didn't. There were no new revelations for me here. Maybe it's because I try to think about this sort of stuff all through the year, or maybe it's just because I'm not that "into" it this year. I hope my life isn't much different then from how it is now.

I think it will renew me. I'm guessing my enthusiasm for this new life I've created this year will be either slightly diminished or full of self doubt. I imagine seeing my answers will renew my faith in this choice. I hope I'm wrong about the above and I will be settling into this new life with confidence that what I did was obviously the correct choice...aka. I've been successful. Oh, and that I'm in love. That's always a hope at this point, albeit a lesser hope than it probably should be.

This year I truly hope to have accomplished my goals and to have found a place of peace with my life. I hope that i have found the time to take care of myself. I hope that I have found a good place in my marriage and have been able to put aside the things that distracted me from my marriage. I hope that I am still happy in my career. More than anything I just want to feel at peace and content with where I am.

I don't know how the things will be next year but I am expecting to be in a much better position and much closer to my goal than I am today.

I'm naturally a positive-thinking person, but I'm hoping next year I'll feel the positivity even more so. I'm trying really hard to keep looking up and stay focused, but the goal of doing photography is a longer, harder slough than I ever imagined. The thought of doing what I love for a living keeps me going, though! And I'd love to be seeing someone by then. I'm truly ready.

This year I was surprised at how my answers unknowingly predicted where I would be now. My kids are doing great and moving forward and now so am i (without my husband). I certainly hope that the old house will be gone and I will be as happy in my new house as I am now. Maybe there will be a lot less boxes in the garage and the curtains will be changed! Life changes and I am planning to grow with it!

Reflecting is always a good measurement of goals and aspirations. I hope to be a better person, more disciplined, more accomplished, and still striving to be better in all areas. G-d is awesome!

I hope that, in a year from now, I’ll look back at the previous 12 months and be proud of what I’ve achieved. The thing is with this holiday, I don’t ever expect to be a different person or to reach perfection but instead to learn and grow bit by bit every year. If in 2012 I can look back and see that growth, be able to easily identify where I’ve made mistakes and can again create a plan for what I want to accomplish for 2013, I’ll be very pleased with myself.

Redeemed. Free. Light. Happy, healthy and whole! Jubilee!

I don't think it will matter as much to me as maybe it should. I do too much thinking, and not enough doing/changing. I hope that in 2012 I do more doing!

I think I will feel content. These answers fully represent my true feelings and reflect where I am now. I hope my life will be less chaotic. More focused on me and I hope that I find love:)!!!!! I also hope that my relationship with the Lord is growing, honest, and special.

When I named what I see as my greatest limitation I felt a sinking feeling. A feeling of doom. I believe I can do a lot of things: learn a skill, adopt an exercise program, lose 10 pounds. But my social skills, or lack thereof, fill me with despair. I will pray, tonight, tomorrow, that I can make a shift before the gates close tomorrow night.

I know I will feel better than this year :) I have the same goal last year, and it was surprising to see the year had passed with very little done towards it!! This year I am committed!!

This year I'm a school girl. I spend most of my time working, playing music or volunteering. This time next year, I will have left school. I'll be a legal adult, hopefully with a medical education to look forward to, I'll have finally got through the IB, with luck I'll be an auntie three times over, and I will have my life ahead of me. Will I still be with David? Will I be off to Israel for a year? Will I still love and laugh and hear the music of life? Right now, life is lovely, and it's comfortable. I think that this time next year I'll have a rather different perspective, but I only hope that I'm still having fun.

I hope that I have accomplished some of these goals that i've written down. I hope I am still in love with my wonderful man and planning our future. I hope that the world is in a better state than it is now, I hope that people are happier and that the US is taxing the rich. (ha, but seriously).

I'd love it if I'd made progress-- and if the things that I stress about now are non-issues in 2012...

I think I will be happy that I am still here, that I have a wonderful family and friends, and a spiritual and creative community that supports and inspires me.I have enjoyed participation in 10Q. Thank you.

I think that every year I have been working harder at some things.. Learning to be more sociable at work - putting it that way sounds dumb, but what it really means is treating people like people Finding more fulfillment at work (I hope I's still employed this time next year) Finding more fulfillment in the things I do outside - singing in the choir, playing the violin Cultivating friendships and relationships

I hope that when I read my hopes and dreams as well as the shortcomings of this past year, I will be better off and will be able to smile as I receive each answer that I gave one year ago. I think that these ten days are as much about looking back on out past accomplishments as they are about looking forward toward the future with hope and aspiration. What I accomplish will be a joyful reminder for me; a reminder of goals which I fail to match or fears that I fail to overcome will simply tell me what it will truly take to accomplish them.

I feel like the last year has been such a blur. I hope that my company has reached a point of peace; the constant turmoil makes me feel ungrounded. I hope that I am settling in to parenthood, and then I'm not anxious all the time.

I was disapointed at the end of the year this time around. Not at me, but in the shape of my country. I hope that things continue to improve, or at least hold steady. My life is such that it is fairly insulated from the troubles that others are feeling, for this I am grateful...

I hope to be surprised at the progress I've made in those aspects of my life I hope to change. But I also suspect I will be disappointed at not always rising to the challenge. On the whole, though, I think I'll be proud of having taken the time to reflect, and pleased there is a record that I have done so.

I hope I won't be so lonely and isolated. I hope I won't be having anxiety episodes. I hope I will be gaining strength from my life with Pat, not just sorrow. I hope God will be back in my life. I hope I can have whole days that are carefree and happy. I hope I can be at peace with my life. I hope I won't be missing him every second of every day like I am now. I hope I won't be reliving the terrible suffering leading up to his death.

I hope that my life is more balanced, that I have maintained focus on my goals and moved forward on them consistently, deliberately and with skilled adaptation to life's constant changes.

People rarely change and I will probably read each daily passage and realize that I did not change. Then I'll get mad at myself. Today I choose to take one baby step forward to enriching my life so that I will not be mad next year!

I hope I don't feel heartbroken. I hope I can give myself credit for doing my best and trying to live fully, no matter what happens with my goals, hopes and dreams.

That I was too informal, too brief, and will feel inspired to more complete answers. I hope we get to do it again....I did a good job of not taking it too seriously and didn't let it be another stressor. I just answered off the top of my head as it came in, as soon as I saw it. For me that was a good evolution this year. Who knows next year. May everyone who participated be happier and MORE healthy next year when they see their answers than they are right now. May all who started them have survived to finish them. Death is certain. The time is not certain. Thanks for the connection : )

I hope I'm healthier. I hope some of the projects I've started have grown and become positive outlets for creative energy. I hope I can finally be the person I want to be. To me, a year from now: Just look at yourself! You did it!

I think reflecting on my answers from this year next year will probably make me think about myself as a person and how much I've changed over the year.

I know I will be pleasantly surprised at all I wrote -- let's see if it is even remotely correct.

I hope that I feel more accomplished. I haven't laid out too many goals that are truly "unobtainable" so I hope that by 2012 I'll have accomplished them. I'm hoping that I become a more rounded and rational person, but also a person who is comfortable with her emotions and will be able to act on them, too.

I know I will look back and go, "oh, I remember all of the drama that was so crucial and important to me back then. it all seems so stupid now." I do that every year. Hopefully by next year I'll look back and think, "wow, I've grown so much. Now I live in an apartment with a dog and speak xhosa really well." Hopefully I will laugh to myself and then continue on with my life :)

I think every year is different, some times a lot changes, some times you find yourself right back in the place that you started. That said, I really have no clue what the next year will bring, all I can hope for is good health, good friends, fun times, and peace of mind :)

Lat year I was incredibly pessimistic and this year I think I'm doing a lot of the same. So maybe I'll something will have restored my idealism.

I hope that I will feel happy about how my life as improved and that I achieved the goals I wanted to.

I think that I'll be different just for having taken the time to think about some of these questions, and that some (like what do you most want to accomplish by this time next year?) may actually spur me on to do something, just to avoid having to read the answer next year and discover that nothing has changed. Don't really know how I'll react, but looking forward to it.

Hard question; I'm not one for predicting the future, is why I need to live for a long time! I suspect that some issues I'll be still considering, perhaps with no further insight than presently. Older is not necessarily wiser, despite a perhaps broader perspective.

I'll probably feel disappointed that nothing has changed. I hope that I will have beaten some of the demons that I've identified, though.

I hope that I will look back with satisfaction and having meet some goals rather than feeling bad that another year of opportunity has passed me by.

I very much hope that I will have made progress in these realms, without being reminded by reviewing them- I have by now forgotten the questions, although the answers were heartfelt and real. "Mindfulness", living in the here and now, no longer focusing on past mistakes and pain and not looking toward a distant horizon for hopes and dreams- that is where I hope I am.

I hope I'm different next year. I want to grow and learn with each year.

September 20012 will be an intersting time. I don't really know what my daughter will be doing and so maybe my life will change. If she goes away to college or if she takes me up on my suggestion to go to community collge for 2 years. We shall see. Hopefully life will be good as we transition into a new art of our lives.

Enlightened. I was so surprised to read my responses from last year when this September rolled around. I had pinned everything so politically correct, it was almost like foreboding and how you view the future is how it pans out. Our minds and imagination are so prescient so we really have to think carefully about the things we think about as it often defines what actually occurs. I hope I'm still as sharp as ever, witty and brilliant. I hope I still think I'm amazing if not more. I hope I'll have gone on another fantastic summer adventure, minus the drama this time. I hope I'm still doe-eyed in the right fields and have shark vision in others that matter most. I hope I'm still ambitious and still pursuing/have attained the goals and dreams I have. I hope I'm still religious and believe in the greatness and faith of the Almighty God. And I hope I find the time to read these answers and smile and remember that I'm an audacious, brave, strong, brilliant, accomplished, lovable and amazing person. And of course, I want to be rich by then. All types of wealth and prosperity.

I plan to feel satisfied that I accomplished the reflections that turned into goals. Somehow this exercise builds in a level of accountability that I hadn't initially expected. I hope I will be more organized, taking better care of my health, have a more positive relationship with my daughter, and have spent more quality time with my husband. I do realize that I did not list some of the goals that came out of my responses, so it will be interesting to see what I remember and do. The disorganization in my life did not come as a surprise. However, I lose my TO DO lists; I record my insights and plans in a journal and then don't go back and review. Having these responses sent to me will bring them to mind. The self-competitive part of me wants to make sure that when the responses arrive, I will have followed through.

I hope that I read my answers and feel proud of what I have accomplished. I know that change and transition is not easy and you can plan and plan and then life happens. I hope that I am able to see the positive in life where ever I am next September!

Hopefully I'll be looking back on a hard time when my husband was not employed. Hopefully we will still have our house here by the pond. And hopefully, we will have a new grandchild. (If not, our son & his wife might have had a miscarriage which we are hoping and praying is only a fear in their minds.) Hopefully I will have finished my journal article on picture books and found a home for it. Hopefully Criminal Justice class will have gone well this Spring. It is good to reflect and ponder where you might be a year from now and this is what the questions have done for me.

I hope I'm at peace with however things turn out. I'd like think I'm at a place in my life where I can do that(even if it takes a little while to REALLY get there; sometimes I like to stew) no matter what happens.

I think I'll be embarrassed. But I also think my health will be better and that I as a person will have learnt some lessons and gained maturity. Can only wait and see...

I hope that I have progressed in the ability to speak out honestly and without rancor. I hope that I can review my answers and say -Yes, and...!

I've had better years. I hope to be happier.

hopfuly more involved in the church. More confidiant as well. If my writing has moved on, that will be brilliant but it's not one of main aims.

I will be out of debt, money in the bank, have a literary agent, a publishing contract, and be performing my one-man show in venues across the country.

The questions were helpful. i hope I have better control over things I CAN control and more ability to deal withthose I cannot control. I hope to be more patient with my adult daughter, husband and 92 yoer old mom who all have serious health issues.

I hope I look back on these answers with sadness that my life used to be such a mess compared to what it is then. I hope I'm alive to read the answers. Hilary? I hope you're doing well and have finally found peace with yourself and your body because I haven't yet. I really need your help so please don't give up. Love, Hilary

I don't think anything will be different about me. For the most part I like my life the way it is now and hope it stays that way for the next couple of years. When I read the answers to my questions I think this will remind me how anxious I was when we first got Luna. Hopefully I'll be used to her and she'll be used to us by next year. On a side note, Steve Jobs just died. To me it's a celebrity death. He was a great innovator but I don't feel a sense of loss or anything.

For many years, I often "floated" from event to event in my life. Beginning with reading the book "Journey of Desire" by John Eldredge (three times), I began to live more intentionally. Answering questions like these over the past several years has moved me from frustrated inaction and passivity to active planning, goals for the future and many new opportunities which I have taken and enjoyed. So many of my jobs and relationships just "came to me". Now I am making more conscious choices. I am grateful for the positive changes in my life and expect that they will continued.

I think I'll be relieved that Sept 2011 is one year farther away.

My hope is that I will feel "Damn, I finally did those things. What's next?"

I think I'll feel good that I've gotten a better job this year and hopefully still have the same job next year and it will still be good and even better. I think that life is good right now and I am only learning more and doing better each day. I like these questions because they help you think about your life and help you reflect and see how things have changed over each year.

I love these questions as they help me to set intentions and consider where I would like to be and how I can become a better person. I think I will be presently surprised in how far I have come and gently reminded of where I still need to progress.

I reviewed my 2010 answers and was amazed. I made progress in some of the areas and in other areas didn't make any progress. Obviously because some of my concerns from 2010 to 2011 are the same, I have work to do on my goals and future plans. I plan to keep my 2011 answers in the forefront so I can progress on goals and objectives.

I hope that I am a good man, with purpose. Even if it is just being there for my family and friends. I hope to be happy again; that I can say that I have had a full day, from wake to sleep, that I was happy the whole time. I hope to fix the relationships which rotted, as a result of me rotting as a person. I hope to have a strong faith, and love. We do not need a holiday to have change. Everyday should be a day of self-reflection and improvement, and we should strive to better ourselves everyday, and every moment of every day. I hope to remember to do just that. Don't forget to love yourself, and חחח ,always!

I loved getting my answers this year! I bet next year I will love it to. I hope i am still in love with my life, my kids, everything.

I hope I'll feel like I've made steps to sorting out some of the issues that the questions have highlighted for me. I know I've already made some moves to put right some of the things I've been thinking about - I even spoke to a Rabbi! So, hopefully I'll get things sorted. But I do worry about my husband because he's already sensing I'm making changes and he's already starting to look concerned and kick back - I wish he'd get over this religious ruck he's stuck in because if he doesn't it may well tear apart our family.

I'll remember that the prior year and a half or so was filled with a lot of stuff, some really great, some good and some not so good. I'll be amazed that the year went by so fast. I won't be happy that the summer has ended once again.

I sure hope that I make myself proud :)

I am confident that I will be more spiritually grounded. I hope to find (or at least be on my way) how to direct all this passion I have inside of me. No more worries of money, or stability. Rethinking my priorities in my life.

My fear is that nothing much will have changed and I will still be stuck- wondering and hoping for the guts or push to change. My hope is that I will look back and feel elated, knowing that I used these questions as a catalyst and grabbed my life and began savoring it and living it fully.

I hope that I will be proud of myself that I have solved my problems and that I have the life I dream of. I hope to be healthy again and I wish that eating won't be a problem any more, it will be tasty and not scaring. Fear will not be part of my life anymore.

I hope I will find the world in a better place than it is is now. We as well as many other countries in our global world are in dire staits and only by helping each other will we be able to come out of it and become stronger and a society for all not just a priviliged few. We have to much a stake to allow our own desires for having it all our wauy to give in to our own greed and desires. We are a diverse country and we need to realize the need for compassion and compromise to bring this country back to where it will once again become a beacon of hope and democracy and strength for the world as well as its own inhabitants. Single adjendas are not the answer, we have to give to get. A for my own infirmities I will have to continue to find the help both outside myself and within to live a life than will have meaning for me and will bring joy and fullfillment to me and my family. Hopeing it will a new year with new joys and hopefullnes to all.

It's hard to say how I will feel in a year. I can say what I hope for/intend. Gratitude is the recurring theme through all my work these days. I want to continue this path, and these questions are one of the tools that can help me focus on gratitude. For me it is so easy to focus on what is missing, or what is coming soon. And, I find that when I take time to be grateful, and focus on the present and what *is*, then I feel happier, am kinder, and create joy around me.

I am hoping I will feel more settled in my current school and better about my love life. I hope I have more confidence when it comes to women and when it comes to working at a magnet school. I hope to gain more knowledge about what happens around the School District so that I can make positive change.

Well I was delighted with how last years questions worked out, so hopefully it will be as good this year

I think by September 2012, I will be very excited. I will be nervous and stressed but also happy and relieved. I will hopefully be in grad school starting a new chapter in my life towards getting a higher education. I don't know how these questions will affect my decisions or outlook in the long run. They will offer me some insight about myself from a year prior, but they won't shock me too much. I hope. I don't want a huge revelation from these answers, but I do want to be proud of where I will be a year from now, 2012, compared to where I am now. Jess, you put yourself down a lot and try to tear apart others. Don't. But if you stopped writing between September 2011 and 2012, you better start up again.

I just hope that I'm less worried by this time next year. Although my answers sound somewhat care-free, I am always filled to the brim with worry, especially when I don't get enough sleep. I don't know what needs to happen in order to stop worrying...perhaps a map of the future...or maybe a window into the brains of my sis, brother and boyfriend so I can change whatever it is I need to change in order to see them happy (because that is what inevitably makes me happy...oy). Since these won't happen, I'll focus on the hope that I will know exactly what I want for my life by this time next year. I do hope I will be more prolific with my song-writing and I will be as in touch with what I want in life as I was before I met my boyfriend and all the worries kicked in again (not his fault, but true nonetheless). Perhaps getting this stuff out in some kind of art form will help stop the worry, and maybe some more cries about not having mom when I was a baby will help too.

I hope that the changes I instigated will have flourished

I think I'll feel sad because a lot of tragic things have happened in my life this year. I'll also feel happy because that means I'm day closer to healing completely. I think I'll be a better person because I'll reflect back on this year and think, "Wow, I really survived a lot!"

Hopefully I will look backand laugh or at least smile because I find myself in a different place.

I have possessed many of the goals expressed here for a long time. The main difference is that this is the first time that I have written them down. (In essence, I am giving myself benchmarks.) For fairly obvious reasons, in September 2012 I hope to have accomplished all of them. For the next round, I expect to give answers that are a bit more cheery. Though, who knows what will happen over the next year? It's a waiting game over which I would like to exercise some control.

1. Be through the grieving process, which am working at. The experts say will take a year. 2. Maintain my phsycial and spiritual health and fitness 3. Things hopefully will have financially leveled off enabling us to keep up, if not have the ability to deal with it better.

I hope I'll look forward to seeing what I wrote and have the experience(pleasant) of seeing that I acted on the changes I felt I needed to make in my actions, attitude and life. I hope I will see I had the courage and the willpower to keep going through the hard parts and had celebrated with joy even the baby steps to progress.

I will be excited! Excited to see where I am at when those answers come back into my life and to compare what I put down in relation to where I will be when I read them again. I am hoping that for each answer I can look back and say, 'Ah, that is where that started.' And compare it to something that has developed and blossomed in my life.

I hope that I'm in a place where I can truly appreciate my answers and feel like I have grown.

i think i will find myself in not the same life situation as i see it now. something will be better than i imagine something worth but i do know i will be as alone as now.

I just hope I have the balls to have left town, seen some great things, made great music, and just not stay put out of fear.

I'm in a pretty good place over all, with the exception of my dad. I wish my brother can see that he will be in a better place next year. I hope to look back on my answers and feel grateful and smile.

It will depend on where things are in my life. I hope I feel proud having delivered on some of the goals I set forth in the questions. If nothing else, I hope it reminds me of the place my husband and I were in right at this moment - trying to start a business, potentially buying a house, wanting to get a dog - a lot of big things. It will be fun to say "remember what it was like last year when our lease was 2 months from expiring and we still didn't know where we were going to live?"

the same.

Based on last year (I had forgotten the answers, but had done almost all the things I wanted to) I assume the same. I've already forgotten these answers!

I hope I'll be healthier and able to go out with an umbrella in the rain!

In September 2012 I think I will feel accomplished, I know that last year I wanted to have applied for grad school and know where I was going, that has happened and I want next year in September to feel like I am happy with my decisions and be actively doing the things I have set my heart on.

I think I will be amused by my answers, and I hope I will have met my expectations, exceeded some, and produced more.

This year when I received them I was really pleased. I felt like I had made some major strides personally and professionally since last year, and so it was pretty great! But next year? I probably will still think I'm an idealist. That never seems to change...

When I read my answers to the 2011 questions in September 2012, I hope that I will be feeling much more energetic and that I will have finally worked through the darkness and loneliness that I currently feel every moment of every day. I hope that my mind will once again be active and working on issues that are of significant import. The exercise of writing responses to the 10Q questions has given me the chance to look closely at the things that have been dragging me down this year. My 2012 be the year that I finally emerge from my self-imposed cave and once again engage with the world.

I am afraid that I will be disheartened because I am at the same place in my life, wrestling with the same issues. I hope that I will have come to peace with some of the demons and issues of my pass that have caused various compulsions in my life. and because of that I will be thinner and eating with love. I hope I am in a loving relationship. I hope that I will be pleased at all of the changes that have happened and progress I have made in a year.

This year should be a turning point. Will I get the CEO job? Will I still be married? Will my kids still be ok and at three universities in 3 cities? Thinking about it probably won't help. Acting on the first two and praying this Yom Kippur for prosperity and for guidance is the best I can do.

I hope that answering these questions can be part of a broader process of teshuvah and cheshbon ha-nefesh, which may be at its most intense at this season but hopefully continues through the entire year! I hope that when I read these answers next year at this time, I will smile fondly to remember where I was back at the start of 5772. I don't know where I'll be or how different life will be, but I look forward to the steady unfolding of whatever comes.

I hope I'll be doing something for work that I enjoy. I hope that I'm spending quality time with friends. Mostly I hope I've simplified things and set priorities. I think I'll be amazed at how quickly the year passed, and how many things haven't gotten done. The questions fell right in line with my layoff. I have no idea where I'll be or what I'll be doing.

I hope that when I look at my answers I will feel happy. I will know that I tried to be a better version of myself and will be overjoyed with my results. I won't get hung up on what I haven't achieved, but see myself in a new light of someone who strives to be better everyday.

I think I will feel nostalgic and very interested to see how I answered all the questions. I hope that I am on track for a major/career, getting more playing time in rugby, and caring more about others. I hope I look back at my worries and realize that I have overcome them in some way. I think that answering these questions will make me think more about my goals and help me to be more introspective.

I think I'll be satisfied that I have moved in a positive direction and am tending to my personal needs appropriately.

Honestly, there's no way to tell. If there's anything this year has taught me, it's that life is random and plans are shit. I'm sure I probably won't meet any if my goals. But as long as I'm happy and learning and loving life, I am fine with that.

I think I'll feel the same regarding most of the topics. I do hope everything in my life will be different, but it won't be due to these questions. It will be because of actions taken and my intention to make those changes existed long before I filled out this questionnaire.

I hope that I'll feel good. This past year I noticed that my answers seemed very focused on only a few things, so this coming year I hope that I see more diversity in my answers- more to my life than there was this time around. I hope that I'll be even more mature- even more understanding of others, and that next year we'll be confident in our temple and our judaism.

So, I was thinking that I would helped to get my goals, I was wondering that...

Hopefully I will accomplish everything that I have set out to accomplish. The year ahead of me is so huge, that I definitely think I will grow a lot, learn a lot and change in a good way as well. I think I will be proud of this past year. Some of my answers will definitely make me laugh, looking back at where I am now. But I think it will be great to see them and to reflect.

I think I will awed and amazed at how my intentions materialized into reality and I think you for this 10 day journey...

I always have high hope that I will be in a better place. On some counts, I suspect I will be because I have every intention of working towards that. Things don't improve organically; they need intention and attention.

With some luck and a lot of work I hope the dynamics of the economy will have changed for the better, our Temple community will have found a way to create a larger participatory membership. I will have been to Israel with my entire family and pray that it will have been a trip of a lifetime.

Having done 10Q during the last two years I have been saddened and amused to read back on where I *thought* I would be and what I *thought* I wanted. I hope that I can look back on my answers from this moment and continue to feel the same confidence about my decisions and desires. I hope to find myself as readily accepting of what life brings despite my wishes ;)

This year reading my answers made me realize how far I've come towards who I want to be in the past year. I hope reading these answers next year will make me feel that way again. I hope that I am in love. I hope that I am happy. I hope that I am following Christ. I hope I do 10Q again next year, I hope I feel it is worthwhile.

I hope I will be as happy as I am right now. I hope that I will have continued to grow and learn and strengthen the relationships that are important to me.

I don't know that anything will be different. I'm afraid of things not changing-- particularly for the better. I dream big and I don't know that I do enough to make those dreams come to pass. I hope, that in writing these down, I prove myself wrong, and I am in a fundamentally different-- and better-- place in a year than I am now.

I hope I feel whole, hopeful, and can laugh at life.

I hope to feel that I at least tried a bit to act upon some of the things I've thought about here. "Kol nidrei...", as long as I give it an effort. But if not, oh well. I honestly don't expect any significant changes to my life or where I'll be at as a result of this project, but it was a worthwhile exercise and can only have positive affects.

I hope I will have accomplished at least some of things I set to achieve.....particularly having a great job. It has made me set these goals that I may not have and if the power of positive thinking and 'putting it out there' helps to attain goals, then yeah!! I'm looking forward to next year's 10Q.

I hope I won't feel just "same old, same old". I'd like to believe in growth as a result of all of this self examination. I hope I'll take the hand of the current me and go dancing off into the next year happily!

I hope that I can look back and smile. I hope that everything has changed. The Amy in 2010 was incredibly depressed and overly optimistic. The Amy sitting here now in 2011 is still incredibly depressed and not in the slightest optimistic. I hope that the Amy in 2012 is incredibly happy and eternally optimistic.. Well, not really. I just want to be happy.

As always, I hope that the answers I've given have moved me a little farther along on my personal journey to the best "me" I can be. In September 2012 my hope is that I will know myself better and like the person I am.

I think I might be surprised to be having some of the same answers to these questions then as I do now. I hope, that our youngest has found a college that excites his dreams, and that he's in the process of getting settled into that new life. I hope I'm not too lost not having him around. I look forward to my wife and me as a couple again, secure in knowing that our adult kids are finding their way.

That I will weigh 144 pounds Be healthy and fit, finish all my 12 steps

I hope i will be able to laugh and remember what I went through the year before while being glad to have achieved some things. Hopefully I will be enjoying my last full year at CSUN and have a good plan for life after college. Hopefully I can see how far I have come in a year

A year is a long time that goes quickly, and I am a deliberate person who doesn't and, being honest, who loses momentum without reward. Reasonably, I hope that I have gotten far enough along in one of my expectations and wishes for the upcoming 365 days to see the value of the pursuit and be committed to it for 2013, if it is to be that I live that long.

I think it is great to be able to reflect and check in on the things I commit to and say I am interested in as well as being able to remember where I was in a particular time, emotionally, mentally, etc.

I hope I feel great because I followed through on my goals and life changes. By this time next year I hope my life will be less complicated, less stressful, less busy and less worrisome. That's a tall order for one year but time is running out so I'd better keep going stronger and stronger.

I think I'll feel abut the same as I do now - enthused about a lot, regretting some things. What I hope might be different is that I'll be realizing that teshuvah is an ongoing, lifelong process, and that recognizing that I have questions and identifying what they are is as important as finding the answers.

I hope that I am more settled & have more answers than I do now. Perhaps I will laugh more, love more & be happier with myself.

I think I'll be very happy and maybe even surprised that 10Q is running that long. It's a nice idea but is it a passion project or a business? In terms of how I'll feel personally--I generally like the weather in the month of September so hopefully I'll be quite happy, just like I am today. I hope I've done a kick ass job at work in the past year and managed not to fuck it up royally. I think that a quick reflection every day will be good for me and I think that slowly seeing the answers will be invaluable in terms of self reflection and catharsis. If I'm doing it for a full year I'd say this is as useful as a good analyst.

By next year I think I'll be intrigued to read what I wrote. I'll probably have forgotten all about this until I see the emails I assume I'll get. I don't think these questions will make a big difference in my life. I hope that I will be in Grad school and that I've found a way to support myself through Grad school. I'm planning on pursuing a PhD in Religious Studies. If anyone out there would like to support a good cause, this is it. I am serious as I do hope and plan to bring about many changes. Basically I intend to see that ALL that is in the written Torah is realized. Check my website to contact me, if you'd like to help a very special, important and vital cause. The website is: www.theleviteline.com

I think I will probably look back at this time and wonder how I survived it. I will probably still be kind of sad about some of the sacrifices I have had to make, but I hope I will have reached a better balance by next year. I hope I will not feel torn in so many competing directions, and I hope I will be taking better care of myself.

I think I'll feel glad that I wrote out some thoughts about my future. I think I'll feel like I actually did something positive with long-term goals. I think I'll feel like I'm "on my way" and hopefully better accomplished, planned, and measuring myself against myself. Can't compare myself to other people, right? ;-)

I want to see that all of these goals that I have put down have been achieved. I want most if not all of my goals to be accomplished and I most importantly want to see change. I love to see change at all times and I think that if I see change a lot then it will be the sign of a good year.

I like another answer I saw, that said this time next year, I just want to be able to say I didn't give up. I want to read this next year and say, "Yes, I made some progress. I was better at being and acting on my true and higher self." I don't think I'll ever give up.

Every year is different as far as what comes and how I respond to it. I don't know that these questions are going to make my life different. But it was nice looking back on last years answers and seeing where I had progressed, and it was interesting to see what answers were more or less the same. I think it is a wonderful space for reflection. I prefer that reflection to the often hollow practice of New Year's resolutions.

I'm more confident in my abilities, and capable of making myself do the things I want, than I was this time last year. I hope that trend continues. I hope I've found my thesis project and assembled my committee and feel excited about it. I hope I'll be planning my wedding for real, and maybe adopting a cat. I hope I had a good summer of gardening, and worked on some creative projects, and visited my friends and family, and went to the seaside. But I think I may be in a good spot to do that!

I want to feel more content and settled and not so scattered. I want to live from the heart with love and kindness. I want it to happen sooner rather than later.

Dear future me, I hope right now I am sitting in a much better position than I am now. I am not in a good place right now. I've been chewed up and spit back out by many groups, and my self esteem is demolished. I hope that as I read this a year later, I have grown up and see things clearly. I hope I am less confused than I am now, and I hope that I truly love myself and am confident in who I am. I hope I continue to make the right mistakes and learn from it all. It's all a learning experience.

When next September rolls around I'll hopefully look back on my results happily, with the changes that I currently wish to see in the future happen, and that I'm happy about them. I hope I'll be more bonded with my grade, BBYO, and graduates from BBYO. I hope that I carry through with my desires and inspirations in this coming year.

I hope I'll be much more together, relaxed, centered.

I hope I'll feel both groovy and excellent. I hope I'll have made the world a better place by being as transparent as I can. I hope I'll still hope.

I'll probably feel amazed that I was so preoccupied with certain issues which will have fallen by the wayside by then. I am hoping that I will have started a new business and will feel greater peace in my life and relationships.

Reflective. Not at quite the exact same point on everything, but as with "to do" lists, some things will be similar. I hope things will be better with my family by this time next year and that I will have tried one new change in my life.

I hope I will be in a positive place, both physically and spiritually. I would like to be worrying less about my kids and that they slowly find their way in their respective lives. I hope my husband will have finally found his groove so that he is satisfied with what he is doing. I hope that I will be less stressed about money and that we are less in debt. And I hope that my house is finally organized. The questions always make me stop and take stock of my life. All of the issues above are somewhat superficial. The questions always make me thankful for what I have - a fantastic husband who loves me more than I had ever hoped to be loved and 2 incredible kids who make me proud to be a mother.

I hope I'm on my way to getting published. I hope Arturo and I are still friends. I know Alan and Sandy will be close, as always. I hope I know how wonderful I am and how many gifts I have to share. I hope I remember this time of transition as a great growing place in my life. And I know everything will be ok. That's always been the motto of my grandmother, and my mother, and of me.

I'm sure I'll forget about them, and hopefully my answers will make me smile and remember younger me. I'm so curious if the vacation in Europe happens? Am I still with Dermatology office? Am I still single and happy about it? How many nieces and nephews do I have now? Hello, future!

Well, I'll be at college so I hope that I will be at the college I really want to be at. I think I'll feel proud of what I wrote down and hopefully I'll feel better about things I was worried about. I just love stuff like this. I really hope this year will be good I'm trying my hardest to.

I think I'll be pleased to have realized my goals and look fondly back at my wishful thinking. : )

I hope I would have made progress with life and with my goals and that I will continue to be in a good, reflective place.

I hope that the changes I want to make, have actually been made. I really hope that I'll be in a better place academically and health wise. I really want to commit to finding out who I am as a person and staying true to that when I do find it out.

I think -- hope -- that I'll feel marginally less disappointed in myself looking back on the past year than I did in 2011 looking back before it. That's the gift of the annual Holy Days, not to become perfect, but to become slightly better, year in and year out. B'ezrat HaShem.....

At this time next year, Aaron and I will have been living in our house for about a year. I hope that I will have received enough positive feedback at work that the looming of my tenure review is more exciting than frightening. I expect and hope that we will be ready to start trying to have kids! Message to future me: be patient about getting pregnant. You're getting better at patience; try to practice that with pregnancy too.

I hope that by next year the overwhelming weight of my son's untimely death will have lightened. I hope that the experience of his passing will continue to make me mindful of what is really important in life and not to get upset about things that just aren't that important. I hope I will continue on a path of creating more peace and love within my home and with my friends and family. I hope I will find that I am much slower to judgement and more of people'e differences. I hope to be more content and peaceful, grateful for what I have and more loving and conscious of other's.

I will feel very interested to see what they say. I think this is going to be a good year, I have a good feeling. I think I will be doing much better in school, and be leading a much better life! I am so curious to see what my answers will be when I check back in September! What a great process.

I have no idea! My natural inclination to worry and fear the worst makes me wary of projecting so far in the future. BUT, that's one of the things I'd like to change, and in the course of answering these questions, I have really forced myself to sit down and have a conversation with myself. Perhaps I've really been listening! (or was I just asleep?) and so I hope that I'll have achieved some, if not all, of the aspirations that I expressed during these 10 days. Did this answer the question?

I hope that I have more balance in my life, and feel satisfied with having made some accomplishments.

A year ago I believed things very intensely--I believed in community, I believed in groups, I believed in people and friends and relationships being strong. Most of those beliefs have been very shaken, and I no longer believe them the way I once did. I'd like to find my faith again.

It's definitely going to be odd to read these answers and remember exactly where I was a year ago. I'll also probably laugh at some of the melodramatic answers that I wrote. I hope that I can achieve the things I want for myself and be the person that I want to be.

I think I will feel nostalgic as well as relieved. I think it will be nice to see how much I have grown and changed. I hope I will have achieved my goals that I set for myself and continued to live as I want to live and not worrying about what others think about me. I hope I will not have made the same mistakes that I have made in the past and that I will learn from them.

I hope I will still be able to relate to the sentiments and wishes that I'd expressed.

I'm hoping that I'll be on my way to a full time position, and that because of these answers, I'll have more confidence in myself to do not only the things I have to do, but the things I WANT to do. I work hard, treat people the way they should be treated and stop to look at the miracles in the world around me. I pray that G-d grants me another year of life, and forgives my sins.

I will definitely feel better, as I will not be laid up from a surgery (I hope.) I have a feeling that I'll be in another time of transition, whether that's completely transitioning to working at Epic, returning to teaching, or doing something completely different. I'm hoping the time I've spent reflecting, both here and in my counseling sessions will help me to move on and become the person I want or need to be and make the hard decisions in my life.

I hope that I will look back and see that I've accomplished what I set out to do.

I think I might be surprised by my answers. A lot of changes lie in the year ahead.

I think I'll feel like I was being a bit glib and didn't put enough thought into it. Or, I'll appreciate past-me's attempt to be deep while trying to make future-me laugh.

I hope that I feel lighter, less burdened. I hope I will accomplish what I set out to do in these answers. Both the tangible actions for 2011 and beyond, and taking action quicker in the future for new things that come up. I hope that the most likely cancerous spot on my father's head that he called to tell me about last night is not a serious cancer. I think the biggest gift of taking time to answer these questions is that by putting things down in writing I both committed to certain actions and saw things more clearly.

I hope that next year I reflect more gratitude for how lucky I am to be healthy and employed. I've seen other people's answers and realize how self-absorbed we all are. Thank you God for bringing me to this day.

Indifferent, most likely

I hope I am different, especially in terms of my health. I hope that I'm attending services with my children at least a few times a year. I think my fear may stil be paralyzing, particularly where my children are concerned. It's so hard to wear my heart outside my body and will likely take my entire lifetime to get used to.

I think all these questions are the same. Nice concept, but way too fucking repetitive.

So here's something to fear: that the aspirations and goals in some of the answers won't happen, and that I'll feel just a little older and slower. What I hope is not to be worrying about the older and slower part, and just to keep feeling that the days (and the joy in them) have been properly seized.

I hope to be more grounded in what I want to do with my life. Or I hope to be more grounded in the fact that I have no idea what I want to do with my life.

Who knows

Hopefully I will realize that I have improved on at least some of the things mentioned here. Either this will be a great reminder of the progress I have made and what I still need to achieve or it will be a wake up call that nothing has changed.

I hope that these answers will remind me of this time in my life and that I'll look back with sweetness. I hope that I'll be pleased with the progress I've made and will be relieved of some of my worries and fears.

If I'm still around in 2012, I think I will look at things philosophically. I'll be 74 years old and I get a little more forgiving of my failures as I grow older. Having a long perspective is a wonderful thing. I hope I won't be disappointed with my results regarding being more emotionally available to my partner. That one is the most important. Can't say how I will feel if I fail at improving my phone phobia. Hope I can pull it off. I mean to try. Also, I hope I am, much better at Hebrew, but if not, I won't be too upset with myself.

I think I will feel a little embarrassed. I am at a place in my life right now where others take priority over my self and that's okay. It seems so self-indulgent to take the time and effort to reflect.

I think I might feel think some of the stuff I wrote about was silly. I think I will also be remembering Matt. I think I might cry and be longing for the carefree days of undergrad. I hope I will have even more insight next year and I hope I will be happy wherever I am. I think answering these questions will give me good focus when I read them in a year and allow me to take the time to reevaluate. Who will I be with? Where will I be? What will I be? These questions can't be answered now but next year when I read these words hopefully I will know them and have positive responses. The questions from the past 10 days could change everything for a little while or cause a new direction/approach to be taken for the long term. I wish my future self a lot of luck and I pray you are happy.

I'll probably laugh ...and cry ...or at least smile and nod my head. I hope that we are welcoming in a new baby into our lives and so deeply involved in the wonderful chaos that brings that I won't have much time to think about last year's 10Q answers.

I think I'll look back at this year as one of transition. I hope I'll look back and realize that everything that happened was for the best.

I hope to look back at my answers as a snapshot of me at this point of time. Maybe my life will be very different in 2012, maybe it won't. It's good to be in a place where this doesn't matter so much. Life is good right now, and I'm grateful for what is.

I will feel intrigued by both te demons that plagued me and the joys that uplifted me. I hope that I will be at peace with here "I'm at" in Sept. 2012 and where my son is at as well.

I think I'll feel like I didn't accomplish much over the year. I hope that by answering these questions I am becoming conscious of the things I am capable of and putting them out in the universe.

I like this process much more than the traditional New Year's resolutions. My only concern -- because it is more thoughtful -- is that it makes it easy to reach for the stars and set goals that are too high. (which is fine as long as you don't feel like you've failed if you don't make it all the way up there.) I sometimes do best when I have very specific circumscribed goals -- like "I will go to yoga once a week." (That's one that really worked for me.) This is a particularly crucial year -- my youngest child's last in high school, the last year in my house, etc. -- before a big change that has to happen anyway, no matter what I write here. I do hope my life is different and pretty much like I envision it. I hope to be living with my sweet bf, and feel less split about my life here at my house vs. there at his. I hope the kids feel comfortable and at home there -- at least as much as possible, though I do know how hard that will be for each of them. I hope he is okay with my over-solicitousness in that area -- his kids moved around more so he "gets" it less, plus he was a different kind of parent. That's my gut fear, that my kids will feel the huge wrench of parting from this place, from the memories (which of course will remain but it's hard to experience that for the first time). I hope I'll have a chance at a career writing -- or editing, teaching... And make a little money. That would be amazing. I'm going to shoot for it.

I think I'll feel frazzled, wondering what happened to another year, one more year closer to seeing if one can see the middle of a black hole after death.

I think I'll pretty much feel the same, because I don't think my personality will change too much between now and then. I think I really went through that change earlier in high school. I hope that I'm having fun in college, and that I am just satisfied with my life.

I will probably laugh a little at myself. Looking back, I will probably seem a little idealistic. My hope is that for many of the things I have stated as goals I will have tried to achieve them. Perhaps I will achieve them! I hope these answers give me a chance to truly reflect on the year behind me and look ahead to the year to come. I hope you took chances this year. I hope you are somewhere incredible right now. I hope you made the most of the summer. I hope you made the most of your sophomore year. I hope you said thank you every day. I hope you appreciated your friends, family, and those who inspire you. I hope you are happy with the choices you've made. If not, don't fret! Smile. Shanah Tovah u'metukah - may this year bring you more joy and happiness than ever before.

I think I'll feel accomplished. I've set a high bar for my academic and extra-curricular achievement this year in order to prepare myself for College--which I will be in by September of next year.

I will be recently married and hopefully more settled in my job. The next few months will be critical. I hope to reflect on them with pride.

I think I will be proud of my personal growth and my contributions to my family, friends and the community at large. I believe I will be in a healthy loving relationship and that I will be living a full and meaningful life. I will be strong and healthy as a result of my commitment to self care.

I can only hope to stay on the great trajectory I fell I am on now!

I will hopefully a new and tired mom :-) I'll have a year of the new job 'under my belt' and that will feel great, too. I will feel gratitude and continued and deepened joy. I will even more deeply in love with Anna and our relationship will finally have legal recognition...

I am hoping to feel relived that the things that have weighed on me this past year will be resolved. I really want to be able to say "I did" instead of "I thought about". Most of all, I want to feel like I am closer to the next generation of my family, even though most of them are on the west coast.

I'm hoping I'll look back and realize how much has changed. I hope that I will be even happier. I'll have met a bunch of new people and made new friends. Maybe even dated/dating someone :) Hope I'm right! Hi me!

I have no idea what I will think next year. This year had major life shifts. Maybe next year will be even more so. Who can say? I hope I have a steady stance, some inner peace, people to love, and take steps toward my fears and toward life goals. Perchance to dream ... again I say.

I think I'll realize just how emotionally and physically draining this fall has been in ways that I can't see now. I hope that the work I'm doing in therapy - which seems to be helping me move forward towards someone I want to be - is more deeply entrenched in my life. Although I will probably be done with saying Kaddish for my father, I wonder now how grieving for him during the next year and years will go; and I'm sure these questions will help me to reflect on that next fall.

I will be even freer from my lame worries about security and safety. I will have taken more chances to confirm my core belief Everything DOES work out perfectly all the time. I'll have more fun and adventure. Loved this exercise! Happy new year!

This year, I saw "leaps and bounds" in some areas, but "running in place" in others. I hope that next year, the "running in place" ceases -- and that I accomplish those goals that I've had in front of me for a long time. Overall, I'm so thankful for my life, and how it is unfolding. The attitude of gratitude is very satisfying to me.

I'll probably say to myself 'Yeah, right' and move on ...Seriously I have no idea what my reaction will be. But that is why I signed up here, to find out!

I hope in a year the economy has improved enough for my family to not be worrying about where we will get the money for the kids to go to school. I hope that Joan is less stressed and that we are surviving without Nick.

I hope that things are moving along but mostly the same. I like where I'm at and only hope that I will have lost some weight by next year. But if this year is any measure, it looks like there will be a lot of changes between now and then.

I think that when september 2012 comes and i receive my answers from 2011 I think ill feel older. Ill feel that i learned so much in the past year. Hopefully in one year i will have more friends at school, will possibly have a boyfriends, my grades will be good, and ill be nsiah of my BBYO chapter. Oh oops that wasnt really the question. So I think that by thinking about and answering these questions it will make me think about the past year and reflect on it. Also to think about what I want from the upcoming year.

My life is in a good place now, but I have some inner demons I wish to conquer. I would love to look back at these answers and take comfort knowing that I don'glt still hang onto the same fears - that I have grown.

I hope my body feels healthier and more balanced. I hope I'm able to get some of these ideas out of my head and down on paper. I hope I can be okay with who I am and what I'm doing.

I hope I'll have passed dog grooming course and be on my way to a new career. I also hope that Manchester United retain the Premier League title and get to 20!

It's not easy to keep momentum or to make big changes. But Paige in 2012, I'm going to tell you this: I expect a lot out of you. You converted all on your own, when people bet against you, because it made you content. You started jogging and it made you feel better. You started finding ways to find peace, and you were less angry. You discovered that when you are in your zone, and your head is aligned with your values, you are a smooth running machine. Now tell Paige 2011 that you are still proving it. Because Paige, Leo and David 2022 are counting on it. You are smart. You are strong. You are gentle. Keep proving it. Love ya.

I'll feel the same...I hope to be happy and healthier, lose a little weight/stronger knees, have a boyfriend finally, still have both cats.

I enjoyed reading my answers last year. They made me aware of how slow my progress is. I hope next year my first derivative is larger, & that will logically boost my 2nd derivative.

I think I will feel a sense of accomplishement, as I hope to improve my life by then.

I would like to think that I will be able to look back and see at least some change in my life, whether it's in my job or home situation or future plans. I have received my first lot of 10Q's this year which I enjoyed reading back as I could see a change, I just hope this is the case this time next year. Answering these questions has given me a chance to reflect and realise what I need to do in the future. I just hope I will have followed this through...

I liked reflecting on my year. I liked making sense of the decisions that I have made, and I hope that 2012 is a good year for us and that I accomplish my goals.

I feel like I will think I had a totally one-track mind. I mean all my answers were about Judaism and all these sample answers are all varied and stuff. I hope that by Sept. 2012 I won't be as uptight all the time, and I won't be so worried about whether I can observe the holidays and I won't be having an identity crisis all the time. Thinking about these questions has at least made me see that there is something needing to be repaired about my life; before I started thinking about this I really didn't think I needed to do anything different in life but now I really see that I need to change some things. Not sure what exactly, it's kind of vague. But it's something.

I hope I'm more thoughtful. I hope I'm more thoughtful farther in advance. I know this is a secular exercise, but of course, it IS connected to Jewish tradition, and I am just starting a process of re-connecting with my religion. I've been away from it for years, and I am starting to explore the value of it in my life. I hope this time next year I am 100% more informed about my religion and that I am making a thoughtful choice to engage with it, and to follow it's beautiful traditions. I also hope I'm more at peace with who I am as a person. I also hope I'm making an income doing what I love. I also hope that if I'm not, I'm doing something that makes me happy. I hope that the fact I have these questions to look forward to means I'll think more carefully about my choices in the coming year, but that I'll also throw caution to the wind and have wonderful stories from 2012 to add to my memory-book. The world moves so so fast. I hope that by next year I've found a rhythm that works for me.

I expect to be feeling great. I will have lost all the weight I want and kept it off. I will know more about whether there is any future with an ex-boyfriend or possible other partner. I will have gone to France and visited my friends. I will have made some steps towards getting back into painting.

I think I'll be a little apprehensive. I am afraid that I will not have made the changes that I wanted to work on. I hope I make progress and I hope that I feel good about it and myself no matter what.

I'll feel strange that a whole year has passed by. The truth is maybe I won't even be here in a year. What if my depression takes a turn for the worst? What if I commit suicide? I hope my depression gets better so I can read this in a year. I just want to be here to live out my hopes and goals.

I think I will feel disappointed that I didn't put too much effort into answering the questions this year. I am hoping that I will at least set out to achieve some of the goals I have set for myself. And maybe even finish one.

I'll probably feel ashamed for the way I answered the questions. I hope that this time next year though I will be healthier, I hope I'll be studying hard, I hope I'll be the best me that I can be.

I will be in full flow with my abundance, teaching many, many women and children to dance, very playful in my life, deeply in love and not fearing anything

I think I will feel good. I think that my life will be better and stronger as a result of the next 12 months... I hope that I will be in a happy relationship. I hope to be healthy and happy and have a successful company.. Love to myself... Unconditional...

I'm hoping to be more grounded, mellow, strategic and positive. I'm very lucky, I appreciate what I have - it's time to be in the moment and enjoy.

I was pretty surprised at where my head space was at this time last year. I hope that I will continue to be surprised.....but in a good way.

I hope that the thought and effort I put into answering this years questions has continued to guide me on a more thought-full path. I hope that the arrival of the questions in my in box will spark a feeling of gratitude that I am here to answer them. So much of our modern life is about the next thing, the next place, the next activity - so rare are we asked to stop in one place and consider how we got "here", vs. focusing our efforts on how we will get "there". Thanks for the opportunity to read, consider, think and answer. G'mar hatimah tovah.

I hope I will be on board, I will be back together with my ex boyfriend and I will be just as happy - if not happier - as I am now.

I'll feel a little foolish but also happy to see what changes have happened and, G'd willing maybe a little growth!

I think that I will be still pondering a lot of the same things a year from now, but I also hope that there will be some movement to resolve the areas of concern that I noted need attention.

I think I will be more stable, in terms of a job and juggling work and family. I think we'll also have more financial stability.

I haven't made any commitments or promises and haven't really reached for a goal. Yet. But today, a therapist suggested that I take steps to change some health trends and habits. I agree that this is what I want, and I have written about my priorities for health in my journal. In fact, I have built my schedule around exercise 5 days a week. So why does it seem risky to commit my aspirations to print? Well, here is the perfect forum. I am going to continue my trajectory for health, and this will include losing weight, strengthening, and eating the healthy diet that is within my reach.

I hope I'll feel like I've done my best.

Impressed/embarassed. I hope I will be less self-pitying, more hopeful and loving and will have expanded what I can do creatively and to help others.

I think I might be surprised and happy that I participated in it. I hope my life will have continued in the manner that I wanted. If there were changes in my life, I hope that I would have wholely accepted them, and if there were any hurdles in my life, I hope to have passed them and learned from them.

I will feel joy at having come farther than I'd hoped, at becoming more the person I've always wanted to be, at aligning my life with my dreams, and I will be living a kinder more mindful life. It isn't so much where I want to go or be or a goal -- it is an intention that I can reset moment by moment, it is a way of being.

I will probably feel a bit surprised like I did this year when I looked back on 2010 Questions. Maybe a bit disappointed that I hadn't really addressed the major concern of drinking to much alcohol. This year I've avoided that issue in the questions. But.. I'm putting it in now so no excuses! I'm hoping I can continue to reflect on issues/problems/gifts that come my way. That's what's been great about the questions - it puts you in a very objective frame of mind. Makes you think before you decide about how you feel or, hopefully, before you act.

I think I'll have probably forgotten all about this and it will be an awesome surprise. Hopefully I will have achieved all of my goals from this year and generally consider my life to be going in a good direction. I don't know if things will change that much but I'm sure I will have grown as a person in the next year.

I hope that I will be able to make my self a better person in at least the ways that I've mentioned. I want to have people like me for who I am.

I hope that I am feeling more fulfilled I my job. I moreso hope my wife is going to work everyday not dreading it, coming home happy with where her professional life is. I hope we feel like we are in an overall position where we can look proudly to the next steps in life with excitement and anticipation, not at next month with anxiety. And... I want to be able to say on RH - "I am feeling strong and ready for the 150mile MS ride"! (wouldn't hurt if I dropped 20lbs too!!)

I'm sure I will not remember writing all of the answers. I hope that I will have acted on some of the issues in at least some of my answers.

I'll be in college by then, above all I hope that I am more mature and am able to leave all my darkness behind me. College is a very scary thought to me and I really hope its gonna be ok

I think I will feel that they were an honest snapshot of where I was. I hope that, in this following year, I will find something bigger than myself to do. I want to be proud of something again, beyond art. I need to be busier and less self involved. I would really like to see that I have helped to make something a bit more of myself than I feel currently.

I hope and pray that I'll have had spiritual growth beyond what I could have imagined and an attitude of gratitude....I know I'll be grateful for another year of life serving My LORD... I do hope my physical life is improved drastically

I hope I feel better, I hope I am in a better place than I am today. I am happy with today; I want tomorrow to be better. I think people will be in a better place 1 year from now, there will be more hope and desire for things to be better.

I hope that next year we will be in a better position in our business and in our personal life, and in the economy overall so that my focus is not so one-dimensional. I hope I've learned how to avoid the drama and just be able to do my job. I hope we're not afraid for our business and our homes and our lives. I hope that we can appreciate when things are good rather than hope they are better. And I hope this year to come is better than the last, because the last, with only a few exceptions, was one of helplessness, hopelessness. I hope that I can completely embrace and love G-d without fearing he won't help us before it's too late.

I think I might be in a new, expectant place, and think of this past year,and some of the year to come, as a hibernation, a waiting and gathering of mind space and energy for a new, exciting project.

I hope to have a deeper understanding of my thinking process. I am a strong believer in failing often and fast. Although I am introspective, I judge myself severely and struggle to acknowledge my growth and success. I am currently learning to speak with more intention. I want to communicate better with my partner, family and co-workers. I strive to be direct and honest.

I hope that I will be different, that I will have changed and discovered more about who I am. Right now, I'm really confused about where I want to go in life, and I hope that by next year, I will be a little more set, and a little happier.

I don't know how different I'll be. Although, I do hope I will be better if I do change. Better at what? Better at being myself. I want to be the best of myself and always try and show that to people

I hope that I will have made the same progress that I made during the last year. That would be really great although I still won't be where and who I want to be. But perhaps I'd feel like I want to be where I am? That would be even better. Stay hungry. Stay foolish.

I will probably recognize how negative I sound. We have had a difficult two years, with health issues and my husband trying to retire. I hope that by next year he will be retired, we will be traveling alot to new places and revisiting some old places we enjoy. I hope my relationship with family has settled down, especially my sister, and that renewed relationships continue. I hope to expand my relationships with other women and that my husband, especially, has improved health and a less stressful life. It affects both of us,and I hope to be past that. My parents are elderly, and I always think the next phone call is about them, and when they pass, I will have no regrets as I have had a strong relationship with them. I hope the economy improves and the republicans realize that what they are doing hurts more people than it helps.

I will be turning 60 and hope I have passion, a sense of purpose and a clear direction for my next decade.

I think that I will be on my way to owning a house and working on my career. I am sure by this time next year, I will have lost ten pounds. I will do it this time. I really hope I am in a relationship.

I think it will be strange. I'm hoping by then to be in my own place again, and not homeless, and much closer to my bachelor's so I can move on to Scotland to be with my beloved.

I am not sure I put as much time into the answering as I should have. I was not thrilled with the actual questions. I am not sure how they could have been better but I found them hard. I hope that I am a year older and a year wiser. I hope that I am happy and looking forward to the coming year. Shanah Tova to me!

The biggest issue, the one I haven't figured out yet, is how to take what I love to do and make that my top priority. What I love should not be left in last place, as something I'll get to when I have time. Nor should it used only as a reward for completing difficult tasks. I'm running out of time. I have created much for others -- it's time I created a wonderful life for myself. Next September I will be on a relaxing vacation in Italy following the successful launch of my first book.

I maight think; "Oh, Wow! Was I in a bad mood when I answered that?" I may laugh, and then again...maybe not.

I'll have at least known that I tried to focus my energies on a few things that are important in my life to do. I feel these questions have really motivated me to look forward to the new year with energy, positivity and patience.

I hope I will be at peace with myself and with others. I hope I will be stronger and have healed from everything the past few years has taught me. That way I will be able to move on to the new challenges and blessings that will present themselves. I want to be proud of what I have done this past year, personally and professionally.

Honestly, disappointed. This year I was. I hope next year I will feel better about the goals I set, but I think I will be disappointed once again.

Most of these answers were written during a $20 steak lunch (when I also realized I might like mushrooms) at Aria's in Cherry Creek. At the time of answering you felt motivated and excited about changes to enhance happiness in your life. Yesterday I signed a lease for an apartment uptown so action has begun - KEEP IT UP!

I think I will be disappointed because I haven't fulfilled all that I want to. Hah! I am a pessimist and that is another thing that I want to change- or I too easily believe the negative in situations. Next year, I want to have a grasp on maintaining a peaceful state of mind regardless of the situation and disappointments. I want to be able to say that I have made a lot of progress on realizing my destiny.

I hope that this time next year I feel only healthier, happier and more excited about the year to come. I wonder if I'll be closer to creating a family of my own.

It has taken me 43 years to realize I can never predict what life will hold. I used to think I walked on a golden road until everything fell apart and, after two years of almost uncanny bad luck, everything became wonderful again: a new amazing job, a wonderful girlfriend. Then abruptly these blessings vaporized only to be replaced by...different blessings. I still dream big and hope the tragicomedy of life (in it's devotion to surprises) sees fit to make some of them come true next year.

I hope to incorporate into my practice and learn more about self-reflection. I would like to make Yom Kippur more meaningful.

I hope that i'll be relieved because i hope my issues will be solved and that i'll be living the life that i wanted

I think I'll be in the same place, worried about the same things. I hope I'm not. I hope I have a plan and a path to move forward to the next steps in life. I think I'll still be unsure and looking for something, and feel stagnant. Only time will tell.

Hopefully I will be happy and enjoying my first few months of marriage. I hope to stay calm and reasonable throughout the planning process. When I read my answers next year, I will probably think it's silly how obsessed I am with getting married and planning a wedding. I am actually really excited about this time next year and can't wait to start my life with Dave.

I think I'll feel pretty accomplished. I feel as though each year has been building off of each other. Each year I meet my general goals of travel, new life skills, and growing professionally in different ways. I hope it continues!

I hope (and think) that I will look at my answers and think to myself, "Look how far I have come." But I will have to challenge myself to overcome that fear of rejection. If I keep doing what I've always done, then I will keep getting what I've always gotten. It's time to do one thing different.

I hope my life is as good next year as it was this year. No complaints

Honestly, reflecting has made me a bit sad...I want to forget the hard times, but I want to remember the good that came out of it more. So I guess the old saying, "No pain, no gain," applies here. Also, Romans 8:28--"And we know that in all things God works for the good of those who love him, who have been called according to his purpose." I hope that most of these things will have passed and my hopes will be realized or at least I'll be closer to my goals.

Probably I shall feel surprised because when I see things I wrote later I sometimes can't believe that was myself who wrote them. I do hope to feel stronger and less afraid next year at this time. Therse questions have been a good source of introspection.Thank you for posing them .

I expect to feel pretty good, like I did this year. I expect there will be surprises. But it will feel like just a hot second, the time is passing so quickly. But like Vick's note to herself, I AM back in love so that's pretty cool. I hope I will be a better lover so that the year has been a less dramatic one, more gentle and steady and supportive, mutually. That would be vunderbar. And Love yourself, dear Laurie Le'ah

i just hope that im happy with where i am in my life. My ideas of happiness may change between now and then but as long as at the present time im happy and healthy what more is there to ask for?

I hope that I will be glad and happy that I managed to overcome all my difficulties and have a secure but free existence. I hope that I will have finished my first book and started to write my second (and wrote my three pages a day). I hope that I will be more slim and healthy by then. I hope that I will take my aims more serious as I answered these questions before.

I am hoping I will have this depression under control, I am hoping I will have my life back in order either with a job or my woodworking. I am hoping my wifes job will also take off and I might consider an early retirement to make sure my woodworking takes off.

I think I'll feel slighted disappointed that my answers were a bit boring. I'd like to have a full-time contract by then, maybe even have hired a minion to work under me. I don't think answering these questions will have any major impact on my life or its direction.

I think I'll look back with respect and admiration for how far I'd come and developed that year! I want to be writing my next answers feeling that I have come that far again feeling that I never wasted a moment.

I will feel great. My life will be different as i know i will be following my dreams and doing what i love.

I keep looking forward to each year hoping to have accomplished something extraordinary during that time period. I want to continue to grow and learn and change, for the better, and have a healthy strong wonderful relationship with my husband. I want to become a better artist, a better communicator and be more organized. I'll hope that my health is fantastic by this time next year. I want to listen to God more too.

I think I'm a very different person than I was in September 2010 so I hope I'm able to read my answers to these questions and feel like I've really taken positive steps toward making the changes I want to make in my life. Certainly being able to go to college and start over in a way will make that easier to do. I hope that I can read these things next year and laugh about how troubled I was a year ago but I doubt that will happen. I'll always have things about me that I want to change and improve, but that's what being human is. So, future self, just remember that even if things seem bad there is always room for change. It's never too late to be the person you want to be.

I hope that I will have taken everything that I answered and applied it. It is a good exercise to store these answers away and check in again next year. I hope that I can look back and say, "You know, it's all okay."

I hope that I can use these questions to better myself and the lives of others around me. Maybe this will be the push to make things better or try something new. I think 2012 will be a good year and I hope to continue using 10Q from year to year.

I hope I will feel relieved that I have let go or dealt with some of the health anxieties I'm having right now (my jaw joint issue). I don't imagine I'll feel any differently about how joyous it is to have three sons, but I can envision that it'll be even more tiring given that #3 will be walking by next September.

Relieved that I don't have all this pressure. Relieved that I survived. Looking forward to a new chapter in my life.

I hope that I'll have recognized my own power, that I will be less afraid. That I will have written the article and that it will be in publication.

I know by that time rolls around I will have completely forgotten that I signed up for this in the first place. I think it will make me laugh a bit, and realize that I've fallen short where I didn't think I would, or that I've come further than I expected. Probably a combination of both.

September 2012 will be the time when either big changes happen with my career and/or living situation or it will be during the time of adjustment. Hopefully I will look back with a sense of satisfaction and smile. I think answering these questions helps me to get things back into focus, so that I can do the things I really want to do with my life and be the person I really want to be.

Hello future me! You always set very high expectations for yourself. That's fine. Just remember to give yourself a break. You might not have accomplished everything you've planned and worried over and fretted about. It's okay.

I hope I will read them and laugh, as always. I hope I'll be amazed at how much I was worried about and what a no-big-deal it all was.

Hopefully I can laugh at myself for being such a dork. It would be nice to have gone that far from where I am.

Last year I was right about a couple of predictions: Obama made a bold move initiating the death of Osama Bin Laden; and on a lighter and more personal note I am currently traveling for two months. Hmmmm...a year from now, I hope I'm very close to a book publishing and that I'm writing or directing a piece to be performed live. I also hope that I'm playing more music gigs and of course, more financially stable. I will have a new nephew and maybe a new direction in my own personal love life.

I'm afraid I won't have learned anything. I'm afraid I'll be in an even worse dead-end job than the one I had before I got fired. I hope I'll have a better job, and be happier, thinner, and less neurotic. Heck, if I'm really wishing I guess I'll wish I actually owned a house with a yard and a car too. :)

I think I'll be ready for the Days of Awe next year--I'll be excited because I hope my commitment to observing Jewish rituals will be more steady in the next year, and the rituals themselves will rejuvenate me. I think I'll remember my desire to confront the twin evils of self-limitation and exaggerated self-importance. I hope that my life will be different because of my attempt to answer these questions honestly.

I imagine that I will feel happy to have come so far! I hope that I'm closer to my dreams of having my own writing business and a family.

I so hope I'll be in a very different place: healthy, above all. In a great relationship. Happily on my sabbatical, getting that great project done. Wouldn't that all make for a great, great year!

I know this sounds stupid but I hope that I'll be in love at that time. And I mean happy and in love, not just in love with somebody who isn't interested in me. I just want to feel more confident and when I look in the future I want to be sure who I want to be and become. I just want to grow up a little more but without losing the ability to laugh and behave stupid sometimes.

When i get these questions, i think i will first get a bit emotional, and then be grateful. I hope that the "me" of the future will be happy to see that she has accomplished all or most of her goals, and is well on her way to being successful as a result. And i hope by that time i will be able to apologize to my President for not ebing the best VP i could be. (i'm not ready to apologize this kippur) We are two very differernt people. At this time next year, i hope to be a more intrapersonal person as a result of these questions, and a more interpersonal person as a result of my self-reflection.

I hope that I see myself in a new light. I think I will grow and take risks and be pleasantly surprised. I hope I will think that I worried too much about things that just were not that important and be grateful that I learned about what really mattered. I think I will be able to laugh at myself. I hope that my life will be different.

I think I'll feel happy and a little nostalgic looking back on a slice of life that will probably seem so far away in a year. I hope my life will be very different- less medications, more traveling, more financial security. Answering these questions reminded me of the important things that I want to change and hopefully all of my goals will be reached.

At best, happy and accomplished and fulfilled. At worst, frustrated, depressed and angry with myself. It all depends on whether I have taken action where needed and gone within to resolve the unresolved circumstances in my life. I would like to be easier on myself, kinder with myself, loving to myself, more patient, just as I am with all my patients. If I am the same person who works miracles in other people's lives, why not do it with myself? "If I am not for myself, who will be for me?"

I honestly hope my life will be VERY different from right now. Not that I'm not enjoying life right now, but I'm feeling a lot of pressure to really do something with myself. Maybe I'm being too hard, but after Steve Jobs' death and all the public support for him, I really want to create something of value. Granted, 99% of the population doesn't become another Steve Jobs or Mark Zuckerberg, with the right time and mindset, I think I can create something big and new. By next year, hopefully I'll be working at some sort of startup - that I created/helped to create. Either that, or somehow become the cult leader of #OccupyWallStreet a la V/Guy Fawkes. This is also the first question, but it makes me wonder what the other questions will be like. Will 10Q go all existential on me? Or perhaps throw a curveball and go in another direction? Hopefully these questions will allow me to reflect on myself and my goals. Best case scenario - I remember all my answers in a year because answering this question is the beginning of my true awakening.

Well last year I was being brutally honest and when I saw the answers I felt compelled enough by them to share them with friends and family. It was actually kind of scary just how spot on they were for predicting how my year was about to run. So I have a feeling that because I've felt more grounded and focused this year that I will probably just smile and nod when I read these answers in 2012. That or the world will be slowly imploding for the coming apocalypse and I will be looting and crying. You never know...

I'll either laugh at the situation I was in, feel relieved, or be working through the challenges that came from the choices I made. I hope I'll be on a clearer path, that I'll have a better idea of where my life is headed. I hope I won't have any regrets.

I think i may feel excited, this year was the first for me to get my answers and i felt really good, although i don't think like that anymore, i felt as i got better as a person, i overcame my fears, i hope i do next year. I just hope i don't feel sad as i read my answers because that'll mean that i did something wrong along the year. I want to be even better than i am right now. And i think that i'll be in a great moment of my life. As a result of this, i think i had a very nice year, and i hope to have even a better year in 2012. The last year of the world.

I think I'll feel bad, actually, because I suspect I will remain stuck in more or less the same place. I hope I will have learned to spend more time on what I care about and less time trying to numb myself out or feeling like I have to compete in order to justify my existence.

I'm hoping to have at least one of my two major goals up and running by then. I'm struggling so very hard to, by my definition, "grow up", which is to say-find my calling and begin a family. If I am still "stick" where i am now, I will feel awful! In all hope though, I will be in a significant relationship that will lead to marriage, and in the throws of operating my own business that nurtures my creativity and feeds my soul. I'm hoping that as a result I am inspired to reach out and help other people to become what they are meant to be too.

Disappointed I haven't changed more. Disappointed I was so fearful/cynical/disappointed in myself and everything.

I think this one's just a wait and see! I hope I've experienced psychic, psychological, social, etc. growth... I think I have made strides in the last few years, this year, I've done fairly well, so it's possible! :)

I think I'll feel apprehensive that I did not do as much as I had hoped in the year, but I hope that I will remember everything (or most things) that I wrote for the year. The goals I set for myself are ones that I continually work on, so I will try not to be disappointed if I have similar goals in September 2012. Even if the goals are similar, I'm pretty sure I'll have changed and grown as a person. I hope I'll be happy with my life and the way it's panning out, and that I'll accept that just because there is always room for improvement does not mean that I did not make progress on becoming a better person.

I had a hard time answering these questions and actually skipped a few. I think I was just not clear on how I was actually feeling about certain issues or felt they didn't apply to me. Perhaps this year I'll become more aware of my own issues and aspirations and feel a little more evolved in my life issues.

I don't know, really. Same as last year, I have no real idea. I hope by that time I at least have my body of writing completed, and if all goes well, sold. I would also like to hope that somehwere along the way, I meet a nice girl. I don't think any spiritual or philosophical veiws will change much. I'm always mulling over these matters in the dead of night, so who knows what I'll be thinking when 2012 rollsa round. But as ever, Nothing Is Certain.

This year it was intersting to read how I was thinking, feeling and planning. Next year I will see how baby focused I was. I hope that I will be able to make some of the changes I have talked about in previous questions.

I hope that this internal calm that I have found deepens and grows through this next year. I could never have imagined enjoying time by myself or feeling so safe and secure in myself, in my love, and in my friendships.

By September of next year, I hope that I will have done at least a few of the things I set out to do in these questions. I also hope that some of the things I worry about now have fixed themselves by that time. Things we indefinitely be different as hopefully I will be in nursing school and almost halfway done by December 2012. I have wondered what life will be like in the future, but sometimes it is best to just focus on the now. Also, maybe I should laugh more, it doesn't hurt to take things not so seriously sometimes. Ok, well as I have made it to the end of this and the other questions (writing and then reading!)...."Hello Nathaniel, Nathan, Nate....how are things?! Good I hope!!!!"

I hope I am in as much different place as I am now as I was in 2010 when I answered those questions. As long I continue to grow and work on my mind and body and get healthy things will get better. IT GETS BETTER!

I hope I will see real change. I will not be either too surprised or too disappointed if I have not. Life is long and full of surprises. I have learned not to make everything too crucial but to remember to love, to be kind and to learn. And to try everyday to be a better person.

I don't think my life will be much different. My wife will have a full time job, so I won't see her as much. Other than that, I don't anticipate that I'll feel much different, except I'll be another year old.

I think I'll be surprised when I get these answers as I'll have forgotten about them by that time. I hope that my husband and I will have recovered from the weight of this last year's events, and will have figured out if we like the tango more than the waltz. I hope that I'll have not fallen back into analysis paralysis, that I'll have been back to the Midwest to visit my family at least once by then, and that I'll be celebrating signing an agent and looking forward to a publication date.

I think I will feel a little nervous that I didn't meet any of my goals. I hope that by putting my dreams, desires, gratuities out there that I'll be setting myself up and motioning my life in a new direction. I can't wait to see where I am and what has come to pass next year!

I'm hoping that I won't feel let down by myself. This past year, I've felt that I haven't lived my life as well as I could and I don't want to feel that way next year. Hopefully, I think 'check mark for me!'

I think I'll find that I'm doing pretty good considering. A year from now I'll be looking at 59 instead of 58, a good thing so in 2012, I'll have a LOT to think about for 2013 as I approach the BIG 6-0. Is it just one year, or a decade? It goes by faster every year. I'm definitely more optimistic about the future this year than last, would like to think that some of my efforts would have paid off, whether for my books or my bureau. I will most definitely be a LOT THINER next year..ok, 10 pounds isn't really a LOT thinner, but i am certainly looking forward to a New Year, 2012 that does NOT include a resolution to lose weight like the millions of others. BIG goal there! Looking forward to, and dreading at the same time, the 13K walk challenge, and the 50,000 novel in a month re-d0 challenge in November to finally finish Vashti's Daughter. Can't say much that will change when I read these answers since not that much changed in MY life since last year, maybe I'm just too old for major changes. I could write entire chapters on all the changes that have happened and will continue to happen for my 3 daughters, but these self-reflective questions are not about them... The one think that I can say, and that I've already said, is that I am in a MUCH BETTER PLACE this year than last and feel as if I'm well on my way back from the deep dark hole I was thrown into in 2004... I CAN SEE THE LIGHT!!! Until next year... HAPPY 5772!

I expect it will look pretty much the same. I don't think my desires will change significantly. Nor do I expect myself to have a breakthrough and thus make obsolete my current wishes, making space for another set. I don't think I am going to achieve anything with this excersize; but it was a good one nevertheless.

Confused? Hopefully a bit satisfied that I've done some of the things I've talked about doing in these answers. I'd like to be happier with myself and my marriage, and I'd like to know more about my home and my community.

It is my hope that things will be different- better- when I receive my answers next year. I hope that they won't serve as a depressing, tragic reminder that I was stagnant all year long but instead but able to look at them with a smug smirk, thinking to myself, " Pssh. That was so long ago and sooooo not an issue anymore!" More likely than not, I'll be somewhere in between and I hope that I will be okay with that, with compassion for myself and the motivation to continue this process of personal improvement.

I hope to see the world continue to become a more loving & caring place. For me personally I hope for the opportunity to help others.

Assuming that I reflect deeply and act on my goals appropriately, I think I'll be surprised at how much pain I was in while answering these questions, and pleased at the progress I've made towards achieving more inner peace and happiness. If I'm still in the same place mentally, then I'll know that I didn't put in the right work to change my perspective.

I'll probably be embarrassed. Because I'm always embarrassed when I reflect on the past. Because I realize all of the things I didn't know. I hope Laura and I continue to strengthen as a couple and figure out where we stand on issues that we hadn't thought about before.

I'm afraid that nothing will have changed. There's part of me that feels like - I think about this stuff ALL THE TIME - I go to therapy, I obsess about things, I question and process in true lesbianic fashion. I don't think it's such a crazy thing for me to think about these things, pose these questions to myself. I almost felt a bit smug when I was thinking about this earlier - like - "Oh, how evolved and conscious I am!", and then I thought, "Well, that's all the more reason to delve even deeper into these scary places of desires and fears and goals and regrets. To push myself to try new and different things, to open doors that are intimidating to me, to own my flaws and to try to really see things that I'm sure I'm missing." I actually find it comforting and exciting in some ways, when I'm not freaked out by how much we can't know, don't know, can't anticipate. With Steve Jobs dying yesterday, all of these people posted things on FBook that he said about dying and appreciating life and all that. And I felt like, REALLY, are you all just thinking this NOW?? But we don't know, we don't know, and that is exciting and horrible. I hope that I can just persevere in being honest and open and that I will be gentler about my failures. I hope to have fewer and fewer regrets. And I think that is all. Shana tovah, and I love you.

I hope I feel more assured and more grounded. More proactive . More balanced

Living off grid, safe in my house, creative endeavors.

I think I will see all the things that I've hoped I would have done and be doing and I'll still be doing the same things. :(

I think my answers will be a good reminder of what I want out of life and how to accomplish it. The answers will remind me who I was a year ago and the relation of who I am today. Hopefully I can learn from this experience and better myself.

I hope I discover once again that the terror of the moment is momentary, the love of your life still is, and everything else is just stage dressing.

nostalgic i hope as i'll be back in england. I hope to be in a better place mentally so i can look back and see how far ive come. i hope to have matured more, learned to be not so closed off and have had some good real life experiences. i hope re-reading these helps me see where i am right now and what development has occured during the year. i really really hope its goo development. I hope you're happier and feel more at peace with yourself :)

I am excited to see where I'll be one year from now. I have a feeling that I'll be very involved with something I am passionate about and that I will feel grounded and on track with my life's purpose.

Hard to know since I haven't read the questions yet. I hope I'll feel confident in my spiritual path, and have it a bit more fleshed out.

I hope to read them and realize what i was like now. I wish that I will be what i aspire to be and i hope to be in a good place in my life. I will never know what the 'what if's' in life are like, so i hope to realize that i can only change as much as i set out to change myself.

I hope I feel that I have grown in my faith and in my walk. I hope next year that I will be more nearly satisfied that I have served Yahhua wit h ALL my heart, soul and mind.

September 2012???? Are we going to be here? O yes until December 12.... The Aztec calendar is completely full no place for more years.

I hope I will feel that I have made progress on all the things I claimed I wanted to and beyond. I hope I will feel satisfied with myself. I hope that the more that I remind myself to always be present, improving, learning, and living life in a myriad of ways, the more I will do all those things.

I love reading histories of myself, old journals of thoughts and experiences. I'm sure I will find some new insight into myself in reading my own words. I hope that I will be able to take some of my own advice. I'm not as reflective during the year as I am during these yamim noraim, and it is a hugely valuable practice and experience.

I hope I will feel positively about my answers. I hope I will be in a better state of mind. I hope I will understand myself even more clearly. I wish to grow more patient. I wish to grow less clumsy, more practical.

excited, nostalgic. I hope there is less stress and less debt!


I don't think anything will be different about my life BECAUSE I've answered the questions. But I am curious to see what changes will have manifested during the 12 months since I answered them.

I hope I'll feel less stressed and more balanced. I hope I'll feel more connected with my family, and that I find some source of personal passion. I'm not sure whether a year will really be enough to see any huge difference, given the long steady things that parenting and marriage and homeownership and careers tend to be. I think I'm really only hoping for an upward trend, and a little more happiness. Then more the year after, on and up and out.

I hope I'll be looking back at these questions/answers and this space I'm in right now and saying "oh look, that was the beginning of your new direction, and you didn't even know it. Good thing you were so open and ready for it. Look how far you've come! Look how different things became!" I also really hope I'll be saying "who could have predicted you'd be in the place you're in now?" in a positive way. I hope that what I've had to say this year (which sometimes I've taken seriously and sometimes just dashed off) will still resonate with me next year. Hi, future self--hope you've had a joyful, growthful, passionate year full of epiphanies, great conversations, and impactful action. Love you!

The first year I did this I only answered a couple of the questions, but the result at reveal time was pretty amazing. I took more time and energy last year and I am pleased to report that at least two of my goals had been addressed. It felt good to see that I had made progressed. Sometimes it feels like daily life ways us down and we forget to give ourselves credit for what we do accomplish and focus only on what we haven't accomplished. I look forward to the next year and the opportunity to move that next step forward.

I think I will be proud of how I have moved forward and refocused on my goals, created new goals and put them into action. It has been interesting to be back in the mindset to start thinking outside of the very small world I hsve created for myself here on this tour. I think I will be grateful that I have done what needed to be done to create a bigger life for myself, and open myself up again to what I really want. I will definately feel inspired.

I have learned not to anticipate such things. I will be happy with the moment, as I am now.

I'll be interested and excited to receive my 10Q answers next year, and possibly a bit apprehensive. Maybe I'll have so much going on that this will be the last thing on my mind and will thus come as a pleasant surprise. Hopefully, I'll be a few steps further along the path toward achieving my personal and professional goals. It is my hope that through this and continued personal reflection, I will come to a more definitive and solidified sense of not only what my goals are (of that I'm pretty aware), but more importantly who I am as an individual and what I can do personally to be a better person. Specifically, I want to be pursuing an advanced degree, employed in my field, and still actively involved in volunteer work. I wonder where I'll be at in terms of personal relationships. Will I give myself the time to enjoy an intimate, romantic relationship? Will I still be living with my parents? Will I still be seeing the same support system on a weekly basis? I hope the answer to the latter is yes.

I think I'll be a year older, a year wiser, a year more satisfied with life...even if life doesn't go perfectly well, even if it's hard, even if the rain obscures the light more than I want it to. Why? Because I KNOW that I am blessed. I just came from Yom Kippur services and am fully aware of how many blessings surround me, and my loved ones, and my life....so next year when I read my 10Q responses, I don't think I'll be surprised, or disappointed, or anything except happy that I have lived another year of this wonderful life I've been given.

I think I will feel a sense of awe at how far I've come. My attention used to be focused on all that still needed to be done, which resulted in very little satisfaction and a prevailing sense of "not enough". I appreciate my diligence in the past 6 months to pause and appreciate. This will support me in reflecting on my forward progress over a longer time period.

I think i'll feel surprised and delighted. I hope I'll be in a great job, in a lovely home, with a strong community I put sweat and love into. These questions remind me to be mindful, which is not a huge shift, but something that gently makes everything better.

I hope my work life isn't as consuming as it seems right now. I would like to have an exit strategy for my job by this time next year.

I have no idea how I will feel. I would hope that I paint more. I would also hope that I get to take a rest.

I hope and pray I will be thinner, more organized and in love.

I will feel happy that I accomplished many goals, that I had such a great time growing and searching and hopefully I will be in Iowa, settling in and learning in a new style.

Pues no sé, espero realmente ya tener un trabajo y todo eso... de ahí en más pues a enfrentar lo que venga.

When I receive the answers to the questions a year from now, I'm sure I will be surprised, a little embarrased by some of my answers (and especially at my spelling), and perhaps a little saddened realizing that an entire year has passed since I participated in the 10Q.

I hope to find the things I worry about now trivial. "May the best of your todays be the worst of your tomorrows" sort of thing. I want to be over this silly silly boy who occupies my mind and moved on to bigger and better things. I have a lot of questions about the future, and by this time next year many of them will be answered. I'll be in a new environment, a physically different location with a lot more independence, and I'll be trying to figure out exactly what I want to do with my life and reflecting on if I have made the right decisions. A lot of changes are ahead and it's going to be interesting to see how they unfold. On the other hand, there are going to be a lot more questions, but I'll just have to deal with those when the next 10Q roles around.

I will be afraid that I haven't done the things I wanted to... I hope right now that I will be able to better my life, and hope that I will be able to look at my answers and know that I have been able to better my life.

I am truly afraid I will be in the exact same position as I am this year. I can only hope I have some of the health issues in line.

I think I will feel accomplished, because I have met some of these goals. On the other hand, I will reminise and laugh at how silly my goals were. I will probably cry a little over lost dreams. But mostly I will just continue to Live and be fine

I really don't know. I am frightened to find out next year.

I think I may feel regretful if my goals aren't fulfilled and I am still the same person, but at the same time I'll feel determined. Reading them will definitely be emotional and rewarding. I hope I can smile and say, I've actually done something this year! What can I do next year?

I think I will laugh a little to look back on what I was thinking a year prior. But I also think I will find some of these thoughts to be inspiring, and hopefully some of the goals will have movement towards fruition. Then too, I imagine there will be some things that I have totally forgotten and some that seem utterly pompous, effected, or ridiculous. Hopefully I will still be alive to read them and that in some way, formulating these thoughts will have primed my consciousness so that I set the law of attraction into motion.

I hope I can look back and feel like last year I've broken some barriers and let my happy self resurface, making Mr. Grumpy go away.

I hope that I feel like I've come a long way from where I was. I feel like I've come quite a long way from a year ago, so I hope I can say the same next year. I hope that my life will be more balanced and happier in a year. I don't know that anything will have happened as a result of these questions, but it will be interesting to see.

I honestly have no idea. It's too hard to think that far into the future.

Given that there was a big change moving from a small village setting back to the city meant that some of the principles I had come to stand by became diluted as I readjusted to city life. Reading the answers made me think about the person I was then, How I have grown but things that I had let go from the person I was then, and what aspects I would like to bring back.

I hope I will see that I've accomplished some of what I wrote about. Hopefully, the things I want to change will change, and the appreciated constants will remain a part of my life. No matter what happens in the next year, all I care about is having the amazing friends I have now, and standing up for what I believe in. No matter what state I'm in or who I'm living with, I want to know that I will never have to compromise what I believe to please someone else.

I think I'll probably feel much the same. I'll probably be prepping services and trying to spice them up enough to keep them meaningful, sitting in a hotel bed in Amarillo prepping things I didn't get around to until the night before...I may even have that almost-sore-throat thing going =)

I know I'm afraid that I won't live up to the goals I've set, but I'm hoping I'll see the improvements I've made. Hey there, Andrew. Are you still dating Sam? If not, a couple parts of this list kinda suck now, huh? Oh well. Even if I'm not sure how things can get better than her, I'm sure you've moved on to better things. And if you are still with Sam and she's reading that... That's not an insult. I love you!

Unfortunately I think I may forget writing them :/ They might be interesting and I hope my life is a lot different. It's not that I don't love my life now; I just hope I continue to grow. I hope this is a clear snapshot at who I am at this point in time.

I hope I will feel so fucking proud of myself for finally letting go of my addiction to making problems so I can get high on fixing them different - more ease & play & low and behold - more joy & WORK TOO!!!

I know that it'll be surprising. Every year we grow a lot. It's like when watching a re-run of HIMYM we're still ourselves but our pasts are our doppelgangers. We're just, hopefully, better versions of ourselves. I hope that I'll be really close to graduate school and, I really hope I have found that guy that's mine and we're together- happily. I'm not talking about marriage but you know, in it to win it sorta stuff. Right now, I'm with someone but it's not gunna last, he's not the one. There's one on my mind, that never quite leaves me since I met him. I have to figure out what he's about in my life. As I found on Tumblr, an ancient Chinese Proverb says "An invisible red thread connects those destined to meet, despite the time, the place, and despite the circumstances. The thread can be tightened or tangle, but will never be broken.” Now, I just want to know why he doesn't leave my mind, I don't mind him in life, just in my thoughts.

Tonight in Eric's sermon for kol nodre, he asked "are you all in?". Next year, I would like to be able to answer ,"yes" more than I can now. I am getting more all in, and certainly trying to walk the walk more than just talk the talk. I am getting better about it. But there is always room for improvement.

No idea!

Happy to reminiscence where I was at this time and looking forward to answering next year's questions. I hope I truly do take time to appreciate my accomplishments. I need that energy of success to keep me going because I take on an incredible amount of projects and lately, it just seems like I've been losing a bit of steam. I need a fire under my seat and in my heart to keep me going!

I hope to recognize that many of these goals were accomplished and/or underway, and I hope to feel some satisfaction that I am moving in a direction that feels right for myself in the world.

I sincerely hope that I will be in an entirely different place--doing things that I'm passionate about. But, I fear that nothing will be different as it seems like I struggle with the same issues all the time...

I will have been with a band for over a year, and hopefully be playing more gigs than ever before. I would hope that I will have written enough songs to record my own ep in the next months. I will have written enough material to be well on my way with the book project with Rissi and Kara. I also hope to be living in my own one bedroom apartment, and I want to be engaged. My life will be completely different, because it usually changes every year, every moment.

Hi me of 2012! I'm not sure how I feel. Hopefully I'll think "man, I was insightful. and accurate!" That probably won't happen. I hope my answers make sense and that I've made some progress towards making the changes I laid out here.

i hope everything falls into place and things btwn my husband and i will be ok. i hope i will be happy again.

i dont expect miracles. i hope to at least have divided my world into two parts. decide what is healthy and keep it and nurture it. and decide what isnt good for me and walk aways.

I think that it each question will cause a different reaction, but that it will be a pretty wide variety. Some answers will probably come as a shock, while others might very well be the exact same. Some goals I may have fallen short of, while I may have went above and beyond with others. Hopefully, whatever my rection to my answers is, it will be a successful year either way.

I think I'll feel excited to read them again and see whether or not my answers are still true or valid. I hope that they are, or even better, that they've improved. I hope to be in a much more straightforward and planned out path in my life since I will (hopefully) be a college Freshman. Right now, I don't have the slightest idea what I'm doing. And I don't really expect to in a year either, but I'll at least have a few things straightened out and that's progress. Which is all I can ask for.

I honesty don't know how I am going to feel when next year rolls around. This is my first time participating in 10Q so I am really interested to see how I will grow and change in the next year. I mean, by this time next year I will be in college which is a huge step in itself. I guess I just really hope that by next year I actually achieve some of the goals that I've laid out in these questions. Too many times I lay out goals for myself and never actually achieve them, so hopefully I'll change that. This first year of 10Q has been great. It has been the first time that I've really been able to truly reflect upon all aspects of my life for the past year. And I've loved every second of it.

I hope I will have made myself proud. I hope that physically, I will be at the weight I want to be, but that mentally, I'll have beaten this eating disorder. I hope I'll be happy and have some peace of mind. I hope I'll still have a good relationship with my parents and sister. I hope I won't be single. And if I am, I hope that I won't care that I'm single. I just know I have a lot of potential to grow from here, and I can only hope I won't be sitting at home on my house computer reading this regretfully, but maybe sitting home because I'm back for a visit. I love you Jasmine. I really, really do.

I hope that i will be somwhere new. Somewhere where I have not been before. Even if it is a little bit new, build upon olders stuff. I hope, that i will feel fresh, and balanced, happy, and relaxed. I hope that i will be in a good place. I hope that i will look back at everything that i have written and think to myself, yes, i have done something about it this year. I hope i wont look at them and think, same thing as last year, nothing has progressed I hope i will be surprised and learn from what I have written before, and be reminded of things which i have forgotten

Creo que sí, realmente año con año Dios me ha ayudado en gran manera a encontrar mi propósito y mi identidad. Espero poder releer las respuestas y sonreir sabiendo que fui más disciplinado, más correcto y más cerca de mis sueños.

Well, most obviously, I'll be in college. Hopefully, I will be enjoying myself and doing well. I hope that I feel that I am keeping up with the goals that I have set for myself and that I have made some improvement in my procrastination and organization issues. Lastly, I hope I look at these answers and feel that I haven't changed too much or lost the values I hold now.

I think next year when I look at these I'll see I continued to make progress, and maybe had some breakthroughs. I hope that I'll be better able to see and focus on the things that are most precious to me.

I hope I'll achieve any goals I've set forth this year. I want to feel as if I have accomplished something that matters.

So many changes await next September 2012: the prospect of a new job in a new place, a new beginning borne from past efforts. I hope I can move forward with humility and gratitude, with more excitement for the chance to build something bit by bit, rather than fear of being "inadequate". I hope that I am truly grounded, centered, and able to genuinely share. And that by being thus centered I can think of others, at last, instead only of what they think of me!

I believe I will be proud of the progress I have made in one year. I will be an independent young adult, on my own salary. I will be able to date freely. I will an official convert. I will be working hard, but getting honest gains for it. I will be a college graduate, and I want to make my family proud.

Just better. I need to be better. And that's really all any of us can hope for, isn't it?

I hope I'll be having more fun on a daily basis. I think I may be surprised about the subject of my focus.

Honestly? No idea. Looking forward to finding out! It'll probably be like reading old blog entries that are both insightful but amusing on hindsight.

I suspect I'll find that I bit off more than I could chew. That's pretty typical. I will be healthier and in better shape, which for me also tends to translate into better attitude and mental health too. It would be amazing to be in some sort of a relationship that does not involve a cat. I really expect my work situation will be better. And no matter what I do, I'll be looking back and recognizing everything I didn't do that I should have.

i really don't know how i'll feel or be a year from now -- life is very much chaotic and blank at present. ere's what i hope though: i really hope i'm able to hold onto my optimism. the inherent kernel i hold so tight, that loathes and mistrusts humanity at large, esp. in large groups... but there is beauty in the individual. and there can be moments of grace and poetry. and i don't ant to forget how nice the ground smells after a rain; or how i like climbing trees still. and i hope i still believe in love. i really goddamn do. itherwise, what's the point?

I'll be amused, and probably ashamed, puzzled, befuddled. Maybe proud, if I make good on some of my hopes and ambitions. What I hope will be different: that I'll be doing more work I enjoy, and making a living wage. That I'll have made more peace with being mentally ill and with the spectres of the past. That whatever relationship(s) I'm in are a happy, and positive presence in my life. That if I'm not back in school that I either make peace with it or have other plans. That I've become observant in a way I'm comfortable with. I hope that next year, I'm happier. And that I've learned that sometimes, you can't be a cheerleader.

I hope that I feel like I've made an accomplishment in my life. I hope that I am more confident, more giving, and more kind (not only to others, but myself as well). I hope that I have more good days than bad and I truly, truly hope that I feel better about the world in one year than I do right now. To my future self: You are sitting on the couch talking to mom and icing your knees (you hurt both legs when you went back to spinning after the summer break). You be lookin' smoking with your new updo (okay, fine, haircut) and the confidence that you have felt during the last few months proves that you have made it SO SO SO far in a year. I hope that this last year has been lovely and wonderful and truly terrific. I also hope you have found happiness with yourself. Now go kick ass! :D

Introspection is never a bad thing, even when it's realizing your own weaknesses and shortcomings. I think I will have moved on in many ways, but reviewing the 10Q from Sept. 2011 will allow me to measure that growth a little more accurately. Hopefully it will leave me with a deeper appreciation for my strength and what I am capable of overcoming.

I hope life will have settled down some. I will be happy in work. I will be happy at home. I will be happy with who I choose to be happy with. My life will be purposeful. It will serve to energize and motivate me rather than leave me exhausted. Love? Who knows? I gave up a while ago on wishful thinking.

I hope I will feel greatly grown beyond these limiting walls, these paltry shortcomings. I would, of course, love to be in love. The dance of a man and a woman is one of--if not THE--greatest gifts the world has to offer, and I am ever so prepared to engage with it wholeheartedly and whole-mindedly. But either way, may I be free from my habitual stresses and anxieties and stand in the blistering winds with my hair blown back and a smile in my heart and on my face. Life is a gift, but living it as such is great work, the greatest work.

I'm hoping to see real improvement in my financial situation, my relationship with my wife, friends and family, and a more positive feeling about the future of my life and the direction of this country.

Oh, who knows. What will come, will come. I'll see you then! Peace be with you.

I think I will be happier since I will hopefully have more friends. I mean, I do have acquaintances still at Fairview, but I really don't know them as well as I'd like to. Hopefully I feel better about myself as well. It seems like all I care about is my weight, but reallly that's all I really hate about my self right now. lol kthxbi

I'm hoping that some of the items on my investigate further list will be moving into action. Need to open up to intimacy so joy can be shared...

I will probably scold myself for slacking on all of these goals. After that I will wonder what I was thinking/feeling when I wrote them.

If I feel anything like I do right now, I'll feel heavy & apprehensive if I didn't accomplish the things I set out to do. With luck and a lot of focus over the next year (and G-d's grace) this wont be the case and I'll be lighter and joyful to see how (very) far I've evolved over the last year. I hope to have a different perspective about responsibility and the guilt I currently feel associated with it dissipated. I hope to read these 10 responses and feel inherently their blessing in whatever way most valuable. Most of all, I hope for a deeper connection with my partner & that we've grown together a & individually in ways we didn't realize possible & those we do. THIS would be the greatest blessing of all for 2012.

I believe I will be surprised a year is up, yet again. I hope that I feel that I have accomplished, or have moved forward on improving myself and my life, even if I have changed my goal or vision over the next year. I enjoy this exercise as it encourages, nay forces, me to look back at he prior years calendar and emails to think about it as a whole instead of just holding tight and jumping around decision to decision crisis to crisis like I usually do. I have a very poor memory so unfortunately any event I do not place in my calendar I may forget about. These questions give me the chance also to pick a goal and write it own. I post it publicly in hopes it acts as a reminder to have a better life and self to work to. Perhaps I should set myself a quarterly reminder process to reflect back on my answers and questions to see if I need to modify them, or myself?

i just hope i am happy! i hope my answers give me the push i need, that if i haven't made active changes, that i get moving with things that i want! life is not a dress rehearsal!

I think I'll look back at these answers and be hugely relieved that I'm not in turmoil anymore. I'm hoping that I'm clear about whether my boyfriend is my guy or not. I'm pretty sure that by 2012 I'll know one way or another. If he is, I think there's a huge potential for great happiness. If he isn't, I think I'll feel like at the very least, I gave it my best shot.

Probably shocked at the lack of input I actually put into these this year. I would love more time to myself next year as well, hopefully have a steady income of some sort, get my novel out there and be known for something hopefully better than being a Paris Hilton or Lindsay Lohan wanna be.

I would be cruising in an authentic life that I would be surprised that I once had the fears I have today. I would no longer be hiding behind my work avoiding to follow my creative calling. I would have addressed a few gatherings calling for more to live authentic lives celebrating who they were created to be.

I am not sure how I will feel. Hopefully I will understand more about myself, where I was and where I have come from. I think it helps orient a person to take stock. It helps you to understand the path you are on.

I hope that I will be a more mature and sophisticated young woman who knows her beliefs and holds to them regardless of how others try to influence her. I hope that I can reflect on these questions and remember how I felt today and in the past 10 days and see how far I have come.

I think I'll probably feel rather disappointed! I know that sounds depressing, but I have a terrible habit of being too ambitious in the goals I set for myself, or the amount of things I expect to fit into a given amount of time. I probably won't achieve half of the things I've said, and so therein will lie the disappointment. But hopefully I'll also be stronger inside by this time next year - and reading back my answers to some of these questions will help me to measure how far I've come.

I hope to be more confident not only in my relationship (that it will continue to succeed) but also in parenting my unique wonderful daughter. I hope that I would have actually spent some time doing the things that I said I wanted to do, like meditation, yoga,etc. I hope to encourage those habits in my child and to continue to practice gratitude in my life. I do want to role model healthy living habits for my child and hope to show her that love can happen even if at first you don't succeed, try try again! Never give up & always believe that there is a light at the end of an often long dark tunnel.

I was amused this year, i think i might be again next year. Hopefully some of this will have come to pass.

I hope that Bek and I are closer and have a more genuine relationship. I've been withdrawing/pulling in throughout my life, trying to decide what's most important, trying to decide when/how people need me, and expect that this process will continue. I want to be more consistently authentic in my interactions in class, in therapy, in life.

I definitely think I'll cry at a couple of them. But I hope that everything I said comes true, and that I'm in school and doing well. I hope that by making me think about my future I will strive to do better, and achieve my goals.

I hope that I will be making progress towards more reading, less time wasting, more time with friends and better control of my eating. Looking back at last year's answers, I am sobered. Looking ahead to my predictions, I do expect some things to be different, and maybe that will help.

i think i'll feel sad looking bad at how tragic this year was, the losses that occurred. but i hope i'll be in a better place and will be able to see the journey and the growth for what it is: a life truly lived.

I suspect I'll be disappointed in myself; I often am, being my own very best critic. I hope I'll be pleasantly surprised.

This time next year I will be on my honeymoon. I hope to be more gainfully employed and life will have a new momentum. Living in Kentucky will feel like home. I don't know what the future holds but I hope I can find a way to become the person I really want to be.

I hope I will see growth in my compassion for those who I don't understand and a better ability to be inquisitive at moments when I used to be dismissive or quick to be angry.

I think I will be quite confronted and be more aware of the time span of one year. I hope the process of thinking, reflecting and introspection will help in taking more action to make the changes that deep down I know I want but for various reasons including laziness I don't get around to. I guess thinking about the questions, documenting thoughts and knowing that I need to hold myself accountable to myself in a year's time might help to make my intentions a reality. I also hope that I am kind to myself and if I haven't achieved it all by Sep 2012 then I can reflect on why in a way that is gentle, realistic and constructive.

I think I'll feel better, more integrated, more loved. Married. More integrity.

I hope that I'll have resolved the issues that I've talked about in my answers this year. I hope I'll be able to look back with pride at my accomplishments and not regret that I didn't use these 365 days to their fullest.

I think 2011 was a year of both endings and beginnings. I hope the beginnings, which now feel positive, if bittersweet, will have continued to grow and flower. I think they are solid directions and I feel certain about them.

I think I'll be amazed at how much more I've grown and found new happiness in 2012. I'll be proud of myself for continuing to face the journey with an open mind and open heart. There is no way of anticipating what will be different a year from now. I think it has to be okay if nothing is that different. If I am still single but filling my life with rich, meaningful experiences, it will be okay. Answering these questions has helped me identify the mindsets that are serving me well and encouraged me to stay faithful to that approach to my life.

I would hope some of the hurt from my fathers death will have settled and to be closer to family. I would hope to have explored a little more of myself during the year and dive into my creative side. I would hope to live a life that will continue to make my father proud.

Fine I hope I will be well and also fit and also slimmer. I hope we will be even better together.

I hope I can be at peace with myself at the answers I have provided! If not... Get to work!

I think I will be just arriving back to the States. I will be getting ready to jet set off to a new country or I will be learning to adjust back to the life I wanted to leave behind so badly. I do however hope and think I will be ready for which ever I decide to go with. Again with that apprehensive smile. I do realize now though that maybe its the running away that I like. I like that you never know what could happen even though at times it is terrifying. Running is easy to do now, I have the options but the lack of stability will catch up me.

I think I will laugh. Because some of the answers I posted are maybe a little naive. I know I'm only 19 years old and I try really hard to appear grown up, but when it comes to basic feelings and emotions, I can't help it. Hey toekomst-Claïs, ik hoop dat je over je eetstoornis bent geraakt, dat je ondertussen de stap hebt durven zetten tot relaties, dat je punten oké zijn en dat je nog steeds ambities hebt binnen Musicologica en LOKO. Hopelijk kan je een goede zus, dochter, kleinkind, vriendin, ... zijn voor de mensen rondom je :)

More stability. The emotional highs and lows are taking a toll on me. I am excited about my future, but I've been there before. I just want to breath freely again.

By September 2012, I hope that my life is filled with a sense of peace, joy, and anticipation for the adventures ahead. I hope we'll be settled in the house, that my finances will be looking better after a year of work, that Anne and I are more connected than ever, and that we are taking steps toward parenthood together. I hope that Anne will be herself again by next year.

I think I will look back on this year & see a healing taking place. I feel more optimistic about a lot of things & more accepting of things I can't change. I don't know what the coming year will bring, or what will be different about my life. I only know that I am on a journey of discovery, & every year that passes I acquire more knowledge than the year before & see things more clearly than I ever did.

I have no idea how I'll feel. Maybe I'll be grateful to have made it through another year. I notice I haven't set any big goals this year and that feels fine - I hope I will still feel that way in a year's time.

I think I'll fell many things: sad, happy, inspired, reminiscent, etc. I hope that this experience will inspire me to bring myself to the full potential that I know I have inside of me. I hope that I will remember the answers I wrote for the past 10 days and use them in my life.

Ive probably taken this all way too seriously.I hope im happier,and i know for sure what i want to do with my life.It'll be crazy to think that when this rolls around again ill be a high school junior

I will probably be reminded of things that were important that have now evolved into something else. I will probably be most interested in if predictions came true. I hope I will be in a different phase with work and hopefully some love. I hope that because I thought about these ideas and my life that I will be more intentional about where I put my energy this year. or at least for awhile.

I hope I will feel happy and enjoy that gratitude, the small still voice within, that simply knows that things a good and I have done well. I think these questions are helping to clarify that I will work towards being a steward of the environment and not try to have complete control of everything. Like a farmer, I should raise my child, create peace in my home, and at the job and improve the soil of the earth, by simply ensuring the soil is rich and worked well, managing the boundaries and he fences (which are mobile and require by hand to move them), and working to plant the right crops in the right spot in the season, and then just supporting those seeds in their growth.

I expect I'll be settled in with Nancy, and we'll be living our life together as we plan to for years to come.

I think when it comes around again, I'll feel ready for it all over again. I love that we get another new year and the time to take stock of our lives, hit the reset button. I hope that when I receive my answers I'll have accomplished some of the things I set out to do, and gotten over some of the things that bothered me, and just generally having the life I want to have, being the best version of myself.

I hope I'll see I've grown in a year, and have continued to make myself the person I want to be. I won't be there yet, and that's ok, because I believe that's the point of life -- continually striving to be the person I know I can. I'm hoping answering these questions will help me hold myself accountable in some way.

I just realized that my 2009 and 2010 answers for Question 9 were both failure. I still fear it and I hope that next year I won't fear it so much. It's good to have some fear of failure as it keeps you honest and working, but I think it's still a crippling factor in my life and I hope next year it's not the first thing I think of when I get to Question 9. I'm better off financially than I was last year and I'm getting there with procrastination, so I shouldn't be so afraid.

Be here now. This question is counter productive. I live too much in fantasy. IF I am still here in September 2012, I will find out how I feel about whatever in that time. SURF THE NOW BABY...

When September 2012 rolls around and I receive my answers to my 10Q questions, I think I'll feel reassured that I have made the best use of the time I have been blessed with. I think my life will be different as a result of thinking about and answering these questions because I know events are constantly shifting and changing. What I have this very moment has the potential to change n the next, even minutely. As a consequence, I will continue to treasure each moment with Scott and the girls by attending school and sport events, seeing movies together and enjoying our families, our health, and our joy.

Like a broken record? HAHA. Hopefully I've made major progress—life is speeding by after all—but even small incremental moves would please me. I think plain old necessity is going to force me to make big moves anyway. I hope I'm more fearless, creatively, more responsible with my money, a better cook, a thoughtful and loving husband/brother/uncle/son/friend.

Well for one, I hope/guess I will be in Brazil settling into a completely new phase of my life. Hopefully I will think that all these things I was worried about were stupid and that I should have enjoyed things more and let go of these things. Well, just telling the me who will read this next year, I'm trying. If you have any other ideas, please try to let me know asap ;)

Well for one thing, I hope there is less death in next year's answers! I hope to look back on my lack of knowing and see how it led me to wherever I am in a year. Which will hopefully be somewhere more secure and long-term. I don't know if that will be graduate school, a full-time job, or somewhere else completely. Maybe another state or country. There is a mix of fear and joy in that not being sure where I'm headed.

I am hoping i would have grown ALOT by next september, and be suprised by where I am now. Im hoping i will be stronger in my faith and in my life overall.

I hope to remember how I felt when I wrote these answers and reflect on how I've acted upon them and improved my life. I hope to be more financially stable, but equally reflective on my actions.

I hope I can at that point reflect on the past year with honesty and am hopeful that I would have acheived all I have set out to achieve for the year. I will be doing what I love,hope that I would be enrolled to finish my degree,started writing that book,and doing my passion...

I hope I will have achieved all or most of these goals when I receive these answers next year, and not just be incrediby disappointed with myself. Hopefully answering these questions is already the start of self-improvement. In the meantime, I just have to do my best and hope for the best. Talking with the Big Man Upstairs couldn't hurt too much, either.

I'll be in a committed relationship!

I hope I'll feel like it's time for a new set of questions.

I think I'll feel triumphant! :-) I hope I will be a bit more regimented as far as my daily routine and more de-cluttered. I hope answering and thinking about these questions will help me to get through the wintertime. The winter months are oppressive for me and I tend to lose a lot of mental momentum. I don't want to hibernate this year. I want to make the winter months my most creative!

I plan to use these questions as a tool to help me better both myself and my relationship with the world around me. I understand that we can change only ourselves. I hope these Q's will help me strengthen my understanding of the effect of whatever my philosophy is on my life.

I hope I'm not feeling the same crushing sadness I feel now that we've lost two very good friends in quick succession. I hope I'm feeling curious and hopeful. I hope I'm working in a different job or conditions at my current job have improved so I'm happier. I hope it's a better year than 2011. It appears the 7 year bad luck string continues. Better to ask me how I'll feel in 2018.

With my mother's illness, I am afraid of what the next year will bring. I hope that we will have found a way to manage the terrible transition ahead of us. I hope that I will have managed to keep the progress in my own life, and attending to my own needs, while all this will happen. I also hope that we will have no more major earthquakes in my home town! But most of all, I hope that there will be good things amongst the terrible, and that I will be able to recognise them.

Since September 2010, so much has changed about my life. I feel like a very different person, but life moved incredibly fast for me. By this time next year, I hope I've made improvements in my life, but not at the expense of my sanity and relaxation.

On the personal lervel I hope that I will have made the changes that I have been thinking about today (Yom Kippur) but in general when I tried to examine myself today I didn't find a large amount of things that I feel that I need to change on the personal front. I hope that the social action initiatives that we have been preparing to launch for months will be bearing fruit and that I will feel satisfied from progress on that front. On the national level I am afraid of this year but I don't know what to expect. I hope that all of my family are still safe and that the two boys that we have in the army wiol be good and thriving. I hope that I will still be smiling with all of the frustrations that are with me today.

I think I will feel like I am beginning to understand myself well, understand my limitations and how I hold myself back, but also where I am very good. I hope I will have achieved a good place for my health. I hope that I will be in a relationship, or will have at least tried. I hope that I will have tried. I hope that I will have tried!

I hope that I have learned to enjoy my life more, even if the things I currently don't like about it haven't changed. I hope I have new friends. I hope I can look back on then last year and feel proud about the relationships I have with people in my life.

I hope my family's financial crisis will be over. But it probably won't be. It hasn't ended the last four years, what's one more year? I'd like to have a boyfriend. Or at least to have had a boyfriend. Or some kind of college experiences. Maybe I will have fooled around with random guys, maybe I will have experimented with alcohol or weed. I don't want to feel like I am wasting my youth hiding in a room with a computer. I'd like to have my license. I think it would be depressing for me to not have it in a year. I want better self esteem. I want to feel better in general. Maybe I will find out I'm depressed or have some kind of anxiety disorder. Idk. I think a lot of what I have written this year will sound silly and embarrassing next year. I know how much I can change in a year and I know how quickly everything in my life can change. I am a pisces and I go with the flow. This makes me ever changing.

I hope I read them and smile at how many of the things i put on list actually changed. Setting goals is the first step. Last year none of what I set out to do happened (maybe just one out of five). This time I hope it'll be more.

As I've written my answers I've wondered what things will seem irrelevant to me by this time next year - perhaps I'll be past my current career angst and onto new challenges, perhaps what I'm interested in today (news, ideas) will be a distant memory next year. I think I will be very grateful to have captured my feelings about being a new mother and I hope doing this reminds me to capture memories as they are happening with our daughter in the year to come.

I hope that I won't be as disappointed as I was when I received last year's answers and realized that I've pretty much lost this year to mourning and basic survival. I have goals--one in particular that I have set and know I am capable of attaining-- and knowing the irony of what I am about to say, I'll be DAMNED if I let much time go by without doing what I set out to do.

I hope I'll have made the changes I know are necessary. I hope I'll I've found the courage. I hope I'll be happy.

I don't have a clue how I will feel. Surprise, disappointment, curiousity, shame, nothing.... I doubt that much will change.

I hope that things will have advanced from a year ago. I hope I'm not dealing with the same issues over and over again. I hope I have grown as a person and my problems seem trivial because I have figured them out and am better for it. I hope its moving on out and moving on up. Here comes 2012-2013, I know you'll be killin it!

I think I'll feel just the same. I mean, I'm just that kind of crazy.

I think I'll read through my answers and be amazed at just how much has happened over the last 12 months! I'm a very determined and passionate person - once I set my mind on something, I usually follow it through! If I haven't achieved a particular goal, I know that there must have been a reason for it - rather than the fact that I simply gave up. Perhaps it will take another 12 months for it to be put into action. But it will happen if it's meant to be. To 'Future Leanne', just remember one thing - everything happens for a reason!! Keep smiling and working towards your goals. :)

I hope that my relationship with Toby is vastly better. I hope that I respect and enjoy my body more. I hope that we are closer to being out of debt. I hope that I have figured out how to stand up for myself.

I think I'll feel that I was naive and ignorant about what really matters in life since I believe my views are constantly changing in a way that is imperceptible to me unless I view it in a method such as this one. As shallow as it might be, I hope I'll have a boyfriend next time around. These questions have helped me to see my life at a different perspective and perhaps think about issues that I might not have perceived before.

I hope to be madly in love with a man who loves me. I hope we will have decided to be commited to eachother and I hope I will be pregnant with our healthy baby.

I think I'll feel nostalgic seeing what happened in the previous year. I think my spiritual growth will continue and my capacity for love and compassion will increase. I hope my desire for a nicer apartment will be fulfilled by next year!

I hope I will have grown and learned enough that I look back and laugh and say, "Wow, I seem so young!" I hope I look at my sad answers about love and lack thereof and think, "I'm so blessed to have met my amazing partner shortly after answering that question." I hope I'm at a point in my life where I'm able to focus on my own happiness.

I hope to feel totally surprised, possibly even sad to think of all the things that have held me back in life. I hope to be in a fulfilling relationship, have more meaningful friends and be on my way to a new career in Alternative Medicine. Or at least my schooling. I hope my relationships with my boys grow stronger and have less anger.

I hope to see a stronger person in me, with a happier and realistic outlook on my life.

I hope I can say my family is in good spirit and that I have finished my book. The questions are forcing me to focus on the important aspects of my life and remind ing me that time is running out.

Hopefully more fulfilled and less angry at myself. We'll see.

I will have a little grandbaby! My dreads will be longer and happier! Money will be in the bank because the indiana house will be Sold! I hope I will be making money as a Henna Artist. I definately want to be 60 # thinner for my health.

I'm hoping to have moved past all of these struggles and be in a freer, healthier, more spiritual place. I also hope that I won't look back at 2011 10Q and find that nothing much has really changed. More than anything, I hope I don't have any personal losses - that nobody I love and cherish dies in 2012. I hope for health, happiness and prosperity for my friends and family - oh and world peace (hahahahhahaha)!

I think I will be amazed by how much of my answers revolve around my relationship with my boyfriend. I want to be a more confident person.

I believe September 2012 will be a very different world for me, as I will be far clearer about my purpose on this planet as well as the specific direction & capacity I have to focus my energies, specifically music & intuition. I see a far greater capacity in the area of forgiveness and generating love in the world.

I'm hoping my life will be settled. I'd like to start or be starting a family. I'm ready for that point in my life to happen. Thirty is going to be a good year!

I think I'll enjoy reading who I was now and comparing it to who I am then. I think it's amazing how much I changed this year. So I am looking forward to it, and kinda excited. I hope that I am happier and doing something amazing with my life. I hope that my friends are closer and that life is better. I don't want to watch the world pass me by while I'm sitting in a classroom, learning nothing to help me out in life.

I think I will recognize my desire in these answers. I think I will still be figuring it all out, but will have had several experiences that will have helped me to move in the direction of more clarity and confidence in my work and in manifesting my dreams. I know that our language is very powerful. If I stay in the "I hope" "I want" mentality, I can forget or lose sight of what I already have, what I am already doing and engaged with that is already a realization of my desiring and doing naturally what I love. So by this time next year, I may not have it all figured out but I will be grateful for the gifts I have been given, and grateful for the life and lives that have been shared with me.

Hoping to have ticked off the to do list Hoping to have a second baby Hoping to becoming one step closer to being a better person. Just hoping to be happy more than anything...

My predictions for 2012 are guided by who I am, what matters to me, what I hope for personally and in the larger community and what information and experiences are available to me. I predict I will give & receive much love. I predict I will regain my health. I predict I will explore and enjoy my spiritual journey. I predict that more of what is available in the world will be enjoyed by more human beings than in the past. I predict that human suffering will be better understood by more people and thus the anguish of it will diminish progressively. I predict mankind will love all of creation & care for it.

I hope I will be excited and life will have progressed from the questions in positive ways and that I will be glad to look back at the starting point of marvellous things. I hope this statement doesn't make me sad. I hope i will be free, more active in the church and for social justice, and above all closer to my loved ones, with beautiful stories of our new experiences together.

Depending on how well I was able to organize myself and execute my plans, I could feel that I've done well, better than past years, or I could feel grief to see another year unconquered. I hope I've achieved a few of my dreams. I hope to be financially stable, after so much poverty. I hope I am wiser. I hope I am stronger. I hope I am happier. I hope I am hopeful. I hope to be on the path. I hope I am loving. I hope I am loved. And if I'm not, I hope I resolve right now TO BE all this today, and tomorrow, and this week, and next month, and next year, if there is next year, if the Mayans are right, then worry not, it's been worth the ride. At best, let the Age of Aquarious come, and free your mind in your androgyny.

I hope I will have fixed what I know what's wrong with my life. That I will have conquered the fear. That I will have conquered the weakness and that I will be standing on top.

I hope that I'll be in an all-around better place. Happy. Engaged???? Or at least in a supportive relationship. In school.

I think I will feel reflective because that is history. The stuff I write is history and memories and when I look back it's a like a discovery and reading the diary of my past. It might bring up old memories but it will tell me how far that I have come. I hope that my life is really different from after I record these answers because I want to prove that I have changed myself for the better and that these answers do me justice in the end.

I hope some of my answers were acted upon and that I did not just write them.

I hope I feel like I've improved my life since. I want have a higher GPA, possibly close to a Distinction than a Credit. I want to have a job! Or at have had a job. Possibly have over $1,000 in my savings, and be still building on it. I want to be able to look back on the questions and not be as disappointed at my 2011 answers as I was at my 2010 answers.

I think I'll be excited to reflect on my answers from a year ago! (I already am!) Introspection is important, and this process encourages it in a more long-term sense, to see whether your thoughts for change are actually coming to fruition. I hope it will lead me to reconsider and just really establish my priorities in life, and how I want to live.

I hope to look back at an especially difficult and trying part of my life and marvel that I made it through so well.

I hope I'll look upon these answers and laugh at how short-sighted I was. I want to be able to find strength and definition, to be able to stand up to the world and find a foundation for all of my idealism. But I really just want to be happy. These questions will let me answer the past objectively, and nothing is more valuable than that.

The first thing I will probably feel is nostalgia - a yearning to return to that point and time in my life. I am a strong believer in self progression and would like to think that I will walk away a bit wiser after reading this next year than I feel right now. I hope that by September 2012 I have reached a place in my life where I am satisfied with myself and my life. Hopefully, I would have found that job in the Construction industry that I have been dreaming of. Mostly - I hope I am financially secure by that point too! :) Oh and Nida Narsi, I hope your still in my life and hopefully I'll over 1/10 of my way to getting that island! :)

I think I gave less considered, but more honest answers this year...answers that came unfiltered. I'm looking forward to comparing them to the answers from 2010, and then answer the questions for 2012.

I'll look back and think that my answers perfectly describe where i am in life right now, but a year from now I'll be even farther ahead. Or maybe my thoughts are far ahead of where I am and the future will reaffirm the things I've said... Wibbly-wobbly, timey-wimey stuff.

I just hope I 've gotten over my divorce. And that my business is doing great.

I would like to believe that everything I wrote will transpire and come true. If these thoughts and concerns are truly issues in my life than in Sept 2012 I should feel elated and over-joyed that I accomplished everything I wanted.

I really hope to be in a better place. I hope that i'll read these questions and remember what a tough time I had and be grateful that it's all in the past. I hope to be reading these questions w/ a pregnant belly :-)

I hope I'll have achieved at least half the things that I set forth to do. A theatrical agent would be nice, or to have been in at least one serious relationship. I hope by the time that I read this I have taken more risks and really put myself out there. I may not have a co-star credit by then, but hopefully I'll be on the slow slope towards getting one. I just don't want to be as depressed as I was when 2011 rolled around looking at my New Year's Resolutions for 2010.

I think it will be interesting to see if my priorities have changed in 12 months. They certainly did this year. As long as I keep on being curious about life I will be content.

Well, I'm hoping that things will have changed for me. That I will start to work faster and be more aware of time passing. If I read these emails next year and realize that not much has changed in my life it will be a reminder to me that I need to stop being passive about the passing of time and I need to start acting.

I think I will laugh at myself. I don't think my life will be much different. But I hope it is. I hope that I am better at communication in all of my relationships, that I am more committed, and that I have found a new passion.

I think that I'll look back and say to myself, What, THAT'S what was on my mind? Oh yeah! (like I did this year). I think that answering these questions is one part of the reflection I do, that gives me another motive to change things that need to be changed. During Yom Kippur I had time to think about addictions and how they affect my life (such as staying on Facebook until late at night and being tired and less efficiant during the day). I hope that by writing these things down I will feel more obliged to my own decisions.

I hope I'll feel pleased with the progress I've made. I hope I'll have come up with a good path for the next year to come, and done as well as I can with my Masters work. I hope I'll feel a little bit more whole and rounded and comfortable in myself, and that I'll have good people in my life to share that wholeness with. Like last year, I can't imagine right now where I'll be or what I'll be doing - I can only hope that during the coming year I will be able to make something good happen for myself as I was able to this last year. It's a loser's game to speak of concrete things. I could say I hope I'll be in London, which would always be nice, but lately I've learnt that my sense of self needn't depend on that particular location, beloved as it is to me. I could speak of jobs or (maybe) further study, but I am almost superstitious about not wanting to express too concrete a goal. What will come will, with a concerted effort and a bit of luck, come.

I hope very much that I will feel like I have made progress. This is an important year for me in that it will potentially set up how I live my life. Obviously, changes can always be made, but if I really work to live the way I've said I want to, I'll be setting myself up to be a happier person. Are you happier? Or still frustrated by what you wish you were doing and aren't?

Dear Karen: Beating yourself up isn't noble. It's an impediment. Continue being grateful for all that you have. It's a cure for feeling unsatisfied.

I hope I still have my boyfriend who I love a lot! I hope I´m healthy and happy (also with myself!)

I think I'll get a better grasp of my year. I won't feel like time slipped through my fingers as much. I hope that personally, physically, and professionally I'll be in a better place.

If the past years are any indication, I'll be surprised at my answers. I know that the fact that I've answered the questions is enough to keep me (somewhat) focused on making a difference next year.

I hope I will have achieved some movement. Just some. If not next year these answers will be humorous instead!

I hope that I will have had as fantastic a year as I had this past year, despite or even because this was also a difficult year.

My hope is that everything is at least as good as it is right now, and maybe even improving a little, and that my family is always growing in love for each other and service to mankind.

I hope I'll feel content that I've made the right choices in my life over the last year. I hope that I'll feel hopeful for good things happening in the next year. I hope that I will be in a solid relationship...this surprises me - that I wanted to write that as I suspect I won't be with my current boyfriend...I hope my life feels more steady and calm, with a bit more predictability in work and love.

I think I'll feel indifferent. I certainly hope that I'm in a better mental and spiritual state, and that money is finally not an issue. Above all else, I hope that my relationship with my daughter is strong and growing stronger with each passing day. She's really the only thing that matters in my life.

I imagine I'll feel similarly, but more at peace. I hope to not be struggling with these thoughts as much. I hope that the weather patterns that come through will be less severe and pass more quickly, and that i will be able to experience them with more levity. I hope to still be seafaring with gratitude.

I hope to feel like I've grown over the past year as much as I've grown over this past year. I'll also hopefully be happy that I have achieved the goals that I put forth for myself (getting to clinics, learning to think before I speak, settle my feelings about relationships). Since I'll be back in the US (fingers crossed) I will hopefully be able to feel like my life is finally coming together. Down on the island I'm stuck in neutral, but I'll be excited to finally be back to moving forward.

I hope that I have become the person I now only try to be.

I hope that in the year that passes between writing these questions and reading my answers I have the time to achieve my goal of balance. I hope my family is much healthier and that the possibilities that are arising in my personal life become clearer in the coming year. I never know what a year might bring, but I always have hope that I will continue to grow and be happy.

In a years time I will be in a better financial place and in a better physical place. It will be interesting to see. :)

I will feel accomplished. I am going through a spiritual and introspective change that will benefit me and the people around me.

I know last year, all my answers were about wondering if I should get married or not, and here I am a year later and engaged! This year, I was going through a tough time with some colleagues on which I am involved with in a creative endeavor. Next year, I will likely be reminded of this and think, "that sucked. But I sure learned a lot." Hopefully, the lessons learned will stick and in a year I will have evidence for that.

I'll likely feel amused. There will be some things I've mastered, and others where I'll still be stuck. But any forward motion at all is progress, and that's what life is all about...progress.

I hope to see that I have grown in some concrete areas, and that I am still working everyday to continue to acheieve self-actualization

I'll probably think I was taking this whole thing way too seriously. I hope I'll be happy and content and satisfied in myself and my endeavors. I hope I still have a great love in my life.

I think I'll look back and think I was childish and silly. Things will be very different and I will probably be more responsible and independent.

I hope that my daughters KeeShawn and Jennifer are moving forward with their lives. I anticipate that my daughter Takira will be eagerly looking ahead to high school and college. I hope that my wife and I will be closer to starting the process to buy a home. At Togiak, I will begin the Principal Internship program and hopefully, the Togiak Public Library will be moving to larger space.

I think I will have a big laugh to see how serious I was in answering these questions. I hope that a year from now I will see that my worries and concerns had nothing to do with the reality of my life, and that I have made positive moves to being the best person I can be...

I think I'll be surprised that I was worrying about all those things, because I'll have a whole new set of things to think about. Or maybe I'll be sad because I meant to improve on something and then never go round to it.

I wrote about reoccuring themes in my life so I don't think I'll be too surprised. By this time next year I'll be married after a hopefully relatively stress free planning and wedding. I hope that I've been able to make improvements in my self confidence and be further along in building my business.

I hope I have discovered more wisdom. I hope I am the stronger, more confident person I wish to be. I hope I have been able to keep sanity as a resident, and continue to keep up with my passions. I hope to have survived winter...

I think I'll always live with the same "demons", but hopefully every year I can continue to take baby steps along the way to reaching life long goals.

I think I'll feel nostalgia to my past self, and chuckle at the things I concerned myself with a year ago. Hopefully, I'll be a more confident and driven person, with an idea of what I want and a plan for how to get it.

I'll feel proud of myself for starting the hard work of returning to the person I would like to be. I want the conceptual me and the reality to be more closely aligned.

I just realize that in a year I'll be remenbering my mother Hope to be stronger. And happier living by my self and in love... :)

Having several years of Yamim Noraim cheshbon hanefesh under my belt, I presume that I will feel much as I have in past years. In some respects, I will have again fallen short (or missed the mark), but I'll also have improved on some counts and/or accomplished something I hoped to.

I think I'll laugh at the seriousness of my answers. I've said such aspirational and naive things, there's no way I'll be able to take this seriously. But Helen, did you find that university hottie? Or are you still sharing the lonely hearts club with Courtney?

I hope that I will have learned to pray, to listen to God, to bask in God's presence. I hope that I will have overcome arrogance and learned something about walking humbly with my God. I hope to have moved nearer to my Center.

I hope to have some perspective to add to my observations, and I think I'll feel good about my accomplishments.

I don't know. I don't know how I'll feel. Depending on how things go with the move, I will either feel really excited about the upcoming months, or horribly depressed that I couldn't even achieve that. But I hope at the end of it all, I'll still be able to say "at least I have Jesus."

i'll be in a different place, thinking about different things. last year i focused on "clever cynicism," 5772 is about completion as a discipline to add to my practice of life!

i hope i'll have accomplished my goals, i don't think they are too far out of reach and i hope i am proud of what i said. i'll probably laugh a little, maybe shed a few tears, but overall i think i'll be happy with what i said.

I think I'll really be interested in how much I haven't changed about some things and how much I have about other things. I hope I'll be healthier and in a better fiscal situation and a better friend and family member and a more contributory citizen. One can only hope. This is such a wonderful exercise to do every year; I am putting up a reminder to do it more often during the year; a journal to assess my actions and feelings more often. I have reached a third age in my life where I know now that retrospection is not a wasteful activity. It's the lessons we learn/relearn over the years that stretch our essence.

I imagine I'll be quite happy reading them. I hope I'll be in a better place when I do, able to look back on these past issues and smile knowing I overcame them.

I hope that I'll see both my own growth and inner strength as well as how I've helped others around me to grow, be stronger and touch others. This would leave me feeling both a sense of accomplishment and purpose along with feeling humility as I realize it's God alone who gives me life and strength to get through each day.

I think my life will be very different by next September, & I think that I'll be proud of myself that I'd made the progress I'd made from Sept 09 to Sept 10, after the severe trauma of May 2010. In Sept 09 I was still in the depths of depression & couldn't see how my life could continue. I've worked at it really hard....trying to re-establish myself, my identity, & to find a new direction. I haven't found it yet, but I feel it's going to be good somehow. I've always had faith in God & His provision for me, & tho I still have my very down times, I'm able to stop & remind myself that "To believe in God is to know that all the rules will be fair, & that there will be Wonderful Surprises."

I think that I will be dead on many of the thoughts and goals that I have . That is what happened between last year and this year and it was so amazing. There was one detail that was off, but that was because I took a different career path than I had originally thought I would in 2011. I look forward to the new year and I am so excited to see what unfolds. That is what I have learned over these last couple of difficult years. Things change quickly and so much can happen, that I just need to live my life, stay on the basic path of dreams and motivations that I have and trust that God will guide me to the place I am meant to be. I now know that I just need to pray for guidance and awareness and do my part everyday to live a good loving life. That I just need to be aware of what is going on and do my part and God will handle the rest as he has my whole life. The only thing is, I thought I had to control everything before, but now I leave the big things to the Man Upstairs as he has my whole life planned out and in his hands. So there is no need to worry as he will handle the big things for me, again just like he has my whole life.

I think I'll feel happy remembering what I high I was on after the wedding! I hope I haven't lost too much of this feeling though. I hope I can carry my energy, dedication, confidence, and zest for life through the coming year and beyond! I also hope I am coming close to finishing my PhD and have a better idea of what I want to do next. I hope I have tried a lot of new things in 2012, and that most of them have worked out well.

I hope that I will relish the good things reflected in some answers and will have changed some of the not so good things reflected in others.

I wonder where my relationship with B will be at .... will I be happier than I am now? Will I still have a job? Will I have health insurance? Will I even be alive and happy? I hope Mom's estate is settled, and that V's health is cancer-free. I pray for her to have a speedy treatment and a Good Outcome! I pray for her health ... for all of my sisters' and friends health. For CC to be cancer-free and LB to be healthy. Also for BB to be healthy, too.

I hope that I'll have achieved some of the goals I've set for myself. I'll be able to look back at the year and know that I've done something for myself, and not let myself get distracted from what I want to do.

I hope I will exceed my goals and expectations of my life. I hope that this will push me further along on the path of living more alive.

I'll probably think that my answers were silly, or true! I think I'll feel interested in how i was feeling a year ago. It was interesting to see last years posts and know that some of what I wanted to acchieve this time last year actually occured. So hopefully I'll be in good shape and all my dreams will have come true lol

I hope that I have made a difference not only at work and with my family, but with a larger circle. I want to have the energy to continue working and improving both my personal mission on this earth and my professional mission. I hope that next year I am a little more optimistic.

I will look back at them with pride and a zealous aspiration for what i had and might have accomplished

Some of the answers I already know will bear no change. Some, such as my house or my career I hope will have a positive change. Mainly, I hope I will be reading this in 2012

I have no idea.

When I read my answers from last year I was delighted to be reminded of that time -- what I was thinking, what had happened that year -- and I also saw that some of my hopes had not come true yet. I hope that I will reach some of my goals. These questions are a wonderful way to reflect, set goals, and then look back.

I think I'll feel glad because by then hopefully I've changed a lot. I hope I'll be happier and more at peace next year.

I think I will be excited to know how was I thinking one year ago. I hope I will be working each day on becoming a better person, so the answers will help me to identify different aspects and progress through time.

I hope that I feel proud of the accomplishments I aim to make this coming year. When I read my answers from 2011, I felt so excited because several of the things I had written about I had done. So I'm excited to be putting out some positive energy and really focusing on the things I want to do this year. I hope my life is different because I wrote these things down and grew by learning more about myself. I am on my way to being a better me because I answered these questions this year.

I hope I'll feel that I've changed positively as a person and have moved froward in my life. I hope that my life will, if not be where I want it to be, be on track to there. I want to be happier with my place and more trusting in myself and in love.

I hope I'll feel, accomplished, strong, forward movement-ed. And will have a record of what I wanted. This year it was humbling. Next year may it be humbling AND productive.

I hope that next year I will be in a different place. Looking back on my answers from last year, I can see that I've grown and accomplished a lot. But I can also see the same struggles and unhappiness. I hope next year I'll be more settled and feeling more encouraged about the next step in my life.

If all goes well, I'll be happy with my effort to stay curious and honest. I hope that I will have my priorities straight and in general feel a better sense of purpose and place.

I REEEALLLLLY hope that I've accomplished the goals that I've set for myself, especially the one's that I have talked about in 10Q. I like doing these types of questions because I love getting the e-mail that I've forgotten that was coming. And I love seeing if I have accomplished any of they goals that I set. And if I haven't, that sort of gives me a push to get my ass up and do something about it!

I have no idea, this is my first time participating. I'm going to work toward these things I discussed the best I can, come what may :)

I will be in college, being able to happily reflect over the amazing gap year I will have had in Israel!

I hope that I'll feel nostalgic, relieved, and maybe a little bit silly. I hope that after having had a year to reflect and work on some of this stuff, it will seem like small potatoes, things that I have long ago overcome, come to grips with, or mastered. I hope to say, look how inspired I was then, look how far I've come since, and look how far I can expect to go next year.

Last year I said something like: "Really? You were worried about *that*?? Psht, everything turned out fine." I will repeat that sentiment.

I hope to be a more confident, organized person. I hope B is further in his carrer as a successful doctor. And I hope we're married and growing together. And I hope Bean is finally house broken.

I'm hoping I'll be amused, like I was this year. I've done some of the stuff I wanted to do, and not done others. But atleast I've done some, no? I'm hoping I can introspect with more honesty, as a result of this. I don't spend too much time thinking about this when I'm answering them. But I'd like to. That would make it easier for me to hold myself accountable. Which would be nice.

I just hope to be settled. We have moments now where everything is just perfect - I love classes, we love living together, we love the house. There are moments of worry too, especially about the commute and the workload. I don't expect perfection in the coming year, but I hope to have adjusted to life here and feel content in the choices we've made this year.

Considering I'm extremely upset right now, I'll probably be surprised by just how sad these answers are. Hopefully, I'll be happier. I haven't put as much effort into these answers this year, simply because I've been in the process of moving this past week and it's been hectic. Hopefully, it'll be better. Hopefully.

I hope I will have achieved my goals or be actively striving towards them… unless I was able to adjust my aspirations. I don't want simply for things to have fallen to the wayside. I have a lot to accomplish this year, and every subsequent one… but especially this one.

It seems like my early answers reflected back to being a soccer coach, which was a year ago now. Next year, it will be ancient history. I hope that I will have more big challenges and accomplishments. That I will be continuing to challenge myself. I hope that my increased openness and sharing with people will allow me better and closer connections to people. So much that I'll hardly remember the fears I have today with sharing. Just realized that National Coming Out day is about now, but so many more people know than in previous years. Next year, who will there be to tell? Could I be so happy/self confident next year that I really won't have big goals? Only little ones - like having my closet in a continuous state of pretty clean?

I wonder if I'll feel something about the specificity of my desire to move forward on our family planning- maybe it'll be harder than we thought it would be, or maybe we just won't be ready yet, and it'll make me feel strange. I wonder how it'll feel to be coming up on our one-year wedding anniversary, and how the memory of our wedding (which just passed two days ago!) will have already perhaps faded. But I hope my life, and our life, will continue to progress, and that we'll still be learning and loving, and that we're happy - not all day every day, but every day. Filled with love!

I want to have gotten somewhere. I'm in a better place this year than I was in 2010, I suppose, but most days it just feels differently miserable... lousy job instead of unemployed, relationship I'm feeling questionable and guilty about for being the less-invested partner over being alone, abandoning art entirely rather than trying to scrape by on it and maintain some relationship with it. Next year I'd like things to be going well, at least by some measure. I'd like to be able to hone in on a couple of things to fix, rather than feeling like I need to turn my whole world upside down still.

I hope I'll have more discipline. I hope I won't feel regret at having not worked to the fullest capacity in the past year. I hope I will be elated to still be in a relationship with the woman I love.

i guess i'll be exhausted by my work and will regret today's quietness. It's already stressful in the office, but i guess it will be more. Becoz i do many things alone and don't delegate and the assistants are too busy to help me. Perhaps i'll have made a better deal with my colleague becoz of that..... or i will have quit everything. Who knows, will i still be alive? and my relatives? I think i will smile auto-ironically when reading this.. if do.....

I see myself having more focus and greater clarity by this time next year. I see myself as enjoying God's blessings in greater abundance, as well as sharing these same blessings with greater generosity. I see myself finding and following new and more fruitful directions in my life. I see myself pleasantly surprised and amused at the surprises God has in store for me this coming year.

I hope my life will be even more fullfilling and full of love and joy verses anxiety and stress. I will look back and know a chapter has closed and a new one that will be/is wonderful will be here.

I hope to have a modest homestead at my dad's place. A year from now, I hope to have a happy little 19 month old girl.

I think I will be farther down the path I want to pursue. Looking back will give me a sense of satisfaction and reward in knowing how far I've come and how hard I've worked to get there. I enjoy reflecting on everything that's involved with the evolution of self - understanding the process, seeing the pieces come together is one of the reasons I really enjoy this exercise. Answering these questions helps me to understand where I've been and what significance it holds in my journey. The goal setting enables me to picture what I want to achieve so I can get there. There's a therapy to the exercise and a level of clarity that I walk away with knowing where I've been and where I want to go.

I HOPE that I am happier a year from now. I hope that I am in a loving relationship. I hope that I have let go of the past. I hope that my parents are happy and in a good place. I hope that I am enjoying my job and financially okay.

I hope I'll be even stronger than I feel right now. I hope I will have met some of my physical and spiritual goals because if I don't, I'm afraid I'll be horribly depressed. I plan on making sure the coming year is as satisfying as this and that I'll continue to grow in strength and spirit.

I think that I'll be happy that I was actually honest with myself for answering these questions on a more personal level. I write this now with the full knowledge that I may not achieve all that I accomplish, and I will be okay with that. I hope that I continue to be honest with myself and the people around me with directness, but also with tact. I hope that I continue to keep growing in letting go of my past mistakes and looking forward to the future. I also hope that I have taken a few risks that have panned out with the continuing on my lifelong education.

I think it will be horribly depressing. I fear that I will be a divorced woman looking at how badly I fucked up and these questions will haunt me. I hope I am in happy marriage with my husband - but I don't see it in the cards. He has gone from me

hopefully i will have grown spiritually & my relationship with wife will have improved & my fears for israel's future will have been proved incorrect

I don't know -- so much depends on how the year goes. And there is just so much that is impossible to predict. I hope that I will feel even more settled in our new community, that I will feel excited about the next project, happy to see the last one published, and that Amy will still be alive and well. I hope that my sister and I will have had a chance to process Aviva's birth, that my shoulder will be healed, and that I will have a better integration of exercise into my life. Oh, and of course, I hope my kids and husband will continue to thrive in our new lives here in Oakland.

Hopefully I'll feel good at how much I've grown in the year. I'll feel stronger, more at peace. More allowing me to be me. That my life will be more about forward movement, less struggle.

I wonder if I'll remember filling these out.. so I waited to do them all at once, and didn't finish until after Yom Kippur... that's not the point. I'll be glad to have a reminder that I took time to look into myself and tried to answer these questions as honestly as possible.

Unlike this year, when I saw my previous questions I was exactly at the same place I was last year, I'd like to have accomplished some of what I stated. I'd really like to take charge of my life!

I think that it will make me a little bit sad that a year has passed so quickly. I'm so busy these days looking after her and making sure she is content and well fed that the days pass far too quickly. Her first year is one of the most important in her life and I hope that within that year she would have reached all of her milestones. Hopefully she will be eating at a table with us for dinner and I will be happy to be back at work.

I think I will have forgotten about 10Q again, but will be pleasantly surprised to get the answers. I think reflection is a really positive thing and I would hope to have reflected more through 2012. It is a great way to take stock and focus our lives.

I hope my children will be in a better place emotionally, and able to deal with their lives and situations in as healthy a way as possible. I hope I will have opened myself up more to events going on outside of my life. I hope to have one or maybe two more people I can call 'friend'. I hope my living arrangements have changed, for the better. I hope all the things which have caused so much anxiety and fear are closed and don't have that much power over my emotions anymore. I don't think I'll be surprised by any of my answers, but they will cause me to feel some sadness, I think. These questions are for posterity, but I do not view them as a means to change my life - that's my job.

Hopefully I'll have gotten past my injuries and irrational fears. But in other ways I hope I'm am essentially the same person.

I hope I feel satisfied about the weight issues, they've really been dogging me. I hope I also have moved up the corporate ladder. Most important, I hope my daughter's anxieties or learning disabilities have been correctly diagnosed and that she is on a trajectory for happiness.

I know I'll feel excited. Hopefully I'll be able to forget that it's coming, and be truly surprised when the email comes back around. I know I will be a different person then, a year is so long and so short. I will have changed for the better, with another year of experience under my belt. I hope that answering these questions has planted some seeds that I can nourish over the coming year. I hope, too, that I can make this kind of reflection a tradition in the years to come.

VERY excited and surprised as I will have forgotten all about this! And very curious to know what my answers are and if my predictions have come true. I might even look back with nostalgia and laugh at my optimism, and hope. My only wish is that I won't look back with regret, that I won't be disappointed with the outcome. Above all else that all that spirit, optimism, and hope from before will stay and even grow for the coming year, even if all of my aspirations were not fulfilled.

I'm not too sure how I'll feel. I smiled a bit after reading last years questions. I never forgot about this exercise (but I did forget the answers) as most of them were answered from my friend's place in San Diego. I've managed to accomplish some of my goals from the prior year but still want to accomplish so more. Maybe I'll get promoted again, pay down some debt and find another girlfriend? Or complete the marathon I've been trying to run.

My concern is that I will feel the same. But I am determined to remain on-task regardless of what I feel. (Fear, rejection, overwhelm due to relationships and illness.) What is different: My level of experience regarding "sitting with" my physical challenges. My vision is clearer than ever before regarding what is Next. The breakthrough wisdom gained from accepting what I cannot change.

When Sept. 2012 rolls around I hope I can say that I am doing my life's work, that I am in better physical shape and that I am either on my way to being or am debt free.

I believe I'll be fascinated by all of the events that I have experienced. Two strong women I know and admire struggle a losing battle with cancer; I struggle with my own battles with pain and trying to get moving. I hope that when I read this, I will be working out on a regular basis and that my back is stronger. I hope to see that these women have had a positive influence on me and that I have decided to seek out new friendships that make me feel satisfied and cocooned to some degree. I hope to remain as in love with my husband and as perpetually in true wonder and awe of my son. I have no idea how answering these questions will affect the outcome of the answers next year, we shall see!!

Things will be the same or better not that this year was not good just there is always improvement of self and improvement of others. So Hopefully things are done with a better sense of self and a bigger smile. Cheers

I hope as always I continue to grow as a person, see my faults and try to overcome them. I want to inspire others to do their best and do the same for myself! I hope I have created some positive and healthy habits and stuck to them!

I hope that i'll be in a place of certainty and one without regret, which would really allow me to look back at all of this and be happy rather than remorseful. I'm hoping im at a place where i am self confident and happy, and truly happy with what i'm doing. Not allowing the ideas of others to limit me or repress me from doing what i beleive is the proper next step. These questions have made me excited to have something that will allow me to compare my life directly from itself.

I hope that I'll feel satisfied and content. I hope that I'll see these answers and be able to point to progress in my life. I hope I'll be able to use them like a checklist: "Yep, did that, did that, working on that, okay didn't do that, put that one back on the list."

My hope would be that I could look back on them with a sense of completion, a sense of having moved forward.

I hope I will think, "Thanks 22 year-old ME, you really gave this exercise serious thought and took the time to start the year off with intention and the motivation to follow through! I lived a year full of love, fun, purpose, service, and renewal."

Last year I didn’t think I’d be all that impressed with my sort of off-the-cuff answers to these questions, but instead I really enjoyed reading them. It was a very nice way to reflect and remember that part of my life’s journey. I think I’ll feel similarly about my answers from this year. I feel like in these responses, I’m recording some of the wisdom I’ve gained over the past year (and longer). I’ve been meaning to find a way to do that anyway – write down those lessons in order to keep track of and reflect upon them from time to time, or maybe even share them with others. I think this 10Q process has become a good way for me to do that. I especially like that it takes place in the fall, which is the time when I feel most like my year is sort of drawing to a close in some ways (probably because summer always seems like something to survive…not just because of the heat and humidity, but because it’s so bright, and I feel so busy).

I think I'll chuckle at my naivete. I think I'll also be humbled by how wrong I was about some things. And I'll also feel smug about the places I was right. I love this exercise every year. I can't wait to see my answers at the 5 year mark so I can really track my growth and see how I have (and have NOT!) evolved!

It would be a wonderful memory to actual recall these memories :) I hope that life would be as blessed as it has always been inshallah.

I hope I can remember my lessons! It's funny how similar my situation is from this time last year but how many crazy things have happened. I hope all this learning will manifest into change next year. And stability and love.

What I want to feel is that I have changed the things that I felt MOST concerned about this year past. I want to be bolder. To have done more for others. To be less fearful. I need to think about which projects are realistic for one year. What do I want to acomplish in one year? Where do I want to accomplish in one month? Where do I want to accomplish one moon cycle? What do I want to accomplish in 18 minutes?

I hope I will feel calm and happiness. I hope I will be joyous for another year of life well lived and be grateful for the gifts that my life gave to me for another year. I hope that I will be wiser and more mindful.

Okay, I'm going to say it: I hope I'm in rabbinical school at this time next year. My reflections of late -- in these questions and during the new year -- really seem to be pointing me towards that path. In September 2012, I hope I feel satisfied.

I hope that this time around i won't get my answers and think 'well i didn't do that, or that, nothing has changed'. I don't have detailed answers so the my responses probably incite much emotion either way

If I've gotten off my duff & stopped reading non-stop and started doing, I hope my goals will have been attained as previously mentioned. I also hope we are still solvent and comfortable. I hope SC is working and driving safely as she begins her senior year in hs. Also, that she has successfully worked with a counselor to address her own issues of anger and abandonment, loss and self-worth. And that she has learned that she is a good writer and to have faith in herself and her abilities to complete what she starts.

I think I'll feel melancholic and perhaps a bit mournful when reading about and remembering what's happened in the past year. It's been quite awful. It's been a journey, an experience. Something I never thought would have happened. I hope that I'll have moved on somewhat from this year's events and be able to use my experience to create something positive. I hope that I'll be able to recognise that this year has made me stronger and I hope that I'll have grown because of this.

I hope I can spend more than a few minutes answering these questions. It was good to reflect, but I didn't reflect for very long!

Hoefuly better, full of hope and joy

I guess I predict that things will likely be the same, and I suppose that's okay because I have such a healthy beautiful family and so much to be grateful for. I hope I'm thinner, happily married with two healthy, happy daughters. We'll see! I don't like to make too many predictions!

I hope I have a firm gasp on my new life and that I am enjoying myself.

I'm uncertain as to how I'll feel, although I'm certain I'll enjoy reveling in the aged answers. I hope by September of 2012 I'll be in a position where I can look back and say "I was able to figure things out....there was nothing to worry about" and carry that with me during difficult times or when faced with difficult decisions in the future.

I hope I will feel as sense of accomplishment. When I read the 2010 answers I actually had the dreaded feeling that not very much had moved forward or had been resolved. I want to be generally much happier in all the various areas of my life - my family is incredibly important to me, as well as my relationship with my fiancee, and work and my personal projects. I want all these things to be where I want them to be.

I hope that I will have indeed made progressive steps toward my goals. I want to feel ok though, wherever I am at when I reread the Q's and A's.

This year was inspiring to remember how afraid I was of the GRE and of applying to USC, and then to realize I had actually accomplished that. I hope to feel the same kind of inspiration about things I was aiming for this year.

I hope I'll feel more centered, more sure of myself. I spent so much time and effort buying a home and getting a new job, that I forgot about the important things and let those suffer. I want to focus on those and make my life into something that's more than the walls that surround me at work and at home.

I will feel that everything is just in the past and that life moved forward however it was meant to go and I have the future to look forward to. I don't know that anything will really be different; life moves on and I just hope I make the right choices.

I hope that my life will be more settled. I hope that I will have recovered more from the shocks to my life I have experienced the past year.

I hope that I find that I've grown in the last year, and that I am indeed calmer, happier and financially more secure. I also hope I'm not too hard on myself if I don't achieve everything I mean to.

Maybe this answers will help me to know how I was a year ago, how I was thinking, seeind some things and so on. I'm sure, that in 2012 I'll be a quite different from now.

I hope I will have followed through on all my concerns and am at peace.

I think I'll either laugh at myself in that things had turned out better than I expected, or I'll cry a little for making myself have these goals that turned out to be difficult to achieve. But nothing is easy, including self-reflection.

I think I will have accomplished many of my goals (and goals I hadn't yet imagined) while still spinning my wheels on many others. I hope my concerns will be overblown and my attitude positive.

Wedding and life with Jenn aside, I can't really say there will be any drastic and monumental changes. Of course, the biggest changes are usually the ones that come out of nowhere, so there's no use in trying to predict those.

I hope that I can look at the questions and the answers and love both them and myself. And see the truth instead of distortions.

I hope to feel elated at all I've done in the year that will have past. I also hope to be ready for the coming apocalypse :-D

I'm hoping that next year I will have achieved a balance in my life concerning time spent with family. We certainly are not as close as we once were. I feel isolated from my adult children and granddaughter. Maybe I expect too much, but I don't think so. I'm not after daily phone chats, but feel that there could be a level somewhere between daily and never. We live in the same area...at most a 20 mile radius. I'd like it if we could get together oftener than major holidays and the occasional birthday. Other families do. If this is not to happen, I hope that by next year I will have gotten past it and will have just let it go. That I will just focus on my life without feeling hurt, missing them.

I plan on feeling vindicated. I hope to look at my predications as having all come true.

Hopefully, I will have made positive steps towards my goals and feel proud. Worse case, it should be a nice, gentle prod from the past. I hope the I have begun to move forward and broken the stasis I have settled in to. I hope that these question will be the framework that creates a positive focus on my goals.

relaxed Nothing will have changed except that perhaps a few more people will have been reached.

I hope that by taking time to reflect over 10Q that I will be living a more patient, peaceful life. I hope that I have managed to turn around my life both financially and personally. I think that I can become stronger than I am. I will be able to stand up for myself and express my feelings and concerns in all arenas of my life. I want to find time to have a deeper appreciation for my daily existance; for the moments. I hope to be kinder, smarter and happier.

I hope I'll be in a new job. I hope my apartment will be cleaner than it is now. And I hope my family will be happy and healthy.

I hope my answers will make me smile, and that wherever I am in my life, smiling will be a common occurrence.

I think I will feel very happy with what I have achieved. I'm not letting anything or anyone stop me from achieving my dreams and goals and aspirations. I will be raising my son completely on my own, just him and I. I hope my life is very different. I want to have advanced drastically in my professional life.

I will be surprised how entrenched I currently am in the world of mom and baby. I am wondering if I will have advanced along the trajectory of letting go that has been the main theme of the last while for me. I am hoping that I will have a little more balance in my life... A rounder identity (and a slimmer post baby belly :))

I think I will have had a lot more experience, as opposed to chains of thought. I will have been places and done things, for better or for worse. I will not have had much time to fret anxiously. I hope things will be better for Jenny and Coco and that I can get along with them both a little better.

Surprised, as forgetting is easy. I want to be lighter in my soul, more content in my spirit, and freer in my voice. And once again surprised with where my journey is at that moment in time.

I think I'll be in a better place and I will enjoy looking back at the hope I have now. I'm getting better about not being embarrassed by my past self. I haven't check last year's answers yet, but I saw my answer to Day 1 on the samples and was pretty happy about/with it. My life will be more meaningful and I'll be more connected to others, they will be more important to me and I'll be more important to them.

I hope I will feel more positive and fulfilled by my life direction. Although my feelings about my current state are not as dark as they once were, I lack a lot of positivity and motivation. I want to accomplish some major goals and have put myself on an interesting career path by this time next year.

I'll have had my ups and my downs, and I'll have a lot more experience to help me deal with whatever is in my path. Hopefully I won't have let the highs be too high nor the lows too low and hopefully I'm in a position to make decisions about my short/medium term future due to the hard work of the last year.

I know I'll feel the same way I do now reading my old journal entries - like I've grown in a million ways and for a million miles. However, I hope I don't feel sad or stupid about what I've felt or written. Remember that each feeling is valid, especially in the context and time it was experienced. I also, hope I've achieved a sense of direction and contentment.

The answers to these questions are ones that have been a part of me for more than just this year. I was reflecting on myself up to this point and though the events and traits are directed back to this year many of them can be traced back many years. I really hope that I can fufil the things that I have put into the 10 questions but I should not be disappointed if I dont achieve them all. As long as I have made some progress goals can take more than a year. Also remember to thank the people who have helped you get here today!

The 10Q process helped me pick a focus to think about on Yom Kippur... for the bulk of the day I focused on the goal of being around after the kids get home from school to play with, do homework with, influece their lives. I hope that when September 2012 rolls around, I will see that I have weaved that goal so into the fabric of my life that i don't need to think about it anymore.

I think we'll be gearing up for a full-swing holiday season at our new establishment. We'll be happily working together, close to successfully turning a profit, maybe even living on our own!

I think as time goes by and situations pass you gain perspective. I hope to have perspective on the events that happened this last year. When I look back on breaking up with Maria I think about the pain felt. I think about how torn up I was. I think that as time goes I'll be able to heal from the loss of my father and a year from I'll still miss him but I'll be in a better place than I was now. That's what I hope for.

I think i'll be entertained when i see these answers in a year. i hope that i will be healthier and happy. A year goes by fast, as does life, it needs to be lived day by day. I hope I change, for the better and love my life as I do now.

I think it might be that I'm still dealing with similar issues and this will remind me to actually do something rather than just think about it.

I learned this year that it's very difficult to predict how you'll feel, and that we often distort/misremember past feelings. That said, here's my prediction. I'll look at these answers in Sept 2012 and think, "I recognize the guy who wrote this and I remember these things that he is talking about. He sounds a lot like me, but not quite. Also, some of these things don't really matter to me today." Next year at this time I will (if all goes well) be a father. I am expecting that to be radically transformative. But I also expect that some parts of my life as it exists today will be unchanged. Will this be weird? disappointing? good? I have no idea. It will be interesting to see.

I think and hope that I will have solved my current problems, eradicated my fears and accomplished the goals I set out for myself for the upcoming year. 2012 will be a turnaround year.

I hope I've overcome my fear of change and made at least one significant step towards the next phase in my life, be it grad school, teaching abroad or something else new and different from what I'm doing now.

much relieved... and pleasantly surprised at how calling-in & looking is life-affirming and manifesting. hopefully in a much better place. in joy more of the time than despair. in a beautiful, home with consistent depth of loving compassionate connecting with people and animals. doing meaningful contributing work. having children in my life personally and/or professionally. knowing and relishing the evidence of naming, presencing, dignified committing and looking and being with.... part of a village. flowing and seeing as i am. nihara (river) from nohar (sight)... my new hebrew name given to me by rabbi jill hammer at taschlich at the hudson river!

I think I'll be a bit chagrined that I waited until the last day to get my answers in. I'm hoping that I will feel more settled in life due to living in a new home. I think I'll feel more comfortable being with people in general and closer to family. I'm also hoping that I continue to find time for both my work and hobbies. These are all still really good questions.

I hope I will feel less alone and be back to experiencing joie de vivre.

I hope to feel happy and proud of myself for reaching my goal. If that's true, I think my life will be different because I will have overcome the biggest nagging hurdle of my life. If I do that, I can do anything.

Oh gosh...I hope I'm doing the things I've listed here. I hope I've overcome some of my fears and accomplished some of my goals. I hope to have one job and for it to be the one I love. I hope to feel more settled - in LA and in my life in general. I hope to look back on this year as a test, and one that I passed. I hope I've really quit smoking and I'm working out more. Lastly, I hope I don't read these answers and discover grammatical or spelling errors. I hate those.

I hope I'll have made a little progress towards these goals. What I've written challenges ingrained ways of being, which is a big ask. Even just being mindful of my wish to change would be a start.

I hope that I will have a little more direction, know kind of what the next five years are supposed to look like, be living in a place that I intend to spend more than a year in... I hope that I will be able to see how far I have come.

Regardless of how i feel about the answers i have given to these 10Q......as long as i am physically, emotionally, spiritually and mentally sound...... all will be well.!! I hope that i will have entered into or beginning a companionship with a gentleman who is also interested in that as well and that we both are learning about one another and creating healthy avenues for us both to grow.

I think I'll see that I'm still involved with some or all of the same issues. I *hope* I'll see that I've made some deep changes. I *wish* I would get these answers and think "Wow, I was so anxious, and then this amazing thing happened and everything changed..."

Hi Karin. I hope you're in love. I want that for you so much. And I hope that you're as enriched by the world as you were in 2010-2011, but maybe not quite so busy. And I hope you actually did your taxes on time this year. Love, Karin Here is what Maris said in August 2011: "Your boyfriend is writing poetry on the road ahead of time, flying in his small plane over alpine mountains, taking trains through tunnels of busy cities to get to a port to tie the knots he knows how to tie on his big old sailing vessel. He’ll meet you at the expected place at the expected time. Soon."

This year I looked back at my few answers from last year and many from the year before and said: Oy, same old shit. Same yearning not to be a self-involved, superficial, spoiled dilettante. Same earnest push to do new stuff, complete what I start, be a better guy. Maybe next year I'll look back and see the same old stuff and think OK, nice job, well done, you've finally turned the corner on a lot of that same old shit? This year I quit drinking for 3 mos, lost 20 lbs and got 8 chapters into a new novel. Not too shabby. By next year I want the novel to be done, a new project underway and a happier and stronger and more giving temperament to have taken root. Is that so much to ask?

I hope I laugh and remember how amazing this period of my life was. How I did something great for myself and I was simply enjoying the ride from that experience. I hope I'll be in a new place, in a new job, have some new friends, maybe a relationship if I meet the right person. I hope I'm not still in the same place, with no end in sight, and feeling depressed. I hope I just fucking DID IT.

I think I'll feel a mix of emotions: nostalgia, joy, pride, and a deep miss for certain people and experiences that I've moved on from. I'll feel accomplished for all I've achieved. I'll feel thankful for all I've experienced - and all that I haven't. I hope I'll feel settled and feel comfort in the fact that I've found the right place for myself. I hope that wherever I end up during the next year - I end up there with a purpose. If there's anything these questions have made me contemplate more deeply, it's been the meaning and purpose in my life. I don't want to just "live" - I want to live intentionally and with purpose. Though I'm not 100% sure of my purpose at the moment, I know that if I follow my heart and do what I love (thank you, Steve Jobs), I'll end up where I'm meant to be.

that I didn't spend enough time on them. I hope that I get my spiritual mojo on again.

I hope that my goals will have been accomplished, or that I shall at least work towards them. I hope that my understandings of myself and others and God will have improved, so that I can look back now and see myself as a changed person.

The answers would really gauge my abilities. If I had grown by that time, kudos! If I stay more or less at the same position as now, something is seriously wrong with me and have to correct it. At least to prove myself, I should be working hard and spend much time in achieving the goals I have set.

It will be election time, so I suspect things will be pretty tense. I hope my work situation is still all right. And I hope I'll have had a better summer than I did this year... I hope I'll have caught up on my physical needs and handle my money more responsibly.

It depends on where I am with my life next year. For the most part it will probably be a reminder of where I was right now. I could potentially be disappointed, or I could potentially be content because I accomplished what I said I would. Specifically, I'm hoping that a particular ex-boyfriend will truly not matter to me anymore so that I wouldn't even think to include him in yet another set of these questions.

I fear that I will be disappointed in myself for not accomplishing a goal or something, but I really shouldn't. I am exactly who I am and exactly where I am supposed to be in life. I hope to still be passionate about my writing and kind to others.

I hope that I find more clarity and comfort in the course I am on. I hope looking back gives me the chance to see how much I have grown or help give me perspective about the person I am and what I spend my time worrying about. I always wish to grow and change for the better.

I think I will feel accomplished and excited to have done this. I will be happy because I can then enter it in to a scrapbook I hope to make. And this has taken me away from my "everyday routine" and let me express my thoughts so I can read them later and compare what I feel then.

I hope I'll feel a sense of pride and accomplishment. I worry that I'll feel deja-vu all over again!

When September 2010 rolls around I hope to have made a change in my life and accomplish the goals I hoped to accomplish. Because I have taken this time to reflect on my life now and where I want my life to be, hopefully I can apply it to the next year. I want to really achieve a higher potential and hopefully that will happen. Good Luck!

I am worried that I will not have accomplished what I have wanted to. I worry that I will feel defeated when I realize I have not made the changes I had hoped to make and have not accomplished what I had hoped to accomplish. I hope that I will worry less.

I hope by September 2012 I have my CMA designation, am enjoying my job, have completely decorated my new apartment, and will be deciding what to do with my free time. I would like to focus more on my creative interests and hope I will make the time by this time next year.

I think I will be surprised because I am sure through personal growth and experience, I will be in a new and different place.

I hope that in September 2012 I look back at these answers and can see how I've changed or grown. That I've been successful in graduate school, I feel good about myself and where my life is headed.

I hope to be pleased that I have manifested most of the things I've hoped for, including: new, fulfilling work; more NIA in my life; comfort with spontaneous personal communications -- especially on FB; an orderly and pleasant office and home office environment; restructuring my home space so I can have easy access to my piano keyboard.

I hope I will have already answered them :) Or they will serve as a reminder to help me grow

OK, my internet is being slow because my laptop isn't plugged in. I had typed a response to this question, but then waiting for the answer to be saved, I read the responses scrolling on the page and liked them better. I like the idea of talking to future me. Hello, future me! I hope you take this with a grain of salt. I hope you are continuing to realize how good you have it. I hope you are remembering to say, "Fuck it!"

I think I will fell reflective and contemplative. I hope to be stronger and to have grown up, even more than I already have. I also hope to look at these answers and smile, because of all of the changes that I have made.

I hope that I will feel like I've made some progress towards my goals. Like I've been a good source of support for my family and that I've relaxed a bit and added more levity to the seriousness of my personality.

I believe I'll look back on this particular period as an important beginning to a new phase of life. Many things are changing - the way I view Angela, the shifting perspective I'm beginning to hold in terms of my relationship with Ruby and Grace, the possibilities for constructing my new future... Reading "The Son Of Man" book, I think of the phrase "humbler and humbler." May it be so...

I hope to still be pondering over some of the same issues while also having found some resolution to them. I doubt any of my big questions will answer themselves in twelve short months, but I do hope to discover more nuance, as well as other big life topics. I guess my brain appreciates living life through various themes: partner/friends balance, self-advocacy, dealing with conflict head-on, etc. This work will never be done, but part of my happiness resides in working through life with loved ones.

I'll be excited to see my answers! Hopefully I'll live up to my own expectations.

I think I may still identify with many of these feelings. I hope that I can say that I've checked off some of my aspirations, as I did this past year. I hope that I've left behind my feelings of resentment, anger, and hurt, since they are only hurting me more and weighing me down. I hope that I will know a little more about myself, what I want, what I need, who I am.

I hope that I am doing what I am doing now, but with a more positive attitude.