Describe a broader event in the world that has impacted you this year? How? Why?

Another Day, another test....

The threat of a new Depression is terrifying me. Perhaps because we both grew up with financial security, and because many of our friends are well-off, my spouse and I never paid attention to money ourselves before now. Now I suddenly realize how little we make and have saved, how this could lead to disaster, and how all the plans I've built up over the past year could be smashed by this. On the other hand, the possibility that Obama -- despite my political pessimism -- could win gives me a tiny shard of hope that this country, however poor, could be a place in which I would feel prouder to live.

stock market crash. conjured specter of aned of civilization, rome is burning kind of stuff. made me re-read the holocaust in american life...

The presidential race...it could be in the direction of hope and change or a scary decline. please let Obama win.

I am happy Israel is negotiating with Syria. It is giving me a tiny hope for peace.

Clearly, my focus has been about climate change for the last year or two. It remains the most urgent and potentially catastrophic events the world has seen, to put it mildly. But the true breakthrough - the amazing ray of hope that has emerged is the ascendancy of Barak Obama. He's human, he's young, and he's inexperienced. But there is a feeling that we may be witnessing one of the great figures in World history. I truly believe that he might completely rearrange our politics, diplomatic relationships, and world affairs. It's unbelievable to watch.

The election is electrifying and terrifying and it has shown me that over the course of these 40 years I have gotten a little bit more coarse, fearful, jaded and disheartened. And now, with Obama on the precipice I feel just a little more hope and have some belief that while not all is right in the world - it is possible to believe. To believe in something greater than what is right in front of your eyes.

Watching the rise of Sarah Palin confirmed for me what I sensed in 2000 and what I knew for certain in 2004: I don't know shit about millions of my fellow Americans. Their priorities and their tolerance for ignorance are a mystery to me and it fills me with a sense of hopelessness about this country's future in a way I never felt before.

The market crash. Though i keep saying that artists are essentially less effected by markets than many people, i have found myself much more nervous about money.

The presidential election run-up. What else is there to describe? It's the first time in my lifetime that I feel so much is at stake with our country both from a personal point a view and a global one. My livelihood on all levels has been threatened by the last 8 years of Bush and will continue to be with a McCain/Palin presidency. Maybe I haven't done enough—whether speaking up, protesting, activism, whatever—but never in my life have felt so damn curmudgeonly in terms of what is happening in our society. Ignorance, arrogance, stupidity, mean-spiritedness, xenophobia—maybe it was all here before and I didn't see it? Not that Obama is some sort of savior but at least there is a degree of intelligence and humanism that I can get behind.

truthfully, the events in the world exhaust me. i'm working so hard just to hold things together with my little family it is hard for me to care a whole lot about what is happening out there. of course, i follow world events, and am relieved when i hear news like karadzic's capture, and wholly disappointed when i learn of missed opportunities for reconciliation and flagrant provocations and violations, such as the events in the Georgian peninsula. but do these events actually affect me? not really. especially when my year has been so much about turning inward and growing new human beings in my body and in my home.

paul newman's death hit me hard.

Hope. Change. Obama. Believing. We still don't know yet, but we still have so much faith it's frightening. As of today it looks like it could happen, but anything could come to pass in the next month. When I look at this next year, we will have spent nearly a year with a visionary, liberal, african-american president. Or we will be crushed and flattened and angry and hopeless. Which will it be?

I was very struck by the Olympics, by the opening ceremony in particular, and how it demonstrated that there's an entire nation -- a whole other world -- of people with different needs, priorities, and (possibly) morals, and that we can't really close the gap between nations. Similarly, there's an unbridgeable gap between Democrats and Republicans, say. People just aren't the same, are they?

The financial markets crashing down and the realization that however bad we thought President Bush would be, we didn't have an earthly about it. Although on paper I have lost a lot of money it has made me realize how very fortunate I am. I really think about it even when I am shopping for food and realize that I can have any food I want while others are really suffering and struggling. Also, the number of bankruptcies of people who didn't have health insurance because some cataclysmic health crisis has occurred so that in addition to all the stress and despair from the illness, they and their families can lose everything. As I type this I am thinking that I must get more involved in supporting universal health care. It absolutely should be a basic right and I pray that OBAMA is elected and will be able to start implementing his health care plan. It would be a start, although it doesn't go far enough.

The rise in bankruptcy,s and the downfall of many big Companies. It has only impacted me little but the ripple effect is unprdictable. Many banks are feeling the pain. I feel bad for other countries or companies that are also being dragged into this mess that Wall Street has created.

i guess the elections. i have been paying more attention to the news keeping myself tuned into independent media. it feels more important than ever to change the course of this country.

The economy. My husband lost his job. Oil and food prices so high. Young people dying and being hurt in Iraq and Afghanistan, makes me sad and afraid on a daily basis. I am more passionate about politics then ever before and feel more personally effected by the decisions that are made in Washington and less empowered to do something about it.

The race for the Presidency of the United States has had a profound effect on me in terms of the historic significance of having both a woman and an African-American in the running. I had always hope that this would happen in my lifetime and then both became possibilities in the same race. I have not believed in the anything politically positive since Eugene McCarthy ran for the nomination and it has been winderful to feel passionate about the future of my country.

The economy and the hit it took. Realize how fortunate and fragile we are. Can we depend on our investments to be there at retirement? That is really scary. I feel like I have to work harder to assure a comfortable retirement

I have been totally invested in the presidential election. Getting a Democrat in the office is more important than ever considering the fact that our foreign, domestic and economic policies of the past 8 years have left our nation literally bankrupt--and morally bankrupt in the eyes of the world. I don't think Obama will be an elixer -- and I think he will be walking in to a terrible situation were it'll be almost impossible to be seen (during the process or in retrospect) as a success. But undoing the terrible things Bush has done is going to take a long time and I trust Obama to set us on the right path. Secondarily, I will be so proud to see a black man get elected President of the United States. It's of huge symbolism -- but it's not merely symbolic. Next up, we'll need a woman ... go Hillary!

the election. barack v. mccain. this is the most important election in a long time, certainly in my life. it makes me increasingly cynical to see how people can by into the propaganda espoused by mccain and palin. it's terrifying actually. and it also makes me question the amount of underground, unspoken and possibly unconscious racism that's really behind educated, intelligent people who are so far undecided. i think they see how full of shit the republicans are, but they're afraid to put a black man in the big chair. it's shameful. i might move if mccain wins (read: wins, dies and palin becomes president).

Whatever I wrote, disappeared...but I think what I wrote is that I felt largely unaffected, not impacted, by world events - and that is something that I hope to change. After all, we have an african american presidential candidate - this is a terrific thing! But how do I make the events of the world change my daily life?

For a couple of years now I have been periodically seized by a terrible feeling that as a state, Israel, the land six generations of my family have lived in, might be a historical blip that we've all been fortunate enough to have known. There’s Iran; there’s all the rest of it. Since the economic crash, there has been a lot of talk, here in Canada, about the declination of "the American empire." And every time I hear that talk -- erroneous or no -- my first instinct is to pack my bags and get to Israel immediately; a kind of I'd-better-get-there-before-everything-changes sort of idea. If the US loses its number 1 superpower status, if one day America will no longer be able to afford the same kind of close friendship with Israel, I wonder what will happen to the State as we recognize it today. Can Israel be entirely self-sustaining? And if so, can it be self-sustaining as an official Jewish homeland, or would it need to become something a little less Jewish?

Where to start? In the US - the primary race, the presidential race, the choices the candidates made for Vice Presidential running mates, the meltdown on Wall Street! The whole world is affected by what is happening in the US and yet, many Americans fail to understand the "big picture," to understand that it is more important to have people in the White House who can think not only locally but globally and that it is imperative that votes be cast for the person best able to consider the "whole picture" rather than who's "like me" or who I'd most like to have a beer with. I try to remain optimistic but worry about the direction the US and the world is headed in, with the rapid growth in population world-wide, the increaing world-wide demands for "energy," "water," "food," and other resources that are swiftly dwindling. I am deeply concerned about the lack of real cooperation between nations to preserve the world, as we know it, for future generations. These are difficult times.

I cant think of any broader event that has impacted me. Everything is so inter-connected yet I feel alienated from the world around me. I only see broader events as media events and then they dont seem real to me. Take 9/11, if I lived in New York and was running away from the towers as they collapsed then it would seem real to me but not being american I see this reality as pictures on the TV which I can turn on or off at leisure. Similarly, how real is the daily stravation of thousands of people in africa to most New Yorkers? It's probably not real to them either. So the question is maybe not the way things impact on us but the extent to which things dont impact on us. We walk around either unconscious or incapable of acting. This certainly applies to me, most of them time.

the olympics beingheld in china despite china's blatant disregard for human rights--SPECIFICALLY the way they have treated all of Tibet. it disgusts me. and every country should have goddamn pulled out. PERIOD. for a more thorough understanding of this issue, see the film Fire Under the Snow.

The presidential election most likely. It of course has brought all of the topics that are of concern to everyone into the limelight. It has made me feel older and perhaps more adult in that I am truly concerned and involved in what politicians think and act upon.

The election hands down. I beleive that this is the most important choice we can make to safeguard our future and the future of our children. Things need to change...and fast! I HOPE for a better future for all of us.

It's sad that I'll probably have the least to say about this question. I'd say the Olympics for sure. I mean, clearly it made me miss swimming. But there was so much more to it than that. Cornucopias of countries donning different drab... wow. It really opened my eyes. The flag bearers looked eternally grateful for the chance to compete at such a prestigious event, especially those from smaller countries. I just wish that the games were completely honest and fair, and that at least for their duration, the fighting would stop. The election mattered some but not as much as it should. I think the fact that we have diverse candidates was a long time coming, so it didn't seem like some sort of huge surprising milestone to me. I became a bit more interested in politics, and I think the fact that our democratic candidate is so tech-savvy, almost to a fault, was a little disheartening to me. He seems like the kind of guy who would promote online voting or something of the sort. I maintain that technology will be a catalyst for our eventual devolution.

The financial crisis reminded me how fragile all of that stuff is. How at any moment everything you hold "dear" as far as material objects can just float away and really how insignifigant all that stuff really is. New things matter very little and can be gone in a second, but those you love, that's what you have to hold on to.

Obama's popularity in the polls. I was too cynical to believe he could ever possibly win. The idea of him taking the presidency gives me hope for a better world.

the fact that i find this difficult probably points to my general ignorance and apathy towards things that don't directly affect me

My original thought was the possibility of having either a woman or a black man as the next US president but then I remember how much I was affected by the beheading of Tim McLean on the Greyhound. It made me scared in two ways: that could have been me/anyone I know...and also the scary realization of what mental health can do to someone. I was able to place myself in any one person's place and feel how it must have been to be part of that event. From the other passengers and the sheer terror they must have felt and the absolute need to get off the bus (which, I think in a selfish way, I too would have ran.) I can imagine and yet not feel what the killer must have thought when he realized what he done; standing there on the bus and seeing what he had done and wanting to die. And most of all, I can imagine the horror of being one of the policemen arriving on scene and having to appear like you were in control when really, your heart and brain could not conceive of what was happening. That voice crack when describing on a taped line what you were seeing. I guess above all, it made me realize that anything can happen to anyone...and it is out of anyone's control.

Earthquakes, typhoons, hurricanes, war, where to begin? I think that reading about the history of Afghanistan, Iran, and Pakistan has really opened my eyes about the power of government, the power of hope, and the power of the human spirit. People get angry with government (kings). Those leaders are overthrown, and Communists come it. People get tired of communism, and the Taliban come in as heroes. Except that they bring with them strict religious ruling, and the people wonder why they wanted the Taliban to rule. From Three Cups of Tea: Education and community-building are the only ways to prevent the spread of terrorism. Give people another option (other than religious fervor) and they will thrive.

The war between Israel and Lebanon. I got to see first-hand what true hate was like. Having the Hadron collider turn on - what kind of people are willing to risk our existence? It was kindof crazy and exciting all at the same time

The downturn in the housing market and now the instability of the market has affected me. I may have settled over the house too soon, or may have made a mistake to stay on the mortgage for a year after the divorce. Now I'm watching my retirement investment plummet in value. It's scary to see all the hurdles facing recovery.

The failing economy has changes a lot of things for me this year. Where I ended up after graduation, how confident I've been about my own business, if I should go to grad school right away or not. It's placed me in a holding pattern until I can get a clear view of the path I want to be on, but am clearly not quite on yet.

Probably the biggest world event that has impacted my year would have to be Olympics in Beijing. Bolt ran the fastest 400m ever. It reminded me that there are people all over the world that you don't hear about or think about in your day to day life but that we all share a similar human condition.

Sarah Palin getting veeped has made me realize many Americans are ignorant sheep.

The american elections are making me excited about the future and the financial collapse made me realise that I need to start looking after our finances.

In about March, I found out that food had started being rationed worldwide. I realized what bad times we live in. The strife and pain is hitting ordinary people, the same people who have strong economic systems and live in first-world countries. The fact that governments worldwide have been counting how many sticks of butter and pounds of rice each store can get just hit me hard, and I'd like to remember that next year.

Iran Issue, Economy falling apaprt

the biggest event that impacts me is as always the Holocaust and the education of that...something else that is feel i need to explore is child abuse...and how to further protect our children...my children...we have all been thru so much...

The earthquakes in China, and hearing about it leveled a school and killed preschool children, thinking about how in a country where people aren't encouraged to have more than one child, there are parents who have lost their only child. The mortgage and banking crisis; it angers me that the greed of a few mercenary executives will have such a long-ranging effect on innocent hardworking near-poverty-level people li like me.

The financial mess in Washington has soured me on politicians. I've often contributed to political parties but no more. We've sent the most incompetent, selfish,greedy, stupid people who could not get a real job to Washington to run the country. They've run the country into the ground. The US is becoming a socialist state and all people want to know is "where can I get something for nothing". My children are all so very liberal I can't believe their mine.I'm disgusted and very, very depressed.

George Carlin, passing away. He was such an advocate of free speech and just an all around intelligent and clever witted old bastard. I looked up to him from the first time i heard 7 deadly words, although he did no lead me to become an Atheist he did help me realize the ideals of them, I'm not an ignorant Atheist i allow anyone believe what they want. But yes George Carlin's death impacted me because i felt that he said what most people were afraid to say and didn't care about who he pissed off.

the election. obama. this opens up my eyes to the close mindedness of the rest of america. i don't understand how anyone can think about voting for mccain and palin. i know the results of this are going to deeply affect the rest of my life. the economy, no one is safe. it makes us allrealize our worth. the war, i hope the next president knows how to handle this situation. we need to reaccess ourselves

Well, the economy is terrible!! To the point, that it is really not just something I can pass off and say "oh, it does not effect me" anymore - because that is not true. It is effecting me, and us -- and a lot. They say it is like the 2nd worst since the great depression. scary stuff. for me and for us, it has effecting us in a big way. when i bought my condo, i thought i was doing something great for my future- you always hear real estate is the best investment. well now we are stuck in our home- the price has dropped from 383 to about 239. so in order to get out and move to where we want to live and also to a house with a yard (even if tiny), we need to try this short sale thing. we are trying it now but i am not optimistic about it as we can't really prove hardship. so if we can't get out, we are totally stuck. it is so hard right now as we don't want to be in oceanside - especially with my mom moving down to RB and with the baby on the way. so i am praying literally the short sale works- but then the sucky part is that it will take a major hit on our credit and we may not be able to buy again for like 2 years. sux.

The proponents of Prop 8 (to add to the CA constitution a specific clause specifically denying marriage to same-sex couples) have aired ads to aid their cause filled with untruths. Not a single one of the 4 points of their ad is truthful. It makes me aware of the lengths and depths to which people in this country will go to persecute, hurt, and HATE those who are unlike them. The Republican presidential campaign, as well, is based on overt untruths and lies by selective information. It saddens me that people can hate so deeply; that power is more important than truth. It saddens me more that there are those who buy in to the lies. On good days, I think that they do not WANT to be made aware of the truth. On worse days, I think that they know the truth, and don't care.

So I have thought about this question..and even researched the events in 2008..and I realized that I really have tuned out a lot of events and news. I'm not sure why..perhaps because it is just so normal to hear that another 20 people died in Iraq or that another natural disaster killed 100,000 people. Times are definately becoming frightning and I think that I am trying to not pay attention in order to continue my life without having to think about the world. I hope that this next year I become more involved in our worlds or even our nations events and have a point of view.

The water ban in Georgia has made me realize how connected we all really are, and how organization work together to help others because we are human and have a connection. The gas crisis in Atlanta made me realize how much power the army has compared to its general, and how word of mouth and scare results in an stampede of competitors which makes everyone have to fend for themselves and disconnect.

Well the only one for me is the latest album of Noa ! and her world tour. It's a fabulous album and I can't wait to see her on October 22 !

This election has inspired from me a lot of deep thought and passion. I've never been apathetic about politics - I always vote, and I always stay reasonably well-informed. But I feel much more involved in this election. I feel that the US is at a turning point, at a critical juncture, and the outcome of this election will have very long-term consequences for how America fares.

I was affected indirectly by the credit crisis. I did not default or have anything particularly bad happen, but the flow on effects and in particular the difficulty for banks to source funding for lending caused interest rates to rise. I bought at an unfortunate time where I got hit by these rate rises. I could cope with it, but it was hard. I took steps needed to control my exposure to debt, but I didn't anticipate things to turn out quite so badly.

The beginning of the collapse of the financial markets and countless arguments with friends have made me more conservative on economic matters and more nervous about the economic future.

Both the presidential elections and the economy have weighted heavily on me this year. In both circumstances, I think it's the first time I've been old enough to truly understand the impact that they will have on our future. While I've voted before, I never followed a presidential election as closely, or felt that I had as much at stake as I do this year. And in terms of the economy, I have never been old enough to truly feel the impact when this has occurred before. I feel grateful, in some bizarre way, that this is happening now, while I am still young. Because I feel like I am learning a tremendous amount from these events - how I want to handle my money in the future (when I have more...and I've never been happier that I don't have so much right now...), where and how I want to invest, etc. It's also an incredible reminder of the important things in live - love, health, family, friends...we all place too much importance on money and things. It's a good reminder of the things that you TRULY need to keep you happy.

Nothing really specific, just a whole lot of different things making me realise that the world is full of very stupid people in some very powerful places (Bush as US Pres, McCain and Palin as possible successors, big business crapping over everything, random pollies and "stars" getting more publicity than they should, etc), and if we aren't careful, will beat the ever-loving shit out of our economies and our way of life. The future looks bleak with these morons in the public eye.

-barack o'bama is the broadest event in the world this year! -(how)institutionalized education always said, his life, could never happen. -(why)he is inviting every person alive to investigate; thought, conditioning, fact, teaching, country, human, individual, race, history, education, leader...

I'm not sure. But Mr. Grier keeps talking about the economy.

As always, the Olympics have had a special place in my heart. Each event is truly inspiring, and gives a glimpse into what dedicated people can accomplish with their lives. It is true that this one was particularly tainted, and that there are always political maneuvers that spoil some of the joy of the Olympics, but it really is the only time that the world comes together to compete in non-violent events. I wish there were more events in which the world could share in a similar manner.

I have always been very involved in the political process, but this election more than any other has opened my eyes to corruption within our government. Hopefully with a new President, we can restore the rest of the world's perception of America.

The Olympics, the economy, the election - all of these things make me realize how America looks to the world, what our place is in it, and what our social and global responsibilities are. In some ways these events make me prouder to be an American - the parts that evoke that sense of pulling ourselves up by our bootstraps, continuing on, struggling through, fighting for what we believe in - and in some ways I feel defeated by the convoluted ideals and values held by so many in our country and abroad. Ultimately, part of me wants to flee to Ireland or Canada and lead a simpler life politically - our country is just so damn big and ideologically diverse in a way that rarely promotes discussion that doesn't turn to hate speech.

The recent tumble in the financial markets which started in the US and is affecting the whole world reinforces the notion of our absolute interconnectedness in all things. It leads me back to my belief and conviction that unless we can convince people that every plant, animal, body of water, marshland, mountain etc., and individual ecosystem ultimately has an effect on every other, we will inevitably destroy our earth and world as we know it.

My awareness of how much humans are abusing this planet has increased tenfold. I am doing all I can as an individual to help reduce consumption of items like paper towels, plastic bags, et cetera.

the economic crisis in usa made me realize that the world is passing throw a change.

The anti-war campaign in America was just heating up and there was a photo of a young boy standing there holding a placard that said, 'tell me again how this is not about oil...' The youthfulness, the power, the innocence and the naivety of this young boy to not only be involved in such an amazing occassion, but to also hold something of such significance that he will in no doubt live to remember and that he may one day look back on and truely realise the magnitude of his participation.

Friends went to Minneapolis-St. Paul to protest at the GOP convention. Their aim was to peacefully call attention to the serious failures of the Bush administration, specifically the lies that got us into an economy-sucking war. They did not engage with anyone in a hostile manner, only exercised their freedom of dissent—a foundation of our country's overall freedoms. But the GOP had paid in advance for an insurance policy to protect the police from lawsuits resulting from their violations of protesters' rights. Police were under orders to subdue the protesters by any means necessary. I watched a video of one of my friends being arrested. He was jostled by a police horse, and officers tasered him seven times while he lay on the ground, unresisting. They left the taser barbs in him, refusing him medical care, and beat him while he was in custody. Another person I know was also tortured while in custody, beaten with a bag over his head, as they shouted homophobic things at him—having decided that since he did not react with violence he must be gay. Hundreds of people, some of them protesters and some of them bystanders, were illegally arrested, held at gunpoint, and beaten and tortured in custody. Almost all the charges were dropped. This was a planned action by the GOP and the governments of Minneapolis-St. Paul to silence Americans' right to dissent. Many people suffered, and many more people will suffer if this behavior is allowed to go unchallenged. In fact, starting yesterday, the Army is bringing brigades home from Iraq to do active duty tours of the US, in apparent expectation of civil unrest. How does this affect me? It terrifies me. It has rid me of any remaining faith in the American promise of freedom. This country will have to work very hard to get my trust back, and it's not on track to doing that at this time. I was privileged to grow up thinking of police as basically good people whose job is to protect civilians; now I can't walk by a law enforcement officer without wondering: Could I keep from becoming violent if an officer knocked me down and tasered me? Could I face the world with an open heart and forgiveness after that? How does it affect YOU?

I don't like that the themes of my writings so far (1 and 3) have been about my back, money (apartment and financial crisis), and biking. I wouldn't have predicted that to be the theme of last year. the broader event of the financial crisis effects me directly because no one will buy my apartment. Yuck. It makes me feel ill. And it means I haven't gone on vacation. I need to get away but can't afford to. And my back limits me going on driving trips. Money makes the world go round. Most years of my life I don't feel so strapped by money. Not sure how I can get around this. I'm not looking at my retirement or adding my little tiny raise to my retirement fund. I need the extra dollars now. The good things are that I spend more time at home, resting my back, reading, weaving, being with my cat. Remembering what is imporant. And the money thing really isn't that important to me, never has been, but it means that I'm not as free to do what I usually want. More selective?

the downfall of the economy has made me value my job and the importance of it in new light. Where I usually would complain about what I am or am not doing, I am now thankful to have one at all. It has also allowed me to realize the true role that work plays in ones life. It is not EVERYTHING, it is a PART of things.

The controversy with the little girl who was actually lip syncing because the girl who could sing at the Olympics in China has made me realize how much of our values rely on superficial things. The fact that one of our presidential candidates is black, and a vice presidential candidate is a women has made me realize how far we have come as a society to view blacks and females as equals.

I feel that living in Australia for the most part means that world events pass us by. Little of what happens over seas feels like it is real. Though the continued military actions of many countries is worrying, especially when they large sums on money could be better spend on trying to help their own citizens.

This event has been happening over the entire span of human existence ever since we first discovered agriculture. Though more thoroughly discussed in "Ishmael" by Daniel Quinn, I just realized that the world we live in is in turmoil. We are destroying this planet and the community of life around us. We are razing the trees and raping the animals of their freedom to live. We have become so self-centered as to take the world into our own hands, becoming judge and jury to decide who lives and who dies. This is not how it should be. The planet is dying hence. We have crushed the life out of it and it is slowly fading. The worst of it is that people live in denial, thinking that the more we control this world, the stronger we will become and the more we will progress. But in truth, we have been slitting our own wrists since the beginning. To me, this impact was incredible. I had been living in denial, unsure and in shadow of the world's catastrophe. But now I realize the sin that we are living in. Everything about our society and civilization has been constructed around the will to rule this world that does not belong to us.

Took an interest in politics for the 1st time ever. Actually watched the Biden vs Palin VP debate *live* and is currently supporting Obama. I might even get a pin.

To be honest, not much has impacted me this year, not in terms of the whole wide world. i'm sorry. oh, i did deny god, far more than thee times because of how the world is. i'm not sorry.

The presidential elections. Are. Everywhere. They bring to light issues abroad and at home (ie. economic meltdown). But frankly...it's all sort of annoying.

The economic recession we are experiencing right now has made me realize how much impact on our lives people working in business have on us. They can control whether good, hard-working people spend their days in a house or on the streets.

Obama running for president has mobilized me... I will be doing my first ever political work (really) and it's scary and minimal but meaningful.

The economic "crisis" has less effected me physically but more...mentally I guess. I read about it all the time, and they talk about it constantly online and on TV. It's hard not to feel a little bit uncomfortable when everyone around you is panicing. The trickle down has yet to impact my life full force yet. I was poor before and I'm still poor now. I'll make due.

The increase in oil prices and continued slowing down of worldwide economies, as well as the declared bankruptcy of US financial institutions, made me think seriously about my own financial security and how I can secure my future this early. Times have never been harder for people living in the Philippines. I wonder if living and working abroad will be for the better.

this is a difficult one for me to answer as I am not particularly tuned in to world events. will have to think about this more.

I watched a video called The Story of Stuff- I realized how much of an impact one person has on the health of our world. I was to accumulate less, waste less, consume less than my fair share. I don't consider myself "green", but it's never silly to recycle and think before you purchase.

The local negative political events at parliament and state levels. It has made me pick up my interest in who is in power and doing what. This is so that I know where my votes go and gives me a better understanding of where I live.

The state of the US economy is affecting everyone this year. As a waitress, it hits me very hard as well. Not only has it crumbled my parents business before it even got of the ground, it has taken hundreds of thousands of peoples houses away from them through bad loans. I will be extremely surprised if the USA is not in an official depression at this time next year.

The economy is crumbling and Matthew can't afford to move out. The election made me realize that the United States is vastly composed of complete and utter morons.

I don't know if it really counts as an event but the United States' government finally taking action for the failing economy has really shaken me. I've been working retail for awhile now and sales are horrible, so I've noticed things slipping but now it's official. I'm afraid the bailout won't work or won't happen. I'm afraid it's going to be the second great depression.

Olympic opening ceremony!

the fall of the Lehman brothers, made me realise that nothing is ever secured in this world, and in one night, you can lose everything that is material, and there must be someone or something that will endure all this. and i've found Him.

I haven't been as in touch with the world as I'd like to be this year. Its ironic, but living at home in Denver, I knew more about what was going on in the rest of the world than I do living in the international city of New York. Still searching for the perfectly distilled news feed.

The emergence of Barack Obama as a presidential candidate in the US gave me hope that the world is actually becoming a better, more tolerant place.

iran necular war

After the failure of Lehman Brothers and all other economical problems I was satisfied and worried at athe same time. Satisfied because I've never believed that such way of making money where sustainable. And worried because of the implication of this huge crisis on life of people, all over the world. This thieves where eating people's money by conning them (and probably, they where playing with money of my retirement insurance too).

The financial crisis proved to me that the US's form of governing itself and the world crumbled. People said it wouldn't last and we ignored them.

crise financeira. perda de dinheiro. falta de foconsciêncialvo.

It would have to be a tie. Both the impending financial doom that is lurking and the nomination of Sarah Palin in the US. The crisis has finally made me somewhat re-evaluate my priorities and buckle down and actually get serious about paying down my debt. Palin provides much needed levity in my life. But also makes me realize that on so many levels, women are more scrutinized and held to a higher standard.

this election! good gracious i hope mccain doesn't win. it's a monumental year and i do hope that obama wins. i may move to canada if he doesn't.

uhmmmm... gosh what happened. A big global event? Big Brother was cancelled? I was a tad upset about that. Rudd got into government which was great, the presidential campaign in America is soon - I hope Obama gets in or else I will cry. uhmmmm... a few natural disasters in Asian countries... big economic crashes.... the price of petrol shooting sky high which means Jess has to pay more for petrol *no car = no petrol .. mwahahahaha.

The Olympics made me realize how cool China is in terms of what they're capable of achieving. However, the melamine milk scandal also made me realize how fast the reputation of a country can be tarnished. The first Formula 1 night race here in Singapore awed the ants in my pants. It was so good. I believe that it is a race that no one will forget.

The upcoming elections, in particular the primaries at this point, but they have made me realize, since this is the first presidential election i can vote in (damn you birthday in december), that it does truly make a difference if one individual votes or not. That has made me register to vote in my first election because if everyone just said no my votes not important then we've lost the ideal of a democracy.

I suppose this is where I mention the Economy, election, drought, and gas crisis. Apparently the economy has been the worst it's ever been since the Great Depression. Although I haven't seen lines for stone soup and bread portions, I have seen my mother worry about money, and I have seen people being laid off of work. But since i haven't had any first hand experience with the economy crisis, it really hasn't phased me. Come to think of it, I have spent more money in the past couple months than I ever have in my life. Buying (investing) in expensive jewelry and purses- I know I'm living in the world, I partly blame money for that, and I mostly blame myself. The election makes me realize that even though I am one thing- it doesn't put me in a box. Example- I am pro life, but to elect the pro life president would make me waiver on other issues and views of america that that politician have to my own. So what do I do, does voting for the other team mean that I am going to kill babies? Well-yes and no. I realize so much that the world is many many shades of gray. I am so thankful for the drought and gas crisis, because like unlimited refills- America is selfish, greedy, and wasteful, and it is about time that we realize that we're harming the environment and that we are wasteful. it is about time for America to realize that our Earth is not indispensable and that we need to see it through the lens of a single, unrefillable glass coke bottle. Even though the coke in a glass bottle is significantly less than you can get at a QT gas station of buffet line- it is the fact that you only have this ONE coke bottle- and for that, you know it won't last- so you savor, and appreciate what you have.

The election seems to be carrying an even greater weight than ever in my lifetime. I am undecided officially because i am anxious to get my vote right for the betterment of the country. I hope that a year from now we are again showing strength and stability in the world.

The price of petrol. My youngest child is now a full fare flight and the cost of air travel has also increased markedly over the last couple of years. For my wife and I to fly the whole family to Australia, to visit the grandparents, now means shelling out over £4,000, which is just a ton of money that we don't have. I look at my jolly, effervescent son and it breaks my heart that my parents can't share in the joy.

The credit crisis. Fall of all of my future retirement stocks. Greed of my fellow men has caused me great concern.

2007/8 was the first year in my life working full time at one job. College was through, my internship was up and...the economy tanked. This western generation will have a very different time living their lives than their parents' did. Should they look to their grandparents for advice instead?

The earthquake and it's devastation in China. Being an Australian-born Chinese, I felt more connected with the Chinese people than ever before - perhaps because in their grief, their loss, their strength, I felt connected as a human being.

I am really not very aware of BROAD world events. i feel bad about this. i know that things are happening. i know that the Olympics happened, that there are wars going on. But i generally feel very BOGGED down with HERE AND NOW. so im not sure. I hear alot of things happening. i just dont know what to make of them. and the election, oh gosh. the election. i hope they both win and i hope everyone shuts up.

The credit crunch has really worried me. My husband shouted at me for asking questions about our fincial situation.

The Olympics in China made me hardly think about human rights.

The whole fragility of life that played out time and time again, not only the hurricanes and earthquakes, but also the global issues that have been constantly getting steady media attention, like the wars, poverty, the environmental challenges. Made me realise how easy it is to get caught up the the whole turmoil of events. Sometimes the best moments in life occur during events similar to a quiet Saturday morning spent sitting on the swing in the garden, enjoying the cool breeze of fresh air accompanied by the pleasant sounds of birds chirping.

The credit crunch has meant that my mother was unable to sell her house after buying a small 'retirement' apartment. She had to get a large mortgage and is unable to pay it, so I am. The renters of the old house have proved to be a problem. I am running out of money and am having to borrow to support the process and the continuing crisis means that there is no end in sight.

I don't like that the themes of my writings so far (1 and 3) have been about my back, money (apartment and financial crisis), and biking. I wouldn't have predicted that to be the theme of last year. the broader event of the financial crisis effects me directly because no one will buy my apartment. Yuck. It makes me feel ill. And it means I haven't gone on vacation. I need to get away but can't afford to. And my back limits me going on driving trips. Money makes the world go round. Most years of my life I don't feel so strapped by money. Not sure how I can get around this. I'm not looking at my retirement or adding my little tiny raise to my retirement fund. I need the extra dollars now. The good things are that I spend more time at home, resting my back, reading, weaving, being with my cat. Remembering what is imporant. And the money thing really isn't that important to me, never has been, but it means that I'm not as free to do what I usually want. More selective?

The banking meltdown made me realize that a lot of people are making bad financial decisions, like placing their lives on credit, lenders making shady deals, the structure of our system being very outdated, and our leaders not knowing enough about economics, not caring about the everyday people. A lot of greed is involved in the decision making process. What people are not thinking about is how it affects the greater good of the world and the future. It's not only the leaders of the world that are responsible for this mess, it is also each person who decides to swipe their credit card to pay later. Lots of people in the negative. It's a bummer. I hope to combat this by being in the positive. I paid off all of my credit cards yesterday. It feels pretty great. I hope to continue to be at zero credit and maybe save a little money to buy a home ideally by next year.

La caida de la bolsa en EU, la candidatura de Barack

The primary elections and the whole election process in general. I have realized that while I live in a liberal, open-mided part of the country I am foolish to think that the whole country reflects these values. It scares me to think that we may make the same mistake a third time.

Peak oil scares the shit out of me. As does our entire economy falling down on our heads. I was genuinely interested in the Olympics this year.

Global warming and the impact of humans on the environment. It's happening fast. I want to be a part in a micro and macro way to stop it.

The Financial Crisis which has resulted in a global recession and meltdown and as a undergraduate, the competition in the job market is very tough. It is getting harder to find a job when all the companies are tightening their strings.

The economy. It's bad, and it scares me that I'm getting a mortgage at a time that's so volatile. There are 5% of the mortgages getting approved compared to last year, and I've managed to be in that 5%. Scary.

The financial crash has me very anxious. I am aware more than ever that a) I have privilege in that I am not in fear of immediately becoming destitute [I live on a very low income but my family is solidly middle class and able to help me when needed] ... and b) my life may become much more difficult if the economy doesn't improve. I am more aware than ever that what happens on Wall Street does in fact affect "Main Street" (i.e. me and my family and friend). I am thinking more about stocking up on food, water, toiletries, etc - Preparing for a possible economic depression without getting too crazy/paranoid/apocalyptic. I find myself anxiously thinking about money a lot, and worrying about my future ability to get a job, health insurance, medical care, food, etc. Capitalism is showing its true colors, and none of us will escape unscathed. This underscores the fragility of our personal / familial economic situations as well as the nation's. It makes me more committed to self-reliance, sustainability, DIY, etc. I can't count on the financial system or even on finding employment after college in the field I am studying to work in. Since I have a chronic illness there is only more reason to feel anxious about this. But I am also glad that this is kicking my tuchus into gear about becoming more frugal, saving more, and becoming more self-reliant in my lifestyle.

knowing that iran wants to blow israel off the map and almost had the means to do so is frightening. having visited israel and knowing how much people harbor anti-semitism, I am now very scared for the existence of the Holy Land.

the human trafikking of inncocent kids cause of war , regional issues, money especially in poor countries. it amde me realise why the world is so sick, cant see thise news and videos with litttle kids being used for sombody pleasure.

Hilary supporters' reaction to her loss in the primaries. Very difficult to fathom people going to someone with an entirely different political viewpoint--one which relegates me to second-class citizenship-- just because they're upset that Hilary lost.

I feel like the recession and the downfall of the economy impacted my family financially. Before it happened, my dad got called back for service by the Navy. He was still going to school finishing his degree in clinical management. He had to leave overseas to Germany for a year. The clinic that he worked at promised him that he could get his job back, but the partners broke up. He worked with one of the partners of the clinic. But he felt like he was overworked and under payed, so he's now focusing on finishing his masters. Basically he is the breadwinner of the family. I'm still proud of him that he's doing what he wants, I felt like his dream was cut short because he had a family at such a young age. Even though his goal was to become a doctor, the Navy still paved a way for him to come to America and opened many opportunities for us.

A broader event that has impacted my life this year would probably the problems with the economy and the whole home loan crash that's going on. It's definitely got me thinking about my career and my finances. I often wonder how the design world fairs in times like these. Its got me thinking that primarily because at the moment I am low man on the totem pole here at DR. As a temporary employee I could be cut at any minute. At least that's how I feel. It's definitely not a good feeling.

Italian elections. We're sooooooo screwed. And we deserve it! Awful. I wish Italy could be colonized by a more civilized country.

When Ahmadinejad came to speak at Columbia University, I decided that I had to get involved with some kind of Israel advocacy. So far this has been unsecessful for me because I am not intersted in religious work. For now I am learning hebrew and hope to some day work in Israel.

The decline in the housing market made me realize that national issues really do effect everyone, including my family. i never realized how much my family depended on the money my mother made designing model homes until they stopped building them.

Gas prices lead me to reconsider how I use my car. I used to advocate for increased bicycle usage and actually practiced this when I lived in California. Due to weather conditions (I have trouble riding a bicycle on icy/salted roads), I wimped out over the years and drove my car more. I have now gone to using public transportation more. It has been good for the environment, my wallet, and I'm getting to know other riders.

Next month, either the first black man will become president of the united states, or the first woman will become VP. I'm keeping my fingers crossed for the former.

nomination of sarah palin. Her personal story is that of an iconic american woman and for all she has done and is, she is still marginalized. She's treated with ridiculing, passive aggressive humor that those doing it know would be insulting if they had to articulate it. No ethnic minority would treated that way. It's shaming and makes me wonder why more women aren't offended by it. Her candidacy also makes me want to be more vocal about what women choose because that obvious fluffy aspect of her work does appear to be above her pay grade. It makes me realize--again--how important it is for normal women to stick together. Regardless of our individual politics, women aren't going anywhere until we learn to take each other along for the lessons in a way that makes each of us feel safe.

It is hard to remember what happened this year. Of course the election has been important, especially because of the news, but I don't know. The US stock market crash, taking our bank, making me wonder what kind of future in the job market I will have. These are trying times for people to be entering the world. The ripples will be felt everywhere.

It would have to be the upcoming presidential election, which has really opened my eyes to the fact that while 80% of the country doesn't like the path we're on with the current administration, there is a significant percentage of people who can't handle the idea of an African American president. Scary and sad.

definitely the election and the stock market crisis. I realize how askew the system is for all of us not in a position of influence or power.

finanial meltdown and rescue operation by governments made me realise that much of life is just a game and i've wasted so much energy in taking things seriously in life.

Israel's celebration of its 60th year in existence impacted me this year. It made me appreciate the great sacrifices Israelis have made for the survival of the Jewish people and the importance that people need to continue to defend the State of Israel. During these unstable times in America, I am concerned for the stability of Jews and Israel as a nation. It has made me think more seriously about making aliyah and encouraging my fellow Jews to do the same. I feel that I need to take more action in support of my beliefs.

The state of our finances in America is impacting not only us, but the world. Locally, as a teacher in the state of Florida, it has impacted our district tremendously. Jobs are being cut and paychecks for those who have a job, are being cut back. I feel that it all started with 911. That event has had a greater impact on us and the world than we realize.

As a homeowner, landlord and small business owner the current financial problems have made me have to rethink my current plans and be a little more conservative in my estimates for the future. Though here in San Francisco the impact has only marginally been felt so so far I am only concerned about what will happen next and have decided to be less agressive about what I do when it comes down to money.

Financial crisis has put my investments in the shitter.

hmmm... i guess the elections. for the first time i feel like people are really shoving up their sleeves and getting involved in politics. i feel like people are taking the power into their own hands again - fearful of a repeat. i've been more conscious of everything going on politically (more than past years). also - to see someone who looks like me in the presidential race - man, it's sooo invigorating so empowering.

The continuation of the Iraq war! It has broken our military, depleted our Treasury, emboldened Iran, and made the US and Israel less safe!


The recent financial upheaval on Wall St. has impacted me in a number of ways. I worry that my income is not enough to provide for all that I want for my family. I worry about what this will do to college costs and the ability to borrow money to pay for college. It makes me think hard about large purchases. The uncertainty makes me less likely to want to spend money. I think I would like to change my job - I KNOW I would like to change jobs, but I am reluctant to pursue this with the economy teetering. I cna't even visualize retirement. And yet, I would love to retire.

An event that impacted me this year was the upcoming election. I've been focused on many things this year that I normally wouldn't have been concerned. One being health care, money, the economy and the future. Many of my worries were brought on by buying a home, severe health problems Peter encountered and how these things will change our future. I'm wondering what I may be feeling or learning as these issues are hopefully resolved by next year.

The one event that has made me think about a lot this last year is definitely the election. I have always pictured myself to be a strong conservative, but from research and actually thinking about what i like in a canditate i have realized that i am not exactly conservative. I have been made a product of my parents its seems. I have been able to grow out of that this last year and start to know what i like in a politician (something no politican out there actually has.)

the economic crisis has forced me to reevaluate assumptions, priorities, and reliance on others to make decisions

recession, elections? to be honest, of late, i can't recall anything worldwide. This year has held of alot of close familial trials and was more inwardly pointed. we started the year with my grandfather in teh hospital and then my dog's death, which was followed by a beagle winning the the dog show. from there it was rejection followed by rejection and enw jobs. and the never ending saga continues

the presidential election. from hilary to barack im hoping for the best. one month!

The passing of Gay Marriage in California has effected me significantly. It has meant a lot to me both personally and professionally to see the change this has made in people's lives. It is a small step toward opening people's eyes regarding the importance of equality.

the election. i so believe in OBAMA and doing a ton to get him elected. i so want our world to change and grow.

I've been very focused on the presidential election this year. I believe that Obama could--in his deeds, in his vision, in who he is--even in his name, his heritage, his skin color--show the world that we are sorry for the damage we have caused and that we are ready for change. I believe in the audacity to hope. And I am fighting for that change. I want peace for the world.

The general state of the economy has had a major impact on how I choose to devise my future. I work in industries that have clients who spend disposable income and indulge. when that income lessens, I get less income myself. I have considered working in more therapeutic fields, but don't have the proper education or licensure to do so. I was very hardpressed to find good work because the job market has slumped. I hopped from job to job trying to find somewhere pleasant that could also sustain my financial needs. It has only been recently, since I went back to serving tables, that I have been able to find steady money, albeit a small amount. I am truly grateful for that small amount, because I know what it felt like not to know when any money would come in at any time quite a few times this past year.

It must be the financial crisis in the US that is so devastating and is going to affect others in the rest of the world like me. The how and why are obvious.

i think when Russia invaded Georgia. it sort of confirmed where i felt the world is going. to all out war. this was also reinforced with that clown in Iran going on about wiping out Israel. Anything that happens in Israel impacts on me. i don't know why.

The elevation of Barack Obama to presidential candidate. My hopes for him--and my fears for my country--led me to become involved in the campaign in ways that I've never been involved before.

The Presidential campaign. The Democrats picked a sufferer from Narcissistic Personality Disorder for its Presidential candidate (see http://www.faithfreedom.org) while McCain picked an unqualified nobody for his running-mate. I'm terrified that Obama will win. I worry that McCain could die before completing his term. Obama looks to be our third consecutive narcissist-in-chief. Needless to say, I tired of his predecessors. As a Federal employee, I directly feel the effects of Bush's narcissism: "Don't ask any questions because we already know the answers." Clinton made me feel dirty (see the Lewinsky scandal). Obama makes me fear for Israel and democracy in general. He took out and shot his preacher for the vitriol he spewed, yet, for 20 years, Obama never noticed? I have some beachfront property in Galveston beyond the seawall to sell you if you believe that. More generally, I rue the passing of the Greatest Generation. Their eyes-open dedication to duty and selflessness were outstanding, as was their music. Now, we have come under the rule of narcissistic baby boomers and their younger brethren. I am queasy. I fear the prospect of ending my days in a nursing home with uninteresting narcissists who think that rock is the epitome of music. I'll have to leave the country before that happens.

Oh, god... good timing. The financial meltdown this year has killed me. I am a college graduate with great internship experience under my belt, an amazing passion for what I do and industry recognition for past projects, but I can't find a job to save my life. People are cutting back like crazy and it leaves me out. I should have gone to grad school. But that would have sucked because who would pay for it?

The 2008 Presidential Election has greatly changed my interests. I now read multiple newspapers and websites daily to keep up on the news and I'm devoted to be knowledgeable in whatever is prevalent in the news. I really like knowing what is going on in the world and making informed decision from which I can help inform others.

We are heading for recession, I hope that some good will come of it and that it teaches people to cope with less and be more inventive with what they already have.

There are so many, the most recent being the debacle in the Stock Market. We save, deny ourselves pleasures in the present, only to see huge chunks vanish at a time when we need it as we face retirement and illness. We did not take huge risks, but so it is. I am furious at the government and the years of deregulation. On the other hand, we see the miracle of Barack Obama's future presidency unfolding. Hopefully much will change with leadership and institutional change promulgated on values that we can applaud. And, of course, Darfur. My family are Holocaust Survivors. We are all connected in a web of life and responsibility.

Wojna w gruzji. Nie można czuć się bezpiecznym, kiedy dwa wielkie państwa nie potrafią dojść do porozumienia, a tylko eksponują własną siłę i szczerzą zęby.

I would like to say so many major things, but sadly i am still at a stage in my life where i dont know a whole lot of things, i guess tibet really influenced me this year because i only found out about it from an SOR assignment. and also seeing as the 2008 olympics were held in Beijing there was a large uproar

Obama's nomination as president of the United States has given me new hope for the world. I pledge to work as hard as humanly possible to get the man elected.

The war in Georgia made me feel worried about the state of the world - it feels like we're going backwards to the days of the Cold War, and not really dealing with the main issues that are facing our world - such as dealing with environmental problems, and trying to tackle global poverty, two things I feel seriously threaten our future. Aside from that, I'm also quite worried about the US election, as I live in Britain and don't have a say in who is elected president, and yet I feel that I'd like to be able to express my opinion on the issues facing the United States, as many of them affect the world outside of the country.

Arab-Israeli conflict. I may be in the IDF next year.

All the drama on Wall Street has made me concerned for the global economy. I read Alan Greenspan's book on the age of turbulence. I also read some economic books for fun. The capitalist dream in America is being replaced by well a "different" one. It's made me ever more determined to save and be realistic about my future.

I learned of the paraolympics. Photographs from them made me appreciate the strength of the human spirit like nothing else recently.

nothing much, perhaps that Gilad Schalit has still not returned to Israel. Hopefully by the time I'm reading this next year he would have been returned and alive and healthy.

The collapse of financial institutions and the presidential election make me very nervous about the future. I try to take things a day at a time, but the impact of these events could send us into a economic depression and worse. It causes me anxiety as I deal with my own financial stress.

The collapse of the Stock Markets and the potential recession or depression that might follow... It has made me feel good.. I think because my financial situation is very bad and now I know so many others may be in the same boat... not a good way to feel.. but that is an honest reflection of my thoughts

Differential salaries on my Kibbutz This means I now have an unequal (less) contribution to the family economy. Should I compensate for this by increasing my relative contribution to the domestic duties? I still work "full time" however?

The political upheaval, both here and in Israel. I can't wait till next year to answer the "how and why" it has impacted me, because by then: 1-We'll have a new President 2-We'll either have a Livni gov't. or a new PM

i finished my degree studies, i realized that i'm an adult person, this year changed me. in this year i got to know myself complitelly.

For the first time in maybe 30 years, I was interested in the presidential campaign this year and have tried to watch the debates and think about what would be good for the country.

There are so many world events that should have impacted me in the past year. But the reality of my life is that I live in a bubble. And it is a large bubble, not an ignorant one, filled with a lot of connections, but a bubble nonetheless.

The opening ceremony of the 2008 Olympic Games in Beijing was the most magnificent show I had ever seen on television. Technologically and artistically, it surpassed anything I had ever seen before. Will all future Olympic Games need to compete with this precedent? How much money will have to be spent? What will be the economic consequences of these costs?

The election made me realize how seriously our country is in trouble. The Iranian quest for nuclear arms makes me feel very vulnerable. The mortgage crisis makes me realize that the world has been changed for good

All the natural events thats make thing about our relations with evrethings

The situation in the Middle East is obviously close to my heart. It affects every aspect of my life, only partially because I live in Israel. I have a lot of political opinions and stay on top of the news, but I think that I really need to distance myself from the conflict to the extent that I am not overwhelmed. I love my Israel, and I am truly, truly afraid for it.

Financial crisis - recession, terrible economy has impacted everything from the price of food, gas, and every day items to the employment market. Organizations are downsizing rather than hiring making it extremely difficult to find work.

I tend not to let broader events in the world affect me too much, that is probably a bad thing, I should be more aware of what is going on in the world really. I suppose a really generic one would be the impending credit crunch, making me realise that I can't just coast along in life and need to plan and save for rainy days. *she says having just bought a laptop and planning of spending lots on loved ones this xmas!*

The election! living in DC, i'm CONSTANTLY reminded about how November 4 affects the rest of my life. It changes what we talk about, and how knowledgeable i feel.

Immigration law in Korea. Rat bastards!

Obama's candidacy got me to attend my first political rally -- in May of this year. As cheesy as it sounds, I remembered what it was like to have hope in the political process meaningfully improving America again.

The implosion of the financial market made me feel poor because I had no money to lose.

The impending election left me wondering what will happen to us. I have a faith that everything has a purpose and that everything will work as it should, but I have a desire for change and to see my relationship with my partner recognized in my lifetime and in my state. I have a vested interest in one of the parties winning.

The election and my awareness, understandings and opinions have surprised me. My still expanding consciousness and self awareness thrives in tandem with a vast internal and external perceptions. My own inner world and outer experiences are a beautiful reflection of how far I've come in this life.

the two most recent hurricanes impacted me, not because i was a victim of them, but i was involved with the first responders and provided mental health screenings when they arrived here. It was an exhilirating and exhausting experience.

The fall of the financial markets and the loss of value in the real estate market puts me in a precarious position with my own investments.

Recent financial stresses have made me focus and become less wasteful with my time and energies. Focusing more on a smaller organization and on my home and family. I have also regained my appreciation for many of my professional opportunities that I had begun to take for granted.

The Presidential election has had a major impact on my life this year in terms of the attention I pay to the news, my conversations with other people, and my hope for the future. Following Hilary Clinton and then Barack Obama has made me both cynical and hopeful. I have come to understand that politics is about compromise, and that I can't expect politicians to stand for MY beliefs exactly as I hold them, but I have also begun to take a much more active role in the political process in the hopes that someday there WILL be politicians who represent me more directly.

The presidential elections--I do not know the outcome of the election. I am nervous that my absentee ballot won't make it to me. I remember voting for the first time in 2004 and being nervous for the country, hoping for Kerry to win. I am more nervous than ever for my future. I hope with all my heart that Obama wins. I am scared for the future of this country. The economy is becoming frightening and McCain's health care plan is so uncaring. The republican ticket will take away the rights that I value so much. As I move into adulthood and a first, grown up job, I think that the results of this election will impact me the most. I want to buy a house, live comfortably and even be able to purchase gas. I don't think that is too much to ask for but it is beginning to seem that it is.

shit. i feel detached from the world.

seeing the collapse of the world markets after the american economy and banking system failed has been surprising and interesting (in an academic way, as i have no money and job security). hearing the opinions of my out of country friends on our own political process has been interesting and eye opening in many ways (obama/ biden 08)