When September 2010 rolls around and you receive your answers to your 10Q questions, how do you think you'll feel? What do you think/hope might be different about your life and where you're at as a result of pondering these questions?

I only hope I will be in good health.

I think I will be happy that G-d gave me opportunities, trials and tribulations. Yet, through it all, He gave me the ability to hope and dream. That is a gift that is eternal...2010 and beyond.

I hope I'll be smiling to myself and saying, "yeah, I did (do, change, consider) that." I think I'll be looking back fondly at the past year and feeling pretty good about becoming a little bit better person than I was the year before.

I have no idea how I will feel. Probably like I was a completely different person, like I am too shallow and live too much in the moment.

I hope I will have created at least one new fire art piece. I want to feel engaged in my job. I want to be working toward long range goals that are important to me. I want to have taken at least one of the courses I am planning on. I want to be able to ride a unicycle to work. I want to be in a fulfilling relationship.

I hope I'll be in a place where I'm more proactive, more fearless, and more satisfied, and less self-conscious, less erratic, and less prone to giving excuses. If I'm all those things, I'll know that I progressed. If I'm none of those things, I'll be depressed.

I hope that my answers will still have relevance to my life in Sept 2010

I want to feel like I didn't sleep through the year. I'm optimistic now and hope I remember that optimism.

I hope the positives will stay positive, and I'll have managed to sort through the negatives and realise they no longer matter, or never even mattered in the first place.

I don't know how I'll feel next year when I receive the answers to these questions. I hope that my intentionality and focus on these issues will lead to some changes, but also things happen in life to derail one from forward movement. Right now, I need to focus on my office situation, as I need to rent out the other office in my suite and get more work, either editing or therapy-type work. So my other goals will have to take a back seat until this area of my life stabilizes.

Goals achieved. Perspective gained. Patience granted.

My hope is that I will have lived a bigger life than I am living now--closer to God, full of love.

I think I will feel grateful that I've taken the time to answer these Questions and hopeful that they've helped guide me toward better choices and positive action. I hope I won't feel as stressed and hopeless and trapped as I sometimes do these days.

I hope I am more patient and more grateful

I hope to feel accomplished and secure. I hope that I incorporate thoughtfulness into my routine...to find some balance and to be kinder to myself.

I think I may feel disappointed that I didn't make more changes. But I've been on a pretty good run lately, so maybe I'll surprise myself.

I hope I'll feel like I did this year round, which was pleasantly surprised that I'd achieved a lot of what I wanted to. I think that my life will be different, I hope to be living with my boyfriend, I hope to be on the way to putting the foundations down to making a family together. I want to be fully confident at work. These questions always make me think and re-evaluate what I actually want out of my life, which is a good thing.

I think I'll feel happy that at least I was able to write them down! I don't know how much will have changed in my life - they'll probably be good reminders of what's important to me and what I still want to work on.

I'd like to spend more of my time being greatful and appreciating the little things. Remembering things will be ok.

I hope I'll be finished my conversion. I hope I'll have successfully completed my 2nd year of law. I hope that I'll be able to say I at least tried to achieve my goals. I really hope that I'll have found love, someone to be with for a long time, someone who fits well with me, without me having to change myself.

I imagine it'll be interesting to receive the answers. What I hope is that I'm not in exactly the same place, asking myself the same questions, struggling with the very same issues without having made progress. I suspect in fact the issues will be much the same but that my relationship with them will be different: that I'll have made subtle changes allowing me to approach similar situations and dilemmas in new ways. I do hope I will feel greater commitment and happiness about my life choices: my relationships, where I'm living and who I'm sharing my life with.

i hope my life will be brighter, and that reading these questions will remind me that everything did, in fact, work out for the best.

I hope I and my loved ones are alive and in reasonable health September of 2010 and I can't think beyond that.

I so hope that I am happy and I have made improvements and achieved my goals. However, the only thing I can do is be happy for what I have and what I am doing at the time.

I think that some things will feel like they happened a long time ago, some things will still be true, and hopefully, some things will have changed for the better.

I'm scared that little will have changed. I hope I'll feel stronger and more confident, but those things haven't happened in my life so far, have they?

Sad, sentimental, rueful. Maybe a little surprised, and awed at what's happened.

Reflecting on my responses to these questions, I feel like I've had a lot to say about incipient motherhood -- the biggest change that I know (God willing) is coming in the next year. (As I write this now, I'm in the 30th week of my pregnancy.) I'm curious to see what parenthood feels like, ten months in to that adventure; how different will my life be, how different will my perspectives be? Will my responses to these questions still feel familiar? Will I laugh at how concerned I was about all of this stuff in advance? Will I feel chagrin? Will I recognize this former self, a year from now? My hope is always that contemplating who I am and where I'm going will help me adjust my course in the right direction -- this is what teshuvah is, for me. A perennial course-correction. I hope that, a year from now, I feel like I'm still on course toward becoming the person I want to be.

I think I'll feel that I've made a little progress toward those goals, but not enough. But I hope I am not too hard on myself--any progress, and simply being alive and healthy for another year-- is a good thing.

I hope my career will be on a more positive path. I hope my social skills improve. None of this really has anything to do with the 10Q questions. They have been my goals for some time now.

I might feel like I didn't reach deep enough.for answers. I hope that I would have worked on some of the things I answered so I can be in a better place surrounding these issues.

I don't know that I can predict how I'll be feeling then. Life presents too many variables. I can only hope. In terms of reading my answers a year from now? I'll be all about it. I obsessively journal and keep a day to day diary recounting all I do - I love to do that year, two year, three year check in. I hope that I am even more tuned into the flow of life that I am right now. I hope I have even fewer fears and regrets. I hope I am doing something I love, that I'm a bit more financial stable than I am right now, than I am doing something meaningful, in-line with all the exploration I've been doing. That I've really truly lost the sense of 'not good enough' or trying to recreate what I've already done. I hope that I am in love, with no strings, no attachments, with whomever, or whatever is meant to be. I hope that I've gone back to travel and art and exploration, full force. I hope I'm working on my documentary. Or done with it and on to a new one! I hope that these questions helped to reflect, narrow and put life into perspective. And if it didn't I hope I can laugh at my answers and myself, not judge, not attach. Just live.

I think I will be exceedingly sad. The event that all my answers have been predicated on is one that took place this past January: my wonderful husband died -- suddenly, unexpectedly, and far too early. He was only 48. He died intestate, without adequate life insurance, and not having taken care of changing his beneficiary designations since he was divorced. It has damaged his family irrevocably, terrible things have been said and done. I lost not only my husband but his family as well. I have been villainized and cut out of the family, as if his lack of responsibility for the aforementioned issues were mine. All this terrible strife has far overshadowed any and all good memories I could, would should have of our marriage -- and we DID have a fantastic marriage. Had he simply taken care of these things, or perhaps had I forced these issues, then all would be much better, and I would be able to fully grieve my loss. Instead, I have spent the better part of the past year battling with his children and exwife to keep what rightfully should be mine. His parents, and siblings have not been supportive of me at all and I have been left to be ALONE. I come home to an empty house every night, while everyone else goes home to each other, or their spouses and/or their children, and/or their mother. I have two cats but somehow, that is a very poor substitute for a human companion.

I hope that I will have achieved some of my goals, and that I will be happier and more successful than I am right now.

I hope I feel a sense of accomplishment - that I knew what I needed to do to control my life and I did it. I'm afraid, however, that I'll see my answers - full of hope and strength - and will realize that once again I've chosen comfort and the status quo over risk. Maybe knowing that these answers will be coming back to me will be a good impetus to take real action.

This time next year I hope to feel like I am just where I need to be in my life, and experiencing a new sense of happiness, love and fulfillment that only comes with time, dedication and patience.

I suspect I'll be proud of my accomplishments. I am passionate about this new venture and suspect it will be a great success for the community and for me.

I hope I will have found a way to utilize my aging organism in a way that makes life seem more meaningful.

I'll have a one year old .

I bet I'll be embarassed! I bet some things will be the same and some will feel like the same old tired worries. I hope though by thinking about these Q's this year and coming up with my answers I am getting to know myself better and will have clearer vision with which to approach the year! i hope i will have relied on humor more this year and found the absurdity and laughter in many situations. i hope that the time and energy i invest in relationships will bear fruit and people important to me will not disappear or fade away...

Satisfied. I hope I'll have attained inner peace.

My head space will be different because I'm in the process of leaving a relationship. I expect to be feeling wise & ready to reflect on what I wrote a year go & look forward to receiving this. Growth & change are what we can always count on. I think I' ll be more aware of being in my truth.

Like with all new year's resolutions, I will feel a bit nostalgic and reminiscent at the sentiments I was feeling when writing the answers. While I know we will not be able to accomplish all of them, there are certain goals that will remain on the top of the list and that I hope to have more success with. Writing them down and adding them to the vault will ensure they stay top of mind. This year, my entire family (and on occasion) girlfriend participated in answering these questions and sharing the answers together making this exercise particularly meaningful. We learned a lot about ourselves from the questions and more importantly from the answers we each gave, identifying similarities between more brother and I that I did not know existed before. This has probably been the greatest year of growth for me since freshman year of college, which is well recognized as a turning point in life like when you have your first child, etc. The ability to reflect on the developments and drivers has been particularly important through these questions. And because we were sharing our answers with family, I was able to catch those closest to me up on the changes.

I hope that even if I've fulfilled some of the goals I've set for myself, that I will not be so complacent as to find myself without a new sense of malaise over all of the improvements of which I'm still in need.

I hope I'll be feeling less despair and dealing with a different set of issues.

I hope I'll be able to look back and be proud again of all that I accomplished in the year. Even if I didn't achieve every goal, I hope to be a better person and in a more spiritual and happier place in my life. I hope that I can still have faith and a positive attitude that even if I didn't achieve it all - G-d willing, I'll still have the strength to achieve more in the year to come. I am really hard on myself and I hope that in a year I'll realize that some things take longer than a year to achieve.

I hope I will have been better able to come to terms with my life. I really don't have a lot of hope left that I can do anything about the financial problem. I hope I will find a few reasons for optimism. I do have some hope that I can change a few things. I hope my medical problems stabilize and I start feeling better. And if not, that I can learn to live "around" them. I have way too many regrets and I'd like to get them pushed into a corner so that I can feel less victimized and more in control of my life. These questions have been good for me. Makes me wonder how much my medical condition has caused how I perceive my life at the moment, and wonder, in thinking back over my responses, if my negativity might be depression, although many of these thoughts have been with me long before 2006. In those early days there seemed to be time to "fix" the problem and have some fun; now there seems to be not enough time left to do much of anything. But hopefully I will be around to see these sad things again in a year and can laugh at some of them and will have changed a lot of them!

I'll probably be surprised if, God willing, I'm lucky enough to be around to read them. That's generally my reaction when I get a window into what I was actually thinking and writing at any given point in the past. I'll probably be even more surprised. This past year has been so extraordinary, even miraculous in small ways.

I hope that I will be without cancer. To date it has ruled my life. We are in the midst of moving from our home to an apartment all while I am going through treatment. The exhaustion, stress and fear is unbearable. I am hoping that in September 2010 I can look back and be reminded just how lucky I am to be alive and to have my wonderful husband and son (and dogs).

I hope I will feel a sense of accomplishment because I will have achieved some of the goals I set for myself. At the very least I hope to feel proud because I have grown at least a little bit in the ways I hoped I would grow.

I fondly hope that I'll read them and be reminded of how much I've grown in the past year. Challenges met, obstacles overcome, fears faced and welcomed in. And more than anything, I hope I'll be able to remark on how much kinder I am to myself in 2010 than I was in 2009. I want to live Helen Keller's famous quote: "Security is mostly a superstition. It does not exist in nature, nor do the children of men as a whole experience it. Avoiding danger is no safer in the long run than outright exposure. Life is either a daring adventure, or nothing."

I hope everything is going to be fine durig 2010 and I hope I won't have to feel nostalgic about anything.

i hope i have grounded myself. returned to being a joyous, independent person. And also identified how i am supposed to live the next stage of my life and what i am supposed to focus on.

As I contemplate turning 73, I realize that I am having an extraordinarily blessed life, with all the ups and downs that living entails. So my best hope for September 2010 is that my good fortune continues. That I remain healthy, loving and loved, solvent and hopeful, with plans for the future.

greater insight into myself and hopefully be less angry/anxious

I feel inspired and full of joy at reading what I wrote last year. This past year has been a phenomenal journey, moving at warp speed towards my goals, dreams, and desires. I am so grateful for all of the forces of the universe which have conspired to make this year the absolute best ever. And looking forward, it keeps getting better.

I think I will feel good and that everything that happened was what was supposed to happen.

I wish to be pain free, clear thinking and more engaged in the world.

Next September I think I will feel that growth has been made and that life has unfolded both in ways that I hoped and in ways way beyond my expectations. I think that what will be different about my life is farther developments in my creativity and strength. Perhaps I will be partnered. I hope to evolve who I am, attain what I want and have many great experiences, people and places in my life. I hope to make great artwork, writing, travels, love. As a result of pondering these questions, I become aware of what I want, who I am becoming, and ways to figure out greater actualization. It makes me appreciate the great things in my life and aspire to more.

Every year is different. I hope things are even better! This year was an improvement upon the last!

i hope that i will have adjusted to the loss of my husband and that i will embrace a new chapter in my life. i hope the sense of overwhelming sadness will no longer be with me but that i will retain the best of him as i continue my own adventure.

I hope I will have transcended what ails me. I hope it finds me happy and successful. And well.

Maybe, maybe not. I didn't have many things to hope for or think might be different. I know i'm a happy person, not lonely, am married to a wonderful man, who really cares about me, and at my age ( approaching 70) I think i'm about where I'm going to be at. I have the time to do things I've always wanted to do , but probably not enough money to do all the things, but some of them, definitely yes. I guess the only one thing I'd like to be doing now is living near the Pacific Ocean. Maybe next year! and if not....se la vie.

I think I will be unsurprised by my answers. I don't expect to have totally solved every problem and be completely content next year, but I do hope I will feel like I have actually worked on these things. I hope I will think about the spiral of time and feel that although I am in the same place, I have moved a little higher.

I would hope that I have made significant progress i my goals.

I think I'll be in the same situation I am now, but one more year into my degree with lots of thoughts ad energy for the future--my new future! That is exciting to think about. I hope I'll feel just a little bit wiser and better able to make any big decisions that will be coming my way. I want to use this next year to explore where I want to go with my life. FYI--this was SOMEONE else's answer I liked: "I hope by next year I'll have found the strength to risk my current "comfortable" situation in order to acquire the life I TRULY want for myself.

I think I will be struggling with the same issues. I hope I will have made progress.

I would hope to have progressed forward on some of the things mentioned in my other questions. I may feel self centered, I may laugh, cry, I may be upset I didn't do as much as I had hoped or maybe I aimed too low and accomplished much more... I guess we shall see in 2010.

It was good to look at the relationship between financial success, fiscal responsability and self esteem. I hope that within the next 12 months I will have resolved some of the financial problems and have more control of my work, continuing to find esteem builders on my "off hours".

I hope first and most importantly, that I read these answers. That I am well and healthy... Grandma is right about that... I hope that all my loved ones are also well. I also hope that i have been able to make some improvements and good decisions by 09/10...

it all depends on what happens. I'll either look back and say - what was all that about and laugh at it - or I'll be miserable as hell... only time will tell...

i hope to have been able to overcome my current condition, to have grown into my goals, to have taken steps forward.

I think I'll feel like my answers were not as complete as I'd like them.

I think I'll be surprised at what was pressing to me a year ago. I hope my life is dynamic enough that what mattered a year ago isn't necessarily the most important thoughts/worries a year later.

I hope that I'll feel more at ease with the choices I've made and that I'll better understand my role in the scheme of things.

I have lost a lot of my will to live, as a result of my problems in the last two years. I feel hopeless to change my situation. If I didn't have two young adult sons, I would end my life. I could not do that to them. If I can get a job and work my way put of this terrible situation, I know I can put my life back together.

I think I'll feel a little annoyed that my answers weren't wittier/juicier/more probing. Or maybe I'll be rolling my eyes at how I'm beating myself up. Either way, I'll be somewhere else, with new people and experiences, and having the time of my life... so I'll have some fresh material if you decide to do this 10Q project again. I hope to be happy, healthy, and surrounded by wonderful people.

I hope all my resolutions come true!! But it won't be easy...

If prior years are a predictor, I will be challenged and frustrated by the smae issues a year from now. But I hope I will have become more focused and disciplined. The small daily practice of these 10 questions are, perhaps, a step toward a good habit.

I think that a year from now I will have really adjusted to my life in philadelphia. I hope I will no longer feel in transition but rather I will feel like I have adjusted and am living a full life. I hope to feel comfortable in my role of wife and no longer feel lost and out of place.

I hope I have more direction. I hope I can look back and smile and see how much I've grown

I think I will feel curious about the questions and how I answered them. I hope that my relationship with Al will have settled into a warm, loving place. I hope that we will have resolved the question of where and how we will make a home together. I hope that my investment with Sunwest will be resolved, and I will be clear of dealings with them, and will have been financially successful. Finally, I hope that each of my family and friends, including me, will have enjoyed a healthy and prosperous year!

I hope that some of the things that are on my mind now will no longer be in one year's time, or if they are, that how I relate to them is more serene, more accepting.

I don't think I'll feel particularly in any direction. I think I know myself well enough to not be surprised by the things I wrote this year. Although I do hope that when I see what I wrote, I can confirm in my own head that I've made major progress in the areas in my life that I wanted to improve and that I've grown since now and feel happier about everything.

I think I'll be struggling with the same questions but hope to be more confident and stable. I hope that I am less ambiguous about what I want and that I have the courage to pursue my dreams. I hope that I have pursued my goals and that I have incorporated humor into my everyday life.

I think that there will still bethings I haven't changed, but I feel that I will be on the road to recovery of myself.

I hope I don't look at my answers and think, "If only I'd known!" Reading over my answers (and other people's) I feel profoundly grateful for what I have and determined to spend the next year appreciating it more fully.

I hope that I can feel positive about my answers. I hope that the future is better and there are signs of growth. I don't want to look back with more regret, but instead continue to look forward with hope. At this point next year I will have one year left in my program. My youngest son with be starting kindergarten and things will be in the process of changing for the better. I anticipate this will be a good but busy time. I always hope for the better.

I hope I'm feeling more creative, that I've lost 60 lbs, that I am over all a better person. And that Barak Obama is still alive.

Again, I have no clue how I'll be feeling in a year's time. I hope that I will be in a position to be happy, to have an impact, and to have the people I love close to me. I hope that I will be in a new place, and that I will be able to maintain the relationships that matter, and that I will be better and have grown for the ones I have in my life. Beyond that, I realize I can't imagine much else, and that is fine. I have my basics covered, now its time to see how the details play out.

In a year I hope to be more at peace with my path as a rabbi and more pro-active on issues that matter to my family and me.

I hope that I'm at a better place with my work life, and am still enjoying my life life.

I think I will enjoy seeing my progress and seeing where I still need work and settting new goals or finding new meaning for the coming year.

did these questions give me clarity? maybe. did they provide me of a recording, a history for my life story? yes. events may seem long ago, as if they shdv been obvious at the time they happened.

Maybe I will be a bit better at things I want to impove myself in, but I will see no surprises.

I hope I will be a bit more comfortable with where I am, physically and emotionally, but I think some of the questions in my life will still be the same.

I think we will have survived cancer and we will be stronger together. It will also be helpful to reflect back on where I was and where I wanted to be.

i hope that the answers i gave this year are not longer part of my life, and that what my life becomes is what i want the future to be for me

Hopefully I will laugh and be much happier because by this time next year I hope to have learned how to let my inhibitions go, to trust and love myself more. This is on my mind a lot because since the last 10Q I pulled myself out a deep depression, accomplished some big goals successfully, and fell into a place where I became to love myself and life unconditionally. Im trying ot focus on this more and more each day and figure out what helps me and what hurts me. I hope by next year that I will be in a place where this is constant.

I will hopefully be in a completely different place. I have enjoyed my experience teaching and living in Phoenix, but in May 2010, when my TFA commitment is over, I will be ready for change, ready to move on to the next phase of my life. I hope in September 2010 I am in a new place, starting off on my new endeavor on the right foot.

I hope I will feel I followed through on what I wrote. I pray that, unlike the last couple years, a year from now I will look back and say, "that was a good year." I know when I stop to think about it, I am very fortunate and that there are many, many people with far worse problems than I. One year from now, I hope I will feel that way all the time, without having to stop and think about it.

I think I'll probably feel about the same. I hope I am still feeling happy and that I've done something good for the world in the past 12 months.

I don't know, but that's the point, isn't it?

I think I will have wasted a lot of precious time to change the things that needed changing

I think some things will be the same, but hopefully I'll have made progress on the things I think I need to work on and made strides towards my goals. But I think I'll still feel and think about the same things I did this year.

I arrived late to this process so I answered all the questions in the past hour or so. Having said that, looking to next year, I hope I have been able to live my life honorably, to center my life with family, friends, service, and to be more reflective. I hope life will be easier for people in light of the economy and the stresses so many experience. Finally, I hope everyone I love is healthy and happy.

I'm hoping I'll look back and see that in 2010 I'm in a very different place than I was in 2009. I hope I'll have continued to make progress on my personal changes, and be closer to getting my dreams of being married and having a family of my own.

I really hope I'm able to look back on all of my answers and feel a sense of relief at how far I've come and how much more stable I feel.

Some clarity, some sense of connection with who I am and who I want to be--a sense of identification with my self and my life, a sense of wholeness, of meaning, or strength, grace and direction.

I'll probably be in the same situation. The key will be that I should be 1 year closer to graduating and have started to get paid to go to school through the military.

I think I'll feel comfortable with my answers from this year, and hopeful that I've made progress toward the goals I've set for myself. At the same time, I know a lot about me won't have changed, since this is how I am. I sincerely hope that I am more at peace with knowing what I am like.

I think I'll feel pretty much the same as I do now. Somewhat perplexed, transient (psychically speaking), but also mostly hopeful. For most of us, life changes in tiny little increments. A year sounds like a long time, and surely, large scale things can and will happen - parents die, marriages end, children are born, economies crumble - but by and large for most people, as noted by T.S. Eliot, life is "measured out in coffee spoons" - which I take to mean the mundane happenings of everyday existence are the events that really shape what we are. Personally, I'm not sure I would hope for much to be different in my life. On a global perspective though, I wish there was peace, and that leaders would take environmental concerns and healthcare and so many other issues they pay lip-service to more seriously. I haven't lost faith in my government, I do, however have serious concerns about the influence of big business, lobbyists, the entire structure of the legislative process. I wish it were more like a Frank Capra movie.

This is easy. Since I have achieved most of what I wanted out of life, things that I discovered as I moved through the days and years, there is not much that I want that is different from what I have now. I hope to have traveled more, experienced more, read more, improved my Spanish, gotten along better with people, spent more time with my husband doing all of the above things. I hope most of my struggles are over and I have learned to be able to deal with anything that is thrown at me with aplomb and style. I hope to me more patient and keep things pretty much where they are. I think about my answers to all these questions and hope that I continue to think about them for the next 12 months and many years after that. This has been a fascinating introspective experience and I wish it for everyone.

I hope I will be exhausted and tired! But also very happy because things that are being planned now will have come to fruition by next year. I hope the risks I plan to take and the risks I SHOULD take happen and I will be able to reflect on each one with a sense of confidence. Not because they were the best choice or all resulted in successes but because they were the right choice to make.

I'm afraid I'll feel like things are exactly the way they are now, and feel disappointed that nothing has changed, because a lot of my answers to the 10Q are things I've "pondered" for years. It's really hard to make changes, break habits, overcome fears. I think what would help is writing down the key things from my answers (what I want to work on, what I want to investigate, etc) and looking at them daily, rather than putting them in a vault and forgetting about them until next year. I think a lot will also depend on how this job thing plays out. If I'm able to get a new job, and start working with people again (instead of working by myself, from home, which is what I do now), it's likely that things will be different next year. If not, and I keep doing what I'm doing now, it's going to take a concerted effort on my part to make changes happen, to break the routines I've created.

These questions are a distillation of the path I've been consciously on . . . and my hope is to have a strong connection to my creative child, empowering me to live and work the life of the artist. That I will have discovered what that means to me and be actively engaged in "it." And that I am mindful of the gifts I am always receiving.

I hope I will feel like I have accomplished the goals I set for myself and that I am an enlightened, spiritual being with an open heart. I hope that I will have become less critical and more loving and more spiritually-centered. I hope I will read my answers and know that I tried my hardest to accomplish these goals.

More humanity. Less judgment. I want to be happy with my growth?

Nada es verdad, nada es mentira, todo segun el color de cristal con que se mira. I hope my "cristal" is clear, that my family members are healthy, and that thnings here in the USA and Israel are not as bad as I think (now) they will be.

I'm in a very reflective period right now. I'm sure it will be the same next year. I just hope that this answers will lead me to more next year.

I hope I will have made an effort to live in a way that demands more intention behind action.

I hope that these 10Q find me well, happy, on a path, at peace, and with a purpose. I hope that when I read and revisit these answers and questions that I'm continuing to do the kind of work that is important to me - artistically, socially, and politically. I hope that my goals and hopes for the next year are met and that they make me smile. I hope that I'll have a much stronger grasp of Hebrew. That I've kept in touch with those I love and care about. I would love to have found someone to share my life with, at least for a time. Maren, At this point in 2009 you are lying are in bed on Sunday morning. You live in Lansing, MI in the co-op vegetarian house. You are an intern/second company member at the BoarsHead though you JUST told everyone that your not coming back after we break for the X-Mas holiday. Your planning to go back to Italy to tour with ACLE. You weigh 183lbs - and working to change this. Your stressed about the show you will do about Palestine. You've been working very hard on the 'Land for Lajee' fund raising project. You miss Palestine, and though your content, your kind of lonely in Lansing. You don't talk to your friends as much as you hope to, now that your back in the states. You want to change so many things for the better. Your feeling a bit stuck, and you want to grow as an artist, not as a pants size. You are hoping you'll your scope of the world will grow and you will have more confidence in what you feel. I love you dear. Don't be afraid to let someone else see you, all of you, unadorned, and love you unconditionally anyway - just for being you. It's going to be okay. Trust your heart. Don't forget whats important to you. Make: Grandpa, Grandma, Eli, Brian, Ben proud. Mom, Dad and Erin are already but do if for them too. 'No Fear' 'Give um' Hell' 'Well behaved women rarely make history' 'Be the change you want to see in the world' '

I hope I will have grown into (at least a little bit) more of the person I feel like in my heart

I hope I will feel that I have accomplished the goals that I set for myself. And most of all I hope there will be Peace around the worls and that the USA becomes the Country she used to be. Strong, loving, and always ready to help otheres even though so few are eager to help us when we need it.

I hope I won't be surprised, but that I will realize that I have been thinking about my answers throughout the entire year. I hope I will have passed the bar exam, and that I have found a new job in London or New York that I am really happy about. I also hope that I will be able to look back at a year where I have been more invested in Jewish things, and that I have started to go regularly to shul.

I hope that some of my sad answers will be replaced with happy ones and happy answers will remain happy. I really hope for happiness in my life for myself and for those who I care about. My house is on the market, and although I'm very sad about it, I hope it sells somewhat soon so that my parents have so much less stress. Overall I think this 10 questions thing is pretty cool, and I'll probably really enjoy reading my answers.

I hope that I've managed to achieve my core aspirations - to be in a job making a difference for the poor and to be spending more time with my family and prioritising life more over work. I hope I feel great! Shanah Tovah to me (and to all of you)

I'm usually more impressed when I read things I've written in the past, so I hope I'm impressed. I also hope it gives me insight in my quest to finding out who I am.

I think I will be amazed how the issues I was struggling with in 2009 have been resolved and how they have in turn created a new set of challenges.

i think i will glad, becuase hopeful i will be changed for the better.i hope that evrything will be good and i will see the good in it.i hope i will laugh because of the goodness and such

I think that I will feel so positive in that I was able to overcome my obstacles and move forward. I hope that I will be able to carry on my lessons that I am learning during this tough time and that I will be able to control my bad behavior when it happens. I hope to be able to be happy being 50 and not as freaked out as I am as it approaches. I think that the year can only go up and it is actually moving up slowly but surely now

How I feel depends on what happens in the next year and how much soul searching I do in order to figure out where to take my life next. I hope I will have taken steps in the direction of learning at least one new language. I also hope I will have been able to accept myself for who I am and choose a career path that actually fits me rather than the expectations of others.

I hope I will feel more settled about some issues in my life over which I have no control, I am working on that aspect. I will feel more relaxed and accepting and hope my life will be more satisfactory because of letting go of never-ending issues.

I am always trying to become a better person. I hope that I will see a year's worth of growth, advancement and peace, for myself and for the World!

I hope I will be meeting all of my financial obligations with a chunk of $ left over to enjoy some time with friends and family, near and far. I hope I will be growing as an artist and that my work will be appreciated by others. I hope that my family life will feel solid and good and safe and provide a nourishing community for my children even into their old age when our family will be a memory, but still a source of love.

There is a very good chance that my life will be in a significantly different place in September 2010. I might be living on the other side of the country (or in the final stages of move preparation), and I might be seeking a rabbi to officially begin the conversion process. Wherever I am, though, and whatever I am doing, I hope that I will have taken concrete steps toward overcoming some of the fears described in the 10Q Yamim Noraim exercise, and toward incorporating further self-improvement activities into my life.

I hope I will be more at peace.

I think that I will feel alive. By that point in time I will have put behind me some of my bad habits and embraced new ones. I will feel like I've grown and I will feel like I have progressed. I think that my company will have gotten going. I also think that I will be in better health. I hope that I am able to look back at some of these questions and realize that all I needed to do was impart a few simple changes in life to make some big differences in how I feel day to day.

I hope that I will have a sense of home and community, close friends in Durham, a growing practice of kinesiology and spiritual direction. I hope to feel like I am engaged in learning. I hope to be earning money and stewarding it in a responsible way, with maturity and integrity. I hope to be with a loving life partner, and be learning more about the power of love and partnership. I think I will understand myself as a woman, a teacher, a writer, a speaker, teacher and healer, a mother and partner, as a Midwife of Souls, more deeply than ever.

I have no idea how I'll feel. I hope I can look at them with compassion and see a clear progression from where I am now. I hope the grieving of my father will have evolved to a less painful place. I hope that my business will be thriving and I hope that I will be making my artwork consistently and happily. I hope that I will look back and feel proud for overcoming a particularly difficult couple of years (08/09) and really feel grateful for how wonderful 2010 was. How the pain and hard work was worth it. I hope I have trusted my gut, done the work and known love because of it.

I am hoping that my thoughts and answers to these questions are different; that I have made strides towards certain goals and have accepted with open armsthe joys and hurdles that are part of my life.

I think I'll feel a familiar sense of failure and disappointment in myself. Plus ça change, plus c'est la même chose. Right? Ugh.

I hope I’ll be fairly philosophical about the whole thing, especially the parts of this that’ll look like either failures or “incompletes;” I’ve set some pretty daunting questions for my life, and most of them are processes rather than goals that can be decidedly reached. If I have to choose one thing that I truly hope is different? I hope I’m a healthy, happy, athletic nonsmoker!

I think I'll feel a bit of a relief, realizing that I'm no longer where I was and am somewhere new, better, more hopeful. I hope I'll be in a more creative and productive space. It would be nice if I was in a healthy, happy relationship around this time next year ...

Well, I'm just starting the divorce process. So, by the time Sept. '10 rolls around, I hope this process has been over for many months, that I've learned to live on my own and be happy and single and be a great single mom. I hope that my life then closely resembles the one I have now - just with some important changes like self-confidence and wisdom (and the removal of the husband).

I hope none of it will make me cry, or want to bang my head against the wall. I hope that work & family will have found a level of stability that they didn't have this past year. This time last year I had no income, a brand-new baby, and a brand-new organization - and I still was saying kaddish for my father. This time next year I hope that I'll have a more stable income (= more stable organization), be living in a home good for 7-10 years, and have reasonable health-stability in the family. Who knows....

I can only hope that i will not be disappointed w myself or that i am honest enough to say that what i thought i wanted i did not want -- i want to be in a far different place than i am right now -- i want to feel competent in my work and loved in my personal life -- i want to love where i live and not feel as though anything in my life has been left undone -- i received a card from a student that said, smart women tie up loose ends -- i take that as a sign for this next year/this next season -- tie up the loose ends and begin the new -- as the door closes on the old year welcome the new with hope and anticipation -- i have only just begun to live

I'll probably be surprised that the same issues are still current and that not much has changed in a year. I but I seriously hope not! I hope that I will be overflowing with happiness and joy because of my changed life.

I worry that I may be unemployed

I hope to be closer and kinder to myself and others.

I think I will feel curious about what my answers were. They may well come as a surprise to me, too. No doubt, as someone else commented, I will be grappling with other issues of concern and perhaps, depending on my progress, some of the same ones I contend with now, too. I sincerely hope that I will have taken my answers to these questions to heart and really worked to make them a reality. I hope that a year from now I will be a more peaceful and fulfilled and consequently, a more loving individual in my various roles as wife, daughter, sister, employee, friend and more. I hope I will be able to say that I have few to no regrets about how I lived my life in the last year.

I better have a different job and hopefully not live with my parent's anymore. I hope I'm happy

There have been many changes in my life during the past year. I hope by next year that I will fulfill everything I have set for myself. I hope I will be leading the life I have always wanted and can feel secure in the choices that I have made in establishing a new life. I hope that I have not been overly ambitious and thus will feel frustrated and like a failure that I have not attained everything. I hope I will feel that the world is more just and peaceful and that everyone is better off. I want to focus myself and stick to my plans and feel happy and hopeful that everything will turn out well.

I'll have a kid so I'll wonder how I had so much time to answer these questions.

I hope for the best that I might be happier, easier and feel more freedom and to grow as a person

I'd like to be at a place where I feel more alignment with both my inner and outer lives, so that I can reflect and see that things really have changed.

I may feel frustrated with how hard it is to make some changes. I may feel that a year has passed so quickly. I hope that my life will have improved financially and physically.

I hope that when I read the answers next year, I discover that by writing these thoughts and responses in September, 2009, I gave myself strength to work toward resolving and addressing anything that I noted as a goal or deficiency in my current life. Change is hard; risk-taking is hard---but the only way to improve and accomplish goals is to 1) identify them and 2) take the baby steps toward achievement. I'll still have issues---to be sure---but if I can be in a better place for myself, those I love, and those I work or spend time with---I hope to feel like 5770 has been a success!

i hope i will feel good about making at least some progress towards what i've expressed. and i hope i can be gentle about what i haven't done and remember that it takes time and continued effort to work on any goals and will keep at whatever is still relevant for me to work on.

If I can speak spanish, I'll feel good. If I can't, I'll feel terrible. Also, if I have no sense of what I want to do, and/or training sucks.

I hope that I will have reached a level of comfort with myself and with myself in the world, which I have been working toward. I hope I will look at these answers and smile at them, as I will have made significant progress in finding me.

I hope my mom will still be with us leading as full a life as she can. If it is her time to pass on in 2009, I know my family will miss her beyond words but that our base is strong because she helped build it!

I think every year I get a bit closer to being "me," but always find out that there's much more to do than I thought. Hopefully next year will be the same, because in truth I don't ever want to be done!

i hope i can look back at these with a sense of curiosity, and no disappointment. while i'm very content in life right now, i hope that next year i'm just a little happier. or at least not struggling to maintain buoyancy during these first cooler, darker, days of fall.

I might feel slightly disappointed. I'm hard on myself. But I hope - HOPE - that I'll be surprised at how far I've moved toward my goals. I hope my husband and I are closer and that I'm more forgiving of myself and others.

mekava shehahalom yitgashem amen

I think rather than try to predict or control tomorrow's thoughts and feelings, I will wait and let myself be surprised.

I will feel surprised and happy about how much I have grown. I hope to be happier, healthier, more secure, and prospering.

I had better be on the path!

i feel as though i have been answering the nine previous questions with this one in mind the whole time; it has caused me to pause and to make some resolutions, for sure. by next year, i hope that i can say with overwhelming confidence that i am a good dad and a mensch that is respected by my family, my co-workers and our group of close friends. i'd like to be physically fit and mentally challenged by new ideas and a constant education, professionally, spiritually and otherwise. as well, i'd like the coming year to find a bit more financial security, as that would ease my mind and open it to other, more constructive, lines of thought. it would be good to make a few new, good friends in the coming year also. most of all, and i know that this is a stretch, i'd like to acquire an inner peace; a sort of comfort with what i want and what i need, what i have and what i may never have. i want to dream pleasant dreams and sit quietly for periods of time without driving myself crazy. i need to be able to sit still, not plan the next event, and see the beauty of my world with both eyes wide open. i pray for the calm that can only come when the storm has passed. if life is truly a journey, my journey, then my wish is that next year is smooth and full of beautiful sights along the way. next september, i will read these entries with my son and tell him how lucky his father truly is to be in this world and live this wonderful life.

hopefully i'm not caught up in the same cycles of pessimism, not still swimming around in the same vat of clichés.

I hope I have a stable job and/or Logan has a better one and we have a baby on the horizon.

I think I'll feel grateful for the journey. I hope to have realized some of my dreams and feel happy to have had it. I hope to have overcome the challenges I face right now and be ready to put into practice what I've learned this year. The difference I want is to have better financial existence.

I hope that I will respect where I am today (2009), understand how I got here from there, and have a sense of humor about all of it. More specifically, I hope that I will have figured out how to maintain my friendship in nursing school, maintain a high GPA without sacrificing my happiness, and what I want to do with my life (or at least have a little more of a specific idea of whether I want to do NP school or med school!). I hope I am mostly happy, and understanding of myself when I'm not; mostly balanced in life, with a willingness to mix things up a bit as needed; and mostly at peace with myself. Also I want to attend Shabbat services more frequently.

I hope I can overcome my fears - I hope I'll have grown as a person - I hope I'll be able to look at these answers and say, "Yes," that's what I was feeling and I'm so glad I was able to overcome and that I"m not feeling that way anymore.

I will probably sense that a lot of my answers seemed to be rushed and as a result be encouraged to slow down and take the time to really think them out on the next round.

I will have hopefully conquered some of my fears of opening up and trusting others. I think I will feel very contemplative, and maybe a bit sad. I also hope that I have completed at least half of the goals I set for myself here.

I hope I'll have a better sense of city I chose. I hope I'll finally feel as though I have a home. I hope my songs will be better. I hope I'll look back and feel I was open to new things this year. I hope to have worked my body into a tighter, more powerful machine. I hope I'll have been good to friends and lovers.

I'll feel amazed at how quickly the time has passed, and surprised at how much has happened in the past year that I could never have predicted. Creating change in my life is hard work. Awareness of an issue slides the key into the lock, and action turns the bolt. What's behind the door?? I cannot predict. I'd like to think that I'll feel successful at removing some of the shackles that I have accumulated over the years.

I'll probably have forgotten all about this again. I hope that just like this year, my life is progressing toward my goals the way it has this past year.

I hope I will be passionately in love with myself and my proud of my decisions. I want to move forward and forgive myself for lost time - a dark time when I did not embrace my life.

It will depend on what I do, what choices I make between now and then. I will learn a lot between now and then that I don't know now. That might change everything about my goals and desires. I might have reassessed. I might be exactly where I am now, wishing for exactly the same things I'm wishing for now. My hope based on what I know at present is that I'll be alive, happy, comfortable, making a living, and doing a lot less office work and a lot more meaningful work that engages my creativity.

I am hoping that by September of next year, my life will be changed for the better, in terms of a new job, a new apartment, maybe even in a new city. Hopefully I will feel accomplished and have a clearer idea of my life goals and aspirations. Here's to another year of searching...

I am looking forward to being able to review the answers and see a sense of accomplishment in my actions and activities. I hope to have a better sense of a life lived in the way I chose - being at cause and not at effect.

I hope that this reflection brings to the surface some of the things that I need change in my personal life and habits, and that I have the strength and courage to make the changes that are needed. I hope that I will feel positive about the future, as I feel about the future now.

It will be interesting to see whether I'm wiser (ascending) or losing my grip (descending). Given my age, it's an open question. Surprisingly, this has been a thohoughtful exercise-modern technology oddly congruent with an ancient practice.

I hope to see that I've made some minute steps toward the goals I'd set to achieve. Otherwise it would be painful to read over what I'd written and see that I've made absolutely no progress!

I look forward to seeing the change, if any and how life will be different.

I hope I will be a full fledged nurse - can't believe it, in only one yr... and I'll feel a sense of satisfaction, not fear and an overall sense of dread that I feel now.

Probably I'll be in about the same place I am now - some issues solved, but others will take their place. I'm currently feeling very good about my life, and hope that contentment lasts at least for the next year.

I hope that some of the issues/questions that I have been struggling with will have been at least partially answered. It is my goal to feel more settled and confident with what I am doing professionally and personally.

I think that when i see the answers to my questions next year, i will be really happy to know that i have worked on the things that were holding me back. I hope to be in a relationship that is fulfilling and i hope that my professional life has only gotten better. I believe that everything happens for a reason and i am exactly where i should be today. I look forward to 2010!

I hope that I will still care passionately. Passion is one of the hardest things to get and of the easiest things to lose. I hope I will remember more of my studies, and done better. I hope that I will have had a full year's worth of meaningful chagim for the first time. I hope I will be kinder, more honest, more comfortable. I hope I will reread these and feel disconnected a little, just enough to know they're me... and just enough to know that I am better, more fulfilled... more true.

I think I'll look back on where I was when I wrote this with a lot of gentle compassion. I think I'll be in a MUCH better place and reading the answers will help me to realize how far I've come and even that I manifested where I am at when I am reading them by declaring them here. I think I'll be in a better place in my life than I have ever been before.

My greatest hope is that I will have moved forward from the most daunting of these challenges.

i hope i will have taken the rist of opening my biz. no matter what happens.

I hope I'll have a greater sense of purpose and a more solid feeling of my interconnectedness and balance. I fear that I will just feel the same confusions and struggles I do now, but in thinking about these questions, I feel like I am able to be more decisive about my future.

I think i'll feel shocked that it has already been a whole year...years seem to fly by now! Hopefully I will feel happy and excited for the new year, and thats what I hope is different...that I'm HAPPY!

I believe I am going to feel happy and accomplished of what I have done. Confident that I can am capable and competent in many things. Be able to see how I took control of what i do have control in my life and allowed everything else to be. I will admire what I have done and continue to go after what I want and make it a reality. I would have recognized my power and have integrated both energies female and male.

How will I feel. Relieved, relaxed to some of the answers I've posted. My life is different every year with or without these questions. Living consciously very important. Awareness, very important. Sense of self, very important. Well, basically I am a happy person anyway. It's how you deal and handle life's challenges.

I think it will be interesting to see the change of where I am in 2010 compared to where I am now. I hope I can achieve some of the goals and hopes that I wanted to for the coming year. More importantly, however, is that if I haven't reached those goals, my hope is that I will keep moving forward toward attaining them, that I will not see that as a failure, and that I will continue to learn from the circumstances that prevented me from getting more of what I want. I am hopeful some of my dreams will be realized, but life being what it is, you never know what the future will bring. I sure found that out this year.

I would hope I would satisfied with progress made on some of the concerns and wishes I have stated within these questions.

I think I will be grateful that I survived the challenges facing me - - and strengthened by my spiritual work to face whatever challenges face me next year - -

When I see my answers to these questions next year I'll probably notice the seriousness of my responses and remember this excercise for the discipline of not just writing an answer quickly but rather taking time to...reflect. Unless I win the lottery, I expect my life in a year to be a mirror image of where it is now.

I'll be pleased to have engaged in such a project. I'll beam with pride whenever I live up to my goals, and shake my head in laughter whenever a problem persists. I'll smile to myself upon the memory of the old me and all the things I didn't know and could never have predicted. I already know I'll be starting my second year of rabbinical school in New York next year, so I'd like to think I'll feel more confident in myself and my direction in life. Here's hoping.

I am hoping that I will feel that I have progressed a lot since this year. Right now, I'm at a point of turmoil, forks in the roads, changes, new beginnings, and endings. I am hoping that by 2010 I will have sorted much of this out :)

I hope I'll either have a REAL job or be in grad school!

I think i may be really happy for accomplishing most of my goals but i might be a little bit disappointed for not accomplishing all of them. I think it will be really interesting to see how much i grew and matured in one year and how my priorities changed (if they did), etc.

I'll feel better. It's cathartic for me to discuss fears and concerns because it's the first step toward ridding myself of them. I'd like to believe this time next year, that I'll more physically healthy by choice, not because some unplanned event forced me to do so.

I think I'll laugh a little, cry a little... maybe even wonder why a little... But I hope I'll have made progress.

Of course I hope I'll feel incredibly accomplished, having read extensively on economics, gotten into grad school, and found the man of my dreams. But, realistically, I hope I'll remember how I feel today and why I am saying these things, and be a few smaller steps to my goals. I'm at the age where I'm 'trying to figure it all out,' and I don't expect or necessarily want to be far along on that journey a year from now, but I hope I'll still be thinking about it. I hope I'll be moving onto a new step in my life - school, travels, relationships - and that all the reflecting I've done lately will help be a better, happier, more productive person! And I'll look forward to doing 10Q 2010!

I hope that I will have improved upon the things that I wanted to improve upon. But mostly I hope that in the year I have learned something about myslef...for good or for bad.

I hope things have changed. I hope this exercise isn't a demonstration of my apathy.

I think i'll feel prouder. And I hope I'll feel more secure.

I hope that these issues will seem like old news & that I'll be on to new ones. That's the best possible outcome.

I hope I'll be surprised -- not that I'll forget all I've written (I'll surely forget some) and not that I don't already basically know who I am and what I want -- but rather I hope to be surprised at all the positive changes that have happened in my life. Change sometimes seems to happen totally by surprise but mostly it's a matter of being ready (to coin a phrase) when opportunity knocks. So I hope to hear not just "time's winged chariot" (as I said in an earlier response) but also opportunity knock knock knocking on my front door. Side windows opening would be okay too. Especially, I want to hear the sound of my own footsteps as I take those exciting steps forward into the future, into the unknown. These questions have been very clarifying toward that end, which, as a sage restaurant placemat once said, is also a new beginning.

I hope I've made a significant move towards turning my life around and achieving something satisfying. And that means beyond the daunting job of catching up with the many serious remedial areas which have been on my "to-do" list for longer than I can comfortably remember. I am afraid even if these goals are achieved, there won't be much if any relationship to these questions and answers. All have been all too similar for years. How can I achieve some measure of hope and happiness? Without them, I don't believe I can move forward. Insight alone doesn't seem to be helpful.

I hope they don't make me want to throw up.

I hope that I feel a calm sense of content and purpose. I hope that I have a clear idea of what I want to do with my life. I hope I am closer to being the person that I want to be.

I hope I'll be happily surprised that things have fallen into place, personally and financially. And that I've made more progress in my emotional and financial life than I feel I will at this moment. And I hope I'll be as grateful for my life, warts and all, as I am at this moment.

I hope that I look back and realise that the change I am about to make was one of the best things that could have happened to me and that I made the right choices.

I hope I feel excited to realize how much I incorporated these questions and my responses into how I lived my life over the coming year. And, if not, I hope I at least incorporated the compassion to appreciate however much I was able to accomplish.

Not sure how I'll feel...hope I have some of my physical and psychological challenges under control (while continuing and building on the aspects of my life of which I am currently proud.........)

I know I will still be figuring many things out - not ever 100% satisfied but very happy. I hope that I will have accomplished much in this year and that by the end of it I will feel more mature, and closer to understanding what I need, what I love, and how to be good.

I hope that I have more of a sense of security both financially and job wise. I hope to have moved forward in a couple areas of my life including my relationship.I hope that by answering these questions I will have gained some personal insight and that I will continue to be reflective throughout the year.

I think I'll be hysterically busy! I bet I sit down to read them with some real interest...but that I won't dwell on it too much. I'm sure I'll be sorry that I didn't write more than I did. :-)

My guess is that I will probably think "here we go again"- only because this year, morally speaking, was a relatively painless year, which means that I've mostly worried about my hard-to-cure issues that I will still be worrying about next year (but which I still hope I will be slightly better with) as opposed to huge but one-shot crises.

I really hope I'll have learnt some more, become a little bit cleverer, figured some more stuff out and be vaguely embarrassed by my answers - that means I've progressed somewhat. As for what I hope will be different...I guess I hope I've figured out what to do about where I should go with my career. Currently debating staying in Oxford vs looking for a job somewhere else...no idea. Hope I find one. I wonder if I'll still be with Rhona? Another thing I have no idea what the future holds. I also hope that I see 'X-factor and Big Brother cancelled' as a headline.

I don't know. I'll be more intrigued to see what happens, the thingsz i accomplish and the way the future leads me. i do hope to be in a relationship, i want to have lost weight, and then i'd like to accomplish something else new in my life. i want more of a life that doesn't revolve around my job.

i'll be relieved to have grown so quickly and be proud of myself for breaking patterns that don't benefit me

I can't really even imagine that far into the future right now. There are so many unanswered questions in my life at the moment, I don't even know where I'll be in two months, let alone a year from now. I hope that at the very least I'll have *planned* a wedding, if not had it already (though that sounds doubtful). I hope I'll feel more secure and stable. The last couple of years has been such a complete maelstrom. It would be really nice to just be relaxed for a change. I hope I can get there.

I hope i can look back and feel empathy for the lost person who responded this year, and feel a sense of accomplishment at meeting life's challenges.

I hope I will grow more in self knowledge and apply that information instead of resorting to past habits. I would like to be more self aware, more tolerant, more forgiving and less angry and anxious. With aging, I think I should let go of most of the past and live "in the moment" more and enjoy the moment, whatever it brings.

I thought about the answer to this question, but I cannot even begin to think of all the things that will happen to me in the next 365 days of my life. In all honesty, saying anything would be a mistake. I just hope that I can look back on these without regret for what I said and what I thought.

If I've done my work and held myself accountable, I SHOULD feel proud of myself for doing everything I've said I would do. If I do not keep to myself, I'll likely feel lousy. I'm not sure what will be different. I've always done what I've said I was going to do. And when I don't, I feel lousy. I know what makes me happy and that's keeping my word. So I'll just do that. Right?

I've noticed how sad many of my answers are and it's made me realize that I'm in a pretty stressful place at this time in my life. Of course I *knew* that in one sense, but I spend so much time coping that I hadn't thought about how much the stress and frustration of this time has infused how I see the world, how I experience myself. I feel more compassionate with myself being in this sad place. I hope that 2010 brings more lightness and joy, and that many of the things that are currently weighing on me will be resolved.

I hope to feel like a stronger, more grounded person who has "lived" more each day, and I hope to feel that I've made a greater impact on others' lives by next year.

I think at first i'll be really confused then i'll remember that i signed up for this. I really really hpe i will be just as emotionally and mentally healthy then as i am now. Dear Future Me, follow your dreams. don't lose sight of what is truly important. above all, do what makes you happy. :) Love, You.

My hope for the upcoming year is to have good health, both mental and physical, as well as relief myself from financial burdens. I hope that I stay on the right path and continue to maintain my sobriety. I have realized what I value, and I will strive to maintain my values and morals. I just hope for the best.

I think I'll feel good - because I'm planning to make changes. Starting right now! P.S. Falling in love wouldn't exactly suck either....I haven't put it out there until now...with the last question. I'm just saying.... Finding my soul mate Winning the lottery Being healthy All good things. Happy New Year to everyone.

I hope to feel more at peace, to know myself better, to hear myself and others in conversation. I hope to be more open and honest with myself and others.

I hope I am as happy as I am now with my life still so full of blessings- I hope for health and the opportunity to continue to nurture my children as they grow into young people-I pray for their health and happiness and look forward to seeing them have new expereinces that will enrich their lives. I hope that I am physically healthier- and that this year is as good as last year!

I am sure I will feel my heart beat faster then, and I hope I'll have a good feeling after I read my today's answers. This may be possible, if I work on my goals. It would be good if I would give myself advices like I use to give advices to other people, best friends etc. I should talk to myself as I would talk to my best friend - and I should listen to my advice. If I'll take this to heart, things should be very different from today, in a very positive way :-)

It will be interesting because I know that each year i'm at a totaly different spot in my life... in my own development and what i'm actually engaged in at that time. I think I'll feel good because I will carry out a lot of what i talked about... and I think that having put in the effort and re-commitment to myself, I'll see that I"ve made some progress... or at least feel good that i kept some of the promises I made to myself. I'm hoping I'll just be very accepting and compassionate with myself... If if achieved what I've hoped to... i'll be more independent and working on being accomplished and balanced.

I would hope that I would have resettled into my new life and my new home in California and making a new life and new friends and getting myself back on an even footing financially as well as emotionally. After a very difficult few years I am looking forward to happiness, better health and a brighter future.

hopefully all my worries about finding work will be unfounded and I'll have other concerns to talk about.

I hope I'm more serene, more accepting of what is. I also hope I'm living more outside myself and in the world. And I hope that my health has improved, either due to breakthroughs in medicine, or better management on the part of me and my physicians. Lastly, I hope to look back at my son's Bar Mitzvah (due in 9 months) with pride, and joy and the knowledge that he understands the values of being a mature Jewish young man.

Reflection; Looking back on my thoughts of the previous year, have my attitude changed, have my desires been fulfilled - even partially – how am I a different but similar person. Melding the past with the present may I look back next year and see progress in my life and relations to others. Reflection is necessary when it is combined with a positive action. We must all grow as individuals and as a community.

I know that I'll feel good about having taken the time to reflect and look inward. This has been a truly useful exercise! I hope that I will be able to keep my goals in mind in the coming year. I hope,l too that I will have accomplished, at least in part, some of my goals.

I'll be amazed that another year flew by so quickly. Hopefully my answers will put a smile on my face .... and hopefully I'll still be grateful for all the same things. It never ceases to amaze me how trivial certain problems can seem when put in perspective or when time lapses. Let's hope this bit of introspection will continue throughout the coming year.

I hope that when I read these answers, I'll think "oh yeah, that's what it was like a year ago but those struggles and doubts and frustrations are no more. And look how far I've come since the end of 5769/the beginning of 5770." I hope I'm still just as self-aware, just as reflective, and just as open to transformation, change, and growth. And I don't like this question, which is why this answer is so lame. Time to go get ready for the fast!

I hope that I will get some enjoyment from seeing if/how my life has changed. I hope that I don't regret anything that I might or might not have done. Most importantly, I hope that I learn from my answers and see that I was truthful in my responses.

I think I'll feel a communion with the 2009 self and I hope to look back at her and wink, celebrating the progress we made.

I think that when my answers come I'll probably feel nostalgic and probably more mature, and older. Hopefully I'll have found a place of learning where I feel I belong, or am just starting to feel I belong to. I hope that I will be able to look back at where I am and say, "There is no where else I would rather be." Hopefully I will be a little farther down the pathway to wisdom.

I hope I will have made some meaningful steps toward resolving issues that gnaw at me and that I will have a deeper sense of inner peace. Basically I am a happy person, most of my issues are related to fear of the unknown. If I can just live each day as it comes and trust my instincts both I - and the people around me who I affect - will be better for it. But most of all I hope that this world will have experienced some healing - I hope that the country can move forward as a whole on the key issues that face us so gravely - healthcare, war, unemployment, but mostly kindness. I would so like to see people be good to one another, take care of one another and stop this greed and bi-partisan stalemate. That would make me less fearful!

I hope I will be more at peace with my life.

I think it'll make me sad looking at the person I am now/was then. I hope I'll be a different person then: I hope I'm a different person already, that writing this will let me let go of who I am now, or was a moment ago. I hope I'll be happier.

My sense is that the issues I identified are my life's work--personal, professional, and spiritual. And because of that, while I would love to imagine that I will feel "evolved" or "fixed" come 2010, I expect (and maybe even hope) to simply be a bit farther along on the same path.

i hope ive lost weight. i hope i am more patient with jeff and the kids. i hope my anxiety is under control. i think i'll look at the answers that i wrote and think they are spot on- i only hope ive done some things to help better my place in life.

I hope that I will feel like I have gotten involved in something that is meaningful to me outside of work, kinder and synagogue. I hope that there will be some meaningful changes in health policy and environmental policy. I hope that my son's marriage will be easier for him and for her and that they will develop some common ground in regards to religion. I hope that my children in New Orleans will continue doing well. I hope that my daughter and son-in-law to be will have an easy transition and that my youngest daughter will find rest from her eating difficulties and happiness if this relationship is meant to be. And as for the rest of the family and the world...always more peace, more health, more satisfaction from work and more goodness.

I hope that my answers cause me to scoff at how ignorant I was. I hope I'll be able to look back at this time and pity myself for not living at all.

I imagine I will be settling into my role as a married woman. Right now it seems so vast and wide before me, I feel like I will get lost in it. But I have faith I will find my way.

I think I will still be trying to discover who I am, maybe a little less confused. I hope everything will be different, but thats a surreal dream. I think I will think these answers are so wrong.

I think that I will feel I have had a full, thoughtful and busy year. I think that I will have made progress in each area, and I am promising myself to be ready to forgive myself for areas that I am not as far along in or that are not resolve as I had hoped. This response shows my new commitment to thinking optimistically about what I and others are capable of, rather than being pessimistic so as to avoid disappointment. I think that I will be a quieter person and so a better friend, and I think that some of the rough edges of my chaplaincy approach will have been rubbed down which will give me further confidence. I hope that I will have kept my commitment to myself on the health front of drinking, exercising and sleeping and on the fulfillment front of writing.

This next year will be a year of transition, I believe. Next year at this time, I hope to be living a life with greater meaning. To have a better understanding of myself, to be more content with my life and feel a greater sense of satisfaction with my career choices. I hope to be a calmer, more content, satisfied, better organized, nicer, selfless, more enlightened human being. I hope to have a deeper sense of spirituality and a more vibrant yoga practice. I hope to have a more concrete plan in place to reach my ultimate goal of meaningful self-employment. Lofty ambitions? Yes, sir. People say I'm a dreamer, but I'm not the only one...

I hope I've made some progress. I feel like I on a treadmill going nowhere mostly. It's a litlle bit frustrating. I hope I will be doing something I enjoy more or helping other people.

I will be interested to see if I'm come far in my emotional development and my professional life. I hope I will maintain my sense of comfort in my spiritual identity and continue to observe on my own terms. What I hope will be different will be that I am confident enough in myself to be mindful and accept whatever comes my way and be strong enough to assert myself. I hope I will meet someone who is a real lover, partner and friend. I hope that my family and friends will stay happy and healthy, that I will do well at work and in school and that we will see positive economic and political change in the world. Because I have pondered these questions I think it will remind me to stay in the moment and focus on the good things that each day brings.

I look forward to seeing where this year leads me. In any case, my romantic relationship will be in a different place and most likely so will my professional role. Good things are coming!

I hope to feel the emotions of self reflection. In our fast pace world we tend to forget about how we think and feel about ourselves and the world. We too often are confronted with so much trival things we for get to look inward for self reflection. Thanks for the chance to smell the roses.

I don't know. Hopefully many of the questions I have tried to answer would have been answered the right way and I would have not many regrets for the course of action I took.

I think I will look back on my answers and smile, knowing how much I've gotten through and all the challenges I've met in the year.

I think I will be surprised that I was concerned about these issues and wonder how many have been resolved. I also think that some will continue to be of concern. I hope that I have some new insights.

I haven't changed significantly in fifteen years, so I expect to be just as awesome as I am now. The only difference is I'll probably be wearing pants as I read this. Maybe not.

amidst all the aspirations, the one i've always wanted most of all is love. so i hope that, when i do sit down to read these next year, i'll have someone sitting by my side.

I'll probably be nostalgic. Then critical. If I've learned anything in the past year, it's that the future is a total mystery, and you just have to see where things take you. So I don't think or hope things will be different. I know they'll be different. I just hope I'll be happy wherever and whatever I'm doing.

i think i'll feel relieved to know that i actally took the time to reflect on my decisions of 2009... i hope i'm still with Joshua Holtz, the love of my life. and i hope i'm not such a controling bitchface-like my mother. I want to be on track with a lot of things: The movie, School, my relationships... everything. and i know that not everything can be fixed in a year, especially with me. I want to at least have a handle on things.

I hope that I'll feel more confident and comfortable with where I am in my life, particularly in that transition from college to the real world. Maybe that lost feeling I'm fighting now will merge with all the memories of college and I'll look back nostalgically on a time when I was a little younger, a little less settled, and a little less sure of myself. Likely I'll be struggling with some of the same things still, but hopefully I'll have a new perspective. I hope I still love Princeton, I hope I still stay close with the Duke crowd, and I hope I'm more sure about where I want to be headed in the future. I feel like I'm likely to be more grounded and more a part of the NJ world, and I certainly hope that is the case.

I hope I'll be more satisfied with my work and personal life.

I hope I am happier and thinner.

Hopefully, I will be just as happy as I am now, still constantly trying to look at the world in new ways and thinking about things I've never thought about before. I like who I am now, mostly. I hope I still do in a year.

Better world, better economy.

well, these same things will be coming around again and again and again, wont they? this year is similar to last year, and next year will probably be the same. my goal is to creep closer and closer every year. to more peace, presence, and less mishegoss. on the other hand, every year something unexpected happens, and we can always be surprised. at the directions the world and our lives may take. we never know. not really.

You know, to be honest, I go through this kind of reflection every year at this time, albeit not in so structured a way. So my guess is that I'll get these answers and think about how much has remained the same, and maybe I'll finally see that this is life - this is how it goes. We ask the same questions, we seek the answers and we just move on, trying to figure it out until we realize there is nothing to actually figure out!

I hope I'll smile and realize that most of my hopes and dreams are on their way to fruition. I think I'll be another step closer to understanding myself and that compassion and kindness are inherent in the way I deal with my family.

I hope that I'll read the answers from this year and see how much I've grown...as a Christian, a wife, a mother, a friend. I hope that I'll read them and realize that whatever is in my life a year from now that I'm being critical about doesn't matter as much as I thought.

i hope i have found a lasting relationship and am on my way (or in the midst) of creating a family together.

I'm hoping that I'll feel as though I've acted on some of the goals, furthered some of my feelings more mature adn the like.

I think there are things about me that are inherent parts of my identity and so in some ways I know I will remain unchanged, which means that in some ways my responses to the 10Q questions--and the questions I have about my own life--may be similar then to the way they are now. And, on this Erev Yom Kippur I've spent a long time reading the questions, reflecting on the answers, and recording my thoughts. More than anything else in these Awesome Days, 10Q has been a tool for wondering, predicting, hoping, and dreaming about what will come in this new year. For that reason alone--that I have stopped to think and consider and write about what I want to be different--maybe some things will begin to slowly and steadily (or perhaps even rapidly and wildly!) shift in this new year. As I would say to myself over and over in the dark days of my struggle over secret love: Everything changes with the passage of time. At that time I would say it to convince myself that I would not always be so hurt and heartbroken. Now I say it with a much lighter spirit, as a way of reminding myself that not only is change possible it is unavoidable and actually also mostly uncontrollable. I commit now to making the changes that will come to pass in this new year as positive and healthy as I can. Gmar chatimah tovah, may I myself be inscribed in the book of life this year. Amen.

I think I'll feel entirely different than when I wrote this. I hope I am engaged in doing something I love. I hope I am interacting with people who inspire me. I hope the people I'm close to, I'm even closer to. I hope I am stimulated by the things I'm doing and by the people I surround myself with.

I said a lot here tonight but the program did nto save it . About appreicationing my self for the time I took to answer these questions. About appreciationing the good life I have and the people in it , my husband , my daugthers,my friendssmy work. I want to be thankful, to have gratitude for all that I have and to have equitnimity about my work and my family in Wisconsin.

Hopefully I'll have moved passed the awful whirlwind of 2009. Hopefully I'll be done with school and have spent the summer exploring New England on a motorcycle (that I have yet to purchase). I don't know how I'll feel. I sincerely hope I can look back at this and be at peace with everything that has happened. Maybe I can even laugh at it a little, and realize that my friends have been there for me during my hardships. I hope it will be different. I hope it will be better.

I look forward to reading them and I hope that I have made the changes that I said I wanted to change- especially to be happier and more appreciative of my wonderful life, which includes sitting back and letting my family find their own way sometimes.

I'll feel proud of who I am today. I think and hope I'll be a better person :)

I hope I will be grateful to reach another year

I hope to look back and feel thankful for another year. If I can feel regret free, even better!

I imagine I will be (a little) surprised at what seemed most important, how that has in fact evolved...and grateful for a life path of paying attention, learning and practicing with new ideas and possibilities. I hope that spiral allows me to see positive change even as the same questions present themselves.

I think I'll feel older and wiser. It is difficult to reflect on a year without thinking about it in pieces. This past year was a huge year of emotional growth for me and I hope I can continue to grow and be able to reflect on how far I have come.

I can only hope I won't feel like a hamster on a treadmill. I haven't quite give up hoping that change is still possible at my age (52) but it sure is hard.

When September 2010 rolls around I think I will feel a sense of accomplishment and will reflect on my growth. I hope I will be more enlightened and comfortable with myself and my life.

I hope to hell i have a satisfying lovelife,even more great friends,a great feeling about my work and the direction my life is taking and i hope to be more in control of me-of my self,my personal direction/goals/needs etc and healthy as i hope all my loved ones to be as well^^

I think that I will be in a very similar place and thoughts that I am now...life for me before was always ever changing. When ever I didn't like something I left it, moved on to something better...or at least I think it would be better but it would end up being just the same as the thing I had left whether it was the location, a person, a job. It would end up lame, boring and un-fulfilling. I feel like where I am now is a place that I find challenging yet comforting and I'm finding that just simply making the decision to follow through on the things that mean the most to you is a reward in and of itself.

My dad often said. "Just leave the world a little better than you found it." So, my goal is to just get a little more competent in my job and personal life from year-to- year, inching forward. . . of course there's always curve balls!

Frankly I am unsure how much I will have advanced and I will have probably have forgotten about answering the questions in the first place.

I hope I will feel good and excited about what has happened in a year. I hope I will be teaching in public school, have the guy I want and be happy with my life.

i hope that i can say that i made significant improvement

i hope that i feel a sense of greater possibilitity i have no doubt that life will be different and i hope i continue to grow into and embrace my strength, i hope i have danced and written and loved and not been bound by work/guilt/precieved obilgation. i hope i love myself more

I think, hope and intend that I will be in a better place physically and emotionally. I hope will have done more Reiki (I just completed the Reiki I training) and gotten more in touch with my ability to tap into the positive energies of the world and of spirit. It couldn't hurt to envision doing more with my writing and art, and creating a way of making a living that is more congenial to my authentic self.

I hope and pray that my entire family including me is healthy.........that's number 1. I hope and pray that we are all prospering financially and emotionally in our businesses and relationships. I don't think I am asking or expecting too much. However, I know now that THE most important thing is good health and doing good for others. I hope my head and heart remain in that place - then I will be a happy person.

This year I was really excited. This past year offered the best (new job & finished my degree) and worst (impact of flood on my family, my father's health) of life. I hope that this time next year I can say that I achieved more balance, and through that balance, even more happiness.

I think I'll feel about the same this time next year. Reacting to life with equanimity has been a personal goal and I'm getting better at it. At the same time, I'm a little disappointed at this expectation. My wanderlust and yearning for adventure are unrequited, yet I don't have any reason to believe that big events are just around the horizon for me.

I guess I hope that I"ll feel" wow, that was such a long time ago...lokk at where I am now!" Not in terms of accomplishment but just in a different place along the Path.

I hope that I will have not forgotten my answers to these questions and how I felt while I was writing them. I hope that I will have taken the important stuff to heart. I hope that my life will be calmer, more focused. I hope that I am successful and happy. I hope that I will still care deeply about my religion and I hope that I will be actively involved in my Jewish community and beyond. Most of all, I just hope that I will still be a strong, beautiful and confident young woman who can be proud of how far she has come in such a short period of time.

I think I'll feel the same way about a lot of things, but I think I'll be closer to living the life I want to live. I hope that I won't be as lonely (in terms of relationships) but more than that, I hope that if I am in the same relationship state as I am now, that I'll have made peace with it and can stop thinking about it so much. Obviously I hope I'll have achieved the goals I set out for myself but if I don't, I hope I recognize that I'm young and I have a lot of time to build on myself and become someone I'm proud of.

i don't know how i will feel. i fear that i will feel that i have not made as much progress as i'd like, but i hope i will feel that i have. i think/hope that what will be different about my life as a result of pondering these questions is that i will have attained a level of success and fulfillment in my work and love life.

I think I will feel bittersweet. Happy because these issues will probably seem irrelevant or at least a little dulled down. Sad because it will be my last year at home and in high school and basically my last year as a kid. I hope that I have resolved any and all issues that can be solved. I hope that I have kept my grades up and I am planning on going to a wonderful college. I hope that I only gain friends,not lose them. I hope that my family and I are even closer. I also hope that I can say that I have had (or do have) a boyfriend. (That was my daily allowance of immaturity coming through) Above all, I hope that I am a better person and that any trials I will have faced between now and next year will have worked for the better.

I hope I will be able to look back and feel grateful that I've made important decisions in my life. I hope that at that time, I will have made those decisions.

A huge smile will spread across my face as I read over my 2009 thoughts and concerns at my awesome new apartment. I will recline back, laugh out loud to my sexy girlfriend as I recall the trivial concerns that no longer plague me. I will be inspired and rejuvenated when I get a giddy feeling in my belly as I am presented with even more evidence to how far I have come. Each year is better than the last, better days continue to come and my spirit evolves in an ever increasing rate. God spoils me.

I'd like to think that I will feel that these questions were the swift kick in the pants I've needed or sent out some message to the universe to get all the stars aligned for me, but perhaps that may be overly optimistic. I hope that I'll be able to laugh at that which vexed me and celebrate the progress I've made in a year, and have enjoyed the journey. And I hope that comment someone left about risking the "comfortable" life was written by my crush and something will have happened positively in that area. And I hope next year when it's time to reflect, my answers won't include pining over a guy.

I hope that I will be happier in general and that I will have a clearer sense of my career path, having a masters degree and all. I hope that jon and I will have a healthy relationship, hopefully on its way to something more permanent. I hope to have a strong yoga practice, and a better understanding of my judaism. i hope for health and wellbeing.

That I am more open to experiencing new things and doing my own thing without fearing something terrible will happen while I'm gone. I also hope that when I read my answers that I feel like I continued to work on everything I wrote and it's gotten better. I really long for peace, groundedness, and balance with who and where I am.

I hope I have different answers the next time around, and that things I wrote about this year are like old songs the songwriter has moved on from.

I like to think that I will feel relieved, that progression had been made. It may also make me feel a bit badly for what I did not change or accomplish. In any case, it has been good to reflect and remember what is truly important. I don't think everything miraculously transforms in a year. But it is worth the effort to make change happen, to pave the way for it. In the end, it is about awareness and being able to hold onto that.

I hope to God thatI am surprised at the things that were a concern that I have real change in now. I hope to see that my fears were not based on anything more than my limited vision. I think I'll feel excited to see the answers. I hope that I feel more peace. Peace like a river flowing through me.

i will be happy. i hope this has made me more focused. but its been a fun process, so less intimidating. thank you. thanks for the opportunity to reflect and aspire.

Maybe I will have come a long way from where I was when I wrote these. I have done more introspection and reflection in the last month than in the last few years combined, and if I keep this up, this year has the potential to be one of enormous personal growth. I hope that during the year, even without the prompted questions, I continue to question myself, my choices, and the world around me. I hope that I DO prioritize JOI and family this year and that I figure out how to be honest with the other people in my life and how to fit everything in and not have unreasonable expections for myself or my relationships. Actually, this is the hardest question for me to answer so far. Every other question I have answered in 5-10 minutes and this one has been up on the screen for over half and hour. I hope that I will have found some way for Judaism to continue in my life without the JOI network and that I will have really started to make it my own. I hope that if I stay in Boston, that I have a place/group that I feel comfortable celebrating and exploring my spirituality with. I hope that I haven't lost my yoga practice. I hope that I have gotten past the point of being infatuated with Dan and am able to see that in reality there are many things that would not work about us being together and that my feeling are mixed up with those of a first love--those of a void that I am trying to fill with something. Mostly I hope that if I were to be asked this question again, that I would not include ANYTHING about Dan. Avoid gluttony. Dont eat when I am not hungry. Read at night instead of watching crap tv.

I see myself as a more honest version of myself. Meaning that I will be mre true to who I am and what I want. I see myself as warmer, kinder, more open. I see my life as successful. Everything from my romantic life being perfect to having wonderful and loyal friends and to have great prosperity emotionally and financially. I see myslef as happy and content and joyful and proud of my life.

These questions have helped and reminded me some of the very important aspects of being in a relationship, family, extended family, and community along with a growing spiritual practice. I hope that i find I am continuing with all of these things. Most of the answers involve lifelong attention...

Thinking about these question has helped me to set some goals for my life that will actually help me to be in a better place. I hope that when I look at my answers again I wont be disappointed with my progress.

I hope that I'm healthy. I would like to be at home for Yom Kippur. If things are how they are now, I will have so many reasons to be thankful to God.

I hope one year from now I still don't have any major regrets.

I am hoping that in one year my husband and I will have sorted out our troubles, and we both will be happy, wherever we are. I am hoping I will find a way to experience some joyful times, as well as the thoughtful and serious times.

I hope that a year from now I am able to see a track where I am headed for a few years. I hope that if that track takes me out of Denver that I will be able to boldly jump on it.

I'll probably still wish I was doing more art, had better control of my attention. I am hoping that I am similarly content, but in a different way. Content comensurate with what I hope is ongoing evolution. I hope I can keep the things that are good about my life even with the challenges the next year will probably bring. I hope next year is as good as this one.

I hope when Septemeber 2010 rolls around, i would like to feel i have accomplished the things i've stated, overcome my fears, worked on things i want to change, and just become a better person overall.

I expect to feel proud of a long list of accomplishments, but I also hope to be calm and happy and awake, which is the most important thing to achieve: peace in daily life. I'm almost there now, and I can't imagine anything keeping the accomplishment of that goal from materializing.

I think I'll feel more positive. I hope I'm back in school & getting my debt in control. I hope that I'm in the process of moving out with my boyfriend and he is going to soon or already has popped the question. I hope that due to these questions I can strive to change my life for the better.

I hope I will be financially stable and I think this could happen, as long as I start now, This year I'm just consumed with my lack of financial independence (which has nothing to do with the economy and everything with poor planning and irresponsible spending over the past 10 years or more). It's time to get this together!!

I hope my life will be more stable because it is very unstable right now. I hope i will be able to read through my answers and feel like i have grown a bit in the past year. i also hope that my life will be heading somewhere, that i have spent the past year creating a little bit of the life i want to lead.

I think I'll have a familiar feeling, since I've written things similar to this on New Year's Eves past and had them mailed to me; there's usually some part of it that's manifested the way I hoped, and some part of it that I'm still working on. I do want these honest answers, these clearly stated intentions, to help propel me forward into a life that is, on a day-to-day level, more confident, more trusting and more tenacious.

I hope that I'll look back at my answers to these questions and think, "I'm proud of myself because I've come a long way!!"

I think I will look fondly upon my first year of finding my own life. I hope to have found the balance that I've been looking for.

I hope I will feel happy that my answers were thoughtful and that I will have accomplished everything I had set out to. I hope that when I read these questions next year I will be an even wiser, stronger and happier person that I feel I am growing up to become.

I hope my answers won't come as a surprise to me a year from now. I'd like to think that I've put some serious thought into this project, and that at least some of my insights and goals will stay with me and guide me during the year.

I think I will be smiling and feel proud and moved by the efforts I have made throughout the year. I think I will be much more in control of my anxiety, and much more relaxed, efficient, productive, healthy, and happy.

I do hope I will have made some positive changes, that I won't be worrying about the same issues and that I will have taken care of the things I promise to do, especially where my daughter is concerned. Answering these questions creates a challenge to meet this time next year!

First and formost, I hope I am here to read them :) I hope I feel like I did what I said I was going to do in those areas that I am in control of. What I hope is different about my life is that I am deeply, madly and truly in love with a wonderful man that feels the same way about me. I hope my Mom and Dad are healthy, I am healthy and that my two amazing chuldren are healthy and well.

I hope I feel like I was successful in all that I talked about. I hope I will be handling all my finances and working things out. I hope my relationship doubts are well past me. Also, as usual when I look back at something I wrote a while ago (pertaining to myself, not a piece of writing), I usually think of what a dumbass I sounded like.

I think I'll feel a bit nostalgic for how things are right now. They'll never be the same again. I'll really enjoy looking back and seeing how my life has changed, how I have grown, how my focus is different. Reflection like this makes me appreciate life's journey.

I certainly hope that by then i will have made significant changes in my life and that would have grown and moved on. That i would have made a difference to the lives of the people i may meet and whose lives i can touch in some way.

I think, as always, there will be surprises.

I think I will feel that I achieved some of what I had hope to do and change but not all of it. I hope that I will have grown in some areas that I have identified by thinking about these questions. However, I know change takes time and effort.

I hope that I'll have had a calmer year which will provide me with more time for reflexion.

G-d only knows.

Don't know, really. I'm in a very negative mood and I have no hope about tomorrow. Bye bye

I think I will have had a great year this year. I hope I have a bit more direction than now, but lets see. I think I will be happy to receive my answers. Just realizing the answers I had the year before, helped me realize what a long way I have come. I look forward to evolving by the year.

I hope I will like my graduate program more, and that I will have completed my first manuscript. I hope my husband and I will be in a wonderful place, and will be working towards shared, tangible goal.s

When I read these answers again, I hope that I will be inspired by having accomplished the things I've written about. I hope I will be more mindful and appreciative of the blessings I receive from every one of the people around me.

This was a hard year. As I wrote many of the answers to these questions, I cried. As I write this one, I cry. I hope to be able to look back (from a stronger place) and remember what it felt like to learn all of these hard lessons and overcome this adversity. But also to remember that this time in my life happened, and while I am stronger now, I am still shaped by these difficult times.

I hope I'll feel vindicated, having accomplished much! :) Really, I think I'll feel like I've made some progress, and hopefully I don't beat myself up over all the room still left for improvement. Next year, I'll hopefully be engaged; I'll hopefully be at a new job, or my current job quality will improve back to where it used to be; I'll hopefully have learned something about myself and made progress towards the goals I outlined in these questions.

I hope that the fears I've written about have proved groundless. I hope that my experience with breast cancer, which has consumed so much of my life this year, will only be a small part of my day to day life. I hope that my sewing business is moving at a faster speed than zero, and that I still will have the same enjoyment from sitting down at my machine.

As always when you're re-assesing previous goals, I'll hope that I've met some of them. I hope I won't regret the way I seem to love J.R. right now. I guess that's more on him not being a douche than on me reaching my goals, but I just don't want to look back on this and feel like a silly school girl. I hope I look back and see that this really was the start of something special. I hope I'll be in a better career. I was so proud of myself after reading 2008's answers. I realized that I really did accomplish a lot of what I wanted--well, financially and for my own well-being... the relationship hopes for Jonathan didn't work out. I want THAT feeling again. I didn't get everything I was hoping for myself last year, but I felt proud and that's all I want to feel.

I hope at that point I'm just a different person-- I would hate to be able to have the same answers to these questions in a whole year. I hope I'm always changing, but maintaining my integrity.

I am not too sure we will see what the future has for me

What will happen this coming year? I have no idea... I hope I'll have a job somewhere in finance, making some nice money. And I hope I'll have some progress with writing. I need something good to happen after a few years of nothing much good happening.

I doubt I'll be much different as a result of 10Q - most of these questions are things I already think about all the time. I'm actually hoping that I will be able to STOP thinking about improving my life so much and just live it.

I hope I won't feel like I'm still dealing with the same old issues of weight and self esteem, but will have a more orderly apartment, kids who aren't dependent on me, and will have figured out how to deal with my husband's needs in a way that fundamentally helps him.

hope that I am giving to my community & sharing my gifts. Hope that my business is thriving. Hope that our wedding was a happy magical moment to cherish forever. And that I feel connected with my precious family & man & gifts & world. Hope to have made a difference. To have been bold and brave. And I hope to be happy. xo

I will be in such a different place! I hope that I've internalized some of my desires expressed in these questions and that they've come true!

I hope that I will be able to laugh at them and think, "Thank goodness! Life is so much easier now!" On the other hand, I may laugh and think, "Oh girl, you don't even KNOW how easy you had it!". This time next year I hope I will be with my partner in a new city/state/country. He will be consulting and I will be still pursuing my doctorate. We will be closer to an engagement as well.

I hope I have a satisfied grin on my face that I've accomplished all of my goals and conquered all of my fears and so much more.

I will recognize the desires and the struggle and seeking in these questions. I will have compassion for myself no matter what. I will be grateful that I did face my challenges with courage and openness. I ponder these questions often, almost every day, but it'll be nice to see these here as a marker of a moment in time. I do not tend to read over things I've written in the past, in journals, etc. I hope to have gotten more clear about all of my queries, hope that I will have gained confidence in some areas, experience, and will be happy being me and moving forward.

I think I'll probably be dealing with a lot of the same things, but I hope that I'll have taken a step forward and realized I'm doing OK. :)

I hope I'll be in the spirit of reflection at the time. I hope I can gain insight. I hope to not give myself grief for what hasn't been accomplished. I hope to remember that life is a process, not always about the end product. As long as I stay true to that process I can't go wrong.....

I think I'll be curious, mostly. I am hoping my financial situation will be turned around for the much better. I may be moving back to Dallas because I can't be a massage therapist in Tucson without another year of schooling at a cost of $11,ooo. It amazes me that I can make a living in the 4th largest city, but not li'l ol' Tucson.

I hope that when 2010 rolls around I'll look back and smile that these things were such a big concern and reason for angst in my life. Hopefully I'll be at a place where I have to try to remember what the fear and unknowing was like, having transitioned past some of the questions. I hope to have a feeling of progress when I look back as well as an appreciation for the stages of the journey.... perhaps a feeling of relief upon confirmation that life goes on, things change, and while it's important to trek on, it's nice to appreciate where you've been.

I think next year I'll be more at peace with my past. As of right now, I am slowly getting over it and working on the relationships with my Dad and sisters and they are improving greatly. I think I also will be more at peace with myself and not have a guard up as I have had in the past. I hopefully will find love, have a good paying job, and be on my towards independence.

I hope that the answers I have written will happen, if not 100%, at least 50% of my hopes and dreams....

Hope I am well or at least not as sick. And with direction (ie not run out of medical alternatives)

I will feel amazing from the transformation I will have done. I hope my life is totally different and that I don't even recognize myself. By having answered these questions, I will have a record of where I was to compare to where I am now. A new person! :) This is such a fun and great idea!!! Hopefully I will be planing my wedding, and being very successful economically due to my business 42/72. Amen!

I hope I will have answered some of the questions I have asked. But I expect I may have more questions.

I hope my life is in a similar place! I hope that my predictions/answers to my questions are correct.

I hope I'll find myself more evolved. 2010 should be the year i'll finally see myself grown up, independent, mature and a comfort for the close ones.

I would like to think that I will feel that I made a real effort, better than this previous year. I would like to think I will have accomplished some of what I want to see happen in the coming year. It's been very busy for me during these past High Holy Days, but I've taken the time to stop a few times and think about being a better person. I want to see myself remembering these desires in January and March and not just next August as we approach the New Year, next year.

My circumstances may have changed dramatically in a year. I could be starting graduate school. I could be married. I could be doing both. Or I could be doing neither, and have launched out in another new direction. What I feel certain of is that I will have grown. That is the most I ask from life, which to me is a school, preparing us for life everlasting. I look forward to knowing God better, knowing myself better, and being more accepting of myself and my limitations, which will make me more accepting of others' as well.

I hope I actually have achieved at least the goals of graduating and having a new job and taking good care of myself. I had stopped doing this because I used to feel like a failure when I realized I was not successful at reaching my goals ... I am overcoming my fears .... I shall be successful!

I hope I will have found a new place to be and to belong. I hope I feel as wonderful physically as I do in my mental self and that I have made the effort to change my work and home environments so that I am enjoying companionship while making a real place in a friendly, supportive community. I hope I have found a way to be proud of myself as well as being my own best friend.

I hope I'll have made some headway in my life. I seem to keep moving forward slowly, but steadily. Things will continue to fall into place, not as quickly as I would like, but it will happen.

I hope that I stay on the same path I'm on as I'm happy where I am and I've seen myself only get better and stronger and more comfortable in my own skin. Let's keep it up!

I hope I will feel like I have made a good effort at accomplishing my goals, or that I have done something meaningful for myself or others.

I hope I"ll be delighted that the concerns I have I no longer have, that this year, 2009, will feel a light year away, that my life will have welcomed significant change such that these concerns melt away. I also hope I won't be single and won't feel so alone in my world. And I hope that I will have been working hard on making that happen--both in my romantic life and in my friendships.

I hope I will be a more spiritual person. I want to be deeper than before. I want to believe what I say and take my life more seriously. I want to spend my days more observant of the things around me. I want to live more in the present. Not the past NOR future.

I hope that ill look back and learn a few things, and have already overcome (or have begun to overcome) the problems that i have laid out here.

I think I will be somewhat disappointed that I didn't make the changes I set out to. I hope that I improved in ways that I didn't expect to. Hopefully the result is that I'm easier on myself and nicer to others as a result of this reflection.

I hope I will have seen some change in the past year, though I can imagine most answers will still apply. I'm not great with change.

I am going to feel very excited about receiving my questions from last September. Writing has always been a great tool that has helped me reflect. I really appreciate this 10 day question exercise because it has given me the time to think about my life when I needed it most. I hope that next semester I have taken the steps to take care of myself and put myself first. The past year I have taken care of others now I want to take care of me.

I hope that when I read these answers I will smile (and not cringe), and that I will have done even just one thing to move in the direction of achieving what I have set out for myself for this year. I also hope that I can look back at the year and have no regrets.

I think I'll be interested in seeing what answers I was able to squeeze out in the limited time I have... I hope that I feel as though I have progressed in the year.

I hope I have started working on my dreams list and I have completely different outlook on life.

I hope I will believe I've made some slight progress, and appreciate the role this little exercise had in it.

Certainly I will be at a different stage of this journey called life. I might look back and view my concerns as trivial. I might be facing a larger set of challenges. Most likely, past fears and conerns will have disolved and new ones will have taken their place. Everything is impermanent.

I hope I'll be able to see how I've progressed since then both financially, spiritually, creatively and socially. I hope to be wealthier and more comfortable financially to do things for my wife and make our home more comfortable. I want to be able to travel again. I hope to feel a greater connection to my own creative spirit and to have some achievements to show. I hope to feel more centered, more confident and more able to do good things for others. I want to find a few more close friends to share my thoughts with and certain activities I like to do.

I hope September 2010 finds us closer as a family, and more satisfied with how we live. I hope we've spent more time engaging with those we love. I hope that putting these thoughts into writing makes me work harder to be the best me.

I think it will be nice to see what I wrote but depending on how much of what I wrote have I accomplished will decipher my feelings.I hope that it will help me get where or at least point me to an aim of where I want to go

I hope that I have actually made progress in the areas that I mention. So often things seem to explode in life and I get distracted or displaced and forget my goals. I'd like to start focusing and having enough willpower to maintain some sort of link with my stated goals. I honestly don't know where I'll be (physically or mentally or emotionally) next September, as we're at that kind of crossroads right now. I hope I'll have some sort of path from this day to that that I can follow back and make some sense of.

I'll probably laugh, and say "wow, I had no idea what was to come." And then I'll smile, and start the whole process again!

I hope my dad is healthy. My siblings are doing good. I have a more defined idea of where I want my life to go. I hope I will have found the strength to risk my current "comfortable" situation in order to acquire the life I TRULY want for myself."

I hope that I'll have grown and matured and taken part in activities that I really care about. I hope I will feel like I have really accomplished a lot during the year.

I hope that something is different! really different. in a good way. i hope i'm not disappointed in what i've been able to do--even if it's a totally different list that what i started with.

I hope that I will be comfortable being on the journey and maybe not having arrived yet at the destination. I keep trying to jump from A to C. I can find alot of happiness at B if I let myself.

I think that I will be more focused on making my life feel whole and fulfilled. I am hoping that I will feel as if I have achieved my goals and that will motivate me to want to keep achieving my dreams.

I really have no idea but I can't wait to find out.

I want to see that I'm on the right track. It would be wonderful to be many steps forward and not behind. Generally I am incredibly lucky and blessed. I want to maximize what I've been given. I hope I am grateful and ideally being in a solid, healthy relationship. finding that special man to share our lives would be the best. And if I'm really lucky I'll have a child.

I think I might be disappointed because I often set goals and forget about them after a few weeks or months, and it is possible I'll read these answers a year from now and be frustrated by my lack of progress. However, I HOPE this year is different, and that I'm excited and proud of my 10Q answers because I will have really siezed the year and made the most of my life.

I have no idea where my life will go by december 2010. All I know is that I hope I'm either in a good university and finally out of community college or in the Peace Corps.

I hope that I have grown and changed so much that the old me is unrecognizable - that I have made progress on my goals and have gotten to know myself much better.

I really hope that I feel like I have made some changes, but I fear that I'll be in much the same place. If I'm in the same place, I will feel equally frustrated, and a little hopeless, buit let's hope that I make the most of things, and that I'm in a better place, having actively addressed the issues that are causing me disappointment.

I hope that most of these issues will be resolved. That I will feel like I'm closer to being the person I was meant to be.

I hope to confirm the positive impact of decisions leading to this year. If I am right, then my answers will in large part be markers of expectations beginning to be fulfilled if not achieved.

I hope to be in a better place and to have aceived our goals for this year!

I hope that I had a hell of a lot more fun and sex than I had this year. I hope that I will be looking forward to more fun and sex. I hope that I will be in a bigger and nicer 1 bedroom or 2 bedroom apartment and I hope that I will have travelled out of town for acting work. I hope that I will have a man in my life who is positivie and nurturing and sexy and with whom I feel secure. I hope that my family will all be healthy and alive and that I will be so proud of my life that I am happy to share with them all the things that I am doing in NY (maybe not the sex) without fearing criticism or caring it they criticise.

I hope I'll look at them and smile to myself, because I've at least made progress, a little, or a lot, on all of them. I want to be farther along on all of them. I don't want to have forgotten any.

I hope to feel a deepened understanding of kindness to others and loved ones. I hope to be more adept at showing my love - I am getting married this year, and I want my love to know and feel love and kindness. always. I hope to feel like I have been a sharer when next september rolls in.

That ya'll had written better questions.

I hope I will be in a much better position professionally and be able to look back at this time with perspective and grace,

I think I'll be embarrassed to see what I wrote. It's always weird to see something personal that you wrote in the past. But I hope that my source of embarrassment will stem from the fact that I have overcome a lot of these issues and can't imagine what it was like to have them. I want to have done everything I said here. Maybe I won't have succeeded just yet, but I hope that I've made a real effort towards them.

I'm hoping to be in a long term fulfilling and loving relationship doing work that I love that makes a lot of money. I hope to own a home and some land. I hope to have successfully raised my children to college age. I'm hoping I no longer have to work 40 hour weeks to make ends meet.

I really hope that I've followed my own advice. I hope by then that a child will be in the not distant future. I hope my wife will have found a great job. I hope that I can look back, and say "I had to work and sleep and commute and take care of business, just the same as I had in all the previous years of my life. But this year, unlike all the past years, I used those few free hours I had every day to better myself, and better the world, a little bit at a time, one day at a time, and after a year, I can see the change and I'm glad I did it."

I hope I won't have put off all of my goals and hopes for yet another year. I hope i have the guts to get my shit done. I just hope I don't regret anything. There are only so many days I am going to live. I need to make them count and get off of my ass.

I think I'll be moved and see things about myself that perhaps I'll have forgotten. Hopefully I'll have made some of my goals happen! Hopefully I won't be in New York and hopefully I'll be doing work that really fulfills me and be more comfortable with the Judaism in my life.

I hope I won't have the same answers to these questions next year - I hope I've moved forward. I hope the answers will be laughable - 'you were scared of that once??'

i hope my life will find me richer and thinner...and happier...

I hope I can get beyond how self-absorbed I probably come across in these answers to really see if I've made progress in some of these areas.

I hope, no, I'm pretty sure that I'll be better, as I'm not in a good place emotionally right now. I know things will change. I know that I can change. It's just going to be really really hard to break the patterns that I keep falling into. It's good to think about moving forward because it allows me to keep things in perspective. It's so easy to think that something will be a certain way forever.

I hope that I'll feel satisfied at having accomplished a number of the goals set out here. Undoubtedly I'll still be working on some of them or have dropped some along the way. But I think I'll feel pretty good.

Hopefully I will be happier because I would have done the necessary things to change my life for the better.

i hope i will be stronger and that my family will form a unit so tight no one can screw it over

I hope that I will have gained some insight into myself and those behaviors I may display that are self-destructive to both my body adn my soul. I hope that I will have discovered some way to feed my soul during a time of enormous change.

i hope i will be a different person with a happier life. happy with everything that i'm doing now and the future. i would refer my answers as a past to guide me to my future

I hope that I will have grown and be able to see the change in a year.

I am hoping to feel that I have grown, even a little, since these questions were answered, and that some of these questions were resolved--having said that, this wish in itself is futile--asking for resolution only reveals just how I wish for life to be different than what it is, and even though that is not a bad wish, what I need to focus more on is accepting where I am and who I am, and how life IS uncertain. That is the beauty of life. But I still do wish for a feeling of "I've learned something and accomplished something in the past year."

I hope I will feel less disappointed in myself than when I got last year's answers! I hope I am an active participant in my life rather than a passive observer.

I hope to have resolved some issues with friends, and to have purchased a car.

I think I will see I was in a difficult place and hopefully a lot of my issues will have been resolved.

I will probably feel very much the same. I don't see any major life changes happening between now and then. I hope to be in a more secure and better place next year, both financially and emotionally.

i want to feel strong and centered and grounded. i want read my answers and feel like they were honest. i hope that this year i am really able to hear my heart and follow its steady beating. sigh. i hope that it doesn't always feel this hard.

I think I will laugh at myself, and the limited viewpoint I had a year ago. And that's ok- because it's ok to laugh, as long as you're moving forward.

I hope I'll have found someone who I have begun to build a lasting relationship with. I also hope I'll feel more secure in my other relationships, with friends. Perhaps forging some new friendships. I hope I'll enjoy continued success at work, perhaps with a pay rise and a promotion along the way.

I think I will feel glad that I participated in this experiment, and that I've grown a bit in the intervening year. I hope that I've been somewhat successful in addressing some of the challenges I set out for myself. Future self, I look forward to hearing your feedback! Ideally, I will find some success in either reaching my potential at my current position or in finding something else that I am passionate about.

When I got my 2008 answers back, I was amazed at how right on I was. And I do see some progress on certain issues, though not all. What I hope for is that the problems or concerns of 2008 that recurred in 2009 are closer to being resolved by September 2010.

I would like to be more at peace, less guilt-ridden and with fewer fears. I would like to feel that I have myself more under control, at least where it's possible.

I hope I feel like I've accomplished my goals and have done well at making my life over the last year worthwhile.

I will review the responses on a monthy basis and track what have been my results and actions.I will not wait until next year to see what I have accomphlished. I liked the questios because they raised my conscsiousness and stimulated my mind!

I am not sure I can answer this. Every day is a path in a long journey. I spend each day working to be better and try harder. I'm not sure answering the questions will change things, but I may be more focused than I am on particular aspects of life.

I'm hoping that I can look back at my answers and realize how much I've grown in the past year. I want to be able to laugh at some of my answers and think, "oh, wow did I really think that?? "

I hope that all of the fear based answers will seem like a distant unpleasant place that was navigated and learned from - not a place where I permanently camped.

I hope my current fears will seem insignificant, which will probably be the case, as often they are quite related to momentary matters. I hope I will have more direction to my life.

I would guess that the I'll know the answers to the questions surrounding my business, the lease on the building, my kids' relationships, my dissatisfaction with the condition of my house and the ongoing issues surrounding my relationship with my husband.

probably amused. a little disappointed in myself for some of the things that i chose as answers. i'd like to be able to be proud of myself for following through, even if it's just one follow-through. hopefully at this point next year i'll just be a better person in general. hopefully i won't be completely broke, i won't be drinking as much as i have this year, and with that i won't use alcohol as a means to potentially finally hook up with someone. money and alcohol were undoubtedly two of my biggest issues last year. and i don't want a repeat this year. answering these questions has brought about a little more self-awareness, as well as awareness on a much larger level. and i hope that by answering them, i'll have a little better focus for the year to come.

I've been working on many of these things for some time now. Maybe in my fiftieth year I'll find some answers... but I always like to consider a good question.

I really hope that I won't be depressed by them and sorry that nothing has changed. That is the worst part of making any kind of resolution.

I will try not to be to harsh and critical upon myself in respect to perhaps achieving all the goals I may have laid out. I would hope that this process has enlightened me to work on myself - and accept that some change is better than no change. If I have made some changes or honest attempts to change - great! If not - then I still need to study the root of the cause as to why I cannot make changes that my heart desires.

I may feel sad because I expect this to be a year with some losses. I hope that by next year I will also feel more ready to look farther into the future, to dream bigger, to hope for more.

I hope that time will be less of an issue in my life, both in terms of how I spend it and how I obsess about how I spend it!

I hope when I read these that I am in a much better place in my life and can look back at what a hard time this year was. I hope that I realize how much stronger it made me and how much I learned and grew from it.

I think that I feel like it was a lifetime ago that I answered these questions. I hope that I will feel less raw emotionally and that I will have some peace in relation to the death of my daughter.

I hope that I'll be happy that I didn't hedge or hold back. That I was as true to myself as I could muster.

I hope reading these answers next year will be as much fun as reading last year's. I don't expect it will be, though, because of how much change 2009 brought both me and my family, and how much of it I had hoped for this time last year. My goals for this coming year are less ambitious, though no less important. I hope I'll enjoy reading my thoughts and feelings at the outset of our new life here in California and smile at how tentative everything felt. I hope our little family will be happy and settled in the routines of life, with a strong community around us.

I really hope that by this time next year I am more grounded and my life is more stable with direction. I hope that by next year I will have gained insight and wisdom and am able to look back at these questions and laugh.

I hope that I won't regret having not fulfilled many of the wishes and goals I have set here. I hope that I have taken baby steps. I hope I will feel the satisfaction of being a mother. Here's to that!

Maybe I will feel more confident about the work I did this year and the direction that it's taking, or I'l feel depressed 'cuase nothing's changed.

I hope I'll feel like I did my best, all the time.

I think I will feel surprised. I hope I will feel surprised. I hope I will have forgotten all about this exercise and just carried on with my life, growing, exploring, learning. I think I will feel more fulfilled in my friendships. I think my marriage will have blossomed even more. I hope I will feel more healthy. I hope I will recognise myself in these answers but also feel a bit of distance, as if I am truly looking back at myself over the span of a year. A year is a terribly short time but it can be beautifully long. Let this next year be long. Let it be rich. Let it be every moment.

I really hope i will have more insight and wisdom. that i will think my struggles are cute and that i feel deeply in a different place. or a slightly different place, anyways.

I hope I laugh at some of my concerns. I hope I find some of my thoughts prescient. And I hope there aren't too many things that remain a work in progress.

I think I will be elated if I have made positive changes in the year 2009. I hope tohave more spiritual and learned to meditate

I hope that I have made progress in the areas that I am currently struggling. I am certain that I will still be head over heels in love with my husband and I will be one step closer to starting a family. I hope that we will be in a much better financial position.

I hope that I will still be employed by the same company and be in the same relationship that I am. I hope to have accomplished my goals and when looking at my answers be able to say I achieved them.

I am worried that I'll conclude that I haven't made progress on my personal goals. But I'm hoping that a year's perspective will show me that I've grown as a person and that I no longer need to worry about the things that concerned me in 2009.

I hope I will feel encouraged and perhaps surprised by my progress over the past year. I know many things about my life will be different because I am currently at a crossroad. I am trying not to predicte, but to respond fully to the daily dilemmas. It's really beyond me at this point in time.

I hope that I will find my predictions have all come true or are well on the way to fruition. I hope that I will be feeling strong and healthy, and feeling fulfilled with my endeavours.

I hope to be stronger in 2010 than I am in 2009. I want to keep growing.

I think just taking some time to think about these questions and getting down in writing some of my hopes and fears will help me continue on my journey and focus on the path meant for me.

Hard to say. I hope that I will reflect on this year's respnses and feel that I had made reasonable progress towards the goals that i had set for myself. I hope that my projections regaring world conflict are overly pessimistic.

I have no idea what I'll feel. I hope that I'll have greater, deeper understanding and will be able to feel that I'll have used the new year for worthwhile purposes and appreciated the process

I think I'll have a good laugh at my responses. I'll probably feel a little silly and hopefully will see how I've matured a little. As long as I continue to grow as a person, a mother, a wife, a daughter and a friend, and my family and friends and I have our good health then I'll be perfectly thrilled!

I hope my life will be very different, perhaps at medical school? Definitely I hope I am not where I am now. And I hope that I will be able to concentrate on my work and that I will be excited to learn. I think I might enjoy reading some of the answers, although they are a bit repetitive. I might not have time to read them all thoroughly. If things don't turn out well, I won't want to read my answers to avoid reminding myself how and where I went wrong.

I'm afraid I'll feel disappointed in myself for having let another year go by without making any of the changes I've been wanting to make for a long time now.

I think these will help me understand the growth and progress I've been through in the year. It will be reflective and inspiring because I truly believe I will have accomplished a lot in this year. I have been through a lot of challenges this past year, and I'm sure I will continue to encounter them in the upcoming one; but I know these struggles have a place in my life to help me reach a new level of achievement and satisfaction. I hope by September 2010 my perspectives are more solid and my inner peace is stronger. These are necessary components to a happy life, and personal elements I really want to develop now so that I can carry them with me throughout the rest of my life.

I may have a little anxiety over the fact that not a whole lot might have changed. But I also might be happy that I was hopeful (and I would think - and hope - that I still am!). Maybe I will finally have learned to be a little more patient as well. Rome wasn't built in a day!

I hope my answers will have either come true, or make me pursue them if they have not.

I hope I'll be able to read my answers and not avoid them. I hope that I'll have continued trying to move myself/my life forward but I hope I won't be disappointed in myself by not having done enough.

I would like to feel as though I'd learned something, and grown. As much as I'm dreading typing this, my hope is that I might be in love by this time next year. But I'm working on trying not to focus so narrowly on that. I guess as it relates to these questions my hope is what I always hope for and that's seeing things as they are and not as I hope they'd be (or fear they'd be...) I've been reminded a lot lately of a quote from Anais Nin: "We don't see things as they are, we see things as we are."

reflective, hopefully less stressed at work

I hope to find that my life has expanded. I have been living with a very narrow focus this year, and there are many avenues that I would like to explore. I would like to find myself more engaged in life outside my immediate world.

GOD, I HOPE TO FEEL IMMENSE GRATITUDE, JOY, AND A GREAT SENSE OF ACCOMPLISHMENT THAT I GREW, IMPROVED, AND DID THE WORK I INTENDED TO DO. I hope to be filled with the gratitude I feel today for all I have been blessed with. God willing I will have a healthy life growing inside of me. I will feel so lucky for that, it will be OK if it's causing me to be physically sick!!

I will love the new place my perceptions will be. I will be happy and in love. My wishes hopes and dreams will manifest.

Every year that passes I find myself to be a more complete, enriched person. I hope this never ends. I want to be kind, compassionate, healthy, and loved. So far so good. I feel like I'm on the precipice of meaningful change in the next year or two.

I think I will be amazed at the progress I've made in such a short time. I will look back with fond amusement at my trepidation and fears and bask in the satisfaction of how far I've come.

I hope I take a moment for introspection in between rolling my eyes. I hope I keep a few of my answers in the back of my head during the year and I hope I'm in a different place by the end of 2010.

I expect some of them will resonate as issues I continue to think about and work on, and others will be so far behind me that it will be a good reminder of where I was as little as a year ago.

I have no idea. I'll probably have more questions to answer.

I hope I'll feel good about the work I put in. I hope to be amused by looking back to this position of uncertainty after discovering what lies ahead of me, basking in the bright sun that burned through all these clouds.

as a result of one of the questions, I have decided to start pushing myself to make clocks. the plan is to make one a week thru-out 2010. I haven't told anyone about it. I want to do it on my own. I also plan to photograph them and post the pictures (on facebook maybe) once a week. I'm working on the designs now, 13 different designs, 4 variations each. I'm really excited about it. I hope I can hold myself to it. beyond that, I don't think I'll be surprised to read my answers, they will probably still be applicable.

I hope that I will find myself in more stable living situation, with a job. I hope that I will have had the opportunity to fulfill some of my hopes for the coming year, 5770.

I hope I am living and loving well and deeply and acting with precision and intention. I hope I am beginning to invest in land.

i predict progress on most fronts. i think that i'll know myself even better. i suspect more of a sense of peace. i suspect that i'll be doing work even closer to what's a right fit. i don't know where i'll be romantically per se, but i expect my relationships to continue to improve.

I hope that I can reflect on them with a real sense of movement, of time having passed and positive change having occurred. Sometimes I look back on things like this and feel saddened or even desolate at the fact that I am still more or less struggling with the same issues, no matter how much work/analysis, etc. I have done. I am older now, and have sped up my process I think. I hope that next year, I will feel satisfied at a lot having changed for the better. That I will feel compassion for the current me who is struggling with quite a lot.

It will be a combination of disappointment and yet some satisfaction for a measured sense of improvement.

I got these questions last year (2008), but I neglected to answer any of them. When I got the email saying the vault was open and my answers were ready, I felt very disappointed in myself to see that I hadn't answered any of them. I waited until the last second this year, but I feel proud of myself for doing this now, and I'm excited to see how I will have changed by this time next year. A lot has been happening lately, and I am curious to know how I'll remember it all in a year.

i just hope things have changed. monotony is killing me, hence my possible rel0cation

I think I will feel good that I recorded these thoughts and give me a springboard to reflect on next year. I hope that this process will help keep the things I want to work on fresher in my mind, and it will be easy!!

I think I'll feel a lot like I do in September 2009. Life changes, but the changes tend to balance themselves out. I think I'll still be this peculiar mixture of self-confident and insecure. I'll still fight against depression, and -- hopefully -- still be proud that I've kept it at bay. I hope for more anchors: A steady job. (Perhaps even, dare I hope, a career.) More productions and projects, preferably involving other people. I hope that I'm in a slightly better frame of mind. No one I love is allowed to die this year. I'm tired of weathering. I hope that I'll have been able to work on my relationships this year -- the ones I have, and the ones I build. Mostly, I hope that I still have hope.

I hope that I am not quite as tortured as I am now. If I haven't yet gone to the anxiety hypnotist, then if I still feel this way in a year, I should. The anxiety is taxing. I'd like to be free.

I hope that my relationship with my partner is in a better place. I hope that I'm happy with my career and finances. I think that these questions will have provided an interesting complement to the lessons of the High Holidays.

I think my love for my family will be deepened. And I'll have worked through my issues more.

I am not sure how I will feel when that day comes

I'm sure I'll feel a mix of pride and disappointment. I will surely have failed in some areas and yet hopefully I will feel good about some aspects of my progress...

I am hoping I will be able to look at these questions and will be able to see that vocalizing this list of hopes and fears as had a positive impact. I am hoping I will be a little farther along on the journey.

I am positive that I will feel more secure and balanced, with a sense of familiarity that is so lacking at this point. I believe that as a result of pondering these questions, I have become intentional and can manifest them in my life.

I hope I don't have that feeling of, "Oh shit, here I am making the same declarations I make over and over and never fulfill every year." Like all those awful New Years resolutions to lose weight. I hope I can say that I took some steps, even small ones, to make some of this stuff more of a reality.

I think I will feel frustrated that I have not moveed very far from my answers. I hope that I can look back and see that I have accomplished my goals or overcome my concerns, or that my fears proved to be unfounded.

well, we shall see. i think i'll be glad that at least i have pondered.

I hope this will give me a better gauge of time. A lot of the time I feel like I'm so incredibly busy but still not getting anything done. I hope that these questions highlighting this moment in time, September 2009, will give my September 2010 self a greater perception of how much I can and do accomplish in a year. I strive to continue growing throughout my life, choosing paths that challenege and invigorate me. Only 12 days into the new year and I've already experienced so much grief and heartbreak in so many different ways. I'm a survivor.

I hope to be reading my answers in the company of my beloved. And I hope that I will, indeed, have reached financial independence so that we are both able to experience the many wonders of this remarkable world, and so that we can create the great good we so desire.

A year will have gone by since I've become officially single. I think I will have more confidence in myself. I hope to be in a nice relationship - or at least dating interesting, decent, caring men. I hope to have amazing sex also this year with the right guy. My company will be stronger and better-run. I think over-all I will continue on the same track I started this year - and be a better me!

Hopefully I will be managing my time better, feel a greater sense of control of my lifestyle, and will be writing or at least in a more dynamic form of employment.

Happy to be alive Hope i will be doing something significant besides working so hard to stay alive

I hope I'll feel a sense of accomplishment for having worked on at least SOME of these things. Weight and money specifically, as those are probably the most pressing. But a year is a long time, and if I find myself in exactly this position a year from now, I will kick my own ass.

I think I will say: I wasn't on a clearly defined path, but: - I DID learn Hebrew to an intermediate level - I HAVE become a respected young woman whom my peers regard as "someone to watch out for" in the media world. - I DID go to Israel and fulfil my dream of exploring the country in depth and answering the questions that I have and satisfying my interest (this will be lifelong) - I now think it's time for the next set of challenges!

Fuck. Either liberated, weeping at my bravery, as I sit at my computer in Tel Aviv. Or full of regret in London, wishing I had taken this time to do what I have to do. Am at a turning point. Fork in the road. I hope I don't let work or fear stop me from taking the right path. Maybe there is no right path. So I'll always be questioning the road not taken; maybe even allowing it to overwhelm me. Don't think anything will be different about me as a result of answering these questions; these hostages to fortune. Maybe not wanting to read them next year and realise I haven't done what I need to do will make me do it! Who knows.

Unsure, I am currently dealing with stuff I have no control over and until it settles down, I have no clue what the final outcomes will be. I hope my dreams and aspirations will begin to unfold.

I will think in retrospect at my life the way it was currently & hope that I took the necessary steps to achieve the different feeling I am yearning for, one without the depression & anxiety. That i will have heeded to these questions & self suggestions to make myself a better person & pursue what i want in this life. To start acting & stop worrying.

I think I'll be feeling pretty fine. This past year was really a tough one... as noted in the journal I wrote for the 60 days surrounding my 50th birthday. Lot's of problems and challenges this past year, Dad's illness and death, Grandma's death, terrible economy and slow/changed business environment, rethinking my personal and business plan for the next 10 years, working through bumps in the relationship with my special girlfriend. But, I've made much progress. Girlfriend is here, kids are doing well, have processed my Dad's death, have released myself of many old Automotive sales follow-ups and targeted on a new, vital and agile market of entrepreneurial business owner. "Season's change and so do I" (The Guess Who) I'm now attending the Fasttrac program to help me develop a business plan and marketing plan, about to decide on a house to rent and move into. I'm appreciative of those around me, my tight family/girlfriend circle as well as one or two layers of friends and associates that are givers. I believe there is growth through struggle. I guess that was a key lesson of my Dad's life and Grandma's life.. probably everyone's life. There are lows and highs, taking and giving, sickness and health, suffering and happiness, crying and learning, distraction and focus, fear and confidence, struggle and growth, doubt and joy. If we didn't have the negatives, perhaps we would never be driven to stay with, be grateful or work for the positives. My hope is that when September 2010 rolls round, I will be happy, healthy, energetic, focused/engaged in my business plan, seeing success and have a higher confidence for next steps with my girlfriend. Seems this time next year we'll be deciding about housing... stay in the (to be identified) rental house, move on to rent something we really like and want, or maybe that big decision to buy a home (though I'll probably still have the 'market hasn't bottomed out yet' concern). Happy New Year. Thanks for these really great, thought-provoking questions. I appreciate your help along the way.

I feel like this past year has been one of huge personal growth for me, and in a way, I hope to continue on that trajectory into September of next year. Everything--my career and personal life--has been under examination this past year and I've learned a lot about myself and others through the ups and downs. I hope that in a year's time, I will have continued to explore who I am and who others are and how we relate to each other. I hope to be more comfortable in my own skin, more comfortable with the choices I've made thus far, and more healed from a particularly bad break-up that is still an open wound.

I hope that I feel accomplished and not disappointed in myself. I also hope that I am surpised.

I hope I'm pregnant! I hope I'm more peaceful and healthy. I hope my husbands more healthy, too. I fear that things might be exactly the same, though. So here's to really trying!!

I hope I will have achieved at least half of my goals. I doubt I will have forgotten any of them.

I hope I'll be humbled... and chuckle at how much and how little has changed.

I think I'll be delighted. It's fun to have completed something. It's like a mini time capsule. I hope one year from today my life will be a little better and these questions will still be working for me.

I hope that I will have accomplished losing weight and finding the discipline (with the help of my higher power) to stick to a food plan)

hopefully not disappointed!!! perhaps this will be the year that i learn to set realistic goals.. baby steps. so i feel i'm making progress and not wasting my life away!

i hope that i'll have moved into a new phase of my life. that i'll be more mature, effective and responsible for the people i care about. i hope i don't use this as another vessel to think less of myself, by not evolving or improving in the ways i want to.

Hopefully by then I will have all my answers to my relationship problems. I also hope that by then i will have decided where I want to go to college and how I will become what I want to be.

I hope I'll feel that I've come a long way; or that at least I've taken steps in the right direction. I'd be disappointed to think I only ruminated over something.

I hope my life will be a little more fulfilling. That might happen if I take my concerns seriously.

I hope that they will inspire me to be who I wan to be in the upcoming things, and to savor the aspects of my life that I do enjoy.