When September 2011 rolls around and you receive your answers to your 10Q questions, how do you think you'll feel? What do you think/hope might be different about your life and where you're at as a result of thinking about and answering these questions?

I hope that my health is better, my future even brighter, and I've let go of petty fears.

I hope that I'll feel like I've accomplished something. I hope to know where I'm going to live and I hope to have a house or be in the process of looking for one.

I dream that my family and I will be living in an abundance of safety, good health, monetary wealth, security, joy and happiness.

I truly believe that I will have made great strides in moving the right direction. God will use me to do great things for His name.

I hope I'm focusing more on my physical health by more regularly doing yoga and continuing to ride horses.

I hope I feel great about the progress I have made in life. I hope I survive year one of college and that I become the person I would like to become.

I imagine I'll be a little more confident in claiming myself as an artist. I hope I'll feel more relaxed about my financial situation and my living situation.

i dont know how i will feel this time in 2011, but all i can say is that i hope i can feel finally relaxed and at peace. i want my life to be normal again.

I will be fine. Hope to have more freedom to travel.

I always find it quite funny reading past diary entries, and often think I sound a little melodramatic... so I guess this may be similar :) But I think I will be excited and happy to have made it through another year of my life. I can't even image how much will have changed in one year - but I hope I have grown as a person and are still surrounded by love, friends, ambition and happiness. From answering these questions I have actually stopped and re-affirmed alot of thing that pass through my mind on a daily basis, but I never stop to think about. I really hope it continues next year :)

I hope that never again will be necessary for me to begin a specific reflection period. Usually, I never reflect about my decisions and activities, however thanks to this experience, I've found that it is necessary. But it would be really useful if within the coming years we were able to perform all of our acts, without an especific reflection procedure. It had to be an instinctive reaction from us, without any especific actions. I supose, that's a discipline, and I'm sure I'll need more specific reflection periods in the future, in order to achieve my dream. Thanks.

I hope I will have achieved my goal of finishing a year in uni next to my job, but at the same time I hope I can do it in a relaxed manner and still have some fun with friends. I hope I'll improve the bond with my parents and I hope I'll still be with my boyfriend, living together by that time, building a life together.

i will probs be like, wow I was so weird! I do that all the time, I remember shit and my reaction is always the same, that I was so weird. I think I always will be. Haha

I hope I'll be more steady in my studies, have more energy and not be as tired. I hope I will be able to enjoy things more as well as study. I don't know how I'll feel about my questions, probably that it was quaint that I was feeling this way.

I'm hoping that I will have achieved my goals and will have grown in the year that has passed. I think I'll feel nostalgic and older, hopefully wiser too.

I hope by then , i will have a become socially active making new friends , being a PLAYER with girls . I hope by then , i would be in a relationship with a loving girlfriend. :) would learn about sex positons and definitely do it with someone. I hope that by then , i would have gained self confidence. I 'll be doing a course in Web designing . started investing money. became more muscular and healthy and loving ,caring and a good person. Hope by then , i'll be happy, peaceful and started appreciating the small things in life such as nature,love, relatives,happiness,beauty and friends that really matter. I hope i won't let another year go by.

I was discussing just this today with a colleague who moved to Melbourne a year ago, re-established her career, as did her husband, bought a house, got pregnant and is due to deliver in 2 - 3 weeks time. I hope I will be on a new trajectory creating something new, learning much with open mind and full pockets.

i hope my relationship will be oke, answer these questions i've walked down 2 lanes, one with Mark and one with vinc, the last two questions with Vince. Both of them are oké, allthough it feels funny to realize that. I want to rearange my life. I want to rearange myself Let's get to work!

I will see how things and people have evolved. I hope I will be working as a translator, and living in a new flat. That's something I've invested time in, and something I've thought out, so 10Q won't change much to the outcome of my efforts.

I will be living in my old city, and cannot wait to see what changes this brings. I think I will very happy, knowing that I was working so launch my business, looking for a new career, and that I finally stopped hiding my light under a bushel. I hope to be more forgiving of myself. I would also like to learn how to laugh at myself more.

There should be an entire new way to spend my time with the little one. Other than that on the work front, I expect to make progress either with my own ideas or on the job to get back to learning and enjoying work more rather than be in this auto-pilot mode where it's a little too easy to do and not that challenging. Grow again - that's important even if it's not at work maybe in other ways (non-profit work or even in sports).

I'm hoping that I make it out of this financial hole and put myself on the right track again. I feel pretty much whole again and would like to keep my outlook on the world as happy as it is now. I know I have been thinking a lot about my personal relationship. Is it right or is it right for now. Am I ready for another one that can progress farther. Do I want to be married again or is what I have and where I am OK? I am pretty happy right now. Certainly more than I have been in a long time.

my world will be beautiful. i hope that i am connected enough to realize it.

I think I'll laugh about some things, maybe I'll cry over my past self (I often do that, really). But hopefully, everything I hoped for will have become true and my life will have changed very much. After all... I'm moving out tonight :)

It will be bittersweet. I hope I'll be happy. In every aspect of life. Simple as that.

I believe as each year passes, all areas of my life improves. One should always look ahead with hope.

I have no doubt that I'll be be surprised by what I wrote and a combination of pleased and likely a bit frustrated and disappointed knowing that I achieved some of my goals, but not all of them. Perhaps at this time next year though, I will have achieved the more important goals that I've set out for myself this year. If that is so, then I think that I will feel a sense of accomplishment. What I hope will be different about my life is that I will have achieved a greater sense of self worth and calm and be even more "okay" with where I am in life than I am today, regardless of where I might be in life. I hope that I will have remembered these questions and really LIVED my answers to them.

Rosh Hashanah made me do a lot of thinking about where my life was at the particular moment. A lot of these answers were written specifically, rather than general answers to the whole year. With that in mind, I hope I have a steady job, am content with where I'm living, can afford simple luxuries year-round, and have continued to grow in experience and maturity. I hope I will be able to share Judaism more with Jens and that I myself will have taken it more seriously rather than seeing myself become the dreaded High Holiday Jew. Also, God willing, I want to be verruca-free! That's not spiritual at all, but I've had these things for over a decade, have been trying to get rid of them for 2-3 years, and am SO OVER THEM.

I hope I'm happier, that I'm less focused on attaining the unattainable, that I continue to learn about myself and grow and change in the process, that I'm more open to new friendships and relationships.

i'll probably think 'what a stupid weak woman i am' get a grip lol

I hope I will have a good and healthy look at myself, the world, and food and exercise. I hope that I have actually let myself fall when it comes to love, more than once. That I have been brave enough to share my feelings. That I have given love, and by doing so, gained even more. Most of all - to have a greater understanding about everything and everyone. Thank you!

I hope I'll feel satisfied with myself, that I'll have at least given my best shot at achieving all my goals. I hope so many things will have changed, that I'll have the upper hand on my problems with losing weight, that I'll have had the courage to move away from home for a while to gain some independance and I guess, if I'm being honest, that I hope I'll be in a new and happy relationship. This last one, I can't help adding even though in my last answer I talked about learning to go with flow and not worrying if I find someone or not. But I guess I can't get over my romanticism and hopes of finding the one, so I'll add it as something I hope will be different about my life. I also hope I've grown a lot, come to terms with my weaknesses, such as my jealously and my bad temper and the huge sloth in me. I hope to have had such an amazing year of adventure and learning that I'll just be motivated to keep it up and be really excited about life.

I think I'll be disappointed in myself for centring my year around my ex-boyfriend! I think I've learnt my lesson and I believe this year will be lived for my own benefit, I've annoyed myself in these questions about all my answers being boyfriend-related! I'd like to think I will be so much more independent and confident my Sept '11.

I don't know. I do know that we will be in a different place, geographically. We're about to sell our house, move to a new place and we don't have jobs. Life is an adventure. I'm excited to see what the future holds.

I hope by then i would be in grad school college. Reading this then would perhaps remind me of the turmoil and the struggle i went thru during sept 2010. It will make me feel like i have achieved something ( if i get thru ) or i will feel like a looser for not moving on or getting to better prospects in life!

I hope to feel satisfied. I want to look at my answers and feel a sense of accomplishment. Next year I want to be able to have completely different answers to these questions.

I hope I don't change too much because I am very happy and enjoying life. The only thing I hope for in 2011 is that I am accepted to my dream college.

I don't know where or who I will be in 2011. I hope my friends are happy. I hope my Brother has a job. I hope my Parents enjoy their trip to Rome enough to travel the world. And I hope that direction, purpose, will have revealed itself.

I hope I will have grown. I am sure that some of the concerns/fears/dissatisfactions will be the same. But I hope I will be proud of the way I have advanced in other areas. I hope my life isn't exactly the same. If I read this next year and nothing has changed I know I will be very upset. I really hope I am in an important relationship by next year, though I am aware that I say (or think) that every year. I hope I have kept the weight off. Even if I have managed to change and improve in all my goals, but I am still single and have been all year I will have a hard time avoiding the feeling that this year was wasted - even if I know that to be untrue intellectually. I like getting letters from the past and this is just one of many ways I write to myself over time. Most years when I read my cheshbon nefesh I am surprised at how happy I sounded. The letters from the past give me perspective that sometimes I miss in my daily, emotional, hormone driven life.

I hope I am feeling more positive about my life. Everything feels like such a downer/bummer. And now I have found out I need a breast biopsy. I want to be healthy and happy when I read this next year! I want to feel as strong and positive about myself as saying all of this "negative" stuff actually makes me feel!

Hopefully, I will have a lot of these issues resolved with regard to my obese status and my employment. Laying these things out in front of me has been mildly helpful to confront fears, concerns, and anxieties. Unfortunately, the employment thing is out of my control, but I can definitely control my weight.

I hope I will be in a nice relationship, I hope that I'll have become more active and healthier and I hope I'll have progressed with my art work.

Curious. Have no idea!

I think I will be surprised

I hope in Sept 2011 I will feel more in charge of my life and not have the overwhelming feeling that life is controlling me. I would like to be in a more conservative place financially and feel secure in knowing my family's future is not in any way threatened by some poor choices I made in years past. I'd like to live a simpler life and not ever feel like we are living beyond our means.

I have no idea how I'll feel about receiving these answers. I'm hoping that I'll still be as content if not more content than I am now, and that my faith will have grown in this coming year. I know that I'll have graduated university and no longer be a student, so that will be a major change in my life, but other than that fact I have no idea what will happen in the next 12 months. I'm looking forward to finding out though.

I hope I will continue to be growing in the right direction. I hope I will be closer to having found a community. I hope I will be playing music more and worrying less. I hope I will have become more emotionally intelligent and that stupid little things won't bother me as much. I hope I will be closer to the people I love. I hope I will be inspired to do something worthwhile and I hope I will be actively engaged in doing it. I hope I will be creating regularly: art, music, writing, meals, etc. I hope I will have found a way to support and encourage myself, my husband and my son in healthier eating and joyful movement.

I think I'll be happy with the past year and what I've achieved. I hope that I will have a better idea of what my future will be, even though I know it is very likely to change again, and I hope it does.

I hope I'll be in a better place emotionally than I am right now. The volume of stress producing elements is currently a significant one. There will always be stress, but I hope to do better--both in dealing with that part of life, and in finding ways to prevent some of these situations from arising in the first place.

I don't know how I'll feel about my answers. I hope I will be more internally secure with myself at that point.

I really hope that I will have achieved the goals I have written about this week! I will be incredibly disappointed if I have not met such goals. I also hope to have improved my relationship with my brother.

I hope i feel better, fulfilled and hopefully i'll have made all the changes i wanted to and won't regret not doing something. I hope ill be more outgoing and therefore more happy with my social life and just life in general.

I hope that i will know what i'm doing. I hope i'm still with Mike, and that he knows what he's doing too. I hope we have plans.

I hope that I will have made some progress towards living a more meaningful life.

Professionally i would like to have made significant strides. Personally i'd like Juliet to be pregnant. Emotionally i'd like to be happy. I feel the most stable I have ever felt.

I hope that I will feel that much of the difficulty in my life has passed.

I hope I'm happy with the decisions I've mad and I hope I'm still as happy as I am now.

Hopefully I'll have a better idea about whether or not I'm making the right decisions with my youngest son. Maybe my husband and I will have a better relationship.

I *hope* I'll feel great. I'd like to improve: relationship, health, finances and I think I will. What will be different? I'll feel better about life, myself, my marriage and our future. I will have given my best to the yarn thing and accepted the outcome. I will have finished Godbrand and be working on drafting the sequel. I'll have a timeframe for transitioning to part time work. Woo hoo. If I can accomplish half of this by next September, I will feel like it was a huge success.

I hope I'll enjoy reading these answers. I hope I'll smile fondly to remember what it was like to be right here, right now: four months shy of ordination, caring for a nine-month-old baby who can't quite crawl but really wants to... And I hope I'll be engaged in this continual process of reflection and cheshbon ha-nefesh. Thanks, 10Q.

i hope to feel, in the words of Adam Duritz, "this year will be better than the last." though this year wasnt particularlly bad, just not exciting.

I hope by then that I have more direction and perspective. I have done these kinds of things before and they always make me smile - the things that seemed so important a year ago are no longer an issue, or have been resolved. I wonder what I'll be doing next year this time...

I hope I'm happier, that I've resolved my medical problems and re-enrolled in college. That I may finally know what I want to do with my life and hopefully life will look better.

I hope my money situation will be improved. I hope my boy will be still happy and healthy. Maybe my life will be a bit easier???

I want to feel pleased that I've worked on some or even all, of the issues I mentioned in my 10Q questions.... and have done so successfully. So no kicking myself for any reason at all. I'm hopeful that I'll have a greater sense of inner peace with all that life has brought me in the past year.

Hopefully, things will be a bit more peaceful. I hope to be healthier and that the "bad" things will have eased up enough to be bearable again...

I think that after getting this years answers and feeling such immense disappointment in myself that I will really try to work harder on improving myself and my situation. I hope that I have lost the weight I want to, that I have found an exercise routine that works for me, that I have found a career I love, that I have supported my sister to a healthy and happy relationship, that we have found financial security. More than anything I want to find happiness. That all encompassing happy feeling about my life. That the dread and fear have passed

Excited, exhausted, and in a new place at work. I'll be preparing my review, and be on track. Personally, maybe I'll be thinking about having a baby? EEEEEK

I hope to have learned more about life and made steps to improve my happiness and the quality of my community

I hope better than I do now - physically, emotionally and mentally. I hope the world is in a better place. I hope we are too. I hope that perhaps I have figured out a better way to live my life, take care of my myself and my family and be happier and not so stressed.

I hope that a year from now I have accomplished the following: * Completed a successful two year term as president of my synagogue; * Realized some degree of increased responsibilities at work; * Entered into a smooth running real estate venture with a group of friends; * Taken an excellent adventure with my family. I hope that I feel satisfied with my life and the world at large.

First, I will be amazed it has been a year already! How time flies! Secondly, I am hoping that when I get my answers, the hopes and problems answered this year will have been solved or achieved.

I hope that I was realistic this year and most of what I am hopeful of achieving I was able to achieve. I hope I am more at peace and comforable with myself, my home and I am happy.

Well... Ill be exited, and ill answer then again and see how I change.

I hope I've accomplished my goals. I hope that I've found my groove. I've done a lot of self-reflection lately and I hope I have a greater sense of self.

Judging by the differences between last year's answers and this year's, I am hoping that in 2011 I'll feel that I am continuing to grow and become a more confident, secure person. Or at least, if for some reason things are worse next year, I'll be able to look back and say, "I was in a pretty good place then."

I hope I feel surprised and pleased like i have for the last two years of doing this. I hope that I am more stable financially and that I am on my way to putting foundations down to making a family with my boyfriend. I hope that I am healthier and that I've kept up running, I want to have completed the Manchester 10k race. When I complete these questions I tend to forget about them on the surface but they actually unconsciously shape my life and the decisions I make so I really hope that is the case this year around and I am just as happy as I am now

I hope that I will be better off financially (have my taxes paid off and be on track to finish paying off my loans). I hope to be preparing to move into a new apartment. I hope to be starting a new relationship. I think I will still be struggling with some of the same personality issues: spending money without thinking, not communicating well with others, etc. Overall, though, I'm very optimistic that my life will get better day by day.

I hope I'm comfortable with my station in life. I hope I'm starting my nursing clinicals. I'm hoping my family is settled down and I'm hoping that I have some kind of relationship that may lead to me being settled and having a family.

I'll feel OK for sure. Thinking for the answers served me to be sure of what I am doing, why, what I hope for the coming years, family, country, neighbors etc.... Regards Andrés

I envision that I am making positive changes in my life. I am NOT letting another year pass aimlessly. I have goals, I'm making progress, and I'm reflecting on what matters to me in life and how I can include more of it in my daily life. I am happy.

Hopes - I hope my work life will be more clear cut with one more staff person and a better sense of what the program is. I hope my home and my husband will be calmer. But those are hopes.

I hope I'll be able to start my new life as an adult sucessfully and be able to hold my head up high

Ideally, I'd have done everything I set out to do, would have been thoughtful and considered throughout the year, would have dropped 30 lbs. and learned how to play guitar. However... I doubt all of that will realistically happen. What, then, my real hope is -- is that I improve as a person, continuing to learn and grow and fail and succeed. That I learn something new, that I teach something to someone. That I am more deliberate, yet more spontaneous. Essentially -- that I live and enjoy it, because it's short!

I'm hoping that I won't have time to stop and look at the answers as I'm too busy looking after my husband, my home and my child! I don't think any of the answers will be a particular shock. I think I know deep down that things aren't going to have progressed that much, that in fact my life isn't all that different to how it is now. If I back down and have a child before I marry then things could be completely different, however if I stick to my guns and pursue the marriage before children route I could be in the same position I am now and things might not have changed one iota. What will happen? Will I give in and have the baby? Will I get the marriage I'm hoping for? Or will I be single and living back with my parents? Only the next 12 months can guide me...

Older. Simplier. Less stress financially.

I hope to be more settled in our new house and settled in my new job. I hope to be content and feeling very positive about my life (like I am now).

I think I'll be in a different place in my life next year, and that these answers will seem very far away. I hope I'll be in a place where I can be proud of my life instead of ashamed and embarrassed. I hope to live the next year with more kindness and more integrity.

I think I will find that I am very pleased with my year that has passed, and that I will be impressed with where I was, and how far I've come from there.

I think that I'll enjoy reading back what I answered in the past 10 days. I always like to read back through my journal, so this will be similar. But in my journal I leave more of an account of my day, not as much reflection. I'll like to be able to read how I thought I felt about the past year. I hope that I will have made a move on making some of the changes I wrote about. I hope I will be in a better place. I hope that this year doesn't eat me alive.

I think intentionality is important, and while I'm not counting on everything being accomplished that I wish, I know that setting out my intentions here is a big step toward making them happen at some point. Having goals to strive toward is so important, even more important than achieving them. It's about the journey, not the destination.

I will be happy, financially wealthy, in a job I love, and digging in on the writing of my thesis.

I may look back at my 2010 self as both naive and bleeding heart. It seems like each year I get slightly wiser and more sober of thought, shunning certain aspects of my former selves, but still understanding them, because they made me who I am. Hopefully some of my insecurities will have been pacified and I'll feel stronger and more confident. I hope my life will be more organized and that at work, I'll have a certain level of expertise that demands a level of authority. I hope that at school, I'll have produced a project I can truly be proud of. I mostly hope to find love. Some days, I've given up totally, attempting to feel content with solitude for the rest of my life. Other days, my heart bursts with the need for a significant other. So as long as I'm 'hoping' in this section, love would be nice.

these are the things i hope are different in sept 2011: - we're living in a bigger apartment - i've been to visit ZAR at least once - i've paid fuman all the money we owe him

I don't think I fully appreciated how much my work unhappiness is coloring my moods until I answered so many questions with responses about my job. I hope to have found peace one way or another with it in a year--either accept it for what it is and not let it bother me so much, or find something else that makes me happier and feel more productive. I have started seeing a therapist for help with this and I hope he really can help me. I also hope to be lucky enough to share more fun experiences with my brother and his family. I love them more than they could ever know. Shana Tova to me :)

Next year when looking back upon this years answers I believe I will be slightly amused, or quite pensive. Next year I hope to be used to university, and to be free of many of my insecurities. I hope that by this time next year I will be able to say, truthfully, that I have gone a year without having a belemia relapse. As a result of these questions I have realized what I truly want to fix in my life. I have made goals and hopefully, because of doing this I will have the momentum to complete them.

I don't know how I'll feel about the questions, hopefully inspired to continue to draw closer to God. I hope by then I'm either in a relationship, or content that if one hasn't happened that I'm not all worked up because everyone around me seems to be finding someone and I haven't been asked out in 3 years.

I hope I will feel like I've moved forward since I answered these questions-- personally, at work, in my marriage. I hope I have NEW goals and answers to the questions. I hope a lot of things about my life are the same-- my family and friends are all safe and well, I have this job that I really enjoy, I love this city.

I think I'll still be worried about the financial stresses that college tuition is placing on my daughters. I'll be surprised if I'm not still struggling with my weight. I hope I'm not just frustrated and disappointed with myself. It will be easy to forget all the answers I've formulated and realize that I never took action on all those good intentions. At least I'll be one year closer to retirement.

I hope that I will read them and sense the positive energy and vibe that I have right now. I hope to read them as someone older, wiser and slightly more focused on herself and what makes her happy, rather than living for other people. I hope that I am loved and loving, regardless of who I am with (or otherwise)

I imagine I will feel that mix of emotions: satisfaction at having actually accomplished some of my goals and disappointment at not having made headway on others. But that is life. Neither as good as you'd hoped nor as bad as you'd feared. The striving is the point.

I hope I feel proud of what I've accomplished over the year. I hope I see myself as a person who had goals and worked towards them. I really hope I see a person who accomplished goals - particularly my weight goals.

I hope that I will feel proud of what I've accomplished over the year. I hope that these questions will have given me some focus for areas that I want to be better about. I hope we pay off a huge chunk of credit card debt. I hope we continue to build a happy, healthy and mutually beneficial marriage. I hope to have spent tons of time with my friends and family making new memories instead of buying new stuff. I hope I accomplish the things I wrote about in the questions this year: get closer to my mother, be more thankful and spiritual, achieve calm and balance, to be a good example for others and a symbol of the love of Christ. I hope to be forgiving and forgiven. I hope to have a lot of fun and love in the coming year. In short, I feel hopeful about the coming year, and I think that's a great way to feel.

To be honest, I think I'll feel disappointed in myself, I seem to always come back to the same place. I truly hope that I've grown out of being a child and finally decide to be the man I know I can be. Maybe by thinking about these questions I'll be able to do so.

I'll be on the tail end on my journey around the world and most of my emotions will be joyous ones. Proud that I made it around the globe by myself, relieved that I created an identity for myself outside of my job, excited to see my family back home and bursting to share details of all the wonderful things I've experienced on my journey. Of course, I expect that there will be a bit of nervousness about figuring out the job situation -- do I go back to advertising, try something new and how do I find a position regardless of which direction i decide upon. Had I not already made the decision to jump out of my current small world and into the much bigger one, I am sure these questions would have been much more of a challenge for me. I've been stuck in a rut and facing questions about where I want to be a year from now would have been a frustrating reminder of that for me. I feel great about where I'm headed though and I look forward to seeing how much of what I'm hoping for comes true over the next year.

I guess one doesn't know. I am in a new place physically, jobwise than I was a year ago, I would never have imagined it happening. So I will try to look back at this year's answers and think about how far I've come.

I hope I don't forget things I've learned about myself this year.

Some of the things I wrote down aren't new things I want to work on. I just feel like now i am actually in a place to work on them. So, I hope that this new year will bring me strength to work on these things, and will give me confidence to realize that it's OK to not accomplish everything in one year. I hope putting these things in writing will actually have been a way to hold myself accountable.

I'll probably look back and think, "man, what a jerk/pansy I was! Good thing I manned up."

I'd like to think I will have achieved my goals - that my website will be launched and I will be enjoying a healthy relationship with my sons. Realistically, though, reading at least one of those goals will lead me to laugh at my naivete and optimism. But really, what good is life if you can't look back at yourself either with pride or laughter?

I think I'll still be in the same place. But maybe by thinking about these questions and spending Yom Kippur figuring out how to transform myself I can be different. Who am I kidding? I don't think that will ever happen. Sigh.

I hope that at age 63 I will have become more comfortable in my own skin. That I will have mastered myself and several bad habits. That my pre-diabetes has completely GONE away and that I am happy, healthy and less stressed out.

I will be a better person by all means. I will be slim, more healthy and mature enoungh to recognise my life's incidents without surprises

I hope I have learned to focus on what really matters to me and discard the rest. I want to remember my heart and soul, and keep them holy.

Hopefully I'll be in a new and awesome city and will be published in many different places on and off the web. I hope these questions will inspire me to create concrete goals with steps to follow.

I believe I will be more positive, more centered and more enlivened. As I journey through life I continue to grow.

I hope I will have made some changes in my life that I am proud of.

I fervently hope that I am feeling more safe, secure, comfortable, healthy, and happy. The last several years have been one rough patch after another, and I am starting to feel like a specialist in hard times. I hope for something more than survival going forward.

I hope I feel pride in what I've accomplished and tranquility and happiness in how well things have turned out. I hope to find myself in a sustainable, secure and deeply fulfilling relationship with the right man, and be building a future together. I hope to have begun really flexing my creative muscles and become more productive. And I hope to feel as if I'm living a life that really fits me. I hope to feel as if everything is falling/has fallen into place.

I hope i will have at least gotten some of this right, but i will probably either laugh at myself or call myself overambitious. Time will tell, won't it? See you in the future!

I hope I will feel relieved that none of my fears came to pass and proud that I was able to achieve at least some of my goals. I hope that as a result of considering and answering these questions, I will have a better handle on who I am, where I want to go, and (most importantly for me) how to get there.

I hope that I'll know what I'm doing after college. I hope that I'll be doing it, or at least starting. I hope that I'll be more sure of myself. I hope that I'll be in a good place, surrounded by good people, doing good things.

I hope to look back on this period as a particularly dark time and to be on the other side of it. I hope I will have learned from this whole experience and not be makign the same mistakes all over again.

I hope that I will feel like my answers are still relevant to my current situation - that all of the people that are important to me now are still part of my life and that I have treated them throughout the year with the love and respect that I intended.

Have some stability when it comes to my job. Be a little more a mature - stand up for myself, who I am, believe that what I have to contribute has meaning. Stop accepting anything less than the upmost respect from others.

I hope I won't be poor anymore. I hope I won't be invisible anymore. I hope I'll be happy.

I'm hoping that my life will be better, and that the results of my working on the other questions will have paid off. I should be able to get over the things that I'm having problems with, and learn new skills that will enable me to deal with things that might come up.

I hope the people responsible for the destruction of the high school are gone and the school has a decent administration.

I think it will be nice to see how I thought about everything. It feels as though I'm at the beginning of a great time with travelling and meeting new people. I'm also learning a lot about myself and I think that in september '11 it will still be going on but then I've seen even more and learned even more about myself.

I think I'll be thinking about how I was a better person than I am now - it's how I always feel when I read old blog posts and letters to myself. Next year this time I will have decided where I am going for college - or, my grades will have decided for me - and I hope that no matter where I end up, I will make it the biggest, bestest adventure of my life. Keep writing. Keep shooting. Keep sketching. Keep giving. Keep loving. Always, always, be yourself. Be beautiful.

I hope I will feel proud about my achievements. I hope I will be more content and at ease in general. I hope I'll look forward to 2012 as much as I currently look forward 2011.

A year from now, I see myself thriving in opportunities utilizing my gifts...public speaking, learning, loving, writing, sharing, motivating and inspiring others = that picture of a Being in Joy. The rest will be candles on the cake...

I hope I will (finally!) be an orphan & well embarked on my journey to Aliyah! Free & happy at last!

I hope that I stay true to these challenges and feel that I am in a different and better place. I am generally happy and enjoy my life - but I always want to do better. I worry less about September 2011 and focus on today - if nothing else were to happen then I am still a lucky person who lived life large and to the fullest.

I hope I have crossed everything off my '31 things to do before I turn 31" list. I hope I have had adventures, that I have created my own happiness, that my marriage is stronger than ever, that I am healthy. I hope I find pleasure in small things and I have learned to slow down and savor the moment. I hope I have become brave, and strong, and that I am being the truest me. I hope you didn't fuck this up, future me! I hope you kept doing all the things I started now, because I'm doing this so you will attain all that I hope for.

I hope to feel accomplished. I hope that I have followed through with my feelings, ambitions and aspirations that I reflected in my 10Q questions. I hope to have a better understanding of happiness within my life as a result. I also hope to become a better person and contribute more to the betterment of our world.

I hope I'll have compassion for who I was now, but be living twice as well and be generally happy and feel kind and positive about myself. I wish I could say more about others in my life, but I just can't right now.

I think I will feel some emotion and connection with myself and reflect on the answers and my mind set at the time I answered them. I am not sure how different my life will be from answering the questions, but I pray that I am consumed with God's furious love and count more the gain of His kingdom and that God's love is my desire and pleasure.

In September 2011 I will have lived in Bend for nearly a year. I anticipate feeling much more at peace once I get away from here. No more gangs, bars on windows, Graffiti, constantly barking dogs, loud music or circling helicopters. I have loved these questions and I hate to see them end!

When I see these questions next year, I hope that I will be a different person in certain aspects of my life. I want to feel like I actually accomplished my goals. I'm getting married in May and also graduating from undergrad. I hope that in September I will have a job and working on my masters degree. Being married is going to come with challenges and I hope that by this time next year, Aaron and I will be completely happy. By answering these questions, I'm finding out the person I really want to be. I'm really committing to these changes, and by this time next year I hope to be happy with myself no matter what.

Saddened that I allowed what is currently happening to continue to be happening. I am in a holding pattern until my son graduates from college (he's in the 8th grade) and the entire situation just leaves me feeling truly stuck between a rock and a hard place. Some inner peace and acceptance of the situation as it stands would be nice. Very nice.

I think it will be an amazing experience to revisit exactly where I was the year before. I will take the time to reflect and ponder (which is exactly why I've taken part in this) and I think that I will have a deeper understanding of myself and the way that I think and operate.

I think I will be anxious to see what I wrote for each question since I did not write my answers down anywhere else. I think this forced me--again--to consider the fact that I'm not good at setting goals and when I set goals, not following through with them. I hope seeing all of this in writing in 12 months will show me that I was able to make what for me is a major change in my life.

I hope I don't laugh too much. I hope I'm a bit more established and calmer. I hope that I consider myself as having made progress in the past year. I hope I'm still as generally happy as I am now.

When I read my answers, I hope I feel inspired that I have come so far in terms of my personal and professional goals. In terms of what I hope my life will look like in a year...I hope to be teaching college and getting paid for it...I hope to be married to the man that I love...I hope our home will be filled with the children that have graced our lives already...I hope those children feel loved and cared for...I hope to have another successful season of biking, swimming, running, and triathlons...I'm hoping my trend toward health continues and that my disease (lupus) stays in remission...I hope my mother stays healthy too... I think that my foundation going into this coming year is solid. I've made a lot of choices that have had a positive impact on my life and that of my son. I'm very goal oriented, so I will just continue doing what I am doing right now...

I will probably feel happy that I had so much ambition to finally get into grad school. That my life was in an uber transition and it was a good learning experience. I hope I will have my graduate application completed and ready to submit by September 2011. I hope to be happy with the marriage almost being a year old. I also hope scientists will come up with a way to protect the earth's communication system against severe solar flares so that I may receive these questions next year.

I hope I'll feel accomplished. I have a lot planned in the next year, and while I know I won't be where I want to be, I at least want to be on my way.

I believe that I will feel proud of myself because I have conquered the very little things that I think at the moment are impossible. I know I will be disciplined, free, and hopefully in love with someone. I believe my life will not be perfect, but I will be able to see where G-d has moved which will be extremely exciting. I know that my white coat ceremony will be very soon and I will finally have a humbly, proud, and grateful moment.

I hope to have a fully functioning business that supports my family. I hope to be at the weight at which I feel most healthy. Mostly I hope I will feel at least as healthy and happy then as I am now!

Well in reality we are all just looking for joy in our lives so what I hope is that there is much joy in my life and in the world in 2011. I see myself & my husband healthy and joyful still living in our beautiful home. I see my relationship with my husband of 28 years moving to a higher level of joy and happiness. I my husband joining me in my Amega business and of us becoming financially independent because of this move on his part. I also see us successfully sharing the Amega vision/ products and being rewarded financially because of our sharing. I see myself continuing to grow spiritually and living more in my heart center and enjoying the present moment. I also see myself attracting like minded people into my life that will not only be acquaintances but who will become good friends. The really craze thing is I see myself in front of a live audience speaking, encouraging people to live their lives consciously and to live their best and most energetic life ever.

I hope that I'm comfortable juggling a 10 month old baby, my marriage and work. I hope that my MIL has chosen to battle her cancer diagnosis and that she is active. I hope that I'm preparing to complete my first sprint triathlon, a personal goal.

I've pretty much said what I think & hope might be different. How I feel will depend on my level(s) of growth in those areas.

I would love to say that I learned Spanish and paid off my credit cards but the past has proven that life has unexpected things happen that stand in the way of even the smallest goals. I hope to just be reminded of the time when I had little responsibility and a lot of friends.

I would probably feel kinda shocked, I know that when September comes around, I will know whether I contracted with ROTC or not. I hope many things have changed by now, and Life is better now that its going to be the second year in college. Hopefully this will be a good reflection on what my freshman year of college was.

What I hope will be different by September 2011... my son will start Kindergarten - I hope he gets into a good school, that we get financial aid and that he's settled and on the go to a very healthy and happy school year. I hope I lose weight. I hope my husband and I are on better terms and I hope he has a new job...maybe me too. So much to hope for this coming year. I hope I have time and drive to make it all happen.

i think i'll feel nostalgic, especially question 9 because i was so sad when i answered that. i hope i'll be happy and still at university, i hope i'll have new friends but keep hold of all the old ones that should stay with me but i'm sure a few will be left behind. i also want to be happier in my self which means losing weight and find a style i like, or accepting my style already. i hope not to be thinking back to now and think 'what if' because that would be awful.

Hopefully I have made the changes in my life that I have discussed in these questions. Actually, I have no doubt that these changes will have been made.

I think I'll be happy with the direction and progress of my life and also disappointed that I forgot what I feel is important in Sept. 2010.

I fear I will feel vastly disappointed that nothing has really changed. I hope that's not the case. I hope I will have made major progress toward building my self-worth, finding a way out of the housing dilemma, making new friends and actually enjoying my life. Let's all raise a glass to hope!

I hope I am not surprised, as I was this year, to find out I had not really addressed one of my character traits that I had identified as needing work. I think and hope I will be pleasantly reminded of challenges in my life that are no longer challenges. I am not sure it will be a result of answering the questions, but I certainly appreciate this tool as formalizing many of the issues I need to think about.

I am not sure how I will feel. Hopefully, I will feel like I took my own advice and have made changes to make myself more effective and comfortable in my own world. I hope to be laughing more and whining less I would like to have more financial stability (past bills paid etc) I think it would be nice to be able to make mistakes and move on with out stewing over them Hopefully I will have found enough comfort in my own company to enjoy being with other people.

I hope my answers will stay afloat in my subconscious. I don't expect to recall what I've said -- in fact, I expect to be surprised and crack a smile, or even laugh! I think it will be nice to be reminded of my Jewish faith.

I can't imagine how I'll feel - not even knowing now where I'll be or what I'll be embarking on. Hopefully I will feel that the things I've said here have been a good basis for growth. I hope I won't look back with shame or anger or discomfort at myself - often when I've written things for myself in the past I have felt disgusted with myself when I came to look back on them. I know that's not a healthy way to feel, and that I should be less hard on myself, so I hope I can view what I've written through the lens of another year's life experience, but also with a kind and sympathetic eye. I hope that I will have had a full and satisfying year, and made progress in lots of small things as well as coming to good decisions about the more important and huge steps I have to make. I hope I'll feel a little more secure in myself, and able to carry on learning and becoming a better person.

I hope my wife's health has improved greatly. I hope that I've documented my 1,3, & 5 yr plan and am working the plan. I hope I've been a better husband, father, and businessman. I hope my daughter has continued to progress on her path to adulthood. I hope I'm a better Christian in 2011 than I've been in 2010.

I think I'll have accomplished the improvements I've set out here. They are very do-able. It remains to be seen how things beyond my control will have affected me, but it's senseless to worry about them.

I want peace and freedom that is unshakale and not easily stolen.

Message to myself in September 2011: I have now accomplished everything I said I would do by this time, and I will do everything I can to accomplish my goals for 2012.

I hope that I will have made some progress on the issues I've written about in the 10Q exercise. I believe that goals are more likely to come true after you've taken the time to think about them AND write them down. I hope to feel more comfortable about my finances and the choices I make in my life. I hope my husband's health and mood improve.

I hope to be healthy and that I will have won my fight against my eating disorder. I hope that my husband and I will be happy forever and that my mum is still ok and the cancer will never come back.

I think that when I read the answers, I'll start crying. It's always nice to have an insight into how you were before, and whether you truly have learnt from your mistakes, or you setting yourself up to repeat them all over again. So when I read them next year, and I inevitably cry (because i'm predictably this emotional!), they will sad tears, because I'm in the same old state emotionally, or they'll be happy tears, because I've grown up, moved on, and I'm facing this thing called life with a positive setting in my soul. I pray to God they will be happy tears. The future me deserves some happy.

I will have mixed feelings. I do not know if I'll be happier or spiritually moved. I hope to have a happier and less stressful life!

I'm hoping that I will have made progress on the aspects of my life that I want to improve. The process of answering the questions has been very thought-provoking and I hope it carries over into my family life as well. I hope our home is more calm and that I am happy with what I have - a wonderful husband and 2 great kids.

I hope that by answering these questions I will be prompted to take action on my wishes for the next year. I hope when I look at the answers I can be proud that I found meaning in the year, learned from my mistakes, and lived a better life. I hope that I am a braver person, a more honest person, a wiser person next year than I am right now. I hope that answering these questions prompts me to be more thoughtful about my actions next year.

Hopefully my life will stay the same because I am happy now. It's other people that need to be aware of how I choose to live. This closet is a little to small for me now.

I have been planning aliyah since 2003, and when Sept. 2011 rolls around, I should be settled in Israel. Therefore, my life should be quite different than now.

Hmmm. I guess this is where I am expected to say that 10Q changed my life and motivated me to change etc etc. But I don't think that is true at all. In terms of anything actually concrete, the one major thing for me is to try to learn some Spanish/French. This is a real, measurable objective and it will be interesting to see how far down that road I've gone. Will I have overcome my fears, be eternally happy, and have everything I've ever wanted? Of course not.

The best thing about 10Q is that it marks your days with meaning. Most days I don't really have anything to show for what I've thought and done. And I don't want too much stuff anyway--clutter gives me a headache. But next year I'll be able to travel back in time, hold a piece of the past, of my past. That's all I really expect or want.

I hope that answering these questions will help me remember what is of value to me now at this stage of my life, and to focus my attention and energy on those living those values. A year from now I hope that I can say that I have walked past the barking dogs of fear to get to where I want to go - instead of turning around and settling for a small scared life. Amen.

I hope to feel to amazed at my progress and accomplishments. I hope the questions will help me focus on my goals and self development so that I can be a better contributor to my peer, clients, friends, family and community.

At the moment my husband is not well, and everything will depend on his health. If he is well I will be content and interested in my answers, if not I will be wondering how to proceed in my life as it will be then.

I hope that I will be in a better position - financially, relationally, spiritually - than where I am now. I don't really have a lot of confidence, though, and hope to be pleasantly surprised.

I hope to be surprised at where I was a year ago & happy to be past it & moving in a good, positive direction!

Next year both my husband and I will be done with our PhDs, so that will no longer be looming over our heads. I hope we will feel less anxious academically and financially, and that we will not let work pressures consume us. We will also be figuring out whether more children are in the cards for us, and should get a better sense of what the future holds.

Arizona: Lawns illegal. Immigrants legal. Reality TV cancelled––too unrealistic. Greed and consumerism lose their charm. Malls replaced my nature refuges. Artisians put Walmart out of business. Roe vs Wade in. Firearms out. Moderate march changes status quo.

I have no idea about how I will feel in 2011, at the most I can hope I will feel surprised and a little wiser. I think that by answering these questions, I saved a small picture of my life as it is today, my dreams, expectations and goals. I hope that by Sept 2011, I will read the answers and acknowledge I took some right steps towards what I want in this life, both as an individual and as part of Humanity.

This has been a good exercise, in taking some time to think about what's important to me, what I want to improve, and how I want my life to look over the next year. An important part of this is how I will get there. I hope by this time next year, I will: - feel passionate about life - be able to express that passion openly and intelligently - be in a good position financially - be healthy in taking care of myself - spending time with only those people who bring out the best in me and make me happy, and who I do the same for - be more comfortable with my emotions, and expressing and sharing them - be challenged and push myself to continuously improve

I hope to have reached a more comfortable arrangement between my working life and my other interests. I hope to have developed some hobbies and not feel guilty about the work that I haven't done. I want to have more guilt-free time for myself. I hope to be spending more time in contemplation and physical activity.

This has been a tough time--an "I want to die in my sleep" time. So I suppose I'll be somewhat amused if I 'm here to read these in a year. If I am, I hope I won't be disappointed. As much as I think I'm working hard and asking, I'm apparently not asking the right people or asking in the right way. Or not asking at all. So--the book, and then more books. And a home to myself.

I think I will be okay with my answers to the questions. I hope I will have lost some weight, but I always hope that. I also hope I will have done some writing, at least. Hopefully, a lot.

I think I'll feel as I usually do when I look at things I've done in the past and think how pathetic and naive I was. I'll probably think "What planet was I on? Get real!" I hope I'll be in a new job, the job I want and that I'll be happy and more stable financially. I hope I'll be more confident in my ability.

I hope to be in a better job. I hope to be in a healthy relationship. I hope to have eliminated a lot of my credit card debt. And I hope that I will have learned how to detach from the world, and enjoy moments of solitude and peace. I hope that I will feel satisfied with my progress. Hopefully, I will have kept the promises I've made to myself over the last 10 days.

I hope I'll be working, baking, dancing and knitting with a sense of security about the future.

I hope that in one year's time I will have gained in maturity, wisdom, stability, and kindness. I will be approaching 50 in one year's time and I'd like to turn 50 feeling calmer, more stable, and more centered than ever. It's a big birthday!

I am really really hoping that when I see the answers i will feel a sense of extreme self-satisfaction-- the good kind. the 'i did it' kind.

I will have had a year to put my life back on-track and hopefully my mess with my wife will be nothing but a memory... I will move forward with my life, and with the help of God, I will be doing much better by this time next year...

I hope to have good changes in my life, because from 2009 to 2010 nothing really improved. So I will not ask for things this time and expect to surprises.

I hope I feel matured. I hope by then I'll have grown and become more disciplined. I expect I'll feel the last year has passed so slowly, which is how I feel about every year. I hope whatever decisions I make about my situation now, I remember the consideration I'm taking in them, and that I feel committed to and at peace with my choice. I also hope I am still happy to be alive, still exploring the world, still relatively free. Actually I hope I am more free. That is what I want most. Articulating my thoughts about these questions may have allowed me to introspect on subjects I might have avoided thinking about. I hope some insight has been gained into my values and what it means for me to live right.

I'm hoping I've paid attention to the goals I'm articulating now. Maybe I'll be able to aim even higher next year.

I really hope that I feel proud of myself; deep in the knowledge that I am trying to live an authentic life. I think that these questions have made me more aware of my dreams and goals....my passions and concerns about how and where I am walking. I hope to impliment greatness & goodness!!

Hopefully, we'll be living where we want to be living. We'll be able to spend the rest of our lives together focusing on what we want to do together, and not spending so much time worrying about everybody else so much.

I can't even imagine all that will happenin the next 12 months - both good and bad. I hope that not all that much is different about my life as it's pretty damn good now!

I am hoping to be happy in my life. Possibly in a relationship. I want to look back on my answers and think "that was a hard time, but look where it took me" I have definitely thought about the answers I've given, and I hope that they bring me to a better place in my life.

I hope at that time that my husband and I will be retired and living in Costa Rica or well on our way to becoming permanent residents. I hope our health holds up and we can finally have our time together that we have worked towards all these years. i hope to be planning our 25th anniversary party at our beach house for all our friends. We have received sad news about several friends being diagnosed with cancer and I hope they will on their way to recovery. The journey continues.

Ah, hopes! I can easily answer this one... I hope that he and I are together officially, that his children and mine are happy together, that the inevitable drama is subsiding... I'm sure I'll look back on this exercise as an indulgence in that drama or the part I have to play in it anyhow. It's exciting, tumultuous, and by the time I read this back hopefully history! The phrase 'quiet life' keeps being bandied about and y'know what... I can't wait! See you next year lady, I hope you and all are happy, whatever the outcome... big kiss xxx

I just hope I'm not in the exact same place. I don't want radical change, I just want things to be a bit better. A little more money, a little more order. That's all I'm hoping.

I'm hoping to have some fun looking back and to be be in a more stable work situation and organized life with my wife.

Whenever I read something I wrote some time ago, it always feels a little embarrassing. Either I have made too much of my problems or successes in the short term, or else whatever grand plans I had to turn things around or improve my life have been neglected and forgotten. That certainly sounds dismal. I am generally good natured and can laugh about it, though.

Answering these questions has certainly made me feel more empowered. I say so because I now have a clearer idea of what areas in my life need attention. I intend on working on the areas needing attention so that next year I when I read these answers I may have a feeling of accomplishment. Thank you 10Q.

I hope and pray that I have at least found some clarity about the direction my life is going. I don't want to still be here doing the doggy paddle. I want to be SWIMMING in my life. Who that is with, where that is and what I will be doing is all up in the air and I will be frustrated with myself if this time next year I am still living surrounded by question marks. Next year I want to instead be surrounded by exclamation points and be sitting here reading this and laughing that I can't believe I was ever so unsure.

I hope I feel a sense of achievement. That all the goals I have set myself I will have reached and achieved. I hope that after my travels next year I will have learnt to appreciate the things I have in life and open my mind to different ways of life and cultures. I also hope my desire to explore the world will grow more and more!

That I made good points. Overcame some of them and others still working on. And that I'm way to practical with my answers. Gotta be a dreamer a little more often.

I hope I feel that I've made real progress in the past year instead of hiding from what I really want and choosing to stay in the safety zone. I'm hoping that by answering these 10 questions I'm making a commitment to myself to make positive changes in my life.

I hope I'll be more stable, a bit happier, and a little less in the red. I hope to make a conscious effort to really improve my health and my satisfaction between now and then. Who knows what'll happen in the meantime, but it can't hurt to try. Onward!

I definitely hope that I'll have decided what to do with myself and that I will be on my way to doing it.

i think i will be surprised b/c i am quite certain by the time sept 2011 rolls around i will have forgotten all about this. i hope that i will not feel/ be as stagnant as i feel today.

I hope I am in a more positive place. I will have graduated college and by September, I hope that I have more direction in my life. Ideally I will have figured out what I am going to do, if not with my life then for at least the next couple years. Also, I would love some sign that I could find someone at that point.

I hope that, by then, I would have received certification in personal fitness training, that I will have reconnected with more friends, and solidified those bonds (due partially to losing a very dear friend, Dona), and that we will be in a better place in terms of our finances (and that our country will be feeling less financial pressure as well)

I think the issues identified in the 10Q will help me to become more focused on how I am living my daily life - and what I want to change about it. I didn't like some of my answers. I want to work to overcome the negativity I have in my life. Exactly how I do that... I'm not sure but my plan is to examine more and to FOCUS.

I hope I will be on track and beyond with paying student loans, in a happy successful relationship with my partner and myself, traveling regularly, with a job that I am passionate about and good at. I hope I will be more grounded and be creating and practicing rituals that enhance my life. I kind of hope I will be living somewhere other than Austin, but this is not an actual goal. I'd like to be living in Israel. If all these thing are in Austin though, I will be glad to be here. I also hope I have more info and developed plans about grad school. I hope I will be more fluent in Hebrew. And in living with intention and awareness.

I will realize I am either woefully self-aware or woefully self-ignorant. I will congratulate myself on defining my goals and meeting them, or beat myself up for knowing what needs to be done and being too apathetic to do it. I hope I use these 10Qs as a way to be more intentional and lead a more purpose-driven life.

I am afraid I will feel like I've fallen short, and that the year went by very fast. I hope I am treating myself well and with compassion more often than I am engaging in self-destructive, self-hating behaviors.

Year after year I find myself disappointed at myself for a list of projects unaccomplished. Maybe, just maybe I will achieve a few smaller challenges, but I want, truly want to be thin again. I want to be working happily either here in Barcelona or at home. I want to stop being afraid of the world and embrace everything good that comes my way. And for my family I want health - especially for my nephew and reconciliation for my brother and his wife. And why not??? Let me hope for a very successful business!

I think I'll probably feel the same way, scared and worried about my life as a whole. I think I will be in a different place mentally and more secure in my feelings and my goals in life. I hope that I can make more of an effort to reach my goals and to make more reachable goals.

I hope I'll feel relieved at the changes that I have made since this year. I hope I'll have the answers to my questions answered. I want to be pleased with the person I've become instead of missing the person I once was.

I hope I will be with the person I love today.

I'm hoping that I will have been more intentional, more disciplined, about my time and thoughts over the previous year.

Every year I feel uplifted - that my 10Q answers are those of someone I would like to know or respect if I ever met them. Also, they take me back to the time I wrote them, that year, and make me look back at looking back. It is a great process! I think/hope that my life will in many ways be the same - filled with blessings, wonderful people, amazing experiences. At the same time, my views of what has happened will have changed. Answering these questions gives me that perspective.

I hope I've learned some things. I hope that I will have healed some rifts in my family with my sister and my dad. I hope I'm still healthy and my loved ones are too. I hope I will have impacted someone's life positively.

I hope that some resolution of my mobility issues will have encouraged weight loss and more activity will change my outlook for the future. I am concerned that things will not have changed in this regard. Answering the questions has made it apparent that I have been "stuck" in financial and physical issues without any energy to solve these problems. Whether the coming year will change that is doubtful.

I don't really think anything will be different. I reflect everyday. It's a matter of habit to try to figure out the universe and my role in it. My biggest problem is actually one I haven't written about in these ten questions - and that's being married to a man I don't trust and I feel certain will take advantage of me if I don't keep my eye on him every minute. Why don't I get divorced? It's a lot of trouble and I'm lazy. But in all honesty, I'm embarrassed by my cowardly excuse making.

I hope that I have set some specific, measurable goals and achieved them. Then I can feel happy that I've come so far. It was depressing to read last year's entries.

I hope the first draft of my novel will be finished. I hope my writing skills will have improved. I hope that I might be in relationship with a vegan who has a big heart. (Writing to one at the moment) I hope my health will be as good or better as I learn what I need to, to keep M E in check. I hope I will be down to my ideal weiht from healthy eating and exercise.

I'm really looking forward to this coming year. A lot of good changes feel like they are brewing and I hope that in a year, I will feel that much more confident about how I want to be who I am, as an artist, as a lover, as a compassionate human being. I hope travel continues to play a large role in this coming year. I hope to do a lot of writing. I hope to learn from all the different people involved in different projects I have ahead. I hope that a year from now, I will emerge with a strong understanding of myself and what I want---that is new and evolved.

I hope that i'm not surprised ;-)

I think I might be surprised at what was on my mind and in my heart a year earlier. I hope that I have worked through (at least the fears) and have new set of hopes, dreams and possibilities that will carry me into 2012.

I would like my use of time to be more directed towards what makes me happy, so I can read my answers and feel I'm in a better, more empowered place. I expect a number of important changes to have taken place in my life, particularly regarding home (no longer in the Moishe House), relationship (with someone else or learning to love my relationship with myself) and career (having directed energy towards AVODAH, Moishe House and new theatre projects).

I hope to look back on these questions and say "my gosh, so much has happened and changed in the past year." I know that my life will be different a year from now, and i hope that what ever changes have happened, i'm happy.

I hope I'll be less depressed.

I think I'll be happy to see my thoughts with the benefit of 12 months of perspective and I hope I will have found answers to most of my questions. One resounds in my mind: why is it so difficult to related romantically to men for women of my generation? I know in September 2011 I will have found an answer to that.

I have a feeling that I will sit and read them with a huge smile on my face. Maybe I haven't accomplished all the things that I said but I have a strong sensation that I'll at least be on my way. And that is a good enough reason to keep it going or at least get it started. 8-)

Rian will be a year old - walking, talking, giggling - I hope I can spend more time with her as she grows and develops. It's so nice to see what a good father my son has become! I hope that by next year I'll know where I'm headed with my business, and that the improvements on the house we are planning have been completed, and that we've begun to unload some of our "stuff" and generally de-cluttering.

I think I will not be surprised at what my answers were, but I will be surprised at how different life will be then compared how I expect to be.

I hope that I will be one small step closer to being the person that I can be: more relaxed, less tied to technology, with more time for my family and loved ones.

I hope I feel freer, more confident, and more assertive. I hope I have improved my work life. I hope I have taken steps toward graduate school. I hope I am more generous. And if I haven't achieved any of this, I hope I try again.

I hope that I can read them and check them off as things that I have accomplished or are working to accomplish. Although, I might just look at them and realize that they were not the important things that needed to be worked on.

More confidence in myself, new friends, and hopfuly closer to getting my writing prublished

I am not sure. I hope that I will be in an even better place this time next year and that I will be able to reflect upon the past year and be happy with how far I have come.

I'm hoping that I will remember/ focus on some of the issues related to these questions and have some sharper answers next year. I would like to answer (to myself) some questions about life and self discipline. I hope to have some more answers by next year. Not THE answers, but movement on the path.

In Islam there is a period when a man have to evaluate themselves they call it "tafakur" where you flashed back into your life .What had I do so far did I slight someone or did I do something stupid that shamed my self or family. How should I corrected it. And when september 2011 come and receive all my answer back,1st

Hopefully I'll feel a lot less miserable and more at ease with myself and with the friends I know I can trust and stick with. Hopefully I'll have completed around 1/3 of my 101 things in 1001 days list, and either be in drama school or be auditioning. I want to have passed my A Levels. I just hope I'm happy.

I hope that I have progressed positively in the areas that I want to improve in. If I accomplish everything that I have set forth, then I will have a better relationship with myself, physically, mentally, and spiritually.

I will wonder why I was so concerned about such matters as hopefully they will have sorted themselves out.

I imagine I won't have accomplished everything, but I hope I will have had an entire year of being generally happy and content.

I think I will be interested in reflecting back to how I was at this moment, and will hopefully see that I have achieved what I wanted to in the 12 months since thinking about and answering these questions.

I hope I've achieved all my dreams and am still have with myself and what I've accomplished in the last year.

I think by next year, I honestly will have forgotten about these questions and they will come up in conversation with my friends and mentors independently over the course of the year. I'll be pleasantly surprised to see them in my inbox again and I wonder how my answers will have changed.

I honestly think I'll be a different person, and I hope for the better! I hope to look back upon these answers and smile, with the knowledge that I've accomplished a lot over the last year :)

I hope I will be surprised at how much what I had hoped for this week has come to pass. I think I will feel pleased at all that was good in the past year, all that was an improvement in my conscious living, and a little disappointed in those times and ways I missed the mark. I hope I can accept myself more easily, to love and support myself in the efforts I have made, successful or not. I hope that I can live more consciously and in connection to the Source of Blessings, more every day.

I hop to feel surprised that I did not realize how together I was! I plan to be more centered on spiritual, emotional and physical planes (or is it plains?) . More healthy and wise. More wealth wouldn't be amiss either!

I hope I'll be proud of myself for growing... But honestly, I don't know how it'll feel. I hope I have done something worth while with the year. I hope I'm serving my ministry somehow. I hope I have a place of my own. I hope I've paid off at least some of my debt. I hope I'm content with whatever my love life is... I hope I can be content with JP. I hope I've gone back to school.

I hope I will have a deeper confidence in my abilities as both a businesswomen and a teacher. a deeper understanding in my body of what works and what doesn't a deep well of forgiveness in me for when i mess up. an deep understanding that there really is no such thing as messing up. Feeling of more love in life and the awareness of the love I've always had.

I believe I will get depressed. Cause I will still be in deep debt, I would not change jobs or learn too much about the environment. And I would pretty much be my grumpy old self with guilt, catholic guilt, for abandoning God again.

I will not, I repeat not, be a corporate attorney. Pretty please with sugar on top.

I hope I feel proud and satisfied with what I have done in the year since filling this out. I hope that Anne and I will be planning a wedding, and that our relationship is full of love, kindness, adventure and compassion with and for each other. I hope that I have a job that fulfills me and that I can do for many years. I hope that I am exercising regularly, and enjoying it. I hope that in a year from now, the time I took these past 10 days to think about where I am and where I'd like to go, will be the motivation to push myself to make the changes I want for the year head.

My hope is that I will read them and see that I was really in touch with my own issues (at the time). Also that I worked over the course of those past 12 months to improve my life situation and that I'm in a more comfortable place. I won't say better because I am very lucky and feel blessed for my life, it's just time for a little tweaking.

I hope I am swimming in a sea of accomplishment--both personally and professionally. I want to keep copies of these so that I can refer back to them. I wonder if I will...this has been great, for it has forced me to kind of journal...and I am no longer a person who does that. I hope the reflection brings closure and spurs change.

Hopefully, I'll see that I have grown, that I understand myself and others better and that I have more peace with myself, the world and the way things are. And I'm sure I will answer the 10 questions posed next year as well!

I don't think I am as deep in answering these questions as I was last year. I feel less spiritual and a bit less connected, but think this is where I need to be right now. I am not sure where I will be next year, as I anticipate many changes in the coming year. Mom's cancer is still there, Hanna is moving out and Bennett will be 18 years old. This is a major transition year in many ways and I feel a bit anxious about it, but also excited.

Proud. I am healthier, happier, have more and deeper relationships. I am focused on those things most important in my life, my family, friends, the community - and as those who love me continue to remind me - myself.

I hope I have a job that I am remotely happy with, or that my prospects look good. I also wouldn't mind having gone on at least one successful date. Or if I can't have that, having an actual boyfriend would be nice. I hope I have learned how to use Illustrator, InDesign, Flash, and Dreamweaver at least half as well as I know Photoshop. I'm scared that I won't have tried hard enough to get what I want. I really want to travel. I know this sounds dumb, but I'm preoccupied with trying to be the way I perceive Emma Watson. But perhaps it's good, it keeps my goals from getting too low. Hopefully answering these questions will help me realize that time goes by pretty fast and that if I want to get what I want, now is the time, whenever 'now' is. I also hope my online existence is clean and organized - meaning that my website is up and functioning exactly that way I want it to and all the other parts of being online are the way I want them to be. Gosh, it's so much to keep track of!

I may laugh at some of the things I cared so much about last year, I'm already starting to. I hope I'm a do-er next year, rather than the think-er I've become. Anything's better than what it used to be, right? I hope this has allowed me to tackle next year's challenges. I'm ready to be a little different this year:)

I think I will honestly feel accomplished in one way or another. I will also see how things change for the better or for worse and I just have to work with it. I hope I'll finally come to peace with my body, I still look at my wrist (tattoo that says "believe" in sanskrit) to ground myself. I'm looking forward to next year's questions and reflect some more.

I have been really ill. I am a work -a-holic. I am now only working one day and going to school. I hope by this time next year I will be at my optimum health and my relationships will be more balanced. Every one is use to me being the rock, being so ill has made me need help and those around me aren't use to it. Heck I am not use to it. We have had to redefine our interactions and it hasn't been easy. I hope I am healthy and in a mutual loving relationship, I want to be in love which involves two people loving each other the sam.

I'm not sure how I'll feel about my answers. I hope that I will have recuperated from the loss of my friend and will have learned to live a happier life where I take better care of myself.

I'm sure I'll feel like it is all part of my Evolution Revolution. I answer questions like these to myself all the time. I do hope it's given a chance for people who might otherwise never even think on these things to do so and Evolve as a result. One Love!

I hope.... That I will have figured out some of the pieces--where we are living for the next 3-5 years, whether or not we are going to try to have a child. I hope that I will feel a bit more as if I am living my life, rather than waiting for it to start.

I do not anything will be different just because I answered these questions, but I do hope that my life has move forward and that I had a good time at my new uni and I know what I am going to write about in my bachelor project.

I know I answered earlier questions by saying I would water my soul with more expansive hope in 5771. But the visceral reaction I have to looking a year ahead is dread and anxiety. Let me speak from the position of hope: It's possible that we'll be spending the sabbatical year in NYC (or even just New Haven). It's probable that our twins will be bigger, more amazing, more delightful. It's my hope that I will have grown, in my career, in my efforts to develop patience, and notwithstanding all these added pressures, tip the scale at under 200 lbs.

I'm moving to Israel. Shit, next year I'll be in Israel reading this shit, and hopefully will be settled and in awe of having the high holidays a part of my entire environment, not just an excuse not to work. I'm so in limbo right now because of this exciting adventure of twisted into my life, and I just hope that I'm still just as excited about living in Israel. Making out with hot boys, at the beach, but working hard ;)

I hope to have found a way to kick myself in the butt to achieve what I want. I also hope to have figured out what I want in the first place.

I hope and think that I will feel as well as I did last year and the year before. That is, proud that I have grown, pleased that it has happened so fast, surprised that I didn't realize it was happening, and satisfied that my writing is always better than I thought it was. I hope by this time next year that my life will focus more on writing and completing entire stories, possibly even a novel. I hope I will still be in Ecuador, feeling happy with my teaching and saving money for another trip to some new place in the world. These questions have pushed me to acknowledge that. Thank you.

By September 2011 I will be in a different location, totally crazed trying to get a new High Holy Days in order and off the ground. I hope that I will be a better husband and father, and doing different things in the rabbinate.

I hope to have progressed beyond my current concerns and to have grown emotionally without becoming complacent physically or mentally. I want to continue to be interested and to contribute to the environment around me. I want be become a better person and known more what what i do than who I am.

I think I will have accomplish so many things, maybe I won't be worry about the same stuff, I will have a difference perspective.. I think I even will laugh a little... I liked this very much It will show me how much we change in a year.. and how life problems and conditions are not really that big when u look at them in different bodies or times

I'm pretty clear about my issues right now and I'm confident I will get over them, but I'm pretty sure new issues will rise, since that's what life is really about. How I will feel about my answers? I guess we'll have to find out.


I fear that I may just feel sad that nothing has changed, but I hope that I will focus this next year on some of the issues that I can control and change them in a positive way.

I'm not so sure that my situation will have changed much. If I can overcome the inertia with which I'm afflicted and be working more actively toward some of my goals, I'll be happy.

i think i'll have fun reading what i wrote a year ago; i think i'll be surprised at some of the things that were occupying my mind a year earlier; i think i'll be happy about some of the things (at realizing how they're better) and maybe sad about others (at realizing how i was right about something hard, or there was something hard sitting right in front of me that i knew on some level (as reflected i what i wrote) but wasn't yet ready to face) i think i'll feel heartened, either way, even if saddened as well, by my own reflections, my own letters to myself

i'm hoping when i read them that i dont recognize myself from then. i want to, in a year, defeat all this troubles i had this year and all the things i've written down be accomlished. since doing these questions i have made a conscious effort to change and i want to see it happen.

I will feel fantastic. everything in my life will be figured out and perfect, I will have my fream job, dream house, be making boatloads of cash, and I will be too busy traveling around the world to read any of these responses!

I hope that I will feel happy because I will have achieved much of what I set out to, and because I will have shown much growth since September 2010. I think that answering these questions has helped me set goals for the coming year, and I plan to work hard to achieve these goals!!

I hope that I'll achieve what I intend to.

I hope that I'll read my answers and feel that I have accomplished something, moved beyond, grown. I fear that I'll look back and find myself ridiculous and a failure.

I know I will feel good about the time I spent reflecting on the year. I hope that I will have accomplished some of the goals I outlined over the last 10 days. Regardless of those accomplishments, I hope that I will still have an optimistic view of life, and have developed more confidence in who I am and who I have become over the last year. : )

I will be more at peace with my life and my husband and I will be more intimate.For the past 3 years we have not been intimate even though we lovve each other.

I'm positive that the things that I'm worried about externally will have disappeared, and that the stuff that bothers me internally will be exactly the same.

If I have followed the path I designated within the answers shown here, I will be happier, healthier, and at the least, no longer poor.

I hope that I feel more at ease with my role as a spiritual leader and that I am closer to the life that I want to be living in a place that is inspiring to me and my family.

I hope I am feeling more optimisitic about my future and I hope that our family and our future is more financially secure. I want my kids to be successful and happy at school.

I hope it helps me to take a hard look at myself, to reflect and evaluate my life. Hopefully, I will be in a better place financially and job wise...not so desperate!

I hope to be less fearful and more confident by this time next year. I have no reason not to be.

I hope by that time I'll have more close friends and maybe a boyfriend, but that's optional. Either I'll be satisfied that I accomplished these goals or very discouraged because I didn't manage to do it. Also I hope to be more involved with something.

I hope to feel accomplished - happy that I'm out of my rough time, confident that I'm moving forward in the right direction. I hope I'm working smarter not harder, and enjoying life more.

I hope I can get along better with people. There's always some kind... wall... around me. I can't be friends with extroverts, and somehow they feel it too And I hope I am further along the path I planned for my career. I hope my grades are in a better position as they are now, and I have more skills - better time management, leadership skills, confidence, how to get along better with people - to get me closer to being a professional.

I really hope that I stick to the goals I have set for myself this year to be accomplished by next year. I will be very interested in looking back on all of this and where I was... and I am prepared for it to be drastically different than what I expect.

I hope that I'm living a more healthy lifestyle and on the way to expanding my family. I hope I'm closer to being able to move into a bigger house. I think I will feel a bit embarassed by my answers but I hope they help me focus on my goals.

I think I will look at my answers, remember those situations and how I felt. Hopefully, I will be the person I want to be and will have been working towards my goals. I don't want to read these and think," man, when did I get so off-track?"

When I get these answers I'll only be a few months from turning 30 and I hope that I will be able to look back and see how much I've grown ans changed. I also hope I'll feel more settled in my new life/job/house and that I will have more stillness in my soul and calmness in my core.

I hope that I will have grown spiritually and emotionally. I hope to be able to look back and see how recognizing and dealing with some of the obstacles and challenges in my own life has also helped others to grow, move forward, achieve and enrich their own lives as well. These questions have helped me to focus on some of the issues that have been in the background of my life and move them toward the front. I hope this will bring more hope and accomplishment to me in the year ahead.

I tried to answer these questions truthfully, tried to make myself really think about what my answers are. I hope I've embraced my happiness and myself. Hope I've let go of the things I hang on to for no reason. Hope I've sloughed off all my dead skin. Metaphorically of course.

I hope I will be in a different place than I am right now and that I would have accomplished atleast some of the things that I wanted. I hope I learn to like myself and that I find some form of happiness.

I hope I will feel happy, joyful, fulfilled and not disappointed at any lack of progress. I don't have to accomplish everything, but it is important to me to feel that I'm on the right path. Maybe some of the things I felt were important this year won't feel that way next year and other areas may feel more urgent, more necessary. I want to feel that I spent my year in a meaningful way, physically, emotionally, spiritually.

It will be interesting to see where my life is then, as compared to where it is now. Hopefully I will have made progress towards being the best version of "me" that I can be. A lot can happen in a year, and then again sometimes surprisingly little can happen in a year. We'll see what the coming year has in store...

I hope that when I look back next September- that my sister's cancer really did provoke the wholesale change I've been needing for a while. That I was successful at re-shifting my focus and priorities towards my personal connections, and that I became less wasteful and am substantially closer to being debt free and am living within my means- building a financial safety net for the future.

I hope that I won't feel like the year's gotten away from me again. But even if it does (to some extent, it always does!), I hope I will have the courage to stand up to some of the same challenges, since I know nothing can ever be 100% resolved. All I really want is to grow in my relationships - with God, my husband, my family, and my friends. Oh, and it'd be nice if I really do have the first draft of that novel completed.

I'll probably be surprised, because I won't remember it! I hope I'll have the answers to some of my questions for definite, and that I'll have at least started to improve in the other ones about the future. They might make me laugh at my silly younger self!

Hopefully, I'll have accomplished everything I wished I had done, pass my classes and have met someone important, live life to the fullest and travelled and grown as a person. *Hopefully*

I don't think that much will have changed in a year. I think something personally "cataclysmic" needs to happen in order for things to change. Oddly enough, some of the answers to the 10Q questions could be considered "cataclysmic" events that cause change. Maybe I'm just HOPING for something to happen so I can react to it by changing. That's depressing, haha.

I'll probably feel awful because all of the changes I wanted to make won't have happened. I already knew everything that I was and am and continue to do wrong. These questions kind of just brought up bad feelings. But I don't regret doing it.

I will probably think my answered are a little overly dramatic. I do hope I am happier in all areas... a humbler state of mind, a stronger bond with my family (in terms of visiting), accomplished goals in my career (SGT P, if not SSG, GS 7, a good ALC score, BS started) and a confirmed stability with Zen. I want to be one year closer to a challenging career and family of my own.

I'll be a mom this time next year, so probably pretty overwhelmed and discouraged. I think the only purpose of this is recording the hopelessness of this generation for posterity.

In a year I'm pretty sure I'll feel surprised for I'll probably forget all about this. I'm hoping to have put myself forth into my dreams and goals and will be in a happier place. From answering these questions, I'm sure I will reflect upon what I answered and will be able to smile at my success.

I hope there is resolution to my marital and financial issues

I hope things will be really straightened out in my relationship. In general I hope for the best no matter what that is, but I am really hoping it is a solution where we end up making it work together. I hope I don't read the answers I gave this year and feel the same way; I'd like to think I'll make great strides with the things with which I struggle and that a year from now I'll be proud about how much has changed or improved.

i hope i will feel that i have fulfilled my goals. i think my life will be different because i will be in partnership. i have set my intention to have light in my life and more joy. i choose to honor this new relationship and this partner leaving behind old wounds at last. i will feel honored and safe. the other day when i was answering question # 7 or # 8 as i finished typing and ended the sentence with a period the universe showed up with exactly what i'd stated were my intentions. this is powerful stuff...

I imagine I'll have found some of my own answers to these questions, be them the same ones predicted or new ones unforeseen. I hope to be healthier, happier, and more satisfied with my art experience. A companion would be nice too, but this isn't a wishing star...

If Alex stays healthy, I will be happy. If I stay mindful, I will be happy. If Julie and I can fish for striped bass, I will be happy. If Linda and I continue to grow together, to learn, to laugh, to love, to travel, i will be happy. And if Yoshi and I make real progress on the Disability Rights Tribunal, i will be happy.

I think I'll be amused but hopefully pleased that some of the things I've said I want to do have actually been done.

I hope for some of them, I'll wonder why they were important and/or troubling. I hope I'll feel more settled about some issues. I hope I'll be pleased to see them, a bit like old acquaintances. It should be a bit like when I read past journals. I have really liked this experience -- a wee bit of time each day to focus on bigger issues.

The big things for me (and have been for so long) are my health/fitness, and career/life ambitions. My hope is that I remain focused and connected in order to enable me to achieve my goals. Both are ongoing quests not necessarily resolved/achieved within one year. But I hope to be in a different place to where I am right now, heading in a positive rather than negative direction. I hope to feel proud of my progress and optimistic about what is to come.

I hope too see that I have indeed addressed many of the issues raised by these questions. I also hope to be embarked on the next big adventure of my life, hopefully enrolled in a pastoral counseling or chaplaincy program.

A whole lot better, happier, healthy and stree free!!!! Hope I have money in the bank, savings, and a cash cushion.

The questions I have answered have been all about the topics I don't want to talk about or face. I hope that a year from now I will get these answers and celebrate my overcoming of the things that are in the dark corners of my mind.

I hope my life is better. The past two years have not been all that great but I try to keep a smile on my face and keep going and never give up.

I'm afraid that when I look back one year from now, absolutely NOTHING will have changed. I'll still be working at a crap-job just to pay the bills, body will still hurt, one year closer to the BIG 6-0 I'm NOT looking forward to at ALL, but that's about all in my life... On the OTHER hand... Maybe by this time next year, my agent will have found a buyer for at least ONE of my books, the lawsuit in Florida will get settled for big bucks so I can quit my dumb job, fix my body and move to Paris! Time to start on book #4? Why not?

I hope that I will read my answers with a greater sense of understanding and compassion. I hope to have let go of some my hang-ups and I hope I will have embraced bigger challenges to my mind and spirit. At the same time, I hope I will also retain some of my excitement and wonder at my chosen field and the world around me. I hope that my experiences between now and then only serve to increase that sense of wonder and awe, not diminish it. I want to let go what I need to let go and embrace what I need to embrace...

I hope the coming year will be at least as good as this one was. If everything stays the same as it is now, I will be happy. If we are lucky, things will be even better!

Hopefully all the pain that keeps coming back around for me in my life will be at rest and i will be at a more peaceful place where i can be still with the quiet, stop obsessing, and roll with the punches like gravy on mashed potatos. Hey friend: you are amazing, try to remember it and take care of your body, spirit and soul. much love yourself

i hope i'll be a lot more accomplished in a year from now. looking back at how i felt a year from now will be a good experiment. i hope that i will have a good job that i enjoy doing. from these questions i've learned that what ways mostly on me is my lack of a job and the fear of losing my mom. i hope by next year both of these things will be fixed!

I'd like to think I'll be wiser, kinder, and harder working, more generous of spirit. But I'm realistic. I might just be older.

I will admit I felt a little "stuck" when I got last years questions this year. I felt I had a lot of the same fears, hopes and questions. So I hope that when I get my answers in 2011 I will feel like I am a in a different place, and that I have less fears and more excitement for the year to come...

Well.. seeing as I have just undergone a major life change (graduated with my Master's degree, newly single after almost being engaged- living with someone for a year, moving far away).. I hope that I will feel more settled and be more concrete in the goals I have for myself. I also hope that I am more healthy.. more in shape.. less weight (not any particular weight, just less than I am now).

Hard to say. My answers have been primarily directed toward change. I think that only time can tell. Maybe receiving the emails will be a reminder of how important life is and that each new year is a chance for progress. If all is not resolved by Sept 2011 there is always Sept 2012! Thanks.

I'll probably be sick like I have been all week. It happens at the same time every year. I know I won't be any better off financially, in fact I'll probably be farther in the hole. However I hope I'll continue to be ok with that. I love my family and I love spending time with them no matter the cost.

I am afraid that I will have all the same questions and fears. I hope that I will be more fully present in each moment. I want to remember, "if you have a question, assume that the answer is yes."

Well, I think I will feel pretty good. I think receiving these answers a year from now will remind me of the moment when I decided to start being a conscious person again, the moment when I woke back up to myself. I know what I HOPE will be different in my life, but I have no idea what I think will be different. As far as I know, things could be exactly as they are now. I could be sitting at this desk again this time next year, filling out a new 10Q. It's a possibility, but it's not what I want. I guess learning to feel okay about that possibility is the best I can do. I do think that answering these questions has been helpful, pertinent in fact. I've had a lousy couple of months and have spent so much time in my own head that actually writing something down feels incredible. I hope to write some poems again soon because it is always a relief when I do and I guess I should state here, on the record, that I hope I write more poems this year then I did last year. I don't normally chide myself for not writing because by now I understand my own creative patterns, but writing does ultimately make me feel better and I need to allow myself to feel better. I need to do things that will bring good feelings about, instead of just wallowing, which is a waste of time, and is in fact super boring. So here is to a new year filled with love and the drive to keep navigating through the turbulence. I want to allow myself and those around me grace.

I hope that in the next 12 months I can confront my fears, frustrations and bad habits - ridding myself of all of them and be in a place of peace, security and happiness. Non-medicated of course!

I have no idea how I will feel and would not insult the universe by attempting prediction. I'm learning a lot about the unknown and about letting go my need to know what's going to happen next. What I'm focusing on is trusting myself and my ability to negotiate my life as it happens. I hope that when I read this again I have cultivated my powers of concentration to immerse myself more fully into the now, and am able to enjoy the abundance of the present moment.

I think I'll remember this time in my life, and have a new perspective on it. I'll be like looking back on the path I've climbed, and seeing how far I've come. I hope I will feel accomplished for the past and hopeful for the future. Things are looking up from here, I know it!

Now that my girlfriend and I are happy not only in our relationship but in our jobs and the place we're living, the onus is on us to achieve our goals. For me, that means, paying off my credit cards, starting my business, building a design portfolio and applying for grad school. There's something else I'd like to do, but it would be inaccurate to call it a goal.

I hope to feel grateful for another year of health and happiness for me and mine. I hope I'll look back and think I've gotten better at loving and at savoring life.

I have always been delighted at the prospect of a new day A fresh try One more start With perhaps a bit of magic waiting somewhere behind the morning. Author Unknown.

Gosh, I hope that I do what I plan on and hope I get to the goals I have set. Not sure if that will happen and will be sure to try not to set myself up for disappointment as most of these things really are lifelong journeys. But I am a girl that likes RESULTS! I would really just like to have a relatively finished house, a comfortable spiritual life and be on my chosen career track- not to mention maintain my wonderful relationships and all the love I have in my life!

I hope I feel I've made progress in all the question areas. On a personal level I've been fairly stagnant since becoming a mother. Oh, I've grown in many ways that only being a parent can induce, but the things that are truly my personal goals are on the back burner. As my boys get older I'm starting to look at the back burner more and prepare to move those things back to the front!

I will feel like Chris Pine did when he found out that sex makes babies. Or like Jake Gyllenhaal when he eats his sandwich/snack.

I know, that I'll want to have better control on my weight, and my brain. This year is the first year I'm not putting all my stock in what I'll be like by next year, and just trying to take it one day, one hour, one meal, one run at a time. I know I can do these things, today has already been an example of taking it one step at a time. I hope I can see growth in myself, in that I have learned to work better with myself, and that I have learned to love myself better.

I hope that by then I'll have managed to change what I have to, to do what I wanted to. I hope my future will be a little bit clearer to me (but not too much), that I'll have decided what to do, wich path to follow and maybe I'll even be riding it by then. I hope I'm thiner, healthier, happier, sucessful and in love with the world and with life.

I hope I will be starting my first semester of law school. I think I will be more focused on taking care of myself. I'm afraid I'll be disappointed in myself. I hope that I will have the courage to realize that as I move forward through life what is important is to keep trying; I will fail, I will succeed, I will do and I will not do. In all of it, I should strive to be me and to be better.

Today I'm feeling a little cynical and I think most of the questions were kind of stupid. Maybe next year I'll be more reflective and easy going.

I don't know...this year it was cool to read the answers from last year and see that I actually was pretty authentic in my responses. I also am looking forward to reviewing the year in the context of being a new mom (just as last year's questions were in the context of being a newlywed). I just hope with a new baby I'll have the time to read and reflect!!

I hope September 2011 finds me in a happy, stable, loving relationship; as the proud and successful owner of the new business venture I'm starting, along with my current business; as healthy as I am today; and full of a sense that things are more stable and solid than they feel right now. I hope to look back at my answers to this year's questions and marvel a bit at how far I've come. (When I looked back this year at last year's answers, I was a bit disappointed at how much has stayed the same or changed very little.) Most of all, I hope to feel effusively, pervasively happy.

Well, I know things will be different. We will have been married just a few months. I hope that my life has calmed a bit. I hope we keep our promise to each other and to our friends that we will continue our relationships as individuals, not just a couple.I hope to feel more inspired. I've lost that happy feeling that I used to have and replaced it with anxiety. I have a lot to do, certainly, but I don't want my lists to run my life. AND I am aiming to be completely out of debt!!! which would be freakin awesome. Joy!

I would like to think that I've improved... Become less of a doormat, and more assertive, self confident, and aware... I'd like to think that I've become a better person, partner, and more creative... I'll try to make improvements on every aspect of my life that I've gone over in this questionnaire... If I'm successful, then great... If not, I'll try again... Isn't that all that one can ask??

I think I will have completed some of the goals I mentioned in my 10Qs which will make me feel satisfied. I hope that by then I'll have decided what steps I wish to take academically. I hope I'm making myself proud. And I guess I just hope I'll be happier than ever since that's basically been the pattern of yearly change in my life for the past 4 years.

I'm hopeful that I will have resolved my health issues, that my personal life will be more balanced and I will be a much happier person.

Personally, I hope to be a mother by September 2011. Professionally, I hope that I have full-time work: either continuing to teach adjunct at two colleges, or a full-time position at one. Emotionally, I hope that I have found peace and stability with whatever the outcomes of the above situations.

I hope, I hope I will feel proud of myself. No, wait. there's something in that tone that doesn't feel right. I hope for some kind of combination of satisfaction and acceptance. My writng project is a big theme. The hope for a second child is a big background theme. So with those things in mind, the year ahead holds a press for hard work, and many unknowns. I hope I work hard and feel good about it, and I hope I forgive myself for not meeting all hopes and expectations...It seems like I tend to expect and want a lot, which can get in the way of enjoying and appreciating what I have. So, I hope I have worked hard. Been gentle with myself. And felt grateful for life.

I don't know. I'd like to have a job and be more resolute on where I stand with my lady. I hope most of all that things have changed for the better in my relationship with God and others. I want to love him more and love others with an unprecedented boldness and selflessness in my life. I want to do dangerous things that require me to depend on God. I don't want to be bound by my desire for recognition for me or for fun things like cameras, computers and cars. I want my life to be characterized by love for God and people. Period.

I hope that I have seen God to crazy things in my life again. I hope that I have been spontaneous and found joy. As far as what I want to be different, I don't have any plans except to watch for open doors.

I think that I am following the right steps in my life right now. I'm doing the footwork in my life for the first time and I have full faith in gods path. I'm hoping to be in a solid relationship, have a job where I can support myself.

Wow. Good question. I'm hoping I will be healthier. That certain questions about my adult children will be settled or answered. And that my husband still has a job. But, sometimes life takes you down paths that you didn't even know were there.

I hope I have a job that I like and that we're financially more stable in a year from now. I also hope that I've really expanded my art business and have a routine going and I'm sending art to conventions and showing in local galleries as well.

I think I might be disappointed to find that my answers are short and not as in-depth as they could be. I'm on a roll keeping up or catching up with other things in my life right now (work, email, etc) and not feeling in a particularly reflective mood. I'll be interested to see next year if I find my answers to these questions to be too simple and brief, or if I find them interesting/useful. I think the biggest thing that will help me in answering these questions is that it'll be the start of a new tradition and I'll most likely answer them again next year as well. What I hope will be different about my life next year at this time is pregnancy/child-rearing. I'm not trying to plan this anymore, just watching my body as my cycle slowly gets back to normal after birth control. I hope to be pregnant in the next few months, but we'll see. I'd also like to be back down to my usual athletic weight. Those may be mutually exclusive goals. Since being pregnant right away would complicate my life, timing-wise, it may be that I focus on being athletic first for a few months, and then get back into the ttc business in December or so. Also, I'm not sure that my life *should* be all that different at this time next year. I'm in a pretty good place all around, and change for the sake of change is not always good or even necessary. I don't mind continuing along on my current path in my current circumstances for a while. I have modest goals I'm working on and don't feel the need for major renewal in my life right now. I actually hope that that *isn't* different at this time next year.

I hope by then I will not be unemployed, will be more spiritually balanced, and ready for the next step in my evolution as a human being, faults and all.

Hard to know how I'm going to feel. I do think things will be very different for me. Given the transition state of my marriage at this point, I am very optimistic for what the future holds. Things will be better. What I want to say to my future self: 1. Last year you were feeling very happy and optimistic about the future. Yes, things are in flux. Yes, there is risk in all of your opportunities. But, ultimately, your kids are going to be doing fine - they'll be getting enough time with you and will be healthy, regardless of where you are living and how much you're seeing them. Yes, not all of your relationship choices are perfect. But you're working on them. You'll have what you want. If things are going well, please take a step back and reflect on how hard you worked to get where you are. If they are not, then remember how optimistic you were a year ago, and get back on track. 2. Job - Hopefully you're taking more control over your job situation, or have found some peace in complacency. 3. Physical health - this time last year you were grinding your teeth. Hopefully that's gotten better. Also, at this time last year, you weighed 175-178 pounds and looked great. If you're there still, congratulations! celebrate. If not, get back on the exercise wagon.

I don't know how I'll feel really... maybe I would feel satisfied in knowing that I accomplished everything I said I'd want to do or maybe I'd feel disappointed if I didn't. I don't know where I'll be because anything can happen... anything.

I have tried to answer these questions differently than with a 'new year resolution' sense. This time of my life has been so utterly challenging... personally, internally and externally challenging.... not, thank God and for this I am grateful, too physically challenging (besides one or two things I wish I was in a better position to look into). But this challenge... this 'edge of the edge' living must stop. And I hope that when 2011 September rolls around I will have addressed the things I have explored over the last ten days and not feel..... 'well, they are still on the list!' I hope my life will be a strong one.... that the strength, passion, intellect, experiences, perspectives, insights, vision and talents that I do have..... override the fears, insecurities, etc. that I am allowing to lead me currently. I learned something enormous from question 9.... and likely 1-8 led to that answer. So I hope that I do become a 'warrior' again but this time so that it sticks.... so that I insist on my right to be here.... and understand the value of it..... in that way, I can do my work on this planet in this lifetime.... whatever it is..... with joy and acceptance..... and, hopefully, less self-imposed struggle. IF I achieve that, then maybe by this time next year I will be ready to let love into my life in a healthy way. But.... not yet I think.... not yet......

Reading through my previous answers shows a clear aversion to risk- basically I have a good life that I enjoy and I hope nothing changes too much within the next year. Most of all I hope to get a good bonus and raise at work in January, make good progress on drums and guitar, and join another band, and improve my skills with women (and enjoy the fruits of my efforts). but of course these goals are all just natural evolutions of the things I do everyday. In some sense, it's not necessary that I do anything spectacular, just that I stay the course and avoid making any big mistakes in my life. “Champions are champions not because they do anything extraordinary but because they do the ordinary things better than anyone else.”

I think I'll feel excited about the future and proud of how far I've come in realizing my dreams and goals, especially when it comes to photography. I think I'll be getting ready to have a baby, my business will have grown and I'll be more settled in the relatively new path I've created - both personally and professionally. Overall, I think I'll look back on 2010 and acknowledge that though the economic climate was tough, I was able to create a quality of life far superior to what I enjoyed before. If necessity is the mother of invention...

I think I will feel nostalgic, probably disappointed in myself for not being philosophical. I hope I will be smarter, I hope I will be happier, I hope that I will have a greater handle on life. Just happy. I hope I'm more aware of my world around me, and that there are bigger things than me, bigger things than all of this. Yeah.

Hopefully I will see my answers and say, "yeah, I worked on that, and I'm progressing." Not perfect, not completed, but moving forward. As a result, I hope my relationships will be stronger and I will be more centered as a person. Most of all, I hope that I will be able to feel like I own my successes and my setbacks.

I hope I'll feel accomplished, that I'll have made a real effort to make change happen. I hope I'll be more independent and successful. And happy, I really hope I'll be happy.

Hopefully at peace. No matter where I am and what I'm doing, hopefully I will remember to look around and see what is right with my world. I hope I'll have more steady employment, doing something I truly love. I think answering these questions, even just a few of them, will be important if I remember to pause, reflect, give thanks, and look within myself to see what truly makes me who I am meant to be.

I hope that I have taken action on the issues concerning me and that a new mind set and collection of challenges will be in place. I also hope that I will be encouraged by the progress I have made, strengthened by the work I have done to get there and ready to continue this adventure I call my life.

I hope I feel pride that I've achieved my goals and taken a HUGE personal step.

It will come as a surprise when I receive my answers next September 2011. I hope I will have accomplished my goals and life challenges by next September. My heart is ready to change and be part of life--omitofo

I hope that I will be well on the way to my financial goal of at least $400K in the bank and be very close to remarrying my ex-wife (Teresa). I believe that the questions are a sort of "restore point" to give me pause to reflect not only on the hopes and dreams that I have for the future, but as a reminder of the many blessings I have thus far received. I thank God and all of my friends in this endeavor to recover from the divorce emotionally and endure the separation that is supposed to be the beginning point of reconciliation. God Bless us all in this next year!

I think I will not be surprised by my answers. I hope that as a reflection on them I stuck to my commitments and making myself a better person who is more aware of life and what goes on outside of my little world. I hope I am a more positive and spiritual person by then, through acknowledging the importance of introspection.

I will be curious..................I have learned that what was on my mind a year ago is no longer important...................................we'll see

I think I'll feel free. Because [hopefully] I'll be living somewhere new and starting my life again. I'll be married by then, maybe even pregnant. I hope to be on the road back to my old self. And thinner.

I'm hoping I've achieved or overcome some of the topics we've discussed in these questions. I want to feel like I've grown and improved my life.

I hope I will be proud of the changes I have made in the past year, but I am afraid that I still won't have the motivation to change and develop my lifestyle to become healthier for my mind, body and spirit.

I think I'll feel like I've accomplished a great deal in the past year and hopefully that I've grown a lot as a person. I hear from many people that your life doesn't really start until you are thirty, so as I approach my thirtieth birthday, I hope that I am proud of the accomplishments I have achieved and feel worthy of beginning a new chapter of my life.

One of the most meaningful compliments I've ever received was when a friend told me I was an actualizer. It meant a lot to me because that's what I strive to be! I hope this exercise puts my brain and spirit in a more focused place, so that I am open to receiving the gifts and lessons I've asked to receive.

I think I'll feel wistful remembering my time at the sustainable community farm where I've spent this season, and hopefully positive about the decisions that I've made since. I hope to have decided how to pursue learning about sustainable food systems—whether formally in a graduate program or informally by continuing to live and work on a small-scale sustainable farm.

September 16, 2011 will mark a year to date when my Stipulation for Divorce transpired (after the court has documented all paperwork, I'll be officially divorced in November, 2010) and I intend to be in one of the best places of my life - happy, healthy and optimistic. The new chapter has begun and I intend to live my life fully, with joy, gratitude and openness. This is it, I have the opportunity to reinvent myself, my outlook, my ambitions, my desires. This past journey has been arduous, full of sadness, hope, expectations (met and unmet), but in the end, I know that I gave of myself fully and unconditionally. Although my ex-husband betrayed my trust to pursue his happiness, I can sleep at night knowing that the man I married, the man I loved, is not the man who sat across from me in divorce proceedings. He is lost forever. I just hope that someday I can forgive him and then I'll know that I have completely healed.

I think I will feel joy at having moved forward in my journey, embracing goals I have made or rejoicing that those goals have been changed or dsicarded in favor of other goals. I hope that I will continue to see my life as a journey--my own unique journey. And I hope that the time I have taken to reflect on my journey through these questions will be something I continue to do beyond these 10 days.

I'm not sure how much of this will actually be different. Hopefully I will be in a different job or a happier situation by then. I will probably be even busier, barring some extreme change of lifestyle. Things aren't perfect with my life, but somehow I still feel like I am doing what I need and want, albeit imperfectly or under difficult constraints. All I want is to feel like an actual year has passed...full of memories, experiences, and joy - that I can look back on and be grateful for.

I think I'll remember all my answers, and I don't think much will have changed. But I do think I'll be different, if only because I will be used to college...kind of.

I think i'll be excited to see my answers again, because I'm into the time capsulation thing. I like to see how I have changed over the years, and the cycles of thought that I posess. I hope I can re-realize everything that has been important to me over the years, and learn from myself as a different person, one year younger.

Well first off I hope that I will be moved out of my in-laws... if I am not someone please call the looney bin and tell them I need a room. I hope that things will be different with my relationships as well and that maybe the people in my life will have removed their heads from their hind ends. I should also be graduated from my AA degree and starting my bachelors... God willing and the creek don't rise. And for what it is worth I really hope that I can look back and the answers I've submitted and have a better perspective on what is going on in my life at that point. It helps, sometimes, to remember what is important and I know these answers will do that for me.

I hope I won't be struggling with some of the same roadblocks that keep me going in circles now. I hope I'm healthy and happy and moving on with lots of fun, new work, travel, and learning projects underway.

I'll probably have forgotten all about doing this, & I probably won't have acheived anything on this list, either. Oh well.

My hope is that none of the answers will cause me regret.

I think it will be a pleasant surprise, and also a chance to reflect on the year. With my new work assignment and a baby on the way, this year will bring a lot of change!

I hope that my husband and I are living elsewhere, that I'm fitter and happier and closer to understanding what it is I want to do with my life, and he is happy studying whatever it is he chooses to study.

What am I going to feel like next Sept when I turn 67.....I hope it's better than I feel about turning 66 next week. I hope & pray that my inheritance will have come thru long before 9/2011, & that I'll be living comfortably in Mexico....& hopefully will have found (or been found by) a man who's as good (or better) company, as smart, as interesting, as funny, & as exciting as the one who left me in May, but one who's NOT sociopathic! I'm afraid I'll never get over this loss, & that I'll be suck into major geriatric depression by then if something doesn't change drastically in my life. I hope that my son will be prospering as a result of our inheritance & that he'll be happily mated with a good woman.....& that all the grandchildren will also be thriving.

I hope that by then I've managed to address the deep-seated emotional problems that I've noticed over the past few months. I've had them my entire life, probably. But I've never been in a place where they actually mattered until now. Problems with feeling comfortable and safe among people, trusting them, understanding how they see me, caring about them. I hope I can genuinely do these things by next year. Right now I'm faking.

I hope that many things will be different. I hope that I have accomplished many things. I want to let go of these insecurities and feel comfortable and confident. I hope that I am engaged to him and have a life of my own and I am not afraid to speak up for myself. I hope that I have direction in my life and I know what I am doing and I am happy with it.

I hope that I can gain a little piece of perspective about myself, self-reflection is never a bad thing. I hope that I've buried some of the fear and uncertainty, and that I am still exactly who I want to be.

I hope that I will have sustained my exercise program and that I will have gone on a weight reduction program and stuck to it so that i can have my surgery next spring.

I just hope that I will have accomplished some of my goals. I've put so much off for so long, so I'm worried that I will be really angry with myself. I hope not!

I feel as though these questions will help me to understand how I was thinking now. My thinking processes change from time to time, and it will be nice to see how I responded to questions now and how I will feel about them then. I hope that I will continue on the path I have outlined in these questions and that the next time I fill them out, I won't be merely repeating the same answers for yet another year.

I think my life will be so different and more things than I can count will have happened. Probably things I could not have even imagined or expected which is the glee of life. I think I will see how my thinking one year ago was and if I was out of my mind or if I was really focused. I will also see that if there were changes I wished to make, did I make them, was I really serious about changing that aspect of my life. Only time will tell as we can all have good intentions and be big talkers. So did I walk the walk, not just talk. I hope to be in a confident healthy relationship. I imagine my daugher will be amazing and I will have more and love and friends in my life. I imagine more peace.

I think I'll be more secure and happy with where I am in my life-- I think my future plans will be more definite and planned out than they are now. I hope that I'm still close to my best friends/housemates-- Sam and Elizabeth are the best girls to have ever entered my life. I think they'll be sticking around for a while, though. I'm sure my responses to these questions will reveal something about myself... It will be interesting to see what changes in the course of a year, that's for sure.

I will feel strong and pensive and ready to move on. I will be proud of my new relationship, my book and ready to tackle a ton of new projects and to help others do the same.

I hope to feel nostalgic - like looking at baby pictures. I hope to see growth. I would like there to be great (positive) contrast between then and now. I hope September 2011 to offer great stability in my creative career, finances and love life.

There will be no hope - because I know that I will be a better person by then. Everything I touched on were things that were attainable and goal oriented. They were progressive and helpful. But if you're going to throw hope on there, I hope I don't screw it all up.

I will be more committed to service and reaching critical mass of consciousness toward a more peaceful just & sustainable world.

I think I'll feel nostalgic about the whole thing, I hope my life will definitely be moving in the direction I want it to, and I hope that I will have made a more conscious choice to push my life in the direction I want by consciously answering and thinking about these questions.

I know I'll be in a different location, and i'll be married so that'll be sweet. hopefully by then I will have worked on my selfishness issues and really just worked on looking forward instead of looking back as i often tend to do. but i guess we'll just have to wait and see.

I hope I feel more peaceful. I hope I see some success in my relationship with my husband and with my professional goals. I hope I am smiling more.

I've never done this process before, so it's hard to anticipate what this will feel like one year from now. I hope I have addressed the issues I've written about and made progress where I want to in my life. That would especially mean that I am very solidly in a good, committed place in my relationship, and that I have deepened my spiritual practice through my Mussar work and am showing up as the person I want to be in the world much more of the time.

I think it might be a bit sad looking back through my answers, I dunno. Might make me laugh at how silly I sounded when I first answered them. I hope I can look back and laugh about them, should be fun. Looking forward to it.

By the time September 2011 comes around, I'll be 21 and hopefully will have experienced a whole slew of new things. I feel like I'll probably think some if my answers were silly, but I also hope they 'll make me realize how much can change in just a year. I hope that the bad things in my life will be better and the good things in my life will be just as good. I hope that my friendships will continue to flourish and I hope that I remember to not let things just happen around me, without me having an active role in them. I really think answering the questions have helped me realize what goals I really have for the next year and what I really want to accomplish.

I hope that I will have attracted a great love partnership, and that my work feels fulfilling and BUSY. I also hope to feel good in my body -- painfree, lithe, flexible and healthy.

I hope that I will have lose a major amount of weight, updated my wardrobe, and become a happier person. And I hope I will be with a person who genuinely cares for me.

What I will be, and what will be different is that I will be another year older. I don't foresee any other change based on anything I might have written in these boxes.

I think it will be cool to see my awnsers becouse I will be able to tell how much I have grown mentally since then.

I hope I'll feel calm and more collected, and more sorted on my life path. I hope I'll have passed my degree and be happy with my grade, and preparing to begin a PGCE course. I hope I will be happy, and not dwelling on the small things so much, and I hope I'll have become more aware of other people who are important in my life and how my actions affect them.

I hope that I'll feel that I had some deep insight into myself. I expect that I will be struggling with some of the same things, but I also expect that I may have also made some important and perhaps challenging strides towards improvement. I suspect that either I'll have stopped worrying about my job, or I'll be worrying even more. :) I also suspect that I'll be thinking more intensely about having children. I hope that my relationship with my husband will have deepened and that we will be ready to expand our family.

I hope I'll be financially secure and believe in myself 100%.

Hopefully, I will have grown as a person and feel like I accomplished some of the goals. I don't want to change overnight, but if I do small little changes without affecting who I am completely, I'm okay with that.

I honestly don't know how I'll feel. Some of these questions feel a bit mundane, but if I forget that I did this or it goes to the back of my mind, it will serve as a nice placeholder for how I was thinking and where I was at with respect to these questions. I don't particularly hope anything will be different about my life as a result of these questions. I pride myself on being an introspective adult. I ask myself many questions like these very frequently. It is how I make sense of this crazy world. This set of questions is just an extension of that.

Last year I participated in a half-hearted manner. I answered the first three questions and then stopped- I just ran out of time. I promptly forgot about the whole thing until my answers were emailed to me a week or so ago. Even though there were only 3 answers- their impact with monumental. I was really touched by reading my thoughts from the year before and bemused by the fact that one of them I would still write today- still needs work. I want to try harder to accomplish what I wrote about this year so that in September of 2011 I can look back on these answers and say, "I did that!"

Well, I 'd like to think that all my answers will prove to be answers, rather than just wishful thinking. At the very least, it'll be interesting to be reminded of who I was a year ago.

Well, I hope that I'll look at these questions and smile because I've completely turned my life around. To be honest though, I think I'll probably be in the same spot doing the same things with my life a year from now. As sad as it is, I just don't know how to go about making change happen. These questions really have inspired me though. Hopefully I can carry that inspiration into the world and make myself the person I want to be.

I hope I'll be happy. I answered these all truthfully. I just hope I don't feel stupid next year while reading them. I realize that life is a gift - that it ends too soon. And hopefully if I'm feeling down next year, my answers from this year will make me realize that.

I feel pretty certain that life will be much the same in a year's time as it is today. Maybe a little worse, certainly if I'm not working offshore anymore. The trickledown effect of that is a weight to bear.

I hope I'll recognize that this bleak period is just that, temporary. I should have accomplished a fair amount in terms of school a and work but if I haven't, I'll be really upset. As for my relationship changes, they may take a bit more time but I hope to be more optimistic in a year than I am today. Having answered these questions will give me a concrete benchmark to measure my progress. If I had not answered these questions, I would not have a record of my hopes and expectations. This exercise introduces a bit of accountability into my life.

I hope I don't have the same answers to your questions next year...but chances are, I will still be me. I can only hope that I will grow at a steady pace and be kind and loving to myself and those around me, regardless of how much or little we have changed.

I feel like time has been speeding up on me. 2011 will be here in the blink of an eye if I don't do something to put on he brakes. When it does arrive, I know I'll be shocked that another year has slipped away so fast. Where did the time go? I was just sitting at the kitchen table with a (barely) 3 y.o. boy playing trucks in the living room, skipping the nap I so desperately wanted but, obviously he didn't, waiting for Jackie's bus to get here and for Frank to get back from his trip so we could all be together-- which has been rare. I don't complain about Frank's job too much. Ok, maybe on garbage day or if we've had another "Poopfest" over here. But, for the most part, I'm happy that he has a job he enjoys and is relatively well paid. When he isn't flying, we are together. For breakfast, for lunch and for dinner and everything in between, we make the most of everyday. It is hard though when he's away. We all miss him but we can't stop living. I try to save the fun stuff for when he's here but when the trip is long, it's impossible. Then, I carry some guilty feelings, "Frankie would have really enjoyed that..." I hope I can learn to balance life a little bit more. Take out the unimportant things and replace them with those that enrich my life and the lives of my family I'm hoping that this is the beginning of that process and that when I sit back down at this table in 2011, I'm please with the progress. So, am I?

Hopefully, by then some of the questions I have currently will have been answered (positively!) and undefined areas of my life will have taken shape. I will be well on my way to achieving goals; career, financial, romantic, etc.

I am returning home to San Diego next month. I am hoping/praying that my life will become more full...with family, friends and life! Sad that it took 9 years away to show me I never should have left. I want to spend more time with my grandkids..doing all the things I used to do with their dad. Zoo, beach..Disneyland! I want them to have a great life...full of fun and love! My biggest hope is to meet someone to share all this with

intrigued, nostalgic, revisionist... I want to worry less, and accomplish more. I hope that my professional situation will be more balanced and rewarding, and my personal situation calmer and more enriching.

I hope my weight will be down or that I will be pregnant with baby number 2. If I'm not pregnant with baby 2, I hope my husband and I start seriously thinking about moving back into Center City. I don't know if these changes would necessarily be as a result of answering these questions.

I hope I am happier with my weight. I hope my dad is felling better all the time, I hope my mom has more time to relax and be stress free. I hope I am an assistant manager at AE. I hope I am in a relationship with someone I love.

I hope I'll have explored life beyond my current job/career. To have explored a life of real writing. To be meditating/yoga/hiking every day. To have made deeper/richer/more loving connections with the people in my life. To be a better person every day, by giving, smiling, and being at peace with who I am.

I normally feel embarrassed when I read through old journals, letters, etc., but I am hoping that I will not be embarrassed this time around. I also hope that I remember my answers and that I will have spent some time not being afraid.

I hope that when next year rolls around I am able to reflect on how it all got resolved; the questions and issues and doubts and situations. Next year, I will try and reconstruct the anxiety and fears that I feel now, and not really be able to do so. I will wonder what it was I was so worried about, why I did not trust. Even though it may not "turn out" the way I might like; even though things I may dread may occur; even though wonderful things I cannot imagine may happen, I hope that I can say, "Baruch HaShem, Gam Z' L'tova!" (Praise G-d, This too for the good!)

I think I'll feel tired because of a rambunctious 6 month old baby, but also energized by being a good husband and setting a good example for my child. I want to be a daddy to be proud of.

I hope to have met or be on the way to meeting some of the goals I talked about these last ten days. I talked about being more physically fit, more independant, being in more of a creative mindset, and being more financially sound. I know I don't have to be all the way there but I know that I need to be on the way. Somewhere along the way. I've been through a lot in the last few months and they could be seen as a setback. Or they could be seen as another step in life. I guess that is what they are. I have a lot to learn and figure out. I hope I'll be closer to figuring some things out by this time next year.

I believe by stating my desires and intentions, I will have the will to create a life of abundance. I will have the awareness to see the opportunities where I can make my dreams a reality. I will live a more balanced, integrated life.

A: I’ll be curious and excited of course, But I don’t see too much changing. Hopefully, I will have made more friends, I will be more proficient with my art, I wont lose anyone, I’ll be healthy if not healthier, I will have more knowledge because I will study anything that catches my curiosity, I will see more of the world, I will write more. I’m going to save this list and work on it through out the year.

I think I'll recognize myself in my 2010 answers, and I expect to have similar striving in 2011. I hope to be more confident in my capacity to effect change in my life, and more relaxed about my place in the world.

I think I'll be excited to see what I wrote and interested to see if I gained insight from my musings this year.

Was watching some U2 video this morning on their site. Thinking about Villoldo's notion of integrating all of what we've been into who we are now ("Illumination"). Thinking about riding that bike path and listening to those songs from "No Line On The Horizon." Knowing that my memory of this time will be of That Place where I saw the buck on my first walk. I hope to God next year I am as close as I can possibly imagine to Ruby and Grace at this time. I'm not sure if I care about any of the rest, but I know I have to because all of the rest is what creates my ability to be in the world and be close to them. Hoping that the following - from "Illumination" - has some resonance: "A death of our previous identify... A new creature, emerging gloriously from the primordial ooze that was our former life. Shaking off the muck and the fear, we turn our face to the Sun and move forward boldly in our new skin." Or, perhaps, our blue skin. Avatar blue.

I think I'll feel surprised by what has changed and what hasn't - just like 2009. I'd accomplished the things I'd forgotten about and not accomplished the things I hadn't. :-)

I hope to sit down, have some good food, and discuss the questions, answers and what has occurred in my Families Life with my daughter. Personally, I hope to have better control of myself physically and to have discovered a passion I can't stop pursuing. I can hope that passion maybe writing, but I can't answer that question, now. I have always used that as an excuse: writing A personal passion will be worthwhile for me and the people whose lives I am sharing.

I hope that I will be challenged by these questions and held accountable by the answers in 2011. I want to be where I hoped and wished to be. I want to be at a place of ease and calm where i can be a proud mother and partner. I hope that I will have grown, gained more knowledge, and still probably not have made it 100%. It is a cycle, and I will keep circling back - without that, we can't move on.

I think I'll feel sorry for myself and how I felt this year. Maybe I'll see myself as a bit of a sucker. I will be in a winning mood again. I'll have a thriving business or job. I'll get there, eventually

I hope I won't feel the same way- I want the current pressures I have to be resolved and replaced by then. I hope to be more focused on my family, on our path and on our choices, with more clarity as to our greater picture.

peace and a sense of accomplishment.

I hope that I have completed the steps. That I have found a community. That I am a stronger, more spiritual person. That I can take life as it comes, on life's terms.

I hope to have my financial house in order within the next year. I have a couple of businesses percolating and I hope that one or both will take off! I am not sure that I will be thinking about these questions during the next year - but I am sure that reading them will make me think and reflect in preparation for next year's days of awe.

I'll feel good to see how much I'd have moved from where I was the previous year. I know that a lot of the things I currently worry about would be a thing of a distant past then. Insufficient budget to cover my monthly expenses, managing a home in Pta, obsessing about a boyfriend, being new with no confidence in own abilities - all these will be a thing of the past. I'd be staying in my own renovated quarters with peace and quiet. I'd be closer to God than I even am right now.

I hope my relationship with my brother will have healed in that he and I will have worked on it TOGETHER or that I, and my daughters, will find a peace within to live with it as he has left it.

I'm hoping that I will be somewhat of a better person than I am right now. Be it spiritually, intellectually, physically - in my career or in my relationships. I'm hoping to learn, and by then have enacted, that I can't change others, I can only change myself - and I hope to, for the better, with each passing year.

I'm sure I will still be working on some of the same questions. I hope I will have made progress and am at least as happy as I am right now, if not more so.

I think I'll have made a tiny step forward as (quoting my father) I continue to fall behinder and behinder.

I think and hope my relationship with my wife is healthier as a result of having done this.

I hope that I will have made the commitment to healthful living style, to being more trusting of those around me and to feel more secure in my own strengths, and able to admit my weaknesses and be comfortable with them, rather than so hard on myself. I really hope that I can focus on the positives in my life for the next year.

I hope that I will have continued practicing on portraits and have reached a new level of competency.

I hope I feel better, but maybe nothing will have changed. Who knows? Only time will tell.

The mortgage will be finshed so we should be better off. Hopefully I've got a reasonably well paid job. The grandson will be 9months old and my wish is for him to be healthy. i'm also hoping that the claim for my head injury iss complete by sept 2011. Thinking about my answers it all seems to be around me losing my job and Diane being pregnant. All i want is for us all to be happy and healthy.

I hope to be happier with my life. This time in my life is really hard because I don't know what I want to do. I'm sad because I'm done with school and at a job that is sure to end soon. I'm depressed because every single one of my friends has someone in their life and I like a guy with a girlfriend. I hope to get over my insecurities with myself and be more comfortable with who I am. Ideally, I hope to have someone in my life so I don't feel so alone all the time.

I hope that I will feel inspired. I will feel introspective. I hope that I will feel thankful. I'm not sure what will be different.

I believe life is like a spiral and we keep dealing with the same things over and over again (like Sisyphus). With luck (and hard work), next year I may be more graceful, thoughtful, and aware than I am now.

I hope I'll feel accomplished. My problem is procrastination, though. I tend to feel like I have a lot of time until crunch-time comes around. I don't mind doing homework like that (to a certain extent), but I don't want to live my life putting things off and thinking I have a lot of time. So, I hope I have taken advantage of all the opportunities that have come my way, because I know I am so privileged to have them.

Feeling great about all the improvements I've made in my life in the last 12 months. I hope that I'll have a plan for my future and be acting on it.

I am feeling pessimistic and down right now, so my instant answer is that I will be disappointed. However, ever the Libra, I have an optimist side. So there is a part of me that says that I can put this in a time capsule, look at it again next year, and realize that I did improve, I did mature, over 5771.

These questions made me feel more instrospective than even going to Temple. When I revisit them next year, I want to see that some progress has been made...some movement in the direction of the aspirations and hopes I found when thinking about these answers. More peace and acceptance....

I'm always fascinated by the chance to connect to me at a different stage of my life.When I see my old answers, I'll probably try to put myself mentally where I was then and see how things have evolved. I don't really hope I'll have changed as a person too much, but I really love the direction my life is going right now and I really hope that I'll be able to say the same then. It'll be good to see - whether I'm content where I am in a year or not - if I've generally followed the plan laid out here. In another year, maybe I'll be able to better judge how realistic my academic and life goals are - and I truly hope I'm just as optimistic.

I hope that I will feel that this was the start of the next step on my journey toward wholeness. I hope I will see my answers and know that I'm in a better space, that I've grown and learned a lot, and have made a lot of progress in healing. I hope I will be more self-accepting and more open to letting others in my life.

I hope that I will have found the motivation to get the results I need at uni. I also hope that i will feel better and more confident in myself and that I will have more of a life outside my uni work.

I think i'll feel happy about my life and any progress i've made. But at the same time, I will probably feel like not that much has changed. I hope to be more conscious of the things that are within my control to change. My emotions and behaviors. External things like job, money, girlfriends are less under my control. I hope to continue to feel close with my friend and family. Hopefully meet new people and experience new things.

It will be kind of painful to look back at my answers. Fall of 2010 was right in the middle of a tough time in our family. I hope that by reflecting I can learn.

Presently, it is 1:57PM on September 17, 2010 and I have yet to look at or answer any of this years 10Q. Succinctly, I've been busy. So as far as my answers go, I'm not sure yet because I haven't had the time to give an answer. What I know though is that I very much enjoy seeing my answers one year later. I also enjoy thinking about the questions that are asked. I'm not sure what will be different, but I hope that any goals I set for myself in the coming year will be accomplished.

Last year, I answered the questions as a whim, but so much of what I wrote was true and productive in my year. I want that same sense of wow-satisfaction in 2011. I hope to have made good on my promises to value my creativity and to be braver in putting myself out there. That would make me quite proud.

I hope to feel the lightness that comes with agency, the joy that comes from a year of right relationship with those I love, and to have created a more steady flow of intuition, discernment and action. I hope those about whom I am worried will be well, and that the political climate will be more loving; that we all may be.

I don’t know that I have the grand expectations for change that I once had. I hope that I can continue to develop and nurture those relationships that are meaningful, find pleasure in living life, and become more comfortable in my own skin. I feel like I’ve done a pretty good job of working toward these goals over the last year and I’d like to continue on this path.

I'm looking forward to finding out.....as long as I progress in at least one way, I'll be happy.

dude, I may or may not feel the same way, but I hope I still look as young as I did Sept. 2010.

I hope I will feel as though I've grown in some way based on last year's answers. Perhaps it won't be to the full extent of what I recorded, but enough to make me feel gratified. i especially wish to feel less anxious about my future.

I hope I won't hate myself for letting another year pass without figuring out the secret to a peaceful, balanced life. I hope I'll have broken my 7-year streak of ignoring the gym and maybe even have taken my kids to Sea World.

Hopefully by next year my answers will be a lot happier and more freely written however I may have accomplished what I have said and could be in an even worse state. We shall have to wait and see...

I think I'll feel a lot different than today. I hope my familiy problems aren't here anymore. And maybe I'll be planning my trip to europe. It's going to be different. :)

I was excited when I received the answers to my questions from 2009. I think the year leading up to Rosh Hashana/Yom Kippur 2009 was perhaps more profound, impactful, transformative. This year, I had a much more difficult time answering the questions. I'm not sure if it was me or the times. I pray that the upcomming year provides me with opportunities for personal and professional growth, good health for me and my family, security and peace for Israel and security and prosperity for the United States.

Hopefully, I wrote ready my answers and find that nothing much has changed, as was the case this year. The major difference now, compared with last year, is that I'm now married and expecting more compromises and being met half-way by my spouse regarding our Jewish lifestyle and home and that my husband takes more steps to get his family to respect our union and need for space/privacy. I hope that by next year, my husband and I will have had a very good year plus of marriage and have less tumult and more happy moments. I hope we are closer to planning for a family and he can appeciate my need for our family to come first and foremost above all other things (his family, work, etc.).

I really hope that I feel better about myself than I do feel now. I hope that my life is going well, and that I'm happy. I hope at this time next year that I'm loving college and life and that I'm not disappointed in these answers. I want to see the change in the person I was now, and to who I will be when these answers are revealed. I really wish I could keep answering questions EVERY day. I really do love responding to them, and thinking about my life in ways I normally don't. I hope that when I read my answers, I feel satisfied. I want my answers to be something that make me feel accomplished. I hope that I will have accomplished some of my goals, like get my first kiss (a very childish one), get into a good college, have the best summer of my life, have a good school year, break out of my shell and many more. I also want to feel as if I've gone on a journey that started today and goes for the rest of my life. I want to see a change. I want to be a change. I want to be someone I can be proud of. I want to improve off who I am. I think that hopefully by September next year that I will discover who I truly am. I hope that the walls I put up to make myself feel safe have gradually broken down and I have let some special people through. I want to be able to talk to everyone, truthfully and have heart to hearts. I want to feel a CONNECTION with more people. I hope that all these things get possible. I want to WRITE a lot more. I have so many expectations on what I will feel. What if I feel nothing? What if I feel everything? I have no idea. I do know that I'll probably forget about what I answered to these questions and wonder, why was I thinking some of these things. Some of these answers were written childishly but I don't care. THIS IS ME.

I hope I look back and feel that I've accomplished the things I've set out to do. That I will be living in another place and that I have the career and love that I desire and deserve. I hope that I flourish with these changes and it will take me to new places and open my eyes to new goals.

New job me will feel good. AIU me will be miserable and likely to want to jump off a bridge. Taryn, if you're still at AIU in September of 2011, FUCKING QUIT. Your life is better than this. I hope I'm running up the stairs away from depression instead of slowly sliding into it like I am now. I hope my motivation and ambition is back.

I hope that my relationships will be way less complicated. I hope i won't be having random sex in exchange for cigarettes. I also hope that I will have figured out my school issues and my depression.

I think it will be a slow year. I hope that my reflexion had given some fruits.

A lot of people have said to me "this is your year." I don't really know why they are saying that and so far I don't really think that's true (except for my promotion.) But I'd like to look back and say "it was my year." I already know I'll be able to look back on some great trips and adventures, but I'd really like to see myself in a relationship and in a differnt phase in my life. I know I can't guarantee that, but I'd like to look back on these questions and feel like I actively pursued the answers.

It may seem like a lifetime ago. Things will continue to be going in a great direction for us. Getting fit, enjoying nature, meditating, loving life.

I hope next year at this time, I will be in a good place. I will feel secure and my family will be where they want to be. And at the same time I am worried that I may be in the same exact place.

Depending on what I have accomplished I will feel very happy and successful or I will feel dismal, defeated and as if another year of my life has been wasted. I fully intend on feeling happy and successful. Thinking about and answering these questions has made me most aware of my problems and goals so I hope that I will make a stronger effort and smarter plan for execution of my goals.

I hope that maybe i will have learned a little about myself by then. i am really in need of some direction in my life; i am sort of unmotivated. I really hope to be over the relationship issues i am going through by then. I really need to learn to love myself and see the potential inside me.

Disappointed. Hopefully I'll be less fragile and vulnerable. Perhaps I'll have better skills and increased knowledge of how to use them. A major road block, as Yogi would say, is "If you don't know where you're going, Any road will get you there". Progress requires having a well thought out, coherent, realistic goal to work towards and some reasonable hope of attaining it.

I hope to be a little more self sufficient. More independant. My strength should show, through my love of God.

I'll be remembering this time and making a self-evaluation of the past year and see if I did progress on my wishes, problems, desires, understandings and carreer.

I may not be alive but if I am I hope for better health.

I've noticed that all of my answers have pointed to giving something up, and taking risks for the Lord. I do not believe in coincidences. Whatever you are holding back on, stop it. It's not worth it. The pearl of great price. The rich man who wouldn't give up his money. What story do you want to be yours? Be authentic. Be irrational. Reckless Abandon. Now's your chance to really do something for Him. Will you surrender all? Will you overcome. It is my prayer today that you do. And God answers prayers that are according to His will. See you soon, my friend.

I hope to feel accomplishment at looking back at a full year in which there were many obstacles to overcome.

My hope is I will have put into action the desires, feelings and commitments I need to make for myself. I want to abolish the financial fear I have. I want to be healthier and fit. I want to have a spiritual and balanced life. I want my relationship to be solid and in full bloom with love as our guide.

I hope I will feel more secure and stable... like I have my feet firmly planted as well as a solid foundation to keep my there, no matter what direction I may be headed. I do not expect to have 'all the answers', or even any for that matter...but I do hope to have a clearer direction on where my life is headed. Also, single or in a relationship, I hope I will feel more independent - able to support myself, not be leaning on others, having the knowledge that no matter where the wind might take me, I will be okay.

I hope that I'll be more comfortable in my own skin. I hope that I will be comfortably settled in the college of my dreams. I hope that I'll have summoned up enough courage to just go out and do what I need to do to make a difference.

Hopefully I will have aquired all of my goals that I have set and feel strong and accomplished. I hope I reach a place of stabiilty with myself and focus in Life in which I am strong confident and content.

I hope my whole life is different; in a very good way. Everything that I have submitted, I hope comes true. I hope I know what I want to do with my life with college.

Wow, I don't know! A levels will have just started... hopefully you are doing them! No matter where. I enjoy talking to myself in the 3rd person? Watch all series of torchwood! STAY FRIENDS WITH HANNAH NADIA SADE MICHELLE. Talk to Chrissy more! TALK TO MORE PEOPLE AT GENERATOR, REALLY BETHAN I HOPE YOU HAVE. xxxxxxxxxxx God loves you! Christ dies for you, how amazing is that?! SPREAD IT.

Hopefully better than September 2010...feeling pretty rough right now. I hope that I will be living in my own place, in great health and making a decent living. (either doing my own thing or as an employee somewhere) I think that I am doing the "work" that God is asking me to do right now--and I am facing the music now, so I can dance to it later :)

I hope I'll be able to look at some of my answers, smile, and pat myself on the back for achieving them or overcoming the problem. I hope I can say, "My, how I've grown."

This has been a tumultuous year for myself and my family. There has been a lot of death and other tragic incidents. I think my responses to the 10Q questions reflect my grappling with these events, which I have been doing outside of this forum as well. Last year was a year of loss, and the coming year is the year of a lot of new beginnings (moving, finishing graduate school, getting married). I know that I will be in a different place with the passage of time, although I am not entirely sure what that place will look like. I hope that I have achieved some distance and resolution towards what has gone on. I hope that my family and relationships are in a more open and constructive place. We shall see.

I pray that I have tackled and won my war with weight and self esteem. I pray that I'm more secure with myself mentally and physically. I pray that my marriage and my relationship with my son is strong and continuing to grow. Mostly, I hope I've come a bit closer to the person God wants me to be.

I think I'll feel relieved that I no longer live in Miami. I hope I'm healthier and more grounded.

i think i will be suprised. only because ill forget about it. i hope im successfull at university and have a job!

I hope I will have reached my goals that I described in earlier questions. Also, I hope I will have my life like I want to: organized and ready for the future.

I really hope to be financially stable again like I was 2 years ago. I want to finally have a direction in life set and in the process of executing it. I want to be enjoying my life and living everyday to the fullest.

I hope I will feel happy and ready about going to university (or possibly already be there depending on my course) and secure in myself and my faith. I hope that my relationship disaster of 2010 is over and has gone well and pulled through and that Saturday 18th September 2010 isn't the most awkward day of my life ever. I want to be happy and ready to take on uni and make new friends and find love :)

Hopefully i'll feel proud, that i acheived some of my goals. I hope that i'm more confident, have the body i want, that i'm more myself and more ready for life beyond he security of university. I hope i've my 2010 self proud.

I will realize how far I have come in just one year and be eager to repeat the process next year knowing that I will be getting better and better about achieving my goals and becoming an ever better, more self-realized being.

I hope I'll be more giving - of my time and myself - next year. I hope that when I see my answers from this year, I'll feel good about changes I've made.

I hope that I feel satisfied with how I have lived my life in 5771, and that I am surprised by some of the things that I have so easily overcome.

I think I will feel stupid and immature in some of my answers. Haha. I hope I am more polished and outgoing and in college by then! Hopefully I'll have some answers to my unending ques.

I hope by this time next year I am still running, and fit. And I especially hope that we've decided to have a child. I hope I look back at me, now, and think how naive I was, but that I had hope. And that's what matters.

I hope I will feel proud of the accomplishments I have made in the past year. I will probably shake my head and be a little bemused at myself too. But I hope that I have made big changes as far as having a healthy lifestyle and a good relationship with my family by then.

I hope I'll feel like I've made a lot of progress in my life... that things are moving forward in a positive way and that my family is thriving.

:-D I am going to feel absolutely, friggen AMAZING!!! I figure I will AT LEAST have long-since been on the road to fulfilling my hopes, desires, and dreams in a year! Heck, I figure even if my plans haven't come to fruition by then, I'll simply be in better straits for having turned my life-course down this road. This is going to be SO COOL!!! I can't wait for September 2011! You ROCK, Bob! Go, go, go! And, in the ever colloquial words of Mike Dooley, "WOO HOO"!!!!!!!

I think I'll feel good that all of the things I wished to accomplish have come to fruition. I hope that I am more grateful for everything that I have. I hope that I feel hopeful and excited about the future.

I think I'll feel more comfortable with myself and calmer, because I think that happens with age anyway and because I am really working hard at it with the help of therapy right now. I'll still be working on the things I want to change about myself, because they aren't the kinds of things you're ever really done with. I hope mainly that I'll be better at speaking up and figuring out what I want.

Would it be so bad if things were exactly the same? I don't know.

Well that would depend on whether I have succeeded in my efforts to change/improve myself. Hopefully, I'll be happy and proud of them.. The worst case scenario would be if I were to have failed/done badly in my A levels meaning a lot of my ambitions for that year would have gone/been delayed a year... Also, if something awful had happened and I was no longer with my lovely boyfriend. But that's more unlikely. I hope that nothing much changes.. Other than academic developments (and all my friends sort their lives out - from Richard).

I'm hoping that I've both resolved the smaller issues around relationships with loved ones, and the bigger issues I have around my work. I really need this work sabbatical I'm planning next year and I hope I have the courage to pull the trigger and do come April of next year.

I'm hoping I can look back and say something along the lines of "thank God that part's over." I've gotten through this rough bit once (hello, Hong Kong), and I can feel myself starting to make a turn for the better. Hopefully, in a year's time, I'll be able to look at my life and be happy that it's made such a turnaround again. That's the goal.

I hope I will look back on them and laugh.

I hope I'll be comfortable with wherever I am. I hope that I'll have accomplished the things I've wanted to, namely losing weight and letting go of resentments.

I hope that I will be over the loss of my sweet, sweet dog, Gandalf, who is likely to pass away in the next few days.

Either this country will have regained it's senses or it will be unlivable. The wild, wild right and their tea partyers will have taken over the government or the other part of the electorate will have found a way to sanity. I think, in general, the economic recovery will be starting to show gains. I don't think I will be with anyone or be actively looking. The only thing that could change that would be an improvement in my self confidence. I hope my finances will have improved because if they haven't I am not sure what I will have done. I hope my health will have improved but that is contingent on losing weight and exercising which are doubtful. I know I'm on a collision course with self destruction and I'm losing Shumway and I feel untethered. I'm scared. Maybe something will ease that malaise and I'll be back to the person I was when I felt my best, though I don't remember when that was. Maybe last year? Or two years ago? I hope I will see more of my "family". I worry for Sherry because Dick is deteriorating. I worry for Sue because I know she wants to improve herself but she's mired in the same lack of confidence as me. I look forward to seeing another year of growth for Sami. She will probably be driving. I wonder when, if ever, she might become interested in boys. Sometimes I think she may be gay. Just a feeling. We all know her defensive walls are strong and it will take someone special to break through. I hope everyone is well I expect that Aunt Pearl and perhaps Aunt Helen might not be around next year. As for my "other" relatives, I neither know nor care. And then there's Puppy. I hope she and I are still here and together. I almost forgot (Puppy jumped up to cuddle), it would be very nice if the voice work I've been doing led to something more lucrative. I would love to be able to do it full time and really support myself in that field. I am curious about seeing my answers next year. This has been an interesting adventure in possibilities and hopes.

I'd like to think these answers will inspire personal growth. It's been a whole world of changes in 2010, and I hope for a world more in the coming year.

First of all, I hope that my present medical crisis (double vision) has been resolved successfully. If so, I will never take my vision or anything else for granted! I think when I receive my answers, I will feel that I have accomplished much of what I have wished to change. In short, I hope that I'm a much happier person.

I hope I have some sort of paying job by then, or volunteer if it's a worthwhile thing... I also hope that if I'm not working out of the home that I'm doing more work in the home!

Hopefully I will feel as though I have worked through some of the issues/problems/challenges facing me at the moment, namely completing my PhD, doing a better job of keeping on top of things, and staying in touch with scattered friends and colleagues. I really hope I've worked on these things.

i hope I will feel like I have made some progress in relaxing and letting go. I hope I will be in a job a like but also have carved out enough room for my family and myself.

It's possible that I might feel a bit naive about my answers, but then again, I could realize that the wisdom I had a year ago left me. I really hope that I get to be who I want to be, and not why my friends think I should be as a person. I love them to death, but I feel like I can't be my own natural self. I hope that that's where 2011 brings me.

I think I might laugh at them, to be honest. I hope I'll have come further. I hope I'll have that special someone. I hope I'll have the hope to live for the future. I hope I'll have changed- for the better. :)

I hope I feel proud of pushing myself to be a better, more kind, easy going and patient person. I hope I am happy.

I hope that I am answering from my River front property in a relaxed and peaceful state. My life will continue to be happy, I hope, and I will have a relationship that is nourishing and fulfilling for both of us. Maybe I'll be a part of the Russian River Jewish community.

How will I feel? Alive and well, and in my right mind is my hope and my goal. What might be different? Perhaps I will have conquered a few of my lifelong faults, and learned to be at least a little better at being a human being worthy of respect and love. I believe all prayers are answered: Perhaps some of mine will be answered with yes...so I will keep on praying for reconcilliation between me and my one estranged son, and for continuing kindness and acceptance between me and the other son. Time will tell, if I am still here.

I am hoping that I will feel a sense of relief. A metaphorical, humongous SIGH of relief! I want to be at a better place. Time for a shift in the life stage, if I am honest. But I'm afraid I will be at the same place I was in, at the start of this 10Q activity. Which, I doubt will be the case, but who knows.... Perhaps these questions will haunt me, as I am pretty well known as the girl who forgets nearly everything -- even the imp0rtant things. Maybe it's a defense mechanism. In that case, I will be horrified! ;) A bit of advice for the future (& hopefully, the wiser) me: Be brave. It's going to be okay. Always be ready to answer the question, "If you lose everything but God, is He enough?" with an affirmative and no regrets. Much, much love & affections, the past me.

I hope my business is making money to support my desire for insurance and travel:) I also hope that my heart isn't breaking that ten years has passed and Septemeber 11th is still hard for me to take.

I'm going to feel awesome, because im on this path where I feel unstoppable. My life is Improving every single day, and whatever I think It will be ,will be. The mind is powerfull. I control all my thoughts. I feel succes will be mine in all areas of my life!!!

I think my life is going to be the same as for the last fourteen years: no job; sick husband; blog stats steadily rising. I hope I'm wrong. Answering ten questions won't change anything; they merely reflect today's state of mind. Today, I'm anxious: my husband is more ill than usual. He might have anaemia; he might have early-stage cancer. I'm certain it's anaemia because he doesn't look sick enough for cancer. Nore to self: you wrote this on the day he saw the doctor and she said she wasn't worried, then phoned later to say he has to be seen at hospital within two weeks. Normal protocol because anaemia in men is rare.

I hope to be well on the road to accomplishing all that I've said that I would. Life is a journey for and I expect for every 10 steps forward I will take at least 2 back! But may my procrastination issues and fear of success be a thing of the past. May I find that I love to write papers and research and translate texts. May I still love the Smicha program and May I still be connecting in deeper ways to my spiritual side and my soul sparks. And may I find ways to let my inner maggid guide me more and more.

Grateful, I guess...I think i will feel different because i m going to become a grandmother. And there s this feeling of uncertainty about what could possibly happen with the lives of those around me...

Today I'm full of harmony. Indian summer opened new feelings. I feel I can do everything, can reach every top. I want to work, to study, to travel, not because I need to, just because I want to. I'm very selfconfindent and fullharmonied)

I hope to be happy and in a better place all around.

I think it will be different because next year will mark 10 years since the event happened. I remember when it happened people told me I would remember it for the rest of my life like it was yesterday. I find it odd that almost 10 years later, I truly do, but interestingly enough, the events of September 11 have had a stronger impact on me since I was young.

I hope to be closer to God because of a leadership program I'm in. I'd love to be in a steady relationship. I want to be doing well in school and have a schedule worked out.

I hope I can be happy with the questions I answered this year and not feel like I failed to complete the goals I set this month. I'll be a senior, so hope I passed junior year and have created stronger friendships

I hope I'm in a happy, healthy, lasting relationship and pregnant. I hope my finances are stable and my debt is paid off. I hope my family, friends, pets and garden are happy, healthy and safe and that I'm able to provide for them. I hope my career surpasses my dreams for it.

Hopefully, I will have changed the things I want to change and not just remained stagnent. I know when I would look at past resolutions or past weights I always say, this time I am going to change things. That would be two years ago. I guess the thing I need to do is to make small lifestyle changes that I can handle, this goes for everything.

I hope I'll be able to look back at them and see that I've achieved all, or at least some of what I've said here. I hope that I'll be successful and happy over the next year, and that I can look back and be proud of what I've accomplished in it.

Hopefully I'll be starting school and getting closer to my dream job. I'll be settling into a whole life and starting over again, lots of transition. I hope I find support externally and internally to manage so much change.

I hope that I'll understand the growth and progress that I've made since now. I hope that everything I hoped for in these questions will be coming true. I hope that I find myself and sincerely am happy with my life. I just hope I'll be in a better place than I am now. I think that answering these questions will really challenge me to accomplish my goals, rather than just wait for them to happen. It will give me drive and motivation. I don't want to disappoint myself.

Rereading my answers from 2009, I was amazed at how well I had actually predicted my upcoming year. I didn't particularly think about the questions during the year, but in hindsight, most of my thoughts and goals were achieved. I hope to have the same luck again next year. I feel that I'm at a low point in some areas of my life right now, so hopefully by next year I will have bounced back and straightened some things out.

More connected to life; less hopeless. More optimistic and less like I am on a treadmill going nowhere fast. More focused. Invite faith and spirituality. Forgive. Forget. Love deeply.

I hope that what I wanted to change about myself has changed and that I am a better person for it. Hopefully by then I'll have forgotten everything I wrote so it'll be like reading a letter from a complete stranger!

I'd like to see that I was right about some things, and maybe for others that I was wrong (e.g. peace is not possible in the Middle East, or with my brother and father). I'd like to feel there'd been some progress toward changing the things I'm most conscious of wanting to change (e.g. less road rage). I'd like to have shaken things up a bit.

I have always felt that I should write down what me current ideologies and outlooks are because I am always changing them unconsciously. 10Q has finally made me do that I am excited to look back at these a year from now.

I hope that I have done the things I wanted to do and have found the answers to the questions I have right now. I'm sure I'll be a completely different person than I am right now and I hope that it's a good different. I also really hope I'm still going to BW and living in an apartment with the most wonderful thing in my life, Emily :)

I'll be excited about reviewing my answers in hopes that I reached/remebered to reach the personal goals I always set for myself. It will also be interesting to see when I am physically located & what changes have occurred by that time.

I hope to be in a better space with my unresolved issues about my ex. I hope that i have met my goals about getting back to creating art. I want to feel a better sense of inner peace and breaking down barriers that prevent me from healing emotionally. I hope my children continue to be happy people.

I hope I'll feel satisfied that these issues have been resolved, and I am on to the next ones or the next stage/level of progress in the directions I've been working on: clear house. successful private practice. good marketing presence and ongoing system in place. nice, clean attractive, well-trained dog. Continued exercise and good health for myself, my daughters, husband, parents, brother, cousins, animals, and world. Continued survival for Israel. Friendships and sense that I am an integral part of and contributing to my community; sense that I have something to give and give it freely and generously. A pattern of life in which I eat well (nutritionally), get enough sleep, do regular exercise and yoga, dance, sing, counsel--and write. Write boldly and freely. Speak my mind and heart. Write for Israel. For Judaism. For HaShem. For myself. For truth. Write about politics, about religion, and about helping people have happier more powerful and fulfilled lives. Amen. Also: feeling open and without fear about who I am and other people's reactions and responses to me.

I hope i feel releaved. Because hopefully I will have moved on and made some progressive changes in my life. Ik hope i will be more grown up, more adverterous and living my life to the max. I hope i'll be happy with who I am and who i want to be. And i hope to have a serious relationship again...

When September 2011 rolls around and I read through my 2010 answers, every mention of money being tight will meet with a chuckle because I will have reeled in the rewards from the nets I have cast this year and money will no longer be a concern. I will be healthy and living well with a great income from the several projects that are already in the works and from my acting classes, workshops and collaborative programs. The thing that happened as a result of answering these questions is that I've come to realize how much further my recovery from this year's financial crisis I've come that.

I hope I will be feeling the same way, and won't forget how grateful I am right now...

I hope that having another year distanced from losing my dad will have released me a bit in my focus on it. I hope that I am successful in school and the business I started and that I look back with pride and not a sense of failure. I hope that I have continued on the path to a more healthy me - physically and emotionally. I hope my life is different in that I will finally have my soulmate in it.

I will probably laugh at my answers hahah. I do hope that I grow stronger as an independent person, and because of that be able to let others in. I also hope that my family stays as strong as they have gotten over the last year together and that I keep my faith in God even more powerful then it has ever been.

September 11th doesn't have the impact on me like it does other Americans. It's not because I don't love my country, and it's not that it didn't affect me then. I just mostly believe in moving on from tragic events and don't believe in continuing to relive a moment in time where people lost their lives. I've often wondered why people go back and visit grave sites or why they choose to remember a tragic accident on the day it happened every single year. Maybe it's a form of respect to the dead, but it's always been something difficult for me to understand. I'm looking at the 10Q as something fun to do and am VERY curious to see how different my life will be by then. I hope that it's not a TON different, because I very much love my life, am happy with this last year's growth, and like where I'm at in my life right now. I want to continue to polish my skills, and become a better person. I understand that there are ups and downs, but I sort of feel like I'm living in a dream right now. This could be from all of the exhaustion, travel, and new job that I just started. I hope that my new position with Scent Air is a huge success. I hope I absolutely LOVE what I do. I hope that I make a lot of money and in turn, make a lot of responsible decisions. I want my relationships with people to be positive, and all associations to be those that support my growth and also inspire them. As much as I'd like a relationship with a man, I'd love it to be one where we are independent from each other, yet have a common union where we can enjoy each other's presence and not be codependent, but healthy and happy. I want to have a great relationship with my son and really enhance my current relationship with my parents and extended family. I hope to be healthy this year than I was last year - hopefully about 20 lbs. less! I hope life continues to be great filled with lots of inspiration, love, travel, bliss, and balance.

I hope to have addressed at least 2 of the issues and hopefully all of them. Looking forward to 9/2011 (and the anniversary of 9/11 which will be 9/11/2011.)

I think that a few will surprise me, a few will remind me of the drama/life I had, and hopefully, some will have come true/turned out the way I wanted them to. I hope that I succeed in my goals to lose weight and have a boyfriend (speaking of, Brandon drama is at an all-time high... wonder if you'll remember that at this time next year!!)

I hope my answers ring true to me -- like they were the right things for me to concentrate on. I also hope I feel that I've made progress in a number of the areas I've mentioned.

Disappointed in myself for how little I've progressed. I imagine I will have regressed more by then. But I hope not. I hope my life will have improved by then.

Unlike last year, there is little chance that my life will be in a significantly different place one year from now...with one exception. I hope that I will be (officially) a Jew when I receive these answers next Elul. I also hope that I will have made concrete steps to combat my fears and to improve on those areas where I fall short.

When September 2011 rolls around I will be ecstatic that I have inspired and helped all of the people who's lives I have touched and have been fortunate enough to meet and share time with. What might be different is that I will be even more transformed and empowered than I am now...my life is so abundant now it can only be more joyous as each day passes. The miracle of being alive each day and being able to spread joy and inspiration is so exciting, I am creating myself and living the life I have always dreamed of and only want more of the same.

I hope that answering these questions will have helped me to learn more about myself and clarify my thinking. I hope that by this time next year I will be more confident in myself and be able to take more risks. I also hope that I'll be happier and more comfortable with myself (even though I know I will need to work harder at the gym!). I would like to have achieved the things that I have mentioned in my questions like being more outgoing and have a clearer idea of what I want to do with my life. I hope that I will look back to this time of life and feel relieved at how things have worked out and resolved themselves. I want to have a clearer vision of where my life is heading. Most of all I hope this reflection will help to motivate me to really make a change. It has been far too easy to say that I want things to change without actively trying. I sincerely hope that this year will be different.

I hope i'll be in a better place... I want to work at it, I don't want to look back at my year in 2011 and say well you sucked at making improvements for yourself and others this year.

I am fairly consistant. I hope the best for me and all. I fear for many that have deferred their just deserts due to the few at the top taking advantage of the many on the bottom. Sorry, but, I can only hope for everyone, near and far.

i think i'll feel disappointed that i didn't put enough thought into my answers, or amused by it. hopefully i will be in england by then!

I hope I will have more understanding of life in general and my life in particular.

I hope I will have become free within the collar Jim places on me. I am learning how to relax into receiving pleasure. I am learning to give pleasure freely. I want to be truly hot.

I hope that I don't think I'm totally stupid or a I do meaning that I have grown up a little bit more.

I am a little afraid that I won't have made as much progress as I would have liked. But I hope that I am in a better, more brave place in my life, career and in love. I am thankful that these questions cause me to take a little time each day to examine where I am at in my life, and not beat myself up for it, but look at it in a more gentle but grounded way.

I hope to look back and see this as the turning point. One of many but a turning point nonetheless. I just got a job after two years of unemployment and I hope to be financially on my feet. If I stay focused and accomplish my goals, I will look back on these answers with a smile on my face. I know I'll look back and some things will have happened I never anticipated, and whether good or bad I know at least I'll appreciate them because they will shape me into the person both good and bad I will be a year from now.

I would not have set a date to take a class at Pierce if it weren’t for these questions so I hope I follow through with that, it’s like a promise you made to yourself and you know yourself will be checking up on you! How will my life be different... I will have completed a year at JWW and we will have moved to a new office. I will have completed another year at Or Ami and construction will have started on the renovations. I will be debt free (unless something came up, don’t feel too bad if it doesn’t happen, you’re still young!). I will have decided to stay in my apt or move (at this point I would like to stay). It would be nice to think that I might have a raise at both or either job. I might have a boy friend (however I am pretty anti relationship right now so that leaves a bad taste in my mouth : / ) I just hope I’m happy! Gemar Chatima Tova!

I hope I am in a more confident, open-to-opportunity, at peace with myself place. I hope the experience of this introspection will focus me, guide my toward my goals, and help me be generous with myself along the way.

I hope to either be starting a new job in NYC, starting a new part of my life, or at least significantly further down that path. I hope to feel more confident in my abilities and to have less clutter, stress and distraction. I hope to have more friends and more open and honest expression of my feelings with them.

I don't know how I'll feel then, but Im really hoping on keeping my job right now! If I can't stay...well...it'll be disastrous for me I think!

I think I will have a laugh, I'll be surprised by what I fretted about, it will remind me to not take things too seriously. Some things will be the same, some different. But I think I will be happier. Generally. I'll also be surprised how self-censored some of my answers were. :D

I think that I may be puzzled because hopefully, some of the issues I have written about will be resolved. What was I talking about??? I feel that I have thought about a number of different aspects of my life and I value the experience.

I hope I will have a challenging job where I will be learning, helping people, thriving, earning a living and happy. I hope my neice Rebecca will be able to wish me a happy birthday. I hope I will have made a new friend. I hope I will have taken some type of art class to express my creativity.

As usual in looking back, I think I'll feel a little charmed at my naivete and inability to envision life-smacking change. But hopefully my family situation will have "grown," my job situation will have a richer palette, and I will be working on new personality challenges because I've made some progress on the flaws bedeviling me this year.

This past year has been truly terrible: work problems, family health problems, world economic problems, and, to top it all off, a natural disaster in my home city. And yet I've survived (so far), and even achieved a few things I wouldn't have thought possible a year ago. This time next year, I hope I will be looking back from a comparatively calm and productive time in my life, and marveling that we all made it through. I also hope that I will have taken some active steps towards making my life my own, not anyone else's, and that I will be more independent and happier with myself as a result.

Autumn has a feeling of melancholy which is what I feel right now. Perhaps it is because we had no summer out here and it is hard to worship the sun when it is hidden. Self-introspection is an on-going part of my life, and it is always good to articulate the thoughts that swirl in my brain. I used to write a lot in journals. Not so much anymore. Things have changed for people who use computers a lot.

I'm hoping by then, we'll be in a brighter place. This has been such a dark, hard year. I hope we'll at least be financially stable. I hope we'll be in a house that fits us, or at least working steadily towards that. I hope that I'll be healthy. I think I will look back and see that I'm a strong person from what I've been through this year, even though other don't think I'm strong.

probably surprised. I hope my wishes will come true and the decision to answer these questions will have a positive effect.

I think i'll be interested to see how i was in the middle of another big transition--I just started law school, moved to New York, broke up with my boyfriend. I hope I will have found a way to balance all of my new commitments and enjoy a fruitful life in this new place.

Amazed. Grateful. I think we will be thriving and healthy. I hope to have a more peaceful state, a better relationship with my family and friends. I want to be an asset to people. I hope that my son will be healthy and happy and more social. I will be aware that working the program has brought me to where I am now (September 2011), Physically spiritually , financially, and mentally. Life is quite a journey...

I hope that when I read these answers I will feel a sense of accomplishment - that I will have achieved certain goals that I've set for myself. I also hope that I am in a better place as a person. I hope that, when I read these answers next year, I will have grown.

I hope that all my goals with be accomplished and that I will be happily living life and just enjoying my time!

I'll probably be the same person. People don't change. But it doesn't hurt to hope. So I'm hoping things turn out for the best!

Receiving my answers next year is the most exciting thing to think about right now, I know I'm going to forget the questions and the answers. I'm hoping that when the questions come to me in a year that I'll be able to answer the questions in a completely different answer, that my life will be a complete 180 from where I am today, then I know I'm on the right path to a completely awesome year.

I hope that I feel relieved -- relieved that I have finally made meaningful changes in the areas of my life that have been difficult to shift. I hope I have become more protective of my time -- that I treat time for me with as much importance as I treat time for clients. I hope that I am spending more meaningful time with my children. I hope that examining my life regularly will help me stay on course.

Hopefully, I won't feel the same as I do now. I hope everything that I want to happen, happens, if I allow myself to let it happen.

I hop that by that time I will have grown as a person and as a human being, I hope that I will be much stronger, much wiser and much happier. I will have more answers to questions I've been asking myself for a long time, I will be more secure in myself. And I hope that my two best friends are still my best friend, only one I doubt I will lose, but the other is already on his way out of my life and so I hope that by that time we will have figgered things out, I just genuinly hope that life will be easier and that I will be stronger, both physically and mentally.

I hope to be more at home in my skin, less fearful of "opinion" and more generous with my time and my money.

I hope to feel a little less intimidated by questions like these. I hope to feel more confident in the choices I've made and am making in my own life, specifically re. the future of my career, family, adventure, and especially my own emotional and physical health. I hope to experience more joy, and to feel more excited by possibilities ahead... less scared that I have or currently am F-ing it all up.

Well by then I'll be 18, so it'll be really nice to see what I was like in the moments where I just turned seventeen. I really hope I'm even happier than I was before. Maybe with a job, a boyfriend, or I'm going to college and having an alright time adjusting to my new life. I'm not really sure. I know I'll be the same person, just another year wiser. So my answers will reflect upon that I guess?

I have absolutely no idea how I'll fele about my answers. I hope I will be more settled, spiritually and in other ways than I have been this year, and I hope my hopes will have changed to reflect that.

I will definitely be living someplace other than where I am now, whether around the corner or across the world. I hope I can use this relocation to make room for all the other changes I described in 10Q. But, no matter what, I will do my best to accept what I've been able to achieve and what I have not.

I think i'll feel happy that i did this; and hope I'll keep it up via journalling to keep thinking and acting on my goals and changes i plan for this coming year.

I'm skeptical that a lot will have changed, but I hope it has and definitely for the better. I hope I'll remember how I felt now and what I was going through and look back at my answers aware of how things changed and how they stayed the same.

I hope that Matt's mother is well again. I hope that we are able to start a family. I hope that I succeed in my first year of the PhD program. I hope that all of my loved ones are healthy and happy.

I will feel pleasantly surprised because I will have forgotten about 10Q! I'll inevitably feel disappointment at some goals I didn't reach or struggles I haven't overcome, but I will also be amazed and proud of how far I will have come in one year. I hope that I will continue in the habit of reflecting on my life and setting new goals.

I think I'll be glad I went through this process and intrigued by the things that were preoccupying me a year ago. I might be slightly embarrassed by my answers. I hope that I'll have a girlfriend this time next year and will be able to share my answers with her. (If you're reading this, HELLO!) I'm not sure answering these questions will be a catalyst to any change in my life, but I might surprise myself. Maybe they'll reveals something about myself that I'm not fully aware of now. See me next year!

I believe I will achieve the goals I set, and experience and appreciate more life-changing events. Answering these questions already cleared my vision and strengthened my resolve, so that alone amounted to much already...

I hope that i'll feel a sense of accomplishment and fullfillment. I dread getting to that point and thinking, "...well, another year gone, same goals yet to be accomplished." I hope that a year from now that I have not only achieved my goals, but also have written and am working on accomplishing new goals.

I think I'll feel that I wasn't as clear/honest with myself as I might have been. I am hopeful that the big stressors in my/Sibyl's life will have diminished through a move to PEI and a much simpler life style. Answering these quesitions over 10 days has helped my reflect on myself and how I can be a bigger part of my scenario. In fact, it's already happening.

I'll probably feel as though I failed. I have the feeling I won't be able to change much and that I'll be stuck with no job / income. I hope by then that I have a second child on the way and an income from doing something I love.

first of all, i will probably be embarrassed that i shared my answers for all to see. then, i am hoping that my doubting mind will be settled, that my daughter, her fiance, and my grandson will be happily together as a family of three in the first year of many solid years together. i am hoping that the environment will be taking center stage in the world, and that people will realize - en masse - the importance of saving it. my house will be paid off, and i am hoping that i have had the energy to get everything done, or nearly done, that i wanted to in order to make it ready for resale. i hope that i can find harmony and balance, which i do find when i am disciplined physically and mentally by practicing yoga, pilates, and regular exercise; but which i don't do each and every day. i hope to find the beloved within and live joyously and fully.

I hope to feel just fine. I hope I shall be stronger, healthier, and happier.

I think I will have forgotten about them and to be honest think that I will find myself quite immature. I really think my priorities will change in a way that is more unclear.

In September 2011 I think I will be remorseful. I will be remorseful of all the things I should have changed, things I should have done, and all the mistakes I've made. I also think that I will have learned a lot, about life and in school. I think and hope I'll relefect on my life and decisions and choices I make due to these questions I'm answering. I'll take a little to think and imporve myself and my life.

I am hoping my year will be a great one. No reason for it not to be. I am moving into a new space that will give me more privacy, spending lots of time with my new granddaughter, and working less. A trip to Costa Rica in December to volunteer my time, and learning to live differently. It will be interesting to see what changes occur in the next 12 months!

I think reflection can be such a good thing - as long as it an annual reflection doesn't become a pressure filled time where we end up assessing and judging of our accomplishments during the year. Before these 10 days, I had already gotten to a point where I am clear about my priorities for the year. I want to really take writing seriously - treat it as a job that doesn't yet pay, take my relationship with my family seriously - prioritize the people who are really important to me, and continue to grow as a person.

It is going to depend on whether I can get control of my life or I am still in a flotsom/jetsom lfe cycle. It is also going to depend on what the world economy does, and the decisions I make in the next few days. Will I liquidate assets or risk hanging onto them. It seems to me that as economic power shifted from Europe to the USA after the !st World War, now it is moving to Asia, and there may be a serious period of deflation. I think the next year will be the most important year for world economics ever. My strategy will be to position for certainty of my survival I am excited and impatient to see the outcome..

I hope that things turn around more, life's been kinda down on me lately, hard. I want my questions be answered or at least acknowledged and not just left in the dirt. I also wanna figure myself out cause if I cant even get me, really then, who will?

I hope that I'll have lo more about my future figured out, and be more sure o my decisions.

My life has been "groundhog day " since Dec 15/2007. Unfortunately nothing will have changed. And life will continue with....Or without me.

I think I will probably feel on track and like I have accurately portrayed this period of my life. When I got the 2009 answers a year later (I'd forgotten all about 10Q), they were right on the money. I think I will be making even more positive changes in my life based on thinking about these questions.

These question made me realise a lot of things.I hope to achieve the goals I said I would by september 2011.

It was fascinating how my answers from last year surprised me. I didn't expect that. I hope for the same thing next year. I hope my life is more mellow and less anxious and stressed. I hope I am better at delegating, planning, building in quiet time for myself.

I hope to be fully engaged with life: intellectually, emotionally and physically. I hope to find both peace and excitement with friends, family and work.

There is a part of me that is fearful. My husband has Alzheimer's and this is what I seem to be focused on this year. I have no idea where he will be, what we will be doing or how I will be handling the progression of his disease. The other part of me is hopeful, that I have come to terms with it and have learned what I need to learn from this experience. I believe we all get what we can handle, and we all learn from what we get in life, so I am above all else...hopeful. I also am praying for my husband to be in a much better place than he is in right now. The sadness that I have felt this past year has been, at times, more than I can bear. I feel so bad for him and for me.

i hope i feel as though i accomplished everything i told myself i wanted to do. that would be a great feeling. i am hoping that i will be a stronger person for all that i have been through and going to go through. its exciting, the future is, and i think that as long as i enjoyed myself this past year, i will be very proud and happy.

I hope I'm satisfied with what I've accomplished during the year and that my daughter continues to flourish.

I'd like to feel that I've made some improvements by following up on my answers to these questions. It would be good to look back and be satisfied with my progress and the situation of my family.

I want to say I'll feel a sense of accomplishment but I honestly suspect not much will be different. If I can read my answers in a year's time and feel more HOPEFUL about life in general then I'll be pleased.

I don't know if this will make any difference at all. I have 49 years of ingrained habits to overcome, but even if the change in my life is only a minor step in the right direction, I will be content. All you can do is keep on trying to evolve and take tiny steps in the direction that you want your life to go.

I hope I have more clarity: of thought, spirit and action. I hope that I am closer to God and more content with God's decree. I hope that as I look back on my answers I will find that the year that passed was a year of openings and breakthroughs and sakina.

I think I'll feel that my answers, like my dreams these past few years, all revolved so much around finishing this novel, following through on this vision - it's not too strong a word - that Ive had since 2000. I'm afraid it will seem very narrow, that I thought, talked, hoped so much about this same goal. I hope that i will have allowed myself to have what i already have, what i already am. And that by reaching it I will make "becoming a writer" less of a weight around my neck, and that I feel more deeply that I already am a writer, i support my family as a writer, I've been a writer for more than half my life. That it can simply take its place the way family, especially my father, which once caused me so much grief and regret and circular hoping (especially around Yom Kippur) has taken a mostly comfortable and reliable place in my life, thank God.

More grown up/evolved. Hope to be more autonomous, running a successful business that supports me.

I hope that I will continue to grow & become a better person who can be an example for others throughout the world. I hope I am employed working at a job that I enjoy & through my work I hope I help others to grow in their own lives & to discover that love is the answer to everything in our life.

I'm pessimistic. I think it might be painful to read what I have written. I think there is a good chance that some new terrible surprise in our lives will completely derail any pretty little plans I am making, just as has happened so many years before. Will I be alive? Will the remaining people I love so much still be alive?

Well, I will have been a mother for almost a year, so I cannot even imagine how differently I will see the world and how I will feel about my place in it. I hope my daughter, partner and I will be having a fantastic time together! I hope I am wiser, calmer, more patient and compassionate, with a great sense of humor about life, not sweating the small stuff, or taking responsibility for every one else's feelings. I hope I will be a more confident, capable woman, as a result of childbirth and motherhood, proving with my actions my new-found faith in my ability to achieve my professional dreams and to forge the quality of relationships that I want in my life. Hopefully, reflecting on these questions will allow me to advance more mindfully in pursuit of my personal goals.

I think i might be amazed that things important now will perhaps not matter so much next year. I hope I will feel settled, one way or the other, about the relationship i'm in. And have the strength to move out, and live alone, if it makes the most sense. I expect to be debt-free. I hope I stick with my exercise program -- I've never felt better. i hope to find peace within and figure out what major goal i want to accomplish.

I hope to have money rolling in and be living comfortably on what I bring in financially. I hope to have some poetry published or have won an award. I hope to be a regular at local poetry readings, and to read my poetry to groups of people. I hope to have had at least one photography show. I hope to have cards or postcards made of my photos. I hope to have participated in National Novel Writing month. I hope to have some of my writing published.

I hope to feel the same sense of accomplishment that I felt this year knowing I met most of my goals. I hope our marriage is stronger and that we find a way to get into a house, and I pray that I have the strength and patience to be the wife and mother I so desperately want to be. But mostly I hope and pray for the health and happiness of my family.

Hopefully I will be able to look back and see how far I've come. I'll be able to look at the year prior and see how far from Darkness I've come and be able to - on reflection - understand the light in my life. I'll be able to say I have truly focussed on my 4 goals: Family, Faith, Fitness and Fiction

When September 2011 rolls in I know I will wonder where has the time gone? I received my questions from last year (Idid not even remember that I did them) and when I read them I was pleasantly surprised with what I wrote. I hope in 2011 I will be closer to a simple interior peace. I want peace, peace in my heart mind and soul. I want to be near my daughter again, I want my other daughter to move with us to Texas... I think about all these things but I know deep down there is a plan and it will be revealed in His time. Be patient and wait on the Lord....I really don't want my life to be different...it is a blessing just as it is. I just want peace. that's all just peace Until 2011 Peace and Great Joy through the Grace of knowing God to all the earth.

If my life is like past years, not much will have changed and I will be disappointed in letting myself down again. I hope this is not the case. I hope I will have held them in my heart and made progress through the year. Or regress, as the case may be.

I think I'll look back on this year as a giant year of learning and growing.

I hope I'm mostly still the same, that I'm happy and that I'll only do things that make me happy. I hope that I've gotten somewhere in life and that I keep my good friends and slowly get rid of my bad habits/addictions. I think I'd probably look back on this, reminisce, and feel good, because this is the height of my life, right now, and it only gets better from here.

I think I'll feel accomplished when I receive my 10Q answers back in a year. There's something about writing down your hopes and dreams, wishes and desires that helps make things happen. I hope I feel "ahead"-- that is, I'm tired of feeling like I'm always trying to catch up, with finances, projects, family, etc. I think the result of answering these questions will allow me to keep things in the forefront; it's like I've made a promise to myself. I'm always promising and doing for others, I need to make it happen for me!

I think my aspect of certain things will definitely change!! I do hope I will accomplish things that i want to. I cant wait but i know soon I will forget about this and will be a huge surprise to get my past answers back!

I hope I feel a little more settled in my life. I hope we are either pregnant or TTC. I hope that we aren't still constantly working on the houses. I don't know that actually answering these questions will have had a big impact, because the answers have all been things I think about all the time anyway... but I guess anything could happen in a year! So who knows?!

I'm really hoping I'll feel more accomplished by then- I want to look back on the answers with a sense of, "Ah ha! I did that!" I'm hoping I achieved all my goals of swing dancing and life or that I am just happy happy happy.

I think it will be interesting to see what I was feeling or where I was 'stuck' at that time. Hopefully, I've moved into some of the positive directions I have written intent of and am ready to look back. I find it interesting to run across letters that I have written in the past (most unfinished) and tucked into some book. The difference in handwriting styles amazes me and the perspective I wrote from. It allows me to measure growth like finding old marks on the wall. I believe this will be the same.

I think I will be proud of myself for accomplishing a lot. I'm looking forward to the journey!!

I might feel enlightened, knowing how in depth my answers were. I hope I am in a better place than where I am currently. I hope my insight in 2010 will help me with my outlook on 2011. I want change, but only I can bring it.

Hopefully my life will be looking up and more of it will pertain to me and my needs and wants as opposed to others.

This time next year I think I will feel more comfortable in my body and more confident because of it. I really hope that I can enjoy school and really start the life I want to live. I think this will help me see how much I really want to over come my worries. I hope I am strong enough, I think I am.

Hopefully all my problems are at a stand still. So i don't have to worry about my job, and where my next paycheck is coming from. Biggest Fear. and Hopefully come September 2011 all that's gone away and i can read this and rejoice with how my life has evolved.

I hope that I will have learned from past mistakes. And that I put all fears at ease And think more about why I'm here and what I should or need to be doing while I'm here. To make good each and every day I am here.

I'm not too sure how I'll feel. My blown relationship will either be a distant memory.... or not. It could stir up some bad memories, or stir up some good ones. I started writing this in San Diego but now back in my apartment in suburban Philly, I'll remember my boys in SD and think about my times there. I'm not sure if this exercise will change me but I figure it was worth trying it out, it's an interesting concept and I hope it'll remind me of where I once was and set a path where I hope I'll be

well i think the biggest thing that will influence me is if i've been overly hard on myself this year. that's because no matter what happens, and maybe i will be in exactly the same spot, if i've been more gentle with myself i'll feel ok about where i am. also, i will completely be excited to hear what maggie and alex think about getting these questions and answers back.

I would like to have a stronger, more relaxed, loving marriage. I would like to be more relaxed and loving inside myself. I think I'll feel like I did this year....sort of loving and wistful for the time that was, a little sad for all that was going on, and more sadness that what I thought would be ending was not. (The addiciton, the pain, the legal stuff.) I hope to feel hopeful and thoughtful, with a genuine appreciation of life and my space in it

i hope that i will be on my way to accomplishing the goals that i set for myself this year and seeing blessings abound for all my family and friends.

I hope to have actually achieved something of what I'll write. Decent job, decent location, conversion process underway.

I think I will be interested to compare the current state of things with the answers I have provided here. None of us are promised tomorrow but if by the grace of G-d I am able to read the answers, I hope to see that there has been significant improvement in my relationship with my family, my G-d and myself. I like the idea of writing things down, such as prayers and events as they happen and then coming back to them later to see how the situation resolved itself. I find them to be often encouraging or if not then instructional.

One of the things I hope to accomplish is being more mindful in general and more in touch with my inner self. So answering these questions is a good start to a process I hope will continue. If I had to sum it up, I'd say "Pay attention!" Not to work, or television, or social networking, but to myself. I think if I pay more attention to me, I will be better able to attend to my daughter, and the other people I care about. I hope I will have found some way to do this. Yes, I'd like to exercise, meditate, save money, etc....but mostly, I just need to stop paying attention to the time monsters and shadow comforts and pay more attention to myself, with self-care, self-reflection and...self-love.

I hope I will be on the track to achieve the goals I have set out in these answers. I hope to be closer to my dreams; I want to be as serene and spiritual, if not more, than I am now. I hope to be as content with my life in 2011 as I am now.

I hope I feel like I've made progress in some of the areas I mentioned here. I want to be either engaged, or in a committed relationship that is on the path to marriage! Please!!!!!

I think I'll feel good that I did this! Hopefully I'll be a lot farther in my life, and some of these things will be nonexistent. As long as I continue to make positive change, I know i'll be fine.

i think i will feel the same way i have felt in these past 10days. i think i will try to remember and relive now. i hope i will be happy more often than sad. i hope i wont be so lonely. i hope i will feel "the love".

i just read my answers from 2009 and i hope that i'll be motivated to change things, listen better and become more by just having participated.

Answering these questions has forced me to look back at the pain and confusion of last year and use it to put the next year into perspective. Oddly, this has filled me with hope. I can't ignore the pain, I can't pretend the bad didn't happen. But I can see where I gave in to fear and refuse to do so again. Life is not something that happens to me, it is what I make of it. "I am a leaf on the wind. WATCH HOW I SOAR." I hope that perspective will persist and in a year from now I will know that I took fate into my own hands and made the best of it.

I think I'll feel eager to see how my perspective has changed for the better. More than anything I hope that I am confident in who I am and what I do, not gripped with doubt and uncertainty. I hope that my hopes for the future are grounded but still soaring. I want an active but quiet mind and an open heart.

I hope that I will be a calmer, more diplomatic, more job-successful person next year after answering and reflecting on these questions.

Espero ya no repetir las mismas respuestas. Superar mis miedos, mi timidez, vivir nuevos acontecimientos... espero estar más feliz que ahora.

I hope I will look back and see a year of personal growth and change that has made me a stronger person. I know my life will be different because I will have a child; there is also a possibility that I will have changed jobs. Certainly my routines and habits will have changed, hopefully for the better.

I hope I will sound less depressed than I feel. Or, if I'm past that, I can see that as a positive thing.

I hope to have evolved into a better me. Even if I have taken the steps towards that goal, and made some small improvements in my life, career and personal relationships, I would consider those to be worthwhile.

I hope I'll look back and feel grateful not to be writing from the place of unbalance, sadness, confusion, et al that my answers this year are coming from. I hope I'll be gearing up for new adventures of my own choosing, and all this hope for stability will seem quaint because I'll have that shit on lock and be ready to take a leap again. I don't know that answering these questions has changed much for me... I have a general tendency towards introspection. But it'll be nice to have them delivered back to me, I'm not as good at doubling back and checking up on my progress as I should be.

i hope i'll be more independent, more comfortable with myself and who i really am - physically and mentally. i also hope i will be able to laugh at some answers and tick of others rather than feel disappointed i didnt accomplish them.

I hope I'll be proud of what I have accomplished in the last year. I hope to feel less trapped and happier about my life. These questions are a marker for me - to remember where I want my life to go, and see if I am able to follow through.

I hope that I'll understand all of my answers and that all of them will pertain to my life now as well as then.

I hope I am headed in a more upbeat, positive direction than I am now.

I think I won't be feeling the same about Tamara at the time. I'm not hoping for that. I'm hoping that I will have accomplished everything I set out to accomplish in the next year. I will probably be surprised with myself at how I answered the question because I'll be a different person by then. Hey, future me. I will tell you how I felt right now. I feel that my goal in life was to make Tamara happy. It took me until right this day to realize how to do that and to realize not to be selfish. However, I failed at life because I not only did not make her happy, I made her life worse. She doesn't want me in her life and she doesn't want my help and she doesn't care about my thoughts or feelings. I'm currently all alone. I hope you aren't. I hope you've found that special girl who cares about you and loves you. But if you do or don't, never forget your promise: to forever and always be a friend to Tamara and be there for her, no matter what happens and no matter where life takes you both. Do everything in your power to not be selfish and care about her. Put her above yourself, above your 0wn needs, wants and desires. And always love her, just like you love your girlfriend if you have one. Do not forget those two things and never forget about Tamara, your first love and the most important person in your life.

This has given my a reason and opportunity to think about my life and how I live it. I hope I will feel I have used the exercise wisely.

Well hopefully the questions I have that need to be answered will be answered by then! I guess I would probably feel like I was really young when I wrote this! lol I dont really know how to feel about it! I think it will be surreal to re-read what I wrote and I guess I would be wondering what I was thinking about at the time! :) I think the fact that I actually had to think about the questions and write about how I was feelign will help me actually achieve the end goals I am hoping to accomplish!! :) Hopefully!! :)

I want to be more patient. With life. With myself. With people around me. I want to be more grateful for what I have in life. I want to think back and remember less times that I was snappy or snotting. I want to be at peace with my relationships. I want to be more at peace with myself. I want to be writing more. I want to be more social. I want to be watching less television. I want to be reading more. I want to be wasting less time. I want to be spending more time outdoors. I want to push myself into uncomfortable places. I want to grow more as a person. I want to find fulfillment outside of work. I want to be more passionate. I want to be more sexual. I want to be healthy. I want like looking at myself in the mirror or in photos. I want to continue to remember that the only thing I can control in this world is how I react to it.

I hope that I am receptive to the way I felt at the time I answered the questions. That I am can take a positive from what I learn, and that I'm not too disappointed in myself. I hope that I can appreciate the growth without too much self-criticism and disappointment. I hope I have learned to be less selfish, more patient, and a little more self-accepting.

I hope I will have become closer to God, and that I'll be able to understand myself more. The future is a lot brighter than the past.

I am sure some of my answers will seem glib or dated given the perspective (my mother's favorite word) of a year. I will be eager to read them and commune with my year-younger self. I actually do not think answering these questions will have any effect on my life a year from now but I am open for them to be in my consciousness with the possibility that they will be of some positive benefit to my life and the other lives I touch.

i hope that any comitments i made or things i would like to change i have pursued and done. as well i hope that all the troubles i had this past year pass and life can move on from where it has been stuck. i hope everything will finally set into where it needs to be for next year. oh ya and i really hope i get into colorado state university!!!!

I have already felt a shift in perception by answering these questions. I feel them reverberating throughout my day as I become more regularly conscious of them. I think that a year from now, I will have a huge smile on my face and a very good feeling as I consider how much greater my mastery is and how much happier and calmer I feel as I allow my well-being. There is nothing to prove. I release myself of that thought.

Clueless. I have a bad memory. I can resolve today, but forget tomorrow. When I look back to these 10 questions, it'll either be an "aha! I remember now" or "did I say that?"

Insightful. Contentment. I will be attending FIT, completing my second semester. At the end of that semester I shall preparing to take my second year abroad (France/Italy). Hope to move from NYC to Europe. Currently, I'm learning 'French' from 'Rosetta Stones'. It probably wouldn't be a bad idea to learn Italian either, but I'm comfortable with French, so I'll complete it first. I applied at the end of August and I'm still awaiting the 'supplementary form' email. (I check my email daily) :D Planning to schedule a photoshoot ]Candyland theme[ and edit/retouch the pictures in Photoshop.

Hopefully I will feel,"Wow, what a great year!" And I won't be disappointed that I didn't accomplish stuff, because I will emerge from this year resplendent. I think these questions and this time of year help to re-focus me and give me a bit of a game plan.

Happier. In love. At peace. Proud of what I've accomplished.

I think I'll feel disappointed because I didn't follow through with changing everything, but hopefully I will be happier and made lots of changes in my life.

What is, is...

I'm really not sure. I'm afraid I'll be disappointed. I hope by then I'll be engaged to the man I love and have plans to finally be married. I hope by then that I will have made some sort of connection to his daughter. I hope that I'll be established in some sort of job that will fulfill me and make me happy. I just want to know that I have something to look forward to in the future. I feel quite hopeless lately without anything to dream about or aspire to....

I hope I've got to grips with the deep roots of not being good enough. I hope I'm in the Vortex a lot more.

Well hopefully I'll have been accepted to the Social Workers program, had a job for a year, and still close to all of my family. I'm not sure how answering these questions will have changed me. I mean, everything that was questioned was something I've already questioned myself...so...

I hope to have my degree and be in a more steady place health-wise. I'd love to also have a solid career plan and a job, but I think I would be downright thrilled with the first two.

I hope that I will have done some work on myself to improve my health and some thinking about what is really important in life. I believe that I will be surprised by some of the answers I gave. Life is a journey, not a destination.

I hope that by September 2011 I will feel more in control at work, calmer about life in general and proud of my progress towards the personal challenges (like running a marathon).

I hope that we have begun our family. I hope that I am mire calm and adjusted. I hope that the next school year is less stressful.

I feel that the problems and worries that I am facing right now will diminished and be replaced with yet a set of new ones. However, by then I will be more wiser and mature to handle it. I wished that my background was a more happy and stabilized one because I know in one way or another, family does affect myself in the way I am acting, thinking and my prespective towards life. By answering this 10Q, I have time to evaluate my own thinking and actions. Only then can I change the reevaluate myself to be a better me. At the same time, I will share about my findings with friends and bring them up together with me.

I think I'll be amused, and glad that this part of my life is over! I expect to be working more hours at one job or other, as that is my current goal.

i think i will be hugely relieved to no longer be in such a tricky spot. i think i will take a huge sigh of relief and sit back and really feel a strong sense of pride at what i battled and how much i evolved within the process. i think i will be content. not living the perfect life that i have repeatedly hoped for on paper, but living life with an inner smile that says: I can do this. I can see the beauty. i can let the angst dissipate and roll of my back because i get it. or at least i get it a little bit more than i do now. that's where i think i'll be. x

2010 was an uncommonly good year. I'm thankful I felt reasonably secure and happy. I hope I still have the same loving girlfriend, and as good or better a living situation. In 2011 I hope to also have steadier income and some validation for my creative pursuits.

Perhaps humbled? Confused, that despite the goals set; nothing has changed? I only hope, truthfully that the U.S. is more stable and less riden with hate.

I will be smiling for sure. I hope I will not regret and achieve even the little. The primary thing should be that I improve myself and help in betterment of people and situations around me.

I'm the same! I've no problem to answer any question with my pasionate truth.

I hope I will be happier and be continuing to work on myself as well as my life. I hope my Bariatric surgery will have been completed for a significant amount of time, 9 months maybe? My hair will be longer and my smile will be bigger. Hopefully I will be smaller in size with more energy. And maybe, just maybe, I will have moved out of my parents house.

I'll be 35 then, hopefully expecting my 2nd child, perhaps in a new city, but completely with my husband and son. I think that I'll be surprised how the year turned out, but very, very happy with the ultimate outcomes.

I hope I will feel happier than I do now. I thought technically becoming an adult, I would feel a little more carefree. This is the complete opposite of how an actual adult feels, so I have no idea where this has come from. I think the way I live will be differently, how I feel about myself will definetly be different. I feel like answering these questions will help me take a step into the right direction.

I want to feel as if my 10Q questions were a time capsule or a buried treasure I got to unearth with everything I've been yearning for finally answered or realized. I hope to feel satisfied and filled with growth.

I think I will be more happy than I am now. I hope that by this time next year I have achieved some of the things I want to do. I hope I am at a better place in my life with my family and friends. I'm excited to know how I am going to feel reading my answers and see if I still feel the same or not.

I will feel sad to remember someone these things, and also to realize that some things o cannot change, and perhaps o will achieve the wisdom to know the difference.

I sincerely hope that my life is better than it is now. I want to be able to read my answers and feel that I am better off. I hope I have a job, love, friends, etc. All things I don't have (or have little of) right now.

I will have realized my power to believe in my own words. That imaging the best is what I get. The best I can give and receive. I will be at my ideal weight, in a harmonious true love relationship with a man I have believed to me the one. Going to school and taking one day at a time and weaving my life with the past, present and future threads of life. Dream weaving to reality. I feel joy, love, peace and happiness with others because I already do, but also with one special man, Rob.

I hope that I will look at the answers and feel relieved that most of them have affected me or I have fulfilled them in some way. I hope that I don't read them with regret in that even though I have acknowledged them, I haven't done anything about it. Honestly, I just hope that I am where I know I want to be, and hopefully I'm there with people around me that I care about.

I hope that, knowing that these questions and my answers are coming back to haunt me, I'll get my butt into gear and know that I did what I set out to do.

i don't expect to accomplish all of my goals, but i hope to look back and find that i'm taking steps in the right direction.

I am hoping that I will be in movies somewhere or even a t.v. series. I am hoping my life will take a turn for the better and not the worse. My daughter will be enrolled in pre-school, hopefully my novel will be complete and on bookstore shelves. I have always had small dreams but they never amounted to anything so this time I am aiming high and going to try hard to make something of myself and prove I can do something with my life.

I would like to think that I will be more organized, capable and calm when next this arises. I want to focus on only those things that truly matter and let the small stuff slide.

I pray that I leave this coming year with more faith in humanity and people than I entered it. In the end, my lack of faith in my neighbor combines with the constant battles over the same tired issues (as old as Torah) to destroy my hope for the future. In 2008 my faith in the promise of America was restored, but institionalized fear and ignorance made progress impossible, and dimmed hopes. It's likely we'll see a reverse in November, as scared hopeless people lash out in anger at the lack of progress, and endless debate. President Bush claimed the right to pursue optional wars against irrelevant foes as his right by virtue of the Supreme Court naming him President (though a majority of all Americans opposed him). Bush's heirs deny his successors (who won by a comfortable margin) the right to enact the changes they ran on through assertion. Angry mobs of scared, middle-aged white folks demand priority even though they were a voting minority. I hope to learn that they're driven not by racism and hate, but understandable fear and ignorance. If I am true to the path I've chosen, it's possible my faith and hope will return. I can begin to learn to walk in the shoes of another. If I consistently respond to fear with love, it sets an example that helps heal the world – not today or tomorrow or even next year, but in time. Commiting to accept, and maybe even love my neighbor is hard work in this idiocracy, but necessary.

I think I'll be surprised by how much I've changed and how worried I was about graduate school. I hope I'll be more confident, more self assured, and more sure of my path.

I will probably feel like I have accomplished little. I hate to say that, but it's true. I'm at a point in my life where things tend to move slowly and my personal goals take a back seat to my responsibilities. I tell myself that's just the way it is and it won't be like this much longer. (That's what everyone else tells me too.) However, it's good to see that at least some progress takes place! Perhaps I will surprise myself!

I want to have more days feeling fulfilled then unfulfilled. Everyone keeps saying that I am the happiest person they know. I want to truly say that too. It is all in my mind and my perspective of my life that will be the deciding factor in that.

I'm looking forward to receiving my answers in a year. I don't know how I feel when I read my answers but I know I'll be grateful for the communication of who I was and who I am now.

if this year's reread of my answers is any indication i felt charged up, electrified and motivated to continue on my journey. i'd forgotten where i was a year before and how far i had really come. it is sometimes hard to measure the small steps as successes when there seems like millions more to go before your goals are within reach. seeing my answers in 2011 i hope to be even closer, to have hurdled the obstacles that i see before me presently. my life in 2011 will be full blown project "to be me" the best me i can be, new career hopefully new town, hopefully traveling and enjoying life (smiling lots!)

Relieved and more confident - that I really did get out of a crappy job and in a better place. Also, I hope to be more at peace from the new changes I made in my life related to this examination of my life. I want to be more joyful and grateful to life.

hopefully I'll be in an even better place than I am right now. This year was finally my re-launch and hopefully by next year I would be at an excellent stage looking back at this new beginning and where I am because of it.

I will have a job, I may have moved to another state. I want to be pursuing something for myself, enjoy my job, feel at least somewhat fulfilled, or at least have a good handle on how I am going to get there.

By then I hope to not NEED to focus so much on my health. I will also be in a much better and permanent living situation - I really hope to look at this year's answers and feel that I've come a long way.

I truly hope that all I have mentioned in my answers to these questions will seem like distant memories, but my current outlook does not bode well. I hope I am more settled and I understand who I am and what I want. I hope that I can live my life without allowing other people's actions to affect me.

Hopefully, I will have completed all of my goals and I can be like yea, I did that and that and that. I hope I get more friends and hang out with other people than depending on just one person to hang out with, also I hope to have a job, so I can have some money!

I'd like to think that I'll be in a more controlled and powerful postion in my life, and that I'll recognise the me of a year ago as someone standing on the edge of a glittering path towards the future that I am now living in. I hope that I have shed my sense of dependence on others and have more confidence, and that I am comfortable with myself. I also hope that I can comfortably look at my surroundings and say that I have made the right choices over the course of the year, and that those choices are paying dividends.

I hope I have accomplished many of the things I wrote in the other questions.

Hopefully I'd have accomplished something with my life. That I will be able to make the necessary improvements; mentally, physically and emotionally.

I hope that I will feel a sense of accomplishment in achieving some of the goals I have set for myself in answering the questions. I hope that I will have learned a few things along the way in terms of not being so hard on myself, lessons in patience, discipline in exercising and cooking healthy food.

I think that I'll be able to look back at them and if I had a chance to change them, I woulding. I hope that I'm going to be strong, independent, successfull, and still hopelessly in love in college. These questions make me realize how strong I am as a person.

I hope I read them and say, "Well, that's not a problem anymore!", or "Well I guess you showed them!" I hope I can be proud of the last year I've lived.

The questions are things I think about every day, but it will be nice to see where my head was at.

I can't see myself feeling much different than I do now. It's really naive to say, but its hard for me to imagine myself being more mature than I am now. But I really do hope things change. I want to fall in love. I want to travel.

I really hope that I actually do the things that I said I would. Though, since they are written down, I think I will have more of an incentive to do them. But, I really hope I lose weight and be more outgoing. And I really want to meet MCR.

i'll probably feel extreme embarrassment and discomfort at reading my answers a year from now. hopefully, by then i'll get to a place where i won't react this way.

I'm hoping that I have matured enough in my thinking that I read some of my previous answers and snicker a little. Still, thankful that I went through the process, "An unexamined life isn't worth living". I think I quoted that right.

I can not project how I will feel. I will practice intending to feel different, as at this very moment, I do not feel that great. What I intend to be different about my life, is that I will have done some traveling and played music and hopefully I will be in a wonderful relationship with a man that truly meets me. My intention is for me to rise to my own occasion. IT is time to wake up DEBI. WAKE UP!!!!!!

I think I will probably see myself as an incredibly stupid, naive and insecure person. I'll also think "if only she knew what would happen this year..."

First, I'll feel excited, ever since this started I have always forget that this has happened over the course of the year. Then the email comes and i get excited to review and reflect on the past year. I hope I will be insanely happy next year at this time moving forward with all of my dreams and aspirations. Hopefully next year I will be talking about a new life, new love and new work

I feel like i wasnt so reflective this year, that i will probably be in a completely different space and will be in a more reflective space. I hope to be a little more focused on what i will be working in....

I've never done this before, so it's hard to predict how I'll feel. It seems like an expansion on "New Year's Resolutions", and I've never been good at keeping those. I know that I need to change, but, as with my answer to Day 9, it's hard to figure out where to start.

I think I'll feel-- Why are you SOOOOO stuck in the past. Let it all go. He has.

I hope everything is different, and better. Major life changes are on the way in 2011 to try to make it so.

I hope I/we will be financially stable, that my/our children will be happy and thriving, that my/our sex life will be flourishing, that I will have finished writing something, anything, worthy of publication, that I will have a job and a career path I can embrace...and that I will be able to answer these questions with more hope and optimism than I have in the past.

I don't know - that's what is so intriguing about this project. Time marches on, and everything changes, but if I don't stop and mark the passage, it all rolls together. I look forward to reading my answers and measuring the year against them.

I think just like the last couple years, I will be surprised to see what I've written, and surprised at how much progress I've made toward the things I've said I want to accomplish for 2011. Esp because I'll have likely forgotten about this again :)

I most likely am a bit surprised when I recieve the e-mail because I can't remember that I've even done this and surely wont remember that it'd be about time to get the answers. Then, when I see the e-mail, I'll be like "Oh, right, it's this... Well, I know what I answered..." My answers haven't been too mature, you know... I hope I can read them and laugh at myself. Mostly I hope that I've succesfully begun my studies in Sibelius high school, especially in the music line and that I've made at least a few new friends in there.

I'm failing to see how it would affect me, if at all.

I hope that my first thought when I read these is how much I want to share them with my boyfriend and other friends, and then to have them do theirs and tell me about it. I hope this will fill me with a warm glow of satisfaction, realizing what I am capable of achieving and changing. I hope it will inspire me with new ways of reaching out to the teenagers who I work with every day. I hope it will drive me to have a more reflective Elul and Days of Awe. I hope it will help me look more to the future and less to the past. Everything I need from the past is already inside me. It's okay to let the rest go, and look ahead.

I hope that I look back on them with greater perspective and vision in my life, acknowledging that these experiences are a part of the process to moving on to a better place.

I think I'll feel that "Wow, it's been a year, look how much you've grown from that point." I hope to be performing well in a job I love, enjoying all that a new city has to offer, and spending lots of airline miles to visit friends in other places. I hope I'll be rediscovering all the things that are uniquely me that have been buried for awhile....

I would like to feel that I did a better job of spending time with people - my family, whom I love, and my friends and neighbors and people that I meet. As I grow older I realize how important the connecting and listening is - we can truly affirm another's worth by the simple act of listening and caring, and I want to feel that I have done that well.

I will wish I had written more and more articulately. I think I will be nearer my goals next year.

i feel like a bum lol and laugh cuz ill notice that things arent exactly wat i thought and that maybe things will be better!

I think I'll feel nostalgic. I have no idea yet... Let's wait for September 2011!

I think I will be in a much different place, financially and relationally. I think - and HOPE - and EXPECT - that I will be standing more independently and strongly. I don't think it will be as a result of answering these questions; I think it will be the result of ongoing, daily, weekly, monthly choices to become the woman I have decided I want to become. Valiant.

I think I'll feel happier, more at ease with myself. I am optimistic about this year, and by that time, I will probably have a job, have run a race, have volunteered and played on some silly team. All of those things are my goals. By thinking about them, setting an intention, and writing them down, I think they have become part of my psyche- conscious and unconscious- and that will help me bring them to fruition.

I hope that I will be proud of myself. I hope I will have remembered to be mindful of all I have meditated on this Yom Kippur and progress to be a better person. I am optimistic. Sometimes you have to act optimistic to become so. So here's to trying.

I hope my life will be better - health, relationships, and finances. there are things that are hanging now, that will be resolved - one way or another in the next 12 months. I hope I like their resolution. If I fail to move ahead on these concerns, I will be disappointed, probably frustrated with myself that I have lost another year of my life without moving in a positive direction on these issues. My hope is that I am kind to myself this year - seek those who will encourage me and not listen to the naysayers. thanks for this opportunity to think about these things.

I'm really not sure how I'll feel! I wonder if I'll laugh, be embarrassed, or be proud. I have no idea!

I hope I'll be a happier, more fulfilled individual

Happy and relieved, as I will have much clarity! I will have taken action to share my gifts and my life will feel more alive, and present. Glad that I answered these questions, and focused on what is next.

When 2011 rolls around I cant even begin to imagine where my life might be. I certainly do not know how my new opportunity will impact my life I do know I am getting more and more excited about. I think I will look back at this point in my life and think about this job and the people I work with, I will think about him and smile, and I will think about the Sketchbook project and thus begin planning a mission to see the Brooklyn Art Museum to see my sketchbook. I will look back at the songs that helped me get through and I will then look at my life presently. I will be thinking about my next move and I hope to be as ready to let go and take the leap as I am now where ever that leap drops me.

I hope I'll have grown, and become more organized. Also, I hope I'm a more accomplished jewelry maker, a more patient Mom and not the PTO president anymore!

I hope that the relationship I've been pondering over for months will have worked itself out, even if I'm still single after it. I also hope my singing career will be easier to handle after the experience of a solo recital.

I hope there's not a whole lot different because I am very happy with my life. I need to learn how to let go of things I cannot control--primarily other peoples' issues--even when they have a powerful impact on my life and cause me deep pain and sadness, such as is happening in my life right now. On 9/11/11 I want to be even stronger in my faith and trust that God will help me to find comfort. And I want to be able to continue to send love and light to those very people who hurt me.

I hope I don't feel shocked and ashamed that nothing has moved forward with my life. I suspect that I'll feel that alot has changed in ways that I never anticipated, and alot has remained the same. I hope that I'll be more financially independent, and that my life will be more balanced. I know that won't happen without me adhering to weekly and monthly goals to get there.

I will wonder what an amazing woman I was back in September of 2010 and remind myself now in 2011 to relax and take it easy

I'm hoping to have different questions, maybe be more stable emotionally, rather then being really up or really down. I want to have experienced a lot more, I want a proper boyfriend, but that won't have happened by this time next year. I'd like to see more places, make a bit more money, and meet new people, and live with the moment, whilst trying not to get stuck with the past.

I think upon receiving these statements in a year, I will feel a glimmer of recognition for my desires that have now manifest and an appreciative awe for the way the Universe constantly conspires to bring me the exact opportunities and experiences I need. I imagine it will bring a smile of soft compassion to my lips for the young woman who dreamed of so many things a year ago, and leaped with new wings of hope, who was brimming with a nervous excitement because she still didn't know that her dreams were already real and speeding towards her, there was still the exhilarating chance she could fall. But she tried anyway.

My hope is that I'll feel as if I'm in the flow with my life. I'm almost there now and am also doing a lot to keep pushing to get there. Having these questions is one more means to help me reach that end.

Well, I hope I'll be enjoying my condo more, by which I mean I hope it's finally painted and decorated the way I'd like it to be, and that I'll at least have plans for redoing the kitchen. I'd also like to be doing some more meaningful work, even if only on a part-time basis. And although I'm not sure it's realistic for me, I'd like to feel more emotionally close to my friends.

I hope answering these questions will have facilitated my progress towards my goals and I see myself feeling proud of myself when I read these answers again because of how much progress I will have made.

Hopefully I'll feel that the answers are very much of the past, and that I don't have the same concerns because I will have become much more positive about my life. Just now I feel like selling the house I've just bought and living in another part of the world. Reading the other answers has been good, because I see myself more as just another person struggling with life and not as some sort of oddity. By next year this feeling I have that I've missed out on something important about life and that I am a huge failure will have dissipated. In the sense that we are all supposed to be 'spiritual beings having a material experience,' we are all longing to return 'home', whatever that may be. I hope it all begins to make more sense and that by next year I will have more understanding of what life is. Being more settled may help, just now I don't much like the idea of being too settled.

Same mixture of pride, frustration, sadness, awe that I always have. It's the human condition!

I hope I will be pleased with my progress in individual, familial, and professional growth.

Hopefully the path I've started down, towards starting and operating my own photography business, is well on it's way. I'll understand if I haven't been fully able to make the leap yet, due to finances, but it should at least be keeping me busy on nights and weekends and bringing in extra money. I'll be more tired than I've ever been, but so much happier.

i hope my life will be on track and i will have survived my first year of uni, i hope i will take my own advise and learn from the past mistakes. i hope that when i get my questions back i can look a them and think 'yeah, i did that' and not be disappointed with myself again. i'm not too sure how i will feel when i read them, depends if i have failed at life or not.

I will feel fine and interested Hope that I will be physically fit and well

Happy about how everything turned out, hopefully.

I should hopefully know where I stand medically and also re adoption. I should have made some changes in my life for the better. I should also have formed some good habits and at least be on track for a better personal environment. My relationships with my dd, her dh and my ds should be good and with my friends should also be good.

I hope that our financial situation has improved dramatically for the better. That is so much on my mind these days that it overshadows everything else. If I have to make a change in my career situation to improve our financial situation, I will do it! I also hope that from this positive change, I am more calm.

I hope the remodeling will be complete! I hope we will be on firmer financial ground.

I put a lot of thought into the answers, so I hope by September 2011 I will have done at least some of the things I pledged to do. I want to look back on my journey and be proud of the past year.

I hope I will feel like I have done a small part of what I wanted to do, and hope to have achieved growth that is completely unexpected.

I hope that I'll have come to a place of greater peace and contentment...that the pain of having to let go of my career plans has abated....that I'm able to find pleasure in the roles available to me as an older woman. I hope that I'll have continued my commitment to fitness and physical health so that I'll still be a "young" older woman physically. That's an important part of being a young older woman psychologically. I'd like to have learned to accept and even find contentment in my life despite some of the negative circumstances that have brought changes for my family and me.

I hope that I will be less confused, and have more answers to these questions. This yr I stand at a crossroad and the path I'm taking is a completely new one to a master's degree.

I hope that I will be able to think more positively about the future and myself, not just in my head but in my heart as well. I hope that when September 2011 rolls around I can say that all my answers are still true, and that I have grown as a person. My life is my own hands and I am the only one who can change it.

The questions weren't anything new to me. They were the types of questions that I had been asking my self for several years. I looked at answering the questions as just another bit of serendipity on my journey. I am one who believes that the unexamined life isn't worth living. I believe that I'll look forward to going through my answers a year later. I pray that I'll be reading the answers from a totally different place in life. Of all the things I've written, I hope love would have come into my life. But as someone who understands the impermanance of life, I won't be surprised about where I may find myself in a year. The truth of the matter is things can only go up from where I am at this writing.

I think I will feel proud that I have accomplished or made progress at some of the things I want to do or change. I will probably feel guilty or sad about the things I have not done. However, writing answers to these questions has been a profound experience, and somehow I feel that putting my reflections and ambitions into words has given me more strength and motivation to be the person I want to be. None of the barriers I face are insurmountable. This exercise has also helped me to appreciate the love and support in my life that will enable me to achieve my goals.

I think my life will be very different. I will have recovered from my hand injury and be moving on with my life in a great direction. I'm not just saying that to be full of hope and positive self talk, I truly do believe it will come to pass.

I think I might laugh. I'm generally a pretty pessimistic person so I'm expecting that I won't change, but maybe I will, who knows.

I hope I feel relieved. I hope I have a baby in my arms or in my belly. I hope I am more self aware and more caring. I hope I feel happy. I hope I will be able to handle my sadness.

I hope it makes me think about this year, and I hope my petty concerns don't embarrass myself. I hope that i have a new job that I enjoy, am in a relationship, and do not live paycheck to paycheck. I enjoyed being reminded to think about the past year, all too often the days fly by and when I don't stop and think I never stop and change the whirlwind - i just ride with it.

I am scared to death things are going to be exactly the same and I don't think I can deal with my life being exactly the way it is at the moment - and I feel silly for thinking that, because there is nothing wrong with my life, really. But sometimes I feel like certain aspects are missing; aspects that are superfluous, but still very important to me. Who knows - maybe putting these answers down will trigger something inside of me to motivate me to make the changes I want to make.

I think answering these questions,has made me think deeply about Life on our Planet.Where we are heading and what might be in store? I also have pondered on the inabilty of some of mankind to understand the plight of another. I was born in 1939 the year the second World War broke out.All was Dark and Frightening. When the war ended, i remember the Celebrations,in the streets.THE SHEER JOY THAT IT WAS OVER.The hope that War would never happen again,and that we were Free.------------ My wish is that there is no more War,and that all can Live in Peace on Gods Earth! .. ' ' P E A C E F O R A L L OF MANKIND

I hope to feel a since of an accomplishment with my goals that I set here. I hope that my life is a little more happy then it has been this year. Hopefully I will be a point in my life where I am content with it.

I think i will feel happy that i've overcome the hardships of last year. I hope i dont slip back into the old routine. xx

I hope I'll look back and thing "oh my God, I can't believe I was worried about THAT! Isn't it amazing how everything turned out ok?"

I expect that I will be focused much more on the future rather than resolving the past year (5770). I hope to be much more settled in our house and local community. I also anticipate having friends outside of work with whom I can share life.

I hope to feel more peaceful about the world and the economic situation and I hope to feel less anxious.

I think I will understand where I was emotionally and socially at this time, but I hope some of my goals will have been accomplished. I hope that I will still be a work in progress, moving forward in a positive way.

I hope I've made a lot of the changes I need to make. I hope that I'm happy in the new life I'm choosing for myself now. I hope that I have a partner I love, and if I don't, I hope I love my life as it is. I hope I find a better, more sustainable balance between work and play.

I think I'll feel reminiscent. "Oh, I remember how I was feeling then." And hopefully, most of the things that are bothering me now will be just a distant speck on the horizon behind me.

Hopefully I will have more confidence in myself and my son who will be in college by then. I will be more courageous and speak my mind when need be. I won't worry so much. Will have cleaned out some of the clutter.

I hope I'll be proud of the progress I've made over the past year. I know I'm not in the place I want to be, emotionally, right now; but I know I can change. Hopefully, I can break out of these patterns of emotional fatigue and apathy and instead, find happiness and motivation in the simplest of daily activities. I suppose I have to start by trying to look beyond the purpose or function of daily routine; try to discover the deeper meaning of these events and how they will shape my life. I also want to make final decisions about whether certain relationships are worth having. I need to categorize exactly where my relationships stand by priority level and sincerity. I'm at the point now where I'm beginning to question how much involvement I allow my parents to have in my life. I hope that next year, I know where that particular relationship stands and where I want to go with it. Finally, I want to be able to have a stable direction in my life. Confidence in my choices is key to make this possible. I want to make a decision, whether it be large or small, and go into it with full certainty instead of contradictory feelings.

I hope that I am sitting here next year, feeling just as optimistic about the future and the prospects that lie ahead for me and the people around me. I've done alot of work this year on looking at what really makes me me. I hope I haven't lost any of the light that I've worked so hard to let shine. I hope that like right now, I am still glowing.

I hope I smile...smile about the answers as well as where I am a year from now. 10Q has given me the opportunity to ask valuable questions, contemplate the answers and listen to myself. As I answered the questions -- I found that how I see life and opportunities in a narrow point of view. I will have continued to discover what is my authenticity and honor the personal commitments I've made to myself. I will have expanded my curiosity and will have embraced wonder with all I experience.

I will be a happier, more spiritual person. I hope that my career will be moving forward and my relationships will be much healthier. I want to renew my mind and spirit and begin to really, truly...LIVE! Here's to happiness for the next year, and all years to come.

I think I'll be pleased and happy. I think my life will always become more joyful not so much because of the questions. But because of my desire for it to be so.

I think I'll be happy that I did this, even though I'll probably remember most of what happened haha. It's still cool to do this though :) I hope next year is fun. Senior year should be amazing, and I hope all my expectations come true, such as: -giving speech at graduation?! :) -saving LOTS of money -grow?!?!?!? -more friends. I'm pretty satisfied with my life now, nothing wrong goin on ;)

I hope I will be proud of myself, for realizing my flaws and trying to improve myself. By improving my self I am doing so much more than just me. But to others.I want to be loving and kind to my boyfriend again, I want things to go smoother now. I want to have that better GPA and have more confidence in getting accepted into Med School. I know I am smart and passionate enough- you meet me and you know. Now I just gotta get smart about it and excel at it.

I will be glad I was optimistic, and have proof of the power of putting your intentions out there.

I will be more at peace with where I am in life, although I doubt this will be the case - because I feel there is still a lot I have to try / go through before that will happen. I hope no serious problems will befall my family in the next year - I feel that we have been uncommonly lucky up to now.

I hope I will have accomplished some of the things I want to do this year. I hope I will feel nourished and content with my life. In reality, though, I have no clue how I will feel next year at this time. It will depend on what has transpired over the course of this year.

I hope I've done everything I've said in these answers basically I hope I'm ready to leave for the UK in 3 months and have cemented all friendships. Most of all, I hope when 2011 rolls around and I DO recieve my answers, I hope I am not disappointed.

I really really hope that I'll feel proud of myself. That would be more than enough.

I hope by then I will have a bit more reason to be confident about the success of my business

I love this time of reflection and looking ahead at the same time. I hope I remember what's important and stay focused on the mission.

I will hopefully have a place of my own, re-evaluated my time spent thickening things up rather than spreading myself thin and there will be direction in my life!

Hopefully I'll be surprised because I'll have forgotten I did this (hi future me!). And then embarrassed by the shallowness of some of my answers. Whatever, it's the truth. I doubt my life will have changed much from answering these questions but hopefully they'll provide nice nostalgic memories.

I would hope to feel accomplished. I think it a trite question after all the others. I have told you my dreams and enthusiasms, thoughts and hopes. I would want to be a better person, naturally, and to give more than take -- to be a beacon instead of a black hole.

I hope to feel accomplished. That I will have taken my fears, goals, experiences, and possibilities and run with them to make a better future.

I hope I will be doing great with my boyfriend and that I have a job and university is good too.

I hope I will be happy with myself!

I hope that by next year I will be a calmer, kinder and more patient person.

I don't think I'll feel really surprised or anything when I read my answers, because I'm used to writing a journal & looking back at it later. On the 2nd Q: I think the main thing is the letting go of fear one. (I am not that into self improvement projects!)

I suspect I'll be reluctant to read themand see how little has changed! But I hope that thinking about these things will have put me at least a couple of steps closer to making them happen.

Just knowing that next Sept I will be receiving these answers gives me inspiration. I am inspired to take on some of the challenges I see here because I know in 365 days they will all come back to very clearly. I can't bs my way around it by "forgetting" some things. I hope that I will have started taking on challenges and conflict. That our money situation, while not resolved, will be under control.

Unfortunately, don't think answering these questions will make one whit of difference. The 'life changes' will be made/not made regardless of this exercise. I will be pleased if I can say, " yes, that did come to be this year", and bummed if nothing has changed. But these questions will not be the catalyst to any changes that do occur.

i will have a proof of life's and my own wisdom and creative power. that i and life are creative powers. that i do know and trust my own and life's wisdom. seeing the underlying source of future - through the proces of answering this questions, i would have allowed it's power to transform me, my life and the collective. my life will reflect my creative power, my union with life, and the celebration resulting from that unity and its realisation.

Just like last year, I have no real idea of how I'll feel a year from now. However, after reading last year's answers this year, I feel somewhat more optimistic. Life is wholly better now than it was a year ago, when I was lower than I ever thought I could be. I want to stop trying to predict what will happen in my life, and go with things as they happen. So, I'm going to leave this space blank and see what comes to me. I hope that, in September 2011, I will be surprised.

I will feel happy that I met some of my goals, sad that I did not achieve others, and finally relieved that some things that seemed so important, weren't really that important after all. I hope to be more "together" better able to handle, physically and mentally the things I need to take care of, while realizing that there has been "progress, not perfection" - one is achievable, the other is merely a vision. I'm hoping these question have helped frame my goals for the coming year, and will give me the strength to accomplish what I am capable of.

I hope that I have progressed professionally and am in a secure place for a few years. This process has helped validate how important that is to my psychic well being. I hope that if I am not there, that I am happy and content w. wherever it is that I am!!

By the time I receive these answers next year, my family will have celebrated a huge milestone - my oldest daughter's Bat Mitzvah on September 3, 2011. This life-cycle event will probably bring up almost every theme I wrote about this year. Gratitude for everything I have. Fear/sadness/joy that my children are growing up. Awe for the miracles of life. Blessings for health and happiness. I pray that by this time next year, I will still feel all of these things, even more intensely. May my family still be healthy. May our finances be stable. May I kiss and hug my loved ones more. May I take a bigger role in helping those in need. And most of all, may I do a good job of instilling all of these things into my children. Amen.

I will feel grateful. No matter where I am at with the answers I will have learned lessons

I shall feel happy just to continue existing. Provided my health holds good, I do not hope for and difference in my life which is good with my lovely family.

I think I'll be surprised at what was on my mind (I know I was surprised at what was on my mind in 2009!). I think/hope that I'll be more in "balance" than I am now, and if I can't be more in balance, I'll be more accepting of that fact.

10Q is a way of writing down a lot of things I've been thinking about a lot even without 10Q. I hope that I can look at these answers next year with a sense of satisfaction that I have conquered some fears, acted on my ideals and ideas and improved myself as a person, partner and parent.

I think I'll feel rather silly for being concerned with the things that I say and how seriously I portray them. I'm hoping by then I won't be afraid to be introspective or not and that I can be comfortable with who I was and who I'll become.

I have no idea how i will feel. I do hope my life will have changed for the better

I hope I'll feel happy and content. I hope that I can breathe easier and that David's work is profitable and fulfilling. I hope that all family is healthy.

When I see these questions and my answers hopefully I will be looking at them and having a sense of achievement from it. The reason I am doing this is to see how much I am able to grow as a person and to have a goal. I´ll keep working this year to make the things I noted here happen.

How could I have hoped so much :)) Or - what an optimist :D Let's see. I've learned not to plan too much and hope for little but keep a big vision in mind, so I hope that by next September I will be ready to say - yeah, it's not so bad after all

I hope I will feel stronger and more confidant. I hope I will feel less anxious. I hope I will be less critical/judgmental of others. I hope I will have the time and concentration available to enjoy the review of this year's answers.

I'll remember myself as I am now, and feel more confident, knowing that I've lived for a long time and have a wealth of experience to back me. Hopefully by then I'll have made progress on some of the goals I've listed, but also still are working on them.

I hope i feel pleased with what i have accomplished. I hope my grades have improved. thank you.

Reflective and hopefully positive because by thinking and writing, that's the first step toward making a real change. I hope I'm less stressed about things that tend to consume me even though I know there are so many worse things that could be going on.

In September 2011 I hope to be looking back happily at all the success I have had in the last year and not have any regrets. By thinking about and answering these questions I hope to have found more motivation to pursue my goals and continue to be happy.

I hope I'm in a better place than I am now, as a person. I hope I can learn from everything that's happened this year and just learn to let the little stuff, slide. I just want be more fulfilled and more accomplished than I am now.

I hope in a year I'll be stronger spiritually, wiser, and more selfless. I think if I haven't improved a lot, these answers might motivate me to make some serious changes.

I hope all of my fears and worries will have gone away and I'll be in a much better place, financially and mentally.

I hope the questions will feel part of my past and not like I forgot about what is/was important to me.

I hope I am more at peace with where I am in my life, and in particular that I have decided where to settle down - ie NY, Paris or London. I hope that I will be fitter and a little slimmer. I especially wish that i have met somebody and that I am in a healthy relationship. Thinking about these questions will help me focus on what I want in my life and on how to achieve these goals little by little every day.

I hope that I will have actually done what I want to do in 2011 and that I will have improved myself in the ways I want to.

These questions and me answering it, will not have much impact. I think about my life and options a lot already. I will be graduated, probably have a job, moved out the student house I am now living in, living on my own, maybe with my girlfriend... There is actually a lot going to happen, and because of that, my answers will be quite interesting and feel old. I mean, the answers feel like I said those things ages ago, and probably feel a much younger version of me is talking to me through these answers. But it will be fun as well, probably laughing a bit, and being amazed about in what a place I were... am... Uhhh, you know what I mean :)

I'm going to err on positivity here, and say that I will have an overwhelming feeling of accomplishment if I can get some of my goals done that I've listed here. If not, I will try not to be too disappointed and just know that I will have to try harder next year. If at first you don't succeed, try, try again!!

I hope to have accomplished the goals set forth. I hope to have decluttered my life, and increased my mindfulness.

I think I will be lucky if my life is as good as it is today and I hope to remain a thinking and grateful person.

I think I'm going to feel excited and very much looking forward to seeing the changes made in the 12 months since 2010. I hope to be more clear on what I'm here for, what it is that I can contribute to the world before I leave it and what it is that I can learn and experience for me.

Hopefully me reflecting on where I'm at this moment in time will kick my brain into moving forward and getting back on track. I think reading these questions back I'll be shocked at how truthful I've been typing a 'diary entry' and at how deep I've detailed some answers. I hope my life will be different in that I'll be happier... Financial Status, Mental Health!!, relationships? Who knows what the year will hold for me!

I hope I'll enjoy my answers and look back fondly. I hope to have accomplished some of the things I talked about!

I really hope that I'm still in a good relationship. I hope I'm either at uni or working my butt off so I can travel. I hope that I'm still knitting like a mad thing and I hope that I'm happy. I can't ask more than that

I'll probably say, did I really say that? I hope to feel good about the answers and that all of what I said I would do and feel has truly come to fruition.

I hope I spend less time this year worrying . I hope I will be more confident in myself and in my Jewish identity.

Well... I decided to participate in 10Q because I am trying to provide structure to a Yom Kippur that got interrupted by Sonia & Assem's wedding. I needed to go out of my way to find something to structure my observance this year, to make sure I was honoring and balancing my equally tugging obligations. This was a tangible way to show I was still taking YK seriously. Don't want to screw with being inscribed in the Book of Life. :) But yes... having done this, it begs the question of how life might be different as a result of the experience. I don't know that I have the answer yet, maybe because it's the first time I've tried this. I don't know how I'll feel. I do know I'm proud to have pushed myself a little by choosing to embark on (and complete!) a Jewish-inspired experience of my own accord. Despite myself, I've done something Jewish and enjoyable *and* not judging or alienating. If this proved possible... coinciding with welcoming Temple Micah experiences... is it really possible to be Jewish in a way that feels comfortable and that doesn't make me feel or seem I've "gone religious" or that my friends/family don't think I've gone crazy? :) Is it really that important to me to cultivate this? Why? At least the seeds of these questions are now firmly planted. I am still skeptical about ever becoming more Jewish, but 10Q has allowed me to practice self-awareness in a way that happens to be Jewish. So that's something...

I hope in a year I feel the general contentment I feel now, perhaps with a bit more wholeness and community than I have now.

I'll be just starting law school. I hope to be less fearful than I am now--I'll be more certain of where I am, and what I'm doing, and where I'm going in the future. A bit more settled, with more of a plan. I don't view the settling down as negative, or giving up anything--just a way of moving on to a new phase. I do hope I'm in love. I have no specific goals related to these questions. I just hope they're nice to look back on and give me some perspective!

i don't know how i'll feel this time next year. i didn't really like my 2009 answer, which was a long winded 'i don't know'. i hope then, when i'm 40, i'll be with my life partner. i hope if i'm not it won't be for a lack of trying.

I think I'll feel glad that I did it. Who knows, I may be a completely different person next year and it will be nice to look back and reflect on what I thought at one point in my life, what I wanted or my opinions on things and how they may have changed. I hope that by next year I'll be in a stable environment and be living a happy life. I think 10q will certainly help put things in perspective for me when I read the answers I wrote these past days next year.

It is my prayer that I will embrace the challenges I have addressed in my answers with courage as 2010 segues to 2011....time is only concept; if not today, then another - no guilt. I have a few goals that would require momentum, both physical and mental. By putting words to my aspirations, deeper meaning and joy of life may be the benefit to me and to those I love.

Well, this year I was not as introspective. I hope that I will be more introspective. I think there will be more stable variables in my life.

I think I will feel that I have accomplished something in my life, and that I have reached my goals for the year -- or at least have grown in the way that I understand myself, if my goals have evolved or changed by that point in time. I hope that I'll have learned to be more active in my community and not so retiring from the rest of the people who surround me.

I hope that I would have achieved what I have put down as thinking about something is the first step to achieving it. Now I need to go out an do what I've said I will do.

I look forward to feeling inspired and fulfilled by the goals that I have accomplished in life. I hope that I would have gained a bit more confidence in my self.

I hope I can feel even more positively than I have expressed in my answers, that life is rewarding even more............

I think that I'll feel pretty interested about what I have written because I consider this moment in my life to be pretty big in terms of the changes that I'm making. Maybe I'll look back on it and not recognise the person talking, but I hope that's because I will be so much more than I am now. That's not to say that I'm not happy with myself, but I know I'm capable of more things. I think that lots of stuff will be different about my life. I hope that I will be looking at life through a different set of lenses and life experiences and that I know the freedom of being my own person. I think that looking back on what I've said now in a year will allow me to see how far I've come. I'm looking forward to that.

I hope when I read them I'll go "oh my god how silly was that!" I really do. I hope I'll have my weight down, If not down to the goal of 10 then around 11 or 12 but no more than 12. I'd like to be more traveled and have more of a sense of who I am and what I really want to do with myself. I'd like to have had some romance, sad but it' true. I'd like to be braver and get to know people and hope I'd be a nicer person.

I think I'll feel better than I do at the moment - this is because I honestly think I'll be in a new work environment which I prefer, and see some more hope for the future. I also think I'll have a clearer vision as to my travelling and overseas living plans. I hope I'll be in a different job and than I have a completely productive and proactive search that finds me in a better place.

I hope I am happier and that my wishes has come true.

I hope they'll make me smile, and think how much has happened in the mean time to change things for the better. I hope I'll be living somewhere else and having new adventures, doing what feels right and making a difference. We'll see!

I don't know. I am always hoping I'll get better at accepting myself and other people, so I hope that. Again.

I'd like to be a bit older, a bit wiser, more mature. I'd like to feel distanced from the me writing this now, in a good way. I'd like to feel settled in my job, and also my new home, and to iron out all the little teething problems of living with my partner.

I will probably feel just the same as i do now. Almost nothing. Very little changes within my life. Not for lack of trying. there's lots of bits that seems to change around me, but i keep being just me. And unfortunately i think i'm Harvey Danger. everyone remembers me and when they see me (hear my song) they go "oh yeah!" but outside of that i just plain old don't exist. hopefully this time next year none of the things i've complained about in your questions will be true. The truth is that these questions made me questions who i am and how i'm living my life. And i still don't have the answers to that but at least i've got something to aim for.

I think I'll feel like I take life too seriously. I hope that I can learn to relax and stop worrying so much. I hope that I am more content with myself and my life, so that I can fell happy in the 'now' and not worry about losing things and people before I truly am enjoying life.

I hope to be amazed at how much life has changed. I'll try to think about this experience throughout the year, and strive to surprise myself by keeping my goals in mind every day.

I'll feel nostalgic and be reminded of happy moments, goals of personal growth and fears which are hopefully far behind me. Or, perhaps, be reminded of things I need to work on...

I hope I will be as proud of myself and the year that just passed as I was when I read last year's questions. I hope I will have more answers, but if I don't, I just hope I'm as happy as I am now.

I will have launched a successful business. I will notice that I tend to just naturally behave in ways that reflect my highest ideals. I will find I am consistently grounded in love. I will be pleased.

I really don't expect much to change. The things I am worried about now short term will be resolved but they will likely be replaced by new short term worries. As I get closer to retirement the financial picture should be clearer(I hope) but the world will continue to surprise as it always has

I can only use this year as a gauge. When my answers came from the previous year, I was somewhat disappointed in myself to find so many things remained the same where I'd hoped to see improvement.

I think I will marvel at how much things have changed. I hope I will be more aware of what my true desires are - and more focused as a result of answering these questions.

I do hope I'll be alive to experience this period. If I am alive, I know I would have seen the path that would define the next few years of my life. I expect a lot of change within the next one year. Also, this period, between now and September 2011, before I get into graduate school, my relationships' longevity would be determined. If we last till then, we shall last for a long time.

Hopefully, I'll feel these goals will have been attained, by me and the world. I'll be happier and the world will be better.

I hope that I will have treated these more seriously than I did the first year. I hope that I will be in better shape and more comfortable in my own body.

I think that I will have forgotten all of my answers to these questions, and probably that I have answered them at all! I hope that I have become less self-absorbed. I am happier and more grounded when I surround myself with good friends and family and think about others more than I think about myself.

I hope I feel I grew and feel that this helped me to stay true to what I promised myself. I hope I see myself changed in a significant way, especially since I am trying to change my career, mid life.

I am all too afraid that absolutely nothing will have changed. At least, nothing will have improved for me, while the world has changed around me.

I hope that I will have been able to move into a new stage of life and be a parent. The death of my mother has added a layer of complexity to those feelings. I hope I'll be able to look back and see that I've managed to find and hold on to some joy and happiness, instead of being caught up in loss and grief. The memories of my mother and the others I have lost will always be there, but I hope the great sadness and fear of further loss won't be my predominant feelings any more.

I hope I'll be happier. I hope I won't feel stunted by people and occurrences from the past. That's all I can really hope for at this point.

I hope I will have done more, I'll only have one year of highschool left and I want it to be great both grade and extracurricular wise. I hope when I receive the 10Q questions I will be able to start off the year feeling I have accommplished something in regards to these questions.

... oh my! my divorce will be final, i will be in a new house with a son in his second year of college. hopefully my daughter will be in her junior year of high school with a driver's license in her pocket! and i will still be on a high from the wonderful, restful, adventure filled summer of 2011... i hope i will hve a new love in my life, a draft of bridal blues at the publisher and another completed journal to add to my collection...LOL!

I would not be surprised if I feel like the person who wrote them is a different person than the one reading them a year from now. Part of me hopes that when I read them, I have such a deeper wisdom that I almost see myself as inexperienced. Another part of me hopes that when I read them, certain pieces of my life that are not in order currently, are in order then and I can laugh at myself not having had the foresight that they would be. At the same time, if these answers are at all thoughtful, I hope that I see them as such a year from now and take comfort in potentially seeing a progression.

I will have left my job and started creating my website and brand to eventually becoming self-employed. It wil be interesting to see what things hve changed for me.

I hope I'm sleeping better and feel more peaceful.

I hope my responses will sound ridiculously pessimistic. I hope my life will look a lot brighter and have no reason to think otherwise.

I think I will feel nostalgic reflecting on the issues and topics that were on my mind at this time. I hope that I will have gotten closer to achieving or feeling the answers. My father and I have discussed getting together and discussing our answers over dinner - the answers will be sent back to us on his birthday!

On some level, I don't think I'll be surprised. I just hope that I've met some of the goals that I have set.

I won't know how I'll feel until September 2011 rolls around. What I'm hoping will be different upon reading this a year from now is that I'll be happily employed, earning an income appropriate to my experience and challenged. If that's the case, I may have a smile knowing that my diligence paid-off.

I feel like this is my year to really become who I am capable of being. I don't mean any fundamental changes - I like myself and my life. But I do mean getting rid of -or at least alleviating - my fear of missing out, the 'mother in mind' and, consequently, feeling more joy in the moment. I hope to get promoted this year, and I hope to be able to wind down my psychotherapy as a result. With any luck, I'll be in a healthy and happy relationship with a MAN (no more boys).

I am afraid things will be the same, that I haven't found the time and will to make difficult changes - because change is difficult. I hope that I have stability in my job and am happy where I live and that my family is happy too. I hope I have lost some weight.

Well, I have to say that after reading last year's answers, I was surprised to find that most of my goals had actually been reached. It is a good lesson for me. I hope that at this time next year, I will have gained some confidence in myself and as always, I hope my Faith continues to grow.

I will indubitably encounter the emotions I am feeling now. Having the uncanny ability to recall emotions isn't always such a good thing.

hmmmmm -- I hope I'm not sad to find that I didn't get pregnant, b/c that will probably be the end of that possibility. I hope that I feel we've overcome major obstacles in both work and family life - that we've progressed!

I hope that I will have achieved the goals and ambitions set out over the last few days. I would like a less stressful family life but that is unlikely to happen because it would mean the entire dynamics of my world would change. I would like it if my husband didn't feel like the entire world was depending on him earning a good living but that would change the dynamics too. I would like my home to be less cluttered and more organized and that I have a bit more time to be able to spend on self improvement and some hobbies . I would like to have more patience with my in-laws, and understand that getting old and losing control is a horrible thing I just want to be a kinder, more considerate and calmer person next year.

By September next year, I will be a much much better photographer (!!) I will shortly be taking a trip to New York in December where, if I am not already, it is likely Leigh and I will be getting engaged! I will have hopefully been successful in my application onto the Boots graduate scheme and will have already started my work there. I also hope to be debt free as my current timeline indicates that by May I wil have paid my debts, so by September I should have paid my debts, bought some fab photographic equipments, saved a bit and paid off the holiday to New York for Leigh and I. We will also have a sideline business that is doing very well in bringing us some extra cash. If all this has happened I will be a very ecstatic lady!!

I hope I'll be happy that I actually achieved one of my dreams. I'll also probably look back and laugh at the way I type... But that's something that I can't change. xD

sincerely, all of my answers this year have been about pretty much the same thing. What i see for 2011 is follow-through. Embracing and living the life that i am setting out now. And reaping the benefits of it.

I hope I will have progressed with the list of things that I have made. However I have been saying I want to finish my steps for some 5 years now - so I won't be surprised if I haven't! I hope Dan and I will be living together in a year's time. I hope I will be in a career where I am not bored. Answering the questions is a good way of looking at my life and evaluating what I can improve , but also what I've acheived over the past year since last year's questions. Whilst I have a general awareness of these things anyway, it has been helpful put things in writing and clearly assess my life. Like recovery this is a tool, and I hope next year I make the effort to continue.

i hope to find that i have achieved and overcome all of my fears and obstacles. hopefully to laugh and appreciate what a year can achieve in change and not be in the same position this time next year.

I hope I feel accomplished! I hope that all the people I love are still with us in a year, and I hope that I feel good about being 40. When my mom was 40, I had a learner's permit and had spent a summer at boarding school and was looking at colleges - in contrast, my youngest just started kindergarten. Different eras, different universes. I started a new project this week - an IP education curriculum for 9-12th graders - and I hope that we have interest from publishers, or at least from teachers who want to beta test it, by next year.

I really hope I will have obtained or at least begun working towards my goals. I don't want to repeat my answers over again next year!

I hope better about my situation because I've found the right job. I hope I feel more grounded and able to be who I really am without worrying about where my income is coming from :(

I hope to be pleased with the things I have accomplished since these were submitted. I hope that my continued training for The 3-Day will continue to improve my health and outlook on life as my sense of accomplishment grows. I hope that my husband and I will finally be able to take a great vacation together.

I think I'll be interested to read what I was thinking this past year, and I think I'll be looking at how I've grown and changed (or not) in the past year. I hope I am reading these questions from a great Nurse Practitioner program, possibly from UVa, I hope I'm not too stressed out, and I am excited to be married to the man I love. I hope I find a better balance between inner peace and just enough stress to get all the things done that I have to. I hope I'm down to 105-110 pounds or at least have put on more muscle at the weight I'm at. I hope by next year at this time I'm a pro at "letting go" - not holding onto things I don't need to!

I think I will be happy to read the answers and reflect on how much I have grown since writing them. I think my life will be different. My answers reflect my commitment to living my life on purpose, loving and caring for myself, getting real/being true to myself and feeling whole.

I'll feel funny... I just hope I won't have forgotten what I think and wish for now and that I will have achieved what I've set out to be.

Last year I gave a highly aspirational answer that slapped me in the face as I realized that I am more or less at the same position. I have only climbed laterally and so with that knowing I'd like to say that by next year I am going to use all of my effort, spirit and imagination to start moving upward. It's time to seek higher ground within this world and myself. I imagine I will have dug deeper within my resolve, mustered courage and taken a leap of faith. I will focus on my horizons as I know that I have had a hell of a blessed life thus far and there is no reason to expect otherwise in my coming days. I also expect to be reading my email in Austin by September 2011.

I think I'll feel good about my achievements and how I've moved things forward. I'll also feel good about what I've learned and where my relationships are with my family. The key is to be able, by God's grace, to resist temptations that could compromise my integrity and damage relationships. I'd like to see the relationship with my wife and kids grow even stronger then it is now. I truly hope I am in much better financial shape and that my efforts in that area pay-off. I would SO like to be able to extend my financial success to my family, friends, and strangers. Personally I've found I can be happy with little, but I'd like to have the ability to help others displace some of their problems that can be eliminated by a strategic gift or loan. I'd also LOVE to be able to invest in other start-ups. I truly have a passion for that.

I don't make expectations about the future. I simply try to self-improve each year and to quantify my experiences into becoming a better person. I will continue to be more enlightened, less cynical, and more realistic upon reflecting upon these answers. Perhaps these answers will provide a baseline of how enlightened I was, or how dishearted I was.

I am sure my life will be in transition then, too, but I hope I am able to look back in joy on the way my life has progressed since that time.

Probably I will feel a bit surprised that I have achieved all that I said I would and more! I am certain that this exercise will be well worth the ultimate realisation that my life always turns out the way I create it to be, WHEN I create it to be

Peace. Greater security. More love. I know it is all personal but I give a lot of myself in my job and need to be selfish about this one years. The Year of Me!

I think I'll feel the same as I did this year--interested to see which goals I have accomplished and which I haven't, but without judgement. I hope that no matter what the outcome, I'll be happy with where I am a year from now and feel like whatever happened in the year was meant to be.

I'd probably be embarrassed by these answers. I'm generally always embarrassed reading what I write while waxing philosophical. (Hi, future me!) I suspect I'll still be waiting for my brother to finish settling mom's inheritance, but I'm hoping that I'm proved wrong and by the time future me (hi again!) reads this, he'll have complete ownership of his house, with repairs and improvements already underway. I hope I will still be geocaching and that after a year and three months, I will have lost enough weight to no long be considered 'obese' by my effing Wii Fit (smug little mii character).

I think I'll feel that I was honest, if not slightly idealistic and romantic to a certain degree. I hope that when I see my answers again, I won't feel as cynical as I do now, but I also hope that I have worked hard to achieve some of the goals I have laid out for myself.

I think I'll be pretty much the same. Life has been gracious to me. Aging is a drag - there's no denying it, but I try to focus on what can be done to improve my connection to the here and now. I don't hope for much to be different - although in the universal, global sense, I'd like to see more cooperation, empathy, and unity between people. Answering these questions is mostly just a nice exercise. Its always good to write things out and see just how much of a Pollyanna you are...

I hope I will be pleased with my progress. That my hurt is less and my healing greater. That the show has entered the public arena...

I think I will be satisfied with the progress I've made and it will reinforce the efforts I've made.

I hope that I look at these answers and laugh about my worries and am happy about my successes. Hello future me!

That I will be stronger emotionally and mentally and more at peace in my mind and heart and with those around me and close to me. That I will have more humour and flexibility as I will be more secure in who I am. That I will be doing more that brings joy to me personally, like a tree bearing fruit and glossy green leaves, giving to those around me with joy and ease yet remaining grounded, nourished and strong.

Already answered in other questions.

I hope by next year I will have a new job. Last year I made the same prediction and was depressed when I read this year that I am in the same place I was last year. I have started to change by going back to school but I hope when September 2011 rolls around I will have made significant changes with a new job, new place to live, new car and loving the people in my life.

Hopefully I will smile and think: I knew that setting up goals, thinking about these things and taking them and myself seriously would really help me in achieving it. Look at all the things I have mastered and achieved during the last year! Wonderful! What are my next goals and aspirations?

I hope I achieve more self-awareness and happiness.

I hope I will be able to learn from 2010's answers, make my peace with them, and live a happier life thereafter.

I think it'll be interesting.. to see if for example anything i hoped to happen has come true and to see if me and Emma are still together (which is likely) and to see what my life is like then and see if i would answer them differently

I hope that I find that I indeed have grown. I hope my family life continues to be warm and fulfilling and loving, and that I always appreciate where I am in the journey.

I am sure I will gave made progress, but I will probably have wanted to accomplish even more. When i read my answers, it will be a reminder to appreciate the accomplishments of the past year...

I wonder if I will question the importance of my responses to the questions. Perhaps the things that occupy my thoughts will have no relevance in a year. I hope the spider fear will have passed, but I don't count on it. I hope that by answering these questions I will have formed the habit of reflecting and thoughtful consideration on matters in my life on a regular basis. Too often I just live my life, hurtling through it without thought. This has been a nice exercise.

I have to say, I don't think about those things. I don't envision myself in a future setting. Maybe that is to my detriment. Goals do not motivate me. My own interest, enjoyment, and achievement motivates me. Still, I have something I'm going to do in the next year, but I am afraid to even whisper it. It feels so tenuous. But these questions are about being brave. So I'll be brave here. By next September, I will be engaged.

I think I'll be disappointed with myself for not improving on the issues that I wanted to and finding myself either in a situation I don't want to be in or compromising extreme happiness for mediocrity. I think I will have a full-time job by then and hopefully very happy with the choices I have made about it. I think that 2011 will be wonderful and full of great things and wonderful memories, just not as wonderful as I could make it if I truly dedicated myself to the issues and goals that I set for myself now.

This gives me a chance to pause and think about the future and the things that matter. I'll do that again in September of next year, but probably not much before then. I'll think then that I really need to be doing more thinking about these issues more often.

I hope I won't look at this answers and regret not having tried to become a better person. I would hate to look at the answers and think 'nothing has changed'. I hope that I'll be a better, more confident, trusting and loving person. I hope I will have a body that I'm proud of and that I'll still be enjoying my uni course.

I think that this will be an amazing year of growth and happiness for me and my family. I am very much looking forward to getting back to having the life that I had prior to this past year.

I don't know how I'll feel. My hope is that I don't read them and say, "Damn. Damn. Damn, didn't get in shape. Damnit, didn't get a new job." That's what my hope is.

I think spending the time to reflect on these questions and more importantly, writing them done will greatly increase the chance of following through with some action. I also believe that I (and I'm not alone!) don't spend enough reflective time. So, this was a useful exercise. I also will plan on printing these out so I don't have to wait a whole year!

I hope I'll feel happy with where I am then, compassion for where I am now, and confidence that things are moving in the right direction. I'm not looking to change my life. Just to live it according to my beliefs. That's different to me.

I hope I will have a more positive outlook personally and in a general since. I hope my goals will have been met and not merely serve as aspirations for 2012.

I'm going to be happier to know that I'm a better person that last year, That I achieve all my goals

I hope I feel different. I hope after answering these questions I devote more time to experiencing and controlling my life, instead of letting it just happen to me.

I think I'll probably laugh at myself. I tend to take these things too seriously sometimes. Hi Vick. Are you in love? Are you still working at walgreens? Are you back in school. I hope you're in love. I want that more for you than anything right now. Love, Vick.

While I hope I'll be able to see specific significant change, I hope I'll be able to still love myself if I don't.

I'm praying that I will be working as a bilingual teacher in Houston. I will be sitting in my living room, in my apartment, looking at those questions and remembering about the effort i made to be sitting right there. Believing that every dream is possible and that I am fotuntate to have the life, the family and friends that I have.

Hopefully, more optimistic. But, I can't really believe that I will be. It's hard to look out from so much depression and see a silver lining. I hope that we are financially secure. I hope we live in a quiet home, in a safe neighborhood, with a beagle and a child of our own on the way. Yeah, I just want to be normal, or what I perceive as normal now. I want to be working, proud and happy. I want to be giving more to the world than I do now. I want to be closer to God and able to praise him for how far he took us from the brink. Finally, I want to be the couple that we fantasized about before we were married.

I think when I receive my answers again next year I will feel proud and silly. Proud because I expect to make the changes that I have committed to and silly because I am sure there are some answers I will look back on and just laugh at. Some of the answers are affected by what I am currently going through now, and those are the ones I will probably look back on and say "I can't believe I said that!". I hope I will have made some change and progress in my life by this time next year due to answering these questions .

I'll either agree with myself, or I'll read everything thinking "I can't believe I was like that, I was so stupid and young". I'm not sure which. I feel like I'll agree with myself, but that could be because I'm still a sixteen year old kid. I think I'll be in my senior year, trying to graduate but doing so at the bare minimum. I'll probably be building plans for an apartment with a friend of mine at the time. Decided where I'm going to live. Trying to save money. But hopefully, I'm happy. I'm sure I'll have forgotten about this by the time I get the email, I wonder how I'll react.

We'll all be a bit older, Henry will have changed the most and actually, I don't want my life to have altered too much. We'll be in the new house, some of the work will have been done, almost certainly not all of it will be finished, but we'll have had some trials and tribulations along the way. I hope I'll be feeling pretty calm, happy and part of a loving family.

Well I hope that the kids will be getting on, and we'll be getting on with them. I hope that my predictions will have been proved inaccurate. I hope that we'll have a little cash in the bank, and that the business will be thriving. Maybe answering these will bring both my fears and hopes into focus, ensuring I am vigilant in avoiding the former and taking every opportunity to achieve the latter.

I hope to God that I will be a more wiser and an understanding person. I hope I won't be so judgmental or harsh of my life. I hope that I'm satisfied with my answers and that all my dreams and wishes come true. I truly hope that things won't be the same in the future as it is now. I'm hoping for a better change in my life. I hope I will be as happy as I am now, but more accomplished. I hope that my faith and love in God grows stronger with every day. I hope that I will learn to love the world and it's inhabitants for what it is, including all good and bad.

I hope that this time I managed to write and publish my book or even more than this. I hope that I solved all my financial problems. I hope that my situation will be better according to finance, health, love, creativity and social circumstances. I hope I have found a house in a nice area and feel free. I hope I did not forget what I planned to change over the year: I should be my no1 priority, I should write every day - if I feel good or bad, I should reduce weight and make Yoga and some sports as bicycle training etc. I hope that I feel better and proud about the results.

I really think I'm going to forget, which is something I'm happy about. I love surprises. I kind of want to give myself some worldy advice and see how far I've come, but I've come to the conclusion that something big might not happen this year and I'm okay with that. I'll just have to wait and see. I hope I find myself within the next year, and I hope I can voice what has been eating me up. No one really knows the bubbly/over flowing with energy Kaylee yet, and I hope I can show them where she has been hiding. I hope I grow, not litterally, but I hope to find whatever it is I think I lost. I wish for straight A's...(Having some trouble right now, nothing I cannot OVERCOME)

Hopefully by then my head will be on a bit straighter and I can focus more on my academics and where I'm going professionally. My personal life will be sorted out, and- heaven forbid- happy.

I hope I will feel like the intense grief that I have worked through seems like me in another lifetime. I hope that in my answers next year that I will be able to write about issues other than my grief and being able to work through it. I think and hope I will feel strong and ready to tackle other aspects of my life and my relationships.

I think I will have completely forgotton about it, so it'll be an interesting surprise to see what has changed.

Hopefully, by then, the answers will have changed, because some of this is jaded and cynical. I'll be starting university then, and that'll definitely be a huge change (hopefully a positive one, at that). I want to have forgiven and forgotten and left THAT part of my life behind by then. I'm happy with how things are right now, and I want to maintain that.

I hope I feel accomplished! I want to be proud of myself for having reached my goals (at least some of them)! I just reallllllly want to happy.

find my answers affected.

My first thought is that I think I will feel like I blew it again. Had great ambitions to change, but never followed through. However, I hope that, after 1. getting laid off and 2. jeopardizing my relationship with my wife and kids due to an inappropriate relationship, "this time will be different . . . really!!!" I am getting too old to keep putting off these changes so, I hope that, by committing some of my thoughts to writing, I might actually be more accountable. While I have only provided cursory responses in this forum, I hope that it is just the beginning of implementing real change in my life. This should be just a tiny baby step.

I will be beginning a new chapter of my life in graduate school. I will be fresh off an 8-month hiatus and ready to invest in my experience in Tallahassee. I will probably be nervous about graduate school. I may be nervous about my relationship with Mike, given the distance. I hope I have become a bit more comfortable with myself, that I have developed a bit more of a sense of community, that I don't feel the urge to cry so frequently. I hope I have found some valuable research opportunities to help fund my graduate studies. I hope to invest in my relationships with mom and dad more. I hope I have continued to exercise and build my spiritual life.

I hope to be in a more settled mode... more contented with my life.. but excited about the possibilities..

I hope that I'll be happy. I'm expecting myself to be at college when I get this. Possible DePaul? We'll see. I wonder if I don't go to DePaul and I get this and think, "DePaul? What the hell was I on?" Which the answer is nothing. You don't drink/do drug. And you won't be doing them in a year either. But mostly, don't be a fucking pansy. Like someone? Give him your number if he doesn't have it already. If you haven't been on one date by December, then what the fuck is wrong with you?

I hope to be a better version of myself.

I hope that I'll chuckle a little. Typically, when I answer things like this and look back, I find that life happened and I got steered in completely unexpected directions. It would be very abnormal if all these thoughts, goals, and predictions came true/stayed the same, so I just hope that whatever curveballs life throws at me, I will handle with grace so I can look back on these answers with pride instead of regret.

I hope I will be more satisfied with my life. I hope I will still be taking care of myself and my Diabetes. I hope I will be more excited for each new day. I hope I will be waking up early and enjoying the morning sun with a cup of tea like I used to.

I hope I've had a chance to truly learn and grow. I hope I will realize how much I've grown throughout the year. I hope I will have committed to valuing myself on a daily basis, enough to really lose the weight I've tried to lose all my life. I hope I will continue a trend toward optimism and capability. I hope I will not give up on myself or my possibilities in life.

I hope that they will trigger happy moments that I have forgotten. Like my answer to the first question. I hope that my life is very different. I hope that I live in SF. I hope that I have a job. I hope that I have a dog. I hope that I am in a healthy relationship. I hope that I am healthy. I hope that I lose another 5 lbs. I hope that I can learn to be happy. I think these questions cause me to pause and be more thoughtful.

I'll feel like I was such a silly girl then, writing when I could be doing. It will seem small and unaffective, or inspiring that my goals were so clear. I wonder hope it wil be different, my life then and now. Don't forget to read B1000, or smile at strangers, or feel joy even tough you are elsewhere. Love, love, love. I hope I'm better. I hope I have ambition. I hope I can forgive.

Hopefully, I'll be amused and inspired, like I am when I receive FutureMe emails!

I went back and conciously answered the questions.I would feel curious. I hope I would have accomplished my goals and would like to see if my predictions came true. These question made me think and want to reflect on these topics further. See you next year!!!

Well I hope to be another year older and another year wiser. I am a little overwhelmed at work and I hope that calms down. I hope that the Tea Party movement calms down also and that the things that I consider to be most important are being considered...the environment, Israel, human rights, and education. I also hope that the economy takes a turn to a better situation. Unfortunately- just in the past few days, my daughter Liba had a miscarriage and George dislocated his elbow. I hope that both my sister-in-law and my friend Carolyn are better. I hope that Farah and Jeremy and Dori and Adam have healthy children and that we are all able to be togather for Abby's wedding.

Maybe I'll feel like I didn't know what I was talking about then, maybe I'll have learned so much that what I'm trying to say now will make me feel like I do about myself a year ago. I'll probably feel stupid and crazy, but hopefully I can get better at accepting things I write and not hating them when I go back and read them. To be honest I don't even know where these answers are coming from, I've just been typing and typing, I think I answered all but number 7 and maybe another one at the same time; the time being at the end of a Tuesday, in my dorm without the roommate here for the most part. Yep... we'll see.

I'll probably have forgotten I even did this, so I'll be pleasantly surprised when I get the reminder! I hope that I've achieved some of the things I laid out for myself, and I hope some of my wishes have come true.

i think that i won't be surprised in any way. i suspect that the intentional consideration of my values and goals is the first step to actually realizing them. i predict that i will have made progress in some obvious ways. in some ways, i might make less progress than expected or hoped for. i also know that there will be unexpected tidbits or realization of some of my aspirations in a form that i just could not have predicted.

No idea bud

I take things as they come.

I think and hope I'll feel much like I did this year - that I got something accomplished and had a pretty good year, but of course didn't do as much as I should or could have. I hope I'll be somewhere new - psychologically if not physically - and be excited about it, but that my life and relationships will not have changed too much. I hope I'll feel like answering these questions helped mark where I was at this point in my life and remind me how much - and how little - everything changes in a year!

I hope I have patience with myself and smile. I hope the future is bright.

I hope that I will be surprised at some of my answers and be able to say that I accomplished the things I set out to do at this time in 2010. I hope I won't be disappointed in myself for the things I didn't accomplish or if they didn't go according to plan. I can only hope that the 2011 me, after a year's worth of experiences, can look at the 2010 me and be ok with the decisions I made and the results.

I hope I will be happier, more stable and more financially secure.

I think I will be happy that I was honest with myself and responded honestly to the 10Q questions. I will feel happy that I have followed through with the things that I have written here and I think I will feel more confident and self-assured.

I don't know how much I will change...when you're 19 sometimes you think change is behind you. But I want to be different and the same as well. And I want to live my life to the fullest. I want to start a future for myself, appreciate my loves and friends, be appreciative, work as hard as I can, and live.

I'll be proud of my accomplishments, and will finally feel like I'm on the right path for my life.

I will be moving to a different country, and the relationship that is so new right now will hopefully have blossomed into a stable partnership that can withstand the change. I honestly can't fathom what my life will look like at that point.