Have you had any particularly spiritual experiences this past year? How has this experience affected you? "Spiritual" can be broadly defined to include secular spiritual experiences: artistic, cultural, and so forth.

Not really. I still have doubts about my religion, but I know I wanto to help people.

Watching my loved one suffer so badly from stress and then feeling how it affected me, I know I love him deeply.

I would say yes...I practice yoga regularly and it has helped me to be still with the Lord and trust Him in a deeper level...being real. It's been AMAZING!

Starting to do yoga again, more since June when my schedule shifted, and taking 5 minutes and the end of practice to visualize all my loved ones and be thankful.

Driving alone out to Washington, VA, late at night... I could see all of the stars, and it grounded me. It helped carry me through a rough place.

I've gotten better at breathing. At paying attention to my breathing and calming my mind. Better.

Not sure if this would be considered spiritual but I started meditating and found that it helped me be more focused and more calm.

I think the 3 weeks in Tzfat were truly spiritual for all of us. I think it helped all of us become more attached to Judaism and see its true beauty.

No spiritual experiences this year, perhaps my partner is right when she says i work too much

I am not a spiritual person. The thing that awes me most is my amazing relationship with my husband. To me, that is spiritual. And the event that was the pinnacle was our wedding.

Yes, Indeed, I have got a through the Realistic Experience. It was the spiritual and was quiet a lot amazing / surprising / shocking for me and my dear-ones who were along -with me, at that time, Sept. 30, 2009, Evening. It was like that: ------- Amongst the family we were experiencing the members as under: my elder Sister viz. Mrs. Sindhu, (Age-65yrs), her Son viz. Mr. Anil Bodke who has came from Doha-Quatar and who was on his holiday s, my Niece viz. Ms. Vaishali Avhad, (Age-30 yrs), her only Son viz. Sayas (Age- 4yrs). All of us were travelling in a Maruti-SWIFT model , in a brand new Car from Nasik City to Kalyan. The car was speeding on the National Highway as it was made a new one built by the State Govt. As it was Evening time to pray the Lord and in order to have a safe passage to our journey, I was deeply engaged in praying The Almighty GOD. After an hour or so, by 16:30 hrs or so, we nearing Ghoti City, at the same time, the wheels of Car have started making a cranking sound. I rose from my deep meditation and saw behind that some cars were at far distant, the front cars were also at a far away distant end. So, I thought that the problem is either with our car or driving mistake. Within 02 to 03 seconds our car dashed the side railings of the national highways and its front tyre was busted and it swirled up at a height of ten feet and then again the car was running like a roller-coaster and jumping up and down by all its sides. Luckily, we all have fastened the sit-belts just before the start of journey. On that day, we earlier have visited many temples in Nasik and prayed to God, as we all have sincerest faith in our Native Temples and their Gods' Spiritual E-mortal Divine Power. Our brand new car, after 4-5 up and down turns, stopped to a halt. I with my alert mind expediently opened my eyes, confirmed to self whether I am alive or in a dilapidated broken condition of my body, secondly, I conversed with the Driver whether he is safe or not. I first relieved my nephew who was in the driver's sit and told him to go out of the car as early as possible by breaking the glass-panes or kicking the door of his side of the car. (All of us were in reverse condition of our sitting positions that is to say that our Heads were Down and Legs were Up.). Thirdly, I pressed the button of my sit-belt and released me from tied condition of the body and broke the window-panes and with the help of a passerby of the halted cars on road came out of the car. Saw the condition of a Maruti-SWIFT Model Car. It was in a dilapidated, mutilated, totally broken condition. All it was a skeleton of iron plates/sheets, bruises all over the cars, doors were broken, engine were totally damaged, roof-top was damaged, front and rear end wheels were on a road, its front side and rear side was into broken pieces. I urgently smelled the car whether there is any leakage of petrol and any chances of taking a fire but it was not so. All over and around it, there was only the smell of the Soil and the Dust (of The Nature) and I was relieved a great due to that. Immediately, myself and my nephew opened the Rear Seats side of car and my Niece and her younger son, we saw they could come as unhurt as we both. Lastly, we released my Sister, who was jammed in her seat-belt but also could come out of the car as un-hurt. We All were standing on the road-divider and praying "The Almighty GOD", for all of us keeping very very safe and that too unhurt, unwounded, even without a scratch on our Bodies. It was quiet amazing, spiritual, divine, and unbelievable event for the humane minds' scope. Since then, we all have most deepest faith in the God, and presently living life with honesty and sincerity as we know that the purest things of whatsoever kinds like to The Almighty Universal Super-Powered GOD! So, why should we not live accordingly ?

I found God. I guess I always knew he was there, but I treated him as the parent you ignore unless you need something. I'm glad I have him in my heart and soul, and I speak to him every day. I actually feel his presence at times.

I've become far better at improvising musically, and becoming a music-major will hopefully have helped me improve come next year.

I find spirituality in the rare moments I can summon up real hope, real optimism--summoning up my brain's power to subjugate its demons and focus on action and possibility.

Learning to pray from my heart. Not to an old man in a throne, but to the heart of the universe, the source of my being. I found words in my heart to express my self and it has alleviated some of my uncertainty about my work in this world.

Not really. I've always hated people who say they're "spiritual" in any way. It just seems vague and hokey.

I had some artistic, cultural etc. experiences in London.

Standing in a stadium in San Antonio during the sobriety countdown for the AA world conference. To see 75,000 people all there to help each other and see how many years it has been going on was mind blowing.

This past year, the quiet moments - the ones where I can sit with a friend and enjoy the peaceable silence or mutual understanding together, sip a spectacular cup of coffee, and simply think (not about tasks, but about being) - those have been the closest I've come to desiring to continue.

When I feel particularly low I find myself dreaming about my partner, who died 5 years ago. Just his presence makes me feel better but I find he usually counsels me in my dreams about the things, which are making me feel down. It makes me feel that somehow he is keeping an eye out for me.

I guess I'm not a spiritual person. I can, however, appreciate the beauty of nature. I sometimes feel euphoric and at peace when with nature.

I have has an artistic experience through my photography as I love learning about photography and hope to do a camera skills course this October to allow me to photograph my cousins wedding in May. This is something I am quite nervous about but will do everything I can to prepare myself fully.

DDA was the most spiritual experience this past year. So many emotions, experiences, etc. God is good, all the time. You just have to feel Him and you know that everythings going to be okay :D

no i haven't

I continue to struggle with the bipolar contentions of "God": on one hand, that God is a divine being whose existence is reified in Christian myth and faith, on the other that the spirit and power tucked away in corners of the human experience, revealed in acts of humanity, reveal an element of human aspiration that transcends rational need or utilitarian existence.

It was the anniversary of your death, and I was at work. This was the time in my life where I still loved my job more than anything, when it was my saviour, before things started going wrong. I was stood in the back room washing up, everyone had left except for me and my boss, and he'd gone to the bar to get a couple of drinks. Suddenly, you were there in that room, all reassuring presence and it brought me to tears. Never have I felt so close to you, you stayed in the room with me for a few moments, and I knew right then that you'd always be looking out for me.

Yeah, crashing my car was a spiritual, fucking experience. Time slowed and surviving it brought life into sharp focus again.

Not really. I don't define my life spiritually - either everything I do can be considered 'secularly spiritual' or none of it can. Every flower in bloom or sunny day or comforting dream or hug is an experience for me. Nothing particular stands out from the past year. Perhaps going to two weddings, one for people I know very well - they made me start to think about marriage and how it might seriously affect my life in the near future and how I feel about it as an institution and way of life.

I believe in the higher power that it will respond to your inner wishes when it feels you are ready for it. I enjoy singing and thought it would be nice to be with a choral group, then it all opened up to me and have been singing with many groups - they just came about, I didn't have to look for it.

Watching Kurt from Glee perform his major solo in season One.

Yes I heard something on the Radio. "Gratuite does not come from happyness, happyness comes from graduate" This clarifies the way I feel and how to cope with life.

I believe there are no acts of coincidence only act of G-d. A series of events that had a domino effect on the direction of my life have the fingerprint of G-d all over it. It is comforting to know he is there yet my part in finding his will in the midst of it is the spiritual journey

I found out that I am actually the massiah. So yeah, bow down bitches!

I recently went with my partner to Britain for a short vacation, where I got to spend time with people who were once the center of my spiritual community - back in the early 2000's when we lived there. I realized after talking with them just how "everyday" my spiritual life has become. It is interwoven with the things I do, my outlook, the roles I take on, the work I do, that the deliberate-ness of my spiritual life has diminished. I miss some of the rituals that used to fill my life. Nonetheless, I think my spiritual self has never been more secure of mature because I don't need to "act it out" in set-aside rituals. It is me. I am it. And that, at least for today, is enough.

I think this whole year has been a spiritual experince. No longer do i have school or a boyfriend to fall back on as things that define me, so my faith is it. But really, in the last week, something has shifted. something that i have waited & prayed for & hoped would happen. I'm feeling comfortable in my own skin, in my faith and so sure that God is in control :)

I feel that I have spiritual experiences every day - my daughter's laugh - a beautiful sunset - a pretty flower. I try to live my life so that I am the best person I can be at every moment. I usually fail, but I try. I also try to listen to those "things" around you that try to guide you in the right direction. Are they G-d or those who have passed on? I don't know but I try to listen.

For the first time since I was 12, my answer to this question is No. And I believe this lack of the spiritual my be killing me.

Read a bit about Hindu mythology, and having spent a year in Auroville, was exposed to many different spiritual beliefs. Also watched a coupla documentaries on parallel universes, besides reading a very interesting article (like Contact by Carl Sagan) and exposed to Buddhism. All these and some other experiences have helped me come up with a very basic structure for what I believe in and started me on an interesting journey of discovery about the evolution of self and the human race.

I have 250 experiences with spirits and few profects dreams, Dream with jesus, etc... with dimentions, other planet, My last experience I so my self out of the planet, from the left side I soo a meteorite came to the earth. I believe in diferents projecctions on the same time, is depend what we believe. / flight inside the body mind and emotions. How this affect my life, sense my three years I have extrasensorial experience, Is a new information inside costums difeferences experiences.

Sense I was three years I have untill now 200 experiences, with entities, prophet dreams, flight inside the human body, mind, the emotion body. Dream with jesus, been on other planet, been on two countrys on the same moment. Been on four dimension with my father. Mys guides healing my body at same times. Been out the planet, and see a meteorit on the left side, crashing earth. this was my last experience. That make me understand who am why am.

Because the question states that artistic and cultural experiences count, I'm going to say that my spiritual experience was getting back into belly dancing. I was anxious about how belly dancers in Miami would be, but the first day the instructor laid out that she expected us to be friends and treat each other (and the dance) with respect. I can't say exactly why it's important to me, but it definitely is. It's the one thing that I refuse to skip unless absolutely necessary and I felt so proud yesterday when I tested into advanced level.

No, but I live in hope :)

Watching cheetahs on safari in South Africa. Just reminded me once again that humans are the least majestic of the animal kingdom and the most destructive.

Religious Spiritual: I've had more up and downs with God and religion this year than I can count. I've gone from hating God, to not even believing in God. To wondering if he even exists, to being afraid of him. Then wondering how much I dissapoint him. And then finally, believing. And loving. And feeling loved by my Daddy in Heaven. :) artisticaly: this year, my writing has been better than it ha ever been. It's been mostly depressing, but it's better than the crap I used to write:)

I am not a particularly spiritual person. Although the twins' baby blessing was certainly a moving experience for me - but for me it was the love and warmth of the people there that moved me, not anything to do with god.

Getting my priorities in order of family and close friends and spending time with myself.

I believe that I have always been a spiritual person, but admittedly, this year my spirituality has been narrowed down quite a bit. Although I consider mself to be a creative individual, I like to write, make jewellery, enjoy art and music...I found myself wanting to paint after my exceptional experience in the US. I returned home in 2008 and for some reason I had this incredible urge to paint....so i did, and the outcome was magnificent. I am no Van Gogh, but for someone who has been painting for a year and a half, i am very proud of the work that i have accomplished. More importantly, I have narrowed down my religious spirituality. Upon my daughter being born in December 2009, i found it really important for my daughter to learn about God, The Bible and the effect it has had on her parent's lives. I attend church in both a catholic church and a Pentacostal Church. these are both churches that her mother and father have grown up in. It is very important to me that my daughter develop her spirituality as it is an opportnity to develop her beliefs in and about the world we live in. Over the past 3 years I personally have developed culturally and have had a much more developed sense of myself, my place in the world as a woman, as a minority, in both my personal and my professional life. It is without a doubt I have grown spiritually the most within the last year and a half.

For three nights after my friend Beth died in August, the sky was cloudy and dull, and there were no stars. On the fourth night, when my friends and I were beginning to come to terms with our loss, the sky cleared and a few bright stars twinkled above us. I remain convinced that the two brightest stars in the sky were Beth, and my father, who died 7 years ago, watching over us still.

No, but have wished for such.

I've started going to mass more regularly with my boyfriend. Being raised outside the church, it has given me perspective on both the wonderful, warm, inviting, community oriented nature of church that I feel I've missed out on and the close-minded, punitive, fear-mongering side I've always known I don't want in my life.

Spiritually, I felt the presence of G-d while I was Jerusalem. There was so much peace that covered me. It was beautiful. I also experienced Him complete a promise for me, after much fasting and praying and having faith that He would be faithful. My life dream has begun and has only been done through Him.

I had to be caregiver for a parent who was in the hospital with an injury. It was really the first time I had to take care of a parent...

I fell in love... and now I'm at the point of learning to make relationship a spiritual practice. It's easy in the beginning--in the ecstatic phase. Then doubt sets in and the real spiritual practice begins...

When we got married, that was a pretty spiritual experience. Never in my life have I felt so present, so "in the moment", so aware. As a result, I felt more connected to my to-be-husband, to our family and friends gathered to witness our union, to the amazing natural environment in which our wedding took place.

for someone who has always strived to get out of myself, I had a moment when I experienced a glimpse of what it's like to go into myself, I felt complete and finally realised that my god was deep within me and not up in the stars somewhere out of reach... it was a lovely feeling. :-)

Almost every day! This year has been a tough one for my faith, being stretched and tested to the limit, but leaving me with the certainly that God is there, waiting to be known, even though his representatives might make him look a bit bad now and then!

I learned that being happy with and in myself is a great deal more satisfying than any number of public accolades or admirers.

I found religion again. I was a Pagan Witch as a teen, but lapsed, mostly because of what other people would think. Now I'm a grown up, I realise that it was right for me after all. I know who I am now.

passover this year was different for myself and my mum as we invited a couple of non-jewish friends round to share 1st night with us and they said it was an inspiration to them

That time I tried the whole crouching on the ground, breathing heavily then standing up and blowing on my thumb. That was weiiiiiiird.

Well in means of cultural I did French exchange, I found that rather enlightening, seeing things from a new culture and perspective is interesting.

I've had so many, I can hardly imagine a day when I haven't had a spiritual experience! Sitting on a bench, by a stream, in a nearby woods, just sitting. forgetting time and space, or that there was even another person sitting next to me. It's been a year like that, moments in the midst. All of it spiritual, a wrenching open, an awakening, to self and spirit.

we have a new pastor at church and his sermons really challenge and inspire me. every week i feel very introspective about what he says. i feel like he's speaking right to me, challenging me to change my thinking, work harder to be a disciple of Christ, to show my friends and fellow Americans what it means to share Jesus: to have love for your neighbors and peace in your heart, compassion for the poor , and to reserve judgment for yourself instead of judging others.

I became vividly aware of aspects of myself, both good and not so good, that I needed to affirm more and work on more, respectively.

Thinking about becoming a bone marrow donor, which will happen in a few weeks, has been a challenging and exhilarating spiritual experience on many levels.

Meeting "the nuns", old unmarried ladies that live together, inviting people to do "cleanings" and work as mediums to solve issues. Very religious but not quite in the traditional way. Seeing and experiencing that was both appealing and scary. Made me think if really some things are written in stars or we start following the directions what people like these say to us. I still don't know the answer.

My inner voice let me know that I have been too controlling and that I needed to surrender and let things go that are beyond my control. To just control myself and not others or events around me. I'm learning, not quite there yet.

I guess i have been thru a number of experiences this year that could broadly be termed spiritual. these would include: - the whole period of not having work and trying to find work - the time spent working at Blonde and then the somewhat stressful departure from there. - the making of the three short videos that started with the one i made while working at Blonde. Funny, now that i looked back on it, the Blonde experience was an intensely negative time for me, but i view it now as a spiritual time in a sense. what we view as bad for us, is often good in ways we don't know and don't always understand, at least while it is happening to us.

Religious clashing between two of my friends who are decent people confirmed my disbelief in religion and god. I am proudly an atheist thanks to them.

The only experience I had this year that was closest to a spiritual one was attending a memorial service for one of my college friends that committed suicide in March. My friend and I flew all the way out to San Francisco to attend because we knew how important it was for both of us to say goodbye. The service was packed with people from all of her walks of life, and a lot of our friends from school came from all over the country, to do the same thing that we did, show our respects and say goodbye to a friend we never thought would slip away like this. It was an extremely hard day, but in that church, somehow we all felt connected to her, through her family and friends and it was very moving. I've never had to say goodbye to a friend like that and it really taught me that I need to keep in touch with friends and the people I love because you really never know what can happen tomorrow.

I haven't had any spiritual experiences this past year.

I'm in the midst of a spiritual awakening...if one can be aware of it as it's happening. So many changes, enlightenments, awarenesses - with every new experience, I am spiritually connecting myself to the universe more. Although I am nearing the end of my earthly years, I am more alive and awake than I have ever been.

Continuuing my breathing practice and feeling closer to "The Breath of Life."

I've thought about investigating other religions. Like catholic and jewish. Most bc they're the oldest religions. I know a bit about them, but not a whole lot.

I grew to accept the idea that I shouldn't be guilted into a religion for fear of burning in hell, and accepted my own belief in life after death.

I have found my most personal and basic truth -- that I do not need any intermediary between myself and God, no leader, no preacher, no pretenders. This is my authentic 'I-Thou' relationship and all the world's religions have become so intertwined with money and power that they only serve to keep humanity separated from one another and competing for their 'true' God. He/She is in all of us. We are all so intimately interconnected and are allowing the negative aspects to keep us disconnected and at odds. WE ARE FAMILY, ALL OF US

I have to say no.

I have had many spiritual experiences this year involving music and dance. I played recorder in a small orchestral group to celebrate Israel's Independence Day, sang in a choir that sung a beautiful "kedusha" in 5 part harmony, and sang in a women's a cappella group that gave weekly performances at local nursing homes. I also participated in Israeli dance classes on a weekly basis during the year. Each of these experiences was a concrete example of how people "playing" in harmony can create a thing of beauty.

I'm not sure if this counts, but in terms of friendships that I've discovered and rediscovered, things have evolved and I've had a couple of defining moments. One friend moved away, I've met some people who I have instantly connected with and who have influenced me more than I would've thought for the short amount of time I've known them. The last year has helped me classify my friendships and shown me who are my closest friends. This clarity has helped me be happy with who I have in my life, and to me, that is really spiritual.

This past year I have become much more of a Skeptic and it reading articles and watching documentaries and shows such as Penn and Tellers Bullshit has helped me think more rationally, critically and logically about near every aspect of my life. I now question a lot of things and this has not only broadened my mind and made me more knowledgeable about certain subjects but it has also brought forward a whole community of people who are enthusiastic about learning and science. Along with my new Skeptical views I have also become more libertarian in my political views and I have really found happiness in skepticism and the community which surrounds it.

I celebrate a connection with my Guru, Neem Karoli Baba who I feel watches over me and my family. Everything is a spiritual experience if that is where you are residing, whatever else is happening in your life. I see myself as a spiritual being having a human experience not visa versa.

At my niece's Bat Mitzvah, I was very aware of my mother, of how proud and happy she would have been to have lived to see that day. It made me upset and I had to give the first Aliyah. I wanted to call out strongly, to honor my mother, to honor and bolster my niece, and because a room full of people were looking at me. I kept crying before the Torah service, and told myself to dig deeper, to the joy my mom would have felt, though she would have cried too. When the time came, I recited the prayer clearly and with strength. Later my older brother told me he saw my mother's face looking out through mine.

No, I haven't.

I was specifically called "a miracle". This reminded me how intelligent our bodies are, and how there is a spirit that works through us.

In the last year, I've become less spiritual religiously, but more spiritual with regards to how I view myself. I'm not sure how to explain it but I know I've changed because of it.

Sadly, I don't think I have. I believe I've drifted "off" somewhere, not purposely, of course...but off just the same. I am not feeling the same closeness with God as I did in times past. I know HE did not move, so it has to be ME that's slipped. I can't seem to get into study, disciplined study, like I once did. I also can't seem to find a church "home base" either. Part of that is b/c of David's reluctance/resistance to any organized service. Why don't I go without him? I am not sure. I tend to have all great intentions to go...but here I sit on a Sunday morning at 10:20, not going anywhere.

I can;t say that I have. Life is great in that I'm not surrounded by anything emotionally draining and strenuous. No deaths, no births, no struggles with disease. One thing I am realizing is how much work comes to mind first when answering these questions. It's not my wife, or my family, but work. I want that to change. I want my family to be the first thing I think of, and the last. I have to get moving on making that change.

I guess in an artistic sense... I've lost the ability to want to create for a living. Not that I feel like a sellout but I just can't create on the spot like I thought I could. It's really upsetting and makes me want to persue a new career.

My new routine—a daily 2-hour hike through the woods towards work—has significantly changed my outlook and well-being. For this atheist, being in nature is the closest thing to religion I experience. It has grounded me. It has made me feel whole again. It has made me realize who I really am and what I really want in life: to leave this corporate life behind and live a life closer to nature.

Working at a God, but not religion, based summer camp in the beautiful North Carolina mountains has helped me to realize many things about myself. It has allowed me realize my own spirit and confirm my own beliefs as well as notice the beauty of the world around me in close proximity. Nothing gets more spiritual than that.

One evening, sitting in Siena with a glass of wine and the most delicious pizza ever, watching the light shift along the stone buildings of the plaza and further into the ancient jumble of the city, watching families, friends, lovers stroll around and across the scallop shell of Il Campo, solitary for perhaps the first time in a week or more, a feeling of contentment slowly, softly, dropped over me along with the dusk. i can feel it still.

I had an incredible spiritial experience at the Taj Mahal in India in Februrary this year. Walking through the gate with the Taj in the background just overwhelmed me. Standing there just brought tears to my eyes. Had there not been thousands of people there I could have just sat there for hours and cried. The feeling was spiritual, almost on a religious scale - despite me being atheist. The cultural aspect was equally spiritual. An amazing experience - probably the most emotional feeling of my life related to a building. Far more spiritual/emotional - than when i visited the 9/11 site.

Through my travels I have realised that, you have to go to the other side of the world to realise why home is so special. It's like the saying, "you don't realise what you're missing until it's gone."

yes.i meditate and i get very close to god and discovering who i am.im not religious but i am spiritual and i believe in a god of my understanding

Just being in my current job and realising I'm a far more spiritual and artistic person than I suppose I thought. I love children and learning and I think I've realised what I think is really important.

Hmm... no, not really. I mean, I've been drawing a lot this year, but I don't know if that counts as spiritual. But there was a time a few months ago where I was having very visual nightmares of ghosts in my room. Well, I'm not sure if they were nightmares, because I really thought I was awake. But the first instance, I woke up to see a man standing on my bed. I screamed and he was gone. The second instance, I woke up and thought my mom was coming in to scare me -- there was a lady coming straight for me, her eyes wide and her hand outstretched. I gasped, and she was gone. The third instance, I looked up and there was a woman in a high Victorian collar, walking up near my ceiling, and she went straight through the wall and into the backyard. I was probably dreaming all of those...

The last time I went (begrudgingly) to church, I had an anti-spiritual experience. I completely disagreed with the sermon and left angry, yet satisfied, since I had well-supportable reasons behind my own beliefs. Also, basically any time I think about the scope of the universe, life, or existence in general, it gets pretty spiritual.

Going through the mikveh. I stayed coated in mikveh water for nearly 24 hours. I felt a lot of the bad in my life had been washed away and that old wrongs had been corrected.

Not really a spiritual experience but I've started to see the world in a different light. I have seen that the human race isn't as bad as I thought it was and that the world we live in is unbelievably beautiful.

Daniel sent me an article he read, not by itself earth-shaking, but in his email to me he said, "I love you and thank you for all the things you have taught me along the way." For a moment I was overcome -- I really do believe my two sons and the way they are living their lives is my greatest monument and my gift to this world. But to have it recognized -- through that lovely gift of words -- by Daniel at the moment moved my heart.

My life the last 3 years has been a spiritual journey as I have opened up to all that is possible when opening your sights and sense to the almighty being of the universe and actually listen to what you are being told. All of the answers of life big and small are within us. I have had God speak to me. Messages than come through the voice of reason in my head, the feeling in my gut, the song onthe radio, opening a book at just the right place to deliver the message that I need that moment. The passing of my Baby Bonce, and then seeing hom out of the corner of my eye. The people I meet at the just the right time and place, the order of universe that if I believe all is well. The peace I have

Visitations from my Father...he died February 19,2008 but he comes to me. Usually leaves the door open when he does. Quite a comfort to me...he comes less often than he did at first but that may be because I need him less or that he is less restless. I like to think that he misses me and my Mother but that he does approve of how we live without him.

A defining moment in time when I was notified of my daughter's car accident. When I finally got a chance to see her in the ER I knew her "guardian angel" had been with her. It was verified when I got the full story and saw pictures of the car afterwards...she was supposed to have been sitting on the side of the car that was destroyed. If she had been, she would have died! It reaffirmed my faith in angels...

Most of my spirituality has always been through music, sometimes the tune, sometimes the lyric, sometimes both. And it's always a song different from what I usually like that has this effect.

I eschew the word "spiritual." I've enjoyed many wonderful cultural and artistic encounters in the last year, including concerts by various excellent musicians. The Seattle Symphony and the Seattle Art Museum have been the location of some. These have moved me.

It almost seems cliché but during my trip to India I got to talking to an Indian person interested in Europe. We told him about how things went in Holland and Europe. After that he told us about things in India and how great the respect to their parents was. It was kind of mind-opening, I never looked at it that way. I love my parents and respect them but the way he talked about respecting your mother and doing anything to thank her for putting you on the world, withknowing that there is nothing bigger than birth. They way he talked to us made me respect my parents more.

I'm training for a marathon and i'm running farther than i ever have before. spiritual is a way of describing the effects of one of these 20miler or 22miler doozies... during the toughest parts of the run your brain turns against your heart, tries to convince you to cut it short, cheat the miles or just quit. it surprises me every time the thoughts creep in but they always do. you wrestle them, your body starts to hurt and your mind gains favour from your legs and stomach, but your heart stays clear and determined. as the battle continues you start to realize that your almost done, your on mile 19 and so close to home. your brain shuts up, having lost and your heart fills your body with this magical power to pick up the pace and sprint for home. you survive and you float. these battles have strengthened my resolve to make it through this trivial time in my life where i'm stumbling to find my path to a new career. when all looks heavy i have the miles to lift me.

Nothing I can recall - don't get about much!

I'm closer to understanding and believing in God. My teachings have been through books, yoga classes, and the ashram I've been visited once every couple of months. Gaining a deeper spiritual understanding has brought greater peace of mind, focus and meaning to my life.

I have been working as a Chaplain. It is when I am in a hospital room with a family who is losing someone or fearful of the outcome of medical treatment or simply beginning to recognize the changes that will be occurring in their lives because of disease or injury that I feel close to G!d. It is because, as a chaplain, I bring G!d's presence into the room whether explicit words of prayer are spoken or not.

I am losing my faith in the Catholic church. I believe in God and all His power, I just do not believe the church is representing HIM in the right way. Money seems to be the ruling factor with the church. They ask for more money at mass, and our rectory has a $6,000.00 crystal chandelier in the foyer. Couldn't that money have been spent helping those in need? Whatever happened to vows of poverty? We recently visited Rome and St. Peter's Basilica. That building alone could probably wipe out world hunger. I believe God is everywhere. I speak to Him during the day and I pray to Him at bedtime. I do not believe I must sit in a church for Him for hear me.

Yes, from the warmth and beauty of the colors and people of Crete to the glow of sunflowers in Flagstaff. The birth of a grand daughter as well as time with parents and children, it all pointed to the increadable spiritual nature of life. The deep human connection and natural beauty of this big blue planet are purely a delight to my soul.

Each book cover I design is a spiritual experience. At times I doubt I can pull it off and feel a creative void, I pray, I'm inspired, I design.

To be honest the most spiritual experience took place on the night of the new year- at 2 in the morning, when my grandson was born. Something magical, like going through a portal. It was a full moon, astrologically significant in other ways. There is still a magic about him, even eight months later- if I hadn't believed in past lives before, I would now. Looking at his newborn face you could see that his body may have been from his mother and father but the essence- the soul, or whatever you want to call it- was way beyond just the biological. Reminds me of when my mother died- she was dead but the feeling was strong that she was aware of me in the room, although at the moment of her death I hadn't been present.

I realized that mindfulness and following some Buddhist teachings works for me. And I don't have to clear some bar of being "good enough" or "spiritual enough" to start practicing it.

I've realized that my artistic talent is in direct connection with my Maker, who is the ultimate artist of the universe.

I have been introduced to Pema Chodrun, an American Buddhist monk and read some of her books. I really relate to the Buddhist outlook on life and it's teachings have helped me through some very difficult times. I have even considered going to the Buddhist temple to see what it is like. I have been drawn to Buddhism in the past but never really delved into it like I am now.

no I really haven't have any spiritual experiences this year.

No - unfortunately I am pretty cut off from the spiritual world - by my own choice. I simply don't have time to spend on spiritual issues. And, yes, I know how bad that sounds, and how important it is. But, we all make choices, and they aren't always the best.

I met a man in London. He was tall, blond, and looked like a cross between Jesse Spencer and Michael Pitt. We met every Sunday at a vegan cafe in Camden, and would walk and talk for hours. The first night we met, we both revealed to each other that we had non-human souls-- and to meet another of my kind, so far from home, was absolutely transcendent.

Not being a religious person, and more often than not being offended by the hypocritical actions of most Christians, I find the spiritual in the everyday things; the beauty of nature, the rare sightings of wildlife, and the like. It was dusk, and I walked out to close my front gate. As I approached the gate and looked to the east, there was a large, white cloud sitting low on the horizon above the hills. As I closed the gate and looked up, the cloud itself exploded into bolts of lightning, each bolt contained within the cloud mass and moving every which way to its very edges. It was so incredibly beautiful, and continued on for the longest time. That was my gift from the natural world.

No, nothing in particular this year. My son is 13 and exploring his own faith and beliefs and that has been an interesting journey to share.

I have been reminded that there IS a higher power, named Jesus, for this world.

I saw a bunch of amazing people this year volunteering at a conference for ideas in Toronto. Just being able to watch these people who are making such a difference in the world with what they do was spiritual, gave me a new confidence in people and the human spirit.

I recently participated in a charity barefoot walk with the band Hanson. We walked barefoot for 1 mile in Raleigh, NC. Doing the walk and hearing the brothers talk about children in Africa really made me more aware of what is happening outside my safety bubble. It really inspired me to do something. I feel like I found my calling: I want to become a volunteer doctor for those who need it most.

Seeing my new baby born- really seeing it (I watched the C-section fairly intently)- was as intensely spiritual an experience as I've ever had. Here you have a major, bloody, abdominal operation- and out of it, new life.

Took a meditative, prayerful walk in Baltimore, by a body of water in January, after Haiti's earthquake had swallowed up my amazing humanitarian friend - but no one yet knew at that point what had happened to him. We all prayed that he had survived. The entire small lake where I walked had frozen over, but still had the appearance of rushing movement, particularly where it dipped and circled around a large stone that was on the water's surface and that I'd never seen there before. It looked for all the world like time had frozen in place - paralleling what seemed to have happened for those buried in Haiti's rubble. Then two V-formations of geese flew close together in the distance, forming what looked like a "W", my friend's first initial. I wanted to interpret all of that as a sign that he was still alive, but we learned much later that he had perished on the day of the earthquake. Were those signs for me of his passing and saying farewell? I like to think so, far-fetched and absurd as it may seem.

watching my 2 year old daughter develop language, love and life.

For the past three years I have been depressed. This may seem like an exageration or the statment of an iritating pesimist but it is true. Tose three years consisted of going to high school, experiancing social humilation and exclusion, and also a smattering of bullying. This is reason enough for a teenage girl to become depressed, not to mention my venture into becomeing a belemic and vicous verbal fights with my mother. I can say for certain that in those three years I had not felt happy once. However this summer something changed. Perhaps it was the fact that I was excited for university or that I was enjoying living with my Dad and hanging out with my sister, but I began to feel happy. One day as my family and I sat around the shabbat candles, singing our prayer, I had a moment of revalation. For the first time in three years I was perfectly happy. I felt no depression or sadness just joy and love. From that moment on I made a deal, or promise, to myself that no matter what the circumstances I would try to feel purely joyful every day. I do realize that this is an impossible feat, as sometimes one does need to feel low, but if I try to be optimistic, and not wallow, as I did during my high school years, there is a possibility that those moments of depression will become few. *Side note: I'm not sure if this qualifies as spiritual. Also I am quite aware how cheesey this sounds, but sometimes thats life!

I've found myself being even more aware of nature and taking the time to step outside, look around and breathe. It's the best blessing there is.

I've been confronted more times than I can think with the differences between my religion, ELCA Lutheranism, and Catholicism. Rather than making me feel conflicted between what my school was teaching me, it made me feel even more grounded in my beliefs.

I've kind of discovered a sixth sense within myself. Sometimes I'll look at an object in the morning; lets say my jacket, on a perfectly sunny day. I'll stare at it for a moment without any reason at all, then go out to college. By the end of the day, when I get off the bus and walk home, its pouring down with rain and I'll be soaked through, because I didn't lift my jacket.

I've always talked to God a little, but this year it really seems as though He's listening and answering my prayers.

Yes. God sent me back to church for a few weeks, not, I don't think to get me back there permanently, but to tell me some things. Mainly that I am okay- that He and I are okay. That sounds like nothing, but it was a big deal for me. I had been far far far from Him for a long time. I have changed my mind about so much in the last few years, I kind of thought that I had slipped away. Maybe this means that I'm not so wrong afterall, or maybe it just means I really can't be lost.

Feel that writing is what I'm supposed to be doing and I should just trust God to direct me.

Sometimes out of nowhere I am reminded of God's greatness. A sunset, my family or just a starry sky and a quiet moment can remind me of how good life is and makes me appreciate those around me more.

I am constantly questioning the reason for my existence, but this year the existential crisis became particularly severe as I experienced the stripping away of nearly everything I believed defined me as a person: my ability to run, my health, my writing, any kind of worldly success. I am struggling as a shadow of my former self - physically, intellectually, socially - and praying daily for a way out of this oppressive and all-consuming darkness.

I gave a talk at a temple this summer about music. Since it was right before Tisha B'Av, I talked about how I have never gone 30 days without music since I got my first AM radio (I also had to explain what an AM radio was to the the many 14 year olds there) An older woman grabbed me as soon as I was done and told me she had just lost her husband of 62 years a few days before and that they agreed that there should be music during the shiva. They had danced every day of their marriage and music was so important to them. It was an amazing feeling to have said words that connected so deeply with someone. May he rest in peace. May we always find reason to dance.

Watching a short film about an aging poet succumb to Alzheimer's. The loving eye of the camera, which captured the irreversible senescence, made me hopeful that even as I approach death, lose all my powers, I can still believe in our inherent dignity.

had a sudden realisation of who my true friends are, and the ones that i'll stay close to rather than just howling 'we'll never loose touch'. standing in a cubicle with my two best friends in a toilet at school, crying stupid amounts makes you realise who WAS in that cubicle and who wasn't.

I was praying in church, in front of the Tabernacle, and I was having a really hard time figuring out what to say in my prayer. I'd been having an upsetting, emotional time of my life and I needed some way to handle it. So I was just sort of staring, when suddenly I realized that I just need to TRUST in God. I realized that I had been trying to do everything all on my own because I didn't really trust that God was looking out for me and had a plan for me. It was a huge revelation to me. Working on my trust in Christ has helped a lot.

I think, again, it had to do with the transition of our company, as people left and the company became more caring. For me, it's not just a place to work, I really care and take pride in the work that I do. Also, every time one of my patients thanks me, it's honestly a spiritual experience because being able to affect anyone's life, even in the most minimal way, is the best feeling in the entire world.

Ha - what a hideously worded and vaguely offensive question. Does that say enough about my spiritual experiences? I suppose I have had the "secular spiritual experience" of being more artistic...nah, sorry, cannot write this kinda crap. Next!

No spiritual experiences. Not a very spiritual person.

Not one particular experience, but I've felt more drawn to open a spiritual door this year. I believe its related to my new commitment to my core beliefs which began with the election. Feeling that my values are at odds with so much of the population has made me turn to them more.

I really don't know what 'spiritual' means and I find it a very cliche term. Whenever I hear it (especially within the context of "Oh, I'm not religious, but I'm spiritual") it's always a struggle not to roll my eyes. Which is wrong, I know, because it does mean something real to the people who say it. But what I hear it to mean is that they don't belong to a congregation, or if they do they're not very involved, and that they prefer to just pick and choose what tenents of a religion they follow. That's not a great explanation. What I really mean is that they're very wishy-washy about religion in general. 'Spiritual' is just an easy catch-all, get-out-jail-free card that you can play without really thinking deeply about it. That's what I hear it to mean: that it's someone who fell of the organized religion bandwagon, but didn't have the time/inclination to think deeply about their new religious position. Which is totally unfair, I know. In a way I did the same thing. But for me it was a struggle and I had a hard time with it for a long time before I came to a place of peace about it with myself. So why should I assume that others did not do the same?

I would say if anything, I have become further convinced there is no higher power, or at least not the kind believed in by every major religion. Nothing that has happened has lead me to believe otherwise.

meeting Kriszti and overcoming my fears. got to know the bene gesserit litany against fear _ face my demons. learn philosohy. finding my parallel. having fights with materialists.

The opening ceremony at the michigan womyn's music fest. i was prepared for something super lame in the spirit of all opening ceremonies. I was sitting there right at the front, waiting for it to begin, ready to roll my eyes at all the sincerity of these women who cried too easily and hugged for 5 whole minutes, when all of a sudden I look up and hundreds and hundreds of dragonflies are flying directly above our heads. I don't know if it was the electricity, or the sincerity or both, combined with something I'd never yet experienced. It was magical, my hairs stood on end and when the performance began I was open enough to pay attention and it was beautiful. It made me cry -no mean feat in the year I taught myself to stop crying.

Since I'm working on increasing my healing skills, I am trying to see everything as a spiritual experience. But doing Brian Whetten's Selling by Giving and working one on one with Scott Molluso gave me the ability to clean up some baggage and create a structure so I was more effective in helping people. It's fascinating that practical can be spiritual.

I went on a retreat called Antioch with the Catholic student center on my campus. I can't even describe how it changed me--it was where I made most of my best friends at college and it formed bonds that can't be broken because they were formed by God and his word. The thing that made all the difference was that it was planned and led by other students who were on fire for their God.

I think I have struggled somewhat spiritually this year. I have faced challenging situations in the secular realm - professional and financial primarily - and I don't think I've been as committed to a spiritual solution, or even perspective, as I could/should have been.

Exploring how exercise has helped me deal with stress and my weight is the most spiritual experience of my year. My consistent walking routine is basically spiritual when I see the results.

I went to see a psychic it was pretty spiritual. For a while it made me see I have all the potential in the world and all I can be but I lost touch of that and should probably tap into it again.

Recently, we went to a fieldtrip in our History subject. There was this painting in the GSIS Museum called A Parisian Life made by Juan Luna and the lecturer told us about the 3 interpretations of the said painting. The 3rd really rocked me the most. It was made by UP students and you can see that the perspective really lies on the point of a plane completely different from mine.

My most spiritual experience this year has been to change the Spirit of my lifestyle. I had been leaving in a busy city, not much space for anything besides work and hard partying. I'm in a different geographical and mental place. I am building for my future. In 10 years I will harvest the fruit of my efforts. There won't be a lost decade.

I've had so many over the past couple of years, all related to my practice of meditation, but sitting with and watching our cat die of old age over a period of a few days was a particularly spiritual experience, both humbling and inspiring.

My dad going through chemo. He once had a panic attack during the summer when I was with him by myself and he kept saying he was going to die. I'll never forget that as long as I live

I converted myself to Christianity, at first just for a friend, then I realized that I did it for myself too. It was the most uplifting experience of my life.

Learning to meditate and doing it regularly. Doing a forgiveness exercise and having my mum drop multi coloured rose-petals on me. Having my first psychic experience. Making a fantastic friend who I can talk to about all these things... See a photo of myself with the outline of a mother & child in the shadows....

I've had many spiritual experiences- many in nature, where I always feel especially connected to something bigger than myself. Also with music, reading great literature, hearing Andrea Gibson spoken word pieces and listening to that for hours rather than studying for my Israeli lit test just because it was so thrilling. I've had spiritual moments at Jewish services in Tyumen Siberia and 3 blocks from where I live now in Eastern Market. I've felt deep peace sitting with my family at home or in St. Martin. There has been a lot- but one experience doesn't stand out.

Hate to keep on the theme here, but the bris for my grandson was the most spiritual experience I have had in a long time. I was just overwhelmed with tears as I realized he was continuing a tradition that was larger than our family, but also part of our family. I could not stop crying.

I began doing mindfulness exercises, which led me to find an inner peace that I have never experienced before. Finding inner peace allowed me to start believing that a higher power could exist.

Nope. Not one.

When I read a poem at my great grandmother's funeral service. The entire room was crying and I felt such a spiritual tug on my heart I couldn't ignore it. It was an experience I'll never be able to forget, not that I would want to.

I have really gotten into the calming and wonderfulness of tea over the past year. I started a blog on tea (http://amazonv.blogspot.com/) and drink tea daily.

i have found alot artistically this year, broaden my knowledge on artists, i also had a moment where i was watching the audience in a concert and when the strobe light hit at the chorus you saw all of them with there hands in the air. a true moment of unity and community. it made me happy

Continued yoga workouts, reading and therapy all contine to point out the necessity to incorporate balance on the continually changing journey. In december I was inspired by a necklace that had a sanskrit word Maitri-unconditional love and compassion for oneself and thus for others. I wanted suddenly to create a piece of art for my body, this word combined with the lotus. The lotus grows from the muck, out of the dark to the light and is a continual symbol of rebirth. Thanks to james he combined these two ideas into a beautiful tattoo on the nape of my neck. A reminder to myself always!

I went to England this summer. for 3 weeks, I've always wanted to go to england because I've always felt a strong connection to england and america and the english language, it's like I was supposed to be born American instead of being swedish...I got some answers to questions that I've been searching for years, and I see things much clearer now, I know now who I am more then I did before..

My mother, father, sister and brother have all passed away. My mother was 44, father, 54, sister, 52 and brother 58. When I turned 54 this year, I realized that I was 3/4 the way there. It is a little weird to have as a goal to live past 58, but that is where I am. I try to live a healthy life, but in the event I don't get out of the way of that bus, I also try to enjoy the moment and surround myself with the people I love.

In Alaska, seeing the sunset and the moon rise at the same time form different sides of the boat. Very interesting feeling being near the top of the world

Getting deeper and deeper into kirtan and the concerts have been amazing. I think hearing Deval Premal singing the Moolah Mantra for the first time was the most ethereal I had ever felt..it is getting to be a larger and larger part of my life..I turn to it when there are obstacles (Ganesha) when I am happy when I need comfort when I need to feel connected to others. Krishna Das was so amazing he reaches right into my soul..

I attended three or four Al-Anon meetings last winter and that reacquainted me with the serenity prayer. Although I am not a believer in a single-entity spirit, I do believe in the power of the spirit to channel us in better directions and to open us to life and others. The Serenity Prayer speaks to me of taking responsibility for the things that I can influence, of letting go of the things that I cannot reasonably expect to control, and of taking the time to realize that, in fact, I cannot control others. It is also valuable to help me realize that worry is usually not productive; far better to put energy into actions that are likely to be productive than to waste it on things that are not!

I went to a Jewish meditation retreat, and simply... laughed with God. It was at a big moment of professional/career path decision, life path really, and I thought I would be Deciding and Coming Clear... and all God and I did was laugh together.

I am not one who believes in much beyond scientific fact. No afterlife, no "fate", and I certainly struggle with my belief in God. But this year, I certainly did have an experience that seemed other-worldly. My dear friend Alan was in a 10-car pileup on the 101 freeway in L.A. You know, the kind that shuts down roads for hours and is on the news all night. Except this time, I didn't care about the traffic impacts .... the "critically injured" was my friend and the "one fatality" was his 19-year old passenger. I went to visit him at the neuro-ICU at UCLA. The staff and family let me go into the room to visit him. It was "mission control" like I had never seen. Alan was hooked up to so many wires and machines. He had brain swelling, broken bones, was on a ventilator, was in a coma ... no one knew if he would live and if so, with what capacities. But .... "he was there." I say it like that because even though he was hardly recognizable, "he was there." I felt his presence, his spirit, his aura. Alan was in the room. I left totally convinced that he would be okay. I don't know why, because he would be in a coma for months. His recovery would be slow, he would lose vision in one eye, and would never regain full movement on his left side. But ... Alan was there. His stories came back, his sense of humor, his feisty attitude. Now, seven months later, Alan is back. I often wonder if what I felt that day at UCLA was just blind hope. Or maybe it was relief that I recognized my friend when I was prepared for the worst. But I know in my heart that what I felt that day was deeper. I really did sense his presence, his spirit. I really think that he spoke to me that day, from wherever he was.

I think that the closest thing I've had to a spiritual experience this year would be meeting Thomas. He is the first boyfriend that I've had that I wanted to go through the bad times with andpush past the arguments. I feel that my relationship with him is a true reflection of where I am in my life and how much I have matured. Still a bit to go but o can see a future in my life now and not just a present.

The installation of our new pastor was spiritual - I feel a new beginning for our church and for me.

I was in New Mexico this year near Cloud Croft. I spent a week in the mountains in a guest house and the owner was a massage specialist that did "clearings". During a 2.5 hour massage he did some "body work" which caused me to cry (a lot). Trying to heal from an 18 year relationship and having so many issues of anger and resentment, etc has been very hard. Whatever the massage therapist did to me in the mountains of N.M. evoked many tears of grief allowing me to re-frame some issues and possibly open some doors to healing. In many ways it was a spiritual awakening.

I watched a video that showed how sports reacted after 9/11 and it never fails to move me. Seeing the nation come together and seeing these tough football players crying on the field was a spiritual revelation in itself.

I think that incubating and birthing a child was the most spiritual experience I've had this year. I feel like my answers are redundant - nearly everything has had to do with having a baby, but it is such a profound experience and significant life change that my life seems to revolve around it. I have a very close friend who miscarried twice during my pregnancy. My ability to carry and give birth to a healthy baby has confirmed my belief in a God who has a plan for all of us. God doesn't prevent us from experiencing pain but at the same time, He is a gracious God.

I don't think I had an spiritual experiences but I do think I brushed close to some - the churches and the ruins in Rome, the ricotta tarte I ate in the Jewish Quarter there, Dana's amazing attitude throughout her cancer, Deb's fortitude, Polar's care and recovery, having my first vegetable garden, and having my relationship with my mother shift in a wonderful way.

Any day that I have a warm and positive encounter with my teenage son is a spiritual experience.

I think the biggest spiritual realization I had was that I am my own person who is responsible for myself. As an adult person, it is the things that I do and the choices that I make--not anyone else's-- that affect the outcome of my life. I realized this year that I had internalized my mother's fatalistic/predestined view of life-- she was always saying things like, "if it's meant to be, it's meant to be" and "oh, that's totally a sign". I think that her dissatisfaction with how her life turned out made it easier for her to place blame on someone other than herself and her choices. It's sad, because in the end, she made some really bad decisions as a result. Life can be scary, and I understand why people turn to religion and mysticism-- when you think that a higher power is guiding you, it relieves you of any responsibility for your actions and choices. Personally, I think that every choice you make is an opportunity for growth and learning. You WILL make mistakes, but if you learn from them, it's not a waste. Taking responsibility for your choices also gives you the freedom to handle what life throws at you. You can't control what happens to you sometimes, but you can control how you handle it, and how you choose to move forward. I guess that's what some people call grace-- but I think it comes from within, and not from the divine.

Watching the New York Yankees win the World Series for the first time in 10 years was pretty spiritual! I was moved!

I did a yoga class recently that really moved me. I'm not into yoga, never have been and tried it in the past. However, my friend is an instructor and I took a class with my daughter at her home. At the end when she talked about being happy, joyful, being with the universe, it made me realize how fleeting life is and that we are just a speck in time....I felt grateful for being alive.

Spiritual isn't a word I generally like, but I had a few moments this year where I felt like it was bigger than me. I was hiking in Indonesia, and we went to see a baby grave tree. In Tana Toraja, if a child died before it had teeth, they would hollow out a section of a tree and place the body inside it. Over time the tree would seal over. It was tragic and beautiful. It somehow feels warmer to think of those babies being protected and sheltered by the tree, becoming bigger and stronger than would have been possible otherwise. I

I entered into film photography - and photography is going to forever remain a part of my life.

My spiritual experiences come frequently, they are not mind altering but rather consist of small reminders of how precious, how exquisite, is life: the first crocus in spring, a sudden double rainbow after a summer squall, but if I had to choose one moment of spiritual bliss, it would be Delphi. We were there in April, a verdant, vertiginous drive to the summit of the then known world, the center of the known world and I felt as if I were walking the paths with Darius, Alexander the Great, all the Romans and Greeks and Phonecians, Persians, who had come seeking insights, knowledge, answers.

As I was looking at the smallest painting in the entire Tate Modern in London, I was overcome with emotion. The painter's feelings seemed to explode from the canvas, shattering everything in a deafening silence. The whole world disappeared - just the painting and the emotions remained. Art just manages to shake me to my very core.

I had the most spiritual experience this year, I guess. I found God, got "saved", whatever you want to call it, I did it. This will only continue to affect me more with time, as I continue to change myself into the person that God wants me to be.

The closest I've had to a spriritual experience is drumming with Maracatu Estrela do Norte in the Notting Hill Carnival. The repetitive rhythm of maracatu can send you into a trance. With the sounds systems blasting out in front and behind us during the parade, there were times when I thought I could hear angels singing above our drumming.


The closest I've come to a religious experience is when I was going to yoga classes weekly and took one that had chanting in it. The yoga itself was a little too difficult, but I loved the instructor and the chanting was very spiritual. At first I was uncomfortable with the wealthy, snobby people in the class, but to have a bunch of strangers start chanting together was a unique and uniting experience.

Not this year, but since this is the first time I have written anything I will tell about an experience I had 27 years ago. I was driving to work and I saw Father Grey, my Catholic Instructor walking down the street. He had moved away several years before, so I turned my car around to go say Hi. When I pulled my car up beside him and called out "Father Grey" he turned around and it was someone completely different. He was only out of my sight for more than a second when I made the Uturn. I appolized and was a little embarrassed. He looked shocked. He came up to my car and said, "What did you call me?" I said I thought he was someone else and appolized again. He asked again. I said I thought he was a priest that I once knew. He asked me if I was close to that priest. I said he was special to me, he had taught me my lessons. He said, "I don't know how to tell you this, I just came from a call and Father Grey was just killed in an auto accident. I left, went to work and called my husband. I told my husband what had happened and he said I was very lucky to have this experience. Then I realized that Father Grey had left before my last lesson which was on death. I was scared of death. He whispered in my ear at his going away party, "Some way I will finish your last lesson." I learned that lesson well. One year later my brother and his wife were killed in an auto accident. I was so thankful that Father Grey had finished my lesson on death so I was able to cope with my loss.

I have seen God live up to His promise in His word, "Many are the afflictions of the righteous: but the LORD delivers him out of them all." Psalm 34:19. I had my life nearly destroyed three years ago. My then husband, after years of agonizing over his mental illness, became a material threat to my safety -- planning a murder-suicide, where I was the intended murder victim. At that time, I had just been in the hospital with pneumonia. I was therefore too sick to work. I found myself contemplating possible homelessness, needing a court order of protection against a murderous lunatic whom I had promised to love for my whole life, and the thought that I might, as I sincerely had hoped for years, return to school to get a PhD seemed like a permanent impossibility. However, Ha Shem -- glory to His name! -- is faithful. Over three years, I recovered from the difficulties I had faced. I got a job helping others in a medical facility with greater compassion for others due to my experience of my own personal suffering. I met a man who was not crazy, who wanted to marry me and honor me. He told me that he would support me as I got my PhD, that it would be his victory in life as well if I finished my education with a doctorate. We got married earlier this year. I'm getting that doctorate. I have a lovely permanent home. I have a loving family. I have no fear of violence in my household, and I sleep better than I have in years, except when I'm up probing matters related to my intellectual pursuits. I give glory to God for all these victories, who has proven that His written Word is true, that His presence is tangible there, and that He keeps His promises to those who take Him at His Word.

experiencing dollywood with a very dear friend, and two new pretty awesome friends, was a reminder that life is what you make it... and that i have the opportunity to make it pretty fucking awesome

I worked on Rosh Hashanah this year. That didn't feel good. It reminded me to keep balance in my life and to keep everything in perspective. If I don't have a spiritual life, then I'm not living.

I met my birth mother for the first time this year. It was an wholly overwhelming emotional and psychological experience but, regardless of the myriad of feelings I was wading through, there was a very powerful sense of "I know you"... I guess the important people in your life are never forgotten... even if you don't remember meeting them.

When my 2 year old had to have minor surgery on her tear ducts; carrying her into the operating room was the last place I'd expect to feel this way; but in that moment everything seemed quiet; despite her crying... and all the nurses, the doctor, the anesthesiologist: I felt all their energy focused on us and it was so amazing.

I am a spiritual person -- not to be confused with religious, which I am not -- so it would be difficult to pick any one experience that stood out this past year. I strongly believe that we can all attune ourselves to our common spirituality by being kind to each other and all living things, including the planet. There is not enough spiritual awareness in the world today and it is sad; it's much easier to feel and prove spiritual interconnectivity on Earth than it is to try to feel/prove the existence of something or someone extraterrestrial and "other".

The reaformation of my faith and my belief in God and in his powers.

On the first day Rosh Hashannah during Shacharit, I really felt that I had connected. It was a wonderful feeling and I didn't want to leave the 'presence' It was wonderful

Standing in a circle in my backyard while my boyfriend led a ceremony, ushering me out of my life in DC and into my life in California was a spiritual experience for me. I had never felt so loved, surrounded by friends with sparklers in the pitch black.

A dream where I made out with a girl I know and then went on a date with Tamara. I didn't connect the two events until I went on a date with Tamara for real and kissed her at the end of the night. So the dream predicted real life in a way o.O


Watching what happened between very diverse people as the connected (and separated) in a tumultuous process of deciding a synagogue's future. Faith vs Financial Pressure, Worship vs. Entertainment, Prayer vs. Cultural Expression. I watched members face and overcome their fears, really think about and define the place of spirituality/faith in their lives - many for the first time, work together in unity for something they believed in, and more. This process was intense and divisive at times. However, in the end, I saw God in our midst like I never had before and the opportunity for new doors to open as a rich heritage seeks to touch new generations with meaning and purpose. This experience so profoundly moved me that I felt the need to go to mikveh before beginning a new year.

I wouldn't say that I've had any spiritual experiences per se this year, but I do find myself being drawn to reading more spiritual books and having an interest in spiritual topics. I also am incorporating yoga into my weekly routine.

I was sitting at the bedside of my mother, an agnostic who does not believe in any kind of hereafter, as she was recovering from heart surgery. Numerous complications with her breathing and kidneys had occurred and she was a bit out of it due to all the medication she was on. I was holding her hand, feeling deeply concerned, and praying for her. I silently called on her parents, who were remarkably loving and spiritual people: "Bubie, Zaydie, whereever you are, however you currently exist, I need you to come here and help your daughter, intercede on her behalf. And please bring your parents and any other loving ancestors. Please help her." About 30 seconds later my mother, who had barely talked all day, said, "With your hands on me like that, I feel my parents and grandparents in the room."

I about think of any of my experiences as being Spiritual; that term being too often used synonymously with Religious. Using a sufficiently broad definition, however... My dreams have come "closer to the surface". (Maybe it's the medication.) Sometimes this has helped me see the issues that are troubling me in a new light, or have forced me to think about certain things. Sometimes it makes it difficult to distinguish dreams from reality, which can be disconcerting indeed (did I really have that conversation...). And sometimes it leads to an Aha! moment, when something becomes suddenly very clear.

I had several Spiritual experience last year. I will share a bad one and a good one. They happened almost at the same time. I was not on drugs during these experiences. The scary one. I am still trying to explain to myself what it happened or what this all means in a Freudian or Lacanian way to deny the experience itself but it is impossible. I had been in a Sweat Lodge in a small north California community and after that relieving moment I fell asleep in a massage table watching the ocean while I was listening a sweat didgeridoo sound. Still sleepy, I felt I was not alone in my body, I did not wanted to worry or even accept it. But then I had many disturbing experience. During a week, visitors came to meet my every-night at 4 pm and touch my feet. It was a not pleasant experience at all. I was very scary. I have never felt anything like that. I was not dreaming, I was completely awake. I had to change beds and finally move from my guest room to other area of that property. Finally a native American ritual made by local friends help me to recuperate the calm. Even though, I have never return to sleep to that room again. My good and positive spiritual experience happened almost at the same time in a encounter with a human being in that place. Each time that he was present I felt the existence of God around me. It is also very difficult to explain. It was not only a chemical attraction between two human beings, that can be translate lightly as "Flor, you fell in love". No, It was beyond that. It was a sensory experience a realization that we are small existence in history and a point in a universe that is beyond us. During that month I had dreams of being at a shtetlel in Poland with him, in places that I had never been in my life. The following days, a cousin of mine from Israel send me pic from Poland from a small town where my grand mother came from with many pic of that cemetery. Coincidence? I am convinced that between me and him in each meeting there was God surrounding us, supporting us, pushing us in a way to see each other, for an instant. If I accept the idea that each one has a soul, at that time, mine recognize his and felt with the autonomy and with the power to go an connect with his other part, beyond our desires or our internal human thought, beyond our fears or small conversations. The guy, the anonymous person that I hardy knew and get to know; the man that embodies that soul it was not the type of guy that I usually fell in love. He was not in my traditional scale of cuteness. In another context I would not had spend more than two seconds of my energy in a men like him. A men I found arrogant, selfish, stubborn, and insecure. Worst, I thought he was such a player, he annoyed me, but I could not stop feeling captivated by his warm energy. My first language is not English but Spanish. In his presence I lost my languages. I was not able to speak nor English not Spanish. I was completely blank. I felt sorry for Moses, really, it is not fun not being able to speak, even you have though and ideas, realizing your mouth is completely paralyzed and you do not have any power or control on you own body is uncomfortable. It was not that I was nervous, nor confused, I just simple could not speak. I was not in charge. I stayed almost a year trying to explain myself what God wanted from me putting this milestone in my path. I strongly believe that God wanted to teach me, to proof me something. I am still consider that it was the greatest spiritual experience in my life, a story that did not go anywhere or has developed in any direction, but a type of story that is experiential rather than mental. That force me to question myself rather than point me a clear answer. A story that has transformed me in a believer, and gift me with hope, faith, and has moved me from my isolation erasing my cynical and over rational personality. I felt the presence of God those days and it was pleasant full of love, full of compassion and joy. The guy passes moves ahead in his own path but God stays with me, in me.

Yes - a developing relationship with none other than Mary, Mother of Jesus. She began appearing to me during chemo and is still part of my life. Amazing conversations when She appears to me and I think about Her all the time. We share this geography (Israel) and that is nice too. Very un-spiritual in the sense that it is like talking to a GirlFriend. I wonder if it is brain chemistry or how a Jungian would interpret it. She just tranquilised me totally from my worries about the cancer and told me I would survive Discovered the podcast of the Community of S Mary the Virgin from Wantage, Oxon. Lauds and Compline I can pray in Real Time ie morning and night Bought new Book of Common Prayer 1662 after Dad's one fell to bits - one a lovely post-box red and another one in black French morocco. Used them a lot in the radiation therapy. Gorgeous objects both editions Met Colin. Back to my old Sacristy Rat behaviour and hanging out with clergy. So amazing that Amit asked me to decorate the tree at Scottie Hotel in town and there I met him. Lots of fun and frothy. I am useful to him. A use of my Bridging Capabilities between Judaism and Xtianity and a link back to the Presbyterian roots both He will be useful when JSM dies Netta's conversion. Had some good discussions and had to think about a lot. Glad I went public as being proud of her

At the beginning of the year my son had an unexpected massive headache that came out of nowhere. He was out of country and we had to wait several days to see if he could be examined and treated for a suspected aneurysm. The tests came back fine but I prayed and hadn't prayed for 5 years since the death of my father. It felt good to connect again with something larger than myself.

Not really. I wish I did. I feel like a spiritual experience is not up to me. It's not something I can practice for or think real hard about and achieve, in my opinion. But I remain open to the mysteries of our souls and the beauties of how we all interact with each other. Just no revelatory experiences, yet.

Not really.

This year I have come to accept the existence of a higher power. I always felt that there was something greater than myself, but this year I have spent time really clarifying what this presence is, as well as turning my life and my will over to the care of my higher power. It's been very freeing. I now realize that it is not my job to try to control my life or anything in it. I can trust that I will be taken care of no matter what. I know there is a loving force that is watching my every step and protecting me. It has been a slow process, accepting this. and it is making me feel more at peace.

In this forum is a place that I can speak to how spiritual it is for me to raise a child. I would never say this elsewhere, don't talk about it, because I work, I don't want to identify soley as a mother, I don't post about it on facebook, I never talk about this. But watching my son grow is amazing, he grounds me. I am so satisfied with our blessed life and only child. In fact, I miss artistic and cultural experiences.

I have spiritual experiences every day in the wonder of my amazing children. I am thankful and so grateful to God for this.

I did a 6 day Esalen workshop in Big Sur with Miranda Macpherson. I learned that source of all is within me. When my beloved 17 year old dog River died this week, I was reminded that we share an eternal connection, and I can find that inside of me.

I've always had a strong faith in God and have been blessed with answers to my prayers. But for the past couple of months I have been going through a medical challenge and no matter how hard or often I've prayed, a cure hasn't occurred yet. It reminds me of an old saying I heard, "Faith isn't faith until it has been tested." Well, mine is being tested now. But, no matter how discouraged I feel, I refuse to give up. I know God will come through for me.

When I think of spiritual, I think of God. I talk to God every night, and have been reading the Bible a lot lately (mainly Psalms). God is my friend, I tell him everything. He's guided me and blessed me this past year when I needed it the most. But this year I'll need it even more. Life is very hard, but I have God who believes in me, and I've always believed in him.

I just experienced my step father dying. We were all there and it felt like time stood still. Two and 1/2 days seems like a month and at the same time felt like moments. Since then, I have felt Jerry's presence. I was there when he passed and I know he was no longer in his body. I am sure his energy- his soul is with us now. We sent him to heaven with such love and music and strength for each other, so that he knew he could go in peace. I am at once comforted and yet so sad. Just writing this brings it all up inside me.

Right now I am on a spiritual path to higher creativity. I have definitely felt this deeper connection to my inner strength to create, and it gives me a closer connection to myself. I feel more powerful to accomplish what I want in this life through a creative journey.

I went to Kabbalah this past year and found that it gave me some helpful tools shift the way I react to things. Only thing is it is too easy to fall back into bad habits and forget the practice.

I've come to several new important understandings about my faith through more regular reading of scripture and by listening to religious radio programming.

I find the unconditional love of animals and children to be a constant source of inspiration

My cat is reincarnated--a fact. I had him as a furry child for 16 years and then he died and for two years I just wanted him back. The grief of his passing took me two years to get over, and then I decided to adopt a new feline family. I adopted my boy and girl cats, fraternal twins, found on Craigslist and even though I live in a large metropolitan city, they were literally 4 miles straight down my road. It was very easy to realize after a couple of weeks that my new boy was the reincarnation of my old boy and that is indeed the truth. It's been two years now but the more I realize that he has come back the more powerful it gets for me. There IS reincarnation and probably not just for cats in the universe. That means, there ARE souls. There IS a plan to the universe; there IS an afterlife and souls DO maintain their life and can come back. It's more profound to me every day I live it. Judaism believes in reincarnation--gilgul--and here it is, in my own life. It's AMAZING. Death is no concern for me now, as long as I die after my cats; there is nothing to be afraid of. I have a soul. It lives on. There is a "world to come". It's very deeply spiritual to me.

I tried to get back into attending church (Catholic) with my friend Michael, but it didn't really stick. Still, sometimes when I pass a church I kind of yearn to go in, be a part of something. Studies seem to show that people who attend church regularly are happier than those who don't; another possibly cynical reason I think about attending.

Only the realization that I may never have more children.

I'm not sure. I have, however come closer to God, I believe. Because of always feeling ill, I began to pray more and began to search the Bible for certain scriptures geared to what I was feeling.

I went to a native american dance where I danced for three days. I held my intention simply and clear and came to some great realizations about how I think and how I need to change some of my patterns. In particular, I realized that my happiness is not dependent on other peoples joy and I cannot change other peoples life circumstances, I can only take control of my own life

I walked to Santiago de Compostela this holy year. It was not meant as a spiritual journey, and i did not feel anything spiritual then. But when I visited Paris later on, I was near the rue Saint Jacques, I saw the Saint James Chapel in my hometown, and lit a candle for St James. I still don't believe, but I like the rituals.

First, I went to a bible camp with my friend over the summer. I was skeptical at first. However, I learned so much about myself, and about the God that I wasn't sure existed, and now I know He does. While at this camp, a dance crew called Refined/Undignified performed for us. They used their dancing to define their beliefs. It was so moving that many people were near crying by the end. Afterwards, we all climbed this huge hill. We sat around the crucifix standing there, and just talked for hours. Looking up at the stars and seeing everything God has created was very inspiring. The speaker at the camp talked to us about "medications": things that we use to ease our emotional pain, loneliness, and distance, but do not really heal us. I learned that I use anger and hatred to mask my feelings. Then, the speaker told us about the only real "remedy", which, as you can guess, was God. I accepted this, and I am now ready to repair my relationship with my father.

travelling to europe and seeing the band The Healers perform. Thomas Bucknasty is a musician that reaches out and touches your soul. seeing the old, beautiful buildings in paris, zurich and amsterdam was unbelievable. the beautiful countrysides of Belgium and the Netherlands made me want to live there. observing the different lifestyle makes it very clear to see, unfortunately, what is wrong with the way we live our lives as americans.

When I read back on my letters from 8th grade that we sent to ourselves as seniors, I realized how hypocritical I used to be. I brought down my friends and was constantly mad at them for not being as good of Christians as I was. Now I know that just by doing that, I was not being a good Christian, and doing that unfortunately made me lose a couple of great friends.

My best friend's mom writes blogs online about various topics. Some of them have included experiences of what their life was like before moving to America, since they lived in Israel and Kazakhstan. It really moves you to tears to read about what life was like in another country from the citizen's point of view verses hearing it on TV or from someone recalling a trip they took there as a foreigner and the experiences they saw. You never forget what you read, and it changes your views on life.

I am not a spirital person and do not have a strong belief in other worldly beings or spirits. However, my own spirit has been tempered by a realization that my parents' struggles can soon be my own and I do not know where to go with it or how to prepare. We have no children so the line ends with us. We have nieces and nephews but are not particularly close to any of them. I am trying to deal with my frustrations daily and am trying to be better for it and certainly more patient. My spirituality is within and I am trying to devlop it. I think I have heen more successful this year, but I focus on the times I had problems with my patience and times I felt I was not treated fairly, both professionally and personally.

Meditating. Although it was only for about 5 to 7 minutes, after those moments of respiration and tranquil, I felt calm which is something way beyond belief for me. I felt good and at ease with myself. Other moments I can recall are my sudden bursts of inspiration. These occur at different time, different places, for different reasons. It's a moment where my creative mind broadens its borders and I think the most beautiful things. I think this is what truly makes me an artist at heart, the ability to randomly inspire myself.

My husband and I, two people who have never seen a desert, visited Arizona. I didn't think that the landscape would impact us the way it did, but it, and our experience visiting the Grand Canyon, was profound. I can still close my eyes and feel the how precarious my postion was when I was clutching the cliffside of Guano Point, how unbelievably sweet and clean the air was during our boatride in the river below. While many people recommended a view of the Red Rocks and places they felt had spiritual resonance, we were already amazed, calm, and very happy. Difficult to reconcile the experience we had with the political controversy there.

I discovered heirloom tomatoes at the local farmer's market this summer. They were an ugly brown color, with splits at the stem and paper thin skin. What a wonderful surprise! I had not tasted anything like them since I was young and living in a farming community. The flavor continues to amaze me every time I eat one. Since then they have become my metaphor for aging well: fragile, misshapen and discolored on the outside but inside, mellow and full bodied, enhancing any dish with sweetness and passion.

yes:) soul survivor 2010. one of the best things that has ever happened to me, i certainly never have experienced something like that before. i love god more than i can say and it got me fired up again.

In January of this year, I joined a local Law of Attraction meeting group. While I have a very strong spiritual belief and a very strong support system from my family. I needed more. Whatever reasons I had, I didn't begin to attend the actual meetings until May when they had a picnic in a park that I just loved being in. That day was pivotal for me. I felt like I knew everyone there all of my life, I felt like I was with an extended family. Since that picnic, barring my volunteer work, I have been at every meeting on Saturday morning since then. I have become so much stronger, gained so many new friends that feel like family and have become so much more empowered. As a new entrepreneur with a micro business, it helped to reform my business platform, making it genuine and from my heart and a part of me. My increased spirituality has affected my family relationships, strengthening the ties and giving us all a new direction. It is amazing what one positive voice can do in a family that was nearly there.

I've been struggling with spirituality this year. I just haven't been feeling particularly connected with that part of myself (or the world? or God?) at all.

Not really. I wish we had gone to services more. I still miss Temple Emanuel and the spirituality of family.

Seeing Anberlin play again really brought back a piece of myself I was missing. They have been my favorite band since I was 15 and they have been one of the only bands to cause me so much pain and joy in their music. seeing them again, especially in a raw, acoustic set, reminded me of the passion for music that I once had and I would like to have again.

Oh yes! IT was a camping for people from 18 to 30 years old organised by the Catholic Action of Siena. It was the experience that made me more close to God in the past years and made my faith even stronger and stronger!

It's been a pretty bland year. Went to the Tashlich service on the beach with my daughter's temple to throw last year's "sins" into the ocean. Only had a few crumbs to toss, it was a very slow year. Found some bread and threw that in as well to "bank" any sins I commit next year...repent in advance I always say. Seeing all those Jewish families made me feel very depressed since all all of my Jewish family in NY is either dead or dead to me. Was walking back from the shore when I overhead someone say the guy walking next to me was from NY. So, of course I ask him where, and of course he says "Manhattan" and I tell him I'm from Ellenville, and started to walk away. Then, he says he knows Ellenville, the Nevele hotel (now gone) and starts reminesing with me about his time in the Catskills, mostly Sullivan county, but you should have seen his face light up! Plus, I was able to share my NY life with a total stranger who, in an instant, became a friend. I guess that was spiritual in a way. Maybe the universe knew I was missing my family and threw Barry my way. Had to say other then it might have been what we call BerShet, or however you spell it. Some spirituality is found in a church, or in a temple with many people, and sometimes it's brought by a single individual on a beach in Malibu.

Seeing my best friends dad lying in a hospital bed dying. He was not really aware of what was going on around him, but you could sense that he knew it was time to let go. His family was all upset about the situation, yet he seemed peaceful.

The only thing I experienced spiritually was the sheer power of karma. My family was in a very tight jam, and the people who we gave money, time and our house to years ago were the same people to give back to us in ways we couldn't imagine we'd ever have to rely on them for. Be good to people when it's within your power; you never know when it will be in their power to return the favour.

A friend died, and ever since, I've thought about life and death, and about salvation, heaven and principles in life.

My father finally read all the books of Harry Potter, the saga I'm crazy about. He promised me so years ago, when I really got obsessed with J.K.Rowling's story. This is spiritual because the fact that he has read the books has kind of connected us, we are finally speaking the same language, if you know what I mean.

Sadly, no. Although I still consider myself a Catholic -- and probably always will -- I no longer practice and have become increasingly more dismayed by the ignorant and exclusive perspective of the church hierarchy. Comparing putting the "sin" of allowing women to become priests to the sin of pedophilia was just the latest dictum alienating me more from Catholicism. Why would I want to be part of an organization that views me as a second or third class citizen?

I actually had a "spiritual" experience which reinforced that I am "nothing" when it comes to religion. My husband's family is Muslim...trying to be open to following some of their practices made me realize I really want nothing to do with it...or any secular religion. But I also had a daughter and that just made me feel a love and amazement for life period....spiritual for me :)

I've had some very spiritual rides. For me there is nothing more devine than making a connection with a horse, not simply riding, but getting to a point where they trust you and try everything you ask.

Viewing recent images from photographer friends shooting autumn in Napa--reminds me that there is a whole natural world that is waiting as respite from the ups and downs of life, if I am willing to let go and get out there.

daughter made the choice to become a jr soldier in the salvation army, VERY proud mother moment because she's 9 and made the choice herself, even though i'm a methodist i think the salvation army do amazing outreach work and the promise she has to make shows a commitment few could take at 9 and they do a 6 section course before they decide so they are aware of what they are doing. I am SO proud!

I guess the closest I've come to a spiritual experience is having the wonderment, again, of hiking in the Grand Canyon. It is a breath taking, awe inspiring place to be, that makes me feel humble and powerful at the same time.

Spiritual is challenging for me - I have stopped attending church. I now consider myself "a church refugee". Having grown up and attended church for the first 60 years of my life - this feels odd. I can no longer be part of how religion is harming the church. The birth of my newest grandchild was a spiritual experience - the birth of a new life is an amazing gift. Likewise bearing witness to the death of a friend, was an amazing gift. She went peacefully. Experiencing both life and death, feels grounding. As Peter says, everything that happens between is the story we make of it. Being part of the A Small Group community can have its spiritual moments. When we come together and model being fully present to each other and ourselves, something shifts in me. Dissent, Ownership, Commitment, Possibility, Invitation, and Gifts - these are conversation that matter. They provide space for transparency and authenticity - owning my own experience. Singing with a group can be a spiritual experience for me. At an ASG Intensive, when Randy shared the story of his brother, and then led us in singing Leonard Cohen's "Hallelujah" - that was a spiritual moment - and a feeling of oneness with all.

Teaching my Sunday School class has really made me closer to God and taught me how important it is to have him in my life.

This year I have become more confident in my atheism. That doesn't mean that there aren't things in our universe that we don't understand and that aren't bigger than our little selves, but I think science is a better place to look for answers than superstition.

Praying with two older ladies at Ashram. I wasn't sure of what I wanted to do, was convinced I wanted to be a teacher. After a tearful powerful prayer, I felt God saying strongly that he didn't want me there. It opened my eyes.

This year I have decided to not worship in a church ever again, Now I am left wondering what I do believe. Figuring that out will hopefully be life-changing.

I converted to Judaism, but my bar mitzvah was not the biggest part of it; that was just the public "coming out." The big part was all the study leading up to it: Hebrew, of course, and meeting weekly with six others in stimulating discussion about the evolution of God, prayer, the soul, Mussar (Jewish ethical tradition), and much more. I enjoyed being a student and grew spiritually. My spirituality has grown into everyday consciousness.

Every day is a spiritual experience for me, each dawn is a blessing; each nightfall a reproach for failings, wherein I pray that with rest and the new dawn I will be able to do more and better. My day is filled with prayers for myself and for others, for those I love and for those I struggle to forgive, or to hope for forgiveness from. Prayers of gratitude and pleas for aid and strength, wisdom and forgiveness are part of each breath. Some days are cold and somedays are warm with love, and some days are grey and some days are bright with joy. Each day is a lesson in the human condition, and I am blessed.

Attending the Reboot summit this year reconnected me to the fact that there are aspects of Jewish thought and culture that resonate deeply with me. It was extremely refreshing and invigorating to connect with a community of people that were interested and willing to explore our connection to this tradition, without judgement or dogma. That experience helped me a lot when I was working with my Hindu fiancee to design our wedding ceremony, which ultimately became a blissful blend of the aspects of our cultures we felt most connected to. Also, visiting Dubai and India last year reminded me how important it is for me to travel and experience new cultures. I always feel more connected to myself and humanity in general when I do.

I swam a mile in the Long Island Sound in memory of a 16 year old girl who died of a rare blood cancer. This is the second year that I've done this and although I did not know this young girl, I was moved by her bravery and fortitude. This year, as I swam I thought of a cousin of mine who has just contracted leukemia and my brother-in-law who has liver cancer. Why is this happening? How can I help? Where are, the answers to this terrifying disease. Thirty years ago, there was a call to end cancer, to put more money into research and still we are no closer to the answer(s). Each day is a special gift and every morning I wake up remembering how fortunate I am to have two healthy daughters and despite trying my patience, they are my greatest gifts.

Whenever my husband shows me his love is a spiritual thing to me because we almost parted a year and a half ago, after 35 years. I know my whole family was asking God for us to find help. God's help is certainly undeserved on our part. Next Sunday a couple is coming over for lunch. If it works well It will be a miracle.

Throughout a very unsettled time of transition, opportunities and resources have appeared just as I have needed them. Had I been better able to trust that it would have been a much more pleasant summer!

You know, I don't really know the answer to that question. I mean, I don't think so? I feel like I haven't thought critically about much until recently. I used to all the time but the last year I allowed myself to enter this very complacent relationship, and you know what, it was kind of awesome, to not have to sit around and be all analytical about everything all the time, which is how I would describe myself overall I think. But now that the complacency has ended it's like I'm in a state of shock. Or rather, I don't know how to be the person I used to be anymore, or I just don't want to. I don't know. I guess the thing that I have realized recently, which I guess falls into the secular spiritual category is that things always catch up with you. You can only hide from yourself for so long. Some people can hide for a really, really long time but for some reason my life always sends me a jolt when I've been languishing for too long. I guess this is a good thing. That's how I've been trying to look at it. Because, I mean, who really knows how anything is supposed to be. I can only make decisions and draw conclusions from simple facts, a big one of which is to just be true to your intuition. So maybe that was my big spiritual moment this last year. Even though I think I always knew that I ignored it especially in the case of my relationship because I just wanted love like everyone else and I got tired of waiting. I just wanted a "normal" life, a "love" life, a built-in best friend. And I guess I just wanted that so bad that I threw away my intuition and fell in love with someone that I shouldn't have fallen in love with. Or maybe that is what I am telling myself to feel better about not being able to sustain or fix the inevitable issues that result from love.

I've become less spiritual this year. I spent many years struggling through various spiritual systems, and I keep returning to Buddhism, but it is a very secular Buddhism. This year just strengthened that.

Spiritual? Just living is a big spiritual experience. Daily I realize the joy of being a member of my family. And the arrival of the first son of my grand daughter has been incredible. I feel I have the age to be a grand father but now I am a great grand father and It is just marvelous... So marvelous it is a big spiritual experience.

Sometimes in the classroom working with children there is a moment when I am relating to them not as teacher/student but as one soul to another sharing what we know about navigating the physical plain in this body we call our selves. It is an honor to be with them in that way.

My faith in God has deepened, and I have more of an idea where he wants me to be.

As I walked toward Luna, sitting there in her tie dyed tank top, her wild grey hair forming a halo around her beautifully smiling, deeply lined and weathered suntanned face, I got one of the the clearest messages I have ever received: She is going to die soon. This is the last time you will see her. I pushed the thought away and let a smile light my face. I greeted her, sat with her a bit and we chatted, but with that nagging feeling almost guilty for having such a morbid thought. Not two months later, on Halloween, when the veil between the two worlds is thinnest, Luna slipped away, without any indication of sickness or illness. She was so loved by so many, and her passing, although unexpected and abrupt, was a lovely one. Blessings abound, in death as well as life.

In the past year I think I have come to a somewhat decided view on religion. I believe in God, the same God that all religions believe in. I believe that Muslims, Hindus, anyone who believes and worships God should and will go to Heaven. I want to believe that the God I know wouldn't exclude people just because they didn't use the word 'Jesus.'

i think the only real spiritual experience i had was a gradual lessening of my relationship with Christ. I've become so used to handling things myself that I feel sometimes like I don't need His guidance or anything like that. And that's been difficult to face. I'm working on bringing Him to the forefront of my life and trying to put Him in the driver's seat and let Him control what is His.

I think I had my spiritual moment, when I was processing into the United States Army. Going through 120Th I saw posters, flags, and a lot of Army Promo. It was beautiful. Of course most IET soldiers would tell you 120Th was not the best experience in their Army career. But seeing the propaganda made want to be in the Army more.

The word "spiritual," even defined secularly, is a definite turnoff to an agnostic. However, I had an amazing, impossible to replicate experience at the Utah Shakespearean Festival this summer. The first night, I saw Macbeth live outdoors at night. The darkness settling over the sky as the darkness settles in the characters' minds was awesome to see. The next night, Much Ado About Nothing in the same outdoor theater. The sky had been threatening all day and after the second act, rain started pouring. Other people hated it, but for me, sitting in the rain, getting soaked while watching this story I have grown to love, performed by fantastic actors, was the most alive I've felt in a long time.

Honestly Israel was a spiritual experience for me. Seeing the Western Wall on a friday night gave me chills. When we stopped the bus and looked over the city of Jerusalem as the minarets were calling out to prayer and Leor says" welcome home- this is where you started- you may be the first of your family in 2000 years to be here- touching the western wall." The whole trip- questioning and learning and questioning and challenging myself really started my journey of judaism for myself. What it means to me and what I want from it. It was really neat for me to realize that no matter if I practice or not, I am still Jewish and I belong to the Jewish people, and so will my children.

The entire year has been about spiritual practice. I've added Open Heart meditation to my practice. And I strive to practice spiritual principles in every moment.

I was asked to help a friend produce his memoir. To join another in life through this reflection and through joining him in his own personal journey is beyond any spiritual experience I have ever had.

I've felt what I describe as my "old energy" come back. It is powerful, loving, positive, honest, and it attracts like energy and can create amazing things -- as in C + E = R. (Consciousness + Energy = Reality). I'm SO glad to welcome it back at long last!!

I went traveling in India, and spirituality met me everywhere. On Chanukah, for the first time in years, I went to services in the blue synagogue in Mumbai. There, I think I re-discovered my childhood faith. Suddenly living a more Jewish life became important to me again.

I consider my dreams to be spiritual. Each morning I reflect on the faceted dimensions that encompass my dream and how they relate to my everyday life. My dreams inspire me, drive me to explore creativity, and hone a perspective counter to the mainstream.

I myself haven't had any particularly spiritual experiences, but I dated someone who sees herself as clairvoyant. Though I am not sure how much of it I believe, I feel the experiences she shared with me at least made me consider existence on different levels.

No, I have had no spiritual experiences. I do not define 'spiritual' to include artistic or cultural moments either...

I have continued to develop my 'conscious contact with god' to varying success. I have discovered what 'god' means to me, and I actively work to maintain my serenity by remembering that I have no control. I strive for the absence of fear.

Going to the art and wine festival! My mom and her boyfriend took me! It was the best day! I hope to go again soon!

Peace Walk in Muir Woods. Planned by a peace activist from Jerusalem, who was unable to come due to health challenges, the event consisted of another woman and myself. We walked the Woods for an hour in silence, at times accompanied by a family of deer, with a strong intention for the possibility of a paradigm shift in focus of those in crisis, from self to other...

I´ve started Salsa lessons. I was interested in it, but I couldn´t even imagine that it would be so "mine". Salsa helps me to forget about everything "me alimenta". It gave me a New World, a new breath.

No, these questions are getting worse and worse each day!

There are moments, short and far between, but definitely there, when I look at the baby (usually when we're lying in bed in the early morning) and I feel profound about it. Here is the next generation. I made this person. Life is a continuum. All these crazy overwhelming feelings that let me glimpse for a minute the hugeness of time in an instant, on my pillow.

Past year, past week .... My Father passed away a week ago, loosing someone close in the family make me realise how useless human life is. Not in the sense that it totally useless per see but sort of everything we will do in this life in the end will come to nothing, he was cremated, so what was left was just a pot of dust. That's what we are, a pot of dust. Saying that doesn't mean I'm going to waste my life, but giving me an incentive to live the life to the full .... my way. Nope I'm not going to sing and Dance all day only, but also try to make others sing and dance with me. For what is life if it's not for living.

If I am paying attention - and I guess even when I'm not - everything I experience is spiritual, in the sense that I am part of something larger than myself always. I like the story of the blind men feeling the different parts of the elephant, each describing the elephant as only that part they felt. That's how I feel about the divine, and why I think each moment I am really aware of is a spiritual experience.


I swam with dolphins this year. I was an amazing experience to interact with such an intelligent creature. I used to watch the dolphins at Brookfield Zoo, always wondering what it would be like to be in the take with them. Now I know. If I ever have another chance, I would not hesitate. I believe that with more interactions between people and animals, a greater understanding and healing occurs.

My partner, who had not been to services since he was a kid and had pretty much sworn off the whole thing, joined me for Rosh Hashanah services--and stayed the whole time, trouper that he is. It was quite meaningful for many reasons, but there was a moment, just after the shofar service, when I thought I heard him crying a little. It brought tears to my eyes as well. I can only imagine what was going on in his mind, but something happened on a very primal level, and I couldn't help but feel we were that much more connected to each other.

Everything I experience is spiritual. There have been more moments this year than last that I have felt profoundly aware of that fact.

Are you kidding? Every day is a new spiritual experience. Everything impacts my perception of myself as a physical and spiritual being and how those two are intertwined. From learning about myself and others, how to be with myself and others, how to sense myself and other to being in physical danger several times to learning from yoga and meditation. What isn't a spiritual experience?

Because I struggle to find the traditionally spiritual as it relates to a higher being, I mostly find those experiences in the relationships with my small grandchildren and the miracle of their ramming-speed growth. The first time one said "I love you, Nana" without my saying it first; the frequent phone calls from the 2 1/2 year old to say "Hey, Nana, I'm on a rocketship". I literally have what feels like a heart-lifting experience. I feel touched by SOMETHING higher and better. I think it's all that innocence, all that potential, all that unsullied, joyous view of life..... When I realize that I am having something to do with this process, I feel so "blessed"...I'm just not sure by whom.

I have been struggling now for a couple of months with the thought of no higher power. Before, I was troubled by it. Now, I seem to be pretty comfortable with it.

Yes! I ordained as a monk in a forest monastery in Thailand. I slept on the floor without pillow or mattress, went begging every morning for my food, ate once a day ,& meditated on impermanence& my own death & stayed in mindful awareness for 3 weeks. Now I feel more detached , more prssent, more aware, more compassionate & more grateful for the miracle of existence

I read the book eat pray love and made me more aware of having a love for myself as I am here not only for me but through some greating being whether it be God or whatever which this time last ye ar I wouldn't have even dreamed of saying. i am also on my way to a retreat in Scotland have no idea how that will affect me.

Met with Chloe, a girl I only knew through Twitter, and instead of talking shop we talked God. I drew on a napkin the life map I envisioned that explained how we are both pre-programmed and yet still as free to make an infinite amount of choices within that programming. I don't know where she stood on these theories, but I opened my own eyes in just articulating it to someone else.

I looked out over a crowd of people my age praising god with this passionate, crazy contagious love. It inspired me to live better.

Everytime I go to the town of Woodstock that my summer home is close to I watch locals and tourists take part in a drum circle. this is a communal open drum circle where anyone can participate while others lead a beat. The last time I was there I finally got up the courage to join in. I'm not that good with musical instruments but I just closed my eyes and let my hands feel the beat. It was the most relaxing experience of my life.

I am not particularly spiritual. I tried to think of something that had happened this year, and I really could not. Does this make me a shallow person?

I had a good synchronicity/hashgacha pratis happen over the course of a few months, which was really cool. I met a guy in January who runs a blog, and he asked if I wanted to write an article for it, and I didn't get around to writing it until about 5-6 months later. The day I finally finished it and was gonna email him to see if he remembered me and let him know I wrote an article, I saw him that very same night (which was the first time since January). It was written as sort of a cathartic response/reflection on my traumatic relationship with the depressed and emotionally screwed up guy that I've been healing from all year.

I came to the realization that the characters I paint reflect what I'm feeling inside. It was particularly apparent when I had 17 pieces of art together in a gallery show. A woman at the show asked me why the angel in my "Blue Angel" piece was crying. I had an epiphany and said, "because this has been a really hard year for me."

I dont know if it qualifies as a religious experiance,but i finally realized i should be happy,no matter what.Ishouldnt care about stupid people with their stupid propblems,i should worry about myself and only those that matter.

I have not had any particular spiritual experiences in this year, although I've learned a lot and grown as a human being. Maybe I just haven't had any I can articulate.

Yes. Many. Most of what I tap into on a daily basis is a spiritual energy; and I believe that we are spirits having a human experience. And, to the contrary--having spiritual experiences is not always sublime. Sometimes it can be very intense and painful. I've had both in the last year,and will continue to until my carnal being is no longer on the earthly plane. The last year has allowed me to explore and sink into a deeper path of spirituality; and open up to the gift(s) enclosed in the situation(s) life was offering. These experiences have had a profound effect on me and I am thankful for them; even through all of the pain and pleasure they have presented--I am thankful and happy I've been given the opportunity to have these spiritual experiences.

Autreat. I got to be around other autistics, meaning that the social baggage of neurotypical hierarchy, etc. was gone and I could truly be myself.

I think I've had a lot of spiritual experiences this year. The most nominally spiritual thing that comes to mind has been my attempt to be in a leadership position, by (helping) lead a young-adult group. Despite the many things that could have gone wrong at several of our events, things somehow came together and ended on a touching, inspiring note. I've seen this happen in my job, too. There are too many times when I panicked that I'd be unable to meet a deadline, but somehow, things always came together at the last minute so everything turned out fine. I think these kinds of things have given me more faith that I can do seemingly impossible things.

Spiritual experiences -- my whole life is a spiritual experience -- being accepted in a new community so easily -- having my house furnished by other people and having everything blend together so well -- being so well provided for so that I have no worries what so ever -- learning more about me and deepening my connection to The Divine ... I love being a Spirit having a human experience!

Parenting is a spiritual experience for me. I am amazed every day by the magic of human development. My 5-yo masters a new skill every few weeks and I feel so fortunate to watch a human develop. I am a person of faith, but I do not believe in an interventionist G-d. I believe in an energy that emanates from every living thing. I can feel the energy pouring off my daughter and her friends as they discover their power and their world.

Not particularly... Maybe just the fact of seeing such horrible people get such great things, wether its a job position, banking accounts, cars, houses, spouses, whatever you wanna put there... maybe its something they need to be well, to feel better, and others (like me hopefully) dont need the material stuff to be well... yet, it kinda feels tilted and unfair.

No, but, I'd like to cultivate a bit of a spiritual side this year. I'm tapping into my artsy side, so, that's probably going to help. I'm also subscribing to Yoga magazine and this online yoga class resource. Please note, I haven't been to a yoga class since college...

I started to question more closely whether God exists and gave up the Christian God and Jesus I'd been taught growing up. I'm so relieved and so much happier. It's led me to accept and embrace that I'm at odds with every member of my family and has given me a sense of entitlement to my own feelings and thoughts without feelings of guilt or fear of hell. Hell is on earth - and it's other people's children or a toxic relationship. That's enough for me.

Not any serendipitus moment. I think that I have developed spritually over the years into a more caring, more giving person, although I remain my selfish self in a good way most times. Perhaps I have grown in my ability to view the world as realistically as possible. I know. I grow in my realization of how little of the world I can actually comprehend with my limited senses and human brain. That keeps me modest.

In May I had a breast cancer recurrence scare. Luckily, it turned out to be nothing. But during the week and a half it took to resolve, I prayed deeply to God and realized that what I really want to do with the rest of my life is to get to know God better and to figure out what God wants me to do in this life. Since then I have participated more at my reform Temple, I'm celebrating Shabbat in a more purposeful way and I'm doing Jewish and other spiritual reading -- feels good.

Sometimes when I am meditating I have a moment of clarity that feels like perfect peace and huge expansiveness all at the same time. I am learning that being still and mindful is the key to equanimity and happiness in my life.

When I first saw my ex, after a long time separate, in a public place, I was with a nice guy in my side, by chance, without planning. He was a guy I just met in exhibition who kindly went with me. I felt protected. And my therapist and my Pilates teacher that decided not to charge my when I had money problems. I felt gratitude.

No spiritual experiences except coming to believe our government is nearly unfixable. How can one president or a bunch of current legislators, even if they weren't busy trying to get reelected, fix 50-100 years of screwups?

Top on the list would have to be having a child. Not just the experience of giving birth, though that was pretty powerful, but the experiences of nursing and of really learning what it's like to put my own needs below the needs of someone small and vulnerable who needs me all the time. This is, I imagine, something like how God must feel when God looks at humanity. It's pretty amazing.

Pretty much this has been the year of me deprogramming myself from religion. Right now I'm calling myself an agnostic pentecostal. http://theagnosticpentecostal.com/faq/ Atheism and Christianity: Both of these are absolute and exclusive systems of belief. I prefer to disengage from, yet remain skeptically open to, discussions that center on absolute, exclusive claims.

Artistic "spiritual" experience: The miracle of seeing a recognizable person emerge on my canvas.

Taking my children to visit the Anne Frank house. We were in Amsterdam the day the famous Chestnut tree blew down. :-(

We lost a set of keys and were going to have to spend a lot of money to get our mailbox rekeyed, not to mention we were worried about someone having access to our house. We prayed a lot to be able to find them and put up flyers around the neighborhood. About a week later my wife and I went to the LDS temple to worship. In a special prayer I asked that we'd be able to find the keys. When we got out of the temple (and I turned my cell phone back on) there was a message from someone that had found my keys and seen my poster. He returned the keyes later that day. For me it was proof that Heavenly Father is there and listening, and occasionally he will answer us in miraculous ways.

No, I haven't had any, though I continue to wish that I did have some. I notice that everyone likes to imbue coincidences and random happenings with spiritual meaning. My lover likes to believe things that happen between us were "meant" to be. And I so wish this was the case. But I just can't make myself believe it. I do have a certain feeling of being transported outside of time, while I'm doing my artwork, so perhaps that's as spiritual as it gets for me.

I can't recall any particular spiritual experience, but I know that my spirituality has deepened tremendously. I can now 'feel', like I never had before, a bond with God, my own Higher Power and it is a powerful relationship, a powerful feeling. I have done things I hadn't done in years because of that bond. I have been able to look deep inside myself and discover the real me, the one that had gotten lost so many years ago, and it is now just re-emerging. It is a work in progress, just like my bond in God is a daily practice, ever evolving, ever growing.

My boyfriend had to go for a hip replacement. After he stayed at short term acute center, he was told to take it easy on bending and doing simple physical chores. One being tying his shoelaces . We tie our shoes on a daily basis, but we take this simple chore for granted. After assisting him with this daily function, it makes you, "Count your blessings!'

The Leonard Cohen concert without a doubt - although it feels like last year. It was less a concert and more a religious experience. It fell in the aseret yemi t'shuva. Thousands of people all sharing this incredible event. I held on to that high for weeks afterwards and couldn't stop discussing it with everyone I met who was there. Now I can't find the words to describe it - but I haven't forgotten how it felt. I hope I never do. 'If it be your will'

I don't have spiritual experiences.

Several highlights - 1. Sangha-Palooza yesterday in Berkeley. Got me connected to Higher Self at record speed. Felt immediate opening to grace and channel got aligned with creative, juicy ideas. A small taste from James Baraz: suffering can lead to bitterness, resentment, fear. Or it can give rise to faith, meaning. Life gives us everything in the moment that we need to awaken. Beautiful! 2. Took my first yoga workshop with Sianna Sherman. What a shining star of Anusara Yoga. She's the real deal and got me to think in new ways about the alchemical changes available through yoga. 3. Massages with Sarah Hammond, out of which Julia Cameron was introduced to me. Love her book about Artistic Recovery, morning pages, artist dates - and got me to write morning pages. Favorite artist date was to the Contemporary Jewish Museum. Out of this - my writing has developed primacy and I've carved more time for it. I'm working on my first book. Hurray! 4. Met brilliant filmmakers who are working on a documentary of women & yoga. Was blessed to be a part of their interviews. Energizing and so inspiring. 5. I was blessed by #4 to connect with the owner of Yoga Kula and begin teaching workshops there. Deeply nourishing and clarified that part of my dharma or higher purpose is to teach more - Integrative Medicine & Yoga. http://tinyurl.com/GotYoga 6. Taught a few workshops via new technology - these inspired and pushed me to think about how I can hone & share my message about radical, vibrant, crazy good health. http://up2yoga.com/ 7. Started working on my first book! Oh, right, I mentioned that already! 8. Stumbled upon Shiva Rea's great work on Living Sadhana - a program for committing to tending your fire in a way that is adapted to the individual for 30 days. I did two rounds: Bhakti Sadhana (am up joy), and Vira Sadhana (am up creativity). 9. Went to Selichot services at Chochmat Halev here in Berkeley and was blessed to learn from Rabbi SaraLeah Schley and brilliant spiritual teacher Jueli Garfinkle. Especially moved by Jueli's teaching on Hitbodedut. Learned that my darling husband is not so into Chochmat Halev. He visualized his golf game during the visualization portion of the service. Ah, marriage. Our spiritual needs & experiences are different - no surprise.

Going to the Jewish History Museum in Amsterdam, learning about the way Jews were treated in the Netherlands during the early 20th century, and then walking past the Horticultural Gardens to a small park with a Holocaust memorial. I sat on a park bench, smoked a cigarette, and read an essay from "Slouching Through Bethlehem" while pigeons pecked in the gravel near my feet. It was a day of quiet solitude.

I have been thinking lately that the real spirituality of my life this year is the increase in social ties I've made, and the quantity and quality of genuine, good people who want to be around me. I have more friends -- real friends, not just people to hang out with, but those who care about and appreciate me for me -- than I've ever had in my life. And especially from the most different aspects of my world... former co-workers, current co-workers, the girl who found my wallet at the bus stop,a rekindled friendship from grad school, friends who share my passion for refugees and immigration and treating people justly, others who share my passion for "survivor" spirit and breast cancer pink... and of course, lifelong ties continued with my oldest, best college friends for going on year 16!!! They have all enriched my world and pushed me to do things I would never have reason to otherwise... in doing so, they've shown me new ways to experience success and fun. They've contributed to my self-understanding and esteem, further "rounding" my well-roundedness as a person. Without even necessarily know it, just by being there and who they are. As for this year in particular, my "triangle" of friends has really become a circle, or even Venn diagram thanks to Alexis, Matt, Phil, Nathaniel and Jude, Nancy and Patti and Hermene. Verrry different personalities, ages, and lifestyles, but... both all represent an untapped side of me. :) Because of them and the others too, I feel naturally accepted and valued the way that most girls did in high school when I was rejected. But I now see I'd rather have that feeling as an adult than back then anyway, 'cause I can appreciate it more. The perspective that comes with age shows me how far I've come. Which I never would've had at 16.

Nothing in particular - there seems to be some sort of an awakening so often. My belief in God has come to mean that I believe I know very little... and that everyone else does, too.

I've been trying to figure out my religious beliefs on my own. Having an atheist girlfriend and a very religious brother isn't helping, either.

I had some experiences with deceased family members on the spirit plane. It has helped me reconnect with my natural psychic abilities.

I spent a day on my own in NYC and stumbled into the Guggenheim and participated in the Tino Sehgal exhibit. I had no preconceived notions of the experience, which apparently had been getting a lot of attention, but I knew nothing about it. It had a great impact on me in many ways - reminding me of the spiritual impact of art; the "mash-up" of public/private experience; the randomness of life brought into sharp focus. This experience has stayed with me all year as a source of inspiration.

no - not "spiritual" really but reaching deepening understanding of life ... more forcefully realizing my son is my number one priority worth sacrificing everything for if necessary more appreciation for my relationship with my mother more appreciation of the soul sustaining life force of place and community more understanding of DEATH with new job placing me at point of end of life or end of life decision making of others ...

I was sitting outside enjoying the day under the shade of a tree. The temps were in the mid-seventies and there was a soft breeze. The only sound was the movement of leaves in the trees. I took a deep breath and truly felt one with the world.

When I am quiet and still, I can hear the voice of God speaking to my heart. I have not been very quiet and still this year. Maybe, because I'm afraid of what He's saying.....

Does falling in love count? It came without much notice and frankly, I've been unprepared. Not eating, hardly sleeping, 'knotted', it's been a very different experience at this point in my life. Not least as I've been trying to look after 2 children at the same time. As glorious as it's been, I never want to go through this again. Not least as it's unrequited (sort of).

I have an even greater appreciation for how music can touch the soul. I love music of all kinds and it has always moved me in different ways. I love to listen to it and sing; however, I cannot play an instrument. All 3 of my children have musical instrument talents and I am amazed every day that they have found a love of music too. I don't know how they do it, but they can play some incredible things. I love that!

My family and I went on a tour of some monumental caverns in Tennessee. After trudging through amazing "rooms" with 150 ft ceilings, up and down stairs circling gigantic staligtites, and burrowing down 200 feet under the earth, we were seated to watch a "Christian-based light show". Then they turned the lights off, and a impermeable cloak of darkness descended, so you couldn't see your own hand in front of your face. It was terrifyingly like what I imagine being buried alive would feel like - without the suffocating part, I guess. I was outraged that they organizers would have thought it was a great idea to frighten me into "getting god". If they had just left me alone, I would have come out of the experience with the conviction that if god is anywhere, he is still in the mysterious lunar landscape of those caves. But now I remember the rinky dink light show and fume.

Over the past year I have spent lots of time in nature. At my summer home, I would lay on the dock and just look at the juxstaposition of the trees and sky. Very spiritual.

The only thing close was finding a heart shaped pebble, just yesterday in fact. I needed to say sorry for so many things to my ex and we have trouble communicating. This seemed like a suitable gesture in a language I know she understands. Whether it had the desired effect is another matter entirely...

Not really spritual, but artistic. I have been taking singin g classes for a while and after 2 years I finally found my voice and actually forgot the public during a performance and was just enjoying myself.

About a month ago I went to Liverpool with my family on a trip to see all the Beatles related things that I have wanted to see since I became a fan when I was 14. On our trip we went on a tour of John Lennon and Paul McCartney's childhood homes. I can't even begin to express how much this meant to me and how emotional it was. I stood in John Lennon's bedroom, where he grew up and became the man that the world fell in love with. It was so special, even though he hasn't been there for years, it just felt magical. The whole experience in Liverpool was incredible. It has helped me to create new memories and meanings for the songs that I have known and loved for years and those will stay with me forever.

spirtual is a hard concept for me. Now, if the question was phrased "did anything move me" --- yes. Many things. Watching people overcome obstacles, no matter how small or large...

I used affirmations every night before I went to sleep while backpacking Australia, and I couldn't deny that they do work. One evening, for example, I said "I have a job, I have a job, I have a job" and visualized myself going to work over and over. Next day, I got a job, without even trying. I got everything I needed, always, and I don't know how. I just wished it, and knew Universe was gonna take care of it. That was wonderful. And, not long ago, I saw someone die for the first time in my life, when we had to put my wonderful cat to sleep. It was really weird how you see the spirit leave the body even thow you only see the lower back of the being. It was so weird to see something go from a wonderful living creature, to a shell.

Learning about the aboriginal culture.. talking to aboriginals who explain to me their paintings and telling me stories about their dreamtime

I guess seeing Blink 182 at Leeds Festival could count. It was an amazing thing to see after they went on 'indefinite hiatus' a few years ago, and then Travis' plane crash which, in a way, turned out to be the best thing that could have happened. It brought them back together and has given many people, who didn't get chance to see them last time, to see them in concert.

Discovering Nia! The freedom of expression w/o any judgement is a totally spiritual experience. It's therapy through movement for me and I absolutely love it!!

This life is a spiritual experience! I've done a lot of work with my shaman... I've watched as my life got easier and more clear as I let go of old relationships and patterns of "protecting" people and accommodating... My trip to Italy, again I must mention this... was definitely Spiritual. I felt myself seeing myself for the first time having a husband and a child... something I don't see very clearly, usually. Listening to the music of a certain violinist really does lift! Oh, and studying the Law of Attraction which I feel I already understand... I mean, we all get this at some level (like draws unto like)... but the more we understand the power of our thoughts and feelings and how we are creating our experience here, the more effective I believe we can be at listening to our hearts, trusting and believing in our dreams, and allowing our happiness to flourish. The hard part is allowing... stepping back and creating space to allow the response to your prayers to arrive, and receiving it!

Mostly, I think as I approach my fiftieth birthday, I am reflecting more on mortality and what I am making of my life. I hope that it is making me kinder, more patient, stronger.

does Lady Gaga count?

No... i don't think i have.

I don't feel spiritual experiences readily. But we went to Burning Man this year, and it was artistically and culturally amazing. Nicest crowd I've ever seen and I loved how much work everyone put into the event - 50 ft and 100 ft structures everywhere.

Writing love letters/emails to my boyfriend, expressed my emotions and feelings more than I could in person. It made me realise how much I love him and falling in love, in my opinion, is a spiritual experience. Trusting someone completely and your happiness revolving around each other. This realisation was so scary (he could hurt me so much if he wanted) but mainly blissful. Falling in love has changed me, he comes first and I now know at least one part of my future.

While with my CEI interns in St. Louis, I attended an 'alternative' Friday night Shabbat service. During it, Jeremy, Hillel's rabbi asked us to take five minutes of silence. It was the most peace and clarity I think I've ever experienced. I developed the idea that "everything will work itself out" really does apply to me too.

I did a 6 mile walk, in April, in the cold and rain for the March of Dimes. I am usually a complainer and of course I did complain. I got pneumonia and pulled my hamstring, btu it was for a good cause. It was worth it and I would do it all again.

I hate to keep coming back to the upcoming birth of our child, but that is the dominant experience of the year. I was "touched" seeing and hearing the heartbeat, seeing the baby form through ultrasounds, but the breakthrough was feeling the first kick on the outside. That moment was so amazing - like this kid is going to be a presence on the world and forever change my life. Feeling the flutters or seeing the baby move is nothing compared to feeling its power (literally).


I'm reminded of moments where I've been just walking or biking outside and had the chance to really take in what is around me. Whether inspired by music or nature, I have these moments of true appreciation for my life and the people in it. It makes me so happy to be alive, and conscious of the need to cherish every moment. As I've already begun to notice, time and life fly by and all that are left are memories when you were truly present and appreciative. I want more of those, but am certainly grateful for the ones that I have had.

I've never felt closer to my Judaism than standing at the Kotel in March. Under the sun's bright rays, a woman in front of me davened with such kavana that tears streamed down her face to land softly on the Jersusalem stone below, and within moments yeshiva boys began dancing on the promenade singing and dancing. All of emotions poured from heart too, Ma Tovu.

I don't know if this is "spiritual" in the strictest sense of the word, but it's spiritual to me. In the past I thought I knew what it meant to be in love with someone. This year, I found out that all I had really felt was lust, teenage obsession, ect. I have finally found the person who I truly love with my heart and soul and who I want to spend eternity with. To me, that feeling is spiritual.

I've grown closer, further apart from, and then closer to God over and over this year. Today I actually rediscovered him at Crossroads, and I hope I get to return there soon.

Just before Erev Rosh Hashana this year i realized that I was really very angry and had just been ignoring the feeling. I was angry that people die unexpectedly in horrible ways. I was angry that there are natural disasters that make life so hard for so many. I was angry that my country seemed to be falling deeper and deeper into a public dialogue of hatred. I was angry that people I was meeting didn't seem to prioritize community building. I was just angry. And at Erev Rosh Hashana I realized that, though my anger was directed at a few people specifically, really it was all directed at God--and maybe I didn't believe in God after all. The holiday's services made me think a lot about forgiveness and what it means to feel like I maybe need to forgive God. I began to let go of the anger and explore what it will be like living in a world that I know is inherently broken, or else beyond my comprehension, and contains tragic elements independent of human wrongdoing.

Tashlikh. Casting my sins into the potomac aloud was powerful enough, but when a wind suddenly came down over the water, as it did in genesis, and the white birds came and carried off my bread, I felt that God was truly present! Bless His Name!

Honestly, I have spiritual experiences regularly. Sometimes, I cry at Mass when I can look over and see that Jackie "gets it." Sometimes just a certain verse of a favorite song will do the trick. I feel truly blessed even on the craziest days. Because God gave me all those projects and errands. If I had no home, no husband, no kids, no job, I may have less exhaustion but there sure would be a lot less love. I thank God everyday for EVERYTHING I have been given.

Yes, I felt for the first time, through a conscious effort really in the present to enjoy it. Was sitting with my parents and I fazed out for a few moments to really enjoy the moment. Also, on an artistic level, the performance art of Marina Abramovich touched me and made me realize what the limits are of leaving our body.

There were no special experiences on that matter; but every book I read, every theater representation I attend, every conference counts as a nice experience and I keep the sum of them all in high appreciation.

Going to the Elf fantasy fair is always great and today I saw some a-ma-zing stuff at horse event (dutch). This stuff always gets me in high spirits. And when it comes to supernatural, I regularly receive some feelings about things...

For some reason - I have felt more of a pull to pray this year. Not at shul, or meditation, but strictly in my head, asking for guidance, relishing in gratitude and looking for quiet. Perhaps it is l inked to the losses I have witnessed around me. They have really caused me to look at what I do have, what I do want.

I consider myself a spiritual atheist (if that makes any sense at all). I am SO tired of people justifying their behavior and intolerance by attributing it to "God". I find experiencing science, nature and the wonders of our universe an ongoing spiritual adventure. The older I get, the more precious it becomes. Earlier in the summer I was in such a remote location that I was able to see the Milky Way. I laid on a small porch for hours staring at the night sky and watching shooting stars. It was a simple and powerful experience.

I have had plenty of spiritual experiences; to many to list here, but I will list a few. First off I decided after much frustration to denounce Christianity and the belief of Hey-Zeus Spice in the name of Wholio. I already gave up the belief in all religions leading to G-d especially the Islamic religion of Allvarez. I decided after researching Judaism that Orthodox and Modern Orthodox Judaism are the only routes to the tru G-d, Hashem. In doing this I've learned that Judaism is alot easier that any of the guidelines at secular religions. I have been ble to handle the battles of non-supportive and wicked family members, disowned my daughter, cut off illusionary friends, and have put mre faith in Hashem and looking toward my wife for her coming into my life with truth. I am no doubt being alienated by spiritul intities and am not certain what I need to do to attain life in the realm of complete truth. People are no doubt doing things on computers and using divination and magic to sat the least. I have been hearing messages over musuc and in my mind, Not necessarily voices, but thoughts incoming. I have been able to overcome perceived rejection from my believed to be spiritual and sacred wife, Lacey Schwartz. It is my prayer to Adonai that he secure the wayof us to connect. She is very beautiful and I feel she is the person needed to help me to transform the world. I have done away with the thought that any of the Wholio Witnesses could be my spiritual wife. I feel a beautiful future ahead of me and I pray blessings for Lacey and those who have a strong relationship with Hashem through the light of Torah- Artscroll Stone Edition Tanach. I have pretty much distanced myself from those who practice the false religions especiallyChristianity. I pray I have made the right decision in looking to Lacey, because I feel I may have misjudged her and her relationship with G-d. I believe she's my wonder twin and I very much wan her to at very least to be a part of my life as a best friend before my bride comes along, of course if that isn't her. I feel I need to be with a black woman who is deeply rooted in the religion. Though she doesn't appear to be Orthodox or Modern Orthodox, I feel with my influence she will be one. I feel a form of love between us. My grandaughter is in jeopardy because of my families rebellion to G-d in serving inferior gods and doing all sorts of spiritual wickedness. I pray for those of evil sorts in there changing fore not only the benefit of the innocent and meek, but also for them. They need to repent from their senseless resistance to the ways of Adonai. They should be wise enoughto know they are fighting a no winning battle. Hashem is what I understand to be the only Absolute truth and I trust that I will be perfectly fine in my serving Him. He is good and most definitely more righteous than I. I pray that he will forgive me of all my sins this coming Yom Kippur and I pray for Lacey as well. I have connected with the beautiful names of Shifrah and Miriam as beautiful persons of the Torah. I also witnessed a very unique and beautiful woman who seem to be Hebrew in Goldman's Bakery. She was very fiery and spoke what I believe to be Hebrew. She was gorgeous and I pray that if she is in fact my sacred wife that she would also come to me and we can make drastic changes to the world. Tikkun Olam. I also pray for one spiritual being in what very well could be an enemy, but I feel compelled to do so; Thu-Hien Lam. She seems to be wise, but caught up in something she may be having problems getting out of and people are pointing fingers at her now. I had very passionate feelings for her and it really concerns me. I pray whoever my beautiful beloved wife is would make it to me. There is no doubt in my mind that I'm a great spiritual figure and I pray Hashem will have faith in me to do his business. I feel like a king even in all the trials and frustrations. Rabbi Porter of Etz Chaim indicated that we should all accept G-ds challenges and do the best we can in life and I certainly will. I also received a great blessing from my psychiatrist, Dr. Robert Lehman which is a testament to the power of Hashem and his Torah in being obedient. I know I will make mistakes but I feel I will not do anything intentionally. I'd like to also pray for the Obama family, the Will Smith family, Mary J Blige, Corrine Bailey Rae, Jennifer Freeman, Kyla Pratt, Rayven Simone, Miranda Cosgrove, Keke Palmer, Idris Elba one family member, Myra Guillory, and my past acquantainces Donald Adams and Cherie Barksdale. I add a "Amen" to all my prayer portions. I believe that all that I have experienced has made me stronger and I pray again for truth to come and deceit to melt as indicated in the proverbs. I also found the Artscroll Stone Edition Tanach is much different than the Christian Bibles and the secular JPS Tanakh. The main ones being he side versus the rib in speaking of the woman being created and also the sons of rulers versus G-ds sons in taking for themselves the daughters of man. Very special prayer for a figure that could make major develpoment in the world, who I would like to have a personal relationship with, Paris Hilton. I feel the only way that changes can be made in this world are by high profile perons. I condemn the Wholios Withnesses as being the worst of all the Christian sects in the use of the Holy name of G-d in its text. The individuals that I experienced were totally false in appearance especially five persons: Erica Griffin, Stephanie Brown, Megan Griffin, Michelle Leake, and Angela Thomas. I pray that G-d would judge between me and all my adversaries and that If I am wrong in any of my persceptions that He would provide me with counsel I pray for the abundance of counsel required for salvation if I don't alreay have it n the spirit. I thank Adonai for all my blessings and for those of his people. I pray again for Lacey and Shifrah if they aren't the same persons.****Thank You Lacey****9-17-2010- Change to the whole thing- Thu-Hien is my baby without much doubt. I'm not leaning to my own understanding. She loves me and I love her as well and we have a mutual love and loyalty to ourselves, each other, and Hashem, God. I have no need to forgive her. That's not what its about. To say I have to forgive her means that she was doing something wrong to me and she has never done that. She follows orders as I do. Kiddush Hashem. This question will be the one I add to only until my beloved sacred girlfriend, wife, queen, partner, divine feminine as I am her Divine Masculine, does what needs to be done.9/19/2010- Everyday seems to be a battle mentally. Today thoughts of michelle resfaced and it is a bother because I'm afraid that I have the David Batsheba curse and I am afraid of losing my wife. I very much feel mI have a wife I love. I already know I have a God I love which u=is El Shaddai and I am commited to his service. Michelle is constantly coming to mind. She is at very least the most beautiful woman I've seen in person if not in the world to me. I really would like to do a service to Hashem by erecting places of worship for non Jews with the same guidelines as Modern Orthodox Judaism with the exception that the services a re done in english for all other cultures besides the Jewish culture. I also would liuke to be a part of ridding the earth of all the false religions and secular Judaism in the realms of Reform, Conservative, and Reformist Judaism, to name a few, which use watered down literature that does not contain the name Hashem, which means "the name" or YHWH or Adonai is used in prayer. The services should have literature that is approved by the Orthodox Rabbis Association like the Art Scroll Stone Edition Tanach, Pentauch, and Siddur, along with the various holiday prayer books. Also needed is the availability of daily Talmud studies to understand the oral tradition. The basic goal would be to have to start African Americans repent to The Torah and the commandments set by "I Shall Be As I Shall Be " which is the name given by Hashem in Exodus 3 which is the God of the forefathers, the God of Abraham, and the God of Jacob. I very much invision Michelle Leake by my side due to fact that she displays a rebellious attitude toward false dieties and seems to be comfrtable on the righteous side of spirituality which is loyalty and duty to Hashem, The Most High God, El Elyon and also know as God Almighty as he appeared to the forefathers as El Shaddai. I firmly believe that Moses is the greatest prophet to live and who will ever live and what is reuired is a transformation of the entire planet to Modern Orthodox Judaism allowing the cultural Jews to continiue in the Orthodox and Ultra- Orthodox tradions as to preserve the Written and Oral Law as given by Moses along with the Prophets and the Writhings combined in the Tanach in three different sections. I am also trying very hard to nail down who my wife is. I really feel that the most appropriate is Michelle Leake whom I met at the J. Witnesses organazation in Randallstown. I am impressed by her every move. She so beautiful yet she is not overly sexy. She has beautiful green eyes, a beautiful complexion, long beautiful hair, and her legs bend backwards which I find oddly attractive to me. The last time I saw her before I did away with my Christian beliefs, she was classily dressed. I am fighting in my mind different thought transmissions coming from what seems to be both good and evil intities. I love God and feel I should only be receiving truth within my mind and not false misleading information. I very much in all honesty feel that I have been mistaken by the previous females as awife and feel that Michelle is my sacred wife and my female compliment. I would very much like to be connected in truth to all realms of existance which are required for success in doing Hashems business. I feel I am very close to G-d and Michelle as I feel i know her mannerisms though I've never had a personal converstaion that I know of . I have had a dream about her saying hi to me and also her being with some other male, but something doesn't seem right with it. She doesn't appear to be a evil person so I don't accept her as one. Satan has been communicating to me and has indicated that he is past acquantenance whom I know longer care for along with all my former false friends. I choose to be free of all falsities in my life and attain to truth. I am still very upset with my daughter in the fact that she has some how decided to oppose me in spiritual and earthly terms and I feel she needs to be dealt with by required Hashem forces to be removed of my grandaughter in which she seems to be trying to hurt. I do not want this to happen and pray to Adonai for deliverance. She is still an infant and needs to be taken from the wicked enviornment she is in. I also pray for those who are in situations where Satan and any other evil false dieties are forcing them to worship and serve them. I pray that by Hashems people along with myself that we can save them from any mediums that they are hurting and manipualting people. I also pray for my beloved sacred wife to come to me in truth along with all my other spiritual family members. Amen. Kiddush Hashem and much love to Michele. I feel its also important for me to deem her as the only female as beautiful and all others as attractive as to preserve the integrity of the word in so many terms. I can really see her and I doing some major things for both the spiritual and earthly realms of existance and really would like her to come into my life somehow through G-ds intervention.. Iam so frustrated at being alienated and want to cling to life as soon Hashem wills it. Adonai, I pray to be freed from spiritual wickedness and evil. Amen.

I have not had any spiritual experiences this year, really. I'd like to say that I was close to God or some higher power, but at times i will always find myself to be a doubting thomas. I do have a necklace I wear that reminds me of my grandmother who has died, for whatever reason it makes me feel close to her, even though I never saw her wear this necklace, and the engraving on it makes no sense to me.

While reading the book Eat. Pray. Love. I felt like I was going on the journey with her. I've always had a passion for travel, and I'm still not convinced that children are a part of my life's plan, so watching her learn more about herself helped me learn about myself as well. I've become much more aware of taking time out for me - it's hard while trying to work 2 jobs, but I realize it's important that I try to maintain some sort of work/life balance. My new tattoo "be still" reminds me daily to still my mind and listen to what God has in store for my life.

Experienced a Baptist church for a few months.

Wandering through the streets of Europe was quite spiritual. Being surrounded by that much history and knowing that millions of people have seen these places and everyone agrees about how important it all is, is spectacular.

This is so sad to me, but none are coming to mind. Looking at the stars always gives such an aweing feeling, but I do that a lot. I have had other little moments; Where I look at my kids just being- watching tv, goofing around, or playing soccer- and I am filled with a great sense of contentment and happiness. I feel less apologetic to my Christian relatives for not carrying the same belief system, that never worked for me anyway, and more confident telling them more and more about my religion- Unitarian Universalism.

Everyday is spiritual for me. Wheather it's living in the woods by a lake; kayaking and camping; or enjoying my cats, a sunset, a good meal; listening to blue grass; meditating, doing yoga - EVERYTHING is spiritual!

Unemployment exhausted and like magic I got a contract position. Wow

My husband and I bought a new house - our "forever" house and I turned 40. A lot of introspection and wonder if this is where I will live out my days...

I am currently looking for a religious faith that is in the parameters of my beliefs. So far, unsuccessful. I am remaining somewhat agnostic, and haven't had and truly spiritual experiences this year yet.

I witnessed spiritual battle happen within a good friend of mine over a 24 hour period, during the creation of a piece of art that challenged her to become the person the Lord wanted her to be. I am so proud of my friend and thankful for her bravery and love that prompted this part of her journey.

Artistic: My boyfriend and I went to WEAM (World's Erotic Art Museum) in Miami. Yes, phallic but it was beautiful to see this underlying connection between all humanity and the necessity of our sexual awareness. Cultural: Ultra Music Festival, both under the influence and not under the influence was very spiritual. There is a beautiful energy about everyone there. Everyone is dancing and smiling, it's like the sun's scorching rays are kisses and the music was their lullaby. So forth: I finally received my spiritual awakening my first college semester. There was something so natural, yet intimidating of this new chapter of my life and as chaotic as it will be- I KNOW that there will be someone who will guide me as all things settle where they're supposed to be. It gave me the confidence to live my life. Another experience was when I went to this desolated area somehow hidden in suburbia where I stood in the present, looked behind and saw the past and infront of me stood the future. Infront of me, were the suburban cookie cutter houses; where I stood, were mountains of sea rocks and sand where huge water pits were drilled for God knows what reason and behind me the everglades. I found myself in the process. Where I stood once was the everglades and what I saw ahead of me was what this desolate, serene area is to become- an addition to suburbia. To be in the middle was very awesome.

I need to finish my path to artistic achievement. I've been sidetracked so much and I just want to burst out. Not one particular event has caused this - it's just something that has effected me spiritually this year. I think about my dead relatives a lot, the span of life, how it ends so quickly - and there is music inside me. It's haunting me.

Oh yes! Sensing my "self" beneath the anxieties and mind chatter and all the things I always thought are me - my hair and sense of humor, etc. When I felt myself I started to realize I am always ok. I also felt a greater sense of trust in things. So with the trust I can let go of that need to have control (which I don't have, I realize now) and its a weight lifted off me - to not have to prepare or rehearse - just to show up. When I show up my only job is to be present and authentic.

I was in the Grand Canyon when I got a call that my daughter had been rushed to the ER after having a seizure. As I waited word on how she was doing I saw a raven, and feared that it was some kind of messager of death. But then I remembered that a friend of mine had chose the raven as an animal spirt guide, and realized he was there to tell me that she would be okay. And she was."

I'm kind of anti-spiritual these days. I think the closest I've come to a spiritual experience would be attending the symphony. The tremendous power of human creativity leaves me awestruck.

Oh yes! It all goes back to the Dalai Lama Buddhist philosophy that we have to thank our "enemies" the people who challenge us in life, sometimes our loved ones (no! sacré bleu!) THEY are the ones that teach us to be even MORE compassionate and MORE forgiving. It's an ongoing process. And also knowing that once we know someone's story, what pain and suffering they've been tested with in life, we can understand their behaviors and feel for them instead of wanting to bean them.

Being unemployed for the past year and worrying about money I have been blessed to find or receive help right when I needed it the most. Now I'm working part-time doing freelance and truly enjoying my 'work' life.

I am not a spiritual person. But there are times when I thank - I don't know who or what - for something beautiful. Sometimes it is just the rays of the sun on a tree and sometimes it is something grand in a national park. Come to think of it, almost everything is from nature.

I learned about Celtic Christianity on the Holy Island of Lindisfarne, I was prayed over in Belfast, and I attended a candlelight Advent service in Salisbury Cathedral. I hiked a mountain in Wales, picked blackberries on the beaches of Sligo, and walked the London streets at Christmastime. I connected with new friends and old, and got to know my professors beyond the classroom. I flew in a helicopter through Norwegian fjords. I slept in borrowed beds from kind strangers. I had breakfast at The Elephant House, where Harry Potter was born, and I drank mulled cider at the Eagle and Child, where The Lord of the Rings and Narnia came to be. I read Wordsworth and T.S. Eliot and Virginia Woolf. I saw the places that inspired them and became inspired myself. I experienced Shakespeare like I never have before. I read, I wrote, I prayed, and I learned. Art, literature, religion. Pounds and pence. Tea and scones. Cheers, love. I will never, ever doubt that life is beautiful.

I've felt the strong desire of being connected with nature, but my family would never let me do something like this.

My husband and I have both been going through questioning our religion these past few years. It has made me look at what my spiritual side does for me.

Every Christmas Eve my family and I go to church; we sing songs, light candles, and listen to the sermon. As much as I love singing and Christmas and experiencing new things with people I love, I never feel "awed" or "empowered." I suppose these experiences have left me dissatisfied with religion. However; I still like to believe in something, whatever that thing is, probably because I've seen people do incredible things and I've seen nature at its most beautiful. I don't think spirituality necessarily comes from going to church but by appreciating the world around you.

Leading a contemplative prayer service on a Sunday morning at my synagogue this past summer. We just hit a point of sacred silence in the Amidah when I had an inner quiet that made room for a consciousness of self, of the world, and a lot of gratitude. I get a similar heightened consciousness once in a while when leading Friday night services and hitting a high point in the singing.

The closest I've ever been to death was about 4 months ago. I remember the abundance of love that came my way, after the experience of tremendous loss of a fetus, our hopes, and the fear I saw in Gregg and my mom's eyes when they thought that perhaps I might go. After I got home from the hospital, the phone calls came in, the visitors came, the deli platters and food delivered. The love I felt, and gratitude I experienced for life and all of my blessings was so great it felt like I was traveling on another plane. That was spiritual.

"When you do things right, people won't be sure you've done anything at all." This is a quote from a Futurama episode. I'm not sure that God exists, at least not in a way I used to think, some guy in the sky who listens to you, I don't think there's anyone there on a personal level. But things have happened to me recently that have shown me that there might be a plan. There might be a path. And that even if you stray from that path, there's a way back to it. Years ago I had a client who mentioned a band her husband was in. I didn't look into it, even though it sounded fun. Then last year, through a kind of backdoor way, one event leading to another to another, I ended up joining that band, meeting her husband, and recalling our conversation. Now i'm in love with a fellow bandmate and all I can think is that somehow I was lead here. I didn't take the first hint, so another path was found for me. And the whole time I'd been mad at God for not listening to me. The universe did things right, and I don't think anyone did anything at all. But suddenly, I'm in love. And in a place I never thought I'd be.

Not at all. Nothing's affected me, spiritually. I've had odd dreams that almost replace reality though.

I think that at 27, I finally am okay with who I am in life, and have accepted there are things about myself that I will never accomplish. I came to an understanding about who I want to be, and I am that person, with all the frailties and imperfections that come with being a human being.

The first time I saw the World of Color show at Disneyland was an incredibly moving experience for me. It wasn't the show itself, but rather the idea of all the creativity and teamwork that was behind it. Coming off of a work year in which everyone isolated themselves and those who dared to step out were quickly put back down, it was a deeply spiritual experience for me to walk into another world where creativity, fun and exploration are not only encouraged, but rewarded. The icing on that cake was the show itself - this amazing display of ingenuity, artistry and daring to try new things that haven't been done before - it truly was an experience that reminded me that there is amazing talent in the world and that it's okay to be one of those talented people.

Discovering my own spiritual beliefs and perspectives. Do I think things happen for a reason? Do I believe in a "higher being"? Do I identify with a religion? I'm still trying to figure things out.

The first few weeks of a new prayer group at church and the impact it had on my ministry were profound. Things have hit a plateau, but still better and healthier than before.

As much as I'd like to believe in a God, it just isn't happening. I still see good people suffer and bad people rewarded. There is just too much pain, sorrow, intolerance and hatred to put any faith in an omnipotent source of good. I do think people who have a strong religious or spiritual connection find answers to their questions regardless of the lack of proof, and the evil done in the name of religion continues.

No particular incidents, but the whole year has been a constant reminder that love makes a difference, that being loved is a awesome experience, and that however terrible things may be, love will see you through.

My Christian walk continues to struggle. My soul is often set at "once x happens, THEN things will be alright", and I think that setting needs to be switched. The majority of my coworkers lean towards paganism, and I find myself attracted to this "natural" and "earthy" sense of spirituality. But then I think to myself, "what is all this without Jesus?" and I get confused again.

I wouldn't have labeled it as 'spiritual' but I spent an awful lot of time laying on the dock at the pond at my house in the country...watching fish and salamanders and bugs, smelling the unbelievably sweet air and listening to the hawks and the wind...

Redwood National Park July 2010: I have finally found God.

Yes, as a matter of fact I have had a real satisfying mental, secular, spiritual awakening after discovering my Society Of Friends. I have shed all dogma, ideology and I now march to my own drummer and not one of my friends condemn me for it.

childbirth- 49 hours of labor with the first 45 at home and unmedicated i thought i may not live through the experience it has effected me in so many ways i don't yet have the words- i feel traumatized, ashamed, exhausted, relieved, gratiful deep appreciation of my partner who has with me every moment and for our daughter who is such alovely miracle

This year I have found that it truly is about what's inside. I have learned that people will Hate no matter what you do, so you should do what's right and just let them be them. I've come to understand that ALL things can be used for good (yours or someone else's). And that working with people who all you can do is Love them and Listen makes more of a difference that all the money in the world.

I have learned that even though there are some real asses in the world there really are some good ones too. A local family lost their house after just moving into it. I helped in collecting money and donations for them to be able to make their life livable again. It made me feel good to do something for someone else like that and it really made me realize what a special woman my mother is.

I first had the concept that we're all made of stardust explained to me this year. That and the fact that every person is made up of molecules that go back to the beginning of time. I'm a part of everything else, and it's all a part of me!

I recently was able to return to myself this past Rosh Hashana. Just sat with my eyes closed and took in the entire Shofar service and felt joyful for the shofar blowers and intent upon listening to their calls to re-member as my Rabbi stated. Just listening intentionally to the Shofars made me feel so connected with the process of reconnecting to my holy self, purging my years worth of anger, disapointment, and denial. I was able to see Hashems requirements of me.God provided me with a body and soul that were free of compulsion, self-rightiousness and deception and yet I spent the year engaged in all of the above. I was near tears at the end of the service and later that night cried deeply as the beginning stages of re-membering were starting. whew!

Not really. I would only say that having been through redundancy it gave me time to reflect on what I want out of life and how I spend my time. I am trying to remember to make time for my wife and especially my 6 year old son, enjoy the moment and keep work at work. Easier said than done, but I do feel a renewed sense of perspective.

I would have to say my wedding - it was a wonderful, emotional and I suppose spiritual experience that changed my life and my husband's life.

As strange as it may sound, I had such a glorious, communal experience at a recent concert. I took my teenage daughters to see an interesting musical group. The spirit of their music moved the audience in a way I've not experienced before. The entire group danced with abandon and moved as if the ripple on a lake. Each individual played an important part in the collective movement. The unbridled joy was contagioius and so very memorable.

I completed a palliative care volunteer training program. The training was very inspiring and deep-- we talked a lot about death, our feelings about death, pain, healing and ultimately, living a meaningful life. I find myself being very okay with these conversations and the entire experience has been very spiritual for me.

No but I keep reaching for it. I recently made the commitment to start every day with the morning brachot that I had abandoned about 15 years ago. Most mornings I remember to say them. They are basically an acknowledgement of things we take for granted and reflecting on how appreciative we should be for simple things like waking up in the morning, being able to stand up, having what we need... But as I write this I remember that I forgot to say them this morning! I guess it goes to show that this commitment is still a work in progress.

One of my friends is Catholic and the other is a devout Hindi (I think) so their ways of thinking are so radically different. I am not very religious and I am nondenominational so I do believe God exists but I do not belong to a particular church. Seeing how religion affects their arguments has made me think deeper about mine.

Coming to the realization that love does not die even if the person has: that helped me to accept the ongoing loss of a key person in my life and allow myself to feel that loss regardless of how many years have passed since she passed.

No. I mean I can freak myself out when I'm alone thinking about ghosts and stuff, but that's as close as I come to any spiritual experiences. I find myself relating more to the thought of mutliple gods than just one. While Greek mythology is just something I enjoy reading about, I can relate more to it than believing that one person controls us all. If that's so then why do they let children die of cancer and all the other horrible things that happen? But with mythology there are several gods that control all aspects of life. There are good ones and bad ones. In short I find it easier to believe in The Fates than the belief of one higher power.

This morning, I was freaking out over a quiz I took. I did really poorly on it, and I didn't want to start the year off that way. I was frustrated, angry, and disappointed in myself. I thought about it all morning. Then I listened to the Well podcast. Brad Bell, the pastor, preached a sermon on how it is not about me, it is about Him. I realized I had been thinking about myself all morning. But it is not about me. It is about Jesus Christ, and how I can serve Him today. This class, however important right now, is trivial in comparison to the upward calling of God. I serve Jesus, He is my God, and there is no other. No matter what happens, no matter how hard it seems at times, no matter what I have to give up, sacrifice, or forget, it is about Him. Always. Forever, I got down and my knees and asked God to eradicate me, that I may be filled with Him. I think this is one prayer that won't be rejected. :) I love that. I love Him. And I will live for Him forever. Amen. Hallelujah.

Continued atheism. I find that observing the brilliance of man's cycle of creation and destruction is more than enough to make up for the lack of God.

My mom was seeing a man after her divorce. On his way home from work, he was killed in a car accident after falling asleep. She called me at 4 in the morning to tell me, all I could respond with was, "I'm so sorry". God works in mysterious ways.

By reading more and more about human biology and evolutionary psychology, I've been inspired by the complexity of the human body and mind. It seems imbued by the majesty of some creator, then, contradictorily, by something fearsome and cold. It boggles.

My grandmother with altzheimers disease insisted she had an entire conversation with my non-verbal son who has autism. I love the idea that two people who have trouble connecting and being understood every day were possibly able to connect and understand each other. Neither will ever remember or be able to share the content of the exchange, but it warms my heart to think they had it.

Cynthia's Gall Bladder surgeory was exactly one year ago. Was a mess. Should have been a one hour operation, took over three hours. Took us both back to 2002 and her two weeks in a coma. Shes been fine since, but the whole thing threw us both off for a few days.

Listening to Diane Birch sing in London was really special. Her voice was so lovely and I just felt totally at peace listening to her. When she sang 'Fire escape' I started to cry because I was so moved. It was also wonderful to be able to take my older sister to a concert where she was not distressed because of the volume, lights etc. It was the first concert I went to with her where she was relaxed and able to appreciate the music.

not particularly. At least I don't think. More I've become concerned about death, about all the people close to me dying. That feels more like the opposite of spiritual.

I started the path to conversion to Judaism - after 40+ years of being Catholic.

This year was a little svach on the spiritual side...the wedding and especially the Friday night before- were wonderful with so many of the family around and the slichot service that I went to in Riverdale was especially wonderful with both a kehilla and chazan singing with such force and unity.

For the first time, I was able to "experience" poetry, as opposed to "analyze" it. That really changed the way I view poetry, and performance art, in general.

On New Zealand's South Island my husband and I hiked all alone through a dewy, pristine rain forest surrounded by lush trees and giant ferns with the only sounds coming from the hush of the canopy and the crunch of ground underfoot. I felt completely calm and at peace, and was reminded yet again that when it's all said and done all the "stuff" sooo DOESN'T matter.

Seeing "Rent" on stage with some of the original cast. It was the first time I had seen it. I found it incredibly moving. It reminded me of what was most important in life.


Spiritual...nothing I can recall. My most spiritual moments tend to be when I'm in nature, and can just enjoy it's beauty. It doesn't happen often, but I cherish each moment of peace.

I started doing shiatsu massage. My massage therapist has literally changed my life. I've always been interested in religion, but for some reason hadn't delved into any of the Eastern flavors. Massage and the offer of a new way to see the world has opened doors and offered many possibilities.

I have learned that I am much more interested in art than I used to be. I have also found a deep interest in Buddhism. I try to study it as much as I can on my own, but I feel like it would be easier if I could go somewhere to learn more about it, or if i knew someone that knew more about it. I have also realized that even tho I do not believe in Christianity or Islam or Judaism, that I can appreciate the customs and traditions of all. I do not believe in an omniscient being, but I do believe in a "higher power," as in the universe is all connected and everything is made up of energy there fore everything is holy and deserves out respect. I've also developed (alongside Buddhism) a deeper compassion for living being and animals. This is why I decided to become a vegetarian in April. I do not want to support the mass production of meat and the torture of innocent animals.

I began practicing Bikram Yoga in the past month. It has limbered me up and reduced my stress level immensely. It has also helped me to be more conscious of my thoughts and to forgive myself a bit more.

Sitting outside at night in Provincetown, watching the stars and listening to the crash of the waves.

I work for a christian charity that is dedicated to working with young people in the community and being there to help them with the difficult issues they are facing in their lives. It is a brilliant place to work and it is amazing to feel you are doing something so positive for many teenagers, but 8 years of working there has made me realise that I am not looking after myself well enough to be able to continue doing a good job. So I have had to come to a point of looking at taking care of different aspects of my life - time with my family, my spiritual life and taking my passion for photography and art further over the next year - so that I can continue to grow.

I've rediscovered who I am in relation to God, and what it means to be living within His will for my life. It's changed how I view the things happening in my life, and how I interact with other people.

Where do we go when we die? After my father died, I looked up at the sky in my parents' backyard and just kept looking up through the trees, wondering where he was, but knowing he was far far away. I like to think he's on the other side of the sunset, enjoying the view of a beautiful sunrise.

I got pregnant last November, and it was the most amazing and spiritual experience...the miracle of life seemed like the most concrete evidence of a higher power. I lost the baby a week after learning I was pregnant. It was devastating, but somehow didn't diminish the miracle. I pray that the creator blesses us with another chance.

I visited a church in my new hometown and felt more at peace than I have been in the past when stepping into churches. There was something really holy about that place, it was bright and very beautiful.

Finding out my husband was dedicated enough to me to climb over his fears of sickness and minister to my needs.

I hate the word spiritual. I'm not quite sure what it means. But I suppose that gaining some knowledge of therianthropy is as spiritual as my year got. In the past year I met a good number of furries, most of them therians. And it's interesting, learning what that means to them. I'm still not 100% sure how it differs from spirit animals - I suspect not all therians completely separate the two. And to me, it's another language. An animal as a word to describe the characteristics of a person. I suppose that explanation doesn't necessarily please therians, but I'm a word person so it's what makes sense to me.

This year, I decided to examine my beliefs and explore different faiths. The search took much of my time and, though I believed that I found my "true" faith each time, I would eventually lose heart. It came full circle one day when I realized the reason I was so distraught. I was taking my old beliefs too seriously. I lightened up and ended where I started, a new man. Hail Eris!

I'm not a spiritual person. I believe there's a point to life, I just don't believe it has anything to do with the Bible, the Koran, or any other religions out there. I believe we're not meant to know. I believe we're meant to be good to each other, and to help each other. This comes from my soul, not from fear of eternal judgement or damnation.

Seeing how you don't need to take your own revenge on people, if you wait long enough God shows them what they have done. I saw this in a big way this year.

I have been a crazy Bruce Springsteen fan for 30 years. On 11.08.09 I had the great fortune to see him with his "legendary E Street Band" perform the (double) album "The River" in its entirety - "top to bottom" as he put it - at MSG. He did not announce his plans to do this until a few days before the concert but I had already bought a ticket the day they went on sale. I was so thrilled when the announcement was made because among other things, my first Bruce concert was during the River tour in1980--at the Garden. I am getting emotional now thinking about that night. I experienced such an amazing range of feeling that night - indescribable joy (including shedding many tears of joy!), sadness about the possibility that it could be the last time I saw the band like that--they are on a long term break and nobody knows if they'll perform again together because of their ages, other commmitments, etc. - and everything in between (including disappointment over the song that followed the last song from the River album...), and overall happiness and privilege for the fortune to be there. My spirit soared that night in that place. I was "alone" but with 20000 of my "closest friends", and I will never, ever forget it. I listen to the show every now and then and the feelings of joy and connectedness and wholeness and perfection of one little moment in time instantly come rushing back. He closed the show with Elvis's "Can't Help Falling in Love"...oh my.....thank you Bruce for 30 years of your phenomenal gifts.....

Tito, in Nov and Dec of 2009, will be a reference point for the test of my life. In Nature... > In New Mexico > At Bandelier > At Grand Lake with my Mom (and the Adam's Falls hike) Reading Villoldo's books, having just finished Island Of The Sun within the last 48 hours... That buck on the bike path on my first walk of the summer at my Mom's house. All of this is best described, simply, as "a deepening."

The most important spiritual event of the year for me was our Jewish conversion. After all this time, to finally have our mikveh, while pregnant with Rivka, was meaningful.

As a new Hillel professional.. Rosh Hashanah services this past week were pretty amazing. I felt much more connected to Judaism and the holiday than in the past. Services were being held in my sort of "home away from home" (aka: at work). I love love love my job and am happy to be at Shabbat services every week and be around young college students who are interested in keeping their Jewish roots as they have their college wings taking them to new places :)

I have gotten closer to God because of a woman at work who talks to me (not preaches) about her walk with God... She has the faith that I wish I had... Her beliefs have me thinking about my own faith.

This summer I was traveling in Myanmar/Burma and slept one night in a buddhist temple that also was a monestery. The morning after I woke at 5 of the monks chanting. I do not like getting up erly and usualy have the worst morning temper but not after that wake up call. The sound was so beautiful and absolutely the best wake up call ever.I am not religious but when traveling in Myanmar I found a inner calm I have not had erlier. Now back in the western world I am doing my best not to lose it but its definetly not easy,

No one defining experience, but I continue to look for evidence that there is a God who cares for mankind through all the dreadful things that are happening around me and everywhere. The news media presents the most negative , of course, and I read a lot. My personal experience has been that of a caring, supportive and generous diety who has saved my skin on several occasions and allowed me my comfortable, secure life. I think I've felt guidance through the rough times and it was definitely spiritual.

Spiritual experiences for me relate to my ability to express acceptance, forgiveness, love, compassion, leting go of hurt and anger, generosity and other dimensional ways we relate to ourselves, others and the environment. So how am I doing at the spiritual level as defined above. Developing thoses qualities in myself as I relate to myself, spouse, family and others is a strong intention for me. I am far from perfect and I often err. I am committed to go back (and I do) and right a relationship especially in intiate relationships. I get a great big high, a deep joy when I am in nature or at the ocean becaues it makes me feel close to the mystery of life.

For the last ten years I've been ever-more open to all that I cannot see and prove and touch, the stuff that twinkles at me in a way I don't understand but can't ignore. This year I met a stranger at a flea market, my last customer and we cried about the death of my son together. He'd had a near death experience after an accident and told me my son was right there, right next to my ear - all the time. The woman who bought my house has seen fairies and paints unseen spirits. I keep forgetting, having packages sent to my old address. I hung my art in the new house and realized again that the imagery in paintings I bought in the last few years almost all anticipated my son's death.

My oldest grandson, who has to carry the label of down's syndrome, took the phone from his Father and said 'Hi, Pappy, I love you.'

The loss of a wonderful friend and person. She was killed by a drunk driver in her own driveway. it has been deeply sad and frightening.

Yeah i definitly have had a spirtual experience. That would be at lowlands 2010, day 2. It was the concert of Jonsí. His music really makes you emotions flow. I was happy, sad, crying, laughinh, jumping. dancing, scared, angry, exstatic, in love, loved, and i felt many more emotions in just one performance. It was really giving me the creeps, breathtaking and beautifull at the same time. I really love what the guy is doing on stage. And it had made me realize what music can do to a person... From now on music wil be a much bigger thing in my life. And I am way excited to see Jonsí again in november 2010.

I spent most of the year in focused spiritual seeking. Had many miraculous things happen. Chanted for money and had it appear within 3 hours. Chanted for better finances and now have resolved most of the most pressing financial problems that I was facing. Discovered more and more of my true self. I am contented now in a way I have not been since I can remember.

Wearing my clunky rubber boats, standing in the water as the tide went out, watching a Great Blue Heron hunt for and catch breakfast.

I won a ticket to see the Dalai Lama speak. I took away a simple message: humans are good because we all come from our mothers. Also, he dropped the f-bomb while gently making fun of the way Americans live their lives. His simple lessons and down-to-earth demeanor have enriched my perspective on the world.

I do feel G-d guiding me lately especially when I'm interacting with my kids and husband. Things have been stressful lately in the home. G-d (or someone looking out for me) will tell me how to react or what to say or not to say by giving me a strong feeling . I'll envision a hand gently nudging me in the right direction or I'll hear in my head- "stop now" or" read her a story" even though I'm tired etc. And I listen. And so far listening has gotten me good results. So I'm still listening!

Every day is a spiritual awakening. I have found my Higher Power and have opened myself up to the thought of a peaceful, aware and open faith.

No; in fact, I have found 5770 to be the least spiritual year thus far. With wedding planning, synagogue politics and relationship issues, I have felt less connected and more indifferent towards Judaism.

I prayed more earnestly during the World Cup than any other time in my life thus far. While I've always believed that there is a God, I have to admit that Spain's win deepened my belief that He is always listening.

My spiritual experience was this moment of pure quiet joy when I realized that the words of my abusive ex-husband could no longer harm me.

Spiritual experiences are available to me when I am in a state of true alertness (as opposed to being focused on myself, my state, my story, my worries...). Just the other morning on my walk I sensed the joy of unity - it was a sensation of exhilarating peace, feeling my heart literally lifted inside of me; noticing how much the beauty of the flowers, and the loving effort of those gardeners who tended them, the sweetness of the air, the light, gave me flight and freedom and gratitude. These "spiritual" moments occur, I'm in them, and then comes the noticing of them. They permeate my cells and become part of my memory, so I can call on them when I find myself feeling lost. They're always there, available. Remembering. The plunge into the perfect icy cold river at Breitenbush -I can't get much more spiritual than that.

I had one today. I'm at the Hard Days Night Hotel in Liverpool. The logo of the hotel is the G7sus4 chord ( famous and distinct and obviously the starting chord of the song A Hard Days Night ). Someone asked me how does that chord sound? ( a young person, obviously) and while I try to copy the sound, the next song played on the sound-system in the hotel is exactly this song and the beginning chord blazed through my attempt to copy the sound... Truly magical :-)

I can't honestly think of anything particularly spiritual in any sense happening this year. I've had the normal ups and downs of the average life. My everything-but-a-marriage was moving and a most definite 'up' in my life, but I've had corresponding 'downs' as well.

I've been blessed with a number of particularly spiritual experiences this year. At Burning Man I discovered my energy is tiger-like, only I haven't realised it in the past. The realisation came in a momentary vision of myself as a huge, powerful wild cat. For the rest of the night I felt fierce, strong and empowered. It is too early to tell how it's affected me in the long term, but I'm trying to own that energy more and keep 'feeding the tiger'. I also camped out in the woods a couple times during August, getting more in touch with nature and minimising distractions. Again, it's hard to say its overall effects but I do think those nights contributed to an increased sense of focus and purpose that, God willing, I'm carrying into my life now.

The last spiritual experience I had was looking at the trees in Sequoia, where we got married. They remind me that we are only little dots, and they are reminders of time, and the brief life we have and the vastness of the Universe. Don't take yourself too seriously, but take advantage of life while you are living it.

I sang Hineni on Rosh Hashonah for the first time. I felt like I was chaneling ancient beings and I went to a very incredible deep place, which I hope I brought others to.

I recently was made redundant and have had to think about what I want from the future. Although scared of getting another job and going through interviews, I sure that I will succeed. I want to have soemthing different, something worthwhile..

Our church used to be a progressive and modern, that embraced youth and a new generation. Then our priest was transferred out of the diocese and everything changed. At a point in my life when I need religious guidance the most, I have little to none and it leaves me in a lost place. And I don't know what to do about it.

I let my friend Karen practice her voo doo (read: qi quong) on me, after I'd had my period for six months straight. The hand waving and soul piece searching really worked, and my period has been normal ever since.

Not really. I'm always reforming my opinion of spiritual things. The most spiritual thing for me is looking at the stars and realizing how vast the universe is, and how insignificant I am in comparison.

The most spiritual and uplifting experiences I had in the past year were during my internship. I realized some form of self-faith, in believing in myself, and my profound abilities. I was given the opportunity to do research in the Library of Congress, which as my boss said, was "like Heaven for academics." I studied documents that were over 100 years old, and couldn't believe I was allowed to touch them.

This year I lost an old and dear friend. She was a state trooper that was killed in the line of duty. One of the most amazing things I have ever seen was the turnout of police/fireman/EMT's/Troopers from across the country for her funeral. My sister was doing one of the eulogies at the funeral so we arrived early and there were hundreds of trooper cars lined up with their lights on. The procession of the troopers into the chapel took almost 45 minutes. The funeral procession stretched for miles. It was totally surreal. It was one of the most beautiful and sad moments of my life and it didn't even involve me at all.

No but feel like I am following where God wants me to be. More settled in my faith.

I haven't gotten any spiritual moments this year but my creative side which i have repressed through stress and lack of time has kind of resurfaced. i missed my artistic side. though i am far from an artist i appreciate my creative side. it helps me remember the beauty in all of life- to create something beautiful even from a taco or a sock.

I think the most spriritual event for me was when I went through my miscarriage. That was only a week ago. For whatever reason I truly feel that it was G-d's way of saying this is not your baby.

In July I visited Israel with my husband's family, and visited the Church of the Holy Sepulchur and the Western Wall. I prayed at the Western Wall even though I am not Jewish, and felt the wall vibrating and the intentions of all the folks praying there. It was touching to see and feel the holiness of the community of prayer there. It was also touching to visit the last 3 stations of the cross where Jesus walked at the Church of the Holy Sepulchur. I felt the beauty of God at Newfound Lake when I went kayaking on my own. I can feel God in nature - -the power, beauty and awesomeness of nature.

one night i was with some of my friends and i needed to come home at 11. well i lost track of time and when i looked at my phone it was like 1045 and i takes me about 20 minutes to get home with all green lights. i was high and shouldnt have been driving but i didnt really care and drove anyways. i was driving through rancho santa fe, the back way with all the windy roads. well that night i should have been dead, i was going around sharp curves at like 50 mph, very unsafe. as well it was dark so the visibility was lacking. there were so many times i should have hit the curb flipped and die, but it never happend when i got home i went upstairs laid in my bed and i could feel that someone was looking over me.

I have thought quite a lot about religion and spirituality lately, and in a rather more forgiving way than previously. I think I have clarified my feelings about the value of unknowing and my respect for humble, reasonable and joyful religious belief. I have become increasingly concerned about the anger and rudeness with which many seem to express their opposition to this phenomenon - a way of viewing the world which seems to me a product of extreme bitterness and occasionally fanaticism to compete with the worst excesses of religion. I have felt more joy and contentment at the natural beauty of things, and the presence of others, and found myself listening more to these things. I think it has made me a little softer and more calm and humble as a person - something I have sorely needed.

Perhaps the most spiritual experience I have had this year has been sitting alone on the boat at night and reciting the Shema among the stars before heading below for bed. There is something about bring at anchor on a sailboat, surrounded by water and trees and the sky that brings all of creation in order.

When I took a nap with my best friend Teresa. She was weak and tired and sad because she knows she is slowly dying of cancer. We didn't have to talk. I just got into bed with her under the covers and we fell asleep holding hands. The depth of love I felt falling asleep was astounding.

i went to my old babysitters grave and it was really cloudy out. then wen i started talking to her and asked if she could hear me the clouds dissappeared and the rest of the day was beautiful out. she was there with me..

I have continued to pursue my relationship with Jesus Christ. It is rewarding and sometimes challenging. Christians live by faith, not by sight and having that kind of faith challenges me because it's hard to believe in something you cannot see. I definitely hear from Him so I do not doubt his presence. I just don't hear from Him in the way I want or in the timeframe I think is appropriate. God is into delay. I continue to grow in trusting Him because He sees my life from beginning to end and nothing is a surprise to Him. He called me to faith knowing that I would screw up sometimes and He still loved me enough to call me. He knows what is best and what is going on in other people's minds. The goal of the Christian life is to become more like Jesus. That means its a process and that can be discouraging. I see where I need to be and how I need to respond to challenges but getting to that higher level is work.

I've realized how truly in love with life I am. How much I love acting. It changes my career path just slightly. I always knew I wanted to act, but I never knew just how much.

I experience "spiritual" things everyday because I work to stay connected to my true self (soul) it is only through this connection that we can discover how we are all connected. Through our connection to everything we can overcome the issues we all face in our daily lives. Move beyond your comfort zone...expand your experience & grow to new heights in your life.

I haven't had any spiritual experiences that I can think of.

Almost a year ago exactly, I was baptised into a Presbyterian church. I chose to go through with this because I thought the boy I was dating at the time would never marry someone who did not share the same religious beliefs as him. Months later, I realized that anyone who did not love me for who I already am is not worth changing for. I did not believe that baptism is "the way to Jesus" and have returned to my openly agonostic ways. I do not believe that to be a good person you must have faith in a higher being and its prophet. I learned more about myself through this than through many past events.

XIV CONIAM Chihuahua 2010. Tal vez en el momento no parecía, pero el recordarlo, la marcha, la música, el sentirme misionera fue toda una experiencia. La música todavía me hace recordar tantas cosas... Ven, ven misionero, ven, ven, misionero....

some times i feel as though god puts his hands on my shoulders and whispers in my ear... every thing is going to be alright. yet some times i look up into the night sky and see all the stars and think... god created all this beauty and god created me, so why and how is he now putting me though so much pain.

For a moment, I entertained the thought that we were alone in the universe and that God simply created us and then wanted nothing to do with us. It broke my heart and I spent half the day in tears. I finally figured that the fact that my heart broke meant that I do have a relationship with a loving, caring God. Not sure if that makes sense, but it was a profound experience for me to let doubt take over temporarily.

last octobe my younger brother was pronounced cancer of the the lung which had spread to his brain and bones and had a few months to live . any form of medication was considered useless since it was already too widespread the one that was given was to ease pain. i was shocked to hear felt helpless cause only miracle could save him so i became religious seeking/praying and some way God showed the way to cureness.he died in march 2010 , 14 days after his 59th birthday.the day he died inspite of cursing for the help i did not get i felt resigned and humbled.at the end we have to acknowledge His will and accept what was written for us.i felt calm and praised God that my brother suffer no more hope that we that still lived will be blessed by Him.

The most spiritual experience I had this year was falling in love again. It wasn't one moment but a series of moments in which I experienced God in another person's heart, commitment, patient and love. After a broken heart and broken marriage, I once again discovered God's grace, humanity in God's image as I fell in love with a new person - in unbridled joy, passionate love, complex worlds colliding etc. God everywhere all the time.

Extending my understanding and appreciation of Eckhart Tolle's writings and the idea of being present in my life (as opposed to being run by what happened in the past or what might happen in the future) has been enormously helpful to me. I have to credit my friend Heidi and Oprah Winfrey for turning me onto this whole area of writings and thought. Thank you!

In a city on my own - I went to my first "singles' passover meal - I found a group people where I belong

On visiting a very Old Friend 93.We chatted as we always do.I often bring up her past as a Nurse, remember how hard ,she worked and how kind and dedicated, to the sick she was. Time went by and it became dark.We began to chat in depth. Her whole Life story!-Also her health ,in a matter of fact manner.This has always been how she likes to talk. No Pretence; This Lovely Lady is now on strong medication, for her various painfull Illness.She cannot be put into a bed, to sleep because her body is now,twisted and bent. Suddenly she began to cry,and told me there is nothing they can do ,and she prays not to wake up. That she has lost all her friends,and more. I told her dont worry that you cry,i cry with you. I understand what you are saying . Holding her hand for the following hour,i felt a great warmth surround us as we prayed...(Spiritual or Love) call it what you will? We are both ex Nurses we,ll aware of what can happen. That this is the end of a Nurses Life. My strong Friend now weak and Frail. Now the Nurse is being Nursed, and finding it hard.Even though she is grascious in her manners,and behaviour.It still hurts to end this way. I held her fast, untill her Tears stopped- most of all to say'You are not alone,you are cared for and Loved. "If you die before we meet again'... I will always remember your Life ,and how you worked so very hard to care for the sick." You are still that same person ,that smiles out of your early photos when young,and in the Army.Your big beautifull eyes,now faded.Your brave smile catches our breath. Your moto,Never complain. You gave so much in Life to others. I pray you will not suffer further. I pray the Good Lord will hold you Fast.To share this time with you,is a a Gift--Of Spiritual Love .

I read 'The God Delusion' by Richard Dawkins and it was like... coming home. That man talks so much sense it's awe inspiring. It was the closest thing I think I've been to a spiritual experience. I've never believed in gods, but the guy seemed to have gotten inside my head and given my brain a long, warm, embracing hug.

i don't believe in religion or anything like it, but i was lying on the beach a little while ago looking at the sky, and i could just see thousands and thousands of stars the sky was so clear, and once in a while i saw a shooting star, that's my kind of spiritual.

I realized that I am my own person and I do not need to be a huge religious crazy person just because my dad is a pastor

I would say that my significant spiritual experience actually happened last year, but it's grown more this year and I've come to appreciate meditation and yoga and their connection much more. I am still trying to set aside time to do it daily, or every other day, but I'm getting at making yoga a constant in my life.

Spiritual is tough, There is something sometimes transcendent about sitting with the people I'm working with. Taglit-Birthright Israel pictures. Service though it is often selfish and self-serving. Wearing Rachel's and Josh's Bat/Bar Mitzvah Talitot.

I had a spiritual moment when I realized the connection I had been craving to others, to my family, to women in my family and women throughout time and across great distances was between my hands when I knit. Also, upon learning that my mother's brother's wife (no, she will never be an aunt to me) was distraught to learn her ENORMOUS CRUCIFIX in her backyard in suburban Maryland was struck by lightning made me wonder if there really was a higher power with a great deal of humor.

I consider myself a very spiritual person, and always have. Any time spent with my friends is a spiritual experience. Whenever we're together, we light candles, pull out the tarot cards, and almost always receive from sign or message from an angel or guardian. My life is full of light and love.

By researching dreams and psychology and getting a little bit into Tarot, I've really tightened my belief in connectedness and karma. I believe religion can do some good, but overall it is founded as a method of though control. This is not good.

mmm, not really, I think this year has been the least spiritual year to me... I mean, i realise that I don't believe in church anymore, the institution, the priests, the place, the rules, the expectations, are all bullshit. I just believe in god now. In a god much better that the one the church put theirs prayers on.

I attended a meditation workshop, which I didn't expect to have any profound , lasting affects...and to the naked eye, it did not. But for some reason, I am happier now than I have been in a long time. I know how to stop my mind from circling in ruts that only scare and depress me, how to become aware of the present moment, and I am beginning to know how to enjoy life again. I'm not saying it was all due to the workshop, but it may have had more of an affect than I thought it did.

None that come to mind immediately, other than just simple, everyday moments of grace - singing at church, receiving a kind email from a friend when I need it most, appreciating a warm spring day, holding my one-week-old niece.

just ramadan again and watching countless stories about people who converted to islam.

uhh, go away, i don't like this question!

In March, I visited San Francisco for a conference and, in the mornings, ran along the north bay. It is one of my all-time favorite things to do. The scenery is beautiful; the weather, gorgeous. I feel invincible and supremely happy. In fact, as I told a friend of mine when I got back from my run, "I want to die running in San Francisco." It's made me realize that, although I'm not sure I would be suited to live on the Left Coast, I need to visit at least once a year. It's critical for my soul.

Many blessings have come my way

No spiritual experiences for me, but my Girlfriend is close to God and having her talk about him makes me feel closer. I love her more than anything.

I don't know. I either can't remember or nothing did. Maybe the closest is learning to be calm, and feeling a release of tension in many ways. I feel more and more confused about what and what isn't...and am very OK with my confusion.

i had a spiritual breakthrough during the 6th mile of a triathalon - I transcended the physical pain and opened up to a whole new level of vulnerability - had pos impact in life on and off the course.

Spiritually my last year has been much less faith based. I want to get involved in a church again here in Madison, which is proving to be more difficult than I thought because of school. Artistically i've been trying to express myself in a better way, keeping things in is counter intuitive to who I want to be, so i've been writing and changing my style and the way I see the world in order to be more in touch with myself.

I went to church on Palm Sunday (I think) and had the rare experience of the sermon really speaking to me. It talked about how Mary Magdalene's love for Jesus was not reasonable and not easy to explain or justify. It was meaningful to me because I felt that this 2nd adoption is the same way.

We were told that the end was near (less then 24 hours) for my aged parent and I stayed with him/her until she/he passed. It was extremely cathartic and so very peaceful when the end came. I was able to read and speak with her/him through the evening and early morning hours as well as hold hands and caress their face and it is my belief that they knew they were not alone.

Spiritual. That's hard to answer for this year. In some ways, doing the whole thing of getting Henry up here was a spiritual endeavor. My art and the time I have focused on it could be spiritual I suppose. Nothing much comes to mind. It seems a year more of practicality than spirituality, although I do seem to feel a great need for spiritual community at present, and am considering joining Bet Am Sholom.

The most spiritual experience that I felt this year was when I travelled to Europe for the first time. Standing before artistic masterpieces in the Louvre, feeling dwarfed in the Colosseum, staring across the ocean towards Africa, I felt lost in the world but at the same time it all made sense and I felt like I belonged. It reminded me of how beautiful our world could be, of how talented and special and remarkable people are. That is the closest I've felt to spirituality in a long time.

I've kind of walked away from the Lord in this past year. I realized, I may never really have loved Him, I was just following a routine. I've been trained to go to church, not to cuss, not to do bad things. But maybe I never loved Him. Maybe I never let His love for me change me. I'm still keeping up the routine and it doesn't seem like anyone has noticed that I've gone missing. Either I wasn't making much of a difference in the first place or else everyone is just looking the other way until I get myself together again. I've found that living my own way, selfishly, doing what I want, is entertaining. I know that I can't do it forever, but sometimes I don't want to stop. In the long run, I know there are no benefits to this lifestyle other than fun. But I like fun. I'm almost ready to change. Almost. But if it isn't different this time...if it's not radical relationship...then I'll keep going back.

My spiritual experience of the year has been watching sunsets. It started by me watching the sunset behind the mountains at the Deerfield when the whole family went camping for the week. I was shocked by their beauty. Then at camp I took to watching the sunset in the pasture during the 7 o'clock game. I love noticing all the different cloud shapes and colors and how the sun slowly dips behind the horizion, leaving me in an inky cloak of blue. This has really taught me the importance of slowing down and taking in the beauty of life and planet Earth. After the sun is down I love seeing the stars. They really humble you and they calm all my fears. When I see how small I really am small problems just don't seem to matter and don't bug me.

On a whim, I spent an afternoon at the local art museum. It completely cleared my head and I left with more energy and focus. I had been there before with school groups and my parents, but never really by/for myself. I have vowed I will try to get there more often. I am constantly amazed at the spiritual power of art.


Yes I got to hear my internal voice. And I have been listening to it. And at times I want to resist from listening to it but I now know THat only good comes from listening to it and following what it says. TRUST Myself. And my actions. ITS feels so spiritual because there is no logical to it. I am not using my head but my heart. I feel blessed to have discovered this now.

wow. what a question to recap the weekend that I just had. i've been living luke warm for awhile...and for awhile i mean for almost 8 years...if not more than that. i was on fire in high school. i led FCA and was the BRIO girl, everyone knew I was a Christian and that is a huge factor that held me accountable to living that life I said i was called to live. and then i went to college. nothing significantly bad happened in college, but i lost the "blaze" and just become "a christian" --i didn't necessarily seek people out to live deeper and ask the tough questions...and so i lived and enjoyed life for a really long time. and then these last couple of months happened. God puts people in your life for a reason and at the perfect moment. my friend John and I crossed paths earlier this year maybe in February. We grabbed coffee, caught up and he started sharing his vision for this non-profit...and i started sharing my passion for connecting authentic and interesting Christian young adults together in the Minneapolis area. We planned a happy hour, we all went out one night, and then we all (as in 6 strangers) went to a cabin this past weekend. and God came with. God was always with, but He was so present and there that there was no denying it. People opened up and told their story - their story of fear, and passion to pursue the Lord, of pain and anger and surrendering to the Lord. people shared things that were on their heart that they had never shared before - to anyone - and they shared it with a group of strangers that became friends truly overnight around a bonfire. that is the best type of friendship. the friendship that happens because there is a bigger purpose for it. a Bigger meaning. a Bigger cord tying everyone together. This weekend will be one I remember forever. and I can honestly believe that. It was perspective changing...and ultimately life changing. God, you are good. I know that...but sometimes I need reminders...and you put those reminders right in front of my face and I finally opened my eyes. Thank you for never giving up on me...

The more I practice Yoga, the deeper I am able to go into my beliefs, faith and sprituality. I have been teaching a Christian Yoga practice for 3 years now. There are usually 7 of us who practice together with background music of familiar church hymns and christian music with powerful lyrics. It was during Lent when we ended our practice with a song from Brad Paisley and Sara Evans singing about Jesus talking to his mother Mary about his crucifixion. We mediated on each and every word of the song and many of us left Yoga that day deeply moved and spiritually stirred. It was beautiful

I haven't. I think that I will try to make a point of feeling out that part of myself with some more purpose this year, since it will be the first year in some time that I have not been struggling through some personal trauma in a while.

I discovered that prayer can work for me even though I don't believe in a personal higher power and even though I'm not praying to anyone/thing in particular.

Being introduced to the Mars Volta by Cameron. This music has completely changed my perspective on life and how I think about things.

A: No, Every day is spiritual. Every day brings blessings. There are signs every where. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_-agl0pOQfs&feature=related

Absolutely. My wife and I vacationed in Sedona, AZ recently. The entire week was filled with spiritual experiences, including my recently passed away father speaking to me and also my sunglasses staying on the trunk of our rental car for 30 minutes of bumpy, twisty driving. Made me realize even more strongly how much I don't know.

Same as my answer to question 1. Affect= I am more hopeful for birthday season restoration.

I had crushes on people, real crushes, for the first time since breaking up with my ex. Not just crushes - real sparks and mutual energy, even though they didn't move beyond that. I am moving on, and it feels really good. I realize that my heart still works and I will one day be brave enough to be with someone else.

My friend is having a difficult time transitioning into retirement. Although he has a lot of time, he is having trouble finding people to share his interests and passions - as most of his friends are still in the general workforce. I am moved by his willingness to accept that he is alone, and I am concerned that he is not finding retirement as fulfilling as he had anticipated. It has made me take stock of my life, and begin today planning for my own semi-retirement (as I plan to never fully retire).

Meeting David Byrne. Calling Werner Herzog on the phone. Falling more in love with Will and feeling like the world mattered less without him.

When I was in Venice, Italy I was watching MTV on the Hilton TV. An music video/commercial for the 30 Seconds to Mars concert DVD played and I felt enlightened. The message, song, and mood the entire feeling it gave you was overwhelming, and now that I am back home, i continue to watch it over and over again. Also when I was in Turkey, we went to the supposed Virgin Mary's house. The way people worshiped it, made me take another look about religion.

The first thing that occurs to me isn't a positive spiritual experience, but after thinking through the year, nothing else really stands out as spiritual, not even my recent return to my spiritual home in the Catskills for the first, and perhaps, only time this year. One day in July, I drank too much one day and threw a drink in the face of someone I care about very much. I was angry, mostly at myself, in part because my drinking and drug use had become a bigger problem. It was the first time in over half a lifetime of drinking and drug use, that I was embarrassed for something I've done that negatively impacted a friend. I done things to myself when I was drinking, mostly having unprotected sex, etc., but I'd never been a problem to my friends before. This caused me to reevaluate my lifestyle choices in a way I hadn't because I'm supposedly an expert in the area of drugs. I'm still not where I want to be on that journey, but there's only so much longer I can ignore all the signs pointing me in the direction of sobriety. I continue to do so at my peril.

Spiritual experiences? I think my spiritual experience of this past year can be summed up in the fact that I'm drifting away from my previously held ideas about spirituality. I don't know, really. I suppose I do believe in a God, a creator, a sustaining, unified force, but I'm not sure I believe in the Christian God I was raised to believe in. I think a rejection of spirituality is, in itself, a spiritual experience. Seeing things in the small picture instead of a grand heavenly one, being in touch with the earth. And, of course, there are those moments I'm driving down the road, listening to "Head Rolls Off" by Frightened Rabbit or some other song I'm absolutely in love with, and I feel connected, not to a God, but to the world around me--these moments are profoundly spiritual.

My son is on the autism spectrum. Every day I am reminded of how "lucky" people who are "normal" (and their families) have it. But the spiritual depth he has shown me--and brought out in me--beats that so-called luck hands down. He has taught me more about spirituality than any book, teacher or sermon.

My yoga class is always a spiritual experience.

I'm not sure but I can't really say I have. I did find this website through a tweet from Deepak Choppra, someone who many would define as spiritual and enlightened. I'm not particularly religious in any event but I am a firm believer in karma and try to treat everyone like I would like to be treated. That alone, I suppose, could be spiritual enough.

Spiritual changes... I don't know. I guess this year I became a bit more aquainted with Jerry and Esther Hicks and Abraham. Jyle's mother introduced it to him, and then him to me and I find the concept of a universal consciousness very calming. I like the idea that all our instincts and desires come from a universal knowledge and search of happiness. I like that their translation of why were here is to "follow our bliss". I don't believe it is a religion per se, but a belief that if you set your mind on what you want, you can make the path to get there. I think that is the closest I can be to believing in a higher power, but even still t isn't really a higher power, it is just the messages inside of you that youre not listening too. I also really love the concept of "putting it in your pie". If you don't want something to happen, don't spend all your time thinking about it. If you are focussing all your energy on the negative, all you are doing is making it closer and closer to being a reality. If you think of the positive, focusing your mind and actions on making the positive a reality, it is a far better use of your time, and will also make you feel better. If you don't want ketchup in your pie, don't put it there.

I always find that going to B'nai Jeshurun is the closest I get to a "spiritual" experience, which I define as an involuntary, visceral, positive response. I am not sure if that definition is accurate, or if this is in fact "spirituality," a word I always find overly touchy-feely and amorphous.

See my artist-friend, Ted, dying at age 97...with a smooth stone in his hand. The last rose of November stands surrounded by the fallen leaves that cold north winds have tormented and torn from summer’s shady trees Like soldiers on some battlefield, the offal lies in crimson tide. The frail foliage of Fall’s been stabbed by ice and slowly died “The wind’s the culprit,” neighbors say. “Its gusty dance will fell us all.” They’re bent, heads down, with caps pulled tight against the raging, frigid Fall. I watch the rose, its rigid stem unyielding, though its flower flayed in gusts so strong it has forgot the breeze where once its blossom swayed Its petals’ lingering display assures me that December will not rob me of these memories that only I, myself, can kill. And somewhere, midst the winter snows, in dim light, I’ll remember the perseverant struggle of the last rose of November. Craig Salvay 091118-091226

As a cradle Roman Catholic, I attend Mass every Sunday and on Holy Days of Obligation. Our pastor, as a human being, is, I'm sorry to say, not the best example of a Christian. However, his homilies provide an education on our faith that I have not received from any other priest--or maybe I wasn't paying attention before. The sermons have served as small epiphanies in which I find myself determined to be a better servant of God. Then the rest of the week comes, and all my best intentions are forgotten. You see, God has blessed me with a lack of quality short-term memory. Alas, I forget the resolutions hatched in my brain during these inspiring sermons. Will good intentions suffice as a pass into Heaven?

Not really but i have learned to love myself and have found things that i really love.

On my Aunt Sheila's death bed she called me to her. She repeated over and over to "Open his heart. Open his heart. Open his heart." I could have sworn that she also said, "Open all of our hearts." But maybe I thought that I heard that and I didn't really. I called my Dad after my visit with her. Crying, I encouraged him to go and visit her before she died. He ended up going and they forgave one another, made amends and said goodbye. It was truly spiritual to be sitting next to my relative knowing that she would be leaving this world soon. Leaving to go to what I think of as "heaven". Elizabeth Kubler-Ross says that when we are born and when we are about to die are the times that we are closest to our true essence. Our "spirit self". We have dropped all of our fears and pretenses because they no longer matter. My goal is to try to achieve that while I'm alive. It's a good reminder to drop all of the drama and stress and to live in the here and now and be grateful for all that I have. It is so hard for me to do that. But being near her that day served as such a powerful reminder to do that. Because life is short.

I haven't had many 'spiritual' experiences this year. The closest thing I can think of is the intimacy and enjoyment I experience when I interact with my baby. When I suddenly notice him gazing up at me or when I rub my face on his head and kiss him. I feel full of joy.

I am not a religious person and when it comes to spirituality, I'm not even sure that I know what that means... but, when I went to Singapore and Bali last year, I was taken aback by the ancient temples and tombs. It is amazing to me that a people can have such strong faith in a being that they have no proof of. Yet when I saw those old shrines, I couldn't help but think that there must be something there...

It seems so incredible that I have a huge sense of wonderment and joy when I look into my garden, filled with exquisite roses and dahlias - in colours of every possible shade of pink, red, purple, yellow - and in such abundance. It lifts my spirits and when I then look up at the hills beyond on a crystal clear day (or even a star filled night), I feel so content and thrilled and lucky. Just the fact that nature continues to quietly propogate flower after flower, and the trees keep up their fruit production is nothing short of miraculous.

When I got my drivers license. Mum says an Our Father or a Hail Mary everytime before hand

I think it was spiritual to help a 99-year old woman in our congregation in locating the fact that her pension, which she thought was purloined by a niece, was actually misdirected to the wrong account.

I'm not sure that I've had any particularly spiritual experiences this year ... but seeing this question makes me want to seek them in the coming year! I am happy that I remained connected to Judaism in certain ways -- celebrating the high holidays, participating in a Passover seder, etc. -- but I would also like to enhance my participation in Jewish life in the upcoming year by attending more Shabbat and/or holiday services, attending educational and/or social events, carrying out traditions such as lighting the Shabbas candles, and researching the ins and outs of a Jewish marriage ceremony and life together.

Amazingly, I did have an experience whilst reading the "reflections" in my prayer book on Rosh Hashana. Normally I don't get much out of the service, but it actually made a few pertinent points regarding faith.

My husband's grandmother died in December. I am not a particularly spiritual person, but after she died I did feel a different, more spiritual energy in my desire to honor her. To put it bluntly: I wanted to have a baby. She was an important mother to so many people, not just her own children and grandchildren. I felt a unique desire to continue her lifelong job of being an awesome mom.

Last fall, as the trees were displaying gorgeous colors of their annual retreat into hibernation, i saw a small maple sapling that was covered in glorious yellow leaves, sparkling in the sun. As i stood marvelling, a slight breeze touched the tree and to my stunned surprise, a huge flock of yellow monarchs exploded from the tree and swirled around it before scattering upward to continue their migration. I found tears of utter joy running down my face.

I think that there are mini spiritual experiences happening every day, sometimes fleeting things that happen that remind you of your connectedness. Nothing strikes me as something that stands alone from the past year, but there have been many instances where I've felt an epiphany about life in general that help to remind me of the divine order of things, of the universe... Mostly I try to remember that there is a giant universe beyond my personal world, and my relative insignificance in the face of that fact does tend to put trivial things in perspective.

I a man this past year who was a very devout evangelical christian. There were many other reasons why we weren't compatible, but the issue of faith really sent me soul searching in the most literal of ways. What I realized is that I was attracted to his faithfulness, and the way he lived a life that was constantly connected to and reflecting on a spiritual realm. What I couldn't handle was the exclusivity of it. The way of seeing the world in such a literal way - that if someone doesn't accept Jesus as their personal savior, then he feels they are fundamentally at odds with him.

I had a fantastic spiritual experience when Maggie was born and blessed. I feel so privileged to have fantastic family and friends who help me and enrich my life. I am very grateful for all of my blessings.

I don't think I've had a spiritual experience in the last year. The closest I have come has been moments when I experience utter joy and contentment .... and notice and am grateful. So, that's pretty good too.

Not really... Unless you count "Avatar"... That was a really good movie, about a guy who finds his own spiritual awakening...

Being pregnant with and giving birth to another human being is the most spiritual thing I have ever done. That being said, I have been more emotionally challenged this year than I have in some time. The lack of sleep, change in life and lack of exercise have culminated in some overwhelming highs and lows for me.

So many! I don't know what I met at my yoga retreat and in later meditations and yoga training but I know that it is wonderful! It's an amazing feeling that I call meeting God. I certainly don't get to meet God each time I meditate but each time I do get closer to God, and often am filled with wonderful peace, energy and light. It's been wonderful - what a gift!

I warn the reader that I am in no way religious and don't believe in a god or a higher deity. My spiritual experiences involve me lighting a stick of incense, turning off my lights and playing soft guitar to myself in the dark. Probably the most relaxing thing I can do to drown out the shouts of everyday life.

Nothing spiritual. Sad. Only things that I wished I'd done: celebrating Shabbat, doing Havdalah, but mostly just taking the time each week on Friday to reflect on the week that had passed and to think about time passing and the choices I've made and the week ahead - a forced encounter with the way that I spend my life, live my relationship, etc. Here's hoping that I'll do more of this next year, although I don't seem to have changed much from 2009 to 2010, so I hope for progress on this (and all) fronts, but progress does not seem to be fast coming. I'll try to try harder.

Perhaps the realization that being rich and being spiritual. I have never quite felt that connection. How I become truly rich and be able to help others and serve God.

Traveling to Israel. It was spiritual in a way that I never imagined. Taking the trip to Israel helped filled my soul in a place I did not even know needed to be filled. It transformed me into a happier and healthier person mentally and physically. I realized now, when reflecting on the trip that I feel like I know more about myself now than I ever did before and going to Israel filled a whole inside of me by helping me identify with something that I feel is such a part of me. It helped me discover who I truly am. I also realized it isn't about "religion" as much as it is about having a relationship with God, and that has made my spirituality enjoyable not obligatory.

This is always my most spiritual time of the year. But, to add to it, I'm 1 week away from a 6 month deployment away from my family. The combination has really made me take a close look at my life, the importance of my husband and children, and my relationship with G-d. It has never been more clear how important those things are to me - it's the core of who I am.

I tend to get very caught up in planning for the future that I don't spend enough time in the here and now. Chanting helps me to stay focused on now. There are times when I'm chanting where I truly feel connected to the entire universe, it's the best feeling in the world world.

Strange for some? My most spiritual experience of the year was a simple conversation speaking about the birth of my son with the Secretary of our day care; in a Conservative Synagogue. It led to a re-awakening of faith in myself.

no. I was inspired my Morris Day and the Time though

I have found my sould mate and I can't begin to descibe the inner peace it has given me knowing that no matter what happens he will be beside me. I feel so much braver, I want to be the best I can be and chase my dreams. I'm also a little bit frightened as I feel like I have so much more to lose now as I can't imagine life with out him. So I won't!

Visiting St. Peter's at the Vatican this summer. I had to hold back tears of happiness while I was standing outside taking everything in around me. It was a spiritual feeling as well as a feeling of disbelief that I was actually standing there about to enter this building. I never imagined that I would actually make it to the place that I learned so much about in my faith as well in my college architecture classes.

Nothing comes to mind - isn't that sad? Of course there have been some gems in 5770, like meaningful Shabbat services, etc. But in reality I feel less in touch with my spirituality than I have in a long time. I hope by this time next year I will be in a more spiritual place.

I spent this weekend camping in Big Sur, CA, watching dolphins play with surfers, playing my guitar, doing yoga outside, and chatting with new friends around the fire at night. Nothing brings me back to my center like sleeping outside with the sound of the ocean filling my dreams.

SO many Spiritual experiences...Daily. The Quest to Live in the Spirit while in Human form is a constant Spiritual Experience.

Everyday as I brush shoulders with the rest of the residents of NYC, I wonder if perhaps my soulmate is among them or perhaps if he is in a different city, state, country or continent.

becoming a mother was a spiritual experience for me. It makes me believe that there are greater forces at work to create such a perfect and beautiful creature. He just turned one year old and as I think about how much he has changed since his birth, every time he learns something new; figures out some small way in which the world works it renews my faith in a higher power.

The most spiritual experience I had this year was tied in with the death of my friend in July. I began to question my faith in ways that I haven't before, asking tough questions about what I really believed. Though at first my answers were very anger-driven about the loss of my friend, I was able to reaffirm my beliefs as time goes by. I truly believe what I did before, with an addition: Everything happens for a reason (whether I like it or not).

I don't believe in spiritualism of any kind. It's a crutch mankind uses to fool itself. We'd all be better off without such backwards superstitions.

Seeing both the Marina Abramović & Henri Cartier-Bresson exhibitions at MOMA in the same day. Also, I have created and facilitate workshops that operate on a spiritual & practical level. At the end of each weekend participants get up to say whatever they need to say to complete the weekend. Watching their level of transformation does it for me!

Yes, in nature. A walk in the most alive and invigorating wind in Montana, going to a place with a 360 degree view of mountains and fields, walking through wildflowers. But it was really the wind, bracing without being cold and washing everything through and away, that captivated my spirit. The wind was another being on our walk.

Today I was on the train and someone died under the train. I'm not sure if it was suicide or an accident. Makes you think about the meaning of life, my life, the value of life, what life really is. Very interesting to see how people reacted. Mostly calm and respectful. Life is precious and too short.

I started going to Friday evening Shabbat services. I realized how welcome and wonderful it is to sit in a quiet circle with friends at the end of the week, to light candles, and to sing prayers. It has easily become one of my favorite parts of the week.

I'm not sure why these questions are so much tougher this year. That's just an observation. More for me than anything. I guess, after going through a very difficult depression this year, I went away with a friend to a place called "The Golden Door". That's where I started dancing again. And while I was dancing, on one particular day, I felt my mother in the room with me. Dancing with me. In joy. On one of the last days there, we walked a labyrinth and as I walked, I found myself feeling very lost. A little frightened, and then, suddenly, I was in the middle. I made it to the end. And realized that getting lost was part of the journey.

Spirituality appears in many different forms for me. A moment in nature, a song, a strong sermon that brings back memories or strikes a particular chord in me, the sharing of my loves, with my love. This past spring Therese and I were visiting Calloway Gardens. As we were walking through the woods towards the chapel, we began to hear the notes of "Nearer My God To Thee" being played on the chapel organ. The beauty of the woods, being there with my love, the music, it was all surrealistic and got to me. To be there with Therese and to be able to share all the beauty flooding my senses, I could barely express myself to her as I cried for joy.

Yes. A returning to Jesus; trusting, believing and following Him. A most definite drawing near to God. It is undenieably the work of the Holy Spirit that has lead me in conviction to stop drinking, smoking, gambling, desiring all sorts of godless activities and practices such as pornography and lustful persuits. My desires are to be transformed by the renewing of my mind through the word of God. For sure my thoughts and actions have changed. I have hope and faith in the Power that is greater than I and in eternal life.

The truth is i've become interested in buddhism, and christianity. I love Buddha and i'd give anything to see the Dalhi Lama, but it sounds kinda funny, yet...Lady Gaga has helped restore my faith in God.

Bringing a child into the world is about as close as anyone to get to any kind of higher power. It's hard to think of anything more amazing that has happened to me this year (or ever) than growing a person inside me, pushing her out, and seeing the amazing and tiny person face-to-face that I had been growing. Also, just watching her grow and change each day since then, has been a fantastic privilege and honor.

I went to see Paramore for the 3rd time knowing that I HATED the supporting act Tegan and Sara. Seeing them live only cemented that in my mind, but for some reason I couldn't get them out of my head after the show. I went home and listened to them some more and fell in love. Learning more about them has helped more than just my playlists. They have taught me to be proud of who I am and to just be myself despite what anyone else says. So, Thank you Tegan Rain Quin and Sara Keirsten Quin, for being proud lesbians and for teaching me life lessons through your music and your words.

No, I haven't. I know. I'm horrible. I've just been too busy. And too apathetic.

Yes, Running. I experienced a runners high that felt spiritual. Also on the hillside. In the sun on the grass, taking in the view.

I don't believe in spirituality. I believe it's a crutch used by weak people to get through times of stress or danger.

I started my TAFE visual arts course at the start of this year and so far it's been great. I really do find myself growing as an artist, I've learnt some new techniques and styles, but more than that. I've learnt to really respect my ability to do anything I've set my mind to, even if I think it's impossible.

I felt God with us during our wedding ceremony. It sounds cheesy but coming from me it should be believed. The pastor that married us contains so much good in his heart and spirit and the love that was emitting not just from Joey and myself but also from everyone in the chapel with us. I believe that God is love and of course he was present on that day with so much love spilling into the world.

Truthfully, no. I feel like I've lost that part of my self, and I hope to get it back.... While I enjoy my religious experiences, I miss my cultural/artistic "spiritual" experiences.

I have read and prayed and meditated much more than I ever have in the past. It has created a shift within my perspective on the essence of God. He/She is much wiser than I ever realized. The wisdom is in the freedom of choice...what a powerful concept when you venture into the deep end of the choice pool.

I renewed my faith and started attending church regularly. I also feel like I finally recognized and connected with the way I feel and how I handle things. I finally learned what it was like to truly connect spiritually with another person.

My spiritual journey has led me to write a novel, set in New York's Lower East Side in 1911. I began writing last November (2009) and here in September am very close (4 to 6 weeks) from completing it. This story has captured my thoughts and transformed my perspective. It helps bridge the divide in Judaism between Orthodox, Reform and Agnosticism. My prayer is that it will bring healing to many in their own journey of faith.

The JOI shabbat when we walked from Beth's house to the parking lot blind folded while singing beautiful nigun and then dancing together by feeling each other's hands and bodies and then opening my eyes to the setting sun. It was such a free and comfortable joy. The final shabbat, that was also held at Beth's held that Manya and I led--when it was my turn to get a group massage and have five sets of loving, compassionate hands on me giving me strength and healing and peace for the final weekend before graduation. Havdallah at the manse--passing spices, marvelling at the sky and the night noises in a tight circle, appreciating the love and dedication and inspiration that these women brought to me and the world they opened up for me. Rosh hashanah services just a few days ago at workmen's circle--singing songs and reading poems similar to those in the JOI year with my WC peers and friends and role models, my parents in the room, holding hands with tom and listening to the dvar torah about how individual responsibility creates compassionate and caring community. Tears streamed down my face. There were some moments at Lollapalooza when the crowd was moving and I couldn't tell if I was jumping/dancing myself or if they were lifting me up. I closed my eyes and felt the music so deeply. Standing out in a field of fireflies with Jon, Lori, and Tom behind the barn and looking up at the milky way.

I really think Saint Catherine is the one looking out over. I know it seems strange to attach yourself to one person...but she is my guiding light. Saint Catherine follows right after the Trinity:)

This is an interesting question for me because I am on a spiritual quest. I am not quite sure how to put this into words, but I will try. This was a magical wonderful other worldly experience that occurred in May. I was part of an intervention to help an older man regain his health and life by stopping drinking. I was sitting on the sofa listening to the conversation and I started to laugh and speak to the man like I had known him forever. Then I got up and sat at his feet looked him in the eyes and told him I could see him inside. I then sent a huge jolt of energy to him and someone standing behind him almost fell over. The whole time I felt as if I was a vehicle and felt an angelic presence using me to do this work. I cannot explain any of it. The man is almost completely alcohol free and we will be revisiting him in the near future. I felt as if I had wings for a short while. The people in the room said I had a golden light around me. Who knows what this was, I just felt wonderful afterwards.

This year has been marred by a tremendous loss of faith and slowdown in spiritual growth. I have allowed myself to be impacted by an emotional vampire of sorts who, is sick. and unable to stop herself from draining emotion and spiritual power from those close to her. I take responsibility and am working to rebuild my spiritual connection and strength. It is a learning - growth opportunity for me. I have removed myself from the situation and am moving forward.

I tossed my 'bad acts', into the water and it rippled through me. The act itself represented my willingness to admit, reveal and through a ritual look at issues in a different way.

Being a normal person has also brought me closer -by default- to also be spiritual!!!!

Getting my chakra's cleared, enabling me to end a long standing, toxic relationship & enjoy a vacation to Maui! The experience has lightened my load, so to speak & helped me see & feel more clearly.

I was a bridesmaid at a friend's wedding, she is more religious than I am and I was a bit nervous about what the vows would be. It turned out to be a very simple ceromony about trust and forming a bond - lovely.

I have had inspiration through my dreams and imagination for a novel I wish to write. It has helped me to be more aware of the washed up dreams I had when I was younger and want to attempt to pursue them. It has allowed all my unfulfilled dreams to return to the forefront of my mind and to think about attempting to make them realised. Never give up your dreams. Dreams can not be had unless they are possible. I also had the privilege, of meeting a few Jewish people in the course of the last year, and have become eager to learn more about other religions and cultures. I have come to realise how much I accept that people have different opinions, beliefs, and practices, but it does not change there sense of respect or compassion for other people.

Nothing like I did when I was 17, but I don't think I will have anything quite like that ever again. I did have some 'energy work' done and it really helped me get rid of a lot of negative feelings and pain I had as a result of abuse. I think it helped me be more open and more receptive to the world and the ways God is speaking to me every day.

The beauty and quiet of being in the snow in Yosemite and Tahoe area. Dancing and singing at the Lady Gaga concert. Walking at the UC Davis arboretum. During these experiences, I felt connected to the experience, the world around me, and myself, instead of being distracted by thoughts in my head that take me away from my surroundings. I want to experience more of my life like this.

I have had many spiritual experiences this year. I have found books, apps and other things that have helped me. Everyday, my life is getting better though the Universe and the Law of Attraction. Everything I want is being manifested. I have also learned how to love, even more. And love even more people. I try to wrap every thought in love and I send it out to the world, to you.

Just a closer walk with God. Asking for help and allowing it to come in. Praying about things that I thought were too trivial, etc. The reunion with my mom was a major spiritual turning point as well. I feel more loved and accepted by myself and others than ever before. It has brought me closer to God. The prickliness and rage are subsiding.

i cant say if i got any. But i do read spiritual realated content on internet / newspapers.

I didn't really experience this particular 'spiritual' experience this past year, but I have just been reminded how much I believe in music. People have God, Allah, Buddha, etcetera. I have the lovely notes, melodies, harmonies and everything in between.It's not that I don't believe in a higher power; I just have had religion shoved down my throat so much that I don't know what to believe in anymore. Music to me is just more than MUSIC.It is a constant in my life, something that is and will always be there for me. It comforts me, makes me happy, makes me sad, helps me focus, helps me forget, remember. I love music to my core, I love to lay and get lost in the chords; the guitar, the drums, I absolutely love it. Someday in one of my biggest dreams I will make music that inspires people, that helps them through tough times, that just helps in general as much as the music that I listen to helps me.

For me a spiritual experience is when I feel I am connecting with the Universe. It is a physical experience: you know, deep inside of you, that you are part of something far bigger than you can imagine. In those moments when you connect, you feel this surge of energy, serenity, and joy that is absolutely unique. Have faith, be patient, and be kind. Everything matters.

A few times. The first , and most significant, happened in Yoga class while listening to the instructor talk about the meaning of OM while in seated meditation. I felt incredibly connected. I also went and got an OM tattoo that day, it is a reminder to stay grounded and connected. It gave me the desire and will to recommit myself to my practice and myself. I have lost my way in this a little lately, but I think having that constant connection to OM, and visual reminder, continues to bring me back to my intention.

Absolutely. After a long time of thinking and studying, I was so moved by Rosh Hashanah services last year that I decided that I wanted to officially become a part of the Jewish community. I continued my studies, and completed my conversion in the local mikveh this past March. Practicing Judaism has been a very centering experience for me, and I feel very welcomed and supported by my Jewish community. Rosh Hashanah services were just as moving to me this year; I had my first aliyah, and the chanting of "zochreynu" made me feel I was on a new plane of existence!

There was a day when I noticed. Even my own suffering for which I blame myself, my own 'negativity', is part of the whole picture. And then, the icing on the cake of proof: Pollux the cat.

Finding a person who lent me the strength and boldness i had always had inside me but had never been brave enough to unleash. Realizing who will really stick by me and that family is all well and good but its not the be all end all of my existence and its Ok to go against them if they make me feel horrible or are just not worth listening to and worrying about their opinions if they don't care about mine. Family doesn't always have to be about blood; friendship loyalty and caring are all important factors that define REAL family.

In 1989, when my parents were living in Paris, they visited the Notre Dame cathedral. Rather than light a candle in prayer, my mother payed a few francs to light a candle and made a wish to get pregnant (they had been trying to have children for eight years). Within a few months, she found out she was going to have me. I found myself in Paris this summer, and on the day of my 20th birthday I visited Notre Dame. Because my birthday fell on a Sunday, a sermon was going on. I payed my 2 euro donation and made my wish just as the organ player and choir started up. It was surreal. I am in no way a religious person, but being in one of the most impressive buildings in the world, on my birthday, in a place that means so much to my parents and is embedded in my personal history brought me closer to belief than I have ever been.

I can't think of any spiritual experiences I've had in the past year.

I learned finally how to be courageous in dealing with life's challenges, by finally allowing myself self-love in an empirical and spiritual way (i.e. by taking good care of myself, and by seeing myself as the lovable and loving person that I've always been but was afraid to admit). This action of self-love has been life-altering for me; I no longer live in fear of living and dying alone, because I am loved.

Yes! I attended a self-discovery workshop a few months ago and, although I'd already addressed my fear of ridicule through other workshops, I finally broke through my fear of ridicule by going to a local mall's food court (during lunch) and I just stood up right in the middle and started dancing! No music, no one with me - I just got up and started dancing! And..., nothing happened! I didn't get yelled at, laughed at, booed at, or hauled off by Security! As a matter of fact, the only notable thing that did happen was a really old lady who was sitting at one of the tables near my "impromptu dancing stage" was watching me and she smiled. She's seemed to me to be thinking "You go, guy!" I loved it and I've never gone back to giving a shit about what other people think of me. Of course, I'm still the nice-guy, formal, attentive, and tactful me, but I don't let my former fear of ridicule keep me from doing anything I want to do. It turns out that I love dancing and... just being JOYFUL about things! And, I don't worry about other people thinking I'm weird or something - if I'm so joyful I feel like dancing about it, cheering about it, whatever, well, then by golly, I dance and friggen cheer! :-) I'm about to begin another workshop on Friday. It's 10 days long and has been described as the "doctorate-level workshop" for finding one's self, knowing one's self. I can't wait!

Seeing a pure breed collie as I was running which is the same breed as my dog . I actually stopped my run, to speak with the owner and tell him that my dog was very sick and that I had the same kind of dog. After I got back from my run I recived a call from my sister that my dog had passed. I kind of felt like I lost a part of me and my childhood.

The times that I truly feel that I have connected to God this year have been through nature. Various hikes around the area, with the creatures and plantitude, the vastness of the ocean, the immensity of mountains, the depth of the night sky, the smell of early morning. There is where I feel God's presence most strongly.

That's an interesting question and seems to be one that I struggle with fairly regularly. I do believe that we are all connected, but have struggled to define it exactly and of course, how exactly to live it. After watching 'Avatar', as cheesy as it sounds, I had the realisation that 'earth-based' spirituality resonates the most with me and I've started curling up under a beatiful old oak tree in my mind at night. It gives me a sense of peace and is my way of praying. It helps... and I suppose, at the end of the day, that's all it's about.

watching the move "the return", a russian production, definitely left me in awe of the efects of simplicity and beauty, the awesome photography and terrific p0erformances i found myself relating to

I am probably having the most spiritual moment right now (August - September) as God is awakening a love for Him and for other people in a very real way. Paul said he considered everything a loss compared to knowing Christ, which has really impacted me because I'm not sure how to be like that. I've been praying for God to help me fall in love with Him and I think it's working. Alot of this has been assisted through the reading of "Crazy Love" by Francis Chan. It seems the love we are designed to have for God and for people is more radical than most Christians today live out.

I don't think so, not yet this year. It has been a hard year so far and there just hasn't been the time to reflect on much or absorb the moment.

For me, a "spiritual" experience consists of me living in the moment, and yet somehow pulling myself back from it and stepping outside of the experience and being in complete awe of what’s happening around me (while it's still happening around me). I can pause and take a step back and appreciate how amazing this life is and how lucky I am to be apart of it. And it's in these spiritual experiences that I feel truly alive and beautiful and at peace. And yes, I'm happy to say that I've had several of those spiritual experiences so far this year. One was at a John Mayer concert where I stood under the stars with my friends - my bare feet squished in the dewy grass as I soaked in the music. Another occurred late at night when I was simply lying in bed reading a book - my dog was snoozing by my feet and a warm summer breeze drifted in through my window. In both cases I distinctly remember thinking, "This moment is perfect", and knowing with absolute clarity that it was true. It was beautiful.

My husband and I traveled to mainland China this year. While climbing the Great Wall, thinking about the back breaking work it took to construct those thousands of years before and how long it is, that bought me back in thought to Masada, it's history etc. Those are spiritual moments for me.

I think that I have started to trust God more and I am learning what it means to let Him be in control. Having said that, I am now sitting here afraid that I will be tested on it. That often seems the case. I feel like I am moving forward spiritually, only to be called on it and shown to have not developed any maturity or trust at all. That may be one of the best reasons for my doing these 10 questions -- to see if I have grown any as a person (other than my weight, that is.)

Oh, yeah!! If spiritual experience is just as you define. I've matched preferences for a lot of musical pieces with a woman that I just knew last year. Without talking before about authors and titles, she and me last year matched a lot of songs through email interchanging songs. We enjoyed absolutely. Each one with the music from another, and viceversa. Sometimes we talked about if a Telepatic phenomen really runs !! Or perhaps it could be another kind of experience or feeling between us... both, she and me, we love the music. It's a great experience.

I have finally completed my book that I have been working on for so long. Well, almost. I was still busy editing certain parts etc when I lost a big part of it on my memory stick. I was devastated! To know how many hours is gone and that no matter hoe hard I try it will never be the same again was very bad for me. Maybe in this coming year I will try to complete the book at last!

I have had several experiences of elucidation over things I havbe been thinking about for many years. These are making my thought processes more consistent.

Just the usual: a walk along the beach at sunset, with the water so cold it makes your toes ache; the quiet of a forest after the summer rain; holding my brand new niece for the first time. All things that remind me just how wonderful and amazing the world is, and how lucky I am to be alive in it.

I found that when we took our vows at our wedding earlier this year, to be a very spiritual and uplifting moment. As we looked into eachothers eyes, we thought of noone else, we felt noone else in the room, and the words meant everything to us.

I would say I have had less of an experience than ever. I have felt particularly devoid of any spirituality and that I have come to a cross roads that has left me questioning my faith. It is a struggle everyday to find that inner strength and hold on to the once promising notion that God only gives us as much as he thinks we can handle.

Many. It has pushed me forward but only for a moment. I feel inspiration that is short lived. I wish that there were some way for me to harness that feeling and keep it alive for longer. I want to feel that spiritual inspiration and maintain it long enough that I make some change in my life.

Spirituality is quite important to me. I believe things happen for a reason and I often feel like signs show me the way to things. I do talk to God, whatever/whoever God may or may not be, it's more out of straightening things out or voicing concerns, but it comforts me and I can see why people who experience something life changing or go through hard times will say they find religion. The other side to this is that I don't think religion should be an overruling factor in our lives. The world would probably be a better place if some people didn't take it to the extreme or force their opinions on others. There is nothing wrong in having faith, but how you use it and relate to it is the imporant thing.

Fuck. I don't think I really have. The biggest experience for me was swing dancing because it really helped me out of my shell and to really push myself into being outgoing. You have to force yourself to be next to people you don't know and to talk and smile and to work on yourself while doing so. It's completely amazing.

my true spiritual experience was finally having the insight to acknowledge that the destructive, abusive cycles in my marriage would only stop when i took a stand to break the pattern. and so i left. as i exposed the myself and the truth, people rallied around me when i thought they would judge me. our greatest chance for authenticity reveals itself when crack our persona and tell the truth on ourselves.

I went to Howl-O-Scream at Busch Gardens Tampa with my family and one of the kids was moving to PA after that. I had the most fun there with them and sad thinking it would be the last time we were all together. He left in Nov. but came back in Jan and it still home, yea.

I am not a "spiritual" person. I do do believe there are unexplained forces in this world, but I do not see them affecting my life in any way. No experience has been of note, spiritually, in the past year.

Not really. I suppose that Rick's situation made me quite reflective, and perhaps has guided me toward where i am today. But as well, i suppose that my brush with chucking it all in and resigning myself to disappear was quite resonant as well. It's all an ongoing process. i guess, no epiphanies. A lot of thought and introspection...

I have begun to pray the rosary. I wasn't raised to pray the rosary and never knew anything about it. And now I find this series of beautiful prayers deeply moving.

Some great books have come my way and I feel very connected to all of life.

The only thing that has been particularly spiritual this year is getting pregnant and knowing there is another soul growing inside a body inside of me. I can't wait to meet him or her.

I have had the privilege of visiting on one weekend the top of the Jungfrau and the next day the Mont Blanc. It was breathtaking and remarkable. If that doesn't make you believe is something bigger than yourself, I guess nothing will.

A friend suggested and I started practicing yoga. Although I did not incorporate the practice in my weekly activities, I felt deeply that it will help me towards a self balance. I attended several modern dance presentations. My spirit always iluminates with the body movements one can think and achieve

Actually, my year has been dominated by a lack of spirituality in the traditional sense. Being in a relationship with someone who abhors religion of any kind forced me to seek my spirituality in other places, namely the solitary bike rides I enjoyed during the summer. Having to hide my desire to explore my Jewishness (I am a Jew-by-choice), made me sad, but also made me find it in the little things that no one else can take away from me.

I visited Petra in Jordan with my cousin. We climbed up to the top of the plateau and as we turned the corner we gazed upon a magnificent carved fascade in the cliff face known as The Monastery. It impressed on me how insignificant we are in the scheme of human history.

Murray Perahia, live in concert, playing Chopin - a real goosebumps moment.

I took my Eat Pray Love Journey, as I call it. I learned so much from that book. I'm reading it again for the second time, and enjoying it all over again. I would like to learn to meditate, to clear my mind, and let the world go on around me. This has really gotten me through some rough times, heartbreak and tears. I want to read this book every year, maybe as my new years tradition. I believe there is so much to be learned. I have so far learned that you don't have to have a reason to treat yourself. I've learned the "art of doing nothing". I've learned to let go of the past so that I have both hands ready to grasp onto the future. And I've learned to smile from the inside. I'm beginning a new journey in my life.

Everyday is a spiritual exerience for me. From brushing my teeth, to running, preparing for bed. Everything I do is done with reverence and awareness.

Parenting renews my faith - in basic morality minus religion. I believe I can raise my kids to be good human beings without affiliation to a particular brand of super-natural.

Good Friday service at St. Paul's church in Chicago. It is a unique an welcoming congregation but this particular service really touched me. After the candlelight service the congregation walked outside the church with their candles. We were told to write down something we wanted to let go of. Something we were mad about, some grudge we were holding, anything. We all walked out and threw our folded notes into a roaring fire in a symbol of letting them go and starting anew. It let me finally release the angry feelings and bitterness I had toward my ex-partner. Such wasted energy. It was a simple exercise but one that helped my immensely.

My most spiritual experiences this year happened when I was on my training walks for The 3-Day for the Cure. I grew to look forward to my training walks, as I was able to enjoy the physical exertion and still be in the midst of nature and wildlife. Each time I saw a deer or wild turkey or other creature on the trail, I felt a deep connection to Earth.

I'm a spiritual person, I'm Catholic and believe in miracles. A friend of mine in a different country his first grand-child came into the world rather early and had lots of complications and wasn't expected to live, but through the power of prayer, lots of doctors and nurses, she is now healthy and at home after months and months of being at the hospital.

No. This year has been very tactical for me. I have focused on finalizing the divorce settlements, losing weight, and getting my life back on track.

I was on a Taize meeting in Poland. There were prayers, singing to Lord, and such a specific atmosphere! People from across the world were united in the name of God, though they were members of many churches. It was an unforgettable experience.

This was the first summer spent back on the farm that I'd grown up on. I feel a much stronger and more tangible connection to nature then I ever have before. I started a large garden and grew much of our food for the summer. It was humbling, exciting and rewarding all at once.

I went to visit a friend of mine who lives in maine when I was goin through a great deal of confusion in my life. Her house is located on a cliff where the ocean crashes against the waves....I went to sleep to the ocean air and sound and I woke up to the sunrise over the water....In those moments I knew i would never be the same. I lelt maine to head back to new york and on my way to my terminal, I spaced out in my own thoughts and what came out was...."you have to leave new york." Although i must be in new york for the next 2 years, I now look at it as a temporary resident...and this thought helps me get through..

Nothing spiritual, that isnt my thing. purely a man of science!

I had a pretty profound experience when I was at school, during an Astronomy Lab. We were up on the roof at night, looking through telescopes and looking at the Moon, and looking for other planets. To see Saturn and it's rings in its perfect beauty, was really incredible. Seeing space with your own two eyes is so humbling, and reminded me of how truly small I am in the perspective of the Universe.

My family has found a church we're comfortable with.

I've begun going to Mass again on a weekly basis. This started through praying so hard that everything would go right with one particular aspect of my life. After that it seemed very important to give thanks. I truly feel as if the act of attending Mass regularly and listening to the message of each Mass has strengthened me and is making me a better person.

During my visit to Rome this summer, I learned that Hebrew slaves built the Colleseum and were forced to drag white marble from Tivoli, which was 27 kilometers away, to complete the construction. I then went to the Roman Forum and gazed up at Titus' Arch and learned that Emperor Titus conquored Judea in 70 AD, destroyed the Great Temple in Jerusalem and brought 50,00 to 70,000 Hebrew slaves back to Rome. Not only did he force the Jews to build the Colesseum, but they also built Titus' Arch to commemorate his victory over them. On the underside of the Arch, I could see Titus' army carrying Jewish menorahs on their back as plunder. The late, bright afternoon sun was lighting up the Arch, and I felt proud of my Jewish ancesters and felt that I was part of an historic chain that linked me back to 70 AD. Even as slaves, the Jews build items of such great beauty that are today's emblems of the best in Western civilization.

Walking through NYC every day. If you slow down and let the buildings, air and people take you away. You'll be amazed each time.

Visiting my boyfriend's grandmother in hospice care. It was so difficult to watch her deterioration and the family's inability to stop her pain, but seeing the family come together in that darkest, last hour, it made me believe in something greater. In the supreme power of Love.

giving birth

I've strayed from "the" church this year. My parents keep asking me to go with them, but I feel like a huge hypocrite. I just recently became true to myself, and the church won't recognize me so why should I recognize them?

The Secret and the Law of Attraction has really made my life a positive one.

I visited my father's grave to mark the fifth anniversary of his death. It was the third time I had ever been there. The journey there was a massive challenge, but somehow made the experience even more of an achievement. It provided huge clarity and gave me an opportunity to reflect in peace and in the moment.

Everything around my pregnancy was very spiritual. I knew the exact moment of conception, before the 1st echo i knew i was carrying twins, i knew one would not make it and that the other one was a babygirl! Very scary, I had a lot of tears but it felt right as well and i am very very happy. My babygirl has a birthmark on her leg and i like to believe its her 'brother' watching over her :)

There are so many times that I feel the Universe "winking" at me that I cannot keep track. Moments of perfect alignment when I know without a doubt at all is well; moments of serendipity when results come that could not have come any other way; chance meetings etc. I always note that if I had tried to make these things happen, I wouldn't have even known where to begin.

My first reboot summit was one of the most spiritual experiences I've had in a while. Exploring my roots to Judaism, being open to thinking about where I came from and what this religion and culture might mean to me. It was a start. The door is cracked open but I definitely have a way to go continuing this exploration.

Well I lost my fiance in an airport and broke down crying. I was so worried I wouldn't see him before I got on the plane. Since I only get to see him twice a year it was most important that I said a proper goodbye. It really allowed me to know how much I cared about him.

I have moved closer to God, even as it seems the entire planet is moving farther away. Glenn Beck has helped me to focus on myself and my personal relationship with God. In so doing, it takes away from the pain of what's going on with unemployment and this economy.

After my grandpa died I had a few instances where I was sure he spoke to me. I was very confident of it at the time, but now looking back it already just seems like it was an emotional reaction that happened right after his death. I'd like to believe it was real though, and I'd like to believe it could happen again. I've always had a hard time believing in God and heaven - and believing that something happens after you die, but when I had these moments with my grandpa, I believed.


I continue see my higher power showing me how much I have grown and how far I have come in working my addiction. I asl see how far I still have to go. i am not discouraged though. I keep plugging one day at a time. This, is a spiritual experience.

Spiritual . . . hm. My spirituality follows my geography. Since I'm constantly moving with the Air Force, I'm constantly changing synagogues, settings, and Jewish circles. Last year I celebrated HHD in Austin, Texas with thousands of other Jews and a small group of 8 close female friends. This year I'm celebrating them with my husband in Rapid City, South Dakota with 30 other Jews - barely a minyan. I don't really feel closer to G-d this year although we've had more conversations. I prayed many many time during the deployment to help Carl make good decisions, to keep him and his squadron safe, and so on. I don't really feel that this year has been particularly a strong one spiritually. Maybe next year.

Helping with a youth shabbaton with an eclectic group of teens and seeing how they came together and assimilated the Judaic experience with personal development and community building and came away happy and anxious for more, brought back the youth experiences of my teen years. It really works! and left me feeling very fulfilled.

I became aware that my certainty had slipped a bit and therefore my power. I need to stay focused on making and attending to my goals and visualizing happiness and success.

I visited a friend in Vermont. We swam in a river one day and then lay on a warm rock in the sun to dry off. I was struck by the beauty of the moment, my deep connection with my friend, and the all of the blessings of the universe I was receiving (the cool water, the warmth of the sun, the fresh air, the blue sky, etc.). It made me feel that I had no words or time for expressing my gratitude, and it made me realize that I have that in every moment.

My first instinct is a definitive "no", but that's not entirely true if I make "spiritual" as broad as I want. I went to a festival in May - MondoHomo - and had an experience that allowed me to feel really comfortable in my body in a way that I haven't ever felt before. My introduction to the Radical Faeries could not have happened soon enough.

Hmm....over the last few years (especially when I was in college) I've been having some really weird episodes when I'm sleeping. I basically feel as though someone is standing over me, blowing a gust of air on top of me. It's a combination of someone holding me down and a ceiling fan on blast. It's usually cold and I'm conscious throughout the whole experience, except I cannot muster enough strength to push this person off. It's really weird, but I've kinda gotten used to it. I usually find that saying "Jesus" or something of the sort usually stops it, but that's not even 100% guaranteed. I did some research this year and found out that it's related to some sort of sleep disorder, but this only happens only when I'm in bed alone which makes me think it has to be spiritual. I've consulted with a family pastor, but I really haven't received any advice on the matter so I need to follow up.

I discovered Charles Eisenstein's The Ascent of Humanity, which is an in depth account of how humanity has become how it is today and what needs to happen in order to change it for the good. There's a lot of emphasis of reconnecting to people and nature, which can be interpreted as spiritual. It's influenced my outlook on humanity to the point that I've been advertising to everyone I know and I'm not one to advertise anything.

Upon losing my job, I have spent some time with a couple of nonprofits. Both are aimed at interfaith/intercultural dialog and cooperation.... even more than that- just accepting each other and working together on the same projects with the same goals. I have been working with several Muslim groups and I feel so expanded and so happy for this experience that is on going. I feel absolutely joyous in having this exposure to the wonderful, warm-hearted, community involved people who I now consider my friends. I am not of any faith, but this has helped me to better understand many aspects of many faiths. From my last job, I also was colleagues with people in almost all countries, several of whom continue to be friends. I love the exposure, involvement, inclusiveness, learning, sharing I have been able to participate in!!!

I have immersed myself in kirtan music (am listening to krishna das as I type this). It has opened my heart, made me more mindful, and expanded my vision of the world in a loving, embracing way.

Coming in contact with Christopher West and his teachings on Pope JP2's Theology of the Body. It deeply changed my view on sexuality, spirituality and life in general. It has given new meaning and clarity to my vocation and mission on this earth. I am so grateful to have been touched by this message before embarking on the life-changing journey of marriage.

No spiritual experiences other than being awed by nature's beauty, which makes me feel more connected to the universe. It also makes me feel that it is more likely that there is a supreme creator who is responsible for all of it.

I attended a funeral for the first time in my life. It was the funeral of my wife's grandmother, who she was especially close to. I saw a side of my wife that I'd never seen before - her usual decorum melted away the instant she was confronted with the open casket and she cried unctrollably. She was inconsolable. I would literally have done anything to protect her from the turmoil she experienced in that moment. In that instant I also understood the fleeting nature of life.

As trite as it may seem, seeing U2 in concert was a spiritual experience. Bono's positive energy is infectious. Too see all the thousands of people mesmerized by the band, singing every word to every song was unforgettable. It was during "With or Without You" I let go any remaining feelings towards my ex husband.

I've open my mind for a lot of new things this past few months. I grew up in a very religious family, always going to church and all that, but after some years I finally admited to myself that I don't want to be like that. I have my believes, my faith, and they are the same and just as strong as the ones my family taught me since I was a little girl, but I don't want to be limited by a religion. I believe there is no right religion, and I've decided to try and learn what I think is right in each one of them.

Every day is a spiritual experience. It has to do with being aware and finding the magic that is all around us -- in nature, in the people we encounter. All our life experiences are spiritual teachers if we are aware.

I've been saying my prayers every single night since the 2nd grade (and I'm now 48), so I speak to God every day and I do feel his love. And that's what helps me through the tough patches in my life.

I can't say that I've had any spiritual experiences over the past year, other than quick and simple moments that have helped me appreciate my life, or others in my life. I don't believe in an after-life, so I try to look at every life experience, whether positive or negative, as something to cherish.

i wouldnt say that i had any spiritual experiences this year except for internal realizations that my life will painfully change soon for the worse, yet at the same time for the better, but i have not found the ability to make the change happen, to allow it to happen, to even understand it when it does.

I feel love in a more deep and fulfilling way than I ever have before. That is all the spirituality I need.

I've noticed that if I stop stressing and pushing things to happen, then there are lots of "coincidences" and events in life that seem almost like someone is directing, but it's difficult to stop stressing and pushing long enough to experience it. And I don't believe fate or some higher power decides everything - you have some say and have to put some effort in. Nature can be spiritual too - watching a bird in the garden even makes you feel part of something bigger.

Still no to this question. I've become closer to my family as my grandad is ill this year and it's made me realise how fragile life is and I want to make the most of the time I have with the people I love

I watched my aunt die a slow death due to disease this summer and it has confirmed in me the need to go out and live every breath of life that we have. It also confirmed that we live what we believe, good or bad. I want to live a beautiful, vital, happy life!

Seeing the vastness and glaciers of Alaska was a spiritual experience. I feel that giving my service on "Don't be Evil" was a spiritual experience for me and hopefully for some in the congregation

There was a sequence of events that can be defined with a great spiritual experience... First we have participated on a workshop with Oscoy, at his hotel - hostal de la luz, in Tepoztlam, mexico, there lots of quantic physics, astronomy, and other subjects were discussed, later on we had watched again the film "what the bleep do we know", during this period, we had gone deeper on the yoga teachings and practice, which brought us to an stage of spiritual development that was really amazing.... By the end we ended up in a weekend workshop with 2 Rinpoches and Mathieu Ricard, which has brought us to the decision to go much deeper on these studies and spiritual development of the soul and goodness....

I believe that watching every day things unfold and stepping back to understand the power of a "divine hand," provides me with spiritual guidance that gives me meaning and purpose to go on.

When I went to see John Mayer this year, both times I have had a spiritual connection while listening to him play his guitar. The man is friggin amazing!

During my fertility treatments, including acupuncture i definitely felt the presence of my grandfather, Pari. I felt his positive energy helped guide me to a successful IVF treatment. I don't think I would have been able to get through it without him.

I ran into an old friend who told me about losing her 7-year-old daughter to menengitis. She kept talking about God and how angry she was at him but how eventually she figured out that she really needed God to get through it. The discussion had big impact on me.

How sad that I can't think of a single thing! I'll keep this on my mind and hope to return to this question with a new answer before the deadline is up.

I think I am devoid of spirituality. I guess the closest I come to spiritual experiences is experiencing the overwhelming beauty and perfect in music, of being completely engrossed and swept away by it.

Yes. Thanks to my friend LSD and moreso, mushrooms. Interstellar Overdrive (July 24th) was my recreation, my rebirth into the world and I'd never felt more connected to the earth and its inhabitants before. It was truly a beautiful thing to experience.

Nothing that stands out. It doesn't feel like a particularly spiritual year, rather a year of concrete work. I'm not sure how I feel about that.

The most spiritual experience I've ever had began in August and continues to intensify every day. Falling madly in love with someone, starting to build a life together, and learning more about them is so exciting, renewing and fulfilling. I call it a spiritual experience because by truly loving this other person, I've felt more in tune with myself than ever before.

Only insomuch as we have lost a dear friend - and it made my husband and I both think more about friendship, what it means, how fleeting it is, and how important it is, particularly for those who have no spouse or children. Our friend had neither, and it was a sad realization that we were her only family. Friends can be the family of those without one.

I can't think of a specific experience. However, I have started singing a song from Hallel: "HoDo, L'Adnonai" at various times during the day, and this has made my daily existence a much more spiritual one; I am reminded each time of God's infinite love for me, and the wonders of His Creation.

I have come to believe (a little) in the power of positive thinking and action. I have never been very religious or spiritual, but this past year I have truly seen what can happen with optimism and certainty. Also, I have started taking a Yoga class at school which has opened up a new world of what one could call 'spirituality' inside of me.

yes. I believe Rosh Hashanah this year was a particularly spiritual time for me. It was the first time in my whole 30+ years that I felt like I wanted to be a part of the Jewish community and it felt amazing.

Getting married helped me to appreciate the religious spirituality of my family, even if I myself am not religious. However, going through the process of shaping our ceremony and devoting so much time, effort and money into the celebration of our commitment to each other helped us to develop a shared spiritual identity embracing our families and friends and our world view.

Not that I can think of. As always, I have tried to learn more about myself and to be open to experiences that have allowed me to do this. I think answering 10Q is in some ways a spiritual experience for me because I rediscover these ways that I have grown. It is a weirdly pleasant thing, and it always makes me feel more optimistic and, well, *faithful* that things will or are going smoothly even during rocky times. It is a wonderful experience that gives a lot of light to my existence at an unexpected time.

I found out that I can forsee things that will happen in the future. I dream about certain things or have a bad feeling in particular situations and then I know that something bad will happen or something will change in my life.

It was definitely a spiritual moment watching a new life be brought into this world. I feel so lucky to have witnessed it.

Las February I spent a whole day taking pictures in the snow: ice, snowflakes, hills and trees covered in snow, some people playing, the sea as a distant background and an impressive red sunset. I've never had been snowed in before. I was cold, and very lonely, but I had forgotten about how wonderfully simple that day was.

Actually, yes. Sort of surprising since most years this would almost certainly have been a no. I learned a lot about transcendentalism this year, and was able to piece together my own deep interest in science, nature, and belief in a natural beauty that ties my life together.

A friend suggested that I get a spiritual program to help me deal with family issues and I went to al-anon. I have always prayed but the program helped me let go and let god. It was simply beautiful.

My son's bris was the most intense and powerful experiences of this past year. I don't think I ever doubted that if I had a son I would circumcise him, but it is very different in theory than it is in practice. His mom and I were trembling up until the moment, and he was a champ the whole way through. Once it was all over, in some strange way I felt like we had become his parents.

Eh, no. I love my wife, my family, my friends, and my dogs. I love them in that I feel connected to them and would do pretty much anything for them. In terms of spirituality, who could want more than that?

Fell in love. One of those experiences where you don't see it coming and have never felt anything close to that before. Even when you were in long relationships where everything seemed to work.. the feeling still wasn't there.

I'm a young white nominally Episcopalian (spiritually agnostic) woman who grew up in rural South Carolina. The racial history in this areas is the same shameful story of slavery and black oppression that runs throughout the South, a history that my family, as landowners, was and is complicit in. Churches in rural South Carolina, much like churches and other houses of worship around the world, are sharply segregated and often unwelcoming towards outsiders. I have moved far away from this world, and it is always a painful and divided one to return to. One of my dearest friends died in July, an eighty-two year old black man. I had driven by my his church a thousand times, but never been in. I had never met his family. I had never been to a black funeral. I learned a lot of things that day. First of all, it's not a funeral, it's a "Home Going", what a wonderful phrase. Unlike the hierarchical and emotionally restrained Episcopalian church I was raised in, this Baptist church carved a space for emotional outlets and a celebration of life in the face of death. The service was four hours long. People stood up and told stories, we viewed the open casket, we sang call-back hymns, and when someone got emotional a lady was straight over to fan you until you cooled off. My friend's family welcomed us into their church that day with love and graciousness, allowed us to not only be there but to be a part of the service, and took care of us as we grieved. My friend was not particuarly religious, and neither am I, but as we all stood singing 'Amazing Grace' I felt, unwaveringly, there is grace in this world for all of us.

I went to Europe in December and January and viewed many churches and abbeys around France and Spain. I came to understand things about religion and faith that I never thought I would. I understand why people were frightened into religion in the dark ages. I also understand why life might be wonderful if spent in service to a higher, lighter power. I can now much more readily accept people's beliefs and think I might even choose to be a part of a religion someday.

I meditated for the first time I can recall in my life. It was incredibly spiritual. The stillness, and almost blinding sensation was quite surreal. I felt thoroughly refreshed when I came 'round' again. Like I was clean on the inside of my being. It has happened a few times in my yoga practise, and has spurred me on to want to learn more. I haven't delved in to mediation yet, but hope this is the beginning of my journey.

In a way, my relationship with my man has put a crazy amount of spiritual perspective I my life. When he said to me that I was nothing but goodness and light my world changed dramatically.

I have become even more grateful to God for everything He has given me. As I get older, I realize how awesome my life truly is. I prayed for many years for friends (girls and boys), and I prayed for a "typical" teenage experience. At the time, God said "wait.". This year,I got all the above and MORE! I have the best friends in the entire universe, I went to 2 dances..with boys! haha I also had many typical "rght-of-passage" teenage experiences. Some good,and some bad. Either way, they each gave me a new memory and taught me a lesson. Good has come out of EVERY situation, even if it was terrible at the time.

I have connected with the Lord. I am researching alternative medicine and Matrix Energetics. I feel I am more intouch with the universe as a whole and am learing that there are endless possibilities for the future.

I discoverd Zaz, Je veux, a song about wanting to be happy about little things in life. Just around the time that I am wondering if I should stay with my husband.

Scuba diving in Jamaica took me to a different place. I'm not sure I'd call it spiritual....but it was silent. serene. magical.

In the years I go, Burning Man is what looms largest in memory and spiritual impact around this time of year. However, there were two new things this year. Right before the Burn I spent most of a week doing little more than yoga and naked soaks at a clothing optional hot springs retreat. I've never dedicated this much time to the care and healing of my body. Also, not being a habitual "nudist", I've never been this naked for this long around this many people. It was interesting to observe my comfort level evolve over the days and it's emotional impact. Involvement with 10Q 2009 contributed to my interest in finding a Jewish spiritual practice consistent with my Atheist beliefs. This is proving more difficult than I expected. There is a Humanist strain of Judaism, founded by Sherwin Wine in Detroit, but my first impression is that it's anachronistic and the practice varies significantly between congregations. Also, there is no formal congregation in my city. Just a start so far.

The Native American gathering at the PowWow was particularly spiritual this year. I served the elders from a place of honor in my heart. I learned more about their traditions and spirituality.

I seem to get my deepest spiritual experiences from nature. We went out to Montana in July and just traveling through the mountains gave me that sense as it always does -- freedom, exhilaration, timelessness -- a sense of the eternal.

Each year brings more growth. God is patient and persistent with my stubbornness and selfishness. But I started teaching again. It is time to get off the sidelines.

I've learned to see beyond some of the surface events that were making me angry and seeing what drove them. I have decided to forgive others for disappointing me and forgive myself for being disappointed as well as being thankful for the lesson even when it is something I perceive as negative...

Being a part of my synagogue community has provided me with enumerable spiritual experiences this year. Joyous moments in nature with music and Hebrew prayers. Other people lifting my soul when I was down. I had a mikvah this year, and came out feeling like a whole new person, comfortable and at home. There may be something to receiving a fully developed Jewish neshamah after a conversion. I've had the chance to hold the Torah several times this year, and was even given an aliyah on Shavuot. I feel a strong spiritual connection surging through me when I am close to Torah.

The most spiritual thing that occurred for me this year was my decision to leave my job and the subsequent time that I was able to spend with my daughter. Getting to spend large quantities of time with her as she was truly becoming a little person was absolutely magical. We became very synchronized and developed a relationship that will last a lifetime. I will forever be thankful that I had this time and it effected me in ways I can not describe.

I undertook a 90 Day fast during which time I developed a closer relationship with God, discovered Jesus in my life and became more conscious of the role of Holy Spirit in my life. I lost more than 10kgs weight permanently and became a vegetarian.

I began practicing yoga. I find that I focus more on improving my strength and flexibility than increasing my mindfulness and spirituality...

My trip to Iceland was really a life-changer, in every sense. Being in Reykjavik taught me that one can live in a city with vibrant cultural life and still feel safe. The youth and hopefulness of the country taught me about the scale on which real change for the better is actually possible. Driving up Snoffsyokel reminded me that we can only control the things we can control in this world, and tryng to do more than that is a fool's errand. And most importantly, camping and hiking and feeling the presence of waterfalls and glaciers reminded me how much I miss being in touch with the natural world -- it's not normal to be cut off by a world of concrete like I am in NYC.

I am a continually God-fearing person and I see God and spirituality in many many things in the world around us. I have had spiritual experiences when I have climbed mountains this past year, I have had them when I went to Weddings and Funerals this past year. There has not been anything overly magnanimous with my spirituality. Still things hold a spirituality for me on a regular basis.

A glimpse into the nature of genius: I visited the gardens of Giverny and I saw a small lotus pond with a muddy bottom. And Monet saw -- the universe.

The passing of my grandfather and the birth of my daughter in the same weekend. The loss of the family patriarch coupled with the birth of a new generation.

NO, I have not had any notable spiritual experiences this year. I have had the ordinary church/worship experiences, but I think the past school year was too stressful to allow the spiritual in. I am open to more spiritual moments this year and I will be keeping my heart open for the little ones that may go by unnoticed if for diligent observation.

This is always the tough question, and even 10Q's expansive definition of what "spiritual" is still makes an atheist like me ambivalent. I think it simply comes from the hardening that has come from so many close friends die so young. But I've had strong emotional rushes that felt transcendent in the moment—drinking wine at sunset on Stinson Beach with all my closest friends for my birthday, the film "A Prophet," my wife's aunt's memorial service, the novel "The Ask" come to mind right now. If anything, these moments remind me that life is very short and the more visceral and meaningful moments you can pack into your life, the happier you'll be.

I connected much more with the Earth and got a better sense of where food comes from. This has greatly impacted many decisions that I have made. I also decided to take a new approach to dating and making choices - I stopped taking things personally and started to accept people where they are, without an agenda.

There have been moments, listening to music, walking in the park, reading poetry, that I have felt very connected to God and the universe. But I have felt it most strongly at some moments that are decidedly mundane - hearing my kids laugh at ther own jokes, getting a hug from my mom, teaching my son to cook. I definately want to have more religously spiritual moments - ans am working toward that - but I think we ofetn overlook the profound joy that can be found in everyday moments. There are in truth far more moments to say a shehekiyani blessing than we realize.

I had a serious illness and I don't know how I was fortunate enough to have caught it before it spread. My sister raved on about how it was Jesus' doing and I still feel very strongly that, while there is a creator, it is not in the form of Euro Christian Jesus. I learned that I have strong convictions and even a brush with death won't frighten me into taking the easy route spiritually.

I saw the dancer, Shantala Shivalingappa, at Jacob's Pillow, and saw her transform into Shiva, lord of dance, and Ganga, goddess of the sacred river Ganges. I was so moved by her embodiment of the divine feminine and masculine energies, the precision of her movement, and her joy, that I believe she changed me.

I had a couple of moments of complete happiness and contentment this year. Very rare, and very precious. Hard to keep hold of those memories, when darker moments tend to push them aside.

Providing companionship for prisoners at a state prison with my therapy dog has provided me with a feeling of giving a gift that enriches me. I am considering whether the dog is continuing to enjoy the interaction!

I raised a baby bird two years ago. The street children brought this downy gray mound with it's sour expression to my front gate because the 'gringa' likes animals and would buy it. It was too early to identify it, I just felt that it was important that I save it from the dirty fingers that pulled and played with it's down. It took about a week of 2 hour feedings before pin feathers emerged with enough length to identify it's future wing color; it was a beautiful teal. To me the color made the bird unique and I was thankful for the patience and fortitude it had taken to supply the week of on demand feedings. By the end of 3 weeks the bird had fledged and was traveling from tree top to tree top around our yard. Its favorite location was high in the giant cashew tree outside my living room window. He would to me when his foraging left an empty place in his stomach but otherwise seemed happy to be on his own. Our final separation came when I left for the States for 2 weeks. By the time I returned his habit of calling for me had been broken but he would still occasionally zoom the yard in the late afternoon when my husband and I had happy- hour out in the gazebo. This year as I stood talking to the man who cares for our yard, I became aware of an insistent chirping of a bird somewhere nearby. I turned and saw a beautiful dove gray bird with teal wings perched on a coconut frond hanging at eye level not 6 foot from where I stood. It was a blue/green Tanager, the same species as what I had raised. It was the first time I had seen one since my little one left two years before. And I was sure that this was 'my' bird since their normal habit is to stay high in the tree tops. He and his mate built their nest in the top of our orange tree and I soon heard tiny peeps as I would walk the yard with our terrier, rabbit and cat in the late afternoons. Raising the bird was it's own spiritual experience. I find it very humbling when an animal of the wild allows me to share their life. However, to have this small one remember me and return, announce himself and stay to raise his family made me ashamed that I had ever accepted the belief that animals were not intelligent but also made me so grateful to have been chosen to save that one portion of the planet. I relive that he had come to let me know he was going to raise his family in our yard.

I got into art this last year. Got messy and found myself. Found what moved me. Art brought me friends and experiences and caused me to questions my beliefs with them and solidify what I really do believe. Creating is powerful!

I've been with some problems about an approval I need to start a new job. It doesn't have to do with me but with something else, just burocracy. I been praying and I got an answer last week. Was amazing and give me faith again.

I've finally decided that I'm not a Christian. I don't know what I am for sure. I beleive in God, I know that much, but I don't consider myself a Christian any longer...if I ever really did at all. I'm more aware of religion at work and in school, were it doesn't belong.

-I started my journey with meditation -Premonitions continue -Utilizing wisdom cards and angel therapy cards which has brought me closer to spirituality.

As much as I would love to say I have, unfortunately I have not...

Obviously I don't have much of a spiritual life as far as religion goes. I believe in an abstract prime-mover creator of the universe type God, but I don't think it has any particular interest in me or in anything I do, ie, I don't believe I will be rewarded for doing good or punished for doing evil. This also means there is no higher power protecting me from misfortune of promising a better life ahead- I take sole responsibility for everything I do and everything that happens to me. As far as spiritual endeavors, I believe my music counts as one. I believe the music I create and play has the power to transform my consciousness in unpredictable ways, which by definition means infinite potential. How this actually plays out will be revealed in coming months and years.

I sat satsang with Mooji in Brixton this Spring. The experience opened up some inner doors that have been closed a long time.

I'm turning ever more away from once self-declared relationship with the Catholic church. I can't even decide how my children should be brought up in (our outside-of) the Faith. That indecision, in itself, is telling.

I've had some epiphanies, but @#$% if I can remember them!

Watching Eat Pray Love sparked a new phase in my life. Having lived my Live in Truth philosphy since I was 20, the movie allowed me to find a new, companion philosophy - Live Fully and Without Abandon. I am enough! I don't need the validation of others, because I know that my opinions and ideas and considerations are based in the desire to do what's right and a solid foundation of knowledge and context. And it's okay not to be perfect - the quest for perfection often keeps me from trying new things. No more!

I have been on a journey of self-discovery for the last year. My search for spiritualism and faith has led me to pursue Judaism and I couldn't feel more fulfilled by it.

Just about a year ago I tried to make a vision quest out in the ancient lands of Arizona and New Mexico, but stopped short of tresspassing on Navajo Nation lands, instead sitting quietly alone above the San Juan River in southern Utah, I felt tiny and very lonely. The trip was beautiful, but reflecting now, I think I found that sometimes I often need the security of others, both in their presence and in their approval. I should strive to change this.

I don't think I've had any spiritual experiences this year.

Daniella has taken over my spiritual life. She allows me to keep sane & is the key to my happiness.

I think several experiences were spiritual.. I guess thats how I see them now. Rather, thats how I feel in retrospect. Each experience got me to question myself.. my values, my morals. Redefining who I am and what I want is a very spiritual process I guess. Be it taking decisions 'professionaly', or a broken heart, or seeing people suffer and not being able to do anything about it.. the experiences had their spiritual aspects that waited to be acknowledged.

During one of my spiritual classes, I actually saw a spirit, which confirmed my belief in something beyond the confinds of this planet.

I have realized how important love is. Without the love and support of so many people, I wouldn't be who I am today. Without their faith in me, I wouldn't be healthy, happy, or possibly even here.

When I went back from maternity leave to lead Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur services I found them to be more spiritually moving than I had found them to be in years and years. It is always good to shake yourself out of the daily/yearly grind and look at things with fresh eyes. I hope I keep a bit of this "newness" as we go through this year's Yamin Noraim.

Watching a friend find God through recovery from addiction was inspiring, and yet another reminder that God is waiting whenever we are ready to accept.

I haven't had any specific experience this year that stands out but would like to improve my relationship with God, my church and faith.

I started meditating this year and it has really affected me. I feel more grounded and able to get in touch with G-d. I also started to celebrate shabbat in a more rich and traditional manner and it is a lovely reminder to drop down into myself let go a bit of my week from the week before.

Actually realizing that EVERY action of mine impacts others. EVERYTHING that I've done or not done in the past has been up to me. EVERYTHING that I will do or not do in the future is because of me. This sounds simple, but it's very hard to come to terms with it and use it as a guideline every day.

Er... Wizarding World? It was such a relief that my friends and I could share this weekend. I think part of me was scared that we really weren't that compatible and the only thing keeping us together was that we'd been friends for so long. Well, I knew for sure that I loved them (and my family) more than anything in the entire world, but I was scared that wasn't enough. Now I know I had nothing to worry about. Also, going to Austria and experiencing a new culture. It made me realize that the U.S. has so much to offer. We're not just fat consumers.

Going to see Bon Jovi @ Soldier Field for a second time (third time in general) was very spiritual. More than the past two times, I was able to really let myself go. I danced my heart out and it was very good for me.

I had an unplanned and unavoidable collision with religion this year. It made me decide that I like it even less. God is not about the way you say it or the rules you follow.

Recently started attending church again after a friend died. His funeral spoke to the kind of Christian he was, and I realized I wanted to get back into church.

I've had a lot of spiritual experiences this year. The most poignant was probably around my miscarriage, which brought on the final leg of my conversion journey. As I spent two excruciating weeks wondering if my pregnancy would be viable, I had a lot of time to think about belief, prayer, and how to talk to God. I found that my language for talking to God had changed along the way, and instead of asking magical Jesus to grant me a baby, I was much more oriented to just feeling God's presence around me as I went through a terrible trial. I was beautifully supported by a special teacher and rabbi, the same one who lead my conversion class. She helped me to go through the experience "as a Jew," by praying as a Jew and seeking support in the Jewish community. When I went to the mikvah a month after the pregnancy was terminated, I went with a fully open spirit and a sense of abiding connection and gratitude to my new faith.

I read the book "Simply Pray" and was inspired to make my own prayer beads. It's given me a spiritual tool that I needed and a discipline I'm lacking. I enjoy using them - especially in rush hour traffic.

I have come to the realization that I AM AN ARTIST - not just someone who has artistic hobbies. I realize now that I see the world as an artist, I have the creative energy of an artist, and I am happiest when I am either looking at, experiencing, or creating art. I want to cultivate my aesthetic interests and talents as much as possible, in every way possible, and, from here on, live an artful, creative life.

My spiritual experience has come through a daily reading of the gospels, something I'd never done before, even though I was raised Catholic and attended Protestant churches for almost 20 years. I also gave up the last few vestiges of my "public" spirituality by resigning as leader of a spiritual discussion group I started five years ago, and also by attending church for probably the last time this past Spring. Oddly enough, I feel more connected to God now than I have in years.

I have not had any spritual experiences last year.

I have grown connected to music on so many different levels this past summer. It's really engulfed me. Knowing that I can find pretty much anything I'm feeling in some form of lyrics, it's pretty amazing.

I remember swimming in the ocean lying on my back with my face up to the sky. It was a surreal moment - so beautiful but also more special because it was transient. The water was warm and still, the sky blue with white clouds, there were green hills on both sides. I felt that life was precious.

This year offered me no spiritual epiphanies, but I continued incorporating new religious practices into my everyday life. Among other steps of note, I began saying the Shehecheyanu blessing, a prayer of thanks for having come to experience whatever it is that so moves us at a given place and time. I say the blessing, in Hebrew, whenever I feel exceptionally at peace, joyous, or wonder-struck by the setting or moment. It is a way of cultivating gratitude and appreciation for the abundant "small things" that make life such a marvel and privilege.

Since the 30th of april, me and my girlfriend have been writing letters to each other.. Not because of distance.. we live quite close to each other.. but because it's what we both consider a "spiritul" or artistic way of saying how we feel and dont get me wrong we find it very easy to tell each other this face to face, but in the form of a letter we can keep it forever without fear of ever forgetting it, no matter how sure i am that i wont.

Just watching my son learn about Christ and his gospel and our church has been spiritual. Especially when he breaks out into a song about being like Jesus, or talks about the temple. I finished reading the Book of Mormon in a diligent, careful study for the first time. It was amazing to read it and learn from it and connect dots. It truly changed my life and I would recommend it to anyone to read, regardless of religion or level of spirituality.

I had the feeling of a cat or small animal walking up one side of my duvet as I dozed. There was nothing their, as I don't own any pets and there are none in the house, yet the sensation was there, very vivd, as are my dreams and the shadows that are caught from the corner of my eye!

I've gotten into spoken korean rap and soulful k-rap including Supreme Team and Drunken Tiger and Brave Brothers. Very refreshing :]. I have also been trading music with a friend whom I have had troubling history with. I feel this has brought us together a lot :]

In my school, we have a week after midterms where we do fun activities and one was a drum circle. About fifty kids got on stage and completely let go of everything as they were drumming, creating music together, and dancing together. I have never experienced something of that nature before, and it was incredible to feel all of our energy coming together.

I was late for a meeting and traffic ahead was stopped. I was fuming wih impatience until I saw a flag-draped coffin being carried into a church across the street. This reminded me once more of the difference between tragedy and inconvenience.

The only thing I could describe as spiritual is that over the last year I've been underemployed and, as a result, not had much money - reflecting on this has lead me to realise that I don't need much money to survive but does make it difficult to meet and interact with people socially as most social things cost money!

I have been engaged in a structured, intentional Mussar practice this year (since Dec. 09) and it has been very meaningful. Working this practice with the study group, my chevruta partners, and on my own has really helped deepen my spiritual practice and awareness. I hope that I am becoming more of the kind of spiritual being I want to be in the world.

No and that is actually very sad for me. I want that to be more of my experience this year and to be more open to sharing that with my family, particularly my husband.

No. My life is extremely boring. I'm existing not living.

Reveling in the continuing deepening of an unexpected friendship. Trusting that this sweet place we are in will establish a strong base to carry us thru any future disharmony.

Finding myself, my purpose for being here & meetings others who have already found their paths. I'm going to do my best to accomplish my journey with faith & dignity. I hope you're there to help me along my way, Dad.

I have started reading the Bible in the mornings and writing in a prayer journal. I have prayed more often and started once again to turn my cares over to the Lord. I have taken out my paints and do something fun for myself everyday. Life is short and I think I should eat dessert first!

I am not a spiritual person, so I'll need to go with the artistic or cultural experiences that move me. For me, my free time last year was focused on exploring writing and figuring out how to really believe in myself. I remember having a moment last year when I realized that I could channel my daydreams. Who knew? There was a day when I went to one of the local libraries, found a quiet spot with a table and comfy chair, next to a window, and I looked out the window, daydreamed, and typed. It was interesting to notice that I could see both the daydream and the leaves on the tree outside and I could enjoy and appreciate both.

I may have had a coincidentally spiritual experience but it turned out to be a mild panic attack. It pretty much sucked.

I volunteered for an organization rescuing birds this year. I learned to hold, feed, and care for a young heron whose mother had been shot and killed by a BB gun. After three months I was able to release the same heron back into the wild. Being so connected to another life, and working so hard to nurture that life made me feel connected to the greater web of life.

I met the love of my life in Los Angeles through a mutual friend from Seattle. Months later we realized we would've had three more opportunities to meet: a small SuperBowl party (we discovered we'd both been to the host's b-day the year before); backstage at a rock concert (I was friends with the opening band, and she knew the headliners); and lastly through two women who were roommates (we discovered I knew one and she knew the other in totally unrelated ways). I'm a hard-knuckle skeptic and atheist, but this got me wondering whether something akin to destiny works behind the scenes toward our greater good.

Seeing some of my best friends be pregnant and have babies. It's so amazing that we're not the youngest generation any more! Seeing people I've known for years become parents is really amazing. There are these little people who came from people I know - who weren't there even a year ago! And they are all so beautiful in their own way. It makes me confident that I can have my own beautiful children someday.

Finding out that I'm bipolar and finally getting the help I need. I'm rewriting the narrative of my life through this lens, looking at all the decisions I've made in my life and how they were (or perhaps weren't) the result of manic or depressive states, and that's pretty humbling. At the same time, I have hope for how I might be in the future. I feel blessed to have a team who understands the game supporting me as I walk back into my life with a new understanding of my self and my relationship to the world.

I'm afraid not....It feels like I am stuck in a rut in most areas and its hard to beleive in anything hopeful. My creativity, my dreams....seem to be put on hold for the sake of day to day survival.

Not really unfortunately. Hopefully this will change.

The Taize Asian meeting held in February was definitely a spiritual encounter, esp. for the students I accompanied. It was a chance to re-energize my draining spiritual batteries. The Advanced Leadership Course (ALC) facilitated by OCCI was also much like a retreat for me. It provided me the boost I needed to move forward. I think during this event I was finally able to forgive my father for "dying on us".

I had a long involved technicolor Hollywood extravaganza of a dream, which began as a terrifying nightmare and ended in Heaven. My Journey Group and I are still probing the layers of meaning. It has helped focus my desire to become less attached to possessions.

Finding myself as a vulnerable person. Learning to depend on others after a huge loss of relationship, friendship, and job transition.

I would have to say my new practice of meditation. It has given me great insight into my life. It has helped me to find my life's purpose. It has taught me great patience,and the gift of gratitude. The little annoying things aren't such a big deal. I am growing and learning day by day. I am learning to live the present ,and enjoying the journey. In the end that is all we can do!!

I don't know if this counts as "spiritual" or not, but yesterday I found out that my older cousin is having a lot more trouble than I thought he was with the way that his mother acts. I never knew he was seeing a psychiatrist or that he has cried and has been battling depression. I am hoping that he finds a better life while living with my family and I.

My faith/spiritual beliefs have changed to an unbelievable degree in the last year. My spiritual journey started just after and because of 9/11 and ended with a divorce five years later. I became less able to push down the big questions of life. So I started to search. The last year in particular has been amazing in the variety of things I believe and practice. I've become a mix of faith and spirituality that I would have never guessed five years ago or even a year ago that I would be holding fast to and incorporating into my daily life--First People, Sacred Feminine, Gnostic, Catholicism, Buddhism--for me there is just one God.

Yes - throwing up my hands mid August - Eat Pray Love style and admitting that living as I was was killing me - and asking the Universe to send me people, places and experiences which would help me to move forward as I should. Sure enough, that's exactly what happened :)

I feel like waking up has become a daily spiritual experience. Since I am naturally an early riser and I can set my internal alarm clock I decided to banish the alarm clock from our bedroom. (If my husband needs to be up at a certain time, he tells me and I awaken him at that time.) When I find myself stirring, I get to call back my dreambody from wherever it went in the night. (I read about this in Arnold Mindell's work.) I actually stay in bed until I am present in my body. When I feel my dreambody return, I take a moment to welcome it back and I stretch and move my sleeping body into wakefulness. I now wake grounded and refreshed, ready to say hello to my day. I didn't realize how much tension the waking process created until I stepped out of the norm into a more satisfying and ancient tradition of waking to myself and my day.

I have come to see and hear atheists, non-Christians and non-traditional Christians. I believe that they have taught me more about my faith than the Christians I deal with. Of course, I won't accept that fact, so I am inspired to strive to inspire, even in where I am now.

My spiritual journey this year has been to no longer attend a formal church but to practice in solitude. I have found that I do not enjoy the group experience any more but do like the spiritual practice. Pod casts have been a good alternative as well.

This is a difficult question. Could definitely have used more of this type of stuff...and I feel like there's something I'm forgetting. But in the meantime, I had a beautiful experience at Noah Purifoy's art installation in Joshua Tree. It was pretty spectacular, as was that whole weekend.

I have been becoming more physically fit. Learning to improve my connection to my body through yoga and cycling, and other activities, has been very enlightening. Also, deciding to drink again was a pretty spiritual decision. I am not a disease - I am a person who can develop bad habits, but those habits can be changed. I have proven that. Also, sharing RAGBRAI with Mike was a marvelous thing. To be part of something so large and authentic gets at the heart of the "community" I always crave.

On my trip to Jerusalem in October, I had the experience of davvening with Rav Ades. A holy beggar of the highest quality. That was very powerful. Also my visit with the spring semester group to the Machlis family home - they serve Shabbat meals to hundreds each week - that was very inspiring.

No spiritual experiences. I'm more of a practical, logical person and although I feel emotions when I see or hear something it's not on a 'spiritual' level. I don't really believe in that.

In April my then-boyfriend suffered a brain bleed and a stroke and it was one of the most difficult experiences of my life. I am not religious or spiritual but for the first time I prayed and prayed that he would be okay. I prayed to my grandfather who had died 9 months earlier. My then-boyfriend lived, against all odds, so maybe someone WAS listening...

I think that the most spiritual experience for me is my marriage, the religious ceremony, because it was very charge in symbols and meanings, even that we don't fully share the orthodox view of catholic religion, I believe that ceremony was a celebration of our love.

i have had a number of major crises this year (it's been a really terrible year) and the number of times that someone stepped forward and said *just the right thing* at *just the right time* has kept me going. it's not always even what they said, but that they said it. i <3 my friends and family.

Ha! Actually, there has been a big change for me spiritually this year. At some point, I realized that Shiva was finished teaching me, or that I had finished with his teachings. This was a profound effect after being so dedicated for so long. I went through a trough where I didn't know what my spiritual practice was anymore. I felt very alone and directionless. Recently, I am starting to see a purpose again. I tried to start teaching, and this gave me some personal power, but it didn't take off. Now I am starting to really shine as the Equinox approaches. It started by watching Rama's DVD from his bday party a few weeks ago. It made me so high and so motivated to stop my thoughts and gain power from practicing meditation. The room is dissolving right now. I started meditating very hard and my life immediately started shifting. I also started praying. A few days ago, I prayed for freedom and suddenly Jan and I started having a very intense conversation where I realized that my role is still to teach him as long as he can take it. Since then, everything has been pretty dissolv-y and I can feel my power increasing. I also realized that Dan and my relationship was a dharmic opportunity for me to learn to express anger, and that I didn't do it and left in shame. There is nothing I can do about that now, but it was an important observation for me. Also, that I love being in complex relationships with people who are dynamic and complex because it challenges me and excites me, even if on the outside it sometimes looks like chaos. I really love all the fighting that Jan and I do. It is the most fun and "the best game in town" and the intimate nature makes it all the more dynamic.

There is no hard/fast rule as to what is religion. I was raised w/specific religious requirements but have found that spirituality is truly within.

I have started to reconnect with my spiritual path. The connectedness between all things manifests in such unexpected ways - my secular activities are filled with light, which I had forgotten. The Divine is in all of us.

On a broad level I feel like I keep refining myself, slowly but surely. Sometimes I falter and don't live up to my own standards or expectations, yet I've come to realize that I still have a lot to be proud of and these things are what I should seize on to to propel myself to greater heights. I've also realized the importance of helping other people as it relates to my own self-actualization as a person. That realization has made me feel more connected to humanity and more invested in my world than I've ever been before...

Advised my husband that the best solution to a difficulty he was facing was to pray through it and having him thank me for the best advice ever given to him,made me realise that I am closer to the Divine than I think.

Watching my beloved dog Baloo die. It was one of the saddest moments of my life and brought home to me that we need to cherish our loved ones and live for the moment.

My experience has not been one of losing faith, but losing belief in church dogma-all of it. I'm still looking to find my place to worship where there is no pastor or priest, or dogma to follow. I am Catholic, and I do find solace and a closeness to Jesus when I spend time in the church chapel alone in silent prayer. That may be the place and the answer for me, but I'm still looking.

I have been reconnected with my Rosicrucian roots, a philosophy that I was raised with. I am learning the power I have to heal, to change, to reflect, to grow. I am so grateful that I was given this experience early in life and now can put the lessons to use.

Well at my pluralistic school we have something that i love to engage in, Art tefilah. The most spiritual expeirence i feel that i've had is advice and words of wissdom spoken by my art teacher, he likes to call them rants. His advice has deeply impacted me and the logical and realist views that i have thought about.

After a very challenging and rewarding start to the year what followed can only be described as a spiritual desert. It was my idea of hell. Finally finding my connection again with Spirit after almost 3 months, I feel so much more happy and content.

Finding fruit for the first time on 7-yr old trees in my garden. Proof that there is (almost) always hope.

I am currently trying to reconnect with God and have yet again been blessed with the power of prayer. I prayed that my doctor appointment would be nothing to worry about and it was fine. Then yesterday I prayed that my best friend would pass her driving test safely and she did. I felt these were spiritual experiences because God was listening to me.

My grandmother died last month. She was the most spiritual person I have ever known, or will likely ever know. She had a personal relationship with God. She talked to him, he walked with her. My own personal beliefs are much less solid, but seeing her life at the memorial makes me think that maybe it would be good to get closer to God.

A particularly nice spiritual experience I've had was a big group shabbat with over 20 friends. It's a sign that we're growing older, but we still hold onto our traditions.

Being in Israel in February with people who had never been before was a life long dream fulfilled. Seeing the land through their eyes was a joy to behold and to cherish... However, the one experience that was most spiritual for me was witnessing a "friend" complete his conversion to Judaism when he entered a lake instead of a mikvah because it was unavailable to us at the time. The time and the place connected us to what Judaism is all about.

In terms of cultural, I helped out at the election by handing out flyers for the party I support depsite the fact I'm not of legal voting age. It was interesting to see the different ways people act towards you when youre trying to 'sell' them something, and it was strange to meet the people handing out flyers for the main 'enemies', the people were actually incredibly nice. Very odd. And the after-party was very fun, I got to see some of my teachers drunk.

I have my "new friends" - a group of spiritual advisers that I go to when I need advice. These I reach through meditation.

The most profound spiritual experience has been the releasing of my duties as Warden. It has allowed me to see the world around me again. Seeing the freckles on my son's face, the smiles on my daughters and the laughter of my wife.

i went to old forge this summer. there is just something about being there that makes you feel so alive! the fresh air, the thrill of climing a mountain, the amazing views that take your breath away, the calmness of the lakes. Amazing expierence!

I still believe in God, that he exist and that he is watching and working miracles in our life. I was trying some mantra in a workshop conducted by Jobstreet a few months back. I feel that the phrase "God renews my life" to be more meaningful than "Money renews my life" or "Boyfriend XX renews my life". The other just feels like some empty words with no promises whereas the other one gives me calmness and peace of mind. When I am troubled, and I repeat this phrase over and over, I will start getting positive vibes. It's just like my thinking has start to rotate in a more positive manner. After that I am more positive person throughout the day. Another experience is that I was looking for a place to stay for my family when they're coming over for my sis's graduation in Oct. Hotel is not a very cheap and appropriate choice because when my grandparent's coming over, I'm sure they do not want to anywhere other than spending time with us. To put them together under 1 roof with Kim and his father doesn't sound like a very sound idea as well. So, I just bought the airplane tickets for them, which cost me nearly 1.5k, and let things be. After I was back from China, somehow God shows me a link to Teratai Homestay in Puchong, and thus solve my problems. I am grateful for this. Other than that, I have my experience in China where I met a lot of nice people, there's Donald from Fitness First who's been a good friend, I'm more closer to Andrew and can talk to him more frankly, I am more mature, I can offer my sister a part-time job at the company while she's looking for a suitable one, I am thankful Hazel and the things that I've learn from her even though it's just a short while.

we went to the beach that we used to take my dog and just sat there remembering the times spent with him. i felt his presence on the beach and was glad to have gone feeling a bit more closure with losing my best friend and knowing he will always live in spirit thru this special place we have named in his honor.

Sobriety. That has been spiritual. Leaving behind the need to drink and to escape. Finding community. Finding prayer. A prayer practice that WORKS! I am forever changed. I am free now.

every day seems to bring some kind of broader spiritual awareness for me. there has not been one big moment, it seems more like a thousand little drops.

When I take the time to be still and be with beauty...spirit fills my heart...and I am light and joyful. The experience is always there -- I just need to make room to see and feel it.

Spiritual experiences - for me, at least those occur on mornings (or really anytime) there is a beautiful morning - or even a misty rain - and I stop and appreciate the beauty of it all and offer a prayer of thanksgiving. Another occurred when I was feeling down and in some pain and ran into someone I admire who was in considerable pain and had gone through some rather traumatic experiences of recent BUT had a very positive outlook and was concerned about others. It reminded me that while I felt pain - I had a lot to be thankful for and could turn my negative feelings into something positive.

I am a "cradle Catholic" who attended 16 years of Catholic school. I have always loved the imagery of "the body of Christ". It was a great comfort to me as a teen when I finally understood that I didn't need to be anyone but myself. Instead of wanting to be as patient, wise and deep down good as my sister, I could just try and be me. If she was the heart of the Body of Christ, I could be the funny bone. On a Sunday this Spring, for no apparent reason, I was overwhelmed as I received communion, and truly felt that I was in communion with every person, living and dead, who make up the Body of Christ. It was one of the best gifts I have ever received.

Travel has provided me with access to healing this year. A crap winter eased away as I visited family in California, went to New Orleans for the first time and lastly took an incredible train trip west from Chicago to Montana, Portland, OR and Vancouver, BC. I met new people, saw wide American landscapes and reconnected with music as it showed itself in many live venues ---from New Orleans street musicians to Menonite teens singing late at night on the train, to a junk band playing in a Vancouver hostel.

Not gonna lie. Seeing Lady Gaga was pretty spiritual. It kind of felt like I was praying. We were all worshipping the same robot suit wearing, shimmying goddess. Gaga made me feel alive and free and naked and happy. I want to bottle that feeling and wear it all the time.

I've been doing more thinking about religion and spirituality, which has influenced my general movement towards feeling spiritual throughout my life (i.e., feeling connected to something bigger, feeling that life is purpose-filled and meaningful). I haven't had any particular experience that stood out, though, although maybe going to a puja at our local ashram, walking outside and appreciating the stars and trees, a good bike ride, talking to someone and feeling deeply understood and accepted.

Nothing comes to mind, unfortunately.

I don't know if this is an applicable answer, but I've finally come to the starting point of my journey through self-exploration and search for my inner peace.

Getting married was pretty spiritual for me. Holding my partner's hands, looking into his eyes, and pledging to love, respect, be true, and take care of him weren't just words and actions--it was a commitment I felt coming from the deepest part of my being, and I actually surprised myself with how deeply I felt it. I expected a wedding ceremony to feel like a formality, something for the spectators more than for us, but it wasn't like that at all. Maybe it was just nerves combined with the 3 hours' sleep I'd had the night before and the slight hangover I was experiencing, but I really felt on a higher plane of existence during those 20 minutes. I could envision us as old people, still loving and taking care of each other, and that made me feel great.

I participated in a chant with a Haitian witch doctor, but that was more silly than anything else. Most everyone else participating took the whole thing far too seriously. The truly spiritual experience of the year was backpacking up into the Sierras with my girlfriend and her parents—especially in moments where I found myself alone with nothing but the sound of the wind, the trees and the birds and a fantastic view of the mountains around us. I suppose it sounds a little cliché, but the wilderness seems to have a spirituality unparalleled by man.

Read 'Eat, Pray, Love' and whilst I cannot say I will want to stay on an ashram for 3 months I do feel that there is a spiritual side of my life that is surpressed. Maybe this is something to look at this year?

Admittedly, the past few years have been a journey of my moving away from any organized religion and finding my own spirituality. However, the most profound moments for me occurred in Mongolia. To look in the eyes of those kids that had NOTHING and still see resilience and strength made me believe in the power of humanity itself. It was a strange sort of spirituality, but there it was.

I feel like I'm more in touch with my connection to "God" or "the universe". I've come to realize that the intention I put out comes back to me quickly, that my judgments are merely a reflection of how I'm feeling about myself and that when I judge someone harshly, I find myself in that person's shoes in no time flat. The concept of us all being "one" really hits home for me and I'm working on being more tolerant, accepting and joyful. I feel so blessed to have the life that I have, to love the people that I love and to be a part of my community in a significant way.

I saw Hole live. Finally. I have been waiting 10 years to see. It was pretty sick and like a religious experience.

Not exactly a spiritual one, but I have started to run on regular bases - almost every morning (about 5km). I have never liked running and I used to think that I am not able to do that - to run a longer distance than just to catch a bus at the bus stop. But I can! It makes me believe that everything is possible - you just have to make the first step.

In the artistic sense, I think I've made a lot of big strides toward becoming the type of artistic spirit that I want to be. I've worked really hard this year and now that I've graduated from college I can take the time to grow even more.

I have had several spiritual experiences this year. On daily walks in nature, the sun shining down on me felt like universal blessings. Watching the seasons change felt like someone had given me a front row seat to the "Miracle of Nature" show; it was inspiring and gave me a fresh perspective on life.

I worked at a bible camp and it just completely renewed my spirit. I have never had stronger faith as I do afterwards and it brought me on a closer level to my friends.

The only spiritual experience I have had that had a an impact is that religion is pretty useless to me. I still feel that personal connections are what matter. It seems religion is used to separate us.

I'm not sure. I spent a week at Mt. Hood, and most of the free time was spent sitting on a couch in the sun, looking out the window at the sky and the mountain. I guess that was spiritual, or as close to it as I really get. It was wonderful. It happened at a time when I had been working 60-110 hours per week for almost 6 months, and I think it forced me to stop and get perspective on what my actual needs are, and on the fact that I have a strong and very primitive need to be close to nature, and to see it. I feel as though there is a finite lower limit on how much time I must spend looking at the sky, and I really caught up that week. I've tried to maintain more balance since then, and certainly improved. I suspect at some point I may have suffered some more climactic epiphany to that end if I had not taken that vacation then...


I'd say I've experienced the opposite of anything spiritual this year. When I think of spirituality I start to think of it being something that drives people. Something that fills them up inside and helps them to move forward through life and have spirit in the things they do. When I look up the word "spirit" in the dictionary here are some of the definitions I get: 1 An animating or vital principle held to give life to physical organisms 2 a special attitude or frame of mind 3 a lively or brisk quality in a person or a person's actions 4 enthusiastic loyalty This year has given me a lot of trials and tribulations. I feel like anything I've done this year has lacked any spirit. I've felt empty inside for a long time. I feel drained of whatever it was the propelled me through some of the happier times in life. I'd say I was pretty spirited all through college. I was doing some very nice things and enjoying life. I was creating and learning how to be more creative. I guess I could say I was filled with the spirit of creativity. I liked that. I feel like the great uplift that carried me through school and made me feel so great has dwindled. I've not follwed that spiritually that made me so happy. I've left it by the wayside some to pursue other things. I felt like they were things that were going to fullfill me and make me happy. And some of those things did. And some of those things didn't. The reality of things is I was working in places that were creatively destitute. I let that affect me. And the final piece of the puzzle for this year was breaking up with my girlfriend. Probably one of the only things that made me happy anymore and she didn't want to be with me. I feel pretty empty right now. I'm not sure how to get that spirit back. I feel so down that getting back up feels really hard. I'm not sure where that spirit will be for me right now. The last 5 years in feel like such a waste in hindsigh sometimes, considering the state I'm in right now. I should be on top of the world. Instead I'm in the doldrums. I think art is where I'll find my spirit again. In creativity. I just need to get started on it. One step at a time.

Since I walk, albeit not so well, with the aid of a stick I am frequently offered help by strangers in the street, as well as, from those I know which has led me to realize that most people are good, It has helped me to refrain from reacting with hostility and to minimize any feeling of anger when I meet with any unpleasantness and to feel that there is good even in those who misbehave

I wouldn't particularly know a spiritual experience these days if I saw one. I have to really stretch here to convince myself that I have had anything remotely spiritual happen this last year. I suppose there has been a number of things that I would refer to as serendipitous... and therefore, perhaps spiritual. Events leading up to moving to New Orleans, working on my PhD at UNO, and buying our first house felt very much like serendipity. In other words, it felt as though it was meant to happen, and I feel that because that is the case I must be on a predestined path currently. Unless I deviate from that path (which is likely possible), I believe I will potentially find and experience all the things that I have asked for at some point in my life. How I will receive those wishes are likely to be beyond my imagination, but I have little doubt that my wishes will go unheeded. In that regard, I must believe in the spiritual, broadly defined and if that is the case, I have a spiritual experience nearly every day.

It's been a long time since I've had a spiritual experience -- and then in April, my congregation had a guest cantor for a weekend. I've been listening to his CD nonstop every Friday night. The worship experience that Shabbat was utterly different than usual, and I would say absolutely spiritual for me. Everyone was singing, I felt joyful and uplifted for the first time in years. And now I wish he could come back more frequently!

I'm not sure. At any rate I'm not sure I leave myself open to experiencing them.

At my grandmother's wake, before I went up to the front, I was a complete mess. I had to go outside because I am usually the one to keep it together. I decided to go up alone when everyone was in the other room greeting people and instantly I was fine. I don't know how but I actually felt amazing and after I said a prayer I just talked to her a little bit- said stupid things that I would say to her any other day that she would probably laugh at and call me crazy. I still miss her, sometimes it's a lot, but I haven't cried about her since then, not even at the mass or funeral. It was kind of like I knew she was ready to go. I was the last family member to talk to her in person so there were a lot of questions from the family. It's crazy to be able to tell people the last words about them from another person.

No huge epiphanies, but as I continue to try to grow spiritually, I find more and more "stuff" falls away in importance--maybe some of it's just age, but as each month, year, passes, fewer and fewer events, people, circumstances shake me up. Sometimes I maybe even miss the passion (or drama) of big highs and lows, but the trade-off is a steady feeling of well-being.

I don't think I've had any spiritual experiences this past year. Does that make me dull, uninteresting?

Sitting on the beach the morning of my wedding, finishing up and memorizing my vows. It was a beautifully sunny morning in May, and I looked to the Pacific, contemplating its vastness, and imagined how big our future together is.

I cannot think of anything I have experienced in the last year I would call spiritual!

I laid out in our hammock outside for about 10 minutes this summer. Everything was calm. I could look at the leaves on the trees, and really see their details, hear the birds, etc. It's like the world slowed down. I would like more of that.

Serendipity is a funny thing. Carl just happened to know the right person who led to John getting a job.

I had a beautiful calm nourishing meal at a great restaurant with my sister and her daughter while they were visiting. It's not always easy spending time with them and I was sick with a sinus infection to boot, but this lunch gave all three of us what we needed in a serene setting and nourished our bodies and souls.

Betty LaVette concert

The first thing that comes to mind is Yosemite. The breathtaking views couples with the physical demand of the climb made that day pretty magical. I had never seen such beautiful waterfalls and rock formations- it was truly a spiritual experience to be in such an amazing place! Another time that came to mind would be at Spring Kallah right after breaking up with Colin, when we had Havdallah and I sang with my friend Justin and it really solidified for me that not only was this the right decision but that what I wanted was someone I could do Havdallah with under the stars singing and swaying and have that spiritual connection. I think the whole weekend was a great refresher for me, a really great experience in self-exploration and re-building! Gotta live and die N_F_T_Y! *My very first Shabbat in my new apt; that was a spiritual moment for me. Lighting the candles, baking the challah, drinking wine, saying the prayers out loud to myself, filling my new home with those words, it was all amazing! At that point it really felt like my home, as unfurnished as it was, as broke as I was, it was my only way to refresh and re-cleanse and really say ok, my life is taking a different direction than I had planed and now I’m going to live my life the way I want to and this is how I want to live my life. This is the first time that I’ve had my own place, the first time in a long time that I’ve felt like me, complete, fulfilled, calm, content and this was a great way for me to celebrate the new beginning. Now I’ll be in search for the man I can share my life with, my Jewish life, who can encourage me to continue bringing Judaism into my home and heart and life. Someone to whom Judaism is as important to them as it is to me on so many different levels and build a relationship on the Jewish foundation. *sigh* he’ll find me :)

Really connecting with my children - really seeing them as individuals this year. That is a spiritual awakening in and of itself. Seeing and experiencing my husband. Sexually and intimately. Seeing myself as aging - human, and even fragile. That is a big wake up call. Accepting it unconditionally is a spiritual experience.

It has been such a busy year, that it is hard to remember. Broadening into the cultural, I did see "A Chorus Line" this past year, and the second to last song - "What I Did for Love" made me think about the fact the I do have a career in the area I love, but I must go and find a way to make sure that I can continue in that career in a place that will help me grow and develop rather than trying to force me into a mold that does not fit who I am.

My friends inspire spirituality in me.

I don't believe i've had any spiritual experiences. I kind of wish I did, but i have no faith in things. I am just willing to accept things the way they are. If something amazing happens I welcome it's existence, but don't necessarily let it affect my life.

Many spiritual experiences this year. I continue to grow in my faith, and thank God for every learning opportunity I am presented with. This next ten years are a great gift, and one I fully intend to take advantage of as I develop and grow into the woman I am meant to be.

It is amazing to think that I can't come up with a single 'spiritual' experience of this past year. Maybe the whole year has been spiritual for me... maybe the fact that I have such a hard time meditating and turning my mind off and I KNOW it .... is a spiritual awakening. Maybe the fact that I see the spider's web outside of the window and the shadows of the leaves on the fence and the light filtered through it all..... is my spiritual awakening...... one experience after another...... where am I going after all?

Yes. I participated in the Nahum Goldmann Fellowship Program in Pag, Croatia and was able to meet amazing Jewish people from 20 countries. It re-awakened my spirituality and has caused me to finally seek out a Jewish community to be a part of. I didn't grow up with many Jewish people around me, so it has been a long road to finally feel comfortable around those of my own faith.

I went to the Mikvah before my wedding. I went from being nervous and jittery to being assured and happy. To know that I was ready to move forward with life- to be married and what a joy it was to have that experience as a woman.

I had a hard time with this questions because while I would consider myself as someone who gamely tries to experience the spiritual side of life whenever possible, nothing stood out to me in the past year. Perhaps this has been a year not of any large "aha" moments but small moments of trying, putting in the effort, saying the shema every night, going to services when I'd rather go home. I know efforts that most often result in insights for me are those with an intellectual bent, and I am encouraged to more actively seek out and commit to regular learning opportunities.

I started meditating and praying in the morning - just a few minutes each day, most days. There were really two reasons I started - esp. the praying part. It was April/May - and I think I just felt overwhelmed by my own depressive, sometimes negative, often anxious thoughts and I felt like, maybe it was time to give up control and put it in the hands of a Higher Power, like in AA. I figured, I could use Higher Power and not God (since I'm not a believer) and therefore pray and get all the positive benefits from that, without having to know who I am praying to. I also read Mary Carr's memoir "Lit" and I was struck by something she wrote: that she began praying when a friend of hers challenged her to get down on her knees and pray everyday for 30 days and see if her life didn't improve. You know it? My life improved. A lot. So I haven't stopped.


I watched a play that took me out of my present and out of myself.

Yes, I went to this play, Most Massive Woman Wins, and it was a comedy about women and their insecurity's. And it just struck a cord with me, to see this whole room full of young and old woman, watching this play as I, and knowing they were there for the same reason I was. In a room united with woman who have struggled with the issues they acted out and beyond that, as humans, we all want to feel like we aren't the only one. That perfection is just a term used for magazines and models. I cried, thinking I found someplace that maybe I can heal myself.

No, I haven't had any spiritual experiences at all in life. I'm not religious. I have my views and that's what matters to me. But now that I read what it can mean (artistic, cultural) then it can be like any new music I've listened to, and that's been a lot in the past year. Too many to list or remember. Culturally... hmmm, I've tried watching more Academy Award winners and nominees. Brokeback Mountain for example. Beautiful film. I adore it. And well, it's not really a 10Q post without mentioning Harry Potter. But really, I've read a lot of better books and such. So that was good.

A few days ago my mom, my little brother and I went to church and the message was about releasing things to God. Just writing down my prayer and taking the piece of paper to the altar and leaving it there, walking down crying and holding my little brother's hand, that was a big thing. It helps me remember to let it go. Let go. Let God.

I think 'spiritual' is a ridiculous catch-all term for anything that people want to label as important without having to think too hard about why that thing might be important to them, but seeing Nostalgia at the SLG made me believe in the power of a story again.

I have seen someone come to God and was able to be a part of that journey. I have to say that it is perhaps one of the greatest blessing I have ever received.

I felt more spiritual during the illness and resulting death of a friend over this past year. It gave me pause to think about a lot of things that I usually don't think about.

I wrote a letter to my son and for the first time ever, I signed my name as mom. Although I know I am a mother, for some reason it was so profound and I was reduced to tears. I realized, I am a mom - I am someone's mom, and my son is going to be reading this letter, like I did as a kid, from his mom. And he will be comforted. It blew my mind.

The only thing i could say is that i went bodyboarding recently, something i was extremely passionate about before my grandfather passed aaway and i instantly regreted not doingit more often. Its really peaceful for me and when im out there im in a really good place.

Hmmm...I will have to think about this one. My work has been much to tense and overwhelming. I believe my spirituality has suffered...

I am increasingly conflicted about god and religion. I used to be athiest. Then agnostic. Then a few years ago I started having occassional dreams where I am hearing from a higher power or with my deceased grandparents. It's causing me to wonder about parallel universes, the afterlife, and existence of god. Or I am reading too much into my dreams.

The three years, since my battle with several near-fatal illnesses, have been spiritual experiences. I will never look at sickness as some random act of cruel fate but the truth for me, an attack of the enemy as described in John 10:10. I also realize that I am powerful in Christ Jesus and have learned to tap into my born again birthright as described in the bible on the word of healing and victory. I have come to realize more and more that I am not a human being having spiritual experiences but rather a spiritual being having human experiences...and resolve to enjoy this life that Jesus shed his blood for me to have.

I live so much of my life in the realm of what many people think of as spiritual! I have had transcendent moments when I am responsible for praying on behalf of the congregation. But I've also been changed by the interactions with friends and acquaintances who are going through hardships, deaths, losses. There is a spiritual content to just sitting in the room and listening. PURIM was spiritual! Insane and spiritual. The uplift of craziness and the outpouring of goofyness. It taught me that "spiritual" doesn't have to mean "somber" or precious. It can mean outrageous!

I can't say I've had a defining spiritual experience, but I have experienced an outpouring of caring, love, well wishes and support from people I only know online. Be it for my health, my family, or the success of my book, these almost-strangers have welcomed me with open arms and poured their love, karma, prayers and good wishes my way. For someone who has not grown up extremely religious, by any means, it has been a humbling, and inspiring, feeling.

I've had a collection of moments that keep driving me to keep pushing myself to places where I've always been scared to go. The more I push, the more positive response I get from the world, and the quicker things happen. It's given me confidence, vision and made me believe that I eventually will make a difference in the world.

Not really... but I had a day where I truly believed I was in love with life. Sometime around my birthday, I think...after I bought my green dress at the thrift store. Also, when Mrs. Brownell told me that she had to put down her dog-- she cried and hugged me, that Athena of a woman. Both of those events really touched me in some way.

No. I meditate 2 hours a day most days and still no particularly spiritual experiences ever! Sucks. I'd love a big supercharged enlightenment sort of jolt. Oh, but on the other hand my day to day experience is just more .... well spiritual! Lightness of being is never far away and I frequently feel grateful and happy to be alive.

Nothing comes to mind...maybe that's a sign.

Listening to my yoga teachers talk about how as long as you do your best no one can ask anything more of you. Taking time to realize the value of yourself.

I feel I am exploring my spirituality through different avenues such as therapy and becoming more involved in my Jewish community through various volunteer organizations. This has helped me connect with myself as well as other like-minded individuals in my community. I do have a yearning for a true spiritual awakening though...

Not really

It seems almost trite to keep answering every question about my daughter, but becoming and being a father is unlike anything I've ever done before. We lack the perspective to watch our own lives develop. We're still too close to understand our siblings or even cousins. But our children are entirely a different story. She has made me keenly aware of the immensity of our world. Sometimes I show her the most basic of things and then I reel at the thought of the near infinite universe she has yet to encounter. This is deeply spiritual stuff, striking to the core of what it means to be human and to have reproduced and to now take the reigns of that new life and guide it around the mistakes you made in your own.

Not really...I'm not a very spiritual person but I have learned how short life is (Ed's Dad went into a coma out of nowhere and is currently locked in his body). It's made me want to try harder to enjoy life.

I've been trying to define that for myself. I wouldn't say I've had any particular experience, but I have starting trying to figure out what I believe in.

I've come to the realization that I'm more of an Anglican than a Catholic. I'm just nervous to say anything about converting to my mom and her side of the family. My grandma used to be a nun, for pete's sake.

Beginning to meditate, and attempting to become more aware of the world around me. Also, even more importantly, being able to unlock my dream world and experiencing my first few lucid dreams.

Being in Yosemite this summer with my family and friends, hiking in God's country, and being so in touch with nature in such a liberating and calming way for four days was probably my most spiritually uplifting experience of the year.

I'm not spiritual. There is nothing that would make me feel spiritual. I recently heard a song called 'Long live the Queen' by Frank Turner. That is one of those songs that makes all your hairs stand on end, and makes me remember the friends and family members who are missed.

I went for a swim in a lake in the buff. It felt like a sensory deprivation thing. Apart from thinking about the possibility of a fish biting off my cock from the murky depths, the experience made me feel very alone at first, then part of a bigger plan. I liked it a lot.

I got nothing.

My wife and I lost our first child, shortly after getting married we were lucky enough to get pregnant almost immediately. The pregnancy was ectopic though and since coming through this we are stronger and we both feel we would like more spirituality in our lives as at the time I know i was completely lost, i guess im interested in knowing that there is a plan and everything will work out.

Driving home one night from work, the sky had a beautiful sunset splashed across it. I was listening to my favourite music and I got out of my car and took photos of it. It was probably the most peaceful and content I felt all year. That may not seem very peaceful to some but for a person who suffers from depression and anxiety, a sense of serenity like that is something amazing.

I express my spirituality in the beauty of the world. I am reminded constantly of how lucky I am to live in the SF Bay Area. One morning, going to Sports Basement at Chrissy Field really early, it was a crisp, clear morning, no fog, and the moon was over the GG Bridge. SOOOO beautiful. I look at things like that, and know that there is majesty in the world.

Sitting in synagogue, I have felt the presence of my grandfather who meant so much to me. I feel him there more than any other place.

The experience of the personal/personality conflicts within my church this year were not spiritual (far from it), but gave new perspective on my spiritual community/home. I am particularly called to the idea that if we cannot live our ideals of respect in a small community setting where everyone knows each other's names, we cannot expect those values to manifest in the wider world. We need to do better by each other in order to see that change in the world.

Nothing in particular. I tried to stay always conected to God's nature, so when inspiration comes forth, I just enjoy it and apreciate it.

Lying in the woods at stern grove looking up at the clear blue sky I just knew that san francisco was the place for me, I could somehow feel that the city and I meshed, and it just felt right being in that place.

Oh my god, yes. My winter vacation of 2 whole weeks, in Paris, was probably the best thing that happened to me. It was magical. From all those museums, to all the streets, coffee shops, people, lights, smells and vibe. It changed me so much. I'm anxiously waiting for my next trip there. I just have to get back, somehow. Paris really is the City of Lovers. Although I was with my cousins and a friend, I still felt all this love and like a hopeless romantic. I appreciated every single thing out there. I honestly think my eyes sparkle and there's a twinkle in them as I write this.

i traveled to three new cities in the US this past year and it has given me a hunger to travel more. i experienced new people, places, cultures, and attitudes. this country has so much to offer and so many different ways of living. we see exotic pictures from abroad and forget to explore and learn about our own home.

This July, I traveled outside of the country for the first time. It was an incredible experience to be immersed in different cultures, languages, and customs. I enjoyed listening to conversations I couldn't understand, and watching how the locals interacted with each other. This trip opened my eyes to the world outside my country's borders, and to the multitude of experiences I can have elsewhere. I also learned that I can and am excited to live abroad. I am using this positive energy to apply to the JET program (teaching English in Japan), and to look for professional opportunities abroad.

Learning to handle my "adrenal fatigue" (feels just like depression) has changed the way I process problems, and unfortunately good things as well. I'm less stressed, but also less excited about the good things that happen in life.

I'm finding myself to be more atheistic every day, strongly believing in evidence and facts and rationality. At the same time I'm learning to let go of my thoughts and rationality at time, and really truly feel. It's hard and I've got a long way to go, but I'm getting there.

I'm not sure if it was a spiritual experience, but when Catherine confronted me about my bad attitude at work, it made me realize that I am the only one making myself miserable. Thus, a chain of events were set off that culminated in me getting my own place.

If I would read "spiritual" as "emotional" (in my opinion, spirituality is just a hype, and a word everybody understands differently), I cannot point to one particular experience. I felt a lot of energy flowing when I was in Canada and when I just got back, feeling I could do what I want to do, as long as I just do it. Nothing is impossible. Another experience is my girlfriend, who is a really amazing girl, and touches me on so many levels.

I went to Soul Survivor. Strangely, though, it's not the actual event that stayed with me 'spiritually', it was the night skies. They were gorgeous and I can't remember seeing any falling stars before, but there I saw several every night. On the last night there was one so amazing it took my breath away as a real sense of awe crept over me. I then felt really peaceful and was left with one firm thought: life is amazing and the world is beautiful - no matter what.

A very dear older couple has been very close to us for more than 30 years and close to our children for their entire lives are now in advanced years and not faring well. They are God parents to our daughter and the woman is in her early 90's and dying. My daughter has been to see them and her Godmother in particular so very often and I know how much this is hurting her to see these people in their advanced years. My parents are both dead and my wife's parents live in Spain and don't travel, so my daughter has never had a close relationship with her grandparents. I love my daughter and I feel what she is feeling. I am so proud of her conduct and it is so moving to see her response to a sad situation that I know hurts her so much.

The past year I changed jobs and now live and work in the city, so I purchased a bike to get me to and from work. I hadn’t ridden a bike since I was 14 and my body reminded me of that right away, but biking became my new pastime and I started to bike for fun not just transportation. I keep pushing my self to go further and the experience has been almost religious giving me a sense of tranquility and also pride of my accomplishment. During my rides I can be alone with my thoughts and at one with my body, a truly holistic experience.

With all that's happened in the last year, I still believe unquestioningly that there is no god. I'm thankful for this.

This year's Rosh Hashanah service was a hugely spiritual event for me. It brought me closer to my faith and made me realize that I want to explore my Judaism in a much deeper way.

I spent a lot of time being weepy and furious because I had no sense of God. Sometimes I thought God had abandoned me or was treating me as Job. I still liked being a Jew, but I wanted help and was insulted that it didn't come from God. There was a brief period during which I felt better and then it was quite clear to me that God never went anywhere. I now think something that isn't quite clear in my head--something about fighting my way through to God, what it means, how you do it. At fitness camp this year I had an unusual relationship with my bike. I thought if I just slowed down I could ride all day and this almost seemed true. Sometimes I felt pain and thought well, if this continues, I'll stop. But it didn't continue. I had a real sense that this, too, shall pass. Eric and I got along very well there, too. I felt it was a gift from somewhere, a total break from my mental state and a sense of loving my bike, which is really sort of an extension of my body. It is not a new bike and it has issues, but it didn't matter. This has something to do with accepting myself, which is the task ahead of me this year. I long for the spiritual connection more than anything. The separation from it, now that I think of it, is the source of all my loneliness. I don't want God to be another self-improvement project. I just want to let go and have her seep into my pores. That's what I want. I'm just putting it out there.

Not really... But I have tried to practice tolerance more...

I would say lately I have had almost “spiritual” experiences. I recently found a new love for a certain style of music and the movement it brings out in people. It has not only greatly helped my creativity flow but also helped me find a new side to my life that I really do enjoy. To be in the heat of the moment at these shows…raves if you must feeling the bass and seeing everyone else at the moment letting it take over them, that's the truly beautiful thing. No, no drugs for me just the music.

I wouldn't say that there's been specific spiritual moments, but I have been privy to new insights from time to time. I've found a greater appreciation for the relationships that humans have, and the ways that our decisions and interactions layer upon each other to create opportunities in the present and future. And through this awareness I find that it is possible to see God everywhere. The encounters I have, the conversations and acquaintances I make all contribute to the experiences that make me who I am, and I in turn will impact others as well. It is by this view that I percieve that God places obstacles in our path, or they arise from circumstances that we take for granted until the proper time arrives. There is little else for me to do than to trust and step forward, aware that my decisions have reprecussions in the grander scope.

I have had quite a few. Creatively, I have felt the transformational spirit of inspiration that helped me with my creative writing. Also interpersonally, this year has brought me to a deeper level with my fiancé. I feel that I've finally understood what it means to wholly accept another person for who s/he is and not what you want to project. I don't claim to be an expert, but I feel that I am open and receptive to the challenge of striving for that.

I'm not a spiritual person. But I guess I've had two 'revelations' so to speak. The first one, being much more recent, I think I'm putting it in words for the first time... that the world doesn't work the way I think it does, at all. There's just so much going on, it's mind boggling. The second, and older one, is that music is awesome. Music speaks to my emotions like nothing else does... and I'm pretty sure I'll crumple up and die if it weren't for that. Some of Sid's songs, especially when we're both in 'The Zone' just hits the right chord/note/other cheesy metaphor in me. It's quite awesome, really.

Going to Wolftrap every week to see a variety of performers has reminded me of how much I enjoy live performances. It has also reinforced my desire to bring live performances to other people. Idina Menzel was particularly wonderful.

Spirituality hits me in such short, fierce bursts, that I can never remember the source or the feeling after the fact. I well up, and then it's gone; I'm reluctant to try to track it down to a specific moment.

Oddly, Annual Training and the BFRR that followed were "spiritual" for me. I saw my hard work come to fruition, I settled into a comfortable yet experimentive zone in my performing, my relationship with Zen grew and strengthened and I got some much needed thinking time. From this I found a renewed sense of drive for a good career, pride and confidence in that decision, I learned to relax and rejuvinate my state of mind through hobbies and I rediscovered loving myself... a lot can happen in 3 weeks...

I'm an atheist and an existentialist. A lot of my belief ties into the fact that nothing "spiritual" has ever happened to me my entire life.

I've visited 2 Physcics this year. One at the Seven Woods pub and one at a mans house in Liverpool. The one at the Seven Woods was fantastic, and brought my Grandmother through from the other side. I was filled with warmth, and since she told me when someone in my family finds a little white feather on the floor it's my nan, we've all found loads! Physcic's make me question myself and my direction also, which i think is great. I always walk away from one with a better head!

Spiritual experiences are plentiful for me this year. One reason is because I am always looking for something spiritual. I am following my intuition and trying to listen to what Spirit is telling me. The Art of Life Mastery Seminar was the best. Also being able to connect with like minded people through the Masterworks Healing membership site has been totally awesome.

My life becomes more internal with every year. By that I mean that I live in my head with thoughts that often reflect upon spiritual ideas...I took philosophy classes, went to Kripalu and explored the artistic venues surrounding the Lennox area of Massachusetts, where the aura of creativity and ethereal energy is everywhere; and I feel that energy of those who have died surrounding me and keeping me grounded in my place in the world. My journey has just begun - every day I live. I only hope I have time to articulate my epilogue to those I love and whose presence in my life has made it worth being here. No one experience, but daily miracles, all around me, take my breath away. A photograph of my son's, the ever positive energy of my husband, my friends' devotion to me, my dog's rubbing against my leg, memories of Sienna....oh so little things. I'm a cliche, I know.

Began participating in a Centered Prayer time w/a group on Monday nights. Brings a new dimension to prayer and the meaning of not always talking to God but listening more! Hope to continue this in the coming year, practicing more on a daily basis, incorporating it into my Rule of Life.

Everyday has beena deep learning experience especially around my birthday.

I saw an art therapist for a few months near the end of grad school and it was awesome. I learned a lot about myself, learned some new imagery to represent myself and my feelings, and really tapped into my inner world.

I read a blog post by someone recently who used to be a Christian, who, when he was, wanted to change the church, make the church and science coalesce, since then he had an experience where he saw a man with a bullhorn and he said that he could totally relate to why people think that Christians are Crazy. I come from a white middle class London based family and have since moved to Oklahoma, I was never particularly religious, but being here has made me see the misinterpretation of religion, and the didactic types who try and convert people. I do suppose it has made me more tolerant, and for that I am entirely grateful. I don't feel bigger or better for being an atheist, because neither christians nor atheists nor agnostics know what is real, who is right. It has just affirmed MY belief, and I am not trying to convince anyone otherwise.

Helping to lead the congregation during the summer really changed my perspective on the congregation and on what it means to be a part of (and also to be a leader of) a congregation. I have much more patience with the diverse views in our congregation, and great respect for how our tradition unites such different types of people into a sacred community.


Always. Reading "New Seeds of Contemplation" by Thomas Merton. Discussing cosmology with Erin and Luke over hookah on several late nights. Reading "Notes From the Tilt-A-Whirl" by N.D. Wilson. Trusting God with our future (possible move out-of-state in the next year). Learning how He speaks through story. Seeing Him everywhere I go, in everything I encounter. Learning that He has a sense of humor.

Ganesha and I have been real tight - not that I've literally been consorting with a fat elephant headed Indian kid, but that I've come to be grateful for this force in the universe: the friend who removes obstacles for you and is constantly by your side/ the trickster who places obstacles everywhere to get your attention.

Interestingly lots of spiritual experiences, as I still struggle with just who or how or what God is. I want to think he's intimately involved in my everyday, moment by moment existence...but at church two Sundays ago I suddenly thought, "This all seems so improbable." Going to a retreat next week. Four days w/ just women, away from ****, whom I realize from my answers this year is completely emeshed in my mind. He will be depressed that I'm gone, will he act out? Will he become more and more despondent? Will anything really bad happen? Why does he have all these problems? I want to write this year. MUST WRITE. please, 10Q, send me a template so that I have to do a short story or something every few weeks! The class/meeting with the women on tuesdays has been an anchor for spirituality.

This has been a year of loss, mourning, and letting go. I am not sure how this will affect me in the long run, but in the short term, it has made me cognizant of the strength iI draw from my friends, and the solace I find in their affection in the absence of any life partner, and absence even of the hope for sharing my ife in that way.

Well... since this includes cultural... I guess my spiritual experience would be a fascination with media and the tea party. The media IS out of control and makes mountains out of mole hills... and the tea party IS out of control and crazy.

My sister's cancer is pretty soul-searing. I would say that it has woken me up to all the pain and suffering in the world- sometimes to a debilitating degree. I "feel" more now- and want to be a good friend, cousin, niece, daughter, sister, etc. I've been pretty self-absorbed most of my life- and being the recipient of the unfettered love, grace, and generosity of others- near and far- has made me want to be more present and empathetic in other people's lives.

We baptized our daughter by the sea with a multidenomination friend officiating. Our friends all came and witnessed us promising to allow her to become whomever she pleases in this world. We aren't religious at all but it was really nice to honor her place in the world

Again, the Bach Festival. Seeing such a different range of singers just influenced me greatly. Especially the kids I spent the most time with. Their conversations were uplifting, hilarious, and inspiring. From Ronika's fashion sense, Ben's Miranda Sings impressions, to Patrick and Joel's bromance. I loved being with them so much. My life wouldn't be the same without their influence. It changed my perspective on life in every sense.

Sadly, I have not and I am really looking forward to one.

How God delivered Kairo and save my life in the process .. I am wiser, stronger and better because of the storm I've been through. No matter how bad the winds maybe or the rain may pour continue to sing his praises and stand to witness his power

My definition of a spiritual experience would be being able to perform in so many wonderful shows and musicals this year. Performing is my favourite thing to do in the world, I would love to do it full time and it would be even better to get paid for it. Though the roles I've played, usually as a sexually aware woman, haven't been all that spiritual I've enjoyed every character that I've been given the pleasure of portraying. Though in my latest character of a woman dying of cancer, despite an otherwise picture perfect life, has given me a lot to think about, and although I could never imagine what her situation would really be like, I still feel like I have learned so much from being able to take on this role.

Hm, I like the idea of "secular spiritual"! In that case, probably many experiences count, though no single one is popping to mind. Being deeply absorbed in a book, going to an art museum, a moment of connection in conversation, walking around the city alone with my thoughts, writing late at night--these activities can feel transcendent. As for religious spiritual--not sure I have one moment to cite, but exploring spirituality has been one of my promises to myself this year. I was raised atheist, but I've found myself praying, talking to god in my darkest hours, ducking into churches, reading religious writings, talking to some of my believer friends about faith.

The most spiritual was my stay in Jerusalem for one month in the frames of the summer program of the Conservative Yeshiva. I have went regular to shabbath services and sometimes to sachrit. It was very special when we went to the egalitarian part of the Kotel to pray on on of the mornings. As an effect of this one month I got closer to my religion, to Judaism, and I am still missing the environment a bit back at home.

My relationship with God has deepened. And along with it, my empathy has become sensitive enough for me to accurately understand what others are going though. This sometimes, I honestly have to admit, I wonder if it's a blessing or a curse.

Not particularly.

My visit to SaintPetersburg. That's the place there history lives everywhere and anything you see or touch is beautyful and full of heritage.

I believe that I get my spirituality from a sense of community. It sounds ridiculous, but whenever I'm in a large crowd - be it at a sporting event, street festival, what have you - I feel an overwhelming sense of love for those around me as we share in the same thing. People become kinder, friendlier, and it is a pleasant reminder that, well, we are all just people.

It is hard for me to be fully present. Even as I'm trying to meditate or pray, I'm judging my experience (am I spiritual enough? am I faking it? do I look stupid? when's lunch?).

No I hadn't. I really don't believe in such things

Spiritual is what I feel when a story or tail comes to me and I have to write it. The most annoying thing is that it comes when I'm busy or when I don't have pen and paper near to me, so sometimes I've lost very good stories. In other cases it comes to me at nighy when I'm trying to sleep, or when I'm studying for a test. Anyway, I love this gift I have of being a "medium" to bring stories to the world and tell them to the people, even though not many people read them. I still dream to become a writer one day.

I have rediscovered labyrinths as a means of personal reflection and "coming to calm." What a powerful, personal, beautiful tool for centering one's self.

Feeling a real, respected and loved part of my daughter's family and savoring my time spent with my grandchildren is, literally, awesome! I count my blessings.

Our wedding. Running a few days before the 25th anniversary of my father's death and bursting into tears at the sheer beauty of the day, crisp leaves, bursting aqua sky, and our lives (my beautiful niece, my strong marriage, good jobs, friends....) and still missing him and feeling cheated for him and for me! He would have been such a great grandpa and parent of adults!

No particular spiritual experience, but a growing spirituality thanks to my sobriety and trying to live AA principles. I can't do it without a higher power.

I have had many spiritual moments this year, after I hit rock bottom and came back from it. I have had many moments of thinking about life, feeling empowered, feeling like I have come back from the dead. I have had moments of pure happiness, which I consider spiritual because I'm not sure I have had them or noticed them before. Recently I have been engaging in more meditation services as a leader in my synagogue. I have been enjoying this, and sometimes it feels spiritual and sometimes it hasn't. This Rosh Hashanah 2nd day, I felt extremely spiritual. This was ironic since I'd just gotten done explaining to someone the day before that I didn't think services needed to be spiritual. Generally, having spiritual experiences just makes me appreciate and enjoy life.

Yes, in a way on the beach in New York after all I went through mentally, emotionally, spiritually while there. The natural sounds and smells and sights of the ocean helped to wash that away and make me feel that is going to be ok.

The moment when we all looked around the circle of friends and family surrounding us at our wedding. And we saw and felt all that amazing glowing love and light coming at us. I've never felt so loved and protected and honored before. it was as though we were lifted and floating on air. And I felt light pouring out of everyone's eyes. the sky was filled with gorgeous streaky light, and the garden felt lifted and heightened and..magical. That moment will be with us both (all) for the rest of our lives. Such a powerful blessing and gift.

I don't think I have this past year. But maybe just my security with the people I love has been a spiritual experience

The lack there of, my disconnect from G-d as an active part of my life has felt very stark and real.

Enjoying the morning surprise of our cactus blooming with hugh white flowers at the break of dawn - unexpected gift of beauty! I feel blessed to live in a world that gives such wonderful surprises.

Dealing with several personal challenges have reminded me in a real and powerful way how short life is. I've always been quite good at "doing" but not so good at "being" . I have been working on being present. This has brought more calm, better sleep and improved relationships.

Watching Randy grow up is about as spiritual as life gets. I love the moments we say the Sh'ma together, although lately he doesn't want to say it with me at bedtime! But I have begun to say it for myself, and not just for/with Randy. It helps me to center myself, which sounds cheesy, but it's the best way I can think to describe the feeling.

i finally sat down and watched the lives of others and it totally blew me away. i had vague knowledge of the buzz surrounding it so knew it was going to be good, polished piece of mainstream world cinema but i had no idea it would move quite as much as it did. as a study of the power of art to move another human being to doing something quite extraordinary and unexpected it was simply stunning. humane/life-affirming/bitter-sweet/touching... i have an urge to watch it again.

I attended a modern dance performance that completely moved me. It allowed me to witness the physical strength and resilience in the human body as well as the beauty and rhythm of two bodies moving together. We use our bodies daily, but forget how deliberate movement can be wonderful, simple, and miraculous. This experience reminded me that my body, my senses, are gifts.

I found a religion, as part of my recovery from alcoholism. I was required to get a "god of my understanding" and realised I had no such thing. I spent a lot of time thinking about how I felt about God, and how I felt about various other things in life, and approached various spiritual leaders to ask questions. In the end I got answers I fellt made sense from one of the people I had been speaking to, and as a result am making steps towards making that a part of my daily life. I feel it has already helped make me a better person and certainly is helpful with my recovery.

I don't know that it's really spiritual... but I've had a lot of friends lose their father's in the past year or so. I've always had this deeply ingrained fear of losing a parent so this really hit home for me. Seeing so many friends struggle through this has made me so much more aware of others' grief and made me appreciate the time I have with my parents. Last night I played for the Yom Kippur service at a Jewish temple. It was actually a very spiritual experience for me. Listening to the cantor sing and the words of the rabbi, I felt both calm and captivated.

Music has been such a big part f my life for a while. I find it helps with everything, happiness, sadness, confusion. Music speaks when words fail.

I started singing with the Gospel Choir at church. My church provides many opportunities for spiritual involvement, and I've embraced many...sometimes TOO many. Until now, all my church activities have focused on directly helping others. Singing in the choir is for me, first!

I worried about my sister. I was at mass, had just received communion and was kneeling and in prayer. When I gave in to my worry and started crying ,the miracle of the power of the eurcharist and communion enveloped me in a very powerful way. The sound of my husband and daughter singing on either side of me filled me completely. The essense of the hymn was "Don't worry, I am with you" I love them so much

Pssht, no. I mean, I started to like some wican concepts that Cat taught me and Paranormal state managed to freak me the fuck out over demons. I didn't have any revelations, and I didn't discover God or anything like that. As for artistically, I learned how to use a roller properly. And how to wash a roller properly. So that's about it for the art. And everything else.

the lack of spirituality in my synagogue has forced be to find kavanah outside of that setting. we have started growing our community of young families, have started our own services and have had really meaningful shabbat dinners and lunches. this has really made me connect to a religion that i have felt disconnected from since my children have been born. active shul judaism and children don't mix if you're a mommy and i've felt really off spiritually. meeting with other women and mothers and doing things on our own to create connections for our children has really sparked my inner fire as well.

As I was sitting in bed with my daughter, son, and husband i realized that rich or poor, healthy or sick, sad or happy, everything that is important in moy world was on the bed. It wasn't 'spiritual' perse but it made me think about all the THINGS in life that we covet how how truely unimportant they really are.

Actually, my spiritual experience this year was admitting to myself that I am an atheist. I do not believe in a supreme being, any benign (or otherwise) force, no plan. I have to battle my constant desire to invalidate others' faith. No matter what they believe in, I think it's thoughtless superstition. I didn't used to think of myself as intolerant; but I seem to be becoming more so. It seems like all of the world's wrongs can be tied back to religious dogma. And most frightening of all, most of the time I am afraid to say "I'm an atheist" out loud. That in the US today, it's ok to be a Christian or a Jew, but not okay to be an atheist.

Again, my grandmother's death affected me in a big way. Before, I didn't know whether I believed in God, in the Afterlife, or any of that. I knew there was something beyond life, but I had no idea what any of it was. When she died.. well, this may sound silly, but I figured, when a person as wonderful as her does pass away, there's no place she can go but heaven. Nothing else would make sense. I've embraced my culture. We went to bury Nan's corpse in Bangladesh, as per her wishes, and we ended up staying there for three weeks. It was completely different from when I lived there, or even from the last time I was there (three years ago). I've never considered myself to be an artist, and I still don't, to be honest. But I do appreciate art now more than ever before, and I think I'm going to work at getting to being an artist. We'll see. I think a huge part of this is the artsy crowd at school, and just how much I enjoy with being such like-minded people who manage to be completely unique at the same time. A lot has happened in the past year, but one of the biggest things was (stupid as this will sound) watching Eat, Pray, Love. It inspired me to cleanse my life, and I got rid of all the baggage I didn't want to/need to deal with anymore.

EVERY experience has had a spiritual impact. I have gone deeper into my meditation, chakra's , and centering my body. Seeing Wayne Dyer's THE SHIFT, Visiting Salt Sping Island, Traveling to San Antonio, and being in the presence of 75,000 alcoholics for the World AA convention.

I found God... I entered into the church, I was baptized, my son was baptized, I received my first communion and I was married in the church to the most wonderful man in the world. These things have allowed me to let go of most all of my anger. I have found that loving people through God, was the best way for me to let go of my past. When I can't reach someone on the physical level, I find myself praying for them harder than ever. It was this that I needed to understand the reality of love. You may not always get what you need out of it, but what you need is probably not the most important thing in the first place. Hate the behavior, NEVER the person.

Yes. I did happen to experience something "spiritual". Spiritual in a sense of Christianity and how God can use us as an instrument to be a blessing towards someone else. God had given me word and this word was to be given to a young man. I had my doubts but i have learned that doubt can be ruin everything when all is right. So i went forth with the action and just to see how much this person needed to hear this word was such a blessing to me. It showed me that it is okay to trust God because when one does He knows exactly what He is doing.

Performing always gets me there... and rehearsing with the band. If it happened more often, which it really, really should, I'm sure that feeling would be diminished. As it's been lately, I've been blessed to feel like I'm fulfilling one of the best, brightest versions of myself when I'm on stage, making music with my friends.

I started being a Shomer within my community. When I sit I am supposed to be dong a thankless job but in reality I feel that I should thank someone for giving me the opportunity. I love the chance to focus on a persons essence. It has brought me an entirely different connection to Judaism I did not know was possible.

Being with my Mom, feeding her, just sitting with her as she was slowly weakening from illness. It was sad, but beautiful.

As I was telling my best friend just last week, I think I've become less spiritual, and I was never really that spiritual to begin with.

Perhaps cliff jumping. I stood there for almost five minutes before being able to bring myself to jump. It took a quote from a poem I read that was also in the movie with the same title: Invictus. "I am the master of my fate. I am the captain of my soul." A lot of different songs have brought some very intense emotions: Hollow as Light and Dagger Down by Tim Fite Carry Me and Ballad of F**k All by Malcolm Middleton Black Like Me by Spoon Use Somebody by Kings of Leon Blues on the Ceiling by Fred Neil Blood Bank and Skinny Love by Bon Iver California by Rogue Wave Valley Winter Song by Fountains of Wayne Prelude in G-Sharp Minor, Op. 32, No .12 by Sergei Rachmaninoff, performed by Vladimir Horowitz You know those songs that just send shivers up your spine? Yeah. Though, last year: I'll never forget the time I saw the gateway. The wooden doorway was covered in string lights. Looking through it with sleep still crusted over my eyelids and trying to recapture me to the land of dreams, the doorway in the wooden building became a gateway to another world.

I've grown, evolved, and matured in ways that I never thought possible. I've seen but a small fraction of the world, but am hungry to to discover the rest of it, in due time.

I'm not spiritual, but glasto was close

Driving back to South Dakota, going through southern Minnesota on a beautiful July summer evening at dusk. There's so much blue and green, such an expanse of land and sky. The flatness feels just as amazing as a mountain peak. I often marvel at how, growing up, I never saw the plains in the way that I do now. It's not so much about God as it is about life.

I started meditating to quiet my mind. It has led to learning to draw and getting more interested in art, which has allowed me to see things differently.

Listening to the CD of Massive Attack Heligoland!

I don't believe in a god, but I had the most spiritual experience possible in Europe. I discovered what a beautiful world we live in. I saw amazing beaches, ancient art and architecture, beautiful country sides, and interesting cultures. Everything is so real over there. I mean, we learn about it in history classes here and we see pictures, but it is actually real and tangible.

Yes, visiting Istanbul and seeing all the islamic -related cultural things opened my eyes even more to the religious subjet.

I learned how to Love.

Spiritually I feel lost. I have for several years. I feel God in some things, but in other things I can't. I've tried going to different churches, but I just don't feel moved.

No not really. Would like too though I guess

Spiritual, a word with such vast meanings. I am no closer to the belief in a superior being but every year I live I gain more awe and affection for the human spirit, for nature, for animals, for wildlife; for this planet.

I took an art course and my teacher told me I was really talented in doodling art. It really is an artform!

Officiating at my first funeral... Meditating in Senegal...hearing the Cantor chant Avinu Malkeinu- feeling God's transcendent presence in the most unexpected moments.

Being at a Phish show (or any good concert for that matter) is like a 'spiritual' experience for me. The connection between the crowd and the band is what really fuels the music that is being made. The raw and organic energy that is created is palbable. One can just lose themselves in the music and escape from the everyday life.

Definately the act and contemplation of the promise and commitment to marriage and the importance of that Holy Sacrament. I have to say that while I am still trying to not just strengthen my faith, but really become more devoted to the practices (and attending church more often/ getting daily readings to attribute to my daily prayers)- the preparation for our marital vows really opened me up to the Glory of the Lord again.

I am not a religious person. I have been in Christian churches most of my life, but I question so much. I have tried to embrace my own spiritual side and in the process found my way to Unity. I feel confident that I will continue to grow spiritually from this point on. I can feel the spirit inside myself and I finally feel connected to something really good.

Being with my father's father on the last day of his life was spiritually significant for me. I managed to put my husband in that room so he'd never regret that he didn't take that opportunity when he should have. At the time, we didn't know he was going to die so soon. He died within three hours of our visit. It was one of the most powerful days of my life so far.

Hm. Hoola Hoop class was a great practice. It showed me the power of showing up, in mind and body, each week. And using my powers for self propulsion. Also great: I got a few friends to join in and was then asked to perform some simple hoop maneuvers for a benefit. And, seeing my 90+ cousin in Israel is a holy act. It's obvious that it means the world to him. And to us. Good reminder to listen, sit, show up and be present.

My heart has broken open at another's suffering, and that was a painful experience which, to be honest, I would rather not have had. Yet I know that the ability to feel that is also what allowed me to feel a kind and caring love for a group of people whom I was guiding through a meditative breathing practice, and that was beautiful.

Spending time with a devout Hindu and learning more about the life style. It made me want to be a better person.

My spirituality seemed to have been drained out of me by the long, depressing 6 years of being stuck in space & time with my partner as we waited for him to achieve success & get us moved to Mexico. He's in Mexico w/ his new wife. I'm still stuck here in space & time. I'm finding it hard to move out of despair, much less move toward joy & the spiritual nature of "wonderment & awe" that I once had. I know that if I'm ever going to be spiritually high again, I'm going to have to escape my depression & move fwd in my life...but I need to move fwd in my life so that I can find joy in my spirit again. So very stuck.

I started exploring Humanism more vigorously with the goal of figuring out what it means to me and whether it's viable as a complete life philosophy. I also started being open about being an atheist. I wasn't exactly a closeted atheist before, but I also took steps to avoid making this fact about me too publicly knowable. Perhaps ironically, it was the process of being open that made me finally fully comfortable being an atheist in this environment. Now I find myself just operating on the assumption that I have as much right to my opinion as anyone else and that I can express that and people should accept it. I've been surprised at both how often this turns out to be true, and how often it doesn't. I've been thinking a lot about why people react the way they do to atheists, and what is the best way to respond. More importantly, I've started to really understand what it means to be a Humanist and have begun to try to find more ways to express and live by those principles even in my day-to-day activities. I really am acting so as to honor the inherent worth of each individual person I meet and interact with, and more than that, trying hard to act so as to bring out the best in others as well as myself. I've started demanding the best from others, in fact, challenging them to meet me on the moral high ground and to do the right thing. I've also been integrating service into my life more and more, finding this to be an incredibly rewarding and enriching part of life. I had taken a break from actively engaging in service activities for a while because I just needed time for myself, to get my own house in order. Now that I've done that, I feel honored every time I'm able to make a positive difference in the lives of others. It's something I look forward to and I find joy in bringing joy to other people. I think this is a great trend in my life. Finally, I've started to fully appreciate each moment in life, including the negative experiences. Not that I enjoy these, just that I look at them in context as part of life's journey and have learned to focus on how I can learn and grow from them. I've stopped trying to hurry toward a destination or hold onto particular moments. Instead I recognize that each moment *is* my life and I want to experience all of them. I've begun to cultivate my appreciation for the journey through life. I suppose this is true even when I'm not growing: I'm becoming attuned to just being fully aware of each experience. This has made me appreciate even the mundane aspects of life anew. I take the time to fully notice and appreciate the smells and sights and sounds around me, to immerse myself in my own perceptions, to notice the environment around me and my interaction with it (both how it is affecting me and how I am affecting it). I feel like I could have a transcendental experience in a shopping mall amid the craziness of Black Friday. I've realized anew that one's perception creates one's reality, and so to a large extent, my experience of life is what I choose it to be. As a result of this change in perspective, attitude, and approach, I feel calm, patient, and at peace, even when I'm energetic and driven. I feel like I've achieved balance. I like this spiritual place I've arrived at and am doing what I can to keep it going and to spread this peace, stillness, and well-being to others. In any case, I'm thinking about how to make Humanism more attractive and viable to people as a philosophical foundation for life that actually provides guidance and encourages ethical growth and development. I'm exploring creating a small community of people to try to put this into practice in a group setting and see where it leads. We would both philosophize and engage in service projects in order to express both the intellectual and the empathetic sides of Humanist ethics. I'm also exploring what I can do with the Humanist camp organization in which I'm now so heavily involved. One day we will do an adult weekend retreat/camp program that challenges people to make themselves better. I have so many ideas...I hope that by this time next year, I've been successful in acting on some of them and that the world is a better place because of it.

The seder is always a spiritual experience for me, and this year I visited my son in Montreal during Pesach, and we had a seder there with his friends. I loved it! Eleven people, the majority aged 20-25, different nationalities and ethnicities, many who had never even heard of a seder, let along having attended one. I was thrilled and touched and delighted that it was so important to my 23-year-old son to share this ritual with his friends while he was studying for a year in Montreal. He no longer goes to the seder because it is a family obligation, but because he claims it as his own tradition. In addition, he makes the best knaidlach in the world!

I rediscovered God's presence by "little winks." One day I visited Walmart on a Saturday afternoon. I was in a hurry, and without thinking about it, I prayed for a close parking place. I rounded the corner, and to my surprise, the very first parking place opened up. I considered that a little, friendly gift from God, and now I have learned to watch for them.

This year has been surprisingly devoid of spiritual experiences. It has been a very worrying year, wherein I may have been better served surrendering to the spiritual, but instead opted to try vainly to control and manage everything on my own.

My son being blessed in church was very impactful. I don't remember what was said, but I remember the circle of men, loving, kind, family, examples, support- coming together around my little boy to bless him and share their hopes for him in the best way they know how. It added a perspective for me about my religion- despite the truthfulness I feel in my church, I believe in the great value of being part of a community of people who want the be better and and want to serve others.

Usually I'm inclined to talk about my relationship to the natural world. I suppose the separation of natural world and man-made world is fading for me. I'm realizing that life is what makes us able to experience any of it and that's all that really matters to an individual. Whether or not they're alive. So traveling is often a spiritual experience in that it removes me from my ordinary life, offers perspective, and often reminds me of my mortality. Recently I took an airplane flight and for the first time in a long time, did not feel fear.

I had many spiritual experiences but I can think of 3 in particular that stand out. The first was LimmudLA-just seeing everyone, every kind of Jew there was incredible, especially havdalah, when we all celebrated together and danced and sang simply because a new week was beginning. It was unbelievable. The second time I can think of is actually more than one time-it's when I'm on an airplane looking out the window. I get a sense of awe from being able to witness that view of the world. Some people go their whole lives never seeing the world from that high up, especially in the olden days. It also makes me realize how much I go through my life not seeing. But more importantly, it makes me appreciate the world, its natural and man-made beauty, its natural and man-made miracles. The third spiritual experience is also more that one instance-it's when I'm running or walking and I see something beautiful in nature. The clouds, the flowers, the grass, the mountains, the trees, the sunset, the moon, the stars. It sounds cliche, and Mamaw wouldn't believe I'm saying this, but I just can't get over how beautiful it all is. I have been meaning to go back to the soccer field to see the sunset that I saw last Friday night again. It was breathtaking. I hope I never lose that sense of wonder and amazement. So far, these occurrences in nature have been newly spectacular and surreal every time.

Both times I was in Israel this past year, January and May, I was able to lead a group of students through their first experience in the land of Israel and all of the emotions and life changing moments that come with that. Watching each participant grow and challenge themselves, made me realize how important my work is and how my passion can translate into creating experiences.

I don't particularly care for the term. And, I believe using "secular spiritual experiences" is cheapening. So, every day when I awake, I am aware of the awesome gifts I have.

I have been having regular spiritual experiences this past year. Well, I believe I always have, but I have recently been paying more attention. I've asked to be a better listener to God's guidance and, now, frequently I hear His voice. The guidance/ideas are always spot on. Some of the answers are so insightful that I know they are Divine. I've experienced a real lesson in letting go. Letting go of family members, allowing them to follow their own paths independently. I've been able to really see into them and understand more clearly their challenges and difficulties. And these are to be overcome by them. Not me. Whew! I'll relax then and not be so hard on them or me.

Some of the shows I saw at Theater J and some of the documentaries I watched as part of the Jewish Film Festival and with my documentary club were pretty powerful. In particular, I was really moved by In Darfur, New Jerusalem, and A Film Unfinished. Sometimes it takes a play or a movie or a book to bring out certain emotions.

I've begun talking to God again. For the longest time I had only been met with silence, but that's because my mind and heart weren't open to listening because maybe I had fallen off the path. I am journaling again and I feel that I am beginning to have conversations with Him again and that He was always there all along. I just had to open up my heart again and sweep out the clutter that had overcome my life as I fell deeper and deeper into my depression as I continued to stay in a bad relationship. Now that such relationship is over, I feel like it's time to find myself again and that I need to spend more time talking to God because He will lead me on the path I need to be on.

Yes one night during shabbat my husband included the bread and the wine from the last supper, communion .....it was beautiful.

The Cantor recited a prayer in my father's hospital room following his surgery. As he sang the prayer for healing, I began to cry. I fought denial that doubted that mt Dad could need that prayerz.

Hmmm I'm not sure does a dream count? If it does I had a sort of epiphany within a dream.

I feel myself getting more comfortable with death, if only because I feel like life stinks so much. JR is the only thing going right for me and I feel like my memory would be enough for him.

I cried in a church service I was singing in. The priest was making a sermon about playing on the sidelines. I would like to believe in G-d and feel that completeness but I can't and sometimes it makes me feel very lonely and vulnerable. I don't like to rely on people. Maybe this is reflected in my beliefs.

I have not and it is something I want to change... I have moved away from my faith and I feel, suffering from this decision. My commitment is to find my spiritual self again.

No, not at all.

Some of my hardest moments this year have been discussing religion with my new husband, who is aggressively against organized religion. I need to keep remembering that even if he can't quite understand my faith, it's my responsibility to teach him about how I practice it- and only his responsibility to not judge me for it.

First ever Smicha week... interviewing 14 Rabbis and being interviewed by them as well. Being confident enough to ask questions, volunteering to work the next conference. All rabbinic students should be a grunt for an honored Rabbi; make their copies, provide hot tea before class starts, bring them a healthy snack during break, carry their books, ask questions about their life/hobbies/joys/sorrows. It is humbling to sit in the dust of their feet and really get to know them as deeply integrated authentic teachers and friends.

Yes, I have made a friend, of sorts, who has inspired me to read more, to listen to more music and to think more about things in different ways, maybe? I'm not sure if this is spiritual or not, although, yes, something he wrote to me was of a very spiritual nature and it was inspiring in terms of reaffirming my sincerity in endeavoring to do certain things.

I enjoy walking along the seafront after shopping on a Friday night, and it's always the place I feel most peaceful and content. When I take that walk, I feel that all of the problems that are weighing on my life can be solved, and that despite them, there's no need to ever be afraid.

Not really. I guess this year hasn't been eye opening in that way. The one thing that really got me though were my women's studies classes. They opened my eyes and mind more than they already were. Also, I reconnected with an old friend who I missed dearly. Hopefully this will lead me on my spiritual path through life.

The spiritual presence is always there. Sometimes I feel a fragrance, a scent of unknown origin. I perceive they are there, helping, protecting

I would have to say that the MOST spiritual experience was at Red Rocks for the Pretty Light concert back in August. There was a group of about ten of us. We took a limo ride up there, did some psilocybe, and I was enlightened to a whole other world to confirm some things I already knew about how this life works. Life is a beautiful mess where we are all truly ONE.


Yes -- at an encampment I learned that I am beautiful -- really beautiful -- and a treasure. This has given me a calmer heart and removed many of my fears -- fears that if people really saw me, they would call me ugly and a fake

ive become more protective of my religion this year. with all these awful people going out and doing stupid things in the name of religion and yet they get more respect from the public and governments.. my religion is just as important as anyone elses, it really really bothers me that people in ths country are able to wear whatever religious clothes/jewelary or whatever they want EXCEPT for christians. you can wear a turban but i cant wear a crucifix. what. the. fuck.

No, I haven't really, which is a shame. My goal for the coming year is to be a more spiritual person.

No. No. No spiritual crap has happened to me - artistic, cultural or otherwise.

There is someone in our life who has been generous with his wisdom, his time, his expertise in practical areas where we need it very much, and I have felt at times like one of those boys in a Dickens novel who has a secret, life-altering benefactor. I wonder what I could have done, or what I am meant to do, that someone would be so good to me and my family.

Not actually. I'm not a very spiritual person, but when I do really care about something, or someone I pray. unless you count some awesome Phish shows? I wish I could make things happen, rather than wait around for them.

Karine, qui a senti le danger que je risquais de courrir si je revenais dans la maison commune. Mais je parlerai plutôt de ma psychothérapie qui m'a apporté beaucoup de choses.

YES! For the first time in over 7 years, I've started attending church regularly with the woman I'm dating. Oddly enough, I've wanted to attend the church for years, but could never get my butt there. Then one day on the way back from Flutag I confessed to SEK, the woman I'm seeing, that I'd always wanted to visit that church... And she said the same. My first experience visiting the church was with her and it was amazing. Further, I've realized that of all the funny people I've met and work with, God -- by far -- has the best sense of humor. Sure, it's a dry / ironic kind of humor, but it's hilarious. Also, I'd like to think I've embraced my spiritual side a bit more. I give thanks more readily and feel genuinely better knowing that my faith is an active part of my life.

I heard a piece on NPR about a married couple in their fifties grappling with the onset of the husband's Alzheimer's. The basic message was, "Memory isn't who you are. How you respond in the moment shows who you are." I sobbed as I listened in the car.

This year was the first year that I went to services in the Kaballah centre on Friday night. It was a great experience. This time is such a holy time of the year and I really feel close to my faith. There's a feeling inside that makes me want to go to temple.

Sounds cheesy, but reading Gretchen Rubin's The Happiness Project and the related blog had a big effect on me. Especially with how I relate to my mother-in law. Instead of thinking about how difficult I sometimes find her to be around and how being around her made me feel defensive or insulted, I started to view it as something I was doing FOR MYSELF, as a gift to my husband, to have a good relationship with his mom so he can have a good relationship with her and not have me vent to him afterwards in a badmouthy way. I haven't been able to maintain my serenity perfectly, but it's become like a moving meditation exercise. Keeping my calm and staying engaged when I would otherwise get hurt or frustrated and withdraw.

I felt my heart chakra open up and glow during a sound bath at the Integratron.

Seeing my brother grow in the faith of our fathers, watching him grow in wisdom and have a greater understanding of G-d and His will for us. I rejoice in his growth and it has formed a stronger bond between us. We have been able to utter apologies and ask the others forgiveness for past hurts, and been willing to open ourselves to each other again because of this. We have finally been able to get past our own pride and look at the truth of our actions and take responsibility. I believe that we cannot be true witnesses to this world until we allow the truth of G-d to light what is untrue in us. it dirties the glass so to speak and the strong true light is not allowed to shine until all barriers are washed away.

I don't know for sure that I would call this "spiritual" in a traditional sense, but I also don't have a better word for it. This spring I was in the hospital after being admitted through the emergency room for complications from my gall bladder surgery. I was very, very ill and in incredible pain. The doctors were not sure what exactly was wrong, and all I knew was that I was in extreme pain and had a bad fever. About six days in, my fever started to break, and I don't know how to really describe this, but I felt as though the axis of my hospital room had changed. I mean, I knew I was in the same room, but it felt completely different and it felt like I was facing a different direction. Words can't really describe what I felt or what I mean. That day the doctors said my fever broke, my liver blood count improved, my white blood cell count improved and the decided not to open me up again for more surgery. I have to believe there was some sort of connection.

my spiritual experiences have been inspired by the natural setting i pass when i bike to work and back. gods blessings thru nature and introspection.

No.Maybe I'm in a spiritual black hole.

Continuing to embrace the Judaism of our close friends has been a wonderful experience for both me and my daughter. She truly enjoys the ritual of Shabbat and being a part of celebrating as a group. I do not believe in God but I believe in what this exhibit of faith has shown me - caring, family, love.

Many of my peers from high school have passed away this year. I attended one of their funerals and it was a Buddhist ceremony. It opened my eyes more to their religion and customs. These passings also made me realize that life is too short and precious and to celebrate every moment.

I am sad to say I haven't had a particularly spiritual experience. I think I maybe have tiny moments when I am walking home and I see the iconic buildings of the city, or the man on the subway doing his otis redding medley. I like it when I feel like I am getting little signs from god about things, though often I don't know how to interpret them.

I took a hike the second day of Rosh Hashana by myself and had a long conversation with God. By God, I mean I had a conversation with myself, with the universe and with nature. I talked out loud about what I wanted for the next year. Being in the woods makes me feel closer to the source of things and makes me remember how small I really am.

We worked for a theater which was linked with raising funds for an agency working for disaster management and then did the same for entertainment of flood victims. It was an awe-inspiring experience to see people in so much joy with many smiling faces. Also my childhood wish of studying at a place came true through a random discussion with a friend in another academic religious program. I now believe in destiny even more.

I've had a lot of spiritual realizations this year. My faith has been tested in everyway imaginable. And I guess the biggest thing I've learned is that my faith is strong. Through all the trials and tests, I've never doubted God's existence, His love for me or that He does has a plan for my life. Through this I've learned to trust Him more and also realized that I can't deal with certain things on my own. Through this realization and the Christian friends I've made, I've realized that I need to seek help to help me with some things in my past. And that is a huge development for me which will shape my future profoundly.

I found that I miss going to church, and not for the reasons I thought I would miss it. In high school we went to church and for me it was a social thing. And now, I miss going for the service. For the worship, and for the family of people who genuinely care about how you are doing. My husband and I do not attend church and he doesn't like to. But I think I may find a church to attend within the next few months.

I am reading the "Secret Message of Jesus" and have found many very soul touching concepts. I want to investigate the teachings of Jesus from this perspective more, the idea that the Kingdom of Heaven is NOT about life after death as much as about how you can achieve it here on earth through personal and societal acts. Its message is religiously inclusive (at least to my mind) and that is the only way I can think of God.

I've rediscovered magic in my life to some degree, my own personal 'religion'. All these synchronicities have opened up, and introduced me to so many people who are all asking the same questions as me and talking about the same things. It has given me hope that a change is on it's way - that the species is evolving, even if the pace is slow, and that a positive shift is coming.... I hope!

Just yesterday MCR put out a trailer for their new album that is coming out soon. I'm SO EXCITED!! I dunno if that counts, but to be it was an artisitic spiritual moment. I nearly cried I was so excited. But, since I'm sure that doesn't count... I think our apartment may possibly be hunted. The light in our dining room keeps flickering, even after we changed the lightbulb. It's really kind of freaky.

I have realized that the God of my understanding is here for me no matter what. He has provided me with a new lease on life and a new prospective on which to look at life. I don't have the most ideal situation with my girlfriend right now, but I know that He will provide us with the tools that we need to move forward with our lives together.

I am effected spiritually everyday. I am spirtually impacted by all the wonderful things that god has put on earth. I am spiritual because I have to show my gratitude for what I have. I am spiritual for family, for my food, for the colors, for the air, and for the water. I do not necessarly believe that spirituality has to be with god, or allah, or jesus. I just prefer to use some mark, as to show gratitude. I was with my friend in Arizona. Not too many Jews in this place. But, the few that did exist there were at a lake throwing our bread into the water for Tashlisch. I was deeply touched. While the local rednecks watched in awe, we were showing our humbleness. I loved doing this with a friend. But, culturally. I went to Nate and Al's in Beverly Hills and had pickles and a pistrami sandwich. It was so good, that I couldn't help but say aloud. I LOVE BEING JEWISH. this is true......

I have learned to enjoy writing again through the Writer's group at my church. It has put me back n touch with part of my brain and soul, and brought me to a great group of people to share.

This year has been all about redefining my faith. I was a practitioner of SGI Buddhism for 25 years. This year I made the conscious decision to leave the organization that I was devoted to for more than half of my life. It has been at once freeing, disappointing, confusing, and my spiritual oneness is confused. I have felt many moments of longing for a deeper connection with spirit. All my life I felt very deeply guided and watched over. This year has been filled with turmoil and loss of direction. I truly hope and pray that next year when I read this, I am in a clearer setting on the inside of my being.

Not that I recall. The NILMDTS shoots are spiritual in a sense, they make you want to go hug the people you love. They also give you that feeling that comes from doing something intimate and precious for a stranger. Most service is spiritual and speaks to me on the level of my being even more than taking photos does when I do it for pay.

Probably S's funeral. Someone dying from the same illness I had, that I'd manage to help myself but it quite easily could have been the other way round. The Rose being sung at the end. Made me realise just how far I'd come.

I live in a place where there are plenty of rainbows. Whenever I see one - I take a moment to be grateful for special occasions and minor miracles.

Every morning when I meditate, I have a spiritual experience. Just drawing inward and quieting my mind brings me closer to God, since knowing God means being fully present in each moment. Sometimes that meditative awareness, that capacity to dwell entirely in the moment stays with me for a while after I meditate. This morning, for example, after I meditated, Katherine and I took a long, long walk in the park. I was so in the moment, so at peace with her by my side and Harly at the end of the leash, that everything seemed to be in Technicolor and Dolby sound. The green of the leaves greener, the birdsong sweeter. Mothers with their babies seemed so blissful -- one in particular came over to us just to show off her boy. Perhaps I flatter myself to think that she wanted to share some of our good energy, but maybe she wanted to give us some of hers, which was ample. So every day presents opportunities for spiritually in every moment. Stay in the moment and feel them.

I traveled to Israel and the PA with a group of interfaith leaders. Experiencing multiple grassroots peace efforts between Jews and Arabs gave me more hope than I have ever had. On the same trip, I spent much time with a Muslim woman in our delegation, and seeing how well she was treated by the majority of Israelis, including officials, was deeply encouraging.

Hmm, not so much. I guess this year i discovered silence. It began in my yoga classes, where the teachers didnt play music, which initially drove me crazy, but i only realized later that i grew to enjoy that. I also stopped listening to music all the time and often preferred the silence to the music.

I have!! Patrick introduced me to the AA 12 step program. I don't drink but went with him. I really enjoy the program and when I had a major emotional breakdown I was able to pull myself out of it with the 12 step teachings. I really got it at a cellular level "My life is unmanageable" The results were peace. But that peace can not be maintained unless I do my part. Do my spiritual reading for at least a half hour every day and go to meetings.

Yes. Many that are visionary.

This past year has been amazingly rational for me, as opposed to spiritual. I have been interested in the atheist writing and commentary that has come out, and very much set against the "moral majority" types who are so stridently taking over politics. My own spirituality has been much smaller and more personal, but not religious in any way.

Watching the giant orange moon rise over the ocean is a spiritual experience almost every time that I see it. I am perpetually amazed by the beauty the world has to offer, particularly in sharp contrast to the pain it can inflict on us.

No, and this actually surprises me a bit. I've not at all religious, but I am spiritual in the artistic sense; yet this past year has been something of a blank for me, a void. Perhaps trying so hard to move into a more creative period in my life blocked me from real appreciation for my goal, forcing me to deal with it in purely practical terms.


I can't think of any spiritual experiences in the past year. I've had a lot of great people-centered experiences this past year, but nothing that I would associate with a higher power or that were really spiritually fulfilling. I think nurturing my spiritual self is something I need to work on more in 2011.

I actually feel that I have not had any particular spiritual experiences in the past year.. I'm looking forward to reconnecting with spirituality so I can experience something in the coming year.

well not so much, nothin thats like whoa budy but then again the year isnt over.

Running Mt Marathon on July 4th in Seward, Alaska, is always an spiritual experience :-)

I got to know my brain and listen to its sounds at Symphonic Mind in Bristol twice a day for 5 days.

Watching them transform into parents. Holding my niece, and understanding more why people do it. Why they have babies. How special it is. Becoming compassionate towards traditionalism. Cultural learnings and unlearnings you might say.

I spent a few days alone in Paris. This time to myself was physically and emotionally refreshing. I sat in cafes and read. I walked all over the city. I lived.

I like to think of spiritual in the Tantric sense of appreciating the sacred in the mundane. From there, I have been blessed with a greater spirituality informing my life each day. With a deeper gratitude and joy for all the wonderful things I am and have and by allowing myself to adore everything as it is and be open to even more love and blessings in the near and distant future. Feeling this way has infused me with a taste of bliss at feeling totally supported in my life so that I can feel generous, caring, and completely available to support friends, family, and strangers alike. To me, that's spiritual.

Waking up to see my partner sleeping next to me and knowing that we'll be doing this for the rest of our lives. It's the most blissful thing I've ever done.

Not really and this bums me out to no end!

My trip to Indonesia this past summer was full of spiritual experiences - many moments of reflection and realizations caused by everything from visiting Borobudur, to seeing the houses where my parents each grew up, to driving through the mountains and even something as commercial as parasailing in Bali. The combined experience has added context to my life today and given me a renewed perspective on the bigger picture of life.

Eric and I went to visit Stacey's mom, Cye, in her last few weeks of her life. She had been mostly sleeping for the past few weeks, and Stacey warned us, she was close to passing and that we would barely recognize her. When we arrived, she was dressed, greeted us at the door and was incredibly alive and vibrant. Although she didn't initially initially who we were, she was welcoming and loving. As we visited for over an hour, she told us "don't worry, we will all be together again soon as one" and she kept laughing and smiling, saying "isn't this fun?", "isn't this great being together?" Her spirit absolutely lit the entire room up. The twinkle in her eyes was incredible. Stacey said she was never that as animated again (nor had she been prior to that) and she passed peacefully a few weeks later. This was a very affirming experience that made me less fearful about dying, and hopeful that maybe there is something after we die. I feel amazingly lucky to have shared that hour with Cye and my good friends Stacey and Eric and Stacey's sister Cheri.

i am falling in love. it is a roller coaster. every emotion i know visits me almost on a daily basis and i want to run far away and stay in his arms forever at the same time. and sometimes it seems so banal. and sometimes i question everything. and sometimes im in utter disbelief. and often i'm scared. but its pretty amazing when i let myself notice it. im curious where it will go, but i've been good about taking it day by day. he constantly surprises me, mostly for good. its incredible to actually get close to a man. to actually get to know one another. i love how funny & smart I am around him. its an amazing, very spiritual phenomenon that has mostly eluded me as such for many years. every so often i step back and see what's going on and i hardly can believe it.

It has finally sunk in to me how slow human change is - both as individuals and as a species. Sometimes I used to so impatient. Now I am starting to see that the span of one human life is quite small in comparison with the slow March of History, the slow but consistent development of Human Consciousness.

I am in a different place spiritually. I am not sure how or when the change occured, but my thoughts have changed. I am also really enjoying teaching my childhood religion to my son.

In January 2010 I attended training to become a hospice volunteer. The excellent training taught me about grief, loss, pain, diversity, compassion and reconciliation. The most potent exercise involved writing on post-it notes the people, possesions, experiences that were most dear to me, and then, as the leader read a story about the progression of "my disease", having to throw them away one by one. That emotional exploration is what most closely resembles spiritaulity in my supremely practial life.

In January 2010 I attended training to become a hospice volunteer. The excellent training taught me about grief, loss, pain, diversity, compassion and reconciliation. The most potent exercise involved writing on post-it notes the people, possesions, experiences that were most dear to me, and then, as the leader read a story about the progression of "my disease", having to throw them away one by one. This emotional exploration is what most closely resembles spirituality in my supremely practial life.

I have had a few moments where I feel like I am exactly where I am supposed to be, doing exactly what I am supposed to be doing. Yoga and meditation continue to be incredibly helpful for me in creating more moments like this. When my heart feels like it is going to burst for gratefulness. Last Yom Kippur, the Sh'ma popped into my head during yoga practice, and made me weep. It was a powerful moment.

My husband and I traveled to Europe for the first time this year! The entire trip was a spiritual experience, but being in the Swiss alps perhaps the greatest. The majesty of our earth, the beauty of each and every culture, and the incomprehensibility of our history and all the lives that have lived before us, humble me.

My increased self-awareness which has been intensified by my yoga

I think the most spiritual experience I have had was taking part in the mindfulness group at the health center. It showed me a new way of looking at my own life and at the outside world that has continued to influence me during the five months since the last meeting. Even though I am not meditating very much, I think I have brought a new mindfulness and sense of perspective to my daily life. I was especially affected by the group's conversation about yin and yang - that all the good and the bad are part of life, and that being happy does not involve eliminating the bad, but instead learning to be at peace with whatever life brings, and recognizing that there are things we can control and things that we can't control. This discussion gave the Passover story a new meaning for me. I hope that I can continue to incorporate mindful practices into my life and to curtail my own harsh judgments!

Being w/Chris during his last months. Appreciation of being trusted and of giving w/o any self-serving motive.

I guess I'm slowly starting to realize that many of the people who have the biggest impact on my life aren't religious. Spirituality isn't exactly the same in my book- I consider myself to be spiritual and definitely having gained more of an appreciation for the natural world and the mystical nature of things- but religion seems to have lost a lot of credibility in my life lately.

No, I do not think so. My life this past year has been the same routine with mild revisions and a pinch of spontaneity. That has to change.

I promised to write a piece of fiction as a gift to a friend of a friend going through chemotherapy; I stayed up all night before my 30th birthday writing, and in the end, realized how precious every moment I have in life is, and the simple miracle that is just waking up to see another sunrise, and to taste another day. Modeh ani.

On at least two occasions, while listening to live music, I felt tears stream -- no, rush down my cheeks. Something about the beauty of harmony stirs my soul so deeply that in that moment I am transported into Divine Presence beyond space and time.

I continue to believe that there is no higher being responsible for my existence. Bridgewater College has been an enlightening experience for my spirituality because I could never be like the students on this campus and put 100% blind faith into monotheism.

I think I have really acknowledged the spiritual quality that resides in me. I try and portray this in every outlet in my life, from teaching to painting, even traveling to Israel. and reading Eat. Pray. Love. proved to be a religious experience.

The birth of my second child was very spiritual. Bringing a new life into the world is so empowering yet so humbling. It has totally shifted my focus from "me" to him and his older brother. I want to be a better person for them, do right by them, give them every opportunity I can. Motherhood is truly life altering.

After attending a conference I realized that God's Grace applies to me. I had always known that He was offering Grace, and that it 'worked' on other people..... but I realized that His Grace 'works' for me.

Watched "If you only knew me.." a show that for all its flaws, changed my perspective and made me more compassionate.

the year has been full of it. my conversations with mitesh, my internal communication and communion, the whirl of thoughts, ideas and insights, the self-centring, building sense of confidence or rootedness in self... deeper clarity about our cultural, accumulated illusionary and false constructs about life and world... the divinity, or beauty of the intelligence of the connected collective despite of the fact that as parts, most of us act stupidly.

I have had many. I took what turned out to be a spiritual journey through West Asia. As I moved through the dark passages of the Hindu temples of India and sat at the top of the Buddhist payas of Myanmar I felt connected to thousands of years of people and prayers. This is something I did not know existed and I have been extraordinarily lucky to discover. How many people can discover religion? It takes a distance to do that, and I feel so grateful I had it.

Singing songs with hundreds of people in the mountains at Montreat, North Carolina was a very spiritually moving experience.

Yes. I was about to make a speech in front of a large audience. I was so terrified I was nauseous. I suddenly starting saying om mani pemi hung to myself, don't know why or what prompted that, don't even know what it means; a Buddhist friend once told me to chant it. As I rose to walk on stage I was suddenly calm and the speech not only went off beautifully, but I delivered it with a different emphasis than I had seen/intended when I wrote it. It was wonderful, perfect. (Not at all like me!)

I am now entering the world of a religious professional, and much of my life revolves around spirituality. Watching the sun rise through stained glass windows while I have my tallit and tefillin wrapped around me is extremely moving. But perhaps meeting my boyfriend has been one of the most spiritual things. The way two souls connect teaches me so much. It's been exciting for me to teach him about how religion and spirituality affects me, and to learn from him about Jewish social histories, poverty and oppression in the US, and just his perspectives in general. But most importantly, it's shown me how a person can care and show unconditional love - I'm still learning so much about what that means. I truly wish that what we've started continues to grow in a positive way, even when there are bumps in the road.

I dont think i have had any real significant spiritual experience, but i have had to learn to deal with inter-personal problems and learning that if i change my attitude the circumstances seem to change too.

I don't think of myself as spiritual.

Spritiual......ahh....it seems like I am full of those kind of experiences. I studied Judiasm this year and fell in love with the customs, the traditions. I attended synagugoe. Needed more. I found the Red Tent women in Yellow Springs, and fell in love; with them & my drum. I found a Jesus church nearby. I found criticism and uncertainty, racism and discrimination. When I go outside, every day, and take care of my chickens; I have a spiritual experience because their silliness makes me smile! I think I'll probably just hang out with the trees and my drumms!

Spiritual is a no-no for me. I think people should just live their own life positively without any devine intervention or influence.

I think I've become stronger in my desire to live based on my own moral compass. I've had a lot of people this year question my morals and values and that has helped me to realize even more why I conduct myself the way I do.

There's been so many instances this year that I've consciously noticed that it makes me think about the stuff I missed about by being a self-absorbed nutter. I feel blessed now. Closer to something. Things seem a little easier to cope with somehow.

No, but I do feel like I am waiting for one.

High holiday services. Walking to the Rabbis' house with him for kiddush.

When I was going through a very down period at work, my Tai Chi teacher had us doing a meditation in which we called to us spirits that would help us heal. It was not really up my alley, but then I started thinking about the Merry Beasts of Ravenclaw Tower, which are the spirit guide animals of some of the knitters I hang out with on line, and I could feel them coming to me and giving me comfort. It was a very real, visceral feeling and I've practiced feeling the Merry Beasts as part of my meditation practice ever since.

Perhaps, the most spiritual thing could be my thinking about spirituality.

I would have to say the birth of my 2nd daughter was a very spiritual experience for me. I had a great fear of having a c-section which I had to have to deliver her. I had this over whelming sense of fear that could only be soothed by prayer and reciting of scripture. And my husband's presence it helped me get thru the worst 30 min's of my life.

My brother sent me a poem by Marianne Williamson. I though nothing of it until I decided to undertake a 21 day challenge with Suzy Greaves. She sent everyone a card to welcome them to the challenge and the card had the exact same poem on it! I started working with her and I am finally realising my long lost dream of writing a book an creating a website.

There's been a lot of death in my family this year. From a 5-year-old to a 76-year-old and some in-between. Some sudden, some not. I've thought more than I usually do about the 'here' and the 'hereafter.' Been to a lot of funerals, cried for days on end. I sincerely wish that these occurrences brought me closer a higher power of some sort and that I felt some spiritual uplifting and some peace. I do not. What HAS happened is that I am more reflective before I speak and that I am not the first person to just in with a solution. I listen more and talk less, hoping that I can make some sense of it all.

The most spiritual experiences I've had in the past year have come when I've been running. Whether on a training run in the mountains or during a trail race, I feel most connected to the world when I'm in motion.

Scattering some of mom's ashes at her favorite waterfall on her birthday and planting a little plant to mark the occasion was pretty peaceful, if not spiritual. I sort of came to terms with the fact that I would never hear her say she forgave me for my worse decisions, but I knew in my heart that I had remedied it as best i could, and I had been there for her most every step of the way, especially when it counted. I know she loved me, but even more importantly I know she knew I loved her just as much. The peace that realization provided while sitting by the waterfall was as close to a spiritual experience as I've ever had.

I think this is the most spiritual experience I have had.

I can't honestly say that I have. I'm trying to but so far nothing.

Being with my mother during the last days of her life. I am grateful for one afternoon I spent with her - she wasn't able to talk much, but she sat up and I held her and fed her. Being there to make sure that she felt safe and taken care of during those last days was very meaningful.

Something I do every summer is walk along the shore at my grandparents summer. It's in northern Ontario so you've got open granite under your feet, forest on one side and water on the other. It's just really fun and peaceful.

I suppose losing your virginity could be considered as such. I see myself a bit differently than I did before.

I went to an Adam Lambert concert. I felt an amazing energy in the crowd as he sang and I was amazed as well at the diversity of the crowd. It was really one of the most unifying moments of my life...I felt very connected through music to old women and men, young gay men, conservative looking middle aged couples, hip young girls-- all different races seemed to be there as well. Just really amazing and such a loving warm feeling. My experience of church has been that it is "alike" people. This to me was what "church" SHOULD be. It truly transcended all racial, ethnic, age, financial, etc. boundaries. Everyone just *was* and it was incredible. I'll definately see him again...

Numerous times I have had spiritual experiences...those experiences were about my soul's evolution. Who am I when the choice is not clear? Who am I when faced with influences and opinions? Who am I with those I love? I have learned better delivery methods when communicating with those I love. I have been allowed to practice the wisdom that has been bestowed upon me over the years. That practicing hones the teacher already inside me. Perfection has not been attained, nor do I expect it soon.

Felt moved and calmed after going to mass on Good Friday, the only time this year I have been to mass. Despite being an increasingly lapsed catholic, I still feel an attachment to something within catholicism.

I went on a film date. When I met her, I thought she was refreshingly unpretentious; chill, quick-witted and kind. The date ended with a hug. I closed my eyes and felt myself fall and swirl in a gentle playful way within myself. That had not happened in years. Connecting with the love I have for myself in context of connecting with someone who had love for themselves felt spiritual.

I have experienced "spritual moments" on the most special of occasions this year. When I see the purity in my dog's eyes, when I see the determination of a young man with a disability while succeeding, or when I see a crowd of strangers singing along to Journey being piped in through the auditorium waiting for the headlining act to come on. I also experienced "spritual moments" sitting quietly at the dog park reading while my girl played or while doing something new with my husband.

I haven't thought very much about higher power lately. I don't know what to believe anymore. I used to be very religious, but I think I just wanted to believe in something. I do think there is a God. I hope there is a God for Aunt Jayne's and Papa's sake. I would hate to imagine losing them forever. At least I can still talk with them. I would be devastated to realize that there was no after life. I am not set in my beliefs, but right now I have to believe in a God for my sanity if nothing else. I just don't want religion shoved down my throat. I'll believe what I want to believe the way that I want to believe it.

Yes, I've learned to meditate. It has made decision making easier for me. I get those gut feelings and just know what to do.

I have spent much time studying Buddhism this year. I haven't exactly become a Buddhist, but I feel a difference in my core that is hard to explain. I am beginning to feel at peace with the world around me at last.

Not hugely so. I realised when describing my beliefs to people how strong my belief system is, and how much I would like a place to share it and strengthen it. I don't know if there is church for me, but I know I want one.

Simple things, I think. Like heavy rain stopping suddenly – right when I don’t have an umbrella and need to walk home. Like holding back tears because the tickets to something have sold out – then later finding that my dad managed to procure tickets; tickets that allow for a pre-event rehearsal attendance. Spiritual experiences needn’t be extravagant, showy. Needn’t involve life-threatening situations, really. I believe something spiritual happens everyday; tiny, little things that we don’t notice, but show that somewhere out there, He’s looking after you.

I think the whole year was spiritual. Everything happens for a reason and the timing of the events that have happened in my life this year was incredible.

Actually, Yom Kippur this year was the most spiritual event for me. I spent more time in services than I ever have, including musaf and the yizkor service. I really appreciated the fast and also the focus that came from being in the services. I was honored with lifting the sefer torah after the Yom Kippur reading. It helped me realize the power of being part of the Jewish community in a personal way, not just a professional way.

I have been much more motivated to cultivate a practice of meditation, I am slowly coming to understand the value and benefits of meditation.

I began chanting a Nicheren Buddhist chant nam myoho renge kyo regularly this year and have seen changes in my life because of it. I have used it to direct my energy in more positive ways and try to find the best outcomes for situations in my life, and I have been really surprised by the results in terms of how quickly I realize the truth about situations now. Sometimes the answer I get from chanting in terms of a situation is not the one I want, but it has helped me not waste time on things that are not right for me. It also has taught me to trust my intuition.

As mentioned in question one, I converted this year. I am now a proud Episcopalian. This experience has drawn me closer to God. We have a great set of priests and Deacons who inspire my thoughts and leave with the questions and answers. And I love that my church challenges us to explore the biblical myth for our own answers. I lost my grandfather. He was my final remaining grandparent. While incredibly sad, it was a heartbreaking finality and somewhat felt like the finite end of my childhood. But I know that he and Grandma are together again. Still bitchin'. I lost my cousin, Tami. She was 42 and left behind three children. This is the third accidental death in my many cousins and it is simply heartbreaking. I feel that I'm too young to be experiencing such things. My favorite cousin, Aneita, was diagnosed with throat cancer. They claim to have caught it early and that all of it can be removed on Monday. We don't know about follow-up treatment at this time. However, this led to a prayer chain like I havent' felt before. Her closest family members all immediately sent word up and I believe this prognosis is an indicator of the power of prayer.

I tend to have spiritual experiences in nature. I have been so busy this year taking care of my mother in law that I have not let myself just BE.

My spiritual experiences are always connected to my Christian beliefs. I am a person who self-examines and analyzes current and past experiences particularly in regard to relationships. These sometimes result in ah-ha moments which some might describe as spiritual.

Not really more than any previous year. I am lucky on so many levels. I have a fairly flexible work schedule, live in a relatively non-urban area, grow food, keep animals, play music - all those things contribute to, or have their own 'spirituality' I suppose. I am thankful, daily.

Not specifically - although I have been thinking about what that all might mean to me. I've come to realize how much it matters to me and how much pleasure I get from nature, music, art, good books, interesting ideas: all adding up to the fantastic miracle of being alive. And therefore to try to spend more time appreciating and engaging with them "mindfully."

I don't think of myself as especially spiritual. I think, I feel, but I don't call it spiritual.

I've learned that if I take the time to write everyday I feel better. The writing doesn't have to be about anything specific but just the act itself helps.

Yes, again it is the North-American buddhist nun Pema Chödrön that has inspired me immensely. I connect with myself and with others so much better after reading her books. What a fantastic inspiration she is!

The most amazing thing happened this year. There was much accumulation of rain, snow and ice causing a major leak on the roof of our office building. The third floor above us was completely destroyed by water damage and much of the 2nd floor around us where we are located was also damaged. However, there was not one drop of water or damage in our office suite, due to the mezzuzahs hanging on all of our office doors!!! Someone was watching out for us!!

Interesting that I missed this one. have had a beautiful reconnection to my spirit, post Germany, or maybe even there. Felt a happiness after that I don't ever remember and still it persists. My soul is happy. My spiritual connection renewed and, as a result, planning my first full moon ritual with friends, ever in CA.

Culturally I suppose you can say I had my mind opened to the amazing differences between groups of people through doing my Social Anthropology course. Fascinating.

i tried and wanted so badly to have "spiritual" experiences by taking a certain type of drug but it has not happened. music has changed my "spiritual" judgement though.

I started going to church again albeit with very patchy attendance. I only checked out non-sin-based places of worship. Taking photos is a spiritual exercise for me. Getting in touch with nature and beauty calms my soul.

None in particular.

I wouldn't define spiritual as artistic or cultural experiences. Or anything other than spiritual. I'm not sure I understand this question. I remain highly sceptical of anything deemed spiritual. I'm interested in learning more about buddhism, but really from a philosophical perspective. Spirituality, for me, is really equated with morality. I needn't a deity for that. Mostly time for reflection. Then again, sitting on a beach on the West Coast or in a chairlift with one of my kids on a sunny winter's day can be, no pun intended I swear, pretty spiritually uplifting.

There was an enormous sheet lightning one evening: silent lightings within an large cloud right in fron of my window for about an hour one evening. I wondered about all those energies and the power of this natural spectacle. Next day I got the message that a good online friend of mine died during that time on the other side of the world. He had described such kind of feeling I had experienced during the time of his death in his poetry some weeks before ...

Yes I found my self my way in this life. I'll be come more conciuslly about all the things arounds me. I studied reiki and become a teacher, now I'll passing my knowlegde to eveyone who ask me. I like to live this way and to show people how can be more happier changing their way of how they lives.

I think parenting has been the most spiritual experience I've had in a long time. It's just so incredible that we have created this! Watching her learn and grow and change and discover the world around her is such a reminder to slow down and notice things, see what's around me, enjoy things as they are, not just try to make them better.

A particularly memorable spiritual experience I had this year was when God revealed to me that I had never had a "Protector" in my life. I drew connecting lines and became keenly aware of all the ways in which this lack had created other deficiencies in my identity and person. And the desire for a "Protector" grew in my heart. I guess when you've never had something, you don't even realize what's missing. I cried an awful lot that day. I cried for the little girl that never felt safe, for the girl who was always scared of what might become of her, and the girl who had to rise up and become the protector. What an awesome responsibility and task to have to protect a child from her parents. With what tools or skills would it be possible to shield someone when that very person is in desperate need of shielding? I grew an extra measure of grace, compassion, and love for myself that day. Another particularly spiritual experience I had, was when at the Hollywood Bowl, Glen Hansard shared how just 3 short years previously he had been busking the song, "Leave" at 3rd Street Promenade. He then sang, "Leave" and filled the whole Bowl with just his voice and his guitar with the extra whole in it. It made me wonder about God and his timing of things. How he loved blessing us and giving us what we want most, the very things we are sometimes too scared to admit that we want or even to speak out loud about them- the desires of our hearts.

I've started to find the words to define my beliefs. It's difficult, because I still don't believe in Catholicism, and that is the only religion I have ever known, but I find it interesting to read about and appreciate other kinds of spirituality.

I have felt like my daughter is with me and is within me. I especially feel her presence when I am walking the dogs and see a perfect beautiful rose just reaching for the sunlight.

I'm working to make "Seek ye first the kingdom of God" be a reality in my life.

I think the astrological reading I had with Rick Jarow really affected me and brought together some loose ends for me. Basically that I was in a process of losing things in order to clear my life up -- of suffering in order to let go of old, outdated ways of being, in order to let the new come up.

Referring back to Q4: sitting and talking to people who were in Lower Manhattan on 9/11, who lost friends and families, and to a man who had to search for and identify bodies, then notify families. Both humbling and inspiring.

Definitely. I have been battling back and forth between 2 different faiths: Islam and Atheism. Ramadan proved to be a spiritual month for me that helped guide me to what's truly important and shined light on several questions I've had. Fasting made me a more spiritual person in ways that I've never known before.; it gave me an immense feeling of gratefulness for everything that I have, and great guilt as well for not being thankful enough to God. I no longer curse at God in anger whenever something bad happens; I now know that these are things humans brought upon ourselves, not God.

Not really...but watching Henry sleep gives me a deep sense of happiness

I've analyzed and over-analyzed the existance of true love. I still don't have an answer, but I belive I'm closer than what I've ever been. Whether or not I like what I've found is still up in the air.

This was a rather uneventful year for me on the "spiritual" front. This admission is prompting me to consider why I can't point any out. Time for some inner evaluation of my spiritual self.

I have had spiritual experiences in that I often look back and see God's hand so clearly in my life and am constantly awed by how much I am blessed.

I cried in the bathtub while reading about what slaughter-house animals go through, and vowed right then and there to quite eating meat. It moved me. I'm also getting involved in daily chapel once again in the hopes of re-awakening the spirituality I possessed as a child.

Embracing dance and integrating an artistic practice into my life has been truly satisfying as well as spiritual.

I've had a confluence of things that have been influencing me, hopefully, for the better. The older I get the more I realize what my parents had tried to teach me, and I also realize how stubborn I've been about improving and learning life lessons from them. I procrastinate in such a way that it can take me years, almost decades, to get my act together. The things that I really truly need to make my life better (mainly losing weight and getting healthy), things I've been putting off for 15 years now, things that my mom have been 'nagging' me about for as many years, I still have not done anything about, and it's only gotten worse. Lately I've been realizing how precious life is, how little time we have, and how I really can wait no longer to be the healthy fit person I truly want to be. Now is the time. I cannot procrastinate any longer. I hope that when I read these anwers next year, I will have made some progress. I deserve to live a fuller life, and I'd like to accomplish this also while my mom's still alive, so I can see her be proud that I've conquered this, my greatest, struggle.

I read eat pray love, and I saw spiritualism differently. I felt emotion without tears, which was pretty amazing.

Hmm...the My Morning Jacket show at Merriweather was about as spiritual as it gets for me.

Last year, we went to see PRE at the Empty Bottle... That was neat.

Well, to me nothing really compares to being at a concert. The energy, darkness, smoke, crowd, volume and everything of a club show is amazing. I've only been to one of these in the past year, and it didn't end all that great, but I'm sure I still loved the show. What would make this experience just completely amazing is having someone there with me, someone who knows all the words and understands why I love the music and the show so much, maybe even someone that I can sing with and not be afraid (will that ever happen?)

I now believe in one God and that God is pure Love. God is big enough for more than one religion. Starting to read about Tantra and how it relates to me. Also reading Dyer and Tolle. Coexist is the theme of this year and my life.

spiritual growth through meditation has been unexpected and beyond anything that i can articulate. it's hard work. i see progress in some respects, and i see where i'm stuck in others. i've garnered a great deal of self-confidence from this growth, and a greater sense of self-awareness, and ability to manage my reactions to life.

I went to an art camp and took a writing class there. The whole thing was amazing. Everybody there was so kind, it was like we had left all our horrible feelings behind at home. I learned how to make my writing really speak, and how to read my poetry aloud so that each of my words spoke. Now, when people ask me what religion I practice, I tell them 'poetry.'

A wise man -- I believe it to be Orson Welles -- once said that "we are born alone, and we die alone." I have been facing that fact for the first time, really. Though I'm broadly spiritual, I can't believe in any of the organized religons of the World, with the possible exception of Buddhism (which doesn't throw its weight around as the others do). I suppose my greatest spiritual experience has been that I'm ready for anything to come, and I hope for the best. However, the idea that a god or even some spiritual force is dedicated to saving my personal soul in the hereafter is preposterous, and the source of much of our woes. We slaughter each other indiscriminately to prove the individual and collective worth of ourselves and out tribes. I am beginning to despair that we shall ever realize the above fact before we destroy our Good Green Earth for "higher" forms of life.

I have learned I must have Faith. Not in God or Jesus, or even Religion at all, but Faith. Faith that my future will happen, faith that whatever is supposed to happen wil happen, for the reason they do. And I have learned that I must have faith in myself and other people.

Learning to medidate - never did it before and helping to ground and center me.