How would you like to improve yourself and your life next year? Is there a piece of advice or counsel you received in the past year that could guide you in this project?

sit still more

I want to be less selfish and less timid.

"Wag more; Bite less; Make Money"

I'm going to continue exploring my consciousness through regular meditation.

Patience. be loving to yourself. dream big!

Get back in shape. And get to a point where a beer doesn't make me want a cigarette.

I would like to make more time to keep in touch with friends.

Be simpler. Respect and enjoy the process not the product.

Only one thing comes to mind: Never give up and never give in.

I want to go back to school

I would like to focus more on my health . I plan to join a weight loss group and exercise.

Quit chasing the next shiny thing that comes along, and focus down on the things you need to do and the things you've already invested resources and time into.

I would like to be more organized, and more money savvy. Real Simple magazine really helps with that.

Be proud of yourself. Honestly be yourself. These are things you say you are, and that you do, but you need to believe them.

I want to be healthier, ready to pregnant again. I want to be excited for my family's future, instead of unsure.

To become a better philosopher, i need to study more and to relate more distinct stages of tought.

I would like to 'learn' how to forgive, both through a religous, spiritual perspective and a therapeutic one.

I want to develop the self-discipline to complete projects that I plan. I need to be able to focus on the end result to motive me to get started.

I want to continue with my habitual trail running.

I would like to be kinder, gentler, and more loving. Be a better teacher and friend. Just finished reading "The Power" by Rhonda Byne - amazing. All we need is love.

I would like to learn to relax more and take things easier. I want to enjoy the present instead of thinking about the past or worrying about the future.

I've spent the last five years of my life as a half-assed vegetarian. I would really like to just do it all the way, and not give up whenever it gets too hard.

A colleague of mine said to me that the best thing we can do for ourselves and our congregations is to find the joy in Judaism. It is my hope that I will be able to follow his example and find ways to celebrate the blessings that have been given us as the means to living a more fulfilling life style that reflects greater happiness.

I want to feel close to God again and feel confident in life after death. I would also like to be more myself and I hope that by the time I read these answers, I am confident with voicing my own opinions and being friendly with strangers.

I would like to improve my spiritual, financial and relational life this coming year. This would help to alleviate stress which might help improve my health.

I'd like to better manager our money. We haven't done such a great job of that recently. We think to blame the economy, but really it's a lack of financial planning and not being frugal.

I would like to be more proactive and assertive in establishing my career. This is borne out of receiving the same piece of advice from close friends, family and my girlfriend. If I take things one step at a time, set realistic and achievable goals, I should hopefully be able to get there.

I think I need to get more sturdy. I need to bite back when I feel that people are pushing me around. I've got to mark my limits and rights better. I can't keep on ignoring it, pretending it doesn't matter.

I wish to lose weight and keep fit and healthy by next year. I am conscious with the last year's online reading and successs tories from many people that I had to reduce weight and it is possible to regain my beautiful looks that I had earlier, prior to become obese.

I want to live every day like it's a worthwhile day! I feel like in the past year I've slid into complacency and let every day be an until-the-next-one rather than a celebration. Every night, I want to ask myself "What did I do today that I was proud of?" and have a great answer.

I want to be softer, more open and sure of myself. I want to be in touch with myself and the real world. I want to love and be loved. So I have to listen to my heart and follow it.

I'd like to get better at doing housework.

GET OVER MY ANXIETY. GET BETTER!!! I'm so sick of feeling sick and in return having my anxiety ruin everything!!!!

I'd love to be better in my studies. I want to study everyday abd always pass the exams the first time, I would love to be more responsible this way, remembering wat my friend told me :"You are the dream I never had the courage to pursuit"

I would like to have a healthier lifestyle - no alcohol, no tobacco, getting enough exercise. I'd like to have activity and energy in my life, getting out and doing the things I enjoy. I like to travel, explore, visit museums, go to concerts, walk in the countryside, have friends and family around me. I hope I will have taken at least a few weekend trips to France, since I'm so close now.

To get a decent job. Something I will enjoy and not hate. To be able to get up and look forward to working & not dread it. I know all jobs have their Bad points I just want a job that has more good times fun times. Yes there was if I had listened to my husband and resigned before all this happened and forced me into leaving

I would like to be able to part myself from those who make me seem so dependant and be able to lose weight by changing my lifestyle to a more healthy one in order to live to have children and see them grow and there children.

During services this year I realized I want to be a better listener, to really hear those around me, especially my sons and husband. Hearing the shofar, a sound that I love, and saying the Shema, I came to think of this goal as my own mini "shema"-- hear! Listen, pay attention, focus! What is my teenager really saying? When my husband is fretting, what is he trying to tell me? So often I am distracted by far less important things: a work problem, an online game of Scrabble, Facebook. I am not in the habit of paying attention to those around me who really matter. I am focused on what to make for dinner or the messy living room or the memo I need to write. Instead I want to "be present" and to HEAR and appreciate my family, friends and coworkers.

I want to be thinner so I can be happy with myself - I don't feel that I fit in with my friends or family and I'm never comfortable in my clothes, at school, at the beach or anything. As well as that I want to be eating healthily and as a result be healthier in general.

I would like to feel more in control of my life and my finances. I handed over my power due to a lack in self belief and confidence. I have played the victim for too long, and now I would like to take back my power. I have been asked twice this year, "Is it better to be right, or better to be happy?" I would like to think on that question when I'm struggling with the lack of morality in the world.

I want to stop worrying so much, and just get on with life, enjoying it for what it is now rather than concentrating so hard on the future

More prayer; less King.com.

To take care of myself -- I was very sick this year, and continued to be sick until I was hospitalized. I know, if I took better care of my health, I would not have ended up so sick. Since then, I am falling into the trap of not taking good care of myself again. I am trying hard, but it is hard to focus on my needs rather than those important needs around me.

I want to continue to improve myself and make myself a better person. I think I've made progress in this, but that I can always do more. I think frustration is key to it and I feel frustrated in my current job. This affects everything and I know that I must leave to rectify this problem. Advice from a failed interview will guide me and hopefully give me a second chance to interview for this job next year.

I would like to be more focused and directed. Having a clear vision, no matter how small, and doing things to achieve that vision. Folded into that would be a consistently understanding who I am and where I am in my life at the moment. I am 47 years old. I am married with 3 kids. I have lived a good life and those things should be celebrated. This past year I read some of the books my father-in-law left behind. Reading Tich Naht Hahn and Kurt Vonengant (sp?) has helped me see that one can hold a vision and belief about the world and be helpful and a positive influence.

I would like to be more centered and less reactive.

I hope that wherever I am by next year, I feel ready to take on the myriad challenges of being more present in my life and the lives of those around me. I want to be a force for good.

In terms of improving myself emotionally, I would like to be a more patient, less moody person. I would also like to continue rebuilding the personal friendships that have suffered in the face of a two-year bad relationship. In terms of my physical improvement, I would like to get stronger, faster, and still just a little smaller, so that my athletic endeavors next year are a little easier. I've received lots of advice in terms of training, but the best advice is that I should focus on my weaknesses because my strengths will always be there.

My whole life my dad has always said, "Do one thing well." My wife, who has a front-row seat to my ADD mind and pleasant addiction of starting things on my own and with others, reminds me almost daily: "Do less better." I hate to admit it but she's right. I'll never do just one thing, it's just not my nature (no matter how much I'm indeed my father's son), but in the next year I'm going to try to do the parts of my work (and my play) that bring me the most joy, and, one hopes, the most success.

I need to be more patient and more responsible....basically, I think I need to grow up and stop acting so immature so often. I hope to become a better writer and find more direction for my life.

I think I'd like to be happier for small reasons even though there are things that could make me sad. I read somewhere that in trying to please everyone, will definitely lead to unhappiness. And I think that's it's true to a certain extent. I need to start prioritizing who's important, and who I want happy. When these people are happy, they leave me feeling happy too. And that kind of happy, is happy beyond measure. Because it is this kind of happiness that you can share with others.

I'd like to put myself first. I'd like to stand up for my needs and know that I am not a lesser person for doing so. I'd like to not be scared that I won't be loved, or that I will be thought of as high maintenance. I'd like to be more myself. My TRUE self. Even if that doesn't always please other people.

I would like to improve my personal health and fitness in the next year. Also get more of an idea about my career - whether to stay where I am (I feel stagnated), look into different options with My current employer, or look elsewhere entirely.

Would love to get myself back in school so I can get out of the jobs I'm finding myself in. As for advice, only that I've been told I'm way too smart for the positions finding myself in

I just finished reading Arnold Bennet's "The Human Machine". He talks about making the most out of yourself, by using reason instead of the "heart". He says that when we say that a decision is made by out heart, what it really means is that we did not think reasonably about it, and chose through idleness, of the brain. So we need to practice concentration and make our brains our slaves, and not the other way around (in which case, our brain wants something and our body complies). I guess I haven't explained it the right way. Just read the book if you want. It's available for free in Project Gutenberg's site.

I'd like to be able to calm myself down in situations rather than just say the first thing that comes to mind.

I would like to be more content with the life I have. I saw a quote about counseling which said you don't necessarily change yourself you just learn to live with your imperfections - I would like to be able to not just appreciate this intellectually but internalize it.

Trust myself more and be more assertive with others in all areas.

I want to lose appx. 100 pounds this year. i've been working on it at weight watchers, and know that i can do it if i put my mind with it.

I have been challenged to be more nurturing, both for my husband and for my hoped-for future babies.

I'd like to be faithfully spending time with God each day. That's it, really. :)

I want to be thinner. Happier. I want to stop blaming my family so much. I want to finish college. Want. Want. Want. I want to stop wanting so many things and actually accomplish them.

Balance. I want balance. This year (this part year) has been a roller-coaster of emotions. Sadness and depression. Excitement and anger. Real low bottoms and then a few great highs. I know that emotional ebbs and flows are part of life but I could use a little less movement and a little more moderation. Be moderate. Experience our reality moderately. That is what Danny told me. I believe that to be true. Enjoy. Be sad. But, know that this too shall pass.

i would like to learn to not personalize things too much and just "let things go." i tend to take in too much and always think of what i did to make that person feel that way about me. it just brings me down more and i know that every little thing should not be seen that way. taking things in stride and not allowing things to get the best of me are things i'd love to overcome.

I would like to be less anxious. I would like to not waffle as much about decisions. I would like to live without regrets. I would like to make friendships more of a priority. A friend once told me sometimes you just have to do something, even if you are feeling tired. You won't regret it.

I would like to be less selfish and more open to change. I would love to be able to socialise like a normal person. And most importantly, I don't want to be stupid anymore.

I'd like to keep my eyes open to live life to the full and to see things as they are, not as I want them to be.

Take more risks with everything. Get in touch with what makes you happy.

I would like to try to be more open and intimate with people. I'd also like to take more risks and break more rules.

i'd like to loose weight and be acutally happy with myself for once. but starting uni, although a massssive time of change may not be the best time. i'd also like to be just nicer to myself and others...

I would like to be better with my finances. I would like to be more disciplined about going to the gym. I would like to be more understanding and patient with my family.

I would like to lose weight and achieve my goals in my exams later this year.

I would like to participate in more voluteer projects and learning experiences. I will use my interests to guide me. The level of need in the volunteering will also be a factor

"I must let go of the past so that I have both hands free to grasp onto the future." I want to let go of everything from my past. My financial difficulties, my relationships, my depression. I want to look to the future and what life has in store for me there. No more longing for what could have been, long instead for what is yet to come. I'm looking foward to this new year, making the best of what I have. I won't settle or make consessions on what I want. I'm just going for it.

I would like to be able to be more intentional about finishing tasks - even (or especially) when I am not excited about the work. The best piece of advice I have received in the past year is - "Let it be easy". This has been a huge help for me!

I would love to manage my money better and improve my sleeping habits. I'd also love to get a regular work out routine to improve my overall health. Mostly I'd be happy to be alive and well to read that I failed at improving the aforementioned. :P

I would like to be more chilled and not so much as a stress-head. I intend on concentrating on making my family and I the happiest we can be, to enjoy life and not to sweat the small things!

I have to lose weight this year. Looking in the mirror it doesn't look so good naked. As for advice, it's the same adage...eat better, less fat, more exercise...

I would like to be settled in Dallas pursuing a career in Journalism/ photography. The piece of advice that I have received is to get out and make contacts.

I would like to lose weight for the new year. The best advice I got was: 1. eat only when you're hungry, 2. replace food with another action during stress, 3. eat healthier choices.

"It is harder to be kind than to be clever." I am going to make myself a better, calmer, more patient person. I am going to give, no matter what I have or what I get. Giving is receiving. I am going to chase my gypsy dreams and be beautiful inside. I am going to be deliciously arty.

I would like to have a regular weightlifting routine so that I can be stronger. I would also like to improve my professional skills. Basically I want to be more confident in who I am and what I bring to society.

I've just been told by my boyfriend that I'm a complete doormat, that my friends use me and look down on me. By this time next year I want them to be the ones texting me asking to meet up rather than me having to arrange it all the time. I want to be the one at the centre of the circle rather than on the circumference. I want less acquaintences and more friends. I want people that I can talk to about my problems, not people who always expect me to listen. I need to become less soft and more assertive. I don't want my boyfriend's guidance in this matter, he has nobody to call his friend let alone acquaintance. I want to receive a text every now and then saying hi. I'm going to try not to text or call people up and see what happens. Will they even notice if I lose touch?

I would like to improve my work life balance, and work to figure out what I am good at and enjoy doing. This will work into my quest to find an enjoyable job. I think I can use everything I have done this year as an example of what not to do.

I intend to be calmer and more peaceful. I intend to be sturdier in my choices and actions and less wavering in who I am.

As always I'd like to be less selfish and better to those around me. I'd also like to be more confident, and less needing of approval from others. Recently I was told that I have to let go of an unrequited love in order to see what lies in front of me. I take this to mean that i should stop thinking about what she didn't see in me as a flaw, and focus on the positives in my life instead.

A friend mentioned the other day that she was going to take these next three years of law school and use it as the time for her. She would get into shape, read good books, and and all that. I'd like to do the same. I think I also need to get more comfortable being with people. Peace Corps taught me that I am ok when I'm alone, happy even, but now I have to figure out a way to stay comfortable with myself when i'm surrounded by people

I need to get my body back to normal. Not sure what is causing these pains and lack of strength, but I would like to get back to where i was athletically. Id settle for being able to close my hands or open lids.

In the coming year I want to be more deligent about money, more confident in my abilities , less worried about not being part of a pack, and worry less about my oldest son.

I would like to be debt free, to make amends with all that I have wronged, to be restored to relationships with my 2 sons and 2 daughters, to be solidly founded in my walk with Jesus, completely fulfilled in following Jesus and living in the love of God. The word of God is my daily counsel and advice. What does it profit a man if he gains the whole world and yet loses his soul?

I want to grow a garden. I want to cook more. I want to be more kind to my husband. My husband always tells me to live in the now, rather than the future.

There's alway the same thing I want to improve, that seems to elude me (though I guess I need to try harder); for next year, I'd like to work on my temper and patience, and to give myself some time to reflect before saying something I may regret or making a matter worse. As honest as I like to think I am, sometimes not taking a step back to just let things simmer and give a matter some reflection has caused lots of strive. I want to try to just relax more and sympathize where I can to avoid unnecessary hardaches.

I'll intent to take less risks. Study my projects a little more. An yes I received advice from my previous pupil...

- Lose weight and get healthy - Become an even better singer - pursue this talent - Become more financially responsible - Enjoy each moment and appreciate what I have - this has been something people have been telling me for a long time and I constantly get wrapped up in what could or should happen and miss the special moments in my life

I would like to become confident in my beliefs. But first I need to find out what those are.

I have spent the past year in a constant state of anxiety. I have felt that things are very much out of my hands. In the coming year I hope to start a business and I hope that this time next year that I will have some measure of control of my own destiny

I want to stress about things less and leave people to their own lives - just because I feel like I know better doesn't mean I do, and even when I'm sure, it doesn't mean I'm right. If people want to cheat on their partners (AJA and SLW!) or are just stuck in a constant rut of nearly being together (SJM and LJM), it doesn't make it my place to get involved, because I only end up angry. I'd like to focus more on helping when I'm asked, and leaving everyone else to their own devices.

Set goals that are in harmony with personal relationships. My father said: "Everyone has a story if you listen."

I need to be more content with what I have, specifically where I'm living, and be positive about it. I tend to amplify the negative, and that's just a self fulfilling prophecy. Things are pretty great, but I always worry that they could be better.

I'd like to become more active, and essentially, more lazy. I feel as though I need some sort of motivation, and the recent trip I've taken has begun that change. The trip showed me how much I can achieve if only I was more confident, which involves being more pro-active and in control with my life.

I would like to be more gregarious. As I get older and don't have to interact with people in the workplace any more, I have become more insular. I am presently walking dogs daily around our apartment complex for a neighbor who is recovering from a serious illness. I have talked (and enjoyed talking) to more residents in these four days of dogwalking than I have in the five years I've lived here. I am not a joiner of activities because I have found these groups generally do nothing but gossip or badmouth apartment management. Rather than "join" and then "quit" shortly thereafter, I just have stopped trying to find a niche for myself. This dogwalking has been a nice way to have individual contact. Since my husband says, "NO DOGS!" I'm wondering if there is an alternative.....

Be active. Be a verb. Don't worry about the nouns. They'll take care of themselves.

Get back to creativity. I've always been a very creative person; paint, carve, sculpt,make jewelry, photography, writing, music; I've gotten away from all of that due to pain and living conditions. Really am trying to focus on getting my creative energies back.

Financial stability is my goal. I would like to support myself entirely through writing and singing. Danielle LaPorte has offered much wise counsel; I guess her best advice is how my own authenticity is the best qualification for any job.

I want to be back to my old self again. This year spent cut off in the middle of nowhere has been in a lot of ways the worst year of my life and I hope that going back to college and having the chance to be me again will give me back my confidence and self esteem.

I'd like to eat better. I hate to cook but that's mostly because I don't have time. I think if I could learn to cook better foods for myself and my family we would all be healthier, feel better and have more energy.

I'd like to reduce a bunch of the debt I carry. It's not a problem to pay for it, but with the economy in the crapper, it just seems like the prudent thing to do. It would take away a lot of possible issues and make everything a bit smoother.

I would like to be more comfortable, more confident when I meet and talk with those with great wealth. It's not that I would EVER want to change my life for theirs because I have so many blessings. I just wish I could be a touch less class-conscious.

I would like to be more positiive and not so worried about having to have something to look forward to ALL the time in order to insure my happiness. Also, I would like to be in a regular exercise routine so that I can be more tone/fit/tight/etc

I would like to keep remembering that everything is LEARNING. That there are no such thing as mistakes. To feel in my bones that EVERYTHING I'm doing and have been doing is RIGHT. Lots of love and forgiveness and PATIENCE.

I'd like to be a more motivated person. I'd like to wake up in the morning and want to get things done. I would like the desire to go for a walk, do the dishes, clean the bathroom, start a load of laundry, take an oil painting class, sew curtains for my kitchen, keep in touch with family and friends. I want to be the kind of person that has the motivation to do these kinds of things every day. Its important to me because everyday when I go to bed I feel like I didn't do enough or get enough done.

I will continue my yoga practice and see where it leads. It is a journey of discovery rather than a road to specific goals of self improvement.

I'd like to be able to move into my own place, be more financially stable and lose most of the weight I have set a goal for. Nothing from the past year has helped so far...

I would like to be more proactive in getting in shape. I would like to be able to set goals and realistically work to achieve them. I would like to communicate more with my friends and family. I would like to be able to identify myself as an adult through my thoughts and actions. I would like to be able to look forward instead of past.

I would like to be more sure of myself and my decisons. Right now I think I allow others to dictate what I want and I don't even realize that I just go along with it. Over the next year I want to be able to be more decisive and more in control of my life and what I want.

I would like to be attending UCLA as a grad student or doing a greater job at my current profession so that I may love my job instead of dreading it. The counsel I got this year is that I am underemployed, which means I'm not being challenged, thus being disheartened.

I want to take every advantage of my life. My dad always tells me that I should do everything I want to while I'm young, because you can't do it when you have kids. I usually laugh him off, but it's true. I just moved to Germany this week. My parents could never have done that with two kids.

I recently started therapy because of issues relating to a specific relationship in my life, but I have quickly come to understand that the issues are really just symptoms of bigger things I need to work on. In the coming year, I really hope to learn how to be realistic in my expectations of people in all kinds of relationships--work, friends, family--and how to manage the inevitable disappointments in those relationships. All my life, because of what I learned from my family, I have withdrawn--emotionally, physically, or both--when I have been hurt or disappointed, which hurts myself as much as it hurts the other person. At least as much. I want to do better, through more self awareness and practice, at recongizing disappointment as being separate from intentional hurt or rejection and reacting to it in a less emotionally draining (and relationship diminishing) way. Ken y'hi ratzon.

I'd like to bring my weight into line and exercise regularly once again. My weight is the only source of unhappiness or dissatisfaction I have in my life right now.

Be CALMER and more patient !

I would like to be more outgoing and contribute more in some way to community or the needy. This requires a huge change in my mental state and satisfaction with my life and myself which is another long story. Maybe thats all part of the equation?

Behave more like the person I want to be. It would be great to have less open projects.

I would like to become a more helpful partner, a better musician, and more motivated at my job. I want to do a better job at just being true to myself too.

I would like to get better at writing. I am in my first semester in my Masters program and I want to be able to verbalize and compose my papers in a more professional manner.

i want to be a better me! Enjoy every day as it can be your last. Be good to my daughter and teach her to embrace life as little as she is. Be nicer to the people surrounding me and be more patience with them. I want to work in a professional environment where I'll be judged on my skills in stead of my personality. Hoping my daughter will help me become a better me and maybe my workingpartner can help me strive for fun and professionality on the workfloor!

Less talk, more action. More risks. More out of my comfort zone. I would like to become more responsible and reliable. I think I have come a long way in this respect this past year. I think I probably need to become less arrogant. But do I want to? Hahahahaha

More focus in the job in hand, develop intutive power, distribute happyness.

I would like to be more of my own person. I always take into consideration the thoughts of others first when I am making decisions and I want to make sure that I am able to make my own decisions in order to make myself happy. I shouldn't always let others affect my decisions as much as I do.

I'd like to continue to work on self-defeating habits and patterns. For example, Greg and I have certain petty arguments that we sort of fall into and have trouble getting out of once begun. Dr. Bill has been really helpful in pointing out that how I/we respond to certain argument triggers is a matter of choice, i.e., I could choose NOT to take the bait and could just let it go. Bill gave me another piece of counsel that I find tremendously helpful, which is that I am responsible for my own happiness. He said this to me at our session on 12/31/09 (I remember because it was New Years Eve), and it was such a profound moment that I literally felt like a light bulb went on over my head. I am responsible for my own happiness. No one else is going to make that happen for me. The universe is not going to hand me happiness. I can only be happy if I take total, unflinching responsibility for it. That concept cuts through a lot of bullshit. It means I have to ask for what I need instead of keeping quiet and then feeling all self-justified in my anger. It means I have to cultivate a positive attitude instead of getting all sulky and attention-seeking. It's inspiring and empowering to feel like happiness is actually available to me all the time if I'm willing to work for it.

I would like to get a better handle on trusting people. This past year has severely damaged my capacity to trust, and I would like to move back to a place where I can make and sustain new relationships. I would also like to be able to let go of things and people that are bad for me without so much remorse. I am afraid of the unknown, and so I will stay in abusive and unhealthy situations and relationships simply because they are what I know. I need to respect myself enough to learn when to leave.

I would like to "get out of my head", not over-think things so much and work on destressing. I would also like to work on my marriage and become a more passionate person. I read The Happiness Project this year and the whole book was extremely helpful advice. I highly recommend it. The best advice I read in it was to take things slowly and not to compromise who you are...don't try to do things just because you *should. Be whoever you are.

I would like to be more assertive and tell people how I feel. I feel as if too often I don't say what I want to, good or bad, because I am afraid of offending people.

I would like to remove my self-imposed glass ceiling and finally get the opportunities in work and life that I know I'm capable of handling, and handling well. The best advice anyone can give anyone is: be here now. Meet every moment with as much awareness and presence as humanly possible.

I would like to make some headway in my weight loss goal, as cliched as that sounds. I think what will guide me is Lululemon's injuction to "sweat at least once a day" (which I hope to do over the next year, quite literally). I also want to put to work the principles of instinctive eating, ultimately conquering my food addiction.

I want to improve myself in Krav Maga. I want to improve all my craft. I want to make new friends. I want to find a new place to live.

Avoid people who are hostile to me. Do not try to ingratiate myself with everyone. Don't let my mother manipulate me. Don't ask questions at lectures.

Live free, be free.

I want to stop procrastinating. I tend to let things pile up and then frenziedly try to catch up, only to do a half-assed job. And then frustrate myself because I did less than I am capable.

I really need to change the way I spend money. I buy things to fill an emotional gap, and that is just not healthy.

I would like to be more disciplined. I would like to finish what I start. I would like to get up and do something. To stop thinking and simply take action. To be more open. To be friendlier. To be more outgoing. To feel my age and not older. I would like to be more carefree. Kinder. More compassionate. I would like to be less selfish. I would like to care more. Be more comfortable with showing affection. I would like to let love in because I have a lot of love to give back.

I think I should listen to my own logic and then do what I say. That way I'll be following my heart instead of ignoring it. I want to speak and be heard.

I would like to be more in control of my goals, my time and my productivity. The Lubavitcher Rebbe once said, "When you are very overwhelmed, focus intently on one thing."

I would like to take better care of myself. I need regular exercise and to eat healthier. I try to do these things, but my schedule is so busy and I often submit to unhealthy choices in the interest of saving time, or from being too tired after arriving home from my crazy day. If there was any advice that I've received from anyone that could remotely be related to this goal, it would be, "Someday I will simplify. Today is not that day."

I want to lose weight. I was diagnosed with Crohn's disease when I was 8 and put on steroids. I haven't been skinny since then. I want to go back to who I was before I was diagnosed almost ten years ago. And I want to act, it's a necessity. To never give up. I know this, but it's so true. Life can be so incredibly hard at times. You just can never give up on it.

I'd like to be in better: physically, mentally and spiritually. And a better listener.

In order of importance, I'd like to improve: Relationship with husband Health Dependence on high income Time (amount I have) Guidance? Persevere. Matt D said that and I think it's true. I can accomplish anything if I just...persevere.

I'm starting back at college to do a degree in computing, which starts in February, so I can be happier in my work and also provide more for my children. I would like to be a less selfish person and be calmer and more considered in both my words and deeds. No advice immediately springs to mind, but doubtless something my ex-partner has said will come back to bite me.

I would like for this to be the last year I hope to lose weight and improve my health. I'm tired of answering this question the same way every time!

I think two things would come under this question. First, I would like to be in better physical shape then I am at this time. Second, the advice that I received came from numerous sources...make your business what you envision it to be. Stay on course and develop the model that you envision. Boutique, unique photography.

I'd like to stop ignoring my own ambitions and hopes. Living one day to the next, firefighting issues as they arise is no substitute for having a long term strategy, an overview to work with to achieve a set of goals. As for a piece of sage counsel, how about this from the back of a bottle of bleach: Stand upright in a cool place.

I would like to be less self-conscious dancing. I love music and actualy enjoy dancing at times, mostly in big groups where I can't really be seen. My family loves to dance. My friends love to dance. I think I should love to dance to! Maybe I'll take lessons!

My mom always told me people come in and out of your life your whole life, if they want to leave: let them. This past year, I became proficient in letting people out. However, I think I want to concentrate on letting people in.

I would like to be a person with drive and ambition. I have never been good at setting goals and sticking to them. I am stagnant and stuck and seem unable to move from where I am. Being unemployed has made me depressed and all I seem to be able to do is set at this damn computer. I want to know exactly what it is I want and let nothing stop me from achieving it. Why can't I be that person?

I would like to find myself a better job, relax more and not spend so much time stressing about unimportant stuff. Like my ex. I would love to stop stressing about her.

All the mentors and guides in my life are telling me to release resistence and just let things "be". The ego wants to run the show and tries pretty hard to be control. I know that I can swap perfectionism for simplicity if the ego gets outta the way!

Accept and live daily a fit and healthy lifestyle (right now it is a real conscious choice and chore) Moment to moment live more lovingly and more confidently as myself (less fearful and less guided by others expectations) Important quotes to me... When you live in integrity, empty of expectations, outcomes are irrelevant. The universe means no harm -- no matter what it is all perfect.

I want to be serious about my business and grow it seriously. Take the business side seriously, financial side, etc.

I would like to lose weight. I have wanted to lose weight my entire life--even as a pre-teen. I've been motivated to work out, but I easily psych myself out: "I don't have time", "I am too tired," "I'm cranky and just want to relax." And for a year or so, I was working out 5-7 days a week and hope for that zeal to return. The best piece of advice that I try an remember is "It's one hour where you do something for YOU. It's an hour that, in the end, makes you feel good about yourself." I think I can spare that.

I'm really hoping to get on top of time management. It's really about SELF management - managing myself in every sense of the word - planning, implementing, reviewing, and improving.

This year, I would like to be more calm and balanced. There is a beauty in balance that I'd like to explore more. The masculine and feminine, anger and ecstacy, pain and pleasure. I want to use these zen ideas and learn to experience life more fully. I don't want to avoid my emotions. I want to put them out there, savor what each one feels like, and file it away, even the "bad" emotions. I want to feel angry, sad, happy, loved....really feel it. I want to be more open to the complexity of this world. I don't want to hold back so much. This is how I hope to acheive calmness-- by allowing each emotion as it happens, instead of bottling it up and waiting for the explosion.

I'm kind of a sucker for reading my horoscope on my birthday and finding deep connection with it. This past year's prediction feels especially aligned with how I want to live my life: create my own path, imagine it and then follow it. Don't wait around for others to determine what I will get to do. This isn't possible all the time, in my line of work, but I'm holding to it. Happiness and satisfaction show themselves when I am able to make choices.

I would like to be more patient with myself and with others. Also, I have a bad habit of always thinking that everything is my fault when someone is upset with me. I want to be less affected by other peoples' stuff and learn how to walk away with love and trust that God will take care of me and those I love. I need to let go let go let go.

I would like to learn how to meditate-- and through that be more at peace with myself and the world in general. I've been trying to learn about Eastern philosophy, and I hope this will help guide me.

I will work on being more thoughtful in what I say and do. I would like to work on taking care of myself and making informed and intentional decisions about who I am, how I represent myself and what I am choosing to do- in the direction I want to go. This may sound lofty, but this is actually where I am right now and comes from being unemployed for a bit.

Three simple words: Get over Myself.

Where do I start on this one? I would love to be less of a procrastinator and start getting things done that I have put off for a long, long time. (i.e. purging and organizing our belongings; painting a wall - even just ONE wall - in our house) I would also like to save more money this year. I would like to do more traveling. I would love to find a graduate program that works for me. I have had no advice or counsel for any of these items, but plenty of people that are encouraging and supportive.

I want to make a difference in the world somehow. I have to start at the bottom though. I don't know what I want my profession to be, but I want it to be in the vein of helping others.

I would like to learn how to relax more and try to go with the flow. There is a co-worker that seems to have gotten much better at doing this and he goes by the old adage that you worry about the stuff you can directly influence and let the rest go as it will.

I want to get back in control of my life. That means to get back to my old self again: weight, confidence and energy. I want to get my career on track and start living for myself. Being a mother and a wife makes it real easy to lose myself- I need to find myself so that I can be a better mother and a better wife.

Oh, wow! This is exactly what I've been dedicating a large portion of my time to lately. I purchased Darren Hardy's "The Compound Effect" (at http://www.thecompoundeffect.com/). I'm also using the worksheets available on the same site to finally figure out what my "soul purpose" is and begin developing new habits that will help me achieve it. I'm also attending a workshop at Omega Vector (at http://www.omegavector.org/), beginning this weekend. I'm really excited to see where my life will go once I finally have what I've struggled with all my life (figuring out "what I want to be when I grow up") determined. In the meantime, I'm considering using Ben Franklin's "13 Virtues" program (http://www.flamebright.com/PTPages/Benjamin.asp) to help me work on living a virtuous life. Finally, I plan to create my own "Ultimate Notebook" (at http://lifehacker.com/5611648/diy-ultimate-note+taking-notebook) for taking notes at meetings and in college. And, I might begin using D*I*Y Planner (at http://www.diyplanner.com/) to keep track of everything. Whew!

I want to explore my identity and be more at peace with who I am. Most importantly, I want to go for the things that make me happy and not worry about how it makes others feel.

Recover physically and excercise when the weather improves Not get too busy and under time pressure

I want to be less lazy, more organized, less of a procrastinator, and more on top of things. I want to get back to being the trust-worthy, organized person I was in my younger days.

To put my marriage first, when dealing with family issues. My children are my children, but we are facing my stepson coming to live with us. The kids are our kids, but presenting a united front and keeping our marriage intact is of utmost importance and we need to remember that. I need to have patience and grace and hope and pray that I will manage to. My stepson deserves the same chances my two sons had, and we can provide that environment for him to succeed. I thought I was close to the empty nest, but ... God keeps putting children in my path (first Taryn, now Matt) in addition to my own. I take that to mean that I am supposed to help lead them and guide them.

I would like to listen more and talk less!

I would like to be more focused. I get pulled into so many directions that it is hard for me to feel dedicated and completely present to one subject at a time. I used to write lists and I need to go back to that. "Once something is out of control is exactly when you're in control." -- basically noting that you will know what the problem is and how to fix it.

Don't be dumb. lol i really don't know. Do what i love on my own terms... i really don't know

I'd like to be a little more motivated, and feel more comfortable with who I am and not worry so much about being liked. I sometimes find myself trying too hard to engage others because I want to draw them in, but in my heart I know that people would like me for who I am if we're meant to be friends. As far advice I've received, well, who hasn't heard "Just be yourself" too many times to count? But I don't know how that can guide me in this because frankly there are aspects of me that people don't need to know too soon. I guess a better rewording would be, "Don't false advertise".

I am striving to a new year filled with more patience, acceptance and calm. I don't want to let perfectionism get in the way of my trying new things. "Be like a duck. Let the water roll off your back."

I would like to focus on the positive experiences and people in my life, giving more weight to them than negativity. I've also become aware of what a destructive force anger is and want to work toward alleviating it in myself and in the world at large. Finally, I'd like to push myself more instead of giving in to lethargy and inactivity at times.

Relax. Treat my children and family with compassion first. Respond not react. Think of the why behind the outburst or conflict before I respond to the situation. Be a calming influence.

Prioritize with family and spiritual development first; work is fine, but is not longer the drigin goal. Work at patience, acceptance and asking for what my family needs. LEARN TO RELAX AND SLOW DOWNso that I don't fly off at everyone around me and get done what need sto be done.

I would like to improve myself over the next year by gaining authentic power – to life in love more than in fear. Trust, Relax, Do my Best and Enjoy Life…

I just want to be able to put things in prospective and use everyday to achieve my goals. the advice i got was to try and relax, don't let little things frustrate you and try and be more positive in thinking and actions.

I would like to spend more time with God, reading the Bible and praying. This has been an ongoing struggle for me. I have a difficult time staying motivated and inspired so I'm hoping that being involved with a Growth Group and with Mom's Time will help me be accountable. I would also like to work on creating routine for myself and Selah. It is so difficult for me to do this for an infinite number of reasons, but if I have a baby that is napping regularly and getting out of the house to participate in a variety of activities on a regular basis, I will consider that a success.

I would like the find a balance between mind, body, and spirit, actively pursuing the 3 as they are wedded to each other. I also want to develop an inspiring community around me that supports all of my being, where I can find a healthy perception of the quote below. “All of one’s life is a struggle towards that; the narrow path between freedom and belonging. I have sometimes sacrifced freedom in order to belong, but more often I have given up all hope of belonging.” — Jeanette Winterson, The World and Other Places

I would like to be less fearful and more pro-active in pursuing the things I want or love. I guess the Nike slogan really sums it up - Just Do It.

I hope to be more dedicated in my studies, not waste so much time. Good advice that has been given to me is that to love and really be interested in what you're done. If you're doing something just for the sake of doing it, you probably won't get much from it. But if you put your heart and soul into something, especially something you're passionate about, your life will just be that much better.

I would like to "keep my act together" as far as my physical surroundings go, to take some risks (ie getting a homestudy done) that are ok risks without losing myself or my family in the process. I would also like to complete tasks in a timely manner - especially ones that I promise someone else that I would complete! I would also like to keep promises to myself as well - ie, exercising daily, making better food decisions (and losing weight!) I would also like to be more regular and involved spiritually than I am now. Currently I am involved - but it is on a personal level at home, I want to be involved in a more community sense.

I want a steady job again, which will fulfil my need to create things with others as well as my nead for a steady income. On the side I want to still have my own little business, not for the money but for the fun of it. I want to have enough free time to spend with wife and kid, and friends and sports. Talking about which, I want to gain muscle again and do at least one running event. Not because I like running, but because it's a mile stone. After that I can go back to free weights again. I want to trade my Yamaha for a Moto Guzzi or a Harley. I want to be happy and i want to make my wife and son happy.

I would like to be healthier and more physically fit. I know what I have to do, the challenge is to do it.

When I last saw my father, and at the time I thought it was the last time I would ever see him, he told me to always take care of myself. That's a big statement but I've thought about it a lot. It means eat well, exercise, spend time with the people you love, travel, read, learn, ask questions, and always be open to new experiences. I think I've always done these things but not with the attention or consistency that they deserve. At the risk of overusing a phrase my goal is to be more mindful of all of these things in the year to come.

i want to not get so wrapped up in people. i don't want other people to effect my decisions. i don't want to be the fall back girl. i want to be the girl who wants to be wanted by the boy.

I'd like to work on being less frustrated by my family. I know they act only out of love but man can they drive me up the wall. But with a baby entering all our lives, I want to find a way to not be so focused on how they are driving me crazy and instead really appreciate their love, support and desire to be part of our growing little brood.

Take up Aikido again and kick ass! Find a balance, be more conscious, be more aware.

i want to stop trying to fix things all the time. a rabbi named dorothy richman told me to relax because there is nothing to be fixed. i would like to believe that.

I would like to like myself more. That was my new year's resolution in 8th grade, and 9 years later, it's still true. I want to love myself, and realize that I am deserving of love.

The first is to lose 20lbs and to keep it off. And, to have a flat belly. The second is to improve my social life, currently it sucks beyond belief. The third is to actually have a sex life.

Be quiet, let others speak freely. Take your time and be sure that what you do is good enough to please yourself. Use an editor, review what you say and do carefully. Take care with other people. Keep your thoughts and words positive. Avoid working with groups until you like groups. Do not be afraid of anyone, do not act in a way to make anyone feel afraid of you. Give without the expectation of recieving. A piece of advice? No, not just one piece of advice but many. Most of these are paraphrased but it is clear that I need to smooth the edges of me, be patent and calm down to achieve these goals. Or should I say act upon these suggestions.

I would like to be more flexible, forgiving and generous with myself, friends and family. I would like to light and easy in social settings. I would like to cultivate more patience this year. I would like to be more accepting and interested in the people around me.

I guess my biggest fault is impatience. I think everyone should be fast and complete and perfect. I get frustrated when driving behind a "dawdler" or someone on their phone. People who don't pay attention to what they are doing, and thus possibly endanger others, drive me bananas. Someone once asked me "what would have done differently?" and I think of that often as to how to change things. I should work on this, and trying to be more fair to others. I hope I am better this year than last.

I would like to be healthier, both physcially and mentally. I would like to have more time to myself and my interests. I had a foot surgery and realized that I am desperately in need of some physical strengthening. I would like to establish a close female companion. I miss my best friend very much.

I would like to be more confident in how I look... which means exercising more, using my body more, and dressing with pride. I'm inspired by some of the bloggers out there, especially those who write about commuter biking and healthy weight loss.

I need to learn to truly relax and "let go." Even though I took early retirement and am enjoying it immensely, I still find myself setting goals for each day in a "to do" list. I can never feel totally comfortable being lazy unless I have accomplished the things on my list. I just turned 60 this year and feel that I have earned the right to stop trying for perfection in all things. That is going to be my goal.

I'd like to be more independent and decisive. Also, I'd like to make more time for my writing--to allow my creativity to flourish. A friend has been there for me when no one else has. I don't know what else right now.

During my performance review this year, my boss suggested I work on being more articulate when put on the spot. I think this is good advice, although I am not exactly sure how to go about doing so. Now, when I feel myself starting to stammer and get defensive, I try to take a mental step back and regroup. We'll see if this works.

I would like to become more organized about my finances, and more free. I feel like a victim of my educational debt, and although it has greatly increased my income, I have much less, and am relatively more hindered with financial concern. I'm not sure I even comprehend advice on this subject. I feel blocked, and I suspect it is something I do to myself. I have been encouraged by a good friend to get therapy - and he meant it in general, for other problems - but I think it could help me understand the issues I have with money.

I very much want to get on track with earning a significant and sustainable income that will allow me to be independent and go out and live the life that I want to live. The best advice I have ever received is to be happy and live joyfully so that I am in alignment with the Universe and all of my desires - then good things will flood to me. That is what I want.

I would like to smile more. People seem to think I am a much more serious person than I really am. I need to convey my feelings better in general. Also, I should work on communicating better with family members.

It's a broken record from the last couple days - I am improving but still need to do better re: anger and stress management.

Just like last year, I'd like to learn to take better care of myself. But without the anger. I've worked my way up to the point where I can stand up for what I need, but it seems like I have to get mad first. Yell a little. That doesn't seem to be necessary if you really love yourself. If you believe you are worth it, you should be able to stand grounded in certainty without attacking anybody else.

I would like to put my body and peace of mind first. I would like to take my personal life as seriously as I've taken my career. I'll develop thorough connections within my personal network. I will also live within my means and work my debt down so that I can feel free. While those have been life long struggles- I somehow feel like this past year crystallized the payoffs in a way that is so compelling that next year is the year where I prevail.

I would like to be less judgemental and more forgiving and forgetting. Remember to cultivate in your own garden as well as in others'.

To keep appreciate my blessings whatever transpires.

I'd like to make my life simpler and more focused on what I love. In other words, I want to cut out the unimportant activities and people and make a concentrated effort to spend time with those I love and do what I love to do.

I would like to become more organized. Have everything have its own place. I know that I will need this skill when I enter my career. Also when I get married, it would be nice to start of the marriage in a clean and organized home. I guess the only advice that I have received is keep up with it and it will stay that way. :)

I could really use a piece of advise on creating more harmony in my home, helping my husband lead a calmer existence, communicate more and worry less.

I would like to improve my career by this time next year. I got the advice to really think about and write down what my values are and that really helped me decide what I want to be doing in my life right now.

More patience. That's my eternal goal. I'm a million times better than I was five years ago, but I can always be better. And it will help all my relationships too. Also, not be so hard on myself. I'm getting better at that too, but I suppose that's a lifetime project!

I remember talking with someone I met bouldering who recounted his time spent doing study abroad in Ireland and how it had profoundly affected him. He reminded me that no one will care what you minored in in college--so why try to overachieve at the expense of missing out on life's great adventures? Your job resume is not as important as your 'life resume' and the fulfilment and perspective you gain from focusing more on the latter. Trying to keep these two in balance will, I hope, be more important to me over the next year.

I want to complain less, do more; be more direct in communicating what I'm thinking; and stop dicking around on the Internet. "The really important kind of freedom involves attention, and awareness, and discipline, and effort, and being able truly to care about other people and to sacrifice for them, over and over, in myriad petty little unsexy ways, every day. That is real freedom. The alternative is unconsciousness, the default-setting, the 'rat race' -- the constant gnawing sense of having had, and lost, some infinite thing."

I would like to be in physically better shape than today. I am intellectually committed to that ideal but don't seem to put one foot in front of the other to lose weight or exercise. Doing so would allow me more opportunity to participate in outdoor creative activities that could result in my feeling better about myself.

I want to live someplace else or make this home work better for us. The only one who is REALLY happy here is my husband and we can't make him see that this isn't working for the rest of us. Our resentment is growing towards him for it and I feel like I rely more on my 2 teens than I do my husband. It was advertised as a 3 to 4 bedroom home and its really only a 2 bedroom home. My son has no privacy using the front room as his bedroom and we have NO closet space. The fact that my husband refuses to take on regular chores or work with me to create a budget is causing growing resentment on my part. I feel like I have 2 teens that are growing into responsible adults and a grown man that is a spoiled child.

I have many things to improve and plans on how to do so. What I need to do is follow through on my plans. I will do this by setting clear, concrete goals for myself and planning out the steps needed to attain them. I do best when I focus on the small things, one at a time, instead of feeling overwhelmed by the big picture.

I have already set myself to pursue the path that I want to take. I've made great decisions to achieve greater changes, so as to make up for lost time. And I will keep doing so, and move forward. It's always important to gather the courage and take the first few steps; after a while everything will just come through naturally. No more chickening out! Life's short after all.

I would like to be liked more. I'll try to understand that people can't read my mind (!) and be mindful of other people's feelings and motivations, stopping to think before I open my mouth and being more tactful. I also won't drink as much.

I would like to waste less time. Being out of work lets me sleep late and sometimes stay in pajamas all day long. Even if I can't find a job I have to find other things to do with my time that are useful. I would also like to be at least 20 pound thinner by this time next year. I lost 18 pounds from this time last year and I would like to have the willpower to do it again.

I know that I need to find that balance between getting everything done that I would like to do and not beating myself up for not accomplishing it all.

I would like to make an effort to lose weight. It comes down to a lack of motivation but I know I need to do it for my own health and self-esteem. I also want to learn to have more confidence in myself.

In the past year I read a quote attributed to the Buddha that has become one of my Number One Mantras: "All that we are arises with our thoughts." It really struck me, and every time I think about it I realize how true it is. It's guiding me in my journey of self-improvement by reminding me that ultimately *I* choose how I feel, and consequently how I act (and how I feel about my actions, etc etc). I am hoping this will help me to be more compassionate and less reactive, and to stop pitying myself.

Stop being so self critical of myself.

I want to continue working with Buddhist ideas--calm, self-awareness, wisdom, courage, acceptance, right speech. I've been working with these for several years, but there is always further to go on this path. I want to think about friendship and ways of connecting in ways that feel good to me (and my friends). I want to make space for myself in my relationships--and for my friends to remember to make space for me.

I want to stop wanting to be dead. I did learn that however I look at myself is how others will look at me too, and I want to keep applying that. Even if I can't succeed in my struggle with suicide, I'm open about it. I want to be open, because this single thing doesn't define me. Nothing good can come from being closed up. That's what I learnt from countless people and books, and it's true.

These questions are too open ended for me. It resembles my life. I just don't have these answers. I don't have places I want to go (symbolically) nor ideas for the person I want to be. I'm just bored and without direction. I have lots of energy and a desire to do, but I have no idea where to throw this energy and desire. I think I'm failing at these questions.

I am in the midst of a weight loss campaign to bring myself back to the size I was before I started college. That would be nice. I have this (perhaps unfounded) notion that if I can become thin again, everything else will fall into place.

I'd like to earn a Master's Degree in literature or multimedia production. I also would like to stop using glasses in order to practice more sports. One of my brothers told me I should spend a couple months abroad, maybe in Spain, work there at least for a while. I'd love to do that but with my first baby on his way, it's not going to be possible.

I would like to keep working on my own projects, keep learning. The best advice I got over the last year was 'Do! It's ok to suck' that strangely enough I found on a blog.

I want to continue to find time for my artistic self. I've often put it off at the expense of wasting time on the internet or watching tv. Too often I give myself an excuse that I will do it later, and of course, later never comes.

I'd really like to become self sufficient in this next year. by that i mean I'd like to really focus on myself and what i need, rather then what everyone else needs...especially in terms of intimate relations. I have taken a vow of celibacy for this year (until may) and really hope to find a deeper connection to what I am actually looking for in a partner, not just settling for what ever interesting shows up. I want to work on creating boundaries. To really developing a sort of self confidence, one that requires the approval of no one. Integrity. Deeper zen practice. Calm abiding mind, I'd like to continually become more aware of my thoughts and that they not real, but merely creations and as that artist I have full creative control over what I am creating in my life. Advice: One foot in front of the other, don't believe your thoughts, trust emergence!

I would like to cut down on how much I complain about things. I have a pretty awesome life, save for a few problem areas like my roommate, and I need to stop complaining about her and start being happy about other things.

I'd like to be more organized, de-cluttered, healthier, a better listener, more creative, and laugh more. I think I should leave each room better than I've found it, work on some little project every day, hold my tongue when people are talking to me and concentrate on what they are saying so I can offer help or prayers, get back to some hobby like painting or reading or writing, and not take life so seriously.

as I said yesterday become more open and talktive, and also maybe come closer to getting some of my work published

I want to be living closer to Dave Ramsey's ideal and have our finances more under control.

all the negative things will die a natural death. I will have an awesome life starting next year, or maybe better next week, because I will be happy, loved and awesome. That's how my life is gonna be. No more dwelling on the past and negative things.

I would like to become more organized and have a better hold on life. About 5 months ago I started seeing a therapist and it has already made a huge difference in my life. I know I can't control how other act or what others say but I can control how I react to it. The advice I try and live by is the saying "attitude" by Charles Swindoll.

How would I like to improve to improve myself in the next year? I would like to be healthier after the baby is born. I would like to get my weight below 130. I would like to be able to run down my street, and possibly all the way to the school, without getting winded or having to stop and rest. I want more shapely upper arms and smaller thighs. I don't want to be a stick or even a marathon runner, but after this baby I will be done with having kids, so I want to get into long-term physical health.

I would like to be more in control of my emotions and feelings - envy and aggression have been overtaking me lately and I hate being like this. I want to find a way to behave more like a normal person and not an out of control girlfriend.

I would like to be kinder, across the board. I would like "kind" to be my default setting, instead of "angry". I would like to mindfully practice kindness.

I'd like to concentrate more on my career and ways to advance myself, and concentrate a little less on romantic thoughts and past boyfriends and lost loves. I'd like to be more ambitious and move forward in my job and my relationship - even if it scares me.

I would like to develop a true sense of compersion. I would like to not act impulsively when I am fearful. I would like to be centered in myself and not concerned with controlling the lives of others.

Starting next week (Sept 20, 2010), I am going to start simplifing my life by getting rid of all unneeded items from my house, either by donating, selling or dumping what I don't or haven't used. I have many hobbies I don't do any longer and I can donate the hobby items to those enjoying the hobby. I am also going to simplify life by removing all unnecessary influences from my life (such as my ex-wife... :) and concentrating on the needed things of my life (such as God). I want to start going back to online classes for an associate degree...

I think I just need to continue the work I've been doing since I started therapy. I need to stay in the moment, appreciate the life I'm living. I don't want to think about what I could have done differently or where I'll be in the future. I want to go with the flow, to stop worrying about missing out. I need to stop judging myself and others so harshly. I need to blur the line between myself and others, give everyone a chance because I'm not that different or high and mighty. I need to stop looking things as black or white, one way or the other. One can hook up without being a slut. One can play sports and be emotionally deep. Etc etc. I need to continue rewiring my brain so that I can live as calmly and happily as possible, eliminate the freak outs, soak up the good stuff.

I want to be more present in the real moment instead of continually dreaming about possibilities. I end up in wishful thinking instead of the here and now. Meanwhile, my life passes by without ever really ever being lived. A friend told me about holding the 'ideal' up too high and how that results in sometimes idolizing the possibility--he was talking about this in regards to relationships, but I think it applies to realities as well.

I would like to be more self-confident and to be able to see myself as I am - just a normal teenager like everybody else and not stupid or ugly. My wonderful friends guide me the way to see that and I think I'm on a good way already.

I would like to live more in the now. Projecting to the future and looking to the past is a waste of time.

I want to learn to relax more and enjoy myself. I know I can tackle all the responsibilities I've got but I rarely know how to let go... if I could, I could probably write at a more leisurely pace and manage to balance work and play better. Everyone keeps telling me to have faith in myself and maybe that's just it. I need to learn to trust myself better.

I'd like to learn to control my temper and my impulses better. I am very excitable and when frustrated or nervous or upset I find it impossible to unwind. This leads to acting somewhat irrationally -- saying and doing things that are not thought through well or are unneccary.

Control my temper, listen-listen-listen, before I speak. Don't 'figure' someone out before you get to know them.

I would like to be a harder worker and getting more out of life and being truer to myself, with this as one of my many guiding quotes: "We can make the best or the worst of it. I hope you make the best of it. And I hope you see things that startle you. I hope you feel things you never felt before. I hope you meet people with a different point of view. I hope you live a life you’re proud of. If you find that you’re not, I hope you have the strength to start all over again."

I would like to be more authentic, I think the best piece of advice I've gotten is to go ahead and be authentic, it's your best self.

I need to go fishing more, and spend more time with my wife, kids and friends -- ideally while fishing together!

Less thinking about stuff, more doing. I procrastinate because I get out of routine after being sick. When I have moments of feeling well, it takes me a while to feel super well and by then too much time has passed and i am out of habit and routine again and it is hard to get started.

I'd like to have more confidence in myself. I am finally out of the so-called 'nest', at work and i know my career will be so much better now. I can work on good projects, make more money and manage my own time...if I only have the confidence to make it happen. Oh, and I want to be the best wife and mother I can be.

I am working on two main things right now, confidence and organization. I hope to become more confident in myself and my art in the next year and also become a more organized and neater person.

This year has been one of growth and strength gathering as I prepare to become single again after a wonderful and passionate marriage that ended , quite unexpectantly, with a deeply hurtful betrayal. This next year, I am hopeful will be one of renewal, growth and independence -financially and emotionally. The best piece of advice came from true friends who believed in my strength and self-worth . They told me to keep going, to never stop believing in my abilities and capabilities. For too long, I felt defeated and had lost my sense of direction and purpose. That has been replaced by a new found happiness and optimism for the everyday wonders and future days of hope.

I want to find a way to be productive, but yet peaceful and calm. I want to stay organized, but not let organization rule my life. I need to make time for myself to stop and reflect and to spend some quality time alone. I want to quit my obsession with perfection and with looking a certain way to others, and start being myself, good and bad.

stay physically active eat less sugar/white flour products meditate every day practice doing things alone...get more comfortable w/ being solo Advice: just do it!

Don't be so anxious. Trust other people more. Things will work out if you do. Stop waiting for things to go wrong or even expecting them to go right. Just live.

I will try to trust more in my inner knowledge and I'd lilke to become more self-confident. My primary goal is to recover and win the fight against my eating problems. This year I have learned thatI am of importance for a lot of people and that life is worth living it. I don't want to throw it away. I have to leave all bad things behind and look ahead.

I would like to take up hobbies like painting, yoga, knitting, playing the guitar and stick with them. I would also like to train myself in the art of meditation. Penni gave me so many pieces of advice on this, but the main one that applies here is to think about my schedule and to make time for these activities while taking breaks to nurture myself in between all the work.

I'd love to be more physically fit and active as I move into my 60s. And I would like to find a place to use my talents as a volunteer...something that really excites and challenges me and where I can really make a difference.

To be more tolerant of others. I don't know. I need to look to God for guidance.

Be more disciplined and driven. I tend to be a free-spirit and, as such, am not a very good self-regulator. I want to be in charge of my destiny AS WELL AS maintain my independence.

my biggest fear has been to conqur my weakness for math. expenses, finance , bills, tey all make my head spin. My remedy has always been just make more money. Which is good but now I as I prep to be a CEO I need to have better handle on how to mangage having more cash.

I need to learn to take better care of myself, devote time to the things that matter most to me, manage my diabetes more effectively, reduce and control stress, and adopt a healthier, more active lifestyle. It is hard to remember to schedule time for myself, but over and over again, I am reminded that no one is going to take care of me if I don't.

I want to figure out if I want to marry my girlfriend or not! Everyone tells me I should, but I am scared for various reasons...I guess it's a commitment thing, and maybe a little bit of faith? I'd also like to get more things done as far as making movies/ webseries/ creative media. I need to get better at organizing people and being a leader.

To trust my limitless power, talent and beauty and not let anyone or anything get in the way of my fullest expression of self.

I'm still working on my health - increasing the strength and proper biomechanics of my left leg after breaking it badly in 2006 and healing a tailbone injury from a ridiculous encounter with a crappy water slide in Belize this year. In a weird way, all the injuries have led me to an overall state of health and well-being that I would have never pursued if I wasn't in the recovery process. When it's all said and done, I'll be stronger, leaner and more fit than I've probably ever been. But I've come to realize that I have an insatiable thrill-seeking streak that often gets me into trouble and I'm tired of healing from injuries. I either need to learn to land better or curb the voice that entices me towards danger. My chiropractor totally understands this dilemma and has advised me to learn to land better. So I'm working on that :)

I really need to work out if I want children. If I don't then I can carry on being single and alone. If I do then I need to get a move on! Even if I decide no to children I must try and at least date - been single for 7 years and can't say I'm very happy. I am missing out on so much. I am scared of intimacy and really dont know how I can get back in the game. Derren Brown's Hero programme showed me that I am not living up to my potential.

I'd like to be more responsible financially. I have a tendency to help people out instead of saving or putting the money towards what I want to do. I'd also like to remove the clutter in my life. My surroundings are cluttered and it keeps my goal cluttered. This effectively keeps me stuck. My guidance is a clipping I kept from Investor's Business Daily (February 26, 2002). 1. HOW YOU THINK IS EVERYTHING. Always be positive. Think success, not failure. Beware of a negative environment. 2. DECIDE UPON YOUR TRUE DREAMS AND GOALS. Write down your specific goals and develop a plan to reach them. 3. TAKE ACTION. Goals are nothing without action. Don't be afraid to get started. Just do it. 4. NEVER STOP LEARNING. Go back to school or read books. Get training and acquire skills. 5. BE PERSISTENT AND WORK HARD. Success is a marathon, not a sprint. Never give up. 6. LEARN TO ANALYZE DETAILS. Get all the facts, all the input. Learn from your mistakes. 7. FOCUS YOUR TIME AND MONEY! Don't let other people or things distract you. 8. DON'T BE AFRAID TO INNOVATE; BE DIFFERENT. Following the herd is a sure way to mediocrity. 9. DEAL AND COMMUNICATE WITH PEOPLE EFFECTIVELY. No person is an island. Learn to understand and motivate others. 10. BE HONEST AND DEPENDABLE; TAKE RESPONSIBILITY. Otherwise numbers 1-9 won't matter.

I would like to do a better job of separating my work and personal time, which, at this point, have all but completely oozed together. As a business owner, I expect and am prepared for a certain amount of overlap, but I think I'd feel generally happier and more centered if I were better able to create at least a few divisions between the two. Doing this, I anticipate, involves being more mindful of what I give my attention to throughout the course of the day, and doing a better job of resisting distractions so I can complete my work tasks and then call my workday finished before late in the evening.

I want to be me again. Since starting college, I feel like I've reverted back to Harrisburg me, and I hate that. I want to be the outgoing, happy, vibrant person I'd become, not this shy, bookwormish image that's currently being projected. I want to stand out again.

My brother gave me awesome advice for college. What he told me will help me not only to become a better student, but I think I can finally be myself and know that there are going to be people I can get along with without changing who I am.

I would like to be more motivated and productive in the next year and tame the procrastination monster! Best advice...just do it! (and "eat your frog" first thing in the day, meaning do the thing you are dreading most right away.)

I want to be less impatient with foolish people. It should be easy to practice this as there are so many of them. The advice that will work best for this is to just be quiet and listen.

I would love to be financially self-sufficient. VERY financially self-sufficient. Through work of my own. I would love to make my life worth something. The crap I have endured, I'd like something back from it. I'm so well educated and that is also going to waste. I want to use my mind, tell what I know, be respected for something. All the while remaining a great mother to my children and a loving partner to my fiancee. I would love to move to a bigger house, a much bigger house. 5 or 6 bedrooms, 2 reception rooms, a kitchen, a dining area, 3 bathrooms, a utility room, an office, maybe more...? The only advice I ever receive is from busybodies, telling me what I already know, what I knew many years ago, talking to me like I am thick as shit. I would also love all that to change.

I would like to be less sensitive, skinnier and know what I am doing with my life.

I would like to release my fear and anxiety which in turn would release my need for control and make it so I more easily go along with the ebb and flow of life. It would allow me to take more leaps of faith involving myself and others because I would trust other people myself and the universe. Elizabeth Gilbert said in "Eat, Pray, Love" , "Letting go is a scary enterprise for those of us who believe that the world revolves only because it has a handle on the top of it which we personally turn, and if we were to drop that handle that would be the end of the universe. But we should try dropping it and trust. This year I am ready to practice handle dropping!

I need to lead a healthier lifestyle. Improved diet and exercise, less toxins, better time management, more sleep.

"You are the only person that is holding you back." So simple yet true, I seek to change that in a dramatic and daily way. I have always known that my over analytic mind has been the source my apprehension or second guessing. I am committed to being an action prone, diligent person always out of comfort zone and thriving under pressure and uncertainty. I have more than built myself into a capable and courageous person yet I look to long before I leap which makes the jump bigger in my head than it is in real life. I don't want to be reckless, just daring and thriving in a heightened state of reflexive and constructive action.

I would like to be more comfortable sharing the gifts that I have and get my ego out of the way.

I continue to believe that self-knowledge, and mindfulness are the keys to a more gratifying existence and more gratifying relationships with others. My path for achieving this is meditation. Cultivating a quiet mind, and mindfulness.

I would like to continue to be less defensive. I have found that the energy spent in resisting something or defending my position can actually be better used to open myself up to doing something new or doing it better.

I would like to improve my self confidence this year. The best piece of advice that I have received this year came from my husband who said breath through your balls, or if you don't have any your imaginary balls (haha). Perhaps it was the advice I gave myself, that know one will believe in you if you do not believe in yourself.

I would like to work on lessening my day-to-day anxiety and sensitivity. I wish to work more meditation and conscious relaxation into my routine. I can sometimes be a Type A OCD control freak....and I find that I am much happier when I loosen the reins and go with the flow. As for my sensitivity...I wish to get to a point where I don't take everything so personally, and am more accepting of people and the world.

I would like to treat my husband better and not yell so much at him. I feel like I have become a more patient person overall, but I allow myself to explode with him. I think that my guiding force is being grateful. My colleagues have set up a blog about gratitude and it has been a help in reminding me that I have it good! My life is great. When I am grateful for what I have, it is more easy to laugh instead of yell, hug instead of fight, help instead of hinder.

I'd like to be fitter. I've put on a lot of weight over the years. I've been looking at going swimming in the mornings whilst I'm off work. Getting another job is a priority at the moment Some advice I was given is that all job adverts won;t match 100% so go for the job anyway. The job i eventually get will hopefully be very differnt from call centre work. I've had enough of that. Next year I want to try something different for holiday too. I've seen some holidays where you do work and get accommodation and food in exchange. I've also seen holidays where you drive around in a camper van - seen in New Zealand. Wouldn;t mind trying this too.

Id looove to learn to save money! Ive never done it and right now it wouldve really come in handy, also Im hoping by this time next year I will've understood the importance of paying things on time!

A: To create beauty in all it's forms. To relax and enjoy what I have. To be continuously learning and growing. I would like to have to have a little more organization and discipline. I would like to not be so attached to anything or anyone that I cant let it go. I learned these things from various people: "You can't control EVERYTHING." "It's none of my business what other people think of me." "You have as much right to be happy as you do to be miserable, It's YOUR choice."

Be kind, but don't make it a religion. Look after one another. Work hard. Sleep well. That's about it. Maybe eat what you want, in moderation as well. :)

I would like to not give in to self pity so much. I'm the queen of self pity. Instead I would like to have faith and trust God that He has good things planned for me and that I should not be afraid that I'm forgotten or that my life will always be this way. Life is not a snapshot, it's evolving all the time.

I would like to be more aware of my feelings, and make balanced decisions based on intellect and feelings. Advice I have received in the last year that could guide me in this project--continually ask myself how I feel about things, and listen for the answer.

My main focus for improving myself this year is my Mussar practice. My intention is to be mindful everyday of at least one trait I am working on, and to actively practice being a better person for myself, in my relationships, and in the world. I would particularly like to practice more lovingkindness, patience, and being less judgmental/critical.

Most of the things that I just started to write I'm already doing; be more relaxed, be genuinely interested in other people, really listen... I really feel I'm closer to 'me' every day. Apart from just carrying on doing that, I would like to transfer some of that to others.

STICK TO THE PLAN -- you can lose the rest of the weight!!!! You're halfway there now! :D And remember: Never let anyone be your priority when you are their option.

I would like to be more positive and see more good in the world. I need to be happier, quit complaining about the past, and not worry so much about every little thing because it's not good for me. What is best for me is living in the present and focus on moving towards the future. I should care about those who matter: my family and friends and appreciate them for what they've done for me.

I'd like to become more sensible with money. I want to be able to budget myself instead of wasting it all in one go.

I want to become a better runner. I'd like to actually learn how to drive a stick shift. I'd like to be more upfront with my feelings and really tell people how I feel. I think the best advice I've received this year was just a relatively offhand comment that my best friend made to me one day. I was feeling insignificant and unqualified and just like I didn't deserve the opportunity I was applying for and was complaining to him. He just looked at me and told me to shut up and then said "Michelle, you're amazing and beyond qualified and if nothing else, incredibly enthusiastic about the things that you love. If they don't want you, they're stupid. But you have to believe you can do it."

I want to be a better person. I want to treat the people in my life better, especially Laurie. I want the two of us to be happy in this new chapter in our lives.

I want to go more with the flow - patience. As I age I find myself more rigid and controlling. Best advice and strategy so far is just taking a couple of minutes three or four times a day and slowly breathe.

I'd like to be more proactive and less reactive. A therapy platitude is that you can't control other people, but you can control how you react to them...that being said, though, I think it's important to own who you are and what you do completely. This means getting out of bad patterns of reacting to people (abusive ex-husband?), and getting into good patterns that will lead to being more myself, and therefore, happier.

Phisically speaking, I want to reduce my weight, thus impacting less on my column. Spiritually, I want to have new experiences, to travel and to learn about many subjects, one of them being to learn hebrew. The only piece of advice that comes to my mind is what my father frequently told me: to take good care of my health, always.

I'd like to be able to fully enjoy the possibility of finding a new path.

I would like to lose weight and otherwise improve my health. I would like to be more active - both in terms of physical exercise and in taking part in activities I love (and used to do on a regular basis.)

I would like to be happier, in general. I can't say that I'm not happy, but there are too many times where I find myself in a bad mood. I think that my reactive mind gets the better of me and I don't take the time to think things through. I think I've learned a lot from the experiences that my bosses have had in their journey to be happier and healthier and I think that I can use that information that I've learned to help myself be happier too.

I would like to get back into a ceramics class. I enjoy the feeling of clay and being able to 'create'. it makes me feel peaceful. I am hoping that it will allow for some cathartic release of the negative energy that i have been carrying around with me since the break up of my 18 year marriage.

I want to relax more about things in life. Prioritise the important things and leave the others to do in my own time. I want to keep in touch with people better and work harder and making stronger, lasting relationships with people.

I want to think with my head not my heart and be more responsible to the result of my past deed.I have to learn how to control my emotion and behave accordingly. I cannot get everything I wished for in this life but I wished I could cherished and kept what I have. I learned that you cannot take thing for granted and you have to nurture it, care for it,protect it,love it to make it last forever. And I learned the hard way that I have lost the person I love most because I forgot to do just that.

I would like to relax more and commit to less responsibilities. I try to do everything that I think looks like fun or interests me. I need to take a step back and take more time for me.

Be always conscious that I am my body, that there is no distinction, and that my body can be healthier and more in balance, and that I will be a better person for it. I hope I can better control what I feed it, how much sleep we get, exercise, and social interaction I give it so that it will provide itself with what it needs to be great.

"Don't say you don't have enough time. You have exactly the same number of hours per day that were given to Helen Keller, Pasteur, Michelangelo, Mother Teresa, Leonardo Da Vinci, Thomas Jefferson, and Albert Einstein." ~ H. Jackson Brown, Jr. I would like to make better use of those precious hours of the day. I want to become more mindful of my waking hours and how I treat my body. I am a happier, more productive individual when I am active EVERY day, and when I am eating right. My brain simply functions better when I do those things. As I start an intense academic program, I need to remember how to keep myself both sane and happy!

I would like to broaden my knowledge in my field. Also want to be well on my way to obtaining my masters degree. I am content with the direction my life is going - just wish it would move faster and steadier.

Take better care of my physical being and not focus on negativity. My constant need for self validation is tired and I need to get over it. And I need to take care of of myself so that I can do all the things I want to and be a stronger person.

Be at peace each and every day. Live in the moment and do not let fear rule your life. Not even in the smallest way. Live carefree and do not judge my self or other. Look at life as an adventure, not a chore. Love uncondionally always and have no expectations to recieve it in return, simply love and be happy and be happy with what you get back. And if what you do not get back is not satisfying move on in peace. Work and money is not the key to happiness. Balance and love is the key. Personal peace is the key to happiness

I would like to get a good handle on my debt. And rebuild my credit. My boss said to me yesterday "You know... taking on debt is like investing in yourself... It is a great way to start believing that you will succeed."

I would like to be more relaxed and socially comfortable. Sometimes I get overly anxious about pleasing others, making a good impression etc. when I should really just let myself be.

I would like to be able to focus more in the present instead of feeling distracted by digital communications and my fears/wants/desires. I want to play more with my children and be with them more. I would like to work harder at enjoying my life for what it is rather than what it lacks. I want to just chill out and enjoy solitude. For God's sake.

Stop the inner critic, that voice that tells me I'm not good enough, I'm not worth it, why do I think I deserve it -- all that crap. The advice? Treat myself like a 3-year old, with encouragement, humor, and kindness, not cruelty!!!

i would like to re-connect to my passions. in experiencing some tough times i became more afraid to take risks. i am rediscovering who i am and i want to step more fully into that. advice: Simply Leap

Healthy lifestyle and more personal development. Better habits; reading regularly, time for reflection and study, daily exercise. I want to keep at the things that will allow me to be more effective and living a more meaningful existence.

I would like to be looser with myself, my expectations, my friends and family, my work. I want to be less hard on myself. In other words - I want to just let things happen and get less worked up about it all. I've really been struck by the phrase "Keep Calm and Carry On," which was printed on posters in Britain at the outbreak of WW2. It's now a fairly ubiquitous image, but I discovered it about 6 months ago (and then, of course, see it everywhere) and it's really stuck with me. It's a powerfully simple phrase: colloquial and to the point. Stay focused. Don't loose sight of the end goal. But don't get tripped up in the details.

I would really like to trust God more and that will be evident in me worrying less about life.

I would like to try harder at being jealous free. Sometimes I get jealous of people who get what I need without trying and then don't appreciate what they have. I also wish to be a little more ambitious. I have the ambition but not always enough drive to get what I want. I'm not a cutthroat kind of person.

Try not to let my bad emotions affect my relationships with everyone else - particularly the ones I love. Remember that everything is for the long term, and so pacing myself with projects, with childraising, with life is important. I need to hold on to my energy longer. There is no longer a point where I can just let go and sleep for two days. Well, there is, but that is death. So it may be time to try to burn the candle just one end at a time. I drink a lot of coffee at the moment, and I wonder whether that could be hindering me rather than helping. But most important of all is making sure that I exercise.

In the past year, my mother introduced the Desiderata. It has really shaped my life, and I really want to improve in my faith and to just become happy with myself and filled with God's joy. And lose 10 pounds.

I would like to be more tolerant of people. I lose patience with stupidity and ignorance, as well as arrogance and haughtiness. My mother always gives the advice of "Will this matter in five years?" I have to remind myself of that.

-I want to be the center of serenity -I want to handle stress without missing a beat -I want to be my own person, and not think anything less of it -I want to be supper happy. The last year I learned an important thing. My friend, who was speaking about a colleague of ours, said that when that person answers the duty phone (which is inevitably something bad), he takes an extra moment to take a breath. This stays with me now, in the way that I approach everything.

The main think I would like to improve is to make what I suggest myself. I have to be constant and finish every task I begin. And never again be lazy!

I would like to really achieve some of my goals and I want to change a lot, well not change just show who I really am and stop messing things up.. I want to make a difference, I want to mean something, I want to really know who I am and be aloud to be that person.. most of all I just want to be happy..

I'd like to stop eating so much crap as I do now, and maintain my figure and my weight for as long as possible. Further to this, I want to stop being so damn shy! People think I'm outgoing and loud, but I'm actually really worried about what people think of me. I want to stop being like this and just be happy in my own skin. I kinda love who I've grown into, and I wanna stay loving myself. Now just to fight away the negative bits!

I would like to clear my head, develop focus and continue to cultivate healthy relationships. All of this will be possible if I can take care of myself physically. I think this requires consistently checking in with myself and examining my motives and desires.

I would like to be a more serene parent. I have wonderful kids, yet I find myself focusing more on what needs fixed than appreciating the good.

I would like to be a fit and healthy person overall, that takes care of my body. A person said to me "You can do whatever you set your mind to" and I know it's true. "Pain is temporary, pride is forever." I would also like to start being unafraid when it comes to love. To be as braver in that as I am in everything else. Not to be afraid to get hurt, and express my feelings for someone. I just have to remind my self to not think about the consequenses all the time, especially when there probably won't be any at all. And, I'm gonna be thankful every day, just to be sure of having sunshine in my life every day. So thank you!

I'd like to finally start really taking care of myself. I've been all about losing weight, but not committing and I think I need to think about my health. I'm 28, I'm not going to get younger and I'd like to get my weight, my cholesterol, my strength and my sugar issues in check before I hit thirty. And I wonder about my positivity. I think for as grumpy or cranky as I seem, I have a pretty positive outlook on things. Maybe I can bring that to the surface more. In terms of work, well, I think you have to look at the things that make you happy. I hope I'm happier a year from now, because I've made good decisions.

I would like to be more confident in myself and my decisions. I second guess myself alot and compare myself to others and I would like to stop doing this. A friend told me "God is not trying to hide the ball," because I am constantly trying to figure out the "right" decision. This advice is freeing me to make the best decision I can and trust that God is blessing it. He will be there with me no matter what, and I am living a beatiful story. Every decision I make is the right one for my story.

I would like to stop dwelling on the past and letting it run my life. For the next year, I would like to just enjoy myself and not be so hard on myself. As a good friend said to me, everyone's got issues. That actually helps a lot. Also, the idea from Sliding Doors, that no matter which path you take, you'll always end up at the same point.

I'd like to be more of an early to bed and early to rise person in the year to come. Starting Friday 9/17. Getting good sleep is essential to looking and feeling your best and I would like to look and feel better this time next year. This time next year I want to be in top-shape for the NYC Marathon.

My goal, as it's been for the last year or so, is to lose weight. My big goal is over 100 lbs, but in a year, I'd like to be down at least 50.... we'll see. I'd like to also get a better grasp of money. I always feel like I don't have any. I want to really start saving money for any future plans.

I would like to be healthier all-around. I've made peace with the fact that I will never be a size 2, but I would like to lose a little weight so that I can feel better and more alive. I'm not sure how this will improve my life other than just giving me more energy and making me more active, but that's okay. My best friend is a personal trainer and is very encouraging and helpful. He always has great advice and tips for being healthier.

I would like to be able to more fully and completely appreciate what life has brought me, instead of seeing the deficiencies in what I have. Not sure of an answer for the second part of the question.

I want to continue to pay off my debt, lose weight, and fix my house...but this year, I want to learn to do it while being happy and loving life every day. I want to not be so irritated and grumpy. I want to be a happier person to be around. I want to be happy and live in the NOW.

I want to be more confident. I wan to do things for myself and be happy. During the last year I learned that all my anxieties have stemmed from childhood relationships and I think the advice I received; which was to realize why you are anxious and then look past it will be something that will make me a better person. i want to try to move past my anxiety and not let that be something that holds me back from the things I want to do with my life.

I want to have a better income. Hopefully that is through a haunt and event planning business. Everyone says I am good at it and that I'm a force to be reckoned with. I know I can do it and be good at at....if only it would actually work out. I know there are a lot of people who believe in me to succeed at this...one foot in front of the other.

I would like to make healthy eating and exercise a more consistent part of my life. I would like to worry less and enjoy life more.

I'm pretty much perfect the way I am, no improvements necessary.

Be happier with my body, be less stressed, and less of a control freak.Continue to be thankful for what i have

I want to be a good mother and not lose my relationship with my husband in a quest to be that mother. I want to lose more than the baby weight and compete in my first sprint triathlon (I'm not an athlete so the sprint is perfect for me)

Improve family relations Improve health Improve money income Improve life quality

A friend told me "don't believe everything you think". I think it's a brilliant bit of advice. I'd like to get my thoughts of insecurity and envy under more control. I'd like to fully understand and appreciate the joy I have been gifted in my life, and not look over my shoulder at the lives of others and wonder if they're fuller, happier, better. Its a burden I feel I've almost always had to carry --heavier as I get older--and I'd like to put it down.

I would like to sell my property, get out of debt and buy a small house for cash and not feel so financially vulnerable. The notion of living without debt is so attractive that it is the only way I can see to be free to write and paint and move forward with my life in a creative way.

I plan on being less of a hoarder. I mean seriously; do I need to collect so many things? And have so many of each collection?? I've reached the age that it's time to simplify my life.

I'm not really sure if there's anything I can improve right now, my life is going so great.

Id like to become a more healthy person for a start.. I have quite unhealthy lifestyle.. I smoke, i drink (less than i used to) I play computer games alot, i do little exercise and i have a very unhealthy diet. My girlfriend who hates that i smoke is trying to get me to quit.. and i love her as even though she knew i smoked before we were together has accepted me for my disgusting faults... She gets leaflets etc for me on how to quit and is always there for me if i need the help.

Continue to work hard(er) so I can get into my top university and see my lovely, handsome, perfect boyfriend whenever possible! And then work hard so I can get a good degree and job and live happily ever after with him.

I would like to have a more generous heart; to be able to believe the best of people, to have faith in people. That includes believing in myself, that I deserve the good things that come to me, that I deserve to be treated well.

I would like to be more relaxed around people and more sociable. I'm happiest alone or with my 3 or 4 nearest and dearest. I could use a few more friends.

I just want a JOB. It's kind of hard to self-actualize when it's hard just making it week to week. The only thing I would like to improve on is being more open. The main thing is just being honest and open on how I am feeling, what is happening, and not expect a certain result from anyone on how they will react. I should remain consistent in my actions.

I'd like to have a solid friendship group in the city that I live. At the minute I have lots of great friends but scattered around the country/ world. It would be nice to have people to share things with at a more conveniant distance.

I would like to improve myself financially. Being young and supid a few yeas ago I thought it would be a brilliant idea to get out a few store cards and a credit card...which all got maxed out! Although I am on top of payments and slowly, but surely paying them all off I would like to have them all payed off by next year so that my money can go towards travelling and life experiences.

I would like to be in control of my ADHD. I have trouble controlling my emotions (I go from a sort of maniac happiness to deep depression on a dime) and would like to be more even. I realize that this is a problem within myself, and I need to figure out how to take hold of it and become the master of myself.

I need to find a way to work less be satisfied with fewer accomplishments. I want to enjoy other aspects of my life and explore new things.

I need to eat more healthily. I've done it before so I ought to be able to get back to it. I think I need to be harder on myself, exist in the discomfort of not getting what I want, and try to make a plan for the situations where I indulge myself.

I need to restore the focus that I used to have. Years of stress and worn me down. I need to rejuvenate myself in anyway I can. I know that my continued dedication to exercise is the key and will help me stay on track. When I'm feeling good about myself I can tackle everything better.

I would like to let things go more. I don't want to constantly let something bother me and eat away at me inside. I have been told that I should own my feelings and be ok with them and then let them go. I want to try to do that!

I will develop a solid Ashtanga yoga practice. I take my advice from Nike on this one: just do it.

I want to get less anxious and learn how to relax, and treat myself to leisure. One piece of advice: "It's in your head!"

i want to be a more patient and understanding mother and wife. i am quick to anger and want things done quickly, efficiently, and immediately. when things do not go the way i want them to, i get angry and mean and yell. i want to be able to think before i act, i want to relax a little and spend more time having fun than stressing about the little things in life.

I just want to feel less awkward all the time and fill my head with good things instead of bad.

I really want to lose 40 lbs. I know it will make a huge difference in how I feel. So, some self care. A respect for food, tea, water, healing touch...connecting myself with my body, with God & Goddess, with myself. And I want to dive into Bible study. I want to learn more, live more, know my purpose, and reflect the goodness of the Creator.

I would like to get my life a bit more structured, especially when it comes to university. I messed up this year, but I want to do better. I don't want to spend my next summer vacation studying, like this one.

I want to take good care of myself and get all of my needs met. Proper nutrition, exercise and forward thinking. I want to be my own best friend and most precious thing.

I intend to improve my level of physical fitness. My doctor advised me that I need to lose weight and/or strengthen my core to be able to keep vertical and not break bones. I have already started taking exercise classes and changing my eating habits. Portion control is all!

I would to have a more peaceful response to doing hard things. Things that are hard for me. I know my anxiety only makes what I need to do more difficult, but nothing that i already know has helped me quiet the tremors inside.

The one thing in my life that needs to be improved upon is my dependency on certain narcotics that I have been addicted to since about the time I started graduate school. That was approximately 5 years ago. The problem with that though is that I haven't reached a point where I must stop. That part scares me. I would greatly prefer to be able to make a decision to stop so that I am proud of my strength rather than someone else making that decision for me and therefore feeling weak. If I wait too long, I'm scared that someone else will be making that decision for me and it won't be a small matter. It could become a severe medical issue or it could become a severe legal issue. Either one can affect my foreseeable future. I need to get to a point where I truly want this change so that I can make it happen. My desire is to somehow unearth that desire for change… before it is too late.

I'd like to stop taking it all personally, and to care with more quality and less time.

I would like to reach my physical goals. Working out and less partying. I know i have improved already but the dependency creeps in when I least expect it. I would like to live more in the center of the pendulum.

I want to take better care of myself. I want to treat myself with at least as much respect and compassion as I give to everyone else.

I would, at long last, and way overdue, like to rid myself of the 50+ pounds that I have allowed to limit my life and opportunities and eat away at my self-esteem for the past 13 years. I would like to be a 'normal' size, be proud of how I look, and reduce the strain this weight is having on the rest of my body. The past year has brought no new epiphanies or advice re: how to reach my goal: it is my decision to make - and stick to - and will only happen if I make it happen.

I would like to have more friends. I'm sick of being alone. I think that with the DBT skills I've learned, I should be able to do this...

I would like to gossip less. I know that people will trust me more, and also be more interested in what I am saying if I only share my own experience.

I want to be more spiritual. I want to spend more time on meditation, becoming a spiritual coach. I am registered for a "Soul Coach" course which starts September 22nd. I am looking forward to seeing how this changes my life.

I would like to be calmer, to relax more, to have little less bad mood sometimes.. to know when to shut up... when to breather and when I really really need to speak. the advice I got and it was from my mother "don't speak without thinking... but u always can think without speaking.. cool urself"

I would like to settle down. There is plenty of advice here. Let me relay the most significant one: keep an open mind, be confident that things will improve, and take one day at the time.

I would like to create rituals for me and my family that center around the "real" things in life. Nature, spirituality, family, helping others, breathing deeply in order to counterbalance our busy, technologically based, often stressed out lives.

I'd like to get involved in something outside myself.I'd also like to work on learning something new

Yes, I need to be less self-absorbed. My friend Ian gave me some great advice -- he told me to focus on the things in my life that I DO have control of, and remember to keep things in perspective. He reminded me that I don't have any real problems, only the ones I make for myself in my head. I need to learn to curb my emotional/dramatic tendencies better and be okay, and be okay with just being okay, not feel like every unanswered life-question needs me to mope around and be difficult to deal with. And I need to focus on how I can help and serve others, while making my life even more awesome than it already is.

I would very much like to able to follow through with more of the things I think about. That would be a major improvement in myself. I can't say that I've received any bit of advice that might guide me towards that. I feel like maybe I need to be held accountable more. That might snap me into things. People relying on you is a good way to get you motivated. I know I don't like really letting people down.

I am working on being more open hearted, and also more on-time so that I am not rushing about so much. I'm also working on being in the moment and enjoying the journey as much as the destination. So often I find myself impatient to arrive. I often remember a quote I saw once that said that stress is caused by the difference between what you want to be doing and what you are doing. So if I let what I am doing be what I want to be doing then I let go of my stress.

I would like to be more in tune with my emotions and what I need to do to nurture my soul. I would like to master the art of allowing my inner strength and character to magnetically pull toward me what I am seeking. I would like to focus on finding the light in life. The past four months of therapy have helped me figure out that I need to be patient and nurturing of myself. This includes tuning inward and meditating on things that are important to me. When I need more information - sometimes the best way to get it is to ask your yourself. I am going to try to do this more moving forward. Last - I am going to remember my yoga class from last night. The simple theme was opening to the light. That is simply the goal, and as I know through yoga practice. It's not easy. We have to ground down, we have to allighn our bodies, we have to open up our minds, we have to get beyond barriers, we have to build strength - all of these things take a lot of effort. It is not easy to see the light. So I need to remember that. And when I feel down and think there is no hope, I have to remember that this is not an easy journey. But that is not what i am seeking. I am not looking for the route that makes life easier. I am looking for the light. And this is a lifetime of dedication.

I would like to exercise better self-control in all areas of my life. One aspect of this is diet and exercise and being more mindful of excess. But I would also like to learn how to save money and be more thrifty in my daily life.

I would like to become more reflective. I believe this will help me achieve greater inner peace and will allow me to be a more positive, calming influence on those around me. A friend suggested that I need to journal more, and I think she is right on. I believe writing will help me make this improvement.

I would like to continue on my path of growing with and in the Lord. In that, I would like to give up control to the Universe and "experience" more of life. I do not want to control. I want to enjoy myself, my time and those around me. I was told that I neede to "let go, and let God." I am embracing that and will continue to strive to remain open to the possibilities of the Universe EVEN if it means that I cannot remarry my wife (reconciliation from our divorce).

This year is THE year but I'm not at all worried which freaks me out; I hope that I'll be able to do well on the exam and hopefully start fresh next year. I want to be less clingy to my mom and more independent, not having to worry about everyone else when I should be focusing on myself, i feel like i've been through a lot and i should at least reward myself by being stress free for three days straight. More or less, a bit more selfish in a fab way.

I need to find peace in myself before I can share that with others. And digging deep down inside myself for peace is hard work - but good work.

I would like to participate in more activities and expand the circle of my friends as I like people. Also I should like to train myself to follow the advice of my daughter , Susan, and think well of everyone minimizing - in fact overlooking - any faults.

Change is good. I would like to live in a new city. I feel ready to make a change, to shift my environment in order to grow and gain perspective, to start something anew with my partner.

I'd like to feel calmer and to project calm. I think a calmer me would benefit my entire family -- my kids, my husband. And of course, the perennial piece of advice for this is: "take time for yourself". Which is much easier said than done, but it's sound advice. I am calmer when I have a little time to rest, to read, to relax without the demands of small people, of my job, of the house.

I would like to exercise my creativity and my body. I am a beautiful person with a beautiful mind and I would like to prove it, not to the world, but to myself.

I would like to learn to disregard other people's judgments. I must embrace the fact that no matter what I do or say or behave people will talk and people will criticize. I am working on ignoring all of that and embracing life to fullest- no matter who is watching and no matter who is talking.

Ideally, I'd like to be in a place professionally where I'm not constantly shaking my head in shock and amazement; where I'm doing something challenging beyond dealing with over-controlling managers or clients who are afraid to do anything the least bit innovative. I don't know if this is something I can hit in one year, but I'm hoping to be halfway down the path to this goal by this time next year, as I'll be 1/2 way through my masters degree. Personally, I'd like to be spending less time alone, and more time with someone special. I don't really have a plan for this one, as I'm pretty sure I'll know her when I meet her, and I won't be able to rush this in any way, but if I have to set a goal for the universe to hit, next year would be a great one.

I feel like I should be/act/feel more Christian, but thats just not really me... I feel like I'm not deep enough/open enough about my christianity... I know that I'm a Christian and that I love God, but its just hard for me to voice those feelings. so I guess I'd like to be better at that.

I would like my default option to change from despair to creative solution finding when I'm hit with challenges, whether those challenges are work, matters of the self, or dealing with others.

I would like to be healthier: Blood pressure = normal. Cholesterol = normal. Weight = slightly overweight ok, but not close to obesity like now. Allergies = less bothersome. Blood count = normal. If I could accomplish this, I would have more energy and will think more clear, hence accomplishing so much more.

Advice? "Just do it!" I want to write instead of just talking about it or thinking about it!! So this is my declaration - by this time next year - I have a finished manuscript at the publishers.

To remain healthy through proper nutrition and weight loss. Be able to recognize the fact that God has given us this life. We should use it to its fullest by not abusing ourselves and bodies which are of his perfect design.

I would like to declutter and organize. I do need help. Don't know where to get it.

I want to be slower to anger and quicker to forgive. More loving with my wife and children. Spend more quality family time. Allow myself to relax and not feel guilty about it. The best counsel I've ever received is - "Change what you can change. Ignore what can't change. And have the widom to know the difference between the two."

I am accommodating in a conflict situation. Up to a point, it is a good trait. But, I have recognized that I do this to my detriment--I put away most of my needs in order to keep the harmony. I am evaluating where this is coming from and what I am gaining by behavior. I think it is my desire for approval, but it is for its sake and not coming from a place of spiritual strength. I believe it is from fear of standing up for what I want, not aggressively, but what is fair. My yielding comes from not truly believing in myself. "Problems cannot be solved at the level of awareness that created them," said Einstein. I will guide myself by raising the level of my awareness (self-awareness, conflict resolution skills) when I am confronted by conflict.

I just want to be completely satisfied with myself, regardless of my weight, education, career, marital status.

I would like to be more self-accepting, less sensitive to small slights and a better listener. I don't recall specific counsel, but I do have a few good examples in friends.

I'd like to become a better mom, by being the mom Briana needs. I'd like to become a better teacher by learning methods that can help me in the classroom.

My mind has always been an overachiever but it has also been my greatest destructive force. I don't find inspiration from religious figures past or present, but I do find inspiration from the NAVY SEALS. The best piece of advice that echoes through me like a mantra is "The only easy day was yesterday," and this mantra will help me push harder to obtain my goals. Of course, opportunity must meet preparedness:)

I would like to improve myself, and therefore my life, over the next year by improving my financial situation. This would certainly make me less apt to get angry/stressed so quickly and so often. If I could be a chameleon in sales, as some have suggested, changing more to meet the varying personalities of people, that would probably help me and,in turn, help my sales. This has been suggested several times.

Since I'm getting married rather soon, I defintely want to change my self-mindedness. I never realized how focused on myself I was until I had to consider someone else in all my future plans. it's a bit unnerving. So I want to focus less on myself and more on others, and not just my husband, but friends, family as well as others. I want to be self-less and caring.

I want to lose weight. I hate my body. I'm so fat and ugly- I wish I was one of "those girls." I'd say something about stopping being depressed , but I feel like I deserve this pain and loneliness- it's better this way. "Because the world isn't as bad as you make it out to be" is my guiding advice.

I'd like to lose some weight. I'm tired of feeling bad about myself.

I would like to more in control of my life, and not so stressed out by deadlines and overwhelmed by small details. I want to be more consistent in my day to day life, and be more organized. I didn't really get any advice that will guide me, but I was intrigued by the thesis behind "Stumbling on Happiness." I think that I have a tendency to think I know what I want, when really, I don't. I need to recognize that consistency, not brillance, will be the key to my success in 2011.

GET THE HELL UP AND GO OUTSIDE. Bruce probably has to pee. Also- make me a sandwich.

I want to improve myself in the way of loosing weight. I really want to loose it and keep it off. The one piece of advice that sticks in my mind is off the Melting Pot Restaurant menu, it said that nothing tastes as good as thin feels. I'm not not going to eat but I really want to feel comfortable in my own skin.

I would like for my family to be healthier and nicer to each other. And I know that needs to start with me. So again, I need to exercise, eat better, and get my anger under control.

Exercise more and get stronger physically. Read more and get stronger intellectually. Breathe more and get stronger spiritually. Listen more and get stronger socially. Love more and get stronger emotionally.

I would like to be able to control my anxiety and open up to others.

No I have not received any advise but I would like to loose weight, be more fit and more active. I want to find a man to share my life with who really wants to be with me and love me.

I'd like to be fitter and more active. I'd like to spend less time sitting and doing nothing and more time being productive. I'd like to be able to focus more. I don't think I've been given any advice per se - I know what I need to do, I just have a hard time doing it.

Becoming less of sloth-incarnate would be nice. It's just that it's in my nature, and it's so hard to move over. Also, being overweight, I need to exercise. As ayn girl would, I want to fit in those smaller sizes, but I want to exercise just to be healthy. I had a personal trainer for a few weeks that showed me how to use basic gym equipment. I need to use that knowledge at my own gym. I'll be forever grateful for the advice in years to come.

I would like to lose a significant enough weight to let go of some of the medications i am on; just getting on with it would get me out of the "lazy" rut I am in. I know how, but the 50th high school reunion looming next year should be enough to inspire me!

I want to insert fun, play and joy into everyday. I think the best thing I can keep in mind is that my being happy is contagious. If I let my light shine, it will lighten up the world around me.

I would love a new roommate and a house I actually like going home to when my roommate is home. Moving out onto my own was nothing like I thought it would be and a lot of that I blame on my slob of a roommate. She's judgemental, dramatic and can dish it but can't take it

I would like to be more pro-active in regards to getting what I want out of life. Some words of wisdom that I will keep in mind are to play to your strengths and stop pandering to other people and don't be scared of shaking things up a little.

I'd like to be more patient. I'd like to be more compassionate. I'd like to spend more time living out my aspirations of being mindful, being aware of God's presence always, remembering that I can always be in devekut, serving God with joy. Looking back on the last year, I don't remember receiving much advice -- though surely I did, since it was my first year of parenthood and everyone has advice on that front! I remember a friend telling me that all things pass and that the hard part wouldn't last forever. That's a good thing for me to remember: if it's hard now, take heart. Weeping may endure for the evening, but joy comes in the morning.

I would like to write and draw better to explain my creative side in a way that is easier to understand. And I desperately want to learn how to explain things correctly as no one seems to understand me when I talk.

Read more, experiment more, learn more, be more effectiv, be happy

I would like to improve my diet and exercise habits even more than I did in the previous year. I lost 15 pounds last year adn cut down a lot on sugar and carbs and that made me very happy - I would like to do at least the same again.

I'm happy with myself and don't want to improve myself. If I do improve in something then that's good but I don't reckon it necessary. I have accepted myself.

I would like to get more consistent with my exercise and weight control.

I would like t o be healthier. Not constantly eating and drinking fatty things. My mom just found out that she is glutton intolerant and thinks I may be too. I just hope that I can use this to help better myself

I want to: work harder-be successful take better care of myself lose the extra weight before puerto rico become financially more stable pay off the bills be a happier person be a better mother be calmer

I have been married for 24 years, but still don't understand my wife. Maybe this next year is the time that I stop thinking of how I would handle a situation and put myself in her place. There is lots of advice out there about seeing the world through another's eyes, and it is about time that I act on that advice.

Be consistent with my exercise regimen and live more freely while being mindful to continue doing things for others.

I want to lose weight and get fit. I'd also like to manage a serious relationship.

I recently read about someone who lives by the philosophy to "always give a little more than you get." I love that. I think about how it applies to my kids, especially my 14-year-old, who's very independent, socially active, and too busy for family. With your kids, it's really easy to give A LOT more than you get. But I get bitter and resentful, so I'm going to dial down what I do for him, and I'm going to tell him that it's because of this new philosophy of mine. I hope it works.

i would like to learn more, and try to learn how to be more comfortable being by myself.

I'd like to improve my health, reduce my weight, get stronger, more flexible. Overall goal is to have less pain caused by the excess weight I carry. I think watching Dr. Oz's show has really inspired me to keep changing my life even if it is only a little bit at a time. His show and Web site is a great resource for me.

I would like to be more in touch with God and to be better battling my eating problems.

Well, I've finally stopped eating for 2, good for me!!! I hope I can maintain that and keep this upbeat feeling. The only counsel I can think of is being told to calm it down!!! Too opinionated maybe? But that was only so he could tolerate being with me. It's good advice though, I don't like doing it and I need to stop it. For my sake (and the children).

I want to be less critical, and hold on less to the past mistakes of others.

I want to stop being so self-centered. I'd like to make it a habit to serve and help the people around me, and be more considerate of their feelings. I need to praise my wife as much as she praises me.

Be more generous. (from my wife) (not referring to money)

I'd like to become more self-confident, a leader. I want people to known my name, and remember it for years afterwards, because I'm genuinely interesting.

Don't let the digital dominate your life. I want to be more involved with my son instead of sitting on the internet all day. I want to do more around the house, read more, and basically let the computer actually fall into disuse for a little while. Break the addiction!

I'd like to take better care of myself -- physically -- by actually doing the things I know I should be doing. After reading practically everything about health, I'm very well informed, but I still don't do the things I should. And the procrastination is worse than making the effort itself! So that means exercising every day (which makes me much calmer & gives me a sense of well-being), eating right (which would help me ditch the sugar cravings & lose the 10 pounds I need to lose); flossing everyday (to keep my teeth in good shape); washing my face at night (instead of falling into bed); keeping my fingernails groomed (instead of picking at my cuticles); and keeping my hair cut & styled (a haircut every 6 weeks). The advice comes from Nike -- just do it! Which is obviously harder than it sounds, at least for me.

Oh dear, I am in the process of restructuring my whole idea of myself, as I 'make my soul'. I have been protected from the reality that I have been...as my grandchildren put it...weird, all my life, thanks to my wonderful parents, who loved me as I was, and encouraged me not to be a herd animal, and so I have soldiered along to my own drumbeat, which even now I think was right and proper. But now I am old, and on borrowed time, and I am having to pray for forgiveness for sins of commission and sins of omission, and come to terms with the fact there are things I did that were wrong, and I cannot put right. I want to continue this process of remembering my past before I have lost all memory ability, and to be more formal and organized about writing it down for whatever posterity I might summon. To my surprise, when I cross-check dates and events I find some of my memories are not accurate. "Who me? Make an error? You have got to be kidding!" The best advice: "Let the words of my mouth and the meditations of my heart be acceptable in Thy sight, Oh Lord, my Strength and my Redeemer" and that, if memory serves me, is at least approximate to Psalm 19:14.

As I'm reading the book No Impact Man, I would like to live a more sustainable lifestyle. This includes not being as materialistic and only buying what I really need. I think this will lead to a greater degree of happiness. Eliminating the crap that surrounds me will lead to a clearer head. And continuing yoga will also contribute to this goal.

I'd like to get my coaching career together. I want to lead groups and have a few individual clients. My office will be in order and I will have the presence to work with my clients. Just do it. You are there now. This what keeps coming to mind.

I would like to be calmer. I'm reading a meditation book right now, and I really like the advice it has. I hope to make meditation a part of my daily life. Or, at the very least, I'd like to slow down and appreciate things more-- the food I eat, my surroundings, the things that make my life good. I don't want to rush from one place to the other-- I want to enjoy the journey, as the cliche goes... Also, I'd like to stop gossiping as much!

I'd like to be more assertive, more "real" and less concerned with trying to keep everyone happy. Although, to achieve this I also need to get some clarity on what it is that I really want. I'd really like to get this clarity in my sexual/romantic relationship(s). I can't think of any particular piece of advice.

I'd like to become less self-conscious, grow more comfortable with myself. And then, of course, I want to learn some discipline so I'll eventually manage to finish all those things I want to do.

Only one thing: moving to condo!

I would like to ensure I make more effective use of my time at work and am considering exploring the Get Things Done (GTD) system. At home I want to continue as I have been and avoid procrastination - just get things done when they need to be done, action them quickly and don't let them build up.

I'd like to become more accepting and tolerant of the life that I have rather then wishing for more "things/money". We have our health and nothing is more important then that. A dear friend has always said that "things don't make you happy, you make your own happiness".

I would like to take action on things I feel are important and necessary. As a prerequisite for this goal, I need to stay in close touch with myself, I need to slow down and connect with my inner voice to empower the things I feel should be happening in my life. I don't want to be passive, I want to be proactive and highly involved with my own destiny.

I want to learn, following Rowan Williams on Dostoevski, to let God own the future, and to stop trying to project the future as the continuation of the present.

I would like to be an overall better person. I want to find inner peace and be able to appreciate life while staying focused on my goals. I think the more I study Buddhism and practice it, the more my life will make sense.

Stick with what I've begun: eat better and less and with fewer calories. Work scripts through the AWG process and finish them. Not to give up. Fall in love. Listen to unwelcome cues.

I've got what I've called a 5 year plan. I just turned 25 in August and by the time I hit 30 I want to have achieved the long term goals that are important to me or be well on the way to achieving them. The reason why I've given myself so much time is because some of the goals I have will take time and are long term. For example, I want to lose a significant amount of weight. However, I don't want to crash diet or hit the gym for stupid amounts of time for say...2 weeks before burning out. I genuinely am ready to make lifestyle changes that last, so I'm going to attempt to approach goals like these that require patience and discipline with a steady and mature hand. Also on my 5 year plan's to do list: picking up a musical instrument and completing a Master's degree.

I would like to be more cultured, wiser, wealthier(who doesn't-so i'll say instead more capable of earning wealth), in a significant meaningful relationship. Someone once gave me advice on my sculpture technique while I was learning by telling me to be bolder and just get in there and do it, don't be afraid and i'll get it. I'm going to do that, thanks to him btw.

Always be you. Don't let anybody tell you who to be or that who you are isn't right. It might not make you happy all the time, but it is who you want to be, so be it. Become male, cut your hair, change your name and the clothes you wear. Don't look back, because the girl sat here typing this is nothing in comparison to the boy reading it one year on. I'm proud of you, and I'm going to help you become you.

Be and live more healthy, be calmer with my children and pull this chaotic house together.

I would like to physically be 100% self-sufficient in every possible scenario imaginable. There's something that my Physical Therapist said to me when, using repetition as a tool, I tried my best and STILL did not succeed with the task. What he said continues to resonate with me: "It'll be better next time!"

I want to be more understanding of those around me, and not be so quick to criticize. I want to spend more time really listening to the problems others have and understand before jumping to quick, "easy" solutions. also, i want to get an abdominal "six-pack"

I'd like to be more giving to others. Also, I'd like to be in complete control of my personal living environment, as opposed to letting everything fall where it may and stay where it is. And I'd like to be able to set and stick to an agenda that allows me to be very productive.

No, I have not received any advice that will guide me but my own common sense will do it. I just need to listen to myself - LOL. As I have mentioned before, I try to better myself every day - emotionally and with my behavior and actions. As for improving my life, I would like to get back on my feet financially which will improve not only my life but my husband's and childrens' lives. That is what is most important to me - that we all have good lives.

I'd like to be more focused on my present. I want to be content with my life.

I want to be more productive, and feel more confident about myself.

I want to dedicate more time to learning and reading, with none of it coming at the expense of my family, but rather at the expense of time wasting activities.

I would like to reduce my level of anxiety and increase my level of engagement. I think this might make me a nicer, more tolerant person. I find myself angrier as I get older, less able to deal with even small setbacks and inconveniences, and I am frequently short- or ill-tempered with others, especially my husband.

I want to stop being so mean, and become more organised and less obsessed. But I've been trying to do this for the past 5 years without any success, but I really want this year to be different because I don't want to lose my friends.

I hope to learn how to really, finally, love myself. I want to come to know that I will be ok on my own, no matter what, so that I don't need a romantic relationship to make my life fulfilling and happy.

I would like to find focus and clarity of direction in the next twelve months. Should I focus on writing? Should I focus on artmaking? This is a monumental struggle as I'm finding compromise of either quite difficult. Or maybe I just need to come to a place of comfort with that difficulty and use it. I continue to ponder and want to find joy within that instead of just raw intensity.

I'd like to find a better work/life balance, and try to focus more on strategic growth initatives for the shop. Hopefully costs can remain under control as the business grows.

Meditation and Service. All other goals will follow.

I would like to be kinder to people. I also want to be braver in my interactions with people and situations. Most of all, I want to not be alone. I'm not lonely, per se, now, but I'd like to have a significant other.

I would like to learn to put myself first and take care of myself. I would like to become more independent and not worry about the future as much. Someone told me that I can't take care of others if I am not taken care of first.

I'd like to learn to speak Hebrew.

I would like to work on not being as stressed as I am now, but keeping up my level of productivity (possibly even improving it). I would like to get cast in at least a LAB production, possibly a mainstage and be able to manage that with a job and schoolwork. Studying would be a great thing to improve on as well.

I would like to be more intentional about the way I spend my free time. I need to learn to be away from my computer. It is just as easy spend a few minutes in a book of poetry or my guitar as it is to refresh facebook and blogging sites over and over.

i would like to be slimmer and more content with my body

I'm inclined to say "self-improvement is masturbation. self-destruction is the answer." but that's not cool, is it? And, it's not responsible. And above all things as a husband and father I must be responsible. The improvement I'd like to make is to engage with others more - become more social,more outgoing.

I'd like to stop spending too much on the credit cards, and to be more disciplined in general. I want to develop a work practice that allows me time for thought, and sustained creation.

I would like to be off anti-anxiety/depressants which I've been taking steadily for 5 years. In order to do that, I need to minimize the stress in my life, with my husband, with my kids and my finances. My brother-in-law said it best "we create our own chaos." Time to kick the chaos to the curb.

Be happy.

I’d like to... exercise on a regular basis wake-up earlier continue to be engaged with my Haverah continue my connections with all the people I know in LA learn to be a better communicator and collaborator at work read regularly, every night before bed observe Shabbat in some way every week go dancing at least once a month be picky with men!

Keep doing what I'm good at, happy with and in control of.

First and foremost I want to learn to love others, in particular right-leaners. I don't wish to hold ignorance against people. Louis C.K. observed that we hate what we fear and we fear what we don't understand. Tea partiers and Baby Boomers don't understand that the zero-sum aspect of the human condition is radically changed, so one party's gain is not necessarily another party's loss anymore. Biggest change since agriculture is that wealth can be created sustainably, without atoms or consumable resources. We face a crisis of plenty, that evolution has not prepared us for. It's not surprising that millions of people are having trouble understanding and adapting.

I would like to completely surrender to the wisdom of uncertainty. No one can help me do that, only I can.

I would like to improve my social abilities. I'm a social person in some ways, but timid and isolated. And at this time last year I'd made some progess, but now I've almost entirely regressed. Which is not pleasant. I'd also like to kick the stutter I seem to have developed in recent years. I remember being articulate... But I know I can't afford a speech therapist, and as much as my therapy sessions in the past have shown me some of what I need to pay attention to and force myself to do to remain socially active, it's hard to do without someone holding me accountable.

In the past year I've gotten the advice that I should "rescue myself." I don't need to wait for others to help me out. I should realize that I'm capable of giving myself what I need and just do it.

I'd like to communicate better with my husband. Right now I'm bored at work so I come home frustrated, and I'm afraid I take it out on him a bit. I'd like to get back a bit to where we were when we first started living together. We'd go out of our way to make sure the other person was happy. We were much more about self-sacrifice then. I'd like to re-adopt that mindset and I think that if I start that trend, he'll probably follow suit.

I would like to be in a better position financially--it adds far too much stress and there are things that I'd like to be able to do for and with my family that I'm not able to right now. I'd also like to have started an RESP for my son to prepare for his future, the sooner the better.

I'd like to become OK with being alone. I am tired of being a girlfriend for fear of being single forever. I also want to become one of those people who actually THINKS and DECIDES before answering, "Do you want to do (event)?" I always say yes even when I know I don't like the event or even the person asking me to do the event for fear that I will miss out on something or feel guilty for telling someone I don't want to do something. Whenever I do force myself to go and don't want to be there, I generally regret just saying 'no thanks' in the beginning.

I would like to focus on myself more, and not settle so much. I have always settled for things because I felt like I might not deserve better. Now I've realized I shouldn't always settle for less, especially where love is concerned. Getting separated from my husband and discovering how much happier I can be, has made me realize that it's much better to be alone and happy, than to settle for a bad situation and be miserable. :) Now I want to focus on my hobbies and making myself a better person.

Find balance between work and fun, between research and teaching, between family and friends. Last year I was forced into balance by extremes, this year I hope to find reserved balance in quiet moments.

In the next year I hope to be more accepting of both my faults, errors and mistakes. I also hope I start to lose the feeling that I did something wrong everytime someone wants to talk to me. Forgiving myself is the advise I receved and hope to continue. Just relax!!

I'd like to be able to stand on my own two feet - in the past, I depended too much on my parents to solve whatever problems I had. But now that I'm moving out, I really want to be more like the adult I should be.

Yoga. Art. Education. Work. Development of self. Many things I would like to improve. A new friend of mine reminded me that life is full of ups and downs, that I should take it easy, stay focused, and it would all come around.

I would like to manage my time better. I would like to become more productive work-wise and a better father to my kids in the time I have with them. Generally, I would like to be more well organized so that I can be a better person in all my moments.

i want nice teeth... im dying to get a dentist but none of them are taking on new patients!! its proper frustrating :@

I want to enhance my skills and interest in working with people, cooperating, facilitating mutual goals. This can be at work, at home, with my sports team, with friends - it is the way I want to live.

This past year i was told to get all of the negativity out of my life,then i would be happier.Im close to doing that,but not completely.This time next year,I want to be happy

I hope to have more piece, humility, and an attitude that thinks about helping others before myself.

I would like to be content in my everyday life. I would like to be proud of the goals I'm working for, and happy for the moments I have. Less whining about how things didn't go how I planned in high school, and more appreciating that what I have is freaking great.

In the next year I want to be able to grow up fully and become who I'm supposed to be. I don't want to worry so much.

Health. More fit, lose weight. Maybe yoga, an aerobics class and swimming. Advice: happy mommy, happy house

I would like to be able to afford to join a conserative synagogue. I am getting my spiritual guidance from the internet and the religious television shows. With these media venues, it makes me want to attend a conserative synagogue.

You don't want to be skinny! You don't want to be majory thin, toned! Toned is what we're aiming for Babe!

I feel happy with myself at the present. I am doing exceptionally well in school, have a great job, a great boyfriend, and a great family. People always are out to change or better themselves, but lately, I have just found so much love for myself and others. For once, I am content with who I am.

i would like to be gentler with myself. i run interference for others and try to be understanding and flexible when i consider their behaviour etc, but i hold myself to such levels that i almost always feel like i didn't do well enough.

I want to be able to speak Hebrew fluently and help to campaign for safe driving on Israel's roads. After my brother was horribly injured as a pedestrian in a road accident in Jerusalem last week, just prior to Rosh Hashana, I had to decide whether to dash to the hospital although he was - and still is - in deep sedation. A very young woman commented sagely: "You could go - not for a reason. You could not go - for a reason". I went!

I would like to be less anxious. I would like to rule my life instead of my life ruling me. I would like to have more patience, especially with my husband. I need to communicate more and assume less. I would also like to loose some weight and become more active.

I would like to improve my life by doing less, working less, trying less. This means putting more attention on being in the present, and enjoying it, rather than worrying about the coulds and shoulds. I will let my true self blossom instead of struggling to force it into anything other than what it naturally is. More recognition of the joy, truth, and love all around.

I would like stop smoking, exercise, eat healthy, and get my reconstructive surgery and become the person who feels worthy of the greatest love i have in my life. The counsel from many of my doctors whom i admire, adore and have taken such good care of me is to do all of the above. Their positive attitude and energy about me should guide and inspire a positive attitude in myself.

I would like to do the following: meditate daily, exercise daily, eat well. Then I think all else will follow. The advice I received this past year? That I dream too big and confuse issues. It is not that one shouldn't dream. But I have learned that I am afraid of the moment. That somehow I have developed a fear that if I don't 'do it all now' I will loose something. I learned that by having so many people reflect back to me that I strive too high and too hard and try to do too much all at once without the proper resources. So now that I have so few resources left.....I would like to slow down this coming year..... and do things right and well.

Financial stability would not harm :) Learn to be patient, slow down, do not ask for everything in this very moment. Counsel...hmm...no, but I guess my own deceptions have taught me a lot. The only thing is just to put these lessons in further practice.

To be a happy man, all I have to do is make sure my daughter is my number one concern, above all, and then, simply taking care of myself.

To feel less depressed, stressed out and worried about the fact that I'm 29 years old, unemployed, unmarried, etc. I've been in a rough patch this past year and am very excited to move on. I know that better things await me, and I guess the best piece of advice I've received is that you are where you are in life because you're supposed to be there. I hope this means that next year brings fulfilling employment and a good boyfriend!

I want to fine tune my ability to surrender to my higher power and to not always try and manage everything. Life is so much more peaceful when I realize my life is unmanageable and I am not in control!!!

I would like to learn to relax again. I haven't been able to do that lately on my own without a beer or a glass of wine. I would really like to lose some weight. I say I will every year and this year I would like to change my lifestyle so that I can stay thin.

I'm pretty much in shambles right now, after being abandoned by my partner of 8 years, & having had to come to realize that he's a sociopath---a brilliant & charming man, but cold & deceptive, & without the ability to form deep bonds with anyone! I'd have never known what he really is, if it weren't for a lot of excellent counsel! He did a lot of damage to my self-esteem, lying to me for 4 yrs so that I never realized he'd been involved with another woman all that time....a wealthy woman 15yrs younger than I, who he married 6wks after leaving me. He never told me he was unhappy with me or anything in our relationship---until after he left, when he viciously criticized me for everything I am! I'm having a hard time understanding that the ugly things he said to me after he left were no more true than the loving things he'd said when with me. I need to find mySelf again, & find a new direction for my life.

I would like to become more independent in the next year.

I would like to have a new job. I love my job so much, but I can't grow anymore in my career. By 2011 I'd like to be attending shul for fun, not for work. Many people have given me the advice and counsel to go in this direction, and they really understand and support me.

I would like to be more confident in group situations, as well as more outspoken and less self-conscious. I haven't received any advice about this in the past year.

I have set a goal for myself to run a 5K - something that I haven't done in many years. I have already begun training for it so now it's more about speed than endurance. I guess I want to prove to myself that beinbg in my 50s shouldn't keep me from acheiving my goals. Along those lines, I've made a commitment to schedule fun and adventure into life so it's not all about the routine of the day to day that is so easy to get caught up in. My goal is to organize a Jewish Women's Hiking Club in the hope of empowering women to not only see the miracle of their healthy bodies but the real blessing of living in a place that within 20 minutes you can be hiking in the Santa Monica Mountains, surrounded by nature and beauty. I also want to make sure that once a month I get together with friends to do something out of the box. To really leave our westside, staid neighborhood and explore the funkier side that LA has to offer.

I would like to stop settling. Stop settling for a job I hate, a life that barely interests me and a man that doesn't love me back.

As ever, I believe, I have a lot of self improvements to do; I will continue to work at this in 5771. I find that studying and then implementing Jewish ethics can produce dramatic benefit, as well as taking note of what aspects of my personality I most need to improve upon (perhaps self-consciousness, confidence, and self-absorption) and making a concerted effort to combat my established bad habits. This year, I plan to carefully track my tzedekah. I'm curious to see if, though I feel as though I give a lot of money to charities, I meet the 10% of your income mark, and also to see what percentage of my charitable giving is to organizations based here, in the United States, and in Israel. I also plan to adopt a more consistent observation of Shabbat. I interpret many of the prohibitions in a spirit-of-the-law manner, but I do strive to do without technological devices on Shabbat, and I'd like to be less forgiving of rationalizations along the lines of "Oh, I'm watching a YouTube video with my girlfriend, so it's about togetherness." The YouTube video too easily becomes an email session.

I will zoom forward in my language skills. I will continue to study Torah weekly to get better and will go to Israel. I suppose it has been Shira who has really sparked my enthusiasm again for language learning and communication. I have always been passionate about uncovering meaning in non familiar languages, but she reminded me that it's not really so far away to be able to actually connect with other humans too.

I want to find the time to quilt. Someone once told me that you have to make the time in order to find the time. I'm beginning to think they were right.

I'd like to be less emotional and moody during my period. And I'd like to figure out how to make and keep friends- the kind of friends that you look forward to being with, where taking initiative is reciprocated. I wish I had friends like my family. I'd like to know that I've had an orgasm. I think I have, but I'm not sure. "it is what it is"

I would like to be more confident and have more faith in myself and ny abilities. I would also like to be able to be more positive and see the best in situations. As one of my friends said to me: "There's never a bad situation. Just take what you can from it and don't worry." I need to follow this and remember that things aren't as bad as they seem. I also want to remember this quote: "Girls are like apples on trees. The best ones are at the top of it and the boys don’t want to reach for the good ones because they are afraid of falling and getting hurt. Instead, they just get the rotten apples from the ground that aren’t as good, but easy. So the apples at the top think something is wrong with them, when in reality, they’re just have to wait for the right boy to come along, the one who’s brave enough.” I have spent so long wondering what is wrong with me as I've been single for so long but I'm trying to see the good in that I have morals and don't want to just get with someone for the sake of it. I just hope this attitude doesn't mean I will stay single forever more! I need to feel confident and content in myself before I can expect anyone else to like me, so I want to work on this over the next year.

I'm far from perfect, but I'm happy with me. I'd like my job prospects to be more promising, but otherwise? Hmmm... I could be skinnier, but I know I never will. I could eat better, and exercise more... whatever. I'm not worrying about any of it. Counting each day as a blessing. Not going to do anything to make me ashamed to look myself in the mirror.

I want to get my finances more in order. I have too much debt and need to pay it off. I didn't receive any advice, it just finally clicked in my head that I really need to start to become a bit more financially responsible.

Be comfortable with myself enough that when taking pictures with friends, I don't make faces, and can just smile and be comfortable with being seen, just me. Stop caring what people think. Don't give a f#@k. In your career, in your art, don't make someone a priority in your life when you are just an option in theirs.

I would like to change my style a little, just to show the world a little more about me. Somehow to express myself better. However, I have to find the courage first. Yeah, someone once told me to believe good things will happen to me and that I have to live believing that I will be happy, just like attracting good energies. I don't know if you think this is stupid, but somehow I really believe it!

Choose your friends more wisely next time. Druggies and drunks don't really suit you.

I would like to grow up. Like really be a grown up. I already live on my own and I know how to live, but... Sometimes it's so easy to be childish, and hide myself behind my parents or my age. In a few months I'll be turning 21, i'll be a grown up. I need to take my responsibilities, and learn to be someone serious. Also because Iwant to start a serious life. I want a man in my life, and ventually a house together, a pet, a kid, maybe two. And that all in the next 9 years. I wanna get married someday. Not like in 2 years, but anytime in the next 9 years I would love to get married. And I know that's a stupid plan for a single 20 year old.. but I'm ready for commitment, I don't wanna be fishing! I'm finished with dating, I just want someone serious, sweet and loving. If it is possible it would be awesome if it would be my ex boyfriend... still love the frigging guy but hey, there will be others... So I wanna grow up, i wanna be a responsible girl! woman..

I have learned so much about what makes me really happy, and I just want to find a way to integrate these lessons into my life for the future. If I could pass one lesson I've learned on to others, it would be: Forget everything you know about happiness. Spend at least one whole day looking at the sky, watching the movement of trees in the wind, burying your hands in good soil, smelling fresh leaves. Any time you start thinking about things, turn your mind back to noticing nature around you. Just try it and see how you feel. Then, if you decide that's happiness for you, think about how you can arrange your life to make that feeling the center of everything you do.

There is no specific piece of advise and I'd probably ignore it if I'd gotten it! My health would be at the top of the list. Lose weight, exercise, eat healthier, try to get back to where I was post-surgery. In my dreams, have my mouth taken care of and if successful with the weight loss, get the extraneous skin removed. In order to make that happen, finances rears it's ugly head again. Seems to be a continuing theme. I would love to be able to explore voice over-work on a more professional level than fiverr. As long as I have to and am able continue re-building my business. If my income were to increase, so many things I want to do. Travel, get my place in a state where I could actually have guests. Most of all, just start taking better care of myself physically and emotionally. Is that too much to ask??

Being nicer to people, be open to new thoughts, try to understand people of the world and be more patient - it opens more doors. At my age (77), I've learned to take things in stride, eat healthy, do moderate exercise, stay sociably active -- just enjoy life!

I would like to stop worrying about things and enjoy the life that I am working hard to create. It seems hard to let go and believe that everything will turn out alright and that I will be taken care of. When I look back over the last fifty years of my life, I have never been destitute and have always been provided for. I just like to worry. It gives me something to do.

I'd like to become minimal. To only focus on the things that truly matter. Let everything else go. No fear. No distractions. The ability to let that which does not matter truly slide. -Tyler Durden

I'd like to practice being entirely honest in every aspect of my life and being, which is the kindest way to be for my own good and everyone else's.

I don't want to be a cutter. As much ad I hate to admit it, that has to change. Every word my bestfriend Allie has said to me is good advice on the shit hole I got myself in. I don't want to be depressed or suicidal. I want to be HAPPY!

i'd like to do more for myself, but not to the detriment of others... i get easily swept up in whatever those around me want because i want to use those things to get closer to them. it usually ends up creating more distance than there was to start. no more chismosa me... pero i'd like to stay just a bit catty, you know, to preserve who i am

I would like to improve my life by being able to work with the materials I have at my disposal and I would like to improve my life by eating better and losing weight.

I've just divorced after several years of misery and humiliation. I want to find the person I used to be and know I can be again: confident, brave, and happy.

I would like to keep up my nearly vegan diet and remain pretty much drug and alcohol free. I don't want to ever say "Never" to ANYTHING. I believe in moderation, and that everything has it's place, time and purpose. I'd like to improve all these things that I feel are related to my spiritual and emotional CORE, this also leads to finally removing my extra tummy fat and strengthening my physical core. MC YOGI, by way of Krishna Das, said "Live your Life. Go for the Gusto."

I would like to experience things in the present rather than holding them at a distance and examining them over and over in my head. Advice that I'm working on: be kind to myself and substitute positive thoughts for self-judgment or criticism.

I want to figure out what I want to do in regards to a career. I want to figure out the steps I want to take in order to get to my "dream life". I want to lose the extra weight from having my last child...to be able to not only feel more confident and sexy but also be able to make others stop in their tracks...for once, get started in a creative or at least humanitarian career that will not only let me support my children but would allow us to live in my dream home and/or let us travel as we wish. We would find a way to get full custody of my stepson (and get that deadbeat mom out of our lives completly), I want for both me and my husband to find friends we can trust and who will NOT try to use us or end up stealing from us. I would like to resume taking dance classes in modern and learn bellydance and tango. I want to get our family more involved in community activities (my daughter in dance, horseback riding or gymnastics and my son in football, swimming or boy scouts).

Patience. With myself and others. Find comfort and confidence in the calmness and "mother-like" voice from within and use that as my guide and what directs my voice and choices -- rather than the scattered, overwhelmed, entitled and frustrated voice that I sometimes hear in myself.

i want to be doing what makes me happy . improve my health. learn from people and be happy

I would like to be doing a job that is reflective of my abilities and that fulfills me. I want it to be the job that I will spend the rest of my life doing, continually honing my craft to become better and better with each passing day. I want to learn not to be drawn into the continual barrage of negativity that comes from and within my family. I need to learn to distance myself and not let their problems and their dramas drag me down or hold me back. I aim to remember that I am responsible ONLY for myself and my own conduct and that I can't control or change anyone else - nor should I waste energy trying to. I must work on myself and my own situation first, then when I am stronger and more stable both financially and professionally I can help those whom I wish to. Mostly I want to learn to believe in myself and my abilities. This I know to be my downfall and while I know in my head that I have many talents and abilities - I seem not able to feel and believe that I can be anything I want in my heart of hearts.

Now that the Fertility Wars are over and we have two beautiful children, I need to work on my marriage. I need to start really seeing my husband again, to appreciate him and rekindle some of the spark that brought us together in the first place. Helpful advice? It's better to be together than to be right.

I would like to read more books, write more stories, make new friends, make love more often, and find meaningful work.

I'd like to stop worrying, to be a better and happier wife and friend, to be creative, young, and happy. "Too blessed to be stressed" is a good quote from Anja W. to follow.

I want to spend more time opening my heart and mind, and less time looking for flaws and imperfections. I keep returning to the concept of generosity of spirit- basically, an implied understanding that those working with you are working towards similarly minded goals. I'm reminded of a concept someone once introduced to me about Jewish thought differing from secular academic thought- in secular academic thought, the propensity is towards critical thinking that identifies flaws, loopholes, etc. In Jewish thought, the challenge always exists to construct something positive from a text. Extrapolating that to people, work, etc., the true intellectual and spiritual challenge is to find the silver lining, the intentionality and possibility of good in everything.

I want to be more out going & go out more often working & studying from home for the past 18 months has isolated me to a certain extent – I want & need to be involved in groups that have interests/activities that would engage me - make new friends and reconnect with old ones

I would take better care of myself while I am in relationship. I tend to conform to whatever my partner wants to do/eat, etc. I like to be more active than my partner and he is more on the inactive side. When I am active I am more happy. Of course, I like to be mellow and rest, but I mostly like to do that "after" I've been active somehow for the day. Knowing how important that is to me, I must remember to continue to do that even though my partner does not want to and also encourage him to do so. If I don't want to eat what he wants, I can offer to make something more healthy at home. This provides me with more balance and I feel nourished and taken care of. It is important for me to take care of myself this way in order to feel balanced. I know how to do this on my own, but now I have to make it a reality "in relationship".

Language, thinking, and memory! This is the tool we used to make this world The way it is, but it is broken. We must learn how to use words without making war.

I would like to be more confident in myself. I really want to be comfortable enough in my own skin to wear whatever I want and act however I want to act.

I would like to do a better job of being assertive in my career. I think my shyness often limits opportunities. Good advice: network and publish. I should listen to it and stop being so scared.

I would like to continue my attitude of being nice to everyone regardless of their attitude towards me. I jst think it is better to e on good terms with about everyone for the new year. People can change and by following this attitude I have learned that when you are nice to everyone, they like you, and they get to know you if they want, and then they like you even more. It's great to be on good terms with everyone.

Now that I'm 28, I'm at the point where my physical health is going to be in managed decline for the rest of my life. I will continue to eat healthy, lift and run every week, prioritize getting enough sleep, and avoid physical injuries, but aside from scaling back my smoking and drinking, I may not be able to make any significant improvements. Financially, I hope to have all my cc debt paid off (and no more acquired), and make some extra progress on my college loans. I don't really envision any increases in my regular monthly expenses, I don't really have any major purchases planned (or anything expensive that I want to buy) and it seems pointless to save any more in my money-market fund as long as I have college debt accruing interest. Musically, I am totally geared out. I would be pointless to buy new cymbals or shells, or recording gear, pedals, etc. All that's left is cultivating my skills and creativity. I hope to be a lot better at drums a year from now, somewhat better at guitar and synth, and maybe singing. I hope to have joined a new band and done some performing with them. More than anything my challenges nowadays come down to being virtuous. Being a kind, empathetic person. Taking responsibility for everything I do, and for the impact I have on the world and on other people. Being disciplined and doing all the things I feel like I am supposed to do every day. And or course I hope to improve my skills with women- I know my fundamentals are sound, I just need to do a better job of capitalizing on opportunities. But who ever knows what the future holds? Often when we're the most comfortable and complacent is when big changes occur, for better or worse, and against our will. I am excited about my future and seeing how everything plays out.

I would like to prioritize my art by any means necessary. The only real piece of advice I think will help with this is realizing no one can make this change but me. It's as simple as me finally developing the discipline to drop the stupid internet distractions, to stop spending my emotional energy on black holes like a job or girls, and to block out an hour every single day to do this. If it doesn't become a habit, an enforced exercise whether or not I'm inspired to write about anything, I'll never build up a body of work big enough to find the gems and polish them. And when I have a job again and access to a printer and postage, I need to start submitting my work and making my name known. I don't think I'm ready yet, but I can set myself on the path to be ready soon.

I want to be less afraid to live - to enjoy the moment; to accept myself as human and understandable; to state my opinions; to be involved readily with others in companionship; to commit; to ask for things. A friend of mine said that commitment is something that may end up committing one less than a lack thereof. I think there's a great pearl of wisdom in that.

I am trying to learn to be more kind. I can be bitter and spiteful so now I am trying to think about how my words will impact others.

I should probably try to be less critical and more accepting of people, espcially family members. I need to realize that not eveyrone is as compulsive as I am.

I want to become a better friend. I never want to forget anyone. I don't want to be forgotten. The people I've met this year are amazing human beings. Lee Williamson, you gave me some of the greatest wisdom ever. I hope to see you again, despite the fact that party is the only time I will ever see you. Recent events have made me realize how much we all never show our friends how much they mean to us. One I already am starting to lose contact with. I don't want that to ever happen again. I don't want to lose anyone.

I want to be more outgoing and energetic since I'm known for my shyness and I'm always complaining about how tired I am. I've always heard "be yourself" from so many sources about a number of different situations but that's the thing. So many people have such a hard time "being themselves." Many times we find ourselves emulating either a sister or a friend and being comfortable in your own body/mindset is so difficult for people, me included. If anyone tells me to "be myself" I think I will smack them!! Well, not really but...

I would like to become a better rugby referee over the next year. This is my first season on the Southern Federation Development Squad, which is a great opportunity to improve my skills and experience. There's no one piece of advice that will guide me. I will have to be a sponge and absorb all the advice that is offered to me, decide what I want to take onboard, and then wring the rest out. It will help having more regular reports from match observers and weekly contact with my coach.

I want to over come my demons and show myself I am not weak nor pathetic in my need for... improvement. I love this simple phrase "don't ride other peoples roller coaster", it goes to show disaster happens when we get caught up in other peoples problems, always trying to help others, in that we forget to help ourselves..

I'd like to realize that you can't take anything back. Once you say something, or act a certain way, there's no taking it back. I always find myself wishing I had been more patient with my girlfriend, or my understanding with my family, or generally just more involved in what's happening around me. I'd like to recognize this desire going into situations rather than coming out of them.

I want to keep growing up and out of old resentments. For my life, I'd love for my husband and kids to see themselves as one family and support each other no matter what (he's their stepdad). For that matter, I'd like to see that happen with my sisters and me.

No advice that I can think of, which is kinda sad! Er next year, I dunno be more focused on stuff? Im kinda random and airy, I make random decisions and get behind on things.

I just want to be more confident in who I am. I want positive self-esteem. I don't want to be paranoid.

Allow myself to enjoy life more. I am all wrapped up in pleasing others and doing well, that I forget to appreciate and enjoy the little things, the little times, the lapses in judgment and behavior. I guess I need to appreciate myself more, and appreciate others (verbally) more.

I just want to find someone, that special someone, that I could be happy with and would be happy with me. I have to learn not to throw myself at him, and to allow him to learn to cherish me.

I need to find more of a purpose to my life. To that end, I am applying to volunteer for our local victim services unit. On a more personal note, I am attempting to lose weight and exercise more both to improve my appearance and to improve my health. No, no advice or counsel.

I would like to dress a little more sophisticated and age appropriate. I'm nearly twenty and everyone I know and meet tell me I look like a fifteen year old. I don't want to get stopped by cops trying to take me "back" to school when they see me walking/running outside in the morning.

I'd like to be the person I keep guiding my friends to become.

I want to meditate regularly, ie, every day. Also to work on reducing further all judgements I have and make of others and then myself in-directly. To trust in God and have faith for the next year.

DON'T PROCRASTINATE! Ever! That's basically it. Be nicer and all the usual stuff. I guess I'd like to be more, not assertive, but more... outgoing? with guys. That'd be nice. Don't be afraid to ask him out. I'm sure there's someone you have eye out for. Don't be a loser and always wait for him. Go and ask for some coffee or man up and play ..... FRISBEE! I know, I know. Sports. Yuck. But don't get afraid to try new things and fail. It happens. The best part about that is, then they'll at least won't pressure you into continuing. They won't want you on teams. And to be honest, that's probably for the best. Overall. Just try new things and don't fear rejection.

i would like to lose weight. i know that if i lose weight my entire life would improve. i would get out more and perhaps meet some new and interesting people. i really feel as tho my weight is holding me back at iving my life. i know what i need to do i just have absolutely no motivation to do it.

I wish to gain a greater understanding of myself. Emotions are a tricky things, especially growing up in my family. I harbor many emotions inside of which I would like to find outlets for. I also would like to become a less anxious person. I have been working on this and have made some strides already.

Eat less, drink less, exercise more! All year long. Unfortunately, all the good advice and counsel isn't there when the nibbles start... Michael Pollen's "Food Rules" are a great help. I'd like a wall chart of all 50 so I can keep them in a visible place all year long!

I would like to become more patient. Or at least come to understand why I become impatient, and in turn that would help me to become more aware and in turn become more patient. I would also like to be able to learn how to be honest with people without causing difficulties. In other words, know when to be honest and when to just be quiet. This seems to get me into a lot of trouble, especially with family members.

I would like to master my anxiety disorder through natural methods. I believe that I can trade my medication for healthy remedies like meditation and yoga and, slowly but surely, I will. On the other hand, I was reminded this past year that sometimes medication is necessary and that asking for help is a sign of strength, not weakness, so I have already made peace with the possibility that I will need both Western and Eastern treatments for a while.

Solo me gustaría vencer mi timidez. Ser más sociable mejoraría mi vida, pero no sé como hacerlo todavía.

I hope to get closer to balance. I don't think I'll achieve perfect balance- between family, work, art, and personal-, but getting closer to that infinite half way point would make me feel like my time was being well spent. Advice: Don't be afraid to be wrong, admit that you're not perfect and look your mistakes in the eye. It's the only thing that makes you less afraid of them than they are of you.

exercise - more dancing - more fruit and veggies - find better ways to deal with anxiety - more joy and increasing connections with acquaintances to move into "friend" category ...

I would like to be more comfortable expressing who I am and expressing conflicting opinions with grace. I also want to be more spontaneous and flexible - more fun happens that way! My piece of self advice would be in times of joy and sorrow, trial and success, always go to God first.

I would like to be more patient and calm. That is always my wish. One day it might actually happen.

I would like to be comfortable with who I am. I can't change others and can only change me and that's what I need to work on. I think I may take things too personally and try too hard to be accepted by others. Meanwhile I waste time away trying to someone else. That's going to end. The easiest thing to be is yourself.

I would like to become a much better athlete. I want to have a ripped body, to be able to run for 10K as exercise, to be able to bike for 20K as exercise and to be able to swim a max of 1K

Improving myself: More time doing yoga, singing, laughing, being generous, compassionate, and forgiving. Either lose the eternal 5 lbs. I want to or give it up. Accept my aging body more gracefully. Improving my life: I want to get out of debt, refinance my house, finish converting my garage into a living space so I can live there and rent out my house. Whew!!

I intend to embrace freedom and expansion in my life in the coming year. I will let go of things that no longer add value to my life and I will realize my dreams.

I would like to continue to lose weight and to improve myself physically as much as possible and I need to face the reality that my marriage is unhappy and will not be getting better and I need to develop the strength to take the steps to move on.

I am dedicated to working more normal hours. The flexibility I have is great, but I need a bit more structure so I don't feel like I'm working all the time. I did a great job getting healthier this year and losing weight. I want to continue being healthy, and getting in shape.

I would like to control my reactions to events. I know that if I just change my perspective when I can't change my surroundings, I'll be much happier.

I would have decided on my passion and I would have started pursuing it while young.

i would like to lose alot of weight...nope

I would like to have more of an impact on my world. I would like to find success in something that I love, something that I am good at. I want to feel accomplished at something beyond my small little world here. Best advice from this past year that I will carry with me comes from Marianne Williamson, her words that were quoted by Nelson Mandela in his inaugural speech... "Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate. Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure. It is our light, not our darkness that most frightens us. We ask ourselves, Who am I to be brilliant, gorgeous, talented, fabulous? Actually, who are you not to be? You are a child of God. Your playing small does not serve the world. There is nothing enlightened about shrinking so that other people won't feel insecure around you. We are all meant to shine, as children do."

I would like to be more fit, more direct and more clear on my wants and needs. I would like to remind myself that I deserve to have a healthy and strong body, this is something that I have deprived myself of for a long time and it will no longer continue. Congratulations on a year of change and to never going back!

I would like to stop saying I can't and start saying I can...my therapist is always repeating this to me. Now if it would just stick!

I have two goals. Both of them should be tempered by the idea of "SMART" goals, an idea that I heard about a long time ago but has been reverberating in my head lately. The first goal is to lose weight. I'm hardly fat, but I was hoping to look like an emaciated hipster by now. Instead, I've only lost one or two belt notches' worth. The second is to learn enough about graphic design so that I'm eligible for an MDes program. So far I've read all the classics on subjects ranging from typography to interaction of color and have enrolled in a drawing class. I know Photoshop already, so I'm good on that front. I just need to take an Illustrator class and I should be ready to start putting together a portfolio. The SMART way to tackle these goals is to figure out how to make the Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic and Time-bound. 10Q helps with the time-bound part. I just need to figure out the other four letters...

I'd like to be kinder and less judgmental. I saw a bumper sticker on a car here in town that says, "remember who you always wanted to be." I'm pretty sure I didn't always want to be a shrew.

I would be more self-confident so I can better present myself to perhaps become employed. The best advice I ever received was from my father jusst before I left for college. He pulled a book containing the play HAMLET from the shelf. He opened it and read the line "To thine ownself be true." That quote has guided my life since then.

I *need* to lose weight. A lot of it. For my health. Have not received advice, but have definitely received inspiration from friends who have done it. Wish me luck!

I would like to work on my relationship with my boyfriend and I would like to work on my self esteem. My boyfriend and I fought today and my mom made me realize I need to be there to support him. I need to build my self esteem so I can stand on my own while he works on his goals for college and our future life.

This time next year I hope to have a full time job that I enjoy, be continuing with my exercise and healthy eating, have a more positive outlook, and be more organized and "on top of" my graduate school course work.

"sitting on mars." when things become too stressful dont freak out and go into crazy mode, just imagine myself sitting on mars staring down at earth and then my problems wont seem so big.

I need to maintain a healthier lifestyle for me and my kids. Eat better, excercise more, eat at the table, read more books. I hope to have Foster Children this year.

I want to cultivate my sense of compassion. When faced with interpersonal conflict, it's so easy to respond with frustration. It's so easy to forget to give the benefit of the doubt. It's so difficult to swallow pride and see the other side. Compassion is the opposite the knee-jerk cynicism and pessimism. Over the next year, I hope to learn how to override that negative reflex and respond to others with compassion instead.

I want to be healthier physically and emotionally. It's time to have more confidence in what God has given me already, and to take even better care of it.

Next year I would like to become more confident and less shy. By next year I would like to be free of social anxiety.

I would like to be more driven and motivated and less ambivalent and lackadaisical (sp).

I think the main idea that comes to mind is what Bill Kolb was talking about in Sunday school. Esc 1:1-? about how everything is meaningless and we should stop chasing the wind. I want everything I do to matter, but I feel like I'm spinning my wheels most of the time annd wasting it on meaningless things. I want to be focused on "kingdom" goals, not "worldly" goals.

I want to continually re-dedicate myself to the small business that I'm building, so that I can afford to live the life I want to on my own terms. Nothing overly extravagant - my boyfriend and I are saving to get married and buy a house, not necessarily in that order. The cost of rent where we live is high, so if we're going to spend that much money every month, I'd prefer it to be for something we actually own. I'm almost 40 so I'd like whether or not we have children to be our choice and not just a matter of being able to afford it before I get too old. I'd like to not have to devote 12 hours a day to a full time job + commuting as I do now, so I have more time to devote to my emotional and physical health (I think being able to support myself financially by doing something creative that I love as opposed to merely having a job will go a long way toward these goals also). And I'd like to be able to afford to support myself in this way and continue to fulfill my goal of donating 10% of profits to charity every month, because as hard as I work for what I have, I am still better off than probably 99% of people globally, and I do believe that it's a moral imperative to do what I can to help those less well off than myself. I suppose the best advice, and I can't credit this to any one individual because I've heard/read in in a lot of places, is that in order to succeed, you have to take risks and be willing to fail sometimes. I'm taking calculated risks and have been seeing incremental growth, which gives me the courage to take bigger chances. Above all, because I work in a creative field, each small success gives me more confidence in myself and my ability, and reminds me to be patient and keep working my way toward my goals.

Live one day at a time. In yoga balancing on your heels, the past feels bad, shifting the weight to your toes, the future doesn't feel right, it is the middle, the present that feels right.

I would like to be more adventurous and put myself in more vulnerable situations. I never really challenge myself, so I do not know how far I can push myself.

There is nothing I need more than patience. I am able to act when ready... but waiting until the right moment is an area where I can use a great deal of improvement. I am learning, slowly. One day I'll get it right.

I would like to lose weight. I was told in the past year that eating 90% healthy, good food and 10% anything else, when combined with exercise could help me lose weight by keeping my diet changes on track.

I would like to address my lack of confidence and take on a challenging job. I tend to hold myself back because of my anxiety and lack of self belief. I want to take on something that will push me and change my outlook. The tools that I have learnt reading about Acceptance and Commitment Therapy will really help me in this. I will need to remember to use these tools so I can move forward in spite of my fear.

I want to exercise more (more than 0 times a week is an improvement, right?), and write more.

My main goal for this year is to maintain my sobriety. I encountered many problems be wise of my drinking and have paid my debt to society for it. The biggest piece of advise that I need to continue to learn to follow is to forgive others for the past and more importantly forgive myself. Resentment will only lead me back to active addiction.

I think I'd like to have a lot more motivation to work harder like I used to in school. Also, being a lot less neurotic and paranoid about things would help.

I am a healthy human being, free of physical, emotional and financial woes and brimming with life and positive energy.. I improve with each hour of each day. I take it one minute at a time. As I was once told....take baby steps. I and my service dog are fully trained and serve one another as needed.

I would like to be healthier, shape up my body and raise my self-esteem, keep growing in my career and have a good relationship with my family and friends. I have received an advice from myself to start a new lifestyle, like going back to bellydance classes.

i would like to call myself 'beloved' more often instead of kicking myself for all of the things i could have done, should have said, would have been 'if' only. i am fifty-eight years old, and, when i am gentle with myself, i do see that i have a few extraordinary accomplishments i can list, although these things are not what most people at my age would consider worthy. they do not bring financial, educational, or big-name fame to me, but they are important nonetheless. i need to honor myself for what i have been through, what i have lived through, and what i have done, however humble those things may be. my friend said, 'call yourself a survivor, not a loser, and it will make all the difference to you.' yes, beloved.

I would like to improve my body. I feel that my mental state (a bit depressed) is partly due to the fact that I don't exercise. I also think that that will improve my life by giving me a more positive outlook. I received some counsel from multiple teachers at my school who said that you can do anything you put your mind to. I still find it hard to believe but in the case of getting fit and healthy I feel that it's true.

I want to get rid of all the stuff I don't use that clutters my closets, be able to ignore my kids when they're being obnoxious rather than react and make it worse and weed out the people in my life who make feel like I'm not myself...

I should be less fake. I saw this episode of House where this kid thought that God was talking to him. He was about to go in for an MRI or whatever and that one dude who has kind of a combo south african/british/australian accent was there. The kid says to him: "why do you do things that you don't want to do?". The dude didn't have an answer for him. I thought that was pretty deep. Maybe that can guide me in this project. Oh yeah, I also want to work on my traps - it would be pretty sweet if I had massive traps like Stone Cold Steve Austin or Goldberg - those guys were pretty jacked back in the day.

I would like to be less fearful and just go for a more exciting job, even though a part of me wants to "play it safe" with the job I have currently. Also, I would like to be more emotionally available and develop deeper relationships with my friends and also maybe meet someone special for a romantic relationship.

If I could give myself one piece of advice, is that be happy, just because someone isn't around you all the time, or people. Does not mean you are a loser. I know at times that I get sad, when I am sitting in my dorm, doing nothing, with nobody to hang with, but maybe that's for the best of me. Maybe I need time to reflect on my past, and hope for the best for the future. As for right now, I need to stop being sad, because I don't have a Best Friend who is right beside me all the time.

I would like to be as chilled out and un-stressed as I am now. After the previous year that I had, I feel I am incredibly deserving of this lifestyle. Additionally, I'd like to continue working on improving my physical health. I have found that this not only improves my health and appearance, but it does lend itself to the aforementioned stress-free life. :)

I want to stop feeling jealous and left out when friends do something together without me. It is an extremely high school emotion and rationally, I know absurd. But still when it rears its ugly head I feel as if it now means my friends hate me and are united against me. I worry that I am not liked the best. This notion is torture to me and yet, completely ridiculous.

Well I would like to stabilize myself phsycologicly i feel as if I change personalities rather easily or willingly. Although i like one way, other ways seem to have different perspectives and state of mind.; even though I'm still me. Either way hopfully you've tried to figure things out. Dont get so set on a goal for a relationship for you maybecome obsesive and try to hard. Rather be yourself. Percevere through the hard times and things that you might not like or agree with but your responsible for. Try your best to be your best. Listen to and validate others. Self-intrest and Compassion Let things go as they will in relationships, no need to force anything to much. Speak with purpose and inflection to communicate with others as best as possible.

I want to improve my outlook and work on seeing the glass as half full instead of half empty. I also want to immerse myself more in "right brain" activities and cultivate that part of myself. I will try to let go of barriers that prevent me from following through on these endeavors.

I'd like to be smarter with my money and not live outside my means. I've got a bit of debt to pay off, then hopefully I'll have a new job that gives me a bit more freedom. The best advice I've gotten this year is from my aunts, who told me that the first job I have will be the hardest one ever, but to stick with it and do my best so I can move up and move on, which doesn't apply, so much, to this endeavor, but I like it.

I would like to have more control over my emotions. I don't feel as strong as I used to be. I let my feelings get hurt more than I used to. Of course this could mean that I have become more tender of a person. I would like to have more patience and more understanding when it comes to my children leaving the nest so to speak. I would like to be more confident that my children will do well and be safe in life. I want to stop worrying so much by next year.

I want to just be happy. Not pretending, and no masks. Just being me; no more, no less.

I need to find a way to put physicality back into my life - exercise, running, stretching. Over this past winter while my wife was pregnant, we cut way back on our usual outdoor hiking, walking etc routines. Now that the baby is here it feels nearly impossible to find time to exercise - by the time I get home from work, eat dinner, put the baby to bed and clean up it's like 9pm! I know I'm not a go to the gym kind of person, so I think the trick will be creating some kind of walking or running with the baby system. I wish someone would advise or counsel me on how to fit it all in. Any ideas, anyone?

I have a major attitude problem. From such a young age I was set on this high pedestal, being praised and thinking I was the best. So I became very cauky and moody real quick growing up. And being a teenager, I'm super moody, and I take it out on my boyfriend a lot. I'd really like to learn to control my emotions over the next year.

I am on my way to living the life I want anywsay. The main thing I want to improve is my health and I want to appreciate the little things more. I've already noticed that I find beauty and joy in the little things and I just want to keep at it!

I would like to be free of fear. The best advice I've had is to trust myself.

I want to be more present in my life with my family.

I would like to learn more patience. I take everything very seriously. I am a perfectionist with myself, my husband, my dog and my students. I need to ease up on everyone. The best advice is, "you are great as you are. No one is perfect." Now if I could just believe that.

I want to be less lazy. At home, I want to get my butt off the couch - walk the dogs, play a game with my family, shoot baskets, play frisbee, etc. At the gym ... well, I want to go to the gym regularly. At work, I want to focus, work harder, and apply myself more. I want to keep my brain sharp. I want to read more, do puzzles, etc.

I want to come out of my shell. I want to stop being so shy and scared to talk to people I don't know. And I want to be able to live my life the way I want it. Without worrying about what other people think or say or want. I want to be able to saw "Screw You! I'm doing what I think is best for me!" I wanna be less of a people pleaser and more a me pleaser as cheesy as that sounds.

I would like to do more writing. Sometimes when I have time to write, I have no energy or inspiration. Writing is sitting in front of a keyboard and opening a vein, which I think Stephen King once said. I need to open my veins into my wordpad files.

I want to be happier in my marriage and in my family, by accepting the good that I have, and not dwelling on the good I had before.

I would like to be more loving towards close ones and be more prepared for distant ones who are unloving towards me. I would like to find light, humorous and quick ways of communicating with people who use harsh or abrasive ways of communicating with me. Yes, the key is to think of a response that makes fun of myself before the other has a chance to do it. Laugh at myself so hard that it makes others laugh with me before they have a chance to laugh at me.

asklsdgj GLERP. i hate questions like these.

I want to be healthier and thinner next year. I don't do enough exercise at the moment and I'd love to be able to take up swimming on a regular basis, mainly because I detest running and swimming works all the muscles. I've been kind of overweight for a while now and I'm starting to get really irritated at myself because I'm not even trying very hard to lose weight. I want to be moved out of home aswell. I love the island, but I really want the freedom that comes with living on the mainland, close to everything.

I need to lose weight and get healthier. I know I'm a stress eater and one of the first steps is to get a less stressful job.

I want to be more outgoing. I was really outgoing at one point in time and im not sure what happened, so as my childhood friends keep telling me ill try to 'just be myself'.

My journey is to understand myself better & to grow to be the best person I can be. By doing this I am able to help others through my example & by walking the walk as well as talking the talk...there are a lot of people who preach but aren't great examples...I want to show people that joy is possible in their everyday. The best piece of advice....life each moment to the fullest...it's all we have.

I would like to improve my health, my spiritual health and financial health. I want to be able to make tremendous strides to become debt free so I can do more for myself and my daughters. One very important life lesson I've learned is to never make a permanent decision based on temporary circumstances.

I want to take more responsibility for the way my life is unfolding, both the good and the bad. A former boss told me, "Perception is reality," and I need to better understand how others perceive me.

A former boss said, "it is better to be interested than interesting." As I supervise more people, I would like to continue to improve on that.

I want to learn how to love with abandon, while improving my existing relationships. I want to live without fear of what people think about me, but remain a part of my communities. Is this possible?

I want to be happy. If I am still single, I want to be happy. If I am in a relationship, I want to be completely happy with it. I want to stay close to God and make time every single day to pray. I do not want to be apologetic for anything that I am. I would like to judge people less, but still stay logical.

Gotta get going on my school work cause missing summer assighments is not a good idea. Working on beliefs, philosophies and morals (cause they keep getting me in trouble with other poeple. advice to me has only benn to not give up on life but I also believe that manners and speaking out at the rights times are the best things, they give you better wisdom as you get older (its just hard to know when the right times are).

Open my heart to unconditional love throughout my days. Allow my love and creativity to flow, and trust where it is heading. Allow this love to open up new work, and a career in my life.

I would like to relax - take less personally and enjoy all of the blessings that surround me. I wold like to stop second guessing my thoughts, ideas, words, actions. My favourite advice from the year was"there is no better parent for your children, than you". I loved that, reflecting on how we are partnered with these little beings for a reason.

So many things to improve, you would think that after all these years, on this earth, that I would have less to think about. I would like to improve how I treat myself. I want to be more accepting and perhaps even more loving of who I am not who I think I should be. I am blessed to be surrounded by people who consistently provide me with insightful, genuine and sincere counsel. We all remain trying to find our way in this world. The piece of advice/counsel that I received many years ago and frankly nothing has ever superceded it is Bless him/her.....change me... It is my mantra

I would like to improve myself in four different ways: First, physically - I really would like to try and be more healthy, exercise more, start practicing gymnastics again, get thin. Second, mentally - I would like to have some time for myself, to dedicate myself to things that I enjoy doing, like theatre and dance. Third, spiritually - I would like to get closer to God in my own way, now that I've finally opened up my mind for all the ways that I have to connect with Him. Fourth, emotionally - I'd like to try and be more open, try to let people in, lose the fear of regreting something or getting hurt, because that's part of life. A good piece of advice that I received was from the book "Eat, Pray, Love" (Elizabeth Gilbert) - I want, most of all, live in the pursuit of pleasure, devotion, and balance.

Deepening my understanding of Eckhart Tolle's writings/teachings, and Bhuddism through my friend Stephan's learning/teaching me, has allowed me to calm down, take in the world around me more fully through my senses and to prepare in the moment for what the future may hold, whether it does or not. My desire for this coming year is that I am able to enjoy and appreciate as many minutes and seconds of every hour that I can. Just breathing, just hearing, just seeing, touching and smelling -- these are gifts we stop to appreciate far too little. Just imagining, just dreaming, just understanding -- these are gifts given to us as special creatures with things to do.

I would like to be less angry. Everything seems to make me angry. I need to find an outlet for my anger.

I want to be more physically active. I am steadily increasing my level of activity and look forward to adding yoga and tai chi during the coming year. I think I just need to remain open to the challenges that these would present.

I would like to appreciate the present more fully, with less apprehension about what may be around the next corner and what I might be doing in anticipation thereof.

I would like to improve my time management skills. I've had some time management books recommended to me.

I would like to be more centred. Keep the centre of gravity within. More aware. Slimmer. More disciplined.

I came into this life wanting to know, to truly KNOW who I am and what it's all about. I have received incredible guidance and insight from an amazing variety of people, experiences and others. So what I want in the next year is to relax, to bask and allow it all to be. Nothing can EVER be forced and feel good and I want to feel good and have my life manifest out of that knowing and allowing. It isn't a "thing" nor is it a "goal." I know that I'll know it as it easily, naturally reveals itself to me, through me, as me.

I want to get back into shape and cut my weight to 175 lbs. There's a simple line that is my guide, "Just do it."

I'd like to be able to fly, but I'm not really sure how that's going to work out. I'd also like to be a calmer, less cranky person. I want to be able to always see to good in people and situations, rather than the bad.

I would like to be happy. I would like to be debt free. I would like to have the novel finished and have an agent who will help me publish it. I would like to be doing work that is worthwhile. The only advice or counsel I've gotten lately was a dream at 40,000 feet that I was looking for the "time for a change" bookstore. So I made a change, and I hate it. So really I think I should disregard dreams at high altitude.

I would like to procrastinate less and have more friends.

I would like to be healthier -- to not worry about symptoms and relapses, to be strong enough to do adventurous things with my children, and to be even-keeled enough to enjoy the smallest things in life.

I would like to be honest with my friends. I don't want to bottle everything up and then let it explode. I want to prioritze my time and get my grades to the grades what i want them to be. I want to lose weight and make my life so much better. I want to look in a mirror and see the person I want to be looking back at me.

Know more about my own faith than others, and discover what God's plan is for me, rather than trying to figure it out (and failing) on my own.

I would like to read a lot more, get even better at running, finally reach my goal weight of 123 or lower. Become closer to people, make it a year worth remembering, and not waste so many days like I have in the past. Hopefully I'll stay interested in psychology, maybe even be able to see myself doing it as a career. Also, finally become good at guitar, and maybe even find the strength to sing in front of someone.

I would like to stay on task and get to bed earlier. I'll tell my self, on youtube video before I start homework, and then I wont end up starting for a hour. I need to stop texting while doing work and trying to multitask. Stay clear and focused on one thing and it will get done quicker, better, and neatly. I'd also like to get work done faster so I have time to read, write, or text before bed.

I want to figure out what I want to do in college-- what my major is or if I even really belong here-- and by doing that, get a sense of who I really am. And by doing that, I want to be able to embrace who I am.

Take better care of myself by moving more slowly and mindfully. Now only will I be taking better care of my body, my spirit too will have more time to be in each moment.

I want to simplify my work schedule. I'm going to make time so that I can spend it with my family and friends. I'm also going to spend at least one day of week spending time on myself!

I would like to be calmer about sudden changes, be more optimistic, to be more motivated to make a difference. I want to move out of my grandma's house and to do that, I need to focus and strive to make things happen.

a breakthrough in my artistic ability in my sewing

more light, more joy... dreams realized... abiding love... deep forgiveness... old wounds healed... sizing down, letting go... making way, gearing up... increasing strength, committment, balance and capacity for loving deeply... and getting up every morning on the right side of the grass and doing it again, amen...

Make more of a permanent place in my essence for the positive vibes, compliments, feelings in life....and eliminate the old, smelly, useless negative ones....

I would like to improve my health and overall well being by successfully achieving my weight loss goal. My daughter reminds me that someone who does such a good job supporting others should be able to cheer for herself.

I want to keep myself healthy and continue to exercise my body and mind.Perhaps I can volunteer time with students who need help with their school work. I am a retired school teacher. Also, I will volunteer in my community, as the need arises.

I need to stop procrastinating!!!!! It's gotten me into so much trouble over the years, and I'm taking this year to overhaul my life and stop doing that! I'd also really like to lose weight. Being overweight has really lowered my self-esteem, and I could use some of that right now.

Acceptance is the first word that comes to mind. I would like to learn to practice acceptance. I once read that we only expect from others what we are not giving ourselves...I want acceptance and I know I must not be giving it to others OR myself. I also want to practice 'Living Food Diet' so I could use some gentle self discipline. Does that bring me back around to the acceptance thing again?

I would like to live life fully engaged. To be ethical, loving, and fiercely alive.

I would like to spend more time on ME. It's so easy to look after others first, especially in my line of work--public service/teaching. I need to take better care of myself--physically, spiritually, emotionally, mentally, and in my relationships.

I would very much like to let go of my almost constant anxiety related to work. I'm not sure that advice will help to change this aspect of me, which seems to have been increasing with age. I would also love to stop being so very judgmental about people that I truly care about. I want to accept people the way they are, value them for their good qualities and see the best of them. I think the judgments are merely a habit that I can change.

I'd like to live a more inspired life, doing work I love. I'm going to take a break from the rat race and get myself centered so I can tune into my purpose and find out what that is.

I want to be able to rationalize and think things through a little better than I do at the moment. I want t control my reactions, so they're not uncontainable emotional outbursts.

I want to be healthier that I am today. I've been there before and it felt good -- much better than I feel right now. And I want to have a clean house, not just so I can have people over, but because I think it's part of being healthier, both physically and mentally.

I'd like to be a little more honest, or direct. Maybe learn to deal with confrontation like an adult.

I really want to be healthier, I have type 2 diabetes and I am tired of it controlling my life. I vow to lose at least 50lbs. A quote from facebook, If your life flashed before your eyes, would you enjoy the show. My answer today would be no but soon it will be yes

To embrace the idea of 'light and breezy' with life.

I've been verging on too busy for comfort most of this year. I want next year to be a little slower (not much, but a little) and to have time to get important things done.

I would like to be more calmer and be able to forgive those who have wronged me in the past. It's not easy to just forgive and forget. But my mother told me, to become a better person, a good person, I need to learn how to let things go and not hold grudges. In the end, holding onto things can be deadly and I would like to think of myself as one with myself. So hopefully, I can try to better myself by not letting trivial matters affect me so much.

I want to be better liked. And pretty. I'd really like to be pretty.

I want to make better lifestyle choices and have the discipline to do what's best for me. Be more financially responsible so I can get out of debt. Be more active and make the small changes to improve what I eat. Have good boundaries with time and commitments so that I don't overdo it. I've started, but I need to follow through and be consistent.

I wish to forge a new path; reinvent myself as an artist - back from whence I came. Cut the tethers of the things I tried that didn't work. Fashion. I've hated the word, since I know that shouldn't have been my heading, even though I worked with clothes. I have needed to break with any association from that word, and so, I will. Counsel has been from myself. My own voice saying, I've had it with this. This is not working. What do you love: art. Go for it.

I would like to be more awesome~ My greatest advice is to act like your totally awesome even if you feel as though you are not. I don't usually take any advice but my own...because I am awesome.

I want to feel open and unafraid--of who I am; of other people's judgments. Of life.

It's not that I want to lose weight, because I am happy the way I am, but I would like to build up some more muscle instead of just relying on brute force strength. I need to commit to a work out plan without getting sidetracked. I want to be there before the summer.

During the coming year, I'd like to get up off my dead ass and get busy on one or more of the "pending" projects that I'm always planning on doing but never doing.

I would like to be more grounded and centered. I want to be better at handling the twists and turns life throws at me. I've been too stressed about too many things that don't really warrent that much stress. I'm tired of being so mean and cruel. There is and time and place for angst, but those places are few.

I would like to improve my relationship with myself this year. I would like to love myself more and take better care of myself mentally, physically, and spiritually. I want be a completely balanced person by this time next year.

I would like to let go of anger, and be able to just sit with bad things that I don't have control over.

I'd like to be more consistent in taking time for myself. I know it's going to be even more challenging once our baby arrives... but when I do carve out a few moments, I always feel better and more refreshed. I always feel more like myself. I'd also like to continue to improve saying "no" to people or commitments that will drain me. I need to continue to focus on what will nourish me.

I need to take time to meditate, and time to write. i spend too much time consuming media and information, and not enough time being quiet, and producing or distilling the information I've consumed. My doctor just told me that I have to do it. There's no magic. As long as I keep my old habits, they'll continue to rule me.

Get lots of sleep and stay confident. Try doing things differently and never fall into a routine

My best friend always tells me to leave work on time and get enough sleep. I think if I truly followed her advice, my life would be more balanced.

I would LOVE to be financially independent!!!! GOD that would be the one thing that I would love to improve abotu myself!!! This would make my life sooo bloody easier!! I hate the fact that I have to hear the shit I have to listen to day in day out with this Idiot I have to deal with. I just really need to focus and hopefully something comes up soon cause I think I am likely to lost my mind.

I can't think of any advice that comes to mind right now but I'm sure I have absorbed many bits of information that has either come as advice or something I read and resonated with me. Improvements need to be made across several fronts including making a greater effort with my family and friends (work always takes first place), greater ease with my finances, taking charge of my weaknesses. I have begun training to be a coach and this offers much in the way of self development so the paths will be clearer if I work on those parts that need work.

Laugh at my mistakes and keep things simple when I want to go out and .... Be carefree and listen to others... Relax so I can take in different types of info that will help me feel more indep

I would like to be more patient, calmer and more understanding/tolerant of what I perceive as other people's faults/flaws. I would like to be a better human being...and every step I take in that direction will be an improvement, albeit a small one.

I would really like to get more voiceover work and finish the booth. I think the best advice I've heard this year so far is that you'll miss the times you're having so enjoy it while it lasts.

I would like to be more calm and trusting of others. I have a problem believing what others are saying, and believing that they are genuine. I also suffer from bouts of jealousy over my boyfriend, and I think that the basis of this is lack of trust. I would so like to learn to truly trust.

I would like to be better with money, less moody and not drink so much wine. The best advice I have been given regarding this is to drink more soda water.

I need to stop caring so much. It's exhausting and I'm just way too tired of life right now.

to get the grades i know im capable of... i just can't be so damn lazy. i also want to meet more people that i can relate to

to stay true to myself and what i believe in. as well i should listen to my parents more and not play one against the other. to be a better daughter

To get fit, healthy I don't want to be skinny or anything just healthy me minus 25lbs. Not being active has gotten me nowhere. Eating right is not enough it's time to get it moving.

I wouldn't exactly describe myself as shy; I'm not afraid to talk to new people, but I'm not very good at carrying a conversation. I'm a naturally quiet person, and even with my closest friends I tend to lapse into silence after awhile. I'd like to be able to hide this better, and appear more outgoing and friendly. I think to some people my quietness can come off as aloofness, when that's not how I really feel at all.

I want to be fully employed within a year. I need to do more research and better prepare for interviews, and I need my driver's license.

Well for starters I hope that I continue to go to the gym. I always seem to start, but never get to where I want to be with that. It always calms me down and gives me something to do when I'm bored. I also want to learn to meditate more and control my anger better. I think that would be very good. I have received great financial advice from many people this year and I want to make sure I continue to use my money wisely so that one day I don't have to worry about money.

I hope to care less that I'm losing contact with my friends. I've always been the 'left-out' one so why care now? I want to reconnect with Islam, and I hope to become a better muslim. I would like to focus more on my studies as well.

There are many things that I would like to improve upon in the next year: become a better person, become a better person, and become a more outgoing friendly person; though the one thing that I would like ti improve for next year is my weight: It's improved slightly over the last couple of months, though it could be better and I'm excited to see what next year brings!!!

Don't wait for anything. Life passes so fast. By the time you figure out what hit you, you have to deal with new challenges. Live in the moment, love your dear ones and don't let anything for tomorrow. Change comes in an instant and before you know it, you'll be morning lost opportunities.

I would like to feel less dependent on others for my own happiness, and recognize the control that I have in my own life. Recently it has been too easy for me to feel like I'm overworked, underpaid, and underappreciated. I'd like to be able to see the reality of my life while at the same time recognizing how lucky I am and how many joyful experiences I can (and often do) have.

I want to be living a healthy and independent life and give more time to school and music, meaning studying them.

I would like to be calmer and less volatile at work and at home, especially at home.

Time management Living in the moment Being happy with what I have & who I am! "When you trust yourself, you will know how to live"

I want to make more decisions based on what I want and like to do. I want to listen to my inner voice instead of listening to all the chatter of voices around me. I want to discover what it is that I am here in this world for, what are my talents, what I can share with others, how I can help make the world a better place to live.

I would like to lose a lot of weight, have a steady job, and an apartment with my fiance and our pets <3

My life is quite wonderful but i can always use more money, but the thing I would most like to improve is to be fully physically fit and close to my ideal weight. I have gotten wonderful advice. Now I just need to apply it.

I want to get out and forget the abusive relationship I was in. I want to get the pieces of my life together and get back to school and complete my paralegal course. I want my children to go though counseling and know that they are safe. I want to be mentally stronger and I want to be the best mom ever. I want to be confident and selfish.

As I am 59 years old but I am not embraced. ONLY Because through-out my Life, I have done Good and the Good-Better & the Best for others. I was always grabbing an opportunity to do good during the day without which my soul was not satisfied. Even as on day, I desire and plan for the good(s). I am the member of so many social bodies who do welfare work for the communities. I had also shouldered the responsibility of a Chairmanship of my Housing Colony. I have most of the times participated for the agitation pro-grammes for the project K.G. to P.G. Education. Because of this kind of work a lot of students are definitely going to get educational fees' relief and their parents will be escorted from the glitches of vicious circle, for paying more fees for their kids.

My mantra for the next year will be: "Live your own life, not anyone else's." I will do the things that are right for me, regardless of whether other people - even those I love - approve, or judge me, or think I'm wasting my time and talents. I don't have their resources: I have my own. I will not measure myself by their approval. Through keeping this in mind, I want to get rid of the fears that have kept me from exploring many of the options in this amazing world. I've been so scared of failure, there are so many chance I've let slip by. Next year, I plans to take them.

I would like to love myself more. Love my body, my personality enough to meet new people and not be so shy. It has been a long time coming to love myself and I feel life will be so much better if I would stop the constant commentary in my head,"stand like this, suck in, back straight, don't walk like a duck." Who seriously is going to be looking at me that long where they notice all that stuff? NOBODY. a piece of advice in form of a quote from the fabulous RuPaul:"If you don't love yourself, how in the hell you gonna love somebody else?" this sums everything up perfectly.

I would like to project a sense of confidence - in my body, the way I dress, and my communication skills. I'd like to bet happier in my job or in a possibly new job. If I am happier, I will do better at my job.

Lose weight, get focused, and believe in yourself! And go to Disneyland more often. PLEASE!!!

I don't want to realise too late that life is limited to a few years and doing something with them other that that which makes you happy is completely pointless. So I aim to experience new things, make new friends, try to learn new skills and ways of working to earn a living.

I would like to find balance between my career ambitions and my desire for a family. I want to be a better partner to my boyfriend without giving up my dream job. I want to be less selfish and more in tune with family needs without feeling like I'm losing my power.

HAVE MORE HOPE. In the past year, my two sons have looked up to me, adored even my fat belly, and that advises me to dream larger, expand my ambition.

As always, I want to continue to trust myself more and more and hold the confidence that I will take care of myself no matter what. I want to continue to trust my heart and I want to not feel guilty about wanting material success, and success in love! Some interesting advice I received was not to deprive myself of affection, love, a love relationship, and even having a child.... to not put work before these things, or wait to have a clear "career" path before allowing myself to have these things.

More time for good friends. More good food. More books. Feel free to ignore time-wasting people and time wasters.

I'd like to be more like Glenn Beck.

I would like to improve my life by being more independant.. I'm tired of not being able to to everything myself because of financial issues. So next year, I want to do it all - on my own!

I want to achieve something closer to balance. Seek therapy.

I'm struggling with this question on a daily basis. I've been stuck so long in situations on every front where I feel stuck, and that my best endeavours to improve have had zero impact. So, I need to address my health issues from the ground up, including my weight and daily excercise; I need to invest my true self more in my business, and be able to quit my day job (which I'm not very good at, after all). I need to spend more time with those I love and admire, and not fall into giving those who squawk loudest every ounce of energy I possess. If I don't get my priorities right and build good habits now, I am heading for disaster as I approach middle age.

I want to be able to move on from things that are bad for me. I want to be a better swing dancer. I want to work out more. I want to actually do something for me instead of worrying about what everyone else is doing and wants me to do. I want to take risks.

I'd like to be working more, but yet have a better sense of balance. I'd like to be more organised. I'd also like to be more accepting of myself, warts and all. Oh, thinner. Thinner would be good too.

I would like to be more relaxed. Not feel stress so much and just CHILL OUT!!! I would like to work HARDER on my writing but not put so much STOCK in it. Julie said that Jonathon Ames said that once he gave up living and dying by writing, it was only then he gained success. I don't know. I'm searching here.

I would like to be happy and content with who I am in my current state in life, and not be preoccupied with who I want to be. Having goals for the future, and working towards fulfillment, is different to being dissatisfied with who u r and always trying to change it.

Sometimes I can be selfish - with my times, my thoughts, etc.

I would like to be more disciplined when it comes to food. I want to stop placing emphasis on junk food and try and eat it sensibly. The main reason for this is to lose weight, I have been trying to get down to 154lbs for ages and I can't get past 162. It's irritating but I know it's because I eat wrongly. The only advice I want to give myself is to just be strong and do it.

Stop taking yourself too seriously, always look for the rubber chicken in a situation.

It's okay, the world will not break you. You will endure, and you will be stronger for it.

Recently I have been working on being a generally nicer, calmer, more approachable person. I think I'm doing very well, and I want to continue. I think a lot of my negativity has subsided and while he doesn't know it, my boyfriend has a lot to do with that. His goodness rubs off on me, and while I don't want to necessarily break up with him anytime soon (or ever), I definitely do not want him to be the sole reason I feel like I'm finally a good person.

Career is my focus for the next 2 and a 1/2 years, my experiances in Glasgow took me out of a comfort zone where i was able to behave selfishly. Staying out of that mind set and social scene is paramount to achieving this, Juliet will help.

As I wrote before, I'd like to improve myself by standing up for myself more. I want to be able to do well for myself while working on my personal and professional life.

I want to be more at peace with myself and be happier within myself.

I would like to be a bit healthier, and I wan to quit my bad habits, like sitting too much in front of the pc doing nothing. I want to learn from this expression: never use more money then you've got. I think that would be a good thing to remember for me. Other than that, I want to continue smiling through the day, and appreaciate every minute of every day. And who knows, maybe I can improve my English some as well?

I simply MUST eat more healthily. I don't intend to diet, but to just eat more healthy foods. Without the pressures of dieting and weight loss, I'm certain that being more conscious of what I eat will not only be easy, but rewarding.

I want to be a faster rider, and lead rides that are longer than 50 miles - and feel comfortable doing so. Losing weight will help this, but also, just persevering and forcing myself to get on the bike will be key to getting this done.

I would like to have less fear and censor myself less. I would like to express my inner tiger on a more regular basis. Advice that might guide me? To make choices, set goals and achieve them. To act courageously in the direction of my heart and let others follow. And to do my best to distinguish between the promptings of my body, intellect, emotions and spirit.

I want to live both within my means and live my values. I want to be part of a valued community, artistically, spiritually and in terms of our neighborhood/region. Together, I feel these goals value people over things, experiences over possessions.

I would like to be calmer, less-stressed and to finally see myself as fit. I want to get off my ass and actually get in the shape that I've always wanted to be.

i would like to be more motivated. before the summer i was the least motivated person in the world. i think i would also like to be more open minded about the people around me, and not judge people based on their race or what background they come from, as that is a quality i stuggle to find in myself. this will be especially important to have this year as i am going to uni and will be in a much different setting that i am used to and there will be people from all types of places.

I would like to lose some of the 15 pounds that have put on in the last 2 years...Getting old and injured has really caught up to me lately.

I'd like to be more organized, and not overextend myself so much. I think I just have to suck it up and do it.

Put problems in God's hands. Stop dreaming of going back to work at the same company and move on.

Be in the moment.

Increase my health by working out more, losing weight and staying mentally healthy. Increase my knowledge to make my projects more efficient and the value I deliver to clients greater. Increase my confidence in my worth and value. Double the revenues and profits in my buinsess. Listen to my inner voice. Be the driver not the passenger.

I'd like to be a little less hard on myself when it comes to getting everything "perfect" (which I realize is impossible). Irma once gave me a piece of advice to do things "as good as I can without making it perfect," and I think about that often now, since I really don't have the time to make things perfect. I'd like to improve myself by being less envious of others (friends, fellow writers), and focusing on my own accomplishments, which are plentiful. I'd also like to live more in the moment, and take a deep breath before responding to things that make me upset.

i would like to improve on the languages i have learned like arabic and french. i would like to take cooking and baking classes. take an art class. travel to a new destination. become more active and less complacent.

All I want, all I ever want, is self acceptance. In a way, this is counter to the notion of self improvement projects.

I would like to be more independent. I find that I am constantly filling my schedule with activities with friends, and sacrificing my own down-time, resulting in very little time for self-reflection and evaluation. I used to keep journals; I used to be very connected to myself, and I feel as if I have lost that in my adult-hood. I'd like to reconnect with myself -- and get back into the things that really make me who I am.

Tame myself down, so I don't come off so damn overbearing and annoying.

I would like to say "yes" more often. I would like to branch out in my creative endeavors.

i plan to continue the "self-help on steroids" journey that i have been on this entire year. EVERYTHING i've learned about myself, from the work i've done with all my teachers, is preparing me for my best life...hmmm....advice....remember that you only know what you know when you know it...can you can only do what you can when you can...simple yet very mighty advice....

I'd like to be more secure in myself and my relationships. I'd like to not be so moody and depressed all the time. The best counsel I got from Tammi (my therapist) this year is that I CAN control my thoughts and emotions. It's hard work, but I am an inherently good person with intrinsic value and I should always feel that way.

Yesterday, my dear god daughter, Mira, said the best piece of advice she had ever heard was from my dear girlfriend, Joan. It was to try not to put a horse on the horse. And then Mira told me her kundalini yoga teacher told her to let go and let god. She is so deeply right and as I go forward in this very contemplative time between Rosh Hashonah and Yom Kippur, I want to keep her teacher's words in my mind. I can let go of old habits and develop new and exciting ones as I enter my next phase of life.

To do what ever I want, because its within my grasp, even if I have to reach a little.

I would like to improve my listening skills and become a more thoughtful participant in conversation. I would like to create and encourage more dialogue with friends, family, and colleagues, and to move away from debate and discussion, as I am learning that it does not exactly help with growth and progress.

I read an article today (9/14/2010) entitled "Does Your Passion Show Through?" It was by Bruce Swabb -- a man who sat behind a desk as an accountant for 23 years. This article rang very true, with statements such as, "I was working extremely hard at a career in which I had very little genuine interest," and, "As much as a I truly love people (many of my clients and coworkers were very dear to me), I think the bitterness was somehow apparent to others, even though I thought I could suppress it," and, "So much energy was required to pull myself to work, and to stay abreast of this dismal work," and "Isn't it usually the fear of financial unknowns that shackle us to a job we shouldn't be in?" and, "Every minute of the day behind my desk was one in which I wasn't where I truly needed to be," and, finally, "I'm writing to the man who may have followed a similar path to mine, and finds himself a bit lost and spiritually broken. To this man I would say that the world is waiting with arms for you to awaken. To him, I extend a hand to join me on my sailing ship -- to breath and explore." The full article is at . So, without even stating it specifically, I think it's pretty clear how I'd like to improve myself and my life over this next year. The question is, will I do it, or continue on with complacency? It's time to bring back some passion. If I haven't already started by the time this message gets back to me, think long and hard about why... write down the specific obstacles. And, for once, take a serious risk in your life for your own happiness!

Live like you're dying comes to mind. So many people I know in the past year have dealt with death. I don't know when I will go. I don't want to risk wishing I had relaxed me, lived more.

I read a phrase that sums up what I hope to remain aware of every moment - if I did, it would surely improve me and my life in the next year! The phrase is "enlightment is intimate" - or you could say, "make direct contact." With people. With your food. With a tree. With the song. With your judgments and fears. Having become aware of the wall of assumptions, desires, and defenses I keep between me and everything else, and having let it down more consciously a few times recently, I feel the truth of that phrase: Enlightment is intimate.

I'd like to lose the weight again, and I can do it. This time, it has to be more sustainable though. The last time, I ended up fetishizing food, which wasn't very healthy. This time, I also don't have severe anxiety helping the process along. I can do it, I just need to take baby steps.

I want to prioritize my life over my job. I tend to get consumed with work because even though it's demanding, I am good at it and find fulfillment in it. But I do so, at the expense of establishing and establishing strong personal relationships, exploring new interests and maintaining good health. People talk about achieving "balance" all the time to the point where it's a cliche. I'm crap at it and I do realize that the move I'll be taking next year -- quitting my job and traveling the world -- doesn't help in the balance department all that much. I replacing one all-consuming focus for another. My hope is that by immersing myself in the world, in volunteering, traveling, meeting new people, getting out of my comfort zone, that I'll come back with a better sense of how to handle both work and myself. An old boss recently warned me that I was going to burn myself out within a few years and then go and do something wild, like move to Africa and start volunteering for a living. Well, it seems that his prophecy was somewhat right but I'm doing a portion of it sooner than either of us expected.

I would like to be able to feel more secure in myself and in my decisions, and I think part of that is actually getting to know myself. It's a really hard thing to do, to know yourself and be honest about your strengths and weaknesses, and I would like to have a better sense of both of those things. I've changed considerably from year to year for the past 2 years, and while I consider that change to be growth, I'm not quite sure who I am right now. That's one thing that I am trying to bring into focus as I head into the next stage of my life-- reconnecting with the things that I know are true about myself, and figuring everything else out.

"And the best thing you've ever done for me is to help me take my life less seriously. It's only life, after all." -- Indigo Girls I would like to take this quote to heart and live according to its implications each day :) This means ceasing to worry about trivial things, and in the process, hopefully becoming a more positive, productive and accepting person.

I feel like the last year has been an emotional rollercoaster for me and I’d like to find peace within my life. I went though several months where rage seemed to be laying just below the surface and I couldn’t figure out why. Other times I’ll have moments where the stress of a situation has made me almost catatonic and no reaction occurs leaving only apathy in its place. Other times there is this intense urge to cry but I can’t pin-point the impetus. I’m just shy of 30 and these reactions are very foreign to me as I’ve never reacted these ways before. I think I need to work on my personal well-being and find a balance to my life that doesn’t leave me at the mercy of my emotions.

I would like to become more financially independant and secure, so I don't worry so much. I need to sell my house, and that would help immensely to improve my situation.

A bit more relaxed would be better. But than again, I guess that will happen if I graduate. Probably only one month left. I want to be more positive in life, do a bit of sports (jogging, mountainbiking), be more creative and appreciate the little beautiful things in life a bit more. No particular advice founded these ambitions but my sweet girlfriend does say stuff related to these that make a lot of sense. I guess she will help me in the end to go for these goals just by being there :)

I'd like to be more active with my life. I've come to the realization that I'm not too much of a man for exercise and I need to be so I can live as long as I can for my son.

In the next year I want to work to become more empathetic to other points of view and spend more time providing guidance and direction to those who feel they have no voice. I want to contribute more to my community.

I would increase my patience with the fools in the world. I've been doing better since I met my partner, Brad. He's been quite the calming influence on me, but I have a ways to go yet. I acknowledge that and will continue to work on it.

I want to become more mindful, in touch with my feelings and thoughts. Basically be more at ease with my self and less judgemental.

I would like to play more organ and really get into that. I want to read and write more. Also, I'd like to properly sort out my schooling and find a way to motivate myself.

I'd like to be more financially sound and responsible. I'd like to feel more solid in my career -- whether it makes a dramatic shift or not...and I'd also like to stop being so damn nice, at my own expense, when it comes to men.

I (nearly) completed a meditation program this year that has led me to be a lot calmer about my approach to my own anxiety. It still creeps up on me but I think I'm starting to understand why. It happens when I look for shortcuts instead of laying the groundwork - in my constant desire to have "Stuff Going On", I jump the gun a lot and try to manifest creative projects simply by talking them into existence. This always works, but then I find myself having been too ambitious in what I've been talking about, and already responsible to a lot of people that I've chosen to involve. Its a creative trap devised by my ego to seek self satisfaction. When I realize I've fooled people into thinking we're halfway there when in reality I haven't even gotten to the starting line, that's when it start to kick in. Now I am developing a few really strong projects, but it has been such a challenge not to talk about them until they are strong and supple and ready to be shown!

Work/Life Balance + Better Health. We just started a journey toward better health including eating better and working out more regularly. The 2nd piece of that puzzle for me is work/life balance. Working 2 jobs is spreading me too thin and I need to better balance my life to be a better me.

I want to be financially stable. I want to be happier. I want to have invested in friendships that will last. I want to have changed bad habits, and created better ones.

I'd like to be me again. This year has changed me and I hate it. I want to have fun and be silly and witty again. I don't want this stress and anger any more. I want my passion back. I'm still searching for counsel.

I want to be more spiritual and become healthier. I would like to drop some weight, but more importantly, I want to feel like I'm taking care of my health.

I want to eat healthier. Drink less. It's incredible how great I feel when I do both. I'm more positive about life in general and therefore less depressed. I feel like anything is possible!

I want to be happy. Therapy, spirituality, these things are leading me in the right direction. But I still have more days than I would like where I am cranky, listless, and depressed.

I want better control of my life and my time. I want to feel comfortable taking time off and not feel guilty for not working all the time. I recently found out I am an ADD adult woman and am taking meds for that and seeing a counselor who is slowly guiding me on a better path.

Oh, you betcha. Dr. Tsukahara said two important things. One was that I must mount an attack against the negativity that has infested me. An all-out attack. The other was that the brain has neural pathways that can be re-trained, but it takes work and doesn't happen overnight. So this is what I want, and if how hard I want it is any indication of how successful I will be, I will get what I want. Which is the following: I want to dump the negativity and oppression that I've lived with for 52 years, much of it applied to me by me. I want to work through all my new identities and find the bright side of them. I want to accept that nothing was ever accomplished because of the awful messages I give myself, but only in spite of them. I want to be happy that I'm not perfect and I want to feel some joy that I am imperfect instead. I want to become so familiar with my own mistakes that, as Gus McCrae said, I can face them every day in the mirror and that way they ain't no worse than a dry shave.

Consolidate and concentrate. I now have a basketful of ideas but start pursuing them.

I know I have to got o the gym and meditate more. I really really really need to improve this.

I would like to invest more in my spiritual quest, slowly and with intention. I want to continue to find meaningful ways to make my mental, physical and emotional wellness a priority. I want to nurture my relationships and help them grow. I want to be open and communicative with others. I want to manifest a sense of community with other human beings, whenever possible. I want to be gentler with myself and others. I want to trust my judgment. I want to use my time wisely and act in ways that will bring about achievement of my goals. I have received lots of wise words about these sorts of problems, but implementation is a constant challenge.

Improvement...sure the normal stuff but really I would like to improve my financial situation as well as loose weight. I want to be on a good solid path to a career that I enjoy. I want my life to be overall rewarding in every aspect, job, health, love. I kind of developed a lot of good advice that I try to follow rather than just tell other people. I know not to hang on and not to beat the dead horse so to speak. I learned to just take things as they come and not fight them.

I would like to become more free-spirited and try to enjoy life better than this year. I want to be a little rebel, not too much, but just a little to be able to enjoy the moment and not be cautious about everything. Someone told me to enjoy myself, I'm young so I should go out to the world and enjoy it. I think I will take that advise next year. Hopefully. :)

I want to focus on being grateful, kind and show that to my family and friends. I want to dedicate myself to honest, hard and excellent work and not do anything half assed... including being a musician.

I would like to spend less time worrying about what others think, or all of my flaws and more time working on the positive aspects about myself and my life. I would like to not be so critical and self-centered and learn to become a better listener and person. I want to learn to put the past behind me, not worry about the future, and just embrace the present.

I'd like to keep my will-power and motivation at a high. It's dropped off over the summer holidays, so I want to get to a point where it never drops off. Where I'm never scared of what I need to do, or bored of the task, or such a procrastinator. I think if I found myself a good journo job that any of the other improvements I may want to make would come along with that..

In general I would like to work on making healthier life choices. This year I've been a mess - marshmallows and brownies aren't dinner, the office candy bowl should be used with moderation, and I should bit more consistent about actually exercising. I'd like to get into better habits - and as a friend noted, this really has to be the case before grad school, when I can expect to be a lot busier. I have a lot of friends here who do a lot better than I do, and Adam too is trying to run more and such so maybe I should try working with them. I always do better with other people helping keep me on task. I also would like to paint and do creative things more often.

I recently stopped taking Zoloft and I can say that I feel amazing. I am so happy to be free of the chains that are that medicine. While reading Eat, Pray, Love several pieces struck me. It is an amazing book. The one idea that really resonated, however, is not to allow negative self-talk. I'm realizing how powerful thought is and the notion to simply not allow myself to speak negatively about my ownself is so important for me. I realize that I give myself a ridiculously hard time about most things where I am very likely to give strangers and those I love (in most cases) much more room to be human. I do literally stop myself and say, "Nope. Not gonna have talk like that around here." and move myself on to another thought. I love it. It makes me feel great inside and I'm proud of myself for being kind to Me. :)

I want to bring my life into balance by devoting more time and energy to my internal life. I want to become more reflective and spiritual.

I want to get out of this depression. I know it'll never completely go away, but I can learn to keep it in check and make sure that my depressive-suicidal episodes happen more and more infrequently, to the point of disappearing altogether. I need to learn to forgive myself, and trust others to help me get over the rough patches. By this time next year, I want to be well enough that I feel ready to welcome a new life.

How would I like to improve? I'd like to learn some Spanish and French. Ultimately, I want to live in southern France/northern Spain. No advice needed for that, except practice, practice, practice.

Stop beating myself up -- self hatred gets me nowhere. When I feel down, do the things I know will make me feel better (my work, exercise, pat-on-the-back stuff) rather than self-destructive behaviors that will guarantee that I feel worse.

I would like to do more fitness exercise but I can't seem to have a regular schedule due to work. I know I need to improve my speech while in conversations and oral presentations as friends of mine tell me that I barely move my lips as I talk.

I would like to know and accept myself in a deeper way and just allow myself to be. Having grown up in a harshly critical and abusive environment, I was always self- censoring or ill at ease with being honest in expressing my feelings and opinions, unless in front of certain groups or was playing a certain role, but even then, was always mortally afraid of saying or doing the wrong thing. I'd like to give myself permission to make those mistakes as long as they were made with honesty and without malice. I remind myself often to think about a quote from Jill Bolte Taylor:" We are responsible for the energy we bring." That means not being afraid to shine your light, not just keeping our darker side from harming ourselves or others.

I would like to take better care of myself, physically, find work that I enjoy at the least and feel passionate about as an ideal goal. "What Color Is Your Parachute?" was a useful career change guide.

I want to take more pleasure and satisfaction in the moment, rather than always thinking ahead to what needs to be done and trying to guess outcomes.

I would like to continue working on being more diplomatic when it comes to work-related conflicts and the like. I think I do a pretty damn good job, but I'm still learning how to "work the room" and get what I want and need out of people while making them feel like they're winning. Sure, this is a form of manipulation - but if I get what I need, and they think they're winning as well, that's fantastic. I no longer care as much about being completely genuine and caring when it comes to work colleagues - it usually backfires, and I get shat on anyhow. Better to learn how to use politics to my advantage at work, and be completely genuine and loving to the important people in my life.

I would like to be a more confidant and outgoing person. I have so many things I want to do but don't do them because of my social anxiety. I don't want it to cripple me any more.

Yep... uhmm to carry a heltier life, with helty food; stop supporting companies that are destroying our world; support companies that do care; defend the truth at all cost.

"Slow down, you move too fast -- you've got to make the [one life] last!"

I would like to listen to my heart a little more next year. I am always logical and I tend to be pessimistic .(Disappointment is not as deep that way plus if things turn out well it's a party! A good friend of mine truly believes in the power of positive thinking. She has counseled me to believe in the good, and good things will come. I think that I would like to try and incorporate some of this thinking into my life. I believe it will enrich my life and make an impact on others.

I need to proscrastinate less. I am also really lazy. I feel like I have all of this potential to do great things but I just don't ever feel like doing anything. I would also like to improve my character. I am a very shy and awkward. I really want to make an effort to break out of this shell and become a more charismatic and charming person.

I would like to take more risks. I would like to stand up for myself more, especially to my boss/coworkers. I would like to live a life that impresses me.

I want to become a more patient person, particularly with my wife. Sometimes I snap at her, and I know there's really no justification for doing that.

I'd like to become stronger and healthier so that I can enter the final third of my life with enthusiasm and a sense of well-being. This will mean I am able to help others more and not be a problem for them, hopefully ever. I've found that exercise and good nutrition really make a difference to my health and mood. This has been advice given generally to people and I'm finding it is really helpful.

A couple of things I would like to improve about myself is to have more confidence in everything that I do. I would also love to overcome the fear of speaking in public or in front of a camera or to even a small audience. I think I would be a very good public speaker if I could overcome the fear of doing these things.

I want to improve my health this year by losing A LOT of weight. I have always been over-weight and obese and this year I want that to change. I started seeing a trainer a while ago that really was in tune with my goals, and finally put it all into perspective for me.

See question #6 - first two items... Then, to improve myself is a constant goal. I want to continue to be optimistic and carefree - this has been a struggle in the past year. I attribute it to getting older and scared. I want to be like Grandma Billie - continue to move and experience all that comes my way while I can. Advice? Embrace the moment - quit wishing for beyond it. The miracle lies right in front of your eyes.

"Write 200 words every day." If I could follow that, I'd get all my wished-for work done -- and then some!

Improving my life: less time wasting, less money wasting, less procrastinating. It was the theme of my taschlich today.

I always keep coming back to the line from Ashrei: open your hand, and satisfy the needs of all. How do I open my hand--and myself? How do I give of myself more generously, release the closed fist, surrender the illusion of control?

"Action" needs to be my mantra. I need to spend less energy planning and dreaming, and more energy taking active steps towards realizing those plans. Get started, take small steps, keep going.

I would like to receive Personal Trainer certification and also certification in WLE (Weblogic Lombardi Enterprise) development. A friend at work was instrumental in assuring me that the CPT was worth pursuing, and my manager has helped in defining training needed to get to the other certification.

I got started on this idea this year...when I started training for The 3-Day for the Cure, I started to really enjoy exercise for the first time. Over the next year, I plan to continue walking and training for next year's 3-Day, and in the process continue to improve my fitness and health.

Don't over-think - get up and DO. This is what I need to do - part of this doing is focusing on being, not just doing to be in motion but doing w/a purpose found in listening and following the lead of God. Doing what is important, not what is demanded at the moment by perhaps an artificial entity or computer....

I would like to find a way to relieve my stress. My mom always say that I eat stress for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. I hope that I fall in love with whatever outlet I find. Perhaps it will be kickboxing or painting. I'm secretly hoping that learning to play the piano will help.

I would like to turn inward and spend more time with my family. Time ticks away so quickly and I want to make sure I am living life, not just watching it go by. Witnessing my mother age is a constant reminder that she will not be here forever to give me advice...she is my guidance.

"Money is good because it gives you choices" I want an abundance of money flowing in.

It's okay to say "let me take a moment to collect my thoughts" and then be quiet for a minute. It's really okay. People might think you're weird, but not everything comes out right the first time. Try again.

I would like to improve my life by keeping in mind east my rabbi said, when you begin a new journey you are meant to do so in a significant way in order for it to be successful.

This too shall pass. I had a tough year last year, with everything that went on but strangely enough the fact that moving either strengthened or lost me my friendships was really important. It was important, and remains important to know who my friends are. Those who don't ditch me for convenience. And I just need to keep in mind that the situation is not permanent. YEY.

I would like to outsmart my fear of moving forward, of failure, and even of course, of success. And to stop minimizing myself to others... even when I think I am confident in my own head, somehow others still think I am putting myself down or lack self-esteem. Perhaps it's time to examine why. One quote that I read this year resonates with me greatly: "Most of the shadows of this life are caused by our standing in our own sunshine." Ralph Waldo Emerson As indicated in #6 too, I am pretty sick of standing in my own sunshine. As I enter the halfway point of my 30s, it's getting to be crunch time and I'm really feeling it... time to act and put the pity party of my 20s and early 30s in the past once and for all.

I would like to improve the way i look. i would love to tone up again, lose a little weight, and make my lifestyle healthier. Not really. this is something i have wanted for a long time but im sure if i seek help it will not be hard to find.

I'd like to find motivation again.

I would like to implement the "6-M plan" that I came up with last year but failed miserably at: 1. More movement - Get off the tuchas and exercise! Yoga! Walking! 2. Meditation - Find time -- even 5 minutes per day -- to do this. 3. Mess - This is one I want less of. Oranize my house, put clothes away, etc. 4. Money - Develop a savings plan, for vacation and for emergency fund. 5. Merriment - I need more fun in my life. 6. Men - Work on meeting one. Pursue online dating, meet-ups etc. Notice it is #6 and keep that perspective.

Balance solitude with social life in a healthier way. I need to be breathing in God every morning and breathing out all the excess crap in my life every night.

I would like to get a handle on my compulsive tendencies, so they will stop driving me and everyone around me crazy.

I would like to read more books. I miss reading at night before I go to sleep. I would also like to be comfortable in my body.

be more vulnerable to the strangers in your life

I would like to get fitter and lose weight - to take care of myself better so that I have more energy.

I'd like to improve a lot of things about myself, like relationships with other people and my immune system:P but I'm just saying that cos I'm home sick today...

I'd love to sell a manuscript, of course, and start living like a grown-up. Also I've recently started taking vitamins and monitoring my calories. I'd like to get back into amazing shape. My advice to anyone trying to recover from depression without meds: treat yourself to the small things. Work yourself back to joy in increments.

I want to live more simply. To take time to stop and look at the miracles all around me. I want to just BE. and be ok with just "being."

From joy with love. Every day. Every single day. Finding joy, acting with love, instead of acting out of fear of not being the best or being silly or losing something or ego or wanting to fit one's image or anything else.

MUST WRITE. Please don't let me leave this again this year, please. I'm really proud of the way I've improved physically this year, keeping up with crossfit. I'm amazed that I do it, that I keep it up. This would be the very last "personal expense" I'd think to cut off. I wouldn't cut it off. I'd beg for a pverty scholarship. I'd like to have more compassion. New compassion has made my job more difficult, though. I want to enjoy my job. Whatever it is. If it's the same job, I want to be able to work it out somehow that I'm not dreading it, as the last few weeks slowly have morphed into. I've received so much good counsel, I hope I have it saved, written down to review. (And some of it I do.) How can a year have passed already? What the hell?

My schoolwork, mainly.

I would like to work on my education both in religion and "work related" areas.

Noticing the difficulty of Q5 about spirituality, I would like to be more in touch with myself and my connection to the world around me: in particular the natural world as well as my connection with other jews and jewish traditions.

I want to discover how to have joy in my work despite the mountains of bureaucracy that has become part of my everyday life. I want to be better planned for my therapy sessions.

Plan ahead. Do work three days in advance. Save money away. Make plans and keep them. Keep calm and carry on (Or carry a wand. Either one).

I want to learn to be more patient, and less of a procrastinator. I think these things are related, in that I don't start things because I don't want to have to wait for them to be finished - if that makes sense. For example, we are currently redoing our master bathroom, but since we are doing it ourselves, it has taken pretty much all summer. So, we've been without a master bathroom that whole time, and I just want the project to be OVER! If it hadn't been for my husband, we would have never even started it, because I knew I would feel that way. Of course, the end result will be totally worth it. Which is what I need to learn to focus on. No pain no gain, right?

I need to learn to present myself more positivly. I need to stop being a whore. I need to stop with all the self indulgence. I need to stop letting my jealousy consume me. And I'd like to loose 15-30 pounds if possible.

Maybe be single for a while. Start setting some roots of my own (buy a place to live). It's not so much counsel that has gotten me there, but more being dumped

I'd like to be have more certainty. Be more confident, trusting my intuition. I'd like to be more grounded, less needy and more committed I'd like to be more balanced

I bought the book "The Happiness Project" at the beginning of this year and began to read it and practice some of the things in it. I really loved it, but I eventually got behind, and the perfectionist in me decided to quit since I couldn't catch up. I'd like to give that book a try again and be a bit gentler with myself about how often/quickly I move through it. I believe that the ideas shared in the book could improve my life significantly if I adopted some of them.

I think in this next year I want to find a hobby of some kind to do. I know I will be busy with renos on our new house and that may lead to something interesting...

I want to have better bedside manner, even when i am tired. I want to make everyone's life better that i treat. I think the best advice i received is be present, be present each and ever time.

I would like to improve myself in lots of ways. I need to find out why I keep getting hurt over and over. I also need to work on my jealousy and insecurity. I need to find new people in my life that I can trust won't hurt me. The biggest challenge though will be trying to get over everything that has happened to me already.

1. Become more assertive 2. Regain self-confidence/esteem 3. Become more financially responsible and independent 4. Commune with God more

I just want to be wiser, really. And with every experience comes more wisdom. And some advice that would have helped me in the past would have been "People are douchebags, don't ever let them step on you ever again."

To be thinner. I want to be healthier and more confident in myself.

Next year I would like to have a bath tub in my house for soaking and reading in. I miss not having that retreat. A piece of advice I recieved from my Dr was push it away.

There are so many things I need to improve on. I need to gain more self confidence, which I think will come from losing weight and feeling better about myself, but this will also take persistence and strength of mind, two things I also need to imporove on, especially when it comes to food and excercise. I need to learn to be less jealous, this was a big thing during my relationship with my now ex. Though he did prove to be a a cheat and a liar, I sometimes feel that my insecurity and envy of the people (especially women) in his life, possibly made him into what I feared he'd become. Most of all I need to learn to control my temper. I know I am a gentle and kindhearted person but with my mother especially, I have a lot of trouble keeping my cool. I need to learn patience with her as I love her so much.

I want to be somewhere new. I'm not sure what I want to better myself with or in what way, but I want to be something new, I want to be somebody else next year, someone different, better in some unseen way. And yet, still myself....

I want to focus on improving my overall pysica, spiritual and emotional health. This desire is a result of a diologue that took place with my divorce lawyer who simply stated that when one lives in an anger-filled relationship s/he must acknowledge that his/her personal choices are driven by the need to keep the lion content and prevent it from lashing out or attacking. I realized than even though I had pysically left the relationship, I still was emotionally locked into the relationship. As a result I would binge after upsetting conversations, push people away with angry accusations, avoided attending our joint synagogue and found excuses not to exercise as a means of avoiding time with myself..

I would like to be able to finally free myself of attachments....even the attachments I have to old , destructive ways of thinking about myself. I would like to be an open minded, loving ,caring person...and I would like to live without fear.

I would like to be able to restrain myself in confrontations. i want to make friends, not lose them.

"Stay hungry. Stay foolish." I'd like be at a place where I would strive more, and not be afraid to make mistakes. I'd like to overcome some of my fears, and venture out on the limb for something/someone. To risk being hurt and to really do something out of love.

Most of what I read on tumblr from the incredible people that are fighting the same demons as I am is incredibly inspirational, and I take most of it as advice. I want to progress toward recovery from my eating disorder. By removing this controlling, life-threatening issue from my life, I will be able to move on, and leave my past behind me.

I would like to become less confrontational and more diplomatic in conflict situations both in my personal and my professional life. I want to become better at handling my stress, and to identify the causes of my stress, so that I don’t take it out on others. I also really want to become better at showing my family members and friends how much I care about them. Finally, even if I am already eating pretty healthily, I want to become stricter with my diet, and maybe loose a couple of pounds.

I need to follow my core creed, which heavily involves self control and discipline. Physically and financially would be goals for next year. Weight control and financial cushion from smart spending is essential. The advise I would give myself would be to look at my parents and my aunt. They have no financial stability and no back up plan. We need a backup plan.

I think is the same response I gave last year, but I'd like to be a better domestic partner. Right now I lazily leave so much to my boyfriend, and even as I realize the unfairness of this, I continue to do it. I'd like to overcome by hatred of cleaning, set time aside for cooking and overall become a more organized person. The one, very practical, piece of advice I've received about this is to mark chunks of time to clean up - and always reward myself with something fun for double that time after.


Yes I would like to accomplish my dreams, I have many people rooting for me. My Mum always gives the best advice this time it's "When a door closes, go through the window." I've never heard of it before and it absolutely made my day.

I would just like to have things somewhat in order. I'm under no delusions that things are ever ACTUALLY in order, but everything right now is SO up in the air: I have no job, no car, I live with my parents.... can't SOMETHING work itself out soon? And the only advice I have is advice I've given myself, and it's really just a question: "What/Who's stopping you?"

I would like to have a boyfriend. Also I would like to go to the college, cause /i hate my lyceum

I'd like to be more patient, and less judgemental. I have to remind myself that not everyone is coming from where I am, and maybe there are different factors motivating them in life.

Enjoy life more and not be so stressed. This will only happen if we can get the business to break out. We're close but we've been close for a long time. Advice....hmmmm....maybe from Napoleon who said "Victory belongs to the most persevering" Hard to imagine someone more persevering than me at this point.

I want to be more in touch with my family's needs. I seem to irritate them more often than I would like. I need to listen more and not react to opinions with which I have issues. Sometimes honesty is not the best policy.

Continue to take one day at a time, not act out, and continue my sobriety for another year. Be is a position to say I have four years and am working on five! Save money and pay off our major debts!

This builds on question 6 for me. I believe I have gifts and talents I am not using for myself. I use them for others. Helping others is something that comes easily to me and I enjoy doing. AND, I do not do this for myself. I sit at this computer allowing it to drain me - sharing virtually with others encouragement and ideas that excite me. "Move to action and stop waiting for others to join me". This is the advice I gave myself in the spring. And, I did start moving, but I am losing steam. Writing this is a good reminder for me to take action.

I'm learning to put others first as a way to keep spiritually and emotionally fit. I want to continue to grow that attitude and capability. My guide will be the 12th step.

I would say to be more assertive. Inner strentgh! to be strong in mind ,body and spirit. I'm tired of always holding my feelings in. i want to be able to get mad , and express my feelings, in a responsible way. I want to be able to express when Im happy,sad,,mad, without caring about what people think. I need to stand up for my rights, because I deserve to be respected!!!

Lose weight.

I would like to have things more organised. People say I'm organised but a lot of time a problem with money comes up. I spend it too soon an then I don't have the money I need. I think I need to be more responsible. Now, my parents are paying my room but I want to be able to pay it more myself. Take time to enjoy baking and cooking and not just buying the cookbooks.

Well, I feel like all of my other answers to all of the other questions so far have danced around this idea of self-improvement. I guess some things that immediately come to mind is that I want to be better at following my intuition and I want to be better at making boundaries and sticking to them. I feel like a lot of the reason I got into my current mess of a situation is because I didn't listen to my gut and because I kept on forgiving unforgivable behavior. I know that I have received many pieces of advice over the last year, but interestingly enough the one that makes a lot of sense to me, albeit begrudgingly, is the fortune Kyle willed me from his fortune cookie yesterday. It says, "The harder you work, the luckier you get." And while that isn't an ideal fortune, it is a very, very true one and I guess I deserve it. I feel like I've let a lot of really important things fall by the wayside since June and it's time to get it back together. Last night was the first LIT meeting of the semester and even just that small flurry of activity made me feel a bit better, a bit more like myself. There are so many things that I would like to see happen in my life in the next year (fulfilling work and love) but they are things that depend on a lot of external factors, lots of external things that I cannot control. So I need to figure out a way to just keep putting positive and open energy out into the world and just feel okay about being here.

I'd like to be more confident and more friendly. Sometimes I can be quite suspicious about people and that affects my relationships. I would like to be more comfortable in my social group and (on that note) have expanded my social group beyond my boyfriend and a few close friends.

I heard a woman named Ariane deBonvoison (first30days.com) speak about how to healthfully and supportively make changes in your life. She made a point that changed the way I think about my to-do-lists on all levels, from the mundane to the mystical. How I heard what she said is: When you want to make a change in your life, especially one that remains elusive and out of reach, instead of asking "how" you are going to make the change, ask yourself "why" you want to make the change. "How" freezes you and sets off the overwhelm alarm. The "why", on the other hand, opens you and aligns you with the promising energy toward movement. I looked back at my own process, and sure enough, "how" froze me like a deer in the headlights. Now I ask "why" and I love hearing my mind reply. When I asked "how" I was going to do something, the first voice that replied was critical and knocked the wind out of my sails before I even started the task. Failure was implied in the question. Asking, "why" has opened me to my curiosity and compassion and given me the patience to step out of the fight with the circumstance. I find myself curious about the unfolding. So I am asking myself, "Why am I going to pay attention to what my body is telling me?" So far, it turns out, my body is much better at taking care of me than my mind. My mind often wants to override my body signals and then I get over-hungry, overtired, overwhelmed. When my body gets what it needs when it asks; I actually have more time, energy, and willingness to face and do what needs to be done. So my self-improvement for this year is to create and live an environment that supports how I live and work in my home. I don't care how I do it, I am simply curious to find out why doing it.

The one thing that comes to mind is that I want to be more willing and able to seize opportunities as they arise. Not to shy away and close myself off due to fear of what is unknown or my own doubts, but to move forward boldly into new situations. This applies itself in all aspects of my life, in that I want to be more actively engaged with the people in my life and the places where I invest my time. There is no real advice guiding this, but an acceptance that I turn away so often for fear of displeasing someone. And I'm realizing that changing my own behavior due to unfounded fear hurts me by restricting my own potential growth and experiences. I need to not fear rejection, because acceptance will come from sources that matter.

I'm hoping to lose some weight and strengthen my relationship with God. I mean with the God thing, I have a lot of help, but I'm still not sure if it's enough. With weight, if I don't make the changes on my own, they won't happen. But I've already lost five pounds so hopefully that keeps up.

I would like to stop any forms of gossip. I realize that my innocent 'sharing' of information or even my own feelings voiced can hurt others in the process. I think there is a fair balance between self expression and gossip that can be reached.

I would like to lose somewhere between 20 and 40 pounds. I think that'll be a good start to strengthening my self esteem, which will ultimately lead to my betterment as a person. I have not received any advice as to how to make myself feel better as i keep the notion of unhappiness from anyone who might give me that advice.

I would like to be more disciplined. I need to refocus my priorities so that my academics do not take a backseat to my social life

I would like to be calmer and have less conflict at home.

I would like to improve my focus and organization. I would like to MAINTAIN a clean house and a clean office. My mother advised me to make my bed every day and that stuck - my therapist advised me that I don't have to be all or nothing - just a little bit of cleaning every day goes a long way. I also want to do less multitasking.

I am becoming more spiritual. Finding my reason for being here. I will continue on this journey. I will put my all into my new career & learn more modalities. I need to keep focused. Stay away from the material things.

I would like to be nicer and kinder while still having the same passion and fight.

This is going to be a big year for me personally. I am in a new cognitive therapy program and am making life changes. It is a lot of work but I intend to continue and cant wait to see what the future holds.

I want to be calmer, not allow myself to get so stressed at small things. I want to be more aware of people around me, and the amount they do for me, and take a little of the responsibility myself, off my own initiative, without being asked, or yelled at.

I would like to be heading somewhere, rather than here treading water, but I don't know that my expectations for life weren't too high and I was never going to do the kind of things I imagined myself doing. Maybe instead I need to learn that that's okay. And I need to stop throwing my back out doing stupid things- using a hole punch, opening a window... Somebody else wrote- I have learned that there is no such thing as a wrong decision, only a choice. Maybe there is some wisdom to that.

Good enough never is. I wanna be where the lights are shining on me... like a rhinestone cowboy! But seriously, I would like to start taking more chances. To take the time to explore what's really important to me and what makes me truly happy... and begin to pursue that instead of accepting 'good enough.'

Building on the amazing success that my "no drama" commitment has given me, I want to do more with my art -- my photography, my poetry and my writing. I have talent in these areas that need exploring and exposing. The advice would be from Adair Lara: if you're going to write, then WRITE. Write 500 words a day, even if you copy them from the back of a serial box. It is the act of writing that moves you to create, not the other way around.

There are so many things. I am always looking to improve myself and then always lacking the follow-through. I would like to improve my learning. It is absurd (and embarrassing) that I am a Jewish educator but that I have so many gaps in my own Jewish learning. I am looking for something more than a series of shiurim but I don't think I have the time or commitment for something more intensive which is what I really need. I am not sure what I will do. I would also like to conquer my tendancy to procrastinate. Making lists help but don't solve the problem.

Next year is the year where I meet my weight loss goal, which will be a huge improvement in itself. Then the task will be to adventure out more with a body that can do more things. My own advice to myself is to say yes to any idea that comes from the voice in me that I have learned has the best ideas and has been most trustworthy over time -- and follow through. Actually, that means distinguishing between YES and well, yeah, maybe. I am pretty pleased with changes I have been making and want to give myself a little credit for that too, not just barrel ahead. Another piece of advice is to question any rationale for not doing something or thinking I can do something that is about age (I am 65) and inspect it for silliness.

I'd like to be calmer. I'd like to be able to take a few minutes a day to reflect, meditate, and bring myself back down to earth, away from the clutter in my mind. I'd like to be better at budgeting myself. Cut out the shopaholic in me. I'd like to volunteer more, teach my son about being good to others. There's so much more I'd like to do to better myself, but I don't think all that can happen in one year. I don't think I've really received one piece of advice to guide me, but I could probably use it. Advice, not "do this".

A bigger life - larger than life itself. BIG LIFE that has immense value.

As Stephen Covey says, focus on the big rocks. Give my family and myself my best - not just what's left. I want to spend time with those that I'm at my best with doing things that bring me joy and have meaning. Be present, listen for understanding.

Accept the good. That's the goal and the advice.

Spend a few minutes in quiet meditation each day, tuning in to source and the unity that binds us, ayn od. Also, to get more exercise so that my energy is more up and positive . To follow the advice I got to sing from my kishkas, to ground and let the voice come out naturally, I want to sing with my heart and soul for a long time.

I want my life to be less clutter filled--physically, emotionally, and in terms of time and activities. I can't think of any specific advice that might help, other than just to let go.

I would like to grow deeper in all of my relationships. Family, friends and love-interests. It will involve understanding and maturing my sincerity and devotion. I know that I have a good bit of growing to do, but I don't want it tot come at the cost of my energy, spirit for adventure, lighthearted-ness, or passion. No advice was received, but I know that I am surrounded by people that are always willing and able to help me in a time of need no matter the subject.

i need to overcome my own inertia (and fear) and get out there and explore more. go to new places, try and meet new people and spend more time socialising with the people i already know. it's far too easy to fall into a hermitic lifestyle. i must force myself out.

I was at a dinner recently and we went around the table saying our new year's resolutions, and mine was to grow more balls. I don't mean that in a dumb way (ie. taking more risks or being more outlandish, or whatever). I mean taking more emotional risks, being more assertive, more willing to "rock the boat" with people - I'm always so boring with people - I don't get into arguments or debates or disagreements about things, because I always figure it's not worth it. But why not? My opinion is valid, just as everyone's is. I don't have low self esteem, I just am too passive.

I would like to be more active. I want to do more with other people, spend less time on my own. Usually I am perfectly happy with my own company, but "life is with people," and I want to extend myself to others more.

I want to emulate Christ more in my life... I want everything I do to be a reflection of the Lord.

I'm going to try to stop "people pleasing" and be *me* for a while. If i figure out who that is, that would be helpful. The advice most likely to be useful was "be happy, even if you need to start all over to do that, just be happy"

I'd like to improve myself physically . To eat healthy and incorporate exercise into my daily life.

This answer is deeply connected to the one before. Improving myself and my life hinges on moving off this property, living a 'normal' life in a normal house with normal time off. Spending quality time with my husband and my children and no longer sharing my soul with people that don't matter...

I need to invest more time in my friendships. While I enjoy spending time with George (he is my best friend), I have to do a better job of not neglecting other friendships.

I would like to be less temperamental, especially when my dad provokes me. I also need to "build a wall", as my little sister says, between my brain and mouth so I can filter what I say.

I would like to procrastinate less and manage my time better. I already do well in school, but I could do better if I spent more time doing my reading quickly and less time on facebook, checking my email, etc. I recently heard someone say to treat school like a 9 - 5 job. Get up, go to class, have a break for lunch with friends, and take care of all the reading and assignments you have to do. They were talking about law school, and while 9 - 5 hours are not necessarily feasible in my situation (I also have work hours, field work hours, class, meetings, etc. that go long beyond 5 pm), I think that in some ways it is helpful. I can treat my usage of the internet, music, or tv like I would if I were at work or in class. Homework is no less important or less deserving of my attention and focus than is class or work.

I would like to be able to hand more responsibility over to other people, specifically my husband. I spend too much time refusing to let others help me simply because I don't want them to mess things up. I'd also like to be less bossy next year but this is something I know will pass with time. I still have a lot of growing up to do and losing my bossiness is just part of the growing up.

Increase my health, my strength, my prosperity, my wholeness. Take my time; listen to myself.

I want to continue to be myself, not let others tell me what to do or who to be. I also want to be positive. "Happiness can be found even in the darkest of times, when one only remembers to turn on the light." - Albus Dumbledore P.S. Read Harry Potter ! (again)

I want to stop sweating the small stuff and enjoy the fabulous things that are happening around me.

As I've mentioned before, it is becoming more and more blaringly obvious how crucial it is for me to love and trust myself and those around me that love me unconditionally. I am in an industry where I am constantly being disappointed so my self-esteem needs to be un-waiverable. This seems to be my life's work. I hope one day I'll get there.

i am going back to school to get, yet another, degree. i hope to be on my way to finishing my admin degree so that i can get a higher paying job that will help my family accomplish its goals.

I would like to feel better about my retirement savings. I have started a managed account and I hope they are better at this new system than I was. Buy it and forget it is no longer the way to plan for my future. I would like to be happier. I would like to be able to get off this merry-go-round of needing to feel special somewhere. I am noticed and I am special. I do not need someone else to verify that. I just need to believe it. Deep in my heart I know I am not alone.

I want to be better at communicating, especially with my partner and my family. I have a tendency to hold things in and let them fester rather than being direct. I'm always afraid of rocking the boat or upsetting people. This is silly because the people around me are kind and loving.

I would like to be a calmer, more focused person. I think I tend to get very stressed over things and run myself ragged emotionally. I would like more peace and calm at the centre of my life and the centre of myself and move from that place always, or as much as I can. Like my life is a moving meditation. That does not being emotionless, just taking things in hand, being responsible for myself and my actions and reactions. Advice would be to slow down, reflect more, do yoga everyday, meditate. Basically, the Rumi saying, "let the beauty that you love be what you do." Don't forget the essence of who you are.

I would like to relax a little bit more. I have grown so uptight with worry over my children, our financial well being, my parents relationship, my brothers health, and my fathers total lack of regard for me and my family that I have forgoten how to be me. I'm not sure how i'm going to accomplish this, but it's my improvement goal none the less.

I'm going to be calmer, more serene. I'm going to be happier, and I'm not going to try to blend in. I would ideally like to be less cranky, but honestly, we all have our bad days, so there's no guarantee in that. I also want to start eating healthy, and maybe change my look a little bit. Advice: carpe diem.

I need to lose the weight I gained by giving up on myself years ago. I put it on because I didn't believe that I deserved to be loved. I was married this June and I now know that I am worthy of receiving love and I get more than I ever have on a daily basis from my husband. I will take my time this year, knowing that it took a lifetime to get this way, it may take a lifetime to change it, but I will not give up.

Tani's self reflection is inspiring to doing my reflection and slow growth changes myslef. I've always had a push pull opinion about if real change was achievable. Tani has showen me how slow, consciencious, continuous effort really can lead to long term mini changes that do add up to be life changing.

I want to continue to grow into myself - especially romantically. Currently I'm in a relationship that is a lot of fun, but doesn't mean much to me beyond that - although I care about Eric a lot. But I want to come into my own a bit more -live as a single woman for a while and pursue my own interests and friendships. I would hope that would also lead to increased confidence in myself and, eventually, my ability to be with someone else. For some reason, a recent quote my dad said is ringing true: "don't be afraid of the mark-up." He meant that I shouldn't be afraid to "charge more" for my worth, and that I should be confidant in my value. While that already rings true in many respects in my life, I would like it to hold true for this aspect as well.

I would love to let go of my bad habits and addictions! I would love to be a more responsible and reliable person! I would love to be a better son, brother, and a friend! Something that can help me through this is to always say to myself a simple piece of advice an old friend once told me. "Always keep your head up no matter what".

Slow down, listen more, pay clear attention, breath before I speak or respond. Take time to give more and time to go in, meditate, write, sing, dance, laugh and love myself through it all.

It's funny -- I feel so incredibly unsettled right now that it's hard to think of how to improve myself... which doesn't even make sense, since obviously I have a lot I could tackle. I guess I just want to be NORMAL first. I can't deal with 'better' until I get there. But now I feel like I'm avoiding the question... So... ... I'd like to be above using the fact that I'm sad as an excuse to isolate myself for too terribly long. In telling myself it was OK to take the time I needed to just feel sad, it turns out I wasted precious time. Just because I didn't realize at the time that the moments were fleeting, they were fleeting all the same. And that's how life is. It's OK that I sensed a need to lay low -- better than OK, in fact. It was downright admirable to recognize an injury of spirit and recuperate, if I do say so myself. It turned out I liked my crutch a little too much, though. I got lazy and I ignored the part where you have to build back up after you heal. I gotta get strong. I gotta be a bit more disciplined. I coddle myself too much in general. I must challenge myself more -- spiritually as well as physically -- so I can reach new heights.

Channeling Grace, Mamuka and Tito: P L A Y !

I want to believe in my own word and as a consequence have peace and quiet in my head. I learned from a pamphlet to learn to set reasonable goals. I hope to practice identifying what is reasonable so I can be reasonable with myself and be satisfied with what I do... and to be able to be counted on by others. No guesswork or proper alignment of planets necessary!

Learning to not hate myself when I can't do things. I have to find a word for disabled that doesn't haunt me and accept the fact that I have physical limitations. I also would like to try and be able to tell people about my condition sooner. It's not immediately obvious and I think I need to rely on help from others more than I would like to.

I am a computer nerd, so I sit at the monitor a lot. I plan to set up a regular exercise program for myself that will balance my intellectual pursuits.

I would like to have understood the power I have in my thoughts and improve on my life by using it to manifest all my dreams.

I have been on a path of being gentle with myself and relaxing and that has been very good. I would like to continue to listen to the guidance of my higher power in order to fully take care of myself. I feel that the pendulum must swing the other way at some point and I would like that to happen this year. I would like self care to look more like my ideal of health- I'd like to want to exercise more and eat better. I'd like to want to quit some of the unhealthy habits I have picked up during this past year of relaxation. And I would like all of this to happen sans the anxiety.

I need to stick to my guns. I need to stay confident.

I am working on my French. I want to go back to France - not sure when, or with whom - so I want to be ready.

Be nicer, be more relaxed, don't take out my stress on others. Let go a little bit. Have a bit more fun.

I desire find out somebody to love, I desire to experience a really loving sensations with somebody, just as like a man need to love a woman. It would make me happy, because once experienced this feeling, you can improve all related feelings with this, like love to your sons, love to your work, love to your brothers, relatives and friends and so on. Nowadays, my first goal everyday is to know how to get a good defence in front this woman that has the obstination calling herself "my wife". She has and she know all the fears wich allow manipulate to me, all time, every day and every moment. And it is clear, she use all of this without doubting. I'm very tired with this situation and I think that I'm not able to do something really useful in favour of all those people around me. And I feel blue. When I wake up every morning, I wake up already very tired. And every night, when I go to bed, I feel very sad, I don't feel good. I think that my life it is very sad. Thanks.

Start learning again - I think the last year has been an auto-pilot. If this is not happening at work, do things outside of work on my own to either enhance skill sets or build new ones. Focus and get down and get the not so important things done so they don't cloud the important things that require focus and more effort.

the best advise i ever got was to work continuously on my pma, to decide exactly what it is i wish to achieve and then to set forth in achieving it. the best way to improve myself is to get excellent at defining my goals and implementing plans for their attainment. i do ok in that department today, but am too inconsistent. i need to make it an everyday habit.

I'd like to get more fit. Can't see anything changing as yet though. Long commute during the week, and lots of sleep at the weekend. Maybe trying yo make some more quality time to fit more into my day.

Relax and take your time. I'd like to be a calmer person and not let things stress me out as much as they do. I am an anxious person and i think i am raising anxious kids. This is not good. Daily Meditations Be Present Enjoy the NOW. The kids will be adults before you know it. Letting the past go (you can't change it). Visualizing a positive future.

I want to have a core. Whether it's a g/f or a group of friends doesn't matter. I need to know what I'm worth, but I also need to stay humble.

I want to spend my free time at the computer more constructively. I don't want to give myself the illusion of actually wanting to get away from my PC, but i want to use it more constructively, i should use my webcam more as well, meet more people.

What I want to improve about myself is my punctuality. The other day I almost missed an opportunity only because I was 5 minutes late. I thought it was gone, but luckily G-d moved and gave me another chance. I want to be the first person to arrive and the last one to leave. I really want to be disciplined this upcoming year. Dr. Hairston let us know that in order to excel in medicine, especially as a minority we have to go the extra mile in everything that we do. Therefore, I hope to change that about myself; something that I have wanted for a very long time. This next year I want to devote myself in G-d; find my identity in him, and not need anyone to satisfy me. Give this next year to discovering myself through Him and most importantly loving Him as my husband and not like a father figure.

I'd like to continue to do what I love in both my career and family life, but do it in a more enriching way.

I want to learn to actually think about if something really is that bad before I react. I overreact way too much. I get all mad, and make a fool out of myself and then I feel bad. I just need to work on that.

Exercise!!! Both physically and mentally. Knowledge, looks and being healthy are too important. Keep independent.

I would like to feel like I'm on the right track, like my life hasn't been wasted running around in circles. My husband tells me not to stress so much about making it into Nursing school, and if I don't that it shouldn't be viewed as a failure because I still have a very high GPA and level of achievement that will work for other degrees.

Hold onto Love and it will take you everywhere you could ever want or need to go. I want to hold on tighter to Love. I do so well for a few hours, days, sometimes even a week or two but then it fades and it's a constant roller coaster. My goal is to discipline myself into holding on to that feeling and going with it as often as possible.

Get more focussed en more relaxed.

I would really like to change my line of work or at least get more money for it. I would also like to be sweeter and more loving. Some thing keeps me from it and I don't know. I haven't received advice. I'm jusy really fed up. And since we are supposed to find out today who is going to get fired because of downsizing, that was kind of inspiring.

Be more patient with both myself and others.

I would like to try to be more outgoing and comfortable with myself. I am still quiet and uncomfortable in social situations so often. Also, I realize that I am too hard on myself. Liam, one of the teachers at my school, talked to me about this, and I think just keeping that in mind is helpful. As for being more outgoing, I just need to continue to put myself in situations where I can interact and learn to gain confidence in those situations.

Planning is perilous is something that I've learned and am trying to incorporate into every thing in my life. Focusing on each day while still thinking about the picture is the approach I want to adopt. In the next year, I would like to develop more self-respect, not just self-esteem. I want to admire where I am today, and really feel good about myself as an emotional human being and as a fantastic and accomplished professional.

I like to be more healthy and more outgoing. Try to be more trusting of people and just not be so lazy

To stand above an issue and see if you can achieve more claity into the issue.

I'd really like to try and live in the present moment a little more- not being so obsessed with the future or looking backwards at things that have happened in the past. Also, being patient and kind with myself as I learn and grow... I am so hard on myself about everything!

I guess I'd like to keep the balance between my workload, rowing and my social life. I've started off well but like last year it went down hill so I want to keep it up.

I would like to be better and balancing the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual parts of myself. I tend to spend too much time and energy on the mental and emotional.

I am just always looking to avoid feelings of jealousy. I feel that is a weak emotion for me and want to be able to control it. I always strive to feel grateful for what I have in my life. My health, my family, my friends. Anything after that is just extra wants. Someone told me this year that women are a points system. Nobody is perfect, but you try to find the one with the most overall points across the board.

I would like to be less critical - of others and myself.

I want my life to be better. I realize that this will require changing myself- I'll need the courage to be able to start speaking again, and the willpower to limit things that damage me and start (or restart) things that help me. As the past 23 years have taught me, this will be difficult but being healthy, mentally and physically, has finally become a priority that I am serious about (even if it isn't entirely intrinsically motivated) and I'm hoping that 24 year old me will see this moment as the starting point and thank me for her smaller ass and awesome social life.

I need to have more focus. I'm great at doing many things at once, but sometimes that means the larger projects, and the bigger view, suffer from my distraction with details. My husband is always trying to get me to slow down and relax- as much as I resist it, he's still mostly right!

TAKE CARE OF MYSELF!!! PROPERLY! My teachers and advisers have always told me to take care of myself. I need to eat right, rest more, and BE ACTIVE! I want to feel good and be a successful and effective person. Self care planning.

I want to be more patient and more calm. I want to take joy in the smaller things and quit worrying about the future constantly. I want to let go of this anxiety that is constantly around me. And I want to lose more weight.

I would like to improve myself and my life by worrying less and just doing more. I want to say yes to social opportunities, but I want to be able to achieve my personal goals in my academic, spiritual, and charitable realms of life. I want to feel more confident in my abilities, in my decisions, and in myself. I also think I need to follow the advise: "don't despair - just deal with it." Action serves better than anxiety! (But now I need to learn how to live that and not just say it.)

I want have more love-- of self and others. I would like to heed some advice of a beloved professor -- forget about what the relatives say and go to Italy. Italy, in the broadest sense.

I would like to lose some weight. I'm just going to keep taking little steps to improve my health and not set myself up for failure by trying to do too much too soon.

I would like to be more respectful of time for myself. H. said, when I reminded her that I would always put people before things, that I am a person too! So privileging time for writing and other forms of creativity is one goal. Another is to heed my friend K, who thinks I should offer more workshops that combine the arts and meditation.

I would like to continue working on staying in shape so I can work towards being in the best shape of my life. I want to maintain my optimism. I would like to continue grappling with the idea of what American Judaism is. To those ends, I would like to work on improving my focus/attention span. I used to have no problem staying focused but now with facebook and instant gratification all the time, I find myself bored more easily and less patient. Hopefully, I will not lose interest in the goals I set for myself. Reading is not as pleasurable as it was and I would like to change that.

Stay focused on the important things. Some might tell me that answering these questions is a distraction!

Be more in tune with my dharma, working and living comfortably in the flow. I want to attract, teach and/or help clients and students who get a wonderful, even life-changing experience leading to happiness and growth from one-to-ones and workshops, seminars and other events that I host. I want to travel, live easily and bring in reasonably more money than I spend, covering expenses with ease and pleasure allowing me and mine ample opportunity for treasuring life. I am not my mind.

Oh this is easy! I want to get more physically fit. I know I need to exercise more and I feel better when I do. So, why don't I make time for it? It doesn't really take that much time. I want to energize myself to get out and walk. Daily. I will try to set a target date and make it routine. Let's see next year if I have followed through. I am impressed by facebook friends who have made exercise a regular part of their days.

I would like to decrease my level of anxiety so I'm not so nervous all the time. I think it would have a postive impact on my health - I always seem to have an upset stomach, or a headache, or a cold. I've taken steps to honor my body this week by joining Weight Watchers and signing up for four months of personal training. It's going to be really hard, but I think it will give me an outlet for my stress and help me feel a lot better about my body.

Even though I joke about how cheesy some of my Weight Watchers meetings can be, I’ve found them immensely helpful in thinking about how to improve my relationship with food and with my body. I’ve lost about 15 lbs. since late July and am hoping to lose at least another 15. And yes, I find those silly Wright Watchers pamphlets and tools incredibly helpful. I’m going to make a more earnest effort to use the tools to create a plan for continuing to improve my eating and lifestyle habits so that I can continue on this path and not yo-yo back to the uncomfortable place that is a pair of size 14 pants.

I'd like to be peaceful and happy. I'd treat people better if I didn't feel so confronted with every new task. I want to improve my image significantly. I'm a pimple/scab-faced, frizzy/mousey-haired chubby girl and it needs to end.

I would like to more productive focused and monetarly better off."Just keep going"

Accepting my faults and limitations, blaming no one else and learning to live life more fully, doing the best I can with what I've got. "No use crying about what might have been, if it could have been, it would be" "There is a crack, a crack in everything. That's how the light gets in. That's how the light gets in. That's how the light gets in." Integrate the Teshuvah project into the core of my life. At least one phone call a week to an extended family member

I know it sounds cheesy, but i would like to get closer to peace. I think the best way for me to do this is to stop thinking so much about how other people view me (specifically my mother) and focus on things that make me happy. I just have to figure out what those things are...

I would like to have lost at least 30 pounds by then! I would like to be more in shape, healthier, sleep more. Maybe it will help lessen my arthritis.

I would like to stop allowing myself over to intense road rage. I get furious behind the wheel when someone slides into my lane, cutting me off, or doesn't signal, drives too slowly, etc. My instinct in those moments is to make it about me and to just get angry and shout obscenities. I truly hate being that angry and when I look back on those moments--sometimes seconds later--I feel foolish. The truth is I have no idea what's going on with people in these situations and I would imagine many don't even realize they're doing it (some do, of course). So I've taken to reminding myself, sometimes out loud, that "this is not about me" which has been somewhat effective. I could still use more work...

I would like to be healthier--fitter, stronger, thinner, well rested. (Though some of this may be in conflict with my desire to be pregnant again!) But I would like to feel that I have been treating my body with respect. The advice that I think would make this feasible would be to treat exercise as a date with myself, to get babysitters for it, to make it non-negotiable but also to set realistic goals. This type of self-love is also a terrific example for my sons. I would also like to learn to be silent more. Not when I am alone, that is not hard, but in groups--whether social or at work, I would like to not always need to fill empty spaces, not always try to shine the spotlight on myself. I think being able to be silent or on the sidelines is a measure of maturity and confidence.

Get the reading done for my classes early. Do the homework. WRITE THE PAPERS in a timely manner. Call on all my angels and friends for help when the going gets tough. I have plenty of people who believe in me, and I need to call on them when I am not being my best.

I would like to be more confident and happy with who I am. I think I've made huge strides in my self-confidence and motivation since last year, but I still feel that I could feel better about myself and my achievements.

By this time next year, I want to be healthy. I'm not very healthy now. I have terrible eating habits (when I eat and what I eat). I would really love to start exercising on a regular basis also. The last thing I would want to improve is my studying habits and my attitude about college in general. My parents have given me good advice about school, as well as my sister. With my eating habits, my friends are there for me. I just need to get my mind to it.

Be less negative. Be more positive. Keep a good attitude. Don't get grumpy.

I think the answer to my last question is the perfect answer. Balance! I want to implement more structure and discipline into my life, but still keep the balance in place. I love the independence that I've created for myself, but would also like to share that with another. My friends and family are a huge support system, and their constant counsel and advice is always appreciated. I can't say there is one person or one solid piece of advice that could guide me in this, but if I had to choose, Colette will be an incredible guiding force to support my growth in the upcoming year considering she is going to be my "team leader."

I feel like I am going down the wrong road in my life right now. Just because I am 19 does not mean I have to change my morals. I guess I still have to find out who I am, and then run with it.

Save a string...so that in the future you have a ball. I want to be better with the little money I have. I want to be happier at whatever job I have. I always try to remember that no one has 100%, 100% of the time

"There are no mistakes." It sounded like such a trivial sentence from a friend over dinner. I am still figuring out what exactly it means. But I think it means that I need to overcome the paralysing fear that a particular choice will lead me down a dead end, and work out how to listen to my gut and not my head to make decisions.

Take better care of myself because it makes me more beautiful and more healthy. The advice was to be myself, not who I thought people want me to be

I am trying to be more balanced, more open to opportunity, more aligned with my priorities rather than a slave to my obligations. I hope to be more hopeful.

I would like to be a more patient person. My children deserve that, and the stress I've been under this last year has made me not patient enough with them.

I would like to come to terms with what I can and cannot do, particularly on a daily basis. I often feel worried (especially in the past couple of months) that I am not accomplishing enough. I see David go to work all day and still come home and cook and clean the kitchen, and I feel like I have done nothing. I want to notice how that isn't true, and I want to believe David when he says that he is happy with things how they are. David told me to stop thinking about who is doing more housework, and I think that would help.

I would like to tell myself, and keep reminding myself, that the people who judge you in high school really don't matter. And what they think shouldn't change who I am. I tried to stay out of the drama, and not get sucked in, but when people continuously attack you (who have no right to) it gets hard. I just hope that I improve my self esteem. Oh, and I wish I was skinny.

Clearly - writing is my priority this year. But part of this is really figuring out what is important to me and what I want out of life. I have a new friend who has been incredibly supportive and while right now I can't remember any one moment specifically, I do know that her guidance and advice have changed the way I think about this process. She is empowering.

"Use your gifts." I'd like to further embrace that piece of advice. As for improving myself, I'd like to become a member at The Wedge, start buying more food that's grown locally and organically. I'd like to become more fit through biking and running. Professionally I'd like to get better at being less of a procrastinator. Also, I'd like to finish writing my show. Honestly, I've been putting it off, primarily due to not finding the time or then making excuses about the show not being worthy of writing. I'd like to spend a little more time believing in myself.

I would like to use my time more productively and not spend so much of it slumped in from of the DVD player because I don't have the will or energy to even start any of the many projects I would like to do. I have started eating more healthily and I think this, and the resultant weight lose will help me achieve the results that I am aiming for.

To be healthier, more balanced, and fearless

I want to be a more confident person. I need to love myself so everyone else can love me.

Piece of advice? Don't live in the past. It's ironic this half this activity is to do exactly that - revisit the past a year from now - however it's more like... don't live in the past of "what could have been/should have been/would have been had I done differently" Living in that past is dangerous and half my problem. Ideally, I'd like to say "I don't want to live in the past" and can bring myself to not dwell on my past failures, insecurities and problems but can learn and move forward. I've already started as I have an anxiety and depression workbook next to me, but ideally I want to have a much better understanding of the triggers and be able to handle episodes much better than I do now.

i would like to lose the 15 pounds i put back on after losing 50 and be healthier through exercise and diet...again!

i need to stop being so hard on myself and take time for myself and just be happy

I would like to take better care of myself. I love the parts of me that are empathetic and giving and caring, but this last year has demonstrated that I really need more and better self care. I would like to live the next year with my well being (physical, mental and emotional) as my priority. Someone I respect once told me I should make myself the center of my universe, and to me that is an utterly radical thought. I think I should try living as though that were true for a while.

I would like to continue pursuing my dream of making a living at something that I actually enjoy. To be closer to that goal would be a big improvement. The other thing is to read a lot more. I want to spend more time reading and less on the internet and on my electronic devices. The piece of advice I receive each day is: Go and make your dreams come true! Take care of what you can do and God will take care of the rest.

I would like to have more energy and ambition. I know how to get a job, but I've lost touch with the drive to seek it properly.

I would like to sort out my priorities. I have to figure out which of my hobbies are most important to me. Should I concentrate more on design work? Do I need to spend more time with people? Should I try to be more active? There aren't enough hours in the day, so I need to choose what makes me most happy and then allow myself the time and space to enjoy that activity.

I'd like to be more open with my loved ones. I'd also like to be able to live life to the fullest and not focus so much on the negative, small, insignificant things. "Be happy." ................ and "stop procrastinating."

Someone told me this year that I was a guarded person, which I knew, but she explained how it comes across to other people and how it prevents me from achieving openness with others. I never thought that it could change since it was such a fundamental part myself. But I am learning ways of overcoming that guardedness and leading with an open heart. "Leading with an open heart" is becoming my mantra and a way to remind myself to loosen up a little.

Think before speaking. Count to 10, walk away, all those refrain-from-reacting tricks. Cut down on gossip. The improvement would be a calmer me who doesn't get into trouble anywhere.

i would like to improve my ability to take charge of my future, unfortunatly the only guide i have is my self, as all others have failed

I want to be more confident, and to be able to find time for myself instead of constantly helping others.

"Don't think twice, its alright." It can mean so many things - just go for it, don't overthink things, take anything personally, whatever happens just know its alright. I think it will make me more ambitious and spontaneous, and less hurt or disappointed when things don't go the way I'd like.

I want to be more patient with others by next year. When I'm not patient I become mean and snotty. This is difficult because I work in a high pressure environment with tight deadlines. I want to be able to remain calm and kind, even when the police scanner is going off and there are late advertisements coming in.

I'd like to get up close and personal with the part of me who still thinks I'm not worthy and give it a good talkin' (and tapping) to!

I would like to work on three things. Firstly my anger mangement. I need to be in control of my emotions and I will try to incorporate 6 seconds rule told by one of my teacher. Secondly, my time management... for that I need to organize myself more, stop procrastinating and most importantly delegate and also DO more. Thirdly, I want to a good leader. For that I need to stop being loner at job and try to pull in people. Keep on trying, one day they will come for sure.

Become more mindful.

I would like to be finally satisfied with myself - my personality, my tastes, the way I respond to others, the way I talk, write, act, communicate - instead of always having a niggling feeling at the back of my mind and consciousness that things are not quite right. I would like to achieve a moderate level of satisfaction with my lot in life, with my hopes for the future, with the way I pass and live my days, and be able to, most importantly, live without regret. Not to feel as if by something I have done or not done in the past years and months I have made things worse for myself, or made myself miss out on some prospect of betterment or happiness, in the present. Not to be playing catch up with life. Not to feel out of control of my own existence, to be always struggling without feeling as if fortune is on my side. I would like an end to struggle - I have struggled in one way or another my whole life. This does not need explaining - everything has felt like a weight on my shoulders. I can't imagine what it would be like for that weight to be lifted. For everything to be bright, and clear, and vivid, with always good things to come and even the bad days not raising the threshold too low. I believe that the highest state one can attain or aspire to is a base level of contentment - like a graph, with ups and downs, but coming up or down to the same level - a feeling of peace, and contentment. I have sometimes felt that if fate existed, it is playing a game with me - I would like, whether by my improvement or by the improvement of things out of my control, to feel as if things have changed direction. That all of the past 10 years, or even more, although they have happened, have passed, and a new age has dawned where all the possibilities which once existed have been reborn and light has come. That the bad trials and struggles have come full circle. I would like to work hard, live with integrity, be with integrity, do my best, have a good attitude, reach new horizons, be inspired, find some purpose in life. I would like to experience the tenderness which gives some peoples' lives so much meaning. So many people have given me advice, and there is so much more I could say - but none of them have really understood the cloud under which I have been living. If there was one thing I could wish for in this next year, I would like to wake up from the nightmare, and for everything to be beautiful.

I will definitely start investing and saving. I want to do it even now. Reading financial books and getting advice from them is the best counsel I have received this year.

i hope to create more and complain less -- seems like a better way to channel my energy!

Be confident. Trust my instincts. Smile more. Take care of my body more.

I want to finish my diet. My weight has consumed me and my thoughts for years and I'm tired of feeling sorry for myself. I'm on the right track now and I want to be able to see my progress in a year and feel happy with just who I am.

I want to be comfortable and relaxed. I want to have a job that is a good fit for me where I find fulfillment and appreciation. Advice that could guide me...I'm not sure...but I know there is more to my life than this.

I'd hope that i've lost the flab, happily married and have paid a chunk of the honeymoon off... maybe even trying for baby?

I would like to become less dependant on others approval for my own sense of well-being. I would like to be able to freely feel and express the confidence that other people perceive in me, and to shed my sense of fear.

I would like to be thin, healthy, smart and wealthy. Advice: Think long, think hard, and choose the right path. It will be hard but it will be worth it. Also think before you speak. Don't act in anger. A moment on the lips = a lifetime on the hips.

Improvement on my professional career, I would like to learn new things regarding the work that I am involved in right now.

Just let go of what doesn't make you happy. Accept the things you cannot change. And learn. A lot.

Over the summer I have become a pseudo-vegetarian, and I would like to expand on it. So far, it's been difficult. I haven't asked my family to change their ways, but I wanted to change mine, for health, environmental and humanitarian reasons. I feel better being a vegetarian, but it's hard. The time commitment is overwhelming ... the chopping, shopping, preparing. I have "fallen off the wagon" a few times, like when my my husband wanted me to take a bite of his dish at a restaurant, or when my family wanted to make brisket for Rosh Hashana! Do I really go "cold turkey" (sorry, I couldn't resist), or not worry so much about the labels and just try to do my part in not buying meat? I haven't found anyone who shares these issues with me. People are either 100% hard core (even Vegan) or eat meat everyday. I hope I find the right balance in the coming year, of being able to stay vegetarian in an easy, comforting way. I think it is important for me as a human, for the world, and for the well-being of animals.

I've had depression for twenty years. I would like to find a happy medium.

I'd like to get out more, make new friends, get a boyfriend, ya know be more outgoing. I also want to lose weight so I can be happier about myself.

believe in myself.

I'd like to be able to have a more open mind. And not to say such unfunny things. And to not be such a bitch to Therese. As long as she's not one to me. I want to tell my future self to watch Doctor Who, because it's so freaking awesome. To not leave your friends behind again and remember that you liked Evan now and nothing has happened yet and that maybe it never will. All the crew guys are still there and you're going to miss them more than you realize at this point. Nothing dramatic happened. No knives no bitch slaps. Maybe that will change, I don't really know what else to tell you. Do your work, pass APUSH. Be a good stage director with Allison. Get over your fear of public speaking. Learn how to drive. Please please please learn how to drive.

Learn when you have control and need to exercise it and do your best to accomplish what you think is best for you and the people around you. But at the same time, learn when to let go, when to take a step back and let things unfold in their own way. Finding this balance between acting on your world and letting your world do what it needs to do with the help of the universe, isn't easy, but if you can find that balance, that might be the key, or one of the keys, to living a happy and fulfilling life. As humans, we have a natural drive to act and to create, to influence or effect our surroundings in some way. And we should behave in this manner. It's just that we're also finite, and at some point we can't do any more than we've already done. That's when we need to step back, not allow our stepping back to make us angry or sad or frustrated, and to just feel confident that we did everything we could have done and the rest is up to God.

If I could just learn to delegate more often. I'm such a perfectionist, I wind up doing everything myself and running out of time to really do them well. I think I need to recognize the innovation others bring to the table.

I would like to be the same size as I was when I started LVS. I am on the decline thus far, and it's not going to be easy (no parents to hover over me!) but I never, ever want to have to buy fat people clothes again. I don't care if I'm never skinny, but I'd like to be happy with the way I look. I'm on the way there at the moment, I hope it continues. Nothing can really guide me; I've just changed my mindset. I don't need to eat to be happy, as it seems as though the 'eating to be happy' was, in turn, making me unhappy.

I want to find that place where I am living healthily - eating well most of the time -- but not feeling bad if I dont sometimes. I guess that 80/20 rule really applies here.

So much to improve, too much to list; but I know the list well anyway. The best advice came last night at Kol Nidre services. We confess the same sins each year because we are bound to repeat them. We fail. But we try. And that's the important thing: to try and to become just a bit better each year. So don't strive for Nirvana, just for each year to be better than the next.

I have not been able to employ or succeed at such advice or counsel for the past 51 years, despite herculean efforts.

I want to allow more time for yoga and the spirituality it brings with it in my life. I want to be able to find the time and the space for it in this next year. I also want to be able to exercise more often.

I am working on being able to handle panic attacks and PTSD, becoming more able to help others, to love more, and become more peaceful.

More focus on what's in front of me. The past year has been so busy at work, and I've had to juggle so much, that I've developed new "skills" in multi-tasking and streamlining. I'm afraid these so-called skills are actually detriments, and I want to heed the advice to "be present" where I am in the moment.

Do it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

keep moving walk run and dance

I want to get back into a volunteer commitment. Prior to a big career change that had me moving to two new states in the past 3 years, I had a regular commitment every two weeks that I LOVED and really felt like I was doing some good. I miss that in my life and I need to get it back.

be able to save money succesfully and maybe move into my own place

I need to workout more. Need to start having better control of how I spend my days.

I will try to think through things more often.

Improve myself? - be prepared. (A compilation of ) a piece of advice or counsel I received this past year that could guide me in this 'project'? - be prepared, slow down, breathe'... A student I had my first year at my present job saw me flustered one day and calmly said, 'breathe'

As a shy woman I walked into a Jewish community alone and came out a year later with some dear and inspiring friends. I learned that sometimes if I push beyond my uncomfortable insecurities I can meet some amazing people. I hope to keep pushing my limits a little bit more this year and see who I can become. Don't let insecurities paralyze you. Don't let your fears stand in the way of your dreams. Don't let the perfect be the enemy of the good. Don't let perfection stand in the way of progress.

I would like to sleep, eat, and exercise more responsibly. I think if I could do these 3 things, my life would be more manageable and more complete. Especially the sleep part.

Uncle Charlie and co say do what you like (for a job). I think all those basic ideas are there to be used: be kind, do what makes you happy, get sleep, exercise. I'd like to be more optimistic, more thankful (less envious) and less judgmental. I think my surroundings will help me do this, but ultimately these things will come from an effort on my part to be these things, enact them.

I would like to be less judging of my friends. Having known them so well for so long, I know all of their weak spots and tend to focus more on these than on their strengths. I think I'm being realistic, but I'm really just being a bad friend.

I'd like to be more confident with my sexuality. I've been having a hard time dealing with it, but hopefully this year will mark when I fully accept who I am.

I would like to lose 90 lbs. and get into better physical shape. My advice to myself is that to do so I am going to have to be patient and kind and gentle with myself.

I would love to be more relaxed. Not so reactive. Let things roll off my back.

Several years ago, I was asked, "What is my passion." I have carried that thought with me ever since. I would improve myself by always thinking of my passions, and are they what I want or truly what I need.

I need to stay independent in the way I think and act. Because being independent is my biggest power. Only then I will be able to survive and find a good balance in my private vs working life.

I would really like to be in control of my career and my personal time, and be in a position where I am creating my own happiness. Something that will help guide me i this project is to think of my goals the way rock climbers approach a climb. It takes agility, strength, and mental focus. You have to make decisions and you have to make them quick. Assess the risk, choose your line, then go for it. And most of all, you have to know where you're going, focus on each step, and keep looking up.

I want to take my fitness seriously, as if my life depended on it, which is does! I want to be exercising most days and doing my strength training so that I can keep doing the fun outdoor things I love until I'm quite old and ready to check out.

I'd like to take care of myself well in the next year. I think the advice from many people to not personalize things will be very helpful.

I would like to have more patience and not be so quick to yell. I would like to be less lazy and pursue my dreams: own business, photography, marine biology. I would love to stop saying "I wish" and actually do...

Less clutter. More fun. Less complaining and resentment of others. More compassion and love. Less Us vs Them thinking. More collaboration.

I want to work on my fitness.

Well it would be nice not to be suicidal. I just want to enjoy life and stop holding on to things I can't change. And I want to be happy. Really happy. Not that fake happy I always "Seem" to be. Happy. Someone told me that Nothing Is worth being Unhappy over. And it's true. Being unhappy about something isn't going to make it any better. Maybe next year I'll finally be able to take that advice and let things be what they will

I would like to learn to hold my tongue and not speak ill of others no matter what by remembering that when I hurt others with my thoughts and words, I hurt them, myself and my world. Even though I am never unkind to someone's face, listening to gossip and/or contributing to it, is poison.

I'd like to be financial independent from the child support that I receive from my ex. I need to be doing something that I love and can earn a living at. I want to be more comfortable in my skin and the way I've tried to live my life since I decided to divorce my ex. I want to speak fluent french.

I would like to be less afraid of trying new things and entering new situations. Since I started graduate school, I have seen my confidence drop. However, thanks to the mindfulness workshop and some helpful conversations with friends, I am beginning to have less anxiety about my abilities.

If I could say a piece of advice for myself to follow, I'd probably say not to care what other people think about me. Others have no right to make judgments or assumptions about me, so why should I care what they think?

More peace. LET GO - per Chris, Shirley McD, Lily, Sharon, etc.

I would like to feel more comfortable in my body. Advice? To live big. Do one thing a day that scares you. Take advantage of where I am and make a plan and schedule ahead for things to ensure I do this.

I would like to become more active.Since Retirment i have become very isolated; Finding people in the age group of 71plus,who understand that i am from another Country. and sometimes feel lonely wishing for my Old Friends and Land. ------DOES ANYONE IN THE WORLD UNDERSTAND HOMESICKNESS? WHEN YOU ARE BECOMING OLDER.?

I want to be more outgoing. I'm not really a quiet person, or a shy person, but I can be reserved. I feel like if I let loose more often, I would be happier; carefree. I want to be that fun spontaneous girl that people like to hang out with.

I would like to lose weight. I've got a weight loss plan that I know works - a friend lost 60+ pounds on it - but I need to stick to it.

I would like to learn to pace myself better, to schedule in my commitments as well as my pleasures, so that I live up to my promises to others and fulfill all I am potentially capable of. I would like to have less anxiety and frustration day-to-day.

I want to be emotionally stable, healthy and skinny, and be able to handle more things at once. 1) Stay in therapy. 2) Excersise and eat less. 3) Stay in therapy.

I need to stop spending 40+ hours a week at a job that compromises my integrity. I need to be true to myself and take initiative to be in the right place and time for a new opportunity. I know that my skills are valuable and I look forward to using them in a new environment in which I can make a positive contribution and be well compensated and appreciated.

I want to come to terms with my depression. Although I've made current progress with my behavior and attitude, I still feel as though I'm repressed. The only way I'll ever grow beyond this shell of myself is if I discover what really makes me happy. Then, I'll know where to go.

I find myself in a vicious circle, where my disappointments lead to moping rather than improving the situations (or moving past them). Then, I feel bad because I haven't achieved more. I need to set those feelings aside and move forward.

My health has gone downhill for the past four and a half years in residency. I need to increase my cardiovascular endurance and overall strength, and try to get back to the place I was before internship. I need to get my weight up so that I don't look so frail. I would like to meditate regularly and come to terms with accepting what I have and not looking back on lifes milestones that I somehow missed.

More of the same? Is that a kosher answer? The best thing anyone ever told me was that I was boring. I have spent the last 9 months proving him wrong, and have had the time of my life.

I would like to get a job in a new city that has good public schools and where we can afford a house with a yard for the boys and the dog. My boss told me: "You need to do what's right for you and your family". This is what I think about when I begin to question what I'm doing.

Do more to make me happy. Life is short. All the advise in the world doesn't guide me, I have to work toward change; toward saying 'no'; toward being more selfish!

I would like to find more time for quilting and other things that give me joy. I would really like to get back to swimming and to a regular exercise program. I want to take care of my health more regularly.

I would love to better my time management. There is a way I know there is, I just need to stay committed. I won't be this lucky in life forever, so might as well change a bad habit. I know my personal assistant Mileini is awesome at arranging my time management so I know if she can plan my life out accordingly, I can too.

Many ways: - be better at time management - setting realizable goals - knowing how to relax/reset - getting more sleep - balancing work and relationships - hearing my inner voice, and having the courage to listen to it. Not submitting to just fulfilling other people's expectations.

I hope that my love for Christ has deepened, and that my need for his Presence dominates my life.

I need to give my husband the support he needs. We will make it thru whatever happens anyway as a team - together.

I would like to create time for myself, I never used too and would always avoid it because I didn't know how to handle it. I therefore filled up my time with things but now, I feel there is a need!

I want to be more gentle of myself. I want to find a few hobbies that I can do regularly to take the emotional and intellectual pressure off myself and move it to physical activities, learning the banjo, exploring the world and practicing other languages.

I would like have more courage to meet new people.. I don't want to be nerveus. I also want to be more relaxed.. And to be happy with myselve

I would like to learn to be a better listener; to be truly attentive to what other people have to say and not try to come up with a reply to every statement. The people around me have so much wisdom to share, and I don't want to miss it.

I would like to bring less impulsivity and more order to my eating. The best advice I received in this area is "Today is the remedy for the problem of Tomorrow."

unconcerned and carefree; centred and sure; celebrative and merry; eager and excited; playful and entertaining; humour-filled and laughing; com(mon)-passionate and love-filled; easy and effortless; clear and concise; silent and listening; focussed on flowing-learning, not growth or change; transformed - butterfly. life's counsel: i know! and tust yourself, that you know it.

I want to take my appearance more seriously. There is no reason or excuse that can justify sloppy dressing. “While clothes may not make the woman, they certainly have a strong effect on her self-confidence – which, I believe, does make the woman.” – Mary Kay Ashe

I'd like to be less scared of what I might say, and whether or not it will make sense, make me sound stupid, what have you. It's all part and parcel of not being so self-conscious about my appearance, which has always been a problem with me. The most applicable piece of advice I received this year was from Joan Jett: "I don't give a damn about my bad reputation." Here's hoping I follow her good advice.

I would like to be more responsible with resources, natural, monetary, human. I feel like I am a very wasteful person, and a lot is lost through inattention.

I don't know if I *want* to improve myself and my life next year. I want to learn to just be-to be present to my life.

I would like to be more organised and less cluttered. I would love to stop work to have more time for friends and Bible study and perhaps take up a craft of sorts.

"You are your own validation."

http://billgreen.me/2010/02/02/new-years-resolutions/ It still holds true. Mostly I want to live with passion and without fear.

I would like to give back to my community more. I'm considering volunteering at the Superhero Supply Company or looking for a way to use my professional skills to help others, perhaps marketing or designing social media strategies for non-profits or causes I believe in.

I would like to sell some of my photography and be a better person.

I want to be healthier in mind and body by next year. Be more patient and less angry. Learn how to deal better with people who annoy me. Losing weight would be good and I need to stop eating out of boredom. Mum's advice is still best. And Hadia's of course. I hope we're still friends next year.

In order to improve my life I am going to work really hard and not let my personal get in the way. I have given up too much of myself in the past and I am not going to do that over the next year.

I would like to slow down and learn to enjoy the little things. I spend so much time on the internet constantly multi-tasking and fear I am missing out on the little things in life, like exploring little shops in small towns or just having a quiet walk with a friend. This year I've been reading the book "The Shallows: What the Internet is doing to our Brains" and it is helping me highlight how some of my internet activity is unnecessary and actually destructive to cultivated real personal relationships with family and friends.

I really want to concentrate more on my art. I have a few different directions that I'd like to explore, like watercolor sketchy paintings of my city, and also some larger works which I will need models for. Hopefully by this time next year I'll have enough works for some shows.

I'd like to get a handle on my weight and be below 200 permanently. And, be physically fit again. I feel like I used to be unstopable. Not, I just feel like I'm sitting still.

I would like to become my confident and care less about what people think about me. I want to dance like no one is watching.

To be more mindful and not let negative thoughts and habits prevent me from feeling the love I have for my family and the gratitude I have for my beautiful life.

I would like to remember to not be afraid to speak out and let my light shine. I would like to be courageous to use my talents and smarts to the fullest.

I want to overcome my depression. My doctor advised me to get more sleep, and I think that's probably the right thing for me. I want to start getting up earlier, going to the gym, and stop trying to get my "me" time in the middle of the night.

I would like to stop complaining or being so critical of the few people at work that I feel are self serving or less than above board or incompetent and try to see them more as people. Less judgemental especially in the way I speak to others about them.

I would like to continue to live life to the full, and without regret. I need to loose weight! Budget! Eat healthy! Stop looking back at the past, look forward! Work hard, Play harder! See what men come along, and if one doesn't, don't let it bother me... Be my own person! Love myself so that someone can one day love me! And I think this quote kinda sums things up.. "As we grow up we learn that even the one person that wasn't supposed to let us down probably will. You'll have your heart broken and you'll break others hearts. You'll fight with your best friend or maybe even fall in love with them and you'll cry because time is flying by. So take too many pictures, laugh too much, forgive freely and love like you've never been hurt. Life comes with no guarantees, no time out's and no second chances. You just have to live life to the fullest, tell someone what they mean to you, tell someone off, speak out, dance in the pouring rain, hold someone's hand, comfort a friend, fall asleep watching the sun come up, stay up late, be a flirt and smile until your face hurts. Dont be afraid to take chances or fall in love. Most of all, live in the the moment because every second you spend angry or upset is a second of happiness you can never get back!"

I would like to trust myself and live with integrity. I would like to minimize anxiety and clinging to things that do not matter. I want to wake up early in the mornings and go to bed early and re-introduce dignity and holiness into my sex life. To stop looking so hard for what I want and enjoy what I have. All the cliches that are so hard to live up to... All the advice my parents give me will be my guide.

I want to get over the past To do that, I must set my goal. I want to be a programmer/network analyst, and this is the only time I can develop myself so I can be ready. This is also the last time I would be with my closest friends, so stop contemplating on your past together, and the things you have lost in the past. Instead, think of how you can achieve these things and make the best out of it. Just go forward.

I need to learn how not to care. I take on every-bodies problems and let them rip me up... need to quit that.

I want to get fit so I can be there for my family for as long as it takes......I want to learn a second language....I want to start to plan for a happy retirement for my wife and myself

Try and get my goals into clear focous. I've generaly untill now held the theory that everythings grand when really it isn't so I'm going to have some sort of plan for the next while made by the end of the year. A bit of advice would be when I'm thinking about what I want to do think do I want it for me not for anyone else, that's where I fell in the past.

I want to be a happier person and get more stuff done. To be able to do that I need more energy and a goal to work towards. The goal is to leave Sweden as soon as possible but at least within the next 2 years. Hopefully this year will get me closer to my goal.

Every way, and nothing specific. I want to keep learning, keep trying new things, keep growing. If that doesn't lead to improvement, at least it'll keep me moving. Advice? Go with your gut. Trust your instincts. You're smarter than you realize. You're hotter than you think. Own yourself and what you do. Have some freakin' fun.

I expect to be in full financial control of my life by this time next year. To me that means being aware of how things stand, not spending more than I earn, and having a long term plan. My sister's advice will serve me here. I am also hoping that my blood pressure will go down and I will be working toward doing my weight lifting workouts independently.

I want to do a better job managing my time. Be focused on work, at work. Be focused on my partner at home. Be focused on my running when I'm on the trail. Too much sloshes around from one part of my life to the others at this point, and it means I'm never 100% present in whatever I'm doing at that moment.

I would like to be more self-disciplined and less reliant on positive feedback to feel like I am capable. I think forcing myself to take the GRE even if I can't apply to grad schools right away would be a good way to do that.

I'd like to fall in love again, 14 years after the death of my husband. All my friends told me to break up with my last boyfriend. Boy were they right!

Listen more to myself then to others because I think that will lead me to a more fulfilled life. Do my work with more Passion and don't take good enough as a solution.

Get on track with changes and adaptations that can make me more effective in reaching my own goals, and maybe even those of my family and colleagues. Try to figure out who I am, and how people see me. All part of getting some sort of realistic idea of who I am. I get plenty of advice and counsel, and I come up with enough brilliant conclusions. I have to remember them and use them and live them.

I would like to be more physically fit and able than I currently am. I want to grow my hair out really long and learn how to do that bang braiding off to the side thing.

I want to be a happier person. Happiness is what you make of it.

I want to work on my writing. I'd like to complete NaNpWriMo this year. I'd also lke to work on meditiation some more and my tarot some more. I've not done that in awhile and I miss it.

I would like to develop a deep confidence in my intuitional skills. I have to be patient and allow it to come as I experience more of life.

to find peace, tranquility and happiness amongst the chaos. meditation and yoga do it more often to find the peace within

I want to catch myself when I'm complaining. I have genuine, unabated frustrations to express, but I'm beginning to think I should be journaling them, not whining them to understanding friends.

I would like to pay less attention to my finances and allow myself to enjoy the freedoms we have worked towards!

I would like to be able to align myself with people and projects that reflect my highest self ONLY. I have received advice to that in the past year: "if you can't change the people around you, change the people around you"

I would like to continue my spiritual education, and also start to get myself in a little better physical shape. Maybe joining a gym, or trying yoga again.

I want to actually do my study. I know I need to do it in a classroom setting and shouldn't try correspondence again. I guess I would tell myself if I still haven't done it - go part time and just do it. Your life is slipping away doing menial work while you think about getting qualified and don't do anything.

I would like to become more independent. I was told that moving out of my house could help.

post yom kippur, and a little more perspective, a little less victimization. how would i like to improve myself? well, rabbi shulweis said it. stop hiding in my transparency. there are still dark spots, and they are maybe the darkest ones. what happens if i deal with those? some sort of new mastery? open up more. deal with the little big things -- procrastination, lack of discipline, unwillingness to allow myself to dream and want. can i have more music in my life this year? i really like music. i'm liking yom kippur more this year.

'If you are good at something never do it for free' I am currently writing a list of what I believe myself and Leigh are good at so that we can try to develop a business idea that we both can work on, make money from, spend more time together and have a better quality of life. I would like to use that quote to improve my life by saving for an engagement, wedding and a house as these are what I believe will really change my life.

The areas of my life that continaully need work are: Friendships and relationships with others - I feel like I do not have enough friends, but I am lazy about maintaining the ones I have, or I have friends I do not particularly like. I need to make more effort. Career - as in the previous question I need to make changes imminently. Step work / Recovery - I need to finish my steps and maintain my recovery to the best of my ability. Daniel - I love this man, and I am so happy to have found him. However, I need to ensure I do not indulge my relationship with him at the expense of other areas of my life.

I would like to keep working out and take better care of my physical body. I need to drink less as well.

Find yourself and be yourself!

This coming year heralds a recommitment to ALWAYS being a man of my word, having and acting upon high ethics and integrity. I also choose to be FUN !

Next year I want to dedicate a lot to the Yoga traning, meditation and studies of the life and universe, parallel to my work. I want to be a much more relaxed person in terms of not getting too personal, being dedicated and valuing the true values in my life, my husband, my family and the life I live. I can not recall any piece of advice, but surely I am willing to go for all advices found in the wise books related to yoga and quantic physics that I have!

I want to stop thinking or talking negatively about myself. I have worked on this a lot but people still tell me that I talk down about myself. I want to change this so people don't notice this about me anymore, because I am generally a positive person for the people around me. It's about time I am the same for myself.

I want to get control of my diabetes and my weight - which means that I want to get more control of myself. I have lots of books. I know the right things to do. I just need to do them.

Simply put, I need to lose a serious amount of weight. That would require a serious change in behavior. I really want to commit. But I find it very difficult and become complacent.

Cut smoking, drop 20 lbs, exercise more, better a better friend and lover to my man. Yep, the usual. maybe read more, I enjoy it but sometimes forget that I do.

I'd like to be a better musician. I hope to be a better spouse and stronger role model for our daughter. The best way to achieve this is to let go of so many of the things I see as essential - in terms of chores, or things that need to be accomplished around the farm. I do love the company of my family, but I often let the needs of the farm come before theirs. I need to change that...

I want to be happier, more confient and more healthy. I want to have the courage to go out and do whatever I want to do and stop wastingmy life sat around the house doing nothing. I also want to start seeing old friends more ad maybe even patch up and old friendship...

I would like to live a less solitary life. Participate in a wider range of activities and have a busier social calendar.

I want to start going to the gym. I really need to get in shape.

I'd like to be less focussed on my career. Which is an odd thing to say, but when I've been answering these questions, almost everything that comes to mind is about medicine - I'd like to have a bit more of a life outside work.

I want to lose the last twenty pounds to get to my goal weight. I've been cruising along thinking I needed a new job because my clothes already don't fit and I don't feel good about myself when I have to wear huge clothes. New clothes that fit well don't have to be expensive.

By this time next year, I will be 49 years old and knocking on the door of 50. The biggest improvement I am working on is my health. I can lift more weight and play tennis longer than ever in my life. My goal is to look like running back or MMA fighter when I turn 50.

I want to feel safe in my home. I want to, for the first time in my life, have a place to call home that is truly mine and cannot be taken away. I want to feel secure enough to start a life of my own.

As always...more focus on the important things. Set up goals, walk slowly and smile a lot.

I want to get off antidepressant medication. I want to find myself happy because I have so much to be happy for and not because the chemicals in my brain won't let me feel that way and drugs are needed to alter them.

Improve my life? My life is soooo good, and I am grateful, perhaps I need to live with more gratitude.

I would like to be more focused, confidant, and also not so tense. It's not in my nature, yet I get freaked out over that I can't control and don't understand. I've really come to learn that there's not much actually IN my control, but what is, is my attitude and outlook as I live my life. So I'm trying to focus on that instead of the externals I can't control.

I would like to improve myself by getting a stable job and moving out of my parents house. I think I would be more productive and happier.

I want to get a grip on my self destructive behavior. This causes me to avoid eating properly, to avoid physical exercise, and not get proper rest. Moderation in all things is desirable: small meals from fresh ingredients, get moving to get happy and lights out and wake up at set times. This is advice I happily give, but do not always follow!

I would like to continue on the path of healthier eating and weight loss. With two grandchildren on the scene, it should be a great motivator.

I'd like to flow more. And more flexible. I'm working to let things go a bit more. In that sense, it's paradoxical because my goal is also to get more done, but in that, it means letting go of the smaller stuff, not getting wrapped up in artificial expectations, and focusing on the goals I want to accomplish. Something along the line of disciplined relaxation I suppose. And no sweating the small stuff. And having the courage of my convictions.

Just do it! If you want to move, just move, If you want to walk, just walk. If you want to write, just write. Don't wait for better circumstances. Just do it, don't talk about it.

I would like to be more strong mentaly, more disciplinade and have more compassion to all the people out there. "Love your self, know your self and be proud of you, because you are unique"

I want to appreciate the beauty of "enough." We have enough. The house is clean enough. I am enough.

My favorite piece of advice this past year was from a friend, 'When you are having a difficult moment and you are vomiting and sobbing for the loss of your daughter, remember this - you are at the bottom of a large wave. You do not live there but you are merely there until the wave passes over you'. That image has helped me tremendously. I would like to improve my communication with my partner next year. It feels like we have just been on parallel paths with our grief and I look forward to paths intersecting more in the next year.

I hope to continue to be the best person I can be. Forever.

I need to focus on becoming physically healthy so I can live longer with my wife and children.

I want to achieve the right work life balance for my family and my own health and wellbeing.

Be more closer to my parents. And more importantly, understand them and what they believe in. Be more open to marriage and be happy to raising a family in the traditional Indian manner. Be more spiritual; remember: your time on Earth is short, but the afterlife is eternal. Live life to the fullest but within the socially accepted limits of my religion--meaning, don't go too crazy so I'd regret my actions in the future. Advice: stop stressing over work!!! Enjoy and savor the smaller, finer things in life.

Honestly, more money. Feels like we're on track in most other areas. (Health, happiness, creativity, professional success). Just want more money. Been killing myself for the past few years and it's time to see some reward (macro-economics notwithstanding). Don't have an answer to the second part of the question.

I'd like to be happier, more optimistic. I feel like the realist in me unromanticises life too much and I miss out on a lot.

I want to make sure I don't get so busy that i stop doing the things I love with the people I love. The piece of advice i got was to make time for the important, not just the urgent

Want to find a job that I like, rather than just one that pays well. I was reminded by someone today that it is most important to be doing a job that makes you happy. If you really love what you do, the money will follow. I have had that backwards for too long (guilt issues re: providing for my family) and I am striving to ensure that, for my next job after my recent layoff, I actually love what I am doing and that it makes me feel that I am making a meaningful contribution in this world.

I'd love to be more fit, energetic, and happy for LOOOOOOONG stretches of time. :)

I would like to continue prioritizing how I spend my energy, confirming my efforts contribute to learning.

I just want to keep a level head through the audition process, in dealing with my family, and in wherever the job search leads me. I'll be okay at this anyway, but the key will be for me to remember that it's okay to lean on my friends a bit when I can't handle everything by myself; they love me and they really won't mind =)

I want to take my physical health into my hands. I would like to loose 20 pounds and be in great physical shape. I want to exercise at least every other day. I know that if I get back to my old routines, I'll be able to sleep better, eat healthier, study harder and be happier.

I would like to improve my health and eating habits. I would also like to become more social and creative in a social way. I would like to say yes more often, and say no only when I'm standing up for myself or others. I would like to spend more time with my friends and family. I would like to stay focused on my career goal of becoming a professional photographer, to take advantage of any opportunity that comes my way, and to be patient enough to learn and grow in this career.

I need to get my sh*t together and stop making excuses. I have a therapist now. She's given me the same advice that I've given myself!

Feel it all. Be stronger, wiser, and fuller.

Get laid more. No, seriously. And make more money.

I would like to commit to two twenty minute periods of time every day where I can meditate. No direct wisdom towards time management but more recognizing the value of having moments where you are not consuming but only focusing.

I would like to improve my health and run a marathon. I'm getting advice on all ends, but the best and most helpful is from my neighbor, who yesterday asked, "I'm running a marathon in two months... You in?" Thanks!

yes, the piece of advice that mum shared via the super wealthy investor warren buffet...he said in an interview that someone told him that when's he pissed about something that he should sleep on his response...no-one will ever care that you waited 12 hours to share a thought, but you may regret responding too quickly...i feel like i put it into action immediately and really saw the benefits... i would also like to give up sweating the small stuff. i fear that year after year of 10Q i shall get only more self critical as i realize the same issues are ever present, but at the same time, this is my life's work, with or without 10Q highlighting the progress or lack thereof :)

Be present. Be authentic. Not judge others. Be loving. Be compassionate. Not take things personally. Be honest. Be commited and responsible. Be a leader. Be healthy, happy and whole.

I would like to have shed some weight, reaching a healthy weight and teach myself to be more disciplined. One piece of advice is do it for yourself and be patient.

This may sound egotistical but I think I am just fine. I have sent 50 something years worrying that I am not doing enough or growing enough. At 50 something let go and I say " it's enough" " I am enough"

I would like to settle my financial situation, which I have been cravenly avoiding for a couple of years now. There is only one counsel in life, which sometimes we (I) follow, sometimes not: " Contemplate. But Then Act Wisely."

I would like to not take to heart the lack of passion for our work that my coworkers have and display on a regular basis. I need to just breathe and do the best I can in the situations I'm given.

I want to do a better job of taking care of my partner, instead of him so often caring for me.

I would like to be less defensive and be more open to the different styles that people have in providing feedback. I'd like to take myself less seriously and "lighten up" as my dad says.

I was told to stop saying yes to every request. I've started putting this into practice. I created a very busy life for myself which, while personally gratifying, did not leave time for me to be very social. I need to be able to decline requests and invitations so I can better take care of myself and have more energy to put into my most intimate relationships.

Honesty with myself and the world around me. Integrity. Get my shit together.

I will list because it is easier: Lose weight be kinder be more appreciative save money work harder get a car and a license read more write be healthier appreciate sister be more helpful to family not be as judgemental not worry or stress as much not complain as much remember not everyone is perfect, even myself.