Is there something (a person, a cause, an idea) that you want to investigate more fully in 2009?

I want to overhaul the entire way I live, to render it more active and engaged with others. From there, I believe, other changes and questions will come.

bedrooms: shrine or gym

I want to investigate further what it would entail for me to become "fully" Jewish. I am Jewish from the paternal side, but I am concerned about somebody questioning my potential future children's identity. Because of what happened to my family during the war, I need to be able to carry the heritage on... But it seems hard to get involved with a temple or a conversion process without believing in God. At the same time, it seems crazy to me as a feminist and modern liberal person that being Jewish "only" from your father's side would somehow not be enough. Still the same amount of genes, influence, and still the same amount of suffering in the past, no matter what side of the family it's coming from...

well, i'll be spending a lot of time becoming an 'expert' on russian politics. does that count?

deep relaxation

can't think of anything

We plan to visit Cambodia and Vietnam next year and I want to read about those places, their history and underatnd the countries before we get there.

setting up a new business and putting together a new house using eco products and new techniques to heat and cool; to store and conserve water and use alternate forms of energy for both home and work. I think this will be really fun!

I'd like to get settled on the kind of Jewish education we're going to be providing our children -- and begin to provide it. A big part of doing that will require Joe and I to think a lot about our own feelings about Judaism (in its more organized aspects) and about how we want to indulge or ignore or overcome those feelings for the benefit of Ari and his brother/sister.

Holocaust survivors living way below the poverty line in Israel. Unacceptable on so many different levels.

I don't really investigate in a cause, or an idea. If I had to choose, I would choose me as I'm still busy working on my serenity. That's my biggest wish !

I want to investigate "green" alternatives to my current use of materials / energy / food / transportation, etc. I also want to investigate elder care issues, to make sure my almost 96-year old mother is safe while she continues to live alone and, if/when the time comes that she needs more looking-after, is adequately cared-for.


I feel a desire to be more intelligent with regards to history. I would like to read more historical books and have a better understanding of why things are the way they are...today. I also want to investigate how to get out of this country and work in another country....

Of course! I feel as though I've already covered my interest in photography and journalism and advertising and my parents. I want to discover more about design and learn Illustrator. I want to discover more about worldly affairs by reading the news daily. I'll be honest- I want to discover more about fashion. And make new friends and discover more about them. Most importantly, I want to discover more about the boy I started officially dating yesterday, Matt. He makes me really happy, but ever since the day we met I wasn't really sure why. I even told him that. I wrote him a note a few days before Valentines day. I was going to wait until Valentines day but I couldn't. I was hanging out with another boy, Jason, and I couldn't stop thinking about Matt and I just had this overwhelming feeling drawing me to him so I ran into my room, wrote him a silly note, gave it to him, and ran off. I think it's appropriate that the beginning of our relationship was so childlike, because one of the things that I like most about him is his childlike standpoint on things. He's not immature, he's just very... simple. If you know me at all you know how much I love simplicities. But what I would like to explore more are his complexities, something that I'm sure he's not without. It's just that I've yet to see them. I want to know what makes him tick, I want to learn more about the things he loves, like soccer and camping and animals and biomedical engineering and humor and all that. I want us to share everything so that by this time next year maybe I can say I truly am in love and all that bitterness about people can be gone. I told him tonight after we went for a great walk on the capitol lawn that if anybody can make me sweet again, it's him. I meant that. He's got this really great, unignorable aura of optimism that's just so charming! I can't wait to "investigate" more! :)

I'd like to check out more animal rights issues, but locally. I'd like to see if I can help out in this state in this area. I'm worried with the financial situation that the abuse/neglect issues in this state will be worsening.

Paul Newman. Stopping Climate Change. Asceticism.

I want to investigate myself more fully. I feel like I am moving on to a different stage in my life. I lived as a child for a long time. Then what I thought was adulthood has really turned out to be just a blind, floating space. I am now starting to recognize things within myself that I would like to ether expand or change. And to get to the point of accepting things that I can't change.

Getting more connected with VAW orgs in Chicago, perhaps? This is a weird question because my job is to be a researcher. Therefore yes, there is something I want to investigate more fully in 2009: my dissertation topic! Right now Cousy is sitting in my lap, purring his head off, and licking my arm. He is soooo happy!

myself: I want to see what I am physically capable of. My family: I want to learn where I came from.

The person I want to explore is myself, because I realize that I don't understand who I am anymore, what I want, where I'm going. The idea I want to explore is, of course, my thesis topic - the pressures science comes under when it seeks to inform public policy. I wish I could say I want to explore a cause - maybe I can start simply by participating in a few volunteer efforts.

I"m not really sure. I'd like to find ways to use my skills to better society in general, so I guess that?

I would like to look more into career options. I don't think Im going to be able to get into medical school, so I need another option. I'm thinking about a physicians assistant, but I dont' really know much about that. I definitely want to start a career as soon as I can after I graduate.

I want to be more outgoing in my neighborhood, I want to make new friends. I want to read more--I feel like there's a lot of literature and greally good writers I'm missing out on and I want to play catch-up and immerse myself in works and writers I've always been curious about.

light. sound. space. gravity. cohabitation, possibly.

Actually,there's not. I'm happy to not be investigating anybody or anything.

No theres not... I simple just look at people, causes and ideas as i come to realize they exist i look them up on the spot, it gives me ideas and inspiration for design most of the time. The world is an interesting place and I'm proud to be a product of the internet generation because without the internet i would not be as privileged to look up information freely from the comfort of my own home.

Hm. The selfish ones: understand "finances" beyond balancing our checkbook; I'd like to follow that "DIY MBA" (see Delicious tags). And, of course, Arthritis/Uveitis/Thyroid Syndrome, because I'd like to be sighted for my 50th birthday. More general? I'd like to learn more (and participate more) in environmentalism, especially as regards "eat locally" - the kind of sustainability that emphasizes obtaining all of your resources within 100-miles of your home. But a true self-improvement project? I'd like to learn spanish.

the richness of people

I would like to really focus on developing my career in marketing. It's a new territory for me and I am quickly learning that I need to understand how to utilize my design background more advantageously. I would like to spend the next year trying to soak up as much information about it as possible and learn new things. Then I would like to move on to a bigger company.

On a spiritual level, myself. I need to spend more time with myself in order to appreciate a calm silence. Also, I anticipate involving myself in the USGBC to professional represent my company. And academically, I am going back to school to get a masters.

I want to try harder to live off the beaten path, and to see if we can't make a viable go at it. I want to figure out if we really can roll our own hybrid kind of life and make it work financially and emotionally.

allowing myself to say no to projects that distract me from my goals

I'd like to start looking into working abroad, in Tel Aviv or Sydney or somewhere else.

I want to finally freaking read Eckart Tolle's A New Earth. I think I just want to read more in general. About ideas and people...I want to know more about what's going on in the news. I have been better at keeping up with that because of the election and I like feeling like I know and understand more of what is going on. I want to continue to do that.

I'd like to become entirely knowledgable about at least ONE thing in 2009 - I don't know exactly what that is, yet.

Not particularly, just try and improve on my life, make small changes. I have been the same person for my entire life, done things the same way. So I want to try and mix things up a bit. Get a tattoo, mess around with my hair to find something new, get my confidence back up, bring a little more style are care in to my fashion and dressing up, get back in to the gym and shape up.

Im not sure, I guess ill be investigating how to live and work in Europe and more information on documentary photography and the power of it in the media.

I'd like to look into the interests of people prior to electronic games that would have pleased those groups who now like various game genres. The types of individuals who enjoy mmorpgs now must have had their interests met by something in the 1800s for instance. Or the 1930s even. I think looking at these gamers' other non-electronic hobbies now may be revealing. Such as theatre, magic, fantasy novels, fanfic, cosplay, fanart, and anime watching. I am also interested in considering what aspects of electronic games and multimedia could help esl students, 3rd world counties, and perhaps drug addicts? undereducated at risk young parents? as a social network? distance counselling? I like the idea of distance counselling.

People in politics. Brian Urena.

Yes: true bright green environmentalism. I would like to truly contribute to this world in some way that is personal and meaningful.

I want to do more graffiti....

I want to read more. I feel like I have a better grasp not only on who I am, but on the world, when I can view it through the eyes of someone else.

I would like a better idea of politics - I feel like so much comes down to the question of abortion and gay rights, which essentially has very little to do with the actuality of day to day life, even for a queer person. There are more important things as far as even being able to need those rights - both nationally and internationally.


I would like to have a better overall understanding about the economy and how it directly affects me. I also hope to have really understood who and what I voted for in the election. On the personal side, I would like to really maintain the friendships Ive kept in moving here, and create new ones out of new situations.

Personal Finance, I want to know how to manage my money better so that I can help out my family as well as myself.

I want to investigate myself more in this coming coming year. To be more specific, I want to be able to connect my emotions and actions and feelings with my artistic side. I want both my dancing and visual art to affect and be affected by my feelings and personality. I feel that this is a very deep rabbit hole, and by finding my way through it, I will emerge a better person; more full and more joyous. And if there is no such a thing as emerging from this discovery, I just hope to be present in myself to realize who I am when and where.

oh, just about everything.

The economy, my own finances, a real way I could be more a part of community, the world. Something to make me more worldly. This sounds like a very selfish answer.

I'd love to be able to investigate the causes of poverty in the Philippines and to possibly think of an innovative solution that will be able to help even just one underprivileged sector of society. I also want to follow closely the proceedings of the RH bill and hopefully by this time in 2009, it would have been passed in Congress. Personally, I would like to investigate my personal finances closely as well.

An idea, working for my dad.

on line advertising and its economic benefits for micro companies, pymes and corporatives in the music industry.

I want to look more into culinary schools and hopefully find the right one so I can go back to school.

I would like to find out more about reiki and do some training.

I'd like to investigate further the economic rules after I read Mr. Talebs' "Black Swan" book.

I tend to resort to my shy side. I want to invest more in myself, but from the point of view of me as a socially active person, interacting with the world, my friends, my community. I want to see if this will improve my state of being, my level of happiness, and balance.

I'm very excited about the Obama campaign and the future!

Andre. Materializar coisas.

I want to learn more about yoga and pilates. I need to work on my body more - I was getting there but fell off the wagon. I'd also like to start cooking more. I think it will help me save money if I make the things I love more.

I would like to investigate the mind of a friend who lies like crazy. I believe she is a pathological liar and I would like to find out more about why people like her lie a lot. HAHA!

Architecture for Humanity. I'd like to work for them or even just adopt their ideals and ideas. I'd love to develop skills that would help me in working for organizations like Architecture for Humanity, habitat for humanity, or any organization like that. I can't picture myself being an architect for the rest of my life designing homes and buildings for people who have money. I'd like to use my skills to benifit those who actually need it. I need to figure out how to change the world 8 hours a day at at time.

I want to create something professionally in the future. I want to be a part of my own undertaking. for 2009 I hope to be able to formulate some ideas of how to make that happen.

Cancer research, and the paths I can take to start working in it.

i would like to investigate the idea of space, being dust and bugs and air. and how space is everywhere. and its cool that it is everywhere becuase it means so much. and also bathrooms. as magical safe havens i everyones home. you can escape in a bathroom and noone will think otherwise. its allowed. and they are often full of colors and shapes and lights and nice things becuase they are made to make the bad things go away without you even thinking about it. but i want to think about it.

I would like to look into why exactly the cubs forget how to play baseball in the postseason.

I want to explore music more fully

Myself. Who I am. What I really want. Is there a mission? Or do I have a dream?

Can't think of anything. Investigate. hmm. I think I know enough to deal with my back, my colon, my apartment, my lack of money. If any investigation it would be to learn more about physics. Why? I want to understand it more, but it is just so hard. I can't wrap my head around it in the right way, or a way that allows me to understand it.

Right now I'm really interested in gay rights movement. I'd like to get involved with those groups.

Marian theology and Rosary A new Bible - REB or NRSV

I wanted to find out more about NLP a few months ago. Now, I just want to find out if there's a future in this online video idea. Is it the future? Is it my future?

Daily prayer, chemistry, canning and food preservation

yes, my so called girl friend. i cant really understand her.

The idea of motivation. The idea of getting off my ass and doing something. Delving more into what makes me happy and doing those things. Too often I get caught up thinking life is futile and dwell on things more than I actually doing them. Motivation is what I'd like to get a handle on.

I want to know more about science in general and physics in particular.

People: Tzipi Livni, Yoel Hasson, Ahmadinejad, Obama, Robert Gates, Cause: healthcare in america, Israel two state solution, zionism, the economy in america I don't know, this question is hard

I want to explore the idea of institutional support for minority populations more. Even though I will be concentrating on American Indian support systems, I would like to use the knowledge I've gained in Tribal Critical Theory analysis to examine the supports for other minority populations.

Gay Culture.

self in relationship. I have not achieved balance yet. I wonder what that feels like.

I want to know more about Trinidad, I feel bad as a Trinidadian not knowing as much as I know about America. I want to know more about Japan, and more about black people because that is the research I said I would do. I want to know more about investing and the stock market and budgeting, because I will be on my own.

I think a way to get renewable energy sources into my life. Wood pellet furnaces,solar power.A way to conserve and cut back on expenses

In 2009, I'd like to investigate changing jobs. Wether it be to continue to teach, or go back to freelancing. I'm really tired of my job. Or, maybe it's because I had a really bad day....

i would really love to seriously entreanch myself in the history of midwifery. it's something i truely love and am wildly passionate about so i would love to be equally as knowledgeable about it.

Not really. I'm going to continue to support things I'm currently supporting. I'll continue to work for peace in Darfur, and fighting hunger.


becoming a mother so motherhood and all that means balance living in the now presence having it all and loving it

I want to get more involved in my community. I want to start mentoring and build up my role as an adviser. I want to cook more. I want to learn more about organic foods and eating more healthfully.

Yes, I really want to be more effective in helping others this coming year. While I do what I can in the lives of people who come across my path - I really do want to help victims of terror. So many lives have been altered by the horrific effects of terror. If there is something I can do to help alleviate some pain, bring some hope or just encourage, then I want to be part of that.

I would like to have my health conditions checked (or calibrated) in relation to my keep fit plan and energy controlled intake plan. I will then be able to see how effective are these plans and to make the adjustments necessary to strike a balance.

in 2009 i want to continue "investigating" Judiasm more. And of course i want to get deeper into the Israel / Palestinian issue. i would also like to investigate alternative sources of energy. I also want to continue working on improving myself

my graduate education. my career. my future.

Save the children - as I'm going to start working for them. I would also like to be more involved/aware of other charities and their work online. Will need to investigate schools in the area so that I have a good idea of where to buy property either sooner or later

I want to continue my involvement(s) with education, both what my own children experience, as well as what's available to other children, especially those in New York City. I also want, if I am asked, to look more closely at community development issues in Africa, through Bonnie's efforts. Finally, I want to stay involved with the issue of poverty among Holocaust survivors, and to continue to try to get others interested/involved in coming to terms with and responding to the crisis of need among these survivors.

I'm always investigating ideas. Right now, it's binomial mixtures. Next week, it could be something else.

yes, a new business idea.

I want to pursue my own financial well being. I want to investigate ways to save and invest money that will benefit me the best in the long run of life. I want to save money for a maybe wedding of my dreams. Further down the line, I want to pay for kids' college and my retirement. I know the earlier I put money into bonds and CDs or w/e, the more I'll get back on it. I want to investigate what I can do with just $1000 at age 23.

I'd like to explore influencing the opinions of others on topics of Jewish concern that I myself am passionate about.

I want to learn to dance

I want to learn more about helping people who are aging and experiencing the inevitable losses to manage their psychological states. This includes me.

I want 2009 to be about sewing. Learning my machine, making clothes for myself and the kiddo and even designing things. I want to make handbags and design one of a kind fashion for myself. I have such a specific style that I want to be able to make the kind of clothes I want to wear.

would like to investigate in soap, cause i think it's connection betwen person from everywhere. And i would like to investigate actively in culture and small passion that i have!!


I want to get more involved with Loesje and Masta. Keep traveling and stay in contact with those friends from abroad.

How to start a family and bring that family up... How to be a better person... Possibly to do a postgraduate degree or some sort of course.

I am interested in finding out how fit and healthy I can get. I neglected my health during years of putting other things first but now I see it is the key to everything else I do. My health affects my work, play, and fun. After making a few simple changes I feel better and am more comfortable. So I want to make a serious effort to investigating how far I can go with this.

I would like to be able to find a particular focus for what I might want to study for a PhD - I have an idea it's something within cosmology, but I'd like a better idea of what I'm interested in, apart from a few vague graspings.

Zionism My familys history...including mom+dad

Vegetarianism and greener living. I would like to learn more about ways to reduce pollution, waste, and conserve water.


I want to investigate the future of socializing in America and in the world at large as a result of the Age of Ubiquitous Over-Information. I want to inspire others to return to a more personalized, human approach to experiencing the world, while still utilizing the benefits available to us via instant, global communication.

I would like to come to terms with my own willingness to achieve what's on my mind. Furniture design and fabrication, photography, reading, writing, language. It's all important to me but I find myself struggling to enjoy my time.

Mostly, I feel like I want to come back to things I have been doing and thinking about for years, but be able to integrate all of these things into my life. The only thing that I feel right now that I want to investigate that is somewhat "new" is how to deal with my eating disorder, now that I have admitted that I have one. I want to find out more about it and what I can do about it with and without my therapist. I want to explore my spiritual path and I am not sure what that means. It may mean looking at new things, but it may just mean coming back to practice and meditation with a new perspective.

Business Opportunities that look good initially need time to investigate in order to confirm they are what they appear to be

Having a baby at 40! Buying a home in Israel! Getting my driving licence in Israel and buying a car - and not being afraid to drive in Israel! Starting a garden. Planting window boxes and planters and GROWING THINGS.

Well, I'm going to need to come up with a theme for my Rotary year. My vague first thoughts are to relate it to pursuing peace, but I need to flesh it out a lot and that could change.

I need to investigate me more fully in 2009. I'm coming to this realization that the person that I hide from the most is myself.

The person will continue to be myself, much like I've done in 2009; only, hopefully, with a job. An idea as well, I will give my dream another chance, if it works I will be be able to have a cause...

I would like to spend more free time doing mitzvah work for other people


How to function as my own person after being without a partner for the first time in the past 3 years, since I was 15. To find out more about who I am and where I'm going as an individual.

pensions mental health

alzheimer care, because i am a caregiver for my mom who has alzheimers....

I would like to improve news and old friends

I want to learn more Spanish and Hebrew. I want to learn more about what I can do for Israel while abroad. I want to learn as much as I can about being a good teacher. I want to learn how to be a good runner.

I want to investigate food fortification programs in the developing world and what American food companies are doing to get involved. I want to investigate photography and film studies. I want to investigate myself through Eckhart Tolle's book, "A New Earth."

Not off the top of my head, maybe looking into finally getting myself of the joint mortgage so I can start to think about getting a place of my own.

looking seriously to be in a relationship with someone. i have come to the realization that i do want to be with someone, and i do want to be serious about someone. and yes, have kids. to get involved in social action causes. actually donating to causes that mean something to me, instead of just thinking about it!

I would like to do more Jewish things like lighting candles or having Shabbat at our place (not going to synagogue)

I'm hoping that by the end of 2009 I will be in graduate school for Library Science. It's an idea that's come to me rather slowly but I think I'm ready to take the plunge. What's interesting is, I'm not sure I entirely understand everything that's drawing me to this career path so it'll be interesting to see what I have to say about it in a year, when I know a lot more about the program and its possibilities.


Hmmmmmm.........working for myself because I would like to be home based.

I want to learn more about Joe Biden, the vice presidentail niminee. I want to explore CSA programs in my area again to see if i can buy a share and work for and with a local farmer.

Yes, I want to learn the full and "lunch and learn" partial presentation of Federal Benefits program co ordinated with a slide presentation

I'd certainly like to be more civically active and in part that means donating more of my time to the communities around me. I'd also like to get a little more involved in gay rights and the gay community.

I want to continue to consolidate and become more self reliant, by filling in gaps in my knowledge of technology.

Economics. Back to basics, really learn them, be able to talk about them.

I want to continue to research careers and figure out what is out there. I have a feeling that a perfect job has to be out there somewhere but I have to be creative and do the research.

person - ryan? cause - ecodesign. i know there's so much green noise nowadays i'm very intrigued by how designers could very possibly be the key to less pollution, more au natural good. yes yes, i'm contributing to green noise now. idea - no idea.

myself. i want to trully finally find myself.